GI Bill Tuition Fairness Act of 2013

January 28, 2013 | Terry Howell

Only a week after posting about the need for states to charge all veterans the “in-state” tuition rate, Chairman Jeff Miller (FL) and Ranking Member Mike Michaud (ME) of the House Committee on Veterans’ Affairs introduced bipartisan legislation (H.R. 357) that would require state-operated schools to give veterans in-state tuition rates even though they may not be residents of the states where the schools are located. The requirement would apply to state schools which have programs which are eligible for the GI Bill.

According the House VA Committee’s press release, the legislation has been met with early support from several Veterans Service Organizations, including the Student Veterans of America and VFW.

Michael Dakduk of the Student Veterans of America said, “We fully support Chairman Miller’s and Congressman Michaud’s efforts to provide in-state tuition to student veterans regardless of residency status. The ‘GI Bill Tuition Fairness Act of 2013’ addresses the issue of inequity within the Post 9/11 GI Bill and will do a great deal to support veterans’ success in higher education.”

The VFW’s Executive Director, Bob Wallace was quoted in the January 23, 2013 press release, “Over the last couple of years, the VFW has heard from countless veterans driven into more expensive college programs because public schools offered no flexibility in residency requirements, prohibiting veterans from attending at the in-state rate.” Adding, “The VFW is proud to see that Chairman Miller and Ranking Member Michaud have already taken a bold stance to ensure student-veterans attending public schools receive a reasonably-priced education at the public school of their choice, as we intended when we passed the Post-9/11 GI Bill.”

It should be noted that the Post-9/11 GI Bill offers the Yellow Ribbon program, which is designed to help veterans avoid out-of-pocket tuition and fees. However, not all schools choose to participate at the 100 percent level and some restrict the number of open slots for the YRP.

Although I hate using the term “fairness,” it is obvious that this is a great step toward treating student veterans fairly and respecting the fact that military service benefits all 50 states. And most importantly this bill will help student veterans avoid thousands in out-of-pocket tuition and fees.

Let your elected officials know how you feel about the GI Bill Tuition Fairness Act of 2013.

About Terry Howell

Before becoming the Managing Editor for, Terry served 20 years in the U.S. Coast Guard as an Aviation Electrician’s Mate and aircrewman. In his final role in the Coast Guard, Terry served as a Career Development Advisor, where he provided career, finance, education, and benefits counseling to servicemembers and their families. Since retiring from the Coast Guard, Terry has authored the book, The Military Advantage, managed the content for TurboTap, the DoD's online transition program and VAforVets, the VA's transition assistance website. Terry earned both his Bachelor's and MBA at Corban University using Military Tuition Assistance and his GI Bill benefits to help cover the cost.


  1. I have emailed my congressman and requested he support this bill.

  2. YOU PAY FOR IT–enough of this military madness already

    • Not sure of your argument any more? We pay for it? What does that mean? Every TAXPAYER pays for it as well as the medical for wounded, disabled, retired veterans………well not anymore. We do pay for our medical, COLLEGE is negotiable depending on when you served, AND we paid for our retirement with service to our country. Now compare our benefits to a low income, minority with benefits provided by the GOVERNMENT because of their race or social status.

    • BerlinBde says:

      MIke Okay give us the state you live in we will brac a base there and the federal gov't will take millions of dollars out that state. What a sniveler. Get a tissue.

  3. Why should the CRUMBLING states be SAADDLED WITH EVEN MORE DEBT? Enough of this military this ..military that madness already..they are not f gods.I TOLD MY CONGRESS MAN–HELL NO

    • mike,

      Not sure what this has to do with the States debt. What I will say, although this will be great for Military students, I don't see anything fair about it. I think the Federal Government needs to get the hell out of what Colleges charge for an education and who and what they charge.

      • Chuck,

        "Once Congress or the President make the decision to put our proud and patriotic youth in harms way, and they serve honorably, they should have medical and educational benefits when they leave active duty."

        And they have both medical and educational benefits when they leave service!

        • Really? Because I got out in 2005 and I didn't get any medical benefits. I don't consider "discounted" (although would have cost me more than through my work) shitty care at a VA hospital "medical benefits". Furthermore, VA GI Bill is paid for by all military personnel. It's a pool paid system. It's not paid by taxes. At least when I used it; things may have changed, but doubtful.

    • USMC - retired says:

      Obviously you've never served in the military and been subject to a combat operation. The freedoms that you now obviously take for granted were provided to you on the backs of our military. They were and are prepared to sacrifice their lives so that you remain safe and secure in your own little world. Be grateful that there are more people out there that are prepared to serve our country and protect the freedoms that you enjoy.

      • USMC -retired,

        So, one must have served in the Military and been in combat to post one's opinion on this subject.

          • Remember my post about veterans that come from a common perspective? Guess government can impose medical decisions but not college huh? Interesting. Why can't government stay out of alotta shi#. Cars, home loans, green energy, dream act. Guess government BS is ok as long as it doesn't include veterans. Yea makes sense to me.

