New VRAP GI Bill for Unemployed Vets

The following is an update to the previous blog post on the new VRAP  GI Bill “retraining” benefit:

 The new program, now known as Veterans Retraining Assistance Program (VRAP), will offer up to 12 months of Montgomery GI Bill benefits for older unemployed veterans. The program is part of the VOW to Hire Heroes Act which also includes tax breaks for companies that hire veterans.

That means that pre-9/11 veterans who often feel left out, may soon qualify for as much as $17,600 ($1473 a month) for education and training. Here’s what you should know about the new VRAP:

  • This benefit can be used to earn an associate degree, non-college degree, or certification, and training for a high demand occupation.
  • According to the VA, the program will begin July 1, 2012.
  • This new benefit will be limited to 45K vets in FY2012 and 54K for FY 2013 through March 31, 2014.
  • Once participating veterans have completed the VRAP education program, the Dept. of Labor will provide employment assistance.
  • To be eligible for the VRAP GI Bill Veterans must:
    • Be at least 35 but no more than 60 years old.
    • Be unemployed (as determined by DoL).
    • Not have a dishonorable discharge.
    • Not be eligible for any other VA education benefit program.
    • Not be drawing VA compensation due to unemployability.
    • Not be enrolled in a federal or state job training program.

Stay tuned for more details as VA releases them.

About the Author

Terry Howell
Before becoming the Managing Editor for, Terry served 20 years in the U.S. Coast Guard as an Aviation Electrician’s Mate and aircrewman. In his final role in the Coast Guard, Terry served as a Career Development Advisor, where he provided career, finance, education, and benefits counseling to servicemembers and their families. Since retiring from the Coast Guard, Terry has authored the book, The Military Advantage, managed the content for TurboTap, the DoD's online transition program and VAforVets, the VA's transition assistance website. Terry earned both his Bachelor's and MBA at Corban University using Military Tuition Assistance and his GI Bill benefits to help cover the cost.
  • Joseph Diggs Sr

    Can a Veteran who have a Discharge (OTH) Other than Honorabe be elgible for this Program? Also if this Veteran is recieving (SDI) Social Security Disability From the state Qualify for this Program? lastly how does he apply?

    • workforce system

      VA ususually does not recognize a veteran with an OTH discharge. They are not eligible for VA benefits…only a few exceptions. Therefore, I would doubt than you would qualify for this education benefit. You may want to look at you local county for a program called WIA. Workforce Investment ACT funds. (Usually pays for 2 yrs of schooling in a demand occupation for your area.) Now the SSDI, may complicate things. Therefore, you may want to make contact with the local state vocational rehabilitation counselor…again there is schooling money usually to help overcome disabilities.

      • USMC0151

        I believe after 6 months you can change that OTH to an honorable discharge so i was told but not sure might want to check in on that.

        • Richard A

          You can APPLY to have it changed. That means, after 6 months, you can ask the military if they would care to change their minds. Success depends on the mood of the person who happens to look at your request.


      USMC0151 is correct. Depending on why you received the OTH, it can be reversed. It is best if a lawyer experience in overturning eligibility does this. you can also go to
      to do this yourself

    • David Beavers

      The official page ( has a FQA sheet which says your discharge must be “other than dishonorable” for this one.

    • Daniel Freysinger

      The requirements are other than dishonorable. So yes, an other than honorable is qualified.

  • Andy

    I am going to be 64 in April and have not been able to find a job in over 3 years? I am to damn old to retrain. I am over 70 percent disabled from Desert Storm. What about me and guys like me?

    • JC69

      Vocational Rehab or Chapter 31.

      • George

        what the heck is chapter 31?, I am going to be 64 and was llaid off from my job Jan 2010, been through the unemployment thing and is now exhausted, am also 30 % diabled but want to get back to work, any programs that are out there to help get me back to work?

  • stephen titus

    I am a vet that was in service during 82-1992. I believe that I would qualify for this
    benefit. I am not receiving any income and would like to know if there are any programs that would allow for me to receive sustenance while possible attending school. I was also diagnosed with spina bifida oculta by the VA. I am speaking about the VRA to begin in July. Please feel free to contact me with any valuable information.

  • Andrew Kiser

    I am a vet from 82-86 Active and 86-88 Reserves. Do I qualify for any education benefits? I am currently employed by the State of Massachusetts EOEEA ITO

    Andrew Kiser

  • Rodolfo

    Have Been Unemployed 2 years now. I am 66. Physically able to work. Is there any help for my situation? Thanks

    • salome

      NOPE even if you have a number of degrees there is a silent war against anyone over 50 yrs whether a vet or not.

      • Bianca G.

        That is absolutely incorrect!!! I am a Human Resources Specialist (Recruitment/Staffing) at the VA and we hire senior citizens on a consistent basis! Please do not spread vicious rumors to discourage people from applying for positions!

        The advice I can give anyone looking for Federal employment is to write a very descriptive resume and do not leave out details you would consider unimportant. The average Federal resume is between 5 and 10 pages and I have seen them as lengthy as 23 pages. There is hope for people who have years of experience under their belt!

        • Kirk G.

          Tell the area of Walla Walla Washington that. I am 52 and been in the computer field for 30 years. Corporations won’t hire me due to age. Banks will not hire me in this area and I nearly have a Bachelors in Business and keep being rejected.

          This is absolutely bananas. I want to work and because I am up in years I am look upon as a throwaway. Somebody have work out there?

          • retiree

            “Corporations won’t hire me due to age.”

            That violates Federal Law. Feel free to bring suit against them – talk to a good lawyer.

            Smart companies realize that their older workers are the ones with skill and knowledge. Cheap companies go for the cheap (new) employees.

            Also, check with the Federal Government (not certain what there is in your area). The hiring can be slow (I’ve seen it take 2 years), but with all the soon-to-be-retirees in the Federal Civil Service, they’re hiring.

        • Stanley

          Thank you very much for the comment about anyone over 50 yrs of age can get a job.

        • May Day


          With all due respect, folks aren’t considered “Seniors” until they are 65 or older. There are many well qualified, experienced older Vets (over 50 and less than 65) that can’t get an interview. Perhaps the VA is hiring this age demographic but the rest of the business community may as well hang a sign that says, “Over 50 need not Apply.” To say otherwise is telling those folks seeking suitable employment, that they are liars.

          To wit: “That is absolutely incorrect!!!”

          Hope is for children; adults deal with reality.


      Have you tried AmeriCorp? There are several different areas that they need help in. IF nothing else several of the programs offer $5000.00 in tuition aid and a stipend of 700-1100 a month for a year contract..

      • Louie

        I also am a VM Vet. What and where is AmeriCorp?

        • retiree

          Google is your friend.

          From “What is AmeriCorps”
          “AmeriCorps is an opportunity to make a big difference in your life and in the lives of those around you. It’s a chance to apply your skills and ideals toward helping others and meeting critical needs in the community.

          Each year, AmeriCorps offers 75,000 opportunities for adults of all ages and backgrounds to serve through a network of partnerships with local and national nonprofit groups. Whether your service makes a community safer, gives a child a second chance, or helps protect the environment, you’ll be getting things done through AmeriCorps!

          AmeriCorps members address critical needs in communities all across America. As an AmeriCorps member, you can:

          Tutor and mentor disadvantaged youth
          Fight illiteracy
          Improve health services
          Build affordable housing
          Teach computer skills
          Clean parks and streams
          Manage or operate after-school programs
          Help communities respond to disasters
          Build organizational capacity”

    • Louie

      Rodolfo, have you received any information that is helpfull or diredted to our age group that we can use?

    • Mic

      Wallmart Door Jockey :)

    • JR Batson

      Try giving a look at Senior Corps, getinvolved (dot) org. It’s one of the National service programs for those 55 and older.

    • Dennis Greenia

      I am a disabled vet (totally able to work), honorable discharge, Viet-Nam era, excellent work record, whose position was eliminated three years ago. I am now 62 … can’t find any work, nothing ,nada, zilch! I have BA and Masters degree (worked my way through college totally at my own expense plus some GI Bill long ago) … and gray hair. Nothing available. Age matters big time! Government assistance – don’t believe it folks … not at this age … not even with the government!

      • UWorlds

        If you are a disabled vet aren’t you receiving VA benefits?

    • Out of work

      i agree and need work of some type.

  • G.I. Mom

    Hello, I am a MSG in the Reserves and I am 46 1/2 yrs old. I have been unemployed since May 2010; I am an active Reservist; Was honorable discharged from overseas tour in Oct 2007 and I do have the 9-11 GI Bill (17mths remaining) – Am I eligible for this program OR who can I call to discuss

    • Sgt.Brown

      Please read this and see where you fit in. I belive you do.
      •This benefit can be used to finish up a college degree, certification, vocational training, On-the-Job Training and more.
      •According to the VA, the program will begin July 1, 2012.
      •This new benefit will be limited to 45K vets in FY2012 and 54K for FY 2013 through March 31, 2014.
      •Once participating veterans have completed the VRAP education program, the Dept. of Labor will provide employment assistance.
      •To be eligible for the VRAP GI Bill Veterans must:
      ■Be at least 35 but no more than 60 years old.
      ■Be unemployed (as determined by DoL).
      ■Not have a dishonorable discharge.
      ■Not be eligible for any other VA education benefit program.
      ■Not be drawing VA compensation due to unemployability.
      ■Not be enrolled in a federal or state job training program.

      Read more:

    • CSM D.

      To be eligible for the VRAP GI Bill Veterans must:
      ■Not be eligible for any other VA education benefit program

      You have time left on your CH 33 benefits. Ineligible


      no you must have used all type benifits and be unemployed for at least 12 months, go to va .org and looked up benifts for VRAP,or call your local VA rep, 18008271000 push 1 then 1 then 0 and you will get thru to a que and either they will answer or call you back, you may be on hold for as long as 30 minutes dont get discouraged they will answer but you have to wait, as you should be used to anyway(hurry up and wait) remember. hope this helps you. thanks for your service, even i am (a viet-nam vet)who suposedly is a whiner i still want to help other vets.

  • Dennis Eriksen

    I am 60 years old now. Is the over 60 calculated at time bill became law, time of application to VRAP program, or when training begins?

    • Ed T

      I hope someone can answer, find myself in the same situation.

  • Sgt.Brown

    No you are not elgible from Fed side but check to see if hie/her state has a soruce.

  • Bill Chapen

    I am a vet was in service from 1982 thru 1985 please help me with some income assistance programs

  • Rob

    I want to get started with the paperwork. I’m 46 and was enlisted from 1988-1991. I never got to use my GI bill and now it is expired. I won’t let this opportunity go by trust me.

    • Rob

      I mean 86 to 91. lol

  • She

    What about those of us who retired after 20+ years but they hadn’t decided on all the rules of transferring it to your child before we retired? If we knew they were going to make it you had to transfer the rights before you retired we would have….. So now two kids in college and we are paying 100% of it??

  • rRm

    Does anyone realize that due to our greed-raped economy there are countless Veterans over age 60+ that are unemployed requiring retraining because they subjected to wage and age descrimination?

    • A G

      I believe that by the age of 60 one should have his or her own business in some field. perhaps ya’ll are looking at the wrong schools to help. You should be looking at Penn Foster if you are a vet!!! the website is simply Begin now to think like a champion, and you will become one.

  • Mike Kushner

    I’am 59 years old and honorably discharged from the Navy after 21 years. 1971-1992. I did use the GI bill. I just got layed off after working for Winn-Dixie for 19 years and 10 months. Can I qualify?

  • haskinsjc

    Sure wish they would take care of us forgotten Vietnam Era Veterans a little better.
    Shoot, I’m 60, and could use the training. I’m under employed, and could be better employed with a degree.
    The GI bill we got was pitiful, I couldn’t even think of going back to college after the being discharged. I would have received 140/mo, and that had to cover all my expenses.

    • Amanda

      I hope that they change the age limit. Why would they put an age cap on education?? My dad is a veteran and he just turned 59. He was telling me the other day about how he wanted to go back to school. I hope they change it for you and him. :)

    • Tyler

      Yeah, I hear you brother! Every new act of assistance for Veterans once again excludes we VietNam Vets just like our so-called education benefits we had upon returning from combat. It’s like we continue to be punished for having served.

  • Bill

    Vietnam vets screwed again.

  • Bill

    Vietnam vets screwed again

  • Michael Shea

    I can’t believe that their not going to allow vets over 60 to get help…we are the ones that need it most…..I guess us Vietnan vets are cannon fodder….Screwed again….Shame on you VA……I was SOOOO happy when I read the come on …untill I saw “Offer not Available in some areas…..Not available to all vets that need it….Hummmm….It said “Liberty and justice for all”….Guess NOT!

    • Doug

      Michael, you are correct. Those of us that waged war in the jungles of RVN are once again the Forgotten. We have lots to bring to any employer’s party, but won’t be getting an invite. Shame on Congress and the President for dealing us out.

      Doug, 9th Infantry Division, Vietnam (1969)

      • Michael Shea

        I will be contacting senator Patty Murray who has been a tireless advocate of veterans….especially here in Washington state….But We all as older veterans need to agitate be the squeeky wheels and help the rest of us Vietnam Vets that can’t
        Former tunnel rat…25th Infantry (wolfhounds) Cu Chi…

        • chucker

          And by the time anything gets done with that we will be 65 or older or dead. Lots of luck to us older RVN vets.

          • Michael Shea

            Chucker, Get Off Your Ass and crawl up this Mountain….We need you to get the mission completed….I really was only a corporal…Tried to sound like a Officer to ya….We as vets need to stick together and make a difference…Every Friday I stand on a corner in Newport Washington holding a sign for the (99%) hoping people will wake up and get off there apathetic bottoms and DO SOMETHING …besides complain and not vote….Michael
            A former 25th Infantry Tunnel Rat (wolfhounds) Cu Chi ..RVN

      • Joyce

        It’s not that they don’t want anyone over the age of 60 to be educated, it’s the system. If you look at the company’s that’s hiring you would see that they’re not hiring older people. I’m 45 and currently in school. I feel I’m going to have a hard time finding a job which is why I’m going to try and find a job with the government in hopes that my veterans preference gives me a boost. Everyone over 60 need to target the companies who are discriminating and when they change their hiring process then maybe th VA will change the age limit.

        • Michael Shea

          Joyce, Aggitate….Aggrivate….Be the Squeeky Wheel…..Write your representitives tirelessly….Make your views known and never give up….Poop I’m 62 and spend atleast several hours a week Aggitating.
          You can too….If you really are committed to change for the better….’Think of the movie “Pass It On”
          Michael….25th Infantry (wolfhounds) RVN

    • JoeB

      I’m in the boat with you! Maybe we should start contacting the VA/Govt, since they are now expecting us to work into our 80s

      • Michael Shea

        Hey JoeB, I will be contacting Senator Patty Murray here in Washington state about this age discrimination (boy hope I spelled that right)….We as older vets need to aggitate to get this age barrier overturned…..Write everyone you can and fight for US…..We will become the squeeky wheels that they will address.
        Michael….former tunnel Rat ….25th Infantry Division (Wolfhounds)
        Cu Chi….RVN

    • dogs life

      How many members of Congress were over 60 that passed this bill??

      • Michael Shea

        Dogs Life, Yes It is A mutts life we live….But remember ….The squeeky wheel gets the Grease…..Aggitate, Aggrivate and make your views known….Get up that Hill……M&M
        That’s Michael and Marley….Marley is the klepto dog…..terrible stealer….what’s a dad to do…!

    • who is going to hire you at your age and they know that !!!!! high insurance for the company ??????????

      • Michael Shea

        Frank, You need to aggitate…aggrivate….Get on your representitives….
        Spend a few minutes a day to help make it better for all us vets….MIchael …25th Infantry Cu Chi (Wolfhounds)
        No Excusses (Geez I know I spelled that wrong)

    • baduga

      Yeah I was getting excited until I read the “not over 60” line. You’re right, us older vets need help too. Do we stop being veterans after 60?

    • John

      I am 65 and it great shape and can run rings around people much younger than me. I still climb ladders over 2 stories and feel like I am in my 40’s but realize my physical abilities will decline. I need to work and would like to prepare for a career change. Old vets should also be given the opportunity to work.

  • HC 1 Uss Coral Sea

    Looks like the Viet Nam vets get one in the ear….again ! Most are just past the 60 mark. I sincerly hope the rest of you younger vets can take advantage of this.

  • OrionIFT

    I am an unemployed disabled veteran and I have already used the Mongomery GI Bill to get college degrees in Physics and History with a Masters in Military History. Can I use VRAP to work on my PhD?


      no, only for a non- degree degree, or 21 month type as or degree that you can get in that 24 month period that will lead to a job that the president and ?others say are critical. MACM584

    • Richard A


      “The program must lead to an Associate Degree, Non-College Degree, or a Certification, and train the Veteran for a high demand occupation.”

      History is not a high-demand occupation, regardless of the education level. Physics probably isn’t, either.

    • chris

      sounds like you have already chosen your profession…. a professional student with no aspiration of actually going to work , how much education do you actually need to get before becoming a usefull member of society and let others that need the assistance have it to better their lives and lives of family members.

  • J.E.Bowie Sr.

    I just want to see the program work for me, and have information sent to me,so I can get started.



      you have to go to va(although i called and they did not know any details they stated that u had to call back every month or so untill they had more details, also you could go (this is from dept of labor who is partial sponsor of this program). go to(va career, they will evaluate you and they decide if they will let you in the VRAPprogram ( i qualify for goverment program but career links wont let me in becaise i have a degree allready) have been layed off for 15 months and dont have any thing on horizion for a job, have been looking to no avail i am disabled physically but not brain dead, still not 100% sure of how all qualifications are to be met but hope this helps you, thanks for serving, MACM584

  • captian Keith

    sounds good till u read between the lines,,i went in in 71,,low draft number,,proud to serve but going to be 60..o well this time screwd..what a joke ..once a vet always a vet,,but i guess not ,,sounds as if ends at 60

  • dboz3451

    nam vet 1969– 1974 just turned 61 this month havent had a job since 08

    F____d aaaaagainnnnn by our government, damn sure could have used some

    of that cash for bills and gas

  • Doug, LTC (Ret)

    While the Bill is appropriate for its intended beneficiaries, it does nothing for the “over 60” crowd like me that fought in Vietnam. Shame on Congress and President Obama for this discrimination. We want to work, have to work, and have skills, that with some honing can benefit today’s employers. To our elected officials: Fix this oversight, please!

  • nam vet 1969– 1974 just turned 61 this month havent had a job since 08

    F____d aaaaagainnnnn by our government, damn sure could have used some

    of that cash for bills and gas

    • Michael Weston

      Missed it by that much, As they say, Well, Fiddlesticks dell. Maybe if i apply, Theyll approve my disability claim!!! Salute to you for being there when i was a sprout, GOD Bless You, Who needs them!!!

      • Michael Shea

        Hello Michael, Don’t give up yet….We need to Aggrivate and Aggitate about this age discrimination..(hope I spelled that right)….Squeeky wheel gets the grease…I’ll be contacting my and other senators tomorrow…I live in Washington state and Patty Murray has been a tireless advocate for veterans…(contact her)….I wish we lived in a better world and us Vietnam veterans were’nt always sitting on the Group W bench always paying $50 and picking up the garbage (Alices Resturant)…Tirelessly work on this 10 minutes a day and we will get this overturned…
        Michael…Tunnel Rat..25th Infantry (Wolfhounds) RVN

    • Michael Shea

      Hi Dell, Aggrivate, Aggitate, Contact your Senators…..We on the Group W bench Are not going to pay $50 and pick up the garbage (Alices Resturant).
      Enough is enough….We are not going stand by and let them age discrminate (boy I hope I spelled that right) against us…..spend a few minutes a day on this….
      Michael….25th Infantry Tunnel Rat …Cu Chi…RVN

  • Lori

    I have beem told I didn’t qualify for educational benefits because I had exhausted all my educational benefits with usage & time… being that the time has passed the 10years you had to use it…do I qualify for this program? I am currently on unemployment due to being laid off my federal job

  • Wondering where to go for an application and who will be in charge of the program. I served from 1977-1997 and due to all the changes in the programs got no school benefits at all. (52 years old). Thanks

  • Steve

    Figures…still left out for VA benefits. I’m glad I served for 16 years. Maybe I should quit my job so I can finally get VA college benefits. I’ve only spent 150k on school.

  • UWorlds

    Where do you sign up for this benefit?

    • Betty

      Good question…..I quess there will be just a certain group who will find out.

    • Aubrey El

      It is my understanding that the Department of Labor will be paid by the Veterans Administration to administer this program.

  • Over 60

    Isn’t discrimination by age illegal? Do we smell a Class Action Litigation here? While I understand the program is new, and may be underfunded, it should be open to all pre 9/11 Vets regardless of age… We volunteered to serve (OK, some were drafted), and many of us were confronted with a less than grateful population when we returned.

    I’m glad that some will benefit from this, but what happened to All for One & One for All?

    • nice thought . see you made the mistake because of your medals that came from the secretary of defense u thought your country really appreaciated u. im SORRY :(

    • Chris

      that would be nice but how long will your training benifit the work force. First you are trained for a year then you get a job for a year then opt to go into retirement, and the guy you bumped because of the 54,000 person cap who has 20 years left before he can retire is out in the cold. I am an electrician with bad knees so i was out of work I started my own business with nothing and the state of Washington didn’t pay their bill, lost my house (foreclosure), bad credit, and no job doesn’t mean I stop. Find what you do and make a business. A business license is cheap, then use your home as an office, the write offs are amazing. I know this doesn’t fix the schooling issue, but more gets done looking forward than whining at the past. But whining is easier than working. and as far as your all for one comment you were in the military you know that’s not how it works.

  • Ms. Me

    This could not have come at a better time, to be able to finish my degree and not have to worry about working a job, just to barely pay the bills and make less than what this will be each month, thank you God and Congress. ***I ONLY PRAY I AM ONE OF THE 54K.***

    • good for u!!! im under 60 and lost my family because i choose the wrong MOS. why should i have felt sorry for new recruites , when they got school money. i asked to sign up for the new JI bill and they told me no:(
      because i didnt sign up for the VEAP :(

      • Michael Shea

        Frank, You Gotta Aggrivate and Aggitate ……So sorry about your family….Channel that aggrivation into something good…. You are a important person that can help countless others….It will all heal and come back to make you whole again….I been there brother! We as veterans never imagined when we went to war we would be fighting it till the day we died…..That’s the sad thing about it….War never ends for the participents(Hope I spelled that right)….M&M………You will be OK! Marley said so!

    • Dub – ski

      have your pen ready on July 1st! It’ll be a race!

      • Michael Shea

        No Crap….I can’t use the four letter word…..M&M

    • Michael Shea

      Ms Me….I feel you will be one of the chosen….Your heart and karma are pure….You will be just fine….follow through…M&M


      NOT 54K FIRST IS ONLY 45K and only if u can qualify. MACM584

  • grb

    screwed again but then guess could’nt exspect any more from the va and the government we all answered the call to serve and served faithfully they are really good at sticking the knife in and twisting it to help viet nam vet thanks

    • Michael Shea

      Hi grb, You said it!……We got to agrivate…aggitate….sit on the group W bench if we have to….Did’nt get nothing…Had to pay 50 dollars and pick up the garbage….Alices Resturant…..Contact your senator as this is age discrimination….I’ll be contacting mine (patty Murray) here in Washington state….She has been a tireless advocate for all veterans….Check her veteran record….not like some of those other wankers who want to cut veterans programs…
      Michael, former tunnel rat…25th Infantry (Wolfhounds) Cu Chi….RVN

  • Brad Holm

    Another Nam Vet 1969– 1973 just turned 61 in 2011 and I havent had a job since 09. Once again welcome home Viet Nam Vets. What was the purpose of the 60 year old age limit other than eliminate an entire body of war veterans.

    • Michael Shea

      Hi Brad, It is a terrible injustice to age discriminate against us….The only way I can see to overturn this …is to get a groundswell of indignation (hope I spelled that right) against this age thing…..You need to spend 10 whole minutes a day writing your Senators and congressmans (or women)….Aggrivating and Aggitating them to include you in this….I support you….Michael

    • R.R. Rivera

      Well said soldier. There is a lot of us over the hill passed 64
      that endured equal but different fighting environment. The same
      War. The same Patriotic challanges and the same orders.
      The scenarios are different. What was wet muddy jungle is now dry
      desert sand, the war is the same. Don’t put us aside! I myself haven’t
      seen a paycheck in three years but I am a survivor and proud to have served my Country. US Army 1968-1971. YOU KNOW WHAT? I WOULD DO IT AGAIN

  • Sue

    How about some assistance for all who got screwed for serving between 77-85, I was unable to pay into VEAP and support a child. I am employed but need education to keep the job. Im back in school and could use some assistance. I am 54 and paying for college that I cant afford, just to keep my job, I served for 8 yrs active and got out because I needed more money that the military was paying me at the time. Im sure there are more of us out there who could use some help.

    • Sue

      If I were to run out of money for school, I will lose my job, then my home. The it seems like I might qualify for this. Otherwise I pay for school to keep my job and go broke and possibly lose my house in process to pay for school…This sucks

    • Ezell

      I am in the same situation VEAP sucked, and the Government knew it. I have a job, but paying for school really get hard, when you have one in college and then some in public school, and a happy family, so today, I cannot finish my degree and so close but so far. one year to go, but got to put it off again.

    • feel ya bro we got fucked and i told my wife about us !!! along time ago and congress knew and the new guy u got had all the money:)

    • AMEN . i know this i payed the altimate sacrifce > Ilost my family because i had to take a low paying job :(

    • Michael Shea

      Sue, Don’t despair….Aggrivate…Aggitate…Spend 10 minutes on the computer to make your needs and issues known and addressed…recruit allies and write your congressmen and women…You can do It….You have supporters everywhere…Search them Out….
      Michael…25th Infantry,,,Tunnel Rat (Wolfhounds) Cu Chi…RVN

  • SEth

    Rats! So close (I’m 32). I always seem to JUST miss out on veteran benefits. A week after I finished active duty, I got into an accident and am now paralyzed (five days before 9/11)! That makes me 0% disabled! Woohoo!
    As for work/education… I’m starting my own business. Not only do I get to be my own master, I also don’t have to use a tax incentive to try and convince some employer to hire me. Hopefully, those that actually are able to USE this benefit won’t start classes only to find themselves in a pinch if things get mired in paperwork and legislation.

    • chucker

      And best of luck to you. Sounds like you have one hella head on your shoulders.

