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June 04, 2012 | Terry Howell

The GI Bill experts from the House Committee on Veterans Affairs staff recently participated in a LIVE Question and Answer session to help veterans and program administrators better understand the new VRAP GI Bill.

The Veterans Retraining Assistance Program (VRAP GI Bill) provides retraining and education assistance for unemployed veterans who are no longer eligible for the Montgomery GI Bill or Post 9/11 GI Bill benefits. VRAP offers up to 12 months of education benefits worth as much as $17,600 ($1473 a month) in education benefits.

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Before becoming the Managing Editor for, Terry served 20 years in the U.S. Coast Guard as an Aviation Electrician’s Mate and aircrewman. In his final role in the Coast Guard, Terry served as a Career Development Advisor, where he provided career, finance, education, and benefits counseling to servicemembers and their families. Since retiring from the Coast Guard, Terry has authored the book, The Military Advantage, managed the content for TurboTap, the DoD's online transition program and VAforVets, the VA's transition assistance website. Terry earned both his Bachelor's and MBA at Corban University using Military Tuition Assistance and his GI Bill benefits to help cover the cost.


  1. Ralph Moerschbacher says:

    Another slap in Vietnam Veterans faces. It disqualifies 99% of Vietnam Vets and all Korean vets. We served not for the money but got kicked in the face again.

    • sonorra says:

      I feel bad about your situation Ralph. Just seems there should be a better way to ensure all veterans, regardless of employment status, time in service, participation in various campaigns, etc… I started this petition, because, at the end of the day, we want all veterans properly taken care of. Please review it, sign it, and pass it along if you agree. Also, please read what happened to me while trying to utilize my GI bill at Argosy University, Seattle.… I have to wonder, is it all worth it. My best to you and yours.

    • Paula Guzman says:

      I hear you Ralph, I’m rather scared, because right now I’m 59 in Nov. I’ll be 60 and when I got the information on VRAP I jumped at the chance. I haven’t received any information about qualifying or not. I fit all the qualifying stipulations, but I’m scared that I may be told I’m too old.
      I was so excited that I literally ran to the nearest medical school and applied. They accepted me and I started on June 9th, believing that I would get the VRAP. Now I have read new updated information stating that we have to start after July 1st. Now I may have to stop and begin again on July 2.
      I was in the Air Force during the tail end of Vietnam I was part of Operation Baby Lift. I’m really praying it comes through for me.
      I’m so sad that they made such a horrible cutoff like this. It should be this way because if we have the desire no matter what age we are we should be allowed to go back to school.

      • picturelady says:

        I have searched everywhere and asked over 20 vets. under the age of 60 if they have a DD 214-member 4 and they all stated NO. I also contacted National Archives and they said that the only person who would have such a form is the Vet. him/herself. No one I’ve spoken to has it and there is no place to get it and VA states I can not get VRAP unless they get it. I’d like to know how many other Veterans on here had to submit a DD 214-Member 4 form? My DD 214, my certificate of an Honorable discharge should have been sufficient evidence that I indeed served and deserve the right to receive VRAP as much as the other Vets.

      • picturelady (Paula Guzman) says:

        I am not bragging, but wanted y’ll to know this Vietnam era Vet. is going to nursing school on July 23rd.
        I wrote VA and sent them again my DD 214, a copy of my discharge certificate, and many other documents to prove I indeed was honorably discharged.
        On July 3 I got my letter of direct deposit and today July 7 I got my certificate. The direct deposit came in a normal envelope. The certificate came in a 5×7 white envelope.
        I may be up there in years, but I’m healthy, not taking meds. and plan on finding work when I’m finished. I have several years ahead of me before I retire. To me retirement is like waiting to die and if I stay active in LIFE then maybe someday I will assist you when you come into the hospital.
        Thank you VA and thank you everyone here for helping me. I guess VA didn’t need my DD214-member 4 after all.

    • We have to be realistic. Even the youngest Korean War vets are pushing 80. I seriously doubt there are any looking for retraining. There has to be a logical cutoff somewhere. I'm just waiting for someone to complain that the WWII vets have been excluded.

      • I respect your service and your time devoted to this country, but I want to quickly say that I fall in this group. There may not be many of us, but this is so sorely needed. As I just found out that I will be considered disabled, and I have extinguished all unemployment benefits and no longer eligible for the GI Bill as I have been out of the Navy for 16 years. Sir I think you should at least check or recheck into the VEAP Program. Lastly, I was in service during Operations Desert Shield/Storm. Served Proudly!!!

  2. Since I am one of the fortunate to be approved. Can I qualify for the VA student work study program?

    • Jimmy Teuscher says:

      You should be eligible for the Work Study program as the eligibility is in school and unemployed.

      • I was implying about the VA Student Work Study Program and not the Federal Student Work Study Program. Two separate entity, Jimmy.
        Thanks for replying though.

    • No. You cannot get any other VA employment benefit with VRAP.

      I don't understand why people keep asking this question.

      • work study is thru the school – NOT VA

        • Sorry, Ursula but you are misinformed. There is the Federal Student Work Study Program and there is the VA Student Work Study Program. Two separate entity. On the VA website, you are eligibe if you are receiving GI Bill benefits but isn't the VRAP a GI Bill for unemployed. So why is it we are not eligible for it? It should give a veteran a chance to work in a VA facility or any va relatived jobs.

        • Thank you for replying, Ursula.

      • May I ask why we are not eligible for it. It is dubbed as a GI Bill for unemployed. Won't it showcased one's skill if presented? In the GI Bill FAQ website it states anyone using the GI Bill are eligible. But in the VA Student Work Study request form we are not eligible. Why is there a confusion? Maybe you can tell me Pooua. Please advise and thank you for replying.

        • I only know what I've read, and what I've read says that VRAP is intended to give some of the same benefits as the GI Bill, not that it *is* the GI Bill. The apparent intention is that this benefit is the option of last resort. Only a small number of applicants will be accepted over the entire life of this program (and the life of this program isn't long, either).

        • If you are working work study, then you are not unemployed. VRAP is only for unemployed Vets.

          • Pooua I am unemployed also if you are attending school and applied for Financial Aid you may qualify for the federal work study. What I was referring to is the VA student work study. They are two different entity. BTW VA work study isn't taxable so if you are a student you are not even classified as unemployed.

          • You have to be unemployed at the time of applying to the program. After the fact or after becoming eligible, there is no limitation to obtain a job.

          • steph_1959 says:

            actually, you only have to be unemployed when you apply. Read the info about VRAP further and you will see this is true.
            Good Luck!

  3. Ed Hill says:

    If my schooling doesn't begin until August 18th, do I receive my first payment at the end of July or the end of August?

    • tdhowell says:

      You will get your GI Bill payments at the beginning of the following month. For example: If you start in August, you get paid in September.

  4. Anonymous NJ Vet says:

    Terry Howell ~ You might want to check your link to the VRAP GI Bill application website. IT DOES NOT WORK! Please provide us with the correct information when writing about this supposedly NEW VRAP GI BILL. A lot of us are just getting the run around.

    • Crystal says:

      You must sign up on Von App website. Go to google search and type Von App in the search pane. Please have a copy of DD214 ready to attach it to the website. Just in case you are not computer savvy, you can print the application, attach a copy of dd214 and mail it.

    • tdhowell says:

      The VA VONAPP site is currently down.

  5. What was the justification to set the age limit to 60? This could be constued as age discrimination. I agree with the first comment that the VietNam and Korean vets are being left out.

    • What, do we expect the VA to spend money on people who are going to retire in less than 5 years. Think of the return on investment and the lack of logic your question represents.

      • I agree with Joe. I turned 61 this past January. From what I understand the bill was passed late last year but I didn't become aware of the bill until a couple of months ago. RayZin, I don't know your economic background but there aren't too many folks that I know of planning on retiring at age 65 given the present economy. I started a third career a few years ago as a photographer and I could really use a year of formal training but can't afford it.

        • Yes it's the economy that has us all down. It's a shame when you reach retirement age, you can't retire anymore.

    • I think they also have to accomodate employers with the VOW followup, so maybe employers want to hire people who will stay with them longer.

    • I don't know why the age limit was set at 60, but no law forbids setting an upper age limit on benefits. I mean, I can't collect SS, because I'm not old enough; you think that's age discrimination? It is, but not illegal.

    • It is hard not to feel left out. This particular program seems to be consolidated with not only the VA but also with the Department of Labor. Since the retirement age is 65??? is that correct? The program limitation may be limited by budget constraints.

      That is not to say that a program for Vietnam and Korean vets is not necessary at this time, because it is, and it is past due. There is allot more available to younger vets than there was ever available to older vets. I feel the pinch as well.
      As long as we keep asking and support each other, hopefully we will get our message across!

  6. What if I am currently enrolled in school and due to graduate soon?

    • That doesn't matter. You can apply like anyone else.

    • If you qualify you are entitled to 12 months of payments. But, you must verify your enrollment monthly to continue to participate in the program

  7. namvet john says:

    just another way of justifing there jobs. Showing your doing something. But for the most part these and other things they promote are worthless. Maybe a token fall through the cracks which justifies that there really doing something. Exsample howmany Vietnam Vets really made use of the GI bill verus how many were entiled. When I was dischared I had three children,try and go to school on what they gave you then versus what they get now.Good luck! flew did manage,very flew.

  8. I was approved for VRAP but was told I could NOT be paid for the summer.

    • VRAP doesn't start paying anything until July 1, and then only for the approved program, and you have to be attending full-time.

      • HVAC Staff says:

        Pooua is correct…the program begins on July 1st and since VA always pays in arrears the first checks won't be sent until August 1st.

      • Where is the documentation stating full time- can you direct me to that? I have read all the sources I can locate on the VRAP and do not see that. I want to take a correspondence course if I can.

        • I don't recall if any of the documentation says it, but all the people making eligibility decisions do, all the way from the school's financial aid office up to the state agents.

    • james kostman says:

      how do i find out if i got vrap

      • steph_1959 says:

        just go to the Welcome to GI Bill Website and log into W.A.V.E. Web automated verification of enrollment, your name social and the last 6 digits of your social are your password. If it lets you in, go to benefits and your benefits will be listed. You can print that out and take it to the school, or call and ask them to fax or mail you one. Good Luck!

    • My local CC (Austin Community College) has summer choices of (2) 5 week terms. I was paid for 2nd 1/2 of summer term (7/9-8/15). I called in 8/ 1 and certified, got my deposit a week later. I'll certify again 9/1 for what school there was in August.

  9. James P. Marchinke says:

    Patience after applying does take around two weeks to get an answer, I am a DVOP and have helped five Veterans enroll through our resource computer, will get an email that Buffalo has received your application the next day, use the numbers provided to check if not heard anything after two weeks; 1-888-442-4551 and use patience and wait for someone to answer do not hang up after two rings; they will answer, Dvop from Maryland, western maryland, cumberland

    • Or… you can create an ebenefits account online, and check your status every day if you like!

    • My husband has been approved (COE) since mid august and has been in classes since Aug. 20, still no $$$$.. We have had to borrow money for tuition as well as other things. We call the numbers twice a week and they tell us his paperwork is all approved, but he cannot verify the WAVE because his paperwork is still being processed…..He has been trying to verify since SEPT 20, and now OCT 20 is coming up fast and still no money. Does anyone know why this takes so long for some?? His school has verified his enrollment.

  10. jim ross says:

    what is the status of my vrap application?

  11. Barbara says:

    I was told that I did not qualify (by the Nashville office) because I do not have a service connected disability. I did not see anything in the information to suggest that you had to have a service connected disability. Is this true???

    • Jessica says:

      As far as I know, there does not have to be a disability rating. I am a VA rep at a college and we were told that the eligibility requirements listed on the GI Bill page were the only requirements. I am thinking that the office that told you that were either thinking of a different program or just did know what they were talking about. I will tell you like I tell all of my students. The only people that can tell you if you are approved or not are the people that actually work at the education office where your application is sent.

    • Barbara that is not true

    • No, VRAP eligibility has nothing to do with disabilities of any type.

    • Hi Barbara, I just got word from Atlanta VA, that I am eligible for the program and I do not have a service connected disability…..Martin from Pennsylvania

    • alfonzomurray says:

      Thats so wrong,Barbara go to the site http://www.ebenfits and apply for assistance. the site will direct you through the online app for benefits.

      • HVAC Staff says:

        Barbara: If someone told you that they are completely wrong. As long as you don't have a 100% rate or receive Individual unemployability your disability rating does not matter.

        • Thank you so much for clearing that up. I just applied and was a bit apprehensive about that one question! The program looks like a custom fit-my age group, honorable discharge, enrolled in Aircraft maintenance technology starting fall of 2012, and haven't been able to find work since Nov of 2010. I just completed a year of electronics under federal aid to get ready for the program. I got turned down to have voc rehab help with this, and not a word from anyone about this program. A federal jobs listings sent me the e-mail about it. I appealed to the VA but am getting nothing; this seems like the better program for me at this time.

        • itbitkitty says:

          Your individual unemployment benefits also do not matter, though there is a debate that that may be according to the states requirements regarding unemployment recipients.

  12. Ed Morgan says:

    If an VRAP applicant is currently drawing Unemployment benefits, once VRAP is approved for them, will they still be able to get U.I. benefits while in retraining or will the Unemployment benefits stop?

    • Like any of the other Education Benefits the VA considers going to school full time as a full time job and therefore you will not be able to collect unemployment benefits while going to school full time.

      • StormVet says:

        I'm not sure that what Steve is saying is accurate. I could be wrong, but unemployment benefits and VA benefits are separate governmental agencies. I am currently a full-time student and I have classmates that are receiving unemployment benefits and will continue to receive them as long as they are enrolled in school and within the time frame of benefit allowance.

      • You're wrong Steve. Check with you're local one-stop employment center. You can collect as long as you're still looking for work.

      • UI doesn't depend on the VA's opinion. UI depends on the workforce commission's opinion. However, your answer does answer my question, of how VRAP is going to confirm that enrollees are continuing to look for work.

    • HVAC Staff says:

      There is no restriction in the VRAP law that affects eligibility for UI. Check with your state employment service.

    • I am unemployed and spoke to the U.I. office in Ohio yesterday. As long as you contact them when you start your classes, you will still receive your unemployment checks. They will change your weekly claim to reflect you are a student and you will not have to look for 2 jobs per week to receive your check.

    • Robert K says:

      You can receive UI benefits, however it will change to training monies. It also stops the clock on your UI bvenefits. ie: you get 26 weeks of UI, you have used 20 weeks, then started training. You still have 6 weeks banked in UI.

    • If in Mass, you are eligible for 26 weeks additional UI benefits if you apply for Section 30 and they waive your work search.

  13. I am interested in a Master Gunsmithing correspondence course. Will this qualify for the program?

  14. Will transportation ve porvided for those who do not have it for school/training?

  15. More then once it was said in the question and answer time that they believed that you couldn't be employed while receiving VRAP. To the contrary the exact wording of the bill only says "as of the date of the submittal of the application for assistance under this section, is unemployed". Nowhere does it say you can't be employed after applying or while receiving VRAP funds. After all their stated definition of unemployment is "jobless, looking for a job and available to work."

    • If you are employed, you are not jobless. It is my understanding that if you are not jobless, your benefit will be suspended.

      • HVAC Staff says:

        We just received some clarification on this from VA. As long as you were unemployed on the date that you apply for VRAP you are eligible. If you find work the next day or continue working while receiving VRAP payment this is permissible as long as you are still in training.

        • Thanks, that's good to know. I'm an independent contractor, quasi-employed. I get work at random, but it averages about 4 or 5 days a month. I never know when or if I will get another assignment. I just went 10 days without hearing anything from my staffing agency, then, out of nowhere (as always), they asked me to work a 4-hour assignment (less than a day). I'd be upset if I lost all my benefits for less than $50 of work, especially when I'm going to spend half of what I earn just in gas to get there.

  16. Phil Temple says:

    The VRAP regs also say that a vet must enrolled in training for a high-demand occupation; I want to train into the comuter graphics field. Is this not high-demand? It was while I was in the AF. I apologize if this sounds disrespectful, as I dont mean it to be. I'd just like some more info on how the whole thing works.

  17. gulfwarveteran says:

    This may be a dumb question, if we are to be unemployed and not working at the time we file our applications. And we got to sign up for the classes and pay for it pryor to getting a payment from VRAP. How are we to pay for the classes if we don't have a job or money for classes. I think there is a flaw in this procces.

    • I think the idea is that the VA expects that you are collecting unemployment in the mean time and looking for gainful employment. The VRAP program is to be used as a last resort to not getting a job. The programs design was not to encourage veterans to go on unemployment to get more education.

    • That is my question too. I am wondering how we are to register if we do nor have the funds. the program states you have to have run out of unemployment benefits to qualify so if you have no money how can you register for the school or show proff of registration?

      • where does it stipulate you have to run out of employment benefits to apply? Never saw that stated.

      • No, the program states that you must not have an VA educational benefits.

      • that's not true. you have to be ON unemployment to qualify.

        • belbane2011 says:

          Trisha, Beg to differ. My UN benefits ran out ages ago.
          The VRAP offers 12 months of training assistance to Veterans who:

          Are at least 35 but no more than 60 years old
          Are unemployed on the date of application
          Received an other than dishonorable discharge
          Are not be eligible for any other VA education benefit program (e.g.: the Post-9/11 GI Bill, Montgomery GI Bill, Vocational Rehabilitation and Employment Assistance)
          Are not in receipt of VA compensation due to unemployability
          Are not enrolled in a federal or state job training program

      • concernedveteran says:

        tony t>>>didn't u receive a confirmation # after u applied for the VRAP program? I did right after i emailed it.

    • The VA expects you to find other sources of money. Have you filled out a FAFSA? That should be your first step. That might qualify you to receive loans or grants that could cover you until VRAP kicks in. That's what I'm counting on.

    • In my case, being homeless made it possible to qualify for a temporary delay in paying for my classes.

      I know it's not "fair" that only certain people qualify for VRAP, but I have to tell you, this one is saving *my* life! Well, assuming it actually comes through.

      I'm still waiting for verification, and the last couple times I called, it's taken me days to connect to someone on the information line. (And so far they haven't been able to find my application, even though I got a confirmation number when I submitted it.)

      • It took them about 3 weeks to process mine.

        • Thank you! :)

          I'm still crossing my fingers, but now I'm not worried as much.

        • I cannot find out if they will DISAPPROVE a school, I found Career but if i pay for it first (i am not receiving unemployment yet but am unemployed) will they approve any online school? Or possibly not approve it? Cannot get an answer and if i have to pay first and they don;t approve – then i am out the money.

          • The program pays retroactively for each month. So you have to have been in school for a particular month, then you certify to the VA that you were in school full time, the school has to confirm (as far as I know) and then the VA will process the direct deposit payment to the account you have on file.

          • HopeAz, do you know how we certify each month with the VA? I haven't seen this anywhere?? Thx.

          • What my VA office advised me, that once you get your COE, you bring it to your approved school's VA office and they certify that you are enrolled full time and the classes you are enrolled for all count toward your approved program/certificate/degree. Once the school's VA office processes that cert to the national office, it takes a few weeks for them to get you in the system and you would certify each month (after you had completed the month) on the WAVE site, just like Montgomery GI Bill

          • HopeAz, thx for your reply. I faxed my school app and my VA app to the school VA/Guidance office on the very day I applied for VRAP. Today I have a face to face meeting with both the school administrator and financial officer, at which time I will deliver my COE. So this seems to cover the 1st part of your "to do list." Now as regards monthly certification, please elaborate more on the WAVE site, as I am not familiar with it. Thanks in advance!!

          • WAVE is how you will certify to the VA that you are still currently enrolled full time in compliance with the program requirement.

            Once the school processes your COE, it could take some time for the VA to get you in the system. YOu are supposed to receive and award letter once the national VA has entered in the system.

            Example: You will log in on October 1 or later to certify your September enrollment. Once you certify this through WAVE, your payment will be processed. The site below shows anticipated payment days. Overall, it takes about a week for direct deposit payments to clear to your bank account, after you certify.

          • I spoke with the VA this AM. I had 3 questions I needed answers for:
            Q1) Can I receive other benefits from the state without jeopardizing VRAP benefits? A1) Yes. You will not loose VRAP by accepting other education benefits from the state.
            Q2) Can I become employed and retain VRAP? A2) Yes. You only need to be unemployed at time of application.
            Q3) Do I need to certify each month and how do I do it? A2) Yes you need to certify each month. On the last day of the month or on the last day of class of the month, you should call the VA and get in the queue and wait to speak to a VA rep. This may be the longest way to certify (because of being on hold), but it is the safest way according to the VA rep.

          • Valerie says:

            Have you talked to the Administrative/Financial Services office at your school? At my school, Corning Community College in New York, you can do everything to enroll, based upon your honest attempt to qualify for funding. You normally find out before classes start whether you are approved for funding or not. (If not, you can cancel everything….and as far as "funding" goes, I'm talking about the PELL grant, state grants, and student loans – I have no experience yet with VRAP but I've applied….waiting to see!) They arrange it so that your financial aid goes directly into your student account (so they KNOW you are going to pay when it comes in). They even extend you credit at the bookstore so you can get your books. If you go to a real brick and mortar school, you can get a lot of help in person and know you can trust them. I've taken almost all of my classes online too! They even gave me an emergency loan of $400 based upon the fact that money was coming. Then when the money comes in (5 weeks after classes start) they deduct the tuition, fees, bookstore purchases, and loan and put the rest into a checking account you have set up through Higher One (a bank that deals with MANY colleges across the US). TALK to them….I don't know about online schools, but at regular community colleges, it can be done with no money up front!

          • S.C. Johnston says:

            Your awesome Valerie. Dont let these guys give up!

          • Al Baker says:

            VRAP funds are paid to the Veteran directly, not into any account at the school.

          • S.C. Johnston says:

            Ursula go to the school and speak to the VA rep. Your school should allow you to charge books and tuition until your benefits begin. Don't forget FASFA.

          • My school will not allow me to charge books and supplies until my VRAP benefits start coming in (I'm approved). I have to figure out where to get the money for that up front. They will allow me to sign a promissory note for the tuition.

          • If they are not on the approved list already, there is a big chance they will disapprove it. Did you check that out first? What type of institution is it?

      • Ken, good luck! I am in that leaky boat as well. What school was will to work with you because you are homeless? I may want to talk with them myself. I qualify for VRAP, but not anything else it appears. Then there are the HIGH DEMAND jobs list. On the list is ACTOR and some other jobs that i really have a hard time thinking that they are in short supply. The list does not seem to have had a lot of thought put in it.

      • I hope you get it!

    • HVAC Staff says:

      Many schools allow veterans to make monthly payments. Check with your school's financial aid office. You may also qualify for additional aid such as Pell Grants or campus-based grants or scholarships.

    • Rose McGuire says:

      The VA is notorious for creating some bullshit programs. We don't need retraining programs . We need jobs. The VRAP is not putting food on the table or paying the bills.

      • Valerie says:

        If I am approved for VRAP, it WILL do just that for me! I have been unemployed for 3 years, paying for school with the PELL grant and state grants, and living on student loans! I won't have to go deeper into debt to finish my degree! I am thrilled about this program! I am a 51- yr-old vet who was enlisted during the gap years when there was no GI Bill and have never qualified for VA educational assistance before! I wrote letters to congressmen, etc. They actually helped us! I'm excited!

        • same here valerie,i'm 50 years old and was in at the time where the va matched whatever you put in for your education.i'm glad they came up with the vrap program.i'm starting school in september.

      • Darrell says:

        I think the program is great, it gives you a year of training so you will be qualified for a decent job. I am a little surprised that someone thinks this program is "crap". Perhaps you'd rather the VA just find you a great job, that pays good has bennies, and while they are at it magically qualifies you for it? The program pays for 100% of your tuition and books and gives you $1437 a month to live on, no it's not a lot of money, but you can work part time (or even full time) someplace. Nothing in life comes free, or is easy, if you are willing to work for it, it's there, that's who this program is for, those who are willing to work and sacrifice, even if the sacrifice is more or less forced upon us. I for one am very excited about it, this could change my life, and in a years time could put me in a far better position than I am in now, or would be in had I not lost my job. Try looking for the good for one!

        • Ok, Darrell I am under the same thoughts as you. This VRAP pays for the complete/entire education program, right? and then gives the student $1473 per month for 12 months as a allocated award monthly student allowance…in which the student does not pay for any of the tuition, or books from this allocated monthly award of $1473. Am I right on this, or not????

          • sorry Evelynw, u are not right. yes we do get the $1473 per month and with that money u have to pay the depending on your tuition cost u may have a few dollars left over…
            in my case i was approve and recived a pell grant @ $5,500 which knocked my monthly tuition down to $900 a month from
            $1300 a month..This VRAP program is really working out for me

        • They don't pay for tuition and books and give you the full benefit. You have to pay tuition and books out of the benefit. Keep in mind too that the benefit amount may be prorated for months that have school breaks and between semesters.

        • right on Darrell!! same boat here

      • VRAP may seem unreal or unfair but i want 2 confirm this program by the gov is legit. im not a vet but where i work in the VA i no a veteran who was working there just up til the last 3 weeks who got his check 4 the VRAP program quit his job and is going to college now.
        Most nice payng jobs now days- which could equal job security…. could requires you have some degree or another.
        All a vet can do is try ad hope they get approved

    • Most schools offer students a "Payment Plan" of some sort. You can find out by contacting your local financial aid office at your school.

    • Elvis Marcrum says:

      Gee you guys DO know you can apply for Pell Grants and student loans don't you? If you did not do a federal application for educational grants/loans then the school you are trying to attend sucks!

      The VRAP is an additional education resource

    • If your going to a community college, remember you have to go for an associates or certificate. Then make sure you meet all entrance requirements, you may have to take placement tests.

      If you have been to college prior, you will have to request records from where you went, and you will have to have verification or a copy of your GED or High School Diploma.

      NOTE: Some Colleges require these in sealed envelopes, so if you request a copy ask for (2) one sent to you so you have a spare, and the other sent to the College of Choice.

      If you have your Certificate of Eligibility (COE) for the VRAP from VA submit a request for deferment of the tuition, they usually defer for usually (2) months.

      Go on line and put in for your FAFSA immediately, this may give you book money, you can also initiate an application for a Stafford Direct Loan, this will insure you have book money, tuition and other school related expenses that you may not have cash for.

      You will have to pay registration fees out of pocket, usually between 40-75 Dollars, you may be able to find local agencies that may assist you in this.

      If you take the placement test, and have developmental courses, that are required, make sure you sign up for them first, they fill up quick, and if they are not included in your first session they may prevent you from enrolling in degree plan classes due to a prerequisite requirements.

      • Great Info Troy, and right on point. I did the exact same thing. You can get straightened out if you work at it.

    • All VA medical benefits except for the Post 911 GI Bill are eligible for advanced payment if you fill out the form and turn it 30 days prior to starting school. You must be enrolled. If approved you will recieve a month and a half check that will be mailed to your school for pick up 30 days prior to class start date.

    • Speak with the Veterans Coordinator at your school. They will get you a deferment on tuition. You do not have to pay the fees up front.

    • Try to work something out with the school, and apply for your FAFSA benefits. Once approved the school will consider your financial aid as payment as well as your VRAP.

      From the information that I have been researching, 60 % or $250 per credit of your VRAP should go to the school for tuition, $400 per month is your living stipend, and $600 per year goes for book expenses. VRAP requires you to set up the payment plan with your school.
      This is how the Montgomery bill works, and the VRAP is based upon Montgomery bill payment schedules.

    • You need to see your VA rep. at the college and when you sign up for your program you can have "Deferment Payment" until you get the money from VA. Example: I start my course in the spring "January" and I don't have to pay until "March". The only draw back will be your books, as VRAP won't pay for them, but if you talk to the college you can get a "Deferment" on them as well.

    • You can request Advance Pay (they VA will pay you in advance a portion of your benefits) or you can borrow the money and pay it back when you get your VRAP payments. I borrowed from my mom.

  18. VA! huh……..Mmmmm. VARP is this a Republican ideas. Lets face it, we will be at war again if the presidence change hands. Then we will have more VETs that will earn benefits, but the Republician's will find a way to forget them. Look how they have treated the Viet Nam and Korean Vets. This VARP is shameful, Especially, to those whom have losted their benefits because of a "Law" that stopped these Vets from using their educational benefits while on active duty during the Viet Nam era….and then stopped them from using their benefits while in enrolled in high learning insitutions from 1987-1989. Shameful, Shameful!. No age limited should be placed on this benefit…..This just goes to show you Korean and Viet Nam Vets that they think you are to OLD to be productive.

    • The goverment continues to discriminate and alienate Viet Nam veterans. There is absolutelely no logical reason why veterans over sixty are precluded from these benefits.

    • Who has started the most wars ? Democrat or Republican Presidents

      Indian Wars occurred in every Presidency up to the 20th Century. Many were the results of broken treaties.They will not be counted.

      Franco-American Naval War(Quasi War): John Adams, Federalist(Ancestor Party of the Republicans); See XYZ affair for reason of war

      First Barbary War: Thomas Jefferson, Democratic-Republican(Ancestor Party of the Democrats); Tripolitians ransomed American Sailors and tried to blackmail US. When the US refused the Pasha(equivalent to king) declared war.

