Military Benefit Equity for Same-Sex Couples

November 24, 2011 | Terry Howell

Shortly after the repeal of Don’t Ask Don’t Tell, the DoD announced that certain benefit programs are open to servicemember designated beneficiaries, “regardless of sexual orientation.” These benefit programs include Servicemembers Group Life Insurance (SGLI), Veterans’ Group Life Insurance (VGLI), Veterans Education Assistance Program (VEAP), GI Bill (Survivors & Dependents Education Assistance (DEA)), military death gratuity, designated caregiver and the Thrift Savings Plan, to name a few.

According to Tom Philpott’s Military Update, groups representing gay and lesbian servicemembers are pressing the DoD to include housing, health care, full survivor benefits, identification cards, and access to base stores as well as other morale, welfare and recreation programs.

Philpott reports that officials are continuing to review programs with an eye toward revising eligibility for additional benefits “if legally permitted.” However, the DoD is currently bound by the Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA), which denies benefits for same-sex couples.

It is important to keep in mind that these benefit issues may impact as many as 66,000 gay and lesbian servicemembers — based on estimates made by the Miller Institute Social Research Center.

Read the full article — Amid Battles to Protect Benefits, Gays Seek Equality.


About Terry Howell

Before becoming the Managing Editor for, Terry served 20 years in the U.S. Coast Guard as an Aviation Electrician’s Mate and aircrewman. In his final role in the Coast Guard, Terry served as a Career Development Advisor, where he provided career, finance, education, and benefits counseling to servicemembers and their families. Since retiring from the Coast Guard, Terry has authored the book, The Military Advantage, managed the content for TurboTap, the DoD's online transition program and VAforVets, the VA's transition assistance website. Terry earned both his Bachelor's and MBA at Corban University using Military Tuition Assistance and his GI Bill benefits to help cover the cost.


  1. Doc Gay-Same sex benefits is wrong and the tax payers should not have to give tax dollars for these perverted acts in the Military.Some people will pass any kind of law to win VOTES come election time.This is against GODS LAW just remember what happened to SODOM and GOMORRAH. De Oppresso Liber

    • Totally Agree! Once we go beyond traditional marriage there will be no boundaries as to what is legal or not. Who's to say that I can't pick a friend who doesnt have insurance just to get her covered by saying I'm gay.

      • but who's also to say that a man isn't marrying a woman just so she can have the same benefits that you are trying to deny someone else?

        • Jerry Parker says:

          Do you know on anyone who has done that?

          • Yes.

          • Did you report them or were you duplicitous, or more likely is you anionymity giving you the ability to lie in order to futher your argument?

          • It’s not illegal to marry someone for insurance reasons, do who you going to report them to? People marry for lots of reasons-money, protection, power, love, wanting children, etc–you going to report everyone???

          • Traco, it is just as illegal to mary for insurance as it is for green cards! If you are caught in the miltary for a “contract marriage” you will suffer severe punishment. This is a law in the military. Just as serious as cheating on your spouse, you will go to jail and recieve a DD depending on the case.

        • commonsense says:

          He may be marrying her to give her benefits, but he will also be giving he 50% of everything he has. That is his choice.

      • People already marry simply for the health insurance – ask the millions in this country who can't afford health insurance! As a single parent with one child, I pay premiums for a full "family" – meaning I'm not getting my money's worth (which is all that matters in this country) – why shouldn't I share it?

        Besides, how old is this "traditional marriage" of one man, one woman? Not as old and traditional as your folklore pretends it is.

        • Over 6000 years. Read Genesis.

          • Ashleigh Nicole says:

            Genesis also says Eve had children with her sons and that the world was created in 7 days. Even Biblical scholars state that they don’t think the world could have been created in 7 consecutive 24 hour time slots. Genesis is the absolute worst book of the Bible to point to. Also, who gives a **** what anyone else does? If I’m gay, I’ll live with my partner regardless. If I’m straight, I just get the benefits of living in a heterosexist society.

          • WOW! First of all you are around 3,000 years off on your estimation of the age of the Book of Genesis. The earliest estimates are in the 13th century BCE which is what 3,400 years ago and the latest estimates are around 5 or 6 BCE which is around 2,600-2,700 years ago.

            Secondly, religion didn’t not assert its authority over marriage until the 2nd Century AD when the Bishop Ignatius wrote a letter stating that marriage must be “approved by the Bishop and according to God”. So even Christianity had a period of approximately 200 years where religion had no codified role in marriage.

            It’s amazing how many people who profess the word of God in their attacks against LGBT citizens and in this case Service Members and Veterans, have a limited knowledge of the history of the Bible or their religion.

          • Your use of BCE shows your bias…It is BC you dumass!

          • You know, we Jews use BCE, and since we wrote Genesis, I think it's appropriate… dumb ass.

          • Using BC shows more of a bias. It shows you believe in fiction.

    • Preach it brother..thank God people like you are standing up for what is morally right..this country is morally bankrupt and it is getting worse. I never thought i would see the day after being retired from the military all these years that we have come to this!

    • A Gay Soldier says:

      AThis is not a religious forum, do you really want to selectively debate the bible? I think you should read and practice the NEW Testament. I wonder how many gay and lesbian soldiers served and died
      For your right to spread your bigoted message. Have a nice day.

      A Gay Soldier

      • Thank you for your service, but do not expect others to be thrilled will the prospects of a broke government that is already having to make cutbacks in the Defense Department to side with your issues.
        I am having a great day. Thank You.

      • Immoral Freek!

        • Grant E. Qualrights says:

          Yo Ret: ad hominem attacks do little to further a solid argument for or against ANY subject and herein serve only to release some personal frustration. Perhaps you could use words to describe an element about the topic that concerns you or that makes you feel "funny" or under-served.
          By standing shoulder to shoulder with your brothers and sisters in arms and working for the good of all people your service record and it place in history would be honored.
          Your previous post makes it look as though the taxpayers did not get/are not getting a good product in you, yourself, as a service member.
          We all expect better from a senior enlisted person.

      • These sexual perverts don’t deserve any benefits. The only ones that should get them are their parents,if they are listed on the death benefits. No same *** partners. Flag pole and flag pole don’t go together like two post holes. Get back in the closet and stay their we don’t want to see and hear about their crap.

        • Funny how many in the military have no clue as to what they are fighting for. We’re all fighting for equality–the whole basis of America. You talk just like the Taliban.

        • Shut up u ignorant *****

      • The Bible as a whole contains both the old and new testaments. Even so, in the new testament reference is made to sodom and Gomorrah. I’m not saying being gay is wrong. GOD said it!

        • God said nothing of the sort. Sodom isn’t about gays at all. Haven’t you actually read the Bible or do you just believe what bigots tell you?

      • AND ANOTHER GAY SOLDIER BACK DAT UP!!! we all fight for our freedom

    • just don't care says:

      To disagree with this because of law I understand. But to throw god in the mix is completely stupid. I dont think god (if he ever existed) gives a crap whats going on. I think the law should be changed. If someone wants to dedicate their lives to there country, he or she should get the same benifits as the person who sits in the muddy hole next to them.

    • Don't Ask Don't Tell is no more…deal with it and get over your moral outrage, it comes over as bogus. Not a one of you in here who has served, has not showered with a gay….I assume it hasn't destroyed your purity or your sexuality. To the extent gays fulfill the same tenants of service as straights they should be entitled to the same level of benefit. You simple can't have double standards of bennies for equal service standards: that is unconstitutional….and folks you know it. I could go on but I think you get my point. Move on, find something more worthwhile to bitch about.

      • To serve or be served? I signed up to serve my country, to fight for the freedom that others have given to me. I don’t serve to be served. I didn’t join the service to demand what I should get in return. I joined to give back what has been given to me. This calling is far more than just me. Its a call to defend our nation for what we belive and I mean we. Benefits? Yes they are good. But we are also spoiled. This is a calling Of sacrifice not of gain. If ur in it for the benefits then your in the wrong path. Choose a carrier that would let you be free and choose what you disire. To serve is not to expet to be catered. No matter if your gay or straight. If you serve God you go to church, if you don’t belive in him you simple don’t go. Simple stating the facts….

      • To insinuate there is a corn holer in every corner of the room makes you feel better but thats completely inaccurate. Sodomy is appalling vile conduct by a small minority and not an accepted norm anywhere on the globe. It's a dirty exchange of blood, semen, and fecal matter that causes and spreads aids, hep, and infections. Its selfish conduct and you only care about yourselves. Look how happy it's made everyone just so a few can corn hole and have a moment of short lived affirmation. Sodomy is an unatural act that will never be widely accepted so enjoy your ridicule. So happy the filthy topic has divided our fine nation and military. Just so you can poke a bung and brag about it. Filthy.

        • Now you make it seem like it’s only gays acting in Sodomy. When in fact it’s straight people doing the exact same thing. What someone does behind closed doors is really none of your damn business. It’s also not your place to deny anyone straight or gay the pleasures of sexual intercourse.

    • You swore to uphold and defend the Constitution of the United States not the Bible! Times change and you need to change with the times……

      • Sodomy will never be accepted ..
        Sodomy is appalling vile conduct by a small minority and not an accepted norm anywhere on the globe. It's a dirty exchange of blood, semen, and fecal matter that causes and spreads aids, hep, and infections. Its selfish conduct and you only care about yourselves. Look how happy it's made everyone just so a few can corn hole and have a moment of short lived affirmation. Sodomy is an unatural act that will never be widely accepted so enjoy your ridicule. So happy the filthy topic has divided our fine nation and military. Just so you can poke a bung and brag about it. Filthy.

    • Umm…hello? Separation of church and state! If any one is willing to risk their lives to protect YOUR freedom, then YES they deserve their RIGHTFUL benefits. God doesn’t discriminate and neither should the military.

    • Sodom and Gomorrah, if they ever existed, were destroyed for the act of in- hospitality towards strangers you fool. Stop being a fundamentalist idiot and read.

    • The story of sodom and Gomorrah isn’t about bring gay at all!! It’s about not giving hospitality to travellers!! Have you ever actually read the Bible?

      The Bible supports slavery. I guess that means the people of color in the military shouldn’t be serving at all… Yes, this country used that excuse too once.

    • Thankfully this is a secular society. It doesn’t matter what you think your fantasy book and its fantasy god says.

      All who serve must be treated equally. If not, what exactly had the military been protecting for America???

    • And your religious beliefs should not effect someone elses life. We live in a secular world and the military is not a religious order. You can keep your dogma to yourself and let other people live their lives as they see fit. There is no religious requirement to join the service and all of the opposition to gay rights stems from religous viewpoints.

    • Vernon Gray says:

      Next, we’ll be marrying goats or whatever just because we can. What’s happening to this country?

      • Gay Military Fiancé says:

        There is not a person in the world that can truly justify their negative feelings towards me and my same *** military fiancé from having the same rights as married couples. There is a significant difference between marrying another human adult who is of sound mind and body. The comparison to marrying a goat is not only an ignorant remark, it shows how much of an idiot you truly are. What I do with my life, how I was born, is none of your business. You live your life and I will live mine. But we deserve, and WILL receive equL benefits some day very soon. It is the MORAL thing to do. Any major religion will teach you to love others, regardless of your differences. When you spread hate and inequality you do it for yourself and not religion.

    • I am 100% Christian, but I know that this country was founded on freedom of religion. That being said God loves everyone no matter what I also know that u have no right to tell people that they are going to **** and I won’t. Everyone is created equally so why can a warrior receive all of the benifits thy he is entitled to, but the guy that’s fighting right next to him not. Why can’t people just live their own lives and get over seeing two people of the same *** together. In my eyes one that denies privalages to another for who they are is prejudist and hateful while the person is only trying to love someone else.

      • I don't agree with you, that is the problem, the so called saved people tower down in their little holes and agree with sin, They will not call it out, They use silly little sayings. What happen to repent, Can darkness live as light? as long as you go along with it you are a partaker of the sin..

    • Solders have been defending the life ,liberties, and justice for all. So now it’s defending the life, liberty and justice for all those approved by Mark Wynns interpretation of the bible? So confused.

    • First Sergeant says:

      There are so many arguments from both sides and quite frankly our military is gone to @#$%. We have let the Trojan horse infiltrate our Armed Forces. All these so called rights we are debating over…. Gay, racial, equal, religion, and the list goes on. Some of you can’t even get along with yourselves. Why do we always try to re-invent the wheel when it works just fine? The Government Officials should have left the DADT policy in place. Now that Pandora’s Box is open and there’s no resealing the lid. We are bound to have a serious ethical crisis in our Armed Forces. It is going to open many other crises such as immoral *** acts, heterosexual’s singles (Males and Females) are going to want to share a room in the dorms/barracks such as their gay counterparts; which will eventually happen if not already. I am a retired Senior NCO and if I was still serving, I would be very uncomfortable and paranoid with the changes in our Armed Forces. There’s no training that can fix racism, EO, discrimination, gangs, hate crimes, or many others out there. Now leadership wants to reprogram our minds by controlling, altering, and deleting all our family values and is basically saying, “Your family values were wrong, we’re going to change your way of thinking and you will accept the life style and the immoral ways we put forth or you will be forced out because you can’t adapt to change. It’s also as though they’re in control of what, who, how, and why today’s Soldiers should accept these God forbidden changes.” Division is about to happen from the highest to the lowest levels in the military. The Trojan Horse is now in place and if we don’t stop what is happening now, we are going to have more than value problems, we are going to have an internal sickness that going to destroy our military and our country’s way of life. What works for one country doesn’t necessary works for the U.S. The dedication to serve was simple and direct for me. BE ALL YOU CAN BE…….. DUTY, HONOR, and Country were our long time sayings in the Army and we’ve maintained that throughout the years. Now we’ve become an ARMY OF ONE, a super sensitive force with no true leadership, just full of glory seekers. (…..IF THE SHOES FITS…..)

    • Right on James, just remember, "no special rights for Sodomites." What about article 125 of the UCMJ against sodomy. Oops, did I just tell them to repeal the UCMJ?

  2. I don’t subscribe to the Doc Gay “god’s will” claptrap. However, suggest it may become a challenge determining, for costly “benefits” eligibility, a “couple” from the merely opportunistic.

  3. soaringeagle says:

    It is wrong morally and should not even be considered. I suppose they will take the money from Retirees.

    • are you for real! Read the complete bible my friend….have you ever thought bad things about someone? That is morally wrong as well…so I guess it takes one to know one :) smile god loves everyone

  4. Read the 8th chapter of romans.

  5. To all who are posting about what god and the bible say… should really read to whole thing before you comment on such matters. It is people like you in this world that pick and chose what they want us to believe that really will be judged on judgement day!!! God loves all people even if you are gay, you drink, smoke, don't turn the other check, love thy neigbor…must I say more…

    • If you want to apprach it from that angle then you left out the part where God judges all mankind for their sins and weather or not they repented and homosexuality is one of them since God made both men and women with a set purpose by design. nothing God does is for no reason, everything has purpose.

  6. Big Mistake says:

    There you go Obama. Opened a can of worms. Now eliminate UCMJ Art regarding sodomy while at it.

    • There you go – blame it on the Democrats! Bush f*cked up the economy – blaming that on Obama too?

      • You are mistaken; it actually started under Bill Clinton. It fell apart with Frank and Dodd; forcing banks to give loans to unqualified people. You need to read about Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae, specifically the Urban Housing Development under Democrat Bill Clinton.

        • Umm, no. Frank-Dodd did no such thing. Read the law itself, instead of just the Fox/GOP talking points. If anything in the Clinton years (with a Republican House) led to the Bush meltdown, it was the repeal of Glass-Steagall. But the fact is, Bush and his Republican Congress screwed the economy all on their own.

          • ya know sometimes its hard talking to someone stupid……..ya just can't help them,

          • How right you are… in more ways than one.

          • Michael is referring to the individuals – Barney Frank and Chris Dodd – who encouraged the quasi-government agencies Fannie Mae and Freddic Mac to lower standards to encourage low income earners to be able to get loans they couldn't afford. Bush administration officials actually challenged some of the policies in testimony before their committees before the housing bust…

          • Bus signed and completely supported Frank-Dodd! Let’s give him his share of the blame shall we

      • Sorry but Barney Frank and Clinton ruined the economy by forcing banks to loan money to people that could not afford to pay it back.

      • Retired 1SG says:

        What does the economy have to do with benefits for gays?

      • Get your facts right before blaming a President, the man can't do shit without Congress and the House voting on it as well… read your law books.

    • to clear up a little implied ignorance here–the UCMJ is not enforced for private, consentual acts. It's basically used for those engaged in sodomy with those under 16 years of age, in public, or forced–just another run-of-the-mill kind of sex crime. i'm sure you're disappointed.

      • You're wrong John. Although a child under the age of sixteen is one of the elements of proof, any of the three elements apply. I have seen the Article applied with Spouses caught cheating. Consent between two people who are not married are rarely applied as long as the act is not conducted in a public place.

  7. Without commenting on the morality of the issue (because I can argue either side equally stridently), I find it incredibly hypocritical that James Gay will use the force of government to prevent two free people from choosing to enter into a legally binding contract (marriage, etc), then sign off with the saying "To Liberate the Oppressed"…

  8. REGARDLESS of what you think or say or believe, MY personal outlook is this; gay couples should have the right to have their significant others covered by the same as straight if they are in the Military, they have done all of the same things that straight men and women have done in the military, their jobs, fought, and/or died for you to even have the right to debate about this and give your personal opinion.

    • If I as a single male tell the Military that I have a significant other (female) should I have all the benefits legally married people have? If military regulations state that only married couples can have certain benefits and you say that those with significant others have the same benefits, then why shouldn't every boyfriend/girlfriend have the same benefits? This way we could do away with barracks/dorms or other housing for single individuals.
      I have nothing against gays, but not when they shove it in your face and that is what they are now doing.

      • How are they "shovi[ng] it in your face" just by wanting the same benefits everyone else has?
        They will obviously need to be married to get the same consideration, but this will include civil union just as it currently does common law marriage.

        • It's shoving their lifestyle in your face. I don't care what you say about it.

          • Lol. You trying to block someone else's pursuit of happiness sounds more like YOU trying to shove your lifestyle on someone else's face. Thinking before hating makes a world a better place.

          • That's just silly.
            If you have a wife who gets benefits, comes to unit parties, joins the family support group, is notified if something happens to you, are you shoving your lifestyle in someone else's face?
            Their "lifestyle" is their business. It has nothing to do with you. They just want to live like everyone else.

      • The difference is that opposite sex couples can marry but same sex ones can not. If there was legal same sex marriage then the benefit should only be for married couples. Until that day the benefit should be extended to partners of gay service-members.

        • do you realize what these people do sexually????? doesn't that just make you sick……..why tell the world what kind of sex you have????? that is sick to me………..

          • they do the same things straight couples do ya fool! Have you ever given a blow job? Get over it.

          • A Gay Soldier says:

            Mona you watch too much TV, in real world gay couples have loving and meaningful relationships, yes it may surprise you that it’s not all about ***… And what’s so different about a gay couple having consensual *** and a straight couple? I think behind closed doors a lot of the se things happen, and honestly, who cares, they are consenting adults!

          • "These people" we are all human Just because someone has a different sexual preference doesn't mean that there is something wrong with them. Do you realize what "Straight" people do sexually??? doesn't that make you sick??? Sex is sex weather its man & Woman woman & woman or man & man.! Love has no right or wrong.! love is love!

          • I believe it is called sodomay which i believe may still be against the UCMJ????

          • Vernon Gray says:

            It just has to be a fowl, nasty, disgusting lifestyle behind that closed door. Ugh.

        • skittlesja says:

          I have to disagree with the last part of your statement John. It should NOT be extended to partners of gay service-members. Here's the thing that most people are missing. Marriage includes a piece of paper that legally binds you to that other person. The military does not recognize common-law marriages, only those that are approved by the state. With that being said, yes there are a few states where same-sex marriage is legal, but not in all states, and is not recognized Federally. That all being said, that little piece of paper that LEGALLY binds you to another is what counts. ANYONE, straight, gay, bi, or whatever, can say that they have a significant other, get thier benefits, and then walk away. That little piece of paper makes it harder for people to walk away. While I do feel for the people that are trying to do the right thing, and only want what they feel they deserve, there are so many issues keeping this wrapped up in red tape. I do not agree that they should be giving special treatment at all. It will take time, but this is something that they will work through and it will be better down the road.

      • I was not saying that they should get these benefits if they are single, was simply saying that i think that ALL of the men and women that are enlisted should get EQUAL benefits i.e. if they are married or have a civil union in the allowed states, which most are not getting.

      • I have nothing against them either but I do agree 100% with your statement. Why 2 people of same sex living together need to get benefits? What about a male and female living together for years Do they get benefits? No. So why homosexual should get benefits? Everyone should get benefits if they are married and when I say married a mean real married not married knowing that you're not together and all they wants is to get benefits. The military should look into this issue too. It's thousands of Soldiers that are married but is just for papers, to hide from being homosexual, to get benefits, etc. is not a real couple.

    • And you are a total idiot, no question about it.

    • you are nuts


      • A Gay Soldier says:

        You sound like an ignorant racist from the 60’s. Maybe you should come out of the closet. Many of those injured and retired veterans are GAY.

      • Grant E. Qualrights says:

        Are you hard of hearing or hard of typing? or maybe hard of understanding and compassion?

        Or maybe you are flaccid of deep thought….. yeah that's probably it.



        • Hey guy if you didn’t know, bit your wife or girlfriend giving you a ******* is also called sodomy. So straight people who get or give *******s should get kicked out to because well sodomy isn’t just getting in the rear. Ignorant people like you are the reason we fight for the benifits we deserve.

    • Everyone's time is being wasted to accomodate a small amount of sexual deviants who want to practice Sodomy. Nothing more than a selfish lot of deviants. It doesn't deserve all the time and attention it's getting. Disgraceful.

    • "they have done all of the same things that straight men and women have done in the military"
      No, they lied when they entered the military, that shows a lack of morals that will lead to a contaminated blood supply as they fornicate. I have already been harrased by them but I can't file a complaint because it would cause too much of a issue. Need to read history, lose of morality was Romes lose of freedom.

      • last i checked the box that was checked if you were gay was taken off, therefore NO they did NOT lie. The law was "Don't Ask, Don't Tell" which was done…

    • Shawn Digges says:

      I have to agree that if they are allowed to be in the military of which I strongly disagree then they should be allowed the ssme benefits. However in my opinion the whole thing represents the moral decline of our country & people in general. I know people will disagree & they have that right. I'm just a traditionalist. I believe God intended for a man & woman to enter into a union & that alone, but I guess that is another discussion altogether.

    • Very very very slippery slope. Think about it. Really … just think about it. Read MSgtWBL's reply below. He makes an excellent point!

    • 925. ARTICLE 125. SODOMY

      (a) Any person subject to this chapter who engages in unnatural carnal copulation with another person of the same or opposite sex or with an animal is guilty of sodomy. Penetration , however slight, is sufficient to complete the offense.
      (b) Any person found guilty of sodomy shall be punished as a court-martial may direct.

