TRICARE Fees May Increase Again

This October retirees have seen their TRICARE Prime enrollment fees increased to $269.28 per year for individuals and $538.56 per year for retirees with families. However, retirees should know that TRICARE is warning that these enrollment fees could increase again when Congress passes the final FY 2013 budget.

Retirees can choose to pay the enrollment fees annually, quarterly or monthly.  But they must keep in mind that TRICARE Prime enrollment fees are non-refundable, in most cases.

TRICARE is recommending that retirees pay either monthly (through automatic deduction/charge) or quarterly due to the chance enrollment fees may increase again before the end of the fiscal year.

NOTE: To date there have been no changes to TRICARE for Life — enrollment remains free to retirees over age 65.

The current fee payments break down as follows:

Annual Payment: Individual: $269.28
Family: $538.56
Quarterly Payment: Individual: $67.32 
Family: $134.64
Monthly Payment: Individual: $22.44
Family: $44.88

Payment requirements differ slightly for each region. Retirees enrolled in the TRICARE Prime in the North, South and West regions can pay by allotment from retired pay, online, pay-by-phone, and through electronic funds transfer and first time TRICARE Prime enrollees can pay the initial enrollment fee by check. TRICARE North and West beneficiaries can also pay by recurring credit card charges. TriWest currently offers beneficiaries the added ability to pay by monthly by check.

Download the TRICARE Prime Enrollment Fee Factsheet.

About the Author

Terry Howell
Before becoming the Managing Editor for, Terry served 20 years in the U.S. Coast Guard as an Aviation Electrician’s Mate and aircrewman. In his final role in the Coast Guard, Terry served as a Career Development Advisor, where he provided career, finance, education, and benefits counseling to servicemembers and their families. Since retiring from the Coast Guard, Terry has authored the book, The Military Advantage, managed the content for TurboTap, the DoD's online transition program and VAforVets, the VA's transition assistance website. Terry earned both his Bachelor's and MBA at Corban University using Military Tuition Assistance and his GI Bill benefits to help cover the cost.
  • tom

    This congress made up mostly of non-veterans doesn’t give a crap about the promises of free health care for retirees. I work in DOD medical and ever since they went to TRICARE the big money saver, the price tag has steadly gone up each year. Why? We are not more military than we were in 1996, we are just less direct military medical. Alright, the facts are in; TRICARE is a bust and we need to go back to the Direct Military Care system. Reopen all the military base hospitals and minimize the use of the civilian sector. This is what republicans wanted, just like the post office they want to get tax payer money into the pockets of private sector greedy SOBs. You get what you vote for, don’t be stupid!

    • Don

      I currently am diagnosed with Cronic Meyleoid Leukemnia. The medication I must take for the rest of my life is extremely expensive. I thank GOD that there is Tri-Care. This medication on the civilian sector would be high even with insurance to cover part of the cost. If I don’t take it –well I’d be ten toes up. I worked in the civilian sector when I retired from the Amy. That cost was more than $200.00 per month for my family. I ended up 10 years after retirement switching to Tri-Care. I am very satified with the doctors and the hospital where I go. To ask me to pay more–well I’ll gladly do it!! We get a great bargain and to be asked to pay some towards it isn’t gonna kill me. Not having access to affordable medication and not being able to afford to go to a doctor or to the hospital would.

  • Hawk

    Georgia Night………………………………

    Free I think not………………………………..where did they arrive at this?

    “NOTE: To date there have been no changes to TRICARE for Life – it remains free to retirees over age 65.”

    For a non-military retiree they can elect to pay the monthly Part B premium starting at $99.90 per month that increases as adjusted gross income increases so around $1,200 a year premium to start.

    “If you have Part A abd Tricare you must have Part B to keep your Tricare coverage … unless on active duty …. and over 65” Page 21 2013 Medicare & You.

    Some folks get the Part B covered under other programs if income is low enough.

    So the deal is Tricare for Life is not free ….. there is a premium under the cover of requiring Part B premiums that are optional for civilians unless we want our Tricare to go away and then I guess we can say it is optional for us.

    • tdhowell

      There is no enrollment fee for TFL.

      • Tom

        What happens to TCFL when United Health Cares takes over TriCare 1 April 2013?

        Tom k

  • Hawk

    Georgia Night…………………………………………………..

    From the MOAA website………………..

    “The memo indicates the FY 2012 defense budget estimate assumed private sector care cost growth of 12.9% for active duty and 8.5% for all other beneficiaries. But “through the first six months of FY2012,” it acknowledges “[costs actually] are growing at historically low rates of 0.6% for active duty and -2.7% for all other beneficiaries.”

  • JJMurray

    So Tricare just had a huge SURPLUS that the military was trying to spend elsewhere but we’re looking at second fee increase in one year?

  • Kim

    And the doctors make multiple appointments for the same time and then when you are sitting there after your appointment time has passed maybe 2-3 hours and then you walk out and they come running after you “saying you are next” and there are 2-3 people sitting there before you waiting to get in.

  • cptdent

    Please people, THINK!! The private sector plan is saving me a boat load of cash!! I am a 65 year old Army retiree. I just went om Medicare with TFL as my part B provider. (You pay the SAME rate for Part B regardless of what plan you are on…….that’s why some people think it is free.) I now have my wife on Tricare Prime (She’s not 65 yet.)
    Now let’s take a look at what those “private sector greedy SOBs” have done to me and my wife. My TFL is now $91 and change a month, my wife”s TP is $21 and change a month, thats what,$112 +- a month? OH, those “greedy SOB’s”!! Prior to turning 65 I was covered by Blue Cross Blue Shield where I work. To cover my wife andf myself costs $570 a month for less coverage than we have under Tricare. Our meds ranged from $15 to $60 each refill. Under Tricare via a local phamacy ALL of my meds are either $5 or $12 per refill.

    • vet2007

      So I’m interested as to why you used BC/BS all those years when TRICARE was available at a reduced cost and a better perscription drug plan? Just asking

      • Jerry

        I was the same way but being a retired reservist I had to wait until age 60 to go on TRICARE for myself and my wife. We are on TRICARE Standard, which is free with some slightly reduced benefits, but still great. In 11 months I will be 65 and will go on TFL when I go on Medicare. My wife will stay on standard until she is 65.

        • mona

          prime is better check it out, it may save you tons in hospital bills if you need to go to the hospital, or get cancer…..its worth it.

    • Roger

      You may be reluctant to reply but why did you have Blue Cross when Tricare was available? You remind me of the loser that claimed household goods damage from USAA when the Gov pays for it. That raised our USAA prem.

      • Mark S

        I am not the person who wrote the post and I do not agree that Tricare should raise (I joined in the70’s and retired, and I was promised the same thing, and made under $400 a month when I came in).
        However I will tell you why he might have taken BC/BS the same reason I take my company plan, it is convenience. I pay $350 a month for coverage, because we are not allowed to go to Doctors in our area if we choose Prime, we have to drive about 50 miles, to see a doctor. Why because the Government puts a cap on how far away from a MTF they can offer prime. If they would just have Prime all over (my provider is a part of a health system, that is covered if the doctor is 50 miles south).
        So right now I can afford 2 coverage’s (I use Tricare standard to pay the things that my company plan does not pay). BTW, my company plan, we pay less for generics than Tricare (like most plans now do).
        So there is a reason for taking a company plan, but someday I will retire again, and will need Tricare as Prime (I guess I will need to move closer to a base).

        • vet2007

          Like I said, just asking, not bashing.

    • charlie

      I agree that in today’s market, Tricare is a bargin over bc bs and I have that. The point is we were to receive free medical/dental for life, and while the Government can pour Billions in to countries who hate us, they don’t honor their promise to their military retires.
      I gave 26 + years and do not regret it. what I regret is being bled dry by corrupt politicians who keep sweetening their benefits at the expense of ours.

    • MarkCrawford

      Oh god, yet another person who is clueless as to how insurance works or the impact that Obamacare has had for the last several years on premiums.

    • JohnC

      You chose to participate in TRICARE Prime. I’m 66, still working, pay a higher MEDICARE premium because of my income, but my TRICARE FOR LIFE is free. If you use the service pharmacy and get your drugs by mail I don’t understand why you are paying for our meds unless they are not on the standard formulary. Most of the rest of you are a bunch of whiners. If someone has a better option than MEDICARE, TFL and TRICARE Standard I’d like to know. Suggest you see what everybody else pays before you complain. For my civics challenged Frank Bower, the Republicans control the House, not the Senate or the Presidency, at least for a few more days.

  • HereIAm

    Bullshit. You work in DOD medical and you do not know what the problem is Tom? Then I have to call bullshit. Number 1, since I **DO** work in the medical field in DOD and have for over 20 years, let me give you the skinny. One of the biggest problems for Tricare is the recipient themselves. Retirees and some Active Duty and their dependents. There should be a small barrier to entry to take care of it. We need to reign them in. Quit picking up the phone and making an appointment for every little small thing that comes up. BUY SOME DAMN TYLENOL OUT OF YOUR POCKET. QUIT LOSING YOUR MEDICATION OR BETTER YET, WASTING AND TRYING TO GET MORE THAN YOU NEED! Yeah, I see it every day. And when did you get a promise of free health care? Did you also get the promise from the car dealer and just shake on it? Hell no, you made him put it in writing. When you heard that, if you even did, I never, and I came on board in 1989, then you are a fool. We knew that myth a long time ago that you were not going to get free health care for life. Should we pay anything? Debatable, who knows. This whole country has about lost their minds over healthcare. You do know that you cannot eat 6k calories per day right and smoke like a freight train?

    • vet1987

      You little boot camp pipsqueak. I have more time on deck plates than you have alive probably. Do your your duty if you are such a medical hot shot !! For the record, I make quarterly visits to my civilian doc for diabetes related issues and one for an annual physical. I refuse to use the “military” pharmacies partly because of prima donnas like you. And, I’d rather pay the prescription increase than to trust ANY government sponsored mail order. Get a life youngster and remember, what is now, was different then. Yes, we were promised much that is constantly eroding.

    • vet2007

      You little turd! Quit your whining and do your job. The retirees and AD who use this service are entitled to use it because they are giving there lives for this country. Seems you may have lost that little tid bit of information some where in your union break area. I will never use a military pharmacy because idiots like you work thre and I can’t stand to ask you to so something covered in your PD because all you do is whine. Maybe you should remember that the only reason you have a job is because people like me and my fellow retirees paved the way and built a hiway so that morons like you could sit under the overpass and cry about having to work.

      • Bill

        get a life, you probably screw up just because of your attitude.

    • Broken Promises

      OK HereIAm, I retired in 1989 and did receive the promise that my family and I would have free medical care for the rest of our lives. You may have never received that promise but the rest of us did in ’89 and before.

    • L Berry

      I joined the Air Force in 1963 and was Promised Free medical care for life if I stayed til retirement. I also have my “Airman’s Guide”, an official AF Publication with the same promise, written. But Congress decieded that those were “Promises”, not a “Guarantee”. So they started CHAMPUS, then TRICARE, then TRICARE for Life. Now they are raising costs, not just once at beginning of Fiscal Year, but probably twice in same year.
      Congress Challenged the DoD on TRICARE when they asked for an increase both last year and again this year because it was busting budget. They then asked to reprogram funds originilly for TRICARe, but not used. It was $700 Million last year and almost $800 million this year. They used the allocated funds number to ask for increase, then ask later to reprogram funds not used. Tricky Dicky Time.

      • L Berry,

        The Free Health Care for Life is nothing but a MYTH, but just keep saying it, and maybe Congress will pass a law that gives you that, and then another law that will fund it.

    • charlir

      Moron, we were offered the free services. The military puts themselves in harms way to protect a….les like you, so why don’t you just shut up and do your job. you live in a free country, so that the vets you now serve. JERK!

      • elfi abercro.

        this is why the militarry facilitis or hospitals need to hire ret. military people for all jobs on post people like him or her are jalouse for the military men or women but dont want to go in to serve for this shut up find yourself another job there are plenty out there you toke the job away from.

    • Barbara Jordan

      I beg your pardon! When my husband enlisted in 1952 they were promised free healthcare for life in writing!

      • Barbara Jordan,

        Nothing but a MYTH. This case was lost back in 2003. As to having it in writting, that is bullchit, in that health care isn’t part of the Inlistment or reenlistment contract.

        • Vietnam Vet

          Charles you are a ****ing idiot, and evidently an illiterate one too! I too have an official USAF publication guaranteeing free healthcare for life after 20 years of service! The case was lost in Congress because the ****ing backstabbing congressmen claimed that the USAF had no authority to promise that, only Congress could approve it, therefore the WRITTEN promise from the USAF was not valid! In other words, they lied on paper!! So please STFU about that which you know nothing!!

          • Vietnam Vet,

            LMAO, ok, keep telling yourself you have free health care for life.

        • Hawaiiduffer

          Sorry Chuck, you can’t undo what has already been contracted by a wave of a magic wand or a judges gavel. Those contracted agreements were made and are not MYTH’s.

          • Hawaiiduffer,

            Roger that, so how is your thoughts of free health care for life doing for you now.

    • Bess Weber

      We were promised free health care for life if my husband stayed 20 or more years, he stayed 22 years and worked 44 years in those 22 years, also we have taken great care of our health so as not to need much care during these years on the flight line. but now in our 80s we have had to use it because my husband lost his bladder to cancer caused by being exposed to chemicals (can I say solvents and fuels). I do not understand where you come with your stupid judgements,

    • Joseph J Like

      I signed up in 74 and yes I was told medical for life if I servered 20 years or more. I servered 21. During the Clinton years retieriees sued the government over this and were winning in every court. Of course the government was appealed and it was going to the Surprem Court. Before the government lost yet another appeal, Clinton offered the us TriCare just like active duty, if we would settle out of court. We did.

      The government has a right to change the terms of a contract and we have the right to ether accept or reject. But after one party has paid the price, and the other has accepted, then the contract needs to be fullfilled. the goverment can change the bentifites of future Retirees, but not those who have already full filled their end of the deal.

      Now, I agree, Retirees should continue to hold up their end by not waisting meds. Or going to the doctor for every little cut. I was born on an AFB and had military health care all my life. I never once lost a prescription, nor wasted a prescription. Nor even went to the doctor except when I really needed to.

    • Gary Braden

      May you get only the benefits that you have in writing but make sure and check the fine print. When we came in during Viet Nam era and through the 70;s recruiting posters and the B.S. recruiters all talked about those benefits. Long before 1989 they had started changing their tune. I would like to think that the examples you give are a minority as most of us don’t pick up every thing we need on the government dime or at least those I know. Only prescription

    • Mark Crawford

      Oh good grief, If you came aboard in 89 then it is clear why you are unable to comprehend what others are writing. If you are going to post, try posting intelligently without shouting.

    • Mghea

      I was promised free heath care for life as long as i spent 20 years or more since 1975 by the recuiter that i signed on too, they just lied to us, and you just dont know what the hell you are talking about.

    • kenre

      Dear HereIAm, you really do need to back up about twenty years as we WERE promised free medical care for life -no dental or eye care – just medical. For the Rest of YOU, listen up – I have TFL w/Medicare Part A&B and my wife TP. She uses military system for doctoring; I use civilian docs who accept TFL. We both use the military pharmacy AT NO OUT OF POCKET COST.

      • SFCHurley

        Kenre, most of what you say is clear, BUT, in some areas of the country TP is just plain not available and military bases are hundreds of miles away. I, for example, live in the SE corner of Kansas. I could only get TS here and do have to pay co-pay. Most of my prescriptions I get from the VA and there is no cost for that. For other scripts locally I can use Express Scripts and have them mailed to me at a smaller co-pay than locally. Facts are facts and it is NOT the free health care for life we were promised. BTW I was active duty Infantry from 68-91. In Feb I will receive Medicare and be shifted to TFL but my wife will remain on TS until the age of 65.

    • kenre

      So individuals who say they are paying hundreds of dollars for medicine did not do their homework, or pay attention to their Tricare Counselor, so that they know what they are entitled to. Oh and by the way HereIAm, I have yet to find a military installation that has an “Urgent Care” facility open to family members, so what’s the recourse, emergency room, make an appointment with the house doctor, maybe get a referral to a civilian doctor? I work in a hospital and see as many a dozen or so active duty family members come through our doors with urgent care pediatric needs because the military base just 12 miles down the road can’t handle the pediatric load and does not have an urgent care facility. Oh yes and another by the way – I have been using TFL for two years and Tricare has paid just $186 above what Medicare paid out for my surgery and another $102 for military pharmacy use for a grand total of $288 whereas Medicare paid $34,816 for the surgery and $6,332 for pharmacy – my out of pocket expense NOTHING

    • MedPro

      I have my original contract and it states that if I serve 20 years I would receive free medical, that is not a promise but a contract. So you have worked for the DOD over 20 years in a medical field? Maybe you should try working somewhere else because compasion is not your forte. Oh I forgot you probably are a GS-4 or 5 and in the union and you aren’t getting enough twitter time. Another prime reason why our medical costs have gone up with having to keep useless pieces of feces in our medical system because we can’t fire you for not doing your job.

    • Scott

      Let me tell you something, Mr “HereIAm”….I enlisted in 1980 and the STANDARD recruiting line was “if you stay in for at least 20 years, you and your spouse (if married) WILL RECEIVE FREE HEALTHCARE FOR LIFE!!!”

      Naive? Yes…looking back I certainly was…but I was 19 at the time and I actually believed (dopey me) that the government KEPT its promises. Fortunately for me….I am 60% service-connected disabled, so the VA provides FREE healthcare for me, along with prescriptions…however long that may last. Unfortunately, my wife can’t be seen there, so we still have the Tricare expenses/deductibles/cost-shares, etc. WHO THE HELL ARE YOU to question what we were promised?

    • dontgothere

      how about this PULL YOUR HEAD OUT OF THAT REALLY DARK TIGHT SMELLY PLACE. as for WHEN we got that promise? EVERY TIME WE SIGNED ON THAT DOTTED LINE IT WAS REITERATED. and YOU are an idiot if you expect ANY of us to believe that YOUR recruiter didn’t tell you stuff that wasn’t exadtly truthful when you SUPPOSEDLY came on board. or was that as a SILLYVILAN????

    • Rich

      Have you ever been Active Duty or Guard or Reserve? If not…SHUT UP about it.

    • Scotty Sparks

      1989? Maybe you weren’t told about lifetime free medical but I enlisted in 1973 and I most assuredly was told I would receive BOTH medical and dental benefits free for life upon retiring after 20 years minimum of service. Can easily be easily verified with some due diligence.

      vverifiedresearched with some due

    • Graywolf

      I enlisted in 1958 and resent your comments on our health. Why not try adding in a little stress, pay of $78.00 a month, moves within 48 hrs of notive of PCS, the loss of friends in a war the democrats fought from Washington that even a green 2 Lt could have done a better job, and now an anti-military president. I really got rich in 1962 when I was made a 2 Lt and was paid $405.00 per month. We were promised free medical care and a dishonest government wants to do away with it to give to dead beats, illegals, and building mosques in Muslim countries.

    • SFCJimbo

      You freaking little ********. I was promised free medical, dental, and optical for life when I enlisted in ’76. So were many others. It was robbed from us by a malevolent Con-gress, and idiots like you, HereIam.

    • Phixer

      You are an idiot. I joined in 1970 and retired in 1992 and was promised free medical for life for me and my wife. And yes I use Naval Hospital for my medical needs and sick of hearing how it is to expensive for our government to provide what was/is promised. How about politicians paying for their free medical or all the deadbeats on welfare/medicade who won’t work.

    • Harley Chic

      Exactly… A lot of good getting it in writing did us… even in 1986.

      This guy is a moron… and I hope he isn’t working in any DOD medical facility that I ever have to visit! True… some abuse the privilege.. just like the patient we had when I worked in an ER (administrative) and she called a freakin ambulance for what she reported as being “period cramps” and requested MIDOL!! Her explanation was that if she called the ambulance, ER visit was covered, and her Midol would be free. This however was not a military Tricare patient…. it was one of the many sitting home, not working, and collecting welfare and letting Medicaid pay for their medical.

      And if a Vet wants an extra bottle of tylenol after serving the country for 25 years… shut the hell up and give it to the man. it wouldn’t hurt to shake his hand and THANK HIM for his service while you’re at it.

    • Stephen

      Medical Career field, while I do agree with you to a point, you have some mis-communication going on, my recruiter when I joined promised the same thing and it was printed in the brochures, free medical for life and back then when men were men and promises were promises, it didn’t have to be in writing, that handshake saying welcome to the military was all that was required. It was a well known fact that free medical for life was being spoken and promoted. They of course saw their folly and quit using it back in the early 80s. I agree that kids with colds or even adults don’t need an E/R and waste dollars because their idiots and lazy. I’m not sorry when I say this, but just because you didn’t hear it or see it doesn’t’ make it less real, it justmakes you nieve. I don’t care about paying for my medical, it supports my country one more time after retirement, but don’t keep make the retirees the source of cuts when there are other avenues. Have a nice day.

    • Roy

      You just need to do your damn job and quit complaining. Its your duty to answer the phone everytime it rings especially if its a VET or an Active Duty member. Its because of them that you even have a job. Who gives a damn about how many years you have in the DOD system. I surely don’t care. I would love to have a conversation with non-caring insensitive self. Remember, some of these people you are eluding too have needs as well and some of them may have Mental needs that need to me addressed and just because you work for the DOD who gives you the professional judgement to judge every case? I say if you want to complain about your job and our Servicemembers current and past, then leave you job and Move to another country because you sound just like a communist Jane Fonda selfrighteous pig.

    • Luis

      You may work in the “MEDICAL FIELD” and came on board in 1989 but let me tell you someting. Whe I can on board you weren’t even born. I’m a Viet-Nam Vet and yes WE WERE PROMISED “FREE MEDICAL FOR LIFE”. Before you young folks make comments remember that there were some of us that have been around a little longer then you. I retired with 27 years in 1996. Make sure you have the FACTS .

    • top dog

      You should have been a cattle herder, you have no business in the Medical field with that attitude. It’s people like you thats the problem.

    • Todd

      In 1995 there was a change in TITLE 10, Subtitle A, PART II, CHAPTER 55, Section. 1074, (b)….. They change the words from shall receive care from a military facility to may receive care from a military facility upon availability. They changed the wording in 1995. So they have been continue to tell the same thing even though congress had made the change. It would almost be that a lawsuit would have to be filled against the branches for the lying concerning USC 10 and retirement benefits listed there in.

    • Tired 2

      All your points are right on the money. I work the EMS field in a city and it is rampant all over the health care system, people do the same thing all over. Run to the ER or call an ambulance for the flu or a simple stomach ache. Also I entered in 1987 and they did say you would receive free health care for life after you retired. When you are young you don’t really think about, how long can they afford to pay for my health care like that, it doesn’t make one a fool. I started on active duty and left and finish my career with the ANG. It was great that Tricare came up a Retired Reserve plan for gray area reirees but it is way to expensive. I have been keeping an eye things hoping they may have a change but I am not holding my breath. I have health care in the private sector and it’s not the best but a little better than TRR and I don’t have much of a choice of who I can see. We should just be lucky we have something and hope and pray things get better, but until some people just GO BUY SOME TYLENOL AND QUIT WASTING OFFICE TIME AND GET OF THE COUCH AND EXERCISE. Thing’s won’t get better.

    • Dave

      Actually Mr. HereIAm when I entered the military in 1984 FREE healthcare for life was a selling point to recruit members for the All Volunteer Force. I am agreement with you in that people need to take personal responsibility for their health and accomadate that with a healthy life style. Stop smoking, drinking and get your behind off the couch.

    • jayvanderford

      Having followed this very closely I have to disagree, as a retired 1SG I truly understand what Romney is talking about and think wholeheartedly he should have kept his mouth shut, imagine saying you can cut taxes by 5 trillion dollars and still pay the deficit down by closing tax loopholes, that’s going to cost him the rich voter, they know that he is the one that understands where those loopholes are that benefit the upper class, the current leader has not the experience nor the inclination to get it done.

    • jayvanderford

      You are certainly not cut of the cloth that should say you are Military, if you are in the health care system then you are there because you care about America warriors, insuring their needs are met when they can no longer take care of the weak that sit at home and complain about the wars others are in and endure, you want to be there to take care of their families, provide that pat on the shoulder and a Tylenol to the woman who’s husband is deployed to a not so friendly environment, oh, and put a band-aid on little Johnny’s knee because daddy or mommy is not home to do so. It sounds like you are one of the many that I encountered over my years of service, and simply put, seek another means of employment that will provide you happiness, this is not for you, nor do we need folks like you. The thing with the Military is, you are either in it to win it, or your not, its a way of life, so no matter how long you serve you will never be one of us, cheers.

    • J. Collins

      By 1989, the government stopped giving that promise. However, you don’t know what you are writing about since you entered after the time when this government did indeed give all of us this promise. In fact, retirees sued on these grounds. You can look it up on the net. The justices agreed that the government should provide the care. However, since this government is clever enough to put nothing of this sort in writing, the court could not order it to keep its promise. You mention the poor health habits of some and the abuse of the system by others. Yes, there are a few just as there are those with private health care who abuse it. The majority of us use it only when neede and take care of ourselves. Thank you for your servce. Please appreciate the 20 to 30 years that we gave this country to earn our health care.

    • Laura W.

      I can understand the increase. We see it in everything. My question is…what about those retirees that only see a doctor once or twice a year for physicals and are basically healthy all the rest of the year. I agree with the person who stated that people who serve in the government as senators and representatives should have to pay for their own health insurance once they leave office. They are nobody special. They are only people like us once out of office. That is where a lot of the spending of government funds can be cut. We have to pay for ours so why shouldn’t they have to pay for theirs.

    • Roger

      And Im sure you are in favor of death pannels too. Meathead

    • Roger

      For someone who claims to be in the medical field you dont seem to be very knowledgeable. Little things like a cough or slight fever can sometimes be the sign of something much more serious not checking it out is the wrong thing to do for the person involved and the system in general. I have COPD and a common cold could kill me.

    • barbara

      My husband came in the Army in 1961- He was promised healthcare for life if he stayed at least 20 years. It was part of the pay he did not get when he came in. he stayed for 24- His total pay at the time he came in was $105.00 and that was including a allotment for me. The pay never went up to a decent pay until 3 years before he retired. but it was a promise.We finally got the promise fulfilled when we were eligible to buy into medicare. We each pay $99. a month for that. We go to the Dr. when we need to once a year- if we need to at other times and get our medication through the mail.

    • George Moore

      Listen you Obama lover, when the exPresidents, Congressmen, Sentors get there medial and retirement after six years. I spent 22 years signed a contact, was told free medical for the rest of life. When them A**Holes give up some of there retirement and benfits. Maybe you need the Yylenol shoved up your damn a**, You don’t know what people can afford, you only have a job because of us, if you don’t like it go work out in town!!!!!!!!

    • ordoatlrg

      HereIam and there you go. Right out the door…please and leave military/DoD health care to those WHO CARE AND SERVED. There’s a good movie line you should become familiar with……”ever put your life on the line for someone, asked them to put there life on the line for you?” You have no clue what those words mean. I did my 24 yrs, and yes was promised only to be let down by a system that can’t govern itself because of special interests and people like you slopping in the public trough. Have a nice life in narcissism world.

    • Retired AF

      You are part of the problem working in thr health care field, too much fat, too much overhead. Ever time I visit a medical facility I see lots of people and very little productivity. Start working harder and we can make a difference and maybe cure so problems.that our veterans have. Our nation trully owes that to them.

    • retired1993

      Since you came on board in 1989 you don’t know what you are talking about. Joined the Army in 1973 and 100% it was everywhere that if you did 20 years you had free medical and dental care for you and your spouse for LIFE. That’s right it was for LIFE. All lies to get you to join during the Vietnam era.

    • SoCalNifty50

      I also work as a DOD/VA GS-9 at a joint VA/Active Duty Hospital…many retirees call and demand to be seen even if they are not physically sick, sometimes just to be seen for something they feel might be wrong.
      Our facility has expanded our well visits out 6 months from the average of 3 months and we got lots of complaints.
      With all the returning Vets from Middle East our Doc’s are strapped by time limits to see them especially Service Connected with Truamatic Injuries.
      Many Vietnam era and non-service connected Vets feel if they do not visit regulary their spaces will be given to newer Vets….alot of paranoia comes from certain Retirees spreading false rumors about losing heaithcare for Vietnam era and non-Service Connected vets.

  • Bob

    Seems my Army recruiter lied in 1976 when he said the Army would take care me and my family for life, if, I gave Uncle Sam twenty years of my life. I gave him 22 years, and found him to be a liar. Shame on all of you for lying to so many, that gave so much, including ten good friends who now are six feet under the ground. Freedom, is not Free. Shame on you all for not honoring a contract.

    • Opcola


    • RVN11B

      I enlisted in 1970. I also got the same information while I signed the papers. Retired 1970 and saw the BS starting.

      So whatever your problem is Mr/Ms DOD Medical person, perhaps you should get your head out of your hip pocket and apologize to us for your insulting and boorish statements.

      • RVN11B

        Sorry got so ticked off I entered the wrong year. Make that I retired in 1990!

    • Tim Rider

      That is nonsense Bob. A lie is when you know what you are saying is not true. I am sure your recruiter believed what he told you. In fact I bet he is now retired and in the same boat as the rest of us. Some people just use the term “lied and/or liar” much to loosely.

    • Bruce Barry

      I agree, when I joined in July 1968, all you needed to do was “last till retirement.” There are posters stating this fact. Once the government lies, all bets are off.

    • Eli

      I too enlisted in 1976 and retired in 1999. I was told the same BULL regardiang free medical care after retiring. My wife has a kidney desease so she’s on Tri Care for life but when she was on dialysis, Tri Care switch her to medicare and designated themselves as the secondary HMO. I had to pay premiums for both medicare and Tri Care while she was on dialysis and until she received and then recovered from a kidney transplant three years later. To make matters worse, I also had to pay the co-pays after every doctor’s follow-up visits!

    • bill

      sorry buddy, the recruiter did not lie, he spoke what he, like all else thought bto be true ( i was a recruiter) I suffer the same as you, it is the people you vote into office that change as the wind blows get pissed at them and vote them out( all of them if they have served 2 or more terms) wise up

    • Les

      Bob I was a recruiter. They lied to us too. At least they didn’t make a liar out of you,

    • Dan Walters

      In fact, you are correct … but, MEDICAL (TRICARE) benefits are governed and controlled by politicians (damn them), and we retirees have to choice in the matter. Thankfully, my wife and I are on TRICARE For Life. I couldn’t afford to pay for it … we are strictly on a fixed income (69 years old).
      Dan Walters
      Cibolo, Texas

    • Doug

      When a politician speaks he is lying. Its the same with SS. Both of the presidential candidates are lying their butts off right now. I guarantee you as soon as this race is decided all of a sudden everyone will learn the truth on what it is going to cost. You are paying $99 a month for medicare but after Nov6 you will be having a heart attack when you find out that in 2014 it is going to cost you in excess of $250 a month. Tricare is headed the same direction.

    • Scotty Sparks

      I concur…

    • Rick Johnson

      It just goes to prove that the federal government fails to realize that if it were not for the military there would be no need for anyone to do the jobs that our elected officials hold today. The fact that the promises that they made to us over the years means not a damned thing to them. They are on a pedistal protected from what they hand out to the rest of America. 23 years in the navy with multiple tours in Viet Nam and we don’t even get the benifits of 100% medical coverage that I am sure a lot of us stayed in the military to get.

  • Stew

    What? They assume an increase and adjust the fee based on that, but they cannot assume an increase and give a COLA? What a double standard. Oh, and as for making appointments for all little things, we used to go to a walk in clinic for that….but it went away. Not all of us make appointments for every little thing. I was sick for 6 weeks, trying different OTC meds to remedy the effects of what I thought was a cold, before I made an appointment. Not all of us make appointments that way.

  • Stew

    Oh….and don’t even bring up “but in the civilian world…” Hello, WE are not ordinary civilians. WE gave up something to support and defend our country, some gave more.

    • mikes351

      I agree Stew we did give up a lot but now we are ordinary civilians and are treated as such.

  • Jeff

    cptdent If your a Military Retiree, why did you elect to have Blue Cross when Tricare was available? Doesnt add up.

    • Dan

      Jeff, I’m a Navy retiree (’95), I was promised free medical for life if I stayed at least 20 years. In the last few years, even the degraded benefits changed. If i had gone to work for a company that offered medical benefits, TriCare rules state that said company’s med benefits must pay for my medical before TriCare can be used. I’m self employed, so I use the VA for me (50% disability), and TriCare for my wife, as her company’s medical benefits are not a condition of employment (as they are at some mega corporations). I think I understand why cptdent made the statement of having Blue Cross/Blue Shield.

      • John

        Dan – you should be able to waive your civ employer’s health plan and just use Tricare and Tricare only. I’ve been doing that for 13 years in my civ job and they pay me $50 a month to waive it. But I do get my co.’s dental plan though. it’s 1/3 the price of Tricare retiree dental and better coverage

    • jerry

      Lean Forward He’s Not Done With You Yet………..Vote Mitt 2012

  • Frank A Bowers

    Just for the ones who don’t realize it now, the republicans control the legislature and there fore if there is an increase you, the republicans, will have to except the facts; the republicans wish to hang you out to dry.
    You Neo-Cons will be blaming our president, just wait.
    Frank Bowers, FIC, 100% DAV; Class of 1937; Austin, TX

    • L Berry

      Yes, the GOP took back control of the US House of Representaticves in 2010. But Democrats still control the Senate as well as President. But the real issue here is DoD. Controlled by Obama’s hand picked General’s who are yes men to him. He has replaced almost all of the Joint Chiefs. So when they came to Congress to ask for increased funding for TRICARE, they lied and used Allocated Funds numbers to justify increase, then turned around and ask for reprogramming of almost $800 million out of TRICARE into other spending programs. It’s all smoke and mirrors and we are the victims.

      • Jim Morin

        Asusual D’s spouting a lot Coolaid. First the Ds are in control not the R’s, even when the R have they dont have the balls to do what is needed and most of the problems we have are because they R’s compromise and do what the D’s want. Most if not all the problems stem from “progressive Bull.” Prescription Drugs is an example the D’s eanted it the R’s said ok but didnt pay for it. All of them Rs & D’s are liers.

    • Donald Luth

      Also please don’t forget that it was a Democratic President (Clinton) that found out he could balance the budget by finally having the retirees (and active duty) pay for something that was promised in writing (read your blue jacket manual for Navy). The Supreme court backed him up, but at the same time told congress that they should be ashamed of what they did.

    • jhkpsmith

      The Dems control the Senate last time I looked. That’s why there has been no budget for 3 years.

    • Ken

      No, the Republicans control the House of Representatives. The Democrats control the Senate and the White House.

      And need I offer a reminder that, in 1994, it was William Perry who kicked military retirees out of military hospitals and dental clinics, and that Perry was SecDef under Bill Clinton?

    • Jeanette

      Republicans only control the house – Reid & democrats control the Senate and are the ones who have blocked all proposed budgets!!! Furthermore, reps only gained control of the House in 2011

      • Dennis

        The reps controlled the house from 1994 to 2006 and won it back in 2010 taking office in 2011 .

    • Tim Rider

      The Republicans control the legislature??? I guess Harry Reid is a Republican!!!! The Demos have controlled the Senate for quite a few years. That is why the Senate has not passed a budget in over 1000 days. Get it together Frank.

    • Larryd

      At a 70% DAV, I feel my brain still works. I guess you have lost yours in that 30%. Where is your thinking? It not the Republicans, who only have on third the prower in DC, but mostly the appointed ones in the Defense Department and others in government. 3 years ago I, along with many others could see what was being suggested, by appointed civilians, led by a PHD female who had never done anything for her country say, we were not paying for and should pay our fair share for medical care. The president has been quoted as saying, because we are a VOLAR Military, we should pay. So wake up man.

    • Gary

      And Frank, who is it that controls the Senate and the White House. You cannot honestly believe the democrats care about the military (other than your uninformed vote)? Have you ever considered buy a bridge? I am sure I can find one for you.

    • Bess Weber

      Those increases are under the obummer administration and he and the dems with the obummer care is the reason, they are going to force us to be on the obummer plan and due to our advanced age we will be denied care except for life ending counseling
      So shut up idiot and check out your info if you have the brains to do it

      • Bess

        The above is for Jeanette above

    • Mark Crawford

      Oh god, yet another shining example of someone who has no clue. Frank, try getting a constitutional and political education before posting nonsense that illustrates just how little you do know. But hurry, your clock is ticking and you will be one of the first to discover how much your treatments will be limited come 2014.

    • Frank Papasavas

      The reason the fees are going up is because of Obama care. Our President is screwing the military. He is the worst President in the history of the Republic. You wanted socialized medicine, your going to get a good taste of it, if we are stupid enough to elect this crook to another 4 years.