        • Or have received a BAD CHICKEN DINNER!

          USN -retired

        • No…. it just carries more weight then yourselfih attitude….semper fi

    • There is no debt involved with instate tuition rates. They still pay for their education, they just pay the rate of a resident. Time for you to have an economics class.

    • Retired Air Force says:

      They may not be gods, but they sure as hell stand on the front lines and ensure that whinny babies like you are protected from the really bad people in the world. If they didn't who will? YOU? It would be better if you just packed up your barbie dolls went back up on the porch with the other runts and just said thank-you. Otherwise no one gives a crap what you think because nonners like yourself really are of no account when it comes to the bigger things in life. Give thise guys and gals whatever they need, they've earned it!!!!!


        • Idmtmedic says:

          Hey Mike, other countries have God given rights? Define those would you? The OTHER nations save the world? Were rights given by god without sacrifice by their citizens for a constitution? Our god given rights were fought for by SOLDIERS. Take a trip to ANY country outside the United States and tell them about your God given rights and see how well that works for you. I got a few countries in mind.

          • idmedic,

            When was the first and last time any US Soldiers fought for my rights. Please, name those Wars.

            "We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness."

          • Ok Charles let's start with why we left England? Why we had a Civil War, why we fight for democracy in other parts of the world? WWi, WWII, tell us know how YOU received those rights? God given? GOD has been around for a looooooong time. Apparently you have forgotten how our nation was founded and one of the BIG ones was to not entrust your government with powers that negate your rights. The ability to be free of government regulation, and taxation and a separation of powers that ensures those freedoms. Soooooo to sum up your question I will name EVERY soldier that has fought for OUR rights.

          • Charles???? Our rights and every other nation we have been involved in. That is how we became the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA. Patiently waiting your response in regards to OUR rights that became of OUR flag. You do know our history? Your a SENIOR NCO. The red stands for? The white? The blue?

    • We as military raised our hands to serve this country so you can have your freedoms, so if you don't like military or veterans getting a discount to go to school wherever it is they might be stationed at that time then you go serve and come back with a few less limbs than you started with and then we will see how you feel then. What have you given for this country? Shut up and live in some other country if you are not satisfied.

    • You're obviously not a vet. Where you one of people who ran off to Canada to hide instead of serving your country? If this legislation passes, you would probably the one of the first to take advantage of the program.

    • One more thing Mike,
      I am serving my COUNTRY…as in all 50 states…not just the one I was born in, or currently live in (when not deployed). It's so hard to believe that such a small portion of the country (your military) can bring out the worst in people when it comes time to show their appreciation for the sacrifices we made by giving us some well deserved (read as EARNED) benefits…which if all were being honest, could NEVER repay us – but that truly is not why we serve (or served). Lastly, I don't mind you making comments on a (mainly) military site – just do it with some RESPECT…bc it's obvious you (as well as a ton of others) are making comments with little to no knowledge of exactly how this impacts the states. All it does is take their over-inflated rate charged to out of state people attending their college… Your state still gets the money for bilking the remainder of the out of state peeps – the FEDERAL Government would just like the STATE Government from "doing it to them"…as in YOUR Military.


        • KeepnIdiotMikeSafe says:

          Yeah lets just get rid of the entire military. I'm sure the rest of the world would just leave us alone right? People all over the world want to kill Americans so our military keeps the borders of our country safe. They also keep sh!tbags like you safe. You're free to go back to sucking your thumb Mikey. We got you covered.

      • For REAL!!!! I lived in Cali and the illegals there DEMANDED and RECEIVED in-state tuition from all Cal State and U-C schools. Completely unfair. I would like my kid to go to Colorado State b/c they have good Pre-Vet. Think she can get in-state? pfffffffffffft………………

        • Actually, Colorado is one of only a handful of states that already do give in-state tuition to all vets, irrespective of state residency status. Though I agree with the sentiment, don't lie to get the point across. It makes your argument, and our cause, perceived weaker.

      • Eric,

        It's good to see others sticking up for their States rights, thanks for posting.

          • Like Obama Care? Or medical benefits for veterans decided by the Supreme Court? Constitutionality is decided by left or right leaning Supreme Court Justices. As far as leaving this to the states is WRONG. We are or were Federal employees that were ordered to reside in a state or country. Without a ruling by the GOVERNMENT we worked for then the states will change nothing. We didn't serve the state. I once had a tax collector for the state of Montana try and tell me I had to pay state taxes because I lived there. I told her I am a federal employee and why should I pay their state taxes and my own.

          • Chuck,

            Federally funded????? That is a separate issue!

          • Really who paid my check? The state? If I am going to pay their state taxes and my own along with what I bring to their economy without my choice where to live? Then I guess CON-gress should pay for home of record AND Washington.

          • Idmtmedic says:

            Eric, apparently living in 5 different states doing your duty holds no weight in regards to this issue with you. So the issue should be which state or states you lived in the longest even if it's more than your home of record? Define residency for a vet? What's the cut off?

