WH Budget Calls for TRICARE Fee Increases

The Obama administration’s proposed budget seeks to increase enrollment fees for retirees who select TRICARE Prime and begin charging enrollment fees for TRICARE Standard/Extra and TRICARE for Life.

The new enrollment fees would be indexed based on the retiree’s military retirement pay. The current Prime enrollment fee of $539 for family coverage would increase to a minimum of $594 and maximum of $1226 ($1840 for flag officers) by 2018. Fees for single coverage would be half these amounts.

For the first time TRICARE Standard/Extra users would be required to pay an enrollment fee which will start at $70 for single coverage or $140 for family. The fees will reach $290 (individual) and $580 (family) in 2018.

Retirees 65 and older who use the Medicare supplement known as TRICARE for Life would be required to pay as much as $150 a year in 2014. The fees will reach $618 in 2018.

In 2019 and beyond, all TRICARE enrollment fees and deductibles for retirees would increase at the same rate as the annual cost-of-living adjustments (COLAs) for military retired pay.

In addition, the budget will continue the last year’s increases in pharmacy co-pays with additional increases phased in to encourage greater use of mail order and generic drugs.

The plan would also change the catastrophic cap by excluding TRICARE enrollment fees from counting toward the cap; and by raising the cap annually by the percentage of retiree COLA.


Let your elected officials know how you feel about the proposed 2014 budget.


Read Tom Philpott’s Military Update to learn more about the proposed TRICARE Fees and military pay raise limits.

About the Author

Terry Howell
Before becoming the Managing Editor for Military.com, Terry served 20 years in the U.S. Coast Guard as an Aviation Electrician’s Mate and aircrewman. In his final role in the Coast Guard, Terry served as a Career Development Advisor, where he provided career, finance, education, and benefits counseling to servicemembers and their families. Since retiring from the Coast Guard, Terry has authored the book, The Military Advantage, managed the content for TurboTap, the DoD's online transition program and VAforVets, the VA's transition assistance website. Terry earned both his Bachelor's and MBA at Corban University using Military Tuition Assistance and his GI Bill benefits to help cover the cost.
  • Mark Drew

    I have a question. When I was on recruiting duty in 2004, only 4% of Americans joined the Military. Now, out of that 4% how many retired after 20 or even 30 years? My guess is not very many. I am not an efficiency expert, but why does the Obama administration want to increase the dollar amount of what those few retirees have to pay per year or month? Also, the Post 911 GI Bill BAH payments have also been affected by the Obama administration as well. Basically, recipients can only earn so much per day out of 30 days per month. So that means, that my school is 20 full time days per month, I would only get around $600 to $700 per month, instead of $864.00. Based on a E-5 with dependent rate. Sounds a lot like micro management. I guess this is what we get for serving our country! It seems like we’re getting less and less benefits while congressmen and other government officials get more and more.

    • Ian

      Wake up people! The reason why is because he hates THE USA! He is trying to financially collapse our economic system through the WELFARE state and he is succeeding! http://www.americanthinker.com/2011/08/cloward-pi

      • Ian,

        You really don’t feel that our President truly hates America do you. I remember things like this being said about President Bush when people didn’t like some of his policies.

        • Al Tennyson
        • Al Tennyson
    • Mark Drew,

      I’m sure it is much less than 1%, more like .5% joins the service. Between 17% and 18% of those stay until they retire. Right, you get paid for the time you spend in school which is a change, and makes sense to me. Why should you be paid for your off time?????

      • Chuck Miller

        Because the fee for school is not based on a 5 day week. It is based on classes you take,books you have to buy,fees and other charges. The teachers get paid not on a 5 day week. Last but not least unless you have been in the military, you do not know what we have to go through. I am am Vietnam vet and was paid $72 a month back in the 60,s. Not until a volenteer force come about did the pay go up.
        Did 26 years

        • Idmtmedic

          He is a retired E-8 from the Army. Also a Vietnam Vet and doesn’t get “it”

      • DOUG
      • DOUG
      • DOUG
      • Doug S
    • Jim10201963

      The government has to have this money to pay for “Baby Mama” and all of her unsupported rug-rats.

    • Leroy

      I’m not that good at math but none of the 4% can retire from 2004 cuz the still have 11 to 21 years to go…..and your GI bill includes $$ for tuition that is affected too! Tuition fees are going sky high! I think our problem as a country NOT a political party but is that: #1 no one wants to cut spending and costs because that means jobs usually so they just want increase fees, what ever form they may come in, and #2 no one wants to take a reduction in whatever benefit or income source they have; be it wages, government programs or insurance programs they just want them to GROW and cover more. It has nothing to do with a political party it has to do with all of us on blogs like these wanting what we want and demanding everyone else take a hit for it….because we believe (just like everyone else) that we have earned whatever it is we want…..

  • rene gregory

    I don’t see a problem paying for Tricare. Consider the alternative, no care at all. If you don’t agree to pay for tricare. Beats the alternative..no care!!!

    • Mark drew
      • roberta

        My husband was in the active and reserve forces for 42+ years. He was also a civil service employee– retired from the US Forest Service as well as the Army Reserve. We live in a remote rural area, and only go to providers (who are quite abundant now, as opposed to twenty years ago) who accept Tricare assignment. Due to a surgery, he reached his catastrophic cap early in 2013. So, for the rest of the year, he and I pay nothing for healthcare. No copay, coinsurance, or enrollment fee, since the small family deductible has been met as well. Is this fair to the rest to our fellow American citizens, given the way things are now? Obviously not. My husband was in harm’s way, and has 50% disability. All the American people promised him was pay, retired pay, and health insurance. They did not promise him totally free health care. If we were taking our Forest Service healthcare, monthly cost in the plan alone would be $3000 per year.

        • Oldenbear

          Roberta–your “catastrophic cap” for the year under Tricare is $3000. If you don’t consider that a charge, I think you need to review your math. In addition, if you are under Social Security/Medicare, which I believe you would be (+42 years service), Uncle Sam charges you at least $105/month per person. Let’s see, that’s $4260/year for one person, or $5520 for 2 of you. How does that equal “free?”

          Furthermore, Medicare must pay first, before Tricare pays. With the way Medicare funding is going (south!), there will soon be fewer and fewer doctors taking Medicare patients. Obama raided Medicare to pay for Obamacare–at least the “downpayment”–now we’ll see in the next few years how much it will REALLY cost. I predict 2 trillion dollars per year, and the service will be worse than the VA.

          We are screwed…

        • Jazzman

          Thank you Roberta for your comment. It is refreshing to hear someone else agree with what I say, which is the same thing you said. We were promised healthcare, but I don’t remember the document saying that it would be free. And like you, I feel that what I have to pay is peanuts compared to what my sister pays, which is 900 a month, well nothing now since she couldn’t afford the plan. The school system plan she was on increased tremendously over the past 5 years that now she has no healthcare coverage. When I look at her case and mine, yes, I will continue to pay what the government is charging me and keep getting grief from people like Mark Drew. But like you said, pay some and get coverage or pay nothng and get nothing. Sorry folks, I am voting for Roberta…

      • Dennis
      • Dennis
      • Dennis Alan
      • Dennis Alan
      • Dennis Alan
      • Baduyo
    • Mark drew
      • Mark drew,

        You call it rolling over. Seems to me, that you don’t realize that Tricare is not a entitlement and could go way altogether. We are very lucky that Tricare only went up as much as it did. Yes, it will add up overtime, but so will the COLA we get.

        You call it seeing a trend. LMAO, in all the time Tricare has been around, the fee has never gone up, and they have told us that it will go up every year the same percentage as COLA. If we don’t get COLA, then the cost remains the same.

        Speaking for myself, I’m satisfied with DOD only raising my fee $3.27 per month.


        • Idmtmedic

          How about your fees with the new budget proposals?

          • idmedic,

            I’ll let you worry about all the PROPOSALS. Seems to me, Congress has never pass one of these Tricare PROPOSALS yet.

            So, you do the worrying and I’ll do the living.

          • Idmtmedic

            Who’s the one saying cuts are NOT happening? Sit back in your recliner and be a watcher………let’s see how well that works for you. Apathy is a strong suit? Those cuts are coming alright, as well as ridiculous fees. If you wanted increased fees you got them Charles. Well done. Perhaps you could lobby CON-gress on no retirement after 20. Thank you for the support.
            Later Gator

          • Idmtmedic

            And just for you to contemplate over, those proposed cuts to TRICARE within a certain distance? Enjoy your cognac and revel in YOUR success.

        • Mary

          I have a question – I turn 65 in July, My Tricare Prime JHUSFHP does not require me to take Medicare. Even with increases Tricare Prime is less than than monthly Medicare payments. With Medicare going south should I take it just in case Tricare Prime goes away and then I get stuck with a 10% per year increase somewhere down the road. It’s like which comes first, the chicken or the egg????

        • John

          Look here Charlie Brown, What did you pay while you were in the military? Let me help you out here… $0.00. What were you told when you first entered the service… We will take care of you after you retire with 20 years… So the cost for health care was zero and we were told that we would not have a cost of health-care when we retired. An maybe you do not see it as a benefit for completing 20 years, but it is, and now we will have to also pay for Tri-care for life. MAN YOU ARE THICK in the head.

    • rene gregory,

      I agree, we can always go somewhere else.

      • Mark drew
        • Mark drew,

          You didn’t offend me, we’re both just having a discussion. Yes the cost is rising, but only once since Tricare was enacted (1994). That’s one raise in 19 years.


          • Mark Drew
      • Idmtmedic

        Check out the “optimizer”……;)

        • Idmtmedic

          Better yet…….political optimizer……….veeeeery interesting!!!!!

    • Pat

      My wife and I should not each have to pay for TFL; it should be a family rate. Since we have to have Medicare Part B, thats $2400 right there. As a retired reserve O-6 who gets less than half of the retired active duty O-6 pay, that’s another $2450 for over $5000 total. That is asinine. This is nothing more than “means testing” for welfare and government handouts. There in no commercial health insurance that does this; this is discrimination. We can get Blue cross retiree insurance from my current jonb when I retire that’s equivalent to Part B. We could just pay for this alone and say go to hell to Tricare.

      • Idmtmedic

        Col. I believe that is what they want us all to do. Stop using Tricare. As was said in the other article, personnel costs and healthcare are 1/3 of the DOD budget, which has not changed in 30 yrs. Decrease access, increase fees, make it similar to civilian costs. Forget about our service, they just don’t care.

    • PYersak

      I’m sorry but you are wrong there. I pay every month for my tricare. And that payment was recently increased along with my co- pay for meds. I also have a co-pay for every doctors visit. Now they want to increase everything the same as cola. I can not live on my own now What the he’ll

    • Richard Lilly

      Rene, I suggest you re-evaluate your position as it EXACTLY what these people want from you. Soon they will make it cost prohibitive that you are forced to private of other governmental insurance as outlined in Dumbamacare. I believe that it exactly what they are doing while exempting themselves from ANY law they enanct.

    • rmcmdkw

      Rene –

      Its not about paying for Tricare — I’m all for it — considering the costs paid as opposed to what others pay in the private sector. The real issue is the rate of increase for starters and secondly, the administrations/ Congress’ inability to eliminate waste by the $100’s of billions of dollars elsewhere in order to less the sting for retirees – who are on small fixed incomes as it is.

      R/RMCM DKW

    • Pappy

      You my friend are an idiot with a Capital “F”. As a new retiree of twenty plus years I expected to enjoy the entitlement that was promised when I enlisted in 1978 that was if I served my country and sacrificed the college route and the associated higher income, My country would take care of my medical needs as repayment for my service. So the simple fact that you don’t have aproblem with I can assure you that the bulk of us that have served and sacrificed for God and Country expect to have the promises given to be kept. It is a travisty that the 1% that serve in the Military are the first to be thrown under the bus when it comes to budget cuts. If any other group were asked to give up even a quarter of the benefits that the Military have lost during the last four administrations there would be a whole different crowd on the hill inside of the beltway.

      • Vic
        • Smith

          You are being punished because they (government) can readily get their hands on your benefits since they control them. Just wait the day is coming when those on Medicaid who think Obama is savior will see services to them reduced also. He is taking from those that have right now but that will run out soon enough, as Margaret Thatcher said. Then the handouts will end. One day they will be told since their health care is free, there will be less and less of it. It will take awhile but when he cleans out the ones who pay taxes and work, his Marie Antionette personality will come out. But he will e playing golf with Tiger or Tigger.

      • Vic
        • Vic,

          Give it a break, there has only been one fee increase since Tricare started in 1994.

      • Pappy,

        Health Care was never, ever an ENTITLEMENT.

        • Idmtmedic

          Post as a new comment….lmao

        • allen r. scott

          bullshit it was a benefit

    • Linda Webb

      Well, that is JUSTIFICATION IF I EVER HEARD IT!!!!! You probably do not see a problem with the multi-trillion dollar deficit either.

    • SARGE


      • SARGE,

        Sorry, but there never was a Regulation that gave us Free Medical Care For Life, at least not that I’ve seen. Either way, that case was lost in 2003.

        You are correct about one thing though, that Lawsuit was only about those on or about 1957.

      • Linda

        You’re right, as my husband also qualified under that rule. Wasn’t that supposed to hold even after TFL? After my husband’s death I try to lobby as much as possible, but I think those of us who were in before 1957 have a case.

      • Grandma

        My husband went into the service in 1949. He was born with club feet and had operations and wore braces for years.at the wonderful Shriner’s Hospital. He could have resigned when he had problems walking 30 miles with a back pack on. He stuck it out because they offered free medicare for LIfe. We lived in reconverted barns that smelled, in Germany, and sub standard places in the 9 states we lived in. We did not get food stamps and ran out of money 5 days before pay day. He worked a second job for 20 years to feed our 4 sons. Many times he could barely walk the next day.
        Our retirement pay is the pay we never got when he was active duty.
        Now he is a Senior and not well, they not only want to break their promise of free health care but Medicare and Social Security are also being attacked.
        It scares me to read some of these remarks by young Military men who i thought were way smarter than they are. They think everything is just fine??? They better get sober and realize all our rights are slowly being taken away.
        They better talk to the older Veterans who have seen other countries go down. These veterans gave years of their lives to protect this country. They deserve whatever they were promised for all the hardships they went through.
        Bless them
        A concerned Grandma.

    • keta

      you can buy another insurance you do not have to have tricare. tricare standard / extra is free in cost now but you are responsible for 20-25 percent co pay of the bill…. we are forced to go on medicare from tricare
      and then they offer tricare for life for free its your 2nd insurance

    • guest1

      There is a great big problem. When drafted in 1968 I was told I would have medical care free for life if I chose to stay in the military. After 22 years I had to pay. If you youngins think what they are telling you now is the truth, I have a bridge for sale cheap

      • quest1,

        We were under CHAMPUS back then, but instead, you chose to believe some different than what was actually taking place.

        That’s like someone today believing the same story you were told, while all along we are really under Tricare. Believe it or not, it’s been posted by some Gulf War soldiers that they too were told free health care for live.

        CHAMPUS (1967)
        – Space-A treatment at MTFs (Free)
        – CHAMPUS (no premium, copay and deductible)

    • Barry C

      It’s the world we live in. The rising cost of medical care is driving it all. I recall getting free family medical coverage from my civilian employer back in the late 80’s. I will be eligible for TriCare in about 5 years and although I am not looking forward to paying it beats the 1000.00 to 1500.00 per month I would have to pay to cover my family through my current civilian employer.

      • Barry C,

        You’ve got that right. Most here don’t really get it.

    • Guest

      I don’t know Rene Gregory but it doesn’t sound like he/she ever served in the military. As a retiree myself I am paying for Tricare Prime. Those who served deserve better than the current administration is doing to us and those on active duty. Soon no one will volunteer to serve their country. Then what.

      • HawaiiGal

        Then the draft is re-enacted.

    • McBride

      Being a proud 30 year Navy Veteran serving three tours in Vietnam, Persian Gulf and Kuwait. You bet I am upset about being expected to pay for TriCare. I kept my end of my contract. Let Obama keep his.

    • Linda B

      Why do you want to pay when you were promised otherwise. I take it you or your or your spouse of plenty of resources to pay. I also take it you are somewhat young still and neither you or your spouse have any kind of health issues? As far as me and my spouse just do not have this. We carry other insurance because figured this tri-care for life would be fazed out any time soon.
      With all the things you are taking away from those who are retired What the Hell did my husband and us put up with all those 22yrs for? Why would anyone want to join today?

    • Cam Tidwell

      This post is too stupid to even reply to. Free lifetime health care for me and my family was what was promised when jointed the military in 1956. The military tried to get out of this many times during my service from 1956 to 1985. One time when they were trying to get rid of the health care for retirees a lawyer sued the DOD and before it got to the Supreme Court they established Tricare. I believe it is time to sue again.

    • JCret

      Maybe you slept thru your in processing briefing that stated if you serve 20 years you will get 50% retirement pay and your FREE medical benefits will continue for LIFE. These were part of our contract with the government. If they change these there may not be any volunteers for their next war. Either start the DRAFT again or live up the the commitments the government made with their troops. With the draft, elected officials served time in the military and KNOW the hardships we had to put up with to keep them FREE! WHERE are the government PAY CUTS.

    • L Williamson

      And how much time did you serve? You sound like a compliant yes person sucking up to these never served plutocrats.

    • Ronald Blake

      I understand that we are asking to pay for our insurance now, but as you know that we were also promised free health care for the rest of our lives if we served twenty years in the military. We earned that free health care. We were not high on the pay skill during these tears, most stayed because speaking for myself ,I believed in what we were doing and I took pride in the fact the ships I served on never missed a commitment and we always made it back into port on our own power. I don’t like this situation now and If we should have to pay more why not everyone else starting with congress and so on. Why are tax breaks untouchable, Why are subsidies for business necessary, everybody needs to do there part. Remember we were sitting pretty good in 1999.

    • Pete O.

      Agree. This is a pay now or else my kids pay later when we go broke. How much do veterans spend on their automobiles or at a casino (plug in any other expense)? Can’t they pay a bit to take care of their health??? My only exception would be injuries or health issues in the line of duty. I am a 25 year veteran, with 3 combat campaigns, and just came back from AFG. I am appalled by the waste and largesse of our government and the DOD. Veterans need to be just as serious about fiscal responsibility as they are about serving their country. Citizens, we need to stop with government spending more then they have and quit promising the government will pay for any entitlements, be it health care or retirement. The military pension should be represented by assets on hand, not a tax year spending line. For years these items have been mismanaged by elected officials, but it is you as a voter who is ultimately responsible. If you are looking for free health care, there is no such thing. Wake up to reality. Don’t call it free. You are asking for health care that somebody else pays for on your behalf. Diet, exercise and sleep are the closest you get to a legitimate free health care plan. This country needs more personal and fiscal responsibility, not more entitlements.

    • bambam847

      One of stupider statements I’ve read lately. Yes, there are many out there who are working full-time and turning down their employer plans in favor of using tricare and “perhaps” an fee might be considered there but I still believe it to be wrong as you have paid those fees in advance. Now consider the retired service member who is disabled and on a fixed income. No, the VA does not pay for care first. They require you to have Tricare as the primary payer. So a disabled vet getting sat $1100 for disability and $2200 for retirement would still be required to pay this new (and wrong) fee to receive medical care. That is a big chunk of their limited pay plus the current deductible and cost-shares. Sorry Mr. President (ie The Emperor) your priorities are way out of order. Stop giving money to countries actively hostile to the USA FIRST!

    • Tech Sargent

      You must be one of rich people that can afford to pay and you were in a war zone. The rest of us earned what we were promished you probley you sat behind a desk safe at home. still got a medal for doing favors for some officer. But don’t try to speak for everyone.You ou must be an Obama Lover.

    • guest

      That’s the same then with social security…let them take it then….you paid for it but you don’t really need it, right? Better a little bit than no SS at all…..your retirement is a earned benefit….pay for service….

    • John

      Why don’t you just give up!!! Go somewhere else to spew this crap.

    • Michael

      That’s out-a-option under the OBAMACARE. You will pay a fine…and be required to buy-in to Managed Care (HMO). Bottom line Up Front.. YOU PAY

    • Robert B.

      There are a lot of people that are retired and not working. They cannot afford to pay more than what they are already paying. Some of us never get a good enough job to go any where else. We need to consider our comrades and their family if they are deceased. When I joined the service we didn’t have to pay if you where retired. Under Reagan that all changed.

  • Mark drew

    To let you know, that I speak for others and not myself. That we have Soldiers on unemployment and relying on that BAH at the end of the month. So, when they are shorted money, then they cannot pay their rent. Like I said before, I speak in behalf of others. Sorry to offend you.

    • Mark drew,

      You haven’t offended me, we’re just having a discussion. Don’t get me wrong, but do you realize that anyone else that quits there job, can’t draw unemployment? DOD is paying for that unemployment and that BAH, and the GI Bill.

      As furloughs loom, Pentagon spends $1B on unemployment benefits


      • Idmtmedic

        4.2 billion in tax refunds to illigals in this country. I’d say as furloughs loom they are a little short.

        • idmedic,

          Only you would try and link the DOD budget and the IRS. How do you go from Tricare to Tax Refunds, god only knows.

          LMAO Big Time

          • Idmtmedic

            I link TAXPAYER money ;)

  • John Michael Calitri

    As a Vietnam Veteran who was actually in Vietnam working for General Creigton Abrams, the head of USARV & MACV in
    1969-70, and with a Graduate Degree from
    SMU in Dallas TX in Design/Technology, I
    have a solution to this recession. Capitalism
    and a better product, a better service, at a lesser price. We don’t need to raise prices until we get the economy into a recession.
    Common Sense, Common Law, and
    Commonwealth is the solution. John Michael
    Calitri, 970 Riva Ridge Trail, Corbin, KY. 40701, jmcvc@att.net, Be in touch, JMC.

    • Ralph

      As a Vietnam Veteran it seems that this country is on the verge of collapse we are not getting stronger nor wealthier and we are going to rebuild the after math of the current scrimmage this is not a war.and yet the older Cities in the USA is deteriorating but we are willing to rebuild overseas, who is profiting from this? not the working American if we can find a decent job but the high rollers in Washington are shareholders of every thing that is being made for the current war, this is why it has been over 10 years and no future in stopping the war, as long as Washington is making bucks on the souls of the soldiers dying and there family suffering with less benefit, it will be never stop..

  • John Michael Calitri

    As I have said before, thank you for serving your country to now get screwed for doing it. I regret every bit of my 30 yr career because this is what we get out of it. Everytime we decide to make cuts, it’s lets go get these retirees first and increase their costs, then let’s see the reaction from that and guage what we will do from that point. I want my 30 years back. I am ashamed of the government and what they have done with their lifelong promise of retirees receiving eligible, reasonable healthcare for us and our families. What happened?

    • Idmtmedic

      Well said!!!!!!!!

    • BJWOOD1,

      “I am ashamed of the government and what they have done with their lifelong promise of retirees receiving eligible, reasonable healthcare for us and our families. What happened?”

      There never was a promise from our Government that we were going to get “free health care for life”! That is what a lot of old soldiers say, but a promise from some recruited is not, is not promise, other than from him. Our Congress has never passed any Law or Funder any Laws giving us free health for life.

      That case was lost when it went to the Supreme Court in 2003.

      • Idmtmedic

        Just want make sure your comment is front and center :)

      • Ralph

        BS to you Charles, yes I was promised medical care for life when I enlisted in 1945 and to me, a promise is a promise just ask any ww2 veteran left today.

        • Idmtmedic

          Thanks for your service by the greatest generation who literally saved the world!!!!!
          Just had the Doolittle raider reunion here locally. Very impressive,,

      • Wayne Miller

        Apparently you never read any reenlistment brochures. I researched that some years ago and found it in Army, Marine, and Navy reenlistment brochures. Congress may not have passed a law but it was certainly put out there by the services..

    • needlefrau

      What do you suppose would happen if us retired vets showed up at the recruiters office and told the truth?

      • Idmtmedic

        They already know the truth.

        • Idmtmedic

          CON-gress that is.

  • Kelly

    I have a good idea! How about from the president down, you get all of your medical, retirement, and benefits cut first! No more raises until 2016, because that is the year for the end of fee increases. No more wasteful vacations on taxpayer money. A at least 20% pay cut for you all also. We need to also get rid of lifetime retirements for you! How about we use our brains and stop forking out money for allot of other things that is considered stupid spending. We can also stop sending billions of dollars to foreign countries that hate our guts!!! All of those things should put billions back into america’s pocket!!!

    • Idmtmedic

      Great start!!!!!!! I agree as well!

    • Mark Drew
    • Melville Kennedy

      Well said!!

    • Guest

      Love it !!! We can actually start by voting some of them out in the next election.

    • CDC

      All good ideas and now I would like some suggestions on how to implement. We must find a way to effectively hold the elected accountable and limit terms. We have witnessed a shift to ratings, geeting re-elected and low information voters who vote how they feel. Please submit your accountability ideas.

      • Kelly

        First off we need to inform and teach as many people as we can. At this time in our lives I do not see Republicans or Democrats as separate parties. It really is Conservatives and Liberals. There are also of course Libertarians & Federalists. The one thing I hate the most is a misinformed voter! If you don’t know who you are really voting for, DO NOT vote!!! As for figuring out term limits for politicians, I would love to have an answer for that. I know, we the people definitely need to take our country back! Doing that is making sure you vote for the people that will abide by our Constitution and our Bill Of Rights and protecting our freedoms! We also need to keep up on the way our senators vote, writing to those that are trying to protect us like Rand Paul. Just because a senator you like is not from your state, does not mean you can not have contact with them. I think we also need to let our senators and Governors know that we are watching them and listening to them and holding them accountable for their votes. We also need to hold our schools accountable for trying to turn our kids against our rights and freedoms. They are trying at a young age to persuade our children to be dependent on the government known as Common core. That has to be stopped! We need to be supportive of those politicians that believe in a smaller government. Those are my thoughts!!

      • Kelly

        I wrote to you but am not sure what happened to the post!!!

    • Kelly,

      “We need to also get rid of lifetime retirements for you!”

      Not true, never was, and not now.

    • Kelly,

      Surely you jest. You’re really not comparing yourself to the President! LMAO

      • Kelly

        No I am not comparing myself or anyone for that matter to the president! The thing I am talking about here is, why do they need “special” medical, higher wages, and lifetime retirements after just 4 yrs of work? They are federal employees just like the rest of us. We don’t retire after 4 years and get full benefits. They always see it fit to take from the middle class like us, way before they ever take from themselves. When was the last time a normal gov employee had a raise? The president and congress make sure they get one a year! Oh and to top it off they vote for it themselves! Do we get to vote in our raises? NO! All I am saying is if they see it fitting to always take away from the military or constantly feel they need to raise our rates, maybe they need to work on some of that themselves! If they are the federal employees like everyone here, why can’t they be on Tricare like all of us? What makes them so special? Also if we can not get a raise because of the deficit then I don’t feel they should have one either. Have you ever taken the time and read over some of the funding programs the government contributes to? Take a look. If you have the same feelings about the reckless spending they do, read about some of the billions they contribute and then see how you feel. As for me and I think most of us on this board we are FED up with the FED’S! Its time they stop all the stupid spending and stop with all of the increases for our medical benefits! They raised our rates last year, I am fine with that. But do not see how raising it every year for 7 or so years is going to solve anything but cause retirees pain in the pocketbook!!!

        • Kelly, Part 1

          1. They pay for that special medical as you call it.

          2. Higher wages, yes but there are millions of people at any given time a day make more than I do. We are the only one to blame, in that I picked the military and then I chose to retire from it.

          3. No lifetime full benefits, matter of fact, after 4 years of service as a Congressman, they get nothing, nothing at all. No, we are not Federal Employees in the same since as Congressmen and all others that work for the Federal Government.

          4. No, Congressmen haven’t had a pay raise since 2009 and the other Federal employee’s had the pay frozen.

          5. Always taking away from the Military????? I’ve been retired since 1995, and none of Entitlements or Benefits have been taken from me.

          6. For them to be on Tricare, would be worth well over $3,000.00 extra per month for them. Kelly I guess you really just don’t know, but the pay into their retirement and their health care like all Federal Employees. You seem not to understand what we have and what they don’t have.

        • Kelly, Part 2

          7. No, they don’t feel they have to constantly raise our rates. Our rates for Health Care Kelly has gone up once, 1 time since Tricare was enacted in 1995.

