LIVE GI Bill Q&A – Transcript

House Committee on Veterans’ Affairs staff members recently participated in a Live Blog, answering GI Bill questions. The following is the transcript of the event.

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Terry Howell
Before becoming the Managing Editor for, Terry served 20 years in the U.S. Coast Guard as an Aviation Electrician’s Mate and aircrewman. In his final role in the Coast Guard, Terry served as a Career Development Advisor, where he provided career, finance, education, and benefits counseling to servicemembers and their families. Since retiring from the Coast Guard, Terry has authored the book, The Military Advantage, managed the content for TurboTap, the DoD's online transition program and VAforVets, the VA's transition assistance website. Terry earned both his Bachelor's and MBA at Corban University using Military Tuition Assistance and his GI Bill benefits to help cover the cost.
  • B&L Travis

    we will be there with bells on, we have had a heck of a time transferring my husbands GI bill to me his spouse. After 1 tour in Iraq and 9 yrs of service to his country this has been a roayal pain! hope they have some answers.

  • Lee

    What is covered if the college only has the classes you need online and not on campus. Is there any stipulation that takes into account that not all classes are available on campus and how much will be covered and how it affects the stipend.

    • Ron

      All your classes do not have to be at one school. You could take online classes at one school and an on-campus class at another school.

  • Gary

    What Stipend will be given to an individual who participates in one on-line class and one class in residence?

    • Charles Smith


      As a Ch. 33 students at 100% you would receive your full, prorated, BAH payment as long as you have the residence course. 1/2 the national average is paid to students solely enrolled in distance learning.

  • Rob Gilchrist

    I’ve been caught in no-man’s land with regard to transferability of my post 9/11 GI Bill benefits. I qualify at 100%, but retired in May 2006. Is there any chance that a change to the GI Bill will take place such that I can transfer my benefits to my son?

    • Tim
      • Rob Gilchrist

        Thanks Tim.

        I’ve been following HR 1130 for some time and I’m afraid it’s going to die of neglect. It hasn’t really moved very far at all. I’m wondering what the HVAC staff have to say about it’s status…

      • Christy

        Rob, you need to write your congressmen siting this bill. You need to put all this info in your email. Contact your congressmen or change will not occur.

    • Jeff

      I know your feeling cause I’m in the same boat. I retired 1 aug 2009 which made my last day of active duty 31 July 2009 and was told I could not transfer my benefits because I had to be on active duty. I’ve been fighting this every since even got my congress men involved

      • Scott Kurka

        any luck?

    • Bob

      Rob, If you are 100% disabled and your Son is 27 or under, he can go to college anyway under the disability benefits. Call your veterans affairs office, this is where you should go any way.

  • Chevie

    I’m an active duty member of 23 years currently working on a graduate degree, and I have to say getting VA to pay Top Up payments has been a real challange. I’ve been a student for 7 months and to date my school has not received any payments. TA payements thru my servicing Ed Office has not been a problem. The conflicting guidance received from VA staff members along with the loss of important GI Bill paperwork has really made this a painful ordeal to say the least.

  • Tom

    Both my wife and I are former active duty Soldiers. We’re pursuing graduate school in the same location, so does that mean we both are entitled to receive our E5 w/ dep BAH?

    • radartech

      as long as your not on active duty you both get the BAH rate based on the schools zip code. if your taking soley online course you get half of of the national average which is about $670 per month.

      • David

        Radartech has got it right, and if your income remains low, you may also qualfiy for the free Financial Aid. Remember, your VA educational benefits are not used in the calculation for Financial Aid. Don’t let the school say differently.

  • Ron

    What is offered to pre 9/11 veterans?

    • Rhonda Canuel

      Probably nothing for us. We are getting screwed over.

      • Christy

        Okay, now that’s not true. You need to fill out the VONAPP online to see what benefits you qualify for. Everyone’s case is different so fill out the form and then you receive a letter telling you what your benefits are. You could also just go to the VA website and it has a chart to help you figure out, roughly, what you will receive.

  • Brian

    I keep getting different answers to my question, so hopefully someone here can help me. I spent 20 years active duty and retired in May 2009. I did not elect the Montgomery GI Bill when I enlisted. I completed my under graduate and graduate degree while I was active duty. I now have a daughter who is starting college in the fall and wonder if she is eligible for any benefits associated with the Post 9/11 GI Bill?

    • Jeremy

      I am not 100%, but I believe you have to transfer the entitlement while you are still on active duty. I don’t know if you can transfer it after retirement

    • Kristin

      You are not able to transfer your CH 33 GI BILL if you are no longer a member of the Armed Forces. You weren’t able to transfer the benefit while on AD because the transfer of benefit option was opened on 1 AUG 2009. You can consider appealing to your Congressmen. So far, this has not been a successful endeavor for many.