          • Eric,

            What you're saying makes excellent sense but as you see, people would rather talk about stuff that has no barring on this than come up with an intellegent idea.

            I say go ahead with this Bill, because there are no funds to support it, and it will surely fail.

          • idmedic,

            You're right, it doesn't carry any weight. State Laws have already been written and the FEDS need to keep the chit out of it! Now, if you wish to change State Laws, then go vote in each of the States where this is brought up.

          • BS CHARLES. You have no weight if your in the military and in another state. Your VOTE is only good in your own state.

    • Evidently you moron you never served in the military. You have never had your life on the line. If you did then perhaps you would have a different opinion. Not only the men and women whom serve have given for this country including whatever state you live in, but their children have loss as well. You would do well to change your attitude and just keep your idiotic comments to yourself.

    • Why are you even on this post if your so anti military….your sorry

    • Independent says:
    • mikes' momma says:

      DURRRRRRRRR!!!!!!! HAHA!

    • Gary Boyd says:
    • Much better to give illegal aliens free education and healthcare and not those who keep the wolves from entering your house and murdering you and your family.

      Without the Military, AL Queda, China, Iran, Mexico, Somalia, the Muslem Brotherhood would already have fought amongst themselves to suck the marrow out of your bones.

    • Mike, your an idiot! The individual soldier, marine, airmen, or sailor is not paying the out-of-state tuition. The U.S. tax payers are. That means you mike.

  4. So is this supposed to apply just if you are a veteran in any out of state school or just if you are attending an out of state school and using the GI bill?

  5. Alexandria says:

    Keep in mind, not all colleges have in and out of state tuiition rates, but i do think this is great for state schools. So many military members end up in new states once they ETS. My family did!

  6. Papa John says:

    Mike is right. What this bill does is force state institutions that are part of the GI Bill program to absorb out-of-state students at in-state rates. It shifts what the federal taxpayer should be paying under the GI Bill to state taxpayers. Another unfunded federal mandate …

    • While I appreciate your point of view and agree that on the whole, our government is supporting far too many give aways…as a nation we just can't afford it. In this case, the government orders military members to these locations and thus they have very limited education options. I would rather see a "hand out" used for the purposes of educating those who will contribute to society. It's an investment in our nation’s future as we're going to need these motivated working folks as a tax base to mitigate the out of control debt our government is accumulating.

    • Cherokee Chief says:

      i sure would hate to go through a door with you or this Mike fella. Proud to be a 27 year Army vet. Oh ya, I don't depend on nobody to pay my bills.If I did, I wouldn't ask you fellas for nothing! If my fellow vets need it, they are entitled to it, period! PS I'm not nick named "Cherokee Chief" for nuthing.

  7. This has nothing to do about serving. Again, why should every state GOVERNMENT BE forced to go further in debt. Read the Bloomberg reports about the STATE FUNDING COLLAPSE OF EDUCATION.

    • thesnowbearus says:

      I suppose you would rather send all the welfare scum and illegal immigrants to school for free? Oh, sorry, I didn't know that you were one of those referred to above!

      • thesnowbearus,

        Instead of going on the attack, why don't you formulate a descent agrument against what Mike is proposing. You are part of the reason why most Congressmen don't listen or return emails because you can't make a clear and concise argument as to continue or change something.

    • Nasty Nate says:

      Speaking in caps is not making your argument. Calm down. Veterans are not asking the state to pay for their entire tuition (though several states offer that already). The states will make the exact same amount of money from me as from my neighbor. I work full time and pay all the same taxes. It could even be argued that I have more to offer than an 18 year old student who has never had a job and so hasn't payed taxes. Or a welfare recipient. I am producing for the state and they know I will keep doing so as long as I'm going to school here because I will still be working. Most states already offer grants for out of state students. The way they really make money is from out of country ones anyway. I know I'm probably not going to sway you because you seem to be raving on an on, but hopefully someone more open to listening will take this into consideration as they develop an informed decision.


  8. I have emailed my Congressman TO NOT SUPPORT THIS FURTHER DEBT .

    • thesnowbearus says:

      Email your mother if you wish, that doesn't change the fact that you are WRONG! You enjoy your freedom due to the sacrifices of our nation's Veterans and you should be ASHAMED for being such a selfish & ignorant jerk-off! You need to pack up and move out of the U.S. and make room for a REAL American with some compassion and moral values! Many Veterans have given their lives in order to protect scum like you, and the LEAST you could do would be to show those who just happened to make it home alive a little RESPECT. I bet your Congressman feels pretty much the same way, although he will most likely not tell you that out of RESPECT for even a dumb-ass like you!

        • Eric,

          Excellent post, I support your view.

          • Chuck,

            I know that the US has the best Veterans Health Care than any other Country out there, I'm just not sure there is proof out there that Veterans organizations had anything to do with it. I think it is much easily said than able to prove.

