Could Retirees be Forced Off TRICARE Prime?

Looking to kick retirees out of TRICARE Prime, Sen. McCain told the 12-member Joint Select Committee on Debt Reduction, that restricting working-age retirees and their families from participating in TRICARE Prime would help them avoid spending cuts that would directly impact readiness.

As Tom Philpott recently reported, McCain was once a champion for expanded TRICARE benefits to retirees. But, he now feels eliminating retiree TRICARE Prime is more acceptable than alternatives to cut equipment, training or key weapon programs needed by the current force.

In addition, McCain supports President Obama’s proposal to set a $200 a year enrollment fee for TRICARE for Life, for military beneficiaries age 65 and older.

If with only TRICARE Standard, retirees would face higher out-of-pockets costs, annual deductibles and cost-sharing requirements. Under TRICARE Standard out-of-pocket costs can’t exceed an annual catastrophic cap. But according to Philpott, the CBO suggests raising that cap of $3000 a year per family to $7500.

In addition the CBO predicts that the number of working-age military retirees using TRICARE would drop form 71 percent to 35 percent they were denied access to TRICARE Prime. The CBO also assumes that retirees would switch to their employer-provided health care option.

Read Tom Philpott’s article to learn more McCain’s proposal to cut TRICARE  for Retirees.

Let your elected officials know how you feel about Senator McCain’s proposals.

About the Author

Terry Howell
Before becoming the Managing Editor for, Terry served 20 years in the U.S. Coast Guard as an Aviation Electrician’s Mate and aircrewman. In his final role in the Coast Guard, Terry served as a Career Development Advisor, where he provided career, finance, education, and benefits counseling to servicemembers and their families. Since retiring from the Coast Guard, Terry has authored the book, The Military Advantage, managed the content for TurboTap, the DoD's online transition program and VAforVets, the VA's transition assistance website. Terry earned both his Bachelor's and MBA at Corban University using Military Tuition Assistance and his GI Bill benefits to help cover the cost.

    You all know once you marry money no one else matters including your fellow comrads in ARMS.Who cares if you all did your time on the line.It’s just like the government and NATIVE AMERICANS,promises always broken.I remember signing a contract that promised FREE MEDICAL/DENTAL for retired militarySTRANGE how all that is forgotten.Next time a major war breaks out call our GOVERNMENT REPS KIDS FIRST FOR FRONT LINE DUTY and charge the for medical treatment.

    • Lamont Porter

      Elected Governmental officials need to set the example before voting for Vets to loose any more of what little benefits we have left. So I say to the Congressional people we elected, “you first”. You give up your benefits first before chopping ours.

    • Guest

      AMEN-After 24 yrs active/reserve, I pulled my kid out of the recruiter’s office (NG) and he reported the next day to the Corps of CADETS at TAMU. He has a cpl of years to figure out if Obama/McCain are going to offer him a 401K for any tour in the middle east. Must bethe water in AZ, first Goldwater then McCain lose their principals. Glad my tours in Az were only TDY. BTW, they stole my GI bill from me!

  • jay r williams,srr

    any benefit promises up on enlisting and reenlisting of serivce members should be left alone !!!! especially if a member stays for 20 years etc, period ,

    stop trying to fix mistakes with military pay and benefits,

  • Lady Leather

    Here’s an idea, how about all of them take pay cuts, or here’s an even better idea, go through the endless quantity of bills that are passed give tax breaks and money to people who are either going to spend it on drugs, or make parents actually take accountability for their children instead of letting the government pay for these 16 year old kids who made the decisions to go knocked up. There are so many loop holes in these endless bills giving money to various things and people that don’t need it that it’s not even funny. I was medically retired at 8 1/2 years of service at 28 years old. Yes I know I have access to the VA and their medical care, but I also have a small daughter and want the best medical care and over all life I can provide for her and myself for that matter. Having access to Tricare Prime is almost a necessity if you live in area’s where you can not easily access a VA clinic and don’t want to go through the BS of dealing with the call in’s to get “permission to go to a clinic”. They just need to leave military members and their benefits alone.

    • SFC W. 100% Medically retired @ 13.3 Years

      I too am Medically retired. I was awarded 100% permanent from the U.S. Army, Then V.A. After half a year & finally got my CRSC going.. This s NO joking matter.
      I cannot work & I’m home-bound for the rest of my life. I just had my 14th major surgery out of 24 & I’m afraid for my family. My Wife & Son need good medical care. I earned every bit of TriCare Prime as anyone serving (I’ve been forced on Medicare as well). It’s not just me who’s made close to the ultimate sacrifice but also my family. It’s a full time job for my wife to care for me & this care (insurance) was promised to us who defend our Country.
      Senator McCain, you pushed for these Wars, you supported them. Now that you have your nice “Senator’s” medical care package you have forgotten where you came from. I never thought the knife going into the backs of U.S service men & women would be stuck in by you of all people. It amazes me how now that you are set, have plenty of money & insurance have forgotten what it’s like.
      This is a betrayal to all servicemen & women who are on the front lines fighting the good fight, only to have a former Serviceman turn “Suit” & “Bean counter” lead the way in destroying not only our trust in him, but now the system as well.

  • Wow, it is NOT hard to believe what the government is doing…they send us to fight other countries war’s, then we come back sick…can’t work, can’t support the family and now they want to take the only good thing we have to provide to our children…medical benefits. Without that I don’t know what I would do. It is hard as it now to have to pay the annual fees, co-pays, prescription co-pays went up. But to take away TRICARE PRIME from the retirees and their families is a crime against our soldiers that have served this country. Shame to all of you in the “super com­mit­tee”, and you Sen. McCain, you are a traitor.

  • Enl Ret

    This is really getting to be one hell of a break down.___With hardly any interest on savings, cuts in services to retired, increases in medical (part B) COLA held down (because were broke) and now taking the last step of removing even the supplement benefit TFL by charging the very people that are already paying increased costs on part B. TFL is the least military retiree’s should have..__

    • Now that I am a senior citizen TFL has really been the one thing I could count on for over 20 years in service. Now they want to charge me for this. UGH!



  • Enl Ret

    Also whom ever thinks up these things (like Mc Cain) they need to figure most are NOT retired 0-6’s 0r above with 40 years, no one was waiting at the gate to hand me a 7 figure check for my 27 yearsd of memories, CNN wasn’t there to pay me another 100K for my 15 min of “military analysisl” __I haven’t asked for much, just what I was told to expect for my time, my enlisted retired pay, my medical, and dental. Now they have taken away dental altogether, medical seem’s to be next, and who knows about the retired pay, that might be next, but of course the Mc Cains of the world and the other retired 0-6 and above don’t whimper too much as they will continue to be able to afford these changes. As a matter of fact a E-5 with 8 years has a base pay of what I made as a E-8 with 26, ( in 2010), so think what senior officers draw, no wonder its not much to complain about to them.( I retired in 91)__

    • I went back in the army in 1967,after a 3 year hitch.My last assignment was Vietnam.So with an MOS of 111 ,I knew were I was going back to.My wife was pregnant,I had no job,she had no Doctor,so back to Nam via Charlotte NC.An E-5 with 8 today also makes more than an E-9 with 22 years did when I retired.I did this for medical and a chump change retirement for life.McCain just got elected for 6 more years,so his medical is taken care of .I voted for that A#&%$,Welfare is the way to go,no pre-authorizations,co-pays,ect.We have been betrayed.

  • J.S. Rice

    Ladies and gentlemen this is typical politics and action that repeats itself after every war, conflict, action or other excuse they use to ask you to risk your life and the future of your family. After each and all the preaching of support the troops, when they are not needed and the public eye is not there, screw the retired or disabled veteran they are the easiest to cut and not be able to do much about it. look back after every conflict it happens until they need someone again. Its even worse now with so few in government having served in real military action.

    • Singletary

      Except John M did. This is what’s so apawling. Does that mean he will too have to pay the increase annual fee for tricare for life. We he have to pay the increase co-pays. Probably not, because they have the best damn coverages our money can buy. Absolutely rediculous. We need all our active duty members to get on board with the AL and other supporting groups because this is their future benefits or lack there of also. AND FOR ALL THOSE THAT WANT TO KEEP CUTTING THOSE THAT SERVE YOU SO YOU CAN KEEP YOUR FREEDOM, remember there might come a day when people just don’t want to work for little pay and no benefits to save your butts. What then, what will you do? Would you put your life on the line? Would your children from the entitlement generation stand up and fight for your freedom? Will their truly be enough that have the pride and courage it takes to keep our freedoms?

  • Enl Ret

    What happened to the “take care of the troops first” that I was required to live by as a senior enlisted? Maybe Mc Cain can give up ALL his military benefits along with some of his friends in high places, maybe that would save us lower enlisted retired benefits.

  • soaringeagle

    Senators Tom Coburn and John McCain are our worst enimies in the Senate when it comes to our benefits. You men in OK and AZ need to get on their butts and tell them to leave us retirees and Vets alone.

  • Paul

    Hay John, WTF

  • Enl Ret

    I was thinking, if the rail road has their own medical/retirement system, why not the military, like everyone that entered active duty before 82 would be fully covered, as in “free” for life, like it was said we’d have, if you came in from 82-86, you would be pro rated (all ranks) If you came in after 86 you pretty much knew there was NOTHING free waiting for you, but people should still be pro rated for ranks E-7 to 01, 02, w1, w2 all others can pay the THAN fee’s.

    Also ,if it came down to push or shove, I’d even say ALL personal that entered prior to 82 should be allowed to stay in Tricare Prime, without being required to have Part B medicare, since the military told you’d be covered for life before that time you should be able to at least remain in Tricare Prime and not have to take part B. at all. Someone has to take into consideration the difference in pay for the different era retiree’s, like the WWII that may be still alive, the Korean retiree, and us Viet Nam retiree’s, our pay was a lot lower than now, anyone retiring now still got a raise the last 2 years unlike those retired already, so were behind on pay just for that.

    • john murray

      People forget that when we signed up in the old days one of their big redcruiting tools was “free” health care for life.

  • Enl Ret

    BTW that Tricare (delta) dental should also be “pro rated” by retired rank and retired time period.

    Dental care for a E-7 retired the same as a 0-10. were ALL retiree’s, doesn’t matter who or what you “were” and an E-7’s teeth cost as much to fix as a 0-10’s, only the 0-10 doesn’t feel a thing, smirks.

    The cap should also be increased and the co-pay schedule be 80% across the board, no silly 80/20, for some, and 60/40 for others, and 50/50. besidedeductibleable. .

  • Mike

    Maybe the government needs to think about what it would be like if no one joined the military any more because of governments track record of keeping their promises to the military. Then who would defend their right to send kids off to fight everybody else’s wars to protect their fat catting way of life. Take congresses free medical and their other benefits away from them and let them live like the rest of us. I do not see any of them getting hurt in Congress fighting any battles.

    • Craig

      If the socialist economy remains sluggish, and it probably will, there won’t be a shortage of people joining the military simply to have a steady job.

  • Alec

    So would this change affect medical discharge retiree’s on Tricare Prime as well? Does anyone know?

  • AF wife

    This whole thing is ridiculous. Taking away benefits from the men, women, and their families that serve this country. Why is it when it comes to cutting costs of things, it seems to lead right back to the back bone of the country, the military? Why not cut their wages, they make more than enough to support a family of 15. Especially when you compare it to us living paycheck to paycheck from the military. There are other things that can be cut rather than anything that has to do with the military. They just spent all this money to make the F-22 and F-35 and they are grounded. It was a waste of money!


    Let’s make a law that no one can spend more than the salary of the office they are running for to campaign! Then, let’s say that a congressman, or senator, can never vote to raise their pay. Only folks serving after they leave office would collect the pay raise, in other words, as long as they stay in office they never get a raise.
    Then let’s say that the only benefits they get will be basic health care, only one trip to their home per quarter to be at coach fare and require them to stay on FTR rates (with no freebees from lobbyists). If a lobbyist wants to take them to the golf course, or a hotel or dinner the congressman must pay their way, WITH NO FUNDS FROM THE LOBBYIST!
    Also, while they are in DC (or on travel), they can stay in barracks NOT A BOQ and dine at a mess hall.

    It would be a small start, but it would be slight reduction in government spending.

    • Paul Lombard

      Retired CPO
      I COMPLETELY agree, these trips and frills these people are exposed to MUST alter their votes and decisions. Why are we paying for staff, Congressional support or Department of State if THEY cannot the necessary answers to any questions about countries, issues, etc,. It IS Fraud and a waste (no matter what cover they put on it)

    • RetCPO

      It is ridiculous the restrictions placed on travel for Active Duty that Congress can skirt. All of the “gift” restrictions and Congress can write laws to avoid them. They and their staffs should get a shorter leash!

  • TMacP

    Gee, another politician is offering to cut some benefit while they get ‘special Government benefits’! McCain went through hell when he served and I give him credit for that, but for his not cutting his pay or staff (not to mention cutting the welfare crowd from all the money poured down that rat hole), the military should be the last to have to suffer from the ‘Socialists’ wastefull budgets. How many billions have been wasted on ‘research projects’ (Global Warming Studies especially) to just target those of us who served and are actually paying for Tricare Prime! I could understand if they wanted to even increase the payments, only after they pay for their own benefits first! I guess the volunteer military needs to look around at the total budget to get the whiners in Congress to stop dumping money down their rat holes (Turtle bridge sound familiar?) before they vote for another RINO like McCain he is becoming!

  • lazarusE9

    Another broken promise! Shouldn’t be a surprise by now! Good luck maintaining end strength without conscription.

  • Andrew Overfield

    WE need to draw the line before long they will take away our retirement pay. McCain has turned his back on the men and women in the armed forces in a way which is unforgivable. Don’t worry corporate fat cats your gravy train is safe, McCain and is band of co opted thieves is going to screw the common man…. again.

  • Laurie

    This is unreal! We were promised and rely upon these benefits, especially in an economy in which many employers are receiving waivers to avoid providing employee insurance plans. That’s if one can even FIND a job to begin with–I’ve been looking for over a year. Breaking faith with us is criminal. Military retirees are being punished for the fiscal irresponsibility of the Obama administration and a do-nothing Congress!

    • Kmiyashita

      Fiscal irresponsibility of the Obama administration? This started durin the Bush presidency or some of the causes like the housing market goes back a lot longer. Also if you haven’t noticed although Obama is a Democrat, McCain and some other supporters of taking our benefits are Republicans.

      • Rod

        He is so right Laurie. McCain the republican married to a rich wife.

  • PO’d retiree

    And they wonder why some vets lose it and go on a rampage…..All those in the upper food chain need to take a pay cut, lose that golden fleece medical coverage, drive themselves to and from appointments, pay their own bills..not have an aide do it, cook their own meals, wash their own laundry etc etc etc. I seriously think they forget just how much all of us have given…..or they don’t care. As long as it doesn’t affect them they’ll turn a blind eye….shame on them…

  • REK

    I have a really great idea. And I am willing to do away with the TRICARE Prime but only if we do away with welfare and I mean totally. No more. Also, how about we do away with these cushy salaries for our congressmen. How about 40,000 a year. That is about the average pay. I mean with all the time off these guys get they work what, maybe 120 days a year. Heck, 40,000 may be too much.

    I thought McCain was a friend for the servicemen. I understand he was prisoner of war and was mistreated and went through some horrible things, but Sen McCain, there are a bunch of us out here that are living paycheck to paycheck and if you take away tricare some of us will just stop living period. But maybe that is what the government wants.

  • Don T.

    They promised us free medical for life. We put our life out there for the freedoms they enjoy. Now they want to screw us again. Why not look at all the freebies and perks that Congress receives. Shame on McCain, he served and was a POW, now he wants to screw his comrades. John why don’t you look at your fellow Congressman first!!

  • Chief Marlowe (ret)

    When I entered the US Navy in Jan. 1972 I was told (in contract form) that if I completed 20 years of honorable service I would recieve 50% of my base pay and Quote “Free medical for the rest of my life”. I completed 21 years of honorable service and was given Champus and if I found a doctor that would accept it, it was free. But then it was replaced with Tri-Care, so much for the free. Even when I go to the VA, I have to pay (based on my income. Maybe if the government would stop rewarding those who don’t deserve being rewarded, we wouldn’t be having this dicussion. I never heard about the government lowering the free-bee’s to the sick, lame and lazy. Just cuts to the ones who have earned their benefits. And another thing, if I have earned my medical benefits, why do I have to pay medicare payments each month?

    • Doc Smith

      I am a 100% disabled vet, I have tricare prime for my family and would be severely pissed if I lost that. It is simple to stop voting for McCain, get rid of him. What I get tired of reading about is all the ‘benefits’ congress gets, I.e., retirement after one term, free medical ect. None of this is true, look it up, they are cereal employees that retire after 20 years of federal service just like everyone else. Stop repeating what you have heard and research so you don’t sound like a crying idiot. Research ‘free medical for life’, it never happened. I has never, I mean never, been on a military contract. What we were promised was ‘medical care for life’ after twenty years of federal service. Not free, just access to care.

  • Gysgt Bob

    When I joined 1960 ,they promised us medical, I gave them over twenty years and its been a fight all the way to keep the little benifits they give us!!! Everytime we get a pay raise they raise the prices or what it cost us for tricare. Whats going to happen when another war comes along and they look for volunteers, I am sure my grandbabys are not going anywhere

  • GunnyL

    How about we take away Congress and Senators Health Care Plans First! They make over 10 years of my Retired Pay a year, they can afford to pay for their own Health Care and also they should not be allowed to use any Military Facilities!

    • rhonda whetstone

      Well said.

  • Nan

    I think this is terrible although it doesn’t affect me. I have Tricare for Life and am not pleased about having an annual $200 deductible either. My deceased husband was a career Naval officer and was so pleased to know that my medical care would be taken care of . They’ve already raised our deductible for perscriptions. I am surprised that my Senator John McCain is suggesting these things.

  • James Kale

    Retired LCDR. Served 25 years. Held 14 pay grades in those years. Cruised the Pacific and served many years in the Washington environment. Awarded many commendations for superior performance throughout the career. Now, they want to take away benefits that were promised each one of those 25 years. God help this country, especially the Congress. We really need some adults to be elected.

    • Rafael

      US ARMY CW4 (RETIRED) 24 years of service. Is time we vote him out and all who opposes military well deserved and earned benefits with sweat and blood not by sitting in an office in Washington proposing non-sense policy. We fulfill our end of the contract at great sacrifices to us and our families. If our voice is not hear loud and clear, the retirement is next just as they have been eroding social security benefits to those hard working Americans. Good Post!




      You MUST be the ONLY person that is PROUD OF THE PRESENT ADMINISTRATION!!!!!!

      You do know that the present administration is one of, if not THE LARGEST administrations EVER!!!
      OBAMA has more people in his administration, and most of his CZARS don’t even know what they are doing.

  • Paul Lombard

    I hate to say this, but, I have been deriding all of these union folks and other who say; we need to cut!, but don’t start with us! I love this country and if I am asked to do my part (lose Tricare prime, so be it) I know not everyone can take that position but it is mine. I also heartily agree with those useless folks who we pay for in Washington, both houses, the entire executive branch, and the judicial branch as well, all republicans, Democrats, etc, they need to lead the way as well. They are a huge unnecessary money pit that can be replaced by 5 wise men (or women) They have become the kings and queens and princes and princesses the framers of our constitution wanted to prevent. Very sorry excuse for Americans – Great examples of American Greed

  • bdp1

    I think that congress should begin looking at giving up all the A+ benefits they get to retain for life. It would make sense for someone who gets to vote themselves a yearly pay raise can easily offer up military retirement benefits that have been earned. But yet the benefits they get for being elected are non negotiable. Makes you wonder, who is supporting whom.

  • t l

    I hereby withdrawal my 2008 for McCain !

  • Tom

    So if working veterans can not use Tricare Prime, you are in essence taking their health benefits away from them ? You can word it any way you like but this is the bottom line.

  • JohnM

    After RAISING CO-PAYS from $3.00 to $5/12/25.00 NOW they want to completely ELIMINATE TRICARE PRIME? I retired in 2005 and am STILL LOOKING for a job. McCain better GUARANTEE JOBS FOR RETIREES if he is going to use the “working age” excuse to DENY BENEFITS.

  • Jerry

    So much for John mcCain. I agree with the person who suggested doing away with all the welfare (used for vote getting) for those who have done nothing for their country. They should do that before they touch a military retires benefits. Benefits that were earned by service to the country.

  • Dub

    A shame congress cant get rid of their costly no expense medical system! Oh well, we let them get away with it by not watching what they were dodin g.

  • Dan Oman

    Senator McCain, tell me this is not true? I would never expect someone like you to suggest something like this. Please take a look into this and get back with me.

    Thank you!
    Msgt Daniel Oman
    USMC Retired



    • FedUpToo

      Hey CBLAKE, the REALLY SAD part is, they don’t vote themselves a raise – they get it automatically when they adjourn without voting NOT to get one….pretty sad state of affairs for sure..

  • Donald Fox

    I admire all the comments but you should be writing to the Senators that are trying to replace the McAins etc,and tell them if they opose the military cuts they will have your vote.

  • susan

    When I joined in 75, the military was promised medical and dental care for members who served 20 years plus. That promise was not honored. Senator McCain has done nothing for military personnel. He is rich and not effected by his suggestions to cut military benefits. He didn’t know how many houses he owned when asked during the 2008 presidential race. What does that tell you about Senator McCain? Shame on Senator McCain.

  • CPO SD

    McCain is doing the flip flop dance again. Brothers and Sisters in the Armed Forces are really getting the shaft. We spent 20+ years serving and defending our country, getting paid below minimum wage and never complaining. Doing jobs that most in Congress would never even let there kids do let alone themselves. Now they want to take away our benefits. Really?
    They, (Congress), make more in 2 months than some of made in a year. For doing what? Bet they never had to eat MRE’s or slugs while doing there, (so called), jobs. I guess we can’t expect a group of men and women that have never had to work for a living to do the right thing.
    I will agree to cut our benefits if the Washington agree to cut there salaries by 40%, pay 50% of there own medical, pay 50% of there travel and work, (meaning in Washington DC at there desks passing laws), a minimum of 305 days per year. When on active duty I was allowed 30 days per year if my command could support it. What do you say, put your money where your mouth’s are.

  • Tickedoff

    Let’s get this right. Cut the most productive, loyal and the best of the best of America’s Citizens. All the while we feed, cloth and house the world. Allow crack Mommie’s to keep having babies while we pay for them to be housed, cloth and fed. We allow Mexican Citizens to drop on our door step all the while we feed, cloth and house them for free. Not to even mention the free medical care they get. Yea, you scum bag McCain cut the best of the best. I pray you are ousted from the seat you hold along with the rest of the trash in DC.

  • mike hahn

    I am turning 65, I am 90% disabled VET. I will retire in April of the year I am turning 65 because it is getting simply to hard to get to work with the condition I am in.
    I will still have to pay for my wife and daughter the full tri-care prime and will pay for medicare B and now I will pay on top of that.
    In the meantime, the VA (the government) gets away with not having to take care of me because I am paying for medicare and will end up paying more for tri-care for life and of course for my family tricare prime which is increasing.
    I have no problem paying my share. Yet I cannot help but think I am getting the shaft – thank you Generals, Mr McCain and all the others on the hill.
    There are others in much worse shape than me and you will do your best to put them into an early grave – congratulations

    mike hahn

  • Ok, it’s time for you to go Mr. McCain. You are definitely off your rocker and you lost your mind! You have turned into the politician we retirees no longer want. Please retire and retire soon. You have turned on your fellow veterans; but you don’t care since you have full medical coverage for the rest of your life, a senators retirement and a wife worth millions, you’re a hypocrite!

  • CWO3 Moon

    Congressmen/women get full retirement after one term and free postal for both them and spouse. WHY? Take that away as well

    • retiree

      Myth about full retirement after one term. Not true. Free postal??? No way.

  • willie USN(Ret).

    I hope “All” the military folks in Arizona are keeping their eye on what McCain
    is doing for them!! I’m sure his Father, a great Military man himself, is not really proud of him now!!

  • Fran

    I just can’t believe Senator McCain would even put his name on this. I think congress can find other people to mess with other than a retiree. Why don’t they look in their own back pockets to cut after all they never lay their lives on the line? I think they should put themselves in our shoes and maybe they would leave our earned benifits alone. We are such idiots if we continue to elect the same people over and over.

  • Wallace Czapla

    Every day I struggle to keep my job and provide a home for my family. I’m so stressed out the stress is destroying my health. I’ve been to the doctor more in the past 6 months than anytime since I retired from the Navy. Now they want to take away this benefit as well. I served my honorably served my country for 26 years and what do I get but my benefits cut. The irony is if I were an illegal alien iI could get free medical and free education without paying any taxes. I could get into banking and defraud the country and recieve a bailout from the taxpayers. I would even be able to keep the money the taxpayers gave me in the bailout to loan to others to help them and get a bonus from all the interest my bank made not giving the loans out.

    Instead I honorably served my country, got out and got a job and have been trying to staying employed for the last 11 years. I keep trying to think about retiring but all I see me doing is working until I’m 70 or 75 years old and dying working rather than enloying my retirement. When am I going to get a break.

  • Belinda

    The senator needs to retire. His one last push for the president seat shows that know one wants him. If he feels we need to cut why not cut from the top. Big business always cuts from the top then the bottom. This would mean that our sentors and congressmen plus the president needs to give so our troops can have the last a greatest. We receive a small retirement and now the government wants to take a percenage of this. Jobs are needed in the US and he stating that of working age is ridculous. I am sure if our sentors and congressmen where to take a cut the money would be greater than the retired arm forces.


    A blanket statement that military retired should not be allowed to join Tricare Prime is foolish. I am retired from the reserves and an a shareholder in an S-Corp. As such the company cannot pay my health insurance. It must come out of my pocket. I actively served over 21 years, and from age 60 (when I could obtain my retirement benefits) I am looked upon as a burden to the government? So the question becomes: what about the retired military who are able to live on their retirement and have no private employer health insurance? Here we go again — the government says it can’t afford to live up to its promise for health care to its military retired — but will there be any cuts to the Medicaid program? Will there be any charges to the Medicaid program? Am I better off being destitute and on welfare? Will that cost the government less? NO, it will just be a charge to a different department of the government. So it won’t affect DOD, but it will affect the bottomline of Uncle Sam. Once again the hard working who live by the rules get the short end of the stick. The same thing will happen to those who saved for their retirement, paid into social security, and will be means tested for those same

  • Dragonfry70

    I am an out of work retiree, supporting a child as a single parent. Tricare is my only health coverage. Has Congress even asked how many of us there are and what the impact of removing Tricare Prime from working age retirees who can find jobs? Even if we can land a minimum wage job, it doesn’t guarantee that we will be offered health benefits.

  • mgallagher01

    I can no longer support Senator Mccain. What has happened to his support of his fellow military?

  • Metfan Lou

    I understand our budget crisis however if the retirment system changes and Tricare for Life imposes fees that rise along with medicare premiums the only choice will be to return to a draft. They will not be able to fill the ranks if military service is perceived as just another job. The only people who reap the benefits of living in our great country are illegal aliens. All the benefits with no accountability.

  • John Nevilles

    One reason I stayed in the Army for 20 years was the promise of “:free medical for life”. I am 71 & my wife is 69. We are both on Part B & pay about $200 a month for enroillment. Are we talking about another $200 on top of that?

    MSG USA Retired

  • Bill Beal

    McCain strikes again. How about McCain giving up his coverage. Shocking, take away this earned benefit and give all kinds of military benefits to same sex partners as a result of elimination of “Don’t Ask Don’t Tell”. What is going on?? Have DOD lost their minds. Sugfgestion: Blanket McCain’s Office with E-Mails and letters. McCain is a back stabing SOB.

  • Yolanda

    I don’t care about Sen. McCain, but I do care about retirees and their families. My husband served in the Army for 22 years and had a hard time finding a job after retiring. We have a hard time paying for ANYTHING as it is and now THIS is proposed. I’m fed up! Recently, I spent 2 hrs. in the emergency room which came out to be over $3000.00. Thank God for Tricare Prime, we only had to pay $30.00. My husband had to stay overnight a month later and that was over $13,000. We haven’t received the final bill, but I know it will be affordable. We NEED Tricare Prime for retirees and their families.

  • Chuck G

    I think McCain needs to be sent back to Vietnam, specifically the Hanoi Hilton.
    Maybe he will open his eyes the second time around. He does not have to worry, all of his medical needs are taken care of. Maybe it is time to cut all of the free benefits they receive up there in D.C.

  • ben murphey

    What you naive career military fail to recognize. They count on you volunteers and those believers in duty, honor and country. Your the weak minded ones because you ate it and believed in a system and a government that notoriously has treated its veterans with treasonous acts after your service. What the military fails to recognize even its senior leadership, it has thew power of “Coup De Tat” But unfortunately the military lacks intelligent and strong leadership similarly like our politicians. America is destined to fail because your politicians sold America out and the military and American people are sheepishly weak fools.

    • jemerrill

      murphey….go back in your cave. Learn some English, and don’t profess to be so knowledgeable about our system. Your ignorance shows.

    • Jerry

      I imagine that Ben here hasn’t seen the round end of a rifle in his life and apparently thinks he’s the smartest of all the nay-sayers in the world of people who hate Americans, GIs, common sense people – take your pick. Back under your rock you silly bastard, and try to keep those bright thoughts in you head, which is helplessly wrapped up in your colon.

  • Dan

    I believe McCain is lost his marble. I hope that McCain loses all his monies and be poor. He was just a pilot for the Navy. Who is he to have our retirement benefit be taken away just because this nut says so. I hope he just retires and goes away. Die or sometime. I am just fed up with that man. He is worthless to me. May God keep us retirees safe.

  • jerry

    sen. McCain you should be ashamed of yourself.

  • Lydia Seabron

    Why do they keep coming after military medical benefits instead of looking at their own? I don’t have a problem paying a little more for my premium every year but I do have a problem being kicked out just because the government can’t manage their money better. I’m ashamed of Sen. McCain and he should be ashamed of himself for even using his POW status as some form of expertise on military. I can think of lots of other ways to save money. For starters those politicians should make a lot less and only get paid for the time they actually work. They shouldn’t be allowed to keep their income when they resign their seat because of some stupid thing they did. They should be submitted to the same health coverage as a “regular employee” and pay part of the premium and copays and be subjected to benefit limits. While we are at it lets get them to pay for their own dental coverage too. See problem solved!!!

    • Darleen

      I too am ashamed of McCain… what’s worse he is one of MY Senators, even though I quit voting for him years ago…

  • masterchief ret.

    I am just sick of the whole political mess. Its time for us to take back our freedom and take all the entitlements away from the polticians. We could probably get out of debt if the politicians had to pay what we pay and only get the same intitlements as we.

    • DMarts

      I think everyone should stop talking about it and just start doing something about it. If we can’t have it I should they have it. The reason they get away with it is because we let them!!! I send emails to them all the time, i never get anything back from them, including McCain. Dirt-bag was only nice when he needed voting points, now he doesn’t care for the people that kept him in office all these years!!!

  • Robert David Hummel

    Yes…I feel VERY HAPPY ..that our..ELECTED REPRESENTATIVES…find it EASY ..”TO LIE and engage DECEIT.. to the MANY that GAVE their all, IN service to our country, TO:… PRECIPIDOUSLY REARRANGE “EARNED BENEFITS”….that the INDIVIDUAL VETERAN… “PAID for IN TIME SERVED and REAL CASH …AS… TFL… was a OPTION since 1986……(only took 25 years to conjure up the LIE & DECEIT. THANK YOU FOR THE FREEDOM of CHOICE pending to be ROBBED from those that SERVED for the CONGRESSIONAL FREEDOM….to perform so SLENTiCALLY.

  • Robert David Hummel

    Yes…I feel VERY HAPPY ..that our..ELECTED REPRESENTATIVES…find it EASY ..”TO LIE and engage DECEIT.. to the MANY that GAVE their all, IN service to our country, TO:… PRECIPIDOUSLY REARRANGE “EARNED BENEFITS”….that the INDIVIDUAL VETERAN… “PAID for IN TIME SERVED and REAL CASH …AS… TFL… was a OPTION since 1986……(only took 25 years to conjure up the LIE & DECEIT. THANK YOU FOR THE FREEDOM of CHOICE pending to be ROBBED from those that SERVED for the CONGRESSIONAL FREEDOM….to perform so SLENTiCALLY.

  • martie

    Senator McCain served his country well in uniform, but I don’t think he’s done very well during his suit-wearing political days. Unfortunately, he is still seen a voice for military concerns. When I have a thought about military quality of life issues, I email Michelle Obama or Jill Biden. They were never military, or military spouses, but they’re a lot more in touch with today’s reality than John McCain or most of his colleagues. And they’re both out in the field with practical and caring initiatives that HELP. Write to them. Your elected representatives won’t do anything; they’re just waiting to pass the buck to that special budget cutting committee.

  • William Beal

    With all the corruption and waste under the Obama Administration I am sure that they can find other ways to cut government spending. Instead they want to attack military retirees and their skimpy benefits and add benefits to same sex partners. McCain should take wife Cindy and his dizzy daughter and return to Arizona for good.

    • Robert

      Not to burst your ballon their fellow, but this is about McCain’s position to cut benefits, not about our sitting president who has no vote to make such changes.

  • Robert

    So what about the unemployed-working-age- retirees? Not qualified for low income assistance, and without an employer’s insurance plan, where are those folks suppose to go for medical care?

  • j. elder

    It is a shame that McCain has forgotten. He has had military health care all of his life. Then he got elected, doesn’t need Tricare now. Oh yeah, he also married pretty well. Wonder what that health plan looks like.

  • Ken

    Apparently what McCain doesn’t understand about Tricare is that it becomes a secondary insurance to the retirees. As soon as they are employed and their employees insurance becomes active it then pays before Tricare even considers payment. In most cases this amounts to no payment from Tricare as the companies insurance pays more than the government set prices. So what is the hype all about. Some retirees need it and they should receive it. Others have better medical coverage than the government gives them and they use it. The only thing I used, because I could get a 3 month supply, was the drug program.

    • KenP

      Ken, you are just plain wrong

      What you are talking about describes the way that CHAMPUS used to work.

      TriCare is completely different.

      I am a currently using TriCare as my primary medical insurance because I live right next to an MTF, and the premiums are less than the cheapest plan that my employer offers, it also does not have the co-pay that the employer plan does

  • Hawaiiviking

    When I came on active duty I was told that if I lived long enough to retire that my medical and dental was an earned benefit (at no cost)….now look at it.

  • Roger

    The reason they are trying take this benefit from you is because I just became eligible for the program. This is what happens every time it is my turn to receive a benefit. Sorry to all. They always go after the folks who are just getting by. I guess they think we have no voice. We know they don’t respect what we done for our country. This is depressing to see where our country is headed. If we really want to change things we need to pass a law that says if congress can balance our budget they loose the right for re-election.

  • jim wittel

    Another screw job from the government. Why not this is a great idea take all benefits from the retires. Watch your Armed services go to hell then. then you will be force into a draft haha

  • shipfixr

    How’s that tin-foil hat working out for you?

    • mr t

      Did the service make you THAT hateful? Calling retirees idiots shows what kind of punk you must be. Keep running your mouth…it feels good, boy!

      • mr t…What not man enough to use Capital letters….you must be in the NAVY. You must also have been one of those that got mad when the put women on ships….you didnt like the competition…hahahahahah

    • Enl Rert

      LOL I was thinkin the same thing, this guy is all over the map lol

  • MCPO (retired)

    Shame on you Senator McCain, shame on any Officer at the Pentagon that supports this legislation. It is your duty and your responsibility to take care of your “Troops”! By supporting this legislation you’re not only harming the retiree, but you are weakening our military going forward. How do you expect military personel to believe what they are told about their future, if the military and congress does not honor its commitments that it has made in the past? In this country we talk about supporting our troops, this legislation is definitely questioning that commitment!

  • R. Perez

    To the present administration and Senator McCain
    This new buzz phrase “Working age military retirees” assumes that all military retirees are working and have jobs. This couldn’t be further from the truth. The fact is many of us are out of work, or are working low paying jobs with no company benefits, or work for companies that have medical benefits that are too expensive and cost prohibitive. We use TRICARE Prime because it is a benefit that we served over 20 years of service to have when in retirement. We do not have the sweet retirement deal that some in Congress would have the American people think.
    This mindset of Senator McCain’s and the white house is politically motivated and misguided. It clearly appears that in desperation the present administration and Senator McCain, in this political landscape have chose to target the one group that has the least say in any decisions that effect them, the active duty military and the military retirees. I am putting Senator McCain and the present administration on notice that I will personally begin to organize military retirees and any organizations that would like to join our movement to vote you out of office, in hopes of making this a stronger and once again a prouder nation of citizens. This is what becomes of people and veterans that feel that they have been betrayed and have had their representatives turn their backs on them.
    I would further advise that this movement will grow very quickly and engulf the entire nation, to include all those that are dissatisfied with our present government’s direction and it lack of consideration for its citizen and those who honorably serve our nation.




    • bearone2

      why wait to pass judgement, mccain doesn’t need tricare, he’s got medical bennies for life from being a bonehead, turncoat senator.

    • MCPO

      They are not suggesting losing Tricare for Life—only charging you $200 per year for it.

  • ArdvarkMaster

    To all who have defended McCain previously on this site as an honorable man etc.: Now you know how he honors the sacrifice service members have made. I hope to never hear another defense of a man who will sacrifice those who have already sacrificed.

    • A Wehrle

      Yes…people are finally catching on to Big John McCain…the anthesis of a “war hero”…bottom of his class at Annapolis…and I mean bottom…nearly cashiered from Naval Aviatior school…to which he did not deserve to be selected…and shot down after disobeying a Naval directive at the time. Yes, a real ” American Hero”…..this SOB needs to get off the necks of regular Americans and those of us who served more honorably and made it up through the ranks on our own, not because our last name was McCain…which was a noble name until the latest version.

  • RCK

    McCain Just thinks everyone retires as an 05 or above.
    Nothing wrong in his mind that many served over youthful years, while raising families, working for peanuts while thinking there’s light at the end of a 20+ year tour of duty. While we sacrifised time with loved ones. McCain and friends squandered our benefits on illegals, those on the dole, and personal golden parachutes. Never Again.

  • Elaine Carey

    Mc Cain is a turncoat. So much for “taking care of its own”. He is a Navy vet, but he only served through VietNam, & was a POW. To heck with those of us who came in during VietNam & STAYED in. I am one of the “working age” retirees but I AM NOT working, so now what? I use Tricare standard & extra, so I pay more out of pocket costs toward my promised “FREE” medical benefits for serving my 20 years. I say no politicians get ANY medical benefits & they take a pay cut. That will save our country some money!

  • I will go along with McCain if they first clean up the benefits being received by Congressmen/women and Senators. Have them co-pay for their medical benefits, allow a retirement stipend only if you have served a minimum time (20 years) such as the military and if removed from office for cause, not be
    allowed to receive any compensation. When you stop and consider their benefits, even the lowliest politician make more money annually than a retired four star general. Talk about gravey trains! Mr Forbes best summed it up: limit their term and let them go home and make a living like everyone else.

  • Jeff

    Sad that Applebees and Chilis cares more about us than the government.

  • Jim

    I am on limited income , I get Social Security and my military pay is under $400. per month but that is another story. I also get Pers pension also under $ 800. a month. I pay my wife’s Tricare Prime, now they want me to pay $200.a year for my Tricare for Life and raise it each year in 2013 they want 95 dollars more,plus we have to pay more for prescriptions..there are other military families out there earning basic wages and even some earning $2.00-$3.00 more per hour with out benifits and they are on Tricare Don’t kick us off Tricare.

  • William

    They promised free medical/dental for retirees when I enlisted – Now, screw retirees. Here’s a novel idea, why not take some of the excessive benefits away from those elected to Congress.
    Lets see, $174k A Year (those in leadership positions get up to $223K). Personal staff salaries, they are allowed to pay up to $156K for house and senate staffers (In 2009, Senators each received between $3MIL to 4.8 MIL for staff expenses)
    Free postal (franking).
    Travel expenses to and from home district.
    Personal expense account
    Free medical
    Extremely generous retirement
    Free foreign Travel
    Leadership gets vehicles/chauffers

    Congress appropriated OVER $5 Billion to congressional operation in 2010 alnoe.

    • FRBB

      Right on Bro ! ! That’s a 5 billion a year Out-House we have there in good
      ol’ D.C. , and it needs to be dug out, buried deep, and a replacement batch of TRUE representatives installed. How did we EVER get stuck with such a load of Turkey’s? BB

  • gilgamesh45454

    The Loudoun County Republicans sent out this flyer:… Telling voters to “thank a veteran” — of the old Soviet Union!! They don’t even know what an American soldier looks like!!!

  • Raymond

    The actions of Senator McCain should be considered criminal. It discuss me to think that our elected officials the very people that place us in harms way would betray us. I find some comfort in the fact that this bandit was not elected president. I sacrificed my time,safety,health and my own freedom for my family and country. I had a contract with the government and I demand they uphold there part. If the government wants to send the message that they lack honor , integrity and responsibility and accountability then fall in line with McCain madness.

    • bearone2

      well said

    • A Wehrle

      You are correct. We all know McCain is nothing but scum, and may he soon exit our national stage.

  • Rafael

    Well, I am glad that this idiot, didn’t become the president. Another veterant that put a knife on the back of us. Working age ” what working age” at the age of 53 I can’t even get a job. I finished another degree in May and I think I wasted my time. Everyone wants younger employees. Experinece don’t mean S*** anymore. McCain you need to retire and make others life miserable.

  • Menace

    Criminal to even suggest such a horrible thing for us retirees. Just did 32 years and now this??? Anyone who supports this idea should be voted out of office immediately. Perhaps we should “occupy” McCain’s office and follow him around and picket until he relents…just criminal.

  • timg99

    We just used to say BOHICA,some things never change.

  • Freeman L> Moore

    It is always a wonder to me about politics – John McCain is and will always be against Pres Obama – however he like all the ones in a gov setting looks to please someone or thing that sets them up regardless of their own convictions – phony – phony – phony politics. We people need to get rid of them all. They are not in the gov to represent us, they are there to et rich the hell with us. Freeman L> Moore, Sr. USN RET

  • mike

    my god you need to get a life i dont agree with mccain at all and it doesnt matter what branch you served in al long as you served…i hate it when people down play one branch for another i bet you were in the army why there whats the matter your asvabs to low you were more likely a ground pounder and couldnt do a real just saying how does that feel …i served in the navy and earned a degree and had a great job so dont ever talk about someones branch .

  • JWC

    If they kick me out of Tricare Prime for my son and myself (singler father and retired Navy), then as soon as he turns 18 I will emigrateand renounce my citizenship. The politicians have made this country an embarassment to what our founding fathers envisionend. Retired E6, USN

  • Angry retiree

    So Mr Presidental Pardon Insane McCain is screwing his fellow vets again he blocked the POW investigation commitee when he forced himself on to that commitee now he is screwing the vets again.

  • MCPO

    Now McCain wants the retiree to pay $200 per year for Tricare for Life. Then if your spouse is lets say 62, retired from her civilian job, and on Tricare Prime, he wants to drop her and let her use the medical plan for retirees from her past civilian employer.

    Hello Senator, the spouse’s employer from which she retired does not offer a medical plan for their retiress.

    I have always respected McCain—–no mas.

  • SFC Miner

    Here we go the vats have give again and in some cases they may give it all. What happen to you will have free medical when you retire. I gave 21.5 years to you America free and now why do you have to kick us again.

  • Johnny

    This country have been using the military since it conception, it demands our patriotism, loyaty and unselfish dedication. We sacrifice our life and limbs, only to be traded off for budget cut and the needs of the Politicains. Mr. McCain being an POW, I would thought that you would unstand the value of life and the sacrifice the men and woman of the military have made to keep this glorious country the nation it is, but instead the military is just another business where the military personnel are at the mercy of the politicians. Have we not sacrifice enought that you have to take everything that you promise us. Where is the loyalty?

  • scott

    Once again a kick to the nutz of the military vet. Good thing this bastard didn’t get the presidental win huh? I agree with everyone here that says they (congress senators elected officials) need to give up their benifits too and then they can start to take ours. But lets play follow the leader here, I’ll do it if you do it. Did you know that as an elected member of congress you only have to serve 4 years to get your retirement from the government, that their children go to college for FREE in their home state, and on and on and on…….Go ahead take away our bernefits and we’ll firew all of your asses!!!!!!!

  • Bob

    Absolutely AMAZING how military retirees are continuously getting the shaft after we’ve provided the sacrifices and the expediency of the Federal government process wants to quote save money? How is it exactly that we were once told free medical for life and now we may not even have the benefit of even Tricare Prime, are you kidding me! Let’s start by firing the Congress with a grand total of less than 15% approval rating (which in the private sector would’ve put them out the door long before with a pink slip) and start fresh. The government has lost all control of their senses and too many people in official positions are taking advantage of funding they don’t have to pay for programs that won’t work for people who don’t contribute. While hard working veterans and good people work away to make ends meet and maintain hope these so called experts in Washington are driving our country into the abyss!

  • Lou

    I get paid an additional $1000 per year (which is taxable, I might add) by my employer to not take their medical benefits. If this happens, I lose that and would be no different than any other civilian (except that Tricare Standard MAY cover the difference in medical costs). Also, because my wife turns 65 before I do, she has to switch to Medicare. I gave up 23 years of my life for this possibility. There is a term in the military: BOHICA!!

    • Tricore13

      McCain is no better than Jane Fonda. He has sold us all out, sold Americans out to illegal immigrants and sold us veterans out to welfare queens and parasites demanding handouts for doing nothing. The changes in rules already cost me over $6000 dollars a year in retirement.