          8. I don’t think you understand the cost of our Health Care and where it’s going. I also don’t think you understand what we get for retirement and that no retirement check was ever meant to be Living Wage. It’s just like Social Security, not a Living Wage either. Retirement checks are meant to supplement what you’ve invested and saved on your own. Also, COLA, cost of Health Care, Dental Care, SBP monthly payments, Taxes, etc are not meant to be looked at as though they can’t raise anything because we only make to much.

          Health Benefits for Members of Congress
          Ada S. Cornell
          Information Research Specialist
          May 3, 2012
          http://waxman.house.gov/sites/waxman.house.gov/fi… Benefits for Members of Congress.5.3.2012.pdf

          Retirement Benefits for Members of Congress
          Katelin P. Isaacs
          Analyst in Income Security
          November 30, 2012

          The Truth About Military Health Care


    • mike

      Amen. Vote every incumbent out that votes for these increases.

    • Dave

      If they kept there hands off SS we would have plenty of money in there, instead Obama on his first term took money out of SS and built low income houses (which by the way they are illegals from Mexico, China, and several other places) buit it for them……I watched a video and these houses they have builit would cost $250,000 each to build..Not only that they draw an assistance check and also gets money for there children…….there is a bingo hall there on the premises and they take there food stamps to let them play bingo…..they also have a plumber living on there and an electrician and gardners living on the premises.
      Retirees you need to start picketing instead of them walking on us.

    • Bill

      The White House? Get educated.

      • Bil

        This entire comment is full of nonfactual information.Obama did none..NONE of these things and he ain’t the one robbing the SS coffers.Get educated and stop making this a democratic problem. The republicans as much or more of it.

  • Tim

    They come after us because we are such a small group that can’t effect elections one way or another, as voting blocks go, slap around the little guy first. They have to take it easy on seniors, minorities, etc cause they have the power to fire their ass. Stay tuned it’s only gonna get worse.

    “The problem with socialism is you eventually run out of other people’s money” Margret Thatcher

    • Idmtmedic

      Exactly Tim, I agree 100%

      • JS
    • WHB

      I have a better idea.

      Scrap Tricare all together. Put us all on the same health care system that our members of congress have established for themselves.

      If it’s good enough for them, it should be good enough for military retirees.

  • Ret84

    Well people wake up, as 2014 approaches, guess what, there will be quite a few of the irresponsible A$$e$ that supposedly serve the interest of this country up for re-election. My suggestion, vote against every incumbant, I don’t care if you like them or not, get those A$$e$ out of the Senate and House. This will show them that the American people are tired of their crap.

  • Gertieguy

    This happens every time we end a war- down size and the fast cuts to the military are easy and show big results on the power points. But wait…lets down size , cut the budget..then panic when we have to retool to go tackle another war…maybe the Fat King in North K has us figured out…


    ROBERT D. EVAN, TSGT, USAF (RETIRED, 20 YEAR VET). Outraged at the congress once again reneging on promises made at entry into a life long military career. First, closing bases made it nigh impossible to military healthcare, then, finally to clear up an unjust deed of limiting our earned
    benefit, came up with TRICARE FOR LIFE. Now members of congress and
    our esteemed “PRESIDENT” have once again devalued our service to our country. They are a disgrace and should have their pensions and healthcare
    put on hold and see how they like being dissed. ROBERT E. EVAN, TSGT, USAF (RETIRED AND MAD).

  • Gertieguy

    How come we never hear about increases to the fees for the Congressional, Civil Service, Public Health, Indian, Welfare, or foreign aid health insurance or programs? I think the President is not following his own Socialist agenda…with EVERYONE being treated equal.

  • Robert D. Evans

    So mad I misspelled my own name. Robert D. Evans, TSgt, USAF, Retired.
    Thank you for posting my comment. Every Veteran should respond to this

  • Corey Lake

    Folks — if you haven’t already done so, start joining your “lobby groups” — the VFW, the American Legion, MOAA, National Guard Association, etc. Then go after your Congressmen and Senators. Remind them that for most retirees, the benefits we receive may seem more favorable than our civilian counterparts, but what we have to do is make our retirement checks/benefits stretch for our spouses who were unable to establish themselves in careers due to the fact that we had to move around every three years or so.

    • Brenda

      and those same spouses couldn’t always work because the service member was gone so much & someone had to take care of the children. The civilian counterparts also make MORE money (for the most part) than retirees do. I couldn’t exist on just my husband’s (he died 9 mo. after starting to draw his retirement) service pension, let alone pay more & more for my insurance! They just increased medicine co-pays-it will go up again under this budget plan!!!!

  • Joe Marino

    When I entered the Navy 1975, we were promised that we would have free medical benefits after we retired. Then later, that was not possible anymore, so we had an annual fee, which could be taken out of our monthly retirement pay, and for the most part, everyone was agreeable to that change. Now, and as time goes by, we will have to pay more and more. For those of us who have been enrolled in TriCare for quite sometime, does this change apply to us? Of course, it most likely does.

    • Brenda

      Of course it will, as TFL will also see a premium for the first time. What more does Obama want? My blood so I die sooner?

    • jmn

      WOW! I haven’t heard this much wanking since I was on active duty! I served for 23 years and have been retired for 6 years. Did ANYONE pay attention what ADM Mullins was trying to do when he was Chairman of the JCS? Take a look at this article: http://articles.dailypress.com/2010-02-07/news/dp
      He basically begged Congress repeatedly for increases in Tricare costs for retirees because his defense budget was being sucked dry. There haven’t been any signficant increases in costs for retirees in almost 20 years! Now, everyone thinks it’s Obama’s fault. Give me a break people – try educating yourselves on the facts instead of complaining on how you’ve been done wrong. If your sons and daughters are on the battlefield with inadequate equipment because retirees didn’t want to pay anything for health insurance cause the government PROMISED them free healthcare years ago, would that be OK? Not with me. Even with the increases, we are still getting a great deal compared to the rest of America. Stop the complaining and use your energy to do something positive. Send a note of thanks or a care package to the guys in Afghanistan. Show you care and pay your share :-)

      • tke

        Jmn, I’m not going to complain, it does no good. But, my question is, Are our elected officials going to pay a FEE for their insurance? Which is a lot better than ours and they get if they do 4 years in office or 8 or more.You bet that they don’t. Their are a lot of Veteran who sacrificed a lot more than our elected officals do. This is my only COMPLAINT. IF we pay a fee they should also.

  • USN MC

    Linking an annual TRICARE enrollment fees and deductibles for retirees to the annual cost-of-living adjustments (COLAs) for military retired pay places the retiree on a fixed income as inflation renders the retirement effectively worthless in the long run.

  • Stan retired AF

    Great — increase COLA and take it back in increased fees. If cost of living goes down do we reduce TRICARE fee?

  • Jerry Mothershead

    I retired as an officer, and since I have a second career I can afford it, but I do have a BIG issue with this indexed for retirement rank part of it. this is typical of our current socialist president IMO. Health is health. If they want to tack on additional costs for those with risky behaviors (and i am one of those – I smoke) I can understand that one, but most insurance is not based on your income. An E-1 with the same driving record and risks pays the same amount as on O-8 for the same coverage.

    Tricare Prime and Tricare for Life jhas alwasy been a good dea, but then, what people have to go to get it is what makes it justified.

    • robert

      Jerry, do you not feel indexing is a fairer method compared to a set rate. Those retired E-6’s or O-3 and below will have less of their retired pay garnished. When looking at pay the higher in rank the more pay received for basic, cola, housing, etc. during active service It has been my observation those retiring at a higher grade tend to receive a better post military job.

    • roberta

      My husband is a retired field grade officer. Excuse me, but we can afford to pay more for health insurance. rank has its privileges and its obligations.

  • erich v

    All military retirees need to get with AARP and protest what these $$$$$$ elected officials are doing. As a group we can vote them out and put all new “officials” in office. How do we do that?? We can’t take this regime much longer. Its gone way too farrrrrrrrrrrrrr!!!!!!!! Any ideas??

    • NavyinNV

      Forget AARP. They’re selling insurance plans. That’s why AMAC was formed, to provide an alternate for seniors who want a representative organization to fight these battles. Look into AMAC and avoid AARP. You can check out their website for free. It’s only $16 a year to join.

      • Ret AF,’72

        I switched to AMAC, cost is about the same and the benefits are just as good. And the best part is they aren’t supporters of the liar in chief.

    • Mark Drew
    • Donald Theriot

      I personally think this Budget stinks. I gave 38 years to the Air Force, and was promised free medical expenses.This has served me and my wife well, until we get a President who never spent one day in the Military,but he and his committee can rule and hurt the entire Military.

      • Richard

        I agree with you Don. I spent 30 years in the Navy and was promised the same free medical expenses as you. A person is only as good as his/her word, and the current resident of the White House has no value based upon his word.

    • rmcmdkw

      Erich V,

      You’re on the right track — vote all incumbents out — No Exceptions! That’s the first step. The Candidate of choice will be the one who tackles the $100’s of billions of dollars in waste — before adding costs to retirees. Its that simple.
      R/RMCM DKW

    • Fred L

      Are you referring to the same AARP that backed the Obama campaign in 2012?

  • Carolyn

    I lost my husband in Viet Nam. I really feel that myself, and other widows and retired service members and their families have given enough, Now they want to take what little we get to pay for healthcare? How are we supposed to live, pay the premiums, or pay the utilities, buy food, pay rent. I already pay a premium for tricare Prime, then have to pay more for the eye doctor, dentist, etc. All that covers is the dr and medications. I am grateful that I have Tricare Prime, but I won’t be able to afford a raise in premiums. My husband, as well as other husbands have given their all for this country. Yes, I am angry. Thank goodness Obama can’t run again. He is running our great and wondeul country into the ground.

    • Brenda

      I wouldn’t be surprised if he doesn’t issue an Executive Order to change the Constitution so that he can run again! My husband gave 38 yrs. to this country in the Air Force/Air Nat’l Guard from Vietnam through Desert Storm, drew his check for 9 mo. before he died. I don’t see how any of us retirees can afford to pay the premiums for TFL or TP or TS and then pay for Medicare which goes up every year & we get a wee little increase of 1.7%! I’m thankful also for my coverage but if this continues, how long will Drs. take Medicare/TFL/TP/TS?

  • tom glandon

    i was promised free health care for life if i stayed in the army 20 years, this government is realy shitie, we serve our country then thay shit on us every chance thay get, thay can kiss my ass.

  • Smokey

    Time to write congress and picket recruiting offices ! (8P

  • Jerry Shepherd

    Typical of any Obama (Socialist) Government We were promised free health care if we retired and even more so if we served in a conflict. And they never used Agent Orange or experimented with soldures to create a nuclear weapon. What Lie will be next?

  • dusty

    I can’t get over it. We elected him! Why? Why did that happen? The majority of us certainly were not listening.

    We can’t even rely on the Congressmen that we put there to represent us.

    If Presidential and Congressional benefits were being eroded the same, I could understand but they all seem to be exempt. We certainly are not equals. Balanced approach. Where is that happening. The President keeps using those words but I don’t believe he understands their meaning.

    • J Burch

      Maybe YOU elected him – but I sure didn’t! He’s out to break America – just another example of ObamaCare at it’s worst. I’ve always been grateful for Tricare as a secondary ins but this charge along with the Medicare preimum will be a real blow to our income.

      • lucille greenlee

        Check the statistics. 97% of the Blacks voted for him, next came the Hispanics, than the Gays and the women. H e bought votes by offering free bees. Where have you been??


      • Jesse

        People like you drank his Kool-Aid. I DID NOT VOTE FOR HIM!!!!!!

    • Rosalee

      WE did not elect him…………………..many of us were opposed and went to the polls in opposition not only last year but in 2008 but he had enough who were DUMB & DUMBER who buy his snakeoil

  • Larryd

    I thought I would never say this, but as a retired USA E-8 with over 20 years, and 70% disability and I love this country dearly. However, when a non serving person who would not put his hand over his heart during the National Anthem etc., has no more respect for promises made ref medical and wants to give it free to lazy all their life and on the dole types, can get zero support from me. I will tell all grand kids, their friends, and like kind of neighbors and friends to stay away from service until the leaders learn to honor promises made.

    • Rosalee

      I don’t mind saying it………………….I am from a military family, father dedicated his life for 30 years, and I served a number of years as a line officer in the Navy…………..
      Like everything else he does, it is lip service only
      They need to redirect funds from Tricare to cover more and more social

  • Gordon Jenkins

    I am fortunate to have retired from the AF and Northrop Grumman. Have Medicare as primary, NG medical as secondary, Tricare as third. My medical bills have been such that Tricare has never paid a penny. Will there be a reduced cost for Tricare that is not secondary?

  • ITCS Ret

    I’m a middle road on this. They HAVE to do SOMETHING. I can see a rise in fees even if we were verbally promised free medical care for life. Shortly though that ‘rise’ seems about equal to one month’s retired pay. If I were living on that alone, I’d have to drop Tricare.

    In today’s job market, no job is safe so that is a critical factor. I also happen to agree with the retired officers here that it’s not fair to base insurance fees on previous rank or retired pay. When you walk into Allstate or Stare Farm for car insurance, your income does not determine your fees. Your age and driving record are all that matters.

    I should not pay less for Tricare than a retired O6 just because I was enlisted. We both served and both deserve the same benefits other than obviously the O6 will have earned a higher retirement check.

    • Idmtmedic

      I agree!!! Tiered system is BS.

  • feedup

    i am tricare for life but i dont get a retirement check from my husband and he died in 1998 and they also found out he was expose to agent orange now what am i to do i get his ss …thanks obama for nothing ya should have to pay for your health care and your mother-in-law should not be living in the white house either my husband put 30 years in for nothing

    • Adam

      Why aren’t you getting your husband survival benefits? Something is wrong there. You need to check that out. You can get his social security and 55% of his retirement pay.

      • Shirl

        You only get survival benefits, if your husband signed up for the benefits

      • keta

        only if he signed up and payed for that benefit you stop paying after 30 years of retirement ( approx 60k worth of payments)

    • Diddlyv

      Did he die of something related to Agent orange? You may be entitled to some VA benefits

      • dddlyv

        go to the VA and talk to them.

    • tanksoldier

      Yeah, can’t really blame Obama or the military for that one. HE had the opportunity to enroll you for survival benefits but chose not to do so. His decision, not the military’s and certainly not Obama’s.

    • Jodi

      They don’t tell widows this but there is a fund for widow of Combat veterans. Look on the VA website and then get someone to help you. There should be a VA office in your town or a town close by. You have to hound the heck out of the VA to get anything. My husband has been trying to get disability and if they turn you down, you keep going back. It takes a lot of time but you will finally get it and most of the time back pay. You should have been getting widow payments, maybe you will get back pay.

    • jmn

      OK, YOU didn’t serve in the military but you still get to reap the benefits and have for the past 15 years since your husband died. You should be thankful you have had almost no healthcare costs and didn’t have to serve your country to get it. Thanks for “nothing?” Really?? How much have you already cost the government in healthcare costs?? You still will pretty much get almost free healthcare so stop the complaining and look around at what others get/don’t get. Count your blessings….

    • Judy

      You need to contact The Veterans State representative to helpl you out. You will have to answer some questions, but may be worth it in the end.
      Good luck. The VFW is a good liason.

  • cmg4321

    What happened to the so called affordable health care act put into place by our Government? Is raising rates on everyone mean that we will all have affordable health care?

  • Craig_T

    …and, the self-anointed “Commander-in-Chief” once again shows the respect he has for those providing patriotic service to their country… this is just one more step in demoralizing a nation at the expense of those willing tio give their lives in support of our freedom… but, wait, I forgot, Obama does not support our freedom… he wants us all to become submissive and like “sheep” follow his lead in destroying this great Nation… as a retired senior military member I am embarrased to refer to Obama as our “Commander-in-Chief”… perhaps “liar-in-Chief” is a better title… nuff said…

    • Casper

      I agree with you, and many here. I WILL be sending letter(S) to my congressman, and anything else I can do to raise awareness! The way I see it, the only way to get the better end of the “deal”, is sell my home, and move closer to a base to be able to retain the Prime status I have used for many years. We planned our retirement of what we were promised – we are scred, by “The Man Who Wants to be KING”!

  • Mike

    here we go again! Who thinks up this crap? it’s always the vet or active military never the White House or Congress. Hopefully Congressional members who were military like Buck Mckeon will stop this crap. The White House really doesn’t give a crap about our Military and Obama is at the head of the line.

    • mike mullen

      it is our military vets in Congress ie McCain who are dreaming this shit up. They dont care as they have the greatest health care and cost of all americans “Free”

    • Lon Hebert

      this pisses me off. I am on Tricare for life and the stupid administration wants to start charging me for Tricare for life, when does it end. I was told that once I got on Tricare for life I would not have to pay for this now they want us to pay for this.

      • Brenda

        I think it’s enough what we have to pay for Medicare, let alone have to pay for TFL!!! And our prescription coverage just went up also. Let’s get rid of the old cronies on Medicare & TFL because there will not be a Doctor that will take us as patients so that we can get our prescriptions ordered-that will also then lower the cost for medicines as we won’t be able to get them!

        • Wayne

          Huh? What “old cronies” do you mean? Many of us hae been paying for this since Medicare started way back when, then went on Soc Sec,/Medicare and pay(ed) for that too. Check out the cost on Tricare/Express scripts for drugs. Many are FREE, others are $13.00 for 90 day supply. I defy you to find a cheater plan! Again, be careful who you vote for, you may get what you as for.

    • cagmo

      Amen Mike! Obummer is doing his best to degrade the military and it’s benefits.

  • Melville Kennedy

    Once again the military retiree gets stabbed in the back!! What they should of done is made small gradual increases on the enrollment fees for Tricare Prime starting the year you retired. So unfair!! I wonder how far this would go if it was done to members of Congress??

  • Connie

    How can so many blame Obama when Congress is responsible. The majority never serve a day in the military, yet their benefits are so much greater than those of us that have been in harm’s way for this country. The promises of benefits at retirement are slowing disappearing. How can we encourage our young men and women to enlist to protect this country when they will not get care in return. Protest these changes, vote out EVERYONE in Washington!

    • mario

      read the first three words.

    • Brenda

      THIS IS OBAMA’S BUDGET!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So how can it be all Congress’ fault if the President himself is proposing this? I say they ALL get cut (including the President & Vice-President) in their pay, their medical coverage (including them paying for it!!!!). Maybe then they will understand that retirees are already PAYING for their Medicare as you MUST have Part B to get Tricare For Life!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Rosalee

      I would vote them ALL out……..then establish a law that THEY must
      live with any mandate that they approve for the rest of the nation
      e..g. Obamacare…………..
      Also term limits…………………….finally
      I also would change the laws regarding the 9 Supreme Court Justices who decide for 300 + million people
      It might have been fine when the nation began but not now………
      I resent the fact that they are there for life……………..nobody should serve that long……….
      Power corrupts no matter it sits on a bench in the Supreme Court or
      in a congressional seat

    • george

      Obama proposed the budget dummy, he is the Commander in Chief, so who else should we hold responsible for being our advocate? Not him, he has NO idea of military service or any other service other than Self Service.

    • Sha


    • aimee

      Connie, first of all this is Obama’s budget that he was 2 months late in providing! How dare him propose this increase to the active duty and retirees while including in his proposed budget 7.7 BILLION DOLLARS to be given to the United Nations! On top of that we continue to give money and lives to people who hate us!!!
      He is trying to force everyone into Obamacare….give me your opinion when you don’t have to wait in line to see a doctor or when you get to pay the extra taxes that are hidden in the 13,000 pages or when you are old and Obamacare does not provide you any assistance except to die!!!

  • Joe82nd

    This is so sad what our government and those we voted in office continue to do. We have sacrifice our youth, family time which we won’t get back in the service of our great country. It is not enough they decided to take away Tricare prime from retirees who live far from any MTF. Now lets raise enrollment fees! I too served almost 30 years and now my family and I are to scramble for crumbs of health benefits from the table of those leaders we voted in office! Unacceptable!

  • Geoffrey (Ret USAF)

    As I read this article, I couldn’t help but wondering by how much Medicaid payments were going to be reduced? I mean if you’re going to go after the vets (by whose blood this country even exists), what are the welfare queens and kings (who have given nothing) going to have to give up……? Do you hear those crickets? Yeah….I hear them too.

  • tks

    Obama! Thanks for Nothing, you promised us change. You were truthful, because of you, we will only have change in our pockets, and No money in the bank.

  • NRO

    As distasteful as this sounds, perhaps it’s time to resurrect the idea of a military union. It’s clear that our promise of health care for life has been broken. The military and military retirees come from all parts of the Country so our representation in Congress is diluted. What’s needed is a single cohesive military union to pressure our elected representatives to maintain and strengthen benefits.

    What’s it going to take to get the Politicians’ attention? Another “Bonus Army” march on Washington, D.C.?

    • Carol

      I thought that is what the Amercan Legion was doing.

    • Elizabeth III

      That is what the Military Officers Association of America (MOAA) is doing. They send us ready to sign letters and postcards to send to our representatives. Little good it appears to have done, though.

    • John

      Back in the 70’s there was much talk about the military establishing or joining a Union. I was and I’m still opposed to unionization, but when you consider the changes proposed by our legislatures every year (especially those affecting health care), it is becoming more apparent that our veterans groups, organizations, and associations must continue to fight even harder to keep the benefits we were promised as part of our retirement package. The one great problem of not having union representation, is that you work at the pleasure of the President of the United States and at the whim and fancy our legislatures that come and go every two years. Our benefit packages are constantly under legislative review and may be changed, reduced or gutted by legislative action and new laws that are at best inconsistent from one Congressional session to another. Is it now time for a Union? Or should we at least take every Veterans’ organization, association and group and combine them under one very large united umbrella, to ensure we have the greatest number of advocates banding together for a common cause??

      Read more: https://militaryadvantage.military.com/2013/04/wh-

      • John,

        Just because you service in the Military, doesn’t mean the DOD now owes you free health care for life or any health care all. You Health Care has never, ever been an entitlement, never written into any contract, and if it were, then automatically the Contract as people call it would be invalid in accordance with Law.

        Yes our benefits and entitlements are constantly under legislative review and WILL be changed as time goes along. Seems to me that none of us, has gone back to the begining and looked at how far we have come since 1799. “The history of military health care shows that care provided to active duty members was originally paid for by the members as far back as 1799.”

        I’ll tell ya, if we don’t stop this constant Government owes me my life for the rest of my life because I served is going to come back an haunt us. Most here that post, seem to have never saved a dime in the life, and expected Government to foot the bills once you retired.

        And if you think our Government is going to allow you to Unionize, your just not all there.

        • Citizen

          Charle Bryant – Things change – it is no longer 1799! After saying that, I agree with you that things change as each Congressional session takes place. When the first mention of ‘union’ was made, Congess went in a panic mode & passed legislation tp preclude unionization of the military. I do not know if that included retired personnel or not. Might be something to look into. Seeking medical care from a Military Hospital is nigh onto impossible. They have funding shortfalls that prevent them from taking care of retirees on the most part. I live 150 miles from a military hospital – makes no difference – they don’t treat retirees!! I am not on a fixed income. The meager cost of living increases – coupled with the Medicare/Tricare increases – result in a loss of NET monthly pay!

    • HRO,

      LMAO, 1/2 of 1% served in the military in the past decade. Now double that fingure and tell me what the the DOD budget would have to be. Now continue that figuring on up to where you happy with the size of the serves now, and tell me what the DOD budget is now. I mean who in hell is going to pay for all your wants?????

    • Awilda

      In this days of advanced technology we could knock elected officials off their socks, if you can march to DC you can sit in front of your computer make a video and send, it is a virtual march. DAV did I believe it was last year and it was a total success, Pass the word around to other vets, family friends and have them pass along they could all be a part of the virtual march, the impact of the DA virtual march had was very impressive. Lets do it again.

    • George Mayl

      I am indeed in favor of a “Bonus Army” march on DC. It is a good thing that Dugout Doug is not around.

    • Frank Garcia

      what we also have to do is stop the ABUSE of those going to the ER for colds and other “take care at home illnesses” that is where the money is spent!!!! if you go to the ER $75 bucks…Urgent care…$50
      small co-pays for everything would be a deterrent to abuse…and promote good healthcare and savings

      • Frank Garcia

        another thing…if you have 12 kids….then you pay for 12 and not the same family fee!

  • Jeff Vandervort

    That’s the free healthcare I expected upon retirement. Evern free stuff cost money these days. Remember laughing at your parents when they talked about candybars for a nickle that weighed a pound, and gas for pennys a gallon? Not laughing any more, I’ll tell you that…

  • Martin Arpin

    Well I heard that this last election that the soldiers voting for Obama was the highest in the history. It was even higher than the first term election. I served 23 years in the Army and retired and my retirement did not come up to minimum wage, but all my employers after that said oh we don’t have to pay you as much cause you already have an income. Unless we get rid of Obamacare and Obama himself we probably won’t see a time when pay raises and deductions will come anywhere near close. You know guys and gals we don’t have anyone else to blame except ourselves.

    • FutureTense
    • Brenda

      I, for one, did NOT vote for him and there was a report that came out that MANY soldiers did not get their ballot in time to vote & get it back to be counted, so maybe there was a high result from those that DID get the chance to exercise that right. I agree that we HAVE to get rid of Obamacare and Obama. I already pay over $100 for Medicare & that goes up every year & now they want to make me pay for Tricare For Life also? When will it end if this is put into place? He may say that he will not put all of this on the backs of military or seniors, but that is EXACTLY what he is doing!!! Why doesn’t HE take a pay cut along with all of Congress & let them also pay for their own insurance & let it go up EVERY year more & more. I don’t blame myself as I didn’t put him back into office, but he sure needs to go!!!
      Thank you for your service.

  • Rich Army Retiree

    I completly disagree with the President’s decision to charge additional (high) medical fees to the retirees who have defended this country. Many times the President spoke to the troops returning from the war thanking them for protecting this nation. He stated that they would be taken care of. They expected this as this was promised to them when they enlisted. He now is saying, “I really didn’t mean it” because now I am going to sock it to you with these high fees for your medical coverage. When is the President and Vice President and the Congress going to pay their fair share and cut back their benefits?

  • Judy

    I agree that we all need to help with the deficit but in order to qualify for tricare for life you must get Medicare B which costs $208 per month for my husband & myself. My point is tricare for life is already not free if you have to have Medicare B.

    • Wayne

      TRICARE For Life is the supplemental insurance for the 20% of the accepted fee set by Medicare that you would have to pay. If you didn’t have TFL, you would pay that 20% amount. Yeah, I agree that we should not have to pay for it…but the alternative is? It was determined many years ago by the Supremes that there was no LEGAL contract guaranteeing free lifetime medical. Be careful who you vote for, you may get what you didn’t want.

  • Ron

    John McCain and Obama are the ringleaders in this assault on the military. supposedly McCain was a pow which is hard to believe because he is always voting to screw the military and war vets. Why do we keep voting them back in year after year? PLEASE let your elected leaders know how you feel.

    • Rosalee

      I think he has brain damage from the cancer that hit his face………

    • Jim Kirby
    • Barb

      I don’t vote for him but here in red neck AZ he is a god. He is rich, married a rich young woman and divorced his wife who stayed by his side during his prisonhood. He takes care of those who “take care” of him. He does not respond if you are not of his party or do not “take care” of him. He apparently hates the military he felt obligated to join because of family history. Please, some other state take him – he is yours – but not free.

  • Scott

    Place our elected leadership on Tricare for their service as the are ultimately in the chain of command and direct the military. Why should the CNC get a better deal four his years of service…

  • Edward

    I will never understand how congressmen and senators get to be paid for the rest of their life for serving such little time for their country. I spent 20 years in the Army and they get 10 times more retirement pay than me.

  • J J

    The voters are getting what they voted for !!!!

    • Triesh43

      He’s giving John McCain and the rest of the Republicans just what they wanted. How about doing your research first before blaming the President. This was put on the Table by John McCain, and he’s been after Vets and Tricare for a while now.

    • Rosalee

      the real fun kicks in 1/2014
      The very people who voted for him in droves will hurt the most…………
      Reality can be brutal

  • ret.SCPO

    It was mentioned to get with the AARP, well how soon you forget .AARP is in bed with Obama. Now we are finding out how much more in taxes we will be paying for the “Affordable Health Care Act”. I bet the gimmedats won’t hardly flinch. Yep , 51% voted that clown back in office, his destiny to derail America is certainly on track. Contact/join a military organization, maybe their voices will be heard on the Hill.

    • Shirl

      AARP is a nothing but an insurance company. Bet the people running AARP get Cadillac insurance coverage.

  • John R.