        • The only problem with your argument is that NOOOOOO other country does what we do by ANY stretch of the imagination. If your going to compare our military to another's then let's compare freedoms as well as lives given by US for their freedoms..

          • idmedic,

            You're correct, no other country does what we do. That is why Eric is saying what he is saying.

            "Our veteran benefits are WORLD CLASS by comparison to other countries. Our goal today is to keep the programs intact and not be swallowed up under the bureaucratic maze of budget cut-backs. Friday let’s look at the job assistance benefit in detail, especially the new proposal presented to Congress."

    • Go serve your country and live the military lifestyle and then come back and tell us you feel the same way.

    • Liberty Valance says:

      Mike, I think you are right. We have to stop providing everything to everybody because it is "fair". I chose to serve. I took advantage of benefits which were offered for my service. I have put three sons through college, with two with out-of-state tuition rates. Like everything else, it can be done w planning and sacrifice. Our culture is becoming less committed to planning and sacrifice to accomplish goals.

  9. Some states give illegal immigrants in-state tuition. Why not service members and Vets? This creates no debt. The school is still paid the in-state rate.


    • thesnowbearus says:

      Don't forget that Veterans protect and serve the ENTIRE United States, including the state YOU live in! Had you the "stones" to serve YOUR country, you would have a totally different point of view! I am a Vet and as far as I am concerned, Veterans deserve each & every "perk" they get. I suppose you feel that you have the RIGHT to just sit back and enjoy your FREEDOM while others protect your "back"! You are a shameless SCUMBAG, in my opinion!

    • I think it is article 6 in the Constitution that gives them the right.

    • There is no requirement from the states. They can opt to not receive federal funding and not accept Students that will be using the GI Bill. You are correct the fed cannot force the state but they have tools to enforce it via federal funding or the schools could opt to not accept GI Bill payments just like some schools will not accept tution assistance from the military.

    • I miss your wife says:

      I just wrote my congress man to deport you to north Korea. Your mom should of had an abortion instead she had a worthless prick. I bet you are mad because some military guy slams your wife's pussy because your small dick doesn't cut it.

  11. All,

    I have to laught my arse off when I see posts like I see above. Instead of being able to argue your point, some of us Veterans "speak in macho metaphors" in an attempt to silence their opposition, or those of us that don't agree.

  12. usaf retired says:

    From the mil. perspective, I and my 5 dependents had to move every few years and embrace the inconveniences that go with that. When we retired, we moved to a different state. I shouldn't get "more" than the folks who live here, but I shouldn't be penalized for not having lived here for years. I now own a home (taxes), buy things locally (taxes), buy gas (taxes), ….you get the point. I'm contributing to this state just like my neighbor and if I go to the university at the same rate he does, I'm not hurting the state or the school any more than he. It's silly to say, in light of my tax points above, that I'm not a resident until I live here for xx months. That's the break we deserve.
    From the non-mil perspective: Mil folks, it might make us feel better to say "we serve so you can watch the super bowl" etc… but that's just not an argument. Folks who deal with politics and $$ are more likely, in my opinion, to gag on that argument than give it serious thought.

  13. Old Veteran says:

    Mike and Papa John, if you two are not veterans you two should join the military and then give us your opinions because your opinions sound like they are one sided.

  14. First off I have to say that it doesn't cost the school any more to charge someone from out of state the instate rate, it is just the schools way to make more money from out of state people. secondly those of us who have served have earned this, and the thing about Bloombergs crap, who cares, he is wealthy and a piece of shit person. What this does is lets someone like me who would like to go to UTI but doesn't live in the state where UTI is located and only pay as if I lived in the state. Plus the Federal Government is paying our tuition so the state isn't losing anything.

  15. James Augustine says:

    Hey mikey,I think you are one of those a….holes that just like too stir shit ! That is real easy too do behind a computer screen. U.S.Vetrans deserve all the benefits they EARNED while defending this great country.

  16. Higher education will assist veterans get employment. States should take care of their veterans. I am an Disabled Indiana Hoosier Veteran and pay 2.75 for an Indiana fishing license. I can fish for free in Illinois. Go figure.

  17. Don't just extend this rule to the veterans, but also to their dependents. As one person stated above, we've had to pack up and go when we are told to and in the last four years my family has been saddled with paying out of state tuition for three children to go to college — because we were stationed overseas the last four years. How are we burdening the state by paying in-state tuition? A specific amount of slot is made available to in state students; states would just need to count veterans (and family members?) into that quota. When no more "in state" slots are available then so be it — only folks from out of state get in. Be open minded. If you've never served, you cannot understand or appreciate the dynamics of not being able to make certain decisions….such as settling down in any given state.

  18. Veterans today serve the will of the American people in two bloody wars. To deprive these fine young men and women of the ability to obtain what they need in order to compete in the job marketplace is shameful. Remember, most people who choose to fulfill what they believe to be their duty to their–and our–country come from socioeconomic backgrounds that don't allow them the luxury of a free ride, living on campus at mom and dad's expense. To afford them this small benefit is our obligation. In light of all they've given us, we owe them this and much, much more. It is a small price to pay. I'll pay it gladly.