      • Sorry Dude, thats old school, I cant count the number of service members I knew of that enjoyed hitting the back door of their bar girl in the P.I. Figure it out you lame ass.

    • army navy vet says:

      they shouldnt be allowed to serve….period. I wouldnt want to be in the same berthing space as a queer….

  9. Besides being morally wrong! If someone has a disease They wud not even b allowed n the military much less get full benefits! So y is the disease of such a horrendous sin & disease even being considered? Also n sum states same sex marriages r illegal so if benefits r provided 4 homosexuals then it has 2 b provided 2 boyfriend & girlfriends That live 2gether! Which again is morally wrong & is sin!!!

    • PigBoatSailor says:

      There is no disease so your posting is irrelevant.

      • Homosexuality is a disease BC u hav 2 b sick 2 commit such a sin! So evidently ur gay! U need God & therapy! Ur sick!

      • Sodomy is a dirty exchange of blood, semen, and fecal matter that causes and spreads Aids, hep, and infections. That's natures way of telling us it's immoral and wrong. Just like Prominscuity causes VD. It's vile conduct that is not socially accepted anywhere and it never will be a universal norm. It's selfish conduct that has no purpose. A rectum is meant for crappin not packin.

    • Bruce Keen says:

      Nadine, where did you go to school? This is not writing.

      • Ur right its a comment not a thesus! Or do u know the difference?Did u go 2 school.@ all?

        • Spikeygrrl says:

          Please, at least learn to SPELL thesis "b4" (shudder) you even THINK of trying to write one.

          (I'm guessing you're 14 years old or less, otherwise you would realize that while this kind of trendy abbreviating may be fine for texting your friends, it is NOT appropriate in any adult forum where you expect your opinions to be taken seriously.)

          • man o man, I'm with you on that thought. I think she may be trying to show how well she can "text".

            Pretty funny, but than I don't own or use a cell phone, those are for all those "poor" folks since everybody I see walkin or drivin has one plastered to their ear.

    • And ask any preacher, pastor, etc, no ONE sin is greater than the other, sin is sin

      • there is however a difference when you live IN sin as apposed struggling with a sin. Anyone who has ever read the Bible can testify that God hates all sin, but the start of every downfall of a civilization (Sodom for example) was homosexuality.

        • SODOM AND GOMERA WERE FICTIONAL PLACES.,.. just a nice story to tell people that god was wrathful. Please, do a little research before you reference FICTIONAL places. The bible is a terrible source to use in a paper, ask any English teacher with a proper degree.

        • Embrace the behavior you are choosing to live in the sin, resisting behavior means you are working to rid your life of sin. There is a difference and in fact I agree with you Erin ~

    • ExUSAFMember says:

      Ummm…ok, first of all, learn how to spell. You are not texting here, you are typing on a website. Second, if a couple is married, regardless of their sex, they should be provided benefits. Nowhere have I heard gay service members asking for their boyfriends or girlfriends to be given benefits. What they are saying is that if they are legally allowed to get married, which they are now allowed to do in six states, then their employer, the Federal Government, should recognize that they are married, just as it does for their straight co-workers. I would really like to see someone provide a valid argument against gay marriage that DOES NOT include religion. One of our countries founding principals is the separation of church and state. So unless you can give a good reason to oppose allowing gays to be married and have benefits that does include religion, then it really does not belong in this argument. I fail to understand how we can ask these brave men and women to put their lives on the line on a daily basis, but then refuse them the same respect and recognition that we give to all their coworkers, simply because of who they sleep with.

      • ExUSAFMember says:

        Sorry, meant to type DOES NOT include religion.

      • Well said! Thank you for putting it so clearly and straight-forward.

      • ExUSAFMember: Thank you for a very well written reply. Nothing is more counterproductive than hatefulness. And, hatefulness in the name of religion is truly ironic.

        • What people misunderstand is that there is right and there is wrong. In our society it has become unacceptable to say that things are just that….wrong. If someone does call homosexuality wrong then it is said that we are hateful. I tell you what it is wrong to be homosexual and as it is wrong to run a stop sign. Am I hateful to people who run stop signs now as well??

          • Running a stop sign is demonstrably harmful to others. You have nothing other than religious text upon which to base your OPINION that homosexuality is wrong. Obviously, many people in this country don't think that it is wrong, and we have as much right to that opinion as you do yours.
            I also believe it is wrong to treat someone differently because he or she is gay, and that is something that is demonstrably harmful to others.

          • With that logic it is "Wrong" to be black, Asian, Indian, for that matter, anything of non-Anglosaxon decent. *applauds* that was truly enlightening.
            Keep in mind that people of colour were treated just as the LGBT are at this very moment.

      • The way I read the article it says that gays are requesting these benefits for thier partners period. It does not say marriage only. The law allowed gays to serve openly only, not get married. If they do allow it then yes they should recieve the same benefits

        • Gay Military Fiancé says:

          The term “partner” is used for same *** couples who are either married or in a domestic PARTNERship. When we are simply in a relationship, we refer to each other as boyfriend or girlfriend or in the case of me and my military fiancé as we will be getting married next Summer in New York. Glad I could clear up the confusion for you. No one is trying to get benefits for a homosexual boyfriend/girlfriend. In my case, when my fiancé got orders f

        • This is the way this community of people worked to get into federal law and change the defense of marriage act ~ so the saga turns and in the meantime if a homosexual decides to become a transgender the federal government will be paying for the treatments and psychological counseling for a lifetime ~ are you sure the American Tax payers want to foot this bill?

          On another note, if a transgender person wants to be in the military they are allowed but my daughter who has hypothyroidism is not allowed to serve because of a need for a daily medication that is readily available. Transgender people will have to take hormones the rest of their lives and those are not as available as thyroid meds, so please tell me is the military going to change their recruiting policy to include those who have medical conditions that might need minimal treatment?

          As for homosexuals receiving benefits for their partners, if not married sorry bout your luck ~ hetrosexuals who live together cannot get benefits then neither can homosexuals. So if your state does not allow gay marriage you are out of luck ~ end of discussion.

      • AMEN! I don't understand all the ignorance in this. When I got married in California it was a legally binding marriage. I like others requested benefits because while on active duty sustained an injury forcing me to have surgery and as a result suffered nerved damage. My partner/spouse of has had to watch me suffer from chronic pain and rely on morphine to get from point A to point B. I have had multiple surgeries and nothing. I have been on narcotics since the gulf war. My fear is that she would not be entitiled to my life insurance or benefits.

      • Same sex is wrong period!! It's an unnatural act. Except for a few dumbass states same sex marriage was shot down by a majority decision. Last time I check the majority rules!!

        • No, the majority does not rule. We have a representational system. (Note that a majority of Americans voted for Al Gore, but a George W. Bush was elected because he received a greater number of votes in the Electoral College.)
          Part of what The Bill of Rights does is prevent the majority from crushing the rights of a minority.

        • majority ruled on passing of
          1) Prohibition
          2) Brown v bored of edu
          3) "black code"
          4) Chinese exclusion act
          etc but they were all repealed… LAWS CHANGE GET OVER IT

    • Has anyone one taught you about proper grammer? You sound like you are one can short of a six pack. What gives you the right to judge people?

      • it make you feel better to insinuate one with opposing views is uneducated and your intellictually superior becuase you approve of corn holin with fecal matter and pie munchin. The majority of the globe finds your conduct offensive, revolting, and just nasty. That will NEVER change will always be seeking acceptance and will never find it. Have a nice life of ridicule .. it was your choice. Aren't you happy you have brought everyone together in harmony? You and that pathetic turd exuse of a leader in DC.

        • YEAH FRANK!!!

        • Way 2 go Frank!

        • does it make you feel better to to insinuate every gay person is a "corn holin with fecal matter and pie munchin" and that we are "offensive, revolting, and just nasty" you sir should take into consideration what you say to others about what they have said to others.. before you go to far be the pot that calls the kettle black

    • Who made the decision that homosexuality is morally wrong? You?

      Certainly not your god, because the Constitution guarantees the rights of all to practice their religion freely, without interference.

      Morality is a personal decision, and not one enforced by the government. If it was you'd be prosecuted for your immoral trashing of the English language!

      • Corn holin doesn't need to be written down somewhere. The anus is not meant to have objects plunged into it. It's anatomically incorrect and causes Aids, Hep, and infections. Just like promiscuity causes VD .. that's nature way of telling us it's wrong. Sodomy is f ilthy exchange of blood, semen, and fecal matter. Crap .. yes Crap. See how it gets your attention when reality is spoken and the topic isn't saturated with political and religious rehtoric? Plain ole nasty bung.

        • You are obviously a moron

          • blahahahah … i have 3 college degrees corn holer … i'm writing fast and could care less if i impress someone who engages in such behavior. I was told I should have been a writer in college and actually have had items published. Again, i don't have the time, the interest, or desire to impress anyone on here ..i'm just trying to expeditiously get my point accross. Also, It makes you feel better to think i'm one who "hates" ..i don't hate anyone. I'm just disagreeing with you and using direct bold language to explain why. The truth hurts and thats why the liberals of the world use "New Speak" and "PC" to communicate. They can't thrive in the world of truth. Calling me a "Moron" just makes you feel better … because you can't possibly defend plowin a corn hole .. it's just wrong all over the place and you know it.

          • yet you keep posting?

          • i'm writing fast and could care less if i impress someone who engages in such behavior. I was told I should have been a writer in college and actually have had items published. Again, i don't have the time, the interest, or desire to impress anyone on here ..i'm just trying to expeditiously get my point accross. Also, It makes you feel better to think i'm one who "hates" ..i don't hate anyone. I'm just disagreeing with you and using direct bold language to explain why. The truth hurts and thats why the liberals of the world use "New Speak" and "PC" to communicate. They can't thrive in the world of truth. Calling me a "Moron" just makes you feel better … because you can't possibly defend plowin a corn hole .. it's just wrong all over the place and you know it.

        • i'm writing fast and could care less if i impress someone who engages in such behavior. I was told I should have been a writer in college and actually have had items published. Again, i don't have the time, the interest, or desire to impress anyone on here ..i'm just trying to expeditiously get my point accross. Also, It makes you feel better to think i'm one who "hates" ..i don't hate anyone. I'm just disagreeing with you and using direct bold language to explain why. The truth hurts and thats why the liberals of the world use "New Speak" and "PC" to communicate. They can't thrive in the world of truth. Calling me a "Moron" just makes you feel better … because you can't possibly defend plowin a corn hole .. it's just wrong all over the place and you know it.

    • A Gay Soldier says:

      Take an English and writing course before you spread your hate.

      • Same to you proud Gay Soldier .. hope your proud of how happy you have made everyone. All for the sake of your passion to plow bung. ..
        blahahahah … i have 3 college degrees corn holer … i'm writing fast and could care less if i impress someone who engages in such behavior. I was told I should have been a writer in college and actually have had items published. Again, i don't have the time, the interest, or desire to impress anyone on here ..i'm just trying to expeditiously get my point accross. Also, It makes you feel better to think i'm one who "hates" ..i don't hate anyone. I'm just disagreeing with you and using direct bold language to explain why. The truth hurts and thats why the liberals of the world use "New Speak" and "PC" to communicate. They can't thrive in the world of truth. Calling me a "Moron" just makes you feel better … because you can't possibly defend plowin a corn hole .. it's just wrong all over the place and you know it.

      • i'm writing fast and could care less if i impress someone who engages in such behavior. I was told I should have been a writer in college and actually have had items published. Again, i don't have the time, the interest, or desire to impress anyone on here ..i'm just trying to expeditiously get my point accross. Also, It makes you feel better to think i'm one who "hates" ..i don't hate anyone. I'm just disagreeing with you and using direct bold language to explain why. The truth hurts and thats why the liberals of the world use "New Speak" and "PC" to communicate. They can't thrive in the world of truth. Calling me a "Moron" just makes you feel better … because you can't possibly defend plowin a corn hole .. it's just wrong all over the place and you know it.

    • If sexual preference is a choice prove it by having *** with someone of the same gender. Go ahead–prove it!

    • 23 Year Veteran says:

      I agree Mona!

    • 4 yor Info. I can text if I choose! I say if gays & lesbians want 2 enlist put them on front line & have @ it! Whether male or female! & as far as my education I haven’t heard u say one intelligent thing yet! Nothing but ignorance!

    • ???? – NO SENSE HERE

    • NAVY ARMY VET says:


    • Blahahahah .. Rock on Mona!!

    • LOL … Rock on Mona!

    • oh please……….

    • I don't believe in your sins… what?

    • What of those that do not believe in the same god as you? those that's religion says no were that the act or state of homosexuality is wrong? just because it's what you grew up with in a conservative house hold does not mean that it is true. homosexuality is a sin just as much as biting your fingernails and a disease just like the hiccups.

    • 1) lesbians = homosexuals
      2) not all gay people are raped…..
      Question: When did you know you were straight?

    • LOL! Mona is sexually attracted to both sexes but makes the choice to be with the opposite sex!

    • Nadine – You are simply to ignorant to even comprehend what is going on here. So please shut your pie hole, grow up, and come back when you have some mental ammunition to work with.

    • Umm well if you read any regulations, gays were aloud in the military just were not aloud to say anything about it. Also regulations state that if a soldier does have aids they are not able to deploy anyways which makes your argument null and void. So if one can’t deploy because of aids then one is unable to contract aids.

  10. PigBoatSailor says:

    If the partners have had dependant staus conveyed to them then they should be afforded equal treatment. Many states have allowed same sex couples to be legally joined and enjoy the benefits and responsibilities of conventional marriage and so should DOD.

  11. So you have 70 or 80 guys living in cramped quarters aboard ship and some of them are gay. Why don't they just have all hands, both men and women, share the same quarters and showers. Whats the difference?

  12. Why doesn't the "powers that be" focus on properly training the troops and improving readiness? Anybody can see the forces are poorly prepared and trained. This issue is yet ANOTHER distractor to the real issues.

  13. Not buying it says:

    Give an inch take a mile:(

  14. Terry Clapp says:

    All of the programs listed above as being available are basically insurance programs or others in which the service members designates someone to receive benefits if the service member dies. The additional programs that these groups want to have made available to the gays and lesbians are only available to married service members. They aren't even available to straight couples who are not married. What do you accept as proof of commitment before authorizing such access? This would create a nightmare for the organizations on base who must administer such programs.

    • How about simply requiring the same thing required of heterosexual, married couples? This has never been about special rights or "gay rights," simply equal rights (and responsibilities). If a marriage certificate is what's already required, maintain that same standard and requirement for same-sex couples. Plain and simple.

    • PigBoatSailor says:

      Not very difficult to manage. States have legal processes in place to recognize civil unions and that documentation should be adequate for determining dependant status eligibility.

  15. Obama himself said "they entered the Military willingly and now they want us to take care of them". This was nothing more than to get the "gay" vote. It is a shame that they actually think he gives a shit about them. He could care less, I hope Obamacare covers AIDES treatments. Obamacare won't cover cancer treatment if you smoke.

    • bless his foreign heart……..

    • The gay vote is just SO large. He’ll get tons of votes that way!
      Such nonsense– could he be doing this because he has a strong sense of fairness and what America is really about?

  16. John Kimbler says:

    Pigboat sailor: a lot of states do not recognize same sex marriages. what happens when they are stationed in one of those states? Homosexuality is not normal and is strictly against God's lawsl. DO NOT ENCOURGE THIS.

    • PigBoatSailor says:

      Since you cannot make an argument free of religion John, yours is rather deflated. Make better arguments using facts sustainable through legal support.

    • Interestingly put pigboatsailor regardless whatever point your trying to make here who are you to say that someone’s argument is deflated? Since you’re for it then how you talk about the Cons? that seems if any a likely challenge. I could care a less if you’re religious or not personally since you DID say you could take this topic in either stride.

    • God made people gay and he loves them all. They deserve equality.

      • striperhound says:

        You're clueless.

        If what you say is true then murderers, rapists, child molesters etc can all say the same thing.

        I don't know what god you're talking about. The REAL living GOD (GOD of the Bible) doesn't force people to sin & then punish them for doing it, that's ridiculous.

  17. Regeardless of state guidelines, the federal government recognize a man and woman as a union. Our military would be cripple if funds are made available to gays. Military folks are smart. Everyone would be a partner if they can get BAH, housing and other benefits. Keep going for equal rights and eventually, a whole lot of folks will be a army of one.

    • PigBoatSailor says:

      Baseless argument. Federal governement allows those powers to be maintained at the state level, there is no federal marrige license or civil union license. Your rather simplistic approach certainly villifies military folks, we had more moralistic occupants in our Goat Locker.

    • idontthinkso says:

      Right! How many people have you heard talking about pretending to be gay just to get out of the barracks. Not only do they get to move out of the barracks to a place with at least two bedrooms, they also get DOUBLE bah.

  18. I can’t believe I’m reading this. You know they want to take away medical benefits to working age retirees that earned theirs, now just shack up with a gay military guy and get taken care of……

  19. If you are not married you should not receive benefits. that is how it always has been and how it should continue to be. The military has never given money to a boyfriend and girlfriend living together you do not receive bah so therefore unless you are married neither should gay people. If they are married then it follows regulation.

    • PigBoatSailor says:

      …and civil unions = marriage

    • PigBoatSailor says:

      Boyfriend and girlfriend can legalize their relationship and be eligible the same as same sex couples.

    • to be clear, at least one of these lawsuits is challenging the defense of marriage act and the plaintiffs were legally married in a state that permits it.

  20. Gay haters: You are full of brown stuff that smells really bad!

    • NotBuyingIt02 says:

      Actually, from a medical point, everyone is. But, just go with what you can see.

    • oh me touchy aren't we??? its a fact, stop morality recreate more un-acceptable drugs, rapist, addicts, the list goes on and on….when do we stop…..I am not in favor of bunking with a gay… more than with someone of the opposite sex….get a clue wake up please for your children wake upppppppp

    • Lew Zeelastik says:

      That is good reason for disliking homo activity!!

    • I think that will be other way around….

  21. If you serve this country and lay down Ur life for ignorant people back home then you deserve to have the peace of mind that if you die your loved ones are taken care of. Outlawing gay marriage is wrong and needs to be allowed nation wide.

    • Thank you, Maria. I agree with you 100%. I served in the Army for 20 years and then I retired with an honorable discharge. I also served quietly and in the closet. I was very good at what I did. I was selected for drill sergeant duty, ROTC duty and recruiting duty. Back in the "old days" only the top 10% of each MOS were selected for those special duty jobs.

      Very few knew that I was a lesbian. Those who did know didn't care. All they cared about was my duty performance. As long as you did your job and did it well, your sexuality did not matter.

      This is the NEW military. Kids nowadays don't care about sexuality. They are more open and more accepting than older generations. They support all lifestyles. Talk to almost any young soldier, sailor, airman or marine and I'll bet they can each name a dozen or more gays or lesbians in their units. How do they know? Because they are gay or gay-friendly. Most of the kids these days don't walk around announcing their sexuality. As a young sailor said to me last night, "It's the least significant part of me." He doesn't walk around with a rainbow pasted to his forehead. His being gay is only a part of who he is. More importantly, he's a Navy Corpsman and that's what he wants people to know. I'm proud of that young man.

      As for me, all I want is for my wife (yes, we were legally married in Iowa) is to have the benefits that other married spouses are entitled to. I want to be able to have her use either Tri-care or ChampVA (I'm 100% Disabled by the VA). I want her to have a dependent ID Card so that she can go on base in St Pete without me to shop at the commissary or the PX. I want her to be taken care of should I die from one of my service connected disabilities. I don't think that's much to ask for. She'd be getting those benefits if she were a male named Terry instead of a woman named Terri.

      Keep fighting the good fight for benefits. Our day will come!

      • You make such a good point. I am a young person in the army who is openly gay in my unit. Out of the 200 people in my unit no one really cares, and that is due to the fact that I do my job and being gay is a part of me and not my entirety. Majority of the army could really care less. It’s all about doing your job and doing it well. So in time yes it would be nice that my husband will get benifits just like every other straight married couple.

  22. The majority of posts here reflect support for extending benefits to gays. For those against this request has more to do with "what makes a person gay". If you believe being gay is a "choice", then benefits should not, rightfully, be extended to partners. If, on the other hand, one believes they are "born gay", then the opposite would be true. It just depends on how one thinks one is gay. The rest of this dialogue about benefits is just "fodder" for the basic issue.

  23. I hope you liberals are satisfied now that you have pushed for the perverts to get into the military service. Now that obama has opened the flood gates the taxpayers are going to suffer the consequences. But he will get his damned votes. Same with all of the illegals he will eventually pardon and give voting rights to.

    • Lew Zeelastik says:

      In the not too distant future, elegibility for enlistment in the military will be restricted to bald, left-handed, homosexual, paedophilic illegal immigrants.

  24. Another Veteran says:

    No benefits for homosexuality! If a person is in their right mind they do not reward bad behavior-unless that person happens to be a congressman or president looking for a vote. The only thing worse than a homosexual is a pedophile-someone like Sandusky. Frankly, it is going to cost a heck of a lot of money since they run the gay bars and pick up anything and develop HIV+ and it costs hundreds of thousands of dollars to keep an HIV patient alive over the years and the taxpayers don't deserve what Obama has placed on the military nor does the military deserve Obama!

  25. Capt Don D says:

    This is an Abomination to God! This should not be tolerated! If you are going to allow such a sin in this country then you need a Queer branch of the Service, seperate from the honorable Army, Navy, Air Force, and Marines!!! You had no problem with seperating the black race during WW2, . I am a Vietnam veteran and I find all of this repugnant and disgraceful to the United States Military Service!

    1 Corinthians 6:9-10 (New King James Version)
    9 Do you not know that the unrighteous will not inherit the kingdom of God? Do not be deceived. Neither fornicators, nor idolaters, nor adulterers, nor homosexuals, nor sodomites,
    10 nor thieves, nor covetous, nor drunkards, nor revilers, nor extortioners will inherit the kingdom of God.
    Romans 1:26 (New King James Version)
    26 For this reason God gave them up to vile passions. For even their women exchanged the natural use for what is against nature.
    Colossians 3:5 (New King James Version)
    5 Therefore put to death your members which are on the earth: fornication, uncleanness, passion, evil desire, and covetousness, which is idolatry.

  26. Had Enough says:

    Regardless of sexual orientation…pffh.

    These people are mentally and sexually confused, yet they want (are, unfortunately) pushing their sick agenda on everybody. Sickening.

  27. ArmyMPforever says:

    What next? Oh if you get Aids we should give them a full
    military disabilty. Thats what is going to happen but I hope not

    • Navychiefman says:

      They already get 100% disability and stationed close to home before they die if they decide to stay in until stage 4 ends their life. I was stationed with an E-5 in 1992 that had full blown aids and they stationed him as close to his home town until he died, and once a month they flew him to Bethesda for his aids treatments. Then when he got so bad he couldn't do his job, the military separated him with 100% disability until he died, but he could have gotten that at the time of diagnosis if he wanted to.

