Does Shutdown Mean No Pay for Military?

Fueled by recent reports that the DoD would not be sending military paychecks if the government shuts down, many servicemembers are growing fearful about their financial future.

Several news outlets have picked up on a report that troops may miss paychecks in a government shutdown. The reports are based on a 13-page DoD document which is being circulated around the Pentagon. The document lays out a plan for dealing with the shutdown and includes details on how military pay may be dealt with. 

But there are still conflicting reports. For example a recent Boston Globe article lists all the areas of government which have been exempt in the past. The list includes military pay.

Here are the facts as we know them:

  • Military pay was exempt from the ten shutdowns that occurred between 1980 and 1996, and only the 21-day shutdown in 1996 lasted more than three days.
  • Congress passed another extension, which if agreed to by the President will buy another three weeks (April 8) – the fifth continuing resolution for the FY2011 budget.
  • Sen. John McCain (R-Ariz), recently called on Congress to pass a bill that would fund the military regardless of whether an agreement can be reached on the full federal budget.

To be clear, nobody can be certain about what will happen next, but if the past is any indication, active duty servicemembers are not likely to miss any paychecks.

As blogger Kate Horrell explains in her latest installment in the Paycheck Chronicles — ‘Prepare for the Worst, & Hope for the Best’ — this is a good opportunity to “think long and hard about how large an emergency fund is necessary to fund [your] family’s day-to-day life.”

Update 3/17/2011 – I contacted the Defense Accounting and Finance Service (DFAS) to see if they could offer any details on how a shutdown would affect military retirement pensions and annuitants. My point of contact (also a military retiree) told me that at this time DFAS has been given no guidance and my POC is unwilling to speculate one way or the other.

Read the latest news and what to do if the government shutdown happens.

About the Author

Terry Howell
Before becoming the Managing Editor for, Terry served 20 years in the U.S. Coast Guard as an Aviation Electrician’s Mate and aircrewman. In his final role in the Coast Guard, Terry served as a Career Development Advisor, where he provided career, finance, education, and benefits counseling to servicemembers and their families. Since retiring from the Coast Guard, Terry has authored the book, The Military Advantage, managed the content for TurboTap, the DoD's online transition program and VAforVets, the VA's transition assistance website. Terry earned both his Bachelor's and MBA at Corban University using Military Tuition Assistance and his GI Bill benefits to help cover the cost.
  • tdhowell

    I will get back to you on the retiree question.

    • Nils

      Please publicize this…we are already trying to work out payment plans for our creditors and bills. We haven’t seen anything on this anywhere…

  • joek44

    under the Food and Forage Act, the military would be funded. The Act goes back into the mid 1850s; it’s the reason in past shut downs that the military continue to be paid. It applies to active force only

    • Charles

      This doesn’t make sense, as it’s happened BEFORE. In the 70s they went without pay for a few months. Also, as was pointed out below, don’t you think the Military would KNOW about this act and tell their service members not to fret over not getting paid? As of right now they are warning their soldiers/sailors that this is a very real possibility and to scrape together any savings you can.

      • jack

        Charles, I was on active duty all thru the 70’s and 80’s. We never missed a payday!

        • ariannasmama16

          my father was in in the 80s and they did miss paydays when congress was not sure what they wanted to pay the military …sometimes no check sometimes a measly 10 dollars and there was never any warning … do i think it will happen probably not but for people to think itll never happen youre sadly mistaken and even more naive than this lowly 24 year old wife of an e-4

      • Jim

        Charles, I don’t know where you got your information about the military not getting paid for a few month in the 1970’s because it did not happen, if it had, I would have known because I was on active duty from July 1966 to June 1983 plus three years in mid 1950’s and during my Naval career I never missed even one payday.

        • Daniel

          Jim, did you even read the post ABOVE yours? There WERE missed pay days for some.


      In times of crises, old acts and laws can be amended. It happens all the time. There is no sure thing. The laws will only protect you for as long as someone chooses to maintain and enforce them.

      • Signal Army

        So, if after 90 days I dont get paid, and Im in afghanistan with my unit, I can go home right?


      I was active duty in the 80s.. It idid happen to us and without warning (except for payday), we went without paychecks for over 1 week..
      Our comanding Officer basically told us.. go home, (except for duty) and we will get underway when we get paid.. He got in trouble, but also got a lot of respect from the crew and other boats..

    • Brian

      The Feed and Forage Act allows the Military Departments to incur obligations in excess of available appropriations for clothing, subsistence, fuel, quarters, transportation and medical supplies. Pay does not fall withhin any of these.

    • joek44

      The Feed and Forage Act is legislation passed by the United States Congress that allows the Military Departments to incur obligations in excess of available appropriations for clothing, subsistence, fuel, quarters, transportation and medical supplies. This provision is codified in Section 3732 of the Revised Statutes (41 U.S.C. § 11).

      now reads in part:
      “No contract or purchase on behalf of the United States shall be made, unless the same is authorized by law or is under an appropriation adequate to its fulfillment, except in the Department of Defense …. for clothing, subsistence, forage, fuel, quarters, transportation, or medical and hospital supplies, which, however, shall not exceed the necessities of the current year…”

      The part addressing clothing, subsistence, etc. is usually interpreted to allow for active duty pay. Retiree payments i don’t think are include.

      People ought to do a bit of research before they just shoot from the hip.

    • Army Wife

      This is NOT the information that was printed in the Army Times FOR the soldiers/sailors/marines and their families. The Army Times states that if this shut down happens, ALL government employees (Except Congress, of course, who deem themselves above all other life forms) including ALL Military – active AND deployed, will not receive pay during the shutdown. The only consolation is that they would receive back pay in a lump sum once a resolution is achieved. Unfortunately, that could take MONTHS. My husband is in the Army and currently deployed to Afghanistan and in a VERY hot area. I would hate to think that, along with fearing for his own physical well being, he would also have to worry about his family’s fiscal well being. This could get ugly come the 15th of April.

    • June

      Well I am active duty reserve and this weekend I was suppose to drill and I get a call today basically saying we are laid off

  • matt

    i see it as we dont get paid we shouldnt work. no one works for free. if anything help support the families of soldiers and keep bills paid. i know my wife and i are wondering what will happen next.

    • argh

      They can “pay” you with “I owe-yous”. That way you are technically getting paid, so you WILL HAVE to go to work. Look up the history for 1996, that’s what they did and that is how they solved the problem of no troops showing up to work.

      • sealedmerc

        TECHNICALLY, they would still not be getting paid. So are you implying they can just go to the store, “buy” groceries and hand over an IOU to the check out lady? That will go over really well, won’t it? That is just a temporary solution that doesn’t work. Is that your idea of how you get the job done? That is just adding more insult to our military who fights for your rights. The same rights you probably want our Socialist president to destroy, who is using his pseudo moderate political position to gain more votes in November. Nobody is falling for it.

      • sealedmerc

        TECHNICALLY They would still not be getting paid. Are you implying that they can just go to the store to get groceries, hand over an IOU to the check out lady and be on their way? That is just a temporary solution that will not work. You are just adding more insults to our military who fights for your rights. But I am sure you will be voting for our socialist president to take away more rights that they fight for. The one who has positioned himself as a psuedo moderate when in reality he is far left.

      • sealedmerc

        They can’t buy groceries with an IOU. That doesn’t solve the problem. SO, TECHNICALLY they woudn’t be getting paid. No, they WOULD NOT have to be forced to put their lives on the line. Especially if they are not getting paid. What does volunteer military mean to you? Speaking of such, they should instil the draft again. We would be that much closer to winning

        • Coastie

          NO we wouldn’t be any closer than we are now. If you do your homework and look at all the branches than you WOULD have found that all the branches have a “back-log” of people that are trying to get in. in most cases it averages at least a year. And yes we WOULD still have to show up for work or else face a court-martial and YES all the branches are trying to find ways of cutting spending that does mean small cut backs in the work force.

      • CaseyL

        You are an idiot too… Were do people come up with this crap?

        • CaseyL


    • Tj Dickey

      I agree fully.

    • jeremy

      I would say the same thing if we dont get paid we should’nt work cause i dont work for free

    • no.

      are you implying soldiers should go on strike?

      • nosuchluck

        If they did I bet the government would get this sorted out very quickly without extensions.

        • RLTW

          You’re a Solider in the United States Army…and you would be willing to strike over a paycheck? Your priorities are very skewed. The military gives you a roof over your head, pays for your meals, and has programs such as AER if you were too irresponsible to save any money (and really, for how much we deploy, who doesnt have a couple months of reserve)? Serve proudly, do it for your country, be a patriot, and stop whinning.

          • MMM

            Yes, I understand your “serve proudly” aspect, but what about the others out there who would go on strike in a plant or something? I am a Military Wife, and this has already been brought to out attentions. My husband has been told by his 1st SGT that he wouldnt blame any of us to not come into work. We are also getting ready to move! How is this going to effect us? will be able to have the funding to move? We are a family of 5, we live pay check to pay check, there is no way we can put up an emergency fund! People dont understand how hard it is to live in the military. We are underpaid and over worked. Yes, we get housing, yes we have the LITTLE bit we get for food, but there are families out there who have children. We cant save when all of our money goes to bills and making sure we have enough to last us till the next pay day! RLTW, have you served?

          • sealedmerc

            I don’t believe he has

          • Mrs. Spc.

            I definitely agree with you. I’m an Military wife and those you have not served or who is not apart of any Military family don’t really understand. Just b/c some1 is in the military doesn’t mean that they are making boo-koos of $ and have the extra to for an ER fund. I know that we don’t. @ RLTW…if you are not in the military…u have no idea of what the men and women of the military have to go through. If nobody else is getting paid at least the military should be.

          • Ali

            I am also a Marine wife we are a family of 5 and we also live paycheck to paycheck it does suck that our men are very under paid and congress wear suits that equal what our husbands make in a month. How is it that our military serve and die for our Country and only make less then min. wage & Congress makes about a million+ a year in income. This is a bunch of Bullshit. How about them take a pay cut and see how it feels. I also agree about helping out other Countries with funds when tragedy occurs how is it that the Goverment come up with the cash for that but, yet can’t pay our men and women in uniform how does that make sence!

          • frustrated

            No one should have to wait for a paycheck. It’s unfortunate that our government is the way it is. But personally, I think military people get paid A LOT no matter their rank. Compare yourself to civilians out there who get paid so little. If you are with your husband, I bet you are stationed somewhere in the US. Not exactly something as life threatening as being overseas. My understanding of the active duty paycheck is you get compensated for a lot. Especially the excess that you get for housing. And don’t you get more ‘pay’ if you have an independent? Wouldn’t it be great if everyone could get that? That’s why so many get married at such a young age. It’s ridiculous. The ability to save for an emergency fund? Normal people have a hard time doing that too, what makes you so special? You should be able to save as a result because so much is given to you compared to a civilian who could be in your situation. I also hate when military wive’s get all entitled about ‘have you served blah blah blah’ when they are only the wife of one who serves and have not experienced it themselves. I will be one, and I won’t act like you.

          • madness

            i say hooah i am already freaking out how long will this last already our les is half and it begins i have friends down range and showing zero on there les i am over seas and my wife is freaking out thinking what she will so she has a job but we are not that far ahead. why would you do this to those who fight… i just want to know how long and what to look forward to that way we can think of things to address the situation.

          • sealedmerc

            You are telling people who serve their country that their priorities are skewed? Where are your priorties? Because apparently they don’t coincide with conservatives who fight for everybody’s rights, freedom, christian/catholic religion and country..I could go on… It’s not as if soldier’s, airmen, spec. ops,etc. brought this on themselves. Much like a liberal protester in Wisconsin would for that matter. The libs. voted Obama in. This is YOUR fault this is happening. Who votes for a socialst liberal when our country is in a war anyways?

          • VJH

            Catholics were the only Christians for many many centuries. The Catholic Church was the only church founded by early Christians. So you needn’t say christian/catholic as if they’re two separate religions.
            Oh, and I’m Jewish, so I suppose you don’t think I’m a “real” American. Well, without Jewish money bankrolling the conservative cause, there’d be very little of the money it costs to get conservatives elected in America.
            Active duty soldiers will get paid whether there’s a shut-down or not. They always have in past shutdowns. Your (presumed) enemy, President Clinton, made sure all soldiers were paid when Newt Gingrich shut the government down in 1996.

          • sealedmerc

            Frankly, I think all of the special interest liberal groups should stop being funded. That way our military men and women could be paid a higher paycheck. What do those libs do to risk their lives to deserve their welfare handouts?

          • MarineWife

            Amen! My husband is fighting in Afghanistan & is at risk of losing what little pay he gets, meanwhile, these lazy you-know-whats are getting free government handouts to sit on their butts!

          • quinn

            Wow you are extremely dumb and uneducated.

          • Pissed

            Have you ever served? Have you ever risked your life & saw your fellow soldiers die right in front of you and then been told that you’re not going to get a paycheck?! Yes, we all volunteered, but we did so under the agreement of getting paid!

          • RHR

            Amen to that!

          • armywife

            im sry but i do NOT think you know how much military gets paid. if you are just an enlisted you are not making enough with a family to be saving up for a time or crisis when we wont get a pay check!!!!! and yes my husband serves proudly and durring deployment we saved every penny we could!! (btw my husband was medicav out of Iraq) to drive across the US with two kids to see him cost us alot of money, not to mention paying off bills so we had that much less to worry about thinking that paying off debit was the best!!! and would you really work for free not knowing when you are going to get paid. oh yes and risking your life for assholes who think we shouldnt get paid!!! how about we collect EVERY damn welfare check out there and give it out to military!!! ppl do not deserve welfare for sitting on their ass!!! anyone who thinks like you should go replace someone in iraq or afghanistan!! and yall should do it with no pay and no whinning!!

          • vlj

            You are so right armywife, I also can’t understand how people who don’t work during the year get thousands back when they file their taxes at the end of the year where is this money coming from and how do they qualify for it? More money waisted on the ones who want to just sit on their asses.

          • Ali

            You go girl!!! Marine Wife !!!

          • sidney

            Amen Brother.

          • army wife

            thats right they are soldiers and i wouldnt blame them and the only reason that the military is doin these things for them is because their are working for them! If they have not been deployed and are taking care of they family and payin bills to keep a roof over thier family’s head how is that being irresponsible? You cant save money u dnt have nor can u spend money u dnt have! sorry if some 0f us are only living paycheck to paycheck for be responsponsible!!

          • jas0507

            spoken like a true officer that is way over paid. most of us live in reality land and have kids to feed. sure in a perfect world i would agree with you but when some crooks in DC affect how i take care of my family (wich is more important to me than even he USA) then the gloves come off. HOW CAN YOU BLAME ME

          • ADTY_Navymom

            So SHUT UP!!!! Ive been in the service sinve I was 17. I signed my papers when i was 16 and had my parents sign it to. I’m about to be a single mother so talk about not getting paid…… Children are expensive and ill speak for all parents weather single or not. So get over yourself.

          • Ashley Vogt

            **** YES if the NBA MBL NFL and ALL the rest of them can strike over a paycheck then we should too we work for it and HARD A LOT harder then most and its not like I can get foodstamps for my family to be able to eat there are other places these funds could come from and if people would find something better to do then point fingers and argue this will hurt us all we need to stand together and THE PEOPLE need to take back the country

          • Beard

            You’re a MORON!!! I bet you’ve never been shot at or killed anyone. It’s retards like you, RLTW, who have us messed up to begin with. Stop whinning… are you kidding me you ASSHOLE! We are being asked to work without pay and although you might have a nice desk job some of us have been fighting the war and loosing friends since Ramadi. After that we GLADLY went to Helmand and once again fought war and lost friends. I’m sick and tired of everyone being so politically correct and embracing the failure of our so called leaders. I’m sick of getting blown up and shot at for not much pay, I’m definately not going to get shot at and blown up for free and niether will my men. SUCK IT! Douche Bag!

      • sidney

        yes, that’s exactly the Obama way as this way he’ll be able to raise his own Brown Shirt Army!

    • Dustin

      All military personnel are volunteers and as such you are lucky to even get a paycheck.

      • Irritated Armywife

        The Military is not a volunteer organization. You sign a contract when you sign up. That contract entitles those to certain benefits and securities. One of those securities is receiving pay. Volunteer groups and/ or organizations do not get pay checks or sign contracts. Volunteer firefighters don’t get a paycheck and if I recall don’t sign a contract when they start their training.

        • greenshirt

          Sorry, whoever signed the contract, signed voluntarily. That’s the volunteer part. I was lucky. I served, vountarily for 20 years. Always a crappy low paycheck and less than everyone else’s standard of living, but now I get a little every month, (until it runs out I guess.) There were benefits while serving that I would not change if I had to do it all over again. It was good for me.

      • WoWreally?

        Um, first all people in the world voluntarily show up to work, no one is forced to work. Military is a job, a job generally pays its workers, the military is compensated for the suffering and stress it puts on the members and their families. Now when you stop paying workers military or civilian, they tend to get pissed, rather or not they’ve saved for times of emergency, a paycheck missed, shows a lack of value and concern for members and their families and when we go and sit in the desert praying to see our loved ones again, we deserve that money. Second, the only thing I volunteered for was to be apart of the United States Military, not to do this sh** for free…Think about it.