  19. The idea behind in state/outofstate tuition is it is presumed that if you have lived in a state, you have paid your dues in the various taxes. The out of state person hasn’t…in my case, i had to move into florida and hang for a year to get in state tuition. Not a big deal for me, i’m single snd mobile…not the same story for everyone..


    • Well Said, this is ditto for one of the Vets were the economic-down-turn of the country were forced by lay-off to seek a second career change to Pharmacy Technician. As a recent Graduate myself, I see Veterans are well suited for the civilian sector with Honor, Respect, and Pride in the job, which has been lacking in today's work-force!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  21. Veterans ought to get benefits for attending college. But state funding is collapsing. Veterans should come first before any illegal aliens get state funding. But unfortunately, Obama doesn't care about the veterans that have fought in all these civil wars for other countries. There is so much injustice when it comes to our veterans. The VA administration has soo much money and they still can't take care of the veterans needs, because all the VA is doing is feeding itself.

  22. Mike is right! With that being said, I fully expect Hawaii, the state where I was stationed 7 out of 8 years to refund me all the money that which I have paid via sales tax. I also worked a part time job while I was on shore duty, and paid non-resident taxes on that money. I want that back. I also would expect the profits of the money that which I have spent in this state to be returned to me also, as that money goes to owners of businesses, which they pay taxes on. IJS.

    • With all that being said, the VA will be 100% funding a Veteran's education. At the in-state rate. States charge the out of state rate to profit on those who choose to move to that state to attend school, only school. Active duty military do not get to choose where they are stationed. Many take on a spouse who is from the area that which they are stationed, having full intention on staying there the rest of their lives. Once the active duty member is discharged, they would have to wait a year to start school in a state that they have probably already been living for years. some may have even bought a house and such as well. BZ for this bill.

  23. Sgt J DiMeco RET says:

    Getting college credit earned on active duty such as an associates degree from George Town which are not accepted anywhere in Arizona at any institute of higher learning not even as electives or excess credit this has to stop. It is shameful to make soldiers who have an associates degree to start as freshman instead of juniors to finish in two years rather than four also stop charging them as if they are out of state tuition and fees this is greed at its finish screwing the veteran just like we did to those who served in Vietnam

    • crazy8mti says:

      I could not agree more!!! After I retired, I was approved for the VA VOC/REHAB, and chose a major based on my in service experience. I have two associate's degrees, one in Transportation, and the other for Instructor of Technology and Military Science. I searched for a program that said they "accept CLEP/DANTES, military credit, and accredited degrees (CCAF is a regionally accredited institution of higher learning). I chose to go into Education because of the passion I have for teaching. After paying the registration fee, and the CLEP result fee, the UNIVERSITY OF CENTRAL ARKANSAS (CONWAY), balked and said "Nope, we don't really accept any of that…you're a freshman if you want a degree from here." So even though I hold two degrees, I am a day one, 38 year old freshman? There are schools that have agreements with the military to accept you as a junior, but it's a very slim list of degree programs, usually criminal justice, social psychology, and a few others…for the Air Force it's called the AU/ABC program….although I can't promise they still honor it after you separate; haven't been able to get a straight answer on that one….but you're right Sgt DiMeco! Too much pressure is put on the members to get the associate's before they separate, only to find out it's a worthless document

  24. The revenues from more student-veterans attending college will generate more tax revenues for the state instead of the GI Bill money just sitting idle. The veterans themselves also pay taxes when they start spending their GI Bill accounts on the state they choose to attend college in.

  25. Several states provide in state tuition for millions of students from other countries who are here illegally and have passed laws to do so !!


  26. crazy8mti says:

    pay particular attention to the fact that none of these posts are in Hiragana or Katakana…if you don't understand what I'm implying, ask someone who has served!!!

  27. You obviously lack the education and respect for the sacrifices we have made to ensure you enjoy the Freedoms U.S.A. offer to its citizens and residents.

  28. Go get an education then you can talk with the grownups.

  29. Chuck Harris says:

    I would hope states could provide thiis benefit. But all vets come from states with university systems. This is not a FEDERAL issue,but one to decided by he states only.

  30. i think that any body in active on down to guard and reserve should get student loan for giveness police teachers , any body in public service. question is this true if your congressman your family can be forgiven for student loan.

  31. As a veteran who received VA benefits for education, there's one particular fact that most people here apparently do not know. The tuition cost, resident or non-resident is paid by the VA, partially or completely, depending on the individual's coverage percent! And the difference from in-state tuition and out of state, for me, was about $10,000 per semester. So what this changes is the cost to the VA to the university or college. Although it doesn't have any effect for the veterans that go back to their home state or go back to school after becoming a resident of the state where they attend college, it is different for the ones that don't, and for the spouses and dependents who receive the GI Bill. So, this bill is another cut to federal spending.

