2012 Defense Act – Pay Increase, Changes to Special Pay and TRICARE

The Senate Armed Services Committee has completed their mark-up of the National Defense Authorization Act of 2012 (HR 1540). The committee approved the marked-up bill unanimously on Thursday, June 16, 2011. It now goes to the full Senate for consideration. The bill includes a 1.6 percent pay increase for all servicemembers, a change in special pay policy and increased TRICARE Prime enrollment fees for military retirees.

The following is a list of the elements that will impact military pay and benefits:

Let your elected officials know how you feel about the 2012 NDAA.

About the Author

Terry Howell
Before becoming the Managing Editor for Military.com, Terry served 20 years in the U.S. Coast Guard as an Aviation Electrician’s Mate and aircrewman. In his final role in the Coast Guard, Terry served as a Career Development Advisor, where he provided career, finance, education, and benefits counseling to servicemembers and their families. Since retiring from the Coast Guard, Terry has authored the book, The Military Advantage, managed the content for TurboTap, the DoD's online transition program and VAforVets, the VA's transition assistance website. Terry earned both his Bachelor's and MBA at Corban University using Military Tuition Assistance and his GI Bill benefits to help cover the cost.
  • Larry

    What happens when they decide to freeze our COLA again? Do they freeze our TRICARE costs too? (doubt it….they will be allowed to continue to rise). The hits just keep on coming.

    • JIMV

      The Government lied like a rug to me for 20 years about my ‘free healthcare for life’. Why does anyone think they will keep their word now.

      • Dmadbass

        What congress gives…It can also take away….

      • Bruce

        Well do not reelect these FINE Members of Congress and the Senate. Only those that served understand that this is a benefit rather than Health care that we buy from work.

        • Gary

          The true way to send the message is not to re-elect any of the current elite members of either the Congress or the Senate. Kick them all out and send in a brand new bunch every election. Then they’ll get the message. Until us the citizens of this country take back our own government we will be puppets. Stand up, elect new every election and see how much it changes and if it doesn’t, it’s the people’s right to start over.

      • topkick

        And so it is for so many of us.

      • jd1t

        I still get free healthcare — same as the day I got out.

    • Wandamurline

      It would be really nice if they would decrease their benefits and pay more for their insurance…but alas, the military both current and past always get the screws. What about reducing medicaid and making illegals pay for their free health care, since it is evident that they are not going to deport them. Go Green in 2012, recycle Congress.

    • Kilgo

      That’s what it sounds like to me. Not that it makes a world of difference but I’m sure they will find a way to continue the screwing.

    • Bruce

      Remember most of the Senatators and Reps of the House HAVE NEVER Served in the Military and Think it is not an earned Benefit just regular Health Care.

    • 29 year vet

      By the law, as currently written, if COLA does not increase the TRICARE fee cannot increase. Of course, this makes clear that the law can always be changed; however, the Pentagon can’t raise the rate more than COLA increase – so no COLA increase, no TRICARE fee increase.

      • dontfgothere

        oh i’m SURE they will somehow find a way around THAT little bit of inconvenience.

    • dustin

      the Sen­ate mark-up lim­its future annual increases of the fee to the amount equal to the per­cent­age increase in retired pay (COLA) …

    • Jerry

      At least you are working while millions are not so quit your bitching!!!

      • Chief

        Jerry you are a jack@ss. You shouldn’t even be commenting on here.

    • Eric

      Larry, you get to read the whole bill online. Check it out for yourself before you make silly statements. If this is passed as it is currently written, an increase can not be made if there is no COLA increase. That does not mean it will stay that way as the bill continues on. Bottom line, we pay $460 a year for exceptional coverage compared to private sector (I have had both to deal with). This kind of coverage costs more than $10,000 a year when purchased privately. As a disabled vet i hate that we have to pay more but it is not realistic to think we as a country can afford this kind of cost. These very modest increases are fare. Keep in mind, disabled vets over 60% service connected rating get free health care at the VA and that is not going away.

      • jd1t

        Well said !

        good job

    • M. P. Stover USA Ret

      Most likely we get to pay more and they get to put what we pay into their own pockets. Our crooks in our government needs to be gotten rid of and fast. Why is it that the military are the ones who have to pay. Fight and a lot get killed to keep this sorry government free so they can add more money to their bank account. It is a sorry president and government that even wants us to pay their bills now. They should all be takeing out and sent to Chinia where they belonmg.. Thank all of us for our service, Even with this sorry government we have this is still the greatest country in the world and we still neeed to take care of it or we end up loosing to some small country that hate Americans.

    • dontfgothere

      oh please, when have they EVER stopped charging us MORE for something when they denied a pay raise?

    • dennis

      remember the dems in most part are really socialist. Dont believe go see who went to the 2010 socialist party meeting in europe see who names are there.They dont care about the military they want us all be one big socialist world.

    • WildcatBoats

      The Ones that are in now and to retire soon better watch this closely the Politions will take it from them as well. ENJOY WHILE YOU HAVE THE CHANCE! Your nothing when you leave! You future Veterans soon to leave need to join the VFW and or the American Legion so you will have a voice in these matters! All I can say is Stand Back and watch what you will have to deal with! They are already taking from you and you have not even Left the Service YET!!!!! God Bless

  • Ken

    Either way we are screwed. They aren’t listening to anything we say. Just remember the jerks at election time.

    • 0369MSgt

      You don’t sound like you have served a day in the military. If you have then you would know to expect the unexpected. If you have actuve military time under your belt, lease except my attitude adjustment.

      I can stand wanna be mikitary people on this blog who don’t know Jack!

    • abby

      they don’t care — they have premium health care and benefits at taxpayers’ expense…

    • Rick

      that’s the problem…….the public just keeps voting the same jerks right back into office. I have decided to not vote for any incumbent that is running beyond a second term, no matter who they are. Also, we need a constitutional ammendment that takes away retirement for Senators and Representatives, especially when they have only served 4 or 8 years in office. We have left the government get too powerful and totally out of control.

      • usmce9ret

        Don’t forget, we the retirees and former servicement and women keep on voting the same way. Somehow or another most of the mlitary votes on the Republican Ticket, that is why they do not give a damn about us.

      • Bareknuckles

        I understand the theory, RIck, but I was in the Navy under Reagan, H.W., Clinton, W and now Obama. Everytime the GOP gets into power the military grows or at the very least gets recognized and rewarded, everytime the Dem’s are in power the military gets gutted and used as a social experiment. (by in power, I mean they have the majority in the legislative branch and the exec branch) That’s history my friend, and the future doesn’t look any different. The Dem’s are getting worse and the GOP is facing a critical monitary crisis, meaning they won’t be any help either; perhaps the line can be held. In the end, we’re all going to have to feel the pain. I can go off on a tirade about this and that but the fact is we as a nation will have to all feel the pain of the irresponsible Keynsian spending of this administration.

    • Jim

      Your right Ken, Ever since Obama has been President he’s been screwing over the Active and retired Military. We should expect anything positive from him. Hope he’s VOTED OUT in 2012.

    • John

      I think we need to recruit some good retired NCO’s to run against all fo these guys and get them out of there.

    • dontfgothere

      yep, more than likely IF – and that’s a BIG IF – our retiree pay goes up taxes and tricare fees will go up even more. remember the tax “cut”? my taxes went UP.

    • Ed Wright

      Hi Ken.
      I agree with you. I wil tell you my sayen: Do Not Relect Anybody ; TO ANYTHING: Not even the dam Dog Catcher!

  • Renee Lambiris

    Good Lord, I am so sick of our president…..he has no clue how many things each and every service member and retiree has given up, missed out on and sacrificed………and he just keeps screwing us! Is it 2012 yet??

    • J.R Wilson

      It not the President, its the congress.

      • H. Rod

        Yeah, but ignorant people find it easier to blame a public figure.

      • 29 year vet

        Correct. But the administration’s proposal was worse. They wanted to tie the TRICARE incrase to medical inflation which is double the COLA increases (on average). Congress actually made what the President and his administration wanted a bit LESS onerous.

        • Chief

          There hasn’t been any COLA increases in retired military pay for the last three years.

    • lvnwrth

      What kind of an idiot are you? This is Senate mark-up.

    • Mike

      It was all those Republicans you just voted into office in November 2010 that did this, including those radical tea baggers who believe that all military personnel are making BIG money and getting too many perks.

      • Carl


    • C.F. Ploetz

      Your President has nothing to do with this.

    • Tina M Tompkins

      It is not the President alone that has agreed to this I am sure, it is the Pentagon itself
      . I am sure that has a hand in this and probably the republicans also, they want to save money no matter who it hurts.

      • rascals veda

        “no matter who it hurts” I don’t know. Seems like they’re only targeting people they don’t golf and drink with. Haven’t heard a word on how the Pentagon is going to save money by building the F135 (search “one trillion dollar fighter program”).

      • semilogical

        The Resident has done many things with an executive order that seems to bypass anything the people want, regardless of whether their representatives are doing their job or if the Senate is doing their job.

        The Resident can’t make law but he can issue executive orders that circumvent the process.

        • Ceceilia Robinson

          I think you are referring to the GWB Presidential term. Executive order by way of VP D. Cheney. How can anyone believe this load of crap. Congress has done nothing for two years , but stonewall this administration.

    • Vet JM

      Not just this president, but all those in the last 25+ years.

    • ted

      Are you a complete idiot!! If i’m not mistaken, the article stated that the SENATE passes this bill!!!

      • Ed23

        No the Senate committee passed it … which means it has to now go before the who senate to vote in or out … you still have time to tell your senator to vote this down and make up lost pay for the last 2 years

    • Karon Martin

      The President gets blamed for everything. He is the final authority. Blame your elected official who agrees with the recommendations.

      • Ed23

        The president makes the final decision by signing things into law. I he doesn’t sign they don’t become law … it’s right to blame the president who should be the last line of defense against the congress when we get a measly 1.6% raise over a 3 year period.

    • Mel – 21 yr USAF

      Renee~ Could agree more; How can anyone who has not spent one day in the active duty military become the Commander in Chief? Should be in the Constitution.
      Well, at least he’s lap dog Gates is out.

      • retiredchief

        His ‘LAP DOG GATES” must have been the lap dog of the last commander and chief, who if I am not mistaken joined the National Guard to avoid any time in combat. Gates was the replacement for Rumsfelt, who was the DOD Sec for G.W. BUSH!!!

    • Frank

      The previous president opposed the new GI Bill. Were you as sick of him? Remember, it was the Republicans who caused the economic mess we’re in now and who continue to advocate welfare for the rich and tax breaks for big corporations. Blaming Obama for taking actions, however ill-founded they may be, is missing the point. In 2000, the US had a budget surplus of $239 billion. Let’s return to that status, and cuts to our benefits won’t seem necessary.

      • PO(ed)2

        How exactly did “Republicans” cause the economic “mess” we’re in now? You’re pretty naive if you think a single party is to blame.

      • Andrew J. Guill

        Yes frank, the last two years the congress in both houses was under the democr?ps in the Bush last two years. An the mess started in 2008 and 2009 under the demos. frank do you remember who had the congress in both houses in clinton administration for the last six years of his term. It was those bad,bad Republicans they were the ones that created that clinton budget surplus. you forgot how kennedy and some of your demos hated clinton because he move to the middle and help pass the welfare reform,gaf and the trade agreement with latin america plus the contract with America.

    • Top G

      Does anybody pay attention to anything that goes on? The president doesn’t vote on any of this, the congress or should I say the lobbyist do, vote out the career lobbyist and the problems will change, it doesn’t matter who is the President.

    • MDM

      It isn’t the Presicent you idiots, its you republican congress

      • vetwife

        God, I wish some of you could learn to spell correctly before entering your comments.

        • ncgardener

          Yeah, but they wouldn’t be as funny if they were literate!

      • 29 year vet

        This is the Senate markup. Last time I checked the Democrats were still in charge in the Senate and the committee vote was unanimous so you have to blame both sides.

      • PBerry, TSgt, USAF (Ret)

        The Senate is DEMOCRAT ruled (by majority)!
        The House of Representatives proposes Bills, that are sent to the Senate to RATIFY.
        The President can sign, or VETO!

        It is the DEMOCRAT SENATE who are always out to screw the military!

    • juan

      to quick to blame the Pres, start with the other elected officials that come up with this stuff. I know its easier to blame one person. This country is ran by more than just one person, lets not loose sight of that. We are not a monarchy of a totalitarian goverment.

    • Floyd

      You remind me of all those “white girls” who kill their children and want to put the blame the “black guy.”:

      • kblackne

        Oh good Lord! What a Jack@$$. Join the rest of the country as an American instead of the “Race Man” you obviously are!

    • Shae

      I believe that Congress did this, not the President.

    • Wandamurline

      Unfortunately, he is keenly aware of what we do…he is trying to transform America before we can kick him out in 2012. Looking for something to happen so we can’t have an election in 2012….his organizations have been keenly involved in the uprisings in the middle east, and he bombed Libya against the Constitution and knew he did not have the authority without congressional approval when he did it…but he believes that no one will do anything about it and so far he is right.

      • Gmonney

        I hope you were not in the military because you didn’t learn a thing. What a pity, I feel sorry for you.

      • PO(ed)2

        Exactly what authority does the President need to bomb Libya? He’s the Commander in Chief. Unless he’s trying to declare war, an act that only Congress can do, he has provisional power to engage in “minor” conflicts.

      • D Tucker

        Did Mr Bush have approval when he sent our troops into war.Hell no,even after he was told that there were on weapons of mass destruction in Iraq

        • Ed23

          hey commie … Bush retaliated against a direct attack in the United States and YES HE DID HAVE FULL CONGRESSIONAL APPROVAL FOR ACTING!!!

        • nikki

          i agree and you see where Ben was not in Iraq

      • Mac

        Really, seriously did you say that, man a class in political history would go a long way with this crew!

    • Eileen

      This isn’t the President; it’s the Congress. The President has nothing to do with appropriations. He can propose a budget, but it does not have to be followed. Congress votes on it. Then he can sign it or veto it. Please place your anger and frustration on your members of Congress who actually VOTE on it. I know I will.

      I wish people in this country would learn something about civics.

      • Ed23

        Then here is a civics lesson for you .. there is a difference between congress and a senate committee

    • retiredchief

      Stop with the backlash on the president. The house is controlled by Republicans and the Senate by Democrats (by only two votes I believe) It is the house that is driving the cuts in our benifits, REMEMBER HOW AND WHY THEY WERE ELECTED, AND WHO ELECTED THEM!!! It was to balance the budget, and they did not care who caused the problem, but they the NEWLY ELECTED REPUBLICAN CONGRESS was going to fix it. And as far as they are concerned, there is no one, who is exempt from the cuts, and that includes us, Active, Reserve, and Retired. What do you think is going to happen if Rep. Paul Ryan, WI gets his way and does away with medicare in 2022, what do you think will happen to TRICARE? And at last count, all of the Republican Congressmen/women were for it. THINK ABOUT IT AND ACT!!!

    • Charles Harris


    • danny

      It’s the Senate you jerk, not the President!

    • Elmer

      It appears this was done by the Senate Committee (both Rep & Dem) not the President. Is the President a member of the Senate? Blame the right people don’t just go after the President.

    • Gmonney

      It’s not the President, he really don’t have much power as you can see the Tea Partiers and Republicans have taken over. I would stronlgly advise you to stop watching fox so call news. You’re getting bad info, God gave you a brain, make sure you’re using it

      • 20yr AF Vet

        Great answer Gmonney!!!

      • PO(ed)2

        You’re an idiot. The president is the most powerful man in the United States. He alone has the power to sign a bill into affect. Sure, a 2/3’s vote can overturn a veto, but good luck getting one very often. Also, he can just let the bill expire on his desk (a pocket veto) without ever having to actually veto it. The power of the executive branch under the president is enormous. I can’t stand it when political “know it all’s” claim the presidency is just a puppet position. Take your own advice hypocrite, use your brain.

    • JJP757

      This is the Senate dear. Not the President.

    • beenthere

      Well, boys and girls, Guess what! Where do you suppose the money for your raises and medical bills is coming from? Why don’t you write to all those great senators who voted for these pay policy changes and increased
      tricare fees. How about a few letters to the no tax increase GOPer’s who want to screw you but abolish corporate taxes and give multimillion/billionaires tax cuts. Read the article, it states unaminious committee approval. It is your tax cut buddies taking care of you.

      • Ed23

        Man, you must have come up short on brains … THIS YEAR with the GOPers controlling one part of Congress you’re getting a COLA raise, the previous 2 years when the GOPers were NOT IN CONTROL and the Dem-whits were in charge of THE CONGRESS & THE WHITE HOUSE … you GOT NO RAISE!!! Wake up and get your head out of you a$$.

        • Annie

          I am a former military officer’s wife and was married for 35 years.
          I agree with you, Ed. Having both hips totally replaced and needing fusion back surgery, I am unable to work. I count on a raise of Military Retirement Pay and Social Security. The last two years we did not see a raise or even a cost of living raise, as prices were going up. I bet we don’t see a raise for nother three years or so. In the meantime, I may lose my home because of lack of funds.

          • retiree

            For all those complaining about no COLA raise and blaming the President/Congress/whoever – learn some facts. COLA is governed by law, not voted each year. The COLA law dates to 1975 – so the current President/Congress has nothing to do with it. The reason for no COLA the last 2 years is the massive cost of energy in 2008, which peaked in Sep, when the COLA is measured. COLA will resume when CPI-W exceeds on a 30 Sep the level it was at on 30 Sep 2008.

            BTW – this is the same calculation that gave a 5.8% increase in 2009, while the economy tanked and everyone else was not only not getting raises, but losing their jobs.

    • 20yr AF Vet

      It’s so unfortunate many people forget the President is just a figure head. The ones really running this country into the ground is the House and the Senate. Many of our so called Senators and Congressmen don’t have a clue when it comes to the military and all that we’ve sacrificed because less than 1% have even served in our armed forces. Regardless if you’re for this President, or would prefer a Republican, a Tea Party or an Independent, as long as the dirty games of take care of me and mine only are played in Washington DC, NOTHING will change. The poor, the old, and especially the military will continued to be screwed while the rich and affluent continue to run America into the ground. 2012 is coming, you can and just may get your new President, but until these politicians get out of the big sandbox of corruption, fraud, and sleaze to see, hear, and touch the everyday people they represent, nothing can or will every change.

      • semilogical

        The Resident isn’t a figure head in that the House and Senate submit bills to be signed into law. What you need to ask yourself is regarding who is paying the tab for all of the garbage going on. It’s the people and what’s worse nobody in the U.S. elected offices are pulling the strings, George Soros seems to be calling the shots on many of the issues at hand.

        Did you say all of those things while you were serving? It would probably be good for you to consider who’s paying your pension, piss them off with commentary like that and that might be the next thing to go.

      • PO(ed)2

        Its so unfortunate that this country is full of so many uneducated people like you that forget the enormous power the executive branch actually has. Does checks and balances ring a bell? This is 4th grade civics class material. A single man has the power to overturn all of Congress, but he’s just a figurehead right? I mean hell, his one vote is equal to 2/3 of Congress, but his position is worthless. The president has the power to launch a nuclear strike, and is the Commander in Chief of the mightiest military the world has ever seen, but he’s just a puppet right?

    • Nick

      Uh…news flash the President is not the one making this happen…do you research, YOUR fellow Republicans are making this happen

    • Bruce

      The big problem is that our “President” does not RESPECT our Military members

      • Brett

        I have yet to see President Obama disrespect anyone in the military. Keep in mind that President Obama requested a pay increase for service members despite the current economic situation.

        Everyone here seems really upset at these relatively minor disruptions but you’re missing the big picture. I believe we are over 14 trillion US dollars in debt right now and we’re adding to that number by about 700 billion. The interest on that alone is the third greatest expense in our budget. It’s terrible but the fact of the matter is that these are tiny sacrifices that don’t even come close to comparing to the big sacrifices we will need to make to bring our country out of debt.

        • Ed23

          Why do you suppose that your president didn’t ask his congress for a military pay raise when he controlled the whole thing .. he DIDN’T WANT ONE FOR YOU .. he wanted all these socialist agenda items passed first … he only asked for a pay raise when he knew it wasn’t going to happen.

    • Sharlene

      Why blame the President when it is the Congress and Senate that make the laws. Obama doesn’t have a veto on everything. If he did nothing would get done.

      Blame your Representatives, how many of them have served in a war. Since the military has been guaranteed medical care, the Government has whitled away at it. Soon only the members of governemnt will have free health care.

      • sisree

        I have grandchildren thinking of joining the military. This would be our 4th consecutve generation of military service. In speaking with the recruiter we learned this… no where is it written that the govt. PROMISES us free medical for your family when you sign up. Free medical was started up as a benefit but isnot guaranteed anywhere in writing. It was started to make military service appear more enticing to men with families. But when you sign up, nothing you sign GUARANTEES free medical care for your families. Go on, check it out for yourself. I still say, no military service, active duty, no ability to run for office,whether it be Congress or the. =resident. IMHO.

    • diachiv

      READ!!! That’s why you’re getting screwed. It’s the people YOU put in office lat year. It is the SENATE .

      • Ed23

        The senate is STILL controlled by the same people as last year

        • BRENDA

          Are you sure the Senate has voted on the bill already?

    • Cliney

      All I can say is vote vote vote in the next elections!!!

      • Ed23

        it won’t do you any good … as long as you have the same people being put up by the same two parties, who have the same agenda, you will always get screwed no matter who you vote for

    • LOIS Wallace

      why do you blame the president ? what about the lawmakers ,what blame do they have.??

      • Ed23

        They’re both to blame

    • JAMES


      • TopH

        I have been reading the posts and many people of both sides of the political spectrum are truly angry at THE OTHER PARTY. The fact of the matter is we are on the verge of financial collapse caused by an exploding national debt. BOTH PARTIES ARE TO BLAME!. The American people are expecting elected officials to find a solution, BUT so far they have only played political gamesmanship. The President and Dems waited for the Republicans to offer a solution to the crisis and have been running ads attacking them (hoping to use the issue as a means of regaining power). The Republicans are claiming Obama and the Dems are Socialists who are purposefully raising the debt in order to destroy the country (hoping to use the issue as a means of regaining power). IF WE ARE TO SURVIVE we must all make sacrifices. How about everyone in the U.S. (from the very rich, corporations, middle class, and low income earners paying at least 10% on GROSS salary / earnings as well as the following. 1. All elected officials receive no pay or benefits until the debt is repaid. 2. Do away with retirement / pensions for all elected officials (THE CONSTITUTION DID NOT MENTION THAT PERK. AS FAR AS I KNOW THEY WERE SUPPOSED TO SERVE AND GO HOME). 3. Cut Government Spending across the board by 25% a year until the debt is repaid. 4. Pass a balanced budget Amendment to force compliance. 5. Pass an Amendment that states that NO military action (other than evacuations of citizens) or use of force of any kind will be instigated without a declaration of WAR.

      • Ed23

        James … the Senate is controlled by the Democrats

    • Monika

      For renee lambris – what has the president to do with it? Blame the people in the Senate Armed Svc Comm who come up with things like this.
      what is wrong with you? You must be one of the prejudiced republicans.
      There is no help for you.

      • Annie

        Monika. are you stupid or what?????

    • Dave Ferguson

      I understand your frustration. Remember, the entire committe, republicans and democrats voted for this. I feel that we are screwed because the house will approve it as well. The house is heavily republican.

      • Annie

        Are you biased or what????????????

      • Ed23

        yes the committee voted for it NOT THE WHOLE SENATE .. write your senator

    • RetArmy

      This is directly from the article YOU commented too, did you read it? I don’t see the President mentioned at all, but you claim the President did it! I call BS!!!!

      The Sen­ate Armed Ser­vices Com­mit­tee has com­pleted their mark-up of the National Defense Autho­riza­tion Act of 2012 (HR 1540). The com­mit­tee approved the marked-up bill unan­i­mously on Thurs­day, June 16, 2011. It now goes to the full Sen­ate for con­sid­er­a­tion. The bill includes a 1.6 per­cent pay increase for all ser­vice­mem­bers, a change in spe­cial pay pol­icy and increased TRICARE Prime enroll­ment fees for mil­i­tary retirees.

      • Ken

        Good job RetArmy! I sure wish some of these President Obama haters could read. He has been one of the most promilitary Presidents I have seen in the last 30 years! I think you will see some of this changed in the full Senate, but for naught. The Tea Party is driving all these gut cuts and they have enough members in both houses to make problems no matter what. For sure there will be some changes, but the President still has the veto power. If the changes are too drastic he will veto any bill. If these readers were smart they would vote Democrat in 2012 to take back to House and put some “benefits” sense back into future legislation. Ryan is on a one man mission to gut and cut everywhere, even if it “Kills us!”.

    • Karen

      Do not blame the President. It is the Republican dominated Congress that is responsible for these increases pushed by the Tea Party members who want to reduce cost at all costs. The interest they have is in privatizing everything so the business community can make more money.

      It is true that the military and the rest of the lower and middle income people are being abused. These people say that they have Christian motives but do not operate as Christ directed the rich young ruler– SELL EVERYTHING… AND FOLLOW ME!”

      The President has been vilified by all these people yet he is the one who proposes health care for all and raising taxes on the rich.

      President Bush started the wars in the Middle East. The debt ceiling was raised 11 times to pay for the wars. Bush instated the tax cuts that have caused the US to have to borrow $$ to pay for them. The Republican led Congress voted against President Obama’s proposal to reinstate the old tax % on the richest 2% of the US people. This tax only effects the likes of Donald Trump, Bill GAtes, or Warren Buffet.

      Get your facts straight before you start blaming someone for something!!!

      • Ed23

        There is no hope for these government school educated, or should I say brainwashed, people … the TEA Party has 75 members newly added to congress, there are 535 members of congress total … the discussion is about the SENATE which has 100 members of which 52 are Democrats, which means the Democrats control the Senate … since the Senate changed the House bill IF THE SENATE approves the committee’s recommendation it will have to go back to the house and be re-voted on, if the house changes anything it goes back to the senate for another vote, THE IT GOES TO THE PRESIDENT WHO HAS THE FINAL SAY SO AS TO WHEHER IT IS LAW OR NOT … go back to High School civics and this time pay attention

    • Susie

      Renee, I agree with you! I was married to an officer in the U.S. Army for 35 years. I am unable to work due to severe osteo-arthritis, having had both hips totally replaced and needing fusion back surgery. Our current President has not the slightest clue about how to run this Country. Military retirees have not had a raise in two years and I doubt we will have one for another two years or more. Many of us depend on Military Retirement Pay and Social Security. I keep on praying that I will not lose my home. I would have no where to go. Like you, I gave up so much of myself to take care for my family and others in my former husband’s Commands. I even made my own clothes so I would be able to buy clothes for my two children. I was the one who raised our children. President Obama should be hung and quartered!!! These are strong words but he had destroyed so many families who now are suffering because of him…no job, no money, no home… How much longer will Americans have to endure this man? Heaven help America if he is voted in for a second term…

      • Ret 83

        another uneducated idiot with no common sense. Maybe a brain transplant would have helped you! What about the Bush administration Susie? Remember those weapons of mass destruction? Where are they? You need a history lesson you moron!

    • cody

      It’s a senate plan, not the president. And it was unanimous, so blame republicans too if you are mad.

      • Ed23

        What part of it’s NOT FINAL YET don’t you people understand? The Bil NOW has to be voted on by the WHOLE Senate … if it passes it’s still not finalized until the House version and the Senate version agree and then It’s STILL NOT LAW until the PRESIDENT SIGNS IT

    • jerry mickelson

      why sick of the President? This is Congress

    • 83 Retiree

      Since when did the President become the sole deciding factor of cola and active duty pay raises?. You are a moron and know nothing about who decides what will be done in regards to COLA increases, active duty pay increases, etc.,etc.,etc. Remember who you voted for in your state elections for congressman and senators? Write them a letter and ask them what is going on. Maybe you won’t be so happy with their answers.

      • Ed23

        What part of the PRESIDENT HAS TO SIGN OFF ON IT don’t you understand?? If he doesn’t sign it then you get squat!!!

    • Gary R.

      I have really lost a lot of my pride after 20 years in the service. It seems like the longer I’m out, the worse we get treated. I feel like 20 years of my life was kind of wasted? It sure seems like the more time goes by,the more we as retirees either lose,have decreased, or pay more for. Our president really takes good care of us retirees doesn’t he!!

    • concerned

      I don’t usually reply to these sort of blogs but right now it seems to me that no matter what our President do now he will always be the blame. Like some others said ” the President cannot pass any bill with the approval of congress, the senate and the republicans. Please take note to this when you make stupid remarks. When and if the Republicans take over office again you will say the same thing but with a different tone.

    • Steve Herrington

      Renee, read it again: THE SENATE ARMED SERVICES COMMITTEE did this.

    • P G Meier

      It is not the President…..it is Congress. Read how it works through legislature and then you may not so quickly blame the President. If that was the case then poor old George could be solely blamed for the mess of 8 years he left for Obama.

    • C Furr

      this has nothing to do with the president, this is congress, this is who needs to be voted out. don’t vote for no incumbent

    • Sandra Rossi

      You are right 100%! Plus there is no one with any guts in the government to fight for us! We really need representation!!

    • lcb

      Can you read? It says SENATE ARMED SERVICES COMMITTEE, NOT PRESIDENT. I agree, you are sick.

    • steve (usaf ret)

      agree with you Renee, 100%. no experience, liberal leanings = disaster for america.

    • Gary Skaggs

      Yeah, I agree. I’ve served in different branches of the military starting with the Marines during VietNam and have seem my share of the different ways we get “ax or the screw” and always thought they should do some sacrificing.
      They shold stop immediately giving the people’s money to third world countries using “our national interests” as an excuse; don’t they mean “what they think our/their NATIONAL INTERESTS IS!? They can give up some of their perks, stop throwing the people’s money on useless projects. And, so on and turn that money around for us THE AMERICAN PUBLIC AND OUR DOMESTIC WELL BEING. There are many other examples as well and way too many to mention here. Time to MARCH on Washington!! Hey, you wanna get rich, become a pol-lee-ti-chain!!!!!!!!!

    • AFLawDawg

      Well its not just this President. Check your history. Every President we’ve had has screwed us with the exception of Reagan. And I’m sure the next (Republican) President will screw us as well. By the way, it’s more than just the President doing the screwing. We get porked local, state, and federal.

    • BRENDA

      You are dealing with a Republican congress. I don’t think the current president is making these decisions, and he definitely is not making any decisions in a vacuum. I can hardly wait until 2012 when some people get what they deserve from Republicans. I won’t be surprised by anything they do. But I think you will.

  • Ciara Fan

    a 1.6% raise, ya know, I’d rather have Bush back in office…atleast he took care of the military

    • soaringeagle

      Two wars is taking care of us?

      • guest

        I understand what you’re trying to say, but the point of war is not to “take care of” the military. It’s to take care of our national interests. When folks volunteer for the military, this is what they’re signing up for. Not that I’m happy about either war (my husband is serving in Iraq and I hate that he’s gone)…

        • Kathy

          So you hate that your spouse is gone to Iraq? I hate to tell you but HE enlisted and knew what he was signing. I’m tied of the wives crying & boo-hooing when their man must go do his duty. Mine did his duty for 39 years, honey! And every year that passed, I grew more proud of him! I never boo hooed or made him feel guilty. Sure I did miss him, but my faith got me thu th 30 years, faith & the love we have for one another. You get plenty of perks to enjoy, so quite whinning!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

          • Kathy

            Sorry, the 39 years should be 30 years!

          • lartac

            What’s your problem? The lady you responded to just said she missed her husband. That isn’t whinning, it’s a statement of fact! Get off your high horse and have some respect for others that are sacrificing like you and much more….how about those that have lost family members in this war? any regard for them, Kathy?

    • bill

      Bush also did zilch to protect the economy–and that’s being charitable. A two-percent increase in TRICARE fees wouldn’t be so bad if we weren’t living off of temp pay, unemployment, and a retirement pension, and thanks, Dubya, for a nice global financial meltdown on your watch.