      Second Barbary War and War of 1812: James Madison, Democratic-Republican; Second Barbary War began the same way as the first only with the Bey of Algiers declaring war. While the War of 1812 can be argued as being a war about sailor's rights, the real motive was Canada.

      Mexican-American War: James K. Polk, Democratic; The Republic of Texas had a claim to Land between the Rio Grand and San Antionio(which the US inherited), which was not valid. Polk sent troops to the territory to protect it and the Mexican government sent troops to drive it out.

      American Civil War: Abraham Lincoln, Republican; First fought to preserve the Union(the right to secede is still debated to this day) later to end slavery.

      Korea(1876); Ulysses S. Grant, Republican; Called Choson at the time, the country attacked and destroyed an American Navy Vessel. The war was fought with similar motives as Perry's visit with Japan.

      Spanish-American War and Phillipine Insurrection: William McKinley, Republican; American Naval Ship Maine sent to monitor alleged mistreatment of the civilians of Cuba and protect American economic interests. The ship was destroyed and the press (the real instigators of the war)of the time placed the now doubtful blame on the Spanish. US fought the war to free Cuba. McKinley announced that giving the Filipinos Independence outright would be like simply handing them over the Germans or Japanese(because of the geographic position) and harm American economic Interests.

      Haiti; Vera Cruz occupation, Pancho Villa, World War I: Woodrow Wilson, Democratic; Troops were sent in to stabilize Haiti, Vera Cruz was occupied to prevent ships from Germany delivering guns to the government. Pancho Villa made several attacks on Americans(because he was not recognized as President of Mexico) forcing Wilson to send troops to capture Villa. WWI involvement was the result of Germany violating Neutrality rights.

      Nicaragua: Calvin Coolidge, Republican; Like Haiti the objective was stabilization.

      World War II: Franklin D. Roosevelt, Democratic; Asked for declaration of war after Japan attacked Pearl Harbor. Germany and Italy declared war two days later.

      Korean war (1950-54): Harry S. Truman, Democrat; North Korea, in violation of a UN treaty, invaded South Korea. Troops were sent to contain communism.

      Vietnam War: Lyndon B. Johnson, Democratic; involvement started after two American gunboats were attacked in the Gulf of Tonkin(the reports have now been proven falsified.).

      Grenada: Ronald Reagan, Republican; When a Communist government took over the country, it persecuted the American college students studying there.

      Panama, Persian Gulf War Operation Restoring Freedom: George HW Bush, Republican; Noriega, leader of Panama was charged with drug traffickingand through Noriega's power, Panama would declare war(Though retaining the Canal is alleged to be the real motive). Persian Gulf War was fought to Liberate Kuwait from Iraq and protect Saudi Arabia from an Invasion(also to protect oil interests). Troops were sent to Somalia to assist in the feeding the hungry after guerrillas shot up UN aid convoys.

      Bosnia, Kosovo and Iraq: Bill Clinton, Democratic Party; troops were sent to Bosnia to enforce peacekeeping. Yugoslavia was attacked over genocide upon the ethnic Albanians
      in Kosovo. Air assaults were done upon Iraq after it failed to comply with UN weapons inspectors.

      Afghanistan and Iraq: George W. Bush, Republican; Invasion of Afghanistan was the result of the Taliban ruled government's refusal to hand over Osama bin Laden. Iraq's invasion is still under debate.

      Final Score: Democrats: 16
      Republicans: 10

    • First lesson, and you don't need to be approved by any veteran's program: PRODUCTIVE: If the energy you're expending isn't productive, it's being wasted.
      Free of charge.

  19. I am one of the fortunate to be approved. Can I qualify for the VA student Work Study Program while under VRAP. It would help alot financially.

    • You cannot get VRAP if you are eligible for any other VA educational benefit. They say so in the transcript at the top of the article. VA Work Study is specifically disqualifying.

    • VRAP does not qualify for VA benefits. Go to the VA website and click on VRAP and it will tell you there.

    • they are not one and the same. in fact, if you already have VRAP, you won't be eligible for the VA work study program.

  20. Help!!!!!! I am in Minnesota and I have tried to find someone to help me ..I have applied to the program yet no response ,no answer, nothing? Can someone please tell me where do I need to get an answer – help.


    • It usually take the VA about 1.5 months to 2 months to get your Certificate of Eligibility back for any of the G.I. Bills in the mail. If it hasen't been that long then be patient.

      If you would like to call and talk to someone at the VA about this the number is 888-442-4551. If you do call be prepared to spend about an hour on hold if necessary. Hope this helps and good luck.

    • Create an account on ebenefits and you can view your status at any time!

  21. This bill truly discriminates against Viet Nam veterans and all older veterans. Are veterans over sixty of no value or unable to be retrained. Any idea why VRAP benefits are not available to veterans over sixty?

    • Is it possible that with retirement age at 65, they will not have time to put their degree to use after graduating?

      • You can get Social Security at age 62

        • note: you are allowed to sign up and collect between 62— 70yrs old.
          The longer you hold out collecting SS benefits-
          like collecting at 70, the more funds will be in your account.

          Its always good to keep on working and contributing to your SS account.

          Your SS benefit determination is based on the physical working years. No work, no SS added to your account.

          Situations or lifes happenings where we did not work and contribute to our SS account:

          stay at home moms or dads
          taking time out for education.
          taking time out to take care of a sick family member or friend.

          I just found out that for every quarter served in the military during the Viet Nam war years, I get another 100.00 added to my SS benefits account. I am supposed to remind the SS administration when the time comes.

          • FinanceGuru says:

            Waiting the extra five years to collectbyour "extra" social securit money is stupid stupid stupid. Figure it out. At 62 you will probably get $1000 per month or close to it. Over 5 years that is $60,000 and if you wait, yes you may get $500 more per month BUT FOR How much longer- you may die you sure will die sooner and then NO ONE collects that money. If you go ahead and collect the money as soon as possible you can use the money NOW to work for you and the dollar buys less and less every year, ha less value, so WHY WAIT ???. At least YOU are eligible at 62. Some of us are not even eligible until we are 67 just because we were born in a specific year. The message? Get the money the minute you are eligible, period.

      • The only logical answer I can think of is what you stated: this program is intended to put Veterans back to work who are in the working age range. I cannot collect Social Security; they cannot collect VRAP.

    • Still not clear under what provision someone over 60 can seek funding. Can someone cite grounds for a waiver or exception? Thanks.

      • HVAC Staff says:

        Don – there is no waiver. But, you may qualify for other Dept of Labor training programs. Check with your local employment service office.

    • HVAC Staff says:

      It had nothing to do with trying to discriminate against Vietnam vets. The Veterans Affairs Committees had a limited amount of funds ($1.6 Billion) to pay for the training. Half of Vietnam vets between 55 and 65 are 60 or younger and thus may qualify for VRAP.

      • WildBill53 says:

        tis may not be discriminatio againstViet Vets but it sure as the hell i sAGE DISCRIMINATION!!! btw, i qualified for the program and am using it!

    • FinanceGuru says:

      There are quite a few other programs for Vietnam vets that are not available for others that are younger, not to mention there are few 60 year olds looking for work. This program is to train someone for 12 months @ $1400 plus per month which equals over $20 k then and if you are over 60 that would put you over 61 possibly close to 62 when you complete the programwhich means you can collect social security. They are not wiling to invest this amount of money for someone to work for only six months to one year. If you had a business, you would not train someone for one year only for them to retire in six months.

      • WildBill53 says:

        good comment, bean counter. what about the humanity of the situation? what if a GI wants to continue to contribute after he can draw SS , so what? you really care about whether or not the government is gonna' get their "moneys' worth" out of a Vet? THEY ALREADY HAVE!!!!

    • This is another political ploy to divide different era's of Vets, just like the post 9/11 GI Bill did. More than likely to get votes!…Sad situation this country is in.

      • itbitkitty says:

        I do not agree. The 9/11 GI Bill address some much needed change to the benefits vets can received and for how long they have to utilize them after service. It is too bad that pre GI Bill recipients have an expiration date on benefits that they paid into but I personally am glad to see that they have finally addressed this issue. As to the division between different era's of Vets, must more of this has been perpetrated by the Vet's themselves then by the government. The government has always been slow to address the needs of it's Veterans. It happened after the Civil War, it happened after WW I and II, as well as after Korea and Vietnam. It is no surprise then that we see another shift after the first and second Gulf Wars. These changes mostly occur after a large scale action because the sheer number of people they affect are so much greater, making the issue much more apparent. I for one am happy to see that they are finally making an effort to catch up with the needs of the times. It is, as always, long overdue.

  22. alfonzomurray says:

    Today I recieved a letter from the Dep of vet affairs dated July 07, 2012 stating that the have recieved my request for Direct Deposit for Education Benefits and my next payment will go to my financial institution .Well is this telling me i qualify?

    • StormVet says:

      Wow! You got a letter dated for July 7, 2012 and this is only June!!

    • alfonzomurray says:

      Sorry the wrong date I mean June 07,2012 to whom it may concern. Ive contacted other sources and it looks as if im approve.but as we know anything can go wrong! while trying to maintain a grip on my PTSD im willing to try anything positive.

      • Alfonso. Think positively. I hope everything works out for you. I do have a question if u don’t mind? Have u been in zcollege before? I ask because if u haven’t there ate also state and federal grants u might be able to apply for an. Get funding for ur education goal. Let me know. I can email u the websites. It would not cost u anything. Keep up head up.

        • alfonzomurray says:

          Thanks Gwen,I can use all the help that out there.Gwen its been along time,but im up for the challenge

          • I've never heard of, before. After looking it over, I'm still confused as to who they are and what they do. It appears to be a private entity created by the State of Pennsylvania to process federal and private loans.

          • After you apply for your rafeal which is your federal grant you go into the aesuccess web site and click on grants. It will give the explanation of the process and what you will need to complete it then you click get grants and complete the process. You will get a letter or email or both of any further action. When approved a student CA. Get up to 640 dollars per semester depending on the need and on the amount of credits you are enrolled in. If you do online u do not quality for this grant.

          • I don't know what a rafeal is, and Google doesn't turn up anything. The only federal grant I have is a Pell Grant. You keep saying, "If you do online u do not qualify for this grant," but the only way to do a FAFSA is online. So, I still don't know what you are talking about.

          • AFVet_VRAPfan says:

            When gwen states "do online", I'm assuming she is referring to taking online clases as opposed to actually going to a campus and taking the classes in a classroom with a teacher. The stipulation for being eligible for the State grant is that it only applies if you do classroom instruction!

          • Thanks. That makes sense.

          • There is a possibility that the “” is only for the residents of the State of Pennsylvania. Also the meaning of “online” for education is where you take your course(s) at the educator’s web site and maybe sometimes have mid-term test(s) in the classroom. This is done for several reasons, one is for people who cannot afford to relocate closer to the school, and the other is for the disabled.
            The meaning is for “online” registration of or for other services as well.

    • No. The DVA sends 2 letters, a large one and a small one. What you are describing is the small letter. The large envelope contains your Certificate of Eligibility, which you will need. It may arrive tomorrow.

      • alfonzomurray says:

        called the Va 1000# and they switched me to the education benefit # .they said
        i was approved, and a certification letter is in the mail. So you can check your status at this #1-888-442-4551.

      • Are you talking about the VRAP if so I just recievec a letter stating I have the VRAP grant they FAX it to me from the VA office.

    • Tina M. Pindara says:

      You're lucky, I'm still waiting to hear. Hope I hear a yea or nay soon. I'm already in school and really can use this money. Congrats!

    • HVAC Staff says:

      Alfonzo – not enough info on what you applied for. Check with VA at 888-442-4551

  23. I am an employment and education counselor and I have veterans that that live in ashelter and are trying to get there life back inorder but they will be requested by the VA social worker to leave our program because of the funding they will receive through the vrap. Is this supposed to happen. R they expected to use this money for acquiring a new apartment? What happens in summer when they don’t get payment? How do they pay for rent, food, and all their needs? I will appreciate an email back. I really don’t want to see anything bad happen to these guys. They have been through a lot already.

    • HVAC Staff says:

      There is nothing in the law that would require homeless vets to leave a shelter. The VRAP payment is to offset the costs related to training and if there is money left over, it can be used to pay for anything else. They will recieve the payment as long as they are enrolled. If they drop out, they MUST notify VA so that the payments will be stopped.

  24. If you are /have been a soldier/sailor/marine then you (1) will have constantly been looking for employment
    (2) are not looking for a handout (Union or Welfare)
    (3) have positioned yourself to represent your country and family as a self driven man/woman wage earner/provider.

    If you haven’t you are a disgrace to the uniform and all that Democracy represents.

  25. Paul Pilone says:

    I was going to use VRAP to obtain a pilot's license, but they said I can't use it to obtain a private pilot's license which is needed before a commercial license. can this issue be adjusted?


    • Can you get a job with a private pilot's license? I don't think you can. The Q & A session specifically states that VRAP does not cover pre- programs, such as pre-nursing.

    • Epic Flight Academy offers a discount for an accelerated private pilot course provided you enroll in their commercial course. you do realize that even if you get approved for the flight training, you will only be reimbursed 60% of the cost. That being said do you have financing in place for flight training as it can get extremely expensive.

  26. One question that I haven't seen asked nor answered anywhere is how the government is going to verify that the VRAP recipient is seeking employment? Inasmuch as that is a requirement of the program, that seems an important bit of information.

    Employment verification generally is a state's issue, and varies amongst the states. In some states, the job seeker must submit business name, name of person contacted and phone number of contact. Some states require 3 contacts per week; others require 7. My state requires 5, I think. But, this is all coordinated through the state's workforce commission. It appears to me that no one is coordinating much of anything between VRAP and the state's workforce commission, so I don't know how or who will be verifying that a candidate is seeking employment.

    • HVAC Staff says:

      Pooua – There is no requirement that a veteran be seeking work while in training to receive the benefit. Please use the definition provided on the link below to see if the veteran meets the definition of employed.

      • According to that link you provided,

        "The Department of Labor defines 'unemployed' as 'People who are jobless, looking for jobs, and available for work.'"

        When the Dept of Labor says that an unemployed person is someone who is looking for jobs, it makes me think that means he must be looking for work. You aren't the first person to disagree, so I would like an explanation. What does "looking for jobs" mean, if not "looking for work"?

        • itbitkitty says:

          The requirement by the VRAP program is only to keep people who already have a job from using the program, not to verify that people are jobless, are looking for a job, or are available for work. Your looking at it backwards. You only have to show that you are not working at a job on the DAY of application, not proving that you are unemployed, or even stay unemployed after you apply.

  27. VRAP says that I am entitled to benefits for a program of education in Computer Science/Computer Support Specialist. I am 8 credit hours away from an AS in Computer Science, and I am taking classes leading to an AAS in Convergent Technology, Computer Networking, Cybersecurity and other Computer Technology programs. Do I need to declare a change in program if I continue taking Computer Technology classes after I earn my AS in Computer Science?

    • HVAC Staff says:

      Pooua – I would ask VA this question but the way we see it you should be fine.

      • The VA says I need to have my school's rep call his ELR. My school's rep is in the process of getting an answer.

  28. Ronald Streeter says:

    It appears that I meet the requirements for the VRAP program. I have an AS in computer programming and an AS in database management. I'm looking to use VRAP benefits to get a certificate in Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP). This is a one year program. I am knowledgeable about computer security/data encryption. What are my chances of getting enrolled with VRAP? Thanks

    • If you are not eligible for any other VA educational benefit and you meet all the other eligibility requirements, I think your chances are good.

    • HVAC Staff says:

      Ronald – If CISSP is on the high demad job list and you meet the eligibilty standards, you should apply.

      • FWIW, I believe that CISSP falls under Computer Support Specialist. My college offers an AAS that prepares the student to take the certification exam. It is reputed to be an extremely sought-after and high-paying (and difficult) certification.

  29. My question is, are these funds Tax deductible or will I get some sort of unwanted surprise at Tax Time!!!!!!!!

    • The funds are not tax deductible, but I think you're really asking if the funds taxable. I was told at the toll-free # that they don't get reported as taxable, so it's tax free.

      On a related note (which may not apply to you), I was also told by a charitable organization that they don't count it as "income" unless the payment from the VA specifically says it's for "housing allowance". VRAP does NOT specify that the payment is only for housing allowance, so it's not considered income by the charity that helps me, either. But other charity policies may vary.

    • Up in the transcript at the top of the article, someone asked your question. The answer is, VRAP is a benefit program; VA benefits are not taxable.

  30. Sorry if this question has already been answered earlier, but didn't see it in a quick skim. One of the disqualifying factors for VRAP is "receiving VA compensation for being unemployable." Is that the same thing as receiving VA compensation for for a 100% disability rating?" If not (and I think it should not be the same), what does "receiving VA compensation for being unemployable" mean and how is "unemployable" registered in your records?

    • The payments are for training to become employed or more qualified. If you're 100% UNEMPLOYABLE, then you can't work – or – you'll lose your benefit. That's how I understand it.

      • Yes. Got all that. My question was "Does having a 100% VA disability rating automatically mean you are 'unemployable'?" If not, is there some sort of separate VA rating of "unemployable?"

        • I don't know the answer, but I am wondering; If you were to get a job, would you lose your disability compensation? I think you would, and I think that would mean you would not be eligible for this jobs training program.

        • Sandra Jones says:

          Are you in receipt of utilizing any VA educational programs? If so, then you don't qualify for the VRAP program.

          • Thanks, but that doesn't answer my question, which was, in short "Does having a 100% VA disability rating automatically mean you are 'unemployable'?"

          • HVAC Staff says:

            To the best of our knowledge it means that you are unemployable. One suggestion if you are looking for re-training is to use your Vocational Rehabilitation benefit by going to

          • what is the vocational rehab benefit?

          • The answer is NO….at least in my case.

          • Blaidd Drwg says:

            no, you could have a 100 percent rating and be in a wheel chair, it doesn't make you unemployable. It really depends on your injury, not all 100 percent ratings automatically mean you are unemployable.

    • The word: "unemployable" suggests bias or discrimination of some sort.

      The office of the Civil Rights has regulatory laws which prevent the discrimination of people who are disabled, who work, and who go to school. Therefore, "unemployable" needs to be defined more clearly as it is an ambiguous term in the context of law.

  31. Eugene Burgess says:

    Does VRAP apply to service members who have been out of the military for over 15 years?

    • Doesn't matter how long you've been out. Between 35 & 60 years old.

    • HVAC Staff says:

      Yes, time since discharge is not an eligibilty standard. You must meet the eligibility standards. Go the the VA's education website for the complete list.

  32. Dear Sir, thank you in advance, I am very interested in you'll responce to all the questions of the vet's and less than someone's else it's nice to know other's questions but it is not clear who is giving the answer and is it the correct feed back, Thank you

    • HVAC Staff says:

      Taylor – You are welcome and if others have questions don't hesitate to call us or the VA.

    • You can always investigate the answers online trough regulatory law. The VRAp Public LAw 112-54 section 64.036 is the actual regulatory policy that governs this particular program. Although, there are a few others too, such as Hire Heroes Act of 2011.
      Read them and decide for yourself

  33. joseph diggs says:

    Theere are so many Veterans who are involved in some type work just to provide fopr their famalies. My question is how can they perhaps join this program (VRAP) ? The requirements are the Veterans must not be engaged or recieving any type of benifits even though he or she can't survive on their encomes?

  34. what about the sixty five and older vats whom nwwd to work.
    why can they hot get help and training ???

    • As I see it, VRAP is an attempt to help Vets who were under VEAP. Vets over age 60 had other programs to help them, many programs that VEAP Vets do not.

    • HVAC Staff says:

      The Veterans Affairs Committees had a limited amount of funds to pay for the training ($1.6 billion) so that limited the number of participants. Veterans who do not meet the age qualifications can still apply for training under several programs run by the Department of Labor. Check with your local employment service.

      • You seem to have many answers pooua and an opinion, good for you.
        I’d like to know about those programs for Vets. over 60 that you’re speaking. .
        I see no benefits under the Dep. of Labor to Vets. 60 and over.

  35. tanksoldier says:

    What is the definition of: "Not be eligible for any other VA education benefit program."? If someone has used up their GI Bill or Post 9/11 GI Bill earning a degree but have been unable to find work, can they use the VRAP GI Bill for vocational training?

    • It means "Not have any other current option for VA educational benefits." If you exhausted your other benefits, you are no longer eligible for them. If you have a benefit you could qualify for, but haven't applied, then you are not eligible for VRAP. I believe it was mentioned in the transcript that if you have exhausted your GI Bill, and you meet the other requirements, then you qualify for VRAP.

    • HVAC Staff says:

      Not eligible means you have either passed your delimiting date for whichever GI Bill for which you were eligible, or used all of the benefit. If you are between 35 and 60, have no eligibility for any of the GI Bill programs, and you were discharged under honorable conditions, you may apply for VRAP

    • If you go on the VA website and look under "education benefits", any other va program listed that is not VRAP, is what they are referring to.

  36. David A DeGood says:

    Q: On the VA Form 22-1995, sections 2 and 3. 'Education Benifit to Receive' – which one actually applies to VRAP? 'How will You Take Trainig' – check all that apply?

    • HVAC Staff says:

      We are unable to answer your specific questions about the application. Our suggestions is that you you should either contact your local state employment office so they can help you with the application or contact VA at 1-888-442-4551 for assistance.

    • VA form 22-1995 comes with instructions if you printed it online. If you have already applied for VRAP through VONAPP then the va should be aware of your benefit request.
      ebenefits online is a useful tool. Create an account and check your status online when you need to… its automated!

  37. My HVAC classes are year round for 1 year. I have heard several people state they did not get payment during the summer. If you are attending classes in the summer, wouldn't you be receiving the monatary benefits of the VRAP program? Also, does the amount you receive each month differ with the amount your schooling costs? example: school costs $15,000 – you get x $
    school costs $5,000 – does your monthly check change? Thanks for your help.

  38. My HVAC classes are year round for 1 year. I have heard several people state they did not get payment during the summer. If you are attending classes in the summer, wouldn't you be receiving the monatary benefits of the VRAP program? Also, does the amount you receive each month differ with the amount your schooling costs? example: school costs $15,000 – you get x $
    school costs $5,000 – does your monthly check change? Thanks for your help.

    Read more:

  39. I need to change my career path from electronics engineer to network engineer but have bad credit and have severe diabetes. I can no longer see the small electronic components. I can change computer monitor settings so that i can see the network settings and tasks.

  40. Jennifer Mark says:

    The deadline at my community college to apply for the high demand job was March 1,2012. Since vets couldn't apply for VRAP until May 2012, I have missed the deadline and can't start the program until August 2013. Will I get paid only until March 2014, or will I get paid the entire 12 months? If the funds are already set aside for VRAP, I don't see why it wouldn't be paid in its entirety.

  41. koldfushen says:

    I live in Seattle and am listed in the Veteran's database all throughout the worksource program and their Military assistance program. It is 16 June 2012 and none of these agencies knows DIDLY squat about this program and has Never told me about it. Could somebody please get me going in the right direction? Thanks in advance (

  42. I am currently receiving SSD but I am interested in being re-trained. Do I qualify as being unemployed?

    • You are in the same boat as me. I receive ssd and am considered as unemployed. Check into the social security "ticket to work" program. Thanks, Curt

  43. Kevin Diggs says:

    I'm trying to get admitted into one of the schools that honor this program but, I don't know which schools in my area are accepting applications. I only have until the end of the month aand, I was hoping you could email me a list of schools in my area so I can apply? Thank-You / Kevin Diggs

    • wiliam evans says:

      there is a codf that school has between sch and vet education dept it called a facility code for community colleges and tect sch,,, the 2nd # should in the code must be 4 or 5;;; thats the only way i know ,,, make sure you speak with VA rep and ask them what is the facility code for VA ……be careful because thter sign u up then u have to pay them the money if they dont get excepted ,,,,FACILITY CODE 2nd # must be 4 or 5..

      • wiliam evans says:

        r you there i have t5he asw''' it can;t have any 4 yr programs and must have 4 or 5

      • itbitkitty says:

        Also, in the VRAP application you can look up the code by putting in the school name.

    • wiliam evans says:

      this is for the VRAP 35 – 60 THEY MAY EXCEPT OYHER va PROGRAMS BUT MUST MUST MUST HAVE 4 or 5 for VRAP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  44. wiliam evans says:

    how do i fnd out staus of VRAP application

    • picturelady says:

      It’s a sit and wait game, unfortunately :( I have been trying to find out something since the May and no one has an answer.

      • wiliam evans says:

        thks …one person rec response said '''no dission or pendimg

        • wiliam evans says:

          im on hold on the phone with DOD right now for 30 mins if i get som thing ill let u know how….also on e-beenfits ,,it aint shit ,,,,no real info,, whats up with this shit.

      • wiliam evans says:

        r you there ifound how

      • wiliam evans says:

        call this number ask and you shall rec your staus ..18008271000…. # 2…THEN #1 follow ,,, then wait 30 min untill.. good ;;

        • picturelady says:

          Did you get a response? I first got my notification letter to apply for VRAP and it said nothing about starting after July 1. So I started school. Then I saw an update that stated must start school after July 1. So I withdrew with plans to start on July 23rd, but school won’t take me unless I have that certification letter. I hate this sit and wait crap. I’m on pins and needles waiting and yes I have done what you are doing; I have waited on the phone three different times for over an hour and no one ever answered. Very sad……

    • I called the 800 number today, and after waiting 50 minutes listening to crackhead music, I finally got a lady saying that I have been approved today and my letter was being mailed today. Past exiperence has taught me to believe nothing until the letter is in my hands. I applied on June 1. Just call the 800 number leave on speaker phone and make lunch. Thanks Curt

  45. Archille says:

    I have received Cert of Eligibility for VRAP program and have applied for semester at a local Tech Inst. that begins on 8/08/2012 Two Questions can i receive Pell grant monies (i have applied for) while receiving VRAP funds? and Will funding thru VRAP be available at the start of classes or will i wait untill the following month

    • This should work the same as Traditional GI Bill, you will need to complete a month of school and then get you funds, as far as i can tell things like PELL and Stafford loans will not affect VRAP you can use all three funding sources if your eligible for all three, so based on your start date you will get your first month in september that said you should be able to gain finacial clearance for classes by either making the first payment to the school or using the PELL to pay for it. Advice : save as much as you can while in school and stay away from private student loans as they do not consoldate with Direct Loans, use income contigent repayment ICR …pardon my spelling and Good luck

      • Archille says:

        <DIV>Than you very much Fred</DIV><DIV></DIV><DIV></DIV><DIV style=”MARGIN: 5px 0px; BORDER-TOP: #bcbcbc 1px solid”></DIV>

    • Ya, you can receive a pell grant and receive VRAP. To the second question I do not know.

  46. wiliam evans says:

    how do i find out VRAP application staus

  47. wiliam evans says:
  48. Any idea how many slots have been taken thus far?

  49. Archille says:

    What are the Federal Income Tax Liabilities for a person receiving VRAP and Pell grant funding

  50. My question: I am unemployed, but "not on the books" as such because I left work to care for my dying father, who has since passed away. I do not qualify for UI benefits in NY as I left work on my own accord. I have been unable to find work (either over or under qualified) and want to get retrained thru BOCES. How will the VA verify my unemployment if I am not collecting UI benefits? Am I still eligible for VRAP?

    • Hi Fran. I found a 24 page webinar conducted by higher level VA and DOL personnel on the call. It plainly said that the "unemployed" question is to be a "self assertation" That would mean the Veterans word, I would think. So, you should be good to go

      • Thats "self attestation"

      • Thx Rory! Yes, I spoke with my local VA personnel and they told me the same. I told them I applied for the VRAP online so they are aware at the local leve as welll. Today I received confirmation in the mail that my application is in review. I applied to BOCES and my contact there forwarded my info to the VA as well. So now I play the waiting game. Classes begin Sept. 4th. Fingers firmly crossed!

    • gulfwarveteran says:

      Hi Fran, I had to leave my job as well and was not getting UI benefits. I put my request in for vrap on 6-1-2012, with out my DD 214. I got my COE 26 days later. I was not on the books as well. But what I did do was log onto my local one stop, workforce, or employment office web page, and updated all my info. Bottom line is I did get approved. so I think you will too. If you have not updated your info, I think you should.

    • Hi Fran! You and I are twins it seems! I am an unemployed vet who quit work to care for my dying father too (who has since passed away) and I am in NY too! We should get in touch over Facebook or something! I've been in college for a couple of years at Corning Community College. I've done TONS of research and know the ropes pretty well! (Not about VRAP though….this is all new and exciting for me! – I've applied and am waiting to see – also with fingers firmly crossed!) but I might be able to help you out with other funding info! I'll try to post this using my FB account so you can friend me…I'm not REAL good with FB so I'm not sure if or how this will work but here goes…

  51. lisa sweeney says:

    i found the school and am enrolling what do i do next? classes start in Sept.

    • Archille says:

      If you have received your Cert,of Eligability take it ,and a copy of your DD214 to the Financial Services office at he school you have applied to. When registration starts tthe school will forward the paperwork to Vets Admin. Remember that you will not receive funds immediately there is a one month waiting period (from the start of school). My school offers a promissory note to cover the expences that i will need to start the program which will delay payment for a month, Also you may want to ask them about Pell Grants that may help defray some costs

      • You don't get a VRAP letter of award without having first provided proof when applying for VRAP …of military service which the VA has on file already. All you need to take to the school financial services office is the VRAP award letter. It will identify you as a veteran in good standing.

