Healthcare Cuts Loom For 130,000 Vets

There has been some recent buzz about the House of Representatives proposing more cuts to veterans’ benefits. This time, the focus has fallen on VA Healthcare and excluding some veterans over others. Here is what you need to know about the debate.

The House Budget Committee is looking at possible plans to cut $6 billion from VA Healthcare for 1.3 million veterans who are in Priority Group 7 and 8. Roughly 10 percent of these, some 130,000 veterans, will be forced out of the VA system with no available alternatives. Veterans from Group 7 & 8 have either a 0 percent service-connection or no service-connected rating. While this does not mean the veteran is fit as a fiddle, it does imply they do not need the amount of care needed for other vets. These veterans pay co-pay and have incomes over $32,000 and net-worths under $80,000, depending on geography. In other words, they aren’t dirt poor but certainly not wealthy, either.

The Congressional Budget Office believes the U.S. can save $62 billion over the next 10 years by removing services for these veterans altogether. According to the agency, 90 percent of the veterans in question have access to some form other healthcare other than VA funded. However, the CBO does not comment on whether the alternative healthcare is affordable.

Interestingly, the news has received mixed reviews from veterans. Some support the cuts under the presumption that these veterans in question don’t deserve the services they receive. Others feel the cuts are unnecessary and unfair given the very nature of being a disabled veteran, whether service-connected or not.

Regardless, these cuts will have negative impacts on many disabled veterans who will fall through the cracks of this kind of approach. While 90 percent have access to some other kind of healthcare, that still leaves 130,000 veterans without any kind of care at all.

In addition, it cuts care for veterans with injuries undiagnosed by the VA Compensation and Pension system. Throughout history, the VA has been very slow at changing its approvals for unseen disabilities. PTSD did not result in a service-connected disability rating until just over 20 years ago. Vietnam era vets also had a tough 40-year battle getting the VA to recognize the full effects of Agent Orange exposure. Desert Storm veterans are a very recent reminder of unseen injuries from certain unknown exposures. This proposal has implications for future disabled veterans with diseases the VA has yet to diagnose.

Future disabled veterans with yet undiagnosed diseases and modest incomes will no longer be able to lean on the VA for treatment of injuries they receive from service that are not diagnosed. If they’re lucky, these new veterans will be able to find insurance that will cover pre-existing diseases without policy payout limits. Hopefully their premiums won’t cost more than the wage they make from working. Ironically, had they never enlisted, there would be no risk getting sick to begin with.

What I did not read was that the $6 billion cut from care would somehow stay within the system. It won’t. The veterans at risk of being cut only comprise $4.5 billion of the budget dollars on the chopping block. And it’s not as if that money will go back into the system to help pay for new doctors and facility improvements. Currently, the VA Healthcare system is dramatically bogged down with increasing numbers of veterans returning from the Middle East needing care. Removing $6 billion from the system will make the situation worse, even without the 1.3 million veterans Congress is looking to cut out. There will likely be “pruning” from within the current pool of doctors and nurses.

Many Veteran Service Organizations are wary about the cuts because of a fear that more cuts down the road will be easier to justify. If enacted, this high number of cuts will reduce the critical mass of veterans in the system. Then, larger facilities that are currently operating at full tilt will be forced to throttle back the breadth of care provided. This could result in less equipment and less doctors, as previously noted. The VA system is already doing more with less. Reducing its numbers by artificially cutting demand through this bill will have some negative impacts to the more disabled veterans currently not at risk of being cut. Simply put, less money equals less care at a lower quality, period.

For some, this may seem like a fair alternative to help curtail the budget deficits resultant from 3 wars and Wall Street bailouts. I just don’t see cutting VA Healthcare as being a fair solution for any disabled veteran, regardless of income or disability rating. No matter what side of the coin you fall on, contact your Congressman to tell them where you stand.

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About the Author

Benjamin Krause
Benjamin Krause is a Veterans Benefits Attorney and journalist who investigates problems veterans face with the Dept. of Veterans Affairs. He regularly reports on veterans' benefits news and analysis on the website
  • I got out of the military in 1981, didn’t know I was eligible for VA until 2006 until AFTER having an emergency surgery and was badgered into applying. I’m grateful for the VA ever since, pay my copays without complaint. If the $$ saved helped the current crop of soldiers coming back from service today, I would happily give up my VA benefits and go without medical care again. But I’m disappointed that these cuts are to keep the corporate tax loopholes and tax cuts healthy, that really upsets me. Because they are killing the VA even though the republiturds and warmongers stood on the soldiers during hte Bush Disaster calling them heros and then wanting to do this kind of thing? Disgusting.

    • Woodrow Smith

      You need to back off with your Republican and Bush bashing. I spent my whole life working for the military either as a soldier or a civilian. I have 2 retirements to show for it (definitely no thanks to the Democrats). No political party since 1976 has been better than the Republicans. You know when the Republicans were in office, we didn’t apologize to other countries for being American like our current President is doing.

      • That’s why we are in the shape that we are in today. Fighting and financing 2 wars,fighting to keep tax breaks for the super rich, the burden has always been on the backs of the working class while the rich who has never done a days work, taking what his parents have left them and raping it for their personal good. I signed a contract with the United States Government stating that my health care would be taken care of as long as I live and I think that the Govt. should live up to it. I did my part
        now it’s the government’s time to face up.

      • 2-5 cav

        Get off of your high horse, if you are so patriotic, you should have stayed in past your twenty years, that is if you did not retire due to injury like I did.

        As for the president apologizing, let me know of one instance where you can directly link what he has said to more violence to our service members.

        I do not know you, but I do not like you, I too served, got a purple heart, and received several commendations of valor. You are sickening and odds are were not even in the front line for you to speak like you do, but what do I excpect from someone who I can safely say is a fox news supporter.

        I for one have no political views because I would not like to become scum like yourself, am I dumber than you, not at all, I just ain’t going to close my ears and eyes and pretend that one single man is responsible for all your woes, especially when the congress is the one in charge of most of the military matters.


    • Greg

      Amen, a pat on the back for the greedy and another broken promise for those who paid the price for freedom.

    • Mark


      Why are you blaming the republicans? It’s currently a Democratic administration and still largely a Democratic congress. During my time at the Pentagon, under both Dem and Rep administrations, the CBO was extremely liberal and their figures were always unreliable. We’ve got to get our budget under control somehow while decreasing the national debt, and taxing everyone to death is NOT the answer. We HAVE to cut the budget ACROSS THE BOARD, but especially the unearned entitlements. VA benefits are earned becuase you have to have been in the military to get them.

    • Jim Rogers

      I am retired Navy with 24 years service and I resent the term republiturds. I think the problem is not party orientated, or Bush’s fault. Republican presidents have been blamed for all kinds of Fiscal problems, but the house is responsible for any fiscal appropriations and they have been democrat controlled. It is always easy to blame the other party but that is not what this country needs. it needs feasible solutions.

      • top dog

        The problem is always “party related”, and if you think it’s not then you have bigger problems, and so do your fellow vets. Every time the repubs get control of the house or senate this kind of thing pop up, and right wingers say the same thing, “it’s not party related”.

    • Sgt.Pipe

      BOTH sides of the aisle are guilty of not understanding military life and it’s consequenses,and quite frankly,not caring…The prez just started his latest campaign tour…I mean;Military Appreciation tour,to put on a show as if he cared,and understood the effects of military life,and deployments on personnel and thier families.Kind of reminds me of all the mini vans with the little made-in-China ‘Support the troops” magnets who’s owners gleefully agree that the military is overpaid compared to civilans”..doing the same job”…….I didn’t see any civies humping ammo or dodging incoming near me.Seems like civies stand a better chance of being home for births and anniversaries than me too.When was the last time civies worked 24/7?…Servicemen and women signed thier life away in exchange for a promise…and it’s slowly being eaten away.

  • Rich

    It is almost a joke how many in the GOP wrap themselves in the flag, wearing their large flag lapel pins, loudly backed the illegal invasions of Iraq and Afghanistan, yet, like most rich people, never served a day in the military or hid out during Vietnam. Dick Cheney, Wolfowitz, George W. Bush, for example. And what about Paul Ryan? The Republican/Tea Bag party is no friend of Veterans. They get votes by talking about Guns, Jesus, abortion, Mexicans, and poor people. Meanwhile we waste $300 Million every day in Afghanistan, and who knows what in Iraq.

    • Skip Ferine

      Did you ever read the full history of the Clinton years? He devastated the military during his first administration which caused the reorganization of the entire five service branches (Coast guard included) The Republican led Congress restored most of the cuts which made our armed forces to lean on the Reserves and National Guard to bolster our readiness. The Democrats voted to send troops to EVERYONE of the conflicts we are now engaged in but failed to provide the leadership and VOTES to support them. The Liberal base in this country is trying to wreak havoc on the military troops by spreading vicious lies about who will get affected by budget cuts. Study history my fellow veterans and LEARN what party and President’s have not supported us. Propaganda is the tool of socialists and communists. The truth is what made this Republic great. We are not of the welfare class ,we earned the right to the benefits we enjoy today.

    • Woodrow Smith


      At least George W. didn’t defect to Canada and burn the American Flag in protest of the Vietnam War. I don’t like all the wars we have been in either but I am not going to sit around and bash Jesus, abortion, and Guns. I guess you would burn the American flag too huh. Better not let me catch you.

      • Rich

        Jesus, Guns, Abortion, immigration and such minor issues are just smokescreens to cover up what is really important: the improvement for the richest 10% of Americans.
        Why would you think I would burn the American flag? BTW, I’m a Vietnam combat vet. Go wave you flag, Woody. And I have more respect for the guys who went to Canada than big-mouthed punks like Bush and Cheney.

      • Robert

        Hey, dude, he wasn’t bashing guns and Jesus. He was bashing Republicans for their false patriotism. They are no friends of yours nor other vets

      • R Taylor

        Woodrow, I am a Vietnam Vet, I support the people who went to Canada to avoid the unjust racist war of invasion that was Vietnam. I hold Americanized Christianity & racism responsible along with Corporate Capitalism for all the wars we’ve had since the Korean War. I blame America’s sick military aggressions for alot of the sickness among Veterans, and you’re damn right I’ll burn the flag anytime I want to. That’s my right and I do it! If you don’t like it, go take a tranquilizer and do some meditation, otherwise it’s none of your business!

    • 101st Vietnam 66-67

      Hello! You forgot to mention the non-military personel on the other side of the aisle.

    • Thomas Clement

      Look, what we need to do is do some REAL cutting. The stupid things that this administration, and the retarded people calling the shots are not going to do ANYTHING to stem the rising deficit. It is going to need someone to get SERIOUS. Cutting the VA isn’t even worthy of consideration. What we need is to get RID of the lame politicians that continue to pursue their pet projects, and think that they shouldn’t be touched, and back-off the VA.

  • Patopinion

    An important point to remember in the article is that some facilities such as outpatient clinics will become underutilized if a large number of veterans are disqualified from receiving VA care. It was not too long ago that some VA hospitals were shuttered. Various VA facilities will be closed in the future if the patient load drops. Also keep in mind, even if a veteran was never in harm’s way while they served, they could have been harmed if events had unfolded differently. The armed forces and its veterans served as a deterrent to other countries ambitions.

    • Big Shoe

      The Republicans would like nothing better than to see VA facilities under-utilized. In fact they are counting on it. They are trying to starve the beast. Republicans hate the little guy.

      As for segregating veterans by the amount of risk they faced while on active duty. the current system alreaday takes care of that. Combat veterans receive a higher priority. Purple heart vets are Priority 1. When one puts on a military uniform he/she gives a blank check to the government. The government has you for anything they need including your hide. All veterans were “in harm’s way” in that sense. My wife was an Army nurse, easy duty right? She was assigned to a STRAC unit and was alerted for Cuba. Even nurses and personnel clerks (me) were exposed.

      John McCain promised to close down the VA and give the vets a card “you can use anywhere”. McCain was a moderate Republican. Those jokers in the house now are not mderates.

  • jim

    And then there are those of us who weren’t in the Air Force, and didn’t have any meetings. Many in the National Guard *(Army) are simply given a firm handshake and kicked out the door (after 22 years of service with 2 deployments) with no separation information at all.

    • sha

      I was in the Air Force we do have some AFSC that do go into harms way.

  • Dumprat

    I have said it before and will keep saying it till people understand that they all need to be put out of office. They pass bills that we have to live by and then and make sure that it does not include them. They take about how great of a job that they do and give themselves a pay raise while at the same time cutting your pay. They need to have to live under the same laws as we do. There should not be any grand-fathering in it so all of them that did it before will get their pay cut to. They also need to under-stand what their job is in their office is to protect the United States not sell it to the rest of the world. They comeplain that there is not enough tex money coming in to support the buget. Stop and thaink about this they are the ones that passed the NAFTA bill. that was to help out the rich people that pay them to let them move the jobs out of the United States. The American people dont need jobs if they get it to be a socialist country. Kick all of them out of office and dont let them draw their full pay for the rest of their lives, and make them live under the same health care as every one else.

    • greg partridge

      Right on. A nother proud vet.

  • Disabled AIR FORCE

    See Proud Vet I also got out in 1984 and we DID NOT GET A EXIT MEETING or Exit EXAM for your information !! You must really not know what your talking about !! I’m in the same boat I got out in 1984 and didn’t get that, I found out for a period of time thay had stopped doing them .. Next time check your facts before bad mouthing some of us. I’m now totally disabled and that is the only income I have. So if it weren’t for the VA I guess I would be Up a creek!!! All we are saying is that once they start cutting there will be no stopping them. So I pray that you don’t fall through the cracks …..Then you will see what Jim is talking about.

  • wife of a vet

    Well, this is just one more way for the Republicans to get rid of the elderly, the sick and the poor. Dropping over 3 million vets from their health care is terrible, especially if they are in the middle of treatment and have no place else to go. It could be a death sentence for my husband who has been being treated for a serious disease for the last 8 months. There will be a disruption in his treatments and care. How many specialist actually take patients without insurance???? He is too young for Medicare. How long will it take to find a new doctor or doctors because he has been seeing three. This will be devastating for any of the 3 million vets being let go. They served their country and were promised these benefits.

    • topdawg

      Why blame the Republicans? Have hyou even read the entire bill signed on by a bi-partisan committee. Is you spouse service related disabled? If not, the service connected vets need the money and room.

    • Jim Rogers

      I hope this doesn’t happen to your husband I am a Vet of Viet nam, desert storm and Operation Iraq freedom and use the VA. I hope this is settled some other way than cuts. I do disagree that this is the republicans fault. i think it is the U.S. Government’s fault as a whole, not just one party.

      • USNVET

        Its very simple……. Republicans support corporate tax cheats, republicans control the house, Republicans will cut the vets……WAKE UP FOOL!