    • the government knows what there doing its another feel good program that takes unemployed federal workers and gives them a temorary job to fee the gov workers :)
      a hand out to a few as usuale . i lost my house and wife and two daughters. u think we really matter to millionares. they can give themselves a raise of 80% we cant save our families. how do you tell your wife ?

      • its our fault for having a combat mos :)
        if we dont are the pooges goona fight ?

    • Michael Shea

      Seth, Don’t dispare…..You can make a difference….So sad About your accident….Good that you have found your way….Just wanted to tell you…Thanks for your sacrifice….You seem to have a grasp of a certain reallity most of us don’t…I salute you Seth…..You Will land on your feet…
      Michael……25th Infantry…Cu Chi Vietnam

  • Ron M.

    I’m a 63 year old Army Vietnam Veteran & have been out of work over 2 years.
    When I was younger was albe to use my GI Bill for college Associate degree.
    Now I see this article about the new training bill only is for 35 to 60 year olds.
    I could be wrong in my old guy way thinking, but that appears like the D-word.
    Would anyone care to address that, or do you have to be “politically correct”?
    I would appreciate anybody’s new comments about this particular situation.

    • Major Wood

      BOHICA, dude!

    • i never got the GI bill because i didnt enroll in the vep program so i never got school money but who will hire a guy who cant get insurance because of his health. also 100% ptsd isnt tha a waiste of federal funds?

    • greg

      In the same boat, right now that would save my butt, – thanks for nothing….

    • Walter

      Agreed, age always is the unspoken disqualifier. I personally feel that any veteran that wants help to get work, should be allowed the opportunity to apply.

    • Linville Hawthorne

      I totally agree with you. I am a 62 year old vet and I could definitely use additional training in regards to securing employment opportunities. What really upsets me is the fact that I applied for a federal position several years ago which was ultimately offered to a non vet. Even though our qualifications were similar, the VA elected to go with a non vet. Can you tell me what’s wrong with this picture. Maybe I wasn’t politically correct enough for them. At any rate, I do not feel that there should be an age limit associated with this particular program. Why not hire vets to deal with the backlog of cases associated with disability claims. God knows the VA needs all the help it can get. Hire a Vet! We gave our all for our country, it would really be nice if our country would do the same for us.

      • Linville Hawthorne

        Let’s start a movement consisting of vietnam era veterans over the age of 60, target and vote for or against individuals associated with this new bill. We can target individuals from each state and determine if they are for or against this new bill. If they do not agree that individuals 60 and over deserve the sme opportunities as everyone else, then let’s vote them out of office. Vote! Vote! Vote! Find out who in your state supports this new bill the wy it’s written and then vote them out of office. I am truly tired of being screwed around by politicians.

    • Michael Shea

      Hi Ron, No You Smelled it right….IT is blatantly Age discrimination (boy I keep hoping I’m spelling that right)….We as older vets need to Aggrivate….Aggitate….Become PESTS!….to get this age thing overturned…contact your senators and Patty Murray who is my Senator from Washington state…..She has been a tireless advocate for veterans….
      Remember “No Pain …No Gain”…the pain is spending time to really make a difference….
      Michael…25th Infantry Tunnel Rat….(Wolfhounds) Cu Chi…RVN

  • Sue

    How about a “Sorry you got screwed VEAP” GI Bill to compensate for all who joined between 77-85

    • Mike

      No kidding, Sue.

    • Scott

      Agreed. Of anyone we with VEAP got the shaft.

      I received a total of (drum roll please)…..$18,000, plus the $9,000, I had to put in. This for a combat wounded vet.

      • Sue

        Im sorry Scott. I think you should get more especially a combat vet (esp wounded vets). Hope you find some help

  • Chris

    So where do you go for this? Where do you apply?

  • Josh Cantrell

    While the intentions of this program are awesome and amazing, the fact that it excludes entire classes of those who have served by age makes this program another example of the failure in our Government and VA. It’s up to us a vets to stick together and do whatever we can to unite and make sure ALL vets are treated with equality and never excluded from any program because of age or length of service.


      how to stay together is the problem, just voting wont do it if we are not voting for the same person or bill, there is no place were we can all meet and voice are needs as a collective group, here on the blog but even still we need to organize and be able to make are voice heard, i got hold of my local congress/rep and he told his hands were tied as far as VRAP was concerned? ok, but his hands were not tied when he got his pay raise or did he even vote on VRAP could not get a comment on that either, seems like some one is passing the buck again, thanks for your service. MACM584

  • Thank You Brother!

  • Aaron Edison

    Waht is meant by 45K and 54K vet?

    • guest

      45,000 vets in FY2012 and 54,000 vets in FY 2013


      45K MEANS funding for first 45 thousand applicants, not 54K.


    Well it looks like I missed out also because of my age I am 61. I served in the U.S. Army from 1971 to 1984. I have been looking for a Job since August 2011 because the Company I worked at for almost 24 years decided to save tons of money and outsource our HR Office to INDIA! HR jobs are very hard to find here in Jacksonville, FL.

  • Steve Dickheiser

    I was in during the Vietnam war, 1966 through 1970. I guess if the government wants to forget “that police actiom (and where were the police?) what better ways then to forget the service people of that “Oh, what war was that?”.

  • OldHeroOf USA

    Have to admit I was excited – at first – then read the older than 60- you are screwed tag line. Guess they feel no ROI on us or Obama at it again! This VNV is NOT happy about how I have been treated.

    • dogs life

      The President speaks of “life long learning” and physicians and psychologists say “60 is the new forty.” This is just another effort to write many Vietnam veterans out of benefits as in the past. If education is not functional for those over 60, then exclude anyone from running for public
      office who will be 60 during the elected term.

      • Agreed! If Congress can make it to 70, why can’t we! I am on the 9/11 Bill but being a guardsman gave me only 40% of federal dollars. Doesn’t matter if I served 6 more months active duty before steadily or 139 days in 2003. Wants wrong with this picture!

        Plus I am an Air Force widow with $86.00 dollars as the CSF.

        • One more, my husband served three tours in Nam. I was a Vietnam Post Era now we are called Viet Nam vets!

      • jrc47

        You got that RIGHT! Entered in RA status in 71. Did 3 yrs active then spent another 28 years in the reserves. Now at 64 and in good health I would like training $’s too; but we are considered expendable as potential productive workers for the future! And thus not worth the expenditure of “limited finds”!! That thinking us SO WRONG! We need to take care of our people FIRST! Cut the foreign aid to those who would destroy us if they could and put that money to work assisting the veterans of all ages who gave ginen south for their country. But with our congress mostly non-veterans we have a tough mission to bring our concerns to the legislative table. But if we all take the time to call out representatives they will listen. After all it is an election year!! I am calling today!!

  • George Brosnan

    Most of the comments I read are just like mine. Nam Vet, 67-69, 1st Inf Div., age 65, unemployed since 2009, BUT CAN’T USE THIS BENEFIT DUE TO AGE RESTRICTION. Why is that? Are we too close to “retiring” More likely too close to dying off from all the disabilities many of us have. Go figure.

  • DIane

    Well this might be good news for me. I was in the Marine Corps from 1980 to 1984. I wonder if I would qualify. I am 50 years old.

  • Al M

    The government has another Politically Correct program that doesn’t help a lot of us. Congress doesn’t represent the average person anymore. I’m over 60 and got laid off 2 years ago. I’m “overqualified” and “over-experienced.” I’ve applied for over 25 federal jobs and my veterans status didn’t do squat.

    • they know that and ive had the same problem forever. I lost my home and my family and ive explained that to my wife a thousand times . dont have ptsd , because u dont play well with others. I lost of high paying jobs to abunch of claim to be patriots :)

  • k pasquinucci

    I was in the navy active from 1966 to 68 and did not go overseas. I was on a reserve training destroyer stateside. I was ready to go over but never made it. So anyway Ican’t get anything for my service. I guess “I didn’t count”. Anyway hope you vets that were in country can get this benny. Iguess they just want us to just go away and forget vietnam happened. were still “baby killers in their minds


    • Michael Shea

      K Pasquinucci. Your selling your contribution To the service of your country so short ….without your undying efforts (and I know you made plenty) the people that depended on your efforts would not think of it that way…..I bet you were the life of the party on any ship you served on and volunterd(spelled that wrong)….for most duties others did’nt…..You probably were the ships swimmer ….ready to rescue any one that fell overboard…..would have been me if I were ever on a rolling ship in a storm….Thank you for your service to our nation….It meant something to me! M&M
      Marley my dog is the smart one….

    • LONNY

      RIDE ON BROTHER !!!!!

  • AM Bliss

    I’m currently 68. I recently returned from Iraq. I ran re-supply convoys between base camps for about 2 years. I’m handy,. I’m trainable. I would think that some additional language and intel trainning would be worthwhile. 60 seems arbitraury.

  • Monty Trimble

    When this was first announced, it was suppossed to help those of us on Chapter 31 to extend our benefits for one additional year. The article above now says that you can’t be leigible for any other VA program. Sounds like the Government speaking out of both sides of their mouth again. Been unemployed since Sept 2009 and trying to complete a degree, but there aren’t many companies hiring 51 year old newly graduated engineers.

    • Dub – ski

      tell me about it! and I’m a few years younger and been out of work since 2008.

  • LAIN

    I am a AF vet having served ’72-’76 and yes, I agree Vietnam vets have been screwed royally. With education, jobs and other areas. After getting out I applied to nursing school only to be told by the Director that she had no use for women who served in the military. As she described us as “trash and no better than a hooker.” Needless to say, I did not go to nursing school there. I am without a job presently because I’m “too old ” to crosstrain. How unfair.

    • Michael Shea

      Oh Lain…..You are a important cog in this wheel….Aggitate…..Aggrivate…So sad you met a person that had no understanding about veterans…..I hope I can inspire you to help us all by spending time to get in touch with your representitives (not hard to find them although they would prefer you go away )and fight for the things you and all veterans deserve….Remember “The squeeky Wheel gets the Grease”
      M&M…That’s Michael and my dog Marley….The Kleptomaniac 25th Infantry RVN

  • Jeff

    Does anyone know if you have used VA edu benefits before, will that exclude you from this? I’m 48, and served from 81-85.

    • Dub – ski

      you’ll be fine. I’m in your same situation.

  • Les

    Just turned 60 the first of the year . Semper Fi

  • look the government is like the guy who spends more time trying to get out of work when it would take half the time and effort to do the right thing ???? think about it??? :)


    If you lived in Wisconsin when you joined ACTIVE DUTY, you get FREE TUITION at WI State Universities & Tech Schools.

    Graduate degrees included!!

    Doesn’t matter how old you are.

    Doesn’t matter if you have or have used other gub’ment education bennies.

    I got a FREE Master’s Degree in Social Work that way, and now I have a job SERVING VETERANS!

    • Also can be used by spouse and dependents with restrictions, of course.

  • lets see how they hide that !!! am pissed :)

  • they alterd my post and said i dont , went back and couldnt find it. PTSD made a comment and couldnt find it :) its time to rally whoooa !!!!!!

    • sick lame and lazy is who runs this there checks are good and still have the ones they love and playing the gov game. just like the homless program its a joke and all the 28 million that was to be put to the program like all gets filterd down to nothing by the time it gets to the vet admin fees. :( :( :(

  • Tom Willard

    Even if the 65 and over gang ( Nam 65 to 68) are into working yet, because the medical bill are killing us,,,,,, when the employer sees the gray hair coming through the door, THEY don’t Dis us but their Insurance providers will, off the record of course, tell them, ” he’s not having am heart attack on the property and suing us” and so we’re not hire. Subsequently, we need training for a job where heart attacks are less of a concern not an occupational hazard.

  • frmr Cpt.

    I am 66, haven’t worked in two years have a JD degree and can’t find a job as a floor sweeper. Don’t get old, don’t work for yourself ( no unemployment) and don’t put your money in the stockmarket. 14 years of active and reserve (69-83) and it doesn’t mean a thing,

  • by the time it filterd down after my investigation the majority went to top dogs in none profit orginizations , such as CEOS who run ghetto orginizations they will put u to work for minimull money and even put u up in aghetto neighborhood :)

  • Sue

    Why can certain people (including some illegal immigrants) who never served can get educational assistance from the state or US government, but some of us who served OUR COUNTRY cant get any. Please someone enlighten me. We should be first in line

    • bravo6

      well, it’s sad but true…here in america you pay taxes and serve your country so you can send illegals to school even though you can afford to send your own kids or yourself!

  • those who pretend to be not even direct vet orgs salvation army and others who petitioned for the money just like them. same types i had them all for each state but i lost the paper work lost in my divorce. i will try and find it u will be appauled.

  • JAC

    I’ll be 60 this year..I used all of my GI Bill many yrs a BA and MA. Perhaps the 60 yr cut off is due to more folks that are 60 and above joined before the VEAP program. The GI Bill previous to the VEAP program was a much better deal. I am newly laid off and I’m trying to use the state unemployment education benefits to go in another work direction. (burnt out from human service work) There are other ways to supplement school costs if one is unemployed. The GI bill did not cover my previous education. I still had to get school loans which I spent 10 years paying off.

  • Jude Furth

    So what did you do with the 4 years of free GI Bill money you got when you got home from VietNam. I used mine for what sounded like a good idea at the time (computer programming -pre PC’s. Just because we are all unemployed at the moment doesn’t mean we were shat upon, or that we deserve more. All the younger vets who are getting the GI bill now had to pay into it, we didn’t, so I really don’t think we are owed anything more than we already got. Anyway, I don’t really think that 12 months of education is really going to help me get a job, what am I going to train for — I’ve got 25 years experience as an adminstrative assistant, and 12 months more education isn’t going to improve my chances of getting a job.

  • Dan Heuck

    Unbelieveable how the government just picks and chooses people it wants to help and programs it wants to provide. A veteran is a veteran. We served our country, a good many in the throes of war. Then the government discriminates by choosing veterans of one era over another. Are we all equally veterans or not?

    • Roy Walker

      Yes, that is the bottomline. A veteran is a veteran. Treat everyone the same

    • salome

      They are promoting age discrimination. Here in New mexico they are providing at least they say they are that Iraq and Afghanistan vet be hired I have been out of work 18 Mo and have degrees but nothing for me.

  • Farris Eden

    This is awesome I have wanted to finish my degree for a long time and this could be my chance thank you VA we are being taken care of for sure.

  • Mojo JOJO

    Somehow I and many others got screwed in boot camp. When I go to my unit they said you could not sign up for the GI BILL, you should have already done that. Stupid Ass DI’s. Everybody played stupid and said what a tragedy, Oh well. Needless to say my last years were as a super shit bird discipline problem. Up until now My entire Active Duty and Reserve time was just a freaking joke. Better late than never, I guess.

  • dje

    33 Years, military service, retired, desperately need employment, but 60 plus therefore not eligible. With a just a bit more education, I would be employed by any number of employers.

    The Social Security age has gone up, folks over 60 are no longer retiring at 62 0r 65. The last I knew we had some 1,000 military over 60 on active duty, many deployed to combat areas.

    This is wrong, just wrong, this is just part of it——— I have gone on several bases lately, cannot use the galley/mess-hall/dining facility, the clubs are closed—–there is no place for the retiree to even get a cup of coffee for less than $1.50 Welcome to the dark side of retirement and being 60 Plus—–Oh, one more thing, civilian contractors have head of the line health privileges at USN base medial clinics, their records are kept on file by USN personnel.

    For retirees-head of the line, not to worry———there is no line

    • Consultant In Action

      You must realize, this President is not about employing Americans, he is about ALLOWING IMMIGRANTS here to seek employment

      • Joyce

        I’m so tired of everyone trying to blame President Obama for something that was happening before he took over. Look to yourselves and then to the companies who are not hiring you. He can’t make them hire you because you are a vet who happens to be over 60. There’s already incentives out there for companies who hires veterans. Damn stop complaining about someone who has no more control over the economy than you do. Every smart person knows that the President is the fall guy for Congress. As a president, if Congress doesn’t like you then they will make you look bad. Bush ****** us up but no one is harping on that. I think if all racist look past the color of someone’s skin and open their eyes to what’s really happening the world wouldn’t be in the shape that it’s in. Peace and good will.

      • Joyce

        I’m so tired of everyone trying to blame President Obama for something that was happening before he took over. Look to yourselves and then to the companies who are not hiring you. He can’t make them hire you because you are a vet who happens to be over 60. There’s already incentives out there for companies who hires veterans. Damn stop complaining about someone who has no more control over the economy than you do. Every smart person knows that the President is the fall guy for Congress. As a president, if Congress doesn’t like you then they will make you look bad. Bush ****** us up but no one is harping on that. I think if all racist look past the color of someone’s skin and open their eyes to what’s really happening the world wouldn’t be in the shape that it’s in. Peace and good will.

  • Majormike

    Nam Vet and damn proud of it, but — 65 yrs old, Masters degree, can’t even get an interview let alone a job, have stopped checking the box “Viet Nam Era Veteran” on employment applications because that means automatic discrimination. Now our government has decided ONCE AGAIN that Nam vets are just trash and excluded them from another program. Well VA and US Government, you can take my two Bronze Stars and two Purple Hearts and stick them where the sun don’t shine. Bastards.

    • Dick Johnson


    • salome

      Im in the same boat as you are. Master Degree with honors many years in the AF with a lost of experience and cant even get a reeturn drop dead letter. But one thing we all have is the power to dothings. For the jobs that disquaified me because of my age and I know this is it. I let them know that I also have disqualified them. I boycott them and let them know it. My list keeps getting longer but I vowed to put them out of office or business. without us older folks who purchase services or merchandize the can go over to the 20 somethings and let them do the buying. It wont be me. Until they feel the pinch, nothing will happen.

    • Louie

      Majormike, their is humor in your statement because I feel and agree with your sentiments. But keep your accolades for their is your worth and self pride od accomplishments. One day their will be a service that will provide care and comfort given by those who also have served to those in need. Our government will provide if and only if their is the service that we can give in a Military form.

  • Mike

    Republicans and Democrats gave billions to the banks, yet they won’t protect jobs from going overseas. How can more education help with all the jobs leaving this country. I was one of the lucky ones with 30 years in the reserves and 41,2 years with General Motors. I am sixty five yet how long before the special interest groups gets rid of Medicare and Obama Care. I have two sons whose degrees in education and history has provided them low paying jobs with no benefits. Thank god they are both single.

  • jerry

    Because I served over 28 years, and am now over 60, I find myself ineligible for yet another program. Do the czars in Washington stay up nights to insure this? Thank you so much AGAIN!

  • Venus

    I hope I can qualify for this. I served, I paid for the GI BIll but lost it because I got out early because a base closed. Downsizing. I was never reimbursed for what I paid in. I am now a single mom of three and this would be a huge help. You see, after I got out, I was a stay at home mom for 14 years because my hubby was deployed 7-9 months a year. So, having no job “experience” I get put on the back burner. This would be a blessing to not only me, but my childdren as well.

  • LTC Dave

    I thank you 60+ warriors for your comments. I am 68, have been unemployed for 2.5 years but have a fairly decent retirement income. AND that is still not enough. I have a JD degree and membership in a state bar association, but was never in private practice. I also have a 20-30% VA disability for hearing +, but can’t qualify for any current programs, except VA home loan; and can’t get that because of damage to my credit. there is a law against age discrimination on the books, but it has lost its teeth. All I can say is, “keep the faith baby, the best is yet to come.”

  • Ralph Moerschbacher

    Vietnam Veterans once again are left out. Maybe its time we march on Congress to be treated fairly. I am 62 and will match my skills with any young person. Apathy is a disease. We can make a difference if we tell the “leaders” and I use the term loosely that they are on notice to put America and those who have served first regardless of age. Ralph E. Moerschbacher Jr., Captain, USAF Retired Vietnam Veteran Enlisted Radio Operator

    • John M. Champion

      Dear Captain Moerschbacher, I wish to thank you and every other veteran for your service to our country and offer my apology for any dis-service YOU and others have suffered. I too believe we all need to stand for our veterans and “re-organize” the government. I love this country, but it has been degraded on so many “fronts” by heartless POLITICIANS as you say, “are in for themselves” using the office as a place to exercize debauchery, infidelity, nepatism, to name a few. We need to get back to our roots. This country was built on the belief that GOD is our higher power. Our Presidential election, in my humble opinion is simply a “dog and pony show”. Our founding fathers are “rolling over in the grave”. If we continue to be apathetic and only seek our own benefits instead of “fighting” for our fellow Americans we will have no America left…it will be another tragedy that will not be easily restored. And by the time people “wake up” it will be too late. GOD forbid.

    • Joe

      Vietnam-Vet, I too am a Vietnam-Vet having serve aboard an aircraft carrier, Tonkin Gulf region in support of ,Marines , Army, Navy and Air Force personnel. Having read some of the comments from ex military enlistees or draftees, i too feel that we are left out, IT IS PURE AGE DISCRIMINATION, if an all out war was to break out , UNCLE SAM I shouldnt say uncle because no uncle should FORGET , EX-MILITARY WHO SERVE OUR COUNTRY IN TIME OF NEED, WHEATHER ” CONFLICT” WAS CONGRESS APPROVE OR NOT WE STILL SERVE. NOW THEY RED FLAG THAT ONLY UP TO 60 BENNIES STOP. WE ARE STILL KICKING AND BREATHING . What we need to do is start organizing and march in DC. in a peaceful way, and let THEM KNOW ,that ” WE AS A GROUP ” are the ONES that DID NOT and I REPEAT “DID NOT , DID NOT,” shouted Hell no we won’t go…………….WE WENT.

    • Albert D Wheeler

      Agree! I am 65 and can match my skills, energy and dedication to get the job done with many half my age. Moreover, my appearance puts me at about 45 years old. Appears the Obama administration does not want my hard earned tax dollars as employed in a new vocation. Albert D Wheeler PO2, USCG Vietnam Era veteran.

    • Pearson

      Let us know when the march is, both my husband and are are in!!!

  • Glenn

    63, unemployed (2 1/2 years), could really use this program, but once again Viet Nam vets get screwed again. Good thing I’m stil in anger management with my PTSD counsler.

    • Gus

      Nam vets always get screwed!! they are the best of the best. I retired after 20 years in 1999. But only %20 disabled. Theres always a catch for assistance and always will be, it helps the least amount of people to save money and make the JERKS in DC look good. I dont waste my time with programs they offer me!

  • Once again, Vietnam Veterans over age 60 are left out by the government in the new GI Bill for persons 35-60. We need to start over in electing a government who is truly for the people. If you haven’t served, you should not be allowed to run for office on any level. You are in for yourself not the good of the country. Someone sat up all night and thought this new GI Bill program and came up with a way to exclude Vietnam Veterans 60 and over. Apathy will kill this country. Vietnam Veterans be heard. Ralph Moerschbacher, Captain, USAF Retired Vietnam Veterans

  • Janie Hill

    How do you apply for this program

  • AF Vet SE Asia

    I’ll be 62 this April. Yes, indeed, we have been screwed again. Why pass age discrimination laws only to ignore them?

  • Namvet

    The system does it again. Proably payed a good some for the experts to implement this one up. They plainly have an agenda,not for the best interest of the vet. Evan the Vets who do Qualify, probably many of them will be so frustrated trying to get it they’ll quit. In plain English the Vets of this land need to come together as one and boot the bums out. Vets only really have shown by past example the love of country. So help veterans only, and the future of America will be secure, as proven by are hard work and and past suffering. Together We stand divided we fall. Vets for Veterans.

    • Brandon

      Nicely stated. I remember being very fustrated w/ my GI Bill monies while in college. I am unemployed vet. considering pursuing Radiography, spoke w/ my VA Rep in Morris County. Knew nothing of the program! Yet, I’m unemployed. Crazy times.




      would like to get together with other vets vn or era or?, but who to vote for is problem since they all seem to be crooks, as my ww2 vet farther said you got to vote for the most honest of the bunch and then hope he can fight off the others in his peer group, to get things like new programs etc, for us the people who helped to elect him, MACM584

  • Airman

    I was in the USAF from May 1974-to July 1978. Did not pay into the Montgomery GI Bill……It hadn’t been established yet. Used a few classes worth of GI Bill….very little. Gee, would I qualify?

  • Jack/1st Sgt/ USAF-

    The Vietnam Vets need to be included. There is very little difference between being shot at in a desert village and a rice paddy. When we came home we were told to refrain from wearing our uniforms in public terminals.

    I wore mine anyway.

    • JBsCabin

      Just a note here, I notice that many USAF vets talk about their “combat experience”, and I must be honest here, I never saw an AF guy in the field, or anywhere other than on base or in the local bars, so is it part of the AF culture to express themselves as if they were “grunts” for some reason?

  • Mae

    I am guessing that the VA doesn’t want to “waste” money on veterans who they think will be retiring within next 5 or 6 years or on people they think won’t be hired due to age even if they complete training or a degree. I can kind of understand this, but I don’t qualify any way because I have a job, although it’s low-paying. I am also 60, so I am just on the cusp anyway.

    • salome

      Then we need to fix the reasons they wont hire anybody over 50 yrs. this is discrimination at the highest level. the american who is over 50 runs this country. whether we are employed or not we spend money in this country that keeps even though its slow right now but what would do without our money? then we need to let them know that we wont be supporting anything not even MacDonalds only what is absolutely necessary and shut down the economy if we need to. we are the largest group this country has and we can do it. This will get their attention. almost 60 million is nothing to sneeze at.

      • adairefulone

        Grand idea problem is you can’t find three people that can agree on something without tossing their egos in therefore not a chance in hell you could find enough numbers that would long enough to make em feel it, someone would fold, bend, or break, it’s what’s we do best here.

  • major

    i was forced to retire because of no jobs now im 63 a nam vet also and i want to work im bored iwas great at what i did and can teach othersi need the bill its not fear to us older vets

  • yvonne m. brown

    I’am also wondering how to apply for this program I’am 55yrs old to young to retire. would like to know. how to apply . even though the ed assistant at Va questioned. why I’d like to give up my ssd to go back to work. lot of nerve huh! because I’am a active person despite disability, ans age.

  • Glenn Carpenter

    Lets keep this going guy’s. Nam Vet,s don’t break fire on this till we are heard.

  • troy killgore

    I served in in the u.s.m.c.from 1966 t0 1969. i was down sized from my co. in jan. 2011. im not ready to spend the last part of my life in front of a t.v., and going to church on sunday. i would like very much to do something useful! besouse my jobs did not include working with computers, the last job i had, i was treared like a second class employee. evan though i was the only military veteran working for the co. lance cpl. troy killgore u.s.m.c.