    • jim4hoops

      Brian, no luck my friend. You have to be on active duty as of August 1, 2009.

    • Gus


      I agree with all the other individuals. They are correct about needing to be on active duty. However, I would suggest if explore Service-connected disability for yourself and look into if there are any benefits for your dependents through that avenue. Seek out a Veteran Service Officer to help you navigate the process. This way you get the best benefits available.

    • Tim L.

      If you had stayed in till 1 Aug 09 you would have a chance and getting some benefits. I think your best chance now is HR1130 which would provide authority for certain members of the Armed Forces who have served 20 years on active duty to transfer entitlement to Post-9/11 Educational Assistance to their dependents.

      With all the cutbacks in spending… its gonna be tough to get through I think. Although it woudl be the right thing to do.

    • No, your children are not eligible for Post-9/11 GI Bill, but some states (such as California) offer educational benefits for the children of veterans. Additionally, if you have a service-connected disability, your child may qualify for additional benefits.

  • CSM (R)

    VA Reps will give you a different answer every time you call! I have never received the same answer more than once. Conflicting answers and conflicting laws makes the GI Bill very confusing.

    • Yolanda

      If you go to go to ask a question and ask online. This may take a few days for a reply, but at least you will have an answer in writing, not just a phone conversation. This way if you receive a different answer you can then use the online answer as a reference.

    • Gus

      CSM (R)

      My policy when people answer questions for me is to ask them the legal reference that backs up their answer. In addition, I would ask for everything in writing.

  • Christy

    I’m wondering if anyone has experienced this scenario. I was active duty for four years, got out in August 2001. Joined the National Guard. Started college using MGIB/ACF. Deployed in 2003. Came back and continued to use benefits to finish school. I used almost 37 months of my benefits. I got out of Ntl Guard in 2008. My husband just transferred his benefits to me to start grad school. I attend the last semester using 4 months. After calling the VA about a question I learned that I can only use 6 more months of benefits and then I’m capped out because of the 48 month rule. I understand the law saying that I should cap out using all of MY-earned benefits but if my spouse chooses to transfer his benefits to me I think the clock should start over. Am I crazy for thinking this? Thoughts anyone?

    • Radartech

      The VA representative is correct, congress changed the law in Jan2011 to close the “loophole” of more than 48 months of entitlement to one person regardless of the circumstances … it was a cost saving bill.

  • Tim

    I’ve got about 6 weeks of entitlements left. My classes are 5 weeks long, which means I have enough entitlements for one full class including BAH. My question is, with the last week left, can I enroll in class and will the VA pay for the class? What about BAH?

  • Kathy

    My husband transfered 1/2 of his GIBill to our daughter & another 1/2 to our son. My question is how do we get it!?? Our daughter is wanting to go to school in Australia , can she use it there? Our son is a Jr & wants to know can he use it to pay off his last 2 yrs of student loans??

  • Mike

    I retired in June 2004 with 22 years of service, I qualify for 90% I would like to transfer my benefits to my son, how can we make this fair for everyone.

    • Tim

      Not making it fair for everyone, but at least for 20+ year retirees who spent at least 90 days on active duty after 9/11, H.R. 1130 would provide authority for certain members of the Armed Forces who have served 20 years on active duty to transfer entitlement to Post-9/11 Educational Assistance to their dependents.

      MARCH 16, 2011
      HR 1130 was referred to the Committee on Veterans’ Affairs

      • Edgar

        HR 1130 is taking so long to be brought onto the floor for vote; I am on the same situation and cant get any answers on this bill’s resolution.

    • jim4hoops

      I agree. Many of us have the same issue. I retired in 2007 after 24 years. The Virginian Pilot did a recent story essentially complaining that private institutions are getting the large share of GI Bill funds. This would change if retirees with 20+ years who served after 9/11 could gift their GI Bill. For the record I addressed this to MOAA who flat out refused to support it. DO NOT GIVE A DIME TO MOAA! The American Legion is trying to take it up, but has been unsuccessful so far!

    • cdrmb

      The Transferability option was added by Sen McCain to encourage servicemembers to reenlist to offset some concerns that the Post-9/11 GI Bill is sufficiently generous that retention would become a serious issue.

    • Gus


      Unfortunately, since the transfer is done on the Department of Defenses website and you are no longer in the military transferring benefits can not happen at this stage of the game.

    • Tim L.