        General Electric, paid no taxes in 2010. made $14.2 billion in worldwide profits, $5.1 billion of which was made in America, the tax burden amounted to a big fat zero. In fact, GE claimed a tax benefit of $3.2 billion, thanks to Republican anti-tax lobbying efforts in Washington and use of offshore tax havens that protect and defend corporate profit margin.

        ExxonMobil, and paid no taxes in 2009. In fact, they got a $156 million return.

        Bank of America, and despite receiving a massive chunk of the taxpayer-funded bailout, despite recording a profit of $4.4 billion, they paid no taxes and received a $1.9 billion rebate.

        Chevron, made $10 billion in 2009. They paid no taxes, and got a $19 million refund.

        Citigroup, and you paid no taxes despite earning more than $4 billion, and despite getting a sizeable chunk of the taxpayer-funded bailout.

        Why don’t the Republicansgo after these criminals instead of busting the poor & middle class and Veterans?

        • Mark USCG ret

          Please get YOUR facts straight, and I don’t mean straight from the NY Times. Their selective Liberal Reporting should only be a starting point for anyone to do some real research.

          Don’t believe everything you read, check out what everyone is saying about an issue, yes look at Fox, look at CNBC, look at what the subject i.e. GE is saying, then make up your mind.

          And before you ask, yes I am a strong conserative, but don’t agree with every Repub policy or disagree with every Dem policy. I make up my own mind based on as much research as I can do.

          And why is it that the Dems go after the “rich” (not me, I make less that 50k) for not paying their fair share? The rich (top 5% of income earners) pay over 50% of federal income taxes. Maybe we should make them pay all the taxes? After it isn’t fair that they have more than I do!! Right, that is real democsocilism.

        • ray

          And the DEMOCRATS bailed out these same companies, YOU FOOL

          • VETMax

            But the Republicans were the cause of the bailouts dummy

    • paulmarkar

      You seem to forget that it’s the demonrats doing this just like it was Clinton that stole free healthcare for life from military retirees right after I retired in 1994. This is that scumbag Obama and his minions’ doing.

      • VietnanVet

        Scumbag Obama???????? hes your commander & chief. Wheres the respect?….Your not a Vet you can’t be because you just spit on our flag

    • sunnnyone

      There is no age limit on Medicare, if you are disabled and apply to SSDI, you will get the usual denial first, reapply, attain the Soc Sec recommended atty to get you on the court docket, give Soc Sec all the needed documents, wait, get your med records, your admin hearing, if approved, you’ll get disabilty, the amount is acc to how much you’ve paid into the system. The do have voc rehab there and video tape everything, but to get disability you have to have a condition that will last more than a year or end in your death. See and also for further benefits, review the entire site, esp about benefits…. You have options, you will get a lump sum payment of backpay while waiting, Soc Sec admin pays the atty’s fee up to $5300. submit all civilian records, procedures, statements, etc. You can still work while receiving SSDI/Medicare up to 36 months to see if you can work. The other rule is can you work a 40 hour week, 5 eight hour days. It’s all on the soc sec gov site. Just look. Take care.

    • ray

      Your husband will not receive treatment at a VA unless he is service connected for that specific issue and the problems with the VA system are not just REPUBLICAN problems, so you are mis-informed by the Obama administration. Veterans groups have had to fight and fight for veterans rights to health care and it is a disgrace for you to accuse a specific political party for everything that is wrong. What has Obama done for veterans?

      • Veteran

        You are a moron, and uneducated in politics.Your Buddy Bush started these BS wars and got us in debt and stuck in a quagmire of mid east Crapola. Its not obamas fault that Bush started these costly worthless wars! Go get educated

    • Claudia

      Sweetie, I am a disabled veteran. Let me tell you this it is not just the Republicians but also the Democrats that want to do this to vets. Don’t sit there and blame one party. Open your eyes. and I am a Democrat but I still did not vote as one. Look where he has put us, we are fast becoming a third world country. As he was bailing out banks, dealerships who did what turned around paid themselves huge bonus’ then shut down. So, read and pay attention. It is not just the Rep it is both and the one leading the way. I hope that your husband continues to get the care that he needs and gets better.

      • veteran

        You keep saying he GEORGE BUSH started the bailouts before HE came into office sweetie.

  • tomvet

    Hey proud vet I to served in Nam IIIMAF Icorps 66/67 I use to be a repub. I’m independent now, can’t stand either party they are both lers cheats especially the repubs

    • SMS Ret

      I’m with you.same story and I have never been able to qualify because my records have been conviently lost.

  • Mike

    Well I am a veteran who was discharged in 1990, and I received no exit briefing or meeting, had all my injuries and illnesses documented and did not know about VA eligibility for several years after I got out. I had a friend tell me to go apply and actually got turned down due to patient load here locally. I got in due to a friend who worked in the ER when I had an emergency and they couldn’t refuse me there. My point is I have issues from when I was in and have had to have surgery and they still deny me compensation saying it was within acceptable limits and not for sure from the military. But they give me my care. Now I have a son in Afghanistan in the Army and one getting ready to go to basic and soon a daughter probably in the Navy and now they want to start cutting healthcare for veterans and OF COURSE the money isn’t going back into the system. I don’t care WHAT PARTY you support this is affecting all of us AND future Veterans. Which for the record I am a republican who is very disgusted and disappointed. This isn’t right no matter what party so all of us need to be writing congressmen.

    • quadente

      I am with you and the rest of you should also get with all of us who swore an oath and picked up a weapon and stood his/or her post weather in war or not
      we should demonstrate what comradeship and honor and respect for our fellow military personnel is all about if the tea party is feared by these asshole
      we could do the same and create our own party and see if they will cut funds from any Vet that wants medical assistance and mental health help I am tired of hearing how the boys coming back are blowing there brains out because of the trauma of battle

    • Ken

      Mike please to read at Our country
      needs us once again.

    • tm carey

      writing to congress is like telling the warden you don’t like it in prison. we need to set term limits, collects salary while in office, no more voted pay hike for themselves, they must obey the laws like the rest of us. they all must live on social security we and if they get to retire. not the complete answer but a good start. i sereved in the navy submarines for 12 yrs. no exit interview no meeting, just don’t let the door hit you on the way out. i love this country and hope we can reform it before its to late

    • sgtjack2004

      You say that you received no exit briefings? You didn’t out process on ETS?
      I don’t see how that is possible. As regards benefits being cut, I entered service in 1969. The existing rules at that time were as follows;

      1. Have 181 days of consecutive service time,
      2. Received a discharge of not less than General under Honorable
      3. You then were eligible to receive VA medical, without copay, irregardless of financial situation, for the rest of your life.

      Well, they sure changed that. As much as I hate to say it, these issues have never been about the Veteran, except when someone is trying to get elected. In the “real world”, unfortunately, it has always been about the dollar bill. I don’t know what to suggest, as I don’t see anyway out of future cuts to the system. Bottom line is they spent money they don’t have, they’re still spending money they don’t have, we owe the ChiCom’s trillions, and they have to get it somewhere.

    • ray

      You didn’t go to TAPS?? It is REQUIRED prior to seperation!

    • ray

      Also, dealing with the government is an UPHILL BATTLE!!! You have to keep pushing and GET and HAVE everything documented. It is difficult but don’t give up!!!!

  • Ben Langley

    Veterans Affairs, key word=VETERANS. There is public assistence for the public that is poor. There are various levels of health assistence that can be purchased, if you can afford it. We who made ourselves avaliable for death so that other people of our country might not have to do the same, we who are maimed in body or mind are asking for our promised and just due. We either get VA coverage or we go to government assistence and the government still pays (probley more dollars, because fraud is higher and honor is lower). A Government expenset by anyother name is still tax dollars.

    • Doogie


      Your assessment of the situation is spot-on. There are multitude of other government programs for veterans besides VA healthcare; many of them are completely portable and more versatile than VA healhcare. Veterans should not be told that their only option is VA healthcare; they deserve to be treated like a normal citizen when it comes to taxpayer dollars-supported care programs.

      As George Washington said: “When we assumed the Soldier, we did not lay aside the Citizen. ”

  • JohnDave

    Absolutely. I served 27 years in the Army and am also a ‘republiturd’. Bush did cause some debt but not to the level that ‘traitorturd’ Obonzo has. Our economy is falling off the cliff because he WILL NOT STOP SPENDING. Allowing gays in the military was his idea. Allowing Janet Re… Napolitano to go hog wild with ‘see something, say something’ (‘1984’ is coming folks), a trillion (1,000,000,000,000+) for his socialist Obonzocare. I need the care I get from the VA, and the help I get with medications. Anyone that wants to take that away risks retaliation.

    • USNVET

      Im a Republican also, but i have to correct you on this matter. George Bush aquired 11.5 trillion BEFORE he turned it over to the president.
      he also got us involved in two wars with NO plan to get out…(REMEMBER VIETNAM)????.also left to Obama. Like I said I vote Republican, but I hate to see a man get tagged with debts of others.

      • Jeff Scism

        I too am a disabled USAF Vet. When the VA went to HMO organization the prime focus became the management of costs. That is what HMOs are Cost reduction management systems. Now cost management means service delay. Delay is denial. The first purpose is to reduce costs by discouraging use of the system. Service denial is a strategy for cost reduction. Our latest occupant of 1600 Pennsylvania Ave NW, stated in his campaign that he would eliminate the most costly 20% from the federal health care Budget. That means TWO groups, The elderly, and Veterans.

        One thing that came down the pipe since the 1970s was a contributory retirement plan for the military, the promises of retire after 20 years, with benefits was replaced mid-stream with retire after twenty and wait for Social Security.

  • Sandra

    I am a VeitNam Era Vet. At that time women were not sent into combat zones unless you were a nurse etc. I am disabled at present. Receive VA care. Husband at 72 still works full time, because he is a workaholic and group health is cheaper than medigap policies. Even with group health there is no way we could afford the cost of my medication. Husband is 10 years older than I am. So there is great danger that I would be one of the Vets cut. and end up without medical coverage. Our so called voted officials aren’t thinking with their brains. They are thinking with the money from corporate and wealthy donars and supporters. All they are interested in is filling their pockets and breaking the backs of the rest of us hard working Americans.
    How many of them wrote the blank check to their country? It used to be that a very high percentage did. Now very few of them did. This country is going to the dump faster and faster.

    • Ken

      You are so right Sandra. Please to read
      and God help us all. Thank You.

  • Woodrow Smith

    Tell him about it man. These people just don’t know. If they did, you are right, he would have started receiving benefits in 1981 instead of 25 years later.

  • polycythemia poster

    My husband was in the first Gulf War and was recently diagnosed with polycythemia. I have found some references that the catalyst for this could be from breathing in the heavy oil smoke during the war.
    VA is not responding and this may turn into something like Agent Orange where a health problem comes up years after exposure.
    Anyone Gulf War vets reading this have polycythemia?

    • Myositis

      I was diagnosed with Polymyositis and Dermatomyositis.

    • expat

      Nam marine with polycythemia and the VA only recognizes exposure to
      to radiation as a service connected cause.

  • James D. Smith

    These big wigs sit in their swank offices and want to make the VETS suffer while most of them wre too scared to fight for America. They want to cut our benifits while all their medical bills for themselves and family are paid for from our taxes. They say they haven’t raised taxes, if that is the case why have they taken $31.46 more out of my retirement pay which was taken out in March. I served in Korea and had two tours in Vietnam. Why don’t our leaders give up something like theiw credit cards that we pay for?


    • SgtMichelob

      They’re not YOUR leaders, sir. They are the leaders of the anti-American elements, within our society. And Owesama Owebama, the racist-in-chief, is their messiah.

      Tell everyone you know that Glenn Beck is 100% correct.

    • carolynshuford


  • Stephanie Shawn Jasky

    Until Americans demand this perpetual bailout of insolvent banks stops, there is absolutely no public service that is safe from cuts – and moreover, none of those cuts will work, because they are a FRACTION of the amounts of money being thrown at the black hole that is the banking system. Get educated and aim at the REAL TARGET!

  • Donald E.Hayes SR.

    I am a retired Navy man I retired in 1966 ( dec) I have copd, lung cancer , throat cancer ,I am 82 ( 83 in August) and my biggest problem with all this mess is those I WANT CALL THEM MEN people that sit up there in Washington and make these laws and want to take things away from the hard working people and give it to sorry so and sos such as themselves. from what i have heard on the news half of them don’t even put in a full working week but still sit on thier betts and screw everyone they can. Besides that how many have offered thier time in the military . We should make it alaw you must serve in the militay before you can run for any goverment office, Take away all the money that we give other country’s plus what we give to the ones tthat dont deserve it. people that dont want to work for a living should join the military and earn thier money. As of now all people in office of goverment should take thier 5 days off like other working people plus it wouldn’t hurt if we took away all the free bies they get. got more but don’t hav all day to goof around like politicials

    • ex-spec4

      if you have asbestos exposure i hope you go to a asbestos lawyer and get a suit against the asbestos manufactuers. you might not see the rewards but you can will the proceeds to somebody if they dont get to you in time



      • V Vet 65-67

        What about McCain… I think he forgot…

    • Anna

      I agree 100%, I think required 2 years or more service as an enlisted soldier should be manditory for any elected official. People who have never served don’t understand, the sacrifices or commitment being made by GI’s. These same politicians do get their raises and only work part-time. Socialism is here we are now working on a communist/dictatorship and people just won’t admit it.

  • Paul Altizer

    a promise is a promise, i offered my life if need be, in return, i was not drafted, i volunteered, lost potintial good jobs, to start my life as an adult. i gave up everything to get va benifits should i need them. i have a paper that says from the goverment va medical care “unlimited” “no time limit” dont fool with the veterns who offered there life if need be, then turn your back, that dog will not hunt.
    Paul Altizer

  • Lisa

    This country should be ashamed of themselves for even considering cutting any benefits to the Military.

    • Unhappy Vet

      These people in Washington don’t know how to be ashamed of themselves, they have no compassion for people who serve our country and put their life on the line every day in some slum hole on the other side of the world. The politicians are going to take care of all the illigal aliens
      who slip into the country for sure. They are using what they cut the vets and active duty military to do this. We are in a downhill spiral,with no way to
      stop. Makes you wonder where all the promises went the recruiter made
      when we enlisted 20+ years ago. uh-o lied to again

  • Senior Golfer

    Embrassing, The treatment of Veterans, just embrassing. over 1 million unsettled appeals dating back years. Buring the Vets i n paper right up to the point they kick dirt in their face. The paper work will outlive many Vets.

    • Guest

      They are waiting for the vets to die. This is their way of saving money, When the vets die before their claims are settled the helpless widows have to fight to get what ever they can. Young people of the US take note
      of how the vets are treated.

  • charles connor

    i am a Korean War veteran with a 20% service connected compensation. Will I be affected if this law were to pass.?

