Copayment for TRICARE Meds Changing Oct. 1

As reported here last month, TRICARE will soon change their pharmacy copayments to encourage TRICARE beneficiaries to use the Home Delivery option.

As of Oct. 1, 2011, copayments for generic prescription medications will be free of charge for 90 day supplies through TRICARE Home Delivery; while the copayment for the same medication will increase from $3 to $5 at retail pharmacies.

The following changes to the TRICARE pharmacy copayments are scheduled to go into effect Oct. 1:

  • Generic formulary drugs purchased at retail pharmacies will go from $3 to $5. 
  • Generic formulary drugs purchased through the Home Delivery option will go from $3 to $0 for a 90 day supply.
  • Brand name formulary drugs from retail pharmacies will go from $9 to $12. 
  • Non-formulary medications will go from $22 to $25 in both retail and Home Delivery.
  • Brand name formulary drugs purchased through Home Delivery will have the same $9 copayment.

Visit the Benefits Channel for more information about the TRICARE pharmacy program.

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Terry Howell
Before becoming the Managing Editor for, Terry served 20 years in the U.S. Coast Guard as an Aviation Electrician’s Mate and aircrewman. In his final role in the Coast Guard, Terry served as a Career Development Advisor, where he provided career, finance, education, and benefits counseling to servicemembers and their families. Since retiring from the Coast Guard, Terry has authored the book, The Military Advantage, managed the content for TurboTap, the DoD's online transition program and VAforVets, the VA's transition assistance website. Terry earned both his Bachelor's and MBA at Corban University using Military Tuition Assistance and his GI Bill benefits to help cover the cost.
  • Joseph Mulligan

    I’m cool with the co-pay increases. They’ll still provide an economic option for our necessary medicines. What I am NOT cool with is ESI’s announcement that they’re dropping Walgreen Pharmacies from their network. My wife and I have been using Walgreen’s for over 20 years and have always been happy with their quality and service. Their automatic checking of interaction between medicines has been beneficial to my wife on more than one occasion. With more than one doctor prescribing as we age, this service will, no doubt, become more critical.
    ESI claims that Walgreen’s prices are much higher (ESI’s words) than other network pharmacies in our area. My experience does not support this but, of course, I’m not privy to Walgreens communications with ESI.
    Can the Air Force or DoD investigate this situation, or is their contract with ESI one that gives them carte blanche on how and who they can contract with?
    Can someone adddress this with me (and I gotta tell you, “live with it” will not be well-received reply)?
    Joseph G. Mulligan, CMSgt, USAF, Ret

    • RetiredNCO

      CSM Mulligan; I too use Walgreen’s here in SC. I received a letter from Walgreens regarding this issue. According to the letter Walgreens offered several options to ESI that would allow Walgreens to continue serving customers, to include lowering their current rates. You should have received the same letter. Walgreens has a petition and you can log onto to sign. Hope this is of help to you.

      • military wife

        i sign the petition as i got the letter. My husband and i use walgreens as it is closer to home and faster then walmart. we do not currently have medication for everyday use so when we do need medication we need it right away. walgreens is so nice to deal with and most states its close to you. i understand for some it might be easier for some to get home delivery and i have in the past used home delivery it was nice but in the same respect what if your option is needed it right then and there and you can not have home delivery. so i agree with your csm mulligan,retirednco

        military wife

      • Hm2

        Walgreens wanted to increase the charges for certain meds,,,govt said no…why all the whining…want to pay more opt out of tricare and really pay the going rate…Buy walgreens stock if you feel sorry for them…move on

        • USN ret

          Walgreens wanted to keep things the same as Medco pays everybody else at this time. Medco is trying to eliminate all but mail order or use of base pharmacy’s to reduce costs. They will continue to eliminate other pharmacy’s as their contracts come up for renewal until they can dictate when, when, and WHAT medications you are allowed to receive under their program. If my DOCTOR gives me a prescription, I don’t want a High School dropout having the ability to override my doctors decision because it will save the company paying him minimum wage 3 cents. THAT is what Medco is trying to do. Or you can opt not to use the prescription plan at all, which will save them even more money, and what they really want you to do. Pay for your meds from your own pocket.

      • retired af wife

        I, like many, have been using Walgreen’s here in Joplin, Missouri. They were the only one, until recently, that had the license to dispense the medication that I take for A Fib. I received the same letter that everyone else has.and had at one point considered transferring all of our medications to Walgreens because they have a pharmacy that is closer to where we live. I am very disappointed that I can no longer get my prescriptions filled by Walgreens. Now I will have to find another pharmacy in Joplin, which is going to be extremely difficult considering several were destroyed during the May 22nd EF5 tornado.

    • Master Chief

      I have notified my Conressman and Senators about this “p—–g contest” They indicated they were not aware of it and said they certainly would look into it.

      ABCM Robert Brundrett, USN-Retired

      • 505th kid

        Master Chief – I’m glad you got a reply. The office of the Hon. Kevin Brady of TX has not even acknowledged my letter from more than a month ago. He gets a follow-up letter this week – along with my senators.



    • The Kroots

      My husband and I also upset with the changes in Walgreen’s status in KY with Tricare…We have used Walgreens for years to work with our other insurance. We agree that this needs to be checked out. We have also written our congressman and senator. Who else should we contact to address this issue.

      • Hm2

        call the duty chaplain

    • P Pascua

      Mr. Mulligan, I agree with you. I have been using Walgreens for my prescriptions because the military pharmacy near my home NEVER seems to have the needed dosage or drug my doctor prescribes. Walgreens has been there, and ensuring my drugs perform with one another. I believe Walgreen’s has done their part in keeping drug costs down while still providing us with excellent care and service. I hope Scripts will change their minds. Plus now with the potential of the US Post office financial situation – then what?

    • wandamurline

      Absolutely…I am totally pissed about that one. I will pay the extra $2 for my prescriptions because I don’t want to have to be dependent on some yahoo from the government screwing up my prescriptions. I will continue NOT to use their mail in program. I guess that they will just continue to cut out all the pharmacies until we all get our meds through the mail. Walgreens sent me a letter stating that they had offered to lower their prices and rates, which would reduce the costs over the coming years, and then they offered to separate the contract for Tricare from other Express Scripts business and extend their contract only for the DOD…Express Scripts has rejected all of their offers…they must have sent some money for a Republican candidate and Obumer found out about it, so now he is reprimanding them. Anyways, we can use them until December 31, 2011. You can show your unhappiness by logging into, click the Tricare button and sign the petition to let the DOD and Express Scripts know you want the right to chose Walgreens as a network pharmacy provider. We can send tens of thousands emails to the through our united effort. I sent mine in on Monday.

    • Marie Harvell

      Walgreen’s quality and service is without a doubt the best. They go the extra mile. And yes as we age this service is more critical.
      In the time I worked in a medical office Tricare was the one I hated to handle. Too many turnovers in personnel and errors.
      My husband had 21 years active duty and 21 years federal government. I am so glad we kept our BC insurance. I told him big changes would be coming and we would be glad we held onto it.
      There is rumor Walgreens may buy out CVS.
      I believe at the end of this month things and changes will be made more visible to us. I hope so and that everything is for the best, but with the economy the way it is I expect Tricare changes.
      You are correct someone needs to address this with us. We need answers and as you said and i aggree, “live with it” will not be a good answer. Thank you for sharring your comments, which I totally aggree with.
      Marie Harvell
      PS. Home delivery is not an option to me. With all the triple digit weather this summer my drugs would be in an unairconditioned mail truck for most of the day. NO WAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Johnie Smith

      Which is correct? The article says “copay­ments for generic pre­scrip­tion med­ica­tions will be free of charge for 90 day sup­plies through TRICARE Home Deliv­ery; while the copay­ment for the same med­ica­tion will increase from $3 to $5 at retail phar­ma­cies.”

      Then It says: ”
      •Generic for­mu­lary drugs pur­chased through the Home Deliv­ery option will go from $3 to $5 for a 90 day sup­ply.”

    • Bob Ericson

      It looks like Express Scripts has the same leeway that Delta Dental has… your own rules and prices.

    • billr

      I pitched a bitch to Tri-Care. They forwarded the lettrer to Express Scripts for an answer. “we’ll do what we do.”


      Must depend on how busy a Walgreen’s you use…several years ago I switched from one Walgreen’s to another due to repeated mistakes on my meds…and found the “new” store was even worse, with about a 25% error rate. My sister-in-law pharmacist suggested I try a less busy store. Switched my prescriptions (I have 6) to a small independent pharmacy, and no more errors.

      The errors were being made by the pharmacy techs…they had no real qualifications/training.

      William Sims, CAPT, USN (Ret)

    • Lori Bast

      We just received a letter in the mail that Walgreen’s contract was not being renewed. We too have been using it for a long time. We live about 30 miles from Pharmacare at MacDill which is not convenient for a perscription that is needed now which also applies to the mail program. We used Walgreen’s when we needed something right away. What are we suppose to do now? CVS?

    • Hm2

      walgreens has mail system,,,use it..move on ..21 century

      • Tired of U

        You know your smart a** little one liners are a lot of help. If you don’t have anything to say then don’t! You probably don’t even qualify for TriCare so you need to go to some kids page.

      • TNDETC

        Instead of being a smarta$$, read the article or go post on another site. If Walgreen’s doesn’t have the contract, you can’t use their mail system either. Now go read “Tired of U’s” post genius!

      • RDC

        Thanks for the compassion there HM2 hope you never age

    • gf2901

      I agree with you about Walgreens. They are the only 24 hour pharmacy in my area. If you leave the doctors office or emergency department you have no other place to go for an RX until the next business day.

      I am guessing that this was done due to profit margin they are making.

      CDR USN, RET

    • L. Stewart

      I recently received correspondence from Walgreen’s stating they are trying to work with ESI, even lowering their prices and have provided several options to ESI and yet they (ESI) refuse to let the contract. Walgreen’s is convenient, with several locations nearby. Now we have to find another provider…..not fun to do when you’ve been in an ER for several hours and return home in the wee hours of the morning and need a script filled. Just more erosion of our hard earned benefits.
      L. Stewart, MSgt, USAF, Ret

    • Stephanie C

      AMEN! I travel and Walgreen’s is everywhere and that is who I use. I can’t get some of my med’s for 90 days because the law won’t allow it to be filled past 30 and with a new script (narcotics-some depression med’s) If I wanted to use the mail I would have started along time ago. Also when I go on vacation and I’m on mail order how would I get my meds when I run out? I won’t be home! Another thing how will the mail order scripts be handled WHEN the post office stops delivering 6 days a week?
      I agree with you “live with it” isn’t acceptable. My husband will retire next year after serving for 26 yrs in the Army and this and more is what he has to look forward too. What a shame!!

      Stephanie C., Spouse

      • larry henderson

        Ever heard of forwarding to area u r in when traveling? That is what I do when we are traveling and meds are to be shipped.

    • Maggie

      We too are unhappy about this change. I do not want my medications delivered to my door. We do not want to travel an hour and an hour back to pick up meds from a base. Sometimes, our meds change or dosage changes and we do not want to wait if we need to start immediately. This is just another way the government is telling you what you can and cannot do!



    • Jim

      I am also nogt cool with ESI dropping Walgreens – When I am on vacation all I need to do is go to the local Walgreens and get my refills, ESI care of us when our meds are lost in the mail.

    • Jacques

      I agree Walgreens does a great job and is easy to use, most have 24/7 Drive thru Pharmacy’s now.