    Majority of you probably won’t contact your congressman but you will complain about it here. Action speaks louder than words. Phone, fax, and email/mail congress if you want to voice your displeasure.

    • Brenda

      I contact them every time something like this comes out!!!! Our illustrious President has big plans to make himself King & unless we ALL start voicing our displeasure, we really will be screwed!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Idmtmedic

      5 letters deep here. Of course McCain didn’t respond to my second one to him. Don’t blame him though. It wasn’t pretty. I urge everyone to send a separate letter to him. The link for our reps are at the bottom of every article.

  • Ed W.

    I’m a 20 year retired military veteran, and an additional 13 years in federal civil service retiree (combined two service periods for retirement purposes). First its give, give, give – now its take, take, take. I’ve got my own budget to balance, based on my earned benefits (which over time were also reduced from those promised); quit trying to balance the nations budget on me and those like me. Where’s all of the free services we’re to receive for us and our families after devoting our lives to military/government service? Leave entitlement benefits alone!

    • Ralph

      I agree Ed W. I’m a 23 yr Navy retired from WW2/Korean/vietnam veteran and receive medicare and TFL care supposdily what the military agreed to give me but Obama and his croonies just can’t accept it. Could say more but !!!!. Glad to hear you speak out Ed, Thanks.

    • Brenda

      Thank you to both of you for your service to our country. There will be no more FREE services if Obama & his cronies in Congress get their way. Even though the promises were made to care for the military after retirement, those promises are broken every day. By the time 2014 gets here and also especially 2016, there will be no services for the next Congress & President to take!!!!!

  • Chief

    Rather than use my Medicare and Tricare for life and pay for what was supposed to be free for life; my wife and I will forgo all of it and keep the money we already pay monthly for Medicare part B. That is what Base facilities are for. They are still free so that is where we will go or on welfare. Welfare is a better deal than what the President and McCain are offering. To think that my wife and I voted for McCain is sickening. Then there is Costa Rica with affordable health care. I like it there and may choose to move there where we can afford to live. After serving 30 years in the Navy with four tours in support of Viet Nam combat operations that is a heck of a pay back by my country. I refuse to ask our young men and women to serve this phony government ever again and I will never serve it in any capacity either. Oh by the way John McCain I was serving with you aboard the USS Oriskany when you were shot down. Was heart breaking at the time. Don’t feel so bad about it now.

    • Idmtmedic

      Lmao…….well said

  • Rene

    Talk to congress and our favorite Congressman Sen McCain, he proposed last year to change the rules. He would not allow military retirees in their 40s to participate in Tricare or the military health care system. This from a guy that for the last 20-30 yrs has enjoyed the best health care we have in this country…

    • Rosalee

      That is because congress is above it all………….they exempt themselves from it all……..no matter what they mandate for the rest of us

  • Jimison

    I’m a disabled vet with a service-connected spine injury, a chronic pain condition, a neurological condition, and consequent depression and anxiety. I have two spinal implants: A neurostimulator and an Intrathecal Pump. I cannot work. I am already on the edge of financial ruin because of slow VA Disability claims adjudication. Now the government I served, doing what I agreed to do, sacrificing my spine and the fairer angels of my mind at the Altar of Freedom, expects to shirk its responsibilities and agreements to care for me now that I can no longer do so myself. That we pay anything for medical care, esp. SC medical care, is a travesty. That we’re expected to pay higher premiums to offset and help balance the budget is a miscarriage of Justice. Why are those who’ve sacrificed already expected to keep sacrificing? When is enough enough?


    • Rosalee

      Never will be enough……………….Next time they want to involve our nation in a ‘conflct’ or war, let the WH staffers, and congressional staffers go

  • Jim

    I can’t believe that the White House budget idiot who does this has the guts to take from those that serve, or served, our nation, so we can get a little bit of our govt benefits, just to see these morons take from us,to balance their budget. I just don’t see them sacrificing anywheres. The eoconomy is not getting better, and the rich just keep getting richer. I try to live on my budget, like Obama wants us too, and then I see how we have to give up more of what we have, yet , his administration still live high on the hog. This is what you all, who voted for Obama, are receiving. As long as he is in office, we will be taxed, benefits shortened, and he wil leave this nation in total disarray. He will take care of other countries before he takes care of us. God, not allah, help us!!

    • Rosalee

      I can’t believe that the White House budget idiot who does this has the guts to take from those that serve, or served, our nation
      ‘You served your purpose now get out of here and quite bothering us’ is their mantra and congress loves to do that too in their exemptions from ALL they mandate for the rest of the nation

  • Mdeber
  • Rosalee

    wait a minute, it is my understanding no COLAS under Obama’s new plan for active duty and retired so how can they base increases in TRICARE to COLAS?

    • Idmtmedic

      Very good question rosalee

  • Jay

    What a shame, this year I am being forced from Tricare Prime to Tricare standard. They try and sell it this way ” No annual premium” Now they want me to pay the same for standard as I did for prime. Its a shame that our Government treats Veterans like they do. If they would pay $1000.00 to thier premium health care the deficit would be greatly reduced.

    • Idmtmedic

      Sure is quiet around this board. We need a career veteran blogger on this issue. Anybody know of someone that could make sense of these problems with our government?

  • ace1366jpa

    24 years of service to be screwed by a goverment that takes from us and gives to themselves. I think the fedral goverment should revant and get someone who isn’t ready to die or retire. There has to be a limit or we can’t evolve into a better goverment. Me I say thanks for shit!! Ace1366jpa

  • Corey Lake

    I just wrote my Rep and Senators. I added the following concept and would hope that you might use it — the statistics show that most people serving in the military also had parents or other close family members in the military, too. This means that most of us veteran parents influence our children’s decision to join. How about we not do that in light of the fact that our Government likes to break promises…

    • Nick, SCPO retired

      Done. Grandkids too. Will talk to all my neighbors so they can influence their kids and grandkids too… in a country that sends a lot of our kids off to war too.

  • Joe Pursley

    Time to give Washington an old time enema. Senior Master Sergeant Joe Pursley. Hard to think I spent 28 years of my life protecting this country from Socialism and end up living under it..

  • George Bond
  • Buster Eppler

    WOW::: I Don’t believe I served 22 years of my life in the military and now I have to support the out-of-site salaries for such a bunch of apparent do-not-care individuals who can sit around an expensive table in Washington and change what we were promissed by the ones before them. Now, instead of free midial care for life I must pay over $200.00 dollars each month from my Social Security. Now they are going to charge me for the measely supplemental Insurance we have called Tricare For Life. They allso recently raised what I must pay for my pharmacy needs. What a dirty deal we are getting and apparently they havent slowed down. They will continue to change anything that becomes necessary to continue their elaborate salaries and retirment benefits. I do truly believe the following statement. IF EVERY PERSON IN AMERICA WOULD VOTE WE WOULD NOT HAVE THE MESS WE HAVE IN WASHINGTON. WE CREATED IT BY NOT VOTING SO I GUESS YOU COULD SAY WE ARE TO BLAME. SHAMEFUL

    • John

      Back in the 70’s there was much talk about the military establishing or joining a Union. I was and I’m still opposed to unionization, but when you consider the changes proposed by our legislatures every year (especially those affecting health care), it is becoming more apparent that our veterans groups, organizations, and associations must continue to fight even harder to keep the benefits we were promised as part of our retirement package. The one great problem of not having union representation, is that you work at the pleasure of the President of the United States and at the whim and fancy our legislatures that come and go every two years. Our benefit packages are constantly under legislative review and may be changed, reduced or gutted by legislative action and new laws that are at best inconsistent from one Congressional session to another. Is it now time for a Union? Or should we at least take every Veterans’ organization, association and group and combine them under one very large united umbrella, to ensure we have the greatest number of advocates banding together for a common cause??

      Read more: https://militaryadvantage.military.com/2013/04/wh-

    • Brenda

      And don’t forget that the charge for name brand drugs will double in October if this goes through!!!!!

  • keta

    we were told this was free…. so we took it.. now a non formulary drug 44 bucks…. ridiculous….. they are giving obamacare on our backs not right at all……basing things on cola thats a laugh its so small now the government stinks

  • dean545

    You are wrong. Champus was promised for free and it is still free. Tricare has always been a for cost plan. I don’t see a problem here. If you don’t want to pay for Tricare then switch to Champus and pay the 25% deductible for almost everything. That is what was promised when I joined in 1967

    • jhs

      You don’t know what you are talking about. Tricare replaced CHAMP?US in late 1995 (Texas).

    • guest

      Hey dean545 weren’t you offered free medical for life? My husband was and he joined alot later than you. The military whether active or not should not have to pay medical. I got screwed out of my husband’s ss. now I’m getting screwed out of the so called free or lower rate medical coverage. Hell it only means one more person on the street. What does Obama care he’s taken care of for life and what has he done for this country?? NADA!!!!

      • vcreinert1

        Thank God I don’t have to salute the man. I’d go to the brig first.

    • Bob148

      Ole Buddy, I don’t know what Army you joined. When I enlisted in 65 we were
      on Champus and it was free without a 25% cost share. Some of the retirees
      seem to be rich by siding with the Gov. instead of supporting the Troops. Promises are promises and there should not be any charge for our Medical.
      jhs is right about Tricare replacing Champus.

      • Guy

        Problem is Bob, that a Federal Court ruled that the verbal promises made to us by recruiters and re-up NCO’s were worthless, and didn’t count. They needed to be in writing. They weren’t, and now you and I and a whole bunch of others have to suck it up.

        • Jim

          In US law, a person guaranteeing a contractural agreement verbally holds the same weight as a written contract as long as the person providing the verbal gaurantee has hiring and firing capability. However a few years ago the then sitting Surgeon General ruled the verbal contract was not binding and no one fought him thru our court system.

      • Bob 148,

        So if side with the truth, I must be rich. Tell me Bob, how is that free heath care for life working out for you?????

        That case was lost in 2003, years and years ago.

    • vcreinert1

      its getting harder and harder to find someone who takes “Champus” now Tricare Standard. It pays a mere fraction of the charges. Medicare is worse, but more docs feel obligated to take medicare. I finally got insurance with my company; use Tricare as 2ndary…with no problem…but no one wants it primary.

    • WHB

      Do your homework Dean.

      For years the reason for less pay and low salaries was the benefits, one of which was Lifetime free medical care. Tricare came about because after the cold war ended and military bases were closed wholesale, a class action suit was filed for the broken promise. With military installations closed accross the nation, military medical facilities were no longer practical for retirees.

      Tricare was created to keep a promise of free medical care. So much for promises. WHB

    • raymond eldridge

      You need to get up to date; there is no CHAMPUS anymore. TRICARE replaced CHASMPUS!

      • raymond eldridge,

        You’ve got that right.

        Timeline for Military Health Care:

        – Space-A treatment at MTFs (free)

        CHAMPUS (1967)
        – Space-A treatment at MTFs (Free)
        – CHAMPUS (no premium, copay and deductible)

        TriCare (1994)
        – Space-A treatment at MTFs (Free)
        – Tricare Standard (no premium, copay and deductible)
        – Tricare Extra (similar to standard, some lower rates, as I understand it)
        – Tricare Prime (premium, extremely reduced copay in many cases, no deductible).

    • Alice Hanshaw

      Champus is Tricare

    • Ralph

      You are wrong we were promise free medical care for life if you serviced 20 or more years. I entered the serviced in 1969 and this was one of the majored reenlistment incentive that the United State Air Force offered. People like you should get their facts straight before opening their mouth! We were lie to back then if they want to change the medical plan do it those who are serving now! The medical plan now includes taking care of their family change it to make the family member(s) has to pay a higher fee and the military member can afford it with the amount of pay they get plus all their benefits that the received.

  • swab jockey

    This administration is scraping like crazy to get enough money to pour over it’s endless string of entitlements for the sit-on-their-butts masses. Witness the budget fight – more taxes, more taxes. I truly think we all believe that if cuts and tax increases were truly across the board, every mother’s son (& daughter) paid a little more, or took a little less, it would be fair. I get ZIP and still have to pay for my one cell phone and minutes. Were we really fighting for the American “Dream” or Obama’s vision of Socialism?

  • Richard

    The President’s budget; prepared, signed and submitted by NO ONE, including the “Community Activist” that is now President with a salary of $400,00 and every single cent (including his specially packaged cigarettes) and only paying 18.4% in income taxes once again rapes the people that have truly fought for and built this country so that he could abuse it.. WEll, all you illegal immigrants, NE liberals and socialists..you elected him and his Congressional cronies..you always get what you pay for.

  • Racer123

    Is this a total lack of respect for all who served in the military? Remember, veterans the power of your votes. For all our Congress who vote to cut veteran benefits vote them all out of office in the next election. Thank You for your service!

  • vcreinert1

    Oh boy, more money for bad care. I’m sorry, but I can’t seem to get any Drs to make decisions and they just leave you hanging hoping you go away. As long a my butt. The indecisiveness has almost killed me once. This time I’m going to BUMED and my Congressman.

    • Noble1

      Tell me about it. Its not like your medical care is going to get better. For those of us who do live near a military facility (Good and Bad), it is getting hard to find anyone who excepts tri-care prime unless you have another insurance listed as primary and even then they don’t want to file with the secondary after you primary pays. Thoughts! Anyone.

  • A WarFighter who fights for the United States Constitution.

    I am sorry, my brothers and sisters, that we all have to fight D C on this crap. Believe me, I feel for all of us, regardless of gender, ethnicity, or other stuff. I only may encourage you all, my brothers and sisters, and your families, remain strong. This is not forever. Remember–revenge may be a dish served cold, but the revenge of a WarFighter is served hot…and it may be at the polls, ballot box, or with the aid of an appropriate tool. Also, remember, Firearms are not the only arms that can be problematic for the enemy. The Second Amendment word is “Arms,” and not “Firearms.”

  • Isabel

    I am just tired of seeing this country move into a socialism. In such nations there is just no encouragement to be succeed because the government has to “spread the wealth” of those who sacrifice and work hard to those who choose not to work hard or take chances. Meritocracy is what promotes economic growth. it is the rewards for your hard work and the taking of risks that encourage people to create jobs, take a loan to get an education or start a business, and join the military, where the stakes are as high as they get.
    What is the incentive to serve, take risks, make sacrifices when you see those who do none of the above, get more support from the very same government you served for the better part of your youth?

  • John

    This is OUTRAGEOUS. We were promised health care for life, if we completed the necessary service to earn retirement. At least with the way it was before THIS budget, you could chose TRICARE Standard and not pay any premium. But even that is not “free health care for the retiree and family”, as there are all sorts of copays and deductibles.


  • Evan

    One of the base problems is that for the last several decades the draft dodgers in congress have voted to send someone Else’s children to fight their wars. Wars they get rich from while putting the tab on the taxpayers credit card. Maybe what we need is a constitutional amendment which makes honorable military service a requirement to even run for a national political office.

    • HL. Harris, Sr.

      Sir, I totally agree with you. Once you have served, you understand what war really mean.

    • paul

      Evan, I agree with the need to put them in our shoes, but the way Congress disrespects the constitution now I doubt that they would ever find themselves having to serve. I also know that I wouldn’t want even one of them in my fire team. Congress should also be made to enroll in our current Social Security System instead of their ‘pay nothing in’ plan they enjoy now.

    • JAMES


      • Guy

        Paul, Congress pays into the Social Security program, and pays for their medical care insurance, just like everyone else. Quit accepting every negative email post about Congress and the President you receive as the truth. If you are getting them via a FOAF (Friend Of A Friend) the post is probably the stuff that comes out of the South end of a North bound bull.

      • Guy

        James, Congress, despite the manure you are getting online, pays for their own retirement, and DO NOT receive 100% of their salary for life.

    • Evan,

      LMAO, no one is sending them anywhere, you do know the Draft ended in 1973, right.

    • Evan, Part 2

      The draft ended in 1973. Just one-half of 1 percent of Americans served in uniform at any given time during the past decade.

      Now think about it, how would it ever be possible to force everyone eligible to serve, and then, how in the world would we pay them.


  • Robert Falco

    Anyone notice that the Standard fee is going to be the same as the Prime fee is now?? Some heads need to roll over this whole mess… and where’s our leadership on this… Oh, thats right Dempsey gets his for life.

    • Robert Falco,

      Relax, it only a Proposal, give a day, and you will see tons of other proposals as it been this way for the last 2 years.

  • Marie S

    Does anyone realize The Senate and Congress makes decisions that affect us all, not the president.
    As for the fees, please folks, the gravy train needs to stop for everyone for there is no difference between Medicaid and Tricare, other than we choose our doctors.
    A federal Program is still a federal program with help from the state.
    Either way we are all receiving Federal Welfare which is breaking the bank.
    As for Promises, well Vietnam Vets got them too and looked how long it took before they could get compensation, (was anyone left Not DEAD, not too many)

    • Idmtmedic

      Marie your info is crap, it is NOT breaking the bank. Read the MOAA article.
      White house TRICARE and Pay Cap proposals cross the line. Your believing the party line they are feeding you.

    • Robert Falco

      The difference between Medicaid and Tricare is I spent 20 years in the Infantry for mine.

    • Jasper

      Marie, Sorry to bust your bubble but Tricare is something we earned. Medicaid is for the most part of people who sat on their butt with the hand out.

      • Jasper,

        That’s what people are saying, but you do know that Health Care has never been an Entitlement!

    • Smith

      You are an idiot. Medicaid doesn’t cost anyone anything and you don’t have to serve in the military for 20 years or more. There’s an idea. Let’s get these Medicaid hogs on the military. If you are a baby born to a Medicaid mother when you turn 18 you serve 20 years to your country for the 18 years of free health coverage my tax dollars paid for. Oh, wait, I forgot, most of them can’t past the test to get into the military.

    • Harry N.

      Marie, for your info, I gave 26 years of my life in support of our country and I was guaranteed that my wife and myself would have free medical care for life after 20 years of active service. I do not see this as a gravy train, I see this as an earned benefit. Earned with my having to be away from my family and missing my kids growing up so you can have your say. Why do you not go into the service and see what it is like, then come here and say what you are saying.

      • Harry N.,

        Your correct, it’s a benefit, but not an entitlement. It can go away has fast as it came around.

    • Tom L

      The president makes the proposal and then forces it through by cutting off programs in states where the congressman doesn’t go along.
      A soldier makes about $35,000 per hear and a congressman makes over $180,000,00. If you want to cut cost make the senators and congressmen and the president pay for their health care which they get free for life and don’t have to be away from their families a year at a time or get shot at.
      Tom L

      • Tom L,

        Free for life, nope, not true at all. They pay out the arse for there Health Care unlike use. Matter of fact, you do know that all Congressmen are Federal Employees.

        PS: As long as they working or have retired, they can pay for heath care as they do. If they only serve a few terms, once they are out of office, they health care stops.

        Health Benefits for Members of Congress
        Ada S. Cornell
        Information Research Specialist
        May 3, 2012


    • Max Power

      Are you kidding?? Medicaid is FREE. Tricare we paid for–some in blood. Get withit girl!!

  • Joe Coleman

    I entered the USAF on 02 Nov 1950, retired on service connected disabilty on 13 Dec 65, please do not tell me that I was not promised health and dental care for life. To all young persons thinking about a military career, don’t do it, they are liars and not worth the powder to blow them out of their comfortable seats in DC.

    • Harry N

      Joe, I am with you on your feelings. Thank you for your service. I did 26 years, from Jun 69 until Feb 95. and agree with you.

    • Joe Coleman,

      Ok, I won’t tell ya. So how is that free health care for life for you and family working out for ya?????

  • RET. MSGT V. Lopez

    What is the difference in being a federal employee who served our country for twenty years and a federal employee who works in the House or for Congress? Don’t our military retirees deserve the same retirement benefits and health care as a congressman who only needs to serve one term or less to qualify for full retirement benefits and healthcare? How many of them crawled face down in the dirt to save our way of life? Doesn’t it feel great to be “thrown under the bus” once again!!! I don’t know how many more tire tracks my body can endure. Also, does the government really need to dictate where we live in order to receive our healthcare? Not all of us live in a city or near a military base since so many bases have been closed. Thank goodness we are full time RV’rs…we can move within forty miles or so. But why make it easier for them…

    • RET. MSGT V. Lopez,

      No, Congressmen don’t get the benefits you speak off. They unlike us, pay into their retirement. Unlike us they also pay for their Health Care.

      PS: All Federal Workers are in the same boat.

  • tanksoldier

    Well, it’s part of his budget proposal so the blame for the proposal lies with him… but he hasn’t signed a budget in five years. Congress hasn’t passed a budget in five years. Doubtful they will this year either, so this never becomes law unless somebody puts it in a separate bill, which might be politically dicey.

    • tanksoldier,

      You seem to be the only one that sees the light. All this is, is a simple Proposal. Every time some one or some group Proposes something new or old that they don’t like, everyone going bonkers and their posts reflect that it is really going to happen.

  • Jim10201963

    As I see it, now and in the future in order to receive medical care you will have to an unwed baby mommy with about 2 or 3 kids sucking on the teat of the government to qualify for anything.

  • Ron

    Ha Ha , all of the suden you think Obama and the democrats are going to do something good for this country? they are doing exactly what they said they would. ehen i came back from vietnam I came back to an ungrateful nation and those nuts then are now running this country, so either vote them out or accept it.

  • john

    Isn’t the fair way to charge extra for every dependent should a couple be charged just as much as a family of six. They should step it up for every family member covered.

  • Mike USAF Ret

    Sorry DC it was no last year and no the year before. Give up! NO means NO.

  • Guy

    When Congress voted to replace CHAMPUS with TRICARE, they also put a little screwing into the plan (we should have known they would.) When you become eligible for TRICARE FOR LIFE (TFL) it’s free. Right? But then again, you are probably also eligible for MEDICARE coverage, with all its many “parts.” Part B will cost you a bit over $100/month right now. BUT… in order to get coverage from TFL – FREE coverage – you must, via the Congressional Law, pay into Medicare Part B.. Don’t ya just love the “FREE” coverage?

  • rlj

    When I enlisted in the Navy, I was promised free health care for life if I served for twenty or more years and retired under honorable conditions. Congress has tried to charge us for TFL saying that it was never meant to be free. Gen. Bud Day, US Marine Corp, proved them wrong when he brought in recruiting material that stated that health care for life was in fact in the early enlistment contracts and they backed down. I was a Divisional Career Counselor and the TLF info in the reenlistment material was a deciding factor in the decisions of some of the troops. Now Nobama wants to try it again. It is very clear that he is trying to drive the prices up to where the military folks will be forced to join Nobama care strictly because of cost.

  • tony

    First of all those of you who are from the military, be respectful, we never call anyone in our change of command by last name only, it is President Obama, not Obama, or whatever else nick name you want to spew. You would not call your general by his last name. If you disagree do it repectfully

    • Jim

      HUSSEIN hasn’t earned anything but my disrespect in his entire life.

    • Dan

      Tony are you refering to a Change of Command or Chain of Command ?

    • R.A. McCullough

      Up yours, I have no respect for this cretin!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • mike

      Respect is earned and not given – military or not.

  • howe joseph

    Gee Toney is right. We keep forgetting that there is a double standard. Its ok for a liberal to call conservatives every name in the book, but its very inappropriate for a conservative to be impolite, especially to the divider-in-chief who masterfully calls republicans obstructionist, party of no, racists, they want kids to have dirty water, they want to push granny off the cliff, and unclean air etc, etc. It would be comical if the fools on the left got engaged and realized it was all a bunch of sleezy political lawyer BS. My service was a waste.

  • Pauline

    In 2019 and beyond, all TRICARE enrollment fees and deductibles for retirees would increase at the same rate as the annual cost-of-living adjustments (COLAs) for military retired pay. What annual cola adjustments? I’d like to know where you think seniors are going to get this kind of money? Got any suggestions? Of course, we could sell our furniture, cut down on meds and food and then we’d all die and the Gov’t won’t have to worry about us any more. Now why didn’t I think of that? Oh, I forgot, that’s Congresses job.

  • mike thornton

    Let me understand this. When enrollment fees start for TFL it will also be adjusted to match the COLA each year. So another words, for all of us looking to get a few extra dollars each year to try to keep up with inflation, the COLA goes right back to the government. Pretty clever. I also enlisted under the old
    contract of free medical for life if I put in an honorable 20 yrs. Well, I kept up
    my part of the deal, how about the White House get rid of all the loopholes and pointless trips on airforce one and put the money back into the programs that really mean something. Stop using the military retirees as your personal little back account.

  • mike

    But yet Congress gets all their stuff paid for by retirement even if they only serve one term. What a crock. Vote every incumbent out that votes for these fee increases.

  • Ret USAF MSgt Thomas

    This proposal, if enacted, would have a drastic impact over time because there would be no more COLA pay raises. For Example, an E7 retired 20 years ago and received about $1,000 a month in retirement pay, but now receives about $2,600 with 20 years of COLA raises. Imagine the financial imact if that reteiree did not get a COLA raise for 20 years and still receive $1000 per month retirement pay. Basiclly the retiree would be getting a pay cut almost every year!!!

    • John

      I don’t think they mean the entire amount of you’re Cola increase will go to your health care. Only the 1.5% or so that you receive across the board would be applied to your health care fee. If you were paying $260 per year for Tricare and got a 1.5% increase in Cola, you would pay an extra $3.90 toward you’re Tricare.

      • John,

        You 100% correct about COLA. This was agreed upon months ago, and even with the first COLA having already come out, you would think people could see that their Health Care didn’t go up the full COLA. Some are failures at be able to read there own RETIRED ACCOUNT STATEMENT.

        My fee was $19.17 per month and they raised me $3.27 for a total of $22.44 per month. That was my first raise since Tricare was enacted in 1995.

        Damn, I’m happier than a pig in chit that what I pay is nothing in comparison to what most all Americans have to pay.

        Go post John.

        • Brenda

          But look at how much it will cost by 2017. I draw 55% of what my deceased husband drew for 9 mo. By 2017, I will be paying out what I get for TFL & prescriptions-why even pay me? And do you think that Congress, President, Joint Chiefs of Staff & Chuck Hagel are not going to get raises in pay but not have to pay more for their insurance?

          • Idmtmedic

            Mmmmm seems we have an update to this one. What about the agreed upon COLA he was talking about? You know that decrease in COLA we have right NOW!!!!!!!!! You are absolutely right Brenda.

  • Glenn R

    Our commander-in-chief has promise retirees he is going to take care of them. Well, check it out, you are going to be out of support by this president. He doesn’t need you anymore so guess what under the bus you (retiree) you go. You are just a number and you are costing his budget to much. My suggestion is pay close attention the next time you vote (president or congressperson) there are some out there that do not give a hoot about military retirees. SOUND OFF!

  • Confused

    What has Congress, the Senate and President Obama done to earn free health care?



  • GaryW

    Obama is really showing his appreciation for retired veterans and those currently serving by screwing them every chance he gets. He’s’ no CinC. His budget proposal is a joke.

    • denny

      You also want to include Macaine and sen. Graham

  • McG

    As health care cost continue to rise for various reason none of which have to do with the president but lots to do with our individual responsibility of maintaining good general health. As a retired medic I watched time and time again how unhealthy not only our service members are but their families as well. The misuse of ER access by coming in for things such as the common cold or a minor headache. Why, because health care to active members and their families is free. I do not see an issue with paying for a portion of my health care by paying a yearly premium. My medications alone are worth it. We cannot expect for the system to be able to sustain the demand without some sort of revenue to partially support it. I see in the future where active military members will have to pay a yearly premium in order to maintain the military health care system. Just think about this rationally and research the facts and numbers before making comments on emotional feelings. And no, I am not a Democrat, but I spent 24 years working in the military health care system.

  • MSG Retired Mike

    Just remember how to cook a frog, start with cold water and keeping turning up the heat slowly. Frog just thinks it is getting a warm bath while it is getting cooked. That’s what the Pres is dong to us. Very slowly eroding our benefits and making us think he is helping us. Then when we are cooked (no benefits left) they will tell us that we have no one to blame but ourselves because we let it happen.

  • Brian Fogg

    I entered the USN in 1959, and retired in 1979. I was promised, as were all retirees, medical benefits to be provided for life. I am totally retired, cannot work due to cancer caused by radiation exposure.

    Live your life as we have, ready to serve your country to protect what we have, you are not doing a very good job at it. I don’t know what the people who voted you as the leader of our country were thinking!!


