2013 Pay and Allowances Now Official

The Defense Finance and Accounting Service (DFAS) released the 2013 Military Pay and Allowance charts. This year’s pay raise is 1.7% across the board, and the monthly basic allowance for subsistence (BAS) rates increased to $242 for officers and $352 for enlisted.  Most special pays, including Submarine and Sea Duty pay will remain unchanged for 2103. The 2013 Military Pay Raise will go into effect on January 1, 2013.

Military.com will post the new 2013 military pay and allowance, and cost-of-living-allowance calculators on January 1.

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Terry Howell
Before becoming the Managing Editor for Military.com, Terry served 20 years in the U.S. Coast Guard as an Aviation Electrician’s Mate and aircrewman. In his final role in the Coast Guard, Terry served as a Career Development Advisor, where he provided career, finance, education, and benefits counseling to servicemembers and their families. Since retiring from the Coast Guard, Terry has authored the book, The Military Advantage, managed the content for TurboTap, the DoD's online transition program and VAforVets, the VA's transition assistance website. Terry earned both his Bachelor's and MBA at Corban University using Military Tuition Assistance and his GI Bill benefits to help cover the cost.
  • thanks2u

    Now, don’t spend it all in one place, folks. Put some of it back for a “rainy day” in case future raises are not so generous.

    • Deb

      Most special pays, including Submarine and Sea Duty pay will remain unchanged for 2103
      Does anyone ever proof?
      Read more: https://militaryadvantage.military.com/2012/12/201

    • mike
    • Jeffery Domer

      In fact, we’re getting paid LESS because Obama’s taxes went UP. I’m effectively getting paid $20 less per month than I was in 2012!

  • steve

    Once again the pay raises are “across the board” which as usual gives the higher ranks a greater amount than those of the lower ranks. Enough of this unbalancing fact….leave ALL General Officers OFF the pay raise list indefinately!!! They already have MORE than enough…

    • Jonathan

      Of course it’s more than the lower ranks. 1.7% of $12,000 is more than 1.7% of $3,000.

      I do agree with the rest of your statement though.

    • Javy

      You need to understand that Generals paid their dues…they got their degrees, they did what it needed to be done to get where they got…they make decisions that impact others and they don’t take that lightly….you must be an enlisted person…who can’t understand that. Get educated.

      • Jamie
        • Larry
      • Carlton
      • Tom
        • Wayne

          Admiral Buckley once asked me, what was the most important thing I had learned to date as a CWO4………my reply was….never forgetting where I came from……..the ranks. I was and now am a proud MUSTANG. Most of the complainers here are likely E-7s who never selected for 8…and remain bitter

      • Alf
      • Jd
    • tom

      All officers above O-4 make way too much.

    • Bob Gentry(Lonewolf)

      They have done their time, and like any job field they worked hard for what they have just as the lower ranks do. They deserve every penny they can get just like every one else.

    • JustThom

      Again, somebody believes that as long as somebody is making more than they are that they are making MORE than enough.

      It really isn’t your place to say.

      What if somebody making less than you decided that you were making MORE than enough and couldn’t have a raise?

  • dbquinn

    Creative math across the board. BAH went down to make up for part of the pay raise for some folks. I hope any increases helped folks out there; every little bit helps.

  • Patty

    All veterans and military deserves a raise.

  • Jay

    Social security went to 6%. Was 4.5%. Military pay raise is .2%. That’s right only .2%.

      • michelle,

        LMAO, the 1.7% COLA raise we all got, has nothing to do with the 2% Payroll Tax Holiday which in the begining was 6.2% and was lowered to 4.2%. What this meant, was that the government was only taking 4.2% out of your pay for Social Security. If this isn’t changed soon, it will revert back to 6.2%, which I feel that it should.

    • Jay,

      I think you are confused a bit.

      1. COLA raise was 1.7%, not .2%.

      2. What they take out for Social Security will go back to 6.2% verses 4.2%.

  • Jim

    Enough of this nonsense. We should stop treating our active military as untouchable. While we should pay well the men and women actually fighting, most spend their days in an 8 to 4, with no danger, ever, with 30 plus 12 or more days off, plus additional paid leave when returning from deployment. And yes, I was active duty for 24 years and saw this myself.

    • James

      You must not have been infantry. ASS

      • Jim
      • Jim
      • Jim
      • Jim
      • jess
        • stuart

          nobody is getting raises in the civilian world,in fact alot have taken pay cuts and or freezes. The military is all VOLUNTARY and is not a job, it is a service to your country. To be upset about not getting a raise and whether you were or were not in combat is not the point at all. Many civilians work 60 to 80 hours a week and are very dangerous lines of work. Rememeber it is a service to your country not a place to make a good living off of. All military pay whether active,reserve or retired is 100% taxpayer paid. God bless all those that VOLUNTEERED, AND KEEP THEM SAFE AND COME HOME SOON.

          • Albert

            Yes tax payer paid are we not taxpayers also. So Congress getting there lifetime pay after doing one tour is ok ? I thought that was a service to your country. I work 60 -80 hours a week Congress lucky if they do 10 hours. but hey take it from the military we dont deserve any so lets all get out and let someone else do it yeah right .

          • Albert,

            “So Congress getting there lifetime pay after doing one tour is ok ?”

            LMAO, that one tour of duty and then life time pay, was a myth and was bebunked back in 2007.

            Source: Congressional Pensions


          • Not So Much Joe
          • Not So Much Joe
      • Javy

        Jim you are a true JACK ASS and NO Thanks to you.

        • Jim
      • seal

        im in infanty his statment is not tru at all

    • Booker

      You are an idiot sir.

    • Christy

      Since you were in for 24 years you should also know that while most days are 8-4 in no danger, they are also on call 24 hours per day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. I spent many a day leaving for work in the am with the deployment bags packed and ready to go by the door, not knowing whether or not my husband would be home that night and if I would have crying children after school because they missed their dad! My husband is active still, leaving Tuesday to a combat zone. Yes, I believe he will be safe the entire time but there is also the possibility of forward deployment. Most years our pay raise doesn’t even keep up with inflation so safe your BS!

      • Civilian

        um same with civilians – why the crying?

    • Bone

      We get leave to spend with our family I have a extreme hard time believing you served go join WBC

      • Jim
        • Ted

          I sincerely doubt you ever served a day in uniform, and if you did, you must have earned a dishonorable discharge because you are a true, blue coward.

          • Jim
          • Jon

            All military are warfighters….whether they have bullets fired at them or if they are supporting the warfighter. We all wear the uniform. We all are warfighters. If you calculate the fact we are at work 24/7/365, we make very little compared to our civilian counterparts.

    • Deb

      Thank you for your service, Jim. However, while you were active duty were you ever deployed? If so, were you married? Have a child[ren]? If so, then you know how emotionally draining it is to be away so long from the people you love in a place you don’t know. While money doesn’t take the place of someone who has your heart…it helps. I suppose it’s good for you to have such a glass-half-empty attitude toward the military. Just remember, even if you’re “an 8 to 4, with no danger, ever, with 30 plus 12 or more days off, plus additional paid leave when returning from deployment”…in the military, there is no 8 to 4. You’re on 24/7 whether you’re with your unit or not. There is ALWAYS some sort of danger. To say there is NEVER any danger is naive. Those days off you refer to are more than likely [like my husband] worked at a fulltime, civilian job, so they’re not time off. “Paid leave” when returning from deployment is called reintegration and integral to a soldier. You should know that. Try to be a bit more positive in the future.

    • bob

      Jim, I am retired too after 20 plus years. Remember75% of the military are first termers and trainees which ncos who stay in train and serve a d keep the military alive and well. Alwan mean machine. Those that are fighting did not get there without someone training them. Career military insure that our military is the best in the world. All military no matter what they are doing or did are a intragral part and ALL are deserve more than what we get. My initial monthly bade pay was $88 and it was not enough.Than you for you service.

    • Becky

      You must not have been in the Army. My husband has served 7 combat tours, and when he has been stateside, he has NEVER worked 8-4. We also routinely lose leave time because there not enough chances to take that much leave. Perhaps they ought to just stop signing off on pay raises for military members like YOU.

    • Infantry02

      (comment 1) Jim, I’m pretty sure that we don’t treat our military as untouchable. Being that you are retired (and thank you for your service), you appear by your comments to no longer be in touch with what the military of today is subjected to.