    • PHIL P

      The Republicans DO NOT Control the legislature! The Democrats control the Senate and they have blocked every attempt the House has make will attempting to get spending under control. Harry Reid has prevented almost all legislation to even be voted upon. The Senate has not proposed a buget in over four years. VOTE AGAINST MOST DEMOCRATS!

    • Omar B.

      You are nuts Frank. this president had a Democratic Congress for two years and he still did nothing. It’s not the Repuclican’s. They have been saying this past year that Medicare, Healthcare, co-pays, doctors and it goes on and on. If this president is re-elected everything is going to skyrocket. I won’t fall any harder than you will. Get real and vote for Romney. Obaml doesn’t give a flip about you and me. He justs wants to get elected.

      • Valencia

        Oh and romney does give flip? Not if you’re a woman. Or middle income or military (i.s. canon fodder volunteers that is too good for his precious sons to serve). Get a clue these moron politicians (D and R) only care about themselves and power. Except that now some (but not all) Rs are proposing reduced rights for women.

    • mona

      r u nuts frank, don’t you watch tv or at least the other channels. 16 trillion in debt, 23 million our of work, a war in Afghanistan…..his a traitor and should be treated as such he took the same oath we did, and he is not protecting us at all.
      well what i want to frank if GOD FORBID obozo gets re-elected again, who will he blame the debt on this time…….hilary????
      his a traitor frank get y our facts straight.

    • Dan Crockett

      Frankly, your facts are in the basment of logic. It has been for years still no budget. Fact 716 Billion is going to be removed to support OB care. Fact firat two years of OB Dems had all three branches. I see, in my feelings. If it can not be solved then lets blame someone else for our failure.
      It was said: ” A man is not a failure until he blames others for his own.”

    • WAB

      The Republicans only control the House. The Senate is controlled by the Democrats. Harry Reid and his cronies will not let legitimate bills from the Republican controlled house come up for a vote. Therefore nothing gets done. Some of the bills would get passed by the full Senate if they were just on the floor.

    • CWalters

      It is Obama Administration, specifically Panetta and his predecessor Gates who are pushing higher fees for TRICARE! That means Obama is pressing for it. They are DEMOCRATS and anti-military people. MOAA proved that they lied to Congress saying that TRICARE is breaking the bank when in fact there was an excess of funds remaining in TRICARE pot. People need to wake up and realize this President is NOT our friend. If he was, he would have squelched Panetta’s DOD budget input re: Tricare fees. How will Romeny/Ryan work out? Don’t know, but can’t be any worse!

      • Valencia

        Wrong. “W” started the recent push (with Gates) to increase Tricare fees….its mostly the Pentagon that leave us high and dry. We’ve been sold out by the brass…not the first time, eh?? they need new toys and promotions, not to take care of those that have alreaday served (except themselves of course). Get real.

    • Maryann

      Maybe we should have people running to be a leader of our country (democrate or republican) should be a soldier first so they can appreciate the necessities of our country that men and women have to do to support the US to allow these so called leaders to be in the position they are in.
      I get so tired of hearing about both sides and the politicians have to spend all this money that we could put towards the national budget instead of prading around on how great they are or what they will promise if they get in.

    • NKostuck

      Frank—are you Obama’s parrot; please quit talking nonsense. You are very ill-informed as several people on this post have proven and all the DISLIKES indicate.

    • John

      Sorry but you sound just like a plant from Obama country. Since when did Obanma start heeding to the House? He’s bypassed congress and issued his “executive privildige. He, Obama, has a lot to be blamed for you parrot!

    • Air Force Retired

      Do your homework. Obama wanted all the military to have obamacare and monthly payments deducted from your checks because you Volunteered to join and Volunteered to go to war. Obama actually was surprised at the backlash this caused and called everyone that complained “whiners”. THIS is your Democrat in charge!

    • Robert

      I might be mistaken, last time I checked, the Democrats control the Senate. Please get ur facts straight before posting erroneous comments. Erroneous comments are why this country is in such bad shape. Even with a modest increase, Tricare is drastically cheaper than any other insurance.
      Robert Hutchins, USN/RET

    • Candy

      Last time I looked the Democrats controlled the Senate and we had a Democratic President who doesn’t control much. But let’s blame it on the Republicans like the Democrats always do.
      A promise made should have been kept to the veterans who fight and die for this country.

    • gramps

      why do you screwed up hard core bums, repuke or demo crats have to make everything political, it is both parties that screw w/ the military cause they can ( political parties is for the ofiice hoders and not the general population, you supposed to vote the best person not the party ) this is why this country is no longer great (still the best) but not gr8 because of stupidity like yours

    • R. Sales

      Frank just a note for you. The Republicans have the majority in the House of Representives. The Demorcats control the Senate and the oval office and therefore they control the control this country how else could the country go for 3 years with out a budget being passed or even voted on. The house has sent 3 budgets to the Senate and not one has been voted on by the Democratic Senate. The President has sent his budgets to congress and has not had a single vote by Republicans or Democrats. So you might think again who is hanging the country out to dry.

    • Recon1969

      Is being brain dead part of your 100%? Oh bye the way your 100% doesn’t impress me in the least there’s a lot of us rated at 100%. Want a cookie?

      Marine Recon

    • SFCJimbo

      Frank – You’re an idiot, but then again, so is everyone else in Austin. Fortunately for the rest of us, your boy, Bill White wasn’t considered as being worth a vote. BTW – The Dems control the Senate and the poor excuse for a pResident is a Dem.

    • Rob Moren

      That really is a load of Bull Buddy! It’s going to cost a hell of a lot more if Obama gets re-elected.

    • Mark

      You must be kidding. Republicans control the House only. Your Democrat Senate hasn’t passed a budget in years. The increase is controlled by DoD. They control their budget – they decide what is paid for and what is not paid for. Same for any service under DoD. You never hear the debates within the service about cutting CDC, mess halls or libraries – but those discussion take place. Quit trying to politicize our health care issues by blaming republicans. DoD works for the President.

  • Fajardo falcon

    FREE… Who said that? Nothing is free.
    So wake up, We retiree’s paid for everthing while serving our country.
    still have to paid and will pay. Get it in to your head, nothing is free.

    • Frank

      The Govt said that. They said free to all of us during the viet nam era.
      You can beleive I am awake and I am seeing the broken promises. If you were not promised that or to dense to respect those that were promised that then you should keep your trap shut!
      I’m 62 years old and between the medical, schooling and several other broken promises I wonder where it all will end. I did 22 yrs myself!


    For the younger members who wonder what all the fuss is about I offer the following brief summary:

    There were decades when active duty pay was not a living wage, there was no TRICARE (only Champus), COLA and increases were seldom and the exception. Members were told then by Congress and their service that if they stayed to retirement that this would be corrected by free medical care for life, commissary and other benefits. We were never told we would be forced onto Medicare at our own expense. The supposed free medical, etc., pay tomorrow for your reenlistment and loyalty today, was called deferred pay.

    So today when one thinks of any TRICARE premium, Medicare premium, fee increases, etc., they are all just one more broken promise to those of us that served in the 80s and before. For many who made less than $500 a month, before taxes as a Sgt. (E5) when housing wasn’t available in many high cost areas, housing allowances were standard for everyone and we were forced to live a dozen or more miles from our base, etc., the promise of deferred compensation and loyalty meant something. While we don’t think one can ver be overpaid for turning over ones life to control by a political system, especially during war time, these premiums, fees, increases are a bitter pill to swallow for those who today receive ever degrading benefits and retirement lower for a career of service than half their pay grade. Although most of us didn’t stay solely for the promises made, we did expect them to be kept.

    • RVN11B

      An OUTSTANDING post! Right on target!

    • Barbara Jordan

      Excellent post. When my husband joined in 1952 the pay was $76. a month. When he retired 20 yrs later as a MSG E-8 the pay was &799. a month.And, those who joined before 1955 were promised free lifetime medical care for themselves & their spouses. The only reason we have Tricare for Life now is because of the lawsuit filed by those who joined before 1955. The current military with their high salaries cannot imagine what it was like for the military back in the 50s-70s.

    • bubble head

      You are absolutely correct. The promise of free health care for my family and I was something that young men and women of the mid 70’s look at as a way to protect our family. And correct again I didn’t stay for the promises, I stayed because I believed in what I was doing and wanted to make a career out of a passion.

    • Gary Braden

      Here Here….. so many don’t realize what it was like to try and raise a family on a few hundred dollars a month. Now when you go in a commissary you see Sergeants’ wives shopping with food stamps that they take out from their designer purses and then take the bags out to their new car. We all were told we had life time health & dental care. Dental care has gone the way of the dinosaurs and I hear that if you live in the states you have little chance of being seen at a military clinic and are stuck using TRICARE if your can find a doctor that will take you.

    • Jerry

      I keep an old SS statement to show my son and others and show him that my first full year in the military (1969) I made $1,432.00. That was for the whole year. I agree with others that we were promised life long free medical upon retirement yet they are trying, and succeeding, to rob us of that. I call it breach of promise and a slap in the face. I gave them 23 years without regret the least they can do is honor their promise. I see my benefits go overseas to terroristic states and those who hate us and it really burns me up.

    • Bess Weber

      Brass I can vouch for that and I can say we lived under the poverty line for the first 10 years of his service with 3 children and no commissary,hospital nor BX during that time ,had to get medical treatment from civilian Drs and hospitals for which we were not reimbursed.

    • vet2007

      BRASS, very good anaolgy and explanation, I, like you, heard the same deferred compensation speech and took the bait. 22 years later, when I retired, I was cut loose and of course told that since I reenlisted several times that the gov’t was no longer required to honor my original contract. This, as they explained, was because each time I signed a new reenlistment document, I signed up under a “new” contract. If that is the case then all I ask them to do is abide by the last contract that I signed; nothing more, nothing less, just abide by my current contract and leave me and my family alone.

    • CWalters

      Right on target. I started with a base pay of $78/month – $26 every two weeks after taxes (yep we paid taxes on that small amount!). Vietnam came around, promotions happened, and when I left 4 years later, I was up to $241/month with a new spouse. After college & commission; pay was about $550/month. 1981 changed pay increase was most appreciated that changed the financial picture of all military substantially. During all of this pay history, free medical for life was touted as a reason to re-enlist and stay on active duty. Besides enjoying the military, that was put in my equation and resulted in 27 years. Now they want to take it back. Effect will be poor retention and AGAIN a hollow military force (I say AGAIN – Redux was a failure that affected retention). Semper Fi.

      • CWalters

        As noted in James – my LES showed a dollar value for our medical benefit – tangible imbursement. For a while, there was talk in Congress to tax us on those benefits. Senator John Tower led the charge against it – he was also the guy that got us the pay raise in 1981.

    • jorge robert

      In addition if we pay into Tri-Care THEN Congress and the DoD should NOT reprogram funds out of Tri-Care to cover “Other Operating Expenses” of the Uniformed Services like they did in Fiscal Year 2012

    • vmk

      Well this tells the best story…This is really how it was..I am thankful our cost are not more. But of all the comments here…this is one the explans it the best.

    • bill

      I agree w/most all things gr8 job

  • Clivv

    Democrats and Republicans have one thing in come with Jessy James. He robbed trains and banks because that is where the money was. ( I think Dillinger was the one who said it). Nonetheless, they go after retirees because they have your money in their greedy hands. That way they can give billions to people who basically hate us. No more tribute to tyrants and terrorist!

  • Survivor

    What bothers me, in addition to the way our military is treated is the fact “they” don’t care about the women. I am a breast cancer survivor with lymphodema in both arms. Tricare doesn’t even cover lymphodema compression sleeves!
    I am fortunate my husband and I can afford the sleeves, but there are so many women who can’t.
    This is so wrong!!!!

  • mikes351

    Tricare Prime is an inexpensive insurance when compared to others insurances. It has taken care of several costly procedures with little or no cost to my wife and I. Personally, if it increases for the coverage we get I can live with that. I realize that many of us were told ‘stories’ by our recruiters but the facts are that life costs. We have good doctors and are treated quickly so no complaints here. I don’t expect to be taken care of without a cost associated. This has nothing to do with either being a Democrat or Republican just a fact of life. Seems to me that those that cry the loudest are the ones with their hands out expecting something, no demanding something for nothing! Get real and face the facts of living in a society such as ours. Just my 2 cents worth!

    • Glenn

      Mike351,I agree with you. The Tricare Prime is an excellent system and very inexpensive compared to civilian counterparts. I currently am working a full time job and my co-workers are paying in excess of $400 per month for family coverage and that only covers about 80% of their medical bills, not to include meds. However, my concern is going to be my cost when I finally retire. Tough it will still probably be less then my civilian counter parts, am I going to be able to maintain my standard of living on a fixed income. What I understand, is I have to add the new amounts congress is going to raise my Tricare for Life cost and require me to add Medicare for an additional payment of some $200 for my wife and myself per month. So it appears I go from $500+ a year to $2400. a year for the same coverage I currently have without an increase but a decrease in my earnings. Does it seem right to add more payments on top of those that will no longer be able to maintain the same standard of living because the system has now decided it should cost more without increasing my retirement pay to help defray the additional costs?

    • Herman Nelson

      I don’t about you Mike, but I feel we have “paid” for tricare by the low pay we’ve received over the years, the crappy quarters and barracks, and bearing the burdens that a civilian would never tolerate.

      Tricare all goes back to the democrats and particularly to the clintons. I remember the briefings we were required to attend to find out how much (or how little) DOD was going to provide for families and how those who jumped on the tricare for life bandwagon didn’t realize they were going to get screwed yet again when they turned 65. Those of you on prime now and convert over to life upon retiring will get a reality check when you hit 65. Suddenly medicare is your primary provider, tricare is second. Military hospitals do not have the obligation to serve you after 65, but most do. this is only as a common courtesy which can be revoked at anytime. The list of doctors that accept medicare is very short, keep that in mind.

  • Navy23

    They (those who are them) are aligning the military with the civilian sector. Eventually retired military (which I am, served 23 years and 7 months in the Navy) will pay as much as someone who hasn’t been in the military. Our government targets us because we have a steady income every month – and eventually – we won’t have anything. I really enjoyed last year when federal taxes went up $300.00 and there was absolutely no mention of federal tax increases like this – the only way I noticed it was I got notification from DFAS in January of the increase. Can’t wait for all of the final hits this year – right now my taxes went down $22 a year and home owner’s insurance went up $300.00 a year – there will not be a middle class – all of us middle class will be poor.

  • Dave Roush (e7 ret)

    What I pay for Tri-Care Prime is still way, way below what I would have to pay (even with the increases) if I used any of the plans available at work. My spouse is on Tri-Care for Life (being over 65) as well as Medicare. It’s been almost 2 years now and I have yet to see a charge for the Tri-Care for Life plan for her though the Medicare is sucking down the bucks of her $300 per month stipend from Social Security she looses about $80 per month for her Medicare (I thought at first that was her Tri-Care for Life but, seems not). The drug refills – are expensive only because be both seem to inhale quite a few pills daily (but certainly not the cost of what others are paying at Wal-Mart!) I mean the other day I was waiting in line to pick up a script and an older person ahead of me at the cash register was writting a check for $500 plus for her scripts (If I had to pay that on a regular basis….)

    • MarkCrawford

      So by your logic killing someone with a thousand cuts is ok because it is only a little at a time.

  • Michael Vance

    OK, now I see the game plan, rate increases until retirees drop Tri-Care all together to justify and force them into Affordable??? Health Care Plan AKA ObozoCare!!!!

  • Pattyann

    Just a ploy by Bozo Obama to discredit your service and buy into Obama Care.
    He does not care about military retirees or their families.

  • Mike T

    The point is simply another broken promise. This promise was made to those of us who signed a check payable to the US government for the ammount of “up to and including our very lives” The governemnt has cashed that check for all those who served. Some paid all but all paid some. It is time to hold all in goverment service to the same standard. We kept our promise to serve now keep yours.

  • Dr B

    here we go again – the not so gentle nudge (shove) down the path from our entitlement to Obama-care.

    Remember this when you vote. I did.

    • Chuck

      I remember a lot of things, to include intentional obstructionism within Congress. I remembered it when I cast the first vote in the County I reside in and voted Democrat across the board. I prefer to have people in Congress that are more concerned with the people of America than a political party.

  • J Gomez

    How will this effect the elderly widowed retirees who at present have Medicare for their primary insurance and Tri-care for life as their secondary?

  • Allan

    TC & TFL is still a good deal. But don’t let anyone think that if Obama stays in power that it won’t get all fouled up. I am retired AF and would do it all over again. The politics of this govt. have ruined our system & ran it into the ground. In my opinion America needs new leadership in order to straighten things out. Benefits or no benefits when my country called I answered & I would expect our managers to work together to get our country back in line. That’s where the problem lies. When we in the military are given a task to do we all pull together and get the job done. Hospital rates are going to get worse because of our managers. And I agree, nothing is for free.


    When “Try to get Care” first was proposed, I spoke like mad agains it. I warned my fellow servicemember that “Once the goverment charges you a penny… they will increase it untill it becomes unafordable”. Today we are going down that road.
    Is the goverment trying to make it soo expensive, that Obama care will be more attractive? I don’t know… really
    One thing I know. It is partially our fault, you see, We keep on reelecting the same people to represent us. How can we expect a different result?
    If we ever decide to exercise our “Right to vote” with the same courage, care and smarts that we fight our wars, we would not have to worry about been paid with lies.
    I served, because I love this country, and if a had a second life, I would serve again. Just wish they were as faithful to us as we have been to them

  • Allen

    Again, TRICARE wants more. They always want more, while we (retirees) are faced with doing without as the economy get’s worse. They greased in the recent premium hike without significant or effective resistance from our so called leadership, and now they are planning on doing it again.

    • mona

      quit belly aching allen……you have never had so good…….

  • James

    My husband is a retiree with over 22 years which included the Vietnam war.
    The promise of health care for life was in writing over and over through the years and touted this benefit as 20% of the very low pay received. If we had known that the government was lying, we would have purchased health care when we were younger, but most of us are older now and not in as good health as we were in 1994. The barriers to care are there under Tricare. There is no family medicine for retirees on medicare. They must get a private doctor. They could not possibly be over using military medicine with this screening. They can not be seen without a recommendation by this doctor. It is increasingly difficult to get a doctor the will accept medicare. Tricare was inacted in 1994 under the Clinton Administration.
    The result is now millions of retirees have been dumped on medicare which decreases the ability of civilians to get timely care and find a doctor.
    Republicans only control the house not the inactive senate. The military hating Democrats will contune to deminish military pay, retirement pay and benefits to provide for those who will not work or should not be here in the first place.

  • Talon One

    If you have not priced the coverage of a 26 and under dependent with TRICARE, prepare to be shocked. My son completed his schooling, is 21, still lives at home to save money for a house, his monthly bill with TRICARE would be 240$. Thanks Obama appointees.

    • Mona Callender

      my two sons have health insurance through farm bureau, they have complete coverage including dental insurance for 1250.00 a year. much better than tri-care……try a private insurance company. if you can’t afford full coverage on your son, get just catastrophic insurance. a kid 20 doesn’t get sick, but could get in a accident……check it out.

  • Fred Haenel

    I’m on TFL and love it! The $90+ dollars a month that I pay for part B is inconsequential when I consider what non tricare folks on Medicare only must pay for care and drugs. My wife is not yet old enough for TFL and we supplement het tricare coverage with a plan offered by ASI for $400+ per year. That is also inconsequential when one considers that, including the cost of that insurance, we were only $800 out of pocket this past year when she had a hip and both knees replaced! Prime is not an option where we live and, frankly I don’t miss it.

  • LightOwl

    Not to worry about the increase in TRICARE……Everyone seems to be forgetting that you’ll be getting a 1.3% COLA so all will be well….Yeah Right!!!! Thanks for everything………

  • Ron

    Tricare is still the best deal going. quityerbitchin and be thankful for what you have.

  • cash

    For everyone bashing cptdent, just an observation but he may have been an army reserve retiree. which by that nature would not have allowed him the privilege of participating in Tri Care Prime until a certain age. Of course then it’s still not free because you have to enroll and pay for Medicare Part B.

    • dennis estes

      I do not know who Terry Howell is, but he should post what he read about “”However, retirees should know that TRICARE is warning that these enrollment fees could increase again when Congress passes the final FY 2013 budget.”” so we can can go to that person or group and address any more increses.

    • CWalters

      You are right about that. We went from $460/year for two people to $2400 per year for two people with a down grade in benefits e.g. eye exams no longer covered, only glucoma check part; after 1st year medicare, no more physicals covered 100% as under TRICARE Prime- medicare does a “wellness” questionnaire – if the doc touches us (e.g. physical) medicare does not cover it and based on an email exchange with TFL, they may cover some or all of it with labs in question – they said it “depends” without an answer. TFL contractor definitely is not the quality of TRIWEST contractor where we could get a straight answer.

      • CWalters

        Last 1/2 of comment:
        I followed up the “depend” answer asking for clarification and got a “we won’t know until we get the doctor and lab bill after Medicare denies them! Should have been a no brainer since I asked about a basic physical exam that matches to what TRICARE Prime covered. TFL does not appear to have a clue – not a good sign. If TFL charges a fee and/or co-pays/deductables in the future, their intent will be to force the military retiree away from TRICARE and into a medicare supplement. That would indicate my 27 years active duty would mean nothing. Hopefully MOAA and our advocates in Congress will keep that from happening.

    • RetUSAF

      Nothing like double jeopardy payments for healthcare.

  • Bruce Allen

    Please, is it not reasonable to have an intelligent ,sensible discussion on the subject of health care and TRICARE? My wife and I are both retired military, thus over 40 years in the service of our country so what I am about to say about TRICARE is based on both of us devoting our working lives in health care and for me specifically, also in the development and implementation of TRICARE and TRICARE for Life. One, the government officially NEVER legislated “free health for life” for service to one’s country. They guaranteed a pension and other benefits, but not free health care. Second, the health industry is, and has been, basically unregulated since its inception, thus health care costs continue (except for a few years) to escalate beyond any other measure of economic activity, including the always ever-expanding defense budget. To seriously believe or suggest that increases in TRICARE premiums (which remained constant for many years) and TRICARE for Life newly-instituted premiums (which is significantly less than other supplemental insurances for Medicare-eligibles) is to ignore the realities of health care costs in the United States. Third, regardless of premium increases, it is still by far a great benefit; but only if it can adjust to remaining financially viable. To those who have served who believe they have been “screwed” by the system, I can only say that dismissive or objectionable rhetoric underlies the fact that those people are ignorant of the health delivery system and costs in this country. My advice is 1) read and get educated and become responsible for your care, as you should for any insurance product you have; and 2) resources are finite, which translates to cutting up the defined pie accordingly; if you want less premiums for expensive care as you age, perhaps insist, by your vote and by your voice, to your legislatures (both national and state) that more of the resources in the defense budget goes to health care…of course, that will mean that bombs, planes and continued, unending wars will have to be reduced. To this, I would not be at all surprised to hear that we can’t do that because that would make us weak. My only answer to that reply is then to go back to Step 1…otherwise please refrain from name-calling and other derogatory, uneducated replies and just pay your share of fees for what is to date the best health insurance coverage for anyone in this country Finally, the fact you served your country, unless you were forcibly drafted, doesn’t automatically grant you privileges above any other citizen of this country, even if you think otherwise. We are all American citizens period. If receiving entitlement programs was your primary motivation for serving your country and not for protecting your country and upholding our Constitution and form of government than one would not be unreasonable to question one’s dedication and service since it is by definition only a “means to an end”…a less than honorable motivation for serving one’s country.

    • Sgtpee

      I totally agree

      • charles huddleston

        I totaly agree to your reply. After all, the cost for everything including retirement “pay” has constantly increased. Common sense has to be applied to this equation. Let’s get real folks. We are the most fortunate country and people on this planent!
        May God continue to bless this wonderful country.

        • Joeb

          Having entered the military in 1953 and retired in 1974 I do have Tricare For Life. NO, the government never promised free health care for those entering the military after 1955, but they most certainly DID promise free health care for life when I entered If you entered before 1955 then you have no idea what your talking about, if you entered after 1955 they your correct. YOU were not promised free health care for life.

    • omg

      You can all brace for what is to come with the government takeover of health care, and the “death panel” !

      • 1836eig

        Get off them drugs!

    • Butler

      I have frequently discussed the ‘free Health care’ issue with vets, more specifically with former recruiters, and I have stated that I have never seen anything which promised me free care for life. The former recruiters have been adamant that their mandate was to promise such care, I argue that it was/is not true. I would not like to spend more of my retirement pay for health insurance, especially if I were to get less benefits, but I can certainly see the necessity, otherwise we shall eventually get less care anyway. I am a former Service Officer and I quit that function due to the fact that In my opinion the VA disability pay is an abused program. If the VA had a monitoring program for the malingerers who falsely claim 100% disability more benefits would be available to those Vets who truly need help.

      Michael A. Butler
      MSgt USAF retired

      • Old Chief

        I agree the VA wastes resources on malingerers,fakers,whiners and cry-babies.There has to be a way to stop all this and I pray the powers-to-be look into this mess and do something about it. MSgt ,your post is right on!

        • Charlie

          I am sure that many members of congress are aware of the waste in the VA system. Another thing I am sure of is if these member of congress make too much noise about the waste they will be history. The same voters that put them in office will be taking them out of office.

          I got the below information from Military Pay (including PCS and Subsistence) is exempt under the President’s sequestration exemption. Programs such as TRICARE, tuition assistance and family support programs are not exempt and do fall under sequestration. All VA programs are exempt, to include administrative expenses.

    • Ginny Lucido

      Excellent, common sense assessment of the subject. Thank you. This is a very complex issue and generalizations and myopic viewpoints get us nowhere.

    • Jerry

      Bruce, you obviously never served in a unit that had you regularly putting your life in grave danger. You must have had a wonderful position from which to draw these conclusions and state them so profoundly clear for all of the lesser being who served to understand.
      Thank you for your service.

      • Bruce Allen

        The fact is I was in a war zone on three separate occasions, the last of which I was stationed in Iraq at Khobar Towers, which a few weeks after my departure was hit with a scud warhead that blew up Khobar Towers where over 100 Americans were casualties, some of whom I knew and unfortunately died.

        • Stromboli_55

          Bruce, Khobar Towers is in Daharan, Saudia Arabia, not Iraq.

          • Bruce Allen

            You are absolutely correct. Its been a while obviously and what I meant to say was “during the First Gulf War at Khobar Towers. . Thanks for the clarification.

          • vwbikeman

            did you really serve?

        • ben dover

          also, khobar towers was hit by a car bomb, not a scud!

      • Gordon Taplin

        Jerry: Do you fancy yourself a member of the US Military or are you more in line of thinking of yourself as a “Hessian”.

      • CD Crawford

        He’s probably a bean counter for the Obama administration and it appears that he thinks that if “you were forcibly drafted” one would be granted life time health care for being a draft dodger….too sad so many many think that way. It also appears this character never served this great USA in an honorable manner.

        • Bruce Allen

          Your ignorance and insulting reply indicates whether you served this country or not, It is quite evident from your verbiage and perspectives, that you have learned very little from whatever upbringing you have had. Your biased, narrow and likely racist implications speak volumes about you, your family roots and unfortunately, your ignorant, mean-spirited personality. I am sure that I never came into contact with you while I served…thankfully that was to my benefit. .

          • Mac

            Why don’t you throw in sexist and ageist. Why stop at the standard racism charge whenever someone disagrees with you?

    • Barry

      How about instead of your grand plan of helping pay the budget with increased military tricare fees, we have Congress start paying for some medical care and stop receiving full pensions and free medical care for life for their worthless service to our country.

      • Bruce Allen

        I would agree that Congressional benefits are distorted and biased to their self- interests. However, to think that that alone would suffice is utterly fantastic and beyond rationale; furthermore, if Congress is a totally worthless service as you say, then what does that say to those who place them in that august position by continually voting them back in office? Less about them I’m afraid, and far more about us who vote.

        • jim

          Hey Bruce, Iraq or Saudi Arabia, which was it, or niether…crickets?

      • Chuck

        Barry, I agree with your suggestion.

    • Ginger

      Thank you for your voice in all this insanity. I agree that promises were made that have not been kept but the yearly premium for Tricare is less than most people pay for one months coverage of civilian insurance. Make the realization that not all promises can be kept especially when they are not legal.

      • Clark

        “but the yearly premium for Tricare is less than most people pay for one months coverage of civilian insurance.” Irrelevant when you consider the sacrificed lives of troops that were PROMISED by an official of the U.
        S. government.

        Read more:

      • james

        Those people are being shot at defending peoiple like bruce and his followers

    • Gordon Taplin

      A MOST EXCELLENT last sentence in there Bruce…something I have been mentioning to the current crop of whiners lamenting lack of COLA’s, higher health care premiums, higher prescription costs, etc.

      Our current crop of military, (whom I wholeheartedly support), currently makes a salary and benefit package higher than 90 PERCENT of their comparably-skilled counterparts in the civilian world. 90 PERCENT HIGHER PAY AND BENEFITS!! That is a direct result of the Recession and it should be noted that there is no longer a “pay gap” that used to be referred to in the years immediately before and after the Reagan build-up.

      I was part of THAT military. I used to whine about things like “High-3” concerning my retirement, but I never expected health care premiums to remain stable?? TRICARE has been a GREAT deal for myself and my family and it remains so even with premium increases.

      As you cleverly point out….anyone who joins the military in ANY era for primarily financial reasons is misguided. That’s not why we do what we do and have done so well at it over 225 years. The fact that the military now has a large population of individuals who are there because of the newfound “windfall” relative to civilian pay and benefits disturbs me deeply.

      Gordon Taplin
      IS1 (ret.) USN

      • David Michael

        You obviously have been “Drinking the Cool-Aid” from the Obama Administration! You have no “Honor” and the way you talk about Military “Retiree’s” and Vets is a disgrace. Your facts and figures are right out of the play book of David Axlerod….. You sir are a classic example of what’s wrong with out Country. We’ll be soooo blessed when it all changes in November…

        • Bruce Allen

          David, are you related to Cd Crawford? Appears so. Fortunately, there are (were) few like yourselves that I served with. You exemplify, like all microcosms (look the word up, you’ll find its meaning), the small group in the population of any group which contain misanthropes as yourself and CD Crawford.

          • davidfra

            Bruce, Just like Obama without his teleprompter you would be lost without your dictionary. You are a troll and nothing more. How does the military retirement compare with Firefighters and Police officers and teachers retirement? You are not completely ignorant but you are working at it.

          • Tom

            Right on the money.

      • mac

        How many of their civilian counterparts spend 6 months to two years regularly deployed away from their families in fun filled places like Afghanistan and Iraq?

    • Chuck

      I would suggest you are the ignorant one. Simply because nobody told “you” that one would receive “free health care” if they served long enough to retire does not mean it did not or does not occur. I am a former Army Recruiter. It was standard practice to use that particular phrase as an enticement to enlist. You may think it is perfectly okay for a Government representative to embellish and mislead but I do not. If any “civilian” business attempted to do what the U.S. Government does on a daily basis in regards to fulfilling “promises” , they would be sued.

      • Bruce Allen

        Chuck with all due respect, I said “free health care” was never officially legislated. That does not mean that it was not promised by well-intended people, The point is that it was NEVER legislatively approved.

      • Sfc-Ret jbecker1932

        Fully agree, I joined the Army in July 1950 Retired Dec 31, 1970 and belive me I heard free health care for myself and my family for life if I would just stay on.

        • Tom

          I served as a U.S. Navy Recruiter from 1984 through 1987. I cannot remember a time when the health care for life was not mentioned as part of the recruitment process. I retired in 1995 and shortly thereafter was informed that I would have to pay for TRICARE to get an appointment unless I wanted Standard TRICARE at which time I would have to sit and wait for a possible appointment.

          Bruce is like alot of others that believe we need to distribute the wealth and just because we, myself and family, spent 20 or more years in service to the country, yes that includes its people, are just like everyone else and not special. No, we’re not special but we are unlike most in that we are willing to lay down our lives to ensure Bruce can continue his assault. Bruce, I truly appreciate you service to this Great Nation but you’re off base with you assessment that TRICARE costs to the veteran have to increase.

    • Robert H. Strohm

      An educated response to a perplexing situation. As much as I like to gripe just about anything (just my hard headed nature), you made me stop and think. I joined (enlisted) in the US Marine Corp on 15 Dec 1941 and ended my service with the Marines on 17 Dec 1945. After almost 4 years of college, with my tuition being paid by our representative government, I went back for 16 more years in the US Army and then retired. I have to admit that there have been times when I felt “put upon” however, I have received overall fine benefits. You are “right on” for your letter

    • Klinn

      My husband retired in 1991 and this is the first time tricare has increased in that time. We are accepted anywhere we go for any specialists, hospitals, reg dr’s etc. My father worked for 30 years and was a Teamster, his medical was $673 per month and his retirement was $701! I worked for 30 years for the Federal Government as a civilian and if I would have chosen to use the medical that was offered I would have paid well over $250 per month and that was considered good! I don’t mind paying $5.00 more per month for the benefits we receive. I feel blessed to have been married to someone who served his country well, I was proud of the committment we shared, I am grateful for the benefits we have received and willing to pay the miniscule amount that is being added.

      • Tom

        You might not mind a few now but be careful because the BIG INCREASES are coming. Let’s see what you think then.

    • Rick Johnson

      I grew up in a world when someone’s word and a hand shake actually ment something. Today these people in Washington, D.C. have no understanding of what making a promise and shaking on the deal means. I re-enlisted 4 times and it sure wasn’t for the pitiful bonus pay that an ADJ got. It was simply for the “FREE” medical care that came with the contracts that we all signed. At every re-enlistment my CO’s praised the benifits we wee securing for ourselves and our families. So does that make them liars? I don’t think so I think it just proves just how corrupt the vast majority of our political leaders have become. What a joke they are right from the White House down to the lowest levels of government. Give me a break! I do not believe anything that they say they are going to do for us because in the 27 years that I have been retired I have watched as they continually stripped away our benifits.

      • davidfra

        You said it loud and well Rick. Some of these guys have the same ideas as their political heros.

    • Steve DR

      Bruce…although I agree with pretty much everything you stated AND completely understand the need for premium increases (because health care isn’t getting any cheaper), the only question I have is why aren’t TRICARE premiums tiered to that of retirment pay???

      I propose the recommendation that TRICARE premiums be set at a percentage of retired pay as opposed to “tier levels”. This will distribute the cost savings to the government equally among all the retired personnel. An example rate of 2.5% of annual retirement pay would result in a retiree making $22,600 paying an annual premium of $565 and a retiree making $45k paying an annual premium $1125. I believe this would be much more reasonable and acceptable for the “junior ranking” retirees with lower annual retirement incomes. You have to admit…there is a VAST difference in retirment pay of that a retired O-6 vice a retired E-7!!!

      • Steve

        By “Tier levels” I mean “Single” or “w/Dependants” or even tiering the premiums based vast dollar groups (i.e. from $10k – 20k = tier-1; 20k-30k =tier-2, etc..)

        • Bruce Allen

          I agree with you Steve that a tiered-system would have been more equitable. However, the argument at that time, if my memory serves me correctly, was that it would create a varying fee structure on the same health benefit package and distinguish between military members… a differentiation that was unacceptable since all service members are NOT distinguishable except by rank and position. We all serve and are placed at risk. It was also argued that that action would differentiate between the spouses and children of active duty members, by their sponsors salary, a burden that was considered inequitable.

          • davidfra

            Nice end around. Rank , position and PAY. How about that difference?

    • Retired SFC

      your right, they never legislated, they lied.

    • jbecker

      I beg to differ with you about free health care, go look at the 1950’s recrutment posters.

    • Dick M

      I think that there is a difference between “entitlement ” and earned.
      True enough that nothing was written about lifetime care but it was the major recruiting call in the late 40’s through the fifties. I can vouch for that.
      I see also that the “raise” we’re anticipating will not match the increase in our payments out. Guess it’s true that the only way you can be sure a politician is being truthfull is when the mouth is shut.

    • JohnC

      I also was involved with implementing TRICARE and it is a great bargain, but we have continued to increase the benefits, like some of the Obamacare benefits. The preimums have to increase with the increased benefits. You don’t think Insurance Companies (TRICARE Contractors) perform the added benefits for free? By the way Bruce, wait until you become MEDICARE eligible. I have arrived Brother and speak from experience.. You will be treated as a low-life and a bother to the Healthcare System and as MEDICARE reduces the reimbursement to providers it will get worse. If you can find a provider that will take MEDICARE. Don’t fret though, hospitals will still see you in their ER. Welcome to Socialized Medicine.

    • Dick M

      I feel that Congress and the Senate should have to have the same system we have and quit there free rides. If they had to live a bit closer to the “common” man they might get a connect feeling. JMO

    • Hal421

      Bruce, your missing the point. Not all of us were full timers. Some of us retired form the guard and reserves our retirement pay is a lot less. Of course this increase is really nothing to complain about. But this is only a means to an end. The director of Tricare said more and vets are cancelling their health care plans at work and joining Tricare. to this end a schedule for the next four to five years have increases. Where do it stop? When it reaches the cost of other health care providers. At that point I will be owing the government money. So it’s a little now and a little later and what do I have left.