  • Richard

    It would had not matter if you voted for him or the other candidate. They both would had done the same. Obama is no different than George W. E. Bush. He has not changed none of his policies. Also, the president coming after him will be the same as him. We are suppose to have a democracy but that is a myth. You do not have a democracy when you are limited to two choices and other candidates are not allowed to participate in the democratic debates. Also, we the people are always electing the same congress over and over again almost 90% of the tme.

  • Cecil R Rice

    Military retiree’s on Social Security are already paying $1004 for medicare partB which is prime for healthcare and now the WH is going to hit us for more out of our retirement while NONE of our other congressional representives have to obey these new rules. This is a bunch of bull crap you people in Washington are killing the retired military looks like we were lied to again. I and my family spent 26+ year of Honorable Active Service for nothing. Thank you Mr. OBAMA

    • Homer

      Yes Brother, I to spent my adult life defending the freedoms of this country only now to be told, my free guaranteed for life medical care is going to eat my entire retirement benefit in a few short years. I am tired of being in the group of vets that continue to make the sacrifice for those that just take the free stuff that you and I spent so many years in harms way to EARN. God Bless America, they sure do not Bless us.

    • Cecil, don’t just blame Mr.Pres. He is so concerned about his Democratic supporters that he’ll propose whatever he thinks they want. You know that they want to cut as much money from the defense budget as possible, so they can spend it on handouts to illegals to get more votes, as well as other non-essential programs like studying the life of fish that only live in one cave in the middle of the California desert. Besides, they really, truly, do believe that if we would just quit spending money on military equipment and personnel, our enemies would be motivated to call a halt to doing everything in their power to destroy us, as evidenced in Boston, this afternoon. These poor intellectual babes-in-the-woods of reality really do believe this fantasy! Besides, they have spent so much time at the public trough, that they, generally speaking, don’t know how to feed themselves any other way, Mr. Buffet notwithstanding.

  • James Willems

    I am not Retired from the Military but, I spent my 4 years in the Air Force and came out as an E-4 and have Hearing Loss, Prostate Cancer, and Type 2 Diabetes and the so called Veterans Administration So Stated in letters to me that I never Served in VIET NAM but then why the Hell is the Medals for VIET NAM and Republic of Viet Nam on my DD 214? And Why thell HELL CAN’T the VA FIND MY RECORDS FROM VIET NAM

    • M Neal

      Our NSA DaNang Association has records of those who served in VN during some years. If interested, please reply to our President, Jerry Hubbs at gghubbs@msn.com and he may have the years that you were there to help find your records for you.

    • BIG DAWG

      Because they don’t give s ahit what happens to you or your family. It’s all a bunch of political bullshit!

  • D. Halas

    Let me get this right, I spent 28 years in the A.F. and am willing to pay some increase, and have, but matching our future COLA to future TRICARE hikes of equal amounts is LUDICRIOUS, why not just stop COLA all together, and leave TRICARE fees alone! Heres a dollar, then take it back, I wonder how many gov’t employees will be hired to manage this horsecrap!

    • John

      I think what they mean is …if your cola increase is 1.5 % then you’re extra health costs would only go up 1.5% of what you are paying.

      • Idmtmedic

        So then that would now mean we get a decrease in extra healthcare costs because our COLA has decreased right? Lmao yeaaaaa

  • I will step out of my ‘conservative’ environment for just a moment. I have family and friends who, though middle-class working financial status, feel very fortunate to spend less than $800-1000.00 a month for health insurance. I realized decades ago that I am fortunate. Yes, I spent 25+ years defending the US Constitution. Yes, I was promised on more than one re-enlistment ‘recruitment’ that I would have medical care for life! And, yes, i believed the pitch, even though I never signed or initialed any document stating such. Now, during most of my career, I watched Washington politics. I grew more and more aware that our friends of the liberal persuasion are thoroughly, and completely, convinced that the worst possible enemy of their vision for the U. S. is an educated, thoughtful, and active majority of the American people (without any of the liberal brainwashing provided so thoughtfully by our liberal colleges and universities). They have changed their beliefs (publicly, at any rate) to reflect a hatred of free enterprise, and any source of income for the masses other than the U. S. treasury. I suspect that this is because they want some form of Marxist Utopia for our beloved nation. So, as they take from us military, including retirees, it just means that the nation has gone another step down the road to George Orwell’s 1984. I’m terribly saddened that America was duped, twice by the siren call of ‘Change’ without any thought being given to what change was being referred to.
    I’m afraid that the American people won’t wake up in time to prevent our participation, or even leadership in a new ‘one world’ international form of government.

    • Jazzman

      Thank you.

  • Thomas

    Austerity and frugality must start at the top with our politicians who have so many freebies and are able to much better absorb austerity cuts, not from the people on the bottom who are already struggling and can least afford more cuts to their benefits and salaries! Whatever happened to ‘free medical for life’? Serve, and potentially die, for your country with the thanks that after your military service you are no longer necessary and therefore no longer should expect the promises made by a ‘grateful country’? How many more years until we see a ‘life cutoff age’? Reach that milestone and your life is forfeit, no exclusions! What have so many Americans fought and made the ultimate sacrifice to preserve? Our politicians are a disgrace to every American military grave marker! They should be ashamed – but I’m certain they are not.

    • Jazzman

      same old whining about our politicians gettting all these freebees and so on. I hear this from all of you all the time. I am so sick of the complaining about these issues and while I agree with what you say, I take exception to the whining. So my question is what I always ask, “Why do you keep voting in those people who are the same people who are putting the screws to us”? There is lies the problems, we are the cause of our own downfall and gradual decline of what we are losing.

  • Kashadell
  • Kashadell
  • Kashadell
  • John

    Is this how our president who has never worn a uniform plans to pay for his $1 tillion+ healthcare plan? Take from those who have earned one and give to those who have earned none. Perhaps he is jealous of our plan. Everyone has the ability to earn Tricare, yet few choose to do so. Those who choose to not to, have no one to blame but themselves if they either have no health plan or have one that is more expensive than Tricare. We have earned our health plan through many years of service. Some have given their blood and others their lives with the hope of obtaining Tricare. Those of us who have been fotunate enough to avoid these sacrifices, willingly put ourselves at risk of either of these sacrifices. Which civilian can claim that he or she had to risk all in order to earn a healthcare plan? We have sacrificed for our nation and are willing to continue to do so. However, this president is attempting to make Tricare so expensive that many retirees will be unable to pay for It. We have more than earned our plan. We willingly pay reasonable fees for our promised free healthcare plan. However, we will oppose any commander-in-Chief who attempts to reduce it’s benefit.

    • Bill

      Really? The president is doing this? Get educated. We have enough problems….seriously.

      • John

        Did you read the article?

    • Frank

      Concur. Unfortunately America is becoming a socialistic society who elected like mind public officials to enact their policies. Many of these indvidual never served day one in our military. Maybe the Draft needs to return so everyone has an opportunity to experience military sacrifice.

    • JOHN


  • bearken98

    i just have one question how many of you fools voted last yr. if not many of you did then you have nothing to complain about. i did not vote for the stupid fool and the worst president since one who died 12 days after sworn in. and the one now who is bring back the race wars we all grow up with back in 60’s and 70’s.

    • northlander

      You might note that the entire Tricare Prime/Standard cut was put into motion by the president in office dating back to 2007. “The push to end Prime in areas away from bases began in 2007 with design a third generation of TRICARE support contracts. It took years to settle on winning contractors for the three regions, however, due to various bid protests and award reversals. Health Net Federal Services has run North Region under the new contract since April 2011. Humana Military Healthcare Services has had the South Region under the new contract since April 2012. Along with TriWest, these contractors have continued to run remote Prime networks under temporary order while waiting final word from TRICARE on imposing Prime area restrictions written into original contracts.” http://www.military.com/features/0,15240,254518,0

    • nupi32tls

      I am a 22.5 year US Army retiree who voted for the current president. As some have stated (those in the know) the President submits a proposal, it is your Congress that is responsible for the final results. To bearken98, you might look back at the President who brought on the current situation by starting two wars that he and his congress failed to pay for. It is beyond reality to think that the costs of supporting retiree benefits come at no expense. I am on Medicare and Tricar4life. If you are dissatisfied with the current possibilities, drop out and try private sector insurance. As for race wars, they are the result of ongoing white hatred for an elected black president. One can truly determine the stupidity of one by the ignorance demonstrated in his commentary. You sir, are what is, in part, wrong with America. Get a grip.

      • Loyd

        What makes Barack Obama black? Because he want to be? He is half White and half Black.

      • Loyd

        What makes Barack Obama black? Is it because he wants to be black? If I recall he is half black and half white. Are we racist against his black half or his white half?

        • Ann

          Calling the racists card? No. I think America wanted him to suceed. It’s his socialist way of governing. This is about a promise made to the military. You wouldn’t be able to live in a free society without them. To many have died and sacrificed their lives and limbs for this. Is this the way we repay them? You haven’t heard a word about cutting congress’ benefits. How about those vacations?

      • fighthenewpower

        nupi32tls you are one of the mindless sheeple this president counts on to vote for him. The Democratic party is the one who keeps the race war going so you will continue to vote with your emotions. Read your history. It is the Republican Party that has lead every movement within our government for equality.

      • Loyd

        Why do my posts keep getting deleted when I am replying to a post that says “As for race wars, they are the result of ongoing white hatred for an elected black president.”
        All I am saying is the President Barack Obama is as white as he is black.

      • retired AF

        Your comment ….It is beyond reality to think that the costs of supporting retiree benefits come at no expense….is true; however, that cost was paid for by the service of the retiree with much blood, sweat and unfortunately tears!!!! Racism is racism and it happens on all sides, don’t be ignorant to that fact!!

  • John in DC

    I’m retired Air Force O-4 and work as a consultant in our Defense industry. I have two full medical insurances for my family…one thru my employer and the other is Tricare Prime because its relatively cheap. I use Tricare to pay the co-pays and balances due after my employer’s plan pays first. Now those of us that work in the DoD budget world know that any President’s budget submitted to Congress is DOA. The President’s budget office uses the annual budget cycle to make political hay more the provide any guidance to Congress. So, just take it for what it is — a reflection of a staff with little to no real military experience. Therefore, focus you efforts and emails on your Congressional reps and Senators and hold them accountable at Election Day!

    • Charlie

      John in DC; you should also know that NO congressional action is required to make changes to the TriCare Health systems. Budget or no budget the Sec of Defense can make the call to make to changes TriCare with or without the approval of the congress and far as that goes without the approval of the President. However, normally the the President and the Sec of Defense will be in agreement on any changes made to TriCare. The President is just trying to get the blessing of congress by putting the TriCare issue in his budget.

  • Retired NCO

    I am retired Army and a part of the group who was paid very low wages for long hours worked , long separations from family, and hardship assignments for 22 years. All of this time being promised that if I stayed until retirement I and my dependents would have guaranteed health care for life. Nowhere was it ever stated that I would have to pay premiums for this care. Now this President who we protected from our enemies wants to charge us for the benefits earned. What has he or Congress done to earn the health care benefits they now have for life. Are they willing to take cuts in their benefits and pay large premiums for their healthcare? I seriously doubt it!

    • David Ferguson

      I remember paychecks of $70/month but believed in the promise of having FREE medical care for life if I served 20 years or more. This administration throws billions at multigenerational welfare families and now wants to start charging us to make up for the wastage. A deal is a deal. Obama does not respect the military.

    • Richard A. Swain

      This again is just another example or the Government taking away our benefits. We were promised FREE CARE for life for spending 20 years in the military. We earned these benefits for working 12 to 18 hours a day most time 5 days a week, or unless we were deployed to God knows where then we were working 18 to 20 hours a day for 7 days a week under very stressful situations. Congress not only takes what we earned away, they take the benefits promised to us for themselfs and then doesn’t pay it. If I wanted to get an appointment at Bethesda for whatever reason it would be impossible, yet someone who has never spent a day in the military can go there and be treated. Congress also has Blue Cross/Blue Shield Federal insurance that I pay dearly for each month yet they do not pay one cent for. If Congress wants to start saving money instead of taking away our benefits that we earned let them not use our benefits that they didnt earn and pay for their own health care.


    how many more time are you going to change the rules on tricare for life? first you said we did not approve it,then we will re enstate it .now you want us to pay for it.take your time like you do the other bills;this way i might be dead by the time it becomes effective.THANK YOU FOOR YOUR SERVICE

  • Charles

    These increases in health care cost are the result of the Republican Party and they started under George Bush. Recall Secretary of Defence Bill Gates statement that military benefits were too generous and he said changes to cut those benefits are needed. The Republicans constantly talk down anyone who gets a benefit from the government and as I recall service members voted in large numbers for Bush. The American people gave you a Congress that demands a cut in your benefits so don’t be stupid blaming Obama for you increase in health care and cut in retirement benefits as well as cuts in disability payments. It’s the Republican Congress that’s attacking military benefits.

    • SCPO Ret.

      The article is titled: “WH Budget Calls foor TRICARE Increase”. Now let me help you with a little lesson. WH=White house. The President lives in the White House. The President=Barack Obama. He’s been there January 2009. Are you working with me here?

    • Gordon Etchison

      While there’s some truth to what you say, Bush hasn’t been President since Jan. 2009. And if you think Bush is to blame for our current woes, then you’re just another liberal who doesn’t read and think for yourself. It’s time to stop blaming Bush, and start demanding our currently elected officials take care of us better than what we currently see.

    • Protech

      I believe this is Obama’s budget, not Bush

    • DICK


    • DeLong

      Sorry Charles- You’re just plain ignorant. The reason the –God forbid–republicans try to slow down spending on benefits from our government is because there are not enough people working to keep paying all of the taxes to pay for these entitlements!! And do not blame the Republican congress! The Democrats have had control for years………

    • Mike

      The current president is not a republican and is responsible for this proposed increase healtcare cost for military retiree families. It’s only ignorance that would argue that point. One word from him would end this assualt on those that served.

    • Craig_T

      Not true Charles… Obama is determined to turn this nation into a welfare State… he is leading this drive!!!… those with their “hands out” love this guy!!!

    • Neal

      Good morning Charles you are so full of it it! It is are lame congress and that is the problem they get everything for free, severed 23 yrs and saw combat action. When these cuts start effecting them two;then it will start being fair for everyone.They allow big yearly salary, and also a large retirement salary.

    • Galen Crandall

      Charles, evidently you’re too yung to remember but it was Carter that started calling for co-pays, etc. Of course i recognize liberals/progressives refuse to drop the habit of blaming Bush but it’s time to recognize that Obama intends to castrate the military and any who served. Few mention that all ex-military also “contribute” $2100 a year to Medicare (and as much more for a spouse).

    • John

      That is Traitor trash RE scumlicans Charles. Members of the “Jane Fonda Club” 2013.

    • Edwards retired

      It is both parties And Obama is the ring Leader

    • guest

      Charles, you are correct. We had unfunded wars….unfortunately so. They cannot cut active duty benefits since they are the canon food for said wars which help pay the defense industry but at what price. Imagine you have a war and nobody to throw into the front lines, so the disposable retirees are ‘it’..
      With the proposed cuts in social security and the further reduced military retiree benefits, the veterans can go in line for food stamps….another entitlement that should be cut….paid for by the tax payer.
      And those that say veterans should pay because nobody on the economy gets health care that cheap might look at the fact that military health care was a PAID benefit…PAY for service…imagine your employer on the economy comes back years later and wants the wage back that he paid you….exactly!!!
      Imagine the taxes we could have instead if we would tax churches perhaps….or have big corporate pay a little more….instead of stock options with huge tax break, tax those as ‘real’ income….but no….we want to make sure that the 1 percent has a good life….bless their greedy little hearts……

    • Edwards tsgt retired

      It is Obama that is in office now and our health care is called OBAMACARE. And it is both Parties.you Obama lovers suck

    • Edwards tsgt retired

      Show me where Obama has done anything for the military.Show me anthing that Obama has done for the Military

  • Buzz

    It’s a TAX, and they will TAX our Military retirement until is there no more, then what you got?…HUH?

  • Stan Walker

    It doesn’t matter what administration is in office, they’re all going to go after our benefits in some way, shape or form. I retired after 24 years and started my own company. What they are proposing for annual Tricare fees is relatively cheap compared to to what civilians pay for medical insurance. A young family was paying almost $1300 a month for coverage. We’re going to have to pay and should accept the fact that out benefits will erode. However, that’s not to say we should just roll over and accept it.

    • John

      Back in the 70’s there was much talk about the military establishing or joining a Union. I was and I’m still opposed to unionization, but when you consider the changes proposed by our legislatures every year (especially those affecting health care), it is becoming more apparent that our veterans groups, organizations, and associations must continue to fight even harder to keep the benefits we were promised as part of our retirement package. The one great problem of not having union representation, is that you work at the pleasure of the President of the United States and at the whim and fancy our legislatures that come and go every two years. Our benefit packages are constantly under legislative review and may be changed, reduced or gutted by legislative action and new laws that are at best inconsistent from one Congressional session to another. Is it now time for a Union? Or should we at least take every Veterans’ organization, association and group and combine them under one very large united umbrella, to ensure we have the greatest number of advocates banding together for a common cause??

      Read more: https://militaryadvantage.military.com/2013/04/wh-

    • dacouch

      My dad retired from USAF after 21 years of service. Then he went to work for Veterans Admin and retired from there after another 18 years of government service. Now his government retirement pension doesn’t cover his care facility cost and he depends on his TRICARE for LIFE and Medicare to cover other medical bills (TCFL and MC do not pay anything for care facility). He has no money left to pay for insurance. Meanwhile, his Alzheimers progesses on, and the unspeakable memories of war (Korea and Viet Nam) are the memories that he can’t forget even though he often doesn’t know his children. I know we all have to tighten our belt (well all except those on Capital Hill) to try to get through this economic crisis but surely hitting the military (active or retired) is NOT the answer. Witholding COLA would be more understandable. Companies often have to withold raises or bonus pay when they are in financial trouble to stay afloat. If you go to work for a company and part of your benefit package promises you free health care insurance to compensate for your lousy pay, I think you would expect them to stick by thier promise. I’m sorry. This is pathetic.

      • Brenda

        My husband had 38 yrs. of AF/Air Nat. Guard, died 9 mo. after starting to draw his pension, so I only get 55%. When they get through with the fees for TFL, I will have to get another supplement to pay for my prescriptions as what they will be charging for the “privilege” of having it will take all of my pension from the military. The President, Joint Chiefs of Staff & Chuck Hagel make big bucks & can afford these charges-those of us on a very low fixed income cannot!!!!!! TY to your father for his service.

    • rspdude

      I spent several years in the private sector also with very expensive health care but we are talking Tricare here. This is part of what we all expected to have available when times get bad for the service we did. No one, except maybe company owners, put as much time in or work as hard as we did for our nation. Who else, other than police and firefighters face the dangers our military does and I can tell you from experience almost all of them have very good covered health care and other benefits.

    • Butch

      that family didnot give up their man for the country to help the usa. the goverment told me what i would get when i joined, now they want it back bit by bit. i donot see them giving anything up so why should we who served.

    • Mark

      This is why we always roll over its’ more expensive for the outside world so it ok for us to pay just alittle more. BS pardon my french. I was told in 1971 that my medical and dental was free for life if i stayed in. I made $36.00 a payday back then. So dont tell me I didnt deserve Free for life. We did thing that the civilians didnt have to do. I was a P-3 FE and did many 10 hour flight plus 4 hour preflight and 2 hour post flights. that a 16 hour day if you cant add. Dont tell me to roll over.

      • Mark,

        What do mean, we always roll over????? Tricare began in 1994, and has only raised the monthly once. For someone single, that was $3.27 extra per month. I now pay $22.44 per month verses $19.17. LMMFAO, and you say I’m rolling over.

        As far as what the recruiter told you, we were under CHAMPUS back then, which let me add, started in 1967.

        • Idmtmedic

          Don’t include yourself in anything related to retiree benefits! Your a socialized robot. You deny the sacrifice of soldiers and benefit from them at the same time but don’t defend them. Defend CON-gress but not the dead, wounded or disabled. In your world, It’s our government that is looking out for us. Wake the FK up.

      • E8 @27

        ??? well I’m not going to pick on the jest of what you said, however homes, your talking 71 right?? and you say you made 36 bucks a payday???? I mean damn I remember my pay was 79 bucks a month in 64, and after tax still ended up at 54 bucks lol.

        (I’m talking ONLY base now)

        btw: I did take Tricare Prime when it started in 95, and paid on it till I turned 65, both me and the wife were in it the whole time. I even had to pay Part B for her out of pocket because she didn’t have any SS but HAD to be on Part B to keep her in the tricare system. Only after I turned 62 and could apply for my SS did she qualify for her own from me. She was 6 yrs older and turned 65 when I was 59 so had to pay out of pocket for 3 years to keep her in Tricare Prime, which I was glad for at the time otherwise she would have been out of the military system.

    • mark

      Uh, I disagree Stan, I think, in that you wrote that “We’re going to have to pay and should accept the fact that out benefits will erode”. And then wrote
      “However, that’s not to say we should just roll over and accept it”.
      Not quite sure what exactly you mean as you contradicted yourself. I think that it insinuates that we should accept any and all tragic breaking of promises that this Countries lawmakers dole out, but we can Bitch about it? Kind of like saying ‘That poor man is getting mugged, Someone should do something about it’.

    • Kevin

      We are headed for the dark ages. If I am a young person facing $1300 monthly health insurance premiums, I am going to not have insurance… period. Also, choosing not to have insurance should prevent me from being seen at the ER/Hospital. I decline any form of medical health coverage. Simply get sick and die! That is where we are heading in Америка!

    • Helen Paris

      I think it is a darn shame. Originally we had health care for life. Then they changed it and we had Tricare – Now we are going to pay more – when does it end – it is a total erosion of benefits promised to the career military person. It is a promise broken and some many look the other way. Certainly Congress can care less as long as they get their benefits.

  • SCPO Ret.

    The guy who wrote “this is a result of the Republican Party” and “don’t be stupid for blaming Obama” is nuts! It clearly states in the article. this budget was submitted by the Obama Administration! Don’t blame Obama? Get your head out of the sand, take off the blinders, and pour out the koolaid.


      Well said Senior Chief.

  • Rexford R. Parrish

    When I was drafted into the U.S. Army in 1969 and served continuously to 1994, I thought I will receive free medical care for the rest of my natural life. Military retirees have been the victims of broken promises over and over again.
    I don’t mind paying a premium for Tri-Care for life and hopefully it will be prorated over a monthly or quarterly basis and taken out of my military pension.

  • Robert Dowd

    I spent more han 20 years in US Air Force Recruiting Service and personally promised each applicant for enlistment “free medical and dental” for life if they chose a military career. I obviously “lied” to each of them, didn’t I. Making retirees pay for true entitlements they were promise for decades is out and out fraud, of course our entire government is guilty of fidicuary mismanagment. So now the answer is all pay for their daliances to bring home the bacon to their own districts as pork barrell projects. Each and everyone of them should be impeached.

  • James Eure

    This is just another example of eroding the benefits earned by faithful service to our country. I’m amazed America can still have a “voluntary” military seeing as how everything earned and entitled to is being taken away by the jackasses we elect to live in luxary off the American people. There are many ways the federal deficit could be corrected without taking away earned benefits. Consider the billions given to our sworn enemies, billions thrown away on citizens who are too sorry to work, billions thrown into the cesspool of illegals sponging off taxpayer dollars, billions wasted on frivilous trips and vacations of Mr. and Mrs. Obama (notice I didn’t call him president). I served this country honorabley for over 40 years and have earned every cent of benefit I get.

  • Joe Foreman

    AEnter text right After here!

    • Joe Foreman

      After reviewing the proposal for the increase in Tri-Care, I find it ironic that our members of Congress are not paying anything for their medical care. After the number of years that we all served and these “clown” have served a day in the defense of “our” country. Why are they not paying? Let them live off what we have earned by placing our lives on the line, and the suffering our families have gone thru, you want to make us pay what we have paid for in so many ways. Their are many where this amount will make the difference between a meal and paying more for something we have already paid for, some with their lives, this is one of the ultimate insults to what we have given. Any member of the Congress who allow this to happen will find I will be campaining against them; no matter where they are in this country. My name is Joe Foreman and believe what I have promised.

  • Concerned American

    Too bad the President and Congress do not fall under any of the budget cuts. All of them receive much more money than any military retiree and pay nothing for health care.

  • Dan

    Although I served 36 total years in the Military thinking my health care would be free at retirement, I don’t have a problem paying for the TRICARE I had in 2010. My question is, WHY SHOULD MY HEALTH CARE COST ME MORE THAN ANY OTHER RETIREE. My doctor charges no more than any other doctor. Just my thoughts.

  • Nauticaljoe8005

    I guess all of us retired military members and famlies must pay for the free healthcare of all the millions of 26 year-old’s and under in America as well as for all your “Un-Documented” illegals in the US, and for the rest of your Socialist Free Healthcare in America. Thank’s a lot Politician’s….Rep & Dem’s Alike! I will vote for neither from now on!

  • NW Cunningham

    I agree with James Eure –
    This is just another example of eroding the benefits earned by faithful service to our country. I’m amazed America can still have a “voluntary” military seeing as how everything earned and entitled to is being taken away by the jackasses we elect to live in luxary off the American people. There are many ways the federal deficit could be corrected without taking away earned benefits. Consider the billions given to our sworn enemies, billions thrown away on citizens who are too sorry to work, billions thrown into the cesspool of illegals sponging off taxpayer dollars, billions wasted on frivilous trips and vacations of Mr. and Mrs. Obama (notice I didn’t call him president). I served this country honorabley for over 40 years and have earned every cent of benefit I get. It is time to make our government stop paying out all the billions of dallors to countries that don’t care for us or our interest.

    Read more: https://militaryadvantage.military.com/2013/04/wh-

    • SBH

      You are on point when you talk about “earned benefits”. Nobody seems to be looking at the outrageous benefits that our elected and politically appointed elite seem to enjoy while “earning” very little. I find it unbelievable that any responsible elected individual could consider hacking away at the well earned benefits and entitlements of honorably retired servicemembers.

    • Capt EbyE USN

      You had me in full agreement until you said you did call The Commander and Chief President. I am a retired Service Member (United States Navy) and I served for a lot of people who were over and under my command and not once did I not respect the position they held. Even as a retired Vet who never had to follow this President; none of our other fellow active veterans need to hear your off-sided comments about who you choose not to address. NW Cunningham with over 40 years of experience under your belt and command, and while wearing your uniform you got the respect of that uniform whether or not your subordinates thought you to be an idiot or not. I bet they were not able to tell you that to your face. Again you can be angry but the Office of the President regardless of who holds it should be respected. Believe me, President Bush (G.W), , Clinton, Nixon and a whole host of others signed and spent monies that should have and should now be questioned. We are in this mess not because of the single actions of this current President. It seems to me he is trying for the first time in our history on our watch to fix what countless other Presidents didn’t have the testicular fortitude to do. NW Cunningham please reevaluate yourself.

  • DJK

    This is just plan nuts. We have to come together and let congress know that we are voters and we can not support this increase. If the NRA can hold congress accountable then so can we. We need one group that can speak on our behalf.
    We paid our dues and should not be taken advantage of . The President and the Congress need to know we can still fight when needed. If we do not stand up to them they will walk all over us. We can stop this action with a strong voice that congress can not walk away from. We are all Generals in this cause. Let all in DC know we are strong MSG D.KOIS RET USAF

  • Frank

    Just another form of terrorism from the presidents viewpoint. He and his political party is killing this country slowly and the political ignorance is growing. If you follow politics you must do your part and open the eyes of the ignorant and educate them that our future is grim. Why hasn’t Barrak said the word TERRORIST ATTACK conserning the terrorist attack in boston?

  • Bob B.

    I’ve been against any cut to veteran benefits just like most of you all are. However, I’m beginning to understand that unless something is done about this country’s humongous debt then this country could cease to exist as we know it!

    Think about it! How are you going to collect your veterans benefits if the US Government goes bankrupt? Getting out from under this debt crisis is going to require every single one of us to contribute something!

    The article says that TriCare For Life may go from no fees to $618 a year by 2018. $618 is just $51.50 per month. I would rather pay this fee than lose TriCare altogether or have my VA Pension and/or Social Security cut!

    We need to think a little more before we veterans holler foul! I think we veterans need to pick our battles a little more judiciously than we have been. The simple inevitable truth is that veterans are going to have to give up something because of the debt crisis. Our goal should be to keep the larger more important things and give a little on the smaller things!

