Gates Puts Pay Cuts on the Table

Under pressure to reduce the DoD budget, Defense Secretary Robert Gates has — until recently — avoided asking for a reduction in military pay and benefits. However, the Wall Street Journal has reported that increasing pressure on lawmakers to make bigger cuts in the federal deficit has convinced defense budget planners that Congress is willing to look at cutting military compensation.

Since the beginning of his term as Sec Def, Gates has avoided asking for military pay freezes or reductions. He has instead sought to reduce the cost of TRICARE by increasing annual premiums and fees for military retirees and taxing their employers if retirees opt-out of employer provided health care. So far his repeated attempts to make major changes to TRICARE have been thwarted by Congress – mainly due to pressure from groups like the Military Officers Association of America.

However, pressure from the White House to make $400B in cuts may have forced Gates’ hand. In fact, Sec. Gates reently floated the idea that reducing military compensation may not be a bad idea. Gates told a group that reducing military pay wouldn’t negatively impact recruiting; pointing out that even during the worst of the Iraq war the Army was the only service that didn’t exceed their recruiting and retention goals.

In a down economy with over 9 percent unemployment, a reduction in military pay probably wouldn’t have much of an effect on recruiting, but it will most certainly hurt retention and morale.

Mr. Gates has stated that he is concernrd that our military’s ability to remain a world power under these budget cuts may be difficult. Gates recently told the graduating class at the University of Notre Dame, “…our military credibility, commitment and presence are required to sustain alliances, to protect trade routes and energy supplies, and to deter would-be adversaries from making the kind of miscalculations that so often lead to war.” That may be difficult if the budget cuts undermine troop morale and retention.

Mr. Gates’ replacement, Leon Panetta, may not have the same restraint when it comes to cutting military pay. Panetta has a reputation for being a no-nonsense cost cutter, dating back to the Clinton years. Panetta’s nomination makes the threat of future reductions in military compensation more likely. Especially considering the fact that Panetta will be asked to meet the President’s goal of $400 billion in defense budget cuts.

Although unwilling to say specifically where these compensation cuts may occur, the fact is, Gates has now put military pay and benefits on the table.

About the Author

Terry Howell
Before becoming the Managing Editor for, Terry served 20 years in the U.S. Coast Guard as an Aviation Electrician’s Mate and aircrewman. In his final role in the Coast Guard, Terry served as a Career Development Advisor, where he provided career, finance, education, and benefits counseling to servicemembers and their families. Since retiring from the Coast Guard, Terry has authored the book, The Military Advantage, managed the content for TurboTap, the DoD's online transition program and VAforVets, the VA's transition assistance website. Terry earned both his Bachelor's and MBA at Corban University using Military Tuition Assistance and his GI Bill benefits to help cover the cost.
  • SailorMade

    WTF! As if we get paid enough already. My husband busts his @ss everyday for this country! How can they even think reducing our small salary is an option! With BOTH of us working, we can hardly save anything. Esp with the cost of food and gas. Easy to cut pay when you make bank Mr. Gates. Our government is a joke. Lets hope God does bless America, we certainly need it. 1st Class Petty Officer’s Wife!

  • Dawneagle

    Better to cut military pay, than to cut the pay of really essential government workers, such as congressional staffers, numerous administration czars, and unionized government workers. Gates is just being a good SecDef and following the orders of his boss. Thats what you do in the military, salute, say ‘yes sir’ and carry out the mission.

    • Retired Navyman

      I hope you are just being sarcastic! But if you are serious, then I say why don’t you go to Afghanistan and try to pull your own weight by fighting for you own freedom instead of relying on some hard working military personnel. If you are serious with your statement, shame on you MF!

      • Josh

        Back on your meds…. He’s a vet and VERY obviously being sarcastic.

      • Georgia Moore

        I think that the congressmen and everyone on Capital Hill needs to take a pay cut and give it to our Military they put their lives on the line everyday. What do Congress do sit on their butts and have parties and entertain their lover’s. Thjey don’t deserve what they get. If I was a young person I would not go into any of the Military because of the way they are treated. They barely get enough to get by on.I know because I have family in the Military and they barely live from month to month. And just because they are serving our country their rent is higher and so is groceries. Should be the other way around, And when they come home they really have a hard time. That is when they need the help.
        Get it together Congress look at you and then go to a Military base and look at them not funny but a disgrace.

        • RetiredSoldier

          Where is your military family members living and what is his or her rank? Why are they not living on post and shopping at the commissary? Yes, congressional personnel should also be impacted; however, I think we all agree that we have delayed addressing these issues for years, now it’s time for everyone to contribute. If everyone does not pay, some of you/us will pay twice. Just do the math.

          • OldE8

            @Ret Soldier. You have to be at least An E5 to get family housing on base and they are very crappy housing. Anyway that i the way it use to be. We lived off base with our families on a small housing and substance allowance. The higher rank I became we did get into a nice 4 plex on base, but you had people living very close to your front door. I use to think much higher of Gates than I do know. They don’t have to accept Obama’s orders and carry them ut. They can show some backbone and integrety and resign.

          • angpoc

            We lived on post when my husband was an E4, so I’m not sure where you were that the soldier had to be an E5. We didn’t live in the best housing, but it sure wasn’t worse than the crappy small apartment we lived in before that. My husband has more issues with living on post than I do, but I actually enjoyed living on post when we did. I actually wish we lived on post where we are now. That being said….on post housing is limited and there is almost always a wait list, so to also respond to RetiredSoldier, that’s why some are not living on post. And depending on how far out you end up living from post, shopping at the commissary may not be worth the gas money to travel there and back. In any case, the idea that my husband’s pay or benefits may be cut makes me nervous.

          • chiefBJE

            What rank did you retire at?

          • Navydad

            Why is it that WE the working class should be asked to contribute when WE did not create the situation out country is in? It is about time that our elected officials stop spending the money that they force us to give them (TAXES) like it will never end and keep asking for more! They need to learn to live within a budget just like you and I. My son has a hard enough time on what little he makes yet he still lives within his meager means. Our elected officials and people like yourself should stop asking for the working class to stop giving MORE and find ways for our government to stop spending money they don’t have and acting like a teenager with dad’s platinum card while he’s away for the weekend!

        • Ultrahog

          The military is not the one who got us in this situation, it was the last half dozen administrations and Congress’. Let them take pay cuts and go on the FEHB plan. If the First Lady would cut her staff to two people she would save enough to avoid any military pay cuts.

      • copterdoc

        I agree with retired Navyman and hope that you are being sarcastic. If not maybe you should enlist and try to save for your child’s education, pay for a place to live, by a dependable automobile, miss a variety of holidays, birthdays, births, deaths and just everyday to day life.

    • Torrence Morris

      Cuts to congressional pay and other federal employees is already on the table. As a military retiree, I firmly stand behind the idea to make minor cuts and halt pay increases. If the nation becomes insolvent, then no one will recieve any type of pay. Besides, military has grown to absorbent levels in the past few years. This idea is far better than the proposed force reduction which is hinted at starting in 2012.

      • Marvin McConoughey

        I agree, Torrence Morris. As a retiree, I’ve had one year with a retired pay freeze, and still get a more generous retirement than most of my civilian contemporaries. I can take a small cut, and so can the military active duty. The growth of real income for the military in recent years came at a time of ballooning deficits. Reform must come, and the military should be part of that reform.

        • Dave

          How many of your contemporaries put thier life on the line for 20 years got shot at and lost friends while they watched. I spent 5 years in Vietnam and a year in desert storm and recieve 2400 a month retirement and you say that is enough for what I went through.

        • OldE8

          Marvin, were you an officer? Or did you receive wounds to the head that keeps you from thinking straight?

        • guest

          When the rest of the federal employees take theirs first. My husband was away for YEARS while I raised a family and scrimped to get by so my Congressman could live in luxury in Washington.

          You’re no retiree, friend. It’s been more than a year since we got a raise.

        • Guest

          As a retired military person, You don’t have any civilian contemporaries. Try to get one to deploy and s what happens!

        • FYI

          I would like to know, what rank have you retired from? Congress has a wall around them where they cannot be touched. They request a pay-raise and get it and the government can’t touch them. Can you ask this ? How many congressman have served in the military? If you are for the military pay-cut, than you are against the military. If, the military is forced to take a pay-cut, than you and congress will deserve what ever fate comes your way. I have 27 yrs in and have given my blood/freedom for your sorry @ss to be free in this country of mine. Again, mark my words, if this happens, the military will not be protecting this country of ours, “you and those people in congress will”! When this country “USA” loses their freedom, than it will be on “Your Head” as well as those in “Congress”!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • Greg Weber

        As a retiree myself, I don’t know where you are getting your figures on the increased levels in the military. While some military programs have increased in costs, the over all military population as a whole has decreased significantly. For example, when I entered the Air Force in 1981, the total population was in the neighborhood of 600,000 personnel. During the height of the Regan years, I saw the Air Force grow in excess of 1.2 million. Since then, the Air Force’s end strength as of today is less than 400,000 and is still decreasing. I am sure the other branches of the military are feeling the same effects. I will agree with you that if the US becomes insolvent, we will be in a world of hurt but why target are brave men and women as a sorce of defecit reduction?

      • Raymond Randall

        Wonderful, you are a military retiree. Every group has a dud and you are the designated dud for those of us who are retirees. Try eliminating some of those needless departments such as the Education Department. I will gladly give up my social security to help aleviate the deficit but not as long as those “takers” out there continue to receive welfare.

      • guest

        I will agree with you, Mr. Morris, AFTER CONGRESS, THE ADMINISTRATION AND THOSE CZARS, take a larger one. They wouldn’t be in Washington if it weren’t for the United States Military.

        Here’s a money saving idea: Stop those THREE wars and bring our troops home!

      • SF Soldier

        Why is it so easy for so many people to accept cuts to military pay and retiree benifits? If it was not for our sacrafices as service members this country would have no freedoms!!! We have fought, bleed and died for this country!! We did not do it for the money but our pay and benifits are needed to give our families the basics of life. I want to know another occupation that requires you to leave your family for months at a time to fight for your country. Not only does the service members suffer but so does thier families during this time. Military members and thier families serve this country everyday!!! It is time to stop handing out money to people on Welfare and other programs that only take from this country and never give back!!!!

    • Retired Army

      The downside is that Gates has an idiot for a boss !!

      • OldE8

        Then gates should do the honorable thing and resign.

    • Mark

      Good, then let’s start by reducing his pay first. Lead by example is the motto here.

      • Alex (retired army)

        He likes to lead from “behind.”

        • Retired ENC

          So does Barney Frank!

    • mary taylor

      that’s easy for you to say..your need to get real . let me ask you a question do you have any family members in the military are were they little punks like you. its so easy for peoples like you to set back and say this and that..for real is there anyone in your family that’s military because if it was your little opinion would change .these peoples cant live decent as it is some military families need to gets food stamps because they cant afford to feed their families on their salary and then gas prices the way they are get real… you you’re probably one of those peoples that sit back and do nothing and makes six figures…these people put their lives on the line every day to protect your stupid so shut your mouth before we send you over there were’s there’s no freedom… and by the way my husband was a pride marine and my son is now serving in afghanistan can you say that..

      • J Army Ret

        Mary I think you misunderstand whom the jab was at. They are referring to the Pres. taking a pay cut or the SECDEF taking a pay cut. Maybe if those in congress were forced to take a pay cut and have to pay for their own medical insurance they wouldn’t be so quick to want to cut our pay or demand we carry those in our society who don’t work. I would say don’t knock those who make six figures they worked hard to get there. Maybe we should be cutting the benefits to those who have lived their lives collecting welfare and food stamps instead of working hard and trying to contribute. Moving to a different country is sounding better and better everyday.

    • will gurton e-8 usn

      i agree the reductions should come from the fat cats in washington cut the salaries of all the elite in the government encluding all military above 0-4 .cut all slots above that rank by at least half.they have at least twice as many as they need.the first lady has a staff of over 400-500 and she isn’t even employed by the government.all the other staffs are glutted with twice as many as needed.all of our elected officials are overpaid .if they don’t want the job at half the pay resign ,i’m sure someone needing a job will be happy to have it.

      • retired guy

        ya know, it’s rare I put in my 2 cents but when there be blatant errors stated as fact, well, I get peeved. The current first lady employs a staff of about 24. Congress could use a pay freeze as well as their staff.
        As for our service people, well, they’re on the low end of pay, enlisted and junior officers anyway. So, no, a pay freeze wouldn’t be appropriate.

        Now, retired, comp and pen and Social Security increases are tied to the CPI. That’s law, as much as anyone would like to do something different, the law would need to be changed first.

    • Patty

      As a wife of a retired Vet, I say that is bull shit. If any one should be cut it should be Congress and cut YOUR Pay.

    • Bud Grounds

      Right on the money Dawneagle. I am retired army and haven’t seen an increase in cost of living or Social Security in two years now so they are already cutting our pay in this sense.

      Gates has made some good decisions regarding reducing the military budget and he has avoided reducing military pay as this administration and congress realize it is political suicide for them.

      Don’t just sit there and let them believe we will take this insult to the active military and retired people. Tell all your friends to write their representatives in congress and let them know any cuts will equally have to come from them as well, otherwise, don’t even go there.

    • Nightshade_Doc

      Truth be known Congress and the Senate are in the batch of “what is in it for me” No longer is it the days to serve America’s interests and the public. Unlike the 100k’s man and women who have serve this country not just with pain and sweat But on the final minute of their lives they gave their all. I think Sec Gates should either step down in protest or Tell the White House to start Cutting troops in the service with drawling our cause from Forward present and the fight on Terrorism. Congress continues to Allow BIG industries to NOT pay their taxes and we will suffer Pay Cuts, delays, increase insurance premiums. Start reminding your local Political Representative and letting them Know You plan to Vote next year and Recommend They get a pay cut BY NOT HAVING A JOB

      • sickofthegov’t

        i totally agree. It’s about time they take the cut instead of everyone else

      • james

        these politicans don’t even respond to letters. they have their flunkies do that and that response only comes every now and then. People who write in these blogs stating contact your repersentatives are living in a make beleive world. Once these people are elected they could care less about what you think until they are back on the reelection trail. If there was any decent represenative either in congress or the senate that honestly cares about people and is willing to put them ahead of their on interest I have not seen or heard of them.

    • OldE8

      Gates has a second more honorable way to go, he could resign and let it be known why he resigned.

    • Eleonore

      How ludicrous to receive this web mail on MEMORIAL DAY as I sit next to my husband who gave 30 years of his life to the U.S.Army. Is this how the top government folks honor the day and the innumerable people who have sacrificed and are sacrificing still. Does it warrant them holding their heads up high in a place that’s intended “by the people for the people”. Major shame on all of those who have even remotely considered this despicable idea.

      • BlatantlyPedantic

        Technically, Memorial Day doesn’t honor your veteran husband, it honors the dead, who don’t cost the government much at all…

        • JohnC

          You are an Idiot, Memorial Day Honors all of those who have served both past and present. So yes it is honoring this ladies husband as well as it is meant to honor all of us who are and have served!!!!

          • EWE

            Actually Blatantly Pedantic is correct. Memorial Day honors those who gave their life for this country. Veterans Day honors the rest of us who serverd our country

    • sickofthegov’t

      well Dawn-eagle if your use to being told how to wipe your ass by the govt then you just keep thinking that way, my husband works for this so called govt and they screw the military men/women enough that they want to defend their asses so maybe your right maybe they will use Vaseline with this one

    • Wandamurline


    • Phillip

      Don’t try to blame this crap on President Obama, Sec Gates is a Republican and this is what they do.

      • Phillip

        What they are really up to is getting rid of the high(LOL)paid personnel and recruiting desperate unemployed people even illegals and pay them less money, they want slave labor in the United States of America. We have been taken over by Fascism and President Obama is our only hope so it behooves us to support him all the way.

        • Navy Chief

          I’ll support Obama when I damn well deem neccessary. The concept of cutting pay from the bottom of the economic budget is absurd. It’s been far to long that congress and the DC fat cats have been living high on the hog.. There have already been reductions in retiree pay and VA funding. However, I haven’t heard of any congressional pay cuts. If the government is going to cut our military’s pay that’s fine..As long as the cuts aren’t exclusive to the military. Mr. Obama, Mr. Biden and congress can all take a pay cut as well. God bless America!

      • Sarge

        You area frigging idiot koolaid drinker. Obama is the boss and they do what bosses tell them. Too bad he (Obama)doesn’t have any leadership skills.Leaders would cut their own pay first. It is apparant that you have never been in the military. You would be the first to plead the Army to save your sorry ass. Sorry, we can’t afford to get there.

      • The Old Chief

        Gates still works for the presiedent. Wait until Panetta , a democrat sits in the SOD chair and watch him take an ax to the military.

      • 64Vette

        Phillip keep on believing tha crap you are writing)…by the way, there is a big koolaid stand in fron tof the whitehouse….go drink some more. Fact, this admin is all about entitlements and handouts…enough is enough. What ever happen to goïng out and making a decent living by WORKING”, not by getting handouts, which is what this administration is about. I have no problem with the government helping those that REALLY need the help, but there are too many lazy @sses out there just waiting for their monthly handouts.
        I do think SecDef Gates should make a stand and resign IN PROTEST,

        • kp3

          64Vette, you watch too much TV! It is important to understand the meaning of handouts> The term handout is used in a variety of ways such as subsidies you know the money that is paid to oil companies the profit billions; contracts you know the money that is paid to haliburton; grants you know the money received by major colleges; or corporate taxbreaks you know the money saved by organizations that are netting billions in profit and are cutting jobs. it is important for we the poeple to exercised judgement based on knowledge and facts. If we fail to do so we will continue to be duped by corporate greed. If we ignore the facts, we encourage the behavior, lets get in the game.

      • TexEagle

        Are you serious?
        Gates is a joke. He is a politician and a fool. Gates sucked when he headed up A&M. To be appointed as Sec of Defense only proved his incompetence at the national level.

    • Pat

      Hope you you are kidding- we would not have anything if we did not have a strong military to protrect our freedomt

    • Gunners Mate CPO

      Dawneagle your crazy as hell!!! I’m in the military, and been in the military for over 20 years, and seeing out younger troops and sailors on warfare and having a hard time paying bill is something I must deal with every day. No a good secdef, a good leader will not yeild to bs, he’ll give the right reason how and why it’s going to hurt our sailors and solders. If pay cuts must be done, then it should be done on those newly enlisted and officers who are just entering the service so as not to further hurt those who are currently serving!

    • Go Army

      Carry out the mission “my ass”

    • Retired Army

      See it’s remarks like yours that hurt the military. As soldiers we do follow orders but there comes a time when we must also take a stand. The cuts should start from the top down, especially those congressional memebers who receive full retirement benefits for only serving two years. Oh by the way, their kids also get a free ride to college. Have you ever served alongside any of their family members. Of course not!! Maybe if they survived on the military pay and served on the front, delpoyed away from family, and all the other hardships soldiers and families endure, then maybe they would understand!! Take a stand “SOLDIER”.

    • David Torres

      No Mr. Gates is a POLITIAN. Instead he should tell the President no and then resign!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Houdini

      I hope your being sarcastic and do not mean your comments. If you do you MUST be one of those usless crap staffers, an assistant to one of those usless czars or a unionized gov’t worker.

    • I would really be suprised if military base pay was cut. Military pay is political lightning rod for Gates and Congress to touch. On the other hand, congress has its knives out for federal employee pay and benefits.

    • 64Vette

      Dawneagle, unfortunately you are absolutely right when you say that Sec Gates is being a good administration official following his boss difrectives. However it would be refreshing to see an agency secretary stand for their subordinates for a chage.

    • FLYBOY74


    • Robert


    • Hugh Thompson

      I’m with you. As a great leader I think the commander in chief and the sec of def should start by cutting their pay and benefits just to show they are leading by example

    • SmilinJack1

      Don’t forget the BILLIONS in taxpayers money he spends using AF1 (and all NECESSARY aircraft and Security/servant personnel) for his personal campaign and vacations all over the world. Let’s get a President who stays home, LOVES our Country, and takes care of business! DO THE RIGHT THING! How about Tom Selleck for Pres.? He at least knows how to ACT with authority.

    • Kp3

      That’s called groupthink you need to try exercise some leadership>

    • spawnagle

      fuck you , you probably couldnt even make it in air force

    • Spc. LaVern Smith

      You must be an officer.. Try being enlisted and see if you actually can say that.

    • Service member

      You flipping idiot, the military doesn’t need a pay cut. The congressman and congresswoman and the higher ups in the Obama administration are the ones who need it to include the big companies need to be not only taxed more but also a cut in their salary. Our military and Law enforcement and firefighters are the ones who need to keep our pay and benefits. The problem with the country is that everything else gets blamed for the economy. The problem with our country is that the people who need higher taxes placed on them are not, also those morons who live on welfare are getting their monthly checks from our taxes that us, the hard working people who actually bust their back-ends to make a living for their own family has to pay. cut the pay to congress, Obama administration, the fortune 500 companies. Worst of all we need to STOP worrying about all these other countries problems and start working on our own problems such our homeless, those affected by natural disasters( no one else is sending funding our ways to help us like we do everyone else). STOP WORRYING ABOUT OTHER COUNTRIES AND START FOCUSING ON OURSELVES FOR ONCE.

  • purpleheartpark

    Makes sense to begin to with hold Money in a TSP account for Retirement. Using a three tired approach, 1. 35% would be dedicated Retirement at 20 years plus 2% for each additional year up to 30 years. 2. Cotributions to a TSP Account with a Maximum of 25% of your Annual pay. 3. Social Security.. Whatever you wish to invest in otherwise is up to you, Gold, Stocks, Bonds etc. This will, allow Taxpayer Pensions to be dramacticly reduced and will allow for the service member to retire in a vey comfortable position.

    • tincanrider

      Your idea seems like a throwback to the Hubbell pay plan scare – – bottom line, service members have no union, therefore we can treat ’em like redheaded stepchildren.

      • ConegoZ

        I spent years as a command chaplain dealing with young Marines and sailors who were married and already had 2-3 kids when they enlisted. The spouse couldn’t work because her salary wouldn’t cover the cost of childcare, and the E-2s and E-3s were NOT being overpaid, given that they were often working port-and-starboard 12 hour days or worse, while their wives went to the food bank. If we depend on them to protect our nation, then we need to pay them enough to feed their families. [I strongly suspect that neither Sec. Gates nor Mr. Panetta has tried to feed a family on junior enlisted salaries.] The politicians who want to save money by hitting the military’s salaries have clearly never served, and “purpleheart park ” must have been awfully senior to talk about docking paychecks for retirement… while some E-3’s wife is figuring out how far to stretch frozen fish sticks. Fols who worry about billions of dollars have no concept of what it means to worry about rent, I’m afraid.

    • don

      LOL, YOU are joking…YES? So just what do you think your chances are of making it beyond 20 years with your system. Get a grip on reality.
      While you are here is a suggestion to you and ALL. Sit down with the complete military pay tables. Analyze them looking for something out of line, like one rank making far more than all the others viewing it from a mathematical approach. You might, MIGHT notice COL pay stands out like a sore thumb…why? Well they make the rules. LOTS of folks in the military make at or near 6 figure incomes and beyond and have been for years.

      Your idea is just plain nuts, it will only make pay worse…

    • mypersonalphoto

      Unless he/she retires in 2008????

    • Bronzestar

      How much overtime pay do the military members get? How do you figure that into your calculation. I was in Iraq for 13 months and worked nearly 17 hours a day – civilians were working shorter hours – but make a hell of a lot more that we were. Amazing to have a comment that military is not getting paid enough. Compare it with hours worked and let’s see if it even breaks the minimum wage level.

    • guest

      Do you know that the Clinton AND Obama administrations have had hearings on seizing all government retirement accounts and instead using that money to send you a check for a few hundred dollars every year?

      Think it can’t happen? Continue to vote Democrat.

      • Kotu1

        Can you please share with us the source of your facts!
        or are you just another Repugnant Party Scare Master (RPSM)? If you want to continue driving the country off the cliff then you only need to look at the Repugnant Party! This is the party that you remember marched our military into Iraq March 2003. The same party that allow Wall Street, Medical Insurance, Medication Pharmaceutical Industry, Big Oil and the Tax Free 400 wealthiest families in America. This has been the largest transfer (heist) of wealth in the history of the world!! Any time these people can get together in Washington DC, and decide how little they will pay you to do their bidding I submit there is something wrong with this picture. You will see how quickly the memories fade when you start getting sub-par post war medical care! You see this is what it is coming too at this very moment! it’s just a matter of time it always happen in the United States of America… Broken Promises! we are spending 2 plus billion dollars per week in Afghanistan alone and we can’t afford to pay our lowest ranking personnel a livable wage? If the people that you are doing your bidding for were to have their sons and daughter’s fighting these wars believe me our military would have been home nine years ago… Think about it folks

        • Jim

          Both of the Big Political Parties have been heading this country into the toilet for over 100 years. The goal is to weaken our military to the point that we can be defeated. Taking away pay will definately drive people from the ranks nad really thin our military.

          Why else would you wantto cut military pay. One reason you want to dramtically reduce the number of people serving.

      • guest

        Do you have some facts to back that statement up?

    • Jim

      You are kidding? Right?

    • RetiredAF

      If I had to take an already thin paycheck and try to save for retirement in addition to paying rent, groceries and childcare I would not have been able to stay in 20 years. As it is, I stayed overseas as much as possible because I could afford to live there better than in the USA as an active duty enlisted. Even though spouses found it difficult to find work, other than childcare, it paid better. I would not have made those sacrifices if I didn’t have the promise of retired pay and medical coverage at the end of it. Broken contracts, broken promises.

      They’ll soon say goodbye to an all volunteer force if they mess with it too much! Unless of course, it’s the only job available.

    • Sawmanenc

      a three teired approach ? your crazy!! Unless there is a problem with the stock market or the government needs to bail out our banking system. Its all about money, shedding blood doesn’t make the government any profits. The current government will continue to use the military, Eventually they will do away with Government retirement pay completely. They will need that money to bailout the banks of the future. TSP and 401K are not the answer. and social security has been nearly bankrupt for as long as anyone can remember.

      • DebOO

        Most of the business world works on a share to retirement now, TSP is simular to most 401 K’s. One advantage over an actual retirement is if you do 10 years and you no longer want to serve, you can still walk away with a retirement fund and you own that bank. In the current system you need to work for 20 years or have nothing.

        The big thing is if the military wants to go to a cost sharing retirement plan, they need to improve the lower ranks pay to cover the costs. TSP does 5-7% matching on your pay depending on the government organization you work for. I would think that if a young pup graduating from basic today starting with 5% of his pay, he would in 10 years see little affect to his personal budget; however, he would see that he has a large bank to walk away with if he no longer wanted or no longer could serve.

        Just a thought…

        I have to say Congress does need to take a look at the bigger picture and the long term affects it would have on retention, recruitment and quality of the future recruits. Anyone who has marketable skills, will find work elsewhere. This would leave DoD agencies with either spinning up to train new recruits or unqualified and unskilled employees.

        My take on retirement pay,
        Retirement is paid on day one of seperation, personnaly, I think with the wear and tear a person’s body goes through after serving 20 years plus, leaves a person not as capable to support themselves afterwards, unless they have spent the time preparing for thier seperation with investments and education. A standard retirement pension is half of service pay. If they intend on cutting retirement pay, there will be countless worse off than the E-4’s and below who spoke earlier.

        I just know of so many retirees that wait till the first and go buy grocieries for the month and usually are at the food bank before the month is over because they have run out.

        I also have a comment on the working age increase to medical coverage, I think retirees with disabilities should be exempt from this.

        That was my mouthful!!!!!1

    • Alan B

      And Congress get’s what for their retirement? The Wealthy get Wealthier and the Poorer get poorer; the middle class is becoming EXTINCT

    • mike

      hey noo its doesnt make sense its our choice to do that most people get out of the service so your logic is wrong im a die hard patroit and in the service so no throw all that away its un realistic some people have other destinys to follow

    • tsf

      Have you served 20 years? Well why don’t you try it and then complain about it.

  • Ghost

    man, im working 12 hour shifts and 24 hours shifts daily, i haven’t had a weekend or down time in over a month and a half, i have to deal with stupid stuff all day long, and they want to take our little pay!!! why did i join the army now of all times…well, can’t do anything about it now…they own me for the next 8 years!!!!!

    • Thunder350

      Theres always Canada.


      Cut the pay of politicians, staffers, and especially all the useless generals, and other officers. Pay the real troops, the ones who are out doing work, and risking their lives, not the ones being waited on all day long.

      • Capt S

        Well, not all of us officers are getting waited on all day long. In fact, most of the officers I see here at my FOB chip in. But I’d gladly take a cut before my enlisted do, their pay is too small already. However they’d better take a bigger cut out of Washington’s pay checks first.

    • George T. Riley

      All due respect to Secretary Gates, however I do not believe cutting our military forces pay is the answer. There’s too much other big spending goining on in Washington to evern interfere with our Armed Forces benefits. I just wonder if Secretary Gates’ retirement benefits will ever be affected once he retires? I suggest you pay the ones that defends and protects our Nation first! Thank you.

      Very Respectfully,

      George T. Riley
      Staff Sergeant, Retired

    • J Army Ret

      Thank you for your service!!!

    • OldE8

      I have 3 grandsons that have been talking about joining the service. I will do my best to dissuade them. I may just kick their ass if they keep talking about enlisting. I toed the line for over 21 years. Then they put 2nd LTs to replace Chiefs in AC maintenance and everything went to hell. That’s when I got out in 88.

      There is no honor in following such fools as our current foolish leaders, all the way up to the biggest fool, Obama. And it is a damned shame. The proudest I ever felt was standing in formation at full attention when the national anthem was played. Once again, it is a damned shame.

      There will be so many enlisted leaving the service that they may need a draft the next time they want to build up the military.

    • Sgt Ellis

      ep, they own you now and if they “break” you (medically) and board you out. Teh you become a parasitic entitlement sucker. Ah, the thanks of greatful nation. I say that if can ambulate, that they trade us whatever “care” we are using for conbat death benefits, issue the appropriate clothing, four claymores, fly us to whereever tailban cells gather and give us directions to whtaevercell needs neutralizing. Boom; two problems solved in one select strike.

    • PTPatriot

      While our government may not appreciate the work you do I’d like to let you know that I and many Americans salute you for what you do for us. You sacrifice much and put your lives on the line to preserve freedom and you do this voluntarily! Thank you is such an inadequate show of appreciation but it is all I have for you. Thank you and God bless and keep you safe!!

    • An Old Army Colonel

      This betrayal of the military is the worst yet from the Kenyan Commander in Chief. I have lived through Carter and Clinton in my 35 years and I never thougth that I would live to see the day when a POTUS sought to destroy the US military as he dismantled the country peice by peice.

      An Old Colonel

    • Jay

      Listen… wow.. I wont even go in to great detail on this reply, but i will say this if you joined the military expecting to get rich via your monthly pay check, you my friend have made a terrible career decision. I would like to believe individuals in the military joined to serve, to be a part of something special, to represent a nation, hell even to get revenge. NOT for the damn money. Think Selfless service.

      • Wilson

        Does the Selfless service include food on the table without food stamps, a pair of shoes for your kids every now and then, have a reliable car to carry your family in?

  • The VA relies on veterans not taking the time to dig into the rules and laws. The retired navy comment, I promise he doesn’t have the slightest idea what he’t talking about. Go to, under pierodicals and on the pull down list click on “Directives” Then ask at your friendly VA hospital how many doctors and staff have read any of them much less follow them.

    • Scott

      Thank you. The VA acts like we vets that are owed compensation for putting our lives on the line and have been injured are taking money out of their pockets and food off their tables. The government looks at us like we are third class citizens after we are out. We are first class citizens because we do the job that those desk jokeys that pay us cant or wont do.

    • dragondown

      Totally agree with you on that one! Then, when they realize that you’ve read and know more than what ‘s on their cue card, they attack you ferociously. Why don’t they cancel a few of their pet projects that are billions of dollars and are worked on by offshore manufacturers. Or even better, get everyone together to see if a project is even the slightest bit productive so we can avoid paying for another Commanche helicopter-like project.

    • guest

      I read all o the directives, and I know several who work at the VA hospitals who do, too. Many of us are trying to give our nations heroes the absolute bet health care in the world. its difficult when they are cutting our benefits along with yours. we are expected to do more with less, when we could easily get paid more and have better stafing at a non Va hospital. We do what we do because we believe in it, but just like you, there come a point where all the cuts will affect retention and morale.

      • vic

        I see many VA reps in the hospitals who really, genuinely care for us Vets. However, that being said, I see many staffers who do not need to be there. Overbooked staff at the VA means money away from the program. It seems like each doctor or PA has their own secretary and staff. Money to be saved for sure!!

    • Nick

      Sorry I am looking at the home page and I don’t see Periodicals in any drop-down menu. If you do a search for “directives” you get garbage info that sends you elsewhere. Could you please clarify the location of these directives?

  • 5redherrings

    Even floating the idea of a military paycut is a disgrace. Our servicemen and women deserve better than that. They put their lives on the line every day.

    • Proud Navy

      Of all the comments herein, I think this one is the best – the IDEA of even CONTEMPLATING a military paycut is a DISGRACE and A SLAP IN THE FACE TO ALL ACTIVE AND RETIRED MILITARY PERSONNEL AND THEIR FAMILIES!!!

    • guest

      Good idea! Let’s start the pay cuts with Gates salary! He makes too damn much anyway, no matter WHAT he makes..then move on the the mad muslim in the white house…cut his salary, then cut the miriade of slaves mama oblahma has picking up after her…then get the rest from the CIA and they black ops money….no problemo bro!!!

    • Pete

      A pay cut is the most damaging idea I can think of. How about a pay freeze every other year for 6 years? Do something reasonable for a change! This will give those that don’t like it to bail out!! We shall see how the county can manage when good troops and sailors say screw you! Pay cuts are the wrong way to go, they break a promise.

    • Top

      Get rid of the 545 idiots running our country their killin it anyway with the exception of a few. Stop giving money to every stinkin country in the world bring the troops home and put em on the Mexican border. That will stop all this crap

    • 906762

      Send these comments to congress and the white house and pray if they get enough like these they may relate to the military and care. However, not a single person including Gates who can make a difference will read these comments.

    • Samuel

      I say let all of our military resign! Let those lazy ass holes in congress go to Iraq.

      • c.j

        I agree with you on that. Congress is sitting on their behinds living high and mighty. If it was not for the military where would this country be? Congress, you know you don’t want to go to war to protect this country yourselves. Congress families are well taken care of, let’s see them take a pay cut sometimes. Congress you are feeding your families before the world and taking bread from the military and their families. Don’t take from the one who fought for our freedom. How could you celebrate Memorial Day, and taking away from the one who gave their lives up for America? Don’t you have a heart?

    • Carter T.

      I have already did my time and They are bending me over taking all my “benefits” little by little. Try living on a retired pay less all the crap they are taking away versus what you will be getting. You better start complaining now as soon you will have NOTHING for retirement. Gates will have his bennies but you and I get screwed!!!!!!!

    • Jim

      Well said!

    • eyes on the us

      thank you ..we may have started with the minutemen in the 1700s to the services we have now
      to take whut our blood payed for is spitting in the face of all that gave it all
      this is wrong and must not happen

  • Jon

    The country is hemmoraging money out to all these foriegn countries and they are saying cut military pay and bennies? First step…cut that crap out. If we are breaking the piggy bank…bring the boys home…that is what is doing it. If Iraq and Afg want us there…let them foot the entire bill.

    Focus on the USA for once…I know…Big Brother has to have his nose in everything…but for Gods sake…its time we quit doing for others before we do for ourselves…

    • USA


    • buzz

      I totally agree with Jon. Why should we finance the world???

      • Helen Love


    • FedUpwithObama

      AMEN! This country has long been the world’s piggy bank and place to run to and when America needs help, do we ever have it volunteered to us? No, we need to bring our troops home and stop bankrolling the world’s financial problems!!

    • Alex (retired army)

      We can not start “charging” countries for the “use” of our military. It would then no longer be a “military force” but a “mercenary force”. And that is not something I want to be associated with.

      • SF Soldier

        We dont have to charge them but why should we pay these countries billions of dollars when they have billions of thier own money like Iraq. We are going broke as a country and if we do not stop sending millions to billions of dollars to other countries this great country of ours will not last!!!! Time to spend money on this country first and not others!!!

    • Leonard

      Jon i’m a retired Navy Chief and i totally agree with you and have written my senators and congressman about the same thing. Supporting these foreign countries. Also there should be a pay cut in congress. And put them on Social Security and Medicare, that would think before voting pay cuts to the people this country needs. I even ask the senators and congressman what country sent aid to us when these last storms hit Ms.,Ga.,Tenn., and La., and then the floods. They couldn’t answer or wouldn’t. The only way we are ever going to have a balanced budget and no pay cuts is if we get the Democratic liberals out of office for good.

      • sappergirl

        AMEN TO THAT LEONARD!!!!!!!!!

    • republic4u

      I agree with Jon here. We pay all this bribe money to countries who hate us only to have to fight them later after they have armed up with our money. Spend it on the troops, but let’s be honest both ways.

      Don’t come back with a PTSD claim for a paycheck-for-life unless it’s for real. You don’t see the WWII, Korean, Vietnam, and first Gulf War vets claiming disability when it isn’t – Honor, Country, Duty.

      • Proud2BAVet

        republic4u: What are you saying in your second paragraph? I do believe that in WWII and Korean Conflic (WAR!!), It was called “Shell Shock” (slap tha Basta@D and send him back to the front, where not only did he get himself killed but also his buddies)… In Vietnam, Hell they didn’t even acknowledge we had been over there.

        Every Individual handles things differently… So who are you to say Who has PTSD (did you see what they saw, Live thru what they lived???) and who does not.

        And as for the screenings that one must go thru to even try to begin to prove it to the VA, well Hell… they sure enough will have it once they are thru.

    • OldE8


    • Scott

      I agree with you 100%.

    • Common Sense

      What a stupid comment, we are there in our own self interest, not for those countries. Think before you type and understand the big picture.

      • BJ Flash

        Yeah your a smart one right you couldn’t see the big picture if you were sitting on it! SEMPER-FI

    • USA

      Good point

    • airforce20

      No doubt!!! It’s time for the world to pay the USA something for a change. I’m all for helping our fellow man, but turnabout is fair play and way over due!!!

    • Carl

      John, As long as we Americans continue to ellect horsesasses like Barny Frank, Harry Reid and them goofball bitches from California, We will keep getting the same results! (Mine first and the hell with everyone else) The 87 new representatives control Congress. Lets hope that they do not get poluted by all of the incumbient asses now in Congress.

    • sappergirl

      AMEN! It is time we take care of our own and stop sending all of our business an money overseas and start using it here where it belongs. Then maybe the other countries will start having financial trouble if we stop funding all of them. Then we can balance our budget!

    • Chuck

      I agree…this whole thing is out of control. Down size, pull in the horns and fix this Nation. Stop throwing tax money at senseless investigations and start working together. If we have need to punish somebody for terrorist activities, we can do it air mail…bring the troops home. Stop fooling yourself Uncle Sam…you have no friends in the middle-east..never will have. Our global economy starts at home..bring the Americqn jobs back to America or slam dunk the American Corporations that have moved off shore to increase their profit at the expense of their best customer…the average American consumer.

    • Erin

      Well said.

  • Jack

    We are fighting two wars and Isreal is not happy with us now. So let’s cut military pay and benefits. Who come up with this BS?

    • CMsgt Ken

      Those who voted for OBama to overthrow our nation as we knew it.

    • Brian

      A gutless administration… that’s who!

    • archie SFC Army Ret.

      Three guesses and the first two don’t count, This happens every time the Democrats spend us into a hole just like the money workers contributed to Medicare they are in need of another slush fund, and besides if you want to take over a country weaken it’s military.

    • Wandamurelin

      Don’t forget that the president sent air plane attacks into Libya without congressional approval against the Constitution and now it has been over 60 days, and he has yet to have anyone with enough balls to tell him to stop or impeach as the congress must give permission for continuance in Libya. We had no business going into Libya as it was not a direct threat to the USA. Man, someone needs to put a collar on the POTUS before he decides he has the power and authority to push the nuclear button.

    • USN Ret..

      your no brainer elected official not just obama your mama..everyone up in the hill..they don’t mind spending hard earned tax dollars on pork belly project for their states and other lobbyist they want to a retiree eveyone should bond together and be a concerned block voters, put away the partisan b.s. and think how we can preserve ours (retiree) and the future military (retiree) from diminishing benefits that we are suppose to receive.

    • Obama came up with it, just as he likes the idea of making soldiers buy their own health insurance. He has to get money for his welfare expansion from somewhere.

    • DCA

      Obama..who else do you think would be so callous as to propose pay cuts for military folks while allowing his well-off buddies in the political arena to INCREASE their own pay?



  • txkboy

    Shame on the stupid politicians that never served in uniform a day in their miserable lives. Then they would understand the sacrifices that are made for that pay. They need to quit lining the pockets of their big budget defense contractor buddies and the multi-billion dollar military aid packages to the foreign countries that laugh behind our back, and leave g.i. pay alone!!

    • Scott

      What they need to do is take the pay cuts. They are trying to cut pay everywhere but their own pockets. Theya re the ones putting the country in financial hardship by using our tax dollars to fund everything they do, from the food and cars and houses they have to their world wide vacations. They need to spend their own damn money instead of making the american people and the military pay for it.

      • goldenlady

        I applaude you for that one Scott. You are right if they want to cut the budget then let them cut their own pay. They also need to remember we put them in office, we can take them out. If they can’t do the right thing by the american people then its time we stop letting them make a career out of being in office and ruining the rest of our lives.

    • Dustin Gipson

      Should be a requirement for them to serve!

    • Colonel Bob

      The sun hasn’t even set on Memorial Day and the politicians are already licking their chops over military pay and allowances.

    • archie SFC Army Ret.

      This happens every time someone that has never been in the military like our commander a cheif.

      • goldenlady

        I beg your pardon but our Commander in Cheif did not say to cut military pay he said cut military budget meaning excessive spending on equipment that probably never get used. We all know that any time the government has to purchase anything that the price is marked up because the contractor company knows that the government will pay if they want it. LOOK! Lets all stop shooting ourselves in the foot here and really look at what is happening. Its not the government or President Obama fault that this country is in the shape its in. It is the fault of each and every one of ours that calls America home. We are all too greedy to know when to say enough is enough.

    • Go Army

      Amen to that, could not have said it any better. Makes me sick in reading it. Maybe they should cut their individual salaries and benefits first and then start with our big “overpaid” sports figures and leave our members with their hard earned money (what little there is to begin with) alone.

    • Jim Wallbank

      That is what they do!!This is a total shame. Cut the military Pay, Yea that the answer!!Why don’t they tell the truth. I am a retiree and haven’t had even a cost of living raise in 3 years but, everything is going up and my retirement is going down. I’ve lost 8 percent of my retirement just in increases to DeltaDental and increase taxes. Now they are talking about hitting the active duty. The problem is that they spent too much money on the Unions since 2009 – to keep them solid. Think about it – it wasn’t about the economy to bail out the big three automakers- It was the Unions. This administration is so transparent and not the transparent they said they would be!!!

    • vietnam vet

      Hold on one min!! I work for a defense contractor and guess what? Our contract got shot down so after two years working for this contractor and being paid 14.95 per hour and living in the highest cost of living location in the states without recieving any COLA like the gs people get – give thanks to the NAVY for shutting me down. I will be happly unemployed for the next two years until Social Security kicks in.

  • Larry

    Our retired pay and VA disability will be next….just watch.

    • dorodog1

      ur retired pay and VA disability pension has been frozen for the past two years as a result of “No Inflation”; so no COLA. That no inflation line from the White House is ridiculous. Those of us who are retired and disabled still have to eat and drive, and gas and food has gone out of sight. Once they see that they can successfully reduce active duty pay, they will dip into that bucket every time that they need to cut the budget. Join and support the AMVETs, VFW, American Legion, etc. Those groups are your advocates in the Congress.

    • Colmi51

      This makes me so sick I wanna puke……….people will lose their homes from this (those retired and disabled). I guess we should start packing up now at 60 and 66 yrs. old (retired/disabled)……damn it all to H>>>.

    • CMSgt Retired

      They already hit the retire pay with increase withholding tax. So your right reducing our pay is next. This is all ways the case when it comes to the military and its veterans. To many in congress have not idea what the average military person goes through. And i think they really don’t care. They may say they do, but actions speak louder than words.

    • Scott

      Your absolutely right . What a bunch of dirt bags this administration is. Nothing is sacred. Voters need to take these clowns by the ear, twist and and run them out of town!

    • tired of wa bvs

      oh so right, but not next already in the works, has been for many a year, but noe is the worst, it is time to dump this disgrace of person who is doing all he can to destroy this country while living like he never knewq exsisted “go away mr. (used lightly) nobama

    • iRA

      It has already been two years without a raise for us retirees and VA disability . WHAT DO YOU MEAN NEXT.

      • Larry

        What I mean by next are direct cuts to them, not the indirect ways they have already taken it away (the increased witholding, and the lack of COLA). It will be….a 5% reduction…..or a 10% reduction…..something like that, straight off the top. We will still have the increased tax and no COLA.

    • RETVET

      I am surprised that our Ret and VA compensation pay is not coming before AD pay to tell you the truth…

    • Candace

      I hope it isn’t. My husband and I have been unemployed for almost 2 yrs. My husbands retired pay is what helps us get through. I don’t know what we are going to do when unemployment runs out in Aug. It’s hard to get a job when you are within a few years collecting Social Security. At least one that would cover expenses in So CA.

  • Mike

    Dont like it? Vote for a different boss to be in charge. Preferably one who has BEEN in the military before.

    • guest

      I think military service should be a prerequisite for holding office. I agree Obama needs to be out of office, but until his term is over, what do we do? They can opt to cut military pay before the next president is elected.

      • Timothius

        I could not agree more. If everyone served they then would know the deal.

        SFC USA Ret

      • Marvin Hatcher

        I totally agree, I have long thought that to be a Senator, Member of the House, Cabinet Member or President you MUST have served a minimum 24 months of avtive duty in the Military.

    • dorodog

      Totally agree there Mike. Anyone who is in the military, or has retired from the military will be a fool to vote Democrat in 2012. If you think he has been bad and sorry the first time, wait until he doesn’t have to worry about re-election. Obama will do even more things to achieve the far-left dream; Gun Control, more interventions in Africa, and maybe even Central America. There are still countries there that have not turned Socialist yet. Please do not give Obama a second chance.

      • willied

        There you go again blaming the wrong people…the republicans got us into mass deficits because of massive tax cuts (Pres Bush doubled the deficit from 5 Trillion to 10 Trillion). But hey…I’m an independent, let’s not get political! It comes down to simple economics…less revenue that comes in from taxes, the less the states get. That’s why local, state, sales & property taxes are increased. Once they are finished bleeding the turnip they turn to benefits. Republicans love tax cuts more than middle-class Americans…it’s only going to get worse!

    • ValleyCounty

      I screwed up once and hoped change started at home….NEVER again. 2012 can not come soon enough. Yes, we need a boss that has walked in our shoes and knows what the real world is like.

    • jmtx47

      You’re right Mike. Voting, unfortunately, is our only recourse. Think about this…Unions generally make big bucks…workers and mostly union reps…mil folks NEVER make what they are worth!! Whom did the unions vote for??? Overwhelmingly they voted for the chicken s@!t in chief. I know how I’ll vote!!

    • justpeachy

      Sounds like a plan Mike! Vote OBAMMY out as well as all of his cronies! A law also needs to be passed that the good ole boys and girls can only serve one term and they certainly are not entitled to any benefits upon leaving!!!! It’s all about “look at me, aint I great”…that’s what all politicians are about!

