Avoiding the ‘Fiscal Cliff’ May be as Painful as Going Over It

This week Tom Philpott reported that the Congressional Budget Office has put a red “laser dot” on future pay raises, TRICARE, and future retirement benefits.

In their report, the CBO says annual military pay raises have exceeded civilian wage growth over the last 10 years. In fact the CBO estimates that military pay increased by 52 percent from 2002 to 2010 while civilian wages rose only 24 percent.

Read the Costs of Military Pay and Benefits in the Defense Budget online.

The CBO says that any impact reducing pay increases might have on recruiting and retention can be mitigated by offering larger enlistment and reenlistment bonuses.   The CBO pay cap option would mean military pay would lose nine percent to private sector wage growth over the five-year period.

The CBO also suggests an option to raise TRICARE enrollment fees, deductibles or copayments, actions also proposed by the administration last April.  For working-age retirees, those under 65, fee hikes should be phased over five years and use a “tiered approach” so that senior-grade retirees would pay higher fees than lower-ranking retirees.

Philpott reports that the CBO says higher enrollment fees not only would raise collections but also discourage retirees and families from relying on military health care versus civilian employer health insurance.  Higher deductibles and co-pays would restrain use of medical services too and also lower TRICARE costs.

The report estimates that out-of-pocket costs to military beneficiaries today are just one-fifth of what civilian workers pay for healthcare.  Unless fees are raised, CBO projects that military health care costs will jump from $51 billion in 2013 to $77 billion (in 2013 dollars) by 2017.

The plan to discourage retirees and families from relying on TRICARE has some support in the Senate.

CBO says restricting Prime access to retirees under 65 and their family members would save as much as $10 billion a year.

The servicemembers and retirees should be aware that the deal to avoid the “fiscal cliff” is likely to impact their families as much as the sequestration itself.

Let your elected officials know how you feel about this subject.

Read Tom Philpott’s “Military Update” for complete summary of the CBO report.

About the Author

Terry Howell
Before becoming the Managing Editor for Military.com, Terry served 20 years in the U.S. Coast Guard as an Aviation Electrician’s Mate and aircrewman. In his final role in the Coast Guard, Terry served as a Career Development Advisor, where he provided career, finance, education, and benefits counseling to servicemembers and their families. Since retiring from the Coast Guard, Terry has authored the book, The Military Advantage, managed the content for TurboTap, the DoD's online transition program and VAforVets, the VA's transition assistance website. Terry earned both his Bachelor's and MBA at Corban University using Military Tuition Assistance and his GI Bill benefits to help cover the cost.
  • Idmtmedic

    Mk???? Your post is a bit off. What’s goin on?

    • Kelly Kafir

      TBI is my guess…

  • Shawna

    “The report estimates that out-of-pocket costs to military beneficiaries today are just one-fifth of what civilian workers pay for healthcare.”

    AND????? Did these civilian workers deploy anywhere or join the military???? Probably not……Were these civilian workers promised free healthcare for the rest of their lives….HUH NO………Why are we comparing apples to oranges here?!!?

    • FrankM Lima

      I feel that the Military should at LEAST honer the contract that the individual made with them when the contract was signed.
      If the military can change there contract with us whose to say we have to go to war if we don’t want to.
      We fight and Die for our country,the civilian population doesn’t do that ,so by default we should get the extra pay for over seas and war torn country that the U.S.A. Sends us to
      Tax the rich more and leave the middle class alone;leaving the rich with there tax cuts”Do your really honestly think the trickle down theory works, com on get your head out of the sand”.It goes back in there paocket as a profit margin increase.
      What we need is Indipendants in office instead of
      democrats or Republicans,then the country would get the help they need as it would be for the good of the people , all the people!
      And I’m not affraid to sign it.
      Frank M Lima
      U.S.A.F. Retired

      • JP

        I agree. A contract is a contract that should be legally binding. Change future contracts as needed but not those already in place.

      • RN

        Frank Lima… You weren’t a first sergeant back in the late nineties were you? 93d Training Sq?

    • donb51

      After 10 years of War, they now want to compare military service equally to civilians….they always do this.

    • KenP

      “Were these civilian workers promised free healthcare for the rest of their lives….”

      Well when I enlisted in 1974, I wasn’t. I had to go back and check my enlistment papers because I THOUGHT that I had been but it was just my recruiter blowing smoke up my behind to make his quota

      After a little digging I’ve come to the conclusion that if such a bennie ever was reality, it disappeared about the time that the VieteNam ramp up commenced

  • Mr. Warmth

    I read Philpot’s article and Senator John McCain is one of the Senators pushing for drastic changes in retiree Tricare medical coverage. With friends like the good Senator, who needs enemies. He must think we all got married to a rich heiress when we left the service.

  • Jessie

    How about Congress takes a pay cut? Better yet…everybody just get out of the military. Let’s leave the country vulnerable. I mean apparently we aren’t of any value anyways. It’s not like military families don’t deserve their pay. How many holidays have come and gone where my husband was deployed? How many years of his children’s lives has he missed? How many friends have gotten injured or killed? And all for what? Our government disgusts me. Stop using the military as a scapegoat for your out of control spending and lack of sound fiscal judgement.

    • Linda

      AMEN!! Let’s make them pay for student loans, take pay cuts, change their medical coverage and reduce their retirment benefits!!! My husband worked 33 years in the military. He deserves every benefit we have. They complain about the percentage of pay raises, do they realize that when we were on active duty we were considered at poverty level. I could not get public assistance because my husband was over E-6.

    • Dave

      I think congress should start by cutting their own rediculouse salary by more then 50%. Then get them off the super health care plan and make them have only Tricare. Then cut out there pension by the same percentage they want to cut the militaries. Then up the requirement for them to even get a pension unless they put in 20 or more years. They should tighten there own belts instead of living large on the back of the American people in big houses and private jets. Cut out their perks, I feel like this is turning into Rome.

    • CWO4-747

      Everyone get out? Then they’ll draft folks at the lower rates.

      Heck they started taking benefits away a long time ago with Champus, etc.

  • Trex11B4P

    Sounds like we are still cannon fodder

  • Patriot

    If all is true about McCain its good he didn’t become president,I think its way past time for all the old senators to be fired but I’m just one voice.

    • twcat64

      Sorry I ever wasted my vote on the the faithless bastard.

  • Michael

    I love how the CBO likes to compare military benefits to those in the civilian sector. CBO, let me ask, how many civilian sector jobs ask you to put your life on the line, Literally, as part of your job? How many civilian sector jobs strip you of your constitutional rights as part of service? How many civilian jobs order you away from your family, under penalty of imprisonment if you refuse, as part of service.
    Now, if there are sweeping adjustments to military benefits; they had better be mirrored by the same adjustments to Senators and Congressman Retirements! I realize that there are many fewer Senators and Congressman, and therefore the impact not as great, but hey, every penny counts right!
    And I second the notion that if you want to continue to take from those who give all, then those who give all should simply walk away…but you know what, they won’t, they have integrity. Unlike those who are making these decisions.
    How about we cut welfare! I mean all together take away from those who do absolutely nothing to help this country before we consider taking away from those who sacrifice daily for the country!
    Retired US Navy

    • bud small

      do you know what fat chance is????????????

  • Mario

    Not sure what my man was talking about but he’s pretty upset as all of us retirees should be. We did serve our country and were promised health care among other things. I just wonder if Congress is looking at cutting their health care maybe cutting their pay raises, and some pork instead of our benefits….

    • KenP

      “maybe cutting their pay raises”

      I’d settle for Congress getting the same annual COLA that is applied to military retired pay and Social Security

  • Alice Nicastro

    To stop pay raises for our Military is just plain ridiculous. These brave men and women joined (GET IT>>>THEY JOINED) and to compare them to civilians is like comparing civilians with convicts… How are we ever going to repay these brave Military personnel for risking their lives…PAY THEM AND THEIR FAMILIES THEIR DUE…GOD BLESS OUR MILITARY…..

  • Fred

    Congress should take a pay cut..also Congress needs to be under the health care system I’m under….bet there wouldn’t any cuts then..I did my 20 years for this country and this is what’s its all about now…….yes I say its time we got a new congress in Office..as for Senator John McCain….I;m a shame to know I served in the service with such a low life….thanks GOD he not my senator…he and his kind all need booted out of office…..Just saying

    • alan

      McCain is not for the Vets for sure

  • D. Hill

    “The plan to discourage retirees and families from relying on TRICARE has some support in the Senate.” SENATE?… The reason we rely on TRICARE so much is that the MILITARY SERVICE we provided BROKE our bodies at a rate higher than our civilian counter part. NONE of my high school friends are as broke down as I am after 22 years of US Marine Service. I need cheaper insurance to help with the damage YOU CAUSED.

    • donb51

      Amen, my brother!

      • Damien

        Dang straight

  • Willie

    They,want the Veterans to ,Watch how good THEY get treated????

  • Michael

    I would like to add on to D. Hill’s comments about the abuse our bodies take in a career of service to our country. I second that notion, but also if the Congress and the CBO would consider as well, our healthcare throughout our service is considered as part of our compensation, therefore reflecting a much smaller pay raise year-to-year over time. Now, on top of that, our retirement pay is based only on our Base Pay. Couple these two facts together with D. Hill’s note, and you will see why our Tricare costs what it does. Oh and dear “Honorable” Congressman and Senator, what will you pay for health care when you retire after only one term?


  • donb51

    Now that they don’t need you anymore after 10 years of War, it is easy to compare you to plain ole civilians. As a Vietnam vet, I have seen this so many times that sometimes I wish our young kids would no longer VOLUNTEER for anything.

  • Owen

    However they think and whatever they do to act in order to help avoid this, “fiscal cliff” they still don’t get it. congress once again, for the fifth year in a row, got a pay raise, and will continue to do so automatically, while everything else and everyone else they have control over is targetted for cuts. Does that open any eyes?

  • Scott

    It’s so easy for people making nearly $200k per year and have their medical insurance taken care of to raise costs for others. After 20 years of service, this is the thanks we are going to receive? What about those of us who don’t use civilian medical benefits? We just have to pay the higher cost anyway?

  • Bonnie

    My country tis of thee,sweet land of liberty,of thee We see.
    Folks face it, we have no military anymore,homos,lezzes and cy babies in full metal jackazzes.
    Face it, we been had big time.

  • senior

    When I was active, our pay was also about 1/5 that of a civilian, I did not hear the CBO complaining then. I think with all this civilian comparison it is time to have a civilian military with a union. Seems all the feds in unions do not get touched. Why is it that we must always be compared with civilian bennies when most civies do not come close to what we did? Also, on closing, the Obama administration had wanted this to be done to force us into his insurance exhange.

    • Damien

      How did that jack ass get elected again?

  • mberumen

    It’s incredible how Congress always targets the military when cuts are needed. I suppose its because, wer’re the easiest target. We’ve learned to snap to attention and salute smartly, without question. Imagine the uproar and riot if some of welfare benefits were cut! Or, for some strange reason we tell a country to rebuild itself! Or, better yet regulate those who charge $100 foir a baby asprin. You get the jist we as Americans are over charged for everything. Further, how can we even count a raise as matching with our civilian counterparts when we get a 3.5 raise it all goes to the increase in food, clothes, electricity, water, and gas. At least our civilian counterparts when they get 7.5 increase they at best stay 2.5 ahead of military people. That’s been going on for decades.

  • JSimp

    I totally agree with all who are posting about the false comparison of Military to Private Sector pay and benefits…what a bunch of crap…are the employees at Walmart, Bain, Ford, Burger King, etc deployed and “serving” their country? Did they swear an oath to “support and defend…”, did they get shot at, are they “service diabled veterans of foreign wars, did they see their children being born or were they deploied to a Chick Fillet in Afghanistan and meet their child when they got back and the kid was already walking an talking? Seriously! We need to band together as a “special interest group” and vote against every incumbant everytime until they are forced to put term limits on themselves and stop coming after those who have faithfully and truly served their country.

    • Michael

      I could not agree more! There are more Veterans running around this country than there are positions in the Congress! I’ve been saying for years that we need Term Limits on every member of Congress! Our founding fathers were not “professional politicians” and I don’t believe ever thought we would ever have such a thing! It’s time for these thieves, and let’s face it that’s what they are at this point, need to get out of DC, and the Common American needs to take their place!

    • MRL

      I very much agree – with everything you said. However, the American people (I should say “stupid people”) had the chance on Nov 6 to vote out many of the bastards – including the so called “commander in chief,” and they did not. We’re being held prisoner by our own country (and man of its people)!

    • Damien

      I have to agree and personally.. We need to utilize the power built into the Constitution that allows us to fire all of our government officials without regards to election time.

  • sfc_ret91

    As I sit here in my wheelchair after 24 years (I would have stayed in longer if I had not lost the use of my legs) in the Army and see these politicians that never served a day walkling about on CSPAN complaining about how hard they have it, I wonder how they will answer God’s question: “and what did you do for the freedoms that your vets shed their blood for?”

  • avery_ds

    Help me out I don’t see anything about the Federal Employees getting the shaft!.

    • Pennydove

      Don’t worry… they will be next.

      • Ted

        I doubt it. They have a Union to protect them. The military…..no so much.

        • Dennis

          The Union is a joke. It has not stopped the three year pay freeze.

    • dk7245

      I am military retired and a Fed. Federal Employees were actually targeted first, but no matter it is unreasonable for either group to take such a hit. Paul Ryan and his freaking reason is that both Military and Federal Employee are out of line with the rest of the country, with is total B.S. Our lawmaker will say whatever they can to take the heat off of them and put it on Feds or Military. When it’s them who are to blame for this country to be in the financial situation it is. They have not said one damn thing about cutting their pensions or salaries.

      Check the number of offices your SEN or REP has outside of Washington. I promise it’s between 3-5 and maybe 6 in some cases. There is no reason for this, give them one in D.C. and one in their state and that all. That would save hundreds of millions right there over a 5 year period.

    • JJ Smith

      Fed employees haven’t gotten a pay raise in 2 to 3 years (depending on grade), have seen healthcare costs continually rise, and are now having to pay more towards retirement, which is only 1% per year of service. Thus, Fed employees have been taking it in the shorts, especially since most of the fed workforce is in the DC area where housing costs have continued to rise while salaries don’t.

    • parradox

      They already have. I am a federal employee and we are begining our third year of a pay freeze…and yes, many of us do deploy. I would be in support of this IF I really thought the government would cut spending overall and reduce the deficit. Instead it seems they have used the savings from our pay freeze to fund 99 weeks of unemployment and to expand welfare benefits. Change we can believe in.

  • Russell Fisher

    Senator Dean Heller (NV) and Oregon Rep Greg Walden have begun inquiries into DOD’s plans regarding this issue.

    There are several news article covering this topic already.

    The only way to stop this action on moving those currently on Tricare Prime to Tricare Standard, and who reside outside the 40 mile radius is to make your voice heard.

    I have started an online petition and a facebook page to keep those involved updated with the latest news. Please contact me for more information.

    • Diane Peters

      please send me your facebook page info and your online petition to dmpeters0718@yahoo.com. Thank you.

      • Russell Fisher

        Will do!

      • OBUMMER

        Please send to Bassinx@yahoo.com.

        How does livingi 40 miles out effect them? I go in for basic service and the referal me miles away from them!!!!!!

    • krista

      Please send me your facebook page info and the petition also to kristaharder@gmail.com…..thanks.

      • Russell Fisher


        I sent you the links. Thanks!

        Russ Fisher

    • Glen B.

      Where can I find your online petition so I can add my name?

    • Spectra13

      It is about time to put a stop to the crazies in DC. I have been attempting to get more people involved with the stripping of benefits for both active and retired. Now is as good a time to ignite the fire. If you could forward your email address, I would like to communicate and work with you.

      CMSgt Ret
      W. Willis

    • J.Wm. Rickman, Jr.

      Dang Right !!! I’ll Sign your PETITION !!! Please send me your Petition Contact Info. My E-mail is noted below…

      Thanks for your help…

      J.Wm. Rickman, Jr.
      AT1 (E-6) USN (Ret)

      • Russell Fisher

        Mr Rickman, your email address was not there. Here is mine, jcdtrader@gmail.com

    • Kathy Robertson

      More info please.Thanks

    • marie ennis

      please send me your facebook page at mennis18@comcast.net thank you

      • Russell Fisher

        Marie, I sent you the links. Thank you.

        Russ Fisher

    • Martin Koellhoffer

      Send me the petition. I’m a Vietnam Era veteran and am 100% totally disabled, service connected. martyk60@gmail.com. Please, and let me know the facebook page and I’ll “like” it and “friend” it if possible. My wife is on Tricare as is my daughter and two grandkids because my son is on active duty in the Army. Something must be done to keep our benefits. If my benefits were cut we’d have to move and change our entire way of life. Make the House and Senate cut theirs to show their appreciation of our sacrifices.

      • Russell Fisher


        It’s on the way to you

        Russ Fisher

        • tanooki23

          Russ, Hi and Thank you! Please me the links/petition as well
          God Bless!

    • Joe Helminiak

      Put the petition on http://www.change.org/ and we can get many more people on board. 25,000 is needed to be seen on the hill

      • Russell Fisher

        Joe, that is where the petition is. If you send me your email address I can send you the link to it.

        Russ Fisher

    • Gary Crews

      I want to sign the petition email gpsscrews@aol.com

      • Russell Fisher

        Gary, it’s on the way to you.

        Russ Fisher

    • Ann Templeton

      Please send me you facebook page info and your online petition to atempleton5@triad.rr.com. We are with you all the way. I am sick and tired of not knowing what these people are going to do. How can the American people be so blind and stupid?

      • Russell Fisher

        Ann it’s on the way to you.

        Russ Fisgher

        • Cory Menard
          • Cory Menard,

            Just a note, this ‘Fiscal Cliff’ news has expired. It’s old news.

    • Scott

      Russell this topic is huge! What is the facebook page so I can support the effort?

      • Russell Fisher

        Scott, unfortunately, I do not believe we are allowed to post links here. So i will post my email address and you can email me for the information.

        Russ Fisher


    • L. Van

      please send me your facebook page info for online petition to
      Thank you

      • Russell Fisher

        L. Van, it’s on the way

        Russ Fisher

    • James

      Please send me your online petition and Facebook page info to jimbo61@bellsouth.net

      • Russell Fisher

        James it’s on the way

        Russ Fisher

    • jwl

      Please send your facebook page and petition info to jwlydie@gmail.com. Thanks

      • Russell Fisher

        jwl, it’s on the way

    • CWO4-747

      I was in VN, Bosnia and Kosovo. Send me the link, pse.

      • Russell Fisher

        It’s on the way

        Russ Fisher

    • BM1

      Please send me the fb page and the petition ***********@*****.*** I will sign it. I was medically retired after 15 years so I completely understand
      Boats USN RET

      • Russell Fisher

        It’s on the way

        Russ Fisher

    • tbake

      I wrote to my Senator (McCain) last week questioning this 40 mile rule that I’m hearing will go into effect in several months. Have yet to receive a reply . Luckily 2 of my 3 kids have good employment and med coverage.

    • Coltom

      Please send me the info on the petition and fb page.


      • Russell Fisher

        Here is my email address. There is no email listed here for you.


        Russell Fisher

    • Dan Pawlowski

      Russell, et al,
      There is also another option, there is a link to your representatives and the President in all of these stories. Please use that link and let them know how you feel. If enough of us veterans put pressure on them by filling their in boxes maybe they will wake up to the fact that we are not to be taken lightly. We also have to quit playing the blame game, both parties don’t give a crap about us. There is less than 5% of Congress that has actually served so why should they even think about protecting us and what was promised if we don’t let our feelings be known!! WRITE THESE CLOWNS AND LET THEM KNOW!!!!!

      Dan Pawlowski
      USAF ret

      • Russell Fisher

        Dan, I have a link for contacting our elected officials on my facebook page and on the petition website. Here is my email address: jcdtrader@gmail.com

        We must take action instead of standing around complaining.

        Our strength is united in numbers.

        Russ Fisher

    • AF Retired

      Me too Russell,

      FB page and petition info to robb@komputec.com


      • Russell Fisher

        AF Retired,

        It’s on the way to you

        Russ Fisher

    • greg

      gtaranowski@cfl.,rr.com retired USN

      • Russell Fisher

        Greg, it’s on the way

    • BOSN1995

      Russell – I have a sneaky suspicion that the media is up to “NO GOOD” once again. I can’t and won’t believe the Senate, House nor the President would allow these cuts or freezes to happen. The military are too valuable to America’s mission. I wouldn’t put too much stock into the latest drivel coming out of the media. I have to believe in the Dems / Reps to do the right thing.

      • Russell Fisher


        Believe what you will, but I am not going to get caught flat footed. I would rather be proactive rather than reactive.

        If you want to join, here is my email address, jcdtrader@gmail.com

      • topgunny98

        The ONLY government entity that the American people trust/respect is the Military. The public is on our side, for once, but the easy solution (for Congress) is to attack the 1% that serves in the military and the 28% of that number that actually makes it to retirement.

        I don’t have an issue helping solve the fiscal crisis on our backs but only after the entitlement program recipients are required to pass a drug screening; foreign aide requires receiving governments to vote lockstep with us in all matters UN; English is the official language of the US and all ballots are printed only in ENGLISH.

        Think we are safe in assuming none of these will occur

    • T.G.

      Hi, I would like to get involve in your online petition, please email me the link at gohh7@hotmail.com.Thanks.

    • Robert Martin

      Senator Heller,

      It makes no sense to increase the cost to retirees who live outside of 40 miles from a military facility who provides medical services for free. I live about 175 miles from a military hospital and if I lived closer I would use a military facility. What is the intent here? I don’t see why my family and I are penalized and pay higher cost. I would gladly drive 50 miles to a facility, but not 175 miles. Someone needs to use some common sense. If the range is extended to say 60 miles that might be feasible, but to penalize a retiree and family in such a manner beyond that is wrong. I personally served 35 years in the army, beginning with Vietnam thru the war of Iraq. Increasing the rate paid is one thing, but increasing the rate paid for retirees because of the long distance from a military medical facility is another. Thank you for your time.

      Colonel Martin

    • Guest

      As long as Congress pays out the promised 1.55 billion cost to fund our 20 mile steel on steel elevated rail system from Ewa plain to our Ala Moana Shopping Center. After that everyone else should bite the bullet to help reduce the Federal spending. It’s a good thing that the Chairman of the Senate Appropriations Committee is from Hawaii and will okay the funding for our rail system.

    • Idmtmedic

      Send this to Charles Bryant, aka” last to support anything regarding veterans issues”.

    • Irv DeWald

      I fully feel the same as you. It appears that once the jerks are elected to office their true colors show. All senators, congressmen and the pesident need to be put on social security and medicare as all of the other tax paying citizens of the USA. No matter who gets in office any more it is for PERSONAL GAIN and not for the people who of the nation. They all need to thrown out of office.

      • Irv DeWald,

        “All senators, congressmen and the pesident need to be put on social security and medicare as all of the other tax paying citizens of the USA.”

        They are on Social Security and Medicare already.

  • Jeff

    man….I picked the wrong job…just think guys…had we been smart enough to go to Senate/Congress….we could get some good cash flow after 1 term (think it’s like 150k+ for life)…free medical….free college for our kids….all sortsa cool stuff…but no, stupid us we decide to serve our country, spend coutless months/years away from our loved ones, we miss holidays, birthdays, deaths and all just to get no lube in the long run. But hey, as long as they are happy, who gives a rats a** about all of my brothers and sisters in arms (past and current)…as stated before, cut welfare, cut senate/congress pay (maybe put them on tricare)…maybe put senate/congress on OUR payscale.

  • Art

    I would really like to know how many here voted for Obama or didn’t vote at all

    • twcat64

      Art, this isn’t just Obama. McCain led the charge and a whole bunch of Senators and Congressman from both parties voted for this. I guess screwing over vets is the one thing both parties can agree on. I say its time for a legitimate third party.


      • Tim

        I agree, the two party system does not work, and that is the problem they don’t work. There should be a new party and I say it should be called the AMERICAN PARTY, run by Americans for Americans.

    • Jim

      I don’t really know what re-electing the President has to do with this. It’s a Republican Congress that is behind this!!!

      • Tim

        Thank you.

    • Joe

      This country has reached the point at which all the (I don’t want to serve,I don’t want to work, I want you to GIVE it to me) people are the majority voters. Hold on folks,it’s going to get much worse for Americans in this country. US Army retired

    • george

      Obama is not the problem look at the history , you can’t go to war on a credit. start by Bush and go up. DAV vet 100%

    • J Storck

      The TriCare change has been in the works since 2007 under a previous administration.

      • Idmtmedic

        J? So was ALOT of other policies.

  • Garland

    Just plain crazy! Yeah serve and then get the knife in the back. As I echo others comments stop the free money to those who CAN work and freeze the congressmen pay and take their bennies away. See how that feels. Of course trust no one…the truth is out there.

  • C. Page

    I’d say the consensus is in, and it’s time to cut your benefits, “Congress, Senate, and Staffer’s, and any other people working that get paid by tax dollars, before cutting or raising again, the cost of those who served willingly and proudly. No way should any politician, and I mean ANY, that has not served a minimum of 20 years of service to their country should be entitled to retirement and benefits for life. Prorate, if you serve 4, the get 4-8 years of the same benefits as you give those that serve in the military.

  • C. Page

    If you’re so willing to take, then be willing to give! Stop foreign aid, help New Orleans and the East Coast, before helping foreign governments. Stop giving away our hard earned dollars to law breakers (I’m not talking the kids!) And this is from a 2nd generation LEGAL Immigrant! Stop spending outrageous sums of money on printing anything and everything, including DMV paper work and voting ballots on anything but ENGLISH, a common language established by our forefathers as a common ground for all. Use common sense for a change. Don’t ask, if you’re not willing to sacrifice. Lead, lead right and we will follow. But know now that the lamb has been slaughtered and we are now awake and will no longer follow along blindly!

    • JPC

      well said

  • Aaron

    Who do they think is under the age of 65 and retired? What about all of those “medically retired” guys (like me) who paid the cost for war with our bodies, and are relying on Tricare to ensure our family isn’t screwed out of healthcare (and my family sacrificed on every deployment I went on). I am 100% IU and I can’t currently work, and if I am every able to my earnings will be less then they were – my family doesn’t deserve this. Make an exception for medically retired vets that served in combat or I will put a bull-eye on voting out every politician that supports or votes for such a compromise that throws they guys that sacrificed the most under the bus.

  • Disappointed

    Again taking more from us..congress has a one term pension for life..they don’t pay for medical..they give themselves pay raises every year…all the perks and benifits they have coming out of our taxas..you neeed to clean up Washington first. heres some ideas..cut your pay, stop your pension plan, pay more tax..pay into social security, stop the over one half trillion a year taking care of illegals, greate more jobs (more people workin, more taxes, stop foreign aid especially to those countries we owe money, collect all outstanding dept from other countries instead of telling them they do not have to pay, make the wealthy pay moe taxes, make corperate amarica create more jobs instead of sending them overseas, go after off shore bank accounts and make them pay taxes on them, GET CORPERATE AMERICA OUT OF WAHSINGTON. drill for oil here and stop buying from overseas (that money will stay in the US. Crack down on wall street. just with those suggestion alone i saved the US over a trillion dollars without even trying. And since i already take care of all of them, can i claim them on my tax return as dependents. i barely get by now and you want more from me and you are not willing to give up anything…WHAT A COUNTRY

  • Abraham Marrero

    The govertment is making their bigger mistake of their lives by treating us like that. They might get away with there torturing of us but who is going to serve and defend our country. We are going to let the new generation know what’s going on. My grandchildren are not going to be like me and other on my family who gave it all we had because we wanted peace for them. Now it’s going to be everybody(1st the congresman children) that will go right in front and hold a bullett for our country. I’m 62 Y/O and all I get is a 10% for PTSD and for a heart attack. I thought I was doing the rigth thing and now I’m paying for such a big mistake.

  • SFCCar

    I did 27 years and was manditorily retired at age 60 in 2000. I have seen benefits reduced almost every year since then, and the sound and fury from congress increases when ever we ater not at war. Oh,I imeant “declared” war, not little conflicts like Nam, or Afgahnistan, etc. My father, myself, and my son were all career soldiers. Dad did WWII and Korea, I skated bdeterrn wears and my son did Iraq. What I learned in basic is still true. __”God and Soldier we adore, in time of danger not before. The danger’s o’er and all things righted, God is forgotten and the Soildier slighted.”

  • Ed Orr

    Maybe a new requirement for all Congressmen (REp’s and Sen’s) is to serve at least 8 years in military, and I don’t mean reserves or guard. If they have male staff members the same should be required of them, or they could be Veterans. It seems everytime we turn around the CBO is talking about taking away benefits for active duty, and retired but never is anything said about charging the congressmen for use of their rec. facilities, shoot if they chose to sleep in their offices, charge them for that also.

  • Joe

    No benefit now in effect for VA100 percent disabled veterans should be changed whatsoever. These people need every penny they can get their hands on, especially those over the age of 55. Damned ridiculous

  • jpc

    Prior to 2002 most pay increases were far below the private sector. That is the increases were higher in the last ten years. Stories of service members on food stamps were all to common. Now they want to re-open the gap. They want to attack the benefits that were the rewards for 365 day 24 hour dedication to the preservation of democracy and freedom. You get what you pay for. In a global world do we want a military that is underpaid and under appreciated. Caution is required.

    • tbake

      …not really…. Pay gap to private sector was 11.5% in ’91 and 10.5% in ’01 (it did climb to the mid 13’s for a few years in the 90’s). The avg mil raise was 3.6% during that period; civ’s was 3.5%. Civ’s enjoyed faster pay growth in the 1st half the 90’s, mil got 2 decent raises in ’00 and ’01 that was far above the civ’s. However, force drawdown of the early 90’s held many in paygrade. It was not uncommon to have only 1 person promote in some ratings (Navy). I know this 1st hand, because I was in charge of determining advancement quotas in 13 ratings while assigned at BUPERS-221 in DC (prior to the Millington move) in the early 90’s. So, double whammy, nearly impossible advancement opportunity, and pay raises that averaged 3.6% from ’91 to ’01. Average payraise from ’02 thru ’09 was 4.4% and pay gap was <3%. But the last 2 years were <2%.

  • Jack

    This article fails to state that the pay increases were put in place to “level the playing field” for those serving in the military because they were lagging so far behind the private sector. Lets face it . . . the military is an easy target, especially with flag officers today who are more like politicians than leaders. How much more can we hollow out the military. Unfortunately these politician fail to understand the economics of their folly. By downsizing so much it will cause an incredible ripple . . . second and third order of effect . . . resulting in increased unemployment. Has anyone ever read about what happened to Athens? Cann you say PAX AMERICANA!

  • John

    Why is it that the outrageous pay and benefits of our Congressmen,Senatorsand other high ranking politicians in DC never threatened ? C’mon folks,lead by example.HA !

    • Bill Schwartz

      I couldnt agree more .Congress members make in excess of 176000 per year . Base salary. We need to limit or cut there pay. They need to play by the same rules as the rest of us.. Its a disgrace that all of us will suffer because of there incompetence. Please all of you who read this please vote every member of Congress out of office . I dont know about the rest of you but i for one am tired of there bullshit.

    • Kathy Robertson

      Right ON!!

    • Bill Schwartz

      I couldnt agree more .Congress members make in excess of 176000 per year . Base salary. We need to limit or cut there pay. They need to play by the same rules as the rest of us.. Its a disgrace that all of us will suffer because of there incompetence. Please all of you who read this please vote every member of Congress out of office . I dont know about the rest of you but i for one am tired of there bullshit.

  • GySgt

    From the top down,elect more veterans!

  • Disappointed

    heres another way to save money. stop overpaying government contractors. there was a report serveral years ago ablut an audit done on government contractors and out of the 70 that was reported they were overcharging the tax payers billions of dollars. it made to new once and was not reported again.
    you need to take more taxes from the people you work for (Corperate America). They along with the Fedeeral Government caused all the problems and the tax payers had to bail them out. while we lost our homes and jobs they took the money and bought planes, homes, cars, took vacations, set up bigger pension plans and the government knew this and did nothing. Before you start fixing america you need to fix Washington. this country could be great again and be the leader of the free world instead of the laughing stock.
    the problem with health care is being caused by creed in the Insurance community and the Health care providers. go after them and leave us alone….

  • tom

    This is really sad. You give years of your life serving in the military. Sent overseas living in a tent for months or years, misses holidays and your kids grow up. Congress wants to erode the few benefits that you get. Most congressmen are set for life and us poss military folks are left to get us off the cliff. They are a piece of something.. sad this is even brought up. Tell this to people coming back with mental illness, of someone who lost a leg…

  • Stefan

    We all need to step back and realize that we have a situation that hard decision have to be made and their always will be people that will not like what they are. Our Congressional & Senatorial people that serve us, are elected by us all and we have to live by thier decisions. We fight for our rights and our country and now we look to them to take care of us. We all went to war and some came back that are looking at our government to say okay you gave now we will give back to you. As a 100% disabled veteran, I look at our leaders to say that we will be there for you. I read that they were comparing us to our civilian counterparts in pay raises. Remember that we went to war and wars cost us all in life, limb and financially. I also say that our leadership needs to look at themselves, could they with their present life style live on a pay that we as veterans getfrom them, I think we all can say there just might be a little issue on that one, but I ask that if our Senator’s, Congressman and Executive Department of the United States of America gave I’ll say 6 months of thier pay, can anyone tell me how much we would save????

  • Russell Fisher

    Instead of standing around complaining about the proposed cuts take action! Help our voices be heard in Congress. If this action takes place, what will be next? We must stand up for this injustice to what we have earned. Here is a comment from someone who has signed my petition:

    “My husband is a retired Chief Petty Officer and we use Tri-Care Prime because I have chronic illnesses (diabetes, fibromyalgia, hypertension, pulmonary problems, arthritis, etc) and we could not afford my doctor’s visits or medication if we had to use Tri-Care Standard. My quality of life would diminish rapidly!”

    Send me your email address or post it on here and I will send you the link. My email is jcdtrader@gmail.com

  • Jeremy

    Let’s go government officials. How about you start paying more taxes, healthcare premium costs, and most importantly YOU TRY LIVING ON NORMAL WAGES LIKE ALL OF US!!! Then tell us how this helps anything!! You are terrible to deprive the people, that fight for your rights and give you the freedoms you enjoy, of a decent income.

  • Harold

    If you want to compare military pay to civilian pay then start paying soldiers by the hour and see how much you have been saving. It is just another way for them to pad their pockets.

    • Kathy

      They should also limit the pay increase of congressman.. who seem to think they deserve a raise on an annual basis.. oh, and congressman get retirement pay after only serving 3 terms. I think they also use the military hospitals at their own convenience.. do they pay for medical services rendered or a co pay? Why aren’t we seeing any of their pay and retirement benefits being cut? They seem to cut everyone but their own pay and benefits.. serving to serve themselves it seems!!!

      • Kathy Robertson

        Yes, they’re comparing civilian jobs with military–that’s comparing apples and oranges, dejavu all over again.

        Kathy Robertson, SSG Ret

    • Damien

      yeah I did the math on that one.. I really do wish they had paid us by the hour as I wouldn’t have to worry/care about a retirement. I would be too rich lol..

      lets see.. 24X7X365=8760 hours at roughly 7.25/hr for a private= 63510/year

      24X7X365=8760 hours at roughly 40/hr for an E-6=350,400 dollars

      Officers are Salary so.. hrm

    • jim

      Don’t forget time & a half pay for anything over 8 hrs. I never expected that but fair is fair ! Lets compare apples to apples when they talk about civilian pay. I sure would have liked overtime when I worked those duty weekend for 24 hrs then went right back to work on Monday morning for another 8 -12 hours.Then people deployed will be paid for 24 hrs a day since they don’t get to go home like the civilians. Never happen. The military will suffer tremendous losses under this administration that’s the intent but Homeland Security will build it’s own Army of armed first responders !

  • Ridiculous

    This is absolutely ridiculous. I wish the general population had more say..we would fire every single congressman related to this. If anything military pay should increase, and benefits should increase!

    • General Washington

      This need to happen. We already have enough benefits. I’m opting in

    • General Washington

      No…I’m just kidding. You are correct. This needs to be fixed so everyone thats entitled to TRicare can use it.

