Support for MilPay Caps Draws Fire

April 14, 2014 | Terry Howell

Last week the top enlisted members of the military testified before Congress that they supported efforts to cap pay and curb the growing cost of benefits like TRICARE, because the increased cost of … [Read more...]

Top Enlisted: Slow Compensation to Protect Readiness

April 10, 2014 | Tom Philpott

MILITARY UPDATE: Military leaders lead.  Politicians can lead too, of course, but usually not before sticking a wet finger in the wind to learn how political winds blow. The contrast was … [Read more...]

Narrowed Smoker Discounts Still Seen as Unhealthy

April 03, 2014 | Tom Philpott

MILITARY UPDATE Military discounts on cigarettes sold at base exchanges narrowed by half over past two years but remain “substantial” and contradictory of health policies of the Department of … [Read more...]

Save the Commissaries But Stop Exaggerating the Savings

April 01, 2014 | Tom Philpott

Philpott’s Forum presents questions, opinions and insights from readers of Tom Philpott’s Military Update news column. Today's Forum focuses on the DoD's proposals to change the Commissary … [Read more...]

Navy Considers Ending On-Base Tobacco Sales

March 31, 2014 | Terry Howell

By Tom Philpott Exchanges have relied heavily on sale of tobacco products for profits. Most commissaries also sell cigarettes but on consignment from the exchanges. In fiscal 2012, tobacco sales in … [Read more...]

Exchange-Commissary Merger Eyed to Stem Store Crisis

March 27, 2014 | Tom Philpott

MILITARY UPDATE Crowds that shop daily in base commissaries and exchanges perhaps are oblivious to a confluence of forces threatening to dismantle their multi-billion dollar resale systems. Thomas … [Read more...]

‘Mandatory Mail Order’ Drugs Begin for TRICARE Elderly

March 20, 2014 | Tom Philpott

MILITARY UPDATE By Tom Philpott About 500,000 military beneficiaries age 65 and older with chronic health conditions are being forced, starting this month, to have maintenance drug prescriptions … [Read more...]

Congressional Benefits: Addressing the Myths

March 08, 2014 | Tom Philpott

Philpott’s Forum presents opinions, insights and questions from readers of Tom Philpott’s Military Update news column. I read your article on the Department of Defense proposals to squeeze … [Read more...]

DoD Proposes TRICARE Overhaul

March 05, 2014 | Terry Howell

DoD's Proposed Health Benefit Reform The President's 2015 defense budget seeks to overhaul the current TRICARE system and create a new "Consolidated" system – essentially eliminating the three … [Read more...]

Bill to Authorize Firing VA Senior Execs

March 05, 2014 | Terry Howell

Op-ed submitted by Lou Celli, American Legion Legislative Director VA Secretary Shinseki should have the authority to manage his department In 1976, 34 members of The American Legion died from … [Read more...]

Veterans Group Calls for an End to Sequestration

March 04, 2014 | Terry Howell

The following post has been provided by the Veterans of Foreign Wars. Sequestration Must End! VFW again calls on Congress to end the sequester The national commander of the nation’s … [Read more...]

Help Solve Veteran Unemployment

March 03, 2014 | Terry Howell

Survey Request from and … [Read more...]