      I think with the spending cuts .. it will be tough to get1130 through. As far as being used as a tool for retention.. I laugh, they thought they needed a tool to help retain people, now there is a RIF (reduction in force) going on to get rid of people.

      I think there are problems with 1130 though. I believe it should be as simple as saying that anyone who spent 90 days on active duty after 9/11 and retired with 20 years can transfer benefits. Why do they need to put a slot limit of only those that retired between 9/11 and Sept 30, 2011? That way, if someone retired after Sept 30, 2011 and didnt transfer benefits prior to seperation, they could still be eligible. Some may ask why, but what if a member doesnt have any dependants until after their retirement. They will be penalized becasue they didnt have kids while on active duty.

  • Ashley

    if i go to school 3/4 or full time how much would i get for each semester?

  • Lidia Samaan

    I enrolled in the GI Bill long time age and stoped contribution after one year and I never used these money. How long is valied for and if it can be given to children or get it back. Thanks

  • David

    I believe Kristin has got it right. The rules had not been published until after you retired. I think you have medigating circumstances that will work for you. I would first contact VA through their Q&A, and then again, maybe someone has already ask that same questions. If not ask away and if unsuccessful …contact your congressman. Good luck.

  • woodman

    How come I remarried in feb of last year,and on 50% retirement . Have submitted my changes 1st time in march was lost. resubmitted in may took til dec to tell me they could not change anything but took ex off. They are lots worse then active duty. I live off my VA and hard to do that with 7 dependants, getting paid for 3.

  • dee gardocki

    how long may I use the new 911 Gi Bill? I got out dec 31st 2001 but new gi bill took effect 1 aug 2009 what are my time or term limits? I am 100% service connected disabled so how long do I have to finish a degree on the 911 GI bill?

    • alexandria

      To get your answer, i would go to, click on VONAPP and fill out a VAFORM 22-1990. Then you will receive a certificate of eligibility telling you what % and how many months you are eligible for.

    • Gus


      Since the program started on August 1, 2009 you have 15 years from that date. As for percentage, if you were medically discharged from the service (completely different then receiving a service-connected disability) you are entitled to 100%. However, if not then you will get 40% of the benefit. I would never leave it to the VA to figure out. Know the answers before you ask them.

      For additional information on the Post 9-11 GI Bill refer to this website:

      For legal references for the Post 9-11 refer to this website:

  • dbc

    I was discharged in 1963, Do I have any school Benifits left,

    • Alexandria

      I would call your Regional VA or fill out a 22-1990 on the VONAPP website which is accessible through

  • wayde

    I am currently utilizing the Post 9/11 GI Bill with the 100% online and am having huge issues getting reimbursed the housing stipend. It goes by each course which are 2 months long and when I start a new class it takes forever. For Example, I started this last set of classes 5 Dec and is now 09 Jan. When you call the VA Help desk they say it takes on average 30 days. This to me is unexceptable what can be done about this??

  • wayde

    What is the plan to handle the enormous wait time it takes to talk to a person. The last 3 times I called the VA help desk, I got cut off because the wait was too long and asked to schedule a phone call back which is usually several days later. Sometimes it just hangs up on you. It doesn’t even give you an option to continue waiting.

  • Rhonda Canuel


    • retiree

      Because that’s the way it was set up? I know my paperwork all stated the caveats about expiration, and that there was no refund if I didn’t use it.

      Why are they allowed to transfer? Because Congress decided providing Active Duty that option would encourage re-enlistment. Regardless of who uses the new GI bill benefits, they expire after 15 years (new GI bill, old GI bill is 10 years)

    • The Montgomery GI Bill has (and always had) a 10-year delimiting date, because it was considered reasonable at the time that a veteran should be able to complete his or her education within 10 years of leaving military service. It’s unfortunate that you lost track of time. However, the VOW act will allow veterans aged 35-60 to get 12 additional months of MGIB benefits if they are no longer qualified for MGIB or any other VA educational program. See the VA website for more information about the VOW act, which goes into effect on July 1, 2012.

  • jim4hoops

    When will OIF/OEF veterans who served after 9/11 but retired prior to August 1, 2009 be eligible to gift their GI Bill to their dependents? I thought this was “MY GI BILL”?

  • WFH

    Most of us went to work after leaving active duty. First 10 years crucial. No chance at education until the GI Bill expired. We don’t like the idea that our Country promised what would never have to be delivered. We need forgiveness of student loans (and the interest that, in my case, has now tripled the principal and dogs my every waking hour). We had to take out loans to pay for education we’d already earned. We’ll make a far greater contribution to the Nation without this on our backs. What steps are you taking?