  • Robert Williams

    In 1955 when I joined the Air Force I was told free medical care for life I realize that after 211/2 years and I retired the United States government and the over abundace of non-vets that that was to good for us to have after they get after i term in office. Therefore it has made it rather hard to TRUST any Governemnt Agency. This compounded with 28years with the Civil Service and retired.

  • RAP

    Discourage use of Tricare by increasing fees – This folows on to the news articles of several years ago about retiring Colonels and Stars get a cushy job and decide to not partake of corporate health benefits because they have ‘Tricare’. Never mind that there are mid-grade enlisted retirees who have trouble finding decent paying jobs – they need to be discouraged like everyone else. Writing to congressmen/Senators turns into such a waste as the response is -we are trying to ‘take care’ of a country and we are doing what we think is best.
    I wonder what the story will be in 15 years when a new batch of lawyers is running the country and need to reduce benefits for those injured in the current military actions.

    • Dee

      A simple cold gets you medical care at the ER if your on welfare… but we don’t mind paying for them do we???

    • dontgothere

      yea i work part time and the company does NOT offer ANY benefits to any of the employees. oh plz if obama gets HIS way all vets will pay fully for every penny of their healthcare. no doubt the VA will be disbanded and there will be NO retirements.

  • callen

    This has been the aim of the Tea Bag Party all along. They are driving conservatives to curtail spending on military and retirees.

    • Joseph Gollie

      what do you mean tea bag party are driving the conservatives. this is coming from the democratic party and obama which I always thought was the liberal party!!!

    • dennis

      it isnt the tea party, it is the democrats who want to take from those that served and paid the price for everyone in this country to live freely…want a place to point the finger, look at congress, the white house and even the supreme court. one of these days when this nation needs us the most, we will not be there…in 1968 when I enlisted and was promised life long medical and retirement if i served at least 20 years (which members of congress only have to serve one term to get their benefits) Congress’s pay was 42,500 per year not counting honorabia, today their salary is 174,000 not counting the honorabia…and they get even more benefits for serving 1 term than military members do for serving 20 years,

    • Roger

      Callen: Go get some more Kool Aid and turn up the volume on the TV. Everything will be all right. Now be quiet as the adults are having a discussion.

    • guest

      Callen, stand in front of a mirror take your head out of the duffle bag then point the finger to your color man in the WH. After that you will be right on the mark. I don’t like to use this language, however, when it comes to my family and the military all bets are off. Crap like you is what destroying our nation.

    • fableraye

      The tea party folks have nothing to do with this, Obama has stated that the US military is volunteer, and why should the government be responsible for your health care after you are out. Remember when Obama wanted retired vets to go on private health insurance?

    • KansasVet

      This is right on! Who was it that ordered body armor for the military, Pres C. and who cut the order Pres GW. Tax cuts are not going to help this nation, there has to be tax raises and spending cuts on large ticket items. The Tea Party will send us into a pit in which we will not be able to climb out. This isn’t 1776 it is 2012 and we are part of the world and we have to live in it. I spent 31 years in the Army and I have seen more Sh** dumped on the troop by the GOP any day than by the Dems.

    • Dee

      I suspect your an implant trying to shift the blame to someone other than the one it belongs to: Obama & his cronies… Nancy Pellosie and her side kick Harry Reid… NEXT YOUR GOING TO SAY IT IS BUSH’S FAULT!~!!!!@

  • harryhnc

    Just my rant:
    Notice that not one news agency from ABC to FOX has stuck there neck out to report on the injustice of congressional benefits, etc…. but stick a wh***e in there who had classified documents on there computer at home and you have news. Lets not report about the veterans because they don’t care and don’t matter.

    Maybe what we need is a veteran run TV station to start digging into and reporting some real truths and use this internet to start informing everyone out there as to what is taking and continues to take place with the CBO

    • Dee

      They stole the elections, so what makes you think that informing people of the truth will change anything?

  • Larry

    it is time for a class action law suite against the US government. we had contracts and now they want to beak those contracts. so now the government can pay and pay dearly, I could care less about their physical cliff crap If they wouldn’t send the 100 rds of billions of dollars to other countries trying to buy friends we wouldn’t be in this fix. second as stated by others on here cut the pay for congress and make them pay to use the military hospitals. third when all the existing senators and representatives received 1/2 their pay only after putting in 20 years of service, and a new requirement they must have servered in the military in order to qualify for government office, lets see how they like sitting on the front lines getting shot at. the one thing the Vets and retirees have to learn and quickly is just sitting back and doing nothing is why our benifits have gotten the the point they are now. Also the Generals etc. in washington D.C. are not your friends reguardless whay you might think.

  • Robert

    So did we the people lose our right to tell congress no? I’m starting to wonder if the green party will be favored more in the next election since it’s not a reelection year. Why can’t we tell them that the people who elected them want their pays reduced, their benefit cost raised, and their taxes raised for the benefit of those that elected them? Why is it so hard to imagine we the people telling them what the people want? They only have the power WE gave them. I’m at a loss as to how we let this happen……………………..

    • Dee

      It doesn’t matter… they will just steal the elections again anyway!

    • tanooki23

      I agree with you Robert wake up AMERICA this will not go away and will only get worse it is time to take the country back and make them do what we pay them to do, what they are in office to do and that is keep the country alive and well. Recovery starts at home not in forienge countries. bring back the integrety bring back the honesty, we need leaders who don’t have personnel agendas make those serving us now accountable, We are in trouble we all must take a part in recovery, but first it starts in our government not in the defense deptment of this nation. We have the power of technology and no need to make and waste tax dollars on world travel to cure the problems of the world we need to start in our own backyards.

  • FED up

    I’m fed up with the overblown Fed taking our ” EARNED” entitlements in order to fund give away programs to those whom do not serve, refuse to pay attention in school and end up on the dole without knowing how to spell their middle name, Rip off collusion union/ government back washing contracts. I say Cut pay and benefits for all Top crooks in the Exec, Legislative,and Judicial Branches by 80%. Then cut their pensions by 90%.

  • Jeff

    Tell you what…how about no more retirements for the congress or senate…make them pay into social security, and oh ya they go on the same health insurance as Ecerybody else.

  • Tonya

    But our President has no problem offering aid to Cambodia according to this morning’s news. Makes me sick… We are struggling, so let’s rob our military to support another country.

  • Michael brewer

    The bail out already happened and the dummy douned Americans just bent over and took it at the rate of over 700 billion. We have educated ourselves now and two years is a short time for congress and representatives to look for our vote. Remember congress your votes and opinions are recorded over the Internet. We will know how you stand and what you may do to our military. The problem is the service members are educated enough to stand up and stop this injustice. I say again we are smart enough to start at our local and state government. We are not the WW11 soldiers our the Vietnam draftees. We volunteered to serve and fight as we will stop this injustice. We came home broken and the government needs to support us.

  • JAG Man

    This is a long time coming. Many in the military don’t fully appreciate all the benefits they have (housing, medical, 30 days leave, unlimited sick time). They should have to chip in the pay down the massive federal debt accunlated in the last 10 years.

    • Dave Griffin

      Or perhaps we should be paid for the overtime, missed memories while deployed, and stringent requirememnts imposed. We are expected to be perfect while the politicians lie, cheat, and steal. They made the problem and they should be required to sacrifice for a change. Civilians doing the same or similar jobs earn twice to three times the amount as a miltary person with better benefits. Pick on welfare, food stamps, unemployment, and SSI, and medicaid and leave the veterans and military alone. We earned our benefits through sacrifice, low pay, and blood. Cut the freeloader programs and poilitical crap first!

      • Ron

        Your right dave show up in this country and you will be taken care of one way or another try that in a third world country and see where it gets you . The people in the military should receive a raise for the personal sacrifices. There are on the clock 24/7

      • harry

        JAG Man, one word, DUMB…..

      • icseniorchief

        The nail has been hit on the head…well said Dave!

      • John

        Last I checked this was a voluntary service. We should create a system that allows those hurt in combat to get what they need, and all other desk jockeys should not be collecting $2000+ a month at 38 years of age for having back pain and only 20 years of work. Compare that to a fireman who needs to do 40+ years and rarely get disablity.

        • Kevin

          Brilliance… not. How about you go tell the pols to who get FULL retirement for 4 yrs work with full medical. Oh and while you pitching a hizzy fit for the “volunteers” I’ll call you to fill in for my son once he deploys so he can come home for Christmas. You just take his gun and pack and let me know if your butt hurt after a week sleeping in a concrete cub of a bed to protect form incoming fire. Oh and when you decide to get welfare and illegal immigrants programs that support 12million illegal aliens addressed by the same pols to stop funding those who don’t even contribute to the country in any form then you can talk to about the military benefits. Even “desk Jockey” in uniform get shot at and rocketed. We volunteered to serve and paid in to SSI, Medicare and pay taxes. Let me know when 11 million “unregistered” people decide to pay their fair share in supporting this country with taxes like we have. I’m sorry your so ignorant. I guess the “PC” term is “ill informed”

        • Mike R

          Voluntary service that 99% of the population finds beneath them. My son’s classmates “desk jockey” dad died in Afghanistan. I guess his dad’s sacrifice wasn’t worthy since he wasn’t in the infantry. Last I checked being a firemen was voluntary too, but I won’t begrudge them for the generous pensions they receive in many cities across the country.

      • Ben Dover

        why r u picking on the SSI and Medicare programs? we are paying for them, check your pay statements!!!

      • JMonroy


    • dnaden

      You are nothing but an idiot…a few cards short of a full deck. It is because of the armed forces–something that YOU have never been a part of–that provide the FREEDOMS that YOU enjoy. While sick leave may be unlimited for active duty personnel, they are still on ACTIVE DUTY, and return to full duty at the earliest possible time. 30 days leave per year is common for MANY jobs–military AND civilian…granted that in the civilian world, it is usually 10-12 days of sick leave and 2 weeks of vacation. Military personnel are taxed just as every other employee in the country. So stop running your stupid mouth, get a life, and say thank you to those men and women who protect YOUR ass from harms way.

      • harry


      • John

        When I was in the service we never bragged how much we made everyone free. Last I checked, we were not fighting to keep anyone free in the USA. This is a voluntary service and most people that yell how they should be thanked for thier service for keeping everyone free is really just spewing the same old crap. 90% of retired services members should not be on disability or collect retirement at 38 years old. They should make then collect at 55, that way they could continue to work like the rest of America. The police and firmen who actually protect me don;t get this kind of benefits.

        • Ben Dover

          It’s true that the police and firemen deserve more in most cases, but why degrade our military to make your point? Many of us retirees don’t get anywhere near that $2,000 retirement that u where talking about and most likely never will.
          Maybe the next time a war pops up you would like to enlist along with your firemen and cop buddies! That may just change your tune a bit.

          • service member

            To go off of what Ben and others have said. You also have overtime. I have deployed and worked 1-2 months with no days off 12-18hr shifts. Did I mention there was no contact with the fam, running water one hr a day and no electricity. We do some serious work. We face some crazy situations. We do this to serve it is true, but most dig in for that retirement and benefits. Don’t compare the civilians with military. The cops and Fire dept. serve and all you tell me is maybe they aren’t compensated enough as well. It doesn’t take away from what we should have. We have made agreements and contracts with the govt. If they want to make changes you make it with the new generation not the ones who already did their time.

        • Vieteravet

          God, what an idiot! Do you know how they pay cops and fireman, almaost twice as much as they pay GIs. They also have a union, they don’t have to work (at times) 12 a day- 7 days a week, and they don’t get sent to war zones. you sir are an incompatent fool!

        • shadyelm

          Jihn your an Idiot

        • Paul

          If you broke down the miltary benifits by an hourly rate it would be one of the lowest paying jobs. In a single year deployment we probaly work more than most civilians do in three years. You ever work for a year straight with just enough time most days for a shitty night sleep – if you weren’t up all night on mission or sitting on standby QRF. Hell no you haven’t. I am sure that when you were in the service you weren’t doing back to back deployments and were probably sitting on your ass at some desk for eight hours a day in some support job. You are a hater because you couldn’t hang so you hate those who can.

        • Mike R

          All jobs are voluntary. Clearly you didn’t go the distance. You have forgotten all the “retention tools” the military threw out to entice people to serve 20 or more years. Free medical (gone), pension after 20 years (will probably be gone soon) and they want to take this stuff away AFTER a lot of folks already served the 20+ years. Police and firemen also receive very nice pensions. I have a buddy that is making $150K year in the police force. He’s making a heck of a lot more than most.

        • Claudia

          I take it that you could not make it in the military. A policeman does not go to war nor does a fireman. Please do not compare the two. I do agree some disabilities may be off, but if you put in 20 years, that is like 40 for a Soldier- they are 24/7 and with out a military you would not have your freedoms. I served and retired so did my husband, he did over 20 and died from it. Don’t speak ill of the military because you did not stay in. Please think before you speak.

        • Mike

          90% of retirees are not 38yrs old!!! and if they are…good for them, it takes alot to join the military at 18yrs,,put up with all the bullshit and remain focused…..90% of 18yr olds leave the military after 4 yrs…..they come in for the GI Bill and get out……and in case yoou haven’t noticed John….we still have to work after we retire…2,000 a month is not alot of money anymore thanks to Washignton printing more money

      • Rich

        Right on!!

    • Brian

      Keep playing around with the military and this country is going to fall on it’s Face…

      • Tim

        The country has already fallen on it’s face, we are just now waking up and realizing just how far that fall was. My dad once told me that Politicians are like DIAPERS, they both need to be changed often, for the same reason.

        • service member

          Good Quote from Mark Twain! :)

      • colleen

        That’s exactly right. One question they should ask is, where would we be as a country today without the military? Sure it is voluntary, but I think the brave are the ones who fight for what we do have. If they keep messing with the military, and they need womeone to fight, they may have to re-open the draft!!!! Anyone remember that?????????

    • Pa g

      We are with our lives and our limbs maybe you wouldn’t understand that

    • SFC Wood RET

      Really jag man are you serious? what about the 12 -14 hour days, Going to the field for weeks at a time, being deployed to a combat zone for months if not years? Where is the overtime time for this that a civilian would get?

      • wendy

        AMEN, SFC Wood! As an army spouse all I can say is, if anything, we are undercompensated for all the duty time put in not only for soldiers but the families. again, AMEN.

        • John

          Nobody here realizes that none of you were drafted. You volunteered, and if you did so for the money, then deal with it. I did 14 years with spec ops, no retirement, no disability, and no free schooling. I’m proud that I could serve without expecting welfare for the rest of my life. If someone was hurt in combat then give them all they need, but what percentage is that? 5%?
          I know someone with 14 years behind a desk, never deplyed, trying to collect for at least 15 medical conditions. Really? I have to pay for him to not work cause he gets desk rot?

          • jerry

            unfortunately their are people like that in the military . what about all the lazy welfare people

          • Bob

            This isn’t the 1800’s. Yes everyone raised their right hands but just because we “volunteered” doesn’t mean in this day of age we should do it on a poverty level.

          • Tom

            ok I’m retired Navy, i understand i wasn’t drafted and thats fine but i will say that when I did sign up i was promised a lot of things and for the most part i am receiving them, that said i would like to just get what was promised for the duration it was promised, we all want that no matter where we work, i’m not one to say hey look at me and what i did, i chose that life and enjoyed it. i even can understand raising it slightly but for them to say lets jack it up to deter them from using there benefits is totally outrages. I love my country and sure try to love my Government but there sure testing the Gov love.

          • Ben Dover

            Yep, we all mostly know of someone that’s screwing the pooch, but that by no means includes all military retirees. The military has it’s fair share of system moochers just like our civilian society as a whole, but we pay a much higher price for our benefits wether they are all rightfully earned or not !!!

          • Charlotte

            If, in fact, this is true and this individual is rated and allowed to collect for these 15 medical conditions, fraudulently (as you seem to be inferring), this would be the fault of the government for evaluating and awarding the disability rating and check. There are scam artists in EVERY occupation, even in the military. In this scenario it is the VA who should spot the scam as easily as you seem to have, and deny the claim. It is as simple as that.

          • 2fast4u

            John is just sour grapes on the military because he was not smart enough to put in another six years to get his retirement and wanted to be a cop and now regrets it. Sorry John I will get my retirement and have already used my BAH to pay off my house in the process.

          • USMC ret.

            NOW WE KNOW JOHN… you either were kicked out with 14 years and have a bone to pick or you chose to leave. You are spouting out your frustrations “no retirement, no disability, and no free schooling.” And I doubt that you’re proud. Then you cry about another with 14 years who never deployed, is collecting disability. How sad you are.

          • Phillip

            First of all, Congratulations John for the sacrifices you made in spec ops. You didn’t say why you didn’t do the last 6 years. I hope that decision benefited you more that it did the military. Military pay is a two part system, some for while you are in and the rest when you separate after completing the contract. If it wasn’t for retirement, they would have to pay the military $200k, $300k, $400k a year like they do the contractors. The training benefits is because the military asks people to do work that does not exist outside of the military – how many helicopter tail gunner jobs are there? We volunteered for these jobs because of the package offered, but now they want to rewrite the contract after-the-fact. I’ve seen a small few people run the system to get disability, but how many times has the military harmed us and refused to pay compensation. How long did it take them to admit to Agent Orange and how much did they save because the victims were already dead. They still haven’t admitted to Gulf War, but give them another 20 years for all the decision makers at the time to retire, then it will come out. The person you know who is trying for 15 conditions, it is up to VA to decide if they are valid. How many times has the VA intentionally declined valid claims just to save a buck, this just encourages people to go for the shotgun effect to get what they help they deserve – just under a different classification. And just for the record, no one can live on disability, even at 100%. They still have to work unless they want to live in a s*#thole.

          • Joe

            No free schooling? Last I checked everyone got GI bill benes. for school in some form or another. Spec ops? yea right, you wouldn’t mention it if you were..Quiet Profeesional.

          • Michael

            Last time you checked about the GI Bill, you neglected to notice that the original GI Bill was terminated on 12/31/89 with no grandfathering. So when I retired in Mar of 86, I had 45 months to get 45 months of education, not 10 years like so many that didn’t stay in. I can thank Phil Graham and Ronald Reagan for doing that.

          • Mike R

            You sound bitter because you made a lousy decision to get out at 14 years. Now you’re hating on people who completed their career and want to take that retirement away from them. Retirement is not welfare. That’s just a completely moronic comparison.

          • service member

            Yes its more than sercie, the money and benefits. It was an agreement between each of us and Uncle Sam. I have deployed 8 times so far. Yah some abuse but not all.

      • vieteravet

        He’s probably a friggin desk officer, worthless as tits on a frog!

    • Big Dog

      Jag Man
      Apparently you are not privy to these benefits because you did not serve. If you did then submit a copy of your DD214 and I willI apologize.

      • namvet68

        I wouldn’t apologize. If he served, he obviously didn’t serve like most of us have.

        • ADCS W.Thompson

          Welcome home brother !!

      • MMCDude

        Oh, he probably did serve, it most likely has something to do with that “RE-4” on the bottom of his DD214 that makes him want to blame everyone else for his circumstances…

    • Fudd

      You know what else we don’t appreciate? Being away from our families. Watching our brothers and sisters die. Wondering if we are going to come home the way we left. Working more hours than most civilians and not being paid any overtime. What a ignorant thing to say JAG Man.

    • harryhnc

      I take it from your handle “jag man” you must be an attorney of some sort. You have no right to speak for the many, where do you get your information from? You must not have served for very long because you are totally clueless. You sound like a politician, one that talks out of both sides of their mouth and wouldn’t know a truth if it stared them in their face

      • Idmtmedic

        Think his name is Charles Bryant lmao.

    • Kdawg

      Yep, the federal debt “accunlated” the past 10 years is really a mess! Yo, JAG Man, you sure you don’t work for Biden…I mean your spelling is close to his. I have to give you credit since you picked a word that was longer than four letters!!! Therefore, you must be an educated liberal!
      P.S. It’s accumulated, you twit!
      P.P.S. In the next fight, we’ll let you take the point and see how much you like it…no doubt, you would be the first one saying, “They don’t pay me enough to do this sh_t!!!”

    • mina

      they do have unlimited sick time, but they also have unlimited work hours without extra pay.

    • Martin Koellhoffer

      I can tell you’ve never been in combat or had your income depend on the military, or you family’s health insurance not cover them just so you could say what you did. You are an obvious desk veteran, or you were never in the service at all. Otherwise you wouldn’t say something so incredibly stupid.

    • guess

      Jag Man go jag off . When the welfare get erase of the books, food stamps goes to only those people who deserve them and quit sending billions of dollars to foreign country then talk about the military cuts. All those civilians that would support your shining ideas, should trade places with our men and women in the Armed Forces for one yr. No doubt they will shut their mouth quick.

    • rhansen

      I cannot believe that came out of someone’s mouth! Maybe the COB should compensate HEAVILY for lost sleep, health, family relations, stress and how about the rules for certain groups that cant even venture a few hundred miles from post because of wartime. AND they dont fool me with that sign up bonus stuff either! They will just increase the amount of years one has to perform 24/7/365 for that bonus!! What a SHAME and a SHAM for the COB to even think of taking away from our military men and women who barely make it now and see their lives flash before their eyes countless times while serving in Iraq and Afghanistan just to name a few places. Giving of ones life in every way deserves these men and women at least these basics of life done you think?????

    • CSM John

      Mr. Mouth Piece, you need to get off the kick that our service men and women should earn JUST equal of in most cases less, than the free loading liberals like most lawyers are. These brave men and women have been fighting a dirty stinking war because politicians were afraid someone in Iraq was going to harm the US. They have done the job given them in a awesome way, now it is time to realize thay are worth more than you and your UCMJ collection used against those same brave soldiers for fighting to win. They should be paid better than lawyes any day! I suppose you voted for the socialist party also!

    • CWO4-747

      Bull!! Those never in the military don’t fully appreciate what the military people give up. The benefits you talk about are the inducement for an all volunteer force that is on duty 24 HOURS A DAY.

      I think JAG is half of a word.

    • tecumseh

      Lets not compare their salaries to the private section but to government unions which are far out pacing the private sector in all areas. So lets let these guys and congress and the white house show the way

      • Ben Dover

        r u on a Government Union kick or what? Why bring that into this conversation?

    • Chuck

      Maybe the illegal aliens in the country should pay,maybe we should not pay for their children .i spent 27and half years in the military and retired .i was never told that all the time spent away from my family would end up me paying for my medical ,reducing my pension . I already served and continue to serve the USA.my children all 4 serve overseas defending America’s interests and now we are changing the game. Jag man should serve with all his deadbeat friends liberal do nothing’s

      • namvet68

        God bless you Chuck. He knows not of what he speaks.

      • BrianS

        It’s not the liberals in congress who are doing this, it’s the conservatives, Chuck. The liberals take care of vets and our servicemen & their families. I learned this years ago when I actually started paying attention to the legislation. Most recently it’s Senator Tom Coburn, (R) Oklahoma who is calling Tricare and other programs “wasteful”.

        JAG is an ass. I gave my ability to walk in service to my country 40 years ago. Coburn never served.

        • Dennis

          Coburn should spend a couple weeks living in the field with the troops sleeping in a hole in the ground, eating MREs and humping a 90 lbs. pack and see what he thinks about the leasurely life of the military. Maybe he could then see how the military relates to civilians.

          • colleen

            I think all personnel in government should be required to spend at least 2 years on active duty, then let them take a long look at what the government gets. They think once they have done a term, they are entitled to retirement for the rest of their life. What makes them so special? Look at their benefits. What if they were in our shoes?????

      • Ben Dover

        Liberal do nothings. That was really uncalled for, all his friends might be Conservatives.

    • larry

      We do chip in by giving our lives and limbs in combat whe needed. Housing is not free and comes out of military paychecks. And, it isn’t cheap. Our 30 days leave includeds weekend days, ie. Saturday and Sundays unlike civil service. And, yes, if we are varifyably sick, we don’t have to go to work just like everyone else. Besides that, you are an idiot. .

    • tanooki23

      Jagman …They already have chipped in and so have their familes.
      They make many sacrafices you will never understand.


      You never served in combat JAG Man

      • ADCS W.Thompson

        I bet Jagman has served in “combat”…….the rush hour traffic every day !

    • David Estes Ret USAF

      Who in the h__l are you? What rock have you been hiding under? Get a life and join the military before you make any comments about a subject you know nothing about. That is the reason you have the freedom to make such stupid, ignorant, unwise statements you have just made. If ;you still want to screw the military, first check the people that make up the rules, (Congress. any government people). Have they seen any combat? Have they been separated from their families for months? How much of their families growing up have the civilians missed? The answers are NO,NO,NONE!! Check their pay and benefits FIRST and then come to the military.

    • George J

      Don’t forget all the bennies they get for their missing limbs, traumatic brain injuries and death gratuities to their widow(er)s and children – ought to tax those, at least, don’t you think? And who could argue with cutting their time off in light of the extended vacations in exciting combat zones, 24-7 on duty and all that time off for physical fitness. At least they have to pay for their own divorces as a result of forced separation…
      “A veteran is someone who, at one point in his/her life, wrote a blank check made payable to “The United States of America, for an amount of up to and including my life.” Yours bounced, JAG boy.

      • cathy

        You’re absolutely right. My husband is a disabled vet – served proudly in Vietnam – he wrote the check for his life – and mine and we were both proud to do it. Had he not, we might be sitting comfortably in our retirement enjoying our lives together that we missed while he served. Instead, he needs 24/7 care now and I have to work to pay for it. He barely knows me because of his injuries – I remember and long for what could have been our happy lives together had he not served, been injured… he made the ultimate sacrifice (excepting for those who were actually killed-God bless them), but I feel I did too. I’ve all but lost my husband and gained a shell of a man but I’m proud of him. I’ll have to work to support myself once he’s gone but that’s OK – I’ll pay some more in the form of taxes. I don’t feel sorry for myself or my husband – it’s the life we chose because, well, because we love our country even when it’s bad like a spoiled kid. Our pride is something all the gov cuts can never take away…nor any unkind words from fellow americans can hurt.

        • robhh64

          Cathy, thank you to your husband and yourself. We often times overlook the families who serve behind the lines with every military man and woman. Good luck to you and your family.


      I bet you never spent 27 and up years in the military while having a couple combat tours. You have no choice but to live on the pension and count on low cost healthcare. Your an idiot JAG Man…..

    • Shawn

      Where is the article about the civilian government workforce? Their pay and benefits are way above the private sector. As I recall – average non-hazard pay for government work was like $72,000 – not including fringe’s while the private sector was more like high $40,000’s. The number of gov’t workers making over $100K has dramatically increased. Why talk about the people deployed before you talk about all the clerks sitting in offices?

      • Ben Dover

        I don’t know where you get those highly inflated figures from, but from my Government position, I don’t even come close. Mine is in the $40,000’s too!

        • Patrick

          Ben…I am totally with you on this one. Here is one for ya’ll. I did 13 years, one combat tour in the infantry, am disabled from my service. am now a civil service employee but I am making no where near the $72,000 dollars that you spoke of. I could serve again in a combat zone as a civil service employee and still make the same pay…$40,000 plus a year and still have taxes taken out while deployed and still have to pay med insurance while deployed. When I can/do retire at the age of 58 with 31 years of combined service (13 military/ 18 civil service) my monthly pension in todays dollar will be approximately $1900 per month minus taxes, minus $300-400 per month for health insurance. Everyone needs to stop picking on the military/federal work force. Both have earned the right to what they have been promised as when volunteering to serve weither military or civil service.

      • Bill

        Shawn, I’d like to see the article you’re talking about. I’ve been working as a government civil servant for nearly 15 years. I am no where near to making the salary you claim I should be. And what fringe benefits are you talking about? Many military retirees work for the government as civil servants because their military retirmente pay doesn’t allow them to survive until they can draw their Social Security pension (provided it is still around for them). When you attack the government federal workforce, you are in many cases attacking one of your own.

    • Darryl Weaver

      JAG Man: Yes the benefits that you speak of are frequently taken for granted, The Military does get Young folks who don’t know at 18 what a good deal they are getting. On the flipside of your position I would ask how much are your legs, arms, eyes, and mental capacity worth, How long will your marriage tolerate you being on the other side of the planet. Finally when a new service member has gone to A’stan or Iraq he has accepted this risk for about minimum wage. ($1200.00 per month) Would you do it? Have you done it? If not maybe those benefits aren’t so expensive, EH?

    • Daniel

      30 days leaves includes Saturday, Sunday and Holidays. Not the same on the civilian side. I served 21 years active duty. Lived in the rain, mud and cold. Six deployments during the first 5 years of my sons life. Cannot compare to a civilian job.

    • MSgtat

      I guess you would let gays run the military too!!!!!

    • Kim

      Would you like our lives? Moving constantly? We deserve more my friend, we sacrifice a lot!

    • Disappointed

      You go out in the middle of the night and let people take pot shots at you or maybe get hit.. This job is not like civilian jobs. We put our lifes on the line and now you want to take a stab at us …….

    • Deb

      Are you serious? Many civilians don’t fully appreciate what these military families sacrifice daily for this country.

    • Chief Yeoman Ret

      You do not understand what my brothers and sisters and I have done for you to be able to spew your left wing garbage. Why dont we start off with the free stuff before we start taking away benifits that were promised when we signed up to defend your right to ramble.

      • Ben Dover

        Left wing, Hah ! That wasn’t nessecary to get your point across, but it does add to our country’s divisive rhetoric.

    • Spectre

      Jad Man…….After reading your entry I have come to the conclusion that it doesn’t even deserve my time trying to make you understand. All I can say is, you’re a blithering moronic idiot.

    • Nadine

      Are you kidding me? Who are you? Idiot child?

    • Lewis Volk

      Tell this to those who have died or were permanently wounded and tell their family’s this.

    • Steve

      JAG Man: Were you ever in the military? Had bullets flying over your head and wondering if you would ever get back home to see your family? I doubt it.

    • SGTinCommand

      we have signed our lives away, many of us in order to give a better life to our family or future family if we make it to that. any other job u can just quit and walk away if you dont like it anymore. Us you stick it out and do your duty till the time to reenlist comes around. plenty of other things that need cutting before you take aim on what keeps this country safe. I think you have taken that for granted.

    • JTH

      I think they chip in everyday they serve! The benefits they receive to do even come close to compensating the job they do! You really have no clue to what it entails being in the military! My husband has been both and trust me there is a HUGE difference to what is expected of him. Try selling your opinion to the thousands of Marines and Sailors and their families that have just been told their 8 month deployment, that was supposed to end next week, has been extend indefinitely!! Why should they pay even more of this countries out of control spending. Everyone thinks it is all the fault of the military! Lets take a look at Welfare, Union wages, Unemployment extensions, wasteful projects, Pensions of Congress, Health Benefits of Congress. If the Military Benefits are so great, then why does Congress not have the same????

    • Dixie

      You need to know what you are talking about before your lips start flapping. Housing isn’t ‘free’ anymore, medical isn’t ‘free’ anymore. Yes they have 30 days leave a year, but if they are say ‘at war in Afghanistan’, they can’t use those luxurious leave days. When was the last time you put your ass on the line for our country? When was the last time you had to leave your family for a friendly trip to Korea? When was the last time you missed a child being born, or better yet having that child born and never coming home to see it. I think you need to research further, better yet, enlist and see what a glorious live it is. Military men, women, and families pay their debt to society everyday. What an ASS you are!

    • John

      That’s a bunch of bull shit, period!!!! Obiviously you didn’t serve, or if you did, you didn’t learn a damn thing!!!

    • IT1SW

      You are definitely a moronic idiot and do not know the facts about military life. I and my husband both served 22 years in the Navy and made many deployments and sacrifices. Yes it was our choice to serve and we did it proudly. I agree with everyone else on here, if you actually served (which I don’t believe you did) you would not be spewing such horse shit. You need to serve and know the true facts before you have the right to speak on behalf of our military men, women and their families. Serve in the military and do deployments then maybe you might have the right to shoot you big stupid mouth off.


    • Really??

      What a JAG-Ass!! Probably a troll. Ignore this idiot.

    • Retired MSGT Spouse

      Many of us DO appreciate the benefits. However, many of YOU do not understand how difficult it is being part of the military. The massive federal debt you speak of was not wasted on frivolous benefits provided to the military – they were wasted on ridiculous government spending. We already do pay for our health insurance – even though that was a promised benefit 30 years ago. Since enlistment (and with no break in service for 26 years) the government has changed retirement benefits and now are continuing to change the health benefits. We did our part and honored the contract we made with the government and this country, so the government should live up to their part as well. One of the reasons we chose to stay in the military for so long and make the sacrifices that many must make is because of the benefits we were promised upon enlistment. If you are looking for where the massive federal debt comes from – how about looking at congress and their health benefits. They are able to retire after one term making 30% more of their base pay than military retirees. They also have a premium health plan – and don’t think they will be subjected to Obamacare because you are wrong. You’re aim is off and it’s directed toward the wrong target.

      • Retired MSGT Spouse

        This was directed to JAG man – not the rest of you who obviously do understand what it means to be a military vet. You do understand the sacrifices for not just yourselves but your family members too. I don’t know of any civilian who comes close to tolerating the lifestyle or schedule that a soldier does. Some people are really clueless.

    • Phyllis

      Maybe congress members should have their benefits reduced. Maybe they could use private insurance .

    • jerry

      they get to die too. put a price on that

    • Ben Dover

      what planet are u from buddy?

    • Mad in Michigan

      Appreciate our benefits?!!!!… My husband gave 20 years of his life to keep this country safe and free. Separated from me and our daughters for most of that time. Making just $50.00 too much to qualify for food stamps for many of those years. It’s people like you that “don’t fully appreciate all the benefits” that you have in this country because of the military service members sacrifices. I guess if we would have sat on our asses on welfare or came here from Mexico illegally, we would have earned your respect. Get a real education in reality before you open your stupid mouth.
      “Mad as hell and not going to take it anymore” in Hanover, Michigan

    • paul phipps

      are you out to sea for 6to8 months at a time away from your family standing watch everyday and putting your life on the line so losers like you can stay at home in your warm bed and feel safe. DIDN’T THINK SO

    • RonaldB

      Does “JAG” stand for “Judge Advocate General”? If so == lawyer. This would explain a great deal about how you view the “benefits” that our military receives. In the large part, the benefits are a sorry benefit and “thank you” for the sacrifices that our active duty military make every day. And, for those who lose life and limb, the Federal government is a lot of smoke and mirrors, espousing Disabled Veteran benefits yada yada. Taken in the whole, they are miserably deficient. HOWEVER, the bureaucrats that “administer” veterans benefits are fat-cats by comparison, living the sweet life, garnering better benefits without any danger of being shot by the enemy…. and working 8-5 …. for those that actually do work. Disgusting people ONLY complain about supporting our military personnel.

    • james

      How right you are and I attempt to tell them that everyday but this will give them a true wake up, they are so misinformed

    • Shane

      When I came home from Iraq I didn’t want the ceremony or welcome back party. I got off the bus and said to my Vietnam Veteran father and wife lets go. No less than 20 feet outside a door where no one could see my father slammed me against a wall and said, “Listen A$$HOLE this isn’t for you, it’s for all of us that never got it when we came home, IF we came home!” From that point on I have graciously accepted any and all perks the military has provided me, because that Vietnam Veteran was right, we now get these benefits because of those men and women before us whom worked so hard to finally earn us the right to enjoy the benefits that are deserved. Also for all of you finger pointing at each other remember, do not let them break up our family we are the only ones that understand each other and the hardships we endure. A missed childbirth, birthday, funeral, or holiday feels the same whether you are a ground pounder, pilot or finance officer. We are the 1%.

    • Hank

      Actually, most in the military DO appreciate the benefits, that’s why they sacrifice their time with family and put their lives on the line. What a stupid, ignorant comment. If we stop paying to support all of the illegal aliens and deadbeats, there wouldn’t be a fiscal cliff. Stupid, stupid, stupid! You got the Circus Clown in Chief that you deserve!

    • Chief

      JAG man you are full of it. I already chipped in half my life with selfless service. I am not about to lose my benefits.

    • Tim

      Jag man:

      I appreciate your comments and position. Did you ever serve? The American public can’t fully apprecaite the price paid by the military. If you’ve never served you wouldn’t understand. Seperation from your family is a regular occurence along with unaccompanied tours not to include war and putting your life on the line. Most of those that serve in the military leave the military with poorer health and physical injuries they live with all there lives.