    • John G

      Hi Troy,

      I’m sorry to hear that. Don’t know where you live, but here in Michigan we have retraining funds to reskill workers to work in the defense industry. They will teach computers. The funds are managed by our local community colleges, so that may be a place to start. Good luck.

    • G Gortz

      LCPL Kilgore, take charge of your life. You served well during an unpopular war. Its over and you came home. Start a new life. Its up to you, not the government. Semper Fi. G Gortz USMC

    • bbm

      You should have some educational benefits available to you. If you can latteral over to another service and then use you reserve MGIB benefits or tuition assistance, instead of your post 9/11 benefits.

  • bkburcham

    I too am a Viet Nam Vet & it seems that everything “our” government passes to “help: excludes us just like they have done for the past years! I am a 63 yr old female who is also too young retire because I want to be active. What is wrong with our country that they are so willing to forget about us & what we did for our country when we were called to duty just as everyone else!!!! We didn’t start that war, we just did our duty! I hope that someone in our “leadership” will take a stand for us, but how do we get that to happen?

    • adairefulone

      It’s the way of everything the country does, failure to remember the ones who brought you. Look at how the NFL treats older players, the ones who help make the league what it is. Let’s face it if you’re not at the top of the food chain we’re all nothing more than “The Help”.

    • Joel

      From the White House, Now when a family of a fallen warrior receives a flag it is ORDERED that it is no longer said, ” on behalf of the POTUS and a grateful nation”, it is now said “on behalf of the Secretary of Defense and a grateful nation”, so don’t wonder how this president feels about any vet. With the rise in co-pay he not only wants us to bleed and die for his politics he wants to charge us more.

    • salome

      Dont vote republican my friend

  • USMC 2531

    Ok, let’s do this then. To all of this Vietnam Vets, what is one more year of education going to get you? Read the post, we have MBA’s, JD’s, Associate’s, and they are all saying the same thing, I am out of work. To the Vietnam Vets that are crying about this benefit, how much college do you have, how close are you to getting that degree, and will one more year really make a difference? I agree you got the short end of the stick, but how many forums do you need to continue to complain about how you have been done wrong? I am a Gulf War vet, came back home, worked 0500 to 1700 at a hospital, went to school at night carried 16 credit hours of night classes, for an associates degree in financial accounting. I don’t use any of that, instead I work in a state office as a DVOP helping disabled Veterans and Veterans with barriers to employment. Yes education will help some, but not all. Get off your @ss stop saying I am a victim, and stop looking for ways why something doesn’t work, make it work, take ownership of your own life and stop depending on someone to hand you something.

    • blama339

      I agree with many
      of your comments but you must remember, many of these vets do not have the mentality to put it all together and get the job done. As you put it, “to take ownership” and the dependence retoric. Many of these vets were followers not leaders and just plain young men out of school who came home with little respect and fell into the chasm. When you are critising them because you found success in your endeavors remember that many vets aren’t able to think it through. Tell them how to do it in language they understand in steps 1,2,3,4 etc. They have the presence to do the right thing, just not the intelect sometimes. Most americans want to be successful and be good providers for there families, good fathers, brothers and husbands. They just lack the leadership to provide them the tools to accomplish their goals. I was an early vietnam navy vet myself and went to college on the GI bill. I like you didn’t use the degree I earned. I became a designer/decorator and have my own business. I became successful after much hard work too. Some and probably many vets today just need a little push and a big guidepost to be shown their direction.

      • Viet Vet Doc

        blama 339: I’m offended by your post. You seem to be lumping a large percentage of vets as “intellectually challenged” (my words, not yours), but not having either the intellectual or the leadership qualities to move ahead and be successful in life.
        I’m 69 years old, a Vietnam Vet, and, in my EXPERIENCE, I’ve found that vets are just as, if not more, qualified to get along in life as the rest of the general population.
        It’s people like you, in their elitist bigotry, who put up obstacles (invalid depictions of vets as intellectually deprived) that make it difficult for us to find jobs.
        As Forrest Gump said, so often, “Don’t call me stupid.” We’re not.

        And as for the “little push and big guidepost” you say vets need to be shown their direction, that was well-known in VietNam: It was called BOHICA (Bend Over, Here It Comes, Again…)

        No, Thank You……

    • Isaac

      Get a life Marine, I am a Combat Nam Vet, WOW, a gulf war vet of what, 100 hour war! Did you get put on a bus at the airport with with black windows when you came back so no one knew who you were? No you had your parades for months after. I never asked for a thing when I came home except to be left alone. I am now a private security contractor for the US Embassy in Kabul, Afghanistan. I will say this, we have every right to complain about benefits for the Nam vet. If there is a benefit for a veteran it should be for every veteran who served in combat, from World War 1 to Afghanistan. The veterans benefits are a joke, just like you.

    • ProP3

      WOW…everyone has a perspective. You’re right, it’s my fault I’m over 60 & unemployed! I hope some day I’ll be a GREAT human being, just like you.

    • WhinyGrunt

      Tell us again why age descrimination is OK.

    • Tired of it

      My, what a judgemental crock of cr*p. Were you spit on when you came home? Son, keep it to yourself. You have no idea what you are talking about.

    • Mikel

      Hurray for you, thanks for saying what needs to be said!!! Your last sentence really said it all……
      “Get off your @ss stop saying I am a victim, and stop looking for ways why something doesn’t work, make it work, take ownership of your own life and stop depending on someone to hand you something.”
      Did you guys forget your were in the military at all? Don’t you remember what makes the military such a great organization??? Get it done!!!

    • USMC Vet

      As another Marine DVOP- Im ashamed. USMC 2531 your not here to discriminate but help educate vets who may have not got the memo. And if it was not for them protesting and voicing their opinion we would not have most benefits we have now. Please a bit more respect.

    • Tony

      Reading through all of the replies, it would seem we have two problems here. One is addressed with this new benefit. The other is age discrimination and, sadly, no law or benefit will address that. To the Vietnam Vets, look again at this benefit. If I’m not mistaken, you had a GI Bill available to you. This addresses those of us who served our country but did not get the GI Bill provided then and now.
      I am 50, and currently employed. I never really had the time for college, I was too busy working. Now, however, I’m looking to get that degree. This benefit wont apply to me because I’m employed, but I’m glad to see there’s something out there to help those of us who served in between those combat years, and apparently helps those who need it most.
      One other observation, why all the hostility? As Veterans, we set ourselves apart from the rest of society, but it appears some of you feel the need to further distance yourselves from each other based on what campaign you served in? Whats up with that? We all took the same oath. So disapointing to see vets putting each other down. Support your veteran brothers, no matter when they served.

      • Eagleeye

        You are right Tony, we all took the same oath, so why shouldn’t all of us get the same benefit?

      • Chief251A

        That GI bill had an expiration date, Tony. I earned my Bachelor’s on TA and used in-service Viet Nam era GI bill for my MA before being forced to retire in 1991. The only good thing about being a reserve officer in an over-strength career field during the post-Desert Storm RIF was that I actually got to retire – I had friends with 15-16-17 years service who weren’t so lucky.

        I had no trouble finding work until Y2k – and then there was nothing, just as my Viet Nam expired. UIC regulations FORBADE me from taking classes while drawing UIC unless those classes were provided from or through the state – and when UIC ended, I needed every penny I had to keep a roof over my head and food on my family’s table. The “classes” offered through the state were subjects I could TEACH!!! Yes, I applied for those jobs, too!

        You know, just resurrecting the unused portion of our Viet Nam era GI bill benefits would help a LOT of us over-60 vets.

      • Kevin

        Tony, Thanks for reminding the posters of military comraderie.

    • tank

      Yeah…they handed me something…Agent Orange and Prostate Cancer! No wonder we had so many lemmings going off to the Gulf War pretending to be “saving our freedoms” when it was for oil, and all of us Vietnam Vets knew it. Gulf War “veterans” are shams.

      • tentonsledge

        Gulf war vets had there orders just like everyone else. Instead of complaining about whats going on we as vets should all stick together.

      • Jesse

        tankless, the veterans of the Gulf War era were not legislators from the House of Representatives or the Senate, nor were they the Commander in Chief. They were following orders as they were taught to, more often than not by instructors that served in Viet Nam. If it was for oil, where did all of these “shams” as you stated, put the oil & how did they get it home, & where did they build a refinery or better yet, where did they learn how to refine oil into EPA spec unleaded gasoline?

      • shawn

        Im a sham? wow!! Im sorry you were born first. But Vietnam was nothing but a ploy to try to break the soviet union and its stranglehold on that part of the world. And our politicians faild us again. Let the soldier do his job! I have the upmost respect for ALL veterns no matter thier place of service. AND I DIDNT PRETEND TO SAVE YOUR FREEDOM i as you did what i was ordered to do!!!!!! WE ALL AS VETERNS DETER OUR NATIONS ENEMIES THUS SAVING OUR FREEDOM!!!! Oh yeah you served 12-18 months well buddy my grandpa served 4 years in combat straight. I have 2 tours of combat my wife has 1 tour in combat my brother has 5 tours of combat my dad was in Vietnam for the TET so bub there is always someone out there that has given more than you my best friend did- he gave his life in Iraq, I watched him burn to death in an IED attack so dont call me a SHAM!!!!!!!

        • Rick H

          Can I double like this!!!!!!!!!!!
          We all need to stick together for our common good.
          I’m a Vietnam era vet.

    • Steve

      Lets not forget that many of the viet nam vets were drafted from poor families. I was deployed with some men who only had an eight grade education, and some who had a hard time even reading. Those who could affort an education (during the time) took sanctuary in a school so that their asses could be spared the spoils of war. Many of the viet nam vets would have struggled with college and would benefit more now with relatively inexpensive vocational type training.

    • HSA

      A gulf war vet……with your smart bombs and high tech killing machines. Gulf war vets……every one a HERO….even the the mess hall crews and supply clerks……we all should bow down to you. Most Viet Nam vets had their helmet and an M-16 and that was about it.

      • Jess

        HSA: Look, this guy: “USMC-2531”, is likely to have never even served in the Armed Forces. Yet his words have Vietnam Veterans (whom I have the greatest respect for) mocking and calling Veterans of the Gulf war era worthless, shams, pretend heroes that used technology in battle. They weren’t given a choice of loading the bomb bay with cannon balls. They had to use the equipment supplied to them. You admit you were using an M-16 and a helmet, were you described as a fake Hero by Korean War Vets, WWII Vets or WWI Vets for using fully automatic light weight firearms? Of course not. Veterans of the Gulf war era are generally the most outspoken supporters of Vietnam Vets. In reality, many Gulf Vets are the sons and daughters of Vietnam Vets. I can understand the anger at this guy(kid) telling Vietnam Vets what they should do & why they shouldn’t discuss the limits on the VRAP benefits. I’m a Veteran that served from 88-92 & I’m mad at what this guy said to all Vietnam Vets. Just understand that nearly all Vets of the Gulf War era strongly disagree with what ‘USMC 2531’ said. I thank you for your service and have great respect for Vietnam Vets.

        • THANK YOU JESS! I agree with your post. Thanks to all our veterans both on the front and in support. It takes a team to make things happen. Let us not bicker at each other because our tours were in different eras. We are all proud that we served. We all followed orders. Some had/have better fortune in the aftermath. Let us stand together still and be proud and support each other still. Please do not let the weak minded individuals who throw insults undermine who and what you are. He/she is simply making a mockery of him/herself. Let the mocker stand alone. Hoorah!

    • 11C

      I apolgize to all Vietnam Vets for the hostility here and when you came home. I, as an Iraqi Vet, understand, to some comparable degree, what combat can do to a soldier. And it affects folks differently! Show some respect! USMC 2531 n Mikel.

    • ModMajGen

      I’ll tell you what one more year will do for me. I could be certified in Ultrasound or CT and add to my Nuclear Medicine Certification. That way I could continue to work for a clinic or medical center as a dual use Technologist which is what most of them are looking for. My only barrier to employment is that I am over 60. Well if 50 is the new 30, then work is the new retirement.

    • cloudburst

      Wait a second — was that really a war in the gulf — I wonder if this Bozzo even knows what a bullet whizzing by his ear sounds like ! Yes there’s some of us old useless, whining Nam guys still out here. And theirs a lot like me who came from poor family’s, I had to quit school in the 8th grade to help out (go to work), till I turned of age for uncle Sam. And I’ve NEVER excepted any hand outs ! But I’ll tell your igornant @ss something, I have to be retrained to do some other line of work now – and I’m going to except this offer now. Not because I’m a bum, or lazy, — because I’ve spent every last resource I had trying to surive since I’ve been out of work, and BEFORE I become a burden to society (welfare scamers -etc.) I’m going to ask for help this time. I sure hope your sorry @ss is’nt to upset wiyh me.

    • Pearson

      My husband is a disabled Viet Nam Vet and I don’t see you or anyone else helping him… and it isn’t because we haven’t tried or applied, we have…

    • Edward Saylor

      Just a moron that does not get it. He did not step off the bus to boos and much worse. The cheers we received were painful not up lifting. the first thank you i received was last year. It only took 40 years. If I get off my ass I will just expose your face.

    • Major Peterson

      USMC 2531, SHUT THE F… UP!! We (Viet Vets) lost real soldiers in Nam, Thousends Fell AN returning vets were spit on! So go wait for your next parade an ZIP IT on older vets… you have no idea. over 150,000 lost and just as many with PTSD!! An yes i”m a 64yr old Complainer!

    • MAW

      I thought self rightiousness was limited to congress. .now we’ve got an undereducated semperdumbo telling us we’re all lazy and whiners. Where was he when soldiers had to walk to work? through jungles? rather than ride through GOD FORBID a sandstorm. These guys fight electronic wars against underarmed citizens of third world countries and want to look down on others because they pull perpetual guard duty, blow me.
      They’re so indoctrinated by the military industrial complex that Eisenhower warned us about that they can’t see America or it’s ideals. They tell us about freedom and liberty yet cling to the Patriot act and Homeland Security with no idea that this imperialism is what our forefathers ran from. They’re so blinded by self that they can’t see value in anything other than cash and power. . .They don’t know what quality of life is unless it’s measured in either/both of those. For them it’s Self, Self, Self and more self

    • salome

      I am a viet nam era vet also came out of service and went to school even though I studied while in service earned an Associate degree, Bachelors degree and a Master degree and guess what Im out of work also now its age discrimination not what education and experience you have.If your not 20 something and are stupid you wont be hired.

    • arnie

      Gulf War Vet thanks for your service. You seem a little bitter about some Nam vets asking for some help. As you get older you will find that age matters in the work place and it almost impossible to find a job once you are out of a job, because of age. So dont be so critical of us Vietnam veterans who were in it nam on average 12+ months, versus your weekend in the Gulf.

    • Boyd

      Is this what you tell the vets you counsel? If it is then you are lucky you can still use a keyboard.

    • John

      Nammies don’t complain. We do. Never do we cry about stuff. How do
      you young guns think you got all your bennies. Believe me it wasn’t your
      compassionate congress and prez. Our parade was rotten eggs and little urine-filled balloons thrown at our faces. Fight the good fight. We kinda went underground. Propaganda is the war, by the way. Don’t buy into it.
      BTW I’m a college grad.

    • Jim W

      USMC 1341
      Listen New Corps!
      We Vietnam Vets went through being spit on, called baby killers and ignored for years. We are NOT complaining that young troops are getting benefits – especially those wounded warriors that absolutely should be cared for.

      I have a masters degree and beyond. I am also suffering the effects of spraying Orange and breathing it for 17 months. I have been out of FT work for three and a half years and cannot get past the discrimination that exists against persons of my age group.

      I am pleased that you have successfully been able to lift yourself up but your attitude shows a definite insensibility towards some who rightfully should be receiving benefits. Where have I heard the words “Judge not lest ye’ be judged.”

      LIberal or conservative, we have seen this country become so polarized that that I fear we are on the verge of society collapsing into chaos. I usually just roll my eyes when I read such unenlightened claptrap but just could NOT hold my outrage any more.

      I understand your point. There are VETs who are unable to get their act together but you sir condemn in such total terms that you should rflect on the fact that there are probably rightfully so many VETs who need the services you condemn in a wholesale manner.


      oh so u think i am complaining, what u think working 0500-1700 and then school, what younthink you are special, i was in from 72-84, went back to boilermaker job, worked 0500-1700, went to college carried full load night school and every sat for three yrs, also raised two kids, so dont speak to me with no respect, and how tuff you had it, i thought marines didnt complain, at least the mud marines i served with during the nam never complained we just kept humpin and did what we were told, thanks for your service you sound like an medal hunter to me, but thanks anyway for your 4 yrs of service. MACM584


      i just read your comment USMC2531, as degree i did more hours night school raised a family and got a bs, i am not cryin you are you got a job and still you have a bs attitude, you say u work for vets but you say nam vets are cryin, i cried when my freinds died in my arms and i could not help them ,did you ever experience this, doesnt sound like it. wait till your layed off and cant find work do to either your over qualified or your age stops them from hiring you, i feel sorry for u USMC2531, u act like one of those people that did time but did nothing doing nothing and then complaining about it, thanks for your service, i am sure i dont meet your quals for being a vet as, i am just voicing my opinion and a viet vet, thanks bro.

    • Norbert McKee

      I am a Vietnam Vet and I am disappointed in the way you sounded off. I had volunteered for Desert Storm and went. The Gulf War was very much different than the Vietnam War. There was clebration/banners for the Gulf War but with the Vietnam War vets came back and was spit upon and called names especially baby killers which hurt everyone of us. I was one that brought back a brother in law that got killed and when I got off the plane I was called a baby killer and was spit upon that had left a mark on me besides the mark of the war in Vietnam. Let me tell you, this is the first time in all these years I have even spoke up and I felt it was time. I hear from our government that hiring a vet is the best and that they are working hard at helping which I hear them but there is no action. Especially when it comes to vets over 60 yrs old. This program would help me get my degree as a teacher. Even though I am in Troops to Teacher not all schools consider this program which could help me get a position in the education system in my state and I have pursued all avenues towards getting a teacher position while in this program. This financial help would help me get the remainder of my education done

      • Richard A

        FWIW, this program won’t do much to help you become a teacher. This is only a 1-year vocational program, at the Associate Degree level or below. You need at least a Bachelor Degree (4 years) to be a teacher.

        • Norbert McKee

          Yes it will because I already have a degree but with this I can finish up with my licensure using this program. I have already checked this out and I just need to finish two more courses and this would help.l

          • alicia

            what classes are you taking to renew your licensure and how are you able to use this program to get recertified.

      • Out of Work

        I appreciate Vietnam War verterans and the job they did. I agree as a veteran and sister to a deceased Vietnam War veteran. He was treated so bad that he died and never wanted any help from VA because he say they would not help him with education, medical or home finance, or anything. It is a shame. He died from throat cancer from the agent orange dumped on them and never smoked a day. Drank yes to overcome the nightmares he had.I served and was out for 30 years and was told i was short one day. I am just getting my benefits now and now i feel like a proud female veteran. This DVOP is from hell and need to go there for the things he say and think.

    • 100 hour vet

      Wow… I hope someone figues out who you are and strip you of your DVOP position…. Because it sure sounds like you don’t deserve it! Sometimes it ‘s best to keep your uneducated opinions to yourself….in other words STFU!

    • Dutch Schoenfeld

      As a DVOP I would have hoped that you would have more sense and compassion for a veteran regardless of what war they were in. In my job as a DVOP for the state of Virginia I have worked with Veterans from World War II to the present and all of them have different issues.

      I also do TAP for Navy Norfolk and the responses that we see and hear from future veterans are amazing and they are no different than what I had heard in the Marines and when I returned to Viet Nam.

      I was fortunate in that like you I worked and received my degrees in Human Resources but I have been laid off 4 times since 2001 and I had one plant close underneath me.

      As a DVOP you need to really look at yourself and if you cannot understand what others have gone through then I would highly suggest that you leavethe job! We as DVOPs have no need for someone who cannot work with all of our vets.I

      If you feel that my assessment about you is wrong then contact me at the Williamsburg, Virginia VEC office and we can talk. Otherwise learn from them that come into see you for help!

    • Max Power

      I agree with you 100%. Igot my BA on the GI Bill. I paid for my MBA while I was still working. It had paid off because I can still score papers for Pearson because I have a degree. I am 80% diabled. They bend backwards to help me I get up on the hour every hour to walk and go to the rest room. nobody has given me a dam thing. I went after it and got it myself. I feel I am doing OK for a Kansas dirt farmer.God bless all who served and are serving. And GOG BLESS AMERICA–embrace it or get the hell out.

    • tc1uscg-ret

      I agree 100%. It has always ticked me off that I came in under the VEAP program. Our CC in bootcamp really didn’t push it, and I don’t think anyone really did. It was, “here’s a form, fill it out, put money in for your education and when you get out, you will X amount of dollars to use. If you don’t want it, mark no, sign it, hand it in”. Case closed. However, I spent 20 years in the service and seen those before me (Nam vets) and after me get ALL kinds of educational money. I’ve been out of work for 2 years, the state I live in has been paying to send me to school for re-training. But it’s only for 2 years. This would help in getting my certifications and additinal training to finish it all off. I’m hopeful that I will be one of the 40k+ vets who qualifies, get in.

      • mrmolotov

        I hear ya on that brother. I was able to contribute my max amount of VEAP which came to a total of $2500.00 dollars. Even back in 86 that hardly would cover an education. The max amount available to me would have been the government match giving me a total of $7500.00 for college. This of course was PRO-RATED over a four yr period. Are you FU**ING kidding me? How can I do ONE yr of college on $1875.00 dollars? I ended up cashing it out and giving to a friend who I thought needed it more than I. Thanks to living in Illinois (ha, this states screws us on everything else), I had the ILL. Veterans Grant. Had to go to a PUBLIC college to use it. 47 yrs old now and have worked a total of about 13 MONTHS since Oct of 2007 at odds and ends jobs to survive and keep a roof over my kids head. And here I really thought GOD was looking out for ME. Apparently he likes this smuck (USMC 2531) much more than me since he seems to have been able to overcome SO MANY hardships in his short life!!! Oh wait, he did it ALL with hard work and perseverance ALL ON HIS OWN!!!!!!!!!!!!

        I am so embarrassed that this FOOL (USMC 2531, what, your mos?) uses the call sign of USMC to spew his garbage!!!

        Semper Fi true vets!!!!!!!!

        USMC, Beirut, 1984

        • mrmolotov

          Did I mention we vets with the VEAP program had to CONTRIBUTE OUR OWN MONEY to the system just to get some back?

          Yeah I did but I just wanted to make it clear how “our” GI bill worked. Maybe was the same for Navy too. I have never heard of any Army or Air Force guys say that they had this program. As far as I remember, they had the GI Bill still.

          • Hey there fellow veteran. I just wanted to let ya know I was in the Air Force from 85-90 and I paid into the Montgomery GI Bill ($100 month for the first year). It only took me through my AA degree. Just thought you might like to know that the AF also had a time limited and funding limited GI education plan too. :)

          • Richard A

            I was in the Navy under VEAP, ’84-’87. I maxed out my contributions, too.

        • Richard A

          The VEAP max contribution is $2700, with a max benefit total of $8100. I got somewhere around $350/month from it, the maximum rate.

    • exnav57

      Boy there are a lot of vets out there some retired and others who aren’t. Did you know that the majority of vets who retired pay their own VA disability to themselves. Did you hear what I said? They have their retirement docked for the amount of money the VA sends them. You yack your head off about being a gulf war vet and bash Vietnam vets. You came home to a country that supported your actions with all your touchy-feely ptsd crap. Those guys came home to nothing but indignation. You need to watch who you talk sass to kid or some strange old guy with long hair and a beard may take offense and bend you in two. But thanks for your input.

    • mjj

      I agree. I’m a gulf war vet also HAD a great job started putting 1 son through college and BANG no more I have a second son ready for post high school and what do I do.When I got out I had a knew wife and a baby on the way so I didn’t go to college and lost my MGIB . So now I’m sucking it up and going to school now with him and working on relocating so I can work and take care of the rest of my family.

    • Wellmon

      Wow! You are a jackass… thanks for your service.

    • Tom


    • bob thomson

      What a frickin idiot.

    • Vietnam Disabled Vet

      AND YOU are a DVOP?

    • BUBBA


      • chaplynn

        Yeah. What Bubba said!

        Well said, very well said.

    • Don

      Wow, you do have to try to make things work for you.

    • chaplynn

      sounds like compassion fatigue…

    • Dennis

      Its not about forums, etc. Right now the arena is all about updating your education, not necessarily another degree. I too worked as a DVOP for a couple of years (after putting myself through college and grad school on my own damn dime) and working just as many hours as you ever have. Say disabled vet to an employer and you get laughed at, say Viet-Nam vet and you get the equivalent of getting spit on (again). I have made something of my own life – and then the recession hit … at 62 i’ve got a lot to offer, but not youth. The barriers is AGE … as you will learn!

    • out of luck

      okay i am off my ass beating the pavement everyday with degrees and still no jobs in orangeburg, SC. worked 45 years and still looking and Mcdonalds won’t hire even with minimum wages. I ran out of unemployment after a year and still look everyday. Currently working on associated degree in medical assistant and patient care techinician which will b finished in october 2012. i just want to work to get out of the house. volunteer at local hospital and subs a school as well but not enough with 2 adopted preschool kids and disabled husband on fixed SSI income. Thanks for serving as well as i did. have a nice life and try not to criticize some of us who would love to work.

    • USMC BOB

      There are some of us who are deperately trying to re-assemble our lives, and seaking and getting help is not lazyness or whining. I pity the ones coming in to you looking foor assistance. Maybe you need a new job, say as a- no I’ll not lower myself to that. Think about it!

    • Young Marine, I was retired because I suffered from headaches for nearly four months while on active duty. Through no fault of my own, I have had to brain surgeries and between the brain surgeries from those surgeries I completed two advance degrees. Now with two advance degrees I have not been able to compete for a job with others who have years of experience in the areas. Now I am looking for training in pursuit my desire to help other veterans succeed, after I get training in Entrepreneurship studies.

    • Dancer

      you didnt go through what the vietnam erea vets went throught in the gulf war asshole. You dont know what the so called guys who you say are complaining, yet paved the way for you and me with lessons learened at war have dealt with at war or at home. I am a retired gulf war and OIF VET. If it wasn’t for these VETS my job would’ve been a lot harder. They deserve a lot, they deserve to whine , cry ETC…….. You should be thankful you are alive to listen.