      I’m not saying Obama is the Second Coming (although some loonytoons seemed to be saying as much back in 2009, and not in a nice way), but be careful what you wish for when you bring somebody like Bush in. You think the Democrats are bad? They’re just trying to imitate the Republicans, who are the real masters of the game.

      • Michael

        Bill, It is amazing ho easy it blame Bush. Let me say this whant happen September 11, 2001. We have forgotten that there are people who hate want to kill America. Why because of our history has a nation. We also forget quckly that bush tried to give back to the hard working class of america. To everyone reading this you have the right to complain. I am a career military man myself with 27 years of service in the Navy. We paid our dues rather it was standing watch, fighting in the war, or being part of this nation great military. It is our men and women who served and believed in this great nation that got Bin Ladin. It was not President Obama that got the job done. I thank the many soldiers, Marines, Sailors, Airmen that tirelessly and honorably fought tell they got him. Just like finding Saddam they never tired and they never gave up. So when it comes to our benefit my friend you betcha we need to stand up and remind everyone. As for Obama I agree he is destroying our country. My friend we are handing out pink slips to thousands of miltary men and women this year. Talk about that and put yourself in there shoes. They are being sent home in an economy with no hope of having a job. I sorry I usually do not reply but what was said hit a nerve.

        • Linda

          Thank you, Michael. You are exactly right. Personally, I believe no Commander in Chief should ever be a no serve. You have to have walked in the shoes to understand and to make the right decisions.

      • Tomcat01

        Bill, Bush did alot for the economy, but neither he nor Dumbama can protect this country from a worldwide recession. Bush also gave us the first bailout. We have become a service oriented economy and until the American people get a frigging clue s to what economics is really about then we’re doomed to the mercy of these idiots. To create jobs, and reduce the trade deficient you have to produce something. The crap we build now has the same reputation as Japanese products had in the 60’s. The other problem is that we’re now governed by elietist who don’t have a clue themselves.

    • SFC Retired

      Bush screwed everything up and now people expect Obama to fit it like yesterday, Bush took real good care of the military sending them into Iraq.

      • You must be one of those desk job veterans who never saw combat and came into the service just to get the college and medical benefits. We all volunteered, I’m a Disabled Combat Veteran on Social Security and lacking 50% of my sight and if I had a President who asked me to go to war again because I’m needed I would do it all over again, even if only to fix trucks as God gave me the strength. I’d take Bush over this hypocrite Muslim ANY TIME…

        • retiree

          You display your ignorance – Obama is a Christian. Please try to learn facts before posting.

          • lartac

            Get your facts straight.BO said to the UN that he was a Muslim in a speech he gave there not long ago. He’s Christian only so he could get elected. Do your homework!

          • retiree

            @lartac –
            Care to provide a reference? I know you can’t because he didn’t. Try to get your news from reputable sources (wnd.net is NOT one).

      • lartac

        You are a nut case! Bush didn’t sent anyone to war, it was Bin Ladin that created this. Did FDR send our troops to war? No. It was the Nazis and the Japs! Get it stupid!

    • mk4524

      Bush really screwed over the VA but since VA clients were no longer on active duty, it didn’t matter.

    • Marianne Ciccone Denning

      sure he took care of the military, he sent troops 3, 4 and 5 times to fight a war we shouldn’t be in…and once they got home injured…who the hell takes care of them? no one…obama had no control over this mess…BUSH did.

      • MSgt2000

        Ahhh Wrong. who put the military on standby 13 times went in to seveal conflicts that most people don’t even remember not Bush Not oboma but Clinton…. and left a mess for bush

    • Frank

      Which military? Not the US military. He opposed the new GI Bill and every increase in benefits that was proposed. Yes, he said he took care of the military, but he didn’t.

    • jim

      we’re the forgotton ones until war breaks out and everyone turns to the military we need new blood in the senate, and mostly the president he’s driving AMERICA in the ground,we need people in the White Hoise who actually will help active and retired military personnel , not vote to destroy them

    • Epona Rose

      historically (and you can check it out) but historically the republicans have screwed the military over more then the democrates have…so makes me shake my head in wonder why the military always seem to vote republican!



    • Tarhill

      OK, folks, let’s ALL REMEMBER THIS IN 2012!! That’s our chance to change what’s happening that we can’t live with! No excuses – VOTE!!!




      Why aren’t the Republicans doing anything- they control Congress? My guess is the tea party has them by the short- hairs. Bush had a Democrat controlled Congress – give me that back.

    • Required@msn.com

      Youknowwho. How quickley we forget. BUSH got us in this mess in the first place. In fact he caused the COUNTRY to go BANKRUPT. Check the facts. This Pres is trying to get the country back on track. I will take some time. Hang in tere.

      • Anonymous

        Sadly, another victim of the liberal left wing propaganda machine! The financial problems of this nation are the direct result of the irresponsible fiscal policies of the Clinton administration…you go “check the facts”

    • TSG BF

      Wow, yeah, Bush left us in good shape???@@@@NOT.

    • Viet Vet

      Oh yea Ciara Fan Bush really took care of the military! Let me see – I think he was in office when the military was sent to IRAQ because of those WEAPONS OF MASS DESTRUCTION. And wasn’t it Bush who displayed his ignorance landing on the aircraft carrier after the “Mission was Accomplished”? Get real dummy!

  • rita mc

    Hurry up 2012

    • EKP

      What do you expect in 2012??? This was not President Obama’s doing, in the least. It’s the result of republican/conservative politicians who like to spout off about “supporting the troops” while at the same time screwing us over, time and time again.

      Am I a “wild-eyed liberal”? No, I’m a Rebublican (a real one) who rose to the rank of Colonel in the Marines.

      • 29 year vet

        The President endorsed the Pentagon proposal which would have increased TRICARE fees even more and then told them to cut another $400 Billion while continuing his new war in Libya and his surge in Afghanistan. The congress actually scaled back the fee structure increased the administration proposed.

        I suppose you will tell me we can afford to pay all the Medicare and Social Security benefits the Dems have promised for years without cutting defense next?

      • Laurie

        Well Colonel, I was quite upset when the re-enlistment bonus was cut by -85% last year. This happened while we were all worked up with outrage when President Obama suggested the military folks pay for their own medical coverage. It felt like we were tricked by the media coverage with bait & switch propaganda, but maybe they simply weren’t being thorough like so many of our elected officials that keep screwing US over.

        There’s plenty of US civilians that do care about supporting the troops & the financial situation of our military families & especially those wounded soldiers that we never see & feel sorrow for the families of the ones that gave their lives.

        That’s why I’m here reading this today. The very last line tells us to let our elected officials know how we feel about NDAA 2012 – I have NO CLUE what to think & it’s because I can’t get the wool from over my eyes.

        Marine Mom

      • BAJ

        EKP, maybe that is the reason that you do not understand that the Senate is ultra Liberal except for the Minority Republicans. They are performing the will of the President with blindfolds on. Glad you made Colonel in the Marines, you may have made General in the Air Force. Pull rank on here and it doesn’t work. We are all sillyvilians and there is no rank, whether you are a colonel or a dogface, you’re all the same put it out there and you will hear about it.

  • Jenny

    I am soooooo glad I use Standard and Extra……it works out much much better in the long run. I’ve had NO complaints what-so-ever in the 11 years I’ve used it since retirement……

    • Oliver

      What’s Standard and Extra

      • JD1T

        standard tricare — its FREE to retirees, and has good benefits.

        The increases in this article are for tricare prime, which is also dirt cheap compared most to civilian healthcare plans

    • Joe Bucco

      Same here. I retired back in 2000 and was enrolled in Tricare Prime for a couple of years, until I got a state civil service job. At that time I had free healthcare from BC/BS. So I dropped the Tricare Prime and just use the standard. In most cases when I seek any medical treatment my primary BC/BS is the first payor, and Tricare pays my co-pay, so I end up paying nothing.

    • DSmith

      I agree; Standard is the better way to go. I we went to the higher programs, our disabled child would loose all of his specialist’s. The really good doctor’s don’t take tricare.

    • Deborah

      I agree with you Jenny. My husband and I have always been Tricare Standard and have been retired for 20 years. I wouldn’t have it any other way for many reasons,

    • Bonehead123

      WOW,,, why don’t you fill us in…

  • Esther

    zOMG!!! The pay raise is ONLY 1.6%??? And they can charge a little more for off-post prescriptions being filled if I choose not to use the installation pharmacy or the Mail-Order Pharmacy??? Eff that! Forget all the people who can’t even find a job at all even at McDonald’s, or whose jobs don’t offer even an option for health benefits, or the veterans/civilianswhose VA and/or SSDI benefits don’t see an increase at all!!! This is an atrocity, I’m entitled to more than other people who are not Active Duty!!!
    -This comment posted by someone who is a prior service ADSM, now married to an ADSM, has a brother who is a veteran on disability, has retired ADSM relatives, and has close family members who have dealt with multiple lay-off’s in the civilian sector in the last few years and would have killed for the job security and benefits that the military offers, even with the TriCare pharmacy cost increase and especially with the pay increase.

    • sharpone

      I have been told that our Gov (read that as BO) does not include gas and groceries when Cost of Living is calculated.

      • retiree

        You’ve been told wrong. In fact, the reason the 2009 COLA was 5.8% was due to gas prices spiking on 30 Sep 2008. Of course, it’s easier to believe what you’ve been told than go to the Bureau of Labor Statistics website and look it up yourself.

    • AF Retiree

      Esther–Yes, things are tough on the outside and being a recent retiree I appreciate that more than most. “Would have killed for the job security and benefits that the military offers…” I would submit that all your close family members had to do was raise their hand and volunteer to put their life on the line…offer to be killed in other words, to obtain the same benefits that we got as acitve and now retirees. Its not hard; I can refer a good recruiter if you wish.

      As for job security, tell that to the thousands the Air Force as drummed out over the last few years, not because there were not valuable or not doing a good job, but because they became unaffordable. Sounds like a lay off, huh?

    • Is It 2012 Yet?

      Sounds like someone is truly bitter. You can’t list your family’s credentials as the basis for your outlandish commentary. McDonald’s workers can choose to look for work elsewhere if they do not get the pay raise they feel they deserve. Most military are locked in or are not valuable on the outside markets thanks to the nature of their positions. (can’t really get a job loading weapons outside the military, now can you?) They may very well end up at McDonalds the rate this Gov’t is going. Families are locked in because the job market is so poor on the outside, but they have no say on what they get on the inside. This frustration is a constaint strain on many families. So although you may know a bazillion people in and are married to a MM, have a gazillion family members who breathe air etc etc.. this economy is darn tough and struggling to make ends meet while at the same time as worrying about your own life on the line or your loved ones should not go hand in hand. There is no stability in the military anymore and we have our Government to blame. FIrst for destroying our economy with their ingorance, and second for making it worse with more ignorance.

    • Retired NCO

      In the last year, as I understand, the qualitative retention board (QMP) has been emplemented (Army). That means when a SM goes before a promotion board, if he/she has any red flags, they could be seperated from the service, basically in about 6 months….job security? During the war this process was put on hold, now that they do not need the personnel numbers, the process is emplemented once again. So a SM who has dedicated 17 yrs or less can be booted out of the service.
      I agree with AF Retiree, I can also refer you to a recruiter!!!
      Things always look better when you stand on the outside looking in; try looking from inside the box!!!

    • Esther the idiot

      AF Retiree said it best… its liberal views like yours that got us into this mess.

    • Um, that “job security” isn’t exactly as secure as it once was, with the ERB looming…

    • Obummer Critic

      What is an ADSM? Active Duty Sado-Masochist?

    • jOE JERK

      GO TO HELL

    • Disabled Vet

      Esther, I agree with everything you said pretty much with exception of your opening profanity. Just a little life lesson now that you asked. Use of profanity and yelling at people is the worst way to try to get a point across.

      I am a VN disabled vet. I’ve given a lot to my country and still experience a lot of pain because of it. Having said that, I almost–“almost” being the key word–I almost feel like a theif because of all the government gives me, including Tricare. My insurance costs me a little over $400 a year for my family. Most people I know pays that much every month. So they want to increase Tricare fees? Fine, I say double it and double co-pays.

      Here’s the thing, EVERYBODY wants to reduce the deficit, balance the budget, but everybody wants to do it on someone else’s dime. Cut, cut, cut, from other groups, other programs, other people–not mine! I am a DAV, war vet, and I have recently joined the ranks of the senior citizen. I say cut vet’s rights, cut senior’s rights and benefits, I’ll vote for that, but cut almost everything across the board. Increase our TC fees, increase our co-pay, slightly reduce our pensions and/or disability pay. Then go to every other program and cut them 10-15% across the board. That’s my 2c worth.

      • Guest

        Disabled Vet…I agree with you that we all need to sacrifice..one thing that doesn’t quite seem fair though is that you’ve been getting a sweet deal for quite a while yet we’re all going to feel the pinch at the same time. What if you were to pay back the difference retroactively which is essentially what’s happening to those of us who happen to be a little younger (about to retire from the military).

    • MSgt/Ret

      You ARE prior ADSM? Married to an ADSM? Your brother IS a disabled vet? Contempt (sarcasm?) for expressing disappointment in our country’s present leadership? It would be interesting to see how you feel 20 years from now.

    • Tarhill

      Would your relatives also be willing to be deployed at the “drop of a hat” leave family in a lurch and never complain? If they would kill for the type of pay and “security” the military has, why didn’t they join up when they could? They get to stay put, invest in a home, same school for kids, same close-knit family and we, the military families, keep on moving, keep on renting or buying and not being able to see a home, see our loved ones killed and mangled and someone would kill for this job? Strange. . .

    • STG 1 dhall

      Esther, I did 20 YEARS + with the U. S. Navy while you and yours lived your life and made your choices which put you where you are today. You have no idea what kinds of sacrifice military people have gone through because YOU never did any of it. You were free to put in the time in that career just like I was; free to go to basic training, live in barracks, stand watches in dangerous places, face bomb attacks and snipers….heck, you could have been on the USS Cole.

      There are a lot of RULES to live by when you work for Uncle Sam, and one of them is that you have to actually work, every day, whether you are sick or not. And you have to ship out with out the people you love, not knowing even if you will EVER see them again; leave your HOME; spend long periods ALONE.

      You had choices just like the rest of us. If you didn’t have what it takes to go into the military and get all these nice “free” benefits, you could have tried something else: EDUCATION.

    • Laurie

      Thank you Esther, I totally agree with your voice of fresh air….These are small sacrifices not the calamities others are making them out to be…


      Yep, I call this a “NATIONAL DISGRACE” A “SLAP IN THE FACE”, A “BEND OVER HERE IT COMES AGAIN” SITUATION. Military members, I would think, say are they serious? Sadly, they (our elected reps) are! I laughed when I saw that! Stand tall men, they are going to wave the flag!
      Its a joke, they are a joke. Oh yes, I know their way of thinking. Well, “be glad you got something, you weren’t going to get anything!” Hey, if thats it give my share to the old folks who really need it.

      Oh, and go ahead get rich off “our blood and guts!”

      We swallowed the same excuse for Viet Nam, “our National Interests!” We all know how well that ended…………..with our blood and a plus 58,000 dead military personnel and some civilians I would think. After about 3 months I knew something wasn’t right with Johnson’s war and truth has a long history. Read LBJ, THE MASTERMIND BEHIND THE ASSASSINATION OF JFK, 2010, IF YOU WANT SOME OF THE TRUTH!

  • ben

    It makes some sense. There are too many folks who show up in theater who spend two days in theater and get two months hazard duty pay.

    • Will Keller

      I agree with that due to the fact that there were those people who’d be there and figure out loop holes to get it. If you’re there for your entire tour don’t worry about it. Because it’s prorated when you get there anyways. I think i don’t remember that far back to my last deployment.

      • soaringeagle

        President Obama gave the VA the largest amout of money (30Billion) last year. That is more than any other President in decades.

        • Ed23

          So that’s why everything went down … the VA annual budget is in excess of $132 billion … now they have been $30 billion and this guy says we can thank the messiah for it

      • Bob

        I agree with you. If you check the records, I think that you will find that Chuck Yeager, while based in a non-hostile area, used to deliver an aircraft to Nam every two months. And I’ll bet that you find he stayed over night (the last day of one month and the first day of the next month) so that he would get combat pay and income tax free every month. Yet Clinton promoted him another star years after he retired.

    • just how long does it take to get nailed

  • Charles

    I was in the Marines for 25 years, retired in 1992 and this is the first rate increase for tricare since i retired. I dont have a problem with how the plan on doing the increases. We cant just keep spending and spending. Everyone wants them to cut everything but what they are into, so does that mean no cuts at all. What do we do when the government can no long pay its bills at all. That means no pay for retirees, no tricare, no Va payments, and not social secruity.

    • wlbond008

      You can NOT be that old and use this junior high school logic. This is the dumbest thing I have EVER read on this site. The government could have billions and billions of dollars extra by just cutting all foreign aid, ship all illegals back the moment caught, feed all convicts bread, water, cut all convict exercise/entertainment programs. Look in the federal government’s own website. We are GIVING $158 billion in military aid and $44.3 B in other foreign aid NOT COUNTING “Emergency aid” and grants to foreign companies/universities for “studies”. GROW UP or stop posting to military sites.

      • Esther

        Seriously? His logic made perfect sense, and he’s not at all the first vet I have heard say this. I have a ffriend who is a vet and she said even with the increase she’ll pay less per year for her coverage than her civilian friends pay per month.

        Cutting all foreign aid is a bad idea as it just leads us back towards the isolationist mindset that allowed Hitler to get as far as he did. Feeding convicts only bread and water is a no-no b/c they are entitled to adequate nutrition. I’d be more interested in seeing convicts work for their food or pay for it but the ones who have to be kept locked up and not allowed out, and can’t pay, they have the right to the basic things required for sustenence of life.

        Charles, thank you for your service.

        • tj

          Up the death penalty! We used to hang horse thieves, do the same for car thieves. Cars cost more than a horse!!! LOL

          Think about the money spent on the dredgings of our society. I would rather they put them to death then make us pay for them. Rapist, murders, drug dealers, repeat offenders… kill them all. Not only would our budget for the penal system go down but so would the cost for law enforcement.

          Look at the aid we are giving Pakistan. Why? So they can lie to us and harbor the very insurgents we are “paying” them to fight? The aid we give to most for¬eign nations is misused or unfounded. For¬eign aid should be in the way of American made products if at all. At least an American would have a job making them.

          There is billions of ways to cut spending without cutting the “entitlements” (I use that word because I have given so much to earn them) of those who served. It’s a hard life. I did it for over 20 years not because it was a “JOB” but because it was the right thing to do. I have fulfilled my contract to the letter. I believe our government should do the same.

          If you can’t afford VETS do make VETS!!!!!!!!!

        • Benny

          How ignorant. We (military retirees) were promised FREE medical care for LIFE. Free means free yet we have to pay. Why are you so sympathetic to convicts? What about the 49% that pay no taxes? What about Oblunders bailout to his cronies? Yet he cannot keep a promise made to the people that forfeited virtually everything to do something based on a promise. It is not my fault that politicians sold this country down the road for personal gain so why not hold them accountable? Personally I would rather see able body welfare recipients have to work for their “entitlement”. You want a simple solution to the Oblundercare? I, as many others, have a degree in biology. If the government would pay for me to attend medical school I would be happy to work at a free clinic for those that cannot afford to pay. That is pretty much what the defenders of this country get at a VA hospital. Why should responsible people pay for those that choose to accept entitlements with no attached responsibility? I know people that go to the ER for a headache, not pay for insurance but keep their money to party. Yet so many want to give them better free care than what veterans get by paying. IDIOT.

          • retiree

            How ignorant. As Secretary Gates said, that promise disappeared in 1995 with Tricare. Anyone who thinks they are going to get free medical care for life from the Military needs their head examined. Been to the Supreme Court, guess what – doesn’t matter what the recruiter told you, it was not a written promise.

      • Bonnie

        You are so right!!! We keep trying to buy everyone’s friendship and loyalty and they take our money and laugh all the way to the bank! You’re right about the convicts, too. In some states it’s just too “humiliating” to put them out there to work just cleaning up highways. Then, we give them all the benefits the rest of us have to work our butts off for!… and, don’t even get me started on the illegals!!!

    • bill

      Maybe the powers that be in Washington should get a clue and stop cutting social programs, which are the kinds of things you’re talking about that nobody wants to give up. Of course not; would you or I give up our GI Bill or your kid’s Pell Grant? No way. So why not start by cutting the Defense budget, which is where the real money is (probably about 100 times as big as the foreign aid budget). Stop these foolish, misguided, and unwinnable wars, get off the nuclear weapons train, quit worrying about Terrorists in Space or whatever the rationale behind Space Command is, and get serious about taking care of everyday taxpaying citizens, for God’s sake.

      • Why the h— are we fighting in at least 4 countries that hate our guts and would kill us in a second if they had the chance and then there are the billions we sent to the UN that go to all our good friends around the world. (Right) and I will be glad to give up my benifits when hell freezes over and the crows turn white. I chose to give up my life to defend this nation for 22 years and this is the thanks I get my crapy health care system that I have to fight tooth and nail to get basic coverage. Washington is so broken its time for a clean sweep and get rid of all the R’s and D’s and get some honest americans in there with term limits so they done loose track of why they are there. As long as their number one priority is getting re-elected to office we will continue to have more of the same. Power Corupts and absolute power corupts absolutly.

    • Dev

      You forget about ALL those government officals that get paid for the rest of their life even if they only serve one term. Look a Wiener, he’s getting over 31,000 a year for the rest of his life and the rest of them who vote themself raises and have a golden healthcare plan that we don’t get. None of them care about us poor saps that actually work for a living.

      • retiree

        One more time – Congress is under FERS, same as our federal civil servants. Not certain what Congressman Weiner will get, but it will be based on FERS calculations. BTW – they pay into FERS (as in cash), same as our federal civil servants.

        Try to learn the facts before posting.

    • Peggy

      You know Charles, then maybe the Congressional”fat cats” won’t have any pay at all. Course, most of them don’t need it anyway. As for the rate increases, I m willing to pay for my share, but you hae to remember, we were not suppose to pay anything.

    • Fernando

      Good point however, what you fail to acknowlege is the fact that what they cut from the retired will bee waisted somewhere else! c’mon, wake up and smell the coffee. If this was money that was actually going to actualy be used wisely, then I’m with you. Let’s face it, our government has a spending problem.

    • jim


    • mk4524

      What about those tax cuts to the rich friends of congressmen? That’s where you’ll find those billions.

    • Donna

      Right on, Charles. My husband is a retired Marine and we also appreciate the “relatively” low cost of medical care we receive. To be clear, we don’t WANT to pay more, but think it’s fair. Are there other areas of the budget that also need to be trimmed or where people could pay a little more of their fair share???? Absolutely! This is a move in the right direction.

      • Buddy

        Donna, we have paid our fair share. No cost-of-living increases for 2 years now. I don’t know about you, but I have lost about $50.00 per month thus far due to my dental insurance going up along with my taxes. My Illinois State taxes increased too. Couple that with the higher cost of fuel, food, etc, and I don’t have the same spending power today that I had just a few short years ago. But what really makes me mad is that we keep giving people who don’t work money. I worked VERY hard for my money. I continue to work hard after retirement. I earn every penny I make. I think I am better able to manage MY OWN money than the federal/state government. Yet they keep taking more and more of MY money. Believe me, I already pay more than my fare share.

      • springchickenot

        The retirees have ALREADY paid for their benefits. It was a contract, whether in writing (for some) or as an oral promise (recruter). I was brought to to believe that a man’s (or government’s) word is his bond.

      • OldVet

        I question if some of you claiming to be military or ex-miliary ever served a single day in personal sacrifice to your country. The medical care I was promised was EARNED. It is not an entitlement. It is part of the pay I was promised. I have already sacrificed for it, my wife had to make sacrifices for it, my kids had to make sacrifices, We all served PROUDLY for our country. We were proud knowing that our sacrifices helped all Americans. However, we really did expect our government to keep faith with us for all we endured, sacrificed and gave up. We (active duty, retired, families, etc) have more than given our “Fair Share”. Now we want what we have already earned!

    • MARINE56


    • LDH

      That’s the beginning of your problem, a marine for 25 years. you should have only stayed in for about 2 years then maybe your stupid head could think straight and realize that all these ignorant civilians making stupid decisions for our military (not your military) is doing nothing but screwing our military (not your military). Get a life and start supporting the military as we should.

    • Rick

      I have to agree with Charles I retired from the Navy in 1996, we “ALL” have to give a bit there are no sacred cows, and that includes our elected officials. I have made it clear to my senators that we can take the cuts as long as the active men and women don’t get cut. But if we get cut everyone else needs to take some of the cuts as well. However if you don’t like it, election time is next year lets make it count, and if you don’t vote don’t complain.

    • Michele

      Well said Charles. I know everyone is against increases in everything, but my husband retired in 2011 and we have had Tricare Prime since….we have paid the same $115 every quarter since then and saw NO increase in co pays or pharmacy……its is a GREAT benefit and I like that even though they plan to increase the rates, they can never increase more than the COLA. Let’s face it folks…Tricare is the best priced healthcare around, I have had two major surgeries and my husband has undergone cancer treatments and the MOST it has ever cost us is the $25 specialty doctor fee! CAN’T COMPLAIN AT ALL!!!!! Michele P.

    • Buddy

      Charles….first our military health care was supposed to be free after we retired. Well that didn’t happen.
      2nd: We have received no retired pay increase for 2 years now but my Dental insurance and taxes have gone up causing me to lose about $55 per month in retired pay. In other words my buying power has been decreased by $55 per month. Now, with the rising cost in fuel, food, etc, my buying power has been reduced even further.
      3rd: It is a slap in the face to the active duty folks who are putting their lives on the line in 3 wars (yes I am including Libya) and all this president gives them is a 1.6% increase in their wages.
      4th: I had to work a minimum of 20 years to get part of my pay. The folks in DC only have to work (either 4 or 6 years minimum) to get ALL of their wages for the rest of their lives and then their spouse gets it all after that. My spouse gets nothing unless I want to participate in a program that might give her 50%…. and I have to pay for that too. The folks in DC don’t participate in social security…gee why should they…they get their entire pay check for the rest of their lives. No reduction, nothing. They are set!!

      • kreutzej

        Buddy, Very Well Said! EVERYONE in America should be outraged at your 4th Point…let them start reforming and cutting ther.

    • Betty

      I got an idea Charles. Take it from Congressmen, Senators and the so called president. It is in the Constitution that no member of the govt. will give themselves benefits over the PEOPLE of the country. It’s called the 28th ammendment. Read it. They can sit as a senator or congressman for one term and get full pay retirement for the rest of their days. Disgusting and I am fed up with the whole lot of them.

      • retiree

        Try reading up yourself. They are under FERS, same as our federal civil servant brothers. They CANNOT get full benefits for life for serving one term. In fact, by FERS, they cannot get more than 80%, and for that they would have to be elected at 25 (House) and serve until well into their 90’s.

    • DAVE

      well said. We all have to take some burrden… our we will kill the golden goose all togeather.

    • Neal

      bet they are not cutting thier pay that goes up automaticly every year at the rate of about 10 percent.

    • tom bennett

      I am with you Charles. I retired in 1990, and tri-care has taken care of my wife and I good. I know some of the retirees don’t like the increase, but let them pay for civilian insurance, and see what it costs. I am one of the fortunate (or unfortunate) retirees that draws 100% VA disability, 100% social security disability, and 100% of my Military retirement (combat related pay.) I do have compassion for those that rely on military retirement alone, but if the increase goes in to effect the most they can increase their fee would be the amount of the cola gain.

    • Old Jarhead

      As long as retirees like you keep bending over and grabbing your knees, we all as a group are going to continue to take it in the shorts. After 34 years of military service and also being retired, I simply find this issue is more about principle than money — when I joined I was promised that our government would take care of my Rx and health issues FOR LIFE at no cost to me. Now tell me this — if the Tricare increase is the same as the annual COLA then doesn’t that really mean NO ANNUAL PAY RAISES. If they give you a 2% raise then take it for higher TRICARE costs you net gain in disposable income is a big fat ZERO!!!! Finally, where are all our professional associations and lobby groups we all join and support such as MOAA, Navy Mutual Benefits Association, Etc. Obviously, they were against this but no one listened. COME ON FOLKS … MAKE THEM LISTEN WHEN THE NEXT ELECTION COMES …. SEND THEM PACKING.

    • Rick

      Have been retired for 25 years and would like to be treated as a Military Retiree, not a second class citizen. Freeze this freeze that but make sure it is the Military Retirees and Senior Citizens who foot the bill. They are only some of the ones who helped fund SS/Medicare and sacrificed much for this, our beloved country. I have 9 (7 younger) siblings and missed their growing up and having there own families, due to assignments all over the world, for 23 years. Oh, I’m also a 100% disabled Vet.

    • KSQ

      I’m with you Charles. Somehow everyone always wants someone else to cut and feel the pain. Let’s all help out and stop the whining.

    • Retired Ranger

      You gotta be kidding Marine! I have an idea for you – why don’t you make a voluntary contribution every year to the bastards that are screwing us!! By the way, Social Security nor Medicare weren’t free pardner – I paid for them with involuntary deductions from my pay. If you are OK with them stealing your money that is fine – but I would say that you speak for a very tiny percent of the military retiree population.

    • bob

      jarhead, those benefits were already EARNED> what liberal world do you live in?

    • tom hammond

      These increases and cuts are all about washington doing business as usual. Spending when and for what they want to. No one cares about the Military both in washinton and the civilian population as a whole. Everyone in all walks of life needs to get together on what is being allowed to happen to this Country and it’s people. CMSGT Retired 1991

    • Randy

      I understand the increase in fees. What I don’t understand is the increase in pay. All we are doing is robbing Peter to pay Paul. Chances are the Tricare increase to us retirees won’t cover the cost of the pay raise for the active duty. I don’t think I should have to pay for their pay raise. Its been a few years since we’ve had a pay raise.

    • William

      Remember one thing, Charles – the Senate and the Congress pays no premium for the health care they receive for themselves and their families. Why are they better than those of us who served? I have a real problem with anything less than the same deal the Senate and the Congress has cut for itself. Without a doubt, this is ‘Animal Farm’ and the Senate and the Congress are the pigs.

      • retiree

        No, they pay premiums, just like our federal civil servant brethren – because they are under the same program (FEHBP). Try not to appear ignorant, learn the facts before posting.

    • Benny

      As for Charles I was a marine but not a pogue as you appear to be. I was 0311/8651 and served in many combat situations. As opposed to you I will fight for what I was promised when I was underpaid for 22 years. Also, you gave it away about the TriCare increase when I have had several in the last couple of years. Shows you never served but are just trying to route money to Oblunders pet projects.

    • RM1/USN Ret

      Think about this: I read in our local newsrag that WIENER BOY can draw
      up to 1.2 MILLION in retirement plus free medical. At my current retirement of 20K a year (rounded up), it’ll take me 60 effin years to earn 1.2M. I
      retired at age 42 after 25 years of service, I only got to make to to 102 years old. I’m 63 now so only 39 more years to go……wonder what the frickin odds are of me making it??

      • retiree

        Maybe you need to subscribe to a new rag? Based on his 11 years in, he will merit 12.1% of his final three years salary when he turns 62. He is losing his medical care until he starts drawing his retirement.

        Congress is under FERS and FEHBP, same as our federal civil servant brethren.

    • Dave Brigham

      I did my twenty-one in the Army, What I want to see is a third party that leans more toward Isolationism for a while. No more money to other countries till we at least pay our selves out of debt to the Communist chinese, No money to the United Nations, reduce the money we spend in NATO, remove all illegal aliens from our country, secure all our borders, and rebuild our infrastructure. The last two creating vast numbers of jobs for our young people and help restore the middle class. To do this we need to organize ourselves (military of all groups) and like minded other groups like NRA members, Masons, Patriotic party members, etc. Get our own candidates up there and in strength vote them in and the others out. If our numbers are large enough we can control either party with our votes. We have all been trained to lead maybe our jobs are not done. The American people need leaders they currently have none, zero. You may not agree with every word of this but it is the idea that is presented to you for your thoughts to be added it has to start some where.