    • tbake

      Hmmm, lets see….medical, I know of an MCPO (E7 at the time); fell off a helicopter on to the flight deck. Severe pain. Given pain killers and a few days bed rest; told to get back to work…ret physical 10 yrs later, found he had broken his back; needed back surgery. Another MCPO (CPO at the time); severe headaches; Doc cleared him for deployment; came back, brain tumor; operated on and survived. Myself, overseas, dislocated shoulder; reset and told to get back to work 24 hrs later. After deployment, MRI revealed the pec muscle was ruptured from the bone. Many stories like this. Not ripping on the Mil Docs out there, but we in the service probably accept orders too easily at times. That 30 days leave, includes weekends and holidays if your leave falls on it. Unlimited sick time? Give me a break, most work while injured or sick. Housing? You do know we pay for it; nice bunks on the ship when I was in (before they paid BAQ for singles).

    • Greg Talbott

      You mean chip in with more than blood, sweat, and tears? Less than 1% of the population is shouldering the load of protecting the Nation. I am sure the other 99% can “chip in” and make the sacrifice of a latte or two per week.


    • RA186#####

      Then perhaps those in the civilian ranks should also agree to put their live at risk whenever our leadership decides to sent “those” in the military to the front lines. U=You know, keep it equal

    • twcat64

      The draft was soooo much easier. Just pulls some names out of a basket. Make them march off to war without worrying about taking care of them or their families. OK so give a little lip service about taking care of them through that wonderful VA system. But, at the end of the day, so much cheaper than all these health care obligations, retired pay, etc…

      Just so everyone knows, I’m being sarcastic. If congress and the president don’t stop tinkering around with these long held retention incentives, we will quickly be back to the days of the draft because the “all volunteer force” will no longer be tenable.

    • 1st Shirt

      Give me a trade or profession that you are on call 24-7-365, and get to travel to crapbag countries the world round, eat what ever they can, when they can. And after 20 years hope to get HALF of their pay while these government pigs “work” for 4 years and get a pension. Give me a break. Pay them by the hour and then check what anAmerican soldier makes an hour in comparison. Odumbo will will be filthy rich off of 2 government pensions. Start the cuts on capitol hill, be a real leader, lead by example. They make me sick and we keep electing this swill.

    • exNavyDavid

      JAG Man… It’s obvious you’ve never served, so I’ll resist the temptation to blast you and just remind you that the Military is one of the few portions of the Federal Budget that is 100% necessary. It is the duty and responsibility of the Federal Government to protect it’s people. Personally, I’ve never understood the point of even taking taxes from a military salary? Seems to me that it cost more than it’s worth to even have to deal with it… and for the level of sacrifice that the Military and their families make for all of us daily, they deserve what they get.

    • Wounded Warrior

      JAG man, writing a blank check for up to and including my life isn’t enough sacrifice for you? Getting gouged by apartment complexes who know exactly how much we get in housing allowance, and then charge 10% more isn’t enough? Or even better: having to pay all of your housing allowance to a civilian property manager in base housing, and THEN getting a water bill on top of that for the “privilege” of living in 40 year old houses with toxic mold inside the walls isn’t enough? How about the families who tried to raise kids at Camp LeJeune with poisonous water to feed their babies? I guess you think they haven’t paid their share either. Nor have the wounded vets who were found floundering in the condemned conditions known as Walter Reed Army hospital. They haven’t paid enough either, have they?

    • Greg

      Are you kidding me? What is wrong with yoor thought precess? these people put thier lives on the line every day and you think they should pay more. You are a very confused individual

    • Mark Mayner

      BS, everytime something comes down where the government needs money they always stick the military. Thats crap and you know it.

    • mka

      blow it out your ass you remf sob

    • Cindy

      We have been in 22 years and moved 16 times FOR our country. Never owned a house, kids have been all over this country. I can’t wait for spouse to retire so we can make some REAL money. Civilans do not appreciate our sacrifices at all. Congress should give up their pay increases, retirement and health benefits since they are independently wealthy anyway.

    • Voix Velour

      God Almighty. How did you manage to go undetected as an absolute idiot sitting in a position of authority to render judgements based upon intelligent analysis .. ??? Oh, got it! Only one branch of service .. !!

      One would guess you are now a “law yer.”

    • Mrs.Wilk

      Oh yeah. By “the many in the military”, do you mean the ones that lost legs or arms, or the families that lost loved ones who fought in the middle east?Guess and arm or leg isn’t enough for ya, eh?

    • Wildman

      Sounds like you would like to get all the bennies, housing, medical, 30 days leave, sick time and the enormous amount of money that military gets paid. So I suggest you get your lilly white jealous ass to a recruiting station and volunteer so you can live like a king like the rest of us. If you were really a JAG you would damn well know better. So shut your pie hole until you know what you are talking about.

    • Scott

      30 days leave. Figure it out. 52 weeks in a year. Paid twice a month times 12 months equals 48. 52-48 = 4 weeks UNPAID Do you think we are that stupid.

    • Chuck Hendrix

      Bull. I think it makes much more sense to stop paying off foreign governments which far exceeds the amount that military retiree’s receive in benefits. Why do we still have thousands of military in South Korea and Europe. They can afford to pay for their own security or pay the U.S. to maintain a presence in those countries while boosting the local economies of places like Kaisersluatern and Seoul. Why are we sending funding to Pakistan, Iraq, Afghanistan? We have been involved in maintaining a presence in the Persian Gulf/Middle East since 1940 to keep the flow of oil flowing. Does it look like like anything is going to change after over 70 years? How about we start there instead of taking from people that have risked their lives for those countries?

    • Karl

      JAG Man, you should change you call sign to “Jerk Man”.

    • Rick S.

      Idiot comment…. Less than 0.5% of the population is in the military, and you think we have it easy? It’s our job to pay down the trillions in debt that Obama racked up in 4 short years?

      Housing is a benefit? Have you seen some of the housing that they offer enlisted people?? And they take your BAH/BAQ money to put you in that crap. that’s not a benefit. That “free” medical they promised us if we risked our lives is anything but free. Yet the freeloaders who fill our emergency rooms every day really do get free medical care. None of them have insurance, and none of them (certainly not the illegals) have any intentions of paying a dime.

      So I’m sick of hearing morons like you talk about how military people need to “chip in” or “do our part”. BS! When Obama’s base gets off it’s collective ass and moves out of their government subsidized housing and gives up their free cell phones and food stamps and welfare and disability checks, maybe they can climb in their BMW’s, find jobs, and start to pay taxes like the rest of us.

      When/if that ever happens, we will pay off the national debt!

    • Veteran

      JAG Man- what a really cool and pretentious name Please, enough with the theatrics! As a 34 year vet I can tell you that your premise is way off base!
      1) 30 days leave = same a 4 weeks’ vacation most folks have plus as they are far from home. Ever try to get off and aircraft carrier in the middle of the Pacific Ocean?2) Unlimited sick time = NO! You go to the clinic, right after your treated – you go back to work = NO SICK DAYS! This is not your life – this is Military Life!3) Actually most of us don’t mind helping paying a little more to help with the debt, so your assumption is just that =assumption!
      Last, there are several Vets I know who are not collecting any benefits – because they are DEAD. Other Vets may be typing here with only one hand because they lost the other hand fighting for YOUR FREEDOM! Never thought of that did you! Cheap shot slime like you are why we have a great military and not full of opinionated pompous hot air bags like you.
      Why not ask your congressperson to take a cut in their benefits? Never thought of that did you? JAG Man – your name is funny – but your thoughts are pathetic!

    • mac dickinson

      unlimited sick time yeah right i have to damn near be dead to get off for being sick in the army.

    • Archer

      I have lost 23 friends and comrades in the last 10 years, they won’t be needing thier benefits maybe you can apply them to the national debt

    • BigWillieStyle

      Don’t Appreciate hell, Comon Man!!! We are the hired “pawns” who do the bidding of the elite who control the empire…how many dead from Iraq “weapons of mass destruction” Fighting the Taliban in Afgan so that our Lacky Karzi can sip French Wine and eat Midwest Steak. We deserve every frekin thing we get and more. I completed 4 six month + deployments during my Navy career 24hrs per day x 7 days a week x 6 months = 4032 hours at work per deployment. The average civilian work year is 2040 hours. Don’t tell me about not appreciating pal!!!

    • Aristotlee

      Many others in government and JAG who spend most hours on their large posteriors do not appreciate the military. Go top militarywatchdog (add .com) and see where paying down the federal debt should begin it’s not with military pay. Read “Johnny” and other commentaries.

    • bob

      Imagine the nerve of people in the military expecting 30 whole vacation days every year (weekends count too) and other extrodinary benefits while all the while they gladly accept the honor of being shot at… JAG Man… You must be a bean counter

    • ABC

      Who the F are you? Obviously you haven’t served! Matter of fact, if you don’t or haven’t served, you should pay double and we should pay nothing!! I think the problem stems from the “tree hugging society”. Send the illegals back to where they came from and protect our borders! Quit whinning and protect the ones who provide your freedom every day of your pitiful life. Politicians are all liars and take advantage of americans every day. The military is the only organization with Pride and Dignity to protect their country. I have done my job, now shut up and do yours!!

    • Rob

      JAG Man – I’ve moved 22 times in 30 years, my son didnt have school stability until 9th grade and then only because I went on a tour without my family, 13 deployments, etc. Before you fire back with “you make your choices,” got it but you get it too. Dave has it right and you are entitled to your opinion, just recall who defends that right for you – and I do it without hesitation despite believing you are wrong to my very core!

    • TIM


    • Vietnamvet1970

      Part 1 of 2 Lets get one thing straight . The majority of service members who select to serve their country are dedicated professional who earn every damn benefit they recieve. Suring my 27 years of service I spent five year on five seprate remote tours away from my family. I also spent approximately another three years away from my family going on TDY–for you uneducated perks that means temporary duty.

    • Vietnamvet1970

      Part 2 of 2 So you complainers think serving my country for 27 years; seven to eights years of that away from my family in places like Viet Nam, Korea, Saudi Arabia, Newfoundland, etc. Oh by the way duirng my tour in Viet Name I had to work 12 hours a day performing my military duties but I also worked a part time job to help defray family living expenses back in the states. Same while I served on three seaparate remote tours in Korea. If your worried about the financial crisis we are facing than all of you that voted for Obama in November have no one to blame but yourselves. Afterall here did put us over 5 trillion dollars in date and will continue to do the same the next four years by providing benefits to the parasites that live off the freebies he keeps giving out. Maybe you’ve seen the ad on TV from the Obama administration. If your on Food Stamp we’ll give you a free cell phone and 150 free minutes a month…Finally, I’ve earned every damn benefit I am receiving…

    • CWO4 Bishop(Ret.)

      Dear Mr. JAG Man…. tell that to the families of the three Marines that I knew personally… they came home from Iraq in body bags! You’re a really big man Mr. JAG Man… sounds like your a sure candidate for our next “post American nanny state” Democratic Party (Progressive Socialist Marxist) President of what used to be the soverign, exceptional, proud, & unapologetic United States of America. JACKASS!

    • jim sale

      i can only guess you have never served in the military.i have 30 years

    • guest

      Yes, the military don’t appreciate their benifits. Like being shot at, and seperation from family, and last of all of our benifits is being sniped at by the low life parasites we call politicians.

  • Tom

    Figures, I guess they did not get the message, the American people want equal representation – across the board – we need to see what the CBO is considering regarding the pay, benefits and Congress entitlements; and some taxes do need to increase especially for the 1%, which includes Congress and entertainers i.e., movie stars, NFL, NBA, MLB.

  • Tim

    Instead of hiring expensive contractors, how about expanding the military to fill the niches the contractors and gov’t civilians are filling? The average contractor makes nearly twice as much as the government civilian in the same position and the civilian also makes a substantial amount more than the servicemember. I get it, there are a some positions which cannot be filled by anyone other than a contractor or govvie because of a specific required skill.

    I’m certainly for limiting the benefits for our elected officials. How about limiting them to 20 years of service, too? Then and only then would they be eligible for a 50% pension, just like me. If they don’t make it to 20 years (voted out), too bad. Go find a job in the civilian sector and pay into Social Security, Medicare and fund your own IRA like everyone else.

  • Preston

    This isn’t going to be to popular but remember; AMERICA is in a financial mess, with TRILLIONS owed. We are a third world country and we have Obama for another 4 years. In reality the Military is getting paid darn good especially considering the bonus program and BAQ especially compared to what we were
    getting back then, prior to late 70’s. Back then most of us joined the military because we believed we owed it to our country and money and benefits weren’t the major concern. I believe that way of thinking has changed a lot since I was in. If you look at other countries that have believed they could provide these lavish benefits both to military and civilian workers/non workers they are in big, big trouble. America is now at a point where we only have approx 46% of the population working trying to support the other 54% thru social programs etc. Just looking at those figures you know we can sustain our current path. Anytime you have to look at taking away someone’s benefits or entitlements your going to run into a wall. We expect our elected officials to oversee our programs etc but unfortunately we don’t have elected officals with enough balls to say STOP, were broke, we’ve been broke for a long time and we have to stop the spending. And now where past the point of that and say, now we have to start scaling back. The problem is once they try to do that all the special interest groups start there letter campaigns etc and so they back down. I believe the only reason Obama won this election is because of his socialization of America. Unless we start cutting things or scaling down we will end up the same way’s as the Roman’s did. Bottom line is America needs to generate more jobs for people and also stop providing incentives for big business to move jobs overseas. Also maybe give a little bit of a tax break to big business’ that will start internship programs to provide Americans with a chance to learn something that after that happens, they will get hired permanently by that company.

    • hiscross

      Hey Preston,

      Please let me fill you in on a few things. 1st of all I’ve served in the military,federal government, and worked in the private sector. In the private sector business makes a profit or goes out of business. The exception are those whom play nice with elected officials, like the american auto industry and some banks. In the military it is always be perfect or face immediate consequences. In the federal side, it is spent and ask for more. Our current financial mess is caused by the federal side. Don’t believe me? There are over 1300 federal agencies, yes 1300 and none of them are responsible for anything. This is real.

    • rhansen

      Start with the White House and the hundreds of “Czars”, the administration staff for the WH which is larger than any other presidential staff in history. Then take half from all the above: Congress, House, Senate, then trickle that down to the state levels. LAST ON THE LIST – THE MILITARY!!!

      • ADCS W.Thompson

        If only….that will never happen with the Imposter-in-Chief and his band of incompetents in power.. I wonder how much he,and his government are reducing their wages and benefits !? None !

      • RonaldB

        Ask me how I feel. The election resulted in an ahole getting to run this country into the ground for a second term. My suggestion is for EVERYBODY who is working to stop working and apply for federal benefits.

        No taxes. No treasury. No congressional paychecks. No problem.
        Sometimes one must be smacked up side the head with a 2×4 to understand that things are not working the way they should.

    • Joe

      So you are saying that, because the Congress of the United States lacks the discipline to keep spending down and continue to spend like “drunken sailors”, we now have to carry on the shoulders of military retirees (and active duty members) the means to bail the country out of its misery? I think there is something very wrong with that picture. Let’s have the U.S. Congress take a “haircut” first–let’s reduce all their benefits by the same percentage they plan to reduce pay and benefits of members, past and present, of the U.S. military. I would love to see U.S. Congressmen travel “coach”. I would love to see members of the U.S. Congress not be elegible for a lifelong retirement after a single two-year term. I would love to see members of the military be eligible for the sale “gold-plated” health plan that members of Congress enjoy. After we see that, then I am willing to give up a portion of my retirement “to help our ailing country.” These comments are from a Vietnam-era Navy pilot veteran

      • Preston

        I’m saying we have to cut spending EVERYWHERE, not just the military.
        There is plenty to cut on the other side as you know. I’m just saying that we/America is so far is debt, something has to give. I was in the Army during Vietnam and spent several tours there. Thanks for your service.

      • tbake

        “Drunken Sailors”….; what an ass. I told McCain the same thing when he made that comment several years back.

      • ADCS W.Thompson

        Spend like drunken sailors ?! As a 30 year USN retired, I resent being compared to those criminals in the White House! Sailors have far more conscience and sense of responsibility than this government of incompetent clowns starting with the top Clown-in-Chief !
        The real culprits are the sheeple who buy their lies and promises. There is a saying that “You can fool SOME of the people ALL of the time,ALL of the people SOME of the time,but you can’t fool ALL of the people ALL of the time” Obama has proven that to be incorrect which is a sad indictment of how far the USA has deteriorated and rapidly becoming a second rate country. Obama promised “Change” when he was elected and he sure delivered on his promise. How’s it working out for you now ? !.

    • David Estes Ret USAF

      I made these comments before and I see no reason to change them.

      Who in the h__l are you? What rock have you been hiding under? Get a life and join the military before you make any comments about a subject you know nothing about. That is the reason you have the freedom to make such stupid, ignorant, unwise statements you have just made. If ;you still want to screw the military, first check the people that make up the rules, (Congress. any government people). Have they seen any combat? Have they been separated from their families for months? How much of their families growing up have the civilians missed? The answers are NO,NO,NONE!! Check their pay and benefits FIRST and then come to the military.

      • Preston

        I was in the Military and joined during Vietnam (Army) and spent several tours there. I’m not saying only the military, every program is going to have to be scaled down, Civilian side also.

    • HOAH

      Preston, I do agree with you about the military getting more pay and perks now. If we stop sending so much money to the camel jockeys and other ungrateful bastards around the world the economy here will improve. Spend the money inside the country. Do away with the EPA, Unions and IRS will create the atmosphere for projects, jobs and equitable revenues. Unlike a lot of people I seat on my behind and do the thinking with my brains. I don’t have a pimp walk like the half white/black in our WH.

      • Preston

        Thanks for your comments. I hope I didn’t sent a message out that I thought the Military was the only place where cuts are needed. America is in such deep debt we need to look at both civilian and military spending and have got to cut where we can. We need to get more Americans working along with the cuts. Future generations are going to be suffering from all the spending just on interest alone. Thanks for your service.

    • louis

      would like to keep up with what is going on

    • mike

      there goes you idiots again banging on the military. Why not govement workers pay cuts & especially CONGRESS talk about benefits UNLESS YOU HAVE WORN COMAT BOOTS SHUT THE HELL UP & IF YOU DID YOU WERE PROBABLY A SICK BAY COMMONDO & WANT EVERY THING GIVEN TO YOU!!!! IF YOU REPLY I WON”T ANSWER BECAUSE I ALREADY KNOW YOUR ANSWER

    • Darryl Weaver

      Preston: Big business has out sourced about 22 million jobs over the past 25 years. Big business senior executive compensation has increase significantly more that the workers that they manage, Big business (lobbiest) can walk right up to your Congressman, Senator at a dinner that neither of us could afford, or a game of golf, or a trip on the private yacht, get what they whant from your Rep while we can’t get what we need! (Good schools, resonable health care cost, a reasonable degree of public safety and a hope for a dignified old age). They took that from you!!! YOU!!!
      When Americans made everything we bought, we could afford everything we wanted to buy. That’s gone now thanks to Big Business!! Yeah They do need a break!! A Leg, Jaw, Arm or Skull .

      • Preston

        I didn’t mean to imply that the military should be the only ones taking a hit.
        We need across the board civilian/military cuts. Anyone who has been reading the paper should understand where we are now and how this will create huge burdens on future generations. Unfortunately times have changed and yes we need to quite giving incentives to companies that outsource jobs overseas.

    • tbake

      Prior to the late 70’s??? That’s all? I was around from the 70’s to early ’01. The last several years I was in was also very skimpy on pay.

    • UtahYank

      Those who volunteered to enter the military took on the risks associated with the service to look forward and see there would be some sort of benefit attached to serving a 20 year career. When the CBO compares it with a civilian equivalent situation, where are the IEDs and the snipers and the removal from family to serve abroad and other issues equivalent? Strikingly absent, with the exception of those dedicated individuals in public service such as police and firefighters, there are no such equivalents. So when some nameless group of budget crunchers portends to profess how there is a gap in the pay and thinks there should be downsizing of pay and benefits it would be interesting to see how the volunteer force suddenly and rapidly shrinks since obviously it would be better to “serve” as a civilian in a highly paid job here and avoid the risks abroad right? Then there’s the unemployment rate currently between 7.9% and 13+% depending on whose fuzzy math is being used. Less chance of higher paying job on that note. Then there’s always the draft for those who feel the need to draw straws for the general population to forcibly serve.

    • TIM


      • Komplikator

        When was that, Tim?

    • qbnuyawkr

      Obama got re-elected because most Americans don’t agree with right wing bs and Romney was an awful candidate. One day you right wingers will stop being so clueless.

      • ADCS W.Thompson

        Obama got re-elected by the Latino and Black vote…Don’t try to change the reason to suit your Left wing leanings.. Even the Left leaning media /newspapers have stated that fact. “Promise me everything and i’ll vote for you” ! It worked ..to the shame of the American election process.
        The empty election promises are still all unfilled , the USA is losing its standing in the world..and facing a “fiscal cliff” (media term of course). So how has Obama’s promised “change” worked out for you so far ?Of course the sheeple think that he needs more time to correct everything that Bush (of course) caused..The fact that 4 years have gone by under Obama,and the US is facing financial disaster…so what exactly has he done in four years to “recover” from the Bush years ? Strangely.I cannot think of anything (other than borrow /print money)..can you ?

        • CSM(R)

          During the presidential elections for the 1st thru 42nd president what % of the population got them elected? Or did anyone ever ask that question? Since blacks make up only 13% of the population if EVERY black in the US voted for Obama could they have gotten him elected? It is easy to repeat idiotic statements, that anyone with basic MATH skills could dispute, than to sit back and say MAYBE what YOU want is NOT the will of the people. I wouldn’t have to look back too far in history to see when the “Will” of the people ACTUALLY oppressed others and no one said it was destroying the country. Or shall we only judge leaders with a starting period of 4 years ago? Oh yeah how many years did it take to recover from the depression? What have we done different recently that didn’t happen during the depression?….I know, its easier to sit back, watch FOX, and criticize than to think critically.

    • bonpotee

      Big business has had a tax break for how long? Have we seen jobs increase? Have we seen a reduction in outsourcing? Our service personel need to be compensated for taking time out of their lives for our country even when many thought that war was not ours to enter. Somehow there is never a discussion about reducing the payments to the independent contractors. Our military needs to be better cared for than they have in the past 12 years.

    • Pat

      I will agree with you if congress takes the lead and change congressional leadership by:

      1. No Tenure/No Pension
      A Congressman/woman collects a salary while in office and receives no pay when they’re out of office.

      2. Congress (past, present & future) participates in Social Security.
      All funds in the Congressional retirement fund move to the Social Security system immediately. All future funds flow into the Social Security system, and Congress participates with the American people. It may not be used for any other purpose.
      3. Congress can purchase their own retirement plan, just as all Americans do.
      (part 1)

  • Richard Wagner

    I find it sickening to hear people compare military pay and benefits against civilian pay and benefits and then say that the military needs to take a pay freeze to let the civilian populace “catch up”. Have any of these people really done a pay/benefits comparison. I don’t think so. Have any of these people gone off to a combat zone and left their families to fend for themselves. I don’t think so. I also doubt that many of them have have been mortared or shot at.

    If Congress wants to do a complete and fair comparison of pay and benefits, let them so so and then make the appropriate adjustments. While doing this, please include Congress and all senior Government officials in the pay analysis.

    I’d gladly exchange pay and benefits with any of them.

    • David Estes Ret USAF

      I agree. Check the people that make up the rules, (Congress. any government people). Have they seen any combat? Have they been separated from their families for months? How much of their families growing up have the civilians missed? The answers are NO,NO,NONE!! Check their pay and benefits FIRST and then come to the military.

  • RECramer

    Lets tell the CBO that the civilian personnel did not go to Vietnam like I did and the only bullets the civilians dodge is from the crime lords. I worked my ass off to get my retirement. The government should pay us the cost that it takes to reward us retired veterans for the sacrifices that we made for our country and to make up all the time we were seperated from our families. Additionally, us retired folks have to give up part of our SSI because we receive a military retirement. We paid into it also, are congresspeople going to give up part of their SSI because of thier retirements, I dont think so.

  • Bob kerr

    I wish the CBO would look at the waste in Congress, their pay, benefits, not paying social sercurity or medicare, save millions by putting them Obama Care. Make them fly coach, take a taxi,etc. No rush for them to get to work, they don’t do a damn thing when they get there way.

  • David Hughes

    Well it was inevitable that the USG would find out ways to screw military personnel.

    What’s new?

  • Richard Reda

    This is a bunch of crap.So what if military personal get more money then civilians they deserve it they have been threw more then any civilian will ever go threw . This is sh– the government is always trying to get out of what they are supposed to do. It will always be like that way to. I hope and pray that someday it will change SEMPER FI

  • Jim

    How about stopping Mrs. Byrd check, she receives from her Husbands account until she dies. How about the retirement for checks the one term congress men get.. Do Govt. union employees get a pay cut? Let make sure any congress person cannot receive retirement check until they are 62

  • Martin Koellhoffer

    For the government to consider cutting the pay and benefits of our veterans and their families should be considered almost treasonous. The House and Senate should look at cutting their OWN pay and benefits, get rid of many of the overstaffed offices, satellite offices in multiple cities, and the ridiculous pensions they have. Make their families pay more for health insurance. Penalizing the very people who sacrificed so much to keep their country safe and free is punitive at best. All veterans, I mean all, should band together and vote them all out or march on Washington. If a petition will do it, then where do I sign. This will affect the types of people who enlist in the military and probably decrease the number of people willing to go into the military at all. Penny wise and pound fooling is what the idiots in Washington are. Put their kids in the military and have them come back from conflicts needing the VA care we get. Then see how willing they are to cut back on the pay and benefits. I just can’t believe they’d be that short sighted and uncaring. Who’ll defend the country? I wouldn’t go in again knowing their would be uncaring morons in Washington who wouldn’t be willing to take care of me, my wife and children. Let them go to hell. I wouldn’t defend us by fighting on another continent, only if our own shores were invaded.

    • Bob

      Right on. They promise us all these benifits. Now they want to take it all back. They should start in thier owen back yard. I am a 22year vet of the USAF. I did VietNam. I have worked hard for all I have. They have been takeing it away a chip here and a chip there. Now due to thier miss use of money we have to pay the price.

  • Mark Nevins

    While I understand that we are in a fiscal crisis, how about cutting benefits, entitlements, or whatever else you want to call it to the millions of Americans who opt to sit at home freeloading because it’s easier than going to work everday like we do. They do not risk their lives or that of loved ones to support our Country’s freedom, yet they expect to get paid. While they will never get rich not working, to some, it is an acceptable amount for the privilege of not having to work. For others, this is a stipend that enables them to encourage some employers to allow them to work off the books so that the stay under a reportable wage minimum, or they work in “cash” businesses like landscaping, handyman, flea marketing, eBay’ing, etc. We need to focus on those who “Choose” not to work, yet collect a check for doing nothing as opposed to those who get up everyday and do the jobs that many Americans do not have the tnacity, physical ability, mental toughness or courage to do.

    • Rodney Foushee

      Amen, brother.

    • Dee

      I don’t work, partly because of chronic pain & illness, partly because I am choosing to raise my children… I had a career and cannot collect social security for my disability, because I only worked 14 years and not 15. However, I haven’t pursued it any further, because I possess something many others do not, MORALS & PRIDE, and a husband who is willing to support me. BUT do you think that illegal aliens or welfare schmucks possess this same moral belief? NO, because our country doesn’t not expect them to and they foster immoral behavior… just look at the new laws they have been instituting and you will see stuff that would make our forefathers roll over in their graves!

      • harry

        Well said….

  • Retired 42 years

    Have these men making the pay decisions ever been in a combat zone? It’s funny that a man with a helmet and a ball gets millions but a man or woman with a helmet and a gun gets next to nothing comparatively.

  • Mike

    It is going to be a tough slog. As long as politicians continue spending the military budget on ‘earmarks’ instead of what the military says it needs, we will pay the price. As long as we buy into the ‘let the rich pay more’ campaign, the rich will be poorer and so will the rest of us. If you want to see how that works, come out and live in CA!

  • J. Foster

    It is all a “wash” as far as I am concerned. I am a working stiff that retired from the military and I can tell you that neither the military retiree (or active duty member for that matter) or the working civilian “Joe” have anything to do with the current fiscal crisis. We pay all of these other countries to pander to our whims and then are shocked when they betray us. We spend billions of dollars on fixing other countries but won’t lift a finger to repair our own, all in the name of congressional in-fighting. You keep messing with the military and your new neighbors might turn out to be the one that you should had been wary of, not the people that you spend mere billions on who fight and fought for this country’s freedom.

  • Lds

    Not everyone who has retired (( I spent 22 yrs in AF)that is still working age is working. I am taking care of my 84 y/o Mother in law, and my diabled retired USAF (63y/o) husband. So I guess I am going to have to get a night shift job and take care of them during the day. They don’t qualify for any at home help so it’s just me to take care of them.

  • Marc Begnoche

    Another way to ensure the veteran goes without. The example I present is those retirees who divorce and are “forced” to surrender a part of their retirement to the former spouse. When my parents divorced, my father was only required to pay child support. I divorced and have to pay “alimony” until one of us dies. Allow me my full retirement, cancel former spouse payment, and keep your measly raise. Otherwise, afford us the opportunity to get raises to help with the increase in cost of living. How many years did military pay fall way behind the private sector? Now Washington wishes to punish the military pay to finally catch up with its civilian counterparts.

  • Chasmad

    For working-age retirees, those under 65, fee hikes should be phased over five years and use a “tiered approach” so that senior-grade retirees would pay higher fees than lower-ranking retirees.

    NOT RIGHT AT ALL!! 24 years and a 90% disability rating is what I gave for TriCare Prime and a low Annual Fee for myself and my family. HOW can every active/retired live within the 40 mile radius? AND if they want us to use other sources for INS. then the low rate for TRICARE and the cost of Employee Ins. we’ll be paying the same, if not MORE, than the civilian sector…That’s what they want! There is no HONOR in our current Administration and their INS is BETTER and FREE for Life! TriCare Prime is what I expect after giving 24 years for my country. People ALL people SPEAK UP!

    Read more: https://militaryadvantage.military.com/2012/11/avo

    • CWO4-747

      I lived in a 40 mile radius. Then they closed the base.

      BRAC. Oh, yeah. That was a cost cut. Where’d the money go?

  • wintersoldier

    Thank you for your service…now suck it up and die….heh,heh (sarcasm intended)

  • 30+ years

    To take away our military and their families hard won pay and health care benefits while our overblown federal government continues to waste the taxpayers money is criminal. Anyone who thinks the military is overpaid obviously has never served. Take basic pay, divide it by seven days a week 24 hrs a day and see what hourly rate that comes to. Who do you think your kidding here?

    To fix our deficit reduce foreign aid, cut federal government waste and let the states manage programs they are better suited to provide oversight for. Rewrite the tax code to establish a flax tax rate for everyone over the poverty level. After that and we still haven’t fixed the government spending issue then talk about reducing military pay and benefits but only as a last resort.

  • kenk

    I for one, am not going to panic yet. Has there been a definition of discourage or restricting Prime Access to those under 65? I am in a large corporation and our health plan has dwindled into nothing more than a glorified savings plan. I stayed to retirement with this benefit as a known truth. I would not mind some marginal fee increases but to remove the benefit or its advantage over the civilian sector would be to break faith with those who served under paid and over worked to retirement. The other sneaky little item is the Obama Care penalty payment if you are not in the Government system. Be wary of your liabilities under Obama Care if you opt out of tricare/prime and into your employers health coverage. As I see it the Eagle will benefit double from our toils post military. Time for the old sailors home and welfare, being productive costs too much

  • Christa

    Why dont they take away the pay and benefits of those in office right now. They get medical for the rest of their lives on our dime and make way more then our service men and women… Explain to me how they are not including themselves in the spending solution. Also get rid of unemployment. I worked 2 jobs at McDonalds and Dillards when I lost my job to take care of my family. People only elected this man because he lets them have a handout without doing anything productive at the expense of those of us who are working and care!

    • maureen

      i think you are lost too. if you noticed there are more people looking for work then there are jobs. being a stay at home mom is the hardes job ever. my husband is in military, got cancer while in iraq,had chemo,lost his civilian job and there aren’t any mcdonald jobs that can pay enough gto provide for 6 kids and 2 adults. no, we are not on the system but i should be. also, they should provide some kind of daycare for those who need that and want to work. this country is in a big mess. it isnt obama who got us in this mess…it was bush,twice over!!!! how anybody can blame one man for the mess is idiotic… the military men and women and their families sacrifice so much of their lives for this counrty that gives more to other countries than to its own…we deserve more pay and better benefits…

  • jsub

    Military pay/benefits shouldn’t even be a topic of discussion on The Hill – yet they can bailout failing companies, fund unions, send aid to third world counties that would just as soon stab you in the back as look at you, and continue to spend and raise the debt ceiling….honestly this is some of the poorest leadership I’ve seen in a while – and I use the word ‘leadership’ loosely.
    There’s no reason I can think of where we as Americans have to continually fight on our own soil the very gov’t we vote for, elect, and pay the salaries of, just to do the right thing.
    No retired or separated military member I know has ever asked for more then they were ever promised, yet are continually used as a scapegoat for lack of an effective budget (and) near zero constitutional priorities!

  • AF Retired

    Those who draw comparison between military and civilian work forces, must limit the civilian data to those who most closely perform the military task, aka Private Military Contractors (PMC).

    PMC Blackwater USA: $500-750 a day.

    FBI, CIA, DEA, Border Patrol and police salaries are;
    PMC Agents: $150,000.00 per year (tax free.)
    PMC Senior Agents: $175,000.00 per year.
    PMC Asst Detail Leader: $200,000.00 per year.
    PMC Detail Leader: $250,000.00 per year.

    Those who believe military personnel salaries, even remotely, approach those of their civilian counter parts, should not be in the business of offering financial suggestions/solutions in regards to military pay and benefits.

  • Steven Allen

    OK I know I get on my soap box from time to time but after reading this story I am ready to take action. The President and Congress want to cut funding and benefits for Military retirees. Congress gets benefits and pay that far outweigh those of anymember sering in the military and their retirement benefits are better then those Military retirees. While these same people who want to cut Benefits work in nice Air Conditioned offices our Soldiers and sailors sweat in the deserts of Iraq and Afghanistan and may I add the same people who got us into this mess now want to cut pay and Benefits to those who keep them safe so that they can pass laws they bypass themselves. Please let the President and Congrss know how you feel I know I have already and will continue too.

  • Gary Wilcox

    Same old joke on the actual military. Cut their pay, benefits, etc. to “help” pay down a government defecit….but by all means keep shoveling billions of dollars to Defense Industry corporations that make toys the military doesn’t need in order to continue providing civilian jobs that Senators protect.

    While Democrats blasted Bush for sending troops to Afghanistan and Iraq without “body armor” and with duct tape on their NBC suits….the Defense Industry was still getting their billions and billions of dollars throughout the 90s.

    The joke continues.

    JAG Man…guess who won’t be chipping in.

  • Pennydove

    What a crock! This congress stinks and worse. I’m so glad to know I gave 28 years and put up with all the b.s., did my remote, two deployments, and 14 moves… all the while thinking, “At least I will have free medical care”. Fool that I am, I believed it. Now, I find out they are going to screw you over according to rank! B.S. I don’t believe it mattered what rank it was when we were in AOR. To top it off, I can’t move back home to southern Missouri b/c they are turning off Prime there altogether. Where is the outrage? Congress gives themselves everything. The problem is most of the ninnies up there have never served and don’t give a fig about us!

  • Darryl Weaver

    Mr. Ekdahl: You are being an alarmist!! 1.The Commander and Chief of the US is not going to order the invasion of your back yard!! 2. Nazi Germany was a totalitarian state the US is not and will not because the Officers and men who populate our ranks won’t let it be. 3 If you do, however, want to find bad guys, I would be more than happy to meet with you and throw a few lobbiest of big business interest, ponzi schemers, and any body else standing between you and your government right off into the Potomac!!!

    You notice I did not ask what your party affiliation was?? It is because you are an American!! whether Red, Blue, Black, White Brown, Gay or Straight. (OK I got a little carried away with the Gay Straight but you get my meaning) (lol) Now Let’s go chuck some lobbiest lawyers into the drink!! And Have our Representatives Represent US!!