    • Don Team 3

      Ooo Tough marine

    • stewart

      Vietnam vet Navy, I agree with you, I too am working 40hrs aweek and plan on going back to collage full time, I really could use this, to help with books and rent and outher things that I have to do to stay afloat. So I would love to see this take place.

    • bobsan

      Anything that helps can’t hurt after 4 years and 7 months of unemployement. I don’t want to lose my family and if you think I am crying KMA !!!!

    • MLHoenig

      Screw your attitude, “Marine”

      – I served from ’73 – ’82
      – I have a Service Connected Disability
      – My WW2 GI Bill ran out in ’89
      – Unemployed for 2 1/2 years
      – NOT crying about VRAP
      – NOT complaining, “I’ve been done wrong”
      – NOT sitting on my A$$, saying, “I’m a victim”
      – I EARNED this “handout”

      What’s one more year of education going to get me? The stupidest question I’ve EVER heard! I’ll stop learning the day they put me into a pine box, you undereducated punk!

      I’m RETRAINING into a HIGH-DEMAND field. ONE MORE YEAR is going to get me a SECOND Associate’s Degree, as a Pharmacy Tech; I’ve done pretty well for over 35 years as an Electronics Tech.

      My wife, family, and friends ENCOURAGE me, so I can IGNORE your disparaging, ACCUSATORY remarks.

      Your attitude tarnishes the uniform you claim to have worn proudly. No Veteran with any pride would EVER speak of his or her fellow Veterans as you did; especially not those of us who kept this country free before you ever entered your mother’s womb.

    • mike

      what an idiot this ain’t for vietnam vets, 95 percent are to old for this program. what we really need though is real immigration reform (like upholding the existing laws, and put up a good solid border, you knowwalls mines auto gatlin guns, then there would be more jobs.

    • Damian A.D.

      You are right too a point I’ve been a Carpenter Vocational Instructor twice,I have 3 skills and need two credits to complete a associate in Electronics Engineering. The point I want to make is there no jobs and using the VRAP is going to be hard for just about every one who use it you will need more than the VRAP Program. Example it cost about 50K to go to pilot school .

  • navyswift

    I’m a vet 73 yrs old and am young for my age and it would be nice if this new program would go as far back as necessary so that all vets wanting to retrain could no matter how long ago they served.


  • Paul F

    Ditto… I’m 62 but feel that I have a long way to go before being able to afford to retire or wanting to. USAF 1969 – 1976. Did not serve in Vietnam but still an era veteran.

  • Production Mngr

    Gotta love it…am an unemployed vet with a great track record in my profession. I can’t even get a “nibble”. I’ve wondered about my experience telling my age, over 60, and am I being left out because of it. Hey look…this program leaves out those of us over 60 also… Go figure!!!

  • GreensboroVet

    I agree with most statements here. It is a good idea, but it does not got far enough. It should also cover those past 65 and are stil able to work outside the home and cover those who wold like to work from home/home business.

  • I got the education, but the employers find out how old you are and the idea of being hired goes out the window…Well I attleast have social security to live on, if you can call that income..they tax you and remove you end up with very little.
    I have always felt that veterans should have got tax relief and strong benifits that lasted all your life instead of a limited time.


      i collect ssdi, i dont get taxed federal,state,orlocal u might want to check on your taxes , the medicare(is not a tax) u are paying for the insurance that it provides , thanks for youservice.

  • donald

    Listen. I’m a Vietnam vet also – age 60, so maybe I could just sneal under the wire for this. The Army “gave” me an unaccredited BSEE before they shipped me to fairyland. Since I’ve been a civilian, I’ve been at the forefront of the computer industry, worked my tail off, legitimately developed several significant advances in the industry, and have never been at a loss for a job – until now, that is. Now, I can’t even get an interview. Is it my skills? Hardly. So it’s my age, plain and simple.

    My point is, this may be a wonderful benefit, coming out of the blue. But its not going to get anyone a job. If you can get into the program – great. Study something that will let you create your own opportunities and future, because – like everyone else is saying – just another degree won’t get you anywhere.

  • Al Barnett

    I am a Viet Nam era Veteran, and I make no excuses, however isn’t it illegal to discriminate against us because of our age? Most of us that served during that era, are over 50. Are you telling us now that we are to old to be retrained? All you young wipersnappers that never spend a day in the Military are now making decision for us? How are we to provide for our families if we don’t get the training we worked very hard for. Like the brother stated before, we Vet’s need to stand up for each other and vote the BUMBS out. They know what they are doing in illegal, but no one is standing up against them, so they will get away with it. We as Vet’s are not begging you for a handout, but instead to assist us to be able to do better for ourselves.

  • Eagleeye

    Wow, they come our for another program I will not be eligible for. The program stars in July and I turn 60 in May. I am a Vietnam combat veteran and proud of it.
    The company I worked for closed it’s doors and I have not work for a year, this program would have really helped me and my family, but SCREWED AGAIN! This government does not give a crap to the older veterans who served honorably for this country. A veteran is a veteran no matter when he or she served. VA benefits should be for every veteran with NO AGE LIMIT!!!!!

  • D.Saling

    I am also a Vietman Vet age just 62 and that leaves me out also. I thought it said to retrain older vets and heroes. This leaves out most Vietnam Vets and babby boomers, so i think that theye planed it this way to pease someone but does not do the job intended. Its always something isnt it.

  • Lilith

    I hope that I don’t seem too uninformed by asking this question – but wouldn’t those soldiers from the Vietnam era have gotten the original GI Bill educational benefits?

    • Paul Griese

      That’s what I am wondering. I served from 1976-1980. Afterwards I used all of my GI Bill to get a college degree. That diploma is useless now. Is this VRAP program something new that I am qualified for? The article does not specifically say, and leaves a gray area at list-bullet number nine. I will try to research this more but even though I can only get part-time and seasonal work now I would probably not go back to school and apply for this VRAP even if eligible. I think a career military person deserves more than me. Instead of looking for a job, I am trying to create my own job and I have some level of success with that. I think I can get-by until I qualify for social security. Also, a lot of people should have planned ahead and started saving money when they were young. Many did not and now they complain. Among all these negative comments ( I am sure you have read them ) I wonder who failed to plan ahead?

  • julie kelleher

    How about my 2 sons who are aged 23 and 25 who are navy vets and cannot find work???? Why do you have to be aged 35?? The economy is really bad, and now we have to age out benefits??!! A benefit should be a benefit, period!! I’m sick and tired of paying taxes and never reaping the benefits like everyone else seems to do, they served their country just like every one else ,, I am not diminishing what other war time vets have done, I admire them immensely..but come on, who makes up these STUPID rules??? I know, the congressmen who’s benefits are paid for LIFE for serving a one four-year term in office! Where is the justice in that???????????????
    Signed, a full time hardworking tax paying citizen and and a very proud mom of 2 Navy veterans!

    • Jimmy Krebs

      Mrs. Kelleher;

      Your sons should be eligible for the GI Bill.
      Congressmen or Members of the House of Representatives have two (2) year terms and Senators have six (6) year terms.

      All vets need help, but older vets are more in need than younger vets.


      • MoMo

        For Congressmen and Members of the House, these people earn pennies for the knowledge, education and experience that they have comparing to corporate executives.

    • Jim

      They are eligible for the post 9/11 GI bill. A much more lucrative benefit than this one. Why aren’t they using that?

    • MoMo

      Your 2 sons should have stayed in the Navy. Why did they even bother to get out in the first place. If they aren’t in school collecting the GI-Bill, I advise them to reenlist again. Vets who are 35+ are much more in trouble, they have families to feed, mostly likely school and reenlistment aren’t an option.

  • user762

    I have been told by the Georgia DOL that this benefit will only be available to the first 45,000 people to apply nationwide, Essentially it’s a sham, claiming to be providing a benefit for Veterans when so few people will Actually be able to benefit it is laughable. It’s typical of politicians attempting to buy off Veteran votes while not really doing anything at all. Plus, if other states DOL or like Georgia it is a political benefit clearinghouse that only one particular minority group seems to get any use out of.

  • Don

    I am a 12 year vet..1980 (no gi bill) – 1992 and am unemployed at the ripe age of 51. I have always wondered why we have been left out because as you can see Desert Storm is part of my past also. This is welcome news for myself as times are very difficult and any assistance I can to retrain is an opportunity for future opportunities.
    For all that complain that they are young and can’t find a job then I say bull! Don’t expect to find that “golden” job because you served 2 or 4 are going to start out at the bottom like all of us did. After 12 years in Meteorology and Civil Engineering I learned the hard way that you have to restart. I chose to work for a carpet cleaning company but worked my way up through the trials and tribulations to Director of Engineering. Your young..wait till you hit your 50’s and people think you are a lost cause…I appreciate any help I can get at this point.

    • salome

      I myself have given up trying to find a job. Im 64 yrs and veteran and proud of it but going through resumes and not even receiving a dro dead letter after a while it becomes very disturbing. I have a lot of education that I paid for, a lot of civilian as well as military education but none of this counts because what employers want are the 20 something and stupid. the dummer the better. these 20 somethings cant stand next to a vet and they know it.

  • Manny Guzman

    Amazing!! Here we go again!…There’s always a clause that prevents Viet-Nam vets over 60 to be part of the plan, and keeps us out. Im 64 and in fairly good shape and health, willing to work, and desiring to be trained in whatever, but I am keept out because of an age clause again…Have been trying to get back into the work force for YEARS!!, to no avail. Im shooting resumes to employeers like they are going out of style, and the answer is always the same…not selected. When is this going to change for us who volunteered to offer our lives for this country??. When will we be treated equaly?. When is congress going to do something about the problem of Vets that have been discarded like just another unuseful Government Issue???. (GI)
    We need answers and Action NOW!!.

    • namvet68

      Manny, I’m with you. 64 years old, unemployed for the last three years, getting by on a shoestring. I need two years to finish my accounting degree and I, like you, am out because we served at the wrong time. This is more garbage poured on the Viet Nam vets.

    • salome

      When the enact the draft again. The pople doing the hiring or even reading resumes never served they were home getting their education and finding the good jobs and when they see a vet resume it is discarded. They have no apreciation of the vet other than what they view in the news and comment those are our boys and girls out there risking their lives until you try to get hired then we dont know you.

      • Russ

        Well they didnt think the Viet Nam viet would live long enough or be able to work at the age of 60. Sure not the ones confirmed Agent Orange which you never here about. That could be because most of the Agent Orange guys are no longer with us. Our country didnt like us when we came back and they ignor us when were still here. Good luck to all our service men and women out there I for one say do as much for them as you can because they deserve our support as well. I served as a viet nam viet to be proud of my country, Im ashamed of my government for not helping those who came before.

  • rose kelty

    Is this benefit transferable does anyone know?

    • Pearson

      I was wondering the same thing. If you find out, please let me know.

  • jeh

    Age discriminatory for under 35 and over 60, the latter of which I am. 5 years out of work and still viable in work forces. Politics???

    • Dennis

      How do I get started right away

  • Prepdaway

    Ask not what your country can do for you, but what you can do for your country…jfk
    I understand that we have done a lot already for our country but still there is a lot more to be done and we must all continue to do our part, no matter how small the task, it is significant. If it is to lobby the U. S. Congress to get education or other benefits for Vet’s, then continue to get your step in…..

  • Dan Bittner

    As stated, once again, Vietnam vets are left out in the cold. Where is the justice in that? NONE!!!

    • Pearson

      You got that right!!!

  • Jose

    Vietnam-Vets, I to serve during the Vietnam-Era Conflict , having read comments from ex-military personnel , it is ” PURE AGE DISCRIMINATION ” we Nam Vets should start organizing and have a march on DC, other groups are welcome to join in support of the cause. We serve our country in time of need whether conflict was ” Congress Approve” or not. Having serve aboard an aircraft carrier Tonkin Gulf Region, in support of , Marines, Army, Navy and AirForce personnel we were the enlistees or draftees that serve our USA. When ” Uncle Sam ” call we follow orders, I shouldnt say Uncle cause no uncle should set an age limit to benefits . WE as a group serve, we are the ones that march to hep : one , two, three , four , We , as a group : DID NOT MARCH and I repeat DID NOT , march and chanted ” Hell No We Won’t Go”……………….WE WENT………………… AND SERVE OUR U. S. A

    • Pearson

      I agree. My husband is a Viet Nam Vet. and he is almost 57. He went in during Nam at the age of 18, and most the other guys were older than he was. So yeah, I don’t think this new program is fair either.

  • Pearson

    My husband is a 56 (57 in July) year old Viet Nam Vet. We have fought with the VA for 20+ years and my husband was finally awarded 100% total and permanent disability. You are an Iraqi Veteran and you are complaining? I have taken care of my husband for 36 years, and what do I get for taking care of a US hero? Nothing. But I’m not complaining. There are spouses of disabled Iraqi Veterans that collect anywhere from $1000 to $5000 per month for taking care of their disabled spouses, That program is only for the Iraqi Vets, not the Viet Nam Vets. I think you should check out the different programs before you start complaining. Because of the Viet Nam Vets, you are still free and able to make your complaints…


    “This benefit can be used to earn an associate degree, non-college degree, or certification, and training for a high demand occupation.”

    Why is VARP excluding a bachelor’s degree? I would think most veterans would have significant work experience and transferable skills to cover the first two years towards any undergraduate degree.

    What is happening

  • Pedro Luis Guzman

    What about us, I am 68 and I will like to go the school, but I have no money, they forgot us. They should not place age limit, they can exam the vet to see if he qualifies, I DON NOT AGREE WITH THAT…….

    • bbm

      If you do not have your degree, you can apply for state aid and also find a Veteran friendly school that will offer you 25%-50% off your tuition.

    • Aubrey El

      Many universities have free enrollment for students above 60.

  • Frank

    The criteria for this program puts most of us Vietnam Vets a day late and a dollar short. I have been out of work for almost 2 years and was hoping this would be the opportunity to get employed. The worst thing is I’m not old enough collect SS. Don’t have any other pensions. Since I won’t be eligible for training I will have to sit out without anything for a year and a half. Who ever thought of this law must have been a non vet politician.

    • salome

      Most politicians have never worn a uniform nor have their kids and this needs to change they should all have to serve before we vote anyone into office. Prerequisite a must.

      • Jose Ex-VIETNAM VET

        Salome i agree with you MOOOOOST of elected politicians have never worn a military uniform but yet they like to start conflicts or get involve in one. They are into ” politicks ” for the $$$$ and BENEFITS which they receive upon retiring. Their offsprings are dodgers from serving in the military. DC should open up the 35 to 60 age bracket so that VIETNAM VETS CAN GET some job training. That VRAP GI BILL should come in handy to all VIETNAM VETERANS WHO SERVE IN TIME OF “CONFLICT”. The federal government makes rules about age discrimination but yet they turn aroung and say ” INCOMING ” BENIFITS stop at age ” 60 “.

    • Sumo

      Frank your funds are going to the many people that enter this country illegally and are given all the privileges you should get so they vote this illegal we have in thewhite house another term.

      • fairydust

        Really? Is that your answer to all your problems, blame it on Obama no matter how remote or stupid the notion is? How did the “illegals” get sucked into this VRAP discussion? How is this related to them? Sumo, you got issues.

  • Leon

    I like to know do I get on the list.

    • lb4life

      if your between the ages of 35 to 60 and not working ,dont have a dishonable discard .cant use your reg gi bill and not going to school alredy of the state or fed gov. you should be good

    • lb4life

      look under the art int box and all the things you will need meet to get in is right under that box

    • Pat

      This sounds like a great idea. Now if we can just figure out how to implement it we will be on our way to halping a great many veterans. I have had much past exprience in this field and would love to put it into practice. Employment or a goal of school training is what keeps a lot of veterans going. Everyone needs a plan, or a dream for the future.

  • luke, old serg

    I think its time we let whoever made this stupid bill there are a lot of Vets who will be left out in the cold. Write you representatives, NOW!!!!! It can be changed if we raise enough hell.

    • Angel Feliciano

      I’m 65 and feel totally left out! How do veterans my age get this kind of help?


  • Short Round

    Because of the unpopularity of the Vietnam war here in America, all that was was offered to us Vietnam Vets were discharge papers. If there were a GI Bill for Vietnam Vets, it was well hidden just like any other benefits that may have been available at the time. We have been left out of everything, So what makes anyone think that we are going to be offered anything now. I have been fighting for benefits for Agent Orange, like so many other Viet Nam Veterans, for over 30 years, and to date have not received anything but the run around. Once we all die out, then someone will write “more Vietnam Veterans should have received compensation for Agent Orange. The bottom line is keep fighting but expect nothing, except that other generation of the military family will be better treated then we were.

    • Pearson

      Short Round,
      Try contacting “Alpha”, they helped my hubby get his 100% within 6 months and we had been fighting with the VA for 20+ years. They are good and only work with Veterans. The guy that helped us was Steven Vaughn. Alpha’s phone number is… 877-341-4754. Good Luck!!!
      Thank you for your term(s) of Service!
      L. Pearson disabled Vets spouse

  • tony p


    What kind of deal is this?
    Most VN Era vets are either aproaching 60 yrs or over 60

    Is there any justice, we older vet would like to be re-trained to be able to keep up with the times and reduced value of retirement and SS dollars

  • Chuck

    I too am a Nam era vet. Lets put our numbers into pay. An election is cumming up. Lets join ranks, and change leadership on Washington. If we put our votes together we CAN change the votes in congress. We can do this if we unite.

    TOGETHER WE STAND. Divided we fall. Vote congress and Obomma out.

  • Justin

    I appreciate everyone’s service on this thread. I do feel sorry for the Vietnam Vets that has had a raw deal from the begining. The sad thing is watching you guys snivel and cry that the Goverment owes you something. For those that were drafted (Sorry I know it wasn’t your choice). Many men and women have served and went on with there lives with or without education. With PSTD and without. I wish the 20 year old soldier, sailor, or Airman could hear you now. What would that person say? Life? Soldier up and get on with it. My first job when I got out after 9 years was with Walmart cleaning bathrooms. I went on to make over six figures a year. Dig deep folks. Quit being a victim.

  • Justin

    Hey man it’s impossible for the post 9/11 benefit to end until 2016. It’s good for 15 years after you serve. Are you sure you don’t mean Chapter 30. There is a site Read it.

  • chris

    you guy`s are just to late to help us ol` soldier`s..why bring our `hopes` up, to be shattered by those in `office`…kiss my ass!!

  • Betty

    I am recently retired, in school but my Educational benefits will run out before I graduate. I do not know the extent of this bill but not interesting in inquiring because there is always a loop-hole to ween out the majority of all Vets. I am still frustrated by the fact that as an Army National Guard Retiree that served in Iraq and Afganistan, I can not draw my retirement pay until 60yr. but I could risk my life the same as Active duty…….this is crappy. I wish I never had joined the military, risk my life and time. What the country going to do for me now. Unemployed for the last 2 years, lost my husband, we both served but war is hell on a marriage, on family.

  • Joe Kennedy

    What about if you are older than 60 or 70 and I still would like to go to school, to get a certification in IT, but I have no money, they forgot us. It doesn’t matter about your age when it comes to supporting your self and family, the bills still come in.They should not place an age limit on this benefit, they can interview the vet to see if he/she qualifies. An age limit on this benefit is discriminatory and not legal.

    • Aubrey El

      As I posted before–many universities have no or reduced costs for students above 60.

      • sledge

        Not only that but federal pell grants do not have to be paid back if you have to aplly for one.

    • Raymond V Carrillo

      I agree with you I am 72 and still want to work and go through some VOC Training, why should their be an age limit (What happen to the idea about age discrimination)

  • lb4life

    i feel like its a wonderful thing for us vets.sorry for those vietnam vets buts less be real,if you havent used any of the benefits for school since you have been discarded this shouldnt apply to you any way.companys are not going to hire any vets of you’ll age.sorry but true so instead of crying about it tell your local vet rep and see if they can come up with something for the vietnam vets for a edu.program just for vietnam vet.

    • Arvid

      I retired in 1992 from the U.S. Army, used 15 months of education and found work based on that education. Ten years later after loosing what remaining educational benefits I had, I went back to college to complete an associates degree program and lack two semesters from a 2nd degree. Now at the age of almost 59 I was just hired in Hospital Admistration. This was done to get my foot into the door. It is never to late to go to college and continue working. I do agree our government should abolish that ridiculous 10 year limit on the Montgomery GI Bill. Not everyone had the same priority once we were out of the service. Our goals and desires were different for each and every one of us. I commend those who were able to go to college within their first ten years, however, for many of us it was not possible or feasible.


      i am not cyrin ,i earned just as much a right to voice my concerns as you have so because are a young vet are youreally think that you are better than us older veterans it sounds like it. cryin about wehat is hapening must be some thing they taught your generation, i just did mky job, bitched after patrol not during so forgive me for serving when you were still living at home,
      and now your on the street, with the rest of us. thanks for your service,but not your attitude.

  • MarvinS.Robinson,II

    YESs, where do we sign-up and try to get on the list; for this project ? and I will PRAY / eternal OPTIMIST, that I am: that – this NOT another one of those ANNOUNCED projects- that NeVer happen, or Never gets to INCLUDE a Navy Vet, such, as myself !!!
    Please, dear God, don’t let the same people who have been so cruel in past, life-long career VA staffers adn their auxillaries be in charge of this, too !!! Because part of their role appears to BLOCK every itoa of HELP that VeTS really need, and then sit back and act LIKE they care. This announcement sounds so great, thank you and IT should be administered directly thorugh the ( schools, or the US LABOR Department, because if the VA or the state of Kansas gets ahold of the format; I can tell you in advance, this will turn into just another PretTY-high GLOSSY BROCHURE-
    Thank You

    Marvin S. Robinson,II
    Quindaro Ruins / Underground Railroad- Exercise 2012

  • RAUL


    • E-8 MSGT

      maybe! still vets over 60 are discriminated against, but we were not turned away when our great country needed us to fight a battle or 2 for them. it all goes together, promise the moon with one hand and take it and more away with the other. when will we learn not to trust (get it in writing if you can). we as vets and friends of vets should discourage our sons and daughters to avoid the military service due to their lies. even if they restarted the draft, i would encourage them to run. maybe then the gov will learn, or fight their own battles. i love the USA but not my politicians who seems to think that thay earned all their benefits by serving only 1 term (with lousy service to or for their people). i am truley sorry for every vet and active duty service person, we were duped and still have not learned that you can not trust our elected officials. the gov is for the gov and not for the people. yet i rave on to no avail, we the people are not united enough to make any changes, but if we can decide on getting it together, let us who care know and we will be the first in line to support united positive action. SEMPER FI.


    To all of the Vietnam era vets – if you served in country and have not done so, please register with the VA Hospital. This will put you on the list for a reevaluation of your rating. You need at a minimum 10% rating for Chapter 30 – Voc Rehab. you will be get the most benefit if you are at 30%. You should also get yourself a VSO – veteran service Officer to go through your paperwork work with you and make sure it is all correct. The rating will also set you for monthly compensation and/or back pay.

    If you served out of country, your best information is to find a veteran friendly school, that offers a tuition break. Also depending on the state you live in, your local college will have fund available if you are in a dislocated worker – (ex. – in construction) and unemployed. As well, the Unemployment office will have funds, contact the local Veteran rep there.

    For those living in Washington State, King County, your have endless resources, example – Veteran Corp, Valley City and the VA educational office in the federal building.

    • Mrs. Boyce Bright

      great for washington state, but what about virginia? Service was 1966-69 in Germany

      • tentonsledge

        Its the same everywhere all states have local veterans reps. that can get you started on your paper work and point you in the right direction.

        • tentonsledge

          True, but there are designated VSO’s, who specialize in the paperwork. These are the people who help the most and will not leave you flying in the wind alone.

      • Mrs Boyce Bright

        Call Frank Dickerson (206) 682-2449 with the WA VA office at He mainly has information about WA State, however he was very helpful when I needed veteran information for my cousin in Georgia.

  • Education Nut

    Do you have to use up your GI Bill first?

    • Jeff

      Did you read the article? To be eligible for the VRAP GI Bill Veterans must NOT be eligible for any other VA education benefit program.

      • Linda

        This person is just asking a question, chill out.


    Also sign-up with e-benefits to look at your claims and appeals of your VA Benefit claims, the website is the # is 1-800-983-0937. My organization is AMERICA’S VETS HELPING VETS FOR LIFE. e-mail is GOD BLESS.

  • David

    Never got a GI bill for education…got caught between Vietnam and Desert Storm…so I suck I guess…nothing for me just 7 years I served and waited for war…

    • You qualify for this and free medical care…for most Americans its pretty good! But I know how ya feel…

  • duchy

    wow and they say obama is not doing anything
    funny both bush presidents did any thing like this for the all vets

  • duchy

    oops did not do anything for vets just shipped them off for deployments with no body armour

  • Criz

    What if my Montgomery GI Bill already expired. Can I now be eligible keeping in mind that I also meet all other conditions?

  • Dan Stewart

    Given choice to volunteer or get drafted so, I left Canada to join. Got out and went back to Canada with no Vet benefits to use. Love the double standards they give US born people in other countries. Viet Era Vet.

  • David Harty

    I too was between wars and have no GI Bill. I do receive Chapter 31 Voc Re-Hab for a service connected injury. If not for this I’d be stuck with nothing. For clarification though, you need a rating of at least 20% to receive ch 31, not 10% as stated above. Matter of fact, a lot of 10%’ers don’t even get a check! It’s in everyone’s best interest to seek a rating even if you don’t think you qualify . Try any way, you have nothing to lose. God Bless Vets!

  • salome

    EEvennter text riEvenght here!

  • JA Peay

    This is a much needed program for the after_rare vets. I have a serious question? What happens to the VET that has retired overseas? He already has been eight balled for the house or business loans due too political naysayers. Here’s a little small pay solution..take the payments from/through the retirees’ Unk Sams’ allotments! When your work status changes from active to retired military, your patriot shadow becomes a rainy cloud..good on you Mr. President for not forgetting US..the back bone of our freedoms. Needless to say much work on this VA program is needed in the future..Quotas won’t make it again if this type of treatment me to die, but not enough trust not to tell us another lie.



    • ladyvet85

      Peace…That is so right-on! Sometimes the younger vets forget that they are standing on the shoulders of older veterans who regardless of when or where they served, male or female. Black, Native American, White, Asian, Somoan,Hispanic,Latino, Straight, or Gay who paved the way for each generation to have it a little better than the former. It is called respect! Let’s not lose focus we all are having it hard and the people who we protected are being ungreatful and damn disrespectful!