      He needs to vote to cut civil service pay and retirement in 1/2. I have worked with these over paid lazy people. Elimiate all retrement pay for politicians.

      These politicians and crooks get their monry up front and promise us things and then do not pay. I say anyone wanting to ct the benefits for veterans needs to have their children handed over to IRAN or other enemies so they can pay the price for not serviing or being drafted.

      Read more:

  • larry

    I can’t beiieve a man who I respected would turn on the American Vets. I can see now. I almost forgot he is in politics and doesn’t need any of the perks, He is set for life.. What a double standard he has set.

  • NKB1

    Time for all retirees to start a campaign. If Congress wants to cut the benefits we worked so hard for to save money, then shouldn’t they be willing to have to serve a minimum of 20 years, pay for their health care, not get COLA raises.

    Congress votes themselves pay raises, keeps themselves in an elite health care system. They have one of the most liberal pension and health care plans around and only have to serve one term to be immediately eligible for it.

    Time for all of us to stand up and shout we are done being treated like second class citizens. If it is good enough for our military retirees, then it should be more than good enough for former Congressmen/women. I didn’t see any of them risking their lives.

  • Retired Marine

    and to think I voted for him….

    • 1836eig

      I was going to until he announced his running mate!

  • S. Pharaoh

    Unbelievable!!!! My husband and I both gave 20+ yrs to the military and retired to have our benefits. Benefits which were promised too us. We can’t turn back time and work somewhere else and retire and get their benefits/retirement. After numerous sacrifices of ourselves and our family we now work as PRN therapists enjoying the time w/our girls. There is no way to make up the missed birthdays, school plays……But being forced to work somewhere else for benefits when we were promised ours from the military. I think we have given enough. Its time for the politicians to give up something. They are living a sweet life, avoiding taxes, spending money that isn’t theirs etc.

  • Jordan

    I breathed Toxic Burning SHIT. YES SHIT. For 12 months for my recent deployment. There is nothing else to do but burn the trash and feces. The burn pit was 1/4 of a mile long, and of course the wind blew to our housing units 24×7.
    What are the effects? Who knows. I will find out when I retire and my government wont help me when they needed me most.
    I have been inoculated with God knows what. I.e. Anthrax and whatever else was deemed necessary. Effects remain to be seen.
    We work a hard life. To have the audacity to see a pencil pusher with a nice suit and tie vote on behalf of me receive free medical (Senators/Congressmen) is absurd.

  • chuck dineh

    McCain’s action to propose elimination Tricare for Veteran during the month we honor our war heros, fallen heros, MIAs/POWs is downright evil. He must have just lost his mind. or a hatred for his fellow veterans. The majoritty of veterans don’t have access to the state of the art health care like the one he gets and he has the income to boot. Many of our vets are out on the streets, homeless and have no money, many his age and eligible for tricare today but they can’t even afford transportation to get to a VA Clinic. Unbelieveble. Honor, respect and serve is what we do. Veterans deserve better!

  • badger03

    Sen McCain has betrayed us again! He clearly demonstrates that his loyalties lie with corporate America and not with those who shouldered the burden of service. he wants those who are or were tasked to continue to give all for many who give and gave none.Ex- POW or not, he’s attempting to betray those of us in and out of uniform. We will remember this when election time rolls around; both Senatorial and Presidential.

  • tiger

    McCains audacity….Cut the vets huh ?,,,,
    ,maybe the vets will lead the revolution.

  • Paul

    I think they should start with there benifits first. Free Medical care,postal,trips,retirement after FOUR years??/Get Real,give up some of your benifits,before you try to take the ones who have served 20 years plus in the military. See how much you would save if they stopped the retirement for people in Congress, I shoudl have said crooks

  • Singletary

    Un Fng believable. Maybe we need to cut their pay instead. Nothing like giving 30 years just to have no insurance or lack there of. For most switching to employee insurance would cost more than they can afford or in some cases make. $8. an hour doesn’t even come close to paying the bills. What are they thinking. Do they realize that there may be no point in defending our country if they can’t keep to their word. Just think giving 30 years just to get screwed in the end. Oh and then after on tricare for life when those are on a fixed income to impose an anual fee. They all need to be fired or kicked in the but like we’ve been for the past 3 years with no raises. Gaurantee they got their rase. Rich get richer and the middle class goes away a little more each day. Unbelievable.

  • another dummy

    just like any other politician full of crap.

  • Morey Adreon

    Fallon…..I hate it when you hold back. Get it out, all out….say what you think!

  • ZR1Tom

    This is an outrage. Senator McCain is a coward and back stabbing two-faced weasel suggesting this line of action against retirees who served their country. I put in long hard hours consisting of 25 years in the Air Force and now someone sitting in their ivory tower wants to screw those people who have earned this entitlement. I am retired at 55 and do not have any other form of insurance. Being dibetic, itis crucial I have the benefits under Tri-Care Prime. I suppose to the rich fat cats in congress this means nothing. As far as they are concerned they have theirs and to hell with everyone else. This suggestion in modifying Tri-Care Prime is a sham, a disgrace and McCain should be ashamed of himself for being such a coward in suggesting this possible modification. I am watching all who threaten military retirees retirement, social security and medicare. I will support those canidates who support our benefits, both in time and money as well as my vote for them. This insanity must stop…it is time for backward thinkers in congress to be voted out!

  • Jose

    Call Senator McCain at express you anger at this proposal. Leadership starts at the top and it should with Congress cutting their benefits first!

  • Terry

    Today I listened to what the president said about all he was going to do to support the veterans with help in getting employment. Also mentioned that the nation should not forget the sacrifices the veterans have made. Then I read about how all the things they want to take away from the retired veterans that dedicated a career to providing the nation with the freedoms it provides it”s citizens. It’s hard to determine exactly which side of face they are speaking from. I have disability rating of less then 50% so they take the amount of disability payment from the VA back out of my retirement check. So am I really recieving a recognized disability payment? It doesn’t reflected in my total payment. Now these 12-members from the Joint Select Committee on cost reductions wants to hit me with an annual enrollment fee for Tricare Prime in an effort to drive us away from what has been promised in the past. Think it’s time to go green and recycle congress.

  • Bob O.

    When you have the deficit in mind, it’s entirely possible that the monies could be cut. But, from experience working with budgets and money, my best guess is that this proposal is nothing more than a tabled item. I’m pretty sure Senator McCain isn’t against Veteran’s speaking up about their situation so go for it!

    Nice posts!

    Command Master Chief, Retired

  • Drema

    Why doesn’t John McCain give up his free medical first? And all the other members of congress. Let them pay for it out of their pockets for themselves and their families. After prescriptions, co-pays, dental, vision and surgeries there is nothing left. They sure ad hell weren’t worrying about the service person or his/her family when they were putting their lives on the line for this country to protect their dumb asses so why are they trying to take away our rights now? Cause they can because know one will stand up and say we aren’t taking this shit anymore. Next time they needs us to defend their asses we should say what the hell for? You’re just going to screw us in the end again just becaus you can.

    • C Jones

      I agree with you 100%. If they had to give up their benefit’s then they would think twice about it.

  • Joe

    Why are they not going after food stamp programs and welfare??

  • Old Chopper Pilot

    Don’t bother writing McCain. All you will get back, six months later, is a stock, completely unrelatd letter from a staffer that touts the wonderful things that McCain has done, and thanks you for your concern. At least he could have sent me the form letter that related to the issue I addressed in my letter to him.

    I was drafted in 69, and decided to try for retirement when I learned about the benefits, mainly the pay and healthcare. I got a lot of advice from old timers who said they wished they had stayed in.

    Being in the Army cost me. I moved around and couldn’t keep a home long enough to make anything on it (Back when that was possible), and it was impossible for my hard working wife to build a career. Then, after a successful career, I had to start at the bottom when I got a job. It was hard enough to transition to a civilian situation, and even tougher as I have begun to deal with issues that still cling to me after service.

    Thanks, McCain, and others that wish to deny or threaten the military benefits that I earned. I committed myself to the military and 7 years living overseas. I expect to get what I was promised.

  • Joe

    Oh yeah cable in prison’s!!!

  • ABK

    The CBO does not have touch with reality and seriously doubt any of them have ventured outside the beltway. I am not against the increases, they are minimal considering but don’t drop the retirees from PRIME unless they are 65 when they get Tricare for LIfe tohelp with the expenses, even an enrollment fee of $200 is reasonable when looking at medical costs today. But then you have the problem of Congress cutting the Doctors share in Medicare so then you have less doctors to chose for medical care expecially in remote areas. It’s a catch-22 for our senior retirees all the way around.

  • rymac

    The ones that are crying are the ones that are abusing the system. He is eliminating TriCare Prime only. If yoiu are working your employer has health insurance for you. If you are BEGGING ON THE STREET CORNER THAT IS A DIFFERENT STORY AND IF THAT IS THE CASE YOU SHOULD NOT OWN OR HAVE ACCESS TO A COMPUTER. You were the member of a volunteer force , Oh how quick they forget.

    • Gremal

      Its called a contract moron

      • Doug Nelson

        Amen brother……

    • AV8R

      Yes, we volunteered with a committment from our government of benefits. Would you like your employer to have you work for 20+ years and then tell you…”Oh yeah, we were just kidding about those benefits we told you about when you agreed to work here.”? Also, there’s a big difference in working 8-5 and being deployed away from your family for 6+ months at a time. I bet you don’t have that in your current job, do you???

    • vascrambler

      duhtard rymac……just want what was promised to me and my family!!

    • Bababear

      Don’t know where you are coming from, these bennies were garenteed to us that retired from service. So why don’t you join the now currupted Goverment and take a leave and give up your SSI, Retirement,and any other bennies you have been given so those of us who served to give you the right to post here can have what we were promised!!!!!

      • Teri

        They weren’t guaranteed, they were earned, paid for already. They are violating their contract because they don’t care about us, that’s all there is to it.

    • Yes, I wish they would of told me before I did two long tour to Europe, 2 short tours to Korea and 5 Combat tours to Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, and Iraq.

      23 years of bullshit and now this Millionaire (yes his wifeCindy is worth 358 Millions, she inherited from her father., want me to loose my dole prize which is health care! I would of dropped off the militart payroll after 4 years! Obama has not done one freaking minute in uniform, as well as all the members of the Super committee. I hoep everyone active duty is watching this crap! Now the Chicken Hawks are calling for strikes on Iran! Do it your damn self McCain and your boyfriend Obama. Whatever you say about Bush, he never cut oyur healthcare. This coming on on Hope and Change Muslim watch!

      • rocky

        This isn’t coming from Obama, it’s McCain and the Republicans, stay focused and blame the ones who deserve it.

        • Yes it is coming from Obama! Why do you thinl Leon Panetta id Sec DEF! McCain is just turning his back on retirees. McKeon, congressman from California (R) is the only one fighting this. This is Obama’s game, he is slashing the DoD, you better stay focused.

    • Tim

      Your a moroon, It Is a Contract and it was promised to the Retirees Just as the Retired Pay is, I put my life on the line for my Country for those Benifits If they would have said there were no Beneifits when i was signing the contract i would have never signed that contract.

    • Duty Chief

      For those of us that are working but DO NOT HAVE employer provided health insurance. This would be just one more thing that has been taken away from us. Making ends meet in this economy is tough enough. Yes I served my country and I retired with benefits that were promised to me. Why would I want to give that up, especially when I see what kind of pay , healthcare and pension packages that the Senators and congressmen have. I think Sen McCain forgot what it all meant.

      • Vocal Val

        Right on. It’s tough enough to make ends meet, even with both of us working. Due to the economy and age (55+) the jobs that offer health benefits are few and far between or so expensive, we would have to choose between food or health care…. As we age, the more medical care we need. Now they want to take away what was promised without a fuss – at a time we need it most.

    • Phartmann

      I work and why should I pay more now that I am reitried, it was supposed to be free for life. yes I was a volunteer, I also spent most of my time away from my family, even though its “voluntary” after you sign for 4 more you have no choice where you go and when. thats part of the price we pay. our civ. counter parts dont have to move on a moments notice, they can tell their bosses no and find other work. its not that I cant afford higher med bills I shouldnt have to because they changed the rules mid stream. they are going to screw this up so bad you will find our military will not be able to defend your dumb ass in the very near future. good luck

      • mad

        yea, and a huge % of gun owners in this country are retired or disabled vets!!!!

    • Chalkie

      Some of retirees were drafted and then actually took the opportunity to serve our country. Some of us retirees work for employers that do not provide health care benefits, or atl least benefits that do not cost an arm and leg to provide minimal health care.

    • Dumprat

      It seems that you dont want to keep your Tricare. If you let them do it now sooner or later they will just take it. People who serve their country in the military should be afforded the thanks of that very same country. I do not have Tricare Prime, but I do know people that do. With all of the jobs gone to other countries so they dont have to give them insurance, so what makes you so sure that it will not be yours next. If they want to cut the budget cut their pay and make them pay for their own insurance amd perscriptions copay like us. Seeing as most people dont think that their vote dont count. Maybe they should try it some time, that is the reason that the can do the thinges they want. Give them some thing free and people dont care, so they dont vote them out.

    • Rymac, Yes, I was a volunteer, but just because I and many others volunteered, including fighting several wars from Panama, to Iraq, doesn’t mean we should have to take a long stick up the a$$ to balance the budget. There are many others who are receiving benefits from the taxpayer who have contributed absolutely nothing to our nation. How much taxpayer money has been wasted on food stamps and poverty programs, yet poverty is actually growing with more than 50 million below the poverty line.

      When I first joined in the early eighties, health care was for life and it was for free, including dental and vision. This was changed 20 some-odd years ago. Now they are considering eliminating the health care benefit entirely. And it will be entirely as we will get pushed into MEDICARE/CAID. After we retire, the military will wash their hands of us, those people who VOLUNTEERED 20+ years of their most productive time of their lives to protecting this nation. What an awesome “Thank you for your service” parting gift.

      Lastly, in case you haven’t heard, veterans are having a more difficult time finding work than the general population. The one thing we have to offer, other than the obvious, is that with TRICARE, we can offer the employer a savings by not joining their health care plan. This might give a veteran an edge when it comes down to the final decision.

      I am well aware that our TRICARE benefit package is one of the best out, when comparing cost to the user. We are very lucky that our premium is so low, especially compare to other plans that have similar benefits. Saying that, I am one who would not be opposed to seeing an uptick in our costs, but keep this in mind when you compare Mr. and Mrs. Civilian to the military veteran. There is no other job in which the employee is asked to put his and her life on the line on a daily basis. Some will say cops and firemen. Yes, those are very dangerous jobs, and my hat is off to them. But even during times of peace, the death rate among service members is higher, due to training accidents, than the cops or firemen. Throw in a shooting war or two, and the comparison can stop because nothing even comes close.

      So yes, we volunteered, but why is that an excuse, to you, to have a promise yanked?

      • gutsix

        I agree with you Righty, I am also a Volunteer 20+ year Retiree. I would not mind if the yearly payment goes up, but to take it away altogether or Tricare Standard is just not fair. If you do that give us more money just like our Congressmen and women and make them do 20 years before they get their benefits.

        • rocky

          I mind that I pay anything, I was promised free healthcare for life, where did that go? I have no issue with paying a premium for my wife to have Tricare, that promise didn’t extend to dependents but I should not have to pay one red cent for healthcare, that was the contract I signed.

    • NavyMan

      They take this and than they take that and then this again hell why not just take it all and be done with it Stupied

    • fedup101

      Think about this. I served my 21 years and got my Tricare Prime. Now they want to move me to Tricare Standard and Cap it at 7500.00 per family. I have a family of six and a pitance for a retirment benefit. How many vets do you know that have $7500.00 laying around?
      The Congressman proposing these changes has guaranteed free healthcare for life, so what’s he got to worry about. I would be willing to bet you got your free healthcare too.

      • doug nelson

        I still have a tough timer because I have to drive 100+ miles just to get into a checkup….because I’m in a rural area. If anything they need to improve it…..

      • KenP

        No, they do not have free health care for life, nor can they retire after one term

    • steve1027

      retired after 27 yearss now a contractor. Still enough fraud and waste around to cut instead of benefits that were earned.

    • Charlie C

      Listen rymac the looser some of us were still draft eligable and didn’t have the all volunteer choice so shut up and don’t tell us what we should and shouldn’t have

    • Todd Carnes

      You are obviously someone who has never served a day in your life and don’t have a clue what the f*$k you’re talking about. They aren’t abusing anything. They deserve everything they are getting (which isn’t much) and more.

      Heck, you can’t even get the part about begging on the street right. ANYONE can walk into a public library and access the internet for free.

    • Dan

      I assume you believe Obamacare will fix all of it also? I would venture a lot of retirees work for small companies that do not provide health insurance coverage and in this economy there are probably a few won’t can’t even get a job. So classifying people who do not have employee provided health care as beggars is irresponsible. If Obamacare is not overturned by the Supreme Court or voted out by congress in 2012 a lot of employers will start dropping health care.

    • jerry

      Maybe they can save more money by taking your pay away from you. Like you said, its an all volunteer force and volunteers work for free like an indentured servant. So much for the promise that the government would take care of its retired veterans. If this does pass,all hell will break loose come November 2012 from us retired veterans votes.

    • Dan

      You silly fool. Most older retirees benefiting from “promised” healthcare for life were drafted. I served during Viet Nam, then Desert Shield. I have 26 years total service protecting you!
      … and what makes you think people have insurance from their employer/ If you do great. But that is a benefit that is being eliminated faster than I can type.
      John McCain , besides being a millionaire, has totally FREE healthcare for LIFE for serving as a congressman. He should be ashamed trying to deny us of healthcare that again, was PROMISED to us for serving our country.
      Stop being so selfish.

    • Tricore13

      End all healtcare to kids over 22 as it was before. Elimate all welfare etc that does not require 12 hours a day 6 day a week voluteering service.

      I never was paid for all the overtime unlike civil service or other American workers. The stoploss cost me $350000 that I will never make up. My retirement was pay was suppose to be connected directly to active duty pay. Becuase they broke that agreement, I am already out $6000 a year in retirement.
      Oh, do away with all Pell Grants and Student Loans. My daughter worked her way through college and garduated with over a 3.9. These parasites and get off the free ride before you steal from us.

    • Les

      What employer insurance,? Mine does not offer any! What now mister smart guy? I earned this benefit plain and simple, and if eliminated the government will be sued and lose, that you can take to the bank. The government is hated, thanks to out current elected clowns.

    • James

      There are still some of us that were NOT volunteers, but were drafted and only stayed because Vietnam Vets were considered baby killers and nothing but a bunch of drug addicts, so why hire them? We still face this lie every time we look for work.

    • rymac you are so dump– hell with you and your kind– your ass is free to talk crap because of the military- like so many no good american who has no ideal about nothing but to run the mouth

    • pacman94

      yes you could do that and then you would be paying about 4 times what Prime costs, 20 years of service you think they would be more respectful.

    • Doug Nelson

      Piss off I did 20 years, we put our lives and our bodies in the line of fire and we have earned this benefit……he’s talking about retiree’s bot the four year vet…you don’t know their story, they may be disabled and a victim of Obamas cuts….just think about it. I think we should cut MCcain’s retirement package, he already retired from the military, that’s enough, he’s an old dog and needs to go out to pasture….

    • rflem1053

      Contract and guarantee. States are broke and they still pay their teachers and troopers. Why dufus? Oh it was in their contract.

    • Rocky

      You do know you’re an idiot right? Employer provided health insurance in this day and age is rare and typically costly. Computers are at the library for everyone to use for free. I was a member of a volunteer force, one that was guaranteed free medical for life, now not so much since I have to pay a premium for Tricare Prime. It’s not free and believe me, I don’t forget…I don’t forget sleeping in the desert away from my wife and four kids while you were home in your bed spending time with your family, something I was protecting for you. Just so you know, stupid people shouldn’t be allowed to post.



    • Bad Company

      Humm, lets see now, here I am 100% SC disabled vet using TRICARE Prime and unable to work because of his SC disability and over 62. Their plan for SC medically discharged vets is to have them “fade away” while they fund the do nothing Energy Dept, the wacko EPA, Dept of Education and other agencies who DON’T hire disabled vets. I guess we all need to stage a sit in McCain’s office. especially us old ones from his era.

    • Barbara

      Not all employers offer insurance stupid. Our men and women served their country and deserve the benefits they were promised. The library gives you access for those that cant afford moron. Do you think you are the only privledged one out there. Wake up.

    • Scottt01

      Obviously this moron freeloaded his freedoms off the back of those that did serve.

    • Evette

      not all employers provide health insurance, and not to mention what if it is a retiree who is in school? My dad retired and came out and couldn’t get hired even at a HOmedepot. The options open to him were a joke and so he went back to school for computer science. Once he completes this he will be much more marketable however, he gave 20 years of his life to this military, was taken away from us for crucial times and this is how they thank him? how about we cut out the politicians health care plans and subject them to what every day americans or even their military, their protectors, are given. This is a retiree benefit and needs to be given, like promised to those who already have it. If a new policy needs to be implemented then take it from here forward but don’t pull it away from those who were aleady promised it years ago upon signing up.

    • pissed

      A volunteer force that was promised free healthcare for life dickbrain.

    • Jiovanni

      Hey moron you probably didn’t fight for the freedom of this country. We earned this benefits by serving. McCain as the rest of these politicians are robbing we the people. These are benefits we earned similar to the Social Security and other benefits, but these dirty politicians are just there to rob us and take more for them. You sound like one of them, moron, imbecile, thief

    • SOFMedic

      rymac…Medical care for a retiree and his dependents was a contractual agreement between the US government and abusive “volunteers”. You are correct., most employers do offer health insurance, but my employer wants to charge me a premium of $660 per month for health care coverage and a deductible of $1500 per person…not what I call a bargain. So the next time you exercise your God given right to freedom of speech, please try and educate yourself before making broad generalizations about honorable people who have sacrificed so much for their country.

    • excuse me

      The Vietnam war was NOT voluntary.

    • Allan Williams

      I entered the U.S. Navy from College after being DRAFTED in 1968 and served 5 tours flying Jets in Vietnam. I was not a member of an all volunteer force you moron! Check your history. I was in Vietnam in 1971 when my birthday came up up # 357 in the draft lottery.

    • Excuse me? What kind of moron are you? You’re the one that should not have access to a computer. There are plenty of disabled veteran’s who can not work, that use Tricare Prime for themselves and their families, that ARE NOT BEGGING ON THE STREET CORNER. Oh how quick you forget, WITHOUT the so called VOLUNTEER force, You my friend would have been serving in the military without a choice, remember that the next time these volunteers, save you and your coward asses from having to defend anything but your hatred.

    • Marie Coker

      How is asking for what we were promised and worked and scarfice for abusing the system? Why should I pay over a $1000.00 a month most of my retirement pay for insurance that I was promised? Do you have any idea how much insurance for a family of 5 cost? Not to mention dental?

    • tripod9

      What can I say that hasnt been said already except; probable discharge under less than honorable conditions.

    • PHDR

      I am working and I have NO health insurance from my employer. If I did, I would sign up. I rely on Tricare (currently Tricare Reserve Select) for my insurance. $200 enrollment fee- fine. But a $7500 catastrophic cap?? Come on.

    • JustSayin

      Aside from the bit about it was guaranteed us when we signed…Some of us that are self-employed rely on this for our kids going to college and can’t get jobs with health care benefits. That’s not abuse, it’s use!

    • Arthur

      The reason that I “signed up” was for the health care benefits upon retirement and the retirement. Sorry, just because I signed up does not mean that the promises made to me in order to “sign up” should not be honored.

    • nikko

      rymac, you’re an idiot and probably not even a retiree (or ever served). Listen, we all volunteered and stayed with the promise of health care for life, if you stay in for 20 years or more. This is the career we all chose and, in my case, 9/11 hit at my 10 year point. I didnt run and I didnt hide. I deployed numerous times over the last 10 years. Holding up their end of the bargain is the least the gov’t can do. So, go back to your parents basement and continue to hit that bong. I’ll make sure you can say what you want while I stand guard over here in AFG…

    • East Coast

      Sounds like you never served a day in the military in your life. Yes your employer may have insurance that’s probably at least three times more expensive than Tricare Prime. For those who have served 20 or more years in the Military we were promised free medical and dental for life. Of course the Government went back on their word and Retirees pay a reasonable fee. Of course McCain, Obama, Biden, etc. get their Premium Health Care for free. They’re not offering to modify or reduce their benefits.

    • Rick S.

      What a moronic comment! No one is “crying” knucklehead. What we are doing is expressing our outrage when a fellow veteran tries to take away benefits that WE WERE PROMISED! What we do or don’t get in our civilian jobs is none of your damn business! It is also totally irrelevant to this debate!

      Telling me I should lose my Tri Care health insurance because I have insurance through my civilian employer is about as stupid as suggestiong that I should lose my retirement check because I already get one from my civilian employer.

    • Enlisted retiree

      Idiot – You don’t get it – You must be a DoD contractor getting a $100000+ for sitting on your A _ _. There is millions – if not more – WASTE that can and should be cut first

    • K.Perkins SFC Ret

      When I joined I was promised “FREE” health care when I retired. I did not whine as you stated when they started to charge me for that. Now they want to cut it all together. It is another way for the Government to break promises to the men and woman who fight for this country. Instead of taking it from their own pockets they take it from ours. I never forgot that I joined of my own free will. Like any job you look for the benefits. You would be whining as well if you got a job that offered health care for life then they took it away after you retired. Why not just shoot us all and save on the retirement pay as well. That would certainly help the country out of debt, or better yet why dont we stop paying a do nothing congress for lack of work on the real issues.

    • ravengotu

      Umm I AM NOT WORKING YOU MORON. You people working, then talk down to others. This is why America will go down. We served, most the best years of there lives. So now it is okay to change everything and take away the one thing that is very important to the Retired. So we have 30 million uninsured it will now increase to 38 million. Nice,,,AZZHOLE

    • D. Pennington

      i don’t know about you but for 30 years i gave my life for this country and now those that supposedly loved the military are backstabbing just to cut dollars because they don’t want to cut their precious state projects. How many millions, billions are going to states so that they can put a state park on the corner or upgrade toilets in the woods? I am sure that he is loving his TRICARE benefit….He has become another crying heart Liberal and should go retire on the farm…

    • Valente Leal

      Did you know that most people who retire go on tri care prime? As I have said before, ” When we all first enlisted we all got the pitch, Stay in for at least 20 yrs and we would get medical for the rest of our lifes. Hey if was possible to stay till we hit 65, I’ am sure a lot of us would have.

    • FISHDO

      I was not a member of a volunteer force. I carried a draft card with a status of 1-A. My government promised me certain benefits for my service. I lived up to my end of the bargain. Now it is their turn to live up to their end. Increasing monthly fees or enrollment cost is fine. I can do that.

    • Donald Patrick

      What about those that were drafted, were they a member of a volunteer force? Those who served a military career were promised free medical care. No one seems to remember that promise now. Where is the honor in that?

    • Peace

      Rymac your comment is really sad. How quicly you forget what we have all given. When you say we are crying and abusing the system you are full of hot air. Most companies are not paying health benifits for part time workers. Your comment shows what kind of person you are.

    • jproctor67

      You are a very sick person, Tricare Prime was started to cover the lie about health care for life that I was promised but never happened. Most companies now aren’t offering health coverage to their workers so Tricare is their Insurance. Retirees aren’t crying they just want what they’ve earned from all the years in who knows what part of the world. Most retirees don’t get good jobs with insurance just a few.

    • Patriot Marv

      You insult those who entered into service to our country during the draft era, myself included. To entice us to re-enlist, we were promised health care for life. I’m in my late 50’s working for the government to include 20 years in the Navy with full retirement. If Obamacare goes into full force, private insurance (workplace insurance) will disappear and we’ll all be on government healthcare…right back to square one. This country has it’s priorities in the wrong place. Protect the promises made to those who sacrificed, or we’ll find ourselves back to the draft in order to protect this country!

  • Kelly R

    Wow! Another bright idea from McCain! What is up with this guy? It sounds like he is anti military! Whats wrong with you McCain? Do you not realize that most military folks can not afford to be on anything but Tricare Prime? I am so sick and tired of our Government coming up with all these so called great ideas when they are nothing more than trying to figure out another way to screw the American military and their families! Pisses me off to no end! LEAVE our dang military benefits alone! Stop taking the stuff that we were all promised. We were told if you spend 20 yrs or more in the service you would have the “benefit” of medical for life! Lets keep it that way! Also, I have still not heard anything about you all charging yourselves more for your medical. Or better yet putting yourselves on the same plan that we are all on. Pull your heads out and come up with other ways of saving money. Maybe we the people should be asked how our money is being saved or spent in OUR government! ENOUGH ALREADY!

  • wallchuck

    I served a total of 26 years in the military and my family did to. They were not active military but they moved when the orders came down and every tome we moved some of our goods was lost and stolen. We lost money on ou homes because of having to sell quickly. Did we get anything in return “NO”. Now they want to charge us for our TRICARE for LIFE, like we have money to throw around,forgive me but the Gov’t. and McCain is full of it! I don’t see these people hurting for anything. Our youngest son will receive his Master’s Degree this semester and he owes the gov’t. around $40 to $50, 000 for school debt, he’s married and had to work the whole time he went to school. So politicians don’t need to whine to me about their problems. Give some of their money to the retired disabled vets that was promised a few crumbs and we will be happy BUT leave what we have alone!!

  • T. Kopetzky

    For the love of God man, beat us down some more!!!!! Again our hero McCain wants to ballance the budget off the backs of the Veterans, and pushing even more lashing on the retiree!!!!!! I say cut the retirement out for someone that only served four years in politics in Washington or give retirement to those who go to battle such as our Army, Navy, Marine and Air Force and served four years. They earned it more than the politicians in Washington.

  • owen l

    another cut for the military. why do they start cutting their benefits instead of what little bit the military gets.

  • Jimsa

    Best thing to do is to vote Mc C out !!! Let him live off of his pension and what allowance his wife gives him. Obviously those at the top never really think about those at the bottom. I voted for him, thinking it was the right thing to do at the time. Boy, was I ever wrong .

  • strikehold

    wait, wait, wait. John is a goood olllle boy. most in that place we call the nations capital are. what about the retirees on social security for a medical disability? now what are you going to say john. i work and was not allowed at my employer to use my tri-care, use their medical insurance, i and other retirees who world there ending up looosing more than half our pay checks to pay for this required medical insurance, there is the door. tried finding a job at 50 something? hey, allow me to go back into the army, ill go fight, cant see, cant hear, and sure cant jump of a c-17 anymore, but ill die for this country. heck, cant get buried in arlington, they forget who they have buried where, but i’ll fight for my country. so john, thanks, remember your history, every war this country has fought, this country was not prepared, why, they reduced the military to save this country money. we dont mind be picked on, but i now must say that 37 years ago i was lied to at the meps, by my recruiter, and this country. i and other vetsand/or retirees wont be taken care of for the rest of our lives and even after we pass. nuff said.

  • Tonya Dillon

    Mr. McCain, stop for a minute and think about the people, those of us who served 20+ years in the Military Services. Do you ever think about how many times we are uprooted and moved anywhere in this blessed Country, or onto other lands away from home? How many times can you take the legs off of my dining room table before you can’t put it back together? I guess it is easy to take away something that has been promised to us (lifetime medical) when you do not have to worry about how your next Cancer operation is going to get paid. Stop looking at the numbers and dollars and support those who have sacrificed so much for freedom.

    • Tracy Allen

      I totally agree with you. It is so easy for him to say that this is what should be done when it doesn’t effect him. Not only that, think about all that sacrificed their lives, their families, their livelihood for the country so that they can retrieve these benefits. If this is taken away from us, this is a slap in the face saying that your 20+ years was in vain.

  • Delores

    Reservist and National Guard Members can not get pride until they are 60 years old, so now they won’t be able to get it until they are getting social security. WoW! Active Duty retirees would have to find a job after 20+ years of retirement which could be 3 deployments over seas. Truly the appreciation for duty is seen by Senetor McCain.

    • Charles

      3 Deployments?…. TRY 8….. and these clowns think we haven;t earned this medical care?…. I am 60% disabled, and I luckily found someone who would let me work for them. It is a small company and what healthcare they offer would cost $1200/month for my wife and I ( With my existing conditions)…..
      My current take home is a little more than 2000….- 1200…. leaves me 800 to pay a $900 mortgage and utilities with….. FOOD.. Who needs food? We buy day old everything, ask the butcher if he has an “Discount meats” . One day he gave me a steak that he actually said ” “it is still good I was going to fee it to my dog tonight” We work the way it is to keep from needing to be totally “kept” However we are “Working age”….. SO NOW WHAT THE FUCK DOES MY GOVERMENT AND IT”S ILEGALS WANT FROM ME?

    • karl

      Delores, you dont get it. 3 deployments, not sure who you are referring two try 10+in the last 10 years and they were at least 6 month tours. nothing against the reservist and guard folks, but they had an option of active duty. tell me, as you seem to think like the administration, where are these jobs at that the working age retirees can get. as for mccain, he is a sell out and nothing more than a benedict arnold. i guess sicne this is his last term, he is going out with a bang. the bang on all military personnel backsides. thanks for not letting me see it coming. all i can say to everyone is VOTE, VOTE, VOTE.

  • Unreal

    Why do our young women and men stay for 20 years. Because of those things they are promised at the end, only to have the rules changed at a whim from our elected officials. It is disappointing as a retired Marine to continue to hear all the cuts to retired military. We always want to cut cut cut from the retired military – the same folks that have served proudly for 20 plus years – in a lot of cases 30 plus years. P.S. They don’t advertise at the end of 20 years you don’t get any of your Housing Allowance or Food Allowance, only your base pay, which don’t amount to shit after they take out Medical and all the other things you have to pay out of pocket. Just unreal. Don’t know what else to say – other than I’d rather give then charge an annual fee to our retirees who are over 65. Unreal.


    I still have 10 years till I can retire, but things are looking worse and worse everyday… By the time I retire, my retirement check will be paying for my healthcare (that I was suppose to get for free when I retire). What I don’t understand is this:

    -WHY are you making the troops, the poor and middle class pay for the problems our government put us into?
    -WHY do we finance wars in foreign countries like israel, but can’t afford to take care of our Vet’s Accordingly?
    -WHY is it that we give millions of dollars to countries that hate our guts, but can’t keep people fed in our own country?
    -WHY is our money back by God? Is God going to take care of us when our country finally figures out that it’s financially unable to take care of it’s own citizens?
    -WHY do we allow corporations in our own country to continue conducting business in other countries and getting Tax exemptions here at home. Companies like GE who received millions in Tax rebates last year, for what?
    -WHY do we as Americans keep electing these idiots into office. They have forgotten what the Constitution stands for, That Government is suppose to be For the People, By the People. They aren’t working for the Betterment of the people, but rather the Betterment of their corporate sponsors and wallets..

    People wake up and make change… A POLITICAL revolution is needed… Not a Revolution that waste lives, but one that changes our political ideals, like the one our Fore Fathers envisioned.

    I’m not advocating you vote for one individual for president (although some of you might think so), because 1 man cannot change what needs to be changed, WE THE PEOPLE NEED TO MAKE THE CHANGE, NOT DEPEND ON POLITICIANS TO DO IT FOR US.

    • JEL

      If we don’t wake up and change our leadership we won’t have a counry left to worry about. We have politicians making decisions and telling us what is good for us while they exempt themselves. It’s time to tell them we won’t tolerate this kind of behavior any longer. Two term limit, one in Washington and the second one in prison for all of the deceipt and corruption.

    • Lonnie Woods

      THANK-YOU SSG ARNG……..How bout you running for an office??….You will get my vote!…..SSG Woods…Retired–23 years

      • SSG ARNG

        I would, and I am pursuing a degree in Political Science, but heres the reality:

        -This country, it’s people aren’t ready for the kind of change I and many others are advocating. I’m not saying Americans are dumb, because we have some of the brightest minds around, but majority of Americans don’t want to do the due diligence and research what’s really going on.

        -Many in the republican party (i’m not a republican) are advocating these sort of changes, 1 in particular (I’m not going to say which one, because like I said above, people need to do their due diligence and research) has always stood by the constitution through thick and thin, I’m not saying he is the right choice, but he is a choice…

        -ALSO I can’t run for office until I retire in 10 years (i hope their is a country left to run for office for) and finish up my degree. Funny thing is, the military isn’t paying for my college tuition, although the pay I make does pay for it. I don’t qualify for tuition assistance for the school I go to… Funny, when I was a part time soldier in the Army National Guard, they paid for the school, but now that I’m AGR in the National Guard, they don’t pay for it, but I’m not complaining, nor asking for the Guard to pay for it, I consider it an investment in my own future.

        -I love my country, I love my fellow Americans, but I don’t love where this country and the Government is taking us. Any True American (no matter what race/ethnic background, political party or sexual preference) who truly loves this country needs to make change.

        -IF WE DO IT TOGETHER WE WILL SUCCEED, BUT INDIVIDUALLY WE WILL FAIL. What’s the Army Motto? “THIS WE’LL DEFEND” : WE the PEOPLE (No matter what service you were in) need to defend this country from all enemies, Foreign and DOMESTIC.

        I’ll stop now, and let the words either sink in or be dismissed… Just Remember it’s the people, like our fore fathers who need to make the change… THey were fathers, mothers, brothers and sisters, some were military and some were regular civilians who struck out against he monarchy of British Rule and created a new country and a new way of life. We inspired other countries to revolt, and now we are what we revolted against…

  • Bill

    EnIts the same as the old term BOHICA Bend Over Here It Comes Again.
    I thought when I retired I would be done with that but with fellow retirees such as McCain proposing such as the $200 to pay for tricare for life it looks like we never escape from it. I amdisappointed with him proposing this. I used to respect him for his service and what he endured while a POW. This latest proposal has made me realize he is just another politician one of the good old boys who could care less for the veterans. Im glad you are not running again.

  • larrydaj

    So STOP the FSPA (Former Spouse Protection Act) as well. The FSPA is nothing more than alimony for life and that does not exist. If a spouse decides to divorce an active duty military person then they should receive the same as any one in the private sector but not alimony for life. The FSPA automatically assumes that the active duty person is at fault since they have to loose a percentage of their retired pay for life no matter why the divorce happened. Then the spouse gets remarried and continues to receive the percentage and the money is used to support the spouse and her New family paid for by her ex military spouse for life! This is beyond absurd. SO STOP FSPA immediately.

    • Bill

      I totally agree.

      • larrydaj

        Hi Bill,
        Glad to see others feel the same way.

    • DesertTanker

      I agree 100%.

    • D. Neely

      Your “HELL RIGHT” !!!!

  • Jill

    Sen McCain, stop trying to take benefits away from us that we about cut some of your benefits you get for life, like your retirement pay, and how about congress start contributing into social security so it will still be there. You are so full of ****. The military is always on the chopping board when there is moneynto be saved. Look elsewhere buddy. We are not having it. Government has a lot of wasteful spending and fraud and abuse but Tricare for refugees is not one of them.

  • One thing I’ve learned to expect from VN POW, failed GOP Presidential candidate and US Senator from Arizona is that he IS NOT, nor ever has been, nor ever will be a friend of America’s military community.
    He has consistently FAILED to recognize the difference between the machinery of the DoD and its personnel.

  • Richard Jones

    Well John McCain, their is a saying among Naval Aviators and it goes like this: YOU HAVE SCEWED THE POOCH . When did you fall off the sanity wagon? Why, every time cuts have to be made, the military is the first place you politicians look. Years back when we were to get a cost of living raise, Congress would extend the start of the raise by a few months (or more) to save money while every other government employee, yes and you also Senator, would get theirs started on time. I am really fed up with you people playing politics with our money and benefits. Be sure that when your reelection comes up, you might as well pack your bags and go home, cause it aint going to happen. Navy Retired

  • Dan Verdi


  • recoveringrepublican

    And he picked Palin as a running mate… this proposal is another lapse in judgement! When will the buffoonery end!

    • 1836eig

      That event was the proof in the pudding!

  • Tim STG1(SW) RET

    If McCain wants to look for cuts lets cut the benifits of senitors most have not served our coutry for 20+ years and get more than us that have. Also lets look at their retirement plans. I think the states should be responsible for what they get paided not the goverment. Let the states control their pay don’t we vote for them in each state.

  • Manuel Enos

    Senator McCain – you and the congress need to take a pay cut and leave our Tricare alone. You guys need to lower your pay to 100k a year and if you can’t hack it on that then you need to get out and let someone in there that will think about us and not themselves!!

  • 1836eig

    I always thought of McCain as a hero for spending time at the Hanoi Hilton. Never cared much for his politics, but lately am beginning to believe he’s either sold out to the dark side or is just an American Vet who has lost his way. This is some legacy that he’ll be leaving behind! My heart goes out to this old soldier who should’ve retired long ago.

  • Jim, Retired AF

    You sure can tell that McCain is not going to run again next year. If he does, I live in Arizona and he will not get my vote. And I know a lot of people here that feel the same way. What a turn coat. I am on tricare for life and if have to pay $200 for tricare for life, then I won’t have money to eat. That will leave me a choice, starve or die.

  • James

    Sen McCain, has forgotten who placed him into office that now give him unlimited healthcare service with very little if any out of pocket cost. Further a a retirement for life. How about some cuts from the congress and their staff benefits. The more out of pocket cost will put more vets on the streets. They also need to start contributing into social

  • Kurt

    This is unacceptable! Sen Cain is a traitor to all military men and women with this latest reversal of his. Working age retiree? Well guess what I chose to stay in the military for 31 years to serve my country and defend it’s people. At the same time, I knew at the end of that time in my life, I was to be provided with proper health care, and retirement pay for my sacrifices. That was the deal. Now he is taking the liberal stance that we can’t just get a job and pay for our own medical, that wasn’t the deal! I have retired Mr. Cain, your said I could when I finished my time. You sir are given premium health care and retirement pay and you don’t have tho spend 1/10 the time I did to receive it, that is wrong. I recommend you put your retirement pay and health care on the chopping block as well, to show this is real important!

  • Stinger113

    Senator McCain, you are really disappointed me! I thought you were the fighter for vets, now I know YOU ARE NOT! Politicians always use military back for their budgets and benefits. We honorly serviced to this great country over 20 years, now we expect all Congressmen, Senators honor their promises to free medical care to retirees and spouses for life. We were trained to carry out orders smartly when were active duty, but we were not trained to bend over and take the shaft from you, Mr. McCain. Now I see you as Obama with white hair. I challenge all of politicians to give up your benefits then we retirees would give up our benefits for the sake of this country. This is plain BS! You ask Vets to give up their benefits, but you keep yours. VERY DISAPPOINTED, McCAIN!

  • Andy

    Well time to let o John go! vote him out!…….he used his vet status one to many times to get elected then turns around and screws the vets!!…….I say Fuck him we had enough!!

  • Sen McCain – I, like you, am a military retiree. My employer offers a very limited, and very expensive, healthcare program. I could not offer to put my family on the program. My wife and daughter incur cost to TriCare that are just about what I pay in premiums every year. I am very fortunate the I am 30% disabled (of course, that reduces my retirement by $493 per month) and that the VA Medical System in Phoenix is outstanding. I realize that we all will need to contribute some to the cost reduction efforts, and I am more than happy to pay two or three times more in my annual TriCare premiums (had these premiums be indexed to retiree COLA when the programm was begun, we probably wouldn’t have this debate). Please don’t try to balance the budget on “working age” retiree medical care. Many years ago, when both you and I joined the service, we were given a tacit promise that if we gave the US 20 years of our lives, we would get medical care for the rest of our lives. Please, let’s keep our promises.

  • sgt andrews ret!

    Hell macain what’s wrong with you I always thought you were on the side of the military you are a fake I hope the military in! Your state kick you out why don’t you and the rest of the fat cows on the hill give up your benefits and! Let the people who defend this country alone

  • Naval Aviator Vet

    Sad, but Sen McCain is either recently demented or blinded by his wealth and power. Why doesn’t he lead by example and join with us in accepting cuts or increases to his own insurance plans? Makes me sick to think he is so out of touch with the military families. Retire early John and just go home. You are way left of the center line on this one; and need an immediate wave-off!!!

  • Chengiz592

    I received the Military Report and saw the line about losing TRICARE Prime and thought is that for current retirees or for the future retirees. Then I scanned towards the bottom and saw the “Benefits Open to Same Sex Partners”. They have nothing to do with each other on the face of it, though I will tell you I was kind of mad thinking that is where our benefits are going.

    I understand that us (retirees) living longer is a burden on the system. Nobody cared about that when we were dogging it out on the streets of Mogadishu, Falluja, Hue, Kaisan, or any other travel destination. Please give my benefits over to the un-derserving who gave nothing for this land. Extend my education benefits to the kids here illegally, they after all are innocent. The veteran after Vietnam volunteered for this treatment so therefore he/she deserves what they get for being dumb enough to volunteer.

  • Phil

    Keep taking away benefits from the military, whether it be active or retired. See how many enlistees you get. And see how many will stay in so you can have experienced troops. This is one of the most idiotic ideas I have ever heard of. what are you thinking of, McCain? I voted for last last time, but for the life of me, I never expected this of you. I am a military retiree. Proud, and SANE.

  • Please define “Working Age” for me. I used to think I was lower Middle Class but now find that I am, by government definition, Wealthy.

    The worst enemy the responsible American has is his or her Goverment.

  • djpet

    This is totally Crazy. I retired in Atlanta as many have because of the bases and the benifits availabe such as the PX and Commissary. Now they’ve taken that away, and NOW they want to take the insurance away. So it makes me really wonder why I and many others gave 20 yrs plus for benifits that were once promised and now taken away



  • Scott

    Senator McCain and all that support this particular recommendation…this is absurd. As a retired veteran, each time I signed on the dotted line, I did so with the full belief that the government would honor the benefits that were offered to me. Because my commitment to the US constitution was unwaivering during my service to my country, as was indicated by the contract that I signed, I expect the government to honor its commitment to me and my family and fellow veterans. Senator McCain is so far removed from the realities of working, raising a family and lives at a COMPLETEY different financial level that he does not live in reality— we do. The reality is that insurance is a HUGE benefit, one in which we pay for now, and paid or during my 20 years of service. There seems to be other approaches to reducing the country’s debt other than to continue to attack the ones who chose to serve their country in peace and in war. Thanks for the support Sen. McCain.