    • Les CVSO

      Absolutely NOT Charles. You are covered and always will be. Just remember to use the VA at least once a year. What they are referring to is Priority 7 and Priority 8 Veterans. Not those that are Service Connected or are on VA Pension. Les, County Veterans Service Officer

  • Mat

    I know, why dont the head government officials take the health benefit cuts and pay freezes. I just joined the navy and to think that I might not get what I deserve even though I am going to earn it so some bureaucratic poise looks better kind of makes me rethink my decision. Let the bureaucrats work for all they have like us service men.

    • Guest

      Sorry Matt. You’ve been lied to again.

    • Navy60

      These benefits are not deserved . . . . They were EARNED by every veteran who ever served.

  • PJ720

    Rich: you are an idiot. I am a 100% disabled vet who served during the Reagan and Clinton era. Clinton did more to destroy both the military and the VA than anyone since (with the exception of Blobama).
    These demigogues that you so blindly follow are going to be the ruination of this country. I now see a distinct lowering of standards and practices in the VA ever since the boy king took office. I cannot get my medications on time any more. the staff at the facuilities are treating us more rudely than I have seen since the Bubba era and that was awful. You talk about big mouth punks, well at least Bush and Cheney could speak without a teleprompter telling them what to say. I dont give a rats ass if you are a combat vet of Vietnam or not. Blobama as done more to ruin this country than anyone in this countries history. Trillions in spending on NOTHING!!! Guns are an important to this country. Why do you think our founders put it second? It wasnt an afterthought. IDIOT!!

  • Joyce Todd sound so ungrateful for the Veterans who hung in there…my late husband ..count them ..THREE wars so that bums like you can degrade the heart of our society…The American Soldier. You are blowing smoke. I don’t believe any Vietnam combat vet would lower themselves to degrade our Country and what it stands for…and ..I fly the American every single day and will continue to do so..Thank you very much.

  • RetiredArmy

    We are either all veterans or we are not. While variances in benefits regarding service and non-service connection disabilities are reasonable, veterans must not turn on each other.

    There should be no surprises here, GOP/TeaPartiers determined to reduce spending and cut entitlement programs. Veterans benefits are just part of the package. Support for activity duty personnel remains reasonably safe during “war time,” but are endangered during peace and when personnel return to civilian life.

    Hopefully the Democrat controlled Senate will provide protection for veterans.

    • Armyvet.

      I agree with you RetiredArmy! I does not matter if you have service disabilities or not if you served your country you deserve support. Those out there who refuse to serve and fled the country during the Vietnam was can now get medicare and medicade. If they are still shunning their responsibility to the US, not working and paying taxes, they have not tried to have a home or anything of value, they will get help, no question. The Vets and Veteran Groups should start NOW to defend the Verterans. I have a son and grandson Navy. My family and many more out there have done their part to protect the country….lets take care of all our ow.

  • Ben

    Like verterans of all wars your legislative learders give you one think and take back something else. If you havent realized it doesnt matter weather republican or Democrat, career politicans have destroyed this country. Now with the VA, I believe all vets should have access, but thne there we go again giving and taking back. I did 31 years, some active and some reserve, I have about 10 DD241s. Not one time leaving active duty did anyone ever tell me I was entitled to a seperation physical. Oh, you have to request one. Well who’s responsibility is it to tell you that? This happens to career active duty as well, they get snookered by there own career active incompetent people. So you get to the VA and they ask why didnt you get a seperation physical. Well, I didnt know I was supposed to get one. Well you are and your not, but VA says your a fool if you didn’t. That seperation physical was your last opportunity to get your medical problems on the record while still on active duty. Oh, but you have one year after leaving active duty to file a claim and go to the VA and get a diagnosis. But guess what, the easiest reason for the VA to deny your claim is it wasnt on your seperation physical. But I didnt get one because I didn’t know i was entitled to ask for one, or I was rushed out by my command and post outprocessing due to their incompentance. Then go write you Congressman. Your Congressman says He will look into it. Oh then 6 months 8 monhts later your congressman writes back( but actually it is his lazy military liasion officer doing the research). They say they cant help you, write the DOD IG. Oh so you right the DOD IG and then 1 year later you get a response back that they see nothing done wrong and you will have to take that up with you Congressman or the VA. While to VA works good for a few the horror stories are endless and you the soldier are just another expendable suckered in soldier delusioned by duty honor and country to your legislative leaders. You were used and abused and thrown away, they are doinf it again. Look at history.

    • Jim UTC, USN, RET

      MSG Ben, I was mobilized three times as a reservist from 1989-2007 and each time I was required to get a seperation physical. In 1972 when i was discharged coming back from Viet Nam I was given a physical there too. It may not have been a super thorough physical, but there was always the question of is there anything that happened that you want to claim.

    • Doris Pruitt

      Ben, write to the first lady on the website. She will get on the VA that is handling your claim. My husband is a VietNam area vet and we have been fighting the VA for his retroactive pay. Finally had to get a lawyer. He went from a 20% rating to 100% rating over the last several years because we kept appealing. I first contacted George Bush in 2001 via Fax to the office of hardship and he jumped on the VA office and they finally re-opened his case. Hang in there and best of luck! By the way, my husband’s name is Ben too.

  • MSG G

    This is what happens when you elect Republicans.

    • Guest

      This is not a partisan problem. Both parties are responsible. The back and forth blaming one party or the other is just to divide people so that they won’t work together for their own benefit. They are all in the same “club,”, it seems, and we’re not members.

    • Dan

      What a dumb message!! lets leave it at that……….

    • LTC (Ret) Glavine

      How is Obama working out for you? My business is down over 24% over last year and my fuel costs are up over 35%.

      • willied

        Just fine…saved and invested my money. Just retired, bill free, bought a foreclosed home for 50% off(…$200K, 3300 SF and a salt water pool). Got six figures in the bank. Served 23 yrs & retired as a MSgt. Oh yeah…I’ve been retired for over a year and I’m finacially secure enough not to ever work again. I’m only 42 yrs old! Obama has worked for me in one way…did I mention the $8K tax return I got for buying this house. First tax return I’ve had since the George Hubert Bush. Stop blaming politicians for hard times and start creating your on good fortune. Voting your ideology is ignorant. I don’t blame politicians nor do I celebrate the ones that happens to positively affect me.

  • Jim Cravey

    Disabled Combat Marine
    I have always thought that the Department of Veterans Affairs originated to take care of our Service Connected COMBAT Veterans/ Not someone who fell off a truck coming back from a beach party/ship’s party or whatever. I do not like long wait’s at the VA Hospital-Long Beach because some “knuckle-head”in front of me(pri 7/8) has a sore on his foot/pulled muscle’s in his back etc. These type of (non-vets) my definition mind you should not even drive by a VA facility much-less go into one.
    Semper Fidelis

    • ex-spec4

      we are not supposed to judge other vets, thats the va’s job

    • DMZ Grunt


      I take exception to your statements and the reference to priority 7/8 veterans being “NON VETS” Everyone of them served their country just like you and promises were made and are now not being kept. I served 8 years of active duty as an Infantry Soldier and Combat Camera team member with deployments to the DMZ in Korea and Panama. I was discharged for injuries incurred on active duty (NOT LIBERTY) with a service connected disability of 10%. Upon discharge I was downgraded by the VA and chose not to dispute it at the time because of the total idiocy going on at the VA back in the early 1990’s. I like so many others who now utilize these benefits are faced with the possibility of not being able to receive what we were promised.

      These people you refer to as non-vets made sure you ate, had amunnition, transportation, air support, naval gunfire, and a paycheck (small as it might have been). Please do not degrade their service because you are Disabled Combat Marine. If they can take it away from us, they can take it away from you. It is only a matter of time.

      Semper Fi and Thank you for your Combat Service

    • Jack Schitt

      You are such a friggen idiot, I hope you lose your VA medical you f’n caltard

      • Jim Cravey

        Very well put Jack But I call e’m as I see e’m..That’s why I go to the VFW and not the American Legion//And the troops/sailors who were corpsmen/on yankee station or in supply (in country) are Vet’s..So have a Shitty day jackshit.

        • ArmyVet

          Jim, what if you were one of those Vets who were exposed to Agent Orange? Would you want to wait till it was too late to seek out the VA. Don’t think so. I don’t like waiting in line either but I don’t think I’m any better than the guy in front of me. If He Served, He’s A Vet!

    • Bob

      Sorry u were’nt able to dodge the bullets, but calling all other support Marines knuckle-heads just because they were not on the front line doesn’t make sense. Where in the hell do you think you got your supplies, ammo, food, etc. from ?? Those Marines were just as much a dedicated Marine as you were. They are just as much a Veteran as you are and deserve what was promised to them when they put their lives on the line not knowing where they would be assigned . You sound pretty angry about priority 7/8 veterans not even knowing that some of them were combat Marines, never wounded, but had enough sense to get a good job, save money and are now punished because they exceed the income and asset guidelines. Good luck to you and hope your anger heals.

  • Herbert Lewis

    We (VETs) post our comments and greivances. But, the truth is we will only ever get lip service from those in political and corporate power, regardless of party affiliation. A couple of times a year, since retiring in 04, with 30 proud years of active military service, all I ever here for the most part is “cut veterans benefits”. Instead of cutting, they should look for ways to increase whatever benefits veterans get. NO OTHER PART OF AMERICA SACRIFICED AS MUCH AS US. You will likely not see another post from me. I’m still up in the air on whether or not I will ever waste my time voting!

    • Eugenia

      You’ve got to vote, Herbert!. It’s the only way we can weed out those anti-veteran legislators. Do some research as to who they are in your district, and then do your part and bring them home so they will once again live in poverty like the rest of us.

    • Jim , UTC,USN,RET

      I agree 100% with you

    • Guest

      This is OBAMA CARE Mr. Lewis. I regret that I voted for him. I wasted a vote, but it won’t happen the next time

    • SgtMichelob

      Dear Mr. Lewis,

      I beg you to PLEASE vote. Although there is much voter fraud in our elections, it is the only chance we have.

      At one time, I had your attitude. I figured that voting was a waste of time, because one crook was as bad as another, and it didn’t matter if the roach was a D or an R.

      However, in the past ten years, I have become pretty involved, and have met more than a few Congresspersons.

      Some of them have eyes like snakes, and look at you like they are trying to figure out which pocket you keep your wallet in.

      Others are good people, who are trying to do the best they can, within the constraints of the system. They need your help. If all you can do is vote, please do it. Every American who eschews his right to vote puts the anti-Americans that much further ahead.

      I doubt that you spent 30 years in the military without ever having to give an inch. But I doubt, much more, that you ever gave an inch, willingly.

      Not voting is surrender. Don’t give up without a fight. To do so would be to dishonor yourself, and your comrades in arms. The fight for liberty, and freedom, is never over, because evil is always looking for ways to take it away from us.

      Thank you for your service, and God bless you. You deserve everything you can get from the VA. Don’t let the anti-Americans take any of it away from you without a fight. VOTE!

    • Jeff Scism

      Do vote. Please. If you can not vote for someone, Vote against them. The vote is so important that if the voters stop voting, that right will also be lost.

      The Constitution GUARANTEES a republican form of government, and we are steadily being pulled away from that toward a socialist form. What happens when the people realize the guarantee needs to be redeemed? who will they look to? US. No other group in America has the patriotism, discipline and training to assure that our government keeps the Republic.

  • eddale

    For all of you that voted for the republicans, this is what you voted for. Stop complaining.

    • ex-spec4


  • dave

    Good Call, right on the “money”.

  • Alan Lidstone

    There is a very simple reason that “The House Bud­get Com­mit­tee recently announced plans to cut $6 bil­lion from VA Health­care for 1.3 mil­lion vet­er­ans who are in Pri­or­ity Group 7 and 8′.

    It is because how else are the Republicans going to pay to reduce the taxes for corporations and high income earners if they do not do it on the backs of Americans who served in the Armed Forces?

    • Curtis Rushing

      You can say that again…..the right wingers spend too much time sending Big Business out of the country which denies so many Americans jobs that are so needed.

  • Leo

    All members of congress should receive the same medical benefits as those received by the service men and women.

    • 2 Tour

      Right on. I agree with you on this. I’m a Viet. Vet an I’m fighting for what little bit I can get . All I have is my S.S. &my 30%, And that’s not much.

  • Stephanie Shawn Jasky
  • Richard Levine

    What happened to the bills regarding using Medicare benefits, which we paid for for use against VA Healthcare? The bills were supposed to allow the VA to bill Medicare for veterans who wanted to go to the VA for healthcare. Other commentors are probably right that if all these veterans were kicked out, a critical mass might be lost for many of these clinics. I also participated in the healthcare blog from the White House healthcare czar. My position is that healthcare is not that good in the US, so we really have to look at the less costly alternatives. We frequently overuse healthcare, and it may be more dangerous to our health, than alternatives or doing nothing. I have to be my own advocate whether in the VA or civilian system to frequently reject treatments that are worthless, or don’t really provide a benefit.

    • edward c. stengel

      Believe it or not, the Va does not bill medicare. I’m on Parts A & B, and I asked the VA if they bill medicare. They told me “no” because one part of the federal government cannot bill another. It makes you wonder why they ask you if you’re on medicare when you fill out your financial statements for enrollment.

      • I have the same. Taking away my VA healthcare and cuts in medicare will leave me with no care. Thanks USA. but I served proudly 10 long years, I guess that’s what I get for being proud.

  • Ed Hansohn

    Veterans need to stick together, no matter where their service was, combat or not they are still veterans. The key word here folks is “Veterans” ,Veterans served the country and when they need health care they should be able to get it at the Veterans clinic or hospital. Don’t let the political climate drive a wedge between veterans.

  • CavScout62

    Once again we the Veterans take it in the shorts. It’s long past time for our elected “representatives” to take a few cuts. Start with cutting out thier lifetime salaries&benefits after a single term in office! Term Limits Brothers&Sisters, NO MORE CAREER POLITICIANS. These cuts alone will free up more than enough $$$ to fund VA Healthcare for all well into the future.