      • jas0507

        wow are you kidding me? its still a job. or should i say thank you for letting me spend 8 months out of every year fighting for your right to look down at me?

      • Ashley Vogt

        Just like all those that VOLUNTEER to teach our kids or patrol our streets or shoot since at least they’ll get paid the broiler guy at BK Right???? I guess what you’re saying is EVERYONE is a volunteer including yourself. Well according to right to work states I guess you’d be right. Your life MUST be just chocked full of BLISS.

    • Bernard

      Yeah, I already heard that one and the response by the Commander was UCMJ actions would follow that one so be careful with that one.

    • Brian

      Actually you get paid a salary! So reguardles of when your pay arrives you still have to work, thats why when members get in trouple and get half their pay taken they dont only have to do half the work!

      • jas0507

        there is a diffrence of loosing half your pay for breaking the rules and having all your pay taken from you because congress cant get there act together. it doesnt even state we will be paid it states that we will be compensated for our time served… what does that mean i will get a couple of extra days of vacation???

    • Horace Whetstone

      I am a retired CSM who servied 30 years in the Army and another 27 years working for the government for a total of 57 years. No one have told me if I would received my pay for the month of April. I would like to know why Congress is taking so long to agree and pass the bill. Are they (Congress) worried about the impack this will have on so many families of the men and women put their life on the line dayin and dayout to support the UInited State and help keep other Nations free. Come on Congress let all support Our Tropps and take the worry out and ensure them and their famlies they will be paid.

    • poopypants

      I’m in the Marines and my pay has been screwed up alot, especially after I crossed over to reserves. Trust me, I’ve had it pretty rough in that regard having had to wait up to 5 months for a full paycheck, I’ve fought in Afghanistan and Iraq too. Iraqi soliders have had to go unpaid for months because their general skipped town with their units pay. I don’t work and get bossed around out of the “kindness of my heart” but two weeks is nothing considering what I and several other people have had to deal with… Worse case scenario tell the retards in the chow hall that they’re going to feed your family or get punched in the face and tell your bill collectors to call dfas

    • Gary

      As a 1973 to 77 vet, I concure. I say no money no honey! Smart business decision, and that is it.

    • navywife17yrs

      Unfortunately, if you don’t work, then at the time things do get resolved and they WILL.. you will not get your entitled back pay and will also face charges, as well as most likely not be allowed to serve again. It’s obviously going to be a very difficult time for ALL military families, as we are not paid much and live paycheck to paycheck as it is. If personnel are required to maintain their daily duties, it leaves very little time for them to even go out and find a second job to supplement. Why doesn’t our government discontinue aide to foreign countries and try saving OUR tax $ for the people of OUR nation?? (Specifically those who fight and serve to protect it!!) Or maybe even NOT give medical etc.. to immigrants?? Just a thought lol

    • CaseyL

      I agree 100 %. They can’t throw us ALL in jail if we don’t show up!

    • h_preston

      Matt-wife and i are wondering what will happen next.

      Fear is what you don’t wan to happen. You can’t think, you can’t act and you shut down. Start making options in case you do need them;
      1. write to McCain [we know he’s trying to help]
      2.write anyone else in congress you think has some clout
      3. talk to mortgage, creditors ect. if and when this should occur and tell them the situation.
      4. if zero cash flow- think of who you can have “short term” loans from
      5. help out your neighbors- can you stay with relatives for “short-term”

      the military won’t leave you hanging..we’re family, even if the government falters.

    • U Don’t Know Me

      Sorry can’t come into work till I get paid, no gas money!

    • Military Mom

      God Bless you and thank you for your service I have kids in the military also. I will keep your family in my prayers and thought as I do every day for all military people and there families Stay safe

    • USAF 5t3v3n

      actually no where in the military contract does it say that we will get paid

  • Heidi BruMar

    Your warning would be the actual shutdown happening. Unfortunately. Seeing as no one seems to know whether or not the pay will stop in the case of a shutdown, it seems that you need to be prepared for anything. I am retired, and I’m sure that my retirement pay would NOT continue. I do not know that as a fact, but I’m 99 percent sure that it would go away.
    Since emergency funds were mentioned in the article, it’s a good idea to always have one anyway, just in case crap like this happens. It’s hard, but it can be done. I do depend on my retirement pay, but if it does stop, I have money squirreled away to take it’s place until I get it back.

    • marinegramma

      If they DO do this, what makes you think you will get it back ? If they don’t have the money now, how will it magically reappear. I raised 5 children as a single parent and trust me, there was NEVER anything to squirrel away. But I got creative-sometimes I would visit friends or relatives at meal time so my children had a meal. And the economy was much better then.
      Why is this issue kept so quiet or will it go away at the last moment?

      • hh6wife

        Its not a matter of money being there or not, its a matter of them budgeting it. Paychecks will be given out April 1 because the budget lasts until April 8. Its the second paycheck of the month that may be affected, which will show up in his mypay.

        • tiffany

          actually part of the problem is that there is no money there. Multiple countries have gotten together because we are just printing more money to pay our debts, and because of that it is making the dollar worthless. Now those countries want to change the national reserve to something else besides the dollar.

    • Gene

      Will this mean that Congres & Senate will not be paid?

      • eightball

        they wouldn’t miss a couple of months of paychecks hell they make in one month sometimes more than what we make in a year they should give back to the budget cause if we ever come to it and congress is still getting paid I say we all stop doing our jobs until they take their pay as well

      • Susan

        Actually they will be paid,they are exempt from the shutdown as they are considered needed for national security. My husband works for the DOD and this is what they are putting out. There will be many other people who are exempt but things are pretty volatile and so subject to change.Better hope you are not a Veteran who needs to be buried during a shutdown as it wont happen

  • VA navywife

    I would like to know about the retiree to, I would also like to know will the VA payment will be in this as well,

  • Lynne Thames

    Will the widows and widowers still receive their VA checks on April 1st???

    • katherine

      I would like to know the answer on the Widows Question. This is the only income I have , If I don,t have that I will be out on the streets Loose all I have . All Militery should be taken care of nor matter what is going on , Men And Women fight for our country , This should never happen to them. May God take care of us

  • Margie

    If the food and Forage act is true than why DID the pay short down for a short period of time back in the day? Our Commands have been telling us to be prepared because it’s a very real possibility. I mean there is such major lack of communication. If it’s impossible for them to not pay us under this act, then how is it that the Military doesn’t even KNOW about it? Our own captains have said “I hope you have three months pay saved up”. As if. Most of us still live paycheck to paycheck.

    • argh

      They thing is that they might know at DC level but they ain;t gonna let you know. No point on getting troops all fired up, not showing up to work, insubordinating when things have not happend yet. They are delaying problems of protests, insubordination, and support needs for the moment when these paychecks begin to get lost. And the problem with the savings is that according to all services manual you are supposed to have at least 03 months of constant/general bills saved up. They can hold you accountable for it. I do not think they will but you will not be able to use that as an excuse since technically you did not comply with the general requirements of the service.

      • Signal Army

        This would of course apply to those with no bills whatsoever. I got married back in May and due to trying to get a home set up it set me back pretty bad. I am only now in a situation that I can live without worrying if I can pay my rent, electricity and water bill on time. Not everyone has the ability to save three months of pay. That being because LIFE happens. That has been my only guarantee that has kept me in the military as long as I have…I know I will get paid. And now thats not even a guarantee. Should this happen I will have no choice but to send my wife back home and stay with someone living in post housing…my security clearance would get revoked for non bill payments and I still have to deploy in the next couple months. I know for a fact Im not the only one this is a dangerous possibility for…I pray the politicians pull there heads from where they are and actually care about the country they are elected to run.

      • Heifer

        If this is the case that you are supposed to have at least 03 months of constant/general bills saved up – then why do they allow people to enlist when they have a lot of debt to where their bills won’t allow them to save up that much money as lower ranking enlisted personel?

      • J White

        What DA PAM is this in? That a service member has to have 3 months pay saved?

    • argh

      But yes, there is a lot of miscommunication. I even had a Commander telling me that the shutdown of 1996 did not happend. I mean, what is this? conspiracy theories now?! no, there are records of it! Whatever, that is all I have to say. The government takes advantage of those “weak” one that volunteer to serve the land they live on, and the way of live the promise. I want to see if the CIA agents stop working because they do not get paid if all this wackos will realize the damage affecting them directly. I mean, how will they feel without drivers, CIA protection, and all the gadgets for been a “leader”?

      • soldier

        in 1996 I was active duty Marine Corps. When the shut down happend we also did not recieve pay.

    • meandmore

      Most caps make 8 times more than enlisted why would they give a shit, Maybe the prob is the scale.

    • Ann Lindholm

      Because it is not that you will NOT get paid. That’s ALL the Act protects you from. You will get paid….but most likely will be DELAYED. For lower pay grades, this is not good.

    • CM2 Matters

      the feed and forage act says the military can buy food, jetfuel, uniforms and other supplies THE MILITARY, they can still not pay you, and even then the epinditure has to be approved by congress since it was amended so even should they put pay under “equipment” or some nonsense we still won’t be paid till the issue is resolved.

  • Angry Seabee Wife!!!

    So my husband is deployed in a crap hole and doesnt even get paid for it!!! RIDICULOUS

    • guest

      Deployed military is considered essential so they will get paid.

    • Rudy Ray

      pls do some homework before fanning the flames of this ridiculous article

    • 20yrvet

      What you have written is RIDICULOUS. Your husband know what he was signing up for when he joined the Military Service and as a Military wife you also know what he could be facing. Stop the whinning and just taking what you hear and running with it. I seriously doubt that he will not get paid and as far as him being in that crap hole as you call it thats his job and that job has taken care of you and will continue to take care of you and if you both don’t like it he can get out and both of you can see how far you get with that option.

      • Navywife

        Well said 20yrvet. My husband is also deployed. This is my 2nd deployment and even though I don’t like it, I know what I was getting into by becoming a Navy wife. I am very proud of my husband and what he does everyday and I am counting down the months until homecoming. Although right now no one knows when that will be because they had to stop what they are doing and go help out in Japan.

        • Blah

          Yeah I bet you knew there would be a time your husband would be working for free.

      • Melanie

        Knowing what you are getting into as a SM or dependent means you KNOW there is a risk of life. What you do NOT expect is to not receive the paycheck so you can take care of your kids. Founded or not Angry Seabee Wife voiced a valid concern. A simple “deployed personnel are exempt” would have sufficed.

      • U Don’t Know Me

        What you have written is pretty rude, vet or not….just because you are a vet doesn’t mean you get excused for rudeness. There is a reason the military expects you to act and present yourself in a certain manner, so you don’t make the military look bad. I’m sure she knew what she was getting into when he joined or married him. But not getting paid was not on the contract.

      • Amanda

        You are the most unbelieveable person i’ve read on here. I can’t believe first of all you have the guts to talk to a woman like that, but to talk to a scared military wife. that’s insane. this woman is scared because her husband is at war. I dont care if you are a 20 yr vet or not. I’m telling you that you’re out of line. if you are a veteran, and you’re talking to a civilian woman liek that you should be ashamed of yourself and you should go back to bootcamp or basic training and relearn common courtesies. This woman is scared. as are alot of people out there, and you have no right to tell anyone to quit the whining. some veteran you are. you have no respect for the civilians out there.

      • whawha

        your an idiot how about you go the a crap whole and fight for free . your a dumb ass if u think your logic is right..

    • Angry Spouse

      Mine is too and he is in an area where he has little communication and I am sure he doesn’t know this is going on. He will be home next month and WOW, Welcome home and oh by the way we didn’t get paid. REALLY!! Our spouses are over there protecting us and this is how Our Government Thanks our spouses for ALL they do! I am talking about all military now active, retired, widows and widowers, all that have served this is unfair to all and maybe Government should cut back on their own pay before doing it to those who protect them.

    • Ashleigh

      My husband is deployed as well and we are expecting a baby very soon. I feel where you are coming from. They are in an area away from their families and facing danger everyday and for nothing…

  • amy

    plenty of warning? it is 2 weeks away

    • Denise

      Warning????? Not if you are living military paycheck to paycheck!!

  • Margie

    Sorry, that should say “if it’s true that we WOULD get paid under this act”

  • Dean

    No, I think you had it right the first time Margie :p

    But seriously, Margie is right..if this act exhists than how is it the Military is in such a panic over this? We’ve been told us well that if no budget is agreed apon we will be without pay and to try and save up any we can. That people that live off base would still be expected to pay rent and bills so to be prepared(as if there is time?!) and that all installations that are NOT needed on base such as the gym and other things would be shut down. Possibly even the commisarry.

    • Just Breath

      The original article states that dining halls, gyms and child care centers WILL stay open, it also states that if the commissary closes military members would replace the furloughed civilians. I will keep my fingers crossed that this is true as my husband is AD and I work at the Child Development Center here on base…I might temporarily lose my mind if we were both not getting paid!

      • Say what?!

        I have no idea, obviously conflicting reports. Our commanding officer told us the gyms would close because they are not needed. They said we could run outside or take long walks instead.

    • Ann Lindholm

      That is correct, commissary, gym, library, etc will all remain open. The employees would be replaced by active military.

      The Act only protects against absolute non-payment…..NOT delayed payment, which is what will be happening. If another Continuing Resolution or an approved budget by at least 2/3 a majority vote in Congress is not passed, then payment will be delayed.

      • Sarah

        So strange. At our quality of life meeting last week our captain told us gym, library, commisarry, NEX, etc would ALL close.

    • DBoynes

      From what I read on the act, it doesn’t actually say pay the military. It says the soldiers’ basic needs will be met. They will receive food, clothing, medical care, etc. as needed for military duty. It says nothing about paying the military so they can support themselves or their families. So I understand it to be no “personal” pay, just what is required for soldiers to perform their duty.

  • Angry Seabee Wife!!!

    So can that cancel out his contract?

    • guest

      it would be considered a breach of contract

      • sarah

        this would not cancel your contract. They can pay a minimum amt of money, or they will be doing back pay IF they hold pay. With back pay or some sort of income then it is not a breach.

    • Chelsea

      Even tho it seems like a breach of contract no they cant. They will back pay him and evberything and depending on who hes banking with they might just cover his pay check and when he does get paid just take it

    • Jeff

      it is a breach of contract only when the amount due pay not benifits is over due by moure than 3 mounths and presents a hard ship pn the sevice members family, but would highly recomend going to family sevices ahead of time and seeing if you would be able to receive funds if the pay is lat in comeing that way you dont get behind on bill’s was hru tis a few times my self

  • Dave

    So we are supposed to put our lives on the line every day in Afghan for a country that wont pay us to support our families… hhmmm….

    • sealedmerc

      Blame the Politically Correct left who just had to vote for the first black president to prove they weren’t racist. The outcome is socialist healthcare, financial overall that is anti-capitialist and pro-special interest liberal groups with the military on the back burner. Obama’s admin. is what the 60s radicals represented. Now they are in power. We need a marine sharp shooter to snipe out the socialist and put an ex-seal in office

    • 20yrvet

      If you are active duty I seriously cannot belive that you made that statement. Do you honestly think that you are not going to get paid. If you do than get out and see what out there better than what you got going now.

      • NavyWifeck

        I can understand where he is coming from. We are in a country where we claim to be broke or in hard times but yet we have money to give to other countries but we have people here in our country that suffer everyday. So before we start paying other people we need to pay our Service Members because they are making sure we are safe and fighting for us everyday and dieing for us.

    • Mike

      I say the military should report to work as told but should stand-down all over the world. not do a damn thing… (of course unless you’re in the middle of combat… then please protect your lives) but if your job isn’t requiring your life to be at stake… stand-down. send congress a message that the people have spoken! they can’t arrest all of us! they can give billions of dollars to people that already have billions of dollars but expect us to work for free… screw that! maybe if the government asks nicely those billionaire Pu**ies will pick up guns, put body armor on and go to war.

      • chris

        Grow up mike. By reading you statement, it appears you are not actually military. But if you are, I don’t think we need you.

    • Roseva

      Ur point exactly Dave. Nobody deserves to work for free especially is ur overseas fighting for ur country. If not getting paid all military personel should go on strike and not come in to work because ain’t nobody working like no slaves….

      • Crystal

        Honestly I hate thinking about not getting paid next month, but Serving your country is not all about combat, if we have to take a hit one month and get paid double the next, so be it. Serve your country with respect, honor, and pride. A “strike” is just crazy. Yes let tell the enemy, we are taking a break come on in and get us because our military men and women aren’t getting paid so we are not going to fight back.

    • military spouse

      We can thank the POS we have fo President for this! He doesn’t care about the military or OUR country!

    • Angry Spouse

      Dave, maybe the government should go and fight their own battles over there and just see what it is like maybe then they would be more appreciative on just what our military does for them. Take their pay away and see how real life is, think they have forgotten just how they have FREEDOM! Lord Please help our Soldiers and their families!

    • Karen

      If you don’t get paid there will be a war in Washington! I am a proud army mom, and I will support and defend every single one of you soldiers! Your country appreciates what you do for us and your country will defend you here! Congress does not want to mess with your pay!

    • soldier

      I’m deployed and if i’m not payed then why should I go out the wire.