  • Al

    The CBO seems to have forgotten exactly what being in the military entails. It’s more than just a exercise in number crunching. These are men and women that are in many cases sacrificing a great deal for those pay checks. Further more, part of the appeal of making a career out of the military were the EARNED benefits such as ‘Free’ (at least when I enlisted) medical and on-post privileges…that was the exchange for the crazy hours, hardship assignments (among other things). It seems so EASY a politician to
    Take away EARNED privileges he never sacrificed to get. Wish I could vote MYSELF a pay raise and never have to be bothered by these @!$%ing bureaucrats again.

  • Cryptologist

    Stand Behind the Military or stand in FRONT of THEM!!!

  • David

    Were wasting our time. obama don’t give a damn about the military! What the hell..he’s from kenya! We as military retirees are getting screwed and screwed hard. I’m sure there are many many more progams they could cut, welfare etc. But that would make obama look bad to his peps.

  • David

    your an idiot

  • Annette

    Mercenaries????? How dare you. Hide behind the Church, you low life. My husband was severely injured in Iraqi fighting for your freedom to post idiotic things on the internet. Our lives have been destroyed and the man I got back from Iraq is still dealing with every day life issues that should be so simple. Please next time you go to church, PRAY, PRAY hard for guidance and forgiveness for being stupid.


    Cut the pay and benefits of the Congressman and Senators and see how many really want to work for the Government

  • Budman

    I spent 20 years in service and had 6 children. When I was a First Class petty officer my family qualified for food Stamps. They are saying the Military people make too much money with pay and benefits. I don’t know of to many civilians that are working that must leave their families for 6 to 8 months at a time and don’t have a choice in the matter. Also, our precious Congressman and Representatives draw 6 figure pay plus many perks that aren’t mentioned. And after serving a very short time get 80% to 100% of their pay as retirement. The military have to spend 20 years to draw 50% of their base pay. For an enlisted person that isn’t a lot after taxes. The raising the cost of Tricare for retired military of working age is another gross injustice. We could save a lot more money by cutting Medical and retirement for these government workers. Just think how much we could save if the President didn’t get to use Airforce One to go all over the place campaigning and on vacations. Also, after they are out of office they don’t get all the security and office perks that we the taxpayers are paying for. Wouldn’t that put money available to help with the debt. Especially since the President and his staff and the Congress/House are the ones spending so much.

    • AAK

      I think we need to lower benefits for the Presidents and vice Presidents and congress and all political people. They are the ones who get the largest pay & benefits of any workers in the United States. I have spent 25 years in the military and depend on Tricare to help with medical costs. What is the matter with our government? They don’t know what it is like to get cut in wages and hours and medical costs. Hello wake up and really look why our government is in the hole with the deficit . Its not our hard worker middle class people. Its them!

    • DEE


    • Dennis

      I also spent 20 plus years on active duty and spent a lot of time away from my family in places like Okinawa and Korea or in some wonderful places like 29 Palms. I made 6 grand as a 2nd Lt and after 20 years I made less than $50,000 base pay. Like most of us we moved around the country and usually lost money on our moves. I did not really complain because I choose to serve and knew that I would have a retirement and medical if I could survive 20 years.

      Now the service I served just doesn’t seem to matter any more. My body feels the years of service and the CBO wants us to sacrifice more.

      I will say there is another thing that steams me. I am a Federal government employee. Most of us like most military member bust our butts day after day to serve our country. We did not cause the debt situation and in fact we have been on a two year pay freeze with at least one more coming in 2013 and Congress the kings of pork barrel legislation want to extend the freeze longer. So keep the comments about Feds to yourself.

    • ADCS W.Thompson

      I qualified for Food Stamps also while stationed ( PO1 USN) in California in the ’70’s,so also experienced it first hand. After a 30 year USN career,I’ll have to check to see if I still qualify with my monthly retainer pay if I still lived in the US..

  • Mark

    You know, I get pissed every time I read your BS. I’d love for you people to quit hiding behind email as a faceless entity, and meet me on the street where I can show you how well the government trained me to protect your stupid A$$,

  • Bob Moore

    Jag Man, we did pay our fair share of the debt with our Blood.

  • firethesobs

    I am in complete agreement with those that are outraged by the comparison of the military to civilians, the “need” to freeze military pay simply because we have no recourse and the “need” to raise our health premiums as a way to help pay for the out of control spending of our oh-so-wise senators and representatives.

    I am also incensed that these same self-serving individuals use this money to pay for welfare and food stamps. I realize that, in some cases, this is needed to keep a family from being homeless or starving. I would hope that I am not heartless. However, what really ticks me off is people making a career of welfare or driving a luxury car to the grocery store to use their food stamp card and then agreening we should give up what we have earned.

    I realize this is a long-winded rant but I have, by God, earned the right to express myself and will do so however I want.

    • TIM

      I AGREE

    • marie

      amen, well said friend. the welfare and food stamp program is a joke. to many peoooople are on it that shouldn’t be. a lot of fraud in the welfare and food stamp program. and the businesses know it. re-distribution of wealth is absolutey wrong. if a person works and waits for retirement, wonderful. don’t take it away from the ones whom have and give to the ones whom want it . america are making people lazy and bums. all they , the takers, are laughing at the ones whom worked for what they now have. sickening and unfair

  • Charlie Williams

    The United States Goverment always promised free medical care for military veterans and their spouses for life if they served for 20 years or more. How’s that working out for you retirees?

    • TIM


    • Retired and TIRED

      They’ve changed the rules and keep changing them. Promises mean nothing, and it’s easy to change the rules once you’ve completed the contract. After 26 years of active duty service, we’re now finding out how good the government’s word is. I’m disgusted right now!

      • Guest

        My Grandpop was an honorable man. He always said, “A man is only as good as his word.” We didn’t plan on having to pay for our medical care when our “life” ended at age 65. Weren’t we told “for life”?

      • Chuck

        Correct, as more and more members of Congress shun military service, they do not realize and in most cases don’t care what service members and there families give up and sacrifice.
        Nothing will happen to reverse this trend until military members band together and create an association that brings together all the small VFW’s, American Legions, etc into a mega association that has clout and hires good lobbyist.
        Use that clout and power to make Congress understand service members vote and need support which is described in these blogs.

  • tbake

    The CBO suggests that fees and premiums be raised to discourage working age retired personnel from using Tricare. That sort of thinking is very upsetting. Maybe the DoD needs to think about doing away with BAQ and Comrats, and just add it in to base pay; tax it, and include it when determining ret pay. It would sure shore up the retirement income for the enlisted. For me, health care was an important consideration when I re-up’d at 13 years; something I thought would be left untouched. When I was in, we didn’t have any type of 401K; so anyone that left before 20 basically left with nothing (you see, enlisted’s lived from payday to payday). I will say this much; make the changes to affect future retirees; those with less than 10 years active duty. I’d be curious as to how it affects reenlistment rates. At least they’d have a chance to make a fair assessment (although, I suppose the gov’t can make changes anytime they feel like it).

  • DevilDogJim

    The first job I had outside of the USMC was as a data entry clerk making about 7.50 an hour. I wasn’t the fastest or most accurate, but, the boss saw I had the drive to improve and was willing to work all hours. He told me later, the only reason he hired me was because I was a verteran. He said he knew I would work all hours regardless of the day of the week or the time. He said, “Wait till he knows he will get paid overtime for his work.” I agree with many of you, we should cut the politicians’ pay and increase the costs they have to pony up for their medical care since they were able to exempt themselves from OBAMACARE.

  • Butch

    This is a joke right? We go to war, risk our lives, lose limbs, eyes, get screwed up backs from carrying 70-90 lb loads and that equates to some civilian sitting in the rear. My kids grow up with one parent. I don’t even have time to wipe my A!! With Thais ludicrousness.

    • TIM


    • Dick W

      Amen,you’re absolutely right, JAG man is right on facts but wrong on his thinking we shouild contribute MORE than we have. Retired Capt.

  • Dee

    We are trying to decide if we should just walk away from the military now after 14 years and give up our benefits, because the way things are going for the military… We expect that they will take away our pensions & benefits all together anyway!!! Why sacrifice more of our lives for those who don’t give a damn if they are FREE.

    • ADCS W.Thompson

      That’s exactly what Obama and his band of incompetents want you to do !!
      As a 30 year USN retiree,since Obama was elected in 2008 we have had one CPI increase of 1 % and an increase in the monthly tax deduction ,so in essence no increase in retired pay.at all,and now it will be frozen. They have no use for the military and enough sheeple voted him back in…Fiscal cliff maybe the whole Obama Administration should be pushed off it. !.

  • Dave Sneller

    Congress just voted themseves a $1900 per month raise for 2013 yet they can’t take care of there Veterans!!

    • Lawrence Riccio

      There are out of control. I am a retired Senior Chief Submarines, I getting
      a 1.7 COLA this year, Congress is out of control!!

      • Tiney234

        Hey, the Military is worth the sacrifice as long as they get to keep their tax breaks, and they’ve only just begun!!

  • Dwight

    I totally disagree with what the CBO is doing to our troops. They want our troops to fight and die for this country without any type of pay and they expect it. How about taking away some of the Senators/Congressmen pay every year. They give themselves pay raises and we Americans can’t do a damn thing about it. They serve 4 years for a newbie and get compensated for the rest of their lives, but our troops have to suffer along with their families.
    You don’t see our representives complaining about no pay raises do you? How about STOP giving money to other countries and support our own America.

    • bubbie


  • Chris

    I find it interesting that G.W. Bush & Company Cut Taxes and sent the Military to war in two countries, Oh Yea, how about a perscription Drug program that didn’t include negotiations for drug companies for lower prices on the drugs. I also find it interesting Tricare only pays the providers ~30% reinbursement for the services that are billed.

    The American workforce paid little in taxes while the US military person put their lives on the line for the 99% how not only didn’t serve but also didn’t do anything to fund the war effort!

    If you really look at the deficit totals, probably 10 of the 15 Billion debt happened during the Bush/Republican management of national budget.

    Not too impressive for the Republican Party who claims they are fiscally conservative!

    • Of course, we just HAVE to have the “blame Bush” dude chiming in….! lol

      • mark

        That’s because he owns it. You cons are blind.

    • Squid

      Can’t understand what point you are trying to make! Bush got us int 2 wars. OK. Both Necessary. Tricare Sucks, I agree! The American Workforce pays little in taxes while the U.S. Military whites a blank Check for those who can’t or won’t volunteeer to fight for our Country, Cowards! Especially when they won’t care for the ones who do. If you look at deficit spending, what’s your son or daughter worth in the way of Medical care either on or off the Battlefield?? In that case I’d call the Republicans fiscaly Patriotic by trying to save every life of every serviceman/women no matter the cost. It amazing when you have the life in your hand, Dem or GOP doesn’t matter, they all fight for the flag as I did when I flew and got shot down. Still trying to get care for my combat injuries. And the issue is wait,wait,wait and wait some more as did a friend of mine did until he died 2 years after he filed his claim for his injuries. All’s not easy Chris…………..

    • Joe P

      well its interesting that the current administration for your facts, spent more in 4 years than ALL OTHER PRESIDENTS COMBINED! we had $2.00 a gallon gas, 5% unemployment, and tax cuts. but we only see through those liberal shade glasses right? Bush was not responsible for 10 trillion, sorry. Research before you open mouth. HMMMM 1.2 trillion in military cuts, 700 billion taken from medicaid for obama care, tax hikes for you and your gas guzzlers, over regulation on oil, no domestic drilling. where do you think we are headed dude?

    • Jaso

      Chris, you’re a mess! Typical Lib blaming others for their failures. You don’t think the $6 trillion BO has put on the credit card, Obamacare, regulations…..have had anything to do with the cliff we’re hanging by? Stop following the liberal agenda of blaming others and figure it out!

    • jim

      hey chris get a life.you sound like a politician

  • Bonnie Coventry

    If they are going to eliminate anyone who lives more than 40 miles from a Military treatment facility from TRICARE Prime next year what good will it do to raise the enrollment fee? We will be put on TRICARE Standard and for it there is no enrollment fee

    • Darlene Suber

      @Bonnie .. I received this nice reply from our president today in response to the 40 military base for treatment, The following is his letter
      Dear Darlene:

      Thank you for sharing your thoughts with me. I have heard from many military families concerned about TRICARE, and I appreciate your perspective.

      Over the past 3 years, I have worked to address the growing cost of health care by implementing efficiencies in Government spending that will improve TRICARE and ensure military families have access to high-quality medical care. These efficiencies include the creation of virtual lifetime electronic health records that will follow service members from military to civilian life. Additionally, through the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act, military hospitals received funding for much-needed facility improvements.

      Under the Affordable Care Act, all features of TRICARE remain in place. The law does not affect health insurance coverage received through TRICARE in any way, and the Department of Defense maintains exclusive authority over providing the highest quality care to our service members, retirees, and their families. In fact, many of the key reforms put in place by the Affordable Care Act are already common practice in TRICARE—including coverage for people with pre-existing conditions, access to preventive care services with no cost sharing, and no annual or lifetime caps on coverage. The Affordable Care Act also makes clear that those who are covered by TRICARE will meet the law’s minimum coverage provision.

      One benefit addressed by the Affordable Care Act, but not already in place under TRICARE, was allowing young adults up to age 26 to remain on their families’ health plans. As of January 2011, the Department of Defense now offers similar benefits to young adults with a parent enrolled in TRICARE through the TRICARE Young Adult program.

      TRICARE will continue to provide affordable care to over nine million service members and their families. When Americans answer the call of duty and serve in our Armed Forces, a sacred trust is forged. From day one of their enlistment through retirement, the United States must always support those who serve and have served in uniform. These men and women risked their lives to protect our freedoms, and we must do all in our power to provide them with the benefits they have earned, including comprehensive health care. For more information or assistance with TRICARE, please visit http://www.TRICARE.mil.

      Thank you, again, for writing.


      Barack Obama

      I wrote and told him that I thought it was wrong to punish those of us that live more than 40 miles away from base . And this is the letter that I received— hmm I don’t think he understood my english.

  • mike

    This is what happens when you have a Democrat in the oval office. if your on welfar I guess you would be better taken care of then serving your country!!!

    • Tiney234

      No, this is what happens when you have a group of rich Republicans who would rather cut everything else, than their tax breaks. Do your homework, this is what the GOP put on the table. They even want the Military to wait until 65 before they can draw retirement pay, so afer 20 years of Active Service, you can’t even get paid until you turn 65. So get ready to get out, and find another job. But hey, you voted for this selfishness, so don’t put this on President Obama.

      • John

        No. I have served under 6 Presidents. 3 were Dems and 3 were Reps. Life sucked under the Dems and sucks now. We were most definitely better taken care of under Republicans.

        • Gregg

          John McCain is one of the leaders of the pack coming after us.

    • John

      I agree with you whole heartliy !!!

  • scooter

    I’ll give a rats ass when I see an armored division surrounding Congress and doing unto Rome what Rome has done unto her vets!

    • Joe

      It may be the only way to get rid of the Tea Baggers and the other right wingnuts in Congress. But will that armored division be ours or someone else’s?

  • Dwight

    Another thing is the Tricare Prime program. Tricare initiated “Prime” and gave the option to the retirees and those currently serving to choose, now they want to dump it off on the side.
    My recommendation to those service member and retirees is to quit paying for Prime, safe that amount in a savings, cause you’re not going to use prime that much anyway or for the retirees, just use Tricare Standard until you’re 65 and go with Tricare for life and you still benefit.

  • tbake

    I’m getting the feeling that military benefits are going to be like the old “locked box” of Social Security. Can’t steal from SS anymore, so it’s just natural that they move on to somewhere else to take from.

  • Guest user

    Wake up! Remember it was Eisenhower who said beware of the military industrial complex and damned if he wasn’t right. Do you really think the GOP or Democrats give a rats a$$ about you or any other vet or active duty member. Keep dreaming. You show your ignorance when you spew that birther racist crap. There are programs that need cut but when you argue like that it loses its effect. Contact your representatives and air your grievances in a smart way not how you commented here.

    • Tiney234

      This is the GOP that has put this on the table. They’ve been trying to increase Tricare for years, as well as up the limit for Military Retirement, meaning, they don’t want you receiving Retirement Pay after 20 years, but at age 65. The GOP, not the President. Why do you think he’s been saying he won’t sacrifice our Military in an effort to save their tax breaks. But hey, you all voted for the GOP, so you only have yourself to blame.

  • Buckshot

    Why is it always the Military Budget to be cut when the economy gets tight?? Someone needs to think about cutting the State Dept. First there has not been a firm Foriegn Policy in 8 years. Why do we spend our $$$ to rebuild other Nations when we have the same needs at home? To say, “..its good relations…” is a false idea. Read “The Mouse That Roared”.Why should we lower our standards to be on same level with 3rd World Nations? If they want to come up to our standards let them do it> McAurthur did it with Japan and look what happened verses Detroit.

  • John Steinsiek

    I think one of the biggest thing to consider is the enormous foreign aid we are supplying–even to our enemies!!!

  • Wil

    Our elected officials don’t care and never did care about those that protect this great country…they only care about their votes…and lets face it, those recieving free government handouts out number those of us that care about our country’e welfare; That includes the politicians. You don’t see them giving anything to the country’s welfare…just bleeding it dry.

  • Chuck

    All of you folks make valid arguments, but if you also send the letters,
    your complaints will fall on deaf ears. Put it in writing !!

    • twcat64

      I did. All I got back was an auto reply from Obama touting the joys of The Affordable Health Care Act. I threw up.


    • mac dickinson

      they dont care

    • Tim

      PUT it on a voting ballot

  • Sue42

    As a spouse of a currently deployed active duty soldier, I actually have no complaints with taking a share of cuts to help get our country on track. Cut out future pay raises for a few years. Charge me an annual enrollment fee for our health insurance. I and my family will do our part. HOWEVER, what I do have a problem with is the military families and retires making these sacrifices only to have our government give those savings to themselves or increase funding to social programs. If the military can make these sacrifices for the country, so can the unemployed, other retirees, the lower incomes. It isn’t just one particular demographic that should make the sacrifices. Our soldiers and their families already sacrifice so much … All Other Americans should do the same.

  • James Covington

    the attacks on the military benefits and pay raises are so disingenuous because there is never a conversation about the federal civilians and how they make much more, produce less (other than produce more bureaucracy and cost more in handling/overhead), and often have better compensation packages in total. For instance, with every defense budget that has a pay increase for military, there is always a provision that includes at least .5% pay increase more for DOD civilians. Also, let’s not forget the fact that they get paid overtime, only work 8 hours a day, get federal holidays, get up to 3 weeks leave, get matching TSP funds, and ultimately get a federal pension. There are almost twice as many federal civilian employees as there are military members using 2010 data. With the drastic reduction in force for the military and federal agencies not required to reduce their civilian workforces, that ratio will become well over 2:1 federal civilian employees to military members. Let’s have a discussion and committee in the Senate and House to evaluate the fairness that 1/3 of the federal payrolls should sacrifice for the other 2/3! The military is always the easier target – shut up, do as you’re told and move out.

    • Pooty

      James, I don;t know where you get your info on federal employees compensation package, but you know what you are talking about. They haven’t had a raise in 3 years, they received no BAH, no BAS, no re- enlistment bonuses, no GI bill, no commissary benefits, they pay for their medical costs etc; should I continue,

  • Rosalee

    So when is Washington going to take a pay freeze etc.????
    AND I include congress also
    There is A LOT of fat in their budget and never mind their overbloated
    staffs etc.

  • steve

    If you look at what this present generation in uniform has gone through as volunteers, multiple combat deployments, two wars and now this President wants to strip those currently in uniform, and close to retirement and those already retired in unjust. I just read today on our Homeland defense, Immigration website, the US government is encouraging new VISA immigrants to sign off for free housing and medical care. However, this President wants to screw retired military. I am appalled at our retired Comrades that are African American who voted for Obama knowing damn well and good we as Veterans are going to be screwed. They voted race over goodwill with fellow combat vets. Shameful. Colin Powell should be ashamed. He said about retired healthcare benefits. I quote from Powell “This country has a profound obligation to honor its commitments to our veterans – including the lifetime medical care they were promised. Moreover, healthcare is an important incentive in attracting quality recruits to today’s all-volunteer armed forces, on which our very national security depends.”

    I wonder what he is saying now.

  • parradox

    Hey, the bottom line is the dems won and they have decided that they would rather spend the tax money on 99 weeks unemployment, expanded welfare benefits, and expanded medical care for everyone. They have their priorities and we are simply victims of the peace dividend. Elections have consequences.

    • crimprof

      We would have been facing a fiscal cliff with Obama or Romney. The win or lose is leaving the same people on the Titanic, with very little shuffling of the deck chairs. Both Dems and Republican “representatives” and senators are for their main contributors and …….. themselves. Neither side of voters won. We all lost. So, don’t extend these Bush era tax cuts. That is NOT a tax increase ,,,,,, it is the end of tax cuts. If we all pay extra taxes for a few years — we’ll be back to —— the Clinton era economy.

    • BOSN1995

      OH PARRADOX – Please don’t blame the DEMS. BOTH parties are to blame here my friend! I served for 21 years and it’s apparent that the military & retirees continue to get the short end of the stick time and time again. Having a Republican President would not make one bit a difference. I think all we can do is hope that calmer heads prevail and the house and senate realize the value of our military. Press on…..

    • Gregg

      Guess again. John McCain is one of the leaders of the pack coming after us.

    • dontgothere

      don’t forget the free phones for all their voters. more free phones for those who voted multiple times.

    • Sumner Bowers

      do not forget they also need more money to support obamas cell phone program. I was retired from the Navy for twenty years plus before I ever used my retired medical benefits.

    • Mike R

      McCain wants to take away Tricare. He’s no Democrat. There is more bipartisan support to bend Vets over than most realize.

    • mark

      Such bullshit. It ain’t a partisan issue. Stop blaming a party and blame Congress.

  • jim

    I have served in the Army for 9 years. 7 of them was in Germany. Now im a disabled vet, at 50 % but get payed ta 40 %. i have nothing else coming in but what i get from the VA. I make to much for welfare and food stamps. I was working as a security officer, and now i cant do that any more. i put in for SSI and now i have to wait for a hearing, I live off of $622.00 per month… i want to see the Congress/House to live like i do. the dept would drop so fast. i have no insurance and no car. now tell me WTF

  • Patrick Driscoll

    I think the same about cutting our benefits as I do about when the last cop turns in his gun I’ll know I don’t need mine. When the last congressman cuts his or her benefits as much as they want to cut ours, I’ll know it’s time to cut back and help out.

  • mudrat27c

    They talk of raising enrollment fees, deductibles and copay’s for working class retirees under 65. Well that means everyone in Tricare. When you turn 65 they force you into Medicare and you will pay about $1000.00 more a year. Thanks again uncle sam.

  • Frank

    Reports are the private sector will see a 3% pay raise, military 1.7%. The reason for prior bigger pay raises was the military was lagging behind for a long time. A bunch of retirees are losing Tricare Prime which will increase their insurance premiums. Maybe all this is to help pay for the new Unionized TSA and their special needs. We’ve been told that the military is in the top 75% of pay compared to others experience. The military should be the top wage earners for risking their lives and spending numerous days away from family.

  • This sucks – All the RAH RAH RAH Pro Military hoopla thats been going on since 911 is all a bunch of bullSh*t — Like many comments in here, we served, we deserve even more than what we get. I guess your better off if you die in the line of duty – now a days, I think thats what DC really wants.

    • dontgothere

      nah then they just call it an accident blame it on the one who died and deny benefits to surviving family. think i’m kidding? Ft Hood has been called “workplace violence” and those who were injured are being denied benefits.

    • Mike R

      I don’t want more than what they promised me, just what they promised me all those years if I stayed. Taking away benefits AFTER the service is completed is just garbage.

    • civilian


      • Idmtmedic

        Charles Bryant?

  • Jon schwartz

    I agree that it is wrong to compare my benefits to people that may have never served in the military. I worked hard for my benefits, deployed many times. Ate cold meals that were suppose to be hot and slepped in a rack not much bigger than a coffin. Meanwhile our elected officials couldn’t pull there head out of there ass or there penis out of some chick they were banging behind there wives back. I am so tired of these elected ass clowns.

    • Myles

      Wonder if our washington “Representatives” are looking at cutting into their sweetheart health care plans, salaries for life and lucrative pension plans, which they get for working three days per week, six months a year and may only be “employed”, by us I might add, for a couple of years, not to mention all their other perks they have voted for themselves?

  • Michael Edmonson

    The reason for the larger raises was because back in the 90’s and earlier, military pay was way behind civilian pay. The goals was to bring military pay commensurate with the civilian sector. If this has been accomplished, then annual pay raises for the military should be minimal. But if we start freezing pay rates, then in about 10 years we will be right back to where we were 20 years ago.

  • MOLO10

    Just start saying NO!! NO to Re-UPing!! NO To Shopping at the PX/BX and Commissary. NO to supporting the Combined Federal Campaign!! NO to Volunteering in the Community!!, NO to giving Blood!!, NO to everything the government doesn’t pay you to do. Write a ton of letters to your representatives. Discourage your children and friends from volunteering for Military Service by making them aware of how you are being treated. Maybe it’ll have an impact the next time our leaders decide to commit troops and they’ll be forced to re-institute the draft.

    • dontgothere

      and THAT is EXACTLY what obama and his lib/progs WANT. if they can get rid of the LOYAL PATRIOTS from the military they can then use the weapons to arm their civilian youth brown shirts.

  • Fozzy B

    It’s easy to appeal to the “fair share” people. It seems everyone is quick to take from someone else as long as it is not them. Let me ask a very important question that everyone seems to avoid. What are you doing with the revenue you already have? If I give you more of my pay or productivity, would it ever be enough? Would you simply say “Hey, look at this new revenue stream. What do we need to spend it on today?”. It’s never enough. Hold these people accountable for what they already have. Quit trusting them to spend your money for you. Wake up and question it. Run for local office and change it. Stop conceding that you can’t wait to give more. Trust me, they will take it and never look back. 17 Trillion, 18 Trillion, 19 Trillion…get the picture.

  • MSGP

    This attack on the Military has got to stop!!! I’m now 61 and 80% disabled and just lost my parttime job with no chance to find new employment. I should not be required to pay for health care that was part of my overall retirement package. If I had been told that I would lose all of my benefits after I retired when I went into the Army I could have saved for this. I should not have to live a life like someone who has never worked or served and receives better health care and food stamps along with free housing. If you want to cut costs then put all the people who can work but will not and use the system to collect monies that they never paid into or ever will!!! I earned my retirement!!!

  • mvg

    What if we tell Congress that we are going to put a freeze on their retirment, health care etc. They don’t even risk their lives for their country. Maybe in order for one to serve in Congress they NEED to serve the country.

  • Richard

    I don’t think one more American should have to give his life for wars fought with uniformed armies. Ever since Korea this shit has been going on and it is the individual countries responsibilities to control it’s citizens or pay the consequences.

  • Capt Jack

    If you don’t like the comments go somewhere else you bill Clinton loving pinko commie – just sayin

    • I;m just sayin too – he probably got kicked out of boot camp for wetting the bed

  • David Bell

    How the hell can they compare Military pay to civilian pay. it’s a total different ball game. A Military man goes to work in the morning, and if he is lucky, he’ll make it home around 4:30, but it doesn’t matter if he has to stay 4 or 5 more hours, because it doesn’t cost the Government a dime more if he puts in 16 hours, or 8.

    The civilian on the other hand, will get over time after 8 hours, plus if he works on the week-end or a holiday, they get triple time. I’m speaking primarily of union workers. Another thing is, when the Military man goes on leave, or vacation, if it’s a ten day leave, they have to count Saturdays and Sundays. The civilian does not. If they take a ten day vacation, they can take off on Friday night, why not it’s not counted against them. That gives them Sat. And Sunday, because they are not charged with leave until Monday. It’s the same when they return. So they can actually take a ten day vacation, and get fourteen days. Four days not being charged to them. It’s a sham to try and compare the two pay situation. There is no comparison. If we really wanted to do something big, we could make a law that all Congressmen and Senators had to be Governed by the same laws that we have to abide by. Make their health care packages the same as Us normal people. Put at least an 8 year limit on their time in office, and when they leave at the end of the 8 years, they should be given the same as anybody else after eight years on the job. “Nothing” We should do away with Career politicians. The longer they stay in office, the more useless they become. And the bigger the drag on the economy. to put a point on all this, The people in our country need to get their heads out of their collective rear ends and start doing something for our country. JFK had it right, Ask not wht the country can do for you, ask what you can do for the country.

  • mike

    For all those that voted this current president back in office you get what you deserve. If you did not see what was coming you are either stupid or ignorant. While we cut back on the military, we are funding foreign militaries so they can gain strength. China is a good example. I did serve for 20 years, and I can see through all the current administrations bullshit. Cut the military first and give to the people who do not work because they deserve more benefits than the active or retired military man or woman. And again for all those that voted for barrack you will have a rude awaking, and one more thing you are a clueless tool.

    • lamar

      mike you are the stupid one you are pissed because the president is black

      • Ron

        Oh, the race card, it is always used to defend Obumble when there is no other defense for his incompetence.

    • yamama

      So they would save 10 billion with these cuts. My question is where would the savings go to. To the single mothers on welfare with many children? They are not talking about cutting there. In other words being on welfare pays more than serving your country. Got it! What a disgrace! My husband served for 30 years, my son for 25, its an insult to them and all the military.

  • Simon

    Dear Folks.
    That is to the CB. You state that pay increases for the professional military man pay scale has exceeded that of the civilian counterpart. Well Folks, just what is wrong with that? Blow for Blow. Do civilians put their lives on the line for their counter part for the professional man in US uniform. The man or woman in Uniform sacrifice much in behalf of civilians, don’t you agree? And Folks, are they not worth it even now as we head for some moments of relief? In my opinion, those who benefited financially during times of war should help foot the bill to compensate the pennies that warriors in uniform get above the civilian pay scale. You recon that would be fair? Just think about it, don’t you promote fairness and do you promote democracy, and most of all do you find it hard to say ‘I thank you’ to a US combat VET?

    • What about our police officers, teachers, firefighters and nurses that are here in America keeping us safe, contributing to our future…they have not seen a pay raise in at least 5 years, most are having to pay higher healthcare rates, retirement benefits, etc. It is time for EVERYONE including the military to help this country get back on its feet. There are some military that have never set foot on soil overseas, yet still get the benefits of higher pay. When you go to a war territory you get compensated for that with higher pay in the first place. On top of salary, low healthcare costs, etc…military recieves BAH or free housing, electric bill paid, water bill covered…I think the pay raises are sufficient enough.

      • Guest

        The article does not say that military pay is higher than civilian pay, only that the increases are more than civilian increases. It’s not fair to compare the two, anyway. My husband was promised free military health care benefits for life. When we turned 65, we were told we had to pay for Medicare in order to get the free Tri-Care. Now we hear we are going to probably end up paying premiums for Tri-Care. We have kept our side of the bargain. This is deferred compensation, not something we haven’t already paid for. We did not plan to be spending close to $3,000 a year for Medicare, even if we don’t use it. How can anyone plan for their retirement if they keep moving the goal post?

    • XxG


    • ray mciver

      I agree with Simon. I am a retired US Marine. I have a question. WHEN WILL THE CBO TAKE A look at the lucrative pay and pay increases and lucrative medical packages that they give these lawmakers (congress and senate), who received the same pay and medical packages for a life time for only 2 years in their office while the military has to serve a minimum of 20 years and receive a portion of our basic pay mnus the additional benefits we received wwhile on active duty. When do the congree and senate put their lives on the line (except those who had actually wore the uniform). It’s just the rich feeding off the middle class and poor._

    • PSJ

      Amen Brother, tell it like it is. That bunch of limp wristed pansies in DC need to get a little taste of what it’s like to run, dodge and jump. Except. of course, Senator John Kerry. We all know what a hero that bitch is.

  • Bob

    I never had a day of sick leave in my entire service tour. I guess I was fortunate.
    The benefits are part of the initial agreement upon enlistment. Just like a contract.
    The government, from time to time, tries to change the agreement to suit them.
    If you had served, you would understand.

    • Bobby Allen Bryant


    • Icsenior chief

      Well stated sir

  • Hope

    I’m active duty (13+ years, 15+ if you count reserve time) and while this is wildly unpopular for obvious reasons, I can also understand the need to do something about the debt. The govt spends massive amounts in healthcare, retirement, etc. Sure I won’t be thrilled to pay, but I do understand why.

    • yamama

      if they would cut welfare too, maybe. But they wont. There is no limit to the children a single mother can have. And we pay, and pay..

    • torquemada

      I just think the CBO folks (and how many of the report’s authors have served their country?) need to tell the whole story. Didn’t we already “reform” military retirement in the mid-1980’s, that is, by moving a lot of folks from base pay to high-3? Any honest discussion about how much active and retired vets have to be a part of more “shared sacrifice” has to include how much the government has “saved” for 25+ years by paying less in retirement to those who played by the rules and earned it.

  • ADCS W.Thompson

    JAG Man Keep drinking the Kool Aid….one day you will come to your senses and see how conned you were .. In the meantime,as you obviously haven’t served in uniform.don’t try to be ” clever” at veteran’s expense by your sarcasm..

  • wlnorman

    At 77 and as someone who worked since he was 12, worked his way through college, spent 29 years in Army, and spent 26 years in manyn career fields including Lobbyiest, defense contractor, haz mat, emerg planning, readingb these comments make me ashamed of both ends of these extremist ones. I would have hoped that all on these link would have more intelligence than the comments show. Congress not on SS? Commie pinko? Congress pay? Don’t ever cut5 any of our benefits or freeze increases? Who is supposed to pay for cost increases? Everyonev will take a hit! Defensevb has over doubled from 2001 to 2008 and rising fast and that does not include costs of the two wars in 100s of billions. And many other very ininformed cmts smacks of “below stupid” on the smart measure.

    more to follow

  • tbake

    OK, ….As much as I hate to point this out…..I have to take issue with the (incorrect) comments made by many, regarding the retirement system for federally elected officials. It’s better that you educate yourself; do a google search for “Retirement system for Federally elected officials”, and pick out one of the official .gov sites and READ. You will probably be surprised (as I was several years back, when I took someones word on the net as gospel) to find that most the stuff you read on these blog sites is far from the truth when it comes to their retirement benefits. Now, I’m not saying that they don’t have a nice system; but it’s not what most of you believe it is. I equate much of the stuff I routinely hear of their benefits in the same realm as the free medical benefits were (not) promised for life. By the way; I’m fine with an annual premium rate increase that will be no greater than the annual COLA rate. I am totally against forcing anyone from Prime, including those retirement eligible (at least they’ll be able to consider living with 40 miles to a base).

  • wlnorman

    Cont’d wlnorman cmt
    Congress is the ones who gave the military all the raises that you value so much. Congress has been on SS since 1980’s. They are under ALL THE SAME Federal Employees Regulations as the lowest level newest secretary or warehouse employees.as far as retirement, health plans, savings plans, sick/annual leave, etc.

    Congress pay increased only 16% from 2002-2012 vs cililian 24% to 2010 and militartyn 52% to 2010. I think even the dumbest can see that they have GIVEN GIVEN GIVEN to military. Our pensions are largev and killing budget – we retire at high pay, we live a very long time, andv we use a lot of health care at little or no cost.

    more coming

  • wlnorman

    wlnorman cont’d cmt

    Many civilian jobs are dirtier, harder, more dangerous, and pay less, no retirement. Miitary rarely has been behind -under Reagan, I once got 11% raise! GOP ALways buys military and starts the wars, and installs or supports extreme right dictators (go study your history/US foreign relations/US treatment of oil countries prior to 1973. We overthrew democratic elected gov of Iran and installed bad Shah dictator (Eisenhower), then fought Iran (Hostages -Carter), then supported Iran (Reagan), then supported Iraq against Iran, then fought Iraq (Bush, help from Iran). We back all the dictators just deposed in arab states and others remaining, backed Castro at first, backed El Salvador death squads of right regime and backed contras in Nicaragua, Backed Noriega in Panama, right dictators in SE Asia.

    More to follow

  • Stacey

    Congress should never expect others to do what they themselves won’t do. So, Congress, are you also going to cut your own benefits to the point where it hurts and cripples you? Taxes should NEVER have been cut during a time of two very expensive wars. Now WE are paying the price while the “job creators” continue to get rich. By the way, the tax cuts have been in place since 2001 and 2003, so where are the jobs?

