Older Vets to Get GI Bill Benefits

The President has signed the  VOW to Hire Heroes Act into law. There are several provisions in the law that will have a positive impact on the veteran unemployment rate. The most often reported of these are tax credits for employers who hire veterans and wounded warriors ($5,600/veteran and $9,600/disabled veteran).

However, there is one provision that is not being as widely reported that will come as great news to unemployed veterans over the age of 35 – a new shot at 12 months of the Montgomery GI Bill.

That’s right, the pre-9/11 veterans who often feel as if they have been forgotten, may soon qualify for as much as $17,600 for education and training. This benefit can be used for finishing up a college degree, certification, vocational training, On-the-Job Training and more.

This new benefit could help about 60 percent of the current 850K unemployed veterans. To qualify, veterans must be 35 -60 years old, unemployed, and not currently enrolled (or within the past 6 months) in a state or federal job training program.

The remaining question is, how soon can the VA pull the trigger and start accepting applications.

Stay tuned for updates…

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Terry Howell
Before becoming the Managing Editor for Military.com, Terry served 20 years in the U.S. Coast Guard as an Aviation Electrician’s Mate and aircrewman. In his final role in the Coast Guard, Terry served as a Career Development Advisor, where he provided career, finance, education, and benefits counseling to servicemembers and their families. Since retiring from the Coast Guard, Terry has authored the book, The Military Advantage, managed the content for TurboTap, the DoD's online transition program and VAforVets, the VA's transition assistance website. Terry earned both his Bachelor's and MBA at Corban University using Military Tuition Assistance and his GI Bill benefits to help cover the cost.

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  2. For the qualification. $17,600.00 benefits will not be sufficient to support the veteran if he is not employed. Since this is an entitlement, veteran should be receiving irregardless if he is employed or not just like the other GI bill benefits.

  3. aldridge,mitchell | November 16, 2011 at 3:32 pm |

    how can my husband get copy of DD 214

  4. JOHNNY DENNIS | November 16, 2011 at 3:44 pm |


  5. When I EASd I applied for loans to go to college. I was told by two college campus' that since I hadn't been out 19 months and had job skills that I wasn't able to apply for certain federal loans. This was in the early 90s and the maximum Chapt 30 payment was approx $350/mo for a full time student. Not nearly enough to pay for a Jr. College let alone help out with living expenses and housing. Went to work full time, enrolled p/t time college with 1 or 2 classes a semester but it took me almost 8 years that route. By then my work experience has greatly out paced the value of a college degree.

  6. badbobusnret | November 16, 2011 at 4:40 pm |

    Yo, read the fine print:

    "To qualify, veterans must be 35 -60 years old, unemployed, and not currently enrolled (or within the past 6 months) in a state or federal job training program."

    Another social engineering program, with the Veteran as stooge this time, targeted for those who would vote for them.

    BTW, I am a pre-911 vet. Bills like this is why we are broke and will continue to be broke as a Nation.

  7. Jerry Stephens | November 16, 2011 at 5:07 pm |

    Why did they stop this at age 60?? I would like to take a couple of college courses that would help me find work but I can't afford them. I am 67 yr old.

  8. Hate to say it, but there are thousands of vets out there who chose not to use their GI Bill Ed benefits within 10 yrs of their discharge. I used mine while on active duty because there was no TA assistance at the time. Now, if you are unemployed and without an education-whose fault is that?? Retraining older vets will be costly and the return of that investment will be minimal in the number of years that the vet will work, specially those over 50+. I'm 63, retired Navy and still working. I guess I'm lucky am working and still paying taxes. I say, give the money to the vets that have a real need-some will chose again not to use it.

  9. Age 60? Guess that washes out the Vietnam era vets. There are many who never used any of their benefits. Any many won't retire for another 8 years. In fact, I never used all my educational benefits before the time expired. How could you when working full time and in the Reserves.

  10. This is a very good deal. It's a good way to give older Veterans who are out of work another chance. They deserve it, whether they served in peacetime or stood in the gap prepped for the Cold War to go Hot. They have been super supportive of us OEF/OIF Vets. And we have gotten such a GREAT deal with the Post 9/11 GI Bill that it's only fair that the guys who came before us get something too. Yes, it will cost, but the original GI Bill was an investment which more than returned its price in powering our economy.

  11. I was using the Vietnam era GI bill and I was in school and needed my GI bill and they said they were arbitrarily ending it so I couldn't finish in school because they wouldn't let me have my last year of the GI bill I was eligible for. I wanted and needed that last year for training and they stole it from me.

  12. I'm 62 so I guess I can just go off in some corner and die…

  13. where do we sign up?

  14. Thanks to a VA a rep who passed on some bad information to me when I received my disability. I could have use my benefit it the time, however I was told that my time was extented due to receiving 30 % disability. Why the age of 60? Why not all Vets who are able to improve the lively hood?

  15. My GI Bill expired before I used it all up. I need two or three more classes to get an Associates. I can't afford the outrageous tuition costs right now. This would have helped me out a lot, but alas, I have a job….

  16. Viet Nam Vets need not apply…………………….You have to just love this, send us in to combat without ammo. I guess the BS will never stop…………

  17. Nobody explained it to me either. I lost out because of it. I'm 63 so ……..

  18. My question is why do I have to be unemployed? Why not help improve where we are by giving us a chance to improve our current positions with more education. Doesn't seem like a stretch to me.

  19. As a Viet Nam Era Vet who stayed for career retiring in Ovt 1986, my VA Education Benefit expired 10 yeays after separation or in 1987 whichever came first. I had less than two years to use it or lose it as they said. Not fair? True, but remember we didn't have the public support back then like we do following 9-11.

  20. Having a degree doesn't mean jack! I graduated cum laude with a BA in Public Administration and am stuck as a janitor at a State college because I'm not "connected". People here with many years experience get rolled over because somebody's son/nephew always gets the job. The union bosses are "in bed' with management. Even if you leave the union, the $ is still taken out of your pay.

  21. Hold the phone here – the talk here indicated Fed G.I. Bill only option – Many states have State programs that reduce or outright waive fees for vets from their state – Education oppotunities are there but you have to seek them out.

  22. I'm employed which I'm Extremely Grateful For, but would really like to take advantage of this opportunity to complete the degree I started, but never completed.

  23. Interesting they use 35-60 for age limit but for Loss of Tricare Prime working age veterans is considered 35-65. If they give you money they lower age if they take it away they raise age.

  24. Mortimer Snerd | November 17, 2011 at 1:22 pm |

    I think those guys in the photo should all be allowed to get a GED HS equivalency. Of course, if the test asked who is the current President of the United States they would all answer LBJ. After getting their GED, they should all demand high paying jobs in the federal government. I'd go for Fanny Mae or one of the Green Projects sponsored by Obama. These guys all look like executive material to me. Hope they all have addresses where the feds can reach them for job offers.

  25. Help are Veterans that are 61 and older that can use this benefit to improve there lives and go back to work. Don't forget Us!

  26. unfortunately for a lot of vets to include myself in the era of pre internet a lot vets did not know there was a ten year time limit i plan to over use my lost out on benefits

  27. The benefit package is sucker bait , read the fine print and every one takes it back before or most of it back before you get anything. example-agent orange exposure. The gov knows to a knats tail who was in country , where they were stationed ,and who was exposed including how much fuel was used to spray the crap. But if you want to file your just due claim you have to prove beyond a shadow of a doubt that your records match thiers. This is just more of the same ol bs. The sad part is there isn't anything you can do. They know exactly who they are cutting out when they drew the line at 60. Most of us went to vietnam because it was the law and were exposed to a lot of things we didn't agree with . Agent orange is a proven killer, if it kills plants then most likely it will damage you and thats a fact.

  28. Thomaas Nelson USMC Ret.
    Why is the cutoff at 60 yrs old, hell I'd love to go to a tech school and I'm 80. But like so many thgs in life the authorities have the say,""use it or lose it"" When I was elegible I couldn't afford to go as I had a family to feed and by the time I could go I was no longer eligible. It seems to me if one did over 20 in the Military, there shd. be no time limit

  29. Does this include spouses of older Vets as well?

  30. Best Gunner B.2/16 | November 18, 2011 at 5:22 am |

    I remember in Wis. & Ill. they avertised on radio for W.I.C.-Welfare-Food Stamps, and all other forms of give aways ! I HAD TO GET TO WORK ! Buy gas, food, car,pay rent ! School students – called us baby killers ! Remember ! NEVER seen a baby in our Body Counts !! (0ur Co.# 760) 1st. Inf. 2/16 th. RANGERS. Ambush Battalion . I wasn't a cook !! Had job -G.T.&E. held when I got back ! Got home Fri. Went to work Mon. Thank God ! PAID MORE IN TAXES A WEEK ALMOST THAN I GOT A MN. IN Nam !! D A M !!!

  31. "Use it or lose it" was a raw deal written by a bunch of millionaires who receive LIFETIME benefits for very little service. We all know that guys separated from service with families to take care of- no ability to stop earning a living to go back to school. As a VEAP vet, I know a bad deal when I see it.
    For those who would like retraining, especially those out of work, please fill out your FAFSA. There is 5500 a year available for the unemployed, which more than pays for your community college education.

  32. This would be great, for all the Vets that had no choice but to go to work back then and find a job, I pray this is a GO!

  33. I'm a vietnam area vet.usmc 74-76 i used my benifits in that period. i've served my country in the army reservers & nyang 80-06.1 tour iin iraq, Retired E-7.Raised a family, worker 4 NYSDOC & retired in 09. its not imposibile!!!! iI did this all in the same 30 yrs.Don't ask me how? But i still want 2 go bk 2 school,i think this shoukd be a good progam……p.s. I'm 56

  34. Why should there be a cutoff? If you are able and up to it you should also be qualified for the new bill.I am a female and 63 . I am quite able to attend school. Do they think dementia sets in after 60 for everyone?I have been trying to go back to school for my Masters but have no money. I did get my Bachelors through Voc Rehab.

  35. If you are at least 20% disabled Voc Rehab will pay even after your GI bill is up.

  36. One thing I think most on here are missing is the fact that you have to be unemployed in order to utilize this benefit? That is just crazy. I served between 88-96 and served in the Desert Shield/Storm yet I still do not qualify for any of these benefits. Why because I was able to find employment? Does that mean that I'm not worthy of furthering my education to ensure that I'm able to hold on to my job or must I wait it out get and fired because I couldn't take the courses I need to gain more knowledge then go back to school and hope someone take a flier on a guy that was unemployed for x number of years in order to go back to school cause that is the only way I could afford it?

  37. I had VEAP and it made so little I pulled it out. Then I got the shock of not being eligible for GI Mont-anything. I have a job, I've a 50% VA Dis, but I am trying to get a BA in Arts/Animation and the final bill will be around 97K. Found out last month my Fed Loan cap will cap around 2014/15 so I will need about 15K to complete. I hope they review the 'restrictions' on this plan and allow myself, a 20yr Sailor a chance to take advantage of this opportunity and use something I sorely missed and was deprived…

  38. I don't know exactly how this is supposed to pan out, but if this involves vets who opted to not pay the $100/mo buy-in for the MGIB, I have a real problem with it. If it's a case of, you had the chance to get the MGIB and declined it, you should not be able to get it now free of charge. It's a slap in the face to every service member who paid their $100/mo for 12 mo to get the MGIB.