    • NotAChanceHmboy

      from 12yrsncounting-I’m with it let’s go

    • Hicountry Rick

      I would classify active and retired military as essential. This is all Obamas call on who gets paid and who doesn’t. Political scare tactics at our expense.

  • Ticked off

    Apparently Dave. Oh, and don’t forget we can go help out countries out as well.

    • MarineWifeRN

      Agree. My husband is now taking pills to protect him from illness due to “possible” radiation exposure in aid to earthquake/tsunami victims in Japan, and I am a DOD employee on a Marine Corps base back home. SO, how about some assurance that we will be able to house/feed our families here, while we are supporting our foreign neighbors? He is an Incredible Marine, and I am very proud of what he is doing, but what about his family here at home?

      • sidney

        Everything is fine. This is a progressive liberal lie and unfortubnately fell for it.

      • Angry Spouse

        Your husband is in my prayers as with mine and all those other soldiers who are overseas.

    • Angry Spouse

      The Government should be concerned with our Country first, before other Countries. They are so concerned with other Countries but what about their own where they live? Our soldiers are supporting other foreign countries and have left their families now they are going to worry about us instead of protecting their own lives to come home safely.

  • sandra

    does this mean same for the president ?

    • Hector

      Good question Sandra lol .

    • just

      NO He will forsure get paid… he just shits on military and cares about every other country but his own

    • Ed Morris

      It is not the President’s fault… is the GOP who has been blocking every darn bill that comes accross their table from the President. They don’t want him to succeed at anything and the people has to suffer because of their stupidity. They are power hungry and does not care about the American people. I bet they will get their paychecks though….check it out and see.

      • Gary

        WRONG ED. It is the Democrats (Senate and House) and the President’s
        fault. Remember, this is funding for FY 2011(which began October 1st. 2010 and will end Sept. 30th. 2011). The FY 2011 budget was supposed to be passed PRIOR to October 1st. 2010. At that time the DEMOCRATS held a super majority in the senate and a large majority in the house, plus the President is a Democrat. Don’t try to blame the GOP for this mess.

        • gloria

          I’ll include all…….polititians. They are all the same. Sorry!!

        • tb33

          I agree don’t only blame one man the President its all of them how hold office across the board all the politicians you don’t see any of them losing sleep or pay over this. And worse they are all probably laughing at everyone

        • cantrell

          Gary if you lost your job today and needed your unemployment benefits for you to live on. You probably won’t get your full benefit weeks. Because the Republicans stopped it time and time again. Remember, Obama inherited this debt from Bush’s administration. Obama didn’t put us in this mess or do you think you can do a better job. I for one wouldn’t know where to begin. Leave Obama alone he is trying his best. Bush did nothing but wiped his hands clean, and smiling. Like he really did this nation some good. Open your mind, wipe the crust from your eyes and clean the lies from your ears.

      • Military4Life

        Excuse me but when was the 2011 budget supposed to be published? Oh yes that is right Sept 30 2010. Who was the president? A Democrat. Who owned the senate? The Democrats (by a safe margin). Who owned the House? The Democrats (by a slim but safe margin. Get off your uneducated arse and look at where the problem with this came from. It came from a party who was more concerned with ramming the ObamaCare bill through than the spending bill. They could have voted for whatever deficit they wanted and passed it yet they didn’t. Now that Congress doesn’t belong to the Democrats and the Republicans are holding them accountable people blame the Republicans. Get real. Get informed. Educate yourself to the real problems we are facing.

      • william

        and i bet you believe that bush was the one that said he would veto the reps bill to make sure our military would still get paid until the end of the fiscial year right?

    • Jim

      Jim, Here
      If this is to happen then all of congress in both houses and the President need cut off as well.

    • Tyrone

      The President and Congress, Senate will be paid. So far as the other arms of the government a ?? But 10 to 1 they will too!

    • Thor

      They wouldn’t get paid either, but their pay checks are alot bigger then ours. The GOP is just trying to take a stand against the president who is trying to tear apart this country, he wont even put his hand over his heart for the pledge of allegiance for crying out loud. Obama wont stop putting this county in more and more debt, he hasn’t helped make jobs with the money that he spent. But our Great Great Grandchilren will feel the hurt he is creating.

      • tiffany

        The hurt he is creating may happen a lot sooner than that, might even happen within the next year from what experts are saying. We are about to have the biggest depression of all time.

      • non of your business

        shut up

    • clauia

      If you are going to include the president, you should include congress as well. They are the ones who can’t work things out….doesn’t matter whether they are republican or democrat. They ALL play with our lives.

    • gloria

      It will be tha same for the president, senators, congressman, governors and their benefits?

    • rhonda

      yeah right, can’t even admit he should not be pres. ,think he is not gonna get his money!!!

    • theotherguy

      I dont understand allthe hostility towards the president. THE OTHER PRESIDENT is the one who put us in this situation. Hes just trying to clean up the mess Mr wonderful left behind. Cut him some slack.

    • Cantrell

      You are worried about the wrong person. It is the people like congress or the Senate who is making these type of decisions. They should take a pay cut. As a matter of fact one of them Republicans, a female, said that the people who were getting SocialSecurity benefits. Could afford to miss 2 months of pay. Are you serious? Can she afford to miss 2 months of her pay. They really should pay attention to all the foreigners that we have here in this country. They are the ones reaping the benefits from every hard working American. How ignorant can people be to not see this what is going on?! And yet all the blame is on Obama? He inherited this national debt from your boy Bush. Obama is not perfect but he is not ignoring the crisis either. Bush ignored it during his second term in office. They need to take away all the money he was getting paid. He did nothing but made things worse. Let Obama do his job which he was elected to do!

  • Confused

    Someone told me when I was bitching about this that there is something we signed in our contract when we joined up that says if we HAD to, we’d work for free for a short period of time.

    • Angry Seabee Wife!!!

      Thats what my husband told me but I was asking to make sure someone didnt tell him wrong!!!

    • My husband told me the same thing last night he said in the contract he still required to go to work everyday regardless if he got paid or not.

      • Jamie

        Negative on the contract. I was a recruiter and nowhere’s does it say that we would work for free in it.

    • Dennis

      That is not in our contract. I dont know what contract u signed but the one i signed states that i get paid to work. If i dont get paid i dont work. PERIOD

      • Military4Life

        First off Dennis, it doesn’t have to be in your contract. The Secretary of Defense will order all Active Duty to remain at work. Critical Civilians will also be forced to work. Non-critical civilians will be furloughed. So in essence if you fail to report as ORDERED … you will face an article 92 failure to obey a lawful order. If you do not report to work you are able to be dishonorably discharged and receive ZERO severance pay. You volunteered to serve and no where in your contract does it negotiate a price of payment. SRBs, Enlistment Bonuses, schools, yes, payment each month … No.


          either way if our pay gets cut my husband has already told me he would be finding a new job, dishonorably or not, our military puts there ass on the line every single second of every single day, and to cut there pay is outrageous. My husband is navy, my cousin is army-hes in afghanistan and has been for almost 2 years, i have another cousin in afghanistan. I just think its stupid, i mean if our president gets paid for sitting on his butt and not making a CHANGE for us americans but yet we can go help all the other countries is a load of crap!!

  • armyscout42

    I meant former PRESIDENT BUSH was the one with the title REPUBLICAN CONSERVATIVE. He was far from it, only part conservative

  • Jason

    What about gi bill payments and disabilty compensation for vets?

    • Callisinvestments

      If you are receiving E-5 BAH while going to school that is suppose to cease AUG. 2011.

      side note: I enclosed a free video explaining debt to income ratio. There are other videos that explain credit on the youtube of this video.

      • RRT

        It’s not supposed to cease, the government is revamping it so that other veterans can receive benefits. You will still receive bah at e-5 with dependent rate as long as you have full credits. Also, there will now be bah for specifically online students which will be at half the full time e-5 with dependent rate for your state and location.

    • callisinvestments

      here is the link forgot to post it.

    • Nick

      This still doesn’t answer if GI bill payments and disability compensation for vets will be ceased during a government shutdown. My house currently relies on both. I know about the current changes to the GI bill that are coming, but I planned on those…

      • Ann Lindholm

        They will be delayed.

  • Wifey

    It will really suck for people that do not live on bases and pay rent out in a different area. They will still be expected to pay rent/bills or get evicted. At least those of us on base couldn’t get kicked out of our houses.

    • Josh

      What about those of us who have bases that have gone privitized? Those are not ran or controlled by the military.

    • TREV

      Yes you can get kicked out, look at your contract it is all privatized now. No longer is housing run by the military

      • Todd

        The housing may be privatized but they still cannot kick you out. The military owns the land and contracts out the housing to save money and supposedly provide better service. Yet you are not paying rent to them as those who file taxes in CA can attest when they find they cannot file for the renters credit for CA state taxes.

        • craz

          Actually, you do pay rent living on base. You receive the same money in your check as someone living off base, however it is automatically allotted each month to the housing company.

        • Nay

          Yes your right they can kick u out but living on base, but is not all that I lived there for 3 years and the walls were jacked up and slot of other things to. And when you left you had to pay for it. And people think because u live on base your rent is free. NO it is not in a military paycheck u get BAH which is basic housing allowance that base housing takes on the 1st & 15th and now on some bases they make u pay for electric. Which if u were off base you would pay your rent on the 1st of every month.

    • RedHeadFury

      ACtually if we dont pay Housing can evict as well

    • Bethany Kovach

      I’m pretty sure that any adult will have to pay bills whether it is through base housing our out in town in an apartment. Personally, your comment sounds a bit selfish. Yes, living out in town means that I have more bills to pay but that just means that I have to work harder and knowing what I pay for and not just have EVERYTHING allotted from my paycheck. You forget that people have car and insurance bills to pay so it’s not really a question of who will get evicted….it’s about all of the service members who will get a major hit in their credit and security clearance. The UCMJ has rules against dept and not paying bills. I really can’t believe that the govt would hurt us so much that they will be willing to let us ALL go a paycheck w/out being payed when WE ALL HAVE BILLS to pay…..They would be forcing us to break the contract that we all agreed to and signed w/our life!

      • Tonya

        If the military goes to a furlough all allotments will be paid.

    • MilitaryWifeinJapan

      I’m actually an Air Force wife living in Okinawa, Japan. We live offbase and as an E4 we pay $2,800 each month ($1,400 a paycheck) to live offbase, and $500 of that is out of pocket. It’s amazing to me that with as little take-home-pay as the military receives how they expect for us to SACRIFICE yet again. Doesn’t the government think that fighting for your country, risking their lives, being without friends and family, being paid so little, ect. is enough?

      • Armywife222

        I am also in okinawa and understand what you are going through.. However I peronally think that they can’t expect our military personal to be ok with working and being mission ready when they are constantly worrying about their love ones and bills etc… So I would ask your frg leader to find out as much information as possible and let the people who are in charge of your house (land lord) the situation and give them a heads up so they are aware of the situation

  • Bobbi

    Yeah some of us just can’t save. I was a full time student going to class 4-5 days per week and 4 nights a week and couldn’t work. I just started working in January only to be fired because my daughter was in the hospital.

    So there was NO WAY we could save anything. We would have about $50 left over each check after buying groceries, paying rent, paying bills and getting gas. Our grocery bill alone is around $400 a month and that is buying ONLY the bare necessities. The $50 usually ends up going to gas for my husband’s vehicle since he has to drive soldiers to appointments daily and has to use his personal vehicle and no he does NOT get reimbursed for fuel.

    • molly

      I happen to be active duty Marine Corps where we deal with less funding and “perks” then the other forces. As far I know, every command, unit, squadron, base has access to duty government vehicles that can be signed out and used for driving around your subordinates. That vehicle gets fueled for free at the motorpool.

      • Dan

        Yeah that works great if you’re lucky enough to get one, but most the time they are not available.

    • We save as much as we can but definetly do not have enough to get us by if something like this really does happen!!! As much as all of us try to budget it’s still not easy living on military pay. And sorry to anyone that may disagree with me but it’s true. We ourselves have a moderate sized family with 3 girls (5 mouths to feed), and just recently bought a house!! The gov’t encourages us to still go out and pursue the american dream and we do but then they want to come back and pull a stunt like this and pretty much put us where we have the possibility to lose everything we have worked for!!! How is that fair?

      • US Soldier

        You shouldnt be living outside your means. You dont have to buy a house and everyone that serves has been to the finance brief where the encourage you to save money just in case of an emergency. It all comes down to the lifestyle and how frugal you want to live. It kills me to watch Soldiers go out and buy houses and cars they cant afford espeically when there spouses do not work.

        • Just some fool

          Yes, like the man can force his wife to go to work. What planet do you live on, man? Try having an argument with the wife, see how soon you end up with a no-contact order.

        • Dan

          Well most can afford them until they don’t get paid. Then its a different question.

      • Bethany Kovach

        I agree w/you. I am an E-3, married and living in an apt out in town. My husband just got a job after a year of looking. We live out in town because it over all has allowed us extra money every pay check over having all of our BAH being given to housing. I would only then be receiving my extremely small e-3 paycheck of 700 every two weeks….. It’s almost impossible to save money for one month let alone the so called 3 months. I’m sorry that I’m not an officer making bank or a senior enlisted member who has been in the military 20+ years and has the financial means to save and live comfortably.
        I can’t stand to hear or see other service members telling others who will be hurting really bad if this were to ever happen, just to suck it up and that it is your own fault for not saving.
        It will effect everyone’s mission readiness in turn, effecting EVERYONE not just those who have large family that live off base.

        • I am a stay at home because we can’t afford daycare, i am scared to death wetoo live on very little. I hear u We are still looking for a decent job. And it’s very hard..

          • Angry Spouse

            It cost me more to work then it was to stay home. Daycare, gas, clothing just to work, when for 2 kids was over 1000 in daycare. It also allows me to make sure my children have the proper structure with having a parent at home when they get home and while their father is deployed. Unless you are in our shoes, there is no way you could understand, Our military families give up a lot and for people to say that we need to save money, seriously, our spouses are not over there for free. They still need hygiene and stuff and in some area’s have to pay for internet and it is not cheap. Our spouses go without a lot while they are over there. Our military should not be treated this way. My husband is on his 3 deployment to Iraq and doesn’t ask for much while he is over there so please stop and think what some of you are saying and remember that your freedom is because of what they have done and given up.

          • Melissa


      • ronni0802

        I totally AGREE with you!!! I am a federal employee and i am a single parent of two and my kids father is a federal employee. I just bought a house and I don’t live above my means but when they are talking about taking away my paycheck what is my family suppose to do? What are all of our families suppose to do?

      • Angry Spouse

        Military pay is not as much as some think. The proposal for next years”pay increase” is 1.6% but come in the decision area so to speak says that military is getting paid more then federal employee’s and wanting a pay freeze in 2012. Seriously?!!! I would like know then how they can drive the fancy cars and fancy trips and big beautiful houses cuz, military do not get PAID enough. I have a family of 7 and me and 2 of my children are in college and my husband is the only income while I am in shcool. So, i completely understand where you are coming from. Hang in there, I am praying for all of us.

    • petew41133

      If a Motor Pool gov’t vehicle is not avail for your husband to drive his soldiers, than have him get with the travel administrator in his command, I’m certain he rates local travel (at 50 cents a mile) if he’s driving from his workplace, to a place of appointment with his soldiers, and back to his workplace on his POV. At least we do in the Marine Corps. Claimed on DTS.

    • cameron

      Sounds to me like you need to stop complaining and look for a job. Typical army spouse that just sits at home. I dont want to hear the excuse of ohhh my kids though. My wife works full time…is in school for her masters degree and we have a 10 month old kid. Its not about oh this oh that get your ass off the couch and figure it out. Dont just live off the military and freeload the benifits. Be useful to the economy not worthless.

      • Jerkoff

        Your an idiot Cameron. Have you SEEN the economy and how hard it is to GET a job? Dumbass. Us spouses out here in Guam would LOVE jobs, we apply and reapply everywhere but are turned down because we’re Military spouses and first serve are the locals wives. Don’t pretend like you know everyone’s situation.

      • Inpressed

        WOW sounds like your wife makes the dough and wears the paints. Who is living off who…….

      • AFWife

        Wow I have to agree you are an idiot! I went to school and got my cert as a vet assistant am studying for my associates in vet technology AND I’m a stay at home mom! While you sit here and complain about how we all just sit at home and do nothing what are you doing? Criticizing us for something that most of the time is out of our control. I have yet to find a place that is hiring in veterinary medicine and I can’t seem to find a job outside the career field either even here on base at the exchange. We do have jobs even as stay at home moms or spouses. We make sure that our kids are fed that the house is tended to, the pets (if they have them) are fed and taken care of we make sure that everything is in order for when our spouse comes home from work. We make sure they’re fed and their lunches are made for work and their uniforms are clean while they go to work and bust their butts off working. Not everyone is as lucky as your family seems to be. Not everyone is able to just pick up from where they left off at a different duty station when our spouse pcs’ or whatever the reason for the move. So before you call us worthless think about what your mother did while she stayed home or your grandmother did when she retired she didn’t just sit on the couch all day no she kept order! And don’t even get me started on deployed spouses…

        • alicia7q

          And before you complain that families need two incomes to survive, take your own advice and “get your behind off the couch and figure it out”. The savings from no daycare, lower food bills from cooking from scratch, doing most maintenance and home improvement projects myself, decreased tax burden, no commuting or work clothes costs, and other things makes my not working almost as valuable as a good professional (50K or more) salary. Far from worthless, indeed!