      Yes, there are pockets of units that do not have as intense of schedules as others (mostly medical units that work in the hospitals and some combat support and combat service support units, now known as operations support and force sustainment units), but for the most part, units require their Soldiers to be present by 0600 in the morning. Some units require 0530, and the higher you go in the leadership chain, those individuals often have to bump back another half hour to hour. So I’m not sure why you choose to generalize the entire military as 8-4.

      • Albert

        Medical units depends some Med units work multiple weekends and every day and are on call so that is not always the case.

    • Infantry 02

      (comment 2) And yes, I am speaking with regards to the Army. I have no experience nor qualification to speak of the other branches.

      Also, the 30 days a year are earned leave, and are also not a given. That’s partially why some Soldiers have so much use or lose leave… because they spend so much time in the field, training, or getting ready for inspections, etc. that they never have the opportunity to take their “earned” leave.

      The 12 or more days off you mentioned I presume are in regards to a once a month day that most post commanders give off or some sort of pay day activities. Again, this is not enjoyed by every Soldier in every unit. And pay day activities are not days off, they are designed to allow Soldiers to take care of appointments and other issues that the Soldier doesn’t have time to address during their “standard” work week.

    • Infantry02

      (comment 3) The additional paid leave when returning from deployment is non-existent… at least in the Army. Those leave days for pre- or post-deployment block leave are taken out of a Soldiers earned leave. The only additional leave that a Soldier is typically entitled to is earned passes, passes granted for things like re-enlistment or winning a unit competition, maternity/paternity leave, and leave from a 12-month deployment cycle whereby the Soldier (as of recent years only) is no longer charged for his 2-weeks of “environmental” leave…. as he/she shouldn’t be. This last mention of leave has now disappeared for good as the Army is back to 9-month deployments, and no other branch deploys as long as or longer than the Army.

      Please do your research before you post negative comments about our active duty military, otherwise you will give them a bad name. Remember, regardless of the duty that a Soldier performs, when they sign on the dotted line, they are still making a committment to be on call 24/7/365 and if asked to do so, risk their lives for all of us — our security, our freedom, and our liberties.

      • Luiz

        Well said, Infantry02. Thank you.

    • Gumby

      And what is wrong with that?

    • Common Sense
    • Frank

      no matter the job they do right now they can be called to the danger side of the military at any second, so each and every military member should have all the respect thy deserve

    • Alex

      Feel free to join if the life of a military person is so easy…it’s obvious you have never served!

      • Jim
        • Roy

          You are an idiot brother and based totally on your commentary I can clearly see that you have never served in the military. If so, it was only in a dream. The borrowing you mentioned is due to the greedy selfish idiots that have a spending problem and to cut or suggest a cut in our service members pay is ludicrous. Pay for firemen and police raises? Your are demented. Most of them are union and are severely over paid anyway. Get a life dude and quit pretending to have served.

        • prf

          You have your priorities in the wrong place! Wow! get Hillary or Nancy or Michelle’s dog to give up one trip in their jet..that should make up for the pay raises the military get.

        • The Sailor


          I am at this post a little late but have a question. You say you have served and that you would rather pay those in harms way more than those that are stateside. I think either you have been out of the military since WWII or you have never served at all. Part 1

          • The Sailor

            First, our members in harms way are paid more than those of us that are stateside. Anyone that looks at a military pay chart will see those incentive pay’s we have to qualify for in order to get any.

            Second, can you point to the part of the U.S. Constitution where it says that the FEDERAL GOVERNMENT is required to provide for the salaries of not only the FireFighters but also the Police. I would like to see that for myself.

          • The Sailor

            Finally, if you served this great Nation then you know we as service members are required to defend the Constitution in it’s entirety from all enemies forgein and domestic. This is the oath we take as service members. You say you are a prior service member, I do find this hard to believe unless you have served but never actually read the US Constitution. I think it is an enlightening document that should be referenced by everyone when making statements regarding where pay raises and who should get them.

            If you see this reply then please, before you say something else that makes no sence to me, reference the US Constitution and prove that the Federal Government is directly liked to the pay of our Hero’s in Law Enforcement and Emergency Services.

            Thank you for your time.
            The Sailor
            Last Part

    • Tom

      Shame on you Jim. Maybe the mobility jobs of the military should get the pay raises because they do the war fighting and have to be away from their families. Give up your retirement money/benifits or shut up and support our military and families.

    • Ted

      You low-life coward!!! Without our military volunteers, there wouldn’t even be a United States, and punks like you would be working for China or Russia. You’d better hope no one who reads this ever finds out where you live.

      • Jim
        • Albert

          Congress and the Banks are killing us with Debt. Congress insider trading was legal but any one else went to jail lets take all the illegal money they made and pay down debt. Banks gave loans that they knew people could not pay. Hey how about the people who took them making little money but buying outside there means. Jim I will not insult you but really

    • seal

      what plantent do u live on? i work form 5am to 5pm every day…and we risk are lives..deployment i never had a break working days on end without sleep and no weekends…u were never active duty jim u are a liar and i dont like u..are pay is just fine

    • seal2

      I don’t know where this 9-5 came about but I know for a fact I go in at 0600 and usually get off around 1730 if not later. I believe that our congressmen should be the ones getting cuts. Jim I believe you got them and the ones who deserve and work for their paychecks switched around. I work hard for what I make and I’m sure they work hard some days too. You should also think about the families it affects also whether it’s dependents or ones who are dual military. You were pry that lonely ass bastard that had nothing else to do but sit and bitch about everything.

    • Freetothink

      Good afternoon Jim,
      There are several flaws in your thought-process – after reading several replies of others and yours – and to keep this brief I will only point out a few issues.
      Paid leave is at best in two iterations of two weeks – and oh, by the way, the weekend days are counted and charged; national holidays are pending missions and in my unit we don’t get most of them because we are in the field; pay raises are normal and accorded to all employees – e.g., when I was still a civilian my pay was raised at 4% every year to keep up with the inflation, which is more than I ever received in active duty – FYI!!!
      I have never had an 8-4 day! We get in around 6 am every day and are not even let go until at least 1800, so no offense what you are stating is offensive to thousands of troops!
      Additionally, with all due respect, you must have been in an office position and probably commissioned or warrant, because you obviously have no idea of the real life of a soldier, all the details, working in the motor pool, setting up camp, tearing down, etc., non-stop for at least 10 months easily every year – our rhythm is unbelievable but true – and nights and weekends spent at work, with additional MDMP until midnight for several days on end…
      Some of us are injured from deployments and still work from 6 a.m. to midnight or more, so please do not disrespect the service members.
      While for those of you who are no longer active duty things may seem lighter or easier, this also tells us – those still on active duty – that you are disconnected from reality and your perception is that of a civilian hence the negative comments you have received.
      Regardless of democratic or republican orientation or form of leadership, you forget that most of these rights – to bear arms, have freedom of speech, for example – are granted thanking to a soldier…
      Take care and good luck to you! Maybe one day you will lose the blindfold…

    • steve

      Hey fat head, get your ass on the front lines and take a pay cut ass hole!

    • Bob

      I also had one of those “cushy” jobs. 24 years in the corps, 17yrs deployed. I missed both of my children being born. 2 divorces because the spouse couldn’t deal with deployments. Your joking right? I remember brining home sea rats for dinner we were paid so well. Don’t forget I signed a blank check that stated “up to and including my life”. 0311/0321/0369

    • Luis

      Jim why dont you go and do the same then go to harms way. People like you should be in the war. maybe you will understand a vet.

      • BD HAWG

        If he was in a war I am sure he would be a casualty of friendly fire. LOL

    • Jeff

      You’re nuts… I spent long hours and in very dangerous situations. Had some of my friends even die. I guess it was for the freedom so you could make some dumb remark like this.

    • dltruitt

      Would you be so kind to share which branch of service you served in for 24 years, the duty station and year(s) to which this “…8 to 4, with no danger, ever, with 30 plus 12 or more days off, plus additional paid leave when returning from deployment…” occurred? I too have served for 25 years in the USMC (state side and international) and have never been privy to such conduct.

    • Albert

      How about Senators,Congress,President giving up there life time yearly pay after they get out in 4 years ! Oh wait they cant do that so take it from us whther I work 8-4 or not I am on duty 24 hours a day 7 days a week where is Congress ? So why don’t you address that you won’t

      • Albert,

        “How about Senators,Congress,President giving up there life time yearly pay after they get out in 4 years !”