        • Archille says:

          <DIV>thanks to all that make thisQA agreat resource it has helped me and will help others Thank you George!</DIV><DIV></DIV><DIV></DIV><DIV style=”MARGIN: 5px 0px; BORDER-TOP: #bcbcbc 1px solid”></DIV>

  52. I want to take an online certificate course (the title is listed in thier occupations) is that going to be OK? Thanks

  53. Where do you find online schools that accept the VRAP GI Bill?

    • fairydust says:

      You have it all twisted. You will receive the VRAP money, not your school. You will be responsible for paying your tuition. What you really want to know is if your online school is college accredited, has an associate program and is approved by the VA. Just remember the school can not have a four year program and a two year program too.

  54. picturelady says:

    Hi everyone,

    I got a letter today and it told me they got my request, but they need my DD form 214 Member 4. I’ve already sent them my DD form 214, but I guess that isn’t what they want. Can anyone tell me where I can get one?

    • the Member 4 was attached to the original dd214- it has the extra inch and a half of paper to it showing the type of discharge. If you need another one you can get it from the National Personnel Records Center

      • picturelady says:

        This was the first thing I did, but was informed that the only person who would have the DD 214-mem.4 is the Airmen themselves, because they are not kept on file at the archives. So what now? If they don’t have it and I don’t have anything but the DD 214.

        I mean back in 1973 they only stated time and time again, “don’t lose your DD 214 it means everything. All the rest of the stuff is important but not as valuable as the DD 214.”

    • Sid The Veteran says:

      Yes, you can absolutely obtain one from your local VA office. VA Benefits office. not the VA Clinic. Make sure you call them today. And if you haven't done so, go to ebenefits online and register for an account, that way you can pull up your own documents needed. Thanx friend.

      • picturelady says:

        I could not I even went to VA here in Texas and I could not get it :(

        • The VA does not have copies of your DD Form 214. You have to submit a request to the archives.

          Since the archive online request system is down until July 9, you can also download a copy of SF-180 and mail the request in.

          • picturelady says:

            I did this back in May, I have a DD 214, I don’t have a DD 214-member 4 and not too many Vets. from the Vietnam era have one.

          • You have, apparently, a DD214 short form. You need a DD214 long form. Member 4 is at the bottom of the long form, and displays the nature of your discharge (honorable, dishonorable, etc.). Someone has to have this information. Most likely, it is at the archives. You need to ask them for a copy of it. All service members are supposed to have one on file, so maybe they could help you get one if you never had one. Be sure to specify that you need the DD214 long form.

          • picturelady says:

            I did ask this question and the lady told me that the only person who would have this form is the Vet. him/her self. She said they don’t keep the long form on file and that if I don’t have it then I’m out of luck.

          • That is incorrect. I have gotten copies of both my long and my short forms from the archives.

          • picturelady says:

            I figured perhaps she really didn't know so I sent for it anyway.

          • Here is a website that explains all about the DD214:

            They do note that a massive warehouse fire in 1974 destroyed millions of records, so you might not have a record on file if you served prior to that time. A replacement can be constructed.

    • Sid The Veteran says:

      Yes, absolutely. You can get one from your local VA Benefits office. Call them up today and ask for the member 4 copy and make sure they certify it if it's not the original.

    • No, The dd 214 is enough. The information they gave you is wrong. You can upload the dd214 online when you contact your local va regional office

  55. Charles says:

    I have been accepted to recieve education benefits for school under the VRAP program… I want to know while in school can I accept a job, because this program is for unemployed vets

    • It only states that at the TIME OF APPLICATION you have to be unemployed. It does not state that you have to remain unemployed.

  56. Do you have to be disabled vet to get VRAP?

  57. Does recieving this grant also entitles us to living stipends as with the new post 9/ 11 G.I. Bill?

  58. Does the VRAP bill also covers enrollment fees?

  59. lisa sweeney says:

    does everyone get the total amount of $1473?

    • picturelady says:

      Yes, I start school Monday 23 July and that is what I get and from what I'm told that is what everyone is getting.

    • No, It depends on your level of service attendance, or how long you served

      • pennywise says:

        You are wrong on this one Veteran. Everyone, regardless of level of service attendance or how long you served gets the same monthly amount. Remember, VRAP is different from all the other programs and people keep thinking it should work the same as the other GI Bill programs. If you don't believe me, check out the VRAP websites, they all say 1473.00 a month. This only changes if your first month of school is less than 30 days then it is prorated. Also if your last month of school is less than 30 days it will be prorated.

        • Even months in the middle of your program are prorated, I don't see how anyone going to a community college with all the holidays will get anywhere near the full benefits. They should just pay you 12 full months while you are in the program.

    • The amount was actually bumped up to 1564.00 10/01/2012.

      • I think it comes down to about $78 dollars and some change for each day you attend class. Please correct me if I am wrong as I will begin my first classes on Monday.

        • It's my understanding you receive benefits for all "instructional days" in a month whether you have classes that day or not. If your school is shut down for 7 days you still receive benefits for 23 days, even if you only have classes on 15 of those days. All months are assumed to have 30 days for prorating purposes.
          I'm not 100% sure on this but I've talked to several VA reps from several schools. It's hard to find definitive answers on this!! I just started school this month and would like to know ahead of time so I can budget properly.

    • Amount varies by month depending on how many weeks you were enrolled for the month (e.g. if classes start on the 15th, you'll get half the total amount for that calendar month). Good news: the stipend was increased. It's now a little more than $1500 for a full month. Hope that helps.

    • Yes, I do…..but they actually increased the amount last semester to $1563

  60. lisa sweeney says:

    do you have to go full time?

    • fairy dust says:

      Yes, you must go full time or you will not get any money. You must have 12 units at all time to qualify.

      • I believe your mistaken. Not every program is going to have a minimum of 12 credits per semester. My program is Paramedicine and my credits per semester vary from 8, 10, 9, 12, and 14. No where did I read any information about having a certain number of credits. Only that you must be in enrolled in a program that meets their high demand occupation requirement.

        • The COE says full time, and the VA considers full time 12 credit hours

          • Fulltime as it relates to the specific program that you are enrolled. Fulltime could mean 3 credit hours or 12 credit hours it's program specific. For example a non-degree program would have no credit requirements it's just that you attend full-time. I hope this helps.

        • S.C. Johnston says:

          Dan keep in mind your payment could be reduced periodically if your program doesn't rate you full time. If one of your classes is only 8 weeks the the last half of your semester the payments will reflect that.

          • picturelady1 says:

            I got my acceptance and certificate and I start Medical Assistant school July 23, my school is 9 months. My school is 18,900.. VRAP is going to give me for 12 months $1473.00. If I only go to school for 9 months the total amount I will get to cover my schooling will be $13,257.00 that means I will have to come up with $5,643. on my own to pay for my classes. I don't have this cash without going into debt. Does anyone know if I can request extra money to pay the rest?

          • Off of the top of my head being creative it seems theoretically you could start a new program after 9 months. Perhaps an inexpensive online course for the final three months and of course the program would have to lead to a certificate (wink). And then you could use the extra three months of VRAP to pay for the online classes and the rest toward the $5643 of the medical debt incurred. It may not cover all but it definitely would get you closer. Just a thought.

          • picturelady says:

            Won't I have to ask VRAP to take an online course? Because this money is for the school I'm enrolled in now and it states it on the letter. I have to report the beginning of each month that I am enrolled.

          • K HAmilton says:

            I have the same course as you.. I applied for my Pell grant, got the full amount and took out a loan for the balance.. It helped that the school I attend gives veterans a 40% discount on tuition. I will still receive the full $1473 so Ii can live on while taking MA course. SO me having to pay only 3500 back for the loan is a good deal on my part. SO do your FAFSA and take it to financial aid and get the rest of the money.

          • This doesn't make sense. If your're not rated full time at any time your benefits are cut off not reduced. Everything I've read states you must be attending full time, period.

        • dan, you are mistaken, you will not receive ANY money from vrap if you are not a full time student with a minimum of 12 credit hour per semester, your 8, 10, and 9 will get you nothing, just letting you know.

  61. Archille says:

    What are the Federal Income Tax and reporting Liabilities for a person receiving VRAP and Pell grant funding does any one out there know ??

  62. mrantenna says:

    I guess they are forgetting that some of us veterans are over 60 and still trying to make a living. I see that veterans over 60 are not included. Geeesh maybe I was born at the wrong time. Anyway, I do have a job, not a great job, but pays the rent.. Maybe this is whats meant to be for us over 60 vets.. struggle thru till the pension kicks in in 2 and a half more years.. This is not the way it was supposed to be….

    • ya, I'm another over 60 guy and on a very, very small pension $250/mo. and not employed. It's a little tough when you're a post Korea/Cold War vet with 25+ yrs service. How's that work for us??

    • In November VOTE for the Pope on a rope…

      • mrantenna says:

        whos the pope on the rope?? none of the politions are any good . I say.. vote them all out on both sides of the isle…

        • Unfortunately, that is not an option. We cannot vote out candidates; we can only vote in someone to replace someone else. I very much don't like any of the candidates, either.

    • You can be 60 but NOT 61 or older

    • Nightingale For Gary says:

      Air Force in the '70s, same here, struggling to make a living. Now, Uncle Sam looks down tenderly the younger vets, how about the Nam Vets unfortunate to be born in the wrong age and in the unpopular war we did not make the decision. Is there gonna be a better policy for us? It is too late for education now, the idea of saving manual jobs for folks like us would do.

    • In the first place, Vets over 60 had benefits and opportunities that Vets from age 35 to 60 did not. Did you ever look up what VEAP covered? How does that compare to your era?

      If you are over 60 now, you are within 7 years of full retirement age. This is a 1-year program. It doesn't make sense to deny workers with 10+ years before they can get retirement benefits for workers who would have 5 or less years.

  63. E.Y. Ward says:

    Is there a move toward trying to get eligible persons to apply for early SS retirement ?

    • The vast majority of those eligible do collect early. I plan to. I don't get that there's a move but I think it saves the government money if you collect early because of the reduced benefit amount.

  64. I am eligible for VRAP benefits, but my school that I attend offers Bachelor degrees. I am going for my Associates degree in the HVAC industry (#151) will I be able to recieve benefits.

    • Yes. Associate degrees are the specific focus of VRAP … AND any certificate program less than an associate degree. The purpose is to render the veteran employable due to upgraded job skills. I know people with Master's degrees who will use VRAP to obtain technical skills at a technical college to render them employable in ways their advanced degrees failed to do. Gluck

      • I am a little confused in re: to how all this really works. There is a school that I can attend but they offer Bachelor degrees. I also am wanting an Associate degree in HVAC. Does the school itself have to accept the VRAP or do I just let VA know or show proof that I am enrolled to be eligible. Also I would like to do online school if possible but am finding it diffucult to find one that I am able to use VRAP. Any suggestions would be great. Thanks

        • Hi Jeff first thing is to apply for VRAP on the ebenifits website, you will have to call 1 800 827 1000 to see if your school qualifies or check out the the W.E.A.M.S. school verification system on the VA website. If approved the VA will send a Certificate of Eligibility take it to the school you are to attend along with your DD214 member 4 (will say member 4 at bottom). They will send both back to the VA along with your enrollment papers. Then its a wait and see game I have yet to hear, only been 1 week so far.

        • The school doesn't have to accept VRAP. The VRAP program either approves the school or denies the school (for whatever reasons). VRAP pays directly to the veteran and the veteran is responsible for paying the school. That doesn't mean that the veteran can sign up for an approved school but attend a different school. Monthly verifications by each professor/teacher from the approed school will have to be made in order to continue receiving VRAP benefits.

        • I was approved for Online Web Design, have been in 8 weeks, got paid by VRAP and the the school suddenly changed it, saying "VRAP students cannot do ONline, must be in class every day."

    • The actual regulation says yes, but there is conflicting responses concerning this issue.
      I would review the VRAP Public Law 112-54 section 64.036 and apply with reference to section (070) Uses and restriction on uses. This section of the regulation does not negate bachelor programs or 4 year programs.
      So, if you apply and are denied you can file a notice of disagreement with reference to the regulation (070).

      • pennywise says:

        It's so much easier to just attend a community college that offers only certificates and associate degrees. Not everyone has the time, energy or patience to file notices that may not respond before their registration deadline.

  65. roryfallon111 says:

    Question for anyone Does receiving the initial letter from the VA acknowledging receipt of the application,.. mean that it has already gone through the Dept of Labor review?

    Everything I have read indicates that DOL has to pass it to VA or issue a letter of benefit denied. Any light that can be shed on this would be helpful, thanks

    • Your VRAP application is processed by the Veterans Administration … NOT the Dept. of Labor. The DOL's role is served during the phase when you seek a JOB for training received under funding of VRAP. The DOL's only involvement during the program application phase is to certify you as unemployed and seeking work. This is done when you register at a Job Service office nearest you and open a citizen user account so you can access job search tools on line. The VA will verify that you have this kind of official status in the DOL system and by this certify this part of your application for VRAP. You make no other direct contact with the DOL during the VRAP application process. If you have not done this yet, do it today or tomorrow. Its easy as spit to apply for this Job Service account. It may become part of your job search collaboration with the DOL at the end of your period of training under funding of VRAP. Its how they will contact you to facilitate your job search and placement.

  66. I am a former federal civil service professional GS-09 who was forced to resign due to clear union violation issues. I chose not to fight the hostile work conditions and to resign. I have not found another full time job since 2000. Is it possible to regain a federal job after this time has passed? My status was career. I am a 30% service connected vet. When I complete the VRAP program will the dept. of labor really place me in a job, or is this just another vain promise by the democratic party? I am at the very threshold of dispair at age 59.

  67. If Fall classes begin the first week of August, when can I expect the first auto deposit of VRAP funds into my bank account? I can't very well plan a budget with the minimalist info presented in the award letter I received. I do not want to start a semester without text books… A student needs BOOKS to do well in the important few weeks of a course.

  68. GRANTS are not taxed. They are NOT income. VRAP is a grant and so is PELL Grant. They are NOT taxed because they are NOT income.

  69. Your unemployed status is verified by the VA through your registration with your local JOB SERVICE office. Go and register with them if you want the VA to be able to verify your unemployed status. The reason you left work is irrelevant to the VRAP qualification criteria. You must be unemployed, but looking for work and this is validated by your being registered at the Job Service office. You will be given an online job service system user account. Open this account as it is part of your proof of being unemployed but looking for work. Do it today. Don't wait.

    • roryfallon111 says:

      thanks George. I read where it was self attested to by the applicant themselves. I read this 26 page transcript from a webinar, where the top dogs of the program said "self-attest" for the unemployment questions. Well, I will head down in the AM and register.

    • picturelady says:

      George, I have searched everywhere and asked over 20 vets. under the age of 60 if they have a DD 214-member 4 and they all stated NO. I also contacted National Archives and they said that the only person who would have such a form is the Vet. him/herself. No one I’ve spoken to has it and there is no place to get it and VA states I can not get VRAP unless they get it. I’d like to know how many other Veterans on here had to submit a DD 214-Member 4 form? My DD 213, my certificate of an Honorable discharge should have been sufficient evidence that I indeed served and deserve the right to receive VRAP as much as the other Vets.

      • Fairy Dust says:

        I served in the Navy from 1980 to 1989 and all I have is the DD214 Member 4 form, so I don't understand why some don't have it. I even requested an additional copy for prior service and it was also the DD214 member 4 form.

  70. what does no more than 60 mean? Is it before I'm 61 or is it before I'm 60?

    • Marginalway says:

      I am 60 and have been accepted. I spoke with the VA and was advised that it means that you have not reached your 61st birthday before you apply.

  71. Is the VRAP program separate from the Post 9/11 GI Bill program? I have transferred my GI Bill to my son, but I want to attend college also to obtain my degree.

  72. I am unemplyeed due to the fact that I had to quit my job and move back home due to my husband's job was not going as well as we had expected and it caused a lot of financial strain. I am now living in Montana, not collecting unemployment. I am a veteran, and I think I meet the qualifications. How can I find out what jobs are in demand in my area?

    • Violet.. This is a serious very good program. I suggest you do some serious study and find a high demand job that you can see yourself doing.. First. And do not be dismayed by having to go for 2 years either. If you are as you portray, you will receive additional aid. So, save some of the VRAP benefit for the 2nd year of study.?? Dig. Believe me, this program is not hard to qualify for…just understand the rules. which they have made extremely easy to apply to. Remember, they have 45,000 slots available till Oct this year…, and only 24,000 applications so far.

      The gov will pay you tax free $1473 per month up to 12 months of training. Out of that tax free money, you must pay all fees for education.. tuition, books, fees, etc. That is why you then file the federal universal form for aid for education… the fasfa form. you will receive other aid.

      My advice to you is this: Find something you really love to do, on the DOL high demand list of jobs. Find a course of study that offers it, and is approved by the va, and then just go for it. You will find a job if you love what you want to do.

      And, since I have put much research into this, I can answer any question about it, you may have. Don't be bashful. I can explain how easy it is to do it.

  73. gulfwarveteran says:

    I got my COE today in the mail, it only took 26 days from start to finish. My school and online course was both approved also. I didn't even turn in my DD214 with my request for Vrap, so I think that was fast considering. Maybe things are picking up, my COE came from the Atlanta, GA VA processing office. Just wanted to let you guys know what was going on and hope you have luck getting your COE.

    • Robert K says:

      Thanks gulfwarveteran for the info. I'm still waiting for COE, did receive direct deposit letter on 29/06/2012

    • Robert K says:

      Also, I applied on 30/05/2012

    • Where do you live, what program and is it online or at a college?

      • Robert K says:

        Robbie, I am in Southern California, and I am taking Substance abuse couseling online. My COE has the school name and address on it so it has been approved as a good curriculum.

        • peacetimevet says:

          gulfwar, I am in southern cal and would like to know the course so that I too can enroll. I have been approved for a realestate course in the high desert but i would rather do the substance abuse course

        • Robert K, what school are you enrolling in? Thanks in advance!! I am in SouthernCali.

          • robert K. says:

            I am enrolled in Healthstaff Training Institute, Santa Ana and/or Temecula CA
            sorry it took so long to reply, I have been very busy with getting this going..Good Luck

    • Elvis Marcrum says:

      i applied for VRAp the day the program opened. the va sent me a letter stating my training program (air conditioning anf refrigeration0 was not being offered at a community College or tech school and the school I selected offers Batchlors degrees (which was false). I applied for reconsideration and got the letter to take to my schools vet rep and they are sending the va my enrollment forms…I am 56 years old and a viet Nam era vet. (US Navy Seabees) I hopefully wil get a check sometimes around the end of AUgt beginning of sept..My term starts Aug 20th

      • VRAP has a provision for advanced pay. The school must apply for it but this problem was forseen and a provision made. Also, some schools have delayed tuition, meaning they allow veterans to pay over a period of time, in installments. Your vet rep at the school is paid to help the veteran through all of these processes. I've heard that a couple of vet reps were somewhat obstinate. To those who encounter that, I would recommend maintaining a good attitude, not get emotional and don't settle for the vet rep not knowing or not helping. Everyone has a specific job to do and a boss to hold them accountable.

  74. Received my COE Today 2 weeks and 2 days after I filled online. They called last Friday to ask me a question and told me then I would be approved. Every experience will be different I guess……

  75. John Berryhill says:

    I applied withing hours of the opening of the VONAPP allowing us to do so, got confirmation that my application was "downloaded" in Buffalo, but I have still heard nothing. I have written to VA several times with questions about school approval and status of my application. Nothing. I am still qualified as I am still unemployed, there would never be a better time for me to get trained as I could do the course work right now. We are days from activation of the program but still nothing. Who can get me one answer as to the status of my application? I am living in the Philippines so calling a hotline and holding is NOT a possibility, I don't have the money for the call. Anyone?

    • fairydust says:

      That might be your problem, living in the Philippines and the reason you haven't recieved a letter too.

    • I'd bet everything I own that since it's been 5 weeks not, this guy has his answer, either certified or not approved. You won't hear back from him though.

  76. I am a vet who recently applied for VRAP benefits and was approved. I applied on May 15th and received my approval letter the second week of June. I had a friend whose spouse applied and the question was raised about receiving a book allowance for books. The way I understand, you pay for everything from tuition, books and supplies from your monthly payment. Was my answer correct?

    • gulfwarveteran says:

      You are correct, but here is the catch. You will not get your first deposit until the end of your first month in school. It do not make since, they should give up front money for your books and fees.

      • fairydust says:

        The same goes if you also applied for financial aid, you would not recieve the money untill a few weeks after classes started anyway. But you can rent your text books for the semester at pretty good prices and you can also rent ebooks and have them digitally downloaded. Just google something like "rent textbooks" and you will get a dozen hits. Why pay a lot of money for a book you really don't want to keep when you could rent one and you can also rent by the chapter with ebooks for a couple of dollars a chapter.

        • yeah but if you're unemployed with ZERO sources of income this just doesn't work…..I see I have my homework (pun intended) and prayers cut out for me in order to break this poverty cycle I've been in for almost 2 years….

          • Most libraries have the books used for classes. you can check them out and use them until your money arrives. This is what I did. You will only have to do it the first semester/quarter you are in school because you will have a flow of income to pay for subsequent semesters/quarters.

    • Apply for aid VIA FAFSA website and that should cover your tuition and books. You can hopefully pay for gas and expenses with the VA monthly stipend. Be proactive when dealing with VA and financial aid dept at your school. No one really understands the program fully since it is so new> I used whatever resources I had and figured out other things on my own.

    • As a VET you are allowed a 60 day deferred payment extension [and a monthly payment plan] before you have to pay any money to your school, so you should have at least one VRAP payment issued to you before you have to start making payments on your school course payment plan.
      I started on July 16, got 2 weeks of benefits paid on August 7 and I will get a full month benefit payment on September 7 .
      I have a 6 month payment plan and my first payment of $169 is due September 20.
      I got $4,860 from my PELL Grant, so I only have to "fork over" $1,014 to cover the the difference in the cost of the course.

  77. Robert K says:

    I received a letter from the VA stating my next payment will go direct deposit, (I have not received any payment yet) does this mean I have been approved for VRAP?

    • gulfwarveteran says:

      it sounds like you have, but you need that COE letter, if you don't get that COE letter you can not sign up for class. Just make sure you get that letter. It should be on the way. COE (CERTIFICATE OF ELIGIBILITY)

    • I got the Direct Deposit letter too, but not the COE yet. Anyone get both and can answer how long between the arrival of the two letters?

      • Robert K says:


        I received the direct deposit letter on Fri. 29/06/2012, as of Mon. 02/07/2012 have not received any other correspondence. If you get something, let me know as I will post when I receive anything.
        Robert K

        • Robert,
          I applied on June 7, got the Direct Deposit letter on June 30. I will also post when the COE letter arrives. Thanks for responding.

          • Robert K says:

            I received my COE 05 July 2012. It was dated 21 June 2012. My deposit letter was dated 28 June 2012. For some reason the deposit letter traveled much faster than the COE. But, I am approved. Yay.

          • My COE came today (July 9) and was dated June 26. My Direct Deposit letter was dated July 2, but actually arrived on June 30. Yay! I'm in. No more multiple trips to the mailbox to see if mail came.

        • Just rec'ved my Direct Deposit letter today 23/07/2012. No COE yet though. But reading all the comments below, I am very hopeful I am approved and will see a COE soon ! Good luck everyone!

      • victoria says:

        I received the COE one day and the Direct Deposit letter the next.

      • I applied on 5/21/12 and my COE was dated 6/12/12 and the Direct Deposit letter was dated 6/18/12, but I actually received them in the reverse order about a week apart.

        However, my fiance applied on 5/15/12 and still has not received either letter. We are 100% certain that he qualifies, so I have no idea what the hold up is.

      • I just received my COE. It was about 1.5 weeks after the I received the Direct Deposit letter.

  78. Other problem I am having is finding a school that will allow me to get a loan, since I have a BA already. The BA is ancient, but it stands in the way of getting loans at a school that offers a 2 year degree or less. And, it also means I do not qualify for a Pell Grant. Some schools will not allow me to go back for a 2 year degree because of the AA and BA I already have. I found myself homeless and it has been a huge struggle to get any help because of like reasons I mentioned here. It can happen to most anyone. We all have our own problems of course. _Someone also mentioned something about a school that was working with them because they are homeless. I'd like to know what school that is. The system list all schools that are GI Bill qualified, but it does not break it down to the VRAP qualified. I have not found many.

    • Donnie Merriweather says:

      Randy, i went through the same thing, now the VA homless representive will get you a section 8 voucher with in 2weeks of meeting with them. I was homeless got a voucher and signed up for vrap, got my coe and im in school living in an apt. Im not turning back im going to finish this program, get a job and keep it!

      • PLEASE tell me how u got the section 8 voucher in 2 weeks i am a single mother with a son and we are homeles

    • The Stafford Loan is based on need as determined by your FAFSA. I haven't received mine yet but I am confident I will be eligible. I also have an ancient bachelor's degree. And you are paying for it, how can they stop you from getting an associate degree in a completely different field of study?

  79. Can you tell me how to add something to this HIGH DEMAND list? Do you just ask if they will approve something or have to ask them to add it to the list? Actor and a handful of other jobs are on that list that just never hit me as being in HIGH DEMAND. Sure, I'd like to be an actor, but…. The health field jobs are fine, but just about all of them have requirements just to get to the point where you can apply, then after a long process you get put on a waiting list where you might get to start the program a year after you get accepted. That part was not well thought out on this program. I am grateful for the program, but there are problems with it. The only computer job mentioned when compared to ACTOR, is crazy. There are many computer related jobs that should be on the list. Game Development is one that has as good, if not better of a job forecast as Networking.

    • The high demand list is already established. You have to pick a career or training program on the list

  80. It is summer and many instructors are gone until school starts. Other people that work in financial aid are gone on vacations. It is crazy trying to get answers. The website for this program really does not state much detail at all. I still have not got a clear answer if I can take online courses or if all has to be on campus. So far I have got YES, NO, and MAYBE. Sorry, but that really does not help when you call them and get 3 different answers. _Thank you and good luck to all!

    • fairydust says:

      I am currently enrolled in a community college and I have some of my classes online and some at the school. I think your confusion lies with online schools. Not all of theses schools are college accredited. But if you are at a community college you may take online classes or go to classes. I hope this clears things for you.

      • The website is very clear and everything you need to know is there and in the application process. You're still asking the wrong people. Financial Aid? What do they have to do with VRAP? Why would you go to any instructor? If you must ask someone about VRAP, go to the vet rep. I that person doesn't know (and they damned well should), go to your vet rep at the Dept of Labor. I have found the answer to absolutely every question I've seen answered on the website.

  81. I have a question that nobody seems to be able to answer….I got my eligibilty certificate a few weeks ago, it says you must be ful time..but, the medical coding and billing certificate program is only 10 hours a semester so for me to do this I need to change programs…since I was approved under the medical coding and billing on my vonapp application, will it be a problem for me to change my program of study as long as it still is under a high occupany job?
    Also, I am unemployed…but, what if I begin doing something part time, like substitue teaching or something while I am in school, do you must remain completely unemployed the entire 12 months you are in school or are you allowed to do something like this?

    • S.C. Johnston says:

      If you fill out a tax document for an employer you will be dropped. If your school rates you full time VA will pay. Its about STATUS not hours. However if your program is considered part or 3/4 time you will not qualify. Pick up another 3 hr course that qulifies if you need to.

      • Somewhere I read that you have to be unemployed at the time of the application. That to me meant that I could work after I am approved.

      • You are incorrect. You only have to be unemployed at the time of your application. It's written on the website that you are allowed to work after you apply and that was bolstered by the lady at the VA Regional office who called me to tell me about the certification and told me (with no provocation) that I was free to work AND use VRAP if I was able to find employment.

    • Darrell says:

      I don't know, but can't you take a class in something not directly related to make 12 hours? Like office automation? Or maybe a business accounting class? As for working I was told you can take a job after you apply and still get the benefit. Great questions to bring to your schools VA rep. Just get outside the box!

      • fairydust says:

        any class you take must be directly related to your major, so you just can't take any class just to get a total of 12 units.

    • You must be unemployed at time of application. Go ahead and take a job, per the VA, it's OK.

      • 13thGeneral says:

        Can you provide a link or reference that will verify this? It seems like a real Catch-22 situation to discontinue the benefits, if becoming employed – even part-time – will disqualify the applicant after being deemed eligible and enrolled in classes.

        • I have no link other than calling the VA, that's what I did. I prepared a list of questions and waited for 15 minutes or so to speak to a rep and ask my questions. The VA rep and I both agreed there is a lot of disinformation out there regarding VRAP. It's so new and will be here for such a limited period of time, there just isn't a whole lot of reference material out there. But think about it, the idea is to get vets (and anyone who is unemployed) working again. To pay to retrain us in say automechanics and then drop us for taking a part time fastfood job just doesn't make sence IMO. My other questions were: Can I receive state education benefits at the same time. Answer was yes, one has nothing to do with the other and VRAP will not be lost. Last question was, how do I verify my status each month? VA rep said the best way is to call the VA and wait for a rep and verify active schooling on the last day of each month or the last day of classes each month.