  32. georgiaeachy says:

    My oldest chid has moved 13 times and my youngest 9 times. They should get in state no matter where they choose to go to college. They have served the military by supporting their father's career in the military-22 years so far.What civilian child has moved that much and had the hardships that my children have had? My oldest now a freshman at college would have to pay an extra $22,000 a year for out of state fees for the same education if we were not residents. Giving the in state price to vets does not hurt the college at all.We are thankful for the 9/11 GI Bill but wish our child would have had more options for colleges since we only choose in state schools to apply to. I am in Los Angeles because once again we moved and my daughter is in Florida at school. Yet another hardship to endure for our beloved country.Shame on you who are against this since it will not cost the states anything but the extra inflated out of state fee which are insane nowdays..

  33. Kross Theriot says:

    What about those of us who served before this new change?
    I'm a veteran and I sacrificed TOPS to join the service and I'm currently paying for college COMPLETELY out of my pocket w/o ANY ASSISTANCE!

  34. How many states have passed ‘Dream Acts’ granting instate tuition to people who broke into this country ILLEGALLY ??



    • Robert,

      Ok, how about a guaranteed job also. How about a guarantee of being paid over $100,000.00 per year/or the same pay as a Congressmen gets. Hell, lets throw in the same guarantee's for the spouses also. How about free room and board for the rest of their life with a guarantee this all goes to the spouse and kids when death of sponsor happens. Let's not stop there, lets force the states to give all Veterans and families free fishing licenses, vehicle licenses, hand gun carry licenses, tax free vehicles when buying a new or used vehicle. Chit, how about the Federal and State taxes abolished for all veterans with an honorable discharge. Give all veterans ID Cards for shopping on base/post. Do away with Tricare and let all veterans use any hospital they want, and have the hospitals send the bill to DOD. Oh yea, lets extend that to the families also, even after death of the Veteran. Lets also double the pay and all benenfits starting tomorrow for all veterans on active duty. Hell, lets make this retroactive back to 9/11.

  35. S. Coleman says:

    I've completed my degree and paid out of state tuition. Will I get a refund? :-)

  36. So clearly no one bothers to do any real research on this matter, they just come in and scream and yell about debt which ultimately doesn't affect them at all. Here's the bottom line, schools LOVE the G.I. Bill. It is literally their favorite thing because it is guaranteed money to their institution which is funded by federal, state, and private citizens. These state universities are not losing money by taking on veterans they are guaranteed to receive their money. In fact, before the 9/11 Bill was in place every veteran (myself included) was asked to donate $1200 to their education fund. If they chose not to do this, they did not receive the benefit. When congress re-evaluated the total funding they determined that each member of the armed forces no longer needed to "buy" into it because it was a fund basically going untouched by its members. This will eliminate the need for the Yellow Ribbon Fund where the school pays the overhead. If you give all veterans in-state tuition it's guaranteed money for the school, no payment from the school to cover out of state rates, and less semantics over the fact that I didn't have my car registered in the state the school I want to attend is in. I was forced to move somewhere else and I paid my taxes for a year in the state I want to go to school in and I STILL am going to be charged out of state residency. Please pass this for all of us who want to take advantage of this education benefit and who could potentially take the hard work and dedication we put into the armed services, back into this country. We are assets, not a liability and I proved that with six years of my life.

  37. The VA uses a tiered or rationing system for healthcare that includes means testing. This model is the likely outcome of both ObamaCare and Social Security, eventually.

    • Wouldn't it be great if CON-gress also had a tiered system for retirement on a millionaires budget? Taxpayers pay into a millionaires retirement?

      • idmedic,

        And millionaires pay into our retirement. The only people that don't pay into their own retirement is the Military.

        • Idmtmedic says:

          Ahhhhhh ok how is it they pay and we don't? I presume your talking about taxes? We pay by the myriad of sacrifices imposed by the demand for POLICE ACTIONS, and deployments on political whims. Sure I volunteered…………..Congress volunteer? Any other job you got considered volunteer? Why is it ok to get overtime serving a corporation vs our country while CON-gress get's the benefits of both? Millionaires getting a taxpayer funded retirement while the talk is about sharing the wealth?

          • idmedic,

            Are you serious????? Please, tell me your joking about not understanding what I've said! Here, let me update you with some old information. Here, let me quote your buddy "retiree".


            Congress and Federal Employees earn retirement through FERS (except for the few who came in before 1984 and are under CSRS). It is a contributory system 3.1% of pay, requiring a minimum of 5 years to vest. Congress is limited by law to 80% of their pay for retirement (and realistically, they have to serve 50 years and be in their late 70's at the earliest to collect).

            Congress and Federal Employees are under FEHBP – the Federal Employee Health Benefit Plan. Every year they get to choose which plan they pay for (yes, cold hard cash) to get medical care.

            Like all of us, they also pay 6.4% into Social Security.