        LMAO, I can’t believe there are those of us that still believe this myth. This was bebunked back in 2007.

        Source: Congressional Pensions


        • Taz

          Members of Congress are eligible for a pension at age 62 if they have completed at least five years of service.

          Sounds good to me-

          They are eligible for a pension at age 50 if they have completed 20 years of service, or at any age after completing 25 years of service. The amount of the pension depends on years of service and the average of the highest three years of salary. By law, the starting amount of a member’s retirement annuity may not exceed 80 percent of his or her final salary

          House and Senate pensions still draw criticism for being overly generous. The conservative National Taxpayers Union issued a report in 2005 that highlighted some of the highest pensions. And it is true that House and Senate members get a better deal than ordinary federal employees.

    • Michelle

      You sound so bitter… Having served for 24 years, you should know better, while it might be true that some work from 8-4, you cannot deny the fact that when they need to work longer hours they do ,without any extra pay or entitlements. You were in that position too, that a pay raise helps. And you also know that the active military are not untouchables, they are also part of streamlining or downsizing. You, of all people should be an advocate for them, not the first one to complain. While I don’t know your rank, I hope that when you were on active duty, you advocate for them. Enough said.

    • mack

      apparently you didn’t deserve your retirement. G
      ive it back you were over paid for what you did. all military are subject to combat areas at any time 24/7/365

    • Casey

      I spent four years in the army and just recently after being out for twelve years decided to investigate pay for active duty. What I found out was shocking. The pay twelve years later was almost the same, but here is the bad part inflation over twelve years has been rediculous! They may have an eight hour day, but when they train or go on a deployment those hours are twenty four a day until they return. I did a year unacompanied in Korea and six months in Honduras. Let them hae a measely 1.7 percent.

      • Casey,

        “Pay twelve years later almost the same.”

        Surely you don’t believe your own findings?????

        • Taz

          Once you adjust for inflation the pay has not changes. But yes the amount has gone up.

          • Taz,

            LOL, well then, you could say everyone is making the exact same thing as they did before if subtracting all raises for inflation. Now, with this being said, what is the point in saying “Pay twelve years later almost the same.” ?????

    • Charles

      The active Military is treated as untouchable…?

      Give me a break. If you want to talk about Untouchables, consider address ing those college professors who are way overpaid, don’t actually teach anyone, anything, and can’t be fired for incompetence, laziness — maybe for committing a felony.

      Also, take a look at many of the losers who for free receive so-called “Entitlement” checks ad infinitum, but do nothing to earn them. That’s where the money is going.

      In my book being unemployed and poor because one is stupid, uneducated, and/or lazy, doesn’t “entitle” anyone to a free ride on the taxpayers. The active military, plus the Reserves and National Guard work like hell and put their life on the line, even for ingrates like you.

      I don’t know what you did in the military, but clearly you weren’t a trained and dedicate professional. Those of us who were, kept your sorry butt alive, and your family’s. too. You desparately need to do three things: (1) Get an education, (2) Learn some manners, and (3) Grow up.

    • CptSMT

      Jim who ever told you Freedom was Free?

    • Dave

      Were you an officer or enlisted?

    • TG
    • BD HAWG

      If you really spent 24 years of active duty then you would know that an 8-4 job in the military is just a myth. In my 30 plus years of active duty I have never seen anyone of any rank work that type of schedule. And if you have spent any time deployed away from familiy and loved ones then you would not begrudge those returning from a long deployment a few days to spend with their family. They have certainly earned it. They have also earned our respect for defending this great country of ours so knuckleheads like you can exercise your right to free speech. Why dont you go blow smoke someplace else and leave the military alone.

    • LaK

      You have NO idea. Even in peacetime assignments– the hours are ridiculous. I remember– even though I had two young ones at home, spending Christmas Day at Walter Reed visiting an injured soldier. If you add in all the deployment time (more than 8 years in a 25 year career) the per hour rate of pay is a fraction of what people in the civilian sector are paid. I am almost sorry I spent most of my adult life defending folks who simply do not seem to care or even acknowledge the life of a soldier and his or her family. Not to mention the combat duty– multiple in my case. “8 to 4”, really!

    • LYNN

      Son you laid an egg with this comment….I did almost 30 years and I spent most of those years trying to reward/comptime to my troops for all the excessive hours they had to put in. You are in the few maybe 2% of the military that had it from 8-4.

    • Kevin Knorr

      Speak for yourself my friend. Just because you were a lazy service man who rarely deployed does not mean that everyone else in the military is as undedicated as you. I have been in the service for 15 years and have spent 95% of my career at sea. Most of my shipmates have the same experience, as we are all occupying sea going ratings. You should do your homework, the military is not as accomodating as it was years ago when you served. Please keep your ignorant opinions to your selfishself. Thank you.

    • Seastar

      I don’t feel like reading all the replies, but I’m sure I’m not the only one to say 8-4??? My DH leaves the house at 0430 and gets home at 1900 ON A GOOD DAY. Plus staff duty, overnights in the field, 12+ month deployments when you are at work/on call literally 24/7. What MOS could you have possibly had where you worked 8 hours, five days a week, and never did anything dangerous? 42R??

    • tom

      And I’ll bet you don’t flinch when you cash your retirement check.

    • gunner48

      I did 24 yrs and evidently your duty was not enough to seperate you from friends and family….Or unaccompanied for a few years, or Sea duty for 9-10 months at a time……You have a lot of nerve writing what you wrote. Whats your name Jim McCaine…..You forget where you come from. Servicemen and woman earn every nickel they make. And not enough!

    • RBS

      You sure are a jerk. Just by your statement I can see that you never put on a uniform and swore an allegiance to give your life if ever called upon to do so (combat).

      Many lower ranking married enlisted personnel have been trying to live on an income that is less than welfare. They can’t afford rent for a decent apartment.

      Tell me if your married, how many months do spend away from your family each year?

      I could write a pretty long book on the hardships of military life and by the way we only rank 3rd or 4th in pay when compared to other countries.

      I don’t know where you got this 8 to 4 stuff. All military personnel are on 24 hour standby notice. I personally had a knock on my door in the middle of the night and didn’t see my family for 27 months later of which the first 8 months there was no communication.

      Did you know that it takes 300 people on the ground to keep one person in the air.

      True not all jobs are front line combat. There is a hazardous duty pay which is extra for those that are in a high risk situation, as it should be.

      So tell me what do think one should pay for the freedom we Americans have.

      In case you haven’t heard FREEDOM IS NOT FREE.

      You must be a liberal you have opinions for everything. You don’t believe people have the right to do what ever it is you disagree with.

      I going to sign off. I have already wasted too much time and words that I don’t think you will ever understand.

      RBS 30 years USAF Retired.

    • Todd

      I wish I had your job. I’ve done 5 back to back combat deployments. I’m glad you don’t control my pay.

    • SSG J. Dennis

      Speak for yourself! You’re probably an officer or a soldier stationed in one of those cushioned duty assignment that did absolutely nothing, that attended meetings all day, sipped on coffee and occupied an office or cubicle acting as if you were a civilian instead of a soldier. You cannot speak for a line soldier! I was a line solder for 18 years of my military service. My 19th year, I was assigned to the National Capital Region (NCR) in the Washington/Arlington Virginia Area. I never experience or seen so many lazy solders with a lack of experience and military knowledge. These are the same so called soldier that was afforded the opportunity to take college classes and get promoted when the line soldiers were not given the same opportunities because we had to be in the field performing our assigned duties. I had to put out excellent soldier because of being overweight but when I got station in the NCR I saw overweight offers and NCO(s) still wearing the military uniform! PT, what was PT lol it appeared never to been seen to a lot of solders in the area. So when you speak about a solder speak about yourself because you are defiantly not speaking about the real soldier that served our country well!!!

      • rosita

        SSG Dennis. IT is wrong to said that being an officer of an NCO is equivalent to be lazy and not qualified as a soldier is wrong and it is not fair. The same way not all non-commissioned are hard working people and good soldiers, not all officers are hard working people. It is not a problem with the rank and it is very discriminatory of you to generalized that way when referring to officers and NCO’s.