    • 906762

      Roger, over and out! Get back in a president and congress who can support the military instead of fighting against it.

    • Bernadette

      I agree on getting a military vet in the White House, but who in the Military has the kind of money they need to run for that office? This is all a crying shame, but I have to trust that our Wonderful, Loving God is helping us through the terrible current situation. Let’s all keep the Faith and keep praying.

    • Wandamurline

      Don’t worry, I intend to vote out the current president and hope that the people of America have gotten off the Koolaide and realize that they made a huge mistake in 2008. Even if someone runs that has not been in the military, it would be nice to have someone who has at least run a successful business…the POTUS we have now has never even managed a Dairy Queen and it shows…only 3% of his cabinet and staff have ever had a real job.

    • Marine Wife

      your right Mike our President should have time in, or at least have more then 5 min. as a congress member before being able to run for president..

    • commonsense

      You guys are for the most part pathetically stupid. Obama has increased spending on defense. Why not cut expensive defense programs that we don’t need instead of pay! Gates has been trying to do that put Democrats and Republicans don’t want those big ticket programs cut in their district and fight him every step. You guys need to get a clue and start complaining about lobbyists.

    • I couldn’t have said it better. To be president of this country, you should HAVE TO HAVE military experience. Without it, you can make costly decisions like Obama and Bush have already and ruin all other aspects of a nation.

    • GatorOne

      The problem is that anyone with any Military Experience is smarter than to run for High office. The last one was Mcain, you see how far he got!!I don’t think the one’s that have posted that there in for 2012, none of them have ever been in the Military.

    • pmaes

      I did vote for someone else

    • GUEST


    • Carl Brady


      Where the H. would you find someone that is capable as Obama and has been in the military? If every one had to serve three years in the military, then it might be possible.


    • Gator

      There’s not too many of those types around anymore. America badly needs the return of the draft to tune-up the mindsets of our next generation. Lt. Col West (R-FL) is about the only veteran I can recall off-hand that would “possibly” serve well.

      I realize the election for 2008 did have a military veteran running but what a sorry excuse for a Presidential Candidate. Ooooh…almost forgot he was a former POW but was that his only claim to fame??? Everytime he debated, or was soliciting campaign contributions, he continued to soap-box about his Hanoi Hilton military experiences. People wanted to hear tangible substance not once-upon-a-time rhetoric. McCain also favored amnesty for illegal aliens and was a co-conspirator during the 1989 Keating Five Savings and Loan Corruption debachle. No politicians are honorable any longer!!!!

      • willied

        Col West is an idioit!

    • Patrick

      Problem is Mike, it matters little the qualifications our next Pres. will have. When you think ais just about it, when was the last time a President accomplished thier campaign goals during a term? Congress, the House, Lobbiests are what really run this Country. The President is just a man in a chair!

    • AC USAF (Ret)

      Where are they? I vote for him!


  • Johnny

    i agree cut all the congressional staffers pay congress’s pay, and all those worthless entitlements people I have. I earn my benifits, sitting in a Jet for 12 hours at a time, working like 70 hours a week, your wife hateing your life, deploying, TDY’s, well if this was the civilian world, we would easy make well over 6 figuers. Also, cutting the Generals pay isnt smart, they earned that rank and still work a hell of lot more than the people serving underthem

    • John

      Come on Johnny, I agreed with you until the second half of your last sentence. If you believe that, you need to be re-educated. My I suggest a four year term as a Private in a Infantry unit or if you are use to the finer things in life, how about six years as a Captain and Commander of a combat arms unit.

    • Andrew Heil

      I agree, even though I was never deployed. But working in a Division HQ and a Battalion, I went through the same, TDY’s sometimes back to back, working crazy hours while others went home early, I work weekends during the summer months, no time off, but damn if a report was late. The whole system needs to be reorganized and the buddy buddy system finally retired. I can imagine, to include my self, there was no recognition at all for the time devoted away from the family while others who do nothing get recognized, promoted etc…

      • ZTrooper

        That is one of the biggest problems in the Army, that people, mainly higher ranking individuals, do not do their job, being deployed that is. I was in for 20 and was deployed 4 different times, about every time I went to a new duty station. I was not allowed to advance by becoming a recruiter, drill seargeant, or even warrant. I tried for all of them and I always got shot down becuase I was needed by the unit to deploy. Mean while the other individuals that got to go to those schools and were advanced, and I got screwed. The Army is the most Reversed Discrimination Group in the entire United States, due to how they promote people based on race, national origin, and sex. How the heck does that work???

    • Chris

      If you are whining about having to go on TDYs, you just need to STFU. there are so many folks in the sevice that, if they new what you get paid for your TDYs, they would gladly switch places with you.

  • JBR

    It appears to me the lawmakers do not think the American military are not important enough to keep around. This is what I get out of this article. This action need some serious thought. If the cuts happen to the military, retention will be no more. The military will dwindle down to nothing and more importantly, the senior personnel will leave the services. Then where will the American public be? This article is extremely bad timing with Memorial Day right around the corner. Pretty soon this country will have nothing to memorialize.

    • SFCHAM

      JBR only Democrats

      • ConegoZ

        It was a Republican President who got us into the war in Iraq– because Iraq was behind 9/11. Oh, it wasn’t? Then it was because Saddam had Weapons of Mass Destruction. Oh, he didn’t? Umm… it was to create a democracy for the peace-loving Iraqis living under a dictatorship! Oh, Iraq is divided into at least four ethnic groups that all hate each other? Okay, how about because Saddam said something bad about the President’s daddy! Yeah, that’s it! And anyway, Bush has already said “MISSION ACCOMPLISHED!” [Turning an attack into a quagmire doesn’t count as ‘mission accomplished’, I’m afraid.]
        And, SFCHAM, that was all under a Republican President. Do you think Obama can really make it worse?

        • 906762

          Pres Bush’s act of attacking Iraq was a wise choice and backed up by a lot of congress. Thousands of lives were saved. Announce your weapons inspection date and you won’t find anythng either but what was all the equipment left beind to support it for. Dig up those mass graves that were gassed and see for yourself. Wiping out the 3rd largest military of the world, taking out all their military and hanging their leader constitutes mission accomplished to me who has fought in Vietnam. Now unless you want to take out all those rebels and civilians there mission accomplished will never be. REMEMBER, PRES BUSH WAS NOT THE ADMINISTRATION THREATENING THE MILITARY WITH A PAY CUT. HE DID NOT REHOLD COLA FOR THE RETIREES FOR 2 YEARS AND HE DID NOT TAKE AWAY THE OLD FOLKS COLA FOR 2 YEARS. HE DID NOT CAUSE THIS EXTRA TAX THIS YEAR AND IN MY CASE $46 FROM MY RETIREMENT A MONTH, HE DID NOT IMPOSE TAX ON RETIREMENT OF THOSE EARNING $30,000 PLUS. OBAMA GETS THAT CREDIT. The 2 year witholding of COLA will expire this year and I’m sure Obama will be asking for an extension or taking away money from someone else to start paying it again.

          • 1stconego

            906762 , it’s pretty easy to that you will never let facts get in the way of your political opinions. For example, President Obama had nothing to do with the lack of COLA for retirees these past couple of years– that’s not something any President can do on his own. Cola is set to the inflation rate (a law passed by Congress, and not a Presidential decree). The mass graves left behind by Saddam’s butchery were primarily of Kurds, with Saddam using weapons provided by or paid for by the United States to support him in his attacks on Iran, which was seen as a greater geopolitical threat to the US’s primary allies in the region, the Israelis. As to President Obama getting the credit for a tax increase, you’re again way off base– Congress, and only Congress, can do that: the President can sign or veto a tax increase, but he can’t impose one. (Did you take civics in high school? You might remember that there are three branches of government, and that only the legislative can pass laws.)

            I don’t know who the thousands of lives saved you refer to are– certainly not Americans. Saddam was indeed a horrible dictator, but so are the leaders of dozens of other countries we don’t go to war with (no oil, perhaps). I also have no idea what you mean when you wrote (shouted, in caps) that Bush didn’t “REHOLD” Cola for retirees.. I’ve looked in two dictionaries, and cannot find the word “rehold”.

    • Alex (retired army)

      Actually, this is the best time to offer up this idea, and they know it. With true unemployment at nearly 17%, and jobs paying less and less out here in the real world, less people will be wanting to risk the possibility of unemployment and just adjust their budgets to make due.

  • jim-0811USMC

    It’s funny how everyone joins with patriotic intentions, and when possible pay cuts are brought up, and they’ve never happened by the way, we are talking about federal employes here, everyone wants to jump ship and retire early or get out and work for blackwater or haliburton or some other security outfit. I wish them well in finding work in a country with 9% unemployment, that doesn’t manfacture much anymore and with little hope that much is gonna change here in the next 5 years. I do agree with those who suggest all federal employes need a to take a hair cut. Fed govt. employes are pratically the only growing sector in the economy but they are funded by the taxpayers deepening the debt. I don’t have the solution but cutbacks across the board have to be taken and taxes probably have to go up a little also on the super wealthy, while lowering business tax rate and closing all the loop holes. Odds of these happening all together are 0% so in the end we are all toast. It’s been nice while it lasted…..SEMPER FI

    • R Davis

      I don’t think you understand how little many Federal employees make. My husband served, as enlisted and as an officer, for over 42 years, in the active and reserve forces of our nation. He was also a civil servant, a career, professional forester for the US Forest Service. His pay after 21 years of service was $42,000 per year. We contributed tens of thousands of dollars of our pay into a deferred compensation plan (our Civil Service Retirement fund payments). We never saw this money– it was deducted from our pay before we got the check. Twenty years ago, we paid $140 per month toward our Federal Employees Health Benefit Plan, and there were large deductibles and copays. Very poor dental coverage, no vision. Active duty with Tricare have no idea what federal employees ,with kids, fork over for their health care. My husband was a college graduate, who put himself through school in the 1970’s using the GI bill and working on a ambulance in Gary, IN. We took every within grade increase and step increase that we got and saved them for our daughter’s education. My living room furniture I got free from an acquaintance before they took it to the dump. My husband was an officer, so we retired from the FS as early as he could go, and then we went active duty for a large share of the next 12 years. We saved all this very large income and paid everything off and educated and helped our child achieve success in adult life. You need to look up what a GS 11 makes, and what an O-5 makes, and take into account the large non taxed benefits a miltary person can potentially get that a civil servant cannot, then maybe you will amend your thoughts about where cuts can happen. Hint: it is in the military

      • WayneLLewis

        It is not that government employees make a lot. It is they make more than a private company employee would make for doing the same job.

        Before cutting military pay, we should first start selling off federal lands. Then we would not need a forest service or much of the Department of The Interior. What the feds cannot sell, give it all back to the Indians and tell them that is it and shut down the Bureau of Indian Affairs.

        Go to and click on “Find Government Agencies”. Start with the “A”‘s and start ridding ourselves of anything that is not required for our survival. We could probably make it a game show event.

      • Some guy

        Why does everything have to be so competitive? You vs us, us vs. them, etc. Look at it this way…if you have a system in place and it works just fine why mess it up? How much more money will the government waste in turnover?

        Let’s look at this differently. The U.S. spent 3.7 trillion in 2010. A total of .89 trillion went towards defense. That leaves 2.9 Trillion. What was the next biggest expediture?…healthcare at .82 trillion.

        I’d like to point out that a big chunk of the defense budget goes towards initiatives that Congress and The President deem necessary. Those overseas operations were .71 trillion.

        Now in order to make up the difference of 400 billion; they’re asking U.S. military members to take a pay cut? It amounts to about $300 across the board per military member. As a 5 year SSgt I brought home $31k. That should be reduced to $27.5k? A lot of military wives have a hard time finding jobs due to their husband’s schedule so two household income is pretty tough…Especially when stationed in a town with a population of 10,000; half being military.

        I can’t say I’m informed on everything but it doesn’t look like we have our priorities lined up. If you want the .7 trillion worth of missions complete efficiently, I highly doubt cutting down manpower and instigating turn over is going to relieve that over seas budget much.

        Why don’t we look at the commitments we’re forcing onto our military as one of the areas to cut? Why are we trying to support so many people with government medical coverage? Americans are soft handed and too emotional. We overwhelm healthcare with scrapes and bruises. Then after accepting the risks of their poor health decisions we’re supposed to help them with tax money? The same goes for illegas abusing welfare and federal medical programs.

        Bottom line, our culture doesn’t know how to care for itself anymore. We’ve turned into a society that looks for hand outs. When you go to work you should be asking yourself…what am I doing to help this company grow and expand. Then maybe you’ll get more pay. Get down on your hands and knees and WORK America.

    • Rocket64

      I agree cuts are necessary. I have seen so much waste in the military for 28 years. Worthless programs that waste billioans such as the Commanche helicopter, advanced armored vehicle programs, new cannon projects, additional airlifters and the list goes on and on. One example is the OH58 helicopter in the Army. The Army has kept the program alive for years due to congressional pressure. The aircraft is junk and has been for years yet it keep coming back. During the Clinton era we flew and did not get paid for a while.

      • pawnman

        And this is not what we’re cutting…instead we’ll cut military pay. I’m with you…the DoD budget is bloated and there’s plenty of places to cut it, but I don’t think slashing the pay and benefits of folks who are actively deployed is the right answer.

    • Terry

      I agree it’s been a great ride…..AIRBORNE

    • NAVYJOE-1989

      Hooraa Jim. I’m still active Navy after 22 years and will stay in till the wheels fall off. It is a bit sad that folks have such a hair trigger when it comes to pay and benefits. Yes I cherish what is given me but I still understand that sacrificing for the good of all is inherent in our job description. This is not an easy fix but if we stay motivated and open-minded the options will present themselves. SEMPER-FI

    • angmck

      Maybe you dont’ have a family that depends on you financially Jim, but some of us can’t just afford to take pay cuts and keep our families in homes and fed. It’s easy to get all patriotic when you are single and fully living through the military, but MANY military men and women have families to support, and though they would love to stay in, they simply can’t afford to and keep their families alive. Shame on you for getting all high and mighty, and forgetting that most federal employees can just leave their jobs if their pay gets cut, but our military must stay in until their contract is up!

    • JOE

      You are a bonafide buffoon!

      Spend some time in any of the sandboxes and watch the money being shuffled around in suit cases to others. Do you have any idea what we pay contractors working as “Logistics Specialists” who are actually BAGGAGE HANDLERS? Try $175,000!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And that is TAX FREE. Meanwhile, there are Soldiers and Marines actually working and fighting for your life making $25,000. The amount of money being wasted in these countries to “protect us” and apparently someone’s luggage is absolutely ridiculous. There are tons of examples of contracting jobs like this (in various jobs) eating away BILLIONS of dollars.

      So, before you talk about your “ACROSS THE BOARD CUTS” you should pull your head out of the sand and really look at what is going on overseas. Opening this can of worms was a HUGE mistake.

    • republic4u

      jim-0811USMC, I hope that they will cut the guys like the one hired at the VA to help fill out one form that only one veteran needed in one year (real story) before they start cutting military pay.

      And, by the way, we retirees are forced to pay for Medicare Part B in order to get Tricare for Life, so where is that medical care for life free benefit that we were recruited on and promised?

      Let’s start cutting foreign aid, providing a refuge for voters from foreign lands, and cut off never-worked-or-paid-taxes welfare recipients including illegal immigrants.

    • daveb08

      How about this? Don’t cut anyone’s pay but RAISE taxes across the board. The tax laws are ridiculous. Let the solution affect YOU as well as the rest. I served 22 years.

    • pawnman

      Well, the unemployment rate for college-educated individuals is less than 5%, and for individuals holding a security clearance, even less. I think they’ll be OK.

    • Linda

      Why should federal employees take the hair cut alone? My husband busted his balls in the military for little pay for over 20 years and had to find a way to earn afterwards. His military pension is small and hells bells boy, no one can live on it. So a second career is no sin. And don’t forget those employees PAY TAXES. Only those who are high up in the federal government and mlitary make a really good retirement pay.

    • usma41

      It seems no different in civil life, Big corporations keep getting taxpayers money (Military Industrial Complex) and the enlisted man gets screwed. If the military would stop outsourcing parts of the DOD, that would save taxpayers money. Bring back Garrison Command at all post. Private retired cops are not needed and it cost more, plus it would raise the moral of the enlisted men. They won’t have to see someone getting paid more then them, when they could and have, done the same job.

      • usma41

        By the way, about a month ago, it was reported that military pay has outpaced private sector pay. This is a misnomer, privet sector pay has changed to slave wage’s. They keep going down every time a union loses membership.

    • RMC D

      Yes across the borad starting with Washington. Lets see some cuts on the Hill and may be the rest of us will follow along.

    • Kevin

      You know Jim, your right, pay cuts and the extra spending needs to be cut, HOWEVER, as with ANY business and the Government is a business, you have to pinch it off at the top before rolling it down. That is NOT happening. Ok, so Congress game themselves a 3 year pay freeze, what else did they do before robbing all the people that have a TSP account, BOTH military and civilian of their money by taking a lone against these accounts, money that does NOT belong to them? I believe in fair pay for a fair days work and when you tell someone you do what you’re supposed to and get promoted, this is what your responsibilities will be and this is what your pay for that rank will be. Then you want to turn around and say “oh wait, never mind that fact that you tore the tissue of the bone on your right ankle or that fact that both of your knees are shot or you back is so jacked that you can’t sot pr stand in the same position for more than 5 minutes, and while we are at it, never mind the PTSD or the repertory problems you developed in either OIF 1 or 2, or the kidney infections that you got in OIF 06-08 from drinking the approved bottles water or the hearing loss in OIF 07-09 or any of the Soldiers, Sailors, Marines or Airmen that have been blown up. We know we told you these are your benefits, but, silly us, we didn’t mean it, we are taking them back.” Once it IS pinched off at the top BEFORE it gets rolled down, and then talk to the men and women that are going back and forth to combat every other year. If you look, most of the people in Congress MIGHT have done ONE combat tour. To put this in a simple term, BEFORE YOU MESS WITH THE SOLDIERS, SAILORS, MARINES OR AIRMEN THAT ARE PUTTING THEIR LIVES ON THE LINE EVERYDAY DURING A TIME OF WAR, CONGRESS NEEDS TO GIVE UP ALL OF THEIR PERKS FIRST.

    • Sergeant Major

      You’re a rube. “Hair cut”? Were you drunk when you wrote this? I joined because I wanted to serve; that doesen’t translate to me wanting to be screwed on my already low pay by a Govt. that is bloated in myriad other places that aren’t being cut. Wake up doormat.

    • mike

      all i got to say is you really dont think we should give up our souls to a lost cause u know it scares people knowing how hard they worked for this country and to get stabbed in the back man its our job as people a society to all come together and show the right way you say things like people shouldnt be scared when its a human emotion its always going to be around just because they get scared doesnt mean they dont have the right as a human being to say what is on there mind if military pay gets cut then its our right to fix what has been messed up or whats in the process of getting messed up how about this instead of talking about it everyone should meet a legal place to talk about the right path in life and for the future of this country i hear by state we are all scared just please lets come together

    • Donaize

      Define “super wealthy”?

  • Retired Navyman

    The people in D.C. are just a bunch of overpaid IDIOTS with an I.Q of a ROCK!

    • Vickie Collard

      Yes I agree the people in the White House is the one who need their pay cut and not us military people. If is wasnt for us military this country would go to hell while the White House people get all of the money for sitting on their ass doing nothing. Let them all go and fight the war and let us get all of the money like they do. Retired Military Wife

    • Rock

      Why are you insulting rocks?

    • Jim

      Your right on. Retired Airman

    • Jack

      We can balance the budget in 90 days or less. 1) Cut all pay and benifits for all of Congress and staff. 2) cut all foreign aid. 3) Remove the following departments, IRS,EPA, homland security, dept. education, science and arts, fed. reserve, forest service, all czars. Stop paying for foreign oil. Drill here drill now, build refineries here now.
      That should be a good start. I am sure others can add to this list.

    • Retired USAF

      Rock On Retired Navyman!!! Cut the pay of Congress, place them on the same healthcare packages that we all have or “don’t have,” and NEVER cut the pay of the military!!! Quit trying to be the WORLD POLICE, worry about what is going on here in the States and take care of AMERICAN CITEZANS FIRST!!! Then, once we have our act together go into someone else’s backyard and be a bully!!!
      Retired USAF

    • SGMRET

      Let us look at who put them in Washington!

    • dca

      Please stop insulting ROCKS!

    • Phil

      I think the rock has a higher IQ….

  • Jay

    How about cutting the pay of the contractors over here… You know, the ones that are getting paid 3 to 4 times what we are to sit around and do nothing. These people have spent years in the sandbox getting paid ludicrous amounts of money and I have yet to meet one that actually did the job they were hired to do. They just rely on each new military rotation to do the work while they collect the fat pay. If you really want your morale to drop spend a few minutes talking to one of these people.

    • justpeachy

      So true, so true! It doesn’t stop there…there’s plenty of fat and happy federal employees sitting around doing nothing watching others bust their rears to get the work out….It’s every where, it’s everywhere!!! When does the madness stop!

    • PTDS

      if the military could do what I do then they would be doing it, yeah I’m ONE of those contractors, “sitting” when I actually work 84 hours per week, 12 hour shift 7 days a days off, maybe thats why we make a little more $ ??. I will do one year, not years. The thing I did years in was the navy…only 21 years worth, complain when you reach 22 years in your service then maybe I’ll listen to you…last I remembered it was an all volunteer service. Don’t like it? Get out and become a contractor! P.S> we miss our families as much as you do yours. And thank you for your service to our country.

      • ALJ

        Contractors get paid more because they put in longer hours? BS. My husband is enlisted. He is currently in Afghanistan working 12+ hours a days, 7 days a week. He gets zero days off. He isn’t the exception. Everyone over there is putting in the same time. Guess what he says the contractors are doing? Sitting around watching movies. Yet, military gets paid peanuts while contractors are raking it in. We have plenty of friends who were military who got out and are now contractors and they love to brag about what a sweet deal it is–gobs of money for BS work. So don’t try to pretend contractors get more money because they do more work.

        • jay

          I am a contractor and I did my time here as active duty 22 years in the service. If your husband wants more for what he does tell him to get out and get a contractors job. I was in to serve my country Now that I am out its for me. I work pleanty for my pay.

      • robbie

        How much is life worth.

      • dontgothere

        and who is it that FORCES YOU to go?????

      • usma41


      • CCB63

        should of planned wiser finacialy over them 21 yrs then you wouldnt be sitting where you are now would you

    • jaw

      shut your mouth i did my time in the Marines and if your mad at how much we make then you need to talk to DOD or DOS they are the ones the approve the contract. So if you don’t like it get out otherwise close your mouth. You make your own choices………………

    • usma41

      right on, I said the same, see my reply, usma41

    • sgtm7

      Why would your morale drop? Before I retired from the Army, hearing about how much more I would make as a civilian getting paid for my military experience, was an inspiration. Something to look forward after I retired. Would you rather hear sad stories about how much less money you will make after you retire? You would rather make less money after you retire instead of more? To each his own.

  • Southwind

    Indeed, there are other areas where cutting pay should come first. To name a few, foreign aid, department of Health Human Service and Depart of Education, Czars and Congressional PORK. I’ve been retired over 30 years, I support Representative Paul Ryan’s plan to revise Medicare. This is where 1/3 of largest cost. The political game that Democrats are playing at the expense of a sound government to get votes is animus to all of us. Vote the devils out.

    • Arturo

      This is not about politics…it is about doing the right thing for our military both active and retired. If it was as simple as voting them all out office due to their spending; where were you when the president’s predecessor’s spending got the country into this financial mess?

    • Paula

      Let you be the 1st then to give up your Medicare and Social Security…I won’t hold my breath though!

    • Joe

      And what’s the crap about 1-2 Billion to Egypt. Seems we could invest that chunk into our own country. Isn’t that money borrowed from China anyway?

    • Joe

      All paul Ryan is trying to do is get rid of the new deal that was implemented during the 1930s. First you should learn that medicare and social security payments have nothing to do with the deficits. The deficits are caused by ill advised tax cuts. You cannot have over 15,000,000 people unemployed, fight two wars and cut taxes and expect to have a surplus. Think for yourself don’t let people with a political agenda control your mind. What we need is to stop political infighting for party sake and get the country back on its feet. And for God’s sake stop Obama hating and letting it cloud your minds,.

    • SFC (RET) DLH

      I am a retired Disabled Vet. I saw a show the other night concerning ZMedicare and Medicaid. Medicaid is growing at 4 time’s the rate of Medicare. Medicaid, Sect 8 housing, food stamps, ALL of the FREEBIES that VERY few have earned w/ exception to ANY Military family needing food stamps. Point is, there are many other area’s that should be cut befor SS or medicare. However, for some reason the Military, SS and Medicare is where they alway’s start. Pork Barrel spending should be the VERY FIRST. 5 Billion to Egypt should be the next, the UN next, and On and On and ON

    • ron

      let’ s stop supporting al the foreign countries and borrowing from China and JApan to fund it. Economics 101 teaches you better control of funds than congress is doing. medicare cuts isnt the answer, but better controls and accountability of the medical system is definitely needed. why is it less industrious countries seem to be able to make ends meet, have a good health care program and not tax people to death or make cuts in military. i do know that housing benefits are excessive and allows personnel to live off post even though we have contractor run housing. the highest i ever made in housing allowance was under 500. now an E8 in most areas makes 1400 or more. and if housing was open i had to move in or lose my allowance. no longer the case. so there are areas to save without cutting pay.

    • bohica

      Right on, bro.

    • Go Army

      Cutting Medicare is not the answer either but, stop giving it to all the illegal aliens who come across the border to have their babies then open up a P.O. Box where they can receive their monthly checks and then go back across the border and sit on their fat asses.

    • MECS Pepin

      Are you on Tricare for life????

    • P. Miller

      Love this comment. Southwind, U got it right~

  • JRomero

    Hey friends in D.C I have 6.5 Billions that are ready. Rememebr the Pakinstani 6.5 billions we haven’t send over, well don’t STUPID!

  • soaringeagle

    Cut the Congresses pay 174,000 X 435=7569000mil Cut the Senate pay
    Cut the Congress slush fund of 1.5milX435=652.5mil
    Cut the Senate slush fund of 100X3.5mil=350,000,000mil
    They still have more perks like reimbursements for travel to and from home,renting office space at home, etc
    All said, that is over a billion dollars per year they receive and that doesn’t count medical.
    Only 57 of these “guttless leaders” have served in the military.

    • Had enough.

      You said it all. And add medical to the list. How come no-one is bringing this subject to the floor? And Mr. President, WE are in need of “foreign aid”. Why are we still giving aid to foreign countries when we need it now?

      • Kotu1


    • Todd

      I agree with your thought of Congress, the Senate, taking their fair pay cut’s first. Since those retiree’s and those on Social Security haven’t seen a pay increase in their retirement payment since 2008, those in Congress, Senate, and Government have clearly yearly voted themselves nice pay-raises. So why not take back first what has been given to them since 2008 which will put them on the same level as the rest of us making a sacrifice already. As a person who served 22 years, our Men and Women now serving should not be asked to have a reduction in pay. Could theirs be frozen for a year or so, Yes, which has happened before in the 1980’s. And all these Contractors serving Overseas making Big Fat checks off the Government and not doing anything because they wait for the active duty deployed miltary to rotate and arrive and do everything, they could be thinned out and their pay greatly reduced or their positions deleted. They simply aren’t needed and those who have deployed and served abroad can atest to that. Again money saved. And all these Congressional staffers and gophers in Washington D.C. are they really needed? If the US Government really wanted to reduced 400B, they could without effecting those on active duty and reducing our miltary morale and security of this nation here and around the world. What our Government is trying to do is lead this Nation into a One World Government which is Wrong and Against the Word of God. And Lastly President Obama we better not befriend Israel. Once that happens the hand of God is clearly off of America. For someone who is calls themself a christian you SHOULD know this.

    • martin

      I do agree with soaring eagle, cut the pay of Congress Men and Women, Senators and Foriegn Aid to all Country. This will solve our deficts and make them fall in with the public with Medicare instead of having their own medical which they voted for. Rewrite the laws of all Political eprson if they are caught in any illegal act punish them like any citizen in America. I have served my country for 44 years and I deserve what I have earned. I would like for Congress and the Senators to ask the public what they are going to vote in before it’s final. We the peole have the right to know!!!

    • Wombat

      I agree, starting with that idiot of a President and the idiots called czars and Dept secretaries and their staffs. I know this is not politically correct, but it is time we start calling them and their policies what they are. I have been retired for 22 yrs. and I refuse to encourage any young person to join the military in any capacity with the current poor civil leadership we have in Congress and the Administrative Branch of Government. In fact, I have talked many out of joining, not for hatred of country, but the lack of consistent care in Washington over the general welfare of the uniformed member and I will continue to do so. I hope some day to be again feel the desire to promote service in the Armed Forces, but it going to take many changes in D.C..

    • erds

      Amen cut all the bennies that Congress gets. To start with cut their pay back to 50k a year to see what it is like to be middle class. No special retirement. Put that into Social Security and make them draw that. Then no more career politicians. You get 2 terms period. Next all those currently drawing a Congressional pension, so sorry its over and you get medicare and social security. You are not American Royality you are our representives so act like it. Also no pay raise unless approved by a vote of the state you are from. If they think you are doing a good job then you get a raise like the rest of us.

  • John

    Hey, Be a California lifeguard and make $200,000.00

    • Toni

      Reverse side, an Oregon representative, on public tv, said Oregon’s foodservice people (waitresses) make too much money $8.00 to $10.00 an hour at seasonal work at best. Go figure, where do all these ideas come from? Try being a young Mother, working your butt off, tips are taxed before they reach your hand and the baby needs diapers.
      (Oh, he did not get my vote)

  • Phillip

    I do not see congress taking a pay cut. I have a great idea.



    • James

      Of course – Congress should have thought of that. Just do away with the IRS so we can’t collect taxes.

    • johnny rocko

      yes yes i love that idea

  • Aviatorbabe

    How about just pulling the plug on all the money leaking out to the foreign countries. I can’t understand why we are throwing good money after bad when helping out disaster struck areas is more in our interests, You know like Alabama, Georgia, Louisana. etc. Try furloughing all the running backs for congressmen. Just ow many aids does one guy need?

    • Joe

      I here Michelle Obama has about 2 dozen aids herself. WTF!

  • retired462

    I AGREE 100% WITH THE IDEA OF CUTTING SOME OF THE PAY AND BENEFITS OF CONGRESS, THEIR STAFFS, AND CABINET POSITIONS, AND MOST OF ALL; ELIMINATE THE “CZARS”!!!!!!!!!!! By the way; does anyone have any idea what the pay and benefits cost the taxpayers for these morons? They all need to be put under Social Security, and FEHB. Imagine, being able to collect 100% of your pay for life after serving one term of office! CONGRESS, NEEDS TO LOOK NO FURTHER FOR CUTS, THAN AT THEIR OWN PAY AND BENEFITS!

    • StillActive

      I agree with cutting big spending out of Washington!! Even if the military members pay is frozen, then we will go back to the late 70s and early 80s when military pay didn’t keep up with inflation. Unless taxpayers speak up, there is no way in hell that pay cuts will even be considered. Of course, I am not certain that the Amercian citizens fully understand all the benefits that those people AND their families get. ALSO, all those loans and tax cuts to big business need to be relooked and make them accountable.

    • Don

      I fully agree with retired462. We all talk about doing something about our stupid politicians but we don’t seem to be able to get organized enough to do it. We need a rebel leader!!!
      Don, retire aie force

      • johnny rocko

        hey since you mention it,,,why not you

    • AMEN

    • Joe Hines

      Joe Hines
      Right now they are each making over S240,000.00 a year plus free medical
      care, housing allowances.

      • Keeps them under that “magical” $250,000.00 and being “rich enough” to pay higher taxes!

    • Justpeachy

      I agree there are many areas that need to be cut. Can someone explain to me if there is a civilian hiring freeze within DoD, then why are the same number of Human Resources personnel still in place???? Can you imagine the savings if someone in their infamous power would take a look at the HR personnel DoD has on their books with nothing to do??? Amazing, isn’t it…guess that little snipit has been forgotten. That’s just for openers…personnel in your manpower offices could be cut back as well because all they do is operate like a mini HR office…more madness that everyone has turned their head to. How about all the unnecessary travel to conferences, seminars, usless training etc… that is done weekly..only because they have the funds so they must use the funds…Unbelieveable…it has always been a long time understanding that if you do not use the money that was allocated to you you will not get the same amount next year so burn baby burn even if you don’t need to. More madness that adds up to big bucks because it is throughout DoD!

      • Corruptionbuster

        VERY TRUE…if only the independent AUDITORS will do their jobs with independence and no influence, then they can be audited and scrutinized line by line before the department budgets get approved, rather than just assuming the same budget for the year and add more for inflationary adjustment. Fraud and abuse is all over the place in the government…civilian and military.

      • johnny rocko

        amennnnnnn to that,i saw in the army reserves out in miami how army reserves officers and senior NCo’s would use up funds just so they can get the same funds again the following year..just like you mention use it or lose it…..when i try to make up some drills i was told we don’t have the funding,,,ain’t that some crap

    • kathy

      AMEN to your statements, couldn’t agree more !!!!

    • DavidEtzel

      I could not agree more. AMEN!

    • AirForceRet

      How about bobama 11 writers at 100,000 a piece? and the so call first lady 25 secretaries? And reid’s staff of 125 not to mention the waste that was created with the filth of pelosi and the 24 hour on call private Air Force jet she demanded and got, no speaker has ever had one.
      the capital is a waste because it is run by lawyers, no where in the constitution does it call for our representatives to be lawyers, but that is the only way you will become one

    • ValricoSlash

      AMEN. Personally I think that congress should be paid only per diem while they are actually in DC working. No salary and no retirement plan. As far as housing is concerned, I think that there is plenty of houseing to go around at the various military bases for these people to live. Maybe if they lived among the troops they would have a greater appreciation for what we go through on a daily basis. In this way, they won’t be tempted to make a career out of the job and actually make decisions that oare beneficial to the country and not their reelection campagn.

    • Sailor in MD

      Unfortunately, even taking all of the pay away from Congress would do very little (in comparison to a debt that is over $1 trillion). Also, many in Congress have other income streams (and some already donate their salaries). Taking their salaries would be little incentive for them. Offsetting the debt will require cutting entitlements and discretionary funding (of which, the military is the biggest target- as unfortunate as it may be for those of us in uniform).

    • me 2

      I wholeheartedly agree to this statement. I am a retired military and they cut my retirement because raise of taxes, In stead of taking away from us take it away from congress, state representatives who doesn’t really do anythin g for us.

  • CMSgt Chandler

    Happy Memorial Day from your Administration, the Pentagon, and your government leaders! They’ve got a paycut, benefit (?) cost increase, and benefit cut just for you! Never mind the sacrifice, service and commitment! Never mind the family! Never mind the TDYs, PCS’s, COLA losses, and pay raise limitations! With Emporer Obama (saviour and king), “Benedict Arnold” Gates, and the cooperation of your local Congressmen/women we’ve got just what our great people of this country elected! So have a great weekend – your in store for more!

    • Phil

      At least Benedict Arnold WAS an actual AMERICAN war hero before he switched sides…. he jumped because Gen. Washington wouldn’t stroke his enormous ego… looks like Bennie came back as Panetta!

      – Bennie’s Homey

  • Spc.Poole

    I see my self getting out when this hick is over. I was going to wait till I hit 20 but I cant make a live as it is. Let a lone if the hack my pay.

    • Retired CPO

      I would not get out until you can draw at least some kind of retirement check. We can vote out Obama in 2012 and maybe the rest of these jerks that have never served in the military. Maybe then we can get back to taking care of our military. It is a brutal jcivilian job market right now and if you get out it will be even worse. Stick it out for 20 and then you will have at lease something you can fall back on while you try to get a civilian job.

      • 906762

        EXACTLY what I was going to say to this soldier. Obama is a stumbling block along the way and any president will be better for the military. If afforded the opportunity to vote (the democrats try to block a lot of the military’s absentee votes) vote republican for they usually are better for the military. Time flies and those 20 years will be the most important in your life, unless a future democrat finds way to stop paying retirement.

  • Bob95490

    Heres a novel idea, instead of cutting military pay to find savings cut the president’s pay, limit his wife to only one taxpayer paid trip a year with a cap on the cost of that trip. Slash foreign aid to all recipients by two thirds, reduce or eliminate all payments to the United Nations and require a detailed and binding explaination of exactly what a (any) nation will provide or do for us in return for temporary and limited foreign aid assistance. Follow this up with the removal of all “entitlements” to illegal aliens along with requiring all public unions to pay for their own retirement like the rest of the country’s citizens are required to do. These steps alone should remove the need to reduce the pay of those actually deserving more, not less, pay.

    • Ataima

      I understand most of that, but I dont understand what you mean about public unions paying their own retirement. Do you mean government workers in unions? We in the military do not pay for our own retirment. Are you proposing that everyone who works for the government pay for their own retirement?

    • retired army wife

      I AGREE with all this, along with cut all Congress pay and benifits and what are we paying Nancy Polosiea for???????????????????

  • Alex

    This is an insult to the men and women that died for this country.
    I would say Ask congress how much their lives worth
    Cut the F35 fighter jet program and that’s the cut we need.
    This is crazy a F35 fighter jet program cost more than all the military members combined?

  • William

    Gates told a group that reduc­ing mil­i­tary pay wouldn’t neg­a­tively impact recruit­ing; point­ing out that even dur­ing the worst of the Iraq war the Army was the only ser­vice that didn’t exceed their recruit­ing and reten­tion goals.
    I guess he could not figure out that it is the Army that bears the brunt of the combat and there might be a corralation?
    And I thought he was suppose to be smart.
    I think I see more broken promises coming.
    But what does it matter, it is only the military.

  • David

    Gates is a typical liberal idiot. Things get “peaceful” and it’s “dogs and soldiers stay off the grass”. I retired in 93 after peace broke out and was very lucky to find a decent job. My eldest did 4 years in the Corp and separated due to heat stroke. He too got a decent job. My middle son is going to Ft. Jackson in October to start a six year hitch with the Army – the bastages in DC can keep their grubby mitts off his pay and benefits.

    • Marvin McConoughey

      Secretary of Defense Robert Gates is most certainly not “a typical liberal idiot. He is an uncommonly astute and effective Secretary of Defense and has performed superbly during a very difficult and complex era for the military. Cutting personnel and personnel costs were not of his desire, and his present consideration reflects the real financial distress that our country faces.

      • lou

        Astute as Sec. Def. Gates may be having some intestinal fortitude and backbone to stand up for whats right is required in the position he holds and not cave into the wrong of it all just because years of poor defense budget management. I am in great hopes that my pay doesnt change especially while currently serving in the sandbox. After having my pay stopped briefly during the budget being passed I began to think that a all volunteer army meant that I was being asked to work for free.

    • Ataima

      Gates is a concervative.

  • asdfghh

    Just dont get the cuts for the single people :), why cut peoples salary? how about minimizing deployments? and not the peoples salary

  • sonic6765

    I agree with a lot of the comments on here. they want to bring in cuts for pay and i wouldn’t be surprised to see them cut the VA benefits next. what they need to do is cut the Congressional pay and all the bull sh!! programs the got going on for some of the stuff they have going on( I.E. extra stuff for weapons, fancy planes that seem to be costing more than they said ) i know the military needs new stuff that works but come on the keep dumping money into supposedly new equipment and it is costing billions in wasted money stop the extra spending and the foreign aid to other countries and take care of our own first. just a thought from a retiree



  • Charlie

    With a wife who is unable to work due to medical reasons and being a German citizen she can’t get disability a pay cut is gunna kill us. We are already struggling to get by as it is. This is one of the reasons in 3 yrs I am ending what will be a 14 yr career. I have bad knees, recently had surgery on my shoulder in the defence of my country and this is how the DOD says thanks for my service, a pay cut, Someone please wake me up, I have got to be having a nightmare.

    • 906762

      Stick it out those remaining years. A paycheck for life rides on those 6 years. A republican president will take care of the situation next year. Those who have voted last time for Obama are starting to realize they didn’t get that “change” and has the military as a resource to find money for his other projects. Check his campaign speech record and see how many have been kept which at least 2 have been said to get military votes and neither has been fulfilled.

  • Rice

    And how BRAVE of Mr. Gates to cut the troops pay as he goes out the door with his own FAT retirement. Quite a parting gift. May God HELP America!

    • Andrew Heil

      I believe the retirement should be based on the Military, years of service, has to pay for his medical and dental, has to pay for his life insurance, travel 50 miles for medical treatment without reimbursement. There that should sum it all up for those to include me that are retired and do not have anything left after serving 32 years in the Military. I am not an Officer, but a Senior NCO.

  • guest

    Morons. Let Congress take a pay cut. I’m tired of the military being under appreciated.

  • nv_ordie

    First cut to military spending i would make would be to restrict Air Foce One to official “Head of Stae” missions. If Obama want to go to las Vegas to hang out with his bud Harry then he can foot the bill, not the tax payers.

  • RetiredAF

    It is amazing to me that this is even a consideration considering all the money that this administration gave way to his election benefactors and such during the first few months in office and since to special interest groups. I guess you can’t expect anymore from a group that for the most part never served in the military. They have spent most of there lives living fat and happy off of someone elses sweat.

  • doomed

    None of this really matters. Once China stops accepting the dollar we are done. Financial collapse will be almost immediate. States will succeed out of necessity and chaos will ensue. This will result in widespread desertion in the military as soliders are faced with the difficult choice of circling the wagons at home.

    • jim

      Unfortunately, you may be right.

  • Infantryman 71

    President Osama and Mullah Gates are doing as much to hurt the military from within with social engineering and budget cuts than the Taliban. During the Depression, the military took a major pay cut BUT, everyone in the country took a cut too!!! The population shared the pain. Tell Prez Osama to stop flying on vacation trips that cost the taxpayer millions. How about Michelle getting rid of all of her bloated social staff that no other first lady has come close to having? They think they are royalty and entitled to sup at the public trough. Pigs.


    I enlisted to serve I know the Army won’t let my family down, I have lived off of 1600 a month before. If I have to take a pay cut then so be it, I am not doing this for the money!

    • Marvin McConoughey

      Thank you, Pvt. Roque. Like you, I entered the military out of a sense of adventure and patriotism, I consider it to have been a privilege to serve my nation. I can handle a retirement cut, and will, when it comes.

    • Jim

      Hell of an attitude Roque. But its not right, just not right, for them to even consider cutting your pay.

    • sgtm7

      Good attitude. I had the same attitude when I found out they were going to renege on the free health care for life promise they made when we joined. Your attitude is not the problem. The problem is that it just isn’t right, when there are so many other areas that can be cut.

    • coastieMK

      It’s not right. Some of us are having a difficult time making it through with the pay we get now. Prices for everything are getting higher, and they want to cut our pay? No, screw that. We need to be able to make ends meet.

    • CommoGuy

      As for me , I was in it for the C-Rations and the MRE’s.
      Thanks for your service. Airborne. All the way.

  • Just where does theses people come up with the idea of cutting the pay and benefits for the military, they are still not getting paid enough for the amount of hours they put in each day. The average American worker put in 8-10 hours each day and goes home at the end of their work day. Well that is not the case for the military man/woman, (I remember a lot of 19-20 hour work day when I was in the military) no over time pay, no extra time off for the long hours put in or no time to catch up on the sleep I lost in the long days.
    If any thing the military needs to be paid more then they are at the present time.
    I will tell Gates and who ever takes his place they can cut down on the military budget, but using better fiscal planning and doing away with a lot of the double standards for the four branches of service one item for all the services (not one for each service or a different color for each service) stop buying over priced equipment that don’t work or last. Use common sense when buying items for the military.

  • 64 driver OEF

    After voluntarily serving for 28 years, two combat tours and lots of sacrifice, I get to have my pay cut in addition to having my premiums for TRICARE increased when I retire. But let’s not cut the welfare recipient can get funding for their lifestyle or the illegal immigrant’s benefits or the foreign aid to loser regimes. By the way, is welfare a benefit for some sacrifice? I work in an inner city hospital now and see the benefit society reaps from welfare recipients on a daily basis. And it’s not much.

  • twograinscratch

    Gates is a loser. Obama is a loser. He (they) is just executing his (their) plan to destroy America from within. We need to return to constitutional fundamentals. Vote this administration out in 2012. Look at each politician thru a constitutional perspective and act accordingly. Don’t know about our constitutional perspective? Educate yourself! It is the most advanced doctrine on societal organization ever created. It will stand the test of time. Look at how many are gunning for its demise now. All other approaches are second fiddles, loser approaches, bench warmers, waterboys and the like. Gates is a waterboy on a losing team. Wake TFU people.

  • Luis

    GATES DOES NOT REPRESENT US PERIOD!!!!! When we get a person, retired General or whatever his pay grade is and that person fails to stand up for their own he/she needs to be forced out by all military organizations. VA, NCOA, DAV, ASDV, and others. Those people on these boards kissing ass saying we can afford more cuts are living in an unrealistic world or maybe they were well off before joining the military. For the 95% of us who will be hurting…..scream, raise your voice, we can STOP THIS IDIOT (Gates) before he retires. Let’s cut Generals pensions in half. Let’s vote for that!!!

  • Arthur Tank

    There has been an ongoing problem in this nation since Jimmy Carter (our empty peanut shell president). He cut the military pay by over 45% during his 4 long years as President. His response to the low morale was if the military members don’t like it, “let them vote with there feet.” We did have a friend in the White House during the Regan era. Then Bill Clinton took advantage of the Peace Dividend (colapse of the Soviet Union) to further downgrade the military and place many more commitments on our resreve fources. Needless to say, with the cost of Desert Storm, the Iraq war, and now Afganistan and Pakistan, the military equipment is worn out, the services are under manned, and the service members are significantly over worked. The politicians, of course, all stand behind the military (Far, Far, Behind) and praise them for their heroism and dedication. Some politicians even try to have the military absentee ballots thrown out during presidential elections and recounts. It is
    a sad state of affairs. However, similiar situations occured after the Civil War, World War One, and Two.

    As a retired Navy Captain who spends his winters in Jacksonville, FL. I see military famlies on Food Stamps, their homes in foreclosure and I witness, daily, their low standard of living. Their didication and morale remain remarkably high. God Bless our military. They sure as hell do a lot on their own. Think how effective they could be if our country (think politicians) were really behind them.

    Arthur N.

    • 906762

      I agree Captain. Remember during the Carter administration we decommissed half the fleet making us a second world power at the time until a build up came along with quality such as the Tridents etc. Recently the military absentee vote has really been supressed. We need a better system to accommodate those on deployments such as the SSBN fleet and the rest of the military. A lot of military retirees and old folks have already suffered under this administration. We contribute over $150 a month to his cause and sure not willingly. This isn’t enough so he’s after the active. How is he going to start paying back this revenue next year that he is getting from the retirees (you included) and the old folks on social security.

  • Steve

    I am a DOD civilian working for the Air Guard, so I am also a guardsman doing the same job two days a month, fifteen days a year, plus deployments. I was recently deployed in my military position and could not believe the difference in pay. The military pay, take-home, was $2300 more than my civilian pay. And my location was not tax-free. The military pay has caught-up with the civilian sector, and passed it. Maybe no cuts, just no raises.

    • JDAF

      Dream on. When I retired @ 24 years and became a civilian I received a 35% increase in pay and worked half the hours for a job I was quaified for @ four years on service . I think you need to check your facts! The military is greatly underpaid for what we ask them to do. God bless the United States military, lets take care of them like they take care of us!