    • bill

      Mr Allen sounds like you were an officer in the service also you must have not come in when nam was going on and that the first thing out of the recruiters mouth was health care for life I hate the word free health care for life that you stated I worked for that and it was not free and Iam another one that Implemented gateway to care a prelude to tricare I seen it comming now that the gates are open for incresed fees it will never close the only thing that i have seen with the new obama care is the costant increase in retired medical care costs from the armed services quit falling for the same old lies out of washington be part of the retired community of former service members and help them keep thre care and prevent the scarce dollars from going to medicad

    • Win Reither

      Nicely said! And with fortitude too. It really irks me to see retired flag officers and other senior military types drawing high salaries and leading military associations that use mass mailings to pay high salaries while pretending to protect Tricare.

    • LH103

      Too bad no one looks at the history. All the answers are there. Military retirees and their dependents had healthcare free of charge at military installations until the early 1990s. That was when they were forced out. Prior to that, CHAMPUS was available free of charge if you did not live near a base.

      The serious problems arose with the drawdown of the early 90s. The MTF could no longer handle the workload. At some facilities, dependents could choose to go off base for healthcare. Retirees were no longer being seen on base.

      With the MTFs not providing the healthcare any longer, the government had to start charging for the healthcare they promised and were providing. Tricare began.

      I entered the service in 1986 and was told I’d have free healthcare for the rest of my life if I stayed in 20 years. At that time it was being provided to retirees free of charge.

      Things change. Look at the retirement system…50%, High-3, 40% rule, the 40%/cash option. What the government needs to do is stand up and say “we did promise that…but things change….and here are the new rules.”

      I can’t believe people are going to fight this much over a few hundred dollars a year when the difference between the 50% and High-3 retirements is a few hundred a MONTH !!! We didn’t see this much ruckus when the retirement plan changed. Maybe that was because the retirees had their cake at the time didn’t care about the younger guys coming in.

    • AD1,Retired

      Amen! If you ask your civilian friends what they pay for health care your in for an eye opening experience to say the least. As a 20 year veteran I will gladly wait my turn to be seen AFTER ALL active duty members AND their dependants. I do not have the ability to go to a MTF so we go to civilian Drs. I too was told by recruiter’s “Free medical and dental for the whole family for life” and we all know how “truthful” they are. We still get a better deal than most out there. I pay per year for my family coverage what most pay per MONTH! so as my Chief was fond of saying “Shut your pie hole and turn to!” Be glad your not in the VA hospital, so sad how our injured troops are treated.

      • tc1uscg

        AD1, I live 3 miles from a MTF and they wont seem me because I’m on Prime. Should that matter? Not to me, but it does to them. I’ve been there for other issues (ID cards, DEERS updates) and I’ve hardley seen ANYONE waiting to be seen. The corpsmans and medics are all running around in the hall ways grabassing around. Just my observation.

    • Mac

      When I enlisted in 1968, I was promised free medical care for life if I retired from the military. In 1972 when I re-enlisted, my Squadron Commander (full COL) told me the same thing. But our government does not lived up to its promises
      Check your facts sonny before you before open your mouth. Just because something was certain way while you where in does mean that it was always that way.

    • Bennie Cashman

      Did Obama give you a big kiss to state stupidity.

    • FieldGrade

      < If receiving entitlement programs was your primary motivation for serving your country and not for protecting your country and upholding our Constitution and form of government than one would not be unreasonable to question one’s dedication and service since it is by definition only a “means to an end”…a less than honorable motivation for serving one’s country. >

      Who are you to question anyone’s reason for serving in the military? Arrogant! As a former recruiting commander, I’ll tell you everyone has their own reasons. Every soldier is not a hero, but we still need to fill the ranks.

      • tc1uscg


    • Vicky Baker

      Thank you for presenting the unpopular side of the issue. It’s a sad fact that most service members and retirees know very little about health care costs and how much the Services spend on it. To ensure its availability for us and future generations, everyone needs to pay something for the service. Look at what retirees from commercial companies pay for health care and you’ll feel blessed to have TRICARE for Life. On the other hand, even though it’s a good program, it doesn’t and can’t cover everything. Be smart and purchase a good supplementary health insurance.

      • tc1uscg

        Vickey, having been on the spending end of “gadgets” that the military likes to buy and try then trash. You and others shouldn’t be blasting those of us who do not except the military to “cry” about how much they spend on health care. That money is ALL factored in to the budget. What seems to be a problem is, they want to funnel some of the money to pay for more “gadgets”. Kinda like the rob peter to pay paul process. Having moved money from one budget to another, it’s clear to me that instead of giving up an order for a few new explosive-proof trucks that fall apart after the first pothole, the military rather pay out less for those tasked with driving them. You can’t have an all voluteer force without handing out some party favors. Sorry but offering to pay for college just doesn’t get it any more. Now, maybe if they took a second look at the cost of that program, then they may find some more savings. Just saying.

    • wondering

      When I joined in late 1950’s, the recruiter told this 17 yr old kid that I would get free medical for life….At that time seemed like a good deal as I was young….now that I’m OLD..I wonder who will provide all the college educated rich people with JOBS if we stop supporting our TROOPS..sorry…I mean stop supporting the MILITARY INDUSTRIAL COMPLEX…….. TRI care etc. is just a small stick in the bundle….

    • tc1uscg

      Bruce, since when is paying for healthcare FREE? And, I wouldn’t call paying the 25% above and beyound what TRICARE authorizes and the aditional 20+% that the medical facility can recover after all the dust has settled. Maybe you and I (a retired service member) have a different view on what free is. But, lets not talk about the numbers of PCM’s who have dropped out of the program or those who refuse to take TRICARE now.

    • James Gregory

      I disagree with Bruce Allen. I don’t know when you joined but during Nam we WERE promised full medical and dental for life including spouse. No, I don’t have a written contract but Col Bud Day (MOH) did have written promises when he sued the USG. I joined for a variety of reasons but after being shot at and missed in several different parts of the world for 20 years, I BELIEVE THE USG OWES ME AND MINE FULL MEDICAL and to hell with Jimmy Carter and his colleges who thought I and millions of Vietnam veterans were too expensive and cut our medical care. And guess what? I though my wife would receive my retirement pay if I died first. No way. Because I was married after retirement and did not sign up for SPB I’m screwed there also. No retirement to spouse. The politicians love us in Washington when we’re active but we are just a big old pimple on their asses when it comes to retirees. I EARNED my benefits. The dope dealer down the road does not deserve medical care on my dime neither does the unwed mother down the street with three kids from three different fathers.

    • tc1uscg

      Oh, and just one more little thing. Having worked in the private sector, I’ve paid much more for the coverage I had which was 1000 times better as far as procedures and processes to obtain treatment. I wouldn’t mind paying more if TRICARE/TC Prime wasn’t such a PITA to deal with when it comes to referrels, changing PCM’s and seeking after hours urgent care. I think for the most of us, we are GETTING our moneys worth (getting what we pay for). Cheap it is but it’s VERY substandard and way too many hoops to jump through. My Dr’s office is already saying they are considering pulling out of the program, which will require me to start all over, along with my wife, and 4 kids. So, before you blast those who are pointing out the shortfalls of this system, don’t try to put yourself in thier shoes. You wouldn’t understand.

    • Kenneth

      Bruce, you wrote “If receiving entitlement programs was your primary motivation for serving your country and not for protecting your country and upholding our Constitution and form of government than one would not be unreasonable to question one’s dedication and service since it is by definition only a “means to an end”…a less than honorable motivation for serving one’s country. ”
      Who are you to question my reason for serving in the military or anyone else’s? I was a young kid when I enlisted, and while I was promised lifetime healthcare, it didn’t play a role in my decision to enlist or reenlist. I served 20+ years and am grateful for the healthcare I receive. But, I receive the care because of my service. Can you say Agent Orange? And yes, I would do it over if asked.
      That said, I don’t have a problem with the Tricare increase. What amazes me is that it should be phased in. This increase is a 45% increase. I pay at present 30.62 quarterly and it goes up to 67.32. What other group would put up with a 45% increase in premiums? I can’t think of any. Can you?

    • USMC1965-1993BIGDICK


    • Von

      Bruce, get the facts first. I enlisted in 1983 and I was promised free health care, dental, and vision for life!!

    • Dave

      Despite you getting tar and feathered here, I totally agree with you Bruce

    • Navy Nancy (HM/Ret)

      Well said… and one reason we serve to for all, not just ourselves.

  • Jim

    I don’t know what is wrong with so many of you so called “Retirees.” You’ve all got Tricare of one type or the other. I retired in 1973 with thirty years. Had to put up with CHAMPUS for a few years until TriCare came in. From that moment on I have never had to pay one single dime for any medical condition or treatment. I get any necessary medicine from military bases, as needed, and go to any civilian clinic, specialist, hospital, or doctor necessary, anywhere in the country free of ANY charges.
    Yes, you have to turn 65 to be covered by the free plan, TriCare for Life, but by doing the numbers given in many of your postings, some of you complaining are over that age. Sounds as though some of the others here simply like to hear themselves complain about any good deal offered them.
    I think that perhaps some of you have just never been properly instructed, upon discharge, as to what your benefits as a retiree are.

    • Msg Cuadrado,retired

      Tricare for life is not free. you have to enroll in medicare and pay their fees.

      • RET25

        Were else can you get Coverage for $100.00 ,Do the time and turn 65 !!!!

    • Plummer Sanderlin

      you got it Jim, I’m with you all the way. They lust don;t know.

    • MedPro

      Jim, you retired under the “free medical” time. The rest of us had it on our original contracts. I also served over 30 years but will not get the TriCare for life until 65 and it is being reworked so we may have to pay for services then but at a reduced rate. I think we would hear you grumble if you had to suddenly start paying for all your free services. Many things have changed since 73 but you have been getting “free” since you retired.

      • Chuck

        Really? You want to claim that something somebody EARNED is free? Are you by any chance a Republican?

      • RET25

        It was still that way if you retired in the 90s.,so when did it change?????

    • Wayne

      Jim, your right if Tri-Care for life stays as it is, but watching Congress and the President lately you can’t help but be apprehensive about what they will do in the future. I for one am glad that retires are keeping an eye on what the government does with our promised Health Care and if it’s called complaining so be it. Join the VFW, American Legion, AMVets, keep an eye on our benifits and yes vote for the right man.

    • Rick Johnson

      My main concern is not for myself as much as it is for those serving at this time. I have Medicare and Tricare for life but if you think it is free you are not entirely correct. What Medicare doesn’t cover is submited to Tricare for payment. Where I came from when they told us 100% medical coverage for life why is it that we all have to pay Medicare enrollment fees? You can’t go back and deduct it from your income can you? Now they are talking about including what our medical costs amount to should be added to our income. “That should really help pay the bills now shouldn’t it?”

    • Tom Baldwin

      I am a resident of the Armed Forces Retierment Home. And yes I never had to pay a cent for my Health Care until I moved in here. I recently had Back Surgery which required a Mylogrom. Guess what, even though they have Assisted Care here they refused to put me under their care for 24 hours after as requited. I had to hire private nurses to baby sit me. Out of my own pocket. And as far as them promising me free health care for life, is baloney. Someone show he where it is at. One Retired Officer that lives in Ft. Walton Beach, Fl. is the one that got congress to pass the Tricare for Life. Wolfman Jack didn’t know zit… Just a Disc Jockey!!

    • Retired SFC

      So you don’t have to pay for Medicare Part B? Oh I thought you said it was FREE.

    • Falconrk

      I’d like your version of Tricare. I’m on Prime and when I actually can find Doctors that accept it I’ve got copays and whatever Tricare doesn’t pay.

    • upset Vet

      Maybe you will be happy when your premium matches your retirement pay. then you can call your service patriotic.

  • Harry

    If they want to raise the fees for Tri-care Prime, then they should allow the working are retiree’s back into the service. Its basically called Age Discrimination. IMO, to fix the Tricare issue, the Cost should be based off of your retirement pay. I don’t expect a vetern that retired 15 years ago to pay the same as when I retired 10 yrs ago. Nor should I expect to pay the same as a person who is retiring today. I can see a one time increase to TRICARE, then after that, there needs to be a lock to Tricare that holds the rate at COLA. As for the person that came in in 1989, I guess your too young to know what was promised to the older vets! I enlisted in 1980 and Free Healthcare for life was taunted as one of the reasons to re-enlist. You have to remember, up until the mid-80’s, the pay for military was well below what the civilian sector was paying thus many of the retirees are making 1/2 of what a E6 is getting now.

    • jimbo

      Stop supporting the bums in government who get everything free and pay nothing towards social security and have full retirement benefits after one term in office.

  • Jeff

    Bottom line guys, “Freedom is Never Free”.
    Of late I’ve had thoughts as to, “Why I served 20+ years”; when I look around and see all the civilian dirt bags dragging their duffle bags everywhere. Seems there is no appreciation, let alone respect, for what we’ve done.
    Country is going to hell in a golden hand basket plastered with yellow ribbons.
    Contemplate on this for a skoshi bit.


    I was a recruiter in the 70’s. I should have kept some of the brochures we handed out that stated, in print, free medical care for life if you serve twenty years. The kicker is, that the care would be provided on military instalations. Now a days however, with BRAC, a base might not be right next door, anymore. And if you can get to a base, your at the bottom of the totem pole, and that’s if there are enough doctors available. Because of deployments, there probably won’t be. That’s where TRICARE comes in. Bottom line “a promise is a promise”.

    • Ret USAF

      Hi, I remember the same fact. It was in print on the brochures for many years.

    • CWalters

      Bases won’t take us anymore. This began in 1994 when the Dems were in power and SecDef Perry put us on space available basis only – of course space was never available. I retired in 1991 after 27 years active duty. Our med care from 1991 to 1994 was in the MCB Quantico clinic – no problem. 1994 Perry started restricting retiree access to base clinics and reduced the number of military doctors on active duty – result was TRICARE civilian clinics where the doctors could rarely speak English. By year 2000, even those clinics were hard to get into. From 2001 to time we left Virginia, we had to work with the few private doctors who would accept TRICARE payments – most didn’t speak English – all this in Washington DC area! TRICARE Prime in Calif was 100% better than Washington DC area – least way for us.

  • mona

    why you don’t believe in free speech, i call a spade a spade……no matter who it is……

    • Pete

      Oh Mona, so polically incorrect, yet so funny…if this offends you, please forgive my twisted sense of humor.

  • Rick

    Can anyone tell me why the price of Diesel is greater than the cost of Regular gas in the United States?


    I like TRICARE. My wife and I were paying $450 monthly for “BCBS Federal” because she is a federal retiree. I am paying $130 for medicare. As soon as she became eligible for Medicare we halted Blue Cross. Saves money of RX also. By the way, I am a disabled veteran the the VA is not bad either.

  • Ted

    There seems to be NO government program that’s perfect, but after 43 years of service in the NG (with deployment), I am grateful for TRICARE. That comes from my experience of being in the education profession and paying nearly $1000 MONTHLY for healthcare. There’s plenty of blame to go around – but be careful what you complain about,

  • Eddie

    Tri- Care is the best period. Do the math.

    • CWalters

      Yes it is regardless of the fact we (most of us with seniority), were told free med care. You will find that at age 65, you will take a major step backwards by paying 5 times more for med care via medicare ($500 versus $2400 under medicare). If TFL is charged a fee, guess what, increase the “5 times” to who knows how many times!

    • James

      Tri-Care is the Best, that is not the point. Retirees should not have to pay for it.

  • Rick

    Can anyone tell me what you do when this proposed voucher amount you receive can not cover all of your medical expenses?


    Sorry, I forgot. My recruiter in 1963, a Marine First Sergeant, told me that I had medical for life if I became a career Marine. I never forgot that. I was just 18 and thought it was true.

  • Ret USAF

    It’s all part of helping to pay for Obama care and linked with cutting Social Security and Medicare to do the same.

  • Bob Gosney

    regardless of what anyone says here, nothing will change. Complaining to this forum is like talking to a tree. Despite how good it may feel, nothing is different.

    Change needs to be applied at the Voting booth. I say it’s time to flush the system in Washington and dump all those incumbents right out the door and bring in fresh new minds and ideas!

    Old minds yield old ideas. New blood will bring a difference we need!

    Just saying.

    Did you know that the Ostrich has a brain the size of it’s eye, and that the Starfish has no brain at all.

    That has nothing to do with this, but has the same beneift as complaining. None.

    • NKostuck

      Thanks for the comedy relief, Bob (and the education)—LOL



  • rick

    Can anyone tell me where all the weapons of mass destruction are and what island is Colon Powell retired on with his son. I guess he has not set up an antenna yet so we can not ask the FCC if he is legal??

  • Dick Uhrmacher

    For “HereIAM”. I don’t know who you are, but your information is not only wrong, but offensive to those of us who SERVED our Nation during the Korean and Viet Nam eras! We were PROMISED full medical care, not only for us individually, but for our family, as well, for serving 20 years of Active Duty. You don’t have to believe me, just check with your Congressman or Senator, or if you can find one, a “Recruiter” from that era. A promise is a promise! And this promise was something that we considered soberly when we made the decision to make the military a career, just like any civilian who considers the perks for staying with one company or another. We veterans of the era cited don’t ask for anything special, no special treatment, etc…..We just ask that the U. S. Government fulfill its promises to us!

    • John

      Amen, and Amen. 27 year active service retiree, now 84 years old and I agree with Dick.

      • Joe

        I was a recuiter in 1980 and the Army was still saying free medical for life for 20 years.

  • Ed RMC(SW)

    In 1976 I entered Basic Training in GLakes and my BlueJackets Manual reflected life time health care for retirees. In the 1980s, I was a facilitator for Command Training Team (CTT), we presented Rights and Responsibilities, and it was in this workshop that the comment was always made that “What Congress giveth, Congress has the ability to taketh away.” I retired in 1997, so TRICARE is something we all have to deal with, doesn’t make it morally correct, it’s just a plain fact of life.

  • Don Stem

    I joined the Greastest Navy the world has ever known when I was 16 and retired in 1974, in 1954 when I signed on the totted line, I was told that if I stayed for 20 or more years that I would have the same medical coverage that all the menbers of congress have. (maybe a class action law suit would help).

    • dontgothere

      that’s the problem you will NEVER win. too careful to EVER put THAT promise in writing. trust me you will NEVER find that promise in writing.

      • RetUSAF

        Hey, It was in print on the enlistment brochures in the 60’s. 70’s & 80’s.
        I’m sure a lot of folks remember that.

    • James

      I’m all for the class action law suit.

    • MSGDLD

      I’ve got Tricare for Life now, at age 60, and retired out of the federal system with “the same medical coverage that all the members of congress have”, which is FEHB.

      My wife and I have been saving about $500 per month on Tricare for life. I couldn’t have retired without it. Even though it’s aggravating, count your blessings.

      • MSGDLD

        Don, Apologies, I think I have Tricare Prime as a retiree, I have to pay the $500+ per year for family. The figures remain the same though, I’m still saving $500 per month because of the difference in premiums, ($45/month vs apx $300/month), and copays on prescriptions. ($90 vs $300). My wife’s diabetic. So it’s frustrating, a promise is a promise, but I’m thankful I’ve got it. A lot of my friends are not so well off. Now, if we could just get more doctors to take it…

  • Concerned

    We are an obamination!

  • Donald r. Bisson

    The Army siad that if I would stay in the military 20 year or more that I would and my family gate full meadical and Dentail at no cost for life. Everyone know what that mean. The goverment promise is only good for that monent

  • Jimbo

    Ditto. You have it right. It is not a matter of whether we were promised this or that but if we are supporting illegals, indian tribes and most of all congress members and senate members for life without any fees, why should dedicated military retirees that gave either mos and some gave all, should have to beg and sometimes go without because of fees they have not been able to place in their fixed income budgets. Has everyone become nuts?? Cant you guys see it??/

  • Diana

    I am a spouse of a Navy career sailor, having served with my husband during all the years of his service, I’ll said I served right along with him.
    During the 22 years of duty, only 4 of those shore duty. He spent 8 1/2 years out of the home, not including the times he left for one/two/three months. We didn’t expect much except our pension and medical services. It has proven to us the most valuable has been the Tri-care for life. Had it not been for this service, we would have filed bankruptcy many times over. Want to complain about something, take the pension program for surviving spouses. It’s pretty tough living on 55% of his pension after the spouse passes. So much for this issue. we are grateful for the Tri-care program, God Bless our Military

  • This is all so depressing. I’ll be 60 in 5 months, and finally eligible for my retirement “benefits”. (I served 4 years active and 18 years reserve.). I too, have been paying over $600/month for Blue cross and look forward to Tricare. My husband (over 65) will go on Tricare for Life. Do any of you have any tips on how of switch from Medicare part B (and Blue Cross supplemental) to TFL?

    • Butch

      Go to your lacal Tricare office or go on the internet. To me it was better to find an office and change over through them with their help. I think you can also do it on the phone. It really is easy. Good luck.

    • Rick

      To be on TFL, you must pay for Medicare Part B.
      It is automatic. Medicare is primary payer and will submit the bill to TFL when they make their payment. It is pretty seamless – you get EOB from both Medicare and TFL.

      Make sure that your husband keeps his Medicare Part B.

    • Steve

      You have to keep paying medicare part B and TFL becomes the secondary insurer after medicare.

    • Hank

      I’m on Tricare for Life, age 66, 34 years in the military. This is the first increase (when ever it comes) as long as I remember. Compared to those in the private sector this is very inexpensive! Also, once you’re on TFL and Medicare there are no referals required and the entire process is even easier. Hang in there….things are much better than for the majority of Americans. Thanks for your service!

    • Bill

      Hi you need Medicare part B to go with TFL. Just drop your blue cross. I have been on Medicare A&B for a year no other supplements and have only had to pay out of pocket $14. I use express scripts for medications generitcs are free. I have tricare retiree dental it cost $ 38 per person the first year it does not cover crowns and the like. It covers exams, 2 cleaning a year, and pays part of routine fillings. It has a cap of $1100 per year but a plan from a major medical dental co cost 2 times more and only gives you $1400 a year.


    • Jerry C

      TriCare For Life will be become your supplement to Medicare. You must be enrolled in Medicare. This conversion occurrs once you enroll in Medicare.

    • Tom S.

      When you switch from Blue Cross/Blue Shield to Tricare for Life or Tricare make sure your pharmacy does not continue to charge Blue Cross. There is about a one to two month lag before Blue Cross gets the word that you are no longer their customer. This happened too me and over $2000 in charges accrued before BC stopped paying. Even though I told my pharmacy that I was no longer on BC they kept billing because BC kept paying until they finally realized I was no longer a customer. I had to pay BC back before Tricare would begin to process my claim for recovery of the $2000. It took six months for Tricare to pay me and when they did I only got $1500 back due to the difference in what BC and Tricare will pay for a particular drug. Express Scripts is the Tricare prescription drug contractor.

  • SFC Ret. Rich

    I have to agree that promises made have been promises broken.
    at age 60 I paid far less for Tricare than I do now at age 71 for Medicare. The whole thing is a** backwards.

  • We7

    All you all that are complaining – 22 or 44 bucks a month. C’mon Folks. More Excellent Health Care than you could have imagined back in 1970’s , and you say the ‘Gov’t is a liar’. You’re probably a Republican too. We are not, and maybe we should be, asked to to continue to sacrifice a little for our country. . This is just about the greatest veterans health care program in the world

    • Chuck

      Wrong assumption. I am a Democrat and have been my entire voting life. I have made plenty of sacrifices for my country btw. I am medically retired. We also have co-pays for services. It is not free unless you use a military treatment facility. Not every former military or retiree lives near an installation that can provide medical care. Thanks for your “opinion”.

    • Ifeel4us

      It doesn’t matter that it’s $22 or $44 or whatever, this country was built on handshakes and a man’s word. Too bad we have let our standards and our offspring deteriorate to the level they are today with our tolerant and permissive child-rearing to the point that it seems like it’s normal to just let everything be whether it is right or wrong. A promise used to be a promise and now we are asked to just suck it up. Just think when our children are in charge, what will it be like then? By the way, what ever happened to voting for the best candidate instead of locking yourself in a box and thinking one party has the best answer to everything?

    • jim caplinger

      Where, When and how long did you serve, money man?

  • Rusty

    When I entered the military in 1967, retirement pay and medical benefits were “promised” in the same breath. Pay in those days were very low and no one would have stayed in for 20 years or more just on the promise of retirement pay alone. Trust me. TRICARE costs $600 a year per family. Guess what? When you hit age 65, you have to pay for MEDICARE at $100 a month per person, and your total for a couple is $2400 a year. Only if you have MEDICARE, you can have TRICARE for life free. But like retirement pay and health care, the Congress or the President can renig on the “promise.”

  • Frank

    I am a retired E 7 and have tricare now and I love it. Get the best treatment and have no complaints. Even if our rates go up a little (which they just did) it is still worth it. I to was lied to but what can we do? No complaints at this point but if the rates do go up it will be a problem……


    Gotta balance the budget somehow. To heck with all those pesky requests for new equipment. Get rid of those troops who keep whining about multiple deployments for the past eight years. Afterall, there are priority programs that need to be funded like…

    Creating and teaching a graduate program in Uganda to exploit their huge oil reserves (A USAID program which is part of the State Department that Biden said had budget cuts and couldn’t fund more security in Libya). Oh yah, the USAID went from 2900 employees in 2011 to 3900 in 2012.

    Or the pet project of Obama – Americorp. Gotta keep those 90,000 people employed building up the civilian security force that’s just as well trained and funded as the U.S. military.

    And not to even begin to mention all those essential green projects, failed solar battery companies, bankrupt solar panel companies, non-turning wind turbine companies, and all the countries we redistributed our wealth to all for Obama’s pipe dream of a utopian one world order.

  • Lyle

    It’s always funny to me how those who vote for “less government” and “less spending” start yelling and screaming when it effects THEM! Well guess what? – you got what you voted for – so deal with it and stop whining.

  • Samhim

    The information you seek about “indians” is readily available. You can answer your own question about the Oklahoma “indians” by visiting any or all of the “indian” museums. You may want to start at the Gilcrease as it has maps and all kinds of “indian” stuff. I look forward to reading about your journey for knowledge.

    • PMT

      believe me – i have read of all the suffering – i am not denying what happened in the past – but, seriously, i know of blond haired, blue eyed “indians” going to the emergency room for a tummy ache or splinter, demand to get seen by a surgeon & they get their demands met! all for free – oh wait, no, not free b/c all of us taxpayers are paying for it!!!!! i have seen it FIRSTHAND working for the indian healthcare system. all i am saying – if limits were put on percentages of “indian” someone must be to qualify for free health care, the govt would save millions & be able to better serve those who actually put lives on the line in defense of this country! why should some kid w/ “ADD” who is 1/1000 “indian” get free weekly counseling, while a veteran commits suicide while waiting to be seen by a mental health professional?

      • Samhim

        The USG determined who is an “indian,” and signed treaties with the tribes. What you see FIRSTHAND is what the USG put into place. Your problem is not with the “indians,” it is with the USG. Many of those you disparage and say should not be entitled to benefits are, in fact, military veterans.

        • PMT

          yes, some are veterans…. but, i promise you this system is out of control. when an indian can go to an emergency room to get a splinter removed for free while many military families (or anyone for that matter) have to think twice before going to the hospital is very sad! i would love to know what limits were put in these treaties – i spoke w/ a full blooded navajo who was shocked that the cherokee nation allows people of such small percentage indian receive benefits. i am not saying that native americans don’t deserve some compensation – but, seriously, when is the debt paid? the USG needs to enforce limits – we can’t afford this anymore…… fact is that if an indian is a vet, tricare has to pay first, THEN the indian benefits kick in. just because your ancestors suffered doesn’t give you a lifetime of entitlements……. my kids endured emotional hardships when their dad was being shot at in a war – where is their compensation????? something needs to change for the good of everyone!

  • L. Maurer

    Do congressmen have their medical coverage continually raised? I think not.

  • Thomas Kirkham

    Hey fellas, wouuld you all like some cheese with that whine???

    • Gonder, Peter, O.

      What’s your point exactly, Tom? I can read your inference, but what are you really implying? Thanks.

  • Old391


    • M. Paradis

      Amen to that brother

    • Guest

      Please read…….


      • Larry

        That is true. However you do have to start paying $99.00 per month for medicare Part B to be eligible for Tri-Care for life. And then a s I found out recently there are a few things I had with Tri-care that Tricare for life doesn’t cover. For example, a once every teo year eye exam. But then again as others have said, at least I am not having to buy it on the locasl economy.

    • KrB

      They paid into it! And pay much more every month than retired military, and are not normally covered until 65. To think that in order to serve your country you have to spend time in the military is entirely ludicrous. I am retired from the military, get my check every month, and am quite astounded at the level of health care we receive for the small premium. If we were all in the military, who would farm, take care of our infrastructure, manufacturing, THE ECONOMY? Get over yourself. You, like me, are citizens of this great country just as much as those that did not serve yet support our efforts. Conscription has been gone for forty years, and even when the draft was in place, there was no mandatory twenty year enlistment. You chose to stay in, and there was never any guarantee of free medical coverage. “Retiring” with a steady paycheck as young as 38 years old is pretty fair- oh, and let’s not forget the hazardous duty pay we received when in harms way. Probably not the compensation you would want, but then again, you chose to serve, and were not given the option to decide where any more than I was.

  • jerry butler

    you for got that some of us have two pay a copay also

  • Rich

    dirt bags cannot stop themselves. Take the money from the medical benefits given to illegals. Take money from the millions given to the Palestinians. Take the money from the UN dues. Enough of this assault on vets. No wonder these politicians are despised. They already got an increase and because of mismanagement and bad priorities need MORE?? In every correspondence with politicians put this issue in front of them constantly, bombard them with complaints and voting decisions.

    • bob

      The people who gets into congress and those who served are there for one thing – free loading off taxpayers dollars. They caused this country to go bankrupted. They use the US Treasury as their personal checkbook. They are the ones who ruin this country’s reputation as a world leader. We need to get rid of all these folks in congress and put “younger brains” who served this country in uniform and without party affiliation to govern in these modern times. The citizens of this country needs to wake up and don’t be influenced by election propaganda, name calling and finger pointing and take back this country from the few who destroyed it for their selfish reasons. These people are not to be trusted. I would never want one of those folks to be in battle with me or the many colleagues who unfortunately aren’t here to tell their story. The billions of dollares which we don’t have and they send to countries like the ones you mentioned to include Israel, Egypt., South Korea, Japan, etc, etc should be stopped and lets take care of this country first and it’s citizens. Wake up America!!

  • Ron

    Amen! I carried this country on my back and damn near broke it for the 6 yrs I served as an active duty Army nurse. To see the rest of the country who didn’t serve or are here as an illegal get cheap or free healthcare is a damn shame. I might as well go off the grid for a while and comeback as a freeloader who is a parasite to system and contributes in no way at all. What a sham….

  • DON


  • Carla

    When I entered the Air Force in ’72, I was led to believe retirement benefits included free medical care for life. By the time I approached retirement in ’96, I had figured out the promise was a wide-spread lie or a hoax. Either way, it wasn’t happening. At least, so far, we have affordable insurance with TRICARE. I was pleased that the TRICARE cost increase was across the board and not by rank. For the most part, the individuals of higher rank, enlisted and officer, worked harder to reach those higher ranks and did not deserve to be penalized with higher premiums than those who slacked off. The benefit of TRICARE for Life is that you don’t need to purchase a separate supplemental policy, although you do have to enroll in Medicare Part B (currently $99.90 per month, per retiree).

  • DON


    • Gonder, Peter, O.

      Hi Mari, I thought you already had to be. Thanks. Pete

    • Fred Griffin

      You don’t “just about have to have Part B” to have Tricare For Life. It is a requirement! I am also one of the fools who believed my government when they said free health care for life. Do you know how to tell when a politician is lying? His/her lips are moving!


    • guest

      You DO have to pay for Part B for you and your wife in order to get Tricare for Life. If you don’t take it when you first get on Medicare nd decide to later so you can get Tricare forr Life, you are assessed a fine to make up part or all of what you “got by with” when you did not take Part B to begin with.

  • RET25

    Before you complain do your 20 Years like most have done and U.SAM will take care of you !!!!

    • Chuck

      and the Easter Bunny will deliver candy eggs tomorrow as well.

  • Iris Beyley

    Interesting it seems to me that with Obamacare second part looming in the horizon, we all have to pay one way or the other, still as a dependant wife with a retired husband we are healthy, why we have to pay more for healthcare?

    Oh, I forgot, we have to pay for those that Obamacare is going give free care.

    Yeah, socialization but only when it fit the corporate dictatorship.

    Wake up people, this is just the begining.

    • Gonder, Peter, O.

      If any of this is troubling now, and if Obama is reelected, can you imagine what the years 2016 and after will mean for us as a Nation? Have many of us have watched any of those new Futuristic Movies? We are in a State of Dispair and should really look at this election with total thoughts of where we are at as a Nation, and where we are heading based upon our past. As a Retired Marine and Grandfather, fully knowing that my time is waning, I want to know that I will leave our Homeland safe for our children and their children. Our present President has left little secrect of his Socialistic belief for our Nation, where will that lead us? I don’t what to open Pandora’s Box with the Religious messages that may exists fully remembering our Book’s final message, “The Book of Revelations”. Just my thoughts, one doesn’t have to go with them; just my concerns and fears for a Nation and people I have fought for as a very young man, and until I die, will defend. I will continue to pray for our People to make a wise decision this November; sadly, I wish we had 2 competent people to lead our country back to the mightly Nation we once had.

  • Lee Sherard

    So my fee for Great Health Care has increased about 22.00 a month. Get over it.
    One less run to McDonalds with a couple of kid’s will more than cover your loss.
    I am on Medicare, my wife is still on Tricare. It does’nt get any better than this.
    Retired CPO on 20.

    • Dan

      Are you really that ignorant? Once they opened the door and violated our sacred cow, they paved the way to do it on an annual basis. This ia a military retiree benifit/program being administered by appointed civilians who want to advance thier careers by “saving tax payers money” at our expense! Wake up!!!

  • Love my country

    I have been on tricare now for 4 years, and i think for what we pay we got a deal. If you retirees are so upset then go out and buy your own policy lol see how much that costs. I served 25 years in he navy and am a disabled vet with treminal cancer from Nam. TriCare has been a blessing for me and my wife. Suck it up what we pay is crap when you think of what others pay. Take it up with McCain he recommend the hike.

    • Retired SFC

      What don’t you understand , when we re-enlisted and was promised free health for life.

    • KrB

      I concur. Great post. My mom pays more for her meds than I pay for family health care.

    • Falconrk

      Be great if I could actually find Doctors in my area that will touch Tricare Prime.

    • kirk

      I somewhat agree, the only concern i have is i have had 3 different DR pull out of Tricare and it is getting harder and harder to find providers that accept. Make sure you understand accepting and participating, your wallet could be alot lighter.

    • kiddb

      25 yrs service with 4 yrs TriCare = 29 yrs
      terminal service as a result of service in NAM.
      The last serviceman let NAM 37yrs ago.
      What’s rong with your math??

  • Karl


    Lets offer to accept increases in TRICARE without screaming if the government will bring back recomputation of retirement pay everytime the active force gets a pay raise. This was the system prior to the late 1940’s or early 50’s when the 20 year retirement option became available-previously on had to serve 30 years. This would give nearly all of us an immediate pay raise, making an increase in TRICARE costs more acceptable.

  • Richard Lutes

    To Bruce Allen: I could not have said it better than you. I served 22 years and had 3 reenlistments with another after being out for 4 years. I know medical benefits were always used as a verbal enticement, but it was never in a contract. Those who believed that and there are a lot, I say welcomed to the real world. Everything costs.

  • WRK

    Wait ’til you get on TriCare for Life plus Medicare. You’ll breath easier listening to all the kerfuffel about that lunatic ObamaCare. It will make you feel much better about your health benefit.

  • Steve

    Those of us that have served understand what it means to “pay our dues”. With that said, none of us can ever expect our country to maintain the quality of TRICARE service without having to make adjustments to the premiums to negate some of the ever-growing costs. For those that disagree….have something happen in your life that requires major medical and you will then understand how well we (those with TRICARE) have it….especially at the rates we get that coverage!

    • Steve

      Not to be one to dispute opinions without a recommendation…here’s a thought for you:
      instead of complaining in a blog that does nothing but a temporary release of frustrations….write, e-mail, or call your senators/representatives and tell them you want to see TRICARE premiums changed to a “Tierd Premuim based on retired pay”. This will help distribute the cost savings to the government equally among all the retired personnel. An example rate of 2.5% of annual retirement pay would result in a retiree making $22,600 paying an annual premium of $565 and a retiree making $45k paying an annual premium $1125. I believe this would be much more reasonable and acceptable for the “junior ranking” retirees with lower annual retirement incomes.
      You have to admit…there is a VAST difference in retirment pay of that a retired O-6 vice a retired E-7!!!
      If you agree…push this on to your Senators/Representatives…or we will continually be subject to the “fair and equal” premium increases!!!!

