Senate Plan Would Cut $80B in Benefits

According to reports, the Senate deficit-cutting plan proposed by the “Gang of Six” requires a reduction in retiree COLA and demands that the armed services committees make $80 billion in cuts to military compensation and benefits over the next decade. The plan would require the Senate Armed Services Committee to determine how and where to cut military benefits or face across-the-board cuts in all “entitlements.”

In other words – the bipartisan Gang of Six is telling the Senate Armed Services Committee to make the cuts or they’ll do it for them.

The list of so-called entitlements that face cuts includes, all forms of retired pay, survivor benefits, Montgomery GI Bill for Selective Reserve, and TRICARE for Life for older military retirees.

The Gang of Six includes:

  • Senator Mark Warner (D-VA)
  • Senator Dick Durbin (D-IL)
  • Senator Kent Conrad (D-ND)
  • Senator Tom Coburn (R-OK)
  • Senator Mike Crapo (R-ID)
  • Senator Saxby Chambliss (R-GA)

Read more about the Gang of Six’s plan for reducing Retiree COLA.

About the Author

Terry Howell
Before becoming the Managing Editor for, Terry served 20 years in the U.S. Coast Guard as an Aviation Electrician’s Mate and aircrewman. In his final role in the Coast Guard, Terry served as a Career Development Advisor, where he provided career, finance, education, and benefits counseling to servicemembers and their families. Since retiring from the Coast Guard, Terry has authored the book, The Military Advantage, managed the content for TurboTap, the DoD's online transition program and VAforVets, the VA's transition assistance website. Terry earned both his Bachelor's and MBA at Corban University using Military Tuition Assistance and his GI Bill benefits to help cover the cost.
  • David Looymans

    It is time for Congresmen and Senators to set the example. If they want to cut everyone’s hard earned benefits then they should cut their benefits as well. They should cut their pay and retirement by the same percent. They should also have to pay more for their health insurance. The subsidies that they get when they retire to keep offices open should be eliminated. Any monies that they did not spend should be returned to the treasury. Will they reduce their entitlements of course not. They earned it and it is theirs. Well I earned mine to.

    • Cobras

      David I respect your philosophy, but it will happen when pigs fly!
      cobras – 23yrs, 5mos service for these jerks.

      • Chuck

        And I have yet to see a pig fly. When you do, please let us know. All that being said, they should lead by example. But reality says that it will never happen.


        Dave you said it very plane. I am behind you all the way. we all need to write to our congress and senate people and let them see just whats
        going on. They dont own the press….

    • medic

      gow do you figure they earned it? From waht we have seen so far, they haven’t earned a dime!

      • The “Gang of Six” needs to read the 28th ammendment to the constitution and apply it in it’s truest form. Our fearles leaders have been violating this article long enough. We need to find a brave federal judge and have them all arrested and charged with a feleony by violation of the 28 ammmendment. But we all know that will never happen Our government officials only have to serve 2 yrs and they get their 100& of their pay as retirement for the rest of their lives.

        • Teddy, please run a Google search on the 28th Amendment. It doesn’t exist, not even as a proposed amendment (except in the loosest definition, since any suggestion made to change the Constitution is a “proposed amendment”).

          • Alinreality

            Would that statement apply to the 16th as well?

    • Marty

      I think they need to only get compensatioin if they have 20 years of service, just like our military. If they don’t their are no retirement benefits, most have other jobs. They take loans and don’t pay them. They seem to be thieves. They have more benefits than any other entitlements. Why, they haven’t done a good job, look at Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, That International Bank that we bailed out and they gave alot of that money as bonuses, because they needed bailed out. Enron is the only real punishment for bad decisions.
      They make bad decisions that take money away from veterans that keep us free?

    • steven loomis

      I’m with you on this. they want to cut everyone else but not themselves. I guess the call girls and boys are getting expensive these days. it is not a good idea to cut the people that are defending this country and are highly trained. they also need term limits and limited retirement benefits, the should serve at least 20 years or more to earn a retirement in some form of govt work and we should be able to fire them if they cannot get the job done.

      • Billy Dean

        I totally agree. Wouldn’t it be nice if each of us could vote ourselves a better retirement

      • I would like to find out how much this country would save by stopping the excesive pay to our politicions and if we stopped the retirement payments that all the politions are receiving that havn’t served for 20 plus years. Their salary alone if it were to be cut by 5% would put a very large dent in the debt.

        • Chet

          teddy I am with you but it will only happen when chickens have lips.

    • Bobmal99

      Like that will ever happen!!!!

      • xrtbus

        it will if YOU stand up,try writing to the networks

    • Chuck B,

      With ya all the way, as you pointed out, no one has heard anythin of sizable cus from our elected officials, no pay cuts, no peerk elimination, no accepting the same health care, nothing, I say we bond together and take care of business, I wont alow the govt. to demand anything from me anymore.

      • Donnie

        I agree it is time to take care of business and I for one am tired of them screwing the American people we need to cut all their pay for the amount of work I see them doing they should only be paid $25,000 a year and no retirement or anything else

    • sbflash311


    • widow

      You got that right! They should cut their paychecks like they want to do to ours. These guys are sitting pretty and after one term in office have all the benefits that other folk have had to work years for to earn. We have paid in for years to have these benefits in our senior years when work opportunities are limited. They are simply caretakers for our monies and now want to deprive us of our contributions! Enrtitlements! BS! We paid for these so-called “entitlements”.

    • xrtbus

      it’s about time someone else opened there mouths about this i’ve been saying it for months……maybe we can get this going with the major net works CNN,FOX,ETC. lets stand up for this

      • D.J.K.

        On that note, not so much CNN, NBC, ABC, MSNBC, and other mainstream (or as Bernard Goldberg calls them, LAME stream) media networks, because they are compliant to the government, but most likely FNC, because they are NONcompliant to the government.

    • Crager

      Guys, I am reading a lot of similar comments…cut Congress benefits and perks. etc etc. It’s like I always say, everyone has great ideas, but with out action, they remain only great ideas. Take these frustrations and put them to use by starting petition now. Here is how. go to and start a petition. That will garner some muscle. One or two comments remain unheard, but thousands does wonders and actually may help.

    • Sheryl

      Totally agree! You are right, but getting those entitled stuffed shirts to cut any perks they get is like 0%. Our military men and women gave their lives (and the lives of their spouses and children) while they were in the service of their country and to try to cut their benefits that they earned now is absolutely abhorrent. My husband put in 24 years in two war theaters and they think now they should cut the small monthly benefit we finally receive once he reached age 60? I love your ideas…how do we implement them?
      Sheryl – Colorado

    • chuck gay

      I t’s very hard to scare millionaires with ideas like that…and they (congress) are mostly millionaires. It explains why they would rather cut our benifits than to raise taxes for rich folks….

      • Donnie

        65% of the people in DC don’t pay any taxes

    • Widow no benefits

      AMEN. Tell me exactly what the Congressmen and Senators have done to deserve their excessive benefits? Let them spend their vacation time serving in the military. They wouldn’t make it.

    • What they think

      They are already rich – it don’t matter. That won’t do anything. Business as usual. They had the money before…now they just wanted the power.

    • David A Williams

      I AGREE 100%
      We are always having our pay and bebefits taken, while those in government give themselves raises and get FULL 100& MEDICAL and benefits – but they have the gual to take ours is beyoud belief.

    • Darlene Rutledge

      I would love it if they had to sacrifice their pay….I remember reading an article and a new member of congress was complaining that he could not live off $170,000 a year (this was a new member) – I wonder if they care at all that most of the members of the millitary qualify for food stamps because their pay does not meet the standards of living??? Coud they survive on militay pay? This is beyond horrific and it galls me that they always look to cut the militarys benefits……..DO AWAY WITH THEIR BENEFITS

    • Mike Gentry

      I agree – let congress sets the example! Their medical program should be changed to Obama Care. Everyone should share the pain. When a person finally retires even if they planned for it. Any cut to their income has an adverse effect. So if they want to reduce me to a substandard of living then they need to join me.

    • I agree 100% with David. This is a bunch of BS.

    • James Fenton

      I agree 100%. The first cut should be their retirement of the same pay for life they voted themselves. Their retirement should be based on the time they served with a minumum to even qualify and secondly it should be a percentage of their total salary based on time served. That way the deadbeat scumbags that get elected and don’t perform enough to get re-elected for a second term would not be eligible for retirement.

    • Dave, you are so right. I wonder if all hell breaks loose in another war who will fight it. I dought if the national guard would want to stick their necks out this next time if all pay is reduced. I have a gut feeling that the next war will be on the ones running this country from the veterans and whoever else might join in. I would rather it not but people right now are very desperate and about ready to snap. PS: I would also like a tracer put on our Agent Orange Claims. I think veterans would be shocked to find out whats happening. I put a tracer on my 1049 to Viet Nam to see why it was taking so long. Come to find out the headquarters was putting them all in file 13. But when caught a few officers ended up in major dodo. This was when I was in Germany. Butch from IOWA

    • Chuck Oliver

      I agree 100%, without exceptions, with above stements made by David Looymans. WE, the People, can no longer turn a blind eye toward self imposed Federal benefits, entitlements, and other privileges which Congress members and Senators enjoy without sharing similiar financial burdens which We, ordinary citizens, must endure. Afterall, Congressional leaders are appointed by and for the People; therefore, they should not be authorized/blessed with benefits/entitlements and/or other privileges which are different from those authorized for the People who elected them to office. Simply, they are not annointed nor are they “Above the Laws of the Land. which the People must obey.”

    • Pris 24 year USAF

      I agree with Mr. Looymans, but I also believe that the politicians shouldn’t get any higher of an increase in the future than the military does. The active and retired military have earned their pay/retirement serving under greater stressors and life changing situations than the suits. There also shouldn’t be pensions or what ever you want to callthem for politicians who only serve a few years, compared to a 20 + year Veteran.

    • wandamurline

      If they would make the federal employees just pay their back taxes, then they would only have to cut 79, because the federal employees ow 1 billion in back taxes…can you believe that? They never look at the departments of the federal government that could be eliminated completely as they had no Constitutional authority to put them into play in the first place. We must remove all the “good ole boys” that we can in the next election, along with the imposter in the White House. Vote like your life depends on it, because it does.

    • LEFTY


    • Lt Col, USAF, Ret

      David I’m with you 100%. They seem to forget that if we get a COLA we can help with stimulating the economy.

    • johnnie dimmery

      cut your pay & your benefits and leve the va alone we did our part like the usa ask you cut our $of 2% and then you voted you a 7 % up in pay so now cut your pay and we want have to cut more

    • BIG T


    • Absolutely! Make the cuts from the top of the food chain. Stop taking it from our military veterans and survivors and threatening social security.

    • Paul

      I agree with David…but these answers MUST be sent to our representatives also. Further, wait until they sneak in HB4646 in on us. Don’t know what that bill will do, look it up and you will be absolutely amazed at what these people will do to the citizens of this county. This bill if passed is legalized theft!

    • Larry

      Right on David! I am not career military but I am for taking care of the veterans. I was reading about this new aircraft jet engine that has hogged down billions and even the Air Force said they did not want it. Yet it is still being tested and funded because it is creating jobs in a certain congressperson’s district. That is the crap that needs to be cut not simple pension, medical, and other veteran benefits.

    • Berwyn Martinson

      You are so correct and have hit the nail on the head!! I’ve said this to my freinds and family for years; it’s nice to see and hear someone else actually state it for the record. Thank you. I’m with you all the way.

    • James Riley

      Well said. Know body said anything about any cuts when I signed up 1964.

    • Marc

      Yea got that right David.I’m sick and tired of these Bastards using our money to bail out wall street and the biggest banks…In return we get to see the top execs of these banks get there million dollar bonuses again, from our taxes…
      I keep saying we should demand a 50% reduction in their fking pay, and every politician should immediately be forced to pay into Social Security, and Medicare as we do.We’re never gonna get paid back for that bailout, now they wanna cut our retirement benefits…Gimme my m14!!!

    • bill1968

      Well said!

    • Rich Collier

      I agree 100% with David, but would like to go a bit further. Why are we still handing our foriegn aid, cut all aid by 50% and pay back SS & fix Medicare. I worked since I was 14 uintil retirement. These so called politicians that think the AMERICAN PEOPLE owe them should be run out of town on a rail. Not once have I heard what any Federal, State or local government people will give back to help out our economy.I only hope the American people remember who stuck it to us & get them out . Lets get some regular business people in to run our country & no more long terms, 8 yrs of staggered terms then get out.

    • gene Kerr

      I agree, but those people will never take a cut in any of their pay and benefits. It’s allways cut the little guy’s benefits.

    • MSG Retired

      I agree. We serve 20 plus years to protect this nation and most of the people in the Senate and Congress never served a day in their and they are making all decisions. Also they only have to be in office one term and they get a retirement plan and medical for life. Tell where is the justice in that. The President needs to take a long hard look at all these propsed cuts and remeber who serve to protect this nation so they can continue to servre in the office they currently hold.

      • Donnie

        That muslim scumbag traitor sitting in the white house doesn’t care about the military the only thing he cares about is taking our country down and trying to make this a muslim nation.

        • 25YearsMilitary

          You think this idea came from the Office of The President? And our President is refered to as “President Obama” or “Mr. President”. Ask your tea bagging members of congress who came up for this idea. I have never seen so many military members duped by the republican party in my 25 years of service. We are used by them for further their agenda, then dumped. And still, many of us still believe that they are looking out for our best interests. Remember “Mission Accomplish”? Or, why should a civilian make $600 a day doing the same support job that we used to do. Republicians are not the military’s friend, never have been, never will be. Quit believing the tea bagging junk and listen to news sources other than fox, or people like limbaugh, hannity. When are you going to figure it out that you are being screwed?

    • Harold Erb

      I’m all for them getting what ever they do to us..

    • Don Counts

      Amen, Bigger cuts could be to stop foreign aid to countries that hate us.

    • BILL S

      I gave 20+ years at low pay,and nnow they want to cut that to.Iearned mine to.

    • Que Dub


      Nam Vet

      • 25YearsMilitary

        This proposal came from the tea bagging congress, not The President’s Administration. Do some research, all of you, a little research goes a long way in determining who you’re being screwed by.

        • D.J.K.

          You are suggesting that others do some research, why don’t you take your own advice. take my challenge watch more than the lamestream media whose anchors treat you like an imbecile and look at you for no more than 34 seconds because that is how long they think your attention span is. unless you type at lightspeed, all your comments must have taken more than 34 seconds to type up.

    • Rhonda

      I agree with you. Why don’t they cut their benefits and pay. Another thing they should restructure would be the welfare system. I believe the drug test is a good idea. Why shouldn’t they have to take a drug test? People that actually work for their money are required to take one. Our politicians do not care about the people that voted them into office. They are in it for themselves and no one else.

      • FRED


    • Cliff Brooks

      Dear David, I wholeheartedly agree, having served during the Vietnam War (Excuse Me Conflict) I find what congress and the Senate Arms Committee, should get off their duffs, We don’t get to vote for congress or the House to get pay raises. They only pay $99.00 a year for full blown medical and dental and hospitalization. We the tax payers share the brunt of their mistakes and errors, by them wanting to cut expenditures. I for one believe that there should not be anyone coming close to the term political career men. This job was first started out of love and country, not pay. I know times have changed, but really, they are already wealthy men before coming into office. Why should we bear the brunt of their pays, medical, retirement or anything of that nature. No career politicians ever. Let them do the job, just like in the beginning, Duty to country, Civic duty to the people, not paid political hatchet men. Serve one term, and your set for life. This is not how the forefathers intended the Government to operate. Did you get to vote on any raises for senators or congressmen. I know I sure didn’t. Now they want to cut Social Security, and do away with medicare. Let them make it on the public dole, then they would find out that most folks on social security are making way below minimum wage, As set forth by the Government. Now they also want to attack the military pensions and benefits programs, and freeze salaries, this must not be allowed to happen. Just in what the congress is paid, with the house, makes a Hugh sum of cash, not to mention all the medical bills that we as taxpayers end up having to pay. We should take care of the people in this land before we try to take care of the whole world. We have 1000’s of hundred thousands of people in this country that lack the basic necessities of life right here, without going an finding other peoples to feed, and to keep their nations secure, when we can’t even keep our own borders from being overrun my illegal’s. I don’t mind if they would just stop the illegals from crossing into our country basically without any hindrance. People who immigrate legally I have no problem with. Its the ones who cross the border to have children here in the U.S. I would like to see stopped, the babies are born U.S. citizens and their parents get to stay until they are of age, but if they have 5 to 10 children here, then they get to stay until the last one reaches their 18th birthday. I know I got a little off subject here, but this is part of the problem America as a nation faces. The Government is going to force a showdown between the people of this country, which will start another civil war. Because that’s the only thing the forefathers said we as a peoples had a right to throw down a government that is oppressive and unyielding in it behavior to the citizens of this country. Is the military going to fight against their own brothers and sisters, fathers, mother’s, cousins, people like that. If that becomes the case, then it’s time to disband the military because it no longer stands for the people of this great Nation, but of the Masters of the White House, who were supposed to be elected to, for the people by the people. It is now time to take a stance.

      • Donnie

        I believe they want a civil war they just keep pushing and pushing and nobody does anything before to long we won’t have a country I always wonder what it is going to take to wake people up
        And the way I see it the people in DC are nothing more than traitors

    • I agree with David Looymans wholeheartedly!

    • GRW

      David, You didn’t go far enough. Cut Congress and the Pretender’s pay 10% per month until they HONESTLY balance the budget. If they have more than 12 years in Congress, they are FIRED! They need to go back home and get a job, because WE THE PEOPLE have CANCELLED the pensions that the liars voted for themselves. The Constitution says they may be paid while they are in office. It is SILENT on pensions and medical benefits.
      Veterans may need to march on Washington in uniform to get this through their lying thick heads. Most who have served over twelve years are liars and thieves. It is time to boot them out.

    • D. Jackson

      I agree. These people do not realize that if they cut out military benifits most people will not stay in the military and the forces would shrink. They need the military to protect them. Seems to me they are willing to hurt the people who are willing to put their lives on the line to protect our freedom. Why would anyone want to protect a country that does not take care of them! David has the right idea. Comgress and the rest need to take a boat load of cuts. Lets get rid of the extreme niceities like shouffurs, butlers, people hired to waite on them hand and foot while at work. My spouse is a retired Marine who is disabled and he needs all of his benifits. He earned them.

      • Richard

        I retired over 3 years ago, and had a very difficult time making ends meet wa back then. I went to work full time and finally reached AA Retirement age so thaat I could finally retire, even then the retirement was barely sufficient to survive. I sincerely believe what David has written is right on, and the point of the Senate and Congress receiving these high paid retirement financial and medical benefits should not be allowed if they only serve one term (2 years)… Itis the people’s (voters) rights to ask for a law and ruling to stop such outragious expenditures for so littl time serving this country! Reducing the retirement medical and financial benefits will without a doubt put a few more million people homeless. Cutting my entitlements will kill me! I am a Heart Transplant patient, and I have just two medications alone cost more then $2000. per prescription.. Cutting medical benefits under my secondary insurance

    • Dairell

      I respectfully disagree that they earn theirs. They have exempted themselves from some laws; they have their own insurance plan; their retirement is rediculous; and they are responsible for their own raises. If we were responsible for our own raises, where would we be? Their benefits should be totally eliminated and terms limited to no more than 2. Then from a point of 0, they must ask us, the voters, if they can have any benefits and how much. Any time they want to change them, they should have to come to us, the voter for approval.

    • Richard

      You must be joking. They will never cut their own bennies. For the most part they are millionaires but they will somehow find a way to avoid any tax hikes on themselves.

    • J. Hunt

      I’m with you. Senate and Congress get 100% of their pay when they retire and they don’t even have to serve 20 years to do it.

    • Chuck

      You are right they should. But they won’t!

    • NRM

      I have been saying that all along. What we could do if earned retired pay,
      service connected disibility, or paid into Social Security is cut we all could go to the steps of the United States Capitol and have them take care of us.

    • Matrix

      I absolutely agree! They’ve lived a life of luxury while we military people have spent years away from our families and the american life we put our lives on the line to preserve. We’ve slept in the dirt, been shot at, you name it. Whatever happened to “public service”? I’m pretty sure the founding fathers never meant it to be a career.

    • vern35

      How many of us have a job that will allow us to take off for over a year to run for office. Look at how many times they are absent to vote on various things up for vote.How democratic is it to have political leaders that don’t live under the same conditions that those they represent do, health care, SS, retirement, COLA, etc., etc. etc.

    • Rhcovert

      Good call

    • Woody

      They should have to live under the same laws as everyone else.They should live under the laws the rest of us do. I still say blame both parties. They are there to do a job. DO IT. I remember when I was a child, there was always one who had to have it their way or they would not play.

    • Terry

      Let me see … fail to pass a budget, stop my military retired pay (for who knows how long). Stop my Social Security retirement payment (also for who knows how long). Keep my daughter from completing her senior year in college (at the top of her class, too). Tell my wife we can’t make our mortgage payment (another who knows how long event). Watch credit rates make a massive leap and my stellar credit ratings torn apart. Oh yes, let all senators and members of Congress keep every cent of everything they currently have. This is equitable? Mr. President, will you please make available a tent I can pitch who knows where to live in? And don’t worry about welfare payments. There are plenty of garbage cans to dig through. I thought I voted to bring people to Washington D.C. to serve the people. Evidently not. I am emailing this to every U.S. Senator and U.S. Congressperson, and I hope it ties their stomach in knots. It has mine.

    • Sean

      I believe congressmen and senators have the same health coverage that every other government employee has. So, if they decide to change that coverage, then they are in effect changing their own plan. When they retire, they are like every other government employee retiree; so if they reduce government retirement benefits they are reducing their own benefits. The COLA adjustment is the same way.

      They do have the option of turning down pay raises and some have turned it down, however, that is more of a political move than a real effort to save any money.

      The bottom line; the govt. needs to spend less money. I’m retired Air Force; I don’t want to see my benefits erode, but the cold hard fact, is we many not be able to afford what we are currently doing.

      If you are a retiree or will be soon, then start making plans NOW for the adjustments that will be necessary. Don’t wait until after-the-fact and pine about the loss.

    • Billy

      We need to take back our government, (WE THE PEOPLE).

    • bear

      do you think that they would step up to the plate when they start cutting, no they are the government. do you think they will take the blame in all the screw-up they made…. no. do you think they care about the american people who elected them into office…… no. so you see, unless the people/ american people step and take charge, these a##holes will continue to run the country the way they want. just like the oil companies getting with the cost of fuel, so they can continue getting rich throu the american people. food is still going up price, because of your government. do i need to say more.

      • Bradford

        I hear you bother, when will they take a pay cut. When will they stop getting the free ride and start paying the price just like the rest of us.

    • right on!!!

    • Edward

      I whole heartedly agree! I’ve always thought that they were over compensated for what they accomplish. Its time to end the perks for polititians. Oh! And let the voters vote on whether they get a pay raise or not.

    • Wm Rich

      Seems we are missing the REAL problems. Back up, see the big picture, and realize the problem is the size of the government. We do not need a Dept of Education. Period. We do not need a Dept of Energy or an EPA. These are all money-sucking agencies whose sole purpose is to get in the way of private and public enterprise. None of these agencies accomplish the purpose for which they were established.
      Medicare and Tricare are real killers of tax $$ with their bureaucracies which do nothing but make up more rules for providers to follow, thus increasing the cost of care. Then they hire outsiders to do the actual work for them! Any time you have a 3D-party payer, the price has to go up. Why should I care about the price of a Doc visit if I am not paying the bill? If I have to pay, then I will shop for a better price. I will get a reasonable price because the provider does not have to hire people to handle the paperwork. Ex: my Doc had an office with himself, a RN & an LPN. Had to hire five others to handle the claims/billing/compliance requirements. His price for routine office visit has doubled in 5 years, as medicare has reduced reimbursements.
      More? Medicare pays more for private hospital rooms than for semi- or bigger. Any hospital that expands makes all added space private. Make a rule, folks take advantage. More rules cost more money.
      The real problem in DC is career politicians. I am all for a 12-year max for them. If you are for term limits I will march with you as far as my gimpy ole knees will take me.
      Yes, I am part of the problem, retired CW3 drawing ret pay & SS. My ret pay has gone DOWN for 2 years due to more medicare being taken out.

    • Doc

      I am 80% disabled with a Purple Heart. When have these A– holes sacrificed to this level. My Dad a Silver Star recipiant in both WWII and Korea: Never P–s Off a Man with a Gun or is More than Willing to use it!! It is clear none of these men have served. A bit of Lead Poisoning is in order real soon!

    • William

      Amen to this.

    • William

      You have that right.

    • Cindy

      I agree 100%!!!!! If they are so willing to cut our retirement then they need to cut their pay, if not work for free. zmost of the congresspeople own big co. or get kick backs from them which is why they don’t want to cut their tax breaks. The rich who make over $200,000 need to step up and quit tax, cutting pay and benefits of the people who defended their butts. This wouldn’t be the greatest country if we didn’t have vets and active military.

    • Boats

      I agree. I also think that they should serve at least 2 years active duty at no greater than E3 salary. Notice I said E3 not O3.

    • Paul Huegel

      You are right on David. Instead of wearing ribbins and talking about all our sacrafices these congressmen need to put their money where their mouth is.

    • Connie Stone

      AMEN BROTHER! I’ve been asking the same questions? WHY DON’T they cut their own benefits and pay????

    • Lew Carlisle

      I agree with you wholeheartedly!

      Lew Carlisle, CMSgt, USAF Retired

    • lb1123

      Amen brother!! 31 years for what?????

    • Bradford Joseph

      I’m a couple of days behind but I hear you, there should be not question of how much or where to make military cuts, military cuts should not be on the table. I worked hard while serving this country and I deserve more than what I’m getting now, bad enough we haven’t recevied a percent increase in the last few years now they want to cut out future payments for 10 to 20 years from now. It’s going to big a mess when americans stop enlisting because they won’t make enough money to support their family

    • First it’s “Don’t ask don’t Tell ” now it’s “cut our pay and benefits!” We are headed in the wrong direction. If it’s “In God We Trust” why do we continue to degrade the integrity of the USA?

    • sue mohr

      Amen to your comments. My husband gave 4 years active duty and 20 in retirement, then contacted cancer for His efforts in the Korean War. Don’t mess with benefits earned protecting our Country!!! If we give , all should sacrifice.

    • Keisha

      I agree 100% on everything you just said. I am tired of Congresmen and the Senate always going after our benefits that we worked hard for. Not one of them has been to either one of these last wars. It’s not fair how they can sit up and take take take cuts out from us and they keep theirs. I mean when they leave office they will still get paid their money and have the free benefits and healthcare. Then when they die all of that goes to their wives and when they die it goes on down to their kids and so on. I am just fed up with all of them and it’s funny how we didn’t ask to go to war they sent us. And now they want to take everything from us. How are we suppose to live and have a middle class life?

    • Lee

      I agree with you! Maybe go as far as making congress take a pay scale instead of the 200+k they receive a year. I think that when they are not in session, they need to have a regular job, and when they are in session, maybe 12 to 15 dollars an hour.

    • SJB

      You hit the nail on the head there David. Pretty easy for them to cut the Vets, probably because such a small percentage of them have ever actually “served” their country.

    • Tom Kuntz

      And also, allow the voters to approve their pay and benefits.

    • Snafu

      Some how I get the feeling that we all joined the military under false promises and and lies. The Government can’t support us only because it ‘s like this… What can you do for me and how much can you put in my pocket?
      Don’t you just love our great country! Our Great Four Fathers would be proud of our military personal and our supporting families and friends… and just a few politicians that truly support our men and women in the military and the civilian sectors. And not to for get the disabled and the retired also….

    • V Broadaway

      Right on! Congress should set the example for sacrificing. There should be term limits for everyone in Congress.

    • Mike

      When the republicans took control under Bush (idiot) the budget was not only balanced but well in the black. They created this problem over an 8 year period. They also raised the debt ceiling 6 times in those 8 years for their republican president. Who are they kiding. We are not fools. It’ time for a revolution and remove the entire lot of fools!
      The Gang of Six are the biggest fools of all! They are all as stupid as dirt.

    • Ken

      Le’t talk about entitlements. We who have served in the military have to put in at least 20 years to get our “entitlement.” Members of Congress have to put in one term. Congressmen are supposed to be serving the people not themselves. They have managed to pay themselves two to three times the average person they represent and make Congress a career. If they get a retirement, why aren’t they paying into to it like most of the rest of us? Then they turn around and spend more money than we give them. Those are our tax dollars–not theirs. Neither of the parties are any better than the other. They have both failed us.

    • K. Key

      here here I agree its time ALL VETERANS AND FAMILIES stand up for our benefits and ask the Congress and the Senate to accept the same pay cuts and benefit cuts like we have to take. What happened to a Government by the people and FOR THE PEOPLE NOT THE GOVERNMENT!!!!!!! If these six want to cut our benefits then lets take it from their pockets instead of the VETERANS who shed blood to give them the right to do this !!!!!!

      The Gang of Six includes:

      Sen­a­tor Mark Warner (D-VA)
      Sen­a­tor Dick Durbin (D-IL)
      Sen­a­tor Kent Con­rad (D-ND)
      Sen­a­tor Tom Coburn (R-OK)
      Sen­a­tor Mike Crapo (R-ID)
      Sen­a­tor Saxby Cham­b­liss (R-GA)

      Read more:

    • George

      I agree. Well said.

    • Vanessa

      I agree! And they should adhere to same requirements to receive retirement benefits, too! There should be no student loans forgiven for Staffers. And the same rules should apply to all government employees!

      Keep in mind, our wonderful elected leaders, their staff and most government employees do not deploy, spend time months and years away from family, miss important family events, move multiple times making it difficult for spouses to work and develop a retirement and increase family income, et al.

      Personally, I think we owe or military more NOT LESS!

    • Kay

      You have it right. They are the ones raking in the money and do nothing for their country except put it more and more in debt. Thansk for you input it is very correct. Kay

    • jake

      Right on Mr.looymans!!!!!!!!if only this WOULD happen. I too have ben saying the same.

    • D.A.V. in MN

      Who are THEY kidding? Before WE elect ANYONE to Public Office (where THEY can make these types of decisions), it should be MANDATORY for THEM to serve a MIN., of 4 yrs ACTIVE DUTY!
      WE the People do NOT get a vote on their Bennies…WHY should THEY decide what we are fought for?!?

  • Ted

    Let’s cut the paychecks of ALL government employees (active and retired, elected , appointed, and hired) by 5%. That applies to all branches of government Judicial, Legislative, and Executive for a period of three years and prohibit COLAs, bonuses, increases, or adnustments of current pay scales during that period. With a mandatory
    3-year extension of that if the national debt had not been at least halved and a balanced
    budget amendment enacted and APPROVED by the states. Such a law should require
    no more than one written page. I DARE CONGRESS to be that evenhanded in
    doing their duty.


    • Larry

      Why would you punish the employees who actually make this nation great, just because the elected knuckleheads are dirty?

    • Shelley

      I understand that there may be a belief that cutting the income and the benefits of the military and government personnel may decrease our budget dramatically. I must agree that ALL current members of the House, the senate, the executive branch and the judiciary branch should incur immediate cuts in pay. The house and the senate have not been doing their jobs. Period. To cut the incomes of the people that actually work for the American people…No, I do not agree that their pay and benefits should be cut. That is what I find sad and scary. Somehow, the media and corporate America have succeeded getting people to accept that screwing over the military and other hard working government employees (remember, we are talking about police, teachers and firefighters as well) that have given so much to the American people is okay as long as we preserve the bottom line for General Electric,, Verizon, Wells Fargo, Lockheed Martin,Bank of America, Northrup Grumman, KBR, Raytheon, CACI.; and on and on. Our Representatives are owned by the lobbyists. I hate that these lobbyists and corporations are somehow more important or valuable than the job performed by our military personnel.

      • DPC

        Well said, Shelley. I am always amazed that the first thing any of these bozos want to cut from the military budget is entitlements for military members, and yet, the military-industrial complex keeps getting fed, just like the banks “too big to fail”.

        Sad, really…

    • John

      Ted you are right on target.They like all those who are serving and those that have served to bite the bullet.It’s time for them to take a bite out of this debt that they created..

      • John S USN(Ret)

        Ted and John for Congress. Good idea.


      Hey I am a hard working government employee/veteran. i haven’t had a raise in 2 years. DO NOT blame me for what elected officials have done to our country.

    • DJK USN Ret spouse

      I So agree with you. I honestly don’t mind if they increase the cost of our TriCare for retiree’s, his low now and if the double it per year, from 230 to 460 etc, that still is cheap for us. I don’t want a pay cut, i depend on the pension. I just don’t understand why the government always wants to mess with the military and they continue to get and never take pay cuts, no raises and anything. it just “AIN”T RIGHT”. lol

    • GSO60

      How about everyone that receives a government check??? Why exclude the SS and Railroad retirement and oh yeah the good old boys over at the post office???

      Now that would make it fair, wouldn’t it?

    • Okieboy

      This is a great idea! However, it will float like a sinker.

    • Chuck Hendrix

      I don’t think so. Those earning more than $250K, get breaks that the average household (less than $50k) can ever get. The average household of 4 earning $50k or less actually pay more in Federal income tax than those making more than $250K. We can’t defer taxes by placing a lot of money in IRA’s. We can not defer paying taxes by investing in various loop holes schemes. We barely are able to make ends meet, much less take a reduction in compensation. Not to mention we retiree’s served our country with an “agreement” that we would receive a certain amount of compensation for continued service. A lot of us served instead of jumping to the civilian job market where we could have earned more, but chose to stay for the “benefits”. Referring to benefits we earned as “entitlements” is little more than referring to Anti-Abortionists as Pro-life. Somehow and for some reason people have the perception the word “entitlement” is some sort of dirty underhanded thing. I earned my BENEFITS. I was also promised free medical care for the rest of my life if I served for 20 years or more, which I did, again because I thought the trade off in working in the civilian market place versus guaranteed medical benefits was about even and the instability of the civilian work force could not guarantee me the benefits. My medical care is anything but free and these “legislators” want to have us pay more? I will fight this tooth and nail. I made many sacrifices for this country in my 20+ years of service. Let those in a better position to afford to make sacrifices do so, not the veterans.