      • alicia7q

        Some of us had kids because we actually want to parent them, not foist them off on some random stranger for 10 hours a day of daycare. The benefits to small children, especially babies like your 10-month-old, of more parental attention include increased intelligence, lower risk of developing mental and physical illness, improved social skills, and increased ability to cope with stress. Why have kids if you don’t want them around? Sure, school-age kids need to go to a good school, and younger kids need plenty of playdates and other social interaction, but being a full-time parent gives one the opportunity to volunteer at the school; cook healthier meals from scratch; teach valuable self-sufficiency skills like gardening, sewing, food preservation, and domestic tasks; and to make sure your kids keep moving instead of vegging out with a video game or tv show after school.

      • Melissa

        Freeload the benefits— are you kidding me? I am hard pressed to believe that as a whole the spouses view their day to consists of their ass on the couch all day to be an actual depiction of their actual day. That’s awesome you and your wife with your one child have it so well. But DO NOT judge those who stay at home doing what they can. I am sick that you could dare judge the spouses as worthless. Many of the spouse are holding fort for their soldiers and their units. Come on what an ignorant thing to say. SO many volunteer their time unselfishly. Wow what a jerk.

    • ct05

      bobby u could have sued because under those circumstances you can’t be fired. Especially, if it’s a legitimate reason for you being out of work.

    • adaf wife

      I posted this under another topic, but it relates to this one as well…
      People often complain about financial situations when they put themselves in it. When my husband first joined 10 years ago we shared one car, had one cell phone, no cable, no internet, etc.. Gradually as he made rank and made more $ we added those luxuries but that’s what they are luxuries. Being able to live within our means gives me the opportunity to be a stay at home mom, and still put away savings every month.

      • adaf wife

        and I want to add that I was in school as well, with no job and we made it just fine. So it can be done.

    • sactown girl

      Food stamps do help. You would more than likely be qualified to receive them.

    • scro

      That is absolutely insane that he has to pay for fuel. He does realize that with a TMP or a trip ticket they will reimburse him for each and every trip. They compensate fuel as well as wear and tear on the vehicle. As for paying for rent and bills, why are you not recieving BAH? I would contact your finance center and inform them that you are not being paid for BAH. As an NCO in the United States Army that is the first thing I check is my LES under Mypay. You may want to check, if not something is really wrong with your situation and to only save 50 dollars when your average pay is 1600-2500 pay overall in 1 month cut back your Wants instead of Needs. Simple fix and more savings.

      • scro

        This pay scale is based on E1 thru E5

    • pitudo

      this is so true, i have no idea how some honorables are playing with our future and we are doing the hardest job ever. REmember we are willing to die for this country regarless of the pay, i want to see some honorables doing that.

  • Wifey

    Bobbi, and gas prices are not getting any lower :(

  • ms_army_spouse

    so if the military isn’t getting paid, congress and the senate and the president aren’t getting paid either right? they seem to vote to give themselves substantial pay raises every year, so I’m sure “they” have a least 3 months pay saved up in case of emergencies. this is just stupid!!! we put our lives on the line, and because some old men in their air conditioned rooms can’t agree, WE get she shaft even MORE than normal… great!

    • tony2tiger

      I agree with you completely becuase when it comes down to it the military member deserves to be paid over the lazzy assholes on high. Sure some of them are vets. Great thanks for your service but your time is done, my father a retired member of the armed service says he could take a pay cut but the working military member risk it all and deserve there pay checks.

      • 1leggedvet

        I lost my right leg in iraq from a IED and your saying my time is up. Go screw yourself kid. I’ve risked a lot and gave a leg for this country and I want my money.

        • Shannon M

          ahaha this is kinda crazy! Okay so the Vets, the guys who served in Japan, Germany, Iraq and all over during hundreds of years getting theyre brains tested with LSD, nerve gas and all out sight of death and destruction, the killing of babies and children, they may have served 40 years ago but you never forget that shit and neither should some E1 boot! Vets deserve it just like Active duty does, Good God who in theyre right mind says any service members time is thru?! It’s thru when you die bc they sacrifice you make lasts your lifetime regardless if you did 4 or 30 years! They might tell you its all business but to us who serve in countries where we have to leave and understand we may not come back that shits passion or else we wouldnt be there! Thanks for your service tho! Hope today finds you well!

    • usmckim

      Barbara Boxer from Cali drafted a bill and I guess it was passed that if the government shuts down, congress and the pres don’t get paid either. My senators office said that the military is exempt. You should be getting paid.

      • grr

        And yet the Military is telling is we are NOT exempt. It’s hard to know who to trust.

        • usmckim

          I feel your frustration. I have a daughter and son in law in the Navy. They are basically being told the same thing. I hope my senators office was correct in saying that the military is exempt from any shut down. Also I have a son who is using his GI Bill and is a disabled Iraqi vet. I was told that he would not be affected either. With so many conflicting stories it is hard to know what to believe. I’m a vet so I know how the military can be. The right hand doesn’t know what the left hand is doing. Even the powers that be don’t know. I just hope that you guys all get your pay when you are supposed to get it. If not I will be calling my senator back again to ask why they told me the military was getting paid when if fact they may not. Let’s just hope the info I got is correct. Good luck to all of those in the military. Congress should defer their pay even to prevent a stoppage in the military.

      • adaf wife

        I just read this… “The Boxer-Durbin bill passed the Senate, but was blocked by the House.”

    • They def have money to last them probably years even if they didn’t get paid. it isn’t going to put a dent in their pocket book. Bunch of crap I tell you.

    • busyhands

      Correction the big 3 have to vote to NOT give themselves a pay raise. At least if memory serves.

    • jeffe

      This is a power grab by the Republicans to ram though radical laws that are not in the best interest of the American People. The Republicans are gong all out to stop any job growth and turn back many regulations that protect people — their agenda is to slash Public Education — End the EPA and the FDA — Privatize Social Security and Medicare — Set the Veterans up as a Voucher System so that BIG INSURANCE companies decide who gets what treatment and many more wonderful things. On the shut down they still have not shown their hand on what they are going to blackmail the Obama and Dems and force them to vote for — I listed a few of the things they are afterl

    • jeff

      i dont think it matters to them weather they are paid or not one of their paychecks is 12 of ours

  • navywife2008

    what i dont understand is why are we just now finding out about this? i havent heard anything about this until another sailor told my husband about this today.

    • Sad!

      I found out when someone posted it on facebook, how sad is THAT? You find out more info from other wives than the Military itself lol

      • navywife2008

        i actually posted it to facebook bc most of my friends are military of military spouses. i pray the president has enough guts to make a public speech and explain why our men and women are fighting and dying and cant even get paid. this whole thing makes me sick.

        • 20yrvet

          Have you seen it in black and white for yourself that the military is not getting paid, if not why post something like you did unless you have all the facts and know it to be true. Get a grip and stop running with something without knowing that it isgoing to happen.

          • Blah.

            Because our commanding officers are telling us to.

          • Why Not

            Well Mr. 20yrvet would you rather that they just stand by and do nothing…or prepare while they can???

          • gs employee

            You are all going off of heresay. So far they have said nothing about the military not being paid. Currently it is for GS getting furloughed but nothing is certain. They have made comments since a budget can not be reached since last year, people choose not to read or listen until the last minute. I am with the 20 yr vet.. Until it is in black n white dont make a mountain out of nothing

          • Ann Lindholm

            No, not hearsay. This is directly from Congressman Kingston:

            Others including me thought that we said continue to negotiate as long as we were cutting spending as the process went along. (We are cutting about $2bi $2billion/week. There are lots of things involved that many may not be aware of from the war effort to weapon upgrades, pay and even meat inspection. I think we can get the job done effectively thru targeted cuts not a random approach. Regardless the next CR vote will be a showdown. Soldiers will get paid but it could be late. That’s why Jack voted for the CR last night to avoid a govt shutdown. Too many people would be left in the lurch. The CR keeps the govt open 3 weeks. Then we’ve got to figure something out.”. In other words if another CR isn’t passed or Congress fails to agree on a budget then pay to federal employees, including military, may delayed UNTIL the problem is resolved. Pay will be delayed if the funds are not available in the DFAS account which will be revealed come the next pay period. Once there are not enough funds to cut paychecks they will be delayed. Once a budget is passed & funds are available then back pay will be given to those who did not receive it @ appropriate time. (IMHO-good-luck with that) stay updated

    • Mrs_FCC_Wife

      Well…truth is that this has been discussed for about a week now and although there is not much time…it has been mentioned. We as military families have to be more in touch with what happens with the government because it directly effects our way of life.

      • Sad!

        I try, but it’s really hard to stay informed when they don’t even tell our men this stuff until last minute. There is a serious lack of communication going on. Heck with the Perform to Serve crap most sailors are getting screwed as it is.

      • Ann Lindholm

        You are absolutely right! You can stay up to date at I work very hard to make sure information like this is posted timely. I work closely with several of our legislators and usually get up to date info, often before it’s released. Good-luck. If you ever have any questions or need anything please ask:

    • I wondered the sme thing when my parents were over for dinner and my dad came right out and asked so how that the mililtary pay cut discussions? I was like huh? what are you talking about then I lookedat my husband. He said he had talked to one of our good friends supposedly they had some meeting yesterday and wasn’t given any real info but he did tells us that if they were going to do anything Reservists pay would go first before ours but at this point not a real possibility to be worried about. So hopefully that helps but I would still save as much as possible.

    • TREV

      The president spoke about this in his campaign for office. It is never good to vote a democrat into the white house. The Defense Budget is the first thing to get cut, then everything else. Look at what clinton did.

    • tazziern

      I have two son in laws who are active,,,one is working on getting out..the other is getting ready to deploy. my girls each have 2 children…i will have to work extra to support my grandkids….God help a senator or congressman/woman that makes this happen…shame on them…they drive in bullet proof limos and kids that can’t even buy alcohol come home in body bags…something is wrong with this

    • 20yrvet

      Don’t believe everything that you hear unless you see it in black and white for yourself.

      • Ann Lindholm

        I wouldn’t bank on that concept, as good it sounds. Especially with a government how notoriously takes care of themselves first. Besides, it usually is in black and white, just not announced or easy to find.

  • laure

    ur RIGHTt!! yes, i think its BULLSHIT!!! N GOV EMPOLYES SHOULDNT BE PAID…#1 WHITE HOUSE, do u think they hav bills tht they actually pay?do they actually pay for car isurance? about gas to get to work?….AHHH NO MORE VACATIONS PRES. OBAMA…. Its crazy wht this world is comin too..

    • vwilli2900

      I don’t that’s fair unless you’re talking about the big heads. I am in the ARNG, but I am a full time federal employee on our military base, so to me it sounds like I’m going to be a single parent of two, with a mortgage, and every other bill like everyone else with what a drill check to pay for everything. And my kids father is also in the same boat with me, so both of us are screwed. Our check comes from DOD but not active duty.

  • @ the two-comment rant about Democrats: if you paid attention to what was going on instead of all the propaganda that you kindly put in all caps, you would notice that it’s actually the Tea Party Republicans that are actively pushing for a government shutdown to push their agenda. They’re the ones blocking all attempts to restore a funding plan unless President Obama’s health care plan is defunded, instead of getting it repealed through the appropriate means.

    • Jason

      DAvid i think that it is the Democrats that are willing to spend 200 billion dollars in one month which is more than the annual budget for all of 2006 when there were two wars and while the surge in Iraq was going on, that are causing the problem, i mean not wanting to cut out a cowboy poetry budget? Why is that even being funded by us taxpayers that can’t even afford to attend if we wanted to. I feel that there is too much unwanted and unneseccary spending in Washington that needs to be dealt with not must let run rampant. And it was the Democrats that chose not to work this out prior to the fiscal year ending if you remember there were no tea pary members in congress at that time. So whey could the Democrat majority not sit down and iron this out when they had the time and the votes?

      • KenyaB

        As of the 19th of this month…3 wars, not 2

      • Shawn

        That is very much incorrect. The 2006 budget deficit was 200 billion dollars. The 2006 budget’s expenditures were about 2.7 trillion dollars (rounded up).

        Here’s an approximation of the annual budget going back to 1996. Next to each year is the president that submitted the budget.
        1996 – 1.6 trillion (Clinton)
        1997 – 1.6 trillion (Clinton)
        1998 – 1.7 trillion (Clinton)
        1999 – 1.7 trillion (Clinton)
        2000 – 1.8 trillion (Clinton)
        2001 – 1.9 trillion (Clinton)
        2002 – 2.0 trillion (Bush)
        2003 – 2.2 trillion (Bush)
        2004 – 2.3 trillion (Bush)
        2005 – 2.4 trillion (Bush)
        2006 – 2.7 trillion (Bush)
        2008 – 2.9 trillion (Bush)
        2009 – 3.1 trillion (Bush)
        2010 – 3.6 trillion (Obama)
        2011 – 3.8 trillion (Obama)
        2012 – 3.7 trillion (Obama)

        Regardless of where every individual’s opinion is, please try to keep the facts straight and try not to let them be tainted by our own political philosophies.

    • USAF

      David, the Democrats have had control of the House and Senate since 2006, and all of a sudden this is the Tea Parties fault, you have obviously been drinking more than your share of the Liberal Koolaide.

    • Ron L

      and they are dam. sure right in doing so. otherwise nobody will get paid sho9rtly….obonga spend all the money and none left!!!

    • Wiz

      Dave, all this government shutdown is about the FY 11 budget. The FY budget should have been approved summer of 2010 in time for the new FY 11 beginning 2011. If you recall the House, the Senate and president were all Democrats at the time. Because it was an election year they cynically did not want to push through a budget that was $1,600,000,000,000 in deficit before the November election…. now they left the House (remember the Dems still control the Senate and Presidency) …. so if you want to get mad…. get mad at the Dems for playing politics with our pay… that’s really all it is.

      • eightball

        you know your right if the damn dems would have pulled their heads out of places they don’t belong they could have settled this a long time ago instead of waiting for it to crash and burn but all they think of is themselves all I’ve got to say if you want to take someones paycheck take your check cause I know you are money bags you can’t lie to us we wouldn’t believe you anyway

    • from a 30 yr vet

      First if you are as intelegent as you appear to be, you would have known that the current problem stems from the Pelosie and Reid final steps to deal the next Congress a blow, by not passing a buget for this fiscal year. Now the Senate under Reid is blocking any kind of fiscal Responsiblity by not reducing the spending and thus causing our nation to go broke. Think is your money worth as much now as it was10 yrs. ago

      • The CHIEF

        The current problem stems from Pelosi and Reid? Are you mental? How about the 8 years of Bush tax cuts during 2 wars? The country is at war and we cut taxes. I’m sorry the country is not at war, the troops are at war. The country is at the mall, Wal Mart or putting “Support the Troops” stickers on their SUV’s.

        The party of NO was the real problem.

        • eightball

          I have no idea who you are but there seems to be truth in your statement and some of the people that aren’t in the category of stickers don’t even support their troops but for real though if we get pay loss then I highly suggest that everyone above us do the same so all chaos don’t break loose.I am very certain that they will go crazy if everyone that is deployed isn’t getting paid for being in another country

        • ronnie0802

          Well put!

    • sulvinisti

      Obama’s health care plan is a total FIASCO

    • Tea party people?? Really? It couldn’t be Obama care? You need to read and get the Correct research on who’s doing WHAT?

      • The Chief

        It is the Tea Baggers that are causing the issue. I’m all for fiscal responsibility, but the end goal is to keep the spotlight on them. The fiscal year is already half over and we still don’t have a budget. Who does it hurt? Michelle Bachman? Nope, the military pays for it.

        Obama care? How is a program that hasn’t started affecting the bottom line right now? Its a publicity stunt. Go ahead and turn on Faux News and get told what to think.

        • william

          hey chief the dems still have majority from half of congress and the president. so explain to me how its the tea partys fault that the dems failed to pass the new budget before election and still haven’t compromised on their important issues that shouldn’t be paid for by the taxpayer. im not saying that the others aren’t at fault either (its a whole collective gagle fuck), but lets not put the blame all on the other guy when your team is in charge.

    • Mike

      David, get real man. The party of NO is and always has been the Democrats. The Dems are the first to cut spending where? Gee could it be the military budget? Could it be that the Dems were the ones who said no annual pay increases for Retired Military and those on Social Security?

      As a Retired USAF TSgt and proud member of the Tea Party Movement, I am all for cutting the budget. I am for defunding Obama Care, defunding 200 Billion in departments that are doing the same thing as other departments (some as high as 80). Will this stop our pay? No, Food and Forage Act, apparently has protected us in the past. In my 20 years, never had a pay stoppage and I served under that idiot of idiots Jimmy Carter!

      • teach1

        Everyone is attacking the health care plan. They say that it will cost too much and that it is unconstitutional. We as taxpayers are already paying for the medical billsof those who do not have health insurance. Those that are in Congress do not need health care because they can afford their medical bills. Stop listening to those Republicans and Tea Partiers who just want President Obama to fail.

    • John Amato

      What can we do? We voted for both parties and this is how we are paid back!!!!!!! I am a DOD employee and I am in the same boat.