  • Christopher

    Why is the Cut-Off at 60 Years of age?
    What a screw job for Vietnam vets. I guess:> What’s new? We Nam Vets were screwed when we came home and getting another screw job again..
    Vietnam:> 1968-69 & 1970-71.

  • Robin DD

    I am a Vietnam era vet of 4 years. I was wrongfully terminated from my job after 33 years.I will not be going back to it because of such a hostile environment. This sounds ideal for me as i will need to be retrained for future.

    • carmelo velez

      Dear Robin:
      If you were wrongfully terminated from your job, I do not know the details, but
      depending in what State you live in you may have a cause of action for wrongful termination. I suggest you contact the U.S. Labor Dept. or your local State Dept of labor, or a labor Attorney in your area.

    • Curt

      Same here. I am an eight year veteran. I worked for citigroup for 19 years before I was I was wrongfully terminated. Although there are open positions available through Citi., They’re not going to match the salary I was earning. Ive been out of work four months now and with the experience I have, the banks, credit unions, even jobs on the base are not hiring. The opportunity to go to school and obtain an educaion to be retrained and earn a degree is awsome. Good luck to you.

  • adairefulone

    There is so much wrong with this picture is there anything here that’s right, and to think we claim moral authority over the world while treating us citizens like animals.

  • John Serino

    I guess life ends at 60 years old. Why is the cut off at a age for those that need it the most ? 60+ need to re-tool their knowledge to keep up with the latest technology in order to compete in today’s job market. I know the VA can do better than that.

  • Curtis

    The VEAP only offered $5400 of education benefits; only payable after a $2700 contribution. This new VA benefit is one that hasnt come at a better time. There are quite a few stipulations to be met. However, there are vets out there who can benefit for such aid. Good luck to all. Semper Fi. USMC 1982-1990…3043

  • jrc47

    Contact your representatives in Congress…this is SO WRONG!!!
    Our goverment should make Vet programs avaliable to all Vets…not just the “pc, age specific, pr acceptable few)!!!
    E1 to E5 (71-74)…

  • Dom Vaca

    Would tell me how I could attend the workshops in San Francisco when I’m unemployed and living in Southern California. Is this a public relations move on your part and the President. I’m interested but don’t have the funds to attend the session located in northern california. How long is the workshop. Let me know how I can attend.

    • Dom Vaca

      Would you tell me how I could attend the workshops in San Francisco, when I’m unemployed and living in Southern California. Is this a public relations move on your part and the President? I’m interested but don’t have the funds to attend the sessions located in Northern California. How long is the workshop? Let me know how I can attend.


    I am 62 and in good health. Unemployed for the first time in my life and I’m to old? The age limit should be eliminated.If you served your country you should be eligible.

  • kenabis

    wow vets arguing with each other?????lot of veit vets wanting to work still wouldnt it be easier to retire? just asking not judging we should all qaulify but we need to recognize how our gov works they pay out to those who can continue the most contributing to their tax dollers lets face it your life expectancy is up and they dont think they can benift from your retraining in other words they all ready have your service and your tax dollers they secretly wish youde die already so they dont have to pay any more disablity they are done useing you and are onto the younger ones as they can benifit more in the long wrong….this is the reality of EVIL UNSUSTAINABLE AMERICA. Love you all my brothers and sisters we all have a verry strong voice if we stick together!!!!!!! there is grave unconstitutional injustice in “todays ” America get a grip and hold on tight shit is commin down the pipe!!!!

    • Boyd

      How do you expect us to retire when we’ve been living on our 401K’s for 3 years. We are not employable now and you can’t even get a job in fast food because they don’t want to pay for medical insurance. Is it just my imagination or are 99% of us Vietnam Era Vets over 60? Looks like the government is f***ing us once again.


      retire to what, not old enough yet, but still want to work have worked for 30 yrs layed off not my fault, just know more job left to foreign soil, better for company not for me, you have some nerve ref viet vets what you are not but want me out of work force so it will leave you a job, some brother vet you are, thanks for serving but i have know respect for you , thanks to all viet vets we will all get ours soon, i think.

    • JDM

      You pretty well summed up the situation of us Vietnam vets. I served 30 years in the USAF and then 8 years as a Defense Contractor at US Joint Forces Command. I lost my job 0n 15 Feb 2011 and have been unemployed for more than a year now. I am 62 years old, have a Master’s Degree and years of valuable experience, but can’t find a job. I am not ready or financially able to retire (two kids in college), but I’ve been forced into retirement anyway.

    • jant798

      We “taxpayers” should repay those who risked their lives to give us and others better lives and assure our freedom. That is the simple fact.

    • Roni

      Okay…maybe you should find someone to voice these concerns with. Maybe someone with M.D. behind their name.I like most vets voluntered to serve. I donot feel used. I did not expect to babied when I completed my military service. I will admit I liked some of the perks I did recieve. If I was over 60 I personally would not want to use this benefit. I am sure there are very few 60+ who would use this. Okay I did not say none but very few. I doubt the Govt. is not doing this stuff to irritate you.

  • Robert Taylor jr

    I am 52 ann not working so i would like to sing up for that porgram

  • Joseph

    I am a 63 year old Vietnam era vet, out of work 2 years. I am writing this to all Vietnam vets, write your congressman and senators. Lets all get together and show how strong are voices are and that we are not going to be discriminated against anymore. Today’s society favors the young and young vets, but as veterans of any era we should all stick together and stand up for each other. Modern era veterans don’t realize what we Vietnam vets went through, how society treated us, so it is easy for them to criticize us. I didn’t ask to lose my job, I am very capable and healthy enough to work and I need a job. Any government program for veterans should include all veterans of any age. Let us older veterans decide for ourselves if we want to participate in these programs, not the government.

  • JoJo

    Tax dollars are collected to fulfill two purposes: 1.) To support and maintain the infrastructure of the the federal, state, and municipal governments (payroll, supplies, maintenance of buildings, etc.) and 2.) For the benefit of taxpayers.

    These benefits can be in many forms, for example, to ensure that national security is maintained (foreign policy), but overall the benefits should more directly improve the well-being of US citizens.

    This comes in the form of highway improvements, bridge reconstruction, cleaner air, investment in eco-friendly energy alternatives, security of US soil, etc, and it should include education for all Vets.

    Tax dollars shouldn’t never be spent to benefit and bailout industries that have “locked themselves in a corner” and can’t find a way out. That is a private industry problem. The industry should learn like the rest of us with smaller businesses that if your product is inferior and too expensive compared to the competition, you don’t survive–period! Tax money should never be used to bail out businesses. They were saved because of the “sheer Impact” it would’ve had on the economy if they weren’t.

    My point: Tax dollars must be used to uplift Americans so they canmobilize themselves and achieve their dreams. It benefits the country in the long run and that is what tax dollars are supposed to do in the first place.

    Money should be spent in the millions to give all Vets education. No limitations. Why should the public save AIG? What have they done for us?

    Have the CEO’s ever thought about the cost of Freedom?


  • Chester Ivory

    I’m 62, I beem unemployable since 2004, with No beneficts. What about us Vietnam vets. Are you waitting for us to die off.

    • recce1

      Yes, they are waiting for you and I to die. I was promised 10 years of VA Education benefits if I made it to retirement. The year before I retired they changed it to 1 year. In addition the government broke it’s promises regarding free medical and dental care for me and my qualified dependents and other benefits. They’ve even refused to treat my dependents who were on TriCare Prime, or as I call it, Try-To-Get-Care.

      I might mention that Medal of Honor recipient Col. George Day, an attorney, argued in 2003 for the enforcement of the promises made to service members but lost before the SCOTUS

  • cynthia

    i am 33 years old and i am trying to see if i may qualify for that program, with this economy it’s hard ti find a job.

    • Jonny B

      I am in the same situation as you, I’m 34. The age requirements is total lunacy and anti-American…

      • Apple Jacks

        too late guys.. and no they won’t let you enroll.. I’m 45 and just used up my entire 12 months.! saved it all.. thank u us gov!

  • Richard A

    I came in right near the end of the VEAP era, about 2 years before it was replaced with the new GI Bill. I maxed out my contributions, which didn’t take long. The ~$8200 benefit didn’t take long to spend, either, but it got me through an AAS in Laser Electro-Optic Technology while I lived at home with my mom. I’m glad I had the chance to earn that degree (lasers; how cool is that!), but the job market disappeared soon after I graduated, and never came back for AAS degrees. I was employed for 4 months as a Laser Tech II.

    A decade later, I was still picking up college classes as I had opportunity, with the intention of transferring everything to earn a Bachelor’s. When I lost my full-time job a few years ago, I decided to polish my resume and tie up the loose ends of my college education. The nearest port for my educational ship appeared to be an AS in Computer Science, so I declared that major. I’ve also been picking up Computer Technology classes and certifications, including CompTIA, Cisco, Linux and EMC. A few years of quasi-employment (independent contractor) and college means that now I’m about at the end of my means. I need at least 2, maybe 3 more classes to graduate with the AS, but I can’t borrow much more money. I’m 45, and I’ve lived alone most of my life. This new benefit might be enough to get me those last few classes, if I qualify. If not, well, I’ve been in college for 29 years already, and I reach full retirement age in another 22.

  • RetMedic

    Who is the POC for this program, the VA?

    • Marcie

      it looks like to me and I do this for a living that it has not been made law yet. We will be attending a VA educational training in June and I plan to find out more then…but I do not think it is law yet. Check the website and search for education then this program’s name. Which at this very moment I can’t remember…(read the article it has the name).

  • Edgardo J. Alicea

    What are the higth demand occupation?I am a veteran with no job at this time,i served from. 1979-1991 cold war veteran.This is no a coment,i am ask from some orientation,
    Thank you.

    • Richard A

      Only the VA knows what they are going to put on their list, but I would think it would include computer-related fields, such as programming, technical support and networking. With 1 year of benefits, you could pick up some computer certification or maybe finish off a degree. For example, you could earn the basic CompTIA certs (A+, Network+ and Security+) and maybe a Cisco Certified Network Administrator (CCNA). That would be a lot of work if you don’t have a computer background (it’s intended for people with 2 years of experience).

    • Marice


  • sjnorte

    Now it is pretty clear of AGE discrimination.

  • Richard A

    I sympathize with the Vietnam Vets. Let me ask, though. Is it not true that you were offered full educational benefits for use within a 10-year period of your discharge? That all of your educational expenses were covered, without your needing to contribute into a fund for them?

    This new benefit mostly assists those of us who were on VEAP. We had to pay 1/3 of whatever we got out, and the most we could get out (including what we paid in) was $8200, which had to be used within 10 years of discharge. It is my understanding that this is the least amount of educational assistance the military has offered veterans since it began offering educational assistance after WW I. So, don’t see this new benefit as a slight to you if you are not eligible. It really only somewhat makes up for the cut in funding during the VEAP era.

    • Marcie

      YOU GOT IT. I do this for a living and I see it daily! VEAP was the worst of the worst when it came to education programs the VA offered.

      • Bill

        VEAP sucked and I didn’t even contribute to it. I did my BS degree while no active duty using tuition assistance.

        Marcie – Do you have details on this yet? Can someone with a BS degree but unemployed use this to retrain in another field? Or get technical training like trade skills?

    • Dan

      No. All we got was a monthly stipend. The stipend was so small you couldn’t make even tuition expenses. Or books. Or food. Or rent. Etc., etc., etc.

      • Richard A

        I can believe it was small. The monthly amount that we got under VEAP depended on how much our monthly contributions were. Mine were about as much as we could get, which was somewhere near $350/month in 1987. The only way to get much more than that per month was either to claim retroactive payments (I eventually went a few years in college without taking any VEAP, so when I restarted VEAP, I took the whole thing at one time, what little was left of it) or cash out the amount paid into the program.

  • Scott

    Hello Admin – Will you tell me if this program would cover APICS – My employer just closed my facility and I’m now without work. I have been in logistics/distribution and mid-level management for the past 10-years, have recently acquired my BS in Business Management but the lack of this certification will hinder my future employment opportunities. If you will, please send feedback on this. It should be treated like a non-degreed certification. Many thanks!

  • Richard A

    “U.S. News and World Report” has an article from 2008 that briefly and generally describes the history of U.S. military educational benefits:

    “The Surprising History of Military College Benefits”

    • Richard A

      The report makes 2 points apparent:

      1) When the government funds an educational benefit, tuition rates rapidly rise to claim as much of the benefit as possible.

      2) Many of our leaders, particularly, former military, conservative leaders, are concerned that offering good benefits will attract people to the military solely to receive the benefits. That is not what the military is about.

      • Marcie

        I disagree with you on both points! I see veterans every day come to college and use their VA benefits while not working. That makes it to where they make really good grades. Tuition does NOT GO UP BECAUSE THE VA PAYS MORE. Are you nutz? Tuition goes up because everything else goes up! Did your electricity go up?? Yes, well so did the colleges.
        On your 2nd point. Several, and especially with the job market the way it is, of our veterans serve 4 years get out, attend school on the Post 9/11 (which they well earned!!!) and want to return to the military in a higher paid postion. So I totally disagree with your ASSUMPTION. If you worked in the enviroment you might see something different.

        • Richard A

          The cost of college is rising several times faster than the cost of everything else. College tuition is even rising faster than the cost of medical treatment. Recent studies have found that this is actually an affect of government funding education.

          I know that when I’ve seen people asked why they joined the military, the answer usually is for some sort of personal benefit. I met a lot of people, for example, who, for some reason, thought they would earn a lot of money in the military.

      • Norbert McKee

        As a former recruiter we are there to promote these benefits which majority of the recruits come into the military because of the benefits. It is no longer just to serve but get the bennies.

        • Richard A

          Yes, I know this from observation. When I was in the Navy, I asked several people in several locations why they joined the military. They all joined for what they hoped to get from the military, usually money or world travel. I believe we had a spurt of people join the military out of patriotism after 9/11, but that has faded.

    • Dwayne

      US news and world Report: investigate this: Every education benefit program proposed by theVA to aid older americans is capped at age 60 (age discrimination!) The VA is excluding the mojority of Veterans that would be benefitted the most by employment re-training programs. There is also a survey published that shows that Michigan Veterans received the least amount of VA benefits and I have had my education benefits revoked AFTER i began college WITH the approval of both the Atlanta, GA, and the ST. Louis Regaional VA Offices. I have been attending college over a year with NO VA Benefits use my last dollar to drive to college for homework completion and class attendance. There was no correspondence from the VA prior to VA education revocation.

  • solidergirl

    I’m a vet, too, (during veap). It was helpful, but not enough. I think every vet no matter what time frame should have this opportunity, actually have college completely paid for by the government ,with NO students loan paybacks!!!!
    After all, we did serve our country. We VETS should have a free education and be able to improve ourselves, especially those unemployed, as it is, the minority/foriegners are the ones with all the jobs. and benefits. I think vets with prior student loans should also have no commitement of paying them back as a benefit of serving our country. P.S. most of us are not crying as vitcims, we all took an opportunity to serve.

    • Richard A

      I don’t believe that service to the country necessarily means the government should fully subsidize our education. However, it would be appropriate for the government to compensate for the disruption that military service causes veterans. I could have gone to college right out of high school (I had a letter of acceptance to NM Mining and Tech). I wanted to be a scientist. By joining the military, instead, I lost access to any scholarships that are offered only to high school students (the traditional college scholarship). My military service translated to college credits only as satisfying the Physical Education requirement (though, my ship’s service afloat, optional college classes offered during deployment, provided me a language credit, too).

      When I was 12, I planned out my life in considerable detail. When I found myself abruptly discharged from the Navy, I realized I did not have a plan. I was unemployed, uneducated, in chronic pain and alone. My educational benefit (VEAP) provided me some help, but there was no way that $8200 was going to take anyone through a Bachelor Degree, even in 1988, and the benefits personnel knew this. They said that VEAP was only meant to supplement what we could earn while attending college, not replace a regular paycheck. So, I’ve had to limp along all these years, trying to piece together a life for myself. I don’t mean to say that I did not benefit from my military service–I greatly treasure my trip to Israel, for example–but there were consequences and sacrifices that I made by joining the military.

    • Rick

      I agree with your 100%, the VEAP was a joke, Every Vet should be provided with free tuition for education. We need to band together and let our representatives know how we strongly we feel about this..

  • Solidergirl of USN

    I agree with solidergirl, all student loans should NOT have to be re-paid back, (besides all the lenders have changed hands and screwed up the loans anyhow, just to agrued more interest on the orginal loans, which makes it unbearable and impossible to payback. I agree all VETS should have a free education as a benefit as a veteran of the United States of America.

  • David S.

    Nursing would be one of the “high demand” occupations referred to here (I am certain) and that works just fine for me, as I am in the second year of my RN certification program at my local community college. This VRAP program comes along just in time for a struggling, unemployed (two years now), veteran student, merely looking for a little help from the government that I honorably served. VEAP was a terrible substitute for the GI Bill and was truly under-whelming for those that served during my era. I, for one, wish do this VRAP program justice when I achieve my licensure as an RN, and then serve at my local VA hospital and give back to help those that have also served, and are struggling as well. For all those that continue to whine sour grapes, about veterans they believe do not deserve some benefit from their service, I encourage you to go to your local VA hospital and shake a hand (or two) and thank a veteran (or two). They deserve your respect. I know I want to thank them, and I will, when I once again proudly serve with honor.

  • Gail

    I am an LVER in NC and our office has been following this programs development. July is not very far off – but we’ve contacted the VA, the State, Federal and even Congressional representatives trying to find out the specific requirements and exactly what the application process will be. This is a great opportunity for individuals needing to transition careers. There are other parts of this bill that will pay for training for disabled vets under the VoRehab and also an On the Job training where the employer can be reimbursed by the VA for up to 50% of the wages of a vet while the vet is in training. Go to the VA website and read up on the VRAP.

    • Richard A

      I’m glad that we are getting this opportunity, but I am also mindful that it is only for one year of education. I don’t know of very many jobs that come into reach by only a single year of training, and I don’t think that is what this program is intended to do. It is being spun as a way for vets to finish off a degree or receive training, apparently in an area where they already have some background.

      • LtP

        $17K for tuition and fees would be more than enough for me to get that 2yr degree in radiology I HAD attempted in 2005 (denied all financial aid due to my whistleblowing on university’s financial fraud scheme thru FAFSA).

        Trouble is I’d have to quit my p/t job in-order to qualify. Now at age 59 & 1/2 WHO is gonna hire me – the VA? They won’t even release my service records to me after repeated requests. And I suffered a permanent injury (according to a USAF Doc.) while on active duty!

  • black

    question my mgi bill ended jan 21/2011 my ten years came up i was inrole in college classes fulltime i had to stop going to school after jan/21/2011 I was let go from my employer 2009 at no fualt of my own i max my 99 weeks of employment i haveing to find me somewhere to live after may 10/ 2012 due to forcloser on the home i was renting from my roommate wont let me move in the new place so i only have 35 days befor am homeless will i quaifly for the new VRAP i was useing chapter 30 Mgi bill when i was going to school in 2010 please respond back

  • Emmett Gorby

    I too am a Viet Nam era vet. I have been unemployed for four years now, and cannot even get an interview. I am a Construction Inspector, with 40 years of experience in the field. I am in very good health, and have a wealth of knowledge, that can only be learned by working, in the field. Most companies are hiring young college grads, with very little experience. I have been told I am over-qualified, (which really means, too old). I agree, that the age for these benefits, should be extended.

  • LtP

    Of course this comes along just as I’m about to become ineligible due to age 60! All along I’ve been harassing these arm-chair generals over the complete lack of benefits for those of us who served honorably AFTER the WW2 GI Bill expired and BEFORE the 9/11 GI Bill began. Seems at least Web listened. He seemed pretty interested when he wrote back – more than any of those NY ‘representatives’ did.

    Course I’m now working p/t but making poverty wages so I suppose that makes me ineligible anyway. Same old same old.

    • stymie

      Yea, I was excited about maybe getting some training until I read the age limit–I’m a 63 yr. old Vietman vet. We’re too old to learn or work????

    • Lee

      I agree, Age discrimination is not fair. It is hard to find work after age 60. No one responds to your resume’. DId the WWII vets have this same issue as us Vietnam vets?

  • Vietnam Era Veteran

    I am a 62 old Vietnam Veteran. Professionally, I am an unemployed Software Engineer, however, with all today’s technology advances, I definetly need to enhance my skill set (i.e. learning Oracle) in order to be competitive in today’s job market. Why a cut off of Veterans age of 60? The bill only includes those born in 1952 and went into the military at earliest year 1970. Not knocking these veterans, but the bill excludes the thousands of unemployed Veitnam veterans who were in the very mist of the Vietnam War, who are past age 60, unemployed, can not retire, and could use this to make them more employable. As a Vietnam veteran I still feel left out, since I am viewed too old in the job market and too old to utilize any verterans benefits. There is nothing in place to encompass the forgotten Vietnam veteran. We have not forgotten our Vietnam experience(s).

    • Mel Smith

      I agree, we get screwed again

    • Norbert McKee

      It is sad that once again the Vietnam Veterans are left out. I am 63 years old trying to start a career switcher within education, as well as being a Troops to Teacher program. So far I have had no luck in the state of VA is it because of my age, I wonder. There are programs that younger people utilized but when I inquire there is no such thing. Again is it my age. I am a Vietnam Veteran as well as Desert Storm Vet again I feel as though the Vietnam Vet has been forgotten within all these so called legislation and our representative in Washington this also includes my state of VA. My hats go out to all the veterans beyond the Vietnam Era and do not take anything away from them but again why does it seem that Vietnam Vets don’t exist within the system of our government. They say that Vietnam Vets should be recognized and Thanks go out but it is easy to voice but the action is not behind the voices.

    • Richard A

      This benefit only provides 1 year of vocational training at the Associate Degree or lower.

      Just out of curiosity, why didn’t you train in Oracle over previous years? I don’t need to know your answer, but you should. People ought to keep up their professional skills while they are employed, just like they are supposed to contribute to their retirement fund.

      • Norbert McKee

        First of all what is Oracle? Seems every time I do something and it falls short I find out after the fact that there could have been something else I could of used. People that know what I try to do seem to withhold info or not share what they know which would of helped.

        • Richard A

          Oracle is the name of an American computer software company that specializes in the sale, service and support of a database by the same name, for use by corporations in managing their business information. Learning Oracle usually means learning how to create, program, manage and maintain databases created using this software. Oracle is one of the world-leading database software companies, based on sales of their software. Their primary competitor is a German company named SAP.

          I worked as a Logistics Expediter for a subsidiary of a major corporation a few years ago. At the time I lost my job, the company was bringing their first company-wide Oracle database online. I was able to use their system, which allowed me to compare my experience using this implementation against what I had been using the previous 10 years at the company. To say it was an improvement would not mean much, because our old system was so archaic. However, I was disappointed that the Oracle user interface wasn’t better, and I found out that much of the benefits we were promised would not materialize, because our Oracle programmers weren’t going to program those features. I actually got put on report at one point because the Oracle user interface did not refresh the screen when I used standard keys to refresh it; the interface only refreshed with a mouse click (or, maybe the other way around), causing me to miss an order for a few hours. Anyway, if I were skilled in Oracle programming, I’d probably not be unemployed, and I’d probably be earning a lot more money than I ever have. But, that kind of skill takes a lot of time and effort, and those kind of jobs probably don’t go to people with 1 year of training.

    • Larry Pugel

      You are absolutely right. Vietnam Era vets have been excluded again. This is very wrong. I am 64 and will be unemployed in 41 days. Vietnam Era vet. Some smart lawyers should file a discrimination complaint with EEOC based on age discrimination. An entire group has been discriminated against. that’s called a pattern of discrimination. The worst type possible. All Veterans schould be treated equally. No despairate treatment should be tolerated, especially ageism.

    • J Baker

      I’m 64 and joined the Army during Vietnam and we had the GI Bill back then and it was good. It is not the governments resonsibility to keep upgrading our education/skills; it is your responsibility to upgrade yourself.

    • Aubrey El

      Many public colleges and universities allow citizens over 60 to attend for free.

  • wshimko

    this sounds great and i meet all the requirements, now can somebody tell me how to apply

  • Norbert McKee

    I too am a Vietnam Vet. It is sad that once again the Vietnam Veterans are left out. I am 63 years old trying to start a career switcher within education, as well as being a Troops to Teacher program. So far I have had no luck in the state of VA is it because of my age, I wonder. There are programs that younger people utilized but when I inquire there is no such thing. Again is it my age. I am a Vietnam Veteran as well as Desert Storm Vet again I feel as though the Vietnam Vet has been forgotten within all these so called legislation and our representative in Washington this also includes my state of VA. My hats go out to all the veterans beyond the Vietnam Era and do not take anything away from them but again why does it seem that Vietnam Vets don’t exist within the system of our government. They say that Vietnam Vets should be recognized and Thanks go out but it is easy to voice but the action is not behind the voices.


    did you forget what we had todo in country, do you not think that was enough payment, besides any benifit that is available should be looked into,even if you dont need it, others might but yoy sound like you need to reevaluate your position and think about what re-training could do for your outlook on a JOB, thanks for your service i am diabled phyically but not brain dead, want to work cant uderstand why age, vet status and attitude are all that is being talked about here what we need is option for all veterans to make our collective lives better.MACM584

    • Richard A

      I’m 45, supposedly with some career life remaining, but I’m wondering how useful this program ultimately would be to me. I don’t see that it would be much more helpful to someone 15 years older than me, especially if they haven’t any other background or training.

      Suppose you got this benefit. How do you imagine it would help you? What degree or certification would you be able to earn in a year? How would that change your employability?

      As I see it, if you haven’t already put yourself most of the way through school, this program isn’t going to help you at all, even if they gave you the full amount. If you are 60 years old, and haven’t earned even one year of certification in something, how is this going to change your life, now? When do you plan to retire?

      I know that people have problems. I have problems, too. I lost my full-time job 2 years ago, and I’ve been picking up odd jobs since then and going to school. I’m living on student loans and credit cards. I did not get married or have children, partly because I refuse to raise a family in poverty. I’ve spent my life going to school and trying to better myself, but, here I am, right on the edge of bankruptcy as I’m unemployed more than not. I just have to wonder how someone who cannot even type grammatically correct sentences and is a handful of years away from retirement thinks that a year of vocational training is going to change their lives?