    • Tom

      An E-4 with over 4 years service- $2230 per month. A supervisor E-6 with over 10 years experiance – $3192 per month. I guess if you include food stamps and hazard pay for risking their lives and assuming you work for the DOD part time as a wallmart greater your story could be true? Or maybe your a General in the Air Guard and a janitor for the DOD?

    • Lynn

      Not sure what job you are/were doing but when I retired, I went back doing the exact same type of work as a civilian and my pay doubled and that includes amount of the tax benefits from those areas of military pay not taxed. The only difference was that I wear a business suit now and not a uniform.

  • P RS

    You guys accusing Gates and this proposal to be a liberal plot. Wake up. This has been part of the conservative push to cut or eliminate these programs – their longstanding goal. Where do you get this liberal stuff? Remember when Rumsfeld came into office, his first steps were to cut and slash the military, including benefits. Then 9/11 struck. Unfortunately, both parties now are singing this cut song, but as many other posters noted, none of them want to cut their own Congressional, Cabinet pay/perks/bennies. As usual, hit on the long suffering silent majority that has been the backbone of the country and that keeps putting out. Thank goodness for MOAA.

    • sgtm7

      This attitude is not limited to liberals or conservatives. It is an attitude coming mostly from sillyvilians who have never served.

  • ajchicago2823

    I say, we as not only taxpayers, but also spouses and veterans DEMAND that Congress, all high ranking Officers and all their staff members take pay cuts BEFORE anyone even thinks about cutting the pay of those who have stood strong on the walls they have been ordered to guard for almost 10 years…..cut our benefits during war-stupid….cut our pay during war-irresponsible and completely unacceptable!!
    I always think it’s interesting when news like this pops up, but RARELY, if ever, makes the national news! Hummmmmmm, I know it makes me think.

  • ranger

    You have to be kidding, cut the pay of the people that defend your way of living. How about this, the “special fund” for the Congressman that go to their districts. How about during the break in pay that the armed forces endured while the DC idiots continued to get their pay. How about this lower the pay of these idiots in DC that make 6 figure salarys that not only have never worn any boots, but will retire in comfort while guys like me continue to serve in foreign countries over and over again. 12 times to be exact. Whenever governments want to save money it is always the “protectors” of freedom that are the first words out of the mouth of these so called leaders. If you are real leader you get in front of the formation and lead. I am sure we wont follow.

  • bobsea

    What is frustrating is Congress will not let the military close unneeded bases, but looks at pay cuts to save $$! Congress, not the President, prevents the military from closing bases.

  • carol n

    A pay cut would hurt so many of our young service men and women who can barely make it on the present salary.
    It appears to me that the goverment no longer wants career
    soldiers…just pay them little…use them up…send them home…start over with a new batch…that way they don’t have to pay benefits.

  • ereilad

    They can back out of all the promises made to the veterans and there is nothing we can do. Years ago we thought we could trust the government to honor it’s promises. Happy Veterans Day anyway.

  • ike

    This nothing but BS. You want to cut the pay of the men and women that are fighting for our freedoms. How about cutting the pay of the jerks that are sending our men and women to fight.
    It’s about time we pull our troops out.

  • TM1/ss usn ret

    Gates can find other ways to cut his buget. And leave the Military pay alone. Stop paying contractors cost overruns cause they under bid a project, what they bid is what they get paid. If you want to cut pay start by cutting all of the hundreds of staffers at the Pentagonby 30% and leave our service members alone. Since they do all the dirty work our Politicions fail to do.

  • SaddenedVet

    Having left blood and pieces of me on 5 continents over the course of my govt. and military career, I am sad to say that this ADMINISTRATION makes me ashamed to be an American. I am quite tired of seeing our flag dragged thru the diplomatic mud with all of us drowning to support it. THE SHAME OF IT IS THAT MOST OF THE MEMBERS OF CONGRESS AND THE SENATE KNOW BETTER BUT THE JUST DON’T CARE ANYMORE. THEY HAVE ELEVATED THEMSELVES ABOVE THE PEOPLT THEY USED TO SERVE. “ONE FOR ALL AND ALL FOR ONE AT THE TROUGH”.

  • rufus 15 usa ret

    it appears our slice of the pie keeps getting smaller. let’s try reducing the active and retirement pay of those in congress, take away the on site medical care for them and there families. let them fend for themselves for once and see how that hits them in the wallet. they make more after retirement with yearly pay increases then they did while sitting on there ass in office. You won’t find too many active, retired, or disabled vets complaining about what they get for service to this country. just give me what is due and take care of me and my family into the future both medically and monetarily, but to cheapen our service is a complete dis service to us all.

  • shekaty

    This is another way Obama wants to weaken the United States by causing morale issues in the military. He knows that by destroying morale of the military you will have a weak nation, and hence are able to make the entire country go asunder. He is not a friend of the USA, or military. Have you seen that TV ad with Michelle O, thanking the servicemen, and now it’s our turn to thank them? Well this is the thanks the servicemen/servicewomen/and service families are getting.

  • Rampdog

    If Gates and Obama want to cut military pay let them lead by example and cut their own by at least double what they’re taking from the fine men and women of our armed froces. C’mon Commander in Chief!! Lead your troops!!

  • Joel

    Cut your own damn money and the rest of the governments paychecks, ****** me off that they want to even consider cutting our money…. Me and everyone else in the military have busted our ***** for our country and government and this is their way of thanking us? I’m over what’s going on in our government…..they definitely lost what America is supposed to be about.

  • WayneLLewis

    As a nation in economic decline, a strong military is all we will have left. Lacking that, we will be a colony once again.

  • Just an old warrior

    How can any person, any race, in any economic strata detest the military? Well, Bill Clinton expressed it eloquently…. “I lothe the military”…. remember that? Now we have done the policitically correct thing and elected BAROCK OBAMA. Know what???? Barock is Barock….he can’t be anything else. Now, the idiots who voted for him, that’s different. Know something else???? I know some retired Colonels and Generals who VOTED FOR HIM? I’m outta here.

  • Retired

    I beleive a soldier serves in our arm forces for our countrys freedom and pay should not be an issue. If you dont like the pay then get out and pursue a bettter career. I stayed 21 years and it was not for the money . If I had stayed for the money back in the day when the military pay starting out was $ 90 a month I dont think I would have survived all these years. The military is way over paid now compared to the 70s during the Vietnam war. I fear for our country if everyone is in just for the money. Your not from my generation so I dont expect you to agree or understand .

    • WayneLLewis

      If we go back to the 1970 pay scale then we would also have to revive the draft. Maybe not a bad idea but the quality of our forces would be reduced. Not that the draftees were less able but the return on investment for training would not be as great.

    • Liber

      I totally disagree with you, “Retired”. I’ll admit that we get paid a fair wage, but when you consider the work and hours we put in compared to civilian counterparts, it’s really not that much. And I’m not even gonna talk about combat. But, for me, the biggest impact of this potential pay cut is the impact it will have on the family members of these soldiers. They already sacrifice enough having to be separated from their fathers, husbands (mothers, wives), etc. I don’t serve for the money, but if I can’t even pay the bills and provide for my family, I’ve got to find another job. (And, not to insult you, but I don’t think when you were getting $90/mo you were paying $4/gal for gas.)

    • Eversole

      When you factor in inflation soldiers are making very little. And when you break it down soldiers, especially the lower enlisted, are barely making minimum wage. So let’s cut spending where it needs to be cut. The defense budget where we are spending billions on companies like Lockheed and Raytheon. Don’t touch soldiers pay, they’re not making $200k/year plus kickbacks from lobbyists, go after capital hill. That’s where the cuts need to start.

    • SGT ace

      40 years ago was 40 years ago… If you look at the price of a car 40 years ago, it definitely wasn’t $40,000 for a new truck! I drive a 1993 honda civic and we have a94 4runner, cuz that’s what we have to in order to put photos on the table. Days have changed old timer.i have a family of four, and I barely make enough to sport them. The only reason I can is because I go on deployment. And I don’t $175 hazard duty pay is worth the danger I face you say you are retired, how much has your pay gone up since retirement? How about keeping the comp you started with when you first retired.i think that’s a great idea. What would that be like 150 buck. That would be like a half tank of gas.good luck with that… And for those of you who think we are over paid I get paid 2650,
      including all my allowances, try renting an apartment, buying food for 4, gas to go to work, and pay the bills…did I mention that’s only 1325 approx every two weeks. So for all those people who think military is over paid, maybe the higher ups who get $10,000 plus a month on just base pay, those guys, ya, but every one else come do
      my job for one month over here in iraq, collect my check, then tell me
      if it is worth it. So **** everybody who wants to cut back on my fellow soldiers pay! Including you old timer, but I don’t think you would understand, your not from my time!

    • 906762

      Disagree. My pay was $35.00 every 2 weeks, but my house was $48.00 month, utilities $12.00, gas 25 cents, cigarettes 25 cents, soda 10 cents, haircuts 25 cents, movies 10 cents, week groceries from the commissary $15. You must be one of the few who have loved giving your COLA last year and this year to Obama for retired and social security (if that applies). Everything is on the rise, and no longer can a person compare with the older years. OBAMA can cut spending in other areas and there are hundreds of those. Face the facts, he does not like the military and neither did the Clintons. He even appointed the most anti-military congressemen (Aspin from Wisconsin, one who has been trying for decades to do away with all military benefits such as exchange, commissaries etc) as chairman of the Armed Forces whatever. Clinton is also the reason you are paying $600 year in taxes on retired pay (that Obama has said would raise to $50,000 from $30,000. Not happened or going to. GIVE THE SERVICE CREDIT, THEY NEED EVERY DIME AND MORE THEY EARN FOR WHAT THEY DO.

    • Mike Barry

      and gas was 35 cents a gallon , most kids didn’t go to college and you had to walk five miles in the snow to get to school, oh let not forget get home to plow the fields. You obviously need a reality check as to the cost of living now.

    • JDAF

      Retired, I respect your service but as times change we should not take a step back on our military personnel. There are plenty of cuts that need to be made before even considering cutting military pay. To name a few: foreign aid, benefits for illegal aliens, benefits for long term welfare recipients, outdated social engineering programs, and billions in wasteful pork barrel spending. Lets drill oil in our own country and let the country reap the benefits instead of other counties that hate us. Is there an organization that you respect more than the military? Perhaps Congress, perhaps the Senate, I think not. God bles all that served and are serving.

  • vern

    this is totally unacceptable,the small salaries of our service men and women is not to be touched,an anyone who even thinks this is ok,needs to go.cut the unneed workers on capital hill,cut congress men salaries and benefits,cut forigen aid,cut the waste and graft that happens everyday in washington,stop these wars.time to takecare of WE THE PEOPLE. and yes raise taxes if that is what is needed,no more welfare for the rich. class warfare,lol think what the rich have done to the rest of us,time for them to pay.

  • Retired5879

    Def SEC Gates should take a Pay Cut of 0% and reduce his retirement benefits by 50% and reduce the President’s salary 50%, Congress 70%, Immediately HALT all Foreign Aid and LEAVE the US Military Salaries out of this BS! We are the people who are working our butts protecting the US Constitution and the USA!!!!!!

  • Jubal

    Let each state pay their own representatives.

    Let each state provide their own representatives with any health care package they choose.

    That would slash the congressional budget.

    • WayneLLewis

      Maybe even go back to the original constitution and have the State Legislators select the Senators.

      There would no longer be federal mandates on the states.

  • Don

    the pay table is top heavy, the only ones that really need increase in pay is E-5 and below. E-6 and E-7 is ok, but then the pay for rank has been getting out of hand. I’m a retired E-8 and the pay difference was big, now that I am retired wow, with all these pay increases it’s really out there. That’s the problem with a percentage increase 2 % of $25,000 aint’ that much, but 2 % of $ 80,000. year after year, theres a problem.

    • Jim

      Well, you are definitely right there Don, The same way that all E-8’s have the same salary. But what is the fix for that? It is a entirely different issue. And maybe you could contact your congress person and bring it up. At least then they would have something to keep them busy.

  • spikeintn

    I don’t think the House would pass any legislation which reduced military pay! The next election HAS to put Obama to pasture, along with any Senator who would support this type action 9and there are a lot of them). If we are to have a revolution in this Country, perhaps this type proposal from Obama will ensure the military will be on the side of the people, and not the government.

  • Ret Nav

    Our government leadership is, and for the most part has always been, comprised of the most non-productive, self grandizing, uninformed no-loads that this country can dig up. All is fair that does not negatively impact themselves. It’s amazing that, as a nation, we’ve survived this long. When the next conflict occurs (assuming we ever get out of this one), and due to the predictable retention drop, no one is around to fight their battles for them, maybe they’ll have gotten the message–too late as usual. Remember the old adage: What if there was a war and nobody came!

  • Brett

    Just another example of how much Obama hates America. He has tried to destroy it from with in financially and now he wants to destroy our military so we can defend ourself. Time to replace him and everyone he has appointed!

    • 906762

      Roger, over and out ! Lets all remember that next year.

  • Retired5879

    Made a slight mistake on Gates Pay Cut, it should read a Pay Cut of 50% instead of 0%. Other mistake was working our butts off!

  • Retired CPO

    They should first truly cut the waste and fraud in Medicare and Medicaid before even thinking about cutting military pay. Another place to cut would be in what hospitals charge for services. My niece’s husband was having convulsions most likely due to a medication dosage increase. She was advised to take him by ambulance to the emergency room at a local hospital in Tulsa. Of course, the ER doctor ordered an MRI and probably some other tests. They sent her a bill for $4,300 because he is not quite old enough for Medicare but his retirement check is too much to be on Medicaid. She is not sure how she will pay it and the hospital will start demanding money right away. Most of us in the military or who are retired do not realize how expensive Medicare and Tri Care is but the cost of medical is too high and is rising many times faster than inflation. We keep hearing about the evil medical insurance companies but nobody challenges what hospitals charge. If we would just make all medical care less expensive and cut out the fraud and waste we would not need to even consider cutting military pay.

  • MJ Whitney

    Enough is Enough!! Stop funding the rest of the world with foreign aid and fund our own country for a change. I bet the USA could pay off our national debt, help the unemployment, lower gas prices and fund the disaster areas with one month’s worth of foreign aid!!

    • 906762

      Great comment however there will be no one reading them in the white house or congress who can hear the American people. That’s why we need a president who is not a millionaire and can relate to the poor and also the military.

  • Setser

    If Gates is sincere let him start with the Sec of Def pay, benefits and perks. After a much needed reduction in his pay ( he is a double dipper) he should do down the chain.
    At the same time he should recommend cuts in Congressional pay, benefits and perks. A large reduction in their staff, their pay, benefits and perks.
    Also include the President and his staff, the costs of the President, his staff and the Congress is enough to pay a small army.

  • Steve

    It would be easy to save this amount of money and then some without cutting pay. Get rid of these private contractors that are sucking up trillions of dollars doing things that the military is capable of doing itself.

    • Sue USAF Disabled

      I agree and we should make them justify every thing that they charge, Their prices are 4 times of what a soldier gets paid for the same work. Pay the NCOs and soldiers their pay. Flip the board completly and only charge the prices that civilians pay for a part. Cut all the fat from contractors and give our troops parts that actully last and work not a one time use . also get realilistic bids and not ones from a back room deal where the use would get someone killed. Did we learn nothing from past wars. Backroom deal mean loss of life. Pay our kids what they are worth and keep rentention up so that they have quaility instruction and then let them do their jobs. They should not have to worry if their family is taken care of or if they can pay the bills.

      If they get hurt serving then they and their family should be taken care of and the Military should tell them how to get those benifits. None of our E-5’s and below should have to be on food stamps or WIC. I see this everyday.

      Then Make all of the bosses from the President on down get rid of all the perk packages. Want a Vacation go to Camp David that is what it is for. Make other countries come to use and make them pay their bills. These are all ways to cut the fat and leave our military alone.

  • Elizabeth Corsino

    With that said, will Mr. Gates be getting a pay cut as well as all those Politicians, that are liberally cutting the working class?

  • Lee Bronson USN RDAV

    My question is why doe sit have to be the military man and the reiteree that has to pay the price why doesn’t all of congress take a pay cut or even better yet stop giving our hard earned money to other countries that just turn around and stab us in the back

  • Ed West

    What is the goal of D.C. ? Is it that goal of “change we can believe in” ? We bailout other countries, banks and certain big business and end up with this problem ? Or, is that the goal ?
    I’m willing to take a fair cut, however D.C. makes that difficult after the bailouts for those who should have failed !
    FOLLOW THE MONEY and you’ll find corruption ! There is a goal and we won’t like it when it’s reached.

  • Black Knight 7

    There is going to be a MAJOR “RIF” (Reduction in Force) it happened after Vietnam, and during the Clinton years, (Panetta). This country can not support a standing Military of this size. My generation did not see it comming, One day we had 5 Tank platoons, and 5 Tank Companies, then down to three. A memo will be sent out to eliminate borderline/overweight/anyone else the chain of command deems a non-player..and whoosh 500,000 service members are gone…The answer will be you joined, thanks for your Service, wars over, nobody cares…hide and watch. I give it 5 years tops. My advice…GET YOUR SHT TOGETHER, QUIT WHINING, AND VOTE!!!!!!!

  • David Marti

    This reminds me of the corporate mind set the Robert S. McNamara brought to the office of SECDEF. Obama and his cronies need to go now!

  • JAS

    Before cutting active duty military pay, Defense needs to look at getting rid of all the Generals that are collecting both full military retired pay and higher grade GS positions within DoD. That alone would reduce DoD costs by a lot.

  • mrswideman

    seriously? why don’t YOU take a pay cut first, rather than take from the people who support YOUR effort to stay in your position? and then make their retirement benefits MORE expensive???? just goes to show our government has ZERO value for the finest military in the world. happy friggin memorial day to you too, thanks for nothing.

    absolutely disgusted,
    a military wife of 16 years.

  • David J. Marti

    Also, as a disabled vet, my retirement and disability makes up the majority of my income. Maybe those in high ranking government positions would like to try and live like my fellow vets and I!

  • Aaron

    Careful what you say, Michelle. You could wind up in jail.

    • OldE8

      Michelle, I don’t know what you said, but if it was good enough to be deleted, it must have been the truth.

  • Iman Azol

    Dangerous thing to say, Michelle. I do hope you’re joking.

  • larry muse

    I say we cut the jerks pay by 1/2 that are serving in US Government, President, vice-president, both houses and all the other sob’s that are worthless!


    First off Gates is no friend of the armed forces and never will be. He’s succumbing to the pressure because that’s how people without leader character act. Even as a 20 year vet (Army LTC) my total pay and compensation was calculated at about 92K in 2000 at retirement.

    So think about it, 20 years of no stock options, no stock, no 401k with 5% match for 20 years, no end of year bonus. That’s what our civilian counterparts get and more and few of them ever went home having had their life and safety threatened as a result of their chosen profession. AND, not to mention the stress and demand on our military families left at all the posts, airbases, and ports as well and those we left back home.

    As other bloggers have stated, our government, wastes, loses and fails to account for more of our tax dollars than can ever be comprehended – its hundreds of billions. STOP agreeing with doing the easy thing and taking pay and comp away from the armed forces – your annual increase is always a sorry pittance of what you earned.

    Trust me – you are all well under compensated. HOLD our civilian DOD leaders accountable just as we did our military leaders and find the cost savings in the pet projects of senators and congressmen, foreign giveaways, etc. WAKE UP and see that every American’s medical is getting hammered EXCEPT congress and the presidents and other selected civilian government people. Where’s the sacrifice???

    My family and I love our 20 years and I proudly tell people of the experience we had. NO regrets. As those who went before me, I’ll continue to support and defend those that follow in my foot steps.

    God Bless America, God Bless the Military Family.

  • Dan

    Why not ask congress to cut their pay. That’s were the big money lies.
    Or… draft them in the service and cut their pay and see if they would like it.
    Man, al that money we keep sending all those foreign countries should cover our deficit. Come Mr. Gates. You have make me and all the rest of the retiree’s pay for our “Tricare for Life” when receiving Medicare. You took that bennie away. Don’t start with the active military. They deserve the pay.

  • djam63

    We didn’t get paid enough while I was active and they don’t get paid enough now and you want to take that which they ve and reduce it down asthough they don’t have families and financial obligations. It is sad when the men and women of our military have to apply for food stamps to suppliment their income to take care of their families. These are the ones that do the selfless and sometimes thankless job that provide the freedoms we so richly enjoy today and this how you repay their sacrafices and the sacrafices of the ones who served before them. This is just lame on the governments part. No one in congress is going to take a pay cut and you can bank on that!

  • Joe M

    Note the high numbers of high ranks. I’ve heard and actually read that there is more Generals at the Pentagon than working staff. Why so many Chiefs instead of working Indians? Purely political. But, peoples comments are correct the little man will be the one to bear the brunt. Hell we’ll surive, we survived the battles we’ll survive what ever these corrupt politicians throw our way.

  • jrsmercedes

    Lets see folks-We give Mexico $100 million a year tof ight drugs-fiftth largest oil producer. We give 1 billion aid to illegal immigrants. We give the
    ARAB world 50 billion every year to kill us. Lets get these cronuies out of the Wjite House folks-Obama first then work our way down. Lets take America back. Lets stop this give-away program and start helping our own people. Wake up folks-big rother has you cornered. Retired .

  • Floyd Asbury

    At every re-enlistment point in my career I was marketed with ‘remember, you will have free medical care for life in you go to returement”. I have suffered in the waiting lines for treatment in military hospitals, been turned down for prescriptions, had to post financial statements to receive care, paid for tricare and this year received my MEDICARE card. The current admnistration just cut $500 billion from Medicare and here comes Obamacare. My doctor will no longer provide services at the mediacre rates and the systems ignores the TFL secondary coverage. I have been threatened with collections because the billing systems don’t work and there is no one to talk to to corect the problems.

    Now the country is importing votes under their progressive agenda and doling out benefits to people who have never invested their life in the defense of the country. It just makes me scik to think about it.

  • Adriaan N Roggeveen

    The same thing govenment does after every war by those who never “actually were in the war.” In politics “broken promises” do NOT equal Lying. They represent a “Change of Logistic Strategy” or “We Never Promised You A Rose Garden.” Mr. Gates is a Chicken! Don’t blame the Administration! You served the one that put us where we are! You’re the Boss! IT IS YOUR FAULT!

    • 906762

      Obama was elected by his “change”, jobs, bring the troops home, and on and on. The public was duped again. According to the press he was elected by his race and “change” which especially got the young folks to vote. They are still looking for their jobs and standing in line at McDonalds for a job. Now he is trying to obtain all the latino votes by saying the republicans are their enemy. We need to wake up but that will not be until next year’s election. We need a president who CARES and SUPPORTS the military.

  • lynchjr12000

    I find this utterly disgraceful. Our military sacrifices so much in the name of liberty. I would argue that they sacrifice more than anyone else. How does our government repay them for that sacrifice? Well, let’s see…we can cut their already under valued salary (another sacrifice); take away their benefits, and charge them more for healthcare once they’re retired. I don’t think the government gets it. These individuals have sacrificed their lives so much for us that we shouldn’t have a problem paying a little bit in taxes to help live while they protect us. What we need to stop doing is providing aid to countries like Pakistan. They’re know to be harboring terrorist and aiding to kill military in Afghanistan. Maybe you can make your $400 billion goal if you stopped the foreign spending. That’s the crap we don’t want to pay for. In addition, the minute you step on the front lines with a weapon and say pay me less and take away my benefits would be the day I garnished a better understaning. Until that day, I can’t understand how you would even suggest such an action. I remember the oath and it didn’t say a thing about fighting for foreign entities, which is what you have our military doing right now. LEAVE THEM ALONE!!!

    • 906762

      Great response. Now we need a way to forward these comments to the white house and our congressmen! Let them drive up and down those roads in the war zone ane they will soon appreciate the servicemen.

  • So cut the pay and benefits to those that WORK to preserve the American way of life. Yet the White House continues to push for high cost policies like Obama Care. In addition, “they” turn a blind eye to social programs that have degraded some of our society’s desire for self-respect and becoming self-sufficient. We do have to reduce debt, but cutting the pay of active military is not the answer. What message does it send that we reward government reliance and (in some cases) a loss of work ethic, coupled with an attitude of entitlement, all at the cost of those that fight for our freedom?

  • Jerry McDaniel

    Our nation made some serious commitments back in 1973. It wanted a volunteer army…not one of conscripts. Our politicians knew then it would be expensive to hire people to do the military work of our Nation. Politicians listen to one thing…votes. You had better get to communicating with them and voice your concerns. The power of the pen and the ballot box are two powerful tools.

  • Donald R. Hohman

    when there’s a 50% reduction across the board for the Whitehouse to include President,Vice President,Congress,all of the appointed and congressional approved persons(include all czars,union members,advisors then and only then may we even consider reducing and military members pay and or benefits. Donald R. Hohman CWO (RET) USA POW

  • Bill Southworth

    How about cutting congresses pay & benefits with a repeal of their automatic pay raises, ditto for the President & Vice President. In fact why not put income taxes where they were originally to go, for the National Defense, and no where else! Oh yea, and while put social security back in a special fund that congress can’t touch. We all know who is responsible for the fiscal mess we’re in and it’s all in Washington D.C.

  • Almost Retired

    Notice the article says “mil­i­tary pay and ben­e­fits on the table” so that means anything. If cuts are really required then the same cuts “have to be made from all federal employees, and especially throughout Congress/President. Including Michelle Obama and President Obama’s Staff! “A spokeswoman for the first lady says that Michelle Obama currently has a staff of 24. That may indeed be the largest of any first lady.” In all seriousness if cuts are due across the board (military and federal employees, congress) then it should be done with a “Grandfather” clause at the front. I predict the “benefit” that will be on the table is retirement. Probably a 40% retirement after 20 years or retirement begin at 60. If so I hope they create a cost matching type 401K with the TSP. I do know one thing, once congress puts you in the cross hairs, you almost always get hit now matter how loud you yell. So Gates (Obama) has something definite in mind. Just like my wifes current job. When unemployment is high there is always someone out there that want’s your job so the employer has allot of latitude to cut and slice. Her employer came down last year and stated, any new hire will not get a pension. Instead a souped up 401K system. They also did away with full retirement at 55 for anyone under 50, with full retirement at 62. Anyone currently on retirement system could opt out and join the 401K, yea right. But the employer did it anyway. They just said “Don’t like it? QUIT. There was a lot of people that said they would do just that. (There are over 500 employees where she works). Not a one quit. A few retired but not one quit. Quite a few put out feelers but found out there was really no better places to work so they stayed. When they got you the got you.

  • Donald R. Hohman

    Totally agree that he will make gates look like a pussy.

  • Wmom34476

    I would suggest Mr Gates and our congress as well as the President & Vice President take a pay cut before they even think about a cut for our Military men and women. I am sure none of them are on food stamps or facing foreclosure on their homes.
    Mr President it would be a great idea for you to stop traveling all over the world and stay in Washington and work on the problems facing this country and save money on fuel as it cost about a million dollars every time Air Force One takes to the air.

  • CSM Ret

    I guess the politically correct, socialist “Utopian” society the president is building doesn’t need a strong military. Perhaps if the president would actually be a Commander In Chief and go into the field with these outstanding warriors he would change his mind. Unfortunately he cares mo more about our military than he does securing our borders

  • Sherrymo

    Of course look what day this is being posted MEMORIAL DAY! Be Proud American soldiers….your leaders are at work. I think before our service men take pay cuts we should start at the top: government officials, cut the fat, civilian contractors, cut them out. We have the resources to do our on work with service personnel, we don’t and shouldn’t spend any money hiring civilians. Once all the FAT is cut from Congress, our freebees to other countries and freebees to illigals AND let’s don’t forget get some of this money from the RICH oil countries we are fighting to help. These oil countries are breaking the average American including all servicemen and their families.

  • navybugler

    What Obama can’t do for himself, he does through lackeys and minions. What a disgrace. Obama prances, preens, and bows to muslim leaders, but at every opportunity he gets, he is spending our country into oblivion. But NOT for our military. No; he would rather send billions of dollars (while playing golf and vacationing) to countries like Pakistan and Egypt where they hate us with a venom-filled and islamo-fascist fanatical hatred. How did our country ever get this screwed up?! We need to get “regular” and “real” people into office, and give the royal boot (and finger) to career politicians.

  • Everett

    Better to cut the salaries of our congress and the President., We already give alot to our country. Now it is time for those who respresent us show a good example and cut their pay and benefits. Everybody in the new are afraid to ask the question about congres and the president to cut their benefits and salaries. I fight real hard to stay honus while my neighbor rips off his employer and sells it to other people.

    • Andrew Heil

      I have been saying that since I retired. Cut the salary, retirement starting at the top. Right now, and elections are sneaking up, is a bad time to mess with those who proudly served and are close to eligibility for welfare.

    • Ray

      I totally agree with you. Let the fat cats includung Gates and the president take a cut and then maybe come to the military. Or maybe they want to fight the wars for our country….

  • paulydel

    Those of you who wanted change you got it. This imposter for a President and his cronies are pissing away our taxpayer dollars like water and now they want us to take a 9% reduction. Those of us who are smart enough to have seen that this guy was not the man for the job are in the minority. Those people who Blamed President Bush for the economy didn’t know waht they were talking about. the world economy was brought down by the oil companies and is continuing that way to this day. We first need to get Obuma out of office then scrap the current tax system it no longer works. If we have a flat tax or a fair tax where everyone pays their fair shaare then we could reduce our taxes pay off the deficit and have some spare money to buy things with.

    • jmacosi

      pauldel—right on the money–if this administration would stop (fat chance of that) flushing our tax $$ down a never ending commode for another lame brain idea, we might not have Gates and/or others being backed into a corner and think, “well uhh duhh, let’s stick it to the military (again)”. When we reach a point were a boatload of immigrants from Cuba can arm themselves with wristrocket sling shots and overpower a Marine patrol—it will probably dawn on the amatures in Washington they, once again, have screwed up. Am so sick of all this 3rd grade mentality.

  • Jim

    Congratulations gentlemen. It figured that they would get around to this. If they continue playing games with the military Congress and the rest of the administration may very well find out what it is like in the combat zone. They may be the only ones to go when they get us into another shooting situation because the men and women who would have been there had to get out and try to find a job that would feed their family. Keep up the good work and you may get to learn to duck and go belly down with the first shots along with the rest of us.

  • RMC Retired

    Yessiree! Mr. Gates wants to cut pay, raise TRICARE premiums, and by gosh, his pay will remain at a nice $199,000.00 while the rest of us poor suckers live off what we get for retirement and disability. Even your Senators don’t give a damn, since they have a nice fat salary of $174,000, plus all their perqs, and after just ONE term, they are eligible for free medical and dental FOR LIFE! Where is the raise in premiums and co-pay for these people?

    • marspec

      “after just ONE term, they are eligible for free medical and dental FOR LIFE”

      No they are not!!!

    • Andrew Heil

      That is a crime. If that were the case, and non of them served their whole life protecting the Nation, their nest egg should be looked at, if it is in the Upper class, they should be reduced to living in the middle class or lower to see how it is. I have seen that NO ONE cares for the Vets/Retiree’s. Maybe they should serve after retirement, holding the funds and benefits while trying to survive on what the brave soldier’s are getting.

    • USAF Retiree

      Amen!!! You hit the nail on the head…, especially pointing out Senators are eligible for free medical and dental FOR LI E after serving One term.

  • Chief544

    By the time Gates and his Indonesian boss are finished, all conservatives and most liberals are going to be suffering from PTSD. If Soetoro-Obama would fire all of his czars he would have money for military pay and benefits.

  • watrlvr12

    Congress cut your own pay first, serve a tour with us in the combat zone then you’ll see that “Cutting Military Pay & Benefits” is the worst thing you can do to the US Military. Congress, you’re lucky to have so many volunteers knocking down the door to help defend your freedom…take care of us! Again, cut your own pay and benefits and eliminate the “made up’ positions in DC. We’re expected to do more with less and we’re covering at least 3 staff positions each to get the mission done. Leadership starts from the top.

  • Janey Tuck

    I am a military brat,wife and mother. The thought of literally crapping on our active and retired military personnel is unamerican. Congress and the senate should be taking pay cuts. They live high on the hog as others fight to get by. LEAVE OUR
    MILITARY AND RETIRED MILITARY ALONE. For once step up and do your part for your COUNTRY.

  • Hello… military pay should be the LAST place they cut money from… our retirement benefits have already been slowly dwindling over the last decade as it is. Considering E-6 pay is still close enough to the poverty line to qualify for food stamps and WIC, how are any of the rest of us supposed to survive if we have to take a pay reduction. I barely make ends meet for my daughter and husband with my single income – TSP is the only savings I can afford and I can’t just dip into that when an emergency arises. TAKE THE PAY CUT FROM YOUR OWN POCKETS CONGRESS, YOU CAN AFFORD IT!

  • Hawkins

    They need to think about pay differently. A military member is often required to be on call 24 hours a day. Their shift doesn’t necessarily cover 9 to 5 hours, but a civilian contractor’s does. Instead of cutting the military member’s pay, how about looking into the bloated contracts that the defense pays for yearly. How about looking into cost over-runs. If a project runs over budget, or is past due…how about FINING THE COMPANY for not living up to their contract instead of being held hostage and paying them more money???

  • Msgt_Ret_USAF

    Lets see how much Mr. Boehner cries if they ry to cut his pay and benifits. If the military pay is reduced then all of our Senators and represanitives should have thier pay cut at least the same amount. Reduce some of thier staff. Hold them to the same vacation system as Federal employees. 4, 6, or 8 hours accrued every 2 weeks depending on how long they have been in office. If they exceed the amount of vacation time accrued then it is LWOP. This should start from the TOP.

  • rick948

    CUT MY PENSION AND BENEFITS? When Congress cuts their pay and bennies by 50% or more and Obummer gets rid of all his czars, then maybe!

    Also, term limits for all of these career politicians and NO PENSIONS for congress and other government leaders since they are all millionaires anyway!

    AND, since Obummer likes unions so much, perhaps we should unionize! He wouldn’t dare mess with us then!

  • Marvin McConoughey

    I’m retired, too. The fact that most retired dental care is not covered has been known for decades and should surprise no one. I believe that some forms of dental surgery are covered.

  • This is crap. Why not put paycuts for the politicians who cant even do their JOBS , instead of taking away from the very people who give them that chance!

  • Jake

    May God help us! This government we have, best money can buy, surely isn’t on our side. I wrote to then Senator Obama way back and asked for a straight up answer about how he felt about Tricare and for his support in keeping the premiums and co-pays down. I got a lawyers response and a straight forward answer of “those who us it need to pay for it”. Nobody listened to Hillary back in 2007 when she let it be known to America that as an Illinois State Senator he voted ‘Present’ to most every bill, can’t say he ever supported anything or opposed anything can you? I can’t wait till 2012, but what person in their right mind would want to govern a bankrupt nation? May God help us.

  • B Alger

    Well, Well, Well by cutting the pay means the higher rated people can now get food stamps and welfare. Pay cuts should start from the top down, What about cutting the pay of congress and all the cabnet members and the presidents personnel. This should be across the board cut not just the military.

    • “Pay cuts should start frm the top down …” Agreed.

      Isn’t the C-in-C at THE top??

  • Gary Jones

    Sure, take money from the GI’s and let every member of congress draw his/her pay(for life) after they leave congress, send un- told dollars to foriegn governments,(only to see it go to corrupt regeimes). Throw money down every rat hole the Gov. can find and when we’re short of dough reach into the pockets of those who made it all possible. How many of those in D.C. took even the slightest risk or made any consession to our success? Might be a good time to buy a pair of hikeing shoes to wear in the MARCH ON WASHINGTON.

  • military pilot

    You folks obviously don’t understand the philosophy at work here! It goes (way back) “Nothing is TOO good for the troops, so GIVE THEM NOTHING!” It works every time! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Amy

    How about we reduce the amount of contractors who are paid three times the amount of a soldier pulling the same job.

    • T. Dolan

      I find this contractor comment somewhat ignorant. First off, I’m not a government employee at all so my party comes from a private civilian company. The diving this is myself, like just about every other contractor that is over here, is prior military. Now unlike con hes who gets benefits after 1 term, all of us who don’t stay ibm the army for 20 years get nothing. I deployed twice before I was 22 years old so if I have the talent to be a contractor then I damn sure deserve the pay. All of us knew that military part sucks yet we signed up anyway, so don’t hate on contractors. I know I will be in this 200 ms. trent for the rest if my contact bc every time they ask me if I want achu our mod housing itell them to give it to the soldiers. The military should never have to worry about a pay cut, but us contractor work our ***** off too 7 days a week.

  • Tom Abbey

    this is the thanks we get for putting our lives on the line for all the years we serve. Gates is a dork. I can’t believe that they are actually going to do this.

  • popi

    I think we the people should start a recall of the entire congress encluding the president and vice president. Next the supreme court should be abolished and all laws should be reviewed by people with sense to regain our contitution for the reasons it was written.

  • Concerned

    Work longer hours, fight more wars, for less pay. Isn´t there something wrong with this picture?!!

  • bernie

    What a hell of a day to get this email. At 1500 hours today when I play a recording of taps for all the fallen heros it will remind me that so many of our politicians have not served a day in the military so they do not understand. So sad.

  • Spectre

    While we are placing military pay on the table, why not place politicians and appointees pay and com¬pen¬sa¬tion on the table at the same time? Reduc¬ing their pay certainly may have more of a positive impact on our economy than they think. In addition, at the same time establish the same system that the military utilizes for pay and tenure. Maybe then you could come back down to earth and realize how your decisions affect everyone except the policy makers. Inflicting more hardship on the soldier is not the answer for incompetent spending. We have spent our time in hell, now it is your turn! Early in life I was taught the 6 P’s.


  • Ron

    Let’s just charge these countries we’re helping. Trump had the right idea!

  • Joe

    This is what we get when we elect a bunch of SOBs, who have no conception of the hardships and scacrifices of both the military member and family, who then surround themself with like pepole and “yes” people!

  • mark clark

    $400B off the backs of our military? Should we be surprised under this administration? Parent of an Army soldier, son of a WWII POW.

  • George Dean

    While on active duty (51-74) i ALWAYS opposed the percentage raises, as my piddling $60.00/mo didn’t get the $’s in a percentage raise, whereas the ‘higher ups’ getting several $100/mo. benefitted & made the disparity greater.
    Now – those Scum Bags in the civilian sector , those czars, staffers, consultants AND the Congress persons who give themselves a raise by NOT voting to ‘stop it this year’, those same congress persons who have free medical care and GREAT retirement pay, a president who NEVER has worked for a living nor served, would cut the subsistance of honorable men and women.
    Makes me think maybe I should turn in my honorably earned (unlike Sen. Kerry) Purple Heart, Air Medal & other awards. Those damned gutless wonders collect TOO much for TOO little. If paid in accordance with worth – they’d be deep in debt.

  • Davis

    Gates is being a scap goat for Obama! Hope all if any of you out there who voted for him last time can see the light now! NOBAMA 2012, and make sure you vote.

  • Glenda

    They’ve already cut retired pay once this year. I agree, start at the top of the ranks and cut those first. Waste always begings at the top.

  • Michael Moritz

    I am a 58 year old Army National Guardsman who served now 24 years total service with a two year period on title 10 due to deployment to Iraq 2005. I was injuried there, I never applied for disability fearing loss of the job. I am deaf and loss the ability to run anymore due to foot injury. I did not put in for disability fearing loss of my job. I can make more sitting in my lazy boy than working. American tax payer you want me to pay taxes or collect from your hard earned dollars? How many of us are disabled, yet tell no one how bad? The money you save will cost you twice what you though you saved. Welcome to the welfare state call the USA. The liberals you elected are destroying your nation and forcing people to sit home and wait for their check.

  • Duston Rose

    Cutting active duty or full time Reserve and National Guard pay and benefits for those now serving would be like touching the third rail in the subway…it’s not going to happen. I retired 21 years ago and have witnessed the foolish downsizing of the force ever since…it’s now stretched too thin and asked to do too much. Cutting pay would be a recipe for disaster. What we do need to do is to return to a fair draft for men only…women can still volunteer if they wish. New recruits, aka draftees, are paid minimum wage and no bonuses or follow-on benefits for 18 months or until they decide to join the volunteer force. This gives the current force time to train and evaluate and then retain the best and thank the rest for their service…adding new meaning to this much over used phrase. When I say a fair draft, I mean no exceptions for any mentally, morally, and physically fit citizen or Green card holder.

  • NavyBlue Retired

    I ask WHEN is congress going to take a cut (in anything!!!)??? it seems programs and departments all have to take cuts why not government leadership?, practice WTH you preach!!!

  • Just Don

    What do you expect from a fornicating politician, except more fornicating.

  • Willard Wheelock

    If they get away with this, NO ONE should re-enlist when thewir time is up. The yellow-bellies and draft dodgers that populate Congress should have NO say in anything that affects those who have served or those who still serve. Remember-some gave all and all gave some!

  • Joe Hines

    I served from 9/61 thru 9/81.and the only thing I have seen is o screw with
    the retired military. for example when you retire with 20 years or more service
    you and your spouse are told hey would have all the necessary care they can
    and deserve. I was a member wih the VA in Virginia and what I found out was
    “you make to much money” I am retired and have ss and Navy retirerment
    and 14 years I work for state of Florida. My total income is less then 35 Thousand dollars a year. I feel your pain and concern.
    Best regards to you and yours.

  • retiredwife

    Amen, Brotherf!! All officials making decisions on cutting military pay should be ready and willing to take the same cuts or more. They sit on their a– and make rules they won’t live by themselves. Cut out their pay for life, better insurance than the rest of us for free, etc. and leave the military alone. How do they think they will stay a strong nation with no military to protect us???

  • SGM Pompili

    Today is Memorial Day…at least those of our comrades who have died for this nation don’t have to be concerned with attacks on our livlihood….yet…maybe their descendants will be given a bill for their internment…that is,
    the bodies that are found in the proper graves……

  • Michael Moritz

    Now let us think about having leadership with the courage to bring our jobs home. Tell me if the corporations had to make stuff here would we be broke? People are watching their jobs get outsourced to China, Mexico, or where ever here is slave labor. What can we buy that is made in America anymore? hy doesn’t our government do as it promised and bring back our right to work and leave the military alone? Any serviceperson below 03 isn’t making alot of money, cut the enlisted a break will ya? Go to Walter Reed Hospital and tell those wounded your going to cut their buddies salaries then try to sleep at night.



    • tomwright

      The president does understand the WONderful golf courses the Armed Forceses have. To bad he can’t play well enough for public viewing.
      Look real close at TRICARE and you will see that it is ‘obumacare lite’. The VA can hardly take care of the < one percent of the population, yet obumacare will be able to take care of everyone. HOW??????


    Just another way for our gov’t to disrespect our military. All this talk on how great our military is just that, talk. How about cutting aid to foreign nations? Why does the military always have to be the first to take pay hits. We have a all volunteer military. Lets respect our military. Obama, do the right thing and stop pressuring Gates to reduce cost. How about our leaders taking a pay cut. No that would be the right thing to do. Everybody take a pay cut. Everybody make a sacrifice. The military makes it possible for the leaders to have the jobs they have.

  • Vet65

    For Pete sake, why is it that when pay cuts come along, every one is picking on everyone else’s salaries. Why is it that government workers say military make more, military say government and contractors make more. Bottom line is those ass holes sitting up on capitol hill making bucks from all these lobbyist, CNN (Communist News Network) for making appearances, and book deals make it hard for the military when it come to budget. Lets start taking from those on the hill by preventing lobbyist, pay for interviews, book deals, etc.. We the people have a voice, use it.. We the people need to quit acting like puppets and stop accepting the status quo.. We the people need to hold these elected officials accountable for their actions by petitioning or getting added to the Constitution, “Lawmaker accountability act”, which would put politicians under the gun for criminal acts such as ethical violations, accepting money other than their own paycheck (which needs to be cut), etc..
    Remember we the people have access to our congressional members, lets use them to tell them our outrage. Those that don’t listen, vote them out.

  • artsailor

    They got no heart and they got no soul! It is all about their cherades.

  • Brian Resh,

    This is rediculous! retired pay has not gotten a COLA in the past few years. Civil Service employees are under a pay freeze as well. My rent has gone up 10 percent each year for the last 3 years, Utilities continues to go up, gasoline has doubled in the last few years….and now they suggest this????? If I had to do it all over again, I would not…NOT for this country. Oh, and not to mention the rediculous amount of money I pay in taxes!

  • MMC

    I just saw two major races this weekend, both of them with major cars sponsered by the National Guard, and I saw additional sponorships by the Army and Air Force. I know the Navy, of which I am a member, sponsor’s the X-games and several other sports. I have recentley been a part of several seminars that are suppose to increase our management and leadership skills and abilities. While these programs can be beneficial, they are only so if they are actually applied. We spend to much time analyzing problems that either can’t be fixed, won’t be fixed, or cost too much time or money to fix, in which case these programs have wasted significant time and money. There are plenty of places we can nit pick the budget to get a grip on government spending, and this is just a small example. Millions of dollars spent in sponsoring race cars? Really Mr. Gates? Perhaps you should look at that kind of spending first, especially since the Navy is currently trying to down size about 6,000 people over the next few years with new programs that are forcing experienced people out. Maybe we don’t need all this recruiting hype on a racecar or ski slope. What does it gain us anyway?

  • James

    I can’t help but think scare-tactics and smoke-and-mirrors. I seriously doubt the White House suggested cutting military pay and raising Tricare fees as a place to look for savings. Generals maybe. There are a lot of areas to save money before resorting to cutting pay and benefits or raising Tricare fees. Speeding up withdrawal from Iraq and Afghanistan should be on the table, along with weapons programs.

  • Dave Clark

    This whole idea of cutting pay and crapping on the service member is typical of this crop of political morrons. Train and equip a force that is second to none. Fight any attempt to give them any usable civilian job skills. Then act surprized when one of them gets froggy and blows up a federal building or shoots a pollititian or if a bunch of them got together and led an armed rebellion. It seems that the current crop of IOCs are bent on just such a thing.

  • Paul

    ‘m not in the military, but our government is so mess up. We need to be paying the military employee so much more money. We need to pay the politicians alot less and give to our militaryt employees– this is what is so wroong with our country. This is the same with those that education us in school – Gates get a clue!

  • mach

    Thanks to good old George and the republicans, and their deregulation of everything, tax cuts for the rich and bankers are still taking us for a ride. B of A and the like, and all they talk about is what they can take away. It’s always this way when the war wind down and they don’t need as many people. Sad to think the republicans put us in this mess and now the dem’s are going along with this bs. The commie republicans take your vote but pledge to one man and the hell with you.

    • retired Army

      Didn’t see GW pushing for pay cuts to the military. Saw a President who would make a decision right or wrong and accept responsibility. Not like the one we have now, who blames everyone else

  • sleend

    Let’s start by cutting the pay of government workers. I would love to watch what would happen.

  • fed up

    Whine all you want, but until we stop electing the people who then appoint others to makes changtes in the military’s pay and benefit structure (AD and retired) then we will have more of the same. And probably worse. It’s really our own fault.

  • Robert David Hummel


    I submit the following for all Americans to inspect, critique, and YES’, challenge, for AUTHENTICITY and VALUE.

    Of late, America’s foundation, ethics, morals, and values, “Seem to have been thrown to the junk heap“, by a only FEW, in the HIERARCHY of present & former Elected OFFICIALS, of our EXECUTIVE and LEGISLATIVE, BRANCHES of GOVERNMENT……

    We need “HOPE & PRAY”, that the JUDICIAL BRANCH, does not fall or follow under the weight of the same.