    Further- use it or lose it… You knew about this going in. If you made life decisions that prevented you from using it in the allotted time, that is your fault. Stop putting the blame on anyone else. It was there for you to use for 10 years after your last day in uniform. I highly doubt there is ANY reason ANYONE can give that does not ultimately lead back to a choice THEY made for not using the MGIB. The point is to give service members a chance to get back into the work-force at a better place with a degree. If you decided to have a family and get a career, and now after you're retired you want to go to school; too damn bad. You don't NEED the education anymore- you aren't getting into the work force, you are coming out of the work force.

    I'm tired of hearing vets whine about being "shorted" something as a result of a personal decision they made. This crap wasn't an excuse when you were in- you dealt with and lived with the results of the decisions you made. Try reapplying those valuable lessons you learned in the military to your life once again. It will make you a better individual. All this complaining makes me sick.

  39. WHY age 60 cut off? Hosed again!

  40. Ivan W. Emmanuelli | November 22, 2011 at 12:01 am |

    I have a BA and and a Masters in Ministry. I would love to finish a doctorate in Clinical Psychology. I need to know what I can get convalidated. The picture doesn’t loo to bad at distant education o vocal. Rehab. Again my interest; to see what can I get convalidated and why at distance education.
    I would like to teach secondary or JC which with my 70% disabiljty is NT beyond reach with a doctorate

  41. Jerry H Jolly | November 22, 2011 at 12:16 am |

    i also am ofver 60 retured after 20 yrs army service married 2 children had to wordk of let family go hungry why is the cut off 60 yrs old i am 70 % disabaled

  42. Jerry H Jolly | November 22, 2011 at 12:22 am |

    over 60 yrs old 20 yrs active duty had to work married 2 children to feed 70% disabled would like to go back to school

  43. looks like this do nothing president has done it again,well when I returned from three and a half years in vietnam I was called everything but a human being,and it looks as though if you served in nam you are on your own,thank god most of us were not liberals because we know how to survive without public or government support.We would just like for one president or congress to acknowledge what we gave to this country,and to date none have,and this looser that is in office never will and thoes of us that served will never accept any empty words or recognition from a true looser with no respect whatever for military service.When you get a former military vet to be president then we can consider accknowledgement.

  44. I was a U.S. Marine between 1976 – 1980,.covered by VEAP, so I was not eligible for the Montomery Bill. I was Honorably Discharged to attend the Air Force ROTC Officer Candidate program and used part of my VEAP benefits. I was commissioned April 1982 and returned to active duty in September 1982. Still under the VEAP program I was still not eligible for Montgomery. When I was RIF'd into early retirement in 1995 I attempted to use my remaining VEAP benefits, only to be told that they expired because my switch to the Air Force, thru the ROTC program, was classified as a "break in service" and the VEAP was not grandfathered . I am 63 years old, currently collecting Georgia unemployment (while working several hours part-time in an automotive parts store) and would love to obtain my Masters in History, at an on-line university. I do not see that happpening with the VA. I am 40% service connected disabled and VA has been under paying me for my disability. It is 6 months since I filed for a correction. They still have not been able to make that simple adjustment, so how will they launch an extensive education program of this nature before the 9/11 vets die off?

  45. OK, lets get reallistic here. I used my GI bill back in the 70's to get a vocational certificate in auto mechanics and it served me well for twenty years. But the equipment has changed so much that I would have to go back again to school to relearn and retool. I,M NOT GOING TO DO THAT! Instead I am enrolled in a vocational online gunsmithing course that i'm paying for out of my own pocket. How can this program help me? Ido have comment for Nate(who posted above) but I think I' just keep to my self. I did one and a half tours in viet nam and am very happy with the way our troops are being treated when they come home today. We didn't get that. I'm not whining, just stateing a fact. SEMPR FI

  46. beentheredidthat | November 22, 2011 at 12:53 am |

    Don't blame Obama –if it wasn't for him your bagger friends would be giving you—nothing!!!

  47. Robin Williams | November 22, 2011 at 12:54 am |

    Before anyone says that they have a problem with older vets who chose not to get the VEAP or the MGIB should give people a break. You have no idea what there circumstance might have been back then!!!!!!

  48. ques to anyone who knows: I was US Army 70-72 to include infantry tour in Vietnam. I used GI Bill as it existed then to attend 4 yr college (Rutgers) and graduate. Now retired I want to get certified in alcohol and drug counseling in S. Cal…plenty of programs to pick from nearby. Will be 60 next year.
    I do not understand the Montgomery Bill as it came into existence well after my military time. Does this new expansion only apply to those whom participated in Montgomery program?? Thanks…welcome home all vets

  49. I am a Vietnam Vet that came home and life got in the way. I had bills to pay and a family to support so I never got to use my GI Bill education benefits. I hope this bill goes for us "older vets" also.

  50. why aren't you utilizing your VA Vocational and Rehab benefits? You are foolish to incur so much debt when this program pays your tuition, books and supplies, plus pays a monthly stipend. What I am seeing on this blog is that there are a LOT of disabled vets who have no clue about their benefits.

  51. Kevin,
    What is FAFSA? Thanks

  52. For Nate, excuse me for being blunt, but "Bite Us" from from the Pre-Montgomery Bill era, VEAP was a friggin joke. I did active duty and reserve time from 1979 – 1994, with an almost year break between active and reserve. So when I tried to use my VEAP but could not, and was ineligable for the MGB, do you truly think that is fair ? I have not asked much of the government/VA since I was in, but 6 years ago I had a major job site accident (yes my civilian job) and have several disabilities from that day. I am not saying that I will use this new chance or not, and I apologize that I never got orders to see any combat, though during the first Gulf War I repeatedly requested to go with others from my unit. I personally want to thank all of the Vets that have served in combat since WWII, and any vet that is eligible and wants to use this chance to go back to school, more power to you and good luck. And yes I love my country, proud to have served, but I do not trust all of our politicians.

  53. Where do Veterans get off calling each other Whiners? I thinks it's some BS that Republican-yes -I said-it-Swiftboaters created. Veterans should respect the service of other Veterans-period. Veterans who served in any variety of situations and places know there seem to be arbitrary lines in the sand that affect some soldiers differently. Some soldiers got sweet re-up bonuses. Some soldiers extended for a year or more to get an NCO education class they needed (BNCOC) and then when they re-upped they weren't in the right "window" to get a sweet bonus. We all know it's different for each of us. Let's not give each other a hard time if some unemployed Veterans could benefit from some GI Bill provisions their recruiters would not sign them up for before.

  54. hey you all just want to put word in for the peace time vets 75-79 we are the forgotten ones no mention is made of our contribution to world sanity as i remember it was still the cold war there were still bad guys out there to nam vets thank you i went in in june of 75 volunteer and was in the salvage /rescue navy ( i know there is a bird farm called the coral sea) who's sailors are happy we were there any way to all my fellow vets please dont forget us peace time vets some of us got ptsd as well and i did use my va ed but cant work in the industry of my education and @54 i am unemployable wit no current job skills this would help if i am eligible but obama still aint getting my vote it aint worth that

  55. Am I correct in my understanding, that I would have to be "unemployed" to receive the benefits?

  56. This 17,000 that may be available. Is this a loan or gift?

  57. Obama has no idea what an army or service person is used for. Absolutely an idiot when it comes to the military. He's doing this for votes basically. He wants a planet of socialist thinkers, powerful and rich, to run the little guys and provide for the poor. Lots of poor in the communist countries.

  58. As a Vietnam Veteran who used the G.I. Bill, I don't begrudge anyone getting another bite of the apple. Look around and see what a great country we have served. The people are free because of us. The country exists because of us. No Veteran should have to pay for his education or training up to the basic requirements of a time college degree or apprenticeship for a trade.

  59. Retired USMC E-7 | November 22, 2011 at 6:38 am |

    I came in when we had the VEAP – which was BS and it was disbanded and we took our monies back. Do we still qualify for the new GI Bill? Havent in the past. I also noticed that it stated that this new MGIB is for 35-60 yr olds who are unemployed. That is BS, I should be able to take advantage it and perhaps get promoted. Currently I am unemployed but seeking employment as my last position was outsourced. If I get a job, I'm takin git, but it would be nice to get some type of schooling to help keep a job. Guess it never ceases that the veteran gets screwed

  60. dale contino | November 22, 2011 at 6:43 am |

    As a Vietnam Vet @ age 63, (soon to be 64), I still have a great desire to learn. I am 100% P and T, and would like to know why we are being left out because of age?

    The best thing in my life right now would be having the chance to continue to learn and be productive.

  61. This ought to help a few guys caught between a rock and a hard place.

  62. SFC STEVEN BAUX, U.S. ARMY, RETIRED | November 22, 2011 at 7:12 am |

    I believe that this is a great opportunity for older veterans to obtain a college degree. I do believe that it should be offered to veterans that have received their college degrees through the student loans to help pay a portion of their student loans.

  63. We live in a time when, in a lot of fields, you need a Master's degree just to get anywhere (including in government service where I work) . I was fortunate enough to have paid for the Montgomery GI Bill but never used it (Had Vocational Rehabiliatation help me get through college) as I planned on using mine for law school but life occurred and it never happened. I would love to have a chance to use it to try to offset the cost of getting an MBA to try to compete as school is getting too expensive to try to pay for a piece of paper that MIGHT help you advance.

    Since we payed into this program it never should have expired to begin with unless you planned on giving the money back but I did not complain.

    I will be interested to see where all of this goes in the end. What will probably happen is they will offer the program but bury it in a LOT of paperwork where most will not even see it and it will be forgotten again.

  64. If i've been unemployed for 6 months, I need a job to support my family. Most in that age group have families and need an income and cannot afford (not because of money to pay for tuition) to go back to school…but when plan is released, we can make a better call…interesting about the age group..those normally would be past their 10 year GI bill benefit even though they paid into it…

    What would help the 35+ is let those who have the GI bill transfer to their kids…I am in that boat…my 10 year also runs out just as my oldest turns 18…and so goes the 3600 I put into it…

  65. Why the cutoff? Your either a Vet or your not.

  66. Most Vets who served PRIOR to the 1980's where not offered the MGIB because it did NOT exist. The Ed benefits that were in the 80's were terrible which is why so many VEAPers declined or took their money back. I know 2 vets who served in the 70's–tail end of Vietnam and before Kuwait but still served (retired even)–and where not offered much in the way of Ed bene's. They now have high-school and college aged kids and they get to rely on Sallie Mae–what a choice! I'm thankful for my Chapter 35 even though it cost my dad his life (Vietnam era Ed bene's for dependents) and my husband has converted his MGBI for our kids–but its not a full ride like he would have gotten if he used it now–much less, but at least our kids can use some of the money my husband didn't have the chance to utilize. Yes Vets do get the short end of the stick and it's only going to get worse with the super committee failing. I will say that it is getting better, at least the government is offering something for some Vets. Now the big question, who is going to pay for this?