    • John

      “We Veterans’ Bob, really. I don’t think you are a veteran. Veterans have performed the “Shared Sacrifice” given already and did not cause this debt crisis. That was caused by NON VETERANS sending us off to do their political BS. What us “we veterans” really need to do is get into the politics field and put these silver spooned boys and girls into the real definition of shared sacrifice. Restart the draft now. Bob are you a product of the Jane Fonda 60’s Club?

      • michael

        i am vietnam vet all you set around on your ass i have 28 years
        in the army i was told 20 yrs i would have medical for life you lied
        cut off my legs you will end with my head you and all are egg sucking
        dogs and also butches i think you will keep fucking after a while we
        will get to like it

    • Loyd

      Cuts are not the problem. SPENDING is the problem!!! We need to cut spending.

      • Jeff

        You are exactly right spending IS the problem. And while we earned the veteran benefits that we enjoy, the fact of the matter is that veteran benefits ARE federal spending just like foreign aid, social security, and welfare.
        Yes, we absolutely need to cut spending, but intelligently and carefully. There are a vast multitude of outrageous programs that our tax dollars are wasted on every year, whether that is funding studies into turtle mating habits or planning a menu for some distant mission to Mars.
        Having served in the Army for 21 years with 2 combat tours, I believe that I have found at least one of the roots of our financial problems. As crazy as it sounds– Units are punished for saving money! If a unit doesn’t spend ALL of the money that it was allocated for the year by September 30th (the end of the federal fiscal year) they will have any leftover funds deducted from their next annual budget! This leads to a culture of waste in the last 90 days of the year simply to ensure that the unit will have enough funds for training and materials the next year.

        • Loyd

          I agree with the wasted money. I didn’t realize they did that when I was in the Marine Corps, but quickly found out when I started to work for Civil Service. Every year is the same thing. They buy computers, printers and other items so they will not have less money next year.

          • Jeff and Loyd,

            Yep, been there, seen that, done that.

    • Omar

      Bob B, you are fortunate to have a VA pension. What about those who are trying to live on their service retirement and social security. It probably can’t be done, and if it can they are living in conditions that qualify them for food stamps and Medicaid. Probably driving a 10 year old car and eating lots of hotdogs and spam. Look at the majority and not the minority.

      • Omar,

        I’m living on my Service Retirement and Social Security. Before that, I was living on my Service Retirement. As it is now, my Social Security money goes strate into my Saving Acct.

        Omar, what did you do with all your money during your working years?????

        • Idmtmedic

          Civilian retirement? Let’s add this up? Military ……..SS ………..civilian retirement? No job and your not 65. Sooooo who is it your complaining about? Never mentioned where your civilian retirement comes from? Nuclear scientist?

    • CAPT GG

      Well said! I too am a veteran, with 30 years of service. We are at a turning point in this country. Everyone needs to realize that “there’s no free lunch” – all bills have to be paid eventually.

      • Dirk

        Which is why I am going to max out my credit cards, take 24/7 vacations and let them sort it out after I am dead.

        • RCMasseySFC(Ret)

          LOL. Thank God we can keep a sense of humor; else we would go crazy. Thank you for making me laugh.

        • Carla

          Don’t outlive your credit cards, Dirk.

      • mike

        lets build more F35 fighters, that have no enemy to fight, let build more tanks to mothball , because the Army doesn’t need them. Lets give more tax breaks to the ultra wealthy, corporate farmers, oil companies and ADM. Yes, take it out of the wallets of Vets, because we are sheepiles who belive we have a spending problem!!!

        • Shawn Hennessy

          How about we all make them and then give them away to Nations who hate us openly along with multi million dollar cash bonuses!

      • Patrick Branco

        I gave at the office! Vietnam and the Persian Gulf

      • bill

        Now I see why you only made 03, your brains are where the should not be, This is not free, it was and is still earned by made (a lot of blood spilled and lives lost) for this what do your friend in DC do to earn thiers after only 1 term in an OFFICE, wake up

        • bill,

          You’re typical, when you don’t have an argument center around what he posted, you attack him personally.

      • CAPT GG,

        Yep, but most will just continue to whine and point their fingers at the other guys pocket. Everyone always says, “not in my back yard”.

        • Idmtmedi

          Including you. Your the drain. If our society is going to share the wealth, why is it you don’t have a JOB? Tiered system should also include income Charles. Not just rank in the military but after right? Only fair. Funny you don’t complain but don’t give a rats as# about your fellow vets. What you need is a big OLE entitlement pacifier. Your arguments are BS because YOU are doing it 3 times over.

    • Dean

      Bob B, what service did you come from? As a veteran I have given more than most and less than some. Having been injured during Desert Storm and several surguries later. I gave enough of myself. Any more from me should be love offerings to my church and community to help those in need. As the old saying goes, ” If a man runs up to you and takes $200 dollars away and givies it to others that did not have to earn it, is it stealing” That is what the Gov. does. Takes from Peter to pay Paul. And we veterans are “the Peter” here. Enough is enough. Call your senators and congressman before we are raped anymore. You must have voted “Democrat” and trying to justify that lousy vote!. When does it stop?

    • Victor

      Hey Bob, we veterans have given, I can send you a picture of the bullet holes in my body, and yes my sons who are IAVA have wounds too and have served understanding that they were promised these benefits, without question. So spare me, This government should honor their promise! No More, No Less. Siemper Fi..

    • John

      Bob… you can always refuse to take your retirement benefits that you earned as a service member retiree and refuse your VA check also, while you are at it – that is your call. Or you can demand that the government live up to what they promised us, when we entered service!!! What is the problem here, we are being failed – we did our part and now we get the dirty end of the stick once again. Where is the justice… when are we going to ask for some accountability? Instead we just turn over and let the unjust actions happen, and we are the one that made our country free, by risking our lives and missing out on many life events with our families over our careers, and now they want to take away more from us. Come on… I for one DO NOT WANT TO READ COMMENTS LIKE YOURS. I need to stop here my Blood Presure is get up and i may write something that may be bad.

      • John,

        Here we go again, when someone disagrees with you, tell him to refuse his VA Check. I agree with BOB, and I’m keeping all my checks. Best of all, I know this is only a PROPOSAL and isn’t going anywhere and will let you all do all the whining and crying about nothing.

        • Idmtmedic

          Entitled are you?



    • Galen Crandall

      Bob B., are you taking into consideration the $2100($4200 w/spouse) that is also paid?
      Consider the millions the president spends on vacations and constant campaigning, our little amounts are a drop in the bucket unless one is on a fixed income.
      There is an on going campaign to put as many restrictions as possible on travel pay for those that have to drive any distances. For example if there is a clinic closer than the VA where you see your primary care provider that is what your pay is figured on.

    • Shadow

      Bob, I can see why you are collecting a VA Pension, it appears you have hit your head on a big rock! Tri Care is only the starting point. Rest assure that your pension and social security cuts are not lagging far behind. Add it up, when the government get’s it’s cut off the top, the private industry ( Electric and gas, Cable, phone, TV, and bottle water industries) will follow suite by rolling their increases on taxes to you. Check out your monthly bills and you’ll probably see who’s paying for all this. After 45 plus years of sleeping on the ground and crawling in and out of manholes to protect our country, and just as you are ready to stand down, you get the rug snatched from under you.

    • Dirk

      Tricare fees will go up annualy based upon COLA rates, which means any increases in your retiree and disability benefits all go toward health care. How is that fair?

      • Dirk,

        That is not totally true. Your fee goes up the same percentage as you got for COLA, but not the same as the same amount as your COLA.

    • Jack T

      That would be great if this increase was going to bring the deficit down! Any increases will go to fund social programs that have notihing to do with our healthcare. It’s all included in the march to full socialism.

    • Edwards tsgt retired

      How about quiting giving all our tax dollar to people over Sea’s that hate us and how about all the illegal’s we are supporting and they don’t have to pay taxes or for health care. and sure as hell didn’t put there lives on the line for this country and they get more benifites then the military and they don’ pay a penny for anything.

    • USA Guardian

      YOU ARE CORRECT!! Our Tricare For Life takes care of the 20% that Medicare does not cover and is very much worth keeping!! It was bad enough to lose our medical coverage that we were promised back in the “old days,” let’s not screw up and lose all that we have left. The problem now is how much will the Medicare cuts keep us from having the medical care we need.

    • Rick

      Well Bob, I guess you’ve heard the views from we Veterans. I’m a 24 year Veteran and agree with all my below Vets and not you. We have given so much and now to be taken away, even just a little bit, is wrong. I agree, it sounds like you aren’t really a Veteran unless you are wealthy and it doesn’t matter to you how it affects everyone else.

    • Catherine Smith

      I think all of us wouldn’t mind if the president, congress and senate were going to have to pay too. We all know they will not have to put out a dine to help our country. All they do is spend.

    • P. John

      You speak truth, however, what a lot of veterans, and others, have issue with is the fact that Members of Congress, House of Representatives, and all the other Federal Department retirees aren’t affected. And in fact are still getting pay, COLA and compensation increases. The few put on furlough by sequtration are but a drop in the bucket against all the other Federal employees still drawing money from our pockets. Are they more important than the veterans who put their lives and careers on hold for the time they served in the military? Check it out…and, thanks to ObamaCare, the federal government will grow even larger due the new people hired to manage the various programs supporting it.

      • J.Steele

        You are wrong about all federal Retires, I retired 30 Yrs, Air Force, AF Reserves, and Civil Service, The Govt. Takes 40 percent of My check (Social security) each Month Because I retired from Federal Govt. Its called( WEP ) Wind Fall Exemption. They say govt Employees are not Poor,, I hope you can Live of My Monthly check.. And I served My country and I expect The Govt in DC to Honor my Benefits,, That was Promised,,,

    • guest

      Why do veterans have to pay over and over to save the economy?
      Time to tax money laundering churches, charities and big corporate, especially big defense corporate who makes big bucks on the back of said retirees.

      • Guest,

        Exactly what have I been paying over and over again to save the economy????? I need to know.

        • Idmtmedic

          For you nothing. Your taking, not giving. Your entitlements are breaking the bank…….you know what I’m talking about right? No JOB, collecting FREE money……But whine and cry about entitlements?

    • Joe P

      Of course you realize that by simply dropping the subsidies the government gives to the oil companies, they could fund all promised veterans benefits without strain.

    • Karen

      At 73 years old living on my husband’s Social Security of $868 a month, any amount is devastating.

    • Mbeall

      This is a drop in the bucket as far as the debt goes… It will not matter one way or the other. We will never ,never erase the debt as the give aways to the non proudcers will always be with us. Weatlh transfer will go on. And there are many who will sacrifice nothing, but will gain based on political power. And that’s not us…so we sacrifice. And the sad thing is It wil not make a dent in the debt that will continue to grow regardless.. But don’t believe me…what are YOUR eyes telling you.

      • Mbeall,

        I’m pretty sure that this Proposal directly about our National Debt. I feel it is more about the cost of Health Care for DOD. Here is a comment that was made in one of several articles I’ve read.

        “A military built for fighting wars is looking more and more like a health care entitlement program.”

        “From 2001 to 2012, military health-care expenditures rose over 170 percent, from $19 billion to $53 billion. As a share of defense spending, health care represented 6.1 cents of every dollar spent by DoD in 2010, up from 4.5 cents in 2000. At $53 billion, health care is roughly 10 percent of DoD’s base budget, and without reform it is expected to rise an additional 28 percent to $64 billion by 2015.”


    • bob

      If the govt stopped giving everything to everybody for free i . e. cell phones who don’t want to work we would not be facing the problems we are facing.
      The spend, spend, spend, give me, give me, give me attitude that pervates this society has to stop



      • RETIREE,

        The Truth About Military Health Care

        “First, rates have remained virtually unchanged since the creation of Tricare in 1995. Working-age retirees pay just $520 a year per family to use Tricare. Meanwhile, the average American family spends between $4,000–5,000 per year on health care. When Tricare was implemented in 1996, working-age retirees and their dependents were expected to contribute 27 percent to the cost of their health care; today, that figure has fallen to 11 percent. Retirees over the age of sixty-five pay nothing for their plan, Tricare for Life. Yet, this group represents the highest per capita cost; in 2007, more than half of DoD health-care expenditures went to Tricare for Life beneficiaries.”


    • klsgrem

      I’d as soon they cap our pay, than give us a raise and take it all for medical.

      Nothing we can do. I’ve emailed and emailed. Never hear back when I ask our elected officials what *they* are going to give up to help balance the budget.

    • Luke

      Greetings Bob

      I’m retired and living in California. I have seen this ‘dog and pony’ show many times over. It always starts out small, a couple of bucks here and there. Then before you know it it’s a threat ‘ give us more money or we’ll cut off this or that. Typical political tactics and unfortunately, many fall for it. My friend if we as a nation are in this much trouble, then it may be already too late. We are postponing the inevitable.

    • Thomas paolillo

      TFL is a supplement to Medicare after age 65; which is about 20% to cover what is not covered by medicare. This is just the beginning to military members being charged the same rate as non military retirees. This is a another broken promise to our Retirees. We don’t cut bases in Germany but we cut your pay.

    • bld

      now I understand how this guy got elected & reelected, people like you who appear to be deaf, blind and stupid, you just don’t know he is trying to destroy this country from within and now he has your help in doing so.

    • Claudell

      Thanks Bob. Whish more would think like you including some of our elected representatives. I to am a 30 year retiree of the USAF and been retired for 26 years.

    • Tom H

      I fully agree with Bob B. Yes, we have sacrificed– but ALL of us who are retired made that choice (we may have been drafted, but we opted to stay!!) The benefits have been far more lucrative than we would have received had we gone elsewhere. It is tough, but we need to join in some minor “giving up” in order for most benefits to continue.

    • rgp

      I don’t know what ship you are on but you are a political mess like the ones making this proposal. I usually try not to make this personal, but folks with your train of thought is why the current leadership was elected and why they continue to get raises and retirement benefits above that of veterans. Serving 26 years folks my country, I am tired of getting cuts from my pay and benefits. I have a suggestion, let the current leadership take some huge cuts, tell them that they need to serve 20 plus years (plus a few times in the war zone) and then they can make that propsal. I can promise you this, they can’t handle it nor would they want their pay cut. If it doesn’t have an impact on them personally, they are all for it.

      • Idmtmedic

        Enjoy the ride. Lmao…..no more

    • Craig_T

      Think about it… Veteran benefits can be retained if we stop providing welfare and medical benefits to illegal aliens and those accepting handouts and unwilling to work for it…

    • Bob H

      You really hit the point. No free lunch. I know what we signed up for a long time ago, but times change. Increases hurt, but the alternative could be a lot worse.

      • Idmtmedic

        Yes as in a CON-gress that doesn’t spend on BS then try and save money on US!!!!!!!

    • Jeff

      The thing that I don’t understand is why our elected officials always seem to begin their cuts with the soldier-citizens rather than the wasted funds that they continue giving to countries that hate us? They simply make us look weak in the eyes of our enemies.

    • Bloodhshed

      I agree with Bob that all of us in this country should do their part to help keep it from going bankrupt! But, and there is always a but isn’t there, I feel the gov’t should be mindful of who they are cutting benefits and how much they are cutting. What I mean is, that our leaders in D.C. don’t seem to pay attention to the percentage of people they are taking these benefits from. In other words, they are taking a much larger cut from a small percentage of people. I am in the small group of people who are receiving Tricare for Life. I receive it because I am a 100% disabled vet who is also receiving SSD. This is a very small percentage of the population as a whole, yet the leaders are always thinking of ways to take from us as if our share is a very large percentage of the budget!! I feel they should start at the top of the budget and work their way down! Not nit-pick at the few who have sacrificed much in service to their country!

    • O Richards

      As if the veterans haven’t already given enough we have ignorant comments made by you as to that’s ok – sock it to me, sock it to me, sock it to me, it feels so damned good – don’t stop!!

      • O Richards

        If they enact this bill you will be taking a giant step back in retirement pay every year this in effect and then by 2019 you will be going back further as they are taking away your cost of living raise and applying it to this new bill. Yep it’s only $51.50 cents a month if you do simple math, but put the whole equation into play and it’s much more than that. I know that when I served the comment was: “You’re base pay is this figure because we are taking part of it for your retirement, etc. If you figured up the hours I(we) put in it far and above exceeded any civilian job and the pay was a hell of a lot less per hour. Actually we lived at poverty level the entire time I served and many of todays service men and women still are at that level. why? I, for one, have given up all I am giving and if you are so damned generous you can give my share, too. The more “smaller things” we give the bigger they become when you look at the overall picture and soon the larger more important things won’t matter anymore, even to you.

        • O Richards,

          This isn’t a BILL, it is just a Proposal, like many more to come. Poverty level????? Bullchit.

    • Vinnie


      • Vinnie,

        This more about the cost of Health Care going up for DOD.

        “From 2001 to 2012, military health-care expenditures rose over 170 percent, from $19 billion to $53 billion. As a share of defense spending, health care represented 6.1 cents of every dollar spent by DoD in 2010, up from 4.5 cents in 2000. At $53 billion, health care is roughly 10 percent of DoD’s base budget, and without reform it is expected to rise an additional 28 percent to $64 billion by 2015.”


    • Bubba

      The issue is more one of principle and financial responsibility. Our government ruined the social security trust fund by constantly borrowing it for numerous reasons such as pork projects, foreign aid, social welfare programs, grants, etc. etc. The government across the years has been rife with financial irresponsibility. It would be a good start if we stopped paying foreign aid to countries that hate us. We no longer need the number of troops and bases in Europe and for what it is really getting us, neither do we need troops in Iran, Afghanistan, etc. We do not need to be the world’s peasce keeping force anymore. In addition, stop all financial aid of any kind to criminal invaders and their offspring (aka illegal aliens).

      • Bubba,

        The Trust Fund is still there and hasn’t gone anywhere. Yes, it has a bunch of IOU’s in it, but those are as good as money in the bank, just like a bank.

        The problem with Social Security, is that they keep adding more ways people can apply for Social Security, and not raising or taking more out of our checks to pay for it.

        • Idmtmedic

          Lmao…interesting analogy. So a bunch of IOU’s is like money in the bank? Well your one of the IOU’s.? You COULD work right? Just decided you make enough money off of the GOVERNMENT NOT TOO! Ok I got it.

    • Jeffrey Bendickson

      Think about THIS Bob, When I signed on the dotted line, retiring after 20 years in the military gave me free medical for me and my family for life. When I actually retired after 20 years in the Air Force, that free medical was now costing my over $500 a year. The same people that want to jack that price up again RECEIVE free medical for life for them and their family. Did they risk their LIFE? Hell no! You want to cut costs, take away their free medical when they leave office, not veteran benefits.

      • Jeffrey Bendickson,

        A recruiter promising you free health care for life for you and your family is not worth chit. We were never promised that by Congress, Congress never passed any bills giving us that, no President ever signed that into Law, and lastly, it was never financed by Congress.

    • Nardo

      You need to wake up and smell the roses .When we sign up it said for life.Now you want to give back to them. With any more cuts to my income ,I will have file for bankruptcy .

      • Nardo,

        Keep saying that, and maybe it will come true, but the case was lost in 2003 when the US Supreme Court refused to see it.

        It’s time this myth of Free Health Care For Life for all military and their families goes away.

    • JLM276

      Bob I have to agree. I’ve been in Tri-Care for life for fifteen years and have recognized from the outset that it was an unsustainable program. The amount we will be asked to pay starts at, “attention getting”, moving toward “painful”. but it has become necessary because so many of us been unwilling to remain as healthy as we were at twenty years of age. Of course none of us ever smoked or drank or chased wild women and we all ran at least five miles a day.

      • JLM276,

        I think most think the way you do, but just refuse to admit it. To get what we have, would cost somewhere around $4,000.00 to $5,000.00 per year on the outside.

    • D May

      As surviving spouse of 70 years old I agree 100% with you. This line in your post says it all.
      “Our goal should be to keep the larger more important things and give a little on the smaller things! ”

    • Rick

      @Bob B., Lloyd and Jeff are right in my view. The government does not know how to save and does not want to start. It is like a heroin addict needing that next fix and damn anybody that gets in the way. Also the old saying, “no good deed goes unpunished.” Everybody used to complain because the Air Force spent their money on their people and morale first and when they ran out of money went back to congress for more when we in the Marine Corps and Navy were trying to pinch pennies. Now I know why the Air Force did what they did. When I went to work for the VA I saw how spending was based on using all the money given up so that your budget would not be cut. The trouble is the people in charge of the purse strings-congress-have no idea of where the real needs are and do not trust anyone to budget so everyone lies in order to keep going. Also congressmen waste money on needless projects in their home states. So until there is an overhaul of our system from the top down with oversight of the politicians there will never be true change and all of us will suffer the results. Thank you all for your service and Semper Fi.

    • Larry

      I wouldn’t mind so much if the new rules applied to congressmen. They have their own (free) health plans, if osamacare is good enuf, why not them?

      • Larry,

        Your misinformed about Senators and Congressmen. Stop reading those stupid emails or at least research them before you start supporting the false information they’re putting out.

        Retirement Benefits for Members of Congress
        Katelin P. Isaacs
        Analyst in Income Security
        November 30, 2012


        Health Benefits for Members of Congress
        Ada S. Cornell
        Information Research Specialist
        May 3, 2012

        http://waxman.house.gov/sites/waxman.house.gov/fi… Benefits for Members of Congress.5.3.2012.pdf

        Just a note, they have to at least served 5 years, and then they can collect crumbs when they reach 62 years of age.

    • Bill

      I know I have earned my benifits that the Government is slowly taking away from us any chance they get. All I can say is ask every Senator or Congressman to look in the mirror and ask themselves if they have truely earned all the benifits they have voted in for themselves and why they are not cutting their benifits. Stop taking from our retirees that have earned every benifit they still have at this time.

    • mark

      we will recieve no pay raise since it will just go to enrollment fees just as it does for medicare so we will recieve the same amount after cola every year as prices of all goods and services go up wich is really a decrease every year in your pension( every year)

    • george


      You sound like the scumbag politicians, remember, that I was promise free health and dental for the rest of my life. Why don’t we make them pay for their healthcare too, and start with cutting their salaries and pensions. Pelosi will recievs a pensin of $590,000 a year with free healtcare for the rest for her life, but her salary is only $186.000, go figure she’ll get almost three times her slary as a pension. WHAT A GREAT CONTRY. So Bob go join your scumbag friends

    • John

      Back in the 70’s there was much talk about the military establishing or joining a Union. I was and I’m still opposed to unionization, but when you consider the changes proposed by our legislatures every year (especially those affecting health care), it is becoming more apparent that our veterans groups, organizations, and associations must continue to fight even harder to keep the benefits we were promised as part of our retirement package. The one great problem of not having union representation, is that you work at the pleasure of the President of the United States and at the whim and fancy our legislatures that come and go every two years. Our benefit packages are constantly under legislative review and may be changed, reduced or gutted by legislative action and new laws that are at best inconsistent from one Congressional session to another. Is it now time for a Union? Or should we at least take every Veterans’ organization, association and group and combine them under one very large united umbrella, to ensure we have the greatest number of advocates banding together for a common cause??

      Read more: https://militaryadvantage.military.com/2013/04/wh-

  • Vince

    Recruiter in 1954: “if you stay in for a career you’ll receive free medical care for life; and if you get injured while on active duty, you’ll receive disability pay”. After 26 years I was thrown into Medicare with my civilian friends who never wore a military uniform, I pay a monthly fee for the favor, I funded my own military disability pay for over twenty years through a deduction to my retirement pay, and I pay income taxes on my Social Security retirement pay for which I paid through payroll deductions my whole working life. What a deal! Now we’re going to be charged for the secondary insurance called Tricare for Life which only pays 20% of what Medicare approves which is diminishing each year. Thanks a lot Washington; it’s comforting to know our government sticks to it’s word and promises.

  • mad

    . the people who retiered miltary be for all of obama sh,,,, should be grandfathered in,and should not have to pay . all those payed for it by giving 20 or more years,or gave arms and legs to defend this country and now he wants to take away earned benefits. but yet he will give billions of dollars to people who are to dam lazy to work,plus ,he and his wife should not waste billions of taxpayers money on BS frvilous trips. I will never call him apresident or call her the first lady. one more thing clean up our own backyeard before we give more money to sworn enemies,there are alot better ways to cut the deficit. i served for over 20 years and i earned ever benefit i get.

  • T. Curran

    I agree with most of the statements here. It is Washington DC as usual, not one particular person or party. They are out of touch with the rest of the country and have been for a long,long time. Promises,”lies” whatever, made to military people have been broken,rewritten to ensure the well being of the politicians who of course are not affected by these changes. I am living on my AF retirement and SS and yes $51.50 a month would hurt a great deal. With no disrespect intended, I now know why Native American did no and do not trust the people in Washington.

  • Jim Swift

    I believe we have earned our benefit through our (27+) years of service. I don’t see anything about Congress having to pay for their medical! I thought there was an Appeals Court decision that said they couldn’t do anything to the Military retiree that they didn’t do to Congress!

    • John

      Just in case you have not noticed, but the title of this is “WH Budget Calls for TRICARE Fee Increases”. WH stands for White House.


    We let him do this where will he stop. If you don’t keep writing, e-mailing or calling you congress rep it is just as good as saying go ahead take it all away.
    If they take away our firearms we will be totally defenseless .

  • reb

    Let’s get on with it. These fee’s are necessary to keep these programs healthy. It”s not much considering the benefits provided. We should all think, not bitch and support it.

  • Ron W.

    I have read most of the comments,one fellow said we should start knocking a lot of these pieces of dead wood off of the walfare rolls,most of them more then likely ever did anything to defend this country,there is no dout that the rec ruiters have lied to us,we should throw out the dead wood in congress,also stop sending money over to our enimes ,if we did that we wouldn’t have to be charged rate increases in our insurances,

  • L. R.

    O.K. I think it’s time that these elected officials start having to pay for their Health Care Ins. Very few of them spent 20 + years serving and protecting this country with their lives.

  • coy blankenship

    here we go again sosdd, congress will not go after the rich but put it all on the backs of militari retirees and middle class, I don’t know if we even have a say in anything the elephants and jackasses cant; get together they should pay close attention to how people stood together after the boston attack, I believe that tere are enough of us to vote them all out of offiice.be prepared were are going to get shafted again. 23 years of my life for my country. which I was proud to do and now a government that could care less about us.ISG B

  • Roy

    Demands for financial responsibility, continued entitlement maintenance and bears; oh my! If you voted during the most recent national elections then the office of the president is responding as you expected; if you did not vote then you have two choices. The first is sit-down, shut-up and live with it, your choice was to let the grown-ups work it out. The second choice is to join a group that opposes the changes that you find offensive and provide the political, capital and fraternal support necessary to get your voice heard where it counts. In the cases regarding retiree benefits, the American Legion, Fleet Reserve Association, NCOA, and the VFW provide lobbying for the benefits of veteran.
    It should also be noted what was not listed for cuts in the proposed budget. I recently heard an excellent analogy to the political and union budgetary process (I do not know the origin). Basically, if you had a department that provided cancer curing medication to children and erected statues to Benedict Arnold, in which of the two would you propose to make cuts? Answer: Propose cutting cancer curing medications for children, the masses will rebel against the “budget cuts” and not notice Benedict Arnold.

    • steve

      Military retires are spread out over the 50 states, the territories and other countries with most being in the south. Out political clout goes under the wheels of the bus so often it seems like a dirt road in the last few years. Congress and the Administration would rather keep a few thousand union workers building 220.million dollar c-17s that he AF doesn’t want, cutting enough money out of thousands of veterans Tricare prime benefits to pay for less tan half of one C-17 …..Roy, we are a convenient bargaining chip and as long as they ease the screwing to the retirees and not too much at one time, not many will notice or care….

  • Bob Milner

    A question – to get Tricare for life we have to pay for Medicare Part B – is this an additional fee or is this replacing the Medicare Part B fees? I am assuming we will have to pay both if your over 65.

  • jimmy

    The DOD has been after TRICARE for years regardless of who is president. Obama said he thought military should have to pay for all their healthe care as they are volunteers. The sad part is that this president has signed up people to welfare hand-out programs by the thousands but isn’t calling for them to take cuts..many shouldn’t evenbe getting benefits as they are able to work but will not. That is why we have millions of illegals here, to do those jobs that welfare queens will not.

    • Shadow

      Careful Jimmy, there’s more than just queens on welfare and all illegals are not comming here to work migaratoty jobs! It’s a little more complicated than that, but I see your point.

  • Edith

    Just let the military and the retirees who protect and protected our country pay for it all. I wouldn’t have a problem with increases if those in DC were willing to their part.