  • Lou Howard

    I am 75 years old, Retired AF Master Sergeant. My wife is under 65 and on Tri Care Prime, oh my, we are paying $22 and some change a month for her medical care. We spend more that on one night out to eat. All you cry babies should count your blessings, yes we served 20- or more years for our countryt but were you forced too? I think not.

  • Patrick Hart, SFC

    Tri Care For Life is a great benefit since turning 65 after 20 years service. Amen

  • JoeO

    Despite an increase, TriCare remains a pretty good bang for the buck. Non Military retirees in many cases pay a whole lot more for a whole lot less.

  • John White

    It think everyone is missing a very important point here. Is anyone else aware that DOD recently requested permission from Congress to tranfer $708 million from the TRICARE Fund to other DOD accounts. It seems that there is a surplus in this amount sitting at DOD and they want to use it for purposes oher than our health care. This begs the real question, If there is currently a surplus of $708 million, why would any additional increases in premium be necessary or justified? I make less than $250,000 per year and consider myself middle class. I am getting very tired of hearing the current administration telling me they are looking out for me while driving up my health care costs and using the money for other purposes.


    spent 32yrs in army was proud to serve i like my insurance.I just hope we dont lose it with OBAM CARE. sfc ret army

    • Kyle

      OBAM CARE has nothing to do with Tricare, and the military has been trying to raise Tricare Premiums for 10 years.

  • Wayne Miller

    I don’t have a problem with the increase in fees.. My wife and I are raising two of our grandchildren and if I had to purchase private insurance it wouild put quite a dent in my finances. However, it irks me that those of us who served this country have to pay for those who have never contributed anything and live off the sweat and taxes paid by odthers. Parasites living off the host, (the taxpayers) and the governemnt encouraging it.

  • Patrick

    What some shortsighted and misinformed individuals have choosen to ignore are the cold, hard facts of reality that underscores the countless sacrifices and hardships military servicemembers made upfront in their military service careers. Those sacrifices and hardships were made so that the vast and overwhelming majority of Americans didn’t have to make those same personal sacrifices and endure the many hardships in their and other family member’s lives. All of this was done with the expectation that those many sacrifices and endured hardships were neither accomplished in vain or diminished by those who have never served a greater good in the Armed Forces defending our great nation and it’s national security interests at home and abroad.

  • Joey

    As a retiree, I have no real problems with TRICARE increases. My only issue is with the way it is administered. When a family of two is paying the same as a family of 5, 6, 7, you name it, there seems to be a mismatch. As with all insurance plans, the size of the famliy should have some impact on the families individual premiums. I have taken advantage of the TRICARE Young Adult program for my son (currently 23 and in college) which is costing me an additional $2,400 dollars per year. Again, well worth the cost. At some point the number of people getting care of the family rate needs to be looked at.

  • kirk

    Who knows the correct answer to this question? How long do you have to serve as a Congressman/women, senator ect to receive 100% retirement and health benefits

    • Old Salt

      Do a Google Search on “Retirement Benefits for Members of Congress – US Senate. It will open your eyes perhaps.

    • guest

      one term

    • dick olson

      five years (or less if under special conditions)

    • jim caplinger

      Only long enough to find out where the congressional free lunch room is.



  • Bill

    Instead of bitching here, why not take the same time and send an email to your Congressman and House of Rep and bitch to them. Might make a lot more difference as this page doesn’t get you anything.

  • Ron Paliughi

    To Bruce Allen. I find you remarks condescending and arrogant. Yes, we can have an intelligent discussion, but that includes you not inferring disagreement with your point of view means one is an uneducated whiner. First of all, the proposition that the military healthcare tail of veterans health benefits is eroding the defense budget is complete spin. The numbers presented by this administration are extrapolated with false time intervals, and unrealistic actuary tables. The proposition that that the fraction of the population that are 20+ year
    Veterans receiving health benefits are impacting the Trillion dollar federal deficits
    is ludicrous. The math being presented is false and skewed to the worst case scenario. What is really happening is the Administration/ DOD knows that military people are loyal and accepting. They are an easy mark so let’s raise their benefit contributions, most won’t say a thing just salute and get out their check books.
    I agree with those who replied that almost getting killed for your country puts many veterans in a different category. So please Bruce compared to many who are receiving benefits ( free cell phones, contraception, food stamps, Pell grants, health care for illegal aliens, etc.)Veterans are Not the group to single out as ungrateful or uneducated. How dare you ask for a civil discussion when you bash your fellow veterans- if you truly were one.

  • Kyle

    I don’t have a problem with Tricare premiums going up with inflation and I understand that the promise of free healthcare for life was not written down, but let’s get the word out now. For those of you on active duty, if you stay for 20 and retire, YOU DO NOT GET FREE HEALTHCARE. You get good healthcare but you also get no promise that it will be any more affordable than other healthcare. So what is really going on that while it is easy to say “we support our troops” , it is only talk. As soon as something concrete comes along many, many people forget the sacrifices you made and just want you to pay, just like they do. Sad but true.

  • Old Chief

    The small increase in Tricare fees will not break any of us.Those who disent should leave the program and go out and buy from the private sector.

  • Chris Bodden

    Amen Ron, you could not have said it better!!

  • LH103

    Too bad no one looks at the history. All the answers are there. Military retirees and their dependents had healthcare free of charge at military installations until the early 1990s. That was when they were forced out. Prior to that, CHAMPUS was available free of charge if you did not live near a base.

    The serious problems arose with the drawdown of the early 90s. The MTF could no longer handle the workload. At some facilities, dependents could choose to go off base for healthcare. Retirees were no longer being seen on base.

    With the MTFs not providing the healthcare any longer, the government had to start charging for the healthcare they promised and were providing. Tricare began.

    I entered the service in 1986 and was told I’d have free healthcare for the rest of my life if I stayed in 20 years. At that time it was being provided to retirees free of charge.

    Things change. Look at the retirement system…50%, High-3, 40% rule, the 40%/cash option. What the government needs to do is stand up and say “we did promise that…but things change….and here are the new rules.”

    I can’t believe people are going to fight this much over a few hundred dollars a year when the difference between the 50% and High-3 retirements is a few hundred a MONTH !!! We didn’t see this much ruckus when the retirement plan changed. Maybe that was because the retirees had their cake at the time didn’t care about the younger guys coming in.

    • jim caplinger

      Check the pay scale for whatever rank you were when you got out against what the same pay scale was in the 5os,60s,70,s then use the percentages to find out why some of the older retitees are complaining ,we also did not get cost of living increases back then and it was not retro-active. just a thought for you to ponder.

    • Norm

      Yes TRICARE isn’t free but CHAMPUS never was either. While I was stationed In Germany in the early 90s, I was as an administrator at a military clinic and witnessed millions of dollars in unpaid medical bills that were the responsibility of individual (co-pays). The Canadian System was much better than CHAMPUS, for both patient and healthcare provider, since all bills were paid by the governmen (single payer). That also helps explain why they were happy and willing to pay their fair share of taxes for access to the same quality care our military system was getting but without all the fraud, waste and abuse.

    • Mike Branch

      You don’t say what your rank was when you retired.

    • retired AF Ed Hill

      unfortunately you seem to miss your own point promise made and promise broken now u need to think about the folks who served prior to you joining they had promises made to them and they had them broken also and their a lot more of us living than not and that created and still is creating an overload on the medical services retirement is a different story altogether we need to consider the facts as you call it the system was changed after u joined you still have the 20 year option or as u stated a variety of options don’t see a problem served 20 yrs + so my retirement doesn’t equate to any thing close to what yours will be if u are an E 7 with the current proposed 1.7% pay raise the base pay for an E 7 over 20 will be over 5000 a month that is almost 3. times my base when I retired in 1988 so if you retire after this new pay raise at 20 years your retirement will be 2500 a month I’ll also allow for cost of living increases there were years that the retired folks didn’t receive a cola increase and active people did thanks for letting an old retired person son off

    • henley frank

      i enter the air force in 1974 they told free medical care for the family when you retired yes its cheaper but it suppose to be free if you keep increasing it we want be able to afford it that was one of the eye catching things free medical some one need to take a look at this plan we are also on a fixed income

    • Larry

      Where you getting your info? I have been retired since 1992 and my wife and i go to a military base for health care all the time. I will be on Medicare 1 Feb 2013 and i can still go to a military installation for care. We will have Tricare for life and Tricare Plus.

    • Dale

      Firs at sixtyt the retirement was any high one any high three 40% then 50%
      that changed because of the up roar of the soldiers and the nass exit of military personnel. I joined in 79 when the voluntary army began. The problem we have as retirees is that the military anf elderly are the first cut instead of fat sitting in Washington. Did you know they get tri care free and a retirement after two trems.

  • guest

    Just get ready for the death panel if AHCA is not repealed. That will thin the populatioin quickly by getting rid of the old and sick and leave more for those exempted.

    • BobC

      Guest, do you REALLY believe what you just stated? If you do, you have a serious problem! Regardless of who is elected, we are NOT ever reverting to a society that will do away with the old and sick. Good or bad, Obama Care is just a plan to provide health care for Americans. With the present situation of health care, we certainly need some type of change. We have countless thousands of citizens in the US right now that have to choose between eating and receiving health care or needed medications! That needs to change!

  • doningram

    i expected free med. care the rest of my life, so much for expectations(whatever happened to the rumor NCO, would like to have a word or two with him). i have had nothing but good experiences with the current system and would like it to stay the same, but that is another expectation and it may or may not go away, i’m hoping it stays the same. i am a bit mifted at having to pay so much for the required part B of medicare. i get all my care from the VA and it is great, the premium i paid for the disability was very high, but i am well cared for. i am also mifted by taking the VA pension from my retirement!

    • jfl1971

      if you served 20 or more, then you can claim concurrent receipt and retain your entire retirement while receiving your va pension. you need to look inot that.

  • ray goff

    The nation is going over the fiscal cliff in cost of entitlements all govt freebies, corpate welfare, subsidies, medi-care, medic-aid, tri-care and GS health care. Everyone is going have to pay more or we all fall off the cliff together. Our govt is broke and borrowing more than we can ever hope to pay back at the debt rate we are going.

    • david

      Sure, lets nickel and dime away with retirees and other federal workers not only once but repeatedly. After all, there is no one else to take from.

  • Norm B.

    I’m retired military and federal civil service. I’m on TRICARE for Life (PPO) – not so sure it’s all that it’s cracked up to be. My wife died not too long ago after a tough battle with cancer. Fortunately my daughter was with me when I opened a TRICARE statement saying I owed them $72K. I had to give her the statement to ‘decipher’ it for me – not only did my wife just pass, but now I’m getting slammed with a huge bill. My daughter found a proviso stating I might not owe them anything based upon any other medical insurance I might have. Fortunately, I have private health insurance coverage I continued after retiring from civil service. Had it not been for the additional private insurance, I would have been out the $72K TRICARE noted in their statement to me. As an aside, total medical care for my wife was in excess of $250K, not including hospice care. Nope, sorry – can’t say TRICARE is all that good of a deal. Am I missing something here when I read of how great TRICARE For Life is? No I didn’t bother calling them to check on their statement – I simply checked with my private insurance who assured me I wouldn’t owe TRICARE anything based on what they’d be paying. But no matter, without supplemental health care coverage, I would have been $72K out of pocket to TRICARE. Actually, I still did pay the $72K in the form of monthly insurance premiums (about three years worth), but still, it doesn’t detract from the fact that even with TRICARE, there is no such thing as ‘free’ health coverage for retirees – from what I can see, you’ll still pay – either to TRICARE or towards ins. premiums for private insurance. Take your pick – take a gamble on which will eventually cost you less. I’d very much appreciate any comments, good or bad. As I said, maybe I’m missing something here. Then too, what about Long Term Care (LTC) – TRICARE won’t pay for that, so now I’m hunting around for an LTC policy – which is yet another example of what is not gratis to retirees. I’m not being critical – just stating facts as I know them and as I experienced.

    • Patrick

      Norm; If you have a health insurance policy with a private company as you stated, TRICARE would not be the first payer for the $72K owed for your late wife’s medical care. Therefore, your private health care policy would be the first payer for the covered health care your late wife received. You did know that, right?

      • Norm B.

        Hi Patrick. Yes, my private ins. co. explained that. Makes me wonder now if I should even have private ins. I’ll have to check with TRICARE and see what’s what – many people seem to get everything paid for through TRICARE and the glitch in all of this might be because I have additional insurance. Thanks for commenting.

        • Patrick

          Norm B. No problem with bringing much needed information to the forefront. You do raise an interesting issue about the need for health insurance from a private company. It’s an issue that military retirees need to consider when they have access to TRICARE. I would also strongly endorse Critical Illness insurance to offset many expenses above and beyond what TRICARE would cover since many of those expenses can have a drain on a person’s finances in the long term.

      • o-nerd

        thanks P for the clarification, I was worried about NB’s situation and how that was possible, now it all make sense. Thank you.

    • USMC1965-1993BIGDICK

      Long term care can be a nightmare, you pay and pay and when you need it they throw all kinds of disqualifiers at you so you spend down what little you have for your spouse and you end up dying well before any pay out, I.E. mostly a boon dongle set up for insurance companies. Check out very carefully what you are getting from those who have tried to use it before you start sending them money. You might find that it is like a lot of accidental death policies where it only pays if you are struck by lighting on a clear day or that no other payments of any type can be made to your beneficiary in regards to that accident by anyone else.

      • Norm B.

        Semper Fi fellow Marine!! Yeah, from what I’ve been reading, LTC may not a good deal. From what I see, it all depends on which program you enroll in and at what cost – sounds morbid to say it, but with so many policies, it’s as if you need to die within one, two or three years or else the LTC runs out – you need to buy a policy based on a gamble on how long you think you’ll need long term care. What happens after that is what I need to check into. Thanks for replying.

    • gcrivera

      Federal employees insurance has LTC insurance – be sure to check it out!

      • Norm B.

        Sounds good! I’ll take a look. Thanks!

    • Joe B

      I have tricare as does my adult daughter. She also, has private insurance. Because of that, that private insurance becomes primary and Tricare becomes secondary. It works find as what ever the primary does not pay for Tricare picks up. Maybe it is the same in your case. I would call Tricare and find out and give them a chance to tell their side of the story.

      • Norm B.

        Thanks Joe. I think you’re right. Rather then live with thinking of what I might have had to pay, I guess I ought to call TRICARE to get it sorted out. Thanks for taking the time to reply.

        • Richard

          I’m retired on Medicare primarily with Tricare for Life secondarily. My experience has been very positive and covered for most everything. The residual charges have been minimal and often written off by the hospital/doctor. I have had some pretty serious charges for chronic nerve damage and I’ve been covered. I add this to the comments for everyone wondering about what’s in their future. Who knows what the future holds but my experience has been good so far.

    • tom

      Norm I am retired after 22 years in submarine service[1991] and my wife and I have battled with TRIWEST and first none of the people who work for them know anything[TALK TO SEVERAL OF THEM ABOUT ONE SUBJECT AND YOU WILL GET SEVERAL DIFFERENT ANSWERS AND NONE THE SAME.]TRI-WEST INSURANCE IS THE WORST BUT IT IS INSURANCE[GOVERNMENT TYPE.]Ihave never seen a one sided group of idiots[DOD MEDICAL] RUNNING the show.

    • moonskipper

      Try a supplement. We have one and it saved us several grand after my husband had surgery.

  • Jose V. Ogo

    I am retired from the Army but all my time was acquired in the Army National Guard and Army Reserve (1954 to 1996) when I turn 60 year old, My MOS is 63Z as an enlisted and 915A as a CW3. I tried to go active durnig the Viatnam war but they wouldn’t take me. My rank at the time was S/sgt E6, I was told that I have to reduce my rank down to Pvt-1 to join. At that time I guessd that the Dept of Defense and Army does not recognize the Army National Guard as part of the overall forces to defend the United States of America. Prior to 1968 I believe, the national guards and reserve connot enter a military base unless on active duty, and no dependent benifit during this time.

  • Military Man

    Hmmmmm….I spent 30 plus years of my life starting in 1961 on active duty. Mr Allen states that the Government never promissed free medical care for life for those that choose to serve 20 years of active duty. I totally disagree with that statement. All recruiters activly utilised this as an inhancement to secure enlistees. The VA was initiated as part of this agreement. Mr Allen has some good points and some bad. His approach is insulting to those of us who served 20 plus years and for that matter those of you who have sustained injuries in the defense of our country.

    • Ken

      I joined in 1968, I was told that the LOW pay we recived would be made up for if we stayed for twentyyears!! With our pension, plus free medical, DENTAL and eye glasses !! In 1968 I was making $44 every two weeks my wife surported us. I was not eligible for base housing!! In the seventies you did’nt stay in just to serve your country, we were all called baby killers and spit on. The Navy retion rate was under 7%!! In the navy I served in !


  • E9USN

    Politicians are only good in making promises. Fulfilling it is another thing. I know who to vote this time and the name starts with R. It is time to make a change to unfulfilled promises.

    • USMC1965-2003BIGDICK

      If only the Affordable Care Act (Obama Care) could have been single payer and all that money went into healthcare instead of to insurance companies, lawyers, accountants, administrators, banks, director boards,

  • ian bell

    I find it ludicrous that there is any fee at all since our Congress and Senate Members get their health insurance for “FREE” and at TAXPAYER expense!! Why are they not having to pay even 10%!!

  • Norm

    Point of clarification. TRICARE is NOT health insurance in the traditional sense of the word. When I worked for TRICARE ten years ago it was considered a miltary Health Maintenance Organization (HMO) for those who serve(d) and their dependents, with ithe intention of providing access to quality care at low cost. I bellieve ihat has been a true statement ifor the most part since its inception. I also believe that it is a promise ( since nothing in life is guaranteed except death and taxes) that needs to be kept in the future, regardless of who is Presiden, in Congresst or controls the purse strings in the future. – in times of peace and in war.

  • Vicente Castaneda

    I hope that with this new increase,we the retire SOLDIERS can be able to get appointments to be see for our medical need,the last 3 month my wife has been sick and unable to obtain an appointment. I for one would like to know WHAT IS GOING > I HAVE TO PAY MORE AND BE SEE LESS. Something is wrong

  • kevin

    Bruce allen first of all I can see why your not complaining ONe you had afforadble military health care and they never raised premiuns on you, but now your on tricare for life and ducked the raising of premiums. so the rest of us are just ungrateful retirees if you were in our shoes you would be to…..also I see you and your wife retiered from the military……must be nice to have those fat checks……..hell if I did I wouldnt be worried about anything,

    • Bruce Allen

      One correction, please, my wife and I are both on TRICARE Prime, not Tricare for Life which is for those eligible over 65…and we will stay on Tricare Prime until we reach 65 in about 2 years.

      But would that matter? Apparently not, because now you criticize because my wife and I, both retired military, are receiving military pensions? How about the fact that we also own our home and are debt free…is that another valid criticism?

      And finally, to those who continue to criticize the issue of promised “free care”. I did not argue that point, I never said that people were not promised health care. What I said was that free health care was never officially legislated. In other words, there was NO requirement by LAW that required the benefit to be paid exclusively by OTHER than military citizens.

  • long time gone

    I have yet to hear anything about free healthcare for life that was made by officers who we allowed to make contracts for the goverment and then advertised by Uncle Sam

  • Al51

    Before congress passes on these fees to US, how about they take the first step and INCREASE some of their own costs; they sit on their behinds while WE the military deploy to some god awful places and are on call 24/7 365 yet congress KEEPS taking and giving very little or nothing back in return. Congress HAS NO VESTED interest in US so to them these increases mean nothing. WE as a nation need to take this country back, VOTE for these people that support us and realize the sacrifices we are making. Tri-care SHOULD NOT be touched!! It is a very good program, LEAVE IT ALONE

  • jcglass34

    My Husband was in the military for 30 years and retired for 37. The military took good care of him both before and after his retirement. He received the same treatment that I did when I was insured by my job with the University of Calif. Of course the other UC Retirees pay $345 per MONTH I was greatful that I could switch to Tricare Prime and paid my $269 per YEAR. Get real as retirees and retiree dependents we have a pretty good deal. Look around at your civilian neighbors ask how much they are paying.

    • trishmartin45

      Yes, we have a pretty good deal compared to civilians – at least superficially. I don’t know what rank your husband had for the 30 years he served, but comparing his wages for the job done against a comparable civilian job would show that he received about 1/3 to 1/2 LESS than the civilian did. The medical coverage was part of the enlistment/commission agreement between the U.S. government and the individual to compensate for the lower pay, 24/7/365 on call status, remote assignments, family separations, etc.,etc. So overall, it balances out and to imply that we got a better deal than the civilians is to ignore the sacrifices made by the military member AND his/her family to provide those years of service.

  • Suppo

    I resent the fact that I spent 8 years active and 23 years reserve working to keep Socialism from spreading from the Soviet Union (along with it’s Eastern Bloc holdings), China, North Korea, North Viet Nam and Cuba, and now find that I should have stayed home to fight the fight.

  • USMC1965-2003BIGDICK

    USMC 1965 TO 1993


  • robert hill

    If the gov had the same health care we have it would be left alone same with social security . That is our ,money and they spind it like its theirs . They spend four years in office and get full pay for the rest of their lives and we spend twenty years is service and only get half our pay . Our lives are on the line and they sit on their ass in washington spending money and taking trips with OUR MONEY what wrong with this picture . We need to replace everyone in gov and get some new blood . People that love this country and will fight for the people .

  • P Siegel

    I enlisted on the Air Force in 1976. I was promised free medical and dental care for life if I put up with the low pay we got then and stuck around for 20 years. I did my part, now I am paying for something I earned. The pay the current military receives is much higher then even just 10 years ago. You can’t compare the well paid current military with the low-paid military of past years. Part of our compensation used to be the medical and dental benefits we received when we retired.

    • james albritton

      I entered the military on June 20, 1962 and retired on Oct 1, 1982. I received during that 20 years a total of $105,000.00 that works out to $5,000.00 per year, My retired pay started at 740.00 per month. I too was promised the same thing. The higher ups in the military do not care about us. A person is elected to the congress and after his first term he is guarnteed a big retirement for life plus a complete medical care. plus money for staff who would work for them. I say they should not be able to do this but who’s going to change it. they certainly aren’t .

    • Ride4vets

      Welcome to the Obamanation

  • Dave Kegley

    You know if our congress would get rid of this $338.3 BILLION a year for illegal persons in this country, we could have a good tricare for life.
    If congress would pay for their insurance, this would help even more.

    • o nerd

      Dude I checked and it would appear your number is bogus. Says the number is more like 10.4 billion, hardly a dent in the cost of military healthcare and benefits. I really don’t think a chain email letter is a reliable source to be quoting from. But I guess if it reinforces your hate of illegals that makes it ok.

  • Ken

    I agree and vote the bastard out in november!!

  • Retired SeaBee

    Why is it the Senate and Congress get FREE Medical for life and they ask everyone else to pay more. I don’t see them having to chip in. We the retirees and every other civilian pays for their medical. When will people get smart and start demanding that they pay too?

    • S lobs Mom

      How their health care plan works

      Members of Congress participate in the Federal Employees Health Benefits Program along with about 8 million federal workers, retirees and their dependents. They are subject to the same rules and receive the same coverage. Compared with health plans offered by private employers, the FEHBP offers more choices — in fact, “the widest selection of health plans in the country,” according to the Office of Personnel Management.

      Congress members are also eligible for Medicare, and pay the same 1.45 percent tax on their salary as do other workers.

      A few extras

      Congress members do receive some medical benefits beyond those available to regular federal workers.

      For an annual payment of $503, members can receive routine care from the Office of the Attending Physician, which has facilities in the Capitol. ABC News reported last year that these services include physicals and other examinations, on-site X-rays and lab work, physical therapy and referrals to medical specialists.

      In addition, current members (but not their dependents) can receive medical and emergency dental care at military hospitals and clinics. Inpatient care is covered by FEHBP insurance, but outpatient care is free if it’s performed at facilities in the national capital region, such as Bethesda Naval Hospital in Maryland or Walter Reed Army Medical Center in the District of Columbia.

      This benefit is likely the source of persistent online rumors that all medical care is free for Congress members.

    • o’nerd

      it is called a perk, and it is mostly the big dogs that get them. Why do CEO’s fly about in 50 million dollar Gulf? because they can.

  • USAF1

    For those who continue to direct us to ask our neighbors or civilian friends how much they are paying in healthcare, let me remind you while my neighbors and civilian friends spent the holidays with their families, most of us spent ours in a combat zone. I have missed birthdays, holidays, first steps, first words, my family has had to learn to carry on their lives without me in it and realize the possibility I may not come home. I have been on 24-hr call for over 20 years and at the end of it if I bulk at the government seeing my health insurance as low hanging fruit in the budget issues, I do not believe that makes me selfish, irresponsible, “entitled”, or misinformed. I answered the call when it came, I answered it without reservation or limitations. I expect my earned BENEFITS not entitlements.

    • R. Ivey

      Bruce Allen reasonably states what is going on with premium increases. I would also add that many civilian police officers – just one example I know about – spend 30 years on the force, patrolling dangerous sections of the cities and counties that employee them. Each year, a portion of them are killed and injured. One department I know about has not seen a COLA or any of increase in salary for 5+ years. They certainly make low pay, by any standard & they contribute to state retirement and 401K programs. Health care is part of those benefits, but premiums can increase. Also, they miss holidays quite regularly, and for years in a row. I served, but did not retire from the military. Three retirees however are in my family. Opinions vary, and I know that. The opinion I have is that Tricare and Tricare for Life is a good health benefit.

      • sandra dorsey

        Do any of you folks see any of the (already rich) politicians having to wait for months to get a medical appt.? DO you see them (or their spouses) get told come back in 6 months and another 6 months when something is not right (ovarian cysts)? DO you see any of them being told (or implied) its your imagination, the test request submitted was rejected/denied because of whatever etc?) THE (already rich) politicians, have healthcare (among other benes) paid for via the working taxpayers..and yet, we, the working taxpayers cant even get a doctors appt. In fact, in Tricare, you rarely, if ever get to see a real doctor..Everyone is a legalized midwife (FNP Family Nurse Practioner)

        IT peeves me off, because the only ones I see getting top notch healthcare, in reasonably quick timeframes, and getting to see real doctors, are the ones money can buy only ..and like idiots, we keep these jerks in office while we go without or with diddly squat..
        I say, CUT the already rich politicians pay, pensions, healthcare, security…ALL of the politicians..and Ill betcha, within a year or two, our national debt will be about gone..and MAYBE us older vets, retirees, spouses can get some decent care for a change..and yes, Tricare stinks..but beggers cant be choosers..Meaning..its all most of us can afford..IF we could afford other insurance/more insurance..we would have it..but we dont/cant..

    • Bob

      Stop your crybaby attitude your making the rest of us real vets wanna throw-up! NOBODY forced you to join, you knew the game plan, now nut up and be all you can be…..

    • reb

      I was a Cop for 8 yrs before I returned to the military and later retired. I spent many a holiday period on duty or undercover. That’s the job, no big deal. If
      I objected to spending that time away, I should have found other

  • USMC1965-1993BIGDICK


    • Jim Butler

      I enlisted in the U.S. Army in Jan 1955. I have to pay for medical care through medicare, my wife and I each pay approx. $100. per month. So much for free health care. I do have tri-care for life, which covers my deductible from medicare.

  • Patrick

    Does anyone know the answer to the following question?

    Who pays for the healthcare of people in the United States who do not have healthcare insurance because they are unregistered illegal aliens?

    NOTE: This is not a loaded or trick question.

    • 877WIFE

      yOU AND I DO!

    • Marty

      Tax dollars. straight from your pocket and my pocket.

    • joy

      I don’t know where you guys live, but this is a upper middle class neighborhood where I am at.. and you and I are paying for Legal White people as well. There ARE many American citizens who can’t afford or are under-insured.

      • BeeDub

        A big problem here is that they abuse the ER. Conditions that insured or paying patients would normally see their family doctor, the uninsured have no one else to see them so they use the ER for things like routine sore throats or ankle pain for 2 months. They get billed for the service but “choose” not to pay. So it’s not like they get “free” care, they just get care that they “choose” not to pay for. Simular to stealing. You can’t go into Wal-mart and “choose” not to pay without going to jail. But I digress. Also, there are free clinics in many communities and these are funded mostly by tax dollars and many doctors provide services to these clinics at reduced cost or no cost by an aggreement with the community or just the doctor being a good citizen.

    • Tom

      Yes, it has been the Military who every time the dollars become tight, gives up their pay raises which are well below the civilian sector and the government then uses our loss to beef up the civilian sector. To me that bad or poor management.

      • Cord

        Let’s face it. Many of us went into the military because we had no where else to go. Were we really all that patriotic? Perhaps, many of us were. But I bet the ones with the greatest beef with our benefits were not the most patriotic. I am proud to be a DAV’er. God bless America, and I thank God for what few benefits I get. I could not afford insurance for my family if it were not for Tricare. I feel blessed, though it seems to costs me a bit more each year.

    • BeeDub

      It depends on where they are seen. No ER can turn a patient away — it’s the law. Family doctors and urgent care clinics can turn them away (after they assess it’s not a true emergency at which time they just call 911.) Therefor most uninsured people are seen in the ER. Of course the patient is billed but many do not pay. Therefor the hospital and the attending doctors eat the cost. In turn, the insured patients are billed enough that hospitals and doctors make a decent income. Of course, this jacks up the cost of medical care. Therefor, the quick and easy of it is that any paying patient are billed enough to cover the cost of the non-paying patient. Of course this also includes the government payee of Medicare and Medicaid.

    • BeeDub

      Eventually, though, the system has to break as more and more people loose their insurance and the hospitals can only charge so much and the governement or private insurance will say that it is too much and stop paying. As has been mentioned in other posts, this is not just an illegal alien problem, it is mostly the uninsured in a community. Actually, the illegals don’t usually come in for routine stuff becuase they don’t want to be found. Usually when the illegals come in, it’s a serious problem. In most communities it’s not the illegals that are eating up the medical resources, it’s the locals

    • Patrick

      I was really begging the question when it was obvious who pays for the healthcare of unregistered illegal aliens in the United States. Yes, it is John Q. Public and Jane Q. Doe, salaried/wage income earners and taxpayers, who are footing the bill for unregistered illegal aliens receiving free or gratis health care in the United States. The American income/wage earner is paying taxes to subsidize the healthcare of unregistered illegal aliens using our healthcare resources. Furthermore, the American salaried/wage income earner is also paying higher healthcare insurance premiums to offset the rising cost of healthcare delivery by those individuals who refuse or choose to not buy healthcare insurance when they have the financial means and resources to afford healthcare insurance.

      • O Space nerd

        Dude you said it wasn’t loaded question, if you know the answer,wtf?

    • R Pritch

      Actually, the Chinese are paying – we borrow it from them.

      • O Nerd

        Only 1 trillion

    • Daniel

      the tax payer, they, the treatment facilities, charge the state for the care they receive. It get worse, they get free meds as well.

    • j. Collins

      Look in the mirror.

  • Bill

    I joined in 1968. Then promised Med/Dential/Vision for life. HMMMM paying for it all now. Spent 26 years in U.S. Navy and proud of it.

    Bill in North Carolina

    • Larry

      I don’t know who you talked to in 1968. I enlisted in 1967. I was not promised free health care for life or free dental car or free vision care.

  • Frustrated

    Chiming in….Take some of those millions of dollars that the VA spent on exuberant conferences, the Senate spent on nude beach excursions, and all the other wasteful Government travel expenditures that folks are resigning over and apply them to broken promises! Bet things would start to look up in a positive manner real FAST! And….ya just gotta love how all of those Government, fraud, waste and abuse programs are saving us billions! Yea, Right, rather they are just adding to the LOSS!

  • D. Freese

    I was an AF recruiter over 5 years in the late 50’s and early 60’s. Yes Free medical after retirement was part of the program and was listed as so in many of the handouts and recruiting pitch for all branches of service. We were all misled.
    What a shame. DJ

    • Marty

      I was a recruiter for the Coast Guard in early 70’s and then from 1984-1988. Free medical after retirement was a major selling point to get people to sign up for military service. Yes, is was in writing then. Thank You, for making a liar out of me for so many years…I must apologize to all those who heard me tell this lie. Forgive me if you believed what I had to say about free medical for life. By the way, I believed it too. I retired in 1988. Now 24 years later and now, I find the wool being pulled over my head. Lol, lmfao

  • USAF Retired

    I am retired Air Force and if I had to pay what my peers pay for civilian healthcare through the company I work for, I would be paying monthly for what My annual family Tricare Prime costs today. I was promised free healthcare when I enlisted as well, I am thankful I have a health care plan that doesn’t cost very much monthly and is alot less than what it would cost if I did not serve my country.

    • Retired Army

      I doubt your peers at your civilian job moved their famlies 5 times in the last ten years as I did, or spent time in a war zone away from their famlies, or were promised free medical upon retirement. I’m sure after 28 years at their job they made a lot more than I did after 28 years of service. I don’t feel for you civilian peers at all.

  • Larry

    We as Retirees are on a one way ticket to Hell.

  • Tom

    That’s great, spent 22 years in defense of our country and never paid a dime while I was active. Now that I’m retired the government is getting their bucks back to sponsor Medicare and the executive branch as Obama care deregulated the medical insurance world. Yes, medical care was free, as explained by my Boot Camp Instructor ABEC Fulbright. Looks like America fell in the toilet. This E-8 here doesn’t understand how his retirement $700.00 per month is the paper used in the flush back to Washington.

  • Jose

    Even if I agree with many of you I still believe we get much more than civilians and pay much less. Yes, I did serve 26 years and many of them in the middle of nowhere working 15 hours daily for 6 days, sometimes 7. Still, that was a decision I made and I do not regret any of it. So far I have used Tricare Prime to the fullest and with 4 kids is a great deal.

    But I do understand why some are not happy and I can’t blame you. Lets hope Congress wakes up after taking 9 months vacation this year and comes up with a better alternative. Maybe increasing their medical insurance and maybe working a little more ( like 8 more months annually) to earn those benefit will make them feel what we feel. . NARD!!!

  • NxtIndian

    I don’t understand these people that want to let the government off the hook on a promise they made. Excuses like; ‘Oh the government didn’t realize the medical cost would go up so much’. Or ‘hey this isn’t the first promise broken’ You don’t think the government doesn’t have actuaries that knew this a long time ago. All we hear today is this government agency and that government agency says “We can’t afford it or We need more money” Who the hell figures out these numbers? The government wasn’t blind to what was coming they just want retirees to bend over and take it. Remember what MacArthur said “Old soldiers just fade away”. That is what our government wants us to do. To top it off they want to start charging senior (over 65) retirees over $100 a month for Tricare for life. Figure this one up. Medicare=$100 a month for 80%, Tricare=$100 a month for 20% whats wrong with this picture. Second point to those that want to give the government a break. Please Please call me next time you need something done, like a re-roof of your home. I’ll bid $100 and when the job is done I’ll charge you $10,000 and say, “Hey I didn’t realize the cost of labor and materials would be that much”. And you better not complain! Or let me sell you a whole life policy and 20 years down the road triple your premium and say “Hey we didn’t realize so many people would die we need more money” Think you wouldn’t be mad as hell?
    Get real what ever happened to Honest Abe? Well I guess we retiree’s should have known, look what the government did to the Indians! We are the new Indians.

    • Dave

      People are living longer than they ever have despite not necessarily being all that healthy. Health care is costing more and more each passing year as it’s getting substantially better with each passing year. But at some point the tax payer, the vast majority who are getting no such deal themselves nor a hefty government pension to boot, say hey wait a minute. With retiree rolls still expanding, DOD is slowly turning into an HMO. As a military retiree myself, I think it’s an unrealistic expectation that none of the cost increases will ever get passed off to us when it’s clearly starting to be a substantial portion of the DOD budget. Now before we get gouged, I want to see substantial cuts to the federal government and the reformation of entitlement programs made first before veteran/retiree programs/benefits are impacted. But if the national debt/deficit isn’t corrected we’re going to paying even more. We’ll have to…

  • rick from Crocker Mo

    I retired in 97 after 26 years, wife and 4 kids. My wife died and all my kids are gone except one 18 year old with autism. I still pay the same amount as I did with a house full of people. I have no complains. Tricare takes care of our needs, service is great. I feel fortunate that the cost is so low. I worked as a medic in the AF in the early 70’s care in military hospitals was almost impossible to get. Working the ER it would be filled with mom’s with their sick kids because there were no appointments. Unless it was an emergency or something unique, all the patients were treated by medics. I don’t know what was or wasn’t promised in the 50’s 60’s or even when I joined. I didn’t join for the medical care. I didn’t join out of sense of pride. I joined because I wanted a better job. The service was good to me, and medical care is good. I for one have no complaints. If the fee has to increase, so be it. It is still cheaper than my counterparts working for the state or the county which I worked for both

    • Ron from Lomita, Ca

      I have to agree with you Rick. My annual premium for my wife and I is very inexpensive compared to the cost of other insurances on the outside. I never anticipated that my premium would stay this low the entire time that I am retired. I really do not have a problem paying an increase in my annual annual premium for my Tricare, so long as I continue to get the care same outstanding I have been receiving and my premiums do not skyrocket out of control. I actually anticipated that it would eventually be going up.