  • strike hold

    oh, i forgot, i started my first job after serving 25 years in the army. i cleaned bathrooms, took out the trash, and thanks army for my training, ended up driving the company trash truck for $6.50 an hour. i never bitched, nor cried, i got a second job and ended up working midnights, got less than 1 hour of sleep before going to my day job and worked there another 8 hours. slept every weekend and sure didnt have a life. i sucked it up and drove on, Airborne! i did learn this, i sure do miss that cold, wet, foxhole i sat in one cold 6 or 7 hours, cause i get the feeling i going to be sleeping in another hole soon, thanks john….

  • wallchuck

    Congress works for us (the people), why don’t we have the voice and the vote on their pay increases? Let everyone of them be evaluated (like we were) on their job performance and see if they deserve a pay raise or extra benefits! I guarantee there would be alot of changes being made.

    • 1836eig

      You do get a chance to rate them with your vote. Next time be wise when casting that ballot.

  • Backthat490

    I have yet to hear that any Political person in Washington giving up any of their benefits. They can stay in Congress for 4 years and draw a retirement check and free medical, vision, dental etc… for life. If everyone has to give up something, why not them?

    • Doc Smith

      Congress does not get retirement at 4 years, they have to serve 20 years federal service. Look it up.

      • RetAFJetDog

        Actually, they can collect a retirement at age 62 if they have completed at least 5 years of service, they can collect at age 50 after 20 years of service and they can collect at any age after 25 years of service!

    • rreader

      I agree with you. How many Billions would we save if we cut their benefits. Plus, you can cut all raises for them for life. They lived off the American taxpayers long enough, for the little they do, and the little results they achieve. But I do see a point in employee insurance programs. I think TCFL should maybe subsidize the employee insurance to give employers a break. That would mean lower payments while working and everyone would be happy.

    • Tricore13

      We have had numerious cuts to our benefits in the past. The same was said then and their answer was their is so few of them it would not make a difference. So they kept their increases while cuttin those of the military. Fact is a Gore’s dad retired from Washington and his pension was increased the year after he retired to over twice what his highest pay had ever been. We are expected to make it on about 30%…. not the lie they tell everyone else that it is 50%. I had a neighbor whom retired at age 51 from the state at more than I was making active duty after 22 years. He never had to move and was always paid for overtime.

  • DesertTanker

    Senator McCain – a traitor to the profession that he USED as a platform during the past Presidential Election. How quickly he has changed sides. From an honored ex-service member to a disgrace as a politician. Go away old one, you are an insult to all of us that have served proudly. Maverick my butt.

  • vcreinert

    McCain forgets his roots. Tricare Prime costs me $450 a year. Heathcare insurance with my employer is $250-$450 a month. Senator McCain uses Bethesda Naval Hospital Executive Medical Care. He is obviously using his Tricare Prime privileges. Congressmen need to dig in their own pockets, cut their retirement and Health Benefits.

    • Beady

      I fully agree, maybe the voters in Mcains state need to look
      long and hard how he now wants to harm the veterans by doing this

  • jorgeSF

    I am receiving TFL. I don’t mind paying $200 a year for it and I agree that retirees should not receive Tricare Prime, if they have an emplyee plan, all so long as our 535 idiots in Congress do the same. Fat chance.

    • JONES


    • kaylor

      jorgesf, just because you receive TFL, doesn’t mean you (like the traitor McCain) should screw over working age retirees! I (like many of you did my frickin time to receive these benefits, and just because it doesn’t effect you doesn’t mean its right. So what if they decide people on TFL should not be given life support because it is wasting money young illeagals could be spending on health care? Come on brother we are all retired or veterans (for the most part) on this page,
      stick together, don’t stick a knife in my or any other working age retirees back!

    • So, screw the rest of us. Enjoy your health care plan.

    • Charles

      What about those of us who work for small companies and do not have the option of Health Insurance….. Or in the case of my wife, what if her company will not allow her to sign on now (until next enrollment) and then they require a physical. She doesn’t pass the physical… THEN where does my family go?
      We are both Working age- I did 20+ years active duty and due to injuries get to hear from my VA doctor that I have a great body for a 70+ year old person ( But I am 52)…… Guess I should have just sat on my arse like a Senator and collected money.

      Want to fix things, here’s a couple of interesting proposals….
      1) No one gets more back in a TAX return than they put into the kitty to start with. We no longer pay the poor cash to have extra children… Not in welfare payments, and not in a tax return…. IF you are poor, and you work….. During the year you put into taxes $1000 ( Not SSA/Medicare- those are prepayments for services you are supposed to get later)….. Then the max refund you can get is $1000. So you do your taxes, and you find out that due to the Child credit ( 4 kids) You get $10,000 Back. It is my proposal that the gov’t give you back the $1000 you pitched in…. IN ENTIRETY…. Then with the other $9000 they take $1000/ child to pay for the medicare that child will be receiving ( as you are poor). That leaves a total of $5000 left… The gov’t takes that from you and puts it into retirement accts and education accts in those children’s names… NOT accessible by drug doing parents… nor parents needing a new TV nor Car….. This allows us to pay for the future of the young, and not give money to people to waste as a YEAR end bonus.

      2) ALL Pay/ Wages and Benefits of our representatives should be SHUTDOWN…. No Paycheck, No free air travel ( which by the way they are using more than ever), No free medical, dental etc…… WHY the hell would anyone pay for the kind of service we are getting from these clowns…… I don;t leave a tip on a table at a restaurant if I get my coffee spilled in my lap and my food dropped.. WHY ARE WE PAYING THESE PEOPLE?

  • 30YearVet

    Senator McCain was apparently elected to his office by a sympathetic public who viewed his years of confinement as a POW in Vietnam as a qualifier for public office. He was elected out of respect for his ordeal. It appears that he is now losing that respect from many former members of the military. Too bad!

  • djpet

    Oh let us not forget the politicians in the white house who some have never served sit and write there own pay increases each year. They should try taking a pay cut to help save the budjet.

  • Chuck

    My grandfather and father retired from the service and would turnover in their graves and be appalled to what has happened to the we’ll take care of you for the rest of your lives what an a bummer I followed in their footsteps with the same promise what a BUMMER. McCain is a piece of S***! So much for serving and to have everything taken away

  • It was ever thus. The war(s) are winding down and all of a sudden; “Where the hell did all these military guys,(and gals), come from? We, Politicians, better get rid of them, they’re costing us too much money.” Never mind that they’ve been out the civilian work-force so long that they will not have the seniority and thus the better pay they would have if they had spent their military service time in a civilian job. Never mind that many have service connected health problems just below the threshold for VA benefits but severely impact their everyday lives. Never mind . . .oh hell, just never mind you heartless bastards, never mind.

  • Chris

    Hey John, what about the illegal aliens health care costs? What about the physically fit welfare types? What about the Iraqis and Afghanies we are bringing into the country? What about the bailout for GM employees and UAW workers and their health plans? What about the foriegn aid to China, Russia and all points inbetween? BTW John Boy, you know that autograph copy of your book, its going in the fireplace tonight.

    • Lonnie Woods

      .AMEN CHRIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!……You said it all….I say..FIRE EVERY SENATOR AND HOUSE REP…Nothing but a bunch of Liars and Crooks who FATTEN their own bank accounts and benefits….SSG Woods…Retired

    • Jean_09

      Chris, you are absolutely right about John Boy. I get sick at my stomach just thinking about what he suggested to the so called special committee to do!
      He is now one big disappointment to the many retirees that served their
      country and dearly earned their benefits. People need to ring some
      phones in Washington, so to speak and say GET OUT OF THE WAY!! leave our benefits alone. How would you like to see your benefits be decreased? That,s right, no problem, with all the homes and real estate
      you have , you don,t have to worry..

  • military widow

    Mr. McCain,

    I was proud to shake your hand when you came to Wisconsin – not because you were running for office, but because you were a veteran. My husband was proud to work with the secret service prior to and during that visit to help keep you safe – not because you were running for office, but because you were a veteran. He was also proud to serve his country in the military – again, to keep other people safe.

    Now you want to take away the benefits he earned. He would turn over in his grave if he were still alive today. Shame on you. And shame on our government officials that don’t have to serve 20 years to get all their benefits, but are ready to cut the benefits of the people who did serve. You are taking their “deferred payment” away from them after the game has been played. Maybe all the people in government that have “retired” after one term should suddenly get all their promised benefits yanked from them.

    Remember your service members in your prayers, because it seems you have forgotten them in your actions. Maybe God will forgive you, but our veterans won’t.

    • James


    • Chris

      I truly enjoyed reading this response. If the proud widow of a military veteran can clearly define what is taking place, I recommend we vote out our respective elected representatives and vote in proud like minded spouses who can take care of us all…their military family.

    • Lonnie Woods

      THANK-YOU Military widow…..AMEN

  • Charles, Retired AF

    If I was making the kind of money McCain and the rest of the worthless politicos do, I wouldn’t worry about the highly overpaid military retirees (yeah, right) being able to participate in a program where the costs are significantly less than that provided by their civilian employer. Read that as office visits for $12 instead of $40, prescriptions at half the rate, etc.. It is really pathetic. Again – Let’s balance the budget mess created by these political entities by gutting the benefits promised to the veterans who failthfully served their country for 20 or more years.

  • Kbushman

    Makes me sick. I was drafted in 66 and never even thought I would stay and retire. But they always told us we would get medical for life, which I never also even thought about. What the hell…I was young and full of myself. Now I’m 63 and feel like a broke down old truck. Could not get anything close to a decent job after 54, and heard all the reasons they could legally throw about. Got a stocking job part time with Target for a few years before I finally got my social security at 62. It with my army pension had me feeling pretty comfy up to now. Now I am just scared that even the old military boys up there are getting ready to dump us out for sake of the military (Pentagon’s War Machine) benefit. They make lots more on the side from those lobbyists than any old GI can slipto them. I wouldn’t mind paying a bit more if I had to, but to lose it completely, that just sucks. I really feel sorry for the new young guns retiring, after fighting the last ten years plus in war zones. No jobs, fewer benefits, and a Country that says “Thank you for your Service, now go somewhere and die”. Thank you for the kind words John McCain.

    • Lonnie Woods

      .Great words Kbushman….except for one thing…I DO mind paying More for our earned benefits…..I can well remember the 3 cent stamp….25 cent a gallon gas…reasonable electricity……then increases came…no one seemed to mind..”just a little increase”… what a mess we are in…many things have increased TEN FOLD…..look at ice cream for an example…..cut the size down to 48 oz, AND jack the price up….stuff like that makes me want to chew a nail….why?..Greed..and “no one cares”

  • military widow

    Not every person that is working age is still working. It’s hard to find a job when you are 60 to 65 years old. And not all people who ARE working have the option of other health insurance.

    You are leaving people with limited income in a position where they don’t have adequate health coverage and therefore may not be able to get the care they need. These people worked for less wages than civilians for many years with the promise that they would have the “deferred payment” when the time came. Because of the lower wages, they don’t have large savings accounts like their civilian counterparts.

    The government should be working in the other direction. I think that all military, firefighters and police officers should be exempt from paying income taxes on the wages they earn protecting and saving the lives of others at the risk of their own. Anyone who risks their life to protect mine should be rewarded – not punished so some fat cat in Washington can thumb his nose at people they obviously think are beneath their consideration.

  • Robert F Hahn

    Senator McCain: You are a disappointment. The Navy takes pride in the principle of values for “Mission first, People Always”. You obviously are just a money-pusher, and do not recognize the values of the People. Shame on you. You did not exhibit the “candidate with a winning philosophy in 2008”. You pansied it then, showed you are a rhino, and now you knuckled-under to the demoncrats and the impostor-in-chief. Retreat to the underside of a rock in the Arizona desert and hide from the military personnel you have betrayed.

    • Lonnie Woods

      AMENNNNNN Mr. Hahn….THANK-YOU for your 2 cents…SSG Woods

    • sparky92

      Is he a “VET”? No way would a Vet turn his back on other Vet’s. It seems that McCain is now in “bed” with Bama. He does not think twice about anyone but him! I wonder if his Father is rolling over in his grave because his “SON” is now distroying the rights that a “REAL” Vet earned!!! Maybe he needs a refresher course as a POW to pull his head out of his A##!!!

  • aitchy2k

    This is totally ridiculous and unacceptable. I feel as though I am living in a communist Russia or China. McCain I am so glad you did not get the votes required for president. It is obvious to me you would have ruined this country. Sadly, military retirees are struggling and and had enough of you idiots sitting in congress trying your best to ruin the country. Its clear to see your attempt to eliminate the middle class, its clear to see your attempt to rid us of Tricare Prime will create a vacuum in our capability to provide quality care for our families and ourselves. McCain you are despicable and should simply retire and spend all your undeserved retirement monies which is far more than we enlisted retirees can say and do. You lied to the American Indians from the beginning and when I enlisted, I was promised free medical and dental for life. You American idiots at the top continue to break promises and in-turn, break the spirit of us retirees who certainly deserves more and better.

  • Trooper 53

    If he is pushing this then i say retirees in Arizona lets get together and push him out of the Senate. He is a two faced traitor. Mr. McCain how about finding the money in redundant programs that are rampant in the Government. While some of us may work our health issues that we occurred during our services would put many of us on disability without Tricare Prime. RETIREES don’t let this individual gut our benefits. He has forgotten because he has the golden lifetime healthcare of a Senator.

  • ScrewedSoldier

    Lets see, pay a $200 a year screw me fee for TFL or enroll in a Medicare Advantage program for $0 premiums, $0 co pays, $0 part D, and $0 out of pocket expenses. Sounds better than TFL, so it looks like the congressional turds are going to get their way and force me out of the system I earned with mine and my wife’s 46+ years of honorable service.

  • nccmcpo

    what is good for the goose well let’s stop congress health benafits and most of all retire payments after only 1 term come on, if the shoe was on the other foot you would see a change of thinking, also let’s throw out FSPA this law is unfair and like I said like to see other goverment group’s fall under it

  • D. Neely

    I can’t believe you. I trusted you!!! As a former POW, I know you are very familiar with sacrifice. Get your F%&$ money from the RICH, SELFISH BASTARDS THAT KEEP YOU IN OFFICE!!!!!!!!
    RET. MSGT…..

  • hightaxes

    Time to protest Congressional spending and benefits. Make them live within their means !

  • harmai

    McCain do you read this stuff? You should.

  • Elizabeth Blackwell

    You need to GRANDFATHER the veterans benefit and start a new promised to the new military service member. I believe that any issues pertaining to the military veteran benefit should not be decided by congress. It should be voted by the veterans and their family just like we vote for presidents, senators, congressman. If the government wants to save money, make the people in congress work 20 years to get retirement and their children should NOT get FREE college in their home state. That’s savings right there. When we sent my daughter to college, we borrowed money in credit card and hock our house so why should they get it free? So John McCain & President Obama leave our military benefit alone that my husband has earned and was promised. What is wrong with you people.

  • dumass

    McCain is only acting like the self serving a$$ he has always been. Now he is just more open about it. Now the blind can finally see the real McCain

    • john

      McCain is retiring he doesnt care what you think he leaving plubservice after this next election and say byby with his benifit and rich wife

  • Harold

    would they take a teachers retirement benefit away? or a government workers benefit?? I don’t think so. VETERANS SHOULD MARCH ON WASHINGTON !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • steve1027

      we have always been the pool for social experiements, us and prisioners. when congress has the same healthcare as the masses they want to control then we will have quality.

  • Harry P. Jones

    Senator McCain I have had great respect for you. But this offering is repugnent. Those retireies who seek empoyment and the empoyerer has insurnce must be required to take that insurance. Tricare should not be suberveted. When they quit the public employer’s insurance then they should be eligeble fot Tricare Prime or Tricare for Life depenting on their age. I am sending this to Sen. McCain.

  • tom

    McCain you are nothing but a COMMIE . You are so brainwashed from being a pow you should of been successful when you tried suicide. To bad you did not suceed. You are a disgrace to the American Veteran

    • Tricore13

      He broke and is under control of the enemy. To bad they did not send a different prisoner back, McCain needs to go back to Vietnam.

  • Martin (Ret. E=6)

    He doesn’t have a heart!

  • SFC Ab

    This is not taking care of those of us who have served, and are serving, to take care of our freedoms. Go somewhere else to save money. Leave us alone…we have served based on the promises that were made to us at the time we were serving. Don’t change the rules after we have completed the game. I am a retiree who served in the Army for 22 years. I am hearing more and more “let’s take from the retirees” and this is unacceptable. Now my son just started his Army career today…he left to MEPS at 1400 hrs today. If we sit by while someone else makes decisions in a bubble, what will be left when the current generation military members get ready to retire? I am disappointed in the way things are being done with our military…UNACCEPTABLE!!!

    • Tricore13

      They have to spend the money on welfare for illegal immigrants. They pay for their healthcare and their kids education and stick it to the veterans. Illigal immigrants cost the US over $200 billion a year. What a savings we could have by deporting them and putting Americans to work and reduce our over crowded schools.

  • ssgt herbison

    and to think i voted for mccain what the hell was i thinking..i spent 11 years active duty and 10 years army national guards..willing and ready to defend our great country..let me tell you mccain if you pull this off you have lost all my respect and i am sure the respect of most all active and retired can you even think of doing a thing like this..many of us sereved in country just like you did..this has got to be the worst thing you have ever been part off

  • Disabled Vet

    McCain or president Obama hasen’t got the balls to go a military base and tell the troops sorry. That when you retire you will not recieve any benefits.
    Who are they to decide what’s working age. There should be a movement to march on Washington by all veterans. Get there anyway you can. Hold up signs that say no retirement benefits for Congress. Reelect no one

    • Tricore13

      They complain about military retirement and benefits , but do not send their kids to combat. I do not hear anything about eliminate the retirement and healthacre for the rich polticians or the Cicvil Service employees that are paid way to much.

  • Earl

    I don’t know why people are so surprised. This is typical McCain. He has been advocating ways to have retirees pay more for years. People don’t pay attention because they believe republicans are for the military. We are simply a prop. Pay attention to their actions and not their commercials. I was promised free health care for life. That promised has already been ****ed on. You would think that one of the few vets on capital hill would fight for vets. But John McCain decided he could take a big fat **** on us a long time ago. It’s time that we dishonorably discharge John McCain.

    • Tricore13

      Just like he has sold out American Tax Payers and workers to the illegal aliens. He and his family have theirs and he sells us out for power!

  • Johnny

    My advise to any service man presently serving is not to make the military a career. The government does not live up to it’s promises.

  • Isg B

    Well I guess its like the toyota commerical you ask for it you got it, never cared much for Mcain anyway he married some rich b——- and wants everyone to think he cares about the people who have given all they have to protect a country we all love but we have a goverment from the president down who could give a damn I just retired from a second job after 23 years military servic am probably looking at Lukemia from exposure to agent orange if they mess with what little free medical we were promised then I guess it would be better for my family if I just left this life my own way and not have them go broke trying to keep me alive all I can say f—– Mcain

  • 1836eig

    And there is talk of raising the out-of-pocket costs on prescriptions to $45 per. I have 16 prescriptions, that will take most of my check I’m getting totally bummed out in these U.S. States, what the heck are they going to come up with and cut next?

  • gregg r. behrens

    John, you used your military service to make a career out of politics. Shame on you!!! You are a leach on the backs of REAL military vets who grovel to survive on a daily basis. Are you giving up any of your congressional benefits??? I doubt it. You sir, are a disgrace to the uniform.

    • Kelvin Pauole

      I totally agree with waht you’re saying. McCain and the rest of CONGRESS aren’t gving up ANY their benefits (medical, retirement, etc.) Yes, I’m a working reitiree that earned this benefit, that is trying to be taking away from me. Right now, TriCare Prime is AFFORDABLE medical insurance. As a contractor (temp) worker, my employer offers no benefits, so TriCare Prime is an advantage.

    • Tricore13

      Send his children and grandchildren to the most hostuile area of the middle east so they can pay their part as we have done ours!

  • Laura

    What employer insurance? Some of us count on the Prime! My family can’t afford to pay higher co-pays and out of pocket expenses!

    • pcamp

      The deductible at $3000 was manageable for me. But at $7500? No. I can’t even legally buy a supplemental health insurance in my state nor am I eligible for Medicare supplement, so what next? And yes, if the military is being asked to sacrifice benefits, then civilian employees should give on benefits in equal measure.

    • Denise

      Exactly, What employer insurance? I served over 20 years service to my country and was promised medicial and dental for life. Little by little they keep taking benefits from us veterans who seem to need them the most. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t mind helping out but Now my Tricare Prime! Hey, Senator McCain What’s Next?

  • Ralph

    McCain – What a stupid old fuck!! To think I was actually going to vote for that dumb ass!!!

    • Jim

      McCain has lost my vote and the vote of everyone in my family. And every one of them are telling everyone they know in Arizona to vote for anyone other than McCain.
      And that comes from an eighty-five year old, thirty year veteran and retiree who is now going to have to start paying for his “Tri-care for Life.”

  • Common My AZZZ

    Sick of the BS in the government!!!! They don’t have a clue what soldiers do and pay for their freedom. Just for those f++kers in washington to turn a deaf as if they don’t hear us!!! I will remember this during the next election, time to clean house, starting with the CIC and work my way down.

  • Barry

    I have just started a Facebook campaign against this jackass McCain and his anti-military antics. Please go to and ‘Like’ this page:

    • armyfranco

      Barry – Bravo to you.

  • Stumpy808

    I, like many or at least all that are living that served during Korea and Vietnam, believe that when we joined that we would be medically covered for the rest of our lives if we made it a career. The WW II guys should not even be in question, they earned all that can be heaped on them, including free medical. When TriCare came along I refused it, I had only been retired after 30 years for a couple of years and was working, I bought in for my wife only. I didn’t see a doctor, other than ER visits, for 16 years, then the VA stepped in, I finally applied, got 30%, that gets deducted from my retirement pay. I wonder how many other nonmilitary retirees get their VA disability deducted from their retired pay, Postal Service, Civil Service, State, City or County retirees, none of these get their VA disability deducted from their retirement pay? I was honored to serve and served with pride, my whole family was proud of my service, it now appears it was all for naught, I would not do it over again, and do not encourage young men/women around me to do it either. Serving this country has become a sham, for many a shame. To bad, I love this country dearly and there is not another place I would rather liveout the remainder of my life. God Bless America, it appears the politicians won’t.

    • armyfranco

      Stumpy808- Bravo!


  • Kbuschman

    Well I just feel betrayed. Cantor, Beohner, McConnell, and now McCain….all lining up to stip a big one to us. Why can’t they get the Budget fixed with a fair tax payment from the ultra rich, and close loopholes to big oil etc? Fix the job loss issue, and put America back to work, and the budget fixes itself! I am far too old now to try to go back into full time work, looking for benefits. I am too young to get medicare too. So if they change this, I just took a bullet for the Congress! Thought that VEST had me protected better than the little junk I used to wear in Vietnam. McCain was one of those who “looked out for us”, who has now gone over to the other side. All that big money he has with is “Sugar Momma” just proved too much for him. Now he is “bought and paid for” just like so many others up there. Congress: ANOTHER BIG ONE ! Joe GI: -MINUS another one!

  • Brian

    GOOD NOW I CAN APPLY FOR GOVENMENT ASSTIANCE by the way when I have the big heart attact and the surgerey at a whopping 350,000 dollars I will be the first one to file Bk I won’t even pay 20 precent of that I be sending a minumum of 50 dollars per month i won’t care if you were to send me to prison for the rest of my life or even trash my credit not like am going to buy a house or buy a fancy car but I hope that you and your family will suffer and when I see you am going to throw a brick at you and not a shoe I hope that vitmense general will hurt you what did he do put a rice brain in you

  • David Bell

    Today I was watching a video on You Tube. A Comedian was on a show dedicated to Service men and women. His closing remarks went something like this. The sacrifices you make for your country is something I can’t begin to Comprehend. If everybody in our country was willing to make these kinds of sacrifices, our country wouldn’t have the problems that it has. It is interesting to note, the politicians never have to deal with pay cuts, or lost benefits. Likewise the Unions, The Federal workers. I’m not one for messing with the constitution, but I think it is way past the time for Congressmen and Senators be put on term limits “no more than eight years” and at the end they should receive exactly the same thing a Service man or woman gets at the end of eight years. “NOTHING” Thank you for your service, now go get a job. Any law the politicians pass, should apply to them, the same way it applies to everybody else. No more Career Politicians, we already know where that leads us. Thanks for the chance to say what I think and God Bless Our men and women in the service.

  • david phipps

    so if mccain is making money or has money other than his senator pay he should give back his senator pay and any other govt bennies he is sucking on that would help the debit if all the senators were made to do this

  • Steve

    Dear Senator I am so glad that you have stabbed the American Veteran in the back, especially since you don’t have to participate but I bet you still take advantage of this benefit.

  • nip

    .What a scum-bag. Why don’t YOU and that FONDA b—- go back and stay at the “HILTON’, that’s where you both belong. Sorry for the rescue. How can you look 11-11-11 in the face and wave the FLAG that “we all gave some, but some gave all.” SHAME

  • abby

    mcCain needs to go home without healthcare and retirement from his senate job or give up your military retirement but…your military retirement is tax free isn’t it. plus you collect social security. you are hateful mccain. bet your father and grandfather are real proud of you.

    GIVE IT UP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Chuck

      Military retirement is NOT tax free

      I cannot believe that his is trying to screw the retirees…a lot of retirees live in Az….hope they remember this when elections come around.

  • Ret. CSM U.S. Army

    Mr. McCain, you need to stop and smell the roses. You as a former military member and a former POW should know that those of us who served in the defense of this country deserve what was promised to us now you and that sorry SOB who calls himself our commander – in – chief want to take those promises away. If you want really want to save money, then take benefits away from those sorry SOB’s who claim that they are working for the people but don’t do a damn thing for us. I am a vetern and was proud to serve but if I had to do it all over I’d have to tell all you folks in Washington to kiss my a**. By the way Mr. McCain I voted for you in 2008, but run again and you just lost one vote.

  • SwellKel

    Oh my God! I am just flabbergasted. Senator McCain ought to be ashamed of himself along with any other representative that is backing cutting TriCare Prime to retirees and their families. Is this the thanks we get for devoting 20 years to the military? Actually, it is quite a bit more than 20 years. If you count my husband’s service, his father’s service, and my father’s service, you are talking about 75 YEARS of military service. That doesn’t count my soon to be US Naval Aviator son. This is absolutely criminal.

  • al berry

    Mcain is not only a stupid fool, he is a war monger becseu he was a POW. So what. Many americans was a POW. How does that give him a personal insight to how we should manage the government much less be Presidenet of the US> Shame on McCain. Sham Sham. Back stabing SOB

  • Barry

    I just started a Facebook page against this lunatic McCain’s proposal. Please go to this page, ‘Like’ it, and comment at will, and invite anybody you know to do the same:

  • Ray

    Doesn’t it just figure! First they say if you retire you get free healthcare for you and your spouse. This incentive to get you to keep on reenlisting. Then you retire and along comes Bill and Hillary and Tricare. Pay the annual fee and deductible to keep from having to pay major bucks out of pocket and get reimbursed for part of it. You don’t have to pay the enormous rates that employer insurance requires. Now they’re trying to take that away too? I once was a proud supporter of McCain but there is something happening to the man. It’s time for him to step down before he really does some damage. Remember this next November. Vote for reality not promises. Congress and the Senate need an overhaul. Clean both houses by getting fresh blood in the seats. I would like to retire some day but it’s not very promising when the promises made are temporary at best. 22 years in the military and I feel like my government is stabbing me in the back.

    • Tricore13

      I have no problem with the preposal as long as it comes with a 300 percent increase in retirement pay!

    • VoixVelour

      Second that. Sen McCain attained his rank mostly on basis of honorary promotions for his time as Prisoner of War and he really cut a swell deal as a Naval Liaison to the “high and mighty,” and actually dumped the loyal wife who has awaited his release from captivity with the wealtly heiress he subsequently married and with whom he resides in Arizona.

      Pathetic. He was the only alternative to Obama in 2008; many of us voted for him accordingly, he made a laughingstock of the country with his choice of Palin for VP and his lackluster performance as a candidate and now his rambling oratory about how “retirees” that EARNED their PRIVILEGES and ENTITLEMENTS should be the sacrificial lambs.


  • Maj M.

    McCain outlived his usefulness about 20 years ago. To think I supported that man in the last election. With a rich wife, a military and senatorial pension, I suppose these issues are just a ledger item for this man. I guarantee that I will work, contribute, pass out literature for ANYBODY running against him.

    USAF Retired

  • Retired Chief

    Their lips say “Thank you for your service”… their actions say “screw you”. They lied to get us into a baseless unfunded war , now they lie to weasal out of the promises they made to the brave volunteers who prosecuted the war. Pay up or get ready to bring back the draft for your next “war on”.

    • Stephen Gagin

      You say “baseless, unfunded war”, I would like to add “unlawful war” to that. United States constitution Article I, section 8 gives congress the power to declare war and regulate the military. Any military engagement that our armed forces are involved in without a declaration of war by congress is an unlawful war. Shame on congress for not reeling in the president. Congress makes the law and it is the executive’s job to execute the orders of congress. That makes congress the president’s boss. The house of representatives is our direct representation in the United States federal government. That makes us congress’s boss.

      There is a reason that things were set up that way. War is a serious thing. If we are to commit our blood and treasure to a war effort, we are to be the ones making the decision about going to war or not going to war. If the decision to go to war is given to one person, a dictator, then that person will be able to commit our blood and our treasure to any action for any frivolous reason that he unilaterally decides.

      Retired boat guy.

  • sad

    As a Veteran facing retirement any day now and to think that after giving half of my life to the military, this is what I will be faced with. Its just sad that when congress thinks of cuts, why are veterans always the first on the chopping block. First it was losing retirement benefits and now its losing health care. And to think that veterans that retire make up less than 3% of the population. How much are we really saving>

  • Mickeymota

    Everytime I turn around someone is asking me to sacrifice again. Yet they are defending 0.07% tax on every dollar the rich make over a million. They defend the 40 billion dollar supplement going to the oil companies. They defend cooperations like GE not paying taxes, and of course they can defend keeping their own benefits. After a decade of war the best idea McCain can up with is hit the retiree’s again. Most retiree’s are middle class and we have got to wake up . The country we fought to defend is being stolen directly from under us.

    • Slide

      You can thank Republicans for this mess.

  • Louthe 13

    Been reading most of these comments from my fellow veterans.I,m sick to my stomach.How do I get politicians from my home state(Ma.)to read these letters.Shame on all of you in congress to even be thinking of shafting us again.I will bet your kids are proud of you!!!

  • Pat

    What a disgrace to the Military! How about we take that rich SOBs benefits away from him! He obviously dont need them!

  • Anya

    Glad I didn’t vote for the lying SOB

  • Westfield, Ret CH

    I do not wish for anyone to mess arond with my retirement package; nor that of my son, a West Point grad just returned from U.S. Embassy in Baghdad; nor that of my grandson who is ROTC at UMass Amherst.
    When we signed up, one of the sure benefits, as we thought, to offset some of the minor disappointments as well as the hardships we might encounter during our careers, might be a retirement program that is adequate and inviolable. And reflect the gratitude of our fellow citizens. At any rate, that was the way it was put to us.
    In the words of my Grandfather, also military and a possessor of many skills, let me share some words of wisdom, If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.
    I hope my Representatives are listening good.

  • JWH

    Lets compare your senate retirement to my military retirement. You deserve every military retirement you get but your congressional package is a total insult to we the people. Start cleaning you own house if you have the guts.

    • Tricore13

      I will forfiet my retuirement if they give me my back pay as they would any other civilian job and pay me for the harzards. I believe the check would total between 2 and 3 million!

  • CPOKevin

    Problem is everyone says “Not MY benefits!!” take someone else’s! I’m retired Navy and enjoy my medical benefits as well as the next guy – in fact, I’ve often said that it’s one of the greatest benefits I have as a retiree. Fact is people, we MUST do SOMETHING to beat back this unbelievable debt and deficit or we’ll find ourselves going the way of the USSR. If it means I have to suck it up or find alternatives, then so be it. I do however feel that congressmen and senators should join that party and stop exempting themselves from the crap they throw down to the rest of us.

    • Tricore13

      Eliminate all welfare and assitance to anyone whom has not earned it. That means no Pell Grants, no healthcare to those whom do not pay their own, no aid to thsoe whom lose their homes and refuse to carry insurance, no farm aid, no subidies to any industry!

      Also no bankruptcies…. you borrowed it you pay it back or lose all assets and are limited to minimum wage for life!

    • John

      Well said ! I am a retiree and I have been saying the same thing to my friends and family for several years now. If we truely Love this country as all Military retirees should. We must be willing to realize the government spending is out of control and Every American is going to have to expect and except that it will hurt a liitle to get things back the way they shoud be. It is like taking medicine that hurts when they inject it. But you know in the long run it is what needs to be done.

    • LakeCoastie

      Amen Kevin, as a fellow Chief, I agree. I will do my part and suck it up as well. Across the board, THE WHOLE BOARD, everyone is going to have to start paying higher bills. Prez and Congress need to have the blank check book revoked and begin paying proportionally what every other tax payer does. The 28th ammendment proposal is starting to look a little brighter all the time. While were at it, the FairTax idea should be explored a little better.

    • Gunny

      It’s all in who is elected being to congress. This didn’t happen overnight, it’s been planned out very well by one party in washington and oneone would listen when people were what they were up to. Well now you know, the defenders of freedom have again lost one more battle because (I’ll suck it up or find an alternative) was there reply. Question to you, Can you tell us in the last ten years how many pay raises the US Congress has voted for themselfs, and how much that would be in $’s?

  • Barry

    I just started a Facebook page against this lunatic McCain’s proposal. Please go to this page, ‘Like’ it, and comment at will, and invite anybody you know to do the same:

  • Earlene Piercy

    I am the widow of a retired serviceman. He spent two tours in Vietnam. He died at 59 from complications from being exposed to Agent Orange. I will be 65 in 2012 and I need my Tricare. My husband stayed in the U.S. Army for 20 years and 5 days. He considered the benefits were going to be there for us. He would be so disappointed in our government for “screwing” with the benefits that were promised to us. We as the military have to stand together and keep this from happening. We ARE a force to be contended with if we stand together!

    • Tricore13

      It is so they can give welfare to illegal immigrants, their kids and the lazy youth of America thyat demand it all now and are not willing to work for it.

      The military is what is suppose to be paid for by the Constitution, not welfare, illegal immigrants, cow boy poetry, solar energy, farmers that do not farm, teahers that do not teach, and whores that spread their legs to have children and be on the public dollar.

    • Cynthia (USA – Ret)

      Earlene, bless your heart, they aren’t looking at cutting your TRICARE Benefits since you’ll probably be eligible for TRICARE for Life before this is implemented. They are messing with us younger Retirees who retired after 20 years, but, more than likely, have moved on to start a second career.

      • Bonnie Hausner

        So, what are you going to do about it?

    • Active Duty American

      Earlene, we are all in this together, everyone tightens their belts, there are no sacred cows, the $200 a year is $16.66 per month. Are you totally comfortably with burdening the younger generation with the cost of giving you a totally free ride? Are you that selfish? Gimme Gimme Gimme

      • Mike

        How is she being selfish supposed Active Duty American? Her husband served 20 years and died from a service connected illness, she has more than earned the benefit of tricare, for staying beside her husband through thick and thin. Selfish ? not hardly

        • US AF Medic

          I retired after 23+ years in the Air Force….I pay $460 a year for my family. I only bring home about $1800 a month…yes I finally found a job, yes I will still be pinching pennies. This was promised to us retiree’s, I am not complaining about paying my annual fee…my family would have to go on a GOVERNMENT assisted program because we couldn’t live without TriCare. My husband is disabled and will receive Medicare in about another 8 months, but I do have a 11 year old and a 2 year old that I have to think about their medical care. Retiree’s have a hard enough time getting a job let alone getting medical care for service related injuries. What medical insurance company will take a service memebers with prior illnesses…for me a bad back from lifting those patients in the combat zone or those patients that are at a state side medical facility that need help getting around. Why promise those who VOLUNTEER freely to defend this country and then take it away when we need it. Open your eyes Active Duty American…you once will be retired or demand your VA rights….maybe then the “$200” may mean something to you.

          Proudly Served!!!!

      • barry chestnut

        Well now, we certainly do let them get us pigeon holed on a plethora of issues that are designed to take our interests away from the real problem(s). The real problems include those that were touched upon by the previous “Tricore 13.” The $$$ spent over the past half century on failed socialist/communist programs that have no legitimacy; and are implemented in the name of altrusim but are in fact a grand plan/scheme to continue to expand the base for the democrat party (not democratic). Cheap, no-good, bush-league dregs, and most anything else similar to the aforementioned. At this point in time, only a loving Supreme Power can be called upon to change the minds and souls of those whom are guilty. May God, not allah, bless you all…bbc

  • GySgt RE Spalti Ret

    So what’s new. Promise them anything we can always rescind it later. Leave the military and retirees alone. We did what we said we would, man up and do what you said you would.

  • Slide

    Another of many reasons’ I don’t vote for Republicans.

    • Mike

      Slide you do realize that this was proposed by a democrat senator from the start ? McCain is just finally agreeing to it. Pull your head out of the sand and realize that neither side gives a rats ass about the military or retirees

    • Bill

      McCain is Republican Lite, as close to a Democrat as you can get without being officialy sanctioned by the DNC.

  • MSG Ret

    I hope everyone here is clicking the link to send your congress people and elected officials emails so they know how we feel and ask they vote this down

  • elsando

    I was on TriCare Prime for about five years. First thing, my doc of several years refused to see me. When asked why, they replied “low pay- slow pay”. In Dallas, Texas there was only one small hospital that would allow a colonoscopy to be performed. It was a search in the wilderness. For me TriCare Prime would have been the better, if more costly and complicated option. I don’t know where McClain is coming from – high living and politics has screwed his mind. Medicare and Tricare for Life is a good deal. I’m willing to pay more to help get our country’s tail out of a crack – let’s see the politicians make a similar sacrifice.

  • Jim Wallbank

    This is just great!! I fall into that category. I retired in 1994 and am 59 now. I totally retired last year with a small retirement (Military 22 years/Fed Govt 12 years). I counted on Tricare for life or Tricare Prime as they call it for my Medical. This now puts me into a situation that I may have to return to the workforce at 59???Thanks for that!! I used to have alot of respect for Sen McCain-He used to be a staunch supporter of the Military, I guess now the hell with the retired personnel. Get out and then they take everything from you. I have relatives in the private sector that gets better benefits. I used to be able to say I get free medical for life, that’s no longer the case.!! I guess you sacrifice everything for your country and they throw you aside. This would never be done to federal Employees. I have not received a cost of living increase in Military Retirement but, the Federal Employees still got their’s in 2010, only froze in 2011.

  • GLD

    McCain and all those in the House and Senate couldn’t care less about those of us that served our country. They do the couple of term and have FREE medicial care for life. SCREW all those who retired from the military. Me, my wife, and brothers all retired from the USAF and count on Tricare Prime.

  • VAL


  • Charlie USA Ret

    If everyone had the Senators money we would not need the Tricare. I think that all the years he was a POW may have started to work on his decision making. I did vote for him but that will never happen again. It seems like when these people get in a position of power they soon for get how it is down on the working class. Well I think all the Senate and Congress should have to pay for there own Insurance adjusted to there pay grade. Also they need to get the same insurance that we get. No op out.

  • R. Gonzalez

    Why don’t all FREELOADERS, like McCain, and the rest of those who get a paycheck, from us, because, we put them in that position with vots, now they want to bite the hand that feed them. Not that they need it. Most have all the money they and theirs will need.But still, they get a big fat paycheck+ whatever they may need, so they don’t have to use their own plastic. Instead of taking all our benfits, 1% at atime, why don’t they just give up a few months of paydays, and other benis, I’m surethat would go a long way.

  • USN Retired

    It is very sad to see someone who has given so much for his country turn on his fellow warriors with such a passion. I think the affects of his time in Nam are beginning to show through.

    • Teri

      Don’t make excuses for him. He knows exactly what he’s doing.

    • Guest

      Don’t blame Vietnam on his present attitude. Blame his f**k buddies in congress. I and thousands of other Vietnam Veterans don’t act like him.
      Semper fi…
      3rd Recon, RVN

  • Glenn

    Let McCain and all of his government “cronies” pay for their healthcare.

    • Tricore13

      Send them all to the most hostile part of the middle east and let them do their fair share fighting the enemy!

    • 1stsgt Ret

      Just why do they think so many of our retired military get fed up with the government. Come on now. Tricare is the only thing we have other than the PX and Commissary. Hate that this country is punishing people for growing older.

    • quietstorm

      that SOB has lost his ever loving mind to go after the vets that have done their time, the families that have sacrificed, the families that have lost loved ones defending this country while his @#% sit back and make his pocket fatter. there will be a mass exit of military members due to this nut bag idea good job mr sit behind the desk and be safe while my brothers and sisters take fire.People vote with a vengence in this next election

    • Chief

      I used to think highly of John McCain, but more and more he has become a turncoat to retirees. I can’t afford other healthcare plans. I guess I will have to go to the VA for healthcare. I have heard horror stories about the healthcare provided at the VA, but I guess it is something I will have to experience for myself.

      CW3, USA, RET

  • Dubbye

    I was on the Forrestal when he was shot down in 1967. Frankly, he has not changed one bit – “It is all about John”

    Years back, he was totally pro retired service members but that was when a republican was in the white house. Talk about someone completely turning their back on shipmates!!! I am fortunate, I am over the hump and my wife uses Tri-Care Standard. WHAT ABOUT THE GUYS OF WORKING AGE WHO HAVE TRI-CARE PRIME AND DO NOT HAVE COMPANY INSURANCE.
    Has this idiot given that any thought?? No it is all about the tanks and planes.
    God, I wish he would retire…

  • a ticked off vet

    and you can thank your military for giving you the FREEDOM to post that!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    Vote those out of office who vote to end TRICARE PRIME!!

  • bruce

    Shame on McCain for not supporting the military retirees or active duty. We gave up alot for our country & this our support from our government. Very nice to have our back. Thanks guys

    • Chief Mac

      Oh yea but remember as a member of Congress he gets his retirement and virtually no cost health care for the rest of his life!

  • Buddy

    As an Arizona retiree, you will bet I will by pass the word how our so call military support Sen McCain has betrade the military retirees again. I know her do not expect any future votes for the Arizona military retirement community. Another promoise broken. Thanks for nothing Sen McCain and Obama. God don’t like ugly……

    • Cheif Mac

      Thank you all the residents of Arizona. Throw these people out that are basking in the freedom that they would not have if it wasn’t for us (RMC USN Ret) and the current people serving our country.

    • Gary

      I think that McCain is the new “Traitor” towards the military. What a shame, and he is military retired, that he now cuts our health insurance. And his POW peer Col Day fought for years to get this for us retirees and now he undercuts all those efforts.


    A prior service member trying to cut our benefits all while he has the ability to walk into Bethesda National Medical Facility anytime he wants where he will be escorted around, door to door, while being treated as a prima donna throughout his entire visit. We the people need to take our country back and REELECT NO-ONE TO CONGRESS. Send them all home!

  • blueyonder

    Opt for employee provided health care? That’s “if” you can actually find an employer that provides health care, and that’s a pretty big if for a lot of us.

  • Al–A Real American

    What rat hole did you crawl out??? Your on the wrong web site…and your not being used??? You must have a answer to every aspect of life…a real genus…ha

  • Mike

    Anybody that listens to McCain is stupid. He hasn’t done one thing good for anybody but the rich. He has rode his POW coattails to where he is now. I respect that he was a POW, I was a infantryman in the 4th division in Vietnam in 68. That said it is time for him to go and give up some of his retirement benefits and some of his 174,000.00 plus salary a year. He should just let his militaty retirement be returned to the gov’t.

  • Bryan Rocker

    If we, the military retiree’s who have served at least 20 year to our country are expected to pay anywhere from $3k to $7K to save our country yet again. What are the other 99 percent of Americans going to give up? I am willing to be bet no where near this level of sacrafice. Sen McCain you have lost my respect. I will be contacting my state senators directly.

    Bryan Rocker
    MSgt (ret)

    • Tricore13

      50 percent paying no taxes and demanding more freebies on our backs….the evil one have taken control of our country!

  • Andy

    The government is consistent, they tell you what will get you on to the yellow line, then switch after the deal has been made. They have done this throughout history, and we all fall for their promises. The military retiree is the Indian of today, I for one will not vote for any incumbent, congress or senate. Andy

    • Tricore13

      The government says that bait and swith is illegal, but they do it constantly…. They say a ponzi scheme is illegal, but they conduct the serveral of the largest ones in the world!

  • Barry

    I started a Facebook page to stop this lunatic McCain and his insulting proposal. Please go to the page below, ‘Like’ it, COMMENT on it, and get your friends to do the same by sharing it on your page. Miltary retirees and our families do NOT deserve this from our government!

  • Chief

    I used to think highly of John McCain, but more and more he has become a turncoat to retirees. I can’t afford other healthcare plans. I guess I will have to go to the VA for healthcare. I have heard horror stories about the healthcare provided at the VA, but I guess it is something I will have to experience for myself. They say don’t always believe what you hear so I will have to find out for myself soon.