  67. Why must one be un-employed to receive educational assistance? I served 80-91 and being fully aware that the VEAP was crap never enrolled. I have managed to stay employed since exiting and even achieved several enviable certifications w/o any gov't assistance. However, if the gov't is offering help why should I be in dire straits to receive? Was my service worth any less than another's? What if I want to stay employed AND obtain a higher degree using a benefit I earned by serving my country? Guess that's too much to ask.

  68. It is unfortunate that vets over 60 are not eligible. Are we not trainable at that age? I agree that you are either a vet or not a vet. We still have a great deal to offer, not to mention some valuable life skills.

  69. ChristopherB. | November 22, 2011 at 8:32 am |

    As usual, always a day late and a dollar short, it is about time those idiots in D.C. got SOMETHING right with the institution of the GI BILL rights for older veterans, which they should have done a very long time ago! What I don't understand is why the GI Bill has a 10-year time limit for usage anyway!

    Many of those who would fully benefit from the PRE-EXISTING GI BILL, myself included, have not been able to do so due to that 10-year rule although the injuries many have suffered while protecting the nation's interests will undoubtedly last for the rest of their lives.

    With all of that said, I for one, am very excited about these new developments with the GI Bill

  70. My Question is this?…Why do I have to be unemployed to take advantage of the Montgomery Bill monies being offered now. Its really hard to imagine being unemployed coz most of us need some income just to live. I would like to further my education to get out of this "Rutt" but simply cannot afford to do so. I consider myself still young enough to contribute in some way. Besides, the government keeps raising the ceiling for retirement age and I feel like they should throw us a BONE if expected to work now till I am almost 67 years old. I am a Honorably Discharged 52 year old Vet of 9 years U.S. Airforce. Served between 1980 and 1990. I contributed to VEAP and as all who know about this particular program, it was merely an assistance program and never amounted to much income to complete a degree. I work as an Associate manager 28 hours a week just above minimum wage. My supervisor,making more per hour is a 26 year retired Naval man also drawing his retirement and is paid to go to school. He just turned 50 years of age. I appreciate his service to his country just as I appreciated serving as well, I am just confused about having to be completely unemployed before I can be offered a part of this opportunity.

  71. Dave the Bull | November 22, 2011 at 9:06 am |

    Same old S…. This can be laid at the feet of the F……. officer corps. Any enlisted man who things his CO is their to help him is nuts. We have got gays in the military, thanks to a bunch of Admirals and Liberals. I am 69, no HS grad, but did obtain E7. Got out in 80 after 20 and walked into the highering freeze (except for woman and the others). Ended up driving a truck for 26 years. I deserve a chance at an education, but will never happen.

  72. I think I know the answer but might as well ask. Enlisted in 70's and discharged 70's. Am I eligible?

  73. Here we go again. Why the cutoff at 60??? I'm 67, but I can still learn and I'm trainable…

  74. Christopher B. | November 22, 2011 at 9:15 am |

    As usual, always a day late and a dollar short, it is about time those idiots in D.C. got SOMETHING right with the institution of the GI BILL rights for older veterans, which they should have done a very long time ago! What I don't understand is why the GI Bill has a 10-year time limit for usage anyway!

  75. I to use very little of my GI Bill.Why did we have to lose it after 10 years?Got married and had kids.Love to go back to school!

  76. They deleted my earlier comment before it was even posted. Apparently the words fertilizer and BS are not allowed. The deal being offered is weak at best and another slap in the face from a long list of bureaucrats that have no idea what it means to honorably serve our country.

  77. Im 63 and a Vietnam Vet. I was laid off 1 year ago so I was forced to take SS. Im more worried about healthcare now than education. with so many young kids without a job today I feel like at least i did someone a favor by keeping a younger person from loosing his job. Its called sacrafice, we all learned it in the service. My wife never worked so she didn't qualify for SS…she got half of mine which wasn't much. I go to the VA for health reasons because I can't afford to pay 1000 dollars a month for BCBS.I was lucky enough to pay off my house and car. I lhave always lived a very fruggle …living by my means and not over doing it. I think we were led to believe that the American dream was going to last for ever, well it didn't and we have to adjust, just like in time of combat when you are suffering heavy losses. At this age I believe its time to get out and let the next generation have a chance. learn to live by your needs not your wants. Give the next generation a chance, use the skills you learned the last 60 years, save the money for the younger vets who may need it more than us older ones.

  78. dianeplantation | November 22, 2011 at 9:28 am |

    Two years ago, I lost my job when I had to care for my parents – now I am ready to get back to work, but need to obtain a newly-required certification – always costly. If they make it a requirement that you actually get a job and work for 3 years, in order for the government to pay for the education/training, etc – then it would prevent people from just going to school for the fun of it.

  79. an old seabee | November 22, 2011 at 9:34 am |

    Looks like the BOGUS POTUS is trying to BUY votes instead of EARNING them.

  80. Don't you know ? We 60 and over are to sit and vegitate the rest of our lives. Do nothing but sit and wait for the griem ripper. Heck, I just remarried and still injoy my life just as much as any other individual still kicking or beginning to. I don't even qualify for my housing benifits and I am 100 % service connected. I have never even used that. Cut off , rules and regs. I need a home but I made one mistake and paying for it dearly. i have to rent! 2X viet vet.

  81. Why do most bills lack "Across The Board' inclusion? They all seem to include some but forget others. If the bill covers 30 to 60 age brackets I guess the Korean War Vets don't deserve any consideration. This is not a matter of honoring Veterans, it's a matter of 'Political Posturing' and spending as little as possible in the process.
    This reminds me somewhat of the Veterans Medical Provisions. If the veteran is in need of a specific medication and the medication is not generic…forget it,
    the VA considers it too expensive….the Veteran is not worth the expense!

  82. These comments are typical of a democrat office. ..its the epitome of a welfare state. Free this, free that, welfare and aid for everyone. Everyone forgets that we knew it was available foe a limited time, and we chose not to use it. So pull up your panties and do something but whine. In saying this, I firmly believe we should do more for our veterans. Maybe not giveaways or full support, but reduced coverage and costs with no exclusions. One thing for sure, respect and honor those who served and gave for their country and freedom. Don't be two faced like the president. His motto is honor and respect only if a vote is attached.

  83. Jeff - US Navy | November 22, 2011 at 10:47 am |

    A veteran is a veteran regardless of when they served our great country! We should all be treated with dignity, respect and given equal educational opportunities. As an unemployed (6 months) US Navy veteran (VEAP era), I still need 1-2 years to complete an undergraduate degree and without federal aid things become very grim in achieving this goal… I too like other service members elected not to invest with VEAP and it appears certain enlistment periods are being over looked under the new MGIB criteria!!!

  84. Wow the comments here are mind boggling.

  85. A better way of doing this is to allow those veterans who did not have the opportunity to serve under the current law to have the benefit of the difference between their old GI bill and the current law. When I went to college after Viet Nam I started out at $180.00 a month with my wife and infant daughter. I'm not complaining. I was gratful and always will be. That just happened to be the way things were and I, and other vets, made it work.

    I see the advantage to our country of providing more productive workers into the employed ranks through education programs that lead to more consumers, tax payers and self providers. However, I am irritaed with the proposal in that it caps out at age 60. It would seem a good idea for veterans to stay in the work force longer, with the country bennefiting from Social Security savings and all the other social programs retired people take advatage of, and that working people endow.

  86. Whistle Berries | November 22, 2011 at 11:17 am |

    Hmmm… The translation is this: if a veteran is 61+ that veteran is not worthy of any assistance.

    Who was the rocket scientist in charge of that age barrier? That is blatant age discrimination.

    People, non veterans and vetarans are having to work into their 80s just to try to make ends meet.

    Someone needs to rethink the age requirement issue.

  87. How does this work for those under VEAP out more than 10 yrs before the approval of MGIB conversion? Lobbying by those of us under VEAP got the MGIB going in the first place. VEAP was a piece of JUNK: in many cases the money paid in could be forfeit if the EXECT routine required wasn’t followed. Once MGIB came many of under VEAP got out of it. I NEVER got to use my VEAP as I had no need when I got out. But, 11 years later I was laid off and needed it and couldn’t use it: too much time lapsed. Two years later, while in school, my fin-aid advisor was hyped because of MGIB conversion and was said I could convert my VEAP only to find there was a 10yr limit. So, I got NOTHING for education: paid for it myself. This as a SCDV (20%) with 8 yrs service (I'd have stayed in but the Navy processed me out due to my disability). I'm now once again unemployed 3 years and still getting nothing in the way of training assistance from anybody. So doing it myself. Drives me CRAZY that some of us Veterans are stuck in the preverbal doughnut hole of benefits. Guess our numbers are too small for any lobby group to be concerned as we don't account for enough votes.

  88. I messed up I did pay my $100 a month for the GI Bill but did not pay attention to the fine print or listen well at my post Veteran info sessions because I let the 10 yrs pass that you had to get it started I messed up but I feel I should still be allowed to use it even partial but I do accept responsiblity I do have a good civil service job making 60k plus but I do desire to go back to school and wish I still had the GI bill.

  89. So I join in 4/80 and served till 2/88 Got a 10% disability. May not be reading this correctly, But I don't get squat. In the middle of a career change at 52 could use the help like so many who served in my timeframe

  90. Vietvet "Doc" | November 22, 2011 at 11:32 am |

    YOU REAP WHAT YOU SOW. I used my GI Bill many years ago. I got my degrees leading to 2 doctorates. I'm a disabled Vietnam vet and comfortably retired now after 36 years of federal service. But I also had to make my own moves and I apologize to NO ONE for my success. In life, you have to make your own moves. No one is going to give you anything. Use your rights and your benefits. Fight for them when you have to. I did. You may not win every battle, you won't. But you'd better win the war. And make no mistake, you're in a war, whether you know it or not. Think of it this way: America is a great country; it's like a big beautiful sexy woman ready for you to make love to it.

  91. I'm over 60…Korea….Guess he dosen"t want my vote.

  92. I think they need to rethink the age thing. I a one of the Vietnam Era vets and was using my GI Bill for college and was told I had ten years to use it. I was just about to finish my second year of college and was told by one of the counselors that I had until the end of the year to use my GI Bill and my ten years were a long way off at that time. I do think if you have been out over the ten years and have never used any of your GI Bill you should not be able to get it all back, but maybe a small portion but the 60 year old think I do not agree with simply because we are now living into our 80s and 90s and many are still working well past their retirement age just to get back what they lost over the last few years with the markets doing so poorly.

  93. there is another side to this that many do not see, the benefit to the country, with record high unemployment and families unable to send their children to college, this is a great chance to serve again.
    instead of being deadweight and sitting at home just collecting unemployment, waiting for a job like some do on unemployment, vets can take charge, get an education and be ready when the economy turns around..
    the opportunity is there, it is your responsibility to use it. to better ourselves and our country.. Good luck to the vets who enroll,… get great grades, set an example in the classroom and Lead our country by example!

  94. Intels_Finman | November 22, 2011 at 12:01 pm |

    I didn't pay cause i never thought i would go to school, too busy serving my country volunteering for every assignment, so u can go to school. Do i regret it now, yes which i could have it now.

  95. I was one of the many vets that saw VEAP for the sh!##y deal it was and refused to sign on. The newer program was developed because so many of us rejected VEAP, and then we were not permitted to sign up for MGIB if we had not enrolled in VEAP. Nothing would have changed if we all had enrolled, it seemed to me we were left out in the cold for not playing along with their crappy offering.