    • Lance

      Obama’s child-killing, death squad for seniors, penalize those who don’t have health care reform bill was pushed through behind closed doors and against the will of the American people. IT NEEDS TO BE DEFUNDED! It is a wicked scheme that aims to bring America one step closer to communism. Wake UP David and open your eyes!

      • teach1

        Communism?!?!?!?! Open your eyes.

      • Call it like see it.

        I actually do not think it is communism HE is shooting for. I think he is shooting for assuming power like a KING, not a president. A monarchy to give out rules and decrees that are not allowed to be challenged by anyone. And those who opposed are crushed with extreme prejudice. And all the Dems, and all the Repubs, are both going to be wiped out in the wake of it all. The age old tactic of divide and conquer. Like a silly comparison I saw on a WB show..made a lot of sense. You cannot take down Godzilla, you cannot take down Mothra, so let them fight it out and then when they wipe eachother out you can come in and pick up the pieces and assume the new position.

      • The Other Chief

        Lance, I agree that his Health Care plan needs to be defunded but I do not believe he’s aiming for Communism, but has all the while pushed (quietly) his agenda of Corporatism..The merger of corporate and government power. Corporate being …Med/Pharmaceutical as well as Auto..etc

      • hayley

        COMMUNISM!? WTF are we in the 1920’s and the fucking red scare with the Japs.. Wakeup dude. If you look at other countries in the world with healthcare like obama is asking for you will see they are not in as much debt as america. America is a depressed fat country that likes to stick it’s nose where it shouldn’t be. If Obama believes in abortion and healthcare for all so what, A LOT OF PEOPLE IN THE WORLD DO! There are also a lot of people in the world that do not.. OH well life goes on. Obama is trying to help America, congress is trying to help AMerica. The war is a crock of shit and do I think people going over to another country and killing their natives is ok and then getting paid for it is ok? NOT AT ALL. Maybe the war shouldn’t have started in the first place.

    • Bill

      David, I would suggest you look at both parties and not just the “Tea Party Republicans”. The Senate, still run by a majority of Democrats, keep threatening to not pass any bills submitted by the House. The Democrats are fighting tooth and nail to keep those worthless entitlements in place, such as funding for the arts (The Cowboy Poetry Festival???). Come on Man, this government is still in out of control spending mode, most of it on trash programs that do not work, many programs that are inefficient, or downright duplicitous. And now, there seems to be an overwhelming need to get involved in another middle east conflict. The Republicans are terrified of having another government shutdown because of what happened to them during the Clinton administration, so they are going along meekly with a bi-partisan approach, and as usual, it’s buisness as usual in DC. Both parties are blissfully ignorant of the consequences of their actions, and it won’t be too long before there is truly a financial meltdown.

    • fish

      I myself would not mind a government shutdown. While I am retired now, in the past the shutdowns never affected the military side of life. But if it meant that they would stop all the pay for EVERY politician no matter who they were or what party they belonged to as well as all their staffs then I say go for it. We need a total house cleaning of that city from the top to the bottom.

      • Susan

        Unfortunatly Congress and the President are exempt from th shutdown-National Security

    • HUAHUA

      OMG DAVID you’re an idiot. I guess someone pressed a RESET button for you back in January and you just CONVENIENTLY forgot that the Democrats had control of this budget and have been running the country into the ground via hundreds of billions in debt for several years now!?!?

      The democrats couldn’t even pass this budget and now you want to blame it ALL on the Tea Party and Republicans. I suppose you think Obama is the Messiah and he walks on water too? FYI dumb @$$, Obama has already stated that he WILL veto any budget passed by the House majority that attempts to cut his “babies” out of the moneybag.

      He has this country right where he wants it! Financially and Politically broke. The House can’t pass a bill he won’t veto and now he (through his minion Robert Gates) is threatening to NOT pay the military if the House won’t hurry up and pass a bill that he will still VETO!

    • TexanPatriot

      David, instead of ranting about those “evil” (“implied”) Tea Party Republicans, all the Senate has to do is agree to the $61 Billion of cuts proposed, which are a drop in the bucket, and about THREE days worth of discretionary spending. They’re not blocking anything, and again get your FACTS straight. It’s the SENATE DEMOCRATS who are REFUSING to take action. Blame the PRESIDENT as well, he can support one side or the other, but is on the side of redistributionist economics and piling up trillions of debt to remake America in the failed theories of Karl Marx.

      I hope they shut it down the rest of the year as far as I’m concerned. Maybe people will realize that the Federal Government has far exceeded it’s Constiutional authority and it’s the Tea Party who finally is taking a stand. Unlike the wishy-washy DemoRINOS who will do what the President tells them to do.

      I thought you people (active military in particular) took an OATH to defend the Constitution. As did I.

      So…..DEFEND it!

    • damasco125hh

      Like I stated, those in congress and the senate, along with the president are the ones that should go without pay. If they had to do that then there would be no government shutdown. If the government does shut down, they still get paid.

    • gman

      David you do know that Democrats lobby for less military money and more crummy programs like planned parenthood and Obama care.

    • DBoynes

      Does it really matter….Democrats vs. Republicans? Seems ridiculous to argue over it. I mean compared to those not getting paid for risking their lives so that everyone has the freedom to blog and post their opinions. Military are separated from their loved ones and won’t be able to provide for their families and feed their children, but let’s argue over Democrats, Republican, Tea Party etc.

      • hayley

        How are they protecting us? Are you really that ignorant that you believe the war is a ….. “necessary tool” lmao. The war is a bunch of bullshit put into action by earlier presidents for wanting total control of other countries and to be nosey -.- America smh…. I think Americans need to get their heads out of the gutter and stop trying to blame everything on “the congress” America’s people allowed for this to happen you, me and the old man down the street allowed this to happen because we did not stand up and come together and raise a voice. You may think this is so horrible but you will still go buy yourself food from mcdonalds, come post on here and go buy a new shirt while complaining… hypocrite EVERYONE is a damn hypocrite.

  • John

    You capitalized every ignorant portion of your post for us so I don’t have to point them out, but lets do it anyway for fun. The president is neither a Republican nor does he claim to be a conservative. The “leftists” who are screwing the military are in reality just two political parties who can’t agree over a proper health care bill. The word is treasonous not treasonist, treasonist would be a noun and singular. “Obamacare” wouldn’t be considered communist it would be considered socialist, weird how health care is considered a social reform, must be something synonymous there… You want to defund the EPA which monitors pollution levels across the world, whether you buy into global warming or not there are plenty of private and public sector companies who abuse the current system, much less a system without an actual watchdog overseeing it. The FDA? Seriously, yeah lets withdraw funding from the agency charged with overseeing that the food American’s ingest isn’t toxic… great idea Stalin. Finally we reach the Coup De Grace, you equated the election of a President and the legislation that has passed since his election to reparations. You are one of the many evolutionary oversights which infests the Army these days, anyone who has a modicum of intellect at their disposal will write off what you said as ignorant. I just wanted you to know that people with more than two brain cells to rub together are currently laughing at you.

    • Army CPT

      Very well spoken or shall I say written, John. By the way, I did laugh. LOL!!

    • Glenn

      Hey, mentally challenged one. I just wanted you to know that you obviously have less than two brain cells in that almost-empty cavern sitting above your neck. “Lets” should be possessive, as in “let’s.” At least you’re consistent – you screwed it up both times. Also, “American’s” should not be possessive. Why don’t you go back to school? Maybe you could make it past the first grade the second time around.

      • FemVetUSAF&USN

        Actually, Glenn…”Lets/let’s” would not be possessive in this case…It would be a contraction of “let us”…possessive indicates ownership… ;-)

      • Ashley

        As I read the various posts, I think it’s really sad that the topic ceased to exist and this forum became a writing skills contest; at the very least, a ***** session. The point is, we all can sit back and speculate as to what will happen but honestly, none of us really know. For all the writing critics on here; no, everyone may not be able to articulate their opinion in a grammer perfect post but they’re just as entitled to voice their opinion! I’m so tired of the, “know it-alls”! News flash, they’re probably tax paying Americans as most of us are sharing the same concerns. All of you self-ritious people that are so quick to judge make me nauseated! You having the ability to articulate yourselves with better grammar are no better then anyone else! God forbid you get hurt or in dire need of help, you just may have to rely on someone that doesn’t measure up to your writing abilities but million to one you’ll gladly accept their help. That’s part of what’s wrong with this country, so many people stuck on the,”me factor”. So get off of your high horse and realize that there is a bigger thing here to discuss than just your condescending comments. If you’re such an intellect, you should be putting your energies into helping people understand what’s happening, potentially will happen, and what we as American citizens can do to make a difference rather than you critisizing them for their writing skills or lack-there-of!

        • AMEN!!! Ashley

          WHO cares about a person’s writing skills!!!!



















          ON MY (SBP)…..Could each of you from the “white House”

          send me ($1.00)-($2.00)-($3.00) so maybe in ‘HOPE’OF



          NORMA L. BAER

          352 GRAHAM STATION ROAD,

          PHILIPSBURG,PA 16866




          • alicia7q

            Gah….People might care more if you stopped “SHOUTING” and made any sort of sense. No, perfect grammar and spelling are not strictly necessary, but being able to express your thoughts coherently is. E.g., saying that if someone can’t express themselves using words a 10-year-old CAN’T understand then they should go back to grammar school is totally illogical and makes no sense. Try it without the double negative. It’s not elitism or snobbery that makes me wish people were a little more careful about spelling and punctuation, nor will I quibble about your appalling spelling — the important point is that, without a little better way of expressing yourself, no one will bother to try to decipher your garbled screed.

          • Mark

            Dude you shouldnt put your address up on the internet… Now pycho *** stalkers are going to hanging around your home.. :D

        • Ashley Vogt

          Thank You I get so tired of the fact that these post never really get answers its just a place for those that want to vent and or bully

        • Kristi

          I concur!

    • karen

      Does it make you feel better to act as if you are superior to others? Guess you must be a dumbocrat…. They also think the general population is too stupid to understand anything of importance. How sad for you……………………

    • Call it like see it.

      Indeed I am laughing with extreme intensity.

  • GM worker

    it is time to get them out of office i mean the REPUBICANS and DEMOCRATS vote for some one that is not a party ..

    im one that got it put to me from MG work 30 years for them you see what we got

    • Ryan Mcbride

      I’m a navy brat and my father was in the navy. Is there anyway I can get help money wise too make it on my own?

      • chris

        Yes, you can get yourself an education and learn the English language.

    • Ian

      Hell yeah. Libertarians would never let this happen to the budget.

  • Brenda

    have? so we are not get paid for Apirl 1 paid so how we are suppose paid rent.. we get kick out if we dont get paid rent.. my husand in the navy. so what are we suppose to do.. i just start working myself and going to school so how are suppose paid light and rents water..

    • Sad!

      As it stands right now, we will get paid the first because of the extension. It’s the 15th and beyond we are not sure about yet.

      • Signal Army

        Well at least my rent and water can get paid….maybe electricity… dont know about after that or how much food.

    • Ann Lindholm

      The pay delays will began 08APR if another Continuing Resolution or an approved budget is passed.

  • Guest

    David K….you need to do at least a little research on the subject. The Tea Party nor GOP is calling for no military paychecks as part of any shutdown. And they are not even advocating a shut down. They do, however want a REAL budget. The dems didn’t even bother doing a budget at all last year because they arrogantly decided that they didn’t NEED one. They simply didn’t want to resitrict their continued spending spree. Now ther’s a new sheriff in town (the House of Rep) and they want an actual…you know….BUDGET! All Obama and the Dems do is SAY they want to negotiate with the GOP, but in the end no one shows up except the Republican members. Of course people like yourself turn a blind eye to this fact and put unfair blame on the GOP.

    • Jeanne Navy mom/vet

      Thank YOU! I love people that have a brain!!!

    • joshua

      Stated in the article . THE DOD IS CALLING THE SHOTS FOR MIL PAY

      Also, Budget is required. It is law. That’s why we’re shutting down this year. Do you really believe lawmakers just decided they didn’t need a budget?

      Also, define spending spree. You mean the trillion dollar bush wars or the rescuing the economy thing?

      GOP is demanding cuts to already frozen domestic spending. It’s less than 3% of the budget, and a lot of it is helping POWER the economy. We’re cutting muscle and nerve to reach this stupid GOP $$goal and not trimming much fat. understandably a lot of congress will not accept this for much longer. Clearly stated in C-span arguments this last week.

    • meandmore

      yall need to stop worryg about the suits and think about the uniforms

    • Joanne

      Glad to learn there are intelligent people out there who know the facts instead of shooting from the mouth !!!

    • kmy


  • active_mil
    • matt

      You really used a CNN blog as your reference?

  • Officer USMC

    No it won’t void your contract, and it is on you to take care of your financial responsibilities regardless of whether you get paid or not. You’re told in annual training to develop a home budget and prepare for times of financial hardship. By law, the DOD does not have to pay it’s service members, it’s an all volunteer force and not getting paid can be chalked up there with all the rest of the suffering you volunteered for. This is not a union, you cannot protest. You have volunteered yourselves for the authority of a dictatorship and you owe allegience to your commander and chief without question. WW2 vets didn’t gripe about pay, the did what they were told. You chose to have families they weren’t issued to you. No one’s gonna starve and no ones gonna lose their home, call your mortgager if this happens and tell them whats going on and they will work with you.

    • enlisted USARMY

      i’ve got to agree with whoever “guest” is, you are a douche, i bet you don’t have a family because no one loves you

      my grandfather was a WWII vet, he says the only reason he didn’t complain about his pay was because they paid him every month like they were supposed to, don’t be such a twat sir

    • Medic

      Easy for an Officer to say. I say that as an E3. Honestly the only information that has been trickled down is from facebook/ Nothing from my command, nothing on our JKO, or other Portal sites. If it was an all volunteer force without pay in the way you are implying then I would have joined a peace corp or been a missionary of sort. The bull shit about your family not being issued your right, but the military accepted then when I joined so they took on my family as well as me. You may be an officer but obviously you do not know both sides of the fence. Poor leadership. Empathize with the people that make your day to day work. Contrary to what ROTC cadets and OTC grads learn in their training, the officer side of the house wouldn’t have a reason to function without us. I work with officers daily very few are as oblivious as you seem to be in this post. I love my job, I love the people I work for and see everyday. I am honored for the opportunity to serve my country, appreciation for the willingness to lay my life on the line for people like you and ensure that our freedoms are safe would be awesome, but I’m not surprised we do not get that.

      • ronnie0802


    • Obviously as an officer you get special treatment. I pose a question to you. Have you ever come out of your plush office long enough to work side by side with the “grunts” of the military? Maybe before you start talking about issuing families you should walk a mile in a family man’s shoes. My husband joined the military after he married me. It was a choice we made together for several reasons. One of which being not having to worry about wether or not he was going to get laid off due to the economy and business shutdowns. Now we are worrying about wether or not the military is going to follow through with their obligations. Please take your head out of the sand for a moment and think about what you say before it comes out of your mouth or you type it. You obviously do not have a family or have never thought about a family, or if you have a family and you have no consideration for them what so ever. Do you honestly think that men and women are going to volunteer to defend our country and put their lives on the line for free? Please we are not in the 1800’s, this is the 21st century and that is not how the world works anymore.

      • Marine Officer

        Shut Up. Yeah officers get special treatment thats a bunch of bullshit. I could be making way more money in the IT private sector than serving my country as an officer. As a leader of Marines I’ve done my fair share of working in the dirt of hell holes and Im prior service enlisted. If your husband is enlisted its probably for a reason. Don’t bash officers if you don’t know anything.

        • guest

          Wow.. I have to call bull shit on you being an officer.. from your posts i can tell you lack the traits to be and effective leader. firstly any good officer knows that the back bone of the corps is the NCO.. that’s an enlisted person BTW I will end this post here before i start going off on the various ways you are a failure. and don’t bother saying i don’t know anything. I’ve probably forgotten more about your MOS then you’ve ever learned

        • Medic

          I respect many officers, many of them who do not sit behind a desk, some that do. My father is a Marine. I replied to your joke of a post earlier as “Medic”. Stating you are prior service surprises me. I can hardly fathom the fact. A lot of BS can be typed into forums like this but the reality is you have no idea what is going to happen in the coming months. Neither do I.
          Being an officer means you have a degree, you went through some sort of OTC, and that’s about it. Truth is simply being an officer in the military does not grant you leadership capabilities even if you are placed in that role. Being able to talk shit on a forum can go from the E1-O5 (reality what officer higher than that would be wasting his their time on this) even if it was EO-whatever. Don’t assume people don’t know anything, that is something you should have learned about years before you got your college degree.
          Finally genuinely if you are an officer, you are way out of line with the response you’ve given, and the way you decided to share. Belittling people really doesn’t work in the real word. Simply pisses people off. Oh and congrats for giving officers a bad rap!

        • devildog

          You’re a duche and I’m sad that you lead marines. IT? That means you’re comm and you definitely sit in an air conditioned tent. When was the last time you pulled fire watch? or had mess duty while on ship? or even had to wait in line to get chow while on ship? You did all your working in the dirt as enlisted.

          • Terrein

            I have to disagree with one thing you said, when quoting this officer(?); “I’m sad that you lead Marines:” Actually, just because he is an officer, that doesn’t mean he is a LEADER of Marines. I met quite a few of those in my career.