  28. This really wasn't unexpected, I said as much was around the corner when they were first talking about doing away with DQADT.Were gona end up creating another problem as this unfolds, with retiree's and/or their dependents being denied care cause the funds are gone and only there for "active" and their "partners"

    Its gona be even wilder when this ends up with gays demandseparaterate quarters, assignednged to their own rooms. Now just think what that will end up being> If I was still active when this ends up, I would also request being able to "bunk" wfemalefemail, after all, : I'm not attracted" to just ANY female, smirks, I heard that from some gay on here trying to justify the fact thmighte migh be in the shower with some non gays. You mukiddingkiddin me, hell let me shower with the "girls" I promise I won't be looking, smirks.

    On the bright side, it will make for great retirments for them, If I had to do it again I'd marry another service member and retire together.

    • sorry had to re post, words got all messed up with spell check.

      This really wasn't unexpected, I said as much was around the corner when they were first talking about doing away with DADT. Were gona end up creating another problem as this unfolds, with retiree's and/or their dependents being denied care cause the funds are gone and only there for "active" and their "dependents"

      Its gona be even wilder when this ends up with gays demanding separaterate quarters, and assigned to their own rooms. Now just think what that will end up being. If I was still active when this ends up, I would also request being able to "bunk" wfith a female, after all, : I'm not attracted" to just ANY female, smirks, I heard that from some gay on here trying to justify the fact that he migh be in the shower with some non gays. You gotta kiddin me, hell let me shower with the "girls" I promise I won't be looking, smirks.

  29. We know that many exspouses got a divorce only because of USFSPA. Some even collect 2 and 3 of these enrichments.

    Does that mean that Gays who are legally joined will now be able to get divorce benefits?

    • Pandora's box……next it will be the drug addicts, rapist, pedophiles, any sicko out there will want to be taking care…….your right boyfriend -boyfriend should be called that…….when two people of the same sex can produce a child, without adopting or inseminating the other, then I will consider them one…..until then….they could all go to an island, men on one- women on the other. and they would both become extinct…that's not a bad idea….they are not made to screw each other…..literally

      • Drug addicts, rapist, pedophiles and other sickos do collect USFSPA, don't forge the women on deaths row for killing her children is collecting.

        Many couples cannot have children but adopt.

        I am not gay, but know people whose lives have been ruined by UFSPA and disability pay being paid to ex spouses for life. I gues if it can happen to family men no matter what their exspouses did, will gays be able to claim this and suffer the same unjust spousal support for life.

  30. Let me first say I do not support gays in the military. Anyways if gay marriage is made legal at a federal level then they should get benefits but until that point they should have no more benefits then a girlfriend/boyfriend.

    • the federal government has no business sticking its nose into marriage. The Constitution clearly states that those powers not enumerated to Congress and not dis allowed to the States are reserved to the States.

  31. Biblical quotations aside, if you think the issue of "same-sex benefits" is a can of worms, dare I mention that "transgender" advocacy groups are now *ahem* "pressing their case" as well? I can already see this type of stuff having a direct effect on such seemingly peripheral areas as promotion, retention, administrative discharges, etc.

    In short, a slow-motion train wreck…..

    • Nothing slow motion about it.

      This country got to be The Greatest Country on The Face of The Earth in ALL HISTORY by being a God Fearing Nation. A Nation of Unity and Law. Today all we have left of our Constitutional Law the liberals (aka the progressives) want to rip it up and write their own in place of it.

      Up through the 60's and 70's there was still a resemblance of American strength, honor, and Godliness, but the advent of the Carter administration heralded what may prove to be the death tolls of The United States of America. The last great American President was Reagan. After that, the me me self indulgent hippy attitude that was waiting in the wings blossomed into the political catastrophe we have now.

      My friend, it was not slow. It was very fast and that is why it has the minions it has. It looks grand and sleek and is seemingly brighter and finer than the slower more demanding for accountability and responsibility of the Godly way of life. The motto of the liberals should be – ignore the possibility of God, he don't need your votes anyway –

  32. References to MOS 1369 used to be made male Marines in jest. Now days, the odds are higher that it's true. The military has always been one big social experiment. What's unclear and debatable is just because the social evolutions of race and gender have led to more normalization of attitudes towards historical sterotypes, doesn't mean that the latest experiment will meet success. The jury is out, but the latest round of equality demands for same-sex partners wasn't hard to foresee. It'll never stop, even if they get the next round of "benefits". After all, how dare you not allow them to 60 days of FMLA paid leave to be home when they adopt their new child or the new puppies arrive.

  33. U guys do realize that although don't ask don't tell is repealed, it is still a violation of the UCMJ to engage in sodomy-with either male or female. So yeah, you can be orientated that way, but it is still against military law to be in a sexual relationship with a person and engage in sodomy. Marriage often signifies the marital bed. It is not recognized in all states therefore it would be discrimination to provide full benefits to gay couples only from certain states. It is either all or nothing and at this point, they can barely afford to pay for the rest of the service as status quo so adding more is only going to make sure that everyone loses their benefits. Money does not come out of thin air. I'm not saying personally what I feel is right or wrong, just stating the facts.

    • Historically, "sodomy" in the UCMJ included both anal and oral sex by heterosexual couples. It has not been enforced for a long time; and it likely would not be upheld by the Supreme Court based on the precedent of their overturning the anti-sodomy law in Texas.
      The rest of your argument doesn't hold water either. Used to be that inter-racial marriages were illegal in many states. The military still recognized those marriages from states where it was legal. It will be the same with homosexual marriages.
      And if we lose our benefits, it won't be because of gay marriage. They are a fairly small percentage of the population.

  34. Thank God for the DOMA Act. What have we come to? We parade the perverted and ignore the 99.9 that are normal.

  35. USFSPA Victim says:

    The Lawyers will love this. When they say "its not about the money" It's about the money. I guess congress will fianaly have to look at 10 U.S.C. 1408, The Uniformed Services Former Spouse Protection Act (USFSPA). That should be repealed. How can that be equal???? Only applies to heterosexual marriages between a man and a women. Sounds unconstitutional to me.

  36. andrew2288 says:

    I hope DOMA is overturned and that gay and lesbians are allowed to marry. I want to see all people willing to serve our country enjoy the same benefits without discrimination. I am a straight person and don't want God and gov't getting mixed up. I also pay taxes and vote for those who represent equality for our citizens. I'm a liberal and I am happy we have social security and pension plans for retirees. It was a liberal administration that instituted social security.

    • your so right…it was a liberal admin that screwed up the country…..and is still screwing it up….get a clue andrew….obozo is a muslim….they gays and they kills them……it is destroying this country you poor thing……get a clue….wake up……whats next rapist, drug addicts….cause they were born that WAY!!!! its your choice….hope you dont have kids…..feel sorry for them

      • MONAAAAA, your one sorry ass! THe President is not a muslim and only teabaggers are still playing that song. Try writing that diatribe that shows you at least finished 6th grade for God's sake!
        The U.S. Army, for your information, has been recruiting, training, and paying, known gang members from street gangs throughout this nation. I wonder why gangs would want their members trained in military tactics? You were about the sheep while the wolf sets up to kill you.

    • OH YEAH… and it is a liberal administration that is destroying this country from within. The liberals are the worst enemy this country has. As for DOMA; why should it be overturned? If homosexuals want to marry then let the create their own unity agreement and leave the rest of us out of it. The homosexuals always want to get in on something that is already somebody else's. They always want to be accepted and loved for who they are. Hell, the whole world wants to be accepted and loved for who they are. Even Osama Bin Laden wanted to be accepted and loved fro who he was. The problem with accepting and loving everyone for who they are regardless of who they are is that you get self-righteous accusative manipulative people in the white house office like we have now.

      • "If homosexuals want to marry then let the create their own unity agreement and leave the rest of us out of it."

        I don't think gay couples really want YOUR involvement in their marriage, they just want the same rights. Is that really asking for too much in your mind?

        • tom USN Ret. says:

          NO—-NO—NO—-TO lesbos and other sorry homos………and no ,absolutely to ANY bennies…..Yes……they always want something they are not qualified for…….and absolutely NO to that mus*** in the white house

          • Bennies?

          • "they always want something they are not qualified for"

            Gays and lesbians are held to same standards as anyone else in the military. They are qualified for the "bennies", that is the point. They are being unconstitutionally withheld even though they qualify

  37. So all the guys shacking up in forign countries should apply for benefits to because they are living as husband and wife with their girlfriend.What a novel and promising thought for recruiters and carreer planners

  38. Next, the Sodomites, with the Obama administration support, will demand that God cease His discrimination against perverts. If their good enough to serve openly in the military and receive "respect" and benefits while they destroy the very foundations of civil society, then they must be good enough to enter heaven. And while Obama and Barney Frank is at it, they should apologize for the destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah with fire and brimstone and demand that God be punished for doing so. The wickedness of the so called "leaders" of the US is absolutely unbelievable!

  39. StrikeHold504 says:

    i am retired from the military, i now work for a large company that allows same sex married persons to get heath, retirement, etc., etc., and those benefits are a lot better than a single person can get or ever receive unless marred, same sex or not. now the military is allowed gays etc., i the military they now want the benefits that non-gay married military persons get. as i said before, a single person cant get better benefits unless married same sex or not. can of worms, and they want to lower our pay, take our tri-care and this will only put more on the check book. if i were married and living in base housing will not or would not live next to a same sex married couple. that is sending a wrong message to the civilians, children, and the world as a whole. come on washingtion, you have opened that can of worms you cant ever close.

  40. fatefullightening says:

    Your uniform is your race and your sexual preference. If "issues" with either are detrimental to the mission…well, you know the rest. As far as "shower problems" go, I had more Article 15s than I had showers. So, to me it's a non-issue reserved for those with shower facilities and access to the small pink candies at the bottom of the urinals normally there for Field Grade and above.

  41. Steve AKA Chief says:

    What a way to pay for HIV and AIDS…always knew someone in the Government would figure out how to do this with such little fanfare. Whatever happened to being charged under the UCMJ for self inflicting injuries? Now we can further reduce entitlements to those who currently serve as well as for those who have already served.. Sure glad the Commander in Chiefs that I served under over 22 years (except for Carter who returned the Panama Canal) has sense to listen to their Secretary of Defense..

    • Voix Velour says:

      This was the signature event of BOTH Secretary of Defense Gates and Navy Admiral Mike Mullin; Gates as Rumsfeld took a great delight in "out ranking" and "out flanking" the senior leadership of The Armed Forces; and the intelligent and responsibile opposition to this perversion was silenced: Mullin referred to an opinion survey with the "advice" that "they" can respond with their feet? All of this was prominent with the incident of senior staff of a General officer of the US Army having to "vent" to a rogue reporter of a tabloid; one gets the idea there is not much emphasis on "morale?" Not to mention AIDS/HIV a budget item for The Dept of Defense and branches of The Armed Forces.

    • See it's all you old men keeping the hate alive. The good thing is soon you'll all be gone and with you the hate will lessen!!

  42. the only thing I can say is that keep it to yourself. your asking for trouble. your setting yourself up to get hurt…..its like walking into a biker bar with a bikini and saying oh no you can't say or do anything, because I have a right to be here…..are you stupid or what….keep it to yourself. they (government) are letting you come out of the closet for VOTES That's IT look at the muslim countries they hate homos……….they will kill all of you…..bozo is a muslimmmmmmmmmmm

    • Voix Velour says:

      Exactly. And note the effort to get the subject OFF THE ECONOMY and deploy "advisors" to Afghanistan and someplace in Africa? And "the media?" Fact is the LGBT issue is one of genetics; so is Cystic Fibrosis, Down's Syndrome, and Spina Bifidia for just a few example of those impediments to service in the Armed Forces and there are the same "issues" with this "cult" demanding they are "the New Normal." It will be a real headache keeping up with the "relationships" like passing ships in the night as it is; much less the "book keeping entrees" to keep track of the "transitions" of "partners."

    • Unless, of course, it is with a young boy. The genital mutilation of women in some of those countries is designed to mimic the rectum of a young boy.

  43. Bissmich001 says:


    There's already discrimination: if you're too fat, too short, too tall, too weak, too blind, too uncoordinated etc, you're disqualified from service. Regarding Social Security, we've seen how well that's working out.

    • This has nothing to do with discrimination!

    • Actually, social security is working pretty well. Never missed a payment. Solvent for the next 25+ years, or longer if/when we raise the cap.

    • I guess you would know about discrimination being too stupid to breath and walk at the same time.

      • there you go again…name calling…what about when someone calls you or your beloved homosexuals a name? man …I bet that would get banned from the comments…

    • commensense says:

      Social security is not what is broke. If our congressmen hadn"t stolen (they did leave IOU's) from it. It would go well into the next century or further.

  44. Uncle Wiggily says:

    The Bible says that the gay life style is an abomination to God. Since our society including the military is trying to remove God from all activities outside of our churches and chapels, it doesn't surprise me that any laws or rules related to doing the moral right thing are being ignored. We let the toothpaste out of the tube when our Congress ignored common sense and did away with "don't ask, don't tell." As they say in Spain, "let them stew in their own ink."

  45. Let's look at the big picture: we are over $15 trillion in debt and need to cut our spending programs big time. Raising taxes is the Democratic solution to paying down the debt………… a recession with 9% employment. Next we believe that we should extend benefits in the military to gays for no good reasons that can be explained unless it is simply an alternative lifestyfle. This asks ALL of the taxpaying citizens in the U.S. to pay for this as well as all the undocumented illegals in the U.S. that get free health care, and an array of benefits beyond this without paying a dime into our tax system Do we need a "change" we can belive in???? I would say without a doubt. Obama and the DFL will likely be simply pounded out of office next Novemeber and it cannot get here fast enough.

    • oh no they want to take away benefits that people have already served and should be getting…..I am praying obozo doesn't destroy this country before next november……pray people pray……get your guns ready by the way…..

    • One, you can't be that stupid, can you? You sight a 15 trillion deficit, and worry about a few extra bucks to cover spouses of gay men and women in the military? How about, we eliminate ALL benefits except pay for the military, that would help, right?
      Second: The GOP has nothing but IDIOTS running and on that alone, Obama will be re-elected.

      • And you call others idiots? HAHAHA….ROFLMAO!………Idiots can be found where idiots abound. Hummmm….seems to me that the largest concentration of foolishness and greed in located in the white house, and the ignorant minions follow step for step while their unwitting piper plays his flute.

    • Cash Strapped says:

      um – My family is owed pay from years of service when we (the USA) HAD A *SURPLUS* (Thank Pres. BJ Clinton for that!) and also from tougher times when the pretend fighter pilot was appointed CinC.
      CinC – = "sink" in that case – Where were you ranters when wubble-u was reading goat stories and cashing in all our resources for his cronies? I'm surprised the GOP can keep its pants on when their pockets are so loaded with ALL our money.

  46. This serving openly win for these perverts was only the beginning to an entire array of problems these trashy people are going to be causing in our nations armed forces.

    • The only perverts around the military are the ignorant hate filled, moronic fools who don't want some people to have what is a founding principle of this country: equal rights. We win, you loose. Get over it.

  47. but this country (I pray we over turn this thinking) is always about the 2% of the population……its sick….I am really tired of it….

  48. Your opinions on morality and religion are moot, there should be no discussion, if you are legally married you are entitled to the benefits of marriage, period. Your beleifs are completely irrelevant. This is something that all married service members are entitled to and unless your King James also contains the guidelines for military beneficiaries, in this matter (and most matters as far as I'm concerned), it's not worth the paper its written on. It disgusts me to read these ignorant rants by people who served this glorious country. Who do you think you are? Oh and the genius sodomy statement, you are a moron, I guarantee you have never read the UCMJ and are just talking out of your back end, cause you heard something in bootcamp about it being illegal. If marrage is such a holy and sacred sacrament, then why do 80% of military marriages end in divorce? Also quit posting your resumes on this, great you served in vietnam or Iraq or whatever, so did most of us, it is irrelevant to this matter. Let it go guys, its a new world and a new military, just because you went to war doesn't make your ignorant rant anymore valid.

    • ru gay? must be—what makes you think everyone in the world wants to hear what you and the rest of gay population do with their bodies….its disgusting….oh by the way guess what my sexual partner and I did last night????? are you listening??????????????????????? who cares, be responsible….its not acceptable it will never be except-able I don't care what LAWS obozo passes……..god's law in this case is the law that counts…..

      • Maybe I think what you do with your body is disgusting too? So maybe you shouldn't be allowed to bring your spouse to unit parties, because I would be forced to think about it? LOL No, I'm not gay. But I don't give a damn about what you think is God's law. I have my own beliefs about that, and I assure you, my God doesn't care whom you love or how.

      • obozo…LOLOL..thats funny…true….. but funny…

      • You say you don't want to hear about their sex life, are you saying then you like to hear about heterosexual encounters. It probably should be a private issue, but with all the sex and porn sites I'm thinking all the heterosexuals with internet access are doing some surfing. You also say god's law in this case is the law that counts.

        For disclosure, I consider myself a heterosexual male and was raised Catholic. As an adult was Missouri Synod Lutheran, and various non-denominational branches, and now am married to a minister of the United Church of Christ.

        Are you referring then to the Jewish testament or the Christian testament of 'law'. I suspect you are referring to the 'old' testament verses about man shall not lay with man. OK…so using your logic, lesbianism is OK because there is no verse in the bible about a woman lying with a woman. If you talk about marriage, and use the old testament you must then also be endorsing substitution of wives putting the older daughter in for the younger daughter. Just trying to figure out your reasoning hear about which "God" law you want to refer to.

    • Old School says:

      You are as flawed in your outlook as you are with your spelling.

    • It's about the law. If you are legally married, then you should get the benefits.
      If not, then that's just tough luck. There are good people, and bad people.
      Gay or straight. I'm a city bus driver, and the gay people are some of my best passengers.
      I knew a gay man, who rode the bus, he was a decent person, and he made me laugh. It's hard to hate someone who makes you laugh.

      • Great – but per a current federal law which has not been invalidated by the Supreme Court (at least yet), the federal government only recognizes marriage as between one man and one woman. Thus the DoD is bound by law to not recognize the marriages of same sex couples even if states do. This is not just the military, the IRS has to enforce the same standard on income tax returns. Thus the proper action is not to challenge the military which is just enforcing the law but DOMA which is the law they are following. Or, of course, try to do it by electing lawmakers who will change the law…

    • Great post Mike!! Tell it like it is man. 80% huh? That's no surprise. It took me all of 3 days to get married, cost about $150, if I remember correctly. Me and my wife are Bi.

    • your entire argument is based on negatives you find in your adversary, If you want to pose a legitimate argument then find something positive to say about your position.
      Oh yeah, just because you call some ignorant and accuse them of ranting does not exclude your statements from the same scrutiny. Where did you get your opinion? Where did you get your morals? Where did you get your right to name call and insist that others refrain from the same?

    • Mona, I am straight and married but that is irrelevant, you don't know anyone gay huh? You probably live in a bubble and have a very low level of education, few teeth and many stretch marks, but don't worry there are gay men and women that are away from their loved ones, overseas right now fighting for you to maintain your bigoted ideals. Old School, welcome to the future, I could care less about my spelling, I heavily rely on spellcheck, m0962s, my statements are in response to what I read, You make no sense, the article addresses benefits for Gay and Lesbian dependants, once again your morals and religion are moot, the question is should these married couples be entitled to the same military benefits traditional married couples recieve, the answer is yes, it would be illegal not to. Obama is your Commander and Chief Ladies and Gents (this will no doubt open up a series of IGNORANT "He ain't my commander and chief!" comments). So you do have to obey the laws he puts in place.

  49. Oh Hell No says:

    I don’t wanna pay for that it’s stupid! Don’t change the rules because they choose to be gay! Be a Man and find a Woman! Visa versa.

    • What makes you think they want to pay for YOUR benefits when you blindly hate everything they do? It's only fair if they're forced to pay for yers, yer forced to pay theirs.

    • Once again for the children on the short yellow bus: It's NOT a choice. Get over it.

      • It is a choice. The homosexuals do what they do because they want to do it. They scream and holler and scratch and dig for more and more and more and then stand up and accuse those who disagree with them of ignorance, hate, fear, and prejudice. The liberals (aka progressives) are on to the homosexual thing because it gets them votes. When the day comes that they don't get enough votes from the homosexuals, they will change their game plan and leave the homosexuals standing there with their gay posters and slogans and pride flags.

      • Grant E. Qualrights says:

        Hey = don't disparage the bus riders like that, please! No lumping with the haters.

    • Someone is overcompensating….

  50. Now you have some idea what a blunder it was to elect Democrats to anything past dogcatcher and I am not sure they can even handle that, they in fact up ended the Military for a mere 70,000 of 2.5 Million military people and are so deceitful with there lies that we somehow need these individual's defending our country, at what cost, oh the Democrats forgot to give a budget for that too. 2012 is coming, we can an must change it, our defense is the only thing Congress is really charged with Constitutionally the rest of the federal budget is mere smoke and mirrors to fatten Congressmen and women. Stop Voting for Democrat/Liberal/Progresive/Marxist/Communist-thugs.

    • Every benefit we military members have are because of Democrats. The Republicans will spend money on defense contractors, but screw the people who serve. It has been that way for the last 100 years, and not likely to change.

  51. If I was still in the military, I would now be, most definitely, on my LAST enlistment!

  52. Thanks to the democratic party, the federal government has opened the door for the gays and lesbians to serve openly . . . now the unintended consequences will begin to surface. They will never be satisfied!

    • never satisfied until FULL equality is achieved, you're absolutely correct, nor should they settle for anything less.

      • there is no such thing as FULL equality to be achieved.
        as long as we still have race issues in the US, FULL equality can not and will not be FULLY achieved

  53. Mahatma Gandhi quote: "I like your Christ, I do not like your Christians. Your Christians are so unlike your Christ." A TRUE Christian wouldn't behave like the ones posting on this board. You are all Hypocrites who think you know the bible.

    • and what do you think you know? You evidently know how to accuse other people of being hypocritical.

    • Great Post!!

    • Not exactly true. God created man then a bunch of animals. He then looked around to see if he could find Adam a suitable mate. So it was an afterthought that he created Eve.

      • Interested Observer says:

        God created man… and then created Eve as a companion to him. Span of time between – unknown… Afterthought or otherwise, she was created from the mind of God to be Adam's companion. This example then – was a pattern given to a world that would one day be full of each. I don't think it is for any of us to comment on the rightness or wrongness of a thing… It is instead – Correct – to live your interpretation of his intent and then someday face your God for his opinion of your interpretation. I am sure the decisions one makes for themselves (including those about sexual orientation) come complete with the personal awareness of whether or not he will approve long before the day you go to face him… I would submit that if what you want to do with your life takes an act of Congress or a Ruling from the Supreme Court to Obtain Approval from MAN… then it is likely a Far Cry from what the Father would agree was his intent.