    CW3, USA, RET

    • Tricore13

      You will see how bad it is! I jsut got a letter from them last we telling me I had appointments in September!
      It generally takes 6 weeks or more to get an appointment and then they cancel it two ot three times and you finally get to see someone in about 4 to 6 months.
      But do not worry all those illegal immigrants are getting their FREE HEALTHCARE AND MEDICATIONS.

    • Chief

      I am a retired CMSgt, with a 40 percent disability from the VA. VA care used to be great, now it is good, but not readily available. They are way understaffed in medical personnel and overstaffed in admin people whose only job seems to be to tell you NO! I have taken my diabetes treatment to civilian care, and my last two surgeries (prostate and septoplasty) have been done at OU Med Center here in OKC. I use my Tricare for Life, but sure hate to think about paying for it, in addition to the 20 percent increase in medication copay.

      CMSgt, USAF, Ret

  • sammy bibb

    i guess we should continue sending money overseas to corrupt leaders vice taking care of our own i will vote for nobody on office now and hope we can find someone new that will take care of the american people before foreign counrties and big corporations

  • jobi

    Mr. McCain: I hope that when, if when you retire from politics you need to use your health care fom the military. Oppppps!!!!!!! YOU HAVE THE HEALTH CARE FOR LIFE AFTER YOU RETIRE FROM YOUR JOB NOW!!!!!!! I only have Tricare Prime now and that’s what I get for serving my country. Shame on you . Two face politician scum bag. I dont have an option. Lots of employers do not, I WILL SAY IT AGAIN, offer health care option!!!!!!!!!!! think about that, As HL.

  • Lou G

    As a retired USAF veteran, having served almost 28 years, I was being told forever every time I came up for reenlistment, that if I stayed in at least 20 years, I’d receive free medical care for life by the military. I didn’t know congress passed a law making it “space available” in a military hospital. Until 09/11, I received most care at a military facility. Then, due to the two wars and more medical personnel being sent overseas, the retirees were made to seek civilian care. Now, it’s difficult to even obtain a prescription written from a civilian doctor, so if it’s not really expensive, I take it to a civilian pharmacy and pay the $5, $10, or whatever. Senator McCain will never be without health care. Being a POW, a military retiree, and a member of congress, he doesn’t have to worry, as he’ll be covered. I don’t begrudge him his benefits as he’s certainly earned them. But for him to tell us military that retired years ago, we’re now going to pay, or lose more care, is a slap in the face and a deterrent to our great troops fighting now in the two wars. He has a lot of gall!

  • Chief Mac

    You sound like the idiots that are trying to do harm to the current military system. We are fools? Where were you during Viet Nam and other conflicts that we were fighting to protect YOUR freedom. Get a life

  • Victim

    McCain is ready for retirement NOW! Ask him if he’ll give up his retirement plans? He has lost direction, focus and fellow respect, the POW factor can’t save him now. All elected officals in Congress and the Senate should pay attention, folks are greatly disappointed with both parties. The attitude towards clearing out the incumbents has a year to mature as we continue to learn how we are being poorly represented.

  • Back the Pack82

    Duty, Honor , country. Your duty is to take care of those you promise and honor the commitments you have made to those who have served. I guess keeping these promise don not matter. Wonder why this generation is getting more and more lost because its okay to lie and not fullfill obligations. I look back at those sacrifices my family and I have made including leaving friends and family to go where i was asked to go. I have sacrifice many friendship in the past years and many times l look back and wonder if it was all worth the extra stress. I see my friends have been able to keep those long time friendships because there with each other. I have lost those friendship and camaraderie because I was not was not there over the years. At this point in my life i miss those bonds, although I have my ties in the Army and Marines there is something to be said about high school friendships.

    I believed that my country would take care of me. Please don’t lie to me. Remember what duty, honor and commitment are about. What would have happen to you if others would have forgotten about you. There was acommitment made and an obligation honored.

  • tiger56

    I spent 22yrs in the military, and never kissed anyone’s ass, and
    I got what I got from my hard and honest work. I can’t help it if
    the Government lies and decets the soldiers, that is why I got out
    when I did after making sure I at least got my pension. I could have
    stayed longer, but I know and knew how the government would
    say all these lies about benefits once one got out and retired, but
    I can say it is the government are the bad guys as I served and
    put up with the bull, and I do not regret being a man and facing up
    to the challenge, because at least I now have my pension, and to
    hell with the rest of their lousy benefit programs because there are
    none. So who is the man here.

  • SgtDBert

    I thought he was one of us. Once benefits are taken they never come back. Stop the wars and fund the troops and retirees!!/pages/Chapt

    • Joe

      Thats a good site

  • Jerry

    Mr. McCain, Taking away Tricare Prime from the people who served in the military, got wounded, lost limbs, died a terrible death and never really made enough money for ther familys who had to strectch every dollar to make ends meet while they were away fighting to keep America safe. When are the Politicians going to take there cuts or do you think they should continue to have free health benefits, big salary increases, free dental and all free benefits that is costing the tax payer perhaps the amount you need to end the economic crisis. When is the Government going to stop giving millions of dollars away to Companys who give to there Presidents, CEOS, and Executives to retire on and the average person gets nothing. Stop taking from the people and start looking into your own pockets or is that where the bucks stops instead of giving back to America where it truely belongs. Our people are not asking for millions, just a good paying job, health benefits they can afford, dental and a good pensions to retire on. What is so hard about that if
    the right decisions are made to put America back on the right track. Mr. McCain please do not cut out Tri-Care Prime. .

    • quillerm

      McCain only thinks in terms of dollars and cents. Veterans are balance sheets not people.

  • dubbye

    Hey Ben, it is because of us career military that you have the right to post your BS. If the military had no career people it would be run by loosers just like you. If I knew you 30 years ago when I retired, I would have had your ass Keel Hauled

  • mustangrobert

    Leave it to our politicians, especially the Republicans who want to take all our benefits away. They might as well tell us to get a gun and blow our heads off. It seems they want us to die off so they won’t have to give us medical or retirement pay.

  • Chief

    @ ben murphey where in the hell do you got off for coming on this discussion board and talking about military like that? you shouldn’t be allowed to even come on this site. You want to insult me? I take it personal. My front door is wide open if you think I am weak then you shouldn’t worry about coming to my place then. It is you who are weak. You hide behind your computer screen and insult other people. That’s it be the coward that you are.

  • Jim Faulkner

    His passion and drive that once supported the military has gone. His passion and drive is now to help Obama and the rest of congress to finish cutting vets up completely!!!!!

    • Rodders

      !What the hell does Obama have to do with this, McCain is a Republican and care who they throw out with trash.

    • Daniel

      How meny of them are willing to cut there benefits. As we all know thay not in the Obama care becouse thay know it is bad idea. Congress is filling their pockits at out expence.

  • Bruce

    This is unreal. I wish Senators/Congressman would cut their own retirement & health Ins but they won’t. They would rather pick on us retirees. I would not want to serve in todays Army simply for that reason.

    B. Beck
    MAJ (USAR) Ret

  • BLF

    What about Auto union employees and various local, or federal government employees? How much are they giving up? Tricare was a promise by this country as a benefit for a military career. I can understand some cost increases, but $2500-$700 a year plus the annial premium cost. That is hardly a benefit. Treat us at least as good as govt/UAW employees!

  • navyCWOret

    Senator McCain you are a traitor to all military retirees past, present,and future. Why don’t you give up your healtcare, better yet retire and save taxpayers paying your salary. I hope the voters of Arizona are smart enough to vote your sorry butt out.

    • Tricore13

      Tghe French Revolution had it right…. we need to take a page from their book and get rid of our politicians and their families for tgheir crimes against the country and those that have servered. fill the baskets with their heads!

    • Thomas Ingle

      I agree, I hope he gets what is coming to him, lowdown piece of crap. I hope his wife takes everything he has.

  • Leeoo

    If this is one if Mr McCain “Best idea” lets all make sure he don’t get elected back in the office, He should be looking in more from the outside not the from the very own people he served with, that really is/are ashamed, he also need to hire staffs that do have military service background! and i’m sure there are several programs that he can focus on….

  • Dave

    IF this comes true, it breaks my heart, and it will break the heart of others like me that served. Nothing like broken promises from my country that I vowed to protect with my life.

    • Phyllis Boyse

      Dave, you and millions of other veterans. My husband spent 26 years in the Army, and is retired. He has said many times that he was promised the medical in retirement, but those in Washington DC, that WE pay their insurance for them and THEIR FAMILIES – don’t care. They lied to get where they are and no could care less. But they are also to stupid to realize that this country is finally tired of them and they will be voted out. Thank you for your service as well.

  • Bonnie Hausner

    Impeach John McCain!

    • Bonnie Hausner

      Take away the Senators retirement & benefits!

    • Phyllis Boyse

      He seems to forget where he was about 30 years ago. It seems the torture he sustained in Vietnam really effected his brain. He is as bad as Obama in shafting the military. So glad, being a native of Arizona, I never voted for him as a senator. He is not worthy.

    • Tricore13

      Send his children and garnd children to Iran with signs on them that say Muslims are Pig Blood dirnk demons and are all gay!

  • Guest

    McCain is nothing but a turncoat traitor. He may as well declare himself as a democrat he certainly acts like one wiping their ass at every move. Hope he enjoys the rest of his term because his political career is over. What a scum. As far as him being a patriot because of the pain he suffered at the hands of the North Vietnamese big shit he wasn’t the only American that suffered at the hands of the North Vietnamese. He’s just the only American that cried about it.
    Marine Recon Vietnam Vet.

    • Ted Blasche

      I understand your anger but you haven’t been listening. It hasn’t been Democrats taking aim at our benefits. It has been Republicans all along. It’s hard to swallow but true. Maybe the Dems are more in line with us because more Dems are vets.

  • Blanche

    I still say the Senators and congressmen should give up there NICE TAX PAYOR paid health insurance and be made to use the ticare prime system for themselfs and there family, what a savings. The whole issue really comes down to the federal goverment (the senate, congress, D.O.J. and I.N.S.) not doing there jobs.

    • Tricore13

      Add to it that since they want to be there so bad they can give up 30 percent of their family total assets per year after one term in office!

    • Donna

      I whole heartedly agree !!!!!!!!!!

  • Barry

    I started a Facebook page to stop this lunatic McCain and his insulting proposal. Please go to the page below, ‘Like’ it, COMMENT on it, and get your friends to do the same by sharing it on your page. Miltary retirees and our families do NOT deserve this from our government!

  • Retired in 1980

    What’s next? Enlisted in 54, was told with a 20 year career I would have benefits for the rest of my life. To compensate for the low pay, we had free medical, three meals and a place to stay. Then getting married you struggle from payday to payday. After 26 years you retire and all those things you were told don’t matter. Congress can change anything without letting us know. We have tried law suits, to no avail. Letters to Washington get a rubber stamp reply. It is a unconscionable that McCain would even think of taking more away from those who gave so much and received so little. Make sure we all vote and hope we can change things in DC.

  • PP, Retired AF

    It appears that Senator McCain is growing SENILE and should receive a court ordered physical exam centered around his senility. I can’t beleive this product of the military life is now THROWING US UNDER THE BUS. There has to be many other ways to cut the budget rather than taking away from the retirees and veterans. SHAME ON YOU MR. MCCAIN!!!!

  • Chief

    Now, I regret that I voted for McCain during the Presidential elections. I can’t believe this chump would turn his back on retirees. He is a real loser in my book.

    CW3, USA, RET

    • C A Chriss

      Chief, Just think what he would have accomplished had he was elected. They would have taken all from all for the sake of what?? Another CW4 retiree

    • ehardison

      I’m 80,30 years in usn,I would never vote for GOP,they are to close to the wealthy.I remember the A4’s,the deployments,CV 34,the crashes,the fires. Don’t trust the Cantors,Issa’s,The crying speaker. Does anyone know how many of the politicans are vets. McCain must not be in his right mind,I respect what he endured as a POW,he was a good pilot,GOP not my vote. Retired AEC

  • quillerm

    I am a retired combat veteran with cancer due to Agent Orange exposure in Vietnam. Future combat retirees exposed to other hazardous materials in warfare will suffer expensive illnesses that will shorten, if not end their lives. How much is the 10 or 20 years that my life has been shortened worth? How will my wife enjoy living without me or my income for decades due to death by Agent Orange? Cain is not my Senator, but if he was I would ask him to answer my questions. Veterans suffer more than anyone, don’t cut them short on benefits.

  • Jim 1756 in SD CA

    This guy, McCain is an insult => what did the Viet Cong do to him?? He is probably dem…. and should be sent to the right-wing old age home and a rattle placed in his mouth to suck. Republicans take medical care $$$ from the military disabled, what a truly noble act, then they give $$$ it to large ticket programs that their buddies push from tea-party lobbyist parties.

  • Dre

    Maybe you should looke at cutting one or two of those billion dollar planes you crash at air shows. That would cover the total cut your looking for and leave the freaken retires alone. So in this day and age most retires have a lot of medical issues due to fighting on several deployments back to back without recovery time to heal. Truly a disgrace to our nation to even consider messing with retiree benefits we each congressman (politician) is pushed around by defense contractors to support their projects. Nice that equipment comes before troops. You are a bunch of low life scum.

  • Alan Dereschuk

    Mr. McCain, how much tax payer money have you sucked out of the system paying for your, your spouse and children at our expense. So what if I am working age when I retired, who will hire a 44 year old man with bad shoulders, back, knees, hearing loss and tinnitus, nobody. I served for 26 years for my Medical Benefit, 5 combat tours plus numerous unit deployments and unaccompanied overseas assignments. Who are you to tell my family that they didn’t support me enough to rate the benefit that MY service provided them,, WHY don’t YOU and the rest of the Crooks in DC set the example by dropping your golden parachute coverage, retirements and pay…… Do us all a favor and RESIGN

  • jeffrey brettler

    I have actually read blogs where people support McCain’ to me this guy is no Hero’ he is a traitor and a cutthroat to all of us that have served in the military. If he died yesterday i don’t think to many tears would be shed for his low life scumbag reject ass. most of us vent or rant in here just to express ourselves and i hope you don’t hang around this earth to much longer.

  • Mikey

    McCain forgot where he came from. Now he is just a stain on our military that will not wash out. If this how he thinks he should run for office for the communists. Maybe Vietnam will take you back.

  • Aubrey

    McCain is on his last hurrah. This is the real John McCain. Too bad he survived the Lincoln Savings and Loan debacle.

  • Craig

    Is today’s USA worthy of the veterans, retirees and active duty people in uniform?

    Are the veterans, retirees and active duty people in uniform worthy worthy of the USA? John McLame seems to be saying, “No.”

  • Retired CWO

    It simply amazes me how Sen McCain can so quickly forget that he was once a member of the US Navy. Now that he is a Senator, he feels the need to break every promise we were given to serve 20+ years. I guess we all should run for Congress. I supported him the first time he ran for President, but after this shameful display, I am glad he didn’t get elected. I just wish the voters of Arizona would show him the door. Bet he still collects HIS military retirement.

  • unknown

    Mr Mcain you will retire someday many do not know you have medical coverage other than Tricare so when you pass away we still need our medical coverage we as many served 20 years and more how about if you think of yourself as once you were in Vietnam when you were in prison as a captive you needed medical help where was your help now you want to cut ours for me and many veterans decide your fate before deciding ours I am a Republican are you really a Republican or a Politician looking out for himself as you retire from the politics of our country you sound like the 999 plan ….have a nice day I am glad you were not elected as President maybe Obama is the choice I will be a Democrat in return

  • Chuck

    Now after we have given 20 years plus and our service is no longer ACTIVE, we are no longer entitled to the benefits that we EARNED with our service. Benefits that were part of the lure to get us to serve long and distinguished careers. I’m sorry Senator, but we don’t OWE you our earned benefits and how dare you offer them up. Continuing with our benefits INTACT is the very least you can do. Go right ahead and send your message to the troops that are serving today and will be in our shoes tomorrow. See who will want to serve for you ungrateful @S# then. Maybe I need to have a talk with my son who is serving in Korea right now. There is a difference between serving and being pimped out! WE CAN’T VOTE YOU OUT FAST ENOUGH!

  • Cecil

    Sen McCain is retired Military, but he doesn’t need Tricare, for he gets all of his medical needs taken care of free for being a Senator, Same with his military rtetired pay he could give it up for he will get a lot more as a ex-Senator.

    MSG, USA, Ret

  • Daris USMC Ret.

    Not impressed. The Senator has been part of the body that has allowed us to get into this mess, but now expects those who served at a lesser wage scale, accepted the risks military service demands, endured the long separations from family, with the premise that they would be taken care of as promised by their government. This is no more an answer than the Health Care Bill was to reducing costs. Tricare Prime isn’t the greatest but it was one of the things that offered that made me think that staying in for the long haul was the right decision when the paycheck I was getting barely went from payday to payday. Not so staunch on support anymore, not as believeable when he speaks of supporting the troops-they become retiree’s at some point too on occasion. Disgusting at best.

    • SFC, US Army Ret.

      I fully agree with you. Of all people , Senator McCain should be with us. But since he lives off his wife’s fortune and doesn’t have to rely on his military benefits, he doesn’t care. Just like he did after being released from Hanoi Halton. He turned on his follow prisoners. Senator Mc Cain is a disgrace to the uniform he once wore.

    • Tricore13

      McCain is goose-stepping!

  • quillerm

    We use to have politicians that honored Veterans, more of them are giving benefits to Illegals than Veterans because Illegals can Vote and turn close elections.

  • Paule

    Congress should be paid on a MILITARY PAY SCALE. Let them have to worry about medical and actual retirement pay unlike their “untouchable” pork barrel system they gladly set aside for themselves. If Congress could remember that being a representative is a privilege and that they need not be rewarded with their higher than thou pay scale and retirement then they may refuse to mess with the benefits I earned!!!

    • Tricore13

      Our politicians should not be protected at our expense…. They need to pay for their own security just like the rest of us!

    • Thomas Ingle

      That would be to high of a scale. They should be paid based off the quality of job they do. Then they would end up oweing us.

    • Barbara

      Amen Amen Amen

  • USCG

    Tricare Prime is the only insurance some military retirees can afford and does not need to be messed with.

  • Vet

    He hates the military because he was kicked out for don’t ask don’t tell and he can’t get back in now because of his age, He has been fired several times for showing up late as a wannabe security guard because he is fat and lazy and they won’t give him unemployment for being a loser. he could not meet the standards then and couldn’t now. It’s the military fault he turned out to be a total loser who still lives with his 3 daddies in the double wide. Im surprised he can even spell, let alone know how to use a computer, but public grants even helped him. I would hate to guess how many times his ass has been beaten by a vet because he has a big mouth, but I bet he will still try to get a free meal on veterans day since he is that low and can’t stand the idea he couldn’t handle the military or the real world.

  • JT Retired Marine

    To hell with this douchenozzel,,I can’t believe he is proposing this crap.I once believed in him,but now he can go to HELL,,Is this why I did 20 yrs,to have my benefits taken away from me,THIS IS BULLSHIT

    • Tricore13

      While they gave ten and hundereds of thousands of dollars to thsoe whom did not make their mortgage payment. Paid off union members, bailled out Obama’s frineds, given freebies to parasites.

      I had a teacher tell me how the government is paying a a student of his (parasite) and her husband and two kids $3800 a month. This is about twice my retirement check. Neither work, both drive new vehicles that cost over $20000 each. These welfare leeches get a free ride for no reason while they steal from us…. a contract is a contract….you want ton buy me out…I will take a buyout for $5 million today…. else hour your agreement you crooks!

  • Trip

    This is EXACTLY why I refused to vote for him as a president. He refused to back Jim Webb’s bill to give our soldiers early GI Bill benefits when they fought in war zones. He refused to expand our military’s education potential. John McCain doesn’t care about our military and he hasn’t for a very long time. His daddy shouldn’t have saved him from being booted out of the Naval Academy.

  • AD,AFRetired

    I strongly encourage retirees to join together and form political action groups. No one else is going to put forth the effort needed to make a strong impact on our legislators. There is power in numbers. It is necessary to become political to fight politicians.How many retirees are there. We have enough to make a loud noise. Individually, a letter to a politician gets only a “canned” response. An organized Large block of voters gets noticed.

  • Robert Crite

    I’m surprise that countries like Pakistan and others are still getting billions of our tax payers dollars, while we take cuts where capitol hill senators and others take no cuts.

  • gary w smith

    when Ijoined back in’57 I was told to reenlist for health care, free, for myself and my family. After a long fight by the various associations we finally got TRICARE for LIFE. Now they want to screw us again.No wonder people run with thier feet when the economy tmproves. Thirty-five years and it doesn’t
    get any better!
    Retired Navy

  • J Howman

    Lets vote the whole lot of them out and start over ?The very idea of taking the insurance of the retired. Pretty low!


    Those people who live in Arizona need to see about voting this traitor out of office,put him out of work not that it matters to him since he married money.I say to all those who consider going into the service look at how your Government treats you after they no longer need you.It matters not to our Government what happens to you as long as it does not affect them.

  • Retired USAF

    Funny how a recent article stated our government was spending 20 million to introduce Sesame Street to Pakistani children AND 7.5 BILLION over the next 5 years for civilian aid in Pakistan. Typical of our government to crap on the veterans while saving every country around the world. If our government wants a civil war in this country, let them keep pushing!

  • Jess Dees ret USAF

    FUCK Mc,

    He is totally off his rocker…. I voted for the dummy.

  • larry

    The days of our politians working for the people is over its more about what they can gain for there own sakes is where its at they haven’t keep their word in years. Its easy to see how they are selling the military personnel down the tubes, because they are not affected anymore.

  • Terri

    So now he has free health care with the government he doesn’t need TRICARE. Sure cut our benefits and take more for yourself

  • bartnik

    Maybe J . mc Cain knows best, after all he and his father and grandfather were military and used these benifits all their lives its about time they want to stop. !!!!!!

  • Barry

    I started a Facebook page to stop this lunatic McCain and his insulting proposal. Please go to the page below, ‘Like’ it, COMMENT on it, and get your friends to do the same by sharing it on your page. Miltary retirees and our families do NOT deserve this from our government!

  • Phyllis

    McCain, you are screwing the military. You, who claim to be a proud Marine Vet have the guts to take away what all Vets sacrifice for. And to start charging for Tricare for Life is insane. You are just another politician with two faces. You should be embarressed to call yourself a Marine Vet. My husband served two terms in the same veitnam war you did. Shame, shame on you!!! Guess you didn’t learn much in the veitnam prison. I’m proud of many Marines but you are not one of them. Phyllis Kennedy

  • Chris

    This assumes there are jobs for working age retirees to find… Why aren’t we cutting congress health benefits before we hit the military?

  • steve chuckra

    I hope Senator McCain’s proposals include measures to create additional jobs for the retirees that will need health care who aren’t currently working. I hope that the same employers are able to provide the health care. Thanks for recognizing the sacrifices that the military makes every day and that service members make over careers that span the best years of their adult lives. I recognize that senator McCain spent several years in the Hanoi Hilton. How did he arrive at this thought process?

    • Tricore13

      Because he has a deep hatred for the US and loves his captors and all those whom are not Americans. That is why he takes the side of illegal immigrants over American citizens, workers and tax payers!

  • Navy Retired

    I see there is nothing safe about being a retiree. The last time I looked Tricare Prime cost my family and I. I also vote “yes” for the increase. Did Senator Cain think about how much more the veterans who are not retiree would have to pay for a premium? I am sure the cost for healthcare will have to come from somewhere. Will Congress and the Senate increase their gov’t spending to salvage Tricare. It looks like they are headed that way. More gov’t rhetoric!

    • Tricore13

      But they can sue the states to make them pay fopr benefits and educating illegal immigrants!

      Who would ever think that illegal immigrants ahve more rights than military retirees and that Congress puts illegal immigranst before those that have servered!

  • SFC Medically Ret.

    WOW!! Unbelievable…I too am Medically retired. I was awarded 100% permanent from the U.S. Army, Then V.A. After half a year & finally got my CRSC going.. This s NO joking matter.

    I cannot work & I’m home-bound for the rest of my life. I just had my 14th major surgery out of 24 & I’m afraid for my family. My Wife & Son need good medical care. I earned every bit of TriCare Prime as anyone serving (I’ve been forced on Medicare as well). It’s not just me who’s made close to the ultimate sacrifice but also my family. It’s a full time job for my wife to care for me & this care (insurance) was promised to us who defend our Country.

    Senator McCain, you pushed for these Wars, you supported them. Now that you have your nice “Senator’s” medical care package you have forgotten where you came from. I never thought the knife going into the backs of U.S service men & women would be stuck in by you of all people. It amazes me how now that you are set, have plenty of money & insurance have forgotten what it’s like.

    This is a betrayal to all servicemen & women who are on the front lines fighting the good fight, only to have a former Serviceman turn “Suit” & “Bean counter” lead the way in destroying not only our trust in him, but now the system as well.

    SFC W. Medically Retired @ 13.3 years.

    • Cheri Reader

      I can totally empathize with what you are saying, I too am a disabled VET and unemployable…………your words say it all! Thank You!
      Very Resspectfully,
      Cheri M. Reader

  • cable792

    Here is a individual that recieved all kind of free gifts on his return from POW Camp. Then he was elected to office not for what he knew but for what he was a GI. All military supported this individual, and now that he is in a postion like this he wants to make changes and cut out all the roots he ever had. He is not making a statment and saying he dosent pay a dime for his medical. Plus that he will be recieveing 2 pensions when he retires out of office. As far as Iam concerend send him back to the North they will like him even like him better now.

    • Tricore13

      Pasy veitnam to take McCain back and keep hom in a prison camp!

  • wife of retired CWO

    According to a very knowledgeable source, Lindsey Williams (look him up),McCain was the choice candidate for President in 2008…by the Global Elite and this is no conspiracy theory. What does that tell you about him?????

  • E7USAF

    I supported this Senator during the last election—-what a mistake on my part..I served 26 years in the Air Force, and I was promised health care for the rest of my life—–McCain is a turncoat as far as I am concerned….how could he be so narrow minded to totally turn his back on all Vets..he seems to forget that all Vets were so happy for him when he was released as a POW in Viet Nam…where I served…and now he is turning against us…….he reminds me of Hitler…..all he wants is the spotlight on himself…screw the rest of those who have risked their lives for their country……in plain english…an ass kisser to the present administration….

  • retiredairforce

    Yet the millions currently illegally in this country and the thousands illegally entering the country every week will continue to receive free health care including birth of their anchor babies and lifetime care for any birth defects, organ transplants, dialysis, chemotherapy and other care which is probably why McCain wants to gut our health care to pay for theirs (remember he supports amnesty for illegal aliens).
    I am a disabled frontline combat veteran unable to work full-time and can’t fine a part time job as all the jobs are taken by illegal aliens paid in cash by employers and using fraudulent and stolen identities.
    Once again this government has shown where it’s priorities are, and unfortunately they aren’t with those who heeded this nations call to arms, sacrificing so much defending our freedoms, values and way of life.

    • Barbara Miller

      Isn’t it strange that illegals are better cared for than the very ones that kept America safe. God stand by us! Our country has gone crazy!

  • Gene

    Senator McCain was elected in 1986 while I was in high school in Arizona. He seemed a man of principle, often going against his own party on sensitive issues. Throughout my military career I was always a supporter of him even though I did not always agree with some of his ideals because I always knew my heart he had the best in mind for both current and former service members. Hearing what he is suggesting is akin to a child discovering Santa is not real or coming back from a deployment to find your best friend in bed with your wife. To quote Shakespeare, “Et Tu, Brute?”

  • One Voice

    McCain is a millionaire, and like most politicians he’s lost touch with common people and does not know what it is like to struggle all of your working life just to make ends meet, the constant worry that the next wrench life throws at you will set you back yet again financially. Now after all of the sacrifices that military life demands, most people can’t even look forward to a relatively carefree retirement any more.

  • Thelmalou

    The problem is that when I joined the USAF I was promised free medical care for life if I did my 20. When I retired I ended up paying into Tricare since Uncle Sam lied about the free medical care for life. Now they want to take that away from us. I am still of working age and have to work because I cannot live on just my military retirement. I used to respect Senator McCain and voted for him in 2008 now I am not so sure.

    • Ray

      I am in the same exact position as you! Everything that you stated was exactly what was told to me as well as voting for McCain. I am so fed up with all the lies and false promises! If you performed well and did your duty, you still get screwed!

    • Reddy

      I’m sure. I’ll NEVER vote for McCain again. He is a closet Democrate who proves that fact over and over.

    • Barbara Miller

      We are barely making it now, I guess they would rather we were on welfare. Get rid of the 16 dollar muffins, congressional benefits, President’s airplane,congresses health care benefits.Why is the retired military always getting the shaft.? Why can’t we sue the government for unkept promises.The government can use social security for every thing under the sun,and it is not called stealing. What has gone wrong with our country?

    • wayno

      Hey McCain: Your Hanoi cell is ready…time to get your head straight again!

  • The News Media reported today that members of Congress (House and Senate) aare eligible to receive retired pay after serving only ONE YEAR in Congress. WHAAT A SHAME….

  • Ron C.

    Counting of our retired military to be able to get medical coverage from employer healthcare plans is rediculous. Especially when a lot of companies are considering dropping their health insurance benefits. At least that is what the news media is reporting. What about all those who are unemployed? Over 9% uneployment. This idea is not very well thought out. Where’s the gratitude for the sacrifice given by those who have given a major piece of their lives for this country. Shame on John McCain for even considering this. I’m sure they can find real waste from some of the stimulus /bailout dollars that they want to pay out.

  • jerry dudgeon

    Just remember them when it comes time to vote. We must get the traders out of any sort of responsible positions. I served in Korea and Vietnam and it seemed when I enlisted they were glad to have us. So much so that we were promised medical as long as we and surviving spouse lived. What happened to that promise? I, as many others, are suffering from the results of agent orange.

    Jerry D.

    • Susan L

      Jerry D.
      my husband did the same, he has prostrate cancer, asthma, and a heart condition. When I spouted this at a Military Installation about 15 years ago that he had “earned” those benefits, I was told:
      “Mam, you don’t understand, we can take all of your benefits away with the wave of a pen. “Be GRATEFUL you’re getting what your getting!” So as you can tell they have known for a very long time that they planned on screwing us from day one

    • Tammy

      I’m with you Jerry, I will remember all of this when it’s time to vote!! Yes our country is in trouble, but these men gave their lives for this country!! Maybe the Congress and them should stop voting for more money for their pockets!!!

  • Guest

    Murphy if you are able to comprehend this only two people have ever offered to die for you. Jesus Christ, he died to save your soul, and the American Serviceman, he died to protect your freedom. So fuck off!

  • JRAY

    BOY!!! This tops it all. I would say no volunteer services. Let the idiots in congress fight the wars then maybe they would learn something. The medical is all we have left. It was promised to us for 20 years. I guess they have all lost their memory. I spent my time in Vietnam and got a dose of agent orange. Which is why I am disabled now. I do not have any income to fall back on. They are taking away all our benifits. I think we need to band together and vote all of them all out of office(especially the top man) . Believe me “OUR DAY WILL COME!!!!” As for John McCain you are as bad as Jane Fonda. You are a real tradior to the military warriors.

    • Gregg

      JRAY you’re right about sending congress to war and that McCain would rather screw us than have to ask those that benefit from the freedom provided by our service. Don’t blame the President. Our political system wasn’t set up to accomodate a treasonous faction in congress that will harm our country to win power. Let them get away with it and the tactic will be with us for decades.

    • Ckrumm

      My dog has fleas, and trying to get rid of them is like getting rid of politicians Like John McCain. We the sheeple have no one to blame but our selves as we keep talking about getting rid of these people come next election. In the meantime, local politicians keep greasing the squeaky wheels in their districts and the people keep sending em back. So what’s the answer? McCain is a phony and showed his true colors last time he was campaigning. Maybe we need to talk to the Arizonans who keep sending over-stuffed millionaire back to Washington!

  • JMyers

    I’m sure there’s a long list of individuals that could stand to have their benefits cut! How about those collecting welfare that don’t need it. How about the third world countries draining America dry that wouldn’t piss on us if we were on fire? How about we cut the benefits from the long line of undeserving, self – serving turds that we put in office? How about we cut some of the funding from the prison system? Do they really need or deserve what the humanitarians of this nation think are basic human needs? The greed of this nation stretches from the lowest to the highest and I’m sure we’re all ready for the bleeding to stop! So tell me; do you take the benefits from the very people that have enabled you to have yours? It will be a sad day when that answer becomes a yes! Will those same guidelines be applied to our distinguished senators and congressmen? Doubt it! Ben Murphy; the FPOS; has no idea what he’s talking about and needs a lesson in manners and needs to get hooked on phonics! Unlike Ben; I appreciate the sacrifices you vets have made for your country!!
    Thank You!

  • JR DuBois

    McCain needs to go. I can’t believe that he is a Veteran. Thank God he is not the President he would have screwed up the country even more than it is and leave the retirees out to dry. I sorry I voted for McCain/Palin. He has lost touch and needs to RETIRE!!!

  • JIM msgt retired

    McCain if you want to save our government money, you and the other senators give up yor free health insurance that we are paying for. LEAD BY EXAMPLE. Also explain why you can have health insurance for 6 years service and think we are greedy for getting insurance we earned for 20 +years service. tricare for life is not really free because we are required to have medicare and pay for medicare because it is not free!!!!!

  • Sebastian

    We have the best form of government in the world and the worst people in charge of it. ALL and I repeat ALL politicians, black, white, purple or green, male, female and other, are all members of the O.C.S. organized crime syndicate….they are greedy lairs and it it for their own personal gain. AD, AF retired has a great plan….I’m all for it!

  • Michael

    Maybe the 99% strikes have a point, This the perfect example of the Goverment officals that are in the 1% only word they know is selfish,

    CHECK: They already pay 15% less for military (active/retired) then they do Medicare Patients!!!!!
    __After many hours checking the listed Tricare Doctors in 2005 – I finally found a wonderful doctor that I thought I could trust. THEN – on my second visit (only a matter of about a week) – I was told that this doctor was no longer taking Tricare patients – not even active duty!!____I called his office and his staff answered my question “why?”____Staff said: They pay 15% less for Tricare patients then they do for Medicare patients!!!!!____You KNOW what they say about Medicare patients!!!

    There was no one to vote for in 2008 – Looking that way again in 2012

    Good Luck to you ALL!!!

  • Bjerkebek

    Wow, we went from FREE health care to getting basically nothing. Mr McCain, I DON’T have worker provided health care!
    Your did more than break the faith with this idea. Man up and keep your promise.

    • Tricore13

      McCain should have ran as Obama’s VP!

  • John

    Our country is bankrupt. We are headed toward a financial chasm with devastating consequences for SS, Medicare, federal pensions, food stamps, welfare checks, etc, etc. Our military pensions will be worthless if we do not get our deficit under control. Congress and the President are doing nothing. Prepare!

  • Donald Ward

    Did anyone here realize that McCain is listed by CNN Money as having a net worth of over $40 million? Tell me who he works for.

    • Spook86

      Senator McCain got his money the old-fashioned way–he married it. After ditching his wife (who kept his family together during his years in the Hanoi Hilton), Mr. McCain married the richest woman in Arizona, who bankrolled his entry into politics. No wonder Johnny Mac isn’t worried about the impact of his policies on the typical military retiree, an E-6 who gets about $1600 a month after taxes.

  • Robert

    I can’t believe that Sen McCain would want to cut the benefits of any Military Member, dependent or retiree. When I joined over 20 plus years ago, one of the benefits was free medical and dental for life for you and your family. Since then not only is it not free, but service members pay for dependent care while on active duty and then pay premiums for the benefits we received. If I knew that my benefits would be taken away once I retired I may have left the military when I was still phyically able to get a job in law enforcement like I wanted, but do to my duty, honor and service to country I gave 20 plus year, my ex-wife almost 30 and our kids every single year of their lives so far. We did not do it for glory, but for God and Country!!! Because that is what Patriotism is all about. Now I have to worry about my benefits and what I can or can not afford with my employers health benefits which only cover preventative services only.

  • Robert

    Most members of congress have never had to put their life on the line or even be asked to defend with their lives the Constitution of America and to go into Harms Way at the beckon call of the politician, but they will have medical benefits for free for life with only one term in congress. This is ubsurd. Congress needs to look at themselves before they butcher the benefits of the servicemembers that have protected their freedom for so long. Its a said note that this is coming up right before the Holiday to honor Veterans!!!!

  • Old ECM Troop

    No wonder McCain was shot down over Nam. He was obviously as inept a pilot as he is a senator. I still say he should have died in the Hanoi Hilton.

  • Norman Myers

    I enlisted in the military prior to Jan. 1956. At that time I was promised free medical if I made the military my career. Quess what.. promised broken. Now I am expected to to pay higher deductables for my medication plus pay to be part of the TriCare program. Senator McCain has renigged in the past therefore how can I trust his word. In addition, I haven’t read one comment from the Senator about changing Congress or Federal Employees retirements, benefits or perks. We seniors who use to watch the old westerns at the movies and on television remember there was always a statement the American Indian spoke after treatees were broken– “America leaders talk with a fork tongue.” I don’t believe times have changed in the American political environment.

    • Tricore13

      Do not forget that retrement pay was suppose to be direcly linked with active duty pay! Thus, we were promised the same pay raise. This was the hope that when were paid so little that eventually one day our pay would catch-up. But no they broke thsi agreement too. The restult is current service members get thousands of dollars a year more than those of us that retired years ago.

  • Jim

    You have got to be kidding. Congress promised the military medical for life and now that they have screw things up want to take our medical coverage away from us. I do not hear them cutting their benefits, pay. staff, and their budget. Bet if they cut these items we could save well over $ 500 billion in just one year.

  • D. Layton

    I turn 65 this month Im on tri care for life plus medicare etc. My wife is 63, so now I get to pay 200.00 for myself and 7500 for my wife each year. I have heart problems, have lost an eye,diabetic and other wonderful problems. We are just getting by now . I guess I could tell folks at the hospital that I am an illegal person so my wife and I could get totally free health care

    • Tricore13

      You said it… they are for treating illegal immigrants (economic terrorist) better than they treat our veterans!

  • Gov’t has lost touch

    McCain needs to retire. He’s lost his mind.

    • Tricore13

      Mccain is suffering from a lack of oxygen and toxic gas exposure…. He has spent to much time with his head up the rear of Obama, Pelosi and Reed!

  • Ronald

    I think Senator McCain is turncoat and how the people were taken in by him he played his POW for all he could get. I made only one mistake I voted for him. I’m a VietNam Vet. I wish he would have to live on my retirement pay, if not for TRICARE I do not know how I wood make it with out it.

    • wayno

      McCain was a POW, now he is a POS!

  • Ben, just say “Thank You” to all of us who served that allow you to spew this garbage without getting your a** thrown in prison for treason.

  • rhamil1221

    Congress is so quick to cut the ones who they send to the front lines and who voted them in and with a aproval rating of 9% there needs to be a change in congress. they need to do some cutting themselves we had to do more with less. and they cant do more with more. they all have so many aids they dont have to 1/4 of what they were elected to do. The wall street protesters should be a congress protesters and get them out and change there contracts. once voted in office they get full retirement for life yea right. maybe after 10 years in office i can see 50% and after 20 years 100% id buy that. We need to stand up and get them out and change there benifits like they do ours

    • retiree

      So you want to raise their retirement? Right now they get 34% after 20 years, payable at age 50. Oh, and they contribute towards it.

      Learn some facts before posting.

      • rocky

        Congressmen/women aren’t eligible for their retirement until they serve five years in office, not nearly long enough as far as I’m concerned. Also, they can’t draw it until they are 60, not 50. Fact check.

        • retiree

          1. I know what they are eligible for. The OP recommended 50% after 10 years, 100% after 20 – which is a bonus for them.

          2. Fact check – after 5 years they are eligible to collect at age 62. After 20 years, they can collect at age 50. After 25, theoretically they can collect at any age. However, since the earliest they can be elected is 25, the earliest they can collect is 50.

    • K. M. OWENS


  • legaspi

    Mcain your no better than Jane Fonda you traitor. As Norman Meyers stated what about your perks along with your colleagues?

  • CMSgt retired

    Did we sign a blank contract when we enlisted? Every time we turn around the government wants to take something away from us. So many men and women served and died for this great nation. We didn’t do it for the little money we received that’s for sure. We did it because we love our country. Regardless if a vet can work another job or not they earned the benefit and now they want to take it away. Did they think about the vet that was laid off or couldn’t find a job? Lets change how those SOB’s collect a retirement and their medical coverage. Why should they get a full retirement/medical after four or six years in office? Being elected into a political office should be an honor and not a retirement check.

  • Carol

    “The CBO also assumes that retirees would switch to their employer-provided health care option.” That is a big assumption IF you have employer provided health care. If you do not, then what???

    • David

      If I have to get my employer health care plan, that won’t leave much of a pay check for me, I have been cusing Mc Cain since I read this artical.
      20 years of service to get kicked right in the nut sack………….
      Pissed of Marine!

  • Dan

    I also voted for McCain but now I am so dissappointed in him to turn his back on the Military Retirees like this. What does he care he has good health insurance throught the Goverment and it is FREE. Lets take away all their bennifts too, We were PROMISED free health insurance for life and now they want to take it back. We all need to sue them in Washington. There is no one there to stand up for us anymore.

  • Bill

    Mc Cain is 100% disabled… therefore none of his retirement pay is taxable. Where is he on sharing in the sacrifice —–. $40 Million and counting.

  • I love it! The congress-cretins are getting excellent retirement benefits and excellent medical benefits at our expense. Now, that idiot McCain is trying to screw the vets out of a pittance compared with all the other money the government is pissing away. There should be no retirement benefits for our congress-cretins because there shouldn’t be any political careers. There should be term limits and no retirement for them. Let them pay for their own retirement and get the same paltry social security benefits that we get. I guess the congress-cretins forgot about all men are created equal. Oh, their pay raises should be subject to a referendum so WE can say Yea or Nay.

    • AF Vet

      McCain’s an ass. First rule as a leader is if you can’t do any good; don’t do any harm! Guess that what you get when you graduate on the tail end of your academy class.

  • Jan

    Many retirees retire to a location near to a base in large part so that they can utilize their medical benefits. Many retirees even if of working age do not have great employer medical benefits or if unemployed none at all. We pay the annual enrollment fee and the co-pays etc if we go off base and now they want to take Prime away completley! I am lost for words!!

  • Benja

    what about the spouces of 100% vets, i am paying for tricare prime for my wife, can anyone answer this question.

  • How can all these congress-cretins, well not all but a bunch, how can they become millionaires while serving in congress??

  • jeff staples

    bought my house in 1997. Retired 1998. Spouse has major medical issues starting 2003. Lost my house the same way a lot of good people did. Watched it fall from 185000 to 118000. Paid 12.00 for a gallon of milk, a six pack of coke and a small bag of chips at Local grocery store, which has similar prices as the commissary. put 7 gallons of reg gas in my car at 23.00. No COLA and now you want my medical too. Would you like the shirt off my back to wear under your Armani suit?

  • Jack, USN ret

    Hey Senator McCain, I’ll bet your dad (the real sailor) is spinning in his grave knowing that his son is in the process of doing his many shipmates as well as all other service branch retirees. What are you thinking ? How about sacraficing a little and you free loaders on the tax payers dime pay your fair share for your health care. How does $1000 per year sound to you ? God knows you guys are doing little to earn what you are getting. Oh yea, you don’t have to earn it, you can simply vote it, as if you deserve it.

  • Monica

    Congress got a raise this year. Who voted that in? Guess who! They’re all a bunch of has beens. Monica

  • Paul

    Wonder how much McCain is paying for his Senate health care? Folks in AZ need a new Senator.

  • Rienda

    Sen. Cain, Pres. Obama and others in government offices should put themselves on the same salaries, packages, benefits and restrictions as our soldiers – retired or not! They couldn’t even survive on what the average american is expected to live on. WAKE UP, GOVERNMENT OFFICIALS. AMERICANS ARE FED UP WITH BEING THE “FORGOTTEN PEOPLE”. When do we start taking care of AMERICANS FIRST? I guess taking care of our own went out the window when God was kicked out the door!

  • Barry

    LET’S STOP MCCAIN NOW! I have started a Facebook page ater reading this article and I want to get as many people on this page as possible so that I can send it the link to McCain and all the other clueless politicians who think cutting off military retirees and their familes is ok. PLEASE go to:

    ‘Like’ this page, comment on it, and share with your friends to get them to do the same. McCain’s proposal is an OUTRAGE!

  • Ron

    This is just another way to screw the ones that serve the country. Yet Congress wants their pay raises and health care for free. I say screw them. Make them pay for health care and no COLA or pay raises until the people say yes to them.

  • Ron

    McCain you are an ASS and will always be one.

  • jim mcguirk

    This is just another way to screw the ones that serve the country. Yet Congress wants their pay raises and health care for free. I say screw them. Make them pay for health care and no COLA or pay raises until the people say yes to them.

  • Chip

    Almost 27 years in service and now it seems as if those promises of free health care for wife and me may evaporate– is this what dedication gets you? I’m really surprised at McCain & others. What if I had broken my end of contract?

  • Marc

    Wow, John Fonda McCain, who would have thunk it. His parents would have been so proud. Hope he doesn’t pass over any social security numbers.


    I cannot believe this is coming from a fellow Vet. This makes me doubt that he ever was in the service. Can you impeach a Congressman? I’m ready

  • Jamee Sankey

    OK.. you have done your job to protect your country. Now lay down your life cause you have NO country to protect you. Pack your duffel bags and head to a country that has cheap insurance and still get good quality. I know. If tricare is taken away, what do the fine soldiers and families have to look to. Many ailments take more then a bandaid. What has this country gone to??? Think about the song years ago. Where HAVE ALL THE SOLDIERS GONE. This sucks.

