President Supports Commission’s Goals for Pay and Compensation

March 30, 2015 | Terry Howell

The following text is from the letter sent from President Obama to Congress in regard to his support for the Military Compensation and Retirement Modernization Commission 's recommendations. Dear … [Read more...]

The Great Divide Over Compensation Reforms

March 26, 2015 | Tom Philpott

By Tom Philpott The Military Coalition can make Congress tremble from time to time, by presenting a united front of millions of members from more than 30 military associations and veterans’ … [Read more...]

Dying Veteran Exposes Veterans Choice Card Problems

March 21, 2015 | Benjamin Krause

KARE 11 investigative reporter AJ Lagoe helped dying veteran Paul Walker expose Veterans Choice Card program problems, problems that provide many veterans with no choice at all. Coverage aired on … [Read more...]

Defense Budget Plans Alarm Joint Chiefs

March 19, 2015 | Tom Philpott

Military Update: Budget Blueprints Alarm Joint Chiefs But One Offers Lifeline (Updated March 20, 2015)  Military leaders over the past week have sharpened warnings that force readiness is … [Read more...]

Wounded Warrior Project: Big and Getting Bigger

March 12, 2015 | Tom Philpott

Military Update: Wounded Warrior Project Americans must be increasingly curious about Wounded Warrior Project with its ubiquitous TV appeals for donations to help veterans of our longest wars, in … [Read more...]

New Bill Would Let Veterans Leverage GI Bill For Small Business Loans

March 06, 2015 | Benjamin Krause

A newly proposed bill would allow veterans access to key small business loans by using their Post 9/11 GI Bill as collateral. The bill is will be designed to especially help formerly Junior Enlisted … [Read more...]

Senator Vows to Soften VA ‘Choice Card’ 40-Mile Limit

March 05, 2015 | Tom Philpott

Military Update: Isakson Vows to Soften 40-Mile Limit on VA 'Choice Card' Sen. Johnny Isakson (R-Ga.), new chairman of the Senate Veterans Affairs Committee, promises to push for two critical … [Read more...]

Vietnam Veterans Day

March 03, 2015 | Terry Howell

The following is President Obama's 2012 proclamation declaring March 29, 2012, as Vietnam Veterans Day. There is currently a bill in the Senate (S. 409), which would officially set March 29th as a day … [Read more...]

A Look at the All-Volunteer Force

February 26, 2015 | Tom Philpott

Volunteer Force: Middle-Class U.S. With Southern Drawl -  A new “Population Representation” report on the U.S. military affirms that the four-decade-old volunteer force is a healthy … [Read more...]

Meet The Bureaucratic Roadblock Behind New Restrictive Painkiller Rules At VA Clinics

February 21, 2015 | Benjamin Krause

New federal rules governing narcotic painkiller prescriptions have taken a toll on countless thousands of veterans relying on them to treat pain from missing limbs and other conditions. Over the … [Read more...]

Would DoD Plan ‘Destroy’ Commissaries?

February 19, 2015 | Tom Philpott

Military Update: DoD Plan Would 'Destroy' Commissaries, Say Industry Reps - The Defense Department’s fiscal 2016 budget request would slash taxpayer support of base grocery stores by $322 … [Read more...]

VA Makes Changes To Beneficiary Travel Pay

February 13, 2015 | Benjamin Krause

The Veterans Benefits Administration is making changes to its Beneficiary Travel Pay program policies within VA Vocational Rehabilitation (VR&E) governed by M28R VR&E Manual due to pay out … [Read more...]