    • t dougherty

      I must agree with you that this is better than what was available before, and having paid for Health insurance from a job before wos 10-15 times higher

  • Ernie

    I served 30 years in the Navy as a Boiler Technician. I retired in 98. The rule should be that medical and dental together can not increase more than half of the COLA increase we receive when there is a COLA increase. I would like to get a raise in my retirement pay once in awhile.

    • IraqVet

      Absolutely dead on, but instead we start losing money on our retirement.

      Of course these decisions do effect those that recommend and advocate for these increases.

      • IraqVet

        I stand corrected “they do not effect the privileged deciders”.

  • Jim

    It is easy to understand how retirees feel betrayed. Quite simply, that is exactly what happened. One thing that did not change is the perks available to our politicians. They are doing fine, thank you very much, as they always look after themselves first.

  • Jim


    When you qualify forf Medicare they will become the primary payor and TRICARE will be secondary. Medicare sends TRICARE the bill and you get a final statement from TRICARE after they have paid. (Obamacare does not steal from Medicare but redirects some of the fees it presently pays to hospitals and doctors back to pay for its insureds.) I have Medidcare and TFL and so far have paid a very small amount for health care–including for a stint in the hospital for a heart probelm. The program has worked very well for me and I hope it will now do the same for you.

  • Dave Gander

    I would use every curse word in the book, but that would not change anything. Get rid of Obama a guy with no military service, and put in someone who knows the military first hand.

  • Don

    Thanks Obama. Please Romney appeal all this BS against military retirees while people on medicaid get everything including dental and meds free.

    • SFC Lawrence

      get out of your bubble and go to

    • retiree’s wife

      I don’t know what state you live in, but in Ohio, nobody who has medicaid gets free dental, because no dentisit work for what medicaid will pay. Children in Ohio who have the misfortune to be on Medicaid can wait up to a year to be seen for developmental delay,because that’s the waitlist time for an appointment at Nationwide Children’s Hospital. Yes, military retirees and their dependents are being robbed of what was promised, but it isn’t the fault of indigent children on Medicaid, it’s the fault of all those fat ratba#@!$#s! in DC and all the MBA’s who run the big corporations and sold us all down the river to China to make another 17cents to pay their shareholders.

    • USMC1965-1993BIGDICK

      You must live in that neither world of the right that has their own reality.
      Check out who is on the various programs and you might just see yourself or someone close to you.
      And yes, I will be supporting the man who seems to understand America and is on the side of nearly all of the people, our current President.

    • inge

      i don’t know what you alls complaints are, my healthinsurance cost me every year more, and sorry do say medicare does not cover everything between medicare, healthplan and dental plan i am out 3500$ a year that does not include copay, so you still better off and i paid in the sytem too. don’t blame on obama but on the teaparty,why should we carry always the blunt of this we are people too.
      mye husband is in the late 60 and still has to work for healthplan to make up for medicare and pay for copayments, i would be very carefullyu what and whom i vote for, seems like you ‘ll problem is not that severe

  • Mike

    Thanks for the info PMT. I guess I am going to move to Oklahoma in the future if Tricare keeps going up. I think my great great Grandmother was American Indian and it sounds like a great deal!

    • PMT

      gotta have proof & a freakin’ “indian” card! here’s the corker – as a diabetic who works for the indian health care system, we are not allowed even a simple blood glucose test – we are not “entitled”!!!!! we have to go to the va for that – take leave all morning in order to do that! again – WHAT;S WRONG W/ THIS PICTURE???? when will taxpayers wake up & realize that we are paying for healthcare for “indians” who shouldn’t even qualify for anything….. never mind all the other handouts they get! let’s help people who actually served! did you know that the commissioned corps of public health (a branch of the navy) gets all the entitlements of active duty armed forces members, but, they never get deployed or have 1/4 of the hardships of armed forces members?????

  • lew

    I served 20 years and was told that my health care would be provided at the nearest milartary installation for free and without a installtion near by that I would receive medical care at a reduced price. I entered into the service too serve and protect my country; whichI was proud to do until the past few years . Where everyone seems to belive that the country has to give them everything for free without returning any type of service in return.

  • BKBcountry

    You can thank POTUS Barack Insane Obama for this continuation of erroding our benefits, their is no way a Republicans senate would have put this bill through to start with, (IF YOU DON’T LIKE YOUR KIDS OR GRANDKIDS VOTE FOR INSANE AGAIN”

    • Ann

      @BKBcountry….think again….it was the Republican Congress that denied the Veterans Jobs Bill….and anything else the President has been in favor of…even when he negotiated for it…. I love my children and will Vote for Obama to ensure the country is moving in the right direction! Making sure that families don’t have to worry about a loved one who has reached a lifetime limit for healthcare….making sure women get equal pay for equal work….helping all Americans to be healthier….also….it amazes me the words used to describe the President….

      If you think Romney will do better, just be ready for the outsourcing of America! Look at Illinois if you don’t believe. Before you vote, you should do some research on Bain (Romney still controls Bain through the Blind Trust!) but if you would rather ignore actual actions of Romney, but look for reasons to dislike the President, then just go with your hatred.

    • guest

      Dude your presious Congressmen are making $175,000 a year while there are homeless vets on the streets!

      If Congress really wanted to help then they should all take a 60% pay cut to help the vets that they sent off to war so their companies could make them rich.

  • Ronald Padro

    How dare you scr— the Mil. this way why don’t you take a big chunk out of the Senate & Congress AND GIVE IT TO THE PEOPLE WHO GAVE THERE BLOOD FOR THIS COUNTRY.

    • guest


      In fact “IF” the people of this country wern’t so selfish, blind, cowards, and greedy, they would see that Congress needs to be impeached.

      They are the ones that have keep the war going,
      They sent support to Saddam Hussain, Bin Ladin, and Sects of the Al Queda. And they are still sending money to countries that want to kill Americans and support terrorist.
      That makes every Congressman who supported it, a trator to America

      • vieteravet

        It’s not congress liberal It’s the senate and our dip $h1t president!

      • guest,

        And just how does your post apply to the above subject of TRICARE?????

    • O Nerd

      If you want low taxes something will get cut. It is very simple math. Do a little research, add the numbers together.. It takes dollars, tax dollars to pay for our benefits and the tax payers are saying enough and we will suffer. Blame the politicians, not ourselves for always asking for more tax cuts. The47%ers rule.

      • Brenda

        Why does it always have to be the military that gets cut though? They never, ever cut their own salary or raise their premiums! The tax payers are not saying to cut the military-all that I have read want Congress to take cuts of their own salaries! Instead they will give SS & Military a 1.5 to 1.7% raise & at least a 1.9% raise to themselves!!!!

  • sfcpete

    This is only the tip of the iceberg called Obamacare – retes have gone up since the requirement that insurers must keep children on the family plan until they are 26. Insurers don’t insure anyone for free.

    • Homer

      I just hope the active duty, and retired military personnel along with their families do not vote for the personnel that is supporting this issue. Another factor to show ever who came up with this idea do not care about the military supporting our Country.

    • Daniel

      Tricare does not fall under Obama care, they don’t have to change anything, they are exempt.

    • o nerd

      Most states allow for insurance pools, when they are large and healthy they can have very low premiums. As people start getting older they get sick causing premiums to slowly rise, but then healthy people realize they can move to cheaper new pools, which leaves only very expensive sick people left in the original pool which is why that pools rate skyrocket. figure it takes 200 health people in a pool to support one really sick person in order to have reasonable premiums. These separate pools prevent this from happening.

  • Manny

    I’m sitting here reading all the commnets on this topic and I am getting further and further depressed after each sentence that I read. I’m retired with 21 yrs service… never used the VA. Always pay my premiums for Tricare Prime. I think it is a great system… so far. But when is the governemnt going to quit squeezing us into a corner while many in this country are playing the system and getting many of thier wants, NOT NEEDS… satisfied. All the welfare bums, food stamp scams, disability moochers, etc. etc. I am totally disgusted and can understand why so many of our young heroes are diciding to just give up and punch out. Sad.

    • Ken

      I agree as a 24 year active duty Air Force Veteran. Why does the government give money to bums, food stamp scams and unemployment scams. Unemployment should only be for 2 weeks and maybe they would get a job. Why hurt the Veteran?

      • O Nerd

        Because it’s cheaper then training them for work, putting people in prison.
        Try to remember that a great many veterans, combat veteran receive food stamps, sis, and unemployment benefits and it is wrong to call those individual bums. I I don’t think that is what you mean.

    • o’nerd

      your family policy has a value of close to 15,000 dollars, someone has to pay for it. Tax cuts mean less money to pay for that great benefit which means more of the 15k has to be paid by the policy holder. I have yet to meet a service member that likes to pay his taxes. It is like it is a secret, all our money comes from tax dollars and when they get cut, something is going to have to give and the veterans will pay more and we will get less. It quite simple math.

    • Man

      I have been retired for 26 years, when I was drafted in the sixty there were a saying the Army take care of its own not so. They have taken aways most of the benifits, whenever there is a pay raise insurance goes up taken most of the raise. I agree with Manny and Padro you have those people taken the tax payer money thats able to work but too lazy to do so. Its always focus on the middle class when it comes to taken money out of our pockets which mean to us just as much as those maken in a year what some of the people make in a life time. Why not take from Congress and the Senate a lot could be save.

    • Brenda

      I knew that once they raised the Tricare Prime, that it would not be the end of the raising of premiums. Once they get permission, they never stop!

  • Susan

    You people have it all wrong. I have Medicare (just turned 65) and Tricare For Life as secondary. I was diagnosed with cancer one year ago, my bills are up to 300K, and I haven’t paid one penny for treatment, cuz Medicare and Tricare cover it. If you vote for Romney, you might as well move to another country as the rich will destroy the poor.

    • AL J


      • o’nerd

        sorry but that isn’t true. four years ago I voted for Obama and I was not a millionaire, I had a net worth of less than 100,000 dollars, 2.5 years later my stocks became worth over one million dollars. I am sure I am not the only one who made a lot of money because of Obama. But like all those other people who made a lot of money I find I don’t like paying taxes and I am voting for Romeny because I know if he repeals health care reform I will save 4 percent in taxes and there will be a good chance he will reduce my taxes to close to zero. I believe Obama is a good president, but I want to be richer and I believe Romney will get me there. I will always be grateful to Obama for focusing on killing Bin Laden but I will not vote for him again.

    • gibbens

      better read whats coming down the pike 2014 if this Obamacare stays in place better do some research between those glases of Koll-aid

    • Daniel

      you need to ask the doctors about what you are saying. I have worked with many and all are canceling medicare patients, the coverage won’t pay their overhead. Obama care is the reason, ask them, they’ll tell you.

    • Steve

      Wish you would wake up and smell the coffee! You are just using a Democrat reelection scam. You stepped right into it! Do you really believe what the news stories are saying! Do you really know the real facts in this area? You need to get your facts straight!

    • o’nerd

      “destroy the poor” is a bit of an exaggeration. It was a greedy deregulated banking industry that is destroying and creating new poor and the truth is Jimmy Carter is the idiot who started that disaster. So ultimately the responsibility for our current economic situation is rooted in Carter’s pro-business deregulation. Though Bushes excessive tax cuts is the Heroin of our nation today that want free tricare but do not want to pay the taxes to pay for free tricare.

    • manuel

      You need to read what is coming up with the new health care law

    • Richard

      Susan, you appear to be a idiot! Hopefully, you save the country the money we do not have thanks to your president and democrat congress. Why don’t you ask your democrat whores how much money they have? Most all of them are $million plus after they where elected! You may wish to pull your head out of the sand and look around.

    • John

      You are greatly decieved. It is the other side trying to destroy this country. read their bible by Saul Alinsky

  • Homer

    Just to show you what the democrats think about the military….

    • O’nerd

      It was Romney who didn’t mention the military when he accepted his nomination. Five sons and not one served? My money is on a family that talked someone out of going into the military. I believe they are all republicans.
      It takes tax dollars to pay for all our wonderful benefits. Who likes cutting taxes? The retail value of Tricare is between 8000 and 25000 dollars. Don’t be a romney 47 percenter complaining about what you are owed all the time. Be grateful our country is as generous as it is, given no one likes paying taxes, which pays for our benefits.

    • Autumn

      Wasn’t democrats. It was the lovely Republican Tea Party Congress that voted for and approved rates. They don’t like how much military health is costing despite the fact that it was two Republican wars that increased that cost.

      • vieteravet

        Yeah, that’s why 90% of the dems voted for the wars.

        • o’nerd

          voting for Afganistan was a no brainer. How we forget history though Democrats chose to support the president to give him leverage against Iraq in the negotiations with Iraq. I don’t think that vote was a vote to go to war. Do I remember that incorrectly? Also Chaney was floating the false Al qwerda connection to Iraq in order to get that big no bid Halliburton contract enlarged. See Chaney understands that for Halliburton to keep paying him 13 million dollars a year it needs to make money. good republican rich person planning. Those mechanical hearts are not cheap.

  • David

    I joined in 1968 and served 20 1/2 years in the Air Force. At that time were promised free medical, dental and vision for life if we retired. I retired in 1989 and was still a reasonable deal at that time – provided you could manage to get one of the very limited medical appointments that were still available. Of course dental and vision were already history. Then in the early 1990’s poof…there went medical. TRICARE is still the best deal around compared to civilian medical insurance policies. It would have been great had the government kept it’s promise and grandfathered us in but that didn’t happen. I still feel that this was a breach of contract by the government but what can you do?

  • Scott

    Our beloved John McCain sold veterans down the river on this stuff. Did not take care of his own. The recently replaced National Commander of the American Legion “Wong” hopped into bed with Oblama on the issue to. Lets face it folks, Democrat or Republican, we are screwed. They want to wave their flags on veterans day and memorial day but when it comes to this stuff no one gives a rats ass about us. They can kiss my big white fluffy behind. Moving to New Zealand, screw it.

  • Daniel

    Listen, the Obama care train and the democrats will continue to screw the military, don’t take my word for it, look at history. Jimmy Carter, Bill Clinton and Barrack Hussan Obama all cut the military, the new $500 Billion screw up in the congress will destroy the armed forces, Obama did that. There has not been a budget in 3 .5 years, it’s the law! I am not a republican, but I’m voting for Mitt Romney. Again, look for yourself, the Democrats are using us to save money to give to welfare folks who never worked or bleed for this country.

    • Amber

      Well said!!!
      OMG!–Obama Must Go!
      Barrack Hussain Obama has no regard for the military or the people of this country–watch the movie 2016: Obama’s America–it reveals his true character and his real idea of “change” that he had in mind when he ran for and was elected president–people had better wake up!

    • O Nerd

      Just make sure you give him a republican congress. Thing is more tax cuts mean more military cuts, unless we invade Iran. Check the numbers, eliminate welfare,education,parks,energy and you still have to cut our benefits to get a balanced budget. Less taxes and more military benefits will not balance the budget. The republicans want less taxes which I support, but I know the numbers are not adding and at some point va and my retirement goes away.

    • Lauralee Hensley

      I agree. Not only that they want to give free health care for everyone that jumps over the border illegally, then tie law enforcements hands to send them back.

    • Eileen

      Robert Gates, who was a Republican Secretary of Defense under President Bush states that healthcare was bankrupting the military budget, not President Obama. At least get the facts straight. I have been a Republican all my life until President Bush’s second term and am an independent now. As I recall the military gets better pay raises under dems but republicans give more money towards hardware and not people items. Bashing doesn’t do any good, dig for true facts and make your decision based on that, not on political pundits.

      • Cord

        It is good to know that some one can actually see things for what they are!

      • Guest

        Tell me, then how is it the health care is so unsustainable that necessitates increases to Tricare when every year there is a surplus in that line of the budget that is then reprogrammed?

        “The Defense Department’s June 29 request to Congress to move $708 million in excess funds from the military health budget to other budget areas does not shortchange military health programs, Pentagon officials said today.” (Pellerin, 2012)

        Not the first time this has happened, and it certainly won’t be the last.

        Cheryl Pellerin. 2012. Hale, Woodson Detail Defense Health Reprogramming Request. Retrieved from:

      • NOBAMA

        You have got to be kidding. I dont know where you recall Democrates giving bigger pay raises. I am still on active duty (23+ years) and all significant pay raises were when Republicans were in office. Some of the smallest pay raises I have ever had were when Dems were in office. It was a Republican president (Bush) that brought the military pay up to the private sector. Please do research before posting.

    • USMC1965-1993BIGDICK

      Being wrong on almost everything does not make you look informed.
      The factual information is available but if you do not do your patriotic duty and search for it you will continue to float in your bubble of misinformation.
      There is a reason that the Right wing denigrates factual information and intelligent thought, if everyone used them the GOP as presently construed would disappear.

    • Bill

      I fought for the right for you to have freedom of speech. I just wish you would put your brain into gear before putting your opinion into motion!

    • Cord

      Sometimes, it is best to keep quiet, rather than to speak on subjects that you don’t know so little or understand. Obviously you are not quite capable of discerning BS from the truth. You listen to the uninformed and you become the uninformed. Sure hope those who read your comment is better able to use common sense than what you have written.

  • leppo2

    What I find hilarious is the sniping on this, and other blogs, about Democrat versus Republican; It doesn’t really matter…Politicians, in general, are all the same…they will screw you, no matter who you are. This is not restricted to the USA. I know it doesn’t help, and I’m certainly not advocating anything, but I find myself appreciating Shakespeare more and more…”first, kill all the Lawyers…”; because it also take out 90% of the politicians as well, and go a long way to fixing the other major flaw of American society…frivolous law suits.

    • Oh nerd

      Our military is paid well because of politicians, Medicare exists because of politicians , Social Security exists because of politicians, the VA exists because of politicians these are the facts! I for one do not feel screwed by politicians.

      Though I have noticed that people who are grateful for my military service become quite resentful when they realize it is their tax dollars that paid me while I was in Iraq. Don’t ever thank a taxpayer for paying for your benefits unless you enjoy a chill.

  • jaye thorn

    I am the widow of a military retiree on the SBP and I know nothing about having to pay for my Tricare benefits. How are we being billed for this? Am I supposed to be paying for these benefits? This is not a complaint. It is 2 earnest questions? jpt

    • Earle Clark

      Your enrollment in tricare and upon your husband death, if he was over 65 you become automatically tri-care for life with no additional fee. Hope all goes well with you and stay in this health program. You will see the benifits at a later age and forget medicare (sucks)! Enjoy life and health.

      Earle Clark, MSGT retired

      • Brenda

        It is required that you have Medicare Part B (which costs) to continue Tricare for Life. If you are on Medicare but do not have Part B, you need to check on this as soon as possible. One thing-you do not have to get the Medicare Part D as Tricare covers prescriptions.

    • sharon w

      If you have tricare standard there is no charge.

    • Dianne I

      Payment is requried for Tricare prime. If you have Tricare Standard there are no fees.

    • USMC1965-1993BIGDICK

      Contact tricare, age and program selection plus whither or not you use a military treatment facility will change what you may or may not have to contribute for the program.
      Even if you do not need any care right know you should immediately contact your tricare representative and be processed, this is very important if you will fall under medicare or medicaid.
      Tricare for life (65+)phone 1-866-773-0404
      If under 65 this number will get you transferred to the correct regional office to assist you

  • Cathy

    stand up for your rights and promises walk on Washington

    • Cathy,

      Since I retired in 1995, I’ve gotten everything I’ve been promised. Just what should I be “walking on Washington” about????? I guess I just don’t understand what RIGHT you’re talking about.

  • Frank F

    You need to contact Tricare. If you are over 65, or under 65 and collecting disability, then Medicare is for you, otherwise, you should be paying for Tricare. As far as I know, Tricare isn’t free unless you are paying for Medicare or your spouse (or you) is on active duty.

  • lscott


    • Brenda

      As long as you have Medicare Part B, you should be on Tricare For Life, but you need to check on it & not just assume you do. I would call your local Veterans Affairs Office & ask them to find out for you.

    • TXpatriot

      Actually, no, you are not entitled for TRICARE.

      First, you are over 65, TRICARE for Life is a secondary program to Medicare, which you should be on now. TRICARE for Life is not conventional TRICARE.

      If you were on conventional retirement pay, you would have been on at least TRICARE Standard automatically, so this tells me that you were not. ‘

      If you were on 60% disability you would be receiving services from the VA to a degree, again, that does not make for TRICARE eligibility.

      TRICARE is a program for either current active duty, those receiving retired pay, and certain dependents of those deceased members, and in some cases transitioning former members.

    • o’nerd

      i think you have to be a retireree, though I think medical retirement qualifies. don’t quote me though.

    • James hansen

      Sir madam, you probably have excellent VA benefits for medical. Please check those based on your disability rating, you should pay minimally. Good luck. Thanks for your service to america.

    • USMC1965-1993BIGDICK

      probably not if you are not military retire but call your VA Representative to see if any special circumstances mitigate your status.

    • Brian

      Sorry, I don’t think so unless you were Retired early from the military on a Medical or served the 20 years and Retired.
      Msgt Air Force Retired.

  • gevernon

    Looks like our so called representatives have sacrificed us again for their blantant incompetence to control the budget. The military is an easy target because of the control of congress to dictate our every move. But let a big bank or corporation fail in this country and sh** will hit the fan! It all boils to the earners and burners that generate and disinigrate the $$$’s. Putting your life on the line is cheaper than what a big bank can do for generatring wealth in this country and keeping the Chinese from absolute ownership . Just my take

  • Patrick

    Instead of tilting at windmills as some have done, I would urge all veterans and their voting-age dependents to vote this November 6th as a referendum on how we’ve been disenfranchised by the Obama administration.

    Need I remind my fellow Americans that the Preamble to our Constitution begins with the three most important words that underscores our most important civic responsibility in servicing our democracy. Those three words are “We the People ….” Unless “We” vote as a referendum on the Obama administratiion’s cynical attempt to disenfranchise military veterans and their dependents, we will have failed our fellow Americans who have sacrificed much more than we have — their very lives in the defense of our lives, our freedoms and our most cherished liberties.

    • 112234

      Patrick, I admire your patriotism and willingness to promote the vote. I’m 55 years old and have seen many odd things happening with the voting system in this country. While the popular vote is good the electoral system makes the final decision. I will bet you a gentlemens bet that this years election will be rife with corruption and voter intimidation than ever before. Your vote, as much as we would like to count, may not! There is fairly credible word that the current admin is trying to disrupt or eliminate the military vote. The Commander in Chief is no friend of the military and loathes what we represent. He is self seeking and voter grabbing for the poor and lazy to promote his socialist agenda to put us on one level ground regardless of your efforts to excel in your lifes ambitions. Just my take

      • Cord

        The alternative to the present Commander in Chief is very clear. The latest comments from Mr. Romney indicates he believes in everything that The Commander in Chief believes. But, he has made so many comments until one needs a navigation system to get to the fact that he is not credible.. He will say and he has said almost everything possible to become President. In short, if he (Romney, or Ryan in future years)become The Commander in Chief, we the members of the 47% will really be in for a ride. Yes, Romney and Ryan consider you as a member of the entitlement group. Welcome to the 47%.

        • Cord,

          In now way do I feel the was putting retirees in with the 47%.

        • Cord,

          In no way do I feel he was talking about retirees.

    • Brenda

      What Constitution? lol We have a President now that doesn’t know or just doesn’t care that we have a Constitution & just passes laws or regulations the way he wants it. Congress is always suppose to vote on these things before the President, but he just does it while they are away from the office!

      • Cord

        The some of us think, its a wonder if we still have a country. G. Bush would probably say something like “Stand for nothing,you’re fall for everything” Truth is, it seems we have fallen for a lot of nonesense in Romney. Open your eyes or pay the price.

    • gevernon

      Pat, hang on to your beliefs and pray we get through this horrible descent of history in real life. I’m a watch and see and told you so kinda guy.

    • o’nerd

      I think it says provide for the common defense, not provide veterans with limitless benefits that no one wants to pay for. It is simple math if you want limitless benefits for all veterans then taxes on everyone have to be increased at least about 100 percent and I know I am not interested in paying 60 percent tax rates even if it is for a good cause. Are you?

      • ETC(SW)ret

        We earned those benefits. Just because the private sector pays more for health care doesn’t mean we should. There’s no comparison between private sector jobs and those of us who served our country for 20 plus years. Most of my career was spent sleeping on a 3″ mattress on top of a coffen locker in the middle of the pacific ocean. I’m not complaining and would do it again for this great country of ours, but that doesnt mean my job comparse to someone working 9-5 who goes home every night to a family. I’m not “lucky” that my health care costs are low. I earned it. BTW – I also don’t abuse it by going to the doctor for every little ailment like some American citizens who run to the ER for the sniffles because they don’t want to pay for cough syrup and Tylenol.

    • Patrick,

      I fail to see what this has to do with the current President or if elected President Elect Romney.

    • Jane Horton-Leasman

      Thank you for your comments, Patrick. I have read a great deal of “Obamacare”, which actually starts in 2014 to really sock it to every level of health insurance. Whether Tricare, or any other private providers. This year Seniors will get a 1% COLA increase (unbelieveable, when the Pres. family have spent over a Billion and a half in just under 4 years on personal needs and vacations!); SS will deduct $121 a month for Medicare; and in 2014 it goes up to $214 a month. If you are on the public dole, you receive everything for FREE…and “Medicaid” patients get faster care than those paying premiums and co-pays. Something is ass backwards in this Country when it pays to be (?) poor. I would like to know how they get away with it and live better than low income retirees who are scraping by to pay their own way. Veterans are not getting the respect. Oh they call us “heroes”, but the only actual respect we get is from our peers working in VA hospitals and clinics, where they always tell me “thank you for your service”.

  • MD Retired

    Our Gov’t is not our Gov’t. It’s the rich people’s Gov’t. They do not have to suffer from the choices they make (Congress), that affect the poor and middle class (deciding between food and healthcare). Many Retirees and Medically discharged wounded soldiers have gotten the “Royal Shaft” when it comes to benefits. HOW DARE this Gov’t treat it’s wounded soldiers and Retirees as bad as they treat a poor single mom from the ghetto? CAMELOT is DEAD!!

    • o nerd

      You do understand we the people are the government and the people do not like to pay taxes. we all like the benefits but we don’t want to pay even a small share. I spoke to a soldier the other day who was complaining about his high taxes, I think he was paying about 7- 8 percent on 50+ thousand a year gross. Hardly high taxes and clearly he did not appreciate that it is tax dollars that pay for his benefits and pay. Cut one and expect to loose the other.

      Because of a bad stock investment I am paying more in federal income taxes this year(130K) than I paid my entire working life. Suddenly I understand why Rich people don’t like paying taxes and it has nothing to do with welfare moms or where the money is spent. I sucks paying high taxes, period.

    • gevernon

      Your on target with the distribution of health care for the Vets and concur 100%. The social challenge we have today is dealing with with immature women getting pregant with children who have no choice of getting born into this world without a voice. I have may times told my friends who have had disagreements that we have no choice of how we are brought into this world.

    • Cord

      HOW DARE this Gov’t treat it’s wounded soldiers and Retirees as bad as they treat a poor single mom from the ghetto?

      Because you are a part of the entitlement and the 47%.

  • Mary Kelly

    The people needs to look into changing the outrageous benefits and health plans that government workers have and Congress. We cannot continue paying those high benefits off the small retirement hecks we reciee each month plus the cost shares

    • Brian

      Hey Slow Down…Mary
      I can talk about this…DO NOT include Government employees in the same bucket as Congress/Senate/President/Supreme Court.

      I am retired military Air National Guard(8 years Active) and current Department of Defense employee that worked in the private sector also for 20 years.

      I am here because I love being around the military and taking care of the young men and women in uniform. But I pay more for my health care here as a Government Employee than I did in the Private Sector Period. We get a few extra holiday’s and good sick time. But other than that our medical is VERY comparable to Lockheed, Boeing ETC. Oh and I made more money working for Lockheed. Just Sayin!

      Brian MSGT Air Force Retired

    • Mary Kelly,

      “Outrageous”????? I don’t think you have any idea what the benefits and health plans that government workers have. You make it sound as though they have it so much better the the retired military.

  • USMC1965-1993BIGDICK





    If only the Affordable Care Act (Obama Care) could have been single payer and all that money went into healthcare instead of to insurance companies, lawyers, accountants, administrators, banks, director boards, stock holders, drug companies, and republican politicians and other cronyism.

    There is a reason we pay more then twice what the next highest health care nation pays and it is the ability of the right wing to control the republican party and most of the media in their favor to transfer our hard won money to them. And to add insult to injury they want to pay little or no tax on their propaganda derived ill gotten gains.

    If we had universal single payer, absolutely nobody would be have this conversation. and we would have all kinds of money left over to pay our bills. But wait, here comes those same people to pocket these savings, put our bills on a credit a card and blame the other guy for the fiscal mess so they can get elected and do it all over again

  • USMC1965-1993BIGDICK





    If only the Affordable Care Act (Obama Care) could have been single payer and all that money went into healthcare instead of to insurance companies, lawyers, accountants, administrators, banks, director boards, stock holders, drug companies, and republican politicians and other cronyism.

    There is a reason we pay more then twice what the next highest health care nation pays and it is the ability of the right wing to control the republican party and most of the media in their favor to transfer our hard won money to them. And to add insult to injury they want to pay little or no tax on their propaganda derived ill gotten gains.

    If we had universal single payer, absolutely nobody would be have this conversation. and we would have all kinds of money left over to pay our bills. But wait, here comes those same people to pocket these savings, put our bills on a credit a card and blame the other guy for the fiscal mess so they can get elected and do it all over again

    Read more:

    • Ron Sutton

      I would agree with this post IF THE CONGRESS AND PRESIDENT WERE UNDER THE SAME SYSTEM!!! They are not, so why should the people they represent be placed in their retirement and medical package. If congress and the president were under the same system, then THINGS WOULD CHANGE!!!!

      • dan

        I totally agree with Ron. Don’t blame one side or the other, blame both parties and our president. Health care under Obama care would not be good for most, only those that live off of the government now that the tax payers support yearly.

    • Brian

      Well Obama Care is the Prized Win in the Obama first 4 years and was passed with a Democratic Senate and House, so he could have gotten what he wanted including what he ended up presenting that was passed and not even read.

      “There is a reason we pay more then twice what the next highest health care nation pays and it is the ability of the right wing to control the republican party and most of the media in their favor to transfer our hard won money to them. And to add insult to injury they want to pay little or no tax on their propaganda derived ill gotten gains. ”


      So if what you are saying is correct then why isn’t the nation on Single Pay? You had your chance but instead you are going to blame this on Republican’s and the Liberal Media? REALLY?

      Air Force MSGT Retired

    • Todd

      Ever ask why the Democrats when in control have cut benefits to Vets & increasing benefits to those capable of working but on welfare? Yes, The Dems were in control of Congress when these cuts were made. Yes the president may have Republican. But he only signs or veto’s the bills. Bush had fought cuts presented by Congress But in order to get his “Patriot Act’ through he had to pass the cuts with it. Bush set the tone for the VA to streamline the process during his first term. Now if you really want to be honest… Both parties are responsible for the broken promises to Native American & Veterans both.

      • Todd,

        Name those benefits that were cut!

        • Todd

          Doesn’t anyone believe in research anymore. Post 911 GI cut education time from maxing out at 48 months to up to 36 months(Chose one or the other). The TSP was set up to become a self funded pension plan doing away with retirement pay. Cost of medical care continuing to become more of the vet’s cost than the promised care. If those are not cuts to benefits than what do you call them?

  • Jim

    In reply to Iscott’s post—
    Tricare medical insurance is for military retirees. You are eligible for Tricare if you retired from the military.

    In reply to some other posts—
    It’s the House of Representatives in Congress, presently controlled by Republicans, that determines the Federal Government’s budget every year. The President can sign or veto the budget. I would think it’s wrong to place all the blame on the President. The real cause of the rate increase is probably sky rocketing health care costs and a bad economy.

    • ronaldsutton

      That is a bunch of bunk, congress does control the purse strings, but all the Senate has to do is table a proposed budget from the house and all changes to the purse string is stopped. Needless to say that the democrats control the senate and Harry Reed, Senator and senior controlling all actions through the senate controls any proposed change by tabling any itgem they deem to be contrary to the admin wishes; yes the president has way too much power, that rightfully belongs in congress!!!

    • Jack

      I agree with you Jim. We have had almost 4 years of a “DO NOTHING” congress. President Obama has done MORE for our service men and women, and retiree’s, than any other President. But he has had to fight tooth and nail to get cooperation from the most unpopular congress in history! (7% favorability!) It is sad and so WRONG to hear such DISRESPECTFUL ACCUSATIONS towards our COMMANDER IN CHIEF!! He has fought so hard to help not only the military service members, but also their families!! It’s a pretty sad situation when these families have had to recieve FOOD STAMPS to keep food on their tables while their spouses are half-way around the world, giving life and limb for our country! It’s just WRONG!! The POTUS is NOT RESPONSIBLE for the sky-rocketing healthcare costs and the bad economy! He has kept our country from falling completely off a cliff.

      • Retired Mil

        Remember that the President had 2 YEARS OF A DEMOCRATIC CONGRESS to get things done and he didn’t . Don’t blame the last 1 1/2 years on 2 previous years of failure. The Democratic Senate has not passed a budget in 3 years and REJECTED, almost unanimously, the President’s proposed budget. This president had NOT done a lot for the military members except inject huge uncertainty into their career, pay, and retirement. His budget proposed a $2.5K annual reduction in current military retiree retired pay (through increases in TRICARE). That’s what he’s done for the military members.

      • J Collins

        As a retiree, I see what he has done against us. Please tell me what he has done for us. He claims to support us, yet his actions show the opposite to be true.

        • Andrea

          Well he can send you back overseas to fight someone elses war if you like. Which cost more money and many lives he didn’t start. Keeping you away from family. And I”m sure you were getting plenty of tax breaks in the process. But we can’t blame one man for all this. You really expected him to come in and change the world in 4 years when you allowed others to mess it up in 8. Give me a break.

    • Jane Horton-Leasman

      Jim, the “House” presented a budget to Harry Reid, who won’t even bring it to the Senate floor for a vote, in order to send it to the President for his signature or veto. This is about the same tactic Obama has used in his Il. Senate seat and and while in the U.S. Senate. The Democrat Senate and this Administration has ruled by “neglect and blame”…and almost 200 “executive orders”, by-passing the entire Congress. Don’t let this slippery bunch have another 4 years or we won’t even have a Veterans Administration or VA Healthcare System.

    • J. Collins

      It takes the full Congress, the House & the Senate, to pass a budget. The Senate has a majority of democrats. This President has asked that Congress raise Tricare fees 4 fold within 5 years, so that it becomes unaffordable. He wants to gut it. Here is a President who has never worn boots nor a uniform and does not care about us.Congress has rejected his request, this year. Next year, he will be back to attempt to further break all the promises that this government gave to entice us to remain in the military for 20 to 30 years. If he gets his way, he will find that few will join the military and even fewer will remain in it. Then, Congress will have to offer the huge bonuses that it used in the 80’s and 90’s just to keep a minimum number of people in it. His arogance and short sightness will put our country at risk.

  • Dee Miller

    When my husband signed up for the military he signed a contract, and that contract states, Member and his family will have free medical till our time on
    earth is up. Isnt there a breech of contract. A contract is a contract. I signed a contract for my home to pay a monthly charge of what they said I had to pay and I do. Its a contract. Can I just tell them I dont have to pay, the government breaks contracts and gets away with it .. why cant I do the same.
    And as for the congress and senators an all others who pay nothing for medical and they roll in money. Why cant they take one for the gipper this time. And why are they not paying a dime to begin with. Something stinks her eand it is NOT me. Is this how we teach out children? Contracts are worthless and you dont have to do anything with them without even contacting the service member that gave his heart and blood for his country. This is their thanks I quess … go after the poor and middle class … leave the rich alone.
    Just not right at ALL!!! My poor hubby did all he did for nothing. Whats next??
    Afraid to even ask.

    • Lisa

      When my husband and I joined the military we were made the same free medical for life promise. We both retired from the military and we’re both paying for medical insurance now. You asked what was next. What’s next is the amount we have to pay is going up again. I don’t know when it’s going to end. Is anyone who was promised free medical for life receiving it?

      • Lisa,

        The “free healthcare for life” was and is a myth. If you feel it isn’t, then ask yourself, how is that working out for you?????