    • C. Fontaine

      I received poor service from Walgreens and discontinued using them about 2 or 3 years ago. I would not go back to them.

      • Tom S.

        I had just the opposite experience. ESI has screwed up my Rx several times so I first went to Wal-Mart then switched to Walgreens and have been very pleased with their service. ESI doesn’t seem to have many people on their staff that really know what they are doing or are supposed to be doing. That “free” Rx list will shrink quick I am sure.

      • TNDETC

        I agree with Tom, I have nothing but praise for Walgreen’s in Alabama and I did sign the petition. This is just another in the long line of broken promises the Government made when we enlisted.

    • christin

      you can sign the petition like I did,hope enough ppl sign and maybe we can keep Walgreens.

    • Bruce Harris

      I am on heart meds., blood thinners, thyroid, etc. Walgreens
      has prevented several major problems by stopping what
      different Doctors have prescribed. letting them go is a huge

    • Shelley PharmD

      Hey-Shop at an independent pharmacy in your area! Support your local independent and still get your medications at the copay!! I am a military spouse and independent pharmacy pharmacist. Thank you!

    • It’s a secret ;o)

      I haven’t read through all of your replies, so forgive me if this is redundant. As I understand, it is not that Walgreens is being ‘dropped’, but rather that they have decided not to continue as a network provider with Humana/Tricare. To me, that’s a big difference. It’s not so much that Tricare does not want to continue with them (Walgreens) as much as it is that they have opted not to contract with Tricare. I have also had good experiences with Walgreens. In particular, they are the only pharmacy in our city that is TRULY 24/7. That is a boon that will be missed.
      I am, however, happy about some of the changes. The idea that I can get generic meds, 90 days at a time, with no charge (as opposed to the previous $3.00 rate) from Express Scripts is particularly appealing. Another thing that I have found helpful is that the majority of my concerns have been addressed by the reps at my local Tricare Service Center. I hope you will find the assistance from your local Tricare Service Center to be equally as good.

    • Madeleine

      I do use Express Scripts for most of my chronic medications and losing the minor copay is nice, BUT… As many of us over 65 we get new scripts fairly often. Some of these are for immediate needs (e.g. an antibiotic for an infection) and one should not need to wait for a mail order script. In other cases when my cardiologists wants me to start a new med immediately he gives me two scripts, one or the first month to be filled locally and the other to send to Express Scripts.

      All that said, the only two local options I would even consider are a CVS that is quite far away (gas is expensive) or HEB, a local grocery chain. I like HEB and do much of my grocery shopping there, but I tried them and found they frequently did not have the medication I needed for days at a time, they have no drive through, no online service like Walgreens. This is a lousy option and is just another little step away from the promise made to my husband in the 50’s when he enlisted.

      We’ve had no increase in pay for 3 years now, but the things that REALLY affect our lifestyles, groceries, gas, utilities, etc. have gone through the roof. I’m going to join the Occupy youngsters.

    • B Walter E8 USAF RET

      Walgreens wasn’t dropped, they refused to renew their contract because they wanted to charge more. Who still accepts Tricare prescriptions? Walmart. Albertsons. Safeway. King Sooper. Costco, Sam’s club, Kmart, Community health center. etc. For your local area go to… and type in your zip code.

      Read more:

      I for one signed up for the free mailing, seemed like a no-brainer to me. It is also a no-brainer that if the mail is late my Dr can write a new prescription and I can go to Walmart. Albertsons. Safeway. King Sooper. Costco, Sam’s club, Kmart, Community health center. etc. and get it filled within 2 days.



    Could you please like this page and pass it on. The page is about service member benefits and possible retirement pay changes which can affect us all that serve. I am not SPAM and would like your support. This page has very interesting articles and a lot of resources to assist you in contacting your representatives. Thanks for your time and support.


    Nick and Jill Sawka

  • Dale

    I have used the mail order option for years, teh one I use is “Express Scripts” in AZ. I could not be easier. the first precriptions way back when I had to mail in but since then when they are set to expire the send a pre-filled form to my DR. when I go in for my yearly check up he checks a few boxes and signe it and one of his office workers faxes it in before I even leave and they show up in the mail within a week for that nice low price, 3 bucks per for 90 days shipping included I get E-mail notices when it is time for re-fills and can do that with a few clicks on their website. As I read it will not be going up. No screwing around going to a retail pharmacy and dropping it off and coming back or waiting around. It is the only place I use and I only have the one DR. according to their website they check for possible interaction. I did use Walgreens way back when and compared to CVS they did seem more expensive.

    If we could get everyone on Medicare into this same kind of deal and act one big customer to get a better deal IE buy in bulk rather than a bunch of individuals using the corner drug store the government could probably save billions a year.

    • Leonare

      I agree Dale, I’ve been using the Express Scripts for years and have had very little problems with them. I”m on the automatically despersed medicine list and i just have to get a perscription for a months supply and with three renewals and i’m through for a year. I don’t mind the minute amount of ehr raise of the prescriptions either for it sure isn’t as much as most people pay.

    • John Stevens

      Count your pills! I have been shorted on an expensive(on the street) drug by ExpressScripts. They then gave me the, “oh that’s not possible,” thing when I am sitting with a visual of the short count.

      John Stevens, MD

    • TNDETC

      Ok, who let the Express Scripts post on this thread??

      I tried mail order once, totally screwed it up. Screw me once, shame on you, screw me twice, I’m probably dead since this is medicine!!!

    • Steve Halstead

      As a retired USPHS pharmacist I can tell you that you will not get the same service through mail order that you get by establishing a relationship with a pharmacist. There is no substitute for the kind of service provided by a pharmacist who knows you and will try to do what is best for you. Recently I had to get a refill early so we could go on a month-long trip. I can just imagine what talking to a phone menu would be like or trying to get justification for this. It is bad enough to be coerced into using only meds on the formulary, but now we are going to be penalized for getting better service. Give me a break and give all retirees the kind of care and service they deserve – DO AWAY WITH MAIL ORDER PHARMACIES

  • soaringeagle

    It will be cheaper to go to WalMart.

    • Cold War Vet

      Or CVS.

    • James Bennett

      We switched to Walgreens several years ago because WalMart was always out of the drugs we needed, didn’t have enough of them, and refused to stock higher supplies of commonly used drugs. Even the people who work at WalMart use Walgreens. We do not have CVS. Here in the Colorado mountains the mail delivery can be very slow and in the winter sketchy. With the post office in debt and struggling who knows how bad it may get. Everyone needs to sign the petitions to get Walgreens back on contract.

    • scott

      not if it’s generic, as it will be free

    • Gordon

      Then go. But don’t complain when your benefits decrease.

  • Frank Andrews

    Walmart or CVS might be cheaper, but only if you have one where you live. Walgreen on the other hand is probably the biggest group of pharmacies in the country. Seems like they’re on every block and they are expanding every year. There is a rumor floating around about Walgreen bidding for a take over of CVS right now.

    • John

      I went to Wal-mart once becausw I was told that they charged the same as Express-scripts. True, IF YOU ONLY WANT A 30 DAY SUPPLY, but, if you are going for the 3 month supply, Wal-mart and every other “Local” pharmacy I know will charge you 3 times whatever their prescription price is, one charge for every 30 day supply. Doesn’t make since to use ANY retail pharmacy if you can use Express-Scripts.

      • larry henderson

        I agree John. I have use pharmacies and u pay copay for every month if u get 3 Mon supplies. Why any one would use Walmart is beyond me. They have closed all the family owned business and now they are raising their prices because u have no place else to shop. Mail is best option for low prices.

    • Lynn Vaughn

      Walgreens has not been approved to cover tricare prescriptions beyond December 2011. They could not come to an agreement with tricare. I have been advised to find a new pharmacy as of January 1, 2012.

    • Arion McCartney

      Tricare will no longer except Walgreen as a provider as of Oct 1, 2011

      • DTCguy

        I beleive that date is December 31st

  • Dale

    Express scripts is and will remain 3 dollars, last time I checked Wal-mart was 4 dollars so Wal-Mart is NOT cheaper.

    Try to find any half way decent sized town in the US that does not have a Wal-mart these days? Just about every Walgreens I know of no sooner than it gets built and next thing you know there is a CVS built either directley across the street or at least within eyesight.

    • tdhowell

      Express Scripts will be free – not $3.

    • Pat

      Scripts generic is FREE, not $3.00. It’s gose from 3 to free.

    • TNDETC

      For those of you who believe the “Free” mail service prescritpions will remain “free”, I have another enlistment contract for you to sign. Did you learn nothing after being in the military??? Nothing is FREE!!! It won’t be long before those of you who jump on this train start asking what happened to Walgreen’s when Express Scripts start charging again. Bet it will be a lot more than $3 then!

    • Shelley PharmD

      The copays all went up -No more three dollars!

  • Dale

    Express scripts could not be easier you set up your account online or you can do it over the phone via 1-800 number. the first time you send your precription to them via US Mail or your DR. can fax it from his office. If you give them an E-mail address they will send you reminders when it is time for re-fills which you can do online or you can call either way you get delivery normally in less than a week 3 dollars for a 90 day refill, that includes shipping. When you are out of refills they send your DR. a prefilled out form, you go in for your yearly check up he checks a few boxes, signs the thing, one of the ofice workers faxes it in normally before you even leave. No going anywhere no waiting

    • wandamurline

      And if you don’t get to the doctor or can’t get it…you have to wait until you see him….Walgreens will call him on the phone and get your meds or at least what you need until you can get in to see him. Don’t want to depend on the government to get my prescriptions…I’ll pay the extra money for the added convenience and don’t have to worry that someone steals my medications out of my mail box.

      • ritoky

        Not true Wanda. All I have to do is call my doctor when my prescription runs out before my next annual physical and she faxes it in to Express Script. I’ve never had a problem with Express Script and will gladly use them for my routine medications, especially if it means saving Tricare the extra expense. I don’t understand about Walgreens. I use Rite Aid for one time medications and I get a print out from Tricare showing what Rite Aid charged, what Tricare allowed and paid and what I paid – the same as medical providers (I have Tricare Standard). So, how can Walgreens charge more if Tricare has an allowable amount?

    • BobVelon

      There is an auto refill box to check with Express Scripts and they will do a refill through your doctor and you do not even have to see him or call him. How can you beat that?

    • Sylvia

      Have had nothing but problems with Express Scripts. Been dealing with them for about a year and called them many many times and every 90 days, I have to call my doctor’s office and have 6 prescriptions renewed. This is getting really old with him!!!! They will not send my doctor anything…not even a fax. They told me it is up to me and the doctor to do the follow up!!! You must have an inside contact or something. Please let me know your secret!!!!

      • Brenda

        Sylvia, my prescriptions, except for 2 which are controlled substances, can be renewed up to 3 times for 90 day supplies. The 2 can only be refilled for 1 time after the 90 days (6 mo. total). Express scripts is very strict on the rerfil of those 2-cannot be filled or ordered early at all. The rest of mine (I get several others), I have not had any problems with at all from them.

      • larry henderson

        Have ur Dr write script for a yr, 3 mons at a time. Then u only have them rewritten every yr when u get ur yearly physical/check up

    • Walter “WJ” Jones

      Would be nice if Express Scripts would send Rx overseas to authorized recipients. We have authorized doctors on TRICARE Provider Listing, so why can’t they authorize the Rx. They give you a Rx that you have to fill locally and then submit a claim for reimbursement. Why the run around? The doctor is authorized and certified by TRICARE/ISOS, but is not authorized to write a Rx for Express Scripts Home Delivery.