    • Ron

      I agree with you wholeheartedly with the exception of the congressional and executive cuts should be raised to 15%. That would bring their salaries down closer to where they should be.

    • Robert E Morris

      21 years I paid my dues so that I could retire! Now they feel like we don’t deserve it or have earned it? I know that it isn’t what will happen, but, what should happen is that all Congressmen, Senators, ALL elected officials should vote themselves the same cuts that The Gang of Six are saying that we Veterans should no longer receive! Mr President, if you allow the cuts to the already retired Military I can tell you now, you will not get my vote, nor will any of the elected members from my state running for reelection! Bring our men and women home, stop paying these countries all of this money to rebuild after we’ve either freed them or come their aid! How much money would be not have to spend if we were not spending it in support of Iraq and that other war(Afgan War?)? You could draw down the Military, provide for National Defense………..Balance the Budget…pay our Debt……and perhaps……….give the Retirees a Cola increase this year! Politics Suck !!!!!!!!!!

      • KELLY


    • Russell Wilkes

      Ted, you wouldn’t even have to do that if Congress would stop allocating hundreds of millions of dollars to countries that are not our allies and use that money to offset our debt. We give millions each year to China thru the United Nations.

    • Phil McCready

      Ted, I’m retired partially disabled Viet Nam vet. I totally agree. Congress talks about cutting our entitlements (something I most voceferiously object to having my retirement called an “entitlement”) but we never hear about congress cutting their pay and benefits. Your suggestion about an across the board 5% cut is the most equitable solution I have heard. Keep up the good work.

    • Ken

      It’s only right the military take large,even drastic pay cuts !
      After all its Wall Street traders that are the real strength of the USA not we.

      We need to ensure that the 20 something putting in those brutal 60 hour weeks at least maintain their current average 3,7 mil a year and all costs
      continue to ensure their tax rates remain lower than Grandma the greeter at Walmart.
      They are the job creaters, the true American heroes,after all that broken-down own Sailor whose wife left with the his kids because he was never home and made old before his time by 30 years of rotating watches is after all just a parasitic goverment employee.

      • dontgothere

        for those of you who don’t understand – this is called SARCASM.

    • sean

      The fastest way to save millions is to tell comrade obama to STAY HOME!!! Cut travel of princess obama and boot the kids and their friends and grandma off the trips. No more 200 or more staffers on trips. Cut the travel of all the idiots in both houses, cut their staffs, cut their perks.

      • dontgothere

        better for obama to RESIGN.

    • john sparaco

      Yo Ted super idea..just like it has been in the past , congress wants to balance the books on our backs…can you see a supreme court judge saying sure cut my benefits…the suns a bitches can always justify whatever they want…I wonder if Nancy Pelosi would belly up?? hey great comments!!!!!

    • Dan az

      The gubmnt employe’s 4.2 million people that don’t pay into the social security and pay know taxes.When they were going to shut down they were going to lay off 2.1 million non essentual workers.That’s about 500 billion right there if they don’t need them then fire them.Then lets get started on cutting the size of the gubmnt down to what it should be.That’s a start in the right direction.

      • Vlad

        I have no idea what point you meant to express. You can’t write like you talk.

      • C S Choat

        First of all, to those who wish to balence the budget on the backs of our military and military retirees, i want to say your welcome for the safety and security that we provide you, and the freedom to expouse your opinions free from the fear of being dragged away in the middle of the night as you might be in some other parts of the world.
        I am a military retiree and now a Department of Defense employee. During my 21 years in the Army and six plus years of a GS employee I have, and continue to pay Social Security taxes. I also pay taxes on both my retirement pension, and goverment salery.

        • C S Choat

          My “retirement check” from the Army is currectly known as “delayed compensation” (Look it up.) It is not an entitlement, because I am not handed it for doing nothing, and by accepting it, am subject to recall at the drop of a hat. It is for sacrificing years seporated from my family on deployments, training exercises, and long hours (overtime isn’t paid to soldiers, we are by law on duty 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 52 weeks a year) at a pay rate far far below what I could have made on the outside economy. I did 21 years, which in the civilian world would have been closer to 40 plus years.

    • maybe we should cut everyones pay by 5% and that would settle it…..

      • dontgothere

        let’s start with welfare and food stamps.

    • martha

      Hard time require serious action….I agree with you Ted!

    • Vlad

      As a federal government and USMC veteran I could live with the 5% cut you propose if it’s done ALL across the board; Senate, Congress, EVERY government position. Do be aware that if you are active duty, this applies to you too. Military servicemen ARE government employees, it’s called Department of Defense (DoD).

      • JAY

        No whizz the dod is government wow you learned a lot in your time! come on we know it includes us and a lot of us are all about it, we just don’t want our retirement cut and if they do we will push to go after the all ready retired!

    • bamaboy65

      Why do you want to cut ALL government paychecks. Most employees are common folks trying to eek out a living same as you. I am a government employee and make a living,thats about it, forced to take a two year pay freeze, pay a LOT of taxes and wonder if I will have gas money to get to work every day. So, if you want to go after government employees, lets go after the ones responseable for this mess, the ones WE elected into office!

    • Jim

      YES I agree, but not 5% go for 10% and leave retired and elderly americans alone, stop giveing tax breaks to ANY foreigner that applies.

      • Jay

        Take 10% of mine and leave you alone, you better get it together! you might have earned your keep but no one took 10% from you along the way, you better believe your burning the wrong bridges, crazy old bats want to screw the future oh i’m sorry what 10 year war did you take part in that deployed you for 4 years…. geeze we don’t want them to take yours why would you wish it upon us?

    • HOWARD


    • Scott Bolynn

      Ted, cutting COLA would essentially mean expecting military member to live in areas which are very expensive with the pay that matches an area much cheaper. For example, without the COLA I would have simply not been able to make it in Japan as active duty. I would support cutting the COLA, only if the overseas bases were shut down. But le’t face it, that is not going to happen. The only thing that really helps a military member of lower rank (like me) are the benefits, cut them and it becomes impossible to survive. Then again, I didn’t join for the money, I joined to serve, but it is hard to do that when you put more burden and stress on those members yet expect them to put in 100%, that is unreasonable.There are cuts that can be made, but I don’t see how this could be one.

    • Peter

      Ted, you are a jackass of the first order. In case you don’t know it, military retirement pay and veterans disability payment cost of living increases are tied, by law, to the level of increase in social security benefits. I am a US Army retiree and I am currently rated at 90% disabled by the VA; these are my sole sources of income. There has not been a COLA increase since Jan 2009, so my pay has been frozen for almost 3 years already. Now you want me to “hold the line” for another 3 years on top of that. Since OBAMACARE passed, I have seen the amount of taxes deducted from my retirement check go up, so in effect I have had a paycut. BTW, as a military retiree and disabled veteran my medical coverage from those two meet the requirements of the law so in effect I am being forced to pay for something that I will never use. Once again, you are a jackass of the first order. Come back when you have an idea that actually makes sense.

    • American

      Haven’t you been listening DOD, Civil service have already had their pay, promotions stopped for the next two years making it three years. Other people in the world besides the military who risk their lives, policeman, fireman, DOD you are not the only people in the U.S.A and one day you will be civilians. Many of you haven’t even been to the front. Wake up we are a country of people who risk their lives everyday and not everyone is in the military. Their pay is less then the military and their benefits are less.

      • Real American

        American – you’re an idiot. You have no idea what the military sacrifices and in the current fight, there is no “front.” Everyone is in the fight from cook to infantryman. Hopefully one day you will wake up and realize how much the military truly sacrifices for you. And by the way, an NYC firefighter with the same amount of time in service receives more than double the pay of an Army officer with the same time in service and they are eligible for up to $1000 overtime a month. Get your facts straight.

      • Jay

        @ American This CUT IS ABOUT THE MILITARY jackass! not all the others you mention. So why are you typing about it? if you say the overhaul and it affected you you would feel like they are breaking your contract too!

    • dv6118

      Outstanding suggestion, but don’t forget the millions who get welfare. You [I presume] & I worked long & hard to earn what is now an unfulfillable promise. Get the federal govt out of the welfare business and put it back to the local area. I liked the late comedian, Sam Kinison’s, schtick:


      Well I live in a desert, but I can relocate if I have to. The Congress is a desert of common sense. They spend more on themselves than they should, and I’m sick and tired of their nonsense. I pray that a billion micrometeorites strike the Capitol, the Congressional office buildings, the Supreme Court, and the White House at 80,000 mph.

      Federal government, RESET. The loss of the good guys would prove to be a small price of patriotism for the house-cleaning we need in Wash DC, and the structural repairs could be paid with the savings from docking bureaucrat payrolls.

    • Keisha

      They will not do that at all. Then your cutting into their money and they don’t want you to mess with what’s theirs at all. Everything you have said it good but lets up it some more so they wouldn’t be able to get the things they need and let them see how it feels to live on a fixed income, worry about their healthcare, and how they will make it.

    • dontgothere

      and don’t forget the checks of ALL welfare recipients and every single food stamp recipient. yea that will never happen.

    • Jason

      You can’t cut COLAs we would go bankrupt!

    • There is one major flaw in this suggestion Ted…. “3-year extension of that if the national debt had not been at least halved”

      The national debt is so high that it would be impossible to reduce it much more than enough to be noticed in any given year, let alone by half in such a short time as 3 years. In fact, by the very renewing of the proposed law, you would doom them to failure again since the requirement is to halve the debt from where it is at the time of renewal rather than to eventually reach the halfway point from where it was when the law was first introduced.

      It is oversights such as this that cause so many good ideas to fail in actual application.

    • Vanessa

      Sad thing is many military families only have one income as it is due to the frequent moves, deployments, etc. so even 5% would be a big hardship! This is so unfair.

  • David,
    I’m with you. “Let see them do to each other what they want to do to US!” CUT OUR Benefits! We can save a lot of money on the budget by just having them share the wealth of their salaries and reduce reduced salaries. That’s both Congress and the Senate!

  • The Army could cut a significant part of that number by simply eliminating airborne operations. Not only would money be saved on aircraft operations and equipment needs, they’d save untold millions upon millions on death and medical retirement benefits paid to jumpers who die or are permanently disabled doing something that has had no tactical application since WWII. (Sorry guys. The airshow in Panama might have gotten you a mustard stain, but it wasn’t a legitimate tactical jump. It was just contrived specifically so you could get that mustard stain.)

    • ralph

      you know so little about history or airborne.

      • Lew


    • Jack

      Jerry Bob, you hit that nail right on the head!

      As a 23 year Army Vet and retiree, I said that exact comment 10-15 years ago in ANCOC while studying airborne ops used in war since its inception. And I had all hel unleashed on me by, of course, those wearing ice cream cone badges. There has been no REAL and TANGIBLE, proven tactical reason to have an entire division airborne qualified. Its a waste of money. Utilization at a small, lethal level by the SF Community is plausible, but this country could save BILLIONS by eliminating Airborne Operations at anything higher than the squad or at the most platoon level.

      Spot on comment Jerry Bob!

      • Ray Whiteaker

        I was the OIC of the Navy’s Airborne school when we made that decision in 1987. We have save Millions since then and operations have not suffered. While we are cutting, lets take the knife to Marine aviation. Why does the Marine Corps need tactical jet aircraft? Let us kep the rotary wing for close air support and let the Navy and the Air Force do their jobs with the jets. CWO-4 USMC aircraft (jet) maintenace office/ HALO parachutist instructor (MFF) retired

        • Jack

          Ray, I suspect we both know the answer to this. From an Army standpoint, the powers that be, as well as the arrogant “hotshots” in the paratrooper community would fight tooth, nail and claw to hold on to the elite moniker of “paratrooper”…no matter that its obsolete warfare. Probably the same answer with the Marines having tactical jet aircraft.

          Good point!

          MSG/E-8, Army, IEW-SEMA Fixed Wing Aircraft Maintenance (JSTARS, GR, CGS,), Master Instructor/Writer, USAIC&FH, AZ. (Retired)

        • Brigid Rudolph

          The Marine Corps needs their avaiation units. I can just see the Navy sending their helicopter into a hot LZ to rescue Marines. Not only that Marines are the Presidents own. They have to be ready at all times. And they are the first to fight. Not only that many times they put down rebellions and stop wars before they get started and no one gets sent but the Marines when that happens. The President can send in the Marines anytime he chooses without the approval of Congress. He cannot do that with the Army, Navy, or Air Force. I am a former Marine and this is what we are told when we join the Marines and before finishing Boot Camp as it use to be called. I found out how true this is for the many long nights waiting and packed up to ship out first.

          • S McCullough

            Well You are told a lie. The prPresident is the Commander in Chief of All Armed Forces and we all belong to him and he can send any branch any where he want. Stop getting the BIG Head Jar Head.Remember you are still a Corps. The Army Navy and Air Force have many Corps within. The Marines are not always the first to go in.All Armed Forces have the same mission, “To Protect the US interest.” Get Real JAR HEAD. Here goes that arrogance again. This is why most of the young people think that the Marines are all in service to kill people. I always tell them they are looking at to many movies. Isn’t this something for our young people to be saying.

          • S McCullough

            By the way. My aunt always thought the marines brain washed her son when he went in. I always told her that wasn’t true, but after reading what you wrote about what you were told in boot camp it look like it’s the truth.

    • Ryder

      Just for the record – there has only been about 3 deaths from airborne op’s in more than a decade. Injuries, of course, proves much higher, but still…

    • I veture to say that the benefits paid to legs who retire after 20 and file for VA claims to get some of their retirement tax deductible far out numbers the airborne claims. I am assumming you weren’t on the Rio Hato DZ with me and where fellow Rangers died assualting that airfield. The Seals swam in at Patilla and how did that one work out?? You dishonor the men who died that night during the “airshow” and that mustard stain you apparantly have penis envy over means more to you than it does any Ranger who earned it.I can’t speak for the 82nd but I can speak for the tactical value of having 80% of the Ranger Regt jumping onto that airfield instead of having legs truc kin from Panama City.

    • Brigid Rudolph

      I believe that we should not have to pay jumper pay to the airborne. And no needless training outside the U.S. where are airborne men are trained. You cannot cut soldiers off from receiving benefits when they are injured. And leave survivors benefits alone. Its time all military personel and veterans raise hell. Enough is Enough. Congress needs to cut their pay and we will have plenty of money in our budget. I think they are making all these cuts so they start world war three. Look at Norway. Crazy-people against people. This happened in wwi and wwii. Right wing nut politics starts wars people.

      • Travis

        Actually, Bismarck’s Prussia, Moussolini’s Fascist Italy, and Hitler’s Nazi Germany are all left wing based movements. For instance Moussolini and Hitler were both break offs of the Internationalist Socialist party based out of Switzerland. If you compare party platforms, they are identical, except for the ridding the world of Jews part. Hitler self admittedly got his genocide ideas from a Liberal Harvard professor that wrote on Eugenics Theory. The “Progressives, including FDR, supported Hitler during the initial phases of his “reform”, right up until he started executing people. They supported the corporatist takeover. TARP ring a bell? They supported his view on sexual freedoms, i.e. Goring, his air force commandant, being homosexual. Hitler, when questioned about it, stated “What does his sexuality have to do with his ability?”. Oh, and many of the Democrats in our current administration are members of the Internationalist Socialist, and several supported Hugo Chavez’s “democratic” takeover of Venezula. History paints a very different view of the souce of Tyranny, doesn’t it?

    • Lewis

      The threat of the 82nd Airborne dropping into the backyard of dictators and others capable and willing to commit immense atrocities has saved countless dollars and lives over the years. Who else will bring a battle ready battalion w/i 18 to 24 hours to the battlefield followed by a Brigade shortly thereafter? Perhaps instead of cutting our rapid deployment force we should be a little hesitate about pursuing weapons of mass destruction which don’t exist b/c of a political vendetta which results in Billions of dollars monthly and thousands of deaths and maimed troops – those maimed troops that now the politicians who send and keep them there are considering cutting there benefits as well. Save 80 Billion?? Shame on you!!

    • Bob

      Can’t believe you even mentioned that!!! Granted Airborne ops should be curtailed to several specialized units that do have tactical missions, but can’t believe your approach. Bottom line get rid of the big ticket items as in Aircraft Carriers, F-22/35’s, you could save Billions just with them two ticket items. Since the start of our Iraq/ Afganistan wars the Air Force and the Navy in reality do not have a mission. Utilize real Aviators as in the Army Warrant Officer Corp, why Majors, LTC’s, Col’s and in some cases BG’s in the Air Force, Navy and USMC. And yes a Helicopter is a more complicated piece of equipment to fly than a F18, 16, 22, and etc. Total abuse by our pilots, and by the way I do know a little of the military as I only spend over 40 years of active duty, and loved it, and mostly all in Combat units to include 27 years overseas. “Airborne”

    • ground poonder 0311

      Jerry boob you are an ingrate tha doesnt know where freedom comes or even care. You should go get blown up by an IED and then youd rate whos job to cut or what to take when it gets taken. Maybee an explosion would change your destortion of reality and youd appreciate any branch of service for serving you up a slice of freedom. Sleep good tonight because you know there IS someone suffering in country so you can make these self rigtheous judgementS. Your welcome ingrate. Shame on you and these sick six hipocrits. Semper FI

    • Ranger R

      Jerry Bob, So I guess you were in Panama? No, I didn’t think so. I will say that the 82nd didn’t need to jump because we, the Rangers, had already secured the airfield and planes could have landed. From where I was standing, 500FT above the tarmack, jumping was the right way to infitrate the airfield. Also there are still some vaulable uses of Company sized jumps to take and hold an objective, until legs can get there. I will give you that with the end of the Cold War, having something as big as the 18th Ab Corps is not justified. On the other hand the 75 th Regt is and will be needed around for years to come, with the way warfare has changed. So, cut out some of the huge Airborne force we have, but there are many other places to cut. Veterans benefits are not one of them!!

    • Combat Ed

      Jerry Bob

      Could you please tell that to the dead Paratroopers who died in Operation Just Cause? I’m sure they and their families would be thrilled to hear your “wisdom.” Ever heard of the Rangers jumping into Afghanistan? Initial forced entry is a critical option only possible through Airborne Operations. Guess you and those who agree with you never studied a map. So many arm-chair war strategists. God help us!

    • EDM

      Up your sorry LEG A** There is a lot of Special Operations that require a Vertical insertion. These entries save lives and are the primary deep strike. You are a typical in your assumption of eliminating necessary use of all tactical operations techniques.

    • Travis

      I’m a Blackhawk pilot, and speaking from experience, almost every high value target in the war on terrorism was caught using helos to insert a form of special operators. Our mauever element is what sets our military apart from the rest of the world. Think strategically instead of just monetarily. I agree there are stupid airborne ops happening, and could be cut, but if we don’t train it, we can’t fight it. If pilots don’t fly minimum hours, they lose thier currency, and have to have another check ride with an instructor. It would cost our strategic response capability, reduce homeland defense, and degrade foreign security cooperation(panama example). There are ways to cut in a more efficient, and less detrimental manner.

    • Sandra

      Just to let you know Jerry, Airborne Operations were a MAJOR part of the success with the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, as well as Osama’s elimination. You welcome

  • 22YearVet

    David Looymans is right on the money with his comments. Its time for change in United States, starting with the House and Senate. The next election year, the entire sitting congress should be voted out. We should also call for Senate and HOR term limits. They chose to serve the public, well they should be treated as the public when they aren’t in office. They should get a severance when voted out of office, not a life payment. they should be on a High 3 retirement plan just like the military and they should only get that for as many years they served. Served four years, get 4 years of severance pay, then the umbilicale cord is cut. Fair is fair…

    • Forrest Cook

      I agree witgh David Looymans comments. I would also like to see them have to serve 20years before they can retire just like any other government employee. After all, that is exactly what they are. Govenment employees.

    • Chuck Oliver

      As a 31 years disabled combat veteran, I agree aand support your brillant assessment. I’ve got your back.

    • BJB

      I agree, but I think cutting tax cuts to big business i.e. energy companies and the ‘upper crust’ of the US would balance the budget much faster then Ted’s idea of cutting 5% across the board on government workers. Ted do you realize some government workers make about minimum wage and struggle daily to support themselves let alone have families. Also you would be asking our soldiers in Afghanistan and Iraq who are risking there lives and limbs to take a cut in pay, get real!

    • Steve Dexter

      22YearVet: Congress already IS on a high 3 retirement plan. Of course after serving only FOUR years they are eligable for a tiny retirement pension at age 62 based on those four years, a more than normal multiple and high 3 salary. They are treated pretty much like any other GS/WG gov’t civilian employees with a few added perks.

    • Jim

      In my mind-all we need to do to the HOR is add the WE (as in we the people and you will easily see what I think of them and their self serving ‘deals’.

      W hor E !!!

    • Infinity

      Please say that again…I am sick and tired of this government starting mess all over the world and we the people, suffer..The politicians should and need to be fired. They all live and have great lives with our money..

    • nam vet

      the change needs to start at the top of the ladder not half way down

    • Michael M

      There is one great falalcy in all this logic. Senators and congressmen aren’t government employees. They’re ELECTED officials who wewre elected to serve a certain number of years. The should get no retirement pay nor should they have the benefit of taxpayer subsidzed office space and staff once they are voted out. We have allowed them to become the masters instead of the servants. Term limits now!!!!

    • Karla

      Wife of a vet. I totally agree. If they can’t do their job, get rid of them all. Make them earn their benefits like the rest of us. Cut their pay and benefits first and see how bad they want to cut ours.

    • J Franklin

      Right on.

    • Lewis

      22YearVet, you hit the nail on the head. Thank you for your service and your commen sense reply!

    • shirley

      i agree with you they they think they are all above us. we need to get them all out right now no representation would be better then what we have now

    • jwscofield

      Why even a severance. They lost their job because the people didn’t bring them back. Along with term limits let’s see cutting of pork barrel money that states get, right there is millions that could be used to reduce the debt. In the military, I don’t know if it is still this way, but in the last few weeks of the fiscal year supply officer spend like crazy so they won’t have money left over from that year’s budget. I was told that if they didn’t spend it then their requested amount of money for the next year would be reduced because they didn’t spend everything they had the year before. I don’t know how much money would be saved if the higher up rewarded those commands that managed their money well and actually had money left over from the previous year. Let them roll that over into the next year.

    • dontgothere

      no we have to include the mooron in the WH too.

  • real old timer 81

    Bring on the pressure guys and gals otherwise we will continue to get the same.
    Term limits are required or there will never be a change. All this squabble over the debt limit is primarily reelection maneuvers. It`s all about reelection.

    • Navy vet Army spouse

      Not just term limits. There should be a limit placed on the retirement that the politicians recieve. Most of them are already wealthy if not well off and do not need to recieve a retirement. Why should a Rep. who has served only two years in office recieve retirement and health care when a seviceman who served less than twenty recieves nothing?
      I would love to see retired military personnel march on Washington just for the purpose of demanding that the politicians place the same retirement and health care restriction on themselves that the place on us. I have not asked the active military do this because I believe it is against the UCMJ.
      Little history lesson: WWI soldiers marched and set up camp around Washington during the depression to request that the future pay they had been promised be paid to them. MacArthur (yes that MacArthur) led a calvary charge against these vets and massacred them. The promised pay was indeed payed to the remaining vets of WWI ahead of time.
      We need to take a stand together inorder to innact change. (a good change for once)

    • bobmal99

      There are term limits. Just vote for the other candidate!!

    • GiveAwayJimmie

      I agree with you—but—believe we need to cut all congressional pay by 75% and remove all their benefits—I am tired of the shallow politicians that have not had a real job–but suddenly think they know how to solve an issue that is not benefiting themselves. What have they done for the country–but put us in debt!!!!!!

    • Lewis

      I agree totally – it is all partisan politics – let them cut there own pay and benefits – or let them go into harms way themselves!!

  • Larry Bostick

    Whatever they decide to do, it is too late for us to stop it. So, when they publish the results of the votes, we capture the names of all the ones that voted “Yes”. Now this is where the teamwork comes in. Not only do we not vote for the names on the list, we campaign against them, regardless of where you are in the country, your rank, service, active/retired, or party affiliation. This is the ultimate betrayal, and for them, the easiest thing to do. Cowboy up and get onboard with the movement!!

    • Fletcher Sapp

      Fuckin ay!!!@!!

    • drbrock

      I concur.
      If they won’t cut their own benefits, they shouldn’t cut anyone else’s. THey have the sweetest retirement on the planet and it is time the veteran community came together to hold all of their feet to the fire.

    • BJB

      I say we black ball the ‘Gang of Six’

      The Gang of Six includes:

      Sen­a­tor Mark Warner (D-VA)
      Sen­a­tor Dick Durbin (D-IL)
      Sen­a­tor Kent Con­rad (D-ND)
      Sen­a­tor Tom Coburn (R-OK)
      Sen­a­tor Mike Crapo (R-ID)
      Sen­a­tor Saxby Cham­b­liss (R-GA)
      Get rid of them, they are not in support of the people but their personal pockets and friends.

    • charles robbins

      I,m all for it Larry. We were all taught to lead by example. It,s time for both houses to stand up.

    • eddiejames

      you are right kick there butt to the ditch

    • Mike

      Right Larry, I can’t hardly believe they are targeting the veterans beifits, I bet none of them fought in actual combat that vote to reduce veterans benifits

    • Donnie

      Alot of good voting them out is going to do when the vote is rigged

    • Robert West

      I’m with you John.

      retired military Robert West

    • donnie g

      It’s time for a chnage

    • JeffD

      AGreed, Im in!

    • MikeS

      Now that what I’m talking about….Nobody seems to track the voting of these dumbass’s…we just keep on electing them and they keep screwing us because we are stupid. for not watching their votes on issues….shame on us….lets find a way to track these Dem’s or Rep’s and make them accountable……16-35 democrat……35-60 republican…60 to death… democrat.
      Am I on the money or what!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • curtis frazier

      yes u r right we need to clean house we do need to show every one that we will not stand by after giving our best to our country the best on earth and see any one cut one thing from us we need to get on board and do this what ever it takes

    • flashtube

      Larry Bostick, you are a genius! This is the perfect answer to all the political BS coming out of capital hill. If they are doing this just to win a re-election and at the same time slam the president, I think it’s time to turn the tables and get the word out to the American public to campaign against them and not vote for the names on the list! Sock it to them!!!

    • Garel

      My very first 1st Sgt was MSgt Bostick At Shu-Lin-Kou AS Taiwan. You have great ideas just like him. Count Me In Too! 20 yrs USAF…..

    • Dee Jones

      I have a husband who is a Viet Nam veteran with 2 purple hearts and severe ptsd and lost leg below the knee and has had 3 disc removed from his neck and the VA ony gives him 30% and giving him a hard time for 100% and he served twice in Viet Nam; why can’t they be fair to the veterans of Viet Nam; I agree the US people have done enoug it is time for cuts to be made from THEIR MONEY!!!!!!

    • Manay

      Gosh. That sounds like a plan to me!

  • John F

    If the Congressman and woman are the our leaders, They should set the example. They ( Law makers) should cut their pay, jump on social security and medicare. Do away with their retirment pay, cost of living adjustments and insurance. Hold them accountable and maybe even put them in jail for the way they lead the rest of this nation.Lead by example instead of with their mouths. We the people should make them do it if they don’t do it themselves.

    • MRG

      Amen. The salary of the President the highest job of the land is SUPPOSED to be $ 400,000.00. They get more than that with all the adjustments and written books ect. $400,000 is a lot of money. If you can’t live on that there’s a problem. Plus I think salary caps should be put on millionaires. Anything over 1.5 million should be taxed 75%. Baseball players making 21 million!? There’s something wrong with this system!!

      • Nancy

        Amen! One other thing I don’t understand is why do we go blow another country up because they attack us then turn around and go back and rebuild thier country with millions of our taxpayers money?This makes nooooooo sense to me!

    • samuel magana

      you are right on they want to cut our retired benifits and ins.yet they and wall street will not be tuched lets jail them all. samuel m.

  • NAMES Who are the Names of the Gang of Six ? It McConnell one of them ?

    • melissa1125

      Tim Coburn (R-OK), Kent Conrad (D-ND), Mike Crapo (R-ID), Dick Durbin (D-IL), Clarence Chambliss, Jr. (R-GA), and Mark Warner (D-VA).

      • cannondi59

        Tom Coburn (-OK)

    • Dawn

      here are The Gang of Six includes:
      Sen­a­tor Mark Warner (D-VA)
      Sen­a­tor Dick Durbin (D-IL)
      Sen­a­tor Kent Con­rad (D-ND)
      Sen­a­tor Tom Coburn (R-OK)
      Sen­a­tor Mike Crapo (R-ID)
      Sen­a­tor Saxby Cham­b­liss (R-GA)

      • Reality Check

        They need a more descriptive name, how about:

        The gang of Crapo, or,

        The Crapo Committeee ???

    • brigid rudolph

      I have their names and I will post them in a minute for you. There are three Democrats and three Republicans. And yes McConnell is one of them.

      • MSgT jh

        No McConnel is NOT one of them.

    • Meadowlark Marcum

      No, but he should be. He makes me ashamed to be a Kentuckian.

    • Warrior07

      It really doesn’t matter if his is or not. Vote for you local TEA Party candidate and purge the Congress of the Zoo Crew, Donkeycrats and RINOs.

    • Rob

      WHY??? The gang of six have come up with the most reasonable plan yet…especially if you are military and middle class. You will suffer immensely under ANY of the GOP proposed plans. YOU rely on government, just like the rest of us. Get out of denial. Revenues are too low to support America. Cut revenues and hurt America. Shame on you…especially as a servicemen.

    • Chief

      The names of the Gang of Six are included in the article. Refer to the article.

      CW3, USA, RET

  • Roger klingbeil

    I do not who proposed this idea about

    Congressional Reform, like it. a FYI

    1. No Tenure / No Pension.

    A Congressman collects a salary while in office and receives no pay when they are out of office.

    2. Congress (past, present & future) participates in Social Security.

    All funds in the Congressional retirement fund move to the Social Security system immediately. All future funds flow into the Social Security system, and Congress participates with the American people. It may not be used for any other purpose.

    3. Congress can purchase their own retirement plan, just as all Americans do.

    4. Congress will no longer

    vote themselves a pay raise. Congressional pay will rise by the lower of CPI or 3%.

    5. Congress loses their current health care system and participates in the same health care system as the American people.

    6. Congress must equally abide by all laws they impose on the American people.

    7. All contracts with past and present Congressmen are void effective 1/1/12.

    The American people did not make this contract with Congressmen. Congressmen made all these contracts for themselves. Serving in Congress is an honor, not a career. The Founding Fathers envisioned citizen legislators, so ours should serve their term(s), then go home and back to work.

    • Brian B.

      Congress does not vote themselves a pay raise. They vote to reject a pay raise (they made the their pay raise law read this way). This way, if they don’t vote “NO”, they automatically receive one. I heartedly agree with everything else. I’ll bet that every military man and woman would love to draw one half of what tour reps do and still work the same amount of hours that our illustrious government reps do!

      • charles robbins

        I like it!!!

    • Wayno

      And they fly coach on all official business!!!

      • bobmal99

        Ihave tried to post a link so people can view who the gang of six is.
        The administrator deleted it as inappropiate, what is up with that.

        • bobmal99

          Here are the names!!
          ALL US SENATORS!!

          Senator Mark Warner of Virginia: A Pro-Business Democrat
          Senator Dick Durbin of Illinois: The Old-School Liberal
          Senator Kent Conrad of North Dakota: The Detail-Oriented Budget Wonk
          Senator Tom Coburn of Oklahoma: The Spitfire Spending Cuts Conservative
          Senator Mike Crapo: The Tax Opposing Conservative
          Senator Saxby Chambliss : House Speaker John Boehner confidant

          • Vanessa

            Senator Warner is in favor of cuts. He says we all must do our share. I told him to lead by example but I’m surprised that he has not offered up his pension and medical benefits yet. Right!

    • Okieboy

      I like this also. Lets’ get’er done’

    • Dan Kinzler

      Old Timer- DAN Kinzler USA RET– I don’t know where Roger got his seven (7) RECOMENDATIONS but they make more sense then all the other “debt reductiuon diatribe put together” and because it does make sense it will probably never be heard of again, unless all “old-timer’s” get off our collective butts and raise hell about it.

    • John

      You’ve got it exactly right…………..

    • guest

      Good ideas , but I don’t think it has much chance of being approved. Would like to see all voted out and start anew- then maybe something could be done- won’t hold my breath though.
      All feel they can save the world, but even when they are in majority in both legislative and admin branch cannot present and pass a budget- what a sorry bunch!

    • Carl

      I hate to tell you this but they do pay into social security and have since about 1983, or there about. Also those elected after that time ore FERS employees, like everyone else, Reagan did that. There retirement is held until the are at least 60, but it seems much higher than Federal Employees because of the absolutely obscene salaries. That means they can put way more money to the Thrift Savings Plan for their pension

    • harry medina

      well said

    • Gary

      this has the right deal about all of them its time to vote them all out this time around

    • Cliff

      I believe I posted this suggestion. I’ve also sent this to Pres.Obama, Sen. Boxer and Rep. Lois Capps and received the expected reply – nothing. Lois Capps has even gone so far as to state she will no longer be able to respond to any e-mails because she’s far too busy. Senator Boxer normally sends a “thanks for your suggestion” e-mail before doing nothing. Ask yourself how much ex-Presidents cost the taxpayer every year they continue to suck air.

    • Bob

      If they were all subject to what they do to us and what we get , then you would see them all running like the rats they are.