        • @interested observer, Point is using religion as a base to deny others equality based on biblical narration.

  54. When is the Military going to bend over backwards for all the other birth defects?

  55. I agree! What happened to God before country? It's all about me me me now. God is not ok with two men or women having sex with each other and our country shouldn't be ok with it either. So glad I'm not in anymore.

    • Yeah, really! The military has fallen subject to the whims of the political left. The left has one thing in mind, and that thing is not what is good for the country.


    • What happened to freedom of religion? Or does that freedom not exist in the Constitution you promised to uphold?

    • I'm glad you're not in anymore too! Your hateful attitude has no place in the military. Thank you for getting out.

  56. Sorry, it isn't YOUR military at all. It is the American Military and Gay people are more normal than you seem to be. You are filled with ignorance, hate, fear, and prejudice and your disgusting comment has been flagged.

    • Ignorance, hate, fear, and prejudice ? There is no group that more vocally expresses their ignorance, hate, fear, and prejudice then the homosexuals. They accuse every Christian of being a monger of ignorance, hate, fear, and prejudice. They shout at the top of their political lungs that everyone in the world should accept and support their 'gayness'.
      You want to find ignorance, hate, fear, and prejudice then look to the homosexuals. They are experts at it.

      • Not a single homosexual cares whether you "accept and support" their gayness. They just want to be free to live their lives as they choose, and to be treated the same as any other citizen by the government they pay taxes to. That you would not allow them their freedom based on your religious beliefs IS a matter of ignorance, hate, fear and prejudice.

  57. Tommy O'Donnell says:

    I was totally against same sex anything in the military and still am. They don't rate the benefits. Next they will want V.A. benefits which will take away from me!

    • HOW? Tell me, HOW??

    • Wait, they're going to take your VA benefits away and give them to a gay person?

      Tell me exactly how that works, please? Is there an administrator somewhere that has a list with all the gay folks' names on one side, the straight folks' names on the other side, and every time a gay person makes a request for benefits, that administrator is going to remove a name on the straight side, thereby discontinuing the benefits fo the straight person?

    • So you're saying that it's a bad thing if we give gay people rights because that will somehow take away your rights? How does that make any sense?

    • Why will it "take away" from you? There are already a lot of gays getting VA benefits, it's been OK to be gay and a Veteran for……ever. It doesn't take away from anyone. It's not a zero sum benefit program– all who serve and put their lives on the line should get the same benefits.

  58. Frankly, I do not believe they should be allowed to serve. In fact, I do not believe that society should endorse their choice of life style.

  59. I order for my wife and children to get military dependent benefits, I had to PROVE that my wife and children were in fact my LEGAL dependents by prviding copies of marriage and birth certificates. Since only a few states recognize gay marriage, how would the gay community prove the person they claim is a "significant other" is actually a significant other. The DOD won't just take the word of a hetro couple so they shouldn't just take the word of a gay couple either. The prospect of fraud and abuse without proof of relationship is mind boggling.

    • I have a marriage license issued by the Commonwealth of Mass.

      • but is it legal and binding outside of Mass. i have to say the answer to that is NO. so the DOD wouldn't except it if it is for a same sex marriage

  60. i Have been in now for 39 years and have seen the military change so much that iam glad to be getting out. An you can call me anything anyone wants but the military has lost its way over the years. We have given in to pear pressure. When they allow gays, soldiers who worship the divel, witches, and so forth we have lost allready. We do not have the respect that we used to have. An if they are going to allow it then get rid of the tape test, and so forth. We are a joke in the world community.

  61. Oh Hell No says:

    Gays are never gonna be happy.. I say be happy with what you got now before u make it worse on all gays. Stop trying to get a statue of yourselves because y’all don’t deserve what you got now. You got that by a fluke so be happy!

  62. heckno269ers says:

    So what's next, can I marry my Basset Hound? Yeah, yeah and yeah, it's a new world they say…doesn't mean it's improved though. Enjoy your sodomy…I wash my hands of all this political foolishness.

    A Former Veteran, of a formerly great country.

  63. Lew Zeelastik says:

    Are homosexual male servicemen covered for injuries caused by misjudging the target during PE leapfrog activities????

  64. Myself and many others predicted this was going to happen. Many on this same website said it would never happen? It makes perfect sense that this was in the works. Once the barn door is open, the animals are going to escape. All of us are going to be paying with our tax dollars if this is approved. Recommend that all of us that don't support this to contact your Congressman and Senator ASAP.

    • So you dont support your troops then? Because like it or not thats what they are. nice…

      • Oh Hell No says:

        Supporting troops and supporting gays are two different things unfortunately for gays it isn’t and never will be. We support the troops fighting the fight and putting there lives on the line in combat. Supporting for gay rights is another it’s a choice just like being gay even though y’all think it’s not. Which y’all are entitled to believe what you think makes your situation better to comprehend with what ur family is gonna think and easier for you to live with personally. By saying there isn’t a difference puts you as everyone else on here so stop trying to right a wrong by saying we don’t support the troops to make you feel better. By far two different things!

        • No, sexual preference is not a limiting factor when it comes to supporting our troops. If they fight and put their life on the line, they get our support. By the way, they don't need to be in combat to get support, they get it when they enlist.

          End of story, unless you want me (and apparently a bunch of others, seeing all the neg rep handed out to the homophobes on this thread)to decide that you don't get support because you're a bigoted homophobe.

          • Oh Hell No says:

            Obviously your gay and no I have gay friends that are in the civilian world that don’t give to ***** about y’all gays in the military. Like I said I support the troops not there rights in the military. You chose to be gay I chose who to fight for. Just because I don’t chose to fight with you doesnt make me a homophobe. It makes me a man unlike you. So you and ur so called homophobe friends that your trying to bully people over the net with are dumb. Let them read what you wrote because you don’t make any sense calling me a homophobe and you one also…dumbass

          • Michael Campbell says:

            You sir, must be gay or something far worse. He who screams the loudest usually is a closeted something or the other. Ever here of "all men are created equal…" or "love thy neighbor…"? I am homosexual and would stand up against you any day but on the other hand if you were on fire I'd consider pissing on you.

          • Oh Hell No says:

            Micheal you could try to **** on me but I’m sure you’d get aroused being close to another guy haha. You might wanna try slapping and calling me a ***** in high toned voice. Or how about some of my gay friends vs ur gay friends so we can get a laugh and yell GAY FIGHT!! Haha P.S. You probably wish I was in the closet. Idk how you can prefer a man over a woman. So get off world of warcraft and Go and get a woman I’m sure she will turn you straight.

      • True Christian says:

        I support our troops, not the homosexual agenda. Its your CHOICE to live that way.

        • You don't support the troops if you don't support ALL of the troops.

        • CHOICE????
          I guess I see what your AGENDA is all about, and you call yourself Christian!!

          • striperhound says:

            What does that have to do with being a Christian?

            Oh I get it, you're talking about your perverted liberal uneducated opinion about what a Christian is, or is suposed to be.

    • Gays are our troops!!! Support them.

    • Hey Chuck- don't gays and lesbians pay taxes? What are their tax dollars paying for? I'll tell you, a country that doesn't give them the same rights and benefits as the majority.

    • Taxpayers should pay. Sounds like you are one who wants service…aka those putting their lives on the line, but want freebies! Any service person should get what the rest are getting. Single folks are the ones getting screwed. They don't get upgraded housing or monies for dependents. If someone is married……….state sanctioned or otherwise should get what the rest of the unit/platoon/battalion gets. End of story.

  65. Was there ever any question that the gays and lesbians were asking for equal rights? They wanted benefits for their bad behavior. The UCMJ still considers Wrongful cohabitation, Sodomy, Bringing discredit on the service to be crimes. That conflict in laws should not in any way make them eligible for housing, etc. In our society such behavior is wrong. Changing a policy doesn't change accepted societal law

  66. please let them retire or be honorably discharged, it is bad enough that all families are getting vet benifits (ie) educational entitlements
    and we worked hard just to get them for the 14 years were for naught.

  67. I’m not stating my opinion or moral beliefs because that is irrelevant what I want to know is how this would work, since gay marriage is a state by state thing and still not federally legal how could a gay married couple in California, where gay marriage is legal, be eligible for benefits in Iowa, where gay marriage is not legal (just using these states as an example)?

    • LOL Funny you picked the wrong to states Gay marriage is leagal in Iowa but not in CAlifornia guess you did not hear about Prop 8 LOL

  68. And this surprises anyone? Everyone with a brain knew that as soon as these folks got their foot in the door that they would start this crap. The US taxpayer should not have to be put on the hook for way, no how!

  69. I have served honorably as a CW4 in the US military for 40 years now (and still serving). I could not agree more with ALL of the comments in this BLOG, EXCEPT FOR postings by:

    J. Hayes and PaulaABQ.

    This Country is in Trouble!!!!!

  70. Here's my thing. Gay and Straight people are both capable to fight for our country in the same way. So with that being said why is there sexual orientation the defining factor for there benefits? It should be based on there service just like everyone else…

  71. Obama,Obama, your liberal policy is killing this country from within.

  72. Hell No…
    Gay is
    a) A lifestyle you chose.
    b) An anomally, not normal but we are giving you break in accepting you
    c) A mental disease which requires hospitalization and treatment not pandering too

    Who couldn't see this coming…. what next transgendered wanting their own barracks, toilets…..
    If you don't like the miltiary rules, easy don't friggin join, stop expecting the rest of us to 'bend over' for you…
    Doc, Kosovo, Desert Storm, Afghanistan and OIF Veteran…

  73. MustangMaj says:

    If one takes God, or the Bible, Torah, or Quran out of the equation
    and just go with the thought of raw Darwinism, any intelligent person
    will come to the conclusion that homosexuality can not be "normal"
    or humans would have died out eons ago. Could Neanderthals have
    been Gay? Socialism also has the same result – destruction of society.

    • Are you serious? We have gays precisely because homosexuality has been forbidden or discouraged, so that those who were gay hid or denied it, getting married and having children and passing on their genes. So why wouldn't a small percentage of Neanderthals have been gay? Every other human population has.
      As for socialism, that's what society is all about, by definition. Where do you think the word "socialism" comes from?

  74. The Camel now has his nose under the tent wall and he plans to invade, regardless of the discomfort of the occupants. This will not end until perversion is treated preferentially.
    Obviously the political bufoons that opened the gates have never lived in small spaces with three+ high bunks only inches apart, completely obviating privacy. One or a group of these self-righteous perverts staging a loud and obnoxious demonstration of the "rights" will cause chaos in a ship and be devistating to moral. The CNO and his fellow Chiefs are obviously politically driven for their own self agranizement and don't have any idea of how a sailor lives.

  75. If a gay (not legally married) "significant other" is given these benefits, shouldn't a Heterosexual (not legally married) "significant other" receive the same benefits? Just saying…

  76. IF they provide benefits to Gay Partners, THEN they should also provide those same benefits to heterosexuals that cohabitate. Fair is Fair. Wait, this has never been about fair or equal rights, just like womens lib, it's about special rights.

    • William, William, William……… This is the most ignorant statement of all! You have no idea what the women's movement was all about. Granted, it could have been handled in a little more subtle way, but the rights to receive the same amount of money for the same JOB is only fair. The right to be interviewed for the same JOB is only fair. The right to provide for ones family, no matter the gender is only RIGHT! There are no special rights given to women who choose or must work. If there were, I would have never gone into the service where promotion is based on knowledge, experience, accomplishments and longevity. If you want to be technical about quotas, take it to the days requiring minorities, quotas for the number of minority students (which by the way was also challenged and won with a reverse discrimination case). And, if you do not know, those active duty do not receive any benefits while expressing their cohabitation with somebody, they must be married by the standards of the law of the nation. Until the laws recognize marriage between two individuals of the same sex it will continue to be a non benefit existence. Children can be proven by birth certificates, adoption papers and the such and will be part of the benefit package of the service member. Further, if you an E4 and below and choose too live off base, you do not receive the housing allowance. There is nothing wrong with wanting the same things as other in the same type of relationship so long as it is within the guidelines of the current laws. Demanding the same thing because you think you should get them without being within the guidelines is something else….

      • Chiefsipes says:

        Hmmm…from 1981 to 1983 I was an E4, married, living off base, and receiving BAQ and VHA. If you are talking about a single E4 or below, they have never been authorized to live off base and receive any kind of allownce.

  77. The partners of gays in the military should have the same benefits as the nonmarried partners of straight servicemembers, i.e. NO benefits. Until gay marriage is legal, their partners should have the same benefits as other unmarried partners. How would the military determine who is considered a dependent if there is no marriage?

  78. It comes down to trust that is it. I have no ill will towards a woman who can do their job as well as me or better good on her. But when I have a man tell me that the same task is to difficult because he says it is; then I have an issue. I have served and still serve with lesbians and they work just as hard as the men and harder then the regular women. The male side of the coin is way to prissy to do the work THEY volunteered for. You people who are ignorant have never been in a foxhole or anything that had something to do with combat. Whats worse to think that bullet could kill me or do I trust this person next to me that is the real issue and some of these "men" can't even pull their own weight! I for one am not happy with the Government of this once great country. If the shit did hit the fan I hope the Marines can hold out until I can help as much as I can.

  79. The majority of them are not legally married and can't be depending on their state of residence. Now if you open the door for base housing and benefits for "live-in partners" – wouldn't that also apply to heterosexuals? What is to stop anyone from getting benefits for a 'roommate'. That's all it really is, a non-active duty roommate. So what's to stop male/female friends from deciding to get out of the dorm and getting a base housing unit together? Or the barracks whore from getting benefits? Or any couple of any type that choses to live together just to get the non-active one benefits? Next we'llbe giving benefits to an entire family, brother, sister, mother, father, cousin . . . ???
    They'll try to do this, and yet they want to remove benefits already earned by those of us who have already served, are now retired and they want to take away our medical benefits.
    JUST SAY NO!!!

    • Removing benefits is wrong. So is not allowing fair treatment. I think you need to find out who "they" are, and call them about your concerns for "your" benefits. But to deny benefits of faithful service men and women is also wrong.

  80. And here I thought we lived in the land of the free…

    Looks like a bunch of you commenters don't believe in freedom of anything, unless it's the freedom for others to only do exactly what you yourselves do.

    Bunch of F#ck&*% hypocrites in here, you'd look just as at home in a Muslim mosque.

    GRENADE!!!!!!!!!! Let the fun begin!

  81. First of all, I'm a gay Sailor and I'm part of "we," not "they." This is as true now as it was under DADT. I am proud to serve my country and consider that opportunity more than sufficient compensation.

    That said, the Department of Defense has a long tradition of trying to provide for its troops and their families. As any veteran can tell you, families play a key role in keeping our military strong. Gay troops are not asking for any special benefits and privileges, merely for the same status as our straight brothers and sisters in arms. The law as it currently stands prevents legally married couples from receiving married BAH, medical care for spouses (and often children), access to base resources (NEX, commissary) and the like. Furthermore, the law prevents basic federal recognition of marriage. For example, married gay couples must file separate tax returns often to the cost of thousands each year.

    "I am committed to justice and the fair treatment of all." – The final line of the Sailor's Creed.

    • well when they wrote the SAILORs CREED that didn't apply to the G's, MARRIAGE IS BETWEEN A MAN and a WOMAN…. stay in closet and its not WE……how are are they having Children? any child will never
      have the full bloodline of both men or both females….takes a man genes and a woman genes to make a baby……yes a MAN AND WOMAN.
      not BOB AND BUBBA genes…

  82. Tom Nelson says:

    Us ole guys knew this was going to happen. Obama hope u get a lot of votes from your gay friends cause you sure did a stupid thg. with this move. It ;isn't over yet. Glad we havd a good Marine Commandant keeping an eye on this, I know he warned you Prez. first time theres an indecent act you are toast. Thks a lot….USMC RET…;..

    • Your Marine Commandant is supportive of the change. Apparently you aren't keeping up with the news. "Indecent acts" occur in the military on a regular basis (for 200+ years) and dealt with by commanders. Of course since most in the military are heterosexual, most indecent acts are committed by heterosexuals.

  83. Gays have no business in the military, they should not get sh*t! go somewhere else and do your shameful sins!

    • Maybe you should go to Taliban country, you have a lot in common. Maybe you should join the military so you can understand what really matters, and how small your 'god" is.

  84. Once gays can marry, they should have the same rights as married couples in the military.

  85. All military should be elegible to recieve the same benifits. Sexual orientation should not be a qualifying factor. Im not a huge fan on the subject but everybody took the same oath. And a gay man and a straight man can both give their live for this country. For the people that blame it on finances, there is so much waste in the military, maybe same benifits to brothers in arms is more appropriate than paying $20 for a screw that takes less than ¢1 to manufacture.

  86. Why is this a surprise to anyone? The question now will be how much will the addition of such proposed benefits add to the military budget? For those who are naive enough (Congress, the President, and a big bunch of voters) to think that the reduction of troops in Afghanistan and Iraq will reduce the military budget, guess again. If the taxpayers have to add the dependents of gay military members and DOD contractors to the budget mix we may see no reduction in military spending at all! (Can you hear me now?)

    • I suggest you find out more about the DoD budget so you can understand how ridiculous your comment is. Also DoD contractor dependent benefits are paid for by the contractor already. Gay military member's dependents (the few that have them) is a drop in the bucket compared to how much is being/was spent on Iraq and Afghanistan.

    • Chaplain for Jesus says:

      As opposed to the THOUSANDS who currently have fake marriages with RANDOM strangers, just to illicit those same benefits?!?! This might actually close in the gap, get some divorces in place and let the love birds actually look for a partner. It’s called a system, and either way you spin it, man put it together and other men will find ways around it to get it to work in their favor! The gays aren’t bringing anything new to the system that is hasn’t seen before or isnt already dealing with!

    • Thank you. I had no idea that there was such an overwhelming majority of gays and lesbians that make up the population of the enlisted, to effect the budget that much.
      There must have been an awful lot of them ‘not telling’.

  87. Forget religion or politics, homosexuality goes against nature, two perfectly healthy people of the same sex cannot procreate. That in itself should say something to a logical person.

    • Michael Campbell says:

      So let me get this straight. Straight people don't have sex for the heck of it but only to procreate? Why is there such a thing as birth control pills, condoms, vasectomy and tubal ligation? Get real.

  88. All the folks here that are saying homosexuality is a choice don't seem to realize that you can very easily win the argument. Here's how: choose it! Walk outside your door right now and grab a person of the same sex, choose to find them incredibly attractive, and choose to fall in love with them. To further prove that it's a choice, all you fellas out there can do your part by recording yourselves getting it on with a man (while maintaining a hard on because you find him irresistably attractive by choice, don't forget) and posting it on the internet for all to see that you have chosen a life of loving men. The winning argument is just a click away! You can finally shut up people like myself who believe that the "gay agenda" is all about being treated like a human being (and picking up milk and laundry detergent before going to the parent-teacher conference at seven).

    • Oh, also, you could finally silence all those weird, unnatural people who believe that gay blood and straight blood can be spilled for our country equally. Heck, you might even be able to make those crazy social liberals believe that allowing folks who are a lot like you and have earned benefits through their service to extend said benefits to their spouses will bankrupt our great nation. Go ahead. You can do it!

      • MaryMae you're not very smaht. Please check HIV rates among homosexuals then tell me how many will be battle ready since promiscuity rates are through the roof in the homo population?

        • PigBoatSailor says:

          You should consider the increase in HIV in heterosexual folks before running off at the mouth. The rate is decreasing in homosexual people.

          • PROVE it! perfect moniker pigboat = pigbreath …

          • striperhound says:

            Wrong again, check the C.D.C. website. M.S.M. (men who have sex with men) have a rate of H.I.V. & Syphilis more than 60 times higher than men who don't.

        • Actually, I'm incredibly "smaht", but I won't get into that right now. And you do realize that HIV doesn't discriminate between straight, gay, black, white, rich, or poor right? You need to know this since I've come across plenty of people who are less than properly educated about these matters who believed that they couldn't get it because "dudes can't get it from chicks".
          Also, your evidence is highly lacking.

    • Sodomy is a disgusting revolting exchange of blood, semen, and fecal matter. It's a filthy unatural act .. that's why it causes Aids, Hep, and infections .. nature telling you it's wrong VD tells us promiscuity is wrong… eating like a glutonous pig makes you fat and you die of diabetes and complications. It's conduct unbecoming and the turd in the whitehouse shoved it down the MAJORITYs throat and has made everyone miserable just to accomodate a few selfish cowards who only care about themselves. I hope you're happy cupcake. Ruining this great nation.

      • You know, I'm certain that what's ruining our nation isn't folks who love each other being together with equal standing, but rather uneducated folks talking about things they're terrified of. If you talked to someone you know who is gay and asked them about what their day consists of without judgement or anger, I can guarantee you it's not going to be all disco balls and mesh shirts. They'll talk to you about going to work, working hard, and coming home to their spouse after picking up something for dinner. Possibly they'll throw in that they watched TV and/or did the dishes. Maybe they went to church or had friends over for dinner. Maybe they called their parents. In other words, if you took a second and really thought about it, you'd discover that these people are no different in the way you live your life. They honestly don't care about what happens in your bedroom, why do you care what goes on in theirs? If you're worried about God, leave it up to Him what happens to these folks.

  89. When the troops come home, many will be discharged. The government has always down size troops and bases after a period like we been in. The service will keep the best, and I bet they will let an awful lot of married personnel out. The chances of retainment will be higher for those who are straight, and single. I believe this will be done, and it will give a lot of non-straight Reserves and National Guard assignment.

  90. Give them a inch they want to take a mile. Hey my roommate and I want coverage too! *^%$#

  91. Chaplain for Jesus says:

    So even after defeat, and the Repeal of DADT, and the anti-christ NOT showing up with the apocalypse, we still have angry bigots out ‘proclaiming’ the word of God? Well MY JESUS NEVER HATED ANYONE. He was full of love. Even at the hour of his death, he welcomed sinners to his left and right as they were crucified together. Where is Christ’s love these days??? All I keep reading about is ANGRY people, who try to use the word of god as a sword in their attacks. It’s a shield for his people, not a weapon against ANYONE! Let LOVE fill your hearts, not HATE! “LOVE ONE ANOTHER AS I HAVE LOVED YOU!!!!!”

    • Well MY JESUS NEVER HATED ANYONE. Your correct he only hates sin, calling this particular sin an abomination.

      • Jesus never called it an abomination, unless you assume he followed the book of Leviticus (which personally, I suspect that he did). But IF he did, then he followed ALL of Leviticus. So, do you eat shrimp? Leviticus (and by your logic, Jesus) considered that an abomination too.