  96. Ted G. Martin | November 22, 2011 at 12:09 pm |

    I finished two years and took an AA because they said I was run out of time;
    I'd like to get my BA or BS; Where do I go to check on this..VA? They're the ones that said I'd run out of time!

  97. A lot of the comments here are filled with cynicism, short sightedness, and maybe a bit of social amnesia. If we look at the big picture, we should remember a few things. First of all, the previous administration came into power with a vibrant economy, a balanced budget, and a financial surplus. In the following eight years, under its stewardship, that was transformed into the economic mess we have now. This law was crafted and passed by our (largely Republican) congress, our Senate, and approved by our Democratic president. Large corporations and financial institutions had to be bailed out of the messes they were largely responsible for creating, not for their own good, but for that of the millions of us hard working citizens whose livelihoods depend on the financial strength of those institutions. I see this new law as an effort to tap into yet another of our nations many strengths, that being the dedication and discipline our veterans possess. This is not a giveaway for those who missed the boat on a past benefit, but a call to arms in the battle to save the economic health of our great nation. It's similar to the sign-on bonuses many employers once offered prospective employees in critical fields. Did the individual benefit from the extra cash? Yes, but the company also benefited from his expertise and was able to get those things that were necessary to its function accomplished. So let's all, who are eligible, roll up our sleeves and, once again, answer the call of our country and help rebuild the greatest economy in our world.

  98. most of you all joined,we were drafted some of us had good jobs,running small business at 18 yrs old,it was dodge the draft and go to jail.alot of injurys were down played by the army.we got squat when we were discharged,and could'nt pass civil service physicals from twisted knees or hearing loss etc.

  99. I am a 100% disabled vietnam vet, also recieving SSDI, 58 years old, I would like to finish my Masters degree. Would I be considered taking advantage of the monthly school pay? Since, I am not able to work no more!

  100. Glad they are going to look out for the four years of us that didn't get that option to get in with the MGBI. You can bet I will apply for this.

  101. I think the President and members of both houses will lose votes in the 2012 elections, mainly because the extension of the GI Bill screws everyone over 60. Like myself, 87, a DAV with service on Okinawa during WWII, our breed is nothing but dead meat in the eyes of Uncle Sam. Presently unemployed (Too Old), I am thinking of going to my nearby animal shelter and requesting their 7 day treatment.


  103. Nate, give yourself two slaps, then grab your right ear with your right hand, your left ear with your left hand and pull your head out!

  104. I think the reason that the Vietnam GI bill was not included is because so many of our current leaders are so young they do not remember it or were just being born….I would like to receivea one year extension as I have 1 year left to finish my degree. I had to quit school and work due to a medical situation in my family…..However, I am okay with not receiving it too. Just don't mess with my TRICARE. PRIME.

  105. JOSUE (SWAY) | November 22, 2011 at 3:14 pm |

    hello my fellow vets. my question is why don't i qualify for the GI bill? my vet rep said something to me about having been in service before 1996. so i gave him my proof and was quick to reject me. i just enrolled for classes with everest online courses. back when i was in, i wasn't taken by the hand when it was time to exit the army. i completed my contract very honorably. i have 4 honorable's and 1 general. all before the1996 cut off. i am disabled. and for 20+ years i suffered with a bad back that i was forced to get operated on. my injuries were from my military expierience.. i couldn't perform my requirements for work, so now i am unemployable. so i gave 110%+ between 1980>1991. so why are you only giving me .000001% of effort and compensation?

  106. I joined the service in first Desert Storm,payed for GI bill and was deployed so much that I had little time for school. I was injured in Afganistan, released from active duty while still recovering. I had no out processing brief just a kick in butt went to use voc rehab told to injured to use. I went to work right away and did part time schooling used very little GI bill and then lost the right to use it due to time line. I welcome this and will pay again for this chance to get a better education for a better way of life for myself and family. Thanks for getting some thing right for us older vets. K sgt.

  107. christopher wenk | November 22, 2011 at 3:47 pm |

    I agree with retired, I am a disabled Vietnam vet over 60. fighting Agent Orange related illness's. However I get arrround OK. I would love to be trained to do some part time work that I can feel proud off. Thats the key for me, so I need to be cirtified in some specialty.
    Lets help all the living vet's regardless of age.

  108. First attempt at college with Work Study + Parent's Dollars interrupted by Draft Lottery, 1971. Took some correspondence courses, must have paper work here somewhere. Second attempt at college (GI Bill Funds) interrupted by third child's birth with Heart disease that lasted 5 1/2 years. 1988-1994. Third attempt at college (Pell Grant & Scholarship) interrupted by Congestive Heart Failure. 2008 to present. I believe I have about 45 to 60 Credit hours, depending upon transferability. It would be a 'bucket list' completion to earn my BA, and continue to an MFA. Being unemployed since Triple bypass, October 2008, a little more time & money towards my degrees would be extremely helpful. But it's not going to make me or break me. Life goes on. Hoo-Rah!

  109. I'm a Vietnam Vet. I did use up my G.I. bill for a A/S degree in electronics. and grad in '85. I'm 57 now and disabled for the last almost five years. I am basically unemployable in the most legal and realilistic sense. However, I still would like to be included in this new bill to train as an language analysis, specifically Pashto for I feel that I would have alot to offer here in this field. But some of the retortics I'm hearing out there, some of our Vets are extremely hostile toward our fellow hero's. What a shame and a total waste of talent.


  111. Another B.S. "benefit" that helps almost nobody. Keep your educational benefits (I have a degree) JUST GIVE ME A JOB.

  112. William E. Small | November 22, 2011 at 5:18 pm |

    How about older Vets? I served 1955-58 and did not qualify for GI benefits. Put myself through college and a Masters degree. At 74+ II continue to work (own a campground) and am in great physical and mental condition. Why wouldn't I qualify for educational support to get my law degree or PhD? Not that I need it, but there are many other Vets who are over 60 who could benefit. I don't need a hand-out!!! Bill

  113. I am a cold war vet never saved up any money during my time in as I had a family
    most of my time in submarines for 7 years on SSBN . I got a good job when I got out and lasted till it closed then went to work for NCR for 9.5 years then was hit by a van while working on a ATM . I am disabled now and may look into training for a
    person in a wheel chairs and does not have much feeling in both hands. I am glad it went thru I hope it will help at least 2/3 of the vets.

  114. Yup, as usual we Viet Nam Vets are getting the short end. Got to CA about two years after affordable housing…etc, etc.

  115. BTW I turn 62 in Jan.

  116. I am a Marine Vietnam Veteran (66-67). There must be an amendment to the bill for those Warriors over 60. There was no age limitation during the folly of Vietnam.

    Semper Fidelis,

  117. Hey guys whats the problem? 3 tours in nam, discharged at 30%, I have worked all my life & benefited from the GI Bill because I looked into it , now at 65 I just started a SDVOSB, get on with your lives & make it happen at all costs. Nobody gets something for nothing!!!!

  118. Got o.ut the AF in '84, no benefits, never saved for Montgomery. Worked for General Motors for 17 yrs and got layed off after the bailout. Now employed as federal employee making about 1/2 what I used to make, putting myself thru college. Tired of hearing about all these other GIs milking the VA with the disability scam b.s. Broke my arm/wrist in active duty-0% disability.

  119. If you read these all posts, you come to understand what I do. This education package divides rather than unites veterans. …even non-veterans against veterans.

    I do not believe I will accept a penny of this money. Given the division this bill appears to create and the fact the country is not financially in any shape to provide this new benefit. Personally, I'd just rather they provide the benefits that were originally promised servicemen and ladies. If they don't live up to those benefits, what makes anyone believe they will honor this new benefit.

  120. I donl't understand how any vet can not be greatful for what littlle we get. I'm 100% in a chair, and just plain happy with the little bit I get. True it's not the world but my wife had ChampVA medical to help cover her incurrable medical problem, I had the VA to give me radiation therapy for my Cancer. and follow me for my medical problems. They gave me my chair, treat me well, It was my fault I didn't use the GI bill for education, I choose to try and work on my own, until I couldn't work any longer. Up until Bush we were in the Black_Obama took on a problem way over his head, and the elected parties that have put us down every since have made the economy what it is. I'm Thankful and hope things turn around, Jobs come back to America, And the Rich Pay up what they have taken for the middleclass to get Rich. And just hope the new GI's get better treatment than the Vietnam Vets did.

  121. greatfull vet | November 22, 2011 at 6:01 pm |

    The gov will do anything except help Vietnam Vets ! I would like to see these wall street ass holes go fighting in the jungle. Boy is this country fucked up! Bail out the rich and fuck the front liners! Is there a difference between slavery and creating a jobless market with military only ( get your ass blown off ) means of support? I think not ! We protected and protect the rich only to go jobless and disabled. GREAT COUNTRY !

  122. This is an interesting story. I wonder if I can make use of it and when? Do I contact the VA? What standards are set for eligible educational programs? Does Oblammo think this will help him get reelected? Couldn't our Government enforce age discrimination rules to help me get a freakin' job???

  123. I attempted to change to the MGI bill, and was told that since I had a break in service in 1984 I was excluded. Even though I had broken my neck and was hospitalized for 5-1/2 months which was why I was out that time. I ended up with 32,000.00 in student loans that I’m still paying on 15 years after finishing school. Do I regret serving-no, but the US gov. can kiss my a&&.

  124. What about those MGIB Vets who already used all of their entitlements to earn a degree, but are now unemployed?

  125. I am thankful for my country I served in the army from 73 to 77. If it was not for the VA in 2000 I could of not got my 3 kids from the state of cal. I was living in Fl at the time.They help me with piss test, quit smoking, seeing a shrink etc. I have been a single parent of 3 girls now for 11 years. My youngest is now 15 1/2. she was 3 at the time. I thank the VA for all they have done for me. Gos bless the USA

  126. What about us Vets that have a job,but want to go onto college.and better ourselves? I guess I should contact my congressman.

  127. highly_favored | November 22, 2011 at 6:59 pm |

    this is a good thing for vets!!!

  128. I fon't know where you have been but I have tried to get a job driving the local
    senior centers busses. (lirrle vans). I have 20 plus years and over two million
    miles for Trailways. I have safe driving awards for those miles. I have safe
    driving awards for almost a million in trucks.If you think senior cotizens
    centers, follow the rules, you are dreaming!

    I have been turned down twice by Se Cep. If one is fairley young and has a
    good income, one will be looked on favorably. If one is over seventy, forget
    it. They will use anything to deny one a job! I have been ther and done that!

    Injury from active duty?? The DVA will either just flat refuse to deal with it! If
    one needs medical help, call DVA. They know nothing about helthcare but
    will send you contact info for hundreds of lawyers. I have also had that
    expierence!! Makies for a lot of rich lawyers and poor veterans!!

  129. herbert ruffin | November 22, 2011 at 7:17 pm |

    Why would we disable vets want to go back to work, we should have made some provision to request and receive the compensation we are due at this point in our lives. If we made bad choices ,like i did, no need to be bitter. These are new times, A new era and new leadership. Be patience,one thing at a time. I would like to see more tax breaks for vets over 60 or no tax on military retirement pay regardless of age and disability.