  • wlnorman

    All the commenters need to go back and look at facts and not bekloe3vev the crap factoids that both sides throw out. As we say – get the real scuttle-butt.
    Bad intelligence gets people killed in war; it makes people make stupid comments in this column.

    Too many of you are operating on bad intelligence and “dis-information.”

  • Anonymous

    They should lower officer pay and leave the enlisted pay alone. Officers are way over paid in the military. It is ridiculous.

    • Guest

      Yeah…and like you had even a fraction of an officers responsibility. Some officers are overpaid based on their inability to do the job just as some enlistees are. Stop trying to divide the house. If we dont stand together we will all pay HUGE. Go after the politicians who freely use us as photo ops during Veterans Day and Memorial Day…but actually do little to support the promises made.

  • Russell Fisher

    Tommy, it’s on its way

    Russ Fsiher

  • Irishflyer

    I put 33 years in the Army and as long as I can remember when I joined one of the sales pitch was,” give us twenty years and we’ll ( the army) take care of you come retirement time”. I was away from my family approxiamately 10years of those 33 years ( 2 tours Vietnam, Panama, Somalia,Iraq twice) I was a shooter not a REMF! I held up my end of the bargain and now the DOD wants to go back on their word just because our Govt doesn’t know how to balance a budget! It’s Jag’s way of thinking that has put us in this situation

  • Bob

    Do these politicians really want to declare war on retirees and veterans? Sounds like a bad move with potentially even worse consequences for any politician that would decide to try to cut benefits that were earned through blood and sacrafice. Just sayin…

  • commandmc

    I’ve never heard, read nor seen why Congressional Members are never required to give up a piece of their lucrative retirement pay, medical benefits and numerous other perks that cost us taxpayers millions and millions of dollars every year?
    Someone correct me if I’m wrong but I understand Congressional Members collect their salaries for life even if they serve only one term.
    Here is another perk that taxpayers will never have at their disposal and that is, Congressional Members have and get medical attention including medical specialist inside the capital building. They don’t have to travel to doctor offices like us “peons” are required to do. Medical attention includes but isn’t limited to: MRI, CT and X-rays.
    Congressional Members raise and spend millions of dollars to be elected and re-elected. How about it CBO and WH? What is your recommendation for Congressional Members to cough-up their “FAIR SHARE?” of their retirement pay, and all their other lucrative benefits/perks to help pay down the deficit that Congressional Members approved?

    • tbake

      Congressional members that serve at least 5 years in office, can begin collecting at age 62. Congressional members, that serve at least 20 years, can start collecting at age 50. Additionally, they also pay into Soc Sec. Depending which system they opt into (Civil Service Retirement for those elected to office priuor to ’84, or,Federal Employees Retirement System (FERS), they also pay into. There is a lot of bogus info from that those that despise our elected officials would rather you believe. Not saying they don’t have a good system; just the facts. Do a google search, you may be able to save yourself time ripping our elected officials (actually, they deserve a lot of ripping in many areas).

      • commandmc

        While you attempted to defend Congressional Members, you missed the main point wherein I opened with “I’ve never heard, read nor seen why Congressional Members are never required to give up a piece of their lucrative retirement pay, medical benefits and numerous other perks that cost us taxpayers millions and millions of dollars every year” and I closed with “to help pay down the deficit that Congressional Members approved.” _Your rush to defend over-paid elected officials (average salary $174,000/yr) exceeded your capacity to address those elected officials who authorized expenditures resulting in a $16 plus trillion dollar debt and why they should not be required to pay their FAIR-SHARE to help reduce this debt. Maybe you disagree with that synopsis too? _

    • Jim Glessner

      well stated!

    • RonaldB

      DO NOT GIVE UP YOUR EARNED and WELL DESERVED BENEFITS. Let the congressional leeches throw in the first 10% … then maybe you guys and gals in the military or retired “might’ offer to throw in. Don’t be first … you already did that when you stood in front of the enemy!!!

    • Wildman

      commandmc You are 100% correct about congress drawing their pensions for life even if they serve 1 term. They also keep their healthcare and it is not ObamaCare. They exempted themselves. They get barber & beauty shop activites free also. As of now, they will draw $184,000 pension per month for life. The CBO don’t or can’t mess with the congressional benefits so they get what they can from the military. I think they should have to wait until they are 65 to draw their pensions.

  • PL Lajoie

    Jesus H. Christ..After 24 years of Reserve and Active service in two wars, I’ve earned a whopping $757, a month. People on welfare fare much better and no one questions their “right” to free care..The Ultimate “Community Organizer,’ in the White House, wants us to pay out the ass, for simple run of the mill medical care..that was not averaged into the cost of our Retirement. Want to raise my premiums and co-pays? Then give me a corresponding allowance to cover it..

  • Robert Baker

    The CBO people aren’t comparing apples to apples. The civilian government employees do not mobilize for combat duty as do military soldiers. Their is much difference in the work environment of these two organizations.
    RRB of NC
    USA RET.

  • Chet

    It is my opinion that America should postpone all Foreign-Aid, and place a moratorium on any immigrants into the united states until our budget is balanced. Then and only then reevaluate our Foreign-Aid situation as versus our state of the union. This among other things, would help to balance the budget. Our active and retired military are not over-paid and the CBO should not mess with their Tricare benefit.

    • yamama

      Exactly, I would think the military deserves more.

    • Tim


      Foreign aid makes up less than 1/2 of 1% of our annual budget. The US gets alot of goodwill for that money. Homework!

  • MomGrandma

    That’s the thanks you get?! They’d rather you not serve your country and live off of the welfare teat?!

    • Frankie

      I guess 32 million people who never did squat for this country get free health care and we have to pay more for it. This country is getting more screwed up by thge day They should eliminate the CBO we could save money immediately

      • MomGrandma

        Do these people have no shame, no morality?! At one time I worked a full-time job and two part-time jobs when I could have taken public assistance. It’s a matter of self respect in knowing what you are doing is right.

        Our government, phut! Too many chiefs, the CBO is supposed to be bipartisan too…HA!

    • soldiermom11

      You notice that they didn’t tell everybody this until AFTER the election? I’d like to know how many military votes actually made it to be counted?

      • MomGrandma

        soldiermom11, our election process is fraught with inefficiency and depravity. smh

      • Hank

        Actually, there have been those telling this to everyone long before the election, only to have these embezzles re-elect this stupid, worthless, circus clown from Africa.

    • catt

      Obama is going to make sure this is a socialist country one way or another….

  • Sabrina

    If we could keep Obama in the white house instead of . Air For One we could save enough in gas and expenses to take care of our military. He has been in a different state or a different country almost every day since he has been in
    office except when he or his family was on vacation. His weekly parties and golf
    games would help too.

    • stlbrz

      Spin and a miss!

    • yamama

      you are right, Sabrina.

  • Shawn

    Please send me the petition. My email is shawnkingva@twcny.rr.com. Thanks!!

  • RonaldB

    Anything and everything that spews forth from the Congress or the lapdog CBO is crap in my book. I am a vet and I am among the approx 10% of the population that was willing to give all so everyone else could have all that they have.

    First cuts should come from EVERY federal civilian job starting from the executive and on down through the cabinet and its departments, the judiciary, the House and the Senate —- and ALL of the budget sucking lower level bureaucrats who bring nothing to the equation. That alone would cut the deficit 15% …. give 5% back to the DoD military personnel budget and pay down the debt with the other 10%.. I must say that I do have a brilliant idea now and then.

    Remember — without a STRONG military the USA will cease to exist.

  • yamama

    What a disgrace! And Congress is getting a lifetime full salary, (even if they dont serve a lifetime) of course with full medical. Disgusting.

  • Guest

    Maybe I misunderstood, but I think the article said the rate of increase was more than the rate of increase for civilian jobs, not the military pay is more than civilian pay. And as far as relying on insurance through an employer, first you have to have a job, and second, you have to have an employer that offers health insurance.

  • jl3880

    People show gratitude, praise, and have events and ceremonies for vets. This costs little or nothing. If people were serious about Vets, benefits would not be an issue.

  • ray

    what a joke, they always use that word ( they would take care of the veterans) is this how they take care of us…they can go #$@$%* themself!!!!

  • catt

    Are civil service pay grades going to be frozen also?, if not why not?, ask your elected officials if government workers are included in the freeze.

  • Blake

    CBO don’t blame military people and military retirees for the pay disparity of military vs. the civilian sector. Maybe if Congress and the President would stop standing by while civilian employers are outsourcing jobs overseas, and then stop allowing foreigners to come here to take technical jobs here that Americans are more than qualified to do, we probably wouldn’t have as many unemployed Americans. It’s simple math. Less unemployed Americans = more taxpayers which = higher wages which = more tax revenue which = less dependency on gov’t which = a smaller deficit. If we as a country go the austerity route like some of the countries in Europe have gone in, we are only playing the rich mans game and you and i will suffer for it.

    • Hank

      Well said. Unfortunately, the puppet masters for our Communist in Chief knows what they are doing.

  • Guest

    To Brewer……My dad is a WWII vet STILL waiting for benefits!

  • james

    are you for real? civil service workers have carried the load for the last 3 year with a pay freeze and you want them to continue – get real. I too was active at the begin of the and I retired, I feel your pain but get real with asking civil service worker to join in…either you get out or shut up and move on smartly.

  • James R. Harris

    I love my country

    • jimandruby1


    • IraqVet04

      I love mine too, I just wish they’d leave me alone.

  • x-jarhead

    There is and old saying,,,,,,,,,,
    In peace time the military is paid to much,,,,,,,,,, during war there is not enough money to pay the military for what is does.
    Just go to any VA Hospital,,, see the old veterans from WW2 still suffering…..and those from every generation since.
    I hope and pray the men and women who have served this country dont become a political ping pong ball of the politicians……..
    The Audie Murphy,s,,,, Chesty Pullers…….and John Basilones just dont deserve it,,neither do their families and neighbors

    • jimandruby1


    • zimp

      Well put. Its way to easy to use and abuse, and then cry wolf when the stuff hits the fan.

      • ICorp

        This is the very reason why we’ll never see any congressional member having to get the same healthcare as the voters who put them into office. They’ll (Congressional delegates) always receive prime care as they say in the military, ‘Rank has its privileges.’


    What do you pay the former military that are now civilians guarding you embassies? I bet those civilians do pretty well compared to us military pay. What about cutting your pay congress for a job poorly done and what about your benefits . Go ahead, cut our pay and take our benefits away. When the economy comes back those that have been fighting your wars that never end will not. The poor economy is the only thing keeping them in the service. How much will that cost you?

  • IraqVet04

    It’s like the guber’ment’s back door draft called “Stop Loss”, this is a back door tax just like the assaults being made on retirement benefits, Tricare et al. They are in trouble and they want the military to pay its “Fair Share” just like they want the rich to pay…Can you imagine what would happen if they went after other government agencies and employees with the same amount of zeal and disregard???

  • James Long

    It wouldn’t make .0001% difference if all military expenditures were eliminated. Everything is peanuts compared to ObamaCare and guess who would never let that be repealed?

  • jimandruby1

    dids you vote for OBAMA IF SO SORRY YET

    • manuel

      They have been talking about the retirement system for long time.

  • Marc

    The CBO should look in the mirror before suggesting anything like this or taking our (all military retirees medical away). The President has no problems spending money on his use of Air Force One for his vacations and his daughters use for breaks from school. The president needs to stay home and keep all foreign aid here. All the other countries want is our money and no other help. With that being said, lets keep our money home.

  • ianbell

    Hey, CBO infants. Has anyone explained the fact to you that larger increases over the past few years is mainly due to you and government officials like you who keep screwing up and putting our future generations in harms way which requires you to pay them a lot more TO RISK THEIR LIVES PRESERVING YOUR COMFORTABLE LIFESTYLE!! Also, when you start at such a LOW BASE level to begin with, you naturally have to increase by a much higher percentage in order to bring our military to a more equal level that “government workers” although I have yet to see a senior NCO making the equivalent salary of a GS20. Please, get your head out of the clouds and come down to earth

  • Shelley

    you canNOT compare the military to civilian workers, it is two TOTALLY different worlds, two TOTALLY different working environments!!!!

  • tbake

    Everyone chip in to help with the cut backs??? I’ve seen several of these comments; where do you people come from? Deployments were many and long when I was in, and they are long now (not to mention the wars). And some knuckleheads say they (and their families) need to do more? Just how much sacrifice do some of you expect? I don’t know of a single enlisted that expected to make much in the service. But when they make a decision to serve past 20, and those that already have; they do desrve to not be screwed with in retirement. Those of you that think they need to sacrifice more; start yourself by giving some vol some time at a VA hospital. Maybe someone can give another arm or leg. Stop screwing around with the EARNED benefits; and I’m not talking about the “free retirement medical care” that never was. If they want to make changes; grandfather it to those retired now, and the active with 15, maybe 10 yrs in). Those with less time still will have plenty of time to make an informed decision on their future (but as I mentioned earlier, the future of those in uniform, especially for those in combat, is very uncertain).

  • Tony

    The character of our elected officials is a joke! They always want to eliminate military personnel’s benefits; However they are all too eager to vote themselves raises. Honestly, what hardships and seperation from family are required of them? They have the best retirement plan available( 4 years gets you retirement pay and medical benefits for life)! We retirees get adequate at best medical benefits unless you pay for civilian healthcare as I do through my employer. Whatever happen to lead by example as taught in the military! We don’t have leaders in Congress and the Senate. We have opportunist! They take advantage of uneducated citizens just to have their agenda passed into law. Any one ever heard of psycological operations!

  • Mike Sandeerson

    starting with $145,100 on Dec. 31, 2001 to now, congrss has received $24, 200 dollars in pay raises in same period of time

  • fay

    I’d say instead of pointing the red “laser dot” on the military pay why not put that “laser dot” on congressional pay and on presidential pay and presidential retirement pay!!! that will make more sense than what they are trying to do now!

  • Diane

    Well, my husband is retired Army. We have tricare benefits. Tricare standard. We also have other health insurance so tricare is secondary. We don’t use much of the tricare but it helps with the co payment. If we had to pay a yearly fee, Id be willing to pay it. Im wondering what will happen to my husbands health coverage when he becomes 65. Doesnt that turn into medicare instead? We aren’t costing tricare all that much. I don’t know what all the fuss is all about. As for the retirement salary…it isnt that much at all. We wouldnt be able to live on that alone…. I don’t know where everyone is getting their figures about that his retirement is more than most peoples… Not here…..

  • George

    Jimmy Carter hollowed out the military and our country was the laughing stock of the world in case you can’t remember. Here we go again! I was sitting on Okinawa with a wing of F-15s and no spare parts. I remember how bad it was and our thought was, if we have to go to war, God help us.

  • Suzanne Bennett

    Very few of those in Congress ever served in the military yet they attack Tricare. Were it not for the men and women who serve our military we wouldn’t have a Congress! They should cut their own benefits and leave the military alone. I don’t see them risking their lives for us! Term limits would solve a great deal of our problems with Congress!!

  • George

    Why in God’s name would a young individual even think of a military career anymore? Here’s a newsflash. How about going after medicare fraud? Bet that would trump any savings you’re forecasting by screwing the military. Oh, how about ending foreign aid, especially to countries who don’t even like us? Oh, how about cutting congressional salaries and benefits? I didn’t catch that one in your recommendation. Take congress off those cadillac plans they have. Do as I say, not as I do is their motto. Next time our country goes to war maybe you pick up a rifle, huh? Will the next Ronald Reagan please stand up and save our military and our country for God’s sake?

    • Paul Almond

      Absolutely spot on. These bureaucrats elected or appointed never smelled black powder or live like a rat in a cave for months on end. There are few if any know which end of a smole pool shoots. I feel luckey compaired to some of the vets coming home with out limbs and some with out faces. I got hit in Korea after six months and spent a year at a military hospital on a recoop, and have four screws holding my left arm togather. Semper fi George.

      • Idmtmedic

        Well said from both of you!!!!!! Thank you for your service and your sacrifice. NOTHING pays for that sacrifice yet vets are now targets? One day, just one day to live the life of a deployed vet with NO security detail as a soldier be worth more than anything to EXPERIENCE what their policy decisions mean. One rotation would change how a politician feels. One loss of a friend, one loss of a family member, one loss of an American before their eyes. TV doesn’t do it, letters or funerals don’t do it. They won’t ever get it until it’s personal.

  • Mike Moritz

    I have a deformed left leg and foot, my left ear drum was blow out, and my right is also weak. I never applied for disability because I wanted to stay in and work. Why does Congress want to punish us for working? Is there no honor in work and trying to get a head in life? How many members of Congress ever sat in a fox hole praying? The enlisted are under paid, the officers like myself made the biggest gains. Punish us not the kids that made this nation the most powerfuk military on earth. Chief Warrant

  • frankhpns

    These are the same crooks that raised there pay and medical benefits whenever they decided to. They are the same shysters that caused this problem to begin with. Both parties are in cahoots to screw the public anyway they can. They are nothing but a bunch of con men. Very few of these hacks have served in the military. Both houses of the congress as well as the executive branch disgusts me.

  • shadowguy

    Congress–you want to serve, do it on an O-5 pay scale with years of service just like a service member. Healthcare–you get Tricare. Flying to some fundraiser, fly coach or in the web seats of a C-130–or pay for it yourself! When you “retire” you are forbidden from lobbying. Congress is supposed to be about service and the saying is–Service Before Self. It is good enough for us–it is good enough for you! Sadly, it will not work since we now live in a plutocracy–government by the wealthy.

  • Carolyn

    OK, I am a veteran, military wife and have lost one member of my family in every war or conflict including my dad at the Battle of the Bulge. I have not seen anyone comment on the hardships the family endures while the soldier is on deployment. My husband signed up for a program that would help in a small way take care of his family. Ten years later congress grandfathered us into the new program which took a chunk out of what we were originally intended to have. He passed away with Agent Orange induced cancer 15 months ago.I am still battling the VA for the small death benefit I am suppose to receive. He missed seeing his first grandson. People begrudge us our benefits. BS, next time we need soldiers, Marines, Air Force stop cowering behind your fears and pick up a rifle, fly into hot L’s, drop bombs out of a plane and see how your family feels about a military car pulling up in front of their house with an “I am sorry to infom you” My son is a Marine and signed up shortly after 911, He has served four tours in the ME while while some pompous ass sits in his air conditioned office or workplace. We have a president that has nothing but disdain for out military and he is going to make sure we pay the price in more ways than one.



  • Former SSG

    If the government keeps cutting benefits, there won’t be enough volunteers and we will have to return to the draft. Then all of you who complain will see your children and grandchildren fleeing the country to avoid serving.

    I proudly served my country, I certainly did not do it for the money, and I was wounded in combat. I was out of the Army 8 years and waited until I could no longer work to file for benefits. It was extremely difficult for me to file for disability. Most service members are too proud to take handouts, even the ones to which we are entitled. We just want that to which we are entitled.

    We should be cutting pay, retirement, and benefits for elected officials. Not for those who risked life and limb to defend our country.

    • Brenda

      I agree with you Former SSG-the elected officials should be the ones taking the pay cuts & giving up more of retirement, benefits, etc. Always the military or seniors that get cut first-or threatened to be cut. So Wrong! Thank you for your service!

  • Michael Preston

    I wonder if the CBO has looked at the rate of increase of the pay and perks of the members of Congress over the last 20 years. Seems to me they are making a lot more money and using untaxed perks that have risen much faster then their counterparts. All that and they don’t even have to ride around in a tin box searching for IEDs. If they are not being shot at or bombed or assaulted or working a carrier flight deck at night in the weather or hiking the Kyber Pass while keeping your profile out of the sights of a sniper or boarding ships to search for weapons or dealing with pirates or being the families left at home while their loved ones are doing that job then they deserve NO pay raise and all those benefits need to be taxed. If I used them they darn sure tax me for it. Give me a free gym then I have to pay taxes in kind. They are not members of the military and they are not first responders, they are, for the most part, a group of low level performers who feel they are ENTITLED to all those benefits and the pay. Talk about an entitlement program that needs examination…..

  • TexanPatriot2

    Can I go back in time and TAKE BACK my service?

  • SSG Logan (ret)

    With the same socialistic administration that is in power, I dont see much daylight for the next decade as far as our debt. If the Government pays off our debt, gets rid of over half of the rediculous agencies and programs, fires all the czars,cuts all of the unnecesasary spending with EVERY program and agency,and brings our taxes for business down, get rid of Obamacare, then we can start to grow the economy. Kick all those off the government dole (unemployment , welfare checks) get every single person to pay something in taxes ( even the millions of illeagals), then we would be a very strong America. And for Gods sake. do what is right for the country and stop being polically correct when it comes to the people. Do the right thing and tell the American public the truth. Stop lying about everything just to cover your butt and to look good.

    • Brenda

      and stop sending the money we need overseas! We need it here right now-the people in New Yourk or New Jersey would love to have the help right now & those of us on military pension, SS, Medicare cannot afford another year of no raises while you elected officials just keep taking your raises!

    • Mark Mayner

      I am retired and on Tricare Prime for life. i am on dialysis and have other problems. I can’t start paying for big deductibles and co-pay. not everyone of the illegals are einsteins. There are a lot of gang members and people who just came over to live off of us who worked all our lives. They are here now and only a few of them contribute, I think the rest have to go home. Its sad but if we were illegals in their country they would laugh at us and probably take us out back and shoot us. I know the republicans are not helping but I hate to think that the military has to always take it in the ear. We have fought the wars and served with honor. Do it some other way.

  • hard working man

    My question to the CBO is an easy one. Why doesn’t congress use medicare or state farm or cobra or something like that instead of the insurance that we the people pay for. How much would that save? Why do they get an automatic pay raise regardless of what the rest of the population gets? How much would that save? I’ve worked at places where the work force didn’t get a raise in 5 years. I see people taking pay cuts so they can at least have a job. What are our elected officials doing? Taking pay raises and increased benefits. How much would it save by having thier benefits frozen or cut back like they are expecting us to do?

  • CCunningham

    When our country is under attack once again……..you will hear a big “Oh crap” coming from the white house! I agree to discouraging anyone to join the military & risk their lives only to have everything promised to them pulled out from under them to cover government spending. I’m very tired of supporting Obama’s world travels. SAY NO!!! Let the country sink & see how long it takes the white house to realize the military just may be worth more than they think!

  • Da’ Ui Bigger

    Despite all the bitching and moaning I suspect that everyone who served would serve again! Stand tall veterans and active duty servicepeople, you have your patriotism, honor, duty, and integrity to warm you at night! Let those who have sought not to serve and those who only serve because they promised something to some political group get a huge case of indigestion for being the ‘no count’ assholes they are! We WILL endeavor to persevere and overcome just like we have for so many years of our lives. Pray for those who have served and those who will continue to serve. God knows what’s up.

  • exNavyDavid

    Sure, pay rose by 54% during that time… but let’s start off talking about where it was. When I was in during the 1980’s and early 1990’s, pay was so low that an E4 with 4 years of service and a family was paid so low that they qualified for WIC and Food Stamps. I earned $550 per payday with a $450/mo rent payment and a $200/mo car payment… but no one cared then. I even had an E8 tell me that if the Navy wanted me to have a family, they would have issued me one in my Sea Bag… so, I’m glad to see that those who have taken my post are being paid a fair wage. It’s easy to say “Oh, their pay rose by 54%, but unless you realize that the place where the pay started was completely insufficient and was WELL below the poverty line. Hell, I didn’t break $20k/year until I left the service as an E6 with 5 years of Sea Pay after 10 years of service in 1993!!

    • Mike R

      Those are the days I remember. My monthly pay was barely over $800 a month and my rent was $625 because I was stationed in California. I came home from work and my wife went out the door so we didn’t have to pay daycare. And now they want to take the medical away that they dangled out as a reason to stay 20+? You can’t balance the budget on the backs of Vets, but they always try to until the next big war.

  • Chrisse

    We would have gladly given up a pay raise or pay for insurance if it meant my EP sailor with 14 years of servrice could have retired from the Navy, instead of being laid off via ERB.

  • oldnavyht3

    Politicians will throw anyone’s paycheck or benefits under a bus to save thier own paychecks and benefits from having taxes raised…and we actually elect and re elect these people.

  • exNavyDavid

    I’ll give Washington all of my Disability pay back if they’ll give me back my health. There’s not a moment of my day that I don’t hurt from my service connected injuries… Hell, I’d even chip in a little extra to be able to not have to be in pain when I hold my Granddaughter. Give me back what I gave for you, and you can keep the pittance you give me every month… including the lousy care from the local VA.

  • DEMON7

    Hey we can sit back and complain about this all day!! We are getting what we as a country has asked for. For all of those that voted for the current administration or simply failed to vote at all. All we can do is thank them very much…… And now we have to figure out how to get our country back in track….

  • Bob H.

    Some say the military have a lot but look what they give to keep this country safe and free. They earned everything they get and more.

    • BOSN1995


  • Ret AF

    It seems that CBO fails to mention that the reason for the almost 10 years of pay raises higher than the private sector was the pay disparity between the military and private sector. That disparity was affecting recruiting and retention. The raises were passed by congress to make up for that disparity. Now that it’s caught up they use the raises to justify cuts. What a roller coaster. The pendulum swings back and forth with benefits…

    I was in well before TRICARE took over CHAMPUS and retired last year. The continued erosion of benefits keeps me from recommending the Military as a career. Do a tour, get your veterans benefits and job training and get out.

    I prepaid my lower Tricare costs through deployments, family moves, separations, remote tours, missed holidays, birthdays, births, weddings, graduations, school events, first steps, while working 12, 14, & 16 hr days, months of work without a day off, often far away from home. Was it like that every tour or year of service…no…but enough of them to matter. How many people would sacrifice their lifestyle and family life for that? Only because of the future payoff, retirement paid when discharged and much lower medical costs. It makes a difference when your damaged body after almost 30 years of physically demanding service requires extra care. The military is a physically demanding job. How many professional athletes perform for 20 -30 years…very few last that long and almost all come away with some kind of physical injury or damage.

    Retirees are low hanging fruit for budget cutters. No organized advocacy. It’s so much easier to cut their EARNED benefits than the many multi-million and Billion dollar acquisition programs that constantly run over budget, under perform, and are late on delivery.

    • Willard

      I am retired from the US Army with 20 pluse years of dedicated service. Our benifits have been erroding since the pay increase from President Ronald Ragon. Everything down hill. I have a 40% service connected disability and guess what. I have to pay my own VA Disability compensation out of my retirement pay. Along with that half of my retired pay went to my ex wife. So where does that leave me and thousands of other military retirees that pay their VA disability compensation. There has be a HR bill in Congress for several years now that would stop this discrimination. HR333 get your Congress person and Senator behind it and get it passed.

  • Idmtmedic

    Charles Bryant? Where are you???? Our veteran mentor sent from the heavens to say how lucky we are to have Tricare and that NOTHING is being cut from our benefits? He says we all are whiners, complainers and liars. Did I miss a post from our favorite veteran defender? Silence from a turncoat is a wonderful thing…lmao. We will see how long my post makes it this time before he whines to the moderator. Ok back on topic. Ohhh yes CUTS to our benefits. Sick and tired of a useless Congress that puts the military in the cross hairs. Now with global stability again an issue, who is going to make the sacrifices? You think a ten year vet is going to stay when his retirement is going to turn into a 401k collected at 60? Heeeeeeeelll noooooo.

  • joseph beffer

    Well, when I enlisted in 66, I was “PROMISED” free health, vision, and dental FOR LIFE… When I retired in 95 I paid for Tricare until age 65… And I guess I’ll be paying for my Delta Dental until my demise ….. I’m now on tricare for life, which is just about worthless unless I have an emergency health issue, or need to have a prescription filled… And of course, Medicare takes a good chunk of $$$$$ out of my SS check…. Well I’m 66 now and thoroughly disgusted with the past, and especially, the current administration !!!!! All of their promises were in fact LIES !!! The current administration wants to avoid the so-called fiscal cliff by putting the financial burden on us military retirees, our young military, the elderly, and just about everybody but THEMSELVES !!!! Yes, we will GO OVER THAT CLIFF, THE ECONOMY AND THE STOCK MARKET WILL”TANK”, then we can all jump up and down and thank the “GREAT OBAMANATION” FOR THE “CHANGE” HE HAS ALWAYS PROMISED !!! That same “GREAT OBAMANATION” has 666 written all over him !!!!

    • Chuck Hendrix

      Take a pill. The Republican Party is engaged in one of man’s oldest exercises in moral philosophy… the search for a superior moral justification for selfishness.

    • Queenbee

      Very good comments, you are completely right. I am a military widow aged 65 and am very worried about what our Fearless Leader will do to us retirees next. I have been saying for a long time that Obama’s government reminds me of the silly film, ‘Logans Run’. In the film they simply killed off their citizens when they reached a certain age. Sounds silly, doesn’t it? Maybe not to Obama. After all, we are of no use anymore, we don’t produce revenue for the Government to hand out to freeloaders!

    • mark

      So you’re blaming Obama? For what?

    • Jim

      Last time I looked the Republicans have control of the congress and that is where the cuts have come from. The Tea Party stricks again

    • Judy

      This report recommendation comes from the Congressional Budget Office not President Obama. Congress majority is Republican. If you don’t agree write your Republican congressmen and women. The issue is military and military retirees pay and benefits. Stop using it as another opportunity to take a slap at President Obama.

      • Seriously?

        Actually, the Senate (part of congress in case you didn’t know) is run by a Democrat majority. The House of Representatives (the second part of congress) is run by a Republican majority. Oh, and in case you didn’t catch this in your government class either, the Senate is the “senior” house of Congress
        -Your Remedial Ed Teacher

  • paul phipps

    democrats hate the Military and the sooner you fools get it thru your head the better off this country will be. Every democratic POTUS have cut the miltary to the bone, and you fools are blaming the GOP, get off the kool-aid and promise they always give you until they win, and then they want you to believe the other side did it check your history Clinton balanced the buget by rapeing the military

    • Chuck Hendrix

      You are full of crap. I have been a Democrat my entire life. I am also a medically retired SFC that served over 20 years. The GOP is nothing more than a party of selfish morons more interested in business than people.

  • George

    The time for a million or more veteran march on Washington, with the combat wounded and disabled leading the way, is fast approaching. Letters won’t get their attention but I’ll bet a million or more angry vets on their doorstep will.

  • Red

    Ryan requested the report. He’s GOP

  • Idmtmedic

    McCain is one……..if I could post my letter to him I would but that was last year and wasn’t what you would say politically correct. Took only two months for a form letter response. Lmao. Guess his aides are busy responding.

  • Matt H

    Here we go again. Let’s cut the pay of the hard working men and women who defend this country while the fat lazy asses in Congress continue to raise their pay and benefits. Put them on an E-4 salary for a year with the same med benefits and the same amount of work and see how fast they would change their minds!

  • Idmtmedic

    CBO. Check out how our benefits are defined. http://Www.forbes.com/sites/paulroderickgregory/2012/02/...

  • CJT

    CBO means Congressional Budget Office, this comes from the Congressmen and Women in your State. This is just a report for the President to take a look at. Stop the racial slurs America. Other countries are looking at us. This is why we are not United anymore.

    • Idmtmedic

      No it doesn’t. Type in CBO on your search engine and see what they do and how.

      • MSgt retired

        The CBO are neither congressmen or part of the current administration. They are career accountants who do not change with each successive election.
        Their job is to make recommendations and projections to aid congress when dealing with budget issues. In other words they are bean counters and have made the same recommendations before and it will be up to congress whether to follow or disregard.

  • Retired Enlisted AF

    If the military makes so much money, how come such a huge percentage of enlisted people have to go on food stamps and WIC coupons to make ends meet? The bureacrats in DC live in a fantasy world, not this one! Go ahead and starve the military people and see what happens. This is still a VOLUNTARY force. They don’t HAVE to stay in you know.

  • anyakhan

    You knew this was going to happen. Demand your Senators and Congressmen stop this continued attack on the military and vets.

  • morgan

    They should of put up with 54-74 dollars a month and still served,many of
    us worked part time jobs to pay rent and eat. We did not end up with the monies the law makers of the our so called leaders,

  • Ken McKee

    I would suggest that the CBO focus their attention on Congressional pay and benefits. A good hard look at what the people in the CBO are paid might also need a close look.
    I don’t know anyone who became rich while serving in the military and the retired benefits pale in comparison to the benefits that our elected officials receive. At least 20 years of service or a debilitating phisical condition are required to get military benefits while one term allows some of our elected officials to receive some benefits. The risks associated with public service are minimal and the benefits are monumental

  • mak

    I’m just going to say that the percentage in this report is grossly on the high side Be responsible and do your own research you will see that the percentage is about the same on both side. Why don’t you look and see what congress has given themselves in pay raises? It’s time to stop worrying about who the figure head in the white house is and clean out the congress if you want to start saving money.

    • mark

      Well stated. Congress is the problem.

  • Thomas Fair

    CBO comparing military pay to the civilian sector is a joke. Since when is a civilian on call 24 hours a day, get sent to a war zone or a remote location away from their family for months at a time. Trying to discourage retirees from using TRICARE!!! We earned that right for 20+ years of service to our country, along with the sacrifices our families made in the support of that service.

    • colleen

      The government has no clue what it means, to sacrafice your life for your country. Why don’t they take a long hard look at themselves!!!! No matter how long they serve, they recieve 100% of their pay for the rest of their lives. They don;t pay for anything. It is handed to them. Quit picking on the people that actually paid the price and give us what was promised us.

    • CW2 Smith

      Thomas, you are right on the money!! As a retiree I am offended by any statement about discouraging retirees from using Tricare!! My employer offers medical coverage that is terribly expensive and covers practically nothing. Tricare is our earned right and no one has any business trying to tell me not to use it!!!!!!!!

  • Glynn Maddie

    I am retired from the Army National Guard, with 25 years of service, called to active duty, left by job and family. I get a very small retirement check, and now they want a part of it?

    What about taking about 1/3 of the Food Stamps. Have you seen some of the people using them. They can afford to eat 1/3 less and save the country billions.

    The CBO was never in battle, never left their families, and most likely won’t get they teir pay and benefits reduced. and add additional fees for medical care.

  • micantom

    CBO Why don’t you come and do my job and be on call 24/7 like I have been for the past two years. How about you lose your house because of the bad economy that the Government created like it happened to me, and then go away from your family for TWO years and realized that your problem wasn’t you but the bunch of incompetents in congress that only care a bout their pockets. Now go ahead and give your self the same pay I have and try to make it in thios economy while looking at people collecting wellfare and having better cars and houses than me(the worker). Lets see how you would feel about that! Thanks for nothing!

  • Kevin M.

    Tthere was a contract between myself and the U.S Govt , this contract was overseen by it’s rep (my recruiter), he outlined the services to be be provided by me, (job and serve country etc.) and the compensation package that would be provided. He sold me on a 50% retirement pay, (without really explaining the whole high 3 and base pay thing), and the free medical care for life (for myself and family) with a completion of 20 years of service. This was the case for the retirees that I knew at the time and I agreed, then came the TRI Care, this was never mentioned but a modification that I accepted as I continued to renew my contract. Tri Care was a means for the Military to shift the burden of meeting it’s obligation to a cheaper alternative. Now they want to force working retirees to pay more, and purchase civilian based insurance so the government can save money. The fiscal cliff that we are facing is not due to military Health Care, we probably give more than that in foreign aid, it is the irresponsible handling of the Countries finances and assets by several administrations and numerous sessions of Congress and Senate.

  • C. T.

    CBO, look into your own pockets. You serve a 4 year term and get benefits the rest of your life. 100% benefits correct? I will have served over 20 years when I retire, I get 50%. How fair is it that I have served through 3 wars and get 50% and you served 1 four year term and get 100%? Makes no sense to me! But we are getting too much for the budget so take our money… your pockets are deeper, WAY deeper then ours. Please rethink your plans.

    • Dave

      Don’t forget you have to be rich just to get to Washington.

    • lynnette

      This my take on the matter as well!….Who else votes their own pay and benefit raises and do absolutely nothing to deserve it !

    • B. P.

      I suspect you don’t want to hear this but I am a 28 year AF retiree with a friend in Congress near the end of her first term, just elected to her second. They don’t get “full pay retirement” after one term. Their system, while complicated, is similar to other civilian Federal employees. Five years minimum to qualify, they contribute 1.3% of their salary to be covered, pay 6.2% to Social Security, their retired annuity can be no more than 80% of their salary at time of retirement, and they have to wait until cetain age and service windows to get their annuities. Not saying it isn’t generous compared to some folks’ pensions, but in 2007 the average for new system retired members (who started after 1984) was in the $36,700/yr range; the old system (pre 1984) folks averaged around $63,700/yr.
      You don’t have to take my word for it: http://www.snopes.com/politics/socialsecurity/penhttp://www.senate.gov/reference/resources/pdf/RL3

      I don’t want my retirement to be messed with, either, but using this comparison doesn’t help as it’s so easy to be proved faulty. For what it’s worth…..