  • L. Stringer,Retired

    I served my Country and the United States for 26 years. I am now Retired from Army Reserves and no longer qualifies for any Education Benefits. I do not understand how a dependent of a Service member qualifies for assistance and a Retired Service member with time remaining on the contract is told they no longer qualify. Something has to should change, because at the time I was Active Reserve I wasn’t interested in going back to School. Also, my 10 years has not expired.

    • retiree

      A retired service member with time left on their GI bill (10 or 15 years, depending on the bill) still qualifies to receive it. The purpose of allowing it to transfer to a dependent was a benefit that would encourage people to stay in the service (there was a service commitment to transfer if you were not retirement eligible at certain gates).

      So if your 10 years has not expired, you should still be eligible for educational benefits.

      Please contact the VA for more info.

  • Nicholas Java

    I had been receiving educational benefits under Chapter 33 until late September, when I received a notice form the VA stating that I am no longer eligible. The notice stated that that “[I] currently have a reserve obligation period until June 1, 2012, for participation in ROTC 2107(b). According to current law and regulations, any period of service performed under an obligated service contract must be excluded from eligibility under the Post-9/11 GI Bill. Therefore, we cannot utilize your [OIF] Mobilization period of January 3, 2009 to September 27, 2009 for calculating your eligibility for the Post-9/11 GI Bill.”

    However, as I understand H.R. 5740, if an ROTC graduate becomes a reserve officer and then is activated on federal orders it is possible that this active duty service would qualify for Post-9/11 eligibility. I served a reserve officer activated on federal orders for the Mobilization mentioned above. Per ROTC 2107(b), I initially served my Active Duty Service Obligation (ADSO) from May 31, 2004 to June, 1 2008 and then entered the Reserves.

    Any help is greatly appreciated. I am a graduate student at Columbia University and the potential loss of approximately $45,000 will jeopardize the completion of my education.

    Thank you.

    • Gus


      If you have documentation showing that your ADSO was done on June 1, 2008 then yes your January 3, 2009 to September 27, 2009 could be used as time for the post 9-11 GI Bill. Provided that January 3, 2009 to September 27, 2009 time meets the qualifications for Post 9-11 GI Bill. My suggestion would be to seek out a Veteran Service Officer and and submitt this information to the VA.

      • Nicholas Java

        Thank you, Gus. I appreciate your help. The period of above is for a deployment to Iraq in support of OIF, so yes, it qualifies. Any suggestion on where to find a Veteran Service Officer?

  • eliza

    My husband went on terminal leave in May/June 2009 with a retirement date of 1 Sept 09. The base he retired out of did not have any info for him during the outbriefs regarding the gi bill. I made numerous calls about the transfer benefit and was told as long as he was on active duty on 1 Aug 2009 he would be okay. After he retired in Sept we found out he was to have transferred the benefits prior to retirement, no one in all my phone calls to the VA or the educ office ever told us that. I do have a letter from the educ office at his last base stating that they did not have the information available to them prior to his retirement date. Is there any way to get the transferability benefits for our daughter?

    • Tim L.

      File a BCMR. This case sounds like a similar situition to yours.

      Hope it helps and good luck.

  • Vasili

    I am a Veteran of the USAF and I started going back to school in Fall ’10. I was under no financial stress because of break pay in between semesters. However, this year is a different story. Since the signing of this new bill on 1 AUG 11, I have been under financial struggles due to the loss of break pay for my Fall to Spring semester winter break. I have had a loss of about $1500 from the months of December till the beginning of March when I will receive my first real 100% stipend check again. This dramatic loss of pay is unacceptable and I am sure I am not the only one who agrees with me on this topic. I realize that break pay eats away at our overall total of money we are allotted, however, that is a cost I am willing to accept as to avoid from financial struggles due to a loss of pay over the worst time of year. Thankfully I do work, but that isn’t enough to replace what I loose with the absence of break pay. IN fact the only reason I have a job is because I have to have one in order to support the rest of my needs since the Post 9/11 Bill does fully meet my living requirements and other needs. I strongly urge the committee to reenact the break pay rule and allow for service members to choose whether or not they want to use it or not. This seems to be the best course of action. Thank you very much.

  • Tim L.

    I’m looking for some clarification on Rule 2 which says:

    2. Has at least 10 years of service in the Armed Forces (active duty and/or selected reserve) on the date of election, is precluded by either standard policy (service or DoD) or statute from committing to 4 additional years, and agrees to serve for the maximum amount of time allowed by such policy or statute, or

    Reading rule 2 at face value tells me that a member that already has 10 years of Active Service is “precluded” from committing to an additional 4 years because of either a service or DOD policy or statute. DoD has a standard policy that a member may be discharged on their date of separation or can retire after 20 years of active service. These are standard policies in my mind.