  • Terrence MacArthur

    I’m a totally and permanently service connected disabled vet. These things won’t affect me unless they get to the point of cutting Category 1, which I don’t think will happen in the years that I have left to live. But I remember when all this category stuff didn’t matter, when there were no exclusions, copays, etc. When any honorably discharged vet could get care for anything at any VA medical facility. That was part of the deal, albeit not in any “contract” when I enlisted in ’67. But even actual contracts with the military aren’t really contracts, they only obligate the individual, not the government. I remember reading about an Air Force E8 in the ’80s who, with 18 1/2 years active duty, was not allowed to reenlist to get his 20 years in because he was over the height/weight limits, even though his weight had never been an issue during his career until that time. I myself was denied reenlistment, with 14 years in (took a break in the ’70s to go to school), in ’87 because I’d gotten a P3 profile, and couldn’t get a medical retirement because I wasn’t being discharged for medical reasons, I was “just” not being allowed to reenlist anymore. THAT was the result of a new regulation written in the early ’80s, long after I’d finished school and reenlisted. I spent 7 long years literally living in the street because by ’87 I couldn’t work anymore, and it took until ’96 to get disability compensation from the VA. By law, the VA is required to be the veteran’s advocate, and whenever there is a 50 – 50 question regarding a disability the law says they have to give it to the vet. The reality is that they act like you’re applying for welfare or Social Security disability, and use every semi-plausible excuse they can come up with to not spend money. In my case, it was “we can’t find any diagnosis or treatment records”, when they wrote away for records 6 times in a row over a 7 year period to the same WRONG VA medical facility in spite of the fact that I told them exactly where they were in the original application, and 5 more times again, including at a couple of formal hearings. Once, or even twice, could have been a bureaucratic error. 6 in a row was an intentional attempt to avoid the issue. If I hadn’t found a lawyer who’d help me for free I’d still be screwed. No veteran is allowed to pay a penny to anyone to help him deal with the VA, which keeps most vets from getting any kind of effective help. DO NOT mention VFW, DAV, etc. At the individual disability case level they’re basically just paper pushers who know how to do forms right, and are of no help at all if you already know how things are done but the VA system is seriously screwing you. They never even tried to get the records themselves, and my VFW “representative” had a script he used at hearings, which was obviously designed to establish service connection for a disability, while mine had already been established, and it was a case of the percent, which he didn’t even address at either hearing I went to with him. Anyway, what’s new? This country has a long history of ignoring military people when they aren’t needed anymore. Whatever promises you get when you sign up, even the ones on paper, are only as good as the existing regulation or law at that time, both of which can be and do get changed. The last vets who got a fair deal were from WWII and, to a somewhat lesser extent, Korea. The “benefits” have been getting chipped away at ever since then.

  • Retired Yeoman

    Cuts are bad, no doubt. A poster said “a Veteran is a Veteran” – while I buy into that don’t believe for a minute that full time active duty personnel consider Reserves as Veterans. I did 8 years USN service, two tours in Vietnam, had vision problems and was told at my SEPARATION PHYSICAL that the only way I could remain in the Navy was to become a Reserve. At the time I balked, took my discharge and went off into civilian life but two years later did reenlist in the Reserves at my YN1 level. Regardless of my three rows of ribbons and 8 years USN service I was treated like a “loser” by TARS and USN sailors when I did my two weeks training each year so don’t try to convince me everyone buys into a “Veteran is a Veteran”. As to George W. Bush not serving – he was a Reserve with “privileges” and the benefactor of shoddy record keeping, something I never allowed in any of my units. Back to our benefits, I’m enjoying my 21.5 years worth of retirement benefits and don’t care to see them cut. As to the PX and Commissary – I spent all my civilian career in Consumer Product sales and management and I can guarantee Walmart will take over everything in the next 5 years.


    i,m a ww2 vet ,in during war time,,we were promised full free medical the rest of out lives,,the so called judges who are calling the shots are already some away from us,We were never supposed to have aa means test!!!!!!!!AND THE RATS WHO ARE TAKINg THOSE RIGHTS Away from us wouldnr even for us ww2 vetsbe here if it wasnt SO I HOPE YOU WHO ARE MAKING THESE RULES ,,READ THIS!!!!!!!!!!!



    • Discouraged Retiree

      These people in Washington have no compassion for the older vets that
      gave this country half of our lives. We, the older vets are no longer an asset
      to them, we have become a ‘LIABILITY” time to kick us aside. They are worried more about the cost of health care for vets than making a military
      career look inticing to younger people. If the trend of cutting benefits, and
      failing to keep their promises to recruits, the volunteer military will become
      a thing of the past. Watch out the DRAFT!!! will be back. You are right
      Lewis, If it wasn’t for men like you, we couldn’t enjoy freedom today.
      Thank you for your service.

  • Joel

    At first glance, the bill seems like a good idea, but look at what it asks. It’s going to do more bad than good. Vets have already been asked to serve in situations where the other 95% of American’s wouldn’t go. Now we are being asked to suffer the consequences of the wars we face (physical, mental, not to mention time away from family) and not receive care when we come home. I am “fortunate” to be at 40%. But, people who have 0% (Cat 7 and 8) still deserve minimal care like pharmacy and general check ups. After this bill goes through and the budget is cut, the VA will change it back 10 years from now when the next unseen illness of OEF/OIF vets surfaces. It will be just like Gulf War syndrome and Agent Orange.


    THE department of veterans affairs need to fire all these new comers who are taking out medical rights away and hire some veterans instead

    • Guest

      Veterans couldn’t treat other vets like the yahoos in Washington are treating them today. Yes, I agree 100% we need vets looking out for us. Good point Lewis.

  • chvietvet

    Because of my service in Vietnam, I have been denied employment in the United States since I received my honorable discharge in 1968. I have worked as a civilian in Southeast Asia, Europe, and South America and received a doctoral degree as a scientist in Germany. I returned to the U.S. in 1998 because two U.S. Forest Service employees offered me $20,000 to withdraw from a federal civil service selection because, as a veteran, I was blocking the hiring certificate for the much less qualified non-veteran the agency personnel wanted to hire. When I reported the offer, the Forest Service was forced to hire me. However, I was fired one day before the end of the probationary year after facing all kinds of harassment on the job. Continued…

  • chvietvet

    This has led to a series of appeals and lawsuits that have been going on for more than 10 years, with the Forest Service calling prospective employers to tell them not to hire me. Over the years, the federal government and the governments of three states have spent a combined total of well over a million dollars for legal fees and appeals costs just to keep me from working in the United States. The U.S. Department of Labor is responsible for seeing to it that universities, federal and state civil services, and various other federal contractors can discriminate against veterans with impunity. After veterans become destitute, they are denied pensions by the DVA long enough for them to lose their homes and wind up living on the streets. According to census estimates, only 850,000 Vietnam War veterans out of about 2.7 million remain alive. Does this constitute a holocaust perpetrated by our government to get out of paying the benefits veterans are entitled to by law?

  • booneyID

    To MSG C and all others shooting at party lines,
    It make sno difference what party is in power or elected, they are all a bunch of Liars and theives!

  • ex-spec4

    just remember who is cutting our benefits! It always tickles me when cheyney, linbaugh, beck, o reilly , rove, ect get up there and wrap themselves in a flag as heros of america, but they were too busy to serve and got deferements ect. None of them ever served and the republicans are the ones with the tea party little miss alaska, ect that never served. Now they want to cut veterans benefits ? Dont let them wrap themselves in a flag and say what great americans they are! They would rather give tax cuts toi the rich than take care of vets. By the way taxes were highewr under reagan than they are now, and bush jr tried to cut servicemens pay while he was president.


    I SAY THIS,THE OFFICIALS WHO ArE CUTTING OUR BENIFITS SHOULD HAVE THEIR ASSES SENT TO IRAC FOR 20 years commitment,with no benifits and see how itS like to cut the ,BENIFITSOF THE ONES who fought and died TO SAVE their assas

  • Guest

    What’s the use to waste time and effort complaining to our congressmen they
    are slowly bleeding us dry. I can do without the VA clinic if the care doesn’t
    improve. My experience has been they are more concerned that you are over weight ,or some other silly reason besides what is wrong with you. Some
    one can have my place, I’m finished with them.

  • All political people are crooks. If they would cut wages and stop taking all them vacations we might not have to sacrifice the vetrans.

  • ex-spec4

    you vets need to know there are riht wing groups out there that think they and not the VA has the right to judge whether or not you are disabled. they work in gangs, they will set you up to get locked up, terrorize, damage vehicles,attack on video tape and try to kill the people they deem as not disabled. be on guard, they use pretty women, old friends to gain information ect ect and very organized and they will kill vets they deem not disabled if they get the chance. pretty sad that thewy think they have the right to judge and persecute other vets. its the same thing the NAZI’s did when they came topower, first they got rid of the physically and mentally disabled, then the gypsys, then the jews so these people were not a burden to german society. Be careful theses guys are out there, if you dont believe me google “the cala files” thats how they got started. Pretty sad when Vets start feeding on Vets ! Just because they believe some propaganda!

    • ex-spec4


  • ex-spec4

    they never listen, unless somebody is paying them but i email them too

  • Be careful what you swear to – you are not at every exit interview for every branch of service. I took detailed notes (which I still refer to) and kept every handout and asked for copy of the slides used and STILL was not aware of all the benefits I was eligible for. I’m glad the Air Force does a good job, but that does not mean everyone does.

  • Henry

    I am a Viet Nam vet 1968-1972 that my served my country honorably like all veterans . I was lucky that I had no military injury or disability. The VA health care system has been very good to me. Now the govenment wants to take it away from the vets, so they can give more money tax breaks to wealthy, corporate world. Most these so called politician never saw any military service whatsoever.I think we as the people of this country should have a vote to cut their pay 30% and make them payed for their own health care,and see how they like it .Their yearly raises should be voted on by the people and not by themselves. Lets cut from the top of the government tree.

    • G. Shands

      I’m a Navy Viet Nam era vet who proudly served. The Navy has been dittling with different uniforms since 1973. My company was the first to go with the CPO uniforms which didn’t last too long. The Navy still can’t figure out which uniforms they want to wear. My point is no veterans should be cut from Veterans Health Care, injured or not. We all earned it. There are other places to cut. The Navy wasted millions on different uniform changes.

    • R Taylor

      When we went in the service back in the 60’s & 70’s we were promised lifelong health care. LIFELONG HEALTH CARE, PERIOD! – These are Republicans that are trying to cut services and benefits and medical benefits to all veterans. REMEMBER TO VOTE THESE REPUBLICANS OUT OF OFFICE NEXT YEAR!

    • Phillip Nicholson

      I agree with you 100%. I’m a veteran myself and I’m looking into what benefits I quality for. I served 4 years honorably from 1998-2002 and was discharged 5 months after the second Gulf war started. I’m getting ready to go back to school if my gi bill is still active(its been just under 10 years) and desperately need a loan or grant to get off and rolling. Who should I talk with to get info on this?

      Fellow Veteran

  • 100V_Vietnam

    The Rich get the bennies, we get the shaft?
    When Their Mansions burn down, they’ll have to listen.

    The are no combat vets without PTSD. I fyou don’t think so,
    go get checked out for EVERYTHING…It’s better for the professionals
    to find it before you do.

    They found a whole lot wrong with me and I thought I had nothing wrong….



    • Jim Price

      I have all these symptoms and also served in ‘Nam ’68-69. Had pacemaker installed last Jan. for irregular heart beat. How’d you go about getting checked out? Appreciate your insights and time to respond. BRO 2/18th, B-Co. RVN

  • 100V_Vietnam

    PS: Julius Caeasar treated his veterans with more resect than we will ever see now.

  • Myositis

    So, they cut our money through the VA and where will they spend it!!!!!!!!!!!!! all this talk about cutting spending makes no sense as they throw it away somewhere else. They are living free thanks to us Veterans and then slap us in the face. I also was in Desert Storm and have been diagnosed with an incurable muscle disease that is very rare, did it come from the black oil wells burning! I don’t know but they won’t eccept it. I volunteer in the VA system and do get rather upset when I talk to some Veterans who say they were oly in for a couple years and now service connected, Dah. My Husband was in for 25yrs, Marine Corps, I was 14 yrs Army and my Daughter 20yrs Army with two Iraq tours. Lets get priorities straight on who deserves the VA health care.

    • ex-spec4

      doesnt matter how many years in. what matters is what happened. do more reasearch online on the muscle disease, maybe you can find a link.

  • jlm

    Yep, your pension. Scary, but true.

  • luis medina

    you can play with everything but not play with those warriors put your hand in something else but not them because they are in GOD hands in my opinion back off please.

  • edward c. stengel

    I got drafted back in 1967 and got out a 150 day early out from Nam in 1969, spending 19 months in the army. I also got the best of care and always thought the VA was a true friend until 1996 when Bill Clinton started his enrollment nonsense. Then, under Bush and now Obama, things just get worse. They’ve closed hospitals, cut back on services, and now they’re looking to kick veterans out of the VA system altogether. I don’t even know what group I’m in – 7 or 8 or maybe some other number – but if they kick me out I’ll know why.

  • Robert Opal

    Where and when is this going to end… When are we the people in this country going to start making our socalled leaders accountable for all these stupid ideas they come up with????
    Damn it, they work for US and WE pay their salaries, Why are WE letting them do what they want to without our approval?????
    I don’t want to even start on the benifits and preks these employees get either…. No one mentions the cost of their offices and staff either…. With our budget in the dirt, why do they need to have their asses driven around buy another of our employees who drives the LIMOS we also pay for????
    These people are no better than any of us, so why the hell do they get to wast our money as they wish???? The are our employees, we are not theirs!!!!!!

    • They don’t even realize that they are playing games with some very unstable vets might take these matters to heart.

  • Richard Carrillo

    I think the government should cut from the top down. Legislators should have a cap that is voted and put into place by all voting Americans. Retired Vets, Disabled Vets, people on Social Security, medicare, medi-cal, should NOT be touched at all. We’ve all suffered enough.

  • edward c. stengel

    You are so right, Terrence. I went in the same time you did – 1967. When I got out in 1969, I could go to any VA hosptital, no questions asked, and get any type of medical service I wanted. I used to spend 6-8 weeks on alcoholic treatment programs and psychiatric programs, and they made me feel welcome as the morning son. I used to play Bingo at night, and when I’d get out of the hospital, if I didn’t have a job, they’d set me up on welfare – telling me exactly who to see in the welfare office so I didn’t have to wait for hours.
    The VA was my best friend from the 1st time I went to a VA hosptial in 1974 until this enrollment nonsense started in 1996. Since then it’s only gotten worse, and I don’t feel very welcome anymore. It’s like now I’m just tolerated.

  • Stan Holgate

    Wait until there are few volunteers to feed to the troubled spots in the world. People enter the military voluntarily today for many reasons and one of them is security. Congress seems to regard disabled and elderly members of society as expendables for the rich in this country. Much more revenue is possible by taxing offshore manufacturing, by reducing the subsidies given to large oil and agricultural corporations, and by eliminating the Bush tax cuts for the rich. Most of the cuts seen at the moment are aimed at those members of our society who need help the most–school children, the poor, the elderly, and the disabled. It is like the rich members of Congress would just like to see them disappear. Just remember who decided that the military needed no pay raises or medical benefits. Just wait until the medical benefits for soldiers families take a big chunk of their pay. Just remember to vote next time.

  • Curtis Rushing

    When I was 18 and in Army (1946) riding in troop train in Kansas…we wrecked. Many of us were injured, but the drill sergeants started screaming at us…”any of you damned queers hurt ? ” Well, naturally, we all said …”oh not me !” We were actually traumatized…well needless to say, the next couple days was pure hell…we were not allowed to get off that wrecked train…my car was still upright on the tracks…anyway….I’ve suffered with cracked disks all these years….since I didn’t get that physical and even remember about the wreck, I’ve been denied any compensation. I guess my fault….but I’d think any person a cut above average intelligence, would be able to read my case and see that it was service connected and realize my predicament in 1946.