      • gijan

        While what you say is true, it’s still a lot more than what we get as retired Enlisted E-6. We served and retired, but we didn’t create PACs like Congress does and collect $Millions of dollars that is ours at the end. Sorry, I appreciate that you corrected the myth, but there is no comparison. Military have done far more, sacrificed more and don’t get any perks.

  • TopC

    For JAG Man, dont you think serving in the military, being on call 24/7, giving your life or parts of your body is chipping in enough. I have 7 deployment ribbons, missed many holidays, many family events, 50% disabled. I have chipped in, its about time those in the 47% that don’t pay taxes start chipping in.

  • SGT

    They can cut our pay and make us pay more for medical. That’s fine, but they can also go and take our place on the front line. I’m welling to bet if the CBO had to live our lives of 24 hour duty, deployments, FTXs, missing birthdays and holidays they would probably not be talking like that. It’s easy to judge from in a warm room and safety at the people who volentary to go in harms way for the better good of a nation. As a leader you must take care of your people because within that, they will take care of you without thought.

  • MIke

    I can recall many times throughout my career where I put in over 120 hours a week. could you imagine the over time that I got paid. Oh wait, we do not get paid over time. I have had to work in some of the most unsafe and gruleiling conditions. Was I paid extra for my risk? No. Try woking 48 0r 50 hours straight and be expected to produce 100% results. I did all this without complaining because my country deserved my very best and I agreed to the compensation that was going to be given to me. Now to hear that they want to change the arrangement only after I have given them my very best is disgraceful to say the least. This nation must honor the commitments it has made to its military.

    • Deborah

      Saluteing you in Texas! My husband also, and I are very dissappointed with the way the Military and health benifts are being cut out by our, VA NORTH TEXAS HOSPITAL CARE. They have been given the money to take care of ALL Veterans not just a select few. The Vietnam PTSD Group, was ripped out from under the Veterans, and my husband is one of them. When he Enlisted repeat ENLISTED! He was promised Care for the Rest of his life! In return for him putting his life on the line at the age of 19yrs. old. Now that he is a 100% Disabled veteran (which took 10 yrs., to get the VA to admit they had caused his problems), they now want to stop the group meetings etc… I believe if I am correct they ( VA) also did this to the WWll veterans when the Vietnam veterans came home. I have wrote my fingers off, and made phone calls to the Higher ups, Mike. Who is held accountable should they go home and Blow Their brains out?! Signed,” I am Proud to be the Wife of a USA ARMY 35th Combat Engineer Vietnam Veteran!” Deborah James

  • Mike

    The CBO stands for Congressional Budget Office, If that isn’t an oxymoron, since the congress hasn’t passed a budget in four years, What a joke, congress is the reason we are in this fiscal mess and you want to turn to the military for the fix. Let’s start with food stamps and welfare. If you are able to walk into a welfare office on your own two feet, then you should be sent away and told to find a job.

  • Walt

    First, the CBO needs to take into account that military raises are set to cost of living as are S/S raises! The reason for a steep difference was when military pay was adjusted to meet or come near civilian pay! Overtime in the military is the norm, plus on duty 24/7, so if you break it down per hour, the military is still grossly underpaid! Stop the military waste, and provide a decent wage to the people that actually make up the backbone of the military, the enlisted! Officers make way too much money, thus promotions above O-5 should be locked! 2 admirals or generals per service!

  • Benerval

    We “earned” that TRICARE. Many employers hire retired military BECAUSE of the TRICARE we already have. That allows for a new employee to save them on medical costs, plus the new employee already has familiarity with the TRICARE system. This allows for healtheir employees and fewer doctor trips/sickk days. The current bunchh of idiots in Washington want someone (employers or the retired military) to pay for a benefit already guaranteed and earned by those retirees. Hell, cut food stamps and all of the other handouts to people that did nothing to earn it.
    On another note: I like the slogan on starship troopers “Service guarrantees citizenship”….The nation needs to turn in that direction.

  • Chuck Hendrix

    To all that are claiming this is because Obama was re-elected, get a clue. This “proposal” mimics Ryan’s plan to reduce the cost of Medicare. It is no different. Ryan’s plan is to raise the co-pays and deductibles is an attempt at health care rationing. The “plan” is to raise rates so high that people will not go to see a doctor when they get sick. That is his great plan. If you raise the deductibles and co-pays high enough, people will not use the Medicare thereby lowering the cost of operating it. Now the same plan is proposed for Tricare and people claim it is because of Obama’s re-election? Get real. Study Ryan’s plan for Medicare then make that claim.

    • John Pierce

      Get a clue Chuck, Ryan’s not the president. Are you inferring that Obama will not allow this to happen?

    • avery_ds

      For a minute I thought you were going to say:

      “It’s Bush’s fault”

    • avery_ds


    • Mr Parker

      Mr Hendrix,
      You are a complete idiot. It doesen,t matter what Ryan,s plans said. What matters is what our present administration and representatives are trying to do to our military. We military personnel are always getting the shaft. Our military is on duty/call 24/7 and risk their lives to protect our country and you are worried about how Obama and his cronies are viewed. We were once promised all benefits for the rest of our lives if we served 20 or more years. What happen to that Mr Hendrix? Stop worring about the politicians and take care of our military.I wonder if you were ever in the military and if you were what happen to you?

    • M Bell

      Ryan didn’t win. Obama did. This is his doing…remember he was president for the last 4 years. don’t be so foolish as to blame someone who has no power to make this plan real. The man in charge is responsible and accountable.

    • George USN RET

      Here, Here! Agreed totally. Representative Ryan’s proposed budget nearly wipes out TRICARE for Military Retirees and drastically reduces it for Acitve Duty personnel. Read the plan before you just march on behind this piper who will destroy your future!

    • Terry

      Obama Care is in force, not Ryan’s plan. Stop with the hypothetical crap.

    • GSCM

      All I can offer Chuck is a simple piece of advice… Take a month or so to read and UNDERSTAND the complete impact of PPACA (Obamacare).

    • love my giuns

      It has been in the mill since he was elected and these cuts have been but between the senate and pres we have not had any kind of budget to force them to be limited on what they waste The military has sucked hind titi for years and any time they need to cut there the first they come after most troops wood love to earn 1/3 of what congress get a year and with the perks but don’t ask congress to take a pay cut or at least let the people say they can have a raise each 4 to 6 years with full discloseer

      • love my giuns,

        Yelp, any of us can run for Congress.

        • Idmtmedic

          Really? Charles your independently wealthy….lmao. Have any idea what it costs? Need me to fact check for you? Try it right now. Type in costs to run for a congressional seat. You have the time, your collecting from the government twice over. If you need a link I will help you.

          • idmedic,

            So you’re say Allen West was independently wealthy?????? Let me answer that, NO.

            Just reading your posts, I can guaranty you that you could never get the backing from anyone with money. You are whiner, crier and snivil about everything. You think the Government owes you everything you can think of.

          • Idmtmedic

            Speaking of getting any support, your going to get some from veterans? You put up one name. I will check it out, however, if your going to run for anything it sure as hell won’t be from Veterans. I put you with McCain. If you want to compare stats I’m all for that. I love a success story but don’t tell me or anybody else that Congress suffers because they don’t vote themselves a pay raise. If you trust your government then great, I don’t. SSI is a perfect example. We paid into it and where did the money go? I bet you could get somebody backing you with money because your just like a politician. Surprised your not slobbering with the 100 dollar plate dinners except your collecting two checks from the government and not working yet are telling everyone else we are asking for more. That is RICH.

          • idmedic,

            What in the heck are you babbing about now. You go from one exstream to another.

          • Idmtmedic

            Speaking of babbling, how’s your career? Have to get up early?

  • Carey Jolly

    I would like to know how many of our Senators and Congressmen have ever served in the military? If they did serve they would know the hardships that military personnel have to go through every day while on active duty. The pay we get is small when compared to the civilian sector. Congress wants a raise they simply vote on it and they get it. We cannot vote ourselves a raise. Lets cut the salary and benefitsof our so called elected officials and see how they like it!

  • Donald

    Until 1965 when “Johnson Care”, (Medicare) was unfortunately, for we retirees, established, medical and surgical care was “free” for military retirees. Then in 1972, I think, Our government again sold us out! They sold the PXs and Commissaries to civilian inities. The prices rose appropriately. Last year, 2011, they AGAIN sold us out by selling the MWR lodging, Army lodges to Holiday Inn. The prices for a room, in some places, nearly doubled. They, come Hell or high water, intend to take/destroy our retirement. They are reducing the military, mainly the Army while our REAL enemies the Chinese and Russians are just sitting back lickin thur chops. So with all the above what would make anyone think they’re or ever were on our side!!!!!

  • Stu

    Welfare gets a raise, workers get a cut… by the time you add the annual increase in insurance and impending increase in taxes our pay is going down! So much for the law that requires our Cost of Living be tied to the inflation index.

  • cjinoh USAF Retired

    Instead of messing with the Military benefits, put ALL POLITICIANS on the Military System! From the President down.

    • 1SGT RET

      Totally agree, should be the norm for all federal employees. compensation for time served.

      • Kate

        Well said!

  • mikeie

    as retired military its a joke to say that the men and women in the military are over paid for what we do to protect our country. I do not see the CBO talking about how overpaid the GSA and other federal agencys are far above the public pay scale or talks of freezing there pay. it seem they always get a pay increase each year even though the military did nto get one for 2 year. its time we stand up and make ourselves herd and make it loud and clear. If they want to save money them make government contractor stick to there budgets. The Pentigon over pays them atleast 400 billions dollars a year and when they make a mistake we pay for it not them

  • Jerry G

    Ok, so the folks that worked the hardest and got promoted have to pay the most. Now that is a disincentive if I have ever seen one. All of you posting on here who have not served long enough to retire should just keep your comments to yourself. You simply don’t know what you are talking about. This isn’t about who you voted for or against. This is about keeping promises made to the men and women that put their lives on the line to keep you free to make stupid comments. I spent over 30 years in the Air Force and am tired of the chipping away at military benefits while we encourage non-citizens and non-working citizens to stay on the dole.

    • jim

      You are absolutely correct sir. Unfortunately, this has become a country that rewards bumbs and punishes hard workers. But hey, at least we have this to look forward to; at the rate things are being taken away from the people who have earned them, we will soon be the bumbs and we’ll be entitled to all the free stuff!

  • csar87008

    “News Flash”………..” We” didn’t cause this national deficit…….they did. “We” didn’t authorize out of control spending……..they did. “We” didn’t authorize obama care….they did. I could go on and on but i think you get the picture. So “I” for one am not going to to pay for it. So don’t come knocking on my door asking for money to pay off your debts! “Jagman” That was the dumbest statement I’ve seen in a long time. I guess you feel responsible eh? The first people they go after is the Military and old people. “Jagman” you are more than welcome to go and pay for it, you obviously feel the need to. I DIDN’T AUTHORIZE IT maybe you did?

  • jim

    If congress want sto fix the fiscal mess this country’s in, why not start by cutting the free handouts? Instead of cutting from out vets who have EARNED everything they get, let’s cut out the free handouts to people who are too lazy to work and do nothing but get on every gov funded pro gram they can get on. Let’s quit spending money for services and handout for illelgal aliens. They don’t even belong here and yet taxpayers are stuck with giving them heathcare, an education, housing and so on. In the meantime, our grubby, power hungry dolts in congress are busy devising ways to cut from those who are legal citizens and have earned what they get….truely amazing!

  • Roger

    Instead of giving disabiliy pay to civilians with headaches or back aches you need to cut that stuff out and reform Social Security Disability pay, Food stamp program, and the tax code. Listen a single mom who recieves food stamps, government housing allowance, free government cell phone and still recieves an income tax return of $9,000 is wrong….Don’t take it out on retirees who did 20 plus years to earn their benefits….

  • Giovanni Lenoci

    the example should stard at the top, by cutting the benefits the pay and the medical from the president, the congress and the senate.
    then they should cut the same for Generals how can they survive on a pencions of $ 250 to $300.000.
    They are always after the poor NCO.S, they are the personne, that are always on the front line and paying their dues every days 24 hours at times away from family. By the time they retire they have to get another job to survive and send their kids to college and their pencion is and average from $30.000 to $50.000. they reduce their pencion increase, they increase the medical dues. that is wath you get to give your thirty years to the country.
    They should set an example and ct the fat from the top they are the only one that could afford.

  • debbie

    . We earned our right to Tricare and also retired veteran our pay is nothing like the civilian pay. We can fight and sever this country, but we get retired or complete our contract congress want to take back what our contract said!! that if you retired you get medical and pay for life. Why don’t congress start with cutting their pay, it not like that are doing anything for the people.

    • walt

      I’m a veteran, but I’ve been in the private sector for over 21 years. Private sector pensions are much less secure than military pensions – we’re lucky to get 50% at most, if anything at all (one of the first things vulture capitalists do when they take over a company is to raid the pension fund) – and that includes medical benefits. Congress – specifically Congressional Republicans – created the fiscal cliff – if you want someone to listen I would sufggest you write AND call your representative, especially if he or she is a Republican.

  • ndiks

    It’s really an insult for these loons to think the military is over paid. The sacrifices these men and women make every day isn’t always taken into consideration.

  • Bob

    I am in the military and I am over-taxed and under paid. It stinks when you add up the amount of time we work.

  • Scentsy lady

    Service member and their families have earned the right to these benifits and I find it offensive to act as though they are regular every day citizen’s. We’ve earned the right to these benifits!

  • Jeff F

    I am sick and tired of the government always comparing civilian to military benefits. The armed services “own” you when you are in the military. Anybody that signs up for the service understands and accepts that as part of their duty. How many civilian jobs can you get a call in the night and the next thing you know you are deployed for months on end. You cannot compare the two so why are the benefits compared??

  • Gordon

    Our so called “Leaders” serve a 4 year term and get all your benefits the rest of your life. 100% benefits correct? Free medical, and retirement at your present salery, I will have served 22 years, I get 50% of my pay grade at that time. How fair is it that I have served through war, working 12 to 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and get 50% and you served 1 four year term and get 100%? Makes no sense to me! You need to rethink your plans.

  • Mare

    I am so disgusted hearing about how much more military families have compared to civilians families. When those same civilians join the military and serve their country in war time and spend countless months and even years away from their families then they have the right to complain or compare. I have already told my congressman and President Obama that I would never again advise anyone to join a branch of the military service in the United States. There is no honor or integrity in Washington and no matter how much they tell us they appreciate the military families that is just talk. Not once have they given any thought to giving up some of their pay and benefits to balance the budget. No its easier to go after the military. My father served, I served and my three children served in the military and I am fed up with the ungrateful nation that we served. Washington has no respect for their military families if they did they would do something to protect our rights. Every man, woman, boy or girl who is considering to join the military should take heed.

    • Dannie

      You don’t get life long benefits for being in Congress. You have to serve so many years to get benefits just like the military does. Searchretirement pay for Congressmen on google. It shows you that they have to serve a lot longer than four years or even two years of Congressional time.

      • Tom

        This paragraph was extracted from page 3 “Age and Length-of-Service Requirements” of the Retirement Benefits for Members of Congress dated 5-Jan-2012 which states- “Members become vested in (legally entitled to) a pension benefit under CSRS or FERS after five years of service. The age and service requirements for retirement eligibility are determined by the plan under which a Member is covered at the time of retirement, regardless of whether he or she has previous service covered under a different plan. Depending on a Member’s age and years of service, a pension can be taken immediately upon retirement or only on a deferred basis. Likewise, the Member’s age and years of service, as well as the starting date of the annuity, will determine whether he or she is eligible for a full pension or a reduced pension.” Maybe you have a different definition of “VESTED”. Military are vested after twenty (not five) years (unless congress makes exceptions through an Early Reirement Program) or a service member recieves a debilitating service related injury.

    • Gary

      It is time your family steps off the Military Industrial complex and get a private sector job. Serving it not only for the country, but in your case a way of life. Start a business or work with Apple, you will have more control of your finances.

  • Steve

    So we all sit and complain, I say we buck it up and do what we signed up to do in the first place. We continue to protect our country. It wasn’t really about the money then and it isn’t just about the money now.

    Yes I did my 20 and didn’t opt to ask for a waiver to stay in, I had kids to get through college and wasn’t going to do it on military pay.

    In that same vein the entire system needs the same fixes, all civil service and government retirees need to have their pay raises frozen, they need to have their co-pays and premiums increase at the same rate.

    Cut congressional pay and off set pay by honorarium, the people in congress and the senate are too wealthy to be in touch with the common man. Its because we pay them and then they go speak for their “constituents” business gatherings for untoward sums of money. Do they not see that we know they are being bought?

    The president is but one man, it takes the rest of our elected officials to make the laws, and golly they seem to have failed not only our community but the rest of America as well.

    Let the sequester happen and we all share equally, it might just be what we need to save our country from the domestic enemy…congress. We all did swear to protect the country for all enemies foreign and domestic, didn’t we.

    We just do it peacefully..bombard congress with your letters and your feelings, for every cut we accept having “earned” a benefit there needs to be an equal cut to those who leech from the system. Rather than spend the cost of treating the uninsured in Hospitals perhaps we should pay doctors to set up clinics and let the emergency triage nurse refer people to the clinics and let the emergency rooms be emergency rooms it sure would cost us less. Eliminate medicaid to pay for it, medicaide costs too much we could cut administrators and paperwork and payments to doctors, just pay doctors directly, if they need medicine they can find a way to pay for it and perhaps we can set up a fund to help them get paid back.

    Point is we need to fix our systems, we all chose to serve to protect the country and the ideal wasn’t for what we’d get at the end it was the sense of pride we got from doing it. Are you willing to turn your back on the country now, just for a few dollars? Offer solutions, get people who share your ideals to vote and elect people to represent real living breathing Americans and stop the pandering to corporate America.

  • harold

    what does the government think of the difference in pay between military and ciivan pay. big difference. use your heads. think of the poor little private who gets peanuts for pay. remember they are on duty for 24 hours, not eight hours plus overtime.

    • mjs

      It is true that your poor little Private makes peanuts, but he also has zero expenses. Housing is provided. Meals are provided. Healthcare is provided. I am a veteran and support our military. I believe it is noble to volunteer, and they should be compensated appropriately, but there is a dangerous sense of entitlement in the military.

  • l.corallo

    Dont forget the military. Everyday a service member dies. If you want to save money start with cutting the free everything we give to non documented immigrants.Then cut the huge amount of money we give to Israel, Egypt and the whole world.I think that this government and the one before it played a very bad game with our money. example: What did we gain by invading Irac and Aphganistan,nothing , but we spent a trillion dollars,and 5000 plus lives lost.Remember the USS Liberty.God Bless America and the Military.

  • Carolyn

    I am appalled that the CBO would ever consider taking away the benefits of the men and women who give their LIVES for this country!! and If by the grace of GOD they get to retirement age after serving and fighting for their country they deserve FULL benefits, and if we are going to compare them to the civilian community then they should get MORE than we do because of their service!! I am a civilian and I appreciate these men and women, it i
    s time this entire country does the same!!!

  • Still Serving

    TOPC thank you for your service and sacrifice to the nation!
    Do you recieve a tax refund and the end of the year?
    If you do… news flash you’re part of that 47%!
    Why is it giving “free” stuff when we talk about poor people,but nobody talks about all the tax breaks for the wealthy? A Tax break is “free” money.

    • Retired Navy

      Baloney! A tax refund may mean you paid more in taxes than you owed. When they talk about the 47% these are people who pay no taxes at all and may even get a so-called tax refund even if they paid no taxes. Before we cut military medical benefits we need to stop using our tax dollars to pay for illegal immigrants health care.

    • Elm Creek Smith

      “Do you recieve (sic) a tax refund and (sic) the end of the year?
      If you do… news flash you’re part of that 47%!”

      Um, no. A tax refund is money you paid in that you don’t owe in taxes. You may be thinking of the Earned Income Credit which is money you get that someone else paid in. (Think redistribution of wealth.)

      BTW, I retired from the Army as a Captain (O-3E) in 1995 and again in 2010 from a civilian employer, and am currently employed doing armed security work. My wife manages a very successful retail store. and with our combined incomes (low 6 figures) we don’t get any money back from our taxes and usually get to pay extra at tax time. The “benefits” I get from the Federal government as a retiree I earned, so I’m not part of the 47%.


    • Elm Creek Smith


      As for our government’s treatment of the military, I’m reminded of Kipling’s “Tommy.” I particularly like that last verse:

      “You talk o’ better food for us, an’ schools, an’ fires, an’ all:
      We’ll wait for extry rations if you treat us rational.
      Don’t mess about the cook-room slops, but prove it to our face
      The Widow’s Uniform is not the soldier-man’s disgrace.
      For it’s Tommy this, an’ Tommy that, an’ ‘Chuck him out, the brute!’
      But it’s ‘Saviour of ‘is country’ when the guns begin to shoot;
      An’ it’s Tommy this, an’ Tommy that, an’ anything you please;
      An’ Tommy ain’t a bloomin’ fool — you bet that Tommy sees!”


  • CWO4 Bishop(Ret.)

    Dear elected lawmakers in Washington D.C… Now that our national election is over & you’re once again secure in your powerful positions until the next election cycle, isn’t it a great time to inform the families of fallen Soldiers, Sailors, Airmen, & Marines (that came home in body bags) that they need to start pulling their weight & paying more! When will our elected leaders in Washington D.C. stand-up to the socialist leadership of our nation who are advocating & a “post American nanny state” that frowns on & targets the proud Americans that are serving and have served in the mightiest military power in the history of the modern world. What I say is… thank God & Jesus Christ for our nation’s active & retired military… Socialists pretending to be Democrates (Progressives), should think twice about messing with the soverign, exceptional, proud, & unapologetic United States of America. Shame on those who feel that our nation’s active & retired military are not pulling their weight!

    Read more: https://militaryadvantage.military.com/2012/11/avo

    • kscally

      What kills me is why Virginia voted Democrat and over 90% of the military voted Democrat , please explain this to me if they knew their benefits were getting cut ?

      • CWO4 Bishop(Ret.)

        Dear kscally,
        Americans do not realize that what America once knew as the Democratic Party is now the “Progressive Party” & their radical “Forward” (Forward=Marxist) agenda calls for America’s global influence to become weakened & deminished. To accomplish their goal, they must cripple the U.S. economy, devalue the dollar, control the middle class, & shrink/deminish the military, & reshape/restructure America into their picture of America–a third world (European model socialist nanny state) country that takes her marching orders from global leaders/entities that do not represent the best interests of the United States of America or her citizens. I know you are thinking that I’m crazy, but if you check-out the websites of the “Progressives” & carefully pay attention to what you read & weigh what you read with what you have seen from the present president & administration, you should reach the same conclusions. If so, please warn your family & friends that continue to vote in national elections for Democrats. Until the Democrats retake their party from the Progressives, I will remain an Independent.

      • CWO4 Bishop(Ret.)

        Dear kscally,
        The political party known as the Democratic Party is only the Democratic Party in name… they have adopted the “Progressive” agenda. Much like some Republicans have adopted “Tea Party” agenda. If you are not familiary with the Progressive agenda… they have plenty of websites. If you do not agree with their agenda, please tell your family & friends to avoid voting Democrat until the Progressives are tossed-out of the Party.

  • Kay Hill

    My husband was a WV National Guardsman for over 30 years before he retired as a full colonel. He now has dementia attributed to “possible Alzheimer’s”. During his active Guard duty years the family at home was left to fend for themselves while he and fellow Guardsmen and women were out on “state duty” or “summer camp”. During a large percentage of those summer camps, one of us at home experienced a trip to ER for injury or illness. He was not here to help. One particular time saw two of us visit ER on the same day, for different needs. Another time, he was hundreds of miles away when our daughter was injured rather severely in an auto accident. Less traumatic, but still emotionally and physically trying, were the many winters when the Guard would be in the state’s mountain regions clearing snow while we at home shoveled our own day after day, several times a day, the wife and children. Floods year after year took him from home for days or weeks at a time. Likewise, wildfires.
    Our son-in-law was in Iraq for 15 months. His family had to depend on us for many “husbandly” household duties. Our daughter suffered severe emotional distress during that time, while caring for 2 pre-school daughters. Every Guardperson’s family has had this , or a very similar, situation during their loved ones’ various deployments overseas.
    Yes, the pay was good. Benefits were good. But, unlike in active duty military service, families can’t go with their Guardsperson when “the call” comes. And, yes, I know families can’t go with overseas war-type deployment for the full-time military.
    There is a cost to being a military family that money cannot replace, that benefits cannot replace. Only the Guardsperson himself/herself can fill certain needs.
    Let’s don’t “rescue the government” on the backs of those who keep this country what it is, and who keep our freedoms alive.
    Back in the Viet Nam era, joining the Guard was considered, by many, to be the “chicken’s way out” of going to Nam. Thank God the Guard was still here when the floods and fires and snows ravaged homes and land and business. These men and women are our heroes, our husbands, fathers, brothers, sons, wives, mothers, sisters, daughters.
    They deserve respect and honor. They also deserve respectable pay and benefits for jobs they had no idea they would encounter when they signed up. Recruiters are known as “liars”, but not even they can predict everything a Guardsman will encounter. Who can predict that one of your jobs might be to rescue a dead cow and calf from flood debris caught on the underside of a bridge? Or to peel turkey carcasses from their frozen positions around trees and fence posts, then to fling them into hastily dug pits for burial? Or to carry a child across a raging flood? Or to help an elderly woman search for his missing glasses in her burnt-out home? The men and women who do these jobs have emotional baggage from what they willingly go and do for their fellow man.
    And, there are times that the ones back at home, feel like they are forgotten by the one on duty or at “camp” learning and honing their skills. But as Willie Nelson put it, I have learned that the Guardsperson DOES think and worry about the family back home. “You were always on my mind. You were always on my mind.”

  • Ken Weimer

    Why is it that Police and Fire fighters benefits are seen as “essential” because they are risking their lives, but the same is not due military personnel? I think the risk to military personnel is far greater than to fire and police. I have seen my own son take part in at least 8 differest war/theaters during his enlistment of 25 years and none of these lasted less than a day and none of these have allowed him to go home at the end of the day!!

  • Daniel Hobart

    Lets jump over the fiscal cliff and get it over with. The government is a bunch of liars and will steal your underwear if you don’t staple them to your body. I spent my time in Vietnam, ” FOR THE CAUSE OF FREEDOM .” The war in Vietnam was worthless and there should not even be a wall in Washington. We would have all those smart people to run our country and there would not be any fiscal cliff. Hell is coming and you all are going to be in it. Change now and maybe things will change.

    • navy viet vet

      vietnam veteran? there should not be a wall in washington? I think you owe every vietnam veteran an apology for that statement. while i might agree with your statement the the war in vietnam was “worthless”, the “wall” in washington, does not necessarily honor that war, it is meant to honor those who gave their lives, in that war either those who volunteered or were drafted, and died doing what they were ordered to do.

  • WeNeedARonaldReagan

    When will our elected leaders in Washington D.C. stand-up to the socialist leadership of our nation who are advocating & a globally deminished, weak, “post American nanny state” that frowns on & targets the proud Americans that are serving & have served in the mightiest military power in the history of the modern world? When will enough be enough?

  • kscally

    Congress as well as the Senate and the President all have the Cadillac plan for Health care and pension …they don’t have to get Obmacare ? why should I have to give up my bennies when they dont?

  • alan

    John McCain turned his back on the Vets of the United States

  • Mary Kelly

    It has already been decided by the US SUpreme court that military retirees are entitled to their benefits. I guess DOD needs be hauled to court again

  • Stephan

    OK….. These people who recommend these cut to our benefits and rising costs to Tricare etc., are voted into office by us.
    These people, the ones who get a pension after one term, special medical plan, no social security, etc.
    Send a message not to mess with the VETS.
    This is the only way to handle them..
    Please “Make it happen”

    • Dante Hicks

      I doubt these people are voted into office by the people on this page. Dem’s don’t like the military.

      • JollyGreen

        Ummm…. yeah Dante, maybe you better look at the election polling and just how many military both past and present voted for the “Dems”

    • dogtags

      Amen brother!!!!

    • Stephan,

      So much for being smarter than a 5th Grader.

      “These people, the ones who get a pension after one term, special medical plan, no social security, etc.”

      Congressional Pensions
      Posted on December 26, 2007

      Question: Does a United States senator receive his full pay upon retiring?

      Answer: No. A member of Congress can’t receive more than 80 percent of his or her final salary upon retirement, and the average is much less.


      Members of Congress Pay Social Security Taxes
      Posted on December 17, 2007

      Question: Do members of Congress pay Social Security taxes?

      Answer: Yes, ever since 1984.


      • Idmtmedic

        Lmao, fact check bible.
        Q. Does Charles Bryant have a clue about military sacrifices and the comparison to civilian benefits?
        A. Charles would be the last person to ask about benefits unless it’s congressional As# kissing!!!
        Source- factcheck.org

    • Tim

      I have no objection to some contributions from military retirees as long as every other sector is contributing. face it folks – America’s biggest national security risk now is not Al Qaeda or the Chinese — it is a fiscal meltdown that happens after 35 years of spending more than we take in. Modest hikes in TRICARE are fair – we have better health plan than 85% of other Americans.
      Also – Congressmen do get a “pension” after six years in Congress – but it is very small. It’s equivalent to the amount you would save in a 401K for six years. They don’t have a “special” medical plan – while in Congress they have the Federal Employees Health Benefit Plan – very similar to TRICARE. They do pay Social Security. So – make sure Congress is equitable in avoiding the fiscal cliff, but don’t use false rumors to attack them.

      • Tim,

        Congress is under FERS and FEHBP, same as the Federal Civil Service. They get 0% after 4 years – they need to serve at least 5 years to qualify, and that gets them 8.5% at age 62. By law, their maximum retirement pay is 80% (which would take over 60 years of service to earn). I KNOW this has been posted several times by “retiree”.


        • Idmtmedic

          Do a fact check for total deaths of military personnel. :)

    • pappy

      I’ve been trying that for the past 12 years…good luck.

  • jim

    535 members of congress and combined still not as much brain power as a pencil eraser…amazing!

  • Tony

    I don’t care who you are, or what the situation is; Nobody should mess with Military benefits and/or pay. Soldiers risk their lives to keep us safe, yet the goverment wants to cut their benefits because the Republicans and Democrats cannot come to a better solution. Get your shit straight, there are many other areas that you alter in order to better the economy. For example, legalizing Marijuana is the perfect idea. Yes it is consirered a ‘drug’, but people buy it whether it is legal or not. Marijuan distribution could be regulated by the government to control how the amount of marijuana the people can buy and tax sales could be really high. You have to look beyond the negative sides of things, take a leap of faith and risk your ‘careers’ for once!

  • Jeff

    As a retired veteran of multiple combat tours, deployments and general Army life, I have missed many birthdays, anniversaries, and life events. To compare the life of a military family to any civilian family is absurd. If your house is on fire, you thank the fireman for saving your belongings, if you are robbed, you thank the police officer for getting the “bad guy”. But for every day you rise under the umbrella of freedom, you should thank a service member (past or present). Their sacrifice guarentee the freedom they enjoy everyday. I believe there is a national lack of respect for those who have served, are serving and will serve. Does the cost to repay the debt owed to the 1% who serve(d) out weigh the cost of freedom. Let me help you with that questions- YES IT DOES!

  • Troubleshooter

    If you take my pension, I will do what is necessary to replace it. I am not alone. We went where we were told to go, did what we were told to do, suffered what was required, and proved our committment with Honorable Discharges. Do not doubt the resolve of an American Fighting Man. We provided a Free Country. Don’t F-u-c-k it up with political bulls-h-i-t. Enough is Enough.

  • Donny

    After 23 years in the USAF, I have a few questions:
    1. What civilian work force gets a 10% pay raise automatically every year? The only way they would not get this automatic pay raise would be if they voted not to get it.
    2. What civilian work force gets Full Pay after they retired, even if they only worked 2 or 4 years? For LIFE!!!
    3. What civilian work force decided they did not want to “contribute” to Social Security out of their pay checks and funded a Private Retirement Program for them?
    Give Up? Your friendly congressmen and congresswomen, yep, how sweet a deal is that. These are only a few of the benefits they have given themselves.
    Welcome to Atlas Shrugged. Who is John Gualt?

    • lsc

      Check fact web site

  • Haveweallgonestupid

    You know now we have a country of more takers than producers by design. As evidenced by the last election, rather than electing someone who could possibly grow the pie so that all could benefit, we elected a man who finds a way to blame every failure on someone else, and redistribute what is left, not only from the wealthy, but also those who gave great sacrifices so those with the guts and brains had the freedom to work towards their dreams, and inversely, the lazy, entitlement bizarre, could sit on their sofas and watch tv, and wait for their sustaining funds to be delivered by the people who work, but as long as the takers get their free cell phones, EBT cards, Medicaid, rent subsidies and other unearned perks, a real loser, establishing the “new normal” was re-elected. And how happy the American press was. Another misguided unintended consequence of letting the those who contribute nothing, vote. I am not speaking of our seniors, who stand to lose just like us, as being part of those who EARNED. Everyone thought “did Romney really say that about the 47%, Yes he did, maybe the number is not as large once you subtract the seniors and indigent, and DESERVED poor, but it is the truth and every one of us who EARNED our retirement and benefits will be subservient to those who did not. Great job voters, especially those that work – you made another stupid mistake that will keep you in poverty no matter how hard you try to get out. Yes, write your legislators. Tell them to cut all the ridiculous studies the Pentagon funds, then cut back the civilian workforce in Washington before they ever touch what we earned. And also cut back the funding of all universities who magically remain untouched throughout all this political ad economic mess. Why don’t you politicians seize their endowments to pay the bills? Don’t want to mess with all those professors that turn every bright young mind away from the free markets and self sustanance, and small, efficient government. The real enemy that will destroy the United States is not the Middle East , it’s the District of Columbia and all the parasites siphoning off our tax dollars and then telling the principled and courageous military people, we must be take the brunt of politicians wreckful spending. The country is divided, maybe one day the People will turn back the tyrannical government that creates all the problems and then tells us they are the only ones that can fix it. Maybe bit by by or by rolling the tanks up to the Capitol. The founding documents say its our duty. I’ve never understood how a person could have an EBT card and then go deposit their government paid groceries in their new Mercedes with the window sticker still on it. Something is very, very wrong.

  • JOHN

    Congress and Senate should look at their PAY, (only 1% raise per 4 year term) HEALTH CARE (start paying for it) AND BENEFITS like health care and RETIREMENT (only 50% pay after min. of 4 terms) packages and take away the Lemo’s I would think that should save BILLIONS if not more over next 10 years.

    But as always they take from the less and keep everything, all BENEFITS

  • TP, Ret,Und.65, Unem

    Unfortunately, lawfful, patriotic, retired soldiers, who do not riot or commit terrorist actions are easy prey to government officials and lobbyist. A soldier no matter the duties performed, lives a life time of risk. How the governement can assure bonuses in the millions to failed executives and not protect the soldiers who worked for and earned their pensions and medical. Even 3rd world countries know how to deal with acts of treason. I belong to several military associations. I am willing to belong to another association that identifies elected and non-elected officials that so easily threaten our standards of living and impeach or throw them out of of office.


    • JLC

      Retired soldier from Florida, It’s sad to here that we are being compair with civilians. When we military put our lives in hams way givining our lives for our country . Some civilian don’t understand what soldiers go thru. Then you have congress doing what they thing is right but is wrong taking from who are protecting this country. If that’s the case why don’t they freez their pay and pay more copay as well no they wont do that they are important people. Militaries are just number its fine when you produce but when you cann’t or get hurt things your different. We don’t make a lot of money everything goes in medication that are no cover from insurrance. I leave this issue the gods hand. No man in this earth can fix any problem with out gods help.