    So why are members with more than 10 years being required to commit to an additional 4 years? What does Rule 2 mean? What standard policies and statues does this refer? What is the definition of “Precluded”?

  • Tim L.

    An 11 year Active Duty Captain was just told that she was pregnant. Her date of separation is 2 years from now. In 9 months, she will have a dependant that she can transfer benefits to, but will be told that she has to sign up for 4 more years. Does Rule 2 now apply to this? She could separate in 2 years on her current date of separation and still be able to transfer benefits without a penalty because she is already fully vested in the program since she has already spent 10 years of active duty service.

    Will she be penalized by having to commit to 4 more years?

  • Tim L

    Last week, a 19 year active duty member learned at a retirement briefing that they have to transfer benefits prior to separation by going to a TEB website. Having never heard of this, the member returns to their office and finds the TEB website, which was rather difficult. The member transfers some months of eligibility to their dependants and then waits 3 days to log into VMPF to sign the Statement of Understanding. When the member logs into VMPF, the member is met with a message that says “The system of record indicates that you do not have the required service retainability to qualify for the Transfer of Education Benefits (TEB) program.” The member planned to retire on 1 Jan 2013 with 20 years of service, but is now being told they need to serve 4 more years in order to be eligible to transfer benefits to their dependants.

    Is this right or is this not exactly why Rule 2 was put in place? Should the member be made to serve 23 years because they didn’t know they needed to click a couple of buttons on a website until now?

    • gus

      That is correct.

  • Charlotte

    im confused and dont know where to get info , about my deceased husbands gi bill or what needs to get done ?????

    • Scott

      Hello Charlotte, you would need to apply for the chapter 35 survivor benefit through the VA website. might be a good idea to call and get more information

    • Tim L

      What GI Bill did he have? Montgomery GI or 9/11

      When did he retire?

  • Joe

    I re-enlisted in 1984 for 6 years and did not receive the Montgomery Bill, instead the Army resumed my education benefits under the VEAP Program? From 1981-1984 of June I was under the banner of the V.E.A.P. Is this O.K.?

  • Gus

    If she has less then 20 years she may have to reenlist to transfer the benefit.

    • Tim L

      What is Rule 2 (see question below) for ?

  • Carolyn

    Can we refinace with the GI BIll. Hvaing never use it before wan’t sure how to go about it? WHo can we call for this informtion?

  • Tim L

    The Committee on Veterans Affairs has had HR 1130 since March 16, 2011. I agree that we should extend the benefit to those retirees that served 90 days since 9/11. But I don’t agree that there should be an end date of Sept 30, 2011 as currently written in the bill. I feel that it would be better to simply say that members that spend 90 days on active duty since 9/11 and retired with 20 or more years of service are eligible to transfer benefits. This will cover all members that retire with 20 years of service both in the past and in the future.


    Exactly what kind of days count as active duty toward receiving the Post 9-11GI Bill education benefits? As a reservist I performed AT, ADT, ADSW, and ADOS.

  • Alison

    My husband and I are trying to determine what his eligibility is for the post 9/11 GI Bill. How can we determine this? He currently paid into the Montgomery GI Bill and he doesn’t want to waive those benefits until he determines his eligibility for the post 9/11 GI Bill. How can we do this?

    • Angel

      Hello Alison. how much active duty time post-9/11 does your husband have?

    • Mike_R.

      If your husband has already used some of his Chapter 30 benefit, he will only get the remainder of the benefit as Chapter 33. If he FULLY exhausts his Chapter 30 he will get 12 additional months of chapter 33 eligibility for a total of 48 months of benefits. That would be IF he is eligible for Ch33. Eligibility for Ch 33 is based on active duty time after September 11, 2001. The VA has a pretty comprehensive website on calculation of benefit eligibility.

  • Tracie peterson

    Because the vas office takes several months to recalculate reservist days to include title 32 days, if an individuals amount increases to 100% it is too late to apply for the yellow ribbon program with the school. Has this problem been taken into consideration.

  • GwendolynRobinson

    I retired in Dec 2007 in 2008 I put in Appeal in Jan. now its 2012 when and how long will it take before I find out about outcome on Appeal Thank You.

  • Nicholas Java

    I had been receiving educational benefits under Chapter 33 until late September, when I received a notice form the VA stating that I am no longer eligible. The notice stated that that [I] currently have a reserve obligation period until June 1, 2012, for participation in ROTC 2107(b). According to current law and regulations, any period of service performed under an obligated service contract must be excluded from eligibility under the Post-9/11 GI Bill. Therefore, we cannot utilize your [OIF] Mobilization period of January 3, 2009 to September 27, 2009 for calculating your eligibility for the Post-9/11 GI Bill.