    • NRM

      OH how I love that Roger.

    • Ronald Coleman

      I Agree with Roger, I am a retired service member of 30 Years. Makes you wonder why we served. Our problem is politics not whats good for the american people.

    • Reynold Voisine

      Rey V,
      This is right on!! What is good for the goose is good for the gander. I served 35 Years and 3 days as an enlisted soldier. I was wounded 3 times in Vietnam. I presently have 90% disability and waiting on VA to upgrade me to 100% based on the fact that I now have Parkinsons Desease from agent orange that I was exposed to in Vietnam. I have earned my retired pay and other entitlements for the service to my country. Freedom is not free most of our political leaders take that for granted, most politicians haven’t even been boy or girl scouts!

    • shilrey

      I think it is strange that the congrss and senate have known about this for a long time and are now just getting down to the wire on the debt limit. Where were they a year ago this di no0t sneak up on them, It is just for election purposes and to make people think that they do work. There should be a law that they have to have laws like this working the entire time they are proposed.But hey all go down to the last second like the Health Care plan, that no one had time to read.

    • Johnny H.

      This will never happen as long as Congress wrights and makes it own laws. It would be nice if they (Congressmen) did have to live by the same laws they make the rest of us live by.

    • dontgothere

      i vote roger for president – oh wait no let’s make him the king for a few days just to fix all the problems then he can go back to his normal life.

    • Ana

      We have to remember all of these comments and make sure we vote. Things will not change until we all get involved and hold them accountable.

    • rspdude

      I agree with your ideas. Lets bring back a congress like this country was made from. Not from the elite rich who can come up with the millions it takes to get elected now.

    • Dawn

      I totally agree with your remarks. They need to understand what happens when you lose a job. They need to cut their salaries in 1/2!

    • David Brigham

      You must be telepathic. I agree with everything you just said. Additionally, Term limit these buttheads and charge them with felony theft by receiving if they are caught receiving any form of donation (bribe) from a lobbyist.

    • torn to peaces

      Spot on It is a Fact we must reform Congress and PUT ALL Congressional Options on the TABLE. U.S.Army Retired lets reform Congress you are Brilliant.

  • Draftee

    Congress should not get a pay raise unless the American people get a pay raise. No pay raises for us, then no pay raises for Congress.

  • David

    When we force them to be one of us, they will act as one of us..( but not the ones there now, they are ruined)so simple, we are ants to them,their sucking down champaighn and caviar …they have there special Dr,s..whom by the way are breaking their Dr code for treating them tirds better than us…take away there drivers, there nice washington pinthouse swuits that they stay know they have million dollar homes where they house their family’s, they drink most the day and have fine ass escorts to eat dinner with every night..( they all cheat on their wives,look at that loudmouth they just ousted out..they didnt like his loud mouth so they told on his perverted ass.tweets pics of his skinny ass on twitter, the guy had to be bipolar or something..



      • Nam. Vet.

        These morons are trying to take vets benefits away and your worried about spelling.Whos the Idiot? Dumb Sht

  • ron sparks

    While that bunch in goverment offices were learning to steal an unknown number of us were learning to fight! So lets fight for fair and balanced and vote the so and so out of office,and then take back what they promised themselves. We didn’t promise so we can take back by hook or crook.

  • Katheriene




    • LRRP


    • Stephen

      I agree. In California has one for their state elected legislators; should be the same for the US Congress. Been saying this for years.

    • Dee

      HERE!!!!! HERE!!!!!

  • Outraged

    This is only the beginning. TRICARE Prime premiums go up to $3450 per year before TRICARE disappears in 5 years. Where is the outrage?? We didn’t ask for $1trillion stimulus, $1trillion bank bailout, $600Billion car bailout nor did we ask that $3 trillion be taken from the Social Security trust fund with the Fed Govt putting back “IOUs”. We now know who is paying back all these deficits…..the poor, middle class to include Veterans, military retirees and family members.

    • I Agree

      I agree with you. I wonder if the banks have started to payback the bailouts yet. I heard that GE has already payed back their bailout 5 years a head of schedule with interest. Not sure what a stimulas actualy does.

    • carlos

      lets get the word out for govt to cut foriegn aid instead of out benefits.

    • Dan az

      if they had split the trillion dollars among the 350 million people they would have received about 150000 each.Do you think this may have stimulated the economy?And now if they had lowered the taxes would this have stimulated the economy?The fact that they have spent in the two in half years 14 trillion and have nothing to show for it but more debt what makes this a good decision?I say IF we have another election (which I have my doubts) then we through all of the rino’s out and put in Ron Paul and vote for every libertatian thats on the ballot.We have to get back to a smaller gubmnt and voting for the two headed money eating party is not going to cut it.Right now they spend 1 trillion a year on the military that has bases in over 180 countries.Are we the UN ‘s guard dogs that tell us to fight these civil wars of other countries?Or do we cut back and send the troops back home and let them take care of it and stop spending tax payers money on foreign civil unrest and close the damn borders and weed out the enemy here that have sleeper cell just about in every big city.We need to get out of this unholy union with the federal reserve and the UN and Nato.We are not the police of the world and the tax payers are not going to take it anymore.Lets get back to protecting our borders and reserrect the constitution that we took an oath on and through these bums out!

    • cannondi59

      The rich F***ing with the poor!

    • helen

      amen to that

  • Sailor Larry

    I retired after 21 anda half years. I received 53.75% of my base pay on that date which is less than 33% of my total military compensation on that date. In the last 14 years my raises have average 1.8 % per year with no raise during the Obama administration. Now they want to cut my retirement. And cut my benefits!!!!! I sacrificed wages and freedom for this country, as a shipboard sailor, I spent 11 years on sea duty and more than 75% of that time away from my family. How many more sacrifices should I make? My total compensation while I was active was less than 60% of my civilian counterparts, twice I worked for Federal Civil Servants that were paid twice what I was and expected me to perform many of their duties including one “boss” that had narcolepsy and slept half of his woork day. The government could reduce the deficit by simply reducing the bureaucracy and eliminating retirement and health benefits for the elected officials. As far as the “gang of six” remember Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi. Lastly, facebook fans, go to DAV and join the Veterans Virtual March on Washington.

    • Wayno

      And don’t let your children and grandchildren make the military a career, it don’t pay anymore.

    • Educated Vet

      A lot of people view entering the military as a choice and if you get screwed, so be it. Besides, doctors have to stand up 12 HOURS a day…so they deserve half a million. And investment bankers have to wake up 2 hours BEFORE and AFTER the market opens and closes. The last two are intelligent. Anyone can be a private or seaman in the military. People enter the military for power, not for service. You volunteered – too bad. Your fault.

      Now, that is what I encounter in academia and business from elitists…how you gonna argue that one when they don’t even believe in the concept of service and assume somehow you were self-interested. We’re screwed man!

      My response is draft everyone – screw em if they want a war.

      • Double Ace

        Make everyone physically able serve. They would then see what it is like and maybe have a better understanding of the sacrifices. as far as sailor Larry, I spent 20 years on each side if the spectrum 20 on active duty and another 20 as a civil servant. Their are pros and cons on both sides. As a military member I seen civilians who slept most of the day. As a civil servant I seen military who cam in late, left early, and had more appointments than anyone could possibly have and all during duty hours, extended weekends, and any number of other reasons not to be on duty. Then when they returned to work they complained because they were asked to actually do something.

      • LordRussell

        And when my crippled ass took out 2 assailents in the darkened parking lot while attacking a classmate who proposed the same elitist comments to me some 3 years ago asked me how & why I did what I did…

        I told them, “Because I was the one who stood for 24 hours, I was the one who woke 6 hours before/after the bell rang and I was the one that “CHOSE” to help you. If it weren’t for men & women like me you may very well be dead.”

        Teach that in your academia, elitist bubble.

        So I say ‘no’, not everyone can be made of the military cloth. Those that hide in academia & the political arena are obviously living testaments to this fact.

        25V Combat Documentation & Production Specialist

        • What they think

          Amen! I got those comments to me the other day. It’s annoying when you’re a vet and it comes from professors higher than you :)

          Certainly made of a different cloth. Those that hide sure are hiding…and making a killing financially doing it. Why not require them work two years for the finance dept. instead of paying contractors 2.5 times rate of a gov’t employee to do the same job?

          And good for you actually standing up for your classmate after those comments…they’re just kids, rich kids and don’t realize it.

    • C. P. Kotiza

      Larry — the “no raise for the last 3 years” is because retirement benefits are linked to Inflation — no inflation/no cost of living raise. This has NOTHING to do with Obama or any other President. I completely agree that if social security, military, and federal retirees’ Cost of Living increases are tied to the actual inflation rate (very reasonable expectation by the way), then so should the Legislative, Judicial and Executive branches of government. And, for the record, President Obama froze White House salaries from Day One. I think that’s a pretty good example of leadership myself. He is actually living “do as I say and DO” — how novel is that. The cost of TRICARE for military retirees will need to increase given the incredible cost of health care in this country.

      • Double Ace

        You need to check your facts. When I go on vacation I don’t get to go at someone else’s expense, nor do I get to take all my cars, dozens of security people, and all my friends and neighbors. I don’t get to find the most expensive hotels, nor do I have the opportunity of flying my wife to New York for our anniversary at the taxpayers expense. By the way if this was all he received it will still be more than he is worth.

    • gary

      why did you only name two? their were also 3 repuks on that also

    • C Campo

      Welcome home and keep up the good fight. God bless you and all who wore the uniform, no matter what branch.

  • Djuro

    They can save a lot of money by cutting out Obamas vacations and his wifes vacations where she takes a lot of her relatives with her. Also she does not need all of those servants that make millions of dollars combined.

    • LRRP


    • Jim Kelley

      Time to pick on the Obama’s. They are not doing anything that the previous Presidents and their families did. I think your political skirt
      is showing. Now concentrate, go back to the top and read what others
      have said about Congress and their benefits. That is where the money is. That is what needs to be cut. It should not be a career job.

    • Nancy

      I can tell you right now, our PRESIDENT is trying to keep the congress and senate in session long enough to work something out. Why don’t you look into how many days a week they work? They work 2 days then take off 2wks. My Husband fought in Nam for 2 tours now has cancer due to agent orange and he can’t even get the health care he needs. The people threw rotten eggs, tomatoes and anything else they could get thier hands on when he came home. He doesn’t even want people to know he was a marine in that time. I spend all my time caring for him and I can’t even get health insurance for myself. I agree with the man that says put all new congress and senators!!! But do NOT put this on Obama!!!!!! Nancy

      • Beaujest

        I firmly agree. It seems that Obama is blamed for any reason that they can come up with. But if the Republican would try and do something beside always saying no, something would have been done by now. It is time to stop listening to the Fox news and listen to the truth. The whole of senate and congress should be on the same side and do what needs to be done to make this the great county it use to be.

    • tetsuo

      Gang of Six is three Dems and three Republicans yet you point out two Dems who aren’t even a part of it. This leads me to dismiss you as another party line schill, especially since you apparently don’t mind that the super rich have enjoyed exorbitant, unaffordable tax cuts thanks to the Republican side of congress. I’ve been active duty and a civilian worker and worked just as hard on each side thanks..get over yourself.

      • Tom Ret MSG

        So tell me tesou, how many poor people have hired you…? You tax the rich more (if that is possible) and they will simply get it back from you and me through higer prices…! The Democrates do not have the answer, Pelosi, Reid and Obama have spent us into near oblivion, notice how this worked for Greece..Not! Wake up, they are all bad, but the Dems are by far worse!

    • Sandy

      I agree !!! While none of us can afford a vacation we are paying for the Obama Clan to live it up and fly anywhere they want. WRONG !!!!! Are Veterans able to eat lobster? We have to eat hot dogs if we can even afford that while they are feeding the whole Obama family the very best !!! All the American people who are not willing to stand up and fight for all the poor veterans need to realize they might not even be here if not for the veterans fighting for them.

    • C.P. Kotiza

      Is this a serious comment?

    • LRRP

      There is a program going on, worldwide… is called Disaster Capitalism. There is a book titled “SHOCK DOCTRINE” that should be required reading by all Americans…….you will then know what is happening in the US. __You will notice that NOTHING the govt is proposing has any impact on the rich or on corporations……everything they propose impacts only the middle class, to which most veterans (including myself) belongs to. They are especially attacking SS and VA retirement benefits, assuming we are too old to fight back. This is all part of a master plan, to eliminate the middle class, which is and has been a major thorn in the sides of all

    • Frank

      Are you serious?

  • Dick Cox

    OK, Some great stuff posted here and also some misinformation! First of all, Congress “Critters” are in the same retirement systems that cover Federal Employees! (CSRS or FERS) If you are a “Critter” and in the CSRS Retirement System, you do not pay into Social Security and DO NOT RECEIVE ANY SOCIAL SECURITY BENEFITS upon retirement from your Congressional Service! If you are a “Critter” and covered under the FERS Retirement System, you pay into and receive Social Security Benefits! Life and Health Insurance Programs are the same as all Federal Employees! The problem comes when a Federal Employee must spend 30 years in the government to get a pension, unless you are a Policeman, Fireman ir Air Traffic Controller, (25 Years) while a “critter” needs to spend seven or more years to get a lucrative pension! Most are millionaires to begin with and are in it for the power! So much for “SUPPORT THE TROOPS” with this latest “Band of Six” proposed cuts!

    • LRRP

      Congress may be in the same retirement system, but they need to only serve one 4 year term to collect in full.

      • larry

        no such thing as a four year term in congress

    • BBCB

      You are wrong, i am a 28 yr veteran, working for the FED now, on FERS and I pay into social security as well as my own retirement (becuase the Congress or Senate can no longer be trusted to serve US!

      • Mark

        Please re-read Dick’d post, he is saying you (FERS) do pay.

    • Ronnie

      Let’s not make this to hard, how ever they are paid and what ever benefits they get it is to be cut, they should share in the great idea that a cut is needed. The ideas that they waist much and forget how or where it went is or should be over. Control the waist and fraud, kick back and gratuities and we will not need to cut the Social Security, health care, soldiers, veterans and the disabled. Set an example to follow.

    • Travis

      Its all right except the medical potion. Ted Kennedy passed a law that exempts the congressional branch from paying medicare and medicade. They get 100% cost coverage to whomever they want for whatever they want. Ever heard of the “Gold-plated kennedy care plan”?

  • Dick Cox

    Is the Administrator a REPUBLICAN? Why was my comment deleted?

    • Okladandy

      My guess is he/she is a Republican as the majority of the people who vote for Republican are military or retired.

      • Travis

        Less than 1% of the population has served. Over 65% of americans classify themselves as conservative. 72% of americans currently support cut, cap, and balance. It is statistically impossible for most republicans to be military affiliated. It seems the last congressional elections must not have been a good indicator on americas current political viewpoint. By the way, I am independent, and conservative.

  • Dick Cox

    “GANG OF SIX”:

    DEMS: Mark Warner (VA), Dick Durbin (IL), Kent Conrad (ND)

    REPUBS: Saxby Chambliss (GA), Mike Crapo (ID), Tom Coburn (OK)

    • Lanney

      Damm Hicks! Why don’t we get the gang of six from Western States?

    • Dan

      If we are smart, we need to vote the “Gang of SIX” out of office.. We need to do it now…..”We the People”…’s time… we can’t survive with this kind of government anymore. 1776….


      i think they should all change their last names to CRAPO because their ideas are CRAPO

  • Jerry

    Thyanks Dick Cox. From a Republican. Now we can all call the Senat at 1-202-224-3121 and tell each one of them in this “Gang of Six” if they like there jobs, to stop the fear mongering and to pass Cut the Crap and Ballence the Budget. Stop playing games with our military and the vets and senior citizens. The U.S. Government takes in $173 Billion to $205 Billion each month from taxes. $29 Billion is needed to pay on the national debit for the month. $6 Billion is needed to pay the troops. Another $6 Billion is needed to pay the Disabled Vets and Military Retiries. $30 some Billion is needed to pay the entitelments( i.e. Medicare amd Medicade). There are other debits that are needed to be paid to keep the government running. In the end $63 Billion is left over. Look it up on Fox News, they have the correct info of this attempt of deception to devide and concure the people of this nation.

    • Randy

      Interesting stats. That is until you revealed Fox News as you source.

      • Double Ace

        What you think the facts would have more reliability if they had been announced by the liberal main stream media, such as CNN, NBC, CBS etc? Not Likely!

      • DICK


        • Mark

          More than the Dems, that is for sure.

    • Double Ace

      Jerry, you are correct. this is nothing but an attempt to scare people to giving in to their desires. The Democrats have done this for decades. I remember my mother used to tell me I had better vote for a democrat because the Republicans wanted to take her Social Security away. She received Social Security through at least two Republican administrations and she never lost a dime. In fact she always did better uner the Republicans. Why can’t people see this?

      • Nancy

        I’m 58 yrs. old and I have worked hard all my life. I now take care of my husband who was in the manines in 1968-1970. He also worked hard all his life before he came down sick due to agent orange. I consider us as good people with big hearts for all. My comment is, how can you say the democrates are so bad. In all my years of working my best living was made under a Democrat Pres. I was able to pay all my bills and still was able to put money in savings every month. You had money to go out to eat once a month and not worry what the check came to. Why does so many people think Obama and his family are living any better than any other Pres. in history? If youwatched his speach earlier he said he would pay more taxes himself the same way Clinton did. Where do you come up with all this being due tothe Democrats? You must be some of those people that have the billions hid away overseas.

        • luis a sanchez

          MRS.NANCY . it sure would be nice if you woke up .i am not trying to be mean spirit. i also serve from 67. to 69 as a combat infantry in the jungle .you seem to like to be scare by the democrats .and that is your freedom of choice.but looking at the democrats telling seniors that the check is not going to be guaranty .i kind of question your frame of mind.a fancy speech means nothing to theses politicians or loyalty. democrats nor rep. are worth that much loyalty.your grandchildren great grandchildren future are at risk maybe just maybe you do not care about yours but i care about mine. again i am not trying to be disrespectful in any way. a family member war servant. luis

        • Buddy

          Nancy, President Obama said he would pay more taxes. Here is the problem: Even if we took ALL of their money (not just extra taxes) that would be the equivalent of taking a 1 gallon bucket of water from ALL of the oceans in the world. He is trying to create class warfare nothing more. All of us were able to do more in the past. The dollar bought more then than it does now. Our paychecks have never kept up with inflation. The inflation is the governments fault – not our employers. I work for a small business. The cost of fuel has risen astronomically and my boss has to pay for that. That fuel cost has to be added to the cost of what we charge customers. Our customers may or may not have received a cost-of-living increase in their salary. Thus, the product/service we provide has cost them more. It has affected ALL of our lives – food costs, transportation costs, etc. My cost of living has increased more than my salary. That is not my bosses fault. The price of a barrel of oil has actually gone down – however, the cost of fuel has risen. Two years ago, the cost of a barrel of oil was $130 and our fuel was similiar to what it is today. However, today, the cost of a barrel of oil is around $90 to $95 and yet our fuel costs are still just as high as they were two years ago. WHY? Speculators (not the government) are artificially raising the cost and making us pay more. These aren’t even the oil companies.

          Another thing I would like you to think about. When G.W. Bush was still President, he met with Barack Obama (who had just won the election). It was Senator Obama who told President Bush that he want the $780 Billion dollar bail out. President Bush asked President-elect Obama about that since it was Obama who would inherit that when he came into office. ALSO, Obama want to blame Bush for the deficit he inherited. Let us be very clear about this. When Bush was president he had a democratically controlled house and senate. It was the democrats who came up with legislation to spend the money. The President does not make the law. The congress and senate do. The President can decide to veto it but he does not create the law. So…while Bush was President it was a Democratically controlled house and senate that approve all of the spending.

          WHF, Retired Air Force


      MR. JERRY. i am a high school drop out .please excuse my spelling.i am also a Nam. combat infantry. the problem seems to be sending this powerful so call senators and congress con jobs. they seem to forget dad the people are the power.voters give them the title they get and the salary and all they give them selves passing laws we cannot get any honest people up there to take away. the people are to stupid they are more smart .1 percent of population is looking to out to out smart 300million of us we get told is this way they cant do anything.they already have the game set .they need to cut the spending i am poor i do not have a cattle ranch i just do not need the bull. LUIS A SANCHEZ

    • don

      I agree that they need to leave retired and VetS a LONE AND BE RESPONSIBLE FOR WHAT THEY DO SPEND

    • Okie Mom to 6

      Tom Coburn is not returning to the Senate He set a term limit on himself. He is a doctor first.

    • Al Berry

      As a retired Army person , agaree 100% that the gang of 6 needs to be fired asap. This holding the American upis unthinkable. Any emmber that does not do their job and stop thsi default shouyld be fired onthe spot. But of course we can nto do thsi due to the election process. However we can ban together and vote them all out. I am about 90% sure if this country goes into defalut there will be a major human protest onthe US Capital demanding they do their job or walk out. I amtaking like a million or mroe there onthe lawna afo the Capital. This is so crazy. The Rplicicans hate President Obama so bad they are willignto risk all the middle class and udne rclass americans and push them udner the tbale. They do nto crte, thye haev the gravy train of benefits and pay already adn ti is hard to get oen otu once they get in due to their large companies paying them $ for ads to brain wash the voting public. It is a pure 100% joke and its on the Americna people. I think its time for all AMERICANS, BLACK, WHITE, ASIAN WHATERVER YOUA RE TO STAND UP NOW

    • Ruby

      Is this the same Fox News that is owned by Murdock who gets all his information from hacking? Why would I want to listen what Fox has to say? I am glad that Fox thinks all this money is flowing into the US – but on the other hand – it could be – but remember all of our congressmen and senators what their PORK sent back to their home towns! That includes republicans and democrats. We could have solved all of this during the 8 years of George W. Bush and 6 years of both houses that were republican majority. But – they wanted to spend and they created 2 wars that was costing trillions and the cost of these wars were never placed into the budget – and now they are so that is where you are getting much of this deficit – we are finally counting what it costs to pay for these 2 wars – and how much did the Bush administration, congress and senate pay to build the enormus embassy in Iraq – why did we need one there anyway – now we have an anbassador there that we pay! You need to look back fellow and realize that both parties are responsible for all of this and now both parties have to give!

    • Eddie

      Thanks Jerry, but FOX news facts are suspect. They are just as partisan as anyone they complain about. As for the mess going on in the capital now, the problem is the “TEA Party”. Who voted those nuts in anyway? If you voted for them then you are part of the problem!

  • 100% Disabled Vet

    You need to get some help, and the only person I want to see lose his office is the speaker of the house boner

    • Warrior07

      Vote for you local TEA Party candidate and purge the Congress of the Zoo Crew, Donkeycrats and RINOs.

      • Rob

        The Tea Party is the root cause of the impasse. Unless of course you are with those who want a different America entirely than what we’ve had in the past. No revenue increases is the real departure from American history …and a dangerous one…especially for those of you who have no idea what anarchy looks like and do not believe that power vacuums get filled by worse elements than a democracy can create.

  • Dan

    This is not just a gang of six situation. Member sof congress are playing games with facets of this country. There some great ideas listed yet some members are playing a gave of chicken be it default spending or budget proposals. some members love to state that they were elected to reign in the government other to have the Mr. Obama be a one term president. This game has nothing to do with the country. When interest rates go up, value of $ drops, benefits are denied and assist is destroyed while others pay no tax or keep their plane, that will be a serious situation we will come off soon. you got a serious problem. Call you congress reps and demand a clean vote, no more game of chicken or more benefits to people who do not need them. 330+million people need representation not just 1% being millionaires or radicals who do not like election results.

    • Mike

      I agree but you are trying to stay in the middle. and there is no effective middle anymore. This is to a point where either The United States pulls its self out of the socialist tax and spend game or The United States gets absorbed into history. The wealth that the socialist (i.e. the progressives) are drawing on to finance their spending spree was created by the effort of individuals and the companies they built. The socialist tax and spend cannot ever support its self. It will always need the effort of individual investors but the so called progressives are banking on their Ponsi Scheme lasting long enough to get them through their lives and that is it.

      • Rob

        Taxes are the lowest they’ve been in 50 years. Your comment is not applicable to this time frame in American history. Therefore your credibility as a commenter is in question.

        • Mike

          I agree with you Rob. The misinformation that is being spewed by Fox News and their ilk has become so pervasive that it is scary. They have convinced average, ordinary Americans that they are best served by a party that only serves the corporate interests and rich peoples interests.

    • Double Ace

      Half of the 330+ million people you are referring to are to lazy to get of their A$$es and try to work for anything they expect the ones who work should give it to them. I suspect you voted for Obama and now you are upset that he wants to take from you so he can give to the lazy worthless who want nothing but a free ride. You got what you asked for, CHANGE.

      • Rob

        This “lazy” argument is simply BS. Most of us have hard working relatives who rely on meidcare SS. What is a non military member going to do after retirement??? Ca**p out their insurance??? Get real, we all have family who WE will have to support if the safety net is cut. And these relatives, while not insured, are very hard workers. BS to your comment!!

    • Brad Miller

      We’ve all got to make sacrifices, I know, but for those who haven’t sacrificed ever to ask from us that always have is getting ridiculous. I want and I need for this country to be successful, so I’ll do what I can!

  • CSM

    Nice. Let the armed forces fight and get peanuts for pay. Come home wounded and get no pay..

  • Pwa481

    I’m all for voting these SOBs out of office. Let’s fire them. Then tell them the next time they want to start a war, they (all members of Congress) can fight it themselves!!! I’m going to write my congress reps and tell them that.

    • Nancy

      We’ll meet and try to figure out how to do this if it will help! lol There hasn’t been one comment made in this whole page that is anymore true than what you just said. The All Mity Pres. Bush is who started both wars and then his time was up so the Rep. could blame the Dem. OUR gov. has no more concern over the people than they due a stray dog. If I see a hungey dog’ I’ll at least feed it something. It looks like we’re going to have to start doing that for each other. The speaker of the house absolutely TURNS MY STOMACH!!!!!

  • Joel Vandenhouten

    Please call and email your senators and congressman. Find their numbers and email addresses at this link:

    Tell them that you are an active voter and that you will not vote for anyone who cuts the benefits of Service Men and Women who sacrificed so much for this country!

  • Jack

    Jerry Bob, you hit that nail right on the head! As a 23 year Army Vet and retiree, I said that exact comment 10-15 years ago in ANCOC while studying airborne ops used in war since its inception. And I had all hel unleashed on me by, of course, those wearing ice cream cone badges. There has been no REAL and TANGIBLE, proven tactical reason to have an entire division airborne qualified. Its a waste of money. Utilization at a small, lethal level by the SF Community is plausible, but this country could save BILLIONS by eliminating Airborne Operations at anything higher than the squad or at the most platoon level.

    Spot on comment Jerry Bob!

  • Out & Proud Veterans

    We will remember this come the next election.

  • What they think

    You’re talking about people in positions of power making decisions that are driven or influenced by people who have a lot of money and have never served.

    A lot of people view entering the military as a choice and if you get screwed, so be it. “Besides, doctors have to stand up 12 HOURS a day…so they deserve half a million. And investment bankers have to wake up 2 hours BEFORE and AFTER the market opens and closes. The last two are intelligent. Anyone can be a private or seaman in the military. People enter the military for power, not for service. You volunteered – too bad. Your fault. ”

    Now, that is what I encounter from elitists in those professions, all with advanced degrees…how you gonna argue that one when they don’t even believe in the concept of service and assume somehow you were self-interested.

    My response is draft everyone for a two year service in any public form, but that won’t happen. They’ll cut your benefits first because their interests groups are stronger than yours. What was it – only 1% of the country is active military? So, they just use em.

    • paul

      “What they think” what’s the matter affraid to put your name on your screed? You never served that’s apparent ! Otherwise you would not have your screwed up self serving persona

      • What they think

        Let’s see – there are also 1 million Paul’s in the US.

        You’d be surprised about service. Read it more carefully, I’m sure you missed the quotes. If you want to live in fantasy land, that is ok, but then more veterans will keep getting screwed. You have to know your enemy to have any chance at fixing the problem. Read a book man, you could probably use it.

  • Roberts

    It’s time to vote out the lifer, I have never contributed to a political party other than what my tax form will allow. However this year I will. I will not VOTE for a lifer and I will support a movement of real reform.

  • Chuck B,

    The Gang of Six Thieves, just a portion of those in DC that must go, calling on the middle class and below to continue to give, well I got news for them, dont turn your back, sleep with eye open, the end is comming and the people will be comming for you, dont call the peoples bluff, thats a dangerous thing to do.

  • Chuck B,

    Soon it will be two items in dealing wih the politicians, BULLETS OR BALLETS

    • Bart

      Chuck, good sense has to rule here, we are not the French or the Mexicans, we do not need to use bullets to kill off our government leaders, our bullets must be our ballots. We just have to get the rest of America to look at the voting record of these clowns and vote based on their record and not on their party affiliations. I could care less what party a candidate belongs to or even what their point of view on abortion is,I care that they vote in congress the way I and my fellow citizens tell them to. After all it is called the House of REPRESENTATIVES. The politicians should vote for our interests, not their own and when I feel sold out, I vote for the new candidate and not for the incumbent. Use your ballots not your bullets.

  • Coo koo’s nest

    This will make you crazy–$100billion for food stamps & free school lunches for Illegal aliens, not to mention the $$$$$$$ for prison control, crimes etc. etc.

  • Fruin

    The 80b dollar cut over ten years, sounds like they want us to fight with sticks and zero training. If they want to cut something then cut the protection of media over seas and during military excersizes. They want us to deal with nothing then be handicapped by what everyone wants, how about this cancel the service say come to America and take everything besides congress pay checks.

  • E. Garbett II

    Here’s a thought, perhaps the Army and all branches would stop with the uniform fashion show…seriously, do we really need another new uniform? We went from BDU/DCU ‘s at $40/set to ACU’s at $100, now they’re going to change again!!! That’s about as much of a joke as giving the beret to everyone. Go back to OG107’s and call it even.

  • Haloterry

    One thing, just one, that everyone overlooks is they want to cut military benefits while paying private armys BILLIONS of dollars in contracts that Bush gave to his friends. Cut that out, pay the military more and they won’t leave to join these private contractors to do the same thing they did in the service and then leave to make more money.

    • stephen

      i agree 100% on getting rid of the contractors. they pay a cook that
      is a contractor $150,000 a year. a military cook might get $25,000
      a year. and don’t tell me that someday, these contractors are going
      to try to get veterans bennies. they will say “we were over there too”
      get rid of the contractors.

  • SSG (Ret) B. Douglas

    What did you expect from the democrats, they screw you and don’t even kiss you before they do it. Cut out Oboma Care, ship off the illegals 352 billion dollars not spent on them, eliminate abortions 52 million abortions has happen that is 689 billion dollars lost. Then we would have a balance budget.
    I got my number from and from the cenus bureau website.

    • Thomas Schaffer

      They want you to cover their ass ad protect . For this crap

  • actionwriter

    Well, my fellow veterans, its time to circle the wagons and take the offense. this is the last straw. Veterans as usual, are not a vocal group. We learned to follow orders and not complain. That was when we were fighting for our country. Now is the time for all good men/and women to come to the aid of our country. ORGANIZE!! From experience, do dot rely on the VFW,DAV,or American Legion to come to our side. They are all worthwhile service organizations but their capability to represent is limited to “makeing a strong statement” They never organize a demonstration or other strong show of force by members because they are chapter 12 corporations and they would lose that status ( free office,phones,desks etc) at government facilities.
    An organization of concerned veterans and supporters should organize, by state and county and city, a group of individuals that would be willing to get this movement going. The website looks like they have a good start. The most important time to take action to cure a disease is when you suspect you have it–not after it kills a hundred of your friends. Lets get moving!!

    • Chuck B,

      Lets go, lets get it started, time to put up or shut up and I think the time has come to see what we are really made or, maybe we are older, but we did not forget what we were to do, fight the enemy and the enemy is in DC, time to circle the wagons and get the job done, be not afraid, there are more of us than of them.

  • Timothy Ballard

    I am a retired U.S. Marine and a Desert Storm Veteran. The retirement and service connection benefits that we receive are not part of the entitlement programs for unlike food stamps, Medi – Cal ,IHSS , Section 8 ;it is we (veterans ) who raised out right hands and agreed to peform our duty to serve and protect per contractual obligations . We agreed to serve and the government has a legal obligation to keep up its end of the deal. If these decreases take place it will be the old bait and switch. act Thus, the long term ramifications will be detrimental to our nations security ,for young people who may currently be contemplating serving in the armed foces will simply decide not to serve. The rationale for not serving will be based on undeniable historical governmental contractual defaults that out leaders have bestowed onto Vietnam vets , called Gulf War Vets ailments (Gulf war Syndrome) as ” In their Minds.” The youth of today are wise and due to technilogical advances have information at their disposal to make well-informed decisions ;thus, they will eventually loss their faith in outr government.

  • James

    I don’t see the right wingers defending this Republican plan

    • Travis

      I’ll defend it. I’m not a republican, but cut, cap, and balance is the best bill on the table. Federal spending DOUBLED under Obama. Our debt is over 14 trl, the same as our GDP. We spend 140% of our GDP, which means we have to reduce spending by 50% to pay our bills and interest, not reduce our debt. Cut cap and balance met Obama’s initial goal of 400 Bill in revenue increases by cutting corporate tax loop holes. When repubs brought it to him, he changed his requirement to 800 Bill. The U.S. has the highest corporate taxes in the world, which is a big reason why all the corporations are moving overseas, which is why our unemployment is so high. Obama says he will veto a blanced budget amendment. Whats so evil about not spending money you don’t have. Bottom line, the IMF will remove the AAA credit rating and pull the U.S. dollar as the reserve currency if we follow the democratic plan. They said so internationally.