    • Edith

      OOPS, my fingers weren’t keeping up with my brain, sorry. It should say….”willing to do their part.”

  • bk2

    Didn’t the President say that with the new Affordable Care Act, our costs would go DOWN or stay the same? What happened here?

  • jlm929

    What did you fools who voted for Obama expect! Lets be clear, this is the distribution of wealth,one of the many ways those who worked hard for their country are being punished for adding to the quality of life for this nation. In Obama’s eyes we some how owe those who have failed to add any thing to our society. I am not talking about the old or the disabled. I refer to the lazy “you people owe me”attitude people have. It is not a crime to work hard and keep what you earn. Voting is the greatest tool we have,”USE IT”

  • Pooks13

    A while back i was excited to find out that a plan was going to be put into place where we could keep our children on our insurance till they were 26. Later I found out that was only for real insurance companies not Tricare. I don’t like saying that because Tricare has taken care of my family for so many years, but now I have a son finished with college, trying to get employed and no medical insurance. I understand they have to take care of themselves eventually. For my son though medical insurance would be considered a luxury. Owing school loans and paying life expenses come first. I did see that Tricare has a youth insurance, but at 150 to 200 a month he just can’t afford that. I do know that our family became very spoiled when it came to our Medical insurance. Its scary not having anything, just ask my son.

    • maureen

      Tricare does cover your child til they are 26. It is just called young adult health care under Tricare. I used it for my daughter and you had to pay but it was sooooo much cheaper than anything else out there. Now she is off and has a good job but 3500.00 yearly deductible plus pays monthly fee.

  • Steve

    Sadly most of the comments have some truth in them, from both sides of the issue. All I know is that my retired pay was a certain amount several years ago and between losing a tax break that I didn’t know I had and “0” inflation my pay after two pay raises is the same as 5 years ago. Two years ago the administration wanted to redo the way they calculate inflation because we received too much. my copays for drugs has increased twice and now I am going to lose my Tricare prime due to changes in area’s. Now they want more…and some say and act like I have too much now and can afford to give up more. To those I say …… ah nothing…you speak for yourselfs

    have a good day

    • Pooks13

      Amen Steve, as a DOD employee and a spouse of a retired airman, I must have way too much concidering im giving the government 14 days of my so called pay. But hey I’ll just concider them non paid vacation days and go on a cruise since im so rich with benifits. I feel your pain.

      Oh and you have an even better day.

  • R. Sydow

    Is there any proposal to cut the congress, senate or whitehouse budgets and perks?

    • S. Welsh

      We all know the answer to that; even though that should be the starting point. They need to show us they are willing to do their part with the rest of the nation. We elect them and once they are in there , vote themselves raises, etc whenever they want with no regard how it will affect the small guys.

    • guest

      I couldn’t agree more. What is wrong with a congressman or senator driving themselves to work. (If work is what you call it) I did vote and I did not vote for any incumbents. What the heck is wrong with Americans? Have they just given up and feel so defeated that it doesn’t matter anymore. I am sick of paying for politicians whose only job is to get re-elected. What happen to “for the people, by the people”. maybe the word “people” should be replaced by lobbyist. Sorry for ranting but I couldn’t resist.

    • Catherine Smith

      This makes me sick. The congress,senate and the president should all have to get by on tricare and medicare. My husband served 20 years in the navy and he passed away in 2006 and medicare and tricare are all the ins. I have.

  • Seriously Concerned

    Regardless of what takes place, the rich keeps getting rich and the middle class is extinct. We, here in the united States only have two classes of people. They are the rich and the poor. The majority of us here fall under the latter.

  • Navy88

    For the record, I have no problem paying for a service, be it auto repair or health care. I do, however, object to a presidential candidate, an incumbent lets say, professing from the top of his lungs that taking care of veterans and their health care is a priority. He omitted, “as long as they are willing to pay for it.”

  • Wayne

    I served my 20 yrs – going in with eyes open – and served at about one-third the pay of civilians doing the same job. It was with the promise of “free” healthcare for myself and my spouse for life, along with the use of commissaries and exchanges. At the present time the prices of items in the commissaries and exchanges are no longer at “military rates” but more in line with Walmart and Target stores. I also have the privilege of Paying for the free healthcare. AND NOW they want to take back the COLA increases by charging more for healthcare. There will come a revolution against the stupidity coming out of the land of OZ someday.

  • ronnie pond

    I wonder .What if the people of the United States that the Government wants to serve in the military’s were to say. You the Government will pay me this or that and I want it tax free Are I don’t serve. Are You will Give me security for ever and a day if I give you 20 years of my life to protect your sorry A$$. Sense We seem to be a burden on the Government .even though we put our lives on the line to protect the Government 24/7 for however many years we did serve.We also Were wounded,And have to live our lives with disabilities that we incurred during our tours of duties while serving.and we even Died in some cases. Just so as you the Government can say.Thanks but no thinks .We the Government are going to get rich sitting on our A$$
    And we the Government are going to Cut any benefits that you may think you should be entitled to and make you pay. But the Illegals can get free insurance and get free money .But we are going to stick it to the American
    people .

    • Loyd

      It’s or not are.

  • Dan

    I was looking forward to TFL when I become Medicare eligible (in 6 years). I’ve been over a barrel sometimes paying the copays, my wife is retiring from her job in 2015, we’ll be depending on her meager retirement pay, and my retirement pay as an E-6 over 20 to live on. The way the future is looking, we’re going to have to sell everything, move into our 22 year old motorhome and live in WalMart parking lots close to the VA, where at least with my 50% disability, I won’t have to pay for my medical needs.
    By the way, I’ve voted in every election since I was allowed to vote. I have a right to complain, especially about the mismanagement of our money.

  • LBer

    AS a retire USAF vet now on Medicare I can say BS. I have several Official DoD documents which show I will have free medical for life should I elect to stay for 20+. Then they enacted CHAMPUS to offset some of medical costs for retirees. Then they came out with TRICARE for a fee. We now started to pay for what was supposed to be free. Then they made a great deal for Medicare eligible retirees. Just pay Medicare Part B for you and spouse and they would provide TRICARE for Life for free. Medicare Part B is $102 per month for both me and my wife. So I went from $460 a year for wife and I to $2500 a year. That’s not enough, now they want us to pay users fee that will grow to over $600 a month each.
    What a friggin deal. Now why doesn’t someone ask what Senators and Congressmen pay for their health care? And what about their retirement pay?

    • guest

      Could you start a petition with a copy of those letters stating the free medical?
      That would be a great start for all. So far nobody could produce anything written.

  • Mark K Spoon

    As a disabled vet of 13 hard years of service, not only are my rates going up, but as of 01/10/2013, i lose Tricare Prime because i live farther that 40 miles away from a treatment facility. I currently live on 1080 per month. I just wonder how the government, who is promising the “best care for our veterans”, expects me to eat? Pay my basic bills? I don’t even have cable because i can’t afford it. P888 poor management on their part should not create a crisis on my part. But it does, for me and all of you. Did you know as veterans, DHS has proclaimed us as the “most dangerous” people living in the US? A hardy THANK YOU to all who make the rules and puts us in the same group as terrorists!

    • guest

      You will be able to sign a travel waver and continue your Tricare benefits. Talk to your regional office.

    • Guest

      Appreciate your hard 13 years of service but it may be a good idea to get out there and find something to earn some income. Even guys I know that lost limbs in Iraq get up every day and go to work. Find something and don’t expect the government to feed you and pay for your 13 years of hard service. Stop relying on the govt to live and take control of your life.

  • Any G Sunday

    Kind of reminds me of the past 100 years. Beef every thing up due a conflict because unlike other benefits, you can take it all from the veterans at the drop of a hat. Just try to reduce the benefits politicians get. Last time they even considered it Gerald Ford made a few visits to insure it would not happen to the president. After all they just increased their Secret Service Coverage by million to the taxpayers.

  • John

    Back in the 70’s there was much talk about the military establishing or joining a Union. I was and I’m still opposed to unionization, but when you consider the changes proposed by our legislatures every year (especially those affecting health care), it is becoming more apparent that our veterans groups, organizations, and associations must continue to fight even harder to keep the benefits we were promised as part of our retirement package. The one great problem of not having union representation, is that you work at the pleasure of the President of the United States and at the whim and fancy our legislatures that come and go every two years. Our benefit packages are constantly under legislative review and may be changed, reduced or gutted by legislative action and new laws that are at best inconsistent from one Congressional session to another. Is it now time for a Union? Or should we at least take every Veterans’ organization, association and group and combine them under one very large united umbrella, to ensure we have the greatest number of advocates banding together for a common cause??

    • Rusty

      Why don’t we take TriCare out of the Military budget and treat it like Medicare but as a seperate line item. The President and Congress would be less likely to mess with it as much.

  • K. Kesterson

    After reading about fifteen pages of comments, I too am furious, but for more than one reason. First and foremost with my fellow brothers and sisters who are retired, this is a travesty! I echoe many who say that the federal deficit should not be solely the responsibility of those that served our great country for 20 years or more. I am personally a retiree who served for 30 1/2 years! We all deserve the best healthcare we can get because of our “lifelong” crifices we made serving our country.
    Now another thing that has infuriated me a the people, who in their anger, made comments like “I regret serving in the military” or “I will discourage the younger generation from joint the military.” Seriously? I will never be ashamed or regret serving my country in the military. I was, and will always be proud of my service to my country, and so should all of you. What we should all be doing is joining a organization like the FRA, VFW, NCOA, etc. who has our best interest in mind and has a voice with our politicians. In addition, we all need to exercise our right to correspond with our Senators and Representatives, and let them know just how we feel. When you start a letter to these politicians with: “I am a registered voter in the state of __________, or I am a registered voter in your district………” they tend to take you a little more serious. Another thought is to get out and vote. Don’t allow these politicians who only care about their own benefits, and those of their constituents, to remain in office. An earlier comment I read said that this past presidential election had the highest percentage of voters from the military than ever before. If this is the case, and retirees should definitely be part of the demographic, then we should be able to prevent travesties, such as the one I just read from occurring!

    Hope to see you at the meeting, and at the election polls!!

    • Guest


    • Mac

      Agreed brother, this is no longer a class issue but the future survival of our nation. Something every vet should understand.

    • RCMasseySFC(Ret)

      Well said.

    • John

      Back in the 70’s there was much talk about the military establishing or joining a Union. I was and I’m still opposed to unionization, but when you consider the changes proposed by our legislatures every year (especially those affecting health care), it is becoming more apparent that our veterans groups, organizations, and associations must continue to fight even harder to keep the benefits we were promised as part of our retirement package. The one great problem of not having union representation, is that you work at the pleasure of the President of the United States and at the whim and fancy our legislatures that come and go every two years. Our benefit packages are constantly under legislative review and may be changed, reduced or gutted by legislative action and new laws that are at best inconsistent from one Congressional session to another. Is it now time for a Union? Or should we at least take every Veterans’ organization, association and group and combine them under one very large united umbrella, to ensure we have the greatest number of advocates banding together for a common cause??

      Read more: https://militaryadvantage.military.com/2013/04/wh-

  • Wayne

    I’ve heard Obama professing a lot of “Priority” things while running for president but for some reason those “Priorities” will never happen. This is a President that is going to raise your taxes, insurances, utilities, and then take away your guns. Thanks Obama!!!

  • rbrich

    What planet do live on with Tricare for Life? At the lowest cost, it is $104/month per person. Where do you get free or other numbers you spouted? Learn the facts before you speak!

    • Shepherd

      what are SPEAKING about stop being a sheep you know what some do to sheep

  • judie

    If the government would stop giving away our hard earned money to foriegn governments and paying people who are here in this country illegally maybe we would not now be looking to screw the very people who protected us when we needed them. The social security retirement and the military retirement are funds that have been paid to the govrnment through for the benefit of those who paid into it .Lets stop paying to those who are getting hand outs from the government and stop giving away American resourses to other countries. Take care of America before you take care of the world.

  • RON

    What a farce, we can spend billions of dollars un illegal immigrants and their dependents, child support, food stamps, free medical care for thousands of alcholics, and drug addicts. I cannot understand how any intelligent young person is going to make the military service a caareer. Our government thinks more of keeping promises to our veterans, then they do of billions of dollars to countries, that hate America. There are many way we can get out of debt, and what they are taking from the veteran’s is a pittance, compared the billions that can be removed from the debt..Doesn’t anyone in this governmet have a better soulution, then taking away promised benefits for veterans. One of the biggest misnomer, is that military retirement is a retirement program. If you are a flag officer, or General, you can retire. Ninety-five percent of military veterans must have a salary to augment survival.

  • Ski

    How about let’s quite giving money to countries that hate us and take care of our own. We served, they promised and we need to stand as one. Whose going to fight the next one on empty promises?

  • robert fisher

    SFC Fisher USA Ret. First of all I am proud of the fact I did 20+ years for my country and would never encourage any one to not do the same. I read the blogs and feel as the rest of my brothers and sisters. Congress always hits the military area for budget cuts because they know there is nothing we all can do but get upset. Like allways we are under there thumbs and control. This is some thing we earned and deserve WE ALL PAYED THE PRICE! Congress is a joke they know it and could care less what or how we all feel. This does not effect them or will it ever. Time to put them all out on the streets and start over fresh. Stay safe

  • Patrick Branco

    I retired from the Navy nearly 20 years ago now. I am a disabled vet. I served half my career enlisted and half as a commissioned officer. I served honorably and at extreme sacrifice to myself and my family. I never asked for anything than a grateful nation (you know a simple thank you). We never got that in those days and here we sit today with a president not only failing to thank us for our service and sacrifice but adding that we have not given enough. I disagree and I am going to tell my U.S. Senators and Congressman about this injustice. Stand proud of your service, sacrifice, and patriotism and do not let this president do this to your shipmates, fellow Marines, Airmen, and Soldiers!

  • Robert

    As a military retiree (21 years) and a disabled veteran, I find tying the cost of TRICARE Prime/Standard/for Life to retirement wages an absolute joke! Please name one other insurance provider that charges its enrollment fees and monthly policy rates on what that individual earned (earns) per month…I cannot think of one company that does. On the other hand, your rate should be based strictly on your health, which for some I know they cannot control (like me).

    People do need to get angry, speak to their Representatives and Senators in Congress, vote, and show some pride in our country. We served with HONOR. We served with PRIDE. It’s time that our Representatives/Senators in Washington DC do the same for us!

  • Susan

    I think it is time Washington remembers the 2 years we did not get cost of living raises and they voted themselves raises. It is time they give something back! They get huge retirement packages after 2 years – the military after completing 20 years of service. Something is wrong with this picture! Now you want more of our retirement pay? We pay for Medicare even though we were promised “free health care for life” when we enlisted. But, why should you care, you have your own plan. Get real, come down from your ivory towers and stand up for what is fair and right!

  • jfletcher

    This is so hard to swallow. I’m a registered voter also and didn’t vote in the “oldsters” who were not taking care of the military and veterans. It just sickens me that Congress, Senate, House, etc are not taking BIG cuts. OK, so the President donated 5% – a big whopping $20K. so the above mentioned personnel should at least donate the same as the President – no word on that. Shame, shame, shame on our Government for putting this burden on the backs of the military services-men and women.

  • jsub

    Here we go again….

  • AF vet

    The whitehouse is not going to be happy until we are all forced into OBUMA Care… Stop taking from us veterans who served our country and clean up your own messes… People need to voice thru vote and kick the career politicians out starting at the TOP….

  • MickeyD

    John – You hit the nail on the head – this President is out to destroy America from within … hitting at the lowest point the US Military & it’s Retirees. The Draft should be Re-Instated if this country feels that it cannot support those men & women who served and retired from this great nation. The old addage was to take stock in America and Buy U.S. Savings Bonds but that venture has come to a screeching halt on 2 January 2012 thanks to the Obama Administration … to save 5 million dollars for printing in 10 years …. so it allows No One to buy U.S.Bonds period! There has not been a budget passed since 2008 when Obama took office, so what makes anyone think that one will be passed in 2013 …. Benefits are being taken away on the backs of those men & women who served this great Nation so others can live in Peace.



    • doctj2772

      TriCare Dental isn’t worth the paper the policy is printed on. You’d be better off putting the “premium” in the bank and saving it.

    • retired

      get dental insurance elsewhere – that’s what i did – I did my research and found a plan that worked better for my family – and SO glad I did. Better coverage than tricare dental, too. just because there is tricare dental and tricare prime does not mean those are the ONLY options we have – there ARE other insurance options available (whether you work for someone else or not); check them out and you’ll realize how cheap tricare is, AND that NO insurance is “perfect” or “better” than tricare. and yes, I spent 20+ active duty. If the military has taught me one thing, it’s to RESEARCH what works best for me.

  • Alan Tarlo Sr

    As a retired military member I too am fed up with our so called elected leadership in government.

    What they get in benefits and retirement is far more than we will every see and for what.

    Many of us know what has to happen. Its just a matter of when and how many inocent people will be hurt in the process.

    I never thought in our life time we would be faced with this kind of moral and ethical decay in the U.S.

    The Military professional E or O stood for what was right and just.

    We are now being dismanteled.

    • DOCTJ2772

      Why bandy about with words? It’s HIGH TIME we ALL act on the oath we took when we enlisted or got our commissions (or BOTH, as I did) and “protect the Constitution from ALL ENEMIES, foriegn OR domestic”! This administration has proven to be the BIGGEST Domestic treat to the freedom of this country in the HISTORY of this nation.

      • JDS

        Damn Straight DOCTJ2772. I wholly agree with you. I say “Lets Dance!”

      • DOCTJ2772,

        Right, the President the people elected twice mind you is a threat to me!

        Yeah, right.

    • Alan Tarlo Sr,

      Would you be will to go back in time and from the begining of your service time be willing to go the same retirement route as Congressmen?????

      PS: Just remember, those Congressmen are on the same retirement and health care plan as all Federal Employee’s.

      Get back to me, and let me know what you think.

      • Idmtmedical

        Over half a million in pay for 4 years…………..????? Hell yes Charles I’m all for that retirement plan. X20 yrs? Forget the medical and OR retirement benefits and the perks. Lmao

    • Woody

      They will continue to rape your benefits and you will not be able to stand up to them because they will take your guns. Tax you so much you can not afford an attorney. They will just smile and say everybody needs to give a little so we achieve our goals.
      You need to scream these are not my goals. It will fall on deaf ears but you might feel better.

  • sandra

    why should we have to pay the nations debt that congress and our president has made If the president would stay in washington and do his job instead of being in AIR FORCE all the time we could save a lot of money

  • Adelaida Ramrattan

    Poiticians want the world to believe that they take care of Home. That is the biggest lie I have ever heard. Cost of living is a joke. It seems like you’re getting a little more money to pay for meds,housing, clothing and food but the government just turns around and increases the taxes on everything plus increases the cost of health care. How is that helping the families of veterans? How is that helping anyone?

  • teresa

    Senators and Congressman can serve for two years and their entire family gets free healthcare for LIFE!!!!!!
    Soldiers and veterans get screwed because soldiers don’t vote. They keep soldiers too busy to vote.
    Call your congressmen and senators. They all get raises unless they vote against it. Like that is going to ever happen.
    Call them. Vote!!!!!!!!

    • teresa, Part 1

      Your misinformed about Senators and Congressmen. Stop reading those stupid emails or at least research them before you start supporting the false information they’re putting out.

      Retirement Benefits for Members of Congress
      Katelin P. Isaacs
      Analyst in Income Security
      November 30, 2012


      Health Benefits for Members of Congress
      Ada S. Cornell
      Information Research Specialist
      May 3, 2012

      http://waxman.house.gov/sites/waxman.house.gov/fi… Benefits for Members of Congress.5.3.2012.pdf

      • Idmtmedic

        $3,481,224 for 20 yrs in CON-gress. Of course that is without raises and such, TAXPAYER PAID. Now let’s talk benefits, perks, retirement and health.

    • teresa, Part 2

      Soldiers don’t vote? Bullchit. They all vote it they want to. Most all get the paperword days/weeks before needed, but many soldiers just don’t care to fill out the paper and send it off. I’ve followed this for years and it’s the same all answers. I know this for a fact, that the Army bends over backward to get soldiers to vote on time and get their Ballots in the mail ASAP.

    • Richard

      Not correct on Congress getting “free” medical for life. They are required to pay for their health insurance. They have excellent plans to chose from & are exempt for “obamacare:, which I think is wrong.

      • Richard,

        Not sure where you got the information about Federal Employees being exempt form “obamacare”. The reason I say this, is that all the health care plans they can chose from meet what obamacare says they have too.

        Just like Tricare, by adding the adult child to age 26, they (DOD) met the requirment of obamacare.


  • JOHN


  • W. Jackson

    Susan hit the nail on the head! No one could have put the Truth on our goverments lack of careing for it’s Veterans. They promise you the benefits you earn, then take them away when it’s time for you to collect. It’s a Bilateral contract agreement when you sign up, then when you have kept your part of your obligations, it becomes Uilateral! Makes you sick and want to throw up!

  • BABs

    I have no problem in paying, if there is a true need to do so. BUT!!! all the government retirees need to be affected in the exact same way, including Congress, Senate and Presidents. Plus, a benefit check once they reach the retirement age. No 1 term at 48 and then get bennies from 52 on.

  • Jorge

    If the President, Senators, Congressman and every federal employee would contribute to Social Security and Medicare, they would see this different and they would help with the deficit. This affects me because; I am retired, depending on Social Security and US Military Retirement Pay. The President, Senators, Congressman and some federal employee get a golden retirement free. That is the problem; the change does not affect them.

    • Kelly

      I feel exactly the same way! They are ready to cut our benefits (Which were earned with part of our lives) but feather their nests for now and into their future.

  • JDS

    This ENTIRE THUG Administration has got to GO!! In fact the whole damn government needs to be voted OUT and get fresh new people in office that will carry out the “WILL” of the people. This must be done folks or our country will be so destroyed that any lousy 3rd world country will be able to come in and take us down.

  • Kelly

    We (veterans) are one of the largest voting blocks in the USA! We should make it clear that this system is not fair. Get people in office who want to serve our country, get a fair pay for their service, have the same benefits as those they serve, and then GO HOME! I believe this idea was used before and worked pretty good!!!

    • John

      Back in the 70’s there was much talk about the military establishing or joining a Union. I was and I’m still opposed to unionization, but when you consider the changes proposed by our legislatures every year (especially those affecting health care), it is becoming more apparent that our veterans groups, organizations, and associations must continue to fight even harder to keep the benefits we were promised as part of our retirement package. The one great problem of not having union representation, is that you work at the pleasure of the President of the United States and at the whim and fancy our legislatures that come and go every two years. Our benefit packages are constantly under legislative review and may be changed, reduced or gutted by legislative action and new laws that are at best inconsistent from one Congressional session to another. Is it now time for a Union? Or should we at least take every Veterans’ organization, association and group and combine them under one very large united umbrella, to ensure we have the greatest number of advocates banding together for a common cause??

      Read more: https://militaryadvantage.military.com/2013/04/wh-

  • Bonnie

    I’m a widow! My husband served 21 yrs and 2 Viet Nam tours, no retirement pay only social security. How do I pay more, loss of husband years apart and now the one thing he wasn’t worried about , yes were up the creek. Many have harder journeys, this is outrageous .

    • mac mcvicker

      Bonnie, as a veteran your comment leaves me a bit confused. How could your husband serve 21 years and NOT get any retirement pay? Would you be so kind to elaborate? Thanks!! Mac

      • John

        Perhaps he did not elect to pay for the Survivors Benefit Plan. Without that, retirement pay dies with the retiree.



  • Guest

    For all of you that continue to believe you are “owed something”… You should read this and understand the GOVT owes you NOTHING.

    The sooner you realize this the better off you will be in taking care of yourself and not expecting to GOVT to take care of you. I am retired with 22 years service. I want nothing form the GOVT. Thanks for the time I spent. It was an honor to serve. I pay for my own health care. Not worth the trouble…

    Here are the facts: See website.

    • Guest,

      Here is a more up-to-date link: http://mrgrg-ms.org/crs1006e-the-issue-of-promise

      So, how good do I think I have it, let me quote you from the link above:

      “The history of military health care shows that care provided to active duty members was originally paid for by the members as far back as 1799.”

      No, I’m not say I want to go back to this, just trying to show everyone how far we have come.

      • Idmtmedic

        OR how much more WE DO!!!

    • John

      The government owes what it agreed to compensate those in the military for their service. If you hire someone to provide a service for you and agree to compensate that person for her or his service, you owe what you agrreed to provide. The government did in deed agree to provide retirement for at least 20 years of service to include no cost medical service. If you disagree, please goggle the 1990’s lawsuit against the government for failure to provide medical services. You will find that the government did admit in open court that it promised no cost medical care. If you promise to compensate for service, you owe for that service.

      • Pat

        Yea… I read all about it and the US District Court of Florida up-held the decision on Feb 8th 2001.

        Unfortunately you failed to follow through with the Supreme Court Decision… You can’t just settle at one level.. You have to go to the final decision.

        I will summarize for you:

        The U.S. Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit, Washington, D.C. ruled on 18 November 2002 (case #99-1402) that Military Retirees have no legal standing in the case. The court concluded the U.S. government was authorized to break a moral contract of lifetime, earned and deferred government funded medical care to those servicemen and women who served their country honorably for 20+ years. The court did offer sympathy and encouraged the Legislative Branch to fulfill the moral obligation made by the U.S. Government. The integrity of the U.S. Government is brought into question with this issue. Our government can’t criticize foreign governments for not honoring a commitment and then break a U.S. commitment to their own warriors.

        Any further questions? I don’t like it any better than anyone here. My point is this.



        You need some examples.. Visit your local VA. Half the people there served less than 10 years and will sit there all day to get a flu shot.

        “THEY OWE ME…” Give me a break. Go to CVS and pay 10 dollars.

        My cousin spent 7 years in the Army… Never made it past E4… Committed his entire adult life to getting 100% disability from the VA.

        He should be ashamed of himself, nope, instead he feels he is owed because of his personality disorder.. Claims PTSD from cooking to hard at Ft Carson… Give me a break

        Yet I have a friend, both legs amputated in IRAQ and gets 40%… Goes to work everyday and is damn glad he is here with us everyday. Could give two wits about all this crap. Just happy to be alive.

        Get a job and take care of yourself. Millions of people work somewhere for 20 years and get screwed.. Yea yea, I get it, you worked hard, sacrificed, got shot at… I have heard it all. GET OVER IT.

        You can spend to rest of your life in a pity party or get over it and move on. Stop looking to the GOVT to solve your problems.

        Yes, I deployed, Iraq 4 times, first gulf war, Kosovo… Been there done that. Life is to short to spend it complaining. You have your vote, exercise it. Other than that, enjoy every day you have… I am blessed to still be alive today

        MOVE ON!!!

        • Pat,

          One of one of the best posts here. If people would just read these links left on these boards, they would undersand, may not like it, but would have to understand.”

          William O. SCHISM and Robert Reinlie, Plaintiffs-Appellants, v. UNITED STATES, Defendant-Appellee.
          No. 99-1402.
          — November 18, 2002

          “The court says that any promise of free lifetime health care is unenforceable for lack of express authority from Congress.”


          • John

            Congress is responsible to provide for the defense of the country. It must insure that the sevices are able to recruit and retain sufficient numbers for the military. Congress knew full well that the promise of health care was being used to recruit and retain and even encouraged it. The fact that it failed to deny this promise condemns any denial it now claims that it approved of the use of the promise to help receuit and retain. It was clever enough to never put the promise in writing and therefore the Court was unable to hold it to the fire for it’s part in this deceit. None-the-less, our government made the promise and then broke it. This is nothing new for politicians and no doubt they will continue this type of behavior.

          • John,

            That is all history now, and has been that way since 2003 when the U.S. Supreme Court refused to see it go any further.

        • Idmtmedic

          Lmao………then send that taxpayer check BACK!!!!!! You and Charles can have a girls beer and talk about your war stories while collecting that retirement check. Perhaps tell anyone that wants to join the service that a retirement isn’t deserved…….lol.

        • John

          The fact that the court could not force the government to provide what it promised does not change the fact that it did make this promise.
          You use examples of people abusing the VA health system. That system has nothing to do with the retiree health care system. One must be retired to get retirement benefits. The point is that the history of our government is full of half truths, exaggerations and outright lies. Ask Native Americans what the credibility of our government is. I agree that one must move on and continue to do the best that he or she can.
          However, one must also continue to press our government leaders to not forget it’s promises. Most important is the fact that we have a volunteer military which must be treated with respect. If it’s people are not taken care of properly, they will get out at their first opportunity. In addition, young people will be discouraed from even enlisting if they learn that this government can’t be trusted to keep it’s promises. We saw this happen in the 1990’s when the Army couldn’t even meet it’s own recruiting goals after lowering standards to allow high school dropouts to join.