        • It's on the website under the vrap program. Seek and you shall find!

  82. yolandus douglas says:

    I am a veteran o the Vietnam war. I am been told because i am 70th, I cannot
    benifits from the vrap program. Who do I call. I am currently enrolled at
    Harold Washington College Chicago.

    • picturelady says:

      Join the crowd, Doug! I’m 59 and they want my DD 214-member 4 which I don’t have, and the programs people have talked about on here there aren’t any programs. They just want us to drop over dead when we get close to 60. I have energy and health then many who have been accepted.
      So to answer your question your congressmen.

      • You have to supply your DD214 long form. You should have gotten that when you got your DD214 short form, but if you didn't, you can ask the VA for a photocopy of it (the same way you would get a photocopy of your short form).

    • Full retirement age is 67 or younger. If you are 70, you are eligible for Social Security, etc. VRAP is intended for Vets who don't have any other employment options.

      VRAP is a jobs training program. I don't wish to sound mean, but how long are you planning to remain in the work force past 70?

    • You are not ineligible for the reason they told you, as you specified in your post.

      Research VRAP Public Law 112-54 64.036, this is the actual regulation that governs VRAP. Use it to file a letter of disagreement.
      This law can be found online google it!


    States that only community colleges (which are 2-year associates or certificates) and technical schools qualify for this program.

    If anyone has been able to get an associates degree from a 4-year university to qualify, please state in a reply.

    Gives a running total of the VRAP applications received by the VA

    • northwest florida state college which does have some 4 year programs was approved just last week..they are looking at each college and seeing if they have a number of technical degrees and certificate programs

    • VRAp Public Law 112-54 section 64.036 does not restrict 4 year programs or school from participating in the program.
      Google this law and make your appeal… Notice of Disagreement

  84. I am 24 and my dad is trying to transfere his benefits to me, they are saying I am not eligible becuase I was not in DEER before I turned 21. This is due to the fact the Bill for post 9/11 was issued after I turned 21. DOes anyone know if there is a way around this to stil get benefits. becuase I am still within qualifications, im still his child and under 26…..

    • If you go on the VONAPP website and apply for benefits. The automation software will evaluate your benefits for you. Just fill out the online form as best as you can. if there are questions about what you are applying for and you don't know, look them up before clicking. VONAPP is pretty fast.

  85. REPUBLICAN1964 says:

    The VA is notorious for creating worthless programs. How many veterans will actually get a job when they complete the VRAP? We need jobs not programs that dodge the problem. The VRAP is not going to buy food or pay the bills. This program benefits the colleges and universities right now. Why can’t the VA create programs that put income in unemployed veteran’s pockets directly? The VA wastes billions of dollars doing everything except helping veterans directly.

    • Valerie says:

      Why do you say this? I don't understand what you are saying. VRAP gives you WAY more than you need to pay for your schooling. It will put food on the table and pay my bills while I finish my degree at my local community college. I've been using federal and state grants to pay tuition and borrowing student loans to live on up to this point to try to get my degree and update my skills. They also offer assistance to actually get you the job once you have finished your training. I am thrilled that they have finally given some education benefits to vets who were enlisted during the gap years when there was no GI Bill! Do the math! Check into it a little further! It's awesome! :-)

      • picturelady says:

        My schooling is $18,900. and VRAP will not cover it all. I'm like $5,500. short :(

    • SaltWater says:

      I have a BS in math, going back to school to complete a Wind energy program. Students are offered jobs right away making 20 – 25$ starting pay. at years end, this is double my teaching salary. did the research, talked to graduates, i got tuition paid, books paid, even have a dorm room paid, i wouldnt quit teaching if it wasnt legit.

      • REPUBLICAN1964 says:

        That is positive advice. I don't understand how $1400.00 a month pays for tuition and dorm expense. Most colleges charge atleast $3000.00 a semester.

        • Picturelady says:

          It may not cover it all, but it will cover some of it. That's what I'm looking at. Something is better then nothing. It doesn't cover all of mine either, I'll just have to come up with some cash somewhere.

    • safadao says:

      Everyone's situation is different. I have been unemployed and attending school on my own dime since Jan 2011. Just recently qualified for financial aid which was not available due to 2010 income when I had a job. For me, one dime more than the dime I had is a gift – whether or not it pays for my whole journey or not it is greatly appreciated. Your contention that VRAP isn't going to buy food and benefits colleges and universities directly, shows that you have either not actually read the VRAP information and FAQ's or didn't understand them. Money goes directly to veterans to be used at their discretion and is not taxable or even reportable as income! If you can't see value in that feel free to pass your payments on to me, I will be glad to receive some extra government waste. As far as getting a job goes, I was never depending on Uncle Sam for that, only myself so in my view any assistance is greatly appreciated and better than nothing.

    • the school I wish to attend will cost 33,900 the money that vrap is going to pay plus pell won't even come close to covering the cost, so you are right, this is a program to give money to the colleges

      • Robert K says:

        But you will not have to pay what VRAP pays, so it seems it is a good deal to me. Just a few more bucks I don't have to pay..

      • That's an expensive junior college. Are you sure that you are applying to a 2-year institution, not a university or 4-year college? VRAP is limited only to 2-year institutions.

    • retiree says:

      Because the idea is "Give a man a fish and he eats today, teach a man to fish and he eats for the rest of his life."

      Oh, and this was created by Congress, not the VA.

      • REPUBLICAN1964 says:

        Congress did not create any legislation pertinent to veterans without consulting the VA. That old cliché about fishing is cute, but where are the fishing holes. Everyone has a different situation. Disabled veterans can’t fish out the same holes that every one fish from. Maybe, I was a little too dogmatic when I made my comment, but I’m frustrated.

        • VRAP requires applicants to be able to work, so someone whose disability keeps him from working makes him ineligible for this program.

          I don't really expect to get a job out of this program, either, but what I do expect is to get another year of training and living expenses while I think of what I'm going to do next. Also, the documentation mentions something about job placement "assistance" at the end of the program, whatever that means.

          • REPUBLICAN1964 says:

            I didn't realize there was a stipend for living expenses attached to the VRAP. The VRAP payments will not pay full tuition for any of the two year schools that I have researched. I am guessing that it will help some veterans who want to get a new skill or retraining thus it is a god program for some. I am disabled and simply frustrated about the job market.

    • Anthony CEO says:

      Well I am using the VRAP program to go to school in Robotics and Industrial Automation. the reason why YOU find it hard is because YOU Republican1964 are taking the easy route. Take harder classes!!! I dont know you but you seem like of these guys that is part of the problem and not the solution. This program will be a success because I am able to start my own business!!! Can you say the same…why are you unemployed? We were all hit hard…stop making complaining stop making excuses…and get your life to together Republican1964…this program does work if you work it…its funny a Republican complaining about it being a handout but wanting the money from the handout…wish you the best!!!

      • REPUBLICAN1964 says:

        I am glad things are going well for you. In the future, don’t be so apt to criticize and make assertions. You don’t know what type of degree I am pursuing. It seems you used this site to boast about yourself. I don’t care that you are a CEO and so forth. Sounds like you are exaggerating a bit, but I wish you well with your business. I found more money to go back to school. It turned out that I don’t qualify for the VRAP. Apparently, you don’t know much about the struggle most disabled veterans have or have had to get suitable work. Don’t write me anymore. I don’t need your presumptuous judgment. I served twenty-five years so I don’t need a slacker telling me anything.

  86. My school starts August 20th, will payment be prorated for that month? If it is I dont think its fair becuase I have to pay for tuituion, books, etc out of my own pocket.

    • Sara,
      Many schools have either a payment plan, or deferred payment for veterans or students waiting on Financial Aid. Talk to the VA rep at your school, they will be the most helpful in getting you the correct information about deferring tuition payments.

    • "You don't think it's fair"??? I suppose you DO think it's fair though, that you're getting this money for FREE? Who are you people? You should be on your knees thanking God that our gov't is DUMB enough to give how many tens of thousands of people up to $18,000, to go to school with, which you've already had ONE opportunity to do through the GI bill. YOU DO NOT DESERVE THIS…It's not even FAIR that your getting it. It's a stroke of SEVERE idiocy on someone else's part! Take it! like it! Quit griping about it, and stop expecting EVERYONE else to save you from you. Figure it out!

      • melis, why don't you go suck on an egg and shut up, no one is interested in what you have to act like you have two brain cells and are playing with both while you are talking.

      • If they have an approved course in anger management, I suggest you look into it…….wow

    • Use your FAFSA apply online

  87. HARRD53551 says:

    I've been approved for VRAP, I received my certificate of eligibility dated June 25. I applied for Practical Nursing program, however, the school (and all the other schools in this area) has a long waiting list for nursing programs so I would like to change my program to IT-Help Desk Support Specialist, which is a One-Year Technical Diploma program offered by the same school as I was approved for. How do I go about changing my program with VRAP. It's still for a high demand job.

    • safadao says:

      I'm not sure where you are attending school or how your LPN program works, but most on the community college level, require you to complete at least a year of prerequisite courses before you can even apply to the nursing program. If this is your situation and you have not completed those requirements like A&P, Microbiology etc. this might be a good use of those VRAP funds for a year.

    • You will need to fill out a form to change your program. I'm not certain, but I think you need VA form 22-1995 (Change Program/Place of Training). You can fill that out online at the VON website that you used when you first applied for VRAP.

    • Online… get form 22-1995 and make the change. Maile the form to your VA regional office.

  88. A veteran does not stop being a veteran after he is 60 years old.So why the cut off at 60 years old.Before 9/11 there were no hero's now after 9/11 eveybody who serve is a hero as through those of us who serve before 9/11 didn't serve the same Country.
    Go figure.

    • I Agree! Though there are true heroes those that came back with less than they had and those that never came back… As veterans we just did what we were told and were paid for……..

    • I don't know the reasoning behind the cutoff, but I observe that Vets over 60 had or have other benefits available to them that Vets in the eligible age group do not.

    • Absolutely, I agree with you, I am fifty, and I have often felt left out in the VA education benefit arena.

      Veterans from the 2000's seem to have many more benefits available to them than older vets did back in the day, and although I am grateful that our country is helping younger vets achieve a better education, I believe that older veta are still in great need as well.
      What can we do for them to show our appreciation???

  89. My dilema, Please help. I live in St. George Utah, we do not have community colleges or traditional tech schools. Most of the schools here are part of a 4 yr college or mainly deal with demand jobs in this area which is mostly construction. The only "non" construction training is for Medical Assisting and that only pays minimum wage at best to start in this area. I am a single parent, non traditional student who sees no way to raise even myself on minimum wage. I have been searching for a couple of months, every since I found out about the program for something that meets the criteria….nothing in this area or online. If anyone has feedback, suggestions, ideas? please feel free to share them with me because I am at a loss.

    • S.C. Johnston says:

      Civil Engineering Technology. Analize concrete, soils, asphalt. Entry level and pays very well. A 2year degree in CET is usually offered at schools that offer construction type degrees. I will research the schools in your area and get back to you. Feel free to e-mail me.

    • Morgan Johnson says:

      It will answer your question

    • Ivy Tech Community College?

    • skypainter7 says:

      There are also some online programs for jobs in demand that DO qualify. My husband is studying to be a pharmacy technician through an accredited online medical training academy and he qualified. Think outside the box and start doing some research.

    • The program does not specifically negate 4 years school please read the regulation VRAp Public LAw 112-54 64.036 section (070)

      Google it!

      • I read that it did. I copied this from the VRAP website:
        Participants must be enrolled in a VA approved program of education offered by a community college or technical school.

        And when I google that public law I get :
        Public Law 112 – 54 – Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation Business Travel Cards Act of 2011

  90. J.Johnson says:

    How do you get paid , once you are approved?

  91. I am being told by my local vocational technical educational facility that vrap will not pay for the medical billing and coding classes they offer because they are only offered online. Is that true? Will the VRAP program not pay for any online classes?

    • I spoke to a VA education rep and was told THEY WILL pay for online, in person or hybrid classes.. Call the VA Rep or go to your local VA service center for more information.

  92. Are we Veterans or not? Meaning prior service military… There is a lot of moaning and complaining on this page and it sound like a bunch of whining preschoolers. Get a grip! Stand down.. Either your qualify or you dont! This is an opportunity we didn’t have yesterday or ever before and every opportunity does not apply to everybody that is simply the way it is.. Every benefit didn’t apply to everyone while on active duty and I am not sure why everyone think it should apply now. Stipulations are here to stay! This is the first program I might be eligible for since my discharge in 1990. If by chance I don’t qualify. I must keep going as I have.. So must you all. Semper Fi

    • Well said.

    • Darrell says:

      Spot on!!!! Semper Fi!

    • Howell who gives a whoot what you think if someone wants to shout out about whatever they want then back off and leave them along. No one is telling you to read them or response to them. So you can STAND DOWN and worry about you and not me

      • Trust me Joe, I can give a hoot or nanny about you or anyone like you. I have every right to say what I want just as you have. Maybe you should take a bit of your own advice. If you don't like what I post then, 'KICK ROCKS" I say what I want and if the moderator of this site didn't have a problem with my post… Then you and anyone like you shouldn't either. I could give a rat's butt either way… Huff and Puff all you like it blows NOTHING down….

      • Oh, the irony.

      • Joe, you should take your own advice, I didn't see anyone mandating that you reply to Howell. Howell is as free to comment on anything as you are. AND he's as free to NOT like comments as YOU are.

    • Well Said Marine. Semper Fi!

    • Elvis Marcrum says:

      And a can do to you too Dude…(from a former Seabee 'Nam era)

    • Howell, just mind your business. There is no one here you can brown nose with or get any points with. So you can keep your huffing and puffing and big bad wolf attitude to yourself. If you're not going to be helpful, why not take your own advice and "stand down". Probably some E4 with a general discharge.

      • Mach, I am going to really try not to return rudeness for rudeness here. I made comments on this site and I… just like you… We both have every right to do so. Whether our responses are viewed as positive or negative. Whether you are a E1 or E9 rank is not a factor. Everyone that will receive this benefit WILL AND SHOULD BE UNEMPLOYED to qualify. Therefore, rank has no bearing and who I am shouldn't matter to you so much.. But for whatever reason, you and others continue to make me invaluable and my post such a big deal that you took time out of your application process with the VA to respond to me. I appreciate it. However, I will not continue to depreciate my reputation with responses. I don't what to get myself caught up nor do I want to entertain further any personal comments that are made. I know that a the bigger person here is one that is modest in their communications but exceed in their actions. You should never try to supress someone's right to free speech if it's not what you want to hear. Keep it moving!!!!!

    • HOO-RAH!!!!!!

    • Jimmy Watts says:

      I am a fellow vet who is also enrolled in the program. Here is a Facebook page I started to share the information I compiled while searching for a school to attend. I am in the page's banner (first person- left). I will constantly be adding reference marterial and the like; here's the link:!/VrapVeteransRetraining

  93. I applied on June 7th and nothing yet, spoke to a educational rep this morning and she said it shouldn't be much longer, that's all she said….I also asked her about online classes and she said yes they ar eligible….I also asked her about payments, and she said the way it works is, you will certify at the end of the month and you will will receive your money within 3-5 days direct deposit……that is good to know…lol.. But I need my COE, because I am already enrolled in school for the month of july and I have made my first paymeny out of pocket…

    • ditto…still waiting for my COE and applied 30 May. On phone now with VA to follow up….on hold of course LOL

  94. Jeffery Hammonds says:

    Can anyone clear up whether or not the tuition and books are covered with the VRAP program. I've read that it is not and comes out of the money authorized.

    • Jeffrery,
      The payment goes directly to you by Direct Deposit. You, in turn, are responsible for paying for your tuition, books, etc. Since the payment comes after you start, month by month, you will likely have to make arrangements for tuition deferral, or come up with the money yourself until the payments start coming in.
      Hope that answers your question.

      • Jeffery Hammonds says:

        Thanks, it is very helpful and answers my question.

        • VRAP also allows advanced payment. I believe that advance will go directly to the school where you will have to pick up the check as opposed to it being a direct deposit like the future payments. Again, that advance has to be done through the school you're attending.

          • fairydust says:

            I think you are confusing the VRAP with other GI Bills. There is no advanced payment. All monies will go directly to you.

          • YES, there is an option for advance payment. Good grief, people…stop relying 100% on what "so and so said" and take the time to read what the government wrote in the bill. It's all on the website. For ye who are too freakin' lazy though:

            My Vet Rep at my school also verified this when I first spoke to her. You MUST be certified at least 30 days prior to classes starting, however.

    • Darrell says:

      The guy at the employment security commission told me they pay for the schooling and books AND give you the $14XX a month.

      • fairydust says:

        I don't know what an employment security commission is, but the VA doesn't pay anything but the 1473.00 to you. Until your money comes in, you are responsible for your tuition and books. People don't seem to understand that VRAP is a brand new program and they keep trying to lump it in with the traditional GI Bills when it is not. It is what it is, a monthly stipend of $1473.00 for attending school full time.

      • That is my understanding about the funds as well. I thought the award benefit is intended for the student and they pay for full tuition and books.

        • Ok, I said that wrong. The benefits of $14XX goes to the student direct deposited. The VRAP program pays all other school fee's, tuition, and books not the student nor does the money come from the monthly benefit. Some programs cost way more than what the VRAP program is alloting per month.

          • Evelyn, you are confused. The entirety of VRAP is deposited into your bank account with the exception of advanced pay which is a check mailed directly to the school. That check has to be physically picked up by the student. VRAP pays $1473/month and FROM that, the student is required to pay any money owed to the school. If that's not enough money (you're probably getting scammed by the school as that's a lot of money for school), you're required to pay the difference however you can. If that's too much money, it is the student's to do with however they please. However, the $1473 is the total amount of the award per month…nothing extra for anything else…books or tuition or meal plan or whatever.

  95. I applied for VRAP. They denied me. Then they turn around and say that I am eligible. I was already in school for the summer term. So they turned around and denied me again because I am in school!!!! Being in school was never a requirement nor did it say when you had to start school. Every part of the VA process is time consuming and a headache. Then when you contact the reps, each one of them will tell you 100 different stories as if there is no regulation or training. Who would have ever thought that serving in the military would be easier than getting your benefits.

  96. Mr. Republican 1964, you say this program is a waste of time, then my question to you is why are you wasting your time with this program? My second question would be why haven't the "Republican party" that you so proudly represent come up with a better plan in the past 8 yrs? However, you moan and complain about a program YOU feel is a waste of time. I suggest you stop wasting your time and simply wait on your party of "NO" to find something to appease you.

  97. Michele527 says:

    Hi everyone! Maybe one of you can help me…
    I started to fill out the form and my unemployment status was rejected. I've depleted my unemployment and remain without work (AKA- seriously unemployed!). I can't find a contact number and I called my state UE Veteran's Rep with no return call…

    Do any of you have a number/contact for me?
    Much thanks!

    • I have no idea what a "state UE" is. Go to your nearest Dept of Labor (DOL)/One Stop office and physically meet with a Veterans Representative ASAP (as soon as possible).

  98. RLegend says:

    I got a letter, It says " We are now in the process of deciding whether additional information evidence or information is needed ". When I signed up for VRAP I was at a Veterans job fair and I did not have my banking information or choice of school on the application. Besides the person who was giving the instruction on how to sign up said that information was not needed to apply.
    Has anyone else received the same letter & did I need that information to apply.

    • No, I have not gotten a letter like that, I haven't gotten a letter at all accept for one that said my benefit payments would go to xxx account I provided. I have no idea if I was accepted or not!

    • Did you get approved yet, RLegend? What's your status?

    • You dont need a account to apply or recieve bennifits. I was going to recieve a paper check but applied for a bank card last minute, and recieved my payment on card. Electronic payment is about a week faster. Once you get in the system there is a auto verication system called WAVE. It has a lot of info when your ver was made, if it is pending, when it will be paid. Even a link on the site that gives payment dates a month ahead mailed check vs electonic payment. I think that now in process letter was my second letter a couple wees later got aproval letter. EVERY ONE JUST CALL IVE CALLED SEVERAL TIMES AND THEY HAVE ALWAYS GOT RIGHT BACK TO ME. THEY HAVE A AUTO SYSTEM THAT OFFERS TO RETURN YOUR CALL. iI CALLED TODAY FOR A KID IN CLASS TODAY WHO DIDNT HAVE A PHONE,. I COULDNT ANSWER IT THEY STILL TRIED TO REACH ME THREE TIMES 10 MINUTES APART.

    • That letter is a remand which means it has been sent back to the VA for more processing, so If you have more information such as your program of choice and your school transcripts… send them in, why wait?

  99. I currently receive unemployment benefits and was just approved for VRAP. I am scheduled to start school soon utilizing the funds the VA will be providing. I am also actively looking for work as required to received the unemployment benefits. Question, what happens if I am offered a job after I begin school. Will I loose the benefits?

    • S.C. Johnston says:

      Yes. The second the Irs recieves a tax statement from an employer your benefits will end.

      • where did you find that info about being dropped. I havent seen that anywhere. I thought you just had to be unemployed at the time of the application. but then you could get a job later.

    • You will lose the unemployment benefits but you won't lose your VRAP. Obviously, they're two different programs, but according to an email from the VA Atlanta Regional Office, you only have to be unemployed at the time of your application. If you gain employment afterward, your VRAP benefits remain in place._

    • Hi, I was finally able to reach someone from the VA on the phone. I asked my question and was told I would not loose VRAP benefits if I found employment after I started receiving the funding.

  100. James B says:

    So I am a computer IT person by trade and cant seem to find work. I dont have any certifications which is why I cant find work I believe. Most certification classes are about a week or so. Can I use this program for multiple certification classes?

    • AirAssult- says:

      Yes, I am currently taking 7 certifications for IT under the VRAP program, your VA Rep at your School will know how to do the numbers it will probably eat your whole stipend, but it it worth it they wiil know how to file it with the VA.

      • IT Specialist lkng says:

        Please share the certifications with us and the school. I'm in the same boat and just applied…and would like to maximize the employment potential..Thanks.

  101. I applied for VRAP June 18th. Back in the spring I had inquired through voc rehab to open my case back up as I wasn't finding employment opportunities in my field and needed help with school. Initially, I was denied. "Already had degree in appropriate field." I appealed and am getting stalled by front office personnel. I finally got tired of waiting on the "one week" and went down today to find out the status of my appeal. The individual that came out of the office told me they "would help with employment." I told her that I had been unemployed for some time, have been in school, and am enrolled in the fall to go into Aviation maintenance. She told me I "wasn't eligible for VRAP if I was eligible for voc rehab." Hmmm. At that point I told her if my appeal is denied, as it initially is/was (?), then that would make me eligible for the program. Apparently, she isn't aware I had appealed? Meanwhile, I told her that I am returning to school and needed help with tools and expenses. I don't think she gets it. I also pointed out that there's another program of opening up voc rehab for a year to those that qualify, another thing she's apparently unaware of. I feel like I'm getting stonewalled by these people who may be offering great service to others, but I can't get a straight answer and there's no communication. For all I know I could be authorized for the VRAP at this time but it's apparently taking longer than the 20-25 days I had read was the turnaround.

    • Approval for VRAP is taking approximately 30 days. Some regions may be able to process applications faster, but speaking for the Atlanta office, it's taking 30 days. Initially, when there were very few applications to process, the turnaround was much faster. now that they're reaching the maximum capacity for the first session of enrollment, it's obviously taking longer. Again, 30 days.

    • I was originally denied for VRAP and filed a notice of disagreement citing relevant regulatory statute, then a few weeks later I received an approval notice from the Department of Labor on behalf of the Veterans Affairs Office. I sent the letter to my school and they refused to certify me???
      Now I have to file another letter of disagreement because the school stopped the process.

      Schools and people that work in the VA do not have the power or the authority to change regulatory law or public law. And they do not have the authority to ignore an approval letter. But they have, in my case. I can only say that it is important to keep trying to access your benefits.

      A person who leaves their family and their children to go to a foreign country to protect the people of this great country, no matter when, or how long ago, or how recent, they deserve to be treated with respect.

  102. I suppose my question is: If I'm denied voc rehab, wouldn't that then make me quite eligible for VRAP? I really don't think that the voc rehab people know what they're talking about, and they certainly don't know how to communicate. If I've used voc rehab before but have been unemployed and am going to enter school in the fall in a technical field, wouldn't that be a qualification for VRAP?

    • Steve D., Indy says:

      The COE letter states one may be eligible for VR&E money and to go to

      or call 1-800-827-1000

    • S.C. Johnston says:

      Yes. You are eligible if you are unemployed and dont qualify under any other program. You need to go to your VA rep. at the school NOW. It took 24 days for me to recieve my cert. The school will have 3 docs. for you to fill out. They will help you. You must enroll, take enrollment papers to rep., then your rep will talk you through the computer process of applying for VRAP. Dont expect any payment until after your first month of attendance. And dont discount the grants available. Have your dd 214 in hand and don't leave that school until everything is done. Feel free to e-mail me if you have any questions.

    • Morgan Taylor says:

      This link will answer your question

  103. Andrew Livingston says:

    I recieved the much need letter stating that i qualified for VRAP…thank you. I have to situations…one im there a stipen to get into housing before school starts? I would like to be situated before attending school, the stress is "killing me" Its sizzling in Denver.

    Secondly, i have an outstanding debt with another school and the they will keep a hold on me and keep me from attending another school until i pay them. Is there anyway to get assistance with the outstanding debt so that i can be clear to start school this fall?

    Third and lastly…i recieved my letter approving me for benifits and it has the wrong occupation or school training that i wanted …does it matter. I need a new letter stating Broadcast Tech. not Telecomunications do i get a new letter?

    • Rory Fallon says:

      I don't profess to be an expert. But Andrew, here is, "in a nutshell", what this whole VRAP is about. The gov has determined that in general, vets, between the age of 35 to 60 are unemployed 2 times the national average. So, they came up with a program that will ultimately service about 10-15 percent of that population.

      There is only 3 simple, rules… Thats it.

      1) You must be unemployed. (You will be notified immediatley, if you are not "unemployed", via the ONLY application process acceptable….

      The VONASS system.

      2) You must select a "high demand job" as your course of study. Go to the gov website to find out some of the 200 plus "high demand jobs" that qualify.

      3) You must have at least an other than a "dishonorable discharge"

      And, like it or not, you must be, (at the time of application), between the ages of 35-60.

      Thats it. I received my COE today.

      My opinion is, they will be praying on lots more applications. Its a no brainer deal. If you qualify, you will be in.

      Me? Air Defense platoon leader, Korea, Camp Howze,.. 1980-1981. Patrolled the Z for 3 months. Great times. Firefights at Goulet and Collier. Illumination artillery going up.

      If you are today 35-60, and you qualify, get moving and get it done.

  104. Concerned Person says:

    For VRAP the unemployed requirement is not fair. I know a veteran who had to take a low paying job to keep food on the table. This is not even close to what he was paid before losing his original career, He has just signed up to get computer training to work in IT. Yet because he is employed technically earning less than he would from a year of VRAP while in school he is not eligible. For him he will have more money by quitting his job and doing nothing so he can get VRAP while going to school. You should not incentivise people to quit their low paying job like this. You should allow VRAP if you earn below a certian amount not just for unemployed you dont want to incentivise a person not to work like this.

    • You can obtain employement once you have been deemed eligible for the program. So maybe he should weigh out taking a 30 day absence from work to apply and wait on acceptance and then return to his job. I know not ideal but the benifit outweighs the risk in this circumstance since you've stated that he would make more from the VRAP in a year. It seems that working plus the VRAP would help this persons situation tremendously. Just a thought- there is always more than one way to skin a cat and the glass isn't always half empty…you get the idea and good luck!

      • S.C. Johnston says:

        Kevin that is not correct. If you go to work, fill out a W-4 for taxes, then recieve VRAP benefits you will be required to pay those funds back. Plus, when you certify monthly you are stating you are unemployed. Thats fraud and they will go after you. I know it sounds counter productive but you can not work at all for the entire duration of the program.

        • S.C. Johnston – it is absolutely correct I specifically asked VA and they informed me that the requirement is that at TIME OF APPLICATION you must be unemployed. As there intention is not to keep you from getting employment but to aid you to build up your skills to theoretically become better employed once training is complete. I suggest that you both call VA and ask the question and you'll see that I'm correct in previous statement. Perhaps get a different job after you get your COE and not the same one? But either way if you apply unemployed you are eligible as long as you meet the other requirements as well.

        • S.C Johnston, please cite your source for your statement as fact. You've stated this twice now, when the VA itself is providing contradictory infomation to what you are stating here.

    • REPUBLICAN1964 says:

      I am misunderstanding something about the VRAP. Most Schools charge atleast $3000.00 a semester so there is not much money left. A semester is usually four months. I guess that leaves about $3000.00 for personal use, but don't forget that the VRAP does not pay for Christamss and various breaks.

  105. I recieved my COE from the VA. The program I want to pursue is a 1 year certificate program called hospitality management. Finding it impossible to find out if the program qualifys under High demand jobs as operations management. Any suggestions would be appreciated. Cant risk paying tuition and then not getting approved

    • Here is something that I have found out during my research but I'm no expert. Just about any certificate program will qualify as long as a VA rep certifies it from the school. But you will have to pick a high demand job that it may pertain too. It seems that your certificate relates to Management Operations. The idea is not that your certificate has to say exactly what the high demand job is but that it will help that field out in some way. Hope this helps and good luck.