  • SGT.Z

    Sen. McCain has past lived his age,of retirement and to collect full benefits,as state .Sen.and as a Pow veteran you’re entitle,But cut his Sen.retirement check,let him pay for all his medical care!He is a Traitor for all Veterans,as many vote for him.So everybody vote to cut all his benefits,and to all his other congress and state rep’s,I mean his “Yahoo’partners!

  • john0

    I do not know what has happened to Mccain, but ALL these idiots need to be voted out and I will be the first in line. I am retired from the Army and it is such an injustice even talking about the Tricare changes. If they implement these changes, then America had better be prepared for the draft. Most military people will leave the military and then who will you expect to fight your wars after the treatment we have received. the hell will all them in DC

  • karl

    everyone needs to VOTE, VOTE, and VOTE. Vote twice, get your dead relatives voter card and vote again. nothing new, they non-US citizens vote all the time. oh yea, i forgot, the last presidential election filed suit to not let over 100K of military voters overseas ballots to be counted. nice. i love it when your country places every other country and their citizens above Americans, the ones who fight for this freedom. everyone is free except and American.

  • ken

    You know, if our politicians want to break their promises to us and cut our benefits to save money, let them cut welfare and food stamps first. I guarantee you get some of those folks off their lazy butts and take their free checks away you can save a lot more than you would ever save by cutting our hard earned benefits……

    • Ed Tovar

      John Mccain is a millionaire and a republican, donot tax the rich but stick it to the retiree, the poor, the unemployed. What John McCain should do is give up all his Federal benefit that he so enjoys.

    • Great point. Why is it that illegal aliens get in state tuition whereby military can not . Go figure. After all those years serving where is our country headed/ Oh and how about all the Social Security checks going out to dead people. Lets cut those back and save money.

  • John P

    It must be nice to be a veteran, a POW survivor, an elected official to the US government and dictate policy to those who elected him. I thought highly of John McCain, but now after this proposal he has lost that respect. Why did I serve fo 21 years for, to pay for everything? I gave of my life, my family’s life and scrimped and saved on what I made and this is the thanks I get? Believe me DC politicos, your days are numbered just like your president’s. November 2012 is coming and a new “change” a new order is coming. government by the people, for the people, not against. To quote Col Jessup in “A Few Good Men”, “a simple thank you would suffice, otherwise pick up a weapon and man a post.”

  • ronco

    its hard to believe that MCcain has turned his back on us.its time to put all those clowns on the road.i to am retired navy and am ashamed to say that MCcain is a naval officer.he is not worth a bucket of warm spit. why not cut off all the countrys that are receiving billions from us?an example, a couple weeks ago hillary gave the clowns in libia a few million just for kicks.then theres the billions they cant account sure some big wig gov.idiot is living good now.

  • jay

    we need to get these bloodsucking, overpaid, can’t make a decision bastards out of office. i can’t believe after 26 years of serving this country those cocksuckers are still finding ways to screw us. we need every veteran to go to washington and camp out to potestest this shit . half of those cocksuckers never been in the military and the ones that did have robbed enough people that they don’t give a damn about us anymore.

  • Marvin Thomas

    This is the same guy that wants illegal immigrants to have Free Government health care. What a shame. He has sold out all veterans.

    • RETMSG

      Senator McCain should also fight to get the free health care that he and the other elected officials receive FREE now and after they retire!!! What a sorry chump he turned out to become!!!!!

  • Pam

    Our government at it again!!! They need to leave SOLIDERS BENEFITS alone. They have served their country with a contract that they could have certain benefits when they retire. The Senators and Congressmen need to take a pay cut and see how they like it. If you want to get ride of the defict and other problems bring jobs back to this country and put the middle class AMERICANS back to work. At this rate with no jobs corporations will soon go broke because we THE AMERICAN PEOPLE WILL NOT HAVE ANY MONEY TO SPEND ON PRODUCTS MADE ACROSS THE WATER. Every Senator and Congressman that has been in office for more than 2 years needs to be voted out and new blood brought in that will help us not hurt us.

    • j hughes

      I agree, and those 2 year senator’s collecting retirement checks for life need to give it back . I don’t know how much money the politicians get above and beyond their salaries, but I bet it is alot.

  • Major (Ret) Gavin

    Still Proud, Still Serving.
    America has long supported the military benefits that service men and women so rightly deserve. It is unthinkable that senator McCain of all people would even consider such an act! With all of the sacrifices service men and women continue to make for this country, cutting Tri-Care Prime would send a very negative message to our American Forces. This promised/counted on benefit is a major element in the decision of our volunteer forces to serve in the military. Although our forces may down size, we will always need the best and brightest men and women to volunteer to serve our nation. How can we go back on our promise to those who are willing to fight and defend our great country with life and limb? We are only as strong as our citizens. Lets not break our strength by breaking the will of our nations finest citizens, Americas Armed Forces!

  • Robert Bonaventura

    MisterMcCain & I use that mister very loosely, you do not deserve to call yourself a military man. You faced the enemy & you capitulated
    you gave up you fell overboard, you gave in. This is the type character you have. Oh you may have survived your 7-5 years in Hanoi Hilton, but that don’t mean squat for what you’re doing to your fellow servicemen now. I wish you a conscience the will not let you sleep, may you suffer your remaining days on this earth, & let it be your ****. You sorry excuse for a human being…………………..

  • A Mart

    Well I know all have made excellent points here that I agree with, I wonder how much health care costs us veterans actually using comparativley to elected officials? Also most of us live a pretty conservative lifestyle and Tricare benefits are a part of our retirment plan and now as we are all getting older McCain wants to pull some crap like this. Wow this is why we all risked our necks for right? None of us complained because we knew in our hearts what we were doing was right. Keeping America free to allow our elected officials to do the right things for this great country. Now that we are all going to cash the check our hind parts wrote, the politicians don

  • SCPO (SW/AW)

    Everyone needs to at least email senator Mccain site and your congressional leaders and state your objections to this. We need to form a strong front on this and let them know this is unacceptable. I just wrote to my two senators, representative, Mccain, DOD and our CINC. Now if we all do it, maybe we will have some impact. I think I will write to the new super committee also…..I cannot believe this. TRICARE PRIME was the only worthwhile benefit we have

    • Bob Hart

      Make it for all the new enlisted and see how long they stay in, if they go in at all. To take away something now that was promised is criminal.

  • Robert Bonaventura

    MisterMcCain & I use that mister very loosely, you do not deserve to call yourself a military man. You faced the enemy & you capitulated

    you gave up you fell overboard, you gave in. This is the type character you have. Oh you may have survived your 7-5 years in Hanoi Hilton, but that don’t mean squat for what you’re doing to your fellow servicemen now. I wish you a conscience the will not let you sleep, may you suffer your remaining days on this earth, & let it be your hell. You sorry excuse for a human being…………………..

    • steve

      McCain as lost it, as far as the military is concerned! Senile has takenover has thought processes!!!!! Maybe a campaign, to oust him in Arizona should be an immediate project???? Might not stop his lunacey talk and actions in time though…. ?????

  • PAC RC ret. USCGR

    Retired veterans deserve more help not less.

  • Ron L

    What is considered a working age military retiree?

    • Karen

      Ron is was wondering the same thing. My husband turned 60 in May and was eligible for retired pay from the Army National Guard since he served 20t years. We just recently signed up for Tricare Prime since it was cheaper than our Postal health insurance now that he’s retired from there too.

    • Roger

      I’m thinking it is up until you reach your full retirement age to draw social security..I just read this and am sick about it, what is going on?? it’s beyond belief what they are trying to do…let’s keep our fingers crossed that this will never materialize…

      • Bad company

        Time to stand up and be counted again. You need to tell the pompous one personally how you feel and have all your buddies do the same. Flood his office with mail, postcards, and phone calls. DO IT NOW!

    • Bad Company

      I guess someone under age 65. Humm, lets see now, here I am 100% SC disabled vet using TRICARE Prime and unable to work because of his disability and over 62. Their plan for SC medically discharged vets is to have them “fade away” while they fund the do nothing Energy Dept, the wacko EPA, Dept of Education and other agencies who DON’T hire disabled vets. I guess we all need to stage a sit in McCain’s office. especially us old ones from his era.

    • Chris

      I guess they think its until you drop. Sort of like the French Foriegn Legion, “March or Die.” Well, I earned those benefis Senator Mc Cain. 33 years and a 100% Medical Retirement. (They told me they don’t rate over 100%, they stopped at 125% in my case.) and 100% VA. But even if I were not, those benefits are owed with the full faith backing of my government. Appearently Sir, you believe they are not. You Sir, are mistaken.

    • Tricore13

      No… but theyu will send money to bail out the Greeks so they can have 2 to 3 months vacatuion a year and retire at age 51 with pay far higher than ours!

    • G Mitro

      Most likely anyone under the age of 65.

  • Busmoke

    This Senator has become a product of the sleazy political environment that all long term politicians eventually succumb to. His attempt to force working age retirees to the employer provided health care system is a direct indication that he has lost his roots. He has abandoned his fellow veterans even though his Brothers in Arms did not abandon him as an American POW. Shame on you Senator, now just retire and enjoy your pension and free health care for the rest of your life.

  • David

    I can’t believe that the one person we thought would stand strong for the military is starting to act like the others in Washington. If McCain thinks he has a great idea, let’s get all of Washington losing their benefits just as us retirees. I believe if you can send people to the front lines, you should be required to spend time there yourself first. It takes active duty personnel 20 years to earn the benefits that congress receives after only four years–20 year retirement another benefit that is being taken away. How about some cuts in Washington, especially the people in office.

    • doug nelson

      MCcain is just a player, someone is trying to line his pockets…..He’s been there way to long and needs to move on……

  • Retired 11C

    We are all hurt and angry and it all stems from a sense of betrayal from our very own elected leaders. Senator McCain should be given another psych evaluation for cutting the very healthcare system that he benefited from after his stay at the Hanoi Hilton.
    His compassion for Mexican citizens has caused him to forget who his constituents are and he has catered to the Obama globalist plan lock, stock and barrel.
    May your sick New World Order be your undoing and may the synagogue of Satan and the Edomites you worship come back to haunt you for your endless betrayal of our Soldiers, Sailors, Marines, Airmen and Veterans.
    You have brought nothing but shame and sorrow to our fighting force.

  • Susan Acosta

    How dare you betray us. I won’t be able to keep my home if I can’t use my Tricare Prime. I have too many medical issues preventing me from working, yet can’t get 100% disability, just upgraded recently from 70% to 90%. I’m widowed with no other benefits as I am 59 and not old enough to qualify for Tricare for Life yet. BTW- I do use the VA, but can’t get appointment for when I really need them for the specialists I need. I’m sure there is a large number of vets in my same situation. I served 26 years to hear this….. NO WAY!!!!!
    You should be ashamed of yourself for even ever thinking of this. You all need to be on the same programs we are on.

  • Darlene

    Well, they cut everything else for the MILITARY, why not this?? That’s ok, when we are cut off Prime and have to find other routes to pay for medical or worse, HAVE NO INSURANCE AT ALL, Then everyone will hear how this country SCREWED IT’S MILITARY AGAIN. Everyone needs to let their voices be heard!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Well thank you Mr. McCain. The yaers of going to three wars, the seperations ( state side long ones) and the constant 24 hour on call status for 26 years wasn’t enough to ensure that My family would be covered health wise when I retired. A promise by the army when I entered is now empty and I can only hope that the future soldiers are ready for the same low pay, constant deployments and untold holidays away from spouses and children for the “opportunity” to forgo lucrative jobs with at least 401K’s For what? So much for Uncle Sam looking out for their own. We gave up being able to establish homes for any lenght of time and constant moves for what? No benefits upon retirement. Oh that is right ,we get retirement pay, but I must say that that only makes it even for the lagging behind of salaries that would have been seen as a civilian. _William Meyers (Ret. LTC) and Jacqueline Meyers

    • Col, you are right on. McCain used to be Republcan. And, I voted for him in the last election. __John Evans, Retired CWO, only 2 wars and 21 yearsj

  • kasey

    Mr. Mccain… not sure how that shoe leather will taste. Evidently you have forgotten that the military fight to defend the right to vote and WE DO VOTE..can u say that of your locals? hmmmmm want us to help u load the luggage for home?

  • Sgt.Mack

    It is ashame to take away our benefits that we earned,I am speechless but why not take away from those who can afford it ..Our lives are still on the line taking away our life support. God bless America!!!

    • Navy retiree

      I totally agree with you. Are there any lawyers out there? We need to do something to these politicians. Sue them for breach of promise or something. The commercial with Michele Obama saying help the military is a brunch of crap. Can we start a petition againt them. There must be somethingwe can do?

  • Donald Seyba

    I think our comments ought to be directed at the Washington committee that is trying to decide how to cut our expenditures on things like us rather than asking the rich/super rich to help make up the difference. Take a look at who owns America. It ain’t you and me it’s the 1-10% who own more than 70% of the wealth. Google has all the details. Don

  • Not A Oabama Fan

    It’s too bad the VC did’nt keep the SOB

  • R.A.Lane

    McCain makes me want to puke. Those clowns in DC need to be removed from office, and have their pensions and health care taken away from them. What is good for our military has to be good for a disloyal senator.

  • dave

    McCain, Hanoi Jane ring a bell?

  • Ray

    As a 24 year retiree of the Army, to hear john McCain plans on TriCare is totally disrespectful to all vets. It’s time to vote these kind of people OUT of office. There is so much WASTE in the government that these politicians cannot smell the bullshit, if it is right up there bloody noses. J.M. you have lost the respect and I know the worst part is, that you do not give a damn. So much for America and what is says it stands for. Start by cutting those bilions to Israel and other countries that do not give a damn for America. Stop PORKING around and all take a pay cut. Bring jobs back to the U.S.A. and stop talking about all the other crap.

  • Bill Douglas

    Senator McCain,
    You of all people I would never have expected; for you to cave-in doing away with Tri-Care Prime. Then raising our cap to $7,500.00 a year, then paying $200.00 a year for our insurance. You are one sorry horse’s lower posterior, where the stuff comes out.

  • Another VET

    Need to cut down on the senates and congresses salaries, that would help with the deficit, stop giving the senators a raise and donate to our disabled veterans who are now homeless or jobless.

  • Bob

    Sen. McCain has turned his back on Veterans and that is a shame. He is also a veteran himself. I will never support or vote for him again,.

  • Doug Nelson

    Look all I got to say is you know where that money is going instead of our retirement and social security? Solyndra, Fast and Furious, Goldman Saches, GM, GE who hasn’t paid any tax’s by the way, China, to the back pockets of Obama and his cronies, lastly to able bodied men and women in the ghetto, and then finally to people who of no fault of their own need the help. All the others can get a job and stop whining, we on the other hand have earned this through our blood, sweat and tears and to some with our lives, I would say to those that oppose our benefits, drop your plow share or occupy sign, pick up a uniform and gun and go fight for a year, abnd when you come back if you come back, see if you feel the same way, otherwise since you haven’t been there piss off….

  • Ricky

    My employeer’s insurance would charge me triple the rate since I am a retiree with service connected injuries. I could not use the benifetsthat I was paying for without first going 12 months without any medications or seeing adoctor including not going to the VA. The same applies for my wife. Let the idots in DC live in my world, pay almost $1000.00 a month for insurance and cannot use it.

  • ParaMarine

    McCain, I was one of your Dad’s bodyguards, and he wouldn’t have sold us down the road. Vet’s vote this Azz out of office. He’s got his Golden Parachute so he screws the rest of us.



  • Wes McDaniel

    Before we cut benefits from those that served, working 12 to 18 hour days, 12 hour shifts without a break, living in tents, and putting our lives in danger every day, we need to look at cutting the benefits of those that suck the life out of our country!! Restructure the Congressional retirement system comparable to others that work part-time jobs, create a pay capped system similar to the military. This act alone would save billions a year.

  • You know, my husband was guaranteed free medical care for life when he enlisted – if he stayed in and retired honorably. He did 21 years and retired. Now we have to pay already for Tricare Prime – and now you want him to pay MORE? Where the heck is integrity in this government? I’m SO glad that McCain was not elected President.

  • Viet Nam Vet

    DUMP McCAIN!!!!

  • GrnBrt

    It’s this same paranoid eogic ignorance that has caused this mess we are currently involved in. Now we still have to sacrifice even more so that our elected officials can continue to collect full pay after they leave office paid for in part by the taxes from our retirement pay. I ask you where is the equanimity ? McCain is from the old school of thinking based on fear and not logic and reason.

    Bottom line is……Keep you damn promises!!!!!! “TO TAKE CARE OF OUR VETERANS”. What a dis-appointment you have become MR. McCain.

  • Ray

    John McCain – traitor – enough said!!!!!!

  • Barbara

    Something sure smells fishy. Why now is he changing the way he helps vets. Is he ligning his pockets again. Makes you wonder. I will never vote for McCain again and i will make sure all my friends know he is no good. Why doesnt he retire with no benefits. Let him know they are cancelled. He has to pay for all his care on his own. See how he likes it.

  • Retired 11C

    We are all hurt and angry and it all stems from a sense of betrayal from our very own elected leaders. Senator McCain should be given another psych evaluation for cutting the very healthcare system that he benefited from after his stay at the Hanoi Hilton.

  • Carson Harrisw

    Living in Arizona and reading the pros and cons of McCain frequently, I will just say that I voted for him in his Presidential run, but after today, will only vote against him in every case from now on, Carson

  • Dick DeMars

    I dont know how many of you watched 60 minutes last night about the convicted lobbiest and his comments about how rampant the illegal gifts, trips, and money they use to buy votes. According to this guy, everybody does it. Maybe “Occupy Wall Street” needs something to focus on. I do not understand why washington DC needs lobbiest anyway. You would think there are enough well paid polititions in washington to make the decisions for this country without receiving money from so called experts who have there own agenda.

  • SuperVet

    This will never pass. Our Lobby groups i.e., VA, VFW, American Legion, NCOA, etc will ensure this lunacy never comes to fruition. We earned it and demand it!

  • USN Retired

    I was always taught that a promise is a promise no matter what! When I joined the Navy in 1974, I was promised that if I retired, I would receive Medical and Dental benefits for myself and my spouse for life AT NO CHARGE! Since my retirement in 1994, I have paid for both my Medical and Dental coverage. How can we expect our children to honor promises that they make when they see our government breaking theirs. The problem with the fat cats that sit in their air conditioned buildings, making decisions that affect the country and especially those who have chosen to serve, is that they don’t have to make any of the sacrifices that are made by our military. Just remember, YOU COULDN’T DO WHAT YOU DO WITHOUT US AND YOU WOULDN’T HAVE THE FREEDOM THAT YOU ENJOY! You give yourselves pay raises every year, and then have the audacity to cut our benefits. These are benefits that we HAVE EARNED, and WE DESERVE to keep them, not have them taken away. THINK ABOUT SOMEONE ELSE FOR A CHANGE AND LEAVE THE FEW THINGS THAT WE HAVE ALONE!!!!!!!!!

  • Richard

    Ladies and Gentlemen, this is another reason to vote out anyone regardless if they are Republican, Democrate, or Independent….They are not telling us that they will cut all of their benefits in Congress and Senate..
    They are protected for life, plus they are the ones that votes for their own pay raise.
    Listen up politicians the military and retirees are tired of your ideas.

    Everyone get out and vote but always remember who is the ones that wants to cut our benefits….

  • Steve

    He’s a career politician, FIRST, military veteran, last. He’s not addressing how much the DOD will lose when the fees payment for TRICARE Prime are gone.

    Career politicians are what has this country so screwed right now. Democrats and Republicans are both responsible for where we are. All they want is the power and not what’s right.

  • Kay

    Why should illegal immigrants to have Free Government health care. What a shame. He has sold out all veterans Isn’t he a veteran. Our young men and women give their lives for the freedom in the United States. Lets us send McCain to another country to fight for our freedom.

  • Skip Gibson

    John McCain needs to GO. He has been in DC to long. I feel like I have been betrayed. The whole Washington group needs to go.

  • mrcava

    This is all contributing to the destruction of the U.S. Put your faith in Jesus Christ, not McCain or Tricare prime or the government.

  • Paul Cranfill

    This is the new standard our government has decided upon and it is terrible that as a Vet 22 years. This is but one of the many regulatory cuts after they do after success like the first desert storm and many others in history I bailed off of active duty and when the reserve way at 50 i have 10 more years until i can capture any benefits if they still exist….. What a large load of pure government Crap way to go Mccain i no longer have faith in any part of this government!!

  • The key is not to post complaints here in this forum, but to be “active” and write / call your congressional representatives and let them know how you feel,

    that you’ll be actively watching the outcome of their votes and that you’ll vote accordingly. Here’s where you can easily find out whom to write to to make

    real complaints that have an actual chance of making a differences vs. only complaining in a forum like this: (to find your US congressional representative)… (to find your US senatorial representative)

    I wholeheartedly agree with a lot of the comments being made in this forum concerning the special pay and benefits packages congressional leaders get.

    Please check out the following 20/20 ABC news special:

    Again, please remember to not only read this post, but cut & paste the above URL links to find the contact information to write / call your US national

    representatives and “actively” let them know how you feel.

    Finally, seriously consider spending the little bit of $$$ to join your own military pro (veterans) lobbying group. The big guys have lobbyist representing

    their own interest, e.g., big defense contractors who would rather see cuts to US military retirees medical benefits vs. seeing cuts to their big budget

    defense systems, etc. For example, I’m a member of the MOAA, see:

    But you can do a Google search and find your own military retiree lobbying organization. It’s important that you spend the money to have a big organization

    fighting for your (our!) interest too! I’m not pushing anyone to joint the MOAA per se. For example, another veterans lobbying organization that I found is

    here: (I may end up joining this too…why not have more lobbyist in our corner advocating for our rights too?).

    I’m simply advocating that each of us retirees get “active” and write our elected officials per the above and join a worthwhile veterans lobbying


    Each of us can write complaints in forums like these, but writing here won’t make the differences we’re seeking. Only by taking direct action and not

    waiting or hoping for others to do so can we empower ourselves to be agents that force changes that are to our liking. That’s why all the big firms pay and

    have big lobbyist working the halls of congress / the senate being a voice for their concerns. We simply absolutely must do the same for ourselves.

    This is simply too important of a fact of life to allow the whims of chance to decide our benefits. Take the “few minutes” to make the above happen and be

    an active participant of change vs. a passive one who accepts whatever happens and simply writes complaints in forums like this one that do nothing to change

    the status quo.

    • B. Krostoski

      I just contacted my elected officials to voice my oinion on Military Realignment.
      I’m the widow of a retiree that died of a service connected illness. I am 69 yrs old and I need my benefits. First an increase in medicare and now Tri-care for Life will be $200.00 per year, that will be two increase annually. Seems to me when there are cuts they pick on the elderly and military.
      The way I see it ,Congressmen should be the first to set the example by taking a pay cut and loss of some benefits.
      I am currentley a member of Gold Star Wives of America, and NAUS = National Association of Uniformed Services both groups lobby in congress for our benefits. My voice is only one to the President and Congress, we need ALL
      Active and retirees to stand up and be heard, we must UNITE and fight for our benefits by joining military organizations that lobby for us in congress.
      I’m doing my part and hope you will too.

    • USAF Ret IDMT

      Well said Bob. I also included an e-mail to Mr. McCain. No response yet. Go figure.

  • SGT

    Why does someone not take the time to list what pay the congress gets /what benefits they have while in office/ how long they have to serve to gt what entitlements/and what they receice after leaving office Compare that to cutting TRI CARE

  • Barbara

    It is a shame for everyone that has retired and will be retiring. Some of us cant hold a regular job due to things that happened to us while on active duty. I currently have a son in law and son on active duty. It is a shame since we have served with pride in the military. Plus being deployed all the time. It would effect alot of ppl. I will watch who I vote for now

    • Tricore13

      The military broke s many promises to me, I lost count…. they one way contacts and refusal to enforce regulations have cost me over $750000. It has cost me a real retirement. it cost me time with my children. I would only get to see them weeks out of the year and now you wish to violate the terms of the contact.
      This is why I told my daughter I would disown her if she join the military. I will not fight again for a country that has so much dishonor and hatred for it’s veterans. A country that promotes and rewards liars, theives, traitors, crooks, whores and parasites that have never done anything fopr anyone but themselves unless they were receiving a bribe!

  • Bert

    Old Race horses are put out to pasture, perhaps John McCain should be sent out to pasture.

    • Tricore13

      Soap factory!

  • Bruno Flipper

    I don’t care if it is the office of Dog Catcher, or President. One term and you’re out of there! It is difficult to get fully corrupted in one term.

  • chuck

    The problem with Tricare for active duty is this. SAME Price for a single person on active duty or an active duty person with a wife and 3 kids.

    A person with a wife and 3 kids that seem to always be in the emergency rooms with a runny nose should be paying more for the wife and 3 kids period.
    Second problem is that a Full bird Colonel retiree pays the same price for TriCare Prime as a TSgt retireee. This is planently unfair and the rules need to change._Should a person that retired as a E-6 or E-7 in 1979 pay the same as an E-6 or E-7 that retirees in 2011,

    • Tricore13

      No… the new retirees are getting thousands of dollars a year more in retirement pay than those of us whom retired years agao. Also we did not get to let our children use our education benefits. Add to this that many of us were told we could go to scholl while in the military and then were not allowed to do to our jobs. We got no copmpensation for them denying us this benefit.



    What needs to happen is a charge people based on their retired pay, up to a maximum amount, for example a Colonel that makes $6000 a month retirement can pay $600 a year for Tricare Prime for a single person, but a retired E-5 that retired in 1979 and makes $700 a month in retirement should not have to pay more than the current amount, probably less.

    I retired in 2009 as an E-8, I am single with no kids and pay the $260 a y
    ear or whatever for TriCar prime each year. I would gladly pay $500 a year if a Colonel that retireed in 2009 would pay $1200-1500 a year.

    The system is broken. We need an equal pay system for TriCare so the system remains stable, available, and we can pay doctors that take TriCare the money they are worth so they stop taking TriCare patients!

    • Tricore13

      Your pay is thousands higher than those that reired years earlier with the same rank and time. We were promised that our pay would be the same as yours and they broke that promise. As I see it, since they broke that promise I am already paying $7000 a year for my healthcare.

  • Ron Hill

    Before any changes are made to remove/slash retirement benefits to military retired benefits ALL Washington politicians should give up their retirements, medical benefits (care at military facilities) as well as the ability to raise their wages as THEY see fit. Many have given many tears service to our country to EARN them. 30 + year Navy Retiree. I feel I EARNED mine.

    • Tricore13

      Their pay needs to be no higher than the lowest paid combat vet!

  • charles

    Hard to believe that a retired Navy man sold us out. John McCain has been my biggest disappointment. I’m sure A $200 annual TFL fee means nothing to him as does Tricare Prime.

  • Chris

    I guess they think its until you drop. Sort of like the French Foriegn Legion, “March or Die.” Well, I earned those benefis Senator Mc Cain. 33 years and a 100% Medical Retirement. (They told me they don’t rate over 100%, they stopped at 125% in my case.) and 100% VA. But even if I were not, those benefits are owed with the full faith backing of my government. Appearently Sir, you believe they are not. You Sir, are mistaken.

    Read more:

  • jshade

    There are many ways to achieve debt reduction without reducing military benefits. Tricare Prime just happens to be the most visable and lucritive for the politicians. In 6+ decades, each and every time, the country gets in a financial mess, the government colletively cuts civil service and the military in some form or fashion. It never has solved any problems long term and what little is gained by these “budget cuts” is quickly sqaundered. Anyone remember the peace dividend at the end of the cold waro?. What a farst. Military and federal employees are easy targets, but “taxing” or cutting their benefits is tokenism. It won’t solve our national debt problems individually or collectively. (I do believe you could cut civil service by one third and not miss a beat – that’s just about how many of them are totally inefficient.). Foreign aid definately needs overhauled, so does SSI – which is nothing but National Welfare. Go to your local social security office and see for yourself. McCain, damn it, you know better.!

    • Tricore13

      Yes… Here is a women with a husband and two kids…. they do not work and drive new $20000+ cars each. They get $3800 per month in SSI. Must be nice for that is about twice the average enlisted retirememt check!

  • SOFMedic

    Sad things is…this is only the beginning. I fully expect that in 5-10 years we won’t have retirement pay either. Did you really think that after 20+ years of service, deployments and family hardship your benefits were sacrosanct ? Think again. Nothing is guaranteed and their promises to military retiree’s and veteran’s are about as dependable as the US Dollar and economy. If you want guaranteed retirement benefits you better run for Congress.

  • Retired Vet

    Mr McCain had better remember those promises that were made. It would be wise for the congress to remember we are not average Americans. Many of us have killed other humans just for being on the wrong side or in the wrong uniform.

    Does McCain think we will take it quietly when we are robbed? Does congress think a title means anything to us when we catch a thief in our homes?

    If congress and McCain want some sacrifices I suggest they look at themselves and stay clear of promises already made that we have already paid for in blood.

    Think really hard about it….

  • USAF Retiree

    As our Government, wants to take away Tricare Prime, Place a buy in for Tricare for Life and many other cuts in our Military Forces, while not cutting into their Health Insurance Plan. Another interesting item is while talking about all the cuts to our Military, The United States is Paying Aid to: Colombia $461.2Mil, Egypt 255.7Mil, Mexico $316.7Mil, Phillppines 128.2Mil, India $126.6Mil. Russia &71.5Mil, China 27.2Mil, Braxil $25Mil, Thailand $16.75Mil, and Turkey $8.2Mil. This NOT all, just the Top TEN. And we have reached $14.3 Trillion in Borrowing. Lets take care of the people and the needs within the United States with this money were handing out to other Countries, that are fair weather friends. It is time to clean out useless Repubicans and Democrate that are more concerned about themselfs, then Our Country. You know who they are, remember them next time you vote, Because you can make a change in who is running this country. We need to bring jobs back to the USA, Start pumping oil, establish a Fair Flat Federal User Tax, and do away with the IRS . Everyone will pay tax, including those receiving cash for the services.

  • 20 yr navy


    I think you are correct, and it is a bell that needs to be rung loud and clear! Maybe Hanoi John is looking to get an award from obama as his boy of the century?

    20yr navy

  • Larry

    WHAT take away and charge more for the few benefits we get. well i guess that will just make it so much more desirable for the young generation to stay 20+ yrs. The medical is a big PLUS for us. i have been retired since 2006 and enjoy being able to still a military hospital. I hate the civ medical. I know because i work in it. as an LPN. and its sad what the services i see. it is all money driven, the doctors spend very little time w/ their patients. and only care about what they can charge for.

  • Sean

    Shame on you Mr. McCain, shame on you. How dare you use your military experience to run for public office, state how proud you are to be a veteran, then turn around and try and take away benefits from your fellow service members. Shame on you! I believe you are a fine example of what our founders fathers fought to separate from Britain. You need to go back home after your term in office and pick up your trade you had before office and make a living. Not sit in Washington DC and think you crazy stuff to reduce benefits so you might look good and get another term. Shame on you Mr. McCain!

  • Chief Long USN RET.

    All of us are just beating our gum to each other. What we need to do as VET’s is get together and start letting the ones that are seving now what the govnerment has planned for their future. let them see what an all voluteer force would be like with NO volunteers. They would have to bring back the draft to fill the rank and that would get the attention of the public, they don’t want their sons and daughters to be forced into military service and then the pressure would be put on our leaders to do the right thing for the gun toters that back up the big talk that comes out of washington.
    Most Non- com don’t know what they military service will bring at the end of 20 years of service We need to go to the bases and pass out flyers to all that are interested in knowing, make a difference, take up our own cause

  • Paul

    I’ll bet these 12 fine gentlemen are discussing many ways of cutting spending from military to roads but a guarantee you that nothing is discussed between these 12 fine gentlemen that revolves around their sorry asses such as their pay and their free medical service and all the other free stuff. They really think they are above all of us. If anyone has an extra jackass that is willing to run for office, let me know, I’ll vote for him or her!! The jackass that is!

  • teamdabble

    Mr McCain thank you for your service, your no longer needed by all your brothers and sisters who have served.

  • Jorge

    Why don’t these idiot senators have their salary cut to minimum wage so they can really see how the rest of the population lives and struggles in this country! How dare him what they need to do is get out of these foreign countries and stop giving our money to these corrupted Muslims like Irak, Afganistan, Libya and many other that are not even mentioned. And the question to ask how is it that they get the best medical not afforde to us, and get pensions even if they get convicted of wrong doing?? What a pathetic bunch of hypocrites. He doesn’t even know how many houses he owns. I used to look up to him for serving so valiantly but now he’s going senile and talking trash!! And to think he was a sailor just like myself?? Come on Mr Mcain get real!! That’s where we need to go protest to get all these bums out Democrats and Republicans alike!! This nation belongs to the people not greedy senators and congressmen or women!!

  • paula

    my husband is retired and had mutliple strokes 11 yrs ago, He is completely dependant on me for everything. So I dont know what ill do if I have to go to work and pay for my own health insurance and his Tricare for seniors. Hopefully they will find another way to come up with the money.

  • I want to know how much healthcare they are cutting out for Welfare and the free medical American Indians get. I served 23 years and did 5 combat tours and I never saw a lot of American Indians in my combat Units! The stats I saw less than .0058 % of all Vets are Indians. But yet they get free medical and dental from treaty’s that were signed in the 1800’s. We are now in the 21 st century and we are broke. I say stop all foreign assistance to include the UN. Wed deserve our medical care.

    Obama will get free medical care, he never served a minute in combat.

    • Native and Proud

      Oh so you did not see a lot of American Indians in your Unit so they do not deserve healthcare….what about the land you are living on where did it come from back in the 1800s. I am Native American and my father and three uncles served in wars…oh they were in the “other”units. As for going back on the treaty’s that were signed that is the problem they are going back on what was promised when we entered the military…if you want to look somewhere and someone to cut medical care for look somewhere else

      • David

        I have to agree with the Native on that one. Seems to me, the first promises were broken to the Native Americans. It was government then, and government now that is breaking promises again. If the entire U.S. is broke, the Native Americans should be the last to have to pay for it.

        • Retired military

          Why are you bashing President Obama? Didn’t you read the article it says Sen McCain wants to push retirees off Tricare Prime. Or you
          just can’t stand the President so much that anything and
          everything a Republican Senator says not in support of the military has to be Obama’s fault. Well guess what, put the blame where it
          belongs, Republican Senator McCain.

    • Debbie

      It doesn’t sound like you’ve read much about that “free” care that Native Americans get. My daughter-in-law’s family has served the Native American community for 25 years. The standing joke is, “Don’t get sick after June! If it’s not life or limb threatening, there is no care. Why?? Because Congress doesn’t fund it. Just because it says they get “free” care doesn’t mean they get it. Congress has to fund it for it to really happen. There are thousands of places that can be cut, but neither of them should be healthcare for military retirees or Native Americans. I think we could begin with all living presidents forfeiting their retirement salaries. None of them need it. All past senators and representatives should also forfeit their retirement & healthcare. Get a real job with healthcare. We could probably do without researching shrimp on treadmills and other such nonsense. We made huge changes in 2010. Time for some more and bigger changes. I also think it’s time people who have been in government as long as McCain need new jobs too. Time for term limits!

  • emily

    LOL so you decide to bump up the age of coverage for health insurance for everyone else BUT military dependents to 26, and now you want to completely take it away? if you’re not thinking about the men who signed contracts and sacrificed to serve this country, at least think about their families. just because they’re of working age does NOT mean they have health insurance, and it certainly does not mean they can afford health insurance for their families.

    speaking as a dependent (who still only has 1 year of coverage left, thanks for that), this is bullshit. you’re screwing over entire families, CHILDREN who rely on their parents for support and cannot possibly get insurance on their own. good going.

  • confused vet

    McCain: old fart go home!!!!!!!!!! Why do you s–t on us : So what age is not working age. shame, shame, shame on you. Why don’t you grow some balls and make a stand for the vet. Sure why not charge $200.00 for Tricare for life. Hell you can give that to the poor folks ( you know the ones who make under $50,000 a year)
    I hear there taxes want be going up this year, oh by the way is medicare a tax .
    Tricare Prime is not the problem, Medicare is not the problem, and Social Security is not the problem. You MCcain: and people like you are the real problem. Stop robbing Peter to pay Paul. Be a real Man and stand by your convictions. Oh, I’am sorry maybe you are. From a Vet who KNOWS a BULLSHITER when he hears one. And by the way pull your head out of Presidents butt.

  • Von R

    I work for the largest retail employer in the country .I can not afford the cost of healthcare that would be deducted from my pay. I am a retiree who can barely afford the raise in fees that has been proposed in 2012. However if it must be then I will just have to pay it, although I don’t think its fair. We spend our entire career in service of our country to earn these benefits. Why must we now to pay the higher costs for healthcare that we earned?

  • They should of killed McCain in the Hanoi Hilton, traitor.

  • Ticke Off Retiree

    What part of “We promise medical coverage for life if you put your life on the line for your country” is ambiguous or open for change? McCain has no honor or integrity and any other politician who supports this should be prepared to look for another job. There should be an age limit for politicians just like there is for pilots. When a public official loses their ability to be coherent or rational, it’s time for them to go. Take away the benefits we earned with sweat and blood? Are you crazy John McCain? That’s a rhetorical question, because apparently you are. Time for you to go.

    • BOBBY

      I AGREE 100% HE NEED TO GO BY.

  • Diana

    Wonder what position he’s been promised in the selling out of America? It gets easier and easier for people to wake up to what is really happening and these luciferian traitors will wish they would not have chosen the side they did one day!!!!

  • Blainer

    Robbing Peter to pay Paul is the aftershock. All the politicians got us into this mess (Dems and Obama more than the Rep.) and now that were here they hit us in the head hard! Their spending spree and now that has caused us to suffer! The damn Politicians should suffer! Im a Indepedent…

  • rwanek

    Just goes to prove once a crooked politician always a crooked politician. I am willing to bet a lot of navy people active and retired are sorry they are in the Navy because of people like McCain. Who walks first you John or the President because you head is up his rear.

  • Hanne

    Both my husband and I are in our 50’s. He has diabetes. We both lost full-time jobs when this economy took a nose dive. We have done our best trying to get new jobs, but all we got are part-time with ZERO benefits and little pay. Thank God for our pension which helps us pay for the house. If we have to pay more for our insurance, I don’t know how we’ll manage. We’ve already cut cable, and entertainment like movies or going out to eat. We could use money for different things, but there isn’t anything left as it is.

  • DERSailor

    If you belong to a military organization, VFW, TROAA,DisVets,VietVets, please ask that organization to remove McCain as a member. (Not that I think the punk sellout would be a member) Don’t doubt that the reason he is doing this is payback because the military didn’t give him the Presidency.

  • Gwen

    My husband was wounded fighting for this country. He started in Viet Nam and ended up getting wounded in Iraq. Now he can’t work and I don’t because I help him and YOU want to take away my ins coverage!!! When did you loose your mind??? and why are you NOT suporting the vets?? Thought you were one!! Boy just can’t trust anyone. It would be a shame of all the fighting men and women just put their guns down and told you all in Washington go fight our own battle. See how long that war would last!!!

  • sfcbink

    For the old farts that agreed with Senator McCain, Section 8 blogs don’t count.
    Bless his heart, just because he’s gone senile, doesn’t mean others have to follow. Hang in there fellow retirees.

  • Don

    First it was taking away free health care for life and now this. Many veterans would not be able to make it without Tricare Prime. With my employer’s plan, I would have to pay over $5000 a year for my family and we hardly ever go to the doctor. I am partially disabled, but they are also trying to close off my access to the VA system. When veterans overrun the TriCare Standard system, the politicians will close that off too. What about all the freeloaders on welfare who get medical, WIC, food stamps, etc. and have not done anything for this country! Wonder if McCain and the other politicians will take a cut to their pay and benefits for the good of the country? Probably really would not matter to most because most of them have become millionaires on the backs of honest working veterans and citizens. If it wasn’t for veterans and their sacrifices, our country and the world would be a different place. I say, vote them all out!

  • Gary

    John McCain is a back stabbing DISGRACE to the Military. Make sure that he gets the boot at election time “Lest we forget”Time to get all these Anti Military,and all these Congressmen and Senators who voted for FOREIGN AID, NAFTA are trying to break our Countrys Back gets booted out of office at ELECTION TIME. GOD BLESS AMERICA AND THE UNITED STATES MILITARY

  • Busmoke

    This Senator has become a product of the sleazy political environment that all long term politicians eventually succumb to. His attempt to force working age retirees to the employer provided health care system is a direct indication that he has lost his roots. He has abandoned his fellow veterans even though his Brothers in Arms did not abandon him as an American POW. Shame on you Senator

  • I voted for you John and you are going to punish us vets for serving our country honorably..Shame on you!!

    • David

      I also voted for Sen. McCain, because he was a hero to me for his service and for being a POW. No one can take that away from him, but he would be dishonoring us retirees and future retirees if TRICARE Prime is taken away.

      Sen. McCain has been a politician for too long.

  • Wolf-Talker

    Why not just eliminate TRICARE for all military retirees of all ages, don’t forget to stop MEDICARE as well and just put them all on the new wonderful OBAMA CARE program. Or better still just issue all mitliary retirees a U.S. surplus first aid kit and include a bottle of APC’s and call that their medical benefits for those of us who gave 20 – 30 years of our life in service to our country! Senator MC Cain I sure hope you have the keys to that tractor for you surely need it to pull you head out!
    Thank you Senator for proving once again the retired military Veteran is nothing more than a 2nd class citizen not worth the trouble to keep the Government’s Promises to!
    21yr USAF Ret.

  • old sarg

    McCain needs to go talk to Jane Fonda and see what she thinks. I did respect him for being a POW Vet, not any more. After serving my country
    for 22 years they want my promised benefits back, next they will want my
    uniform and boots.

  • Perry R Utley

    You suck John McCain,I served faithfully for 20 years and TRICARE PRIME is all we got .I don’t like the employee plan my job gives cause its too damn expensive.THANKS FOR NOTHING ,SENATOR MCCAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Dave

    McCain is despicable. I don’t see how he can do such things to his fellow Military retirees and the current force. May he burn in Hell. May he be expelled from the Senate in a Bum’s Rush. May he be shunned forever by the U.S. Military Veterans. McCain you are nothing more than trash. You should be ashamed of yourself for your sell out of the U.S. Military.

    • wayne navy

      I agree that a formal petition be done with service organizations such as DAV, Purple Heart Association and others to not welcome McCain to EVER be a speaker on behalf of Veterans or Active Duty Military Members. He is a disgrace and once he is out of office(hopefully this up coming election) to educate ALL active duty members and former Veterans on how much of a traitor this guy is. I would be in favor of a peaceful march on his offices and that ALL active, retired and former Veterans to turn their backs on him when he is in their presence until he is dead and gone. Never acknowledge him or his status as a retired CAPT from the USN. He couldn’t stop illegals but he is willing to stop the military, retirees, and other veterans, spouses and their children. He this comes to be, then he has to feel the consequences of his actions and show him we mean business until he is gone for good.

      Starting today I will continue to pass on the word to other coworkers that are vets, military members and other fellow retirees to not show him any respect and continue to block him from speaking for ANY military function and encourage others not to go to any function he is at!

  • efb

    Seems to me the military people and retirees would be willing to pay this small amount of money each year and maybe a little more for your medication in order to avoid the cuts in equipment,training,etc.which would not only affect you but the entire nation. Many people who fought in wars but did not CHOOSE to stay 20 years get nothing. Many military retirees never saw any type of combat but still get free medical. Maybe you wouldn’t feel so bad if you realized that non-military retirees pay $300.00 or more EVERY MONTH for Medicare Supplemental Ins.I actually don’t mind so much paying for the soldies medical expenses but I don’t see why we have to pay for the dependants as well. Many of those dependants were not even married to the service member while he/she served. I strongly feel that if the service member was not married to that person during the time he/she was serving that they should be excluded from any type of benefit. If you want to be sure that they are provided for in case of your death, then buy life ins. like every one else.

    • Rob

      But we served in various situations unlike everyone else and we’ve already lost benefits over the past 20-30yrs. like Dental. We do pay now were we didn’t before. The problem is the rug keeps getting pulled and when the military gets the best of your life and you aren’t vested in a non-military company plan which seems to be more concrete you feel a little betrayed by your country. The people we trained and fought to protect. Where’s the line and why does it keep moving on older military retirees? Please consider the other point of view and we were willing for many years to do what it took to defend at any cost.

    • Jackie

      People know what the retirement requirements are when they decide to get out. before the 20 year minimum for benefits. Dependents sacrifice as a family unit serving our country. As for spouses after a retirees service, who the heck do you think is going to pay for that spouses medical premium & who do you think it’s going to affect? Whether he or she has a job or not or married the vet after the military service shouldn’t matter. About the point you make that many military retirees didn’t see combat, so the heck what? They made up the military & were on call 24/7 & could’ve been sent into harms way at anytime. Harms way can be brought to them at any time, think of what happened in Texas a couple of years ago when the Muslim psychiatrist went on the base & shot up the place. Sounds like your spouse gave up on the military career & you’re angry at the people who stuck it out for 20+ years with their families by their sides!

    • sardog87008

      And I think you think to much, therefore I think you should do a little time in combat so you will have less time to think………………

      Be safe………..the night is your friend.