  • yvonne

    Neither CVS or Walgreens is cheaper, Walgreens is more expensive than CVS, but CVS isn’t cheaper than Tricare Home delivery, I know because I’ve tried Walmart, which takes forever to fill a script,&Walgreens charges way more to tricare than CVS.but CVS is getting just as bad and they carded me last time, asked for ID after I’ve been going there for a yr!& they wouldn’t take my military ID, they said I needed State ID,at least until I told them I will call Military,then they accepted it. But, I’m now getting mine home delivered and its there right on time& no calling pharmacy or waiting like these 3

    • Shelly

      You are right. Walgreens costs way more that Walmart. I bought an Rx at Walgreens that cost 87.00 and later bought the same Rx for 37.00. Walgreens is a big rip off.

  • Ms.Wright

    I am glad Walgreens will be out of the “loop”. I am disabled, have seizures, spinal stenosis, curvature of the spine and Reflex Sympathic Dystrophy, to name a few of my physical challenges. In the evening 6 yrs. ago, (after being in a nursing home). I brought in my prescription for my pain meds etc. (during the Xmas season)-they refused to fill my prescs. told me I had FORGED the prescription and told me to GET OUT OF THEIR STORE or they will call the police. I told them to call the police, (because I spendt a decade of my life working with law enforcement & I’m far from being a criminal!!!). I was in pain & HUMILIATED beyond words. I was so SHOCKED i felt NUMB. I politely asked them for their names and they refused to give me them. The male rose his voice saying I had a history of FORGING RX’S, and to leave NOW!!. Everyone in the pharmacy heard them. (If I was doing something illegal I wanted the police to come & document it.) They kicked me out but would not call the police!) WHY??? I stood their hurting, needing my meds. I wanted to cry. I spoke to the store mgr. who could do nothing in the pharmacy dept. I finally left– it was cold & dark & I had to wait on the bus. In pain, I went to Long’s Drug Store. Their pharmacist recognized my Drs. handwriting, I told him of my humilation, he shook his head & said they have a quick turn over of untrained pharmacists, he immeadiately filled my RX. I still felt like a piece of dirt because of the way I had been treated. I wondered if I would have been treated differently if I weren’t Black. I want NOTHING TO DO WITH WALGREEN–They are Judge & Jury and they are HORRIBLE. This must be their attitude from the mgt. on down!! You could be next!!!

    • D.Marts

      With all do respect and sorry for your condition, however, I do not believe a word you are saying in here, first of all, walgreens charges for the genetic Rx $3.00 and name brand $9.00 by law they can not charge more then what your copay is, who ever sais different, they are full of crap. I get mine at Walgreens and never had a problem at all, they even call my doctor for refills and automatic fills it for me and call me when its ready. As for them not filling out your RX because you’re black, its Bull Shit, the main person in charge at the corporate at Walgreens is black so you can can use that shit here, as for them not giving you their names, that’s crap as well, they all have name tags, every single one, its company policy, and the store manager, has every say so for the entire store including the pharmacy..sorry to disapoint you Ms. Wright, but you are full of crap!!!

      • L.Petts

        The $3 and $9 co-pays are all that they are allowed to charge IF Express Scripts gets things right in the computer. We have been billed incorrectly on some of our prescriptions every month for over a year. There doesn’t seem to be any pattern. One can be $3 every month and then $35 once. The next month another medicine is $17. We have tried different drug store chains to see if that might help. The pharmacist just enters your info and ES comes back with what to charge. I have to pay the price the pharmacy gives me if I want my medicine and then fight for a refund later. ES admits that they have no idea why this keeps happening and the amounts are incorrect, but they have not been able to stop it. They also take months to send the refunds. I am still waiting on 9 claims that are close to a year old. Local bases don’t carry half of our meds so that is not an option for us. There are good and bad pharmacies ans well as good and bad employees everywhere. But they are being told what to charge by a bunch of clueless yahoos.

    • Jeani

      I received a letter from Wallgreens also, stating that they are dropping Tricare but we are good until the end of the year! Now what do we do?
      Do we look for another pharmacy that will accept tricare patients? My husband is in a Nursing Home and I am confused why they dropped us!
      Is it because they don’t make enough money from ESI and yet they say
      “We salute you and all you have done for our country, and are proud to serve you and other active dutry and retired military personnel and their families.” Are they contradicting themselves? Is it their dedication to us, or their love of the “dollar”???????

      • Laura

        99% of all pharmacies in the US accept Tri-care. Find a local pharmacy or national chain. You will have to pay $3 more per script. The rest is all political. Do not take it personal.

      • Walgrens was not satisfactory with express scripts terms but tricare continued with express scripts won bid from tricare. Walgrens is out and tricare recepients will be inconvenience as always been the case since the CHAMPUS and now TRICARE. Recommend you ask this question on forum and or directly comment on tricare online… Its confusing but an insurance that many would like therefore Tricare has clout.

      • Tom S.

        You must have misread the letter that all TriCare patients rec’d. Express Scripts is dropping Walgreens NOT the other way around. Walgreens made several efforts to find a solution but Express Scripts will not cooperate. The one you should be asking about is Express Scripts and why they want to force us to stop using Walgreens.

      • TNDETC

        Jeani, I believe the problem in this situation is that ESI is dropping Walgreens despite Walgreens’ efforts to renew the contract. ESI is trying to push everyone to use the mail order prescription service. Like or dislike Walgreens this is something ESI is doing, not Walgreens.

      • Go to the following link ( then click on (find a participating Pharmacy) enter your zip code. All Tricare pharmacies will be listed.

        SCPO USN (Ret)

    • Hm2

      move on, get over it

      • MSgt O

        Why are you telling people to move on? They have legit complaints…. Can’t wait till you are in their shoes and you whine to have some jackazz tell you to move on… jeez.. Glad you have some morale (insert sarcasm)

        • CDRA

          I’m with Hm2.

    • Laura

      YES, Good bye Walgreens. The Walgreens in MD are all rude and incompetent. I love my small pharmacy in MD. I will pay the $3 increase. This is still way less then most other insurance companies co-payments. Blue Cross charges $10,$20 and $50. Plus Tri-care covers way more than Blue-cross.

    • atchisongf

      Sorry, your story does not hang together.

    • Clyde

      So why didn’t YOU call the police instead? You would have had your vindication, then you could change pharmacies. Also as a nurse working in long term care and a retired Corpsman, I wonder why the nursing home didn’t call or fax your scripts in so they’d be ready and all you would have to do is pick them up? This is COMMON practice in my business. Often the Dr. will write an order saying “Discharge to home with same meds…”. They usually inform the pharmacy for you so things aren’t a hassle. It seems you got the short end of the stick from the nursing home which may have added to your problem at the pharmacy. The store manager’s answer was unacceptable. I would go to the district manager(everybody has a boss) with your complaint. Remember to be polite and factual. Leave opinion and emotion out of it–this will help you in getting a reasonable resolution to your issue. As to the cost issue, I’m sitting the fence till I do a little research and have my facts straight. Hope this helps. Good Luck.
      Nurse in Iowa

  • Gail Pickett

    I am completely satisfied with my Express Scripts. If I am ill and need a 10-day supply of an anti-biotic then I go to my local pharmacy. Otherwise, I have set my medications up on-line and are automatically sent to me unless I cancel.

  • USMC6591

    Not good!

    The wife and I used to get our meds in the mail from the Naval Hospital in San Diego, and thought the program was great for the convenience and gas savings. No longer!

    Recently I read an article that said meds left in the heat for even a few hours can loose their efficacy, particularly blood pressure meds. Considering the length of time these meds would be subject to a non-temperature controlled environment from shipping to pick up at the PO Box, I’m glad we no longer do this, especially now that we live in a hot climate.

    The article reported that blood pressure meds exposed to too warm or hot temperatures have been responsible for strokes and heart attacks due to loss of effectiveness.

    • Carol

      This is true with the eye drops Restasis. Not to go over a certain temp. We were at 100 F when it was just dropped over our fence. The post office was suppose to deliver on a certain date, said they did and scanned it. But we were here that whole day. It was dropped off nearly a week later as our neighbor was picking up our mail. So we got out copay refunded, but understand that ESP would not refund the $400 plus they charged to the govt.

    • G.M. L. E-8 Ret.

      Express scripts, if you have meds that are temp. sensitive, ship them in styro boxes with freeze blocks that maintain forever. Never had a problem with them.

      • Rick

        I am diabetic and have to have insolin, do they deliver that in those insolated freeze blocks too? I live in Southern Nevada and it gets hot here, how long does that insolated block last in the heat over 100 degrees? I also have to have blood pressure meds, if they do what is said in the heat why would I want to have my meds delivered to the door? What do ES say about that?

    • good point, I wonder if VA realizes this as they use mail automatic when there’s refills authorized. Thanks for commenting.

    • Angie

      So true.Now how to get our meds packaged in coolers?

  • Dale

    Well I have been getting my HBP meds in the mail for well over 5 years, get them in all times of they year, temps of 30 to 90 and they have all worked fine.

    BP consistently normal, no strokes no heart attacks!

    Do you really believe that those meds you get locally are in a “temperature controlled environment” 100% of the time from when they leave the manufacturer, Phizer or whoever until they arrive at your local Wal-Mart, Wal-Greens or CVS?

    They spend more than a few hours if not in some cases several days in transit in the back of a non air conditioned semi trailer along with all the other “non-perishable” merchandise that store is getting.

    As long or longer than mine spend in transit in non airconditioned USPS vehicles, most if not all USPS offices and mail sorting facilities ARE “temperature controlled”.

    • MSgt RP Retired

      I used to be an over the road truck driver and I hauled drugs for a major pharmacy chain. My trailer was NOT temperature controlled nor was the warehouse where I picked the drugs up.

  • Carol

    How about how they do not get the order right? Three hundered insulin syringes are ordered! Only 3 syringes sent. Insulin order is for 5 shots a day. So again an order is sent for 300 syringes. ONLY are sent. They make a lot of mistakes. We get our drugs from Kroger when we start out on them. Only insulin comes in foam ice chests with ice packs. FINALLY getting those without problems. All meds should be sent that way.

    • don

      how about can’t us PO box for pills qand street address for insulin over night
      can’t keep two address in there sys.

  • CW3 Blount

    It is time that our politicians has to use TRICARE! (medical and healthcare). This is the only way that the military health care system will be protected!

    • Elizabeth

      Oh, I would (love) to see this happen, and let them attempt to live on what a retired military member lives on. They’d be on their face in a heartbeat.
      Good Post CW3

    • TNDETC

      I half like the idea, but Tri-Care is what is left of the promise we were given of health care. We gave a lot of ourselves and family to EARN it. Most of congress and this president haven’t EARNED anything. I say, let them live off the salary of an E4 for a year, no special funds, no expense accounts and oh by the way, don;t forget that Afghan deployment coming up in a month!!!

    • RL James

      I vote wth CW3 Blount — All politicians should be made to use this system-NO WAY OUT for THEM.

    • Angie

      So True! We need congress to be on the same program or nothing for them at all. They are our country men and women not dukes and duchesses….

  • Don

    I think the whole country would be delighted to have TriCare available. I know I am when considering the the cost of so called private insurnce.

    • Elizabeth

      The only people who “should” have Tricare available to them IS the people who served in the Armed Forces !! And a 20 or 30 year stretch of life style is a lot more than a few years, and that is a FACT….