  • Robert

    When military credits are evaluated and the person applies for fin aid (Pell grant), the veteran is all ready penalize with the new rule about completing so many college credits. They need to submit an appeal each term.

  • Vincent Vizza

    I have been unemployed for just over 2 years now and I am wondering if there is going to be ample notification of sign up on the VOW ACT as I have limited connectivitiy when it comes to VA affairs. I am on the verge of being homeless and I dont really have much in the realm of VA benifits (other than the GI bill I used 15+ years ago I never really used any VA benifits) how will I be able to access and sign up for the program here?

    • The VOW act goes into effect on July 1, 2012. At that time, you should be able to use a computer at your local library, community college, or county employment center.

    • Wayne

      Contact your local American Legion and ask for a TFA that’s Temporary Financial Assistance. If I knew more about your situation I maybe could help. check out also.

  • Robert

    Why most military credits do came in as generic course work that only counts as electives & hinders them from taking classes that are needed form their degree without an appeal.

    • Because military experience and training, while valuable, is usually not the same in scope or content as an equivalent college class. Most reputable institutions try to award transfer credit if they offer a class that is similar to the training you received, and give generic elective credit (if they give any) for the rest. Here at the University of California, we find that most of our students want to take electives on campuis that enrich their studies and their college experience, and they are often glad that their elective bucket didn’t get filled up with military training courses. It just depends on your school and the way they review military credit.

  • Nicholas Java

    Hi. If an ROTC graduate becomes a reserve officer and then is activated on federal orders, is it possible that this active duty service qualifies for Post-9/11 eligibility? Thank you. Best, Nicholas

    • Usually, but it depends on the orders. Read the text of the law to see what orders qualify for military service, or just call the VA.

    • TAA TX

      Nicholas, only after you fulfill your ROTC service obligation will you additional AD time give you eligibility for Post 9/11 benefit.

  • Nathaniel Surratt

    Situation: Retired prior to 9/11 Gi Bill coming into effect, in Oct 2008. Applied once in effect and received it.
    Problem: However, unable to transfer to dependents, as this has to be done while still active duty. Most everyone is able to transfer to their dependents, or was able to do so prior to their retirement. When will those of us whom it was meant for (VEAP era), be able to transfer to our dependents? Thank you.

    • The DOD intended transferability to be used as a retention and recruiting tool. They never had any intention to give this benefit to members who are retired or eligible for retirement. The biggest criticizm of the transferability clause, in practice, is that the DOD opened it up to everyone instead of reserving it for just the troops in critical-need areas. So it ended up costing millions more than the government intended. Just FYI.

  • Roger

    I have had active duty days under Title 32, section 502(f) denied for eligibility for post 9/11 GI Bill. Are there only certain types of active duty under this section of the USC that qualify even though the changed GI Bill legislation specifically says that active duty under this section of USC qualifies for Post 9/11 GI Bill eligibility?

    • Yes, only certain types of Title 32 service count towards Post-9/11 Eligibility. Before PL 111-377, none of your Title 32 time counted at all; at least now, some of it does. According to the law, though, orders under section 502(f) should qualify when authorized by the POTUS for the purpose of responding to national emergency and supported by federal funds. If this is the case, you should file an appeal and include a copy of your orders.

  • Roger

    I have been told through the “Ask a Question” module that if we were enrolled after AUG2009 at a private school, we would be receiving the difference in tuition payments between what we received under the per-state rates and the new flat rate. Do you know when those payments will be disbursed?

    • Roger

      HVACStaff answered the question wrong in the blog. I am not enrolled in state that had high tuition rates, but one with low rates. Changes in DEC2010 stated the new flat rate was “effective AUG2009.” This means I should receive the difference from what I got at the lower state rate and the $17,500 rate for academic years 09-10 and 10-11.

    • There was no provision for retroactive tuition payments under PL 111-377 for students attending schools in states with lower caps than the new flat rate, and we haven’t seen any legislation supporting this. You probably got bad information from the “Ask a Question” response. It’s not a bad idea, though, if you want to lobby for legislative changes.

      • Roger

        If the law was not meant to be retroactive, then why make the new rate effectivity date retroactive? If the new rate was only for student veterans enrolled after enactment of the legislation, then the effectivity date would have been for the next academic year.

  • Roger

    Is there a way to get better explanations of how our eligibility percentages were determined? I have asked multiple times through “Ask a Question” and not received a response.