    • wayne navy

      You and McCain need to go away! You sound like a hater and as a retiree, disabled vet, I don’t need some civilian that never served or served but has a bone to pick needs to come on this website and rationalize away those of us that have served and served dearly.
      You would be best served to sell your sales pitch about getting money from the dead beat crack heads, welfare slugs, and illegals that have done nothing to this society but suck it financially dry! I have currently also paid approximately 105,000 dollars and my employer has matched that amount and there are other dirt bag do gooders that think I should give my portion up since I get a military retirement, VA check and that I also worked hard in the private sector to some generational welfare slug or illegal(by the way I am irish and spanish; my mom came from spain and became a citizen legally; I have an entire family; mostly aunts of German, French, Filipino, Puerto Rican, Irish, English that came over here from their former country; so do go there with the race card. By the way I have lived in 11 different countries including Spain and Mexico and Mexico wouldn’t give you nothing if you are not born there; BIG hypocrites!
      McCain needs to go and he is a traitor to the uniform and the military people that have served and are serving. I was in when he was in and I personally know airdales that knew McCain and they tell me he was a crappy pilot and the other pilots in the detachment thought he was a jerk! We all know McCain’s Granddad and Dad was the only reason for his success.
      McCain was a smuck to his children’s mother and divorced her to get into money and politics after he retired. I once upon a time respected him for being a POW, but think the VC brain washed him into hating his own military he served. Why would you bring hardship to your own military by squeezing them for higher medical, when you could squeeze the money to say foreign countries we give BILLIONS every year that hate us.
      He is less than honest and it takes courage to get the money from countries that hate us; it’s easy to sell out the military men and women that serve us with little support from Congressional Self Serving Politicians.
      If they really want people to take them serious, then take a pay cut, or better yet sign over THEIR health benefits, and Social Security! THEY ARE MOSTLY MILLIONAIRES! McCain can afford to sponge off his wife’s fortune! WE ALL NEED TO STICK TOGETHER THIS VOTING CYCLE AND VOTE THESE SMUCKS OUT! Let’s get a list together and vote these guys out! I pray that we can get them out before they completely destroy the military and the country!

      • wayne navy

        sorry, it should say “Don’t go There”

        • Kevin

          I couldn’t agree more especially your characterization about McCain was on point. The eroding of military benefits is one of the major reasons I got off active duty at 10 years. And I’ve said for years that Congressmen & Senators need term limits, pay cuts and no benefits after serving. And as you said most are millionairs anyway they can afford their own private healthcare. And hardly any have ever served in the military to start with and yet theses are the decision makers that determine what the military gets. Now I do agree with EFB that certain dependants shouldn’t be allowed the benefits such as if they were not married to the military person while they served. And that’s basically like if you were not married 10 yrs while in the military and get divorced the spouse doesn’t get half of the retirement benefits. But I never trusted McCain and glad I didn’t vote for him and never will vote Republican either.

      • Michael

        I am with you brother!!!!! I totaly agree with what you are saying!!!

    • David

      You sound like a person that could not made the cut in the military, before you say anything so dumb you really need to sit back and think. When you was out there smoking and partying with your friends. There was people away from there family on deployment to varies nation and on the sea while you were doing your thing in the civilian sector. Many Men and Women gave up having a family life like yours, so that you and all thee high gov persons can have a life and can sleep at night and play between your wife or girl friend leg. There are things that you and ours leaders just don’t understand or could can not understand because liked a lot of ours high gov person you and they don’t have any heart.

    • Rich

      I did not see actual combat but was in harms way everyday as a Silent Service crew member (Submarine force- for you people that want to bash military and not know anything about it). I am willing to pay more to cover my family for medical & dental, oh wait, they just raised that payment, along with copays for meds and such. I was behind a woman today that received a 90 day supply of meds at our local pharmacy (non-military retiree) that paid less for her name brand meds than I paid more for my generic brands of a 30 day supply! Where are we getting the savings, leave those there served our country faithfully without question alone, pick on the leaches of this country….congress, illegals, and such! How about go after those that abuse the welfare system?! Oh wait we don’t want to offend anyone, they might vote for you!!

    • SFC Berk

      To be perfectly honest, if ‘Senator’ McCain gets his way, there won’t be any distinction between those who leave service before 20 years and those who retire after 20 years. The benefits on both sides will be the same: nothing, except a sense of pride for time served.

    • CBH

      Unbelievable. Billions in foreign aid, but the military retirees will have to work until they die just to pay health care…meanwhile, back at the ranch, Obamacare pays for every deadbeat in the country to buy votes.

      What will it take for our nation to keep its word? Saddle up!

  • Military Retiree

    I think instead of cutting out TRICARE PRIME from retirees, that the Congress and Senate need to take a drastic pay cut because they have not done squat except bicker and fight and screw the American people. I also think they need to get rid of all that government fraud and waste and abuse, stop wasting money on BS and paying contractors big $$$$ for working like Senators and Congress persons (that being slim and no work). Cut the crap out and fix the damn budget before cutting those who actually worked and served this great country. If they pass this WE THE PEOPLE NEED TO VOTE THEM OUTWITH NO BENEFITS!!!

    • Sharon

      and that is what the Occupy Movement is all about.

  • My fellow soldiers take this worthless medal and have a happy life we will give you an American Flag for your graves, thanks for your service

    • JimC

      I am sure once John “Ted Kennedy” McCain reads your comment, you will no longer get a free American Flag.

    • Mike J

      Too bad our surviving spouses will soon no longer be able to even FLY those flags on their own properties without being harassed or taken to court by sorry ‘homeowners associations’…

  • When are we gonna learn that our bigest enemy is our elected officials, who lavish themselves with benefits and luzuries on the tax payer dime then tell the Service Menbers they put into war to kiss off

  • Jackie VanderHoff

    It won’t do any good to have the service organizations fight this for the Vets. The politicians already made up their minds. It won’t do any good for Vets to write to their congressmen or senators, the’ve already made up their minds, we’ll get the standard canned letter telling us how great a job they’re doing for us. My husband is 62 & lost his after military job in 2002 & could never find another decent paying job. He slipped into depression & dementia. He is totally disabled, pays for Medicare Part B to keep his TFL. I cannot work, he is my full time responsibility I can’t put him in a nursing home or we will lose our home & I would lose all income as it would go to pay for a nursing home. I guess I & my son could move in with my 82 year old mother or an adult child. Oh wait I have an adult child that lives with us because she is disabled & we have custody of her child. My Hero spent 26 years in the service to our country, what a slap in his face. I actually did 22 years of those 26 as an active duty Navy wife raising our kids. John McCain is no longer worthy to be called a hero he has betrayed all of the military community. For shame that the rest of the country doesn’t know of the real sacrifices we military families make. As a couple earlier posters said many of the companies we go to work for don’t pay enough for us to pay for the lovely “low cost” HA HA, medical benefits they offer & I have to add, the cost shares for those medical services. The other commented on the age they lost their jobs, 50’s. Companies that have advancement & income potential are not rushing out to hire 50+ potential employees & the one’s that have them are letting them go for younger people ——Lucent Technologies for one, is one that got rid of many older employees before they sold the company. The military community both active & retired doesn’t matter. The country could find the money to fund the delayed pay & medical we were guaranteed but foreign aid & funding illegals are more of a priority. I wonder how many billions taken away from foreign aid alone, from countries that hate us & that no amount of money that the government bribes them with, would fund all the Veteran & retiree programs that we earned? No amount of money we give those countries will ever change the way they treat their own citizens. How many billions would go to our Veterans & retiree programs if the government really stopped the illegal immigrants from benefiting from medical & education benefits? & 1 more thing, how much of that money could also help fund Medicare & Americans who are really disabled? It’s a sin to take away from our own citizens who earned their delayed compensation & medical, & disabled Americans & give to cheaters & liars.

    • Ronald Gunn

      I truely wish that truncoat backstabbing McCain could and will read this. If you do, kiss my ass and go straight to HELL you SOB

    • Ray

      I can’t even respond to your comment. In the sense you have cover’d it all. Thank you for you comments, there are so many I read and agree with. Sincerely BMC Ray Nolan USCG Ret.

  • Military Retiree

    You know as a retiree who is unemployeed and looking extremely hard for work it is something that at this moment I cannot afford but I will somehow get by without healthcare for the family until I am working again. My wife does have an income coming in so we do our best. Now what are they going to make the !% give up? The answer is nothing because the escuse will be they create jobs. It is the old answer the por get poorer and the rich get richer. I have never voted a straigh ticket in my whole life but I can guarantee I will not vote for 1 Republican for the next decade or two until there is a change.

    • Morena

      I too am a retiree who became unemployed and have been trying for almost a year to find a job. Things are getting tougher, but we’re surviving. Now more than ever I am grateful for TRICARE, and it scares me to death that McCain has the audacity to cut us off from what we were promised and earned. To think I almost voted for this idiot—don’t know which one’se worse–McCain or Obama.

      • D.Pompili


      • USAF Retiree

        Morena, like you, I’m a retiree who’s been desperately searching for work and McCain’s proposal is terrifying. Use the link following the above article to write your congressmen/women and representatives! No one’s ranting HERE will change the minds of anyone with the POWER to change minds.

      • Kevin

        McCain! At least Obama is trying to help the country but not getting any support from the Republicans! Have you ever known a Republican president that’s done anything for this country and the people seriously have you?

    • ChrisQW

      WE ARE THE 99 PERCENT. WE worked for our Tricare Prime by fighting for this country. Now let’s fight for what we earned!!! Do not let these “So n So’s” get away with it. I remember being promised “health care for life!” I knew the minute they create Tricare, we were in deep Kimchee. It is our turn to get out the bullhorns and tell our politicians WE ARE NOT HAPPY ABOUT THIS!

      • Bob Sorkin

        We could save money buy giving Congress they same type of help plan they want to force on us!

  • Andrea

    I am a military retiree, but I am still of working age, so if the Tricare Prime benefit is cut from me at my age, I will suck it up. But for my veterans that are 60 plus, this is truly unfair and McCain needs to be held accountable for this action.

    • Laurie

      Andrea, I served faithfully for 20 years and retired just as the economy was crashing. Just because I’m still “of working age” doesn’t mean there are jobs to be had. I’ve been searching desperately for over 18 months and been forced to take poorly paid, part-time or temporary positions providing no benefits whatsoever. I barely make ends meet on my my modest retirement income and, in my case, TRICARE Standard is simply cost-prohibitive. Additionally, the local military medical facilities no longer accommodate military retirees, period. Under McCain’s proposal, I can no longer afford medical care–the care I was promised when I took my oath to serve. They can increase my TRICARE Prime annual premiums, if necessary, but to strip them away altogether is criminal. At least the TRICARE For Lifers (60+) retain their benefits for a modest annual fee increase. Younger vets deserve no less!

  • Ray

    I guess McCain isn’t going to run again. Does he really think he migh have an active duty or retiree’s vote? Don’t think so. Need to nip this in the bud ASAP!

  • Ric

    The Defense budget is (one number I’ve read) $700 Billion. That’s as much as the total defense budgets of the next 13 countries combined. Who is the enemy? What are our “national interests” that demand we be prepared to take on the entire world? That is what is being implied. Terrorists? we were able to deal with OBL with two helicopters and a small contingent of SEALs that cost a whole lot less than $700 Billion.

    Congress, you have a solemn duty and obligation to those who have been sent to defend this country–a concept first espoused by George Washington. And that duty begins with keeping promises to all veterans.

    At one time I thought Jane Fonda was dispicable, but Senator McCain has taken over her place in my mind as a traitor to our comrades in arms.

  • vkj

    This is in response to efb. Do you realize how hard it is to be a dependent and move every few years to say five years. If you are lucky enough to be able to go to work during your marriage as you are away from most of your support system and if there are kids, they need to be watched. Many times spouses do not have time to get a job that is substantial to have insurance. Many companies do not want to pay for medical when their is a spouse of a military as they think the military will pay for the spouse’s medical. Many spouse has to start over every time they move if they do work as they are moving every two to three years so they never really get to be hired into a good job. Until you have walked in a spouse’s shoes, one never really knows there deleminas. The people who have to pay $300.00 per month for insurance, most of them never had to wonder if there military spouse was shot on the battlefield. Most kids of civilians, have not worried about not having a parent. That is why kids are covered also. Someone has to be there for them as well.

  • Chuck Charles

    If anyone needed more proof that the Republicans care only for the very rich…mention a tax cut for millionaires and the GOP will jump right on it.

    Wake up and see what’s happening.

  • McCain is an idiot and a RINO, useless, probably in cahoots withth Fonda broad, I am so ashamed to have him call himself a veteran and a POW. He is a turncoat and a backstabber, a typical politician! Somebody (AZ) needs to get smart and VOTE HIM OUT!!! Stand together AZ vets and vote Bozo McCain out1 He’s go his so he doesn’t care about the rest of his “brothers and sisters in arms”. He wasn’t in MY Navy!

    • morena

      Patricia…I agree w/you. I held some respect for McCain, but now he’s lost it all. I hope he hears it loud and clear from all of us that we won’t stand for this turncoat. If I was in AZ I’d be lst in line to vote this man out of office. I will be writing to my senators/congressmen/women. How sad that he even brought up this idea. He’s pathetic.

  • L.K.B

    Once again the VET gets screwed. The writing has been on the wall for years, it was inevitable because Congress is running out of options to STEAL money from someone, and the VETS are an easy target. Good luck getting NEW recruits to join up and be willing to fight for……JACK SHIITE for retirement!

    As Donald Trump would say……..Congressman, YOU’RE FIRED!

    VOTE out the IDIOTS! The US Tax payers/Vet’s have had enough of the lying, cheating, stealing SOB’s in Congress.

    USAF, Retired

  • Chief

    John McCain must have been dumbed down when he was a POW. Or perhaps he thinks he’ll lose his medical and congressional retirement perks if he doesn’t turn on his fellow vets. Shame on John for forgetting his fellow vets are not as fortunate as he has been. Vote this loser out and he still gets his perks – What a traitor he has become.

  • Joegum

    I can’t believe I voted for this SOB, first he sold out to the banks, and now he is selling out the military, I put in 20 years in the Army with 2 years in Germany, 2 and 1/2 years in Okinawa, and 1 year in Vietnam, and now they want to start paying people that don’t stay the course, and take the easy way out, so what in the hell is going on with the bunch of crooks in Washington, they all take bribes, and they call it lobbying, and get paid 10 times what they are worth, and never had a job where they get their hands dirty, except when they take all of these bribes, and now they are winding down all of these wars and think they won’t need us any more, it is time to vote them all out, even the few that are clean and don.t take bribes, because they knew this was going on and did nothing to stop it.,and all of the VFW’s and American Legions it is time to mobilize, there are traitors and back stabers out there

  • Ronald Gunn


  • Rich

    I have to agree with most comments, I don’t like Mccain’s push for cutting tricare prime. I served 21 years in the military doing what they said without hesitation, now you are trying to take away something that really is the only thing that we have. Please stop sending my (our) hard earned taxes overseas funding bs things, stop GIVING soo much FREE stuff to the immigrants and illegals…make them earn it. Why/when did we become soo afraid of offending these people and start bending over kissing their butts? Come on, soo many of us have given so much for this country, now it is turning its back on us. Mccain you are garbage!!

  • M Jacob

    SHAME ! John…You stab us in the back after all the years of support we have given you?! 55+, Unemployed for over 2 years and have had so many medical issues to deal with that even when I finally DO get back to work soon (I hope, after next operation) that no insurance will touch me! The MEDICAL benefits of Military retirement have been the only thing keeping me alive and still able to have my own home. That will all go away thanks to you and those in Washington like you. Next vote… No…NONE of you are worth it!

  • Eric Rivera

    Now you are seeing the true colors of the Republican politicans that so many of you have blindly supported for years. If this does not wake you up about the true aims of the Republican party, nothing will.

    • Glenna

      It doesn’t matter if Republicans or Democrats are in office, they are ALL bad, looking out for themselves and not at ALL for the American people, let alone the military men and women who gave of their lives to service this country. The spouses and children give up a lot to follow and be with their spouses.

  • John

    It’s sad, sad, sad, we serve our country, give them the “prime years” of our life, do what they say without hesitation and this is the thanks we get. Unfortunately since we don’t pay into our retiree system with $$, we are stuck with consistant changes. Isn’t our blood, sweat, tears and sacrafice enough ?

  • cunningham

    hey you cutting you cut any thing you should cut john banner erick canter and mitch mc connel you cut us vet.s and damit we will march on your asses have you ever heard of m16s and rpg.s if i were you i would read up on them

  • Morena

    I am appalled to think that at one time I almost voted for this man foolishly thinking that he would back the military. It’s sad that all these senators, congressmen/women hold our benefits in their hands. He’s a typical politician, only agrees when it benefits him. Please everyone, write to your Congressman/woman/senator immediately and let them know how terrible this is of McCain. I have lost all respect for this man, and I hope he hears it loud & clear that he is wrong in deserting us. As for people who don’t think dependents deserve to have TRICARE. I say shame on you. I served in the Air Force, and although my husband did not retire from the military he gave up his career to follow me wherever the Air Force sent me. They deserve TRICARE just as much as we who served.

    • Michael

      I agree to what you are saying Morena. My name is Michael, and I served in the US Army for over 22 years. I am set to retire on 1 December of this year. I tell you what, the economy is so messed up now and this is just another setback in my book. I can’t believe these people are trying to save a buck on our expenses!!!! I joined with the same attitude and beliefs that everyone else had, to serve, honor, and to protect America and the American people. That was back in 1988. What is happening here?? And the sad part of all of this is, I can’t seem to find a job working with the Government, the same Government I swore and “did” protect for all of my 22 years of service. What’s up with that?? Every promise hopeful dream that I believed in as turned into a sure enough nightmare!! It’s almost like the Government knew I was set to retire this year and they changed all of the noble things they stood for back in the days and started re-nigging on everything that i beleived this country stood for. I am so angry with our way of life now. I goes against everything I beleived in and trusted!!!!!

    • cbh

      I agree and am ashamed to say I did vote for him. God help us…we are in the hands of traitors and liars.

  • Retired Navy

    I served 30 years in the Navy and spent a lot of time away from home as well as serving in Vietnam, Desert Storm, Desert Shield, Mogodishu fiasco, Iraq war, as well as humanitarian ventures. To see how little the service to the country means and how the contract we had with the government means just makes me want to scream. John McCain and all those who want to save money on the backs of service members and veterans should be run out of office. I will work to see that they are not reelected.

  • Morena

    Ditto. Look who he picked for a running mate—another idiot—they lost the election, but we got stuck with Obama. Don’t know which one’s worse.

    • Kevin

      Oh so do you think Bush/Cheney was any better?

  • Clark

    McCain is a madman!!! He is totally mentally incapacitated to be making decisions concerning anything important in government operations, especially advising 12 useless people assigned to save the government ‘s financial ass. Just shows ho useless those members of Congress are. FOR GOD SAKE PEOPLE, VOTE THEM ALL INTO OBLIVION!!!!!

  • Bo Brown

    I agree with so many of you. Our govt is back peddling on everything they once promised. They want to cut everything but their own pay and benefits. I’m still at a loss as to why we let them get away with the BS they do. Can someone tell me why the President can serve no more than two terms but congress persons can spend life in office. If we are ever to see change and good done for this country, we need to have term limits for congress as well.

    • Kevin

      That’s because it’s been allowed for so long and now it’s starting to come to light! When enough people decide to stop being ignorant and read up on how the gov’t works then they’ll get an idea. Instead most like to go through life with blinders on. If people haven’t seen and understood what has happened since 2000 then I guess they never will!

  • RI VET

    McCain Navy Man? What the hell is he thinking about? It’s obvious that the affects from the Hanoi Hilton are finally starting to show. This clown needs to go and it’s up to all of you Veterans in AZ to see he gets ousted.

  • Glenn

    I understand the need to cut costs. However, why can’t the government stay within a budget they approve? I have always been taught work hard, save, if needed borrow what you need to make things better but always pay your debts. I spent over 30 years in military service after having several civilian jobs. Knowing that was my choice, why should I be penalized for a choice to serve my country? I have also been married to the same person for all but my first 18 months of service. Call it too young to know better. Now you want to charge me more money as my income decreases. Does that make any sense to anyone? I work hard, pay my bills, and what I still I keep hearing is give more, pay more. This is getting stupid and makes no sense. Wake up! The other question is how much is enough? I have a retirement check and I work to earn enough money to keep my wife and myself at the same level of earnings as when I was in the service. As you all know that is enough to get by and maybe afford some comforts but not very much more. TBC

  • Chuck Charles

    Odd that McCain would choose to cut Tricare for retirees…wouldn’t expect that from a Republican. But then again, start talking about ending subsidies for the oil corporations and you must be a socialist.

    We spend more per captita for health care than every other country. I’ll say it another way…we spend more per person for healthcare than every other country on this planet. We need healthcare reform ASAP.

    Why would we cut taxes and try to conduct two wars at the same time? During WWII Roosevelt raised taxes, Americans bought war bonds, and folks had victory gardens in their back yards. Bush told Americans not fighting in the military to go shopping. While brave Americans were giving life and limb overseas.

    You can blame President Obama for a lot of things…but McCain is proposing is using the green weannie on military retirees. Send donations to the GOP if you agree with McCain.

  • Glenn

    Continued – We get by and can afford to go out once in a while for a meal. That still doesn’t mean we still don’t watch every penny and save whenever we can so we can afford these things. If only the government would do the same. Has anyone looked at the abuse in the system? I mean how is it that we have people getting disability payments and working a full time full paying job. Don’t get me wrong. We that have served are owed what was promised, but why do some folks take advantage of the system. I think if you are doing a full job and are collecting a full salary for that job then you should not get a full disability payment until you need it to make ends meet. Try that one out for size. How much do you think that would save? Also, when I asked how much enough is I mean does it really take several million for someone to live on. There should be a point that all corporations, companies, partnerships, and individuals should pay over a certain amount income and get rid of all the loop holes in the system. TBC

  • Glenn

    Continued – Again, don’t get me wrong, free enterprise is important and a great motivator for innovative ideas and making more money. But, at some point there is too much money being thrown around without giving back. Some people are just too greedy….Think I said enough for now!

  • D.Pompili

    I am not in the least bit surprised….what’s next ???_

  • Jim

    It is interesting, when they need us for military service to go and lay our lives on the line there are all these wonderful benefits that we are promised but when the need is over their memories become fuzzy and they, the politicians, reflect on “Now did we really promise them all that, goodness me how will we pay for it so maybe we really didn’t promise??? But they do remember all of the lucrative benefits that they promised themselves and they make sure that they keep them for life!!!

  • Military Wife

    This is total crap, our retirees did their time and it is one of the benefits of serving their country. Why should retirees be punished and lose their Tricare benefits after they served 20 years and pay more for Tricare standard when the government has put there. How can McCain push this thru? Oh wait he doesn’t have to go thru this because he has insurance, will have his regular paycheck after he retires instead of Social Security and medicare. What a jackass!

  • Patsy

    Why can’t we bill the middle eastern countries that we aid in security/wars. It only seems if we are going to have our American military die and our country’s economy is going down the sink, then it only seems proper for these countries to come to our assistance. It’s time our government stops taking from the American citizens and go to the countries that owe us for the freedoms they now have, and the financial successes they are receiving. The oil never stops producing in these countries. Come on American Presidents and Congress use your voices to help Americans, stop hurting us!!!!

  • Bob

    I began to dislike Senator McCain when I found out he opposed water boarding. I’ve always respected him and consider him a patriotic American for what he went through in Viet Nam but he along with his buddies in Washington need to quit wasting our tax dollars. I’m sure there are more effective methods than making retireees (many on a fixed income) suffer so they can fund thier special interest groups.

    • T Lady

      McCain’s just another out-of-touch R.I.N.O. It’s really a shame J.D. Hayworth did not defeat him in the 2010 primary. That’s why we need REAL Conservatives in office in 2012.

      • Chuck Charles

        Hate to be the bearer of bad news. But, the real conservatives you’re talking about are the ones that want to do all the cutting.

        Real conservatives are against ending oil corporation subsidies, raising taxes on millionaires, and foreign aid.

  • L. White

    McCain, what an idiot. He is married to the one of the richest women in the world and he is trying to cut Retirees Tricare, that is outrageous he has no idea what Retired NCO’S make and further more he’s filthy rich.. He should not be on the Armed Forces Committe, get a damn grip , what a traitor taking what was promised because the congress and this government has screwed up the economy with all the bail outs, should have thought about that before you let Obama spend all that money on all those losers.

  • CBH

    Billions in foreign aid to buy off potential enemies…while cutting health bennies to military retirees, which, by the way, WE WERE PROMISED. We are in the hands of liars and traitors, and Senator McCain is among them. Will it take another revolution to put patriots in office again? I pray not.

  • USAF Retiree

    I served faithfully for 20 years and retired just as the economy was crashing. Just because I’m still “of working age” doesn’t mean there are jobs to be had. I’ve been searching desperately for over 18 months and been forced to take poorly paid, part-time or temporary positions providing no benefits whatsoever. I barely make ends meet on my my modest retirement income and, in my case, TRICARE Standard is simply cost-prohibitive. Additionally, the local military medical facilities here no longer accommodate military retirees, period. Under McCain’s proposal, I can no longer afford medical care–the care I was promised when I took my oath to serve. They can increase my TRICARE Prime annual premiums, if necessary, but to strip them away altogether is criminal. At least the TRICARE For Lifers (60+) retain their benefits for a nominal annual fee increase. Younger vets deserve no less!

  • gwadam1

    Perhaps we should push for Congress to lose their cushy medical and retirement benefits. Salaries should be cut to some median wage for people making under $100K, and no one can become a congressman if they make more than $100K. That might make the self-centered weasles take notice. I don’t think we could run things any worse.

  • Kevin

    That’s part of the problem too many ignorant people don’t have a clue but like to listen to their garbage and believe in it! And wanna blame Obama for all of Bush’s BS instead of trying to help fix the mess! It makes me sick hearing all the negative comments about every little thing he tries and then you see McCain try to pull this crap and nothing gets said!

    • DAV 52

      Look pal, this is not just a repub problem. Both parties are corrupt. Both parties are spending our tax dollars like it is a personal expense account. Wake up! Both parties have sold this country out from under us!

    • Mauro Cusce

      Obama has been in office for three years and yet your kind still want tobe the blame on Bush. If you fart its Bush’s fault. Take respoessibility for the mess this Adminitration and some republicans have put this country in.

      • ChrisQW

        Get off your high horse and open your eyes. SOME republicans? I’m sick and tired of listening to goofs like you. WE worked for our Tricare Prime by fighting for this country. Now let’s fight for what we earned!!!

  • Jake

    Please, it is not the republican plan that would cut the benefits, it is McCain. I know that Republicans who are always for the military. So those that are blaming Republicans for this McCain stupidity, please you need to pay attention to the politics of this country because you are way off the mark.

  • USAF Retiree

    Like so many writing, I am a retiree who’s been desperately searching for work and barely getting by. I can’t afford to lose TRICARE Prime! PLEASE use the link following the above article to write your Congressional representatives! No one’s ranting in THIS forum will change the minds of anyone with the POWER to change minds.

  • Charles Cook

    McCaine must be getting senile. Our troops and families come first. Our country shouldn’t bite off unaffordable committments around the world.

  • Kevin

    No Democrate that I can think of is like McCain in anyway! At least the Democrates try to do for the good of the people vs any Republican that’s held the office!


    It is so funny that the first thing politicians go after when a war is not the hot topic of the day is benefits for veterans. Why is that? How quick we forget that these veterans once fought a war for someone in their lifetime. So when we’re needed, you try to bribe us with all kinds of incentives and goodies. With the number of homeless veterans and vets without jobs, why shouldn’t we continue to have access to affordable health care. That’s what we were promised and why shouldn’t it be honored? I hope the DAV steps in fights for this one just like they do everything else. Once again we become the dreads of society. REALLY!!!

  • chrisbjlee

    McCain is a traitor to the U.S. military members.
    Before talking about cutting any military benefits, why doesn’t he tax the wealth? I can’t believe I voted for him in 2008. He and among other idiots make GOP worse than ever! I’m so disappointed that McCain is not looking out for the vets who have been counting on him! Shame on him!

  • Steve

    Shame on You John McCain. The very fact that you are even attempting to nix the American Warfighter should show you that you may have been brainwashed (or is it PTSD?) while in the POW camp; thus making you more in need of “Tri-Care Prime” than the vast majority of us deserving vets.

    • Jerry

      Steve, As a Viet Nam Vet. I once admired and respected John McCain to no end for what he endured as a POW. But after seeing him time and again turn his back on the Military. I now have no respect for him at all. And to me this is the last straw. I voted for him in the last election because I thought that he was the lesser of two evil’s, Now I’m begining to wonder about that. I think that he has turned from a true Republican into a fence sitting RINO. Think i’ll just add his picture to my wall of SHAME along with Obama, Hillary and William Jefferson Clinton, Harry the Liar Reid, Nancy Botox Piglosi, Hanoi Jane Fonda. and a few other undesireables. But to do this to Men and women that have spent over 20 years of there life defending our freedom, Is not only a slap in the face. But a blatant show of disrespect. And Brainwashed or PTSD, Kinda makes ya wonder dont it?

    • james driskell

      The problem that I see, is that when Mcain was running for president, he needed the militery votes. Now that he lost to Mr. Obama, he has changed his tune. What he should consider that his cuts to the retirees,vets. and more money for equipment will allow for more vets coming home from more battles, some in boxes,and more casualties that have to be repaired at the cost of more than tri-care would cost.

  • RAH

    After 26 years in service currently on my second tour to Iraq in three years, I blame the Active Component Leadership prosecuting this war spending millions of $ unnecessarily.. The current regime , 18th ABN Corps, has been hedging bets with taxpayer funds by prolonging decisions, transitioning their HQs all over the battlefield, two or three times, spending vast amounts of transportation and construction funds resetting up their respective command and control operations. In addition, we spend millions of dollars in “contract” work that are inherently military or could be facilitated via troop labor. It costs on average $37/ plate to feed a troop per meal for example. We are paying $250K / year for one contractor maintaining UAV’s; multiply that by however many contractors there are in theater working on this type equipment. We are paying security forces $80-100+K year to check ID cards and swing open gates at entry / exit points. These are just a few examples of the myriad of abuse perpetuated by the Active component. There is absolutley no accountability on KBR with all there mass purchases of equipment that just sits in warehouses here in theater. Go to the Defense Logistics Agency – Disposition Services yards and you will find tri-walls and tri-walls of the same componenets being “turned in”. Absoulutely zero accountability.

    Yes I am also upset that personal benefits keep eroding for those who serve, but it’s the people’s fault to keep voting these same members to Congress at every election. Term limits, tax overhaul, curtail immigrant entries, revamp the Federal energy and education departments are few changes I propose, to include minimize supporting / subsidizing all these other third world countries who are so corrupt and hate us anyway. Even islands like Puerto Rico get subsidized $2B per year and they don’t pay any federal taxes. There are a lot other programs that could certainly be cut back that doesn’t affect the security of our country, or the service of the men / women who serve, but culpability also lies in all the Senior Military Leaders who don’t make prudent decisions regarding spending our tax payer dollars as I mentioned above.

  • Mike

    Come on McCain . . . if you were NOT a married into multimillion dollar business enterprise YOU would also see the plight of military retirees i.e. unemployment, PTSD, disability et al. Come off your high horse and TRY to remember what it was like to be a simple SOLIDER – AIRMAN or SAILOR! Although I have always voted REPUBLICANI am seriously considering Democrat or Independent in the future. All I can say after your anti-military comments are PLEASE STEP DOWN!

  • gbh

    Cain shame on you, the military did’n abandon you when you were released from POW camp now you abandon us shame on you.

    • huck Fin

      McCain is the # 1 ASSHOLE

  • Tom A.

    Although I respect your sacrifice, this is a slap in the face of every one of us who served faithfully and also sacrificed during our military careers. Shame on you! You compromise with Democrats WAY TOO MUCH! Go home where you belong!

  • tripod9

    What are you all talking about? This is SOP with politicians; they have no compunction about running that flag up everywhere in the world with us impaled on it like shish kabob, Its all they can say about “Our Boys Over There” when the grill is hot but when the war/conflict is over or in recession, they devise ways to (dethank) us; end the Montgomery GI Bill, raise our taxes, deny us certain benefits and increase our TCPrime costs, etc. Then, to make sure we feel the steel, they give themselves another series of unwarranted raises. A few years later, it all starts over again. They do it because they know we wont scream loud enough to wake anyone up…..BOHICA!! They know we are afraid of losing what we do have if we speak up.
    Active duty need to step up to the plate in some form or fashion because this is what they will inherit if they havent done away with retirement altogether by then.
    Threaten to drop your memberships in the various military lobbyist organizations and see how fast they show up at McCains office.

  • TOM

    We the VETERANS and working class of this country did NOT cause this economic meltdown – it has been the deregulated Wall Street greed that was let loose by Senator McCain and his millionaire buddies. Now “they” want to balance the budget on our backs! We need to repeal John McCain, its time veterans realize that he is NO longer one of us (yes I am a Navy Veteran as well as my wife – we have a combined 37 years of active duty Naval service) He stopped a looooooong time ago.

    When my wife and I joined in 1980 they (the NAVY) promised us, guaranteed us that when we retired (After 20 yrs and were still old enough to work) now they are making that distinction – so when we DID retire there was this thing called TRICARE – what the heck? and we had to pay!!!! Oh the civilians will say its not a lot of money – wrong answer – for us who may only have our retirement as income it IS a lot of money and NOW they ARE increasing it $40!!!!

    I say its a breech of contract on the US Government and US Navy – what say you??

    Lets REPEAL/TOTAL RECALL of John “anti veteran” McCain!

    I suggest that the people of Arizona (especially veterans) RECALL John McCain and anyone else that shares his views towards veterans and the working class.

  • ted

    From being put out of No Cost Health Care for life at Military medical facilities after the Cold War ended to this in an all Volunteer Military, geeze. talk about taking the wind out of your sails.

    Someone remind me, what percentage of the Civilian world goes into the Military?

    • Brenda

      i think this is also a much of bull get theses wonderful military men and women home freom that stupid war that is going no where and that will save millions of dollars and let them fight there own war hell john mcain i believe these guys have free medical ???? what the heck does he know lets cut his medical and make him pay for his own huh!!!!! these guys have fought for us and john u want to take it away u need to move on and let some one else take ur place and who will work for them and not against them

    • Bob

      1% of he US population spends some amount ot time in the military..that’s it….

  • guest

    If McCain feels that way, He should have never come back from Vietnam!!!

  • Wally 15

    You people make McCain sound like Jane Fonda. This country has to stop the financial bleeding. I don’t like his proposal, I just signed up for Tricare, but I’m willing to listen to what other cuts are being made to control spending and waste in other sectors of government. And if Tricare is the additional sacrifice I have to make to contribute “my fair share”, then I’ll just have to suck it up and adjust.
    The GOP is having to clean up the Dems financial mess once again. Do you really want to spend your retirement years in Greece?

    • Kelly

      Already did “my fair share” Wally. There are plenty of places that they can find the money, retirement benefits are not the place to look. The Greece scenario is more related to monetizing our debt then to current budget proposals.

      • Wally 15

        Hopefully we all did our fair share. Part of my fair share was something called Lam Son 719 in 1971. Look it up. Or watch “VN in HD” on the History Channel for the next 3 nights. Maybe you ought to write a book on “monetizing our debt”. If you can resolve that problem, you could afford any insurance program, except maybe ObamaCare.

        • Jennifer AF Wife

          Wally, first I want to say thank you for your service. I’m sure you don’t hear that often enough. My father served 2 tours in Vietnam as a corpsman with the Navy serving with Marine Corps units. He made it home, but died before he ever saw any “benefits” and my family suffered for that. In saying that though, my husband has proudly served our country for 22 years and we have used the Tricare Prime system all over the world. Not all jobs come with insureance, mine certainly doesn’t, and I work very hard for little pay. My family relies on the low cost benefits of Tricare Prime and we would certainly stuggle if we were forced to pay the out of pocket costs of Tricare Standard. You should take families like mine into consideration before taking such a rigid stand. It isn’t always black and white, and there are certainly other areas of wasteful spending that this government could cut before they take from the veterans that so proudly served a government in which most politicians never served themselves.

    • tripod9

      you said it all in four words; “I just signed up”
      The rest of us have been sucking up the loss of more benefits for so long, we are puckered out.

      • Wally 15

        It took me 21 years after I retired to get my 1st retirement check. Talk about delayed gratification! That’s also why “I just signed up”. Would you rather wait to age 60 to get your 1/2 pay for life, or would you rather find another insurance provider? I’d pick the insurance in a heartbeat.

    • Concerned

      I’m all for cutting spending wherever it can and should be. But first let us look at everything and not just some Cherry Picking by congress. I’m a recent retired service member too and will not be able to see/use my benefit for many years to come but if it is left up to this idiots there won’t be any benefit there for me when I’m able to use it. It is easy for Mr. McCain to give back a benefit he earned when he is earning the money he is. what about those of us who are working 2 full time jobs just to get by. As for “my fair share”.. how much are you making a year.. if you can sit there and say you can afford to give it back.. then i’d say you are doing just fine.. I think I earned this benefit not entitlement and it should be my decision to give it back not theirs.. maybe you should reconsider which side you are one….

    • I spent 26 years doing my fair share, when will the Government do their fair share? How about the Greedy, I don’t want to work hard just give it to my generation, when will they do their fair share?

    • Pat

      Why no? You sounds like you are the one brainwash; if not for the mess Bush got us in, we would not have to be talking about this now, Iraq cost way to much and for nothing, what did WE gain from Iraq, you so smart please tell the rest of us simple americans, McCain is full of Sugar Honey Ice Tea !!!!

    • Chiefwil

      Don’t be such a sucker. Pres. Clinton left a surplus and then Pres. Bush started 2 “wars” he didn’t put on the books, which became nation building missions. Also, said we had no choice but to bail out Wall Street. I’ve heard enough revisionist crap, it’s time for facts. Here’s a fact, many of us spent decades serving this Nation and earned the right to have access to affordable health care. We haven’t seen COLA for a couple years but gas prices go up and the Oil Companies get subsidized thanks to REPUBLICANS. Check the vote and know your facts. A mind is a terrible thing to waste.

  • Clay Crandall

    McCain should be ashamed of himself for even thinking this. I have been out of the military for 10 years after retiring in 2001. I have not used a dime of the military health care but was planning on using it later in my civilian career when I planned to change my career and get away from the stressful role I am in. I left the military with no equity in a house due to the moves every 4 years. This is one of those benefits that helps offset hat type of hardship. Like I mentioned to my congressmen, I don’t mind paying a more but this is going too far. Especially when we are dumping money by the dump truck loads into 3rd world countries that would just as soon shoot us as work with us. I think there are allot of other cuts that should come first and this should be one at the end of the list. And to think I voted for you McCain. Not because you were a strong candidate, (Better than Obama) but because you were a Vet. We do try to take care of our own you know., Clay Crandall MSgt USAF Ret.

  • Y.Long

    I personal feel some pay cuts in Congress and the Senate would sure take a bite out of the debit. But I don’t belive there’s a single person in whose two job’s willing to make that sacrefice for they’re country.

  • Arthur

    McCain is accustomed to abandoning the sick. Just like he did to his first wife!

  • Robert D. Evans

    I admire Sen. Mccain for his service. I do not admire Sen McCain for his
    crossing the aisle to vote with democrats that have always been against the military and most never served in the Armed Forces of this country. Time for McCain to retire a second time and collect yet another taxpayer funded check. Leave our tricare alone. We did without a lot of “free” medical care when Clinton decided to close bases that provided the services. Many retirees had to relocate so they could receive the earned benefits. Othes had to pay on the civilian economy until tricare was initiated. We paid our dues travelling across this world and paying family expenses which were never fully reimbursed on the other end. For the sake of respecting those who served honorably leave our earned benefits (not entitlements) ALONE.
    Robert D. Evans, TSgt, USAF (Retired).

  • Tom Eldredge

    I am a proud retiree of 20 years in the Navy. It seems like the military is and always will be easy pickings for our elected officials to do whatever they please. To be quite honest, I know this country is speeding downhill fast but I would be willing for some pay/benefit cuts as soon as I see some sizable cuts to to our elected officials and when they have the same medical benefits as the populace and when there are term limits placed on congress.

  • Rick S.

    Hey Wally…Doing “my fair share” was being away from my family for years while serving my country. Doing “my fair share” was going to the dessert to help fight a war. Doing “my fair share” was going to Korea for a year. I’m tired of doing my fair share and everyone else’s fair share too!

    When is someone else going to do their fair share so I can get the benefits that were PROMISED to me if I did MY “fair share”?

    I just saw a show yesterday with a woman who is getting disability checks from the government because (according to her!) she has the beginning stages of arthritis in her hands. She’s also getting money from the state to care for her sister who is also (supposedly) disabled. Which means the sister is ALSO getting disability money! When the government finally starts cracking down on these deadbeats who milk the government for billions of dollars annually, then come talk to me about “my fair share”. Until then, zip it!

  • chef

    Instead of cutting social welfare programs, they have to cut the nuts of veterans.

  • Greg

    You cannot discount the service by John McCain during the Vietnam conflict, as well as his subsequent captivity in the Hanoi Hilton. BUT, talk about being born with a silver spoon, and then marrying a milionaire? His father and grandfather were both 4-star admirals.

    Most of the dissabled Vietnam vets that I’ve met over the years got a ticket home, and little or no accomodations because of their inability to pass a physical – funny what happens when you know someong. I retired as a Navy Chief after 20 years of moving all over th world, and one of the reasons I stuck it out was because of the guaranteed medical care, looks like that, along with everything else we receive in the way of benefits, is on the chopping block. I’m still working because I can’t “retire” on Navy pay.

    p.s. I’m considering quitting my current employment and going on public assistance – with only my military retirement as income, I should qualify.

  • Ret SSG

    Why not cut retirement for senator’s governor’s and other public officials after they serve one tour of duty. Why not make them continue to work until age 70 before they can collect retirement. Stop them from coming to Military Treatment Facility (MTF) for medical treatment where services is set up specially for them we call it Executive Medicine. Start cutting into there pockets and see how much money we can save.

  • chu wong

    Lead from the front. Come on all you big strong politicians. Uncle Sam needs your help.

    Show some style and take all of the cuts you are asking others to take.

    Do the job you’re paid to do and what’s right for the country and correct some problems.

    If you don’t we collectively need to kick all of you out of office and get someone else.

    A good senior NCO or seasoned Capt could do a better job than most of you. Hell, make that an airman and a butterbar!

  • Ret SSG

    Why not cut retirement for senator’s governor’s and other public officials after they serve one tour of duty. Why not make them continue to work until age 70 before they can collect retirement. Stop them from coming to Military Treatment Facility (MTF) for medical treatment where services is set up specially for them we call it Executive Medicine.

  • It is a sad day, The once great Republican John McCain turning into a “Liberal screw the military to pay for the government’s pork barrel projects” Democrat. Good on you Comrade McCain your vision of the United Socialist States of America is growing ever closer.

  • JerryH

    Everyone is for cutting government, until it is for cutting me. I appreciate Wally’s boldness. And I agree that cuts that apply to me need to be looked at as well as the cuts that apply to others. Just a thought, from Sacramento

  • tripod9

    lets just say that most of the these characters in Washington are independently wealthy and, presumably, want to serve their country like we do. Now, since most of them dont have a clue what its like to lay their life on the line for their country nor do they want to, they can still do THEIR fair share by having their ‘service pay’ reduced proratedly based on their other income and force them to pay for their own medical insurance. The mere suggestion of that should make them look elsewhere for cuts in the budget after they quit laughing and realized they had to take it seriously. The question is, would we still get the same amount of work out of them as we do now? LMAO.

  • carol

    We are in the midst of the worst economic disaster the world has experienced. It may last for decades. Everyone has to give. If an individual is working and the company has a health plan, then I agree no Tricare. Maybe you should be railing at the waste of 1 trillion $ spent in Iraq and 1 milllion $ on each soldier there each year being spent right now rather then bad mouthing Sen.John McCain who would do anything for his country.

    • Hugh T. Fox

      Maybe you should tell us where your medical is coming from and tell us what you have done for our country. John McCain is a disgrace to the uniform.he once wore and a pawn of the liberal left. Is he giving up his congressional health care or advocating putting the congress under Social Security and Medicare like the rest of us? Is he giving up his pensions from the military and the one that he will receive from congress? Are you or McCain advocating stopping foreign aid or aid to illegal citizens which cost us billions? It is McCains fault we have Obama and his left wing socialistic policies. In the next elections we will vote out McCain and Obama.

    • Wendy Gray

      McCain is a two faced SOB who couldn’t give a damn about our military apparently. The Retirees are always on the chopping block. Put the fat cats up there for a change and see who cries first. Out retireees served this country for 20 plus yrs they deserve to be treated a hell alot better than this. This is a disgrace I’m glad McCain is not President. Sorrry example of a former soldier!! back stabbing your own kind. Alot of brown nosing going on it looks like huh McCain?

    • James

      Are you retarded or just an Obama supporter? Serve your country and them maybe you could have an opinion on this issue.

  • Bill

    The medical coverage for Congress should be applied to all service members. Then we can talk about cuts that McCain could participate in. There is a lot of waste in military weapons development and procurement. But those contractors contribute to the coffers of our politicians, so we will cut service members medical first. Sounds normal to me.

  • patty p t

    we were promised these benefits…McCain you have really lost it. over 20-years in the military we are in titled to the benefits. try getting some of these lazy people off of welfare…save money there. you have 18-20-30 year olds on welfare free school funds. bring the draft back and get there lazy butt off the streets. I’m sick of paying for people on welfare!

  • Paul

    I think Sen. Maclain is senile,how quickly do we forget.This country is on a spiral down fall. We have not seen the devastaion yet,wait until our veterans come home from the war.

  • tripod9

    apparently, it is true. A contract is only as good as the faith of both parties and the paper its written on.