  • Mark McGregor

    Walgreens’ own press release implies that this is all about their not being able to charge TRICARE beneficiaries full price for Part D meds. TRICARE (and its agent, Express Scripts) is exempt from the Part D prohibition against being able to negotiate prescription prices. IMHO, Walgreens is miffed that TRICARE will not fall into line and accept the full price charges. I’ve been using my local Walgreens because it has been convenient, and I’ve been too lazy to sign up for Express Scripts home delivery. I’m now switched over to Express Scripts home delivery. My wife already uses a similar service through her employer’s health plan, and she had been extremely satisfied. I expect that I will, too. If you are corresponding with your elected reps about this, I think you should be complaining about the Part D prohibition against price negotiation for seniors’ meds. The current law gives civilian pharmacies (and Big Pharma) an iron grip over seniors’ prescription prices. I do notice that my local Rite Aid, Sav-On, and CVS aren’t willing to write off the TRICARE prescription business, and I’ll bet that Walgreens will have a change of heart after they see how much $$$ they stand to lose!

    • MSgt RP Retired

      I have had problems with Express Scripts home delivery. On more then one occasion they have returned my scripts because they could not read the doctor’s writing. They would not call the doctor. They told me to take it back to the doctor and have him make a more legible one. I took the script to Walgreens and they were able to read it!

  • R Willett

    I agree with Dale. What can be easier than Home delivery. I’ve been using it since I retired from full time work and moved away from a base. We traveled in a fifth wheel for 8 months a year for 12 years with the other 4 months each year in Maine. We used multiple addresses during that time and had no problem. I used both the call feature or did it on line. No problems. Why anyone would not use the Home Delivery system is beyond me.

    • Louise

      I use Express Scripts for long term medications but if I have an infection or something that requires me to take a prescription immediately Express Scripts is not an option. That is when I have my prescription filled at Walgreen. I have always been treated well at Walgreen and have been able to get my prescriptions within a reasonable amount of time. I have tried Walmart but have had to wait hours to get a prescription filled. Whats more they always have a long line at the Walmart pharmacy. I don’t know who is right and who is wrong in the dispute between Walgreen and Tricare. But I do know who will suffer the consequences as usual. It will be those of us who are on Tricare!!

    • diggersatx

      Well, R,
      There ARE several reasons for not using that system – even at the lowest cost of $3.00, when sponsor and spouse (and other family members) have multiple prescriptions it can add up pretty quickly; non generic, non-formulary meds are much more expensive, and may not even be available; frequent changes to meds and/or dosage requires more prescriptions and copays. There IS an issue regarding medicines being mailed to residences esp with the extreme heat. Please refrain from judging anyone/everyone till you’ve walked a mile in their shoes!

    • Infantry wife

      I did have a problem getting them to forward my Mede by mail when I went to visit my parents while spouse was deployed. When it had been 3 days after I was supposed to receive it, I called express scripts. They didn’t believe me because it was lunesta and figured I was lying. I went a month without my mess. The subsequent refills arrived at my home. Four months AFTER I did not receive my rx, it arrived at my home address. Go figure!

      Prefer CVS any day over pharmacy on post or express scripts or on post. CVS doesn’t have an attitude and call me when things need refilled. I am afraid Meds won’t make it to me or will get stolen in mailbox and then I am out of luck.

    • Jimmy Ford

      Why anyone would not want to use express scripts? Easy. I never will unless they make me. I go to my Dr. He faxes Walgreen’s my scripts and my wife’s scrips. We go down the street to Walgreen’s and my medicine is available IMMEDIATELY. If anything is wrong I can correct it immediately. I have everything I need, guaranteed the right thing, with no waiting. Simple. So in my opinion who in their right mind would use Express Scripts, I won’t. This is the best part. I am retired USAF. So I have Tricare. I also have a Tricare supplement which pays the other 20% of my medical AND it also pays ALL of the deductibles I pay for medicines. So when I pay 3.00 or 5.00 or 9.00 for my medicine, all I have to do is fill a claim and I get my money back. So it is like a little savings program. I file a claim every 3 months and get back 300 to $400 dollars. Beautiful. So the fact that they are raising the generic from 3.00 to 5.00 doesn’t bother me a bit. So you keep waiting for your medicine to ship. I have mine immediately. The same day I go to the Dr. as a matter of fact.

  • Susan

    The mail order pharmacy is fantastic when you are on an extended/continuous prescription ie: my husband. However, I personally ever seldom get a prescription and when i have in the past i needed it now not after i signed up with and waited for the prescrip. to come thru the mail.

  • Ginger

    Expres Scripts is excellent! Although my husband (sponsor) still wanted to use local one-horse town drug store, I quietly registed on line, got all his prescrips and drs entered, and now when he picks up his prescrips from p.o., he is delighted that he thought of this system! We live in the middle of nowhere Nebraska so we don’t have any issues with Walgreens, CVS, Walmart, etc. because the nearest Walmart is over 100 miles away. :)

    • May consider, but live 3 blocks from Walgrens, 35 miles from MTF nearby is AFB, and ACADEMY Mail adds unneeded delay but cost effective. Glad Walgren is being dropped I feel the general impression is they are rude is correct. Thus no choice but use mail, if they don’t go belly up. You make a good point.

  • Karin

    I am mad as hell about this Express Scprits bullcrap!! I live in a small town. My choices to get my medication filled is Walgreens or Walmart. I hate Walmart. Plus we travel to see family and there is ALWAYS a Walgreens where we go and we never have problems getting our medication filled out of state with them. I don’t want to do mail oder. I feel like they are pressuring us to do something we don’t want to do. Some people may prefer to have theirs mailed to them. I am not one of those people and I should not be pressured!! Take the contract away from EXPRESS SCRIPTS and give it to someone else!!!

    • bk sanders

      Walgreens sent everyone a reply to this and said they offered to lower their rates or handle Tricare seperate from the other express scripts and offered several ideas but they said ther governent was not willing to change their mind.

    • Dan

      why don’t you just give up your benifits and be quiet.

      • David

        why don’t you stuff it. Everyone has the right to complain about how they are treated. why don’t you mind your own business.

    • Krez

      I don’t want to do mail order because sometimes the medication will change. If the dose was to high or it did not agree with you. I like know my pharmacy is close by and will be able to TALK to me! if I have a problem. The Dr. don’t always know what they are passing out. If my child is sick I can’t wait until the medication comes in the mail. You can’t always wait until the mail comes. Besides the weather is hard on medication. Tempature is an important factor. If I have a script for 90 and I stop the medication after a week. I will have lot’s of medication I don’t need.

    • Sassy

      I agree why should we not have the option to use Walgreen it is alot easier when you need to get meds for infection. You can’t wait for Express Scripts to send your meds. We are being pressured to use Express Script. For some folks who need the same meds all the time it might be the greats thing. BUT LET US THAT USE WALGREEN BE ALOT!

      • larry henderson

        Mail order is for long term meds. If I need antibotic or something short term, I use my local pharmacy. Come on people use a little common sense. Use walgreen if u just have to and pay the difference. I use cvs in flordia because I let script slip up on me. Paid 22 for 30 days supply. U do what u have to do.

    • ranger

      Then just use another brick and mortar drug store and pay the $5 for a 30-day supply and not hassle with the home delivery at 90 day supply for FREE!! Not hard to think on that one…..

      • ritoky

        Well put Ranger. You know there will always be somebody complaining no matter what is proposed. Don’t want to use mail order then pay more. Also, the argument that there is always a Walgreens nearby is lost to me – there’s always a Walmart nearby too.

    • Jimmy Ford

      I agree Karin. Express Scripts stinks and they are trying to force us to do something we don’t have to do and I will not do it. And I have MULTIPLE pharmacies to choose from. I can also go to such as CVS, Rite Aid, WalMart, currently WalGreens, Krogers, and multiple others. I will do mail in when they make me. Period. It may work for some people in some places but I don’t need it. I get my medicine right after I leave the Dr. because he faxes the pharmacy of my choice and it is waiting on me. No problem.

  • WillyNC

    First, if my doctor gives me a prescription it is because I need/want it now, not wait for mail service.
    Secondly, I don’t want my meds sitting in a hot mail truck/mailbox all day.
    No thank you, i will pay the difference and keep my meds temp controlled in the pharmacy.
    I also have been with Walgrens for many, many years, hate to have to change due to a contract dispute.
    Master Chief,USN,Ret

    • usnret

      when I need meds now my doctor sendsa script to safeway and I pick it up when get there. my maintrnance meds come from express scripts az and they come in styroform boxes with ice packs and by ups. I have given away piles if these boxes and ice packs

    • Jimmy Ford

      I agree Master Chief. I get my meds immediately because my Dr. faxes the meds for me and my wife to the pharmacy of my choice and they are waiting for me when we get their. No problem. We also have been using Walgregn’s for years, hate to lose them. Be my wife and I also have a Tricare supplement which pays us back for the money we spend on meds. So every 3 or 4 months I just file a claim and every dime I’ve spent on meds….they send me a check. Nice little saving program.
      Jimmy Ford TSGT. USAF Ret.

  • Guest

    I am not happy about ESI dropping Walgreens. Besides the fact that I have used them for years, so does my husband. He is a trucker and there have been times when he has to refill his prescriptions when he is in Heaven Only Knows, USA. How is Home Delivery goning to help him? It doesn’t do any good for his medications to be delivered to the house when he’s no where near there. Also, I’m a paramedic. If I get deployed for a disaster and I’m near, but not at my refill date, Walgreens has called and got a one time approval to fill my meds early? I can’t see how Home Delivery is going to be able to meet that. My son is in college in another city, six hours away. If he need a prescription, there is a Walgreens he can use right there. Again, Home Delivery isn’t a good option.
    I may be retired from the military, but I’m not retired from an active, mobile life and neither is my family. Home Delivery is not a good option for us.

    TC1 Aline Kloeppe, USCG Ret.

    • R Willett

      We traveled a lot for 12 yrs, not the same as a truckers travel. We used Home Delivery, and when we couldn’t, we used CVS (over 7000 locations) Rite Aid (4689 locations), military bases, Walmart (approx 700) and other drug stores. Before being on TFL we used Tricare Prime. Some times I had to submit paper work for reimbursement. Walgreens has over 8100 locations, but here is southern Maine it’s 15 miles and in Northern Maine it’s well over 50 miles, so they are not the best option here. The home delivery system works well if you learn how it works and use it, it saves money. You can use it in conjunction with drug stores.

    • Mark McGregor

      I think it is the other way around – Walgreens has dropped Express Scripts. The letter I got from Express Scripts says, “Walgreens has publicly announced it will stop participating as a provider in the Express Scripts pharmacy network starting Jan. 1, 2012.” As I said in a previous post, I think it has to do with Walgreens being miffed about having to negotiate drug costs for Medicare Part D TFL beneficiaries, which they do not have to do with other Part D insurers. This was obviously an oversight when congress passed the Part D legislation, and I’m guessing that there will be an attempt to rectify that, which will definitely increase TFL prescriptions.

  • jeannehamilton

    What are we supposed to do about controlled substance scripts that have to be physically picked up at the doctor’s office once a month? We can’t do those by mail, so I see no choice but to pay more. Any comments on this?

    • robsarge

      Exactly! Express Script is only for “maintenance” drugs…Some of the controlled stuff I’m saddled with still have to be picked up locally, And geez…don’t go on vacation and need something…a controlled substance can ONLY be transferred 1 time…when you get back home you have to go back to doctor and have it re-written! (Maybe this is only CVS’ rule?)