    • Travis

      CONTINUED…. That will cause interest rates to go from 4% to 12-15%. It will preclude the U.S from printing money for international purchases ending our bonds. That will cause a second dip recession, which willl carry over to the fragile euro, throwing europe into a hunger causing recession. By then, the U.S. wont have money to send food to them. You should take a few macroeconomics classes before you vote again.

  • SFC Ret (medically)

    The Gang of Six. Evenly split 3 dems and 3 reps

  • suzyq

    What vote? Voting rights are a changin’. Military voting rights? Another matter. What about relinquishing your rights under the Bill of Rights and becoming subject to USMJ? What about uncompensated hours of overtime? Look at the labor costs for government contracts where contractors have replaced military personnel, wanna bet that these folks (maintenance, for example) get straight time when they are called out to support night training ops,

  • Hey none of you whiners deserve a pension….I thought you guys didint do it for the money… just wanted to serve your country….give me a break you are all no better than welfare scum. Get a job….you arent defending me and never will. I take care of myself!

    • Robert Moore

      I don’t believe you ever served in anything, yes, I served my county and only ask for what I have earned and was promised when I signed up to serve.. Now that I am asking for help for my wife to help me with my Parkinson disease that I am not able to do for myself any longer. I thank the VA for helping me with this horraible disease which many have contacted in VN. If they cut our help then it is a real slap in th face for our caregivers. We recieve nothing but was understood we could get some help, Now we have heard that was shoot down. These great goverment workers we have in Washington should have to come and take care of the diabled of all kinds for just one day. They have no idea what we are going through. Just make them go to some of the homes and hospitals were there are millions now just asking for a little help, not a million. They have no heart just for them self. Will I still vote and would gladly join a march on the white house if I could travel. GOD BLESS AMERICA

    • You communist bastard! I did my time living under the poverty level in the state I was assigned to. I was injured in the military and I am rated 100% disabled. So if I understand your point of view, tough crap on me and my brothers who served, gave all and are used up. Tray earning a living when you can no longer lift and hold 20 LBs. or you cannot standup straight. Are all of my sacrifices worth nothing? Am I to get on welfare or SSI and be a burden on the people I swore to defend?
      If our ELECTED officials won’t treat the people who voted them into office with dignity and respect why vote them in again? The Gang of Six feel they run the house of representatives and who is going to do anything about it?
      Elect new people into the congress and senate Start with new people who want to represent us and not to get rich doing it. The money goes to who ever will turn their back on “we the people” just to better their own lives. Get elected and get great benefits, monetary kick backs and under the table deals to win votes and stay in congress. That doesn’t sound like a very good campaign slogan but that is what is happening every day in our country. Enough Of This. I need and want a representative that represents me and the others in our communities, the ones who voted them into office. This country is represented by the Upper Class while we strive to stay in the middle class or try our hardest to get out of the lower class. All I hear coming from our representatives is MONEY MONEY MONEY. We are a great nation and it is these jerks in Washington who are selling it off to the highest bidder. Take care of home before you send Millions no Billions of our money to help nations who hate us. Why are we sending relief to Japan? THEY HAVE MORE MONEY TO SPEND THAN WE DO! Aren’t we just the big old huggable teddy bear sent here to keep are others calm when in times of trouble? ENOUGH OF THAT! Keep our money here where it can help Americans!!!

      • Kean

        I say since the country took too much from you, now you should take from the country. You deserve every dollar every way they give it to you, fair or unfair – and let’s not call it entitlement…this is the country caring for its warriors it chose to use and abuse.

        The problem is that some elite people truly BELIEVE that the military service is equivalent to a guy wiping your windshield at a traffic light…not necessary. Take everything from them as they took from you!

    • Bloodshed

      No Mr O’Brien, I don’t have a job right now because I am completely unable to work because of my injuries received while on active duty. I did have several jobs, however, right after I retired though. One of them was working for a police agency and I probably watched over while you were in jail.

    • Bart

      Hey, everyone cut this guy a break, he is obviously retarded or is suffering from some sort of mental disorder. Or maybe he just needs a hug from his mommy. In his defense, I guess we should all remember that we did join to defend the rights of all Americans and that includes the right of free speech even from the idiots among us like Mr. O’Brien. You see, if we tell him to shut up and go away, we are no better than he or those we stood on the parapets to defend Mr. O’Brien from. We swore to defend this dummy’s rights and we should not stop now. So, Mr. O’Brien, please amuse us, for we, the defenders of your rights and freedoms, are in great need of more ridiculous, juvenile banter as we bask in the luxury provided by our outlandish and lavish retirement and disability checks. We welcome your wisdom (or lack there of) for it gives us thanks that you are the best of what we fought and suffered for.

      Oh, and by the way Mr. ‘Brien, I don’t think you could take care of yourself at all, I don’t even think you could brush your own hair or teeth if it were not for help from your mommy or your boyfriend. But then again you may be just another misguided, ultra liberal little nerd in some college like Berkley riding your moped around campus in a vain attempt to impress the equally nerdy girl you are trying to trick into taking your virginity. Grow up and join the real world and stand a post to defend something besides your right to run you mouth like and idiot better yet follow the adage of: a man stands up for himself but a better man stands for others. Join us veterans and be more informed about that which you speak rather than run your mouth like a fool. BTW, chicks dig a man in uniform, so if you join you are more likely to finally get laid.

    • Citizen_Charlie

      Your comment firmly places you in the category of “useful idiot”. I am sure that the state loves you. Due to attitudes like yours, Washington is now more powerful than it has ever been. You are more than welcome to take your freedoms for granted. We, as Veterans do not!

    • Nancy

      If it wasn’t for these retirees you would have no country you idiot! My husband now has cancer for his years of fighting. Tell me the years that you fought on the front lines and then tell me you don’t deserve anything. You are completely STUPID!!!!!!!

    • Tanika Lipford

      I’m the daughter of a Vietnam Veteran. It was idiots like you that made it impossible for my father to be seen in the uniform he loved because he got spat on or one of those draft dodging hypocrits who professed to want peace threw rotten eggs on him. I personally think you are disgusting and a disgrace to this country. If you don’t think these men and women are defending you, you need to move to Canada. Then again, I don’t think even Canada would want a moron like you. Let the government take the benefits you gave blood for and see how happy you are. You probably already get benefits. The government takes care of mentally handicapped people and you definately qualify.

  • Bob Miller

    Mr. Buffet’s idea will fix the problem. For each year we are 3% over budget, those elected officials will be ineligible to run for office again. If you cut my pay you are in breach of contract which is already the case with Tricare. It is not actually “retired pay” it is actually “deferred compensation” according to the IRS. Money we should have already received and had to survive twenty or more years in the service to collect. It is due and payble, just as is the national debt to China. Who are you going to pay first Congress? There should be no “gangs” in our government to begin with. The Koran is a terrorist document and should be banned in the United States because it’s preachings cannot be called religion. It is more a manifesto to take over the planet by arabs. Sadly, our socialist, commi president fits in with those that are muslim in faith and if he truly believes in the Koran and its’ teachings then he has no business being in such an office as he is in. Impeachment is a wonderful idea if some group with the ability to get him out of office would act.

    • brigid rudolph

      Bob Miller,
      you are right about the qu’ran. It is a terrorists document. As for you Fallon O’Brien, yeah right! you take care of yourself. If it weren’t for us vets you little leach you would have no freedom. Lets face it, those who do not serve to protect America they are freeloaders and undeserving of any of their freedom. Freedom is a benefit and not a right. I want to take your benefit from you also. Now how does it feel????

  • tecumseh

    Did you notice with all the threats by Obama to deal with the failure to increase our debt limit he mentioned no checks for seniors, military, border patrol and so forth. Did you hear him mention the white house staff, himself, congress and their staff–no never. Take this proposal gang of six and shove it unless of course you want to cut all government employees by the same percentage including yourselves. Doubt it!

  • disa nam vet

    why should congress get paid at all most are millionaires any way. before they were elected

  • Tony De Angelis

    Before they touch one red cent of military benefits be sure that ACORN funding and benefits for illegals are the first to be tapped.

  • 100V

    While we’re on the subject of controlling Wages, Retirements and bennies, maybe we need to examine a control on all US incomes staring with a limit on the amount of salaries, bennies and perks CEO’s take in..


  • Tim Voie

    It’s amazing how few congressmen/women have NEVER served in the military. The halls of congress used to be filled with military veterans. No longer the case. And virtually none of our congressmen/women have children serving in the military. Why would they want their kids putting their lives on the line to protect our country and our liberty when they know our country isn’t honoring our service men and women? Absolutely gutless!!!
    They ALL talk about taking care of our veterans, but few walk the talk. It makes me sick!!!!! I served in the Air National Guard for seven years and never was called into combat. For all of you who served in the military, (especially those who saw combat, were injured or have lost loved ones), I truly thank you for your service. You deserve far better from our elected officials. How can they look at themselves in the mirror each morning and feel as they are serving their country. They have no idea what service truly is.

    • brigid rudolph

      People go do a google search on “What is the Conservative Republican Platform?” When you do that then you will understand why they are cutting all of our benefits that we earned. They are blatant that they want to do completely away with all of our benefits, both 20 yrs. or more retirements plus VA disability checks, plus social security checks. They even did away with the draft so their children didn’t have to serve. Our boys should walk off the battlefield and tell Congressmen and women to go fight their own damn wars. Then wars will stop. Also I did write my states elected officials, Mark Udall, Doub Lamborn and Michael Bennett. Three sorry losers. No respect for veterans. So remember them on election day.

  • retired

    I only hear of cuts to senior’s, military (active, retired and disability) and one or two other deserving groups who have paid their way through life. They paid with earned money and by serving our country. Why is there no talk of cutting all government worker’s benefit’s as well as those of career welfare recipient’s and million’s of non-citizen’s. In addition, why can’t all these countries our military fights and dies for and the big corporation’s that make a fortune pay for these services instead of the tax payers and those doing the dirty work?

  • MIKE



  • John James

    I become glued to my sofa when the pres, leaders of congress, or the senate, look at the camera and tell me what they are gonna cut or taker away. Not one time has the reporters asked this question, “Are you gonna tell the people, right now, that if SS checks, medicare, Veteran benefits and medicade aren’t paid out by the 2nd of Aug. are you gonna collect your pay for the month. or, “You want to reduce the debt, you have a war chest for re-election, why not reduce some of the debt with that money?” The press confrence is over without answering those questions..

    I say, get rid of the old and senile, in Wash. pay them, the same amount what retirees (that is taking away the perks)get and let’s hear them complain. But that won’t happen. Too bad.

  • Mike

    The Democrats are all about the Democrats and nothing more. They do what they do for the benefit of the Democratic Party and their socialist agenda. The present administration should be held in contempt of the Constitution and tried for treason because everything they do, and they make no hiding it, is contrary to the political and economic security of The United States. The present administration has created an economic crisis much greater than what was the situation and now the administration wants to blame those who seek a common sense end to extended spending for the continuation of the same crisis. The present administration is oriented toward world order which will do nothing more than degrade the prowess and sovereignty of The United States. The people who voted for this administration likely did so out of a real concern for the things that they thought they were getting but what we all got is a group of elected officials that are undermining the economic ability of the individual for the benefit of a federalized state. Think this sounds impossible? Look at history. We are presently headed toward complete economic ruin and the deterioration of the union that has preserved our way of life for over two hundred years.

  • 1. Term limits on all elected officials 12 years then out. No retirement of healthcare benifits. No civilians get a damn thing if they get forced out of their jobs (Fired = voted out of office) No person that gets fired receives anything, they have to find a new job. And lets not forget that only the RICH mostly scumbag lawyers get elected to office and they for the most part stay in as long as they please (Ted Kennedy and Robert KKK Bird being wheeled into the Congressional floor just to vote before they keeled over).

    They need no benefits period. They are all a bunch of Skull and Bones, Freemason, and “insert secret society here” cronies.

    2. All foreign forces should be removed from EVERY overseas theater, including all bases in Europe, Japan, and Korea. Bin Laden is dead, wasn’t that the excuse for OIF/OEF? And why are more than 100,000 troops overseas in places like Japan. Germany, England, Italy, etc. What purpose do they serve? None. WW2 is over and the USSR is no more. Get our troops home allow those who want to go home and the government can use the money to fix the piss poor VA medical and disability system. No person like me should have to fight for more than 10 years to get benefits, which I personally had to do.

    3. No more foreign aid, PERIOD! We have and continue to give Pakistan billions of dollars and they hid OBL from us in his mansion next to a big military base.

    And lets not forget that Michelle Bachman proposed along with several other members seriously proposed eliminating VA Disability if a person gets Social Security disability at the same time. I don’t know about the rest of you but I get 100% for service connected disability that is permanent and total, and I get SSDI from Social Security because I worked for a living and paid into the SSA system. She does not deserve the privilege of serving the American people.

    Look at your congresspersons records before you just vote for them because they have and R or D behind their name. From another FUBAR vet to all you others.

    • Hate to reply to myself but I have to add that I am 100% Service Connected (160% really) Permanent and Total. I have a mortgage on a house that continues to lose value daily, 2 toddlers, and a wife to support. No COLA so far 3 years running and they want more? What do they want? me living out of my minivan? Way to thank us for our service.

      And one last complaint: Service Connected Veterans are supposed to PRIORITY treatment at VA facilities, yet I have been on a wait list for Dental since 1998. The story I get when I ask why we are being treated so slowly is that OIF/OEF vets get priority over all other vets. WTF? Aren’t we all equal as service connected vets?

      On top of that they get better GI Bill benefits etc.etc. it is a big FU to all other vets.

  • Ronald Reagan

    Go ahead. Cut my pay. Watch all the creditor squirm. What happens if none of them get paid. Everything will colapse. That will be it for the Dems forever.

    • Miki

      If pay gets cut so does my payments for house and car. The only bills I have. So what do I lose? My house and car. That will put me on something the government wants to be in charge of. I’m fully retired after 20 years. I handle everything okay. Unable to work but have handle my money well. I don’t appreciate my funds continue to go down. While the Washington guys stay healthy happy and taken care of.

  • Robert

    Don’t you morons understand that the MAIN plank in the Republican platform is to ELIMINATE ALL ENTITLEMENTS! That includes TRICARE, military pensions, all GI Benefits, as well as all Social Security aid to children of military killed in service, widows pensions, Veterans Administration assistance, etc, etc. So just keep voting the way Rush Limbaugh and Hannity says to and your children will be begging in the streets.

    • Bill

      Robert, you have your hear up and locked and are looking through a brown haze. About 80-90 percent of the military are part on the conservative movement. If we get rid of all of the illegals a lot of the progressives will be gone and we can live a better life.

      • DB402L

        Bill, don’t you know that the Republicans are the ones who bring the illegals here to undercut our jobs & work cheap labor, they are the ones who accidentally “lose” our Soc Sec info by getting laptops “stolen”- then- oops the illegals are using those to work under. We on the “left” don’t want them here to take our jobs any more than you do. You’re drinking the kool-aid too much.

    • Jim Slocomb

      No we won’t. We’ll just change our name to Jose or Pedro….

    • Travis

      I won’t be begging. I work for a living. The beggars will be those living off of a FREE government check. I.E. drug users, those who just don’t like working and vote dem to keep thier free check coming, etc. You see, america is founded off of the freedom to EARN your own way, not take someone else’s earnings for no work. Franklin said “The day the government takes from those willing to work and gives to those who are not, the democracy ceases to exist.” The original federal government only had 3 main powers, fighting wars was one of them. Social programs were left up to the states to create healthy competition. The fed took competition away, and therefore created the inefficent over-spending we see today.

  • I truly hope that the “gang of six” .. the senators that want to cut Veterans Benefits by 80 billion dollars, are not reelected. I can’t imagine some fools like that having no more appreciation for men and women that literally laid down their life’s for their country ‘ I’d like to face off with each of them. Damn bastards !

  • Wayne

    We need to make it perfectly clear that ALL illegal’s getting perks, dream act, and any other entitlements of the taxpayers will be cut immediately before any retiree’s, military pay or tricare is cut and increased.

    This is crazy we are giving tons of entitlements for illegals and their families(YES THEY ARE GETTING IT BECAUSE I LIVE IN TEXAS AND SEE IT EVERY DAY! I SPEAK THE LINGO/mom is spanish/dad irish) along with twenty year old generational welfare receiptants, and just lazy bums gaming the system.
    We need to throw out anyone in Washington in office that votes to screw the veterans, retirees and taxpaying people.

    Another thing is Neil Cavuto had it right with a DEM on his show…we all have skin in the game and stop playing as though the upper middle class and the rich are the only ones that need their taxes hiked up to support 50 percent of the individuals that are not paying anything and in fact are drawing a fat check every tax year called Earned Income Credit tax for having a bunch of Kids. Question: why are they calling it Earned Income Credit? What did they feel they Earned a fat check when they didn’t put anything in?
    We need to get the illegals that are working under the table (95%), not paying any taxes and are getting freebees from the government and state!

    • lgkmy

      Amen! You have just spoken my “lingo”~couldn’t have said it better!!

  • DamnCongress

    Makes me sick to my stomach. This country is going down the drain and it’s because of these greedy, blood sucking bastards who have no idea what priority means. I hope they rot in hell.

  • nothanks1

    Talk about Fed Up…my husband lost his life – I lost my best friend married for 25 years. Now they want to reduce my DIC?
    DIC is a 3rd of what his pay was..I’m lucky I can keep my mortgage and our children in college. I guess he should just be
    labeled collateral damage?

  • Bruce

    The boys in Washington always want to mess with the little guy.How do six morons think that they have so much power?Wouldn’t it be wonderful to hear all politicians say they are willing to take large reduction in pay?They sure don’t earn it anyway.And to Fallon O’Brien I say,”Get your head out of your duffle bag.”If you know what one is.I’m a nam vet,I lost respect for these kind of folks a long time ago!!

    • brigid rudolph

      I’m a post vietnam vet. Three men of my family were drafted into the vietnam war and were killed in action. I lost respect for this rotten system years ago and I have told my family not to join the military. Three joined and found out I am right. None will ever join again. There are 400 rotten filthy rich families that are running this country and destroying it from within. They are the problem. And both parties in Congress are the same blasted One World Order finantics. They all need to be fired and dept of treasury checks to be paid to them stopped completely. Let them get a feel of what it is not to get paid.

  • Johnny

    Sounds like a revolution is brewing.

    • Wayne Lanford

      You got it right

    • wolfpac55

      theres been a revolution brewing. just not an organized ready to fight and die if need be “revolution”

  • babbs61

    Ok, I’ve tried writing my senator’s and congressmen numerous times regarding these cuts and all I get is their typical “BS” canned letter about how these articles told tell all the facts, etc and that I should check out where I’m getting the information from and how the senator’s aren’t getting pay raises or COLA, etc. I’ve tried time and again and state that my husband retired with 20 years in the Air Force, fought in Viet Nam and I was in for ten years…do you know that not ONE of them even thanked us for serving! And now they want to start taking away OUR benefits…we were promised them for the rest of our lives.

  • Wayne Lanford

    We all need to go to Washington and take are equipment and practice what we learned.

  • rplat

    These wormy politicos always go after the military first because they usually just salute and accept their fate . . . not this time boys.

  • Paul Moore

    Been through this crap years back. I entered USMC 1942 at $21 a month. We were promiseed free medical care for life. Than retired E 7 after 3 wars at base pay $380 thus retirement pay $190 a month. Than promised extra .5% extra each month to the CPI which was instead of raise with the regular Military riases. After couple years they cancelled the .5% on the CPI. Than a long battle for the Health care which now again they plan to cut. Is there anyone that thinks you can believe anything these free loaders say or do ???? The answer if possible is to get all of them out & replace them with those that would serve their Country as it was established by our Forefathers !!!

  • John/25yr vet

    If the Gang of six want to be reelected by the gang of thousand’s then they should look at other means of cuts, the military has taken alot for that gang of six and they should lay in bed at night and think about it. Active, retired and all vets were told they had and should still have benefits, as with the gang of six know this.

  • Sam

    When is the last time them gomers gave us a COLA anyway?

  • Paul

    The “Gang of six” should be called the “Gangsters of Six” I hope the country remembers these gangsters when they come up for re election. I particularly lick the name of Senator Mike Crapo (R-ID) the last name fits him well. So quick to cut the pay and benefits of this country’s military while they’re living large on their blouted salaries and expense accounts not to mention their obscene retirement (WindFalls) and superior medical benefits ! some nerve !

    The country needs to cut the Senator and Cgressmen in half. Cut their combined benefit, retirement, and salaries in half. No retirement for one term and no travel allowances either ! go public transportation like the rest of us have to at their own expense!

  • JRpty

    I’m in. Ready to take a cut….but ALL federal employees must also be “in” to take their share of any cuts…including Senators and Congress. These in particular, because they don’t pay any social security and they haven’t cut foreign aid where it can be done away with. Keep our dollars in america. And last, start buying america back from the Chinese. You can certainly take my cut as long as it stays in AMERICA…proud to be a soldier and ready to put my life in harms way.

    • Jeff

      We the People of the USA are willing to give up a little Roget back what is ours, but that means keep it here not in another country. War is one thing this oil fight in Iraq is really not our fight… So stop using every dime we have to pay for it.

  • Ron

    Politicians are like used car dealers. They make promises, we pretend to believe them. They get into office, don’t do their job, and we act surprised when they don’t.The attack on the WTC was to disrupt or destroy our economy.We now have someone in charge, doing the same thing from the inside.The ultimate ‘inside job’.When the government doesn’t get the SS and VA checks out on time(or at all), it will be the recipients who will be stuck with all the late fees, etc. from not paying their bills on time.When I called a couple of my creditors, they said that their contract for payment on time was with me-so it’s now between me and the government.The ‘powers that be’ doesn’t care about all those who ‘wrote a blank check with their life’ to defend this country.

  • Jerry The Medic

    Hey guys & gals, I totally understand your frustrations, and, as Veterans we know what’s rightfully ours. But, I have yet to see ONE PERSON mention the fact that THE USA SUPPORTS NEARLY 80% OF FOREIGN COUNTRIES…AND, EVEN “PAKISTAN”….This is clearly a case of getting YOU ALL to focus on YOUR BENEFITS…and lose sight of the REAL WASTE OF OUR TAX DOLLARS OVERSEAS. We should learn from our Chines Friends (LOL) that taking care of OURSELVES FIRST will make us the Greater Power Later. The amount of $$$ Money we spend Overseas is HIGHER THAN OUR NATIONAL DEBT which accumulated over these many years…THIS IS WHERE OUR “GOVERNMENT WASTE” IS GOING!!…If we were to STOP OVERSEAS SPENDING FOR JUST ONE YEAR – WE WOULD GET OUT OF THIS RECESSION…..I would love to see a “Show Of Hands” to see who supports “Overseas Spending”???……NONE OF US!!!…..So, my question is; WHY AREN’T WE ATTACKING THAT SINGLE PROBLEM???

    • Bill

      Jerry, look a little closer. We give money to China also.

      • Jerry The Medic

        Yes, I know….not to mention the INTERESTS % on our LOAN. We agree.

    • PV2 Marc

      I agree

    • Robert

      You don’t know what you are talking about.. The total of all foreign aid is less than one percent of the US budget compared to 18% currently spent on retired and and disabled military personnel, 36% on active military including hardware, 30% for entitlements like SS and Medicare, and only 16% to actually run the government, which includes the debt payments.

  • sargee8

    SHAME, SHAME, SHAME on this entire congress, cutting veterans benefits. If it weren’t for vets, these bull-shit artists wouldn’t have a job. All of congress should be tarred and feathered then hung!!

  • Jeff

    Why cut the military, retired, and elderly peoples way of lving? Excise me but would it not make more sense to attack those with money instead of us without? According to the theory in the south… “you Cannot get blood out of a turnip”. That is exactly what the senate is trying to do. How about stop loaning money to foreigners, stop welfare for people who can work, drig yet those getting assistance…(this will stop a lot of people from lving on the system). Also if you are not a citizen, working on a citizenship properly Aja a green card or work visa deport them stop giving our tax money to those whom cannot do things legally. Start taxing to import from other countries along with taxing business to export materials to those countries… Tell me who will pay to send ad receive merchandise to be resold? I know many companies will not instead they will manufacture it here. That alone will increase business, increase jobs, and pull our economy up slowly.

    • Robert Moore

      I remember one time I was late on paying my fed taxes and the govement told me they wanted their money right up front. I said to the guy, You can’t get blood out of a turnip and he said no but we can take the turnip. Will in this case of the goverment We can take the turnips, meaning all of those in Washington can be changed next election.

  • NICK


    • Randy

      Not sure what the stats are now but not too many years ago only 5% of welfare went to the poor. It probably is still close to that figure.

    • Why are you yelling? I get you are pissed but all caps is just bad netiquette.

  • garey tryon

    you know that no matter what is said done congress is going to do what they damn well want to with out the say or approval of the people of the united states that put them up there, to me they such consider it honor and privilage to even be elected to there jobs,as i see ti the president and the whole lot of them should be impeached and put in a person that the people can trust and not the gang that’s running this country now, because if it was’nt for the men and women of the armed services protecting there sorry ass now,they would have the jobs they have got now. they need to look at there pay checks and there medical that they are getting on behalf of all those that served and died for the this country.

  • Guest

    I will be voting against “The Party of Six” Senators every opportunity that I have.
    I say we make them “The Party of 0”.

    I’m beginning to understand why the beltway leadership has deteriorated so badly and the country is in the worst shape that it is has ever been.

    After the Clinton administration ended, the leadership of both parties started out bad and it has gone downhill fast since then.

    All the fraud, waste, and abuse of government is going to be on the backs of retirees while these folks continue to build their pork barrels and hand out golden parachutes to the banking and automotive industry.

  • Brie

    Those people HAVE to be lunatics. If they wind up pushing all the Veterans off the financial cliff, first of all, just HOW do they expect to man a standing Military, when the prospective pool of “suckers” realizes that they will be played for a bunch of fools after they get out.
    Secondly, about six months after all these vets and their family’s are homeless, hungry, and desperate, do the jurks in Washington think that the vet’s won’t “turn”, and fight for whever puts food in their family’s mouths?
    These guys don’t realize that they may just be playing right into the hands of radical terror cells already in this Country, by giving them precisely the newly devoted pawns that they need to mount an all out insurrection in this Country that would make it look like Beruit about a year after the fighting started.
    What are they going to do, call on the Army to put the violence down? They won’t have the manpower to do it.
    This is insanity people, this is CRAZY. You are cutting your own throats by your actions, if you wholesale throw the veteran’s in the country out onto the streets.
    Within a month of the benefits being cut off, I and my family will be on a small boat, headed for the South Pacific islands, and you guys can HAVE your blood Bath.

  • PV2 Marc

    This is BS. Cut the pay for the men and women who served their country I think not. Cut all of the politicians pay and benefits for those six. Force them to earn their pay and make them go through basic training and AIT not to mention a deployment to a war zone time away from loved ones and see how fast they. Would change their minds.

  • Brandy

    I see all of them proposing to take away money from the little guys BUT never have they said “hey we get over paid, we could probably take a cut and save the people who actually put their asses on the line and loss all that time with their families, so we should take a pay cut to try to help them out”. **** no, im with a previous guy, ill take what i learned and ise it on them, im all up for a revolution to show these spineless ******** that we kept their weak asses from becoming someone elses! Put their asses on the front line and let them see *** it is like. I earned my gi bill and for the little people like me its the only way i am able to get my bachelors degree! Screw you dirty *****!! Ill keep my m4 polished and ready.

  • Albert

    Why cut any benefits to any government employee, retired or active. I earned mine. Cut Congressional benefits all they want, lead by example, but don’t expect the employees of the government to take any less than their contract with the government requires. Seniors should not take any cuts either. Cut any and all benefits to illegal aliens. Don’t let them check into our emergency rooms without insurance. Why did we send Brazil money to develop an offshore oil field where China already has a contract to receive much of the oil. Why are we paying for shrimp treadmill tests. Yes, we have money coming in every month to pay our debts if we would just cut the garbage out.

  • lufrano,james

    Once again those who have already served, are the ones to pay for the mistakes of those who have yet to serve.

  • chas

    Better idea .. fact is, the strength of the pack is determined by the swiftness of the leader. We have NO leaders in Congress, and not only NO leader in the White House, but a total Benedict Arnold! I say, clean them ALL out. every last one of them, in the streets, come election time.. Have we NOT had enough?? America?? Are you listening?? Vote them ALL out.. We would do better with a Mickey Mouse, instead of a packed house full of rats that we currently have in Congress, and the lead rat in the White House.. OUT!

  • Intarsia

    I am in agreement that we need to vote them all out and start the government anew. Our food is making us sick. Our medical care is making us sick. Our air and water are full of contaminants that are making us sick, not to mention the poor wildlife that depends on us to do right by them. Instead of fixing the things that are making us sick, which by the way would fix the budget problems, because it costs us a ton of money to stay sick, Congress, to stay in office pairs up with special interest groups.
    This was not the country I joined the service for during Vietnam. Check out what our own government is doing to small farmers whose organic nutrient dense foods are threatening the factory farmed, genetically engineered producers. The USDA spent nearly a million dollars on surveillance of a sheep farm in NH, and finally, put those sheep down, knowing there was nothing wrong with the sheep. Many of these farmers are being harassed out of business.

    Our health care system is a joke, and how we the people let this travesty happen, I don’t know. Doctors want their pay whether they help you, and more often than not, cause harm to you. THIS IS EXPENSIVE. Being forced to pay for a system that does not work is ludicrous, especially, when there are alternative care, often simple things, that do work, but, are not covered. Then there are the people with life threatening issues that have to give up their homes to qualify for care.

    The government bails out the banks, because they were too big to fail. But, the banks who made the bad loans, don’t have to make right the loans to the people they swindled.

    I am going to contact the DAV and hope they can be a ralleying point for us. I have already had a fire lit under my belly from being car scammed last year. The AG did nothing to help, not even a phone call to the thieves, and I’m paying their salary.

    I hope to make a difference. I have a bill in MA now for a right to cancel an auto sale. I’m chomppin’ at the bit, to tackle some of the bigger issues keeping us down. I want to see the two party system end. I want smart, down to earth legislators who do not have to fund multi-million dollar campaigns to run. I am tired of having to donate to consumer conscious organizations to fight for our rights.

    We have a strong voice together and we better do something with it.

  • Dean

    Remember, we are a Republic run by the rule of law. The rule of law is quite clear on contracts. Contracts must be honored. Entitlements are not a legally bound contract. In face in most cases a contract does not exist on entitlements but it is quite clear that Military retired papy, civil service retired pay, and health etc. are under a contract. If we are going to maintain our Republic, we must honor contracts. The above items under contract and more must be honored.

    Entitlements, social security, mediicare, foreign and all other programs are not under contract to anyone and here is where you get most of the cuts.

    Its not abuot waving the flag, honor and country, duty and honor or supporting our great country. Its about the rule of law and only the programs not under contract can be cut. Thats not a problem as most of the big money are not in the contract items.

  • Terry Neal

    Write the Gang of 6 by going to this website:
    Searchh for these names:
    Sen­a­tor Mark Warner (D-VA)
    Sen­a­tor Dick Durbin (D-IL)
    Sen­a­tor Kent Con­rad (D-ND)
    Sen­a­tor Tom Coburn (R-OK)
    Sen­a­tor Mike Crapo (R-ID)
    Sen­a­tor Saxby Cham­b­liss (R-GA)

    Tell them the veterans earned the benefits and then ask why they aren’t proposing to cut their COLA, enormous staff costs for offices in DC and their district, their salaries, shut down their luxurious restaurant and gym and so on…


  • fritrz stadig

    We should tell them what to cut. Not them telling us what they are going to cut….It’s our benefits they want to hack up not theirs…..They work for us….We should fire the whole system starting with the president down and get it over with!



  • Double Ace

    I disagree that the military retirement is one of the best around. At least the military have to serve at least 20 years. The Congress doesn’t have to serve no where near that long and their retirement is much better than the military retirement system. So I guess they should lead by example and cut their lavish retirement system first.

  • jeffrey weitz

    i think congress should keep their hands off our benefits . i am a fully disabled vet and that is my only income .time they cut their own salary. serving in congress is a priviledge not a right

  • Ronald

    Great when is Congress going to take a pay cut or lose some of their benefits. You people seem to forget you work for the American people not Big Business. Just because you get money under the table to screw the GI’s. I for one will not vote for anyone that cuts the Military Benefits I earned for serviing 26 years.

  • charles

    being from the state of ga. Ihave watched saxby chambes stand and salute vets. and talkof how hard he is fighting for their rights and in that very instancesticking a blade in their backs.Ihad rather listern to a fomer emeny than this bastard

  • pat

    I am fine if they cut my benefits… Retirement never meant just sit on my butt anyways… If my benefits are cut I better see a cut in all these freeloaders I pay taxes for every year. Stop the unemployement benefits, handouts, stop giving my tax money to folks that don’t even work! How in the heck can someone who didn’t work all year get a %$^*# tax refund!

  • A Retired Military

    These Senators have the audacity to even go as far as “cutting” the benefits
    of those that have served the country by facing life or death in the air, sea and
    land. My question is Senators: ARE YOU WILLING TO CUT YOURS IN EQUAL

    Let us see your benefits and compare it to those that have served in the
    military (especially the enlisted men and women who does the footwork for
    the military officers) for comnparison. For the sake of transparency, let it be

  • DAV Milton

    What needs to be done ,is all of them needs to be voted out of office.they want to cut everybody pay except their own. You yahoos still want them to make sound decisions for every one. We need to have a huge recall.

  • I hear of the fustration that is being voiced from my fellow veterans and military personnel. This country was built on the backs of the military and it is the military and my fellow veterans that made this country what it is today. The individuals that are serving in Washington don’t give a damn about the sacrafices that we and our families have given to keep them getting fat on all of the kick backs that they are getting today. Both democrates and republicans always see the military and veterans as some type of unwanted family member when it comes time to make cuts. Just as the people who founded this country it is time that we put a stop to those who want us to give the ultimate price to keep them in lap of luxury. Stand Tall and Stay Strong!!! Don’t let them make us be the one to pay for their political agenda.