    • Dennis

      Well Jim I don’t know what Army you served in but I was one very busy camper for the twenty-one and half years I served. You must have been one of those good ol’ boys who had a friend at DA assignments so some one else could be shipped out to fulfill your tour overseas while you “Homesteaded” in some posh assignment. Stop your grumbling and let those of us who EARNED it have our due!

    • Rod

      I have put 20 hours a day at sea and minimum 16 hours while inport as a Chief Petty Officer. Not sure what type of job you had, must have been an easy shore duty billet. We all have our light tours to offset out hard tours. But we have our sacrafices and the pay off is know our families are safe and we dont have to worry about them living in the same atmosphere as the countries we are forward deployed to. So speak for yourself and not the military as a whole. I am currently serving 20 plus years for my country and now fighting Cancer for my own life. Most dont have the easy career your taking about, if you did then thats good for you. But I dont have to sneak to the bank to get my money because those of us are proud and have earned it…..

    • Proud Veteran

      You are a Complete IDIOT, By Definition of the Word! I have 28yrs service, A retired Vet and It’s Very Hard to believe that someone like you Ever Served with statements as such! Every serviceman and woman has a different and unique family situation but they give of themselves everyday and answer to whatever call to duty that our nation puts before them!

      Instead of trying to volunteer/offer up the pay and benefits of our Brave Servicemen and Women; why don’t “You Yourself” gather all those that agree with you, and offer up “Your Retirement Pay and Benefits” to assist with the Nations Debt Reduction Plan…

      • Idmtmedic

        I can think of two “veterans” that should give up their benefits and retirements for the greater need based on a tiered system that CON-gress does not adhere to. If you make millions why are you not subject to a tiered system of taxpayer funded retirement? Even if you don’t make millions as CON-gress does but your making too much money for a retirement check AND medical on taxpayer funds then let’s make it the same all the way around. You get a percentage of your yearly take home pay. Socialism is wonderful, share the wealth. You plan ahead then guess what, YOU pay more. You make a 3 checks without working………PAY for those that don’t!!!!.

    • Jeffery Domer

      So you’re saying you were in the military for 24 years enjoying these benefits and now you want to strip others of their pay? I’m not sure I understand. It’s not like our mortgage goes down when we’re not deployed, in fact, it follows the trends of BAH and BAS. For a Vet, you sure are a chicken shit.

    • Garrett

      I don’t know what job you think we had in peacetime that only worked 8-4. Even in a laid back unit that didn’t go to the field ever, I was working 7-5 and still had to give up weekends for duties or had 24 hour duties occasionally, I have been in 19 years and it is all a sacrifice: to your family, to your body, to your parents, to your siblings. I am still paying for my time mentally, physically and relationship-wise.

      And unless you are taking your 30 days of leave during your traditional workweek, Monday-Friday, you really do not get 30 days of leave like they would on civilian side. For instance you take 30 days of leave in one 30 day block you could end up wasting 10 of them on a traditional day off of Saturday or Sunday. And that could increase if there was a day off for a holiday. So it is not the same. 12 days off or more for holidays, most civilian jobs get at least 8 of those, so really nothing much there either.

      I have also worked both sides of the house and you are nuts to think that it comparable.

      And yes I did read what you stated. So Jim, if you really are concerned about this contribution, then turn in your $3k a month retirement, or did you not really earn that with 24 years of doing nothing?

    • JustThom

      And in your 24 years how many times did you complain about all of your time off Jim?

      We got 30 days annual leave and I was never offered additional leave when returning from deployment. And I had several deployments.

      How about if we stop your retirement pay until you reach 65? Think how much money the government will save if all military retirees had to wait to draw their retirement until they reach the age of social security.

    • Chuck

      Jim, I also spent 24 years in the Army but I never had an 8 to 4 job, most were 60 to 80 hour weeks during my short tours in the US. I moved 19 times in 24 years and spent 10 of those years on unaccompanied tours in Korea and Vietnam. What additional paid leave when returning from deployment?
      What was your MOS? I doubt that you were even in the military.

    • Larry

      Wow, 24 years of active duty. I served over twenty years of active duty in the US Armed forces, I have been on the front lines close enough to physically smack the enemy. You didn’t mention what country you served. In my experience people who’ve served the US Armed forces actually have a clue about what makes our military machine work. Sounds like you were just on active duty, so sad what a waste.

  • Steve

    As a retired service member I’m honored to receive a pension. It makes a positive difference financially. I’m not certain how civilians with low incomes can make it. So I’ll take whatever raise the government approves. Also my sincerest thanks to all those who have served and are serving. God Bless.

    • Jim
      • Dee

        An enlisted soldier makes around 17k base pay with less than one year of experience (and in some cases about 21k). On the other hand teachers make about 34k with less than one year of experience. Clerks and “people living in inner cities” are bad comparisons as being a soldier or teacher is a profession. Neither are six figure jobs, but both are extremely honorable and valuable professions.
        When a person signs on as a soldier, they are taking a job of servitude to the American people.
        It is not a matter of sympathy, but a matter of thankfulness and will to work for your share. Every soldier, at home and abroad, makes a huge sacrifice that others may pursue happiness and enjoy the freedoms of the US.
        My point is, the place where the United states should look to make cuts is not in a soldier’s paycheck.

  • Bob

    No disrepesct or problems but I think some of us older retirees need a catch up raise. A newly retired E-7 makes alot more than an E-7 who retired 20 years ago with same number of years. just saying.

  • lcho

    Your so uneducated….. Get a life.My husband is an amt on the 60 side sometimes he’s home but flys all the time thats danger all in itself. We’re stantioned in Kodiak do you know the weather….
    All service men & women deserve a whole lot more than what we get….

    If you want to make statements then make towards the Social Security department… they make tons more than my husband who’s an E6
    They don’t deploy they go home each night don’t fly
    Now that needs attention

    • dino

      as a former soldier, i do have to admit this is the most highly paid military in history. i retired near a military installation, the number of E-1’s with a brand new charger, challenger or mustang is astounding.back in the day maybe 1 in 10 had a vehicle, and it was a broken down old VW. living off post if you were below E-4 was unheard of, but now they get “separate rations” and all kinds of extra pay. unmarried E-2’s with 2 or 3 kids have base housing. we were lucky if we got it as an E-5. today’s military is always crying for more pay, especially their dependents, but when is enough , enough.

      • Nail
      • Fred
        • Fred,

          Well then, why didn’t your son take his skills to someone outside the military and get twice as much pay?????

    • James

      this may be true , but Social Security is not pay it is retirement that was payed in to Social Security so that a person would have that when he retires at age 65 now 67 . Your Husband will most likely get a job when he leaves the service and will then be able to get Social Security and his service retirement .

  • rupert padilla

    Social Security only went up 1.7% never heard of a 6%raise and the V.A.,only went up 1.7% also wish we got a 6% Increse now that would be a true increase


    Sorry, i must have missed the part where our overpaid, under worked
    politicians are taking a pay cut to help fix the mess they have gotten
    us into. They would fix things if they had to live with the same health
    system we are under instead of having their own “SPECIAL” health plan???


    Sorry, i must have missed the part where our overpaid, under worked politicians are taking a pay cut to try to fix the mess they’ve gotten this country into. Could
    use the same medical plan we suffer with instead of the “SPECIAL” plan they have and save billions-same with Social Security-they pay nothing into it and get full benefits (just like all the illegals in this country) and stop sending hundreds of billion dollars of aid to countries that hate us.


    Sorry, i must have missed the part where our overpaid, under worked politicians are taking a pay cut to try to fix the mess they’ve gotten this country into. Could

  • Michelle

    Ummm I did the math on ours it’s less than $100 a month. No need to really freak out about it .

    • Michelle

      And I don’t mean that rude, just sayin not like we are gonna be doubling our income or something. We actually are hurting for money now that my hubs is teaching instead of flying around the world. And no one is hiring right now but still hopin for a job :)

  • moveover

    check out Senator McCain pension yes a hole lot More .

    • Tom

      ALL elected government officials and their appointed lackies either don’t pay taxes or retirement or both. 2-4 years and they have money for the rest of their life and FREE medical. ALL OF ANTI-MILITARY are against us even getting paid let alone a retirement. We all should be discusted that our government doesn’t pitch in like the rest of us. THE MILITARY DOES PAY TAXES AND CONTRIBUTES TO THEIR RETIREMENT!!!!!