        • Sr NCO

          Sir, I would suggest that you change your trade and become a civilian in the IT private sector. Apparently, you are a miserable failure as an officer.

        • Mr Enlisted

          Way to use Marine Officer vocabulary. That is very professional on your part. Lets see, I am an E4 with 2 years. Base pay… $2014. Fresh out of ROTC Butter Bar (with 4 years of getting payed as an E5 during ROTC)… $2783. 2 years and 1 and 3/4 deployments… and I almost make as much as Mr Butter Bar on day 1. Give him 1 year, he makes $3207. Damnit. So close, I was catching up, but then the pay of an officer just keeps going up too fast… Well, I did all I could do.

        • NCO

          Oh and by the way you should really watch the way you communicate with Spouses and Dependents. My Father served 21 years as a Marine. Your have very poor decision making abilities if you believe verbally assaulting a Dependent is not Conduct Unbecoming Officer and Gentleman Article 133 of the Uniform Code of Military Justice

        • Army Wife

          As the wife of an O-6 (I would post his name so that you can verify who he is)…I am appaulled at your post. Utterly appaulled. Please do not believe that this man is an officer. I think he is person trying to get a rise on the blog. No officer who truly loves troops speaks like this. Just chunk this off as someone pulling a prank. Please do not take this person seriously

          • Army Wife

            Sorry for the typo. I am just so upset reading this. My husband is a Chaplain and I am sadden by the lack of compassion from this person who claims to be an officer.

        • ARMYSGT

          IT Sector huh? so by dirt of hell holes do you mean the server room when the fans go out and it gets a little toasty? As an NCO in the US Army I am fairly confident that not only are you not an officer, Id be willing to bet the closest youve come to serving in the military would be playing Call of Duty. Any good officer would never ever bash the people who carry out his orders, nor would he disrespect the families of his men for fear of having his $#** pushed in.

        • USMC to USAF

          What are you a butter bar. I dont think anyone in the IT sector would want your type of leadership. I am glad you left the enlisted core. Officers do get special treatment, you are treated very differently than the enlisted that serve with you. Marines have always been the few and the proud, you never leave a Marine behind (that means you take care of that Devil Dog next to you) perhaps you forgot some of those things.

    • IMWeira

      Harsh man, very harsh. We are not facing the enemy between here and Ft Knox and besides everything is electronic anyway. They pay the WhiteHouse light bill they can pay the people who keep the WhiteHouse from being taken over by Taliban.

      I think the GOP and the Tea Party would love for Pres Obama to hold up or delay a military warriors check. Surely the entire country would vote against the Democrats in the next election?

      I mean I just do not see this happening although I am sure the DI would tell you that it was possible. And during WWII this whole country was at war. Food was rationed and life was tough. Do you remember hearing about victory gardens and such? Yeah, that was a different day and age. We are not there yet and I think the checks will keep on rolling.

    • A volunteer military means you volunteer to serve as oppose to being drafted! Not that you sign up to work for free.

    • Joe

      Fuck em – going AWOL!

    • RODNEY

      You know, Mr Marine Officer it is probably easy for you to say that by law
      the DOD does not have to pay the volunteer force, Typical officer with his head
      in his rectum. SO when these soldiers are not paid, make sure you have put
      aside money to take care of your soldiers that By-Law is your responsibility
      for their welfare OK? A RETIRED NCO!

      • twinmama

        I just have to say that all jobs are volunteer if you think about it….no body forces anyone to work anywhere..its by that volunteer to serve thing…its kinda retarded…besides, if we didnt volunteer to protect this country, who would?

        also, if its our responsibilities to take care of our bills, how the hell are we supposed to do that with no pay?? as a newly E3 , i am not allowed to get a second job until i have upgraded my skill level…so how am i supposed to pay bills with no income coming in?

    • Guest

      pissing off a bunch of guys with ammunition overseas without paying them to support their families is a bad idea, period. Think about it devil dog.

      • ronnie0802

        I thought about that one myself Guest.

    • C.B.

      The same way the mortgage companies, banks and the land lords worked things out for the homeless people of the gulf coast after Hurricane Katrina.

    • guest 12

      Oh wow this is ridiculous!!!!! You know I have heard this comment about “the military not issuing you your family” and it’s really pretty old now….Get a grip it’s just dumb. And I am working on getting my commission and appreciate you showing me what type of officer NOT TO BE when I cross over. If you are prior enlisted, like you claim, then I would expect you to be better in tune of the struggle for the young enlisted personnel. But I guess you are that type of person that forgot where he came from…what a flipping Moron! Good day to you SIR (in the most sarcastic voice I can possibly make)

      • ronnie0802

        Isn’t that so disrespectful guest12? I can’t even believe that a human being could say something like that.

    • SMSgt Disabled

      Get a grip Marine Officer, I am so sick of that, it wasn’t issued to you, crap!! Wake up and see the morale of your troops not getting paid when they are deployed, worrying about their Families back home. See how well your BS orders ar carried out. You sound like you are high ranking, single, or come from money!! The rest of us usually live well within our means but yes we do count on our paychecks for our Mortgage payments and Automobile payments, naturally!! The government begged those of us that were able to buy a home to do so to bail the economy out!! I did once again and now you say you are not going to pay me?? I am 100 Percent disabled from injuries I suffered during combat after serving over 18 years, finishing as an E-8 (not cheap raising Teenage Boys) especially knowing you can’t physically or mentally suplement your already diminished income!! Just Wake Up or better yet pull your head out of your @#$!! SMSgt M, Retired, DAV!!

    • Army CPT

      I’m ashamed to even admit to being in the officer core with such a numb skull!!!! This IS a volunteer army, but no one enlisted or commissioned into the Army to work for free. Several, and I mean several, individual enlisted into the army b/c they had no other choice. The economy sucks to hell and as it stands, the military tends to be the only employer offering a paycheck, a roof over your heard, skilled training and three square meals a day. No, the military did not issue you kids, but that certainly doesn’t mean you should disregard those individuals who do, make it seem as if it’s their fault and not have compassion for our troops. I feel sorry for your troops and I know they hate to see you coming. I truly don’t believe the military won’t be paid, but this is time when everyone, officer and enlisted alike, should take heed and if they don’t already money saved for a rainy day, there is no time like now to began that savings program b/c one day, it may come to fruition and we may awaken one day and not have a payday.

    • NCO

      You have no idea whatsoever what an all Volunteer Military is do you? We volunteer to serve and in doing so we sign contracts stating how long we will serve. We volunteer to re-up and thus sign CONTRACTS stating how long we will serve how much our signing bonus along with other important information. We DO NOT volunteer to put our rear-ends and the health and welfare of our families in danger t work for free. Oh and by the way not only did the Military not issue me a family, but they did bless my decision on getting married.

      Your exactly the type of officer that no Soldier, Marine, Airman, or Seaman volunteers to work for. You don’t look out for the brothers and sisters to you right and left, rear and front.

    • HOOAH!!

      That’s why freaking officer’s need to stay in the office and let the NCO’s execute. This moron show’s how ignorant some officer’s are as to how things really work. Your mortgage co isn’t going to care if you get paid or not.

      • h_preston

        LOL-you’re right the mortgage company won’t care if you get paid or not but they will work with you. Not a bad idea, but doubt he’s really an officer.

    • USMC to USAF

      What type of officer are you? If you work a civilian job and they cant pay you then you can quit; why should the military be any different? We sign a contract and our government owes the service member pay for services rendered. A family is something that happens, I think you are very insensitive with regards to saying “You chose to have families they weren’t issues to you”. Most of our service members are junior enlisted that work their selves to the bone and barely make ends meet; unfortunately for them they may not have the three months saved up. If the government does not pay them it will greatly affect morale, e spirit de corps and can cause some very long term effects in their financial situation. I encourage you to rethink your comments.

    • barney fife

      You’re not an “Officer USMC,” you’re a absent minded, non thinking robot. I’d get more common sense talking to a possum than I would trying to converse with folk’s that think like you. It’s about taking care of our own…..across the board. We’re also “smack dab” in the midst of the longest war in US history. Not very bright to potentially not make it worth while for the military members during this….or any time for that matter. Take care of the military….take care of their families. Won’t work without these collectively. I’m a 22 year vet myself and realize how things are really starting to fall apart. Doesn’t take rocket science. This is not to say it’s not recoverable either. It will take proper budgeting and accounting to get there again. Oh….and a bit more common sense than you obviously possess. Hopefully we’ll acquire the ability to clear this nonsense from the gene pool in the future.

    • h_preston

      No offense intended but as an officer you also didn’t see front line battle like the grunts did…soooo yeah, different responsibilities, different perspectives. By the way my father was at the tail end of WW11, Korea, Vietnam and he noticed the army isn’t run the way it use to be.

    • SFC

      can tell this is an officer who gets everything handed to them on a silver platter anyway

    • SCsoldier

      Well, I’ll tell you what. It is on me to take care of my financial obligations, but that is the reason i joined. TO TAKE CARE OF MY WIFE AND CHILDREN. I’m not going to try and be all politicaly correct, and say i joined to defend our “wonderful” country. Yes, I am proud to be an American, and I am even more proud to be an American soldier. Being a soldier is one of the most physically, mentally, and emotionally demanding jobs in the world. Yes, DoD has to pay soldiers. That’s what it says in my contract. WW2 vets didn’t complain about pay, because there wasn’t a $100 per week gas bill waiting for them, or $1000 rent, or $400 car payments. Try telling Capitol 1 “Hey man, I didn’t get paid this month, so can you guys wait on that payment until Congress get their heads out of their a$$e$. Thanks”. Get ready for a lot of AWOL soldiers.

  • semper fidelis

    this is such crap, i have a newborn two vehicles my wife lives 870 miles away from base cause i need to get as much money saved up for when i get out in order to just have a livibale home for my family. i have four deployments in spent a majority of my time in iraq and afhganistan and now the government is hinting they might not pay me. this is how the government treats the very people who willingly go to war and defend this great nation? then this is the finger i give the president and congress along with the un patriotic crippled leaders. no pay guess what i am not showing up to work!

  • USMC


  • semper fidelis

    guess what I volunteered to join then i will volunteer to leave. i dont have time to allow for the bickering in washington to effect and harm my family and i will not allow for washingtons bickering to ill effect my progress and determination to withhold a steady and happy family. no one will come between me and my family and i mean NOBODY! not the Marine Corps and never washington.

    • LIKA

      AWOL = BRIGS !!!


    “and it is on you to take care of your financial responsibilities regardless of whether you get paid or not” are you for real Officer USMC? read your post a little closer thats almost like saying oh sorry you dont get payed take a hike we dont care about you and your family. So educated mr sir captain butter bars how is everyone going to take care of ther loved ones whether we get payed or not IF WE DO NOT GET PAYED THAT MEANS NO MONEY TO FEED AND HOUSE AND CLOTHE OUR LOVED ONES! go back to college and back to commen sense school. pretty easy for you to say when officers get payed more than they should. tell ya what stop your pay and still come to work, short enough and you will realize that you will feel the blow.

    • Sad!

      Exactly, that guy is a fool if he thinks mortgage companies are going to feel sorry for us that we are not getting paid. They will NOT work with you. They have no money either, they are suing people left and right that can’t pay. I know someone who has a house in Virginia and their husband will get deqauled if he can’t make payments.

      • nicole

        ….and how is everyone supposed to go to work with how much gas prices have gone up with no money to go towards that…money should rather go towards bills, and food if this does pass.

    • spacemonkeyy

      They dont have a common sense class in ocs.. Just one that teaches them that their word.. Is the word of God..

  • Joe

    Still your “treason” up your ass, the guy watching your back may be a jackass like you.

  • Sad!

    And NO, the Military didn’t “issue” anyone a family, but damn straight if we didn’t have families, the Military wouldn’t have anyone JOINING UP. Considering how the Military is treating it’s members right now (Kicking long time people out who work hard because there is no room for them, yet sending recruiters to highschools to get the young un’s joined up since they don’t have to PAY them crap!) they can eat shit.

  • Say what?!

    Soo..uhh YEAH..ok, no one would starve? maybe not but they might not eat for a long time since food cost money, and with no paycheck, there is no money.

  • Wife

    This whole “Have 3 months of an emergency fund set up” is BS. We live paycheck to paycheck,how are we supposed to have 3 months of anything saved up.How about that $400,000 a year Obama gets and the $175,000 the other politicians get, what about thier pay raises? Can I mail my bills to them?
    The Democrats and Republicans each want to be the hero so they are fighting like 3 year olds over a toy. They have 3 weeks to come up with a solution and for a week of that they are taking time off for golf and vacations, I think they should all be locked in a room until they come up with a decession.
    Obama needs to get more INVOLVED with the country he is supposed to be running.How can he claim to be the “Commander in Chief”
    The a**es in office keep finding some kind of way to cut all things military.
    What would this country be without the military?

    • Signal Army

      Obama can’t be bothered with this! He is too busy dealing with his March Madness tournament ladder bullshit and updating his facebook.

      This country made a mistake electing him….Hell, I made the same mistake, and to think the loser of the 2008 election is the one trying to keep us paid…
      And if anyone thinks its for votes, I dont care, at least he’s on my side.

      • joshua

        You’re right. if it were not for John Mccain nobody would put a bill forward to pay the military.

        good thing John Mccain has been here for these last few hundreds of years to fund our pay checks. definitely vote for him because his name is was on a bill.

        ? ? serious?

  • MEO

    How are they gonna fund Welfare and Foodstamps and Unemployment when EVERY military member starts applying because the don’t have money to support thier family?

    • Guest

      I believe that you have just hit this one right on the nail!

      • Army wife

        I will be one of those people in that line. Not that I want to but I can’t work, and have two kids to feed and take care of. My husband is in Okinawa for the next two years. I will do what I have to do to feed us and have the rent payed so we are not living in our truck on the streets.

  • James Humphreys

    How’s that Bailout working for you America?

    • MEO

      One Big Ass Mistake America!

  • Emmons

    Stop winning! You will get your pay! It may come late but you will get it. Service to your country comes with hardships! If you have not planed or saved money that is your fault! I bet most of you who are crying right now live way above your means to begin with. I’ve served in the army since 1985 and this has happened more than once. As for those of you who say just don’t go to work or go AWOL that is fine (for a Pussy to do) but when the rest of us that did the right thing get our pay check you that did the chicken shit thing just remember you didn’t earn your pay so give it back to the tax payers!!!!

    • Yeah, right.

      And yet I bet you’ll be one of those annoying old vets that make Cashier’s cry because they didn’t get your tobbaco quick enough out of the lock box and think your entitled to everything. Shut your pie hole.

    • Major Bludd

      Hey Emmons learn how to spell! you should proof read your comments before you post them….MORON!!!!

    • chess

      Your right with the hardships, you know missing our families,wifes, and freedom isn’t hardship at all is it. And, yes I know that I signed that contact to serve our Nation but Our Nation should support troops and sailors more. And, everyone has a right to complain about not getting paid. We have to deal with this bs. We signed up to find work, not to work for free. So when you talk about hardship, when you sitting around drink your warm sweet tea. And we are out getting shot at or providing our help for nations around the world. I would like to know that I am receiving what my nation promised me is my Paycheck.

    • SMSgt Disabled

      You are truely a jackass, Look at the sacrifices that our troops are makin today, go to the rehab clinics and let them know we are not going to pay the anymore. The truely sad thing is they probably just got done watching our President on Naional TV breaking down his basketball bracket and explaining each one of his picks, pathetic!!! It is mine as well as my troops to live within their means and plan for emergencies i.e. saving leave and money for a family emergency!! Three months of savings for the average enlisted including SRNCO’s paying for college for their older kids is absurd!!! Most will have 2,3,4 thousand dollars in their account but for a E-7 to have 15-18K in the bank is about as smart as your comment!! Maybe you need to attend a current PME course, not one you completed 20 years ago!!!

    • 11b

      Hmm so if I dont get paid for 3months how do I feed my family? Your retarded. And You served since 1985 doing some bitch ass pog job join the infantry get shot at for a year then hear that you might not be able to pay rent or feed your family. I dont live above my needs and i do live pay check to pay check…but since my parents are garbage, I have a wife 3 sons and also 2 little brothers to provide for on an e-4 pay check..SAVE FOR HARD SHIP HOW YOU FUCKING IDIOT….by the way I’ve read a few people say in these forums quit whining you will be able to eat at the the dfac is funded from the BAS of soldiers living in the barracks…they dont get paid then the dfac doesn’t get funded.

  • nicole

    ………good thing professional athletes can make millions for intertainment and not have to worry about not getting paid, yet, those that serve and protect and do what half this world is aftaid to do…..may not get paid. makes sence right..

    • Jay

      hahahaha yet they fuss about not getting paid enough!!!!

    • joshua

      Yes. Because the DOD & government pays athletes… right..


    • nary

      yes , bro life is not fair , i am a soldier myself , i just can`t get it what an athletes do !!!! did he solve any problem , just jumping around like an ass ,
      and make hundreds of millions !!
      also those useless celebrities just bitching about cameras and weight and boyfriends and all kind of gay shit , still making millions !!!!!
      but let’s go to see the main cause of all that
      there is a big huge enormous corruption going on everywhere in this country , prices go high and high nobody talk , job despaired nobody says word , American people need to wake up and speak up , poverty is all over the country now , people can`t afford paying bill , while the government is brainwashing us with some illusive crap terrorism ,security , Israel Mideast bla bla bal fuck all that .
      the real terrorists are the lobbies controlling this country and stealing everything I the prostitution reached very high level even among the working women I am writing this and I am feeling tears coming out of my heart not eyes .