  • Rafael Castro

    I do not understand why Vienam vet are being descriminated ( left out) of this program. I’m 62 yrs old, purple heart recipient, and in need of futher training to try to get back to a full time position in a very competitive market. Can we get some other concern and left out Vietnam vets to fight so we get included?

    • jhr

      Ditto. Us older vets still have to work and need to look to keep any unemployment $$ coming in. The new SSecurity “desired stop work age” is now 70, right?

      • Richard A

        No, the Social Security site shows “Full (normal) Retirement Age” is no later than age 67. For people born prior to 1960, the Full Retirement Age is slightly younger. You might get delayed retirement credits if you retire after age 67.

      • Donald Dean

        I’m a Disable Veteran who service from 1970-1978. Want to know when, where and who do I see about signing up?

    • bob owens

      Rafael, I also am 62, served during the Viet Nam War; and i also do not understand why we are excluded from much needed benefits such as this. recently, in charlotte, nc, someone organized a “thank you” celebration for Viet Nam Vets. i did NOT go because the ceremony is at least 40 years too late. where was the appreciation when we came home from the swamps. i guess you have to serve in the sand to be appreciated.

      your friend and fellow VN veteran,


      • Fran

        Bob, the Viet Nam era weren’t appreciated because they were still too busy hating us. Remember how unpopular that war was? I suspect too that we are being excluded because they think most of us over 60 should be retired. But not so these days. A lot of us were downsized and cast out of our jobs before we were ready to leave. And looking for a position at our age is a joke as age discrimination is very real.

  • vett

    Very excited about this opp’d for us Vets. My recommendation is the VA and DOL need to have a site for us to leave our emails and let us know when the application process is ready

  • 56 year old guest

    I have been out of FULL TIME work for 5 years and desperately need this opportunity. It’s pretty limited though, only 45,000 people initially and 54,000 the following fiscal year. It’ll be very interesting to see how this works.

    • Richard A

      What do you imagine this opportunity would do for you?

      I think I qualify for this benefit, but I’m not expecting more from it than keeping me from financial collapse for another year. Realistically, what do you think 1 year of training in any career field is going to do for anyone? I’ve received all sorts of certifications and program completions in my life. I even have an AAS degree in what used to be a high-demand field. Recently, I earned the CompTIA A+, Network+ and Security+ certifications that are billed as highly influential in the booming IT tech field. Employers are not quite beating down my door with job offers. I’m 45 years old.

      I think that people expect too much from this program. It’s just 1 year of training. If you aren’t already in the middle of getting your AS degree, this program is unlikely to help you, beyond simply giving you living expenses for a year. I’m 3 classes away from earning an AS in Computer Science, and I’m taking Computer Technology classes, too. This benefit would enable me to put another degree or certification on my resume, to go with the 4 I already have.

  • vicente s. noriega

    I’m a gulf war vet but failed to obtain that Montgomery G.I. Bill then. I’m currently staying outside the US mainland but unemployed. I was HONORABLY discharged from the service (USN) way back 1993 and drawing nothing as far as compensation is concern from any government or private entity. I’m pretty much eligible for this VRAP and I just do hope that I will be given priority for this.

    Hospital Corpsman, Portsmouth, Va.

  • Candy Gans

    Dont forget about us, the women! We have little chance to get any program, simply by the numbers. I need help too. The numbers are even against us in the real world. I need the education to be able to complete on a higher level. At my age the only advantage I can get is education. So give me a break.

  • Buddy

    What about a Disabled Korean veteran who just turned 80 yrs old.
    Disability 40% , where do I go for help I am really in good health with
    medications. I have been living from week to week for 15 years at the
    same co.. Next week I will be hurting
    Thank you in advance

    • Ray

      Look into Voc Rehab with the VA.

  • egbert

    Why stop at age 60? I am 71 and look like a man of 50; also I took Microsoft
    FRx accounting software certification; and got high marks.

    If you are over 60 and in damned good health(judging from your medical records), and you want to study—–you should be part of the program.

    • Jude Furth

      At 71 you should be retired, not unemployed — and in case you haven’t noticed there are many many veterans that are unemployed, Since this is part of the governments way to help unemployed vets get jobs. You sir don’t need a job. I don’t care if you look 50, you are not, you are not considered part of the work force, and if you want to go back to school for “personal enrichment” then you need to pay for it yourself, instead of trying to take it away from those who might actually need it.

      • joe blow

        I was going to say something, but changed my mind not worth it…

    • rob

      Im 61 still going strong as a sheet metal worker whats this age discrimination

    • UWorlds

      But people in their 50s are hurting more than you and at your age you should be laying in the shade…71 years old and you want benefits???????????

  • Roni

    It’s obvious that everyone can’t be satisfied. For the people this will help I am happy they have this option. To the people that says this is no help to them …well don’t concern yourself with it. Every vet benefit is not for every vet(some don’t apply). Just keep it moving. :)

  • Roni

    Okay..they try to give something and all I hear is complaints. There is not a super plan that’s going to satisfy everyone. I am a vet and I want to thank all vets before and after me who served this country. Some of you are just plain trippin’ I hope after 60 I am some where planning for my retirement not trying to get into a new career field. The people who can up with this plan probally went on the fact that 72 is the average life span. But I know that does not matter to you….

  • I’m 35. Unemployed. Awaiting surgery through the VA. On the ever long wait for my compensation claim to be processed, 8 months of gathering evidence. I’d love to work, but you mention you need time off for doctors appointments weekly and pending surgery, not to mention you can’t stand for long periods of time, sit for long periods of time, lift more than maybe 20#s. So I don’t see how this could help me.

  • Michael A.Smith

    if a person is presently enrolled but does not have the money to complete the retraining course. can i still use the program.

  • R.Hale

    Will this pay off outstanding student loans?

    • Michael

      No. There is no VA benefit for education of compensation that can be used to pay off existing loans.

  • Jim

    I saw this last month and the article keeps saying “Stay tuned for more details as VA releases them.” But the program is starting in July. Applications need to be filled out in time for Fall.

  • bobstar101

    Why is there an age limit of 60 — sounds discriminatory

    • Penny

      It’s a government thing. They are allowed to discriminate against age. I tried for a federal job at a prison, and they told me I was over the age of 35. I’ve been a nurse for 23 years, yet I was over the age limit.

  • Sixto

    I am a disabled Veteran, because of issues I cannot hold employment so I live within my means, lets stop complainimg and be grateful we have what we have there are alot of HOMELESS Veterans, and I haven’t seen to many complaining most of them have issues and can’t get help because they don’t know who to turn to instead of complaining, get on the program if your eilgible, and like the someone else posted, if you really think a Degree at 60 plus is going to help, look at all the younger College grads, who can’t find employment can’t blame everything on VA

    • Stanley

      I’m a Peer Support Specialist with a Homeless program. Check into appling for a Non Service Compensation Claim.

    • mrmolotov

      They cant find employment because the “NEW” wages as a norm have become the minimum wage and most people who go to college for four yrs refuse to work for $8.50 an hr. Cant blame them. I can survive and raise my two kids on $8.50 an hr.

  • glassprisoner

    You are the reason I am trying to get out of State Government. You are the reason that when I say I am a DVOP or Vet Rep, people roll their eyes.

    What you are actually saying is you failed to secure a job in the civilian sector so you turned to state government, used your 30% + VA rating to get a status job. You are a real piece of work.

    It was a DVOP like you that inspired me to become a vet rep, because I knew I could do better and I do, not because I am not employable, a BS in MIS and an MBA make me very employable. I am here because I want to be, not because I had to be.

    I feel sorry for your clients and hope they can find a real vet rep.

  • Thank goodness for this bill for everyone that is eligible. By all means take advantage while you can. I am disappointed; however, that the Vietnam era vets have been cut-out of this badly needed benefit. Once again your Congress has acted with their infinite wisdom and compassion.

    • Montel Short

      could you go into more detail i just took the ara for kaplan university passed the test an got stuck at finanical aid because of a loan in defualt from barber college ive been unemployed for well over a year and its more than rough cant seem to find work

    • mrmolotov

      I think it is because there are still so many Older vets that come from a time when doing the right thing meant something. This leads to too many of these vets of this age who still want to be a part of society and better themselves so thus the government cant really afford to help them. Its better to make a gesture and put a ton of restrictions on it so NO ONE can use it. Too many younger people who can use it are still eligible for the Gi Bill and other benefits so they WONT use it.

    • Carlton Varnum

      Hi, I’m Carlton. I’ve already applied for the VOW/VRAP program. Unfornutaely, I’m in the dark about the results of the application. It seems to be floating around somewhere. It would be less frustrating and or respectful, if someone (one of our veterans representatives) or our local authorities had more information. So that we Veterans could have a clue about how/when this is working. If anyone has that informaton, please inforn Ms. D Veterans Rep. @ 438 Summit Ave. Dept. of Labor. Jersey City, NJ 07306 #201-795-8836 Respectfully, Thanks

  • Nanjing03

    -Part 1 of 2-
    For what it’s worth, I’m been out of FT work since 2008 — currently working 2-3 PT jobs and still searching. I wasn’t a Vietnam War or Persian Gulf War vet. Vietnam ended three months before I graduated HS and got orders to NTC. From there — submarines. It wasn’t easy duty — but it wasn’t getting shot at either. After that, the Chapter 34 GI Bill, extra money selling cars, and a BS in Criminal Justice. From there, 15 years through the ranks of our state corrections department from uniformed officer to case work, to trainer, investigator and administration before stepping down in 2003 to get two shoulder surgeries at the VA and enduring eighteen months of physical therapy and complete recovery. In 2005, I got a job at DoD which I held for three years with 7 months service in western Iraq moving throughout Al-Anbar by helo from site to site and yes — getting shot at. Unlike a lot of you though, I couldn’t shoot back. I left DoD in 2008 to complete another BS — in History.

  • Nanjing03

    -Part 2 of 2-
    The best I can do since then is work as a substitute teacher. I’m not complaining. Teaching is rewarding, but I thought I could do better than 30 hours a week at 1/3 of my old state salary. Tried to get my old position — or less — in my old state agency, but in spite of excellent prior evals, being in excellent physical condition, having gained a wealth of experience both there and elsewhere, more education and great interviews — nobody is burning up the phone towers to give me a job. When I first started with the state, I was 28 years old. Today, I’m 54 but just as healthy and a damn sight smarter — but not smart enough to get a FT job. I’ll just keep looking until “the recovery” comes my way — or maybe I’ll start some business of my own writing history texts for school children. Didn’t mean to ramble, but I know as well as anybody here how tough it is these days. Thank you all for your fine service and hang tough.

  • Tracy Lyle

    I am a vet going to gollege now and i have been havingtrouble trying to get my 911 Post GI bill benifits, I have been working on this problem since Jan 31 2012 and i have called the people in Ok but keep getting the run around because you don’t talk to the same person each time you call. Even the person at my college called to Ok and they told here that everything was good. I called Ok during my Spring break at school and they said that i had to send another letter that they had sent me. I only have about one month of school left and i have not been paid yet. I even paid out $ 400.00 out of my pocket so that i could attend classes. Is there anybody that can help me get to the bottom of this screw up.

    • Al Ramsey

      Tracy, I am an accredited Veteran Service Officer. I recommend you call the OK Department of the American Legion and ask for the nearest Veteran Service Officer. They will ask you to sign a limited POA so that they have the legal authority to review your situation at the VA Regional Office. Many times, they can cut to the chase and get you the answers you need. To get the phone number, just google.

  • David Danko

    I have been unemployed for two years. I applied for VA pension and medical help in 1996 and was not qualified . I also asked for my records back and was told that I have to go to the Va in Decator Georgia for help. This Wrap program looks good,but I am 61 .

    • Jesse

      I live in Georgia, and I was able to get a “copy” of my records at the VA in Decatur. When I say get, that means they sent me the record copies whenever they felt like it…mine took almost 3 months to be sent.
      Sorry to hear your 61…first they classified Veterans that served before 9/11 as less valuable & probably not as patriotic as those that served after 9/11. Perhaps it took this long for the VA to see that of the hundreds of thousands of unemployed veterans, a larger percent of the total than originally reported, were pre-9/11 Vets. When they finally discover that, they put limits on the VRAP for Vets older than 60. Why 60 & not 68? Just doesn’t seem right.

  • Mark

    I am currently unemployed and have work my whole life. I am currently 40. I would love this to start sooner. Where do we get the forms at? Everything for the government has numerous forms, but where are the posted.

  • Jamie Wimberly

    This sounds like a great program to help those who want to make a different in their life. I am one of those people. I was part of a lay off in January 2012, that made lay off #3 for me. Currently I am still unemployeed and have enrolled in school to finish my degree. I am struggling to make ends meet but I know it is worth the struggle. I can not wait to sign up for the new program. Where do I go I need it now…..

  • Antinette

    VA Career link??? Can’t find it please help.

  • Roberta

    How will offering one year of schooling do much for an unemployed soldier? This is ridiculous to say the least!

    • Ari

      That’s an ignorant thing to say Roberta, no offense intended. I want to attend a certification program that would give me a brand new career in less than a year. This is in a field that is critical to many people’s health. But I am over 60. Another year of college isn’t going to really help many. BUT READ THE PROGRAM. It would be of tremendous value to me.

    • UWorlds

      One year will help me out a lot. I have some schooling but need to finish.

  • Jose Ex Vietnam Vet

    By the same token as i was posting a comment it was not posted because it was “duplicate” or i had already said it before. It is just ” AGE DISCRIMINATION ” TO ALL VIETNAM VETERANS CONCERNING THIS ” VRAP GI BILL” why set an age limit /? Sam had open arms for volunteers during Vietnam or Sam yank you in …….. In DC or VA the ” BUCK AND BENEFITS” should ALSO STOP AGE 60 no butts or IFFFFF………

  • Jose Ex Vietnam Vet

    By the same token as i was posting a comment it was not posted because it was “duplicate” or i had already said it before. It is just ” AGE DISCRIMINATION ” TO ALL VIETNAM VETERANS CONCERNING THIS ” VRAP GI BILL” why set an age limit /? Sam had open arms for volunteers during Vietnam or Sam yank you in …….. In DC or VA the ” BUCK AND BENEFITS” should ALSO STOP @ AGE 60 no butts or IFFFFF………

  • Beth

    Where can I find the definition for unemployed. Dont say it is not there or can you search it in their engine.for the last two years, I was self employed before the recession and making a fair income. Since 2009 I have made less than $12,000 a year. Am I considered employed.

    • Helen Wayt

      DEPARTMENT OF LABOR………. Not 3 letters D.O.L

    • fairydust

      Your business is considered income and that makes you employed.

  • UWorlds

    I have been trying to get information about this benefit. Does anybody know how t apply? I spoke with my veterans rep and the Department of Labor, nobody knows how to apply…Help

    • DRE

      Im guessing but I assume application to be completed through the same application as Vocational Rehabilition because of the process of qualification. Also the program wont be active until July 1st, 2012. So you still have a couple months.

    • mjj

      I spent 6 hours at my VA today and the only answer I got was until it shows up in the system they don’t know what to do with it.I told my counselor to get prepaired because I’m sure that just not me was going to be coming knocking on his door

      • UWorlds

        That’s the same answer I got. I called my congresswoman and they were suppose to get back with me…but did not. I just looked it up again and found some info.

  • Marine

    Just like any other form of the GI Bill the vets are the ones who are getting the short end of the stick, how about they start taking money away from congress! Of course this will never happen. It is simply a shame that Our men and women go out to fight a war and are told well this all we can give you. Cutbacks!

  • Jeffrey Hendryx

    I am a Vietnam Era Veteran, when I was discharged I really didn’t feel like going back to school then. Now, just before I got unemployed in March 2010 I bought into and airplane and a flying club. I really enjoy aviation and have my own would be great to get the ratings I need to fly commercially with this new offer, I do work 15 hrs. a week part time but at my age noone really wants to hire us to start a career again. I will keep checking with my Vets Rep to see if I can take advantage of this. Jeff

    • John Meno

      I agree with you. The age cap at 60 years is very unfair to us Vietnam veterans who were layed off due to outsourcing, and still unemployed due to age discrimination in the job market. A short certification program at my local college is all I would need to get the skills required to be competitive in my chosen career of over 30 years (IT Programmer Analyst on the IBM iSeries platform).

      • Richard A

        I can’t see it as unfair. As best as I can tell, Vietnam Vets had much better educational benefits offered to them than the next generation did. The fact that you had a career means that you had the opportunity to invest in yourself. You had 30 years. Those of us who came in under VEAP never got even that chance. It is unfortunate that the offer isn’t extended to the older vets, but they did get their chance, and we didn’t.

        • UWorlds

          I agree…VEAP sucked…Vietnam Vets got way more benies than we did. That is what this program is geared towards..vets that never received benefits.

  • Jeffrey Hendryx

    I also believe that for those who served their country, no matter when or what age they are now, there should be no limitations when they can use their GI Bill, many made the ultimate sacrifice and their survivors should be taken care of also.

    • mjj

      I agree with you on that . Because when I got out I had a baby on the way,a new wife,and no extra money or time to use my mgib.We were the only group that had to pay into our GI the very least can I get my $1200.00 Back with a little interest.

  • what about the vets that are UNDER 35 and unemployed as myself?! I could use some help finding work too!

    • Gunpowder&Lead

      Don’t you have the GI Bill??

    • Ray

      You have the Chapter 30 GI bill and the Post 9/11 GI bill my friend

    • retiree

      Then lobby Congress – they’re the ones who put the restriction in place.…

      • Jonny

        No, only the new enlistees that are 32 or younger have the post 9-11 GI BILL. I’m 34 and I don’t have the 9/11 GI BILL as I was discharged honorably in 2000..

  • Tony Esperanza

    1. We are already in Fiscal Year 2012. If this takes effect on July 1, 2012 – you will be in Fiscal Year 2013. The 45,000 veterans for 1-yr GI bill will be lost.
    2. Office of Primary Responsibility (OPR) should advertise what veterans need to do now, to prepare for the application process.
    3. No age minimums nor age limitations. Review on a case by case basis. Review board(s) should be established to follow strict guidelines, like the “Promotion Boards” for promotion to E8 and E9s.
    4. Extend the drop dead date to accommodate the lost FY 2012, 45,000 veterans.

    • Phans

      Tony, the DOD FY is Oct 1 to Sept 30.

  • Signal

    Why doesn’t any of the DOLs have information to disclose to those interested in participating in this program or how to apply. This program is suppose to be effective 1 Jul 2012. However, it makes no since to wait until such time to figure out how to apply. DOLs are clueless in their present role and are taking no actions, at this time. Will someone please help the agency so they may be able to help someone else?

  • kim

    this is a great program, I am afraid that the lack of supply of information and applicatioon at the last minute will fill up the capacity too fast , lets do some pre-screen im may or june..classes are starting again july..

  • John Meno

    The age cap at 60 years old is very unfair to us Vietnam veterans who were layed off due to outsourcing and still unemployed. Like myself, there must be many others who would benefit greatly with some additional training to supplement our current skills with current technology so that we can be more competitive in the current job market.

    • John Gill

      I agree. I retired after 22 years active service in the army. After completing 18 years of civil service I was forced out now need to obtain more schooling and this limits me as I am 63.

      • UWorlds

        Don’t you receive benefits under the GI Bill?

    • Delores

      I Totally agree. I am teachable, trainable and coachable. I am eager to be trained and to go to work.

    • Tom Burger

      I agree with John. I’ve been unemployed for three years now. The free time lets me do volunteer work in adult literacy, which I enjoy at age 67, but another year of education would have qualified me to do this work and get paid something for it too. I suppose it was unintended, but this sure feels like more age discrimination to me.

      • UWorlds

        This is geared towards individuals that enlisted during the 80s that did not receive the GI Bill like myself. We are older and lost our jobs in the economic downturn. This is the only thing that has ever been offered to me as a veteran.

      • Tony Cabrera

        VRAP is an excellent opportunity for many Vets and I personally thank the or the person(s) who approved it. Nevertheless, there’re some loopholes, especially for older Vets (ie: Vietnam era vets, etc.). I think government should had opened it to any Vets willing to study further, regardless of age, and not limit it to “demand jobs”. I read the list of demand jobs required by the program and to my knowledge there are many many more jobs that could possibly be included in their list. For example, tell me if a Language Translator shouldn’t be considered at demand job. And unfortunately, it doesn’t appear in the list. Furthermore, I think it’s one’s business if a person age 60 or above feels healthly and willing to continue working. In addition, many people are retired (receiving a pension) but not necessarily living to standards due the actual economy. I wonder what they’ll do if the don’t get enough applications, would they open the program to ALL vets regarding of age limits and demanding jobs? Let’s pray!

  • Robbie

    When can we apply and where?

    • larrry

      i too would like to know when and where

  • Richard A

    Apparently, this is a Department of Labor program, paid for by the VA. The rules may have been set by the Department of Labor. Perhaps that is the reason the rules stipulate a cutoff of age 60? The DoL is trying to put people into the workforce who have most of a decade before retirement.

    • retiree

      Nope. The ages are set by the law –…

      • pooua

        Your search timed out 30 minutes after you created it, so your link ceased working 30 minutes after your search. I don’t know what you have in mind, but the bill I found does not explain why the age cutoff is set for 60.

  • wittyalso

    Seems to me that this is illegal age discrimination.

    • Richard A

      How so? I am unaware of any law that prohibits the government from providing a benefit to a specific age group.

      • wittyalso
        • retiree

          Because Congress can change the laws.

          It’s in the law, max age 60. Because it’s in the law, it supercedes the EEO law on this issue.

          • pooua

            That has nothing to do with anything.

        • pooua

          Your link is for employment, not for benefits. Your argument is just as meaningful for someone who is 50 to complain that he cannot collect SS retirement due to his age. IOW, your argument is inapplicable.

  • paul

    I am an unemployed military retiree. I had Montgomery GI Bill benefits but they expired before I could use them (had to go to work to support family). Am I eligible for this program? Thx.

  • anthony barrera

    anthony barrera

    I am currently unemployed and going to school at this time using my Post 911 but have transfered one year to my spouse; am I still eligible for this program. Ionly have 5 months left since I had used atleast some of it in 2010?

  • Don

    I look forward to trying to use this benefit. Got to use what is given!

    • UWorlds

      Me to…I never got anything from being in the service.

  • tom

    LIMITED to 45K vets???? are you kidding me? with MILLIONS of vets in this country? 45k??? 45? and 55 next year? really? are you kidding me? sorry already said that. R-D-I-C-U-L-O-U-S-!-!-!

    • pooua

      A-N-D the program is only for 1 year!

  • John Mclellan

    When can we start applying for this?

    • Dannon Forbes

      Excellent question!!!

    • Alana

      Starting May 15. The link is at the bottom of the page.

      • pooua

        Thanks, that’s the most helpful thing I’ve seen on this since the original announcement.

  • Bruce Thomas

    Something beats nothing stop whining.

    • Karl Archie

      I agree!!

  • Rob

    I turn 35 on July 18th. So do I still get in?

  • Jeannette Trombley

    How does one apply for the VRAP benefits?

  • DayLateDollarShort

    I am on WIA – a training program sponsored by the state unemployment office. It doesn’t pay anything, but it does allow you to attend school while receiving unemployment compensation. Normally, when you are on unemployment, it is difficult to attend school because you are required to look for work every day and be available to accept whatever job you can get. WIA allows your “work search” to consist of full tiime attendance at trade school or community college . This is great, but. . .guess what? WIA counts as a federal/state training program, so I on’t qualify. Too bad, because the 1473.00 a month is 500.00 more than i get from unemployment each month!

  • Henry

    What about Vets who have had to accept “survival jobs” ie, flipping burgers, wal-mart, etc because their unem. bennies ran out or are were too proud to go on state unemployment and take any job out there even at poverty salary. I believe Low income vets should be made qualified for this also instead of getting screwed for taking any low paying job they could get at the moment while those who refused to work will now benefit from it.

    • Douglas

      Great question as I also have one of those “survival jobs” with low pay and no benefits. It appears that I am now not qualified and must continue my “survival mode”.

    • freedom

      I was told you have to be unemployed. Where i am having a problem is, that I cant even file for unemployment because i was laid off in one state, then moved to another state for college. There for i have to claim unemployment in State 1, where i dont even live! This is a mess…. not thought out in terms of why would a person choose to stay unemployed… Isnt that the whole point of this.. to get employed and pay bills? With a clearance and school i am having a hard time finding employment.

      • You don’t have to file for unemployment to be eligible for VRAP, you just have to be unemployed by the Dept. of Labor’s definition. The DOL’s definition of unemployed is: 1) unemployed 2) looking for employment and 3) available to work.

        This is the second post I’ve had to correct you about. Why do you keep going by what you “heard” when there is a WEBSITE that breaks down the program’s eligibility and school guidelines? There’s a Frequently Asked Questions section, too. And, if you have even more questions, you can make a FREE CALL to the VA and speak with an Education Specialist. If you don’t want to wait on hold, they’ll even CALL YOU BACK. I’ve done it 3 times so far and I never waited longer than 5 minutes for the call back.

        Stop assuming and speculating, and getting yourself wound up. Get off the Internet long enough to get the info you need directly from the source. Geez.

  • Mills, Lee

    Is this another goverment program, where no one, accept family and friends, will know how to sign up? Then when they do have an open inrollment. The program will be full?

  • Lisa

    I am a highly skilled vet, mid 40s, and recently worked a part-time temp job for 8.00 hr. The job ended May 10. I quit the temp agency because their wages were too low for me. Can I still apply for the VRAP program?

  • frankpaulgambino

    If I am in vocational rehabilitation and after two years I got no job or further education just procrastination. Can I request my ticket to work back and withdraw from state VR and enter into this program? Can you receive Veterans retraining assistance program and SSDI together, is this a stipend.

  • Question: I meet ALL of the criteria in the above article. But I already enrolled in a Master’s degree program and I am scheduled to graduate on June 29, 2012! Can I get “grandfathered” into this benefit to help pay on what I would owe on a Stafford Loan? Thanks.

    • tony


  • Chuck

    How do I get an application?

  • Steven Z.

    The qualifications say, “This benefit can be used to earn an associate degree, non-college degree, or certification, and training for a high demand occupation”. I am in a Bachelor program, so does that disqualify me?

    • paul

      It would seem so ..

  • sxzebell

    The qualifications say, “This benefit can be used to earn an associate degree, non-college degree, or certification, and training for a high demand occupation”. I am in a Bachelor program, so does that disqualify me?