      • Tom,

        “ALL elected government officials and their appointed lackies either don’t pay taxes or retirement or both. 2-4 years and they have money for the rest of their life and FREE medical.”

        None of this is true. They do pay taxes, they do pay into their retirement, they can’t retire after 2 to 4 years and and their Medical Care is not free.

        Source: Health Care for Members of Congress?


        Retirement Benefits for Members of Congress


        “ALL OF ANTI-MILITARY are against us even getting paid let alone a retirement. We all should be discusted that our government doesn’t pitch in like the rest of us. THE MILITARY DOES PAY TAXES AND CONTRIBUTES TO THEIR RETIREMENT!!!!!”

        Yes, the military does pay taxes, but not on all monies we recieve. As far as contributing to our retirement, we are the only one’s that get medical care while we are serving and we don’t pay into our retirement pension.

        • Taz

          current salary for rank and file House and Senate members, is $165,200 per year

        • Taz

          Military does pay into medical and retirement is paid for by the services. For each man-day paid for a service men on active duty the service pays 10% of that toward retirement. So in essence every tax payer, including the servicemen pay towards their retirement.

          Those man-days are further broken down to pay for medical, BAH… only 50% of a services given man-days actually go to pay

          • Taz,

            You know exactly what I was saying. You can’t compare those that pay into their retirement and those in the military that don’t. You want to give credit for the DOD Retirement Budget to each soldier. Should the military change and go with one of the many new retirement plan’s like the 401K, you will understand what my point is.

            Again, I will say Soldiers do not pay into our own retirement benefits minus things like Survivor Benefit Plan, Social Security, Medicare and the United States Soldiers’ Home.

  • moveover

    That 1,6% increase in SS cost us Senior $ 10 OFF our Foodstamps/Snap plus the rent is going up..better off with thw 4 250 stimulate check from President O`Bama the first year.

  • Harry

    You get what you Voted for . You gave Mr. Obama a second term, how’s that working for you?? Get use to it, his party has a lot more to take. We all must suck it up and do our jobs for our Country. God Bless All.

    I did not Vote for Obama.

    • common sense

      “I did not vote for Obama.”
      You should have! Pay attention to the politics. Our President is trying to move this country forward. It is the senators and congressmen/women in the House and Senate that are to blame for this mess. President Obama inherited this mess – he didn’t create it. He’s doing all he can to help this nation recover from the poor leadership in the previous administration.

      • Wayne


      • youaredumb

        …Holy crap. Are you stupid?! He inherited a mess… Not this mess. He made this a bigger shit hole than it was before. He’s doing all he can? ROFL! That’s why he’s giving congress a raise and screwing everyone else over… You my friend are freaking bright.. wow.

      • Harry Coleman

        He’s moving forward by alienating our allies, going to bed with our enemies, handing over the keys to the white house and moving towards socialism. He and his minions rammed a health care system down our throats in the middle of the night, and is about to eliminate the 2nd amendment to the constitution Everyone seems to forget he was a senator for quite a while before becoming president and was part of the problem he inherited. Oh wait a minute, I remember now, he only voted “present” when the real issues came up. Come on now, spit out the Kool Aid and wake up… Guess what – I didn’t vote for him either….

      • Dan

        Hey “senseless”, are you still playing the “Bush left Obama this mess” card? How about doubling our debt since he took office. He had 4 years to fix the mess, which he said he would do. Whaaaa happened?

    • Gloria Spivey

      Neither did I vote for Obama.

      • crewchief

        Congress signs the final word on pay rises for the Military. East to blame the man at the top but the real focus should be on the amount of infighting and pointless bickering that takes place in congress and the senate. The republicans are just so interested in discrediting the opposition in congress and the senate they have stagnated everything to the breaking point. I have been a registered republican since my 18th birthday, Served 12 years in the army and at this stage am ashamed of the republicans. They don’t give a single scrap of care about the military, they have done more damage to the military than Clinton did in 8 years. Stalling bills foot dragging, and just general malaise. Too busy fighting over control and not focusing on the issues, they are the biggest waste of taxes. They should suspend their high salaries and make them work on a commission basis, they only get paid for each issue resolved, then watch the action.

    • leseraf

      all military service members should be reduced in rank and half of your pay given back to the taxpayers. you all get free room and board, free educations, etc, etc, etc. We the people cannot afford our politicians or our military as they cost too much. perhaps we need to outsource these jobs.

      • Wow

        Hey Leseraf You did it, I mean you really did it, all by yourself. You should be proud. You just proved the theory is true. The Theory of You Can Not fix Stupid!!!!!

    • Dan

      Right on Harry. It’s a known fact that the Republicans take care of the Military and veterans than the Democrats do. I noticed 95% of all the people I personally know, also did not vote for Obama. Makes me think the election was a bit rigged.

  • James Clark
  • James Clark
  • Nathan

    These comments from former and or retired service members is pure comedy. I have formation @ 0550 and get off at 1700. I am a widowed parent of 2 children under age 5. I am up at night taking care of my children and am lucky to even get 6 hours of sleep on the weekends none the less on week days. Please tell me where I can find an 8-4 gig, especially on jump status. Let’s not include travel time to and from work on top of also getting the children ready. Obviously I don’t live in the barracks so where do u think I shower after pt, we have enough time to lather, rinse an if lucky shove food in our mouth before 0900. To generalize the entire military like that is absurd. Now about this being the highest paid military, wow apparently someone knows nothing of economics and our capitalist economy and inflation. If people made what they made even 5 years ago we wouldn’t have enough money to be alive. Just because troops drive around nicer cars than ever existed 20 years ago doesn’t mean squat, times have changed as well as priorities and tastes. Most these troops get a vehicle they can’t afford in the first place off of credit and the sleeve bag bank are more than happy to take advantage of that. Those that can afford it are usually single soldiers who live in barracks and therefor don’t own houses so it’s what they invest in, me personally I’ll take a house over a car but like I said peope

    • common sense

      Nathan, thank you so much for your service.

  • Nathan

    People taste and priorities have changed. Please moe out from under your rocks and stop being the same old tired retired old grumps I get sick of listening to complain about everything in the gym while taking advantage of everything you earned and deserve just like the current troops

    • Tom

      You have never served!!!!!

  • Deborah DellaValle

    Simply said..its okay to pay million to a singer..actress..etc…our guys and gals deployed or not deserve every penny and More for signing there live to help protect us…there live is not easy at all….

  • sarahkk7

    Our service men and women deserve ALL we can give them !! They are the people who sign a contract with the US government to lay down their lives in defense of this country. Some possibly have a 9 to 5 job, but you can bet your life it carries a lot of responsibility and they won’t have that type of job all of their military career. The people who do NOT deserve a raise are our Congressmen.
    I understand the President just signed an executive order giving them a raise.
    They are the people who are NOT doing their jobs, regardless of which party they represent. And if they are getting one, certainly the people who are sleeping in bunkers in Afghanistan deserve one as well !!!

  • crewchief

    Congress signs the final word on pay rises for the Military. Easy to blame the man at the top but the real focus should be on the amount of infighting and pointless bickering that takes place in congress and the senate. The republicans are just so interested in discrediting the opposition in congress and the senate they have stagnated everything to the breaking point. I have been a registered republican since my 18th birthday, Served 12 years in the army and at this stage am ashamed of the republicans. They don’t give a single scrap of care about the military, they have done more damage to the military than Clinton did in 8 years. Stalling bills foot dragging, and just general malaise. Too busy fighting over control and not focusing on the issues, they are the biggest waste of taxes. They should suspend their high salaries and make them work on a commission basis, they only get paid for each issue resolved, then watch the action.

    • crewchief,

      What you say may be true, but seems to me posts like this that only point the finger are no better then what you’re complaining about. Here, it seems 98% of those on this and other message boards are only worried about what everyone else is making, as if whining about it is going to change what Congressmen get paid.

      • Idmtmedic

        Lmao. Then Charles give up your freedom of speech. Let CON-gress do what they want, let government do what they want, and let our president do what he wants right? Why the hell did we leave British rule again? Seems to me your a sit back and trust government kinda guy. Enough said.