  • Why do they support unions retirement and other benefits so strongly and support cutting retirees benefits so drastically????? When is everyone going to wise up about the favoritism and pandering for votes that is going on? Why do they want veterans who love this country and who have served her well and for so many years, to be making more sacrifices when they are least able to do so in retirement years?

  • Bill Southworth

    Better suggestion: Cut both houses of congress by 80B and stop their COLA indefinitly. This high pressure floating around our country, goes to wherever the most hot air already is. Seems sort of coincidental it was just over D.C. To quote “THE BEST GOVERNMENT IS THE LEAST GOVERNMENT” and the best governed people are the least governed people. What is it going to take another 1776 only not against G.B.

  • Bob Mason

    If only someone had the balls to step up and demand these items be entered into the agenda of the government but alas nobody wants to take the chance that their little slice of government hand out is pulled from them. These ideas of changing the government should not be requessted they should be demanded. Serving your country in the military is the chance of maybe giving up your life the only chance these scumbags have is that they might not come out millionaires on the backs of the tax payers.

  • John

    Same old story, politician get rich, taxpayers and people who have worked all their lives get this fear crap from Obama and his band of crooks. Set an example cut your retirement, we have worked and fought for ours. I’m sure they will lose sleep over that.Sick of House and Senate, and obama.

  • Craig

    Where were all you republican patriots when bush and cheney were on your tv makin excuses about how “deficits don’t mattter” , pissin away the surplus, and raising the ceiling 7 times in 8 miserable years all the while puttin 11.5 T on the credit card. Where was all the negative limbaugh smack then?? Al Quaida aint got shit on the republican party.. far and away the biggest threat facing this country today. By the rich, for the rich, protect the rich at working class expense. The real “redistrubution of wealth” . boehnor, mcconnel, cantor, nothing but corporate butlers extorting the country. It’s freakin nauseating. They need some term limits….. in gitmo with the rest of the freaks.

    • Tom MSgt Ret

      You are obviously misinformed, you sound like you support 99 weekers and food stamp recipients over EARNED mitary benefits! Move to Greece, you will fit right in!

  • Bud Blakney 1SG ret

    AGREE, I believe this is the first step to all balances. A new set of HOGS at the trough and begin with term limits. Take their retirement place it in
    SS and let them be like all the other citizens. Watch entitlements be renamed.


    They’ll do anything to retain their tax cuts for the wealthiest people who have ever lived.

    • Travis

      The U.S. has the highest corporate tax rate in the world. Thats why all the corporations are moving overseas, hence our unemployment rate. Which actually reduces our gross tax income due to loss of jobs. Take a macroeconomics class.

      • MBVECO

        Japan has a much higher corporate tax rate than the US, and performs better economically. I teach the macroeconomics class you should have stayed awake in.

  • James Wilson

    Saxby Cham­b­liss (R-GA) has shown his hated of Veterans with his treatment of Max Cleland in 2002 .
    Max Voted against Homeland Security because of the cost, lack of study and because it was too much of a reactionary program not well thought out just throwing Billions to the wind.
    As we have seen Max was right ! Homeland Security is not accountable to anyone even aduitor.

  • Eddy W.

    How many Active, Retired, Reserves and Guard do we have!! Maybe it’s time for a 20 million man/woman march on Washington!! It might get their attention..

  • James Wilson

    Time we make the U.S. Government heed to words of General Smedely Buter men. These Bankers and Corporations are destorying our great Country !!



  • Leo Bukowski

    I like the idea of 5% across the board for all. My USAF retirement would be cut, my wife’s civil service pay would be cut; however, ever person on the goverment gravey train would lose 5% too. That goes for all entitlements as well, for example life long welfare families!

    • Tom MSgt Ret

      You are comparing 20 years behind a desk to 20 years in military service? Not even close, cut the civilian pay and leave mitary retirement alone!

      • USCG Retired

        I agree leave the veterans retired pay alone.

      • John smith

        I couldn’t agree more you can’t compare the two job types, your not putting your life on the line by sitting behind a computer. My oppinion leave military pay alone.

  • B Slaton

    I have no faith in our government and they evidently have no respect for the men and women who fight to keep them free. I guess the only result should be that the military just shut down and let congress do the fighting. I am sure that there must be a least one old fart who can carry full backpack, shoot a rifle and love to spend days and nights upon end in the heat and cold away from their families. Oh, wait, they would have to cut their salaries and benefits and we wouldn’t want that to happen. I see a new day of an entirely new Congress and with little luck one that is willing to work for the people that elected them and not cry about it. I am so mad I am ready to call for impeachment of all concerned. I don’t work for them, they work for me…or at least that is what I was always taught.

  • jpromansic

    how does a thief like coburn get in congress at all-wasnt he involved deeply in the ensign deal-he for 1 surley needs thrown out

  • Freedom

    Why will no politician mention or even hint at “entitlements” for illegal aliens, welfare fraud and abuse and the bribing of young women to have children out of wedlock?

  • what else

    Okay just give me free food stamps, free medical and free pay.

  • Tom D

    I am currently fighting the VA for benefits after being exposed to Agent Orange during the Viet Nam war. I was exposed to that horrible substance for the better part of 20 months. Now, I have lung cancer, diabetes, neuropathy and hyper-tension. All are directly related to Agent Orange. I never hesitated to enlist when called and never hesitated to serve in country. Now, I can no longer work due to my numerous illnesses. I was told it will take “time” to investigate my claim. Quite frankly, I will probably be dead by the time the claim is fully investigated. They are in effect denying me access to additional medical care while they drag their feet. The entire federal government, along with most agencies need to be re-vamped.

    • Marine Gunny

      I am a Viet Nam vet who just finished the process for compensation. I’m now at 50% If you can prove “boots on the ground” during anytime of the conflict, you qualify under the Nehmer (sp) decision. You say your heart condition is hypertension? It may be ischemic heart disease. If so you qualify under the decision. Also, diabetes is hand in hand with exposure. I was stationed with 3/9 USMC in northern I corps, the second heaviest application zone during the war. As a result I have the diabetes and ischemic heart disease, tennitus,PTSD and was granted hearing loss. Due to the upper frequency loss and no loss in the lower frequencies (your normal hearing range) They granted the diability with 0% compensation. They left the door open for compensation should my hearing really go south on me. They did the same with the diabetis. Contact me at:


      TOM i gave up after 30 years. but i met a friend who had been in country same time as me. D.A.V WHENT AND GOT MY RECORDS IN COUNTRY .AT FIRST I ONLY GOT 20 PILLS AND A LETTER SAYN NOT TO RETURN .i was a diabetic .bad p.t.s.d.. bad hip arth. versithis bad eyes not able to work and confirm AGENT ORANGE .they found my combat records and medical papers sent me to hospital it took one year later they put it all on a nice emvelope and ask to check it out.remember the military hurry up and wait . LUIS I HOPE THEY DO NOT SLOW DOWN ANY FURTHER ps.also hep. c thank you military

  • Margaret Blanchard

    An entire set of new people who don’t have to be millionaires before they can afford to run for office would be to our advantage. No benefits for retirees, dependants, active duty military families but don’t touch a congressman’s retired pay. I would like to see them live on what the average GI gets!

  • Fran Gaule

    I looked up the bio’s for each of these guys and can not find any reference of any of them ever serving in the military.Guess when your as important as these guys your not expected to serve.

    • Randy

      As with Cheney I suppose they had more important things than spending time in the service to do.

  • Dennis Robinson

    Term limits are a must, the problem is getting it voted in when they are the ones that are doing the voting. The veterans, and all voters worst enemy is a poor memory. Write down the names of those six senators and get on your E Mail to remind the voters. I didn’t see any cuts in their retirement benefits to show how concerned about our country they are.

  • Bob Sanderson

    I wish the arrogant members of Congress would lead more by example. The citizens of USA are not so blind they cannot see the Congress’ selfish actions of raising their own pay last month! (they chastised the automakers executives during the bailout hearings for riding their jets to the hearing)
    Retired and disabled veterans pensions and benefits are an obligation no less than this Government obligation to pay down our national debt. We have been and always will be indebted to veterans!

  • Mauricio

    I say we gather together in D.C. a couple million vets and prior service members that are getting hard earned benefits should be able to change things around up at playland east.

  • waiting to die

    cost of mid east war —–bring our men and women home. 330 million to the vietnam clean up. millions of dollars spent to countries that take our money and stab us in our back. just a few ideas congress…..take it out of your pocket…ex disabled veteran dying from agent orange…..

  • thomas mccullough

    iam a retired army ssg i spent my 20 yrs and i have been retired come dec 30 yrs and i think the people in washington should back up and remember who the people that kept this nation safe and secure the vets did and this country owes them all the support they can give them,not take it away

  • Scott Law

    Iagree,the gang of six need to face a gang of vet’s in a private place.if they want to cut the budget then start taking there free loading benifits away from them!! We served our country and protected these freeloaders while all they do is point fingers and name calling,**** get all of these crook’s out!

  • Hal 3

    I am always amazed at the “so called entitlements the vets/private secter” receive according to the House and Senate. THEY are the BIGGEST recipents of entitments then vets/civilians. Free gas, Free retirement, free gyms, free this and free that, their families receive all their benefits if they die after ten years service. What do we get after ten years of putting our lives on the line???? Shame, shame, shame. And does anyone think they give a rats ass about us? Man what a Charlie Foxtrot!

  • Norman R Sketers

    I want to see the Congress and the HOR cut their pay before the even think about cutting the Military and Veteran benifits and set that as example for the rest to follow. Then make it a part of the Budget Reduaction Bill that becomes mandatory until the budget is reduced or make all congressional and senate members serve the military inj some way until they see what we went throught so they could reduce our pay.

  • Charlene

    Does it sound to anyone else like someone is trying to be rid of the military all together; because from where I am sitting, the average military personnel are having enough economic struggles that if their benefits keep getting cut, they will no longer volunteer for service. Is this what America really wants? Something needs to be done to stop this outrage. We are setting ourselves up for a takeover by any other country if this keeps up. Of course, it looks like we are already heading for a dictatorship in this country. Is anyone looking at reality here?

  • petewx1

    Who died and put the gang of 6 in charge. From what I heard on the news today and throughout the weekend their plan was rejected. I don’t think these 6 have authority to act on their own without the rest of congress and the approval of the executive branch. All they can do is make recommendations. This should be spread across all parts of gov’t not just military. You heard of spread the wealth, well spread the pain, starting at the top, cut Obama’s and the congress’ pay and benefits first. Remember they’re supposed to be working for us!


    Next time vote for Democrats!

    • Alinreality

      Next time vote wisely! Just because they have an R or D next to their name
      does not make them politicians behave! Someone’s gotta pay the bills!
      Democrats normally are non-productivbe and most of the nation’s poor are
      the welfare recipients. Most of the productive taxpayers are republicans and
      then there is corporate wealthiies and entertainers. The poor are not going to pay the taxes because they are broke and are wating for the end of year jackpot payment from the taxpayers. The very wealthy pay 85 percent of the taxes but that accounts for less than 1 percent of their wealth! The remainder comes from middle class America and the rich boy (that you elected) are looking for ways of getting more revenue. That means the government and military. They talk like they want to tax the wealthy but they know who lubricates their palms so democrat or republican can NEVER__NEVER tax the rich because they are being bribed and lobbied by them all throughout their terms in congress.
      You can whine complain but until you learn that Dems and Repugs are made of the same stuff, you will elect the wrong guy everytime!!! WTFU!!

    • Dems and Republicans are same same. The president and members of congress don’t care 1 tiny bit about anyone but themselves. The masses show their ignorance by voting for politicians like Michelle Bachman, and every other nit wit politician e.g. Palin.

      This is from a card carrying, gun toting, registered Republican. The tea party is nothing but a bunch of sheep who believe and conspiracy that is fed to them. Then there are the Evangelicals who want to force their personal beliefs on everyone else.

      I vote my conscience. Get out boys and gals home, guns for all adults with proper firearms training unless they are mentally unsound or felons, legalize all drugs, prostitution, and gambling everywhere, and free all non violent prisoners. Deficit problem solved. The Founding Fathers would not be able to recognize what happens in government as what they were trying to form when we became a country and were no longer colonies.

      States were always supposed to have a higher priority than the Fed. Think EU separate countries with unique laws but under one flag for basic protections. This is what the US should be.

      People shouldn’t be afraid of their government, government should fear their citizens. Time for the blood of Tyrants and Patriots blood to be spilled.

  • richard

    yes lets cut some of the fat from washington. how disrespectful and a slap in the face it is that they would consider cutting from the military. we volunteer our lifes and families to keep this country safe and this is what we get. lets vut from those stupid programs and research programs that spend millions of dollars on nothing.

  • Sgt CJ, USMC

    Boy-OH-Boy, I do believe I am beginning to smell the “nasty stench” coming out of Washington DC. All the way to John McCain’s state. It is the stench of GREED by Congressmen and Senators who were already sucking on the silver spoons of the wealthy when they got there. I wonder how long it will take our brave boys and girls in harms way to catch that smell? What will they think about their future?

    Warning to Washington POLITICIANS (of every stripe)…….. “There is going to H E L L to pay by the American People.” WE ARE WATCHING YOU EVERY DAY.

  • James Ives

    Oh I get it, sign a blank check for your life for 20 plus years, then take it up the back side side ways. How about the Sen. taking a 50% pay cut for the next ten years to help solve the budget. After all they seem to be in it for the power and the glory anyway. They can leave after ten years and go into private sector jobs and make six figures plus selling their influence

  • EFK

    How dare you DC politicians even think about cutting benefits to the very people who have sacrificed to ensure security and freedom for us all. Question to the “gang of six”, McConnell, Boehner, Obama, Cantor etc, etc,–Have you ever worn the uniform? I have. Until you do, keep your #$@%*& hands off the benefits of those who have given you the freedom to sit in your ivory towers!

  • Don Mitchell

    Why can’t we have the House and Senate take a pay cut equal to what they want to take away from the people who kept them free while they gave them selves raises. Too, too many non-military in Washington.

  • Kyle66

    We must be more forward thinking, what I mean is in each blog or forum I read about what the congress should do about there benefits. Each and everyone knows that they will not cut there benefits or leave office is not going to happen no matter how much you may post it here are anywhere else it’s just not going to happen. I’m not saying I have a solution it’s just common sense that everyone complains and wishes about something that in our life time is just NOT going to happen. As I said I don’t have and answer but I do know that to continue what should be and what is the right thing to do goes no where with these people.

    I do agree with the post bye Mr Joel Vandenhouten or Jerry write and call your congressman start an online petition you may get more traction in that manner then anything else.

  • Retired Veteran

    Spouse of a Vietnam Veteran
    I agree with all government employee’s to pay for their insurance, retirement funds and to let America vote whether they should get a raise or not. There are alot of companies who have not given their employee’s raises because of the economy. Why should we be the only one’s hurting?

  • Kevin Defibaugh

    They already started with me. After waiting for a disability upgrade for over a year I found out that the VA calmed that they made an error in 2007 and want to decease my disability from 40% to 30%. I have new evidence to support my clam but it takes forever to get a clam processed by the VA. I can’t walk or work now because of my service connected disability and my family is in a financial hardship.

  • frank

    how could you take away from the military?!people who actually served for their country?!of all things to cut,and you take from veterans?!this is terrible!why not take their lives too!all these we’ll deserved men,who did put their lives on the line for all of you!and when they get hurt,or end up with a terminal illness !my husband has agent orange!CANCER!!!!!!!!!for fighting for this country!!he is 100% disabled!!he is not only suffering with a cancer he will have for the rest of his life!his family is too!!!!!!!!!!!!!welfare!our wic programs!our health insurance!our food stamps!our housing!our schooling!our everything!and they are illegall!our hospitals!our clinics!everytime they have a kid,we pay for that!!how can you be so blind to this?!they are sneaking over here illegally!and have everything handed to them!!and they are illegal!!you are breaking the rules of our own country!!don’t you see anything wrong with this picture!!!!!some of our own people can not afford to even go to a dam doctor!and we work!some of our people are living in tents in the woods!while these illegalls are living in luxery!how is this?!

  • robert l craft

    all the gang and i mean gang.wants to hurt the people that fought for this country and the ones that are fighting now.they have never and never will fight for this country.most of them don’t have any balls in the first place.every one in the senate the congress and the supreme court needs to take a 50,000 dollar cut in their pay per year for the rest of the time they have in office,and i hope that time isn’t long.


  • jim

    looks like if they dont like your post they take it off not fair

  • frank

    go round up evry darn illegall!and get them out of here!they do not belong here!what you are doing is wrong and grimy!you kn ow where the money is going!get rid of the illegal mexicans and their families!who are thriving and taking full advantage of this country!and you do nothing about it!this is pathetic!what is wrong with you people!how can you not see this?!how can people who work not be able to go to a darn doctor in this country or turned down if they are in trouble and need help?!but a mexican that is illegal will never be turn down for anything!some poor people hav e health problams,are having troub le being able to have a baby of their own and when they go to a clinic for help,are told they are there to prevent pregnancy!not help someone get pregnant !but yet the whole clinic who was there to help american people are all to help illegall mexicans now!it is sickoning to see how people who are running this country are breaking their own rules!look around!and then wonder why!do the right thing and get them out!

    • Alinreality

      Wishful thinking Frank! You will be called a racist and they are the new preferred labor force and you are taking their space. Just wait for the next
      executive order amnestying the 40 million that are here now. The prez
      will win the re-election just with amnesty alone! If you voted for him….sorry!

  • Davem

    Why do they want to take money from those who have earned the benefits, SSI and military ( Tri-Care) and medicade. I say take all the money they give illigal’s in the form of housing, health care, education, food.and SSI in some cases. They work “under the table” and pay no taxes and have better lifestyles than many of the poor people in our country. Take 12 M off these unearned give aways and they would have way over 1 trillion dollars. They care more about them than the American people. Oh,if they offend them maybe they won’t get elected and loose all the perks and lobbist money

  • Paul Davidson

    These criminals have got them like grapefruits to cut our entitlement disability payments. We went off to fight this nations wars and when we came back busted up,these criminals throw us away.They have no honor and they desecrate the names of all vets especially the ones the paid the ultimate price. Sorry if I sound a little abrasive.

  • r. e

    I can’t believe Congress would do this to their retired military personnel. We haven’t received a Cola raise in 2 years because if Social Security doesn’t get the Cola, neither do the military retirees. I see that congress takes care of their own without worrying about the people who served and put them in office. They should cut their pay and benefits and know how we feel. I’m sure this country’s people will remember this at the next election. The retirees need to be taken care of – their pay (social security & military retired pay) don’t go up – many retirees have to work a part-time job in order to make ends meet because they don’t and haven’t gotten a raise in 2 years. Take heed your policitians

  • harry medina

    i just don’t understand this madness in Washington, DC what in the hell they thinking of…..I had to fight to get my disability pension and now they want to slap the veterans in the face by proposing cuts to us………….the hell with that and i say no! these so called The Gang of Six includes:

    Sen­a­tor Mark Warner (D-VA)
    Sen­a­tor Dick Durbin (D-IL)
    Sen­a­tor Kent Con­rad (D-ND)
    Sen­a­tor Tom Coburn (R-OK)
    Sen­a­tor Mike Crapo (R-ID)
    Sen­a­tor Saxby Cham­b­liss (R-GA

    these guys should not be reelected i say fire these jerks………….. i fought for this country they should do the same ” fight for the veterans”

  • Larry

    Question to all. How much do you think they would save if they closed all the bases in Europe, bring all troops home except for small units to maintain the equipment. The troops would spend their money on the economy here in the states. This would seem to be a win-win situation. The gov. / DOD saves money the U.S. economy makes money and troops are on U.S. soil.

  • Robert

    Lets just take the minimum dollar amounts allocated from their budget list and apply some addition and multiplication:

    Senators: $174, 000.00 per (this is the minimum, some are making more up to $223,500.00)
    100 Senators x $ 174,000.00 = $ 17,400,000.00
    Representatives: $ 174,000.00 per (again this is the minimum)
    435 Representatives x $ 174,000.00 = $ 75,690,000.00
    SALARY GRAND TOTAL: $ 93,090,000.00

    Budget of “representational” allowance ($1,428,395.00 – $1,759,575):
    100 Senators + 435 Representatives x $1,428,395.00 =
    GRAND TOTAL: $ 764,191,325.00

    “personnel” allowance of $944,671.00
    100 Senators + 435 Representatives x $944,671.00 =
    GRAND TOTAL: $ 505,398,985.00

    Official office expense allowance – base allowance is $256,574.00.
    996 offices x $ 256,574.00 =
    GRAND TOTAL: $ 255,547,704.00

    Additional official personnel and office expense account that range from $3,090,168.00 to $4,873,149.00
    100 Senators + 435 Representatives x $ 3,090,168.00 =
    GRAND TOTAL: $ 1,653,239,880.00

    Another official office expense from $128,585.00 to $465, 919.00
    100 Senators + 435 Representatives x $128, 585.00 =
    GRAND TOTAL: $ 68,792,975.00

    Administration and clerical assistance from $2,453,206.00 to $3,898,853.00
    100 Senators + 435 Representatives x $ 2,453,206.00 =
    GRAND TOTAL: $ 1,312,465,210.00

    Legislative assistance allowance of $508,377.00
    100 Senators + 435 Representatives x $ 508,377.00 =
    GRAND TOTAL: $ 271,981,695.00

    Each authorized $40,000.00 for state office furniture and furnishings for one or more offices (this is at 5000 sq ft – it goes up by $1000.00 for each additional 200 sq ft)
    996 offices x $ 40,000.00 =
    GRAND TOTAL: $ 39,840,000.00

    There are few areas that are not calculated because the dollar amounts are not available; such as: Office space in their respective state and the dollar amount authorized for this space is not specified but is in the amount of “in an amount determined by law”; will be reimbursed for rent and non-personnel cost; and an office in Washington and allowed a budget for furnishings through “Architect of the Capitol”. However I am sure this dollar is astronomical as well for rent. Just go on a few of their web sites and see where all their offices are located. Rent multiplied by their number of offices = $$$$$$$$.

    Why in the world would an individual need to have so many offices? So you can travel through the state? Don’t need an office to travel. Then how much is it costing us to put them up in a hotel because they sure in the heck are not staying at a motel 8 like most americans have to do. And in my simple pea brain of logic, isn’ the reason we have Representatives scattered throughout the states in districts is so they can gather the “peoples” “pulse” and report to higher? But again, I could just be stupid.

    The Grand total of their salaries and just the allowed budget dollar amounts we know about:

    $ 4,964,547,774.00

    Yes, that is almost FIVE BILLION DOLLARS. I will say it again……almost 5 BILLION DOLLARS. This is of what we know, it is probably at least triple this amount of things we don’t know. My question……WHY WHY WHY WHY????

    Some additional food for thought………………………..

    Presidents and dollar amounts known:
    $400,000.00 x 5 = $ 2,000,000.00
    $96,000.00 x 5 = $ 480, 000.00
    $50,000.00 x 5 = $ 250,000.00
    Dollar amount total: $ 2,730,000.00 – Plus Transportation, Security, Expense accounts, Entertainment, etc.

    Ways to cut the deficit……cut the above spending. Our government needs to quit taking and taking and taking and asking for the American people to make sacrifices. They need to step up and lead from the front and set the right example. Quit talking and put it in action.

    • Que Dub


  • ron

    Very sad state of affairs. America we need God back in this country before it falls apart.

  • donna

    hay who do you think you are here we are protecting your skins and you get us in a bind and now you are wanting to take away our benifets and our pay whats wrong with this picture?? maybe you should go sit in a trench on a hot day kent conrad cut our bennies i wont vote for you cut your own bennies go for a month with no pay see how you can make ends meet we might be old and decripet but ill tell you what we can still fight and vote and so we will and you know what there are more of us then you!

  • SGM Pompili

    What COLA ??????

    • Que Dub

      You’ re right !!!! There was no cola for 2 years now !!!!!!!

  • Larry Donaldson

    Personally I agre with the Father of Our Country in his speech to the Contential Congress.” The time for talking is over. The time for action is now.”
    True, there are a lot of “American” citizens that have the foritude to stand up to any biased law our government imposes upon us. The flip side is that we also have a lot of “American” citizens who have none at all and really don’t care about the rest until it affects them personally. Evidently there are more of them due to who sits in the White House now as well both parties of the House. My cousin, a decorated Marine, denounced his citzenship in the 80’s and became a citizen of Austraila. I told him that he’d regret that decision. I heard from him a few weeks ago. Main question? “Who’s sorry now”? He has a point! I told him someone had to stay here to fight the next civil war. His comment? “Good luck! If you change your mind I’ll sponser you and all of your family.” Something to think about.

  • Linda McCoy

    I really think we should drastically cut some of the money we give to other nations. Why not take care of ourselves first and then see what develops after that???? Thats a no brainer.

  • Dan

    I can not believe that Senator Mark Warner (D-VA) . Virginia is mostly military and veterans. His got some ball wanting to cut our benefits beforecutting his. I believe Virginians should vote That Warner out of office next elections. We don’t need people like him in office. What a fool… We need to start doing something bout our Congress before they take all our monies away. It will be Congress and the poor left in this country.




  • Tiptontony

    Everyone remember…..election day for everyone of this gang is coming around the corner……vote your concience!!!

  • Ken P

    “requires a reduc­tion in retiree COLA and ”

    How do you reduce what has not been granted in three years?

  • Marc C. Daniele

    F*CK our so called reps! They don’t care about this country anyway!

    AIPAC Conference proved that, along with the ongoing cover up of 9/11!

    You know it’s very noble to serve in the military, but you all should also know that you are not serving the interests of the US “Republic”, but for the interests of Israel!

    When are “The People” finally going to realize the fact that 9/11 was done by Israel, and was done for us to take care of their interests in the middle east?

    There is undeniable proof of this!

    WAKE UP AMERICA “Republic”!

    Remember the USS Liberty!
    Restore The US Constitution!
    US “Republic” First, Always!

    US Army Veteran,
    Marc C. Daniele
    Herculaneum, Mo.



  • Shelley 50% Disabled Vet

    One needs to look from within to find the answers! We were all put here on Earth to learn what it is like to live in a world of DUALITY! Good vs Bad, Light vs Dark, etc. After reading most of the comments here, I can see that not to many of you have become enlightened to the TRUTH! There is NO WAY our system can be fixed! We have to get rid of the OLD MONETARY SYSTEM that was set up to keep us totally trapped with the credit system etc. You must understand that the Federal Reserve is a PRIVATE BANK and they do not pay TAXES on their PROFITS! Open up your eyes, your minds, your hearts to the TRUTH! It is right there in front of you. Every President we have had was put into office not by OUR VOTES, but by the secret controllers of our country. The President is merely their PUPPET! He is told what to say, what to do etc. Our college system is another trap. To keep people in debt and they only teach what THEY WANT YOU TO KNOW! We have been dumbed down for over a 100 years by chemicals in our water, chemicals in our SKIES, Drugs by the pharmaceutical cos, Toxic vaccines, you name it.
    We are the ones that We have been waiting for! Learn the TRUTH and SET YOURSELF FREE! Stop being ENSLAVED and become UNSLAVED! Do not FEAR as that only gives the DARK ONES more energy! People must stand up and learn to govern themselves! If you truly believe that our government cares about humanity then you are still ASLEEP! All you have to do is search and you will find the TRUTH and all this arguing and debating gets you nowhere. You can create the life you want by changing your whole paradigm! Things are happening behind the scenes as we speak so turn off that TV that only feeds you more disinfo, junk entertainment, and other distractions only to keep you more confused and in FEAR! It is all about LOVE! The DARK ONES do not want you to learn the TRUTH as they will loose their control over you! It is happening Dear Ones! We do have help if you but seek it out! STOP LETTING THEM CONTROL YOU!

  • Larry Donaldson

    You also realize that a lot of what could have been great military future leaders are leaving the service in alarming numbers. Commissioned officers, Warrents, and Staff and Senior NCO’s. It’s a hell of a thing when a lot of our youthful military, to include MOH awardees, just say the hell with it and that it’s not worth it.

  • Johnny Jones

    We should be asking why the government offered us increases in benifits when they had no intention of honoring it as presented. The Navtive Americans certainly know how the U.S. Government operates. The Government presented treaties to them that they never had any intention to honor. We serve and do what they ask of us. We give our all. We ask little in return except to be treated honorably. Honor is a word the U.S. Government has eliminated from their dictionary.

  • I bet none of you servid in the military. Much less fought in a war. You just a bunch of A H why don’t you cut your pay!

  • skybenz1957

    What needs to happen is that all congressmen and congresswomen should pay our COLA from their pockets. After all, they are paid from the tax dollars of all American citizens. If we don’t pay taxes, these so-called leaders of our country would cry foul play and incarcerate any and all those who do not pay.They are experts of using iniquitous force.We put these people in office out of trust that they will do the right thing, and none of them do.



  • skybenz1957

    This vicious cycle needs to stop, especially when there are not positive results. We stand idley by watching these appointed people run our lives and put us into the ground while they live lavish lives from the spoils they take from the common hard working people.
    I, like so many of you have served this nation. And I signed papers stating that I would have certain benefits during my retirement years. Well, the day that I retired, I learned a valuable lesson. My benefits had already been slashed even before I had retired. And I was told that their was nothing that I could do about it. I have been hearing the same old song since then.
    These politician do nothing but leech off the hard work of others and make it seem like they are actually doing us a justice or favor. To hades with this attitude. I for one am sick and appalled by these actions.
    I will stand against this, but I cannot stand alone. We (you and others) know that these things thrown upon us are not right. We must act soon or we will all continue to remain victims of these injustices.

  • donna

    well now that i let off my steam just let me say so we are old we are still live take away our bennies is not a good idea take the military bennies and ss and disability whats left? pride that we have will not cloth and feed or house us will it now so i tell you who should give all of us a little bit and cut these programs that do no one any good and we all see them so lets all get on the wagon and give a little get out of the wars and help our own hang in there gis

  • Ted Banks

    Posting one’s dissatisfaction about this issue for the most part is wasted on this blog, one would have a better chance of being heard by contacting one’s senator and congressperson, as Joel mentioned.

    • Que Dub

      Oh H3LL , I Do !!! All I get back is a generic letter that everyone gets, and not addressing the issues I bbitched about !!!!!!! And by Gaud , I had voocoo’s of them !!!!!!

  • Stagnation

    Last time I checked it takes a vote by both houses to pass a bill and then a presidential signature to get it enacted. The cola change would require a change of law, and if they plan to hit our current retirees retirement benefits, a law change as well. Not saying it can’t happen, just that the gang of six does not have Constitutional authority to make this happen.

  • Angel

    I have read all or most comments posted here, the problem is that we elected all those people there, yes remember…the elections, that is when they come around and slubber all over your babies, kiss you in the cheek like Judas, did to Jesus, they shake your hand and press firmly…but the squeeze is not that they are for you, it meand I got you “SUCKER”, now you are all mine. Remember that we helped put them there, unfortunately, those 13 that signed the Constitution, they knew what they wrote, but the people now interpreted in their own way…..Yes wake up America, Senior Citizens, (like me) you and a few millions of us, are we going to take this kind of punishment?….well…..PEOPLE….WE, yes WE have given then “CARTE BLANCHE” to do as they please… them MF’s out on the next election and lets put another batch of baby kissers and hand shakers there….they will do what ever they will do and never change a damn thing….it does not matter who is on top……

  • Nancy

    As one man stated, if it wasn’t for our soldiers and military, they wouldn’t even have a country to fight about. Could you just see any of our gov. officials going out and fighting on the front lines like my husband did and like all of you did. Now, this is how you are going to be repaid! I’m ashamed of this country and the people in controll of it. I Do want to say THANK YOU ALL for have fought or are fighting for this country.

  • Jerry

    All I have is one QUESTION: how many of the Gang of Six,been in the Military?
    Semper Fidelis,

  • provost50

    We have done our duty for God, country and government; have fought their wars to further their agendas, and they praise us as “heroes”. Let them now do their own “duty”: sacrifice as we are all being asked to. Let them lead from the fore and set the example for us all. Give it up, government! Take your pay cut! Join the rank and file rather than hold yourself above it.

  • Carolyn Palmer

    We that shed blood in VietNam, are really appreciated.

  • JustThom

    I wonder why my comments are immediately deleted

  • JustThom

    Must be because I am against all incumbents.

  • Jim Slocomb

    After searching these individuals bios, it’s just as I suspected, not a single one of these morons did any military service. The closest any of them got was Sen. Chambliss who received student deferments during the Vietnam war, and when those ran out, he got a medical deferment for bad knees from playing football. They have no clue about the sacrifice military members and their families make.

  • Jerry

    I have a grandson who has been in US Army,for three years and has almost two(2) years in Combat.If the wheels in Washington,DC would use the draft maybe these young troop could be back in United States for awhile (more than 6 months)You want to put people to work thats how to get a few thousands.If not rise the pay of one protecting this country instead of talking cutting benefits,pay.

  • Larry Renbarger

    Heck, all they have to do to save that much in the defense budget is to stop any one of the many wars we are in right now.

  • SSG Kevin

    I believe that these Congressman that they should begin by cutting their salaries. All service members that place this countries needs before their own by serving 20 yrs or more deserve the right of proper benefits. The Congress uses military facilities for the medical care. They get the best treatment while the military receive whatever was pulled out of the basket, so to speak. Let them do our jobs, work our hours (without time off or just taking off because they can) and see what we do daily for 24/7. I wished we had Congress leaders like Former Alabama Senator Howell Heflin who knew what military life was like and make sure that the service members get their just rewards for putting their lives on the line for this Congress just to go to work on a daily basis.

  • Harold Erb

    I’m not ashamed of this country, just the idiots in Washington, who TRY to run it.