    Significantly, the tri-angular connection of the three bodies of our GOVERNMENT is NOTABLY,
    The MOST POWERFUL, “For The People“, functional resource, of “Point & Counter Point, with Checks & Balances”, that has preserved our AMERICA, since inception, in July 4, 1776, ensuring, “Our America will always be. “The HOME of the BRAVE and the LAND of the FREE”.

    FREEDOM is a PROMISED PLAN, enabled by Our Declaration of Independence, the Bill of Rights, and Our Constitution, “STAND”.
    “Thank You LORD”, for each NEW DAY of FREEDOM, YOU’, provide to OUR AMERICA…
    PLEASE continue to GUIDE us to FORGIVE, “Those FEW, whom may ATTEMPT to DESTROY,
    YOUR’, gift of AMERICA, thru our Fore-Fathers, of 1776.
    Family, Faith and Freedom are BLESSINGS of OUR NATIONS FOUNDATION…there can be NO LEFT to this…ONLY THE RIGHTS provided with in OUR CONSTITUTION.

    “Toward the preservation of your government and the permanency of your present happy state, it is requisite not only that you steadily discountenance irregular oppositions to its acknowledged authority but also that you resist with care the spirit of innovation upon its principles, however specious the pretexts.”
    George Washington “Farewell Address” September 17, 1796

    Another famous statesman once said, “All that is necessary for evil to triumph, is for good men (and women) to do nothing”.

    “America, Let us STAND-UP, STEP-OUT, and VOTE-OUT, November 2012, those that might, “SUBTRACT”, America’s, “HALLMARK of FREEDOM from OUR FOUNDATION.” GOD BLESS AMERICA and all DEFENDERS of OUR FREEDOM.

    Robert David Hummel , 220 Daisy Ln, Inverness, FL. 34452-5754, TEL# 7 26 1414

  • Mellie

    I am strongly suggesting that my army deployed husband not re-enlist, but apply to one of the many contract jobs that pay 100k tax free for one year and I carry the family on my employer’s benefits. He is already doing the same job for $70k less. Sorry what money is there really to cut? I am new to military life and all I can say is that I never knew how shamefully underpaid our servicemen and women are until now. What a waste of four years.

  • 906762

    Let’s not forget those who have died and those still serving in the war zone. Ask them about their rent, food etc when they are fighting to keep alive. Yesterday’s news was 268 soldiers so far this year have been killed by explosive IEDs driving up and down those roads (how many were high ranking officials?). This is not counting the fire fights, rocket attacks etc.
    Yes jobs are bad (but OBAMA said his change would be to get you a great job – has it come yet?) Lot of servicemen are trying to stick it out for retirement like you had a chance to do.

  • Nubby1963

    I am a disabled veteran and I too am ashamed of what they plan to do with these proposed cuts. However, the way to improve the situation is don’t vote obama back in in 2012. Remember this too Michell Bauchman is against veterans and wants to eliminated their benifits. I have wrote her office several times and they refuse to answer me. To cut military pay now is not the way to go. To cut the pay of congress and all their aids is the way to go.

    If you love America yourwill vote the unAmenrican out and all his followers.
    Semper Fi till I Die…USMC

  • lockhartn

    I suggest cutting Gates pay to E-0 / Private No-Class……..What an insult….Troops slingin’ lead so he can sit in the A/C and live like a king……B.S…….Goes for the rest of em’ too…….

  • angmck

    I am the wife of a Marine, and I fully agree that ay FREEZES are totally reasonable, seeing what a horrible place our economy and government are in at this day and time. HOWEVER, military pay is already DISGUSTINGLY low, and to lower it even further is absurd! To force men like my husband into a contract he can not readily get out of, and then dock his pay further straining our family is absurd! It’s not like these men and women can simply give their two weeks and start a new job with better pay, they are forced to be here until their contract ends! So easy for an officer with a fantastic salary to impose this sort of suggestions on a military of the enlisted.

  • jsub

    Happy Memorial Day!

  • Spikeintn

    Let’s never again vote for anybody for ANY office unless he or she has served in the military.
    Let’s take back the term “public servant”!

  • RetiredMark

    For all those who are blaming Obama, what you have failed to realize is that those wonderful tea party fools who could care less ‘where’ the cuts come from “or else” are the culprits here. Additionally with the amount of civilian contractors that have taken over so much of the military at very expensive contractual fees, (thank you GW) the Defense budget is in the stratosphere. (remember the 600 dollar toilet seat???)
    Oh yeah and dont forget the Lockheed Martin Corp, Boeing Co, Northrop Grumman Corp, BAE Systems Plc, General Dynamics Corp and Raytheon Co. and their lobbyists and political bedmates..

    • Patrick Powell

      I could not have agreed with you more. Sometimes I think we would be better off been a Socialist Govt. But seriously , this has gone too far, and all military members should stand firm against such a redicilous option by Gates. The money should be cut from their salary.
      What sacrifice have they done to their country except going to night galas whenever foreigin dignitaries come to this country to beg for money.
      All foreign aid should be recinded at once. Let the Govt. spend the money in this country, and not abroad.

      DAV (Vietnam 69-70)



    • Tom

      Think before you make that statement. Do you think Gates is a Democrat? Heck no, he is a voting Republican that will be paid by bias t.v. networks like Fox news, stating what a great job he has done. The rest of us enlisted soldiers active and retired will have to deal with less money, less retirement, less Tricare, less Medicare and probably less Social Security. If that is your wish go ahead and vote Republican.

  • newretiree

    As we’re now so rapidly deployable, how about bringing the majority of troops home from countries that are more than capable of picking up the slack (JA, ROK, UK, IT, GE, etc…) to stateside bases where troops can live locally, train, and reinvest their hard-earned pay in our own, local economies? A much better way to “manage” military expenditures (I know, these locales are nice to visit… but do we really need to be there?).

  • J. McGarity

    I am disgusted by the cavalier attitude of the Executive Branch toward the standing military services. To even “float” a suggestion on this hallowed day is repugnant and callow.
    Anyone who supports this issue from the Congress or Senate needs to be turned out at the next election and ridden out of DC on an express rail.
    All service members, veterans, and their families need to stand and remain united on this issue.

  • adam

    Imagine what would happen if we went on strike like many companies do in the civilian world. What would they do then? I thought it was amusing when a few months back our pay was frozen but the people who work at the white house, the president, and even congressman got there paychecks on time. All they do is sit there in a nice cozy chair and discuss crap, while we are out in adverse weather to protect them. I also think that we could of saved $130 million if we didn’t go and shoot cruise missles that cost $1 million a piece at Libya especially when NATO forces were going to go there anyhow. Who made us the savers for everyone else in the world.

  • pysco

    We could start by cutting Gates, and Panetta’s pay entirely. I don’t think Panetta was ever in the Military, and Monterey don’t ever want him to come back there. And Gates has always been a Politician, bought and paid for. And now on Memorial Day he wants to cut the pay of those that provide the Freedom he takes for granted. Thats what we get from electing officals that have never been in the military or to much of a coward to serve.

  • Chad Duppstadt

    You are a granola eating, Christ cruiser wearing, tree hugging, pot smoking hippie. How about you go take your liberal comments to someone who cares.

  • Corps35

    We need a President Reagan style president again. Stop foreign aid, and aid the citizens and military of our country.

  • Dwayne

    Going a year or so without an annual pay raise is one thing, actually cutting military pay is quite another…..they had better have a strong ‘stop-loss’ plan up their sleeve to go with it.

    Cutting military pay would be a lot easier to bear if ALL government paychecks were cut at the same time…..starting with the President and all his czars, congress and all their staff, and all other government employee’s in general. Seems I read someplace that during the depression military pay was cut but so was ALL other government pay……of course, in those days, government wasn’t anywhere near the size it is today.

  • Harold Newell

    I have expected this for the last 20 years. I retired from the Marine Corps after serving over twenty years. I have to admit that from the time I joined in 1969 until I retired in 1990 I saw some very big pay raises.____When I went in in 1969 I was getting $16.00 a payday and my wife’s allotment of $120.00 a month. With that pay and base housing we qualified for food stamps when they first came out in 1970. We didn’t get any though, because at that time you had to pay $32.00 to get $150.00 worth of food stamps. I told the lady that I was talking to that if I had $32.00 I wouldn’t be there applying for food stamps. This all boils down to the fact that we couldn’t even afford food stamps.____But they were right about giving the military the largest pay raise in the history of our armed forces. To show that their hearts were in the right place Congress and the Senate separated themselves from the military pay scale so that they wouldn’t be giving themselves a pay raise. Before that time their budget and pay was tied to the military budget.____I went from $152.00 a month to $760.00 a month. Since that time the military has gotten some really great pay increases. But it pails in comparison to the pay raises that the Congress and Senate has given themselves.____My pay went from $152.00 a month in 1969 to a little over $1687.00 a month when I retired in 1990. That would add up to an annual salary of $1824.00 in 1969 and in 1990 at retirement I earned $20,244.00 in base pay.____But a Senate has gone from 1969 an average of $42,500 until 1990 $89,500. And remember that is per office held. They could be drawing on several other offices held in the past. In 1990 the Senate pay went from an annual pay of $89,500 to $125,100 in 2008.____So what it all adds up to is they are doing away with pay and allowances to our military that protects “We the People” from foreign terrorist to save their sorry butts that keep sending us to war and helping terrorist hate us more.____It’s just a thought and it all adds up to nothing on the scale of it all. They work for us and we have no say about it because come election day it is like everyone gets amnesia. Semper Fi Patriot

  • Allison Barton Rice

    The White House, or whoever, needs $400 Billion? Get it from Wall Street you MOFOs!!!!!!!!!!

  • AZindependent

    Of all the things we should be cutting, military pay isn’t one of them. Foreign aid, czars, congressional staff expenses, duplicative government agencies all doing the same thing with no postive results. Pretty disgusting. We got what we voted for. Remember this in 2012.

  • paul valentine

    As a historian, I am reminded that the Roman Empire came crashing down when they could no longer pay the Army!

    • Nemesis

      You are correct… I agree as we are the Modern Day Rome… It is just when before we become a colony…

  • Blake

    Yes Gates/Obama have a great plan here – Cut military (enlisted) pay, watch morale go down because overworked military people are getting paid less, thus many deciding to leave the service and because their are plenty of unemployed who will fill the void at the bottom ranks we can cut costs.
    Mr Gates how about cutting costs by ending the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan and bringing the troops home from bases in the European Union, Japan & South Korea where we have had a presence of over 60 years and who are nations more than capable of defending themselves?
    As of 2010 we spend nearly $700 bln on defense; nearly 6X the 2nd largest China spends ($119 bln) and is 43% of the worlds defense expenditures for a nation that only has 4.5% of the world’s population. It has to end somehow but cutting enlisted peoples pay is not the answer.

  • Kenb696

    And pull out all those sub contracted companies bleeding us dry in the middle east… Security??? Isn’t that why our freaking military is there risking thier asses? Pull out those companies and dismantle them and return any profit paid out to share holders etc to the government coffers they were stolen from… Its war profiteering plain and simple and we need to see some charges and convictions of those leeches running them. Now!

  • USAFMSGtRetired

    I think we need to stop spending billions of dollars per year on ILLEGAL immigrants. Put our military on the borders of Texas, Arizona & California guarding our borders with orders to shoot anyone attempting to ILLEGALLY cross into the US. Then we wouldn’t need to look at cutting mil or retired mil pay!

  • Kay Bee

    just another reason to get rid of the B.O. regime!

  • Stephen Frazier

    Hey, guys, YOU vets voted for Obama over McCain almost two to one. Whatever we get is basically what you ordered.

    Just try not to make the same mistake next time.

    • Pierre Nantell

      WRONG Steve, I am a 110% serviceconnected disabled Veteran. I DID NOT VOTE NOR even LIKE Obamas strategy for electon, I wnt McCain ! What cn anyone expect from a candidate tat has a Middle Name “Hussain” & a first name just 1 letter off of Osama? Hmmm, Curios co-incidence maybe? He never served OUR country, and still failed to prove 100% hes even one of us. Cutting pay is absurd. I served 1971 to 1978 unti a flight line accident took me out. I have a son do 3yrs. iraq, now a 3d tour in Afghanistan, our other son another did 18 months in Iraq , cut the pay, and our gov. officials get what they pay for, “NOTHING”! Who wants to enlist if this goes through? Cut the foot draggrs pay, ie; congress, senate, presidential pay and benifits,(not to mention Obamas vacations and fruitless world travels. He wasn’t kidding when he said “Time for Change” he just didn’t mention all the changes were in his favor. two more years and we’ll be bowing down to the errorists if he continues to nose dive us into a communist nation.

  • Rocketman

    A truly sad day in America. The history books will hardly mention this in the story of the downfall of America. Sorry I read this on Memorial Day. Thanks to all my fellow GI’s who served this great country.

  • Bill

    My understand is: This country rebelled because there was taxes without anyone respresenting us, the working people who serves others and trys to make a living. Our country is run by greed and corruption, the votes are cast by what is in it for me, self serving interest. I think it is time we take our country back. Start with a new slate in DC. Stop sending money overseas, help ourselves for a change. Bill

  • masterdeb8r

    Gates leaves his post on 30 June. Floating this proposal now is like tossing a grenade into the room and running out….I hope his retirement is the first cut!

  • Folks…there is no way they can legally cut the pay we are already getting..what they will do is cut out the years percentage raise for starters..then cut out or lower the regular raises that we get every 2 years on our emlistment anniversary . They can also max out a certain ranks pay at an earlier year, and ,lower the pay raise from rank to another…Now..that being said, all of that sucks and is wrong…but it even if it was only implemented over like 2 years it would save a tremendous amount…But..this should be a LASTTTTT resort. We should cut crap like foreign spending and GS Wages..and especially Contracting. Contracters bleed the DOD when they get paid double was a service member in the same job would..or 50% more than a GS worker would…Cut Military pay is the quick easy to get to fix….but the most immoral of them all.

  • SCPO

    So, We are going to get a pay cut and TRICARE costs are going to be raised. Watch ot. If people in Washington think they are playing with fire by going after Medicare, they are in for a huge sh** storm if they start cutting military benefits. We have all fought our asses off, have spent many years away from our families, and many of us have given up the chance to see our kids grow up. We all knew this when we joined. But, to screw us this way when many of us are literally living pay check to pay check is something that will not go over well at all.

  • David in Arizona

    So, if we are in such desperate straights that we need to cut military pay, then I think all of these things need to happen: 1. The same cuts get applied to every federal employee, from the president to house members, federal judges etc…EVERYONE; 2. Politicians who defend any spending program (Cowboy Poetry, Dept. of Education, National Endowment for the Arts, Planned Parenthood, HUD, etc…and the list is HUGE) must be made to publicly defend their funding as being so important, that it is worth keeping at the expense of military pay. For example, if we spend $61B on the National Endowment of the Humanities, National Endowment of the Arts, then that $61B would have to be defended as so important that 100,000 SSgt Smith’s should take a pay cut to keep them. and 3. Every subsidy to any corporate interest should be eliminated prior to any thought of cutting military pay. In short, ALL “nice to have” programs that we pay for should be de-funded before we ask those who serve to take a pay cut. And if we are going to ask that of those in uniform, then that should apply to anyone who receives a paycheck either directly or indirectly from the federal government. As I see it, the Federal Government’s first priority is the safety and security of the citizenry. That comes first, whatever tax money is left after that can be spent in a prioritized manner. Glad I retired before this clown took office. What a disgrace.

  • gypsyakalou

    First of all I want to thank all military that are serving or have served our country. I do get tired of hearing how little the military pay is, so many especially now could not make or have the benefits that they have. I am making less then most of you but yet i have to pay 5000 a year for medical insurance. As is the truth of so much that goes on in government, VA disability needs to be monitored a whole lot more than it is. I do not believe military pay should be cut not at all. And i have to agree with most of what has been said about the waste of our taxpayers money on so many things and the unbelievable amount that is sent to countries overseas, while the citizens of the USA are left to fend for themselves, while those in Congress lace their pockets uncontrollably. And yes everyone of them needs a cut in pay and benefits and maybe they wouldnt make a career of serving in Congress, not our founding fathers’ intent. One more thing, someone agreed with cuttig medicare, so sorry dont believe in doing that, I am waiting for the day I dont have to pay the high cost of my medical insurance and start using medicare something that i have paying into for years.


    I remember during the Carter years he was “forced to give the military a pay raise — here I was a lowly E-5 living on base with 4 kids and was qualified for $130 in food stamps and WIC — got that 16.5% pay raise and my food stamp qualification dropped to $90 and still got WIC — It would be sad to see that happen again — No military member should EVER be on Food Stamps!!! — But alas looks like it might ber coming again!

    • spikeintn

      E-5 with 4 kids? Should have spent some of your pay on condoms.


    Vote the O’ BUMa out!

  • sabres70

    No surprises with this Carter II…what about cutting Congress pay? The POTUS is doing NOTHING to support this except spend our tax dollars. This so called leader needs to be voted out next year.

  • marlin fletcher

    I served in the military and understand that many of us were on food stamps because we couldn’t make ends meet, now they want to take from what little you have. None but very slight few in house and senate have served in the military, so vote them out and get those who served in. You will lose very good men if you cut pay Mr. Gates and those above you.

  • pdl77

    It’s time to start cutting all federal employee jobs except the military jobs. That’s been done!!! What do federal employees do? All the work is done by us retired military/defense contractors. It reminds one of the Saudi’s. They contract out all the work!!! Do nothing themselves. Then treat them all like crap!! Half of all government civilian jobs could go away today and more than cover Military Pay and Benefits with large raises!!!! Contact your congressman and senator and tell them to keep Military Benefits as they are!!! And get rid of all the excess, most of them, government civilians!!!!

  • joepat87

    I’m not sure, Mr.Gates,but I think our Senators are paid $174,000/yr. Do you know any service people that make that kind of money? If so, cut their pay,along with the Congressmen. I don’t think Im would complain about it.
    Incidently, what is the amount of your pay, Mr.Gates?

  • Dan

    It just proves that the Commander in Chief doesn’t really care about those who serve under him. Nor does he have any respect for them and what they do. He appoints Defense Secretaries who don’t care either. it’s a disgrace.

  • Cody

    you know what, as a Marine and a patriot concerned about the future of this country, i would be willing to take a pay cut if it meant lowering the debt and deficit. I would only do it though, if i knew the civilian leadership was willing to make some equally painful cuts. I am a Sergeant, so its not like i’m living at the top of the pay scale. If it can be packaged together with some big cuts in other programs, i think most military members would be willing to save the country in a different manner. What do you guys think?

  • ronald bigelow

    i realize times are tough but to cut pay for the military equates to an assinine answer that will cause more hardship on an already strained family budget.let the axe fall on those in the government that do not have to struggle to stay alive!!!!

  • PODservicemember

    How about he himself take a pay cut along with the COS of the ARMY, the CNO, the Commadant of the MARINE CORPS etc. they make about 5 times the amount of your average soldier but i guess that is just being self centered. Or how about all of this money that goes to the local nationals in Afghan and Iraq to do half quality work on these FOBs down range.

  • Henry Richardson

    we vote for people we hope can realize that we the people are tired of what is left of had earned taxed dollars being sent too other countries. Charity starts at home, when a country can’t take care of it’s own, some organization with in our federal government, has goofed. We need leaders in all levels of government that will step back and say no one time, and say we, “Were voted in by American People and these are the people that we’re going to help. If our so called commander and chief wants to help them, He Can Exercise one of his freedoms “PACK HIS BAGS AND MOVE IN WITH THEM!!!!!” OUR MILITARY MEN AND WOMEN PUT THEIR LIVES ON THE LINE EVERYDAY FOR THE FREEDOM AND ANYONE THAT WANTS TO TRY AND CUT THEIR PAY AND BENEFITS ALONG WITH VETERANS THEY ARE ONLY OUT FOR THEMSELVES AND ANY OTHER POLITICIAN THAT WILL VOTE IN FAVOR OF THESE CUTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • grampz

    cutting congress pay is pie in the sky…. they are the ones who determine what they get paid…. you think those incompetent thieves in congress are goin to cut their own pay?

  • henry hansen

    I had hoped thast commentary on issues like the present wouldn’t bring out a bunch that suffer from diarrhea of the mouth. It’s not a done deal. There are options yet to explore. And a lot of convincing of both political parties.

  • concerned

    I have yet to hear anything about those over paid Congress persons and Seantors having their pay cut.

  • seaAdamwest

    I believe our govt gets more wackier everyday they go to work. Why are we in Afghanistan and Iraq? Why are we the “Lapdog” for Israel? I understand Egypt has turned down an offer for aid and yet our politicians want to give them aid. We need to get the hell out of these war zones that our politicians create. We’ve been giving monies to Syria & Libya people who oppose their govt. Our govt has money to give to foreign countries and yet is thinking of reducing military pay and reducing benefits that the Retirees have earned.
    Maybe we should reduce Gates pay and not provide him with a retirement check. I understand politicians in DC who have children going to college and borrowing funds from the govt don’t have to repay them – wonder why!
    Can you imagine if we protested at DC that the military would just watch us – Just like they did during the Vietnam era at Kent College in Ohio where 4 people were killed by the NG.

  • Deane Gilmour

    A law should be passed that any cut in military pay should be accompanied by a like pay cut for any FederaL government service worker above a GS7 and DOUBLE the percentage of cut for the military for the US Legislative, Judicial branches, Cabinet Secretaries, and their staff. Like wise any increase in pay for US Legislators should be accompanied by at least 1 & 1/2 times that percentage increase for active duty personal in the military. Also any cuts in Social Security old age pensions shoudl be accompanied by DOUBLE that percentage for Government employees and Legislators, Judicial, White House, Cabinet and their staffs. Increases for Legislators, Judges, Cabinet, and White House should be allowed only once in ten years in March of the year following the US Census. And a question to be included on the census form administered to all Registered Voters providing their LEGAL voter registration card numbers asking their opinion of Yea or Nay on federal Legislators’ increases. NO COLA will be allowed for any Federal payroll check employees without the same COLA afforded to LEGAL US RESIDENT Social Security recipients. If the private citizen and our military must suffer, then all Government officials, elected, appointed, and hired, and thier staffs must accompany them in the suffering. Social Security is NOT a welfare system as the recipients must pay into the system for at least five years and shold not be treated like WICs, Food Stamps, Rent asistance, etc..

  • JW

    I agree they need to leave military pay alone. At the worst, freeze it where it is. If any reductions need to be made it should be those in office. They just added 1050 jobs to the IRS. Why?? This president has been on vacation for most of his first term not to mention sending his wife, kids, and mother-in-law on vacations at our expense. I wonder who is for the protection of his relatives in Africa after we killed Osama Bin Laden? Why don’t we stop sending billions of taxpayer money to countries that don’t even like us? We are also one of the largest contributors to the world bank. Are the Saudi’s not the riches in the world? JW

  • Rick

    What a joke. If I got paid for all that I’ve invested in our military, I would be getting paid double what the military pays me now. I guess its okay to cut military members pay. Its apparent that we are not worth much to this administration. CPT Cotto

  • Ron Olson

    D C get your head out of your now what. Retired Army

  • edree

    ANYONE who has had ANYTHING having to do with pentagon managed organizations, especially military procurement, knows there are HUGE opportunities for cost savings and application of efficient processes. Military pay should be absolutely eliminated as an option for cost savings. Fully 1/3 of the other employees with whom I interacted as a government vendor did NOTHING to develop and produce the systems the USAF purchased but were assigned to handle the totally unproductive administration and documentation required by the procurement system. The procrurement process required so much control that it actually had none. I cannot believe the rest of the Defense system was any more efficient.

  • Pam

    Billions could be saved if civil service employees’ salaries and benefits were simply cut back to those of military personnel.
    Do you realize that:
    1. Civil service employees can accept or decline location transfers!
    2. If a transfer is accepted, civil service employees are allowed 3 visits (with a spouse) to their new location, in order to look for appropriate housing! (Airline, motel, & food is pd by the govt, of course!)

    Military families’ career savings are always low …because of the high cost of each move! One month’s base pay is pathetic re-imbursement.

    Put ALL civil service personnel on military pay policies…and watch the gov’t spending plummet!

    • retired Army

      its obvious you only know little about civil service. If you decline the transfer you are let go from the government. You get 10 days house hunting expenses and no DLA like the military. I was both military and civilian so I know both systems

  • Maddog

    Fat Chance Mr. Secretary, you have obviously lost it and need to get out of the offfice as quicjk as possible

  • Thomas Ed Holloway

    This is the most ludicrous thing I ever heard of!! Our military while on Active Duty already works for much less than our civilian counterparts and now you want pay-Cuts, GET REAL!! You want to save money by cutting the budget, stop wasting money sending civilian contractors in and paying them “Outrageous Wages” to do jobs that people would love to have for much less. Cut members of the Congressional Staff’s wages and retirement by 25%, and get them down to reality! Make members of Congress serve more than one term to get “Full-Retirement.” What makes Congress’s jobs so much more important than the sacrifice Active Duty military makes?

    Democrats, ”GOOD LUCK” in the next elections, it can’t come soon enough!!!!!!

  • Animal49

    Hope and Change. I hope it doesn’t get any worse. And we are changing to third world status. That is what you get from a guy that hasn’t worked other than sucking on the gov teat as a neighborhood organizer.

  • jwblacklla bel

    it is time that the retirement system be revamped. setting the system the same as the government employees (didnt say workers), is not a bad idea, since the military now has the option to contribute to the TSP, and get a percent of matching funds it wouldnt be a bad idea. The idea of a free lunch has come and gone and it is time for everyone to contribute. The reason the military enjoys such a high rate of retention is because of the economy 9% unemployment. If unemployment was around 4% military retention would be low. I am retired military and would have loved to have had the TSP program in place when I was in. This would have allowed me to retire with alot more. since I was enlisted and not an officer making the big bucks, Colin Powell and the rest of the Generals arent crying about their retirement checks. Check the MIlitary paychart and see the amounts that people are paid…A Helluva lot better than my $66. a paychec,

  • Rebecca

    This is ridiculous but nothing I did not expect from the Obama administration that has decided they may FINALLY give retirees a tiny raise but the increase in the cost of Tricare far outways the raise. All they have to do is LOOK and they will find billions in absurd grant money for research of dung beetles and other B S that gets snuck in on the last page of budget bills. It is time for all elected officials to take a pay cut and a remedial reading course!!

  • USMC 0311/0341

    I bet my retired pay (a whole $1293.00 per month) thar Paneta won’t give himself a paycut!!!

  • Douglas

    What about FRAUD, WASTE AND ABUSE that is abundant in the MILITARY CONTRACTORS arena. No, we can’t suggest that. The Military Contractors provide jobs. Remember Gates is a Republican and Republicans believe in sticking to the working people and protecting the rich.

  • Russ B.

    The only enemies that WE the people have are the POLITICIANS in this country. At no time have they ever solved any major problem that has arisen. And let me be clear about this—these problems have been/are created by these same egomaniacal parasites. This has been/is an ongoing problem from eons ago, all politicians are suspect of their true loyalty to those whom they should serve but don’t, the self-serving blowhards!!!!!!! We don’t need another politician in the White house, what we need is a true American in the peoples house. This to include all other political houses. NO MORE POLITICIANS! Look at what they have done, absolutely nothing that is positive towards the American people. These politicians have stuck their collectives noses into almost every crack and corner of our lives now. YET, they will not solve the problems that they have CREATED— social security, medicare, medicaid, welfare, illegal aliens, the border; must I go on.
    There are no institutions, organizations, PACs, lobbyists, special interest groups or anyone that can sway any power in this country unless so directed and granted by these politicians. Absolutely not one single entity can persuade anything to come to pass in our country without our politicians allowing it to happen!!!! AND YET, these same hippocratic blowhards would/do try to act as if it were every entity but them selves who are guilty and responsible for all atrosities perpetrated upon the American people.
    One group that all this can be laid at their doorstep—-the POLITICIANS that are in charge of our country-and accept no responsibility for their collective actions that are destroying our country and our way of life!!! Think about it?

  • Master Guns

    Along with the suggestion that we cut the pay of congressional staffers, we should look at pay cuts for all of the congressmen and senators as well…If this government really wants to make some serious budget cuts, then they should look at cutting welfare funding…LBJ’s “Great Society” experiment has done nothing, but to create multiple generations of career freeloaders who live their lives on the the government dole

  • Thomas Ed Holloway

    Since creating jobs creates more tax revenues, get rid of NAFTA. That is the most BS piece of Legislation to have ever come out of Washington. Sending jobs out of the country really made sense didn’t it!! My small piece of the world lost hundreds of jobs almost overnight when this crap came about, and not one new one was created! And now they want to reduce wages. When I was a Private, trying to raise a family we were below the poverty level way back then. I find it unbelievable how anyone can make ends meet these days. You people need to get a grip on reality!

  • Ryan

    I say that there should be NO PAY CUTS for military personnel at all. They should cut out programs that are not getting results. They should stop paying civilians to do jobs that military can do. Then military can have the proper certifications and experience so when they leave the military they can jump into the job market. They need to remove all the pork out of budgets that these guys in congress get for their home states!

  • John Jacobs

    Military lives are sure getting cheaper and cheaper. What’s next? How much are military bodies worth now-a-days? Especially those bodies who have given their lives to keep our country free. I wonder how many in Congress are wiiling to take a pay cut and then freely take an oath that they would be ready to die for our country if that’s what it takes to keep our country free. Hmmmm, something to think about! Anyone willing to put this to the test?

  • steve

    A lot can be said for those who take care of active duty soldiers and retirees. Nothing can be said about those that don’t. It’s time too close the gate on gates he lost his will too lead.

  • P. K. Massa

    I suppose as the “Commander in Chief” Barrack Hussein Obama would be the first to get cut. Lets start at about 100% of his salary, then work down.

  • By Lemmon

    Paycuts might be a good idea if done right! start at the top, with the Pres, and congressmen cut about 10% then move on down the line.with smaller cuts

  • DavidEtzel

    This administration is a total failure and disgrace. Odumbo squanders money left and right for his own means along with foreign aid for his Muslim Cronies and anyone else that wants to get in line with his Czars and yes men while we barrow money from China to pay for it. What an ingrate to even think about cutting money from our military and or retirees who have fought for our freedom and way of life, how dare he!!! Come on 2012!

  • Jimmy

    Officers certainly make a lot of money. Instead of cutting pay for everyone – reduce the pay for field grade officers and above. It could be on a gradual basis from 04 to General Officer rank.

  • Daveclark5gsr

    Now is the time to offer A War Tax. Since, we are involved in all these engagements all over the world. These engagement probally were not originally in Gov’t budget. We, the People, Freedom First, have to pay for Congress’ insistance on all the engagements taking place. A War Tax is really the only way to avoid pay cuts for our Troops who is Dieing for Our Freedom in the First place.

  • Donald

    If you want to cut costs then cut the salaries up in Washington and get rid of the czars. Why is it when things get tough the first thing the Washington big wigs want to do is cut the pay of the little guy?

  • MsPostFalls

    Mr. Gates, I repectfully suggest and hope that YOU and ALL extremely and highly paid Government workers will come under the same scrutiny for pay/benefit cuts that YOU and the DoD are suggesting for our MIlitary Men and Women. Come on, lets get real about the NECESSARY pay cuts–look into the PERKS that all of you extremely, highly paid Government employees get–ABOVE and BEYOND what our Military Men, Women, and Familys receive over their lifetime. Do you really think you will retain Qualified persons to serve in our Military if you cut their pay and benefits? GET REAL–Pressure, my aching backside–Put the Pressure where the Pressure needs to be put–Congress and the House–look at their packages before looking at Military packages.

  • 26+yrs AF Ret

    When I joined the USAF in 1948 I was paid $75 per day, one day a month.
    I was promised medical care for life if I spent the minimum time on active duty for retirement (20 yrs). As mentioned above, congress paid $178,000 per year with same pay for life after retirement (this is for one term in DC). Someone also mentioned that Mr Gates receives $199,000 and continues after retirement. (This is gonna get long but worth each letter in each word.)
    Lets say we cut that $178K sallary to $150K (Still well over paid) for each of the 100 Congressmen. That is a savings of $2,800,000. Not a lot compared to the $400 Million they want but a huge start. Just a suggestion.
    Now back up, Someone mentioned Military Retirement, SS, VA Disability, etc.;
    Listen up. I get all these but let me explain my 40% VA Disability. It’s nothing, they take that from my regular Military Retirement. That portion is tax free. That’s all I get from the VA. Not to mention that I turned down a promotion (Advice from the Medical Staff), applied for retirement with the promise to be sent before the Physical Evaluation Board where I’d get 80% disability. (80% beats the 65% for normal retirement so I do as advised. Know what? At the Physical Evaluation Board I was told, “You are retiring anyway. We don’t have to pay you anything.” And that is exactly what they did.
    In closing, one last thing. “Active duty personal, fight for what you are earning. Don’t let congress fat cats screw over your pay.” And, GOD BLESS EACH AND EVERY ONE OF YOU!”

  • Old Sarge

    Gates is no allie or friend of the average member of the military, he is a numbers cruncher. They look at servicemembers as pawns, and now the pawns are costing them too much. I’m a retiree and I can tell u they’re after us too. U young folks had better join the American Legion and VFW, they are fighting like hell to protect us. I never thought I would see the day when the Brass would throw us under the bus, but they are doing it now. Remember guys we need u to work hard today, MILLIONS on welfare are counting on u for their check!!

  • eric

    Maybe not paying Gates should be considered to save money. He has enough money of his own, & what he’s stolen from the tax payers over the years.

  • john irving

    i was an e-8 in 1983 and had to work two jobs to make it
    i can feel the pain ur going through…cutting pay is bs…a pay raise is in order…a big one…..

    • Marvin McConoughey

      If you had to work two jobs to make it as an E8 in 1983, you were a most unusual E8. Very few E8’s with normal sized families should have had to worry about needing a second job. Nor, to be honest, did most E8’s of that era have the time to hold a second job. You must have had some unusual circumstances.

  • pissed off

    i got an idea ….. why don’t the people that make policy take the pay-cuts and leave the military alone after all the military are the people doing the job that can’t or won’t do because there to chicken shit. the policy makers are way over fracken paid any way they need the cuts JUST MY TWO CENTS

  • bsmabc7362

    Talk about an all-time blow to morale to our US troops. As an Air Force officer I find this very disturbing since at a moment’s notice I can be called away to answer the cause to support and defend our country and I do it proudly but our government needs to start answering for its buffoonery. The one thing that helps is the fact my family is pretty well taken care of…some bases and installations are better than others. First, if you want to cut cost…Look into cutting welfare and quite enabling people to get money without working. That program is a disgrace as it stands. I see people all the time in stores paying with food stamps talking/texting on their $400 Iphone and driving away in their $500 car with $3000 rims. Talk about mixed up priorities; How about people actually start taking responsibility for their actions and quit living on the rest of us.
    Secondly, as someone already stated; why don’t we cut funding to individuals in congress and higher government. After all they are the ones who got us in the Trillions of dollars in debt that we have no way out at the moment. I say get rid of all of them because they are not running our government well. Included in this are the special perks like flying on $40 million jets whenever they want. Why don’t we close the 89th airlift squadron at Andrews that fly so many of our inept congressional DV’s around the world spending millions of dollars to make them confortable when traveling and make them fly public airline and stimulate some business to our economy. Our congressional leaders are no more important than the military members fighting for our country. It is appalling that we allow civilians that have no military experience make decisions for our military. It should be a pre-requisite to have served in the military in order to be part in making decisions for our military.
    I will not even comment on the obvious debt raising mess in the Middle East and south Asia.

  • DavidEtzel

    It is rediculous not to revamp the system when about half of the country sits on their butts with their hand stretched out for welfare and any other gimmies while the rest of the country busts their butts to work and pay obsorbent taxes to take care of the dead beats. I am 70 and working about 70 hours a week while Numb Nuts has cut my military retirement pay by $50.00 a month net. Come on 2012.

  • Robert Mallon

    If all the washington staffers and the heads of our goverment take a 50 % sent cut in pay and benefits there is your 400B dollars.Now I ask how many of them put themselfs in harmsway.

  • manuel

    I am not surprised at all. It is coming

  • robert l craft

    i think Gates and all the people in our government should be the ones taking the pay cuts not our military for they are not payed enough.i think all of our government make too much money for what they do.put their working hours and their benefits along side the military it will show you that the military is border line poverty already.i just hope the ones that is be hind this cutting of the military would just go down and join to fight for this country,then they will under stand.and on top of that,our so called president says they should pay for their health care for it is a volunteer force,well i have news for him,where would he be if we didn’t have a volunteer force.i don’t see him fighting for this should be no one in government that didn’t serve honorable in our military.

  • lou

    I am not one to post comments on the web however I find this topic irresistible. Not to beat my own drum however, as a twenty seven year vet in the National Guard with two tours under my belt and currently serving a third in the sandbox I find the possibility of a reduction in my pay appalling at best. I would like to think that equal work for equal pay applies in the military but for those that serve would probably agree that the work far out ways the pay but we always perform our duties to their fullest. Reducing soldiers pay would prove to be a very bad idea and would definitely be a defining moment on whether that soldier will continue to serve in an all volunteer service not to mention the effect on morale. Here’s a novel idea for Mr. Gates and the politicians that need to reduce the defense budget. How about not having two war fronts. How about trimming some fat off their pay checks. Shame on you for even considering cutting soldiers pay. Even the starkest anti military person would raise their eyebrow and ask what planet are you from?

  • John

    Let cut the pay to the Pakistani army! We all know how much we can count on them.

    “Better to cut military pay, than to cut the pay of really essential government workers, such as congressional staffers, numerous administration czars, and unionized government workers.” Dawneagle

    The very idea is disgraceful. Military pay has never been equal to our civilian counterparts. Now to make it less so.

  • DamianC

    Not even in the army and I am outraged. If anything the troops should be paid MORE, and given way more benefits. I’m so tired of doctors, teachers, lawyers, officers, and army always being on the chopping block when it comes to pay.

    All these people bust their own ass off to help someone else and we as civilians truly are just so selfish these days. What is WRONG with this world!?

  • SCPO


  • Terry Jester

    As a retired Navy man I would like to thank all that still serve. I think that we are tought to lead by by exaple. The comander and cheif should start with a pay cut right on down the line. Leave our men on duty alone and the vets that need all the services to keep them going. We should all send a message to our comander and chief that this is not a good lawful order to follow.

  • SonnyMack

    Many of these comments reflect the ignorance of the parties who submit them. I see so many instances where the opinions expressed are based on misinformation found in emails that flood the internet everyday. It seems that if the content of an email fits the recipient’s agenda, then it will be accepted as gospel (never checked for accuracy or truth) and forwarded to everyone in the recipient’s address book. As a result, opinions formulated on the basis of faulty information are usually faulty opinions.

  • Sylvia

    As a wife of a former Battalion commander I can attest to how difficult it was for a number of military members to make end meet. It is a documented fact that those members in the lower enlisted ranks with families fall below the poverty level (set out by Congress) and as such are entitled to welfare assistance, which include food stamps. If they do cut military pay and benefits to military salary it will only had to an increase in the number of members who are forced to use the welfare system. It might cut military costs BUT the dollars spent elsewhere will more than likely take over any cuts. In addition, the rate of retention drop thus causing our military strength to fall below what is necessary to protect the Idiots that are cutting the benefits.
    I agree get rid of the deadwood in congress and other branches of government before touching our military structure.


    Lets start with cutting the pay of of our elected officals . Better yet send them to the war zone to fight and bring back our troops.

  • Charlie M

    Don’t turn against each other, we’re all in this together. Federal, State and County workers are NOT the reason we can’t balance the budget. Nor are our teachers and our public education system. We are being herded and manipulated. I use to herd sheep here in Montana. Look at the money that goes to other countries, contractors, and large corporations. My nephew worked for Haliburton over seas and when I was able to question him and feed him beers I found out that what he did. For 150,000 a year he lived in a secure military compound doing the job that a military E-7 would do. I know I’m a retired E-8. I was appalled. We have large corporations that don’t pay taxes and in front of congress call others unamerican. Fix the tax system so that the burden is not on the middle class and have the large companies pay their fair share. Reduce the influence of lobbyists, and cut congresses pay, retirement and medical benefits.
    They believe that even if they cut pay and benefits recruitment will not wane because of the high unemployment. See what I mean.
    I still believe in a DRAFT so that everyone is involved. and when we go to war there should be a WAR TAX on everyone until the war is over.
    Too many people are not engaged with what the military is doing and the sacrifice they are making, and for what?
    Lets not turn on each other, lets stick together that what we are doing here in Montana, we’re getting flooded also but neighbors are helping neighbors.
    United we can do more than vent to each other.

  • jemc50

    Congress and the President first. Then, the cabinet members, followed by department heads.

    If there is any consideration to reduce pay of military, put it in the trash where it belongs.

    Rather than looking at pay cuts, a pay freeze for one year may be better or tying future pay increases to the CPI.

    The current administration is modeling it’s vision of military manning on the ever popular Carter Hollow Force model.

  • Randy Knowles

    Gates must be kidding. What an idiot. With the military stretched as thin as possible, an uncertain world situation and with troops rapidly rotating thru deployment after deployment cutting pay is no doubt insane.
    Was this guy ever in the military??? WTF???



  • Retired

    Asking the military for salary pay cuts is insulting. The miserable treatment and care, by all tiers of the government in the United States, and by people that haven’t ever been in the military and haven’t ever paid their dues, for returning veterans is criminal.
    The real solution would be to raise taxes on the wealthy. Ever since the 1950s the wealthy has not paid their fair share of taxes. Over the years this has amounted to many trillions of dollars.
    Another solution is to do what China has done. China has spent their way into prosperity, meaning the Chinese government has invested in their citizens. Everywhere you look in China there are new railroad tracks, new high speed trains, new paved roads and streets. In China there is a building boom with new housing, new office buildings, new schools, etc. I believe anyone that wants a job in China, can get a job. Since things are so good in China, the Chinese government is lowering taxes for average family.
    The last thing that needs to be cut is pay and benefits for the military and military veterans.

  • chuck

    Its already been said it is a disgrace to even thing about cutting pay….What is wrong is the military man small enough to fail! Theirs enough money billions to give the wealthy bankers making millions to keep the robbers afloat but not enough to give the brave men and women serving over seas and the many that have paid the ultimate price..where the hell is this country going…..When Obama said “Yes we can” I can clearly see now he was referring to making sure the hedge fund and bankers would continue to make their millions.

  • Bob

    I think people need to remember that we need to do our work on the home front too. We fight overseas, but we need to do work here. The military needs to work on getting a good Commander in Chief (coughAlanWestcough) who has been in the military or is at least intelligent on military matters, and then really work to get him elected by donating to the campaign and most of all, urging those around us to vote for him.

  • Baron

    I think the military SHOULD take a pay cut or cut the housing allowance. If you add up the pay and all the tax free allowances of an E-6 they make more money than most of their civilian counterparts who have twice as much experience. When they show pay comparisons it is for jobs that require more schooling. If you notice they don’t compare the pay of laborers. When I was forced out 3 yrs ago for a medical reason. Even with my retirement pay I could not find a comparable paying job. Especially after I had to pay for housing, medical for my family, and Comrats out of my own pay check. I had file bankruptcy just so we could live paycheck to paycheck to survive.

    • ALJ

      You are seriously deluded if you believe anything you just said.

  • Don Bailey

    Time to get rid of Obama and people like Panetta. The last time cuts like these took place was when Clinton was in office. No one wants to remember how our military and our inteligence community was gutted because of the belief that Russia was no longer a threat. Here we are now with the same old song and dance.

  • Robert

    If you listen to the people on capital hill, they are saying that civil service employees don’t make as much as someone in the military at an equivalent grade. They say we make too much money. I have one question to ask the people who say this, HAVE YOU EVER PUT EVERYTHING ON THE LINE FOR YOUR COUNTRY? !!!!! When you have done so and have seen how the service member has to live and the problems they have to deal with every day then you have the right to say what you want, but untill you do you do not have the right to say a word!!!!!!!!!!

  • It is easy to suggest others get a pay cut. How about those suggesting that our troops get a pay gut fist suggest that they cut their own pay. After all, a great leader leads by exaple…Notice that I said a great leader

  • SkyNavy11

    I don’t understand why wed are cutting more of the defense budget. Active duty already get paid less than the average american a year. We go out for months without seeing our families sometimes not even able to make phone calls or email. Active duty deserve to keep there pay and get extra.

  • Randy Knowles

    Why not cut funding to terrorist driven Pakistan if we need cash?

    The Pakistan government no doubt hid Bin Laden. While Bin Laden was hiding in Pakistan he was close to a lot things, such as:

    a. A police stations was right out front of where he lived;
    b. A Brigade of Pakistan’s 2nd Army was right next to him;
    c. He was also 35 miles from the Pakistan capitol;
    d. He was next to Pakistan’s equivalent to West Point Academy;
    e. And, he lived in an area of retired Pakistan officers.

    With the billions being provided to Pakistan CUT, we could give the armed services a friggin pay raise.

  • Felipe Salazar

    O.K. it had to come to this.I first enlisted in 1958. Remember when they use to say join and we will take care of you for the rest of you life. Than came Tricare until you turn 65. Than they take $350.00 from SS per mo. Now they want to cut pay. Soon it will be go to war and expect nothing. By the way we will need to give congress a pay rise and AH Gates cola. After all he is not on SS but can go to the same hospital that took care of him before because he served our country well (he screwed all military). When will it end. We killed osama so lets get the hell out of that war. When we went there it was to kill him, we did it, come home and bring our military with you. After all you sent them there. Next I spent a long time in active duty and never saw a General with 30 or so folks holding his hand so that he could do his job. Maybe we should tell them that after military life they have to put in 12 Yr of duty in the congress. Show the a hold how to do a job. “OR” tell congress that they need to take a 10% cut in pay and 30% on the monies that they spend going out to parties and home for all holidays. Nobody in the military can do that.

  • W3lucky

    I can’t believe some of you are shocked. This is typical Democrat (OBAMA) reaction and procedure. Save the poor and screw the military.

  • Old Sarge

    Here we go again taking what little the military earns: Pay, health care, COLA’s. & anything they want to take!!!! I have a very young serviceman who has a Wife, Son and Mother to take care of; As of now they have to use “Welfare” to make it from payday to payday, along with using different Food Banks. His wife takes care of his sick mother and their baby son.
    Asking him to take a Reduction in pay, would make it even harder to make. Maybe hem and his family can go live with Gates or even with Obama the White House has “Plenty of room”.

  • Samoyed

    Many sectors of the workforce are getting pay cuts. My teacher wife had significant benefits cuts. I’m in healthcare and make 1/2 of what I made 10 yrs ago. Am I whining like most of you? No. I chose a career and I have to accept the reality of the economy. Please don’t complain that you “bust your a$$ for this country. It’s a career choice with many excellent benefits……better than most other jobs. Aside from those of you who were in combat or injured/ disabled, I say quit your whining, serve out your term. Collect your retirement pay at age 45-50 and get a different job and live off the new job + your retirement AND discounted health care and STFU. What an entitlement mentality some of you have. Pathetic. If you don’t like it. Quit.

    • ALJ

      Spoken like someone who has no clue what they are talking about.

    • Nemsis

      I say you are on crack. Have you ever served and you are saying these things! I cannot believe this, the military does what you do not. Spend time away from the family protecting your butt and giving you the right to say these things. I know it is a choice, but some do it for the core values if you know what that is… Enough Said!!!

    • KKW

      I agree, if you have never served you do not have the right or knowledge to comment about service members taking a pay cut. It is because men and women serve that you have the freedom to work in the medical field!

    • wow

      You’re an idiot. How about you join the military then since its just so convienient easy and benificial as you think. Dumbass.