          • John,

            You can talk about it all day, every day for the rest of your life, but in the end, it’s over and been over since 2003. Whining and crying about about a case we lost, isn’t going to change things.

      • John,

        You are entitled many things, but you are not ENTITLED to free health care for you and your family.

        John, the case you speak of was lost in 2003. And that case pertained to WWII/Korea Era soldiers.



        • John

          We earned it! The government is full of liars and cheats. Even the court scolded it for not providing the health care that it had promised. None-the -less, we continue to survive and do the best we can. As the Native Americans found, never trust the government to do the right thing or to keep it’s promises.

          • John,

            A recruiter isn’t the Government. Case is closed, we lost, get over it, and move on down the road with up-to-date information that may or may not effect us next year.

    • Robert B.

      There are a lot of people that are retired and not working. They cannot afford to pay more than what they are already paying. Some of us never get a good enough job to go any where else. We need to consider our comrades and their family if they are deceased. When I joined the service we didn’t have to pay if you where retired. Under Reagan that all changed. No matter what, some of us never do as good as others and that is not their fought. there are a lot of us that have problems that the military doesn’t atknowage and we can’t hold down a good job because of it.

      • Robert B.,

        Retirement pay was never meant to be a Living Wage, it was meant to support what you yourself was saving and investing towards your own retirement.

    • psiegel

      Get a clue “Guest”. Maybe try posting under your real name. I served from 1977 to 2000. That was before the huge increases in military pay began. I put up with crappy pay, long hours, deployments, etc. because I was told if I stuck around for 20 years I would have free healthcare for life. It was viewed as part of our compensation package back then. The current bunch of military members is paid much better and should not expect such generous benafits.

      • psiegel,

        CHAMPUS was activated in 1967, yet you were told and believed you would get free health care for life. I will say this, part of that was true, but CHAMPUS was based on Space-A treatment at MTFs (Free) and
        (no premium, copay or deductibles).

        Matter of fact, this is still true to this day, as long as the MTF Commanders has a Policy allowing this. What most people fail to see, or just don’t want to see, is the Space Availability part of this Free Health Care for Life argument.


        • Idmtmedic

          FOS as usual……try and get a Space-A appointment at any facility. Keep sucking off the pensions………not in YOUR back yard but it’s comming. Just waiting for YOUR not so healthy days and watch that nest egg go bankrupt. ;) enjoy your opinions. I give you 5 years and your supposed windfall with 3 pensions won’t hold water.
          Later gator

      • kputnam

        I enlisted in 1974 and served until 1982 when I was medically retired

        Yes, my recruiter told me I would get “free medical care for life” if I retired

        But i’ve gone back to my enlistment papers a couple of times when this comes up. You know what? That free medical care for life DOES NOT appear anywhere in them

    • USN Ret

      That’s great, however, there are those not as lucky as you to be able to say “screw you”

    • Rick

      @Guest, you are entitled to your opinion and sadly your prophecy may come true but that does not mean it is right. I enlisted in 1970 and we were promised health care and other benefits for life and that is why I enlisted. I cannot help that the government screws up itself then looks for scapegoats to take benefits away from, but I do not want to be one of them. Unlike other programs such as public welfare, the promise made to me in good faith is just that and the government should honor it’s promises just as it does giving away foreign aid to countries that do not deserve it. Or wasting money on pork barrel projects in some states that are unnecessary._As far as I am concerned I earned these benefits and I want them. And it is the ethical and morally right thing for the government to give them.__Blessings to all.

    • Independent80951

      Doubtful you served at all…..

    • Richard

      Don’t tell me the Government doesn’t owe me anything, i spent twenty years serving my country doing a dangerous job the Government owes all retirees something. If you feel that way then why don’t you give your military pension to the government you idiot.

      • Richard,

        You’re owed your pension, not free health care for life. I too served my country for over 20 years, and was paid twice a month for my work plus.

        • Idmtmedic

          Owed? Lmao…….so what else are you owed? Your ok with retirement? You pay for that? Your argument for medical is what? CON-gress didn’t approve it? So THEY said retirement after 20 is ok but healthcare isn’t? Why is retirement ok but healthcare isn’t? We pay for retirement? Dam right we did…..also paid for medical. Unless of course you have a reason that those two do not go together. Pre-paid for the sacrifices we made? No not you………your a special veteran. You complain about complainers but don’t give up your check do you? Pay more for medical, what is stopping you? A patriot would do that right? You and Pat? American people owe you nothing yet you take the money? Explain that. You accept it but didn’t pay for it. Take your sacrosanct asse# back to whining central!!!! FN hypocrites.

          • Idmtmedic

            Also want to see your contract with your civilian retirement plan. Let’s see how much of that is taxpayer funded? You talk the talk…….let’s see you walk the walk JA.

        • Retired_Realist

          Can anyone tell me what comperable medical coverage costs in the private sector? After college in 1988 I paid $300 per month for my medical coverage alone! We retirees are receiving a significant benefit today. I think it’s important we fight to keep the benefits we have but that fight should be based on reality. I don’t think many of the folks on this board wept openly when GM broke the promise of a pention for their former employees. Many of you may have lamented the fact that approximately $1200 of the price of every car GM sold went to fund its retiree benefits!
          while I also think that members of congress should be provided the same healthcare options as military members, you have to consider the current and future cost of the military healthcare program as American life expectancy has increased nearly %50 since the 1950″s. Someone please explain to me how the system can support us living 20years or more longer today than when the program was implemented?

    • guest

      Well aren’t you lucky enough to be able to say to the govt. thanks for all you promised when I signed up for 20 plus years of service, but I don’t need it.
      Well, you selfish clown, when the country/ government need us to serve they made certain promises so we would be willing to move without out families most of the time and put in harms way at other times. While I don’t expect to be treated as well as our esteemed members of congress ( so called public servants) I do expect for the “govt.” to keep their promise as we did. So did you retire as a general and become a lobbyist ? Screw you.

    • Mary Long

      Who are you to dictate to those of us that also put our 20 plus years in service. With what was suppose to be free, people are paying for…unlike the Medicaid system where NOTHING is put in by the people that use it. I will expect my Tricare benefits and if this President had ever served our Country maybe he would understand what our sacrifices have been thru out our Careers….YOU! Not so much. Dictate to yourself not to OUR MILITARY!

    • rgp

      You are wrong and stupid!

    • ken

      I retired after 31 years enlisted career and survive on my monthly check. If after giving the total control of your life up to someone else for 22 years did not constitute a sacrafice by you and are of the opinion that government owes you nothing , then I strongly suggest thar you return the check monthly, where it can be spent on any number of high value projects such as (Why lesbions have a problem with weight gain

      • Ken,

        The Government owes you what you were Entitled to when you enlisted, and then what ever the Laws were when you reenlisted.

    • JAN

      I agree, the Gov’t owes me nothing, but provided “something” as a “thanks” I guess. My only problem is why illegal immigrants, refugees, and lazy people get tons whey they did nothing or do nothing for it! On top of that none of these people pay taxes. It stinks!

  • Dudley Pedro

    Once again, “A grateful nation remembers.”


    Why does the military always have to be the ones to balance the budget? We all gave something for this country of ours. Lets start having congress and all those so called leaders in Washington who never served a day in the military start paying there mown medical for them self and there family members. If I ran my household like congress runs this country I would be in jail by now. No bank in the world would loan me money like they do congress. Lets stop giving all this aid they give to all these third world countries. If we can’t benefit from helping another country then I say the heck with them. If their leaders don’t care why should we. This free money would greatly help reduce our national debt. The veterans of this country are the ones who make it possible for americans to have the life they have not the so called leaders in Washington.

    • SFC(Ret)

      My problem with these leeches on the American people has been that the vast majority have never served a day in their lives, in defense of their country, its constitution, or our way of life. They are elected and immediately begin to campaign for re-election. Term Limits! As servants of the people let them serve one or two terms, and then out the door to allow some new ideas in. To hell with their extravagant retirements and healthcare benefits. Stop making a “politician” a way of life. I too am a retired service member who served from Vietnam to Desert Storm. I was promised upon enlistment that I would get free medical and dental upon retirement. Why the hell should I have to pay anything for Tricare? Especially for the service connected disabilities that I incurred while serving. I am not sure if it is a mental problem of mine, or if I am just experiencing an “awakening”, but I think I would be confused as hell if I ever had to choose which way to aim my rifle the next time. God help us all.

      • SFC(Ret),

        When did you first join the service?????

        • SFC(Ret)


          • SFC(Ret),

            I first joined in March of 1969, and don’t recall ever being told about this free health care for life for me and family. Matter of fact, when I joined up, CHAMPUS was in place and had been in place since 1967 prior to me even signing up.

          • SFC(Ret)

            I was told that when I retired (Not my Family), that I could go to any Military Hospital and receive free care. The only time I would be required to pay is if I went to a civilian hospital/clinic for care.

          • SFC(Ret).,

            You now understand that recruiters have no authority to make free health care come true. Don’t get me wrong, and I don’t wish to argue about it, but you never during your whole career know any retirees or talk to them about CHAMPUS?

          • SFC(Ret)

            You say you don’t want to argue about it, but that is precisely what you are doing. I was seventeen years old, a recruiter promised me something, I didn’t get it. This story has probably been told in one form or another many many times before, in different branches of the service as well.

          • Idmtmedic

            Yea he is a lawyer wanna be….has it all figured out. Lmao. Only took the Supreme court to figure it out, and WRONGLY I might add…..but of course HE knew it all along.

          • SFC(Ret),

            No, you’re doing arguing, I’m having a discussion with you and disagreeing with some of what you’re saying.

          • CPO

            Sorry pal, I joined in ’65 and they told us if we stayed in and retired my, and my family’s, medical would be free for life. Of course now I can see now just how worthless our government is at keeping promises.

          • CPO,

            Ok pal, how is that free health care for you and family working out for you. I guess in 1967 when CHAMPUS came about you still believed the free stuff?

          • Idmtmedic

            STILL AMAZED your a veteran with twenty? Been to many reunions? Lmfao. FRAG comes to mind but I wasn’t in Vietnam. I will bet my retirement your list of military “friends” is about 0. Enjoy your solitude, well deserved.
            Ohhh wait, what are your thoughts on Tricare?


      Because the DOD Budget is our own Budget.

      The Truth About Military Health Care




  • Doug French

    I don’t see how our elected officials can look themselves in the mirror everyday making decisions like this while they get 100% of pay and medical provided to them and there dependants for life. We put our lives on the line for 20+ years only for them to alter there side of the contract, we fulfilled our commitment, how about fulfilling yours. I am truly disgusted with our elected officials and wish there was some way to get rid of all of them and start fresh.

  • Jon

    I think we have all got to back up and regroup. First of all; this is a sea lawyer speaking, having to pay for TriCar in any form is a breach of contract on the part of the government. I both oral and writen form we were promised that if we remain on active duty for a minimum of 20 years the government would take care of us for the rest of our lives.
    This was a condition of reenlistment. I kept my end of the deal.
    Now about the 535 Club. what we need is a refreendum. They will not vote on a law requiring them to follow the same laws and rules that they enact, so we put it on a ballot and “we the people” take our government back. “By the People, for the people….” I remember reading that somewhere.

    • Jon,

      I asked many times, but could you post your Contract somewhere. I have yet to see any Health Care writen into any Enlistment or Reenlistment Contract.

      This whole damn case was made for WWII/Korea Era Veterans, and was lost way back on 2 June 2003.


  • Blake

    First off this is Obama’s proposed budget for TRICARE. The budget process then goes to the various house and senate budget appropriation committees and once separate budgets are adopted by each side, they come together to hammer out a compromise if possible. Once the final bill is adopted by both houses of Congress it goes to the President for his signature or veto. Make sure whoever commented here that your Senators and Representatives hear your voice and also convince friends not in the military to do the same and make it clear to your Senator or Representative that there will be no future fee increases for TRICARE otherwise there will be consequences when they come up for reelection.

    • lambhj@bresnan.net

      These people we elect don’t care, period. Just look at some of the former military in congress, like John McCain. He has gone sour on the Constitution and america. I thank him for his service, but it seems the power of politics has damaged him and he should resign or retire as a good soldier would. Nevertheless, voicing your opinion to these entrenched pols can be dangerous as even the CiC hates anything but hearing yes to his policies. He even goes so far as to opine how the Constitution prevents him from accomplishing what he would like to do on leading us into a new world order. Thank God the constitution does limit him or our Constitutional Republic would probably be looking more like a socialist democracy. Obama is a tax and spend liberal statist and so long as he and his ilk run the show, we can only expect more demands for money to effect redistribution of wealth.

  • Rsantiago

    If we broke a written contract there would be court action! We give 20+ years and are promised care!! Armed forces go through separation, stress, battle fatigue and many other hardships to keep our country free. All we want is what was promised when we enlisted!! Vote out the people that take their freedom for granted and take away fron the soldiers, sailors, airman and marines that protect our country!

    • Rsantiago,

      I agree, but there was never, ever a writtn contract. Even if a recruiter did write it into a Contract, it wouldn’t be a Valid Contract.

      PS: Our retirement pay was never in a written contract. Should stick to that Contract?????

      “The government responded that none of the military services’ regulations in place before 1956 promised free unconditional lifetime medical care for retirees and, moreover, that 5 U.S.C. § 301 did not authorize promises of such care even if the regulations did conditionally authorize care under certain circumstances. Further, the government argued, Congress did not ratify the recruiters’ oral promises because it never explicitly appropriated funds for an entitlement to free lifetime medical care for retirees.”


      • Idmtmedic

        And your argument for the veterans??? Losing or not? Says ALOT about your position AND sacrifice.

    • ken

      If I remember correctly, the only reason we have medical benefits is because USAF Colonel Retired (POW) Bud Day sued the federal governmernt and won our promised medial care trough the courts..

  • Charles USAF RET

    eventually the military retirement system will be altered, tricare will be a co pay, and the secondary benefits will wither away. I am a military retiree, along with my wife. we are also disabled at more than 50 percent apiece. I enjoy the benefits that we receive now. Do I expect them the rest of my life, I hope so, but I doubt the will be there in their entirety, they will continue to change over time. God bless.

    • Idmtmedic

      I’m thinking more like a head up somewhere else. Butt it is a free country?…..lmao

  • Mark

    Utter bullsheet. Another article says “97% of retiree’s will be eligible for Prime” – you’re telling me 97% of retiree’s live within 40 miles of a military medical facility? With all the bases that have closed? Impossible.
    Now the fee increases. Another way for the government to get more money from the people it owes it to. We defended their existence and they thank us by screwing us over every chance they get.

    I am ashamed of my government.

    I pray the nation gets it head out of its backside and gets the democrats out of office. They are driving us down the drain.

  • William M Durham

    Again I wish to thank all of you true Americans that VOTED for this looser for President, you all don’t understand English, when Obama said he was going to cut the military and raise his social programs you really didn’t understand him. You get what you ask for, You elected him now you can live with him and his welfare army. Prescription prices have doubled and tripled this year and in another year you will be paying more than anyone else. An as fo the money Tricare for Life spends, well I ran up some real hospital bills last year and early this year and the actual cash paid out by Tricare for life was really,really small, the only real break is that with Tricare for Life you have 2 forms of insurance and that stops the hospital/Doctors from making you pay the difference between what medicare pays and what Tricare for kife pays. And that is the real value of Tricare for life. We have no choice but to pay. Write your Congrssman about this and see if he will help with a vote for us to block the new fees, atleast on the 65 yr old and older.

    • DAVE


      • Citizen


    • William M Durham,

      The Truth About Military Health Care

      “Retirees over the age of sixty-five pay nothing for their plan, Tricare for Life. Yet, this group represents the highest per capita cost; in 2007, more than half of DoD health-care expenditures went to Tricare for Life beneficiaries.”


    • WAR HAWK


      • Citizen

        You sir, are full of BS. If you were 30 yrs Army – with this brain dead mentality – you must have been stateside for your 3 years service. If you come back on the blog, bring your resume’ with dates so all can see. !Units & stations would also be appropriate!

  • johnnie jones

    One reason I decided to serve 20 years and retire is because of the medical benefits as they were promised at the time of my commitment. If medical benefits need to change, change them for those who choose to retire starting now or at time of new legislation.

  • PMT

    I am one of those affected by being dropped from TriCare Prime & I am furious b/c I live in an area where I see native Americans (who are such a small percentage Indian) getting totally free health care – Why should an “Indian” who has 1% Indian blood be entitled to free health care while those who actually served this country get benefits cut???? Families of armed forces members have sacrificed for 20+ years with the promise of free health care that keeps costing us more & more! Something is terribly wrong when an “Indian” living in a nice home gets free health care while a military family keeps paying more out of pocket for our “free” health care!

    • NativeResolve

      I am a Native American female veteran having served 7+ years in the Marine Corps and seriously think you are ignorant of historical Native American patriotism (& even Native American history since the ills of European contact). I agree with you, “something is terribly wrong” except it isn’t natives living in nice homes getting free health care. My husband (22+yrs. USMC retired) & family pay into TriCare Prime, live in a very small 3-bedroombox house with three school age children on a Reservation and barely get by. This is the reality. Semper Fi!

      • PMT

        my problem is from seeing first hand those who are such a small percentage native – i agree natives were VERY wronged by settlers – my ancestors weren’t even in this country during those atrocities – all i know is what i see first hand – those who are such a small percentage indian & act as though free health care is an entitlement – my point is that if military who served have to suffer cut backs, why not put limits on what percentage indian someone has to be for free care? i have lived (& worked for the ihs) in areas where people are truly deserving – but, now i live in an area where people of such small percentage native are abusing a system that should be helping those in need. believe me, i cry when i see conditions on reservations & feel very strongly that the gov’t owes natives. it’s when the system is abused (& military are expected to cut back) that i have problems. i wish i knew how to have a fair system – i have seriously seen blonde “natives” (who by their own admission joke about what a small
        they are)who live in 1/2 million dollar homes get free school supplies, while kids on the rez are neglected. i wish there is a way to correct the wrongs…. i am not ignorant, i promise! i have just seen 2 sides of the coin….

    • Rick

      @PMT, I feel your angst, but just as we were promised benefits for our service the indian community were promised benefits as a condition of various treaties made with them over time. Also some indian communities pay for benefits to their tribe members through gaming or other revenue and that is their business and I will not begrudge them for that especially after the way our nation treated them for so many years. I feel that groups going after each other serves no purpose. I do agree the government made a contract with all of us veterans both careerists (like you and me) and others who served shorter periods and deserve other vet benefits. But part of the problem is the Pentagon and all of it’s bloated staff prefer cutting our benefits to them taking reductions in staff or having to pay for our benefits if it means they cannot use the money to give to their military industrial complex buddies. So that is where I would focus my anger. Blessings and thank you for your service.

      • PMT

        would love to see congress & the president have limits put on their health care……maybe then we we would see change???? but, i also think that eventually the debt will be paid for the wrongs done to natives….. i shudder to think that my great-great grandkids will be paying taxes to pay for health care of natives who know nothing of their heritage except that they can get ‘something” for being a tiny percent native. i also think it’s an insult to armed forces members to see commissioned corps of public health officers that help staff the ihs get the same benefits as us (w/o the deployments & frequent moves) & get promoted pretty much automatically. i met a retired O-6 commissioned officer who boasted that he was a member of the “unarmed” forces…..and, another who lived in the same place for 30 yrs! they get VA benefits & base privileges & the hardest assignment for one of them was a couple of weeks helping in new orleans after katrina….something needs to change for the benefit of those who sacrificed & their families…. ahhhhh… to live in a perfect world where everyone is treated equally & fairly!

    • Woody

      Do not take it out on the poor Indians. You do have a right to complain. The Government promised free medical for life. Look what it is now. Just another Lie from the government you were prepared to die for. Sounds like they did not count on you living..

    • Mitch Tillison

      When your response to being wronged by your government is to point at someone else and demand they also be wronged, you are part of the problem. And an unspeakably shallow person.

  • seaweede7

    This is B/S. It is about time we let the powers that be know, that we are not going to take it any-longer.
    If the Veterans and the Veterans organizations of this country would unite ( Not give up your sovereignty ) but unite as one. We could control the next election. Remember the GRAY PANTHERS years ago? Most of them were Veterans look at the power they had. We need a loud mouth JESSIE JACKSON type person for a spokesperson to let the people in power know that we as Veterans are pi##@*. If we do not organize they will continue taking things away and soon there will be nothing left.

    • John

      Back in the 70’s there was much talk about the military establishing or joining a Union. I was and I’m still opposed to unionization, but when you consider the changes proposed by our legislatures every year (especially those affecting health care), it is becoming more apparent that our veterans groups, organizations, and associations must continue to fight even harder to keep the benefits we were promised as part of our retirement package. The one great problem of not having union representation, is that you work at the pleasure of the President of the United States and at the whim and fancy our legislatures that come and go every two years. Our benefit packages are constantly under legislative review and may be changed, reduced or gutted by legislative action and new laws that are at best inconsistent from one Congressional session to another. Is it now time for a Union? Or should we at least take every Veterans’ organization, association and group and combine them under one very large united umbrella, to ensure we have the greatest number of advocates banding together for a common cause??

      Read more: https://militaryadvantage.military.com/2013/04/wh-

    • seaweede,

      I’ts only a proposal.

  • SFC Don J Eiden

    I truely do think we got the shaft on our insurance deal as i was in the military
    32 years total. 3 years USMC, Viet Nam 66-67 came out and put in 28 more
    years US Army Reserves as an instructer/trainer in Armor and Field Art. All
    these years I gave up all kinds of FAMILY Things believing I would get my
    insurance as we were under a binding contract with the US Govt. Now all of
    a sudden this non serving SOB President comes in and rams all this shit
    down our throats and tellws us to pony up for insurance coverage.

  • Tired of it

    What’s crap is ChampVA is free to 100% veterans family members. Which about 1/2 who are 100% are holding down full time job, getting free medical care for them self and their family members, a check for $2800 plus dollars, and travel pay to go to their free medical care. Most retirees retirement check aren’t $2800 and if under 50% give
    That % of their earned retirement check to get a VA check they totally earned. I’ll give up my retirement check for 100% VA check and family insurance.

  • J.Bloom CSM Retired.

    Do any of you politicians know what it means to do the right thing?

  • boutenough

    i dont remember that part about taking everything or making you pay more when i enlisted at the MEPS over 39 years ago. budget, budget, give us a break. those who sleep in the halls of the capital make billions on service members, contracts, wars, etc., etc. 10 years and they still have not learned and we’re the excuse? Seems as ‘that dog dont hunt’ and the 535 need to be looking in the mirror.

  • V. Wilkes

    I think this is funny. I knew this was going to happen back in ’86. I was a PV2 then. I never trust the Govt. There is only one thing they can’t take away from you that is an education. I am using that now towards my MED.

  • L Singh

    As a retired military member we all are fed up with our so called elected leadership in government.
    Senators and Congressman can serve for two years and their entire family gets free healthcare for LIFE!!!!!!
    Soldiers and veterans get screwed because soldiers don’t vote for benefit and pay increase. They keep soldiers too busy to engage in war. Government expends millions & millions dollar to brain wash the solder. The said all solder shall be patriotic. When the soldiers get killed or loose their limbs then they get treated like dirt. When ware happened we should send all Senators, Congressman, all SES government employees, and all sectary (i.e.DOD, DOE, etc) in front line of war. All these individuals make millions from outside. After term (retirement) they go to work for big company and become big lobbyist for big company. They all get raises unless they vote against it. Like that is going to ever happen. If they pass this budgets then service member should think twice before go to war. These Senators and Congressman they thinks service members are stupid. Government is for rich and all management and the make rule for their benefit not small peoples

    • L. Singh,

      Your misinformed about Senators and Congressmen. Stop reading those stupid emails or at least research them before you start supporting the false information they’re putting out.

      Retirement Benefits for Members of Congress
      Katelin P. Isaacs
      Analyst in Income Security
      November 30, 2012

      Health Benefits for Members of Congress
      Ada S. Cornell
      Information Research Specialist
      May 3, 2012

      http://waxman.house.gov/sites/waxman.house.gov/fi… Benefits for Members of Congress.5.3.2012.pdf

      Just a note, they have to at least served 5 years, and then they can collect crumbs when they reach 62 years of age.


      • Idmtmedic

        Talk pay Charles PAY!!!!! Love to site the cost of their healthcare. Base pay…..174,000………x????? And a largely funded taxpayer retirement? Yea….lol I know your lame argument. Become a CON-gressman? Well if our benefits or entitlements are so dam good why the hell didn’t THEY join the military?

    • Very Angry Veteran

      Why can’t we as veterans and tax payers stop paying for the Senators and Congressmen and their family’s insurance. If not while in office, then after they their term of office. That’s what they are trying to do to us. It is so wrong to take our benifits away or make us pay for them. How manty of our elected officials have been to war? Not very many. They are just sitting on their as— giving themselves raises when they feel like it and thinking of ways to give the shaft to veterans and others. Veterans have never made the salary of tjose elected officials but they want us to pay for everything we get out of our small retirement pay. All of the elected officials should give up atleast 10% of their pay. They should pass a bill for no raises for them for the next four or five years.
      Very angry Veteran

  • JoeA US Marine

    Seriously, Native American US Marine 21 Year Retired. I don’t get a cent from my Native Heritage because my tribe fought against the white. Those who are getting funds is because they are allowing gambling etc on their land. Its not just the Indians who are spending money at the casinos. Focus on where the problem lays. Congress and their retirement plans and pay raises. That they solely control. Lets go back to the way this country was established where serving the public was a part time affair.

  • V.Wilkes

    The only thing I am looking at on this are the folks who are disabled. The ones who loss limbs and other injuries. I never got the call to go to war. I served as an 11B, but never went to war. Looking at what is going on, I am glad I did not get called. Someone on this site mentioned that there are vets on food stamps. Well he is right. I work as a cashier part time, and I’ve seen these retirees with food stamps. I did not think that was possible. I thank God that I signed up for the GI Bill. I made time to study my ass off, because I do not want to depend upon the government. Some of you got a VA Pension, well good luck with that one too.

    • V.Wilkes,

      The VA takes care of those that are disabled. As far as Food Stamps go, it is almost impossible to collect Food Stamps while in the service now days. The service has what the call Subsistence Supplemental Allowance (FSSA).

      Should you have a family of 8, and live in Alaska or Oversears the Military will pay you an extra $5,268 and should you have another kid, the will raise that by $537.00. So, as you see, it is hard to believe that it is possible for anyone in the service to be on Food Stamps.

      Now, as far as Veterans on food stamps, I don’t know what to tell ya. We are all responsible for our own finances.

      Source of this information:


      • Idmtmedic

        VA? Lmao. You ever been to one? Describe your disabilities? Tell us about your experiences, perhaps a link? Stick your head back in the sofa and tell us of your delusional sacrifices.

  • SFC retired

    Just continue to screw us, we will not forget. Don’t do us anymore favors, it hurts too much. Keep you damn hands off of our benefits. We earned it, what did you do?

  • SFC (R) Diana Roe

    I’m also retired and I think this is bull, but I don’t think it is all on the president, we can blame the republicans, democrats & the secretary of defense (also a civilian). They talk like this is a benefit. But, this is what we were promised, as a matter of fact we were promised free healthcare and then they switched it to Tricare prime and now they want to change it to Tricare standard. They want to charge us more and more, but, give us less and less. What the muckety-mucks up in Washington need to understand is we signed a contract to serve our country and we honored that contract, now all we are asking is for you to hold up your end of the bargain. You don’t have a problem making sure you and your family’s health is taken care of and that you have a retirement and all you have to do is serve 2 terms. So my question to you is why don’t you put your money where your mouth is and remember it is not a benefit it was earned and promised!!!!!!

    • ESF


  • Disappointed

    Here we go the Government is bending us over and giving to us good. They want us to sacrafice more to fix it. they could save trillions by cutting there pay and benefits, putting themselves on a 401k like they are trying to do to the military, pay for there own medical care, Cut foreign aid. Cut loop holes for the rich and subsidies,(5 billon to the oil companies0, Go after off shore bank accounts. Stop the waste on Goverment contractors. Stop all the funding to take care of illegals. theres a half trillion to a trillion saved. Put big fines on Corporate America who with the help of Washington hurt this country. Make them bring back all the jobs they outsoursed. instead of bailing them out they should have help the ones who lost everything because of them.