    • Also, don't pay first the VA rep will allow you to defer the payments until the end of the semester. But if the class starts prior to you receiving your COE then you will have to take a gamble and pay prior. But first, talk to the VA rep on campus to make sure the school qualifies and they will also let you know if the program qualifies at least that will lessen your gamble.

    • William C says:

      Hospitality Mangement is High demand Jobs and is accepted.

    • William C says:

      Yes I/m studying Hospitality Management and was approved by VRAP started classes May 28, 2013 at Montgomery college,

  106. Does anyone with 10% disability gotten approve for VRAP? I haven’t received mines yet! Im worried they may deny because I maybe eligible for Vocational rehab…Please anyone enlighten me. Thanks

    • i got coe and rec 10%, I to was worried about this. u need to have a serius disability,at 10% for voc rehab

    • Keep in mind that a Veteran is only eligible for Chapter 31 Benefits for 12 yrs after Discharge. I am 20% and used my Chapter 31 Benefits yrs ago and was discharged in 91. I was approved for VRAP

    • VRAP is intended for folks who don't qualify for any other veteran educational benefits. If you are eligible for vocational rehab, you will most likely be denied.

      • True, but just because you are getting a VA disabilty payment does not necessarly mean you have an employment hadicap, which you need to get VA Voc Rehab. Without the employment hadicap, you don't qualify for Voc Rehab.

  107. Mike J. says:

    Has anyone got approved with an O.T.H. discharge?I am at a job where my hours have been cut from full to part should be a no-brainer to quit my job and apply is what my family is sayin.what do you think? Also my family depends on the lil money i do bring home. I should have some money left over out of my monthly benifits to make up for that right, plus apply for financial-aid and any other grant that i can i get.I should be alright rite?

    • aAl Baker says:

      OTH discharges are not eligible for VRAP.

    • Yes I had an OTH and received my COE for the VRAP at the begginning of this month. I started school today received a $600 book advance and got my registration/tuition fees defered until the end of the semester. Total Cost for 12 credit hours $1500 and that includes the book advance. Rio Salado College online.

      To the previous poster DISHONORABLE discharges are the only inelligible discharges! This program is too important to give out misleading information please state only facts.

      • Thanks kevin you been very helpful.I'm goin to do what i've got to do to get in school!!

        • Sorry Mike, not so fast! Although, everything I said in my previous post was true I just received another letter, from the VA, after the school filed my claim for payment, that I needed to respond tothe VA explaining to them the circumstances of my discharge. I literally dropped the letter and read it again. I mean they send me a COE then come back and ask me to show them why I recieved an OTH. It would seem that they approved and sent me a COE with the knowledge of my discharge. I called the VA and they told me that they are sorry that they understand my frustration after I explained to the VA that I was already in school because you approved to go by sending me a COE. So now I have to write this letter to explain to them what happened some 15 years ago. The letter said provide wittness statements of people who were around at the time, I mean seriously. If I wasn't sain I'd think this was some kind of punked prank. I'm considering legal options!

          • Mike J. says:

            So do you think they might let you stay in the program or asking for witnesses and statements is a smoke screen way of sayin no.Thats what it sounds like to me.let me know how it turns out.Thanks.

          • I haven't received word back yet but I submitted a Certification of Discharge that listed me as having an honorable discharge and an other than honorable discharge as I had two periods of service but I'm still waiting for a response. And yes I think it is a smoke screen but we'll see.

    • Dwohn Leonard says:

      Yes Mike I have been approve and i also have O.T.H with a 20% disability rating.

  108. REPUBLICAN1964 says:

    I know exactly what you are talking about. My Voc Rehab counselor told me that he did not know what I was talking about when I requested to apply for the one year extension. Something is wrong!

  109. Here is my question that nobody can seem to answer. I have enrolled in classes, one requirement is to be a full time student. Well as soon as classes start, unemployment considers you ineligible for work so then I lose that income. So what good does the program do? I have talked to Illinois Department of Security, and cant get an answer from the VA, so my only option is to drop out before I start.

    • Darrell says:

      I don't know about IL, but in NC, I can be a full time student and keep my unemployment, so long as I am searching for work and available for work. There's the "catch". If you are in school they may say your not available for work. You can tell them you are willing to drop out, or have a flexible schedule or something, that works here, at least until you turn down a job, then you loose your unemployment at least for that week. If you can pick up part time work and use the VRAP, and you think at the end of the year you'd be better off then if you dropped out, then go for it. This isn't a free ride, it's a leg up sure, but you have to pull with your arms, and put your other leg on the ladder too.

    • Your unemployment shouldnt work that way. They view you as bettering your chance for employability. They put you into another category and dont require you to do the job searches. ILL is my home state,and I havnt drawn unemployment for ten years there. My wife just drew nearly two years while attending a nursing program at a community college in IA.

      • She had to lie on her call in every week or two weeks then. They certainly do ask if you were in school or taking any classes or training the previous two weeks. In Illinois and everywhere else, if you answer yes to that, you are disqualified from further unemployment payments. I know full well as I had been drawing unemployment from Illinois myself. People gaming the system though…nothing new.

    • No, you will not be able to double dip. You can't get unemployment benefits AND get VRAP benefits. If you're a full time student you should be immediately disqualified for unemployment benefits. That's just the law and the way it should be. You'll be getting VRAP $ for a year as long as you're full time, so it shouldn't be an issue. The difference is you'll be doing something (going to school/training) for the money instead of just looking for a job.

    • When my wife drew her unemployment benifits in Iowa unemployment had to aprove her choice of training. At the end of each semester she had to take her grades to the unemployment office. She drew it until all extensions ran out. She is still enrolled in a RN program at our Community college. I guess every states rules are different.

    • Hi, you can also use your Illinois Veteran Grant and the VRAP (if it's an approved program and a public university/college in Illinois). Hope this info helps..

    • I was told the same thing from IL employment security, so i cant use VRAP ans still collect UI benefits.

    • I've seen where you can use your IVG and the VRAP, because the IVG is state-issued and the VRAP, federally. But if you're in training under VRAP, and you certify by saying you are in school, you should still qualify to receive VRAP. The sticking point there is that when IDES asks if you're in training, and you say Yes, they figure you're in a full-time 12-credit-hour term, which makes it difficult to do a viable job search even online. So you should still be eligible. But I found out the hard way that, when I took evening classes, you have to tell them NO, because your class time won't interfere with your job search activities (again, according to IDES).

      SO: If you haven't already ironed this out, unless you're already working or exhausted your UE benefits, you should continue training and recertifying for unemployment as you had been. IDES has to recognize your training schedule as full-time for you to answer Yes when asked if you're in training; otherwise, you MUST answer NO, or your benefits will be suspended, and you'll have to visit the office to have it cleared up.

      Hope that answers anything that might still be unanswered!

      • Sorry Dean…that was my question…I have exhausted my UE in IL. and unfortunately I am still unemployed now living off my personal savings. I want to do the VRAP but worry about paying rent. VRAP covers the training but will I have the monthly VRAP money to pay my rent expense? Or is 100% of it required to be paid to training. Thank you for your time.

        • You can use your VRAPmoney for anything. As long as you school gets paid. You can also use a pell grant and or loans. The amount also went up to 1564, starting in October. The monthly reporting is left up to you. The monthly payments are sent directly to you.

    • VRAP Public Law 112-54 section 64.036 can be viewed online. Look at the regulation and then apply online through the VONAPP system, it is super fast.

      Consider FAFSA for maintaining financial stability during your degree program. If you choose to use your student loans, you can pay those loans back with your VRAP when it become retroactive.

    • Florida Belle says:

      HI Tony,
      It's definately a catch 22 situation. I don't have the answer because I'm in a different state, but just something to think about, "why would the state of Illinois consider you ineligible? You are "eligible", if they can find you a job either before or after school". It is my understanding that when you are applying for unemployment, you just have to prove that you are looking for work. So, will they accept your "eligibility" if you are looking for work before or after school hours? Many people find full time work after school and go to school full time during the day (8am to 2pm). Perhaps you can ask them about something like this if it fits your scenario. Just trying to help :-)

    • I specifically posed that question to unemployment and I got , in writing, that as long as I am a full time student I will still receive unemployment. I will not have to do job searches but will have to prove full time status.

    • you can ask the unemployment agency to be exused from looking for work because your in school.
      There is a form that the unemployment agency willl send you quarterly after your initial acknowledgement of letting them know you're in schoo, that must be filled by the school to confirm your school status.
      This status is titled work force exemption.
      If you go to school part time then obviously let the unemployment know that which means you're available to search for work.
      The unemployment agency will assist you in meeting your needs in order to get you back into the work force.

    • I am on unemployment and all they wanted to know is if my school schedule would permit me to have a job. I said yes. My field of work is available day or night. UIA has noted my file and my benefits are normal. UIA does not deny students. There's something else in the water.

  110. I found two programs that i'm interested in, but they're only 8 to 10 weeks long. I was told that I can't use financial aide for the course. What gives ???

  111. Kappavelli says:

    I had 2 honorable discharges from the Army and an OTH discharge on my last enlistment. I received my COE for the VRAP at the begginning of this month. I started school and received a $600 book advance and got my registration/tuition fees defered until the end of the semester. Total Cost for 12 credit hours $1500 and that includes the book advance.

    However, I just received another letter, from the VA, after the school filed my claim for payment, that I needed to respond to the VA explaining to them the circumstances of my discharge. I literally dropped the letter and read it again. I mean they send me a COE then come back and ask me to show them why I recieved an OTH. It would seem that they approved and sent me a COE with the knowledge of my discharge. I called the VA and they told me that they are sorry that they understand my frustration after I explained to the VA that I was already in school because you approved me to go by sending me a COE. She read me a statement that read that the the program was for honorable discharges only, whichis much different than the requirement that VRAP states which says, that only dishonorable discharges were not eligible.

    • Kappavelli says:

      So now I have to write this letter to explain to them what happened some 15 years ago. The letter said provide wittness statements of people who were around at the time, I mean seriously. If I wasn't sain I'd think this was some kind of punked prank.

      I don't think the certifying authority, which sends out the COE, is on the same page with the claims department it seems that they are reading from 2 different set of rules. I mean how do you certify that I'm eligible and then turn right back around and ask me to support my eligibility?

  112. How will they pay VRAP for certificate courses? I was told by credit, but the program I will take you have to take classes in order so the most a person can take is 3-6 credits…anyone know

    • fairydust says:

      VRAP pays you, you pay the school. You need to be enrolled full time, 12 units/credit. If not, you will not be paid.

  113. szollman says:

    Is there a list of approved on line clases?

    • I'm looking for the same thing. There have been several I found "reputable" but they do not accept VRAP. I just want an online certificate program for Administrative Medical Specialist with Medical Coding & Billing+ Medical Terminology…can anyone help with that?

  114. How many college credits do u need to take in order to qualify for VRAP? I applied for VRAP and I already have the school that I'm going to or want to go to but the problem is that I was only able to register for 2 classes which equals up to 6 credits, all the other classes I wanted to take was full. Is 6 credits enough? Or do I need more? And how do obtain that if the classes are full?

    • Full time is 12 credits. You have to be full time to qualify for payment.

      • I have asked that question to everyone in the VA system that I can find the number too. I am taking 12 hours. However people keep saying they think it is fulltime no one can find that in writing so far. I have called the office in the gibill number in Ga they gave me a number for the vrap and even that lady said" I think it is fulltime sir however I am not finding that in writing" I will have the same problem in Jan not many of my classes are offered in the spring


        The above site breaks it down more, the VRAP program does NOT say that you have to be full time, it's says up to 12months at the full time rate. It does not stare you have to go full time, are you a VA REP, if not don't hand out bogus info.

        • NV – I am relaying information given directly from a VA Rep, AND from the big bold statement on page two of the Certificate of Eligibility. Which states, in big bold letters:

          You must maintain enrollment as a full-time student in order to receive benefits.

          • Ok what happens when the program is taken that is a certificate program and you have to take courses in order, and it's 3-6 credits at a time, as they have prerequisites to move on to the next subject, how will a student be able to have FULL TIME Then. I think VA REPs not sure of what's goi9ng on.

          • Darrell says:

            I am not sure, and by all means look into it, but if it were me, I think I'd be looking at electives to fill the extra credit hours. Take a class in something that interests you. Or maybe a class that you think will help, like a business math, or something. Just anything to fill the credits. Also, unless I am mistaken you can take the classes at different places, I don't know how that will work where you are, but in NC the community colleges work very well together, and allow you to take classes at different places. Get outside the box, make the best out of what you have been given!

          • fairydust says:

            You can only take classes that are listed on your education plan for your particular major. You can not just take any class just to fill up that 12 units/credits.

          • Pamala McBrayer says:

            Right. and I am DOING just that…then the VA Rep at my school says that once all my prior transcripts are audited, if I have any transferable credits, like for humanities electives (I sure do), then THOSE old credits will be used to satisfy the NEW degree requirements.
            So I was told I cannot qualify to use VRAP unless I am FT in degree plan classes (the technical ones), that are not even offered frequently enough, with enough slots, to even take 4-3 credit technical courses in my Cisco Certified Network Associate program!!!
            AND get this….they won't let me attend a sister college, where I COULD get that class, transfer it in once completed and STILL be considered FT.

            This is an SOC school in the Dallas/FW market!!!
            I am just annoyed that the school/dept does not seem to want to make room for one more person in a class of 10 or 20, that it doesn't seem to want to help me.

            So I am paying for my own tuition this semester. I am still going to go through the motions of trying to certify, and take the battle to the VA/Dept of Labor.

            I think if the industry certification is equivalent, I should be able to attend more than one community college at a time, pay the appropriate tuition, and still be considered FT for clock hours and credits between the two!

          • that's correct,you must be a fulltime student in order to continue recieving benefits.

        • Rambo XXI says:


          STAND DOWN, lol!

      • Per my VA Rep you must be enrolled full time which is 12 credit hours. I just enrolled and had to register and pay up front for my 4 classes before the VA Edu Office would accept my paperwork. My classes begin on Aug 27th and I was told my first deposit will not be available until 30 days from Aug 27th.

    • Question: How much does the VRAP pay?
      Answer: You may receive up to 12 months of payments at the full-time Montgomery GI Bill–Active Duty rate (currently $1,473 per month).
      taken from web site below, no where does it state how many credits to tkae for this.

      • The VA has always stipulated that 12 hours is full time.

      • fairydust says:

        if you are attending a community college for an associate degree or certificate, 12 units/credits is considered full time. I don't know what is considered full time for a trade school…I think that is why they didn't put down a specific number in the VRAP Faq section because not all schools have 12 units as their definition of being full time. Thats why the VRAP only state "Full Time", it is your job to inquire at your school what is considered full time.

        • cindylove says:

          I was told by telephone on 1/29/13 that 12 hours is full time for a semester-based school and 22 hours is full time for a "calendar-based" school. Will be checking with my proposed vocational school. They advertise adult ed as full-time programs but my proposed program is only 16 hours a week in class. Hoping to get lucky !

    • My college had a letter that stated the breakdown. If you attend full-time, you get $1473. 3/4 time, a reduced amt. 1/2 time, further reduction and lastly 1/4 time. 12 credits=full-time.

      So, if you register for 1 class, you'll get less than $400. 2 classes, around $800 and 9 credits a little over a $1000.

      I registered for 3 classes so far, will add a 4th, and met with school's VA rep who handed me the breakdown of reimbursement. Based on 9 credit hrs, my pymt would be less than $1100, but if I add the 4th, I get the full amt. Stated it is similar to the Montgomery GI guidelines for pymt.

      Hope this helps everyone….but the COE I received today, at the bottom of the acceptance letter…states you must maintain enrollment as a full-time student in order to receive benefits.

    • You school determines what full time is and 12 hours is universally accepted as full time in college. That's the bare minimum, however. If you drop any class and you're only taking 12 hours, you become inelligible under VRAP. You're asking the wrong people. Talk to your school advisor or admissions representative.

    • It is prorated for the stripand dollar amount. If you take 6 hours then you get halt the money. If you take 9 hours, you get 75% of the money. Also, if a semester ends lets say Dec 15th, then the month is prorated too.

      • I was told that VRAP is FT or you get NOTHING. and that FT must meet both clock hour and semester hour requirements. So a compressed 8 week course really throws a hitch in scheduling. I have to take 17 to meet all the requirements!

    • College Advisor says:

      6 credits maybe considered full time, if it is taken during a condensed time period. Your school should be able to tell you how many credits is full time based on their semesters and/or sessions.
      example: at my local college – if classes are 16 weeks long … full time is considered 12 credits. but we also have 12 week classes 8 credits is full time and 8 week course 6 credits is full time. So it really depends on the semester and how many different session are in that semester. Check with our Campus VA rep.

  115. joey marquez says:

    can my wife use the vrap gi bill for schooling

    • Not directly. The money will come to you, not the school. As long you you are in school also, and not relying on that money to pay for the training, you may use it however you wish.

  116. I applied at the beginning of July and realize there's a good chance that I will miss the Fall registration deadlines for school and might have to wait until Spring 2013 to start my program. Should I try to apply for FAFSA to get in for Fall 2012 or will that affect my chances of getting VRAP? I'm turning down a not so bad job opportunity next week so that I stay eligible for VRAP, but I still need to pay my bills in the meantime. Been long term unemployed and picking up temp 8 dollar an hour jobs for the last year or so but haven't had one since March, now just odd jobs that pay cash to keep floating so I can still qualify for VRAP and not have a W-4 on file anywhere. Any advice? Thanks!

    • I you were unemployed the day you applied, you can start a new job with losing the qualification. You do not need to turn down that job offer. You only have to be unemployed on THE DAY you apply.

    • I was going to wait until next year to try to attend a mechanic program. I then seen how fast the vrap slots were filing up. I done my fafsa app and vrap late night Sat july 23rd. I then applied on line to my school on sunday 24 th. Fafsa had finished by tuesday, I was able to view the results (SAR) report. I finished up testing (COMPAS TEST), and enrolled today july 31 st. So, in just over a week I have made it through 90% of the entire process. My pell grant will pay for about half of the tuition. Im still waiting on final approval from vrap.

    • It takes UP TO 30 days for your application to be processed. You probably got your answer as to certification this week or will get it within the next few days. That will leave you time to do what you need to do but you shouldn't wait. You should go to your school now and register, get your transcripts expedited (costs a little more, but you have no choice if you've waited this late), go ahead and see your advisor and get a schedule, have your vet rep sign you up for deferred payment for your tuition (books and supplies…on your own with those) and park your BEE-HIND by your mailbox! Good luck!

    • Apply for VRAP ASAP!

      Apply for FAFSA and deliver report to Financial aid. Enroll in school Full time
      and classes have to related to you Major and the Job you pick in you VRAP
      Application, I went to my nearest Jr college. You may be able to qualify for
      Federal Pell Grant and Federal Subsidized William Ford Loan

  117. how long does it take for the va, to send the first payment? to be in the program, you must be unemployed, and the school has been bugging me about payment

    • Jessie, Have you taken your certificate of eligibility to your VA Rep at the college itself? The VA can request a tuition deferment for you if your school has this program. (many do)

  118. do somebody receive a form22-6553d-1 to release your payment for vrap?? but the form say it a Monthly Certification of on-the-job and apprenticeship training form.

    • fairydust says:

      That sounds like something you should not get involved with. You should call a VA rep and explain your situation.

  119. Can (VRAP) be used with an apprentiship program.

    • Per what I read about VRAP in the program overview, you should be able to pursue an apprenticeship program. Please see for the announcement about the live VRAP Q&A just posted today. If you don't have your answer by that time, I would recommend the call. I recommend the call anyway. God bless and good luck.

  120. On the "High Demand Jobs" list, Airline/ Commercial Pilot is among the listed careers. I was approved for VRAP, but was told not for flight training. How can flight training not be an approved certificate, if it's listed as one of the jobs. I allready have my Private Pilot's Licence, and would fly with a part 141 flight school, in which allready accepts GI bill VA benefits.

    • Mike Osburn says:

      I have also been approved and wish to pusue the commercial pilot certificate. Can a Part 141 flight school be approved to provide the training, if so how do we begin the process of getting them approved by VA? The obsticle I a facing is I have only found 4-year universities that provide this training. I am surprised even major flight training centers are not listed on the VA approved list. Anyone have any success on this?

  121. Im a late aplicant. I applied July 23 rd, on the 30 th I recieved a letter from ST. Louis office. The letter stated due to great number of application mine might be delayed. Like every one else I sit and wait, with classes starting in three weeks. Ill be able to defer most expenses until money arrives ,(if it is approved before Sept). Still hundreds of dollars of books and expenses cant be defered. Ive read all of the post several times, good luck to every one. I served 1979-1983 and am grateful this program came along. Im 51 this year and am going to take a two year ASE Automotive program. MY QUESTION IS HAS ANY ONE HAD EXPERIENCE WITH THE ST LOUIS REGIONAL OFFICE, AS FAR AS THE VRAP PROGRAM ,(TIME WISE)??? AGAIN THANKS AND GOOD LUCK TO EVERYONE

    • I live in St. Louis and have dealt with the St. Louis Regional Office and have absolutely no complaints. They are very professional and actually are helpful with assisting Veterans. Just be patient and let them do their job. They will contact you. I have received emails and correspondence in the mail in a timely fashion.

    • Yes Kenny I have. I applied July 4th though and received my letter of approval on the 28th. So 3 1/2 weeks for them to approve me.

      • I applied May 30th and am still waiting for approval, though I got a letter telling me my benefits would go to the checking account I submitted LOL

    • Thanks for the replies! For me it eases the wait to hear others process is or went through smooth. Ill try to post when I get my letter. THANKS AGAIN

    • Kenny, I feel sorry for you that you missed out on this semester due to the timing of your application. On the bright side, though, you should be able to be in school in January though! Also, now that you've applied, if you're able to find any employment, it will not affect your eligibility. Good luck and I love your attitude!

  122. fairydust says:

    I just wanted to let everyone know that if you are short of cash for books that you can rent text books for the semester and even rent ebooks that you can download too for a decent price. You can even rent echapters for a couple of dollars too. So don't worry about buying books that you and I both know you probably won't keep after the semester is over. I found this all out after I enrolled and was looking for cheap text books. Just google "rent textbooks" and you will get several hits. I hope this helps because the majority of us will start classes weeks before we see any money.

  123. On their web site the VA did not say in their requirements to receive VRAP that you have to be a full time student. I am in the OTA program at a community college before VRAP was implemented. The semester is divided into 2 sessions at the college where i attend. I already completed 10 credits in session 1, how is the VA going to pay for the 2 credits I completed in July for session 2 which completes the whole semester?

  124. How long does it take after approval to receive funds?

    • 20 minutes for me. Give me your bank account number and social security number and I'll make sure you get your $ really fast.
      OK..not true…on a serious note, PER THE VA.GOV website….you're paid the month following attendance, after you verify that you attended the previous month. Once you've verified, you are usually paid with 2 or 3 days.

  125. wilson rice jr. says:

    I was told that if you owe a previous school or student loans money you are not eligible for the VRAP program. Is this true or not ?

    • gulfwarveteran says:

      You are eligible for VRAP, but you are not eligible for grants, student loan or any type of federal or state assistance for school. And I am not sure, but the school might not let you attend their school again if your not in good standing with them. Like I said, I am not sure about that, but that's what I was told.

      • If your loans are on a deferred status, you should be able to. I'm doing that right now. I owe in student loans from a previous school, but still got fin aid for my VRAP approved school's program. I HAD to get fin aid because the VRAP benefit funding hasn't come through yet…and I needed to start classes and pay for it! Once I get a good job after getting the training from my VRAP program ( and payments), I intend to start paying down the loans.

    • I defaulted on FED loan in 2002. I did pay it back by 2006. I am attending school 2012 and am recieving pell but not eligible for FED loans untill I first complete one sem, at that time I am eligable for FED loan program again. I proably wont use any loans thanks to the VRAP program.

    • No, It is not true

    • I can tell you from our experience, my husband went to school 10 years ago, got a certicate in graphic design (waste of time), and used his GI bill and got loans. His loans have been in deferement for some time now, but NOT late, or defaulted, we qualified for both loans and pell grant, and for the VRAP. Now if the school would just get around to getting the information in.

  126. Where can I find a list of VRAP approved schools in my area?

    • On the website. Search VRAP and near the bottom of the page there's a link. You should also be able to see a list by state during the online application.

  127. If the a training program under VRAP is less than a month long but cost more than the $1473/mo how much would the veteran be paid?

    • gulfwarveteran says:

      If the school is an approved school and program. The VA is only going to pay you a prorated amount for the days you attend less than a month, not the full $1,473.

  128. 13thGeneral says:

    Many schools require Veteran students to pay tuition and fees in advance at the start of the semester – which in many cases will be well before the VA benefits are disbursed. And any request for advanced benefits usually requires 60 days notice before they can be accepted. Since VRAP is for unemployed veterans, how do they expect them to afford that?

    • Elvis Marcrum says:

      Well I would say apply for a PELL GRANT as well, REPUTABLE schools will wave the tuition until the pell grant comes through, they should also wave the tuition until the VA comes through as well…I do not think I WOULD attend a school that was not willing to work with me on this, Is your school a community college, or a private one like Virgina college or DeVry ? (I n my opinion people that enroll in these fly by night ripp off schools..need their heads examined!)

      • 13thgeneral says:

        As a follow up:
        I am going to a Community College for an Asssociates degree. I raised this question knowing many people were in the same situation, worrying about the upfront fees; It never even occurred to me to ask to wave or defer the registration costs. Luckily I had filled out a FAFSA prior to even enrolling in the VRAP, but didn't realize I had qualified until during registration at the school. So that made me feel much more at ease.

    • FAFSA apply online

    • I had to apply for a loan.
      And some of us has very little choice in what school we attend, as we have only one choice because only 4 yr schools are close to us and the VA will not approve a 4 yr school.

      • 13thGeneral says:

        The VRAP isn't authorized for a 4 year degree for anumber of reasons many reasons, but it's also not intended to cover more than 3 semesters/terms – seriously, look it up and do the math. Although, from what I understand you can attend any school program that offers a certificate or 2 yr degree for any of the "High Demand" jobs as listed [seriously, who cam up with that list?], regardless of the institution attended. All, of course, must be approved through the VA though. Some online programs are even being accepted because of situations, much like yourself, where there are no programs within reasonable proximity.

    • Bull shit . That school is not a reputable school and you should not be going there. Credited schools have waivers for us vets. We get a free pass man until the money comes in.

  129. My experience with the VRAP program has been swift, so far. I applied late night sat July 22 ,recieved email on July 23 the regional St Louis office had downloaded my app. Monday July 30 th I recieved a letter from the regional St Louis office stating my claim might be delayed due to high volume of apps. Then on Aug 2nd I recieved my COE letter which school Vet rep needs to process. The vet rep at my Iowa Community College has not processed a VRAP app, but seems do know what he is doing. He told me to get him the COE letter as soon as I get it, which I did. He said it should be the same as the other GI bills. Does any one Know if the checks are issued on a certain day of the month???? Ive read that we do a monthly report on attendance on line or phone and are checks are issued the following month. I hope every one has a easy process also. I realy think it is the regional office and the luck of which pile our apps end up on.

    • You wrote the answer to your own question.

    • I call tin last day of the month to certify
      saying nothing has changed…. money direct deposits 7-0 days later in bank acct I specified.

  130. Anyone have a list or could tell me some online schools accepting VRAP and did you have to pay anything to enroll?

  131. Has anyone gotten a payment yet? I havre heard several differnt stories of when it will take place. Some say a month after, some say about a week after verification. The VA rep says he thinks the first payment is automatic and there after you would certify on a monthly basis. Just curious. Need to purchase my books for the fall semester; summer session is almost done.

    • I'm in the same boat as you! It's great to have school paid for but it will really mess up my program if I have to wait to get my books until a month of classes has gone by!

      • steph_1959 says:

        talk to your VA rep at the school. they may be able to get you a credit at the book store.

        • I applied for VRAP in May, got approved in June and I started my "Computer Support Specialist" course July 16.
          I reported my first pay period August 1 and I got the direct deposit at my bank on August 7.
          This VRAP is working just fine for me, and I'm damn glad to have it, as I'm 55 and was having difficulties finding good jobs.

    • The website clearly states that VRAP pays the month following attendance. If you attend school in August, you verify attendance at the end of August and you get paid a few days later, in Sept. You verify for Sept at the end of Sept and you get paid for Sept at the beginning of Oct.

      Click this link and see question/answer #6:

    • KHamilton says:

      I got my VRAP payment on saturday (august 4), for my classes. I only got 3 weeks of pay since I started on the 8th of July.. They prorate the amount based on the day you start classes, not the day you enroll. Next month I will receive the full $1473 because I would be enrolled for the full month. BTW, my pay came direct, if all your info you submitted is correct for last month, you will get your pay. Good Luck and stay on top of things, esp. with the school to make sure they have submitted your verification of enrollment to the VA. Without no verification of enrollment from the school, No pay!!!!!

      • Hope Basoco says:

        KHamilton, Thanks for posting your personal experience. It will help many others to know what to expect.

        Did you use the WAVE system at the end of July to verify your enrollment? or
        Was that first payment automatic like someone above has suggested?