  130. sandra weidman | November 22, 2011 at 7:29 pm |

    I Wrote a letter to President Obama, And I've been collecting Signatures at school, To try to make a difference for the military and there military families I hope Obama reads it and makes the right choice.

  131. I have been unemployed now for the first time for almost 3 years.As a Vietnam Veteran, many of us felt forgotten compared to those of Desert Storm, Iraq, Afghanistan, and others. I was all excited about back into possibly getting a jump start back into the work force for maybe six or seven years before retirement. Then I read all of the requirements. I qualify for all except the age at 62. I have applied many times in my engineering career field and now with jobs that pays $9 and above with no response. Where do I go from here to pay my bills. I read recently that many people will have to until the age of 80 before retirement.

  132. I lost 12 months of GI Bill because at the time my employer would not let me accomodate my schedule. I try to give it to my children but that wa not approved at the time. I am a proud Vietnam Vet but VA has given me all kind of crap for service connected problems, i.e. HVC that I contracted in the military,but can't or don't knmowhow to prove it. My 3 boys joined the military and they do have the new improved GI Bill, thanks God,they deserve it. I am still in the shit hole with college credits from 4 or 5 different universities and no money to pay for school and no GI Bill and no degree. I am 59 with fustrations and no degree in nothing. Still hoping they give me the 12 months GI Bill they took from me…why is there an expiration time for using what it was earned by us. Help.

  133. I am a combat Vet,as was my father in WW2.
    For some reason he never asked anything from the military once he was out.
    He worked all his life at a government job,retired with a great pension and medical benifits.Busted his ass till his dieing day and I never heard him wimper once.
    Those days are gone,gone,gone.
    My experiance in the service to my country trained me so I believe in myself and learned I could do things I never thought were posible.They pushed me way out of my boundries.They made me tuff as nails.
    I applied that and the fact WHEN i GOT BACK TO THE WORLD,it was no holds barded,I was able to do anything I put my mind to.
    While everyone else was in a cloud,I had a plan and the drive to go out and get what I needed to survive.

  134. Perhaps we vets 60+ should have our own "occupy" movement.

  135. I was in just after VN and we got practically nothing in benefits for college. I worked my way through.I am in my late 40's worked as an electrician but times are tough trying to finish my degree in IT. Wish this program would help me to finish my masters.

  136. beats the hell out of that ridiculous 'VEAP' i signed up for back in the 80's

  137. This is just a pre election vote buying scheme by Obama. Everybody, vets included need to stop looking for a freaking handout from the federal government. This country is going down the tubes under the weight of all these federal give away programs.

  138. Vietnam vet, just turned 62, unemployed and can't find a job. Thanks a lot.
    What to do, Sign up for early social security and die.

  139. 76 year old need computer classes for employment why cut it off at 60 years old

  140. not everybodys ready to hang it up @ 60 76 year old korean conflict disabled vet need computer classes to re enter the work force oblaber mouth has screwed up things so much I have to go back to work

  141. Everyone listen Up!!!!!!!!!!! After the end of WW2 The Commies TOLLED the Good Ol U.S.A. We Will take over U.S.A. over with out fireing A Shot. Well I hate to tell you this. BUT they all ready had their men in place in our Collages. MAINLY
    IN OUR COG COLLAGES. That right and now those Church Collages have blead on out into most of our churches and worped far to maney minds PLUS now They also have stol the path for the one that is sleeping in our White House to be there.. And if any one fall for his line of —- NOW THAN YOU ALSO BECOME PART OF THE PROBLEM. SORRY!!! THAT IS JUST HOW IT IS…
    OOOoooo!!! yes!!!!! I also Gave three years of my life in WW2 … THANK YOU VERY MUCH.

  142. Yeah, there is always a catch, you have to be Unemployed. They could have said, "35 – 60 years old (70 may have been better and deleted unemployed),
    and not currently enrolled (or within the past 6 months) in a state or federal job training program. Now that would have been a WINNER for everyone.

  143. Tom Corregan | November 23, 2011 at 6:36 am |

    I am a vietnam vet i am 50% disable i served 1967 68 in vietnam eco 20th inf long range patrole abn. i love this country i am self employed contractor for over thirty yrs and never seen anthing like this, I lost 30yrs of my life to ptsd, and did not know what i had untill i got help any way i am calling all my brothers together to take our country back, from the rich and the disfunctial gov, they keep out sorceing our jobs in the name of cheep labor and profit wich onley benafits the rich, we need to support these kids who are demenstrating they get ito debt to find no job, lets do something it is time, we fight the wars and pay the bills and now we cant find work WELCOME HOME MY BROTHERS!!!! Tom Corregan I am sick what is happening

  144. It's not a handout, PH. It's dignity. I really don't give a fat finger what people think of the Vets Job Act being political act for Pres. Obama or not. Fact is, after I got out of the Corps and started to look for jobs, the first question asked was "Are you shell-shocked?" I've spoken to a lot of new vets who get the same questions, about being treated for PST, battle fatigue and not their skill set. It took me a year to find a decent job, I took on 3 newspaper routes for $120 a week to take care of my young family. Stop all the racist crap, get over it. You have a Black president who is trying to do things that an ignorant, do nothing Congress won't. He is no better or worse than any other. He inherited a nation that was bleeding and severely wounded and all this Congress is letting him do is first aid when the nation needs shock trauma. He's helping the vets and the last "kinda, sorta Air National Guard President who started both wars, that those vets fought in, never even thought or considered, "What happens when the boys all come home".

  145. And somebody tell Grover Norquist and the Koch Brothers to get out of Congress. Their stupid pledge to not tax will ruin the Navy and Marine Corps if automatic tax cuts kick in, at 2012's end. 60 less ships, mean the next Marine Assault will be done with the help of Expedia or Caribbean Cruises. No ships, no transport. Just give China's new Navy and Air Force the keys to the world.

  146. When I became uemployed I was 60 in Feb. Now that I turns 61 none of these programs will help me with the cut off at 60. When I entered the service the GI bill was in place. By the time I retired the government had replaced it with the Montgomery GI bill. (screwed out of months of education). Apparently the government thinks that after 60 a veteran quits paying taxes. Remove the age limitation, retrain, and help a veteran get back to a normal life……..

  147. I think our biggest problem we have is: a congress that writes it`s own bills for themselves. wrong, it`s suppose to be the people who vote on the bills, but they only think of what`s good for themselves, and a president that won`t
    pay any alegents to our flag, who say`s America is a Muslim country[BULLCRAP] and above all him and his wife are as racist as you can get,it was a sorry day in our history that we voted him into office

  148. The Viet Nam era vets did not get the respect they deserved then and apparently they are not getting any respect now. But then again, maybe this age discrimination is not a lack of respect, but rather another example of the total insensitivity so often displayed by our bureaucrats and politicians.

  149. Interesting that for benefits that pay you the working age is under 60 but when you have to pay, i.e. Losing Tricare Prime working age is 65 and under.

  150. First of all, I'd like to thank everyone for the feedback on my comments. I really didn't expect that. That being said, I'd like to tell a little about my own background. I am a veteran of the USAF and the Ohio Air National Guard. Most of my time was served during peacetime, but I did serve enough active duty time during the conflict in Lebanon to qualify to become a member of the American Legion. I was a medical technician and was never stationed outside of the 48 contiguous states. I am a political moderate who believes it is possible to go too far to the left or the right. I also believe that when our government fails or succeeds it is the responsibility of all incumbents, not just one party or the other. Though I was never called to do so, I was fully aware when I enlisted that I could have had to give my life in service to my country and was fully prepared to do so, not because I believed in the government line, but because I believe in our right as citizens to affect and to change our government to insure that it serves us all.

  151. Let's talk demographics for a moment. I a

    m now and have always been the
    average age of the Vietnam Era Veteran. Born in 1948 been 63 since Feb.
    This Bill effectively excludes the Vietnam Era Veteran if 60 is the cutoff
    age. A lot of very cynical thought went into this bill to come up with that
    particular age. 1948 was the loudest BOOM of the baby-boom years, there
    are more of us as a cohort than ANY other year,all excluded from this Bill.
    .Yes, There are some VN Era Vets who will qualify, Those who served
    at about the beginning of the drawdown time, those born in 50-51-52-53..
    The vast majority are left out and my opinion is that this nothing but a vote
    grab akin to granting amnesty to illegal aliens. Oh Yes U.S.Army 11B 67-69

  152. Typical and in sync with what I've encountered to date. A naive young patriot disillusioned and then educated by trial, and fire of the realities of the Viet Nam war, thru Tet 67 & 68 at 18, (turned 19 there). An impressionable experience. The group I am in (1948 baby boomer) again has been disrespected, it instills an impression of neglect and exclusion. I really do not believe we will ever be respected for the duties we performed. Sixty year old vets today were 15/16 during Tet, why draw the line there? Sweep it under the rug and it will go away, I don't think so. Where did this time line come from??
    Why include some and exclude others?? 58K plus body bags should all be that's needed to be included and considered, or, as it seems, we will never be respected. FF

  153. Blaine H. Zimerman | November 24, 2011 at 3:58 pm |

    I am a USAF veteran who volunteered for Korea and got stationed in the Alaskan Air Command. My total service time was about nine years including Standby and Ready Reserve. I have been out-of-work for two years even though I am only 82 years old. This new bill will not help me at all with a cutoff age of 60. Why not cover all vets regardless of age? My wife is ill and I need to work to cover medical expenses, current and future.

  154. I absolutely agree with the other comments. It is entirely unfair to have a cutoff age of 60 for benefits. I am 63 and could use the benefits for certification to be more competitive with the younger crowd. I was drafted and did my duty. I feel screwed again by the bureaucrats.

  155. This is a wonderful opportunity for those of us who fell under the VEAP program of the 70's and 80's and were not able to contribute enough because of family committments. I for one would love to take advantage of this program and get into another vocation. Possibly with a CDL.

  156. William J. Doyle Jr. | November 27, 2011 at 9:27 am |

    I totally agree with the rest of the people. As usual, the government has interferred and let us down again! I served in Vietnam in 67-68 and anybody that was there has to be my age 67 or better. Stop this BS about giving us something!!! We deserve everything we get. All you do is concentrate about these kids that fought in Iraq and Afghanistan and the vote. Yeah they had it rough but they didn't see ONE THIRD of what we saw everyday!!! I want Flight Training and I qualify. The age limitations, 35-60 are rediculous. It looses the whole Vietnam Era, as if you didn,t know. Again money saver! " Screw Vietnam Guys, we don't need them anymore" but gentleman we do VOTE!!!!! You didn't tell me I didn't qualify when I joined up in the Corps in 65 and you put a pack on my back and a M-14 in my hands and told me to "go kill Charlie". Make that age 75 or don't give us anything!

  157. Ditto. This eliminate Vietnam era veterans – dump Obama

  158. You can make your negative comments about how this is just for the next election vote. It may very well be, but in the mean time, this Bill will help those who fall into the age range and choose to use it. I pray that they will, because it was design for them.

  159. I fell under the VEAP which was absolutely worthless. This is finally a education benefit that truly gives us that served during that period a chance to elevate ourselves to compete for today's new generation opportunities.