    • Earl Stephens

      Correct me if I am wrong but Express Scripts accepts controlled substance (Schedule 2 narcotics) for 30 day supply either by mail from you or by FAX from the doctors office. The FAX MUST be from your doctors office for them to accept it.

      • Brenda

        express-scripts will fill certain narcotic scripts for 90 days, but no order can be faxed in from the physician. You must mail it in & some (sleeping pill, muscle relaxer) can only be renewed for 6 months total.

      • Laura

        There is no faxing permitted for Schedule 2 narcotics. However, your doctor can write for a 3-month supply of schedule 2.

    • Krez

      I agree!

    • Laura

      Actually, Your Doctor can write for a three month supply for schedule 2 controlled drugs ie; adderall,percocet. Also for scedule 3-5 he/she can write for a 6-12 month script. So call them and you dr.

    • janice rice

      I Have the same type meds where I have to have an actual signed prescription every month and I go to Walgreens for it. The rest I do home delivery but there is ALWAYS meds you need to fill right away(such as antibiotics for example)you know the ones for children with flu and ear infections. I think IS should consider working with Walgrens. There has to be some way to come to an agreement.
      I really hope all these postings get to the the people who can make a differance and help us.
      Married to Retired Army SFC

    • marciejoy

      My husband is a former pharmacist, retired military. You can get a 90-day supply of Schedule II meds via Express Scrips, but you do need to sign a slip the mailman has for it. The doctor must write the prescription that has the number of tablets for the 90 days. This can be done with retail pharmacies, too. However, if you take your rx, written for a 90 day supply, to the base, they will give you only a 30-day supply. ALL Schedule II med prescriptions must be presented to any pharmacy in the written form — no faxes or phone call prescribiing allowed. My husband knows this stuff not only because he’s a retired pharmacist, but because he’s on two different Schedule II pain meds.

    • peggy

      I found this on the Tricare Pharmacy sight – I thought it would be helpful to those of you who have controlled substance prescriptions – They are not refillable – but you can get them through the mail order pharmacy.

      “The home delivery pharmacy can fill a prescription for a controlled substance. Your prescribing provider must provide his or her individual Drug Enforcement Administration number on the prescription and a complete street address. An adult’s signature is required upon delivery.

      Some controlled substances are not refillable by law. Check with your provider.”

  • Nick N

    My biggest concern about mail order drugs is that they come from a reputable and licensed drug company, not some back room operation somewhere in China. In the past I’ve heard some horror stories about the quality of mail order drugs.

    • Hm2

      pay out of pocket at your local drug store,,,,stop whining…mail order is sthe best benefit we have..

    • Laura

      The drugs you get from the retail pharmacy come from the same place as mail order. Next time your at the pharmacy ask what country they came from and ask to see the original bottle.

    • Laura

      They all come from the same place. Most of prescriptions filled in the US come from other countries.Retail or mail order.

  • Bruce Larrabee

    It loks like there is a contradictory statement in this message. The second statement says “Generic formulory drugs purchased from Home Delivery for a 90 day supply will go from $3 to $5”. I thought this was was going to be free as of Oct. 1 – am I reading this wrong?

    • Marie

      I read it the same way.
      As of Oct. 1, 2011, copay­ments for generic pre­scrip­tion med­ica­tions will be free of charge for 90 day sup­plies through TRICARE Home Deliv­ery; while the copay­ment for the same med­ica­tion will increase from $3 to $5 at retail phar­ma­cies.
      Then further on it states:
      Generic for­mu­lary drugs pur­chased through the Home Deliv­ery option will go from $3 to $5 for a 90 day sup­ply.

    • Andrea Moses

      I read the same thing. I’m confused also by that statement. It is contradicting itself.

    • R Thomas

      I did the same thing, confused generic with formulary…..

    • diane

      Go to Tricare website–… — it explains all in detail.

      • Pamela

        I still am not clear on it. I read the link info, but it is still showing the statement contradicting itself.

    • Greg

      I read it as mail out service would be free. Drug store pick-ups would increase to $5. Sounds to me like extortion. Use our mail system or pay even more than before.

      • ritoky

        Greg, it’s not extortion. It’s a cheaper way for Tricare to provide you with the medications you need. If it helps cut down on Tricare’s expenses it then becomes one argument for congress not to raise copays, etc in an attempt to balance the budget. What’s wrong in helping your insurance company save money, especially when you don’t pay anything for the medical coverage to begin with (at least with Tricare Standard).

        • TNDETC

          Not sure how you got your Tricare coverage but if you are active military or retired you most certainly DID pay for it!!!

    • KansasProspector

      Duh, Read it again. It is very clear what is printed in the release..

  • Bill Thompson

    I started with Express scripts about six months ago and to date have only good things to say about them. I have found them to be fantastic communicators, very helpful in identifying conflicks on drug interactiion and they give you plenty of warning when they are going to ship. I think some people are just not that secure with mail order but my experiance has been excellant so far.

  • Bill Hamlett

    I have used Express Scripts for 16 years and have only recently had some billing problems, (electronic payments they have deposited and still say I owe), but I am for the most, satisfied with thier services. I do feel it is unfair that I will, as I understand, be paying more for my 10-30 supply of meds that are sometimes perscribed by my GP or specialists. I have used Walgreens for the last five years for these meds and have NEVER had a problem. My Walgreens is always courtious and efficient. Hate to see them go at the end of the year! How long beforew CVS and Rite-Aid go the same route? I see my co-workers struggleing to pay twice per month what I pay for medical insurance in a year. These slight increases are not as bad as everyone makes them out to be. Be thankful TriCare is there for us! I am only 60% disabled and and can work to make up this miniscule increase.

  • Hospital Corpsman

    We all have a choice. I prefer home delivery

    but understand the need to use a local pharmacy.

    We all need to make changes and be thankful

    As retired members of the military we have this

    benefit. If you can get it for free or $3 for a 90

    day supply what’s the issue. You had to suck it

    Up and deal with it when you were on Active

    Duty, consider this your contribution to reducing

    The deficit. No matter what side your on, every

    One can make a good case.

  • Veronica A. Taylor

    Express Scripts is the ONLY way to go. Simple, inexpensive, and without having to wait in lines. Veronica, Michigan

  • Carol

    Ok…which is the correct copayment for a 90 day supply of generic formulary meds from home delivery? The initial paragraph in the article says it will be free of charge, but the list below that says it will increase from $3 to $5. Confused!

  • Sandy Anderson

    It is confusing. Is home delivery for generics free or $5!

  • Chuck

    I have had some serious problems with Express Scripts. 3 times on refills for my heart meds, they decided I didn’t need what the Dr ordered. Since I had spent a lot of time in the hospital, I had extra meds, so I made it through ok. Have taken all of my meds to a military pharmacy and only 1 (heart med) to a Target store. I will pay extra rather than to go through that again and to put up with the lack of help from Express Scripts. No more waiting 30 days and umteen phones calls.

  • Jackson

    They are messing with our Tricare. Our retirement is next on the schedule for certain politicians! CMSGT Jackson (ret)

  • Sandy Anderson

    If you can go to a military facility has there ben a change in their prices?

    • Greta

      I get most of my rx’s at a military facility and pay nothing for them. I had to call the pharmacy there the other day to see if they carried a medicine that had been prescribed for me and they told me they’re trying to get in more medicines to keep people going there and not having to pay anything. I hope that’s right, I don’t mind getting the others through ESI but FREE is still the best way to go.

  • Richard Mastera

    Use Express Scripts for all yourr meds and have your Doctor fax the script to them. No problems and less cost.

  • Rizzo72

    Even though it’s not a huge increase, it’s still an average of 38.6% higher an increase than the pay raise out heroes will get in 2012. Just another fact of military life getting tougher in the home. And the scum of the earth selling their food stamps for cash to buy illegal drugs are still breathing our good air.

  • A. Merwin

    Our letter that came in the mail said that generics for 90 day supply would be free. I too am confused by the above stating it would be $5.00.

    • peggy

      It states zero for home delivery and 5.00 for retail l pharmacy –

  • Sandi

    I don’t have a problem with the price change, but dropping Walgreens bothers me. I have been having a problem with dosage of a medication. So every six weeks my doctor changes my dosage. We have a walmart, but going into that store and waiting in line takes approximately 1 hour. Walgreen drive thru is 10 minutes.

  • billy stone

    Three years with no cola increase, decreased medical benefits, and now this. The yearly premium will increase next and it isn’t far off. All this after Obama gave a big speech to a group of veterans only days ago that “He absolutely would not allow the federal budget to be balanced on the backs of veterans”. Believe me, this is the tip of the ice burg. I don’t plan on getting my retirement the rest of my life as promised. I fully expect america to renig and screw me out of it.
    How could I have been so stupid as to entrust my future to my countries government?

  • clarence

    this is right to keep adding costs to the military, and forcing veterans to use 90 day home delivery. the mail service is terrible, and may go out of bussiness. If anyboby should pay more and have to use normal heathcare it should be congress and the white house. I think all federal workers should have to come under same rules as military.

  • DonZ

    I just want my secondary to reimburse the $9.00 fee I pay for express scripts. Isn’t there a way to file to my this to my secondary which I pay dearly for to repay me for this cost?

    • UJohnston

      I always file the EOB’s from Express Scripts with my secondary and always get reimbursed. Just fill out a claim form and submit them.

    • Laura


    • peggy

      Tricare and Tricare for Life are payers of last resort unless Medicaid is involved. If you have another insurance that pays medications I believe it would be the primaray payer and Tricare would be your supplemental – unless you have purchased a Tricare supplemental policy.

  • Bob

    The Gov’t wants to push the mail order stuff on us but NOBODY has considered what happens to drugs that are mailed to Phoenix, AZ when it is 115 degrees??
    They just had that on the news here in PHX recently. Bad news.
    Course, I guess if they KILL a few of us vets, that is less they will have to pay out!

    • guest

      I get my meds from express scrips phoenix and they send them in styrofoam with ice packs via UPX . the non temp sensitive come in insulated bags in two days via usps to chino valley. never a problem and I take 10 pills a day and have for 8 years

  • RRainwate

    What am I misunderstanding in the apparently contradictory statements in the original article about generics via Home Delivery?

    One says “free of charge of 90 day supplies through TRICARE Home Delivery,” while the other says there’s an increase from $3 to $5.

    “As of Oct. 1, 2011, copay­ments for generic pre­scrip­tion med­ica­tions will be free of charge for 90 day sup­plies through TRICARE Home Deliv­ery . . . . ”

    “The fol­low­ing changes to the TRICARE phar­macy copay­ments are sched­uled to go into effect Oct. 1:
    Generic for­mu­lary drugs pur­chased through the Home Deliv­ery option will go from $3 to $5 for a 90 day sup­ply.”

    • Retired AF

      Apparently someone caught the mistake because the statement now clearly says “Generic formulary drugs purchased through the home delivery option will go from $3 to $0 for a 90 day supply.”

  • Louise

    SOme of the comments posted in favor of mail order scripts say they receive in a PO box what about rural delivery, has anyone hada problem with someone taking the medicines from the mail box? And in reply to Bruce I read the article the same way you did Home Delivery for a 90 days supply will go from $3. to $5.