            Clarification – Congressmen would have to be in their late 70's at the earliest to collect 80% retirement after 50 years in office."

          • Explain their subsidized retirement? Now remember over half a million in 4 years and WE give them how much of a percentage? Then explain that salary after 30-40 years. Tiered is BS for military in the first place. We pay in cold hard deaths…….the death benefits for the family equates to 2 years salary for them and we get paid too much?……lmao.

        • I recall paying Federal, Social Security, and Medicare taxes. If I was a resident of a state with income tax I would have paid that as well. How is it that military doesn't pay into retirement?

  38. Why are you on a military page if you do not support it? I find it so ignorant… if you have not served you will never know, so why bother explaining it. I feel bad for you Mike……

    • Colleen,

      Is this the new rules, that if you come here and post, it must only be to support what the majority want?????


      • It seems common sense to me Charles….. then again I don't remember mentioning rules, or saying anything about a majority???? I simply gave an opinion and pointed out what type of website this is….Why go to when and bash the people who defend your right to type the things you do???? If you do not support something or agree with it why go to a place where it is supported other than to cause issues, and I guess some just don't grow up! I am glad you find it so funny….Pure ignorance and pathetic if you ask me. Their obviously is not enough hate, lets attack the people who defend our freedoms…… Sad….

        • Collen,

          You're making up a "STRAW MAN" argument with Mike. Like I did, why not just post what you think and stop the attack on him. The First Amendment applies to both side of the argument.

          • Charles,
            It was never an attack. I simply asked why come on here, and I do not find anything attacking. Actually you have seemingly been the one continuing with me, and I am really not sure why? I just was simply trying to understand why someone comes on here, and says negative things about the military. If I didn't like meat I wouldn't go to a steakhouse and complain….. Trying to understand the logic behind it. I was not attacking anyone, I completely understand what the first amendment entails and I also know who defends that for us….. I just think if people thought and perhaps but yourself in the shoes, we'd all be much better off. Not trying to beat a dead horse here……….

          • Colleen, Part 1

            "It was never an attack."

            Sure it was, as remember, Mike was the first one to make a post when this article came out. From your first post to him, you've said the below things about him, which if you don't see it as an attack, let me say, it is.

            1. "Why are you on a military page if you do not support it?"

            2. "I find it so ignorant… if you have not served you will never know, so why bother explaining it. I feel bad for you Mike……"

            3. "Why go to when and bash the people who defend your right to type the things you do????"

            4. "If you do not support something or agree with it why go to a place where it is supported other than to cause issues, and I guess some just don't grow up!"

            5. "Pure ignorance and pathetic if you ask me."

            6. "lets attack the people who defend our freedoms…… Sad…."

          • Colleen, Part 2

            "Actually you have seemingly been the one continuing with me, and I am really not sure why?"

            Please, don't try and spin this on me now. I am not continuing anything with you, other than trading post for post with you. You make it sound in your post as if trading posts 1 for 1 with you is something I shouldn't be doing.

            "I just think if people thought and perhaps but yourself in the shoes, we'd all be much better off."

            Huh, are you ex-military, is Mike ex-military, I know I am, and had over 20 years in service before I retired, and yes, I agree with Mike, and the believe the Federal Government needs to stay out of my States business

          • Post for post seems to be a problem for somebody else I know. Mmm? Another problem seems to be getting off topic again. Go bother somebody else Charles and stop making so many friends. As far as you agreeing with Mike, that says more than anything else.

          • idmedic,

            The subject isn't she and I. Hello, nothing for you here, move along.

          • Part 1:
            I will answer with this and be done with this convo… Not because I do not want to hear you opinions but, I think this is really not going anywhere. I grew up my whole life as a military brat, in a very big military family, and then married a Marine. I personally have not technically served no, but I am one heck of a Marine Wife, FRG'd all deployments and know a few things about the military and life. With that said and done….

          • Part 2
            I simply wanted to point out that I NEVER said anything about Mike and his opinions of the FED and State Gov't. Nor, did I share my opinions on it so why I am being called out on something I did not say I am not sure? I was simply replying to his "military this…military that… they are not f gods" comment. I thought and still think it was unnecessary and have all the right in the world to say something about it without having someone on my case about it.

          • Part 3
            __I respect that you have served and I thank you for your service. I was at no point looking for an argument on here or anywhere else for that matter, I was simply stating an opinion. If you don't agree you are entitled to that, but like I said far back in one of my posts let's not beat a dead horse. Let's agree to disagree…..I do not need someone telling me what I meant or how I meant it, as I know how I meant it, and I was not attacking anyone. How you perceive something is not for me to decided but, please do not tell me how I am thinking or what my intentions are, as you do not know me, and certainly do not know me from a few posts.: Like I said I do not want to go back and forth anymore and this will be my final post on this subject, and again not because I do not respect you or your opinions but, because it is really not going anywhere and could go on for days without getting anywhere… You take care, and I wish you the best, I guess I just believe EVERY member of our military deserves respect, that is all.