  • Shadow Mike

    Why do we, the U.S. fund foreign governments with tax payers money? Charity begins at home. We help support so many countries around the world. Why? How about supporting the people that pay your fat pay checks. We have people starving in this country, but the FAT CATS in DC want to feed the world. Why? Many our active duty military force can hardly make ends meet. Our retired and disabled vets earned their retirement and many of them live payday to payday. If it wasn’t for us we would all be speaking Japanese, Germen, Russian or Chinese. Those “RICHARD CRANIUMS” in Washington don’t care about us, they only think about themselves. The military is and always has been the backbone of our country. We deserve our pay. Don’t you dare cut our paychecks! I am 100% disabled and have served my country with honor. Why do you want to cut our pay?

  • steelertom13

    I cannot believe they want to cut anything from the military. The most dangerous job and are all ready under paid. They need to cut from the top. The President, Vice President, Cabinet and Rep. of Congress should have their pay cut first.

    • vern35


    • Andrew Heil

      OK, all I see is comments, how do we as a Nation resolve the problems. Of course, go through your Senator,Congressman. I have sent so many e-mails and have received nothing back. Election time, everybody needs to really look hard at who is running. Dig up their history, finances. What they say and do are two different things, from what I have noticed.

  • Bob

    As usual a democratic President wants to neuter the military in any way possible, just like Carter and Clinton before him, so he makes sure to put his own man in charge of DOD. In case no one has noticed, nobody, particularly the enlisted ranks, have ever gotten rich by pursuing a military career. How about cutting costs on the government side of the equation for a change, plenty of folks on that side making six digit salaries, as opposed to the low four digits made by the folks on the pointy edge of the spear.

  • Old

    Let us see Mr Gates. do you put your ass on the line 24/7 365. How many times have you been shot at. How many months have you been thosuands of miles away from your LOVED ones, 6, 9, 12,or 18 months. I will bet you YOU can not a dam one these questions … You serve one term get and get100% of your pay for retiremant, I served 20 years, my ASS on the line 24/7 365 and I get a hole 50 % of my Base pay for retirement and we both get medical. I really think YOU are one CRAZY son of a bitch and I hope you and your replacement BURN IN HELL !!!!!!!!! Retired Navy Chief

  • Imnotreally here

    U want to cut salaries?..Start with the people that put the soldier in the line of fire..CXongress..

  • Paul McGuire

    I only spent 4yrs in the service. I do appreciate all what the service members do. I wouldn’t have what I have without you THANKS!! Paul McGuire.

  • Debbie

    Yes, I’ll suggest pay cuts also! How about yours, Gates, and all others that are making the big bucks and leave the smaller wages alone in order to allow us make it by the skin of our teeth in life. STOP THIS AMERICAN GREED AT ONCE!!!

  • James Sledge

    Cut pay and benefits…………this guy(Gates) is a true space cadet. They should be increasing pay and benefits!!!!!!

    Retired, 1986.

  • Debbie

    Oh, know, not Panetta in DOD! God forbid it’s as if there’s NOT enough classified schemes going on with defenseless and innocent civilians now, wonder how many more torture programs he’ll conjure up for his wages? And then can he be blamed for not being in on half the things that are going on right under his nose as the head man in CIA? Sure he can, I suppose that he’s not doing his job well.

  • Old Sarge

    it’s time for a change in the White House,”hope and change change that we can believe in”, spoken by the Messiah himself.

  • Gold Star Wife

    I think we need to start at the top and then work our way down. If we cut our Senators and Congressmens pay we might have an identical problem with retention. This might be the best thing that has happened to this country in a long time. Congressmen who actually serve their country and their people back home. What a refreshing idea. 10% cut straight across the board for everone even including the white house.
    Gold Star Wife

  • MSG Wagers

    Rediculous order Mr Commander in Chief pure stupitity fighting two wars with volenteers go ahead watch the ranks fall out of a hollow Army cut congressional pay and all other Federal services first idiot’s

  • theColonel

    I hope Mr. Gates, the President and Congress are first in line to take their pay cuts.

  • Jack B.

    Our nations first obligation is to defend America. For a sitting president to suggest Secretary Gates find a way to cut into military pay, is asking for still another sacrifice from our Military men and women. This is not only a stupid decision, it shows me a complete disregard for our service members. We from outside of the active forces, should contact any and all of our elected Congressmen and Senators and make it clear that they leave our military pay alone and suggest a real pay raise. Any step backwards would demoralize our troops. We need patriots in or elected cadre, not politicians.

  • ValricoSlash

    Its time for Gates to take a hike. Raising the preimium for TRICARE is out of the question especially for those of us who served at a time when we were PROMISED FREE medical care for life if we made it through to retirement. That was the pitch given to us day and day out while I was a member of the ROTC in college during the Vietnam war. Congress, both parties, some members of which are still making a career out of screwing the American people today tbroke that promise to ur veterans because they have no hornor and no concious. An even sicker proposal is to tax my employer if I’m not willing to pay $400-500 a month in private medical plans so that TRICARE can bill those plans whe we show up at the base clinic. Does Gates think we are stupid. Whenever I show up for an appointment and they ask if I have private insurance I look them straingt inthe eye and say: “Do I look like a moron?” Why would anyone in their right mind pay into a private plan and into TRCARE as well? The ROA, NCOAA, and every veterans organization should be demanding that every congressman, and senator as well as new cadidates for office sign a pledge not to mess with our PROMISED benefits. Isn’t it bad enough that we have to pay into Medicare in order to get our TRICARE for Life? I don’t see congress cutting their salaries or benefits. Let’st start there first.

  • mdwilbn

    I think the entire government has gone crazy. Let’s start with cutting Senator’s and Congerssmen’s pay! See how they like it! (maybe even the President!)

  • Josh Gaston

    Let’s see… Civilians don’t make as much -and many of them make more than us- because they chose to be civilians. Many of us won’t make it to retirement the way our bodies and minds are right now. How many times has a civilian been forced to move across the country with his family and to start a new life in the past decade? several times for us. Why don’t we start cutting costs by firing civilian employees working in the military. Decrease how much politicians make, including the ones that want to cut our income. Lets also stop building other countries when ours is not where we need to be. Lets stop building FOBs, COPs and bases in Iraq and Afghanistan that we are going to hand over to their Armies after we spent years and billions building them. ASK, simply ASK a Soldier how much money we waist in combat on an average day. This is simply ridiculous! How about we just don’t fight the fight any more, perhaps the politicians and their kids will pick up a weapon and go give his life for THEIR country.

  • CSM Ret

    1. As the Commander In Chief, will Barack Obama take the pay cut along with
    the rest of the Troops?
    2. Will Congress guarantee a pay freeze for themselves?
    3. Will members of Congress be prohibited from including unwanted Pork
    Projects that benefit their districts in the Defense Bill

  • Esteban

    If you want to do the cut in the Military, I suggest you take a look at yourself! Checkout staff personnel in the DOD, cut on that! Just by checking these comments here, it saids it all! Take a look in the mirror!

  • nug

    Funny though, in the household buget, when things get tight dont you cut out the trivial things like going out, fancy dinner parties and unneessary bs.

    So if we cut 5% of their pay and benefts does that mean the government is willing to accept 95% loyalty, honor, discipline and respect from the military?
    I wonder who will be the 5% that doesnt get any of these?
    I’m not positive but I have a good idea who it will be.

  • Peace out, Air Force. Hello, college! Gotta use this GI Bill before they turn that off completely, too!

  • vern35

    While your husband busts his @ss these people sit on their butts, increase their pay and make decisions that they are not qualified to make, ie. allowing women to serve on submarines. Give them their own submarine but don’t mix men and women on them. You’re asking for trouble. I served 26 years with 17 aboard submarines, let me assure our leaders that this is another mistake that government is good at.

    • SailorMade

      I will DEF agree with you on that one! My husband is on a sub, and this is not good news for wives!

  • Retire

    Unlike most congress and senate members I have a fair solution to fix the
    US buget:
    1. Get rid of the IRS This means no more income tax at state and local levels.
    2. Establish a sales tax .Those with more money who buy or pay for goods
    and services pay at the same rate as everybody else
    3. Cut out foreign aid except for disaster assistance.
    4. Pay congress and senators on the same scale as the military members.
    5. Pay staffers minimum wage with anual increments like Walmart does.
    6. No more slush funds.
    7. Bring the military home and put them to work building and repairing our
    8. Bring our manufactories back to the USA where it rightfully belongs.
    9. Put a cap on all medical supplies.
    10.Put a limit on how much can be charged for medical services and pro-
    11.Take away all staff cars and let the Gov officials pay the cost of owing
    a car and footing the gas bil like the rest of us.
    12.Grow more food in America–and allow legal Aamerican to work on farms
    13.Employ more food inspectors to insure our food is safe to eat
    14. Cut out rules and regulations which kees us from developing new energy
    15.Freeze utility rates.
    In short just fix what’s wrong with government so you fat cats come down to earth and live the real life for a change!

  • Paul Phillips

    Who are the stupid people who voted for a Muslim/Dictator in the White house? Democrats hate the military, i.e.,Clintons. It took me 50 years to get
    90%. Was WWII POW. black death March, FOB front lines Korea, 52-53,Vietnam, 68-69, VA fighting me for 100%. I agree with cut the congress pay
    it is a part time job, and get rid of the Dumbocrats. Phil the Pill

  • MSGT – Retired

    If the Military gets a pay cut, then every FED employee should get a cut also. While our Military faces combat every day, our congressional leaders just
    sit on their buttocks and growel. !

  • Joseph Carlotti

    Is Gates going to cut his pay and the President and Vice President’s pay? You are right, I did not think so. And by the way, let’s make a big cut in Congress’ pay.

  • ValricoSlash

    PS: Here is a followup to my previous comment. TRICARE is nothing more than OBAMACARE lite. Our military clinics have become nothing more than cough and sneeze clinics. If you havae anything more serious than a hanglnail they refer you to a civilian specialist of TRICARE’s (Humana’s) choosing (maybe not the best choice, but probably the cheapest) to which we have to make a copay for every visit. Then, if that doctore thinks you need specialized tests, TRICARE may or maynot approve. The system sucks and is getting worse. And for this crappy sevice we have to pay an annual premium which Gates wants to raise.

  • Undertaker2x

    It amazes me how easy it is to take from those who have little and ask the ones who make the rules ie Congress and Executive branches to not reduce their income. How is it the ones who vote their own increase want to take potentially money from the service persons whom put their all on the line every day to keep this country free. We who have made the choice to serve have done so because it is the right thing, those who have been elected are sent to to do good for the country and instead do what is best for themselves. It seems to me that the ones who are elected seem to leave office with more than they came in with and those whom serve in the military leave with what benefits they were told they would have only to find that they can be changed at a whim of our elected officials. Stop taking from those who have given their service to the country and start sharing in the sacrifice if you are going to change the rules on them. If you give us a pay cut take one yourself. A remedy on the budget is to stop spending more than you take in. We have to do that out here.

  • baxterakc

    Lets just let Gates work for nothing because that is what he is worth. Along with the so called Commander in Chief. Now we have to protect the country, suffer, bleed, die if necessary, our family’s aren’t taken care of, when you retire you have to deal with the Nazi VA establishment, now we get a pay cut?!?! You have got to be kidding!

  • Charlie M

    Don’t turn against each other, we’re all in this together. Federal, State and County workers are NOT the reason we can’t balance the budget. Nor are our teachers and our public education system. We are being herded and manipulated. I use to herd sheep here in Montana. Look at the money that goes to other countries, contractors, and large corporations. My nephew worked for Haliburton over seas and when I was able to question him and feed him beers I found out that what he did. For 150,000 a year he lived in a secure military compound doing the job that a military E-7 would do. I know I’m a retired E-8. I was appalled. We have large corporations that don’t pay taxes and in front of congress call others unamerican. Fix the tax system so that the burden is not on the middle class and have the large companies pay their fair share. Reduce the influence of lobbyists, and cut congresses pay, retirement and medical benefits.

  • Billy Cooper


  • ETC

    All we hear is support out troops, veterans, etc. We seldom hear about how they get screwed, I served 26 years and in 2006 was denied the right to see a VA Doctor due to the cost of the Iraq war, that has since changed and I now have the right but how many of you heard about that short term restriction. They can’t afford to run the what they already have in place and they want to begin health care for all Americans. The fact that they want to cut miltary pay reveals alot about the character of polticians.

    • Andrew Heil

      The only way the “support our troops” works, is if Veterans or retiree’s help them out. Since I retired, I have help many vets on issues, they do not know where to go. Disability, they never heard of it and some came from theater, that is a shame. Trying to get help from the Unemployment office is like talking to a brick wall. I have so many sites saved from my research, I should make a book and give it away. A soldier is always a soldier.

  • fortuneteller

    No problem because less pay=less productivity. You get exactly what you pay for.

  • Ralph

    Gates is the WORST. He has no desire to stand up for the military. Just an obama lap dog. Do to military a BIG favor and resign Gates, you are worthless.

  • Roscoe

    How about we get rid of the sec of fef? many wasted $ there! then all the under sec’s , as a matter of fact lets get rid of the entire military and quit all the BS wars then you will have all the friggen $$ you need to pay off the commies in China and the socialist ba**rds around the world. Hell you can just give the whole show away. Is anybody left in the pedagon awake???

  • Nemesis

    Not suprising….

  • ETC

    If they need to cut anything why don’t they look at elimating VA benefits for for those serving less than 20 years unless they have a disability associated with their service. That would be a huge savings.



  • chiefb

    Has anybody stopped and thought what Obama is doing. By cutting the Military to the bones or putting out signale over pay cutts he is trying to decrease the strength of this county

  • moanamcara

    President Obama’s Memorial Day Speech included “Americans owe “a debt to our fallen heroes that we can never fully repay.” My questions is “if this is how you TRULY feel, why in the h**l are you taking our benefits away???” I feel I was naive to think serving my country for 21 years was going to count for something, but now I feel like a second class citizen. This country needs to change who can run for election to the office of the president to ONLY those citzens of this country who have served in the military.

  • Cedawazi

    Well what is different now than in the past? Nothing. As a retired Army SSG I get the monthly pension (taxed)-Tricare(taxed) wages from a fulltime job(taxed) loss of COLA & LOCA due to the Obama tax cut mill and yet, when I was ‘in’ the then President Richard Nixon paid less tax than I did, and my pay was substantially less than todays soldiers (inflation). So tell we what has changed? The government still wants and needs the soldier, pays him/her little, makes them fight for their due once they discharge, gives them sub-level medical care, taxes the benefits, gives them a parade or two once a year, and makes a big production of ‘honoring’ them. Right? WTF people, we are all of us the survivors of a cannon fodder mentality. If we didn’t do it, then no one would have. We are an EMBARASSMENT to the politicions that start and profit from this shit cause we came home. If we had all died on the battlefileld they could put up a monument or wall with our names on it and say, these poor dumb sons of bitchs died so we could profit from our illegal and trumped up reason to invade other nations. Nothing changes, just the color of it seems to make it different. I truly believe we should be totally taking care of our OWN people in our OWN country. Living accomodations, jobs, food, health care etc. If we need to protect our borders, do so with a vengance. Those that come to do harm, kill them-dead- in their tracks. Otherwise, lets leave people alone and let them work out their own problems, oh hell, what am I thinking, our corporate slags and corrupt politicions can’t make money and profit with that kind of thinking. How dumb and stupid of me to believe we don’t have enough natural resources to keep our county going without these fuckers! So, as I go on the aging train, I still fight the same government that I served. Hell, no one ever said that life was fair or easy. Takes the strong to battle the strong and to protect the weak. Support each other-ALWAYS- and leave no one behind.

  • karen

    Oh Michelle my belle and her follower Jill saying they are fighting for support of our military families…….HAHAHAHAHA….stick my finger down my throat. W
    Wanting to hold our pay during the budget debate and then cutting our pay. Better talk to your man about how he is screwing us and stop being so sweet and non convincing on the TV my dearie!!!

  • BJ Flash

    Yes we need some cuts, but only these fools would cut military pay! If all active duty personnel got a 10% pay raise tomorrow they would still be way under paid! Oh and defense contractors pay not what you think. If General Dynamics gets $150,000 a week for three guys working in the middle of the desert I hope you don’t think those guys are getting not even $5,000 of that per week for all three do you? If so then you should check your facts, because it’s the companies that get rich not the employees. We need a cut no problem just send all the illegal immigrants back across the border and we would be done as they are like a leach to the US blood flow. Oh secure the border by bringing troops back from countries that never repay their debt to the US! And stop giving tax payer money away to other countries like all Americans are rich! And there you go a good start, but lets not cut anyone’s pay instead lets just cut the stupidity in the White House! SEMPER-FI

  • Gary Byington

    I have a problem with anyone on capital hill play with cuts in military pay. Congressional spending ensures that between congress and the senate elect there isn’t a pay increase missed. In addition, for spending four years of service they have also secured free medical for the rest of their lives. When I went in like my father before me; I understood I would be provided with medical and retirement for twenty years of service plus.

    I made very little in the beginning and lived with a family below poverty so I would one day have these benifits. I love this nation but I don’t have to like the fact that we have give sways while those that have given so much are taken advantage of though the reduction of benefits we work for for so many years missing the growth of our children and loosing family’s due to divorce and long deployments. Bottom line; if you stand by and take from the military you are stealing from those that protect the hill. So look hard at what benifits you have on the hill and the pay increases you give yourself and the give sways before you screw with military pay. MGySgt retired



  • CM 6 yr vet usmc

    All above know what they are talking about the white house needs a spring
    cleaning top to bottom we kneed some one who loves and cares what
    America and her flag stands for and stop getting our shoulders killed
    for something that will never change! after the cleaning of the white
    house hand athem all a water pistol and send them to fight a war with
    bennafits , Our shoulders could never be paid enough for all they have
    done for us they there isn’t enough material in the world to make the money
    and other bennefits is owed to them. and You can bet no one in congress
    or the white will take a cut if anything they will grab for hikes the only
    hike they deserve is OUT!

  • Cedawazi

    Oh, and while I am at it let me add to the piss pot by saying I am a FIRM believer in CAPITAL PUNISHMENT and not just on the top of the food chain of murderers. At last report, read this somewhere, it is costing us as a nation approximately $65,000.00 per year per inmate to house these poor criminals who all had a bad childhood, we abused, or WTF ever their lawyers pleaed for. Now, if we eliminated ALL of them, how much would we save in $’s? Take your local State Prison, find out the inmate population, multiple that and see what you come up with. Now thing of this as YOUR PERSONAL contribution to a failing economy and that by elimination of each and every one of them that money could be used for economic growth, housing for the homeless and aged, medical care improvement (remember, they get three hots and a cot and medical and satelitte and college and a law library) all on YOUR TAX DOLLAR! Crazy, no, very sane and very realistic. These people will NEVER be rehabilitiated, nor productive members of society, see the repeat custom numbers) so let’s look at it this way: If you had a rapid dog running loose in your neighborhood biting people, would you shoot it? Answer – YES Tell me the difference? There is NONE. Whoa, such anger, etc. Damned right and fed up too! WTF people, join up now! Let’s get back on track and create a Country that WORKS!

  • TonyM1972

    A realistic way to reduce the DoD budget is to merge the services and organize the rsulting group by function. Tactical group would include front line troops (Army, Navy, AF,USMC) and aircraft. Strategic would include the Nuclear submarines, ICBMs and strategic bombers. Training group would be responsible for training at all levels, Materiel group would support logistic pipelines. Technical and Acquisition group would execute the development and weapon acquisition. This would result in elimination of 30 to 40% of REMFs and better integration of forces.
    Do away with the F-35, SLAMRAAM, JLENS and needless weapon upgrades.
    Reduce the Navy from a 12 carrier fleet to a 4 or 5carrier fleet which would result in a reduction of10 to 12 CGs and 18 to 22 DDGs and a reduction of over 100,000 in sea based personnel. Get rid of the B-1, B-2 and AF117 bomber/fighters. The development of UAV fighters to maintain air superiority.
    Many, many,… other changes that the grunts can identify. Savings of $100 to 120 billion/year without resorting to cutting the pay of grossly underpaid personnel.

  • Debbie

    Is congress gonna take a cut in pay??? Why are we allowing them to do this? Those congressmen should have to cut their aides in half first.. do some of the work themselves. And how about not paying for stupid studies on how many months an ant lives. I am telling you, people will not put their lives on the line and give up family and friends to live on less than what they make now.. How many of our military are on food stamps?? something like 25%. Everyone thinks the military is like it was 40 years ago. It is not, you dont get money for half the things they did then. You have to move all the time. And you pay for starting up all over again. Spouses lose jobs and have to start all over again. If it is so great WHY is the divorce rate so high. Military life is hard on everyone in the family.. they give up enough already.

  • Nail 27/Hammer27

    Seem to remember the same words being used in 1969 and 1973 about cutting/freezing pay as Vietnam was winding down. Problem was that we became a 3rd rate military because a lack of new equipment to replace that lost in Vietnam and a politically correct military going along with our expert senior leadership. This all culminated in 1979 when a third rate national power siezed our Embassy, and all we could do was protest. By the way, as previously noted, people left in droves at the end of their commitment despite the economy being in the toilet. I lived through it and many others also did so. We were the so called lifers serving for the greater good of national defense. I agree with cuts being made in the Czars and staff reductions in the Congressional areas. Washington is one of the top 10 cities in the U.S. showing job growth in one of the most severe rescessions we’ve ever had. Why, All the political make work there. Ahhh!!! Bureacracy, isn’t it great. Of course as in Vietnam, the people at the top had little or no military experience or combat service. Recognize those serving realizing they are sharing the pain of separation and imminent risk of dying for a paycheck that is grossly overstated because benefits(deferred compensation) are added into the amount received as a paycheck. When the President and Congress cut their pay by 10%, then I might listen to other changes.
    Served proudly in Vietnam (221 combat missions-FAC) on the Ho Chi Minh trail and retired after 12 family moves and numerous TDYs and two other overseas asignments..


    a typical obama fix.while he praises anything he screws those who are serving while he and his family jet around the world making a jo0ke of his presidency. his answer to the gas problem is a perfect example.he says the great thing to do is to make sure your tires are inflated properly. not a word about his flying all over the place in air force one.or providing his fat ass wife with an air force jet to party with her friends.WE NEED CHANGE ALRIGHT!!!!




    Staffers and aids as well as lawmakers including judges should take a hit. Let me know if there are any other fed employees that are called on to work 7 days a week 365 days a year and possibly work longer than beyond 24 hours straight in a not so friendly environment. Let them at the top take the first step and be an example to the rest of the country. No more handouts no more completely free health care, and God knows what else. Cut them first, and cut them deep. Quit handing out free everything to illegals, no matter where they come from. Disengage the military and you disengage America.

  • wayne

    So now that our leaders are done trying to screw the retired, now they target the active guys. What a disgrace. Our leaders promise billions to foreign countries on the back of the troops. Maybe the military should bring in the draft again if they want cheap soldiers, marines, sailors and airmen.

  • Robert

    Well well, it won’t be long before the Draft Returns….
    We bail Wall Street out and cut the G.I’s pay, I guess the days of the King and Queen have returned and are now in Washington !

  • Paul B USAF Ret

    Amen a thousand times, remember 2012 is coming, a new administration is in order. Talk is big but actions tell us more!!!!

    • Andrew Heil

      I agree, start from the top and work your way down,

  • Heero

    Kinda sucks, I’m a military spouse havn’t been able to pick up a perminate job have our first baby on the way and can bairly afford to eat each month while keeping up with the bills and being responsible with out credit.

  • Paul B

    Right cut pay for troops. Ask them to go into combat and why pay them? Hum seems congress and the senate got a 2% pay raise though. Why not cut foreign aid, that would save billions. Why give our tax money away use it to take care of our own.

  • MilitarySpouse

    I really don’t think Gates will care until someone attacks his family. It is really sad that they can cut pay for the men and women that are protecting them and their families. What would they do if they had no protection from the terrorists? Would they prefer living in a country without the freedom they have today? Time for Gates to have no secret service for body guards, lower his pay, no private cars, no insurance (they can pay out of pocket), no private schools for their kids (not unless they are paying out of pocket). Why do they want to take away from our military and the retired military. Our men and women are only important when there is a war, but not important enough to take care of them and their families. My husband did 8yrs as a marine and has been in the army national guard for 8yrs. He has been to Iraq for a year and I know that there has been soldiers that has been there 3-4 times. There is so many people that believe these soldiers make a lot of money for every tour, but that is not true. Only thing that happens good soldiers is not paying tax on the money they make out of country. No one knows that most of these families almost loose everything they have before they get the first paycheck. The government need to take a cut in pay before they cut military pay. They need to cut their pay first. They need to cut back in their spending before they take money away from the soldiers and their families. I want Gates to get the first cut in pay.

    • Andrew Heil

      I agree.

      • Andrew Heil

        All this sounds so familiar. The last unit I was assigned to, 6 years later of going through power struggles with in the unit, then I retired, was involved with was the buddy system. Its so sad, reading these comments and me remembering what I had to deal with, are so familiar. Personally I would start from the top and work down to include officers. The many I have seen, I wonder how they even complete OBC.

  • J Fowler

    Thats about right, cut the pay of the ones providing the freedom. DON”T cut the pay of the ones in congress doing nothing about nothing. With no military
    then what will the congress do when all the nations we are supporting come
    and take away our country. Military people are special, we have fought and died for ALL the one son Washington, BUT Washington does not care about
    anyone BUT Washington. Its about time some one who can tell other countries to fend for themselves. Gates has to be dummer than a box of rocks.

  • Paul B USAF Ret

    Amen a thousand times, remember 2012 is coming, a new administration is in order. Talk is big but actions tell us more!!!!

  • David Atchison USN Retired

    I was in the Navy 24 years. I draw retirement, and believe me when I say, it is barely a living. It isn’t, by a long shot. Now I read where one wants to cut the Military, ships, equipment, etc. How stupid can you get. Cut Military Pay, how dumb can you be? Cut congress wages, and no retirement for them after only one term, make them pay for their own healthcare, Stop all foreign aid, Get rid of the Illegal aliens, things like this would vastly improvfe the economy. Leave the Miolitary alone, that means pay, and size of force. Something happens we ever had to go to a real war, we coldn’t. Our Military that is in combat now, have their hands tied. Get rid of the press,and the **** with what anhyone thinks, fight to win, at all costs. No holds barred. this means take no prisoners, level the damn place, then take the oil, we have lost American lives over there, and then leave. Never return once we leave. Let them fight their own dam wars from now on. Terrorist do something hera again, then level their damn country. No ground war, use bombers, with moab bombs, bunkerbusters, what ever itt takes, level it.

  • GP Ret USAF

    So few are being called upon (again) to save so many, when does it stop? They sit in their ivory towers lording over one and all, throwing out scraps and insults at the same time and expect gratitude in return for their grace. Hundreds of years have passed and it all sounds the same. Lament for the late great USA, or head to the ballot box (in record numbers as never before) and elect the government we need and deserve! Stand for the founding principles or fall from the effort, but ACT!

  • gary dowler

    Enter text right here!If you want to save money get rid of the air reserve technician program one o, if the most wastful program in the department. abused rank, abused overtime abused promotions you name it!I dare you to look into the records this was put in place after ww2, as a temp program. Wake up ! want more I’ll discuss what saw as part of the program!!!!

  • Howlin

    Senators and congressmen are given a 50% pay cut to allow our Active & Retired military a 10% pay raise since our Military has been more productive
    over the past few years. When the country comes out of the financial mess
    we give congress a 15% pay hike.

  • Wandamurline

    Why don’t we start cutting salaries and benefits for those who are supposedly representing us? Let’s pay them what our soldiers get paid and see how many of them remain in Washington. Let’s take their retirement package money and dump it into social security and use it like they stole it from the people and then they can retire using the same calculations as the seniors now get paid and only when they turn 65. It would seem that the government always wants their bosses to do without, but I never hear a single swinging #%&& say anything about the Washington elists tightening their belts and give up some of their pay and benefits. I think it is about time for them to do so. As a military retiree’s wife, we don’t live off our retirement check we get from serving….if we hadn’t saved and invested, we’d be living on the street in a card board box since prices are skyrocketing for groceries and gas.

    • Graywolf

      As domestic terrorists we do not understand the need to redistribute the wealth we have to the lazy @sses that do not work, do drugs, commit crimes, have babies out of wedlock so we can pay for them, or have abortions we pay for. How greedy we are, GOD we just pledged our life for those dip3hits. Are we not proud of what we sacrificed?

    • Andrew Heil

      I agree

  • Ted

    There is no such thing as, “Employer provided healthcare” anymore in the Civilian world, that is of course you are higher in the food-chain. The Model of True Pensions and Employer Provided Healthcare over and above your pay no longer exists. It is very easy for people to become trapped in Dead End jobs just so they don’t lose their health Care. The Burden of Health Care costs have been shifted onto the Employee. Not too long ago in our past, you used to be able to get Medical and Dental over and above your pay.
    Crazy, when we have to compete with other countries that provide Health Care to their Breadwinners…


    I think congress ought to take away the keys to Air Force One and keep the supposed president in Washington where he belongs, instead of romping around the country on his re-election trips and vacations. When he dosen’t get re-elected Michelle and the kids will already have had the time of their lives visiting all these other countries at taxpayer expense.
    I don’t recall any other president taking the entourage that this one takes wherever he or the family goes.
    That’s some energy reduction program you have there pres. Not only the jet fuel from A F 1, but for the escorts, heleicopters and all the extra vehicles that get shipped along with them. That’s not mentioning all the extra expenses placed on the locals becausee of the added security so that he can hit up the local hamburger joints. What a farce. Then there is all the extra fuel consumption by the press following him around like puppy dogs. Speaking of puppy dogs, I’d be interested in what us taxpayers shell out for the family pet in vet. fees.

  • Alan Lidstone

    Once again, those who sit render judgement on those who serve.

    Members of the Armed Forces would better appreciate suggestions on military compensation, medical care, and retirement benefits when they come from people who actually contribute to the cause of Liberty.

    Why should the members of the Armed Forces be asked accept pay and benefit cuts while they bear the burden of being prepared for war when oil companies refuse to bear any burden, much less pay any corporate taxes while they receive additional tax subsidies?.

    Why should the members of the Armed Forces be asked accept pay and benefit cuts while they bear the burden of being prepared for war when Members of Congress take home in excess of $200K/yr with incredible retirement and healthcare benefits?

    Why should the members of the Armed Forces be asked accept pay and benefit cuts while they bear the burden of being prepared for war when the Presidential response to 9/11 was to tell the American people to “Go Shopping!”?

    Why should the members of the Armed Forces be asked to bear the burden of being prepared for war when political leaders and pundits ask them to “share the pain of tight budgets” while elite share the joy of ttransferring what little is left to the corporations and high income earners?

  • guest

    Why don’t they first force congress to take a pay cut equal in percentage to any proposed military pay cuts…If they do that, I bet that the bill will never pass.

  • ruthomas0222

    If we need to cut 400 billion from the defense budget, lets pull all our troops from the god forsaken countries of Iraq and Afghanistan and let the SOB’s kill them selves like they have done for thousands of years, and then if more cuts are needed we start in on the wages of all these so called politicians. God knows I can’t give up anymore.

  • Ted

    The Elephant in the room now that Bin Laden is gone is what will be waiting for all the troops when they come home, McJobs with no benefits?

  • cindydevaux

    How dare you even think of cutting their pay. Look at how many homeless are Vets. My husband gave 24 years of his life to serve his country. Now he suffer back pain and leg and feet pain from jumping from choppers and planes. They already cut $50.00 dollars this year out of his check and we have no idea why. My Tricare raised.Hell we can hardly make ends meet now. We can’t be like those big wigs on the hill that set back and do nothing and draw a huge paycheck and can buy whatever the hell they want. Why don’t you start with those budgets to cut. They set on their asses ANYWAY. My Dad, my son and my husband and my son-in-law all either served or are serving now. When my husband came back from Nam he got spit on. NOW you want to cut their damn throats…If a recruiter or someone came up to me to enlist I would tell them to GO TO HELL. It is not worth it. My daughter and her husband are barely making it. First check goes to rent, second goes to utilities. IF there is any left they get food. They have a 7 month old child…My son-in-law wants to become a lifer, but if you cut his pay they have done said they are all walking out. and **** you all. The American people will be right with them…At least th Vets..and us that care…Have you been to a VA hospital…? Take your family there. It’s awesome. You set 8 to 12 hour to be told nothing is wrong or given meds that do nothing…Shame on You for even thinking of cutting those salaries…If you do I hope you rot in hell.

  • Ex military member

    The military members earn every penny and I feel, what they receive for putting their life on the line every minute deserves even more pay. What Congress or Senate member would do that. It is easy to use the military members as a whipping post in a shameful manner, such as taking away some of their benefits and pay. It is sad that our government has to attack the people who are protecting them. Now we know how our government feels about our military!

  • Cal1310

    Again, the security of the country is in an emergency, the cost of mintaining the all volunteer force is drainng our financial resourses. Activate the military draft.

  • Ted

    There is no such thing as, “Employer provided healthcare” anymore in the Civilian world, that is of course you are higher in the food-chain. The Model of True Pensions and Employer Provided Healthcare over and above your pay no longer exists. It is very easy for people to become trapped in Dead End jobs just so they don’t lose their health Care. The Burden of Health Care costs have been shifted onto the Employee. Not too long ago in our past, you used to be able to get Medical and Dental over and above your pay.

  • Wife to retired BM1

    Seriously, they need to start cutting salaries at the top before they start cutting salaries of the military members. It seems they often forget that our military is one of the most under paid as it is and that alot of our junior members are already receiving assistance because the salary they get just isn’t enough to make ends meet and now they want to cut that? How is that Congress is allowed to vote for their own pay increase every year but our men and women in uniform are potentially facing a pay/benefit cut because the twit in the white house wants to cut 400 billion from the defense budget? Why doesn’t he try cutting that from the Congressional pay instead of attacking the military again?

  • Jim Exum

    If our nation needs money the first thing should be to park Air Force One. The president has spent his entire presidency traveling (with family tagging along)to about every nation in the world .Next I would cut the pay OF ALL THE POLITICIANS TO INCLUDE THE PRESIDENT.Then I would stop sending our money to foriegn nations who hates us (Pakistan, Afganistan and Iraq. Pull all our troops out and stop all wars. Then use our military to protect our borders.

  • SGT_Sanchez

    Leave it to some highly paid bureaucratic to cut our pay. Three of my Army friends are now blind, one had his face blown off, another was so badly disabled his young wife ditched him, another lays in bed all day paralyzed, one lost his leg and arm and then his wife ditched him too! The list goes on and on… but go ahead you F@#CKen Bureaucrats, tell us we don’t earn our pay. And yes am still in, only because my back and knees are screwed up, after I get treated, I am out like a light and leaving the military… Our congressmen are so anxious to take photos with wounded heroes. But now this crap!?!? Kiss my a$$ where the sun don’t shine!

  • WAYNE.


  • Joey

    Elections have consequences. 2012 is the next one! Now is not the time to make the military mad with Two wars and an upheaval in the populace once the price of everything goes thru the roof because the Fed is printing money
    It almost seems like someone is doing this on purpose!

  • Terry

    I agree with Bill Gates he should take a pay cut, let say 60% just like all of our representatives should take a 75% pay cut. And just as soon as Congress gets back from their 6 month Spring Break, and vote on this. This will become LAW, BY ACT OF CONGRESS. Hopefully then we will hopefully pay our fighting men and women some of what they are worth.

  • R.H

    20 years, 3 Viet Nam tours, 8 major battles and now they want to take from me instead of looking at what the real problem is. I don’t mind not getting cost of living allowances every year but what I do mind is they keep finding ways to chip away at what is left. We were told no new taxes. I just had $45.00 more per month taken from my retirement pay and no one has been able to tell me why. It’s time America started taking care of Americans and we might just find out that the hole is easier to dig out of.

  • Patriot

    This is what happens when the meek are in charge. We have a President that has never even lead a shift at Mc Donalds. What can he possibly Know about leading men.

  • JAS57

    If we were are going to replace anybody, let’s start with our CONGRESS. They only seem to be concerned with reducing taxes on the rich and stopping abortions.

  • ron

    let congress and federal employees take a cut in pay and benefits or maybe alll the GIS get out of service and go on welfare as most eligals do.

  • Tom

    Obviously, SEIU doesn’t represent military personnel.

  • Evelyn

    If Gates wants to cut something, why not stop sponsering all the race cars? they( the drivers) make a small forturne just to race them. I know it takes a large fortune to keep them on track. The race cars will not feed our military familys. What is wrong with this picture? Race cars or defence? which is most important? Also why should we keep paying medical bills and pay checks to all of the senate and house retires? They need to live only on social security along like most all of us do.

  • LMP

    As a reservist, your rent is paid according to where YOU CHOOSE to live. So, you are coming off a 3 year tour – did your family have to prepare to move while you were away?
    Is your family now trying to find a new job for your spouse and affordable housing in a good school district in an entirely different region you may have never even been to before and would not likely choose to live if given a choice?
    How many of your children’s births, birthdays or Little Suzie’s recitals did you miss because of your civilian job?
    Did you actually deploy during your tour, or did you have the luxury of seeing your family everyday? Has your relationship with your spouse become an “online affair” because you aren’t home enough to actually speak in person, and text or IM is all you have? Or did you have to hope that the freaking MWR internet stays up for a 10 minute video chat “once in awhile”?
    Apparently, Sir, it was YOU that had it easy…the rest of us actually make sacrifices day after day, year after year, holiday after holiday.

  • Panzer Colonel

    Cut military pay when you are engaged in multiple theaters of war, when the Nation’s borders are wide open, when illegals are given more and more, makes sense to me. If you are going to wreck the country, might as well do a 100% bang up job of it.

  • Al Knight

    You are so right. Obama and his administration would rather cut the pay of the military then the pay of other government employees or reduce the number of employees. And as soon as we are out of Iraq and Afghanistan, look for a reduction in force. Happens everytime we end a war. I retired under the last RIF. Our military leaders are not leaders but followers. They will not fight for our military personnel nor will they stand up to Obama and the administration.
    Thank you for your service and your husband’s.

    Alfred G. Knight, TSgt/Ret, USAF

    • Andrew Heil

      I have seen three reduction in force in my Military career. Good NCO’s were let loose, but not the officers. The backbone of the ARMY are the NCO’s. They make it happen and do not get recognized, only the Officers.

  • LongTimeSailor

    I just returned from overseas. After working with over 600 Sailors for a year, I can honestly say, without exaggeration, 90% of the Sailors there were overpaid. Sorry everyone, just going to Afghanistan doesn’t entitle to you to a salary…excelling at your mission and completing the mission professionally EARNS your paycheck. The Sailors’ sense of entitlement was disappointing. GET OUT of the MILITARY if you don’t like it. STOP COMPLAINING, START PERFORMING. Our forefathers would be much more disappointed in you than I am.

  • Thanks

    Well, well, well! Who didn’t see all of this coming! Oh I think the comment was correct!

    “He has instead sought to reduce the cost of TRICARE by increasing annual premiums and fees for military retirees” and now the White House would like to make $400B in cuts; Gates recently floated the idea that reducing military compensation? When are we going to understand that most and I say a lot of military voted for the change that they have and also the retirees!

    The last time I was able to save anything was my pocket change and that is going away too just like my savings and “Benefits” Yes I said benefits! I think we should re-elect the current President and allow him the opounity to make more change! I think he said? I want to make all equal and share the wealth! (your benefits, your pay, your retirement cost, and etc). So in short I salute you Mr. Gates and all of your Chiefs of Staff for a job well done! (No wonder we are in a mess the blind leading the blind!)

    Happy Memorial Day and thank you all who served, presently serving and to those who gave the ultimate sacrifice THANK YOU!

  • Vince Maggio

    Sacrifice, are you kidding. The US Military Sacrifices everyday. I saw a story just this morning about a Military vet who is unemployed, went Bankrupt twice and is facing Eviction…. For the Men and Women that spent 20 plus years in the Military placing their life and families welfare on the line everyday for God and Country, Sure let’s cut the one hollow promise of Lifetime Health care for the sacrifice. This is no longer a country for the people by the people but a country of over paid politician that do not care one bit for the sacrifice that we make but Only for the vote they will get in the next election.

  • Phillip

    These republican’s don’t give a hoot about military personnel, why don’t they cut money from the Industrial Military Complex, that’s where the biggest amount is going to pay their buddies big salaries. If they make the rich pay their fair share % in taxes and stop the corporate welfare disguised as subsidies we wouldn’t be in this situation. How could they even think about cutting military pay and benefits, it shows you just how ungrateful they are.

    • Jack Simmons

      Phillip has put his finger on something important. Our two major parties, Democrats and Republicans, are both looting our country. Do not think that switching one for the other will change anything. What we need is a strong third party composed of those who care about this country and its people.

  • William Gaxiola

    You know what’s ironic that our leaders whether they serve in the Senate the house or the presidency, they have taken $500 billion out of Medicare to fund new program that in the later years will go belly up. Now they’re one to go after the military those who serve presently and those who have served in the past. Whether gets cuts in tri-care or pay cuts on those who have slurred his country with honor. I don’t know what it’s like being in the military today, but I know when I was in soldiers had to draw food stamps in order to feed their families because they didn’t make enough while serving this country. The back in the 60s we received $68 a month as after a government bonds was deducted. Then he reported to your unit and yet it helps support programs such as AER also orphanage don’t get me wrong both are good but when you take from those who make very little doesn’t leave you much for your family. Our government would rather leave our troops in foreign countries guarding or protecting the sovereignty of those countries instead of bringing our troops home and guarding our borders against those who are going to profit from illegal sales of drugs gun running or human trafficking. Our leaders keep saying we need troops to remain in Europe and Asia back in the 60s and 70s I would say yes probably but in today’s military are technology we don’t need troops there spending American dollars in foreign countries to help stabilize their markets and we should be here in United States spending the money in our own country. I hear our leaders suggest that it’s not that much of a cost provide military stations overseas I say that’s crap is not just leasing property that hiring civilian to support our military, if you have maneuvers any damages made our government pays dearly I suggest before we start taking money from those who make very little to start with or make them pay more for service that should be funded by the government’s that we first bring all of our troops from the Middle East from Europe and from Asia whatever our troops are serving if they’re not here in the United States than they need to be. Bring the troops back to California. We don’t need to downsize our military any more than what it is but with technology today our troops don’t need to be standing in the way of missiles and by the time we need to put troops on the ground says government can lease most of the civilian airlines for haul our troops into combat. What this reminds me of is a disaster in New Orleans, the people are alerted that a hurricane is coming there was no sense of urgency on no one’s part of always thought prior planning prevents piss poor performance. What is really pathetic is all this concern about having to have troops overseas and here in United States we have no control of our borders we need the troops here in United States countries such as Venezuela and Mexico which is unstable right now.

  • DisturbednTampa

    they want to reduce the pay for those of us that go over and fight for freedom but they would never even THINK about reducing their own pay and incentives. Our government is running this nation into the ground.

  • William Gaxiola

    We need to bring our troops home! But it doesn’t bother those of you who’ve allowed our troops be placed in harms way to take what little benefits they do receive for serving this country taken them away you haven’t even tried to see how much money this country could save by bring all our troops home but you still continue to take from those who serve. When Afghanistan on Iraq Kuwait and possibly Lebanon maybe Syria we put troops in harm’s way and you try to justify by suggesting that we have great men and women serving our country how proud you are of them, and then when you no longer need their services you try and put the deficit that you and your colleagues have created over the years on the backs of the military and senior citizens and I don’t even want to go there. As election time and you’re out there kissing babies and kissing up to other organizations just so you can get elected to office when it comes right down to it the difference between Democrat, Republican, and independents is nothing your loyalty isn’t to those who put you in office but rather what party you serve. You say how can we resolve this problem with the deficit first of all you stop spending you start giving our money to other countries bring our troops home and those companies who have decided to leave this country is referring to the manufacturing their goods made on the outside this country and also and United States those goods should be taxed extremely high for a couple of reasons anyway those who have lost their jobs and work for companies to profit on the backs of the poor in Third World countries. Has anyone ever asked why the company want to go to a place such as Mexico nor that they have a drug war over there or some other country where there is a conflict going yet they’re willing to set up business there why is that because it’s probably more profitable when labor is so cheap and the environment to hell with it what guidelines. Now I understand why leaders of this country are suggesting allowing illegal immigrants to serve in the military, maybe they figure that they can exploit the illegal immigrant like so many private business have done. Such things as lower wages, no medical and no housing for their families and those subsidies. Another go on anymore you understand the whole world coming from understand world leaders are coming from and they shouldn’t be our leaders make it even suggests taking from those who have served this country faithfully, honorably to tell them you’re going to be making less money now because the war in Afghanistan, Iraq, Kuwait and Lebanon in which you served honorably one to three tours in a hostile area. That you will now have to pay for that war that our leaders deemed necessary, while the billions of dollars we pay countries in bribes to allow our troops or other military troops to set up military post, and it is a real disgrace the amount of money we have paid Pakistan, and the American lies that have been lost because Pakistan would not allow US military to go after the Taliban and the Al Qaeda.

  • cdougjack

    This guy (Gates) is on his way out. But wait, he’s got to make a name for himself before he leaves. After all, what else has he done for the military?

    The Defense Department is bloated with money and other material excesses. Try cutting some defense contracts, particularly the no-bid kind that offer lucrative monetary deals to one’s campaign supporters.

    America’s military strength is derived from its service men and women, not military weapon systems. But listening to our Defense Secretary, one would never guess that, which is why he is advocating cutting military pay. He’s a quote or two from Gates in the Wall Street Journal:

    “In a series of farewell speeches, Mr. Gates has warned against cuts to weapon programs and troop levels that would make America vulnerable in “a complex and unpredictable security environment,” as he said Sunday at Notre Dame. On Tuesday at the American Enterprise Institute, Mr. Gates noted that the U.S. went on “a procurement holiday” in the 1990s, when the Clinton Administration decided to cash in the Cold War peace dividend. The past decade showed that history (and war) didn’t end in 1989.

    “It is vitally important to protect the military modernization accounts,” he said, and push ahead with new capabilities, from an air refueling tanker fleet to ballistic missile submarines.”

    There you have it……protect the military modernization programs, push ahead with new weapons capabilities and defense contracts, reduce military pay, and basically screw the GI’s.

    Thank you, sir.

    • Mike

      While I agree this is nothing short of a severe blow to morale and I sincerely hope that they find other ways to cut the budget, I have to take issue with the comment that Secretery Gates is doing this to make a name for himself. This comment alone reaks of ignorance and shows a lack of research done on the part of the writer. Mr. Gates has dedicated nearly his entire life to service of this country and to suggest that he would screw the military over by looking for ways to reduce the budget is absolutely disgusting.

  • Shona

    This news sucks big time, TRICARE already made cuts to where I can no longer get homecare therapy but have to go off post and face a $25 no show/late charge, my husbands wage is the only wage we have so we struggle from paycheck to paycheck I would like to see the bigwigs survive on what little pay we get as it is, bring everyone home, stop the loans and get our own backyard fixed up instead of peeing in someone elses!

  • Sharp

    In an era where the government is trying to give social security to illegals talking about cutting military pay is obscene. Lets cut some of the “feel Good” social programs for people too lazy to work as far as I am concerned you should have to have some kind of service (if you can’t do military) then some other service where you work long thankless hours for low pay before you are granted the right to vote or run for any type of office.

    • R.H.

      You hit the nail on the head Sharp. Get rid of illegals and put those people on welfare who are able to work in their jobs. This would help in a lot of areas of our country.

  • John Colbert

    Now that the SecDef Gates is out and being paid a very generous retirement package plus selection to big corporate board jobs netting in the millions. You really think he cares about military pay. His family and friends don’t have a Draft Number

  • Thanks

    I agree with most if not all the comments about the fairness but I have one question for all the people who are complaining about the unfairness. “WHAT ARE YOU GOING TO DO ABOUT IT”!!!!