        • The ignorance of the context of Scripture here is utterly amazing. If your going to quote it KNOW IT! This is the type of argument typical of someone who has never read the Bible much less made a life study of it. I am sorry but stay with what you know and quit misquoting Gods Word.
          To know Gods word you have to have a relationship with Him, to have relationship you have to Know His Son Jesus, acknowledge what he came to earth to do for all of you /us.
          He came to seek and save the sinners, which I am one of the biggest so I won't put up any false pretenses.
          I have no righteousness of my own, there is nothing worthy of Gods mercy in me, but there is in His Sons Substitutional death for all of us on that cross 2000 years ago.
          Accept Jesus as your Sin Bearer ask God to forgive you of your sins and He will, but you have to mean it with all your heart and soul, God will give you a new nature by putting his Holy Spirit in you and change from the inside out.
          Quit trying to build a ladder to God through your own unfit efforts.
          God has built a bridge and a doorway to him through his Son Jesus.
          JOHN 14:6 Jesus saith unto him, I am the way, the truth, and the life: no man cometh unto the Father, but by me.
          Jesus is the WORD. John chapter 1:1-14. Old Testament to New Testament Verses 1-3, There is much more.
          But today's theme is to "suppress the TRUTH in unrighteousness."

          See Romans 1:18-32 below:

          18 For the wrath of God is revealed from heaven against all ungodliness and unrighteousness of men who suppress the truth [l]in unrighteousness, 19 because that which is known about God is evident [m]within them; for God made it evident to them. 20 For since the creation of the world His invisible attributes, His eternal power and divine nature, have been clearly seen, being understood through what has been made, so that they are without excuse. 21 For even though they knew God, they did not [n]honor Him as God or give thanks, but they became futile in their speculations, and their foolish heart was darkened. 22 Professing to be wise, they became fools, 23 and exchanged the glory of the incorruptible God for an image in the form of corruptible man and of birds and four-footed animals and crawling creatures.

          24 Therefore God gave them over in the lusts of their hearts to impurity, so that their bodies would be dishonored among them. 25 For they exchanged the truth of God for a lie, and worshiped and served the creature rather than the Creator, who is blessed forever. Amen.
          26 For this reason God gave them over to degrading passions; for their women exchanged the natural function for that which is [r]unnatural, 27 and in the same way also the men abandoned the natural function of the woman and burned in their desire toward one another, men with men committing indecent acts and receiving in their own persons the due penalty of their error.

          28 And just as they did not see fit to acknowledge God any longer, God gave them over to a depraved mind, to do those things which are not proper, 29 being filled with all unrighteousness, wickedness, greed, evil; full of envy, murder, strife, deceit, malice; they are gossips, 30 slanderers, haters of God, insolent, arrogant, boastful, inventors of evil, disobedient to parents, 31 without understanding, untrustworthy, unloving, unmerciful; 32 and although they know the ordinance of God, that those who practice such things are worthy of death, they not only do the same, but also give hearty approval to those who practice them.
          Anyways I will be praying for all of you.



          • Typical Christian, trying to tell a Jew what Leviticus says.

            The issue was whether Jesus (another Jew) called homosexuality an abomination. What Paul said is irrelevant to me.

          • Retired also says:

            Those who speak up for homosexuality clearly demostrate that they do not know Jesus. God loves all sinners, it is the sin that he hates. Although he loves us all, he gives us the ability to make the decision, love God or love the devil, your reward awaits. In choosing homosexualaity, you have made your decision. You can fight it and ask God/Jesus for help, if you are sincere in your heart, he will help. Retired also

          • Jews don't believe in the devil. And Christians apparently don't know much about Jewish law.
            I have not "chosen" homosexuality. I rather doubt anyone does — did you choose to be straight? Could you choose to be gay? I know I couldn't!
            Be that as it may, I'm not interested in knowing Jesus. Getting to know my God is a full-time job. But one thing He has taught me is to treat all of His children as I would like to be treated myself. Seems to me another Jew said pretty much the same thing about 2000 years ago.

          • The way I read that … Corn Holin is a dirty filthy act not to be practiced spreads Aids, Hep, and infections like any other unatural behavior promiscuity spreads VD. Dirty ole nasy exchange of blood, semen, and some fecal matter … yummy!

          • so I take it you see sex as an evil, evil thing that should only be practiced in the dark and then only by a man and his 13 year old child wife? Get out of the dark ages, this is the 21st century.

          • sex between a man and a woman is natural and the fruit is children. Corn holin is a gross selfish act that only serves the purpose of self gratification. Normal relations don't cause Aids, Hep, or infections either. Rectums are note made to be hammered regularly. It's just a vile way to live your life. It's as obvious as daylight .. but the topic is too saturated with political nonsense defending it.

          • Wrong. You can get AIDS, Hepatitis, and lots of other diseases from straight sex just as easily.
            What I want to know is why you get such a kick from describing what you imagine to be gay sex over and over again, in rather graphic detail. Now THAT is perverted.

          • You have got to be kidding you think being gay is new?? It has nothing to do with the 21century. It has been going on for long time. It is not normal or healthy and we sick of hearing about it.

          • frank, you are one sick cookie. Someone who states they have 3 degrees or whatever, sure uses some foul language. Your point is being lost with such juvenile wording.

          • He has no point. It's all about the thrill.

          • 23 Yr Veteran says:

            Thank You David! I read that passage earlier today. I ,like you, do not claim to be perfect, and I will not accept this. I will not celebrate diversity. I love my neighbor, but I don't agree with their way of life! I have never had one of my pastors tell me that homosexuality is not a sin. To all the service menbers, Thank you for serving! You are ALL my brothers and sisters in service. I do love you all.

          • You read and believe the Bible, but yet you believe in the trinity, a concept created by man, b/c the bible was before the council of Nicea was?

          • Christians are the best cherry pickers in the world. as you can see below.
            And to USMC: Preach in Church, Hon, not here. Not an appropriate venue.

      • And you call yourself MaxMan; thats pretty funny

      • god did that in the OLD TESTAMENT I have been in a catholic school all my life where we studied scripture cover to cover…. get your books right

      • B***H UR AN ABOMINATION max (sorry for my cussword)

    • You don't need a bible, a law, or to even be told Sodomy is a filthy unatural act that causes and spreads disease. It's common sense, it's biologically and anatomically incorrect, and wrong by nature. That's why it causes Hep, Aids, infections .. nature telling you it's wrong ..just like promiscuity causes VD. It's wrong. Don't hide behind my Jesus and tell me he would approve of such immoral conduct. He would ask we pray for them ..not accept them more than accept adultery, theft, or any sin.

      • Sodomy is oral sex. Everyone with a pulse loves it!
        I'm sure Mary and Jesus "did it."

        • themarine1944 says:

          What or who you are big mistake for that comment, im sure something will happen to you someday. Watch out.the marine ret. semper fidelis

          • yea that was a bad comment…but the marine…ooooohhhhh watch out…B****h u are not S***!!!!! can your old *** even get up and walk around…and how u going to judge sumone??? im going to pray for you my brother…cause u really need it

      • Fact: Lesbians are at the least risk for contracting HIV/AIDS

      • really so when st8 people go cheating on their wifes with hoes and prositiutes and catch all kinds of stds and aids and infections and pass them along to st8 people…..that is what? right? oh…my bad only gays and queers spread that type of infections…my bad…i must be really dumb to think that half a million or more st8 people have std's and infections and filthy unatural acts…and frank…im sure u are an saint…so let me put your hallo on your head for ya…

    • Sodomy had nothing to do with Jesus. It's a filthy disgusting exchange of blood, semen, and fecal matter that causes and spreads disease. Yummy. They ought to broadcast the act at Halftime on Monday night football so everyone clearly understands what were talking about .. a gross deviant behavior rejected by pretty much every social norm on the Globe. It's been so politicized everyone lost focus of the nasty CONDUCT we are talking about. Plain ole Nasty .. filthy behavior very few agree with and it's a shame everyone and our gov is being preoccupied with the selfish deviants.

      • Our government is preoccupied with making money and empire-building. They leave sex for the masses to keep themselves occupied by the funny stuff I'm reading in these blogs.
        Focus on what is important…..your own life. Your own bedroom.

      • wow saint frank….really….and again…that nasty conduct that only gays do…well sorry buddy saint…st8 people do it too…AND AGAIN DUMB*** everyone can spread diseases or didnt u learned dat…


      • The truth does not constitute judgement.

      • lol… not my place to judge ..i'm just speaking the truth … people don't like to hear it because you can't argue with the truth. Don't tell me pokin a corn hole isn't dirty and filthy .. crap all over the place …nasty .. you can't deny it?! I got a tell you .. i feel sorry for anyone who gets near my hairy bung…if you actually would like that thing ..ur just sick. The entire topic has been saturated with political and religious rhetoric the truch is completely drowned out. What were talking about is just vile conduct .. .vile BEHAVIOR … not creed, color, religioun, race etc. CONDUCT. And it's just flat out nasty .. and you know it. So you can scold me all you want for speaking the truth.

      • 23 Yr Veteran says:

        Calvin….. I doubt a God Fearing Marine (David or Frank) who is telling what the bible says and obviously knows what they are talking about will be rotting in hell. Think about that!

        • People STILL believe in "hell?"

        • my dear veteran…do you really know what the real bible say? or think david or frank is even smart enought to translate the real bible? no….im sorry i for one and im sure none of yall have read the real bible …only the bible that man has made and said its from the real bible …and trust my dear veteran…my brother david and frank…im sure if all gays go to hell…(meaning me) ill see david and frank right there beside me…only god can judge..and only god can free us of our sins…not u or david or frank can judge me or tell me what is right r wrong..cause as god said in the bible we are all sinners..(all) so if im a sinner and i ask god to come into my life and i pray everyday and go to church and worship my lord in saver..jus cause im gay and love another man as i would a woman and not cheat or lie or kill still gonna go to hell….(i really dont think so…but if i do..then thats on me..but for you or david or frank to sit here and judge me or any other sinner…is wrong..and the stones you all are casting at us …u will have to answer for in front of OUR god!)

      • No it is what the father has said it. He is the one that told you it is wrong.

        • when did god come down and tell us that joanne? ….i worship my father daily…and he talks to me daily though life and others…the bible that man traslated tells me whats right and wrong…but when have my father came and out right said it is wrong to be gay????

    • Jesus also said,"Go and sin no more."
      In Christ
      forgiven egg

    • Jesus loves/accepts sinners but also demands that they repent of their sins. Anyone who persists in sin, such as homosexuality, will not enter heaven unless he/she repents of his sin. "Go and sin no more."

      • Homosexuality is not a sin. What is a "sin" is rampant empire building and letting our military boys and girls go to foreign places and kill for the old nasty empire builders.
        You are being used and all you can think of is your bung hole? Jeez! Wake up to the real "sin" here.

      • i didnt see that in the bible…can u show me where it said Anyone who persists in sin, such as homosexuality, will not enter heaven unless he/she repents of his sin. "Go and sin no more."

    • 23 Year Veteran says:

      Jesus loves everyone, all sinners. Yes, Jesus loves murders, people who commit adultery, child molesters and homosexuals. That does not mean he loves their choices to SIN and their behaviors! I can love everyone too, but just because I choose not to agree with their CHOICE IN BEHAVIOR does not make me a hater!
      I have friends who are gay, I served with a woman who is Gay but she never told me. We changed in the same little locker room every day for years. When she told me, It made me feel different, I didn't feel comfortable being in that same locker room anymore. YES, I still love her as my friend….. NO, I don't agree with her choice and I do still believe it is a sin!

      • I say, if you are straight and engage in homosexual behavior, that is against your nature and thus a sin. For you. Our Creator made each of us and I do not believe that folks who engage in same-sex behavior out of love are doing wrong for their nature. The point is choice. That is where all of you are off the track. I read more prejudice and forms of the 'ick factor' than anything else. Society has much to learn……..thankfully it is evolving. Where in the new testament does it write that Jesus said anything about same-sex love/behavior/love?

      • themarine1944 says:

        semper fi 23 yr vet, i also did 23 years usmc what you said is the truth, thanks

      • and that is you judging!!!!! and wat if she wouldnt of ever told you…it would mount to anything…you wouldnt of felt uncomfortable…but your friend wanted to be honest and free of the lies she had to keep and when she opened up you cast a stone at her….i have st8 friends guys and they will change beside me and fight along side of me…cause no matter what im still a person and im still a fighter..i never once looked at another soilder or wanted another soilder i wanted someone outside of the army to be my get away from the army…jus cause someone is gay or bi or what ever doesnt mean they are not a person and doesnt mean they will not have your back when u need it..or that they want to rape u when you are alone…yall people need to grow up…if its a sin then let us worry about that when we face our judge…CAUSE YOU ARE NOT HIM!!!!

    • army navy vet says:

      when asked about homosexuality I am POSITIIVE Jesus would say hate the sin and love the sinner. But you must repent…

    • According to the scriptures GOD does not hate the sodimite but hates their sin. He destroyed sodom and Gomorra right? Also the one thieve on the cross trusted Christ as his saviour and went to Heaven. The other one did not and went to Hell. We should love the sodimites but hate their sin. They need to repent and ask for the Lord to forgive them. AMEN?

      • for all yall that want to peach the bible …please know it…He destroyed sodom and Gomorra ….be cause married men was sleeping with other marriend men…that n it self is a sin of the 10 commandments

    • Correction: He promised the criminal to his right Paradise for having repented. Never did he promise the same to the criminal to his left on the cross. Will you wait til your death to repent? Why not now?

    • Your Jesus is a baby killier (Abortion) and pedophile ( march 2009 Democrat congess party line vote) I believe in God not your filthy religion

    • Christians are destroying Christianity. It will be gone in another fifty years at this rate.

    • themarine1944123 says:

      chaplain for satan, Read Leviticus 20-13 moron semper fi

    • really….??? well i hope you burn in hell for your sins…and i wish god would let me have the chance to take your life!!!!!

  92. The Generals wife having a ladies tea and there sets six guys, can't wait to see that.

    • You do realize there are men in the "wives" club now, don't you? My husband used to attend the events that the CO's wife hosted. How long have you been retired?

  93. CSM RET Kim Davis says:

    Yea!!! Full equality ahead. I was so tired of supporting a "family support group" which excluded my precious family. Not to mention my tax dollars going to support straight and narrow ideologies. Can't wait to get my partner registered for full benefits-we certainly earned them:)

  94. bILL sUTTON says:


  95. This news should not be surprising. All of this has been for homosexuals desire for acceptance. The practise of homosexuality is wrong and is against the true core, of which our leaders have muddled up and soiled. Love is telling folks that the practise of homosexuality is wrong, just as being drunk, cheating, living with a person of the opposite sex without the benefit of marriage. Regardless of this outcome, just as with the DADT, homosexuality will continue to be wrong because God says it is wrong, With that said, with DADT ended and homosexuals now wanting the same benefits as true married couples, then the government has to allow and grant benefits to people who have more than one spouse, allow adultery, allow men and women to have sex regardless of status, sex with minors, and other things as well. After all wrong is wrong, and when you open the door for one, then you must let the other sins in as well.

  96. like it or not, being gay is an abnormality, does'nt mean we should treat them badly, but ending dadt was a horrible social experiment that has taken the profession of arms and the standards and morals that has been instilled for years and reduced it to a job at walmart, whats next? herion addicts being allowed to serve openly? because i know addicts who do a great job when their not high……

  97. Everybody knows if you give the gays anything, they will want everything. Most Americans DO NOT recognize marriage between gays.Benefits are for MARRIED people which is between a man and a woman. Even if our President refuses to obey the law which he was sworn to uphold.

  98. Only a government as f….. up as much as ours is would consider this. But why not there stealing from the retired soliders benefits every time you turn around. So hall give the fruit loops all they need just like calif. Before you know it they will have the rainbow colors incorparated in the unform.

  99. Its not anyone else’s fault mommy, daddy or uncle lemus touched them they never join to be patriotic or for freedom its just and only so they can say “i served my country and I cant get marryed” couse they are constantly fighting within themselves so they need something to act like they are pushing forward with cival rights rather than seeking psycological help, nothin to do with a religus view its just a simple fruedien fact proven many years ago.. go marine corp for the no vote they do not have time for worthless people

    • So, Andrew, if were an injured Marine on the the battlefield and you were screaming "Corpsman", would you rather die than have a gay Navy Corpsman save your life?

      Also, you should really think about running your comments through spell-check. It is very painful trying to get through your ignorant comments.

    • Carlos Pena says:

      god point. serving in the military is about serving our country not our sexual preferences, it was obvious from the beginning what they want, to serve themselves not our military or our country.

  100. RocketsRedGlare says:

    Great. First the lie that was the survey that they gave to us. It was so skewed when it was given that there was no way to say "NO" to the gay agenda. Now they want these benefits? Next they will support the transgender/transexual/pedophile groups to join the military. After all, don't they deserve to fight for their country? The worst part of this is that good people will not be promoted in order to get the gays up to the top. Commanders will be forced to promote them up, even if they are losers. Just look at Hassan, the murdering radical/terrorist/islamic Major who made the grade just because he was a muslim. Time for all good leaders to resign.

  101. Forget religion or politics, homosexuality goes against nature, two perfectly healthy people of the same sex cannot procreate. That in itself should say something to a logical person.

  102. Same sex marriages have yet to be recognized by the federal government. Hence you have to file separately and are prevented from whatever else you're crying about. With same sex marriages not being recognized by the federal government, the DoD follows suit. Therefore, homosexuals dont rate those benefits since according to the federal government, you're not married. Shut up with all of this silly crap already. Those of you identifying yourself as service members (homosexual or straight) just make the military look ignorant, hateful, etc. Additionally, to whom ever made the remark that went something like "homosexuals don't care if they are accepted or supported, they just want to live free lives equal to that of heterosexuals" – shut up, you're living freely right now retard. You can go do whatever you want as long as its legal. Unfortunately, homosexual couples can't produce children like their heterosexual counterparts, so good luck with equality part. I'm sure you can love your partner equally, and that's fantastic. I don't care if you're a homosexual or straight – shut up and do your job. That's what the taxpayers are paying for.

    • I guess I'm the one who said something close to that (altho of course, you didn't get it right — I'm guessing accuracy isn't a high priority for you). First off, I'm not gay. Second, I'm not a "retard" — they generally don't let you stay in the Army for 20 years if you are… present company excepted perhaps. Third, it's people like you who make the military look ignorant and hateful. Because you are. Fourth, I have 2 children, but I know lots of straight military members who cannot produce children and somehow, it never caused them to be treated differently from anyone else. And finally, I did my job before I retired, and I will speak my mind now. And no little pissant is going make me shut up.

    • My wife and I don't have children and don't want any (both of us are going back to school: my wife is working on her PhD and I am working on my B.A. in English and Political Science). Does that mean we do not have the same rights? Marriage in the 21st century is not all about procreation. Same-sex couples need to be given the same rights as heterosexual couples. The government should not be in the "marriage" business. Make marriage a relgious institution and let the government legally issue "civil unions". Problem solved.

  103. I sure am glad I'm not in the military these days. I know what the homo people are like and it has no place in the military. Or for that matter in civilian life ether. Because they don't seem to stay in there own group and leave others straight alone. I call them pedifiles and sexual preditors. If they would keep to there own kind it would not be so bad but theeeeey dooooon't. they say it has some thing to do with there geins, well that is preverted BS. Obummer or zero is history as fare as I am concerned.

  104. Lets not forget obama is the reason for this policy change. The elections are coming.

  105. As I understand, the repeal of Don't Ask Don't Tell was to allow gay service members to "openly" serve in the armed forces. The key-word being “openly". Thus, removing the threat of being "ousted" and kicked out of the military. This has been accomplished. Same sex marriage is recognized in only a few states, NOT federally. Personally, it is not just my opinion, same sex "couples", cohabitating nor being a "partner" does not mean legally married; no matter how you spin it. The armed forces are a "volunteer service" if one doesn't like the rules, then one shouldn't volunteer.

  106. Not a Farmer says:

    One way to end this debat of Gays geting married pay is to pay the military person by their rank. There are married E-4 and E-5's out there making more than a single E-6.

  107. Just what the New World Order elites needed to speed up dissolving all those who gave an oath to support and defend the constitution. Soon The US Army will
    be disbanded in faver of a multi-national military funded by the UN and there will
    be a lesser need for national defense. By breaking down morale, The NWO will
    not have to support the US military any longer and they will be disposed of. I will lay odds that gays will be barking at the UN for benefits.

  108. So if I am a married male Soldier and married to a 'female' and have no dependent children and get divorced, then married BAH goes away. If I am a single Soldier and have a 'significant other', but not legally married in the "eyes of the law" which of course varies from state to state, then I do not believe any monetary support should be paid to this individual. Here's my issue with paying married BAH to a 'significant other' whether male or female when they are not legally married: if the relationship turns sower and they split up, then who's to say they won't just latch on to anyone in order to keep the dependent pay coming??? 1SG WOOD – Redlegs Artillery Retired

  109. c. daniels says:

    Surely no one is surprised by this. If you didn't see it coming then wait for the sex change requests, implantation of a uterus in to a male, and more to come. Live and learn folks.

  110. MESSAGE continued: If a non-married significant other wants pay from the military then he or she needs to step up to the plate and ENLIST. It won't get he or she married BAH, but it will definitely pay more that just sitting around the house or post housing looking pretty and waiting for the 'bread-winner' to come home. If Congress or the President move forward to pay non-married partners any form of money then it will definitely be time for Retired Military Members to visit D.C. so our voices may be heard because we are sick & tired of the $$$$ hits we take on retired benefits that we have earned and deserved !!!!
    1SG WOOD – Redlegs Artillery Retired

    • Reed Stahl says:

      SCOTUS has ruled that it is okay to be gay in America. Finally, our bigoted military is beginning to implement the law of the land = The Constitution of The United States of America, as amended. It is not about money; it is about Equal Rights (no, not special rights – simply equal rights) for all.
      Reed Stahl, USN, (1967-1970)


    • Or they might actually BE tolerant… unlike you.

    • AMEN! It doesn't say anywhere in our constitution we have to "Tolerate" anyone or anything. "Tolerence" is a term used by intellectual superior liberals in attempts to make any opposition feel inferior for opposing views. This is America .. I don't have to like or tolerate anyone and I'm just as much entitled to speak my opposing view as you are. You can throw law in my face when I break it. But there's nothing illegal about saying I don't care or approve of corn holin.

    • SAD TO SAY IN MY LIFETIME T.V. AND HOLLYWOOD HAS CHANGED MOST CHURCHES…..Majority has no morals. Many are called but few are chosen….

      • striperhound says:

        That plus so many liberal preachers that decided that $$$ is more important than doing what GOD commanded.

  112. First, I'd like to say that I'm a 24-year veteran. I was married with children for over 3/4 of those 24 years in which I received benefits offered to married couples, one of which was military housing. I do not disagree that gays and lesbians should be entitled to some benefits but others such as housing should only be afforded to married couples. Until it become legal in all 50 states for gays and lesbians to marry, the DoD should follow not address this issue. Besides, I could not have moved my girlfriend into military housing.

    • So if a black American married a German girl in the 1950s or 60s, the military should have denied them housing because interracial marriage wasn't legal in all 50 states?