    • ex-spec4

      start writting politicians, never give up, seems like obama is taking more interest in vets than previous. give him a shot. you can write online or by regular mail. never give up !

  • rtojoe

    I blame the tea baggers. These people don’t care about ordinary working stiffs and vets. They are puppets for the likes of the Koch brothers, and the corporate thieves on Wall Street. Just last week I was having coffee with a group of vets at my post. Five of the guys were unaware that GE made 14 BILLION in profits last year and paid , Nada, Zilch in taxes!!! Some of these guys didn’t even know that companies are getting tax breaks to send jobs off shore. These same guys didn’t know that we give big oil subsidies!!!! I told those guys to start reading news magazines and different papers. Most people today get their “news” from the tube. Wake up people. These tea baggers are going to pull the rug from under us.

  • MikeN

    As I see it, the congress wants to cut the veterans benefits so they have more available for themselves and illeagle aliens. We sacrificed jobs and so much more to serve in our countries defense and now they want to throw us out with the trash. When these remf’s cut thier own benifits, I’ll believe they really are serious about saving money.

  • Jim Morgna

    Jim Morgan,

    I am a vet of Viet Nam and I thank the VA for all the care given. I am 100% disabled and will never get any better, but I am willing to return some or all of the compensation (money) to the system if it would help others who are in a different situation than I. I love my country and I pray that our country will love those who have given so much. God Bless America.

  • gimpa1

    I fall in this plan. And it would be a death of me .I cannt get ins. the last time I tryed they said it would be $1800.00 a mth. .And I would still have copays & meds. So what are we going to do . I did my service and didnt get drafted . Just because I didnt have service injury .They are putting us in the DEATH CAMPS that the TEA PARTY was talking about .BUT THEY ARE THE ONES PUTTING US THERE . GOD HELP US ALL

  • Bradley_Brandon

    I served in Africa in support of 5th group during operation enduring freedom, and then in Iraq during the ground war. I am a combat vet. I woke up in Iraq 5 yrs ago with cramps in my stomach and bleeding out my rear end. I was seen in the TMC on our FOB and then sent to Germany for more treatment away from the war. I was an NCO when you still had to be selected to get your stripes, and I was pissed that I was leaving my squad. I found out in the prime of my life, after 10 yrs of active service under my belt that I had Crohn’s disease. I was told that I was non-deployable. My life changed that day. Then the bullshit started. I was sent to Ft. Gordon and was in some medical hold unit. I was out of Ft. Stewart.

    • ex-spec4

      if you dont get va disability, then apply for ssi and apply for non service connected disability pension from the va, they make sure you get about 1800 or 1900 a month. not a lot but better than nothing, dont give up!

  • Bradley_Brandon

    So I was home and they didn’t PCS me so I still couldn’t see my family except on weekends and my wife was pregnant with our daughter at the time. Then The MEB process started, it was bad enough I was losing my career; since I was 18 I was a soldier It was all I knew I served in to wars and I was damaged goods, I was offered a severest package it was 34,000 dollars, I was under the impression that since the VA had prequalified me for compensation being a combat vet I would be ok financially. Boy was I wrong, The day I signed the acceptance of the severance was the stupidest move of my life, sure I’m service connected combat vet, oh by the way while I was in Iraq they had to fly me from the FOB to the hospital in Baghdad the day the day those assholes decided to blow up a cement truck on the front door of it and then the medic put me on a morphine drip because of the blockage in

  • Bradley_Brandon

    my digestive track was unbearable and they blew out my vein and morphine dripped for hours infusing in my arm. Then I find out that the severest and the VA money came out of the same pot so for the last five years I have been paying back the Army for my severest. I will get my first real VA check in July of this year. I was told that shortly after my release from active duty the VA took over the med board process. And Crohn’s disease is an automatic retirement. I live 3 miles from FT. Stewart, and I can’t even get a sticker for my window to drive through the post. I hunt there and have to drive 15 miles around the installation every time I want to get in the woods and if I would have gotten retirement for my issues like soldier are now getting I would have all the privileges that a retired soldier is entitled. I don’t care about the money I suck it up and work full time but it pisses me off that I served honorably and i cant even drive through the post.

  • angryvet

    As a PVA Lifetime member this really ticks me off! I’ve been trying for years to help the VA save SERIOUS money by eliminating needless paperwork and their wasteful shipping practices to no avail. If they were SERIOUS regarding saving money, make ALL government employees use the SAME VA health care system in a new LOWEST tier except those with severe job related injuries. This WILL include members of the Senate, Congress, Supreme Court (and all Federal Judges), even our Commander and Chief. This will save well over a TRILLION dollars every year while improving OUR quality of care.
    If you like that idea, write ALL of your Reps and the papers too.
    While we’re at it, lets cut the IRS, the current tax system, (go to a flat tax) Eliminate DEATH TAXES (they got enough while one lived) helping retain FAMILY farms and small FAMILY owned businesses, and cut Fed employees pay to private job skill levels, change non military pension programs to 401K including the Senate and Congress. It’s OBSCENE that those who make our laws and vote themselves lavish incomes, benefits, and personal budgets want those who put our LIVES on the line are often expected to GIVE EVEN MORE and SACRIFICE AGAIN so that THEY can maintain THEIR lifestyle and use OUR BACKS to get re-elected.
    Get involved, stay informed and vote any bum out who lacks total support for us!

    • NamVet 72

      I agree 100% no one should be getting any better benefits or health care then the military and vets.

  • Becky Bryant

    I believe Jim Cravey needs an attitude adjustment…………We must all work together and not bicker among ourselves. I’m personally writing to my congressman and senator for everyones benefit.

  • Jerry

    Benefits for illegal aliens can be afforded. Foreign aid to countries who don’t even like the USA are fully funded. Benefits for retired members of Congress and former Presidents are never cut. I guess Veterans are the only people who should sacrifice for our country.

  • Kit

    I got out in 1985, they didn’t have a “meeting” with me since I didn’t retire.

  • sundowner2

    Why complain? I,m sure the majority of you voted for these double talking crooks! Politicians start the wars to line their pockets with war profits. They talk a mean talk , but they don’t walk the walk like we had to. I’m glad I exercised my right to not vote for all these 62 years! At least I realized when you vote you only legitamize those bastards! They’ve got their greedy little hands in the tax cookie jar, and they damn sure are going to keep the most for them and their pals!

    • ex-spec4

      if you want to help vets vote democrat the republican politicians always wrap themselves in a flag, then try to cut vets pay ect

  • angryvet

    This is a FARCE!
    As a PVA Lifetime member this really ticks me off! I’ve been trying for years to help the VA save SERIOUS money by eliminating needless paperwork and their wasteful shipping practices to no avail. If they were SERIOUS regarding saving money, make ALL government employees use the SAME VA health care system in a new LOWEST tier except those with severe job related injuries. This WILL include members of the Senate, Congress, Supreme Court (and all Federal Judges), even our Commander and Chief. This will save well over a TRILLION dollars every year while improving OUR quality of care. That’s a serious low-ball est based on the EXPENSIVE plans currently paid for by TAXES for the largest employer in the USA.and Obama has added approx 70,000 and claims the IRS needs 30,000 just to handle his OBAMACARE fiasco! Heck cut that and save trillions more.
    Try enforcing our immigration laws and we.ll save at least a hundred Billion just in public assistance AND that’s just FEDERAL savings. Our Southern border States are BANKRUPT due highly in part to effects of Illegal aliens. It’s NOT racism to enforce ALL Immigration laws as not all illegals belong to one or two races. I DON’T CARE where they came from, send them home with information on HOW TO APPLY FOR IMMIGRATION LEGALLY.
    If you like that idea, write ALL of your Reps and the papers too.
    While we’re at it, lets cut the IRS, the current tax system, (go to a flat tax) Eliminate DEATH TAXES (they got enough while one lived) helping retain FAMILY farms and small FAMILY owned businesses, and cut Fed employees pay to private job skill levels, change non military pension programs to 401K including the Senate and Congress. It’s OBSCENE that those who make our laws and vote themselves lavish incomes, benefits, and personal budgets want those who put our LIVES on the line are often expected to GIVE EVEN MORE and SACRIFICE AGAIN so that THEY can maintain THEIR lifestyle and use OUR BACKS to get re-elected.
    Get involved, stay informed and vote any bum out who lacks total support for us!

    Read more:

  • Mad-as-Hell

    Im a Priority group 7. I served 6 years in the USN underwater from 1966-1972.
    i guess Im not good enough to be considered a veteran according to these politicians and some vets here. so go ahead take the healthcare away and give better service to our our wonderful political friends, bankers, and wallstreet sharks who dont think they are responsible for what they did to the country and the common folks. this is NOT America anymore people. Its not the America I served! I say we get united and march on these bast@rds during one of their lunch meetings. wheres our help when we need it?
    Who supports us now???????? I still have my uniform in a class case. I feel like burning it on the capital lawn!


    You know, I JUST DON’T GET IT……of ALL the damn places they could cut to save money, they pick the one place that is not only irrational, but disturbing and disgusting a well. Men and women VOLUNTARILY sign up, put on a uniform, and go fight for their nation because they feel honored and obligated to do so. Then they come back wounded in some fashion, whether it be mental or physical, and find that if they are in CAT 7 or 8, their service did not amount to a HILL OF BEANS!! Are we still in Vietnam?? Because this is the same fiasco they tried to pull back then also. WHO in their right mind is going to sign up and volunteer to serve the US now, when they realize their medical care might not even be available when they come back injured in some fashion? I sure wouldn’t!! THANK GOD I saved all my medical paperwork from my injuries while I served, because if it was not for that, I would not have been able to prove my injuries were service connected when I was being processed for a medical, because they were trying to say they weren’t service connected!!…..THANK GOD!!!…..Tell everyone you know who is currently serving to SAVE THOSE MILITARY RECORDS at ALL times!! WHY is it when the Democrats get into office (and you go go back the last 20 years and look at both the Republican and Democratic Presidents records!) they ALWAYS give the military the LOWEST pay raise percentage they can get away with. Republicans give us 5.2% pay raises (President Bush last did this), because they APPRECIATE our service to this country!! This is EXACTLY why I DO NOT vote for Democrats….the BIGGEST reason, because they never support us and are always trying to make cuts in the military, from spending to pay raises, and now, apparently, MEDICAL care. What’s next Obama? Dip into our Housing allowances? WHERE does it end? Even though I am not serving anymore, after 24 years of service, I am just becoming more and more appalled at everything that is going on with our military, from the rapes and murders of civilians by our “soldiers”, to the wanton killing of afghan people by renegade “soldiers”, to revenge killings, and NOW military healthcare cuts. Whatever happened to the honor, integrity, being proud of wearing a US soldiers uniform, and esprit de corps that was SO rampant and prevalent when I started out over 24 years ago? It is all becoming a thing of the past, I fear. I know these instances are just a small fraction of the TRUE, honorable soldiers that are serving out there, but there is so much of it that it just doesn’t matter anymore when we apologize, as people are getting tired of it……I KNOW I SURE AM……..

    • ex-spec4

      bush tried to cut servicemens pay, and obama has increased vet spending more than any other pres in recent memory. vote dem if you want to help vets. republicans talk the talk then they cut cut cut, and its republicans cutting now!

  • William

    Our congressmen get full retirement pay after one term of service. They are exempt from sexual harassment charges. Their family does not have to pay back student loans. They are exempt from laws that we have to abide by. Yet the majority of them have never served OUR country by doing military service but they want to ATTACK us veterans like the enemy we have fought in foreign wars. Yet we only recieve 50% of pay while defending them or have to risk our lives longer just to recieve 75%. There is no greater love a man hath than a man that gaves his life for a friend, John 15: 13. Majority of congress have never served in the military and will not understand that biblical verse. Clockin in, not out. VET FOR LIFE.

    • Roy Thompson

      The liberal JOKERS keep electing these non vets on a popularity vote.Thats why your losing your earned benifits.

      • PCF

        Wrong again…. Its the CON-servatives that support the filthy rich. the jokes on you

  • Jim

    Meetings we had when we got out that informed us of our benefits? I notice that you said that you knew persons who served 22 years and got these briefings, but you do not actually state that you served a day. Obviously you didn’t. So let me clue you. When you get out, they send you to personnel for your DD214, then over to the p-ay clerk to get your final pay, then when you go out the gate they scrape off your bumper tag and take your ID.

    I am a Vietnam vet and got out in 1967. No briefings on any entitlements. I did not discover that I was entitled to 30% service connected disability until 1993 when I lost my health insurance and went to the VA Service Center to see if it would be possible to get some medical care until I got back into the insurance system. That’/s when I learned about it. But there was no back-pay to 1967 even though I had been entitled to it all those years.



    • Veteran Submarines

      I couldn’t agree with you more

    • edward c. stengel

      Amen. I’m so glad I visited this website today. It’s made me think that I was right about a bunch of things about the VA. I served ’67-’69, 1 year in the Nam, never saw any combat, but I was still there. For almost 25 years, 1974-1999 or around there, all I had to do was be a veteran to get service at the VA. Now you’ve got to be an enrolled veteran – fill out financial statements, see your doctor once a year even when you feel fine, and get assigned to some silly group. They’re really just trying to annoy us to the point where we’ll stop using the VA. An older guy, from Korea, was right on target when he said if it wasn’t for the cheap medicine most of senior citizen vets would just go to private doctors and hospitals.

  • Ken

    It is no longer a Democrat or Republican issue. Our country needs us
    once again. Please to read
    Thank You.

    • Dick LeGrande

      Wrong. It’s always the republicans that want to cut vet benefits, one of em went so far as to say “They don’t deserve it”, Now is that bull-s-it or what?

  • Roger Fisher

    It’s about time all of you (us) stop whining about your biased political position.
    The hard truth is that both are flawed and lack common sense. If you want to see who is jeopardizing your care take the time to read who in that bunch of 535 bandits vote and have voted against giving you what has been promised!
    Meanwhile they vote themselves into prosperity. WAKE UP! Use the same unifying things we learned in basic training, do your homework, get untied and become a force that the military always has been and as one, take it to the ballot box! And, please, save your political whimpery for someone who
    wants to whine with you!

    • Dick LeGrande

      Not going to work buddy, this is a repubublican action here.

  • Sherri

    Screwing the very men and women who protect the rights of American’s while the politicians continue with their for life pay and for life benefits. This is such crap. No where do you hear of cuts to the politicians. It’s Obama’s over confidence that “Obama Care” will solve the problem! OUTRAGGED for our vets is what I am. I’m a very proud wife of a retired Navy serviceman and very proud mother of a son currently serving in the Navy. I thank each and every one of you for your selfless service, commitment and sacrafice and will stand by you to fight this! I have posted this artical on face book and have asked all to contact their congressmen. I have already sent my letter to my congressmen!