  • SPDSTER911


  • Doc

    Sounding off about Tricare increases and Pay cuts are great on this thread, but if you really want to get their attention, write, email and call your Senators and Congressman and let them know where you stand. Find out on Google or your favorite search engine who your Senators and Congressman are.
    Votes matter most to them.
    Keep it clean, and respectful, they want to know where you stand. All of them want your Vote regardless of which party they are from…

  • Elward

    Why in **** don’t congress and the administration take a pay cut.

  • akaterinsky

    $400 Billion in cuts? Come on, pull the other one.

    The entire 2011 DoD budget is $548.9 billion, a 3.4 percent increase over the 2010 level.
    Do you expect us to believe that the White house is asking for a 73% cut In Defense?

  • Retired CSM

    I took my “pay cut” by being underpaid for the approximately 35 years I served in the US Army. Since I retired, part of my retirement pay that I earned has been withheld because I have service-connected disabilities and am drawing VA compensation — I am just not disabled enough for “concurrent receipt!” Furthermore, the last two years have produced a net pay shrinkage, since there was no Cost Of Living Adjustment (COLA) increase, and premiums and other actual costs of living did in fact increase. I note from Secretary Gates’ biography that he served as an Air Force Officer, although the bio does not mention how long; it also seems to have been concurrent with his CIA service. Somehow, I don’t think he has ever marched in my boots. A pay cut would demonstrate a callous disregard for the quality of our present service and a blatant insult to those who have already served.

  • Gerald

    Don’t cut the military pay. Cut the rip offs from defense contrractors like Halliburton, Brown and Root and all the other rip offs that Chaney and Rumsfield put in place when they were head of DOD. Cut military spending is a necessity and a 10% accross the board reduction in every department of government would not hamper our military mission and readiness on bit.

  • dee

    Get used to it baby the rest of us in civilian life are having the same struggle. When I was in the military, for 11 years, I was being paid a total sum of 400 dollars a month including every cent available to an Airman first class at that time. You are getting paid a whole hell of a lot more than we were during Nam.

  • Doc

    Gates is DOD, I am pretty sure he doesn’t get the final Yea or Nay on raising Tricare fees or cutting pay.
    Find out who your Senators and Congressman are, call, write, email them. They have the final chop on this stuff. Be profesional but Clear.

  • Ray

    When are we going to start cutting all the money we spend on illegal immagrants in this country. (medical, housing, food, and SSI There are according to reports 12,000.000of them living in this country. Someone has to be supporting them if not the government who? Instead we go after hard workinig and dedicated individuals who are trying to survive in this jobless economy. Lets start cuttiing their benefits. I though it was illegal to support
    individuals in this country illegally.

  • Bill Ferrie

    Impeach Obama!

  • jdpolaski

    I’m not afraid to show my name. Hey Gates are you related to Microsoft. They always want to cut on things also. How about the military cutting your pay. You get paid too much just like the rest of those in Washington. And when you retire you’ll be getting a 3 digit salary for the rest of your life. While our service men and women get screwed on their pay.

  • joe

    CUT MILITARY PAY!!! The pay of every criminal in the house, senate and white house should be should be reduced to ZERO. Then they should all be put in prison and waterboarded!

  • mik

    Hey we could cut the memorial day holiday and veterans day holiday too to save money. and cut out free burials for our veterans, better yet lets make the wounded
    warriors pay for their own medical. Gates need to be fired he has no clue on what military men and women go through. In War or peace.. only Jesus and soldiers have given their lives for you remember this…

  • Edgar


  • Union hater

    This will ensure that the traitor Obama will never be re-elected. There is no way any members of our Armed Forces, veterans and their families will vote for this traitorous person. This guy doesn’t give a rats **** about our country including our military. Be sure to get your absentee ballot early as possible and send it in right away. Don’t delay. Yours and our countries future and survival depends on it!

    • AZ Steve

      You do realize that Obama proposed a 1.6% pay raise in his 2012 budget plan. This is being driven by the new House members (i.e. Tea Paryt) that are demanding these cuts before allowing the debt ceiling to be raised. And why do we have to raise the debt ceiling? Because for the 1st time in our history we allowed massive tax cuts to be passed during wartime, just put it on the credit card. We sure could use those trillons right about now so that our returning service members had some viable middle class jobs to come home to.

  • Doc

    This hasn’t even gotten to Obamas desk for his Yea or Nay yet.
    Gates is DOD.
    Don’t jump the Gun yet…

  • DenBozz67

    This administration doewsn’t give arats ass about the country. They don’t WANT us to be a world power anymore. We should just follow this administration as they push us into oblivion. They believe we have been the bad guy as a world power and should step down and give in to Communist China, N. Korea, radical muslim terrorists and any other adversary that might be out there.

    Where is the common sense in this administration. Why continue to shovel money out to countries that hate us and take advantage of us and support all the illegal aliens. Why in God’s name would you look at cutting military pay and benefits for either active or retired military???
    Oh wait! — This is the administration that thought the military should buy their own health insurance and pay for their own injuries. Hmmm, it all makes sense now.

  • Bob Falco

    Lets see, every one of my 20 years they gave me a piece of paper telling me how great my benefits were, how much my benefits and pay combined gave my family such an advantage over my civilian counterparts. Then I retired and became a civilian. As a civilian I haven’t eaten dirt for months in blowing sandstorms and searing heat. I haven’t slept under the stars, dirty, cold, hungry and wet. I haven’t forced marched for hours to set an ambush… I haven’t gone days without sleep.. made life and death decisions.. been divorced because my spouse hasn’t seen me in… forever. As a civilian I sometimes work 10-12 hour days (with overtime)… I have a pretty good benefits package (and I can see the doctor of my choice)… I have a 401K plan with employer sponsorship.. and I’m rarely gone overnight (and when I am it’s usually in an upscale hotel with room service). Oh… and I also make a hell of a lot more money… for a hell of a lot less stress.
    Cut the pay and benefits and Gates will gut the force.

  • Tammy

    What are you thinking of. Our military make so little now that most of them qualify for food stamps. Why not take cuts from those higher in the government? What about our congressmen and women and senators take a look at their own pay and benefits. Do they have to worry wether or not they can afford to feed their families or even suppy medical care. Are their sons/daughters serving over seas in a battle zone as an enlisted. I say leave our military alone unless you plan on giving them the benefits and a raise that the so richly deserve. They put their lives on the line for us. What are you going to do for them.

  • askgj

    If anyone in the military or retired military votes for Obama this time around they deserve what they get. I cannot believe when I go to the Dr office at NNMC how many military say they still support him……how can they be so stupid?

    • Emily D

      What has he done to hurt the military? BE SPECIFIC when you answer. He totally supports the military and has our best interest at heart. He is not call for military cuts specifically. He has asked that all departments look at their expenses to see where thing can be done better fiscally. I would be amazing what could be accomplished if people would spend more time giving the man a hand instead of criticizing EVERYTHING he tries to do for this country.

  • mustang7

    With an upcoming election year and republicans in charge of the House, this military paycut will never come to furition. However, there are other cuts that might, e.g., personnel, weapons, etc. With the current condition of our countries finances cuts are inevitable.

  • Doc

    Don’t break out the Pitch Forks and Torches just yet!
    Bob Gates is DOD, (Department of Defense) he is the ones calling for these cuts.
    President Obama has the final chop on this. He can choose to sign the Bill or not.
    Do write, email, call your Senators and Congressman NOW and let them know how you feel. Be Profesional, but be Clear.

  • J Rodgers, MCPO

    Having spent 24 years active duty in the US Navy and working for peanuts from 1955-1979, I can’t belief that knuckle head Sec of Defense, who shouldn’t even be in that position would even consider cutting military pay. It’s bad enough we have a President as Commander in Chief of the Military and has no experience for that job. When are we going to get some qualified people in Washington.

  • LongTimeSailor

    I just returned from overseas. After working with over 600 Sailors for a year, I can honestly say, without exaggeration, 90% of the Sailors there were overpaid. Sorry everyone, just going to Afghanistan doesn’t entitle to you to a salary…excelling at your mission and completing the mission professionally EARNS your paycheck. The Sailors’ sense of entitlement was disappointing. GET OUT of the MILITARY if you don’t like it. STOP COMPLAINING, START PERFORMING. Our forefathers would be much more disappointed in you than I am.

  • jacquespugh

    My view is this: It was inevitable as long as we continue to privatize military logistics and pay billions unnecessarily to mostly GOP patron defense contractors who incorporate offshore for functions once performed for a fraction of the cost by the uniformed services, and as long as upper tier tax rates don’t return to even President Reagan administration levels. It’s rich versus poor, and we most of my fellow vets and service members are among the poor in the grand scheme of things. Patriotic, yes, but poor. I blame both, GOP and DEMs and when Ryan’s done with Medicare, he’ll go after TriCare anyway. I threw that in there for you Ryan budget plan supporters.

  • commsguy

    I work 12-15 hours daily and that is in CONUS, not to take in to account the work load when we go on yet another deployment to Afghanistan. You will not find any civilian that would put up with the BS that we do for the pay we get, the civilian contractors in theater are getting paid double and triple what we make and have a quarter of the responsibility we do. This is garbage, forget the all the troops who have been injured or killed fighting this countries wars, it means nothing to these government bureaucrats.

  • Seriously

    Someone, losts of someones need to be reminded without our Military there would be NO America.

  • Marine Wife

    I’m a retired Marines Wife. He served 30 years .So I think I have the right to speak out about this pay cutting crap. Our Men and Women deal with so much more then the normal everyday joe has to worry about everyday. Not just with their jobs but with things from home. Us Wife’s OR Husband’s have to deal with everything that most couples have trouble handling together , we do alone . They are given a contract when they join that said what they are working for and they can’t just quit if they don’t like the way things are working out. When they give 20+ years , Congress and our President can’t change the rules . If our service members give their all we have to stand by what was promised to them, it’s just that simple….. God bless our service members and I pray he continues to bless the US because we are going to need it..

  • Emily D



    Even if this obsurb idea of cutting military pay never gets approved, just the idea they might consider it is an insult to every man and woman who is currently or has in the past put on the uniform and defended idiots like that. Answer their proposal at the polls an during your local and federal elections.

  • No Pitty

    Holy cow! you’re all overpaid! you never worry about being homeless! you never go hungry! stop whining! how’s about you let your 1st class husband get busted down. you’ll be surprised how well you’re still able to manage your budget.

    • SailorMade

      My husband worked hard to get where he is. I also have. I work a fulltime job instead of sitting on my butt at home. I’m not asking for pitty, and we are hardly overpaid. We manage our budget fine and save as well. Because we are thrifty and smart. More than I can say for the likes of you.

    • Ann Struble

      Overpaid?? Seriously? While we are ok, our financial situation is tight. My husband is a 1st Class. There have been times where unexpected, unbudgeted expenses came up and we didnt have enough money for groceries. We invest one paycheck a month into retirement and the other one goes for bills, groceries and gas for the month. We dont have a lot of cash to spare….

    • BOOM

      Dude do us all a favor and step out in front of a moving bus or maybe just OD on that Crack your smokin

  • Allen

    It is an all volunteer military – tell your kids not to join, then have your kids tell all there friends not to join. Without new recruits volunteering what are they going to do then. Who will fight these worthless wars. Oh and gates go rock in your rocking chair and knit until you retire then go away.

  • Jack

    I agree it is time for someone with common sense to run this government. If he wants to cut military pay then maybe the military should only work 8 hour shifts and just 40 hours a week. Or better yet let’s have the military work the same schedule as congress and their staffs.
    They really do want a total revolt in this country don’t they.
    Retired CMSgt.

    • Link

      As a guest I’m not going to get into a arguement here.
      Agree with you 100% (former SFC Army) 14 years active then reserves.
      When drafted I made $60.00 a month plus $55.00 for jump pay.
      Some of these people don’t have a clue what our military goes through.
      8 hours a day / 40 hrs a week? Part time work at best.

  • coart167

    The folks on the hill should consider giving them selves a pay cut first.
    This way eveyone in the armed services can see leadership by example than by directive.

  • Doc

    Gates is DOD, I am pretty sure he doesn’t get the final Yea or Nay on raising Tricare fees or cutting pay.
    Find out who your Senators and Congressman are, call, write, email them. They have the final chop on this stuff. Be profesional but Clear.

    I am not saying that this has anything to do with this or not, but if you go to Wikipedia online, you will see that Bob (Robert Gates) is a Republican.
    Just saying…

  • Terry

    Sec Gates you stupid stupid man. Now I really know why I hate you.

  • Terry

    We think Gates is such a stupid man, just wait until Panetta becomes sec of defence. We will have to pay the government $500 a month just to be able to serve in the military.

  • Give Me A Break! Start with the President(s) and work down from Senate and Congress. Take all retirements that have not served 20 yrs. Take away security that they don’t need. They are no different than any military person serving. And if thats not enough cut their pay down 1/2 or more. Why do they need to live in DC. Fly commercial, take a train. Oh to much for fuel to drive – take a vote and fix the pricing once and for all. Give Me A Break!!!!!!

  • Judd Brown

    It doesn’t make sense to mess with the pay of the people who have weapons at their disposal.

  • Don

    I agree with many of the statements made about pay and allowances – yes, Congressmen will tell you that they pay social security and pay into Medicare – they will tell you that they have to serve 20 or more years before they can retire – they will tell you that all this bull about their retirement and other allowances is nothing but hot wind and that it is not true – well, I asked a Congressman about just this very topic and he told me that He was under Social Security, Medicare, etc and that he did not get 100% of his salary when he retired after 1 term – we all know the truth – if a budget needs balancing, look at the waste our Congressional people do on their own – they and they alone caused this big deficite – nothing to do with the taxpayer – their last pay raise was a 30 or 35% across the board raise – the military that year 2 to 2.5% – let Congress fight our wars then see what pay they would get. Retired for 32 years, WW11, Korea, and Viet Nam – I was lucky

  • Andrew Heil

    Maybe Gates should start first cutting his pay and then move on to the others that have outrageous benefit plans, retirement etc..It should start from the top and then see if they like being treated like second class citizens.

  • Ret_E7

    I’m totally exasperated by all the b_ll. A week or so ago I saw a news report that the government was no longer legally able to borrow any more money because they had reached their limit – so they were going to ask for new legislation allowing them to increase the amount they could borrow. The next day I saw on the news that the President was putting together a 19 Billion dollar aid package for Egypt. Instead of trying to save the world we need to take care of our own people first. Stop borrowing and giving it away to outside nations (many of which hate us anyway) and take care of our veterans, elderly, and children.

  • Old Frat

    What an outright shame, considering that waste is everywhere, they slosh money to certain special groups (bailouts, unions, etc), multi-billions for earmarks and foriegn aid, and on and on and on. But it is the private, sergeant, Lt and Captain they ask to save our economy. What an outright shame!

    Lets propose every one and every last government employee, including military, civil service, Senators, Congresspersons and all their staffs, and Judges and all their staffs and employees, elected and appointed politicians and all their staffs — that is EVERYONE RECEIVE A 1% OR 1.5% PAY CUT. I want to see someone dare to do it. Yet, it will go far in reducing spending and at the same time create a great sense of sharing. SHARING. That is one thing missing in our society now.

  • Navy Retiree

    I have written my members of congress about this crap. I have also written our great non-military president and thye retiring Mr. Gates. Gates will now get a higher paying job to go with his outrageous retirement. I hope that you will write or call your particular congress members and let them know what you think. Too bad we don’t have a Mendel Rivers to fight for us any more.
    Very few members of congress have served in any military service so they don’t care if we work for peanuts. They have it made. I will continue to try to get better people in congress by voting and will sure try to get our useless president out in 2012. How about some help folks.

  • Linda

    Broken promises….. by a bunch of civilian elected officials who make a lto fo money; then crap on those who fought so they could keep on making the big bucks. Why screw the military and the rank and file federal employee? Go after the the salary of those who make 6 digits in the higher echelons of government. Go after THEIR retirement, which are huge.
    My friends, they are going to go after everything. And by the time they are finished with us, we will have nothing.

  • Chief409

    I can’t say I’m surprised about this. The Administration and the Democrats in Congress and the Senate are upset that “We The People” are so upset with their policies that we DARED to vote in a Republican majority hell bent on chopping their favorite programs – which are also the biggest vote getter’s they have. It took Obama-Care to get us motivated, motivated enough that many of the party hacks that voted for it decided to take THEIR retirement instead of running for re-election and getting their butts kicked. So now they are going all out to cut everything, especially programs which will cause such an uproar that they can weasel their favorite “public welfare programs” funding as riders on bills which are REALLY important to the security of the United States.

    Folks, this is Democracy at work – still better then the rest of the world, but unless we’re going to end up like Greece – we’re going to have to FIGHT! Write letters to your Congressman, Senator, local officials, newspapers. TALK about it at work. This isn’t a battle we trained for, but it just may be “THE MOST IMPORTANT BATTLE EVER FOUGHT!”

    USN Ret

  • Buoyrdr

    Why does the United States government feel it is so necessary to “democricize” and provide foreign aid to countries whose populations mostly hate us and are only interested in sucking the gold from the “golden goose’. (The USA) Why dont we bring the troops home and only leave an embassy there? Why do we need military bases in Japan, Korea, Germany, Somalia, Iraq, etc? If the FBI, CIA, and NSA are on alert then we should be able to protect our shores. With all of the satellites and electronic spy devices in operation, plus the TSA , can we not be considered safe from outside threats? The answer is this- Big money talks, and big corporations run the US government. Just look at who is elected to our government posts.

  • Curtis

    Why don’t Gates and Congress take a pay cut and retired cut as far as i cant see they not that good at helping anyone but there self

  • Ed retired

    O.K. all you military personel, had enough of the A.H. in the white house yet? Make sure you let him know how much you appreciate all he does for you on election day. We need to get that jerk and his cronies out of the white house.

  • Don

    I said it before and I’ll say it again If you voted for the Democrats this is what they always do. Dems ALWAYS cut the military. PLease learn this and don’t vote for a Dem.

  • ExSoldier

    Cut all civilian federal workers’ pay by 50 percent. They do not deploy and face death and injuries.

  • Retired 1 SG

    Bottom line; those who have will continue to have. They have the power. Our country is in the status of England at the turn of the 19th century, when WW1 ended so did England’s world power leadership. Look at the previous world powers and you see us today. Those in power, such as those on the Hill and business ” leaders” have theirs so everyone else is their fodder. The members of congress get a nice juicy retirement after “serving” for only 5 years. Others stay until they are wheeled out on stretchers 80 or more years old, thanks to the way we citizens go safely to the polls and pull the same levers election after election. Vote smartly, get rid of the hangers-on. Stop free- bees to foreign countries that hate us. Stop give aways to the illegals. What don’t you American Liberals understand about ILLEGAL. 12,000,000 illegals? Not on the best day, try 4 times as many. Social Security should never have been named that. FDR and his Liberal cabal saw that using Social Security and not Retirement Safety, it could be used for all manner of “Social” support, such as 21 year old drug runner with three kids and a wife gets shot dead in a bad drug deal, she and the kids get Social Security for years. But god( or deity of your choice) forbid you are military, that at one time in history were recruited by the promise of lifetime health benefits, looking for some benefit for serving are to be kicked to the curb by those that have.
    Remember, many members of our congress come to DC not as millionaires but have great portfolios that, somehow get returns 8 to 10 percent better than the average bear. Just saying.
    Military past and present: THANK YOU FOR SERVICE, and SOLDIER ON!!!

  • Tom

    It really doesn’t get much better, as retired military, we have not received any cost of living increase since 2008. Also, when my child graduated college a few days ago, they stopped her tricare bennefit immediately even though the federal law required other medical insurance to cover children under parent’s policy until age 26..somehow TRICARE didn’t have to abide. Reminds me of the days under Jimmy Carter when he justified low pay as part of our sacrificial duty..a lot of my shipmates with families were broke then. I truly doubt you guys are in for a pay cut. It would be political suidcide ..they are just trying to stir up emotions and testing the waters. What is more likely, is severe downsizing. Just always have a good contingency play like the military taught you. Take every training opportunity available.

  • sonny

    I total agree on pay cuts for congress and the staff also on their retirement is a joke why do they need to draw 100% of their pay for servicing such a short term. while being a retirement military person we only draw such a little. and we had to service at least 20yrs for it’ and you want to take it away. If it this keeps up no one will be willing to join and service are fight for a country that does not care.

    • retiree

      “why do they need to draw 100% of their pay for ser­vic­ing such a short term. while being a retire­ment mil­i­tary per­son we only draw such a lit­tle.”

      They don’t. They are under FERS, same as all federal civilian employees.

  • Jim345

    Let’s get rid of the department of energy. Started under Carter to reduce our dependence on foreign oil they have failed to meet any of their primary objectives. They are bleeding 24 billion per year to do nothing but consume money. Military pay and benefits should go up and they should go up faster for people who have deployed multiple times performing duty as the sharp edge of the sword.

  • subvet81

    Congress in a goodwill effort should take a 20% cut across the board in pay and benefits. Reduce the amount of money provided to Congress for franking (postage and those high glossly advertisements sent out to inform voters). We can read the newspapers ourselves. Some of them spend in excess of 1 million dollars a year. Reduce the number of senior flag officers. We have way too many 4 star and 3 star officers. WHAT MOST PEOPLE FORGET IS THAT GATES IS A REPUBLICAN APPOINTED BY BUSH. HE HAS THE SAME BASIC PHILOSOPHY THOSE BONEHEADS WHO JUST TOOK OVER THE HOUSE. TAXCUTS TO RICH AND TO BUSINESSES, SCREW THE MIDDLE CLASS AND OUR MILITARY INSTEAD!

  • chinglish

    For all the ignorant ner-do-wells out there that have never served, i am a retired E6, with 21 years in the Navy, This year i had an additional $100.00 a month taken from my income for federal taxes, i think that is quite enough of a decrease in my military retirement, one more loss of income and i lose my house. My wife wants to get a job but she is too old. I would return to the military in a heartbeat but they will not take 80 year olds that can barely walk.

  • TipKick1991

    I suggest Secretary Gates set the example by cutting his own pay and benefits!

  • N Wheeler

    If it become necessary that a pay reduction must be made, first, members of the Senate and House of Reps and their secretaries and aides should have their pay reduced, and second, when you reach the military, it should be the officers, not the enlisted personnel who should take the pay reduction. Once upon a time, I achieved the rate of E-4. Later, I retired as an O-5. I believe I still remember the problems of getting by on a very small amount of pay.

  • Retired 65-85

    When I saw that our liar in chief was increasing our taxes as of 1 Mar of this year I immediately wrote to the White House to remind him that for over two years he has stated that no one that makes under 250 thousand would see not a penney increase in their taxes. Since my family lives on a fixed income of my military retirement, E-6, and two social security checks which total under 50 thousand a year I was understandably up set. I also let him know exactely how I felt by telling him that he was a Lieing Sack of SH_T. Enough said.

  • Bethe Aquino

    BAD IDEA!!! The budget cuts should not come from the small pay and compensation soldiers are already getting for defending our country and be in harm’s way. Budget cuts should come from wasteful military spending, begin at PCS expenses incurred every two-three years. PCS every 4-5 years would definitely save the government money to help solve this deficit problem.

  • Gary

    I am retired military and spent 3 tours in Vietnam. I was also in the Grenada Operation. Except when I was an e-1 thru E-4, I always felt I was fairly compensated. I didn’t get rich but I wasn’t starving either. Sure the military faces certain dangers and hardships but it is an all-volunteer military. An E-7, with 15 years service makes $4K per month, plus benefits. The benefits are worth at least $1000 per month. That comes out to about $60K per year. There are a lot of college grads not making that kind of money. Of course I always wanted more and would have wanted more if they paid me $1 million per year. I see nothing wrong with a pay cut for Top 3 enlisted and Field Grade Officers.

  • JohnL2

    This “idea”, as absurd as it is, just HAS to come from OBAMA!! Obama has managed to tick off England, Isreal, and the majority of legal American citizens, among others, and now our own military? Obama is not only inept, but an A-1, first class, US prime, dyed in the wool, FOOL!! Obama is going to cut the pay of the very people (our US military) that provide him the umbrella of freedom he lives under and allows this idiot to sit in OUR house? SHAMELESS!!!!!! Obama is an embarrassment to the United States of America!!! HE MUST BE REMOVED ASAP!!!!

  • jesse

    pay cuts = a spite in the face to the ones that gave it all and kick in the head to there love ones

  • Mark

    Here’s a better idea. All of the politicians, from the occupant of the White House down, take a sizeable pay cut instead? What have the done to deserve such a salary as they get? If they don’t hold an office for 20 or 30 years, then when they get voted out,they don’t get anything, just like the rest of us who get laid off or fired. They also need to pay for their own medical care, out of pocket–theirs not ours, and when they travel they pay for their own tickets and cars. Also, we need to stop paying for Secret Service protection for former presidents. Who cares about former presidients, anyways?They go on speaking tours and such and get big bucks for such. They can afford to pay for their own security. Finally, all of them need to go to Dave Ramsey’s Financial Peace seminar and learn all aabout financial reponsibility, so maybe they would kearn not to spend all of the money they bleed us dry for so irresponsibly. Oh yeah, no automatic pay raises. I am a Navy retiree and a Fed employee and have been denied any COLAs for the Lord knows how long. Wouldnt be so bad if the prices of thinf]gs didn’t keep going up and up, leaving me with less and less to live on. As bad as it is for me, what about those who only have their S.S to live on? They in Washington should truly be made to feel our pain. Maybe even do a tour in Afghanistaan and then tell the servicemen that they should have to have a pay cut to help solve the budget situation that thse in power created in the first place.

  • AirForceRet

    I came back to read some more of the postings and I see quite a few that have their head in neverland, according to this dreamers bobama and his democrats are the ones that are against military pay cuts and the Republicans the ones who want to cut it: For those who read the books backward let me state a little history, it was under President Nixon in 1974 that the military got the biggest pay raise, the democrats did not want to go with it specially one by the name of kennedy, President Ford kept up the raises until the peanut salesman took over, we all know how good he controlled the economy, after money had been expended he CANCEL the B1, it didn’t matter it was our tax money going down the drain, in the Air Force the equipment we were using dated to 1956 and the most modern ones to 1969, I remember we were unable to get pens and pencils because they we “wasted pilferable office supplies”, the Air Force was the only service coming close to meeting its recruiting quota. Under him we got surprised by Iran and we had such a moral problem that even special forces didn’t meet standards.
    Under President Reagan we got pay raises and the program was established to raise the military pay to civilian level (My squadron commander , a CAPTAIN has to sign up for FOOD STAMPS in order to feed his family and many enlisted personnel were in the same boat) Under President Reagan we got new equipment and aircrafts, this continue under President Bush, untl after desert storm, congress pushed thru the “base Closure and Realignment” this got pushed even harder under clinton and his lackeys cutting the military to almost pre Reagan levels, thanks GOD we got George Bush as president in 2001 other wise we would still be thinking what to do about the terrorist. All went okay until the disgrace of pelosi and reid, they wanted to be the ones that “controlled the war” so we could have another waste as it was in Viet Nam. Under the present ass we have had bleeding money for terrorist groups like Hamas, the clinto waste interfered in Egypt and in Pakistan creating tensions that were only saved by our special forces and then the clown appeared in 60 minutes talking about “himself ” and getting his ass kissed NEVER mentioning the Special Forces, in three years of WASTE the present disgraceful administration has wasted and thrown more money away that under eight years of the Bush administration including the war, those who are democrats need to be realistic and select democrats who think about the WHOLE COUNTRY and are not anti American, in my whole life I had never seen a clown of a president NOT EVEN CARTER that did not know where to put his hand during the National Anthem and a president who’s favorite book was The Post-American World, “a Muslim’s view of a defeated America.”, from now until the end he is a disgrace to our nation and our beliefs. Estrange he did not select Vietcong jane as one of his advisors

  • Amber

    I’d nter text right here!

  • AO1

    Let the politicians take the cuts in pay and benefits. Instead of spending their money on the gulf course, lavish living and paying hush money to hide their scandalous life styles. They need to start really working instead of pointing fingers at each other. Start making decisions that will make a positive difference in this country and not worrying about how it will benefit them.

  • Retired 1SG

    Just to reiterate what I mentioned in an earlier post. Remember that the house and senate are good ol boy homes. We need to vote smartly, Stop re-electing some of these half brains, and old geezers such as Thurmond (damn near 100 when they carried him out. We still have Lautenberg (80 something), Rangel (80 and a thief). Not to mention our Randy representatives who emulate the politicians of France. “We are the powerful over educated elite” who can do no wrong you peasants. Same holds true for our phony “business leaders”, whose constant mantra is that business only hires the best for their high positions, until they get caught screwing a business up and brought up in front of the public and hide behind the blaming those in the lower ranks receiving a golden parachute. Higher military is not immune, remember the friendly fire death of that football player.

  • darrylwhite

    We can’t cut money to planned parenthood or tax those making billions or stop subsidies to oil billionaires but we must cut the active duty pay to save the economy. what’s wrong with this picture?

  • Whitewolf

    What if all military personnel took a few days off at the same time? Would that be an attention getter?

  • USMC Retired Wife

    This will really piss you off. Rotten bastards!
    Housing and Urban Development Salaries and Expenses



    (Dollars in Millions)

    Item FY 2010 2011 Request Increase/Decrease

    1100 Personnel Costs* 1,096.1 1,114.5 18.4

    2100 Travel 20.1 21.0 0.9

    2200 Transportation of Things 0.3 0.3 –

    2300 GSA Rent** 128.3 131.4 3.1

    2400 Printing 4.0 4.0 –

    2500 Other Services 84.5 95.5 11.0

    2600 Supplies 4.1 4.0 (0.1)

    2700 Furniture and Equipment 7.0 6.2 (0.8)

    3100 Claims and Indemnities 1.6 2.1 0.5

    Totals 1,346.0 1,379.0 33.0

    * Includes mandatory pay raise of 2.0 percent in 2010 and 1.4 percent in 2011, as well as $2.1 million in fiscal year 2011 for a

    Governmentwide initiative to improve acquisition services.

    ** Request level incorporates inflationary increase in base rental costs.


    With respect to the current efforts by the Administration to make more efficient use of resources, the Department is requesting minimal increases for fiscal year

    2011. Of the $33 million increase requested over the fiscal year 2010 enacted level, approximately $16 million – nearly half of the requested increase – is

    necessary to fund the 2010 and 2011 pay raise, as well as the Congressionally mandated increase in transit subsidy benefits.

    Beyond these increases in HUD’s base operating costs, $2 million is provided through a general provision to enhance HUD’s contracting capabilities. Further,

    $11 million is requested in BOC 2500 to fund costs related to the much needed renovation and ―greening‖ of HUD’s headquarters building. These initiatives

    are discussed at length on the following page.


  • tnacjed

    Seems to me that our government officials aren’t concerned about anything but lining their own pockets in any way they can. Taking money out of the pockets of the same men and women that are protecting their asses is not only greedy, but downright disgraceful. Let’s see them give up some of their pay instead of taking it out of the pockets of those that have no choice but to put up with their ever growing commitment to take care of no one but themselves. Absolutely disgraceful, but what do you expect from our current POTUS and his henchmen!

  • biggersm

    Too bad today’s military doesn’t know how well they have it compared to yesterday’s military.

    Throught the first decade of this century military pay raises exceeded the consumer price index but I was able to take very little advantage of it. Promotions, combat duty pay, family seperation pay etc. has also far exceeded what I had available in the 1980s and 1990s. When Desert Shield/Desert Storm happened I had my BAS taken from me which only balanced the family seperation and imminent danger pay. As stated to me, “BAS is to feed you, not your family…if we wanted you to have a family we would have issued you one!”

    I don’t think they should cut military pay, but perhaps it should be frozen for a couple years like my pay as a both a retiree and a GS civilian has been. I know last year’s 1.4% raise seemed small but it was exactly 1.4% better than both my GS and retiree pay pay raise (second consecutive year of no military retirement raise and I already have been informed that there will be another year of no civilian pay raise).

    When I was in (1983-2005) the standard was to keep military pay raises about 1%below the CPI increase Times were tougher back then and all my family could do was drive a Toyota Corolla (only family vehicle), tell the kids “no” to several things and still go deeper into debt.

    For the record between Desert Shield, Desert Storm, Operation Enduring Freedom, Operation Southern Watch, and some other missions in Central America that were even more challenging I think I’ve done my fair share. My countries way of saying thanks is to pay me the equivilent of an E-5 but give me the workload of an E-7, which I do as good as or better than my active duty counterparts.

    My combined retirement and current work as a GS worker has me making about the same as an active duty E-7 but without the benefits of active duty. Sometimes I wish they would let me go back on active duty…I’m still fit and I’m current in my job knowledge since I still do it as a GS civilian.

    Also I don’t want to hear anything about risks of deployment either, GS civilians and contractors also have to go to the same places and often they have more danger when they have to live outside the wire.

    Although this might surprise some of your paradeigms of an overweight retiree…I’m ready, trained, physically fit and eager to go back on active duty so I can take advantage of today’s military benefits which were certainly not available to me when I first enlisted…flame on!

  • DMY

    The day Service members are no longer asked to give their lives for this Country, is the day when we should start talking about cutting the VOLUNTEER military’s pay and benefits. Just as with Firefighters and Police Officers, those who put their lives on the line should be the LAST to take pay cuts.

    I’d really like to see the numbers here…I find it very hard to believe that Service members salaries are the majority of the budget, and if you add retirees in, sorry, you promised that to them when they signed up, and you owe it to them.

    Why don’t we instead take the money out of ALL the social programs instituted in this Country for those who have given nothing to the US?

  • recon-john

    You know, I’m a vietnam vet. I fought for hardly any pay, these young men now should be able to be able to sing a contract that guarantees there pay throughout there service.. it,s not them who suffer , it,s the wife and kids.. CUTTING THERE PAY IS BULL SHIT< CONGRESS SPENT THOUSANDS THINKING UP THIS SHIT< WTF>

  • Mandy

    Better idea!… Since we as a military are “over staffed”… how about actually getting rid of the lazy f**ks that don’t do their job, and let the rest of us live in peace! Those of us that do actually do our jobs are still paid UNDER poverty level! When these wars broke out they handed out waiver after waiver because they needed people. Well…. there you go… start revoking those waivers. If they cannot obtain a security clearance, there is another section to go. Though… there is a flip side to that coin! Once out, are they going to have they going to have the basic skills to survive on the civilian side? So there is even more money going out to unemployment… So which does the government prefer? Their US soldiers on welfare and food stamps, or veterans on unemployment because they weren’t given enough time to educate themselves while in the service?

  • BobinFL

    SHAMEFUL…My husband is retired after 25 years,he retired in 82. It makes me sick to go to the commisary and see our soldiers having to use food stamps to survive.And now they want to cut what little pay they do get for risking their very lives for us every day !!!!! Cut aid to Afghanistan and some of the other traitor countries that get our tax dollars or better yet..let the government workers take the first cut and see how it feels. We need more vets in office and not these money hungry never served a day jerks in office.

  • ron

    another round in placing the burden on the military. congress, contractors, and many upper level staffers can take cuts without major impact on their lives. i’m reitred Army and a government worker for the Army. we are taking personnel cuts, have frozen pay for 2 years, and those like me on FERS have a crazy and small retirement. yes, supposedly SS and TSP, but one isn’t guaranteed, and the other only as good as market, etc. let those making 200K and up take some cuts for a change.

  • sfcpete

    How much does Gates and his political hack crew eat up in tax payer money? How many hours do they actually put into their jobs, are they taking more than 30 days leave a year, do they put in 20 hours days? Probably not but they’ll stick it to the real military. This is what happens when we allow little boys to play army.

  • Ret. Air Force

    Everybody needs to e-mail ABC, CBS TV news. It seems like the idiots running this country don’t care until it is reported on TV.

  • Brian

    I agree. Why should they cut OUR pay even more. That is just lining their own d*** pockets with more gold. We are struggling while they live the comfortable. We do have our veterans that our homeless and everything else. This is the main reason why I hate politicians, they are only out for themselves.




    Lets see the US Spends over 30 billion a year in foreign aide.
    About 200 billion a year on overseas millitary bases we have been funding since WWII like bases in Korea, Germany, and Japan.
    About 200 billion a year for wars in Iraq and Afganistan.
    18 billion on Space exploration. Not to mention the salaries of House and Senate members and there staffers. Looks to me that there are a lot of things we can cut before we talk about cutting the pay of the people who put their lives on the line to protect this country. It will be political suicide to any congressman to vote for such a thing. Lets just make sure we are ready to vote em in or out if we need too.

  • pissed off nnow

    So let me get this right…im suppose to risk my life(and lives of others)here in Afghanistan, win the hearts and minds of the local populous , continue to risk our lives even more by continuing doing convoy missions all because someone in Washington doesnt know how to do the budget

  • Richard

    Gates has sold out, just like everyone else in Washington. When will Washington remove their heads from their behinds and look in their own backyards first. How about grounding VIP aricraft, not Air Force One. Cogress and Senate are not doing their part. Why don’t they pony up!


    what to do well better band together and vote someone with balls into the white house cut military pay is total bull shit and increaseing tricare fees are insane better ELECT JESSE VENTURA FOR PRESIDENT HE WOULD NOT PUT UP WITH THIS IF ALL MILITART AND EXMIL VOTE FOR HIM WE CAN GET HIM IN OFFICE AND GET THIS COUNTRY BACK ON TRACK

    • tnacjed

      Jesse Ventura for President….PLEASE! Nothing like having a paranoid whack job running our country. Almost makes as much sense as having a narcissistic idiot with no balls running our country. Let’s face it, if neither party gets their s**t together really quickly, we may as well kiss our country goodbye…at least what’s left of it!

  • NBoundy

    Let’s start with the bloated pay for high ranking officers. How about dumping some procurement officials. Panetta may be no nonsense when it comes to cutting the working class pay, the backbone of the military; but it makes no sense. There is an old adage, “Panetta may have piece of mind, but we have the pieces.” Let’s start with his salary and the assiatant secretary too!

  • retired e-7

    you people make me sick to my belly. yea cut congress pay not military or retired. you never in your life have heard lets cut congress pay no
    its lets give ourselves a pay raise.

  • ed will

    when I entered the military I made $78.00 a month , when I retired I was making $2000 a month plus or minus a few bukspoint is when I made $78 I somehow made it a whole month on it then when I was making $2000 I had to make every penny cunt

  • MSGT Ben Fiorentino

    Wy dont we start removing the fat from the top, let us reduce the unneccessary benefits to the people who supposedly should rappresent US and PROTECT US.

  • mason brannon

    I think someone needs to rethink what they are saying. If I were a politician, I would gladly take a pay cut before I would ever consider cutting military pay. I also think the President needs a pay cut 400,000 a year to talk on the idiot box and keep raising taxes and the price of fuel. I think that its time to put a poor man in office that knows the value of the dollar bill. I think it’s time for our government to realize we are a free nation, I think the government needs to ask our opinion on these pay cuts and tax increases. LETS VOTE for whatever we are spending our tax dollars on, who’s with me?


    While it may not be popular to say so, military pay is actually, overall, pretty decent these days. However, rather than cut pay, perhaps a more innovative formula for retiring may be timely. Something like gradually increasing years of service for retirement up till 25 for 50%, etc…As it is now we incentivize many to retire relatively young and lose tremendous skill sets. When the 20 year deal was first cut, our longevity was substantially less, and now days more and more work is mechanized/less labor intensive.

    Ret. Navy O-6


    Well Twenty more months. Good luck to rest with civiain Dr. s and the process of geting what the soldiers need. The process of hiring a good civilan Dr. at the lower pay all ready and low pay of the rest of us Military Dr.s. Our healh care will be line the Cartar adminstraton where Dr.s were flocking to military to avoid Malpratice. Miliary helth care will be a joke. Why are we asking why thre are so many COL and CPT now one in between.

  • karsinger

    Ya ain’t seen nuthin’ yet. Our government has had a license to print and spend without any limit for years because the dollar was the world reserve currency. This is coming to a close. The world no longer respects the stability of the dollar and we just keep spending and printing, driving the value further and further into the pit. Coupled with that is the inflation that the government insists is not there, Bank bail-outs we have been saddled with, the stagnant growth of the economy, loss of jobs to overseas countries because of government policy and jiggled unemployment figures (You are no longer unemployed when your benefits run out) When the dollar is removed as the reserve currency, you will see a repeat of what happened when the British Sterling was removed….Devaluing greatly, heavy inflation, no home financing due to high interest rates, coupled with decline in growth and most probably default on the international debt . If they raised the tax rate to 70% on every man, woman and child, they couldn’t service that debt. But, you can rest assured that plans are being made as we speak to grab everything that can be grabbed in order to preserve a government that no longer serves the interests of the people. History repeats itself and there are many parallels to pre-1776. Everybody says “We live in interesting times.” The real situation is, “We live in times that cry out for truth. wisdom and resolution, not for empty platitudes and Lack of Leadership from the Washington DC political hacks….Any further decisions out of that group that leads to a further decline in this great nation should bring a demand for accountability far beyond waiting for the next election….”Yes I’m mad, disgusted and betrayed!”

  • mike

    Cutting military pay is like adding vinegar to baking soda. It stinks and it bubbles out of control. Where will it stop? Only when our nation elects new representatives and government officials at all levels who have a clue about running a country, establishing and FOLLOWING a realistic budget, and getting back to the fundamentals of the Founding Fathers of our great nation!

  • cecil guthrie

    I say to cut taxes, just make one tax at 10% foreveryone, fire the irs, give each congress person 1 sec to answer his phone as he will be busy as the taxpayer will not pay for any more staff. this will save billions. Also any gov civilion worker, whether white house, congress or judge, will receive twice the cut in pay of any mil personal, and everyone is now on medicare. Put a 1 year hold on all pork and all payments to foreign gov. Any gov that has any ties to terror suspects or orig is off the take permantly. RIB Navy

  • Here’s a thought, lets cut military pay….and in the tradition of the military we can have leadership by example. Therefore the first to get their pay reduced will be the C inC, the Sec Def and the a service secretaries, then the Joint Chiefs and then we can start looking at the trigger pullers.

  • Pat

    Are you nuts let look at your pay???? And the rest of you????

  • Paul

    Be happy for him. He got his great pay and that is all that really matters.The only real problem this once great country has is IDIOTS are allowed to vote.Remember JFK. ASK NOT WHAT YOUR COUNTRY CAN DO FOR YOU. ASK WHAT YOU CAN DO FOR YOUR COUNTRY.. Nothings changed

  • Wait aminute…haven’t we always been told that it is an honor and priviledge to serve?? So why are we paying any of the Legislative, Judicial, or Executive Branch anything? The honor of serving should be payment enough.

    Lets just eliminate all pay for any of these public “SERVICE” jobs.

  • idahnt

    All this talk I hear on the news and political debates about cutting medicare, social secureity, VA benefits etc, but hardly a mention about the billions we just give away to other countries. We just hand over money to countries that hate us while we watch ourselves wither away. No wonder the rest of the world thinks we’re idiots.

  • Bonehead123

    Nothing but the “best” for America’s military, huh?

  • Ada L. Cauley

    Congress and all who are working in the White House needs to take the Pay Cuts. NOT THE MILITARY. And STOP SUPPORTING ALL THOSE UNGRATEFUL COUNTRIES AND TAKE CARE OF AMERICA FIRST.
    Bring our men and women in uniform home if the wars are costing us too much. If those countries want us there, then let them foot the bills. Do support our Military to keep our Country safe. And those who work in the White House who has Never worn a Military uniform; get another job. You don’t deserve the Freedom you have. Freedom doesn’t come FREE.

  • William Rodak

    and to think of who obozo is going to replace is going to shred our military in more ways than one. so go a head and keep kicking the dog that defends your home and see what happens. it either lets a killer in and does you in or does the killing itself.

  • Bonehead123

    Obama explains his proposed budget to a class of 2nd graders:
    “You have a pie, you see. You cut it in half.
    “This half is for foreign policy – things like the military, and our expensive foreign wars, and foreign aid to other governments.
    ” And this half is for the government, to pay our bills, and pay our workers.
    “And this half is for the elderly, and people on welfare & food stamps.
    “And this half is to make sure every American has medical care.
    “And this half is for the banks, to pay interest on our debt and bail them out if they fail, and buy car companies.
    “And this half…….”

  • Phil

    There are plenty of areas of fat that we can trim off without cutting pay. How many contracts have been given out hiding in health care bills and everyother bill that is passed with no thought for cost or need. Take the C130 the AirForce doesn’t want or need any more but because they are being built in some congressman back yard they keep on making them.

  • Gonzalo Vergara

    I recommend that first we get the hell out of Iraq, Afghanistan and all the other places we are currently deployed in; then we can talk about pay cuts

  • AZ Steve

    The President’s ’12 budget calls for a 1.6% pay raise. Reducing Congress’ pay would be nice, but only symbolic. It wouldn’t amount to a fraction of the amounts they have to meet. This is being driven by the Tea Party and the fear of those in the House that they will face a primary challenger if they don’t vote in lock step. What good are more tax cuts going to do my family when I have less income to tax?


    Wow!! If there is any integrity, character, and big brother like attitude in our leadership, one would start at the top with this pay issue. I might be dumb because I volunteered to join, but i know that the top begins with the President and so on……

  • allan

    It should be apparent ,30 days after the attack on Korea , the military was not with drawn, as it should have been., A decerlation of war should have been requested by the president & if not declared by congress , the american troops should have been withdrawn . The same abuse was again displayed in 1964, by President Johnson & again in the Iraq invasion of kuwait. It should take a decleration of war by congress for any military operation . If declared in korea , the chineese would have been bombed with nukes, the north koreans would not exist,,there would be no problem in asia ,. As far as the sesiure of the US embassy in Iran , It should have been declared an act of war by the US congress, The Iranians should now be !00 % subdued

    • bill m

      The KCIA said themselfs Korea can stand on its own today, we could save a few billon there for sure. next if we cut welfare off to Isreal we coild save many billons there.
      we have been that countrys lap dog way to long and out of Iraq and Afgan,

  • ET2 J

    I’m currently an E-5 Electronics Technician serving in the Navy. Throughout my time in there are two places where I think the military spends far too much money on; contractors and gear they don’t need. The military likes to purchase the most expensive piece of gear that accomplishes the same job as a piece of gear that costs a fraction of the price. The people they put in charge hardly know what they’re doing because they run things for such a short period of time that by the time they learn the job it’s time for them to transfer. Thus poor decisions get made across the board due to lack of knowledge. The military rarely let’s its personnel take control of a major task to accomplish a job. They trust contractors more so than their own people. So why am I here? They spend tens of thousands of dollars on my training then turn around and pay a contractor hundreds of thousands of dollars to do the same job in my stead? Cut the contractors, the excessive spending on useless junk, extend tours so people can actually learn their jobs and make educated decisions, and listen to your subordinates! Mr. Gates, we are not just numbers, we are people. Common sense prevails, quit the sherades!

  • Mike

    Along with the key comments made above , please tell me that all other world-wide non-essential operations (other than war / critical national interests), such as counternarcotics / demining support to Law Enforcement Agencies (LEAs) and Country Teams, Developing Country Combined Exercise Program (DCCEP) funding (basically funds given to third world “partner nations” to entice them to train with us), Peacekeeping/making/building, Foreign Disaster Relief, Foreign Internal Defense, along with all other “engagement-for-the-sake-of-engagement” programs have been shelved first before warrior pay cuts were even considered. And, if for some reason they weren’t then don’t be afraid to look into the eyes of the proponents for these programs (even though they may be your brothers in arms) and just say no! Everyone has their mega-slide power point justifications for these programs, but our warriors and the service they provide are a much higher priority!