    • Roger

      The question was not about what percentages mean, it was due to wanting clarification as to why certain active duty was disqualified, even though it seemed like it should qualify.

      • TAA TX

        Roger, your Title 32 eligibility is only for AGR service you’ve had since 9/11/2001…..any other type of T32 is not eligible for Post9/11 benefit, (i.e ADOS, ADSW). There is a DoD (or maybe NGB) memo that states what types of service/orders are NOT eligible for P9/11.

    • Talk it over with your school certifying official. If you think that the VA calculated your eligibility incorrectly, file an appeal. We’ve seen that happen often. Appeals take a while to resolve, but it’s nice to get a retroactive payment.

  • Thomas G. Sebranek

    The VA Doctor at the Valdosta, Ga. Clinic set me up tp recei ve my meds directly from the VA in Gainsville, Fl. I then received a co-payment notice for $264.00. I am in Tri Care for Life and should not have a co-paylment. The VA Rep said that Gainsville is not billable?? I asked why and they did not know. I re-butted the bill and wrote to my Congressman over a month ago and only received another bill. I still would like to know why Gainsville, Fl. is not billable.

  • John

    Under the new 9-11 Gi Bill it states that flight training will be covered for up to $10,000 a year if you already have a private pilot license. Does it matter what type of flight school I go to? For example, I believe under the MGIB it has to be a FAA part 141 school. Or can it be any flight school that offers flight training?

  • Katherine Briody

    I have the Mont.GI Bill but I’m beginning to think I should just forget about it and use the post 911 because it pays more. I’m just starting school now and it’s 100% online. I should finish this degree in 18 months. After I finish this degree can I start another one. Also, can I use both GI Bills?

    • Christy

      Katherine, take a look at my previous post. You can’t use both. You max out at 5 years. You need to talk with a VA rep to figure out which one will get you more money. i’m in the same boat now, having already used some of my benefits.

      • Katherine Briody

        which post?

  • robert snoots

    first 1/2 of message
    “I am trying to transfer my GI bill to my son. I served 4 years in the Navy in the 80’s and paid into the Montgomery Bill. I was honorably discharged. I re-enlisted in the Army in 2010, I was transfered to Germany In 2010 and was deployed to Afghanistan shortly thereafter for one year.where I am presently. Prior to leaving for Germany, I was told if I continued to list my son on the deers list, He would remain eligible for the GI bill, which now includes the post 9/11 GI bill.

  • robert snoots

    2nd half of message
    I have re-enlisted until 2014. 2013 will make a total of 10 years of service. My son has been attending college at FSU, part time. My wife and I have been trying to pay for it, but my son can only attend part time because he has to work to assist financially. My son was born in 1987 and is now 24 y.o. I have begun an effort to transfer my GI bill to him and the TEB form list his name but it states he is ineilgible and it will not let me transfer months to his credit toward his education. I called DOD, who I was told had the final say on who is eligible. The DOD employee stated he was looking at my son’s DEER’s Data and he stated, my son is eligible. When I call the VA, they try to say my son had to have the benefit transfered before he turned 23, the rule states the Gi bill must be transfered while the dependent is still eligible for benefits which is age 18-26 y.o. I was never told about the age 23 cut off, before, nor have I read a document that states this age cut off. How do I get the TEB form changed to show that my son is eligible for transfer of my GI bill? ”

  • Tim L

    A retention tool to retain what year groups? What is Rule 2(see question below) for then?

  • Elba amparo

    Hi my husband served 22 years with the army and I would like to find out how I
    Go about gi bill post 911 for college for my Daughter who do I call where to
    Start. Thanks

    • AMW

      The service member must go through and elect to transfer their Post 9/11 GI Bill before they retire. If they have retired and did not give the dependent at least one month then it can’t be used by them. If they do qualify, then when you are ready to have your daughter receive benefits you do the online application, print off the form to take to the college, and the VA officer at the school should take it from there.

    • Tim L

      A couple of questions are.. when did he retire? Did he sign up for the Post 9/11 GI Bill? If so, did he transfer any benfits prior to retirement?

  • Karla Hoover

    How do I participate in this blog? I’m attending an American university overseas and would like to know how my school can participate in the Yellow Ribbon Program. Every person I talk to at the VA gives me a different answer.

  • Peggy

    I’m still waiting on the certificate for my daughter she is attending college now. I transferred my benefits to her and she applied for them the first week of Dec. How long does it take to get the approved certificate.

    • AMW

      We print off the form from online and take it to the VA officer at the college to get the benefits started. They will verify to the VA that she is attending and the process will begin. For us it has been easier to pay the tuition and have our child get a refund. The student was dropped from all their classes because their tuition wasn’t paid and the school didn’t communicate from one office to the other that funding would be coming. It has made the process easier for us.