  • top dog

    Yep, thats a repub for ya, screw the guys that make it possible for them to live freely. I hope the senate vote this crap down. Thank god the democrats control the senate, because if the republicans had control of that as well we vets would have no benefits, and on top of that they will probably start a “war” somewhere. Theres an old saying, “You get what you vote for”

  • Dennis

    PTSD has been a recognized disability since 1981. I’ve been SC for PTSD since 1986.


    Blah, Blah, Blah:


    Try telling that to Mr ryan

  • Dennis

    Any veteran who served during a time of war and becomes totally disabled not due to service is eligible to receive a non-service connected pension. If they get rid of 7 and 8 veterans they will get rid of vets who may be eligible.

  • karden

    I believe that we were told if we served our country for a certain amount of time and was discharged honorably, we were guaranteed health services. So Now the Government is not honoring what was written and promised to every Veteran who served rather service connected or not. Is this correct?? Some of us has been at the VAMC for years and now we will have to go about transferring records, getting a new doctor and for women that’s two new doctors. How if you are not service connected and have no other insurance, how do you get treatment? I truly pray that this will not come to fruition. It will definitely be detrimental to a lot of Veterans……….

    • USNVET

      You are so right, I will be in the same boat. im a Vietnam era vet, I cant get affordable health care because of my age…… insurance companies wont even look at my application without sticking me with 1200 dollar a month premiums

  • Bill

    I am a Korean vet (1954-55) in great health and no service connected disabilities. I am a 7C at the VA. The only reason I applied for VA Health Care (6 years ago) was because medications cost less through the VA. I also have a Medicare Advantage plan. Loosing my VA coverage would not be too great of a burden to me. There must be many others in the system like me. ???

    • Roy Thompson

      Believe me there is……Mostly over 65 group……when you hit 65 all those promises disappear……DO YOU AGREE?????

    • edward c. stengel

      You hit the nail on the head, Bill. I believe it’s the medicine that keeps us senior citizens going to the VA, with that ridiculous enrollment system. I’m 67, and I’m on Medicare Parts A & B, and if wasn’t for the medicine, I wouldn’t even think of going back to a VA hospital, with their lousy service. Here’s the real killer – I don’t even take pills, but I’m thinking of the day I will.

  • T.L. Scott Sr

    You got it all wrong fly boy. what meetings for the air force well maybe but for the rest of us no way you are no told about what you got coming from VA and if you so call talking paying attention you miss it Clinton took some of it away and the first lady help get a lot of it back this part started by her behind close door with Vet’s


    with all the post here does anybody have any organizing skills to get all of us together in DC at a congressional meeting to protest and voice our concerns like the Tea potty group? I guess what we need is someone retired with horsepower & pull……wheres John Kerry or John McCain? How about it Vets any ideas????????????? come on lets get something started even if its a petition by email

    • Roy Thompson

      Most likely both JOHNS agreed the Government is Trillions in debt an needs to cut some of the buget……the 7s an 8s are part of it…..DO YOU AGREE???

      • USNVET

        Do I agree that 7 & 8 groups do not or should not get care?
        or that both johns would not go along with health care for ALL vets?

    • USNVET

      Forget I even mentioned it sorry

  • Roy Thompson

    I would like you to explain that more clear…..Once you turn 65 the system takes a turn for the worse?I see you only paying $ 200 a month for the both of you….I dont think dental care was part of the deal….

  • Greg Marshall

    Maybe those who vote for this cut in VA benefits should go fight the war that they voted for and without any benefits. If they do cut the benefits then all the armed forces would see a reduction in the enlistments. and most who had the intent to stay in will leave. Can’t fight a war without personnel. I say vote them all out of office and without their benefits and or pensions It’s do as I say not as I do. I served in the Navy 1967-70 and recieve 100% disability
    I wouder when they will vote to cut benefits for vets like me…???

  • Roy Thompson

    Superb….Excellentely said…….

    • VietnamVet

      Sounds like you have made a choice for the rest of the Vets here BRAVO ! you know all the issues like most politicians i guess. Myself I served 1966-1971. No i did not get wounded but still went, so I guess according to your selection process your in agreement with the cuts. Thank you for your service anyway. I dont want to infringe on any vet that had it worse than myself. Im just aganist the small amout of money saved by these B@stard politicians that think cutting ANy veteran benefits will reduce the budget after they allow Huge tax cuts for corporate tax cheats…and the super rich…but aganin its the American way today. im for fighting for ALL Vets! that include 7 & 8 groups!

      • Eaglevet

        if u look at the booklet that is Federal Benefits for Veterans on page 3 under group 7. Veterans with gross household income below the GMT agrees to pay copays. group 8 Veterans with a gross income and net worth higher than VA national threshold pays a copay. So as i said these 2 groups can pay their own insurance. And to your point I’m for a better health care system without waste, if that means cutting groups out that only pays a copay so b it. If will help someone get a leg r something else out of it then yes i’m 4 it. and since u didn’t ask I also was in Viet Nam served with 101st Airborne Division and am a in group 1. Welcome Home Brother and thank u 4 your service.

  • ron 66/69

    The more things change, the more they stay the same. Draftee or enlistee, the song government sings is all the same tune they hum while they feed you into the meat grinder. Throughout our history governments promises have always been lies, damned lies.

  • john wodzinski

    Enter text right here!i say get rid of the excisting pioliticians and make obama show us proof of birth and start over when i went in the m corp i was promised a lot of things when i went in in 1974 i have medical problems and have since i got out and cant get benifits

  • Albert Terry

    Think of Sens. Max Cleland and John Kerry. Both are decorated Vets. But both got “jobbed” by political hacks and a thankless public. In fact, Sen. Cleland lost his seat to aman who, allegedly got 5 deferments. In my own case, I’m a Korean War Vet (USAF). I was disqualified for any aging benefits because of my income. Also, I think it’s criminal to erect a Korean War Memorial with only caucasians represented: no other ethnicities represented, yet yet at least two all-blact infantry divs. (24&25th?) served as did other minorities.

    • eaglevet

      max cleland almost died from a fragging from his own men. john kerry if u remember threw all of his decorations away plus i wouldn’t put kerry in the same sentence with ” decorated vets”

  • Dan

    Proud vet I work for the VA, and served in GW2. I think many of those who spent 20+ years in the military have something wrong within themselves the VA information was not available and not referenced anywhere thoughout the final out process. No need to be smug, but the policy in place comes from those who served 20+ plus years and what did it do for me, left me broken and on the side of the road because the final out process is a joke with hidden secrets about entitlments. Every member of the military is a number and not a person, those who ask for services are often turned away first by the military and than the VA. The system is corrupt and broken, the government banks on veterans not using entitlments, as well make the process more difficult than astrophysics. The system is designed to deter veterans from using the benefits that they are entited to….

  • guest

    I am a disabled vietnam vet,I I agree with the man that said,you have do your time in the military before you can run for political office.and no salary untill you retire.Shame on Congress,and all those idiots!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

    • angryvet

      This is a FARCE!
      As a PVA Lifetime member this really ticks me off! I’ve been trying for years to help the VA save SERIOUS money by eliminating needless paperwork and their wasteful shipping practices to no avail. If they were SERIOUS regarding saving money, make ALL government employees use the SAME VA health care system in a new LOWEST tier except those with severe job related injuries. This WILL include members of the Senate, Congress, Supreme Court (and all Federal Judges), even our Commander and Chief. This will save well over a TRILLION dollars every year while improving OUR quality of care. That’s a serious low-ball est based on the EXPENSIVE plans currently paid for by TAXES for the largest employer in the USA.and Obama has added approx 70,000 and claims the IRS needs 30,000 just to handle his OBAMACARE fiasco! Heck cut that and save trillions more.
      Try enforcing our immigration laws and we.ll save at least a hundred Billion just in public assistance AND that’s just FEDERAL savings. Our Southern border States are BANKRUPT due highly in part to effects of Illegal aliens. It’s NOT racism to enforce ALL Immigration laws as not all illegals belong to one or two races. I DON’T CARE where they came from, send them home with information on HOW TO APPLY FOR IMMIGRATION LEGALLY.
      If you like that idea, write ALL of your Reps and the papers too.
      While we’re at it, lets cut the IRS, the current tax system, (go to a flat tax) Eliminate DEATH TAXES (they got enough while one lived) helping retain FAMILY farms and small FAMILY owned businesses, and cut Fed employees pay to private job skill levels, change non military pension programs to 401K including the Senate and Congress. It’s OBSCENE that those who make our laws and vote themselves lavish incomes, benefits, and personal budgets want those who put our LIVES on the line are often expected to GIVE EVEN MORE and SACRIFICE AGAIN so that THEY can maintain THEIR lifestyle and use OUR BACKS to get re-elected.
      Get involved, stay informed and vote any bum out who lacks total support for us! Unlike most politicians, who’ve proven they lack integrity, let’s honor our Oath and rid our government of these threats to our Constitution, the Domestic enemies we swore to protect OUR country from.
      BTW, if you served during wartime (examp; Korea or Vietnam and are denied help, get help from a good source, ) or find a local advocate in the phone book, you’re not alone.
      Don’t forget, a lot of misinformation will be in the major media during the ramp-up for our next elections. The major media proved it’s “probama” last time, deamonizing his opposition and never challenging ANYTHING he said.
      They ignored what he exposed about himself in his book, never asked WHY he blocked access to his past, and his “associates” that he threw under the bus one after another never raised an eyebrow on ABC, CBS, or NBC.
      So QUESTION what they say, and seek out the truth. We CAN win and make sure ALL HONORABLY discharged Vets who need health care are taken care of “IF” we find honorable people to serve, people with the moral fiber of George Washington, who served RELUCTANTLY, because he felt obligated to PROTECT the CONSTITUTIONAL REPUBLIC and went on to design the Executive branch (no CZARS) that still, in theory exists. Few know he refused to become the King of the USA, taking only the title of President. When he handed over the power to our next President, he did so HAPPILY, wanting nothing more than returning home.
      I submit that the retired General Schwarzkopf might be such a man, he has no desire to hold ANY public office, but we need a leader like him.
      Time is short and our need for a strong leader is great.


    you don’t have to be a Vet to run for office and serve people honorably with dignity & respect and integrity…….what do ya think?


    I agree, Bush dumped the 7&8 groups Obama brought them back in

  • Eugene Morrison

    CUTS for healthcare for vets but give the rich tax cuts. I can’t be the only one to reaize that we are being had. I was in the USMC from 1966 to 1970. I was privileged to complete the Enlisted Commissioning Program at the same time as our former Commandant Jim Jones. There was a saying – the protected will never know the true cost of freedom. Given the climate in Washington, that rings more true than it has ever been.. Throw out theTea Baggers and the rest of the politicans. Term limits, no more free healthcare, no more pensions and send them, and their sons and daughters to Afganistan. Only then will they know the cost of freedom. The greatest power we the people have is our vote. Get rid of all of them and take back our rights and our freedoms. The power belongs to us and me must not fail to exercise our power at the voting box. The benefits that they covet so much only happened because we were willing to fight, bleed and die if necessary to protect our freedom.

  • Alex Fahrenthold

    I am 50 and in very good health after my retirement three years ago. I would forgo any of the VA benefit if I thought it had a serious possibility of helping the situation. I have no faith that it will. As retirees we are a very small part of the population as so the DEMS see no need for our vote, and the Republicans figure they can cut because they can still win their seats back. It is pathetic that we are in this mess because the DEMS and the President just blew billions to get everyone health care, only to turn around and then cut the VA. Pathetic

    • NamVet 72

      Very well said.

  • CR Pike


  • J Gronek

    I served from 70-78. Marines. I had a minor heart attack in March of 2001. As a result of that I could not, then, and cannot, now, purchase health coverage at any price. Once the health reforms are fully implemented I will be able to find coverage, but, thanks to 28 years of “Trickle Down Economics” I will not be able to afford it. I went to the VA for care because I had no other option. I will probably become yet another victim of the “Compassionate Conservatism” mob looking to cut spending, regardless. It is time to work on the other side of the government financial system, “Revenue Enhancement” by restoring sanity to the Tax Code. It is time for the Plutocrats and Corporations to pay their fair share of the burden and GIVE SOMETHING BACK, FOR A CHANGE!

    • USNVET

      I couldn’t agree with you more my friend. For the last 25 years the tax code was manipulated to take care of the high rollers, big business and health insurance companies. but the very people that get hurt by these cronies keep voting or supporting these lawmakers that back the super rich or corporate tax cheats. I was once a middle class American, now im considered lower class or on the fringes of poverty. I to cannot afford health insurance because of my age. As far as giving something back from those who have reaped from the good life will just not happen by itself. this nation thrives on greed and has lost compassion not only for the Veterans but seniors who live on fixed incomes and have little hope of making ends meet. After all the bailouts of rich bankers, big business and wall street gamblers life continues on. This gang of thieves will not be happy until there is a complete annihilation of whats left of the middle class. Then they will have it all. God Bless you man thanks for your service to our country

  • Duane

    I’m concerned that the government is going to reduce spending by taking away more and more veterans benefits. Less American citizens are willing to serve in the military, but are ansious to do away with military benefits and spending. This country has other problems that have not been solved such as our welfare system and illegal immigration. What is the real cost of these problems? I think too many people are free with comments about the military system and have not served their country. What is the cost of freedom? I take advantage of the services at the VA clinic and pay my co-pay. I think the clinics are run better as far as services and giving patients results than many of the civilian clinics. Keep in mind that our president and the congress created the nations deficit, it was not done over night and by one person. A concerned vet.

  • Wife of a VN Vet

    First of all, thank you so much for your service. Thank all of you Vets out there. Second, people let’s not get into an argument about Dems vs Repubs. That is why we never get anything done. We are all Americans. Our representatives on both sides have ALL failed to protect Veterans.

    The Veterans of all wars should be protected with good health care regardless of income. They served our country and they were promised the care…period!

    My Dad was in WWII and he said they were offerred money or health care. They took the health care. He worked for the VA Hospital all his life and was very upset about the cuts to the VA. My husband is a Vietnam Vet and has many health problems from Agent Orange and PTSD. He is “just now” getting help.

    Let’s all join together and contact our representaives about this and support MORE help for the veterans not less! There is no honor higher than serving one’s country especially in war. It is not a “party” thing. Again, we are all Americans.

    • USNVET

      I agree All this priority group crap was probably started by a draft dodger like Rush Oxyman. All Vets should be covered. If they were called or inlested they should be covered


    WAKE UP?……I have been awaken!
    I quit voting Republican big business after Bush got us into two worthless wars …..worse than Vietnam. You go ahead and support Paul Ryan’s wonderful bill that cuts everything but tax cheats and super rich. Maybe you haven’t been affected yet but hang on its coming to a town near you. You keep taking away from the middle class and you will see your business fail like never before. Its the middle class that made this country strong. When trickle down economics came in, that started the down fall. You can’t keep taking and cheating the small people forever its going to catch up to you. So when the crunch came we tax payers had to bail out these wonderful corporate crooks. when you wind up with no business & health insurance because the rest of Americans are flat broke and can’t buy anything you will be the one crying along with Mr majority leader Boehner…….get plenty of towels.
    . BTW take a look at the wages since 1975……You will be surprised to see that the middle class wages were basicaly frozen for while the higher incomes exceeded 285%….no sorry I dont buy your business BS story, I have seen it for my self.