    Now, the next challenge is to remove the *age discrimination* limitation from Federal jobs that the 40-60 age group is fully qualified and capable of doing.

  160. The 35-60 year olds discriminates against a lot of us in the Vietnam,Quemoy, and Matsu periods. WHY ?
    Sorry Ass politicians and a mulsum president that is more interested in getting elected and power than they are following the Constitution we Veterans have fought and died for..God Bless America and the 2012 elections…Anchors Away…

  161. Im just asking questions but doesnt social security and the VA admin consider retirement at age 62 or 65? and does the unemployment rate include those covered in social security as retireed? these "ages" may have been included because of the time it takes to continue education and the age of retirement.

  162. I have another question… what does this ACTUALLY mean in the provision of this bill and what does it have to do with veteran education?

    "Extends by five years certain automatically guaranteed loans to veterans purchasing stock or membership in a cooperative housing corporation entitling such veteran to occupy for dwelling purposes a single family residential unit in a development, project, or structure owned or leased by such corporation, in accordance with specified criteria. Extends: (1) various housing loan fees through specified closing periods on, after, or before October 1, 2021; (2) the temporary maximum home loan guaranty amount, as adjusted by the Veterans Benefits Improvement Act of 2008, until December 31, 2014; and (3) appropriation authorizations for homeless veterans reintegration programs at existing levels through FY2016."

  163. Anybody that was in during Vietnam whether they served in county or not or going to be over 60 years old by the time the VA gets off their butts and as they say decides to pull the trigger on this . When have we ever know the VA to do anything that doesn't that years to get done. Like our claims is a perfect example.They leave us Vietnam vets hanging for years and fighting for everything hoping we will all just die before they have to pay anymore out to us.

  164. wonder what they will do with the other 200,000 plus vets over the age of 35. once agin the older vets get the shaft form our leadership. this is our sorry attempt to bandaid a problem like all the other problems the V.A. has, rather then dealing with the problem. Marine vet 73-80

  165. Andre` Martell | November 29, 2011 at 11:15 am |

    65-75 years? Really? And just how much longer do you expect to be “working” after getting this degree that was not important enough to complete over the last 4 decades for you? So typical the “All or none” attitude of vets who are not included when the so called “handouts” are dished out. If this little program is so important to your future success simply get fired from your current job and jump right on in then.

    This is designed to be a small gesture to help get some vets into a trade school or to finish a degree that they never gave up on but have still been pursuing one credit at a time when money permitted. If you blew off your education benefits, miscalculated what you would need for retirement and think that a degree completed at 65yrs will save you think again. Education benefits have been around a LONG time in some form or another and there are many who fought hard to get them no matter the obstacles that were placed there to discouraged them.

    Anything that helps Vets should be applauded even if you are left out of the mix.

  166. I totally agree with the Vietnam Era Veterans. I did not get to finish my entitlement because of my employment also. If you are giving the veterans something all should participate of have the opportunity to do so. How often do we forget that so many lost their lives in Vietnam. I was in a support unit is Southeast Asia, but we witnessed a lot. "Do it right one time!!!! Support all of the veterans. I am 65 and I am not dead. I expect to live a lot longer. God Bless All Veterans!!!

  167. James L. Pyatt | December 7, 2011 at 9:28 pm |

    I am a Vietnam Era Veteran also went to Bosnia, Kosovo and Iraq. I am currently still in the national Guard and Deploying again in May 2012. I applied for a Federal Job with CBP in 2007 when thay had no age restriction. They changed the age to not over 37 now in 2008. I already passed the test their medical and physical three times since offered the employment. Now almost 5 years and still not employed. Followed by next comment.

  168. james L. Pyatt | December 7, 2011 at 9:29 pm |

    Next comment: This year last month the medical unit said I had not met their Hearing parameters and that I needed to get a Psycologist evaluation at my own expense. I did both at a cost of over $200. out of pocket. The psycologist asked me why would a federal agency state that I could be a danget to myself or others carring a weapon, when I was in the military still and that was part of being a soldier. I answered that it was all a part of discouraging me for the position I have waited for now over 5 years. But if I do not follow their directives they will discontinue me for consideration of employment. Is this how federal agancies are helpping our veterans to get employment? I agree the age gap of 37 is ridiculous I am 55 and I take a PT test every year in the FLANG and I do it better than a lot of kids. that is why CBP has a physical exam and test, age has nothing to do with how fit a person is. So lets fight for this age descrimination in our government.

  169. stonedog5858 | December 9, 2011 at 12:08 am |

    The government is full of it. They actually have a law (38 cfr) 38 u.s.c. 5110 (a) that if you got injuried while serving your country and didn`t put a (claim) in until lets say 10-20 years later because no one told you that you could and when you do they will only pay you for the time you put the `claim` in. Even though you should have been getting a monthly check for that injury the day you exit the military. If thats not ripping an injuried vet off, what is? No one will answer my questions about this law and why it was passed. If i got injuried which serving my country and since no one told me that i could have put in a claim, why not pay me for the missing years? What happen to `We Take Care of Our Vets`


  171. need Veterans ID card for Chase Bank Benifits for Vet's. Urgent request! I'm 75 years old and had a stroke last month. and things are hard for me to do now days, so please help me get a ID card.

  172. I'm 62 and served in Viet Nam after being drafted in '69 while going to college part-time and always planned on going back to school when I got out but was too screwed-up and it took me several years to straighten out so I never made it back … we ONLY had 4 years to use our benefits and my time ran out. It would be nice to go back if only to tke a few classes. Gary

  173. Great website. Plenty of helpful information here. I’m sending it to a few buddies ans also sharing in delicious. And naturally, thanks for your sweat!

  174. I'm a 49 year old veteran who is unemployed. I hope I qualify for something.
    I've paid taxes since I was 15 years old,( almost 35 years now ) I was fired from
    Chase after almost a decade of hard work and loyalty. ( for some paper work errors ) and I can't even qualify for unemployment. Meanwhile I see all kinds of people getting ssi, disability, unemployment ect… I've never had a claim !

  175. Manny Melendez | January 19, 2012 at 3:32 pm |

    Excellent!!! Now there's hope for those of us who lost their benefits because time ran out (silly, isn't it). I'm 58 and in great health, ready to continue working " 'til my wheels fall off " but need retraining to broaden my skills and open more doors. Thank you Mr. President, you can count on my vote this November (as I did last time). I'm quite certain hundreds of veterans in my shoes will indeed appreciate your thoughtful regard for our service to this great country. Please expedite the process.

  176. I am always glad to see vets get somthing, but what about the nam vets that got nothing and never will.

  177. You and me both my good man!!

  178. James Morris: You are a disgrace to the armed forces, this country and should be denied access to this website. What the hell is "alegents"? Sounds like ale drinking gents. You need to return to any available college course. Maybe elementary school English would really help you. You really had no trouble spelling "racists" so we know what you really are. Lastly, I don't remember the speech when the President stated this is a Muslim country. You never were a good soldier and never could be with your racist comments. Go have another beer and shut your mouth.

  179. Carlos de la Parra. | February 16, 2012 at 7:32 pm |

    Glad to see something gets done on our behalf. I will vote for reelection of President Obama who has been working very hard to undo the mess of the previous administration. Also a kind reminder to him that during the campaign he promised to spare seniors who earned income under fifty five thousand from paying income tax. I hope I live to see a little bit extra money for all seniors in this category. I'm sure you will hear from others in the same instance.

  180. Ron Benjamin | February 16, 2012 at 8:04 pm |

    Obama is not undoing a mess, he's running for re-election, and now beginning to work for this country as he should have from the beginning. If he can buy our votes, that doesn't say very much for our value system!

    Although I don't count myself worthy to be included with combat vets, after 12 years in the military total, full-time and part-time, during peacetime and other wars, it's nice to get something for my service, but I will not demand benefits.

    Since I am unemployed at age 51, and caught in a gap where I need to go for a Masters Degree to improve my career opportunities, without going into debt for what may turn out to be a short remaining work life, the extra financial help will be nice, but not in exchange for a vote!

    All the best to you fellow Vets!

  181. I think when a new GI bill goes into affect the vets on the old bill should be upgraded also. I'm disabled and having a really hard time trying to get my kid through collage. I don't want him living a life of poverty because of my choice to serve . the Va gives some help but it is miniscule.

  182. This is great news for unemployed veterans! In my case, however, I'm a veteran ('90-'96 Desert Storm era) who started taking a few classes while in the military, got out, started my career with the Department of Defense, then quickly started my family life. By the time I was able to try to get back to taking classes (since there weren't too many options of online schooling), 10 years had already lapsed leaving my GI bill unused. When the post 9/11 bill came out, I thought the extension to 15 years should have benefitted everyone. Finally, I read of a benfit for the pre 9/11 veterans, but only under certain circumstances. Doesn't every veteran deserve this benefit? We all served the same country!

  183. Yo bone head where you all getting all this money

  184. Hawke Knight | February 17, 2012 at 9:58 pm |

    Many 'Nam vets are over 60, unemployed and looking for work, but find that the buzzword industry thinks they should now be certified at something that they were doing for 20 years until the 'Too Big To Fail' recession took away all our jobs. Why don't the truly older vets get any benefits?

  185. Do Veterans rated at 100% because of IU qualify for this too?

  186. Robert Lindgren | March 9, 2012 at 12:21 am |

    I served active Army 79 to 82. There was only the crappy VEAP program. I went to college but ran out of money with only 3 courses for a bachelor degreee. I had to sell my carpet cleaning business for health reasons, I am at theis time dual enrolled in seminary and to finish my bachelor. We vets in the 70s and 80s got screwed with the VEAP education program , That crappy bill wasn't worth the toilet paper it was on. I am proud of our president for he seen something very unfair. The viet Nam era had the GI Bill the post 911 also had the GI bill. I have been chrically unemployed and unable to finish school. This bill will allow me to finish school. It is disgusting you people that qualify for social security yet complaining. I am too young for SS. You should be happy for your fellow veteran brothers. You sound like a bunch of babies!

  187. William Unger | March 28, 2012 at 7:06 pm |

    I agree with Robert Lindgren…I served in the USAF from 1975 until 1983. The VEAP program was a waste of everyones time. Especially the taxpayer. If I could get veteran benefits I would go back to school. I really do not feel 56 years of age.

  188. With all the heart-ache the president gets about spending, at the very least some of us will have another chance. With that being said, it is the needy that gets a shot first. If the Bush-era clean-up gets better, maybe this bill could be up-graded to where all of us is included across the board. But it is a start.

  189. Will there be a housing stipend that veterans can get while training? Thank you.

  190. Benefits are benefits no matter how old you are. World War I and II, Korean War and post Viet Nam veterans eduacational benefits should have been grandfathered and fathered in all new GI bills. I have been fighting with VA since 1989 about this issue. No one in authority seems to give a ###@@@ about this unfairness and mess congress as created, nor will they take any action to correct this issue. We will most likely never get our benefits. Here is why "Vets are viewed as pawns on a chess board". Someone will post a negative comment about my posting, And state VA helps it Veterans…Yes they do, but only help those they choose to help. Let's face the fact, there are thousands of Vets in this perdictament (over 60 years old) and no help is being considered. Ask yourself this question "Why? "The only answer you will get from VA is "it is the law!" For you younger Vets when they take away your benefits you will sing a different tune, it is happen to us and it will happen to you.