    Let’s see, if we stopped working and paying taxes and receive our benefits that was promised to us, who wins? We continue to work, to help put our kids through college and put away a nest egg so that we can retiree completely and not have to worry about buying food or paying for prescriptions. Whether I choose to work or not my personal business is not the governments concern. I served for 20 years and retired expecting to keep all the benefits that were promised to me when I signed up. My first interview, they tried to cut my salary because of my military retirement paycheck and I told them that that was not a factor in my salary negotiations. I did not get any extra because I ‘Opted’ out of their medical plan because I already had one. These elected officials need to wake up before this country completely collapses and we turn into #38 country instead of #1!

  • Eric

    When the last illegal immigrant has left, the last “disabled” drug addict loses his medicaid, and the last welfare mama stops getting paid for making babies, then it may be appropriate to look at cutting EARNED benefits from American heroes.

    • bellamari

      It’s doubtful that’s going to happen anytime soon! Are you kidding me?! When the leader of a country fights states who are attempting to cut losses due to illegals, what does that tell you who their priorities are…the citizenry or illegals?! As for the others, gotta keep them dumbed down! As for all three mentioned above, if these were cut, why…why…why…we will have riots in the street!! Unfortunately, it seems to take their unadulterated boldness (like the illegals marching) to take it to the streets and they get heard! Somehow, that seems lacking for the rest of us…

  • Gunny

    Everyone should checkout what Congress has for medical care!!!!

  • Chief Johnny

    So much for having BLIND allegiance. Tri Care Prime has been just okay and gives me minimum options, but like a career in the Military, we suck it up and make do. Without it, I have no options.

  • Mike

    I don’t see anywhere a mention the Congress should cut there retirement medical benefits in order to help provide cuts to reduce budget expenses. Maybe we should add a $15,000 out-of-pocket costs can’t exceed an annual cat­a­strophic cap to the Congressional retirement medical benefits that they qualify for.

  • Mark

    This is too funny for me. I’m old enough to remember the last time the military took some serious cuts, and back then they decimated the retirees then as well. I remember when TriCare came up. Before this, the noble warriors did not need to pay any thing for health care….then they brought along TriCare, now they’re going to eliminate TriCare, PLUS make the premiums higher for the benefits we were PROMISED!

    No….it’s time to clean House….clean Senate….clean the White House as well. People, our system has been bought and paid for….not in our blood that average Joe’s and Jane’s have shed, but with money from businesses. We are the casualties of this new system of governance. Please look for different candidates to elect….ones who will have the country’s best interests in mind, not the Big Businesses interests in mind. Monsanto tells our government how to jump and they jump….the Oil companies do the same…banks as well. They have no allegiance to this country, only to money and the politicians who will align with them.

    Now that our economy and our country is in shambles, thanks to those big businesses, they want us to further bail them out by taking cuts that were PROMISED to us. Did you sign up to have IEDs explode and kill your buddies for jacked up premiums in your health care? NO!

    Did you sign up to have bullets take off the head of your compadre for them to tell you, “well, we’re sorry, but we’re reneging on our promise to you”…NO! Don’t sit down for this!!!! Write your congressman, senator, anyone who has a say in this…phone them….every day if necessary…..Get up and march on their cushy, comfy and cozy offices.

    Don’t let them further take from you. We’ve given too much already.

  • Lillian

    Does he have any idea how many people don’t have and can’t afford health insurance!!! Let’s cut more jobs and at the same time cut benefits and then we can eat potatoes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Junior

    you got to be kidding me! for 26 yrs I put my life on the line not only to keep my country free, but to have these benefits once i retired. I work now, due to the training I received in the military which still is a way of serving my country. can’t believe i voted for McCain for Pres. after hearing him wanting to take our Tri-Care Prime away. what is this country coming too?

  • jsamm9

    McCain is also the one, in “08”, to say Obama would make a good president. Obama has since proven McCain was so very wrong, did not know what he was talking about then and does not know what he’s talking about now.McCain left his courage and strength in VietNam. My suggestiong to save money would be to reduce the number of elected officials in local, state and Federal govt. Make them do what most businesses are doing, doing the same or more WITH LESS PEOPLE. Politicians are not the answer,,, American people are.

  • Sterling

    I volunteered to switch to Tricare Standard a couple of years ago, but as soon as a major health is comes up and you have to pay out of pocket because of the cap, who can afford it. I switched back to Prime because it’s a great benefit for 20+ years of service. When are they going to cut the raises in congress? When are they going to lock some of these people complicit in the financial crisis up? No, we the tax payers bail them out. And now they want to put us on a 401 and take away our prime medical coverage. A lot of veterans can’t afford the insurance provided by their employers. But, this may all be mute, when the dollar finally crashes and burns, we’ll all be in a pickle. But none the less, I will always say……….God Bless America.

  • O Chappel

    I’ll give up my Tri Care Prime when congress cuts their own benefits. Congress has been robbing the average person blind for years. Now we have to pay for their inability to manage the budget. They can all go to hell.

  • DKLuke

    I disagree with “rymac” above, on many levels. First, the benefits we retirees have to date were given to offset the “extremely poor pay and PERSONAL sacrifice for our country”! How do you abuse a benefit that is YOURS to exersize? Marine’s will fight with a butcher knife and a slingshot as long as we know, we and our family members will be taken care of in the end. Second, “fiscally” responsible individuals financially plan and prepare for their retirement using these benefits as an offset. With todays economy and uncertain of its future, most retirees will have to continue to work (for companies who do not provide health insurance) beyond their planned retirement age with a body that has been beaten, bled and abused for 20 to over 30 years of service. Unless you have served that time, you have no idea what that’s like! more to follow!

  • DKLuke

    The Government most stop paying BILLIONS of tax payer monies to those who have not earned it through citizenship or payed taxes through a real job. Additionally, our Government most stop providing BILLIONS of dollars in aid to foreign countries whom do not provide a possitive influence to our countries economy. Last, our Government most be reduced in size and become more fiscally responcible in order to rid this country of its extreme waiste of what is all ready being collected in taxes! Sen McCain has forgotten his roots! He has compromised his integrity on many levels with other selfserving polititions. As a veteran, I am disappointed and ashamed of his actions. When are the politicians in our federal government, starting with the President, going to announce they are going to take a pay CUT and reduce their health benefits????

    • AMS1 Retired

      Amen to this write up!

  • FedUp

    John McCain=Sellout

    Congress and the President sells our country out and into stupid spending giveaway bankruptsy and then tried to peddle off the whole bloody financial mess as “hard times make for hard measures.

    Back in the old days tar and feathers and run out of town on a rail. I’d like to see that and make them live to the standard they are forcing the American public to live by due to their greed and gross mis-management.

  • rotorhead

    This guy is such a ‘F______ A_____!! Cut your own ‘bennie package’ you liberall ‘Coc______ !!! McCain doesn’t have a clue about the military way of like. I think the wrong person got shot in the heade in Arizona !!! MSgt.

    • Mikey

      “McCain doesn’t have a clue about the military way of life?!?!?!” Have you forgotten about the nine years he spent as a POW in Vietnam?

  • mil wife

    most people who use there tri care have worked there butts off and get lil of nothing in return. The gov pension we recieve is 222.00 mthly is that a huge pension and no I didnt forget the zeros its the real #. If a company gave those pensions no one would work for them let alone be owned by them and lets face it the military ownes them and you cant just take a day off with your kids and family. Its a shame the gov keeps taking everything from the working people and bringing in more people who dont work and giving them our hard earned money shame on all of them

    • James Ebberts

      Look, it is easy to understand but not easy to accept. The answer is the Civilian Insurance lobby, for any reason you disagree you are wrong as I switched years ago from Blue Cross/Blue Shield in MD and Blue Cross tried to get Washington to reverse their policy. Now that has been circumvented with the illusion of Retirement age instituted. Mil Wife realize Pensions is another means of assets for the rich to go after. They do this by lobbying “Turncoat/Treasoness” Sen John McCain & Unannounced Rep Barack Obama.



  • Working Age Retiree

    If they CBO thinks I will ever switch to my employer provided option they are just plain stupid.

  • John

    Mr. McCain thank you for your disservice here’s your notice of termination. You’re fired! Speak up Arizona.

  • 20+ vet

    long before they should cut vet benefits, we should look elsewhere. I agree that congress should have their healthcare adjusted before us vets but I have a beautiful way to trim the budget and institute some equality- change welfare pay calculations to the same two the military has Single and with Dependents. No extra for each kid/brother ect under the same roof and stop the advantage to clown car the womb

  • Stephanie Baker

    I think that the government should start at the TOP to do there cutting. Look at salaries, health benfits, and retirement package for the TOP officials. Leave us little people alone. We worked hard for what little we have and all you want to do is take it away from us. My husband servered for over 20 years. He is gone now. It is just me and it is very hard to make ends met as it is. Now you want to take away my health benfits. I can not aford to pay for my medicine as it is. As I said start cutting from the top. No more raise, take away your health plan.

  • Ron Sciarra

    Leave my tri-care benefits alone.

  • Ken

    It’s funny how we never really look into or scrutinize the frivolous spending that takes place on each and every base. I’ve seen it year in and year out was brand new equipment is replaced just because year-end funds are dropping and the money MUST get spent – WHY? This part of the budget system is and always has been BROKE!

    Now that I’m retired and working for another federal agency I see the same concept of spending on completely unnecessary things, there’s no one monitoring cash register at lower levels of the budget process.

  • R. Gray USN Ret.

    I have yet to hear anyone question the rationale concerning “mandatory use of employer provided health care” in relation to TRICARE. How does anything I do unemployed, self-employed or employed affect my status as “military retired”? There should be absolutely no significance what I do after I retire, my military benefits were earned on active duty exactly as I and the U.S. Gov’t agreed to when we all signed on the dotted line. What concern is it to the Congress what I do with my life after they officially retire me and, at that time, set in stone my retirement benefits as provided by law. Do we look forward to future challenges like, “You are working, therefore you don’t need your retirement pay until full retirement age of 65..66..67.” I can only respond by saying, “this is semi-solid essence of male bovine.” I am supposed to be compensated solely on the performance of my duty for my entire period of active duty. That is where I earned my benefits – not after retirement. Stop the fruit stand method of reasoning, my retirement package is based on apples, don’t give me any lemons.

  • bill stone

    I was put out on disability retirement at 22 years. I’m at 100 Percent, and the VA is all they’ve every allowed me to use these past 12 years. No tricare at all, even for prescriptions. It’s going to wax worse and worse too. hell, they’ll be making us pay admission to get in the doctor’s offices, and hospitals. I’d love to send McCain back to the Hanoi Hilton. He obviously shed his integrity when he left the place. what a shit bird?

  • Tom S.

    Viewing all the babble here I can’t help but wonder where has the logic gone. I am retired from the military, worked afterward for many years and now am just retired. I have always been proud of my service and have judicously and sparingly used my benefits. The nearest military base to me is 500 miles away so I definitely do not “wear out” the health care system. My main use of TriCare is as secondary, first to Blue Cross now to Medicare, and have always consider it a benefit I earned. I understand what McCain is trying to do but I disagree. There are many areas in our government that can be cut with little or no impact on people in need – such as Congressional benefits. I think McCain and the rest of Congress need to wake up and realize that the American people can understand belt tightening but many think like me – start with your own belt and work from there.

  • stevieray53

    I, like all those posting blogs, am offended by sen mccain and his proposal to end tricare prime. I sacrificed 20 years of my life to serve my country. I served with distinction and honor. We have fought in wars that were justified and those not but we did what our commander-in-chief ordered us to do. But, because we just fought two unjustified wars costing trillions of dollars and now vets are asked to give up their benefits so the republicans can balance the budget. Especially fron a senator who served. How dare you sir. Please retire now, immediately, without hesitation. Dimentia must have set in and you have forgotten where you came from.

  • Sheila Migdal

    McCain is putting many good Americans at risk with this pro9posa. Goverment spending does needed toi be cut but as always go for the retirees but they do have a voice and a big voice there are more retirees now then ever and that is a testament to good health care. Leave the retirees and aging alone we have done well for our country and appreciate it more than most. We need our benefits it is time we are heard. McCain you are one of us time to look at that and maybe the others are right your benefits should be cut along with the rest you wouldn’t like that now would you.

  • WoLF

    What happened did John McCain marry Jane Fonda??? “DKLuke I’m with you!”

  • USMC Vet

    Way to go Mr. McCain…Nothing like throwing the military retiree under the bus for the sake of you and your cronies being able to continue your frivolous spending ways. This guy needs replaced before he helps Obama even more.

    • MSG (RET) WTWise

      I guess because he gets his medical free because he is a Senator that the rest of us retirees can go to hell. Just one thing Sen. Mc Cain, we served twenty plus years with a promise of health care for life and now you want to take that away from us as you all have done with dental care. You above all know that we retirees can not afford a health care plan that wants us to pay a large co pay every time we go to a doctor. And for those of us on TRICARE for L:ife you want to charge us $200.00 a year, are you going to increase our retirement pay accordingly? I doubt it!!!

  • Kurt SHorts

    Again, instead of hacking into the military and its retirees, stop paying everyone in Congress OUTRAGEOUS salaries. Really, senators and others get a life time pension after serving their term(even a short term). Hell, as a young E-5 in the army, I actually qualified for food stamps!! Congress just needs to look into the mirror to figure out where to make cuts.

    SFC(R) S

  • tripod9

    Some here dont get it. Volunteering to serve in your country’s defense means you are willing to die for it. If youre lucky and smart enough to have survived to accomplish the mission for twenty years or more, you should be rewarded for at least withstanding the repetitive impalements of Washington politics, the near misses, the smell of death, and rotation of family separation. They had better be careful or those enlisting and commissioned numbers will drop like temps in Minot ND. and the poor guys/gals already on the books will have to suffer until they are dead, maimed, or mentally disabled, When all usefulness is depleted, they will be given to the VA for life support; maybe that will be changing as well. Then comes those that are eager to submit to a draft;)
    Promising these guys the moon and then giving them the ‘moon’ has gone on too long and will only be tolerated so much.

  • Grant.

    I can’t believe McCain is trying to stab us in the back, If he had to rely on Tricare you can bet your butt he wouldn’t be trying to take it away from us. But then thats the mentality in Wash. If it doesn’t affect them they don’t care.

  • Wes

    Cut your own overblown benefits, all you overpaid and under producing congressmen and women. It should start with you to set the example. It should especially start with your medical benefits.

  • john murray

    Not polite but I’m sick and tired of McCain so “SCREW YOU JOHN !!”
    We need to flood this guy with emails and phone calls telling him what he can do with his plans to burn the retirees.
    Here’s the link to his contact page:
    Here’s his phone number in DC: 202-224-2235
    Don’t sit back and whine, take action. Call and write and let him know we are not going to stand for this kind of treatment!

  • Terry L.

    I remember when I came in the military, post Vietnam, and we soldiers were promised medical and dental for life. I have adjust my way of life to accommodate our politicians changes to our benifits everytime they feel like it. Now here we go again more benifits lost. When are our elected officials going to get it? once you retire from the service it is not all a piece of cake. most retired service members have to work to make it. Just look at the retiree pay scale and see who can sit by and do nothing….

  • william

    im retired army just lost my job and now there talking about cutting tri-care .
    when i joined i was told i would be taking care of when i retired with all my medical needs and that was a lie . if i didnt have tricare just for my family i be in the street somewhere .

  • general

    Mc Cain tried this before with his proposed taxing of insurance benefits…….Thats why I didn’t vote for him

  • SFC(R) Chemdawg

    Once again, Congress should quick hacking up the military and its retirees and take a look in the mirror. If they really want to trim the budget, they should stop accepting their OUTRAGEOUS salaries and pensions for life(even after serving short terms). Hell, as a young E-5 in the Army. I actually qualified for food stamps!! Really, Congress??

    • Bob Flabbi

      The last time Johnnie Jaws talked this much was to the NVA, and he became a traitor to all of us in RVN. He cried and begged and because of who he was, was allowed to break the Code of Conduct, retire honorably, become a congressman. Now he wants to cut medical benefits from the retirees, as a billionaire that SOB wants to put a knife in our back again.

  • john murray

    Contact Form For McCain:
    DC Phone Number: 202-224-2235
    Don’t just complain here, complain DIRECT to him!

  • Frumpy Monk

    This is a sucker punch. I spent 27 years serving as a chaplain, and retired to the poorest county in the nation with some of the highest unemployment and poverty rates around. We came here to pastor a small mission outreach and I use my retirement and Tricare as my only support because I’m not receiving a stipend from the mission – which means I don’t have a health plan except for Tricare. This state has no military hospitals/bases and the closest VA hospital is 200 miles away (and the closest public clinic is 35 miles away!). For the time being we use Tricare Standard, but if they were to raise the annual catastrophic cap to $7,500 out-of-pocket,…oh my; “Come quickly, Lord Jesus!” I accepted this needy, little mission/ministry precisely because of my guaranteed retirement ‘package’ (including medical). These were promises that our government made to us, in writing – a “covenant agreement” if you will – and now they are breaking ‘covenant’ with us. Nothing grieves God like “moving an ancient boundary stone,” and that’s exactly what this change in retiree health care is all about.

  • gilbug01

    McCain….we waist so much money on other programs in the federal government. Do not attack our most precious benefit. Stop this now! How about Senators getting full retirement after just one term…cut that. That is a hudge waist. I gave 20 years to get my small retirement and Tri Care benefits.

  • Doc P

    McCain is old and outdted, But i guess that President Obama is going to get blamed for this too. When is america going to wake up and see that the tea-baggers and the Repub’s do not care anyhting but the Repub and the tea-baggers, and everyone else is just in the way. Shutting down Walter Reed, closing commissaries, now wanting to cut out Tricare Prime, Retirees can’t get Dental, when you really need your teeth. But that’s not important. What next, sterilization and the killing of seniors to cut medicare. watch out!!!

    • MC “The Hammer”

      Doc P,
      Don’t twist this into a “it’s the repubs/tea-party’s fault because it isn’t! Do your homework and get a life! What has Obama done besides lose hundreds of thousands of jobs and raised the unemployment rate since he’s been in? He surely doesn’t care about the military or anyone in it…

  • Ret SFC JK Hyde

    Sen McCain, how dare you to even suggest that the Retiree’s give up something they have fought this country’s wars for so we could live FREE.. You of all people should be fighting to keep the benefits for all military , active and retired. Why don’t you sell some of those houses you own and give the money to Congress to pay down some of the debt we owe. We have paid our debt now Congress, and you Sen McCain give up some of the money you are getting paid for doing a job not well done.

  • Army Ret

    I used to think Sen. McCain was “one of us”. A proud former soldier, air-man sailor, marine. Now I see the truth – just another politician. I am a military retiree and I work for the government. I figured I was set for life after sweating some blood and tears in some pretty “crappy” places for 26 years. Now it looks like the government is going to cut the workforce and I’m on the chopping block. Add to that a Senator trying to take my medical benefits. Today is election day – make sure you know who’s on our tem and who is not!!

  • I too feel the pinch of being umemployed at age 60. It’s tough to find a decent paying job when there are few jobs in my line of work and employers are looking for long term from the younger guys. Even with a job the cost of health insurance ($300 – $400 a month) is unaffordable.
    I gave 26 years of my life to the USAF. Went were I was told to go. Did my job with dedication. Proud to have served! Now republicans want to take more from me?
    I guess it is time I change my political party!!!

  • john murray

    Contact Form For McCain:
    DC Phone Number: 202-224-2235
    Don’t just complain here, complain DIRECT to him!

  • Ernest

    Ok, here’s a solution to the debt problem: reduce Congress people by one-third, cut the senate in half, and reduce the executive budget by 25%. That alone over 10 years should save a lot of funding. Seems logical since we’re trying to reduce spending.

  • JT Lightfoot

    McCain is wrong on one count. Even if they raise the cap, Tricare is still less expensive than any other health insurance and no one will switch over from it like he expects.

  • john murray

    Contact McCain and let HIM know how you feel:
    Contact Form For McCain:
    DC Phone Number: 202-224-2235
    Don’t just complain here, complain DIRECT to him!

  • Michael

    I find it appalling that our elected officials receive the benefits that they do, which they granted themselves without opinion yet they are so willing to cut the benefits for those that have served this country honorably and selflessly. When will the people say, “Enough is enough” and set term limits, and salary caps, and enforce the fact that elected officials serve not dictate. That it’s an honor to serve this country and when you have done your time, you are expected to return to your home state and continue to be a productive citizen. Your one term should not entitile you to a retirement, medical benefits for life. You should fall under the same programs that you enforce for the country. Like Social Security, Health Care, and various social programs.

  • Chief Retired

    I guess the Senator never had a good Chief Petty Officer to train him properly when he was in the Navy. Senator you are supposed to take care of your people.

  • Ted

    I get so sick of everybody in congress trying to screw the military. I guess my 30 years means nothing. I think it is time for Mccain to go home. Seems like every since he lost the election he is set to screw the military, I hope he gets his Tri-care taken away. I really think congress needs to wake up and relize what they are doing tom this country.

  • Robert

    Perhaps it is time for an OWDC (Occupy Washington D.C.) Movement.

    We had a contract with the government for services performed, and now they want to break that contract after we sacrificed and performed those services.

    Compared to the welfare state of ten of millions on the public dole, Military retirees make up such a small percentage of the population, yet they always go after us. They should first go after the hundreds of copious government handout programs to undeserved and unearned recipients.

    Retirees and veterans deployed in and around the capital might get the message out to politicians. Would they greet us as friends to the country, or would they fear us. Unfortunately, I believe it would be the latter.

    Let’s get the message out for an Occupy DC.

    • Jane

      I like this idea. Let’s do it!!!!!!!!

  • top dog

    And the true colors of the republicans in congress comes to light. We know they are protecting the rich with their refusal to raise taxes on them so they can pay their fair share, now they want to take TRI-CARE prime away from many military retirees, I said the republicans couldn’t be trusted. I don’t mind paying the extra enrollment fee, I figure even at the new rate I still pay a lot less than my civilian counterparts. If this do happen, I hope he will be the first effected by it, because he is still working.

  • cw5usava90

    McCain is a nut, hanging with the Pres out on the Put, being a Retiree mutt, I can’t wait fot the next cut. John, just kiss my butt!

  • pete zalesny

    Senator Mc Cain the military should not be where you trying to make your cuts, like the rest of you politicians you need to look in the mirror and start cutting your own benefits, it is a shame that the people who served their country is the ones you are asking to sacrifice again and again.

  • AF ATW

    I took the advise and sent Mr McCain a message.

    Contact Form For McCain:

  • Robert

    Arizonian Veterans, start a movement to move McCain into retirement.

    In doing so, you will have the support of veterans and retiress from around the country.

    I will defintely send in my donation to any campaign that pushes to rid our country of John McCain, foe to veterans and their families.

    • Eric

      I will join that movement to make Sen. McCain Mr. McCain!!

  • Stephen M. Betters

    Twenty years of dedicated service to my Country (Army 1973-93) and this is the way my family and I are compensated for our sacrifice? How in the heck did we get to this point in our Country where hard work and dedication means nothing in return? It is my hope that you study this proposal long & hard before you act. There are young service member’s watching how their peer’s and mentor’s are being treated and it will have an affect.

  • Just Saying

    I can only hope the people of Arizona unite to vote this guy out. He has been there to long. Time for some new blood and a differnet direction


    You have ruined the economy to where my wife and I have to get rid of most of what we worked for the last 30 years because neither one of us can find a job and the savings are dwindling at an alarming rate! What corners do you have to cut Sen McPain? Are you getting kicked out of your medical plan? Is your retirement check getting reduced? Where will it stop? LEAVE THE MILITARY AND THE RETIREES ALONE!!!!!

  • Craig

    This is one of many reasons that there are so many protest in this country. These people always look to cut things for the VET’s and poor while they get a free ride through-out because they do not consider that by cutting small will add up to big cuts. Even if we get these people out the ones that replace them will still protect themselves. Then if we vote for a change people will not like the free hand outs that they are niow getting to disapear. We ALL have to start to make sacravices not just Vets and the poor, but the rich also.

  • ISG Retired

    It is very easy to make decisions for others when you are not being affected. Why doesn’t McCain show leadership and stop looking like the “FAT CATS” they fight so much against, from paying themselves bonuses for “moderate” performances. 11% approval is not acceptable to receive the amount of benefits and pay increases they give (vote) themselves, every opportunity they get to protect themselves and their staff, before they are voted out. Stopping the manufacture of some equipment that is not going to be needed in the near future, to allow the economy to improve, should be considered rather than affecting the healthcare of soldiers that selflessly dedicated a part of their lives to protect this awesome country, and give Congerss and the Senate the opportunity to work for the good of the American, not their pockets and the pockets of other Nations that would like to see us fail.

  • TimW

    Would SOMEBODY/ANYBODY take care of the illegal alien problem in this country sucking up our hard earned taxes before cutting into the 1% of the population’s medical? HELLO?

  • George Degard

    It is what it is. McCain doesn’t have to worry getting his bennies. I don’t know at what age he talking about 60 or 62 but for some retirees who can’t find work what are they to do.

  • Asa Morris

    Prior to cutting Tricare, I would like to see the expense sheet for all expenditures that the U. S. Congress passes for the year. Make this available to the American people and let us decide as to which item will be paid for with our tax dollars.
    To break down our Tricare program system is a foolish and very stupid mistake. Remember World Two, this gouvernment let the military slide for many years after World War One. This country busted butt to get into gear to protect this country after Pearl Harbor. Do we have to go througfh that again. I pray to GOD that that does not happen again.
    If Congress does not see these upcoming problems then it is time that we, as a nation vote the political stupid people out of office.

  • Doug Lindsey

    If our Senators and Congressmen had to serve a minimum of 20 years to earn retirement and got the very same medical benefits that any serviceman earns, had to pay Social Security, and rely on Social Security as a major part of their retirement, I think we would see some different changes.

    • retiree

      So you want to increase their retirement benefits?

      Please go to the Senate website and find out what their benefits are – they’re the same as the Civil Service. Ours are fantastic compared to theirs.

      Oh, and they pay into SS now.

  • baint50

    I can’t believe this decorated Navy vet and POW piece of crap first supports cuts and changes to the military retirement system and now this! What does it have to take for these jackass politicians to be forced to have thier own ridiculous benefits cut and leave alone benefits that have been actually earned!

  • Robert

    My email to Senator McCain below:

    Senator McCain,

    I am very disappointed in you.

    How can you go after military retirees promised and [earned] tri-care benefits? We are such a small percentage of the US population, since only an estimated 17% of service men and women serve 20 or more years.

    As well, we were contracted to perform a service, and we delivered that service with sacrifices for 20+ years of service in the protection of the country.

    We were away from family and friends, living in austere and dangerous locations, deployed for extended periods of time, targeted and shot at, received meager pay for 20 years, and subjected to the more strict laws and rules of military life.

  • Robert


    We, in essence, start life over at 38, 40, 45, or 50 years old.

    Civilians who never entered the service have at least a 20+ year head start on us in building a career, securing up adequate health care insurance, if they chose, and securing for their and their family’s futures. We start anew at an older age.

    And you want to take away that small advantage we have?

    Perhaps it is time for you to retire. I hope the veterans of Arizona rise up and start a campaign to move John McCain into retirement.

    You sir, should be ashmed of yourself! You are no friend to veterans, military retirees, and their families. No sir, no friend at all!

    • harvey McNeil

      Where do McCain get his medical Insurance?????? and how much do he pay. Why do they always want to take away things that don’t effect them.

    • This is one AZ veteran who WILL NOT be voting for Hanoi John McCain, he used to be my hero, now he is as bad as the current presidential cabinet.

    • Jim Mack

      Wow…I can’t believe it. John McCain has sold us retired vets out! Maybe he can afford high priced health care (oh…I forgot his is FREE), but us older vets can’t. He should be ASHAMED!!

    • Larry

      You see, those who have made millions, even veterans like McCain, dont care about the little people. They only want to protect their wealth.

  • COL(R) Green

    I can’t believe that I was going to vote for Senator McCain just because he was a veteran. I feel we should support each other. We earned our benefits and we trust our official to protect the benefits not take them away. I agree with Michael, elected officials should not receive benefits for life just because they served one term. Our many soldiers, airmen, sailors and marines, who served one term, and put their lives on the front lines every day don’t get that benefit. Why should elected official? It would be a huge savings if elected official would look at past elected officials and cut their benefit package before taking TRICARE Prime from retirees.

    • Bob B, (ret)

      The politicians are the reason we are in this budget crisis in our great country, take it out of there benefits. All military retirees have earned ours.

  • Monty

    I believe it is time our Congressmen and Senators put themselves on the same programs as the people. They should have to pay into social security, medicare, pay for a health plan and save for a retirement. Be one of the people. Quit putting themselves above the LAW and the People. At the current rate they are spending, they are driving America into the ground where it becomes a socialist country. I truly believe they are trying to take over as a dictatorship type country and they have been slowly over the years.

  • MWOO

    We were promised these benefits for faithful service, and now people like Mc Cain has turned his back on us…AGAIN!!! and this request is very terrible for those who has served this grateful nation and still serving. What ever happend to keeping your word? We can barely make it during these hard times, and now another proposal to take away veterans benefits. NO WAY!!!

  • Phil Tirado

    John McCain AZ. shame on you… We should get rid of Congress plush benefits, free medical , free haircuts, free gym membership, and their retirement package after serving only one term. That would save lot’s of money, instead of taking it off my families back. Served 22 yrs. sweating, freezing, bleeding, deploying to filthy places around the world. Sleeping on dirt, cement, desert, forest, missing birthday’s, holidays, deaths, anniversities etc.

  • T. B.

    Does this really surprise any one! Think about it. He was a POW, if not mistaken medical for the rest of his life will be taken care of! Then becomes a politician HHMM Medical taken care of. Go figure why would any one like this worry about what the effects are. It’s not going to bother him. He is not going to have to pay for anything nor will his family.

  • RetSSgt Bill

    In a way I’m for it, but against it as well.

    I’ve been retired from the Air Force 13 years now and haven’t used Tri-care. The company I work at has a good health insurance program.

    But on the other side of the coin, I believe this cut will negatively affect other reitrees who are working low income jobs.

    I think McCain and his council need to look at this factor.

  • Just tried…

    I need this to stop. I dedicated 25 years to the US Air Force. I’m being asked to give up my meager retirement annuity, Tricare Prime, Tricare For Life, BX access, and commissary benefits. What promise will Congress break next? If you want to save money then cut all benefits to Congressional members—they have the money for great health care, vacation homes, life time financial portfolios, and excellent secondary careers to fall back on. Have the GAO study the average enlisted member’s retirement package and compare it to the most junior Congressional member’s life time benefits and publish that for us to review. I just want to remind Congress that the long overdue COLA hike of over 3 percent will not compensate for all the benefits we rely on. The few years we retirees have to celebrate life will end those benefits that are on the chopping block. Can’t you wait until then to clear your ledger? Stop the madness.

  • John

    This is insanity, 20 years of my life spent defending this country that i love for what? I’m proud of the sacrifices I have made for my country and now these crooks want to take what little I have earned away from me. Truly this makes me sick to my stomach, this is wrong on so many levels. Tighten our belts while all the “Fat Cats” in congress loosen thiers, I hold the highest respect for our veterans and absolutely none for the college educated draft dodging loosers that bleed us dry. McCain and all the other loosers please go away, your killing this country.



  • As a twenty-year Navy Veteran myself, I am in awe that the legislative branch has the nerve to go back on promises that were made to vets. We did our part , do yours !

  • Smitty

    And just think they just raise the cost of tricare prime and now they want to do away with it.

  • jazzy

    This is unbelivable, how you could you senstor mccain. I would like to state that with unemployment at a all time high and many veterans unemployed you are making a big assumption about every veteran is employed and able to have health care through employment. I would like to say that I notice you have have tri care and you are considered a DAV and more than likily receive benefits from the VA. But you are willing to scarfice my 20 + years of service to maintain a budget. I dedicated my enitre young life to the military in order to receive the benefits I have and now you of all people want to take it away from me and my family. SHAME ON YOU.

  • Ron

    This declaration by Sen McCain is appalling. There continues to be an attack on the militaries benefits. With proposals such as when a service member retires he/she will not start receiving his/her retirement benefits until age 65 or 67 as one of the many options. It is a pretty convoluted proposal.

  • ben murphey

    You career idiots, you volunteered knowing full well Congress and Senate is corrupt liars and treasonous crooks. The problem is you didn’t realize your full potential that you could “Coup de Tat” a corrupt government. The sheeply military and American public let your government tie you to the whipping post. Most career military are followers not intelligent leaders.

    • Letdownagain

      You’re pathetic and what really kills me is knowing my spouse “wasted” 25 years serving so people can make stupid comments. I guess you call a career service member with a graduate degree “not intelligent”? Perhaps so… at least for believing the pack of lies sold to us in our 20’s. What a joke this government is! I think of the year-long remote, the two deployments, the 15 moves… we CHOSE to do these things; to sacrifice and and serve as a family, thinking we would at least not have to worry about medical coverage. Well, the joke is on us, apparently. My spouse just found out last Friday his civilian job is going away next year, too. Happy Holidays, America! Come and join us in our underwater house where two of our adult children now live with us because they can’t find jobs to make it, let alone medical care!

    • watchurback

      Ben at least you have the balls to put your name up there, just hope you don’t live near any military families, and that they don’t find you……

    • American Vet

      You sir are the idiot, we did not go in to serve Congress, we went in to serve America and what it stands for. You are still breathing, at the price of your fellow Americans who sacrificed their lives to keep the terror and chaos of war away from your doorstep. If you did not serve in any service, you have no idea or fortitude of what it takes to serve. Without us, at the tip of the spear, you and your likes would be running scared through the streets. So go eat your baby food and be sure to wear your diaper.

    • retE9

      If you were in the military and I doubt that, i can see you in canada. If you were in then you were a follower. Probably got kicked out for being a dirtbag,
      Lets face it you are not a patriot. McCain is a patriot he has just gone a bit
      wackie. You personally should leave the country. You do not deserve the
      land of the BIG PX,

    • Robert

      Ben, apparently you eithe never served, or are disgruntled ex-military, who was forced out for bad conduct or unprofessional behavior, weren’t fit for military service, or served less than the required years for retirement and earned benefits.

      Your reply only suggests your ignorance and contempt for those who served honorably, because you didn’t have the wherewithall or fortitude to do so.

      Go craw back under the rock you came from under and let honorable retired veterans have their say in matters that pertain to us.

      So ironically it is you sir who is an idiot!


      big Ben is just telling everyone the truth, and not afraid to tell it,america is fighting a 10 year plus war in afghanistan against a force who wears flip flops on a battle field with min. equipment while americans have state of the art equipment and is no better off than day one,reason, because americans soldiers take their orders from people behind a desk pandering to their needs instead of battlefeild commanders, it is all about who’s ass you can kiss to get what you want and screw your buddy.

  • James D,. Fahey, Jr

    USAF Chief Retired Senator McCain; Your suggestion to elminate TriCare Prime assumes that every TriCare Prime recipient has a job, or is job eligible.Veteran’s unemployment rate was above 12% this morning,and also assumes that the Do-Nothing Congress, run by the Republicans, (The Party of No), will approve all the defense measures that you proposewe can get by these purported savings, gleaned from the backs of deserving Veterans, and their dependants. With 50,00 plus veterans due home by the end of the year, your timig for this couldn’t be worse. I’ m also ticked that Tricare for Life is also being reneged on. I was promised Free medical care for life when I enlisted, spent over 30 years active duty. was dumped into Medicare, when I retired, and Tricare for Life was a godsend. Now you want us to pay for that too. How soon you forget, but yours, and Federal emplyees benefits go on and on with no end in sight. You people inside the beltway ought to get in touch. This is a fitting “thank you” from a fellow Veteran, anda distinguished one,at that. Shame on You.

    • James D. Fahey Jr.

      Dear Site administator(s). I am aplying as a guest.I don’t comment often, , but I think my opinion should be heard. It seems that the “Supercomitee’ has a deadline to meet and they are scratching to fill it. I hope you will consider my comments, and print them

  • Msgt -retired

    I can not believe that McCain has rolled over and is turning his back on the very people that have made the sacrifices to this country and have protected our freedoms. How long do you think it will take before the quality of the people in the services will be affected. If the trust in the commitments and promises are lost then you will lose the quality volunteers that are needed to operate and deploy all the equipment that you plan on purchasing with the money that you are steeling from the veterans, Better start getting ready to implement the Draft again, you are going to need it. I know I wouldn’t be joining the Military in this day and age of lies, betrayal and self preservation of our elected officials.


    Ouch! John McCain that stab in the back really hurts coming from a fellow retiree. The DOD wasts billions of its budget on programs which it cannot even monitor. The waste in Afganistan has seen much of the funds stolen.
    The founding fathers never meant to have career politicians such as McCain. You can bet they won’t vote to eliminate congressional retirement programs. They will be sure they’ll get their undeserved share of federal gravy. Arizonians get rid of this bum! The real problem in this country is in Congress!

  • TPR

    The next time you hear a conservitave talk show host talk about supporting the troups by promoting the Republican agenda remember McCain. I’m not promoting the Democrats either they just attack from a different direction. Real effort is needed to find out which candidates give us support and work for their election regardless of party. For me if they are currently in office VOTE THEM OUT.
    20 yr Army

  • American Vet

    American Veterans across the nation, it is time to become one voice.
    We served and are still serving our great nation, we have earned these benefits with our sweat and blood and our very lives. We cannot afford to have a few old men dictate what we deserve and were promised.
    Start voting OUT every single senator and representative off the hill who is against us. VOTE!

    • 1SG (R) Bethany

      I just can’t believe that John McCain has become a turncoat and have forgotten where he came from. Veterans do not deserve to have their benefits reduced, while Senators and Congressmen are allowed to serve one turn and have benefits for life. How has this been going on for all this time. Cutting the politicians, who put us in this debt hole in the first place, benefits, would get us out of debt. Common sense should prevail now, since stupid stuff has been going on for so long. Make it right for those that have sacrificed blood and sweat for this country.

    • Morena

      You said it American Vet….we need to VOTE. The loudest and Biggest voice can be our VOTES!!!,,,so vote and write to Congress.


    I held my nose and voted for McCain because I knew Obama would be worse. McCain is Obama-lite. Of course, no mention of him paying his share of his own health insurance.

    • Morena

      I did the same. I was a hardcore Democrat, but when Obama came along I had to force myself to vote Republican — only because McCain led me to believe that he would take care of Veterans. Needless to say he was lying just to get our vote.

  • 1SG Pitts

    When I jion the Army my nunber one goal was to serve even if I died doing so; giving my life for my country so that freedom lives on. After severing 22 years and 16 of them served with SOCOM (A co 2/75th, Ranger Regiment, Fco 51st LRS and Eco 51st LRS). I turly agree with my brothers in arms, Lets cut from the top, congress should not put us (retirees’) on the front lines when every country but the U.S. take Care of those who defened thier country.
    Just a reminder (McCain almost 4 years ago said that he was going to take care of Vets). and Now……

    Ranger Lead The Way!

    What Kind of Benefits Does Congress Really Get?
    How their retirement plan works

    Members of Congress can begin drawing their full pension at age 62 if they have completed five years of service, at age 50 with 20 years’ service, or at any age with 25 years’ service. They can collect a reduced pension with 10 years of service at ages 55 to 57, depending on their birth year.

    We as working retirees are getting the ROD>>>>>

    • roy gibbs

      ya and im already begging for help from my local community 2 crushed ankles airbourne, scharpnal, l leg, shot rt leg, ptsd and take a bucket full of pills that i have to pay for most because im only 40% disiable and may i add i will never walk again and in a power chair for life NOW ALL WHO reads this and go figure i spent 23 years 4 wars 3 combats 3 injuries ! talk about a ROD>>>>i’m getting the whole poker i’ 58 yrs old ! ARMY btw why did i go thru that garbage , of course for what i was promised if i retired!!


    Arizona, vote him out! Recall him if you have to, but get him OUT!!

    • Morena

      Ditto…..Arizonians unite and the this idiot of a man out of office. I don’t see where he says anything about giving up his benefits. If I was in AZ I couldn’t write to my Congressmen/woman fast enough….oh wait!!! they’re all the same. Regardless, I’m still giving them a piece of my mind. Letting them know how ridiculous McCain’s proposal is.


    Cut foreign aid first, make congress thighten their belts, THEN hit the vets. Our country is in extremely severe financial trouble: I’m willing to make sacrifices, just as I was willing to sacrifice while on active duty — but I will NOT be taken advantage of! Congress, you cut my benefits AFTER you cut yours! And WAY after you cut aid to all the countries taking unfair advantage of our great nation’s wealth!

  • Chris

    I am interested to see the corresponding program to eliminate all “retirement” benefits for former Senators and Representatives who are still of working age. Many of them serve only 1-2 terms. It seems our elected officials are always quick to pull benefits from some group other than themselves.

  • O. Rodriguez

    I think maybe I’ll move to Detroit and get myself one of those Union Jobs… ’cause you know the politicians won’t dare touch those benefits!

  • Richard Kneeland

    Wow, for a memeber of Congress whose benefits are untouchable, to come out and attack military retirees and their families, is an outrage! He is no better than Reid and all the others who plundered this country while serving as our elected reps. Somehow we need to take over both houses and manage their pay, lifetime benefits and retirement accounts. Lets see them live on a military style retirement income! God Bless America but not our elected officials.

  • dyson

    Get rid of this sared cow and return millions to the federal goverment with a stroke of a mouse click at DFAS CLEVELAND OHIO. Get rid of the Former Spouse Act. Military Retiree fleecing.

  • xservice

    I have been fortunate and not used any Tri Care program. But I want it to be there for me when I do need to fall back on it. With today’s economy and job uncertainty it could be tomorrow. I was drafted into the service and during that process I was sold that DOD would take care of me for the rest of my life (I have since retired from the Service). My father (26 year veteran, retired) was sold the same pitch. DOD has fallen short on their promise in many ways. Now for the last few administrations we see more and more hits on the service members (this administration seems to be the worst). If the politicians want to cut military benefits let’s start with cuts ‘in the White House and Congress. Next, stop deploying troops to save the world. Troops now days are expected to fight on several fronts with less staffing. If you require a fighting force you need to support them during and after the cause. The fighting force does not quit in mid battle because they lack the support, they are in it for the long haul. America relies on the service member to defend its Constitution and the service member asks little in return, yet still sacrificing life and limb. The least America can do is take care of those that have protected it. The politicians are able to raise millions of dollars for campaigns in just a few months of time. Let them campaign for who can make the biggest impact raising money on paying down the debt and cutting special interest groups and cutting expenses in areas other than DOD. Politicians have money and no need to fall back on hand outs. I am willing to bet none of the politicians want to lose what they have, that is why they fight hard to keep it because they don’t want to rely on the government for handouts.

  • Van

    I served 20 years in the Army.All I ask for is what myself and others earned.My wife has Lupos, if that goes through I will not be able to afford the care that she needs. I can’t think of the outcome of that!!!

  • Mio

    what a sad men he is… he enjoys all the good things congress offer and wants others who served have nothing….
    think about it
    this is soooo Republician”s…. take away from others so you can still have the most…..

  • skibum

    If they really want to save money, get rid of the extra money people rated over 50% for disability, as long as they are working age. I see no reason why someone 50% or more gets extra money and those of us under 50% have it taken from our retired pay. If they are working age, it should be the same for everyone! This would save millions!

    • Dogfaced Soljah

      That is easy to say if you are under 50%. That benefit was not just handed down easily. It was a battle fought for decades. If a person is over 50% obviously their health has been adversly affected and they deserve what they receive.
      BTW: Disability pay comes from the VA budget not the Defense Department.

    • skidumb

      Great point, may i ask you do you sleep well at night? Do you suffer from sleep apnea? Do you suffer from a little thing called PTSD where you have anxiety and troubles even doing the simplest things as grocery shopping? PLease Sir dont misuderstand the ones that do have over 50% as i am sure they are all documented and very real disabilities. Yes your absolutley right there are people over 50% that are working but there are also people with less than 50% that are not working, should we stop paying taxes in order to support them? You say its extra money!

  • Dude

    No one should be surprised. McCain is just exposing the Republican agenda of the past 30 years. Tax cuts, tax cuts, tax cuts (mostly for those who don’t need it). For years, Americans have voted Republicans because of popular, but meaningless, bumper sticker slogans (i.e Obamacare is Socialism) even though on the issues most Americans are more aligned with the Democratic party, which certainly has its flaws and inconsistencies. Is the magnitude of the Republicans distortion that makes them much more reprehensible then Democrats). Just read “What’s the matter with Kansas?”

  • E.York

    How unfortunate that MCain has “claimed” to be a POW for his campaign pitch but is quick to cut military active and retiree benifits. They serve 4-8 years in senate and get everything free for life. Cut some of your benifits from the legislative, juducial, and executive branches. THEY should be the forefront of benenits and retiree benefits. You could cut a significant chunk out of the debt paying for you guys’ free ride. WE SHOULD VOTE EVERY ONE OF YOU OUT OF OFFICE AND HAVE NO RE-ELECTED OFFICIALS. YOU WORK FOR THE PEOPLE!!!!!

  • Disgusted!

    Over 20 years of service protecting our freedom and way of life to have a benefit we contribute out of our retirement income stripped away? I retired with minimal disabliity, still work, still in college to better myself to get a better job and I have a child with special needs – please tell me how taking away Tricare prime and converting to a crappy “standard” policy will solve the budget problem – those in congress “change” YOUR health care policy and you deal with the crap we have to! Stand up for vets instead of stepping on us!

  • REM

    Let your VOTE be heard and get them out of office but is that really going to solve anything. All it may do is put some other arrogant asshole in his/her place thats gonna mess things up even more than the first person. So you have a 50/50 chance of getting someone in office that is truly sincere about taking care of this country. Don’t start taking from armed services retirees, reduce the benefits and pay our elected officials receive for life after serving maybe one or two terms.