    • Marty

      DUHHH, do you think that they pay for their medical, nope, free medical and retirement for them, same pay as when they were serving in congress, Fair I think not.

    • Bonehead123

      Tell that to Obama !!!

    • Justin

      Let’s just give more money to illegals and welfare, and cut our benefits. No to Obama in 2012.

    • rich

      Real easy answer…..take care of your own first, drop the billions going to africa, greece, china. Get the illegals off the free ride of medical care, schools and subsidies. No more one term retirements for congress and senate, let them jump in the pool with the rest of us for benefits. No more money for the worthless U.N. Get energy independent…….meaning drill now for oil and gas in the US, get off the arab juice and then pull troops out of the mideast, stop wasting 1 billion a month trying to civilize those savages…….and use the cash of Americans.

    • Chuck Hughes

      I agree that EVERYONE has to feel a little pain . . . starting with congress, the the 49% who pay no taxes, then the welfare receipiants, then the $$$$$ wasted on revolving door substance abuse programs, travel pay of Veterans to get free VA care, VA waste and abuse, then tax shelter and loop holes such for companies-hell, I say we just go to a fair tax system or consumer tax where everyone puts chips into the pot. But then, I am just a insensitive SOB who doesn’t care about the poor . . . or the “children”. Chuck

    • richard

      Yo , Do you not recall that we were told FREE medical and dental for you and your dependents when you retire after 20 yrs service????
      BROKEN PROMISES< we were never told about having co-pays, annual premiums, etc,etc……..
      you mat be well to do and be a sheeple and take this, I on the other hand will not lay down and will keep on fighting these moron legislatures who keep screwing the pooch and taking it out on the backs military retirees and disabeld vets…

    • Sky King

      Charles, 45 years ago I was promised 50% of my Base pay and FULL Medical, Dental, and Optical for life if I served my country for 20 years or more. I did that, retiring in 1988. I can’t remember when we got our last COL raise which I believe has shrunk my pension to about 1/3 of my base pay. That coupled with my Medical Deductible and Co-pays along with paying for my own Dental Insurance and my own Optical it is probably more like 1/4. While our Tri-Care is probably the best Medical Plan in the country, it is not FREE as promised. Dental is on a standby basis, which is a joke and Optical is Non-existent. I believe Military Retirees benefits and Social Security should be TOTALLY off limits. Career Military sacrificed considerably and deserve to be taken care of and anyone that contributed to Social Security does not deserve to lose it while we spend MILLIONS on Illegal Aliens and Billions on Foreign Aid to countries that hate us.

  • David Hollands

    My Tricare coverage took care of over $100,000 in medical bills for my family this year. I’ll not complain about any rate increase as long as I live. People should spend their energy going to visit wounded troops or welcoming units home at the airport and stop petty bitching about minor fee increases.

    • John

      David, I do not blame you for being happy ….I just do not recall you visiting me at the hospital? Please do NOT ever suggest the rest of us not be concerned and complain about increases. When I retired (1990) everything was peach creamy…both my wife and I enjoyed what was promised us…free medical for life. However, around 1997, our congress was trying to figure a way of saving money and they got their attorney’s to determine that GUARANTEED FOR LIFE MEDICAL for the RETIRESS and his/her SPOUSE was not a legal guarantee, though it had been legal for over 20 years. Let me warn you and anyone else who thinks this and any rate increase as being so petty to complain about; they are ALWAYS looking at screwing the military over. When I served, 34% of the congressional members were themselves VETS….now it is about 2%. Your service is only appreciated on Veterans Day and Memorial Day….otherwise, forget it! Again, I am very happy they covered your $100,000 medical bill….something apparently they had to take care of. Warmest regards to every member of our past, current and military community.

      • Tammy

        John, you are absolutely 100% correct. And David, I too am happy they paid your medical bills. The issue isn’t about whether they raise the price of Tricare by this amount or that amount. The issue is that they will continue to do it. As far as I’m concerned anyone who served in the military PRE PAID their healthcare coverage for life. That is what was promised and that is what should still be happening. It is utterly ridiculous what this country asks it’s military members to do and promises them all of these benefits for life FOR FREE when they retire and then they just take it back and they believe that is OK. I’m utterly appalled by what our government thinks is the RIGHT thing to do…..not what they can do but what is the RIGHT thing to do. Thank you so much for your service John and David!!!!!

    • vivian

      I’m 100% Disable Vet with family.. I must say Tricare has taken real good care of my family-only having to pay 20% of the bill. C’m on, that is awsome! So, if increase may rise, so be it.. Think of U having to pay the entire Bill? My medical care from the VA Government had reach far over hundreds Thousands of Dollars, and cost me NOTHING. Just Remember- Once in the Military,or even when your out- Its still a small Community like Family.Were still being taken care of.

      • JTinker

        Vivian, first, thanks for your service. My one comment is that when you say, “… cost me NOTHING…” You are not totally correct. You are a 100% disabled vet. You paid in advance for your medical care. You paid with the loss of good health while serving your country. I am not 100% disabled, but I am a disabled vet with more than 20 years active duty. When I enlisted in 1965 I did so knowing I would probably make a career of my military service. When the U.S.A. contracted with me (and all other military members) to provide 100% medical care for life if I served the number of years required. I did what I promised. I served honorably and gave up part of my “good” health. The government then changed the rules and no longer provide 100% to military retirees and their families. It is been stated that the increase in tri-care costs is only a little, yet it and many other costs can and will continue to increase. Again, thank you for your service.

    • Davidhp

      Insurance is supposed to pay for medical bills so it is good to see it working. I retired in 1994, but have had other insurance through my civilian jobs, and Tricare has paid very little on many series surgeries my wife had since my military retirement.
      I was promised free medical care for life every time I re-enlisted while on active duty, I have been paying for Tricare prime for years now, what happened to those promises that were made to me for 22 years while on active duty.
      We have not received COLAs for two years, while active duty continue to receive them (I am glad the active duty continues to receive COLAs and am not complaining about that) but is my 22 years of service forgotten.
      I don’t mind paying my fair share, but I don’t like broken promises. I don’t like multi million dollar corporations and banks being bailed out when the government can’t live up to promises made to military members.

    • Anderson

      David it is apparent you have discretionary funds that go beyong most reitiree housing, food, gas bills. Be glad not mad at other retirees who dont. Remember, they were soldiers and served with honor.

    • Dalton Mathis

      Covering your medical bills is what is supposed to do. It may be a minor fee increase to you but there are actually people who live from paycheck to paycheck where an increase is never minor. I am a nurse and work for the VA so I see troops every day as well as those who are retired who have already paid the price and were guaranteed medical coverage but are being hosed over now with increases. I myself am retired military and everytime I raised my hand to reenlist it was with the peace of mind I would have (at that time, FREE) medical coverage for myself and my wife. After I retired they came up with this TRICARE which I have to pay premiums for. I was not grandfathered out so as far as I am concerned I was lied to. It is on principle that I object to increases that involve those of us who have already paid the price.

    • tiger56

      This is why tricare is going up, where they took care of your
      more than 100,000dlrs in medical bills , they took care of my
      250dlr medical bills for me and my wife this year, so we are
      the ones that stay healthy but we are the ones that suffer
      most when the damn cost continues to go up.

    • Betty

      David, we’ll quit bitching when they too take cuts. Hell why should they when they have the best retirement and their own private health care bill available. I wonder how much their increase will be. Like I said, read the 28th ammendment.

    • ugottabekidding


      You sound like a retired officer who has it made, and probably even hobnobs regularly with politicians. If you’re not a retired officer, you’re still better off than most of us regular folks who, as much as we’d love to, don’t have the time to visit wounded troops or welcome them home from overseas, because we’re working our butts off while you’ve got that covered. My wife and I have lost jobs and my military retired pay taxes have increased thanks to Obama and his cronies. We’ve resorted to selling things around the house and doing odd jobs to make ends meet while meeting our financial obligations. Every penny counts to us, so forgive me if my, “*****ing about minor fee increases.” violates your rose-tinted myopic sensibilities, you jerk! Those of us who are struggling (unlike you) are not complaining just about fee increases – you’ve missed the bigger message (typical officer). Among other things, we’re trying to make a point regarding all the lies we’ve been told by career politicians about “medical and dental for life” back when we enlisted. And by the way; if you weren’t anofficer, you sure could have been. From reading your post, I can tell that you would have fit right in…with the crappy ones.

    • Brian

      I’m glad you received your benefits for your family. However, small fee increases in benefits, it seems that you are doing well. Think of all the other veterans who don’t have a job, been laid off (due to economy), and all the state taxes, property taxes, federal taxes, gas taxes, etc which add up. Small fees do matter to some. To raise fees while economy declines is poor economics. Just my opinion. Retired CWO3 USN

    • John

      I know about that. I am not complaining about a rate increase. Tricare has been good to my wife. I will gladly pay the increase as long as they do not cut the services. That is what I am affraid of. Especially with Obammacare coming. I hope it is found unconstitutional before it gets started or we are all doomed. ” The closest thing to imortality is a government Program.” Ronald Reagan

    • Huey

      Shut up!

    • Kirt

      David, the problem is the scum-bag politicians who feed of the system like the parasites they truly are and demand differently from you. Have you forgotten that these parasites want you to have Obama Care and still others want to cut Medicare & Medicaid but created their own special golden parachute medical care for members of Congress only. that’s right David, these filthy parasites whom most have never serve a day in the military, screwed the American people and got special parasitic privileges for themselves – so spare me the crap! And yes, support the military and veterans organizations at every chance you can – god knows they deserved it!

    • rich

      I am enrolled in tricare, but dont even use it since I still work and pay for health care on the current job that is more widely accepted by doctors and labs in the civilian world……I dont want to travel to a military installation to wait in line to see the “assigned health care manager”. Some civilian MD’s take tricare, some do not……..same for specialists. I get a blank stare when I present a tricare card.

  • ricker

    how much of a pay raise did they vote for themselves this year…lets see if they will freeze their own pay

    • Tammy

      Oh, no, those jokers don’t even have to vote to give themselves a raise anymore. They have it set up that they AUTOMATICALLY get a raise every year. They have to vote to NOT get a raise.

    • BobVelon

      They got a $3,000. pay raise. I noticed they took almost $70 a month from my civil service retirement and my military retirement… Now they want to raise our pharmacy rates. They keep taking all the benefits we worked 20 yrs to get. Wake up, our representatives do not work for us, they work for the establishment and take every penny they can get…Why past time to make drastic changes and take our government back!!!!

    • MarDetGuy

      I believe congressional annual salary raises are automatic – unless they vote to stop the raise…. which I don’t think they’ve ever done.. very convenient !

    • Robert

      Congressional pay freezes are part of a bill in the HR.

  • William

    Here is the question – – do any of the elected representatives pay for their health care costs? If not, how can they ask others to make sacrifices when they do not. A double standard doesn’t make it the right standard.

    If they think the new health care law is so great, why don’t they get their health care coverage under it?

    • mary


      • Tammy

        Yes, they do pay for their own healthcare. The difference is they didn’t spend their career getting shot at and being trained to kill people and they most certainly didn’t sign over their life to the government. Last time I checked they’re still driving around in big cars that we pay for and they are working 3 months here with a two week vacation and three months there with a two week vacation. Comparing insurance plans and insurance premiums for anyone to that of a service member isn’t just comparing apples to oranges, it’s comparing meats to vegetables. It doesn’t work. Members of our Armed Forces essentially give up their lives for service. They do so willingly but they also did so based on certain promises made to them by our government. The government then renegs on these promises. And they wonder why no one in this country trusts them.

    • Frank

      The very people who oppose government-funded health care are enjoying that benefit for themselves and their families. If Congress is so opposed to it, why do they accept it for themselves?

    • Bud S

      Senators, Congressmen and their staffs often pay as much for their health care in a month as we military do in Tricare Prime for a year. Don’t expect a lot of sympathy from members of Congress or their staffs about a $60/yr increase in annual Prime Enrollment fees. Now, that has to be balanced with the demands placed on the military, but on the whole, we do pretty well in the health care arena.

      Bud S.

    • Mark

      Amen brother!! We all keep saying they should be under the same health plan and Social Security like us peasants; so they are better able to feel our pain!! But how do we make it happen! I think we can start by firing this President. Amen?

  • Ralph

    What we need in the Congress of the United States of America is term limits. Public office was not designed by our fore-fathers to be a career. It was designed by them to allow the people to serve their nation and then go back to private life. The vote themselves pay raises; they do not have to participate in mandated medical programs. They get power drunk because they think they are better than the people who sent them there. Vote all of them out of office and elect new ones.

    • Deb

      I agree with you about term limits. It allows for fresh ideas to be introduced and prevents the “good old boys” club from keeping new bills from being introduced and passed.

    • mary

      I agree totally!!!!

    • MARINE56


    • Tina

      Go Ralph; They could really cut spending If they would take a pay cut; just as they have ask trhe rest of us to do. Starting at the top. and as one Mayer has done. In Jacksonville Florida. Couldn’t all the fat cats in DC. take a lesson from Him. Tina

    • Retired Airdale CPO

      Since Congress would have to vote on term limits, it won’t happen. WE HAVE TO IMPOSE TERM LIMITS ouselves by popularizing that idea. Maybe we can begin spreading slogans like ” One Two you’re through” (meaning 12years max), or “Ten and Done!” This might get the idea in people’s minds that they shouldn’t vote for anyone who meets those criteria. We’ll eventually turn the whole Congress over. One thing about limits however. I think it would weaken the Congress as a wholedue to lack of continuous leadership. Perhaps the Leaders should be allowed to continue. maybe the top 1% of each party, and they would have to be voted into that position, either by Congress or the people (haven’t really figured out how it would work.). Whatever the case, we need a HUGE shakeup. While we’re at it, we need to figure out how to stop the media from pushing their agendas on us. I think they are another HUGE problem.

    • buzz

      I agree 100%. However, WE THE PEOPLE, keep putting the same people back in office. Let’s vote them all out, and start over.

      • frontrunner

        buzz, I somewhat agree. But, we MUST be careful who vote to take thier places. There are some real IDIOTS running for political offices these days.

    • Martha

      I agree with those losers having a term length and a lower pay scale. They need to live like the rest of America.

    • Guest

      I agree wholeheartedly.

    • gblack

      I agree with the term limits issue. But here’s another idea, when it comes to congressional benefits I think it should be placed on the ballot for the people to vote on, ie pay raises for congress, health benefits, etc.

      • mike ramsey

        I think they should be put in the Civil Service System. Isn’t that what they are uncivil servants? Put their dumb asses in a catagory in the GS system and a time clock beside the door of both chambers and make the dip shits punch in and out to get paid and no fricking overtime.

    • mike ramsey

      Damn right we need term limits! I agree the Founding Fathers did not make their sacrifice to starting this country so a bunch of rich assholes (Don’t you find it strange how these assholes increase their wealth while in office?) can park their asses in Washington and do what they please. Kick the bastards out after two terms and no retirement!! get a job like the rest of us you dick heads.

  • John Civick

    I agree with you , I don’t mind paying a little more but please don’t badmouth the retirees, some are having a bad time financially. As for me, I retired form the military worked at he local VA Hospital and ruined my feet beating them on the hard floors. I am eligible for Federal Employees Health Insurance (FEHB) and this fall I’m going back to FEHB, I’m tired of the federal gov’t threatening to change things, increase fees and in general the insecurity the feds offer with Tricare. With FEHB I can go to any provider and need no referrals to see a specialist. It’s worth the peace of mind/

  • Mike

    Let’s share the wealth. I’m OK with increasing Tricare (altho not part of the original bargain when I signed up in ’65). I’m OK with a pay cut, but….
    all three branches of government, government employees and contractors (everybody on the DC dole) should all take similar adjustments. How about Congress using Tricare for a health plan? This is not unreasonable. Get Jimmy Carter back and everybody put on a sweater.

    • Charley

      Hi Mike,
      What “pay cut” ? I tried to look at the actual bill but finding anything in there will be like looking for a needle in a haystack. It’s HUGE. Anyway, just curious about the “pay cut” you refer to in your post. Thanks.

    • you had me with you until you had to mention JC. Mister PEANUT is a good example of the problem in DC cant make a decision unless he checked with his polling company. or Special interest groups for guidance. but everything else you said I agree with completely. i will take a cut when the rest of Washington takes theirs, but I dont think I will live long enough to ever see that.

    • Jacqueline O Chaplin

      Jimmy Carter, you have got to be kidding!! One of the most useless presidents ever.

      • Smok’n Joe

        I was born in NM, have relatives all over west Texas and frankly believed that it was illegal or at least very dangerous to vote anything but Democrat.. THEN CAME JIMMY!!!

        As an E5 in Korea in 69-70 it cost me just about a month’s pay to buy the complete set-up for top line stereo. Under Mr. Jimmy 8 years later – as a 1LT – it took me 3 months pay to get the same quality gear still under the Pacific exchange. And then he froze military pay “to set an example”.

        so he was not totally worthless as he convinced this Texas boy that Republican was the way to go.

  • currahee

    u r a jackass civilians are not getting killed cause if they were then people would care if a war was going on fuck you find me a civilian with 5 combat tours and i will listen bet u voted for obama u fucking pog

    • PO(ed)2


    • Vburg

      Lvnwrth is correct…Everyone wants to reduce federal spending, except, they don’t want to give up any of their gov’t benefits….I have been deployed over 10 times and was involved in DS1 and 2, GOWT (Afgan) and I have no issue w/TRICARE increasing the cost (esp. these small increases). BTW, why does it matter who this person voting for…all that questons shows is that you anger is just a political statement.

    • g40160

      neither did 1/2 the retirees that are serving now…most of them retired back in 2001 so what did they see…NOTHING!!!…and don’t say a word to me about not knowing what military life is about because I am married to a retiree…the ONLY soldier’s that “should” not entitled, to anything additional by the military are the one’s who actually went over seas and fought..not the one’s going to mob units only to be sent to a warrior unit because of shoulder pain and then med board out…Yes, we SHOULD pay more for our Tricare….

  • bob

    i dont care about the fucking deficit until we win the war. when soldiers stop dying then i will give a shit so if you are not concerned with winning the war and bringing our boys home shut the fuck up

  • Ted

    Here we go again every senator needs to be voted out of office, when are their rates going up. With the wat they are screwing the military now with benifits, I would not encourage anyone to join anymore. I used to encourage the military I did 30 years been retired 2 every year it seems like they take something away. I think the presidient needs to have military backround, So that way he knows what we go through, The president now don’t have a clue.

    • MARINE56


    • John

      Ted, the congress does NOT pay ANYTHING for thier medical or dental or vision. While they are in office or after the get out of office. It is free for life for them & their families.

      • Richard

        John, Yes they do pay SOMETIMES! Here is the research


        FROM: http://abcnews.go.com/GMA/OnCall/congress-health-

        On-site Capital Hill Office of Attending Physician (4 Navy Doctors + Support Staff)
        Flat annual Fee of $503
        Consulting Chiropractor
        On-site Physical Therapy
        Consults from: Johns Hopkins, Cleveland Clinic, military hospitals, etc.
        Free treatment at Walter Reed Army Med Center, Bethesda Naval Med Ctr.

        FROM: http://www.opm.gov/insure/health/

        Federal Employee Health Benefits Program – They are NOT required to contract
        Menu of multiple available plans to choose from, some depending upon State
        Nationwide Fee for Service available to all
        State specific HMO, HDHP and CDHP plans

    • keith

      I am a Navy retiree. Most people might not agree with this philosophy but I think the office of the presidency should not be an elected office . I think it should be appointed by committee much like our commanding officers and high ranking military offices. Lets face it , most people are to ignorant to vote and it is getting to the point where people are voting on race vice who is qualified. So the more minorities like hispanics or blacks is going to mean more votes and free stuff for minorities . It might sound harsh, but it is the reality of it.

      • Ret Chief

        Well now, there it goes! If you say so, it must be so. One Minority President out of 44 and its based on race. I wonder what the others that was voted in was voted for, Are you a majority?? Did you vote for the 43 majority Presidents. I guessed you voted for them because of their race, since you think others do!!!

    • Jim

      Ted: If you believe the President (POTUS & CinC) “needs to have military background”, go to your Congressman’s office and tell your Congressman. Go to the Senators of your State and tell them the same thing! Writing the thought here does nothing – absolutely nothing!!!!!!

      The POTUS has over 300 million people for whom concerns must be addressed as a whole. That is our Nation. We military retirees, 6 million people, are an absolute minority in the national demographics. Very few of those are willing to go into an elected person’s office and make direct face-to-face comments. Those electeds know that well. Therefore, they have no fear about re-election. The 6 million are of no concern, because most gripe (which is learned so well in military service) and most will not vote, and will not address elected officials face-to-face.

      So Ted, get on the phone [or email] those electeds and get an appointment to speak directly with them. Whatever you wrote here, they don’t read (or hear), so it all went for nought – other than perhaps giving you some “feel good”.

  • Terry

    By the way, I failed to mention this, but whenever I make a comment concerning our representatives’ efforts(?) on our behalf, I also copy my representatives.

    It just seems like a good policy, you may want to let them know how you feel about their job security.

    • Jim

      Copy your representatives? Unless you provide all information shown on your Voters Registration Card, and a valid telephone number, any copy sent to your in-office (Senators and Representative) is deleted (Auto-Delete). Believe me – as an Volunteer Intern in a Senator’s office for two almost years that was my mornings’ daily task; to delete/trash all improperly submitted electronic mail items. If it is something you forwarded after receipt from another person, that is Auto-Deleted! Have the office holders ever told you this? No! Of course not! I was deleting some 250-plus items daily, and taking count of the Auto-Delete items (usually 300 – 400 daily).

      The old rule – follow the rules – but, you’ll not be told unless you ask…something like being in active dute military service.

      • dontfgothere

        if i go to my representative’s website and provide the information thru THEIR form they BETTER BE PAYING ATTENTION because i WILL get their attention at the ballot box.

  • wayne

    Make the rein not reign – duh.

    • Retired Airdale CPO

      Hmmm. Reign might have been a freudian slip.

  • ray durbin retired SKCM

    When I joined the navy this was all free, why do they change after we do our time. I did 30 yrs and now they want me to give back some. I do not understand why?

    • Mark G.

      Tricare came to be when the government decided to close all the hospitals and turn them intp clinics. Not enough doctors ?? Guess they quit “drafting” them so they didn’t have to come into the military any more to do their residency training..they practiced on us!!!! Hell they could make more outside…and still do…since they set their own fees in line with Health insurance costs…LOL I was making $78.00 a month when I came in service in 1952..what was your pay rate in the 80’s Ray?

    • Is It 2012 Yet?

      It’s because the Government can spout off about Integrity in all they do and talk the talk.. but they themselves do not walk the walk.

    • chuck

      and just why do you have to use you retired rank? It don’t matter no more there. And if you do not understand why this is happening I don’t understand how you came to the rank you retired at.

  • wayne

    I am okay with the $30 Tricare fee increase and future increases if they stick to the COLA formula. I am not sure what the increase in co pay for pharmacy is so I cannot comment on that just yet. I am not for a pay cut as I cannot afford it. I already took a significant pay cut in my civilian job. Also, I would think it morally wrong since we have already completed our contract, in the civilian world this would be a breach of contract. Although we are held to different rules, regs and standards. I have wrote my congress numerous times but it does nothing as far as I know. We can just move forward as best we can and let our voice be heard.

    • Ed retired

      It’s hard to believe that any good citizen would want to penalize the military any more than they already are for the great job they do and the responsiblities and dangers they encounter. They’re the ones that allow us to continue the good lives we live.

    • Guest

      Based on your comment about a civilian job, I am guessing you are Guard/Reserve, while I appreciate your service, the majority of the changes being recommended are going to affect that active duty component, not the reserve component, contrary to your belief most of the active component isn’t that concerned with your benefits, and most of us want to see your ID cards changed to read “Guard/Reserve” again

  • Cheryl

    So if this passes, our loved ones that are defending our freedoms and those of the idiots in Washington will get paid a little over $7 extra a day to put their lives on the line?????? I’d like to see those yahoo’s go through what our families and loved ones go through and get paid what we get paid. I can tell you right now that they would be all up in arms then.

    • Kathy

      I totally agree with CHeryl. This whole things just stinks. When are they going to pass a bill that decreases their pay and increase their meical premiums. Would love to see them live on what we get.

      • Mariah

        Kathy, they never will. My Dad always taught me how important it was to vote, and up until I “grew up” I realized that these politicians don’t want to go to office to help us, they want to be voted into office only because of the huge bennies they get in return. It’s sad,, but it’s true. Unfortunately 100% of our peers do not feel the same way we do. IF we did, trust me, those idiots in DC wouldn’t have the nerve to mess with the military because we’d be all over them.

    • Mariah

      I agree Cheryl, those morons in DC don’t have a clue about what our young men & women are doing. They expect them to take a bullet for $7 a day–how pathetic!!! I’m tired of our own (military –retired and active) agreeing to DC’s meddling. This is why they keep doing it. I’m also tired of people comparing TRICARE costs to the civie world.

  • Danny

    I am retired out of the Navy Reserves and I fall under the Gray area retired and if I get TRICARE my primium would cost me over a $1000.00 a mounth what is fair about that.

    • semilogical

      Danny, I too am retired Navy (Reserve) and my tricare will be less than $500 a year until the change is put into effect. Someone has told you wrong. I’m about to leave the gray area (pink ID) and go to the retired reserve (blue card). You need to get better information before you get to age 59. You have to be ready and nobody is going to do the work for you.

  • lvnwrth

    Are our loved ones mercenaries, who are only interested in the $7 a day? Our military is the best paid this country has ever known. None of us did it for the money, and I’m guessing our sons and daughters, nieces and nephews aren’t either. If they are, shame on them. They need to resign/retire/ets and go get a regular job.

    • abby

      no, they’re not mercenaries and that’s an insult to everyone one in uniform and everyone who has ever served. Shame on you!

    • Is It 2012 Yet?

      “None of us did it for the money” lol.. I guess you havent been near an army recruiting office in the last couple of years. Once the recession hit, the recruiting offices got slammed. I highly doubt that it was because of a newfound sense of purpose. lol Money is a driving factor for many military members.. so are the benefits and the college tuition programs. LOL And most people don’t label themselves mercenaries either. That’s just ridiculous.

    • TonyM1972

      When most local cops in Massachusetts make over $100,000 and retire after 25 years at age 55 with $80,000 pensions, I believe your search for mercenaries should be focused in your town of residence.

  • cali_co

    The headline is misleading.
    The Senate Armed Service Committee is not the Senate, nothing has been approved yet. This committee consist of two people, one Republican and one possible Democrat, not so sure about the latter.

    It is best if you contact your Representative. I just did.
    This committee has not just been established under President Obama, this Committee has been active under Bush already.
    For years they tried to get retirees to jump the Tricare wagon and get their non military employers insurance to save on government costs. Now they might succeed.

    It is ironic that active duty is exempt from the raise, they use up a little less than half of the Tricare budget. And it is also ironic that retirees need to pay again. Perhaps it is time to tax the rich.

    Look into the eyes of the damaged retired vet and tell him/her they have to pay again?
    I don’t think so!!

    God Bless

    • Mark G

      If youdon’t know it yet….ACTIVE DUTY military…don’t have to pay for Tricare ….they only pay for their dependents. I’m on Tricare for life but I still have to pay for my dependant wife. She isn’t 65 yet..

  • earl

    Im retired 21 plus years, ive seen Democrat and republican presidents. It seems the demos allways screw the military and dont give a big poop about any one but their self. Look at what good ole Clinton did to us. Carter was horible to the military. bottom line they do not care about our military people or families. I wish we had anouther Ragen in office, he wasnt great but he did pull the military folks out of poverty.

  • JVB

    Folks, I read most of your comments: as a 24-year military veteran (USAFR retiree; aviator and lawyer), I’d say most of you are delusional whiners. Many people–myself included–view the DOD as bloated. And I don’t perceive most of our campaign overseas as “defending America” or “defending freedom” or anything of the kind. (And yes, I served overseas immediately after 9-11). You need to get a grip on reality: it’s a VOLUNTEER force. If you don’t like the compensation packages, exercise freedom and separate. But whatever you do, get off the pedestal. You’ve had WAYt oo many freebies at Applebee’s.

    • Daniel L. Lieberman

      I agree with your comment about the right to separate if one does not like the compensation. I believe the objection is to the retroactive change in benefits. One cannot reclaim 26 years after they have served retroactively.

    • Is It 2012 Yet?

      For someone so educated and so “qualified” you would think that you wouldn’t be so blase about the current situation. You say military members should get out because it is all voluntary. Get out to do what though? Are you hiring? I don’t think choosing between one crappy job (military) vs unemployment is a difficult one. Besides, if the military has its way, most of the force will be booted out anyhow before too long. They keep downsizing and there will be noone left to fight except some guys with ducktaped weapons and a broken blackhawk.

    • Army Retired

      Hey JVB, it sounds as if you’ve turned into a politician, I guess being a lawyer has diluted your patriotism. Too many freebies at Applebee’s, really? If anyone’s delusional, it’s you!!

    • Ray

      You must be the reason there are so many lawyer jokes. My 3 Purple Hearts and Silver Star against your years of school. Which one is more pertinent to the topic? I have lost what I was promised. I would think that as an attorney you would be concerned that Congress can and does change the rules to suit their reelection needs rather than the commitments the govt has made. Fact is, when folks are sent to war it costs a lot of money for the 50 or 60 years following the cessation of hostilities. I promise to think of you when my wife helps me out of the bed in the morning and ties my shoes for me. But then, I’m just a whiner.

    • TonyM1972

      So you admit being a REMF and you call combat veterans whiners, you sound like Teddy Kennedy’s ghost.

  • Peggy

    PLEASE READ THIS:::::____ This is something I will fight for and I hope you all read it all the way through. You will be glad you did.____ ____The 26th amendment (granting the right to vote for 18 year-olds) took only 3 months & 8 days to be ratified! Why? Simple! The people demanded it. That was in 1971…before computers, before e-mail, before cell phones, etc.____ ____Of the 27 amendments to the Constitution, seven (7) took 1 year or less to become the law of the land…all because of public pressure.____ ____I’m asking each addressee to forward this email to a minimum of twenty people on their address list

    • 0369MSgt

      How many years did you serve in the military? what does this have to do wirth military benefits in the articale?

  • Michael Holbrook

    Hey be glad you have the health care we have. I also work for the State of Calif. and most of the workers pay any where from $500 to $700 per month. I only pay $115 per quarter and I get a extra $130 per month for not taking state health care. Quit the bitchen. Pround to sign my name: SCPO (ret) Michael Holbrook I also retired in 1992.

    • 0369MSgt

      Hey Chief, I agree with you. I think many here are wanna be military personnel. The rest just want o further some political BS. If they want action in Washington, they need to write their elected officials there. I retired from the Corps in 1984. I too saved a bundle by oping out of employer heathcare and taking on TRICARE. Plus I went to military hospitals and the VA for all of my care. Take care Chief

    • TonyM1972

      As a SCPO have you ever worked or horrors killed someone or more horros hold your buddy’s head while he sucked up his dying breath?
      As a 5 year Vietnam combat veteran with over 500 notches on my pistola and many friends KIA, I find your comments offensive.

    • Bonehead123

      The reason why health care is so expensive is the AIDS epidemic from all the gay people…you know… FAGS !!!