    • AJB

      Get your facts straight air head. You obviously do not know what you are talking about. We certainly don’t need airheads like you in the Republican Party. Fact is obama has done zero for the military. Frankly I am glad to see you left the only political party that supports democratic government. As for your worldly knowledge of the military based ion your 12 whole years serving this great nation. Get real soldier, I gave 43 years of my life to thus great nation and would give more if I could. The “pointless” you speak of is as is all you say hollow and airheaded. You know not what you speak and should go back to kindergarten. Why don’t you just go away an let the real world function without you. You would be happier and the world would be a better place.

    • RBS

      You almost got it right. I’m not a Republican, but I can tell you this. Change your statement to say Democrat instead of Republican and you will be more accurate. I am also not a Bush fan, but the Democrats during the Bush regime had the attitude of then country be damned as long as they could defy everything the Republicans attempted. No one has lied to or tried to fool the public more that the Democrats. Just follow Nancy Pelosi or Harry Reid or Kerry, or Franks. Look up their speeches and history. I think join the Independent or Republican party afterwards

  • Deb

    Well a 1.7% increase translates to $18 less per pay period for my husband. He called to say his LES is in so we have to wait until the end of the month to see where the ‘extras’ went. WTF? Same as last time, received 1.7% and SS went up and BAH went down.

    • Deb,

      You do realize your BAH may be going up or down, depending on where you live. Just look it up on the net.

      Also, the amount they take out for Social Security is going back up to what it was, from 4.2% to 6.2%.

      No real need to get all bent out of shape, all you or your husband has to do, is ask his chain of command, or go to the Defense Finance and Accouting Service (DFAS) site, and they show you an example of how the net pay for an individual member in 2013 could increase, remain the same, or decrease.

      Source: Alert: DFAS Customers affected by 2013 Tax Changes


    • kenneth

      I know mine went down $21, if that’s what they want to call a raise then please keep it and give my old pay back.

    • Seastar

      My DH’s raise will also be negated because of the SS tax increase. This will be the case across the board pretty much because the raise was 1.7% and the SS tax increase was 2%. On the plus side, even with the hike, we’ll never see a penny of that SS money ourselves ; )


    Have congress forgo their pay raises for five years…and give it all to the military…I AM A VETERAN.

  • Pete USAF

    How about concurrent pay for 100% VA disabled vets with UNDER 20 yrs of service??? Now there’s an idea”

    • Luis

      Hey guy. That is something I have been fighting for. Why dont we get together and see to it that it becomes law. Iam not paid for my service time, just my disability. i served 18 and one half years under a current contract at that time.

  • markjean59

    how about the va to reconize the cold war as an actual war and any vet that served during the cold war as served during war time? it WAS a war that we won

    • markjean59,

      I was in doing that time, and don’t remember this War. Was it kept secret or what?????

    • realveteran

      cold war?? really? how many times were you shot or blown up during this war?

    • CJ Norred

      I agree with you. When each of us enlisted we signed an oath to protect our country including giving our life if needed.

  • renegp55

    Incredible how we have people still under the influence of the right wing- rep-fox news-limbaugh, etc, etc kool aid…grow up…read more, learn about your country, your constitution, your form of govt…the president is not authorized to spend $$$$ unless congress is…president submit budget – congress approves or not…rep in the house- what have they done?

    Grow up!!!!

    • Wow

      I bet you was the worse bush bash for spending, uh?

      • J.Wer

        Your “English” needs improvement . . . “You “was” . . . should read “You WERE” !

    • Ken

      Tell me where is the budgets. No one has submitted or passed one except the republican congress. O’ I forgot Obama submitted one but got zero votes.

  • Ron

    It really doesnt matter what we think or what we complain about, nothing is going to change because it is not in our best interest to receive anything we deserve as veterans. So I quit complaining it did nothing for me, and it never will.

  • Andrae

    Its kinda funny how people get upset over the military getting a pay raise. We got a 1.7% pay raise. 1.7%!!!!!! You get upset over that. Something must be wrong with you. I also read that congressmen got a pay raise. These are the same people along with the president who send these young men and women to fight for this country. I ask you how much is your life worth and/or your kids??? 1.7% is a joke. Im active duty and I think this is a joke.

    • Robert

      Look at it this way, I am retired also and yes it is a bad pay raise but look how much you get in benefits for you and your family compared to civilian personnel, so how does it sound now. Wait till you retire if you think you are getting screwed now as active duty.



    • Tom

      Wow… I hope you use your GI Bill to go back to school and learn how to write. Your reasoning could use some work as well.

    • monaco mcgee

      Now why would you say that, they place their life on the line. I did my 20 and proud of it, you need to do some reflection. Have good day

    • Bob Thorpe

      And that is why they risk their lives and you sit at home and whine.

    • Gunny USMC Ret

      Andy Boy, I bet the only reason you did 8 years is because you were forced out because you were a shit bird, and your still on welfare looser

    • gunner48

      Where they should have put you is a Moat! Were you breath! you did 8 yrs because you couldnt hack it……

    • Big E

      Wow. Considering the multitude of misguided and asinine comments made thus far, yours alone has left me with one prevailing thought…you are depriving some poor village of its idiot. You, sir, are a troll and need to quit publicizing your crass ignorance by posting on public forums.

    • Mike Childers

      The only winers are people like you who could not hack on active duty. You only made it for 8 years, why? I did 20.5 years and am proud of everyday of service to my country. The way I look at it, you just hack it. So, stop calling our service men and women winers and take a look in the mirror at a real winer; YOU!

      • Bob Gentry(Lonewolf)

        Right on!!!!!!! 10+ years Medically retired with 100% disability and my wife is 60%. Both proud of our active time and am proud to say I am still serving as a retiree…..

    • Ann

      What you wrote is very unkind and very untrue.

    • Ann

      Wow, have you ever thought of what officers pay for that enlisted do not? There is quite a list and the officers do not complain. Have you ever been told you could never pursue being an officer?

    • robert

      Evidently they have one less “cry baby and whiner” when you got out.

    • Col Calhoun

      Oh by Winers, you mean we were Wino’s? Your were probably the biggest whiner!

    • lonewolf

      I was active for 10 years and medically retired out. I never whined or cried about my job, or the pay even though it was a terrible pay, for what we did. I went in knowing what the pay was, and so does every active duty soldier today. I’ve never heard any whining either, not then not now. Sounds like someone in your distance past fell out of a tree on his head. Any one who can say something like that after serving for 8+ years must have been one of the whiners you talked about and went reserves because active duty wouldn’t have you any longer.

  • David

    Jim: You complain about the national debt. I agree with you. 1) Congress and the president should take a 30% pay cut and there staff should take a 20% pay cut. 2) Congress should not be able to draw a retirement unless they serve 20 year in congress. 3) Congress can serve no more than 20 years (8 in the House of Representatives and 12 in senate). 4) Cut government waist( all of the Carz). 5) Remove the support for the illegals. 6) Remove the luxuries from prisons. The military does not earn that much at least they didn’t when I was serving. How would purpose the raises?

    • David,

      “Members of Congress are eligible for a pension at age 62 if they have completed at least five years of service. They are eligible for a pension at age 50 if they have completed 20 years of service, or at any age after completing 25 years of service. The amount of the pension depends on years of service and the average of the highest three years of salary. By law, the starting amount of a member’s retirement annuity may not exceed 80 percent of his or her final salary.”

      • David

        As I said congress should not be able to draw a pension until they have serve at least 20 years in congress and NO MORE than 20 years. And then they should only receive 2 ½ % a year which is half of their salary. This is the same policy congress has put on the Military.

        • David,

          No, it isn’t the same policy congress has put on the Military, not even close. Some Military retirees can actually recieve more than 100% of their base pay, and get it starting the day they retire.

          • J Ludwig

            Sure because they are suffering disabilities received defending thier country. Most receiving those benefits are victims agent orange and other ailments that prevent the from finding work. Before begrudging these patriots that sacrificed their health for you, get those free loadeders on 4+ years of unemployment and welfare out working instead of sponging off the earnings of others

          • J Ludwig,

            What I stated has nothing to do with being disabled. I am talking about a regular retirement. What I said, was that some Military retirees can actually recieve more than 100% of their base pay, and get it starting the day they retire.

            Source: Military Retirement Pay No Longer Capped


          • Idmtmedic

            Defending CON-gress and not your fellow veterans are exactly why your opinion is BS. AFTER you get elected MFR then you can defend their salary. In the mean time defend what you know which is a logistics career and a desk job. Early SS? Fn waste of money as a soldier AND a civilian.