    We have been betrayed by all of these people. I totally agree with pay and benefit cuts to these morons. We leave our families for months on end going to the outhouses of the world helping people that hate us and this is what we get. Forget party affiliation. We have got to vote issues. They would rather treat illegals with better benefits than the military gets in order to gain voting blocks. They are chipping away a little at a time. It will get much worse for us if we don’t start contacting our representatives NOW. I retire in less than a year, so shame on my timing, but you younger troops have better get in gear NOW.

  • Carl

    It just goes to show that the U.S. Government uses us to advance their “policies” and when we return from deployment , get our discharges, retire, or on medical grounds, that they no longer have any use for us veterans, so why pay us entitlements at all? For far too long they have crapped all over us after we do their dirty work for them. We are cast aside like broken toys.

  • Harold Erb

    To everyone who are posting comments here—Now is the time to each and everyone of us to send these same comments to ALL elected and appointed offical in the garbage pit of America–WASHINGTON, DC…I’m de.finitely going to

  • francis bonifield

    I bet that not one of them served in any of the branchs,and I agree that all members of political
    should take a pay reduction including the President
    what we all could do with 400,ooo plus med ,this includes past presidents at 400,000 a year.

  • Harold Erb

    Everyone please write a good message to each of your elected offical in Washington and send it to them each and every day, H___, why not numerous times each day. Just keep piling them on and on and on. Maybe they will get the message.

  • Robert

    The Gang of Six includes:

    Senator Mark Warner (D-VA)………..Who has an office in DC and 5 offices throughout the state……NEVER SERVED IN THE MILITARY

    Senator Dick Durbin (D-IL)……… office in DC and 4 offices throughout the state…….NEVER SERVED IN THE MILITARY

    Senator Kent Conrad (D-ND)……an office in DC and 4 offices throughout the state……….NEVER SERVED IN THE MILITARY

    Senator Tom Coburn (R-OK)…….an office in DC and 2 offices throughout the state


    Senator Saxby Chambliss (R-GA)……an office in DC and 4 offices throughout the state………NEVER SERVED IN THE MILITARY….During the Vietnam War, Chambliss received student deferments and was also given a medical deferment (1-Y) for bad knees due to a football injury

    Why is their number of offices important…….because of the tremendous dollar amounts they receive to have those outrageous number of offices.

  • Lindsey

    I see that every year that we didn’t get a Cola raise all those law makers give them selfs big hefty raises.And they want to cut the pennies that we get for cola. That is when we get it. It’s nothing but pennies compared to what they give them selves.

  • wolfpac55

    Only way and I hate to say this, that anyones going to remove the career politcos is by force plain and simple. I do believe they have lied enough to think your going to rid this country any other way of the career washington folks just will not happen.

  • GLS


  • jrj

    veterans should not have benifits reduced,to reduce the nations debt don’t cut the veterans and retired persons soc security,we should force these low life parrisites polititions who never paid soc security and hid when it came time to stand up and servve their country,cut these useless scumbags salary and benifits.why their whole family gets total health care free.people the time has come to grab that crying piece of shit bohener and the rest of those gop assholes and drag them through the steets and stone them along with bush,don’t forget he put us in this mess .bush is the anti christ,the worst piece of shit to ever walk the planet,

  • Rodger L

    Seems like it is just the right time to replace those who are not with us. (You are either with me or against me.) What really needs to be revamped is Congress’ benefit-pay and allowances. They need to be aligned with what we get and be apart of the social security/medicare and health benefits. Once there, they will be very careful on how they act. We need to get the laws changed to go retroactive for all our past congressmen and senators. We need our military associations all fighting for us very carefully and tactfully reminding them their re-elections are coming up.

  • Harold Erb

    This is no time to nit pick about word usage/spelling in comments—stick with the subject

  • Harold Erb


  • Cathy

    Please call and email your senators and congressman. Find their numbers and email addresses at this link:

    Tell them that you will not vote for anyone who cuts the benefits of our military men and women who sacrificed so much for this country!

    Make your voice heard!

  • Wes

    This is now a nation of, by and for the government. We the people have been misled and used for their benefit for many, many years now. It’s time to take our country back. V O T E !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Carl Lobaugh

    For your information Dan AZ. US civil servants pay into their own retirement account. It is called the Federal Employee Benefits Program. Retired federal civil servants are not eligible to draw Social Security. They have to contribute to this program every payday. It is a lot more than you put into Federal Insurance Contributions Act (FICA) tax each payday. So your posting derogatory and inaccurate statements just shows your ignorance on how the government and the civil service works.

  • gene

    Veterans Virtual March on Washington.

  • M.G. Seid

    We should ALL email or call our congressman NOW. I fear SOON it will be too late.

  • Billy Rose

    You want to balance the budget in a flash.
    #1 – Stop allowing the federal reserve to print money. No private bank is supposed to print money according to the constitution. Only the government is allowed to do that. They create moeny as DEBT………. to us.
    #2 – Audit the Pentagon.
    #3 -Cut all politicians lifetime benefits and current perks. It’s a job…..not a career.
    #4 – Remove all earmarks from any legislation. Make the states borrow it from the government and pay it back a a low interest rate. That will stop silly earmarks like teapot museums and bridges to nowhwere.
    #5 – Remove all money from compaigning. Make TV & radio stations give equal time to all candidates. Make that part of their agreement to renew or purchase an operating license.
    #6 – Stop rewarding companies who send jobs out of the country and those who don’t pay any taxes here.
    I could think of a lot more but there isn’t enough room here for it.

  • John E

    I agree with all comments Congress just received 23 to 27 % pay raise last year. Even the new legislatures also got the pay raise Well As you know those on Social Security and Social Security Disability also those on Veterans Service Connected disability have not received any Cost of living increase (COLA) in four or five years. Only the stimulus funding worth only $12.00 to $25.00 per month We only received two different payment The last COLA was received was either 2006 or 2007 If the GOP stops or halts any COLAS we know how to VOTE Plus I also agree with Senate and Congressional tenure If the President only haves two term term limit Why not the rest of government?

  • DICK


  • boldaq

    There’s only one way to solve this country’s problems and that’s to admit we made a mistake and ask the President to step down. Come on, Obama, you gave it your best shot but you’re in way over your head.
    I realize that some are so star-struck and giddy about the first black president but let’s get real. Or, would you rather be dead than wrong?

  • J Reay

    Thank your Republican Congressman for this.

    • Gary d

      Republicans? did you notice that there are three democrats in the gang od six

  • brigid rudolph

    You know when you take $250,000.00 a year per each member in Congress, that is about 435 men and women equals $10,875,000.00 per year that comes out of our taxes. Then they all think that they are entitled to get $250,000.00 per year now for the rest of their life when they fully retire. Will someone tell me why we are so broke? They have no business cutting anything until they start with themselves. Send them a letter or e-mail and tell them to cut their salary and benefits, that America can’t afford them.

  • tommy

    I understand why they always wqnt to cut us retirees of our benefits.

    we don’t have the money to put into their pockesst so wed are the first sto get the cuts. Now if we had millions of dollars to stuff thseir pockets they would pick on anyone who does not have money. If you don’t think this is true just look at how much money they got from OIL, WALL STREET<BANKS< and the KOCH brothers.

  • retired2000

    It is a shame how the government is treating vetereans. I see so much money being wasted in foreign affairs. Our government taking from the american people, cutting different programs etc etc.

  • Donald L Groner

    Today I had the priviledge to talk to a member of Senator John McCains office in Tucson, AZ, and my comments were simular to my following statement. No more than 10% (If That Much) of our over 500 congressional leadership have had or will have any military experience.
    They can’t help the any military (Active or Retired) to resolve a problems because they and their staff have no military background. They don’t care.They can’t walk the walk. They only talk the talk.. They consider the American Protector of their office as a hinderance and financial burden when it comes to compensation and assistance.
    Their news media stuff is just a cover story for ignorance and stupidity.
    Only people like Sen McCain have the knowledge, and his staff are directed to do what ever is required to give assistance to any and all American military, regardless of origin of birth.
    The disgust among the American public with the US congress is well deserved. My comments were agreed with by the person I talked with because that person is also a very experienced retired military person who is always available to help the military person in need. I’m not a Republican either.

  • l. baker

    after what i read that the gang of six are pr0posing for cuttting pat for the military an the eretirees, i belive that they need to be educated as to what a southern neck tie party is about… or handed a rifle and send them to afganistan. it would be the same result….

  • BWms

    Well guys, I guess this that old trick of smoke and mirrors that we (the American People) have learned to accept . The media has successfully kept us divided with religion, race, politics, etc. While big money has its way through Lobbiest, etc. Now that it going to hit us in the pocket, we are outraged. We should have been outraged a long time ago. This thanks for your service is absolutely nothing but “B.S”. Now you are truly getting a touch of what “Thanks for your Service” is really all about. I think it is time to take it to the streets.


    I know this sounds repetitve but I have always stated, lead by example start your cuts in your own backyard.I’ll take a 5% to 10% cut if you all in the in Government take the same starting with the President on down.WOW THINK OF THE MONEY SAVED THEN.Get rid of all the BS grants,all the special bennies and like the rest of us start paying for your MEDICAL ETC.Then jump to the WELFARE SYSTEM.Start overhauling it ,getting everyone to reregister and check it out throughly.Bet you save money there also.Why do you pick on the elderly who have done their time and paid their dues?


    here is food for thought, next time you need soldiers to fight a war.who are you going to cut veterans cut your own throat. this counrty is fed up with this crap from people we send to washington.i for one will not vote for ANY PERSON IN OFFICE, PERIOD.

  • DICK


  • Eddie

    How can we ensure this gang of 6 dont get re-elected. Why continue to cut service related benefits. Unlike our gang of 6 we put in years of service and dedication. These guys come in and take off as they wish, and get better benefits than we do.
    They need to set the example and start taking away some of thier benefits, I am sure we they visit the active duty members in Afghanistan & Iraq they are getting tax free for just walking around in thier suits for one day. Why don’t they give that back to our service members.
    Someone and wish I could needs to get they word out how these Capital Hill guys & gals are taking thier own goverment for a scam. Leave the hard working service memebers and veterans alone.

  • vet 21

    They are just a gang of six. We are a gang of many thousands to kick these meatheads out of office, and keep them out of any political office they plan to run for in the future.

  • cannondi59

    Let every veteran who served and put their life on the line for this country and to protect this country’s freedom…and at the time they served, weighed all the benefits for doing so feel used because our government decides to reduce/eliminate our benefits.

    Grandfather us in and leave us alone! Change these benefits for those who decide to serve after the changes are made! Our part of the deficit will go away with time as we all pass on! Unfortunately for us (the Vets), there aren’t enough members in our government who served. I say the government will reap what it sews by welching out on us.

    Future volunteers, if any, will recognize our Government’s word means nothing! So those who protect our country and our policies, in the future, will be forced to do so.

  • Ron Boyd


  • drbrock

    Contact your veterans groups. Vote and speak as a block.

    • Paul Davidson

      To hell with the veterans groups, THEY ARE ALL CHARTERED BY CONGRESS!.

  • Rita

    Have all that are doing this go to war the way my husband, brother and all other men in this country, have a leg or arm removed and have their pay halfed and alot of other takenaway. The sic do not belong in Congress, should be inpeached and removed from office.

  • David

    I think that all those congressmen and senators should only get paid for the work they do. If they don,t show up then they should’nt get paid for that day. Make them work weekends and holidays like all of the normal people do. If they don’t show up for a couple of days then they should be fired just like everybody else. If they want insurance let them pay for it themselves, not by me or you. All those upper class politicians have six figure salaries for just sitting on their collective asses, but soldiers and sailors put their lives on the line in the service of their country and what do they get. $38000 a year. And once they get out most of the time they are just forgotten.
    But when a politician gets out its like he never left. Same pay.




  • Steve K.

    This is yet another example of broken promises by our elected officials and the Government. It has gone from “the are no harmful effects from Agent Orange”…to “What Gulf War Syndrome?”…to “exposure to exploded DU munitions is not a health threat”…to “we will bring all our POW/MIA cases to resolution”…to “we will provide you the best medical care available if you are wounded or injured in Iraq or Afghanistan…” I am totally disgusted with the leadership in this country–from the Executive Branch to Congress to the Judicial Branch. No leadership, no conviction, no courage, just self-enrichment and “situation ethics.” . At least the USMC seniors still have demonstrated the courage to oppose these betrayals by our leaders.

    Irate Navy O-6

  • ibsteve2u

    This act – cutting Veterans benefits – was a foregone conclusion from the day Bush, Cheney, & PNAC, LLP and the Republicans whipped their tax cuts for the few upon the American people and then turned right around and ran their two wars “off the budget” – kicking the can down the road as the Republicans like to accuse the Democrats of.

    Wars are expensive, and the Republicans running those wars “off the budget” in order to protect their tax cuts was virtually a promise that their cost would be taken out of the hides of the American people – to include Veterans.


    I have heard that congress members receive their continued pay for life even if they only serve one term….Is this true???? If so there is your money!!!!!!

  • will

    How soon we forget about our veterans dead or maimed and injured who cannot get a job or are unable to work due to their injuries. In past wars that are still alive or have living spouses while fighting for the interest of the rich, world peace and entitlement for the rich. While military is supposed to be fighting for the American way of life for all americans. Active duty personnel is already underpaid and have always been. Now vets are supposed to just go away or fade away into the sunset while they continue to live the good life. This is a fine way for our government to treat vets and active duties who now know that if they are injured, maimed or killed they or their survivors will be forced to live below the poverty level. WHAT IF THE SOLDIERS JUST STOPPED FIGHTING? HOW WOULD THAT GO OVER? WOULD THEY BE ACCUSED OF TREASON OR SHOT IN THE FIELD? I bet congress could get their act together then. Please when election time comes, do not forget these days. I am ready to jump on board with anyone who campaigns against these spoiled selfish slobs who are taking this country to the brink of destruction and making us the biggest joke on earth.

  • wolf pac55

    Only way and I hate to say this, in getting “rid ” of the upper crust and yes career politicians. is by force, plain and simple Not that I advocate violence but voting these politicos out just is not going to happen. It would seem that every term the same or worse get elected ,not to serve the people but to serve the special interest of a select few. So with that said who wants to be the first to start the 2nd revolution? any takers…no…hmmmmmmmmm

  • Desert Rat

    How can Navy retirees, widows, and spouses start a virtual march on The House of ill Representatives, the ill Senate and the White House. My husband served his country honorably, and honestly. He too, got penny wages compared to the Civilian counterparts he worked with, when stateside. We spent his entire career moving every two or three years. I am not complaining about it, it was just a fact of his career. His service was instilled by his father, who served 30 years in the Army Tank Corps, including WWII, in which he received the Bronze Star, Purple Heart with 2 clusters, and the European Campaign Medal. These are the only awards we were given on his father’s death, so he may have received others. His records were destroyed in the fire that so many of our WWII, and Korean War Vets records were destroyed as well. This comment continues in my next post.

  • Angela

    I am the wife of a fallen solider and my husband fought got everyone in this world knowing that if something was to happen to me at let me and our children who be taken care of.. Now u are telling me that my husband gave his life and his family will lose the only income and insurance that we have.. Where is there justice in this world.. If this is what is going to happen to our proud soilders, good luck getting anyone to sign up and put there life on the line for u liars…

  • Desert rat

    I adjusted to all our family had to go through in his 20 + years, enjoyed all our shipmates and their families. But to think after all of this, now the Washington disfunctional House, Senate and White House wish to punish all Military for their service, is too much. I would like to know how they can reduce a COLA that hasn’t been awarded for two years. When they have wars they wish to fight, especially IRAQ, which was stupid, they have no problems calling up our youth to do their bidding, then when things get tough with the money, they dump them all out in a usually depressed or recessed society with a quick handshake. I say we need a virtual march on the jokers running our country. Taking away all their fancy benefits and giving them what the rest of America has to live with would be so wonderful. I am ready to sign up now.

    A sad widow who lost a wonderful man, way to early in his lifetime.

    • Alinreality

      Hey, Our men and women would be in the way if they were suddenly brought home. Americans would know for sure who the soldiers would support
      if there was a sudden uprising against a corrupt government. The further
      away you guys are kept, the better gun confiscation and the like with eugenics
      can be made possible with no worry about soldiers trying to protect their
      parents and kin folk.

  • bear

    Cut military entilements and medicare, medicaide, Social security are they stupid. Cutting those programs that are needed the most right now. Lets see people have lost their jobs, home, and faith in our govt. What happened to lead by example. Why doen’t they cut their pay, get furlough days, pay for their free benefits. If such a plan passes it will be time for all of us to stand together, vote out all those who voted for the cutsno matter what party they represent. Because truth be told the United States Govt. no longer represents us “WE THE PEOPLE”.

  • W. Johnson

    One area that the Federal governent and all branches of service is in TDY pay. As someone who worked in Protocol in Korea and here in the states. I can say that many vacations have been financed by the person attending a short meeting that lasted a couple of hours but their stay was 5 or 6 days. Most of time was spent see the sights, or playing golf. Oversea the ground transportation and security was provided by the military . Even if the visitor was a civilian. At least during my time many of the military and most of the civilian were accompanied by their spouse. Which of course were provided transportation to shopping. Yes many of those that came to Korea were in the same position as those trying to cut our pay and benefits, but not theirs.

  • adregaf

    Think about this — bring the National Guard HOME to take care of our nation. Their deployments are costing a lot — the equipment, travel pay, and extra monies spent for them to be away from home, not to mention all the follow-up expenses after deployments.

    I do not want to see our active-duty military over-stressed, but really, if that many bodies are needed, then aren’t we, as a nation, over-committed?

  • hector

    ok lets eliminate the gang of Six when election time comes—and cut their retirement benefits also…..

  • merlin

    When I entered the service I was proud too be able to serve my country and suport the American way of life but now that way of life has been downgraded and all the leaders want to make it harder for the members that served with pride to live a desent life that was what they entered the service for. The leader of this country shold be made too serve in the military for at least 4 years before they get elected then maybe the benfits that are promised will given as they should.

  • Ronald

    Why don’t these Senators be the first to be human and share there ill earnd money and help the Mil. that gives so much for that right but that would ask them to part of the human race these people should be ashamed to be in the position they are in. Congres is in the same boat as they are. they forget that they are there to serve us not for there oun gain they have been elected to serve the poeple buy the people who put there trust in them. God help this Nation becuse it is in the verge of destrction.

  • Larry Jones

    I agree with Larry Bostick. We need to go to the poles and vote these self serving reps out of office. If you don’t, you have no gripe coming. We have no other legal recoures. If you don’t then welcome to what may just become a Dictatorial Union where your vote won’t mean a blessed thing. So vote while it still means something.

  • Tommy Gunne

    Can you upload their senate email addresses so we can send a mass mailing, these guys send our boys to war, but they don’t want to support them when they come back, these senators don’t deserve the military family support..


    sorry..administrator… about this:

    let’s have the congress give up their capitol hill staff doctors and join the VA health care system…that would be balanced and I know they would agree that they are not entitled to more than any disabled veteran.

    Charles, service connected, totally disabled vet

  • Douglas Bullis

    Saxby Chambliss was the Georgia politician who shoved his way into office by branding Max Cleland “unpatriotic”. Cleland’s record: Viet Vet, triple amputee, PH, medals earned under fire. Chambliss’s record: What record? Proposed new Congressional rule #1: If you didn’t serve in uniform you can’t vote on military entitlement bills. Rule #2: If you did not serve during times of a draft, you can’t vote on military issues at all.

  • Alfred Hestle

    We need to vote out incumbents that have been in washington over 10 years. They have miss manage this country. They are now millionaires and need to get out of there!!!!!!

  • I am a person. I mentioned Pakistan. I guess you think nothing of my comments.

  • jeremiah

    what these so-called senators and congressmen and women have done to our country is just inexplicable and will be inexcusable. they are sure ready to deserve take away the benefits that many people have earned many of our veterans have sacrificed and are still sacrificing. these so called reformers are sticking it to all of us for their means. i agree with all of you who have posted today.lets send them a message. we do not agree with you and we will remember

  • Frank

    It is bad enough that is happening and then th price of unleaded and diesel goes up. This show that the oil company CEO are getting big pay checks and WE are the one paying for it while the gang of 6 are getting alot of money for their BIG tax break.

  • Eddie

    What more would you expect from a wealthy bunch? The rich get richer and the poor get poorer? What’s wrong with us thinking this way, Right?

  • Gary D

    I think before congress cuts anything from VA benefits they should cut their saleries to equal the pay of a disabled veteran and they should have to rely on the VA healthcare system for their healthcare with no special treatment. they wat in line like everyone else.

  • John

    If We The People voted them in, then we can vote them out. Get on the phones and on the net and flood it with what we all think about what they think we all need and set them straight on what they should be doing to help this country. I did not give 20 plus year in the service to have six know it all’s take it away without a fight, no white flag here!

  • Jim Putnam

    The Politicians Creed
    The meek are not and will not inherit the earth for they are but lambs being led to the slaughter. Don’t forgive them, for they are but ignorant and unable to think for themselves. Yea, as I walk through the Valley of Plenty I will not share with my fellow man and shall not be called upon to answer for my transgressions. For I am the Power and Law before which the lesser must bow and offer obedience. Only I may rule.

    Jim Putnam

  • Gary D

    When the congressmen and senators have to live on the same pay as a 100% disabled veteran then they can talk about cuts to the VA benefits

  • reg

    how about cutting welfare , section 8 , food stamps and put them to work for the county or city if their going to rec. benefits.

  • Arnett

    Isnt it amazing that none of the congressional leaders or members of Congress as a whole, have not served a day in the military yet they never seem to cut their wages or benefits..h arnett, 1SG U.S. Army, (Retired)

  • Kean

    This ain’t poltical. This is just everyday people not giving a damn or knowing a damn about the SACRIFICE of a service member. So, they let the politicians do as they may (or not do) to screw the Vets. If they knew, they’d pay you a heck of a lot more so they didn’t have to do your job!

  • Garyc51

    I wish all of you jerks who bank your high paying positions and would not think of taking a major pay cut yourself s would simply go to hell. You rotten no good for nothing sob bastards. Oh and make sure you continue to sell out to those special interest groups. I mean line you stinking pockets please. I know what is hurting America and it is you people. Professional liars and the like.

  • Shawn


  • R.H. Nicholson

    Let us cut no military retired pay. Do not touch Medicare, Medicaid, Social Security or Education. Do not raise taxes. JUST STOP THROWING MONEY AT THE RICH INDIVIDUALS AND CORPORATIONS. Eliminate the vote buying gifts of Congress to those who do not need it. We need someone to remind the House leaders that the restoration of the tax rates for the rich is not “increasing taxes”. Stop lying about that.

  • tylor

    Why don’t they start the cutting in there own paychecks and congress expense…like 9 new gulfstream jets to fly them around …rigiculous fly commercial like the rest of us u fat cats .. ur nothing but thiefs.. remember the cuts u make when the enemy is on ur doorstep and there is a undersupplied underpaid understaffed and unhappy military who won’t be able to help you

  • annette

    I think all the Senat and Congress shoud be given a gun and go oversea to fight for a year then live on are pay,food stamps and WIC.(may not the food stamps and WIC) good luck

  • Jeef B

    This is a good read , as an Arizona resident and a Veteran my position on John McCain is He needs to be given the boot.He has bought and paid for every election He has won because He outspends His competition by tenfold,I guess times are tough for him one of their six mansions is up for sale if you have 2.5 million laying around you can scoop up this bargain that cost 4.2 million to build.Talk about out of touch with the average American,no wonder these people that are “supposed” to represent us are out of touch.I would only hope that the people that elected that last batch of Republicans to the House point out that cuts should not come at the expense of Veterans and Seniors Social Security that we worked and earned in our lifetimes.As has been expressed here vote them all out! They need to be taught how to relate to whom they represent.

  • swac02

    Count me in! I’m changing my party affiliation to Independent we need to all stand together on this, it’s a shame for there are so many things that can be cut besides military benifits. I guess it’s ok to stay in Iraq and Afghanistan like some people want to do, that cost money! if we are gonna get treated like this I feel for the guys that will come after us, what will be left for them, it’s so ashame.

  • David Giglia

    Simply give all who serve our conntry the same benefits. Even though I do believe most in politics serve only themselves, Iwill give them the benefit ofthe doubt. So they get what any military person gets after 20 years of service. Don’t spend 20 years, You get nothing. The same retired pay. the same health care etc., If they got the same benefits as us, they wouldn’t be trying to take them away.

  • Bill

    Senators destroyed Rome and Senators will destroy America.

  • Shirley powell

    We paid social security we paid military retirement and tricare. Why not cut the things people have not paid anything for( just one) the millions we pay to libya, Aftganastan, etc, people in America who don’t work or join the military , we waste, take that first

  • Need I repear myself? Revolution

  • james

    let’s require our elected officials to pay for health care and retirement as everyone else does. stop them from living on a socialist system while the rest of us struggles on a capitalist system. thinks of the monies(retirement/health) being paid to past and present elected officials who are not paying for it.



  • The Sage

    None of this stuff either party is proposing solves the root cause problem. The US has not had a trade surplus in any year since 1986 and the cumulative trade deficit is now more than $30 trillion. That is over $30 grllion in US wealth either transfered or owed to our trading partners. Major US corporations are hiring, but not in the US. For example, IBM should mean India Business Machines. They do not even show employment by geography in the annual report anymore due to the embarassing US umployment numbers. The way out of the budget issues is to raise taxes on imports frm countries where the US has a cumulative negative trade balance. When there is no economic incentive to offshore jobs US companies will hire in the US. With more people working goivernment expenditures drop and tax reveniues rise. Then the US can afford to keep our value systems intact. It is when there is little food on the table that everyone’s table manners go to hell.

  • Veteran

    I retired after 21 1/2 years. I receive 53.75% of my base pay on that date which is less than 33% of my total military compensation on that date. In the last 14 years my raises have average 1.8 % per year with no raise during the Obama administration. Now they want to cut my retirement. And cut my benefits!!!!! I sacrificed wages and freedom for this country, as a shipboard sailor, I spent 11 years on sea duty and more than 75% of that time away from my family. How many more sacrifices should I make? My total compensation while I was active was less than 60% of my civilian counterparts, I worked for Federal Civil Servants that were paid three times what I was and did not perform duties on their position description. The Pentagon and other federal agencies budgets need to be audited by the GAO for accountability. All Senators and Congressman should reduce the deficit by simply looking hard at the wasteful spending on projects for special interest groups and lobbyists. Another thing they should have never bailed out was the BIG BANKS and Automakers. There have been numerous banks across the US that have had to close their doors. Usually if you can’t make it you file for bankruptcy. Our President, Vice-President, Senators and Congressman should take a hard look at themselves and then have the intestinal fortitude to freeze their pay and increases for 3 years as well as health benefits, and Social Security. I know the representatives that never served in the military do not have a clue to what sacrifices we make or have made for our great country to ensure their freedoms.!

  • Pete Delpome

    gang of six is a bunch of useless commie pigs who never served in the military. They have no balls to cut their pay either.


    In my life time I paid into S.S. 187,000 that money today @ 3% for the 46years I paid in would be worth over 800,000.00 $ I did not let the goverment borrow any money out of my S.S fund . HOW CAN THEY SAY THEY CAN NOT SEND ME A CHECK THIS MO. JUST GIVE ME MY 800.000 AND WE WILL CALL IT EVEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • TheOldSwabbie

    Hate to be bearer of bad news, you guys, but take it from a 70+ year old retiree. The first thing to go, when budgets are cut, are military benefits! Why? Simple…we do not have the voting power to prevent this! The military retiree bunch, regardless to what you hear, is a very small figure and even this figure, all are not solid in support or non-support of any elected official. That is why I have recommended to all who will listen to this old fart is DO NOT MAKE THE MILITARY a career. Join, get the education benefits, then get out after first cruise. Regretfully, when we get older and need benefits…all you can hear from elected officials is “what military can we cut now?” This is the way it is so you have to live with it….

  • Dave

    Yes lets keep it simple, let all Senators and HORs be tied to the same benefits plan as military, so that any new benefits they vote themselves automatically apply to Veterans and any cuts to Veteran benefits automatically apply to them, including the president. Equality for all ranks no more RHIP…..

    Lets see how far this gets. Only way to make change happen is to get us VETs in office NOW!

  • Avien~USMCWife

    Here we go again…Let’s start at the TOP and cut the hard earned benefits of those who have served in war, I mean the Senate/congress. Really, survivor benefits, COLA, retired pay (hey past pres sorry that should start with you! Just sayin~ and I liked the Bush’s) Wow they all want to make a cut, but not at their expense. Means they’d do without the 50,000.00 vehicles and high dollar homes and health benefits…

  • Avien~USMCWife

    Senators without health benefits…how absurd?! Really, worse than retirees that put their lives on the line…Senators going to WALMART for OTC meds…as if…Survivor benefits…are you kidding me? Yeah, because the survivors don’t need compensation they can pick up right where they left off putting their lives back together after their loved ones are killed in action..they dont’ need “as much” now. And the surviving minor children~ well they’ll just have to get over it. Retiree pay…as much as I liked the Bush family, past presidents pay’s have got to go!! Make the cuts at the TOP….cut the education sure, why not, cause then dear Senate, you don’t have to worry about someone oh, educating themselves to take YOUR jobs and make cuts to YOUR benefits and pay…Really, really…there will never be a perfect place to make cuts I am sure…but let’s start at the TOP in high Gov’t and see how happy y’all are! Just sayin~

  • Matt

    If the government keeps up with this, we will have no military. For goodness sakes these men and women go over seas to fight and bring eventual peace to all nations (including OURS). The politicians need to learn how to think before they open their fat mouth.

  • FR Simon

    Aside from reducing the pay and benefits of active vets, retired vets and DC’s elite there is one more category that overlooked.

    That is ‘FOREIGN AID.’ The figure has to be staggering in what is given to foreign politicians all in the name ‘Ally.’ Some, without mentioning names, have more money in the ground than is in the US Treasury. They owe us BIG TIME, after all it’s our tax dollars they have enjoyed. Don’t you think it’s time to ‘PAY BACK’ in currency or crude? Which one of the Terrible Six can dispute what this paragraph mentions?

  • After one 4 year term in office these elected officials receive more benifits than a service member who has served twenty years in the military. The Cut the Vetereans first plan is is always in the forfront of any budget plan. This Gang of 6 or any other Gang who attacks the veterans first should be tared and feathered and ran out of their plush goverment office on a rail.

  • xsoldier

    Time for the politicians to pony up. Let them lead by example.
    Limit their term in office (house/senate combined to 8 years no more than 12).
    If they don’t have tenure (completed the 8 or 12 year term) no pension or benefits (pension and benefits don’t start until the age of 70). Senate receives a salary, 2 to 3 weeks a year vacation time, pays for their own travel starts living the life of the those paying their salary.
    All funds in the congressional retirement plan move to social security participate with the rest of the American people. They can participate in private retirement plans just like we can but at their own expense just like the working class.
    Congressional pay raises are tied to the military/retirement cola adjustments. If military/retirement recipients don’t get an increase neither does congress. Congress no longer vote themselves pay raises. Congress loses their current health care benefits and join the same health care system as the American people.
    Congress must equally abide by all laws they impose on the American People. All contracts with past and present Congressman are void effective immediately. The American people did not make this contract with congress they were self imposed.
    Serving the people is an honor and not a career as our founding fathers envisioned. We have lost our way and the phrase For the People and by the People is no longer carried out.
    Lets get this country back on track, help those that want to get out of poverty and stop supporting those that live off the tax payer.



  • RWDonovan67

    These proposed cuts seem like “shooting fish in a barrel” … way too easy. How about cutting ALL benefits except emergency medical for ALL illegal aliens and stop the mis-application of the 14th Amendment regarding “anchor babies”? Cutting military benefits is just too easy for the spineless senators. Sen “Turbin” has said our soldiers were no better than Nazis camp guards, after all. How could he possibly recommend anything in regard to the well-being of any military member(s)?

  • eniner

    The Veterans of WW1 got their bonus in 1936 by marching on Washington.
    My dad was able to buy a car because of that march.
    As a Veteran of WW2 and Korea I think its about time to act and march.

  • nikkiburgett

    Please do not just comment on this article, contact these bastards and let them know this is BS and will not be tolerated. I found a website for Coburn and sent this:

    Mr. Coburn,
    I was distraught to discover you are part of an effort to force the military to cut 80 billion over the next 10 years from our veterans’ benefits.
    As the wife of a Marine who served two tours in Iraq and having myself served for 4 years as a Family Readiness liaison for his unit; I can assure you this is unacceptable.
    These men and woman have fought for their country, bled and died for their country.
    I agree that the current state of our country requires desperate measures; however, I strongly believe that our Senators, Congressmen and other politicians should voluntarily forfeit their own benefits. Primarily those who have never served in the Armed Forces. If you are not willing to give your life for your country, you should be willing to give anything you can for those who do.
    I ask that you change your stance on this or I will make it my mission to change your status our the Senator for the State of Oklahoma.

  • k h

    you sob they got use in this mess do something about the illegal immigrants they are sending trillion back to Mexico and we are getting penalize for it they should start impeachment remember what happen,to the Romans we need to take or government back they are selling or American we oue so munch to other country’s

  • Sharon

    I am way over the Congress and their power, they have forgotten who they work for!
    If they want to reduce our deficit then here is my suggestion: Pay the benefits including all Military obligations; Social Security; Medicare (all items that are connected to the American Citizens) and if there is anything left then we can send over the left overs for Foreign Aid and the United Nations!
    Term limits should be required along with a Balanced Budget!

  • Randy Fassett

    Guy’s look into House bill # 2055 Senate rider# 564 attached by Sen. Ton Coburn of OKLAHOMA. They are starting to chip away in many areas we have to hold the line for the benefits ( NOT ENTITLEMENT) that they have contracted with us to provide!