  • What about civilian contractors working on military installations and overseas, not carrying a WEAPON. These people are making 3 times the amount of money than the military.

    • Sean42

      During my first deployment to Iraq in ’04, we were coming in from a patrol and we passed by a guy who went around the FOB cleaning the port-a-johns and we would always joke about the high probability that this guy made more money than we did cleaning the sh****rs!! Pretty sad

      • armywife

        question….are you going to go clean the port-a-johns…???

    • guest

      I think you need to check your facts. I spent 23 years active and am a 100% disabled. I got a Government job and I am makint the same ammount as an E-$ after they get their entitlements. So when you go saying Civilians working on Military installations, overseas and not carrying a weapon make 3 time more you need to know you are sadly mistaken.

    • contractor

      I’m a contractor, I carry a weapon. We work 12 hours a day usually 7 days a week. I’ve been working in the middle east for 4 years. The pay isn’t as great as you may think there are cutbacks also most make 65k a year and if we are blown up or injured we are on our own, and many of us do get injured or killed(we don’t count in the casualties). Contracting isn’t all roses like people let you think it is.

      • E-3

        Most enlistee’s who go over there are making less then that…..much less.

    • Guest

      Those civilian molecules of garbage steal tax payers money by taking the jobs of soldiers, sailors, airmen, and marines by doing less of a job. Someone way up read this on paper and said, “Yes this looks great!” and never took into account the amount these so called experts will demand in pay, for the letters at the end of their names. Their degrees are worthless when the bullets fly. When my pay stops, I will no longer stand up to defend these slimeballs who stole our jobs. Keep complaining about mexicans stealing jobs in America, contractors are robbing the government of your tax dollars, and increasing the deficit. I’ve seen their “projects” first hand and can attest to their own lies on their reports when they sent them up to their superiors. They exaggerate impact and throw money around warzones for projects that will never be sustainable. They might as well start a bonfire with the 70 Billion dollars they waste of the budget. It actually cost less to keep up the military arsenal, and pay its service members. Do the math America. We lost this war

      • SCsoldier

        Spoken like a true jackass. A lot of the civilian contractors are military spouses. These are people that need to make a living as well. Don’t talk **** about someone because they decided to go to college and get a degree, them asking for the pay they deserve. They don’t steal money from the tax payers. They work for a living just like you and me. FYI, not all contractors work in the war zone dummy. Most of them work CONUS on a military installation. My wife works in the DEERS office, and she makes $25 more per month than i do as an E4. Thats not very much pay for someone that issues your CAC to you. The economy sucks, and you know it. These civilians are just trying to make ends meet like eveyone else.


    I think we veterans should march on washington and take back our government, and give it back to the people. Remove these Fat cats that are running the country into the ground.

    • chess

      Please do!!

      • DocAce

        Give it to whom, what people, how – take it? Have a bartender in there or a High school teacher as the speaker of the house, really? This is why we have elections, WE are responsible for putting everyone of those folks in the positions they have today, WE VOTED FOR THEM. Yes, the truth hurts but nevertheless it’s the truth. And if you do not vote don’t complain because you are part of the problem.

        Statements like the one you made are broad, it’s nothing more than an empty battle cry. This is not Libya or Egypt, we have the right and means to get rid of these people.Vote them out of office.

  • Aly

    I am guessing you have never lived the military life. And please take an English class before you get on your soap box again. There is a difference between their and they’re, please figure it out.


    If the military isn’t getting paid neither should the NFL, MOVIE STARS and everyone else making 17 billion dollars a year.

    • armywife

      back in the day an entertainer/actress was at bottom of foodchain…now there at the top..why the hell do they get paid thousands and thousands of dollars still but there cutting back our pay…telling us we cant get our annual pay raises,that we may have to fight and work for! they need to look all around and see money from all angles.

  • Karl

    Latest on the Hil has a high level Republican strategest pushing the idea that they can turn the Senate by using the military pay as a pawn. It makes sense, how can you vote against a budget, if it means not paying the military for an extended period of time.

  • retired military

    Its a shame that we the people elected these fools into congress. They wont have their pays stopped and our kids, husbands, wives, daughters who serve proudly will suffer. How can you justify sending them into harms way and tell them that they and their families wont get paid, but keep fighting for our country thats brain dead because of squabbles between parties on what to cut and what to keep. Shame on us for allowing this to happen

    • mammakitty

      I didnt vote anyone into office and my pay is on the line too! This is what I det after working and still working 32 years for the Federal Government! A
      slap in the face and the possibility of no pay! Thanks alot!

  • 19yrnav

    Undoubtedly most of you active duty folks have bills just as I do, there is a fine line between freedom of speech and munity let’s review… time of war and munity any takers? There have been multiple threats of governmental shut down in the past few years. Military spouses you will still get paid, your significant other will still show up to work and life shall go on!!!

    • retired military

      gee, so glad your not worried and so secure in your life. Others that are low ranking are in a completely different boat than you are Mr 19 yr navy. Think back to when you started out as the low ranking sailor that these kids that run your navy and try to survive with families on poverty levels of pay. Maybe you should run for congress and blend in with the rest of these dead heads running your country

    • Ann Lindholm

      Let’s hope your trust on a hot air-filled promise happens. As it stands now, if another Continuing Resolution isn’t passed or an approved budget by at least 2/3 a majority in Congress, pay will be delayed.

    • DocAce

      “let’s review” you are kidding right..

      “your significant other will still show up to work and life shall go on!!! ”

      Where do you live in fantasy land? So basically go to sleep and “hope” everything is OK in the morning.

      “Let them handle it” aye.. I bet that has been your life’s mantra!!

      Just another blind uninvolved sheep…

  • I was told that if this happens, we’ll be getting back pay to make up for the missed check. Non-essential personnel will be sent home after it’s decided who actually won’t get paid. As much as the threat of this circumstance sucks, this beats an actual layoff. After the dust settles, we’ll still have jobs to go back to. So many of our civilian counterparts can’t say the same, and they find themselves lost in a much bigger sea of uncertainty.

    Count your blessings. This could be much, much worse. And as I’m sure all military members have been briefed numerous times, whether it’s $100 or $10 from each paycheck, save SOMETHING. This is the “rainy day” that finance has always talked about.

    • retired military

      Oh my God are you completely brain dead. These service members can hardly survive on their pays for many years until they can reach a rank that will let them become more stable. What the earn as a pay in poverty level and there is nothing and I mean nothing to save especially with families to support

      • abogler

        Do you realize that the 2009/2010 poverty guideline for 1 person is $10,830 per year? An E-1 with less than 4 months service makes $16,284 per year in basic pay alone. So saying they are poverty level is a bit of an exageration.

    • SMSgt Disabled

      Really!! 10 dollars or 100 dollars a pay check for a rainey day!! We are not talking about a day!! It costs me almost 200 dollars just to feed my kids lunch at public school!! Let’s talk about the mortgage payment the government begged those of us who were able to buy to do so!!! My income is set, 100 percent disabled from combat injuries suffered after 8 years of service!! My wife is also a G-S employee, so we are lookig at no income!! We just finished the basement on our new house (not knowing this was going to happen) so we spent quite a bit of our savings!! I save for emergencies or rainey days, not rainey months after months!!

      • Demo-Cat

        With all due respect for your service, Sargeant, if you do some checking, you’d find that if you were disabled but on SSI because you never made enough, or couldn’t work and had to survive on SSI, you’d be living so far below the poverty line in any state that, after you concluded your research and saw the numbers, compared that to where you stand right now, you’d fall down on your knees and thank your God as you understand Him for the blessings and bounty in your life right now.

    • DocAce

      True that….

  • Leader101

    I don’t know about you guys but if I don’t get paid then I will moonlight so I can support my family until this crisis is over. Overcome and adapt is my motto. I do believe that we need a major overhaul in our White House. We need as the People of the United States to fired everyone of them and put someone in place that is competent and has the leadership that can put the United States back on the MAP. Our Fore Fathers is probably turning over in their graves right now because of what is going on.

  • guest


    this is stupid,we harly make it with the money that my husband got paid. and now no even that. what are you people think that we dont eat or pay bills. maybe you need to wear their shoe for awhile, and don’t get paid

    • Me

      Could you say that again in English please?

  • Veteran

    What about Retiree Pay & Disability Pay for the thousands of Veterans who have served there Contry & still gets Screwed.

    • Ann Lindholm

      It will be treated the same as the active duty military pay.

  • william moody

    this is not fair for our familys if they do this to us

  • Tony2tiger

    All of the binifits of being a service member are going away. the old army is gone and now we have to deal with this new military and all the threats of pay cuts, health care we might have to pay for (witch we pay for already)and houseing that is no longer such a great deal anymore. Its sad to see the military i grew up in and love to this day fade away into a distent memory to be called the glory days.

    • Me

      Jesus can anyone on this site type a coherent sentence? What is a “binifits” anyway? …

      • SFCB

        I agree…good grief I thought you had to graduate or have a GED to join…my 6 YO grandson can spell better than some of these folks…

        • NCO J

          y’all know what the **** he meant, try commenting on the subject at hand, and not the miss-spelling of one or two words

      • Hmmm

        Really? The potential is there for military personnel to not receive a pay check, and your big worry is grammar and spelling? It’s nice to know you have your priorities in line. Also, if you’re going criticize others for spelling and grammar, you should make sure you’re doing it right first.

  • antonio

    I see a lot of this stuff is being blocked by ads…..lolol

  • Sam

    Look there are several way we can fix the Government money issues.
    1. Take back to pay raise that congress voted for the self’s
    2. Stop paying for cost over runs and giving contractor extension. In the bidding process a time line and amount are agreed upon ENFORCE the contract agreed upon.
    3. All casinos’s regardless if on Indian land or not will pay 5% of their quarterly gross income to state and local governments, this will reduce the burden on the federal government.
    4. Stop funding studies to colleges about thing we already know, such as the impact of video game on those how play for hour on end, or how morning sex impact to people moods. Really do we need to spend millions on stupid studies about crap we already know?
    5. Stop spending so much money on prisons. Things like cable TV, gym and recreational equipment, libraries and ensure that the prisoners are comfortable. There in prison for a reason. They should not living better then someone who obeys the law and works hard every day to support a family.
    These are just 5 things that would save Billions of dollars every year.

    • dstudie

      1. I agree, get rid of the congressional pay raises. Heck, go back to the Constitution and take away Congressional salaries altogether. The crooks are already rich enough.

      2. I agree again, force these lazy criminal contractors to live up to their obligations or face stiff fines and loss of contract bidding capabilities.

      3. I disagree with the Indian casinos having to pay any taxes whatsoever. They are not Americans but members of their individual nations who owe no allegience to America at all. We have slaughtered them, forced them onto reservations, turned them into fourth class people and still we expect them to pony up. What thieves we are.

      4. I agree with this. Stop all gov’t funding of colleges whatsoever and make the students pay if they want to do a study. Or get the money from private donations.

      5. I agree here. No cable tv or gyms for prisoners. No libraries for criminals. Prisons are not club med. Break up the gangs that run the prisons.

      6. Get rid of unions. That alone would save a trillion dollars in extortion money paid to the union bosses and bring jobs back to the U.S. Unions are criminal enterprises run by criminals and anyone who supports them are aiding a criminal enterprise.

      7. The biggest thing we can do to clear up the debt is stop voting for tax and spend democrats. That would solve most of America’s fiscal problems.

    • Judy

      Good ideas Sam but toooooo simple for our Congress,Senate and President to implement..can’t confuse the citizens with straight out and simple solutions. You should run for office in your state.

    • Ann Lindholm

      Stop funding foreign projects such as remodeling mosques in the Middle East….over $6million being spent this year.

  • Herman Hill

    Our active duty military folks should NEVER (emphasis here) have to worry about not getting paid. this “continuing resolution” should never impose further hardships on them or us (retired)…but government seems to be getting harder and harder to understand. Let’s hope for the best…….

  • Jimbo

    you are a genius-perfect recitation of the rush limpballs line-the one that sends YOU down the toilet while you dance,

    • sidney

      obviously ur 1 of those progressives actively engaged along w/Obama et al to destroy this great nation.

      The Europeans are laughing at us.

      Oh and yea ur Obama et al with all his ‘UN buddies’ have nothing to say about Libya being a UN member of UN human rights group. Go figure.

      But then again, what else would 1 expect from a brain dead/communist out to destroy this great nation!

      • The Truth

        Amen Sidney!!

      • kiki

        Are you serious?! Are your ears and eyes open? The Republicans and the Tea Partiers are the ones that want this government shutdown. Whenever you say that you are going to reject whatever the president proposes, it shows me who’s best interest you have. You can not blame President Obama for the situation that we are in because he inherited it. He is trying to fix it but just like any deficit (personal or public) it takes time. COMMON SENSE!!!

        • vwilli2900

          President Obama is trying to fix the situation, but in doing so it is going to send us into the Great Depression II

          • Tiffany

            that is so true. The way Obama is trying to fix things is to print more money and he also has barrowed more money. The problem with printing the money is for the US dollar to be worth anything, we need an equal balance of whatever is coming in to be going out.

        • Dan

          Hey buddy, the Democrats should have had a budget in place from last year but chose not to because of the 2010 elections. We are going through this mess now because of them and them alone.

        • Dave

          Last time I checked, the budget was SUPPOSED to start in October. THAT Congress sported a Democrat majority in the House and a super majority in the Senate. If dems would have done their jobs back then, we wouldn’t be facing a shutdown. PERIOD.

        • Military4Life

          Sorry Kiki but he has deluded you too. The Democrats controlled the White House and the Senate when the budget needed to be passed. They defaulted and now the Republicans are holding them accountable for their stupidity. If it takes a govt shutdown to do it then all you can blame are the Democrats who FAILED to pass a single spending bill the entire year. Why did they FAIL to do so? Oh they were ramming the ObamaCare bill through the Senate.

    • sidney

      obviously ur 1 of those progressives actively engaged along w/Obama et al to destroy this great nation.

      The Europeans are laughing at us.

      Oh and yea ur Obama et al with all his ‘UN buddies’ have nothing to say about Libya being a UN member of UN human rights group. Go figure.

      But then again, what else would 1 expect from a brain dead/communist out to destroy this great nation!

      • nick hunter


  • Kenny

    Rather than our “Commanders” telling us that we need to have 3 months of savings to pay our bills, why doesn’t the government have 3 months of savings to pay us?

  • Shauna Fizer

    I am scared.. I was medevac’d from Iraq, I have a son and a husband to feed… I couldn’t get on pot housing because it was full so I was FORCED to live off post… and now you are telling me that because a group of people cannot decide on something we are screwed? I cannot believe this… I need answers not theories… I need to know that in April I will be able to feed my 19 month old son, afford diapers, and anything else he would need… My husband I just talked and we agreed that we would do ANYTHING to at least make sure he is ok… I know that this is the wrong answer but I cannot feed, house, and bathe my son in PAPER “I O U’s” Sorry congress but you need to get your act together.. Otherwise you go over there and get blown up, shot at, mistreated and did I mention there are NO SPAs overthere… Sorry to disappoint you… Wow I am trying not to panic right now… We live paycheck to paycheck… Whoever said “Save up at least 3 months pay” OBVIOUSLY is an officer who has no kids, no responsibilities and gets paid to live on post… GO SCREW YOURSELF with all due RESPECT….. A-Holes!

    • navywife2008

      I agree 100%. My husband just returned from a 7 month deployment and we have two children one is 21 months and the other is almost 8 months. I understand the panic. I’m trying my hardest not to panic as well. I dont even have the option of daycare because its so expensive, so that means no second income. I cant believe the military is getting screwed like this.

    • dkp1972

      I am not sure what you mean about officers getting paid to live on post? They get the same as enlisted a BAH allowance! your anger is towards the gov amd understandable but here you throw officers under the bus. As previously enlisted my family of four struggled, as current officers my family of four struggles and lives paycheck to paycheck. Lets stick to the gov budget problem and leave attacking officers where it belongs….nowhere. I mean if pay stops it will mean no pay for enlisted and officers we are all on the same team!

      • veteran18

        I’m not sure how you everybody that complains about deployements and not having any money. I realize the work for pay thing sucks. I was newly married with a new baby when I deployed for just six months. When I got back I had over 30K in the bank. And it stayed there until we needed it. If you don’t have any money then that is your fault that you wasted it on things you didn’t need.

      • Bethany Kovach

        With all due respect sir, officers do NOT receive the same BAH as enlisted. Here are the facts for you and also you can find the BAH Calculator at

        To be stationed in the Washington, DC area, an E-3 w/dependents receives $1779.00/ O-3 w/dependents receives $2538.00. An E-3 w/o dependents receives $1365.00/O-3 w/o dependents receives $2097.00.

        This is the fact of it….enlisted will always be struggling….