        How were you notified (if you were) that you were in the system?

      • jennifer says:

        Hey thanks, so did you have to use Wave or was it automatic like my school was suggesting. My classes started on 2 July so maybe they will give me the whole amount.

      • picturelady says:

        OK, so this answers my question I asked above.

    • fairydust says:

      well, according to my award letter, (the letter after the COE) after I have attended classes for the month of August, I am to contact VA on the first of the next month and I have the option to go online and use "WAVE" or call the number they provided to report my attendence and within a fews days I will recieve a direct deposit. The letter did not mention any automatic payments.

  132. I start class on 25 august for only 4 days. should I NOT request vrap and pay for my own class for the time of august since VRAP is only going to prorate it? My school is for two years.

  133. Katherine M says:

    FT status depends on the program you are selecting and the classes you need to take. The VA Services Rep at your school has a chart that converts their definition of FT to the VA's Definition of FT. The classes I am in for the fall converts to 3/4 Status for that semester. I need to add one more class to be considered FT to get maximum benefits from the VRAP Payment.

    I applied for VRAP in Early June, got my Letter of Eligibility dated June 13, and the college processed their part on July 31st. I'm hoping to get the last class I need to get the FT payment before the end of this month. Classes start on 8/25/2012. I'm waiting to receive my Letter of Acceptance from the VA (once they process the veriifciation I'm enrolled in classes).

    I wish my C&P Claim was as easy as this! I am month 27 from application date, and month 14 from decision date (denial)…and 3 months from NOD. VA is saying I wasn't diagnosed in service…but I got copies of my medical records before leaving service and they clearly state I was diagnosed…just hoping that if I win the appeal that I'll get retro pay back to application date, and not NOD date!

    Good luck everyone!

    PS…does anyone know if I can qualify for VA Medical once I receive my Acceptance in to VRAP?

  134. Does anyony know how many slots are left? I applyed 3 days ago, wonder if i have a chance?__

    • I applied on the 10th of July at that time there was 10000 apps left

    • Go to the VA VRAP web site they are now running a counter. The counter is showing total applied/approved. As of Aug 7th, 44,469 applied, 28,476 approved.

    • gulfwarveteran says:

      If you don't get in the first 45,000, you should get in the second 54,000. Which is only a months difference. Good luck

  135. jennifer says:

    I GOT IT!!!! Just received my first check. 1429.30. It was prorated because I started on the 2nd of July. The first payment was automatic(if your scool has certified you). The wave system lets you know when your payments will be issued. Good luck with all your endeavors. I'm on my way to the Bookstore

    • picturelady says:

      I don't understand what is going on they only sent me $392. not the 1429.30 they were suppose to. Is this a trial to see if the checking account works? Anyone have any info. on this?

      • How many days did your school certify you for. Va proates the payment based on the number of days your school turned in for July

    • Andre' Brantley says:

      Hey Jennifer, How is it going? Let me ask you a question, what type of school are you attending, because a lot of Veteran's are having a hard time just finding a college. I would very much appreciate your response. Thanks!

  136. George Perdue says:

    My name is George Perdue and I applied within hours of opening to VRAP. I still have not recieved my letter of approval and I am all ready enrolled for the fall semester which starts on 8/20/12. Don't know where to turn next. I have contacted Dan Coates office and will see if he can help.

    • Yeah, that doesnt sound right. Most are recieving there COE letters inside of three weeks. Mine was processed in about a week. Did you get acceptance email, after appling? My paper work states there are four regional offices. What state do you live in? I am in Iowa and was proccesed in St Louis.

    • I went to the My nearest V.A. Regional Office in Atlanta, Because I went through the same thing. I emailed my application 3 or 4 months ago and I didn't receive anything in the mail. So last week I went to my nearest V.A. Regional Office and talked to a counselor and it just so happens that I was approved a month ago without a letter or any notice from anyone. So contact your V.A. office.

    • I agree, contact your VA office. I applied the first day it was open to do so, but never received my COE, but did get the letter that said where my payments were going. I called my VA office last week, waited an hour to talk to the counselor and he sent me a second COE since I never got the first one. Now, I'm good to go!

  137. Does anyone know the requirement for what type of school it has to be. Can I use it for IUPUI. It is a branch of IU and Purdue in Indianapolis. I can't seem to find this information anywhere.

  138. I have submitted my VRAP and received my CoE for a program at a local Community College under a program there that qualifies for VRAP. This program is one that I have previously used my GIBill benefits for when I left service in 1995 and graduated with this program.
    I saw VRAP as an opportunity to take the classes that I was not able to take during my time there and also take some of the newer classes that has been added over the years since I graduated.
    The college is telling me they are not sure the VA will fund this since I already got the degree even though I will be taking new classes never taken before. Anyone know if the VA will pay for new classes in a program that I have already completed?

  139. Per my VA Rep you must be enrolled full time which is 12 credit hours. I just enrolled and had to register and pay up front for my 4 classes before the VA Edu Office would accept my paperwork. My classes begin on Aug 27th and I was told my first deposit will not be available until 30 days from Aug 27th.

  140. Jason Wiggins says:

    What happens if you gain employment while under the vrap benefits?

    • Per the VRAP Q&A For schools website at:

      Does the veteran have to remain unemployed throughout their VRAP
      training? Or can they become employed after starting training and still
      remain eligible? Who is responsible to verify this?

      The Veteran must be unemployed at the time of application. They retain
      eligibility if they become employed after that date.

  141. I was approved!!!! I applied 7/19, and I was approved 8/09/12. I called to check my status today and I was told. My COE was mailed and I should hopefully receive it next week – Thank goodness b/c school starts 8/21, and I also just got my admission letter today as well. Off to registration in the morning. :-)
    To all those who are still waiting…hang in there and good luck!

    Oh! I also saw some questions on here about eligibility if receiving disability. Well, I receive at least 10% rated disability and I was approved. I also asked the rep I spoke to about qualifying if receiving disability when I first applied, and I was told that you probably won't qualify if you rec'v 100% rated disability. :(

  142. I have found the answers to many of the VRAP questions at a VRAP site set up by the VA for schools .

    Ths site is:

  143. Hope Basoco says:

    I just got my award letter for the Fall Semester. (Different from the COE) Ready to roll!

  144. i fill out forms on the web site and got the certificate. Fact is the school i wanted to go to wants the money upfront and will not wait for the Va. I am out of work and don t have that kind of money… what can i do? ( legaly )??

    • fairydust says:

      obviously, your school of choice is a "for profit" school and is all about the money. Please select a community college, they will work with you about paying your classes such as finanical aid and grants, etc. until your vrap money comes in.

    • FAFSA apply online, if you opt to maximize your student loans you can get a refund check each semester and use that money to pay your bills. Most of the loan money will go to tuition and books, what is left over will go to you. Call FAFSA and get some info.

    • See if your Schools participates in Advance Payment of VRAP. If they do, apply for it and use the payment to cover your enrollment/tuition.

    • Florida Belle says:

      Hi C-Train,
      I would be suspicious of that school. Most legitimate schools are all aware of the VRAP program. Try to find another school to want to go to. Preferrably one that is a public trade school or community college. The school that I found, which has a really great success rate (both graduation rate and high percentage of graduates passing state board exams/licensing), was willing to work with me all the way! I even go tthem to waive the first payment due date until January 2013! They knew how slowly the VA payment may arrive and stated that will give me the opportunity to pay other transportation and necessary costs before giving them their first payment. We had to pick up our books and program tools ($927 worth of stuff) and I was able to do so without payment because they know I haven't received my first payment yet. I hope this helps you to detemine whether that school is the one or not :-)

      • Most unemployed people don't have that kind of cash to fork over for books. I applied for a Stanford Loan and also went to my unemployment office which has a program for training. I most likely am only eligible for the Stafford Loan which is for low income people. I already have a Bachelor's degree but became ill and am no longer qualified in that field.

  145. First I'd like to say this; I can't believe the amount of griping going on here. You're getting something for free, and still finding things to cry about. UNREAL! Secondly, I'd like to offer some suggestions for people who know they're approved but have yet to get a letter stating such. School is about to start August 20th. I called the VA, found out I was approved, and a letter had been sent, I waited impatiently a couple of days and still got no letter, so, I called the Dept, of VA education, and spoke with Brian, who promptly faxed it to my nearest VA svc. Office, (you have to find where they are, and what their fax # is yourself) which I picked up just hours ago. I'm using this letter to get a 60 day deferment on tuition and enrolling tomorrow for classes. Afterwards, I'll be going to my nearest VA regional office for a one time advance of up to $3000 on my education benefits that I've yet to receive,(this was started in 2009) so that I can pay the community college I'm attending, their tuition and fees. They'll take the advance out of my future payments, (which I don't deserve and just last month and all the years before that, was NOT getting)

    Please, Please stop whining about something you never had before, are not really even entitled to, and didn't even occur to you to feel that you deserved, until someone else brought it up. Let's stop being babies, and act like the veterans who served as adults at one time in our lives.

    • That 3000 dollar thing didnt work for me, the VA told me that was for Veterans post 9/11 program and there was never any advance for VRAP. So I owe I owe so off to school I go!!! Ill get by untill the funds start rolling. Hang in there every one it should pay off in the long run.

    • I wouldn't call it whining, people are stressed these days and should be afforded a little latitude with the complexities often encountered when dealing with VA beuracracy. However, I agree the program is a Godsend for me and other qualified veterans that are affected by the economy. I applied on the 1st day of the program but did not receive my letter until the end of July. In the meantime I spoke with the schools VA assistance team (check with ur school) applied for student aid, registered for classes and studied for my placement exam. I am now ready to roll for 1st day of class with my tuition covered.

    • Please Please Please stop trying to tell grown people what to do or how to react and mind your business!

    • We actually are entitled to it….Since the govt gave it to veterans, we are entitled to receive it…

    • How is this FREE. Vet put their lifes on the line for many of us it was between $50 and $400 a month to keep someone like you alive.

      Melis, except for you. Everyone on here has asked honest questions how this program works.

      The meager $$$ provided will be paid 10 fold based on the taxes collected from a INCOME rather trying to figure how to survive with 27 million unemployed competing for work, and our jobs being shipped at 1 million a month conservatively speaking.

      I do agree the dole, "ANYONE EXCEPTING A CHECK FOR ANY REASON from THE GOVERNMENT". needs major overhaul. I favor the 12 year rule that no one person can get any more financial aid for any purpose which includes the notion of being a GOVERNMENT worker including congressional position for more than 12 years, the retired and people currently on the dole would hate that, but usually they do not have any skills that are relevant to society so justifying a job title for FREE benefits work for them.

      • Kinda hard huh, and pretty opinionated, but then again thats what we fought for, the right to be just that. Some of use still need to learn when to use it though right?
        It's pretty hard in America right now, and some vets situation may be just a little bit more difficult than yours. The DOLE as you put it may be the saving grace for some. Melis and others on this site are just attempting to get information as best as they can. If you can help, please post something that will get a brother out of the foxhole and back into friendly territory. It's scary and lonely and hard out here man. You got my back?

    • oh and by free i hope you mean fought a war

    • Thanks Melis, I too am enrolled in my town. I just went to the college and enrolled.(After I got the letter of course). But it is wise to tell everyone that it is not going to be easy in the beginning. Money from the VA will not materialize in a couple of days. I have been going to classes not under VRAP for going on 3weeks and I have just gotten my enrollment information sent to the VA. So It will be October before I recieve any funds. It is best to take advantage of the Veterans Office on campus to get promissary notes for things like books and supplies. Its comming you just need to wait it out. Its worth it.

    • I totally agree with you. stop griping people. Bottom line in this day in age if you want decent to good employment its not gone be FREE per se, but anything, everything worth while in life requires some degree of tyme, effort and energy…..its just not gone drop in your lap…… cuz if it did you would not appreciate it from the heart

  146. I'm taking a correspondence course from Cleveland Institute of electronics for a AAS in Computer Information technology. Would I get the $1473/mo or less

    • What my school VA rep told me is that you need to have at least 12 credit hours per semester in an approved course of study, or VRAP will not approve anything at all…

      • CIE is correspodent. You need one like I have to get the full amount–iowa central community college online.

    • The VRAP program is run on the same payment schedule as the Montgomery Bill. on the website you can view a schedule of payments for each GI bill. The payments are awarded according of duration of service.
      Please see the charts on

  147. I applied 15 May and received a letter dated 11 June, 2012 stating ….."request received for direct deposit and my next education deposit will go to my financial institution." The last paragraph states "We will continue to send correspondence to your mailing address." I haven't heard from them since and of course no deposit. School starts 27 Aug and my books and supplies for the semester are well over 1200.00! I could use some information and really don't know where to get it. Can anyone help a brother out?

    • fairydust says:

      you need to call them or email them to see if you have been approved. sounds like you have been approved. you got your direct deposit letter first but you should have gotten your COE letter by now. Once you have that letter you need to bring it to your campus VA people along with a copy of your DD214 and fill out some more paperwork. They will forward this paperwork to the VRAP people and then you will get an award letter and instructions on how you will get your money. I hope this helps you.

      • to Charles and Fairy Dust,
        this is only an FYI- for your information——
        i'm not the VRAP FairyGodMother, but i do wear the slippers.:)
        Just be patient with yourself.
        I'm going through and have passed through the" eye of the needle",
        in reference to understanding VRAP and getting school monies.
        VRAP is very new—there are no on the street specialists out there that can help us with VRAP.. I ended up scheduling a call back apt from Muskogee, Oklahoma, to get my own questions answered. Answers right from the horses mouth.


        Even my College, VA, person, is learning as we go along.
        My college VA person, found out it was copied after other GiBill programs.

        Because we do not see any monies till we have attended school, we have called in our attendance, then and only then will we see the VRAP benefits deposited into our checking or saving account.


        Signup for FAFSA NOW–or sometime soon, to get monies to pay for tuition. Just apply, don't over think, just do it.

        Signup on your college website–look for the FAFSA form, and ready it over carefully.

        Your name must match your SS card. if you have to–print out the fafsa form, fill it in and then send it in by mail–only.
        Use black ink. have your tax year 2011 paperwork ready–you need information from this for your FAFSA.
        takes approx two weeks before you will get an email of notification.
        1) apply for VRAP, 2) get Certificate Letter, 3) sign up for classes.
        God willing by this time you'll have some approval from fafsa regarding monies awarded.

        (The monies will be held by fafsa and your school).

    • Katherine says:

      I got the same letter, then a few days later, got the COE. Take that down to the VA Services Rep that the educational institution you are enrolled in. MAKE sure that you are enrolled in the correct number of units needed to stay FT or VRAP will deny payments for less than FT. You have to get an educational plan completed with a certified VA Counselor before you can submit the COE with the Education Plan to the VA Service Rep…just FYI.

    • Hello, yes same focus here.
      I applied for FAFSA on line,
      have your W2/ tax paperwork ready from last year, 2011
      because there will be numbers to plug in to certain blanks on the fafsa.

      ok-because I had a previous AA degree, 1990, i was only awarded
      BOG—Board Of Govenors monies.
      this will pay for your tuition only.
      No books.

      no other fees; health fees, student body fees, we need that fee, student id card fee. this is out of your pocket. and oh yes–that most expensive parking sticker. (I just keep quarters set aside for those parking meters.)

      1) please get up on your selected 2 year college's website
      2) find and apply for fafsa—this one is connected to your school direct.
      3) have your SS#, Drivers License or state id card # ready, your address.

      if you have a previous AA, AS degree-put it down–otherwise–if its discovered later–you will be fined a lot of mones.

      FAFSA is a federal Government program designed to helps all people from all walks of life.
      Indigent, SSI, homeless,special needs, returning veterans, poor famillies and so on.

      I hope this helps.

    • Create an account on ebenefits online.You will be able to check the status of your claim and view a payment history. You can also contact the va form this account. Good Luck!

  148. Is medical billing/coder considered a high demand job under vrap program

  149. I'm looking for the VA approved online certification programs. There have been several I found "reputable" but they do not accept VRAP. I just want an online certificate program for Administrative Medical Specialist and/or Medical Coding & Billing+ Medical Terminology…can anyone help with that?

    • Try Dyersburg State Community College in Dyersburg, Tennessee.

    • fairydust says:

      You have to remember that VRAP is brand new. Also, it doesn't matter if your school accepts VRAP or not because the money goes directly to you and the last time I looked, all schools accept cash from their students.

    • Jimmty Watts says:

      Go to Facebook> Like the VRAP Veterans retraining Assistance Program> I am the ADMIN and also enrolled in this program. I am in the process of linking all the state educational databases. In addition, I am providing the name of reference books you can sight at your local public library. Regards, Jimmy Watts

    • steph_1959 says:

      not to contradict fairydust, but if your school has a great Veteran program, you can start school before the money arrives and pay after you receive your first check.

      Look up your local community colleges and call them and ask for the Certifying Veteran official on campus. I was just accepted for Medical Administrative Assistant a 2 year Associates degree program. It's much faster if you let the school help you. Good Luck!

      • pennywise says:

        yes you're quite right. I wish my community college had such a program, I had to borrow from family members to pay for my books, but I did qualify to have my tuition paid for up front with a grant.

      • CMScott73 says:

        Very true. I filled out the application for benefits on July 11, 2013, took my placement exam on July 12, 2013 and got enrolled in 13 credit hours.

        My VA rep also filled out the paperwork for an advance to pay down payment on tuition and allow me to get my books also.

    • Try looking online for a military friendly school, there are lists!

    • I attend full time at the local community college. If your local CC does not offer the program you want, often times you can take it at a nearby district as an in district student through a coop program. I would ask about that.

  150. Was wondering how broad of definition is "computer
    Support specialist"? Was interested in network security
    Or web design specialist.

    • Jimmy Watts says:

      I am interested in the same but infortunately- it's not…. The reason is most of these types of jobs will (May) go overseas. Also, I inquired about computer programming and was told the same thing- NO. This job field includes things like computer repair and Network engineering….

      • Jimmy Watts says:

        There may be a way around this. Check out Sessions College & check out their advanced certificate programs. You can major (?) in Web Design with a concentration in Digital Photography and/ or Digital Video: These are on the High Demand list…

    • Jimmy Watts says:

      I found that that Sessions College for Professional design offers this program that you interested in. Here's the link:

      • how about network security technician???still mostly
        desk work but it is computer support

        • Jimmy Watts says:

          Paul, I know Network Administrator and engineer are approved courses of study. I'm also gonna have to say yes to network security. I ran a scan with the following keywords on Google: VRAP Network Securtiy . I got quite a few hits with approved VRAP Courses in this field. Try it for yourself and see with you come up with. Try these keywords on the main search engines: Google, Yahoo, bing, MSN and AOL.

  151. James A. McDonald says:

    16 Aug 20, I applied for the VRAP. How long will it take to get an approve?

    • Jimmy WattS says:

      You'll know within a month or so….

    • I'd call the VA the letters can take a while to arrive. If your approved for the program they will let you know long before the letter arrives. They have been faxing them in some cases if needed.

      • steph_1959 says:

        I applied August 3rd and was approved yesterday August 24th. My rep at the school had also certified me ahead of time which speeds up the process. If you go to the W.A.V.E. website, Web Automated Verification of Enrollment, you can type in your name and acct# and when you are approved the site will let you in to reset a new password. I've been checking every morning for about 12 days and today it let me in and showed me the benefit. You can also call the number provided and use the automated prompts to put in your info, and if they do not recognize you, you are not yet approved.
        I'm from Mass, and they were quick. Good Luck!

  152. Wow! Two great minds thinking alike. Much love for you!

  153. I start class on 25 august for only 4 days. should I NOT request vrap and pay for my own class for the time of august since VRAP is only going to prorate it? My school is for two years.

  154. Can a 100% unemployable vet do the VRAP if he pays for his own tuition?.

    • pennywise says:

      no, you can not be 100% unemployable if you want to qualify for the VRAP program. It is meant for people that are employable.

    • Yes, if you mean unemployable because of disability, tuition is part of the VRAP. Any vet can go to school, any person can go to school

      • pennywise says:

        Veteran, look over the qualifications again, if you are 100% unemployable you are not eligible for the VRAP program which is about getting vets trained so that they can work. A 100% disabled unemployable vet can go to school, but not for the VRAP program. This program is to help vets get back into the workforce. How is a 100% disabled, unemployable vet going to get hired? I believe they should be getting veterans benefits already for their disability.

  155. I was "approved"-this just means you are qualified for the program-receiving benefits is different-I have been informed it takes six weeks to receive your first disbursement after you have started classes-they must verify you are attending before sending any benefit-did anyone hear anything different?

    • pennywise says:

      my VA rep at the school says it takes 2 weeks for them to verify and she was right. I received my award letter exactly 2 weeks later.

    • You can send your transcripts yourself. And, sign up for a account on ebenefits so you can check your claim status, view your payment history, and contact the VA if necessary.

  156. If I May Ask….After Reading These Comments I'm Wondering "Will" I Get Approved For The Vrap Program "Even" if I Didn't Send In My DD-214(It Stated On The App That I Didn't Need To Send One) & Would I Still Need To Show Proof Of Being 'Unemployed"?? Tim

    • yup…….they will do a social security search for your service and reported income ( to verify you're unemployed), I got my letter of eligibility on Friday. good luck,

  157. Jimmy Watts says:
  158. do we have to claim VRAP payments on our 2012 tax statement?

    • James Bond says:

      No, it is not taxable income: I received my certificate of eligibility on 8/25/12 after submitting my app on 7/25/12.

      • determined57 says:

        Thank you a million,

        sharing–yesterday late–or very early today i received and email regarding VRAP–having more conditions attached to it…
        like going to school at half time, 3/4 time and full time…….

        does this sound familliar to anyone out there?

    • Probably

  159. Jimmy Watts says:

    I created this Facebook Page to share the information I compiled regarding serching for a school. I am a fellow vet who is also enrolled in the program. I am the first person left in the page's banner. Here's the link:!/VrapVeteransRetraining

  160. Melis I wouild like to say I have not gotten anything from the Veterans affairs that I did not earn maybe it is free for you however I got the marks on the outside and on the inside I eraned this. So, if I feel like complaining I will if I feel lile fussing I will.

  161. Why wont it cover part time school? Trying to work (when its available) to keep paying my mortgage and then try to do full time night school…..nearly impossible. If I could do part time would be a HUGE help!!!

  162. Robson williams says:

    Robson williams—I retired on 1 March 1989, do I still have education benefits..?
    I went on active duty on 17 April 1967.

  163. This is about the most screwed up roll out of a program I have ever seen. First they send me a letter approving me for benefits but not for my school. The letter listed me as a Ms instead of a Mr because some data entry person appended my middle initial onto my first name. Next, I understood that Rep. Gus Bilirakis, R-Fla had gotten them to accept more schools because their criteria would have eliminated most of the schools in FL. Wrong, my school was turned down after the supposed fix because like most of the community colleges in FL they started offering a couple bachelors programs. It seems to be a case of good intentions gone all wrong.

    • The program does not negate 4 years school according to the VRAP Public Law 112-54 Section 64.036. Research this law, it is posted online and file a notice of disagreement.

  164. i read into the vrap and it conflicts with post911 gibill, it stated you do not qualify for VRAP if your eligible for post911 gibill. The question is what if your eligible got your certificate of eligibility for post 911 gibill and currently not using it, will getting VRAP void my eligibility in case I plan to use post911 gibill in the future after I've finished with VRAP?

    • you answered your own question. now i have a question for you…why would you want to use VRAP when you qualify for the post 9/11 GIBill that gives you more money to attend a 4 year school vs a GI Bill that will only pay up to 12 mths if you attend a 2 yr college or tech school?

    • No, According to the Office of the Assistant Secretary of Veterans Employment and Training Veterans' Program Letter, dated May 7th 2012, section 4, 5th eligibility requirement,

      **you may not be eligible for any other VA education benefits
      Google it!

  165. If I enroll in community college in January and complete the semester, but none of my required courses are offered during the summer, will I still be paid for the summer?

  166. don mccarty jr says:

    i started school in july , had registered and everything with vrap had been approved. 2months into it now with taking tests and eveything , i find out my school is counted as a vrap school so i have been disqualified under vrap and have to start over …reregister with vrap and find a new school according to the va rep i called to find out where my money was. when the vrap rules first came out no one could answer about online schools now considered distant learning schools under the new updated rules 8-22-2012. my question is why can't the vets already started in school that were previously ok'd be grandfathered in because they had already entered the system. now all the vets that attend distance learning classes are stuck with a contract they will not be able to afford otherwise.

    • Man, I'm really surprised at all of the problems I'm seeing people tell about here. The process seemed rather simple and straight forward to me when I began this "VRAP thing", and it has all gone very [very] smoothly, and it appears that many here are not fully aware of all of their options and benefits before diving into this "VRAP"

      Here is how it has gone for me:

      * I picked my "high demand career"
      * I chose the approved school nearest me [only 2.4 miles away]
      * I submitted all the paperwork
      * I got approved
      * I registered at school
      * I got with the VA Rep at the school to get everything coordinated
      * I got my monthly payment plan and 2 month "1st payment extension"
      * I began school
      * I got my first payment 3 weeks after I started classes

      I suggest that those of you just starting or in the process look at my "path" and use it as a guide for yourselves; it's quite smooth……

    • Ask for the specific regulation they are using to deny you. If they cannot provide it look it up yourself at VRAP Public Law 112-54 section 64.036, and if it applies favorably to your claim file a "notice of disagreement ".

      google it!

  167. militaryveteran says:

    How long from the date a VRAP application is submitted does it take to receive a qualification letter or status of a request? How to determine VRAP status… is there a phone number or website and to get that information?

  168. I just applied for the VRAP program I did not do an attachment where do I mail my DD214 section 4 to submit with my application?

    • I have to say I'm very disturbed by the number of people here who haven't even bothered [obviously] to read all of the provided info on the VA/VRAP website;


    • you don't have to attach it, I didn't and I was approved.

    • To your local regional office of veterans affairs, they are listed online google it!

  169. Anthony Walker says:

    Can I switch to another College and still keep my VRAP benefits?

  170. How long do you have to be unemployed? Does it matter? the time frame. I Just lost my job in July of this year.

    • It doesn't matter how long. you just have to be unemployed at the time you filed your application

    • It do not matter just do it you have anything to lost and every thing to gain.

    • as long as you're unemployed when you APPLY, you'll be fine. just know that there is a window, and they'll only accept 45,000 applicants this year, and another 55,000 next year. time is of the essence, and word is finally spreading about this great opportunity. TAKE ADVANTAGE!!

  171. wii my vrap benefits cause a problem with my disability ssdi money

    • SSDI is different than SSI,. has information on how different types of income afect Social Security. Also, there are specific regulations that you could research on the social security website that will give you more specific information.

  172. Anthony Johnson says:

    can i use my vrep online schools

  173. Anthony johnson says:

    can i use my Vrep for A online school

  174. VRAP is a great way to get the training one needs to get back into the game for real this time. The Dept. Of Vet. Affairs as always are being swamped with work and sometimes it takes a little time to get what you need, but be assured you will get it. I would suggest that until you receive your first months allotment you follow the following directions:
    1. Request promissary notes from the institution for books and supplies.
    2. Most colleges will defer your tuition if you contact the Veterans representative at that institution. They know you are going to get it.
    3. Do apply for Federal Student Aid. you may qualify and believe me. If you do it will allow you to in essence keep all of the money from the VA. My Grant was 5,500 for one and 9,500 on the other loan. this is money that is being used while I wait for the VA.
    Be patient, It is a little slow, the administrative staff at VA are working on many other things for veterans, but you will be serviced.

  175. If you are approved for VRAP in month of September, but started school on 9-4-2012, when do you get your first monthly payment for school?

    • you verify your attendance on 10/1 and if you have a checking account, your money should be in your bank by 10/4 or a little longer depending on your bank. Your money will be prorated because you started school on the 4th. I started school on august 20th, and received my prorated check the first week of september. Actually 9/5

      • Were taxes taken out?

      • actually, you certify on the last day of the month, but since it falls on a sunday, it might be on october 1. (i'm going to try today and see what happens.) because it's your first certification, it will take a little longer, allow for 10-14 days before you see it, and make sure your school is aware of it. also, like fairydust said, it will be prorated for just less than the full amount of $1473.

  176. My biggest complaint is how difficult it is to find a school in a rural area that qualifies under VRAP. All other veterans can use thier benefits at any approved college/trade/tech school, but this bill severly limits the available choices. My generation never recieved any GI Bill benefits for education. I've waited 33 years for his and am thrilled to have it, if I can find something in my geographic area. Being unemployed puts a damper on how far you can travel to attend classes. As far as earning it, damn straight we earned it. Think of the hundreds of thousands of vets getting full Montgomery GI Bill benefits ($56,000.00+) that never set foot out of the US, let alone serve in a forward area of operation. Any vet that served honorably and faithfully deserves educational benefits, period. Yes, I am finding it difficult to use at present, but I will figure it out and utilize it to my best interest.

    • Michael, I am sorry to hear you're having diffculty taking full advantage of a benefit you worked so hard to have. This only means that you must be a little more diligent than others to find a training site that offers an in-demand occupation that you feel best suits you. I don't know what major metropolitan area you're closest to, but starting there and branching back out to your neck of the woods is a start. If you're already on the right track to doing that when you read this, I pray that all works out for you favorably – from one "old" vet to another!