          • idmedic,

            My opinion comes with source which makes it fact, not opinion. My goal is to post facts, not opinion, and leave it up to others what they think. So idmedic, as you see, I am only correcting false posts, which has nothing to do with defending anything or any body.

            Source: Military Retirement Pay No Longer Capped


          • Richard

            Yes soldiers can get 100% of their base salary after they put in 40 years, 75% after putting in 30 years, and 50% after 20 years. Anything over those percentages at that time is based off physical or mental injuries sustained during service.

    • David E.

      David outstanding. As long as they vote for themselves that won’t happen. I would vote for it though.

    • J Ludwig

      The military now make more than thier civilian counter parts. A typical E-7 with no special classification makes over 70,000 in pay and allowances. Factor the allowances are tax free the making even more. I am not saying they don’t deserve. I am just pointing they are not under paid as we were 30 & 40 years ago. I Watson for 22 years and qualified for food stamps for most of those years. Not so today.

      • J Ludwig,

        Anyone can qualify for food stamps today, same as they could years ago. All one has to do, is just keep having babies that you can’t afford.

        • Idmtmedic

          Who pays for food stamps Charles? The same ones that pay our salary? We make too much? Lmao. Well Charles guess you better start making babies,. Seems pretty lucrative compared to military service, or in your eyes CON-gress. Or better yet a retiree getting two GOVERNMENT checks and civilian retirement. Why not make more babies? Then you can get 3 government checks.

  • Mike11B4X

    Those who claim they did their time and worked 8 to 4 and had it so easy are the whiners. We called them slugs and remps. Do some real line time; do a tour on drill status if you can pass the school which isn’t likely. Go ahead! Get in there and make a real committment. Make some sacrifices. Look back one day and add up all the time you didn’t get with your wife and kids not to mention the folks back home. Hopefully, you still have your wife because a lot of them can’t do it. But your free to shoot off your mouth aren’t you?

  • heather

    we were to get a pay raise but all it did was make our pay less so I like to know what got increase for the pay to go down guess I have to wait for the Les. Everyone is complaing saying military has a 8-5 I like to know where that is. My husband is and E-7 he is out the door by 5:30 and luck if he is home by 7pm that doesn’t not including his deployment when he is gone and what he is missing. That goes for any one who is deployed people don’t understand what it is like for the spouse and family wondering if their soldier will return

  • Gunnersgirl2909

    Some of these comments on here are deplorable. To categorize any member of the armed forces as being a bunch of people on welfare but having an 8-4 job is ridiculous. I love how they’ll say it but then throw in the (well I was active military) which somehow makes it ok. Must have not been a Marine, if so I’m guessing you were one of those shitty ones. Nobody joins the military hoping to strike it rich. There’s 2 kinds of people who join. Those who truly want to serve and those with no other options. Usually the latter aren’t the best of the bunch. My husband is active duty with 28 years under his belt and serves for love of country, living under a code of conduct and being able to know he’s one of the best at his job. My son just graduated Marine Corps boot camp on Jan. 4th. He didn’t join to strike it rich either. He joined to carry of a family history of great men who happen to love this country and want what’s best for it. Every job in the military is important from the airwing members down to the cooks. Putting one above the other is wrong.

    • SFC E-7 retired

      Gunnersgirl You go girl. No matter what services we went into army, navy, marines air force whatever” we stayed in because of love for our country. three tours in Veit nam and 22.5 years serving proudly. Andy says he knows because the brave man spent 8 years in lol yeah sitting behind a desk wiining” Don’t get me wrong we also needed those that sat behind a desk. everyone had or has a job to do so we all can win and come home safe.

  • art

    Stop with the back stabbing, we have the constitution and bill of rights that give us more freedoms then any other people in history and have paid a tremendous price for that freedom (add up all the American KIA’s, WIA’s, and MIA’s since Geo. Washington put together the first defenders of our constitution). regardless of what you did, or where or when you served if you put on the uniform and were “willing” to die 24/7 to protect and defend those freedoms them you deserve more then ANYONE else that didn’t and yet still enjoy;s those freedoms…. It would serve all Americans well to remember that the most expensive thing we own is our freedom… and “someone” paid the price…. So, What have YOU paid and how much is your freedom worth???

    • Cotie

      very well said

      • Chuck

        God bless anyone that puts on the uniform. …..Enough said.

  • GI Joe

    The only GI JOE good job I am still here looking at u all Army of one

  • karla
  • cindy

    There is no reason for the name calling. Thank you for serving. If you look at your LES statement with the new tax thing we didn’t get a raise Yes it might say we did however, My husband check is less at mid-month pay now. Jim old military a lot might have had a 8-4 job not my husband job, not ever. He is an Enlisted soldier and since 9-11 hasn’t even been close to those hours working, he works most every weekend. You might be thinking about bases that have a class room setting, but what you don’t see there is, all the hours they do prepping for the classes before and after those times or doing it at home. We are currently at a high tech training facility where they have missions going on all the time with minimal time off they could work weeks straight with no time off . We are paid the same amount every month. Most civilian’s job you would have overtime pay. Here, not my husband, no overtime pay here. I work for the local police dept our officers received raises not much and they get paid overtime and paid time off and pd holidays. Do I think they get paid enough for what they do, NO. Do I think my husband gets paid enough for what he does, NO. My husband doesn’t receive very many paid holidays off. Do some military persons, yes however if there is a mission going on over presidents day my husband is working, Christmas is a maybe it depends on where he is OVERSEAS NO, If there is mission going on over Easter my husband is working, no extra pay in his pay check, no holiday pay, no overtime pay. My husband has served over seas a few times. I cant not get back the time we didn’t get to be together when he was gone. All the missed holidays, birthdays anniversaries, kids taking first steps, dance recitals, ect.. Its hard for me to have the career I want, with him working all the crazy hours that he does. Plus with us moving every 3 years my license doesn’t transfer to every state. So we our sacrificing my career for his career something he loves to do, so I can be home on the weekends with our children (yes our choice) but he is still not home with us. Plus huge pay cut for me because my license doesn’t transfer. Part 1 of many

  • cindy

    part 2 more At one point in our marriage I calculated all the times he has been away from us(our family); from his working on the weekends(all military), to his military schools, special training, deployments and more and at that point in our marriage he had been gone from us a total of 5 YEARS. I calculated that BACK IN 2005 before, we are at this training base 2010 now its 2013. I don’t even want to calculated it now, it would be too depressing.

    Yes do I think we need to do something about this crazy state our country is in yes? How about quit sending our jobs overseas for 1 or if we are going to have trades with other countries let’s make it even trading. You like stats go look this up for every 10 foreign cars sent to the United States we can only send 6 American made cars overseas. How about being 10/10 even fair, be a fair trade market. How about not bailing out all those banks, maybe they would have been more willing to work with the people, if we hadn’t bailed them out. I had seen many people lose their homes because banks weren’t willing to work with the people. o How about our congress people and senators taking a pay cut. Oh did you hear that VP BIDEN getting a pay raise how about a pay cut. What about all the white house staffers do we really need all of them? And there pay raises. Most of our service members, police, firefighters emt’s, ect.. Will never make the kind of money the people in DC do and they put their lives on the line part 2 more coming

  • cindy

    emt’s, ect.. Will never make the kind of money the people in DC do and they put their lives on the line every day. The people in DC (talking congress and senate) also only work HALF as much hours as these service people do and they have way more vacation time, better retirements, oh and they don have to pay into social security. Hmm I wonder why it is because it sucks maybe. Just maybe if they would have to deal with social security themselves, we might see real reform over the system. Or if they had to live on service people salaries they might have real answers for real everyday people. I like to see them live on what we make for a couple of years. Maybe it would be nice if the President would take a pay cut and plus instead of sending 5 body guards to school with his kids maybe two or three. Also why do we need to continue to pay security for presidents that haven’t been in the White House for 10 -15 years (maybe limit the number of years they receive these special services) or maybe cut back on half of those security details. Also why are we continuing paying all those government people for years later their salaries plus retirement, security details, plus all the other amenities they received? What about all the wasteful spending like “the bridge to nowhere”, when we can’t even keep up on the ones we have. We need real change for real people today. However the only way we are going to get that is if the people in Washington start working for the everyday common people like you and me. I think they really have loose reality on how hard it is to make ends meat out here. I like to see them make it on a E7 PAY AND THE WIFE ONLY WORKING PART-TIME BECAUSE MY LICENSE DOESN’T TRANSFER FROM STATE TO STATE.

    part 3 more

  • cindy

    Let’s see all them starting from the top (president) all the way down to the Governors of each state live on what an E-7 makes for the next 3 years and see what kind of changes come down the pipe line. I bet it wouldn’t even take 3 years. We do need to make huge changes I agree with you on that.
    I would like us to drill for oil on own land here and not be dependent on foreign oil. They have the Technology now that would not hurt the environment. So let’s use it. I would like to see more solar technology in use too, like in the desert areas. We have the knowhow to make our cars have even longer life on the gas we use(longer then what we have right now), so let’s do it. You want someone to take a pay cut what about those big industries that our sucking the life out of our wallets with the gas prices and driving everything else up in price too.