  191. We all commit to fight the same thing in the military ,,enemies against the USA…so why the double standards when it comes to VA benifties and etc.
    Splitting the benefits as created by the wishes of Bob Dole and other republicans among older vets and younger vets only creates animosity among the former troops..not good for the military and not good for the country..keep all benefits leveled and even to all veterans regardless what time period they served in..

  192. Sucks that you have to be unemployed too. I chose to take a job and pay my bills. Being employed in a lousy job going nowhere prevents me from eligibility with this program.

  193. Being of '90-'96 Desert Storm vet., I was not informed about my VEAP program that I contributed until my leaving the Army. An after 15 years is still there for me to use? Where/What must I do to recieve the benefit?

  194. So, the VA started up http://www.MyHealth..VA.Gov. anybody ever tell them their site sucks? Of all the ridiculous things I have seen the VA do, this is the epitomy of stupidity. If they want to introduce a new site, get somebody with the proper IT knowledge to do it, or simply do not bother. The site is useless.

  195. Viet Vet "Doc" | May 16, 2012 at 8:48 am |

    This is very upsetting. All of us vets sitting in front of their computers sniping at each other. We've all got a tale of woe, and we're all getting shafted. Instead of picking at each other, we should do as Ben Franklin suggested so many years ago: "We must, indeed, all hang together, or most assuredly we shall all hang separately."

    Sitting here griping amongst ourselves gets us nowhere. I'd like to see someone (I haven't the know-how) put together a petition we can all sign and forward to the Committees for Veterans Affairs. They are the ones who can effect change, otherwise we're just so much noise, and we'll not be noticed. If we all hang together on this, maybe we won't be left hanging separately.

    About me: 10 year Navy vet, FMF Hospital Corpsman, got out as an E-6. In the Nam 64-65 (Chu Lai), with such entertainment as Starlite, Harvest Moon, other imaginative names. And no, I wasn't drafted. Entered the
    Navy right out of HS, no expectations other than to serve my country as best I could.

    Came home from Nam in 66. Landed at MCAS El Toro, where a USMC Top Sergeant came aboard the aircraft, and told all of us "Go put on civvies, go out the back gate, tell no one where you've been or what you did there." What a slap in the face. This was a MARINE telling me to "Go out the back gate." After I just spent a year in hell taking care of all those Marines. Semper Fi, Top.

    Was honorably discharged in 1970. Used the GI Bill available at the time to get an AS degree, followed closely by a BS (Information Systems). GI Bill paid $200/month. I carried a full load, (evenings and weekends) while working nightshift (40 hours a week) to keep food on the table and a roof over our heads.

    Went to work for a high-profile computer company, traveled all over the world as a Project Manager, either installing or preparing proposals for high-dollar projects. At age 58, I was riffed.

    Age 60, heart attack followed by quadruple bypass. Also diagnosed with DMII, PTSD, other Agent Orange related ailments. Now confirmed by VA as 100% disabled. Strong mind and reasonable body condition, but made to feel worthless by work force.

    So now, at age 69, I'm depressed, would like to do something useful with whatever time I may have left. That would do wonders for me, mentally, spiritually and physically. What something? I'd like to get a PhD in Psychology, use the school training and my life experiences to help others who have maybe not been quite so blessed as I have been. I'm living now in a 3rd world country in order to stretch my disability compensation as far as possible. Just happens though, they have some really excellent schools here, and I'm working with one of those to be admitted into their PhD program.

    So what if I'm over 60? I'm not dead yet. I CAN still be useful. Legislators, don't deny me this. I'll live far longer if I'm useful than if I'm wasting away, just another worthless old sailor, depressed and useless to anybody, including myself.

  196. george jetson | May 28, 2012 at 1:01 pm |

    Hey ALL VETS are just pawns of the bankers (banksters)..Anyone who has not figured that out, would have an IQ of less that 50…

  197. Bull crap! MGIB has gotten screwed since the post 9/11 came out. I'm sorry but who gives a crap about whether a vet is unemployed or not. Last time I checked McDonalds is hiring. Please don't bore me and say that you get more in unemployment that you would working…now that's American. Anyway, the benefit should be the same across the board. The MGIB is weak with way less benefits. Why? It was upgraded by the post 9/11 yet we were left behind. Everyone wants to wave the flag and support the troops since 9/11 but us vets who did the dirty work before then still get the crumbs. Didn't we all serve the same country?

  198. The only thing I remember about the GI bill is a DI ranting and raving and pretty much telling you to sign it. I Never really thought about until years later,and by then it was to late to use it.I wonder why there is a ten year limit to use it? If I payed in my share of the money then why wouldnt I beable to use it when I actually need it? Atleast I should get the money back that I payed in if I cant use it.

  199. Forgotton war son | July 3, 2012 at 4:19 am |

    Wish they really meant what they say.As a navy vet it still hurts that after i washed out of beep school,and served 3yr out of 4 that i still and more likely ever again get a shot at a school period.i was a striker in 80s,and did learn alot about deck and radioman rating i tried for,but other than ojt,that was it.My advice is simple,if you can get your foot in a door,any door,take it.There nickel the better.Im at 100%sc for over 10 now and yes,it aint easy doing nothing with your head.

  200. Agreed Greg B, why do we have to be unemployed to get whats comming to us. Sould we quit our jobs and put our families at stake to move up in the world? Just a flawed plan with that as it's center piece.

  201. Also it says to stay tuned for updates…. Well any updates yet? This was written in January…

  202. For all of you warriors wondering about why the gumint has forgotten you, the answer is simple. Surely you all figured it out by now. They drafted me in May 68 and I got my all expense paid trip to the far east, complete with the Elephant Grass ride. The gumint knew THEN that all of us were going there to fight a war that they knew secretly years before that they couldn't win. They we were just dog meat back THEN. An you somehow think the gumint cares about you AFTER all your patriotic service. If they were willing to let you die THEN, why would they give a damn about afterward? Think, think, think. It isn't that hard.

  203. When I signed up in '75 we got education bennies for life and could retire in twenty. Then half way thru my enlistment they said "NO, lets change the contract. THIRTY to retire and you have ten years to use your GI Bill then it's over. I couldn't change MY side of the deal and cut my enlistment short… They care about us…B.S.

  204. Marsha Green | October 25, 2012 at 12:48 pm |

    What about the veterans that was in military from January 1984 -1985 that was foced into VEAP now we have to pay for all of our education expenses who helps us pay back our student loans. I am currently over $20,000.00 in debt with student loans. Please some one contact me and let me who helps me 510 632 9195

  205. What about all of the Viet Nam era vets that lost their GI bill to time constraints/technical oversights. I know I got screwed out of mine and I am a 22 year vet!

  206. I served in the military from 1976 to 1980 and got sn honorable discharge. I used about 60% of my benefits on regular useless college courses. To end working in a vocational field and making a good living till 2010. I have been unable to even get a job at McDonalds. I apply to jobs that also pay what I was making (50k), that I should at least get an interview to, never to hear from them I ended up homeless for 3 months, now I am living with my aged parents. I am going today to apply to some more low paying jobs. I went from self sufficient to homelessness. I am over 50, my best bet appears to be suicide. I can afford only a rope.

  207. What type of educational benefits are available for a Vet 63 yrs. Old. Not ready ready to retired and has been without a job 3 yrs. Still looking for something wothwhile to do.

  208. greg fuerst | March 4, 2013 at 12:01 pm |

    How r we supposed to survive this economy with no money at all coming in while we go to school….as usual the beauracrats still have thier head buried up their foxholes. Somethings just never change

  209. Ten-hut on your feet Older Soldiers! the VRAP is a great second chance to use that GI Bill you paid for and did not use in the ten years you needed to like me as well. I will use it for a Aviation School in hope of serving our great country once again and our Troops in the field knowing how hard a field deployment is. Thank you to all that served and for giving me this second chance. Suck in that gut, stick out that chest, stand tall, Here we go again, move out Hooooooah!

  210. I'm 71 & retired & I want to know if I would be eligible for the Gi bill according to this article.

  211. Proud Vet&Proud Mom | April 23, 2013 at 12:44 am |

    I served four years active duty Army from 1985 to 1989. I did not use all of my G.I. Bill. I now have a "rocket science" daughter who has been accepted to Virginia Tech's architecture program, and I'm experiencing sticker shock at the out-of-state tution, as a California resident. I'm pretty sure I did not use all of my G.I. Bill, and I wonder now whether any of that unused portion can be attributed to my daughter's tuition costs.

  212. Gee I am the spouse of a veteran he was discharged from the army in 1991.
    well when got married in 2004. He said baby go back to school and he told the childern that to. well as it stand now we are in 2013 and able to use the benefit because he is now 100%. wow can you imagine my chagrin when I found out about the 911 bill I was excited to hear about it and then my balloon was deflated by ill news that he could not transfer his befits to us his dependent just because he did not serve in 911, To me he served his counrty for 13 years he should be given the same afforded the rights as does any veteran who served in the American military.

  213. My husband was discharged in 1986 am I eligible as the spouse to receive any educational benefits as of 2013.

  214. We are talking unrealistic values and programs. As far as the 35-60 age range goes, there are few livable wage/gainful employment jobs for them anywhere. As far as 61 yrs. like myself that were injured by a careless driver and had a crushed leg after discharge/ not being able to reinlist/ struggled to try to finish college through years of pain- there is little support unless you want to go into debt that you may not be able to pay off since no one wants to hire you for gainful employment. Most of the "Government" programs are a farce and blanket target programs never keep up with the times or are over rated to make money for phony quick fix target programs. I went back to college and got a Federal License and have been out of that field since Obama got into office and was forced to change careers just to find any employment and now work as a self employed sub contractor with no benefits and am just surviving. We need real leadership in government, not the sham fashion show that is now running. A lot of talk-no action. With $160 billion paying out to illegal aliens-we can't afford to help Veterans?

  215. think of your family first, remember the team spirit in the service?, make it now a family one. when an individual needs help, the family can be the next level of support. it works in many countries. i am familiar with italy. Also oriental folks have similar values. The government is too far up the ladder and at the whim of political winds. help your family and they will be able to help you, the energies add. it also works in nature. think about it. sometimes solutions are just next door to you. it is not just money but support and love, which no money can buy.
    good luck, i know you will overcome your problems.

  216. maria castillo | October 1, 2013 at 1:40 pm |

    I was discharged from the Army on July 1974. I enrolled to school using the GI bill and received and AA. After many years of work, I am unemployed and I find that I need to go back to school to get other certifications to be able to find another job. True I am already 64 going on 65. But with today's economy it is very difficult to retired at any age. Specially since today grand parents are also responsible to rise grandchildren. There are many schools with very good programs that are acceptable for today,s job market. But there are tuition feeds that do not cover the entire education program. It will be nice if there was no time limit for the GI bill for those Veterans with honorable discharge. thank you.