  • JSP

    Hey Michael Holbrook be glad you have the health care. Listen dumbass, when you first enlisted you where supposed to get free medical…. Not increases…. Civilians work hard they don’t give their lives in the line of duty. Military people who put their lives on the line day in and day out where promised free medical benefits. State employees pay more for healthcare, and???…. When do state employees put their lives on the line, or give 20 plus years of service without choice of where to live. I think you forgot what you gave up to serve over 20 years away from family, friends and the normal way or civilians. Dude Civilians get to go home everyday, We get to go home maybe once a year if were lucky. Enlisted people dont get paid that much now you want them to pay more when they retire…. WOW…

    • DNPS

      I think your mistaken JSP. You always have a choice in the military ( you might not like the consequences, but a choice remains). I never recall anywhere on the enlistment form a box saying I had to serve 20 years. Did they change this some how or are you just dumb? I also disagree with your statement about enlisted not getting paid. I’m pretty sure enlisted live a fairly good life for just having a high school education. High School diplomas in this country are worth hardly more than the paper there written on, you make damn good money for being enlisted and only having a highschool education. I know in 2001-03 I was making about 60K a year being enlisted. Oh yeah and I had free education benefits too in addition to the GI bill so did every other service member. So quit assuming your the victim here and go better yourself through programs the military does have. ( yes this is me calling you lazy ) Essiantially there is not a increase in tricare cost, you won’t lose any money because the cost is covered in the COLA increase every year. Quit being a TARD JSP

    • WonderMan1950

      WAY TO GO JSP…..NUFF Said…I DITTO…..

      • DNPS

        Look another lazy enlisted person

  • Bonnie

    Maybe your premium is $500 per year but if you are on Medicareyou are transferred toTricare for Life and your premium is based on your salary. Oh yeah, you and your spouse both have to pay it – taken directly from your social security. At this time the lowest fee is $96 per month for both of you. That is $2304 per year. There are also cuts in some treatments – such as pap smears can only be performed every other year. Some treatments are removed completely. Just wait, if you live long enough you will feel the effects.

    • RET. MSgT. J.

      At 65 Tricare For Life has no premium, yes you will pay for the Medicare because that is a requirement to be elegible for tricare For Life. $96.00 a month isn’t bad.

      Before Tricare I paid Blue Cross $75.00 a pay day (26 a year) or $1,950. a year ((for single)) coverage and 50-75 % of the remaining bill that BC/BS said didn’t qualify under my plan. I am totally happy with Tricare Prime at $230. a year and in November the NO COST Tricare For Life will please me even more.

      • Linda

        We have no complaint about the Tricare for Life – we’d still pay $96.00/month for Medicare with or without Tricare for Life – check out some of the other supplemental policies!
        And $230.00/year for Tricare Prime? My co-workers pay more than that!

        • sslaughter

          I have Standard and what i pay out of pocket is not anywhere near what it would have cost me if I still had private insurance
          State Police officer diebectic with 3 young children 7 doctor visits 2 ER visits plus all our meds total cost private insurance monthly premium $ 367 monthly meds copays $480 hospital ER ( 2 visits equals 400 , 200 a visit) plus bloodwork and nomal3 month doctor visit 35 copay. plus 2 well care visits for children out of pocket 70 bucks plus out of pocket blood work 24 dollars . just with tricare standard all of the above only cost 322 dollars . and my retired miitary husband uses VA and he is satisfied. he gets all his meds free. and has a 50% disabiltity . we utilize all we can from the military. doing a little research was wonderful for us. And on Standard I do not need a referal…and no monthly premium.. so you just need to contact your rep over and over again. Just so happens my rep in my area also is my pharmacist and I see him working when they are not in session. At the state level anyway

  • Terry Musket

    In reading the many comments I hear those who say no way on an increase and I hear those who say quit whining it’s still a great deal. Me I agree it is a great deal seeing what my coworkers pay for private insurance. But my issues are 1) at what point will those who make these decisions also do there part and take some cuts, 2) will it stay linked to our COLA or will they change this later (read the old posts by Military Report) They wanted to link it to a system that would have meant as much as 5% increases even when we get no COLA. 3) even with this by linking it to COLA that means that the COLA that we get to off set the strength of the dollar will no longer be there and at what point does it stop increasing. Could it get to the point that more money is coming in than going out in cost. I think yes. And with this does this mean we’ll start seeing more COLA’s so as to allow them to raise the rates? So as with anything that comes from career politicians I don’t trust it as far as I can throw them. You decide!



    • Jim

      Hey, they are in Washington DC. That alone – especially at night – should qualify them for Hostile Fire and ID Pay.

  • George, USN Ret

    I personally have no problem with increases in Tri-Care. It comes relatively cheap by comparison. What I do have a problem with is that while military retirees are see the actual income decrease on a monthly basis due to this increase people like Rep. Anthony Weiner, who recently resigned from congress, who served almost 12 full years will receive retirement benefits totaling approx $46,000 per year and will keep his congressional Med/Den benifits and pay nothing for those benefits. The system is broke and needs to be fixed.

  • Voter

    I agree with Danny. Military does pay a lot of benefits to Soldiers and families. A lot of Americans are complaining about President Obama, but many forget that we are in this crisis because we had Bush in office for 8 long years. He did enough damage to our economy, that no matter who we have in office, American’s still would be complaining. New Presidents cannot clean up in 3 to 4 years what took 8 long years to destroy!!!

    • American

      I’m sorry Danny, are you trying to imply that you would have done any better with possibly the “Largest Crisis Since WW2” then President Bush did? President Bush did the best job he could with the hand he was given. Either way you look at it, President Bush was screwed when those planes hit the Towers. I think everyone should back off and take a good hard look at his choices after those events. If I recall correctly, the ENTIRE country was behind him when he made the MULTI BILLION DOLLAR decision to go to war. That was largely responsible for the state were in now. The average American citizen cant look 2 weeks into the future let alone 10 years. This is what it all boils down to, yes? Money? And why our economy is so “messed up”? Maybe if people exercised their right to use their brain, they would understand that some things are even out of the control of “Presidents”.

  • Elizabeth Tobe

    What’s sad…..there was a person in Maryland that just robbed a bank for $1, because he does not have the money for healthcare. He’s now guaranteed 3 years in prison with medical benefits! Very good benefits! How can the Government cut the healthcare of the military personnel that have given up so much?

  • Ray

    What is going on with our government, they just take and take and take, the official of ours need to be in the same boat we are, take their big fat pay checks away and let them live as we live

  • Steve Marinko

    The only good thing in this bill is the change to hostile fire pay. Each and everyone of them are still a bunch of commie pigs that only care about themselves. Must be nice to pay nothing for health insurance and get a nice automatic pay raise every year.

    • Ed Wright


  • 25 year vet

    Thats the democrat way. Cut military pay and defense. I have gotten more pay and benefits raises when republicans wer in office and almost none when democrats were. That goes for while active and retired. Vote for the lesser of two evils Republican.

    • Alie

      This is biggest myth in the world. I am in the military now and I have been since 1991. I have gotten raises under Bush and Obama. Don’t cut off your nose in spite of your face.

    • Paul

      Since when have the Republicans been the lesser of 2 evils? Apparently your memory doesn’t extend to the massive recession of the Reagan era or the billions of debt that “W” Bush saddled us with. Wake up people. When you vote, vote intelligently and pay attention to the issues not just the party.

      BTW I’m a 20 year vet myself.

      • Scott

        What about the Trillions (and climbing at that measly Billions crap per day) with “T” that P Bo has given us in just 2 years. The people that criticize President Bush (not perfect by a long shot) should remember we were a little bit better off than now. I had hoped Obama would do the history books proud, and not only be the first black president but be the a good leader to a great nation. Not that it matters but I am a white conservative, but I still had hopes of more from someone taking on such a historic position than I have seen so far.

    • Ret Chief

      This law passed in the House of Representative, without fanfare. The House is controlled by Republicans! Thank you for playing; but try again!

  • Winston

    Everyone, don’t get so bent out of shape. Here’s the change. If there’s no COLA increase in a given year, there’s no increase in Tricare enrollment fees:

    `(2) Beginning October 1, 2012, the Secretary of Defense may only increase in any year the annual enrollment fees described in paragraph (1) by an amount equal to the percentage by which retired pay is increased under section 1401a of this title.’.

    • cali_co

      There is also a difference in earning $40,000 a year as a retired officer and maybe $22,000 a year as a retired enlisted. Both pay the same fees for now.
      Which one is hurt more by ‘only’ 100 bucks (or insert whatever you like) increase or 96/month with Tricare for life?? But it all comes down to the contract that never was…..serving 20+ years for the ‘free’ benefit.

  • zr1tom

    Yeah the military, both the active duty and retirees, are the red headed whipping boys. I noticed the increases are tired to our COLAs, meaning the cost of living increase is wiped out by the Tricare increases. Too bad that all the military folks cannot unite and vote these clowns out of office at election time. I think I need to run for congress so I too can live off the fat of the land, have all those great perks for life. I would say the same thing as those now in congress…… (Looking down from the ivory tower of congress and saying in a loud voice) “LET THE LITTLE PEOPLE EAT CAKE”!!! “I HAVE MINE SO THAT IS ALL THAT MATTERS!!!!

  • saigon68

    i was talking to a navy senior chief yesterday. he said he took home $108,000.00 last year. he is a cook. is he the highest paid cook in the united states? as an E-5,
    MM2(SS) i spent all of 1968 in the stinking mud of the mekong delta, just north and south of saigon. i made $7,800 that year. it was the most important year of my life. want more money? get out. get a real job. wait, $108,000.00 for a cook?

    • Andy

      Why would a submarine Machinist Mate be in the mud of the Mekong Delta? If you’re out there doing a job that’s completely unrelated to your actual rating, who is to say the cook isn’t overseas filling an IA billet doing a job far more dangerous and demanding than being a cook. I seriously doubt you are a previous military member. I think everyone here is seriously missing the point. It’s not about the cost of the increase. It’s the fact that I served my country with the understanding that I would receive certain benefits. After my part was fulfilled the benefits part should be fufilled exactly as promised. While on active duty I didn’t have the option of saying ” I know I promised to support against all enemies, foreign or domestic, but I think it’s better suited for me now to only defend against domestic enemies.”. Nope, I had to do what I promised the government and I expect the same in return.

    • rick

      unfortunately, there are folks who do much more and get paid less in the military…I see people work cool 8 hour days everyday, no worries about extra hours, while others are lucky to get no more than a 9 hour work day, often 14+ a day, and should be making much more…I’m an E-6 going on E-7 soon, barely find time to even take a lunch break, and I get paid the same as the dirt-bag NCO who browses the Internet half the day and maybe does a few slides for someone…oh look, it’s 1935, I just got home from work…and it started at 0530 this morning.

    • loyalsoxfan

      Actually, in ’68, when gold was 48 bucks, your 7800.00 per year was a much better deal than his 108,000 in today’s money USD…( Gold is now @ 1588.00 per oz….) meaning ? The cook can buy 2 Twinkies (this week only, if he hurries) and you could have purchased a Pontiac, plus a vacation in Hawaii, and groceries for 6 months….Also, keep in mind, that the (purposed) 2012 COLA is 1.6 %, while the inflation rate is around 4.2%……the entire thing is a moot point……Start buying Chinese and Russian money….seriously….and Canadian Maple Leaf gold coins…..and, then ya got ’em by the yanger….do not wait too long….go now….and stop griping….gotta beat these guys at their own game…..Seriously…..signed by a USN COOK….

    • Jim

      Saigon68, your veracity is much in question!!! A “navy senior chief” is not an E-5. Senior Chief is an E-8. So your tale is doubtful. Perhaps he made $108,000 because he was on a roll…on a roll…on a roll – he was a cook/baker.

      As for 1968, it was the Mekong Alpha then. It didn’t become the Mekong Delta until 1970.

  • AF-Won

    Has Congress also cut their benefits? No, wait… the;y are covered under a separate, untouchable plan.

  • Matt

    The only way that our voice will be heard is if we have all Veterans come together from all services. Go to Vetransid.com and become a member.

  • Matt

    Ray Durbin,

    There was never any “free health care”, that was a recruiting tool used to get people to sign on the dotted line. If you want email me at frick2k@yahoo.com, I have an article from a retired Navy Admiral that sums up that and many other health care questions.


    • Jim

      Right you are Matt! There was never any law, anything written in DOD Regulations, or Army/NavyAir Force, etc., rules and regs which stated “free health care” for life. If Congress never enacted such a law, then how could it be believed?

      I, for one, looked it all up back in December, 1955. The AF Recruiter almost refused to allow me to enlist – had to return four times – and stayed for 22 years. I always knew what was offered me.

      The basic rule has always been; before flushing, do the paper work.

      Worked for me.

    • TonyM1972

      There was a court case from Alabama which found that the promise of free health care for life in recruiting pamphlets constituted a valid contract. The USG appealed to the US Court of Appeals which upheld the ruling. At that time the Congress instituted TRICARE to prevent the case from being heard by the US Supreme Court.
      So your retired Navy Admiral must be suffering from Alzihemers.

  • vivian

    liked what you stated… I too, am an 100% Disable Vet, and an Kidney Transplant Patient. If people r complaining, then they should be given a dose of Civilan Medical cost. Once they realize what they would have to pay, then -they would be appreciated for what WE are given by the Government. Yes, we earned it for serving our Country-but lets NOT forget- “you chosed that choice”!

    • Tina

      NO ; everyone did not chose; ask some of the vetnam veterns. Istill say the presedent and senet/house reps. should be on the same benifits.

  • cali_co

    If you make 40,000 a year in retirement and get a 1% COLA raise, great.
    If you make 20,000 a year in retirement and get a 1% COLA raise, you are not even close to the 60 bucks!
    What is the percentage of enlisted retirees vs. officers? 80/20??
    Congress has no clue about the structure of military pay.

    • Ret Chief

      Oh please! Let’s stay on subject and not make this a between officer and enlisted thing. Both officers and enlisted personnel served and deserve the same recognition. They get more pay than the average enlisted person, but I’m a witness that they haave a lot more responsibility too. So, let’s not knock each other!

      • cali_co

        Humor me! If you look at the deaths from the Iraq war alone, since 2007 to present day, we had close to 1500 casualties, only 3.7 % of those where officers, over 96% where enlisted.

  • Liz Carver

    Congressmen and senators don’t vote themselves a payraise. It’s automatic. They must vote themselves NOT to get themselves their automatic raise every year.

    • loyalsoxfan

      Apparently you know very little about the Navy and how they assign their billets…..If cooks run the barracks, then why could not a MM (submariner) be off in the mud pits ? It is why we refer to submariners by the term “bubbleheads”…..meaning ? Unleash a few of these sub guys onto the enemy, and see what ya get……Still do not believe ? My dad was a boatswains mate, and for 4 years, he drove a bus….USN….don’t ya just love it ?? Cut this guy a break, and start believing, cause he is credible to ME….

    • navybrat

      And who approved this AUTO pay raise ? THEY DID….I surely was not asked…..and, bottom line is THEY DID indeed give it to themselves….open the eyes here…

  • Michael Isam

    If you are going to report, the report correctly.

    Your headline in the email notification you sent out states “Senate Okays TRICARE Fee, Pay Increases” then inside the report, you state it was the Senate Armed Services Committee that okayed the TRICARE increase and the Pay Increases. As a journalist, I expect better journalism than that from you.

    The committee is NOT the full Senate.

    Week of June 20, 2011

  • Alie

    Hello People, Stop blaming the President for everything. Did anybody notice that we got a raised while other Americans are suffering. You join the military at age 18(with a high school diploma) and retire at age 38. Besides Congress, where can you go and get free retirement and health care for life. I so sick of people whining. As far as I am concern, the military makes very good money. People losing their homes, sitting in free clinics for hours, not being able to buy food for your children. Grow up Military Members.

    • Roni

      Obviously you don’t reply on a military pension or benefits. Go on line and see what 25 years of service gets you. Wake up and realize what our military does home and abroad.

      • Alie

        No I do not. Because, I knew from the beginning that the military was not going to take care of me. I had no illusions when I joined the Armed Forces. From the moment that I joined, I started saving for retirement. My mother used always tell me to have something to fall back on. By the way, I know exactly what we do at home and abroad.

      • Scott

        Half the folks, like myself won’t be able to work as much due to the toll the military life takes on your body. Most will be grateful to be able to get a job in this economy, which some fault lies with the president and some with the CEO’s of large companies and banks he protects. The people that gripe about what we military members deserve to get or have gotten, usually are the ones living freely under the protection we and our families pay for on a daily basis. Your comments lead me to believe you neither appreciate or contribute to what we do for you. Some of my friends have died so you can sit there and spout off about how we make or get enough, but the next time you draw a breath of air under the freedom we provide instead of living in fear that a plane, or car bomb may kill you at any moment. I gladly serve, with pride to give you the ability to criticize what you will, but I urge you to try living away from your family for a year, and have your first born child born in the middle of that with no hope of going home to see that take place. Name anything you cherish and I can show you a military family that has done it minus mom our dad, and in some cases they will do it in memory of the, but you go ahead and gripe I will, we all will, fight for your freedom to do so as you see fit with that freedom.

    • ann

      It’s people like you that make me so angry they don’t make as much as you think as for joining the military that is an honor and a privilege. The men and women who are earning this money put their lives on the line for YOU just think about it….its not alwsys about money….maybe in the minds of simple people who would think so….

    • Bruce

      Are you high? Men and Women spent 20 or more years in the Military, alot of time away from their families for very litttle money. Retirement pay and health care is a small price to pay to protect your sorry *** so that you have the freedom to mouth off here.

      US Navy Ret

      P.S. Bite me. (

    • Bill

      Alie you are the problem proable never was in the Military or got booted out. Those people setting in the clinics need to get a job and support there children. Not all of them elect this life style but most do so I can’t feel sorry for them the children yes. But I am going to tell you something andit is the truth I have seen it and I have delt with the people. There is to many people on the welfare system. They work on so many hours so they can stay on this system. I can that I would not never sign a from agreeing that I had no more hours for that employee to work. I have the hours but they would elect to quite there job. So to put it all in line you sound just like one of them.

    • dave

      I wish I could RETIRE for good. The 24 yes of service gets me about $28k a year
      Not enough to support a family of 4 with one in high school and one wanting to go to college. I am proud of my service Anne would not trade the last 24 yes for Aything but. I still need a resent job to get by

    • I made a wonderful $77. when I first went in and if I really watched my money I could afford a six pack at the end of the month but its was close some months, then I got a big pay rase to $84 and way I was in heaven. then I made E-4 and made almost $150 wow I was really in the chips then spent 2 westpac cruses off of VN and then got the privlage to spend 11 months in country wow I was so lucky to come out of that with all my body parts but I did. I some times wonder if all the great benifits I was offered were only offered because they expected me to die before I ever lived long enough to collect, Well I did live and have been retired now from the military for 25 years but the first 14 years I was working for a company the had a great health plan that cost me nothing and I made about 4 times what I made the best year in the military.

    • but those days are gone now and the people retirening now if health still have a hard time to find a job. If you want to give up your benifits then fine do it thats your right but dont go treading on mind or anyone elses with your BS attitude.

    • Laurie

      Gee, Miss High& Mighty! When did you serve your country & be away from your family. Maybe these worthless people using all federal tools for money when they are capable of working could do their part and pay into the same programs they freely take from because they can’t keep their legs closed or penis in their pants & just keep reproducing like rabbits then hard working citizens such as myself who has worked as much as three jobs per year to make ends meet can take their retiree status and enjoy it. From what I see you are a liberal bleeding heart that has probably used the welfare system at the hard working Americans expense. It is pitiful to see people who steal from the system just because they can’t get off their lazy butts and work like the rest of us. Maybe we all should quit and then where would they get the money? From the worthless politicians such as Muslim lovng Obama who spends more time coddling them then paying attention to what the legitimate, hard working Americans get. We keep robbing Peter to pay Paul and Paul is all these worthless welfare recipients taking from me. I should not have to lose money on my retirement pay nor pay more for Tricare beause of these people. I worked for what I have and I think these people need to get out and work and quit being leeches! Where are the American flags and so forth in the Oval office. We have a hipocrite in the White House and he is taking this country down. Get rid of the illegals and get rid of those riding the system. If you can’t work go to another country and welch off their system. Obama and the stupid congress need to give up their lavish lifestyles and see what the retiree is having to give up! The America I grew up in is gone and we are going to the dogs. When everyone is in poverty except Obamas buddies are in poverty he won’t be happy. I didn’t vote for the idiot and will not ever, just what nationality is he? He becomes the nationality of whatever country he visits, what a fake moron. How far down is Obama going to take this country down before he is out!

    • Upset Retiree(20yr)

      > Alie
      Obviously you VOTED FOR NOBAMA— & ARE NOT a MILITARY PERSON— you have NO CLUE what it takes to spend TWENTY YEARS in the MILITARY!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and for WHAT??? a retirement that WILL NOT EVEN PROVIDE A PLACE TO LIVE AND FOOD ON THE TABLE FOR 2 PEOPLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! MOST if not ALL Military Retiree’s MUST WORK—- ONE if not TWO jobs just to SURVIVE!!!!!!!!!! and of course PAY for all the PEOPLE THAT think the FEDERAL GOVERNMENT is their SUGAR DADDY!!!!! oh — and all the ILLEGALs that WE HARD WORKING AMERICANS have to PAY TO ALLOW THEM TO LIVE HERE AND NOT PAY TAXES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! yeah—- YOU AND HE—- HAVEN”T GOT A CLUE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Retired Msgt

      You sir, are an idiot. It is obvious that you never served a day in your life regardless of the ‘we got a pay raise’. It is ignorant ****** like you and you democratic, liberal buddies that make me sick. I and others busted our hump so you and your cronies have the right to voice your opinions no matter how stupid and ungrateful you are. I will defend the United States with my last breath and the last drop of my blood, you would run to Canada and criticize her. You are worse than a traitor, you are a coward and you hide behind anonymity of a made up name. You come on to a military website and post you poisionous comments when you have never earned the right. You hjave lived on our coat tails and I would venture to say you are probably one of the welfare leaches bleeding our country dry by living off what you think you are ‘entitled’ to. You are entitled to nothing, you earned nothing and you comments are as worthless as you are. Get the picture punk?

    • Terry

      I guess that putting in 20 years in the military should get nothing. We are service members that sacrifice our freedoms for 3 years to 20 plus years so as the rest of Americans, those that don’t serve can enjoy the freedoms they take for granted. You don’t like the benifits we receive, then put on the uniform, do the job, and maybe you will understand the unseen pay that we dish out for you. Like the rest of Americans, we scratch and save to get by. The idea of “no taxes” on a military base sounds good, reality, we are always paying “surcharges” on what we buy on post to offset the government expenses. Saying that housing is free, get real, we receive a stypen based on the economy of the local areas of the base and if we have on post housing, we pay all of it to housing. Now in the last few years we also started paying the utility bills we and our families run up while on post too. By no means am I complaining, but pay attention to what is going on before you speak. Soon it is coming to the point where the government won’t want to give a retirement to active service members until we hit 62 or 65 like they do the guard and reserve. What is the point of staying on duty full time then? Who will protect your happy a$$ from the bad guys then. We will all be under trained and working our civilan jobs and you will have the fights taking place in America instead of us taking it to them in THEIR country. Yes deployments are a very good thing, you have no idea what life is like in Iraq or Afganastan. Them folks try to go about a regular day as you do, but when they walk out the door they don’t know if after watering their sand they will be able to walk back in b/c someone may come by and blow them up b/c of diffrence of oppenion. Just be grateful you have service members serving 24/7 for 20 or more years. And if you think a Social Medicen is the way to go, try out Tricare for a while, you’ll hate it the first time you are told it will take 10 to 14 days to get you sick bably in to see a doc and all the doc is going to do is say drink more water, run some tests, that you won’t get results back on either for at lest another 14 days, it goes down hill from there.

      • Jena

        I see the civilian docs and they tell you the same exact thing “drink more water” they run tests. I do get the results, but they are usually worthless and they have to run even more tests that I have to go to 3 or more different places to get done. And depending on the test I could wait 14 days or more! The only difference between the civilian docs and military docs is that the civies have much nicer waiting rooms and friendlier staff.

    • John

      Where do you get off claiming military retirees get free retirement – it is not free – I have to pay for mine. Also, health care for life for my family costs me thru Tricare Prime and my medicare for life costs me monthly thru deduction from my social security. It is obvious you know nothing about how the system really works.

    • larry beavers

      Hey Alie it sounds like you’re describing an old military retiree at a VA hospital. Not everybody retires at age 38 and in good health from the military. After all this has been an all volunteer military so most people deside to p;ay it safe and choose a civilian career so why are you blaming a veteran for having the b*lls to join the military instead of either trying to get ahead by staying and playing in the same loaction his whole life.

    • William

      This man will go down as the worst Pres we have ever had, facts are there. Do not mess with my benefits I earned them all with all I endured. Some know nothing of the prices we paid.

    • Jay C


      Have you served in the military? I’have been in for 15 years – served in Afghanistan, Iraq, All over South America. I’ve been shot, blown up, broken my legs, 5 vertebre in my back, lost partial nerve function in my arm (from being shot). Not everybody joins at 18 (with just a High School degree). We are paid much better these days than those that came before us – ask yourself this though before you judge whether it is enough or not. What freedoms have you given up? What physical risks have you taken daily? How aften have you risked your life for your country? Your Job? Twenty plus years of this lifestyle take a large toll on us. The fact is that the nature of our work ages us much faster (injuries, hard life, etc) than those of you who choose not to serve this country. That is a fact.

      Many are not whining as you so elloquently put it, rather they are expressing their concerns in this forum along with many others. The days of people “needing” the military are long gone. The military and our country needs people that CHOOSE to serve often for less pay than they could make outside. I for one – and there are many like me could make double or triple what I make now as a civilian. Also, many military are losing homes as well – when you are told to PCS (move) you move even if you can’t sell or rent your house. You should be greatful that people volunteer to risk thier wellbeing; so you don’t have to.

      As for whining about benefits – we signed a contract and want the benefits we were entitled to. If you are so worried about sitting in free clinics, etc – then maybe those people should join the military for the great pay and benefits??? You shouldnt comment and judge people if you cannot understand the reality of their situation – you obviously have no concept of the reality of our lives.

    • TonyM1972

      Teachers in my community in Massachusetts over the last 3 years have received cumulative raises ranging from 8.7% to 25.2%.
      Their average annual salaries are in excess of $50,000/year for 990 hours/year.
      Cops and Firemen can easily make over $80,000/year. Cops on detail at highway construction sites (flag wavers paid at $8/hr in most states) get $80/hr with a 4 hour minimum to drink coffee and chat with the workers.

  • Paul In KS

    To all my Kansas Reps, I hope you did not vote for this!! If so Its time for you to enroll in Tri Care.

  • Horseshit! My neighbors decided to run to college or Canada during Vietnam. I served for 20 years from 1968-1989, and my retirement package is not a BENEFIT, its an entitlement. Don’t screw with my retirement. Don’t screw with my entitlement package.

    • PO(ed)2

      I love vets. Kill bodies sir, thank you for your service.

  • Raul Rivera

    maybe if we continue writing to our congress clowns one day they will get their heads out of the sand and realize what a bunch of sell outs they are, staying quiet wont help!


    You don’t sound like the typical baby boomer actually want to do your fare share thanks. Also don’t use it been lucky on health so far. I do wish they would limit a lot of the staff in Congress and all these outside organizations. If a responsible person told Congress how much they could save by using buses or rail instead of planes to JRTC or NTC and the fraud that goes on down there taxpayers would save a bundle

  • Tammy

    JUst be careful with that because if they continually raise the Tricare premiums and the copays/cost shares and no colas are given it will EAT away at your pension. Those are the types of things you need to consider as well. I look at it and say wow, that’s really not bad compared to what civilians are paying. However, I then remember that FREE healthcare was promised to my husband and his spouse when he joined….

  • mike b.

    If you all do not like what you have then lest all push for the 28th amendment to take action on these issues.

  • Calvin Dill

    Congress and Senate you need to wake up and smell the coffee. You barely give a soldier aa raise and it’s a proven fact that a large number of Congress and Senate don’t pay their taxes and look how many have been caught up in adultry and taking bribes. I would very doubt that the Senat and Congress with the exception of very few have ever had to sleep on a cold wet ground and eat packaged foods while being shot at while you’re family is miles away wondering if they will ever see each other again. If some of you really know what aSoldier and his family go through then you would be amazed. You come in and are treated as a VIP on most of you will only see the top cover and not the real get down dirty and grittiness. Hats of to all SOLDIERS!!!!

  • abby

    Once again the military retirees and family members are going to bear the brunt of America’s burden. It’s not enough the military members put their lives on the line for this nation, they have to bear the financial burden as well.

  • James Sankey

    I don’t believe the PRESIDENT was a boy scout and doesn’t know crap about the military and the shit they are going through. Gave my 20 years and STILL taking it you know where.

  • Kenny Cook

    well as usual the active duty and retiree gets the shaft, almost gives an individual a reason to do the minimum time and go out in the world, use the training to better themselves. As a 20 yr vet i am ashamed to say this country has gone to hell in a hand basket, thanks to DC asses

  • Doug W.

    I agree with those who say the Congress should have the same health care as we do. I also feel they should not be able to arbitrarily make laws that only apply to us. The Constitution states that “Congress will make no law affecting themselves, which does not apply equally to the people”, and “….they shall make no law affecting the people, which does not apply equally to themselves”. Not only have they completely ignored this, but also have stolen the social security funds and used them for other purchases-that’s why the fund is almost broke now. I further agree with Renee Lambiris that the president is a complete waste. He needs to be gone in 2012.

    • suzy

      Almost broke NOW ?? Sorry to tell you this, but sources admit the SS fund went broke in Oct 2010……and sinking into the negative now each month by $ 10M ……and they did not steal the funds….they just “borrowed” them……(joke) Won’t be long now till the Chinese stick a bayonnet into our butts cause we cannot repay our loans….It was done on purpose ( the busting of our $$$ system) in order to cause rioting in the streets, requiring the Militia to be called out (restore order) and tear up the Constitution (for our own “good” and public safety) and , then Wham, Bam, thanks Ma’am, we now have a dictatorship……Hello….

  • will

    it sound like you are an army reservist who got called up during one of the Bush’s administrations. military retirement has never been the cause of the budget deficit. and as far as my civilian friends go, their retirement plans were three times better than the military plan, 20 or 30 years with a civilian company, you were able to actually retire. please friend do not compare apples to grapefruit

  • MARINE56


  • EagleNC

    I agree that Tri-Care is an exceptional deal. The only issue I have with the cost increase is the imposed limit to COLA increases. Certainly Tri-Care will always match their cost increase to COLA leaving retirees take home pay stagnate. I feel that limiting the fee increases to 50% of COLA increases would work well for all.

    • Jim

      Everybody tends to disregard the most important of facts. Military pay was not/never structured in a manner which allows members (Active Duty & Retired) to absorb costs and fees being charged these days. Especially retired military members. In all fairness, recomputation of retired pay is required to create fair balance. COLA will not to that.

      At the present rate of fees being assessed, by 2022 military retirees will be returning all retired pay in the form of fees, charges, co-pays, etc. It will then be expected that the military retirees will have to get by on Social Security. Problem is, there won’t be any Social Security Trust Fund by that time.

      I’m planning on trying to get a paper route again. That was my first job back in 1949: no benefits, no health insurance, no COLA – just like now. What goes around…well you get the idea.

  • Tom

    Danny, it isn’t the President, but the Congress that adjusts these programs and fees. He just recommends and/or supports, or not. He doesn’t get a vote in Congress, but does carry substantial weight with the Democratic Party which can withhold support for any Democrat not in support of his agenda.

  • Winston

    And something that so few apparently know, the Consumer Price Index itself upon which COLAs are based is a manipulated joke due to the use of various fudges to make it lower than actually living cost increases (hedonics – your new computer is ten times faster than your older one so it’s 1/10th the cost; substitution – you can’t afford beef so you’ll buy chicken;etc.) As a result, the CPI no longer represents the percent increase in pay required to maintain a constant standard of living.