    • Freedom

      I went to the VA office at my college and was able to confirm some information. You can not have a BA to use this benefit but if you can finish it before you finish college you can use it. However remember if you are using Chpt 30-31 or GI bill you are auto excluded. So as long as FAFSA or you or your company is paying for your BA you may be eligible.

      • Steven Z.

        Thanks for the information, I dont have a BA yet, I just started the program and am not using any GI bill or Chpt 30-31. FAFSA is what I’m using and I do have an Arkansas Rehabilitation Service that helps me with a thousand dollar scholarship per semester

      • I called the VA and spoke to an Education Specialist to double check what you said. The VA reps at your college gave you wrong information. A veteran who meets the list of 6 VRAP requirements is STILL ELIGIBLE even if they have a bachelor’s degree or higher.

        The restrictions are: 1) The VRAP can NOT be used for BA/BS or higher degrees – only up to associate degrees. 2) The school has to be a 2-year junior college, a community college, or a voc/trade/tech school. 3) The school chosen can NOT award any degree higher than an associate’s degree.



    • Royski

      Yesssss Sir he did. Thank Gawd for that man

  • Freedom

    I am absolutely unable to get the Ebenifits page that has to do with VRAP to work. Is anyone else having this problem?

  • I’m not pleased that the Dept. of Labor restricted the schools to ones that don’t award anything higher than an associate’s degree. I think this is short-sighted. Community colleges and voc/tech/trade schools are starting to offer bachelor’s degrees. Four-year colleges and universities in some places have long offered certificate, diploma, and associate’s degree programs, others more recently so. All expanded their offerings in order to meet the needs of the communities in which they are located, many of which are rural. This restriction penalizes rural veterans, who have few eligible schools to choose from, while favoring urban and suburban veterans who have many eligible schools to choose from.

    • pooua

      I understand your concerns with this situation. If it is of any help to you, I can offer that some qualifying schools offer classes over the Internet. My own community college offers classes to students on the other side of the world. However, I don’t believe that one could graduate just with the online classes.

  • neen

    It’s crazy that you have to be unemployed to take advantage of this opportunity.

  • tony

    log on to ebenefits site, create an account and do it online!!! it only takes about 15 minutes to complete!!! Easy

  • Mike

    Does anyone know if the University of Phoenix is an eligible school?

  • Dennis Hinrichsen

    Don’t get too excited!
    The VA put the restriction on AA & lower community colleges.
    Most classes at my CC are already closed for Fall 2012.
    You have to be enrolled full time (12 credits) to get any benefit.
    You can’t use fillers to meet the minimum – core related only.
    I might succeed in Spring 2013 and still have a year of benefit to complete.

    VRAP seems more like an election year ploy to gain the Vet vote.

    • john sr.

      do natl.guard members qualify for this program? are we considered vets, I served from 92- 98, three active, three non active, with honorable dischargeD

      • pooua

        Do you have any other educational benefits from the VA? If so, then no.

    • pooua

      Thanks for that info. I’m trying to find out about those kind of restrictions.

  • Louis Marquez

    what if you use education benifits for a few months back in 1970 can you still do this.

    • pooua

      Your benefits in 1970 would matter only if you are still eligible for them. This program is for people who do not have access to any other VA educational benefits.

    • roberto

      Louis, according to the requirements. You are no longer eligible for any GI bill from the 70s as it expired 10 years after your separation. Unless you just got our after 40 years. SO I would say you need to apply for this if you are between 35 and 60.

  • pooua

    I got a letter today from the VA informing me that I am entitled to benefits for the program of education I selected (Computer Science/Computer Support Specialist).

    I have to submit the letter to the VA certifying official at my school. After the VA receives my enrollment information from the school, I would receive an educational award letter. On the back page, the letter states that I must maintain enrollment as a full-time student to receive benefits. Less clear to me is which classes qualify.

    • pooua

      I’ve spent the last few days trying to get all the paperwork filed with my school. I’m sure that all of you would be shocked to learn that a great deal of confusion, chaos, uncertainty and doubt surrounds this program. The information on the Web does not match what was in my packet, and what I’ve been told by the VA does not match what I’ve been told by my school.

      Today, I was informed by my school’s Financial Aid Office that VRAP is only for 1-year programs, which means that I am on my own if I want to complete my Associate Degree (I only need 2 more classes). I would have to be a full-time student, taking only classes that lead only to a 1-year certificate or degree.

      I have an appointment to speak to a VA rep about VRAP tomorrow (the waiting line requires a 2-day advanced appointment to speak to a representative). The last time I went through this appointment, the reps told me they had just found out about the program, and didn’t know much more than I already knew.

  • Raffy

    I am one of the fortunate to be approved. Can I qualify for the VA Student Work Study Program while under VRAP? It would help financially.

    • pooua

      My understanding is that only veterans who have no other Veteran’s educational benefits available to them are eligible for VRAP. You have to certify to that in your application.

    • Harold

      How do you know if you are approved? I applied on 15 May 2012, got a confirmation of application but no approval. How did they notify you?

      • Dannon

        My question as well!

        • fairydust

          I applied the last week of June and I got my COE three weeks later. If you haven’t heard anything by now, you should either call or email them for a status on your application.

      • Raffy

        You will receive a letter in the mail stating you are qualified and have until sometime in 2014 to use your benefit. Good luck and thanks for replying.

      • Burt Carr

        They will send you a letter of eligibility. When you receive that you take it to your school.

      • ablanton

        I applied in May 2012 and rec’d my letter of approval in July (beginning).

  • Bob Smith

    Appears most Vietnam vets left out with cut off at age 60?

  • Venus

    I reside in New York City and my problem is finding a Community College that offers a program of interest and in line with the mandates of the program. I feel that is is a disadvantage to restrict the program to Community Colleges and Technical Schools. As someone mentioned previously; many Four year colleges offer certification programs on a continuous basis.
    I was excited whet i read the letter, but I am struggling to find a program of interest at a community college. I hope i meet the deadline.

  • guest

    can a vet who has a defaulted lloan qualify

    • fairydust

      Yes you can still apply, the VRAP has nothing to do with your loans.

  • Michael

    Does anyone have a phone number other than that posted on the VRAP page? I applied on May 15th at 9:14 a.m. and they LOST my application. I have the confirmation number and they still CANNOT seem to find it. Classes are closing out quickly.

    • Tammie

      I would suggest going to your VA rep at the college you are attending and speak to them. They will have different number to contact people and they can help you right in their office. Good luck!

  • pingpoing

    why do they say pre-911 when it’s really post-911 veterans after 9/11, it sends mixed singles, veterans who served prior to 9/11 do not qualify for this.

    • Desert Storm Vet

      This reply is mistaken! The veterans who are pre- 9/11 ARE the ones who fit the criteria for at least 1 catagory in this program. The G.I. bill generally expires after 10 years, therefore since 9/11 occured in 2001, the required amount of time has past in order to qualify.

    • Pipemajor

      Unemployed veterans from 35 up to age 60 can qualify for benefits under this bill. That includes “pre” and “post” 9/11 vets.

  • Antonio Sanchez

    Greetings fellow Americans! First and foremost I would like to thank you all for your SERVICE in protecting our great nation. This is an awesome oppurtunity for you to get training in a field that is in demand. I work for a Vocational College in Riverside Ca that meets the requirements for the VRAP program. If any of you have any questions or concerns feel free to contact me and I will more then happy to do my best to assist you. My name is Antonio Sanchez and I can be reached at (951)300-5554.

  • Antonio Sanchez

    Greetings fellow Americans! First and foremost I would like to thank you all for your SERVICE in protecting our great nation. This is an awesome opportunity for you to get training in a field that is in demand. I work for a Vocational College in Riverside Ca that meets the requirements for the VRAP program. If any of you have any questions or concerns feel free to contact me and I will be more then happy to do my best to assist you. My name is Antonio Sanchez and I can be reached at (951)300-5554.

  • Eric Major

    Where do you get the application to apply?

    • gulfwarveteran

      at the VA web page, under ebenefits and VONAPP. VA form 22-1990R for VRAP.

    • steph_1959

      you need to choose your school and program first and then send in the app.

  • mical

    VRAP of Co is bs i went over there and they told me to go work for a fast food and they would not help me .

    • fairydust

      sounds like you went to the wrong people. You can only apply for VRAP online…

    • steph_1959

      The school will help you with the application. Call them.

  • martin

    do a vet with a felony eligible for this program?

    • Mary Smith

      “do a vet”?????

    • ross


  • marty-mar

    is a veteran with a felony eligible? martin

    • Kristi

      You may qualify. The worst they can say is no. Go for it and apply.

    • Jaylee wil

      I was approved and the application never asked about felonies. The hardest problem is finding a school thats VA approved. The VA offers the Gi Bill (VRAP) but it only allows $1473 per month, NOTHING ELSE! Good Luck!

  • marty-mar

    its a shame that veterans who have worn the uniform with pride served there country cant get the respect they deserve. whats up with that?

  • keith

    Where do I get the application?

    • Melvin Williams

      Where do u get the application for VRAP

  • keith

    Where do I get the application for school ?

    • Jaylee wil

      You can call 1800-827-1000 or you can go to MYGIBILL.VA.GOV or any GIBILL.GOV site and search for what you may apply for. I applied for the VRAP and was approved

  • Rick Winstead

    I applied for the VRAP program in late June and have yet to hear any response as to whether I have been approved. I received an e-mail that my application was processed but that was all I have heard. How long does the process take before I know that I am “good to go” with my studies. Thank you

    • MLHoenig

      For me, it was about four weeks.

      I applied the day after it wasa nnounced.

    • Damian A.D.

      I haven’t been able to fill out form yet you must be enrolled in a school . Most schools cost a lot more than VARP is allowing .

      • steph_1959

        most community colleges waive the tuition cost for veterans. my cost for semester is 1700 plus 400 for books totals me at 2100, I will receive 3 payments, one for Sept in Oct, Oct in Nov, Nov in Dec totalling 4419 leaving 2319. leftover to live on. It’s a great program, except for the vets over 60 who I completely emphasize with.

    • steph_1959

      go to the gi bill website and log into W.A.V.E. web automated verification of enrollment.

      your benefit will be listed there if you are approved. you can print that out in lieu of the letter. good luck!

    • ERIC

      I appilied for the `VRAP program in July I will get my first payment in a couple of days. If you are looking for a school with no problems try Antonelli College Online they are great. Icalled the VA EVERYDAY and stayed on them because if it wasn’t for VETS they wouldn’t have a job.

      • sandy

        And if it wasn’t for all the Vets getting in on this good deal, they would get to us faster. Most of them have a lot of respect for the vet. It’s not like waiting years for a SC decision.

  • samuel

    I read as much replies as I could. but being a young educated OIF/OEF vet. I served 6yr7months in Air Force.. all vet play integral role that people do not realize, and every VET has unique story from how you end up in military to how you end up getting out. Two things i will like for all vets to jointly address is the use of DD214 in employment consideration. And the extent of struggles being dished out to Veterans just because they lost their mind at some point in service. Do unlucky Vets really deserve more punishment after serving honorably, but with bad DD214. Im OTH Vet with excellent service. I earned respectable decorations, but with chronic PTSD & Depression. Does the military realize its punishment policies plays bigger role in ruining our lives with one size fits all policies? And always turn around to spend billions of dollars trying to rebuild it…is this a cycle that some other veterans must go thru? What about our kids and families they get part of the punishment. Unemployment, GI Bill, USA Jobs, all federal jobs, security clearance required jobs, More benefits, a lot of things, and even pride taken away. Civilians get in trouble and get repeated chances. We VETS don’t get nothing. We are often shove below society…even military spouses, and civilian often have more say so. Getting a meaningful response from these so call military office is almost impossible, and then all process takes two to five years. No info sharing among the departments. VA does it own thing, AFPC, does it own things, Army , Navy offices …etc.
    Who is this guy called military? Where is he to answer our needs?

    • Damian A.D.

      And not just to say what all you said it’s all so is the Cards You Have Been Dealt Through Life. Example I’ve been told “NO A LOT ” ! ! !
      I make my on work some times not payed good enough but I Learn To Relax My Mind And Soul ! ! ! Example We all say no Jobs … I think on the word perseverance : That’s a Unity Roll For All Not Just One But The Whole World … Example a Centipede remove one leg and the centipede
      continues to move forward. On the other hand Europe economics’s go down we our more in trouble than ever a worse case scenario. And the Who is the Military We Our When We All On The Same page ! ! !

  • David B.

    The biggest problem I’m having concerns the schools. Most schools don’t understand the program or how to get things rolling. And, they don’t have any better luck contacting the VA for answers than we do (next to impossible). I’m in a 2-year program at a local college but they do offer other 4-year programs. By the initial requirements they don’t qualify because of the 4-year programs they offer. But, they say they have correspondence in-hand that says some of those restrictions are being revised. So, they say they ARE now eligible for the VRAP benefits at their school. They sent the enrollment certification off to the VA but haven’t heard anything yet about whether it will be accepted or not. I imagine I’m not the only one having this problem…by eliminating any school that offers a 4-year program of any type (even if you are only enrolled in a 2-year Associate Degree, or even a shorter Diploma or certificate program) the VA made virtually every school in Florida ineligible, with the exception of 1 Vocational school in the area where I live. Anybody else experiencing these problems?


      Im going to Virginia College in Jacksonville FL and I try to call the VA about my status if Iget atlanta Im elgible if I get Oklahoma City Im Not eligible,I checked withthe VA office herein JAX Im elgible .The only problem I get is that the school started on June27 2012

    • David B.

      Followup to my original post: VA received my enrollment from the school and sent me a letter disapproving the enrollment because my training began on 25 June (prior to 1 July). What a mess this program appears to be. I’m approved for VRAP (1 full year of benefits) but am pulling my hair out trying to use those benefits. My school will try enrollment once more when my new term starts in September. If that doesn’t work I’m off to Vo-Tech school for another attempt to use the benefits. Would love to hear if anyone else is having these same problems with using the approved benefits.

      • RobertLeeRE

        This is typical BS by the Feds who are trying to give benefits to certain groups according to race. Also if you use the program for a six week certification you cannot use the rest of the year’s benefits. You are then classified as one of the veterans helped. Why is this important? Say wou want to be an EMT, Certified as a Nursing Assistant, and later be a Paramedic which theoretically could all be done within the scope of one years benefits. After your first certification they boot you off the rolls and classify you as being helped. These pencil pushers don’t care about actually helping you. They only care about being able to lie to the public and say they helped you. These butt heads won’t let you use the money for what you think is best yet they lets people that live where there are acting schools use it for acting and singing classes. They specialize in blocking certain demographics and opening the doors for others.

      • RobertLeeRE

        These pencil pushers don’t care about actually helping you. They only care about being able to lie to the public and say they helped you. These butt heads won’t let you use the money for what you think is best yet they lets people that live where there are acting schools use it for acting and singing classes. They specialize in blocking certain demographics and opening the doors for others. The only schools near where I live are all four year schools and none qualify even though they have one and two year certificate programs. Yet there are crappy schools 200 miles away that do qualify. They cause so much red tape and hoops you must hop through the only one’s getting benefits are all the government employees that steal the benefits for all their reletives and nepotism going on. It is best to not participate at all as a protest.

  • Chas

    I am one of the fortunate to be approved.
    Does anyone know if tuition/lab fees/books are to be paid by us at the time of registration.
    Or does this program cover that cost… if not then where is the money coming from us unemployed vets? Sounds like if that’s the case we need student loans.

    • Edward

      How long before you were approved? I applied last month, but haven’t heard anything yet.

    • MLHoenig

      You’llprobably have to get a couple Student Loans first.

      If VRAP doesn’t cover the remainder (with money left over, btw) it should cover most of your remaining expenses.

      VRAP is essentially a stipend; use it where and how you need.

      It doesn’t have to be repaid, so it works out pretty much as a grant.

      I was approved about 4 weeks after applying; started school July 2; waiting for my first Direct Deposit.

    • Victor

      I would think that it will work as the GI Bill , I had used it when i went to school they paid all tuition,but not the books, the lab was included with the tuition. Also if you are a texas vet if you dicide not to use the new program can use the hazelwood act; that pays your tuition as like the GI Bill. You can also call the main campus speak with someone getting advice? Good Luck Chas hope this was some help. V.

  • akram abdulrahman

    Hi, I applied for the VRAP in Detroit job fair and I got my confirmation number. I’m wondering how will we be contacted, or what should I do next?

    • Burt

      Wait for your letter of eligibility. Once your get that you than take to your participating School.

    • steph_1959

      find a school near you with a certifying VA official on staff who will help you through the school part of it, You have to be enrolled in a program in order to get approved in some states. Call the school you plan on attending.

  • Connie

    I have been trying to find any information and this is so damn disturbing. Our military office knows nothing about anything. They put a civilian in and she is lacking knowledge.

    • DeeMac

      See the link above. All or most of the questions in this post are answered in the FAQ section. Also, as a general rule, most of these programs are under the VOCREHAB section of your nearest VA.

    • steph_1959

      Just google VRAP, it tells you what you need to qualify.
      between the ages of 35-60
      honorably disharged
      unemployed: means you are available and looking for work but do not have a job.
      Just call your local community college or trade school and ask for the VA rep and they will help you.

      • jay

        better yet people need to visit the school in person.because there will be paperwork and apps that need to be picked up. all you will get on the phone is a busy signal.

    • Karen Lester

      Go Online to and fill out the application. You will be notified by mail when it is approved and they will send you a certificate. Im having a hard time finding a school as well.. It has to be either a college or tech school. Stay away from Universities because the DO NOT qualify. I was trying to go online too but it HAS to be through a college or tech school.

    • Deb

      Look into this site and pass on ANY and ALL information you get to this representative. I’m hearing more and more that many of our reps are terribly under-informed. Let’s all help catch them up to speed. VRAP, at this point, is set to expire in April 2014.

  • Joe McElhenny

    I have applied and received approval, along with a letter saying my next payment will be automatically sent via direct deposit to my bank. My question is do I or the school need to send in some paperwork saying I am enrolled or do the payments just start after initial approval.

    • Akbar

      your school nedds to send the VA a “start Date”

    • john lefevre

      joe could you tell me how long i will wait for initial deposit? or ball park time you waited? thanks hit me back thanks

    • steph_1959

      you have to complete one month of school, and then verify attendance on line and after that they issue you a check. All the info is at the GI website.

  • Demetrius

    Tody is Aug 1. I started school for the summer on june 25th. Istill have not received any funding. Whats up.

    • David B.

      I wouldn’t count on any. I also started school on June 25th. My school sent in the enrollment info to VA (I’m already approved for the 12 months of VRAP funding). VA sent me a letter disapproving my enrollment because “training began prior to 1 July”. I’m going to try 1 more time when my next term starts in September and see what kind of excuse they use to disapprove my training again. Anyway, even if it were approved you wouldn’t get paid until you verify your attendance for the previous month’s training. I AM NOT impressed with this program. There are SO MANY requirements to meet that they have made it virtually impossible to use the benefits, even after they approve you for the 12 months of funding.

      • Carlton R.

        ive also got approved for the vrap program and i keep bein told that i would get my money the 2md week in aug wich is now approching but when i called to ask when will i be recieving my money they said i wasnt qualified for it until oct or nov so why is they saying im gonna get it this month ive got 5 different stories in 1 day (aug13,2012) so when is this going to be deposited in my account?

  • petula

    Where do the school has to send the enrollment? She sent me the form..wth
    Has anyone gotten payment?

  • Robert Lindgren

    This is typical BS by the Feds who are trying to give benefits to certain groups according to race. Also if you use the program for a six week certification you cannot use the rest of the year’s benefits. You are then classified as one of the veterans helped. Why is this important? Say wou want to be an EMT, Certified as a Nursing Assistant, and later be a Paramedic which theoretically could all be done within the scope of one years benefits. After your first certification they boot you off the rolls and classify you as being helped. These pencil pushers don’t care about actually helping you. .

    • rob

      thats to problem with people they think so short sighted and whats in front of there face why not open your mind and do the paramedic class from the get go

      • RobertLeeRE

        Hey, you just don’t get it do you. What I am trying to explain is the program is designed by a bunch of pencil pushers in Washing that doesn’t help anyone but Washington beurocrats. Here is what ou do not UNDERSTAND…To become a Paramedic one has to first become a an EMT, but one CANNOT earn a livng as an EMT because it is a nonpaying position. WHAT does that mean? It means they expect you to volunteer and work for a year or two before they will pay you or hire you as a paid employee or it might be six months. It just depends on where you live. Now I am already a medic in the military yet not an EMT. The Paramedic school will not let me into their school unless an EMT first. But the VRAP program once I become an EMT cancels the benefits which is supposed to help me avoid homelessness. So don’t tell me I am short sighted when you have NO idea what YOUR talking of, OKAY???

    • keith nesbitt

      your so wrong. I signed up, got my aproval in ten days and eligebility letter in ten days. The school certified me with the Va and after this semester, i will recievvve the check continuously till the full 12 month s is paid. Dont be so quick to put down the VA.

      • RobertLeeRE

        (Part1) You ALSO have no idea what you are talking of either. America is a very large country. Just because the program works where you live doesn’t mean it works where I live. And don’t just tell me to MOVE because I am bordering on homelessness and my family COUNTS on welfare at this time just to service. This program is supposed to help people like me. These pencil pushers prance around Washington like their helping Veterans but there are MANY MANY falling through the cracks because of their own bureaucratic rules. I only need 5 courses for a BS in NURSING but this program will not pay for that because it is a 4 year institution so I cannot do that. I do not qualify for any financial aid for other reasons I will not go into. I am a 94A trained yet that doesn’t count as EMT to get into Paramedic school. I can challenge the test but I do not have that money for the test, the course or the license. But if VRAP pays for that once I become licensed EMT the VRAP ends. Yet the VRAP pays for my to go to acting school for one year. DOES that make sense? Dont you see their have no desire to help everyone, only

      • RobertLeeRE

        (PART2) CERTAIN ones. They want to help Veterans on the EAST coast but screw all the veterans in the little towns in the country, why? Because I was going to use the VRAP, for LPN schools where I live, 150 miles away, but I figure I can adjust. Guess what ? All the VRAP qualified LPN schools have a one year waiting list just to get into the schools. THIS VRAP program is pure garbage and the VA did no favor for Veterans by signing off on this piece of trash bill. So kids of a politician livin in CA can go to acting school for a year but I cannot finish my Nursing degree because its a 4 year, cannot become a Paramedic because once I become a EMT which is required to get into Paramedic school my bennies run out when I am 6 weeks into the Paramedic program. MAN you people are really naive to think this is a good bill. Just wait when they Cut you off in the middle for some insignificant reason. ALL they are looking for are NAMES to add to a list to SAY they helped this many veterans when they did NOTHING

      • RobertLeeRE

        There are SOOO many rules in this legislation designed to block certain people out. You know you should instead educate yourself better on this legislation and all the FLORIDA Veterans that although are qualified to recieve this cannot becaiuse all the schools in Florida are 4 year institututions. And I just wonder how many veterans are going to be in the middle of some progarm and the VA is going to cut them off where they cannot finish. Can you answer me Kieth why a person can go to acting school in Ca for a year yet I cannot go to a Paramedic program because their going to cut me off when I become a EMT which is worthless, yet they will pay for me to go to some WORTHLESS 6 month nursing assistant school. So do you think the VA had their heads screwed on straight when they wrote this legislation Keith? Do you think these things are fair and honorable way to treat veterans that live in little towns. We are your brothers and sister veterans Keith, you think that is fair???

      • RobertLeeRE

        Also Keith, I repeatedly called them for info from January 2012 to find out info. No one knew anything and they ALL contradicted each other. Since I was not approved yet I could not get on the school waiting list for LPN which if I successfully earned would put me to work and allow myself enough money to finish my BSN. You might have got approval in 10 days but it took me 4 1/2 months. Once I got the approval I went to any and all LPN schools within 200 miles and they all have waiting lists of 1 year or more which meant I would have gotten benefits for about the first 3 months and 8-9 months to go,. Worthless legislation to me, and worthless to tens of thousands of Veterans that served their country like everyone else, honorably. Yet they get belittle by everyone else that qualifies. They ought to call this site the shoot your veteran brothers and sisters in the back website. For everyone acts like they know and their walking blind men…

    • Dave B

      This is at least the second time you posted this same blurb. I would recommend you spend more time on finding a way to take advantage of what is being offered and less time on knocking a free opportunity. I came out of the military in 2000 with no educational benefits at all (never contributed to VEAP…went in military in 1978). Maybe there are people like you who want a free 4 year degree handed to you but I was really happy to see anything offered and I have been certified and approved for 12 months of benefits towards my A.S. degree. I’ve always found it unproductive to look a gift horse in the mouth. Focus on the positive, not the negative.

      • RobertLeeRE

        And Dave, I would recommend you actually read the legislation and the rules. Because obviously you have issues with comprehension. And for you to assume I am asking for something to be handed to me is rather offensive. I have worked very hard for everything all my life. I only expect that the legislation be applied to all equally. Why is it you cannot understand that? What is wrong with complaining about a legislation that is broken? This is called LIBERTY Dave, something you should look up in the dictionary. What is wrong with calling bad legislation bad on a public forum as this DAVE? Maybe you think we should all do the GOOSESTEP behind these Washington pencil pushers that want to help only certain Veterans in certain groups, of certain races, of certain economic and political affiliations. Do you think THAT is okay DAVE?? I thought all veterans were supposed to forget politics once they enlisted? Why should some Veterans in the same age bracket qualify and some not Dave? Why should one veteran be able to go to COMPUTER

      • RobertLeeRE

        Dave, (PART 2)school in NYC or D.C. and another veteran that lives in the country in rural country not be able to use his benefits because there is a WAITING list. Can you enlighten me DAVE? We really need your wisdom of how we should sing COOMbyya and bow to this great Veterans Administration that signed off on this piece of TRASH they call the VRAP program which is nothing bust disguised racism, disguised political activism. and does nothing but pit certain veterans against other veterans. You might try actually READING the legislation Dave. You might have a wake up. Wait till your on the outside looking in Dave….
        I find it very VERY hard to believe you would be soooo happy if you lived in the country and the peice of crap VA legislation didn’t cover anything you wanted to do that would ACTUALLY help you earn a living. The purpose of the legislation is to actually help you avoid homelessness. I really do not appreciate your condenscending tone and ignorance on this one Dave.