    I love my country and I love my husband serving our country. We as a family make great sacrifices everyday for our country. That 1.7% is peanuts compare to the other areas of our governments that receive raises. Plus with the new taxes, we didn’t even make a dime more it just goes back to the government in the form of taxes. So Jim maybe you forgot or just maybe you didn’t know how much our military change after 911. It’s not the same military. I have been with my husband 20+ years and have seen it change so much and sat with many of families as their service member was sent off to war. Were you there for those crying children, because there parent was gone. Were you there when the spouse had to learn to tackle on not just being a parent but being both parents, and picking up the other person house hold duties. Managing a check book, mowing the lawn, fixing a car and a washing machine. Waiting by the phone because your solider was suppose to call but didn’t and 3 days later you still hadn’t heard wondering if there were alive or if you was going to get that knock on the door. Were you there for them? Are you there for them? My biggest and most upset complaint is when; someone tells me I choose this life. That’s when I want to reach across the table and smack someone. I fell in love with someone who chooses to serve his country, yes I am proud of him. I don’t get paid any extra for my husband to serve our country,. As a matter of fact we would probably make more money if he didn’t serve because i could have my career in my chosen field. No one but another military family knows what you go through and I am sorry Jim if you don’t remember all of this. last part

    • Cindy,

      So why no start out comparing a Private under 4 months with an E-7 instead of the President of the United States, otherwise your comparison makes no point.

  • Greyeagle

    This is to Cindy. Girl, you are more than right on. You have marvelously described my and my family’s 22 years in the military, 11 years enlisted and 11 years commissioned. We had three growing daughters and I cannot count the events and important occasion I missed in their lives, because of all the absences, many transfers that was mostly paid for out of my own pocket, dirty houses to rent, second jobs to make money stretch to the end of the month, which seldom did. Looking back, I do not regret any of it, but, like you fairness and being compensated for the many hours “overtime” doing 24/7 duty in some god forsaken shit hole, and never knowing when you will get back home. Our reward, a chest full of ribbons for me and only heartache and fear for the spouse and children. Did not even have time to take advantage of the GI bill while most others could. I am proud of the stalwart sacrifices my now deceased spouse made on my behalf and I am proud of my service accomplishment for my country. So, I am extremely happy there are those like you who are willing to speak the truth about the system. Keep it up.

  • J.Wer

    Please do not cry over a 1.7% (ONLY) pay increase . . . Your Congress Reps need the rest of the money to build the “Bridges to Nowhere” in your states!!!!

    It not only makes them live better and more prosperous but leave their name as a legacy in your states!!!

  • Taz


    Members of Congress are eligible for a pension at age 62 if they have completed at least five years of service.

    Sounds good to me-

    They are eligible for a pension at age 50 if they have completed 20 years of service, or at any age after completing 25 years of service. The amount of the pension depends on years of service and the average of the highest three years of salary. By law, the starting amount of a member’s retirement annuity may not exceed 80 percent of his or her final salary

    House and Senate pensions still draw criticism for being overly generous. The conservative National Taxpayers Union issued a report in 2005 that highlighted some of the highest pensions. And it is true that House and Senate members get a better deal than ordinary federal employees.

    • Taz,

      You left this out of the 2nd paragraph you posted.

      “Members of Congress get more pension credit for each year of service, but also have less job security.”

  • Taz

    The current salary for rank and file House and Senate members, is $165,200 per year

    You can do the math on the 40, 50, 60, 70, 80% of that.

  • Eddie

    To all elected officials and politicians. Do not mess with the military budget. Becuase of the military folks past and present is why you call yourselves politicians. Leave them alone and learn to say Thank You. Becaus eof them we are a free people. Not as how God meant it to be. We are not there yet but we are free.

    • yah

      FREE* Define free.

  • One Nation

    I’m in AF Intelligence working 12 hours a day to support our warriors on the ground making junior enlisted pay where in the private sector I could be making well over $100,000 doing the exact same job. My point is that once my enlistment is up i’m bailing because there is no insintive for me to stay in and the AF, put up with all the bs, and make no money. Now the AF will then have to spend another half a million dollars training a new body to replace me.

    • Josh

      This is where you have made a terrible mistake. You don’t join the Armed Forces of the United States because you want to be among the highest paid professionals in the country. You join because you want to protect the freedoms and privileges that you so freely enjoy. I absolutely deplore people who complain about the armed forces when they joined of their own free will. The pay charts are public information and you knew what you would be earning long before you signed that contract. Whether you are serving in a deloyed enviroment or working stateside, active duty military life is rough. You don’t clock watch or get paid overtime, you don’t get to choose what duties you do, and you have little choice when it comes to where you live and for how long. There are few professions that ask so much. Any Service Member who has served his country honorably deserves the utmost respect. PERIOD

  • Don Bowersox

    Every pay raise that I can remember in the Corps –shortly thereafter there were price increases in the Exchange and Commissary. Now retired-my pay raises are balanced with raises in my medical copay. Thanx a lot

  • Cat

    Regardless of the days we may or may not spend going home early from office work. When it comes to deployments we’re away from our loved ones. My husband and I are both active duty and flyers. We sacrifice our time apart so someone can be with the kids. Don’t get me wrong we love what we do and are a volunteer force. However, those who are retired and may have had the luxury of an 8-5 job constantly…times have change I assure you. Nothing will ever get me back my time as a mother and the joy I’ve missed coming home to them when they’re little, but I love my country and believe in what I do. I believe that no matter what job we do at home or away it’s a joint cause that gives our country the protection and freedom we’ve grown to love and know. And to those men and women on the ground, I’ll keep flying and protecting them even if Congress has the audacity to go below 1.7 percent or take away pay. That I promise. Lastly, those who have sacrificed in the civilian sector by taking pay cuts, enjoy the life you have kissing your loved ones every night even if they’re already in bed.

  • Ranger1989

    A MAN WHO DEFENDS HIS COUNTRY SHOULD GET HIGHER PAY THAN a man who defends a baseball, basketball, puck or football. America – land of the free and home of the chicken shit REMFs.

    • Ranger1989,

      Our Constitution allows us on our own to pick and chose the job we want and qualify for. Knowing what the job is and what it pays in the beginning and then after signing up to start complaining makes no sense to me at all. I meant chit, we took the job, and then we continue to Reenlist and continue to complain about what it pays and what our our benefits will be when we retire. WHY NOT just get out and get that civilian job that people say pays 10 times as much as the Military pays for doing the same thing.

      Just saying.

  • glenn

    Before you even can think about reducing benefits of the military , take a look at civilian government service, federal government , state , county ,city.

    • Audrey M.

      You can say that again and again. The people in Congress are a mockery of a real working Congress. All should be sent back to their home states and start all over.

  • Alan S.

    I am also retired with 23 years in the Army. I did more Combat Tours than I can count on one hand. If you ask me the military has always been under played and I don’t guess it will never change. We deserve a lot more respect than what we receive.
    I can’t believe they want to change our Retirement system to age 60. There aren’t many folks that would put there self through what we have in order to keep our Country free.

    • Mike

      My son…ask who you vote for. It is the Republican House and the Republican Senate that is stopping these pay raises.

  • Audrey M.

    The military and other who serve and protect certainly are due a pay raise not decrease in pay a hella of lot more than Congress continuing giving themselves raises without asking anybody’s permission. How about that ??? Go figure sit on your behind, do nothing and reap the benefits while other are protecting you so you can live the life of riley and we get food stamps.,

  • Pat624

    Hello, it’s 2015.