    Now, they’re working to fudge it even more:

    “Lawmakers are considering changing how the Consumer Price Index is calculated, a move that could save perhaps $220 billion and represent significant progress in the ongoing federal debt ceiling and deficit reduction talks.” And because nobody has an issue with the current artificial hedonic and otherwise adjustments to the CPI which always reflect a far lower increase in prices than what is actually happening, here comes the government with another idea to make inflation appear to be rising even slower: “According to congressional aides familiar with the discussions, the proposal would shift how the Consumer Price Index is calculated to reflect how people tend to change spending patterns when prices increase. For example, consumers tend to drive less when gas prices increase dramatically. Such a move is widely seen by economists as resulting in a slower rise in inflation. That would impact an array of federal programs that are linked to CPI including the Social Security program and income tax brackets set by the federal government. The proposal could lower federal spending by around $220 billion over the next decade, based on calculations by last year’s White House deficit commission, which recommended the change as part of its final report.” What does this mean practically? SImply said, the worst of all worlds for the US middle class: “[the proposal] would likely lead to both lower benefits paid to seniors and higher taxes paid by most people who pay federal income tax.”

  • Redleg

    Everyone criticizes President Obama-yet, in line with his work to cut spending, he is doing as much cutting across the board even though the cuts are not exactly what the GOP wants.
    The increase in Tricare still makes it affordable-so quit complaining. I don’t have Tricare but I can tell you that health insurance is quite expensive in the civilian market. Tricare, with the increase is still a great deal.
    As far as military pension: that’s next. Will I complain? No because I have always expected it to be reduced. We have an out of control US debt that cannot be paid. The US dollar is quickly losing confidence worldwide; many countries are paying with Euros and gold for oil. Gold and platinum are at an all time high because the US dollar is not trusted and probably will be devaluated soon. Civilian pensions are being attacked nation wide with their benefits reduced. Some pensions are being eliminated altogether. Expect the same with military pensions as well. Suck it up and cointinue to march-nothing is ever guaranteed.

    • Kelly

      Maybe if we would stop letting our US companies send all of the jobs overseas our economy could recover some. I was promised free health care for life and even though it’s not as expensive as civilian insurance, it’s not what I was promised. A promise is a promise. If I had done something during my career to void my contract, I would have been dealt with as per the UCMJ would dictate. Why isn’t the government being held accountable?

    • Retired Msgt

      You are an idiot and as big a liar as Oboma!

    • Scott

      The cuts that need to be made are left off the table because it would hurt Obama’s main supporters, big businesses, unions, and the like. The country does not need 16, 000 more IRS agents, it needs leaders who will stop spending money like it is free. This administration in 2moro years has spent more than 4 times what the previous one did. I am just fed up with people taking the side of the president, if he will do his job and represent the peoples wishes he and we would be better for it. I know every suggestion the GOP comes up with can’t be as much crap as what our nation is dealing with right now.

  • james wyrick

    Yes, they continue their “mark-up” with not a word about concurrent receipt for America’s Disabled Military retirees. Especially those who were retired early due to “service connected” disabilities. For shame! Chapter 61(medical retirees)are still being denied their “earned retirement”(2.5% for every year served). A second class military retiree! CRDP(concurrent receipt of disability pay)needs to be funded now, all to many are passing without their due, as widows are with the DIC/SBP dollar for dollar offset! A military retiree is a military retiree!!!

  • Hey stop with the whining already….you elected them… him or whomever is making all these decisions. I have always said that when it comes to protecting the military retiree, there should be no party lines… get up off your asses all those who complain and vote for the person who will truly represent us all, forget the politics. But we won’t do that will we…there is a lesson to be learned by all this. We always elect the best of the worst, we always go with party lines, and when it all hits the fan and become disappointed because our representative in the Senate/Congress does not do what we need done, then we whine. You don’t like what you are getting, think next time about it when the elections come up. Get rid of all the old dirt and put in new fill..it is time, and not just for protection of our retiree benefits, but all things that affect us. We are a voting power to be reckoned with, how long will you wait before you take a stand where it counts, and I am not talking about this blog.. I for one will not complain about paying a bit more for Tricare, since I have a sister who pays in two months what I pay for the year.

  • SGT. B


  • Jimbob

    I’m willing to bet a dollar to a donut that congress gets a double digit pay raise….any takers?

  • Bill

    Everyone is consern about the budget and they want to take it out on the Retirees and so on. Lets start with cutting the number of elected officials we have in Washinton D.C. For each state cut the number of congerssional district
    in half. Now we could be saveing some real money and get back in to the black on the budget. Look at your state and see what I am talking about. Each state has to many congerssional district. I look at Texas the other day almost fell out my chair. Our goverment is to big at the top. Lets start cutting things there.

  • AF Retiree

    The current cost of TRICARE is very reasonable and I have no problem “my fair share”. Most retirees joined to support the country. Paying a little more for health insurance is just continuing that philosophy.

    TRICARE is much better than CHAMPUS ever was. As an active duty member, we would be on the phone for an hour to get a medical appointment. As a retiree, under CHAMPUS, it was almost impossible to get seen on base. This is not true of TRICARE. The small cost is worth it.

    The real issue I have with military healthcare is that FREE medical care was promised to us if we served long enough to retire. We kept our word and served, but the government did not keep its word. We should expect they won’t keep their word on future TRICARE increases either.

  • Tom

    or maybe they should serve the way the original congress did with no pay or pension or health benefits!

    • Frontrunner

      Tom, I totally agree. I also believe the President, Vice President, all Senators and Members of Congress should be required to have served in the US Armed Forces.

  • david rogers M/sgt ret.

    I love it when people say don’t blame the president but who gave away the billions and put us in this bind, wasn’t me! Don’t take my earned retirement or any more of my benefits, start something new , take senators benefits and cut their retirement and watch them cry like babies! But they like to cut the ones that made this country free!

  • Tom

    Yeah Danny, that’s what the politicians are counting on. In this economy you’ll be so happy that you won’t complain. What about the next time they put the screws to you, when the economy is better? Will you just continue being happy with what these politicians do to you?

    • 11thACR

      agree with U-have U ever gone to Walter Reed and seen the Politicians in their “LIMOs” with drivers-lined up for treatment? U get put on the “back-burner” until they are taken care of! The same happens at Bethesda! WE PAY-THEY PLAY! Over half of them have never served a day in the military! Yet they get the “prima” treatment for free!

  • Duane Foote

    We have to tighten our belts. The rest of the population has to tighten theirs too.
    Spread it around and the the economy might have a chance to get well.

  • Roaringlioness

    You are exactly right lvnwrth!!! People we need to STOP complaining about a few dollars increase!!!

    • Lynn

      It is an increase and also a cut…”capping” the rise in cost of TRICARE to the COLA also means there ARE no COLA increases to your retirement pay. Oh,, you may see more in your pay, but it goes right back out in the cost of your TRICARE.

      I had a clinic near me that just cut services to retirees. The nearest VA hospital is 2 hours away. The care that I need the most, vision, I can’t even get through TRICARE. Granted, I am lucky in that I have no dependents which means I use the single rate.

  • guest

    “The average salary for a congressional aide is around $60,000 per year. The salary varies based on the level of involvement, the employer or member of congress, experience, and geographical location. They typically receive good benefits such as paid medical coverage, paid vacation, holidays, and sick days. They have flexible schedules, particularly at certain times of the year. They usually receive some sort of retirement savings account such as a 401(k).”

    Gonna touch their benefits and pay?

  • EDBO

    I am retired after 39 years service and work for a corporation that pays almost $1,100.00 per month per family. I am careful to not gripe about what we get at the price we pay. I see how much worse it could be every day.

  • Mitch

    Here my two cents, I’m proud to be American, freedom of speech and after 22 yrs in the Army. I wish everyone had to do 2-3 yrs in the Military your understanding would be clearer on the issues. Congress would be a great place if each person had a son/daughter in the Armed Forces. Congressmans caught breaking the law or ethic code should loss part if not all their retirement. You do not complete your term honorable no retirement/pension. Do not blame the President for Congress lack of ability to do what the people want. Republicans have the majority and continue to block President Obama ability to make change in the government. You do not like the President fine just look at the next group of candidates you have to choose from as Republicans runner Up.
    Question: Has any Business person ever had a chance of become an American President. Donald Trump no way (His hairdo make him look Russian) and Ross Perot too rich for his old good Mrs. Palin do not make America laugh. President Obama is going to eat their lunch and send them home crying be for real (Re-check your play book). This is chess not checkers line from “Training day” Denzel Washington.

  • Rick

    I don’t mind an increase in TriCare premiums or pharmacy co-pays, as long as our Commander-in-Chief, Secretary of Defense, Service Secretaries and lawmakers also have the same percentage increases in their premiums and co-pays. After all, doesn’t leadership start at the top? If the active military and/or military retirees have to “bite the bullet” it should be shared by those who put them in that position

  • kevin

    the national defecit would go away if a moretoreum was passed on foreign aid .then and only then would a 5% pay raise be mandated for all personnel that deserve more than this current administration care to show them for putting their lives on the line -many killed or maimed in the protection of our country.read this again till it sinks in -cranial rectaminitis is rampant in current administration.

    • lvnwrth

      What an idiot! Foreign aid accounts for less than 1% of the federal budget. If you’re going to come on here and post things like this, at least have some clue what you’re talking about.

  • cdg

    Others do NOT pay dearly for what the military EARNED!!! If you’re retired military YOU hav e paid dearly for THEM not the other way around. Every benefit you get you EARNED and were promised WHEN YOU ENLISTED and that should not be changed.

  • Pete

    If these idiots want to balance the budget, why don’t they take a pay cut instead of taking a pay raise? Retirees haven’t had a pay raise in how long? I can see not giving us a pay raise but then to increase all the fees, WTF? Tha get retirement for one term in office better then what we have to go through for a minmum of 20 years. Elections are coming and I’m going to vote out every idiot that gave themselves a pay raise and increased everything to me. You can bet that unless the only people that run are worse then the presdent that we have now I’m not voting to reelect him. Quit giving oil subsidees and big business tax breaks. The rich need to pay more of their share and quit taking it from those of us that are watching all their pennies to make it thriugh the month.

  • Okay your argument is so full of holes but here are the basic problems with it. those civiilans that you are so worried about did they soem 20 or more years of their lives risking life and limb for their country and loosing soo muich time with their familys in far off countries defending others rights for low pay and poor living conditions. I think now there was a price paid by all who served and the did not hold anyones hands to the fire for those benifits they were freely offered and accepted as a part of the bargan. Second I dohnt see anyone else taking a benifit cut least of all the congressmen and women who will be voting for this legislation. I would not object if I believed that everyone would pay a small price to make things right but no its allways the retired military that take it in the shorts and everyone else says dont you touch my benifits. time to get rid of all the R’s and D’s in DC and put some americans there for a short term only and lets fix this Problem our government has with spending and give thime a budget they have to live by.

    • COWBOY 21


      another V.V. said that if we’d put a 8ft fence around the PENT and Capital, locked THEM down 24/7(no golf, vacations or family visits,etc) until the War was over and the budget balanced; the war would not have lasted 2 weeks.
      signed, 2 TOUR VIETNAM VET

  • Davidhp

    So Congress is going to raise Tricare rates for retirees, two years we have gone without COLAs while active duty continue to get COLAs. For those of you still on active duty this is what you have to look forward to when you retiree, Congress forgets about your service to country and tries to screw you. Corporations got billions in tax breaks but those who have served their country honorably for 20 plus years are screwed. Save the rich off the backs of active and retired military members, it appears Congress has little regard for our service and our putting ourselves in harm’s way for the the country.

  • kblackne

    You Sir are wrong! Congress used to have the control. However, Obama is completely bypassing them with Czars not subject to the same rules, or any for that matter. We are in serious trouble.

    • retiredchief

      Congress stil has to pass the laws, the pres. cannot pass a law by himself, it takes the House and the Senate, and most of the Czars have been done away with because, Congress stopped paying them. And I know of NO ONE, WHO WORKS FOR FREE.

      • Gmonney

        I think it’s time that we become one voice and march on Washington. Where’s the free medical and dental for life that we were told we would have ???

      • westriversd

        Where did you get your info about the Czars? Can you reference any news article which provides that info? Congress does not pay them, the Executive branch pays them.

        • Dan

          Congress has to give the executive branch the funds for its budget.

    • TSG BF

      A civics lesson is definitely needed about now. The congress passes the bills, the bills are then passed by the senate and the president can sign or veto the bills. Who runs congress? – Republicans. Who runs the senate? – No one really. No even a majority vote could pass in the senate. I wonder if the Republicans will filibuster this bill in the senate like they’ve filibustered practically everything else – jobs bills in particular.

      • not-a-foamer

        Amazing, how you avoided naming those idiot Democrats that control the senate ! Was it by mistake or are you that blinded by ignorance ?

    • sarge

      you are an ignorant idiot if you actually believe what you are saying, you are one of the brainwashed that listen ONLY to foxnews liars

    • mary smith

      you are so ignorant!!!!!!!!!!

  • Robert West

    I retired with 22yrs. while the Koren and Vietnam war going ,at that time they promised me health care. I’m willing to take some cuts if those on the hill will also. It sure dosen’t seem right that they can serve 2 or more yrs. with full retirment and medical care at the best medical hospital’s. When service men and wemon have to serve 20 or more to get so little and they get so much.

    • Jim

      You’re wrong, Robert. You should do research as to how the retirement and benefits plans impact elected officials. No person gets “full retirement and medical care” serving 2 years if elected office.

      Do not believe and pass on to others such erroneous information without proper research. Elected officials pay into retirement plans and medical plans (or they can opt out). Again do the research!


  • RLB

    Makes me want to run around the block and do some jumping jacks to stay fit.

  • Jabbu55

    I spent 25 yrs in the Air Force and was forced to take Anthrax shots which ended up causing me to have LUPUS. It destroyed my Immune system along with my heart, lungs, kidneys. I receive monthly Infusions of Human Immune Cells at a cost of over $10,000.00 which I had to pay. I ended up having to file bankruptcy. I have fought the VA since leaving service in 2003 to NO avail. I am told that my illness is NOT service connected. It doesn’t matter WHO is voted in office because once they get in there they become same as ones voted out. The only way to stop the endless idiots making decisions on our behalf is for EVERY Veteran to march on Washington, DC and stay there till our voices are heard ! ! !

  • Wandamurline

    Yes, and you can bet your sweet @ss that the alphabet news medias will not inform them of anything negative about this administration.

    • Ret Chief

      Remember, this administration did not pass this bill! This bill came from a Republican controlled House of Congress. Why you blaming the president. Did you vote republican?? Then blame yourself. that would br fair; would it not???

  • Davidhp

    I will complain as long as the federal government can extend tax breaks for millionaires, bail out multi million dollar corporations and banks from poor business decisions. The government made commitments of free medical care for life throughout my military career if I would stay in for at least twenty years. I served and lived up to my commitment and I don’t believe asking the government to live up to its commitment is whinning. You should fight for your rights not let them walk over promised benefits like a sheep.

  • Is It 2012 Yet?

    really? Cuz I happen to know several neighbors of mine that are on their 3rd, 4th, 5th and 6th babies while unemployed (never employed for that matter), don’t pay for a thing but get their medical paid for 100%, their groceries bought, their home heated, their house paid for.. all in full and what did they do to earn it? NOTHING but pop out kids!! Our military is working hard… every day!! 12, 13, 15, hour shifts every day and you speak of fiscal responsibility. Where is the fairness in that? Maybe all military members should not reinlist, go back to their home of records, pop out a few kids and live on easy street. Common sense says it’s the better way to go with this Government.

  • BobVelon

    I see censorship is alive and well. My post had to be approved and is still not posted. I see some that were posted 33 minutes ago and mine was submitted hours ago.

  • Retired Airdale CPO

    CONGRESS IS THE PROBLEM! Until we can somehow reduce their power, we will all continue to take it in the shorts until our country falls, possibly to a foreign power. They are completely out of control. Both parties are completely corrupt and power-hungry. The figure in the White House doesn’t seem to make a difference anymore. We are in BIG trouble people, Very Big Trouble!


      Absolutely. People want to Blame just the figurehead in the Whitehouse for all our issues. The Problem is everyone in power is corrupt (Well maybe not everyone), but vast majority of those who hold positions of power are puppets to the Special interest and Corporations. Sure Pres. Obama has some blame, but seriously people, did you really expect him to fix ALL the issues this country has in 3.5 years? DO you realize that although he is the President, he is but a figure head, and it is Congress that has the real power. Sure the President can Veto, but if you can sell a war to one president, you can sell a lie to any president.
      75% of those in power are corrupt and need to be replaced, it’s the 25% that tries to make changes, and can’t because they don’t have enough backing. Because the People of this great nation are too afraid (or too dumb) to back the right people. Because we listen to the lies and believe them to be truth, and are afraid to see the real truth. This government is suppose to be “FOR THE PEOPLE, BY THE PEOPLE.” When did we forget this? I’d say about 100 years ago when the Corporations made it “For the Politicians, For the Corporations.” History has shown that it’s money and corporations that win elections, not honesty and good heart-ness.. Look back at the election in 1896, William Mckinley won because the republicans had over $16 million in Wealthy (Corporation) Backing, compared to the $1 million in the Democratic (Publicily funded) Backing for William Bryan. It’s the corporations who run this country and will continue to run it until the people take back this country. I must sound like broken record to some at this point. But I will continue to say it, until someone listens.

  • Is It 2012 Yet?

    Everyone seems to be missing the point here. Yeah, tricare is a great deal in comparison to non-military insurance plans. But here’s the rub.. a nickle here, a dime here and sooner or later we will have taken so many steps back that we won’t be able to stay “what a great deal” It’s larger copays this year.. cola based this year.. more monthly costs this year… but what about next year? What about the year after that? How long before they have skimmed a little off the top here, then again, then again, then again and then it will be too late? They already want to have all dependants on “universal healthcare” and only want to cover MMs. Next thing you know, it will be emergency services only. We keep taking steps back and soon that benefit will be null and void.

  • william hall

    Let me seedidnt it say the cola increase would be nullified by the Tricare increase.At least we still have health care.

    • lvnwrth

      No, that’s not what it said at all. If your retirement is $500 a month and you get a 1.6% raise, that’s an $8 a month raise. If your TRICARE premium of $115 a quarter goes up 1.6%, that’s $1.84 per quarter, or about 61 cents a month. You still get a $7.39 raise. (And nobody’s retirement is only $500 per month.)

  • kilgo

    I absolutely agree. The military is the last place they should make cuts. Not for active duty and not fore retirees. We live/lived up to our end of the deal, let’s have the governement live up to theirs.

  • Rob

    The reality is that no one wants the rich to pay higher taxes and the House majority has instead insisted on on spending cuts without tax increases. This is the result. Ironic that most of the commentators who blame the President are likely the same ones who support the anti-tax crowd. I’m a 19 year veteran, nearing retirement and am thankful that we even got a pay increase, small though it is.

  • Retired Airdale CPO

    Once again, Congress ignores the oath they took to “support and defend” the Constitution. Instead they choose to supplant and defy it. Why do we allow it to happen. I wish I knew the answer to getting rid of all the crooks on the Hill.

  • Jim

    Trust your government to lie and cheat the service personnel and dependents.Really a sweet deal as stated! When will they wake up?

  • Richard

    Don’t you people understand that everytime the armed forces is fed a petty raise the gov’t gets it back by raising prices on other benefits. There is no such thing as monetary raises in the armed forces.

  • Ken GAddy

    Just remember, Hitler went from a Democracy to Dictatorship in THREE years. He could care less about this country, nor the economy. It’s all about destroying the Constitution.
    I feel if he’s elected again, his Zaars will replace Congress.

    WAKE UP, AMERICA!! before it’s too late!!


    • Vic

      Really?! I think the Republican-controlled House has already signed off on this bill. Plus there are far more Republicans in the Senate than there were before so how does it become the President’s doing? Not defending the man because I don’t trust any politician, but your logic stinks.

  • Tomcat01

    lvnwrth, I agree with some of what you are saying, but what price or value do you put on one’s youth serving this country???? Currently about 1% serve at any given time for the benefit of others who don’t have a clue??? You can say we volunteered and you’d be right, but what’s going to happen when people stop volunteering? Recruiters are having a togh time reaching their goals. What about all the broken promises the government and these so called elected “representatives,” have made to recruits and veterans?

    As far as the budget crsis, don’t blame the military or the veterans and their costs for that!!! There is so much waste in “entitlement,” programs medicare etc Illegal imigration costs us BILLIONS in educational and healthcare costs alone!!! We need to build stuff here and reverse the service based economy we’ve become. To balance the budget we need to have something to trade to offset the imports.

  • Jabbu55

    What really irritates me is while I was being denied benefits there was a girl receiving medical help and 70% VA compensation because she had a hysterectomy while in the Army. Is that service connected? To me HELL NO !! Also there was another girl who was receiving 60% disability for Sleap Apnea.!! I guess staying up watching Johnny Carson re-runs caused her illness. I stayed up many nights and went for days without sleep. I am on oxygen due to my lung problems but can’t even get help from VA for this. I went to my DAV rep and was told that DAV doesn’t recognize any illness caused by Anthrax Innoculations even though a 50 page written report from Walter Reed in DC said ” the Anthrax Shots caused my illness “. I spent 67 days in my local hospital with blood clots in my lungs and legs caused by these shots but the VA AND DAV said everything I had was caused from PRE-EXISTING CONDITION ! ! My CAT scans show my lungs look like ” ground up glass “. I used to run 3 miles a day but no have difficulty walking 10 yrds to the mail box. The VA system is a joke. The only way you can get any help is if you know someone who works there.!!!

  • felicianoceiba

    What some people want to ignore and/or do not know is that the seeds of crime came to this country with the people that was sent to colonize it. Jails were emptied by the british (like Castro did) and those people were sent here. Their descendants are the ones in power, they are too many and it will take a miracle to change them. That is the reason why we are in this mess.

  • Charles Brady

    It’s called bait and switch. Active duty members get a 1.6 percent increase and TRICARE and pharmacy costs increase. It happens. As a retiree, my first loyalty is for the active duty grunts, but they should look at what happens to retired pay: No increase in two years and no increase in Soc Security in two years. Be realistic in your plans.

  • virgil

    They send all the money to our allies and enemies as economic and military aid, non for the active and retirees. How stupid it is.


    Thank GOD my enlistment is up in 6 months! I am so sick of being treated like sub-human filth. The Military is no longer the “Military”, we are a full blown business owned by the corporate elite. Enough is enough!

  • Iris

    Why would anyone go into the military? We are trained to obey and not question authority.I think it is time for all active and retiree military to stand up to these non military lawmakers and march on Washington DC and say enough is enough!

    • lvnwrth

      I think it is time for you to read the Constitution that you swore to defend. There is a reason that our Founders vested ulitmate command and control of the military in a civilian, elected by the people.

  • Staurt

    Your right, when I joined, it was free medical care for life. Then that stopped and Tricare came along. I was threated in the hospital by a Vet who was going to throw a grenade at me for this. Not my fault I told him. Now I’m retired and see a poor quality of maedical care provided. I’m a Corpsman, so I help myself most the time. But things just keep getting worse. How can the politicians look at themselves in the mirror and actually justify giving our money away instead of taking care of this country first.

  • PO(ed)2

    Thanks for the pay raise–1.6%, lets see, that’s about 50% of the projected inflation rate. Here comes another year where I make a little less, but am required to do just as much, if not more, than the year before.

  • artsailor

    We served with honor in harms way when others chose not to. The toll taken upon those of us who did serve should never be disrespected by the politicians who are presently doing so. Lets go forward once again together to seek the justice, and the respect we deserve so very much. Unite and prevail as one.

  • Lew

    Bad mistake to raise the cost. We military retirees who don’t have any other job or insurance and don’t receive cost of living increases will be hurting more with such a raise. You people in congress have no regards for those who laid their life on the line for this country. How about Congress using TRICARE health plan?

  • Lee

    How many of the Senators are going to cut their pay and raise their medical insurance rates. If they stop giving subsidies to their buddies and large coorporations, who in return gives them FAT CHECKS, THE budget deficit would come down. They will always look out for the RICH and themselves. Stoppreying onthe military for your screw ups.

  • Joeph verbal

    i puin over 20 years in the army and now this is what i get they will never get my vote i would vote for a pig before i vote for any one in ofice yes i sever two tours in vietnam back to back

  • SCPO Freeman Retired

    Now Hear This, Now Hear This! The CHIEF’S have always run the NAVY. Just ask any Admiral. So I suggest we get a bunch of Navy Chief’s Elected as Congressmen and Senators, and Mike Mullens as The President, then we can get The United States Of God Blessed America again UNDERWAY FULL SPEED AHEAD. Place a 25% Import Tax on ALL IMPORTS, and see what then happens to China, and the American Billionaires who have invested everything there. Soon with a 25% Import Tax in effect those same cut throat Americans will reopen their factories in The Good Ole United States.

  • Charles M

    I don’t have any idea what the beef here is. I’ve paid the same for tricare for the nineteen years I’ve been retired. I doubt too many others can say their health care costs have remained the same for 19 years. Additionally, how many of you get paid by your employer to not enroll in their health care program. The article also said that the limit of the increase would be the same percentage as the anual pay increase. If Tricare doubled tomorrow it would still cost significantly less than anyone else is paying for health care. Just be grateful you have health care. Just suck it up!

    • Nick

      I agree, I actually expected Tricare premiums to triple, but they only added $60 and they expect to tie yearly increases to COLA – they should have done that in 1995 when they started.

  • Darrell Cole USAF Retired

    I agree with all the above comments. First it was no increase in cola for active retired military, then no cola for social security receipients and now an increase pharmacy co pay. It seems thisCongress wants to ballance the budget on the backs of the military, military retirees and senior citizens. You will be remembered in the 2012 election.


    We are retired U.S. Marines. Our son is an Iraqi war veteran. When my husband signed on the dotted line all those years ago, he was guaranteed medical coverage for the rest of his life for not onlyself but our family. I do understand the price of health care, but look at all the other sacrafices that are ade by military families. If all those idiots in Washington would look at what they are making and what the average Marine or Soldier makes it would make them think twice about onlygiving a 1.9 payraise and increasing our healthcare cost.

  • Redleg

    Good points. Retired US Army 20 years and getting my pension-however, how long will that last?
    I’m 63, plan on retiring as an RN by 66; possibly will never see that considering how civilian pension benefits are being cut. Civilian pensions are vanishing; Social Security is under attack as well as Medicare and, the US dollar is losing respect worldwide. Gold and platinum prices reflect that loss of confidence. The US dollar may very well be devaluated soon.
    The economic reality is grim-and everyone will have to share the burden military retirees included. Except for death and taxes nothing is guaranteed.
    The slight increase to Tricare is not the end of the world. As far as military pensions well that could be under fire if our economic situation worsens-one cannot sustain a US debt like we have without consequences.

  • Retired CPO

    If I’m not mistaken the Republican controlled house has already passed
    this or a similar bill

  • D. Williams

    What is sad is that the military personnel is complaining about the 1.6% raise and the increase in Tri-care. For the most part we decide to join the military or at least I did. there was no draft when I joined and the military did a hell-of-a-job taking care of my family and myself. I have since retired and still have better health coverage than my civilian friends. For those who believe Bush did a better job, keep in mind he is the reason our debt is so high. A war that was uncalled for. I don’t mind the fees, I am still better financially than my civilian friends.

    • jbgirl

      Exactly! I get aggravated when military complain about the benefits.We are 100% better off than the civilians.

      • Fred

        The ignorance on this forum astounds me – Bush is the reason the debt is so high? Really, PLEASE do a little reading. I don’t mind paying the increase for the reasons you mentioned (though the military did “take care of my family and myself”, it wasn’t without a LOT of “family” sacrifice)

  • Retired CPO


    You are misinformed. They get benefits after 5 years service but can nor collect until age 62 or they can collect at 55 if they served 20 years

  • Lee

    I understand everybody’s comments but the president is not the one to make the laws. The economy was already screwed before he took over. He got elected into something that was a mess and trying to fix it in 4 years, show me a president that has. The military does have the better insurance than most regular people so we should be greatful. I cant imagine not being covered by Tricare. Military does deserve a whole lot more but it is what it is. If we elect a new President next term, I can”t wait to read your comments.

  • Crazythunder

    I am not sure who all of the people on here are that say everyone should stop whining. I know what I am “whining” about is what we were promised, we are not getting (real surprise there), and it is the politicians that screwed up the economy as bad as it is in the first place, and now they want to take our hard earned retirement benefits when we need them the most, because of the economy, to straighten out THIER MESS! And what sacrifices are they making? Pay cuts or freezes? Health care cost increases? Is it too much to ask for one standard? Good for the goose and all that!

  • Drowsy_Dragon

    It is apparent that you do not know what your talking about. First you can not receive 70% disability just for having a hysterectomy. Second, sleep apnea has nothing to do with staying up late. Sleep apnea is where you stop breathing while sleeping. You should do more research if you are going to throw information out during your pity party.

  • Rabbi Jaron Matlow

    This is a major bad deal. By linking Tricare fee increases to COLA that guarantees that we will actually take a CUT in pension every year from here out.

    At the same time, I don’t see Congress, the White House or our so-called leaders in DOD pushing for reductions in their own pay and benefits.

    This is only because we are the only Federal group that cannot, by law, unionize. I’ve never been a huge union fan, but at the same time, Federal civilians are not facing the same types of things because of their very strong unions.

    • lvnwrth

      Look at average overall inflation rate. Then look at average inflation rate for healthcare. Then tell us again how LIMITING our Tricare increases to COLA…rather than letting it float like civilian healthcare…is a bad idea. This protects us, and I’m amazed at how many people seem unable to grasp that simple fact.

  • MJordan (MSG RET)


  • HAW

    I think a 30% reduction in pay (for the politicians and their staff members, the president and the cabinet and the Supreme Court would do as a start. Also, they should all be required to use Tri-Care for their medical services and fall under the same retirement rules that Civil Servants use.

    Why should they be any better off than those of who pay their exorbitant salaries and benefits.

  • ipa4vets

    I wouldnt complain about the increase in Tricare if they grandfathered all of us that were promised free medical for us and our families if we stayed for 20 years or more. I was an army recruiter that used that brochure and that sales pitch as required by the Army. I took pride in my recruiting through integrity and feel that the government has made a liar out of me. Those of us that went in the service during the use of that recruiting tool should be grandfathered and have free medical and dental. The individuals recruited after that period should be the only ones that pay tricare fees.

  • Richard

    This is going to eventually trickle down to getting people to join the ‘new modern volunteer army’ and making a career of it….when they see that promised benefits can be altered, changed, or done away with at the whim of a bunch of politicians who, for the most part, never served a day in the military. I may sound bitter, but I have still never gotten over Carter welcoming back the draft dodgers who fled to Canada, while our guys came home to a stigma put on us by the liberals and hippies.

  • J2369

    I have read a few of the responses above. Seems like it’s the president’s wishes for our plight. Here is a quote from the senate record. On April 6, the House Budget Committee adopted Chairman Paul Ryan (R-WI) budget blueprint by a party-line vote of 22 – 16. The budget would cut the Obama Administration request by $102 billion for Fiscal Year 2012, largely leaving defense spending untouched.
    I am not sure, but if you cut $102 Billion from a budget. How much of that would have meant an increase in pay? All votes were along party lines. You figure out which party has cut the budget and refuses to recognize that the money has to come from some where.

  • Billyboy

    A Civics lesson. Any Bill that has to do with monetary outlays starts in, and is voted on, by the House of Representatives(Congress). It then goes to the Senate where it is voted upon again .. and then goes to the President for signature. The House(Congress) is controlled by the Republicans. It was their Bill and they are the one that passed it. The way things are now, The House would vote exactly the opposite of what President Obama wanted or wished. Votes in the Congress are, right now, just Anti-Obama and not for the good of their constituants. If you want to point fingers on whose fault this is, look no further than the elephant Party and the teabaggers. The teabaggers will vote nay on any bill that raises taxes, but will push through anything that raises a “fee”, because they can then keep their “no new tax” mantra and increase revenues. People, wake up, the President had nothing to do with this and any yokel that said that George Bush wouldn’t have let this happen better check his wallet, because he would have doubled the damage.

  • Navy Retiree

    I have voted for 50 yrs. Am retired military. I hear and read that we need to vote bums out of congress. That would mean at least 98% of them would be voted out. However it will take a minimum of 6 yrs. to remove the Senators.
    I have voted in every election that I could and have tried to vote out the bums from my state. Yet some of them are still in office and don’t care about active military, retirees or Social Security recipients. I can not understand how Reid, Pelosi, and Feinstein can remain in office. Glad I don’t live in NV or CA. I would be ashamed to vote for those 3. I voted for Obama in 2008 for change and all I’m left with is change & they are coming after my change now!!