    • Retired Navy

      The Contract you signed did not have anything about free healthcare for life. This was a verbal agreement (a given truth) that we would receive this benefit if you retired from the military. That’s what was being done with retirees before us, so why wouldn’t it be true for us too. A breach of contract? Yes, I would agree to that point based upon verbal promises, but there is nothing in print that anyone signed. Maybe if our legislators were on the same healthcare that we are, things would be different.

    • MadMax24

      I entered the military in 1962 and there isn’t a single line in my “contract” that promises me and my family free health care for life. Recruiters promised such, but they had no authority to make such promises.

      Those who want to blame the current Administration for TriCare increases, had better regroup. This all started when SECDEF ordered the review of TriCare costs in 2005 and the final report was issued in 2008. The report clearly stated that TriCare costs were out of control and had to be reduced. One of the recommendations in the report was to provide free medical care for the service member and charge for family members (like many companies do). It is hard to argue against that logic.

      The old internet rumor about Congress getting free medical care is just that…a rumor. Congress may enroll in the Federal Employee Health Benefits (FEHB) Plan, if they want to. If they already have other health insurance, it isn’t mandatory. The FEHB is the same plan that is available to all federal employees and costs about $350 per month.

      • madMax24,

        Nope, never happeded about that single line in your contract. Recruiters can’t make that kind of promise as proven in 2003 when the Supreme Court refused to hear the appeal.

    • Roy

      UNfortunately, the contracts do not say that. I recently retired form the military and did the research and there is no such thing as free medical unless you are a disabled Veteran in which you will use the VA hospital or clinics and then you may be subject to a co-pay depending on your case. I agree that the medical should be free and I apologize for your loss but this is the hand we are dealt untill the elected officials get their hands out of the cookie jar and start honoring our vets and their families. All I can say is that you Need to vote in this Presedential election coming up because the Hope and Change you wanted just hasnt happened and we can ill afford another 4 years of this Hand out fiasco.

      • Todd

        What many veterans do not know is that there is a general contract you sign that has to do with the branch of service you are in. There is another part of the contract that is in USC 10 that covers other parts that are nit found in the contract you signed but are still part of the contract.. If you can still find it online you will see the changes. It will be difficult in research as much of what I have found in the past has been taken offline.

        • Todd,

          Free Health Care for Life was and still is a myth.

      • Andrea

        That you for making that known to all these people that are stating this free medical for life. I have no idea what they are reading., That was a statement to get you to enlist people. Come on. Move on the world is changing has change. Nothing is free. Pay for it. I am just grateful that i don’t have to pay as much as other.

    • Dee Miller,

      LMAO, Health Care wasn’t in your husbands contract, anymore than it was in my initial contract and every contract after that.

    • Bruce

      First of all as a retired member also I can understand what you mean , but I have never seen anything in any contract I signed that states Members and his/her family will have free medical till the time on earth is up. The fact is even with increas’s this is still a sweet deal. Everyone is taking a hit in this economy and that should include us. You want to complain go out and price any commercial plan and see what it costs you. To be honest I am tired of people whining about your TRICARE costs you pay going up $20 bucks or so. This is life If anyone can find a better deal in the private sector then let me know because it is not there. Does it suck about the cost yes but life goes on

      • Andrea

        Thank you Bruce. If they didn’t have Tricare they would be crying right about now. I know i would.

  • shawn

    Just wait until Jan 1 2013 when the sequestration budget control act of 2011 kicks in then it will no longer be about Military Retirees! It will be about all the Military active duty, all contractors, all DOD. All National Security programs for the USA! The Cuts across the board are coming and every politician that has a seat at any table that were supposed to be doing work on DOD budgets over the last 3.5 years, will be pointing fingers and acting like they had NOTHING To do with it! It is the perfect plan for plausible deniability and they are all in on it. I do not care if you are a Dem Or Rep… If they are currently sitting in a Active SEAT you should fire them and vote against them as they have FAILED to do their JOB and should lose their job! There is no reason for this, they should have been able to come up with a plan to cut budgets on their own without cutting all programs without reviews, auto cuts are not the way to go.

    • Retired Navy

      Replace them ALL has been my motto for years. There is far too much entrenching in DC and now thanks to the Supreme Court, our elections are the best that money can buy foreign or not.

    • Steve

      Happy to see I am not the only one who thought of this.

  • ETCM(ret)

    I was never ‘promised’ “free” healthcare for life – just for my time in the service. 29 yrs + 1 mon of service later, the military held up their end of the bargain the entire time – for me AND my family. I currently work, and am enrolled in my employer-sponsored healthplan as well as Retiree Tricare.
    Ever since the TriCare cost report was issued in 2008, I have regularly corresponded with my Congressman and both Senators about this issue. Here’s what I tell them: there’s three distinct populations in the military healthcare system – 1) active duty, 2) retirees (< 65 y/o), and 3) retirees (65 & older). Groups 1) & 3) must not be burdened with ANY changes associated with costs; reason – predominantly fixed income-type beneficiaries. Group 2) however is predominantly still working age (like myself) and should be required to pay for the continuation of the healthcare benefits. Still, the law should allow for caveats for those who might be ‘working-age’ but not able to actually work; the VA covers those folks – for the most part -but TriCare should help out as well for the families.

    • Bulldog

      You must be an “Obozo” supporter.

  • ETCM(ret)

    The company I currently work for offers healthcare benefits to its retirees, but the costs are different from the actual employees. As working-age military retirees, we really shouldn’t be different in that regard. Where the differences SHOULD be manifest are in the amount that is required to be paid, and I’m here to tell you, that even with the recent rise, I am still only paying for a year what my parents pay per month.

  • Ted

    Here we go again the government making decisions for everyone from healthcare to whatever they want. From the President on down, they all need to be voted out of office and lets start fresh. Obama promised hope and change, we sure got change for the worse. I spent 30 years serving my country and my military benifits are slowly being taken away. You always here from the President on down how great the military is, but we are the first ones to get the screws put to us. Why does everyone in congress get free medical?for doing what? the last 4 years nothing got done. People need to wake up and see what is happening around them, if we have 4 more years like the last 4 years we are all in trouble. There will be 75% not working or paying taxes, Romney had it right there is 47% of the people that don’t pay anything now.

    • Andrea

      Well i don’t buy what mitt is selling. i’m giving obama one more chance like we give all the other presidents. he hasnt done no worst than the others. Im all military. True our health plan stinks but the entire world does right now but if i didn’t have tricare right now i would be in a world of trouble. Think about that. You all complain about the cuts but think if you didn’t have Tricare at all and had to find health care and pay out of pocket. how much do you think that would be. Go look i have and i can’t afford it to be honest. And Mitt and Ryan can’t even answer a question without trying to place blame on Obama. Just answer a question already.

      • Todd

        Bush pushed for faster VA process & the democratic control refused to sign off on it. Obama had to yrs to pass all of this stuff and even his own party stiff him on many of the Socialistic ideologies of Obama. The reason why most of the military active or veteran refuse to give him more time is his backdooring congress on the NDAA & NDRP (Have you read these 2 Acts?? You might really want to). Threatening the House & Senate with “martial law” if they did not sign the Health Care bill. His policies on wealth redistribution policies came straight from the Communist Manifesto written by Karl Marx. Is this really a man you want to keep in office?
        If you don’t like these 2 candidates then check out Gov. Gary Johnson. The media will not talk about him and they refused to allow him to be in the debates.

        • Todd,

          “Threatening the House & Senate with “martial law” if they did not sign the Health Care bill.”

          Now this is bullchit.

        • Patsy Elephantlover

          Todd, I deduced you are a libertarian, when I started researching the other night about NDAA & DDRP. You really do need to get serious and read WHY these were put into place. Nothing to do with the ACA at all! I am not sure where you get your news, but please, take the time to research, and stay away from Fox News, it is only there to promote FEAR! Here PLEASE READ TODD!

    • O Nerd

      Excuse me but I think you were paid very good money for your service, I am only a 25 year specialist and I know I got paid good in Iraq. Sorry to break it to you but it sounds like you are one of them whinny 47 percent folks Romney talked of. You put zero towards your retirement and retirement healthcare and now feel owed a free ride on the taxpayers dime. Well all them tax cuts we love are about to bite us in the butt, because without enough taxes our benefits will get cut. It is simple math and neither candate indicates they have any will to address that fact. Wake up and smell the math you 47%ers!

      • Todd

        We had a contract with the United States of America. It is a contract that should be honored. Something people like you don’t seem understand. It was a business contract. We provide a service and for that service we are given certain rights to entitlements. As my dad told me growing up when in business never give your word if you cannot keep it. The military Vets are being now treated in someways like the treaties with natives. Promises made & promises broken. It is not a 47%ers thing, it is about honoring a promise.

        • o nerd

          I read my contract and in 1984 there was no mention of healthcare or retirement. If you actually had a contract that says what you think yours said you could go to court and you would win. I suspect you signed the same papers I did and can’t find retirement or healthcare mentioned. maybe I am wrong.

          28 year career specialists rule, the looser squad.

        • o nerd

          a contract can not be ignored. if it is in writing and it is legal than you can enforce it, you can’t because it doesn’t say what you claim

        • o nerd

          I can not find it in the contract I signed in 1984, no mention of retirement or healthcare. A moral obligation is not the same as a contract. A law is not the same as a contract. The reason not a single lawsuit exists to enforce your perception of your contract is you didn’t sign a contract that promised you healthcare or a retirement. If you did you would win.

      • Bob

        If you served in Iraq you had the benefit of multiple generous, well deserved, pay raises. Those of us that retired many years ago served, without complaint, receiving substandard pay with the understanding it would be offset by free medical benefits during retirement. Getting into a Naval Hospital is nearly impossible, turn 65 and you’re turned away. All that aside, the government has a moral commitment to those of us that served. Granted, “free medical” never appeared in our reenlistment contracts, but every recruiter and NC, especially in the early years of the all volunteer force used those benefits to sell reenlistment. We honored our commitment, now it time for our government to step-up.

        • o nerd

          what you say is true but please explain how you think this is going to be paid for, especially with even more tax cuts? There are over 600,000 vets not on VA roles, where is the money going to come from to take care of them from Social Security trust fund maybe?

    • Ted,

      “I spent 30 years serving my country and my military benifits are slowly being taken away.”

      Name me those benefits that have been taken away from you!

    • tom

      u are a msfit that looking for someone else to blame, lestining to silly poltication

    • Don

      You are absolutely right!

    • anthony

      I have spent 22 years serving my country and if you think things are bad now. Vote for Mitt Romney and watch how your take home pay want be enough to take you home. Vote for Romney and watch the country go from SUGAR TO SHIT..If you make 250,000.00 and can afford to vote for Romney then vote for him. I don’t make that kind of money so I can’t afford to vote nor will I vote for a LIAR, BUT REST ASSURED I WILL CAST MY VOTE ON NOV 06…

    • Rick Johnson

      The people on the “Obama Gravy Train” don’t want to loose their “free shit!” I served 23 years in the Navy which included many overseas deployments that were “unaccompanied” missing birthdays, holidays, anniversaries, and graduations. Show me what most of our elected officials have missed. If the Congress, Senate, and the Executive branch was forced to go back on Social Security like the rest of us I think they would get that mess figured out. Put them on the same medical program that the military has to deal with and that mess would also get straightened out. Cut their retirement to what the military has if they serve a career in office of 20 years or more then and only them would they draw a retirement. As for the President just fire his skinny butt for daraliction of duty. Hand him a dishonorable discharge without any benifits at all.

  • ETCM(ret)

    Fact is, NOTHING’s free – not even Freedom. Prices are going up, get over it. And like ‘HereIAm’ wrote, feel free to pay for some stuff out of your own pocket; buy some otc meds BEFORE you decide to clog the military med healthcare system. As an example, my wife had to wait nearly two months to get an appointment with her primary care doctor for an abdominal pain that, after another two months of waiting to get various tests, turned out to be cancer. Not complaining, but wondering how many other people in the four months could have solved their issue with some otc meds so my wife could have been seen sooner.
    In the end, if the legislators feel the need to even double my premiums, fine, as long as the funds go DIRECTLY to my (& my family’s) healthcare costs. Ultimately, I’m still paying less than ANYONE non-military.

    • Lou

      I am so sorry to here about your wife. my heart and prayers are with you. I am not one to complain either but enough is enough this is unacceptable no matter how much you pay. I gave my 20 and have alot of major health issues as well all as I can do is support my fellow soldiers and take it one day at a time

    • rickster

      Hey ETCM, Remember this too. Obama and the draft dodging scumbag Romney never even served a day in their life.

    • DCCM (ret)

      You know… you could have went to the emergency room if the pain was that bad, they might have found the cancer earlier…….just sayin

  • top dog

    When I signed up for the Army in the seventies, my contrack also said free health care for life for retirees, in the eighties The Graham/Ruddman act changed all that. First was dental for my family, then it was health care, and so on and so on. I’am not complaining because I still pay a lot less than my civilian counterparts. My Tri Care prime payment come to less $22 dollars a month, theirs is about 250 every two weeks. So say what you want, but 22 dollars a month is a whole lot cheaper than 250 dollars every two weeks. Do I blame Ragan for that?, no I do not, because the bill went through Congress, both Houses(Senate and House of Reps), he just signed the Bill.

  • Rick W.

    When my father entered service in the early 50’s, he was promised free healthcare upon retiement. I retiresd in 2008 after 24 yrs service and the price of TRICARE Prime had not changed since it was instituted in 1996. I’m surprised we aren’t paying $1200 a year for T-Prime. It would STILL be cheaper than what most of my counterparts pay per month (avearge $500 per month). Having a Universal Care as in Europe does not come cheap. They pay up to 50% in taxes for “Free” healthcare. Think about it.

  • Lee Carman

    When I enlisted in June 1954 (retired May 80) the big selling point was free medical for life if you stayed for 20 years.

  • Patrick

    Tricare for retired military members and their qualifying dependents is an EARNED healthcare benefit for decades of honorable active duty service while enduring many hardships and making personal sacrifices. I emphasized Tricare as an “Earned” benefit because the hardships and sacrifices were made over the course of several decades by honorable service in defending our most cherished freedoms and liberties as Americans. Lest we forget that many have paid a supreme price with their very lives, we ought not diminish their ultimte sacrifice made for many who take for granted the very freedoms and liberties they enjoy today.

    • Laura W.

      I agree. My husband served in Nam and suffered from the effects of Agent Orange for the rest of his life after leaving the military. He served his country twice and suffered for it until his death four years ago. He basically gave his life for his country and paid for it for many years. Our veterans deserve more than what they are getting.

  • Lynnette

    I understand that the cost of tricare has to go up but my husband was promised a retirement check which is being eaten alive by fee hikes and government that thinks people under the age of 72 shouldn’t receive a retirement check at all. Lets talk about all those in congress and the white house who get medical and retirement for life after serving just one term of 4 to 6 years. Why don’t they look in their own backyards first?

  • Lynnette

    I understand that the cost of tricare has to go up but my husband was promised a retirement check which is being eaten alive by fee hikes and government that thinks people under the age of 72 shouldn’t receive a retirement check at all. Lets talk about all those in congress and the white house who get medical and retirement for life after serving just one term of 4 to 6 years. Why don’t they look in their own backyards first?

    • B Rae

      Amen to that!!!

    • Roger

      Need to put congress and the administration people on the same healthcare system the retirees are on bet it will get a lot better then.

  • USMC-MGySgt

    I don’t believe anyone gives a s**t about any of the veterans. We were promised health care for life. The fat cats in the White House and congress get all these perks after serving only one term. I did 28 1/2 years, USMC proud. Now, my ticket has been punched. I have terminal lung cancer…….yes terminal (think Agent Orange). TRICARE wasn’t just a promise; it was a contract. I did my time. I never moaned and complained when I got my orders. I went where I was sent, and did my job. If you think I’m one of the 47%, screw you. I worked for my retirement; and, I also pay each month so my wife can have part of it when I go to the larger Corps in the sky. The government isn’t “giving” me anything. It’s time someone in this bunch of clowns we have in charge wakes up. It’s time for our government to grow up and clean up. Without the military, this country wouldn’t even exist. What’cha gonna do when no one shows up for roll call???

    • USAF 20+

      I’m with you, USAF 20+ retired 1988. Thank you for your service brother. Those who have never served should not hold public office where they can make decisions on our benefits. I am voting on Nov 6, hopefully to make a difference.

    • S.D>

      Damn straight gentlemen! I wholly agree with you. I’m an A.F. Vet. myself and my husband served 24 years in the Air Force as a Medic MSGT. When we “signed” on, we also were promised medical care for life. We all know what happened to that! That benefit was EARNED and in NO WAY can this be called an entitlement! It’s offensive and despicable that “Here I Am” up there can spout off about paying out of our pockets for that which we have already paid for in blood sweat and tears! Voting for RR. Maybe we’ll get a bit of that which has been earned, back???

  • CTT

    I’m not sure what it is that you expect to be “free?” Free of premiums? Free of co-pay?

    If you want the premium free system, you can use Tricare Standard. No premium, you can choose your own doctors, pay a small co-pay. If you want no co-pay, then you need to pay a premium. What we (tricare users) pay for one year is less than most pay for one month!

    The funds for tricare and the “free” medical come from the defense budget. We have a deficit. If we want to see the deficit reduced, then we have to pitch in somehow. Again, the yearly premium for Tricare is so much less than what others pay and you get so much value for it.

    I am NOT trying to diminish the service provided by service members. But expecting an entire household to get free medical care for the rest of our lives for no contribution is going to put the defense budget for health care out of the realm of possible. It should be that the service member gets the “free” out of the system. It would seem reasonable that a “family” addition would have a premium. It’s not ideal, I know. It’s not ideal that because it comes from defense budget that my kids can’t be on the “26 and under insured on parents’ policy” program. Although they made their own type of sacrifice for the military, they cannot be included because the policy doesn’t cover money out of defense budget. So they’re screwed.

    • Roger

      Just wait till you reach 65 and find out how much more Part B Medicare costs I would much rather pay the tricare prime fee than the more than $2400 a year I pay now to medicare for less service than I had under Tricare Prime Its not free like I was promissed for 22 years but thats just the Government getting their extra little pound of flesh. By the way every time they raise Social Security, Part B Medicare takes it right back if not more.

      • Andrea

        People i understand everyones point but nothing is free. And to think because we served our country for so many years and received free care for doing so and our family. So when we retire we expect it to continue to be free is crazy. This conutry will never recover. Instead of blaming one man for something try understanding he didn’t get us into this mess. Congress did. They are the problem. Seems like we can’t vote them out and we continue to pay them large salaries and no one argue and complain about that. And the only way we get them out is they retire themselves or die. They are the problem not the president. He is just a mouth piece.

    • Patrick

      Tricare is an “earned” benefit for decades of honorable service in our country’s armed forces and for making personal sacrifices and enduring many hardships that the vast majority of Americans will never make in their lifetime. The fact that Tricare is an earned benefit, and not an entitlement program like public assistance or food stamps, needs to be honored by those who have benefitted from the many freedoms and liberties secured by those who made the personal sacrifices and endured the hardships.

      So, do tell us CTT about the “no contribution”. You seem to be tilting at windmills and ignoring the fact that Tricare is an “earned” benefit and not an entitlement program.

      • Patrick,

        “Tricare is an “earned” benefit for decades of honorable service in our country’s armed forces and for making personal sacrifices and enduring many hardships that the vast majority of Americans will never make in their lifetime.”

        Bullchit, what you are saying is no more than your opinion.

    • O Nerd

      Wow, a truth sayer. You have my vote if you run for president.

    • Dave

      Not sure what “free” you are talking about. We have Tricare Prime, and $3,000 in copays for the year.

  • Kelly

    I feel that we should not have any increases in our Tricare fees, but since we know we have one coming up, one increase should be enough. I think it is very unfair to raise rates more then the one time, at least in a single year! If we keep seeing increases I feel we should at least see some pay increases also. If we keep having money taken out of the retirement check, soon there will be no check at all!

    • Fed up

      Here is the problem, your COLA increase is now linked to tri care. Anytime we get a COLA increase you will get a cost increase from tri care. This is how the government is going to take your retierment pay…..ALL OF IT.

      • Kelly

        Sadly I am sure you are right! It is not right but is what they think the retirees deserve! Our families deserve better then that! Congress only has to serve one term for their great retirement and their benefits! NOT FAIR and FED UP!

    • o nerd

      Tricare costs between 3500 to 20,000 dollars for each policy, that is the insurances value. Do you really think it is fare to ask the american taxpayer to food the entire cost of this very good insurance policy. Though I do agree with the not raising the rates more than once in single year, that really shouldn’t happen. Remember these problems exist because of the Bush tax cuts, yet I have yet to hear a single vet demand that taxes be increased. Seems Vets are no better at math than Republicans.

    • Kelly,

      This upcoming raise if for FY13. Should they raise it again, it won’t be a second raise for 2013, but will reflect the raise for 2014.

  • Enlistretired11

    A Promise is a Promise and they are not keeping it! “Free Medical for Life” – a contract that seems to be a tall tale and if you think they can go to the VA Clinics to receive it – forget it – it takes months for them to get in to see anyone. We doubt they will be giving a suitable cost of living adjustment due to: 1. The normal increase cost of living (things keep going up and up – ex: gas/food, etc) and 2. The increase cost of Tri-Care? ___For the writer – Jim: Tri-care is for military families as well as retirees. They have different types of plans. To the writer – HereIAm: If you work there – why are you not helping those people do & live better when they come into the clinics if they are overweight or smoking like a crazy?_ To Lynnette: I agree with you – they do keep taking away little by little any retirement earned after 20 years or more of service while they keep giving themsevles more and more. with only 4- to 6 years of service. We do not feel they are listening to the people they are supposed to serve and look out for, the ones who pay for their salary and comfortable life style.

  • Enlistretired11

    Why do all of them want to mess with any type of benefits or increase the cost of medical benefits on the people (Military / Military Retirees) who has served and protected this country on very little pay and benefits? It is appalling that they have to continually suffer. Not once have I heard from our government officials saying they are willing to cut some of their pay and / or benefits. Why is the military families always the target when everyone wants to cut back on Government spending?__Just a thought – maybe we should put the government official’s salary increases and benefits on the ballot for us to vote on – just like they vote on the military’s. We (the tax payers) pay the taxes – we should be able to decide their salary. With that said, maybe the tax payers should be voting on more issues on Election Day. They can propose – we can vote. __ It saddens me to think that there are many elected / government officials only looking out for themselves. We pray the right thing will prevail._

  • Colinmb

    Ok. Lets not increase the premium. Lets increase your taxes. Your choice. Nothing is “free”. Oh wait, you guys would whine about that too. I did my 28 and do not expect anything in return. No one forced me and I guess I have a better grip on reality than the typical retiree.

  • Paul

    Fellow Comrades in Arms, Active Duty and Retired, we all seem to have something to say over our medical care. There have been many changes to our military over the years. Our medical benefits have changed over the years , especially with the beginning of an all volunteer force.

    In 1965 there was a draft system that included all males 18 -26 years old. You could enlist and avoid the draft which would allow you to choose the branch of service. I checked out the Army and the Navy and both recruiters, in 1965, told me that one of the benefits of a 20 year active duty career would give me free medical care for the rest of my life in retirement at any military medical care facility in our land on a space available basis. This care would also extend to my wife. The key point I focused on was “space available basis” since it would always be Active Duty and their dependents first; rightly so. Back then there were so many military bases with hospitals or dispensaries that “space available” didn’t seem to be a problem, and it was expected that the Vietnam War would end at some point and that would give more room at military medical facilities.

  • pissed off

    if you take away the money spent on taking care of illegals (538.3 billion), 450,000 for life retired president, 174,000 for life house/senate members, 223,500 for life speaker of the house , 194,400 for life majority leader, the billions we give in foreign aid every year, bring back jobs to the US instead of sending them to other countries, make the feds pay for there medical instead of getting it free, make them pay Social Security instaed of taking it and drill for oil here instead of paying other countries for it, we would have the money to pay off the dept and take care of the country and keep prices down on health care. but due to greed this will never happen, we don’t won’t them to miss out of there country clubs, million dollar homes, over priced colleges, nice cars and be taken care of for life by the citizens of the U.S.

    • Dave

      As a Federal employee, I need to correct you in that we DO pay premiums for our medical coverage and we DO pay social security taxes. The old retirement system did not require you to pay social security taxes, but if you didn’t, you weren’t eligible to draw it either. I see eroneous statements pertaining to federal employees all the time, just wanted to set one straight.

    • Pissed off,

      “450,000 for life retired president.”

      This is not true.

      “174,000 for life house/senate members.

      This is not true.

      223,500 for life speaker of the house.

      This is not true.

      194,400 for life majority leader.

    • o nerd

      is it really 538 billion, really? I’ve looked at the budget and I don’t see no 536 billion. We get it you hate aliens, but can’t you hate while spitting truth rather than made up numbers you find in random chain letter e-mails?

      How about we cancel Social Security and Medicare and we give everyone back just the money that they put into the system. Isn’t that the most fair way of balancing the budget? Oh no, too many age disadvantaged dying wouldn’t go over to good, AARP might loose millions of members to death. Pitty the simple solutions never seem to work out for us.

  • Paul

    The end of the Vietnam War brought what was called the “peace dividend” or the “cut the military and their benefits” era. There also came changes in the military retirement benefits in regard to the formula used to figure out how the government can get away with paying less for both retired pay and medical benefits. Back in those days there were several ex-military serving in congress and the senate and they remembered what promises were made. The medical benefits for the retired were never written down in our contracts but it was a benefit that every recruiter used to “help” you make a decision. When you were 18 – 26 that seemed pretty good. When you asked the recruiter where the medical benefits are in the contract they told me that was why the benefit was on a “Space Available” basis because who could guarantee what the future would bring. Our Congress, back then, tried to keep as many benefits and promises they could under the circumstances of the day.

  • Paul

    Bases were being closed and military hospitals too. During Carter’s term I remember that “Champus” came into being, a civilian medical administered entity that allowed dependents to be shoved off to local civilian medical care while what was left of the military hospitals could just about cover the active duty personnel. I could never understand how that saved funding military medical care for dependents. Maybe the influx of military dependents for the local doctors provided incentive for them to accept Medi Care patients.

    Through the years the Congress has had less veterans who served on active duty or wore the uniform even as a reserve. Then the first President who never served on active duty and had questionable ROTC affiliation entered the White House and the erosion of military and retiree benefits began the “Slash and Burn” period. Through the GW Bush years the erosion slowed down a bit but the Democrat majority congresses continued their cuts.

  • Paul

    Since the present administration has taken over, 2 COLA increases were eliminated and taxes were raised on the taxable portion of my military retirement. The non-taxed disability portion is still the same and still deducted from the total pension I receive, given to the VA, and the VA sends that portion to my direct deposit account.

    Summarily, it’s getting old, the debate about free medical care and promises. There was no reason back during Vietnam and earlier (Korea, WWII, etc) to doubt the promises made by a country to its military forces because of the respect from our civilians, Congress and those veterans who knew those promises were made and wanted to make sure that at least those who were carrying the wounds of war were taken care of.

    • Paul,

      Politics had nothing to do with whether we get COLA or not!

      Taxes on Military pay has not gone up!

    • o nerd

      you get free VA health care, so what is the problem.

      COLA is determined by inflation and has nothing to do with who is president. How were taxes raised, there were no tax increases in the last 4 years, did you fall under alternative minimum tax, that one is slamming me this year 26 percent on 26000 dollars of total retirement income.

      I joined the the active forces in 1984 and don’t remember anyone promising me a dam thing about retirement or healthcare, don’t remember it in my contract either, but then i voluntereed for more patriotic reasons than financial though I did get some kicking educational benefits. All in all I would have to say the American taxpayer has been verry very good to me and I am most greatful for their support. And I do feel guilty about all the free money I get, though I still do cash the checks each month.

      • Doug

        FEEL GUILTY?? Where did you come from? And what cushy job did you have in order to ” FEEL GUILTY”??
        It’s people like you that make those that have REALLY served this country look bad.

        • o nerd

          I was a tams/pll clerk in germany for two years and a fork lift driver in al assad iraq for a summer. I believe we are called REMFs. Well I am getting a VA check for high blood pressure and it is about increase for diabetes, not exactly real combat related health issues.

          Well I know there are many folk who served our country more honorably and courageously than myself but I also know there are just as many who just did our jobs and then there are the folks who violently rape female soldiers and commanders who do not do enough to stop such actions.

          I assure you that if you served your country with honor and integrity that there is nothing nobody can say or do that with make you look bad. If you are a man then the only peoples opinion that should matter is that of your fellow soldiers that served with you and your family. To suggest I have any sway over those opinion is absolutely ridiculous.

          • Patsy Elephantlover

            Very true o’nerd about the commanders turning a blind eye to what happens to females. However, if it was an a enemy doing something to a man, all hell would break lose!

          • o nerd

            no they do not turn a blind eye. they fail to protect their soldiers. There are plenty of commanders that get it right. It is all about leadership or the lack of. Couldn’t disagree with you more.

    • DMarie

      Amen. I’d like to also add that civilian personnel pay was frozen in 2011 & 2012…and he’s extended it til at least next spring or summer. And yet how much has the cost of living gone up???

      • o nerd

        and yet you enjoy and don’t want to give up any of the Bush tax cuts. Math simple math which so many conservatives just can’t seem to understand. Thing is, doesn’t Rohney want to fire all the federal workers or at least privatise them?

    • Mavericklatino

      I know what Paul is saying. I also am a disabled Vet and can feel the pain, literally as well as figuratively. But we are missing the boat here guys, medical costs are rising because the drug manufacturers run free with the costs they pass on to us. Their markup on drugs is unbelievable, as are medical equipment manufacturers, and so on. My son works for a Pharmacy compounder and he tells me the cost of products and the sale of same products.. WoW!!!! The gov’t should try to get a handle on this types of overcharging and pass the saving on to us. I feel that therein lies a problem and it would certainly bring the costs of medical care not just for the VA, Tricare and private care. Am I wrong in my thinking? The government will not do anything about rising costs because PAC have lobbyist in DC all day long who have the Senators and Congressmen in their pockets, and since this is election year, no politician is going to make waves because they stand to lose a lot of contributiion dollars from the PAC.

      • Patsy Elephantlover

        Very well said!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Patrick

    Did you retire from active duty service after having completed 20 years? If not and you have a military service-connected disability of 60 percent, you still have access to healthcare provided by the Veterans Administration.

  • Paul

    Veterans and active duty who have joined from the ’80s and onward have had so many changes to their retirement programs and medical programs it’s hard to keep up with it all. No doubt you didn’t receive the same unwritten promises that us older draft era veterans did. You can bet the cuts in modern benefits in regard to medical benefits and retirement programs are due to Congress demanding more benefits for those who have never served our country and maybe are even illegal immigrants.

    A little advice, when you decide to vote Nov 6, look back and see what party was in the majority in Congress when the biggest erosion of benefits for the military were written into law. Its Congress that makes the laws! Then vote according to your desires.

    • Paul,

      Name those/any benefits that have eroded. Since I retired in 1995, my benefits have only grown.

  • Steve

    RECOMENDATION: Instead of complaining in a blog that does nothing but a temporary release of frustrations….write, e-mail, or call your senators/representatives and tell them you want to see TRICARE premiums changed to a “Tierd Premuim based on retired pay”. This will help distribute the cost savings to the government equally among all the retired personnel. An example rate of 2.5% of annual retirement pay would result in a retiree making $22,600 paying an annual premium of $565 and a retiree making $45k paying an annual premium $1125. I believe this would be much more reasonable and acceptable for the “junior ranking” retirees with lower annual retirement incomes. You have to admit…there is a VAST difference in retirment pay of that a retired O-6 vice a retired E-7!!! If you agree…push this on to your Senators/Representatives…or we will continually be subject to the “fair and equal” premium increases!!!!

    • O nerd

      Doesn’t really address Medical cost factors. It cost at lease $12,000 to ProBuy health care for a family someone has to pay for this Cost. With taxes being cut that lost revenue will have to come from the insured. Simple math.

    • Normandy

      Why should the member pay more. They put their time in serving. Charge per dependent after all they weren’t issued in their sea bag .

      • Darlene

        When we enlisted….we were told if the Navy wanted us to have a family…they would have issued us one. To have civilian medical insurance…we were paying $125 per WEEK..and that was with the employer paying half. From what I am reading is…what people expect…a military member can have as many kids as they want..and they all should get free health care..
        why? I think Normandy has the right idea.

    • Dave

      Sounds good to me!

    • Guest

      The unfortuante reality is that the congressionally commissioned officers (acitve/retired) have significantly more influence on this issue than any peon enlisted puke will. It is not a fair system while on active-duty (i.e., enlisted E-1 pays the same copay for a Tricare-Prime covered procedure as an 0-6 pays and has the same annual deductible) why would it be fair in retired status?

    • KBG

      How socialist of you… I served just as you served, and you want to take from me to pay for your benefit. Wow. You have to admit, there’s a vast difference in the responsibility, training, education, and plain old work required from an O-6 and and E-7 – the O-6 earned everything she got… No question.

    • Steve,

      So those that strive to get ahead, should be penalized for making making more monies because they did so?????

    • Juvat

      There is a reason an O6 retirement pay is different than that of an E7. Redistribution of wealth through the plan you propose is wrong and runs counter to all our nation stands for as a people. The price one pays for a service should be based on the service and its value. Not based on income.

    • Patrick

      Steve; Since TRICARE healthcare is an “earned” benefit and not an entitlement program, your suggestion falls mainly on deaf ears. Retired military personnel do not pay premiums because TRICARE healthcare is an “earned” benefit for decades of active duty service. TRICARE is not an entitlement program like food stamps or public housing assistance. I can understand how your lack of understanding of earned benefits like TRICARE would mislead some people into believing a tiered premium approach wouled be fair and equitable; however, since TRICARE is an earned benefit for retired military personnel and their dependents, it is best to not tilt at windmills and hope nobody catches on to that ruse.

    • PMT

      i would have no problem w/ a tiered premium – does anyone realize that there is a commissioned corps of public health officers that get promoted pretty much for just showing up to work – they never carry arms, never get deployed, rarely have to move to new locations(disrupting their families’ lives) – yet, they get all the perks of the military – base privileges & tricare…… maybe they should be paying more since they never risk their lives in service of this country????? i’ve seen some of the laziest, obese commissioned officers make it to the rank of O-6! barring that – it seems to me that many enlisted people work long hours & risk their lives – yes, officers have all the education & training – but, the poor undereducated enlisted guys are the ones on the front lines……in case you’re wondering – we are in the O-5 category…. so, i am just trying to be realistic and fair!

  • UltraClassicSki

    How do you like your Obummer care now people, aren’t you glad you voted for him last election and that you took part in “history”? Its a wonderful feeling knowing that pork projects took 1st chair over our benefits; like the late Senator Robert Murtha’s “airport for nobody” that received your stimulus money ($800k) in 2009 for runway widening. Nov 6th is the Hope and Change that we’re all looking Forward to.

    • O Nerd

      People love obamacare, kids staying on till 26, no limits on benefits. Now us rich people will not like the extra 4% Medicare tax on investment gains over 200 250k, but then we who have a little money know Romney will fight to lower our taxes which is the only reason I am vomiting for him. Zero capital gains tax helps me get richer faster. Obama is probably a great president, but he really in not a great friend to we with some coin. Though I will admit I made my million because of obama’s economy, though it helped that the republicans drove the economy off a cliff in 2008.

  • O Nerd

    Not suffering we took their land dude. I get free va healthcare for my questionable combat related health issues. Feed the lies people who hate native Americans.

    The wonderful thing about an argument is truth is never a requirement, especially if YOUR truth helps to feed the HATE. So do they still hate native Americans in Arizona or has everyone moved on to Mexicans?

    • PMT

      there’s no hate towards people – just a system…… i DO NOT hate native americans – i do not care for anyone who takes advantage – come on, when someone lives in a half million dollar house, do they deserve free school supplies b/c they are “indian” – i have seen patients even joke about “i have 2 drops of indian blood” – the issue of “taking their land” is valid – but, all of us – indian & non indian have developed the land to benefit everyone…… you get free va health care b/c you earned it by your service – not b/c you were born into it.

  • Lucky to be here

    Contracts with the government are ironclad, just ask the Indians!

  • PMT,

    We all know that recruiters can’t make promises, but keep saying it, and see where that thought gets you.

  • Craig

    pretty cheap health care…just sayin. our economy sucks because of oblamer. vote him out and it will change. in the mean time, a little over 40 bucks a month for family health care is cheap. and i understand that we signed a contract…well sometimes contracts need updating especially these ugly times. everyone has to help the cause so we and our kids and their kids have a life !

    • o nerd

      our econermy sucks because of Bush and a republican congress and a unregulated republican greed dominated banking industry. Dude, you really don’t like facts do you. Obama’s crime is he only created 5 million jobs from charded embers of an economy and he ain’t bill clinton, but given the Republican lead cratering that really ain’t that bad. And does anyone really believe Rohmney’s going to create 12 million jobs in four years? I am voting for him and even I know that number is a crock.