          • Chuck,

            That might make sense if the soldiers had a RIGHT to an education. The GI Bill like many other things are used as carrots to get people to enlist or reenlist.

          • Chuck,

            Of course they do. It doesn't make sense to keep adding more and more when people are Enlisting or Reenlisting with out it. Too me, it like anyother job out there, when you need more people, you up what it is your giving, and when you don't you lesson all the extra's.

          • Chuck!!!!!!!!!!! Dam that was nice. Yup it's all about the contract? Not anything else. Well said brother

          • Chuck,

            Where is your argument against my argument???? I post based on real life happenings, not on personal feelings. Personal feeling and facts just don't mix in this situation.

          • The argument is that your fact based arguments are load of #%%. Fact based is on facts. Not your interpretations of them.

          • You have yet to define the contract?

  39. You also should have your state of legal residency available for in-state tuition. While as veteran, I would love the flexibility for my dependents. I am concerned that this conflicts with States Rights and believe it will end up with the SCOTUS and thrown out if implimented.


  41. Does California government ever do anything right?

  42. M. G. Shillingford says:

    I am an honorably discharged veteran now living on the Caribbean island of Dominica. I would like to finish my degree at the University of The West Indies. The school of management has accepted me, and has given me the official documents to submit for payment. Will my Veteran benefits which I have not used in ten years pay for my programme which will cost USD$13,500.00?

    • If you qualify for Post 9/11 you may be able to have it switched to Chapter 33, which raises the limit to 15 years to use, and up to $18,000/year in tuition for foreign schools.

  43. Fairness…Really? Delete the 10 year limitation which has hurt so many veterans who set their top priority to try to take care of their families after they got out and lost out on the opportunity to use their GI Bill until later in life. Delete the limitation and they'll we'll talk about fairness!

    • The Post 9/11 G.I. Bill raised the limit to 15 years. On the other hand, if you want to go to a public institution in another state you have to establish residency or have to pay the difference between in-state and out-of-state, and utilizing distance learning for a school in another state has the same limitations.

      • Raising the limit to 15 years for Post 9/11 is all well and good for the Post 9/11 Vets, but it doesn't help the Veterans out there who lost their opportunity to the 10 year limitation prior to that. Ask any Vet regardless if their WWII to current time if they would like a time limit or have it abolished completely.

        • I can definitely understand the pain with that, especially since expired VA benefits is one of the big reasons that recently separated vets have received such a better deal in recent years. Jeff Miller is the driving force behind a lot of the VA reform bills in recent years, and as he is the Representative for my district I will include this in one of the letters I plan to take by his office next week.

  44. Concerned student veteran says:

    I cannot believe I failed to notice it only applied to in state. I start school on Monday and was just notified. I am technically not a resident for tuition purposes, but I’ve considered california my home for years. I’m married to a california resident and as soon as I got out of the army and moved here back in February, I got all my california registration, drivers license, and voter registration set up. My gi bill will be valid of course, but it will only cover about 20% of the tuition. I’m having to shell out thousands now and I’m completely broke as I’ve used all my savings in the past 8 months. My wife doesn’t make enough to get us by and we knew we would be relying on the gi bill to get us by. I’ve applied for the pell grant to help out, but I’m honestly quite concerned at this point and I can’t say I’ve felt like this in quite some time. I feel like I’ve failed my wife and myself for missing something like this. It’s crazy because I’m usually the type of guy to not miss things when reading over something. I guess I can only plead for residency for next term, but ill be short by like 2 weeks of a year so I doubt they will give it to me. Best of luck to future student veterans because the system is a joke.

    • concerned student veteran,

      Please don't take this wrong, but number 1 on the list, should have been:

      1. Check on whether I have to pay Instate or Out of State Tuition.


    • Does your school participte in the Yellow Ribbon Program? If so, you should apply for it. If it doesn't, you may want to consider waiting until you qualify as a resident.

  45. cgoofies says:

    I work really hard as a Reservist, even deploy to Battle Zones. I don't get cumulative time though while I do monthly drills, or AT. They counted my BCT though and AT. You can see how flawed the system is. I am fighting to get through school with the 60%, and getting ready to deploy again, and goto drills each month and Annual Training for 2 weeks, and looking for employment with my degree. If your like me you should believe all soldier that have deployed need %100 tuition if they have deployed, it is what it was originally set up for. I don't understand the percentage, or what I owe someone to get the extra help with school.

  46. 1. I have not heard of this, with the exception of the scenario in 2.

    2. Yes, the VA takes care of service connected disabilities, and can take care of more depending on the veterans current salary, if you make too much all you get is care for service connected disabilities.

    3. And with Johnny getting out in 2005, he did pay into the GI Bill, as did I and I got out in 2010. Only service members who joined in 2010 after the legislation took effect did not have to pay.

    4. Seeing as how my employer's health coverage is around $100/month ($400/quarter), or $230/month ($690/quarter), that would be FAR below what Tricare offers.