  • LDavieau

    The administration seems to be going after everyone’s retirement except their own. They don’t need us retirees anymore, so they plan to cut the benefits we were promised when we enlisted and have since earned. Young recruits don’t think about retirement benefits, or if they do, they believe the benefits won’t be yanked our from under them (kind of like we believed…). For those depending on military retirement and Social Security, good luck. Congress “borrowed” the extra money we paid in beginning with the Reagan administration (and the earnings on the higher FICA), to pay for the “War on Terror”. What was sufficient to have lasted until the boomers are gone was borrowed and spent in the late ’90s and early ’00s and will never be repaid. None of this wil hurt Congress, though, because they only vote benefit increases for themselves.

  • Bob Helmick

    More promises broken. These senators and congressmen make sure that when they need us to fight their wars, promises are made, fully knowing that at the first opportunity they are going to yank the rug from under the retirees, whether it be with COLA or TRICARE for Life. Again we ask? WHEN ARE THE CONGRESSMEN AND SENATORS GOING TO CUT THEIR PAY?? After all they do nothing to earn their pay and entitlements

    • Robert

      That will never happen. You elected career politicians who have never had a real job or been responsible for anything but showing up for dinner. They regard ANY expenditure on anyone but themselves and their corporate buddies/campaign contributors as an entitlement to be cut. It’s up to YOU at the next election and at every primary and election thereafter to never vote for anyone running for a third term in any kind of publicly held office.

  • Squidly

    Remember the “Gang of Six” the next election those of you who live in the states they represent. Vote in a vet.

    The Gang of Six includes:

    Sen­a­tor Mark Warner (D-VA)
    Sen­a­tor Dick Durbin (D-IL)
    Sen­a­tor Kent Con­rad (D-ND)
    Sen­a­tor Tom Coburn (R-OK)
    Sen­a­tor Mike Crapo (R-ID)
    Sen­a­tor Saxby Cham­b­liss (R-GA)

  • rock

    If I did my job like they do theirs, I would have never been able to complete 24 yrs. of service.
    Vote them all out!

  • dchris1918

    Our government and financial institutuons are garnering a great deal of power. I am veteran of Korea, Viet NAm and the Cold War and am married to a stroke surviving spouse. We recently had $12000.00 siezed from our personal checking account with out due process or an adverse action notice. We need to stand up for the freedoms that we currently have and this includes current COLAS and financial freedom.

  • Cindy

    How can you even think about cutting our COLA for retirement pay???? You sit up there and cannot even balance the budget and yet you get paid $186,000.00 or more a year and that doesn’t include all your benefits. Do you even know what it is like to live on $1500.00 a month? Try it and see how you feel when the Government wants to cut your COLA and increase the cost of health care and other daily living consumer products. Do you know what it like to live on $700.00 a month (SSI) and still pay for medicare/medicade?
    This is what our seniors are living on, no wonder they have to choose between eating and buying their medicine. I think all of you are out of touch with the real world and cannot think like a normal everyday citizen of the United States.
    I think they need to stop paying congress, senators and the house or have them fired since they cannot do their job and balance the budget. If it was me I would have been fired a long time ago for not completing my mission.

    Let’s get our government to work together to come up with a plan that is best for the people of the United States, not what is best for the republicans or the democrats.

    • Toga5

      I agree. they are cutting the those that make it easier for us to live in this country and yet we have no say if they give themselves a raise. They tell us to tighten our belts but they are living high on the hog. Is the military paying for their raises by cutting our benefits. I would like to know if any of the gang of six have served in the military.

  • Ronald

    Once again our Government Official are trying to cover up their mistake by taking money from others and not their own as they have done in the past, but at that time they attack the Social Security Fund and withdrawaled a large amount of money to balance the budget, Now they are after the Arm Forces Services and their pay and benefits to make up the loss of the money that they gave to Cooporations in their bail out that went defunct. Our government is a run away spending spree that needs to be reined in and fast. Cut the Branches of The Government as mention in other comments is a wonderful idea and as it has been mention also that their pay should be cut at lease 50% with no pay increase for 10 year and all excess transportation be removed from the White House Fleet to include large Jets that is not needed. Only planes that the White House needs are Air Force One and Air Force Two .

  • alex

    As a current member of the armed forces I think its messed up that when my time is done being served for our country, I wont have any benefits. That’s not right. If they cut anything they should cut their pay, not ours. My friend with a civilian job gets $12/hr, he makes more a month than I do even with housing allowances. So how am I suppose to come back into civilian life and survive on less? Cut from the top

  • Fred

    It’s time to tell the “Band of Six” to take the “Frist Cut” or go home before we take a cut….

  • eniner

    The Veterans of WW1 got their bonus in 1936 by marching on Washington.

  • jones

    Maybe its time for a class revolution if necessary to bear arms once again. This is one thing I vowed sinc3e my three tours in nam., but if necessary I can do it again for my country . SSgt. Jones

  • nikkiburgett

    Please do not just comment on this article, contact these bastards and let them know this is BS and will not be tolerated. I found a website for Coburn and sent this:

    Mr. Coburn,
    I was distraught to discover you are part of an effort to force the military to cut 80 billion over the next 10 years from our veterans’ benefits.
    As the wife of a Marine who served two tours in Iraq and having myself served for 4 years as a Family Readiness liaison for his unit; I can assure you this is unacceptable.
    These men and woman have fought for their country, bled and died for their country.
    I agree that the current state of our country requires desperate measures; however, I strongly believe that our Senators, Congressmen and other politicians should voluntarily forfeit their own benefits. Primarily those who have never served in the Armed Forces. If you are not willing to give your life for your country, you should be willing to give anything you can for those who do.
    I ask that you change your position on this or I will make it my mission to change your position as the Senator for the State of Oklahoma.

    • Raymond


  • Al Comeau

    I sent this to my U.S Senators and Congresswoman:

    I am a 100%, service-connected, disabled Vietnam veteran and survive on only my monthly VA and Social Security disability compensation checks and my wife, who is now retired, receives only her Social Security check.
    Without a more focused and dedicated effort on your part, meaning the collective body of the House and Senate, people like us do not have the opportunity to survive with even a modicum of decent quality of life
    This entire process of attempting to raise the Debt Ceiling and addressing the budget is quite honestly appalling and each of this Nation’s elected officials should be ashamed of themselves for treating the American people with such disdain and lack of consideration and respect.
    As a combat and disabled Army veteran, I would have died in the rice paddies of Vietnam if I had leaders, or rather, so called leaders, such as yourselves in any position of command, let alone directing the operations of such a grand country as the United States of America.
    DO YOUR JOB! Get focused and do right by the American people. We deserve much, much more than BI-PARTISAN squabbling that is akin to an undisciplined group of pre-schoolers.
    You should all be ashamed of yourselves.

  • 21 year vet.

    why is it that the military is the one’s that have to take the cut’s all the time, when we are the ones that put our life on the line so that thay can hold the office that WE put them in??? if some one need’s to have a pay cut its not the military or the ones that serve 20+ years. if you ask me it should be the HOUSE and SENATE. thay should not be aloud to vote them self’s a pay rasie and the US not have a say in it.

  • Edward

    Great comments…all of you! Anyone starting a petition for change?…I will sign it!
    Together; organized; we can make change happen for the better. What is the famous line? United we stand, divided we fall? Serving in the military we stood united…we still need to do this or nothing will change.

  • Fat cat politicians of both parties don’t have the courage to cut their own pay and benefits. When it comes to passing the buck, it don’t stop in Congress or the Senate. The Legacy of both houses going back at least a dozen years is horrible. Back slapping and pissing matches are for kids at the school playground not our great country. Where are America’s leaders? We may have to read our historybooks about how tough chooses are made.

  • I’m so upset with all this, cuting Military Retirement and Benefits.(Tricare)
    my Husband put in 23 years Proudly. And he would serve again in a moments notice. Is that how you take care of your Military,Vets ,Retirerees. You all should be a shamed of your selfs. What is this Country coming to???????????

  • 89thMP

    I took a 10 percent pay cut, for 1 year, and no pay raise for 2 years at my current job. It was needed so that we could make budget and also so that I could stay employed. Personally I don’t care if they reduce COLA by three tenths on one percent and I would even pay a little more each month for the medical benefits I receive if it means that I will continue to receive a check and medical coverage. Most of you are irritated with me at this point for what I wrote. Now, I would do this if the House and Senate also reduce payments and payment increases to all others that now receive a government check. If you want to go after a soldiers’ pay then go after the welfare recipients also. Oh, and while they are at it, they can stop all payments for medical coverage and welfare for illegal immigrants, foriegn aid to any country that harbors terrorists or is connected to terrorist activities, space related missions and also shut down the bloated Department of Energy that was created by Jimmy Carter to reduce our dependance on foriegn oil (can we honestly say that they have done their job).

    • Alinreality

      Well said…call your congressman and senator and tell them how you feel about this. It does make a big difference!

  • Stan K.

    The U.S. Government has forgotten, or do not care, that government is “for the people and by the people”. That being said only the people can bring about the changes this Country desperately needs. Times of crisis call for action! It is time to hold a special election and vote out the self-centered, greedy politicans who hold public office. “One vote can make the difference”.

  • GRB

    Why is it that our elected officials are so quick to cut everyone’s salaries and benes except their own. Come on guys and gals, set an example. Show us that you can walk the walk and not just talk the talk. Lot of people live in this country and the minority are the filthy rich who need to pay taxes like everyone else. work together, and not seek to see which party does it best. It’s not about you, unless you are rich. It’s about the American people. Cuts to the military hurt us as a nation. These men and women are willing to give their lives for this country, how about you MR. and MS. sitting in Washington.

  • CDR Rogers

    I took an oath “To protect our country from all enemies foreign and DOMESTIC”… I think we have Domestic enemies in our congress.. Maybe its time to review what Thomas Jefferson said –

  • tired of the BS

    Voting people out will not work anymore, like a few people said before, a civil war is what is needed now in order to save this country and it’s values. count me in for bearing of arms and retaking what is ours as a people and a nation.

    • Alinreality

      Thus the very reason the globalist regime wants to grab your privately
      owned weapons ASAP. They intend to hire on a bunch of former MPs
      and SF to carry out this mission. Be forewarned!

    • Citizen_Charlie

      Hopefully, it will never come to that. A more likely scenario is that people will give up on Washington (deservedly). This will create a power vacuum, which will allow a strong dictator-type personality to emerge. Shades of Germany in the early 30s.

  • Bill

    EWhats the use of commenting.The politicans are going to set themselves up for lucrative benefits, Health Care, pensions, Medical etc.. The only way to change this is to VOTE them out of office. It will take a few elections to clean out the mess we have there now but we should get started with the next election. I believe we the voters have been sleeping at the switch far too long. Lets turn the switch on and get them out of office.

  • just some thoughts

    I have an idea, how about we start cutting the senate and house’s retirement program. Serve four years and you get full retirement, come on I would go ahead and serve a full 20 years and be happy with 50%. Oh wait that is what we are doing in the military and they want to start cutting our benefits. Let’s start looking in the mirror and find ways to cut spending and not affect our troops defending our country.

  • Michael Madigan

    Those gang of six to include all of hte congress and the proesident cuts your pay and benifits, tax the uppper wealthly of this country stop all special compensation to the big billion dollars companies and tax incentives and stop all tax compensations and loops holes for the wealthly. All this together will add to the treasury of this country, not taking away or reducing my hard earned benifits. I work 34 years as a soldiers reducing my retire pay is a load of crap. Look in your own backyard first. Stop attacking the middle man (ME) and those in the same boat as I am. COngress, Mr President dont take your issuers out on us. Your as a whole jack this country up and place us in the predictment.

  • Amen Brother!!!!

  • John

    Every genius in this country knows how to save money and that is by raping the military again. For all of those who thought all those “thanks for your service” words meant anything, read all of this. This country is ashamed of the military even though we have so often saved their bacon. We have a government in place so that we could AVOID many of the things that our representatives are doing to us. Mutiny is looked down upon by military people but there have been many times when it was necessary. Remove the brilliant fool at the top then all of the scum that fill the houses of congress. Replace them with people less adept at politics and more capable at managing anything at all starting with their own personal affairs.

  • Navyretired

    When are these elected officials going to get their head screwed on right…
    The only reason they have the ability to do the job they are suppose to do is
    because of hte military. Now they wanted to put the screws to the only think
    that is right and above board in this country. Lets clean house and start over.
    That seems to be the only way to get this mess taken care of. The lose nuts
    sure can’t do it…

  • Carlos

    Ted and John you two are idiots, how come you endure the safety that the military have provide you. If you want to cut the budget you should give your pay check to the treasury. Why dont you stand in front of the troops instead of behind them

    • Alinreality

      I have a better Idea Carlos! We can cut the defense budget in half by getting refunds on those recent jet fighters we manufactured only to find out ancient Chinese and soviet jet fighters will outperform. (We are talking billions per copy. How about the billions we are spending on nation building without congressional authorization? How about the trillions previous administrations borrowed from the social security trust fund. How about the 40 million illegal aliens that have 20 million
      plus construction, house builder jobs sewed up? Then these guys sponge of our health care system and send remittances amounting to the billions to their respective home countries to get the rest of their families over here to wreck what is left of our state welfare system.
      Stop feeding those who are employed here and do not belong! Big savings! Stop foreign aid! (are we trying to buy friends while starving our citizens?) Congress votes huge pay raises in secret session and nothing is said. Lobbyists from big corporations and special interest corrupt our leaders to prevent any tax increases. These bribes are
      given to both sides of the isle so corruption is alive and well. Give my check back? S..t! I earned mine…If you are game…go ahead! You are obviously blind to the reality of what is going on. Drink the Obama koolaid!
      The Republican Koolaid is just as bad! Research what is really going on and you may see what these globalists are doing to our country!

  • D.E.Darlow

    All Government employees ,elected officials, and government retirees pay should be put on the table also…………… Oh,I forgot you are not subject to the things you shove down our throat .

  • Rick

    Again I write, asking for our President, Congressmen and women and other representatives to publish what they are giving up in this tough time. We, vets and active members, could have fallen victim to war and other military tradgies. They told us to serve and we will take of you with insurance and pay for the rest of your life. I served, not for the money or the glory, but for what I alwasy through would be the need for insurance. I served with honor, giving lots ot time away from my family. I always felt insurance in my golden years would be available. I served, I answered the call, I retired and now must go and buy some KY jelly for the service I’m about to get. Stop Congress and the Gang of Six until you post exactly what it is from your benefits, pay and such you are giving up. I’ve listened to all the whining about the two sides can’t seem to get together on the debt. Let’s take care of the ones who served, answering the call and poor who need this SSI. We, as citizans and vets, had to earn what we get and it’s time everyone else does. Take care of business at home.
    We answered your call, now live up to your promise.

  • Emma Cantrall

    As a retired teacher and a veterans widow (28 years of service) I have seen my retirement savings deminished, no social security raises and now they want to reduce Tricare. Why is everything being debated a secret? Are they afraid of the public’s response? I have had to cut my expenses and lower my standard of living, I want Congress to do the same and look at some of these programs that have been funded. The only people better under this administration are union members.

  • Mike

    Lets quit talking about change and get out and get the word out to elect responsible representatives. We the People must stand up and band together . If they are so bad why do we keep re-electing them. Our attitudes are that it is not my senator it is all the others. A clean sweep of congress is needed, elect the farmers, businessmen and everyday Joes. Until this is done quit your bitching and do something about them.

  • AL b


  • Warrior07

    Vote for you local TEA Party candidate and purge the Congress of the Zoo Crew, Donkeycrats and RINOs.

  • Bren

    Our representatives ought to be ashamed of themselves for even coming up with such an idea of taking away from the ones who already have a hard go of it. I think Americans are of the same mind that it is about time these so called representatives of the people take a hard cut from their own pay and benefits. Of course that is never brought up in their meetings. We who have served should have the right to what was promised to us. Why is it that congress is always ready to vote to give money to those who are not Americans and who don’t love our country than those who are stewerts of the American way of life. Start looking at supporting the American people and not your own interest!!! Maybe our congress should have to live like so many of us do , below the poverty level to open their eyes and minds, like the slum loards who were forced to live in their own slum housing to get the point.

  • MT234

    It’s not Tricare for the military member that’s costing so much. Military members are required to be healthy in order to get into the military. The huge Tricare cost is caused by the military branches providing Tricare coverage for the whole damn family! There are military members out there who have 8-9 kids. The military branches should put a limit on the number of children that can be covered by Tricare. Maybe that will encourage military members to stop having such a ridiculous number of children.

  • Renee

    They already have taken away my SBP and now they want my VA compensation and Tricare for life? Off with their heads!!!!

  • CJ

    The six-pack should look at cutting within the Dept of Homeland “sham” Security- x-ray machines that don’t have the capability to hit on real dynamite but instead alarm on a soda bottle for example.
    Canine handlers who ask outside law enforcement to take their special needs dog and certify it- just so they can contine collecting 20k a month plus $40k per year in regular pay cause they can’t do it themselves. How about charging tenants rent/security coverage they can’t possible provide- shall I go on? Oh, did I mention recycling recruits back to FLETC at $30,000 a pop for three months at a time just cause they needed eyeglasses…instead of keeping the money at out state training institutions helping our local economy!

  • John

    The situation we are in will not be settled until our elected officials get something in their pockets. Shouldn’t it be time to give themselves another raise during these hard times for retirees just making it now! Watch out! I love all of you who voted for the same Congressman and Senators who have been in there for longer than one term. Go get ’em…..

  • Citizen_Charlie

    It is said that the level of a society can be measured by how it treats animals and veterans. I think the animals are coming out on top in this round…. Gee, thanks, Washington. Does anyone know where a good pitchfork store is?

  • Crocker

    Here’s an idea. How about we reduce FOREIGN spending. You know, like the millions spent on refurbishing foreign mosques or fixing Cairo Egypt’s sewer system under the USAID program. Time we spent the money here at home for once and stop supporting the rest of the world, most of which despise us anyway.

  • julius escobedo;world war 11 vet 92 year old, my wife Yolanda was a vet also. i did not get death benefit for her,it did not bother me .i believe the money should go to the vets ,who are in need, especially the ones injured in the wars. the republicans and democrats are both responsible for the debit. the war now cost 1 billion a month, that sucks,why are we still there? many millionaires say they are patriots never served and do not pay there fair share of taxes. i live on $14,000 dollars a month from s s. they take out $96 a month for medicare my deductible this year was $162. no cost of living for the last two years and etc. what more do they want? God bless you all.

  • D Herman

    It is time to remove these people in Washington. They will not cut their own benefits, nor will they ask for any sacrifice from their big money supporters. They bailed out businesses and let executives walk away with million dollar bonuses after running their companies into the ground. Now they want people who sacrificed for their country to carry the burden. If ever there was proof that those people in office do not care what sacrifice a soldier makes, it is clearly shown by even considering these actions. And our so-called representing organizations are still more interested in planning conventions and collecting dues than make any significant stand against these proposals.

  • Ernest

    What is diffrerence about our country and Cuba, “Nothing”, both countries are controlled by the elite few and the poor continue to get poorer. The mighty “Tea Party” has brought all this washington shit on and should be voted out when their term is up.

  • Tom Wills

    Tom Wills retired Army. We all know these Two Simple Truth’s ( corruption has us by the neck) simple example is ,news of millions of our tax dollars unaccounted for in the Afghanistan . How quick should that be stopped? We all could write a book with other like examples! SECOND Truth ( The current Legislators BOTH Parties that control the decisions, are BROKE)….. Let us give our combined Military attention to the problem at hand….. Suggestion for a fix (only the loudest of signals will heard) we current and ex military must unite behind a movement of our own,,, We must demonstrate our willingness to the rest of the country ,leading by example. (Let us all unite and send our voices to the top), send a signal that CAN NOT GO UNDEARD. Vote every incumbent from office, yes there possibly are a few legislators that are good but in this case for the message to be loud and clear. We must through out the baby with the bath water. Simple but true VOTE THEM OUT OF OFFICE every single one and toss their special interest in the street along with them…..OUR VOTES ,OUR VOICE !!!!!MAKE NO MISTAKE THIS MUST HAPPEN NOW !!! REMEMBER what is at stake here.

  • Robert Stillwell

    Everyone here does realize that all active duty military serving anywhere at this very moment in time are….”government employees”. Try to see the big picture. Realize that the term “government employee” doesn’t just describe the ones you dislike.

  • Baxter

    Seems like a common theme showing up so far in the comments; Congress should feel the same “pain” as the folks they are supposed to be representing. Any reduction in benefits for the military and social security should have percentage deducted from their benefits. Until there are term limits placed on both House & Senate, these career politicians will continue to make policies that are completely out of touch with the needs of ordinary folks. Makes no sense for us to borrow money to fund other governments that don’t particularly like us.

    • Alinreality

      It is too bad, Baxter, that the same guys get reelected by their lemmings
      that get the bennies for voting and the poor tired middle class drive home
      for supper and realize while watching the news, they forgot to vote. Happens
      all the time and all those on the government dole will have the whole day
      to reelect their candidates of choice.

  • shirley

    Wow I agree with you

  • JR Olivier

    Freeze any kind of congressional pay raises for the next 10 years, take away they’re paid vacations, private jets/1st class accomidations, high end health care, put a limit/cap on their extravagent lifestyles, restaurants, and don’t let them keep making the American taxpayer fit the bill for their life style. When it comes to campaigning, put a limit on how much they can spend, make it even tighter. Why should the people that actually make this country run, build this country, and protect this country, pay for their inability to make decisions.



  • John

    The gang of six isa nothing more that a pack of wolves eating at everything except their own entitlements. How much more can “COLA” be cut on the retiree, it has been at “Zero” for the past two years. The “Tea Party” is nothing but a bunch of freshman congressmans searching for ways to make their selves look good. Congress can control everything except our vote, so be prepared to vote them out come election time.

  • Dan too

    GANG OF SIX??? Who are these people? Have they ever spent a day defending this country v/s socializing it and “bullying” those least able to fight back? Will THEY lose their pensions, benifits, “entitlements”. Where did “gang of six” come from? Rather than a gang they sound like wanna-be dictators. If so South America usually has a lot of openings. I spent 28 years and three wars to EARN my pension,what have THEY spent other than taxpayer money? God help us

    • Alinreality

      Nope! We voted for them and we must pay the price for being so stupid!

  • shilrey

    We the people had better stand up for our rights or our freedom is gone, I fear it is in trouble now, My husband spent over 20 years in the military and we only want what he is entitled to. When the Federal Gov. became too large, now it employs about 80% of the work force, we need to take it down to the bare minimum, just like our Federal employees. The I>R>S is also to large it needs to be just a flat tax on every thing and then it would be fair to all, Rich included.

    • Alinreality

      We need a “fair” tax. 20 percent across the board regardless of income
      would balance the budget and retire the national debt in short order. It has been said that the wealthy pays 67-80 percent of taxes collected. But the fact
      remains that the wealthy owns over 95 percent of the nation’s wealth. Tax
      increase on the wealthy to pay their fair share?…You Bet!

  • Del

    Look, I don’t like this COLA cutting BS anymore than anyone else does, and whenever cuts are planned or implemented, it’s always on the backs of the retiree’s who have paid into the system for years. So, when some of the people commenting on this subject recommend contacting their elected representatives about term limits, as well as cutbacks in their wages and benefits, how many of them actually contact their representatives? Talk, talk, talk, but talk is cheap if you don’t do something to put it into action. The current financial debacle going on in Congress is yet another clue as to how messed up our political system has become, and the more these career politicians hang around, the less they accomplish when it comes to compromise and cooperation for the good of the American public. It’s more about re-election, and their own egos than it is about anything else. So, everyone do themselves a favor, and call your representatives, and tell them you’re mad as hell, and you’re fed up. And, you can start by calling that idiot in the White House, then go down from there.

  • M Fowler

    Maybe its time that our Senators and Congressmen are sent to fight in our battles abroad and let our young men stay home and live their lives to an old age.
    Then lets see how many cuts they would make to our military and retirees benefits.


  • AGpoolguy

    How do you stop our government officials from misuse of our tax dollars? Donald Trump said it well with “You’re Fired”. Don’t even give them time to pack their bags. “We the people” have spoken.

  • Frank 36

    Frank 36 I for onewill not vote for any congressmen now running for office. Wwill vote for their opponent, no matter who they are. I never thought that being black would bring thhis kind of response from men and women who ae suppose to be representing us in a sensible manner. I really don’t think being black really should effect our government like this. I’m not black but I do believe that it has a lot to do with the actions of our congressmen.
    I plan on trying to get as many people as I can to follow my vote rebellion>

  • Here’s an idea. How about we reduce FOREIGN spending. You know, like the millions spent on refurbishing foreign mosques or fixing Cairo Egypt’s sewer system under the USAID program. Time we spent the money here at home for once and stop supporting the rest of the world, most of which despises us anyway.

    • My post keeps disappearing for some reason.

    • Alinreality

      Hillary is on tour giving away freebees everywhere! Time to send her home
      and hire her for something else.

  • Joe

    I do believe that the spending needs cut. I am retired military and work for the government as a GS12. I made more in the military over what I make now. These ear marks and freedom to give money away by the politicians is the real problem. I was watching tv one night where they said they were cutting medicare and social security benefits 2billion over a 5 yr period. The next morning I wake up and they just sent 2 billion to some off the wall country. They need to stop targeting government employees and take the checkbook out of their hands. Corupt politicians is the real problem. After being a republican fan the last 10 years, it has changed to a permanent democratic voter. Quit blowing smoke and lets get real about the issues.

  • frank

    There is always a constitutional convention. Now that would have the house and senate worried.

  • Victor Pitts

    I am like so many others on the site, retired Army after 24 1/2 years. My time was on tanks in Tank Bns. or CAV units, from July 1962-1 January 1987. Like many of you I did my time in the cold, mud, dust, ice, snow, just messed up weather, not to mention the many meals we missed and going without showers etc. I’m not saying this for sympathy, for at least I made it through it all and we have brothers and sisters in Arlington and other cemeteries that didn’t. Now at the age of 66 and trying to make it on my retirement and social security with today’s prices etc. I am angry with our so called leaders in office in D.C. and will be until everyone of them is out of office. They need to be expected to do the same as it was for us in the military, “Leaders Lead By Example”, but of course I know 99% of them would fail. I say if they are worthy of their position, then let it be no more than 4 years maximum then go job hunting and no pay from the government until they reach retirement age then go on Social Security like the rest of us. They do not deserve ANY special treatment or privileges. I will stop now for if I go on, there won’t be any room for anyone else to make a comment. Those in the government are in their position for themselves and their rich cronies and no one can prove any different to me. Vic Pitts 1SG U.S.A . RET, Kings Mountain, N.C.

  • Alinreality

    While on active duty as Bn S-3…Had to keep a budget for training ammo and
    mange training schedules and resources. While a NAF manager, had to keep a strict budget and knew not to overspend the soldier’s money. Why can’t congress keep one for their affairs? Instead, they cut the military but did they not forget Marietta Martin, General Dynamics, L3 Communications, and all these huge contractors that really stick it to us? Look into the next AUSA magazine and see who sticks it to us real bad! There are cuts to be made but please leave the troops and personnel alone. We have been cut bad enough already!

  • Kenneth Campbell

    I agree with all of you; I’ve actually been saying the same thing for many, many years. My question is when are we going to do anything about it? This has been going on for God knows how long and we are still just griping about it and nothing is being done. Matter of fact, we vote the same yahoo’s back into office they we complain here about. This reminds me of the definition of insanity. “Doing the same things over and over again but expecting a different outcome”. It doesn’t happen that way.

  • Coyotl7

    You have been listening to too much “Pills” Limbaugh, Herr Beck, Insanity Hannity, “bonhead” Borscht. Please remember that “Darth” Boehner and his republican cronies are also involved in this mess. Hope you don’t have a stroke. Peace.

  • Chris

    NO CUTS TO MILITARY ANYTHING!!!! Cut the BS programs, foreign aid, (especially Somalia), illegal alien BS and all the rest of the BS. Too bad we are not Pro Sport “Stars”, we could shut down the season.

  • BigEd

    There are US Gov’mnt spendings can and needed to be cut and reduced at once: The tens of Billions $s spent to “help” the Big Oil Companies, the tens of Billions $s to the Big Drug Companies, the tens of Billions to help out the
    Big Banks and Financial Companies, and lastly, cut the current and future
    DOD bugets by 10%.

  • E6danny

    The gang of 6 and the rest of congress are great at requiring the military to give up or go without things we need to live and operate on a day by day basis. I like Roger’s suggestions. One thing I would like to make clear. Congressmen and women get hospitalization and health care benefits that far exceed what we as retirees from active duty will ever see. And to top it off, they don’t pay a penny into their health care nor do they pay a cent into Social Security. Now both congress and the president are saying that if the government shuts down on Aug 2, it will mean, among other things, no Social Security payments. I don’t understand how they can do that when it is seperate from the government coffers and they have no LEGAL right to touch it. If there is no money in it, where did it go? Think about that.

    • Alinreality

      I know where it went. Those stink pots called congress and the senate borrowed and forgot to place the IOU in the correct place. Remember Al Gore’s lock box?…yeah right! Don’t expect repayment because there is absolutely no paper trail.

  • HANK

    I didn’t spend all my life in the military to have a bunch of Washington folks make decisions that have an affect on my retired life. How about we cut their salary and reduce their retired pay.?

  • Jim

    It is ironic how the Senators that are listed as the Gang of Six have never served a day of their lives in any form of military service as listed on the website….

    Sen­a­tor Mark Warner (D-VA)
    Sen­a­tor Dick Durbin (D-IL)
    Sen­a­tor Kent Con­rad (D-ND)
    Sen­a­tor Tom Coburn (R-OK)
    Sen­a­tor Mike Crapo (R-ID)
    Sen­a­tor Saxby Cham­b­liss (R-GA)

    No wonder they are so eager to take earned benefits from those that have.

  • Roger

    To heck with governments pay increases and benefits. Just put any—I mean any shuch increases to a public vote. Remember THEY work for US not themselves, thus we, I mean WE THE PUBLIC, should vote to higher or lower there saleries and benefits. If they do not hold up there office as WE see fit, then we can lower their pay and benefits until they do there job right.

  • Ken Wood

    What about National Security? If you trash the military retirement system, those patriots that enlist for their first tour and decide to stay won’t exist: they’ll do their tour and get out, taking advantage of state and federal VA benefits that will get them a job with a better retirement. And the officers? Same thing… this country will suffer a catastrophic brain drain at the top end of it’s military. If cuts have to be made, you’re better off in the long run by cutting size, as opposed to quality of the forces you have.

    • Alinreality

      They have made it real clear that our soldiers are to secure the oil producing countries and Department of homeland security secures the home front by confiscating guns and giving them to the Mexican drug cartels.

    • Ken Wood

      Caveat: I’m not advocating ANY cuts to the military, but only if the cuts have to be made…

  • joe

    i hope someone starts a national campaign to oust every active serving congressperson and re-elect someone new of the people, for the people. Not a millionare. Someone to vote on just what the people of thier state wants. Change the terms in congress to limit like the president.


    It sounds like the gang of six are all rejects from our military…shame on y6u!
    Do you intend for the retirees to go on welfare?

  • It sounds like the gang of six are all rejects from our military…shame on y6u!

  • jrp

    If you want to save and use money wisely,
    – Why not employ those on welfare (some who have never worked a day in their lives) doing trash pickup, road repair, truck stop cleaning, Picking fruit and vegetables on farms and orchards (this has the side benefit of taking jobs away from illegal aliens), etc. before they can collect a welfare check?
    – Why not cut Social Security Benefits and Disabilities from those in prison. Do they really need it. Don’t they get room and board (which is more that a greater % of the populace that have lost their jobs). If they have lost the right to vote they should lose the right to a SS check.
    – Why can criminals in prison get a free education, free medical, free dental, transplants, when I (who is working and retired from the military) cannot afford to put my own child through college? Keep my medical, denta and eye exam payments up (tricare is my secondary and they (congress) want to change that)?

  • Ruby

    apparently “up your sorry leg A ” is not slander!

  • Ruby

    the congress and especially all the republicans are trying to bring this president down and why – because he is black and they cannot stand it! Sorry, I am white and I never thought it would come to something like this, but why are they not voting to raise the debt limit and then tackle the hard things like lower the debt and put everything on the table – even tax increases on the wealthy!

    • Chad

      Dude, where and how did you incorporate race into this? You are an idiot!!!! Race has NOTHING to do with this. It comes strictly down to somewhere somehow, cuts and change MUST come before our economy completely crashes. That is what it comes down to moron, not race. Oh, incase you are wondering, I am retired Army Special Forces and also continuing to have to work as well.

    • Marlayna

      Stupid is not a Race. Put your card down a leave the table.

  • Kean

    I say since the country took too much from veterans like you, now you should take from the country. You deserve every dollar every way they give it to you, fair or unfair – and let’s not call it entitlement…this is the country caring for its warriors it chose to use and abuse. Why do smaller special interests (pick your flavor) get more opportunity than veterans? Look at the unemployment rate for veterans – much higher, but some of the hardest workers out there. Why are the Ivy Leagues stocking up on international students while veterans get passed by and the Ivies take federal funding for research? There needs to be forced opportunity when you leave the service.

  • Dexter iI.james

    EntMy comment to congress as a retired Army Ranger is that they are a disgrace,and doing a disservice to this country and its people.

  • Kean

    Time for veterans to come together on a UNIFIED front (spec ops guys with supply clerks with pilot officers) and demand a DRAFT if all benefits and more are not fulfilled. That is the only way the American public will understand. They viewed your service as a SERVICE similar to wiping your car windshield at the gas station…not necessary and not worth paying for. Only then will you get what you deserve and respect (in other words, a CAREER…who cares about the “thank you” ..that is said to the windshield guy too) from the public and Fortune 500 companies and top universities.