    • Bob C

      Cut the BS!!!!!! Instead of cursing a good thing that helps vets, USE IT!!!!! Instead of trying to change all the curriculums, sit down and figure out what you want to do. Read the list of occupations the VRAP will train you for. Your decision if you want certificate,degree.

      • RobertLeeRE

        The only one cursing is you. We are actually discussing the complete failure, FAILURE, of this peice of trash called VRAP. At least that is the way I see it. The pupose of this forum is for Veterans to give their opinions of failed an good legislation that effects Veterans lives. This piece of TRASH legislation called VRAP that should be called, IRAP, URAP, WE all RAP on the door until Washington actually treats veterans equally and honestly. This pick and choose BS where some Veterans qualify and others do not is NOTHING but disguised RACISM, disguised political activism. Maybe your just one of these peice of trash bureaucrats that is out of touch with the REAL VETERANS that are homeless and living on the streets in this country that have been repeatedly discriminated against all their lives. I think you are out of touch BOB C. You have absolutely NO idea what you are talking about. So Bobsy, do yo think it is okay that a politicians kid that lives in California and is a Veteran can go to acting school for a year yet someone who lives in rural America cannot go to Paramedic School for a year. Do you thing THAT is actually GOOD legislation Bob C?? All us uneducated folks are awaiting your enlightened response…

        • Robert

          I see nothing but attitute on here by you RobertLeeRE . I use the program. It has its faults, but instead of crying about it, use it to your advantage. Always a self righteous crybaby in every croud. People such as yourself always have to demean something good for vets even with its faults. You’re delusional in thinking you are someone that is actually living or a person. Your problems on the West Coast are YOUR problems, not anyone else. Do something about the problems instead of crying over it.

          • josh

            @robertlee, your decision to live where you live is just that, Your decision, i got accepted for the program and will use it to upgrade my rt certification. I started out as a medic stationed in Germany, and everyone in my unit told me i was stupid to apply for the rt school offered by the army, but i did it anyway. I got accepted, go figure? The vrap program is great because it helps those vets who didn’t participate or qualify for the gi bill! So, it has nothing to do with race, at all. But, if you are saying it is race-based because of where someone may or may not live, then those people need to figure out what is better for Them. As for your dilemma, there are programs that you can do online which will help you get to where you want to get to, and you don’t have to depend on wait lists. You just need to do more research, also you could try to do the emt online(there are programs), and then apply for the paramedic, or find a program that combines both. You are giving up on a great program… just saying

          • RobertLeeRE

            Josh, you need to understand, there are millions upon millions of Veterans that live in rural areas in America. You also seem to have a comprehension problem. Do you not realize that millions upon millions of veterans live in rural areas in America that many of which should qualify for these benefits yet cannot use them because they live in the country. Each and every one of these Veterans earned their service record just like you did and anyone else living in the big cities. Do you honestly think it is fair that these pencil pushing idiots should be able to give more benefits to veterans that live in the big cities versus those that live in rural America? I can just see all you people crying if things were opposite. Are you so ignorant that you think these highly educated legislatures did this by accident? Do you not realize we are all brother and sister veterans? Do you realize half HALF the population in America is rural? Why would you support such horrible pencil pushing legislation as this?

          • Stephan

            I like the program and it’s working for myself and a LOT of other veterans. If you can’t take advantage of it and make it work for you that sounds like YOUR problem. Maybe they should put some special “RobertLee” clauses in there. Quit crying and do something about it.

  • petula


  • Tim

    Would this apply to reservists or those who only served in the reserve component of the military?

    • kristi


  • Tim

    We need a new President who will institute sound economic policies so people won’t have to play this proverbial job in the tank and grab for dollars game.

  • SgtO

    I to got a confirmation letter and I am very happy. It’s a start, and I need help to maximize my benefits, because I don’t want to be a Truck Driver or Fire Alarm Technician, I want the best training I can get for the $17K so I won’t get into the mess I’m in now as a Aircraft Mechanic. I am tired of always looking for a new contracts, moving, poor managers and companies ripping me off for My Per Diem! They should have a briefing at the local VA offices so everybody will be on the same sheet of music. Oddly, I live in DC?

  • Lester

    Almost 60. Worked all my life. Viet NameEra and US Navy. Well, saw VRAP and was thrilled. Man, what a run around, and at times, disrespectful treatment from the school VA Rep. Found out he is Afghanistan Vet. Applaud him for that but attitude initially was less than enthusiastic. “he does not work for VA, he works for the school”. So what, it is a Vet program. Believe me, I know I know I sound like a bad attitude but that is not the case. Even to reach this guiy, left many emails and VM/as instructed to by the receptionist. Call and leave VM never returns; until I guess, I was a pain in his butt. I am respectful and did not expect all information just guidance. Pulling teeth to get print out of courses and then, found out tuition due up front. OK OK, maybe I should have been better steward of my money, I need a computer to meet specs for those classes only offered on line. I do not have the 1,000.00 initial outlay, told no advance pay, although directives state Ch 30 advance pay directions should be available late August. I am just going by what is in print. A lot of the colleges want nothing to do with this program, afraid they won’t get paid because funds sent directly to Vet. I will not comment on that.. Jumped through all the hoops, which by the way, I do not mind doing. Worksource rep, saw twice, looked for grants, not available for me because of BA from 32 years ago. Pulling teeth to find out about pay and then, boom, only paid for days that classes are considered in session. OK no problem, after month completed, no problem. Told to go see Vet Rep and was seeking information about other possible bens. Did this because advised to. Once military always military, follow orders. Ha. Seriously, this gal asked me if I was going to school for the money????? Could not believe it. I was stunned and cautious with my reply, lest I been seen as “difficult to deal with”. I am going to get trained no matter what. I have at least another 15 years to give back. Bottom line, I called another Community College on the other coast, where I was born and raised, always received calls back with in two days. Vet Rep there sent information to me about VRAP in detail. What is going on? I wish I was back on other coast as I would feel more comfortable and respected going to a school that works for the people. I am sure they are just as busy, if not more, just less negative energy I suppose. I now want to make sure that the classes I signed up for meet all of the quals for VRAP. I will do my own research because I do not want to end up day classes start only to be told, well these classes don’t meet requirements; same as when you buy a car, oh yes, car will be in store 2 days and same price negotiated and you will get everything asked for. Go to get car and fed a bunch of broo hahah, until you are so confused and frustrated that you accept whatever you are fed. I am so happy this program is out there, but for the life of me, I do not understand, maybe the schools have the same beliefs that Dr have, no more medicare patients because too long to pay bill and too little money. Do not mean demean Dr. but same principle. I am going forward with a positive attitude. This program means the difference in my possibly being on the streets and survival. As I said before just becasue almost 60, I still have many years to give back.

  • pennie

    I have been approved but there is not a community college anywhere close to me and it seems that most schools dont understand the program. Can anyone give me xome insight. i was first told that we could use this for online learning as long as the school met all the criteria, but now am finding that most online schools have never heard of this,

    • Eric

      Try Antonelli College Online they start on Sept 4 I got all my paper work done in 1 day and the.Hurry up.

      • Mike

        are you sure, because I just went through 4 weeks an McKinley College Online and found out that it was for nothing! they are not approved.

    • Karen Lester

      Go Online to and fill out the application. You will be notified by mail when it is approved and they will send you a certificate. Im having a hard time finding a school as well.. It has to be either a college or tech school. Stay away from Universities because the DO NOT qualify. I was trying to go online too but it HAS to be through a college or tech school.

    • karen Lester

      Pennie, Coastline Community College in California is VRAP acceptable, offers online courses and is geared toward military and veterans.They are also very reasonable tuition wise and FALL qtr B starts in Oct. Thats who Im going through. Awesome school and easy to work with.

  • michael

    Do Not go to Mckinley college. they are not VRAP approved.

  • michael

    They give you this benefit but wont tell you which school is approved.

  • Michael

    Could someone please tell me which Online school the VRAP is approved for? If someone is going to a one and is RECEIVING benefits from VRAP, please let me know ASAP. I just wasted 5 weeks attending a school that the people at the GI Bill 800 number told me should be okay, only to find out that it wasnt approved! I spoke the another representative and they couldnt tell me what school is approved, and I would have to go to it, pay the fees submit a request then wait for an answer……..and it could be NO!

    • Karen Lester

      COASTLINE COMMUNITY COLLEGE< CALIFORNIA is online and offers courses geared towards military and Veterans. Thats the school that I went to years ago and am going back to with my VRAP now. Fall quarter B starts in Oct. Hurry!

  • cjcubos

    i read into the vrap and it conflicts with post911 gibill, it stated you do not qualify for VRAP if your eligible for post911 gibill. The question is what if your eligible got your certificate of eligibility for post 911 gibill and currently not using it, will getting VRAP void my eligibility in case I plan to use post911 gibill in the future after I’ve finished with VRAP?

    • Reggie

      No you will have to use all your entitlements from your post 9/11, first, then apply for vrap.

    • karen Lester

      If u are eligible for post 911 gi bill, you are NOT eligible for VRAP
      The stipulation is that you cannot be eligible for any other education benefit in order to be eligible for VRAP. Sorry.

    • jay

      use your GI bill benifit you will still recieve the stipned amout but not under the vrap program.the vrap is only good for two yr college.GI bill is good for any college or univesaities

  • kevin

    Do I qualify if my discharge was in 1981? Honorable,51,unemployed and not getting any other benefits…Can some one answer please Thank you fellow vet

    • Soynia

      You definately seem to qualify. I was discharged in ’80 and I started school in August. You should go to ebenefits and put in your request. Then apply for FAFSA, because vrap will not pay the school for your tuition and books.I have not recd my first sipend yet, but I am expecting it soon. VRAP is for real.

    • karen lester

      yes you would qualify. I; 56, separated in 82 ans am also been unemployed and I qualify.

    • Denise

      Kevin, I am the same age, and same year of discharge, plus was on active reserves as well, I just got my qualification papers. You need to go to the Vonapp site and sign up, provide as much information as possible, if you have your DD-214 that helps speed up the process as well. I am checking out the community colleges for the program I want, hope this helps you out. It didn’t take that long for the papers to come through, roughly about a month.

    • Bob c

      Kevin, just like the others say, you have to be unemployed and between 45 and 60. Thats it.

  • phil g

    has anybody recieved money. how long did it take.

    • ross

      first check received about 6 days after i called in and verified my enrollment for the month

      • OneVet’sOpinion

        Me too!

      • Pit

        How long did it take after the college certified you to recieve your award letter?

        • Bob C

          Got mine 5 days after filing

    • petula

      Yes, it took about 4 days after I certified.

    • Bob C

      Phil, got mine 4 days direct deposit after calling their number

  • Karen Lester

    Coastline Community College,( www . is VRAP approved, Online courses, they offer credits for military service and are geared towards Military MOS and Veterans, low tuition. Mostly Vets working in the office and willing to defer tuition until VRAP pays. you can also use FASFA with your VRAP.
    You bet that’s who I’m going through!
    Fall quarter B starts in Oct if you hurry you can make it!

    • Bill Kerwin

      Thanks for the positive words… we do our best to proudly serve our veterans and their families!

      Appreciation from the staff of Coastline Military Programs!

  • Sweetessence

    My husband, was approved for this program right away online and was able to start school asap also. He got information from our local job service center because he was receiving unemployment, after, he asked what programs were available to help him get retrained. He had to set up a direct deposit account through a government bank. Thankfully, we, already had an account through USAA online. His first check should be deposited on the 15th of this month, which, would make a month after school started and it should continue like this for this semester. So, from November until he gets out in December, won’t make a full month of pay. Also, he shouldn’t get his next check until February, only after he’s been in school for a month. So, you have to go to school for a period of time (of which I think is a month) before you will get your funds. He has a VA Rep. at his school and is able to get information from them, as well. I wish everyone the best and hope this helps !! Good Luck !!



  • arielle

    Saddleback College is also approved and they have a VA Rep on site
    Does anyone know if the benefits have to be reported on income tax forms?

    • Dave B.

      VA bebefits are tax-free…..from what I understand.

    • D.Youngberg/LVER

      GI Bill benefits are not taxable compensation.
      FASFA, any excess funds that get returned in a check to the student are considered income- so keep track of books and supplies to zero out that check amount! :)

  • Barry

    I am getting frustrated due to the fact that I am looking for an associate degree in computer repair to go with my associate degree in electronic engineering technology due to the fact that I can’t find employment because either of my age 57 years old or every company wants experience that I don’t have. And every school I checked for an associate is around 35,000 dollars or more for a two year degree.

    • Dave B.

      Yeap. That’s about the going price for an Associate Degree. Mines $37,060.00 for a A.S. in Network Engineering. I’m approved for VRAP and if I put every penny of the VRAP funding into my degree I’ll still be left with about half of the $37,060 out of pocket. The problem with this program is that it is limited to such a strange list of “high demand” jobs, most of which are not available at any “community college”, which would cost just a few thousand for a 2 year degree. What can a fella do? This is what we got offered. The way I’m looking at it is that half is better than nothing. The rest is in student loans. Good luck.

    • Jim Gawne

      Try looking for a certificate program that offers the CompTIA A+ and other certifications. University of Phoenix has one that I saw last month that is only 6 or 9 credit hours (I can’t remember)

  • zehrah

    Does anyone know if it is hard to change schools and training programs?

    • Jim Gawne

      According to the VA VRAP website, you cannot change schools or programs. You must maintain full time enrollment status in the selected program until completion. If you change programs or drop below full time status, your entitlement ends. More info at this link:

      • Guest

        I was told via a phone rep from the 800 # that you CAN change schools- you have to fill out a Form 1995. It is available online. I haven’t received a yeah or a nay from the VA, but it has only been a few days.

    • While Jim G. is right, it also states that as long as you have not received any money from VRAP, you can still change to a different program, providing the program is approved by VRAP.

    • RobertLeeRE

      Cannot change programs because it is a peice of trash legislation not designed to actually HELP you, rather it is designed to take your name on a list and the politicians can goosestep CLAMING they helped you because they will count you as enrolled in the program, NOT the specifics.

    • KRISTY


  • John Withey

    I am 63 and would like to know why the age limit stops at 60. I am x-Army vietnam vet and healthy enough to work far beyond my retirement age what ever that may be. I feel as though if I don’t stay active it will be the end for me.I am unemployed and can’t seem to find anyone to hire me.

    • Larry Holmes

      I am a Vietnam Vet also, this is so unfair to offer this with a age limit, its age discrimination, I am very active and run 15 to 20 miles a week and could use the money. I was shot at every other day in Vietnam and it seem as I am still dogging bullets 44 years later.

      • dale

        Why is there no PROTEST here on the 60 year OLD limit?
        I have an honorable dd214 from both the USAF and the Army National Guard and am (62 years old) and unemployed.
        Remember history!!! Hitler in the last days in Berlin summoned All 14 year olds up to 60 years old for the last stand. This (60 year old limit) thing must just be a military thing ya think!!! (IT IS SO NOT RIGHT)!!!

  • TIM


    • norm f

      simply can not be eligible for any other gi bill program at the time of app,,,and be avail for and looking for work,,,apply asap

  • Steve Metzler

    American College of Technology is VRAP approved for Diplomas and AAS degree programs. Contact ACOT.EDU or read the Q&A Session at this link…Mention mine name while enrolling and I get a bonus! Steve Metzler!

  • Clayton

    How do I call in to verify my enrollment to receive my monthly payment?

    • Jeanette

      The number is 888-442-1000 and follow the prompts.

  • Clayton

    What was the number to call and verify my enrollment?

    • nathan


  • James

    Make sure the school your applying for has a institution code

  • richard

    I was scamed by way of identity theft at bank of america. Because of this i am blackballed from opening bank account. so, can anyone tell me is there another way to receive my benefit payments?

    • rick

      Yes!Go to your nearest walmart and purchase a re-loadable debit card,call the number on the card and the cust srvice will give you the routing and account numbers for it for Gov pay.Dont normally brag about walmart,but this is a great deal,view all transactions online,get cash at any atm,no overdraft fees ever because it is prepaid.This is how I am getting my VRAP money,

    • david

      prepaid credit card

    • weturnipseedsr

      Bank Of America Is One Of The Worst When It Comes To Things Like This! They Knew That I Did Not Cash A Fake Craiglists Check & Even Claimed To Have Me On Camera Doing It! They Are Liars & Deceive People! They Actually Knew That It Was Not Me & Still Blackballed Me! YET THEY CLAIM TO BE THE BANK OF AMERICA! What Does That Tell You?

    • Jim Adcock

      Get a prepaid debit card, like a Walmart Money Card, or Greendot card, and have it deposited to it.

  • Jerry Sanders

    If I am attending a four year college, which I know you cannot use the vwrap, but, want to use the vwrap at another two year college for a different degree at the same time, without using my fasfa, at the two year college would vwrap accept this type of sistuation

    • josh

      just apply to the two-year school, choose a course of study listed by the vrap, get certified and you will be on your way. vrap doesn’t care about the other school, only that you do well at the 2 year and stay qualified! Fafsa doesn’t have anything to do with vrap, and you can’t use financial aid at two schools at the same time, unless the programs are linked, i believe…

  • Franklin Ford

    Can I apply under the VRAP, with an other than honorable discharged, with a charter of Bad conduct. This is not a dishornable discharged.

    • RobertLeeRE

      I am honorably discharged, served my country. But the legislation is worthless to me even though I have been long time unemployed bordering on homelessness.

  • Pamela Lill

    I am an unemployed female retired reserve major who gets no unemployment because I was a stay ar home mom who then went through a divorce (from a highly paid commercial pilot who I supported when we first married and he was an unenployed C-141 pilot for 6 months), This was back in 89 when I first married him and I was a Captain in the Air Force. He has now moved my 3 young kids to California and I am devastated.
    Anyway I will be qualified for the VRAP in July 2013, That is because I still had 7 or so months on my Montgomery GI bill. I am doing culinary arts at a junior college here in San Antonio but even with an AAS in culinary arts, there is no money in it (to start). I am probably going to bail out of culinary and maybe do something like GIS or Geological Informations systems which qualifies under the VRAP (I think). I retired in 2005 as a reserve major (got riffed in 92 and joined the reserves). GIS has a starting pay of $31,000 and since I want to move to California and be around my kids, I need a job that pays more than $ 10/per hour as culinary does (although it is fun.) It is kinda hard though.
    Anyway the VRAP works, just do all the necessary steps to get registered and look up the program you want on a VRAP website to make sure that what you want to study is listed as one of the occupations that our society needs
    I have a BA in Psychology and a MA in Aeronautical Management but both of these degrees are not marketable.
    I may start working as a chef but have to become unemployed around July 2013 wink, wink. $ 1,500 a month tax free beats 24 hours at $ 9/hour so I am definitely going to go for it! Remember you have to be UNEMPLOYED when you sign up for it. If it means quitting my lowly paid chef job (which I supposedly start this week) after many years of unemployment since my divorce in 2008 and spending all of my 401K. I never thought this would happen to me but I refuse to give up! I am a 55 year old female who used to make $ 225/day as a reserve major. I was asked to retire in 2005 due to supposedly bipolar disorder (not true) and am currently working on my disability. I know my story seems like a long sob story, actually I have had many successes in the Air Force and probably would have done 20 years active duty if I wasn’t unfairly riffed (and we won a lawsuit because it was unfair) riffed (and collecting active duty major or LtCol pay NOW) Instead I have to wait for my retired pay when I am 60!
    If anyone wants to call me and get some counseling, support and advise, my email is pamela_lill@yahoo,com and you can call me at (210) 392-3620. Lastly don;t give up! Just MAKE SURE what you want to study is a 1 year program at the junior college level and is listed on the VRAP websire, do all the paperwork and get your life on the right track. Thats what I am doing!

  • RobertLeeRE

    Also one has to make sure one is in the right demographic group to qualify for this program, The VRAP is for RICH city folk only. If one lives in the country or rural AMERICA there typically is not a huge selection of schools near them and if there is the waiting lists for the better coursework is 1 year or longer so this legislation is worthless to all the Veterans that live in Rural America. the only way I can use this benefit that is suppose to help me is if I up and move across the country, then that doesn’t work either because the expenses are so great. This VRAP is bad bad legislation that helps only certain demographic groups, certainly NOT rural America.

  • jay

    for the vrap program you want to use a non profit community college,it’s cheaper for the tution for in-state residents rather thanthe profit colleges. if you are unemployed you can not be recieving any unemployment benifits.if so you will not be eliglble for the federal pell grant or the vrap when you apply for the pell grant they will notify the school that you have applied admissions too.they will not notify you ,so you have to periodacally check with the school to see if its have to be proactive and do your homework.i got to say it was somewhat of a headache but i finally made it in college

  • Juanita Moreno

    I am trying to help my brother, he was in the army 17 1/2 years, rif happened, He was taxed on his rif money, he was then declared disabled miltary vet, it took him 6 yrs to pay back all the rif money, prior to recieving his first vet pay benefits. I have heard recently that, the military with held tax money, from the rif money, yet my brother had to pay back in full, including the tax monney. This is double taxation, The VA rep here is new and dosen’t know about the proper forms to submit to get the money back. Can anyone tell me which forms is needed to accomplish this.

  • No matter if some one searches for his necessary thing, so he/she wants to be available that in detail,

    so that thing is maintained over here.

    • norm fleury

      huh !!

  • Gregory Shaw

    Can VRAP be used to acquire a GED (high school diploma)? I called and the girl did not have an answer for me. Thank You..

    • Rachel

      No, you cannot use it to acquire a GED. You can only use it to earn an associate degree, non-college degree, or certification, and training for a high demand occupation.

  • Bradford Platt

    My name is Bradford Platt, I am unemployed and a Veteran. My vrap was discontinued, I am current attending Centura College as a Medical Billing and Coding student. I would like to know why my Vrap was discountinued. I am in a bad way because of it. Plaeas help.

    • Robert

      Because it only provides 1 year of benefits.

  • vic

    As of 2011, 44% of all homeless persons in the US were Viet Nam Vets.
    A class action suite by Vietnam Vets may be the only way to bring the needed pressure on the powers that control Educational policy makers. that is to say there needs to be an legal action to repeal the age limitation on the new educational benefits now being offered Vets as well. That policy is pure age discrimination, and as I see it. We Vietnam Vets should know by now, as do the rank and file VA WORKERS KNOW, that Nam Vets got shafted from the get go. (there words not mine)

    Many know by now The policy makers first mistake was making the classification of Vietnam Era Vets, Rather than supporting Vietnam Combat Vets in particular. This act Created a dilution of benefit service limiting the Real Vietnam Vets most in need.

    Adding insult to injury, The VA followed by delegating services out to contracted service organizations. Such receive grants in order to offer us help in transition. yet in fact, like many of the rip off schools (still out there), the service org’s were only self serving, after being given millions in grants, they did not provide us reality based services, often such grant based organizations, served only to frustrate us further with false hope of finding good jobs. Many Vets and the public, did /do not realize, that corporate insurance underwriters let it be known to there policy holders, not to keep Viet Nam vets employed for long, as they perceive them insurance risks. There is no fine print, just be able to read between the lines.

    The most unpopular war, marked Viet Nam Vets from the get go..
    From a corporate standpoint we are considered an (at risk group). This perception is vividly true today, Any pride perception (at least in the corporate world) is non existent. Corporations rather wash there hands of us. They feel no pride in keeping us employed, even if we all had P.H.D. s.
    Corporations for most part are expecting government collected taxes, administered by the VA , to deal with our economic and health problems.

    The bottom line is universities should do more to support all vets, rather than leaving many of us in a fix we did not create in the first place. It is not our doing we are unemployed often homeless.
    Our government has long offered tax credits to those hiring us yet this amounts to a shameful Bribe.

    Regardless most businesses don’t want the extra money, They wish not to take the risk of higher insurance premiums or policy cancellations simply by doing the right thing and employing us.
    A class action suite would draw attention to Ebenefits age discrimination policy, for the new educational benefits now offered. Educating oneself is a life long process. Seniors attending universities are at record numbers, We over 60 Vietnam Vets should not sit idly by, but rather create class action suits targeting those discriminating against us.

    • weturnipseedsr

      Being A Veteran That The West Los Angeles VAterans Administration Homeless Program Has Helped Me To Skid Row In Los Angeles, I Now Understand More Of The After Effect Of Veterans & Dope!

  • mickey

    The age discrimination of 60 is wrong. Contact your congressman to have something done.

  • weturnipseedsr

    It Is My Understanding That This Benefit Is At It’s End!

    • Vennis Ivan Taylor

      I Vennis I.Taylor am asking about the time limit I been trying about using this VRAP bill but ever time I go down to the V. A. Office off of 18 street they tell me it doesn’t pay the hole bill but I say to them I no but they keep telling me the same old thing and the time is running out what should i do can I extend my time so I can get in School and draw the whole twelve months. When should I start. I been trying to get in a trade School some were in the vocational college in the City or in the St.Louis County. I am going back to there Office own 18th Street in St.Louis Missouri own 09/09/2013. To ask them to tell me can I start when the program begins at the first month to the last month of the total month to be twelve. I am asking for your help to help me in this area of your assistance. Thank You. Sincerely Mr. Vennis Ivan Taylor 09/06/2013

  • weturnipseedsr


  • JOHN

    Age requirement is simply wrong. I am a Viet-Nam veteran, 69 going on 70 and would like to attend school and obtain a Medical Surgical certificate but do to age requirement get VRAP benefits. All honorable discharged vets should have a right to this program regardless of age requirements.

  • sp/4 Jensen

    I am confused. I was in the Army in 1974 the war was still going on but I wasn’t sent over there. It wasn’t that I wouldn’t have gone it just that they needed me else where I guess. Would I still be considered a Viet Nam vet or what would I call myself?

    • cynthia

      I was told the viet nam area didn’t actually end until 1975. Any who was in before a certain month which I believe was April of 1975 is considered Vietnam vet. were you on delayed entry? that may be the question. call 1800-827-1000. veterans administration

  • Alex Gilmore

    Be careful because VRAP has screwed me. I started a program that was certified in July of 2013 and three months later the VA discontinued the certification. This is after I took out a $7500 student loan to take the courses. Now I am in default. To top it off the school worked out that if i switched to the other class registration the VA will certify my classes and this is for the exact same course. So i send in my application to the VA in Muskogee Oklahoma and i have a receipt that says they got it at 8:45 am on December 23rd 2013 but as of today they claim they never recieved it. This is despite my having a receipt that says they did. What a screw job. The same people that the IRS used against the tea party must be working for the VA now. No wonder they have had such a low success rate for VRAP.