    • Hawaiiduffer

      Contracts are not updated after the fact. A contract is a contract, not a maybe if I feel like it or can afford it.

      • o nerd

        laws change. for a contract to exist there needs to be an exchange of value. because you didn’t pay a dime for future benefit no contract exists only law and laws change all the time. Sometimes law changes benefit us and sometime they drill us a new one. The numbers do not add up and at some point we Vets will get slammed. There is not enough tax dollars out there to provide for all the veterans that are qualified to get benefits.

        • o nerd,

          I mostly agree with with what you’ve posted. We’ve paid nothing into our retirement (money wise), so we get what we get.

          Now, as for “drilling us a new one”, I’ve yet to see that happen, ever.

          • 0 nerd

            but it might, the dollars are going to have to add up some day and people like me who really shouldn’t be getting a check and free healthcare are going to find ourselves with nothing because the money is not there. If this happens to people who have become dependent on the VA benefits well that is when real pain will be felt. I exclude myself from that pool of people because I have health care insurance and don’t need the VA. Though I am grateful for the free ride I have been given, just don’t really understand it. But then there are a lot of taxpayers out there that don’t serve in the military and I suppose paying me eases the guilt some.

      • o nerd

        so you answered your own statement. if it can be changed with out an exchange of consideration then it is not a contract. well done.

        • o nerd,

          I think everyone know’s the truth, but it is more fun arguing then just admitting to what is the truth and moving on down the road.

          One thing is for sure though, that after I am dead and gone there will be others in this generation of soldiers to carry on the myths about the past. I’ve already seen posts by those 9/11 soldiers making claims that they too were promised “Free Health Care For Live”.

          • o nerd

            an argument that can not be rebutted. You are the winner and the wise one.

            So explain to me why so many extremely conservative people hate to be wrong, pout when presented with facts that contradict their point of view.

            Me I agree with your wisdom and love to argue based on baseless opinion, which means no one has to be wrong.

      • o nerd

        you are right which means you don’t have a contract.

    • retired military

      yes it is cheap but we retirees earned it with blood and sacrifice. you mean some have to help so you and your kids and grandkids have a life provided by others.

  • Old Navy John

    Quite drinking the Un cool aid. Between My father, Commander USNR, my son in law Lt. Colonel F-16 jockey and me 6 years Navy, we appreciate the military a BUNCH. Mitt is NOT a war monger, he paid the taxes the GOVERNMENT deemed legal, and if you were smart you would check out the facts. (I am a financial advisor and my daughter, married to the Lt. Col) Say it is ok to follow the law and rules. Also, Lt. Col. wrote a term paper for his Masters degree regarding the fair tax concept and that is what needs to change, THE LAW. Thanks for your service, but get off the lib aid and support someone who is FOR America not the liberal socialist, do you know how to goosestep? Well, if those guys get back in you had better practice.

    Old Navy John

    • Patsy Elephantlover


    • o nerd

      ONJ please explain the swiss and offshore accounts? Also explain to me how he has 200 million dollars in his KEOG accounts. I thought there were 16K yearly limits. So say 15 years time 16K is 240,000 dollars total over 83000 percent increase in a very short period of time. You telling me something illegal didn’t happen? Tax avoidance is legal, tax evasion is not. If it quacks like a duck it might just be a duck. And we may just elect the first President who could be convicted for tax evasion. But hey I am OK with that as long as he kill capital gains taxes and the 4 percent Obama care tax.

    • Patsy Elephantlover

      ONJ- I do NOT goosestep, and I too have a Masters degree in Psychology. I also research all of the time, and since I am a member of the Alpha Chi Honor Society, I consider myself pretty damn smart!

      If he was not a war monger, why did he state that we have always had two wars, and we can still? He has been a long time friend of BiBi’s and both want a war with Iran! ”

      This is from a conservative paper…………

      “War with Iran Is More Likely Under Romney, and It Would Be a Major War”

      • TOMCAT

        Education Level is not and indication of how smart you are. Take that Masters degree and buy you a cup of coffee. See how far ya get

        • o nerd

          thats is right, the ASVAP tells you how smart you are and I gots me a 155 on the GT, me, I ams trying (medl limbo) to retire froms the national guard as a E4 after 25 years of doing my little bit. 25 years as a Specialist now that be a true measure of briliance.

          Being smart is a useless thing, I’d rather be stupid and lucky which is how I made most of my money. Did you know that 25000 speculated in SIRIXM in 2008 would makes you a millionaires today? It was a stupid bet backs then and it is a stupid investment today and only a really stupid idiot would of made his money that way. Thanks God for letting me be a stupid idiot. And thank you american taxpayers for your kind generosity, I really appreciate all the VA benefits you all give me and when I get my small military retirement check I will be appreciative of that two. To get over 100 percent of my current pay in retirement seems almost crazy. Thank you very much for paying your taxes.

      • Wayno

        BS,MS,PhD..Bull Shit, More Shit, Piled high and deep…..

      • Wayno

        BS,MS,PhD..Bull ****, More ****, Piled high and deep…..

  • Michael852

    Sorry Patsy but Gov Romney will not be the one start to our VA pension benefits to fall off, however under Pres Obama in order to support his social agenda, will be the one. You are right TRICARE costs will go thru the roof, just not thru Gov Romney but Pres Obama.

    • Patsy Elephantlover

      Let’s get this straight-

      First Bush became president, lied to the American public about WHY he wanted to go into Iraq (I knew better), did not fund the two wars he got us into, or the Medicare expansion, and ran the deficit up so high that we almost could not see the top of it, and put us in a free fall— losing jobs, houses in foreclosure, and stock market spiraling down, while losing massive amounts of wealth.

      Next Obama comes in, saves the economy from going into a severe depression, Dow has doubled, Cut the Deficit and Slowed Spending to Lowest Level in 50 Years. “With the end of fiscal year 2012, the Congressional Budget Office announced the 2012 federal budget deficit: $1.1 trillion. Taken purely at face value, this number is enormous. And, not only has the president cut the deficit by $312 billion during his first term (so far), but he’s cut the deficit by $200 billion in the past year alone. And the CBO projected that the 2013 Obama budget, if enacted as is, would shrink the deficit to $977 billion — a four year total of nearly $500 billion in deficit reduction” . But STILL, since he has to get that deficit way down, cuts will be made!

      Congress (Republicans) gave him an ultimatum on the budget, as they refuse to raise revenue. So now more cuts will probably take place (hard to tell since congress decided to go home AGAIN, until after the election, and AGAIN not work on things. The DoD budget is being held hostage.

      And FYI, ultimately, it is Congress that has made the cuts. Obama has NOT signed off on the cuts YET! But we are ALL having to sacrifice; well, not the top 1%!

      Now, we need the deficit down and you say you will vote for Mitt who has his money overseas so he does not have to pay into our struggling economy? Remember he stated that “any man who pays MORE in taxes then he should, does NOT deserve to be president? And I have never paid below 13%”? Now, here is the tricky part. His 2011 taxes where it shows he paid 14%? He himself stated he did NOT take all of the deductions he was allowed, and only took half so his taxes would come out to 14%. When he redoes them after the election, and you bet he will, his tax rate will drop to uhmmmmmm 10%!!!!!

      This man you will vote for, in his 4 year term as Gov. of Massachusetts, took over 400 days off. He also put up a rope so no one could just walk into his office, AND he commandeered a public elevator for his personal use so NO ONE would ride with him and talk to him! AND he vetoed 800 bills.

      So Bipartisanship? Caring about people, wants to take us into a war with Israel against Iran, will increase our deficit more at OUR expense while cutting capital gains taxes, and inheritance taxes so he can save himself and his rich friends billions? In the end, who will suffer? ALL of us, and TRICARE will again have to be increased and funding for other programs decreased so the rich can get richer!

      And will cut out Planned Parenthood so many women will die, as this is the ONLY way they can get mammograms! My daughter is set to get hers soon. Let’s cut women’s programs and veterans’ programs so we can pay for the rich to hide their money……This is MITT!

      I, like many many wounded veterans, ELDERELY, WORKING POOR, CHILDREN, are in the 47%! WE DO NOT MATTER TO HIM!

      As far as being a socialist, please stay off the roads, out of the national parks, away from the VA, and do not send children to public schools……..these are considered socialist programs–everyone pays into the system, and it is controlled by the government, not private enterprise! Mitt wanted to privatize the VA…how much will this cost all of us in the long run?

      • tdwarren2

        How did you know better about the WMD’s. He had them and he used them on his on people. So, HOW CAN YOU SAY YOU KNEW BETTER?
        Also, no budgets from OBAMA, so how did congress cause the problem, when they were the only ones to submit a budget.

        • tdwarren2,

          Isn’t hindsight great. LOL

          • Idmtmedic

            Yes it is, pretty much how your Tricare cuts are playing out. You knew apparently but said and did nothing. Now???? Wasn’t legal then but when did the Supreme Court decide that? So you knew all along. Go figure.

      • Milomet

        You say your are so smart then how many soldiers died in Afghanistan under Bush, approx 500 and over 1400 under Obama. Tricare is going to go through the roof with Obama, take my word and also you won’t be getting much VA Care. He has even talked about cutting pensions. Where does that leave us ??????? I thought so

        • Patsy Elephantlover

          Milomet………..If you can read, then on this very site,, it mentions the pay raise you will get if receiving a military paycheck. Ummm Increase of 1.7%? That happens to be going UP not down………so tell me oh smart one, where he said he specifically would cut pensions! And BTW, the military budget is NOT done by him!

          Bush started preparing for an Iraq invasion even before he was sworn in, as meetings were taken place at his ranch in Crawford. The invasion, which led to deaths of our men and women simply for Bush’s own reasons, and NOT WMD, should be also considered into your equation. And yes, the deaths probably have gone up in Afghanistan, as Obama promised to get Osama, and he did put more troops in there and then ended the Iraq war we did NOT need to be in; that is, if going after the 9/11 men were more important than Saddam. To Bush though going after Osama was NOT important, as he said it was not his priority. This president said he would get Osama, he made it a priority on behalf of all Americans, and he did and then had to make the painful decision to act, knowing our men could get killed.

          • Patsy,

            LMAO, where do you get bullchit you post?????

          • Patsy Elephantlover

            I read Charles……one book sitting beside me is called “The Price of Loyalty……By Ron Suskind. I do NOT watch Fox, but I read, political books, articles etc. I started studying the Bush’s long before he became president. Where you familiar with the savings and loan scandal that cost tax payers about a trillion that involved the Bush’s?

          • Patsy,

            LMAO, it is evident all you want to do is bash Republicans. You do realize that most everything you post has nothing to do with the subject of Tricare.

            See above subject: “TRICARE Fees May Increase Again”

          • Idmtmedic

            Take your Meds and get a J O B.

      • TOMCAT

        Starts with an O and ends with 16 Trillion You are really smart Lets see 16 Trillion from 11 Trillion equalls money saved . Pure genius you are. Planned Parenthood equals free abortion used as birth control. Reform the tax code. Please tell me which Poor man I can make the most money workin for Genius

  • PMT

    my ancestors weren’t even in this country – they came here and worked their butts off to help build this country to be the great nation we are today! interesting that you agree that you are cheating the non indians…… what about the blacks that indians had as slaves???? working in the IHS, i see it is flawed (no health care system is perfect) but, everything is free…… staff is told to make sure customers (patients) are catered to – let’s see …. i know people who put their lives on the line & va doesn’t exactly make sure they are happy customers….. aren’t we the UNITED STATES???? UNITED being a key word! everyone – military, indian, every taxpayer is paying – but, aren’t those who have actually suffered hardships be entitled to what they were promised at sign up – it’s not a “birthright” – it was earned thru blood, sweat & tears…..and, when our kids reach a certain age, they are dropped from ANY healthcare benefits….. not so w/ indians…….

  • Patsy Elephantlover

    August 30, 2012
    FACT CHECK: Romney Would Slash Veterans’ Benefits
    Mitt Romney appropriately praised veterans in his speech tonight, but has suggested the privatization of veterans’ health care, breaking the promise to our men and women in uniform. The Romney-Ryan budget – if cuts were made across the board – could cut the funding for Veterans’ Affairs by $11 billion.

    Romney’s 160 Page, 59 Point “Plan For Jobs And Economic Growth” Did Not Include A Word About Veterans. Romney’s Plan For Jobs And Economic Growth, 9/6/11]
    Romney’s 34 Page Education White Paper Did Not Include A Word About Veterans. [Romney For President, Education White Paper, 5/23/11]
    Romney’s 44 Page Foreign Policy White Paper Did Not Include A Word About Veterans. [Romney For President, Foreign Policy White Paper, 10/7/11
    Ryan’s 98-Page Summary Of His FY 2013 Budget Plan, “The Path To Prosperity,” Fails To Mention The Word “Veteran” Even Once. [House Budget FY2013, “The Path To Prosperity,” 3/20/12]

    Romney’s Suggestion Of Using A Voucher System For Veterans’ Health Care “Echoed” Portions Of His Medicare Plan. “He also briefly floated the idea of using a voucher system to help veterans get reliable and quality health care, an option that echoed portions of a Medicare plan he recently rolled out at the Americans for Prosperity Foundation’s annual summit.” [New York Times, 11/11/11]

    Krugman: Romney’s “Voucherization” Of The VA Would Leave Veterans Who Don’t Make Enough Money To Cover Health Care Costs On Top Of What The Voucher Covers Unable “To Receive Essential Care.” “Mitt Romney wants to privatize the VA. This is awesome on multiple levels. First, you know what voucherization would mean in practice: the vouchers would be inadequate, and become more so over time, so that veterans who don’t make enough money to top them up would fail to receive essential care. Patriotism!” [Krugman, New York Times, 11/12/11]

    • Todd

      Caution on using FatChecker & Politifacts. Both are generated by known liberal controlled sources.

      Frequently Asked Questions About Mitt’s Plan

      Does Governor Romney want to privatize the Department of Veterans Affairs?
      Absolutely not. President Obama proposed privatization of the VA in 2009; Mitt Romney strongly rejects this approach. He will instead focus his efforts on making the VA work better for veterans, cleaning up an entrenched bureaucracy, rewarding positive results and holding failed leaders accountable. Our returning warriors deserve no less than top quality care, provided in a timely and efficient manner. It’s time for real leadership that is committed to tackling the VA’s endemic problems.

      Is it true the Paul Ryan budget cut Veterans Benefits?
      The Washington Post falsely reported that the Ryan budget cut Veterans benefits, and it immediately issued a correction. Not only did Paul’s plan meet the White House’s request for veterans spending, it actually increased it over a ten year period. Both Mitt and Paul believe that it is unconscionable that President Obama would propose cutting the military while growing the rest of the federal government. In a Romney-Ryan Administration, our troops and our veterans will come first.

      • Patsy Elephantlover

        This was NOT from Factchecker or Politifacts!

        And if you are a veteran, how do you feel about this?

        I bet it does not bother you, as the Romney family are sooooooooo good they do NOT have to shed blood for our nation!

        YES, I am a VET!

        • Todd

          If you have read the NDAA & the NDRP inconjuctioin with knowing Obama went to the Supreme Court trying to have the voting rights ofall active duty military members revoked by saying it was a conflict of interest for them to vote and still support him… Then US Vet or not you are supporting a Marxist. If you don’t believe it read the NDAA – It gives the president the right to detain any American for an indefinate period of time without charges. It also gives the the president the right to call “Marshall Law” without the approval of Congress.
          NDRPgives the Governmnet the right to use Americans to produce labor for the Government without payments (aka SLAVE LABOR) These are taken straight out of the Communist Manefesto by Karl Marx. The fact that the NDAA signed in to executive order 31 Dec 2011. Knowing Congress was on recess for the Holidays Obama backdoored both of these Acts and both of them go way beyond violating our constitutional rights. Even further than the Patriot Act signed by Bush (at least he put that one before Congress)….
          Both men (Obama & Bush) should be tried for treason.

        • Todd

          No it was from another liberal website. They even tell you they are liberal instead of hiding it. Try again for an independent news source.

    • fed up

      You have no idea what you are talking about. If you think Romney doesn’t care about the military then what do you think Obama thinks about the military. He already stated he thinks the military should lose their retirement pay until they turn 65. He and his wife stated that the US military members are bigger terrorists than al-queda. If you are a military member you should find those comments disturbing. After 20+ years in the military, the government wants to rewrite our contract.

      • Patsy Elephantlover

        fed up—-you have NO idea what you are talking about! I have posted on here, and can post again, all that the Obama’s HAVE done for America’s veterans. Your comment must have come from Fox News! Obama has
        NEVER said those words……..
        does this seem like a man who does NOT want more money going to veterans, and remember, Congress is holding the military hostage at moment in order to NOT have to increase revenue from the top 2%!,15240,191302,0

      • Patsy Elephantlover

        And BTW, Romney protested FOR Vietnam and then hid in France with 4 deferments. AND stated his sons will never go into the military as they are all serving their country by helpi8ng him get elected.

        Why was a so called “pacifist” protesting in FAVOR of the war, and then was too COWARD to go while many of my generation died?

        If a vet, look at the wounded at the VA that served in Vietnam and visit the graves of those that died and explain to them how you could vote for this COWARD! And NO ONE in his family has EVER served, or will ever sacrifice. Obama’s grandfather was in WWII!

        • Patsy,

          So what!

          • Patsy Elephantlover

            So what you say? These are the so what’s you so nonchalantly speak of…..
            211, 454 died or wounded in the Vietnam War and 2,489 still missing
            May they rest in peace, and may your “so what attitude” not be seen by anyone who served or suffered…..SMH

          • Patsy,

            Again, SO WHAT! Viet Nam has nothing to do with President Obama or President Elect Romney, or anyone else looking to be President. If you support the Constitution, then you support the requirements it takes to be President.

            As for Viet Nam, I was in Nam with both Father and older Brother and to add to that, my father, younger brother, older brother, sister and myself all served in the Military. My father, younger brother, sister and myself all have since retired for the service.

            Feel free to click on my name, and it will take you to my DD-Form 214/215.

        • Todd

          And Obama’s “father” what fighting to destroy capitaism. Obama refused to join the military. Instead he was letting himself be mentored by people who believed in communism.

          • Patsy Elephantlover

            Obama did not grow up with, or really know his father; and unlike Mitt, Obama was not drafted. Therefore, it is not legit to say he refused. However, MITT did refuse and hid in France, after protesting for other men and women to go off to war, and many died!

          • Patsy,

            “Obama did not grow up with, or really know his father; and unlike Mitt, Obama was not drafted. Therefore, it is not legit to say he refused. However, MITT did refuse and hid in France, after protesting for other men and women to go off to war, and many died!”

            True, President Obama wasn’t drafted nor did he volunteer for service, same as President Elect Romney, he wasn’t drafted nor did he volunteer for service.

          • Patsy Elephantlover

            And here ya go Todd……please learn the difference between Communism and Socialism. Obama cannot be BOTH!

            (speaking of mentoring, you DO know the Mormon prophecy for the WH and our government don’t you?)

            And PLEASE stay off the socialist roads….help cut down on traffic!

          • Todd

            I simply said he took key points out of the Communist Manifesto. He aligned himself with known communist minded people. He wants to destroy capitalism. He knows socialism doesn’t work on a in a country the size of the United States. He also knows that it is a very fine line between Communism & Socialism and most people would not recognize it when he stepped over that line. Regardless of his families history his is what he is. And these are not socialist roads… My hard earned money has been paying for them since I was 15. So not only “We the People” built those roads But “We the People” (not the government” Also paid for those roads.

      • Patsy Elephantlover

        You might want to read this old timer! And then talk to a mom of a dead soldier!

        It royally pisses me off!

    • O nerd

      Boo hoo, I don’t know how many minimally educated borderline mentally challenged individuals who have jobs because of the military and make over 60000 dollars a year plus benefits and a crazy cheap health insurance, like fee man, and a retirement that pays 50 percent after only 20 years. With a master of tax I only made it to 46000 and health insurance not free with a state government job, and it cost me over 80000 dollars to buy military time, etc., to retire early with about twenty years. Thank goodness I have money cause being smart ain’t done notin for me, 155 on my ASCAP gt.

      • Just a thought

        Non factual poser. Comments completly false and irrelevant.

  • Eunice

    for me it is too much specially for the The Texas Army National Guard who are paying for their insurance and are in low retirement check to pay the insurance when you are barely making it .. the congress needs to take in consideration that the cost of living is going up year by year the checks are staying the same …

    • o nerd

      the value of the family insurance is easily 12-15 thousand dollars and as good as the policy is I suspect it is worth upwards of 20K. If you have a service related disability you pay nothing to the VA to get medical treatment. When you hit 60 tricare for life is still one of the best free medicare supplimental policies, easily worth between 2500-12000 dollars depending on an individuals health at 65. It is tax dollars that pay for these benefits and quite honestly the taxpayers are not happy which is why the Tea Party is so loud. Bet you don’t like to pay taxes either.

  • o nerd

    47 per cent is a term Romney invented, not me. I don’t have a job (retired, 26k a year) yet I am paying over 100,000 dollars in taxes this year only, which helps to support the government programs that support vets, and I am seriously thinking of leaving my one million to the VA when I die. I am a disabled combat vet and certainly qualify as one of those 47 per centers that Rohmney spoke of, though this year I is more a one percenter. Yes, I am going to vote for Rohmny cause he will lower my taxes, which is more valuable to me than 50 percent disability which I know I don’t deserve. But unlike the whinny ones, I am very grateful for what the taxpayers have done, do for me. In fact last August while eating in a restaurant in uniform I thanked a taxpayer (who claimed to be grateful for my service) for paying her taxes which helped support me while I was in Iraq. You would think she would of said you are welcome, instead her mood changed from gratitude to a “yes I do pay a lot of taxes,” which is what she said. I suspect the 100k I am paying this year was a lot more than what she was paying. But I was polite and didn’t point out her rudeness.

    You are welcome I hope my 100K helps. But please clarify are you a wounded combat veteran, or one of those welfare veterans who never saw a day of combat, sucking the system dry? You see there is a difference in my eyes.

    If you are very poor you do not pay 15 dollars, so something is not adding up right, the VA does not charge the poor. I am rich and my service related issues are handled for free.

    For the record I sent 1300 dollars to the Obama Campaign in appreciation for his efforts in killing Bin Laden but I will not vote for him and said as much with the money, they still cashed the checks. Obama is not good for us rich people and you are right Romney ain’t good for you poor people. Funny how stupid poor people are, though. I wilill never understand why a poor person would vote to make us richer people richer. ha ha. I wonder what the poor people are doing. ain’t that a rich person phrase? I need to start learning them. Cause if Rohmney wins I think I might get my second million and not pay any taxes on it, which will be coool.

  • o nerd

    to many facts, that is not good arguing. a good argument is all about the presentation, and even your facts are referenced like a schollar, stop that.

    • Patsy Elephantlover

      I agree it is a lot of facts, but most people on here never look beyond their own noses for information, and facts will present a better case! And DAMN….reading your other responses to folks, you think like me on a lot of issues.HOW SCARY!

  • o nerd

    THe native amarican dude is right. why do people in arizona hate the native population so. I never understood it. Is it cause you all look too close to the mexicans with the skin tone? does anyone know? Haters can you explain this for me I is curious.

    • PMT

      off topic – this has nothing to do w/ tricare & healthcare benefits, but, i lived in new mexico & actually just came back from an indian healthcare conference in az – i didn’t perceive any hate…… my only point is that armed forces members were promised free health care after 20 yrs of service – that promise was broken – our kids are dropped from any benefits after a certain age – yet, someone w/ as little as 1/5000 indian blood is still getting free health care…… it’s just time to re-evaluate the IHS just as the gov’t did to service members…… why can promises be broken to some but not others? it’s time to honor promises made to those who served this country!

      • PMT,

        Recruiters can’t make promises.

        • PMT

          i have been reading many posts from people who DID get the promise in writing….. just FYI. unfortunately w/ frequent moves, i can’t find the original papers signed back in 1978.

          • PMT,

            Look, this case has been all the way up to the Supreme Court, and never, not once, at anytime was it proven that our Government made any such promise. The case was lost in 2003.

            PS: Even if some soldier was able to prove that it was handwritten into his Contract, it wouldn’t be legal. I mean, recruiters could promise you 76 Virgins upon death, but this doesn’t mean our Congress has to write new laws and have them signed by the President and then funded because some RECRUITED lied.

            Reality is what it is, we don’t have free health care for life, never had and never will.

          • Todd

            Very evident you do not realize that at the promise was made to many of us it was law to provide health care. Of course we had to go to a military facility to receive it. But never the less it was law at the time the promise was made. It now becomes an “after the fact” that the law was changed & after enlistment contract was signed. For those who enlisted in 1995 when the law was changed were lied to. Say what you will but the changing of the law after the fact in our eyes does not change the responsibility of the Government.

          • Todd,

            None of what you say is true or was true. The case was lost in 2003.

          • Todd

            Either you must be a bot working for the government or purely ignorant.
            When a law says “Shall receive” what does that mean?
            The ruling in 2003 was based off the change made to the law in 1995. Does change the law after the fact change the responsibility? In courts concerning contracts between to men engages in business the answer is no. So, how is it the government can make a change in a law that negates it’s responsibilities to those prior to changing the law? The problem is the deciding factor was the government its self which is a conflict of interest.

          • Todd,

            The battle has been fought and lost.

        • Todd

          In a some case against the Army as well as many against the Navy in Civil proceedings: The recruiters are representatives of the Department of Defense & of the United States. What they say to promote recruits is a direct representation of the Government.
          Because of this finding many cases have been one against the Federal Government on violation of contacts even though it was not in writing. Enough cases came before the courts that had proven of what was said and enough to prove the case against DOD. Recruiters are not suppose to make promises but do in order to make quotas.

          • Todd, Part 1

            IV. Conclusion

            We cannot readily imagine more sympathetic plaintiffs than the retired officers of the World War II and Korean War era involved in this case. They served their country for at least 20 years with the understanding that when they retired they and their dependents would receive full free health care for life. The promise of such health care was made in good faith and relied upon. Again, however, because no authority existed to make such promises in the first place, and because Congress has never ratified or acquiesced to this promise, we have no alternative but to uphold the judgment against the retirees’ breach-of-contract claim.

            Federal judges have a duty to uphold the Constitution and the laws, even if that means making unpleasant or unpopular decisions. Congress, on the other hand, has the power to make law, not simply to interpret and apply it. As our predecessor court said:

          • Todd, Part 2

            “Congress has the power and authority under the Constitution to establish a system for the payment of retired pay [for military service members] and to change the system from time to time…We understand and appreciate the dissatisfaction of the plaintiffs with the change in the retirement pay system, as they have rendered long and faithful service to our country in time of peace and war. However, if they are to get any relief, it must come from Congress, as this is not within [a court’s] jurisdiction.”

            Abbott v. United States, 200 Ct. Cl. 384, 390 (1973). Perhaps Congress will consider using its legal power to address the moral claims raised by Schism and Reinlie on their own behalf, and indirectly for other affected retirees.

            For the reasons stated above, the district court’s grant of summary judgment for the government is



      • o nerd

        I am referencing a period I spend in Arizona in 1981, haven’t been their recently, seems to me that hate is more aimed at Hispanics now, but then that perception is created by a biased not very accurate media and could be completely off mark. But then you get a few flamers who could of course be faking. One must wonder if the truth is out there.

  • thomas.marise

    Your “AWSOME OBAMA” cut the defense budget by $600 billion genious! Now when his anti american legislations take full effect I hope you wish to join that muslim in hell. Obama doesn’t love soldiers, veterans, or retirees and he hasn’t done anything for us. The VA budget is the same now as when Bush was in office. Learn the facts before you bash every white person you here about!

    • thomas.marise,

      “The VA budget is the same now as when Bush was in office.”

      Surely you don’t believe what you’re saying!

    • o nerd

      didn’t we leave iraq, you really didn’t think they would keeep spending that money did you?

      Maybe if we are lucky wee will invade Iran and spend more money that our country doesn’t have.

      • TOMCAT

        Maybe we’ll send Obama Jazee and his other rap friends over ther ans ask them to be nice

  • Lisa Saunders

    thanks for the facts

    • Patsy Elephantlover

      You are welcome, and while it is a lot of facts, unless one puts it out there, people do not always know!

  • Guest

    To ArmyRetired Choctaw. When you joined the Army did you join the Indian army or the UNITED STATES ARMY? My ancestors did not cheat yours as mine where not here then so why cheat me? Your the dummy here.

    • Vicki


  • Linda Brown

    VA hierarchy is too big. Also lots of wasteful spending. It needs reform

    • Patsy Elephantlover

      True! But our nation has grown so damn much and there are so many who want to be in charge, that not much gets done. I would like to see smaller clinics, but with us Baby Boomers, and now the thousands coming into it, it is expanding at a fast rate I do not think they can build clinics fast enough. However, more is being done for women and that is awesome!

  • Mavericklatino

    What? I lost interest in the first 5 sentences…toooooo long. But thanks, and make sure that we all vote for Mutt Ripney, now that we know we might end up getting screwed if he is elected. Because it always seems to go that way, we vote for the A-holes and they do us in, then we complain.

    • Patsy Elephantlover

      Well, when one decides to not learn the facts, and just vote from what they hear on the streets, then yes, you will probably end up complaining more. Knowledge is power! This is OUR nation, I do NOT want us to be sold to China for a profit! I do not speak the language and to damn tall for the beds! We are ONE nation, regardless of Latino, white, black, Asian, or from the planet Kolob like Mitt!

  • Vicki

    Ooohhh such hate. Surprised you wanted to serve in the “White Man’s Army”.

  • Molo10

    Hey Patsy…………………………..! You need to get a life and come down to reality. This is the worst administration that this nation has ever had. They have done absolutely nothing short of tearing this nation down. You might not care about that, but millions of others do. I sure as heck don’t want to see this nation continue down the path to ruin. Why can’t you see this administration’s deceitfulness? Race relations and class envy are worse now than at any time in my 72 years. It is appearant that you have picked up the party line by the way you disparage Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan. They deserve a chance to try and bring us back from the financial brink. That certainly won’t happen under the present administration.

    • o nerd

      I don’t know they did kill Osama unlike Chaney who allowed bin Laden to walk away from Tora Bora.

      Race relations are worse? wow how did you come to that conclusion, you do realize our president is white, wicked tan but white. white mom + raised by white grandparents tips the scales to white. Only a racist would call our president a black man, he is a white african american. respect that fact all you haters. even the bible agrees with me on this one.

      • Milomet`

        You mean that Bill Clinton had a chance to kill Bin Laden but let him go. He was probably to preoccupied with Monica…. Also don’t call me white, I’m a European American….dah

      • TOMCAT

        Even says African American on his 1963 birth certificate. About 15 years before the term African American was used

    • Patsy Elephantlover

      I am so grateful for your family you came out of your comma…….but while you were sleeping, Bush W. happened. Ask your friends and neighbors what happened under Bush! You really do need to get that dementia looked at! And YES, I care about my nation, that is why I do NOT want it to go back to the days like Bush that got us into this mess, and that is exactly where Mitt will take us. I swear, no one seems to read…..just watch Fox news! SMH

      • TOMCAT

        Did Move On -org tell ya that Genius

  • ODell

    All members of our House of Representatives and all members of the Senate get 100% FREE medical coverage, the very best, for themselves and for their families. This includes complete medical, dental, eyes, prescription medicine, everything at no cost to themselves. Our politicians pay no tri-care fees and pay no co-pay. And most of our politicians never wore a uniform and many of these same politicians despise our military! And, to further disgrace these politicans get complete medical service for life when serving 2 terms.

    • Patsy Elephantlover

      This I agree on! Veterans SHOULD get way more than congress. They should NOT get one damn thing when they leave office, but they do! Stay in for two terms, NO retirement, and pay like everyone else for medical! And NO damn paid vacations either. The HR voted for more time off than any other congress ever, and went home now so they would not have to vote on anything to help the president……….we are paying for this!

      • O Nerd

        Who pays for this generosity? We all like a free lunch, but someone has to pay.

    • Jeffrey

      And THIS is where the budget needs to make cuts. It is this way in most states where these politicians are PART time. I want to see some congressmen with the BALLS to cut THEIR benefits, not the military who have served this country. The only people that should get FREE healthcare and the family members of those that have DIED for this country through their military service and not those who have died while sleeping on the floor of the House or Senate!

    • O. Nerd

      So? Who told you life was fair? I don’t think it is fair that I have to pay more in taxes this year than I made my entire working life, 130000 dollars. Only Ronny understands my pain. Sure you want you free lunch but why do I have to pay for it. Please answer me that?



  • ColoradoBuckSlayer

    Go drop another hit of LSD and puff on one of your big doobies until you start trippin you burnt out freak!

  • 1oldsailor

    I am retired and would like to think that all my needs are going to be taken care of by the “Government” but who is the Government? It is us, and we are spending more than we can make or borrow! Cuts are painful and difficult but we must expect to fell a little pain if we are going to survive. I believe we need to make huge reductions to all the subsidies we give and cut back on the foreign aide to countries that hate us, and reign in our entitalments. Something needs to be done to get people off the welfare lets put them to work so they don’t need to be supported. There are many that do need help and can not work, but those that can should be in a program like the WPA or CCC’s.

    • onkyo95

      In your opening sentence you state that you would like to think that all your needs are going to be taken care of by the government. But then you turn around and say that the people on welfare should get off of welfare and get to work? Why should they? They are just letting the government take care of their needs. Same thing you said you would like to be done for you. So you just want thr government to take care of you but to not take care of anybody else?

    • Rick Johnson

      It is not the American people who are spending the vast amounts of money it is the so called government that is elected to do this nations business. I am 67 years old and have yet had a need to understand what a shrimp on a treadmill will do or have I had a burning desire to understand how and why a rattlesnake strikes at a rodent. Never have I needed information on the breeding habits of mosquetos and flies. I just get out the old fly swatter and have at them. Oh by the way I would try to save the rodent rather than the rattlesnake. I wonder what the snakes name might be?

  • Chip

    A company or firm whose success is determined by sales, taxes, materials, employees costs etc.. depends on the moves that the “government” makes that could run those cost high enough where the business falters or fails under the weight of costs and regulations. Therefore an employee who works for a company whose employer states “we may not make it under these restrictions” is becoming informed that he or she may lose their job and income if certain laws and regulations take effect. His voted can be counted as an informed decision based on which candidate serves his or her best interest. The 2012 election could be the historical tipping point where the parasites overwhelm the host.

  • GYSGT-ret

    Wow, looks like the Democrats have invaded this blog. I find these posts compared to the ones I have seen in the past to be very suspect and think that they have been planted by some democrat group instead of the individuals that normally post here.

    • O Space nerd

      I think my stock portfolio says I am rich which is more legitimate reason to vote for Romney than I hate Obama. Did you know guns are being sold in all major px’s and this happened while Obama was president? I appreciate the killing of bin laden but I appreciate my money more and I know Romney will protect my money from all you people who want a free lunch on my dime.

      You want conspiracy how about Cheney let bin laden go so he could get his invasion of Iraq and get Halliburton billions in no bid contracts and keep them13000000 dollar pension checks commingling. It must be true because you can’t disproove it

      • O Space nerd,

        Not all PX’s. Gun sales are based on State laws.

        • o’nerd

          Well I stand corrected, thank God I live in SC and not NY state though I do believe all the major posts are in the south where guns are a state right, where we don’t need no stinking 2nd ammendment to tell us we can have a gun or two. cause our state respects the hunters we even encourage the cow shooting northerners to come on down this way and spend their money shooting our dear.

          • o’nerd,

            To go further, as you probably already know, Ft. Campbell, Ky. is on the border with TN, and KY. Kentucky allows for the sale of Rifles and Hand Guns in the Post Exchange. I was TOLD by the Gun people within the PX, that even if Ft. Campbell had I satellite store within the TN. side of Ft. Campbell, the state of TN. has said no “Handguns” sales by the PX in the State (Rifles Only).

            So, unless I am willing to move to Kentucky, I can’t buy handguns at any AAFES Stores in TN.

          • o nerd

            Yea I looked at the PX flyer where they list all the PXs that sell guns and it isn’t as large as I thought. Still the expansion did occur during the liberal Obama’s presidency and as commander and chief he could of shut down sales if he weren’t so afraid of the NRA. It is a pitty though all PXs don’t participate the PX is loosing loads of money, I have never gone to FT Jackson’s PX without there being people at the gun counter buying.

            I always though TN was part of the south, what is wrong with you all. Are you all liberals or something? Did Bambi make your governor cry as a kid?

          • o nerd,

            I’m sure President Obama has no idea nor does he care about PX’s selling guns. Not sure why President Obama would be afraid of the NRA either.

          • o nerd

            all politicians are afraid of the NRA, a strong single minded voting block with lots of money can damage any one wanting to be elected.l

            So explain to me why the NRA and gun owners are so afraid of Obama and the anti-gun nutters out there like Rosie O’donnell. I mean to have a run on bullets when there is absolutely no legislation pending that seeks to limit gun or bullet ownership. But then a lot of gun owners are cowards which is probably why they gots to have so many guns to protect themselves when all one really needs is a good shotgun or a nice baseball bat to protect the house.