  • Daniel Porter

    i have been in the army now going on for years im an E-4 if you rais the cost of my tricare and cut my pay rais me and my smll family my not make is with the way the world is to day most are forced to get second and third jobs just to pay for food and bills. i strugle every day trying to find a way to make ends meat. I’m already at the point that I’m going to have to get a part time job out side of the US ARMY just to feed my family andhelp with the bills. Our CO pays are already high enough in fact my wife is in need of ew glasses but we are so far behind on bills that i cant even start to afford the co pay for them. So befor you cut our pay raises down come walk ten miles in my boots.


    I am the wife of a military retiree. Me and my children sacrified 30 yrs of service to be told you want to reduce pay and take away our Prime medical benefits. We have no recourse to sue the Government but you gave us a contract that these benefits would stay. So how can these benefits we signed up for, go away or get less of. There are alot of things the Govt can do, than take away our precious benefits we served our country for. The wives serve a great support for our husbands. If bombs were going off in the US, we would not tolerate that. What would happen if we had no military to defend us. Apparently that is what the Govt., is trying to do. Everytime a Democrat gets into office, we have never got a good pay raise. Clinton gave us only small merger amounts each year. Obama wants to give us nothing. Go figure. The best raise we every received was from Reagan. Concerned_

    • Bluereb

      When it come to getting a raises under the Reagan administration he was the worst president ever for the military. When we got a raise which was rare he would cut the raise in half. He changed the the 20 year retirement. His retirement plan was so bad that thousands of SSgt and TSgt got out with 8 to 14 years service. Retention was so bad Clinton brought back the 20 year 50% retirement. Reagan sucked as President his first year in office he did cut tax’s. In his 8 years as President he raised tax’s 9 times. I know where from I speak- SMSgt retired in 1979 with 23 years service. USAF.

      • Bluereb,

        I’ll have to disagree about the Reagan pay raises. I was in the service duing that time period.

        Source: Historic Military Pay Raises http://usmilitary.about.com/od/militarypay/a/hist

      • JPJR

        Bluereb I doubt CONCERNED has the ability to fully understand your comments, I fully agree as I retired in Mid 1962 and it took years to recover from his destruction to the Military Family

    • Mari

      Bush, Cheney, and Rumsfled cut our benefits the most. They started the copay at the Veteran’s Hospital based on the spouse’s salary., since I don’t work. I am a disabled veteran and I have to pay a copay based on my husband’s civilian salary. Thank you to George W. Bush.

    • Vandal73

      Actually the best raise we ever received was from Nixon. Enlisted in 72 and within a year received nearly a 100% pay raise….initiated by the all volunteer force. That said, I’d be willing to give up 10% of my retirement when a law is inacted that states all Gov, employees will take an equal cut, including Executive, legislative and Judicial to specifically pay down the 16Trillion dollar debt AND the Gov reduce spending by 10% from other soft no value added Departments, i.e. dept of agriculture, dept of education, etc, etc, etc .

    • brj

      Did you no that Reagan took the benefits from all the Philippines veterans to give that raise. It took 10 yeas for them to get them back, with out any retro


      IF YOU DO NOT KEEP PROMISES TO THE MILITARY, YOU WILL NOT KEEP THEM TO CIVILIANS! $7 Trillion gut of Medicare, now Tricare, and we are TFL. I washed diapers, fatigues in the tub when money was short and he was deployed. No base housing, nothing. RC turned us down for even a 2 day loan so I could feed the boys. So clothes got washed in the tub and hung on a line to dry. And they came from rummage sales, not the Exchange.

    • Linda

      I lost my husband to a military related illness.
      Not only am i without my loved one, so now u are taking my benifits away as well??????????????????????

    • MomGrandma

      Interestingly, CONCERNED, my sister-in-law who made a 6-figure salary working for the Pentagon was ‘grandfathered in’ with her retirement pay and benefits and receives h a l f of her ending salary and prime benefits ‘for life’. smh My understanding and prayers are with you and yours.

    • Brandyjack

      Big deal. You should have been in prior to 1968. Think pay is being shorted now, try about a $100 a month. Of course, free clothing, free food, PX and Commissary privileges that were good, and other bennies helped make up for it.

    • JPJR

      CONCERNED you like so many with very low IQ’s seem to be the only one’s to believe these lies, Reagan was the worse President for the Military and Retirees, I never receive a pay increase when he was in office and I retired in 1982. After Reagan left office because of what he did against the Armed Forces Active and Retired congress passed a law that we would get a COLA based on how the economy was doing in September of each year and the increase was in the December Check that is received on January 1st. If you would do some honest truthful research you will see the Democratic Presidents have been much better for all Armed Forces Active and Retiree

  • Ernest J. Levesque

    Dear elected lawmakers in Washington D.C… Now that our national election is over & you’re once again secure in your powerful positions until the next election cycle, isn’t it a great time to inform the families of fallen Soldiers, Sailors, Airmen, & Marines (that came home in body bags) that they need to start pulling their weight & paying more! When will our elected leaders in Washington D.C. stand-up to the so called leaders that seems to forget the vets that have given their all for all of our countries freedoms that even those in power get as well. The vets are only used as a photo op on Veterans Day and other Veteran events, then put on the back burner and constantly threatened with all kinds of cuts to benefits “they have earned’. Americans that are serving and have fought for our freedom in the mightiest military power in the history of the modern world. What I say is… thank God & Jesus Christ for our nation’s active & retired military… The richest will not have any cuts or perks cut is because all Vets paid with blood, sweat and tears!! Our so called leaders who double dip should think twice about messing with the sovereign, exceptional, proud, & unapologetic United States of America. Shame on those who feel that our nation’s active & retired military are not pulling their weight!

    This country should be ashamed of even thinking that this is a prudent course of action.

  • alankingsley

    Unfortunately, not very many of our elected officials have ever served in the military, especially during a war or military action. If we would require them to serve prior to taking office, they might have a better understanding of the sacrifices we are make every day. They don’t know what it is like to be away from their families for months on end or work outside in 120 degree weather without air conditioning. I propose that all elected government officials (President, VP, Congress, Senate) be required to serve a minimum of four years of service before being allowed to take office.

  • James

    I love how the “Civilian” Leadership points out that military salaries grew more than civilian salaries in the last ten years. Ok if you think that is unjustified I have a very simple solution for our elected officials: PICK UP A WEAPON, DEPLOY TO A FOREIGN COMBAT ZONE, AND STAND A POST OR GO ON A PATROL. Then and only then can you say whether or not we have earned our paltry pay and benefits.

    • Donald Marsaw

      I Totally agree, but will they do it? My best guess is they don’t have the balls, and with the incompetence they show us daily, I don’t think I would want them to protect me. Donald, Tucson Az.

  • Bill

    Since Hooverville and the killing of US WWI veterans who just asked for that which was PROMISED them, the US system has tried to find ways of not honoring those agreements. Being a 100% disabled Vietnam Veteran I fully understand first hand of how the military service compares to a civilian job, it doesn’t at all. Shame on the law makers once again for NOT SUPPORTING OUR TROOPS. Want to fight another war? What will you promise this time that you will not honor when it comes time to pay the bill? So then sleep well knowing we have troops all our the world and still in war zones being killed and you are considering cutting their pay and contracted for and promised benefits.

  • Doug Ingram

    The “rulers” of this nation ALWAYS screws the servicemen when they don’t need them…They did it to those of us who served in Viet Nam, and now it is your turn….The only recourse for you is to do what so many of us did, leave the service and return to civilian life. You can expect pay freezes, much like the 3 year freeze in government workers pay, and decreased and more expensive benifits. Welcome home warriors, after multiple tours, now starve and put the wife to work…..Thats what they did to us, and that is what they are doing to you….My only question to you is, Why did so many of you vote for OBama?

    • Delmonte

      Obama wasn’t in office during Viet Nam or there after.it doesn’t seem to matter who the president is.promises have been broken by many administrations.

    • JRoberts

      Doug, So true. Those of us that served in Viet Nam have had to fight for everything and most of us still continue to fight with the VA for what we are entitled. Obama made a lot of noise about how he has improved the VA processing of Veteran’s claims. Yet when I speak with the VA they tell me they have not implemented the changes and that the average processing time is 18 months. God forbid you have an appeal, that can take five years. Thank you President Obama. JR US Army Retired

    • David

      Maybe you did not have the opportunity to read the article in detail before you attacked our President. The article states the CBO ( CONGRESSIONAL Budget Office) is making the recomendation to the legislative branch of our government to make the cuts, NOT our president. And these are recommendations, so let’s go forward and write our legislators in Congress and the Senate and tell them we are dead set against this recommendation.

      • Haveweallgonecrazy

        David, he’s just looking for a reputable source to cite the necessary – and will use cut us. There are so many other places to start David, why the active duty and vets?? You’re obviously a cool aid drinker. What of Obama’s endless 1trillion dollar deficits??? Do you think they are helping or required? There is another expected next year – with the sequestration, which during the debates Obama smugly said they will never happen. David, get real familiar with what types of foods rot slowest in garbage cans for your best meal. Once we cannot borrow anymore, and we have printed so much currency, your dollar is good for nothing more than toilet paper, let us know how much you miss your cool aid.

    • Haveweallgonecrazy

      Doug, it’s because they didn’t do their homework or many other reasons that if listed would get my response deleted. The voting constituent, as it looks today is relatively narrow minded and frankly stupid. Just like the fools who didn’t vote because Romney was not conservative enough. My God, have we gone crazy! I’m not a Bush fan for a couple reasons, but his largest deficit was $250b. Obama has been running one trillion dollar deficits for four years and there is no restraint in sight. Obama added over 1/3 the entire national debt in just four years!! I don’t see a positive outcome to this level of wrecklessness. I’m afraid most wont realize the folly of their vote until the whole country is ablaze like LA after Rodney King. This time it will be because of no jobs, no food, fuel, etc. We have an ever growing goverment and after Sandy, FEMA is no more effective. Why do so many people put their faith in a goverment that has far outstretched its intended purposes???

  • Joshua1110

    Not a fan of the tiered Tricare fee by rank idea. I would have to see its structure first. But, it should be in my opinion the same across the board. I’m retired enlisted and my pay and cola if I get any will not equal another retired in my rank. And then I read recently about them raising the rate along with Cola. Again, I won’t get full Cola along with others in my situation. Some of these items they might want to consider before they do them. In fairness if there is any to be had. Of course Congress probably won’t read those other bills they passed. I did read a report before I retired that our Government was intent on raising the fees so high that we would have to say NO to it. Enough, from me. Thank you to all that have served.

  • jim

    Our gov can’t take care of our active duty/vets anymore because they’ve got to have money to hand out to all those too lazy to work…next they’re going to start cutting social security and medicare benefits, and before we know it, those who have paid into the system all their lives (both monitarily and personally) will be allowed to get nothing from the system…..it will all be going to the clamouring do-nothiners who insist that the gov should provide them with everything…they shouldn’t have to work for their food/housing/clothing/necessities, the gov should provide them with everything they need….meanwhile, everyone who has earned what they get is going to be kicked out of the system….we need to do a complete flush of this country’s leadership and start all over….

  • Military Widow

    How so sad it is that politicions will stand on the graves of a soldier to lie their way into power. Go to a military memorial service and you will know them by their fruits. They give speeches and credits about themselves so lenghty they don’t have time to call the names of the fallen for whom they came to honor (ACTUALLY TAKE ADVANTAGE OF). Correction, they don’t make the speech, they have soneone else do it for them then they follow up with “I am so humbled”. What such low esteem of themselves they must possess to have this eternal desire for power at any or anyones cost. Do they ever think of life after death? Is it possible that St Peter might have the MILITARY guarding the gates Heaven? For the politicians that have honorably worn the “boots” for our country, I salute you. For those that have not, boot-out!!!

  • Mike

    What seems to be forgotten here is that most “working age” retirees are in jobs with little or no medical benefits to speak of and that a lot of retirees are already on Social Security and retired prior to age 65. So taking away Tricare Prime is just going to increase the number of uninsured or underinsured Americans and put a further strain on an already overburdened system. ER visits will probably double and thats something nobody wants.

  • retired MSGT USAF

    I am a vet of Korea and nam and what was asked of me without any gripes. I served for 23 years and retired with the promises that I would get a meager retirement and free medicare for the rest of my and my wifes lifes. I have seen the medicare costs in place of the promises that I was promesed. I think that we should get at least of the perks that our elected officials get. I would like to send my wife on million dollar world trips simpley for serving 4 years. Why does the need look at our pay be the first to come under the sights instead of letting the elected officials get all the benefits for only serving 4 years.

  • Donewithyou

    I seved for 26 years. My daughter will not nor will any of my family members. Fool me once, shame on me, fool me twice… Liars, one and all.

    • thecrow

      It’s still an honor to serve our country. After 26 years of service you must have seen how people live in other countries. I served in the Philippines and Korea, I am proud to be able to live here. American people voted this administration in and it’s all our fault. It’s a shame people don’t realize it till it’s too late

  • vet..

    Welcome to Obama’s world…Its all in his plans for America to be defeated… Can you say Muslum…

    • Tim

      Come on vet — you’re better than the hatred and bigotry your comment displays

  • retnavgrouch

    Why should our Government start now to honor it’s promises, hell they did to our nation’s native population, and handed out funds to people that do not even want to try to stand up on their own. I am willing to bet that elected politions do not have their pay frozen, I bet that they do not pay the insurance deductables like enlisted men do. It seems like the only job in America worth having is to train for a blood sucking pollitician’s job. spend all your time, money, and finger crossing lies to do or say anthing to get elected. God forbid any competition in your way for election, just screw them any way unethically as possible.Thanks to our pollitician elected officials for making me the angry synical person military retired.grouch.

  • Rich Vietnam 68-69

    Lets see, the members of congress have been caught with their hands in the “insider stock trading trap’, but quietly did not stop it. They have regularly raised their own pay (the proverbial “fox in the hen house” syndrome, continue tax relief for the oil industry, those who need it least; and continue to push for equipment that the DOD has not asked for, to take care of the crony businesses who give them lots of money.

    But, this austerity talk means that that kind of leadership (a mis-characterization) if there ever was one, will now cut and burn benefits earned by service personnel because wages etc have exceeded private industry wage growth &Tri-Care is too expensive. But they post up the pay percentage differences (that do not matter) and choose not to print the dollar amounts talked about, (what does matter). .

  • Rich

    to finish my comment: Lets face it, until every member of the legislature who proposes war, has experienced it, they have no place at the Veterans or active duty personnel table, and no right to play God with the lives of Americans who have in one form or another given their all for this country.

    I keep thinking about a very old saying, Greek I think, “Those that the Gods would destroy, they first make crazy”. Shades of our so called representatives

    • Rich,

      What does our Constitution say about who runs the Military?????

      • Rich

        Charles, I think your question is one that you have your answer too my friend.
        The President as you know is the commander-in-chief but Congress sets all pay levels and miltary benefits. Bush, Cheney had no military service Rumsfeld a little, but not much ,to me they are the dangerous idiots who start wars without knowing the real cost of war. Obama has no military experience but he has tried to end them. Bush couldn’t be bothered looking for Bin Laden did not know in his words” where he was”. Obama took the bastard out.

        • william

          your suggestion would lead to military service being a pre-determining factor for eligibility to serve in politics. thats a fast road to facism or a dictatorship.

          • William,

            Yep, most wasted posts about something that isn’t ever going to happen.

          • Idmtmedic

            Speaking of wasted posts.

        • Rich,

          Exactly, my point being unless you are going to change the Constitution, why even waste the time posting it.

          • Idmtmedic

            Same reason you post your crap AGAINST veterans and deny any cuts are happening. BS facts and even more BS ideals.

    • Gail Ret SCPO Wife

      all who would run for President should serve at least a 1 year hitch in the Military starting as an E 1 and not able to live off daddy’s money either.. If memory serves only 1-2% of the USA population actually done their Nations’ Uniform. Only 3 Presidents have never worn it, FDR, he can be forgiven Polio, Clinton, and 0bama.

    • Nita

      I too am a military wife. People who don’t live it don’t understand it or know it. As an American citizen in Virginia. I am not going to sit idle and let the very men and women who give me my daily livelihood suffer. It’s time for American who say they support our troops, love this country, put a flag in your front yard..it’s time to for the rubber to meet the road. Actions speak louder than words. Together we can make a difference by letting our local, state and federal govt officials know we Will not stand for this type of treatment for our military and veterans! NO MORE.. It’s a breech of contract and the govt needs to be held accountable!

  • Fran

    So, let me get this straight.. the guys who have actually put their lives on the line to protect those that haven’t are the ones who are going to be restricted on pay & have to pay more for their benefits? You’re kidding me, right? Why don’t we see the senate, congressmen, and house reps take pay freezes & have to pay more for their benefits? As far as I’m concerned, they are collecting welfare compared to our soldiers, who sometimes give the ultimate sacrifice for ungrateful morons.

  • Owen

    Vets have bleed and died for this country. How many more have to bleed and die just so the politicians can fatten their wallets. Show me just one vet who gets a lifetime pension for only four years of service like the politicians get after only four years in office. And that is not all they get for free. Instead of cutting the veterans pay and benefits(who still bleed and die for this country), why are you not cutting the politicians pay and benefits who have never bleed or dies yet still manage to give themselves pay and benefit increases, and that after only four years of political service. Every time a budget cut is proposed, the first place they look to is the military. And what gets cut, our pay and benefits, not bombs,planes,ships. Vets have bleed enough. Stop the bleeding.

  • Lonny Cochran

    Of course it comes down to sticking it to the veterans and the military, it is the first thing that is cut in the government when democrats are in charge of the country. It would be better suited to stop all the reckless spending on things like examining a shrimp running on a treadmill. Stop all the needless spending on things like the Millineum Cohort study, which is not helping the veterans. The last time I participated in it, I recieved a check for $10.00. This is just throwing away money.
    So, what I am saying here is, the government needs to stop picking on the people who risk their lives now and in the past. The veterans have earned the right to recieve compensation for the hardship we had to endure.

  • shawn1999

    1) Doesn’t matter which party is in office. Politicians have been screwing Service members since BEFORE we were a country (take a tour of Valley Forge. Learn how Congress wanted Washington to retake Philly when Washington had the upper hand and the Brits knew they couldn’t attack without being decimated. Learn how the soldiers were promised meat, bread, and vinegar (to treat the water) and were lucky if they got the bread). So do NOT go blaming Obama

    2) This isn’t the doing of Obama OR the Democrats. The Republicans did this. They owned the US government for 8 years under Bush. They ran us so far into debt its not funny. They gave tax breaks to the upper class. Then when the closing bell rang and push came to shove, and the new budget was due, they refused to work with Democrats. Democrats were willing to negotiate on everything except 2 points: Social Security and extending tax cuts for the upper class. SocSec by law is not part of the deficit, so changing this would have no effect on the budget. That isn’t Congress’s money to touch. ITS OURS. And by extending tax cuts for the wealthy (remember, every 1% = $2500 per person or more) that means that the points which the Republicans would negotiate had nothing to do with IMPROVING the deficit or budget AT ALL. Yet they wouldn’t play and were going to allow Government to cease completely- until they came up with the “great” idea of sequestration- they’d put it off until Dec 2012 – after the election that they spent 4 years sabotaging Obama to ensure he’d be a 1-term president, when they THOUGHT they’d have all of Congress and the White House and could then STEAL our money no questions asked.

    FORTUNATELY: Americans aren’t as STUPID as the Republicans think we are!! They sacrificed AMERICA for their selfish political goals of getting Obama out and they didn’t even succeed. Now, their own deadline draws near. They still won’t capitulate on SocSec or Upper Class tax cuts. Which means the deadline approaches and the auto-balancer draws near- but the Republicans don’t care- after all, if this happens, then the Democrats look bad (look how many of you blame Obama). They still don’t get their tax cuts, but hey, the Dems take the fall for the Military getting screwed this time.

    Anyone who remembers the Republicans’ “Contract with America” in 2000 and all the damage they did to our country for 8 years should have been able to see through this farce. Republican Politicians should be labelled Terrorists.

    • william

      a nice diatribe but out of 4 paragraphs only the first sentence had any relevance to the point at and.

    • Haveweallgonecrazy

      William, just exactly when will some of this mess be as a result of the current president’s policies. Shawn, I have no great love of Bush, but when he left office the national debt was slightly over 10 trillion. Four years later it over 16 trillion. We will go into another recession with Obama and you will see endless $1 trillion dollar deficits. Gonna blame that on George too. You see, facts don’t mean much to the illiterate and libs. Enjoy poverty Shawn. I’ve been buying gold since 2001, so you might just be serving me drinks on the beach one day, and if you complain about your situation, don’t expect a tip.

  • elm E7 ret.

    when congress shares the cuts in pay and benefits and gets shot at then i will accept cuts . what ever happened to honoring previous commitments to those in the service??????????

    • Wife of a vet

      The fact that anything can be taken from the military is completely disgusting!!!! How dare they compare the military with the average worker. The commitments are completely different.


    We all come here, read the articles printed to keep us informed, vent and write responses, but in the end, have no control over any of this. I gave this country 26.5 years of my life and this is my thanks. I have given up. I guess if they take away everything, I will just wait to die. I have contacted my government representation, talked to veteren’s groups, etc. etc, etc. and have had no help. Good luck to all Vets managing in this great country. Remember, if the war does not kill you, your government will.

  • jdmask13

    Where do these guys get their info from? Maybe we should look at cutting the senate, congress and house members benefits as well, and why do they not have to serve 20+ years to get a retirement thats a bunch of crap. Make them serve as long as the military and if they dont make it oh well, these guys are a freakin joke that sucks tax payers money into there pockets while looking to cut the military’s benefits, pays and ect,. The hell with those clowns, give the military whet they need and deserve they have surely earned it in more ways that they can ever imiagine.

    • Jim

      You’re right. Most of those in Congress have never served in the military…let alone our present White House occupant. I guess it never occurred to them to consider who will want to serve when the pay and benefits are lowered. Oh well, these are the bozos we elected…incompetent and we have the results to show for it.

    • Mike

      First I think all people in congress should get a pay cut of 30 percent, then they shouldn’t get paid for Christmas or any other long Holidays they take all the time we the Veterans and their family have to pay for it. They also should have to pay for all their medical to…instead of getting totally free health care from the best doctors. Maybe its time they get what they give us. Its time for a dam change and maybe we should march in Dec to let them know how we fill.

      • Mike,

        “They also should have to pay for all their medical to…instead of getting totally free health care from the best doctors.”

        Health Care for Members of Congress?
        Posted on August 25, 2009 , Updated on August 6, 2012

        Question: What type of health insurance do members of Congress receive? Is it a single-payer, government-run system?

        Answer: Members of Congress are covered by private insurance under the same system that covers all federal workers.


        • Idmtmedic


    • Buddie Mason(1980)

      I sure do agree with your VIEW COMPLETLY,i put in my time for retirement and then my O.J. (from NAM) kicked in first heart attack,then Diabetes finally got some disability and then skin both arms broke out BUT the first thing dermo. people said NOT FROM AGENT ORANGE??? Oh well thats my problem– let those PEOPLE on the hill BITE the BULLET some and see how they like–cannot make ends meet????!!!!!

  • John Douglas

    Once again, let’s mess with the military people pay. Kicking a bunch out because they were “over-manned” wasn’t enough…. oh no!!! How about those congress men and senate that make 6 figures year take a pay cut to, oh let’s say…. a service memeber pay. They will have a heart attack. They are more than willing to reach into someone else’s pockets rather than their own. Disgusting! FAILURE OF LEADERSHIP across the board. Leave the military alone… willing to DIE for their country isn’t enough, being away from there families for years isn’t enough, now you want to mess with their pay??? Look at yourselves FIRST…. what can YOU do to help, and not what you want to make someone else do to help.

  • Rosalee

    Painful for who? Congress won’t feel any of it and Reid who has held the budget hostage since 2009 will just continue down the merry road blessed by the dufus voters in Nevada
    I hope they are all happy

  • George

    Just remember the promises the U.S. government made to the Philippine scouts who fought with the Americans during WWII to recapture the Philippines from the Japanese. The government never honored the promises made to them and now stands by while the scouts die off one by one. Soon, there won’t be any left alive anyway. So much for promises.

  • danny

    Can someone please tell me when the Congressional Budget Office will looking at the pay, perks and retirement benefits of the members of our esteemed public servers, our congressmen men and women and frees their ass ets ? And, of course the never ending rise in their own operating budget which goes up each year ? They do absolutely nothing but pass bills that enhance their own live style. Believe me , I would not have shed a single tear had the plane that crashed into the Pentagon in the Capital building instead !

  • Been there

    You’re a troll and obviously know nothing of self sacrifice, only your own immaturity.

    • BILL

      Ben I feel sorry for you. How you can group all soldiers together and call them lazy, well it shows what an idiot you really are.




    HERE’S AN IDEA!!…stop MAJOR HEALTH CARE FACILITIES like SELECT SPECIALTY HOSPITALS from BURNING MEDICARE/MEDICAID…they list things like suctioning trake’s every 2 hrs but actually only doing so 2x’s a day…among other things…they are ALLOWED to KILL patients without PUNISHMENT…don’t BLAME obama…my mom died in 2004…and if you google SELECT SPECIALTY HOSPITAL…there are 89 accross the country and most of the stories are horable!!…if facilities like these are stopped from burning american tax payers…then the government won’t have to take from VETERANS/MILITARY to make up the difference!! BIG BUSINESS when DEREGULATED have gone by way of criminal abuse!!…i.e. ENRON, HALIBURTON, BIG BANKS, ETC….

    • MomGrandma

      VET, I’m sorry for the loss of your mom and understand your hurt and frustration. From personal experience, every patient needs an advocate to be with them during any hospital stay.

    • D HQ

      I agree in granted hosp are there for the most part but I saw the good folks in saint davids medical center soth in austin take my ill wife and in amonth killed here ,while sucking away medicare and tricare for life benifits ,

      • DHQ

        sorry about the typos south austin medical center

    • Doctors and Lawyers are a protected class. And if you pick a crime no one wants to prosecute then you’re good to go, like Medicare fraud. For the record I do not condone fraud._

  • tcr5900

    Before they make a single cut to a members pay or benefits there is $12.5 billion in Foreign military aid and $43.8 billion in Foreign Economic aid that can be cut first.

    • riterd mw howell

      what these people are saying is a crokof crap be cause the millatry has our own doc in the syetem . but know they want use the civlain .type this is why the cost is high . the other thing is that we enlist retire go to war and then have to fight like hell to get our beinifets. but we pay our taxes just like eny body dose and you idot in the whitehouse want scerw us.

  • Karen

    I must have missed the article about Congress “playing by the same rules” and “paying their fair share (i.e. cuts in all their benefits). Surely that article included that the people, for example, like GSA’s Neely should be stripped of their pension/perks.

    Oh, what … there was no such article?

    IMHO, the ONLY ‘entitled’ people in our society are our service members and veterans, instead …they are always the ‘low fruit’ on the tree (easy pickings). Perhaps the service members should go on strike and veterans and us military/vets families should go ‘occupy’ Capital Hill!

    • Nita

      Karen well said. I wonder if the Washington Elite will be forced in to ObamaCare. Those who suppport these budget cuts to the military are the ones that will be running for the hills when there is no more volunteer military to protect them. It will serve this country justice for the draft to be implemented! Let the “Entitled dumb masses” and the Occutards go earn their keep for a while.

      • Nita

        I agree and wish the military would do something unpresidential and go on Strike and say NO more. Why not that’s what all the other govt organization due, ex teacher union. People forget that there would be no existence of freedom or livelihood if it wasn’t for our military. The soldier joined and the govt signed a contract that if I serve my country, A,B, C would happen. Yes the consequences of losing my life, limb, I sacrifice by life in agreement for these benefits. It’s time to hold the govt accountable, a breech of contract. Our military has always done more with less, and are always used as pawns.. It’s a smack in the face to our brave men and women . For any American citizen who is not outraged and do not feel these individuals should not be on the chopping block, is a disgraced.

        • Nita

          Washington wants to give Entitlements to those who don’t earn it or deserve it with the blood of our soldiers. Shame on America, and shame on you for not standing up for the soldier who along with Jesus Christ, the only two individuals who gave their life for you!

  • mccolloch

    This is not new. Bill Clinton did his dirty work back in the day…the old bait was always “the army takes care of its own…” or “you’ll always be taken care of”, but it died somewhere about then for veterans or the retired. Now due to a gigantic goverment where both parties spend out of control to feed it, they look to you to make up for the deficit. Corruption led to gov’t contracts for cronies, like Haliburton, etc., and now the debt is forcing our politicians to do something. They do all they can to avoid spending cuts, want higher taxes, and if there are cuts, look out….they’re looking right at you, not themselves.

  • tiredofthecrap

    Buddy boy, you can talk about work and pay when you’ve been called at 0200 (2 AM for you simpletons), told to be at the unit by 0400 with your bags packed, and told that the destination, length of stay, and mission cannot be divulged. Now, consider that the military is on-duty 24 hours a day–that’s right 24 hours a day because you can be prosecuted by both civilian and military authorities for the same offense even if you are at home or away, not on a military installation, etc. This is one way the 24-hour day applies but there are many others. Then, figure that daily pay and divide it by 24 hours and see what that wage is really. Now, shut your stupid face until you know something about what is coming out of that rectum on your head!

  • Admiral

    Obviously you have never served your country and made the sacrifices that soldiers and sailors make so you can say stupid things on the internet. Hope you like living in a communist world, thats what you are hoping for.

  • Lawrence Ekdahl,

    Avoiding it would only delay the inevitable and make it much worse. If we are to save the fiscal integrity of the nation All, and I mean all must suffer loss for sme time or it will be the end of the USA as we know it.

    • Idmtmedic

      Lawrence, then CONGRESS should start with feeling the sacrifice. You see anything remotely close to that? If your so ready to give up your benefits OR your retirement then by all means do so. As Charles loves to say, he EARNED his retirement. Not because of what others did or didn’t do but because of what HE did. I’m from a different mold. What so many other vets did before me are EXACTLY why we have the benefits we have now. To exclude any sacrifices by others before us is asinine.

      • Idmtmedic,

        Hummmm, so your saying Congress hasn’t made any sacrifices?????

        • Idmtmedic

          Lmao, you mean pay freezes? Interested to see your next post. Tell us Charles.

          • Idmedic,


          • Idmtmedic

            Ohhhhmy thanks for the belly laugh. Yup they are suffering…lmao

          • Idmedic,

            Stop comparing yourself to a congressmen. All you do is whine and cry about what someone out of your league makes. Stop you stupid comparing yourself to someone in Congress.

            Tomorrow you’ll be bitching about some study comparing us military guys to civilians, and you be saying that is stupid. It’s funnier than hell that today you for comparing and tomorrow you against comparing civilian and military.

            Chit my man make up your mind.

    • Terry

      Trouble is, all Americans will not suffer. For instance, ObamaCare exempts a number of Unions (how sweet is that) and other entities. Why is that? There is not a good answer for that question. So much for fairness.

    • GSCM

      I hate to break it to you Lawrence but the USA as I Knew it is long gone. Unfortunately, congress and Americans in general see the military, especially retirees, as a drain on the economy that’s easy to control because they control the purse strings. They all also have the impression that our retirements are entitlements rather than earned benefits. Everybody feels that if they can slash the military they can stop worrying.

      • GSCM,

        I’m going to have to disagree with you on this. I feel like after the Conflict in Nam, DOD/Congress will once again begin stream lining the services bringing us back to the way things were pre-9/11. I mean heck, the same stuff happen after WWII and Korean Conflict.

        • Idmtmedic

          Streamlining is a good term, lmao. How bout streamlining an out of control Congress? Spending spending spending, then look for ways to save from the ones who do the dirty work. Discretionary spending is an overused term and should not apply to the whims of Congress regarding military vets and benefits.

  • Lawrence Ekdahl,

    Addendum to all of my brother retirees, We as retirees are still technically in the service. It is again time to serve by giving a little to save our beloved nation.

  • Idmtmedic

    Lol, Ben you sound just like Charles Bryant albeit a little more extreme but not by much. As you can see he doesn’t defend our sacrifices by responded to your post. I will let your post speak for itself as well as the positive reactions you receive from other REAL vets.

    • RCMassey

      Where is Charles Bryant? I thought for sure I would see his posts on here!! I enjoyed reading the posts between both Idmtmedic and Charles.

      • Idmtmedic

        RC, he busy researching and telling vets we aren’t getting any cuts. Lmao. He has turned to the dark side. He wants only single soldiers with no kids, and believes that all vets are………well you know the story.

  • C6ron

    I guess this child “Ben” has NEVER spent an extended period of time far, far away from family & Loved ones, never missed one of his children’s Birthdays (& so very much more)! I think this Loudmouth should walk a mile in Combat Boots, carrying his weight in a “Rucksack” Never knowing IF he will ever see his Loved ones again!

    IMHO this IDIOT should get a taste of what it is like to serve his country, maybe, just maybe that would change his way of thinking! I can only hope but doubt we will ever find out! I am SURE he would never question the LOW PAY, Dangerous, Thankless Duty for next to nothing for pay & Benefits!

    THANK YOU to ALL out BRAVE Troops that are now, or have ever served in harms way! I would like nothing better then to see everyone Home, safely, spending these Family Holidays together! Good Luck, Take Care and God Bless!

    From an old Grunt/Pointman that served in many months in the Jungles of Vietnam!

    “Live Free or Die”
    “Freedom is Never Free” It is written on “The Wall”

    • Lynn

      Of course you will be lambasted by those who don’t want to lose their perks—we operate in the “land of me”! I was in for four and worked 3 days with 6 days off; although 2 were suppose to be for appointments and/or training, they rarely were—I would never find such a cush position on the outside! I was also married to if for over 18 and often asked my then husband what work he actually did because majority of it was spent in meetings—out of his 27 years, he spent only one year doing work that could be considered “semi-dangerous” during the Bosnia conflict where majority of it was behind a desk away from action. There’s probably less than 20% of the military who actually earns what they’re paid (including the perks), whereas the amount of time-off and extras (BHA, medical, college, insurance, etc.) most get for socializing and pretending to produce stuff v. those in the civilian sector who put their lives on the line every day or work three-times harder, e.g. loggers, miners, fisherman, farmers, police, fire, roustabouts, etc. and get paid diddly compared to a military med tech who takes vitals, is ridiculous. We no longer have a “military force”, we have a glorified force.

      • Idmtmedic

        Lynn, obviously your outlook is a bit ummmmm let’s say less than credible. When you do 20 years then your opinion would mean something. I was a med tech and your right I did take vital signs as well as scrubbed on emergency C-sections, delivered two babies, assisted doc with over two hundred, sutured, applied casts, gave IM injections, treated over 600 patients while deployed 4 times without a doc, do food inspections, water inspections, place temporary fillings, teach ambulance course, CPR instructor, Self Aid and Buddy Care instructor, certified in ACLS, EMT, Trained in advanced hostage rescue, member of base Tactical Response Team……..and much more. Soooo yes vital signs are part of the job. Next time do 20.

      • kevin

        Civilian responders to 911 are recieving alsorts of benifits, plus a lot of money to boot…………ask the people in the pentgon what they received for compansation for 911, so please dont confuse military service with civilians, we cant sue a state or a company when we get poisioned. I believe you right to an opinon but we are the ones that defend that right

      • PCNCO

        Lynn. You’re an idiot. Bosnia happened in 1992 so a lot has changed over the last 20 years when your husband was in. And who are you to call us a glorified force. Why don’t you say that to the families of the fallen. Show some respect old hag.

  • Ron Smith

    We need to look at first who are our allies and foes, then cut spending there in the sense of sanctions. We would be better off as a nation here in our own country then trying to befriend the enemy.

  • Jim

    Boy are you an idiot you are one of those people that were too chicken to join the service , maybe if you were in a wheelchair with no legs or had no arms or sight you would be more greatfull to thes service men & woman. If you think seating in a steel tank or seating in foxhole when the temp is 120 or higher while people are trying to kill you is being lazy than you are an idiot.

  • Tony

    I agree a total troll! Military members should not waste a second on this guy.

  • Mel

    I served because I loved what I did in the Navy and really liked being in the Navy. I stayed because I thought that the retirement benefits offer took place of the money and health care I did not receive in a civilian occupation, starting to look like I was wrong. I advise other to think clearly and look forward to what you may not have because of the broken promises.

    • Mel,

      So Mel, should you be able to turn back the hands of time, where would you be now if you would never have joined the Navy, keeping in mind, that us in the Military never had to pay into our retirement or Health Care while in the service.