  • wayde

    HVAC, I retired JAN 2010 when they were still trying to figure out how this new GI Bill was going to work. I was never informed between Aug 09 and JAN 10 that I had to choose to transfer elegibility to a dependent prior to retiring. You can tell this is an issue as so many people in the blog are asking the same question, how was I too make a choice when I did not know I had to choose. I believe I have been screwed here, what can be done to rectify this. Anything else in the Military requires you sign dec statements or options or ?????

    • Tim L.

      Sounds like you too may be able to get some help by doing a BCMR. Look at this case for help:

      Hope it helps and good luck.

      • Stefan Austin

        The Board of Corrections Rep for the Army informed me that there was a major media campaign and information thru military channels that I should have known. This is a disgrace and an insult to me as a 24 year active duty veteran. I too retired in Jan. 2010. All that we ask is to give us the benefits we have earned so that we can send our children to college without a mountain of debt. Please fix this ASAP!

        • BSD

          I retired in October 2010 and was never informed of the requirement to TEB while still on active duty. I got the same response from the ABCMR. I have been trying to get someone to fix this for over two years now. I agree it is a slap in the face after serving 28 years active duty. Currently taking out loans to get my children through College.

          • BSD

            This is a corection to my previous reply. I retired October 2009 not 2010.
            My case is very similar to the one posted by Tim L above. I am appealing to the ABCMR and will use the Air Force case as citing a precedent. Good to see the AF is making things right for the service member and his Family.

        • Tim L.

          The Rep is misinformed. The campaign to inform prople how to go about taking advantage of this earned benefit was and still is a failure. There are people that still dont know how to transfer benefits or that they even need to transfer benefits prior to seperation 3+ years later. People like yourself that have done the time and but not able to take advantage of the beneft is a great injustice, which is what the BCMR is susposed to correct. Dont just inquire, file an actual package with the board.

          • BSD

            I submitted an application over a year ago and it was denied. I have submitted an appeal and will submit this AF case as well to see if it will help. This has been a frustrating 2 years and three months trying to get someone to do the right thing.

  • duane

    do i have to claim my gi bill as income on my taxes?

  • Jay

    I had heard that those of us who didn’t get a chance to use our GI Bill before the 10 year deadline passed, that we would be given the opportunity to get up to 1 year of GI Bill benefits with all of the new GI Bill law changes. Is this true?

  • Jeanette Coleman

    My daughters father passed away 2 years ago without ever using his GI Bill. Is she eligible to use it now?

  • eric

    Also if my contract is 3 years active followed by nat guard do I apply for p911gi once in nat guard

  • eric

    Do you have to be E-5 to get the housing allowance? That is what it looks like on the post 911 GI Bill website

    • Tim L

      No you dont have to be E-5, the housing allowance you are paid is based on an E-5 housing allowance for the area in which you are attending school. Go to the calculator, enter your zipcode and select E-5 to see what the BAH will be.

    • Andrew

      No you don’t. Each city has a different BAH rate, but what it’s saying is it’s at a E-5 BAH pay scale for that city. Hope that helps.

  • Aaron

    I feel that if you pay the $1200. there should’nt be a time limit on using it….I got out in Nov 92. Started college in Jan 93 had to quit because my ( father who was also a vet) has altimzer and was a danger to himself and other around, You see I live on a large dairy farm with heavy equiment, so i had to help run the farm. In 96 my mother had colon cancer…As you can see there was no time for me to finish school… was 2005 before i was able to go back to school, In 2009 I now have a B.S. degree. I was told by the Va. rep at the college that Pres.Bush was looking into changing the benfits so that there wasnt a time limit. So i took out students loan hoping that by the time I graduate I would be able to use the G.I.bill…..No luck I’m now $53000.00 deeper in debt ……I NEED HELP!!!!!

  • Fred Saenz

    I retired in 2008 with the Montgomery GI Bill and have not used it, can I change/exchange the Montgomery GI Bill to the Post 9/11 GI Bill ?

  • Dave

    Do I have to choose either the Post 911 GI bill or the Montgomery GI bill before I am officially out of the Army, or can I choose which one I will use later when I decide to go to school after I am officially out of the Army?

  • tanya.shoem

    I have the GI bill from 2002 I was wondering since i didnt go to college could I get that money back? I was honorably discharged.

  • Miguel

    does the Montgomery G.I Bill offer the same payments as Post 9/11 if we do 100% online classes?

  • Chris

    How will a W on my transcript affect my GI bill?