    Retired Army Veteran 21 years of service

  • D. addison

    John McCain has proven to me that I made a mistake by listening to him in the past. He is just like all the others in Washington, “Out Of Touch” with reality. When I joined to do my career I was promised do a career get free medical care. later it was pay some for your medical care and now its you don’t need medical care. Ok, I get it. Lets go after the Veterans so we in congress can keep all our perks. I believe its time for the entire bunch to go. As vets we need to challenge his position and can do so by flooding Fox.Com cause Bill O’reilly will call him to the mat on this one so lets flood their message board.

  • VCT

    To Ben Murphy – No, when I volunteered I was 17 and I did not know my Government was full of crooks and liars. I was idealistic, patriotic, and ready to give my all for my country. I served 21 years active duty and still serve a civil servant working for DoD.

    So you can denigrate my intelligence and McCain can break his promises. I’ll just go back to work training the next generation of soldiers.

    • Kruger


      Blame the VETs for believing in our country…I wonder where Ben Murphy thinks he got the right to put us down…probably from a “VET!”

      signed…20 Year AF VET
      Also still serving in DoD…For the Troops!!!

  • Had it! Done

    You Policy below makes it impossible to say anything about Congress, Our Kenyan President, or todays government.

    Retired 1Sgt

    Commenting Policy
    We welcome your comments on our blogs. We ask that you keep your comments on topic, socially acceptable and free from slander, personal attacks, threats, and discrimination.

  • ben murphey

    You career idiots, you volunteered and your less than 1% of the population. You have no voice. You gave up that right and your a politicians wet dream, they don’t have to do implement a draft, they can abuse and use a all volunteer army. If they had to implement a draft to fight the war they would all loose their jobs. They got the all volunteer fools what where they want you.Your politicians on both sides of the isle are and pissing on you and your too incompetent to figure it out.

    • Sam Keller

      You are a real moron. Now run along and enjoy the freedom of speech provided by the “career idiots”.

  • Mark D

    I joined the Army when I was 18 years old. I was in good health then. I spent 24 years in serving our country for the freedom we have. Now I am 50 years young and all of my health issues I have are from severing our country for the freedom we have. Now it’s time for this country to take care of all it veterans’. If it was not for our Vets we would not have the freedom we do have. To all you Vets out there, we need to get Obama and all those shirt tail riders ie (McCain) out of office. They are not doing this country any good. I think the President and all of Congress should cut all their benefits and pay for their own health care, because they did not but their life’s on the front lines and sever in danger. Plus their pay is so much higher than us vets and retirees.

  • Davy Davidson

    This crap PO’s me big time. Everytime we have to cut costs because of their stupid economic decisions and management from the past, all these numbnuts can suggest or do, is to take something away from the US people of have earned it. These air head politians are a (National Disaster).. Just stop the huge, stupid waste & fraud going on in the Federal government and end the welfare assistance for no work programs. PS. Lobbyist, “GO HOME”..

  • Everett Ross

    As a leader in the United States Marine Corps, and now retired,decisions were made to keep our country free. Those who think the military are followers owe that freedom to those of us who have served. By the way you are welcome!! Senator McCain deserves the medical and retirement pension he has been given. As we all do! However, our tax and spend government must be given the door to seek employment elsewhere. Ourt benefits are rapidly eroding. In 1967 when I went in all benefits were guaranteed for life. I obviously believed that propaganda. I entrusted my care to those in Congress and my chain of command to look out for my welfare. It seems like I may be going on welfare of not my own choosing. Thanks to our leaders. I am a staunch conservative but have crossed the line to vote for the best man in my humble opinion.

  • ben murphey

    Your politicians used you in the longest conflict in the history of the nation. They used you. You were too stupid to figure it out and your Generals are standing up for you right. All those career Generals are all are screaming and fighting for you right. Your senior leadership is taking care of the troops right. Your officers don’t give a flip about you. Neither does your politicians. Problem is there is no honor among thieves and the military and politicians are both lead by thieves and lairs. Wake up Americans and soldiers, Coup de Tat” is knocking at your door

  • Charles

    Anybody ever here of term limits. 12 yrs in DC is all anyone should be allowed.

  • Beverly

    I can’t believe a former POW will do this to the Veterans, has he forgot where he came from. A lot of veterans need Tricare and I am one of them. They promise to take care of us for life. Leave Tricare alone and he can take a pay cut.

    • ross

      All of ought to take a pay cut about 30,000 a year.

    • John McCain has never been a strong supporter of veterans!

    • Amen ,I can’t believe this.I used to have a lot of respect for this man,he of all people should understand the military and all they have sacrificed!And yes the families sacrifice also.Let’s hope they don’t do this.

    • Ro Dennis

      We could save a lot of money by eliminating politicians jobs and benifits…..

    • Dwight

      Col George “Bud” Day, Medal Of Honor, his Class Act Group case before the United States Supreme Court, case 2-1226, William O. Schism and Robert L. Reinlie, Petitioners, v. The United States. was disapproved. This case involved the promise of free medical care in exchange for 20 or more years of military service. Shortly after the disapproval, January 22, 2003, Senator McCain sent a letter to President Bush stating, “The US government’s position in this case is a travesty. Not only are we turning our backs on a generation of heroes, but we are sending a message to the service members of today that the government can not be trusted to keep to keep its promises to them”.
      McCain has turned his back on all military retirees. I sure wish I had not voted for him to be president.

  • Miller, USAF. RET

    So, the truth comes out, McCain is nothing but a wolf in sheeps clothing. I don’t see him suggesting that they cut out the medical program for the politicians so they have to pay more.. Typical government, stick it right up the rear ends of the veterans. Every veteran should do what ever they can to ensure that McCain is never elected to congress again. Shame shame on him, of all people!!!!!!!

  • gman

    All politicians are thieves, republican or democrat! They protect their 6 figure paycheck while working in their own benefit. “Support the Troops,” is a ploy to get them political capital. Shame on you John McCain! You have tainted the service that you so proudly touted. Now your service means nothing to me. Perhaps a return trip to Hanoi would help you remember how critical medical care is to military retirees. I would be happy to fund your one way ticket. All of you politicians can go to hell! It’s time to replace them all.

  • Ragu

    The complaining should be address in Washington where are protest about what the crooks are doing are heard. We should be protesting their benefits and how they rape our tax dollars for their own profits. Elections are next year lets try and put a better man or woman in the Oval Office that will look after the veterans benefits.

  • LeeRetArmy

    REALLY getting tired of these idiots in DC threatening what I have already earned through service. Maybe those in DC should take a look at their own golden benifit plans. I know millions could be cut if congress did away or cut back on their benifits package. I get tired of hearing about Mccain and how much he knows about the military yes he served he also got a multi million dollar aircraft shot out from under him. Has he paid the government back for the loss of military equipment? Nope he is racking up the bucks by cashing in on all the benifits he wants to take from us because he has a better deal now that he married into money and he can retire from congress and be set for life. Where I come from people like that are called “Blue Falcons” . Retirees had better watch our backs or we will have nothing.



  • Supportive Wife

    That’s utterly ridiculous that we should give up Prime because of our age. And, who’s to determine the ages for “working age”? Sounds like age discrimination to me! We can’t afford our employer’s medical insurance! My husband served over 20 years in the Air Force and is disabled from serving our country. He still works to put food on the table. He has earned the right to military medical care.

  • V.Robinson

    McCain the citizen born in the Panama Canal Zone should have his citizenship questioned when he wants to through rocks at true citizen Veterans who served !

  • Dan

    All of us veterans need to make copies of these articles and send it to the media. And let them know that our issues are just as important as there covering a drug abusing alcoholic spending a few hours in jail or a lot of other crap that they want us to watch day after day. We need the media to let every elected official know that we intend to clean house. Unless they start serving our country like we served them. And remine them that if we haven’t server they wouldn’t be living in freedom.

  • Frank R.

    I can’t understand why McCain has even suggested this imbecilical reason to cut spending. We as retirees and veterans that have served our Country proud should not even be considered to eliminate something we earned. What does he consider “working age”? Definitely age discrimination to me also. This doesn’t give the currently military something to stay in for. What idiots !!

  • No elected officials need to have their benefits withdrawn. They are always looking to take from those who don’t have money to afford what THEY don’t have to pay for. This is more thanks we retired VETRANS get for OUR 20 or more years of service to these greedy cowards.

  • George W. McCormic

    Those in DC are blind, deaf, and dumb. Blind to they are doing to this great country, deaf to all those who cry out regarding all the injustice( when there is a fiscal issue, who do they attack first, military, and retirees military or not. But as has been said, they are getting their golden years paid for on the backs of the Citizens, so they don’t care, and dumb. Most have been there so long they are dumb to the fact they created the situation we are in, but so bumb they can’t figure out what to do. What a group.

  • USAFDrillSGT79


  • jeanne nazimek

    I would never question the patriotism of Sen McCain or his commitment to the troops and those who have served. We as a country, are facing crippling debt and unfortunately, it’s time to face reality and tighten our belts. I served for 23 years and as a 51 yo vet with no other health insurance, I will feel the pain but I understand what Sen McCain is faced with: a very unfortunate choice – Arm the troops or keep giving vets an incredible deal on medical services, unmatched anywhere in civilian society. I do hope this does not impact the disabled vets in any way but the rest of us vets are going to have to do our part to support the guys and gals currently in uniform. We wouldn’t want to be on the front lines losing to an inferior enemy because of a lack of equipment and we surely don’t want that to be the experience of our sons and daughters.

    • Jeanne Nazimek

      ADM Mullins, former Chair of the JCS, tried for years to get an increase passed for annual retiree costs for Tri-Care prime, stating that readiness was being impacted by the large percentage of the defense budget going to retiree medical costs. Our veterans lobbyist organizations put the pressure on to make sure such increases didn’t happen. Did they really do anyone a favor? I don’t think so. We need to look at the entire picture of the needs of our defense organization, not just our piece of the retired pie. While healthcare costs have been skyrocketing, our out of pocket costs have remained stagnant. I don’t want to lose Tricare Prime anymore than anyone else does, but if it means the troops will have what they need to defend our country and to do their jobs, then I for one, am willing to tighten my belt and start saving for a rainy healthcare day and hope it doesn’t come anytime soon.

      • Teri

        What will tightening your belt do? The national budget is not like a family budget. The cost for military retiree benefits is dwarfed by hundreds of billions of dollars spent to military contractors, interest, the wars themselves, weapons, etc. They can well afford to take care of the vets, as promised. Check into it.

        • Thank you Teri we worked for and we earned it. They look elsewhere

      • GunnyL

        Tricare enrollment fees went up this year as did the Copay for Medication and I didn’t complain one bit about the increase in fees. Taking my benefits because of their out of Control Spending is another thing. Are they going to take the Welfare Benefits from the Single Mother who never did anything in her life to deserve them other than have a baby out of wedlock? Not on your life. But they’ll go after the Soldier, Sailor, Airman and Marine who sacrificed for this Country. Also think about the people in the Military now, why would they stay and why would they come in when they know this Country is only going to Screw them in the end anyway?

    • cali_co

      We could do two things

      a. ask all retirees to commit suicide to save the budget


      b. restructure our tax code/loop holes and have big corporate pay a piece of the pie, instead of having retirees save the economy again (again meaning defending our freedom in the first place)
      You can’t say ‘work 20+ years for peanuts but you will get free health care as a life long benefit’ and then take ‘it’ (which was the pay for 20+ years) away….that is Indian giver behavior)

      But for all of you that defend the Republican ‘save the rich at all cost’ attitude, feel free to not take you retirement from the government on the next pay day!

      The reason we are overspent is due to a Republican president in the first place, 4500 dead troops later and now the retirees have to suffer??
      I don’t think so!

      • Celeste V. Brown

        Excellent point

      • Tom

        Obama spent more than any other president in the history of this country…you are a moron! Take it back from the 99 weekers that osama wants to make 190 weekers…wow are you nuts!

    • I DO question his commitment to the troops! All you have to do is look at how he votes on matters concerning the welfare of the troops AND retirees.

    • Hobo42

      Having spent nearly 5 years in combat in SEA, I do question John McCain’s patriotism and mental ability. I put in 21years in the military and 24 in the military industrial complex so I have seen it all. I do not use TRICARE Prime, I use Tricare for Life, which is a reduction from Prime plus an increase in premiums of over $1600/year.(SS Part B)
      Here is a couple of boondogles that could be eliminated w/o impacting our defense capability.
      Reduce the CVN task forces from 13 to 5. Every CVN requires 10 to 15 support ships plus 84 aircraft to form a task force No other country has more than one aircraft carrier. Scrap DD2100 Zumwalt class destroyers move them from the shipyards to museums. Scrap JLENS, SLAMRAM, 3DSLR, and other exotic, costly and under performing electronic widgets.
      Merg the Army and Marine corps into one combat unit. Merge the strategic (nuclear weapons) units into one combat unit. etc. etc. The merging of units with similar missions will reduce the inter service rivalry and the tinker toy mentality.

      • Bailezz

        I used to wave my flag for McCain too but after watching him closely for the last few years I have been questioning his motives. He does not seem to fight for the service members. He seems to have become another one on the “hill”. Tapping into the retirees benefits is NOT the direction they should go with all they have sacrificed. They need to be tapping into congresses retirements and benefits…

    • Donald Patrick

      Yes it is unmatched anywhere in the civilian world. Next time you pass a medical building, check out if they are willing to service those that have TRICARE. Last time I went to have a test done, I was turned away – they didn’t accept TRICARE. The reason given – TRICARE doesn’t pay a reasonable amount for their services. Other than Medicare, you are right it is certainly unmatched anywhere in the civilian world. Heck, the uninsured can go and demand services at ER. Sure they are charged, but they don’t have to pay a penny.

    • Robert

      Did you just say “incredible deals?”

      A little Freudian Slip there I would say, huh? And some much hyperbole in your statement it hurts!

      Now we know how you might have served and how you feel about former (full time Active Duty retired veterans) and their INCREDIBLE deals.

      I might have been more successful and more energetic about giving something away too, as a weekend warrior, with a regular career to tend too, waiting until military retirement at age 60?

      You are obviously comparing apples and oranges.

    • Disableed Vet

      Gentlemen, some of you are forgetting that Veterans EARNED their health care while a huge percentage of our budget is spent providing free ‘entitlements’ to a large percentage of our population that never did anything for this nation. In my opinion you need to take from those that have never given anything to this nation first before you take from those who risked everything.

      • Tom

        Yes, someone with some sense on this site!

      • MJH

        How about cutting Welfare for starters.

    • Richard

      My former brothers and sisters at arms how typically American we sound as we pound our fist and shout demands for legislators to make spending cuts as long as those cuts do not impact us. The Congress controls the approximately ten percent (10%) of the federal budget that makes up discretionary spending while the remaining ninety percent (90%) consist of entitlements the Congress does not control. We constrain our lawmakers to make the billions of dollars of cuts required to balance the budget working within this ten percent restriction unless, as Senator McCain proposes here, they encroach on entitlements. Which they hesitate to do because once they cross into that political no-man’s land they risk committing political suicide at the hands of an outraged constituency. You have to but listen to how we have turned on the Senator from Arizona, our once champion of veteran issues, to give weight to my statements because he want to take Tri Care from us. I am an employed veteran of twenty years who currently pays for employer offered health insurance and my dependents have had private health care throughout my military career.

      • Mark

        Interesting Richard. Please enlighten us on what insurance you bought for your family. Was it through your wife’s work? Public teacher perhaps?

    • SSG ARNG

      This country could do both…. Lets start with

      -Stop Giving Billions of Dollars to Israel
      -Stop Giving Millions of Dollars to countries that already hate us (We can’t buy our friends)
      -Stop Giving Welfare to people who don’t work, don’t do anything valuable for this country and expect the government to pay for their drug habits
      -Stop Starting Needless wars… If the Arab’s want to blow each other up, let them, but why should we get involved?
      -Why should I see a bumper sticker on a parents car that reads “My Son/Daughter is in IRAQ fighting for our freedom” No they aren’t, they are fighting for our Governments Greed and self righteousness. Our Freedom wasn’t threatened by Iraq.
      -We got Bin Laden, why are we still in Afghanistan wasting Millions of dollars?
      -Why do we pay Government Contractors 100k a year to feed our soldiers… Isn’t that why we spent the money training our troops to be cooks, but we pay Government Contractors to provide that service?
      -Why do we pay Government Contractors to guard our Military Bases… Isn’t that what MP’s have been trained to do?
      -Why do we pay Corporations like BOEING and LOCKHEED Martin Millions of dollars to R&D the newest weapon system, and then pay millions more for the product (When we are using those same systems to PROTECT this country and the business interest of those companies?)
      -Defense Travel System (DTS) is a waste… Suppose to cut travel costs, but in reality if you book a flight on DTS it’ costs almost 2 – 3 times more than if you booked your travel on your own dime
      -WHy do Corporations have loopholes that keeps them from paying taxes, but allows them to claim millions in tax rebates?
      -Why did we as americans bail out failing companies like the american automakers? IF we as Americans go bankrupt, no one saves us, we get put out on the street and have to figure out a way to get back into the game, but they got MILLIONS, and a slap on the wrist (i know this is over simplified)

      I don’t want things for free, I want things to be equal across the board. IF I pay 7k in taxes on my 35k of pay, then corporate america should pay 7 mil on taxes on the 35 million they made… Fair is fair…

      • Tom

        You forgot about the 50% of people in this country that pay nothing…we are morons for electing these idiots…vote them all out and stop the class warfare, if people work hard, they may be rich also!

      • sasby

        thank you! My points exactly. theere is an endless sea of places cuts could be made in this countrie’s budget yet heaven forbid!? It’s always those of us who pay all our bills, are never late, work hard, help others and sacrifice while our service members and families are on the job and the first to get slapped and taken advantage of. I’m sick to death of those workig the system getting ahead and living a decent life along with those in charge of making the budget decisions essentially eradicating the rest of us and any hope of enjoying life later on even , little lone now.

    • Ron

      When I first elisted I was promised health care, after 2 tours in Viet nam and the injuries I suffered, gunshots, broken bones and shrapnel still in my body. I suffered the most tramatic injuries, losing friends on the battlefield and living with the guilt of it all. I also made it through Urgent Fury, Just Cause, Desert Shield/Storm, the last 2 in the mid east. Now congress wants to change the agreement! It would be one thing if the reason for this sacrifice was legitimate, but to tell me I have to continue sacrificing because of the gigantic debt brought on by Omama and his minions. Free health care with Obama as long as you weren’t in the military? And by the way Jeanne, I have been carrying 2 health insurance plans just to keep up with my needs, Why don’t you spell out just how much more military veterns are suppose to give, explain that to me. Reagan was right, a government big enough to give you something is big enough to TAKE it away. Old army term to you Jean, WTF.

    • joe pizzuti

      Are you serious? Ask McCain what he pays for heath care in or out of office. Give me a break.

    • dee

      are you kidding me

    • GunnyL

      There isn’t going to be a lack of equipment! Let me see, GE didn’t pay one cent in taxes last year. Defense Contractors pocket huge dollars every year in cost overruns on Defense Contracts and Congress Happily doles out those dollars to pad the pockets of their friends. Companies like Haliberton who was contracted to provide clean water for the troops in Iraq but never cleaned or chlorinated the tanks but pocketed the difference. I don’t see McCain going after Congresses Benefits. How about we cancel the retirement benefits for any Congressman or Senator who served less than 20 years and do away with all of their Medical Benefits. McCain makes more than 11 years of my Retirement pay in one year, Surely under his plan he can afford to pay for his own health care and that of his Family. But you don’t see him going after any of that do you? When Congress eliminates their own Benefits and Retirement they’ll have a leg to stand on. But you will NEVER see that happen.

    • Anne T

      Although I do not agree with cutting healthcare or retirement benefits, I can understand slight premium adjustments to accomodate future inflation costs as they occur. Doing away with Tricare Prime completely is absolutely absurd. I think it is amazing how many dollars our government could gain if they would utilize a fraud task force that uncovered all of the welfare and SS disability fraud in our country. If only our elected officials drove or flew “budget coach” right along with the rest of the people they serve…..perhaps we could save millions of dollars per year there as well. I am not speaking of the President or Vice President but Congress, Senators, and House members. Monitoring government contractors, bids, and fraud in this arena could be fruitful as well. Heck, I am just suggesting a few great places to pe start!

  • dee

    What a joke. In this day and age, it’s difficult enough to even find a job after retirement much less being able to afford an employee health plan. Many times, employers only offer part-time work to avoid having to even offer a health plan.

  • chris

    why doesn’t John McCain take away his tax payer funded health insurance and buy it on the open market.

    • EC135CrewDog

      It wouldn’t make a difference for him, his wife is loaded.

  • Jacob

    This proposal really scares me. With 33 years in the military and 33 years as a (non-computer job)civil service employee, I was required to retire at age 60 last year. I opted to suspend BlueCross/Blue Shield because of the $600+ a month premium/deductables/co-pay and applied for TRICARE PRIME at $420 a year premium. It scares me that if TRICARE PRIME is no longer available for me, I would have to look for employment that would first, hire me; second, work full-time for medical benefits with a history of cancer(survivor); thirdly, give up my retirement years to work again and fourthly, not receive the benefits nor thank you for serving my country first and family last.

    • Rick Gomez

      Scares all us vets who have served selflessly for over 20 years+. Here you have McCain saying Obama could’ve ended the fight/war in Libya sooner if Obama would’ve kept our airmen in there longer, but what McCain fails to realize is that by doing that we would’ve lost more American airmen and even soldiers (should our soldiers gone in in droves). Now this senator wants our Tricar Prime, what a louse! Come on McCain, haven’t you done enough harm to VETs already? Haven’t you done enough no good for this country in the recent past? You need to retire with your healthy health insurance plan, your massive life long pension, and hit the links and stay on the links and stay off the government highway. Make room for others trying to help us VETs!!!

  • SgtPipe

    McCain is the reason I had no one to vote for in the last election…..I’ve been voting since 1971,and with the exception of Reagan,it’s always been for the lesser of two evils…This guy shouldn’t even get a retirement,,if he really wants to cut costs….hell,he’s so rich,he can’t even remember how many houses he owns….I keep hoping maybe the latest group of veterans will put forth a candidate someday,with brains,military experience,and some decent ethics…..don’t really care what party……….yeah,way back when,I believed the contract I signed….then I served over 21 years……..U.S.Army Disabled Veteran

  • Rodney

    This is a disgusting proposal. How many times have we heard “take care of your soldiers” from our leadership? Where is the leadership now? Where is the support now? Well this just shows you how we are really thought of by some in our congress. And this guy is a Republican!

    I want my vote for him back.

  • John

    Amen to this, I’m almost sure that this idiot did not serve and if he did he couldn’t hack it. As far as Sen. McCain, I use to have a lot of respect for him but I’m not so sure I have as much as I use to. He should go off his health insurance that is paid by us and go purchase it himself, I do think he would be shocked. I’m very proud of my career in the US Navy, I would make the same decision again today.

  • retired

    Is it time to march to Washington?

    • Mark

      It is PAST time. We all know what needs to be done but how do we get organized and take action?

      • reired

        contact VFW, American Legion, MOAA, all have staffs in Washington. They know about getting permits and pushinf information

  • ben murphey

    You people don’t get it. Your main stream media just nibbles around the edges on issues in defense of the military. They won’t do much to help you. The one thing both political parities can agree on is not to tell the American people the truth. They have perfected the art of deception and has it down to a nuclear science after over 80 years as a two party system. They will give you three crumbs and then take 2 and 3/4 crumbs back in some form in the future. Your all fools if your not rioting in the streets, sending your officials letters every week demanding answers. If that doesn’t work then you have to revolt. The government has become so corrupt they try to even tell you its unamerican to use violence or any kind of force to get resolution. That’s their twisted attempt to keep you down and play games with your values. But the fact is your politicians destroyed those American values and abuse the system against you. The average American needs to get their heads out of their ass.

    • Robert

      Ben is apparently an agitator and instigator, and not worth anyones time. It is probably not even his real name.

      Best to ignore the ignorant who attempts to foment discontent and rebellion.

      He sounds more and more like a communist organizer, than an American patriot. And he is especially not a veteran.

      Just ignore the agitator!

      • FD Monty

        if thats your real name. Sounds like your the jackass when not knowing when your being used. Ben is right on.. Did you forget how we faught the Brits and how we came about this great land, Freedom of speech , Rebel is what we americans did. You need to read your history.

      • SSG ARNG

        Ignorance is Bliss is it not? 21+ people like what I said under my Moniker (I am a SSG in the ARNG; ARMY NATIONAL GUARD). And although I do not agree that we should be rioting in the streets, it is our civic duty to remind those in ‘power’ that it is the people of this nation that put them in power, not the other way around. Some people are content with the way things are…

        History is repeating itself. Long ago, when our Fore-Fathers were drafting up the Constitution, two groups were at odds as to what was best for the people. They were the Federalists and Anti-Federalists… The Federalists wanted big government, wanted to enforce their will on everyone in the United States, because they decided that the Average citizen didn’t know what they wanted, and needed someone else to make the choices for them. The Anti-Federalists wanted a smaller government and a Bill of Rights to protect the rights of the individual Americans…

        The Agitator is those who would rather see this country fail then succeed, the Agitator is those who would rather silence and dumb down the truth, then let it be seen for what it really is.

        It is time for true patriots to rise up (peacefully would be best) and defend this nation against the agitator’s that would see if crumble. Those protesting wall-street are right, but they are protesting the wrong people, they need to protest those in power, those who do not have the ideals and best interest at heart for the people of this country.

        The Anti-Federalists warned us almost 230 years ago that this would happen. ‘They repeatedly predicted that the new government would fall under sway of merchants (corporations), creditors (the fed) and others hostile to the interests of ORDINARY AMERICANS”. Only MEN OF WEALTH ‘ignorant of the sentiments of the middling and lower class of citizens’ would have the resources to win election to a national government

        Over 230 years ago they said this would happen, and it has, but Americans don’t want to know there history to realize it… EDUCATE yourselves, because we are repeating our history…

  • cali_co

    Imagine McCain would have won the presidency…..barf!!!!!!!!

  • Mary Brack

    These political idiots are going to keep cutting services until no one will be willing to serve in the military. It has already been reported that 80% of the active duty force will get out of the military if the new retirement system is implemented. The government cannot guarantee that your money will be there when you retire. Look at social security; politicians have borrowed from it for years and to my understanding have never paid back what they borrowed. That is one of the reason social security is in trouble. No one should be allowed to touch those funds because they belong to the people. Additionally what funds do you know of that are safe in our current volatile market. There is a rumor going around that the draft will be instituted sometime next year to make up for shortfalls. They better build some more prisons because people will not serve for a country that does not stand behind their promises. America used to be a proud and strong country but politicians have not supported the programs that would benefit the people and our country as a whole. When was the last time you heard of a politician paying for their families vacation travel. When was the last time our political leaders turned down a pay raise when others were not getting a raise. When did they take a cut in their healthcare. And lets not forget that after they serve their terms in office, they get full retirement even after serving a short term in office. Politicians need to start cutting into their pockets and leave ours alone for awhile. They could give up half their salaries and live pretty reasonably. Remember to write your legislator’s and get the word out about how frustrated we are that they don’t support our programs.

  • ben murphey

    Where is your leadership now in the military defending your benefits. Your generals are pussys. They are No where to be heard!!! You have no voice. They will tell you, you volunteered for it, sorry smuck soldiers you took the bait and we screwed you. Your politicians are laughing in your faces. They got you right where they want you (an all volunteer army). Your a bunch of fools to have volunteered. Now your figuring it out your America is a fake.

  • dawn

    Shame on you John McCain! How can you, a Vet yourself, in good conscience, propose such a travesty to our retired military!!!! Sure….you’ve made good and are very wealthy. Forget about your “brotherhood” of retired military friends. To hell with them,…’ve got it made!!!!!

  • Hardman41

    I am so frustrated! I left home at 17 to join the Air Force. I served 24 years. Now, politicians are trying to take away everything I worked for. I look at it this way: Military personnel provided something the majority of Americans did not provide. We provided security for this country! I’m proud of what I did in the service, service to my country. I proudly gave up a lot while I served. I didn’t ask for much, just did my job, went to where I was told, continued to be a good airman. Now, politicians, most of which never served, are crunching numbers. The are not looking at the sacrifices many servicemembers provided. They are only moving numbers around. As military members, we should be exempt from all cuts. In time of war, we were there. We didn’t say crunch some numbers and we’ll think about it. We said yes sir/ma’am and carried out our duty! I’m proud to have served, just wish the American political system felt as I do! If I could, I’d vote them all out!

  • John Kimbler

    to everyone reading. Whether you want to believe it or not, this country is still a Democracy. All we need, is to get together and kick these people out put new ones in and if they don’t do the job they were elected to do, kick them out and do it again until they get the point. We need to take back OUR country and do it the way the Constitution says. We need, as Americans to set Congress and the rest of the Government straight. THEY DO NOT RUN THIS COUNTRY, WE DO, and if they don’t do what we tell them to do they WILL GET FIRED!!!!!!. Everyone get together and force Congress to pass the 26th Amendment. Put the Government back in our hands.


      That is the correct solution. McCain is a RINO who is more a liberal that he ever was a supporter. The other thing that would help the whole system is to get the illegal aliens out of Social Security, Medicade and Medicare. That would allow honest contributors to receive their benifits. Also stop giving legal imigrants automatic free Social Security benifits and payments they get at age 62.

  • cali_co

    Retirees need to bring attention to this in the fashion of an ‘occupy’..movement.

  • ben murphey


    “Yo Senator Buttsicklepop, this all volunteer military worked out better than anyone would have dreamed when passed over 30 years ago.”

    “Yep fellow Senator Ticklemyballs we got those American Patriotic volunteering fools right where we want them.”

    “I agree Senator Buttsicklepop, what a scam this turned into for our political benefit. But what happens when the big one really happens and we need the draft. You really think the other non volunteering 99% of Americans schmucks will accept a draft.”

    “Hell no, listen Senator Ticklemyballs keep that on the low down, down low. That’s why most we politicians have been grafting money for years to our accounts in the Cayman Islands. When the big one happens Americans will wake up knowing we fooled them thinking the All Volunteer Military would always work and to realize we need implementing a draft, well it won’t be pretty. But you and I will be fine fleeing down to the Islands. We can watch all the chaos unfold on CNN sipping rum and cokes.”

    “Wow, Senator Buttsicklepop you got it all figured out!”

    “Yep Senator Ticklemyballs; what a country! You get your Cayman Bank account set up on that last overseas junket?”

    “Damn Straight Senator Buttsicklepop and its growing faster everyday thanks to those foreign lobbyists you hooked me up with!”

    “After all this hard work in the Senate gym and talk about reality I’m kind of hungry Senator Ticklemyballs.

    “Tell you what “Ticklemyball”s and I’ll slip in a “Buttsicklepop” and then we head over to the Senate cafeteria!”

  • combat Marine

    Leave the milirary alone, cut the money from: subsidies to farmers, dairymen,
    am-trac, cut the foriegn aide to looser countries, and while you’re at it cut your double dipping.

  • Donald Patrick

    How soon they forget. Veterans were promised free medical care for life when they chose to make the service a career. A career that paid so little, most of the younger married enlisted were eligible for welfare. Social Security admits that the pay was so low they have to give additional credit to those that served up through 1990.

    Yes they were promised medical care for life, but in the latter part of the 1900’s, they were told they were never promised this free medical care and they were required to join TRICARE and to have to begin paying annual premiums. Now I listen to those that say we should lose TRICARE or pay even more.

    How soon they forget.

  • Howard McBride

    Please use the system on this web site to send email to your representative and the President. They can’t keep breaking promises.

    • James Myers

      I’m retired on tricare for life,disabled thru SSDI. would this drop me also? Everyone to hurt vet’s to bad everyone does’nt stop going into the services. And let the draft come back,so more Americans could defend their country. McCain needs to remember all of us vets vote and Obama will never a vet or anything else. Cut overseas welifare get out of other countries and we would’nt need so much equip. J. Myers

  • Teri

    It makes you wonder if Congress cares about what we write to them about, or whether they care what happens to the vets. I think it’s about money more than politics. Seems that both parties are not doing their jobs.

    • ben murphey

      Teri, see you assume your government cares about you. I can guarantee 1000 people write their Congressman or Senator and everybody will get similar standard rubber stamped responses. Each will be lucky to ever hear back from them a second time unless you follow up with another letter. Maybe they will refer you to another government office/agency who will try to avoid you as well. They have their staff do the minimum to answer your questions. But the game at the legislative level to constituents inquires is to send a simple letter back and hope you go away. Don’t you get it,it s the U. S. Government. The same government that pushed the Indians into reservations, same government that has taken U.S. service men and women to police actions(Korea, Vietnam, Desert Storm, Kosovo, War or Terrorism). Listen they even called it the War on Terrorism, but its wasn’t even a deceleration of War. Get your head out of your ass, the U. S. Government is the most corrupt country in the world.

  • Chuck

    My grandfather and father retired from the service and would turnover in their graves and be appalled to what has happened to the we’ll take care of you for the rest of your lives what an a bummer I followed in their footsteps with the same promise what a BUMMER. McCain is a piece of S***! So much for serving and to have everything taken away

    • Teri

      Not to make light of this, but I don’t drink Busch beer any more (Cindy McCain’s company).

  • Peace

    All these comments have solid merrit. Leave the military alone. Especially the retirees. Tricare prime is critical to all of us. My husband has served for 32 years and is disabled. But that does not matter right now. Tricare Prime is critical for us. We have earned our benifits. Each and everyone of them. McCain you sincerely disapoint me in every way. I am sorry I supported you. That will never happen again. Listen to all these comments. They are real and show how we are feeling. Just because you have all the money needed and are feeling secure does not mean we are able to have that same feeling. We are struggling every day after life in the military. Leave the retirees alone.

  • Slammer2353

    You have got to be kidding me. Mr McCain I am embarrassed to know that as an ex-patriot you are willing to sell out the benefit that retirees need most. I am 60 years old with nerve damage to my feet so I can’t wear shoes or be on my feet for very long . I am trying to get disability but the way that is going with the red tape in place it could take years. If you want to change policies that affect military retirees then change them for the brave souls that are entering service now give them the facts and let them decide whether they want to support a bunch of frauds that they can’t trust to honor the contracts that we fought for. Why do we have to continue to shoulder the burden of cutbacks. I served for over 30 years received a Purple heart for wounds received in combat. I was honored to serve my country and support our constitution why is that elected officials cannot do the same. We Need To Show Our Solidarity As a Group Of Patriots That Fulfilled Our Part Of The Bargain Lets Take a walk To the Front Lawn If Necessary!!!

  • Mike Majowicz

    Just a minor correction to John Kimbler. We live in a Republic, not a Democracy. Besides that, I believe any retired Veteran who is eligible for insurance through their workplace should not be eligible for Tricare of any sort. These are the years where most people are making a good living and most have good insurance coverage. Perhaps we should set a few rules for employee coverage much like we do for Medicare Part D. It must be as good or better than Tricare, and we should also set a premium limits for those on employee plans. If the plan exceeds that limit, then the employee should be eligible for Tricare. But what do I know? My wife balances our budget. Where do I get off telling the government how to balance theirs? Just a thought from a retired Veteran with 38 years of service.

  • Crusader Pilot

    When I signed up in 1946 the recruiter told me that if I served 20 years honorably my medical AND Dental care would be provided for me AND my family for the rest of my life.How archaic that sounds now. Dental went away in the forgotten past. Then my medical benefits were assigned to Medicare, then after a valiant fight by Col. Bud Day and others we were supplied with Tricare.But of course we had to pay a monthly premium from our social security payments.(not entitlement-I paid into the fund for 45 years).
    The first requirement for our taxes is to “Provide for the common defense” That requires people to put their lives at risk.i.e. Military,Police, and Fire Fighters.
    I recommend we look at the perks provided for our Legislators and start cutting there.
    I have known Senator McCain since we were in the same Navy Air wing in 1960. A real hero in every sense of the word. But it now appears he has “feet of clay” when it comes to his fellow Military Veterans. John sure doesn’t need financial help. His wife is worth over $60,000,000

  • Ken

    Does this assume that all Military Retirees who are of working age, are actually employed, and by an employer who offers medical benefits? Love your country, but don’t trust your government.

  • Jeff

    John Mccain knows that his time is number. If this pass, then he, along with the rest, should and will be Fired during or before the next election.We The People Will Replace You. I can’t believe someone like him would, put us under the bus like this, but it’s happening. If we the Working Class Retired Military loose Tricare Prime. Then our Representive’s health care plan should be look upon too.

  • Eric

    I would NEVER have expected this from McCain. I guess he forgot where he came from!! Try closing your boarders Mr McCain and leave our benifits alone!!

  • Flmgolvr

    Senator McCain, shame on YOU! My DH served 22 yrs and I was married during 12 of those years. With his retirement and SS, we manage a lifestyle where we do not have to work to make ends meet. Now you would expect us to fork out an additional $4500 on our annual cat­a­strophic cap? Thanking the dear Lord for our health, outside of him having a blocked carotid artery last December, we are just now finishing paying for those co-pays using TriCare Standard, you really are recommending that we have to pay more?? The whole reason we use Standard instead of Prime is because of our good health but it is a safety net to know if needed, Prime is available. Shame, Shame, Shame. Good thing you are not President!

  • Robert

    Let’s instead of a peaceful march on Washington, occupy or protest in each of our prospective states, at every recruting office around the country.

    Let’s do this peacefully, but instead with the aim at informing and educating our children and future recruits of broken promises and lies by our federal government. Let’s have frank discussions about sacrifices, and the broken contracts and promises after services rendered to our country and our Federal Government.

    When the best recruiters (We Veterans) tell our children and budding prospects the truth about our government and its deceptions and lies.

    When the force is again hollow, recruting numbers are way down, recruits only stay for their 4 years of education and leave, and their is no leadership left to train the younger recruits, perhaps, just perhaps, those in Washington will get the message.

    Why not be honest and tell the new potential recruits the truths about the lies we were told. Let’s educate them so they do not make the same mistake we did.

    Wanna see a draft come back fast congress? Keep at what you are doing to those who served 20 or more years of service.



  • Travis

    I told my congressman I was willing to sacrifice some pay and benefits as a retired navy vet but only after i see our elected representatives sacrificing 1st. Those self serving hypocrits want everybody else to sacrifice while they live like fatcats off the taxpayer dime and only work part time for it. All retired veterans need to be demanding sacrifice from them 1st. They always look to the ones who have already sacrificed for their country for more sacrifice. Sacrifice needs to come from all not just a few and we need to require some sacrifice from immigrants before giving them all of our taxpaid benefits that they haven’t paid anything for.

  • Willard Gray

    Congress would have more credibility if they would be willing to make cuts to their extensive benefit package equal to what they propose for our dedicated Military.

  • Wanda Grubbs

    In 94 my Husband, a working Retiree, with no insurance but Tricare basic, its all we could afford, I became deathly ill with a rare disease, ended up being turned away by the Mayo Clinic health system at Rochester Minnesota, it left me with many small conditions, but we were bereft, had to file Bankruptcy, the Insurance the Hospital carried, my Husband an employee, was was too expensive for us to have. IF you think for one moment Tricare basic will work for a working retiree, who has to work where either Insurance is too high, or they simply dont carry it, it isnt going to, Now with Obama Care looming, its a very scary place this world, to find adequate Insurance.We are both retired now, I have to buy my Tricare Prime meds once a month now, as I cant afford to fill them for 90 days like we always did. Its getting tighter and tighter now for us. As I am sure for many more out there just like us.

  • BILL

    He doesn’t care if we vote him out – he will still get his special health care for congressional members only.

  • k.cook

    I want to know….how in the world do we implement a program to make the government workers at the top only have access to the same medical programs the people they serve have? It is nigh on impossible when the fox is guarding the henhouse. Do you really think you could get a bill passed when it has to go through the very people who don’t want it? How do we get this done?!!!!

  • F.D Monty

    1960- US ARMY
    SFC retired. I say enough is enough…the RICH, the wealthy no matter who it is will continue to abuse us peasants. We send and give our sons , our daughters, brothers and relatives lives so the rich and the wealthy have the protection we have provided them. I say we must try to organize as military might not seen or heard ever before and take our country back by voting or massive protest.. We military folks have given everyting for this great country and now the elite, the rich corporation lobbist are destroying everything our fore fathers faught for. WE did not make this deficit nor do we have to pay for it through losing our retirements. Now lets take away their jobs, their perks and no matter what they call themselves Dems/Rep or what position they hold in government. Remember this : If anything they voted on in government is not for “We the people” than its not for us its for them the Rich and powerful elite. I don’t know about you ,but I am tired of eating cake.
    OH by the way, I also sent Senator McCain a brief letter why don’t you!

  • If you are in the military now, get out as soon as you can. Your government will not keep promises and will throw you under the bus without a thought. They don’t care if you lose legs, arms, eyes or get poisoned with the chemicals you are using. I love my country, but I hate what are government has become. Let them bring back the draft and make everyone serve, then they can say we did not earn our health care benefits. How many working age vetreans are out of work or can’t work because of military related problems? To many! It jis not a left thing or a right thing, it is all of them. We have become a weak nation, no morals, the worng priorities etc. I hope when there is a surprise attact and there will be, I hope it is on D.C. so we can get a fresh start.

  • CaptainCamera

    So…let me understand this. “Working age” retirees will be denied TriCare Prime (TCP) until they are 65? Doesn’t Medicare kick in at that age and whatever your other insurance is kicks in as your secondary? So in essence we would still not benefit fully from TCP? And what is the deal with “working age” These days, if you can find a job, you aren’t likely to have very good benefits if any at all. Am I confused?

  • David Campbell

    Hey there everyone Retired Army here and did you know that in some parts of the U.S. that Retirees are not offered Tricare Prime. I live in Central Wisconsin and I have to take Tricare Standard because Prime is not offered.


    Part (1) I have read all the comments on this site over the last several hours and have come to an overwhelming conculsion.

    1st: We all need to take a look at where this Country is heading if the
    spending isn’t brought under-control soon.
    2nd: As Veterans we all need to due our part in this matter. Even if it
    means paying a little bit more for our Medical benefits. I’m not
    advocating an larger increase in premiums just an modest one. I already
    pay the required single premium for TRICARE prime as a retired service
    member and am not looking to try and find another medical package.
    3rd: The Military retirement system should be overhualed and brought into
    the 21st century. I agree that service members should be allowed to
    retire early but, not before 15 years invested. They should also allow the
    system to be switched to an 401k style system with the member agreeing
    to how the monies are invested.

    • David Starkey

      They made me a promise and I with many others accepted that promise and wrote them the check for my life while accepting a lower pay. Now they want to break the promise.


      Just figure out what the diference in pay was for an EOD Tech and an EOD merc and send me the difference with interest at the federal rate for my twenty years.

      OR simply don’t give any money to any person in the world who has not contributed to US society. I have not heard one word about cutting the payments to welfare recepiants who never worked a day in their life or restricting their medical care.

    • DDG GSCM

      1st: As a veteran of 30 years I have done my part, as have all other veterans. We served under a promise and a premise…we held up our end so it is time for the overpaid and over priviledged politicians to abided by those promises. If YOU want to give up your benefits, the please do so. DO NOT tell me or any other veteran it is time to do our part.

      2nd: You are not allowed to retire until after 20 years and that is how it should be. No vet should have to wait for his benefits…the country did not wait for us to serve. Services paid for services rendered. As far as a 401K deal…that is rubbish! Another shaky (how is your 401K/IRA/TSP doing???)promise that will be taxed and vets will have to wait to enjoy. These folks are counting on us to pass early and get off scott-free.

    • Retiree

      I cannot believe that someone who is retired thinks this way! Remember–if you’re old enough to be retired you were promised retirement with free medical and dental care…there isn’t free anything and if they keep taking away the bennies no one is going to serve. Not because they’re not partriotic and believe in God and country but not many people are up for the sacrifices the military makes without some kind of stipend in the long run. As for the 401K–you must not know about the losses everyone has had in those and if not I assume you must have been in a hut in some far-off place without the world of technology. I earned my retirement–maybe you were retired on active duty or ROAD–I’ve known a few of them!

    • tfjj

      What article were you reading when any person thea serves for 20 years or more there is one of the entitlements that we as retires worked and sacrificed for. just what are these politicians willing to give to the cause besides service to the rich , if you declaer class warfare it is the rich that fired the first shot with the fireing and laying off of workers to increase thire profits, now that the politicians have been bought they plan to take sa much for the rich as possible


    Part (2) This system should start the moment
    the member enlists into the service and if they leave before the 15yr
    mark the 401k should be allowed to leave with them.
    4th: If we as a country cannot figure out what to do with all that is going on
    then we as a country will fail. Our service members give all they can
    and some give all they have, and it isn’t right for our government to even
    begin to think about changing anything that the already retired members
    have been giving.

    These are just my thoughts on these issues and before you write any type of responce let me state that, I am a retired Navy Senior Chief who served 26 years and was required to retire due to medical reasons. Now I am on 100% disibility due to my Naval service and require monthly medical care for my aliments. So I understand what the costs will be to me and all those who have served

  • Lester

    I respect Senator McCain’s contributions , and the fact that he was a POW. But my question is was he tortured as a POW? and he is somehow holding a grudge against the men and women in past and present uniform? It seems our local Vet group all agree that Senator McCain votes down every bill or wants to cut the benifits from all past and present service members. Being a disabled Vet I support my family and their needs the best way that I can, I know we all must make sacrifices, but as everyone agrees cut some of the Cogressional benifits, and foreign aide to countries that hate us as free Americans. I know some military contracts could be reviewed and a lower price contract accepted for the same identical items. Leave the people who defended out country and the ones defending it now alone, isn’t it enough our armed forces have made the ultimate sacrifices for the country?

  • T