  • Dub

    If you don’t serve your counrty then you won’t support your veterans. I was told early in my miltary career, “Don’t trust the government”! Obummer must go!

  • Sheryl

    It’s not easy street at retirement age. My husband took an early retirement due to the economy in order to pay our bills. Later, I lost my job , also, due to the economy; but I’m no t eligible for social security for another three years.
    Utility companies, food and other things continue to rise; and now they want to give retirees COLA freezes; then raise health payemnts. I no longer believe our represtatives want to represt us. They look out for themselves only. It’s time they are no longer allowed to give themselve pay raises and live as the rest of the people in this country. They need to go under our health insurance plans and see how it is.

  • Buddy

    Atomchaser….all of us that served in the military sacrificed for their entire time on active duty. I did for 20 years. I moved 6 times in 12 years. I couldn’t buy a house even if I wanted to on an enlisted person’s pay. While I may be able to buy the 1st house, I certainly couldn’t afford to make those payments and pay rent at my next duty location when my orders moved me. And I certainly wouldn’t have acquired any equity in the home in 2 short years. Also, what about those who have given their lives. They sacrificed EVERYTHING!! Then there are those that have lost limbs…maybe all 4 of them. They sacrificed MOST everything. What are their prospects for the future? Believe me, we did sacrifice. Don’t get me wrong. I volunteered and could have gotten out at the end of every “hitch”. But I chose to stay. Still I was promised things to get us to enlist but now they don’t want to keep those promises. As far as foreign aid. I agree. Today, a lot of countries don’t care about us. They take our money and laugh at us. We give lots and lots of money away for stupid things that could be stopped. Oh we had to give a million buck to test the monkey puke in the rain forest. We did???? Yes, there has been really dumb tests like that (maybe not that one) that the government gives millions a year on.

  • Dave

    Don’t have any argument with this modest increase, but TRICARE benefits in the out years could be a problem if Congress decides to further increase fees significantly or whittle away at our benefits.

  • Betty

    Amen sarge. Unfriggin believable that they keep getting away with it. The man in the White House has no right to be there and knows nothing of what it is to be an American. My husband was told he would have military for life when he joined in 1964. Twenty years later, we found out it was just another lie. Now we are turning medicare age, and they are forcing us to give up Tricare Prime and pay 4 x’s more money for medicare. I already worked and paid into medicare and social securtiy. If the govt used it for what it was intended, instead of handing it out to drunks who can’t work and illegals who don’t need to, we would have enough to run the system.

    • USA-ret


  • Texas Bill

    Vote, get your family and friends to vote, we gotta get rid of this crap in the WH….

    Obama, his czars, recess appointments and peanut gallery, are clueless.

  • Bob

    I think we have a hugh gripe coming when they can give themselves a hugh pay raise every year, get their medical care free, and have a golden fleece retirement plan that they pay very little into, not to mention the checks that their wives receive. Why don’t they roll back their pay, then freeze it for 2-3 years, the way they did our Cola.Our active duty military is fighting in the wrong countries and the wrong people. The greater enemy is right here at home and driving this country toward Socialism more and more each day.

  • ralph

    The people who have served their country are still being asked to serve by having their benefits cut or reduced to help reduce the federal budget. But,
    the people who want that done are unwilling to take the same cuts in
    their benefits. Also, our country gives away trillion of dollars each year to
    countris that hate us and want us dead, maybe we could cut the deficit by
    stop giving our taxes dollars away. Also, our congress are still trying to push their wasteful pork programs through. Maybe it’s its time some others share in the responsibility of reducing the deficit, other than the military. Maybe some of our retired military are o.k. with taking all of the responsibility of cuts, but I think the rest of the nation needs to share too. Retire Air Force . 1986

  • tiger56

    I am not a whinner, retired in 1991, after faithfully serving my
    country for 22yrs, used tricare twice at the total cost of 375dlrs,
    but in the 14yrs have paid more than30,000dlrs into the system
    so what you are talking about makes no sense.

  • Richard M. Ogen

    I would like to see the President take a 5% cut in pay and each depatment head and committee head under him take a 5% cut in salary and each of the offices under his direct control cut 5% out of the everyday spending. Each Senator and each Representative take a 5% pay cut and a 5% cut in office spending. Look at each line of the budget and make sure the item is needed– if needed give it a 5% cut or if not need cut it completely.

  • BOB


  • Jim retire USA

    Way to go jmack

  • Ray


  • Jreynolds

    During the Vietnam War, we were promised free medical and dental for life as a condition of serving for pay below the poverty level.
    They started removing our benefits during the Carter Administration, and have continued during each administration since, regardless of party.
    First went dental, then, 10 years after I retired, they took away the free medical and gave us Tricare…a slightly upgraded version of the old Champus that cost servicemembers many thousands of dollars out of pocket annually.
    This is simply the latest outrage

  • 29 year vet

    Umm. this president doubled down in Afghanistan and got us into Libya. How does getting us in wars we have no business in not belong to him as well.

  • aplacky

    Guys, I’m a veteran but didn’t put in my 20. I have put in over twenty in the private sector and guess what I’m guaranteed for life? Jack squat – but I’m not blaming anybody but myself. Maybe I should have stayed in.

    I appreciate your service but if you thought the Obamacrats would honor the deal you were mislead. The country is bankrupt. My advice: drink heavily.

    If its any consolation I’m getting my butt kicked worse than you are. Nobody in the private sector is getting even a 1.6% raise. BTW, I pay about 1,800 a month for my health insurance.



  • Jen

    I am so sick of no raises and broken promises. My retirement as a teacher is about half of what others my age with the same amount of experience because of all our military moves. Now they want to raise the cost-shares. It is difficult to find specialists who will take Tri-Care because the reimbursement is terrible. I am sick almost no raises for retirees, and the cost of living is going up. Glad my husband never had to serve under Obama. He does not care about military families-he just plays golf and goes on trips. Sick of the USA footing the bill for his PR trips that have nothing to do with helping our country. Jen

  • Allan Edwards

    Well I have to wander what you are making and wish goverment person or job you are connected to.You don’t think that they are going to stop this time.Maybe you should give up your benifites so your congressman can give him or herselves more. Maybe Polisi can get her plane back.

    • goldengirl

      She can’t have it back, because the tan man(Boehner) is using it.

  • Ken, USAF, ret

    Sarge, you are ringer, what service did you serve in? You have this total Democtratic tone that suggests you are a liar.

    • Ray, USN Ret

      The only reason there was a surplus is because Clinton cut military spending and reduced the number of people serving!

  • VegasSmitty

    The great majority of those that are making these changes never spent day 1 in the military. I think its getting close the the second American revolution. A march on Washington, armed!

    • 97bravo

      i still swore to up hold the constitution. Even when the morons in D.C screw with my benfits that I depend. If we dont like what they are doing istead of marchin on D.C like the WW1 vets did, to no avail, lets run for office and put the bums in the employment line!

  • 29 year vet

    This is a good cut. I saw far too many high ranking people pop into theater to visit their troops on a large base on the last day of one month and the first day of the next just for the pay. I personally think they should pro-rate the tax exemption too. Then we wouldn’t all get bumped off flights at the monthly change-over by all the VIP looking to maximize their finances.

  • 29 year vet

    You really can’t totally blame Obama for the debt. Much of it is due to out of control entitlement spending that should have been reformed years ago. When politicians refuse to fix the entitilement systems they have no money to pay for benefits they promised the military. I’m willing to share the pain with increases like this but it should be linked with cutting entitlement spending. If they can cut my medical care, they can cut it for civilians who did nothing to earn it and didn’t pay in nearly enought to cover what they will get out.

    • jwat

      your elected but sould be impeaced “non- U.S. born” president did create the recession that we are in and he has and continues to spend more money than any other president that we have had in the last 45 years. our congress, house and senate see him spending money and they don’t want to be left out so, they are spending money too, thus raising the national debt. the debt is so high that we might as well rename this country “the United States of Other Nations”.

  • joe thomas

    the government gives millions to every two bit third world dictatorship but won’t keep promises made to those who defend freedom. Pathetic bunch of loosers led by a non-American who should be impeached and deported.

  • Dick

    I enlisted in 1959 and it was medical and dental for life upon retirement.

    • ISG LONG

      I was a recruiter in the late 70″s and free medical and dental was part of the sales pitch.

      • Chief

        I signed up in 1986 and was told that if I served twenty or more years my spouse and I would recieve free medical and dental. I retired after twenty one years of service over three years ago and they continue to try to take away more and more benefits.
        CW3, USA, RET

  • 29 year vet

    You obviously either had not family or retired before the current dental plan. You have to pay premiums for family dental while in the military now.

  • Robbie

    I’m not complaining, Tri-care is cheaper than civilian healthcare. $460 a yr. for me and wife.. It would be over $10,000 and a high deductible. You don’t have to be a rocket scientist to figure that one.

  • retiredin90

    When I joined the military and had been in long enough to know about these things, I thought retirement was a great idea. But, when I did retire, and when I did compare what I got to those who spent their entire career overseas fighting–those who retired 5 years earlier, I saw I got a lot more than them. You who are retiring now will probably get twice as much as I receive today in my retirement check. Be happy with what you get and ad it to your Cost of Living raise–we will get one this year–and count your blessings that we got that. I have learned to not complain in public, but to vote in private.

  • Houston

    How about the people that deserve and need the hf/id actually keep it the way it is, and the high ranking officials that you speak of not even get it at all considering they get about 5000% more in pay than most of those they’re going to go visit. Plus, I wonder if those retirees that they speak of are military disabled retirees. Pretty sure it does so thanks again for increasing the copay for pharmaceuticals for those disabled soldiers and sailors.

  • Doyle

    I don’t really blame the Pres. Mr. Gates is and was the culprit. Of course, he and his buddies are set for life I’m sure.

  • george A. Colbow

    I spent a career in the USN, went to Viet Nam, and defended our nation until retirement in 1991 after returning from desert shield /Desert Storm. I ended up disabled, but still working for the Government to this day. Yes Tricare is better then nothing, but its becomming nothing because the medical professionals don’t want to deal with Tricare. If your depending on Tricare services you’ll probably get sick and die before you get something approved and taken care of. I was just told the President is looking to cut all Federal employees 3%. I just hope they find a better plan like take 10% from those at the top (Congress & the President) down to 1% for for those of us (the average Federal employee with there pay frozen) at the bottom. I just wish President Obama would read my comments.

    • 97bravo

      Bro are you CRAZY! Tricare is awesome! They paid almost a100% of the cost of my bone marrow transplant at ohio state university. I got the best care possible in the world. Tricare continues to cover me at very low cost and it is truley a GOD sent for me.

  • LordRussell

    It just sickens me. They get 6 figures a year, I can barely keep the utilities running. I can look down my nose and pontificate at that them just as well; I just can’t afford the Gucci, Patek Phillippe & Dolce Gabbana these morons seem to think merit an audience. Folks don’t have enough money to change their minds & still they take… I’m in fear there is a breaking point coming sooner than we think.

  • JAP

    Quit complaining about how much we have to give up, be glad you get the amount you get. We can not have everything for free and if you did not realize that the cost of living will continue to increase after retirement, you are behind the 8 ball!! If you are in a bind because you did not have a retirement plan, well, shame on you. Vote the politicians out, write your repersentatives, just quit your complaining and stop acting like spoiled Americans. Focus on what you have, not on what you do not have.

  • A J

    I went into the Army and stayed for 20 years because the government promised me free medical care and a pension. I should have known better.I also took an oath to defend this country against all enemies foreign and domestic. I am going to do everything that I can legaly do to get rid of this one who is president.

  • Bob

    Promises made are not promises kept. President Obama can and does anything he wants. How much could be saved if the Obama family would stay in DC?. Better still stay in Illinois permanently.

  • Bill

    Well here we go again. The fat cat’s on Capitol hill wanting to stick it to the military. Where do they get off doing this,when a majority of them neve even served their country in the military? I bet they’ll give themself’s a nice pay raise like always’. If they really want to trim the extra fat from the budget,then why not reduce their pay by 60% have them use civilian medical facilities instead of those built for military personnel. Then when they leave office,remove all benefit’s and give them a one time lump sum payment of 100,000 and say good by. See how they would like this. bet they wouldn’t.

  • Vburg

    Not sure what service you are from…I guessing by the call sign “Navy”, but being a Navy vet myself, I always was trained my sailors and Marines to respect the office of the POTUS, so the silly name calling is not only kiddish, but it is actually a little embrassing to all who have served to show such disrepect for our CINC.

    • lartac

      Oh come on. Did you object as well to the name calling during the Bush administration? Probably not. Dems don’t like it when you call their President the names he’s being called now, but it was just great to call Bush everything they called him. Get real!

  • Bentley

    Look fellas, If you want to blame someone start with your Congressman not your President. Answer me this, why are so greatly priviledged when others who aren’t so priviledged have to also carry you on their backs? Tax the rich.

  • Mac

    Prorating “hazard pay” will slow down the quickie TDY to the zone to collect $225 with out passing GO. Fact finding trips by Pentagon Brass won’t be as lucrative.

  • SSGT B


  • Dan

    I was promised FREE care! For me AND my family. I joined in 1976. I can complain because:
    1. I was lied to.
    2. Taking care of our own is what the military is about and now even the top jackasses in unuform are argueing for price increases on what was supposed to be free.
    3. They don’t want to pay for our care but thet somehow want to find money to pay for care for the welfare sucking fuckheads.

  • cliney

    Hillary Clinton had the same idea after visiting Cosovo or one of the other countries last year. Its a democrat thing..

  • Godran

    Right now, today, after ex-wife gets her share, I pay TRICARE and dental for kids I get about 10 dollars a day for doing twenty. After they approve this bill I will be getting less than 10 dollars a day. Hey can you share a quarter or any change to pay for my medical plan. Really, I was thinking when I join that medical would be paid but now I just want to get rid of them (RED tape/Bureaucrats) and just go for Medicaid just like everyone else. That would eliminate a whole institution (VA) and save the politicians pork money for kickbacks and other moral activities. Let think backward, not forward thinking, less regress and not progress. Let’s forget why our kids blood was shed let’s forget what is scared and worry about where the money will come from. I really do not give a red cent what you do just do what is right. Hey I buy 2 meals for 9.80 a day can you just take 20cents that’s all that I can afford for now. I promise to pay you back. Thank you (RIP M.D.)

  • cliney

    Danny, be happy with what you have now because they are not finished yet…….

  • Laurie

    I’m glad you’re sharing your perspective as the nightly news on television seems to avoid letting us know very much, so I look for news on the internet. They were discussing a pay cut for the military a couple of months ago, so they probably figured that as gain into your 1.6% raise.

    I remember that some family members of Dark Horse had posts on Facebook & many of US were praying for your safety & protection during that time. I send prayers for the safety of our military every time that I think of my son, a Marine in Afghanistan. He’s been on three tours & has had plenty of close calls & he told me that he just knew that it was divine intervention that he was not hurt, so I will continue to send powerful prayers to those in harms way.

  • cliney

    little bit now, little bit next month and then and then. you will see….

  • AS!(AW) G.N.Pyle

    I can deal with the increases, but if we have to make more sacrifice’s for our country then our elected officials need to share in those burdens also. Its time for them to take a cut in there privileged life style they live at the tax payers expense.

  • Allan

    I don’t think you are to bright. If you can’t figure out that you are loosing more then you are. tell your con gressman to keep sticking it to you cause it feels good. To you!!!

  • Shawn

    I have been retired since 2006, In 2009 I was diagnosed with Acute Promyelocytic Leukemia, which I was admitted to the hospital for 6 weeks. During that time I recieved chemo therapy, blood, plattelts, and god knows how many pills, tests, and addtional Dr. visits. I was sent home and required to take 35 pills a day, which of those 19 were $6K a month for the perscription, if it were not for TRICARE (only paid $3 per perscritption) I would have been broke. My total cost for my entire treatment was less than $1500, while my hospitilazation was over $425K. I pay annually $486 for healthcare, I can afford a bump in the premium. But like others have mentioned that the budget does not to be balanced off the back of Military. Congress needs to stop there pay increases, start to pay for their own healthcare, and make the sacrafices too. And as a side note the current President is not responsibile for everything wrong with the budget, jobs, and the economy. We as a nation are, we got ourselves involved in 2 wars, which I heard today just the Afgahn war is cost our country $2B a week. Speak to your representatives, let them know you understand and are a team player just like when you were in the Military, Salute smart and press on, but let them know that comoe 2012 unless an equal amount of pain for the budget issues his spread across the board, from Rich, Middle class and poor, from Industries with their tax breaks, start paying their share in taxes. Which by the way the tax revenue in this country ahs not been this low since 1956. Enough tax breaks, and loopholes.

  • Terry

    The Congress and Senate will increase our TriCare Payments, which is OK, it has saved me Thousands of $$$ over the years. And besides there is nothing we can do about it. Its the LAW, BY ACT of CONGRESS, maybe sometime in the future we will vote for “LEADERS” who care about the people who keep our FREEDOM FREE

  • Maggie

    Why don’t our politicians start cutting back? They get free housing, free food, free health care, free transportation, free security and minimal risk of being harmed in the line of duty. Our soldiers are put in harms way to defend the rights and Freedoms of this country, are on call when home 24 hrs a day, on duty 24 hrs a day for the term of a deployment, have to pay for family medical, plus deductibles for dental and eye care, and are taxed for risking their lives to protect crooked, never worked an honest day, way over paid, scum bag politicians that keep getting richer on our tax paying, over worked, underpaid, going to drown in taxes, backs!!!!!!!

    • lvnwrth

      You need to get your facts straight, instead of looking stupid in front of the whole Internet. Except for the President and VP, our elected officials do not get free housing, free food, free security (some senior Congressional leaders may get security, not sure), free health care, or free transportation.

  • Patrick

    I think we ought to reduce the benefits for the senate and house by at least 50% just to be fair.

  • Beverly

    Forget the pay raise and let us keep our benefits.
    The pay raise is not enough to cover the benefits lost.

  • Mike

    Do Not Re-elect any of these people… fire them all…

  • marine6773

    Ya know what sucks? Stupidity!! That sucks. And do you know what is stupid? What is stupid is, these idiots WILL GET RE-ELECTED!!! Fire the Bastards!! Lets start all over. And then? Fire THOSE Bastards if they try to screw this way. I DID NOT VOTE FOR ODUMMA!! HE IS NOT MY FAULT!!!

  • JB “Retired Vet”

    I am not apposed to change or even paying more of my part to ensure everyone continues to have benefits. The heartburn is these people have no idea what military members and their families go through and they are willing to cut our pay and benefits and then turn around and give themselves huge pay raises and added benefits. The question is, are they hear for us or are we hear for them?

  • sisree

    As the widow of a serviceman that served his country for 20 years, I feel I have the right to speak. The true solution is to fire all of Congress and change the rules. No one should be allowed to serve in Congress (or as President for that matter) unless they have served at least one full enlistment, on ACTIVE duty. Doesn’t matter what branch of the service as long as they serve on ACTIVE duty. How can one decide what is best for the military when they have never experienced military life. And I am tired of the arguement that Congressmen need. Such high payy because they. Must maintain a home in D.C. as well as their home state. When in D.C. let them live in the same kind of govt. Housing we did when we were on active duty. If it was good enough for us it should be good enough for them.

  • MSgt Jeff

    When is congress gonna start voting a decrease in benefits and an increase in cost for THEIR benefits? In 56 years I’ve never seen it, it long over due!

  • John Q

    You need to do a little research – Florida’s jobless rate has dropped 5 months in a row (hmmmm…since Scott took office..weird).

    Also, your racist statement regarding the president is insulting.


    I pay for Tricare prime and I also have insurance thru my work. Tricare has so far only paid my prescriptions. I am retired military but yet here at Ft Knox, KY if you go to the military hospital and you have private insurance they will bill your insurance company for the services, meaning you dont get the entitled care! It aint free! Tricare gets lucky, they dont get billed.

  • ugottabekidding

    Hey knucklehead…who the hell are you calling a whiner?! Your logic is totally skewed, you moron. Who cares what our civilian friends are paying? They weren’t promised “Medical and dental for life”. And, they never spent a single freakin’ day onboard ship with me while we were underway for 6 – 8 months! They were never in harm’s way. Furthermore, we (the military) did not screw up the federal budget, career politicians did. You would have probably told the patriots responsible for the Boston Tea Party that they were a bunch of whiners too. You’re head is so far up your butt, you can probably taste your tonsils. What a dimwitted burnbag.

  • keith

    Here is a problem I have. Military pay and benefits are(and always have been an easy target) they can screw the military and not worry about losing their jobs. At the same time they can promote people to go out and over populate the world by having double or triple the children then can logically support by giving them tax breaks. They can give the same poor people that have all these chrildren , expensive school vouchers. Because many voters have chrildren and can vote the jerks out if they do not get their free stuff. It is ok to reward bad behavior then declare they have a budget crises that warrents them taking it from the people that served in the military.

  • helloagain

    lets see, did 25 years, retired, and thought i got screwed so many times in the military, and now i am really going to get screwed. but mr. gates, hope you enjoy your big FAT retirement check and hope you sleep good at night, knowing how you pushed for these cuts for active/retirees. how many of those F-35 billions dollar fighters = what a active/retiree did for his/her country. just drive by the national cemetery and you’ll get that answer!

  • frontrunner

    I joined in 1968 and retired in1991. I served in Viet Nam and Opertaion Desert Storm. I was promised FREEE medical and dental for the rest of my life.

  • robert l craft

    you said a mouth full Renee,this so called president we have does not care for the people of America or its military.he has been taught since child hood to hate whites and America.that goes for his wife also.when you hate your own mother,that’s something in it self.i just cant understand why congress and the senate don’t do something about this muslim.i think they are to use to kissing his back side.

    • lvnwrth

      You, sir, are an utter moron…not to mention a racist.

  • Why are all of you so quick to blame the presadent when you should be blaming congress they pass the laws

    • Bareknuckles

      Do you not know that the President signs the Bill’s into Law? oh, and he also recommends — from the bully pulpit.

  • Patricia Osmond

    My husband retired in 2000, with serving for 29 years. When he came into the ARMY, he was promised medical the rest of his life, along with me, his wife.
    That did not happen. The only thing I know to do, is start praying and asking God for favour. All those who feel led to do this, then please do.

    • retiree

      Did he not note the change in 1995 when Tricare was instituted? I’m amazed at the number of people on this board who retired after 1995 and claim “free care for life” – that promise was broken with Tricare. Been to the Supreme Court, ruled there was no promise. You can make a lot of arguments, but you won’t win with that one.

      Remember, the three drivers of the federal budget are SS, Medicare, and Military. Major driver of the Military is personnel costs (read pay and benefits, to include retirees). To balance the budget, all three will have to be reduced.

  • Bareknuckles

    I was in the Navy under Reagan, H.W., Clinton, W and now Obama. Everytime the GOP gets into power the military grows or at the very least gets recognized and rewarded, everytime the Dem’s are in power the military gets gutted and used as a social experiment. (By in power, I mean they have the majority in the legislative branch and the exec branch) That’s history my friends, and the future doesn’t look any different. The Dem’s are getting worse and the GOP is facing a critical monetary crisis, meaning they won’t be any help either; perhapsif a Republican can replace this administration the line can be held. In the end, we’re all going to have to feel the pain. I can go off on a tirade about this and that but the fact is we as a nation will have to all feel the pain of the irresponsible Keynsian spending of this administration.

    • USNPark

      Not a single point you made makes any sense. The GOP does increase funding for the military but at the expense of the greatest increases in our national debt (roughly 12.5 of the 14 trillion dollars) which is attributed to Reagan and GW Bush submitting completely irresponsible budgets. Clinton did cut the military but it was the end of the cold war and the USSR was finished; we did not have the need for hundreds of thousands of war-heads aimed at Moscow anymore. My Commander-in-Chief and yours has not cut the size of the military or closed any of our bases, and he has given moderate pay increases even in the worst economy since the great depression so I’m not sure what you are complaining about. I cannot tell you how many of my civilian family members and friends are having a hard time even finding a job. An increase in health care fees is being proposed but that is because due to the soldiers coming home today with horrible injuries and still paying to take care of Vietnam era baby-boom generation veterans who are surging through the tricare system and requiring an increasing amount of health care. This proposal is backed by Republicans, Democrats and the DOD as the picture looks less sustainable with health care slowly eating up a bigger portion of the Defense budget pie.
      Also Keynsian economics is the idea that government plays a role in the market to stimulate growth and work together with private industry for national security and to promote the general welfare. When the government contracts new military aircraft, vehicles, ships, satellites, equipment and technology to private industry that is the very definition of Keynsian Economics. The greatest number of military contracts and government subsidies granted to private industry have been under the Reagan and Bush Administrations. Are you saying they did not apply Keynsian economic theory along with President Obama?

      • Pro-military

        USNpark stated our commander in chief didn’t cut anyone? You must never have worked in any government organization to make a remark like that. Either that or you don’t care enough to notice the reality of cuts. Let me simplify this for you….. Republican( Bush ) in office = more budget/troops. Obama in office(democrat) budget cuts = less troops. It has been this way for many years. Either that or they have magically disappeared and the democrats want us to believe we have always had this number of troops. Hope this helps you. But hey, without these troops to pay we can now afford to test a shrimp on a treadmill to find out why it goes backwards!

  • robert l craft

    why do they always pick on the military.i don’t see congress and the senate taking a pay cut.what makes them better than us.if i had any thing yo do with it,i would put all the people in the senate and congress on military pay and the same benefits we get,then see how long they would want to stay in government.let me tell all the people that reads this.the people we got in office now is taking this country down .America cant stand another 4 years of this administration.

  • Jawbone

    What happened to America’s promise to care for our Military Troops? There is only one Military (active) guardsman in our Congress finally!!
    Why doesen’t Congress take a 10% cut in pay??

  • Ed23

    Why is it that almost every Congressman and president over the last century goes to Washington DC with meager wealth at best and returns home as multi-millionaires? Just who is serving who?

  • MsT

    I agree with lots of whats been said here. Most of all, I agree our elected officials should not be allowed to vote themselves raises, more retirement benefits and so on. They work for us. every increase in benefits they get should have to be approved by the citizens of this Country.


  • Frontrunner

    lvnwrth, (Is that short for Leavenworth Prison) you must be a loyal member of the TeaParty!

  • wade

    That just means you are a newby. I enrolled in 1962.

  • Fred Banner

    Congress with the commiecrats in control always try to make up budget shortfalls on the backs of active duty and retirees. Funny thing is when has Congress given up anything. There a bunch of lying thief’s. I would like to remind each veteran and active duty the oath we swore to uphold the construction is still valid today. We have domestic enemies against our constitution. They are called modern day Democrats (commiecrats) and rhino republics. Obama, pelosi and Reid are by three.

    • Billyboy

      Fred .. Listen to something other than Fox News and look at the party breakdown of Congress!. The Republicans control the House of Representatives by a good margin. This Bill is where that came from .. the working committees of the Republican House.

  • David Ozanne

    It might change things if the Dumocrats would quit preventing our servicemen overseas and out of state from voting. I prefer to have a voice in who is planning the military actions. Check out how many states did not get the ballots out to the service people overseas in time for them to vote an dhow many states made it possible to not count their votes.

    • TSG BF

      What? You definitely don’t know what you’re writing about.

  • Ron Mitchell

    1.6% does not Even cover the cost of gas hikes, not even close, and let me ask you people something, how many of you know how much retirement money (%) your sen/rep makes when they leave office? How much of there base pay(%)?, compared to what the military gets, and what benefits they get to keep. You need to check that out, and while we are at it does anyone have any Idea how much it costs to fly those jumbo jets all over the place with all the support all the time? It’s not $4.00 a gallon. You want to save money keep those planes on the ground!

  • mac

    I see alot of complaints from people who say suck it up this increase is not that bad. I guess what people are not understanding is this is just the tip of what is to follow once they get it started. I am sick and tired about people complaining about the benfits the military gets when they retire at an early age. Why didn’t they join? And what job in the civilian world do you compare it to when you see your friends die or lose parts of themselves for this country. Soldiers were promised these benfits and to take it away from them after they served is wrong period . If they want to change it, then do it with soldiers that have less than ten years in and let them decide if it is worth staying in for. To all you old soldiers out there love you and miss you guys, it was trully an honor to serve with ya all from an old retired sergeant first class

  • Ithamar

    Bad as it may seem, think of the good parts of this SASC proposals for the Appropriations Bill. If it passes sodomy will no longer be a violation of the UCMJ. Yes, your hom ose xual friends will be allowed to sodomize each other without fear of anyone disapproving. See what your senators are doing for you while they, little by little, save money by cutting the health care promised even a few years ago.

  • robert fisher

    Is it not special that those who do not have to put them selfs in harms way or suffer losses like tricare increases and stealing from those who gave it all can make legestation on all the rest of us. Just think about this if we new that this elected officials would turn coat on us as they have would we have supported them to screw us like they are doing and could care less what we all have to say. In war the enemy kills to defend our congress kills for fun because it dont effect them or there families. Makes you wonder who the enemy is.

  • John Williams

    I tried Posting my comments – they wer e NOT ACCEPTED beacause they were TOO LONG. This venue is just like the government – if you have too much too say against the system – IT IS NOT ACCEPTABLE. I wrote probably 30 – 45 minutes of complaints against the government – it was not accepted.
    Sorry – I refused to be politically correct as a Military Police Officer, I refuse to be politically correct now – just to get my views posted. LONG LIVE CENSORSHIP, government and private.

  • John

    you can always opt out and pay for private insurance..stop whining

    • Sparky

      Ask your non-military family and friends what their health insurance costs. I have co-workers who pay $300 per month and have a $5000 deductible that has to be fulfilled before the insurance pays a dime. Preventive exams are covered at no cost. I can afford to pay more.

      We as a country are broke. We are highly indebted to China. As the sister, niece and spouse of military service personnel, the military means a lot to me. Granted, our non-military family and friends didn’t serve. You, as military personnel were promised low / no-cost healthcare after retirement. What happens when the government can’t afford to meet that obligation? Increase taxes on the rich (and so called rich) or do we all pull ourselves up by the boot straps, balance our checkbook and pay down the debt by actually cutting back for real?

  • larry beavers

    I don’t like Obama I think he is a snake in the grasss socialist; and I don’t care where he was born he is not pro-American. But, the pint I want to make is I believe our anger is pointed in the long direction, I would like to know why the doctors and hopitals are not taking some of the heat they’re why medical costs are going up along with the drug companies. I’m also a retired veteran with thirty years.

  • t. Baker

    Pa, state reps use tax payer funds to pay 13,000.oo per staff member for there insurance and they also avg. 50,000.00 a years b but there cutting the medical for the less fortunet, while there pay is going up. They are just like the feds they only care about there selfs. Take a look at the pay and benefits of there staff senate.congress.

  • Old Jarhead

    Nice logic Congress ….. at the expense of those troops in harms way. Guess you could also only pay pilots flight pay when they are actually flying and not on a monthly basis as well and sav some more bucks! Get real … and be fair …. how about we only pay Congressional members when they are actually in session and not annually. I”m sure they would love that. VOTE THEM OUT! We need more vets in elected office. I’m tired of those who never served a day in uniform screwing our brave troops who defend their rights to make stupid decisions.

    • Ed23

      well we do have McCain the commie in there doing all he can to destroy this nation

  • kay

    Well the ones that do have Insurance needs to just be happy and quit gripeing about it because look at all of the older people that never got to serve our country and had to stay home and take care of there fams well they hardly get Social Security and then they have to pay for there meds and they may get to eat for the month after thall that, you know when all the bills are paid and meds are bought. so just be happy with what you have

  • SS Ret. CMSgt

    I am sure Congress has better benefits than we do, really sad when these people with less skill and dedication reward themselves and piss on us, seems to be getting worse. The ones we all think are our salvation are the first to turn their back on us. I am willing to sacrifice for my brothers but Congress are not my brothers.