  113. Folks can designate whomever they prefer as beneficiary of insurance policies, however, only legally married couples are permitted housing, exchange privileges, healthcare, survivor benefits, etc. If gay couples are permitted these privileges, then all unmarried couples whether gay or straight would have a claim on these. Think about it. That would be ridiculous.

    • Obviously the gay couple would have to be legally married for the spouse to claim benefits. duh.

    • Shawn Digges says:

      Good point!

    • Active Duty American says:

      No, it would be limited only to gay couples that are married, who have made that special and legal commitment to one another, just like heterosexual couples do.

    • I retired 6 years ago, when I first heard that the Army might lift the band I let my active duty friends know what was coming. The Military can not say that these same sex couples are not married and so not entiteled to benefits. There are states that allow gays to legally marry. These marriages are legal and if they that it to the courts they will win and the military will either have to reconnize their marriage or repeal the lift order. If this happens every single troop will have to be given thier own room. It wouldn't be fair after all to allow two gay men to share a room and not let the straight guy share a room with his girlfriend. The Military will blow its buget trying to fix this one

  114. piss own you

  115. mike

  116. come on admin let me speak!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  117. stop deleting my coments!

  118. Once you let the genie out of the bottle…

    • Billy Cooper says:

      Mike its more than letting the genie out of the bottle. The Generals and Admirals, along with Sec. Gates, were so hot to trot on Obama's Repeal of DADT, But this is what the world is coming to, 66,000 gasys and lesbians in the military. What is going to happen when all the straights get discharged. Yes the Camel has more than his nose in the tent. God Help us. All the rest in supposedly leadership have no :Cojones"

  119. Let's make a vote! says:

    Who thinks being gay is a choice? I do.

    • Sodomy is a filthy exchange of blood, semen, and fecal matter. It causes Aids, hep, and infections. It's a dirty act practiced by a selfish few. It's disgraceful it was allowed in our institution. I'll never follow one who conducts themselves is such an unbecoming fashion.

      • I don't think being gay is a choice I know it is not, because I believe you are born that way with all my heart because who in their RIGHT MIND is going to wake up one morning and say to them selfs they want to be gay and persecuted for the rest of there lives not me but I am GAY I wish I was not I have tried to be with women but there is no fire going on with me I don't think they are as attractive as a hard boded man sorry just the way i fill about it Jim DUDE how fucking of a dumb-ass are you. Man you so fucked up I bet that they had to take you from your mom thru her ass hole for you to think AIDS is from that you so FUCKING DUMB AND I BET YOUR PARENTS ARE TOO!!!!!!!!!!

      • frank you a FUCKING IDIOT man AIDS comes from screwing in the ass some one kicked your mom in the head when you were being born I bet cause they new you were going to be the WORLDS biggest DUMB-ASS

      • Ken I. Slipitoher says:

        Except if you are willing to pay extra…or you beg your wife to let you in the back door – just once, baby.

    • Ignorant

    • striperhound says:

      Of Course it's a choice, and there's been no credible scientific proof to show otherwise.

      The sin is in the act. None of us are mindless robots who have no control over our actions.

    • Who thinks you're a tool? I do.

  120. Enter text right here!Here we go! Another thing…I don't believe there are 66,000 gays/lesbians waiting benefits.
    Next time…pay attention to who you vote for…know their agenda…stop feeling sorry for anyone…this is America…we need to stand up against the liberal forces before we have to fight against them.

  121. militarygurl says:

    I think those benefits should be for straight couples only its not nationally recognized so they don't deserve marriage military benefits simple as that!!

  122. I am wholly supportive of benefits to same sex couples provided there is a means to legitimize the relationship. Until every state in this country recognizes and provides for gay marriage, some concessions can be made.

    My husband and I got married over a year before we planned to because he was deploying, is that ok? I'm sure there are plenty of gay service members who are married to those of the opposite sex so that they have a cover as well as receiving benefits that they would otherwise not be entitled to.

  123. This is a little overboard.

  124. Well MR Goverment now you have went and opened a whole mess of WORMS. This is just the start of what is to come of something you did not listen to your people about. I will tell you that now in less then 10 years down the road you will have to bring the draft back in. Yes the draft will have to take place because you will not be able to fill the ranks of any service.

  125. what a messed up idea. Unmarried couples do not get benefits. If they approve same-sex couples that are not married to get benefits then they will have to approve it for unmarried couples as well. Those benefits are for married soldiers not couples living together. Why is this even an issue in the news???

    • Lady Retiree says:

      It should not be an issue. These so called groups, that represent the gay and lesbian service members are not intelligent. They have no clue as to the rules or regulations, or even what is considered legal. They are only out to get some publicity for themselves! They need to report back to these service members and let them know this battle for benefits extend to married service members only. It has always been this way. I am as disgusted by the service members, that allow these groups to fight for them and something, that is not deserved. You should thank God, that you are allowed to remain in the military. Be grateful with this decision! I am sure the military in other countries are just laughing it up…. Burns my breeches.

  126. Wait till a supervisor has to discipline a subordinate and the subordinate is gay/lesbian. The subordinate will scream discrimination because of his/her sexual claims. All superiors will succumb to this liberal crap and the military structure will severely degrade. We need to minimize the level of liability through our Congress before we become a Third World country run by Mobs and War Lords.
    Mark my words….

  127. dirty corn holin … everyone sure is preoccupied with polkin a brown eye .. nasty. Hard to believe our elected officials, our leaders, the pentagon, the media, everyone's time wasted on a few who want to cram a cornhole .. really a dirty act. Yes lets use accurate bold language so everyone is clear what we're all wasting time on .. a selfish sexual deviant act a few practice … plane ole nasty and crappy act.

  128. Joseph W. Harrison says:

    Benefits go to qualified married couples. Last time I checked federal marrage is between a man and a woman. Until that changes this conversation is just that.

    • There is no such thing as a "federal marriage." Federal law precludes the federal government from recognizing same sex marriage — for example, a married gay couple cannot file a joint income tax return. But the marriage is still a legal one so long as it took place in a state where it is legal.
      This "conversation" is essentially about whether the federal law should be changed.

  129. They will have to repeal the Defense of Marriage Act first, then how will they define a legal/certified dependent. Simply living together should not constitute a legal/certified dependent entitled to all the benefits that presently married couples are entitled to. This gay thing has opened Pandoras Box as many of us suspected.

  130. Tired of It says:

    Thinking about this, I would believe that the birth certificates should be modified where it tells the sex of the new born or even the early pics should designate gay, straight, male or female. All the already born should be required to designate on their birth certificate their choice and have it witnessed and notorized. Now when they apply for aid they would state their sex as shown on their birth certificate. This will help to slow the bouncing ball if it were backed with laws that control it.

  131. shame on yall for judging….yall are all sinners!!!!!!!!!!!!!! my god help us!!!! we all fought for our freedom!!!!! y not let us have our rights too

  132. Odumba, the liberals' favorite president, sure opened up a can of worms when he stupidly did away with "Don't Ask. Don't Tell". Fortunately DOMA is still in effect.

  133. Benefits are for legally married couples, a man and woman meet that criteria not same sex couples.

    • I think that if they are a legally married couple same sex or not then their spouse should get benefits, but girlfriends, fiances, or booty calls don't get the benefit so same sex partners shouldn't get special benefits just for being gay, if they r married I'm all for it, that's the whole part of equality, equal for everyone

  134. StormTrooper says:

    I pay taxes,I work 40+ hours a week,I have a family,I am a born again christian
    i support freedom,i believe in civil rights,I view the constitution as the foundation of my country.I was born and raised in america,by the time my bills are paid im broke,I pay outrageous prices for gas,I would die for my country.I AM American, and I AM a homosexual, I cannot help that there are very small minded people in this great country that was founded on freedom. When our founding fathers came to this great new world they came here to escape prosecution from the catholic leaders in europe, who know reside in the vatican. They had hope for this great country, that theyr'e future generations would treat and be treated fairly, as well as have the freedom of CHOICE, Whether it be right or wrong in others eyes.This was made clear by them by our great historical documents like the US Constitutions, 5th Amendment:"No person shall be deprived of life, liberty, or property, without due process of law; nor shall private property be taken for public use, without just compensation."

    • Only two kinds of human beings were created by God. Male and female. Anything in between is abomination.

      • and wat is between a male or a female? and who are you to say what is an abomination? are u a saint or an angel or god? i wish yall would shut the F up wit all this judging and support our nation to be free…and if that means freedom to be gay or st8 and to be seen as an equal then quess wat thats wat we are fighting for…not to be pushed back into a closet to be worried about your feelings…how about mine…or your kids…i wish sum of you dumb people would think for a sec or more and understand we all are human and we all want to be free and equal…

        • I agree!!! I am a strait male who served for 6 years and if I worked my butt off for benefits then who is to say that someone that has a different sexual orientation os not allowed to those same benefits when they put in the same work. they pay the same taxes, serve thier country proudly and put htier butt on the line for others freedoms. I the government is going to allow them to join any branch of the military then they should not be descriminated against for thier choice of parterns. We are all proud americans who serve or have served and if we work as hard as the next person then you should be entitled to the same benefits.

      • @Appollodr There are people born that present as both male and female. So they are not made by God and are abominations?
        Sexuality and sexual orientation is not determined by gender presentation alone.
        I do believe in,the nature/nuture cause and effect.

  135. StormTrooper says:

    Now that statment right there says everything! Google the word liberty, get the exact definition. Homosexual's not having the same rights, is almost inhumane for any one person to think that they're life over seas is more valuable then any other persons is terrible! Instead of being ashamed or disgusted with homosexuals our country should be more disgusted and ashamed by the way we treat our fellow americans.

  136. Why can't a "partner" be someone of the opposite sex? The same people who yell "bigotry" and "discrimination" discriminate against unmarried heterosexual couples by demanding that only "gay" couples should get the same benefits as MARRIED heterosexual couples!

  137. Until the federal government fully recognizes gay marriages, they should not get the benefits.

  138. Like someone said, "Let them be as miserable as the rest of us"!

  139. Gays are human beings FIRST and military SECOND

    • Corn hole first … who cares about anyone else .. or the country. Let's get our priorities straight. It's all about the bung. Dirty crap shoot.

  140. 23 Year Veteran says:

    What do our laws mean? What does "One nation, Under God" mean? Everyone seems so quick to dismiss our laws, God's word, our votes, the Christian fundamentals that built this country. Maybe if we dump the bible, overturn all of our laws to allow people to do whatever they want to then people will be happy? We are all forced to be accommodating to everyone. Prop 8 goes on the ballot in California, the hard working americans VOTE and they pass the proposition, what happens? The loosing party takes it to court, fights because they lost the vote. What ever happened to the voice of the people?
    These leaders has lost their back bone and can't say NO. Whats next? Child molesters being able to have child brides? Is that where we are going? We depend on the people that we elect and the ones who enforce our laws but their hands are tied. They are too worried that they will offend someone. God does care about how we are living here and I bet that he is very sad and crying to see all of his children behaving like this ; hatred, massive sin. We all need to be celebrating diversity? I don't want to celebrate diversity! I like the Bible and I believe in God. I am one of the people who gets angry when this is forced on me. Yes, I am a sinner, like everyone, but I don't want my kids learning about homosexuality in school. Abomination I believe is the word.

    • The United States is a secular country. Religion is a private matter and should be kept private. Relgion has no place in our government and NONE of our laws are based on scripture. I can sleep with my neighbors wife and not get arrested, I can work on the sabbath, I can worship many gods and goddess' or none whatsoever. You seem to forget that many things in the bible are against the law today: Slavery, polygamy, incest, etc. Keep your 2000 year old dogma to yourself and let the rest of use live in the 21st century. Oh, and if you want to see what society looks like under relgious rule, look at Islamic countries.

      • You must be a nut. How in the world can one shout off his or her belief system? If you chooose not to believe that is yopur choice, but to ask someone to set aside their Religion That is the problem, when I was a child we observed God, Closed down business for that purpose. It is not a 2000 year old faith, It started from the beginning. Just show that you are not one of faith,The commandants of God would serve this nation well. The laws of God is nothing like Islam, You are living under the rule of Religion now, You are being pulled to a fro by everything. What ever you love is your s.

    • Again, the same old line from the bible thumpers. The DOD and the US congress has already given gays the capability to serve openly. We believe in a representative government and the gay community used the power given to all of us to redress grievances. They won, you lost. Follow orders and shut up on this idea of the bible versus life. We all should realize that the bible gives out rules that we no longer follow. All for good reason. What seems to happen are folks not following rules that should be followed. aka…the Ten Commandments………….or the Golden Rule.

    • Under god was not originally in the Pledge of Allegiance which was created in 1892. In 1954 is when it was added after a large campaign by the religious Knights of Columbus, which is why I refuse to recognize the modified version of "under god" and refuse to say it. You don't want to celebrate diversity? Isn't various religions diversity? Maybe we should go communist like China and make everyone "one" including no religion, then we truly won't have to recognize diversity.

      • If you really knew the outcome of that , you would not be saying it, Ask thos that are here from those communist ruled states, It is far from that, you really need to travel overseas, see it for your self then tell about it, and if you really think it's that great leave this country and live there. Here we talk about it, they do not have that option.

  141. Rights for Gays… What about Sleeping quarters, latrines ? I have right now a openly gay E-5 male in my unit… And everyone is more cautious now when changing and showering.

    • People who do not understand homosexuality seem to think that gays are these amoral people who can not control their urges. Let me enlighten you, gays do not want to pounce on every naked male they see. Nothing has changed. They were not pouncing on men before and they will not do it after. Do you think that every woman wants to have sex with you too? Trust me, they don't.

    • Wasn't he there before he was openly gay? If not, don't you think some other gay man was? Nothing has changed in the situation, only how you perceive it.

    • I served 24 years and retired before DADT was repealed, Gays were there already, why weren't you worried then? Were you jumped before repeal? No. then give it a rest.

    • Jesus never condemned anyone nor hated anyone. He offers salvation for those who believe in him, believes that he died on the cross for our sins and rose again, defeating death. He saves those who repent and put their trust in Him. Homosexuality is still an abomination both in the Old testament and the New Testament. Jesus did not abrogate the sin of homosexuality, or the ten commandments. He came to fulfil the law, but offers salvation to those who repent from their sins. Our GOD is a Holy GOD. One little sin separates us from HIM. Jesus came to reconcile us to God. We can't do it ourselves. Please do not use Christ as a justification for homosexuality. I hope that wasn't a chaplain who wrote those words. That borders on Blasphemy. All you gays can shake your fist at GOD, but HIS word is written on everyone heart and you know you are sinning against GOD. I pray that before your last breath, you call out Jesus and admit your are sinning and request forgiveness. Our Lord wishes no one to perish and is Longsuffering.

  142. well they need to segregate the gays/lesbians period they can serve but living with and and showering in the same facilities. It should be are off limits with heterosexuals! It's like letting the fox in the hen house. yep they can't touch but they can look all they want! it's like a living porno movie for them. Why can't the gays be sued over this? other wise make it a no sex military men and women sleep in the same rooms and shower together? there is no difference and any gay/lesbian that says its different is a liar!!!!!!!!! I have proposed these questions to my Step Brother who is gay and he agrees with me. He said it would be great to take showers with all the men and He also said it would be a turn on. So I say sue the Gov for making you shower with gays/lesbians! it's against your freedom of religion to have to shower with them.

    • What an incredibly naive and immature point of view, in my opinion of course

      • why would that be naive? please explain?

      • and why immature? its my religious belief? now you site your opinion over a religious belief? I think the USA was founded on religious freedom wasn't it? I never said you can't be gay or have benefits I think you should. Your are no better than a bigot over that remark. I have my religion sorry God comes first in my book

      • 23 Tr Veteran says:

        You would not think it was immature or naive if you were in the shower with someone checking you out! I have been there and it is incredibly uncomfortable! I think you are the one who is naive and immature! Thats the problem with all of these people, they just want to stuff this down our throats and try to force us to accept.

        • I think you're worried that someone is going to try and shove something else down your throat. That's the real issue here. You think your just that good looking that someone is going to try and grab your backside in the shower.

          Here's a thought! Get over yourself! Gays have been in the military ever since there WAS a military! They want to serve their country just like you do. Why do you think your special and the only one who can serve?

          This is not about sex! Or rather, this shouldn't be about sex! Gay people do not wake up every morning thinking about which stright person their going to rape today. They go to work just like everyone else. So quit with the homophobic BS already. You're really not that good looking. You have nothing to worry about.

    • I agree with you, to an extent. I know my husband/friends are not thrilled about the idea that they will knowingly (now) be showering among people who are attracted to the same sex. I definitely feel it's unfair to subject individuals to that kind of unwanted attention. I'm not saying just because a man/woman is gay that they are attracted to everyone, I'm just saying it's definitely going to stir up problems.

    • Hey are you in the military? Have you ever been? You don't know. Fanasty and reality are very different. I'm Gay and served 24 years and you know what? Despite every Gay fanasty actually being there is not a turn on. Get over it already.

      • Sure did Tom D 10 years. I live in reality. What does reality have to do with my religious beliefs? like I said I believe my Step Brother over you! you couldn't even admit you were actively gay while in the service! you chose to lie and hide the truth over being honest and to put your beliefs ahead of your fear of being found out. Says a lot about your character

    • You have been living and showering with them for decades and didn't know it. Quit thinking everyone is after your "ass…" just because they like same sex. What an ego you have!

    • Well as long as your step brother agrees… That's good enough for me!


  143. Did anyone find out what the Miller Institute Social Research Center was? It's a grant hog that researches for social change among other things. Where did they get the number of 66,000? Must be from the same bunch that said that 10% of the population is gay (more like 1%, if that).

    The individual calling himself a Christian is very selective in his understanding and his deciding which part of scripture he accepts and which he doesn't.

  144. and so it starts… gays thinking they are special just because they're gay. make it law and keep it law that marrage is between a man and a woman just as God intended. Gays have the right to do what they do in the privacy of their own home. Stop trying to to make the majority of us accept that kind of lifestyle. I'm not judging, God will do that. He is a loving God but he is also a Just God.

    • ya better watch out I have had 3 replies deleted I didn't swear/ threaten/ or anything I just asked questions and now the moderator deleted them…. Wow I served 10 years and this is what happens LOL must be liberals running this forum..

      • Nothing "special" about one's sexual orientation – it's about equal rights, Hon.
        I am happy that the U.S. military has finally caught up with the English – gays have served openly in British Navies for decades with no problem. Definately all rights should be extended to gays – no descrimination please. How do YOU know what "god" intended. Keep your religion a private matter as well. No bible thumping allowed – makes you look stupid.
        An ex- WAVE that likes men.

      • Naw, you just probably didn't click on the right buttons they wanted.
        Believe me, there is a paucity of "liberals" in the military and running these post. Most are – well – you figure it out.

    • It's not "special" to be treated the same as everyone else. That's what gays want. They could care less whether you accept them or not. But the government, to which they pay the same taxes as you, should treat them the same. Nothing "special" about it. Nothing about you either.

      • Hector Rosario says:

        I have a niece and cousins who are gay. I don't judge. But it becomes a matter of economics. Our systems are spread too thin as it is. I saw this coming and now we have a pandora's box. Unless this life style becomes the norm (I'm scared for the family unit, which form nations), then it would make economic sense. Otherwise, we silent majority need to put a stand NOW. I see it as a threat to the moral fiber of our nation. Which side are you on?

        • Which side am I on? On the side of freedom and equality. Gays pose no threat to my marriage or my family. In fact, I believe it is immoral to discriminate, and so will make my stand with them, not against them.

        • Hon, we are the 99% and we are ALL getting screwed.
          The "family unit forms nations? That makes NO sense to me. What forms "nations" are military leaders ordering others to fight and kill and die for land and resources – like that is how WE became a nation.
          Gays are families too and have children and pay taxes and fight and die for the mid-east land and resources. And the beat goes on. Don't be distracted by distractions. Tend to your own "morals" and leave others to tend to theirs.

        • I am on the side of equality for all. If our system is running 'thin' it is not due to the gay community, I assure you. In fact, most are single, with high incomes. I suspect they pay far more that you do in taxes. The family unit will do just fine because people will get married as usual, families will have children as usual…and life will continue on just as it did centuries before. Get a grip Hector.

    • I am an Atheist, and atheists can marry without it being religious. Your saying make it "one man one woman" as god intended it to be? You are saying that people should be awarded extra money and benefits for practicing your religion? Religious views do not make laws in this country, and the group I am a member with, American Atheists, makes sure about that and sues businesses, government, and organizations for such. A majority of people still don't like blacks, believe me, so why give them any extra benefits? It's alright, I'll probably be voting for every politician that votes down the shit you guys want and keep contributing towards funds that sue the government and wastes the money you pay in taxes that republicans are so upset over paying.

    • Equal rights are not special rights, and they don't deserve rights because they're gay rather because they're citizens of this country.


  146. Leroy Leipsheitz says:

    Hey: I have a Question: Lets say I have a good looking Nanny Goat that gives me love and affection, Should'nt I be allowed the same benefits as Homosexuals, or say I want to marry more then one Woman, you know: Polygamy.. should i NOT BE ALLOWED THE SAME RIGHTS ALSO.????. or maybe I want to be a member of "NAMBLA" you know: old men who love young boys. should'nt those young boys be allowed the same benefits. Now does that not sound Ludicrous….. If you have a sexual preference keep your personal life to yourself no one wants to hear what your sexual preference is if your Gay so be it, you have to promote your sexuality your not really what you seem, it's like the little kid that did not get enough attention syndrom. I'll be damned if I'll go around telling anyone my personal business. This is just a bunch of progressive, liberal socialist Lawyers wanting to push their agenda on us, by exploiting gays, they the lawyers don't give a rats ass about gays,straights, Animal humpers, or anyone else, they just want to get some reccognition and feel important, and they could care less if they destroy the moral fiber of the U.S. Military.

    • Let me know when nanny goats and children are legally allowed to give consent. But, since children and animals are not allowed to give consent. stop playing this card you idiot.

    • The difference between a goat and a human being together and a homosexual couple is this,…the homosexual couple are two legal adults able to enter into a legal contract. The goat cannot enter into the contract as it doesn't speak any recognized language.

    • and yet another idiot comparing bestiality to normal homosexuality. You're as bad as Santorum man on dog crap!

    • A GOAT IS NOT A HUMAN…. last I checked humans could not have interspecial marriage..

    • leroy jus likes F***in goats…its ok leroy…but no i dont think they will make that legal for ya buddy but keep trying ….maybe one day you two can be together legally….(sick a** f***er)

  147. I have no desire to make any person feel unimportant. I don't judge, nor do I care about, what people do in their personal lives. But the bottom line is this: The only way to change laws is based on a voting system. Majority rules because you can't make everyone happy; it's not possible. From the time we're children, every group decision in our lives is based on this principle. And until gay marriage is recognized on a federal level, the military owes no benefits.