  • Dennis

    Remember that after next year if you live more than 40 miles from a base there won’t be Prime. You will have Tricare Standard that you will be paying 25%. Go to the hospital and see how much 25% is, way more than what was promised to you each time you reenlisted. 25% can put you into bankruptcy and eat up whatever life savings you managed to save. This article is talking about all you guys that live near a base. The rest of us have already been hung out to dry. All I can say is the next time some politician wants to start a war I hope no one shows up.

    • Dennis,

      “Go to the hospital and see how much 25% is, way more than what was promised to you each time you reenlisted.”

      I’m getting paid for 23 years and 14 days of service, and none of the times when I reenlisted did I ever get promised any health care at all, the only thing I knew about, was 50% of my base pay at 20 years.

  • Jeanne

    So, when the CEO of Wal Mart picks up a gun and goes on a deployment, when a Congressman cuts his/her own pay, when they cut their own bennies, when a Wall Street thief says he will gladly die for his Country, THEN come to me with still more reasons to attack those of us who served. Why don’t you stop porkbarrel spending? Why don’t you fly economy? Why do you continue to hamstring the government? Why don’t you do the job you were hired for? Did you forget, “We the People…?”

  • willie tribble

    we can tell you never were any of the Arms Forces,soldiers are protecting youe sorry ass.

  • Terry

    I don’t mind paying a little more because of our economic situation. But remember, the retired military will be “asked to pay more” mainly because ObamaCare is trying to cover 30 million more people presently without health insurance. The more we find out about ObamaCare, the more we realize what a stupid plan it is. Now we’re seeing all the little nooks and crannies that come with it. Get ready for more pain. Those who still won’t be able to buy healthcare will get some subsidies from the government, so how fair is that the retired military who stayed 20 years or more mainly to reap the benefits of healthcare that was promised. Somehow, I get the feeling there won’t be across the board cuts for everyone in America.

  • AnnaV

    Like the military retirees created this mess. If Congress would live within their means we would be on better footing.

    My situation is that I retired from the Army reserves when I was 37. I have to wait 23 years to get my first medical and retirement benefit. The way I see it I am spending 43 years waiting for my military benefits that were so touted when I signed up to actually get ZERO medical benefit. By the time you pay medicare and Tricare premiums I might as well not even use Tricare and just take a medicare supplement. The cost to me will be most likely be less and doctors more convenient. So far I have not found one doctor that accepts Tricare in my rural location.

    • AnnaV,

      Being specific, what is your rural location, or just where do you live?????

      • Idmtmedic

        Remember Charles it doesn’t affect you so why are you asking? You need proof so you can refute it? If your intent is to help then that’s more like it. Perhaps the changes are affecting more than just you? Hopefully, an old retired E-8 has some leadership left in him to be an advocate vs a fact checker. I have my doubts.

  • John

    You sir are a DOLT.

  • John

    Military retirees were promised “free” medical care. Typical democratic bullshit lie to your face and then screw you. I am 100% disabled because I fought for my country and now they want to take away everything I have.

    • John,

      You need to collect that free med care from whom ever made you that promise to you, because the Supreme Court didn’t find our Government liable.

      • Idmtmedic

        I’m extremely curious how it is you didn’t stand up to all that “FAKE” literature regarding benefits while you were in? You know that not approved by Congress stuff? Where were you being so smart that you didn’t stop that and tell recruiters and career counselers it’s not legal? Apparently YOU knew?

        • idmedic,

          There were not any promises made to me in any Contract I signed. Matter of fact, I don’t think that the military has every promised any benefits to anyone at anytime. Feel free to show me any contract that proves me wrong.

          • Idmtmedic

            Charles thought you knew all along? You didn’t know about literature? Damn your so smart guess you probably slept through the briefings. Good thing you warned your junior enlisted about those FAKE claims. Damn those military orders and duty…….read it right Charles?

          • idmet,

            Show me the beef.

            PS: One thing for sure is that no matter what it is you say or do, I will never lie about what was or was not promised me when I joined the service.

          • Idmtmedic

            As opposed to every other vet that posts on here? Your special apparently? You can denigrate all others on here, but rest assured, I will be on your as# about anything you post about legal shit because you did nothing while in the service to refute it and now you get 2 government checks and don’t work. Your arguments are BS and trust me if “retiree” your buddy were here it would be the same. Your job for discipline in the military carries no weight here nor does your outlook in regards to benefits. Your a vet and for that I thank you, other than that I consider you just another jack off. Nothing to contribute other than talk. I do something, you do nothing.

    • J Storck

      If you are 100% SC like I am, I am not sure what you are saying they are taking it away as I am fully covered at the VA should I not want to use my company provided health insurance.

  • GSCM

    With the way our government is going and seeing how well the auto manufacturers have been treated (too big to fail bailouts) I think that it’s about time for the military to seriously consider unionizing! Get professionals to negotiate with the idiots of congress.

    • Retired Army

      Better yet, as I “jokingly” advocated while a staff officer in Army DCSOPS at the Pentagame in 1987, we should just outsource our national defense to the Islraeli government.

      Efficient, results-oriented, and no questions asked.

      Gosh-o-golly, I sure miss the “free” family dental care I was promised when I was first commissioned…

      • Idmtmedic

        I would prefer the active duty get to clock in and out while performing duty. Be very interested to see those figures as opposed to “think tank” figures.
        Let’s get a REAL version of pay vs hours and benefits. Think Congress should do the same.

    • GSCM,


      • Idmtmedic

        Yup, scary huh. Salary vs REAL “rich” wages we all are making sacrificing. Not like a real job……..dying is hard to clock in and out of. I have changed my mind Charles. I believe the CUTS are necessary and Congress has indeed understood our sacrifice and should they feel the need to cut our retirement then it is for the good of the nation. Not sure what I was thinking.

  • Teresa Bolton

    Try this for size!! If we are going to balance the budget we can start by not offering benefits to non citizens. Take that garbage off the website. Then cut the Politicians salaries, why should they earn a salary when they DO NOT deserve it.
    Stop paying benefits that are equal to or greater than a salary you never earned. A newly separated soldier after one enlistment doesn’t get anything after he or she is discharged. A one term Congressman gets a life time pension. Yeah, really?

  • John

    Lets try cutting Congress and Senate pay and benefits and see how far that goes.

    • Idmtmedic

      Lol, that would be like a military member backing cuts that Congress has put in place for retired military and possibly active duty retirement. Wait a minute, we have one of those veterans on these boards. Mmmmmm wonder who that could be?

    • John,

      The pay has been cut, and the benefits they are paying for, can’t cut them.

      • Idmtmedic

        Holy crap, you mean NO raises is a cut? Yet you say Tricare Prime is not a cut for vets living 40 miles away? Omg!!!!!!! You sir are an I D I O T!!!!!!!!!!!!

        • idmedic,

          LMAO, this is about your claim that Congress doesn’t sacrifice, I brought up them taking pay cuts, and now you’re talking about Tricare.

          You’re all over every discussion. Any discussion that compares Military pay to civilian pay, your against, yet you continue to compare what Congressmen make to what soldiers make.

          So, what in the hell does Tricare have to do with Congress and them turning down all pay raises since 2009?????

          • Idmtmedic

            Let me enlighten you Charles AGAIN. You stated that no cuts are being made to benefits. I.E. Tricare. I stated that anybody outside Tricare 40 mile limit would have to pay more. You stated that nothing was being cut because they still had Tricare. Lmao. Now you are stating that Congress HAS taken cuts because they didn’t vote themselves a pay raise? That costs them how much? Now in regards to civilians and Congress. If ANYBODY gets a taxpayer subsidized retirement then they are not civilians!!!!! They pay into it but don’t act like it isn’t largely funded by us. Your stance is we don’t pay into our retirement. I won’t even go there.

          • Idmedic,

            So you’re back to comparing Tricare, Congress, and you, your retirement and not Congresses retirement. Jesus, you whine about anyone that makes more than you do.

            Answer me this, why did you stay in the Military if you were so unhappy with it all, huh, tell me.

          • Idmtmedic

            I never said I was unhappy about it Charles. What I’m upset about is they “CONGRESS” likes to change the rules and benefits at their discretion after the fact. Last I checked or believe, you are not a lawyer. Now you are? Lmao. I loved my job, I didn’t have to kill anyone and I took care of soldiers who sacrificed not because of political decisions but to help their fellow soldiers. That is what it is about. Now Charles if your so damn smart, why didn’t you counsel your soldiers that the info provided was BS and Congress never approved it? As a Senior Enlisted leader seems to me you would have been more proactive and challenged the information readily available? WTF Charles you act like you were a soldier doing his duty without asking questions……..till now. You knew all along. Lmao

          • idmedic,

            Here you go again comparing yourself and Congress again.

            Again, if you want to run for Congress and chang the rules and benefits, then run for Congress or shut the hell up whining and crying.

          • Idmtmedic

            I forgot, your getting two government checks, why WOULD you complain. Your retired right. Lmao. Doesn’t affect you.

          • Idmtmedic

            Charles and incognito “retiree” have pledged to defend increased fees to the detriment of retirees. Once the dam is opened they deny the floodgates will not affect enlistments or retention. Well the true facts are, every decision affects current and former vets, regardless of intention. Give a young man 20gs to re-enlist sounds like a hell of a deal. Give a 15 yr vet no enlistment bonus and no retirement until 60 what do you get?

          • tjh

            I’m not so sure any politician in Washington, DC has not given themselves a pay raise since 2009. If I were making between $170,000 to $ 190,000 per year with all the perks I would be getting, I don’t feel I would be hurting myself if I did not give myself a raise.

          • tjh,

            I don’t see the correlation between you and a Congressmen! Like you, that person ran for Congress while you joined the service. The only way to have it both ways, is to become a Congressmen and then join the Reserves.

          • Idmtmedic

            In a joint letter to the budget “Super Committee signed by the chairman and ranking members of the Veterans Affairs Committee of both House and Senate, it was stated ” we believe no constituency better understands the challenges America faces and no constituency is better suited to, again, lead by example by putting country first”. Letter was signed, Sen Pat Murray (D-WA), Sen Richard Burr (R-NC), Rep. Jeff Miller (R-FL), and Rep. Bob Filner (D-CA).

            Regardless of how much we “the retirees” HAVE sacrificed, the Congress has decided that we are responsible for the nations debt. Now their sacrifice? They voted to not give themselves pay raises? My thought? Where is Congress sacrificing anything regardless of what it might do for the deficit? #%^*~*+’!!!!!!!!!!!!!rs.

          • idmedic,

            “As I have said elsewhere, what is your plan for balancing the budget? Be realistic. Congressional costs are about 0.2% of the budget – not even in the noise level. DoD is #3, and 1/2 of Discretionary Spending.”—-retiree

          • Idmtmedic

            Q. Does the IRS pay billions in tax refunds to workers who are in the US illegally?
            A. Yes- The treasury dept. inspector general determined that 4.2 billion was paid in 2010. Up from less than 1 billion in 2005. Leading democrats are resisting a bill that would stop future payments.
            Source, Factcheck.org.
            Just ONE example.

          • idmedic,

            “As I have said elsewhere, what is your plan for balancing the budget? Be realistic. Congressional costs are about 0.2% of the budget – not even in the noise level. DoD is #3, and 1/2 of Discretionary Spending.”—-retiree

          • Idmtmedic

            As I have said elsewhere, I don’t consider military retiree benefits or retirement discretionary. Now consider what percentage of the military actually retires?

          • idmedic,

            “As I have said elsewhere, what is your plan for balancing the budget?”—retiree

          • Idmtmedic

            Blah blah blah……then give up your retirement JA.

          • Idmtmedic

            And your Social Security. That’s your plan?

      • idmedic,

        Just below, you’ve been asked 3 times “what is your plan for balancing the budget?.” I’ve yet to see you answer other then pointing fingeres at Congress, the President, Me and your last answers were:

        1. “Blah blah blah……then give up your retirement JA.”,

        2. “And your Social Security. That’s your plan?”

        3. “I want to hear what Charles Bryant’s plan is to balance the budget. Two government checks and not working. Any cuts for Charles? Mmmmmm Charles what’s your plan?.”

        My plan/ideas have already been posted several times which you’ve seen and commented on, but talking to you never goes anywhere. You have made me your mission by tailgating me and attempting to put together an “anti-CharlesBryant” Army on here, which you have yet to see a following.

        Now, for the forth time, “what is your plan for balancing the budget?”

        • Idmtmedic

          Blah blah blah. I don’t need an army Charles. If the veteran affairs committee says we need to lead by example by putting country first then to me that means cuts, CUTS Charles. I did my job for twenty years and apparently our job never ends. Veterans paid with blood, sweat, tears, lives and body parts and now it’s our wallets. You consistently state that our benefits have only gone up. My job now is to fight for our benefits and retirement and not to allow them to balance the budget on our backs. Congress considers us as part of the 47% and YOU especially. I point fingers at POTUS and Congress because they are responsible for the financial mess and NOT the veterans as you so often try to imply. My plan is simple, DO NOT PLACE MILITARY RETIREES as discretionary spending and force us to pay more when others that pay nothing in taxes, or contribute to society are rewarded. I noticed you didn’t address the #4 post? 4.2 billion? So to recap, YOU believe veterans are whiners, criers and complainers, do not deserve benefits, did not pay for their retirement, and Congress should not be accountable for this mess? And umm your plan was what again???

          • idmedic,

            “My plan is simple, DO NOT PLACE MILITARY RETIREES as discretionary spending and force us to pay more when others that pay nothing in taxes, or contribute to society are rewarded.”

            LMAO, this isn’t a plan, this is a statement that isn’t going any place.

            “Got it. Balance the budget, but don’t touch Social Security, Medicare, or Defense.
            FY10 Spending:
            SS – $701 billion (20%)
            Medicare/Medicaid – $797 billion (23%)
            Defense – $689 billion (20%)
            Interest on the National Debt – $197 billion (6%)
            All Other – $1,076 billion (31%)
            Deficit – $1,294 billion.”—-retiree

          • Idmtmedic

            Did I miss your plan in a top secret cryptic message in all those stats? Lmao.

          • Idmedic,

            No, since you didn’t have a plan, I gave you some info so you could but together a plan.

            Never mind, if you think that info I gave you is cryptic, then you’re lost when it comes to any plan.


          • Idmtmedic

            Charles, you have never stated a plan. I already know the stats. So in 689 billion for defense, we as vets are taking up the cuts. Define discretionary?? The info wasn’t cryptic, lmao……I’m not lost at all. I have a very clear understanding of the issues and of the costs. Anytime your ready, let’s hear your plan.

          • Idmtmedic

            YOUR PLAN?????

          • AFED

            Moran, he did not say don’t touch the Military, but sure, go ahead and gut the military. Let’s see where that gets us. Is there any other wisdom you want to bestow? I know, why not give the country to China. They own most of our debt anyway.

            There are people like you all over the place. Let’s crap on the military, both active and retired, that is until we need them.

            I don’t see you coming up with a budget. Me personally, I like Paul Ryan’s budget.

    • tim

      you are right they take a lot and give almost nothing I return to bad there is no way to stop this from happening.

    • John,

      “As I have said elsewhere, what is your plan for balancing the budget? Be realistic. Congressional costs are about 0.2% of the budget – not even in the noise level. DoD is #3, and 1/2 of Discretionary Spending.”–(retire)

      • Idmtmedic

        I don’t consider retired military benefits or retirement as discretionary spending. Maybe you do.

    • Kevin

      Right, cut all of our Elected Officials pay and benefits and add them to Social Security and Medicare and our problems would be solved…. I can’t justify earning 170 thousand dollars a year and only be required to work one term to get 100 percent retirement benefits including free health care… Military personal have to work 20 years for a retirement and only get half why should they be any different….
      They should cut their pay in half or better, raise the tax on the wealthy, and stop giving aid to countries that hate us and use this money against us…I don’t want to hear it’s in a general fund and you don’t know where the money goes fix it…….
      Maybe we should let Congress fight our future wars because it’s for their way of life and not ours… The only interest they have and care about is their own and only that…

  • Idmtmedic

    Only to you. Your a fact checker……I use that term loosely. I’m YOUR fact checker and want everyone to know where you stand.

    • Idmtdic,

      Other than wanting me to constantly pet you, why don’t you get off my back!

      • Idmtmedic

        Not on your back Charles. If CUTS don’t affect you then your not worried while everyone else knows what is happening. Your BS is just that and I am going to make damn sure your BS is out in the open. So fact check the sh## out of every post because your stance on retiree benefits and future retired benefits for active duty are way off the mark. You are happy with your benefits then great. Find a new hobby, or career as you say besides blogging. Maybe crocheting?

        • Idmedic,

          I am happy with what I recieved after I retired, if you are not happy well, sue somebody. All you do is whine when you come on here. I say, if you’re not going to do anything about it, then stop your pouting, hell, go out and get that second job that going to make you rich in 2 years, then come back here a brag about how good you have it.

          One thing is for sure, is you’re not going to get me to whine, cry, and snifle about a job I volunteered to do, and then continually reelisted to do it. You cry baby you.

          • Idmtmedic

            Don’t forget about the rest of us that are whining and crying. You cash those checks Charles? Don’t worry your checks will get leaner and leaner. Maybe just maybe you will have to get a JOB………..blogging career you suck at….lol. You get paid by posts?

          • idmedic,

            I ‘m talking to you, stop attempting to drag everyone else into your disagreement with me about what I feel I have earned or not earned. Unlike you, I speak for myself.

          • Idmtmedic

            No you don’t, as a retiree you speak for all of us. Whiners, liars and complainers as you put it. Sooooo Charles why not find a Congressional blog that you can suck tit off of? Blog as a civilian and not a military retiree. Might work better for you.

  • Guest

    I already avoid going to the doctor because he barely even examines me or my spouse. My spouse found the cancerous growth I had and pointed it out to him and again he tried to brush it off. So we just know it is a waste of time to visit him.We had a serious cold, flu or upper respiratory problem for the last 10 days and debated going to see him. I decided to stay in bed at one time sleeping for almost 26 hours straight without getting out of bed. Needless to say, I was sicker when I woke up from dehydration and low blood sugar. But I made it to my kitchen and put something in my mouth and offered some to my spouse who could not get out of bed either. So they are wrong that we over use our medical care. I know my spouse and I don’t.

  • Billy

    Ben you must be a obama fan, both of you don’t know anything about the Military, you want to know how lazy we are, you just look at yourself and you will seee lazy.You got to be a young punk..

  • MomGrandma

    My correction, tired from hosting Thanksgiving. The ‘C B O’ is obviously reporting from La-La Land.

  • sharon

    have you ever had guns fired at you. Watch your buddies die next to you. Could not see your son until 6 months after his birth. If you don’t like this country leave it.

    • Joe

      lets just people like him NEVER breed!!!

  • Sharon

    My husband is retired. He is now uses a walker, goes to adult daycare, so I can work. He is on 17 medications. He is only 58. We are still waiting for VA Disability after 3 and a half years. Because of his health we were forced to take medicare also along with his tricare (or lose Tricare). Now I pay 3 times more for medical insurance costs. I have to work so we are not on the streets.

    • Idmtmedic


    • JPJR

      Sharon, if your husband has all of those problems he can use a VA hosp. for his treatments

  • Krazimon

    For those soldiers who voted for this administration and any other politician that is targeting the military and retirees; for those soldiers who didn’t vote and fully had the opportunity to, well, this is what happens when people believe a lie or just don’t want to get involved. Now our current military, retirees and our future military and retirees will suffer until they need to project a military force as a resolve to some hotspot in the world. All of us can still sound off to insure they don’t carry out these changes. Looking at the next 3-4 years if the changes go through, retirees can pay as much as 500% more than what we are paying now and the premium increases will be based on a nation-wide annual percentage, which can be 6-8%, which will eventually outpace any COLA increases, meaning our retirement pay will eventually be reduced to “0”.

    • Idmtmedic

      Kr, have you noticed any posts by anybody saying that nothing is being cut from our benefits? I will give you a hint. CB. Check out his record and his views regarding benefits.

    • Idmtmedic

      Yes, you said it perfectly!!!!

  • MTG

    This person is just trying to get a rise out of us. Mommy and daddy do not pay enough attention so he comes to these sites makes outlandish comments and enjoys the attention.

  • Idmtmedic

    Speaking of whining, why is it when I post to a certain veteran on here it must be approved by the moderator? Then never shows up. Guess somebody needs a bottle or a pacifier. However, CUTS to anybody outside the 40 mile limit is BS!!!!! That better moderator?

    • Idmtmedic

      Lmao, thanks for the thumbs down Charles……but hey, all is not lost. You can put in a complaint and have it removed. Whining works..;)

  • mark

    Obviously spoken by a non-server who relies on those in the military to protect his/her sorry ass because he/she is afraid to serve theirself.

  • Rafael


    Published November 22, 2012 at 397 × 427 in Obama will fire 20,000 Marines so he can give $6 billion U.S. taxpa…

  • guest

    Obama will fire 20,000 Marines so he can give $6 billion U.S. taxpayer dollars to Muslims for ‘green’ energy
    There are many things Obama hates, but only two things he really loves: Green energy and Muslims. And finally he’s found a way to put both together at the same time. And it will only cost U.S. taxpayers $6 billion dollars.
    FrontPage Magazine 20,000 Marines are to be fired and the money is being used for Obama’s Green Energy companies and his Muslim empowerment program.
    Sure for that $6 billion, we might not have to fire those 20,000 Marines that Barry Hussein has decided to get of, and we wouldn’t have to cut their healthcare, the way his Center for American Progress has pushed him to do… but Muslims with Green Energy count more.

    Now this U.S.-Asia Pacific Comprehensive

    • guest,

      LMAO, the President doesn’t deside what size the services will be.

    • JPJR

      You Anti-Americans should take your Hate and Racist Comments to one of the countries that will show you what they think of you. The person you are referring to is The Commander-In-Chief of the Armed Forces President Barrack Obama. I just wish Military.Com would put some restrictions on what they allow to be printed, in some cases Freedom of Speech just shouldn’t apply to all of the Anti-American trash some creatures are allowed to post. Your group still clings to the belief that if you tell a LIE enough times it will become the truth. Believe it or not your group of Racist Bigoted Idiots are a dying breed, luckily the Americans coming up now do not harbor all the Hate and Bitter Racist Thoughts your group has. You don’t like America then please get your arse out and let the sane ones alone.

  • Idmtmedic

    Anybody seen a retired vet that has no concern for cuts to benefits? NO? Well I guess it’s ok because it’s not really happening because it doesn’t affect some veterans right? Here I thought all vets had a certain bond, a certain degree of respect for a shared experience. Then I met or should I say encountered a veteran “possibly”, that has gotten all that was LEGAL to him. He had the foresight to know it was BS but did nothing to stop the recruiters or career counselors from promoting it? Calls vets whiners and complainers……lmao. Now he has decided that a military career has been reduced to a 401k, no benefits, and the incalculable amount of sacrifices means we veterans didn’t PAY into our pensions, yet receives two government checks and doesn’t work. Not because he can’t work, but chooses not to. Anybody see a problem with a veteran “career” blogger slamming other vets in regards to cuts? Well I have found my new second job…………making sure the “special” soldier get’s his attention.

  • todd

    Bless you, even in your ignorance.

  • Milomet

    Ben, maybe you should give up your retirement and elect not to take Social Security. This administration doesn’t like our Military anyway. Calling them Thugs and murderers. You probably voted for this idiot.

  • Drew

    What’s sad is the government will take aim at military pay, yet will never speak of reducing their six-figure incomes, health benefits and perks. You want to avoid a fiscal cliff? Start by reducing the pay and benefits for the people that are responsible for putting the American public in this position in the first place. No one I know could have an approval rate of 11% and still make six figures. Our government is pathetic.

  • MMCS(SS) USN Retired

    This guy Ben is still living with his parents in the downstairs basement. Get a job. No, this guy is a mole blogging on the internet and getting paid to make these comments. These people try to sway opinion and try to get people to agree with them. Everybody call your congressmen and senators and let them know how you feel about this. Anyone who has served in the military knows this is a breach of a promise made to you when you enlisted.

  • Dewayne Gardner

    I was in the military from 1961 until 1967. While in, I came in contact with Agent-Orange. I now have Diabetes (Type II), Prostrate Cancer, Acute Peripheral Neuropathy, Sleep Apnea, High Blood Pressure, and I am over weight (Because I
    can not exercise). I also suffer from PTSD. I was diagnosed 70% Disable with the
    PTSD. But because I don’t have 100% disability I can not have my teeth fixed. My teeth are crumbling and falling out because of the Agent-Orange and it is affecting
    my Health. But I can not get medical attention for my teeth because I am not 100% disable, even if my Provider says my health is effected by my Dental Problems.

    • USAF Fst. Sgt Ret.

      Dewayne you and other vets like you deserve better. You are in my prayers.

  • wayne

    i am a disabled vet.i served my country faithfully. no i didnt spend 20 yrs. in the military,but was medically discharged.mywife is on prime,and we depend on that for are health and medications.my wife is the early stages of demantia.my left leg. i wear a brace and walk with a cane.have obama do this and then tell me he doesnt need help.what has happen to are country.

  • lee vet

    Everyone should “flood their congressman and senator of their home state and let the goverment know that we “veterns” are tired of being abused and used as washingtons escape goats for budget cuts because they don’t know how to spend a buget right. How many dollars are wasted on grants to study how bugs mate? who cares give that money to vets “we earned it” ten times over.
    got to go overload some e-mail boxes.

    • lee vet,

      Good idea, and we should all have a copy of that list of past abuses. Hummmm, maybe we should put that together now, before we do anything.

      • Idmtmedic

        Why do you say “we” do anything? You haven’t done a thing for retirees. We aren’t losing any benefits according to you. Never mind the topics discussed about increased fees, forced off of Prime outside the 40 mile radius, soon to be forced to take civilian insurance for working age retirees, increased co-pays for medication.

        • Idmedic,

          The best thing for you to do, is to post your Initial Enlistment Contract, pointing out in said contract what you think is your benefits/entitlements, then post all your Reenlistment Enlistment Contracts showing what your new benefits/entitlements are from the date of each of your Reenlistments..

          In the end, put it all together, post for me to see what it is that you think, not prove, that this Country owes you since you retireed.

          • Idmtmedic

            The best thing for you to do is stop running around the issues. Remember those? The ones I just stated. You state nothing is being cut from Tricare. Benefits are only going up? If our benefits are only going up WTH is congress doing to our benefits? You know those non-legal ones. So our retirement is safe in our enlistment contract? Lmao. You only retired from the military because you knew it was a legal pension? Hey genius, lawsuit was brought by a LAWYER and it was decided by ONE judge. Not unanimous and certainly not a moral one but LEGAL. You can “legal speak” all fn day. Hindsight is great isn’t it Charles.

          • idmedic,

            This is what I originally posted:

            “lee vet,

            Good idea, and we should all have a copy of that list of past abuses. Hummmm, maybe we should put that together now, before we do anything.”

            How is it that you get so far off the subject?????

          • Idmtmedic

            Nice dodge AGAIN. You put in “we”. We is inclusive and you are not. You don’t and won’t fight for non-legal benefits as you say. So Charles what is it. Make up your mind. They aren’t cutting anything or we don’t have the legal standing to HAVE any benefits?

          • Idmedic,

            Yes, I used the word ‘we’. Should you not like what I post, then pay me no attention and move along. As far as fighting for some imaginary benefits, I have my benefits and don’t have to fight for anything. Now, if you feel you need to fight for something I don’t agree with, feel free to do so, but don’t think for one minute I going to follow you down the road just because you were in the service.

          • Idmtmedic

            So that’s a no benefits answer. Nothing is being cut and you have yours. Your benefits are retirement and? Ohhh yes I forgot, SSI. Guess you missed the part about SSI. Perhaps raise the age to 67? The new 401k plan for active duty? One thing I haven’t seen is only single soldiers should serve? Remember your post on that? Sorry off topic again…..yes where were we. Ahhh yes, I remember now, “we” were going to gather information about past abuses, although the original post said nothing about past abuses. YOU do nothing.

          • Idmtmedic

            And by the way, let’s hear about your legal benefits?

          • idmedic, Part 1




            I understand that many laws, regulations, and military customs will govern my conduct and require me to do things under this agreement that a civilian does not have to do. I also understand that various laws, some of which are listed in this agreement, directly affect this enlistment/reenlistment agreement. Some examples of how existing laws may affect this agreement are explained in paragraphs 10 and 11. I understand that I cannot change these laws but that Congress may change these laws, or pass new laws, at any time that may affect this agreement, and that I will be subject to those laws and any changes they make to this agreement. I further understand that:

            a. My enlistment/reenlistment agreement is more than an employment agreement. It effects a change in status from civilian to military member of the Armed Forces. As a member of the Armed Forces of the United States, I will be:

            (1) Required to obey all lawful orders and perform all assigned duties.

          • idmedic, Part 2

            (2) Subject to separation during or at the end of my enlistment. If my behavior fails to meet acceptable military standards, I may be discharged and given a certificate for less than honorable service, which may hurt my future job opportunities and my claim for veteran’s benefits.

            (3) Subject to the military justice system, which means, among other things, that I may be tried by military courts-martial.

            (4) Required upon order to serve in combat or other hazardous situations.

            (5) Entitled to receive pay, allowances, and other benefits as provided by law and regulation.

            b. Laws and regulations that govern military personnel may change without notice to me. Such changes may affect my status, pay, allowances, benefits, and responsibilities as a member of the Armed Forces REGARDLESS of the provisions of this enlistment/reenlistment document.

          • Idmtmedic

            Lmao. Well thank you for that. What does Congress have to do with our discussion……EVERYTHING. So our retirement isn’t safe and neither is any and ALL benefits. So Charles, thank you for proving my point! You have no LEGAL benefits. We are at the whim of millionaires that may change the rules at their discretion. THEY spend more than what they take in and now we get to pay for their reckless spending. So tell me again what benefits YOU have by what you just stated? You know all that you were promised BY LAW.

          • idmedic,

            LMAO, you post as if I taught you something you didn’t already know! Yelp, I have everything I expected and much, much more. If you’re not happy with what you have, then you need to do something about it, because I surely can’t help you.


          • Idmtmedic

            Not “expected” Charles. Legally entitled too? List those benefits…..it’s easy. #1………………….

          • I need to make you a list WHY?????

          • Idmtmedic

            I know tough one. You answered it already. NONE! Lmao

          • Idmedic,

            The best thing for you to do, is to post your Initial Enlistment Contract, pointing out in said contract what you think is your benefits/entitlements, then post all your Reenlistment Enlistment Contracts showing what your new benefits/entitlements are from the date of each of your Reenlistments..

            In the end, put it all together, post for me to see what it is that you think, not prove, that this Country owes you since you retireed.”

          • Idmtmedic

            What’s wrong Charles, no comments on the other article? Protecting your post count? Share your ideas with the other vets. Guess you will just wait till it get’s a little less busy huh? Lmao

  • dave

    see how lazy they get when they stop getting pay raises regardless of how good of a job they are doing. 50 percent what an idiot you must be a democrat any third world country would attack any country they want and the world would be full of terrorist. why don’t you inlist they do let flamers like you in and you wouldn’t have to do anything according to you.

  • Jim

    Lazy I don’t what soldiers your talking about I’ve been standing watch for 19 year’s !
    Your the one that walked into the recruiting station and was to stupid to even qualify to join I could see why !!!

  • Navywife

    Ben….you IDIOT

  • Idmtmedic

    I want to hear what Charles Bryant’s plan is to balance the budget. Two government checks and not working. Any cuts for Charles? Mmmmmm Charles what’s your plan?

    • Idmtmedic

      Just for the record Charles, I believe you deserve what you are getting and then some. Now you tell every other retired vet what it is they are not entitled
      to. Medical, Dental, Vision? Legal is your defense. When they come after YOUR retirement, which is possible, as well as your SSI because what is paid into doesn’t match actual costs then you will get it. Keep defending the status quo. You are only hurting yourself. Your BS defense that promises that were made weren’t legal holds no weight due to the fact that YOU were in during all those promises and the decision from the supreme court was made in what year?

  • Katrina

    How would you know my husband works 18 hours a day . Let’s see you spend 20 months away from your family and your home land . There are always lazy people but the military has ways of weeding them out . My husband is not lazy and his service records prove that , So don’t put everyone in the same category . We live pay check to pay check . Our benefits are the only good thing we get for his service . You should never wish anything bad on anyone . Karma will get you .Walk a mile in his boots and you will know he deserves every dime he gets and then some ! Only one percent of Americans are in the military members . They do jobs 99 % of Americans won’t do. You don’t have to like them but you need to respect them after all because of them you get to say ignorant things . Without our military we wouln’t be the great nation that we are ! They fight for us ! They are willing to die for us ! Are you ? If you see karma tell her I said thanks !

    • Katrina

      Just to clearify he has been deployed 8 times in 12 years . We are now doing a back to back deployments . He has been deployed for 20 months out of 2 years and they are extending the deployment My husband has spent 70% of our marriage and our childrens childhood deployed . We choose this life and we deserve every little benefit we get . We haven’t got a cost of living increase in 4 in a half years since Obama has been in office . Even thought the cost of living has gone up . We don’t get reenlistment bonus’s since he is what they call a lifer .We got 198 dollars a month for his 12 years of service . We make 38,000 . My husband could be making over 60 grand as a civilian with benefits . But he choose to do a job that has a purpose .

      • Katrina,

        I wasn’t going to say anything, until you stated “We haven’t got a cost of living increase in 4 in a half years since Obama has been in office.”

        Just to update you, it has only been 2 years (2010 & 2011) that we didn’t recieve COLA, and the President has nothing to do with it.

        Source: http://www.ssa.gov/cola/automatic-cola.htm

  • cali_co

    Tricare made lots of money, had a surplus, they actually don’t know what to do with it and still raised Tricare fees: http://www.armytimes.com/news/2012/08/military-he

    • cali_co,

      “Unless fees are raised, CBO projects that military health care costs will jump from $51 billion in 2013 to $77 billion (in 2013 dollars) by 2017.”

      Just because they had a surplus for a couple of years doesn’t mean the CBO is lying.

      • Ben Dover

        Actually it was the DoD that lied to Congress and the retired GI’s, then the Defense department went to Congress to see if it would be ok to divert the savings from Tri-care to pay for other items on thier wish lists. Several congressmen were highly perturbed upon that revelation, but apparently not enough of them to make a difference. We all need to mass-email the DoD on this matter.

        • Idmtmedic

          Ben I agree but emailing DOD? They are not elected, however I did email the CBO…LMAO. So I guess why not!!!

  • richard


    I just created a petition entitled Bank Of America: Cancel the Foreclosure on Veteran Richard Barwick.

    I’m trying to collect 100 signatures, and I could really use your help.

    To read more about what I’m trying to do and to sign my petition, click here: http://www.change.org/petitions/bank-of-america-c

    It’ll just take a minute!

    Once you’re done, please ask your Veteran friends to sign the petition as well. Grassroots movements succeed because people like you are willing to spread the word!


  • SeniorE8

    Yes, the military has received that much in pay raises. The problem is the raises still don’t make our salary anywhere near compairible to what a civilian counter part doing the same type of job makes. So, yes we have gotten raises but we are all still underpaid for protecting OUR country.

    After retiring at 20 years, people want us to sacrifice even more?

    God please watch over and protect the U.S. and US!

  • Frank

    You are retired or a disabled vet or both and their attitude is just throw them a bone that will keep them happy. Wrong! Totally Wrong!. Retired Viet-Nam Navy Vet.

  • J.P.

    I’m still stuck on the comment made in the article where they say, “Discourage retiree’s and their families from using military hospitals”. What the @#$ is that supposed to mean. I was promised free healthcare for me and my family if I served 20-years in the military. Now it’s gone from that to they want to discourage me from using it all together?????? How much longer do these idiots in our government think the people are going to put up with this horse #$%@?

    • ATG

      I agree with evrything you said. That was my thought as I read the article. Here iswhat I propsoese we should do about it. I’m speaking to evry veteran Past and Present. Vote these sick SOB’s out. I’m saying both Republican and Democrate. Let’s try maybe the Libertarian party. It can’t and won’t be any worse than the same old trash we get every election because all you get is the Party line and no changes. I’m sick of this mess they have put us in. It is time for a change. I served 22 years of my life for this garbage. This is not the country I grew up in.

  • Christine

    I am a military widow and receive widows DIC and tricare. I am still confused as to whether or not I will lose my monthly compensation and medical benefits. Anyone know??