    • I also live in a rural area, But VRAP Public LAw 112-54 section 64.036 does not restrict schools in rural areas. It is not listed under restrictions section (070) uses and restriction of uses

  177. Dennis Kethan says:

    Can we use the VRAP program to take individual classes or do we need to be working towards a certification?

    • Is there ANYBODY on this forum who knows how to read ?

      The vast MAJORITY of the questions posted here are CLEARLY addressed on the VA / VRAP website people…….

    • You have to be working toward a certification in an approved program.

      • No, you don't…

        Participants must be enrolled in a VA approved program of education offered by a Community College or Technical School. The program must lead to an Associate Degree, Non-College Degree, or a Certification and train you in a high demand occupation as determined by DoL.

  178. what happens if i fail a class while enrolled in vrap?

    • VRAP will not pay for a class for which you receive a grade so low that the course you took does not count for graduation. I don't know how this affects your monthly payment, but it will.

  179. Are you required to take Summer school while on VRAP (to be considerd as 12 months from start to finish)?
    If so, per my school catalog – 6 credit hours counts as full time during the summer (since classes are compressed). Will one still recieve the VRAP payments for summer school? or are you still required to take the normal 12 hours for full time to recieve benefits during the Summer session?
    If not (you do not go to Summer school), then I assume you would recieve benefits again in the Fall.
    i.e. can you break up your 12 months of benefits or does it have to be 12 months straight from start to finish?

    • On your acceptance letter it will give you and end date as to when you have to use your benefits by.

      • I understand that, and I am requesting an extension since the program I am going into is only offered once per year, but that is another subject.

        I guess my question is:

        1. Am I required to take summer school, and is 6 credits (considered F/T per my college catalog) payable by VRAP? (since other semesters require 12 credit hours as F/T).

        2. Are you required to take your 12 months consecutively? i.e. can I skip summer session and get paid again in the Fall?

        Thank you, Michelle

        • I was told by a rep at ST.Louis regional office that the summer commpressed classes are considered full time. Also, it appears that the twelve months are accounted for daily. I started on Aug 20th and first check was pro rated 554. My semester is Aug 20th-Dec 15 th. At that time I am to have 8 months 1 day of benifits left , according to the vrap site.

        • Yep

    • I take classes for 12 weeks for a term and I take 5 classes which is 20 credits. no breaks and its online at everest university south orlando i am going for CSI. I got my pay 3 days after I certified my attendance

      • awarriorking says:

        Jen that's unusual, the VA reps I have spoken with have said I will not receive payment until after one month of attendance has been verified. And this applies to an ongoing monthly basis.

  180. MilitaryVeteran says:

    I am interested in knowing if the Richmond School of Continuing Studies that offer certificate programs though affiliated colleges is valid for VRAP? The courses are online and facilitated by an instructor.

    • That question is best directed to the school itself, their Financial Aid department, specifically.

    • This site may be helpful
      It gives a list of the schools that are listed with the VA; It is my belief that if your school is on this list, you can use VRAP at that school. My school is on the list, and I got approved. I can't remember how I was 'refered' to this site though Not sure about the 'online' being acceptible or not? Good Luch and Blessings…….

  181. Lisa Dishman says:

    Hi, my question is: after you receive your certificate of eligibility
    for VRAP Program,is a person allowed to work part time after they receive Eligibility Approval Letter or after they receive benifit letter? Thanks!

    • As I understand it, you have to be unemployed when you apply for VRAP. If you gain employment after you've been accepted and begin training, then you must coordinate with the VA and the school to determine if you're still eligible.

  182. I have been approved for VRAP in Construction /Technology. I was injured in a car accident. Can I change the program that I was originally approved for??

    • I would file what that call a "Notice of Disagreement", which is an appeal. You should have rcvd instructins – "Your rights to Appeal our Decision" with your Certificate of Eligibility letter. It tells you haw to file an appeal. Or try Use the Reference Number on you letter. That is the approach I would take. Explain you situation to them and ask for a program change.

    • Yes, if it meets the high demand category

      VRAP public law 112-54 section 64.036 explains the regulations governing this program

      google it!

  183. How can i use the vrap for truck driving traing the course cost $5000 and is only 4 weeks long?

  184. Is VRAP pronounced vrap as in vroooom! or V-rap as in V8 engine? Thought I'd better get that right before I talk to the VAAAAA !

  185. I was approved for Aviation Maintenance Technology at My Technical College to get my A&P in July, Paid my Tuition, Bought Books and Required Materials started Classes 5 hours a day, four days a week on a 12 Semester hour schedule dictated by the FAA only to be told in a letter this week from the powers to be at the VA that my schedule does not qualify me for full time and they are not going to pay me for school. Its a great program for un-employed VETS if you understand that they are going to dictate how the schools schedule full time students requardless how other government agencies schedule and require their training to be done. Does anybody know how you get around that? Please let me know!

    • Read the regulation: VRAP Public Law 112-54 section 64.036, and determine what part of the regulation you may need to file a "letter of disagreement", then, locate the appeal pamphlet information on the Veterans Affairs website. It is a simple process.

  186. I was approved for the VRAP program and have been attending school for 5 weeks now. I was told yesterday that I won't be eligible because one of my classes is a "pre-requisite". It''s still a class I need to get into the program, why does that disqualify me???

    • whoever told you that doesn't know what they are talking about. Please contact the VRAP people. Was this person your VA counselor?

    • The information you were given was wrong.

      VRAP: Public Law 112-54 section 64.036. Look it up online, print the regulation, it is only a few pages, ask for an appeal, and file a "notice of disagreement" based upon the VRAP Regulations in the public law.

  187. I was already in school when I applied, but I haven't heard anything and its been over a month.

    • I was told you only get paid for the days you go to school. So, if you do not go a full month, the time you go is prorated.

    • Did you apply through the VONAPP system? If so, create an account on VA and you can get your status online anytime!

  188. Do you still get paid while on christmas break? Fall semester ends 12-15-12. Spring semester starts Jan 22. No pay during the break?

  189. What is the phone number to report your hours for the month when in the VRAP program?

  190. how much money do you receive from vrap while in school

  191. Are taxes taken out of VRAP payments? If so, how can I go about not having it taken out so I can file it on my next year taxes instead?

  192. I have a real concern about the VRAP program. My concern is, doe's anyone out there that has the approved certificate, can not use it because the certificate program that you qualified for is a sub-session course? (Example: Fall A&B, Spring A&B, Summer A&B; so you are not considered to be a full-time student). According to the facts about VRAP you must be enrolled as a full- time student and as far as I can tell, the programs that are full time are two year degrees, and VRAP will only pay for 12months and nothing more. Any comments on this would be most appreciated.

    • I just applied for the short term Fall session and I was concerned about it and talked to the schools VA rep. The in between classes for Fall do not require 12 credit hours. I believe he said 8 hrs. So you do not have to take 12 hours to be full time for the short term semester.

    • You are right. Fortunately, I already have an A.A. degree from years ago. So when I got approved for VRAP, I only had to take my core classes which will give me an A.A. degree at the end of the 12 months. If congress really wanted to help a vet out, they should have made it for 24 months because not everyone has a prior two year degree. I think it is misleading and totally unfair. These people clearly don't know how the rest of us live and are truly out of touch with reality. So, if you have not taken any classes in the past that you can use toward your two year degree, there is no way even as a full time student that you can achieve this goal within 12 months. It's a joke at our expense. This is what congress thinks of their vets.

      • Thanks for the reply, I guess I am not the only person that the government is fooling. I will have to say that I managed to get a result today from my VA Rep. at the college and he managed to pull some strings for me so that I can use the VRAP and I would just like to give a little advice, but no one has to take it, but if you beat the dead horse hard enough someone will listen. You are right the program needs to be 24 months for the program to be affective for everyone. What would this country be if there were no vets. We gave, now it's time for us to get.

        • OK can you please tell me what your VA rep was able to do for you? will you be able to continue on for 2 years? I am taking 5 classes which is 20 credits per term of 12 weeks at everest university with no breaks at all. I am doing this so I can graduate early. What are the options after the 12 months are done? will the department of labor pick up the rest of the year for school?

          • RH823VMHR says:

            The way it works is that no matter what amount of credits you take as long as it is 12 credit hours (Full time Student). The VRAP program will only pay for 12months and 12months only. The program ends April 1, 2014. If you use all 12months of the VRAP program, then you will have to fund the rest of your program. Financial Aid is the next step. The DOL will only help to find a job. By the way all programs have to be approved by the VA. See your VA rep. at the college as they will help you out and give you the answers you really need.

      • actually, pennywise, the program takes into consideration that veterans are trying to find jobs NOW. where you decide to receive training for whatever skills will increase your employability is still up to you, but while you can pursue a degree (and stay within the full-time student guidelines), the BEST thing you can do in today's workplace is get some certifications under your belt. i went to get IT certifications to do low-voltage installations and advanced multimedia applications as an EST.

        • Really we did need 24 months. The one community college in my area sucks so I have no choice. Not all places have the same training sadly. Bigger cities have more variety to choose from.

          • belbane2011 says:

            I have been reading multiple and the straw has just broke the proverbial back-
            No offense intended BUT-

            The concept is to give US a chance to get education in order to be employable in the fastest amount of time. Therefore I recommend to all Vets who think that the VRAP program is bunk or needs this or that to pull up your boot strings and LOOK at accepted schools and accepted programs for high demand occupations (after reading the list) I would recommend that you search ONet online as the Dept of Labor clearly states which jobs classify as high demand. This is not actually about going back to school – it is about getting education in order to be employable. Get a certificate of completion and get a job.

          • To shay!

          • hello—my observation and experience—even if you are approved for a certificate program—politics dictates-that you must take the placement tests. From there you are placed in pre requisite classes before you can go forward and take the certificate classes. The bottom line is – the college is self serving; to get as much money as you can from the student, and then we'll let you attend the certificate classes. FLAGG: Not all certificate classes are offered every semester, and not all pre requisites are offered every semester. VRAP should have 24 months to cover all the gaps.

      • I have an A.A.S. associates degree from 5 years ago. I want to transfer credits to a university. I was told by VA that was not allowed.This is crazy. I would only need 54 credits to obtain a bachelors degree. I was told an associates is the limit VA will approve. This VRAP program has many flaws. I gues VA did not take into consideration that there may be people out? heir with associate degrees

    • Overview of some stuff: I'm going for an AA in computer support which will take 2 years. However, I can use up the first 12 months (covered by vrap) and go for the 1 year certificate first. These courses in the 1 yr certificate program are the same classes as the first year classes towards an AA and so I will be able to continue onwards to an AA on my own the second year. Also, I'm taking these courses online through a community college accepted by vrap. Makes it flexible too for job hunting. You can work after you are accepted to vrap. Or you can still collect unemployment while on vrap. vrap money is not taxed. If anyone else says something different about anything I said…I'm doing it and it is true.

    • Check out the actual regulation that governs VRAP, remember trust your own information over information that may seem faulty. Our government wants to help veterans retrain.
      VRAP Public Law 112-54 section 64.036 Google it! then read the regulation yourself and file an letter of disagreement based upon the regulation.

      • Thanks for the information, but I have just been through a meeting with some heads at the VA over this VRAP program, and it seems that the program was thrown together with out any thought to the fact what vets could realy use. The true answer is that you have to be enrolled as a full time student (12 Credit Hours or more). The VRAP program will only pay 12months of the program no matter how long the program is. VRAP will not pay for anything less than full time. That is what the bill the president signed. So anyone out there that wants to get the VRAP must be a full time student and they will get paid for 12months of the program and the rest of your program you have to pay for. From what the people at head office of the VA have told me, this is it.

        • pennywise says:

          I believe you because the way the parties have been fighting the past four years, I am honestly surprised the POTUS got anything to sign at all. I am sure there were some members who thought the VRAP should have been more than 12 months but also figured that the current program is better than no program for us. I really wish we had more control over the people we voted for congress and the senate. I wish there was some way to fire them on the spot when they get in bed with lobbyist and forget that we the people voted them in office, not those big corporations.

          • My personal opinion on that is that we need to have a government clean out and put true AMERICAN VETS in office. They are the ones who really know what is going on and what needs to be done, but you know what they say about opinions.

    • While you are in school on the varp program start the process for you financial aid. Once the vrap runs out you have your financial aid to draw on. You should have counselors who can guide you through the process. It works just ask the people at the school such as your vet rep and you will be well on your way to anew career.

      • Thanks for the information. The program that I am in is on financial aid right now and I am half way through it, but I have to use the VRAP program now, so what I have done is taken a full time course that I want so that I can use the VRAP program, and later I will resume my other course next spring on the financial aid program. Win-Win situation. I have just received a letter from VA and they have changed the (program name: "Specific Course" to "All Approved VRAP Courses"), so that it will make it easier when you take the paper into the college and select a course program.

    • First, there are certificate programs that are less than two years. I am enrolled in an Accounting certificate program that is three semesters. Second, VRAP pays far more than I needed to cover my tuition, so I am putting the excess into a savings account that I can use at the end of my benefit year to pay for any additional classes that I want to take. You could do the same with your two year program.

    • Look for programs that are offered by Community College or Training Schools that will give you designations like OSHA or Safety or Green Sustainability Programs. These certifications can take from 3 months to a year. Some places like the National Safety Council will allow you to take OSHA training to become certified where you can take 3 months worth of classes in one week, meaning you go to school from 8-5 rather than breaking it up as schools do over a semester. good luck. great opportunity.

  193. How much of VRAP is allotted for educational tuition and fees; all of it? Is any of this educational benefit stipend for living expenses?

    I would like a link to a military based website that depict the standard percentages for tuition, books, fees, living expenses and travel expenses fir most GI educational benefits???

    Other sources, such as, and ebenfits suggest that the VRAP program will have the same payment schedule as the Montgomery bill.

    • ScottiesMan says:

      Ironically, I'm looking for the same answer. I'm on hold on the phone right now trying to get an answer. I'll let you know what I found out. I haven't been able to find anything on the internet.

      • The benefit is to pay for the cost of school. The check is sent to you and you pay the college you attend. Anything that is left over is for your other expenses. If you qualify for a grant to help with school, you will have more benefits left from the VRAP check to help you with other living expenses. The benefit goes up to $1564 starting October 1st. Remember, if you attend classes for one full month, you will get the full benefit amount. If your classes end before the end of the month, your benefit check will be prorated.

  194. I can see a lot of people are confusing the rules of VRAP with Voc" Rehab Program. THEY ARE DIFFERENT. VRAP does not require a "signed plan" per say like a VOC REHAB PLAN, merely initial verification from the School and then Veteran's does the monthly verification. The programs are different. Additionally I understand if you have at least a 30 % Service Connected Rating you can participate in "BOTH" regardless of "Front Page" list of requirements on the VRAP Announcement. . (I did also find this stated in a VA Publication). I have been approved for both but am afraid to ask VOC REHAB Counselor??? While waiting for Classes in Start next spring under my VOC REHAB PLAN, I would love to utilize the VRAP certificate. I have found that several local community colleges are not real familiar with VRAP let? Unlike VOC REHAB, instad off a counselor you have an 800 # to call for assistance. I got the very first wave of VRAP approval certificates and it was after (JULY) closing for fall term at both schools I was approved for? Any one eles in this situation?

  195. If I was forced to retire, cannot find other employment, 58 years old and honorably discharged from the USAF after serving 4 years from 1974-1978, am I eligible for VRAP?

  196. I am in school under the VRAP program I am having a ball enjoying my studies Paralegal Program a 2 year program but I will finish it in 1 year. God Bless all of Veterans we did good serving our country. USA. If you feel good about the VRAP program please just reply by saying Yes!.

    • sam_eye_are says:


    • I'm glad to hear you are doing great with the VRAP!

      Would you please provide the name of the school you are attending and explain how you are going to complete the two year Paralegal program in one year?

      Also, are you attending online, at the school, or both? I've read multifarious comments on various websites by veterans who are having great difficulty finding a way to attend schools online because they don't live near VRAP approved schools and they don't have the finanical resources to move closer to a VRAP approved school.


      • VRAP Public law 112-54 section 64036 (070 Uses and Restriction on uses: is the regulatory law that governs The Veterans Retraining Assistance Program. The actual regulation does not specifically deny access any one type of school.
        google it!
        The program is to be used at any school that has a program in the high demand field. Whomever placed the restriction of participation for only 2 year schools is grossly misinformed

    • yes!! :O)

    • michael jenkins says:

      i will be starting classed on thursday when can i expect to receive the stipend pay checks…

    • Great program choice. I enjoyed my paralegal classes when I took them years ago. I agree with you this is a great thing once a person gets through all the paperwork part! :-) Good luck with school

  197. I am currently enrolled in the VRAP program awaiting my first check. I am taking computer support and networking certificate. Can I change my program as long as it falls under the same high demand technical field My current classes and program is in. I want to take a IT program to get my AA and not just a certificut

  198. sam_eye_are says:

    I am currently getting unemployment and will start school soon. Will I continue getting Unemployment while getting VRAP?

    • You need to contact Unemployment in your state, most do not give UI to full time students because you will not be "actively seeking work". Some states allow some dont. Here in Montana there is a form UI410 for students to continue to recieve UI while attending school.

  199. Hello, for every one who hasnt used the WAVE (VA verification page) yet. You need to google in the word wave, about the second entry will be for the VA site. It is simple to sign up once you do you can verify your attendance, check your payment status, and view a time table payments and checks are being sent out. For instance, this is my second month of attendance under the VRAP program. Late last night I was able to verify my September attendance. Attendance cannot be verified until the last day of the month even though friday the 28 th was the last day of school. Once days are verified you can go to the "LAST VERIFICATION' section and see that the verification has not been processed , it will be on the next business day. From that same page you can click on a chart that shows payment dates. It helps to know when your funds are comming. My time should be verified monday the first and EFT payments are to be issued on the fourth for that day. .

    • Kenny .. When did you get your first month Verification deposit? and how did you check to make sure the school did there part.

      • I started school on Aug 20 th. I verified my attendance on Aug 31 st after class was out. For overkill I also verified on the WAVE site also. The deposit was made exactly as the site said. I cant remember for sure. I think it was on the 6 th of Sept. Electronic transfers are several days ahead of check mailings.

        • My school is jumping through it's butt and I can't get ahold of the VA. I wondering what is next but I will keep on trucking. It's a major distraction when your doing classes and dealing with the VA. Seems like they just shut down the phone lines I can't get through. I am sur ethat there will be back pay. It would be nice to be able to take care of the school bill right away

    • What should I do if it is telling me my info is incorrect? I am assuming I will have to call tomorrow when their open.

  200. This is my second month also, I just certified my attendance over the phone and they said my check would be deposited in 7-10 days!!! Not acceptable. I guess I will be calling.

    • I got the same recording after verifing on the phone. The WAVE web site states if processed on the 1 st of Oct checks will be mailed on the 5 th, EFT on the 4th. Those dates held true last month for me.

      • You all did it over the phone were you in the system, my husband has been trying to certify and he has been trying on the wave website and it says he isn't in the system should he try over the phone?

        • I kept trying back in Aug,it wouldnt let me register until VA actualy put me into the system. I would be calling VA.

        • verneice prince says:

          yes he should call the VA early in the morning

          • We've called they said the school has entered him, the school says they have, he's going to talk to the school again. Does anyone know, since he isn't in the system now, when they finally put him in, do we have to wait until Oct 31, or Nov 1 to claim. And what happens to Sept, does that mean we miss getting paid in Sept?

  201., does anyone know what the deal is with a credited school or a a clock school. i have my certificate of eligibility for carolina bible college. i am told i can not receive benifits due to it is a clock school . the va ph rep says it does not matter . Can anyone email me with any thoughts or truths to this event

    • VRAp Veterans Retraining Assistance Program Regulations Public Law 112-54, section 64.036 (070) Uses and Restrictions:
      This section of the regulation explains the restriction concerning schools. High demand categories are required by school specification is not restricted.
      2 year, technical, or 4 year schools are not restricted according to the language in the regulation. Google it!

  202. can I enroll in a different school than is listed on my COE? I originally listed ITT Tech as my school on my VRAP application, but later realized I would rather attend a community college.

    • Hi Kevin, my husband listed a school that was going to cost us a fortune out of pocket no financial aide available, and he just had to reapply with the different schools name, so it was super easy. he got his letter like 2 weeks later with the change.

    • You can change your enrollment by filling out the 22-1995 form. You can find it online, print it, and mail it off to your regional office.

  203. How long does it generally take once your school verfies your enrollment to VA office? My certificate states that I will need to wait for my award letter, but I haven't received my award letter yet and another month has gone by already. I need to call in so I can get paid. Also, does anyone know if VA will back pay? I started school in August but since it's taking so long for them to process, I wonder if they will back pay me to when I started school?

  204. feliciadixon1 says:

    Even though I have been enrolled since 8/14, my school just certified my enrollment with the VA today. Do I need to do W.A.V.E.? Or will payment be direct deposited automatically for this first payment?

  205. Joseph Diggs Sr says:

    Does a Discharge desiginated as "other than dishonorable" qualify for "VRAP"? i suspose my questuion is; "OTH" other than honorable but not "DISHONORABLE"

  206. The VA website goes down allot. I tried to access it today to send a regulatory link. It can sometimes give me a complex… but I think they are overtaxed and very very busy!
    Keep trying!

  207. I was wondering Terry if you could expound on online schools and if a school is online does it qualify. I want to take a 6 month long online course with Ashworth and I am wondering if it is a qualified school insofar as the DOL and VA are concerned/

    • Ashworth is not approved, check the ed2go website and if the course you want is listed get a hold of them, they work with over 2000 colleges and can set you up with a approved school in most cases.

  208. Andrew Jackson says:

    Is there a wavier for older Veterans to apply, I'm currently enroll in school and my GI BILL 48 months have ended. Is there a VA loan to apply for ?

  209. If I receive vrap money, can I also receive a pell grant, and/or other money to use for education and not have it subtracted from vrap money?

    • Yes. As long as it is not money from employment. You must be unemployed. Any financial aid you receive does not count against your VRAP payments.

  210. can a vet get astudent loan or pell grant and still get vrap

    • yes they can. The VRAP give you the monthly stipen and you can do with it what you choose. If you are income elegible for the Pell you can still use it. I suggest that you complete the FAFSA online or contact your schools financial officees.

  211. walter g. hughes says:

    I am eligible and receiving VRAP, can I also be eligible for veterans work stud at north seattle community?y

  212. walter g. hughes says:

    i am eligible and receiving VRAP, can I also get veterans work study

  213. sharon watson says:

    I am vrap certified eligible. Will I get the benefit if I attend online full time in a vrap approved program?

  214. trying to confirm my VRAP eligibility…unfortunately, I can not get through to an operator at the 888-442-4551 number. I just get a recording that they are unable to take calls at this time. Is there another contact number?

    • asher1728 says:

      I was able to talk with someone by choosing option 3 on the recording by calling that same number that you called.Of course you will have to sit on the phone for up to an hour and i usually call when i get home from school,and i get home at 7pm eastern time.i've yet to get paid i have been in school since august 7,but i am going back and forth with the va and the school and i usually call at least once a week and i talk with someone each time.

    • Keep calling back. Eventually you will bypass the "unable to take calls" and be put in line to reach a rep. The VA rep at my college gave me that tid bit of info because they go through the same thing trying to get in touch with the VA ; it worked!! I was told my wait time would be 45 or more minutes…so I chose the call-back option and they will call YOU back when your # in line is up. Some people say when they choose this option, they never receive the call-back , but I did…so I don't know. After talking to the rep, I got my question answered promptly & effectively:)

  215. I'm Vet currently enrolled using the VREP Program and I think it's great that they thought about us vets that are not disabled. I’m fortunate not to have been hurt; however; still need help getting a job. QUESTION: As a non disable VET will I be eligible for (VR&E) Veteran Rehabilitation & Employment.

    I ask this question do to so many VETs that are exaggerate their claims to be for the (VR&E) program but it's only available if you're disabled 20% or more

    • You are only available for VR&E if you have a disability (10% or greater) that inhibits your current ability to work in some way, such as if you currently stand a lot in your job, and need to retrain for something more in an office setting.

  216. william clayton says:


  217. how can I get a copy of va form 1990r for my college

  218. Does anyone know of a VRAP approved ONLINE certificate program in Computer IT (Information Technology), "Help Desk" or "End User Support" program? These types of programs train you to become a software specialist and computer repairs. "Geek Squad" computer help and "Best Buy" computer Help Desk are two examples of employment possibilities.

    If anyone is interested, Central Iowa College offers a 2 year ONLINE Associates Degree in Computer Networking Technology, BUT this is geared toward business applications. I'm looking for "Help Desk" type training. I'm not sure yet If I can get this through Central Iowa or not.

    If anyone knows any VRAP approved schools that offer IT/Help Desk/End User Support training, please let me know.

    Thanks, and Good Luck Everyone!

  219. James Hardy says:

    I applied for VRAP and was denied because I have One Honorable Discharge and One Bad Conduct Discharge. I was under the impression that if you have and Honorable Discharge that supercedes any other discharge. I have VA Benefits for Hospital. Why am I being Denied

  220. raptureready23 says:

    Can you get direct deposit for the VREP disbursement

  221. Paul KImpel says:

    I am an officer of the Veterans Advisory Board for Homeless Veterans in St. Pete Fla., and I gave the VRAP presentation to 60 Vets in our area when it was introduced in May.
    It has been a mess, no accurate phone answers, almost impossible to get through to 888-GIBILL1, did not get first payment until 8th week of class, etc.
    Here's a neat one: I was approved by VRAP and school (2-year tech school) for a 1-year Online course in Web Design.
    Suddenly, in the 8th week of class, the school's Financial Aid boss said that no VRAP students can be Online students; they all must attend class every day or not get paid.
    What a joke.
    Of course, this is illegal. What I think happened is the greedy school accepted everyone knowing full well they were going to pull this stunt as soon as I got my first VRAP payment, because then you cannot chnage programs or schools. Cute. I'm going to sue the school for fraud.

  222. I am an officer of the Veterans Advisory Board for Homeless Veterans in St. Pete Fla., and I gave the VRAP presentation to 60 Vets in our area when it was introduced in May.
    Congress set up VRAP so that the One-Stop Career Centers / Worknet would help with questions, and online help, etc.
    Sadly, when I went there, the Veteran's Reps were taking notes on what I told them. They used me as a resource for over a month, referring Vets to me. The reason I knew much more than they did is that they weren't given anything by VA to work with except a skeleton outline, and I'm a reporter with 15 years of professional industry experience doing investigatory journalism for the AP, NYTimes Cos', etc., so I do my homework.
    Triple-check all you are told by VA or anyone else, and then, really, I woul;dn't depend on it.

    • sixstringthing says:

      Hello Paul!

      Thank you for the work that you do! It's great to hear someone cares about Vets and especially the homeless. This country desperately needs CARING professionals like yourself. The VRAP program is grueling to get through, even if you have a computer and resources. I could not imagine getting help without it. Best Wishes Sir!

    • Cliff Tomb says:

      Paul, for VRAP do we need to attend St Pete JC full, or part-time?

    • Florida Belle says:

      Hi Pul,
      I'm a Vet and was sitting on the couch in Southwest Florida one morning feeling sorry for myself when I heard the news report about VRAP. I went to the Veterans service center here and the rep only gave me contact info for people who could help me make sure my resume was in order. They also knew nothing about the VRAP. I went home and applied online myself and received my approval letter about 10 days later. I'm enrolled in school full time now and will wait to see how long the first payment will take to arrive. Keeping my fingers crossed.

      • Remember that that check is not going to come automatically. You have to certify every month once they put you in the system.

  223. I have received my letter stating that I have been approved, however I didn't not get accepted into the RN program and I now need to change my major to use the benifits. Do I have to notifiy anyone or just change my major at the school. My new major is on the list of High Needs Jobs so I'm fine there…any advice??

    • I had something similar happen and was told I had to reapply. I waited to speak with someone on the phone for over 30 minutes. I haven't heard back yet but on the application I explained the situation in an area where you can write a narrative. Hope this helps.

  224. can i use that vrap to become a pilot in san diego california

  225. sixstringthing says:

    I have been approved for VRAP benefits. When I applied, I hurried and listed a Program of study (Medical Billing and Coding). Since I've been approved, I found something I would much prefer, Information Technology (Computer Training). The PROBLEM is filling out the form to Change Programs (REQUEST FOR CHANGE OF PROGRAM OR PLACE OF TRAINING – VA FORM 22-1995). When I start filling out the form, I find there is NO PLACE TO SELECT "VRAP" In Part II, "Education Benefit You Want To Receive". I finally found that the VRAP program is part of the "GI Bill", which is one of the choices on the form. My GUESS is "GI Bill" is the "Benefit You Want To Receive", but I am not certain. Has anyone filled this form out and know the correct way to fill it out? MANY THANKS, BEST WISHES TO ALL VETS!

    • If you haven't received any VRAP payments and you want to train in a different program or at a different school you must submit a new "Application for VRAP Benefits" (VA Form 22-1990R) listing the new school and/or program of study.

    • blaidd drwg says:

      Something like that happened to me. I contacted the VRAP to get answers because the form didn't fit vrap and I was flat out told I could not do it. I didn't want to take a chance and mess up my payments so I let it go. The program I wanted to swap was only different by two classes and I can take those classes another time when I am finished with the original program.