  148. The people here that say its a choice obviously have gay issues themselves. What they are saying is they look at people and say to themselves "Damn, he is hot, but I can't date them because god would not approve, damn". Get real. If you say its a choice, then you openly admit you are sexually attracted to both sexes but you chose one sex over the other.

    • It's an abomination, and a mental disorder!

    • YOU are an idiot and make no sense AT all. Or, you can't comprehend what is meant by, it's a choice. Or, you are twisting it because you choose to

    • My nickname in the army is "liberal" and I take it as a compliment, thank you! :)

    • I agree with andrew and mistakenly marked thumbs down.

    • striperhound says:

      OF COURSE, that's the same ridiculous line you "guys" use to try & intimidate anyone that disagrees with you.

      Nice try slick, or are you really that twisted that you think that everyone has the same perverted desires as you?

  149. The first time I see two gay men holding hands in the PX, I will tell them to stop because it is unmanly and unmilitary.

  150. No AGENDA eh? Our UNGODLY military. Pretty soon one will have to be gay to join the military. I recommend that all heterosexuals pray for the gays in the military and then get out. I imagine you are not allowed to witness to them.

    • Lots of religious nuts in the military – I am surprised. No wonder I got out of the Navy.., please – no "witnessing"
      The mentality in the military has to be low – you follow orders to kill people you don't even know.

    • themarine1944 says:

      mrcava, Im a 23 year marine, served 2 tours in vietnam, wevchad no problems with queers, they didnt say anything about what they were, because they would be brough home in a body bag.

      • and im one queer that would be gladly to assist anyone in a body bag that even thought about what you jus said.

        army all da way! one shot one kill!

    • Witness to them? WTF does that mean? Harrass them because YOU think they are immoral? Because YOU say YOUR God doesn't like them? Because YOU have decided that they need to be converted to think like you do?

      Yeah… I'd say it's a safe bet that they don't want you "witnessing" to them. I'm straight and I don't need you witnessing to me either. Keep your opinions to yourself and let them help defend THEIR country.

  151. Can you say procreation? Hmmm… To keep our great nation and life as we know it, God created Man and Woman for reason! Thanks be to God!


    • There are plenty of babies to be adopted. Two families (gay) in my neighborhood have done just that. They are respected and the kids are great – no prejudices or hate or stupidity like I've read on these blogs.

  152. Its so heartwarming to read all the anti-gay, reglious right, angry white bigot comments. Knoow this you fools, one day you'll all be dead and everything you'r complaining about will be changed to treat everyone as equals by law. Think about it. There is no god and its a man made myth. There is no heaven or hell for the same reason.

    • So you're choosing the Smoking section for eternity… And yes Mr Guest, there is a God and you will find out soon enough. I hope you have a change of thinking before it's too late.

    • I would hate to be you. When you look God in the face are you going to tell him your not here because I don't believe in you. Lets face it it is not a normal act. Even the parts don't fit if you get my drift.They should have kept it to them selfs. We don't want to hear about it anymore.

  153. It doesn't matter whether you are for or against gays in the military (for the record I'm not) but the benefits are given to the spouses. And since same sex marriage still illegal in most states that is the reason why they should not receive the benefits that spouses of service members do. If we say it's okay for the gay partner to receive benefits even though they want to be married but can't then should we not extend that benefit to the unwed straight partners? That is why the answer is no benefits to gay partners. Until such time that same sex partners becomes legal.

  154. Now we are now entering a very slippery slope and anything goes, which means everybody will lose benefits and the military culture will be destroyed forever. Their statement goes if it happens in your bedroom and not my bedroom it must be ok. So folk’s where do you draw the line after they issue men rape kits in the war zone? DO they issue them like underwear before they depart or wait until after the fact? Now the problems go on for days and how will they handle the problems when presented?

    Who will fill the ranks after airman leave because they don’t want their families to deal with somebody else demands. The public that force this change on the military don’t have to deal with these issues. Without registering peoples sexual preferences the military will lack the ability to resolve the complaints and criminal activity. The only solution is working on a win/win solution. Otherwise you are just chasing your tail.

  155. The statement made there is about 66,000 ‘Gay’s’ in the military and their needs should be meet just like a married couple. Fine, let’s start with registering all ‘Gay’s in the military before they advance onto any more of their requests. Next lets revisited all programs that might deny anybody civil rights. After doing so remove all such programs because they are illegal according to our Politicians. Before they proceed with the ‘Gay’ marriage issue they should consider how it will impact people of other sexual preferences. That will include those parties who allow more than one wife, bestiality, people who cohabiting together, and let’s not forget the people who like their partners below the age of 18. Woops I miss one the people who swap wives should be included.

  156. Many of you base your hatred of homosexuality on your religious doctrine. Can you imagine if your religion was nothing more than man-made superstition? It would follow that your hatred is based on a fiction, and your fears are baseless. It was not too long ago that people were burned because of similar superstitions that they were witches. Do you think that your discrimination is that much different? Homosexuality transcends the human species. We see it frequently in other animals. Unless "Satan" is also corrupting the animal kingdom, then we have to consider that it is natural for a certain percentage of the population to have same-gender attraction. Is it a choice? I can't believe people are still asking that. Did straight people choose to be straight? Did I choose to be Asexual? No, I just am, and always have been. I presume that one's sexuality is mostly hard-wired with only a little bit of maneuvering. It does pain me to see all this bigotry and hatred in this day and age. It really makes me consider taking up my crusade against religion again, due to all the divisiveness and conflict it creates.

    • striperhound says:

      The C.D.C. says that when men have sex with men (M.S.M.) they get H.I.V. & Syphillis more than 60 times as much as men who don't.

      Are you going to tell us that's "superstition" also?

      Don't believe it go to their website.

      Your comment about animals is as bogus as the rest of your comments, but it doesn't matter anyway because we're not animals.

  157. Now if someone start making a statement that they don’t hate ‘Gay’s’ means what they about to say conflicts with Political Correctness! Now has the Military include this rule book into its military regulations? When you inspect the pages of Political Correctness they are blank just as your computer screen shows when it can’t find a server.

    Right now that book should be ban from all military insulations because it suppresses speech and the ability to disperse information to people of other cultures. With this manner of suppression of communication people will leave for other ventures when they are not allowed to express themselves.

    Now the subject of people of other sexual persuasion they have an agenda that has no ending and will not table their visions until they manage to gain another upper hand on their present complaint. So how do you deal with people whose agenda is the military but their own personal agendas? Leave because they only believe in a win lose solution and they always win!

  158. One American says:

    It would seem that now a can of worms has been opened. I personally don't feel this is what the founding father's princples was intended for our country. Yes, this is a small percentage, who perfer their life style. And you were blind if you did'nt see this coming, but now lets not just say 66,000. DOD is a branch of our government, if these benefits are given to this particular group of persons then the rest of the united states will follow this path. Our government cannot allow the military gay personel to receive these benefits and then tell the civilian who happen to be gay that they are not allowed these benefits from their employers or the government. This would include, social security, medical coverage, dependent claimed on taxes, ect.. I can only speculate where this will take our national debt in the present and the future. I guess we can always leave it in the hands of the SUPER Commitee of 12, who was unable to resolve the current fiscal issues we face! I am praying for our country and its Leadership

    • This issue will be brought to the attention of the supreme Court….They will pass it off to the US Congress….It will die with the Republicans….

  159. I have no problem with Homosexuals serving in the military. I think its their right to do so. Now with that said, I do not think that they have the same rights as the Heterosexuals do when they are married. Reason, same sex relationships are an individuals choice and doesn't fall into the sacrament of marriage under the eyes of GOD. This matter needs to stop here and now ! Our country is in such a economic stress that could bring on a depression like we had in the twenties, if the spending of taxpayers money for needles acts such as same sex marriage equality. Just be proude that you are an American with the same rights as any body else and leave well enough alone !

  160. I`m a 66 year old Vietnam Vet.What happened to the Military?If you want to be gay because it`s the Kool thing to do,go ahead,but if you flaunt it know your in trouble.You should have kept the "don`t ask,don`t tell" thing now your marked.I wouldn`t want to be in a combat zone with limp hands.I don`t think I would be going home.I was an MP and saw stuff that can happen when you get out of line.I don`t care what rank you are.Just a word to the wise.

    • A word to the wise from the incredibly ignorant. That's rich.

      As a "wise" old vet, I'm sure you have heard the expression "there are no athiests in foxholes", right? Well guess what? There are no gays or straights in foxholes either! When the fur starts flying, no one's wrist is going to be limp. Everyone will do his or her part to defend this country and their fellow soldier/marine.

      So please leave the old school homophobia back in the 60's. It wasn't wise then, it's not wise now.

  161. I can imagine that many of my comments will be deleted. I was very surprised at the hate I read. Also by the extreme judgements of the christian bible thumpers. Shocked really. I thought this was going to be an intelligent conversation. So glad I got out of the military. I obviously don't fit.

  162. Military Retiree says:

    OK, they wanted to serve… and the anti-military Congress forced the military to be kinder and genteeler, more understanding and accepting of this special interest group. It will not be long now until you go to your local VA clinic and you have the men veterans health section, the woman veterans health section (to address those special cases – one of which is counseling for in-service harassment) and the upcoming special 'gay' problems (rodents and paper towel cardboard tubes come to mind). What has the military turned into? It is an embarrassment to say the least. Now that Barney Frank is leaving Congress, perhaps the country can get back to the business of defending itself.

  163. Perhaps, the most troubling of issues I see here is illiteracy. Gay rights or no, please learn to spell, people. Additionally, how can you expect anyone to take you seriously when you don't know the difference between there, their, and they're? Here's a freebie. There, is a place. Their, is a possessive pronoun. They're, is a contraction of "they are." Example: As I sat there reading their posts, it became quite apparent to me that they're all idiots. Whether you're "Go Gay!" or "No Gay!", you should at least try to sound like you've passed the fourth grade. Just a peeve. That's all. You may now continue your senseless and illiterate bickering.

    • Really! Are you that nit picky??? or a English teacher…. either way you miss the point of communication and expressing ones point. Look past the misspellings and understand the point

    • I agree. I think it's a symptom though. There seems to be this "Anti-educated" mentality emerging these days which I find pretty troubling and hope it's squashed soon.

  164. I was never allowed to get full benefits for my girlfriends when I served, so what makes gay military members think they are "entitled" to have benefits for the same situation. I hope the government really don't take this seriously, it would just be one more step toward trying to please everyone and trying to meet the wants of everyone and the fall of America as we know it.

    • To save money they want to cut working age retirees from Tricare Prime and it would be wrong to give some gay boyfriend medical coverage while taking it away from those who earned it.

  165. My last statement on this because the air in here is fetid with hate. You ole men with your ignorance, bitterness, hate and prejudice will soon die. With you, so goes your hate. The younger generation is fine with gays. Ergo, within say thirty or so years, gays will have equal rights and we shall have another gay President. We already had a mostly gay President in Lincoln, read a book before you deny it, coming soon will be an open proud gay President. This I promise you. Wallow in your stupidity, I have no more time for you.

  166. Our servicemen and women fight under the laws established by the United States Constitution, that includes the First Amendment, which establishes the separation between church and state. As such, I'm not sure why "God's" law is of any relevance to this discussion. I find it abhorrent that people would use their own personal religious views as an excuse to prevent any one group of people from receiving the rights and benefits to which other citizens of this country are entitled, especially after these people have been willing to lay down their lives to protect these very freedoms. Really, show a little respect and a little gratitude. These people are willing to take a bullet for you!

    • The U.S. Consitution does have the "seperation of church and state" written anywhere within it. Maybe you should try reading it before trying to repeat what you think it says.

      • U.S. Constitution, 1st Amendment: "Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances."

        Congress can't create or establish a religion, or prohibit it's exercise. No where does it say that the church and state must be seperated. It's real purpose was to prevent the government from controlling religion and religion from controling government. It was the Supreme Court that created the idea of the seperation of church and state, not the Consitution.

    • The servicemember has full benefits, its the greed of the gay and lesbian movement that is trying to press for full benefits and bringing it to our county's national defense. Religion and moral fiber is what our country is founded on-lets not overthrow our whole concept of military decency on relationships that can't sustain a civilization.Our country's servicemembers fight hard for our country and deserve benefits, but extending the benefits to non married gay and lesbians is crazy. We have gotten way out of line on this issue, no one is telling gay and lesbian how to live, but re-writing our county's moral backbone to accomodate this movement is crazy!!!

      • wow the greed of gay and lesbains…was blacks greedy for their rights to be free? n i thought our country was founded for us to be free to live what ever religion we want and to be free and to be our selves so if its for us to be gay or whatever shouldnt we have that right n freedom??? n ROB…i think you need to go back to school and learn your government history…cause your not correct maybe you should read up before you try to correct someone….our amendments are apart of our constitution and it does have that in there…so try again

        • Calvin, your comparison of black and gay is often used, but very stupid. A black man marries a wife and lives in family housing with his family. Another guy (black, white or whatever) has a girlfriend and does not receive family housing, a gay has a 'partner' and does not receive family housing, a guy has a buddy who is not in the military and wants perks for his buddy and he doesn't get it either. Skin color and life choices are not the same at all.

          • Simply-put. I have been in the U.S. Navy for eleven years. My husband, served in the U.S. Marine Corps for ten years. We have a valid and legal marriage certificate issued by the state where we live. Since our state recognizes our marriage, we want to be given the same benefits afforded to married straight couples. We are not 'partners,' we are 'married'–just like my fellow married straight officers. How more simple do I need to get?

    • Go read the 1st amendment again, it only says that the state can not take away you religous beliefs or make you worship who they want. The state has only begun to be separate from the church since all you athiests began complaining. This country was built on "IN GOD WE TRUST" that is why it is still on our currency. As for the gay benefits this country needs to stop giving a shit about politcal correctness and what every other country has done. They want rights and benefits go to Canada or Europe and serve over there.

      • how about you go serve somewhere ….im sure you will do better else where…and maybe you should go read the 1st amendment again and translate it right!!!! n this country was not built on in god we was build on the bodies and blood over every st8 gay and lesbian that served our country!!!!

      • Actually, our country was founded on E Pluribus Unum. Do you know what that means? Go check it out.

      • Army, "In God We Trust" was implemented during the McCarthy era as a way to combat Communism. At the same time, "Under God" was added to the Pledge of Allegiance for the same reason. Both of these insertions to the government lexicon were at the campaigning of the Knights of Columbus — a Catholic religious group.

  167. keekee williams says:

    Who are ANY of you to judge the next person? I have plenty of gay friends but I do not treat them no different than my straight friends. Yes, we know its wrong, but its also wrong 2 have *** before marriage but people do, its a sin 2 rob,steal and kill, but people do. I can go on but my point is no sin is greater than the other. If being with the same *** makes someone happy than let them be. What god has plan 4 them is HIS decision n his decision is ALL that matters @ the end of the day. That’s why the world is messed up 2day because we worried bout the next! Half of u commenting sinning now, but is nt a big deal because its the opposite *** rgt? WRONG, stop judging n let god do his work

  168. 100% SICK "O"
    If that gets approved then I want benefits for my dogs. They are part of my family.
    Whats next

  169. Maybe the government should give NO benefits to ANY military members. Why should the US have the burden of paying a soldier extra money because they popped out a kid or married someone? Why is it that an e-3 who's married and has kids can make more money than an e-5 who is single? Regular civilian employers don't pay extra because you have kids or a spouse, same thing for most government jobs. If you want to use the "they volunteered to join" line when reasoning why to deny gay couples who are in relationships longer than a lot of heterosexual marriages, then the same line can be used for wiping out benefits all together.

  170. Whether you are gay or lesbian, doesn't matter to me whatsoever. I have a relative who is gay, I love him and his partner. I have gay and lesbian friends, as well as hetero, as I am. I am also a military brat, wife and mother. That being said, at one time the drinking age on base was 18 regardless what the state law was. Then the military decided to change the laws on base to be the same as the state law. Same sex marriage is not legal in all states, which then would limit where the couples can be stationed. I never agreed on the prejudice in the military or anywhere for that matter. Benefits are for married couples. Common Law marriage may be legal in some states but not in the military. And as I said, same sex marriage is not legal in all states. For same sex couples to receive benefits they must be married and stay in the state it is legal, must be stationed in states where it is legal, which would mean that instead of equality would be getting special treatment. To receive benefits a person must be a dependent; spouse, child, parent, etc… Someone else in this blog mentioned where the money will come from considering all the budget cuts. Retirees and veterans are already getting the shaft at every corner. If the unions were legal everywhere, then we will be talking a whole different subject but it's not. Like I said, you are not asking for equality, you are asking for special treatment.

    As for all of you with your beyond nasty comments; listen up – sodomy is anal or oral copulation with a member of the opposite or same sex. So all you straight people who are spitting out condemnation – "TAG YOU'RE IT!"

  171. themarine1944 says:

    read the Bible sinner

  172. While the drive to push this so called "equal rights" agenda may be the desired outcome, the matter is a legal one. Until the federal governement recognizes same sex marriage as legaly binding, the the military, being a part of the federal government, can not extend these rights to same sex parteners, because leagally, they aren't dependents. For medical coverage, housing, seperation allowance, and any other entitlement given specifically because of dependents status, can only be given if the serving military member has legal dependents. As the federal government doesn't recognize same sex marriage, then they can't recognize a same sex spouse as a legel dependent.

    • That is the reality behind the whole issue. Until their dependents are LEGALLY dependents they have the same rights as any other Class B dependent, actually more, with the changes already approved.

  173. The repeal of "Don't Ask, Don't Tell" is the death of any semblance of moral authority in the U.S. military. Homosexual acts and behaviors by members of the U.S. military are now officially considered normal, healthy, desirable, and non-criminal.

    From this point on, to be a member of the U.S. military, officer, enlisted, or cadet, you will without exception be required to accept and condone, openly or tacitly, homosexual behavior sanctioned by the Secretary of Defense, the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, the United States Congress and the President of the United States.

    As a military member you are not allowed to simply quit, resign, or walk off the job. If your personal, religious, or moral convictions are in conflict with this official policy you are silenced. In order to serve you must now either agree with open homosexuality or subordinate your own personal, religious, or moral beliefs and look the other way. You will not be permitted to voice objections to open homosexuality in the military. If you do you will be labeled as a trouble maker and sent for training. If you persist in openly expressing such beliefs after training or retraining you may very well face criminal charges of insubordination or sedition. The mechanisms are already in place. You cannot simply “do your job” and ignore open homosexuality. It doesn’t work that way in the military. You will not be promoted and you will not have a career unless you fully support open homosexuality and its attendant behaviors. Officer and enlisted evaluation reports will reflect your level of support. That is a fact!

    “Gay couples sue military for benefits” is the headline of a recent Associated Press article. This is just tip of the iceberg. The door has been opened and civil lawsuits against the U.S. military and all of its traditions and values by active and retired homosexual military members/couples and homosexual activist organizations are just beginning. These lawsuits will involve everything from on and off duty behavior, military uniforms and civilian clothing issues, priority and assignment of military housing for homosexual couples in the United States and overseas, military health care for "spouses" of homosexual members in states where homosexual marriages and civil unions are considered legal (in violation of federal law), adoption services for homosexual couples, use of on base facilities for homosexual social events and activities, participation in off base homosexual organizations and activities…..the list is virtually endless.

    Witness the new official DOD policy concerning homosexual marriages on or off military installations by military chaplains. A policy that is in direct conflict with federal law that defines marriage. This policy effectively tells military chaplains who are always on (federal) duty they can choose to violate federal law. This is just the first step. Despite personal or religious beliefs and regardless of federal law, at some point in the very near future all military chaplains will be required to perform marriage ceremonies for homosexuals or resign and leave the military. Think not? Then you have not served in the U.S. military.

    To accommodate open homosexuality in all five branches of the U.S. Armed Forces, The Uniform Code of Military Justice has apparently been revised to remove all crimes relating to sodomy, certain sexual perversions, and possibly even adultery. All changes to the Uniform Code of Military Justice are authorized and personally signed by the President of the United States of America.

    As a result of this policy change we are now witnessing the pervasive destruction of the moral fabric of the U.S. military. Never before has any military member, as a requirement of service, been forced to condone and support homosexual behavior and activities. Behavior that was previously illegal, unhealthy, and detrimental to the good order and discipline of the Armed Forces is now legal, healthy, and desirable while objections to such behavior are now unauthorized, illegal, and can be a cause for criminal prosecution.

    The long term consequences of this top down “forced” policy change to the moral underpinnings and conservative culture of the U.S. Armed Forces are predictable and regrettable. Our most intelligent men and women with critical thinking skills and strong moral or personal convictions will, as a matter of principal and conscience, simply leave the military when they can do so legally or not enter military service at all.

    This trade-off may be acceptable for our political and military leaders but for our non-homosexual rank and file military members there is no upside.

    • cry me a river!!!!!!! boo wooo…the world change, life changes, rules changes, THE US ARMED FORCES is changing….n i think its for the better…and if you dont..oh well…go tell your mommy and suck your thumb cause we all have the right to be free and openly what ever we are thats wat we fight for…FREEDOM

      • BPOBJR – You sir are exactly what is wrong with society today. Your homophobic rant is a classic rant from someone who is deathly afraid of homosexuals. Do you thknk it's going to rub off on you? Do you think homosexuals are going to convert you? Or do you think you are just that pretty that they will WANT you?__Here's a news flash for you BPOBJR… Being homosexual is NOT a crime! It has never been a crime. Where do you come up with that crap? __Furthermore… Being a member of the military does NOT require you to accept and condone anyone's lifestyle. Being a member of the military requires you to be a professional, do your job to the best of your ability, and represent this country with professionalism and dignity. That means you represent ALL of the people living in this country, not just the "straight" population.__I spent 22 years in the military and never once did I see any straight couple having sex at the office. Never once did I see 2 people in uniform having sex in their office. Never once did I see 2 military people having sex in their tent during the gulf war. etc. and so on. What these people did or do behind closed doors is their own damn business, not yours!__

      • As long as gays do their job the same way "straights" do their jobs, you nor anyone else shoudl have a problem with it.__Trust me… Your not so good looking that you're going to have to worry about anyone drooling over you. So get over yourself and quit with the homophobic BS.

      • jayone30127 says:

        Calvin you are right in your view. Understand this though. The Military rules will apply. No gay or lesbian will be allowed to hold hands while in uniform or to kiss while in uniform out in the open. Open sexually interscourse will be curtained in the barracks. You will see those that are straight rooming together and gays on the other end in rooms together

        • JAYONE Military rules? i can go on forever telling stories of violating military rules. as the saying goes "a stiff penis has no conscience". to paraphrase jack nicholson in "a few good men"——RULES,,,,RULES YOU CANT FOLLOW ALL RULES". or as others say, DREAM ON BRO.

      • yes, and adulterers and straight men who rape young women while serving in foreign countries, should i go on…yes we are fighting for all of this… and you are trying to pick and choose which is more moral than the rest. I guess we are fighting for your lack of mental health as well.