  217. I was discharged from the Army on July 1974. I enrolled to school using the GI bill and received and AA. After many years of work, I am unemployed and I find that I need to go back to school to get other certifications to be able to find another job. True I am already 64 going on 65. But with today's economy it is very difficult to retired at any age. Specially since today grand parents are also responsible to rise grandchildren. There are many schools with very good programs that are acceptable for today,s job market. But there are tuition feeds that do not cover the entire education program. It will be nice if there was no time limit for the GI bill for those Veterans with honorable discharge. thank you.

  218. I was discharged from the Army on July 1974. I enrolled to school using the GI bill and received an AA degree. After many years of work, I am unemployed and I find that I need to go back to school to get other certifications to be able to find another job. True I am already 64 going on 65. But with today's economy it is very difficult to retired at any age. There are many school with very good programs that are acceptable for today,s job market. But there are tuition feeds that are not cover by financial assistant programs. So it will be very helpful if the GI bill will not have age limit. Education is very important at any age. Never is too late to continue your education. It will be nice if there was no time limit for the GI bill for those Veterans with honorable discharge. thank you.

  219. As a Desert Storm veteran that suffered with PTSD, I felt shafted by the government I served. Not only did it take over 10 years before I could get the veteran's benefits I needed, I got 30%, no back pay, no counseling during that timeframe. My whole life disintegrated during that period. I finally borrowed money from my mother, friends, etc (I could not even qualify for any type of loan) in order to return to school so I could become employable.
    The loopholes and run-around from the VA was monstrous. It took them so long to do anything, if I wanted to return to school I had to do it on my own. The medical was a joke, they wanted me to drive over 2 hours (each way) weekly for "check-ups" and group therapy. As a female war veteran, I felt that I did not belong in the group that was all male up to my joining.
    I lost over 10 years of my life that could have been made whole if the military and VA had not dropped the ball. No education, minimal health (the VA didn't even offer female services like pap exams because they weren't set up for it). Thanks for your service to me.

  220. I went in under the VEAP program but I was designated a geographical bachelor because I was marred to a solider who was stationed on another base. I had to move off base and then when my wife was transferred we had to secure off base hosing for her, I and a child.. I had no room for donating to a VEAP fund. After I got out I went to school and built a nice student loan debt. The field I was studying to enter was defunded and after all these years I am still stuck with the debt and unable to pay. I will be of retirement age soon. I guess it will go with me to my grave.. Thanks Uncle Sam..;-)

  221. I was the VA rep at my college when President Reagan decided to cut all Chapter 34 benefits. I was in my last quarter at school and had to take out student loans to finish. Never got to use the full 10 year opportunity. Many vets got nailed with this decision. Still have those student loans. Don't know what to do. If I pay it's like saying "it's ok to take away from the vets what has been promised to the vets". What do I do? Pay or not pay, that is the question.

  222. JoWestermann | December 12, 2013 at 9:03 pm |

    how about the 100s of Vets from the period after Viet Nam and leading up to the Persian Gulf….the "Peace Time" Vets….has or will anything ever been given back to them for their service?? For me it was 1979-1981.

  223. I'm 75 & I did 4 active & 2 inactive Marine years. Left March of 1960. What benefits might I have coming to me & where is the best place to go and find out.

  224. Robert Collins | March 6, 2014 at 10:31 am |

    I was in the Army from 1979-1985. I went to local VA they would not see me because my wife makes to much!! What does that have to do with my veteren status they told me I we got a divorce they would see me don't know what to do??

  225. i was in the army reserves but didn't get much activeduty time due to some confusion however i did recieve an honorable discharge after eight years.i am now 46 would iqualify forthis moneybecause the studentloans are piling up

  226. Jim McCullough | April 24, 2014 at 6:34 pm |

    I would like to further my education from a Bachelor's of Nursing into an NP degree. I was peace time 1986-1989 with an honorable discharge. Does anybody know if there is money available for school for someone like me? Any help is appreciated; thanks everyone!

  227. The United States Should be ashamed of themselves. They talk about how discrimination is wrong. However they are hypocrites because they discriminate against those soldiers who served in the 1980s. These veterans are not eligible for tuition assistance unless they paid into the unfair VEAP plan. This would enable them to get $2 for Every$1 they paid in. On an E-1-E-5 pay who could afford to put in enough to pay for a college education. Those who served in Vietnam and the Gulf war and beyond did not have to pay anything in to get a quality education if they wanted it. WE could have been put in harms way at any time, some of us were. Any way you look at it this is discrimination. shame on the US then and now.

  228. AnotherVet | May 28, 2014 at 12:27 pm |

    I haven't met one vet from our era who had the extra funds to save money while in service for college. A 401K type savings plan is not a college education bought and paid for by the VA.
    Since even undocumented immigrants are getting more than we are, don't you all think it's time to fight for the same benefits that veterans from all the other eras got or are getting? (Do also you know you are a veteran of the Cold War and though a medal hasn't been approved yet, a certificate has: Order it!)
    So, how many VEAP vets are still lost in obsolete vocations or permanent unemployed as the world of technology advances at an amazing pace because they were denied a 4-year college degree? Do the big 3 vet organizations know or even care? Think about how many years you served to be denied the same GI benefits that some vets received for serving one? VRAP and Vocactional Rehab are jlaughable educational substitutions and mere consolation prizes designed to prove [they] tried to help- the VA knows damn well they ripped us off. From what I've learned, the VA will send your kids to college, but not you. Some are even sending their grandchildren and step children to college, full boat, but none of that for the actual vet who served. At our local college, 1/4 of the attendees are wives and children of vets-not themselves. So to date, the VA will pay everyone else to go to college, but not us. This is discrimination.
    We can't be that much of a veteran minority: Can we get enough signatures to send a request to the White House to finally receive the same benefits as the other eras? Given the state of VA affairs today, now would be the perfect time to organize and demand equal GI l benefits.

  229. I served in the USAF from 1973, delayed enlistment until 1977 when I accepted an early out due to my father's terminal illness. From the day I arrived at Lackland AFB, TX until July 1976, I was informed regularly that I was enrolled in Community College of the Air Force. All of my basic, career and combat training was being credited toward a degree (sometime in the future). As a child in a time where computers were almost top secret and a scientific calculator was 3 stories tall and covered 2 acres, when civilian community colleges weren't much beyond the: "here's a good idea" stage, when approaching a large college or university to take accredited courses to supplement military was a commute of 60 or more miles per day and then be available for duty. In other words Non-existent. Now the best part is how the Military and the US Government of the 1970's handled information. They didn't tell you or put anything in writing about education. The only told a small part of it to make themselves look good. Airman Education into Commissioning Program? I tried my best to take advantage of this while I was enlisted. The slots were only for certain people. There was a reversal to the work ethics so drastic that what was wrongly acceptable in this country from the 1600's until 1863 was being actively altered to the point that making opportunities for some whose forefathers had been disadvantaged for a couple centuries, was being taken completely away from those whose ancestors had a slight (perceived) advantage during that era. It may be that the Community College of the Air Force information was being downplayed to those with privileged ancestors and heavily transferred to those whose ancestors were underprivileged. So where does that place everyone today? If you were enlisted from 1972 until 1994 your chance of getting all those study and training hours that you had been informed were your "Community College of the Air Force" credit hours, have been taken away. Discussing this with a office official at the CCUSAF Registrar's office Gunter Air Force Base, AL, I discovered once again the Viet Nam Era Vets have been forgotten. The position the telephone receptionist was instructed to take was: "We're sorry that is how the government handled it". Our recourse? We will have to annoy congressmen and senators and the VA until someone reinstates our credit hours and either sums up our hours (above 64 hours) to a Associates Degree or allows the hours to be applied to the opportunity to finish an associates or full degree at an accredited college. by the way; those whom you will speak to have no concept of not having an internet, laptops and cellphones with applications (apps). To make them understand have them picture a 1970 computer being the size of a football stadium and having the capabilities of a scientific calculator. There is one other method and hopefully someone besides myself will employ this: "The Media". Dennis S

  230. I'm a nam combat vet who was tortured by our MPs in Saigon, so they destroyed my 201 file to avoid a major law suit. Even though my phsyc evealuation warrants a 100% military connected disability, the only benefits i ever received was this puny half pay pension for having served one day in a war zone.

    Can anyone tell me if my payments increase when I turn 65 in two months?

    If they do, please tell the form # i need to request.

    Will my SSI, that starts at 65 affect my income?

    Anyone have advice on how to expedite aid and attendence payments?

  231. Msgt Ron Carucci | June 9, 2014 at 10:04 pm |

    How can I prove to the VA that I had (stepped foot on Viet Nam soil) and became eligible for Agent Orange compensation? I was in a TDY Squadron stationed in Japan, 2875th GEEIA squadron at Tachikawa; where we were sent TDY all over the far east and Southeast Asia theatre. I was sent to Thailand, the C130 we were on landed at Da Nang where we offloaded in a revetment awaiting a different flight to Utipow, Sadi- Heip. Our orders so stated Southeast Asia. Please, Anyone can you help. Master Sergent Carucci 1965-Retired 2003
    9 June 2014

  232. if they are talking about the VRAP program, those of us who have student loans in default or could not attend because the school wanted payment up front could not use this…

  233. i am 59 yo i want to go to a local truck driving school. but guess what, it is a 9 week school. i am a viet vet. all the assistance the va is offering requires that the school or course be more than 6 months. bullshit . I COULD BE WORKING BUT FOR THE FACT THAT THE GOVT WANTS TO THROW MONEY AWAY OR FORCE SOMEONE TO TAKE MORE THAN IS NEEDED.

  234. I enlisted in 1976, honorable discharge & I just learned that had I used medical benefits (that I didn't know I had) prior to 2003, that I would have medical benefits now! I thought you had to retire after 20 years to get medical benefits. I am service-connected, but at 0%, which is excluding me from medical benefits since 2003. I believe this enlistment era ended about 1981.

  235. Joined USMC 4.1.75, active for exactly 180 days, became reservists, then received medical discharge in 9.11.77. My understanding not entitled to GI benefits since did not serve more than 180 days. Is this not correct?

  236. Garry Chittum | August 18, 2014 at 4:11 pm |

    I am a Vietnam Era Veteran never served in country. I am unemployed and age 60 and so not eligible for VEAP program. I used my GI Bill Benefits to obtain a BA in the 70's. Having problem finding work now. Are there any Veteran programs I may be eligible for?

  237. FRANK AVILES | August 24, 2014 at 7:57 am |






  238. Discharged honorably in 1958 after serving in Korea. Thought I would get help with tuition and books at college and a GI loan for buying a house. Found out I could get no support.

    Recently to my delight and surprise the VA has supplied me with FREE hearing aids. My question: What changed?

  239. I was discharged in 90 and was called back to active duty for desert storm. I never used my G.I. Bill, however, I recently went back to school. Is there any way that I can recuperate those g.i. bill benefits? any help/advice is greatly appreciated!

  240. I enlisted in 1988, honorably discharged in 1991. I started using my GI bill in 1991 and then met my husband, got married, had babies and before you know it the 10 year eligibility time frame had passed. I have since put myself through LPN school but would like to go back to school to earn my RN, is there any way to get back some of those lost benefits? When I was in I had to pay for my GI benefits and it doesn't seem right that they go away just because of life choices.

  241. Petition for change. Post a petition on change.org or on the White House website. Refer vets from the site and your social media networks to sign your petitions for enough signatures for it to reach Congress.

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