    But sad to say they will not do any of this. to much money to be made. they may get mad and stop all the perks. Will not stop funding the illegals because of the votes they got. They will not go after the GOvernment Contractors. This Government is not interested in fixing this country. they are interested in filling there pockets, Making the rich, richer and helping all the illegal’s and other countries.

  • Disapointed

    I think the flag should be change to fit the direction this country has and i going in. Blue field to represent the Government. Gold dollar signs to represent the Corporations both her and abroad who control them. Green stripes to represent the money they are making and RED for the blood we and those before us spilled in order for them to get richer. The health care plan is already hurting us. Companies are not cutting hours and hiring only part time in so they do not have to pay for health insurance. You did not have to have a crystal ball to see that coming. if could not a happened better if they had planned it themselves.

  • Walt M

    I knew this was going to happen when stated they were taking the tricare prime away from a lot of us. Once they did that then it open the gates for all these other charges, it will not stop until something is done you say its not obama but guess what it all started after he got into office. yes its been debated before but we had someone in office that thought about us the defended this great land. If this is pass as it is wait until after 2018.

    • WAR HAWK


  • ken

    Many voted for our enemy within, who now occupies the White House when he is not spending millions on a forever political campaign trail or on a vacation., Obama is and will remain anti-military. Look for further decisions from him and his ilk on dismantling the military services bit by bit.. The lessening of our strength fits his goal of making the USA a third world nation. If you want to save DOD funds, bring our troops home from the many bases around the world, and stop acting as the defense force for all those other nations.

  • upset

    Well I see this coming years ago but like it’s said people in congressman don’t have to give up nothing and they have done nothing for the great nation of our the Land of Opportunity.Time for all the people making these decision to give up something.Served 21 years and proud of it.

  • Mike

    If you want to reduce the deficit, investigate and stop the widespread Medicare fraud that has been going on in South Florida for years. We are too easy to control while the thieves, corrupters, and special interests require some effort.

    Question: We we reward Panamaians with Fulbright scholarships and reduce Tricare for retirees? This is just a very small example of what goes on ……there is much, much more but the “government” won’t exert effort towards dealing with the obvious! Of yea, how much do we spend on projects like cataloging the fauna in Panama’s rainforest or investigating the lifestyle of manatees,on the Panama/Costa Rican coastline. We can fund Naval bases and clinics in Panama for their purposes but do nothing for the Panamanian and U S military retirees in the country. And the list goes on and on and on!

  • MSG Army RET

    How much time have any of the congress of senetors spent on call for the military? Most of them have not even served. What is wrong with them? The have no problem sending any of us off to protect then, but when it comes to doing anything for us, they first, want to cut what they told us we would get, if we gave our time and lives, and then, eliminate everything wem have earned.

    Why don’t they try cutting all the purks and expenses they get from us and our taxes. They don’t ever cut there income or healthcare. I think they need to be recalled for not doing a job we are paying them for.

    I spent 37 years serving in uniform and now that it’s my time to retire and receive the care that was promised to me, these usless people want to take it away. Unbelievable!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • MSG Army RET,

      Those who wrote and signed the Constitution decided what the requirements would be to hold office. Having served in the Military was’t one of them.

      PS: You all need to relax, this is only one of many proposals that will be published here. Just a poposal.

      PSS: Maybe there aught to be a requirement that to talk about Congress and/or Congressmen, we must have served at least 1 term in office.

  • William Rodis

    It is an outrage and a disgrace that our commander in chief has declared war on our veterans. Shame on this administration for not honoring its promises to our military veterans.

    • William Rodis,

      I heard the same chit about President Bush. Just like it wasn’t true for President Bush, you statement isn’t anymore true when it comes to President Obama.

      I mean, what promises did President Obama make to you/us that he isn’t honoring?????

    • WAR HAWK



      That do-nothing, know-nothing, lying, socialist politician could care less about the men and women who serve and who have served. I still am outraged that he didn’t know how to pronounce “Corpsman.” It’s only going to get worse.

    • Baer Griffe

      Good evening William. In his first term he promised that verterans would be taken care of. This is a gimme, all politians after Johnson, Nixon, (Regan), Clinton choose not to acknowledge soldier served and paved the road,prior to 911. I did not vote for him. I believe in integraty, honesty.

      Baer Griffe

    • Guest

      ALL gov’t personnel, military & civilian, elected/nonelected should be under the military health plans . Then POTUS & Congess might understand the hardship the veterans & reirees endure under their cheapskate rules that cost more without commensurate quality of care. Obamacare WILL be a disaster to the general public so it appears they want to bring us down in line with the normal civilians.

      • Guest,

        So you feel they have the better Health Care Plan when compared to us?????

        Health Care for Members of Congress?
        Posted on August 25, 2009 , Updated on August 6, 2012

        Question: What type of health insurance do members of Congress receive? Is it a single-payer, government-run system?

        Answer: Members of Congress are covered by private insurance under the same system that covers all federal workers.


        Health Benefits for Members of Congress
        Ada S. Cornell
        Information Research Specialist
        May 3, 2012


  • Jon Conrad

    What a crock of ———-. Lets see, of all the people to hose the Dems pick the Military. I guess they need more money for their failed green company’s. what everybody needs to do is call your elected official ‘s.

    • Citizen

      The military has always been the “test platform” for all the moronic ideas these brain dead, out of tough ‘leaders’. Alcohol awareness classes, sexual assault seminars, etc. Everything that the general public would rebel against, they use the ‘captive’ military personnel that they can order around with out a hint of mutiny. If the millions of military veterans/retirees ever got organized – like they did post-WWI – there would be a lot of changes in D.C.!

  • sfc jte

    i too think that the bama-man doesn’t know one in of a tank or any weapon from the other…all he wants is to get what he can and his future is secured..tricare is not in his book of wants,just want nots. i also retire w/near 25yrs.jte

    • sfc jte,

      He may not, but he made it to the highest office in the land.

  • Don

    Where are the health increases for the president , congress and senate
    They can afford an increase/

    • Don,

      You do realize that that those Federal Employees you speak of have been paying into there Health Care System for ever and day, and it is a lot.

  • Marie

    How can we force Washington to give up their health care and use what the rest of us use? It is time, we need to do something people!!!!!

    • Marie,

      I guess you didn’t know that our Health Care is much better then what they have. How would you like to pay every two weeks what they have to pay.

      Health Benefits for Members of Congress
      Ada S. Cornell
      Information Research Specialist
      May 3, 2012


  • John

    I’ll probably move from Arkansas back to Texas (my home state) where I can save the $1200 I pay in State Income Tax and apply it toward my health care costs increases. If I rent rather than own, I can avoid the property taxes as well.

  • Bob B.

    What a GREAT idea, John! Veterans would have a much more potent voice with which to defend our benefits if all of our various veterans organizations presented a unified voice!

  • Tony R

    I am proud to have served our country as a Marine .I just wish we would take better care of our Veteran .Those of us who spent many months away from loved ones did so with honor and pride. We expected to be treated better than illegal immigrants. Maybe we should knock off some of their benefits to better server our Vetertan.

  • John,

    Just because you service in the Military, doesn’t mean the DOD now owes you free health care for life or any health care all. You Health Care has never, ever been an entitlement, never written into any contract, and if it were, then automatically the Contract as people call it would be invalid in accordance with Law.

    Yes our benefits and entitlements are constantly under legislative review and WILL be changed as time goes along. Seems to me that none of us, has gone back to the begining and looked at how far we have come since 1799. “The history of military health care shows that care provided to active duty members was originally paid for by the members as far back as 1799.”

    I’ll tell ya, if we don’t stop this constant Government owes me my life for the rest of my life because I served is going to come back an haunt us. Most here that post, seem to have never saved a dime in the life, and expected Government to foot the bills once you retired.

    And if you think our Government is going to allow you to Unionize, your just not all there.


  • guest

    Oh my god- We already pay over $200 a month out of ss for our insurance and now they want more. My husband was payed very poorly when he was in the service as the big raise came the year after he retired. Part of his pay was suppose to be free health care at retirement which was not there until he received medicare. it was promised to make up for the lousy pay he received. Every time they needed to cut- the retires have got a rotten deal since he got out. If this goes through it would make it very hard if not impossible to recommend to anyone to go into the service as a career.

    • Guest,

      The free health care for life, was a myth. Recruiters can’t now or wasn’t able to guarantee free health care. Only Congress can do that, and then if they did, they would have had to fund it way back in the day.

      None of what should of happened, happened.

  • . Air Force Retired

    I wonder what would happen if we stopped paying Income Tax as we are promised to do. Like we were promised free Health Care for life when we Enlisted. I can not believe they can take all our benefits away and keep thiers. How much more do we have to take? I am Fed up with the way we are treated, and very upset with our Congresional Leaders. Impeach all and start over New.

    • .Air Force Retired,

      Go ahead and stop paying, and you end up like”

      “Wesley Snipes released from prison after serving three years for tax evasion (just in time for tax day!)”

      The free health for life was a MYTH. Case lost in 2003, history. Health Care no matter what you say and do was never an ENTITLEMENT.

      Well, just remember, this is only a Proposal, nothing more, and nothing less. By the time this comes around, it will be turned down by Congress.

      • Brenda

        And how do you know it will be turned down by Congress? This President promised that the military would not be penalized but he has regniged on that promise time & again. This is coming from him, the Joint Chiefs of Staff & Chuck Hagel-Congress will do what they want!!!! ALL of them get big retirement pay after 8-10 yrs of service & never have to pay for their insurance of see increases in drug costs. They could care less about the lowly military retiree!!!!!!!

        • Brenda,

          I would discuss this with you, but when I read “ALL of them get big retirement pay after 8-10 yrs of service & never have to pay for their insurance of see increases in drug costs.” you seem to be too far gone to believe what it is you’re posting.

          • Bud

            She is right. EVERY person who serves even just one (1) term in office gets retirement pay for the REST of their lives equal to what they were paid when in office — complete with COLAs. And they ALL get free medical care for the rest of their lives. No wonder they spend millions (donated money, of course) on campaigns so they can ride this gravy train to their graves.

          • Bud,

            “She is right. EVERY person who serves even just one (1) term in office gets retirement pay for the REST of their lives equal to what they were paid when in office — complete with COLA’s.”

            The is a lie. This is just one more reason you can’t trust a retiree to fill you in with the true.

            Congressmen have to serve at least 5 years to vest, but can’t start collecting anything until the turn 62 years of age.

            Retirement Benefits for Members of Congress
            Katelin P. Isaacs
            Analyst in Income Security
            January 3, 2011


      • wmaslowski

        walt maslowski
        you need to do your home work. Free heath care for life is not a MYTH.If its a myth then why is the gov.paying it.Answer: years ago a air force col.fought the gov. and won his/our case.I could give you the details,but Ithink you need to do your own home work.by the way this happen every year but we dont always hear about it.charles, if all retired people stopped paying tax`s there would not be enough jails.All retired military should be writing the senator

    • Air Force Retired,

      Enough already about the MYTH of free health care for life. Our Congress never promised you that, passed a bill promising that or funded and such thing as free health care for life. This chit all ended in 2003 when we lost the case.

  • JR LaPorte

    This is what happens when you have less and less representatives with any military experience. If you never served you have no idea what you’re taking away from your career defenders. It’s time some of our new veterans run for office.

    • Kookie68

      Yes it is!!! Everytime somebody runs for Office, I listen to what they are going to do for the Military!!! Active duty and Retirees!! i did not vote for Obama. I was heartbroken when Romney lost, We will never know if he could have made more improvements in our world!!! I agree with you, we need more people in congress with Military experience!! I will be glad when this next 4 years is over!!! I heard he is trying to make it so he can be in another 4 Please, I hope not!!!

  • L. Abraham


    It should be a requirement that all of congress have military experience. Large companies hire people with experience to run their companies. To have the power to send hundreds of thousands of sailors, marines and soldiers out to their death should only be given to those who have experienced that type of life. To be able to promise and then renig on those promises should also be given to those who truely know what they are doing. Our congress is filled with people who know nothing about giving of ones self. The silver plattered people should know what it is like to live without, and to truely do for others.

  • rspdude

    What is our nation doing to us? First take away Prime, now charge us for the most basic guarantees made to us upon enlistment. What’s next, charge for required ID cards, our programs are almost as bad as the VA. I still don’t see them taking away from our Senators and Congressmen. How about taking away the bennies offered to Officers, like combat pay and hazardous duty pay, after all the more of that they do the more they get in the form of promotions, etc. How about taking away the benefits for the poor and issue them cardboard boxes, that works as good as what they are going to be getting in the future.

    • Brenda

      They might as well issue us cardboard boxes as I won’t be able to afford TFL when they get done-it will be all of my pension!!! And then prescription costs will double by October!!! I already use the mail order-what more can I do? Just quit taking meds I guess & die-that’s what they want!!!!!!!

      • Idmtmedic

        Brenda don’t worry we always have Obummer care. Not like they want us all on a single payer system right? LMAO.

  • Idmtmedic

    If you have two wars in the span of 10 to 12 years and the spending is outrageous, why is it that the 20+ veterans are asked to pay the bill? TRICARE is not exploding. The bill for two wars are exploding. The way I see it is, you asked for recruits and you got them. Now you have to pay for it. 20 yr veterans did NOT create this problem and now we are tasked to help fix it? TRICARE is not the problem, never has been. SPENDING AND WARS are the problem. Stats are based on NON-military think tanks with no history on what we do. If you agree with it then your sacrifice was a desk. If you do not defend it you are part of the problem.

    • idmedic,

      “If you agree with it then your sacrifice was a desk. If you do not defend it you are part of the problem.”

      I just love it when you post something, having nothing to do with what anyone has posted. I mean chit, not one person that has posted to this blog defends any part of the White House Proposal. Seem’s to me, that you just felt like thumping your chest tonight.

      PS: And if someone did agree with the White Houses Proposal, you have zero right to sentence them to a desk job nor pronounce them part of the problem.

      • Idmtmedic

        Charles YOU have defended it from day one. NO increases for how many years? Doesn’t matter, YOU defend it. The point IS, two wars and the spending is relative to the situation.

        • idmedic,

          You’re lying again. this White House Proposal just came out 11 April 2013. Here is the attention you’re craving, now move along.

          • Idmtmedic

            Wtf you talking about. I’m talking about increased fees for 20 year vets for TRICARE. Defend it?

          • idmedic,

            I’m talking about the same article “WH Budget Calls for TRICARE Fee Increases” above, that everyone else is posting about.

          • Idmtmedic

            So your desk was getting in the way? Loading your weapon 1SG was hard? Tell us of your sacrifices dealing with baaaaaad soldiers..lmao

          • idmedic,

            Sorry, I guess I should have turned down 1SG. One thing for sure, I didn’t spend 20 years as an E-6 and then forced to retire.

          • Idmtmedic

            Lmao forced? Ahhhh yes …no left on my own terms. Rather that than be a desk jockey. Doughnuts, meetings, and policy your strong suit? Lololol….

          • Idmtmedic

            I must clarify, I respect certain leardership and rank I worked under, however, I know and everyone else knew, a good leader regardless of rank, was and always will be respected.

  • dacouch

    There are no words to describe just how pathetic this is. Again hitting the military the hardest. I understand there has to be budget cuts somewhere but for someone who was so all fired up about our health care system that we now have Obamacare, making health care unaffordable to military/veterans doesn’t support his claim to care about America’s health care. SHAME ON YOU FOR EVEN PROPOSING SUCH A THING. Lies. Again, with all the lies. The cost of my dad’s (retired USAF) care facility is already more than his monthly pension. He depends on his TRICARE for LIFE and Medicare to pay for his other medical expenses (neither one pays one dime for his care facility). I simply don’t know what we are going to do if this goes through.

    • dacouch,

      What do you mean by care facility? Are you talking about a Nursing Home or some other or some other type of Care Facility?

    • Idmtmedic

      Dacouch, contact your CON-gressman ASAP. The links are at the bottom of the article. Try and tell them his benefits are only going up apparently? According to somebody?

    • Brenda

      And when they get through with Tricare For Life, I will be paying as much for that as my pension is, so why even waste the money giving it to me? This is just another way they have for getting rid of old people!

  • bert mueck

    We need to identify by name those representatives who are continuously going against the veterans, especially by party affiliation, in order to vote them out. Further discussions are senseless, we are just blowing hot air in the wind which is not helping. Vote with your conscious and conviction and the same attitude with which you had served, we must not allow our Government to renege on a promise to which they hold every Soldier when they raise their hand to enlist or Reenlist.

    • Brenda

      I agree about the voting, but by the time it is time to vote, all of these changes will have been made & everyone knows that it will never be changed back!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • LEE

    Karzia of Afgan, has a lot of our tax $ in his bank, i beleive that . let him pay for for our health care. ha ha ha ha. the dumb asses in DC let him scam the tax payer. The military was suppose to have free health care for life. DC lied. And how the trillion $s DC owes social security. And how about the people who paid into ss and never receive one penny. If these people worked for me i would have fired them a long time ago. Don,t forget they work for us, the american people.

  • Kookie68

    My husband put in 30 years, and, was promised , free medical care, after retirement, but, later was changed, as we all know. We are paying for our medical care, and, right now, can afford it, but, if this President and his Blowhards, pass these bills, we will all be paying for the healthcare for those that do not pay anything, and, at higher cost to us!! Those congressman need to go and, live and hanfg out with those on active duty, and, see what we have lived through. They need to see the sacrifices we have made, missing birthdays, anniversarys, Christmas without Daddy, or, Mom, Write Letters demanding that they not cut, the Retirees benefits!!!

    • Brenda

      AMEN!!!! My husband served 38 years but only lived 9 mo. after starting to draw his pension. He never used the insurance. The people pushing for these increases are those that have a VERY HIGH Retirement pay & will NEVER have to worry about paying for insurance of any kind. I think they should all go on Tricare For Life & Medicare & also have their pensions cut to what military retirees make & see how they like it. Also, take away any 401K’s, etc. that they have & make them live 1 year on that!

  • RetCSM

    Instead of passing these assinine increases, they should be passing a bill that would exempy military retirees from ever paying anything for health care. I spent 35 years being away from my wife/kids & family. Now I get kicked in the mouth and told that my “free” medical care for life is going to cost me up to 1230 a year with increases each year. THANKS for nothing Mr. Obama.

    • RetCSM,

      “Now I get kicked in the mouth and told that my “free” medical care for life is going to cost me up to 1230 a year with increases each year.”

      CSM, when did you have “free” medical care for life?????

      • Brenda

        The ones pushing for the increases are the President, Joint Chiefs of Staff & Hagel who all make MUCH MORE than the average retiree. They can afford it but most of us cannot. They are going to force every retiree on Tricare For Life to use mail order (I already do) but the copays for Brand Name Drugs just went from $9 to $13 for a 90 day supply & is now going to be $26 in October-this is not fair to those that have served their country for 20 yrs. or more & were PROMISED free medical care for life! Do any of them pay for their insurance or prescriptions? NOOOOOO and they won’t EVER!!!!

        • Brenda,

          This is just a proposal, not a bill, not waiting to be voted on, just a proposal.

  • WC McCleaft

    I’m a veteran of 25 years and love my country, but I have no use for greedy, corrupt politicians (almost all) who spout patriotic, “we love our men and women in uniform” to the press, then stab us in the back by taking away our promised benefits. If they had walked 1 month in our military shoes or boots, they would hide their faces in shame, knowing what they are doing to us, but then, they obviously have no shame. Let’s remember our anti-military politicians at the polls.

  • Ron J

    TREA Posted the info on TFL last week. They advised if you are using TFL presently you would not fall under the new requirements. If anyone could shed more light on this, please advise

  • Frank

    It’s time to face reality no one wants to pay or pay more, but who is going to pay? There isno free lunch anymore. Compared to what civilians pay every month, the military benefits are a tremendous gift. I will pay more if necessary to live freely in this country. Instead of complaining get out and become politically active. Vote for the right people Obama is not the problem. It’s those who. Complain and do nothing and want to continue living in the past.

    • Fa Real

      Hey Frank, Beg to disagree with your rationale and choice of the word GIFT!
      Webster defines gift as: “something given”. How about something earned; now taken away! I believe we could term this as politically motivated denial of benefits to all qualified veterans. If you are a veteran, you have already paid to live free by donating your life to Uncle Sam. How about we STOP the continuing pharmaceutical influence on hospitals, medical technology and machinery being absorbed by the patient. Don’t send Foreign Aid to those who would kill us and send it to hospitals to keep medical care REASONABLE! and give us back what we earned !!!!!!

    • Idmtmedic

      Load of crap!!!!! “I will pay more if necessary to live freely in this country” The very soldiers your talking about PAID already!!!!! ONE life given to other countries is enough. Give up your family member and decide what the COST is and then decide how much more YOU should pay. Why is it nobody wants to talk about the real cost? Few dollars here and there? Few lives here and there?

  • deep thinker

    I say we should start a plane to over ride the 17th amendment. this amendment made the election of senators, it used to be they were appointed by the state legislators and approved by he governor and could be fired by the governor. grass routes groups could force the stats to start the process and if 30 or 40 states passed an constitutional amendment the feds would be beholding to give credence to the idea. can you imagine the senate discussing getting fired by their governor.

    • deep thinker,

      Yeah right, like that is going to happen. Now, back down to what the reality of the whole thing is.

  • C.R. McDougall

    Lets Put Congress on Social Security, Medicare with no benefits e.g. or lush retirements, after all they are citizens. No more or less than us peons.

    • C.R. McDougall,

      Yeah, anyone and everyone making less than us.

  • William A. Carpenter

    Now these hard fought for guarantees are once again being threatened. Congress, is slowing eroding the healthcare benefit by increased co-pays (or enrollment fees for Tricare for life beneficiaries). Worse yet, is the new move to charge ever higher fees for the medicines required to treat or control those illnesses, injuries, and diseases caused in great part by military service. It appears we need to start fighting our own government again for those things that were promised to us. As seems to be a continued theme of congress is to renege, where ever possible on commitments previously made. We have to be vigilant of other countries threats to our security, but we need to be more vigilant of our own government threatening our own welfare.

    • William A Carpenter,

      You were entitled to free health care for yourself while on Active Duty. We were never, ever ENTITLED to free health care for life once we retired. The proof is in the pudding.

  • Art

    This is complete BS! When I enlisted in 1972 they told me when I retired I would receive free medical care for the rest of my life. What happened to that promise??

    • Art,

      We were under CHAMPUS back then which started in (1967). Did you think only special people got the free for life care and all others had to use CHAMPUS??????

      Come on guys, update yourselves and get out of the past. Our lack of knowledge of these simple things that had a conclusion years ago is making us Retirees look stupid.

      • E8 @27

        I remember the “life time” medical and the dental when I entered in 64.

        even reuping in 68 I got the same song and dance from the reup nco.

        I remember my retired old man and mother and all 3 kids at home still able to go to post hosp and dental facility;’s when I was active.

        So OK its NOT in the constitution, but damn it WAS insinuated.

        So OK I guess I’ll pay something, but damn It would be some what more fair for us that made 79 bucks a month or less that are still around to be pro rated per the active pay scales of today related to retired rank.

        Besides I pay tax on this medicare stuff as it is, Tricare for Life is just the supplement Which I feel is the best they can do to come close for the free life care, even though dental is a whole another animal now that is just as costly.

        No more stand by at dental, not even Xrays, as a retiree you can’t even look in the front door of a dental clinic now. And this Tricare Dental covers little, I have one #14 that needs pulling and replacement, even with the insurance its still 2K out of pocket, on top of the 50 bucks deductible per year..

        We havin fun yet?………… I sure am!!

        • E-8 @27,

          I 100% understand what it is you are saying. My father was active/retiree with 4 kids, and 4 out of 4 kids all joined the Army. 3 retired and one was RIFTED after Viet Nam, but what was, was, this is 2013, and we need to move forward with what the Laws are now, not what they were in the History Books.

          As it stands now, since Tricare came about in (1994), there has been only one fee increase. that fee increase for me went from $19.17 per month to $22.44 per month. That is a $3.27 per month fee raise since 1994 for a total of $22.44.

          So, as you see, I just can’t get all upset about a simple proposal. The will be more to come from different places and these proposals will pop their heads up every year when it comes to the budget.


    • Retired Navy

      Agree 100%.
      The government promises everything but never fulfills on anything! Look what they did to the native Americans!

    • In God We Trust

      You are sooooo right. They told us the same thing when we went to Nam. It’s funny we serve our country and risk our lives and get screwed.

  • D.Parker

    I do not care what “relative” charges for medical are when compared to those who didn’t serve-that is clouding the issue..medical for life is part of OUR benefits that helped determine for many whether to serve for 20+ years or 2! I am tired of people who DO have medical for life as well as a wealth of other benefits not available others to decide that we have not sacrificed enough for our country & should ante up more since they are incapable of balancing a budget. When a President says that since we have already served by putting our lives on the line to protect , that he thinks we should be glad to again sacrifice for our country by paying more & not complain when more is to be taken away, is someone who does not grasp the situation. So quick to take from those that have already served. Do they even realize what a meager compensation these benefits actually are when weighed on how they were earned? Fine..then all you putting so much on the line in DC, time for you to sacrifice and put your lifetime benefits back in the pot to be redistributed to those who have actually served!

  • Ann om

    TFL and active duty TCP should NOT have a deductible or FEES .
    Just stop enlisting and see what our country would do. They would start drafting and wouldn’t care just as long as we keep everybody safe. I know the service members don’t mind going to fight for our country; but it seems the politicians don’t want to help us. We just pay all the high taxes money for their luxuries for them so they can have the high pay, guaranteed CIA protection and all those benefits for life. Democrats and republicans tell the Military they will take care of them for life if they retire. Sure go fight for our country and we will lie to you to keep you in so you can go fight and die for us. Military men, women and families sacrifice a lot for our country. There are different from civilian’s which don’t go to war. The only ones are not different are firemen and police who serve our country. Oh yes the teachers teach everyone and both police firemen and military get under paid.
    I know the men and women would not enlist and go to war without wanting to sacrifice their lives and families if they didn’t want to keep America safe.

  • johnbann

    I was at a pharmacy the other day to pick up a $44.00 copay prescription. In front of me was a person on medicaid. He received several medications and didn’t pay any copay. I’m sure he was on food stamps, free housing, help with utilities, free medical, free prescriptions and drawing monthly welfare money using his debit card. This is America…I bet this person never served his country.

    • johnbann,

      Damn, and you know all this by just standing behind someone, and you feel you are do all of what you say he is getting because you volunteered to join the service. LMMFAO

    • mark

      I see this ALL the time John. Here we have the 2nd largest population of Somalian “Refugees” in the country. As I have to actually take time to consider buying the package of $4.50 a pound hamburger, or the cheaper ground, I see them come in, load their carts with out even so much as glancing at the price, get in line to pay, Whip out a Food Card, and find out It is Us, me and you and every other Veteran that served this country are the ones paying for their shopping spree. And what do they give us in return? Terrorists that want to cause death and destruction here on U.S. Soil. Yes, Somalians are Muslims. Not all Muslims in this country are that way, but almost all the ones that were caught here, were Somalian “Refugees”

  • advocate

    You all keep mentioning voting them out to but from what I am seeing? American votes don’t matter anymore. The elected is bought is now. Which ever party has the most money to lobby and pay off people and have money to campaign the most wins! So how do we get around that? Electorial votes are not our votes. This country is screwed up so bad. That I don’t see it ever recovering from the economic mess created by Bush/Cheney/Obama.
    There needs to be an uprising of Americans sounding off so we can create a huge movement to get the government straightened out, if that’s even possible. Our constitutional rights are being eliminated everyday. Our children have no future in the US as it stands right now. Oh, and legitimate pain patients and veterans are made to suffer now because of a fake epidemic called prescription medication. It’s all political and nothing but BS! If our country will go as far to allow a veteran’s to suffer from pain because they have PTSD along with pain? They don’t care you! They are treating the military and civilian patients worse than dogs! It’s sounds like genocide. They want us to think they care about us and our healthcare? But they really don’t! It’s fake too!

    • advocate,

      You need to thaw out and then come back in an hour or so and repost! LOL

  • armyzoff

    Instead of targeting those of us who kept freedom free, make everybody from E1 to POTUS pay an equal rate or get rid of tricare and create our own health care company, we can call it Freedom Care.

  • Bob

    This is what happens when you have or are a member of the Socialist Democratic Party

  • Tom Clark

    Its time for all military retirees to unite and sue the government for breech of contract in a class action suit.