  • Former ADJ-2 Mike

    I have a simple answer to this issue. As a Vietnam era vet that came home with all of my fingers and toes, ANY VETERAN WITH A SERVICE CONNECTED INJURY OR AILMENT SHOULD RECEIVE MEDICAL BENEFITS UNTIL THEY PASS ON.

  • Orine

    I guess the vetrans are not as important as the itlegal’s.

  • mitchell

    Thats right about illegals getting health care,and not paying a dime.The Vets of today, had better not count of getting much.The VA or congressman have raised up prescritcions , from $2.50 to now $8.00Thats just a start, and now co-payments.I have to go there to get my blood drawed,talking warfin.I think back in the early 5o’s in Germany, figure we were begin paid $45 a wk or $192 a month.2 wks is best you could get out of that, then broke for 2 wks.

  • Bob OConnor

    I’m a VA volunteer and have been for the last 6 years, I also served 22 years in the military , most of the Vets that I have meet deserve full coverage those with sevice connected, But I have some who in bad weather know what to say to mental health so they will get a warm bed and 3 hot for a week when the weather turns bad again they will do it again and be admitted for evaluation, which more of a social issue. I was talking to one vet who wasn’t in combat, he had bunch out , a senior nco,and was discharge from the Marines serving 1 year because he was low income he was getting full VA sevices , I see these type of abuse as taking away from the truely deserving.

  • Mike S.

    I filed for my benefits in Dec. 07. I was already getting disability from soc. sec.. My disease is frontaltemporal dementia. This a disease that the doctors say they don’t know how you get it, and there is No cure. Its terminal. I have been rejected once and filed an appeal. That was in Sept. 09. I also submitted a doctors letter that I was terminal and a letter from my CO who is now a retire rear admiral. My case has still not come before the appeals board and the paperwork is still in St. Louis. I just might fall into the catagory of no medical healthcare. My brains are literally being eaten away. I was infected by toxic waste over seas, and my eyes were stuck shut on and off for over 2 months. I wonder why I also have hep C, cornary heart disease, in-active TB and nueropathy in my legs at the same time? They can’t even get the Appeals Board right. From Sept 09 till now? If I was not there 1 day I was AWOL. We all served no-matter when the time was, because the next day could have been another war.

  • Edd

    Before these pricks go cutting OUR benefits, how about ALL the members of Congress go cutting THEIR top of the line benefits? Cut their paychecks, give them the same insurance options that everyone else has to deal with, and so on. I’m still waiting for the American people to start holding these elected officials accountable for all their bull.

  • Rick

    Brothers and sisters what you are seeing(cut,cut,cut) is exactly why the different service groups were born,BUT all these groups are dying lack of membership,you all have to join and as a group your voice will be heard,you will not be heard unless it is carried with #’s behind you.D.A.V.,V.F.W,Am Leg,pick a group stop the poor me and fight!!! I agree you deserve all this great country has to offer YOU EARNED IT !! BUT YOU HAVE TO KEEP FIGHTING NOW WITH A PEN & YOUR #’s GET UP GET OUT AND JOIN THAT IS OUR ONLY HOPE,otherwise they will swept us under the rug.Rick P.D.C.D.A.V.Its up to you

  • big daddy

    obama this obama that everything obama do has to get a 2/3rd vote from the senate ppl so stop with all the obama hating and wake up.where were you when bush stole those 2 elections and started this economy on this downfall and that is when it started when bush was elevted fuel was less than a dollar a gallon and 5 dollars a gallon when he left office 8 years later but nobody wants to talk about that, you voted for bush got us in this mess and want to blame obama but blame yourself cause you going to do it again in the next election and vote for whoever run against obama just because! wake up Donald Truimp come on ppl be for real and yes im a vet also

  • Guest

    Gene, They are using the mushroom method, KEEP US IN THE DARK AND FEED US ALL THE BS THEY CAN.

  • Douglas

    I am a 100% service connected vet I think there are a lot of vets out there that have trumped up or false claims. I think that if you are under a certain percentage and are able to maintain a full time job you should have a co-pay.

  • angryvet

    But NOT just any Vet, make sure they’re not a TRAITOR like komrad kerry who LIED before Congress about our fellow Vets serving in Nam. He LIED to get his Purple Hearts (admitted in his diary that 2 of his 3 VERY slight wounds resulted from his own misuse of a grenade & PLAYING with a M-79 grenade launcher)
    He was NOT even wounded while under hostile fire during those 2.
    He WAS the ONLY US Vet honored in the Vietnamese war museum until it became known during his run for that big chair in the Oval office when they took it down. Too bad they couldn’t get their hands on all those photographs of it ;^)
    And McCain may be Vet, but he’s also a Progressive as are many of the entrenched long timers. We need a complete cleaning out of most of both party’s. We need Constitutionalists and Oath Keepers, NOT SUMMER PATRIOTS.

  • Navy-vet

    If this country goes down (economic collapse) because two parties want to play games with the debt ceiling, that tells me we have idiots that don’t give a dam and do not belong in leadership. I’m a Vietnam vet 1966-1970 and I did not run to Canada like a bunch of people I knew. I went when called. Now it seems to me that the same bunch of dodgers that ran are similar to the yeahoos now passing laws to screw the Vets. They are the ones setting priories with peoples lives. I say everyone here should complain about ANY vet getting booted from the system

  • stephen

    The priority 8 vets were cut from eligibilty during the last administration and restored during this administration. Funny to me how republicans are again looking to cut vets while protecting the wealthy from shared sacrifice in national debt reduction. “Means Test” middle class and lower income class vets but not wealthy folks who qualify for medicare. I wonder why folks continously overlook these issues.

    • VietVet

      because Republicans are owned by people like the Koch brothers. for the life of me i dont understand how middle & lower class people can vote republican……..I quess its a matter of not being educate on the issues

  • BIg Will

    Why should veterans be messed with…we’ve paid our dues serving this country. Vets have always done what it takes to ensure our freedoms are
    protected in the United States of America. Why disgrace us by taking what we’ve earned. Please set aside party bickering in Washington , DC and take the time to thank a veteran. Male & Female Veterans are a special breed of
    American fabric that keeps this country up and running. Just imagine , what
    would America be like without our Armed Forces…” Just What I Thought , Hard To Imagine”. So once again, thank a vet and think really hard before you
    start trimming at Veterans Benefits_WE HAVE PAID OUR DUES.

    U.S. Army-Retired

  • SgtMichelob

    I want to thank Owesama Owebama, and the rest of the anti-American vermin in his administration, for another slap at the United States of America, and our most honored service men, and women.

    I was a Cold War soldier, serving with the 1st Armored, and the 7th Infantry. I am not interested in paying for social programs, but I would pay any level of taxes in order to provide veteran’s benefits.

  • SgtMichelob

    I want all of the WONDERFUL men, who read this site, to know that contact your Congressman DOES work, and it DOES do some good.

    If it didn’t, the anti-Americans would have done INFINITELY more damage to our country than they have, already.

    CALLING is great. But, if you take the time to WRITE them, it carries a lot more weight.

  • Tim

    I have read these comments and am amazed how some people blame the republicans and scream and shout about how unfair this is to veterans. I have also seen people shot down for expressing the opinion that there are people receiving VA benefits who the poster feels should not be.

    One poster said that the VA should judge who should get benefits, not other veterans. I say this is a load of crap. The VA is a government agency and I for one do not think any government agency should be exempted from criticism or oversight by taxpaying citizens (that would be us). If we see them wasting money we should be able to point it out. I also feel that the public in general would be shocked about some of the people receiving health care and/or benefits.

    Do you really think that someone who had a mental condition prior to entering active duty and is discharged shortly after entering active duty should get VA benefits? What about a person who joins the navy and gets discharged because she is afraid of water getting 100% disability? How about a woman who is on active duty in the reserves who drives to a military hospital 80 miles away and then being tired lets her son, who is on cold medicine that cause drowsiness, who has no license or learners permit, getting disability based on injuries from the accident they had when the son fell asleep? Then there is that guy just out of basic who goes home, get’s drunk and has an accident who gets benefits. Or the guy who went off the deep end was shooting up the barracks and got tackled by the military police. He hurt his head when he was tackled and now gets disability.

    Yes, I have a problem with all of these people getting benefits and health care for life and I think the average citizen would as well.

    I do know that there are plenty of people out there who served honorably for a number of years and completed their enlistments who are rated at 0% or have no rating. I have absolutely no problem with these people getting health care, but I do have a problem with others.

    • jack

      Being a little Judgemental???, now isn’t that just just like a Republican? How do you know who needs what? I have a problem with the way Republicans lick up to corporate tax cheats that off shore their taxes or scratch the backs of the Koch brothers. I have a problem with the way we were lied to about weapons of mass destruction to enter two costly wars.

      I had a problem with the Bush administration running up the tab for 11.5 million dollars and then trying to hide the economic downturn right up to the end of his election thinking he could blame the whole mess on the next president.

      So when it comes to the Vets I say why not cover them? if they served cover them, are they not worth all the bailed out crooked banks, corporations and inside wally traders that probably should be serving time?

      I know plenty of Vets that need the care you want to see dumped by your fellow non-vet Republican politicians service connected or not

  • Disapointed VET

    Our Government needs to cut welfare completly out… Too many people have sh*t handed to them and do nothing for it… They just expect the government to give it to them, and we can thank the Democrats for that… It infuriates me what our goverenments is trying to do to us Veterans… We once flew a flag that stated dont tread on me. And it symbolized that as free people we will not be F**ked over my our government. As Veterans we all need to stand up to this slap in the face…

  • tiger56

    It really does not matter what we vets say as the politicians will do
    what they want to do anyway. Example, Obama says a lie that no
    one will have to pay higher taxes, well as a military retiree, my
    pay check is 50dlrs less because my tax was raised, and not having
    a cola for 2yrs, proves my tax was raised. So all these so called
    people for the people to include President Obama, all of them need
    to be sent to Afganistan, or Irag, and fight physicly for their country
    as we did and become a wounded vet and be put in the same
    position as we are in trying to get medical care,thend maybe they
    will get the message of how and what vets are going through.
    They should all be charged for the criminal acts they have taken
    towards the vets, as they always use us to pay off their deficits.

  • Arnold

    Simple solution; quit giving millions/billions to other countries in aid, at least until we are back on our feet and out of debt, stop trying to buy friends, if they really like us they will understand, if not—Also, if you don’t want to take care of veterans quit making veterans. It really is becoming apparent that when individuals who have not served in the military (look at the current commander in chief) the military (active and retired) are always going to be on the chopping block, we will always be considered a necessary evil whose time has expired, God bless America and God bless and protect the United States Military!

  • carolyn shuford


  • Carl

    I do not want to hear politics like democrats, republicans, or tea party are responsible for suggesting cutting benefits. I was with the 101st Airborne at Fort Cambell KY. My parachute malfuctioned and I broke my neck. I live with neck pain, stiffness and headaches. But thank God I was not paralized. I love my country and fellow veterans. But, my injuries were service connected not combat related.
    When we put on our uniforms and took an oath any and all of us were willing to fight and protect our way of life. Veteran benefits are not to be eliminated or cut! You don’t go after the warriors while leaving fat cat corporations evade taxes like GE. Cut the loop holes for corporate welfare, Subsidies for big business, and foreign aid to countries who hate us anyhow. Do what is ever necessary but do not touch benefits of veterans who put their lives on the line for this great country. God bless the USA and the veterans who have served and defended our freedoms.

  • diane

    I am a Vietnam era vet who served in southeast asia (i was the only woman MP in the country) I am currently 50% disabled from in line of duty injuries and my ptsd claim is still pending. if not for the VA i would be totally uninsured im on 4 different medications that would probably cost me a fortune (and since 3 of those as psych meds if would not be a good thing ) As a woman, i havee some of the same issues as my male counterparts and some that are specifice to women.–Just recently, they’ve gotten a clue about treating PTSD and treating women (both were pretty much unheard of when i was discharged) I did receive an exit physical but only because i was on physical profile due to injuries at the time. Then it was” deny deny until they die” I appreciate the good care i am getting
    I think the country is in very sad that in this country an illegal immigrent can get medicaid, welfare and many more benefits whilst slashing the benefits of those who offered to give their life for their country. Im not sure who to writeto or if my concerns would be be considered–I agree with the person who posted that you have to serve before running for office. it works in Israel, where everyone has to serve. ok im rambling now so ill stop

  • diane

    or Walter Reed

  • poor soul

    thwhoughtsilnter text right here!

  • Peter

    Hey, have the ones who are behind this cut program go on social security and medicare. They get sweetheart deals (that they vote in themselves) for their own health care. They have the nerve to try to cut veterans health care. HOW DARE THEY!!!!

  • Vic

    My husband also served proudly in the Air Force for 20 years. He has moderate hearing loss from listening to jet engines for 20 years, but he has not filed a VA claim because we have TriCare Prime, which we PAY FOR! It was supposed to be free, right? We have already seen so many broken promises we shouldn’t be surprised at being screwed again. I think we all agree the budget has to be cut, but why always at the expense of those who gave their youth and health to defend our country?? How about cutting Congressional pensions and their plush medical care? They don’t deserve better care than what you or my husband receive!

    From one Republiturd to another

  • Silent Service

    Im also a fellow submarine Vet 1965-1972 ….9 cold war patrols. But according to many here im not entilted to any kind of health care. Now Im finding out many boat sailors are suffering from lung problems due to breathing certain chemicals from the atmosphere on 65 day patrols. All I can say is don’t expect anything from any government and you will be fine

  • Jeffery Scism

    I was in the first round of the final draft. The day of the Draft I chose to join the USAF. I served four years and went into “ready reserve” Befor my two years of ready reserve expired I got a letter from the President stating my former career field was critically short, and I was being activated for two years. I had the choice of accepting the activation and not having any of it count as “active service toward retirement, or re-enlisting as ‘prior service” one pay grade lower than my discharge grade, and losing all Time in grade. I chose the reenlistment option. I served an additional 12 years before being discharged when the base closures found my base. That meant no retirement benefits as you all know. I didn’t make 20 years active service. I did however have the VA discharge briefing and although I didn’t think I would qualify had the VA review my medical records. I was surprised when they decided I was 10% disabled due to two broken ankles and a neck fracture. They decided my hypertension and diabetes were not service related.

    I appreciate the quality care I have recieved from VA system especially at VA Loma Linda, (Pettis).

    What I a SCARED to see is that veterans who absolutely need the support of having these services will be denied access.