    • Retired AF

      I receive my meds through home delivery in my mail box on the road in the country……the meds are mailed in a heavy white plastic bag with no markings and it is machine sealed……never had a problem (knock on wood)

  • Adriaan

    My only comment is that my drug store is right up the street. The US Postal Service provides excellent service, while it lasts; but it still take longerm no matter how many days woth of prescriptions I get. I like talking to a real person about real medicine that keeps me alive, It is not just about MONEY, at least not for me. Funny thing is though, I am not making one dollar more than I did before. Shot, over! MGySGt USMC/retired and living as close to my post office as I do my drug store; and I can get my meds quicker by car!

    • GFW (USAF Ret)

      I couldn’t agree more with everything you said. Don’t care how much they charge me for getting my Rx at my local drug store. It’s still tax deductable.

  • Carol

    The problem isn’t “reading the article” one way or the other! The article says FREE in the first paragraph and “increase from $3 to $5” in the list of changes below that. If you live near a military treatment facility, there is never a charge for any meds they are allowed to have in their pharmacy. All meds on the “Basic Core Formulary” list are required to be available at the MTFs.

  • Jose Ramirez

    I am sorry that ESI is dropping Wal-Greens. Never had a problem. The best thing to do is get your meds on-base, if they are available. I do not like ESI mail delivery because as mentioned above medications are in delivery trucks and buildings with no temperature control. I live in San Antonio, Texas where we have had well over 50 days of 100 plus degree weather, and can you imagine the drugs sitting out in the cluster mail box in direct sunlight for several hours? Not good. I know ESI is well intentioned to try & save money, but I do not think the contract negotiators are thinking about the environmental conditions the home delivery medications are expose to. Jose Ramirez, SMSgt, USAF, Retired

  • BK Sanders

    What they don’t realize is every time you get a new prescription that requires immediate filling;ie: antibiodics, or any drug that requires immediate use MUST be filled at a retail pharmacy because that kind of meds can’t wait 4-5 weeks to get back from home delivery so we will be penalized by having to pay a higher price. It’s really just a sneaky way to raise tricare rates. They have been promising for months not to raise rates on tricare but it seems all they are interested in is hurting the people over 65 in any way possible. The Obama Care mess and all the cuts in Medicare and now TriCare for life.

  • Cody

    I agree with using the mail order scripts, but to increase the rate on meds that are needed the same day is not fair to me. So, do they expect you to mail order your antboitics for pneumonia, wound infection, etc and wait a few days while the infection gets worse. This extends further… what if someone with heart trouble must get a large dose of a water pill to remove excess water. Now they must wait 2-4 business day at a minimum to get their medication while the fluid builds and their condition worsens. I don’t agree with “forcing” you into using mail order medications by increasing the rate on already fixed incomes.

  • sailray2u

    75% of the time i use Walgreens even though i have to drive 17 miles one way. yes i can talk to a real person at Express scripts after punching numerous buttons and waiting for a time. Then they tell me my script has been recieved and it will be entered for filling within 2-3 days and then a 7-10 days wait for shipping. the fastest i ever reciever meds from express scripts was 6 days. The longest was 18 days and that was delevered by DHL.the longest it took by Walgreens CVS or wal-mart was the time it took me to drive there. Always 1 day service.

  • Mark H

    Not too long ago, I had a prescription for an injectible. ExpressScripts charged $9 for 6 syringes (90 day supply) and forgot the needles. When I called, they said the copay for the needles would also be $9. I went to Walgreens and bought 6 syringes and needles for a total cost of $0.90 + tax OTC price! When I asked Express Scripts why the huge price differential – $18 vs $0.90 ($0.97 with sales tax included), for the same item, they advised me that was the negotiated price and it was to save me money! Seems to me like I saved $17.03 by not using Express Scripts. This is only exceeded in stupidity by the empty bottle they sent of a $22 non-formulary med (that, fortunately was only $25 at the local pharmacy) or the prescription they never received (although they cashed the check included with it)! Walgreens has treated me well, as long as Express Scripts’ servers weren’t “down for maintenance or updating.”

  • 4under4

    Well this does not surprise me one bit with Tricare and our govt! It’s very inconvenient and just one more thing they are taking away. I have 4 young children and Walgreens is the closest and most convenient. It’s obvious they are not at all worried about the military members and their families. This mail order stuff is for the birds. It seems they are trying to make it as difficult to be able to get a prescription as it is to actually get a doctor appt within a reasonable timely matter! Typical!

    • Steve

      If you have a local small, Mom & Pop type pharmacy, Use it.

  • Randy Harper

    I do have reserves about the Express scripts because it is unknown where the prescriptions are being processed; however, on the flip side. It is a great benefit to the families that need prescriptions at no cost for a 90 day supply. I will make the change for my family and hopefully we will have a positive experience. I have read some of the other comments and feel much better about this new experience for my family.


    I agree with BruceLarrabee. I read the same statement that Generic Drugs purchased from Home Delivery would be free effective Oct 1, 2011. Is this TRUE OR NOT TRUE – YOU CAN’T HAVE IT BOTH WAYS.


    I agree with Bruce Larrabee – I read the same statement and understtod it to mean that effective Oct 1, 2011 Generic Drugs from home delivery will be free? My wife an I have been using Express Script for years, I don.t care for retail pharmacies, so please explain is the statement true or false
    that effective Oct 1, 2011 eneric Drugs will be free for a 90 day supply. Thank you.

  • diggersatx

    Regarding the multiple posts on co-payment statement: This appears to be an error on this site. Look at the express-scripts dot com table: TRICARE generic is $5 for 30day supply from retail and $0 for 90day supply from mail-order

  • Zippy

    What about controlled drugs? I take Ambien (generic) and in SC you can only get a 30-day supply at the time and must present photo ID to show that you are indeed the person that the medicine is prescribed for. Do I really want these sitting in my rural mailbox? Can you even get a 90-day supply in SC? What if they are taken from my mailbox before I can get home? I’m sorry, but I like talking to a pharmacist. I have learned more what I can expect (and things I should avoid) from my pharmacist because that is what they are trained in. Doctors get their information FROM the pharmacists about drug interactions, etc. Don’t take away my face-to-face interaction with the one person who looks out for me regarding drug interactions including OTC drugs that aren’t in the computer!

    • NursePO

      Absolutely right on! I take a benzo that is a controlled drug and the doctor can only prescribe at 30 days at a time. It varies by state. If you can’t make it to the appointment with the doc….which happened to me twice starting a new job….then your just out of luck. Another drug I take only comes in 90 day packs but even though its a generic, its non formulary…..yet still saves a trip to the doc to only once every 6 months. Ehhh…..people aren’t thinking. 45 days of the controlled substances would work a little better with this system. I live in an area where they CAN get stolen out of mailbox, so may as well drive to get it filled. One day off the narc, and people can seize….I’m a nurse ad have to watch out for this everyday with the patients. People do NOT think….

      • LI1usn

        One thing you might want to do so that you don’t miss appointment and subsequently miss meds is ask you Doctor if you can use e-mail to issue a script (to Rite-aid or Walgreen’s)rather than an appointment. My wife does that for a couple of the18 that she takes and she does have one or two that she has to get filled every thirty days. Just a thought to help.

    • arwest21

      I was wondering the same thing! I started taking Adderall XR almost three months ago and I have to pick up the prescription at the doctor’s office once a month and then hand deliver it to the pharmacy. Plus, when I went to get it refilled the other day, I had three days worth left on the previous prescription and they wouldn’t fill it until the next day, so apparently there is a limit as to when you can have it refilled too.

  • UJohnston

    According to the TRICARE website, effective October 1, 2011 there will be NO copay charge for a 90 day supply of generic drugs, so ignore the contradiction at the beginning of this blog. Check the new copays here:

  • Aaron

    Well I was sent the information in the mail to go Express Scrip . But they only had two of my meds on the paper that would be covered. I called thinking maybe a mistake why are not all of my meds on the paper they have through the service.Again I was told thats all they would send through the express mail service.So its not at all the best way to go for me. I guess I am confused if they dont cover all my meds through the service then why should they go up on my meds at the store if I still have to go there to get them and they want mail them to me?

  • kathy

    I have had problems over problems with express scripts and was deeply
    horrified when I found out tricare gave them the home delivery contract. They messed up my heart meds, held my pain med presc and not until I called and called did I get back in 3 weeks!!! still unfilled…They also mishandle our pharmacy presc when we reach catastrophic cap they still try to charge us, and say its a glitch in the system…I am sick of it…they have caused me to almost die and to be in severe pain…this has not happened locally AND my local pharmacist has saved my life twice with meds I was not supposed to take!

  • Thomas

    I just love it, I have been going to CVS sience I retired in 97 a couple of blocks from my house. Ft. Jackson is 18 miles away and they carry about half f what I need. Mail Order sucks, I used it a few times, I get it late or the carriers will take it to the wrong address. So we have to pay higher prices, do we get a pay raise? It looks like the Gov. stuck it to us again. CMSGT. Cayce SC.


      Hey partner, I live a mile below the base, not far from Wally World and I use the base all the time. Yes there are a lot of substitutions and generics and I agree with them to hold costs down. I do need one Rx filled by Express Scripts and have never had a problem. We spent the whole summer traveling and had to use available civilian pharmacies, will not do that again for brand named MEDS unless forced to. PLEASE NOTE THE MONCRIEF PHARMACY NOW HAS MAIL IN PRESCRIPTIONS AND EXPRESS PICKUP FOR NEW PRESCRIPTIONS.

  • This is all well and good, having a home delivery service, but I actually work and sometimes I’m not home so having a home delivery service is pointless. I like Walgreens because, to me, they are cheaper and more convient when I’m on the road. So, again veterans get jacked over the simplest little things. ScriptExpress is not and should not be the bottom-line option, rather a “choice” that we should be offered. I too signed the petition that was sent to me from Walgreens, but I doubt Tricare or ScriptCare will budge. Someone up there is benefiting financially from this gaff (yes, it’s a gaff!!!)

  • Stanley R. Courtney

    My husband put 26 years in the AF. We have used Walgreens so many years I can not count them. More convenient than any other pharmacy. How about WHAT THE PEOPLE WANT INSTEAD OF WHAT SOMEONE’S POCKETS WANT. I’m so sick of a few making the decisions for me – and it always amounts to money for the ONES THAT WANT TO MAKE THE CHANGE!!!!!
    Donna L. Courtney

    • Laura

      Never under estimate the power of stupid people in large numbers! (insert photo of us govt.)

  • sailorfun

    I would like to say that I do enjoy the us of Express scripts,mostly there tracking of what I spend on perscriptions. I do not like the Idea of my perscriptions being sent in the mail. Do we forget that we are first of all losing the post office as a viable resource to the mail system. with less staff to take care of the post, there will be more mistakes. Also I do not have the trust I would generally have with a person I can go to if there is a problem with my perscription. I have a disabled wife and if there is a problem with a perscription I need to talk to someone, not wait until they can get back to me.

  • denny

    Can someone tell me if home delivery would cover controlled med’s like pecocet etc, If so will the base hospital allow a doctor to pre-order these control med’s?

    • Retired AF

      If you are using a doctor at the base hospital (meaning he/she is your primary care doctor) they will write your prescription there and you can pick up your meds at the base pharmacy. Keep in mind that not all prescribed meds are carried in the base pharmacy you may have to use the local pharmacies and pay the copayment. For prescription meds that may not be covered you can call Express Script: 1-866–363-8779.

    • B Walter E8 USAF RET


  • R Thomas

    I have been with Express Scripts for over 10 years and NO problem with them. None. It is such a good program I am afraid they will goof it up. It’s to bad rest of Tricare can’t work that smooth. Automatic refills just made it better…….