  • John

    Let us start with Gates pay first then move onto the real pay…the White House and its staff that do nothing…then to the Congress….they do less then all…

  • D. Carper

    Why don’t we take everyones’ salary from the Sec of Def Gates, the entire congress and their flunkies along with the Pres. We stand tall and show that we(Military) are the backbone of this country’s defense. I can’t even deal with the thought of the administration suggesting the reduction in benefits including salaries. I hate to say this but, I think it’s time to say goodbye to the military. Everyone in the service needs to ETS or retire. God Bless our Military Sevices and thank you all for your everything you do for this country. It’s a shame that this is happening. I served for 21 years and I loved it. It wasn’t always peaches and cream but, we stuck together through thick and thin. Let’s all join together and demand that our service men and women get their long, late and probably forgotten raises and stop the ideas of stripping our benefits even more that we have know!

  • Guest

    Yep you cut the pay but what about the civilan contractors that charge 100 dollars for a toilet set that you can get at Home Depot or a bolt for 90 dollars that you can get for .45 cents. But lets cut the men and womens pay so that they get less then people on Welfare. Way to go Sir you should aduit the contracts first. Then you would have probaly have enough to pay off the whole National Debt. I

  • Cody

    It would suck to get my pay cut, it really would. but you all know the Congress is not going to cut there own pay (they are the ones who vote on the budget.) all we can do now is wait till next election and get rid of Obama thats it. complain all you want ( I do everyday about him) but he is the Prez. and thats not going to change for another year. But i do want to thank all the serviceman and women that are in and continue to do their job no matter what is happening. I thank you not just for me but for my Mom Dad Sister and the rest of my family that do get to life with freedom everyday for the jobs you do.


  • Evelynd

    Has it ocurred to anyone that non-retension may very well be the GOAL of this administration?

  • GLB007

    Congress should start by cutting their pay. As a retiree, I have not had a cost of living increase since 2008. We all must contact our representatives and say NO to cutting military pay and benefits. There are so many E5 families that receive food stamps…..CUT THEIR PAY? Are you kidding me? Congress grants themselves raises every year….go figure. That really is where they should start!

  • YN1(EXW)

    The waste in the military is unbelieveable. Lets start by quit wasting money. No more millions spent on researching if the new PT uniform is good. Lets not Change the Uniforms every other year. New Digital this new working that. Lets not have thousands of civilians doing military jobs at 5 times the pay.

  • Bev

    Maybe we could cut down on Obama’s vacations, parties, and trips of non importance to other countries etc. That should save us some money right there. How about cutting back on the house and congress’s retirement plan, insurance plan, vacations and pay. Then next cut the government in half. Do away with all Czar’s pay. I suggest everyone check out Congressman (Lt Col) Allen West website. This is the kind of leader we need

  • AndSoItGoes

    First, this will never get through the Congress. Though our Congress is at best useless, at worst harmful to our country neither Dem or Rep will allow military pay to be cut. Second, we live in a country where more than half the population pays zero income tax and many actually get tax refunds while paying zero taxes. And finally, there are many people in this country that have never worked a day in their lives and spent it on the dole. Lets start there.

  • Henry

    The Country Commedion Jerry Clower was a beiiver in “You can be educatrd beyond your inttlengence” I really have been a believer thats true. I am a Retiered Commend Seragent Majior for over 30 years, and a Vietnam Veteran. I have to sons, Both of, them are two time war veterans. I also have a grandson that is presently a two time war veteran. This country has a president that I refer to as our country’s first ” Shake And Bake” Commamnder and Chief . Those of you that are vietnam vets know what I am refering to. And it is more eviedent and more obiovious when he was asked to stay over as the Secretary of Defence from the Ragon Adiministration is a “Yes Man” It seemed rather evident . What about congress has recommended themselves every year that I can remenber, a cost of living pay raise. Normally the amount was more than what our base pay.

  • RLT

    It is too bad that we have to even consider the idea of a pay cut for our Soldiers. I Retired in 2005 and remember the countless hours of 15 to 20 hour days and endless deployments and now you want to entertain the idea of pay cuts. I think our Soldiers have sacrificied enough already. Want to make some cuts, look no furhter then our social welfare programs in this country.

  • AF Psych

    Right on, SailorMade! The sooner this SECDEF retires, the better off the military and the country will be. I served 25 years active duty in the US Armed Forces and, in that time, guess what administration is the only one to ever suggest cutting military pay? CLINTON’s! Any surprise it’s happening with the current regime? And Obama has done more long-term damage to this country in a little over two years than Billary did in eight!! AF Psych

  • USA Retired

    Political Suicide!!!!! We can count the Yea/Nays.
    Does your Congressmen/Senator want to take from the
    men and women that fought from this country???

  • Jack Simmons

    (I am retired USAF.) Most of you on active duty may not recall the point at which our Congress dropped 20-year military retirement from 50% of base pay to 35%. At the time, typical of government, they came to the preconceived notion that a cut was desirable. They hired a group of civilian CEOs who formed a committee that came to the conclusion that military retirement was far more generous than was available in the business/industrial sector. Using that as an excuse, military retirement at 20 years was cut to 35%. Retirement pay of senior people at 30 years was protected at 75% using a graduated scale. Of course, the senior ranks saluted smartly and said “Yes Sir”.

    With this action, Congress, elected by our nation’s population, declared that military service is no different from any other job, as I take the matter. During my time on active duty, this was confirmed over and over. A very telling example is when the previous SecDef lied to the troops about why they could not get armor on their combat vehicles. The senior ranks saluted smartly, said “Yes Sir”, and proceeded to tel the very same lie in the very same words. Both knew better as was clearly revealed in subsequent days.

  • Mike

    The only way our military will get “true respect” and not just “lip service respect” is to get a conservative minded individual in charge at the very top. Everytime a Democrat sits in the Oval Office, the military suffers hard. Look back over recent history and you can’t ignore this fact at who the true patriots are.

    Mike USN-Retired

  • ret.520

    it’s always good to pick on the ret. persons and the military because the white house do not go out to fight. cut their pay and quick giving the people money away.

  • retired92

    Thanks again from a grateful nation !

  • Joseph Tyler

    What is this country coming to? As a retired federal employee & retired navy I am paying over $400 a month for by federal health benefits. Now I admit that’s not to bad, as I would pay more & get less in my current job. Now that I am eligible for my military retirement health benefits and I opt out of my federal health benefits this is the way I read Gates’s logic, the government will tax the government (because I opted out of my federal health benefits) & tax current employer (because I don’t have coverage under their plan) all because I served my country honorably & without question, way to go congress!

  • Retired Vet

    This is all part of the rich mans plan to creat a one world government. Break the powerful countries, bring them to their knees and gain control. Once our Military is broiken, we have lost!

  • Wife of a retire

    My husband gave 25 years of his life to his country through blood,sweat,and tears!!! We have been retired for 5 years now and have not seen a raise in the last 2 years of that. Its a shame that our government has no problem taking everyones pay but their own. We have to pay for our medical a benefit that was promised to these men or women for life when they came in. Maybe the ones in congress should have to pay for everything the way all of us have to do. Oh and as for the government workers taking a pay cut…My husband makes less money as a gs-8 then what we made when he was an E-6 in the service. Take a look at the pay charts and do some comparing before suggesting..and just for the record we were put on a pay raise freeze for the next 2 years. Its time we all came together an vote out all the ones who have not served and have no idea what our men and women in uniform go through everyday!!! It should be a law that if you have not served your country then you cannot run for government!!!! Oh and as for our higher up officers taking a cut in pay….Why not? They make six figures a year and yes they do work hard but so do our enlisted. How many officers do you know that go without sleep,chow,and showers before their soldiers do!!! Not to many is the answer to that one. What happened to the leaders who took care of their soldiers needs before their own?

  • Concerned USNRET

    WHY do they always think that the military budget is the problem? I am sick and tired of our congress, house, and senators looking for cuts everywhere except in their own pay and benefits. They are supposed to be a public servant that is elected to office by the people to serve the people, the only people they service is their own selfish needs. How are these people able to be above the law and give themselves a pay raise while the rest of us have to do without? Why is this allowed to go on. I am sure there is enough useless spending in our government that needs to be cut with out cutting the protection of our Nation. Even in our local government when our official were told to cut the budget the first thing that hit the chopping block was police and fire protection, how stupid is that? I know that there is a lot of waste in our governments that should be cut, but the protection of our people should not be one of them.



    • Jack Mehoff

      I thought you couldn’t “scream” on these things, the last time I caped everything they wouldn’t let me post it…..I guess times have changed…..and only kids eat pudding, it gives most adults diarrhea.

  • NNG

    Cutting military pay say what? Just like state governments are cutting police, firefighters and teachers pay and laying off them also. I understand that the public sector cannot be insulated from the economic reality off the private sector that has been over the years loosing good paying jobs and private sector benefit and pay cuts which means less tax revenue. BUT WTF the bankers got trillions in taxpayer bailouts and we still give foreign aid how about cutting all the government aid to the folks who never worked a day in their life and the underemployed folks that could make more money and pay more taxes but they don’t because they don’t want their government handouts cut. Cutting military pay especially a junior enlisted person is plain wrong plenty of other places to cut at the federal level than military pay. SECDEF Gates I respectfully disagree.

  • top dog

    I get these things too late to really comment on them like I wan’t to. By the time I get them they are already four or five days late, so I’ll just asy this, I sure hope this is just a suggestion.

  • 1SG

    No Service member should ever have to worry about family Medical, Dental or their pay check being cut. We are already behind the cost of living each year. 1.9 % pay raise is not much at all of a raise. Our family should be taken care of and lessen the worry from the service member serving in combat. They have earned their money many times over and still everyone is trying to cut the legs out from under the ones who have the hardest and most dangerous profession. What is surprising is that the ones who are making the decisions, are the ones who will be getting a large pay check after their term of office and time is up for the rest of their lives, “Senators”. Remember, this is a volunteer service Military. I know what it is like to serve my country, which I have done so, many times, and for anyone to say your pay check is in jeopardy, is wrong.

  • eagle

    I agree you are on call 24/7 calculate that base pay at an hourly wage. I think enough is enough. we are asked to do the right thing up to dying in battle. Give me a break

  • ogledee

    Cut hte pay of Congress and its staff. They get paid too much money.

  • Ernie

    The american public is finally getting the cuts that they so desperately clamor for. The american public has beseech their politicians to make cuts. I’m not thrilled about the idea of a paycut, but the public wants cuts everywhere (or at least they think they do), and that’s what they will get.

  • Tom

    Most of you are blaming the president. He is not the person saying this. He is only saying the military budget must be at 400 billion. Out going and retiring Gates is putting this on the table. He could’ve and should’ve put some other cost cutting project on the table.

  • Ret (Twice) US Army

    Wow, I wonder how much he’s getting “PAID-OFF”” to throw Us to the Wolves. Oh! Yea. The Rich Welfare Companies that falsifingly Got Taxpayers Bailout Money to give OUT $Millions$ (HUNDRED of $Million$ EACH in BONUSES, Luxury Homes, Vacations, Etc to their higher up Ceo’s) to their People at OUR Expense, That they didn’t Need BUT STOLE, Nor Paid Back! Target the Military and Older People that Actually work/worked. Congress, Senator’s, All those that Spend 2 Years At least in Secured Overpaid environment that get Life time Benefits(Their Children Get FREE EDUCATION AND OTHER Health Coverage Benefits) with NO PAY CUTs. Deport Illegals, President’s Roosevelt, Truman & Eisenhower Did (They send an Estimated $200 Billion Yearly to their Home while Paying No Taxes, But Recieving ALL the Benefits Paid By Our Taxpayers. Drug Test Welfarees, 85% is NOTHING wrong with them Except LAZY and Our GOVT Purposely Encourages them to STAY on GOVERNMENTAL Assistance (Welfare) , At our Expense.
    28 Amendment:” Congress shall make NO LAW that applies to the Citizensof the United States that DOES NOT apply “EQUALLY” to the Senators and/or Representatives, and Congress shall make NO LAW that applies to the Senators and/or Representatives that DOES NOT apply EQUALLY to the CITIZENS of the United States.” Quote, Unquote.

  • Robert Banton

    Americans are in big trouble because of the democrats and the republicans. The republicans are attacking the elderly of this great nation, they cut the FICA TAX with Obama approval that will cause Social Security to run out of money in 20 years instead of 40. We have 19 foreign countries drawing Social security and they can retire at 62 with full benefits, we hear nothing about that. The attack are directed at the American people , the military that is fighting a war based on lies and deception.The head of home land security has tried to put the returning men and women under the watchful eye of the police by sending out memo that they are dangerous and may become terrorist. Obama is trying to put America under the control of the UN and the UN gun ban. The pay cuts are another attempt to take away the health care, the income of our military and veterans. If they can destroy Social Security and Medicare we will become a third world country. You need to contact your members of congress and demand they stop Obama! The speaker of the house is about as low they the come.

  • H Anderson

    Please do not touch the active duty and retired pay and benefits. These should be untouchable… as so with the TRICARE… (TRICARE is the best HC program out there today)…

    IMHO we should not even have to pay taxes on our pay, (and agin in retirement)… and then into SS (which we usually never get to draw from, and Medicare… all of this should be there because of our sacrifces …

    If they fart with these GOD GIVEN rights and priviliges, which written or unwritten, are some of the deciding reasons for entering into the military…
    I think there will be the danger of more trouble than they (congress and such) realize…

    And please don’t blame the current administration for these cuts come election time… this is the result of the previous adminstration… send us to war and then bend us over….

    If it were not for the medical thru TRICARE and the prescriptions thru the base pharmacy… my wife would be dead and I would be in the streets…

    USCG CPO Retired

  • Donald Wyrick

    I am a retired usaf Msgt all I can say is cut cut cut is not the answer keep it up Obama and WE WILL BE SPEAKING A DIFFERENT LANGAUGE, BECAUSE WE WON’T HAVE A MILITARY LEFT!!!!!!!!!!

  • DSvetfamily

    I find this pay cut disgusting and a slap in the face to ALL service members, especially doing this on memorial day! Thanks for the memories!

    I remember being over seas at the start of DS and received the news that we were getting a pay raise of 1-3% and congress was giving themselves a raise of 30%!! Again many have said WTF! I agree will the previous posts of having congress cut their pay and ALL the slush and other perks.

    The most ironic part is that many have never served on any given day anyone other than themselves. I would like a job I can do for 4 years and have an income and full benefits for the rest of my life!!! That right there is a pretty good gig.

    As a side note, I am not sure if any one is aware that our American embassy in Bulgaria is using US tax payer money to help pay for a gay film festival and after parties in Bulgaria. ( DAILYCALLER.COM ) Now, I do not care what kind of festival it is. I just believe that with our national debt the way it is we should not be paying for ANY festivals in other countries to help them examine the challenges they face! They are not the only ones with challenges. What about paying for gay festivals and others in our OWN country!

  • gene

    Why not bring the troops home, like in South Korea, Japan, Germany and cut foreign military aid to Pakistan rather than cut pay to active duty military to include retirees. When on active duty you’re treated with some respect, but when you retire you’re scum and they look for ways to renege on the benefits they promised.

  • Joe

    The next gutless politican that recommends cutting military pay and benefits should be tried for treason and hung by the neck until dead!

  • Rob Thomas

    Every time there is a budget crisis the first thing that the government wants to cut is defense spending. Right now the members of the military are serving back to back tours in combat zones because of the strength reductions in the past.
    what will happen when China decides to invade Taiwan? What will happen when the north invades S. Korea? It is time that other agencies took a serious cut even though many unions might raise a hell.

    • Random in Texas

      That’s easy – when China decides to invade Taiwan, Taiwan will indeed become the 23rd province of China. You don’t seriously think we will defend them, do you?

      Ditto N. Korea attacking S. Korea. In any even, S. Korea should be able to handle their own defense, as long as China doesn’t jump into the mix.

  • Chief

    What do expect from folks who have someone else gas up their car at the Government pump and don’t have to shop at the Commissary to see what’s happened to prices there? I wonder if they ever thought they should offer to cut their pay back to what an LTC, CW4 or E-8 makes just to “share the sacrifice.” Some of these guys already draw pensions for life for a term or two in Congress before cabinet appointments. Pay cuts will hurt retention…but just from the ranks of the really good performing leaders. The duds and non-deployers will stay on forever.

  • Disgruntled Vet

    It’s not who is in charge…it’s the ones below him that are more concerned about not getting enough money into their accounts when they retire???? Gates is concerned now because the regional offices that were investigated by the IG have screwed up, and owe veterans so much money that there has to be some way of making up the monies. I am one of those veterans that should have been awarded unemplyability a long time ago but was not given what I was due. It’s all falls on individuals who think that the monies belong to them, so, they punish those who have served and broken up their bodies in serving. There has to be a way that this and other inept responsibilities that these individuals should be “called on the carpet” to won up to their defiencies. I read the reports on the things that are going on behind the veterans’ back. Something HAS TO BE DONE TO RECONCILE THESE THINGS!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • William

    The only fair way of cutting pay would be for congress, the president, the cabnet, and oh hea, welfare to take the same cuts. They are saying, the military is already used to giving up time off, family, and comforts, so what’s a little pay? Do not vote for an incumbent!!!!!!!!

  • mr hopeful

    Mr. Gates how would sound; the first sergeant stand in formation and say good morning soldiers today we will be putting our life on the line patrolling this sector and by the way; you will be doing it with LESS PAY . Hope you all make it back safe- Dismiss.

  • Chago

    well we wanted change, so were going to get it now, yes we went from bad to worse with the change, how did government want to cut military pay and retirees? when we are at war across the world, spread out so very thin, with be troop population down, because of democratic budget cuts. we need to vote and tell congress , not give themselves more pay raises , what we need is a civilian oversight committee, to watch over them abusing their powers!!!!!!! well we why change and we are definitely getting change , 4 the worse. let’s vote for a different change in the white house ?

  • End the subsidies and tax havens. Make the folks who profit the most on the stability and security created by our sacrifice actually pay for that stability and security. 2/3 of corporations doing business in this country pay NO taxes – those are the entitlements that need to be cut – not the ones helping military and middle class folks feed and care for their families.

  • William

    How about cutting civil service workers pay also. They could also cut back on the number of civilian workers who sit around 30% of the time and do nothing. do they not understand that they are part of the military budget. Cut back on the number of miliarty contractors, this is part of the military budget. How about cutting the number of flights the congress members make on military aircraft, this is aprt of the military budget. gates is one the “Great Mistakes”

    • HM1_PMT_RET

      I am retired military and also work for the Postal service and believe me we have taken a whammy with pay. No raise for two years and not scheduled for another raise until the end of next year. I know you are probably thinking “Oh the postal service and they are losing money” but that isn’t the case. It’s just the bull crap mandates that congress has put on the postal service that has put them in the red. But I do agree that there are certain FERS and civil service jobs that require a lot of “doing nothing” time involved.

  • William Williams

    Why do we think that what is going on now just started when President Obama came into office. This was in the making and already on the books to happen long before him. When we should do is suggest or rally together as a nation to see who is willing to give up something. The republican want to change a lot and the Democracts want to change a lot. But neither parties are looking at who or what is being hurt. We have a lot of problems in our country, problems that is making us as americans a second rate country. Yes we help everyone but who is helping us. Oweing other countries is what is putting us in more debt. Yes I feel a lot of programs needs to be cut, but our educations is not one, our kids are our future and if we do not invest in them we lose all we work for. Being a retired vet and an educator I have seen what cuts to our defense and education has done. We need to go back to old school and generate some of the what was working then. They say you can’t teach an old dog new trick but and old dog can teach you some productive tricks.

  • MECS Pepin

    Gates needs to look for another job. And how do you ask those who put there lives in danger to reduce any and all benefits. Maybe Blackwater and the merks need a reduction in pay as we pay millions to finance there greed. Again another Sec. who lives on the hill, hey why don’t we send the TEABAGGERs to fight, maybe this would reduce the cost of war…..

  • soaringeagle

    The tea baggers are a group of guttless individuals that will try and cut any thing they so desire. They have no understanding of the total impact down stream when you cut some thing. We only have 57 members of the Senate and Congress who have served. So that leaves 478 idiots that never served nor do they understand the military life. Veterans and Retired Military need to keep a very close eye on these guys. I say lets vote them out and get some former military in the Senate and Congress.

    • HM1_PMT_RET

      The last time I checked, Obama wasn’t a part of the Tea party. This is totally on the hands of Obama who can’t seem to keep his hands out of the US mint and spend like a drunk sailor on payday and then take it out of the pockets of the patriotic.

  • VoixVelour

    nter text right here!


    They all suggest to cut everyone else their pay but their own. I’m about to retire as a MSG, but I already anticipate all this BS. I did 26 years and 9 days, jumped out of airplanes, did it all but one thing I always said, we all are indispensable, you die today and somebody else is replacing you tomorrow. That is how it works in the Army. It don’t matter what you do. At the end you are just another SSN that nobody cares.

  • VoixVelour

    Ya know .. many of us are not enamored of “Twitter” or “Facebook” or the “social sites,” and to wit, a NY Congressman’s “Twitter” accout was hacked (according to his claim after an offensive discharge from his account). Everytime I come on to respnd to gross issues, I find this alphabet soup of options to do so? why?____As to the proposed “pay cuts” by now outgoing Secretary of Defense Gates, what else? He buckloed under to every demand of Obama when once he claimed his eagerness to return to Puget Sound? Repeal of DADT? Now a “pay cut” recommentation and presumption of support by the newly appointed Leon Panetta, a “cost cutter.” ____1) Panetta has no qualification whatever by such criteria has not been a concern of the Obama administration

  • I agree with many on this post who believe being in the military should be a prerequisite for becoming president of our nation. When you don’t know the ramifications of sending our troops all over the world to police it (Bush, Obama), you sacrifice much more than just men and women’s lives. Look at our economy since we went into Iraq. Is that to blame? Not entirely, but look at the relationship. And to think an aspiring reality TV star and someone who can’t even finish her real job is actually a potential presidential candidate (Palin). Maybe the issue with this country is us, the people who vote these incompetent people into the office. I take full responsibility for the current catastrophe in Washington. And so should you.

  • charles Kachelries

    Tell Gates and the Congress to take pay cuts. They don’t seem to mind sending troops into harms way while they take all their pay and have better medical insurance than the troops that defend them. When will they get a grip and stop being proffesional polictians, I don’t think the founding fathers ever enteded for elected members to be able to stay there and amass a fortune. Ther should be terms on comgess and the senate so more ordinary citizens can run the country and are not beholking to the money that big bussines throws their way.

  • OnetiredSoldier73

    Why would you want to cut military pay when the Service Members are out on the front lines “in harm’s way”, defending this country. Many families are continuing to deal with the lost of their loved ones til this day. You can’t replace them so the best thing I would consider the government (Robert Gates) do is leave our pay alone. I would also agree with the previous posts and recommend that Robert Gates start from within the government and look at cutting their pay first and see how it feels to know that you are going to be short-changed. We are doing wayyyyyyyy….. too much these days as a Soldier, Marine, Sailor, Airmen and etc. to have to deal with a pay-cut. Especially since we are already living from check to check. Let’s try another route Mr. Robert Gates. If there is nothing else I would say in this post, I would like for the Goverment to at least take care of the Servicemembers..

  • beerhrt1

    as a E-6 with 15 years in, i already qualify for WIC. thats nice… Thanks big brother.

  • Gary

    The Whitehouse wants $400 Billion taken out of our hide to balance their fiscal mess. Guess that’s part of the “change” Americans wanted back in 2008.

    • retiree

      Top budget items:
      1. Social Security
      2. Medicare
      3. Interest on the national debt
      4. Defense Department.

      There is no way to cut the debt/deficit without cutting defense. It’s the single largest discretionary budget item. Cutting everything else (courts, unemployment, police, etc) would not balance the budget.

      It is possible Sec Gates is floating a balloon on what the $400 billion cut would take, to create discussion.

  • john ramo

    This is what happens when you elect a democrat like obama.They hate the military for sure.Just look what he did for his union buddies ,bailed them out and the corrupt banks, bailed them out. But our hard working military be dammed.

  • Retired A/F

    Let’s get positive and stop the whining.
    Check out that new statesman Lt. Col. Allen West from Florida.
    He is running for President and well he should.. If you have not heard about him then I suggest you Google him or search him out on U-Tube. He’s a no nonsense – hard nosed ex army officer. He ripped victory out of the jaws of defeat in his very first race for Congress. Allen West is one of us so let’s do all that we can to elect him. I just got onto his web site and sent my husbands beer allowance.

  • WhiteWolf

    Members of congress and others have all died of suffication. They have thier heads so far up thier arses the could no longer breath.

  • Master Sergeant

    I got one lousy question for you Mr Gates and Mr. Panetta. Are you pays getting cut? Is the Presidents pay getting cut? Is Mrs. Clinton’s pay getting cut? Are the generals pays getting cut? If not, then you need to leave ours alone, better yet, give us increase for the danger and sacrifice we do. Why not cut from where the meat has always been…. from the top…… but we already know you won’t do that you lousy group of supposed-to-be leaders? Bill Clinton after did did all the BRAC, gave the presidency a 100% pay raise so now GWB gets $400k a year even after his 8 year reign. Is that pay cut? Reply to this will you? HBO gave away $21.3Million for Hamas refugees to come here and blow us up…. why not take that money instead of pay cut for military? He went on another vacation like he always do, how much is the tab for that? was it necessary? No, he avoided Netanyahu that’s why he left n ran away. Biden don’t do crap, why not stop paying him too?


    What in the world is wrong with Gates for even thinking about cutting pay and benefits. As it is right now with deployments and such, our countries finest aren’t even making minimum wage. Why not have the Federal Government follow their own laws and start paying minimum wage. The Obama regime is a frightening joke and we had better get serious with this next election. There is a lot to lose and the losses will have a long detrimental affect on each and every one of us. There are plenty of other places that cuts can be made in our budget to prevent cutting or freezing our militarys pay and benefits. Why don’t we hear anything about cutting food stamps, welfare or medicaid to people who are unwilling to work because they know Obama will take care of them! Our priorities are upside down!

  • ProudAirman

    This move just makes the choice to get out of the military just that much easier. As an instructor for the military at least half of our instructing personnel are getting out because of the way things are going and the reduction in pay that we can just make ends meat with is just a shove in the right direction. Thanks to our government its an easy move.

  • Jose

    Our President should also cut down on his VACATIONS, and all of his television exposure. All of the above has cost the tax payer million, since we have to pay his security details, housing for all and his family. Since elected he has made more speeches, and more vacations than any president in the past year and a have than any other president took in 4 years.

    Semper Fi

  • Jack

    Let’s cut the size of the House and Senate by 50%, Eliminate retirement pensions for elected federal officials–elected service is not self service.
    Cut the size of the state department by 25%, Get soldiers out of Iraq and out of Afghanistan. Cut the size of the defense department. Get rid of foreign aid, quit bringing in 1 million legal immigrants yearly, and send the illegals home.
    Invest in natural gas exploitation and conversion for diesel trucks to break OPEC strangle hold on America, and create jobs. Reduce size of government overall. Use attrition, retirements to maximum degree to minimize layoffs.

  • Rick

    Replying to your outrage. Get a grip! If you are still living apy check to pay check, you are spending more than you can afford. Now, you are an E^ wife and you guys make pretty good money plus benefits so get eductaed with some fincila planning and get yourself finicially independent. As for the DOD cutting pay, again get educated, most budget cuts in the miltary come in way of hardware being added to the inventory or the devlopment of new technologies. 400 billion in a defense budget is a few programs, and retiree’s should pay alittle more. They get their retirment, VA compensation, their other job, so they are doing prtty good they should pay a little more for their co-pays.

    • Brian McIntyre

      First off Rick READ THE ARTICLE. Second get an education yourself or learn how to spell. Third if our government needs to cut spending lets start at the top, Legislative branch, Executive branch, Ect.

  • hjayne

    You really know how to demoralize the country. If any of you congressmen/women or any other bureaucrat have any decency and courage left, lets see you give up half your extravagant salary and lifestyle to help our economy. And don’t even try to whine about how much time you must spend doing your “job”. I believe the constitution created our form of government and your positions as voluntary….when in God’s name did each of you decide you were so much better than the rest of us….come on, put your (our) money where your mouth is. Pull your heads out of your collective **%^*&^(*& and do what is right.

  • kenneth dameron

    Sadly, Secretary Gates just might be right. Not only have pay rates increased dramatically over the past 10 years or so, but rank/grade creep is rampant. This in a time when the country’s economy has taken a severe hit. Congress rationalized that it was necessary to pay more to recruit and retain war-fighters in a time of a shooting war. The military pay scale makes no distinction between an infantryman on the ground in Afghanistan shooting at and being shot at by an elusive, ruthless, enemy and a fat cat working a 9 to 5 shift shuffling papers at the Pentagon. (that is, other than the very modest combat pay) We have far more of the latter than of the former (low tooth to tail ratio)–this explains why we have had to make such extensive use of Reserve and National Guard forces in Iraq and Afghanistan. Maybe it is envy–Secretary Gates, who earns just over $200K as a Cabinet member, earns quite a bit less than Chairman of the Joint Chiefs Mullen, whose BASE pay is over $224K, not to mention the various allowances (housing, uniform, domestic help, chauffer, etc.)
    Incidentally, we have more Generals and Admirals today than we had at the height of WW II, when we had 11 M men/women in uniform.

    • crystal

      @ Kenneth, I do not know where you have been the last 10 years but the military enlisted have not had a dramatic pay rate increase, never. Not when it ranges between 1-3% for military yet 30% for congress. Get real. The only enlisted who benefit are those that receive bonus incentives. No one else Let’s eliminate the billions sent to terrorist countries (echem…Pakistan!)

    • Dave

      I agree with Kenneth.

      Crystal here’s the annual pay increases for the last ten years….these are substantial (from a tax payer perspective)when compared to inflation which was close to zero much of that time. There were also many other targeted increases to base pay and other pay/benefits over this time as well:

  • Dave

    I’m a military retiree and I have to say that the military is compensated very well well these days and that we get a deal in retirement that’s nearly unbeatable. For those who think that’s crazy, get out of the service and see if you can get anything close to what you’re getting now in pay and benefits now and in retirement. Some soldiers, sailors and marines can start drawing a pension for the rest of their lives as young as 37 yrs old. For young people now that could easily be 50+ yrs drawing a pension. That’s the equivalent of a several million dollar annuity….try doing that on your own. My wife is an engineer for a major airlines and she has no such package, not even close and she works just as hard or harder than most in the military who are not in the field getting shot at off course. Active duty medical costs are virtually nothing as even as a retiree and they are by far cheaper than almost anything you’ll find in civilian life. Granted these entitlements were implied when when we started service but it’s very clear the country can’t afford it any longer, just as it’s obvious the country can’t afford the Social Security. Medicare/Medicade promises it made to it’s citizenry. But I will say that the military shouldn’t be forced to cut any pay/benefits for active duty or retirees until it’s absolutely clear that the rest of the government, much of it truly unneeded, is cut to the bone and the presently out of control welfare state is significantly cut. But once that occurs, it’s our obligation to contribute our fair share to get of our country fiscal condition back to a truly sustainable, healthy level.

    • Neo

      You write about all of the great benefits of military life as if they don’t come at a price. Perhaps you’ve forgotten the sacrifices that you had to make throuout your career. Tell me, when was the last time that your wife’s employer forced her to go into area of conflict to put her life on the line? And if she refused, would she had been thrown in jail? Is her freedom of speech limited? Can she quit her job at a moment’s notice? Military members get plenty of benefits. And we have certainly earned them several times over. In fact, we’ve earned more than we’re getting, even if by others’ standards it seems like we have it made. The country can’t afford it any longer because of the greedy and wasteful ways of those in power. Don’t nickle and dime the ones risking their lives. Hold congress accountable.

  • its bad enough that the last pay raise i got,retirement, i ended up drawing 38.00 less each month because it put me into a higher tax bracket.that wasnt enough, they had to and insult by raising the taxes and then i drew 78.00 less a month. seems to me the congressmen and senators just get richer and we try ro make it from pay day to pay day.

    • retiree

      There is NO WAY you can draw less because you are in a higher tax bracket. Our taxes are progressive – the new rate only applies to the increase. For example, if you go from 25% to 30%, the 30% only applies to that above the amount subject to the 25%.

      Not saying you didn’t lose money, but it was NOT because you went into a higher bracket.

  • J.Snuffy

    you can’t touch who is making thousands of dollars monthly but you can mess around with whom making hundreds barely meeting the needs, what an equation. Why congress is spared out of this?

  • CPOben retired

    bring all the contractors back and cancel all thier contracts

  • Beth Duvall

    It already makes me cringe when I hear that there are some military families on food stamps and other assistance. What is the matter with the blind and deaf in power in government that they can’t see that a cut in pay would only increase the need for additional assistance. That’s probably in someone else’s budget and not a concern to Sec. Gates, but let’s be fair. How about some of the cabinet members live in base housing on military pay and see how they feel about it then.

  • pmaes

    Instead of making our soldiers get less pay why don’t they get rid of the private contractors that the government pays to do our soldiers jobs and let the soldiers do the jobs they were trained to do (ex. cooks, mechanics) they get paid over 100,000 a year to do these things that our men and women can do and take that money and give our soldiers a raise. Then also make all congress and others in those positions take cuts. Then stop paying all the ppl that live off of welfare a cut of their own its there to help not live off of and drug test congress and welfare ppl and like our soldiers if they are dirty give em the boot. Just a thought

  • vickie

    First of all cuts need to start at the top, including the executive, legislative and judicial branches of government and all of their support staff (federal employees). Substantial cuts in wages and benefits need to be addressed. If the military who is protecting these people get a much lower pay and get reductions, it should only be as a trickle down effect. It is not fair that all the people in the military (and their familiesl) who protect these people and all the rest of humanity should become the “world
    slaves”with a reduction in pay and benefits and the “fat cats” keep on with their Upper Upper Social Status with exhorbatant salaries. It is no different then the “fat cats” in the the world financial districts. It is extremely unfair to start at the “bottom” with pay and benefit cuts..

  • Spreigl, Michael E

    I just read what the President and Sec Def (Gates) are going to do in reducing the budget by $400 Billion at the expense of the military and their military pay.

    I propose that every military personnel email all of the people on their respective email list and request, not ask, but demand that all public officials in Congress, both House and Senate along with their support staff be subject to the medical benefits and not but least be subject to the “Federal Gov’ts’ group medical and retirement benefit program. Why should they receive special treatment as a Gov’t employee and not be treated like the rest of the Federal employees! This in my mind will bring down our defict considerably. Also, any expenses, per diems for travel, lodging, meals, etca should be subject to income taxes. Why should the people pay for their way!

    Michael (Reitred MSGT USAF)


    Oh quite your moaning and groaning. Trying living on $88 a month as I did when I entered the Army in 65. The US Military are the best paid in all military services. But if you want to cut military spending, cancel a lot of those air craft and military vehicles and missiles, etc. that the military don’t want anyways. They were only purchased to cover a politicians reelected a_ _ by kissing the a_ _ of his special interest groups.

  • rig g. sal


  • Mike Madigan

    What really bother me is let think about cutting the military’s pay, ok what about congress, the President and his staff let put there pay on the chopping block as well. You never hear of anything like that. The US Military make very little in compensation when you consider all of the hard ships we go thru during our careers. I always hear we make to much, well in fact if you put the amount of hours and mandatroy training, deployments and other require hours to to train amd work we are under paid. No other country or employer has asked of its employess (Soldiers) to so much and keeps on asking or ordering without consent on this. Try this with any other employer and see what happens. We do this for our country, families and for ourselves. CUt the pay what is is he out of F—-kin mind. Look in your own backyard. Just another find examlpe of the BS coming out of the White House lets axe the little guys as always the bear the brunt of waht this nation does wrong or poorly

  • JIMO




  • Conservative-Veteran

    Somethings not right about all this. I don’t see how $400 billion can be cut from a projected DoD $707 billion budget for 2012. It would take more than a pay reduction to reduce the budget by 56%. The personel component of the budget is about 22%.

    The fact that the senior civilian leader is suggesting this is more of an ideological issue than an issue based on dollars. We as a collective group need to contact those that work for us in Congress. Provide them with real-life numbers on how this would impact you and yours. Tell them like it is!!!

    Thank you all for serving in the past, now and the future. Most of all the families that support you!

    A retired Viet Nam Army veteran (31 years).

    • retiree

      they aren’t cutting $400 billion from next year’s budget. It’s $400 billion over 10 years.

  • theodorewyant

    A retiree statement, U know want I am all ready taxed for opt out of Medical by my civilian employer, to a tune of $300.00 per month, One will fine that once its all over there will be no benefits to have a benefits. I have to pay my current employer $300.00 or 50% of my medical benefits for not taking their medical. Nice try?TRICARE by increas­ing annual pre­mi­ums and fees for mil­i­tary retirees and tax­ing their employ­ers if retirees opt-out of employer pro­vided health care. NICE TRY!

    Read more:

  • rebas

    Field Grade and General Officers might be the first to be considered a ‘pay cut’.
    A BETTER and more cost effective system would be to go to a LONGEVITY only
    retirement system of 3 or 4 grades. A General is worth no more than an E5 once
    retired. Retirements based only on longevity, NOT PAY GRADE, would save
    Billions. Think about it.

  • Almost Retired

    Why are they not cutting the Earned Income Credit? If Congress needs to cut spending so badly (and they do), why are they not touching the Earned Income Credit? This credit pays a family up to $5750 a year ($480 a month) tax free, if they file a tax form but owe no taxes. Also the Earned Income Credit has increased over 27% in the last 5 years. It will go up 1.5% this year. So why are the people that pay taxes and actually EARN income being penalized, but the people that pay no taxes getting a raise? This form of welfare has flown under the radar way to long! If the government wants to give welfare call it what it is and quit trying to disguise it as something else! Earned Income (Credit) hogwash its free welfare money not EARNED. At the lease freeze or reduce the amount like everything else not INCREASE IT!

  • Cdr, USN, Ret..

    Don’t even think about pulling the money out of loyal American Patriot’s pockets, you Government, arrogant, self-serving pigs! Try gaining billions upon billions of dollars by a cease and desist order on sending our money to foreign nations that hate our guts and are laughing in our face; not to mention the dictatorial bastards that keep the money for themselves and kill and deprive their own people! Can’t you ever see this!!!??? Do you know where your heads are?

  • Juan

    Those of you who wanted a change and voted for the democrats (bet you are kicking yourselves in the butt now). hey you wanted change – decreasing your salaries is change.

    Guarantee you that McCain would never even considered doing that to his armed forces. He knows what it is like to sacrifice for this country. Bet you wish you had voted for him now.

  • Buddy Wong

    I believe if Congress stop giving foreing aid when they even care about American we will be better off.I didn’t vote to support forieng country but for America only.I am a retired soldier and I think its time America wake up and get rid of Congress who isn’t for the welfare of America but only Foreing.I believe America need a revolution to get rid trash.

  • hacksaw

    These comments scare me. Someone in Washington will propose and get a new department to screen through comments, evaluate, and then write a proposal. This will means new department Czar, numerous dept . heads, and a multitude of secretaries, laisons etc. to say what all of you have stated eloquently. Net result–more cuts to those that serve at home and away from family.

  • Airborne

    2 words Gates — Piss off!

  • Neo

    Settle down everyone. Settle the f down. Soldiers, back to the field. Marines, back to killing. Sailors, back to cruising. Airmen, back to your facebook accounts. This isn’t Gates doing. It isn’t one person’s doing. It’s all of those no good leeches on society called congress. And the Prez. They voted to bail out GM, BoA, Wall Street, you name it. Someone has to pay that price tag. First the federal employees, now us service members. You want to do something about it? Stop voting straight down party lines. Do some research before you head to the voting booth. Demand term limits for congress. Biden spent 36 years in the senate. McCain has been in congress since 83. Bird would still be there if he hadn’t died.

  • Disabled Vet

    To all of you that voted in the Dem’s I have a question for you.


    I hope in the next election we can get a group of congress and the Senate that will stop foreign aid, giving money to the World Bank, and stop paying for the U.N.

  • MSG Wise

    Cut foreign aid. Take away the right for Congress to vote themselves a pay increase. Put it on Ballot for the tax payers tro decide if congress needs a pay increase. take away the special pay for congressional committee members. They get paid enough just for eing senators, make them non pay committee members. Most of the congressional members are yes men/women. Do not allow lobbyist to influence votes by offering money, trips etc. If a senator excepts any of these he should be expelled and sent home to try and find a job. Use common sewnse when paying for contracts and Government contractors. These Civilian contractors are raping the tax payers and laughing all the way to the bank. Make it life in prison for medicaid fraud.

  • Steve O

    This is change we really can believe in. I blame the electorate for voting Mr. O in office. They are totally illiterate about what going on in this country. Herman Cain in 2012 baby. A natural leader with some common damn sense.

  • wmc

    I have not read all the blogs and somebody may have made this comment, but here it goes. The government, state and federal has made cuts (including laying off people and freezing pay) in almost every program they could think of except one. Their own jobs, their pay raises was always well above any other sector of government. The slogan use to be spend 20 years in the military, get 50% base pay and free medical and dental for life. Well check out what the benefits are for any political office after one term. This is so crazy I’m going to stop right here.

    • retiree

      Sigh. One more time. Congress is under FERS & FEHBP, the SAME programs as the Federal Civilian workers. They do NOT get any special retirement/health benefits for being in Congress.

      Folks, before you make comments, learn the facts. You look like idiots complaining about what “congress makes” when that’s not what they make.

  • tdawg

    They already are cutting the pay for the military. They have stopped the per diem form TDY for over 6 months. And goverment housing. Wonder if Senator or Congressmen get their per diem for 2 or 6 years.

  • old soldier

    It’s time to look really hard at who we vote in office ,my fellow active and retired troops

  • Ray

    There are approximately 12 million illegals living in this country. Who is supporting them? Maybe we should look at taking the money the government spends on them and use it to support the US Citizens. Thiink about it they have to live somewhere, go to our schools, hospitals, publlic housing, food stamps, and for all I know get monitary help. Someone is providing assistance and places to live. I understand they are going to start releasing illegals who are arrested by issuing them summons to appear in court. When released into the United States who is paying to supporting them while they wait for a court date. Why not release them to their country with the summons to appear. It would be their reponsiblity to show up for court in our country.

    • retiree

      Mainly you and me by buying the goods they produce. It is illegal for illegal aliens to receive welfare or SS. Yes, some are treated in hospital emergency rooms – same as Americans without health insurance.

      Virtually all illegal aliens are here because they want to work, and they do. If you want to send them home, two things are proven to work:

      1. Reduce the attractiveness of jobs here. This includes penalizing employers and boycotting goods made in sweatshops (you know, that cheap clothing you buy on the streets).

      2. Improving their ability to find a job in their home country. The vast majority do NOT want to leave their home -they leave home because they don’t have jobs to support their family.

      On a separate note -the total for Foreign Aid (which Secretary Gates has advocated increasing because it reduces our defense requirements) is around 1% of the federal budget.

  • Brian McIntyre

    I agree why dont we reduce the “Law Makers” pay



  • jd

    You all have hit the nail on the head. Stop paying congress after one term, it’s called earning a retirement usually 20+ years. Lets see what savings that comes with. 3 years for unemployment benefits. Find a job or do without. Leave our soldiers alone they have sacrificed enough. Shame on you for even thinking about it. No more change I can’t pack anymore dead beat. Get out get a job show some self pride be a contribution to the America before it’s too late. If you don’t like it leave our country. Freedom isn’t free.

  • andres carvajal

    Before making cuts to the Soldiers pay, look at the civilian force in the military; some of them even treat soldiers as second class citizens and offer little support.

  • Denise

    If these guys were working in the CIVILIAN world they would not be getting paid for housing and for their wife and kids. Thats for the taxes. Cut the allowance and not the pay. And yes I am a Navy mom so I know how much money they get. Way to many spouses living off of the military pay and not working. If you didnt retire with 20 years why should you be getting benifits. Again in the CIVILIAN WORLD you dont retire you dont get the benifits.
    Congress needs the cuts also. Their cuts need to be done hard. And for the job they have done to get us in this mess why should they get better paid. A job in the civilian world done that way would get your ass fired.

    • To the Fallen

      How about not cutting ****. Your in the Navy so I understand how you havent done **** to defend this country, one because your in the Navy and two because your a women, which in turns means you cant fight. Every true soldier that has spent time in Afghanistan and Iraq fighting doesnt deserve any pay cuts of any kind. We have earned our pay and ALLOWANCES. You act like we get paid alot. We dont get paid nearly enough for what we do and for those families who have lost everything. Dont say cut allowances when your *** hasnt truly served your country.

  • AirForceRet

    I came back to read some more of the postings and I see quite a few that have their head in neverland, according to this dreamers bobama and his democrats are the ones that are against military pay cuts and the Republicans the ones who want to cut it: For those who read the books backward let me state a little history, it was under President Nixon in 1974 that the military got the biggest pay raise, the democrats did not want to go with it specially one by the name of kennedy, President Ford kept up the raises until the peanut salesman took over, we all know how good he controlled the economy, after money had been expended he CANCEL the B1, it didn’t matter it was our tax money going down the drain, in the Air Force the equipment we were using dated to 1956 and the most modern ones to 1969, I remember we were unable to get pens and pencils because they we “wasted pilferable office supplies”, the Air Force was the only service coming close to meeting its recruiting quota. Under him we got surprised by Iran and we had such a moral problem that even special forces didn’t meet standards.

    • XSF

      Don’t make this an issue of Dems vs. Rep. This is an issue that will cross all political lines. I agree with the comment that “we should seriously look at those we put into office”… if you have notrack record, you should not run the race.

  • Kevin

    Instead of venting on here, tell your congress person. Tell them that the military is NOT to be touched until AFTER congress has been hacked up. I know the Soldiers that can drop retirement paperwork are doing so, even though they did not plan on it just yet. The Soldiers that cannot retire have stated they will simply get out if there time is near, the ones that still have 4 or more years will simply fail 2 PT tests in a row and take the chapter. I don’t agree with that thought, but as unhappy and upset as they are, they don’t want to listen to reason. However, with this mindset going around among the ranks, who is Congress going to send to Iraq, which according to the Army Times, another 7500 Soldiers have been ordered to go to. That’s not counting Afghan or any of the NATO required slots. You can mess with a Soldier only so much before they through their hands in the air and say “F it, you do it.” By the way not only is the talk on the pay, but “According to recent news reports the President’s National Commission on Fiscal Responsibility and Reform is proposing that military pay be frozen for three years and out-of-pocket medical costs should be increased in order to cut the federal budget deficit by $200 billion a year by 2015. The 18-member blue-ribbon panel will offer a final report on ways to tackle a U.S. debt crisis by December.”



  • Msgt (Retired) Peare

    Lets cut the pay of the Secretary of Defence`s pay,his assistant secretary and all the rest of those rich persons in the government ,most of them don`t earn it in the first place

  • Phil (USAF RET)

    I have an idea… start by eliminating the Secretary of Defense position, then the Secretaries of the Army, Navy, and Air Force. Four civilians out of the picture right there. Next, pay ALL members of the House and Senate exactly what they got in 1776…. ZERO. No retirements, no other bennies, just let them serve out of patriotism, just as the FFs did. Then, trim Civil (Swivel?) Service by half… get rid of the dead weight and decertify NAGE while you’re at it (NAGE is the reason it’s so damned hard to fire a CS worker). End ALL aid to all countries… AND call in all money they owe us… if they cannot pay, their lands are OURS, just like in Monopoly! Let them duke it out on their own… we will reserve the right to eviscerate ANY nation, state, or nation-state, or any terror outfit that threatens U.S. interests. We’d balance the budget AND eliminate that mountain of debt our government racked up!