  • Expected! Nothing is free. If the Government going to force cost increase than Iam for a draft Medical Corp, add to existing facilities thus require treatment by at government facilities. Buy medical supplies in bulk, make income manageable by salary tables and give tax credit for increase premiums. Current use of prime involves a $12-$48 investment to be seen by limited network providers who provide substandard care or refuses service. Best offer since I volunteer 1970 and retired 22 yrs later. My Senator didn’t listen to me. NEXT ELECTION JUST SAY NO!

  • Ken

    Ryan has been trying to gut all military benefits along with every other benefit, promised and or earned by both military and civillians like social security and medicare since he got up there. The Tea Party has em all running for cover as they continue to chop away at this stuff. It’s not the President who is doing this. Get real. This is a President who stands fully with and behind the Military and those who have served.

    • Bob ‘DOC’

      You’re wrong!!! The president doesn’t care about us and all of the lies the recruiters told us before we signed on the doted line. He’s too interested in raising money to get re-elected. Guys get real, even Admiral McMullen, the Chief of the Joint Staff is selling us down the road. He is telling everyone to save the $600 toilets and the golden wrenches and cut retired pay.

      The only thing I can tell you iot’s the old “bend onver here it comes again’. Just depends on the wrapping on wheter it really hurts or just a little. If everyone wrote their Congress people and told them how they really feel, it make make about a 1% chance of them supporting us.

  • Jim

    TO ALL:
    Put your shoulder to the wheel; put your nose to the grindstone; bend over backwards; go the extra step; save fats and oils ; recycle and conserve water.

    Now, while doing all that keep mind that those that were elected are at the same time planning to tax your efforts, because that is what they do. That is all they do. That is all they know how to do. And they do not care what you think about it at all, ’cause it is what it is. Never doubt it!

  • saigon68

    “m replied to your comment on 2012 Defense Act – Pay Increase, Changes to Special Pay and TRICARE / MilitaryAdvantage.Military.com:

    Saigon68, your veracity is much in question!!! A “navy senior chief” is not an E-5. Senior Chief is an E-8. So your tale is doubtful. Perhaps he made $108,000 because he was on a roll…on a roll…on a roll – he was a cook/baker.

    As for 1968, it was the Mekong Alpha then. It didn’t become the Mekong Delta until 1970. ”

    i was the e-5. the chief was a chief. “mekong alpha”? wtf is that. roll another one. i am in san diego. let’s talk. xin loi, mf.

  • Ken

    Ain’t that the absolute truth Marianne! Both of these two current wars are just another Vietnam. Both run by corrupt groups and both destined to fall as soon as we leave. So let’s cut our losses and get the hell out now!! Then we press the Congress (ReTHUGlicans) to finally go after their benefactors, big corporations. and close those big tax loopholes that allow them to hide the Income through internal fabricated expenses to themselves, off shore accounts, and paid dividends back to themselves, making them corporate “TAX DODGERS”, and make them pay their fair share just like the working people do!!

    • Andrew J. Guill

      Your wrong ken, how much money did you get from the president two trillion dollar stimulus “nothing”? Make no mistake your president bail out GM,Fanny Mae and Freddy Mac. AIG, some of the largest banks in America but couldn’t tell congress to give the poor working man a social security Cola or a service connected Veteran a Cola the last two years. Your president has the unions,big oil,big corporations, gays, gun controllers,aclu, abortionist, drug companies, heath care nuts, and taken God out of everything I so honor in his pocket.O’ yes ken- just like you to know,we received a S.S and SC Vet Cola for eight years under Bush. I would also like you to know that your president got more money from the big oil companies than Bush did!!!!!!!!!!!!!!…………………An Independent voter

  • Brian

    lvnwrth- We have done our part..most, if not all veterans know the economy is terrible. I did 25 years and since retired (2009) have done well in the civilian market. I personally don’t mind increases, even though my entitlement, (not benefit), says otherwise. The politicians, not the ground pounders, have set the economy on its butt. If you don’t mind paying more, how about helping paying some of the premiums for our veteran brothers that can not afford it? Are you willing to do that? Are you okay with that. I’m not a former Marine but worked with many, Semper Fi. CWO3, USN

  • krismastree

    I second that!!!!

  • chuck

    I am Air force retired and on TFL. Let’s face it because the govt. has pissed the Medicare and SS funds away for many years now we will have to have some sort of rate increases. There will have to be more withholding for both funds in order to stay alive. We will have to pay more for Tricare Prime and I can see the day coming we will have to pay for TFL. It is sad but true the money is no longer there.

  • Connie

    Let’s all take heed. . . vote any and all incumbents OUT of office! One you’ve been in office a while it’s a “good ol’ boy” system. don’t let it get that way. Maybe new incmbents would have no favors owed and would listen to us!

  • jerry mickelson

    One person suggested that elected officials be paid on the same scale has military personnel. How are you going to find someone to run this country on
    the pay that a serviceman/women get paid while under fire. Our elected officials are idiots but not crazy. Most have never been in uniform and cannot distinguish one branch from another

  • MSG A

    I am looking for a supplemental for TriCare, but cant seem to find one. Would you list what insurance company you use? Thanks MSG A

    • CLP

      Associated and Insurance Society (ASI) in Rockville, Md.

  • slammer 2353

    Take a look at the benefits that Senator Weiner received after serving for 12 years from the info I found he will get 46,000 dollars per year and free medical and dental. This is after he had to resign because of inappropriate behavior, I guarantee you that a military member who got caught performing these acts would have received a dishonorable discharge and no benefits. Why can our highest government officials not be held to the same standards they are federal government employees aren’t they? I do not mind doing my share I retired after 30 years of service to my country but before we keep watching our retiree benefits eroding I would like our bosses to get their house in order maybe there needs to be a uniform code of federal employee justice. I wonder how many positions that would open.

  • Carla

    Does anyone know how this will effect disability payments?

  • springchickenot

    Membersof Senate Armed Services Committee: The article above states they voted unanimously for this bill.
    Levin, Carl (MI) , Chairman
    Lieberman, Joseph I. (CT)
    Reed, Jack (RI)
    Akaka, Daniel K. (HI)
    Nelson, Ben (NE)
    Webb, Jim (VA)
    McCaskill, Claire (MO)
    Udall, Mark (CO)
    Hagan, Kay R. (NC)
    Begich, Mark (AK)
    Manchin, Joe (WV)
    Shaheen, Jeanne (NH)
    Gillibrand, Kirsten E. (NY)
    Blumenthal, Richard (CT)
    McCain, John (AZ), Ranking Member
    Inhofe, James M. (OK)
    Sessions, Jeff (AL)
    Chambliss, Saxby (GA)
    Wicker, Roger F. (MS)
    Brown, Scott P. (MA)
    Portman, Rob (OH)
    Ayotte, Kelly (NH)
    Collins, Susan M. (ME)
    Graham, Lindsey (SC)
    Cornyn, John (TX)
    Vitter, David (LA)

  • S Slaughter

    My husband retired after 20 and a couple of months of service….. I have worked in state government for almost 27 years and had state health insurance untill a few years after my husband retired. I was always afraid of Tricare. Well in the last four years i dropped state health insurance and just went with Tricare standard. Best move i ever made. Going to see 5 doctors in one month. I have diabetes and my 2 smallest children have asthma and bronchitis and they both have severe allergies and on top of that went to the ER twice, between the 3 family members with all the meds we take. I still did not pay any where close to what would have paid on premiums with state insurance plus all the copays that it would have entailled. That out of pocket I paid verses state health insurance state 1500 out of pocket versus just under 300 . A little more copays , I am all right with that. So if anyone wants to pay those health premiums on the outside go right ahead. I am content with the tricare….. I still am truly grateful that my insurance cost and meds are so very very cheap…..

    • lml

      genetic counseling anyone?

  • Rick

    I am a Viet Nam Vet…instead of spitting on me and throwing tomatoes at me Congress now s%$#@ on me and throws insults at me after they renigged on all thier promises isthis what we put them in office for ?? They are there to work for uys !!!

  • Rick

    Lie………….Deny…………….and wait til they die is their motto !!!!!!

  • Ann Donat

    I don’t know why they bother to provide retirees with a COLA increase when they take it back in Tricare costs. Congress should be forced to live for a week on an average enlisted retirees paycheck and see how they feel about losing their benefits.

  • Thomas

    Let’s see how many COLA have we received in the past few year’s???? Now that 2012 is on it’s way it lokk’s like we might get one this year. It seems to me that someone needs our votes nest year.

  • Doug

    I’m a retiree and a Gov’t worker, we did not get a pay raise and it looks like we won’t for another year or two. So please be thankful on your raise.

    Remember your best comments are when you get together and lobby your Representatives and Senators for change or for swaying their votes.

    I hate Democrats and Republicans alike, but will not let my opinion stand in the way to pressure them through proper communication channels to do the right thing. But you also need to pressure them to stop funding foreign countries and use that money to take care of the U.S. first and foremost.

  • Gunner

    I took an oath of office several times during my career in the USMC. I have no problem defending someone’s right to say what they want to say. However, military folks should never bash the POTUS regardless of how you feel about the current state of affairs. It is reprehensible the amount of abuse directed toward the POTUS. Many have forgotten that “I will obey the President of the US and the orders of the officers appointed over me according to the UCMJ.” Let’s be patriotic and support our POTUS. Exercise your right and vote according to your own agenda but don’t publicly bash the POTUS.

  • soaringeagle

    I don’t know what you are smoking but those of us that served in Nam don’t get any more than any other Veteran. We probably get less. Our suicide rate for Viet Nam Veterans is still the highest of any war past and prersent. Explain that one. Semper Fi Nam-66, 67, 68

  • Ret Chief

    Confused, are you! The “dummycrat” in the Senate is your last line of defense. You heap praise on the ones that cut your throat, while blaming others for your bleeding?? Heck! Now I’m confused!

  • J C

    Tricare is only as good as what it covers. For us, it hasn’t done much. It doesn’t cover chiropractors or acupuncture or massage. Certainly not vitamins or herbs. We pay out of pocket to stay healthy, not be treated after we are ill. AS for the pay increase or lack of. Let’s start with Congress, how about they do without a pay increase for 2 or 3 years, or cut some of that excess staff, some of them have. Less government means cutting waste in ALL sectors, not just the military. So why do the ones that RISK their LIVES have to be the ones that get pay cuts and Tricare increases. The President and Congress are the ones that send the military into these wars!!!! Start at the top with the cuts!!!! Oh, yes, maybe if we stopped paying Pakistan and every other country, bribes to like us, we would save a ton of money and lives.
    Do NOT vote for a Republican or a Democrat, unless it’s Ron Paul, vote for anyone but. Check to see if the ones running are former military, vote for them. Ron Paul for President!!!!

  • SMSgtBJC

    You are missing the point entirely. No argument that we pay significantly less than the civilians pay. The point is that when we served we were promised all of these benefits for life because we got paid less when we were on active duty (26+ years by the way) and now they are being slowly chipped away because the politicians and lawyers are saying we were never promised these things because we did not get it in writing so in effect they were never promised. So were are we? Getting ripped off left right and center, the things we depend on are being taken away a little at a time. I can’t wait to see what the cost will be now. Currently it costs $460 a year for Tri-Care Prime and just shy of $1300 a year for retiree Delta Dental. How about that dental is three times the cost of medical and now they want to raise the Prime to $520 a year and God only knows what the dental will go up to. That is just the first year in 2012, then the cost is projected to go up by the same percentage as our COLA each year.

  • Randall

    lets get this straight, you draw retirement pay and health/dental at VA. To get VA dental benefits you have to be 100% disabled. That means you are drawing $3000 tax free from the VA and are tax exempt for property tax and other state taxes. Who knows what your military retirement pay is??? I would say you are living well on the Govt coffers. Shut the F*%K Up A$$hole Freeloader

    • 11thACR

      Good job=Bro-U hit the nail(screw) on the head! took me 11yrs to finally get dental from VA-lost 80% of my teeth in ACV! Right ON!

  • oldhat

    Why cry now? Wait till you are 65 and have to pay 90 bucks a month!

  • Al

    You know the increase isn’t to bad at all. as a retiree the cat cap is 3000.00 under tricare. my collegues have 5 k and one has 7 k in caomparrison , deductibles with Tricare do not even come close to what some of thier deductibles are . so i am very thankful i have Tricare. i gave for this country and sacraficed alot over the years. I can not complain. i have retired pay medical benefits and a as needed job( which was a full time position until economy went south) however i can not place blame solely on the president., actuall some of this actually is the cause of the last one and the housing market issue was back in cliniton erra. i am thankful i have what i i di have. we do however need to get our sons and daughters back home and be done with the oveseas mess and take care of our country at the momenet.

  • Ret Chief

    This is pennie anty stuff compared to what they pulled on those government workers in Wisconsin. I agree with JVB. Be careful we do not get painted as primadonans.

  • mcjsarf1

    Why act surprised? A couple months ago, Obama and the demoncrats threatened not to pay the military if there was a gov’t shut down. Obama and the Washington ruling class could care less about military and military families. They even want to reject military absentee ballots. With this bunch, we are luckey to get, or keep anything.

  • CLP

    Does anyone have trouble finding a dr. that will accept Tricare Standard? It’s very difficult in the SLC area.

  • Kevin

    As I read these posts it seems that what is missed by several folks is the fact that we did things while in the service to our country that the average civillian does not do. We where asked to go fight for other countries freedoms and defend our own home land. We did not ask to be treated special or beg for raises. Most of the time we earned those increases by sacraficing our limbs, families, minds, and lives. Politicians only care about getting reelected and then they will waffle on their campain promises. Have we forgotten about what we ask these 20 year olds to do for our country? Many of us now in our 40’s, 50’s, 60’s and beyond packed our bags, said goodby to our families and did what was asked with out questioning in many cases and gave our lives to this great nation for 20 + years. We lost friends, family, and expierenced death in combat, some times at close range. Yes it may have been by choice or possibly love of our coountry. Does anyone know what the suicide rate is of the returning veterans? I personally believe that there are ways to reduce the deficiet and it starts with the outragous benefits that all politicians recieve. They need to “fix the problems in their own backyard before they take it out on the military member” . A lot of you call it whinning, when in fact if the company you worked for said thanks for your time but now we are going to reduce your salary and slash your benefits to include your 401K you would be raising kane. So, we should unite and fix the first problem, clean house in November 2012 and we the people can take back America.

    • TomB

      Two items:

      1. When I enlisted, a promise of FREE medicla for life, was made; a promise that seems to be long ago forgotton.

      2. Changes and sometimes reductions are inevitable. Whatever changes or reductions are imposed on the military, should equitably be imposed on the government as a whole–at the same percentage rates. Only fair.

  • Barry

    I think with the economy the way it is a 1.6 pay raise for active duty is not too bad. I was always expecting an increase in Tricare enrollment fees were coming, have not seen one in 7 years of retirement so that is no surprise. I do see what our civilian counterparts are paying and we have a pretty good thing going on… My issue is the Retiree Cola increases are tied to whether the Gross National Product index dictates whether military retirees and Social Security recipients have a yearly increase in the retiree pay. There has been no increase in three years but the feral tax has been increased annually. Again the economy is what it is, lets at least change the cola rules to not penalize retirees.

  • Pat

    2012 will be a change Rep

  • Jay

    Where is the VFW commander now. I want to see someone on Fox News or CNN with his fist in the air standing up for us. What are we a bunch of stupid schmucks or what?

    Where in the H is our representation golfing wih obama?

  • Ed23

    The House is only 1 of 3 parts that make the decision, 2 of the 3 parts are controlld by Democrats

  • Ed23

    What part of 2 out of 3 are Democrats don’t you understand? the House is 1 (GOP) the Senate is 2 (DNC) the President s 3 (DNC) … so 2 out of 3 who make the final decision on your COLA are Democrats, so just how are the GOP and TEA Party giving you the shaft???



  • virde

    Weight till you retire and you reach your 65 birthday. It will go up when you are on medicare. I and my wife pay 2400$ a year and it goes up every year.

    Thats my free medical i was told i would get every time i shipped over and spent 20years in the navy.

  • Ed23

    Under president obama we received no pay raise for the first time since IKE was president … and these people want to blame the GOP controlled house for only getting a 1.6% COLA raise … considering that the Democrats did so much for us over the last 2 years gyving us such high COLA raises .. and the the Dems control the Senate and the VETO pen … I say WAY TO GO GOP!!!

  • Sewingsailor

    All of us who wear or wore the uniform of our country basically signed a blank check to our government up to and including the cost of our life; America has forgotten that. (paraphrased – not my own quote). Frankly, I don’t care what civiilans are paying for their health care; they chose their path, I chose mine. They get the benefits they signed up for – and now 23 years later, I want those I signed up for. While civilians were able to live in one place and have the opportunity to have their home paid off if they bought one and stayed in it — I didn’t really have that option as my pay fluctuated wildly, depending on where I was stationed, i.e., I couldn’t buy a house while stationed in DC and then be able to pay for it when I was transferred to Beaufort, SC!!! I have spent 5 of the last 8 years away from my family – not by choice. And for the next 3, I have to have an apt where I work and go home on the weekends, because the promise to return me near to my last duty station when I returned from an unaccompanied overseas tour wasn’t honored. Job security — now the Navy is changing it’s physical fitness program in an attempt to kick out people. Yet somehow, we can afford to pay for health care for dependent parents, grown children (who are not handicapped/disabled/whatever the politically correct term de jour is). But we are going to raise the fees for the retirees who earned it. Makes me want to sign up all over again… NOT!

  • Jim Reaves, USAR

    Please write, FAX, e-mail, call, your senators today before we all go down the tubes!

  • Mark

    you are making a good point about paying premiums; I had a good deal working for ARC and was paying about $200 per month in premiums for 1st Priority with optical and dental for my wife and myself. One guy I know whose wife had serious health problems and could not get into a group plan was paying about $700 per month for their health care premiums until he hit age 60 and came under retired military coverage.

  • Angela D

    Why is it that the majority of those who decide what pay those of us ho VOLUNTARILY serve our Country and it’s Mission get to collect a retirement worth more than an E-6 at 20+ years than those who have served our Military Forces honorably, and yet they get to not only decide hooch we ame each Pay Check.

  • Van

    I’ve been retired since 88. While I was in we learned there was a special meaning to words such as ‘integrity’, ‘honor’, ‘service’. We learned that when you give your word, you keep it. These are things that set us asside from other nations both as military members and to a large degree politicians.

    We were promised that if we served our nation and promised to defend it with our lives, that if we survived there were certain things a grateful nation would do for us. We were told that our pay was significantly less than our civilian counterparts but our free medical benefits for life would help off set it in the end. While our civilian counterparts were reaping the benefits of our blood, they were able to buy a home and earn high wages. Our gratification would come from serving and giving our lives.

    We held up our end of the deal. Some never returned, others are wounded for life and many of us made it without injury by the grace of GOD. I see now how much that service was appreciated. We didn’t create this problem. We did everything demanded of us, and this is our appreciation. We were lied to. How can these politicians, the large majority of which never served, look themselves in the mirror?

    • Highjack63

      Right ON Van,

      I’m glad to see that others feel as cheated as I do! 25 years that I loved serving on active duty, and in the 4 years since retirement I have had my eyes opened to the farse that was labeled patriotism! I am now a strong avocate for others to NEVER join voluntarily because it is propaganda and false promises. Make them make you serve through a draft, and we will see where things go!

  • Clay

    Well here is how I see the good OLd USA – served my country proudly for 22 years – but now the piper wants to get paid and no one wants to pay. Someone has forgotten to tell America that we are crazy about debt. – we have gone from a Proud Nation that always paid Her bills – to a beggar Nation.
    And no one or nothing can stop Her demise – we have been weighed and found wanting. How else explain all the storms – the self-love – and the hate.
    Mark this – God is not slack in HIS judgement.
    Oh! I know no one is listening – but GOd has tasked me with trying to tell America – got an argument –
    take it up with GOD.
    But there is hope – if we all will turn back to our first love-

  • Mark

    I have no problem having my tricare payment increase. We are very fortunate. I just wish we could keep more of the COLA with everything else costing more it would be nice.

  • candee

    I didn’t vote for the @$$ in the white house!

  • lx0

    Hahaha I don’t think communism is much of a threat. We are still very much a free enterprise capitalistic country. Unless that by ‘we all’ you mean everyone who’s NOT at the top of the upper class affluence ladder. Don’t worry. They’ll never share.

  • 11thACR

    VA sez UR supposed to be 100% disabled before U get dental benefits-are U 100%? IF NOT-then maybe U should pay!

  • ADSM

    1.6% base pay increase – 2.0% increase (restoral) of SS to nomimal rate = -0.4% net reduction in pay for 2012, then subtract tricare increases we’re getting closer to -1% pay cut for next year. Thanks for taking care of us ;-)

  • dontfgothere

    sounds a LOT like what carter did – no pay raises in the 3 YEARS after his election and then when his RE-ELECTION year started he was so magnanimous as to give everyone a pay raise “because they really deserved it” REMEMBER THIS AND DON’T FALL FOR IT IN 2012 EITHER.

  • dontfgothere

    sorry NO ONE paid dearly for MY benefits except ME and MY fellow vets. trust me WE earned EVERYTHING we have.

  • 11thACR

    With UR attitude-UR gonna wind up with NUTHIN-Keep giving and they will keep taking until U have nuthing! Wake-up! How much did U give to get the benefits? Were U “peacetime”? Some of us can’t afford “a little more”! Wait til ur COLA ever comes and look where it goes! U sound like a Postal Worker!

  • Randy

    I am a retired marine.My suggestion on how to save money for our Government.I stop giveing out billions to foreign government.Cut back on thew give away to government that the fat CAts who run the Government in the foreign countries use money to get back on us.We american tax payers are ones suffering while our governmet eleccted Leaers are giveing it away.We dont het any respect from the ones we give Billions toI gave my time in defending the freedom of this nation.My children Grew up hardley seeing their Father due to the commitment of war in Korea and Vietnam.While my friends stayed home and had familys that attended ball games with their children and would lay down at night knowing we the Military was on guard protection them.All i am aking is for all congress men to cut back on their pay and pay for their on tranpostation to and from work and no more free flihts.Our president park air fore (1) and sat in DC get country back on track.The 1st Lady was not voted in to fly around world spending Tax payers money for a social and vacation in a foreign country.This would save us billions.

  • Kristian

    Our servicemembers volunteered for service under a contract which they were expected to honor. Part of that contract was that they would receive benefits for their service.

    Now the Government is re-writing that contract. What will they take away next?

    • Vburg

      I am a retired Naval Officer and I still have not figured out this so called broken promise. While I was on active duty, my family and I got free medical care…once I retired, we still have access to the VA and I have my retirement/VA Disability and exetremely low cost medical (TRICARE) for my family…I gave my 24 Years and now I am reaping the benifits. So exactly what contract has the military/fed gov’t broken. So many of you are complaining, yet if you actually stop looking through political glasses or some idiotic hatered of your gov’t you would see that these small raises increases are long overdue. Understand the frustration, but if you would only take a step back and look at the overall picture, you would realize, that sometime in order to save the masses, you must accept losing a few.

  • Dave Altwies

    It’s all a bunch of crap. First, they talk about the CPI going up. Hec, it’s been going up ever since this all started back in ’08. Now they talk about giving us some COLA, but then turn right around and take it away with increases in Tricare payments and increase in prescription drugs fees. What is a COLA increase goning to do? Absolutely nothing. Oh and because of that increase, we’ll have to pay higher income tax. Was told they wouldn’t increase our taxes and then now I have an extra $32.00 taken out each month which started back in March. That was wihtout a COLA increase. Thank you Washington for participating.

  • Manuel Vela

    I can’t complain about annual tricare premium increases tied to our COLA. And I won’t complain about the broken free medical care for life promise . . . . . it’s minor when compared to the Social Security promise that will be broken for millions of Americans. Even if it’s not our fault, times are bad and the day of reckoning is here. We all have to sacrifice.

    Retired CMSgt USAF

    • Highjack63

      Wake up and smell the coffee!

  • Jim USMC (ret)

    My one and only issue. How many of the people supposedly looking out for our well being have ever put thier life on the line. They get paid well for the amount of “work” they do in the Senate and House. More than I ever made in any of the 20 years I put in. They are making decisions about how much to compensate our Brothers and Sisters (and families) for the “mud” work they do, while sitting at a fine dinner in a warm place with thier families or co-conspirators. Please try and do the jobs we do everyday and then tell me what is worth.

  • Eric

    So essentially, retirees will never see a COLA increase…

  • Deborah

    Friggin politicians tick me off. Take away a measly 225.00 a month hazard pay. Any soldier put in the line of fire deserves 10x that . I hate to wish my life away but, Lord, I can’t wait until 2012 gets here and we can get some of these idiots out of Washington – especially the head honcho.

    • Vburg

      Again, your ability to read and comprehend is at question here…your dislike for the “head honcho” evidently causes you to show ignorance. The hazard pay has not been taken away…now you only get paid day for day vice if you are some Admin Staffer/Sr Officer passing through on a 10 day visit, everyone in your group is entitled for a month of Haz. Pay. That is the new rule…IT HAS NOT BEEN TAKEN AWAY. Learn to read and comprehend.

  • Really

    Waste, eliminate it and we would be doing much better. I just talked to a guy yesterday whose company was paid to check for asbestos in a building they were tearing down on post this week. The results were negative for asbestos, but this guy was out there taking air samples just in case. Oh, did I mention this was a building that was LESS THEN 10 YEARS OLD!!! How many co-pays were wasted there!?

  • kathy tebo

    The one thing you have to realize is once the fees start to increase, they will increase every year until we end up paying more than civilian insurance premiums. Also private insurance has less restrictions and more entitlements.

  • Retired SGT

    Here is an idea. Stop paying for all post 9/11 military members kids to go to college, regardless of where the service member was serving during that time. I work with 2 retired service members and both of their kids get free college…best part, one was in Colorado serving and the other was in Texas. Meanwhile I was in NY that day and for the next 2 months pulling duty. Am I pissed that it doesn’t apply to me because I retired before that legislation went into effect. Sure, but that doesn’t stop me from thinking its all a big waste.

    • Guest

      Get over yourself…yes, its called the “Post 9/11” GI Bill, but its not automatically for kids, its simply a means of transferring a benefit from the Soldier to the kid…I’m pretty sure you qualified for the GI Bill from your service, the only difference now is you can give that benefit to a family member…you’re a simpleton who just wants to whine…2 months pulling duty, poor poor baby, did you serve in Iraq/Afghanistan?

    • SSG RATT

      The benefit is going to be used either way. I retired instead of doing the extra to be able to transfer my benefits. I am now going to school and putting the BAH in a account for my kids college next year. I earned my benefits I will use them as I see fit. Quit being such a whiner.

  • Jeremy

    Funny how they sneak in benefits reduction in with a pay increase equal to that of a Walmart associate. This is a slap in the face.

  • steve

    I spent 12 years active duty USN and 11 years in the Navy reserves i tried to use my gi bill for school I am now not eligable for any benifits and im, to young for tri care, thank god i have the VA for Medical, also it would be nice if they would finaly lower the retirement age to 55 its been talked about for years, that would help out thousands of newly retired vets, i have 7 more years to go. My dad died 1 month before he got his retirement, after spending 4 years in the south pacific during wwll and anthore 19 years in the gaurds.

  • john22

    This whole system is a joke! The government has all kinds of money which it blows on a regular basis. When it comes to the vets who fought for this country, we’re under the bus. The rich get more and more tax breaks while we get nickeled and dimed. 1.6%? My bottom line comes out to about a 20% loss in buying power in the last couple of years and this is just the begining! Hey, I don’t mind paying my share, but when it comes to the top they’re not paying squat! Both political parties have failed us!

  • pkok99

    This is Hope an Change that are leader promised .Let us HOPE that the leadership CHANGES next election

  • Margaret

    COLA raise premium raise (technically nothing given) co_pay increase so we will have less money to pay bills with and buy food! What did my husband give his life for then? Thanks for NOTHING Obama!

  • Alie

    It is so funny that I got so many rude comments. I am currently serving and I have been in the military for 24 years now. I knew from day one that the military was not going to take care of me but I love this Country. This is why I joined the military.

  • Lynda

    It all comes down to one thing, How they wish to spend the peoples money.
    They have made promises to service men and women, and apparently they dont know how to handle a check book! I get the circumstances of the country, But I am angry! Angry that they use the military to work for polical gain. I would rather never be promised anything then to experience it taken away or served up in a different dish.

  • L Reed

    For some of us Retired military it is just another slap in the face.. Any here remember the “PROMISE”

    “If you serve 20 years or more, you and your spouse will get FREE medical care for life”

    Congress admitted that was a tactic to get people to reenlist, however they didnt have to honor that “Promise” because it was never written into law.

    The fat cats will continue with their raises and absurd salaries and their FREE medical care at the expense of those that actually earned it.

  • Van

    Danny, it’s not a case of what you did when you were in the military. It’s a case of what ‘they’ did while you were in the military. ‘They’ promised us free health care for the rest of our lives if we gave twenty years. In 1995 they made us strat paying — “but don’t worry, it’s just a one time deal”. Now we are off to the races again. We held up our end of the contract, they should hold up theirs. I’m not getting anything ‘free’, I (indeed all of us) paid dearly and so did our families.

  • JLM

    I’m with you on this one. Prior to becoming retirement eligible, we were paying for health care through a BIG corporation and TRICARE PRIME is STILL the best deal around and we’ve had no problems with it. I’m grateful and don’t mind these slight increases.

  • amy

    I am all for all government employees have to serve at least 20 years before receiving retirement and healthcare packages–this most definately means the elected congressmembers; a lot of them serve 2 years and do not get relected because of their lack of performance so we reward them with a retirement package for the rest of their lives- some starting in their 30’s! When will congress give up this benefit and help save big $$?

    • retiree

      they gave it up in 1984, when they went under FERS and FEHBP, same as our federal civil service brethren. Yep, they pay for their health care insurance, they contribute to their retirement fund, and they don’t get it for serving 1 term (or at least not until they’re 62, if they’re in the senate). By law, the maximum they can get is 80% of their final 3 years of pay. To get that, they would have to be elected at 25 (minimum age for a member of the House, per the Constitution), and work into their 90’s.

  • Grewitout

    I left in 06, retired real army. I was in over 20, and i thought uncle sam was a great guy. Today the very first thing that comes to mind is “CRIMINAL” stealing from the poor and middle-class, special interests big oil, pharma, protected. There will be anarchy at some point, and our own military generals recommend cuts to us. Don’t talk to me backstabbers, I never pointed a rifle at you, and you should not point one at me.

  • Mariah

    Unfortunately I have to disagree with service members like yourself that are “ok” with the government meddling into our retirement pay. It’s folks like yourself that makes the DC people think it’s “ok” to increase TRICARE and at the same time get a measly 1.6% increase. First of all, I do know what civies pay for their medical insurance, but the majority of them did not serve 20 years, working 24/7, 365 days a year. They also didn’t go on remote tours leaving family members behind. Yes, it was our choice to join the military, but we were also promised we’d be taken care of. We aren’t whining, we just want DC to stop digging into our pockets and look elsewhere. How about they stop sending gazillions of dollars to all those unfortunate, ungrateful countries and start taking care of our own. I am a retiree that was laid off 6 months ago with no relief in sight. Now, not only do I need to worry about finding a job, but I have to worry about the annual increase that will impact my family more.
    So, please, please — military folks do not think it’s “ok”, because it’s not. If we let DC folks keep stabbing us in the back, front, they’ll keep doing it because — hey, “it’s ok, I’ll do my part” — it’s not ok.

  • Jerry Goodwin

    We all need to make sacrifices to balance the budget. But giving corporations welfare and tax cuts to the wealthy means we are bearing a dispropotionate share of the pain. Last year the upper 1% of the earners fook home 20% of the country’s total income. The average tax rate they paid was about 17%. 30 years ago the top marginal rate was about 70% and the top earners took home 10% of the country’s income. The rest of us stayed about the same. Who is running things? Have any of you seen a top 1% earner in your baracks or boot camp?