  • Ursula

    My husband has cancer. Our local Walgreens have bent over backwards to make sure Durogesic patches were in stock since he has severe bone pain and the Fentanyl patches are not as effective when it comes to controlling pain. Tricare doesn’t care name brand and he needs this prescription filled out by his oncologist every month. None of the other pharmacies carry Duragesic Patches. I find that this is the governments way of slowly “putting the ill and infirmed” out to pasure and TriCare is obliging them. 30 years of military service and it is the military and Obamcare that are thinning out the herd to save money. I am almost sure the VA also doesn’t care Duragesic patches. I expect my husband will be denied any of the proper drugs to control his pain. Just another nail in the coffin.

  • Cecilia resendez

    I only get a few meds at HEB here in Texas. I pay $3 for 30 days of generic meds $11 for some other meds and $22 for only one drug I take. The majority of my meds are filled at the pharmacy at Fort Sam Houston at no cost to me. Will this service continue or must I go with mail in prescriptions?

    • Cecilia Resendez

      How do I get approved by the site admis?

    • AF Retired

      As long as you are getting your meds at the military pharmacy (MTF) that will not change in fact that is the preferred method especially since you live close by. Why would you pay when you can get if for free. I use to live near a military base and got my meds free now I use the mail order since I now live further away………

  • Jim Cathrman

    Not only do I not trust the US Mail with my meds You never know when BS reason ES can’t send you your RX. I.E. “we don’t carry it any more”; “we’re temporarily out”; “you need a new authorization”; we didn’t receive your prescription”; “we can’t read the date” ad infinitum. Then you are stuck with trying to beg samples or going to a pharmacy anyway because you would usually be out of meds before anything is straightened out. My doctor (former military doctor) refuses to fax ES because of all the problems he has had. So I am stuck with mailing the RX or going to KMart. I’ll go to KMart thank you.

  • Carla

    I signed the petition to keep Walgreens in the loop. They’re the best local option for our non-maintenance prescriptions. Their service has been excellent.

  • Cindi

    Ok, I switched from CVS to Wal-Mart, then to Walgreens. I love Walgreens, because they are close to my home, so on my way home from work, I can just go by and pick up my meds and also my doctors can just call, fax or email it in. CVS screwed me over BIG TIME after a surgery and that I needed the pain meds. They said they would be ready in about an hour, so my husband brought me home, and we both happened to fall asleep, so when I woke up, I texted him as I was in the bedroom and he was in the living room and I thought he had actually already gone to CVS to pick up the meds, but he said he hadn’t, so he left then. He get’s there 4 HOURS LATER, and they said that they didn’t have that med. They didn’t call, and my husband asked them to call around to the other CVS stores, because we had been using CVS for years, and none of the stores had it, and he went to Wal-Mart and they didn’t have it, but Walgreens did. So when I was actually able to go out and visit the store, I told the Pharmasist that she knew who I was and I told her what happened and that I would NEVER get a script filled there again. I told her that her staff lacked the common sense to call me the patient and let me know that the script couldn’t be filled. She apologized but that wasn’t enough. I told her that not only did I have my meds there, but I also would shop there for things that I couldn’t find any where else, so I told her to tell her manager that they would not see another penny of my money again, and that was 3 yrs ago and I have been using Walgreens since! I don’t know about the mail scripts, due to some of my meds being controlled substances, but I may have to call to find out about it, and also the weather is an issue down here, with it being 90 plus most days and the humidity being so high, I don’t know if I could trust it to sit in my mail box until I got home.

  • Jon Weiss

    So much for the promise of free health care for disabled retirees, just one more encroachment on benefits on the road to total universal Obamacare.


      If we had the original Obamacare and not what the Republicans in congress gave us, this conversation would not be happening now. All Americans, not just our military outside Military Medical Facilities, pay to the tune of twice the next countries payment for an equivalent outcome . You can thank your Republican elected officials and the few Democrats who vote with them for this. We can provide everyone healthcare in this nation for about twenty percent less than the average cost, about one third of what we are currently paying. The Republican party represents the interests of those who receive the benefits of the other two thirds of the payout dollars in our healthcare system. They continually lie and use misdirection to insure that their benefactors continue to over-bill us. Unfortunately for them, not all of us Americans are as stupid or ignorant as those who chose to keep them in office. Ninety nine percent of the citizens of our country who are being spat upon need to stand together and take our country back. We do not need and cannot afford the money grubbers, nor those who do their bidding.

  • Evelyn McMullen

    I have no desire to trust my meds to a place I cannot talk with. My pharmacist knows me and I know her. She has been helpful in many other ways. Would not have that interaction with mail order and do not plan to use it. Hate having to pay more but the convenience and security will be worth it.

  • Mark McGregor

    It sounds like some folks are unhappy with Express Scripts over this split. I think the anger is misdirected. Walgreens has known that they were not going to renew this contract since mid-June. As I’ve said before, I believe that it has to do with Express Scripts, as pharmacy agent for TRICARE, being able to negotiate drug prices. Legally, no other Medicare Part D insurance can do that. When I voiced that opinion to my local Walgreens manager, he didn’t deny it. Rather than being concerned about having to switch to home delivery, CVS, or some other still-participating pharmacy, I’d be concerned that TRICARE prescription prices may increase once Congress realizes that there is a Part D insurer out there negotiating (legally, so far) for lower prices


    WHY IS ANYONE just accepting this crap, we should all be demanding we get what we spent 20+ years for working at poverty levels! We should be working to RESTORE our benefit, not take this crap lying down and rolling over. We paid the price for what we worked for, only to have it taken away buy The Clinton Administration, all we got in return was a stained dress in the White House!

  • dAVE

    Really great! They promise us free medical care for life…we do the job and can not even get a cost of living allowance. Now they raise the price on meds.


  • The Sept 8th email from Tricare listed 5 bullets explaining the changes. The second bullet in this list is contradictory from what was said in the second paragraph of the email.

    As of Oct. 1, 2011, copay­ments for generic pre­scrip­tion med­ica­tions will be free of charge for 90 day sup­plies through TRICARE Home Deliv­ery; while the copay­ment for the same med­ica­tion will increase from $3 to $5 at retail phar­ma­cies.

    –Generic for­mu­lary drugs pur­chased through the Home Deliv­ery option will go from $3 to $5 for a 90 day sup­ply.

    Which one is acurate?

  • s stanley,usa ret

    To all who feel Express Scripts are so great, they sent me a letter that stated of all the meds I get from Walgreens,many, only two of them would be available. Further, I take narcotic pain meds, you must turn in the script in person and per Federal law may not be sent thru the mail,UPS,Fed. Iam retired with 100% disabled by the VA but nearest VA facility is over 30 miles away. And the VA does not carry many of the meds I take with no substitutes available.The closest MTF is over 3 hours away. So to Hm2, It sounds like you arenot retired. Even the remote stationed active duty are complaining about this.I need a 24hour pharmacy that can fill my meds. So if you live near an mtf, great. If you don’t take narcotic pains,better. But for for us who are remote, we are pretty much f’d.
    Oh one last thing, I called Express Scripts, their words were we have great latitude in our contracts with retail pharmacies, we suggest you contact your congressperson.

  • Mark S. Bauman

    It’s about time Tri-care started dealing with reality. I live in a “twin city” with a population of over 150 thousand. I can’t get Tri-care Prime. The closest is 30 miles away and there is only 1 (one) provider and they are full. So my primary care is 90 miles away at the VA Medical Center. I get my prescriptions by phone call in, however, I am sunk in debt if I have to go to one of the local “Giant” hospitals. Full emergency service exceeds $8000.00 per day. Emergency transport, when I am stabilized, to the VAMC is more than $1600.00 out of pocket. Three days stay in the local hospital results in bills that totally destroy two months retirement pay. I think after serving 24 years and being in combat in Vietnam, Grenada and Desert Storm—-deserves a little more consideration than that. Mark S. Bauman, Msgt. USAF, Ret..

    • Pensacola

      If you use Tricare Standard, you will pay about 20% out of pocket limited to a maximum of $3,000 per famaily per year.Still money, but a lot less than you are talking about. And you can buy a Tricare Standard supplement,which would pay most out of pocket. No Tricare premiums, and overall a pretty good deal………..

  • Jenny

    Generic scripts filled via mail order will have a $0 copay, beginning 1 Oct.



  • lmillert

    My daughter had surgery on her hand 3 weeks ago the surgery was at 5pm. after recovery etc her mom went through the drive through at walgreens here in flint michigan on fenton road..the pharmacy closes at nine…they got there about 5 minutes before closing…it was pain meds she needed..she was told it was too late to fill the script….no more business from us at walgreens…obviously they don’t need the business and customer service isn’t one of there better traits…

  • Wilma Mallory

    First of all, the difference is a fee to the local pharmacy for a 1 month supply or the same fee or less for a 3 month supply. The mail order is only for those of us on maintenance drugs. We don’t use it for a 1 time med. We also get the first 30 days at a local pharmacy to make sure it works before we send it to ES. I have called them when I am going to travel and they make sure I have enough meds to last during the trip even if it isn’t quite time for a refill.

    I have found them extremely helpful everytime I have called them with special requests. The previous employer insurance also had a mail order delivery that you were expected to use to cut down on expenses. So nothing new to expect us all to use mail order for maintenance drugs.

  • jsub

    60% increase…just wow

  • Sophie Snow

    I live less than a mile from a Walgreens. They are
    very convenient in case of emeergencies for my prescriptions. I use Express Scripts mail for my regular prescriptions but when and if I need an emeergency prescription I would always go to Walgreens. Now where do I go? Are we going to get a list of pharmacies that we will be able to go to?

  • Robert


    I’m not satisfied with the increases! First of all, this increase will probably only be the first of a number to come. Second, I have seen the federal income tax double for this year’s taxes. COLA has gone up vastly over the past few years, but we have not received any COLA increases. Plus, I retired in the mid-1980’s with 40% disability and when retirement pay was not that good. In that time period, all I heard when looking for a job was, “Sorry, we are only hiring women and minorities”. The only jobs I could find were minimum wage jobs with no benefits. My retirement check (from which they withhold the VA disability) is the only retirement I receive. Every penny is important to me. Don’t get me wrong, we’ve got good healthcare now! We didn’t when I first retired. Plus, we were promised “FREE” health care for life. Wish I was on the same health care and retirement plan as congress and could vote myself a raise anytime I wanted one!

  • Robert

    I don’t know wherther to go mail order or not. I take three generic and don’t hurt for $15 a month. I can order refills by phone and the pharmacy is about a mile from my house. My dad and mom used this pharmacy for years before me and it’s very friendly and personal.
    I think it’s worth $15 a month but is this the start of a slippery slope?
    What would you do?

  • Mitch

    I am on a medication that will never change for the rest of my life.I get an annual prescript from my doctor for the year. Express scripts changed thier policy without notice not to honor 12 month perscriptions leaving me three months without a refill. I had to go back to my doctor, pay a copay for the visit and find another provider that would honor the 12 months. If tricare wants to force the home delivery, they need to accept 12 month perscriptions like mine and many others. I,m not happy with this change or Express Scripts.

  • James A. Poole

    I agrre with thos wh are against walgreen being dropped. I have used it for 10 years and have never had a problem. It is convenient and very easy to deal with. I understand that the government ne3ed so save money,m but doing it at the expense of retirees is wrong. But then, when has the giverb guven nan particular damnn about thos of us who have served.