  • Rodrick Webb

    Are you serious!!! As much as the military forces has done for this country from past to present and they have the audacity to threaten the livelihood of veterans and those currently serving in the military!?! Common people, get real and wise up to these so called leaders trying to pull the wool over peoples eyes. I don’t care if they are Democrat or Republican, they need to be held accountable for their actions. I agree with the rest of you, put them on the same level as the rest of us and see if they can survive.

    Current Military Member

  • Kevin

    This is a big mess and cutting benefits to Retirees, Veterans and their families is a travesty. We are the ones who have protected our great country and to take our benefits that we have earned is an act of treason to us. I guess when we were fighting in far off lands to protect our countries freedom and liberties we did not void our commitment mid firefight or deployment. The members who propose this should issued a rifle, be sent to a land far from home for seven months and fight. Once they return take their benefits from them and see how the feel. Let’s not even get into doing it for 20 or more years. What in the United States of America are they thinking?

  • Outraged

    I cannot beleive they are treating our Veterans in this way! The post above hit the nail on the head it is like treason to the Veterans who have sacrificed so much for the U.S. Let’s face it, military members do not get compensated very well for putting their lives at risk everyday. How do put a price on a military member charging a machine gun nest for the defense of the Nation, so that others including the Preseident and Congress will be safe at home snug in their beds. The Veterans deserve every benefit they can be given and they certainly do not deserve to have any beneifts cut. PLEASE SUPPORT THE TROOPS Mr. President and Congress!!!!

  • Jay

    We should just clean out D.C., as Jodie U said, and simplify the whole campain process for Presidancy and such. Like having all documents required to run for office up front with no IOU’s. A COMPLETE back ground check instead of, “Oh there fine, they have money so there can’t be anything wrong with them.” That is where everything goes wrong, “…they have money so let’s keep them.” Then once in office their wages should be affected the same as everyone else in the country. They perform well the first few months, give them a $0.25 to $2.00 raise. (I know it would never happen, but wouldn’t that be ideal?) And how many of these JackWagons served? Do they really have to right to take benefits away from those who have, are, and will be protecting our country? I SAY NO!!! Let’s rise together and get this country back on track.

  • Who the H*** are the Gang of 6, and what do they have to do with Military benefits. Good Grief. Nothing like serving your country for 30 years, and serving in 2 desert wars, then find out that there are congress people wanting to take our benefits away from us! LOOK HERE YOU OLD *****!!!… We deserve every penney of benefits that we are currently geting… and then some! I agree with Joe above… the congress people should be termed and limited, just like the presidents are… maybe that way, we would have some new perspective on how things are run… no one in high dollar positions either. too much money flowing around congress and the white house!!! Oh BTW, here’s a novel idea… to get the so called 80B dollars for the deficit… take up a collection from ALL OF THE CONGRESS STAFF!!!… Bet you’ll have no problem making up at least half of what we need!!!! :)

  • Rob Thomas

    Whenever congress overspends on itself the first place they want to cut is the military. They once tried to do away with 20 year retirement even though they can be retired with medical benies after one term.

  • larry


  • Guest

    When will this outrage end? I believe that each person in the “Gang of Six” should be required to post his past military affiliations so that we veterans will know their qualifications to judge our service and compensation. What qualifies them to decide our benefits? Where were they when we were flying gunships during Viet Nam? Where were they when we were promised compensation and health care for our service? Who are these miscreants?

  • zui

    It looks like the gang of six are from the same tree, they are neighbors and mosttlikely same roots. You don’t see CA, TX,NY,FL,WA, etc represented there. Makes you wonder why those senators, from those states hum! We retirees did our time and many of us continue to serve in other civ gov capacity and very proud of it. Many of us are disabled, injured, scar, and proud of it. Our benefits, retiree pay, disabled pay, tricare for life is not FREE. We paid and earned every bit of it. Tricare for life is not free we pay for this insurance every 3 month. The President and Congress need to look at other wasted programs, excessive lucrative salaries, unnecesary research, etc. Leave the elderlies and veterans alone. We are respected contributing citizens.

  • Sarge

    80 billion could come from the money they give all these community organizations
    who spend it any way they want. Going back and telling an active or retired serviceman he didn’t earn what he has so he has to give it up.Even if I wasn’t or had never served, I would believe this would be the only group I would not touch.
    There are plenty of free loaders out there. Why they always look to the veterans first is behond me. I guess when they are done fighting the war they forget us

  • Ret E-9

    The recently passed proposed budget for the DOD included a 17 Billion increase over the previous year. What the hell for? So they can waste billions more on their play toys, while screwing the retirees. Here are a couple of examples of the waste that has taken place. The Benjamin Isherwood and the Henry Eckford requisitioned by the U.S. Navy in 1985, the two oil-hauling ships, “have never gone on a mission, were never even completed, yet they cost taxpayers at least $300 million.
    Now the “ghost ships” are headed from their dock on the James River in Virginia to a Texas scrap yard to be dismantled. And there’s one more catch–the United States awarded a $10 million contract to dismantle four ships, including the Eckford and the Isherwood, to a UK firm, so no money from the reclamation will return to the United States.
    In addition, U.S. Navy’s Sea Shadow. The stealth ship, which resembles a stealth fighter airplane, cost the U.S. Navy $195 million to build and operate. The ship was “never intended for missions, just testing.”

  • Rob

    Sorry ALCON, but don’t blame the Gang of Six for these cut proposals. If you want a country which brings in such low revenues (lowest taxes in over 50 years) then you will have to take your lumps in massive cuts everywhere. Reasonable people and ALL economists understand well that the budget cannot be balanced without significant revenue adjustments. If these do not occur (and the GOP will never approve, thanks to a promise to Grover Norquist who wants to wash America down a bathtub by 2020 – his own words), then unprecedented MASSIVE cuts will have to occur. Think about it: Our budget is only $2.5 trillion (approx) per year against a $14.5 trillion deficit. Meanwhile, every % of GDP taxes are increased results in over $250 billion extra revenue. Do the math. Unless you gut America, you can forget balanced budgets.

  • Doug

    Shoudn’t there be a recall. If there are defective items on the market, they are recalled. So why not just recall every politician in DC, I mean, aren’t they defective? None of them has done anything that is right for this country, so that makes them defective. Corrective Action: Remove and Replace. By the way, this is a RED X action.

  • Dan Webster

    Its so sad they choose to support people who have never served a day in their lives for their country, even people who never worked a day in their lives! Yet true patriots who have sacrificed years of their lives ( in my case over 50% of it) to the Military. And our patriotic beliefa so these “ingrates” can live off of the taxes that us hard working people pay!
    These politicians obviously need to be given a clue with their walking papers at the next election!
    Ps. I wonder if they get a pay raise???? (Just makes me wonder what is going on with our country any more!)

  • Birdiemaker

    I totally agree. What’s good for the gander better be good for the Goose who’s trying to destroy our society. I’m all in favor of an Ammendment which calls for fair treatment for all. No one should be above the constitution and should be governend alike in all situations. Let’s get that and those who worked their way into Political power can know what they do to the common folk, get’s dont to themselves in every instance. Get er done!

  • Sonny

    Keep on cutting benefits and there won’t be any one to fight the next flare up among foreign countries. Keeo it up and when you go to work there want be any place for you to sit down because your office will not be there, what a blast, and this is what I served my country for a bunch of hipocrits and cowards, send them all to Irag and Afagan on a slow boat to China, only problem is China doesn’t want them either. God Bless our Country.

  • Totally Disgusted!

    For the people by the people my foot!!!!! The Government has grown into an out of control self serving group of cheats and liars. The only interest any of them have is lining their own pockets with as much wealth as possible, before they run this Country to the ground, at the expense of the working class. The whole system is corrupt and as for checks and balances the only ones in place are put there by Congress and the Senate to protect themselves while the American people as a whole suffer. We should remove one and all, as well as demand that they begin thinking of the Nation and its people for awhile. Nothing more than a bunch of legalized federally protected highway bandits. ONE AND ALL!!!!!!

  • Totally Disgusted!

    Our Forefathers are rolling in their graves!!!!!!!

  • Phil

    The Republicans War Cry is that Obama wants to raise taxes, giving the impression that the common citizen would have his taxes raised. Obama wants to make the upper more affluent 1% pay their fair share, that included raising his own taxes. The Republicans want to protect their own income as well as their more affluent donors that donate to their reelection. They do not care about the middle class. Their political posturing is pathetic like saying they want to make Obama a one term president instead of working at a compromise. Its like a kid saying I’m not playing with you anymore. People forget about the other gang of 4, Bush, Cheny, Rumsfeld and Rice that fabricated the War in Iraq and also helped out a lot of big corporations that profited in the War at the same time reducing their taxes. They got us into the present day mess. Social Security fund has been borrowed from so many times to balance budgets that now it is having a problem. It was “robbing peter to pay paul”. I am an independant voter but have never been able to vote for a Republican yet, it would be like voting against myself and my future.We always hear about the stupid projects and waste that goes on with politicians earmarks. A lot of good stuff on this page and I like the idea of voting these guys ouf of office but make sure we get rid of the right ones. We have a lot of mad people out there that are sick of what is going on, lets let our voices and actions heard. I’m 76 and retired Army.

  • Okladandy

    Get ready for the ride of a lifetime when this debt ceiling is not raised because of some hardheaded teabaggers. Don’t look in your account or in the mail for your retirement check, it is being sent to Red China!

  • Rob

    Sorry ALCON, but don’t blame the Gang of Six for these cut proposals. If you want a country which brings in such low revenues (lowest taxes in over 50 years) then you will have to take your lumps in massive cuts everywhere. Reasonable people and ALL economists understand well that the budget cannot be balanced without significant revenue adjustments. If these do not occur (and the GOP will never approve, thanks to a promise to Grover Norquist who wants to wash America down a bathtub by 2020 – his own words), then unprecedented MASSIVE cuts will have to occur. Think about it: Our budget is only $2.5 trillion (approx) per year against a $14.5 trillion deficit. Meanwhile, every % of GDP taxes are increased results in over $250 billion extra revenue. Do the math. Unless you gut America, you can forget balanced budgets.

  • jbmike7

    Obama, Gang of six, Current Senate and Congress members….Stop scaring,
    the Nations Vets, Senior Citizens and Members of the Armed Services and do your job. I WILL NOT vote again for anyone of you. Get it together and act like the Adults you are suspose to be and do your job, then go home. Obama is just a one term President and not a leader.

  • Charlie Reese

    Politicans are the only people in the world who create problems & than campaign against them…Ever wondered, if both the Democratics & Republicans are against deficits, why do we have deficits?
    Ever wondered, if all the politicans are against inflation & high taxes, why do we have inflation & and high taxes. You & I don’t propose a federal budget. The President does. You & I don’t have the Constitunational authority to vote on appropriations, the House of Representatives does. You & I don’t write the tax code Congress does. You & I don’t set fisclal policy, Congress does.
    One hundred senatord, 435 congressmen, one President & nine Supreme Court justices equates to 545 human beings out of the more than 300 million citizens are directly, legally, morally and individually responsible for the domestic problems that plague this country.
    What seperates a politician from a normal human being is an excessive amount of gall. No normal person would have the gall of a Speaker, who stood up & criyicized the President for creating deficits….the President can only propose a budget. The Constitution gives the sole responsibility to the House of Representatives for originating & approving appropriations & taxes. The House members, not the President, can approve any budget they want. If the President vetoes it, they can pass it over his veto, if they agree to.
    When you fully grasp the plain truth that545 people exercise the power of the federal government, than it must follow that what exists is what they want.
    If the tax code is unfair, it’s because they want it unfair.
    If the budget is in the red, it’s because they want it in the red. If the military are in Iraq & Afghanistan it’s because they want them in Iraq & Afghanistan.
    If they do not receive social security but are on an elite retirement plan not available to the people, it’s because they want it that way.
    There are no insoluable government problems.
    Do not let them shift the blame to bureaucrats, whom they hire & whose jobs they can abolish; to lobbyists, whose gifts & advice they can reject; to regulatiors, to whome they gave the power to regulate & from whome they can take this power. Above all, do not let them con you into the belief that there exists disembodied mystical forces like “the economy”, “inflation”, or “politics” that prevent them from doing what they take an oath to do.
    These 545 people, and they alone, are responsible. They and they alone, have the power…..

  • KWK

    As the government goes on…………Will this every end with this REGIME. WE THE PEOPLE NEED TO ACT!!!!. Here our government political idiots sit on THERE HILL not paying for anything and still wanting to take away from that have served and are serving. Where do we move to. WE THE PEOPLE NEED TO TAKE THIS COUNTRY BACK. Get rid of them all and lets start over. They just don’t get it about the them spending to much. If I handled my bank account like they handle the USA I would be in prison. When will this end??????????????????? I have enough

  • Kye Sorenson

    Spent a great deal of my 26 years in the military, try to be of service to my country. Then congress craps on us by taking away our benefits, when they are unwilling to put their own government salaries, benefits, and perks on the table. This is not the government I swore an allegiance to. All we get to keep are those stupid little campaign ribbons and achievement medals toi make us feel good, but will do nothing for the welfare of its military and ex-military members. Most of those guys in congress never served a day in the military, so they have no appreciation of us. It is time to bring the war to their door steps.

  • wolfpac55

    Ok I’ve read 16 pages of blogs, lets get to the nitty gritty of it all. We all know the current situation at hand, we know something has to be done, so nows the time to see, who is willing to take a stand and fight if need be. sign in and lets see if its all talk, or more than that.

    • John K

      Count me in!

  • Dewey.C

    Maybe we should ask China what too do? Washington sold us out too them Right: as for the rich Corporations, they sent all of the jobs over there and anywhere else they could get cheap labor. The big corps. do not have to pay anymore Vacations, Sick Leave, Pensions, Medical, Holidays, ETC. to anymore American Workers all they have too really pay out is the Representatives and congressmen under the table and make sure they keep their jobs in office. We all have too watch our backs for now on because the White House is sharping up their knife too stab us in the back again. If worse comes too worse and they take away benefits then they will be using the the polished bullet too shoot us in our harts. If that threat follows through then they will see real poverty in the US. I have Love and Faith in the US. but not our leaders anymore just their threats alone weaken my faith in their leadership of our Country along with our survival. God Bless America

  • Fat Rat

    Not no but Hell No. Why done we send all of the congress men home for Six week. look all all of the money we could save. Stop the giveaway to all the forien countrys, let them find other way to get free money.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. They need six month to but their heads ob stright.

  • Unknown

    Unknown: hang them for treson and for not standig up for US, thats what U.S. means and stands for.We the pepole My ASS.


    I agree with jery the medic as far as our support of foreign countries are concerned.When your kids are starving you don’t give the food to someone else and let your own suffer.We send alot of support to all these different countries only to put ourselves in a hole.It’s time we fix our own backyard before we fix someone elses.

  • Lou

    This is just too much!!! they are the ones that need pay cut’s and Benifit cuts, along with Term Limits!!!! Not the retires, we don’t get near enough as it is.!!!

  • A L Gould

    The Gang of Six was backed up by our Sec. Of Defence, and the Chief Of Staff of the Armed Forces. It was on their recomendations that the cuts are OK! We are talking about a 4 Star General and the 3rd in line to the President, loosing their affileation/loyalty with the Men & Women the are suppose to represent. Benefits COLA, makes little to no effect in such high paygrades. No time in History has the defenders of any Nation been promised pay, benefits and because the leaders could watch the Treasurery .

  • John

    20 years 100% Disabled VET
    The Contract they made with us can be changed with a stroke of the pen like the promise they made when we vote them in to office and we have seen this for years

    The whole thing is like my old Commander in the INF said to us. MIND OVER MATTER I DO NOT MIND AND YOU DO NOT MATTER!!!

    The Government don’t MIND and the U.S. doesn’t MATTER

    To SAVE a lot of time and energy they need to stop sending the billions to other Countries.

  • Carlos

    This idiots should not be voted for office again. I know I will not vote for them. Maybe when they start cutting their pay checks, benefits, and luxuary expeneses things would get better!
    Sen­a­tor Mark Warner (D-VA)
    Sen­a­tor Dick Durbin (D-IL)
    Sen­a­tor Kent Con­rad (D-ND)
    Sen­a­tor Tom Coburn (R-OK)
    Sen­a­tor Mike Crapo (R-ID)
    Sen­a­tor Saxby Cham­b­liss (R-GA)

  • Bill

    There hasn’t been a COLA increase in retirement pay in two years. How are they going to decrease the amount of the raise? Are they just not going to give us a raise at all?

    The congress needs to get the job done. They need to forget about the Grover Norquest pledge they signed and raise taxes on the wealthy and start to cut spending.

  • E-7 Retired

    I’d bet the Gang of six would think twice if they had to do tour duty or come home from a tour of duty with missing body parts or injurys that put’s there lives into an even deeper unknown.
    Plus to the present state of our government. To the “Gang of Six” I say Do the right thing make your Families Proud of you.

  • ksblanton

    Enter the 28th Amendment:
    “Congress shall make no law that applies to the citizens of the United
    States that does not apply equally to the Senators or Representatives,
    and Congress shall make no law that applies to the Senators or
    Representatives that does not apply equally to the citizens of the
    United States.”

  • ksblanton

    Researching the Gang of Six; all are professional politicians. They flop on issues when it serves their political agenda-reelection. None have served in the military. One “avoided” serving in Viet Nam. One has a son who is a lobbyist. One is anti-military (is that even possible in this country?) One is a doctor. One has a 15-acre farm for tax breaks. These are the reps that are going to determine the fate of our military retirees, past, present and future? I think not!!

  • ally

    Cut the senates pay and their beneifits. Not the militaries whom slave for our country everyday to make sure that the senate has a dang job!

  • Loop

    Why not eliminate all House, Senate, and Politician reitrements? (Past & present)

  • wawas


  • Roman

    I also agree with term limits. They should only get social security and have to find their own insurance for health care.

  • mack

    Get us out of these wars that most of us don’t know why we are there in the first place,and there would be 80 billion available pretty quick.Not that i don.t honor our brave military that are there,but how long should they be there.I wonder how many of our Senate & Reps sons & daughters are there.Our country is in rough shape we have to take care of our homefront first.I am not a anti war guy but come on we had enough.

  • ImJustAvg

    It is time to get rid of the dead weight that is pulling down our country! Vote the politicians out! If they want to cut what we EARNED then they should have to EARN their right to represent us! The Republicans are insisting that the DOD budget be raised and Democrats like Harry Reid from D-NV are opposing it!
    How much would the government earn back from each and every illegal that they deport (and keep out)? The government would save on the cost of building new schools, new prisons and even new hospitals, that would more than make up for the 80Billion they are trying to save from cuts in OUR benefits, but because politicians like Harry Reid and the Scumbag 6 don’t want to deport the illegals, they want the Americans that have EARNED their retirement to pay for the illegals way of life!
    Get rid of the politicians that won’t enforce our immigration laws and pulling our country down!

  • roy cheatwood

    How many people that are in the house and senate have ever been in the arme forces and has even been in any wars and its allways lets take money away from the people that have been there and donethat take away from them because all they are is a number but while we were there doing for are country they were going to schoole on are back and heven forbed thak some of there money away from them. been there done it.

  • Martin Jenkin

    We all can talk about what should be. What has to be is we have to vote independent or third party,not the same old party not the same old politicians with same old promises. The constitution guarentees us this right it alse demands the American public to do it. thank you

  • Joe

    As a retiree and senior my only income is retired pay and SSAN. I think that perhaps any retiree or senior who loses there house, or in my case apartment due to the ineptness of our elected officials on approving a budget or by cutting benefits, we should all go to Washington, D. C. and move into the White House. At least we would have a roof over our heads and after all we the tax payers do own it if I am not mistaken. The Senate building would also house a lot of people. We own it as well.

  • Joe

    Just a note, now I could be wrong on this, really not sure, but I do not think it would be legal to with hold Social Security checks in Aug even if there is not budget agreement. I think Social Security funding is not tied into the budget. If this is true then a crime would be commited by withholding those checks. Please let me know if I am wrong.

  • MB Juarez

    I have been trying to leave a comment on several trys. Our freedom of speech is not allowed here . At least not by me. Our veteran men and women joined their selection of service not only as duty to our country but to earn these benefits. Now they are trying to take that away from them. My husband passed away this January due to lung cancer from herbicide exposer in Vietnam. I get a small fund being his widow. Not nearly enough to make ends meet but it helps. If it wasnt for our veterans and the way we all depend on them for our freedom where would our country be today. There are other wasteful areas they can cut on by not cutting into our benefits that were justly earned and that some of us widows earned our survivor benefits by standing faithfully besides our men while they did what they had to do.

  • Beverly Lipford

    I always wondered when my Survivors Benefits would be terminated. I feel the politicans have betrayed the Veterans and their Spouses. By them trying to take our entitlements, which our spouses died for, is a slap in the face for everything they sacrified for.
    How the politicans can be two faced to the current veterans as well as the older veterans is a disgraced. I hope one day their wives will experience the same ax but then they are already well off so it probably wouldn’t bother them.

  • ken (Guest)

    I’m a 28 yr E-8 100% service connected disabled with Aid & Attend, married no kids at home. I make $138,180.00 per year. I pay no income tax. my state exempts me from advelorem property taxes, that’s worth $6,000.00 per yr. The VA gave me $13,700.00 to help me buy a car. My wife and I get excellent health care from the VA for me and TFL for my wife, and we also have medicare as the first payer. From free parking, no fee car tags, to commissary and PX privileges, we have too many benefits to list. We can afford a cut..

  • Ken (Guest)

    PS to above comment from ken (guest)
    My annual pay of $138,180.00 is all from govt sources..
    VA………… $6800.00 per mo
    CRDP…. $3165.00 ” ”
    SSA……. $1550.00 ” ”
    ____Total $11,515.00 ” ”

    • SGM Pompili

      Ken, You can find a lot of folks who could use a donation, which would probably be better than giving it to the government grist mill….Thank you for your service…with aid and attendance, you must not be doing all that well healthwise…Take care…..

  • John W, TSgt, Ret

    Well, here we go again, People! Some idiot in the Senate or Congress says I need money to fix the Highway in my district so my Banker can get to work; so where can I get it from, oh yeah, take it from the military (they don’t need it, they’re pay to much as it is). I served this country for over thirty years and was injured twice (once in Vietnam and then again during Desert Storm). As is I pay $80 ($40 for me and $40 for my wife) per month for TRICARE – Prime and they are telling me that I don’t pay enough for my health care. Oh, yeah, I also pay my own Disability Comp (20%) from my Military Retirement (it’s call Concurrent Pay) and now they want to low my benefits. I haven’t seen a raise on either for two years and they have given themselves a raise (AIN’T FARE) every year. VOTE THE BUMS OUT OF OFFICE!

  • Dumorat

    they look at every ones benifits to cut the all getout but thiers. why is they control all of it, even theirs. why is that they are not looking out for us . they are looking out for them selves as long as they can excempt them selvs from it. Matbe we should change their pay, all of theirs should be desided by the very same people that they shaft. Of course that would mean that they would home less out on the street like so many that has been put out on the street already. They are not doing their jobs, they are juest there to do what ever they want. Stop and think about the most powerful nation in the world going bankrupt to China. I can not place the blam on any one, cause some way they all had some thing to do with it. And how are the smuks borrow mony from anonther country to run for a office. I guees that I am to dumb to figure this out. I hope that every one gets out and vote all of them out of office, that includs all of the people that get stuff for free. Every one that is old enough to vote them out because i am 64 and retired from the Army. the futher is in their hands and they need to start doing their part now. if not there well be no more freedom.

  • Beverly Lipford

    Senators: My husband served 21 1/2 yrs in the Army. He was a Vietnam Vet. Had a grenade blow up in front of him injuring his back. Later he felt the effects of Agent Orange. He died in 03. He was a commander of DAV Chapters always took pride in helping his fellow vets. He would be disgusted if he knew what you so called Americans (The Gang of Six) are doing to the military. He believed deeply in his country. I’m not so sure he would feel the same today.

    Did you ever think or care what the survivors of deceased veterans have to go through day after day year after year without their husbands. Never mind wondering each month if this would be the last pay. I work for the Dept of Corrections, not old enough for retirement. By you stripping me of my entitlements you cut half my income.

    So I want to thank you for your concern as you take an ax to entitlements our husbands had to die for.

  • rspdude

    I believe it is about time the gang of six show a little leadership and apply the same proposed restrictions to their own perks. I can guarantee you that when you begin taking away from what little the vets and disable have earned you will see how fast this nation can fall apart. You want a professional military to maintain our strength in this nation then you had better stand by your promises to them. If you lose the allegiance of our military and depend on what most civilians believe is the reason they make it a career you have become a fool and are taking the first step to flush us down the proverbial toilet. I have seen the arrogance of those politicians who think they got in because they are more intelligent than the rest of us. Well they can learn real fast how the voting public can kick them out when they start leading down stupid lane like these are.

  • Dawn

    Politicians make the same money for life once they’re in office. It’s a ridiculous amount of money for no more than they work most of the year. They make more in one year than the average person makes in 3 years. They get health care for life when most of us have to depend on the VA or nothing. They need to cut their salaries at least in half. They need to try to live more like us. I don’t own anything except the vehicle I drive & it’s 9 years old & I have no desire to get rid of it. I wouldn’t be able to afford a new car/truck/suv.

    • ImJustAvg

      I totally agree! If we took away the ability of congress to vote themselves raises and give themselves “golden parachutes” and took away their retirement package and put them under SS then they would fix what is wrong with SS and medicare.
      Why are they not paid by the state since they are the state representatives? If their pay raises and benefits were regulated by each individual state then they would represent the state and not their individual interests!

  • Bill Yeary

    Look lets face it the goverment knows most americans dont vote so they dont care what you say. The only way to stop them is vote or let them do what they want .Instead of cutting our military lets cut aid to all these countries who we give our lives for.

  • SkepticalOtto

    Certainly. Now they are finding some foreign aid money is filtered to Al Qaeda. then too it is important to cut veterans so more money can be given to the mid east countries so they an destroy America

  • robert a tilka

    I thing its a dam shame to cut any benefits for the men and women who put their lives for the selfish politications who sit in washinfton d.c. most who never served in the armed forces. They have thir own healyh care wheres the cut for this plus million dollar gyms for$20.00 a monthh have so many perks that the tax payers have to pay for these dishonest politicians. I:ashemed to have such people who only care about getting reelected and all are overpayed and where is the freedom in this country when they set the limits of of how much pay and allowances .shame on all the leaders we have in washington

  • Dan

    Cut the Polititions pay first and make them pay for their medical and pay into socialsecurity loke the rest of us … We don’t need any great minds to run this country most of our ancestors that were politions didn’t hAVE A hARVARD DEGREE JUST COMON SENCE..

  • Dan


  • Bert

    Great comments. I spent 35yrs and 1 day in the service of this country (ARMY)_and have seen our military benefits eroded everyday. This is only the begining we need term limits, we need to change our elected officials attitudes at the voting booths ,They can not agree to disagreethey can;t or won;t play togather, we can only accomplish they removal by working together and combine our votes. Let’s create changfe that works…..Bert

  • charlie

    Sorry friends, but the country is on the downhill path and our leaders are accelerating the fall. We can only hope that we the people can hold it up.

  • RWRoosa

    Well I know where they can start. With their own GD benefits. Have our elected officials performed in a way that you feel [they] deserve to keep their benefits. Did you know that many if not all of our wonderful “elected” officials are $$ Millionaires $$? Why the hell do they need free medical and dental for life. For doing such a bang up job for the people who elected them into office??? Really???

  • rspdude

    I can tell you this. Any congressman that votes to take away military salaries or the incomes of disabled vets will face a GOD AWFUL CAMPAIGN to get them out of office and in today’s world jobless. they do not deserve what they have if they can ask our military to go out and fight the battles they have for 10 years now and then turn around and expect to take it back because they feel safe now. I will commit every dollar I have and every grandstand I can get on to boot them out if this happens.

  • Charles retire MSG

    HHow come we who have srvered and now are retired are the one who have to give up all. But when we were in the military we weree the best I think that the people on the hill need to put up becacuse most of them have never been in the militaryn so they don’t know what they are talking about HEnter text right here!

  • Lana

    I hear a lot of SHOULDA, COULDA, WOULDA…..and a GREAT OUTLINE from Roger klingbeil. But I ask: HOW DO WE GET THE CUTS, the terms in office changed, etc. into effect???? I understand the “Let’s vote them Out”, but the rules dont change with new incumbents. Someone clarify so I can do my part.

  • Linda

    Congress and the President are so wrapped up on each of the sides “winning” that they have forgotten the everyday working people, the military out in God only knows what dangers, the disabled and seniors worrying about where they will get their next meal and medical help they need; ALL of which is a very large part of what this country is made up of. Washington isn’t concerned about what we say, and they know that “we the people” will grumble but never band together to overturn this mess created by our so called representatives on captiol hill. The only way that they will start listening to the real people of this country is if we all organize and band together to be heard all the way across the country! A continuous stream of letters, phone calls, emails, etc, letting each and everyone of our senators, representatives, and the president know that we are tired of the childish behavior being seen on our capitol…so called grown adults playing games with our lives & the lives of people all over the world. It’s time for them to grow up!

  • finallyFEDup

    Notice NONE of them on their official bios say they served in the military. Its SHAMEFUL how much we are targeted these days. If I’m not going to get my benefits, whats the point of staying in when I KNOW I will be paid more on the civilian side? Not to mention so many military components don’t have the funds to replace vital systems! You really want to live in an unsafe country due to a degraded military? By all means…. all your Support the Troops banners on your senate site is a big fat JOKE with the messages we’ve received!

  • ricardo rodriguez

    We vote for all of congress not any gang thereof , why pay congress for not doing there job. The gang should not have any legality in what they work or try to dictate to the nation. That is why we have a congress like it or not. If we give power to a small group of polititians like them why would we need a congress. Lets go back to basics and make them accountable for all they do or dont do. If they dont work for the people who elected them they can go home.

  • Butch

    Thank all of you VETS for your Service to our Country !! (to bad our fearless leader had no committment !!) – As much as We have given up, done without as far as increases, plus the fact that we have to Beg, fanigle, and jump through hoops to get what we deservingly have coming to us, we should have to give up NOTHING !! You AGENT ORANGE vets sould be getting 100% VA disability for as long as you live (what an otrosity). As far as the debt problem goes, solved over-night, Don’t raise the Social Security contribution cap, REMOVE IT (that only affects less than 7% of the contributors) let the fat cats pay on every thing they make. That way they are paying the same contribution rate that WE ARE !!

  • Well guys and gals welcome to the world of promises from Congress all we can do is warn our brave men and women today who proudly wear the uniform, that you can’t rely on the political class to hornor thier promises.

  • hold US accountable

    Something can be done right now. I think we can do more than just vote them out (which may just delay the solution longer); right now we should demand that their extra special retirement and health benefits be taken away from them and put into the military’s retirement and health plans. This would make them think.

    We need to all write letters to our representatives demanding that they comply. Then, if they do not, we can vote them out. That is just the start in my opinion, but I think it is the most reasonable one.

    If you agree, please e-mail: and let’s all get on the same page. If we got enough of us together that are willing to make it be known, we could open some eyes. Not only can we write letters to our representatives, we can also start a common proposal. It is time to do something, Let’s do it now!


    p.s. This isn’t some scam or BS like that, and I (we) will prove it.

  • d willson

    this proposal by the gang of six is insane. vote them out of office is our only recourse.

    • james mccaughan

      the bipartisan Gang of Six is telling the Senate Armed Services Committee to make cuts

      plan proposed requires a reduction in retiree COLA
      The list of so-called entitlements that face cuts includes, all forms of retired pay, survivor benefits, Montgomery GI Bill for Selective Reserve, and TRICARE for Life for older military retirees.

      The Gang of Six includes:
      Senator Mark Warner (D-VA)
      Senator Dick Durbin (D-IL)
      Senator Kent Conrad (D-ND)
      Senator Tom Coburn (R-OK)
      Senator Mike Crapo (R-ID)
      Senator Saxby Chambliss (R-GA)

      Our service men/women gave (and will continue to) their lives and suffered horrible physical /mental injuries while their families suffered extreme hardships ——for us.

      Now the government (most of whom never served) plan to cut military retirement benefits. Now you can do something for the services and stop this abomination!

      1. forward this letter to all email addresses you have

      2. ask them to do likewise— so it rolls across country

      3. send message to your congress that if they let this happen you will vote them out–after 4 years they get full retirement , etc.

      list at link below
      email/phone congress

      more info

  • james mccaughan

    the bipartisan Gang of Six is telling the Senate Armed Services Committee to make cuts

    plan proposed requires a reduction in retiree COLA
    The list of so-called entitlements that face cuts includes, all forms of retired pay, survivor benefits, Montgomery GI Bill for Selective Reserve, and TRICARE for Life for older military retirees.

    The Gang of Six includes:
    Senator Mark Warner (D-VA)
    Senator Dick Durbin (D-IL)
    Senator Kent Conrad (D-ND)
    Senator Tom Coburn (R-OK)
    Senator Mike Crapo (R-ID)
    Senator Saxby Chambliss (R-GA)

    Our service men/women gave (and will continue to) their lives and suffered horrible physical /mental injuries while their families suffered extreme hardships ——for us.

    Now the government (most of whom never served) plan to cut military retirement benefits. Now you can do something for the services and stop this abomination!

    1. forward this letter to all email addresses you have

    2. ask them to do likewise— so it rolls across country

    3. send message to your congress that if they let this happen you will vote them out–after 4 years they get full retirement , etc.

    list at link below
    email/phone congress

    more info

  • Mac

    Lets give the gang of 6 the boot. They forgot they work for the American people not for special interest.

  • Mac

    Forget if you are White or Black if you are Dem or Rep lets get men and women in Congress that will put the interest of the country first.

    Lets get a law passed that no item of special interest cannot be put on a bill up for vote. using the Defense Bill that no items that have nothing to do with the Military can be added to the bill. the same with any other Bill

  • LetsLobRob

    I dunno…but if you’re blown up…Take it like a man…or woman,(God forbid).