          • Idmtmedic

            Onerd? How’s your post stand up to the current legislation? Seems these backward country folk must have known what was coming huh?

    • Patsy Elephantlover

      What is wrong with Democrats being a part of this debate? Is this site (that I belong to) JUST for republicans? What are you guys afraid of? I suppose, like many men I ran into while serving in the military, you expect women to be in the kitchen or bedroom, not serving your country! AND FYI, I served VT6 NAS Whiting Field US Navy………..So wish I had stayed in, but I wanted my degree and now have an MS in Psychology! You guys are pitiful! I am on (for now) Patsy Elders. Changed name on here due to abuse, and was trying to be incognito as Patsy Elephantlover. But I served and damn tired of the crap I have received from you old white men who still live in the 50’s!

      • o nerd

        What I have found in speaking to people who call themselves Republicans and don’t have the money to back up that moniker is that they absolutely hate being wrong. Facts tend to confuse them and get them very frustrated especially when they don’t reinforce their viewpoint. I had one SFC tell me that he was an expert on the fall of Rome having read a book or two, claiming it was the devaluation of the silver that caused its collapse and challenged me to prove him wrong. All I said was there were other factors. Turns out he was there was a 200 year gap from the weak silver coins and when Rome was sacked (fell). When I made a list of 12 plus issues that contributed to the fall of Rome I was told he didn’t have time to even look at it. Then I find out this expert never read Gibbon’s book. An otherwise intelligent well read man, pouting because he might of been proven wrong. Ah the power of the internet to make us dummies seem like we know a thing or two.

        • Patsy Elephantlover

          Don’t be so hard on yourself O’Nerd……You are not that dumb! :-)

          • o nerd

            ha, ha, you arre funny I am not hard on myslelf, it is called false humilitiy and I am suprised a college educated person couldn’t see that. Most people who know me would agree that I am an arogant a*****e, had an ex-girlfriend call me that one. I like the to think I a truth monger who makes up stuff convincingly and tend to get things wright about 50 percent of the time. Your funny though, unless you are using the silence definition of dumb.

          • Patsy Elephantlover

            Yes, I understood you from the moment I started ready your post. I try to stay away from diagnosing others and giving labels, as it is not a fair thing to do. But, honestly, reading your post made me shake my head, and yes, I agree with your self diagnosis. LOL However, I tend to look beyond the top layer of a person and try to understand “why” they are the way they are. It has always been something I have done since I was young. On here, I see many veterans who “need” to stay with other veterans and belong. That brotherhood feeling is very powerful, and for those who have been in combat, so needed. You are still a member of the human race and still have great qualities, just wish you could actually see them like I do. And this is one reason I went into the field I did……….I believe in people that don’t believe in themselves, and use anger and pain to live their lives.

          • o nerd

            Most all people I have met exist with their pain, it is why I have only met one truly happy person in my life. He explained to me that his happiness was rooted in the concept of CONTROL. It is the inability to control our lives that creates so many angry people and an unwillingness to give up all control say to a faith, which is why you can find happy people in cults. We rant in places like this because we get to be a little in control, show off our superiority, etc.

            It is fundamentally wrong for people with superior intelect to express their views to inferior minds because we know that a weak mind can not be changed and so all we end up doing is adding to some poor schlubs anxiety because we end up cheating them of a chance to control, to be right. This is wrong which is why liberals and instigators such as myself should not be allowed on conservative blogs like this.

      • Patsy,

        I don’t care what party you are for or against. I respond to what is posted not who or what I think you are.

        • Patsy Elephantlover

          Thank you very much!
          My comment was basically aimed at GYSGT-ret and others who assume we are all trolls since some (maybe just me) are democrats on here. True, I would be one if this was a ‘republican’ site, but it is not. Our democracy is for all humans, and even Mitt!

  • tim

    I guess you will believe anything the mainstream media puts out. What are your thought on unions?? Thay have been threatening and intimidating for decades and billions of dues have gone to the leftist cause. Where were you when Biden was saying “vote for us,thay want to put you back in chains”???

  • onkyo95

    Our ancestors cheated your ancestors out of “their land”? And who did your ancestors cheat to get the land? Remember, your ancestors are not actually native to this land. They were just here before us. Historians, scientists and archeologists can prove that the your ancestors migrated here from Asia. They traveled across the Bering Strait land bridge before it was covered in water. Ever look really close at Eskimos or, better yet, look at old photos of American Indians from the 1800’s? Strange how much they resemble Asians. And since you like name calling so much (the white dummies comment) I suggest to you, Chief Bowl Movement Out Of Mouth, that maybe you should head back to the res and sell some cigarettes or casino chips.

    • Todd

      Not all Natives came from Asia. before you comment do more research and check you facts. Some did come from Asia but some also came from Northern Europe.

  • onkyo95

    I am retired AF and I don’t mind small increases in Tricare. To pay Tricare for a whole year is still cheaper than what most pay for 1-1 1/2 months for similar coverage. I think the whole military medical system needs revamping. The stateside military pharmacies, hospitals, and clinincs should be for active duty only. No active dependents, no retirees and no retiree dependents. The military’s only obligation is to the active duty. Or, better yet, the military hospitals, pharmacies, and clinics should start charging a co-pay per visit for active dependents, retirees and their dependents. All active duty have Tricare for their dependents. In fact, the active dependents should have to pay a Tricare enrollment fee (maybe a smaller amount) like retirees pay. I live near St. Louis and it amazes me that a retiree will travel all the way to Scott AFB and wait several hours for a medication to be filled for free rather than go somewhere closer and pay the small co-pay for the medication. Most of the time, the co-pay is less than the amount of gas they use to get that free medication.

    • Jill chavers

      You must be a single person who has not served 20 plus years in the military yet. All the people that I served with worked many hard hours to earn what they have now. The sacrifice that we choose to make, we are proud of, and are greatful for the return that has come from many many hours and years of dedicated hard work.

    • SMSgt Guynn

      TRICARE has a $708 million surplus for FY2012. DoD has asked congress to let them reprogram millions away from our health care to other programs. At the same time DoD is asking we pay more to health care. See page 8, AFSA magazine SEP/OCt 2012. Joe Wilson (R-SC) and 24 members of Congress sent a letter to DoD on 24 Jul 2012, asking why DoD wants us to pay more when we have a surplus. No answer. SMSgt Guynn/Ret

      • SMSgt Guynn,

        Yes, they had a surplus, but all that means is that their estimate of cost two years down the road was off. Remember, the DOD budget is always an estimate. Should you check, many times the DOD under estimated what it would cost and then had to get emergency funding.

        Anyway, it doesn’t matter whether they guessed right or wrong, the proof is in how much it is accually subsidized after the bills are paid using the fees.

  • lawrence

    We have no right to vote in a Federal Election. we vote for reps in a electory
    colledge and there is no reason not to have a photo id. You have to show
    a photo id for just about every you do today. You have a right to
    vote so should you not protect that right by have a photo it?

    • Mike

      What will the next requirement be to vote? Can you see the handwriting on the wall? Military men and women gave their lives so all Americans have freedom and liberties and one of these liberties is the right to vote. Who an individual vote for is their decision to make. No one one should be pressured by any group (GOP, etc..) on who to vote for! The GOP came up with a well contrive plan which prey on people’s fears and vulnerabilities. Through intimidation and propaganda it is so easy to influence people and I see it worked. No one should be bullied or strong armed through a law that benefits any party, especially the GOP. Thats the strong point “You have to show an ID for just about every thing you do?” What if the next requirement be to pay a fee to vote, would you agree to that? Wake up people!

    • O nerd

      So reissue all voter id’s with photos, and while your at it put the photo on the signature register at polling. I don’t know having to always show your papers smacks of commi land to me and it shocks me that it is republicans who are pushing the issue, though I guess the nazis like the papers thing too.

  • CSM(R) Robinson

    The whole concept of Tri-Care is a contradiction to the contract I signed with the US Government that essentially stated If I gave the US Army 20+ yrs of my life to protect and defend this country, they would take care of my medical and dental needs for the rest of my life. When I re-enlisted the first time, TRI CARE did not exist, nor did the notion of paying for health care post retirment. I find TRI CARE offensive to retirees and feel the US Government ought to honor its comittment to our fighting, serving men and women

    • CSM(R) Robinson,

      “The whole concept of Tri-Care is a contradiction to the contract I signed with the US Government that essentially stated If I gave the US Army 20+ yrs of my life to protect and defend this country, they would take care of my medical and dental needs for the rest of my life.”

      CSM, there was never, ever, at anytime any CONTRACT that promised you medical and dental needs for the rest of your life. This is a myth now, and has been a myth for years. For some of us, we think if we keep saying it is so, then maybe this myth will come true.

      • Todd

        Actually not a “myth” USC 10 is where you will find it. However in 1995 they changed a couple of words from “shall have medical care at a military facility” to “may have medical care if appointments are availible at a military facility”
        You have to parts to your contract 1 part you sign and the other part is found under Us Codes.

        • Todd,

          This has always been a myth and still is a myth to this day. As you know, Congress never, ever gave free health care for life to anyone, and the President have never signed any Laws giving free health care for life to anyone, nor has any President /Congress ever funded free health care for life for any of our retired soldiers.

          • Todd

            You should do some research. If you have you have never asked the right question to find the answers…

          • Todd,

            Done all the research needed to realize it is and was a myth. All the information about it has been out there for years, been talked about in-depthon this site.

            “”Health care benefits for military members, retirees, and their families are, and have always been, as provided by law, and the law has never promised free health care for life.””


            “THE RUMOR DOCTOR’S DIAGNOSIS: The rumor of free medical care for life is false, even though some veterans were promised it by recruiters, who were in no position to make such a promise. As the CRS report makes clear, “Unauthorized promises based on mistakes, fraud, etc. do not constitute a contractual obligation on the part of the government/taxpayer.””


          • Hawaiiduffer

            When I enlisted in the military in 1961, an official representative of the US government informed me that a military benefit was free health care for myself and my dependents for the rest of my life if I stayed on active duty for 20 or more years. He provided my an official US government document verifying that information. For my entire military career which ended in 1983, there was never any change to that promise in the contract between the US govrnment and myself. After the fact changes of heart by the US goverment and/or court judgements do not relieve the government of responsibility to honor contracts it has already entered into. To blow off recruiter guarantees and recruitment pamphlets as not being authorized or binding don’t feed the bulldog.

          • Hawaiiduffer,

            Ok, whatever, so how is that free health care for life promise working out for you!

            You need to continue to tell you’re story for the rest of your life in hopes that all this will in fact come true. For me, I retired, pay for Tricare and am happier than a pig in mud with what I have.

          • Idmtmedic

            How’s that Tricare for life going to work for you now you POS. I’m relishing the fact YOUR benefits are now targeted being that your now drawing SSI and retirement and your COSTS for healthcare are going to take a hit. No more grandfathering. YOU are the target.

          • idmedic,

            Not sure where you got the idea that I’m drawing SSI. In no way do I qualify. Since you figure you have a need to know, what I do qualify for is my Military Retirement Pay and Social Security and all Monies I saved and invested to supplement those said retirement checks above.

            “What Is Supplemental Security Income?

            Supplemental Security Income (SSI) is a Federal assistance program designed to provide income to aged, blind, or disabled people who have limited assets with which to support themselves.”

          • Idmtmedic

            Ok so not SSI but Social Security and your drawing a civilian check if I read correctly. You stated you retired from a civilian job. So let’s do the math. Government check, civilian check, SSI, and???? No JOB.

          • idmedic,

            I listed the checks I recieve, can’t you read?????

            As for not having a job, duh, that is what recieving a Social Security Check and investing means.

            What is it about what I make a month concerns you????? You jealous I’m sure!

        • o nerd

          that is law and not a contract. a contract requires an exchange of value and a meeting of the mind and generally signatures are involved. i.e. an insurance contract, a bill of sale. I seriously doubt a single person has ever read title 10 before signing on the dotted line. Maybe I don’t know anything about law but I think I remember the paper chase enough to say that ain’t no contract. Because we don’t pay anything into it there is no binding contract, only the goodwill of an overburdened taxpayer to provide for a moral obligation to care for those who defend their freedoms. In my opinion you have to go back to WWII for that to be completed true statement.

          • Todd

            Very evident you do not realize that at the promise was made to many of us it was law to provide health care. Of course we had to go to a military facility to receive it. But never the less it was law at the time the promise was made. It now becomes an after the fact that the law was changed after enlistment contract was signed. For those who enlisted in 1995 when the law was changed were lied to. Say what you will but the changing of the law after the fact in our eyes does not change the responsibility of the Government.

          • o nerd

            you are right I didn’t know the law whenI signed my contract in 1984 which is my point. No one thinks that far ahead. 20 years is a lifetime to most 20 year olds. It is bonuses and educational benefits that are relevant to the kids who join. I mean I didn’t even know I was a real veteran elegible for VA benefits until someone old fart told me years after I left my first enlistment.

            Do you know the law you are quoting I would be facinated to look it up, or the court case.

            Ultimately the courts are the law deciders, and they decide whether you have a contract. Even if there are signatures a court can null a contract. i.e. contract with a minor

    • O nerd

      You weren’t paid? Wow that sound like slavery to me. I got paid, and I thought the money was good given how little real work I ever did. You should sue if you didn’t get paid, you shouldn’t have to give you time to the military when I think most of us got paid

    • Rick Anstine

      I whole heartedly agree with the above statement. I entered the Army in 09/67 and retired in 10/03. 24 years active and 12 years reserve. My wife and I have talked about this subject for years. I do feel the US should honor its medical commitment to its fighting men and women.

    • Rich

      Roger that CSM ! I joined @ 17 YRS old in “81”. I retired 3 yrs ago as a Chief in the USAF (E-9). I complain about that fact of what they promised us, and feel its my faut for not keeping my eye on the ball during re enlistement. Shoot, I was going to sign anyway. We were the greatest thing on earth when they needed us, now, not so much… We upheld our side of the deal my good friend, Now, we are cannon fodder and dont matter anymore.

  • Patsy Elephantlover

    Ann Romney Thinks a Mormon Mission is the Same as Serving in the Military

    Now just how do you veterans think about this? Pisses me off!

    • O. Nerd

      Well we did fight in France, so maybe that would be true in, 1943. No I am not unset, people with magic undergarments should be given some allowances, plus us rich people shouldn’t be held for anything because we are rich, that is how capitalism works, you silly poor people. OJ walked because he was rich, goes to jail cause the money was gone? Darwin at work

  • An old Soldier

    The man you are promoting, Barak Obama, a sitting president, ordered the execution of an American Citizen. You can sit here and talk about the constitution all day long, but you cannot get around the fact that he sees fit, not to defend it, but to hide behind it, and pick and choose. I don’t care who you like, and if you thnk the ends justify the means, then vote for him again. But when you are pulling that lever, pushnig that button, maybe you should just ask yourself, will he defend the constitution. You talk about Romney’s sons not serving, as if some kind of experience is now required, and Obama’s grandfather somehow gives him credibilty. Obama has as little respect for the military as any President I have ever seen. We have a choice in Nov. Keep going down the road we are, or change direction. The choice should be clear. Mitt Romney is the hope and change we need. Much better than what we have now is not the enemy of perfect.

  • MicheleR

    It’s “okay” for the DOL to tell contractors on, July 30, 2012, don’t worry about the “WARN ACT” (1988 – Clinton Admin) don’t tell those folks they may lose their jobs after January 2, 2013, if the President orders sequestration. Is it constitutional to ignore a law. The law is simple, if you have 100 or more employees and you forsee a cut in the work force you are REQUIRED to notify the employees 60 days prior to the cuts. I too raised my hand a long time ago to protect and defend The Constitution, many of these potential people who will lose their jobs, protect and defend too, they are military contractors who keep the current memebers of the armed forces safe. And given the condition and “State of the Union” (one party or the other will be scorned after the election) do you really think they will pull it together and avoid sequestration? The constitution is about truth and it is suposed to ensure people, politicians and our government tell the truth!

    • Patsy Elephantlover

      This is about the basic right to VOTE! I guess I am talking to white men who never struggled to have that right………… my point is falling on deaf ears. You all will vote for a man who hides his money off shores, sent millions of jobs to China for HIs profit, ….and BTW, why do you Republicans care about the 2nd amendment, but NOT the RIGHT TO VOTE WHICH IS ALSO CONSTITUTIONALLY A RIGHT?

      • Just a thought

        You must be a very strong individual to carry such a large chip on your shoulders. Almost everyone on this site has fought and sacraficed for their right to vote, regardless of their race, gender, religous preference or any other individual preference.. Your comments bring into question whether you were ever actually in the military, washed out early or are a just one of the many posers trying to sway the voters. If you choose to vote for or consider yourself a member of either party , you could be considered clincly delusional. Both parties are equally to blame for our current problems. Congress is to blame and no president will ever fix these problems. The president can suggest policy, but only congress can make it law. Executive mandates expire. Until we replace everyone in both houses of congress nothing will change. Chances of that happening are pretty slim. Most who pay attention will still vote for the bad guy/girl as long as they are getting money for their state. Wake up, American up and replace the reprssntitives from your state. Unless you are willing to do that you will remain part the problem.

        • Patsy Elephantlover

          Yes, I am a strong individual, I have had to be, I raised three children alone, and took phone calls at my job of individuals in the midst of suicide, and while no one else wanted to talk to them, I did, and I listened. And I grew stronger! There is no chip on my shoulder, just great sadness. Long before I received my MS in Psychology, I developed a sense of understanding. I have spent hours researching, reading, and most of all LISTENING! And, no I am not a poser; I really thought, which I am a member of, was open to everyone. I did not think it was a “republican” site only. They did not ask me when I raised my hand to take my oath, if I was a republican! My problem with your reply……… didn’t listen to the words. You do not have to, as that is your right. Voting is THE one thing that lets us keep our individual freedom. The republican are pushing fear of losing their jobs and intimidation to get the workers vote. No side should!
          And FYI…………VT-6, NAS Whiting Field, US Navy, Vietnam Era!

      • Todd

        What about the estimated 20% of illegal votes in 2008?? The cats, dogs, dead people, & illegal immigrants?? The states trying to impose Government approved IDs are trying to prevent a this illegal voting. I could walk up to vote with someone else’s information (ie a utility bill) and case a vote. All those on welfare/food stamps had to have an ID to get on it so what is the problem? Your beloved democrats want illegal immigrants to be able to vote is the problem. That is why they are fighting against it and another issue you won’t hear in the media.

        • Patsy Elephantlover

          That is NOT true Todd about wanting illegal immigrants to vote. What we do want is fairness. I am not sure if Texas changed their mind on what ID’s could be used, but last year they said you could use a gun license, but not a VA card. So why does a gun license count (white males typically) and not a VA card (poor blacks that might not have any other form of ID)? This angered many, including veterans (at least democratic ones). I do not mind the ID card, IF it is done legitimately, but some states have posted you need one, when in fact they know they did NOT. This turned many away from the primary polls. This year has been the worst since the 60’s on intimidation at the polls, and state after state has tried to stop early voting in order to eliminate those who vote early. Please research this! When a veteran is told his card does not count but a gun owners does, something is wrong!

  • sgt us army

    maybe we should stop voting these politicians in office if they won’t work for the people,0r maybe we should vote them out of office,its always either the republicans or democrats they hold each other at a stand still to get their way if you vote for this we will vote for that.Of course they will vote for what is better for them not anyone else.Health care, food, gas ect seems like no matter what even in this economy our senators or Governors, ect all raise taxes no matter what utilities rise their rates but we will always make the same because the public will always be kept at bay not making to much but not making enough everything will go up for all ex military all retired military to include myself I salute you the word FREE is no longer and never was and never will be FREE their is always an attachment to that. We can no longer believe anyone anymore lets vote for the poor guy in office instead of these millionaires they work for themselves not us we are the ones working for them.

  • Just a thought

    It wasn’t your ancestors land to give. Native American history states that your ancestors believed the land belonged to all peoples. They sold and gave away land that by there own admission didn’t belong to them. Every American is shackled by the few and it is the few that continue to fuel this class war. If all Americans realized that a few power crazy politicians and businessmen control everything and do whatever they can to keep race wars going, we could get rid of them and start the recovery. Unfortunatly the current whoa is me, I get mine first mentallity is never going to get us to where we want to be. Your opening comment is a prime example of the problem with this country. No one owes you anything, but what you have earned yourself. What YOU get out of your life is what YOU make of it and anything else is just lazy greed. Embrace your fellow Americans, learn who the real enemy is and work to defeat them, otherwise nothing will ever change.

    • PMT

      so, how can all american tax payers be made aware of this????? i really do think every taxpayer should be outraged that our hard earned tax money is being used to give free health care (& more) to ANY group that feels more entitled than everyone else……. your first 2 sentences are so true! all americans need to be made aware of this……unfortunately, no representative in oklahoma will touch this – too many voters benefit from this system -please encourage all voters to write to their representatives – i truly believe (perhaps naively) that people CAN effect change………you are SO correct – “No one owes you anything, but what you have earned yourself. What YOU get out of your life is what YOU make of it and anything else is just lazy greed.” we should all work together to make sure that the most deserving who served & put their lives on the line + their families who suffered emotionally get the benefits they have EARNED!!!!!

  • o nerd

    No but close though, I get 0 for hemorrhoids and 10 percent for high blood pressure, and I am being forced to get another 40 percent for diabetes which causing me to be medically discharged.

    I served in the Army 18 months in Germany as a TAMMS/PLL clerk got fired for bringing attention to the common practice of dispaching unsafe vehicles, moved around while they tried to put me in jail, slander I was told, unfortunately it turned out everything I pointed out was true.

    Went to Al Assad Iraq for 10 months in 2004, was the class 4 forklift driver, mostly moved plastic latrines around and moved some Iraqi munitions. Just did my job in the heat and no my vehicle did not have operational AC.

    Please understand that recently I became a millionaire which is why I will vote for Rohmney, he wants to lower my taxes. I certainly don’t know how that makes him a dictator? Maybe you think I am going to vote for Obama? No I believe he was a good president. I really like the killing of Bin Laden thing, I reaaly didn’t like bin Laden. You see obamacare has a 4 percent extra tax on dividend earnings which Rohney promises to repeal and that helps me become richer. i really don’t understand how either of these men could be called a dictator. Maybe you don’t like Guantanamo prison and you are mad at Obama for not closing it? But then you sound like you might be conservative. Sounds like you are confused. You sure are confussing me.

  • Patsy Elephantlover,

    Surely you don’t think anyone talking about the 47%’ers are referring to military retirees, those on Social Security, etc. In my book, when I talk about them, I am talking about those that don’t pay taxes, and those that don’t pay taxes I see them taxes as federal income taxes.

    • Patsy Elephantlover

      Actually, I do. What you said makes no sense.

      What is the difference in the 47% Mitt refers to that pays no federal taxes, and your people that pay no federal taxes? Is there a difference between republican federal taxes and democratic federal taxes? If so, when the republicans like Mitt reduce their federal taxes by taking a $77,000 deduction on their horse, five homes, cars, etc., is that different then a military retiree, veteran, senior, or poor taking a federal deduction on child care, mortgage interest, or education and since income low, they end up not owing any taxes?

      • Patsy,

        This is what he said:

        ““There are 47 percent of the people who will vote for the president no matter what,” he said emphatically at the fundraiser. “All right, there are 47 percent who are with him, who are dependent upon government, who believe that they are victims, who believe the government has a responsibility to care for them, who believe that they are entitled to health care, to food, to housing, to you-name-it. That that’s an entitlement. And the government should give it to them. And they will vote for this president no matter what…These are people who pay no income tax.””

        Now, if you feel he was talking about Military Retiree’s, those on Social Security, etc., so be it. BUT, I am Military Retired and drawing Social Security, and paying taxes and I know he wasn’t talking about me. So I guess this argument is over, in that your not going to change my mind and I’m not going to change yours.

        • Patsy Elephantlover

          I do not expect you to change your mind, but I would like it if you had compassion for others less fortunate.

          47% = incomes less than $20,000, seniors, working poor, new into the military that also get food stamps. Military men and women in the hospital or on low incomes due to disabilities or on a pension.
          But it’s not just low-income people who get out of paying income taxes. About 1 percent of the top 1 percent of income earners, those making about $533,000 or more, did not pay income taxes. That’s roughly 13,000 tax filers.
          And 4,000 millionaires are also escaping that burden, according to a Tax Policy Center analysis.

          • Patsy,

            Move on!

          • Patsy Elephantlover

            I see you are a typical republican, cannot handle the truth or real facts. If your guy wins, I shall be back in 6 months to say “I told you so”……….well off to save America from people who hate, teach fear, intolerance, and have NO compassion for the wounded soldier, just their own pocketbook! SMH as I go and my heart is sad, cause you guys are killing America with so much hate!! Adios

          • Patsy,

            Stick to the subject: TRICARE Fees May Increase Again

            This isn’t a political message board.

        • TOMCAT

          The Truth hurts don’t it But its still the truth! Go Charles. That democrat plantation type is stuck on the plantation. it took both parties to get us here. They’re both guilty!

  • Retired and Disabled

    The income tax Romney paid was on dividends. He does have traditional income. So he falls into that category. It has nothing to do with off-shore accounts. If Obama was so great then why is he still trying to sell everyone the same house he tried to sell last election. All he did was put a few more promises on the doorstep. Oh, I am a 20 year retiree and I am over 80% disabled. I deployed in 2001, 2002, and 2003. So I have seen first hand what all of this has done during the last two presidents. I have lost many friends but I’ll be damned watch the Country I defended and my friends that gave their lives for be turned into a communistic country!!! If nothing else, you have nothing else to lose by going with Romney. If it doesn’t work out then vote for Obama in 2016…

  • here’s the skinny

    Reading these posts make me chuckle….You all need th give a BIG THANK YOU to our Lovely Prisoner of War Senator McCain for pushing these increases on our Healthcare Premiums!!! Obviously he has forgotten about the Veteran and he doesn’t have to worry about Healthcare with the money he will be collecting the rest of his life for being a Senator!!!

  • Uzyrbrain

    All of you posting may want to read the article again. Then you may want to read the ACA (Obamacare). When Obamacare is fully implemented the VA as you know it will no longer exist. The VA Hospital will be turned into a local government supported Obamacare Hospital (think of Canada or the UK.) The next phase will be the elimination of TRICARE for retirees. TRICARE for retirees in the gray area (retired but not on Medicare) will just get the “Government Option” of Obamacare. The next phase will eliminate Tricare for Life no more retire TRICARE benefits all you get is Obamacare. The TriCare web pages deny these facts, however it is inevitable that the this will happen as they can not run two system doing the same thing. One card one service, one pile of S**T.

    • Uzyrbrain,

      Not true.

      Source 1:

      Source 2:

      Health Care Overhaul and TRICARE
      Posted on November 10, 2009

      Question: Would health care overhaul efforts eliminate TRICARE health coverage for members of the military and military retirees?

      Answer: No. This claim in a chain e-mail is false. Neither Congress nor President Obama has proposed legislation to that effect.

      • Uzyrbrain

        I have never seen the so called chain e-mail referenced.
        I did not say it was the way things were now, was happing NOW or tomorrow. There are many factors that support this opinion. I strongly believe it will happen if Obama is reelected – by “Executive Order” and in the same way that the women’s health care mandate was implemented (ala the Secretary of HHS). There is no mention of the women’s health care change in the ACA – READ IT. The women’s health care change was also denied right up until the Secretary HHS changed the rules (not the law or the ACA). Likewise, there is no mention of Obama’s plans for the Military health care system for dependents and retirees. What can he do with an Executive Order? What can the Secretary do by changing the rules?

      • Uzyrbrain

        I live next to a major AFB. The base hospital (right in the center of off-base housing) is now all but closed down and now only supports a “clinic.” Less than 2 miles away a large civilian hospital was built (with federal support.) The AF doctors and staff now “support” the civilian hospital. ALL major AFB personnel injuries/illness’ are now handled by the civilian hospital. Anything bad enough to require an ambulance goes there. THAT IS A FACT – straight from the AFB doctors and medics. Things are going to change, wake up and smell the coffee. Just give Obama four more years, when he has more flexibility (as he put it).

      • Uzyrbrain

        It appears that you are so confident of that nothing will ever happen to Tricare that you will be willing to assume my wife’s and my health care at the level that Tricare supports right now for the next 30 years (I will give you a break after that). Please provide a name and address so that a contract can be signed by you and a suitable insurance policy established. Or are you the typical Obama troll?

        • Idmtmedic

          Yes he is. He can’t see it because he refuses to. He would rather put his ROSE colored glasses on and deny, ignore, or just agree with the increases that have happened with DECREASED availability. Collects Social Security and lives off his retirement, lmao. Invested he says. He neglects to mention the disability he gets for his carpel tunnel ( right hand) and hearing loss in his phone ear. If he had his way we would get higher fees to replace our retirement check. By the way where is your wingman “retiree”?

      • Uzyrbrain

        You may want to read your TRICARE manual. Tricare for life (over 65) ONLY pays for what Medicare pays for PERIOD. If Medicare excludes it you are on your own. Medicare may have added a few (almost wortheless) perks, BUT it has also removed a few expensive and several not so expensive necessary procedures. If I did not have OHI I would be out several thousand just this year. Wake up, quite drinking the koolaide.

      • Uzyrbrain

        Are you glad to hear this new news???

        • Uzyrbrain,

          I am neither glad or sad, in that this change has has no effect on me.

    • sfc martinez

      This will happen need to get him out he never ware the uniform

    • harpoj

      so from your post it is obvious you have not read any of the AHCA. But I must ask who fed you that nonsense?

    • harpo j

      So you havnt read the legislation either, what page and paragraph would that myth be on?

    • Retired Navy

      We need an amendment change where Congress can enact NO law (or reguation) that doesn’t pertain to them too! Simple answer to all this B*****it!

      • Retired Navy,

        We don’t need a new law, because what you claim is not true. Here is a link debunking that claim you are making.

        “Lawmaker Loopholes?
        Posted on January 29, 2010

        Question: Is Congress exempt from “many” laws including one against sexual harassment?

        Answer: No. The latest e-mail rant against Congress — proposing a “28th Amendment” to the Constitution — is full of false and outdated claims.

  • Retired CPO

    You may want to read the ACA (Obamacare) When he is through VA benefits disappear and get moved into Obamacare. The VA Hospital will become an Obamacare Hospital. The same is going to happen to TRICARE. No more retire TRICARE benifits all you get is Obamacare. Period. If you want to know what Obamacare will be like talk to neighbors that have Medicaid, NOT Medicare, as eventually the same will happen to Medicare. No longer will TRICARE pay what Medicare does not, YOU will be left holding the bill – unless you have an employer that gave you a health care benefit when you retired from that job. And those will be few and far between.

    • Retired CPO,

      Sorry, but that is just not true, not true at all.


      • Uzyrbrain

        If you belive that TRICARE for retires will not disapear I have a bridge for sale!!!!!

        • Uzyrbrain,

          Health Care Overhaul and TRICARE
          Posted on November 10, 2009

          Question: Would health care overhaul efforts eliminate TRICARE health coverage for members of the military and military retirees?

          Answer: No. This claim in a chain e-mail is false. Neither Congress nor President Obama has proposed legislation to that effect.

        • Uzyrbrain,

          “Variations of the chain e-mail above previously have been debunked by such groups as the The Retired Enlisted Association and the Military Officers Association of America (three separate times). The White House has also tried to combat the claim that efforts to overhaul health care include limiting or eliminating coverage for veterans. But we’re still getting questions about it.”

  • jeff

    every day there are more threats and promises Obama does not care about the working man only the people that want free handouts, look at all the beggars on the street corners all wanting our money. They give you the puppy dog look. Democrats are the losers vote republican long live the USA. Retired military paratrooper…..


    Sounds like someone has been drinking the Victimcrat(democrat cool aid for too long. Obama was the one that lumped veterans in with the 47% that are riding the system. Please ask the Democrats if it’s allright for you to take a day off the Victimcrat Plantation and make sure you pray to your Obama idol before you go to bed everynight. Romney told the truth about 47% Democrats assigned the groups to the 47%. WAKE UP Under Obama I guess we’ll all be workin for poor people. Betch that won’t work either

  • ddr

    I’m willing to pay more for Tricare. I’ll do whatever it takes so our elected officials can pay less or anything. They deserve so much more than veterans. I just wish they’d ask me to do more for them.

  • ddr

    The above is what they are really saying to themselves. I want to know, why isn’t there a 10 million person march to stop this craziness. I believe in paying my fair share, but our elected officials must also. To include their pension.

  • Draftee

    Pitiful that retirees cannot rely on what we were told when we made 20-30 yrs. careers so we could use the benefits as promised. However, our nation is bankrupt and few folks seem to care. More taxes (revenues) may be necessary, BUT the politicians cannot stop idiotic spending. We all know about the wasted taxpayers money. The insanity of it all! 47-50% of the takers want more by not working for it!?? A welfare state will not survive. Class warfare is insane = socialism. Has not worked & will never work. Remember the USSR anybody?

    • harpoj

      dont fall for this it has no basis in truth, Tricare premiums go down not up. Why is posting a lie is beyond me.

  • harpoj

    Why has Military .com not printed a retraction to this article.
    It is completely wrong and has no basis in fact

    The releases about the increase in Tricare premiums (including this one) are false. It is like the Obama cut combat pay or slighted Israel stories, they just never happened anyplace but the tea party traitor’s mind.


    And The only change to Tricare is that certain procedures are no covered without any co-pays (mostly preventative women’s procedures) and the premium is going down.

    Why is the truth such a casualty with the Chicken little crowd?

    Here is the response the head of Tricare on the west coast gave when asked about it.
    Currently, we are not aware of any increases. The monthly enrollment fee cost for 2013 is less than previous years. Please see the comparable costs below. Please visit for TRICARE program changes. You may also contact TriWest Healthcare Alliance at 1-888-874-9378. TriWest is the government contractor who administers the TRICARE program for the West region.
    – prime $201
    – standard $176
    – prime $176
    – standard $152
    Best Regards,
    D. Annette McGinty
    TRICARE Regional Office – West

    • Idmtmedic

      Ohhhh so you spoke to a rep and now you have decided that it won’t happen. Regional office huh? Well dam I am sure the retraction is coming. Military is exempt? We are first in line for cuts. First 40 mile limit, second increased fees, third make retirees under 65 use employer provided insurance. No dental, or vision without a hefty price tag. Apparently your denying what is coming but keep up that denial.

      • harpoj

        Yes all veterans are exempt,
        but not having read any of the law you would not know that
        . or that the other nonsense you cite is also untrue.

        Get somone with an education to read the legislation to you,
        use the table of contents and the find function
        . You might figure out how misled you are.

        The rates are set, the article is BS.

        Simple facts rathr than tea party traitor fabrications.

        • Idmtmedic

          Harp, your FOS. How bout you tell us about your legal degree? VA is safe from cuts, not VETERANS. Also if you think that it still won’t cost them anything your woefully inept. Start with anything that backs your statement from a reputable source. Give up the political trash talk as well. Don’t care what party your for or against. I’m for the military party.

          • Harpo J

            So you just cant read?

            If the tricasre rates are out and published and people are getting bills that reflect the decrease in premium, as they do and are, what kind of fool are you to believe this errant report.

            The idea of the AHCA causoing premiu,s to raise is nothing more than the tea party traitor rallying cry for the chicken little crowd.

            as for what backs my statement, the legislation does i, it s very clear and backs it along with Justice Roberts Opinion. and 125 years of virtually flawless operation thta has consistantly left a surplus and provides better access,, a typically shorter lag time for treatment and began self funding in the 3rd year.

            , you might consider reading it rather than just following.

            if you are pro military you should love the AHCA, it cuts cost, allows dependants to stay insured longer, stopped capitation, and Juvinal retroactive recindtion, but to know any of that you would have to read the legislation.

          • Idmtmedic

            Hey harpo, then disregard your increased fees and see how well that works out for you. Your defense is that the rates are posted? Lmao. Hey genius, remember that contracts change as do rates at their discretion. Just like retirement benefits. Non-legal ones right. Still waiting for your source……you know the legislation that you have read. That would be a law right? Similar to the US code that states CON-gress may change the law at anytime? Let’s see your legislation source.

          • jkacarab

            Please post a link to the documents you were reading. It would save me a lot of time in finding them, since I am not exactly sure where to start looking.

            I’d like to read what you are reading.



  • Harpoj

    SO even though this was proven false early last year and is confirmed as a fabrication by the 2013 Tricare rates. the Tea party Traitors still pass it off as if TRUE

    Just because Benedict Allen West said it usually means it is false.

    • Harpoj,

      Looks like you were wrong.

    • Jim

      TriCare rates did increase. What is false about it. Check your monthly pay statement at my pay. If you are retired the monthly rate did increase.