  • Del Hundley

    No heroes in leadership arena thats for sure, cowards with not enough pride and integrity to stand for what is right. Want a F$&^%&*^*& pay cut then start with congress and the president they can afford it.


  • subvet81

    Part 1:As I read the comments on this blog I realize that people place the blame on people rather than the system. Our country has become so polarized that I don’t care who is in office or who has control of Congress will make a difference. Americans have to stop pointing the finger at others and become knowledgeable. The mantra of “I got mine so what” has to stop. As to the comments of Ret 1Sg I disagree but I do support his right to say it. If we look at some of those issues: Social Security and Medicare-if we increase the income limit if will hurt business, baloney, we can leave the threshold that employers have to match at the same level, but for those who make more than the threshold they should pay their share up to $ 1 million.

  • subvet81

    Part 2; Illegal immigrants, they are here and the majority pay taxes and perform jobs that most true Americans would not: of those who have unemployment benefits stopped, large agribusinesses have lots of jobs, there is always a need for migrant farm workers, will you pick tomatoes for 5 cents per 100 pounds, or being cleaning crews at minimum wage or even less. I don’t know about you but I can’t afford to pay $4 a pound for tomatoes or more for other produce. Those that are here and honestly working let’s document them and for those who are truly criminals, deport them. _

  • subvet81

    Part 3: I am a retired medical department officer. I don’t like paying for health care anymore than any other military retiree, but it’s much better than my colleagues in the private sector. The “Obama-care” started out as a noble idea to ensure that every American has some access to basic medical care. It ballooned into a 2000 page monstrosity thanks to special interest groups such as the American Medical Association, the American Hospital Association, Healthcare Insurance Industry, AARP and the list goes on. The magic question: Is basic healthcare a right or a privilege? It can’t be in-between. If you claim that your faith is Christian, Jewish, or Muslim the basic premise is to take care of your brother. Thus if those of you who do not believe that each American should have some basic healthcare needs, then they are hypocrites

  • subvet81

    Part 4: Enough said.____I served 28 years and I took an oath to protect and defend the Constitution, including all of the Bill of Rights. I guess that makes me a Liberal (defined as supporter of liberty) and yes I am a card-carrying member of the ALCU because their sole purpose is to defend the bill of rights. ____Bottom line, we need to come together and fix our country with humane policies and those ideals that made us a great nation, not believers of the 30 second sound bite of campaigning rhetoric! We have to have each other’s back, and protect our weakest link, that’s what the military taught us and I still believe that as I have transformed into the civilian world.

  • ysmae ramos

    Think about Gates retirement and medical benefits? How will it effect his. What about Congress and the Senate what do walk with after their politcal service is done. Time to think about booting their ass off the Hill. Vote them out. Reagan where are you?

  • Tired and Retired

    As a military retiree I am mad as hell that they even suggest more cuts in our benefits and pay. This seems to always be the government’s solution for cutting back expenditures. Take it from the people who fought and served this country. It’s time to vote out these posers and put someone in the White House who has at least served in the military and understands things. If they want to cut $400B in cuts they can start with Obama’s White House staff
    and cutting down their own expenditures like $2,000 dollar dresses for Mrs. Obama, Congressional and Senatorial staff can be cut back as well, and cut down on the fringe benefits and pay that these Congressmen and Senators enjoy. Make them go to the same healthcare we have instead of the golden fleece free medical they enjoy. Mistreating our active duty and retired personnel is NOT the answer.

  • AAoldtinsailor

    Yeah the service men and women make way too much money, if you believe that bull **** I have a bridge for you to buy. It’s my humble opinion they deserve every penny they earn and they should be paid double!!! It’s one hell of a bargain especially for the risk they take and the separation from their families. Take the money from foreign aide or from congress or the czars. Don’t screw with the people who protect us.

  • wendy

    I have always supported Obama, but cutting Military pay. These men and women provide protection for our country and support other countries at our governments will. Obama has just lost my vote even allowing this to be a consideration. What a pathetic move on his and his parties part and I thought hearing what he choose to do on Memorial Day was rude to our Military. Vote him out!!!! Supporting the military a 100%

  • Richard Retired

    It would be wonderful if all military active,in-active, and retirees except for the ones deployed could just march up to DC and protest but that would be un-likely. We practically given our souls to these clowns and every clown we vote in to fill there own pocket books of greed and give away billions to other countries and not help our own here in America whether they are civilians or past present and future soldiers. Then maybe we can help the other counties but not until we take care of our own first.

  • Trease

    Retired Navyman,
    You insult the rocks :) Rocks have more intelligence… those people are dumber than rocks. Maybe the military should DEMAND to get paid the same as their civilian counterparts, especially time and a half for overtime and double time for working holidays.

    I think everyone in the judicial, executive and legislative branch of our government should take a 20% across the board pay cut and have their benefits cut by 30%. Politicians shouldn’t be able to get retired pay or retired benefits unless they’ve put in 20 to 30 years like everyone else.

    Maybe everyone in the military need to write their Congressmen, the President and the VP, letting them know they all should take a 20% pay cut and cut all their benefits by 30% and no retirement for politicians who haven’t worked the job 20 to 30 years. There shouldn’t be career politicians anyway.

    What if the military decided to go on strike? It would serve Mr Obama and Mr Biden right.

    Let them live on enlisted pay and in enlisted housing for awhile. They wouldn’t last a week.

  • DCW

    MSgt Williams, retired; go figure 26 1/2 years of faithfully serving as a voluntary slave to support and defend my country and its over paid Congressional Robber Barons–F@#* all of you ungrateful inconsiderate pseudo patriotic A-holes

  • diane

    If they could just take a peek into some of the asinine expenditures that have nothing to do with pay grade – that would help a ton. Take a stroll across Peterson AFB’s housing development. Nicer houses than some doctors have who are civilians. What about when some go TDY and EACH individual has their own $200/night hotel room AND a rental car? Do these guys work for the military or a Fortune 500 company? Crazy.

  • Ret Mil/Contractor

    Contractors and the military have a symbiotic relationship. Consider for instance that a contractor making 250K a year is paying close to 40K a year in taxes (even with the tax breaks). This pays the salary of at least one service man or women. Also consider that most contractors making the big bucks are retired military with a huge amount of training, experience, education, and specialized skill sets. The natural progression for service members is to put in their time in the military gaining skills, education and experience so they can assume the positions of the current crop of contractors. Instead of contractors and service members turning on themselves, they should unite against govt waste such as out of control social benefits (people leaching off the govt (taxpayers) and not contributing anything in return), wasteful govt spending (congressmen, senators, aids, etc) certain govt employees(bloated GS system) and out of control foreign aid.

  • Lynn

    Apparently Gates has missed the fact of how many military servicemembers qualify for food stamps for their families due to these oh so above board pay scales. One thing is for sure, if Gates manages this and Pres Obama approves it, Pres Obama can say adios to re-election..he won’t get any support from the military members, veterans groups, military retirees and so on.

  • JAtags25

    If we are hurting for money so bad then we need to cut the Government. It wasn’t set up originally to be as big as it is. Cut funding for all the projects that aren’t helping America before cutting pay to your soldiers. IE all the funding going to other countries to help thier poor. I don’t know if you noticed or not, but pretty soon we will be getting funding from China cause we are poor.
    Thomas Jefferson said, “It is healthy to overthrow the government once in a while to keep them in check.” Maybe it’s time we did that.

  • Mark Peck

    Amen, and what about the family sacrificde as well! I’m a retired NCO and my son in law is a Navy First Class Petty Officer and this is a disgrace to our country. But let’s lay the blame where it belongs…right in the lap of the POTUS and the congress. The First Lady stated during the campaign that for the first time in her life she was proud of the United States. Well, for the first time in my life, I’m ashamed of our leaders, even more then Bill Clinton. Hang in there, I think it is a scare tactic. Thank you and your husband for your service.

  • SFC

    I’m an Active Duty Army SFC. I read all these posts and understand a lot of the points of views. I read how the military can give, how we can reform too and so on. We do give. We give everyday to our country through our blood, sweat and tears. We miss our children’s first steps, their first birthdays, anniversaries, Christmas’s and significant events. We ask our spouses to step up and take on the role of both parents as we travel over seas for our country. Children have lost their moms and dads. Mother and fathers have lost their sons and daughters. We have all chosen this role and this job. However, if it wasn’t for us choosing it, what ended in the early 70s (the draft) would surely be implemented if everyone just said, “no, we aren’t joining” but, luckily many of us have come forward and sworn to protect and defend this great nation.

  • SFC

    (ok post was to long…part 2)

    One, no pay increase is a pay decrease due to inflation (obviously we all know that). Cutting our pay? Some of you wrote we can take a little pay decrease and be ok. I can yes but, tell that to the 20 year old Private over seas in Iraq with his wife and two kids back home. Tell them, “son, you just aren’t giving enough, you need to give more”. Those of you who say we can give more. I can totally understand how a servicemember over seas putting his life on the line for his country isn’t enough and how he should give more (sarcastically). I am a firm believer we live in the greatest nation. I also believe our country could shave 400billion from our welfare system, medical spent on illegal immigrants and multiple other ways. Yes, we must adapt to a changing world. Our pay however,……..we do give, every day of our lives. Quit asking us and our families to give more. Regardless of the outcome, I will always stand by my country and comrades.

  • Duke Clements

    So many enlisted are already below the poverty level; a few more upper NCOs added to the list won’t hurt. Please note my sarcasm…. This is a bad idea; the sacrifices made every day by our troops and our families and this is the thanks we are getting? Washington has been smelling “Blue Plains” so much they havent realized where they have inadvertantly placed thier heads!! Some one please speak out for us and don’t let this happen.

  • Humpty

    As an enlisted member of the Air Guard, I say cut away, but only if everybody in government gets on the same page as we are on (pay, benefits, etc..).

  • retired Armor

    I’m so glad I retired before the commies came to power.
    Those folks in the sand box are way under paid.

  • P.O. SSG

    Maybe i’ll get out, and father half a dozen kids with different women, and refuse to work. maybe then i’ll qualify for some government assistance. 40 months of serive in Iraq of a 6 year period and 10 years in the Army total apparently equal jack. What a joke.

  • military spouse

    my husband has been active duty for 23 years, and its ashame that our government is trying to take money from military mans pocket, how about decreasing pay in the pockets of all the people on the hill and to boot putting a cap on it.

  • peggy1949

    Please everyone posting here, check WELL IN ADVANCE of the 2012 election as to WHO handles voting ballots for your units and locations and WHEN those ballots have to be cast in order to be RECEIVED and COUNTED by the proper authorities. During the last presidential election, several military ballots were not counted in New York because they weren’t received by the deadline. Nothing angers me more than the very people who protect our freedoms/nation not having their voices heard.

  • Marine

    I just wonder how things would change? If all veterans would take a Stand!
    Unite and become one! If it were to happen I bet the President and Congress
    would then take notice? As the old saying goes: the squeaky gear gets the grease”. Uniting would make one heck of a block of voters to be reckoned
    with. Just a thought.

    • Army Vet

      Great idea. I know a lot of Vet’s that silently think this, however Time, Venue and Opportunity prevent a lot of us from participating in this type of event. I suppose that’s why we vote and elect “Representatives” to take our opinions to be heard on “the Hill”.

      Check out the recent events in the News; come on now, some of the things these “Representatives” are getting slammed for are definitely NOT in my tool kit of Values, and really, let’s not even mention “Morales”…….Just sayin’

  • ChiefSkip

    If Gates and Panetta want to cut any of the military budget how about starting by cutting the pay of the commander in chief ??

    • Reginhild

      You make a good point – there are actually many other areas that can be cut before touching military pay. Outside the military, how about congressional benefits? Why should they get full salary for life after only working two years in congress? How about a graduated retirement system for them? If they are kicked out after one term – no lifetime compensation – they lost their second term for a reason. If they make two terms, then possibly 10% retirement – a good deal for only 4 years of work. …and so on…

      Within the military budgets themselves, there are many inefficiencies and areas that can be cut before looking at pay. There are many functions that are duplicated among all the services that could be combined. For example, human resources commands: Why not have one for all the services? One computer software system to pay for, only one general and staff at the top instead of separate personnel generals for Army, Air Force, Navy, Coast Guard…

      If you have to look at pay cuts, how about TDY pay before anything else? The per diem rates should account for the fact that personnel eat already at their home or home station and already receive basic allowance for subsistence.

      Another area of waste can actually be in the area of combat and hazardous duty pay. Some senior members go down range and only stay a few days yet receive one or two months combat pays. Combat and hazard pays should be figured on a daily basis for those staying less than a full month. There are also areas where people receive combat pay yet are not in combat – when was someone shot at last time in Qatar?

      There are many ways to stay away from cutting the standard pay and benefits of our military. It can be done.

      • retiree

        >Why should they get full salary for life after only work­ing two years in con­gress?

        THEY DON’T. There should be required fact checking before folks can post here. Congress is, for retirement and health care purposes, more federal employees. They receive FERS and FEHBP, not some special program.

  • Retired AF

    i feel sorry for the people in some of the countries we send billions to, but hey Mr. Preseident and Mr Gates, 2/3rds of the countries we send billions to hate our guts, think we are fools and would cut our throats if given the chance. Keep that money over here and do something for your own people. WE are not the worlds keepers. AND protecting these oils countries have done nothing but get our gas prices raised and making the big oil companies very rich. What a bunch of duffasses! When we get back on our feet again……IF EVER…..then send your own money over to these countries that can’t manage their own govt. WE SOON will be like them, unable to manage a dollar…..or wait…..we already can’t!



  • Bob Higdon

    Gates is the worst, actually anti-military SecDef we’ve ever had! The fact that Obama kept him around, of all the toads in the Bush administration, tells you that he is a toady for sure. He’s never had the interests of the servicemember at heart, and by extension, the interests of the nation either.
    So I for one can’t wait for his resignation day. We’ll all be no worse for his leaving. Good riddance!!


    Feel free to go active duty stevie.

    • DB

      Can’t have it both ways. Everyone complains about military pay being terrible ir under threat of being cut, but then complains about having to pay taxes. Congress and the President really do not get paid as much as people think, so cutting their pay really wouldn’t make a huge difference. People forget how fortunate we military families really are: housing alliwances, pensions, pro-rated childcare fees, FREE medical care and military discounts. Our jobs are also more secure than in the private sector. Military jobs definitely carry great risk, but this was a choice someone made when ‘signing up’. Din’t forget that thousands of other government employees have had up toba month of unpaid furloughs, all while making less than their private counterparts, all while paying over $1000/month for insurance, 30% co-pays and getting no housing. When you look at it this way, we militaey families have it pretty good. It also amazes me that military families think they’re immune to the financial crisis. Back in April, we were all worried about pay delays and people were freaking out about being pais 3 days late. Just b/c we’re military doesn’t mean we shouldn’t still have 3-6 mos of living expenses saved up. You should never have to have a $700/month truvk payment and flat screen TV, I phone and HBO before you csn plan for an emergency. Very proud of my husband being a military member, but at the end of the day, none of us should be immune to the financial cutbacks facing all other Americans and we should plan accordingly.

      • DB

        Sorry, this was meant as a general comment, not a response to SFC Bob’s post.

  • Proud American

    Congrads to our idiot president and all his jerkoff staff. What a bunch of losers, better to fund all the illegal’s and pass legislation that will strip away all the rights of law abiding Americans than to protect our Military. You Mr. President send these warriors into harms way and then say to take what little pay they get away from them and their families. What about all you fat cat politicians, how about taking away some of your pay, or cutting some of those perks that you protect, or firing some of those czar’s. You are all a disgrace to this Country, your change is the kind of thing that will break this Nation’s back. Replacing Gate’s with Pennetta is just your way of getting what you want, kind of like a spoiled little brat taking his ball away.

  • jeff

    I use to be very proud to tell everyone I was retired from the military. Now I don’t tell anyone! Almost every member of my family has served and we where always proud. I have a brother that carried a bullet in his body from Aug. 1967 till last November.(2010) You would not belive the battle he went through trying to get taken care of. Its like now its when you ship out for battle you are forgotten about! Seems battle is all about the money and how much they can make off your death. Wonder whats going to happen if we are invaded? I think we will see how much DC can depend on our vets!

  • sam

    I agree to with Gates that is the best/smarted thing I have heard in years, cut the Commission Officers pay, not NCO! I could never understand the difference in the pay between Officers except spell or write a better line. Cut the officers or their pay. Cut the House of Rep, Senators and other government rep until the do a better job running this country. You get payed for what you do not what you say you will do. But no they have power to give them self a pay increase as if they needed. How long will this continue!

    • Jo

      I have to disagree with anything that cuts pay for any service member. Have you checked the pay/allotment rates for a fresh O1, seems they are little more than a glorified E5. If you won’t cut enlisted pay, you can’t just randomly start cutting low grade officer pay because you aren’t cutting much.

      • AF NCO

        I am not sure what paychart you are looking at. I agree there are much more efficient ways to work the budget. Especially when you have worked as a purchase card holder when “End of Year” spending comes into play. As far as military pay, there shouldn’t be any cuts at all but I can guarantee you that officer pay is quite a bit different than enlisted pay. Your concept of a “Glorified E-5” has much more experience especially when considering we have to be in over 8 years as a glorified e-5 to attain the same pay as brand new o-1 that still has no idea what the military is really like. O pay increases are also much greater than your enlisted counterparts and as many many many good officers have said in the past, present and futer; the military is ran by us NCO’s.

  • realest8hound

    It amazes me how we can send our military into battle, ask them to spend years away from their families, and they come home with their legs blown off, blind or in a box. And of course we want to thank them for their service, and tell them how proud of them we are. Unfortunately! In the same breath, we also want them to take a pay cut; I guess “Seal Team Six” did too good a job; we could have gotten cheaper labor. When we disrespect our serviceman and women, we disrespect our heritage and the very fiber that binds this country together. Our government is becoming nonfunctional, reminds me of the Roman Empire…

  • WHY

    I do not agree with cutting active duty pay at all or retired pay. One thing I do have a problem with is there are some retired people receiving 70%+ disability and STILL able to work a 40+ hour a week job. I think that disability should be for the vets that ARE ACTUALLY disabled. If you are able to work 40+ hours a week, you should not be able to collect disability AND retirement. Maybe they need to take a look at that.

    • LKW4

      Your crazy. I am disabled and still work. Not because I want to but because I have to. Disability pay does not cover everything I need it to cover. The military assignments and military doctors did a good job screwing me up! Think before you speak!

    • Disabled at 70%

      You are truly a dumbass. I am one of those at 70% who work 40+ hours a week. You need to think about what you are saying before opening your mouth and spouting off.

      You don’t see the restless hours I and others like me spend where we can ‘t sleep or feel the pain that racks our body each day when we force ourselves to go to work.

      Yes we draw the retirement that we EARNED and compensation of injuries sustained that are SERVICE CONNECTED. I have titanium rods running up both sides of my spine just so I can stand upright and move around.

      Our going to another job is a testament to our dedication and willingness to perservere. We are not getting rich, most of us are just getting by. We may be able to put a little aside to cover the impending loss of Social Security which WE PAID IN. Thanks to our government we are loosing what we EARNED or PAID FOR every day.

      You want to cut the budget, cut the welfare and entitlement programs to the worthless scum tha has not, does not and will not work AND the illegals that this president is pushig to give amnesty to.

      Think you hit a nerve? Your damned right you did! I get nothing I did not earn and deserve.

      Were you ever even in the military? Probably not!
      On top of that, I would almost bet you were one of the idiots that voted this Pretender In Chief in and stand up and tell everyone how brilliant he is and what a good job he is doing.

      You are entitled to your opinion, but when you express something like this in a military forum, expect to get you *** busted!

  • gost

    what is congress doing getting paid a huge pay ck sitting down, while our man an women are out there putting there life’s on the line really what are they thinking. To start they keep us away from our family for months our medical has gone up an you still want to take away from us, can some one tell me why they cant fine other places to cut back it looks like it is essayer for them to keep training foreign countries military but punish ours. I would like to see congress leading by example how about you get a pay cut an then tell us how it feels, for some one to come take a piece of what you work so hard to earn like if you are not doing your job good enough. So maybe next time a foreign country ask for help in training there military they should pay the U.S, after all they are looking for our help

  • R. Strong

    If they were really serious, our elected leaders would not be spending us in to oblivion! But they are not going to stop!! Start cutting pay and perks from the President on down. I’d say that half of Congress and the Senate are already rich! Why do they need the salary and benefits they get. The last speaker of the house got her own plane to ride around in. She didn’t need it!! Both her and her husband have more money than I’ll ever see in ten life times!!!! How many pay in to Social Security. Thier retirement plan/ Health plan is better than we’ll ever see too!! Tax them on that at 50%.

  • Jerry

    This is not that hard to fix. If the American people really support “Our Troops”, we should just ask them to contribute a $1.33 for each person in the United States, then there would be the $400M to make up for this shortfall. Freedom is free, but sometimes it does take some $’s out of our pockets to really support our troops

  • If, as they’ve recently reported military pay and compensation is better than civilian pay…OK…I’ll believe them. — I’d would however, like to see the national pay-scale for guys who walk down roads everyday lined with IED’s. And what’s the equivalent civilian pay for a tank driver or fighter pilot being targeted by a seasoned extremeist with an RPG? — Oh, they don’t have a civilian equivalent! So, then the bean counters are, as usual, full of bovine-feces! — Now, there is a civilian equivalent for overpayed pencil-pushers, and I’m sure our nation would appreciate their sacrificing some of their fat paychecks. Lets start with our Executive and Legislative branches, cabinete secretaries, and that broad-bottomed crowd over at the pentagon. Lord knows all of those cats are grossly overpaid for what little they contribute to the USA! — That should save some real bucks…don’t ya think?

  • fed up

    Really how about bringing our troops home and dropping a big bomb and being done with that shit over there . that would save alot of money and time. and OUR TROOPs lives . I got an Idea lets send gates over there for a tour and see if he would like doing what our troops do for a tour .. lol sure he wouldnt last 48 hours …. and to boot do it for peanuts .cause thats what are troops make and they want to cut that …just plane bullshit…………………………….


    Many of these comments are made w/ the heart which is America. We are a people of faith and trust, thus the heart. I served for +32 years & am proud of every minute. I entered w/ promised pay, retirement, medical benefits and more, but less promises are coming true. As a patriot taking my fair share of cuts is right, but at some point enough is enough. Promises must be kept. A second flaw w/ cutting military pay & benefits is the FUTURE. Thinking only short & in the “now” is trouble. Rrecruitment is up w/ economy down, but what happens if the bail-out of $400B works & the economy turns. Will the recruitment be the same, with reduced pay and benefits? Will patriot duty still be there if the next generation sees Washington cut benefits & sees us, elders & leaders, allow the military to be ravaged. Will recruitment work then? My greatest fear is the future if we continue to tamper w/ the military. I don’t purpose to have all the answers, but I do know that continued attacks on the military will only put our GREAT NATION at risk which I fear for myself , my family, my friends and our next generation.

  • Vic

    wow. Total disregard for our service men and women and the Veterans who gave the best years of their lives as well. Amercans should somehow get wind of these issues and let them see first hand how the military is appreciated. Without the Veterans we may be speaking German or Japanese!
    How about this letting our children stay on our Tricare plan until age 26 crap!!!! What they are saying to us is sure..go ahead…keep your child on the program…it will cost you $200 per child over 21 per month. Total BS. What they are really saying is it will cost you so much that you won’t afford it!! Thank you uncle Sam who I served for 24 fricken years!

  • YoungSailor

    This is such bull!!! im only an E-3 in the USN with a car note, insurance, and other bills that im struggling to get paid every month as it is!!! Now you’re trying to take what little money I DO make,and work my ass off to earn, away from me!!! What about these ‘unnecessarily rich’ people that can afford a pay cut huh? I dont see them getting taxed on anything!!!

  • Navy Retiree

    Gates was appointed, not elected. Served under GWB and BH Osama

  • Anon-o-mous

    How about we stop the elaborate funding of motorsports teams and advertising. The af sponsors a mx team and a monster truck. The army a Dragster and NASCAR stock car. And I’m sure there are more. That would be quite a bit saved.

  • Will

    Get rid of the JSF and f-22 program. That would save billions.

  • mike

    i respect your outlook on this

  • im a e-4 in active duty army been in four years have a daughter i have to take care of i got bills that i cant pay and even now they take away money that i dont really have to be giving back or them taking. The very foundation my life has sat on ive worked to damn hard in the military for this now while everything around us prices go up childcare rent even haha gass!! waking up at sometimes 5 or earlier at rested at 9 oclock at night if i am lucky and doing the same thing over and over agian just for what now what reason does it give me now. I say we get paid like the congress and higher or in my eyes people who just sit around and then go home to a big house while i can barely afford a place wow. How hard is to really say shut up gates just shut up i prefer using a non violent approach but when they take things from me that i need to survive then it will be **** to pay even if i have no followers whats wrong is wrong and ill never let evil win.

  • Why is it that every time things get bad our service people have to foot the bill as if they can afford to live normally every move every deployment cost them money the dislocation allowance and travel pay does not covers their cost as well as the fact that they have to pay out for many things that are not even considered as cost to them by the Government . In most cases they don’t even stay at home by being deployed numerous times to the combat zones and their Families have suffer under the unknown until they come home let these Congressmen and Senators try to fill there shoes for one night with incoming rounds and enemy coming in the wire

  • nightrider

    Unbelievable. Just fucking unbelievable. First he turns our nations military into an open abomination with the homosexuals, and now he wants to cut pay. It all seems so upside down to me. Is Gates perpetrating treason?

  • rice

    how about we cut welfare. I know so many people on welfare how don’t even need it.

  • matt

    every time the dems in get office.

  • MATT

    I personally believe the presidency, senate and congress should all take a GS pay. I would vote for that in a heartbeat!

  • dont be a non swimmer.

  • manleyman

    Just remember Gen. Petraus is retiring with $14,000 a month, Has a new job with CIA for 200K a yr. and will probabley have a pension with the VA. And he is just one CEO from the military. Ask yourself, how long can we continue to afford this? Its coming out of your taxes and my taxes.

  • Andre

    As a retiree since 1992 and now a Fed worker since 1997, I thought I had seen all the cr@p possible in the pay and benefit arena. Gates you are a dog, and Panneta is no better. To continue to savage the heros that continue to serve and protect your rights is wrong. When I enlisted we received three dollars a day to sacrafice our lives, yes we received 98 dollars a month then. Are we that expendable to our country that they can throw us away like trash. Throughout my career we suffered the budget cuts, the delays in COLA, the delays of pay raises because our political reps cannot manage the budget. Here is an Idea, find a service members wife who has to raise their kids on a limited budget and let her help with the national budget. They will know how to balance the checkbook. As I get older, I continue to question whether or not I will be eating good food or dog food in my senior years.. thanks Gates.

  • Shadowsoul2035

    You want to cut 400Billion in cost from the DOD? Then take a 30% pay cut off of every member of congress and the senate and see if they can afford there life styles! We military personnel work hard for the measly wages we make! If all else fails lets put these ass clowns on the front lines for our pay and see if they like it!

  • BOB

    so you know we are no longer a truly free country! China owns our asses!

  • Bartholomue

    Its an overwhelming thought. On the premise of saving their ***** now, risk the capability and likelyhood of even having a proffessional force left; or willing to do the dirty work for the overpayed fat cats in Washington. Im glad its not just me who believes that country we all thought we represenred was a front for deep pockets and empty coffers….

  • Donaize

    Hm – a postal supervisor makes $70,000 a year plus benefits – an average American soldier makes about $53,000 with benefits –
    If a raise had to be given and I got a vote, it would be to the solider – he risks his life so I can enjoy my freedom – can’t see any particular danger from being a postal supervisor or mail carrier, unless of course one factors in a dog!!!

  • nicole

    I think they should take a look at what the people on here are saying and maybe they might realize that they themselves need to have a nice big pay cut! Granted im not complaining about how much i get paid because im in the reserves and the army is my only source of income right now but my father, uncle, aunt, and sister are all in the army as well and they are active duty. They are barely making it as it is, my uncle can barely afford to buy diapers for his newly born twins and he is sitting in afghanistan right now! so why dont they take a good look around at their living situations before trampling all over the small ones the good men and women of the services’ have.

  • Gunny Rodriguez

    The change the president proclaimed is dead. It has never started and hope it never does. I can say this if any of the top leaders of this once great country we had ever sereved on a foreign soil and faught for peace and freedom. They would not come up with these hurtful solutions to take away money from families of our great defenders. Our once great country we trying to keep alive and me are not looking at what made us blessed with all we gained by having a great military. Gunny retired 20 yrs USMC don’t hurt the moral of our troops on deck and families ” KEEP THERE PAY AND BENNIFTS STEADY” they are earning every cent I can promise you that!

  • R U Kidding?

    you forgot to mention the 100% retirement benefit they collect after 5 years of service and the 3 million a year spent on bottled water in the capitol. I’ve read about huge expenses utilized to renevate their offices when elected as well. Wonder where we should start cutting? Hmmm…

  • Jeanie

    It appears that the column writer, Terry Howell’s article title is far over stating actual facts. Note that there is nothing in the article to support that Gates actually did ask for military pay cuts or even put it on the table. Please folks, don’t accept everything you read as fact!

  • Cnc

    I think they should consider cutting dual housing payments for dual military, mandatory on-base housing for expensive overseas areas, and cutting all “cosmetic” or “optional” surgeries/treatments before they cut pay/benefits. I know way too many active/dependents that have had weight loss surgery, eye surgery, boob reduction/enhancements – Those are real areas that could be cut without hurting the hard working people.

    • els

      Cnc, I agree with you on everything but the breast reduction. That, is NOT cosmetic. I have talked to a few that have had that! Do You seriously think a woman woul normally choose to have her breasts reduced just to look better? The ones I have talked to9 and read about have medical reasons to have them reduced many of them have serious back pain and/or problems from oversized breasts!

  • Amy

    I completely understand the need of budgeting but you have to be completely stupid to start paycuts with the people that protect the bed you sleep in at night. How would you feel if you had to sleep with a gun under hour pillow, your kids in the same room as you because you don’t know who might come throughyour door in the middle of the night when your sleeping. So yes start with the military and sweet dreams!!!! The president makes 200,000 grand a year but pays for nothing. His water, gas, electric, food and jet fuel is all paid for but the United States citizen and I would say more than 25% are MILITARY. A member of congress makes about the same, let’s thing about over 50% of the military men and woman make less than 50k a year. Wow that is 150% difference in pay! So where do we need to really start? Oh let’s not even forget about the last election, Obama you remember it right? Yeah you should, it was the most expensive one in the history of the United States!!!!!!!!!

  • Retired AF Chief

    I spent nearly 30 years of my life in the military giving to my country. My wife and kids suffered when I was gone on TDYs, etc. Now they want to cut military pay and/or benefits. This is why I tell people don’t go into the military. You will not be appreciated for your sacrifices. I would never fight for this country again. Overall, I do not believe most politicians or the people appreciate what the military does and has to endure. Maybe it’s time the military has a union.

  • P. Miller

    For starters, I’d suggest confiscating the keys to Air Force One. If Obama stayed in Washington, where he’s supposed to be taking care of the country’s business, the taxpayers would save a fair amount of change. Would save some of our precious petroleum resources as well!

  • Colonel (ret)

    I guess Rudyard Kipling is not longer an accepted path of thought– it’s Tommy this and Tommy that until the bugles begin to blow then it’s what is your pleasure Mr. Atkins.” Well, the bugles are blowing all over the world and to suggest cutting pay and bnefits boggles the mind.

  • 30+years active duty

    military pay should be cut at the field grade and above officer ranks. it’s bloated. That’s a fact. Look at what a LTC makes. Don’t forget to add in all the other allowances. And General Officers! Give me a break. And don’t even begin to compare it with civilian counterparts. There is no civilian counterpart. Military service at that level is just that. A service. Pay should be good but it doesn’t need to be extravegant. The country just can’t afford it.


    My name is Major Greg Morris and I am currently attending the Army Command and General Staff College (satellite course) at Fort Lee Virginia. I have served in Iraq, South Korea and multiple locations in the United States during my 22 years of active service, both enlisted and officer. I believe reducing pay and benefits will lead us down the wrong path…… Today’s security environment in the world will require a sustained presence abroad by our military. At best, we will draw down and maintain some smaller level of forces deployed for some years to come. If pay and benefits are reduced, ultimately the quality of our all volunteer force will be degraded as (people) choose to leave the military. These are my observations and opinion, for what it’s worth.

  • Christopher Cheagle

    Bring our troops home. If troops are brought home, the government will not have to pay hazardous duty, imminent duty, combat pay and family separation pay. Additionally, the government will receive taxes from those service members. Military pay is not taxed on deployed troops. Cutting military compensation is a horrible idea and anyone who supports cutting military can not appreciate the sacrifices we must make for our service. How about cutting aid to foreign countries, eliminating subsidies to the oil companies?

  • Senoracarlsson

    Wonderful insurance was promised for LIFE to those individuals and their family for dedicating their lives to military service. This has been the plan of hundreds of thousands of service members over the years, work their butts off and receive compensation. it is a fact that a large majority of families barely make ends meet (mainly enlisted folks, ya know, the “grunts” of the Military). It is not a well-to-do lifestyle.

    Okay, so here have families struggling, trying to save at the same time, all the while continuing to serve with a goal in site. A PROMISE. TRICARE and GOOD RETIREMENT BENEFITS… a really nice goal. They devote 20 years of their lives, scraping by for a large majority of those years, only to be told, “Oh, you should have saved more money, planned more for a future, blah, blah, blah”, for this is what a benefit cut to retirees says to me.

    Contrary to a very MISINFORMED, yet still popular belief, service member are not the intellectual dolts of the United States. Interestingly, a potential soldier wanting to advance within the ranks of Infantry must be rather bright. We’re not talking Gomer Pile here, folks.

    These service members could have gone down a different road other that Military and been very successful, much better payed. Instead they stayed the course. It is almost impossible to buy a house, a sound investment indeed, because families move on average every three years. Spouses have a hell of a time building careers because guess who is moving, on average, every three years along with the service member? Uh, the spouse.
    I could go on, I need to stop. Basically it boils down to this. To cut into and penalize retirees for *trusting* their government, sacrificing their personal liberties (service members actually give up many of their Constitutional Rights), risking their LIVES for an ungrateful country, and enduring major stress levels (both personal and familial) is WRONG!

    I want anyone who bothers to read this to think really hard about what this means on a variety of levels and NOT align according to political parties. Ask yourself what is right and just in this situation. Then, maybe, try and help combat this idiocy.

  • Senoracarlsson

    OMG, I am laughing and this is why: “Gates told a group that reducing military pay wouldn’t neg a tively impact recruiting.” Right… and let’s, for arguments sake, it does not impact recruiting to a noticeable point, it WILL effect troop retention. Retention of some of our best and brightest military personnel. Let’s face it, a large percentage of experienced service members can *easily* break ranks, work as contractors or GS employees and make much more money than what they are pulling as service members.

    I also love that one of the proposals is to tax employers if the EMPLOYEES (retired service members) opt out of the company insurance plans and use Tricare instead. What? How can this be good? This is bullying, it really is.

    I understand the need for budget cuts, but they will shoot themselves and the LOYAL service members in the foot.

    I need to elaborate. You see, service members are PROMISED government insurance (Tricare) if they serve for 20 years. It is a contractual agreement and we pay premiums, we have co-pays. It is NOT free. To try and “coerce” (force) retirees that are still in the work force to opt with another insurance plan is wrong. Plain and simple, it is wrong.

  • Military wife

    I am sorry for our soldiers, they work so hard and put their lives and family on hold to protect and serve our country. I believe that not only Congress but Representatives need to have a pay cut, and their staff. Everybody else has been cut left and right just not them. When will it be their turn!! Some agreed to go without pay when we were at a stand still, but now were are those people. Leave the military alone!!!

  • After 18 years I have figured something out. to day you you are an Asshole tomorrow your a Hero. and every hates us unitl the world goes to shit

  • Jack Mehoff

    Good, especially the Navy, all they do is eat donuts, drink coffee, and put them selves in for Bronze Stars for setting up the command golf tournament.
    SCREW THEM ALL. Mercenaries pure and simple, if they had any real education they’d be holding down REAL jobs, not suckling off the goovernment teat.



    • retiree

      You may have “heard” but if you go to the Senate website, you’ll find the truth – they are under FERS and FEHBP. In other words, for retirement and healthcare, they are more federal employees, just like the GS employee you work with.

  • Johnny

    Wealthy Americans want: 1. Free protection from the bad guys 2. To avoid paying taxes.

    10,000 UBS (Swiss Bank) customers (wealthy Americans) collectively have about $20 billion of assets hidden from IRS.

    How many more are still to be discovered?

  • Did anyone else notice that the CinC was too cowardly to face the troops himself with this and instead he had to send out a DH (Designated Hatchet man)?

    It would appear from the way this was handled that the CinC is a bigger Chicken S*** than I originally thought.

  • Norman Viehweg

    I’m a retired USAF NCO. I am dead set against cutting our medical and retired benefits. How dare you even think it when we have men and women dieing and becoming permanently injured while we are still at war. We haven’t had a pay raise in our retirement or Social security in a long time. Now you want to cut our pay with these actions.

  • bcusnavy

    its about time we do something to cut back on the Levaithan outlays supporting an all-volunteer force. BRING BACK THE DRAFT AND PAY THE NEW GUYS SUBSISTENCE WAGES, JUST LIKE WE USED TO. no more nice apartments on or off base for newly enlisted. put them in 50 man squad bays. paying huge amounts of money to men in entry-level jogs is profligate folly. everyone should have to serve. if they stick around after their initial enlistment, then start rewarding them with more pay. if they want to make the big bucks, keep tuition assistance to let them become officers. who doesn’t think our Weener Congressman wouldn’t have benefitted getting his as* kicked around for 4 years dragging tie-down chains on a flight deck 18 hours/day.


    Right, screw the people in the government that are actually doing something constructive. If Washington is concerned about cutting back lets get rid of those czars Obama brought in; lets reduce the benefits and salaries of Congress; lets reduce “fact finding” trips for Congress since they wouldn’t know a fact if it bit them. Gates doesn’t think it will hurt recruiting but might impact retention. You bet it would big time. Having a lot of recruits without experienced NCO’s would badly degrade the military.

  • askgj

    If any other of our presidents had doubled in one year
    the national debt, which had taken more than two
    centuries to accumulate, would you have approved?

    If any other of our presidents had criticized a state law that he admitted
    having not read yet, would you think that he is just an ignorant hot head demagogue?

    If any other of our presidents joined the country of Mexico and sued one of the states of the Union to force that state to continue allowing illegal immigration into US, would you question his good judgment and wonder who’s side is he on?

    If any other of our presidents had put 87,000 workers out of work by
    hastily placing a moratorium on offshore oil drilling on companies that have one of the best safety records of any industry because one foreign company had an accident, would you have agreed?

    If any other of our presidents had needed a
    teleprompter to get through a press conference, would
    you have thought he’s a moron who cannot put two sentences together unless he was reading them?

    If any other of our presidents had spent hundreds of thousands of dollars to take his First Lady to dinner and a play in NYC, while the nation is facing a dire financial crisis, would you have approved?

    If any other of our presidents had made a joke at the expense of the Special Olympics, would you have dismissed it?

    If any other of our presidents had given the Queen of England an IPod
    with videos of his speeches, would you have thought he needs help in polishing his social graces, and control his impulse for self-grandiosity…to say the least?

    If any other of our presidents had visited Austria and made reference to the “Austrian language,” would you have brushed it off as a minor slip or, again, thought he is ignorant or has the IQ of a cucumber?

    If any other of our presidents had filled his cabinet and circle of top advisers with people who do not keep current their Income Taxes would you have approved or accused him of cronyism?

    If any other of our presidents had stated that there were 57 states in the Union , wouldn’t you have had second thoughts about his
    intelligence and capabilities?

    If any other of our presidents would have flown all the way to Denmark to make a five minute pitch soliciting the Olympics (returning without a commitment) wouldn’t you think the man is somewhat misguided, let alone having an erroneous concept of his own importance in certain matters?

    If any other of our presidents had not asked for special Spanish coaching so he wouldn’t refer to “Cinco de Cuatro” in front of the Mexican ambassador, instead of “Cinco de Mayo” and then continued to flub it when he tried again, wouldn’t you have winced in embarrassment?

    If any other of our presidents had burned 9,000 gallons of jet fuel to go and plant a single tree on Earth Day, would you have concluded he doesn’t think things through…since he could’ve planted the tree on a corner of the White House lawn..and…if that didn’t cross his mind, one of his czars or assistants should’ve thought of it !

    If any other of our presidents had failed to send relief aid to flood victims throughout the Midwest (resulting in more people killed or made homeless than in New Orleans ) would you want it made into a major ongoing political issue with claims of racism and incompetence?

    If any other of our presidents had created the position of 32 (yes! THIRTY TWO! ) Czars who report directly to him, bypassing the House and Senate on much of what is happening in America , would you have ever approved?

    If any other of our presidents had ordered the firing of the CEO of a major corporation (even when he has absolutely no constitutional authority to do so) would you have approved…. or you would have thought that only dictators attribute to themselves such power?

    So, tell me again, what is it about President Obama that makes him so brilliant and impressive to you?

    Can’t think of anything? Don’t worry. He’s done all this in 24 months — so you have that much time to come up with an answer.

  • bmcsmcculloughret

    Pay the rich and screw those who need it most. All of our so,so patriotic politions sure know how to thank we who whent through hell and to those who are prsently going through hell should all thank our representives in the house and the senate. Our patriotic mission should be to throw the no good sons of – – – – – – – out and put in new cannon fodder in and if they can’t cut the mustard , throw those out and pretty soon those who want to help our country will get the message and be an america instead of a thief out for own pockets and power. lets cut thier pay and bennies. bmcsusn ret.

  • We must hold the line and not let Congress cross it. Before any militart pay cust are made Congress should start with itself and all the staffers in the halls of congress and the Whit House,. We need better pay and benifits to ensure the security of our country. We do not need to be begging the UN or NATO for assistance when we need to protect our interest. To do this the military needs better pay for better people and the best equipment available for our fighters.

  • CharlesBryant

    I first joined the Army in 1969 and retired in 1995. Since then, I have never in my life ever seen Military Pay or Benefits cut. Never, ever.

  • YourLoyalSailor

    Gates, Start by cutting your own pay your desk riding pansy!

  • AngrySoldier

    FUCK YOU GATES!!! Why is cutting our pay an option? When your staff makes MORE THAN EVERYONE ELSE IN THE MILITARY!! Hell you guys even got a damn raise, oh but thats because your job is so much harder than avoiding bullets and bombs, and being away from your fucking family for over a year. Yeah, cut our pay, you say it will hurt moral? LMAO, yeah it’ll do that, but I know a lot of people will up and leave the country, and it WILL hurt recruiting you dumb ass.

  • Kaos Ranger

    Your online spell checker American English British English German I think all of these politicians should be paid like they were when this country was founded. They weren’t!!! Our founding fathers didn’t set it up for politicians to get paid outrageous amounts of money or actually to get paid at all. They are all wealthy anyway (how do you think that they got elected) and don’t need it and they certainely don’t need 100% pay for the rest of their life what a joke that is. It must be nice to be able to vote on your own pay raises, retirement and medical benefits. Maybe they should allow the military, retirees and service connected disabled retirees to vote on all of the same stuff for themselves since we have put a lot more on the line to earn it than any of them have. And if they get 100% pay when they retire I think the military should to and not just off of the base pay but off of all that we receive just like they do.

  • Kaos Ranger

    I gave this country 15 active years as an Abn Rng and had my spine blown apart by a bullet in Iraq and the thought of them cutting my retirements and disability that supports me and my family makes my head want to explode. I don’t have the option of going and getting a job to make up for it. And it irritates the hell out of me thinking about my brothers in arms and my friends still serving having to worry about surviving and taking care of their families because of pay cuts when they are out getting their asses shot off in some forign garbage can of a country. One we are undoubtedly giving millions to every year. Who pays the U.S. millions when we need it? Nobody so why are we giving are hard working peoples money away after they are taxed to death. gets done with all of us does it?

    • Kaos Ranger

      I think that all of these politicians should lead by example, like we do in the military, if this is what they are so set on doing. They can get their checks together and send them to whatever country they want to support and the big man at the top that is dead set on running this country into the ground and making 400B in military cuts can start by sending his off or maybe better yet he can give it up and let the soldiers who deserve it have it. Go ahead OBAMA get with it and do something right for a change. So far all you have done since you have been in office is screw the American people, piss off are allies starting with one of our best Israel and now you want to screw your very own military. Doesn’t sound like he’s leaving much for Mrs. Obama after he gets done with all of us does it?

  • Bobby

    The same story-they love us when we are at war-when the war is too long the hell with the miltary. So sorry, we don’t need you any more. So leave us until the next time we need you and your blood and service.

  • Joe

    I would really like to know , all the ones who voted for this soo called change…. how is it working for you??? I”m a disabled Vet fought for our great country ..Now the goverment wants to take my disabitly check from under my feet….is that how this government is thanking us???
    My God how are we gong to pay our bills??,,, Oh yeah they are trying to ruin our country and destroy it…….What a shameful Prez we have……

  • johnny

    reduc­tion in mil­i­tary pay and ben­e­fits.wall Street Jour­nal has reported that increas­ing pres­sure on law­mak­ers to make big­ger cuts in the fed­eral deficit has con­vinced defense bud­get plan­ners that Con­gress is will­ing to look at cut­ting mil­i­tary com­pen­sa­tion. i say this to congress,if you do we the people are going to petition your pay raises on your worthless service to the country.

  • jaypong

    This Gates guy needs his pay/ retirement cut. Congressmen do 4 years and then get paid the rest of their lives. We do four years and get a pat on the back and then get told to re-enlist or ” Your a turd GET OUT”. Congress men need to get some nuts and go to a war zone and risk their lives like we do. Their Families don suffer because they have to deploy for Months or a year at a time . They get to see them everyday and eat breakfast , lunch and dinner. Not all congressmen are stupid but the ones that are trying to pass these laws need a reality check. Soon we will have no leadership/ Military. All the experianced guys will be gone and then we will be stuck with the young bucks that dont know anything. The U.S. is going to plummit in the future. We will be invaded and have nothing to save us. All thanks to our great congress!!!

  • Retired CSM

    Thank GOD Gates is no longer the SECDEF. He has never liked veterans or military retirees. I’m not sure Mr Panetta will be any better. In the past, he has said many bad things about veterans and retirees. These are troubling times for those that served (veterans and retirees).

  • DocGay

    DocGay-Robert Gates is a yes man and that to me makes him an AZZHOLE.His Boss the so called CIC you know him the guy that has never severed a day in his sorry life in the Military.You never hear of the AZZHOLES in Congress wanting to cut their salarys.HELL Gates makes a 6 figure salary and noone in Congress or the so called CIC pays into Social Security.Congress passed a law just for themselves not to pay intoSS.That is just like them AZZHOLES in Congress too do something like that.And I think they get their salary at retirement time.If Congress cuts the Militarys pay then I hope people will not join the Military anymore.That might be a bad thing to do but what else can one do?I am glad I am out of the Military now because this is a very bad idea for Congress to do.I also think that Congress and the CIC should recieve no pay at all.They are public servants and should recieve no pay.Remember Nov. 2012 VOTE the AZZHOLES out of office. And anyone that VOTES for NOBAMA again gets what you deserve again. De Oppresso Liber

  • Ghost of Bob Dole

    The Elected Representatives did something like this back in 1933 when they passed the Economy Act.
    The veterans responded and raised up a “Bonus Army” led by a lowly Army Sergeant, that sent congress members scrambling out of Washington DC.