  • kmj

    Give the Independent Retail Pharmacist a chance…..quit giving mail order pharmacy a preference. They (Express Scripts, etal)…mail order… can not support “cheaper and better”. I want to buy local…..same cost, better service and better, less costly health benefit coutcomes.

  • James A. Poole

    I apologize for the many errors in my previous report, but I am very ernest about what I feel.

  • Walgrens don’t impress me.
    As expected Express Scripts is being forced on Tricare.
    Just shows Tricare needs fixed.
    All providers who have received federal funding should required to be tricare and medicare providers with dollar by dollar credit toward loan repayment or deductions credit on income taxes.

  • Love express scripts. Have used it for many years. My husband also loves it. Easy as can be. Even automatic refills when due. I occasionally need a one time me but I will use whatever pharmacy they want me to use. They even recognize my insurance at the grocery store pharmacy. Free, by the way, for a 90 day supply, is a give away! Awesome! Use it if you can!

  • Tonya

    My problem is that I take 6 different medications, given by 3 different doctors, and only 1 of those doctors will give me a 90 day prescription. What is worse is that this 1 doctor is my only civilian provider. The 2 military providers that I have do not “feel comfortable” with giving 90 day prescriptions. WTH? One of the medications that they aren’t comfortable with giving a 90 day prescription for is a thyroid hormone because I don’t have a thyroid. Is that supposed to change by only giving me a 30 day prescription? Not. It’s a waist of time and money

  • Glenn

    I guess we should not complain in view of the generous COLA on our retirement pay over the past two years! Our president is a very understanding person!@?> Especially in view of BHO’s military experience! :<(

  • Saint Ron

    “will increase payments to encourage….” Sounds like more Chicago politics. When is encouragement not encouragement? When it’s coercement

  • Ann

    People, have any of you checked the price of Rx’s, as if you didn’t have this military benefit? The co-pay is miniscule and Express Scripts is a cost saving, time saving benefit. I don’t get what people are having issues with? Common sense tells you that if you need a Rx immediately, you get it locally. Otherwise, you can order it… it costs nothing to order, no shipping and it comes to your door…

    Quit your bitchin’!!!!

  • Randolph Nolen

    USPS does not deliver on Sunday, may stop Saturday deliveries, may even go out of business, and is extremely unreliable. I can pick up my rxs at Walgreen’s any time any day. Stop Home Delivery and let us pick up our meds at someplace we can trust.

  • witchdoctorii

    I have tried walmart several times for my medications and each time they have fouled it up. From wrong price to wrong medication, wrong dose, wrong price, Unless its an emergency I will not use them again.

  • Walter “WJ” Jones

    Is there anyway Express Scripts Home Delivery can authorize mailing of Rx meds to authorized beneficiaries overseas through TRICARE Approved Providers. Currently the provider can do everything except write a Rx for Express Scripts Home Delivery outside of the USA.

  • S. M. Ulbricht

    I worked on the development and contract reviews for the TRICARE program in the mid 90’s while on Active Duty. I now work in the civiliam sector where my peers are facing huge health insurance cost increases. The fact is that the TRICARE costs have basically gone unchanged since the program’s inception and the new rates/co-pays are modest. Nobody likes to see their health costs increase but it is unavoidable and reasonable. CDR, USN (Ret)

  • guest

    express scripts told me my generic rx which I have been on for 15 years, needs prior authorization. Does not need prior authorization at CVS. The person who mentioned drugs being exposed to prolonged heat in trucks , agree with.

  • Jim Ashworth

    I agree with Mr. Mulligan. Walgreens has been our pharmacy for years. They have a store one miles south of us and one mile north of us. Cvs is 3 blocks away and my wife and I do not even go in their store. We strongly support walgreens wherever we go.

  • AJG

    My daughter recently join the army.She has been in the service now for just over a year and has been promoted to PFC but I understand they have taken the promoting back. The reason she was told– was of a profile she received in basic training. Matter of fact she has been told if she can’t pass the PT test she could stay the the army for twenty years and never be promoted are ever get a raise and continue to draw only private E-1 pay. Can anyone give me any advice about this? By the way her Profile is of a hip and knee fractures substain while carrying a rifle and the other equipment on her back marching and double timing in basic.

    • book755

      Sounds like a possible medical discharge to me.

    • helen

      My Granddaughter was in the Army about 10 years ago and got hurt in MP school but would of passed bootcamp if they would of given that but they didn’t have that they had to go thru MP school then gradudate. she made rake while in school. She got hurt while on a hike and they could not let her go. She got tired so she it to JAG in Washington and she got disability for the Army. You may want to check into that. Make sure she has all of her Military medical reports and she’ll be fine.
      God Bless

    • B Walter E8 USAF RET

      I advise you to advise your daughter to make any career decisions for herself. Then when she makes that decision, as a parent you should support her, whether you agree with that or not.

  • s asby

    I have scanned most of the responses on here and am not seeing anyone else with the first thought that comes to my mind on this issue. I don’t mind the increase in pharmacy generics for LONG TERM scripts, but.what about those generics for temporary uses or starting out on a trial basis? If I need immediate treatment fr an illness or infection why should i be penalized paying more when i obviously can not wait 3 weeks to submit an order online and receive it or $21 to get it immediately??? Maybe there is some provision for this, but i haven’t seen a mention of it,sanyone else?

  • Chuck

    This is not the 1st time Walgreens and ESI have played chiken over profits. Lets see who blinks 1st. BTW, if ESI drops Walgreens, they will stil be able to fill Rx, just at the higher point of service price.

  • airborne297

    I am Tricare Prime in the DC area and have considered trying the mail order method. At least I have a choice of methods. While inconvenient to drive to post and sit in line for the RX, I have the quality assurance check that my meds are correct. For example, this week I went to the newly opened DeWitt Hospital…2.5 hours by the time I left with the meds. They missed several meds so I corrected them. While I believe this is an anomaly, the system will improve.

    I am fortunate to have a choice based on my location. Perhaps at some time I will not. This will require me to use the mail system. I will make sure i have a customer service oriented company.

  • annete

    I heard Wlagreen’s and tricare made a deal

  • Rick

    I had recently contacted Express Scripts about a medication and found out from them about the changes coming to Tri-care co-pays. My main problem is they don’t provide class 2 pain meds thru the mail. They also informed me that the Walgreens issue is not finalized. I personally have received the worst service thru one local Walgreens but yet, the best service thru another local Walgreens. I would imagine the beef with Walgreens is the cost to Tri-care. Hopefully they can work it out.

  • Irish-7

    There is certainly a reason why Tricare is pushing mail order. Someone is making money on it. If the Express Scripts works for you, fine, use it for all your drugs. If you are like me, and prefer to get your meds right away, and enjoy the option of speaking with a pharmacist face-to-face, then that benefit should be available. I will pay the 3, 9 or 12 bucks to have the medicine immediately. As military retirees, we fought for and earned the right to make that choice. I have multiple, painful disabilities from parachute landings early in my career. I cannot fathom limping up the driveway on Saturday, expecting to get my pills in the mail, only to find out that relief won’t arrive until Monday. Do whatever you want. I prefer to go to the local pharmacy. The drug store employs my neighbors, friends and associates. Express Scripts is not helping the economy in my home town.

  • My 2 cents … I’ve used several different pharmacies over the 11 years I’ve been retired from the USN. NEVER had a problem with any except ES itself! My favorite is CVS, second is Walgeens (sorry to see walgreens go, but they should have got with program) … I live in florida but travel for long periods between here to NC, TN, AR, TX and several places in between. ES home delivery is great if you stay home and never go any where. At first it was simple I would call ES say “Hey I’m staying at brother’s in AR send my meds here and I was good to go”. Now its a freakin’ nightmare. The CS at ES acts as though I’ve stolen my own identity and trying to steal drugs. Now I use WMart and never worry at all. If I need a refill I stop at one of the kazillion Wmarts show my DL and retired military ID in and out …. All in all the Tricare/ES program is great no matter which pharmacy you use considering the number of military (active and retired) in the US. Next time your in line at the pharmacy listen to other people’s co-pay ($15 – $75). Have a nice day!

  • Helen

    We got out of debt with Clinton not 14,000,000,000.00 in debt lloolll

    • Glenn

      You’re wrong Helen!. We still were $5.7 trillion in national debt when Clinton left office. I do agree that Bush and obama are the worst presidents that have tripled the national debt in the last 11 years.

  • Juanita

    Walgreen’s chose to not stay with Tricare.

  • Helen

    YES if you use Express Scripts your GENERIC 90 day supply is FREE.
    If you get it from the pharmacy in side of Tri Care plan then you will pay now from $3.00 up to now $5.00. What is so difficult about that. It saves gas and time. I love it. But to each his own.

  • cindy

    I also went to walgreens and had a few bad experiences. I for one am glad tri care dropped them. I moved to target after walgreens almost killed me with incorrectly following my script. Target is so awsome great service call in refills and set the time you want to pick them up. They are fantastic… I had issues with Express Scripts my Drs complained because they would have to try for hours to get a fax thru to them for a new script. That is ridiculous.

  • P. Cazenave

    What pharmacies can you use, now that you can no longer use

    • B. Walter USAF REt

      Walgreen wasn’t dropped, they quit because they wanted to charge more……Who still accepts Tricare prescriptions? Walmart. Albertsons. Safeway. King Sooper. Costco, Sam’s club, Kmart, Community health center. etc. For your local area go to… and type in your zip code.

  • Sam

    Why is our government farming out our benefits? Is this another pocketbook for congress?

  • Sam

    I am paying a $20 copay now. It’s time for a Congressional inquiry.

    • rcantu

      I agree fully

      • retiree

        There were two recently – SASC and HASC, when co-pays (which are partly set by law) were part of the markup of the 2013 NDAA. SASC would go along with DoD proposal, which allows DoD to set the rate of co-pay. HASC would cap copay increases at the rate of COLA, but require you try for a year using mail-order for maintenance medications. Read the link below, and contact your Rep and Senators regarding which of the two you want in the final NDAA.

  • Lisa

    Walgreens ended their contract with Express Scripts add they could not come to an agreement. They also dropped Chamois/Medicaid.

  • B Burt

    I can just imagine all of the drug addicts out there running to our mailboxes to see what they can find if they catch on that our prescriptions are coming thru the mail. Seems like a very bad idea to me.

  • SGT Ted

    And when the drugs don’t arrive on time, you’re going to do what, now that you’ve cut my local pharmacy out of it and they have no incentive to help us if a prescription goes wrong or is delayed due to error? I’m 300 miles from the nearest military facility in a relatively isolated area and you want me to depend on the MAIL service? So, you’re perfectly willing to inflict some financial pain to coerce us into signing up for it. Thanks for looking out for us. Not. I won’t even go into the possibilities of the theft of your prescription drugs all the way thru the mail chain.

    • B Walter E8 USAF RET

      Heck, if you want to drem up reasons it’s a bad idea, hows about the possibility of the mail being late getting their drug supply to them? Or that your pharmacy might burn down? Or….? Or….?

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  • miller

    The army will not let you stay in if you cant pas a P T test unless it has changed
    that much .If you will get the army times you will sea the service is putting people
    OUT every day,and a lot of the E-6s and above do not take the P T test at all.
    they do what is called pencil whip it but they will not you that .

  • Kathleen J. Barta

    Want to change my pharmacy claims. Due to reaching my 65 birthday and having to Medicare, I have suspended my Blue Cross/ Blue Shield, Tricare is sending bills to BC/BS. Who do I contact to make this change? Is there a phone that I can contact?