      • Calvin,

        You just don't get it – legalizing homosexuality will lead to the eventual legalization of paligomy – remember it was not that long ago interacial marriages was frowned upon – hell, marriages that crossed culture classess was too. All I'm saying, this and other progressive changes are just the beginning for other changes that we today might think impossible.

        • No… YOU don't "get it." Homosexuality IS legal now! Always has been. Homosexuals have served in the military since we HAD a military! That's not new. Homosexuals server in other militaries around the world and their moral is just fine.That doesn't mean they or we have to provide benefits for multiple wives. That is easily avoided by creating a law/rule/regulation that says the DOD will only provide benefits for one spouse and his/her children. Simple. What the service person does outside of the gate is NONE OF YOUR FREAKING BUSINESS!! Why is that so hard for you people to understand?

    • Amen, AMEN! Wow and Thank you, no better words could have been chosen! I served in the Marines from 1985-1995 and Homosexuality was frowned upon in order to have upright moral conduct that was for the good of the service. While I don't hate the person, I find the sin of their behaviour disgusting! Well put and again thank you!

    • Very well stated and I agree with you. 100%

  174. That's the legal part of it. Personally, I don't think it should ever be allowed, but reallistically, I think its only a matter of time before it happens. There is a historical presidence in the U.S. during the last century that anything that can remotely attached to Christianity will be persicuted. Read your Bible believers, you know it will happen and that it can't be changed. It's part of the journey that the world must take prior to the return of our Savior. It really must go to hell in a hand basket before the return of Christ.

    • yea and as a gay ill be standing right beside you rob when it comes time to meet our maker and to be judge as you are judging!!!


  176. There’s no use in fighting ignorance, arguing here would be like trying to fight a fire with gasoline. Here is the point LGBT service members are trying to make and have been trying to make all along. As US CITIZENS, SERVICEMEN/WOMAN, and TAX PAYERS they want to the same rights and benefits as their hetersexual counterparts. There is a SEPERATION of church and state, so I don’t see what the agurment is exactly? And for those people out there that are worried that awarding these benefits will weaken the economy then maybe LGBT service members shouldn’t have to pay taxes that support benefits that they are so wrongfully held from receiving? One more thing.. These people make great sacrifice to serve this country and fight for every single one of your rights. The least we can do is make sure they have EQUAL rights.

    • i so agree… and would like to say thank you!!!! i served and had to hide that i was gay and couldnt be happy..and i fought beside my brothers in iraq and will do it anytime im call on…with a smile on my face…as a free american

    • Hear hear!

  177. Casisevillano says:

    The comments here prove stupidity is rampant in America. It is not the DoD but LAW, you dumb ass idiots. You expect the DoD to violate the law? hahaha Quit being stupid and get Congress to change the law. Chaplain for Jesus, read your guidebook (the Bible) and see what God says about homosexuality, moron.

  178. This might be a good thing if it goes through, unmarried gay couples getting medical benefits. I have been living with a girl for about a year we have proof that we live together because her bills are sent here. It would only be fair that if some unmarried people get benefits that I can get her some medical benefits. I'm sure some lawyers would handle this one the right amount of money. We're getting close to retirement age and getting married would cost us money. The reason why we would consider getting married is for the medical benefits I get as a retiree. Now we will wait to see if they are fair about this. It will be budget busting.

  179. Being a new NCO I have seen one problem in the barracks that this lifted don’t ask don’t tell policy has caused. Lets say there are two junior gay male marines. The chances of straight marines wanting to room with them is slim. Solution, room the gays together. Now this opens a can of worms from segregation to sexual acts which are not permitted in the barracks. So I say we let them room together, and let males and females room together! Sounds like a good plan to me! So what if u just give those same two gay males there own barracks rooms, alone. Well ******** I wanna live alone too then!

  180. George W. McCormic says:

    Pandora's box has been opened. Now let the fur fly. This is such a sad thing that we have stooped to this degrading level in out society. But in the the end God will judge.

  181. As I read these post the only comeback I see the most is the gay’s saying we can’t spell. Well soooorrrrrrryyyyyyy, while we were getting drunk and playing with women.(what real men do) you were to busy acting like a girl and shaving ur armpits thinking of a way your parents would accept you when they flip out after you come out haha just get out of the military gay’s stop trying to ride uncle sam cus ur gonna get bent over in the long run. The civilian world is easier for you to conqur plus you will be backed by more gays. They got what they wanted and there not worried about the military gays. The way I see it y’all knew the rules before you joined therefore even if it does pass you still don’t get the Benifits because you broke the rules. Any gay man or woman that joined after Obama lifted the don’t ask don’t tell should be entitled. Let me guess y’all want back pay too hahaha if you reply to this I know 1. It’s the truth. do you. And 3. That I’m the Man cus I hurt your feelings haha pull out ur stress card cus I could care less.

  182. Isn't what this was all about in the first place, first force the military to let them serve openly and then give benefits for their partners. What a disgrace! I am glad I retired long ago and don't have to put up with this. you wanna serve, I don't want you in my berthing compartment aboard ship. Even worse, if they had their own berthing compartment, who knows what would happen. Don't use the military for social experiments please, this is politics and was all done to secure votes for the next election

    • that right the vote is what it all about hope the voter will see what happening by cleaning house in wastingtin that need to happen. getthem all out.

  183. The military services (DOD) are a branch of the federal government. The federal government does not recognize same sex marriages. To be eligible to receive dependent benefits from the DOD the dependent must be a spouse, a child, or some other “legally” dependent person such as a parent. Again the federal government does not recognize same sex marriage and by law this prohibits dependency payments of any sort to gay service members for their non-dependent gay partners regardless of marital status. The now openly gay military community is wasting their time asking for benefits to which they are not entitled. There is no law or directive that requires benefits be paid or given to non-dependents. Whether or not you support or oppose gays in the military isn’t the issue. It is current law which is the same for all military members be they straight or gay. Single unmarried members cannot receive dependent benefits for their sex partners. End of conversation.

  184. Killing My Military says:

    God made Adam and Eve, not Adam and Steve, or Eve and April, so lifting the ban was wrong in so many ways, morally, socially and to the service members who have to serve. It was very easy for the lawmakers to lift this ban because they don't have to serve and go through what all the service members go through and experience in today's military. I saw this coming, where they would want equal benefits and the military is already crying about money, so not sure where they will find the money from to do this, but it's election year and it's crazy what people will do just to get votes and get in office, 6 more years to go and they can have it. May God Have Mercy On All Their Souls And On Them Law Makers, Most Of Them Gay and on the Down Low Anyway, so no big surprise to all the support that they give.

  185. I served as a Marine and for a few years lived with a Marine. At no time before we married was I afforded any type of benefit. If DoD decides to give same *** benefits are they also planning to expand that to men and women who choose to live together without benefit of marriage? I say fair is fair — if people of the same *** who live together (unable to be married legally) get these benefits, then so should the heterosexual man and woman who choose to live together without benefit of marriage.

  186. Desert Rat says:

    I have three years for retirement. I do not associate with those who have that kind of a lifestyle. They could be straight if they wanted to. Personally I prefer women. God help them for the wrong they are doing and obama for allowing it.
    Christians do not have to condone it. I do not condone it nor do I associate with them kind of people who would rather have sex with their own kind. Not me. I would rather have sex with my hand rather than with one of them.

  187. The passion of my life was being a member of the United States Navy. I served 20 years and back in the day would say I would do It again If my country needed me. Well times have changed and so has my attitude, I say without regret that as long as the military caters to the homosexual, transgenders, crossdressers yada yada yada. I would no longer serve my country in peace or war. The government should let all hetrosexuals that want out due to their religious beliefs against homosexuality terminate their contract and be paid full retirement. God bless the U.S.A.

    • Seafox – I served 22 years in the Air Force and I can honestly say that you are a complete moron. You obviously have no clue what the oath you swore to for 20 years really means. You didn't put your life on the line to protect only the "straight" people. You swore to protect ALL Americans. So if you really feel the way you do, then I can honestly say that if I had to do it all over again, I would prefer that you stay home and let the open minded people serve instead. We don't need homophobes like you taking up valuable space in our military.

  188. i am a vietnam era vet and a military retiree. i am also a proud gay man. for every person who you think might be gay because they are "limp wristed" there are two who actually are and they are probably standing right beside you. my point is, gays have been serving in the military for a long time defending your right to call them imoral while sleeping with each others wives and daughters. MA, IA and the other states that approved same sex marriage have not turned into the scourge that was predicted. all that we are looking for is Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happines….ring any bells out there

    • you may be a proud marine and retiree, but that won't help you at judgement time

      • You're an idiot. You sit in judgement of someone and then tell them to beware of judgement day. What a moron.

        • Lets legalize polygamy – thats next on the progressive list. It will happen for the same reason you cited; Life, Liberty, & Pursuit of Happiness.

    • You sound like your bell has been rang and it messed up your head. I don't
      think I would admit that you are proud to be part of a sick homosexual
      society. You should have some shame.

  189. Skip Stewart says:

    I am a straight guy. I have gone through 3 marriage in my years. I am a 60 % disabled Veteran. I will collect my retirement at age 60 years old. I am 56 right now. I have to agree with the New gay members of the US Armed Forces. They are willing to give up there life’s for our freedom just like any straight guy or gal will. I feel that they deserve the exact benefits that everyone that puts on a uniform representing our country and yes should have the privilage of having there partners living on base houseing and TRICARE.

  190. i do not serve in the military, but my son does… why do homosexuals feel like they deserve all the rights and benefits as hedrosexuals… if they are not married,they don't deserve the BENEFITS… the don't give the benefits to a man and a woman living together (sharing a life)… so why should homosexuals have that right??… i am sick of listening to the homosexuals cry about what they don't get… you choose that life… most joined the military duriing "Don't Ask, Don't Tell", and now that Obama (disgrace) and those bleeding heart liberals, feel like everyone deserves what everyone else has, changed it… doesn't make it right… i was raised Catholic and being a homosexual is wrong and you should have stayed behind closed doors!!

    • Christine – No one "chooses" to be gay. They are born that way despite what your bible tells you. Leviticus is not God. Just because Leviticus said it doesn't make it so. Besides… If you research the other crap he wrote, you would also find that YOU are a sinner as well!

      So before you preach to the rest of us, do your homework. You have your own repenting to do!

  191. Just as soon as they get the gay rights worked out i'm gonna get some for my girlfriend she has 12 kids and if i could move her on base and get her medical benefits without having to marry her it would really make my life great… but i wonder if i would be able to do this for the 2 other shack-ups i have in different ports or will i only be able to have one significant other at a time…

  192. Armando Pena says:

    Won't be long before they start demanding a National Holiday.

    • DaMoli Daybelringers says:

      Already have one – it is the night when all the dear, darling ones who have been "recruited" to the ranks of the rainbow turn pink and lavender. It is a celebration of strength in the face of ugly adversity.
      At least that's the plan…
      It is New Queers Eve celebrated every day that person realizes that they surely did not choose a lifestyle that would open them up to such vitriol as their '"fellow american'ts" sling easily at them. (Look to your left, look to your right)

      New Queers Eve is a holiday that honors overcoming adversity – like MLKJ Day.

      New Queers Eve is a holiday that recognizes leadership and the value of making a small change to better the lives of those who follow – like Arbor Day.

      New Queers Eve is a holiday that is quietly celebrated by many who cannot be them selves 'in public' – like Christmas behind the Iron Curtain.

      New Queers Eve is a holiday that exists in the hearts and minds of those who know that they will have to be smarter, stronger, run further & faster and do most everything better, shinier just to be thought 'good enough' among the mediocre simply because of the difference of their struggle. – hmmmmmm..

      Wait a minute:: much as a Stonewall Day or other Pride event might be a rollick of color. lights and music New Queers Eve is a holiday that requires vigilance and resolve and a spirit of well-being for oneself that translates to the greater whole.
      It is a holiday that does not offer time off. It can be honored only sometimes, only some places. For anyone who even squeaks of being a celebrant must up-armor themselves for a fight for life, liberty and then – only then – a pursuit of some happiness.

  193. Right now it is ILLEGAL to give homosexual couples the same rights as married couples! DOMA is a federal law which the President, as Commander in Chief, is sworn to enforce.
    Do not be persuaded with words like "there may be as many as". These people are in the minority and an issue like this should be put up to votes. The homosexuals are doing every thing they can to get these things muscled in through deceptive means but it is illegal at this time and every person within the military framework has the right to "slow down" any policies until this law changes! Surely, with the war going on this paperwork can sit on people's desks and take a low priority until we get better leadership.

  194. Give them an inch and they take a mile. Bad, call to have them from the start. Hopefully, the next President can rescind this madness.

    CSM (retired) West

  195. After reading many of the posts here it is hard to believe I share a brother and sisterhood with many of you.

    Such appalling hatred and duplicitious beliefs.

    Our country was not founded on religious freedom alone,but the idealogy of freedom itself.

    I can’t speak for God like many have taken the liberty to do because I am not a believer. I do know what the bible says though. I know many have twisted it to fit twisted minds and then said,’God said’ so it fits their agenda. Jesus was supposed to be God’s son or God himself in the human form and he never,as I recall,spoke of homosexuality.Yet it is suppossed a sin almost on par with blasphemy and suicide. Seems he surely would have brought that one up.

    No,I don’t view homosexuality as the norm.See all lifeform is geared to procreate or ensure its survival and as humanoids that is male/female pairing.

    I also know there is a randomness in nature for every aspect of nature itself.

    There has always been homosexuals in the military.I know that,you know that.Many have sacrificed life,served in command positions. Believe it or not you have bunked with and tented with them in peacetime and wartime.

    The serve and served with honor and bravery so why not equality?

    • The homosexuals have probably been in the military the wlole time. They
      shouldn't push their way of life on anyone. I don't agree that they should
      serve, or that they should recieve any benefits. They need a discharge. End
      of story.

  196. I knew this would happen They should have left it at DADT But no the dam politicians stuck their noses in where it did not belong . The military regulations were wrote years ago and for a reason . You had to meet certain requirements or you did not get in . the gays say they should have the right to serve and are being discriminated . OK if you want to play that card then what about Handicap people or over weight. or haow about the kid that quit school and does not have a diploma they are tax payers too and we are discriminating against them so where do we draw the line ?No matter what the politicians say ,ask a Marine what he thinks .They are the only armed forces that had the balls to say they were against gays in their military.

  197. interested Observer says:

    Say what you want to about the rightness or the wrongness of homosexuality in the service… at the end of the day – the ones who will suffer are the retirees who've already served..
    Before this lawsuit demanding rights (entitlements) to the gay service-member, the government was already talking about cut-backs to Tri Care and COLA for those who've already spent a career serving this nation. Promises made to retirees Long Ago are being reneged upon daily, because of funding spread so thin supporting demands like this and others of even lesser merit.
    Let those suing for what they FEEL they are Due – FIRST sue to assure the benefits of retirees, I.E – Those who met their obligations, terms of service, and eventually EARNED their benefits as a result of their service, Not their CATEGORY.

  198. well no they should NOT!!!!!!!!!!!!! because in order for me to have the benefits I had to be married not just living with my husband So in order for them to receive benefits the gay couple or lesbian couple should be married and in most states a legal marriage is between an man and woman not between man and man or woman and woman so until they pass a law in all states that marriage is a legal binding between gay and lesbian couples then no they should not receieve my tricare benefits or if they do that then they need to allow straight couples that just live together receieve them also becauseyou gay and lesbian couples your just living together you may think your married but no your not you may go through a ceremony but most states dont loo at it as a marriage because a marriage is between a man and a woman and that is the way it has always meant to be sorry you may as a person be very good people but i dont agree with the life style that you live if your partner wants to join the military let them and then they can get the same benefits as you.

  199. DocGay-The truth hurts don't it??That is why you deleted my post .This is wrong to give these HOMOSEXUALS same benefits as straight couples in the Military.What a embarrassment this is to the US Military and the straight soldiers.Everyone will now think that our fighting men and women will all be HOMOSEXUALS.Congress will do anything for a VOTE to stay in office.My last name is Gay and my name has been around since the 15th century.The Homosexuals started useing my last name in the mid 1960's.You tell me if I am wrong for hateing these people.De Oppresso Liber

  200. Ooooh Rah!!!

  201. as the penn state scandel continues to unfold with alledged homosexual acts in the athletic dept. showers does common sense dictate that the repeal of the dadt legislation and admitting open gays into the service will begin an era of many sexual acts in military facilities and onboard ship especially enlisted showering facilities. does anyone think this will not happen in much more increasing frequency? as for the senior officers responsibilities it will become an administrative nightmare and will detract from readiness. we had a decent policy but now the pandoras box has been opened with the above considerations and demand of entitlements for partners. the careers of many heterosexual senior officers will be in jeapody when these homosexual acts are exposed and the administrators will be put in untenable administrative situations or be releaved of command. the media will be silent and congress will want to cover up any violations of behavior to further their homosexual base and their political clout.

  202. To the original post; don't you think there is a difference between an adult and a minor? The way to solve the benefit situation is let EVERYONE (Single or married, gay or not) choose someone to receive their "benefits". The new GI Bill is already moving in that direction. That should take care of any recruitment problem.

  203. PigBoatSailor says:

    Suffrage was a minority based decision.

  204. Retired Army Wife says:

    I agree completely! I knew that once they gave them an inch…they'd want a mile! I don't "Hate" them either, but come on…enough is enough already!
    Wake up American Majority before YOU become the Minority!

  205. I totally agree with you. As an army wife I know first hand how tough it is already for soldiers and their families. I’ve seen many friends divorced and morals going down hill. I don’t believe we need to cater to the homosexuals because they feel laws needs to be changed. I feel many laws other than that should be changed but I don’t go around with a little group of people trying to attract government and representatives looking like a victim of society. That is wrong. Marriage is a not only a law set between man and woman but is a holy covenant. It wasn’t made to be changed. It wasn’t made to have a group of people to debate or seek equality because they choose to defile that covenant. If they want to then ok but don’t seek to change it because it will make you feel better and justified to break that covenant. Doing so through the army is worse. There are so many things I dislike about army life and wish my husband can say and have them change but my husband respects what he signed for and knew what he was getting into. I have to do the same so I choose to obey and submit to those rules and authority. If we don’t like it then when our term is up we then will choose to get out not try to change the system already set in place. If we allow every rebellion to rise up against set rules and authority then our nation will not be a great nation as it once was and will become disastrous as it is looking today.

  206. I don't know. Intentionally and passionately blockin someone else's pursuit of happiness and equality sounds mighty like hatred to me. They pay exactly same taxes as you do so what makes you think you can hold off benefits just because they don't believe in same values as you do? Your disdain for minority makes it seem like you'd much prefer to live in a country where everyone's JUST LIKE YOU, which frankly would be quite a hateful place, if you ask me.

  207. See, what you don't like is that pesky little premise in the Constitution that says equal rights for all. Not really a hard concept to follow.

  208. Active Duty American says:

    You're very typical. You have something that others don't have, and it makes you feel special and have power. You don't want to lose that. Look up the PBS program "A Class Divided". It is a very powerful program. It shows how addicitive feeling superior can be.

  209. Yeah!!!!

  210. Agreed. And the right to vote was given AFTER the senate VOTED on it and the MAJORITY put it through. So, when the MAJORITY votes that gay marriage is legal throughout the entire country, the military will have to reconsider its rules regarding benefits.

  211. I have to agree with you. Until same-sex marriage is allowed in all of our states, there is no way that the military will be able to give spousal benefits for gay marriages. It is not approved everywhere, so what are you gonna do? Only ask to be stationed in states that allow you to be married? That's not gonna work; your main focus is supposed to be serving your country. Changes like this do not happen overnight. It takes time, and if it's really something you want, you have to work for it and be patient, and bide your time.

  212. zeitgeist67 says:

    So basically you're saying that we can deny a group rights that the majority enjoy simply because it's not voted in by a majority? I guess with that argument you would also say that racial discrimination was justified at the time because a majority of Americans did not support equal rights for women and minorities? They are not asking for special treatment, just equal treatment, and that should apply to everyone weather they are 1% or 51% of the population. Besides, people of your opinion are on the losing side, with more Americans supporting it every year. A Gallup poll done on May 20th of this year found that 53% of Americans support gay marriage, way up from 27% from the same poll in 1996. In 20 years we will be looking back and saying WTF were we thinking, just as we have done with equal rights.

  213. What do you think happened back when some states did not allow inter-racial marriages?

  214. hang your head in shame! Your husband is in the Army which is sworn to uphold the Constitution which says, "Equal Rights for all Americans." This issue will be settled once and for all very soon and you won't be happy.

  215. There is no need for you to be ashamed (as indicated below). The US Government says iva the Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA), defines marriage as a legal union of one man and one woman.

  216. State law doesn't override Federal law. Most married anyway or left that state and married……it was not prohibited on a federal level.

  217. Same sex marriage is not "prohibited on a federal level." All states are free to set their own rules as far as who can get married. The defense of marriage act does prohibit the federal government from recognizing same sex marriage (it's a subtle difference); obviously it will have to be repealed or overturned in court before same sex spouses are granted military benefits. That's pretty much what this discussion is all about.

  218. Federally marriage is still defined between "one woman and one man". The individual states can vote yay or nay, I beleive several states do recognize same sex marriages. But, a state law does not determine nor over rule federal statues.

    True, the courts will have to get involved.

  219. Maybe the courts will act, but I think at least as likely that doma will be repealed in the not too distant future.

  220. This has nothing to do with feeling superior. I have no desire to make any person feel unimportant. But the bottom line is this: The only way to change laws in based on a voting system. Majority rules because you can't make everyone happy; it's not possible. From the time we're children, every group decision in our lives is based on this principle. And until gay marriage is recognized on a federal level, the military owes no benefits.

  221. Leroy Leipsheitz says:

    You are right, all americans who have ahigh code of Moral standard. It does not say anything in the Constitution about trying to promote ones sexual preference now does it. This should be kept to ones self. If you have to tell the World what your sexual preference is, then your really not convinced about you own sexuality.

  222. What you fail to state is that certain assumptions existed as general rules of society when the Constitution was written. And one of those was the family unit (Mom, dad, kids, and maybe a dog). Don"'t tell me you "love" your dog? Is that next? The constitution or the Bible does not say you can't marry your dog, does it? Ridiculous? We'll see.

  223. As generally accepting as some of the public US body has become of gays serving openly in the military I don't think you are going to find them as receptive to overturning the Defense of Marriage Act. There are far to many people in this country who still fundamentally believe that a marriage is the fertile ground of procreation or in essence marriage is between 1 man and 1 woman.

    It is one thing for a service member to pick their beneficiaries on SGLI and VEAP. But asking or demanding that the DoD extend medical or even housing benefits to a same sex partner would be tantamount to a federal same sex marriage law while superseding any Supreme Court challenge or defense of DOMA…

    As nice as it would be in a perfect world for this neutrality to be a reality I just don't think we are there yet as a nation.