  • Doc

    I just read the proposed HR 1540 and the Military.com article is misleading. (1) the HR 1540 is so confusing, I don’t know how the senate can understand the changes. I beleive this wording crap is done by admin helpers and then rubber stamped by congress. (2) Section VII covers BENEFITS see if you can understand the complexity. (3) If you are on Tricare Prime and you will now pay $25 or $50 bucks more a year… Quit your ******** Most people pay $80-$100 per month (or more) for the quality medical care you we get. If you don’t believe me look up the Medicare benefit costs on the internet.

  • Jack Perron

    For all the Bozo’s that are content or even happy with the minimal decreases in benifits each year, you need to get your head screw on correctly! You (and I) sacrificed your entire working lives for substaintially less money than your civilian counterparts for many various reasons. This sacrifice was based on benefits at the other end for some of us. Never worrying about a single dollar in medical benefits once you retired and started into the years that most of us need medical. That changed in the eighties with Champus and Tricare co-payments. These little increases have become more and more with every year that passes. Do you know any other job entity in the world that collects only half of their monthly pay in actual basic pay with the other half made up of other pays (clothing, BAQ, VHA, COLA, special pays, etc.? No, because there isn’t any! They worked us over laughing the entire way because they knew at retirement you only got 50% of you BASIC pay! Even that has been eroded to 47%, with an attempt at 32% that existed for almost 10 years until they had to reverse it for retention. They only did that because we were at war! Once you give (or are OKAY with) even the slightest of reductions in benefits you are weakening the entire team effort by sitting the sidelines. If we are all brothers and sisters in the same fight then we must stand together to the bitter end. Those who think we are just doing our part by chipping in for the deficit are just truly still lost in the same game they had us in for our entire carreers (25 years here). We paid it forward during our careers and forgetting that by deciding to chip in a bit more is just weak. You think your doing the right thing, but your being fooled again! It is like buying a car that cost 20,000 and paying 40,000 for it because you are promised that you will not have to pay for any maintenance for the life of the car! But then the dealer comes back in 2 years and says that the maintenance was a bit higher than expected and if you could just do your part and chip in say……25% of the maintenance cost we’ll call it good! After all everyone else is paying 100% of the maintenance. BUT……..WAKE UP…….they paid only half for the car in the first place! The dealer has collected the interest on your double payment for years! Get in the fight ladies and gentlemen! If you have no fight left in you, then tell them you are ready to be buried with military benefits and see how much they want you to chip in!

  • Jimmy L

    Its not the amount, we should all be able to recognize that the amount of cost increase for those of us retired is not that much. The problem is everytime the government overspends and puts the country in a bind , THE FIRST action by those over spenders is to chip away at those who are active or who have been active in supporting this country. Why because those people know and accept sacrifice. They think we should sacrifice even more, they who have not served believe us to be the sacrificial lambs when it comes to asacrificing benifits , pay or our life. The real problem is there are so many ways to cut spending for this country that DO NOT affect those who have supported it , including those that pay taxes, have a job that they worked to get, those that built up wealth. The first place they should cut is by taking back from those that never have done anything in support of this country. Welfare, special food programs, special mothers and children programs, Grants to foriegn countries that hate us for schools, hospitals, and powerplants. We were the greatest country in the world, moraly , politically, and finatialy at one time. We have allowed the politicians to give away what our founders, our grandfathers and fathers (mothers adn grandmothers too, by the way) worked so hard to build. WE ARE ALLOWING THIS, IT is OUR fault. When you write your congressman and senators and president, they disreguard you and placate you with BS. They are not hearing us they aare in effect telling us “LET THEM EAT CAKE”. how long before we lay down the pen adn go a new direction. We all swore an oath to protect this country from ALL enemies foriegn and DOMESTIC. Last report I saw less than 30% of active duty vote adn under 40% or retired veterans vote, the first step is to get that number up. Tell everyone you know to listen to the platforms and positions of a politician and not the flowery words they dispense, look at their records stop voting for those that have a nice catch phrase and vote for those with substance. VOTE for the person you believe to be the best man to lead this country. I want a represenative who goes into office and works for us , not treat the election win as a prize from a game show that include unlimited world travel, and golf at the taxpayers expense. We have allowed the politicians to detroy a country that no foreign power has been able to do with military might. Take back our political power from thsioe who have abuse the trust that they were given,
    You must have revolution for change if not at the ballot box, one day it will be in the streets.

  • dennis spinks

    many of my friends our going to vote for those who have never been in
    government office..but your right those who have never been in military
    don’t understand. but there are many that do so we must keep on knocking
    ..hope they have learned after 2008 election!!!Dennis Spinks Ret.Army

  • Highjack63


    You are correct, everyone else is paying more than we retirees are. But your forgeting that we already paid for it up front, so in the end we are paying everything they are and then some! IF YOU DON’T Believe me then look at your percentage of retirement compared to the entire amount of your active duty paycheck and then compare it to ANY OTHER federal retirement! On top of that look at the differences in the rules that govern what can happen to your retirement pay in comparison to ALL OTHER federal retirement pays in regards to death, divorce, ex-spouse remarry rules, survivor benefits, etc. WE ARE THE BASTARD CHILDREN OF THIS COUNTRY and they laugh at our stupidity and ease of appeasement. Help stop the bleeding doc and do your part to fight the fight!

  • M. C. Butler

    all military men, women and there familes made there sacriice by serving this country. A lot of them in combat. I served even while my wife was dieing from cancer. I now wish I had not as this country is no longer the country it used to be! If you won’t yours cut, fine! Like someone else said you can pay more taxes anytime you wan’t.

  • diane

    I like to think of both sides of the issues. On one side there are those that just cant afford the incress when every thing else is going up food gas meds ect…
    then on the other side well ther is no other side when you live on a fixed income

  • lphillips

    I am also retired military and i do remember free medical after retirement was in my contract when i joined. Maybe if we quit sending all our tax dollars to countries that hate us anyway, we might not be broke.

  • Jim Harris

    Its thesame old story…when our country is attacked we are offered the farm but when the country feels all safe again we are put out to pasture. I love my country and served accordingly nonetheless.

  • lvnwrth

    I am still amazed at the whining going on here, and at the utter stupidity. I don’t know who the moron is complaining that TRICARE increases are tied to COLA, but that person is totally lost…gone…bonkers…just too stupid. Tying future TRICARE increases to COLA PROTECTS US, YOU MORON!! When was the last time that healthcare inflation didn’t far outpace overall inflation? If our TRICARE increases were allowed to float, rather than being limited to the same % increase as our COLA, we’d soon be spending all of our retirement on TRICARE premiums.

    P.S. For those who don’t understand it, that is EXACTLY what the RYAN PLAN for Medicare does. Our Medicare “vouchers” will increase only as much as COLA, but healthcare costs will be allowed to rise unchecked. So every year, the out of pocket cost of “private Medicare” will go up more than the “vouchers”. Eventually, we will be paying all our Social Security to cover what our Medicare “vouchers” don’t cover.

  • Redleg

    Been in the US Army X 20 Yrs- never expected anything-did my job and marched on. You want more? Become a mercenary-
    Tricare even with the increase is VERY affordable compared to civilian insurance. Quit complaining.
    I know that the US Army destroyed both knees-did I run to VA to get both replaced? No- Got to take responsibility for yourselves.
    The slight increase still makes Tricare one of the least expensive medical insurance around. Another thing: don’t ever expect anything ever in life. Things can be yanked or even eliminated.
    Our US debt is out of control and unpayable and the US dollar is rapidly losing confidence worldwide. Everyone has to bear the brunt.

  • Ed retired

    For all you folks that think it’s o.k. to take away benefits from the military, it’s not so much the taking away as it is who is doing the taking (politicians) and not making any sacrifices themselves. They’re the ones who created this mess and are putting the burden of correcting the mess on the backs of the military and tax payers. C’mon don’t let them believe that we accept what they’re doing!

    • Robert Thrush

      I agree;; those politican cause this,let them reduce there incomes and pull there heads out of the ground;
      If I screw up my household budget,I can’t go no place ,
      and my own pocket to fix my problem;
      If spent over there own family budget,do they go to the
      tyaxpayer to collect the differents,,I hope not;;
      So spent the taxpayer money like it was from your own
      budget;; Wake the **** up America

  • jd1t

    Low pay ?

    I was always paid very well in the military — Money and benefits !

  • John TAYLOR

    I am a 20 year retiree and for those years I was promised FREE medical benefits for life but the government lied about that and now they want to
    take back every penny they can from us to help Balance the budget. Where did all the savings go from all the Base closing and all the other programs that the government did away with to save a buck?? We keep putting our life on the line for them and what do we get…………..

  • wuonbi

    What supplimental plan do you have ( how much is it ) ( through who ) ?

    We have been looking for one, but dont know who to trust.

    • oldcheng

      MOAA and FRA provide good supplementals to TRICARE. They have multiple programs with varying premiums and deductibles. Have used both since the 80’s. Well worth it. As with any other purchase, always comparison shop.

  • Rick

    You people in the senate are Incredable, Why don’t we start by you and the house and the President paying more instead of receiving more!!

    We served or Twenty (20) or more and were told we would be taken care of now you want to stick it to us HOW DARE YOU!!!!!

    • nickm

      Yes how long do you have to serve in the house or senate to retire at what rate. and how about your medical? Come join they military retirees.

  • soaringeagle

    The House Armed Services Committee intends to include a provision in the
    fiscal year 2012 National Defense Authorization Act for Fiscal Year 2012
    (H.R. 1540) that would increase TRICARE Prime fees 13 percent, more than
    double the rate of health care inflation, and tie future fee increases to
    an annual inflation index.

    However, after hearing the Secretary of Defense and the Chairman of the
    Joint Chiefs repeatedly claim that the rising cost of TRICARE was
    “crippling” our nation’s national security, I am outraged to learn that
    the HASC intends to transfer $330 million of “under-executed” TRICARE
    funds to fund 22 programs, specifically requested by members of Congress
    for medical research through the Defense Department.

    Now, if these congressionally directed medical research programs fell
    within the Pentagon’s traditional research of battlefield medicine and/or
    related military research, perhaps their use might have merit. However,
    that is FALSE!. Many of the projects have absolutely no connection to the
    military and duplicate research areas already covered under general health
    projects funded through the National Institutes of Health.

    How these “under-executed” funds are used does not negate the fact that
    DoD told us TRICARE was breaking its back. The actual fact is that
    TRICARE never spent the money it was allocated.

    Despite the fact that TRICARE is spending less than appropriated, certain
    leaders in Congress have agreed with the Department of Defense to increase
    TRICARE Prime fees 13 percent next year. The payment of these increased
    fees will cost military retirees between the age of 38 and 64
    approximately $200 million over the next five years or about $45 million a

    I strongly urge you to work to defeat the proposed increase. Hold the
    line on TRICARE Prime fees. Those who have served a career in the
    uniformed services should not be first in line for budget reduction.
    Their benefits have been earned and earned the hard way, defending freedom
    often in harm’s way and in great distances from home.

    There are many lower priority programs that should be first in line for
    cuts or elimination. Hold the line on uniformed services earned benefits.
    Military retirees and their families should not, repeat, not be first in
    line for reductions.

    I do not discount the financial situation the nation faces, but I ask you
    to cut waste not earned benefits. Certainly the defense budget is not
    sacred but neither is the remainder of the federal budget.

    I ask you to support those who have served and oppose any changes that
    would burden military retirees and their families with higher costs for
    earned benefits.

    Our country asked a great deal from our former service members who were
    tasked to secure the blessings of freedom and protect our nation’s
    interests. These courageous men and women kept their end of the bargain
    and now it is time to keep ours.

    I am tired of hearing about increases to TRICARE especially when only 57
    members of the Congress and Senate have served on active duty. It is a
    slap in our face to do this or even thing of doing it. Now they are using
    TRICARE money for earmarks. This reall shows the stupidity of our
    Congress. If you can’t find the money else where then do it on the backs
    of Retired Military and Active Duty Military.

    Again, do the right thing when H.R. 1540 comes to the floor for House
    consideration. Do not increase TRICARE fees.

    I look forward to your immediate response and where you stand on this.

  • Chris

    First of all sigon68, do some research on the rank structure before you make a post on it; a Navy Senior Chief is an E-8 not an E-5. Secondly, the pay for our activ duty personnel is higher than in 1968; but so is the cost of living.
    The main point is that even though the increase is not a lot, it is still an increase that is being decided by the buracrats in DC. At the same time they instill these increases on us they continue to, as mentioned numerous times in previous posts, get pay increases, retirement and free medical and dental. I have no problem paying the increae, since I thankfully my wife and I are once again employed. If the burocrats take pay cuts and use the same medical and dental as retirees, a much larger impact in the deficit would be accomplished.
    Those of you calling it whinning, you are dead wrong! The great majority can afford the increase, but it is a call in fair treatment. In these times everyone needs to do their part, ESPECIALLY the DC burocrats!

  • MSGT R Moos USA Ret

    The big problem with any military benefit/rights is who votes yeh or nay. That being said we know that the decision makers in Washington are civilians who have never seen a shot fired in anger , never wore a uniform, and dont give a damn about promises made to the military as long as it doesn’t affect their pay & benefits. Yes its congress & senate. They can vote thereselves a pay raise any time they want. & take away ours anytime they want. vote the ******** out

  • guest

    Wow-would’ve agreed with everything you said but having had an Air Guard husband(or maybe “prick” as you call them, deployed 4 times, I am insulted. He was NOT in air conditioning, with TV and internet and had close calls with mortar attacks and YES-behind the wire. SO sick and tired of the us and them attitude when you are all on the same team and those behind the wire are supporting anyone outside the wire. Each MM have choices when going in-his gave him a better chance in the civilian world with his job. He wasn’t avoiding anything with that choice. I totally agree with your position on this subject otherwise but please have respect for other military members. Marine or not.

  • John

    The imminent danger pay change? a good idea to save money, because that cuts down on the old trick of going to visit the front line troops for only two days (the 31st and the 1st) and getting two full months of ID pay. This way the guys and gals who are there for 60 days get paid for 60 days and those there for 2 days get paid for 2 days.

  • Maggie

    well said

  • Charles

    This is horrible but expected as usual. The fat cats on the Hill look out for themselves while sacrificing those who care, serve, have served and more. Write your Congress person and make it clear, if they voted for this they are out as far as you are concerned, then vote!

  • Steve

    Democrat run Senate with some RINOs.
    The fact that seems the worst is not the amounts of any of it, but the contracts and promises to the service members is of no value since it can be changed at the whim of the government. Retirees are fortunate, that they lived and honored their contract of service and can only wait year to year to see if the government will honor their’s.
    That is a shame but incrimentally they will shortchange the servicemembers.
    It is amazing to me that they bail out uniions, exteend unimpolyment to 99 weeks, give welfare, free abortions, but don’t honor their obligations.
    Obama gave billions to resettle Hamas folk in the US, so is the service members medical benefits the first place to save?

  • RJ Stanley

    if we cannot get a cost of living raise in our SS or retirement then no one should.
    it’ a viscous cycle. The economy is in the dirt; therefor, more people are out of work. Since more people are out of work, they arn’t paying any taxis. Now the governments, state & federal, are feeling the pinch. Instead of creating jobs for people so they can pay taxes they want to vill the void by steeling our money from SS like Pres. Johnson did only they are going to take what is left, and they want to increase taxes on thoser of us that are working and those employers that could hire more people so thye can’t afford tohire more help. If Johnson had left out SS Trust Fund alone instead of dissolving it and absorbing it into the general revenue to pay for his special projects SS would not be in trouble now.. If congress wants to tap what is left of our personal resources and the benefits we contracted, earned and bled for,then lets see them give up some of their $174,000/per year plus expenses First.

  • Henry

    Yes. They are going to increase the cost. I don’t like it, but I am not going to change back to the health insurance that I had before retiring . It is still the best deal around.
    The 1.6% is probably because the predicted inflation is 1.6 %. Never mind that “They” (who ever they are that can make such changes) changed the criteria for how inflation is figured. I heard a speaker from Goldman-Sacks a couple of months ago say what the inflation rate was going to be this year. He would have been laughed out of the room except that the subject was so serious. The audience was mostly stunned into silence that anyone would make such a foolish statement. It certainly didn’t change anyoone’s thinking one bit. I am glad for having switched over to working for the federal government (VA) full time when changing careers some twenty years ago, right now more than ever. Because of budgetory cutbacks those who remain are having to work overtime to fill slots that have been vacated by natural attrition. Plus since our commander-in-chief continues to fight a war in a place we could call ‘Vietnam Part Deux’ I am assured of continued employment for years into the future. My job is mission essential. Especially now that there is a hiring freeze. I guess you could say it is a Buyer’s Market for some of us.
    Good luck y’all, my brothers and sisters.

  • ddowns

    agree. But would like to see elected officials -politicians under same health care plan and also fed employees if logistics and facilities could handle the volume.

  • smith

    I retired in 1980 and we have been getting the SHAFT for years. What ever happens we cannot win. The only way we can ever come close is to get rid of those crooks that has been office for years and think this country belong to just them.We must stand togather at voting time and get rid of them.

  • Bonehead123

    Of course, nothing but the BEST for America’s fighting force to defend the USA, HUH?… What better benefits than to increase Tricare enrollment fees and reduced retirement pay. By the way this democratic gov’t is towards the military, sort of makes me wonder if it was even worth 25 years of my time dedicating my military service. Sorry, but I’m getting ready to retire and I know me and my family are going to suffer major hardships because of this liberal mindset towards our military members who are dedicated to defend our country !!!

  • Bonehead123

    To this day, I can not figure out why our current, anti-military president, be impeached (basically “FIRED”) but with this liberal government, he’s well too protected. Our country is going backwards with Obama in power !!!

  • Bonehead123

    I think Obama will learn real quick how to fish for bass because that will be the ONLY hobby he’ll have left after 2012 !!!! But I’m sure gorella face Michele will bitch at him for fishin’

  • Bob

    what if they gave a war and nobody came.. why do we need to police the world?
    take all those billions we are wasting and give each one of us 200,000 so we can do our shopping and help kick start the economy.

  • air force retired.

    the truth would be a good place to start! then try adding a little HONESTY among thieves.!!

  • DOC8404

    My solution: Shut down welfare. Senators and Congress People get paid based on .1% of their districts’ income w/o retirement benefits. Those on welfare get 1 year to find a job. 3 years if they are seeking an education.

    18 yrs active duty, still going strong. I don’t make $108,000 a year as someone said earlier. But if MY nation calls upon me again to make more sacrifices then so be it. I chose to serve. It isn’t about the money. It is about the call to provide for something greater than myself. I would do it for FREE…if that is what my Country ask of me. Just don’t tell my family. They wouldn’t understand why Christmas was worse, or why they can’t play sports, or instruments, or go on field trips. They would trust in me. I would tell them, our country has called upon us to give more. Less than 1 percent of this nation actively serves in the military. So MY FAMILY WILL MAKE THE SACRIFICE. AGAIN. Will yours?

    I wonder, does China have this same problem. Wake the F…up. Read other headlines, the Big Red Star is imposing its military might on the Philipines, Thialand, Vietnam and others. Do you think their government supports their military?

    I will say this. Tomorrow, I will wake up. I will put my uniform on. I will drive to work. THat is after I pay $3.49 a gallon. I will walk past people who are headed to the beach, the mall, the movies…. I will take my post…. I will assure that those freedoms, the ones we utilize now will continue to be protected. I will do this with Honor. I will stand TALL, I will face the enemy.

    At a time of great sacrifice I WILL STILL SACRIFICE MORE…..WILL YOU?

  • Michael Ellis

    Please remember when election day comes around that is when we can give to these lying dogs who keep bleeding us retirees and active duty. I wouldn’t mind paying the increase if the goverment would pay up on what they owe us as retirees and active duty. To all of you folks in Washington stop lying about how much you care for us retirees and the active duty heros. Just remember there is a place in **** for liars.


  • did i say that ” i will die” yet?

  • rich

    I would like to see a bill that will raise the cost of everything they are doing to the military personnel for each and everyone working in both houses plus the commander in cheif down. What ever happen to taking care of you for your service time.

  • Michael

    I made a comment 2 days ago but it didn’t get posted, like john williams two days ago. I must of hit too close to home about our beloved politicians as it had to do along the same subject as Don, Slammer2353, Robert l craft, & especially MAGGIE 2days ago except a little deeper. yeah censorship!!

  • Glenn

    If we who fought for this country cannot find some cost reduction and be willing to accept it we cannot expect others to do the same and we have lost this country due to handouts. All these social programs and OBUMBLE Care have to go. Mandate our elected officials cut the same in all other social programs percentage wise as they increase costs for us. This Moron OBUMBLE has to go 2012 no more of this. Vote “any but Obama”.

  • lartac

    The 1.6% increase is a lot better than what Gates and Mullins wanted to do…..That is CUT military pay! A small increase in TriCare is reasonable as long as it doesn’t increase more than the increase in retiree pay. No increase in retiree pay, then, no increase in TriCare fees is reasonable. As far as all the other comments, send them to your congressfolks and don’t waste time on this blog. Unless you print out all the comments and send them to the idiots in Washington, nothing is going to happen.

  • lartac

    Did you vote for BO? If you did then you are part of the problem. If you didn’t, Thanks! some of us tried but failed to keep this communist, Marxist, Muslim from getting into office. If you voted for BO, what did you think? It was obvious what he was.

  • Roy

    You obviously were not in the military when it was a promise and a fact that you and your family would receive free medical care for the rest of your life. I very much remember that, especially coming from the 1st Sergeant as he stood at the end of the pay line to collect his requirement from your pay to help pay for the old soldiers and sailors home. It is not about the money being spent, it is the way they are going about going back on their promises. I also remember the day when my wife and I were expected to volunteer at least 1 day a month to checking, bagging or stocking in the Commissary. At that time the Commissary did not have civilians working in them.

  • MSG.JimmyL. Stacey

    What the heck is going on with the people of the U.S.A.?
    Do you not understand that we are given away our money away to countrys that do not support us? We should be spening all that wasted money on our own Kids for education; homeless Vets who are walking around with Purple Hearts on there chest!! I dont like you!! Mr. “O” I all so hold the Purple Heart

  • Retired Navy Captain

    The Dems in congress have consistently supported the military. The Reps in the House are the ones who want to do away with medicare and who don’t believe that defaulting on our national obligations will further screw up our economy. they just want cuts and don’t seem to care where the money comes from or what harm it will do to the country.

  • CSM (Ret)

    Folks the only way fo us to be heard is to act as a team. We must all march on our state Capitals in mass and then on to DC as one unit. Those who point out that other folks pay more for their health care should also point out that those are the same folks who would never serve their county in any of the military services. If they would serve they would also understand why we as retired service members get so upset about losing any benefits at all because we have given our all for this country.

  • Thomas Mincy

    I think it would be of interest to a lot of people, esp. military to see a copy
    of pay, benefits and retirement of our Senators, Congressmen, POTUS
    and anyone else working in the White House; then we would know how
    much to complain via email and telephone to those on the hill. I spent
    28 years in the military system myself; I have complaints too, but my
    retirement as E7 is many times my pay when I joined in 1954 !
    Just remember Obama saying “We need change”, yep, that’s right,
    let’s vote “For Change” next time, not Obama Change !!


  • Fred

    Right now I am feeding and housing 10 relatives on my retired pay and social security. Why? No jobs. The Elete don’t understand if a consumer cannot spend any money, they go out of business. That only reduces the number of employees that they need. Or am I screwed up? Is it the less they sell the more employees need. Make some jobs! I don’t think that a tomato is worth 98 cents a pound. I agree with others share the wealth and give the rest of the government the same as our brothers and sisters are getting.

  • Joseph

    I couldn’t agree more with Fred’s coment of June 26. After 31 year’s of Military service,nothing the goverment has done for the military in the past or future shakes me anymore. Same -o-same-o. I have been in countries where they had no use for our country or the military bringing them food and medical supplies. Now we are required to give them more money and subsidies that never seem to get to the people who need it. Our goverment know’s this but still keep’s on giving them more. I hope that before I die someone will tell me the honest truth on why this continues to be the policy of our goverment bureaucracy.

  • Mark

    I am retired but not under DoD, But under Homeland Security does my increase or stay the same ???

  • Stanley

    It is not the President who vote these laws, it’s your representives and senator’s. Let be real……….vote them out.

  • charlie

    And just think, Who was the bright ones that voted for are so called president?
    Some has given there life, and some has mangaled bodies from protecting are country that we all love, for what. The president and the government has sold us out as they did my ancestors (The AMERICAN Indians)
    They all speak with fork tongues. And think, they do it with a smile on their face. The world is coming to an end, Thank God.

  • Tony

    All I can say is wow. Go see how your representative voted. If he or she voted for this bill, vote them out the next election. We worked hard for our benefits and all they can do is try and take them away. We have earned the right. Let’s make some noise veterans. Raise UP!

  • OS1 retired

    who ever wrote this must be getting one hell of a retirement,and has a good damn job also..what about us folks that are 100% unemployable and have little retirement,and even less SSI. we live on a basic income the icreases will take to much away us, I can tell you the 1.6% pay raise in
    cola will most likely make us pay more taxes, and then the increases well damn.. they should just line us all up and shoot us now,shit that there would be no deficit. when you retire its over then they dont have to pays us anything right…

  • Honest John

    Tricare increases are part of the Pentagon budget, but many here want to use the Pres. as a scapegoat. If we are really willing to sacrifice for our country, many here need to face the reality of the shrinking domestic budget in light of the historically bloated Pentagon budgets. Big insurance companies are making unearned billions from their Tricare contracts and that’s the real problem here. Supporting the basic tenets of the Patient Protection and Healthcare Affordable Care Act, but demanding Congress stop lying to the American people about universal health care include a competitive Public Option, or, better yet, provide true universal health care is the real answer.

  • rc1957

    3rd world nation, here we come!!!!

  • Sky King

    Danny, 45 years ago I was promised 50% of my Base pay and FULL Medical, Dental, and Optical for life if I served my country for 20 years or more. I did that, retiring in 1988. I can’t remember when we got our last COL raise which I believe has shrunk my pension to about 1/3 of my base pay. That coupled with my Medical Deductible and Co-pays along with paying for my own Dental Insurance and my own Optical it is probably more like 1/4. While our Tri-Care is probably the best Medical Plan in the country, it is not FREE as promised. Dental is on a standby basis, which is a joke and Optical is Non-existent. I believe Military Retirees benefits and Social Security should be TOTALLY off limits. Career Military sacrificed considerably and deserve to be taken care of and anyone that contributed to Social Security does not deserve to lose it while we spend MILLIONS on Illegal Aliens and Billions on Foreign Aid to countries that hate us.

  • Sky King

    45 years ago I was promised 50% of my Base pay and FULL Medical, Dental, and Optical for life if I served my country for 20 years or more. I did that, retiring in 1988. I can’t remember when we got our last COL raise which I believe has shrunk my pension to about 1/3 of my base pay. That coupled with my Medical Deductible and Co-pays along with paying for my own Dental Insurance and my own Optical it is probably more like 1/4. While our Tri-Care is probably the best Medical Plan in the country, it is not FREE as promised. Dental is on a standby basis, which is a joke and Optical is Non-existent. I believe Military Retirees benefits and Social Security should be TOTALLY off limits. Career Military sacrificed considerably and deserve to be taken care of and anyone that contributed to Social Security does not deserve to lose it while we spend MILLIONS on Illegal Aliens and Billions on Foreign Aid to countries that hate us.

  • Veronica

    It may be a small pay raise, but at least it’s one at all.
    I’d much rather they put the pay raise towards the VA care for the Camp Lejune families than mess with the commissary benefits, but that’s just me.

    Things could be much worse, and personally I’m just grateful that we’re getting paid. Everything is give and take and the sense of entitement needs to be checked.

  • Army retiree

    I dont mind cuts all around…yes..military, govt employees, congress esp..spending has to be cut…not increase in taxes to solve this nations debt problem…the greater the debt..the less our dollar is worth…another thing is all the other govt programs that needs to go or cut down…welfare n others…soc sec isnt worth anything anymore really…the lastest as far as raising the debt ceiling is worst decision they make…do ur research n get out and vote n get ur voice heard…b blessed.

  • The Wizard

    Well, well, time to pay the piper. I knew and warned as many as possible, not that they would listen. Yea change, a guy who had no experience in anything, never held a real job, managed anything worth a dam, but the majority has spoken. Now it’s time for all of us even you who didn’t vote for him to: open mouth, insert spoon, and swollow the medicine.

  • Mike James

    It is time that we wake up and understand that if any politician is going on about how much he or she cares about the military, but then turns around and talks about how we are “spending” too much, and taxes are too high on the rich, and that government needs to be starved, they are really talking about starving you.

    Once the people of the country have nothing, and social security and Medicare no longer exists, the military personnel will be the next on the target for downsizing and pay cuts…EXTREME pay cuts. So keep voting in “fiscal conservatives” and “tea partiers” and watch every piece of socialist military pay disappear (free medical care, free dental care, RETIREMENT pay) these are all BIG GOVERNMENT nanny state programs to hard core right conservatives, and unnecessary to hardcore leftists.

  • concernedVA

    We got our last COLA raise under President Bush along with those on SS. It was a big one, but a sign of things to come. For the next two years no pay raise because the economy was so bad – due to Bush. Obama had nothing to do with us not getting a raise. It is all controlled by a civilian panel and has nothing to do with the president at this point. All I have to say is that if the Republicans get in we are in big trouble. I blame Bush for it all and am afraid the republicans are going to do us in.

    • AirborneEngineer

      (1) COLA has nothing to do with who the President is. Its a mathematic formula based on regulations. (2) The economy was not bad “due to Bush”. The economy was bad due to American citizens making horrible financial decisions and viewing the front door of their home as an ATM machine. The debt crisis and housing bubble was created during the Clinton administration. The economic policies during the Clinton administration had an effect on the economy not unlike the effect caffeine has on the human body. They gave an initial boost, and then there was a “drag”. The problem is, no one wanted to see past the initial boost, and when the unavoidable drag came, no one wanted to properly place the blame.

  • Margo

    The way to begin to change the challenges our citizens face is to take action. Voting all or most incumbents out, based on their performance, EVERY ELECTION is a start. Who needs to wait for term limits to be approved? Do you really believe the career politicians will vote for term limits? Do you believe they will encourage others to vote for term limits. We don’t have to wait…we have to act.

  • Williams

    It’s not a Bush thing, it’s definitely not an Obama thing. The military is caught up in a political game between two parties that want to further their particular agenda. I keep seeing Bush did this and Obama did that…how bout the Senate, and Congress did a lot of everything. At the sametime that Congress just increased their paychecks during a horrible economy, they say the military family makes too much money. Well sir/ma’am…I’d gladly switch incomes. Yes, Bush was President when the military saw a 3.5% increase in pay, but ask yourself, how much of that raise did you really see and how much of that went right back to the government in taxes. So under Obama, you may see a 1.6% increase in pay which seems quite small for the job that we do, the sacrifices we make, and the quality time that we miss with the people we cherish the most.

  • Williams

    Atleast(if Congress actually stops playing politics for one second and does their job)under the American Jobs act, not only will we see our pay increased, but we will also see our taxes lowered which means you will actually get to see that money and not just pay taxes with it. I don’t know about anyone else, but that extra $1500 on top of the $1000 tax cut already in place is looking pretty nice. That’s an extra $105 every check, so for those bashing Obama on here, you may want to rethink that. Besides, when was the last time you saw a President have this much trouble to pass anything…the Senate and the Congress are not willing to work with the President no matter what he does, wether he pushes their agenda or not, so stop bashing my CINC and tell your elected officials in Congress to move aside if they don’t feel the need to work. We need a Senate and a Congress that will work WITH the President to fix our nation, not against him.

  • Roger Franks

    Used to think TRICARE Prime option USFHP – Johns Hopkins was a good option. USHFP is playing games denying inpatient treatment for family members to keep costs down. The retained annual fees turn into profits for the “non” profit administrators. I suggest using a different plan.