  • Jeffery Scism

    Thank you for the risks you took. My grandfather was VAdm. Allan Rockwell McCann. He was a Sub School graduate in 1918. He invented the McCann Submarine rescue chamber, and fixed the Mk-14 torpedo problems in early WWII at Pearl Harbor. He was there december 7, 41, and later commanded the Iowa, and was Navy IG. The Sub detachment at San Diego did his honors when he was buried at sea.

  • Jeffery Scism

    Yes I have to no effect. He is a member of the opposite party and always bragging about what he does for the community, meanwhile his mail is returned, and his email box is FULL. Idiots have reelected him for decades.

  • Bart

    I can understand some cuts, and some vets not getting care. I had an Uncle who used the VA when he really did not need too. He was a Professor, had money, lots of it, yet used the VA. He served three months in Korea, after the war, and did nothing as a 2lt. He took money from his own brother who was a VN vet, who had given the money for his kids to my grandfather to take care of until his kids were of age. He stole it, over 100K. Yet used the VA. He did not deserve VA benifits, but got them. So I do see some who do not need to take away from deserving Vets, But not all. I also cannot buy into the all vets are equal thing. Many vets served in Combat and were injured there, while others just got hurt. There are differances. Sorry if you do not agree, but the VA was originally set up to help Combat injured vets.

    • jim

      that’s crazy. You’re saying cut Vets’ benefits because one guy was a crook. That’s stupid.

    • Penny Vincent

      I am sorry you had such a bad experience with your uncle. But even your uncle earned the privilege of receiving the promised military benefits and there is no reason why he shouldn’t avail himself of those benefits. Even peacetime vets can suffer mental and physical anguish from being separated from their loved ones. Peace time vets make many sacrifices to serve their country too. They give up all their constitutional rights just like any combat vet does. They get deployed away from their families, suffer financial loss, and frequently suffer much guilt at being stationed in a safe zone while their friends are being killed in a combat zone. They also suffer from the stress of knowing that at any moment they could be sent into combat anywhere in the world. After all, the U.S. has constantly been involved in armed conflicts since its birth as a nation.

      The Veterans Administration WAS NOT originally set up to just help Combat injured vets. It was set up to merge the three different government bureaus that were responsible for overseeing the various government activities relating to war veteran activities, including the educational, retirement, insurance, healthcare, burial and housing benefits that were being awarded to all members of the military services at various times throughout the history of the United States. Check out this article on the official VA website:

  • FHB

    I’m a vietnam vet. Got out of the service in 1967. These so called meetings you talk about are unknown to me, because they were not held for us. I worked all my life to try and make ends meet. Paid for my medical care be cause I didn’t know I could get help from the VA. My health got so bad that I could not preform my job and was let go. At this point I had to turn somewhere and a friend at church told me I could go to the VA for help.I say all this for when I went to the VA and did the means test on the last year I was working and I was put in Proity 7 with co-pay. Well sent then I have had a triple open heart bypass and my lungs only work at 38% and I’m o2 24/7 and they have declared me 100% disabled. The point is if they do away with Proity 7&8 I would not been able to get the help that I so badly neeed. I believe that are greater waste in washington DC then in the VA budget. Hold the line to keep the cost down but don’t turn vets away that have put their on the line for this country.

  • cs henderson

    divide and conquer, it always works. Stick together or sink together.U.S M C

  • Joseph

    since you are 60% disable apply for IU since you have served well in the militray Pineapple from hawaii 100% PDSD IU

  • I don’t have a problem with them eliminating non-service related vets from access to VA care. It was never intended to be a social welfare program, but rather to provide ongoing care for veterans with service related injuries or illnesses.__Nonetheless, however, I think there are a thousand of senseless expenses that could be slashed before slashing the military health care system or VA health care system.__What about ending the ill-conceived military intervention in Lybia that’s costing us a billion or so? How about eliminating non-essential bases in Europe & Japan, and drawing down troops who were assigned to those stations? If Europe, Japan, & South Korea would like our military presense to continue let them foot the bill for once. Same for Iraq & Afghanistan.__

    • jim

      If they don’t want to pay for all Vets, dont promise it as a benefit when they join! If it was promised, then deliver. Dont cut it after the fact.

      • Jim,

        “If they don’t want to pay for all Vets, dont promise it as a benefit when they join! If it was promised, then deliver.”

        Yep, just by keeping on saying it will make it come true. Been hearing this chit for years, yet it hasn’t come to fruition yet.

        I have a question for those that think that the Government owes you everything for the rest of your life! What has you thought process gotten you?

    • Penny Vincent

      I resent your dismissing the value of mine and other people’s military service simply because we haven’t demonstrated having a noticeable wound, injury or disability to the point of being classified as service-related disability. We deserve just as much respect and healthcare benefits as any other military service personnel. We took our chances and gave up our constitutional rights by serving our country and living up to our legal contracts just as much as those who were sent into combat.

      Our duty stations were not our own choices, they were decided on by our government and its needs. Why should we be punished for not becoming injured or noticeably disabled? Believe me, there are many vets out there like me who simply suffer in silence. But for your own information, I don’t have any other options for healthcare and the only reason I don’t have a service-related disability is because I refuse to be subject to mental evaluations and drug treatments for rapes and sexual harassment that took place almost 40 years ago. I was one of the first women to attend an all male AIT school and to be assigned to a male unit during the last years of the Vietnam War. I never saw combat or overseas duty, but I know my service made a huge difference in the way the Army view women’s military service. I know I deserve what little healthcare the VA provides for me, and I know that it isn’t adequate enough coverage to be of much help as I age. And to this day, males still get preferential treatment over the women. So if you want the government to cut out someone’s benefits, let them find someone else to screw over, such as the politicians themselves. All military personnel and their families have made a big enough sacrifice by trusting the government when they enlisted. What sacrifices has any politician ever made? Yet they get better healthcare, pay and retirement benefits than any military service member has ever gotten! If the really want to save the government billions of dollars, let them start out by reducing their own benefits first!

    • oldvet53

      How about cutting all of the Federal Jobs that Obama has created during his reign as king of America? Lets cut the duplicity in Federal entinityies doing the same job but without talking to one another? The D.H.S, Imigration service,F.B.I. and now the C.I.A. working within American borders. How about the thousands of Treasury Agents hired by Obama? hOW ABOUT WE CUT THEM BEFORE WE SCREW THE vETERANS?

  • Si

    I wonder how many veterans are now serving in our Congress and the administration.

  • Dave

    Vietnam era vets just dont get the respect like we should get.

  • I have a point that I think should be asked of every politician. Why do they only mention veterans benefits as the place to cut the budget. Ask yourself, when was the last time a politician came out and said, “Let’s cut the number of federal employees budgets as a whole and not just the vets?” All Federal employees get their retirement and their disability pay and can work too, yet veterans have to make a choice, disability pay or retirement. We have been denied concurrent receipt for over a 100 years. Who decided that this was fair. Why are we descriminated against while the REMF’s get a full ride and all the healthcare they want. And by the way, The VA denies everybody the first time they apply for benefits in the hope they will just give up. Its like having a broken tooth and you go to your dentist, and he says you will have to wait 2-3 years to get it fixed. Get the skinny? I was an inspector for the Surgeon General and I know exactely what they are doing and its an absolute slap in the face to every veteran in this country. And by the way, please pass this info on to every veteran you know, YOUR INPATIENT MEDICAL RECORDS ARE KEPT IN THE NATIONAL ARCHIVES AND NOT IN ST. LOUIS AT ARPERCEN. You need your inpatient records to get your disabilty and the VA knows this but they will tell you for years that they can’t find your corroborating medical records. I waited 25 months and had a stack of denial letters until my PAC NCO told me where to look. I had the records I needed in less than 30 seconds after being told repeatedly by the VA they couldn’t find them. This is being done by the VA lawyers and the doctors are with them all the way. The best way to cut the budget would be to fire all of the VA employees and hire only Veterans. Let us take care of our own.

  • Bill

    I think it should be a law that before a person is elected or appointed to the Legislative, Executive, of Judicial branches of the Federal Government that they serve a minimum of four years active duty and to years of inactive duty in the armed forces of the United States consisting of the Army, Navy, Marines, Air Force, and National Guard. Congress should not ask no citizen to join such services unless they have done it themselves.

    • Janet


    • Charlie Zea

      We have retired military in the U.S. Congress that have very poor voting records on veterans issues. My state has eight members in the U.S. House, three are retired military. Two of them are retired officers, one is a retired NG NCO. Seldom does this result in three votes in favor of a veterans issue. More than likely it results in one vote in favor of a veterans issue. You got right, the retired NG NCO.

      • Carlos

        then it sound like we neede more NCO in the house. Leave the office to figure which way is north and south.

    • retiree

      To do so would require a Constitutional Amendment – feel free to propose one. Section V of the Constitution spells out how to do it.

      However, as Charlie Zea pointed out, that doesn’t guarantee you’ll get better legislators.

  • Mark Heinemann

    Veterans have no right to true court appeal. We cannot even hire our own attorney! Until veterans have true court appeal we will all be second class citizens.

  • nicholai

    i think this is a good measure and it comes at a point in our history as a nation that socialized medicine should not be given when one has the means to other medical care.And if this means that further cuts will come in the future that is okay.OUR relatives of times past fought for God and country without help why should we be different are we less than they were?

    • Penny Vincent

      I think you should do more research before making such an outrageous claim! Our ancestors did get pensions and healthcare benefits, and some even received land grants based off their service to our country. The benefits that have been promised to service personnel and their families have always been based on how badly the government needed people to serve in the military at that particular moment in time. Some veterans simply got better benefits than other service members did.

      But whether the veteran was injured or not, and whether the veteran saw combat or not should not be factored into whether the service member receives the promised benefits. The government should quit trying to weasel out of their contractual agreements and provide each veteran/service personnel with the benefits the government promised at the time of enlistment.

      After all, not every service person enlisted in the military out of a sense of duty to God, country, human rights or freedom. Many of them enlisted for other reasons, such as being able to financially support their families or to get the educational benefits that were being offered. For many, that was the only way to get job training, work experience or a college education. For others, military service simply offered a faster way to get U.S. citizenship.

      And yes, I am a veteran too, as are most of my male relatives and husband. I and my husband fall into the Priority Group 7 & 8. While my husband has other healthcare options, I do not. My family has had people serving in every branch of the service except Coast Guard since before we became the United States of America.

  • ruspert

    If the government does not want to take care of war veterans then quit having wars.

  • allen

    i am an vietnam era vet 6.5 years….i have other insurances but i cant afford the deducts so i use the va hey i earned both i should use both as i see fit

  • Harvey Goldfeder

    a veteran is someone who wrote a blank check made payable to the United States for an amount up to and including their life. What more do we have to do to get the benefits promised to us? We held up our part of the deal!

  • marty-mar

    congress dont care about the veterans that has fought for this country, a veteran who has lost a leg or a arm or an eye. congress just care about there pockets. i agree they should serve in the militery.

  • James Davidson

    I’ll remember congress on election day like they remembered the Veterans

  • billy page

    I have just got the news my home care is being cut out. I look forward to this people coming each week, and helping. Now there will be no one to least to come by and see if I am alive. I do not want to gift up my house and have to go into a rest home. It looks like it would cost more to go into a rest home. May be they could set up a program where people who would come in and check on us, and do not cost the VA. How about all the people who is the not working and drawing money. Put some of them to work.


    i served 24 years in the military 7 months in the gulf war and 3 months enduring freedom in 2003 also i was in saudi arabia in 1995 i deserve the va benfits not those vets who only did 2 years or less. If I get left out i will go to Congress and they will face me in person

    • Russ

      Andy – Thanks for your service. I was in the Army from 1979 to 1986. A lot of guys back than served 2 years with a college plan. I think that they should get VA benifits. Serving in the Military should not have a time limit. If you had a discharge other than dishonorable you should get benifits. All of us who serve or has served made sacrifices. Lets start with cutting the politicians medical plans first.
      Russ P.

      • Russ,

        They (Congress) have the same health care plan that all Federal Employees have. So what changes are you suggesting????? Unlike us, our Health Care is free while serving when Congress has to pay for theirs. When we Retire, we get Tricare, and when they Retire, the get the samething they had before, and are still paying large sums of money every 2 weeks for what the get.

        The also can pay $503.00 Annually to join the The Office of Attending Physician in the U.S. Congress which they lose when they retire.


        Health Benefits for Members of Congress
        Ada S. Cornell
        Information Research Specialist
        May 3, 2012… Benefits for Members of Congress.5.3.2012.pdf

  • Proud Vet

    I use the VA health care system and I am not service connected. It was part of my enlistment package. I feel all Vets deserve VA benefits. What will be next, prioritizing of the VA home loan, education benifits, etc.

  • vann wilson

    tell everyone to don’t join any branch of the military the gov lies over and over the disabled 100%combat deservers more than congress they did the bleeding/dieing/suffering for life now they and their famlies just do scrape by on what they are allowed to have by the gov like trash

    • vann wilson,

      DOD Announces Recruiting and Retention Numbers for Fiscal 2013, Through January 2013

      The Department of Defense announced today recruiting and retention statistics for the active and reserve components for fiscal 2013, through January.

      Active Component.

      Recruiting. All four active services met or exceeded their numerical accession goals for fiscal 2013, through October.

      Army – 20,273 accessions, with a goal of 20,175; 100 percent

      Navy – 10,990 accessions, with a goal of 10,990; 100 percent

      Marine Corps – 9,244 accessions, with a goal of 9,230; 100 percent

      Air Force – 9,589 accessions, with a goal of 9,589; 100 percent

  • randy

    In 1977 I raised my hand twice and said I do,served 6 years and spent 3 years overseas ,and held up my part of the deal,and got out with a honorable discrarge and now at the age of 57 I have lost all my health insurance and did not even qaulify for a co pay medicine program,

    • randy,

      I understand you held up your part of the deal. Seems to me, that the Military held up their part of the deal also. Have I missed something?????

  • John J. Miller

    Yeep here we go again. I fianlly signed up for VA health care this year. I served 6 years during vietnam era. I am in group 5 I have disability’s from my retired job as a a special agent/deptuy Sheriff for 30 years. I also served in the National Guard for 6 years during the War on Terror. I was hurt during marine boot camp with two broken ankles. twice on my left leg. I submitted several claims with the VA to no avail. I was told find somebody from boot camp

    • james terry

      be sure to appeal there verdic an keep on keeping on because if you do get a settlement you can’t go back unless you have appealed.


  • Veteran

    What’s next? We continue to go out this world backwards, why would we not help those who have given so much. Freedom ani’t Free……………….

    • Veteran,

      Who is it that is giving me my Freedom????? The CONSTITUTION!

  • Lowell

    The VA Strategic Plan
    does not discriminate on Veterans. There are no “Ex Marines”, “Ex Sailors” , tall Vets or short Vets.
    Sec of State , John Kerry got 3 Purple Hearts. Should he get 3 times the benefits of a single PH winner?
    We all took the risks. Some gave some, some gave it all.