    • THE ANSWER to which "Education Benefit You Want To Receive" on VA Form 22-1995 (change school or change program form, VRAP) is CHAPTER 30. It took forever to find the answer to that simple question, and if you don't answer it correctly, they may reject your application to change school or program. This tricky little question may be on other VRAP forms also. Good luck all!

  226. If I have already received a letter that says I am qualified to receive VRAP – I am currently unemployed – can I now seek employment while attending school and if employed still receive my VRAP benefits?

    • Florda Belle says:

      Hi Kate,
      I'm in school under the VRAP program. You can seek employment as long as it doesn't interfere with your ability to keep going to school full time. I am also seeking employment and have found out that there is also another program sponsored by the VA called "Work-Study Allowance Program". It is my understanding (from what I've read online) that the VA will pay you (minimum wage) to work with other Vets at ou have to fill out Form 22-8691 and find the work supervisor to find out if they will guide you through the process if they need help.

    • As long as you were unemployed at the time you filled the application out you can be employed after you qualified.

  227. Can you also fill out the FAFSA for a loan along with VRAP…..

    • Yes, you can receive federal aid while receiving the VRAP. Essentially the VRAP will work just like the GI Bill, as we have been told. My husband got financial aid, and has been approved for VRAP, and the VA is still processing his paper work. But they haven't said anything about getting both.

  228. Do you still collect your monthly payment for Post 9/11 GI bill if you are collecting 70% from Disability?

  229. How long is it taking to receive the first payment from VRAP? I received my COE in July 2012. I started school on 8/20/12, and the VA received my enrollment certification from the school (via VA-Once) on 9/12/12. It is now 10/20/12, and I am told it is "still in processing" by the Atlanta regional office, and the VA has "no idea" how long the processing will take. The semester ends in early December, and I'm worried that the semester will be over before I receive anything. Does anyone out there have an idea how long the processing is taking to receive the first check ?

  230. I am unemployed and want to do the VRAP. If I do, does the monthly payout (almost 1500) must go to the school or can it be used to pay rent?

    • VRAP money comes directly to you. You may use it for anything you want. Note: VA does not pay for your education expenses. You must pay them out of your VA money or form other sources such as Pell grants or Loans. Also you do Not qualify for VA Work Study

  231. Terrance Wise says:

    How do I go about applying? I have went to the portal and it is not working.

    • Florida Belle says:

      I can remember the first time I went to the site, it was not working, but just try again later. I think if there are too many people trying to submit apps at the same time, it gets a little sluggish. Also, try clearing your cache before you try again.

  232. Do I have to first be accepted for the school program before applying for VRAP ? Also the school program certification on campus that's 12 credits/full time is not eligible for FAFSA at the approved 2 year community college. Any suggestions? Thanks in advance.

  233. Florida Belle says:

    You don't have to be accepted first, but I'd make sure that it was a school I knew I'd be accepted to when you do apply because the VRAP application asks for the school you intend to attend. Not only that, the award letter from the VA can only be used at the school that you list. So it would just make things neat and tidy if you knew for sure that the school will accept you first. I don't understand your second question re the FAFSA, but hope the VRAP commentary helps.

  234. Whats the highest paid high demand occupation out of them all?

    • belbane2011 says:

      General & Operations Managers
      Business Operations Specialist- so far as I have researched.
      Check your field of interest at

      ANd here is tyhe rub- check job growth market because some fields are not as "In demand" as the VA requires

  235. I am 64 years of age and an unemployed veteran in need of tuition assistance for a certificate program. Will the VA consider a waiver of the age ceiling?

    • When they put that age cap, they failed to remember that the economy sucks right now and even those that can retire, really cannot afford to retire as the cost of living is atrocious right now and will never get better as I see it. It can't hurt to try to get a waiver.

  236. I applied for a school that met the requirements for VRAP program, and the school does accept it, but I have not been given the status of my acceptance letter from Buffalo yet, and I signed on line on 9/28/12. I received my confirmation Number, but no letter for the OK to attend. Is there a number that I can call to find out if I have been accepted by the VRAP program for that school.

  237. VRAP is a huge opportunity for many of us, but the process has been a bit tricky. Information from both the VA and the schools can conflict or be incomplete. Neither seemed quite ready for us when the program began in July. Information was scarce, and difficult to find. I wanted to start a discussion for current and future participants to share ideas, discuss concerns, and ask questions. I also wanted this to be limited to VRAP since on many forums, I have seen the discussion turn to many other VA issues. I am hoping others will post their experiences, with the VA, the schools that they have encountered, and with the job placement. Please check out the link below, and pass this on to others trying to navigate the VRAP program.

  238. michael j enkins says:

    I started school about a week after i applied online, i was told i was eligible on line but i havent received the letter yet, my school has sent my confirmation to the VA. I have set up direct deposit it is the 3 of november. i can't log into WAVE because i haven't received benefits yet , what can i do now beside wait

    • belbane2011 says:

      I suggest calling as did my Vet Rep

      Click the logo to enter the Web Automated Verification of Enrollment (WAVE) to verify your enrollment online. You can also call 1-877 VA-ECERT ( 1-877-823-2378) to verify by telephone.

    • Gary Thomas says:

      Call the VA in St. Louis, Missouri. Schedule a time the very next business day [after normal hours] for them to call you ……. or talk with an operator the same day if they're not too busy. When you finally speak with a live VA representative, have them FAX your approval letter to your school. They did this for me and they've done this for many others from what I heard. Along with the FAX to your school, request that they send your approval letter & tell them you don't have it yet. Hope this helps!

  239. deleted9945156 says:

    I thank GOD for this website because I been going crazy! I left the Navy in 1991 while in boot camp after my brother committed suicide. I was halfway thru boot camp. I received an other than honorable discharge by court martial. If anyone has received vrap with a other than honorable discharge or similar circumstances please let me know. I applied for vrap on August 13th and haven't heard anything from the st. louis regional office as of yet.

  240. Ok I started school in the vrap program and picked a Business cirt program and it only takes 8 mths. What I want to know is that once I complete the program can I then use the last 4 mths to go to another semester to work on getting my degree in business or is it when I'm done with the certificate class and get that I can't use the remaing 4 mths

    • In my case, I am going to have one course left to take in the final semester, and of course the VA wouldn't pay for me to take one course, but they have a regulation that helps get around that. Read Section 1.11 Rounding out of Terms, which allows you to take any electives that helps you to meet the 12 hr requirement.

    • I misread your post earlier, you should change your program of study to Associate Degree, you will still get the Certificate and then will be eligible to take the other courses.

  241. deleted9945156 says:

    One of the vrap requirements is that you have to be jobless/unemployed. If you work at a day labor from time to time,( work today, get paid today, may not work the next day and the next day) is that considered employment?

  242. I want to apply for the VRAP/Vow to Hire Heroes program. I once had Montgomery GI Bill benefits that I unfortunately never used within the 10 years that you're allowed for using them. I think I meet all the other eligibility criteria for VRAP. So, would the fact that I once had unused GI Bill benefits make me ineligible for VRAP? Thank you!

    • No it won't. I never used my GI BILL benefits and I have been accepted into the VRAP program.

    • You are eligible Chris. I was in the same exact situation. I thought what the heck, applied for the VRAP online and was approved. Good Luck!!

    • Itbitkitty says:

      You are eligible for VRAP as long as your GI Bill benefits have expired. I had 1 month of benefits left and was told I had to use those first, when they looked into it further the rep said that they expired back in '92 and as such, eligible for the VRAP program.

  243. I need some advice, and assistance. My husband was approved for the VRAP in August, started school in August, and after a MONTH of trying to get the school to figure out which end is up paper work has been submitted finally to the VA. NOW.. Here is where it gets tricky. We are still trying to get it where he can certify and we can start receiving money. He started calling the VA around the 15th of Oct, because the school stated they had submitted it. Well, VA first told us they found it was filed under the wrong file number, and that they would fix it. So they told us it would be like 3 days for them to process and then 3-5 days for VRAP to process then we should be able to certify on Nov. 1. Well Nov. 1 came around, and NOTHING. They still don't have us in the computer, so the next lady he talked to said they had it but couldn't give him a time frame for processing, but to keep calling every couple of days and check in. So he called again today and the guy he talked to today said he JUST got it on 10/26/12 and it takes 4-6 weeks for processing. But that they will back pay us.

    Okay please don't take this wrong, we are grateful for EVERYTHING the VA has done for us, and for this opportunity. But my husband has been without a job for over a year, it was a decision we made for him to go back to school to get a better chance at getting a job. We thought the vrap money would help us with bills while he did that. But instead we have NO money from them, and he is going to school instead of having a job. This blows chunks!! I don't understand. Can anyone else tell me how long if you have gotten your money how long processing took?

    • In the future, use this site for certifying

      • we actually have tried to use this site. It says he isn't registered. He first had to register on E benefits and he did..

        And as an update*** FINALLY*** we talked to someone on Friday and she said a check was mailed for Oct, Sept and part of August. YEAH!!! Then it showed up on his E benefits yesterday. So that is great news for us. Just have to keep up on everything is my best advice out there to anyone.

        I just hope they figure out the whole wave cert, before Nov. 30th, because he can't log on to that.

  244. Rob Clifford says:

    I've been accepted into a heavy equipment program that will certifiy me in several pieces of heavy/construciton equipment. Unfotunately the course costs approximately $10,00.00 and is nine weeks long. The VRAP will only pay for the time in class which is $1,400.00. This doesn't seem right so I continue to pursue till I get better funding. Any suggestions or names of VA/Department of Labor chiefs I can contact.

    • Same with me, I want to attend a Microsoft Certified training program taught by the best in the IT industry, which would "guarantee" me a great job, but I can't use the money for that. :(

    • 13thGeneral says:

      Unfortunately, I don't think the VRAP was intended for training of that magnitude. Question: Why does that course cost so much? Seems a bit steep.

  245. Joseph V. Cruz says:

    I live on Guam and the only place that has a crain school certified by OHSA is in Hawaii or California can this program pay for me to attend this shcool to include traval and housing.

  246. Does the VRAP program accept enrollment at online study programs?

  247. I recently applied for VRAP program, do you have to be inroll already to start receiving payments, and who do call to find out if you got it or not, and how long does it usally takes.

    • Quantus767 says:

      Yes you do have to be enrolled to receive benefits. You don't have to call anyone, you will receive a letter in the mail which is called a certificate of eligibility stating that you have been admitted into the program. Usually takes between 4-6 weeks to process and receive the certificate of eligibility in the mail. Hope this info helps a little.

  248. Is vrap allowence your money or do you.have to pay the school with it.

    • You have to pay the school out of that, so most likely EVERYONE will have to have a pell grant or loan to make this VRAP work for them, if they are really unemployed.

  249. I have received my certificate of eligibility for VRAP, I have a tentative FASFA for Pell, can I use a Staford Student Loan also

    • FAFSA says you can only apply for a loan that is used specifically for school tuition etc, if you get a pell grant you won't need a loan.

    • I receive the Pell, stafford loans, and approved for vrap. I;m just waiting for spring semester because my online class and 8 week courses do not count as full time, even though the 8 week classes are full credit courses. i was told when I start Jan. 13 I will verify my month enrollment and receive my first direct deposit in February. Then verify enrollment at the end of each month.

  250. I am really disappointed at the direction this has taken. I am in a licensing program to becoem a Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor, a non-degree program to get my license and be employed in the Social Services field, specifically working with Veterans with TBI. My University is a Community College which has just recently added 4 year programs. How does this eleiminate it when it is on the list of approved schools? I have been turned down twice, someone help me!

    • I agree, that was the stupidest thing they did in this program, eliminating schools just because they offered 4 yr degrees. So now I"m stuck with a community college that is crap, but it satisfies their requirements. And paying us AFTER we start school is another bad decision.

  251. I received a letter from VRAP about the deposit info but not yet received a COE letter. Hope it is on its way. My FAFSA SAR shows I am not eligible for a PELL grant but may be eligible for other aid which I will be speaking to the school soon. My worry is I am living off my personal saving to pay for a roof over my head, food and bills which will last for only 4 months. I know going to school hopefully (Jan 2013)will help me get a job opportunity but will I be able to afford with loans available for school with no pell grant? I am sincere because I have no other choice but go to school. I have no employment benefits and have been out of work for over a year.

    • belbane2011 says:

      Same thing here. Called 888.442.4551 RE: COE letter. They said they mailed it Oct 10, 2012- Umm, I did not receive it BUT the guy faxed a copy to my school of choice and mailed me another one yesterday. SO I hope to get this on in the mail. BIG info- seek out the advanced payment form and talk to these guys (ebenfits phone number above) about getting an advance on the funds themselves.
      I am not eligible for Pell. Out of Un bene's out of money, yep I know that feeling well. I did receive Stafford SAR though. Hate to be in more debt to the Man however I found no other way round it. My school did offer in school deferments, waivers, and grants, so check with your school on that one.

  252. is v rap a loan or a grant please

  253. When do we get our first check? do we need an omb number?

  254. Same here in Alabama. You can draw both unemployment and VRAP and going to school does not disqualify you from drawing unemployment…..

  255. whats the test for the Vrap

    • What do you mean by test? The requirements are that you are a vet, not dishonorably discharged, 35-60 years old and currently unemployed, working toward a certificate or degree in a high demand occupation and not eligible for any other VA education benefits or GI Bill.

  256. Imam currently working on my prerequisites to get into the nursing program. Is anyone else doing this and still able to receive the vrap benefits? It is an associates I am working towards. Thank you!

  257. nancy rider says:

    Can a vet, who already has two years toward a bachelor's degree, use VRAP to complete the last two years of the degree?

    • Franklin Ford says:

      Good Question, I do not know.

    • Yes, as long as you are enrolled full time and working toward a high demand occupation. I already have an Associate degree and am using VRAP to take classes to change careers.

    • NO, it cannot be used for any 4 year program!

    • NO, I am in the same boat and had to start another program. No four year degree plans, only certificates and associates degrees. Sucks huh…

  258. Do you have to repay the money if one class is below a C

    • As long as the grade can still be used toward your program you are okay. But, if the grade does not meet the program requirements you will not be paid for that class. If they pay you by mistake you will owe the money back.

      • itbitkitty says:

        I thought that you only had to maintain a c average in total …not c per class. Meaning, your GPA must be above a 2.0. Is this wrong?

        • If your program only requires that you pass the class in general then a "D" and up is fine. If you have special classes that require a "B" or "C" then you must have that because anything below that will not count towards your program. VRAP states that it will not pay for classes that do not count towards your program. In most "funding programs" in general you must maintain a "C" average but this is an entirely different matter.

        • I have done more research on this question and found this. The information that I have given you is apparently wrong because I just pulled this straight for the VA site.

          "If you fail a class you receive what is called a "punitive grade" for that class. A punitive grade is a grade that doesn’t count as earned credit, but is used in determining a student’s progress toward graduation requirements. This means that the grade you receive counts in your overall degree progress, albeit negatively. Since this grade counts towards your graduation progress you are not required to repay any GI Bill money you received for that class.

          You may take the class again in an attempt to receive credit towards graduation or raise your grade for it and you may receive GI Bill payment for the retaking of the class."

          That was copied from the site. I hope this helps.

  259. does anyone know if two of three classes are given a Z grade, which means a hardship grade, with documentation. Will tis vet still owe the money back, since they were enrolled and doing course work until the last day of class?

  260. are vrap monies considered taxable? Is there a possible fed tax liability?

  261. can I use VRAP in conjunction with another govermental program. If a person does what are the consequences. also, what is the form that a school needs to submit to prove I am attending their institution?

    • blaidd drwg says:

      Your school should have VA counselors and they will give you the forms to fill out and will file the papers for you.

  262. what a shitty system u have. cant tell where 1 post leaves off, n where 1 starts

  263. steven Kelly says:

    I have register for class and my class star in mid January, When will I recieve my first check?

  264. steven Kelly says:

    I have register for class and my class star in mid January, When will I recieve my first check?

    • Blaidd Drwg says:

      You will receive your money in Feb. It is always a month behind. Your letter will explain how to do it. I got through the fall semester and will be going back to school in January

    • concernedveteran says:

      Steven I was told u need one month of attendence and u will get it the following moth and if u do not have a full month they will prorate it

    • I started in mid January as well, and was told by my school VA advisor that I would get a partial check after certification at the beginning of February.

      • I started January 12th – my school sent the enrollment verification in January 11th. I can't get anyone to tell me anything other than it will be pro-rated. Hopefully I see something in my account on Feb 1st – but I think it will be March 1st. We have to do the monthly online certification the last day of the month on the GI Bill WAVE site and according to that I don't exist yet. I e-mailed them today and asked, but no response yet………….

  265. I am in a year long program, but only received approval for the first quarter. I am attending a stepped certificate program at a community college – each quarter earns a certificate, but the Medical Assistant certificate requires a year's attendance. Is this normal?

  266. Does anyone know how long it takes from the time the school submits your
    certificate of eligibility to get the cash?

  267. Rod Matthews says:

    I know that there is an 18 hour requirement per-week for training. What are the hour requriements for the Holidays?

  268. If I am getting vrap, do I still get a check during winter break?

    • You only get paid for the number of days you were in class for any calendar month.

      • It's my understanding you receive benefits for all "instructional days" in a month whether you have classes that day or not. If your school is shut down for 7 days you still receive benefits for 23 days, even if you only have classes on 15 of those days. All months are assumed to have 30 days for prorating purposes.

  269. How long do you have to use your vrap?

  270. concernedveteran says:

    If I applied for VRAP in Dec 2012 does anyone know how long for me to get approved? School starts in Jan 2013 and I am hoping I can go to school…If you know the answer please let me…and once I get it will I get monies thru VRAP when there is a school vacation?? if so how much? If u are in school and u have been prorated during vacation plz give me and example of how much they prorated u…thanks

    • A. R. Martinez says:

      i am on the vrap program it took about one month for me to get an responce then about one month to get my money. keep in mind that you get paid for the month you attend, so if you attend in dec. you wont get any money until jan they have to make sure you attended the month before. that,s it.

    • You don't receive benefits for months you are not actually in school. The benefits are prorated on a 30 day month. If your school has shutdown times (holidays, breaks) the number of non-instructional days are subtracted from 30 for that month. $1564 divided by 30 equals about $52.13 per day so if your school has 7 non-instructional days in a month you will receive $52.13 per day for 23 days, about $1200. It doesn't matter if you have classes or not on "instructional days", you still receive benefits.

    • It usually takes about 3 weeks before you get your verification letter, but you can keep calling the VA education rep to confirm approval as I did……I found out a week before I received written verification. No pay out during breaks, if your semester/classes starts or ends in the middle of the month funds will be prorated at the NOW $1563 rate. 28, 30 or 31 days divided by 1563

  271. concernedveteran says:

    being that i am unemployed I owed $3,000 for income tax and for the process to get my taxes prepared, meaning it never went into the system (as the IRS tells me so they cannot give me a copy of any of my taxes because it has not officially been finished. Since i am unemployed where am I going to get $3,000 from? The school told me I needed this before I could apply for school. Also I need an approval letter from VRAP. Can anyone shed some light on this?

    • To apply for the VRAP you don't need a copy of your income tax, Also apply for a pell grant to get you started with your training

    • May I suggest to you a book called How to get Tax Amnesty by Dan Pilla. Best of luck!

  272. glen davis says:

    i have been approved and accepted into the VRAP program, but am in the process of moving to another state in which the local college gives an orientation class before i can enroll. i've been notified that i'm in danger of losing my status with the v a because i am not acting fast enough. can i just enroll in a college that offers distance learning so as to not be held up in the red tape that the other college is stringing about? who in the v a would i talk to about my moving status. any help or advice would be appreciated

  273. School just certified my enrollment, classes have started, when will benefits arrive

    • At the end of the calendar month, you will have to verify your attendance. There is a way to do it online, but I have never been able to make it work, so I just call the toll-free number (877) 823-2378. For verifying January, you have to call no earlier than Feb. 1. You should get your money by direct deposit in about 7 days after you verify. Hope that helps.

    • Submit verification of attendance back to the VA, Then.. hold your breath.

    • Call in/certify your enrollment on the last day of the month. Funds will be directly deposited in your account a few days after.

  274. I am told by my college GI benefits clerk that I can only take the classes that
    are listed as required in the college catalog and that electives that are not listed
    do not count. There are not enough required classes in my major and because I already have my BA, I am hard pressed to find classes that are required for the AA program I am in. Does this make sense to anyone? Is this correct?

    • VRAP is pretty much just for earning the credential, so you won't be able to get them to pay for courses that are not required. Unfortunately, VRAP only pays for full-time study, so there's no chance of getting a reduced stipend proportional to a lower than full course load. I'm in a similar situation, but luckily I have just barely enough requirements left to fill up the full 12 months.

      You might consider changing your major to something that is different enough from your BA so that you will have lots of requirements, and then take the classes you really want to take as your electives.

      I hope that helps.

      • I am in the same boat, I need to take one additional course my last semester. The only think I can suggest is to take a computer course, My rep said that would help me with my career so I could probably take it.

      • This was helpful advice for me Chris, Thanks

  275. Frederick Huston says:

    After clicking submit application on VRAP i received no conformation that i clicked submit…don't know if it went thru or not. How do i check.

    • According to the VA you should get something via snail mail. Because I called to ask today. But, their mail is behind. They have no deadline it seems when they get to you then you will be next. Just like the telephone. The VA Education representative claims,"they are 1 month behind with paper work." Due to high volume for the spring semester.If this helps answer your concern.

  276. RUSSELL MOYE says:


  277. Does the VRAP cover online classes?

    • belbane2011 says:

      yes- depending on the type of classes. VRAP does Not cover what are termed correspondence courses.

  278. LAWALKER418 says:

    How do I change my direct deposit information? I changed bank accounts after making application for VRAP

  279. LAWALKER418 says:

    What if you are approved for Veterans Disability after you receive your COE?

    • belbane2011 says:

      100% > I have rating less than 100 and I was approved. The challenge becomes IF you are able to complete the program of your choice. I chose online program because I an unable to do brick and mortar for 6 or 8 hours a day. Be honest with yourself regarding your capabilities.
      Good Luck to you.

  280. LAWALKER418 says:

    How do you change your direct deposit account?

    • call vrap with the new info @ 8884424551 .they will change it right there in no time. Ive had it done

  281. William C says:

    How can I change my direct deposit information on my VRAP application?

  282. HopingStill says:

    I'm certified by a trade school, never went to college before and am not yet enrolled! I *just* received confirmation of VRAP benefits & a notice saying that it'd be in my bank account (applied in October!) & now I'm freaking out. Had a bad falling out with my VA Rep, in process of changing him. Is VRAP only for degrees or can I implement my learned trade with another sort of trade school? I basically don't want to go into deeper debt trying to keep my head above the water. I thought it best to ask those who have gone before. Thank you!

    • If approved for VRAP you can still go for another trade. I have a Bachelor degree and was approved. You pay the school out of your VRAP funds. I hope I answered your question.

  283. Myron Wade says:

    I am approved for VRAP and have start school already… I am default on student loan… Will they take my VRAP benefits to apply to default loan… I am still unemployed???

    • no they won't I was also in default. It just means you are responsible for paying your school of choice yourself. But you might want to contact whatever collection company has your past due account because they may work with you, so you can pay a certain amount and reapply for federal benefits. this is especially helpful if you plan on getting an AAS because vrap only pays for one year where as it takes two for an associates….at least through a community college.

      • I just completed getting all my defaulted loans consolidation under direct loans consolidation. I am now eligible for my pell grant which is helping pay for my online schooling , now for next year I am eligible for pell grant 5500 and Stafford loan 10500.00 now I am working on getting scholarships to finish up the 2nd year

  284. Kevin Moore says:

    Can someone please tell me one way or the other, if there are online courses that you can take that are approved through VRAP? I specifically want to pursue the Travel Agent industry and there is nothing in the local approved brick and mortar schools in my area that would get me into that profession. AAA offers online courses, and "The Travel Academy " says they are approved for VRAP. I have gotten so many conflicting answers…

    • belbane2011 says:

      You can take online courses- as long as they are not considered a correspondence course.
      Check the .gov website for the schools of your choice that offer the program. Contact them and find out if they are a Title IV school and if their programs are considered correspondence or distance learning. Good Luck

      • Kevin Moore says:

        Thank you so much for your answer.Clears up things…Now I notice that I have to call in to report my attendance monthly. How do I prove I've been attending when I do it online? Does the school also have to confirm my attendance monthly?

        • The school does a report at the end of the term. YOU must call at the end of the month and it is best to call at 8am and talk to live person you get paid quicker. As far as travel agent. I am a CERTIFIED TRAVEL AGENT through the American Society of Travel Agent..I was awarded scholarship check it out good luck

  285. I was enrolled in a Community College and I had to withdraw because I underestimated my disability, which is Glaucoma with a cataract. So I had my VA rep withdraw me now he is telling me I will owe the VA but I thought you don't have to pay it back. I also plan on going back after cataract surgery. I was only enrolled for about 2 weeks.

  286. how much does vrap pay per day? with school started on the 22, im curious to know how much it will be

  287. Ralph Moerschbacher says:

    This Congress is pathetic. They put an age limit of 60 on the bill which leaves out Vietnam and Korean War Veterans. This is another bureaucratic fiasco.

    • Russell Greer says:

      I agree. Being a Vietnam Veteran I would like to of used it but being 61 I'm screwed again. They seem to care more about recent Vets than the Older Vets or ones from earlier wars or conflicts.

      • Itbitkitty says:

        I meet a really great guy the other day at JC (John Cocheran) and was telling him about VRAP. He got really excited about going back to school, until he heard that he couldn't be over 60. His whole face fell, he was a Vietnam vet and was too old and did not qualify. How sad, and stupid of our government to leave out these guys!

  288. Does VRAP pay for tuition or is it only the monthly stipend that we are entitled to?

  289. I was unemployed when I was approved for the VRAP but haven't started class yet, I intend to enroll before the March 2013 deadline BUT I also just have been hired, am I STILL able to use my VRAP as approved ?

    • College Advisor says:

      From the VRAP FAQ website:
      Does a Veteran have to remain unemployed to be eligible for VRAP?

      Unemployment status is determined through self-attestation the day the Veteran applies for the program and they do not have to remain unemployed throughout the duration of the program.
      Date Updated: 08/02/2012

  290. Yes

  291. james41005 says:

    TAX QUESTION: Does VRAP -Veterans Retraining and Assistance Program paid to veterans to attend tech school need to be claimed or is it exempt when I file my taxes, there is a Veteran Scholorship / Grant box on Turbo Tax and when I use it and put in the amount I recieved from VRAP I then Do Not qualify for the American Opportunity Credit which reduces the amount I would get back by $2,500.

  292. itbitkitty says:

    I am newly enrolled to the VRAP program and just recieved my certificate. Will I still get my benefits iin Feb if I verify my enrollment 1 day late?

  293. Kevin Moore says:

    I notice that there is some type of monthly reporting done by the collage? to verify monthly attendance. How is it done if you are enrolled in an online course?

    • You'll have to call or visit your school's VA Rep and have them verify and submit your class schedule each semester. I did not realize this either, as nobody anywhere informed me that it had to be done EVERY semester. I can imagine a lot of people not realizing this and having problems getting their funds until it's rectified. Luckily I caught it in time.

      • Very true statement. You must stay on top of the process apply as early as you can each semester. This is your money and you must be proactive and make sure that you get it.

    • *college


    • you must call the WAVE number each month to verify your attendance, not your school.

  294. Kevin Moore says:

    If I submitted my paperwork,(Jan 17) to attend a particular collage, and then I find different one that offers a better program, do I have to resubmit my paperwork? Should I do it before I receive my approval letter? I need to get started ASAP..

    • I believe so, yeah. You have to send paperwork for each school you might attend, I think because the VA needs to verify that the school is approved for the VRAP program.

    • Yes, you must file a new VA Form 22-1990R form. In the comments section, at the end of the form, make sure you state that you are already approved and that you are submitting to change schools.

  295. Is anyone else unable to Login online To W.A.V.E. Verify For VRAP?
    I have been attending school since August 2013 using the VRAP funding, and have to call the toll-free number to verify because the W.A.V.E. Login has only worked once – when I initially applied for funding and set up my account. I get my CRAP funds direct deposited without any issue. I've tried the "Lost Password/Pin" option, but it doesn't recognize me either. I've sent support requests, but they cannot reset my password that way. I suppose I'll have to call a VA Rep personally, but I was just wondering if anyone else was having problems.

    • Sorry, that was suppose to be August 2012… lol.

    • How long did it take you to get your award letter once the school verified enrollment?

      • Both this semester, and the Winter semester, it took about a week or so, once I got the school to verify my enrollment. So that much works just fine. So after I got confirmation, I once again tried to log in to W.A.V.E. and it's still not working. Instead, I called the toll-free number to verify, as always.

  296. frustrated Marine says:

    I was certified for the VRAP program last October for the Fall semester at Mira Costa Community College, I was only paid from October to December, It was not retro active. I heard that all VA education benefits paid from the date you started school. Has anyone had or heard of anyone that had this issue with the VRAP program not being retro active?? Thank you.

  297. So I verified my attendance the last day of Jan. So when should the money be deposited into my account?