        • abogler

          No they won’t be struggling if they live within their means and don’t rent or buy something they can’t truly afford. An enlisted person was “hired” in with less than a college degree worth of education. An officer was “hired” in with a degree. Check the civilian world and people with college degrees typically outearn people without a degree also. If you don’t like how much you are getting paid then go back to school and get a degree so you can up your earning potential, whether that be in the military or in the civilian world.

          • adaf wife

            Well said. People often complain about financial situations when they put themselves in it. When my husband first joined 10 years ago we shared one car, had one cell phone, no cable, no internet, etc.. Gradually as he made rank and made more $ we added those luxuries but that’s what they are luxuries. Being able to live within our means gives me the opportunity to be a stay at home mom, and still put away savings every month.

          • AFWife

            That’s not always true. Majority of the time Officers come straight from ROTC which is why you can see a lot of 19-20 year old officers walking around. So i’m going to have to disagree with you on that and I was in the Army Reserve for almost 4 years with plenty of friends younger than me as officers coming from ROTC

          • Abogler

            I’ve never seen a 19-20 year old officer who was active duty Navy. The only ones I’ve ever seen who did not necessarily have a college degree were younger sailors who completed a specific enlisted to officer commissioning program. Maybe that’s something that’s reserve specific? They still have to complete a college degree to get commissioned. The ROTC program pays their college costs while they obtain that degree. In return they receive a commission at graduation and I believe are obligated to a specific period of service. So as far as active duty goes it seems it’s different than your experience.

      • CPL T

        I agree…I’m not sure why everyone thinks it’s so easy to be an officer and it seems on this forum everyone is lashing out at officers. Really…? Are officers the ones who are cutting our pay? No, its the government. Doesnt matter if you’re a private or a General…we’re all going to go through the same thing.

  • navywife2008

    My question is if their cutting pay and gas keeps climbing, will the service member be reprimanded because they cant show up to work??

    • abogler

      Of course! It the service member’s responsibility to notify his command if he has a problem with reporting to work because he doesn’t have gas money. His supervisor will either help him or tell him to suck it up and he will be expected to solve his own problem. If it’s gonna be that tight then maybe the service member needs to be proactive and see about carpooling with someone else.

  • Paul

    When the IRS audits you and finds that you owe money, they charge you interest from the day it was due, not when it was identified due. Will the government give me interest on the money they owe me? Maybe they can deducted the earning from each congressmen to pay the interest.

  • Ivan Cohen

    As a Vietnam Era veteran who served in the Air Force, issues like what are being discussed here never came up. When I look back on it, seems like everyone was in seperate orbits: the family & friends at home, the elected officials(oh when election time came around we were told we could apply for absentee ballots and I did) something just struck me while recollecting, I didn’t apply for one during the 1972 presidential elections because our senior NCO’s didn’t tell us about it. Incredible that the family & friends, the politicians and the military existed on the same planet.

  • guest

    Seriously-did you people even read the article? Government shutdowns have happened in the past and havn’t affected the military. Chill out and contact your representative (Rep-dem-whatever) about passing the budget. BTW-YES we’re active duty military and have survived shutdowns in the past!

    • Say what?!

      It DID happen. In the 70s they went without pay for three months.

    • tf

      Yeah back in the day when everything was cheap n not so **** expensive today!

  • jheiden

    This is the most rediclious thing i have ever herd of. It is highly doubtful they would cut military pay, only socialist would do this, and don’t get me wrong i do question our government at times, about being socialistic, but cutting a soldiers pay is basically the government saying, HEY! we don’t want to have a first line defense anymore!

  • Guest

    I understand we have two children three years of age and a three month old I’m a stay at home and our fund are the same way. I’m worried and I just feel sick to my stomach how are we suppose to provide for our family with no income. Children get sick all the time,diapers are not cheap, emergencies happen. Me and my family live in FL the rest of our family lives more than six hours away. How can they think this is right. Is anyone on the military’s side because I feel like their is no one. My husband will be deployed in August are they going to send them over seas and not pay them? I can’t figure any of this mess out.

  • Mdlooker

    I don,t think the military will need to worry about a pay cut. We just got a pay raise at the beginning of the year. What does that have anything to do with the current threat?? To me…everything!! Why give a pay raise just to cut all ties 3-4 months later?? Not hitting the common sense meter.

    Another aspect that I look at is the military contract. The military does a lot of things but breaking contracts (especially across the board) isn’t one that I’m aware of in all of my years in the military. Unlike the civilian sector that has a mutual agreement to quit or fire “at will” just doesn’t fit the military criteria.

    So in all, I believe we’ll be okay as we’re the largest employer in the nation and we’re under contract. Of course I could be totally off base with all of this but…”I’m jus sayin”

  • Mark

    People I went through this twice while I was in the service. The majority of banks will honor the fact that you bank with them. The did both times for us. All of our bills were paid and we had our pay as normal once the bill was signed. Talk to your bank or credit union and ask them what they will do for you. You will most likely get a pleasant surprise in that they say yes we will honor your debts as if a direct deposit was made on April 1st. Try not to stress out on this.

    If your check is mailed to you then that is DOD DFAS who you need to talk to.

  • Army Wife

    I hope we get paid I mean my husband and family depend on it? Why should military be the first to go unpaid I mean we dont roll in money. we barley get by as it is and I worry all the time. How will we feed our children much less pay the bills. This is rediculous my husband did time in Iraq along with alot of other who have served wether it be in desert storm or now they cant just do this to the people who have laid down their lives to give them freedom. Just pray this doesnt happen.

  • SamScout90

    One of the benefits(sp?) of being active duty military and activated guard/reservists is the fact that a land lord CANNOT evict you without a court order. If they try you can go to your legal office and they will tell the landlord to stfu until they have a court order. If they do attempt to evict you with a court order you can request the local legal system to put a stay(temporary hold) on the eviction order for a minimum of 90 days and the court has to grant it for at least those 90 days. Just something to add a bit of hope for my fellow married servicemembers who live off post in an otherwise shitty situation.

  • Meighan

    maybe the president, members of congress, and senators should stop getting a paycheck before the ones who put their lives on the line to protect this country stop receiving checks.

  • adaf wife

    How did we get this big of a deficit? Oh yeah… I remember.

  • military wife

    I think its crazy how some people in America like celebrities can get millions of dollars by making a movie that may only take 3 months to film. And yet they only have the freedom cuz our military is securing their rights. And in the end the military and their families are gonna be left struggling. Is the president still gonna get paid and everyone else in congress???

  • Say what?!

    Not true. Back in the 70s they didn’t get paid for three months.

    • foxisland2

      Could you please specify exactly what months and where in the 70’s that the military was not paid? We were active duty all through the 70’s and never missed a pay check.

  • Alex

    I told my COC that if dont get paid im not coming in or going on the deployment the 7th i love what i do but i dont do it for free i have a wife 2 car payments and other bills and i signed a contract that says i get paid every 1st and 15th so if i dont get paid that is a breech in my contract and they can discharge me honorably and ill collect un-employment

    • Signal Army

      I am with you on this. I know a large number of other soldiers that will not show up for work nor will they deploy should they not get paid.

  • grr

    I know, right?
    And we’re out here in Guam where unless you have brown skin you will NOT be hired for a job. Even the base places hire mostly locals. So we’ll be screwed. I don’t know why people keep saying this can’t happen, it DID Happen in the 70s and they went out pay for three months. Sure, they probably got it back but bills pile up and won’t wait. You can’t go without food and paying bills for three months with no consequences. We were told it’s in our husband’s contract to technicly work for free.

  • usmckim

    I called my senator to find out if the military would be getting paid as I have a daughter and son in law in the Navy. The military liaison called me back and said that the military would get their pay. Under Clinton I guess they didn’t get it but she said they are exempt. Also I have a son who is using his GI Bill and is a disabled Iraqi vet. He has no need to worry either she said. Sherron Brown (D-OH) is my senator. Hope that helps answer some questions..

    • Not so sure.

      I don’t think even the people you talked to know for sure, because there is such conflicting reports. Our commanding officers (mine and my friends in Virginia and San Diego) all told us this is a very real possibility and that it DID happen back in the 70s or 80s for a few months so to be prepared. (As if there is time?!). Everyone is technicly supposed to always have three months pay saved up but I honestly don’t know many people that can actually afford to do that. Mainly the younger sailors with no family or car payments.

  • Guest101

    I dont know about you, but when I joined the military 7 years ago expect money on my checking account twice a month. i dont work for free!!! NO MONEY NO WORK!!! Especially if im putting my life on the line in afghan, you guys are smoking crack

  • rebecca

    If this does happen and the military does not get their paychecks, they will still receive back pay. So they are getting paid for their duties, just later then usually receive it. And for the people that haven’t been able to save, they have so much to worry about; late rent that adds up late charges, utility bills that gets shut off (some do not let you keep it on and make payment arrangements, they will just shut you off), cell phones or house phones getting shut off (no contact with soldier during deployment), etc. However, a landlord can’t evict if a solder is late, car loans can’t take vehicle without taking them to court, etc. There are laws that prevent certain things but not the small ones. My husband is a soldier and if it happens, then so be it. You can’t stop them by complaining about it. But I don’t think it will happen. But if it does, I am prepared for it.

    • Christina Torrence

      I completely agree with you Rebecca. I mentioned back pay in my post, and you are completely right. There are laws that protect us. It would take a lot more than one missed payment for them to evict people or take their cars away!

    • Cristy

      It will take longer than being behind 1 month on bills for things to get turned off, ect. As long as one has been responsible and isn’t late already (which would be own fault, not the govt) then they’d be fine once the money comes in. Thankfully, we chose to put a lot of our tax return into savings and not blow it on crap so we’d be fine for gas and groc as long as we get paid within a month.

    • Kevin

      Some of what you’re saying has merit. However, no additonal burden should be placed on servicemembers even if they haven’t saved like they should. I’m active duty and have money saved so I’m not concerned about myself. For others that may not be the case which is fine. Everyone has their own situation. The issue here is that we signed contracts and are SUPPOSED to get paid. Yes, complaining about it doesn’t help but neither does you acting like you more wise than people giving advice. It’s even more insulting since you are affected but not the person it is actually happening to. You’re a spouse, not one of us actually doing the work and serving our country.

      • USMC_CT

        Well the thing is that I’m a Cpl in the MC and I agree with Rebecca. I say too that we will receive back pay, talk to you banks, lenders, etc., and tell them the situation, have a plan, but don’t let this bring you down. We will all get past this. No one is trying to act more wise than the other. Some just choose to look at the glass as half full i suppose.

  • air force wife

    People on welfare get money, they get food stamps, government money and active duty members that risk their lives for the united states are not getting paid!!!! are you kidding me??? that’s ridiculous…….

  • JANE

    I am sick to my stomach on this whole situation! my Husband is active duty and i am a full time student and mother and our bills depend on his pay checks. How will we go with out a pay check? how do we eat pay our bills our mortgage WTF are we suppose to do? we will definitely not be reenlisting! this is not ok!

  • Mike

    for one officers make more as a baptism than a e-9 which would save the gov money. So officers do make way much for what they are worth! And let face it there are far to many officers that are in made up jobs than there are enlisted that get the job done! If you sh*t can some of them that would be alot more money to build the enlisted manning back up. Bit more to the point I think we should pay these stupid politicians the same wages as enlisted folks and then put them through the stresses we deal with and put them in a fire fight and let them see if they would want to stop pay then? Or how about take away all there benifits and watch them whine like a bunch of babies! And for someone to say save 3 months pay to the enlisted (mid/lower) force, that is just retarded! Do we live in trailers off base?? No we have bills to so what’s left after all that? Then with the morons that make gas prices cause we have cars and trucks too. Then grocery shopping? We live paycheck to paycheck! Ormay e on a really tightsavings with no spending $500

    • Blah.

      Once we’re done with this crap, we’re going coast guard. If it’s not worrying about getting paid, it’s worrying that despite the fact that you were sailor of the year, are a first class and work very hard, your PTS won’t get picked up. So tired of it.

  • Christina

    If we don’t get paid, then we will get back paid eventually. I’m sure if we all talked to our banks whom we have car loans, home loans, etc., with that they will be lenient and understanding. We’re all in the same situation but complaining about it isn’t going to get us anywhere. We should all be thankful that we are capable of having such a good job and knowing that we are going to get a paycheck twice a month. So maybe we won’t this time. Just know that there are people in this world who would kill to be in our positions, but instead we’re complaining over possibly not getting paid once. I’m sure we’ve all been through worse hardships than this. I know I have. So it’s time to suck it up. Yes, it would have been nice to know ahead of time so that you could all save a little extra money, but at the same time shouldn’t we already have money saved up? hmmm.

    Cpl Torrence, Christina USMC

  • rebecca

    People do live paycheck to paycheck and is unable to save. But what about the tax refund everyone receives? Especially the ones that have children. If you can’t save during the year, the refund should be a great time to put some of it in a savings account in case things like this happen. But this is just a possiblity. What are you going to do when they start cutting soldiers? You always should have a backup plan when you are in the military because anything can happen. But it isn’t like they are not going to get paid. If it happens it will just get delayed. Once you get that back pay, put it back in the savings. My husband has to take classes every year concerning budgeting. They are not making your soldiers attend to not bring it home but to help and use the information that they receive. The military prepares us for stuff like this. Really, they are warning us ahead of time. There are always obstacles to face while in the military and you just have to suck it up or get out.

    • Cristy

      Agreed! We put a lot into savings from taxes instead of using it for crap. Glad we’re ready!

    • Blah.

      Most people got their tax return way back in January and had to use it to catch up on bills. It’s long gone for most.

    • jamie

      and everyone things all that money they have saved up is going to last them um think again. with gas prices going up to almost 5 dollars a gallon your not going to have any left. and for the taxs refund people us that money to pay bills and get stuff for say on a new baby they might be having or an emergancy with the car comes up. come on be real here the only way to have tons and tons of money saved up is if you get paid decent amount of money. the military gets paid below povertiy level anyway. but yet every expect us to have thousands of dollars saved. um I dont think so.

    • Sally

      “But what about the tax refund everyone receives?” Not everyone gets a refund. We try to estimate ours as close as possible.
      My husband has 27 years in the military, and I am concerned about when we will be paid again. We transferred to Alaska in October, with no notice, and I am still looking for a job, so we are living on his salary and my unemployment checks. Fortunately, we do have some money saved, so we should be ok, as long as this doesn’t drag out too long.
      Best advise I can offer, survive this hardship and learn from it. Learn to live on LESS than you make. Develop the mentality that revolving credit card debt is your enemy (notice that I didn’t say credit card companies). Possibly, the most important, even if you only start with $5 a paycheck, start saving something! Once you are used to saving $5, make it $10. When you get that increase in January, make it $11. Call it “retirement money”, call it your “rainy day fund”, whatever it takes to put something aside.

  • ArmySpecialist

    Did none of you read the article? You will get paid on the 1st, there is money, its all tied up until they reach an agreement on the budget… I’m active duty army, I keep up on this stuff, so should all you… rather than freaking out for no reason.

    • MarineMom

      I spoke to my daughter in the Marines last night, and they are NOT getting paid on the 1st of April.

      • jodie

        It is in the news that they will be paid on the 1st, my grandson(who is 4 and lives with me) mother is in the Army will get paid, on the 1st.

        Read about it. because we have her pay child support through automatic deposit unless she changes something herself it will be there.

      • marinefam#1

        Marines and all military will be getting paid on the first. HQ Marine Corps would not lie about it.

      • marinewfe6

        they are getting paid the 1st of april. the bill doesnt close till april 8. it might affect the apr 15 paycheck

  • Carter

    CPL Torrence,

    With the current condition of our economy, do you honestly think that banks, landlords, loan companies, etc. are going to extend any special consideration to you? I’m sure there will be a few exceptions, but for the majority, all these companies/individuals will hear is “I will not be paying you the money that I owe you on time”. It’s sad to say, but business is business. In turn, this is how we should be approaching this situation. Our employers are not paying us our due earnings on time. Yes, we are blessed to have gainful employment. But ask anyone who is unemployed right now if they would be willing to work without being compensated? Of course not! I admire your commitment to your government and your service, but beware of blind devotion. Even considering just the principle of the matter; it is immoral and unethical to not pay your employee what they have worked for, especially when it’s caused by your own faulty planning and logistics. (Continued on next post)

  • Carter

    (Cont) Again, I agree with you in that members should be saving up. That being said, I also know that there are single fathers and mothers out there supporting children or their families on one income. These circumstances make it very difficult and, at times, impossible to put away any substantial amount of money. If this rumor turns out to be true, this will greatly hurt many good, hard-working members. This entire situation is an insult to the effort, work, drive and sacrifices that our servicemembers put forth day in and day out.

    “It is the Coast Guard’s policy to provide each member of the Coast Guard with prompt and accurate pay service at all times.” – Coast Guard Pay Manual

    – Petty Officer Carter, USCG

    • Blah.

      That is why we are switching over to CG.

      • Carter


        The CG is being just as affected by this news as the rest of the armed forces are. Just a heads-up.

        • Rick

          They get their money from different sources, they are fine.

          • Philip

            Yeah, they get their money from homeland security, they won’t be effected. They don’t get dicked around as much as the rest of the branches do.

    • Christina

      Yes i honestly do think that they would give special consideration to me. I’m not worried about that at all. I’m a responsible young adult who has built a good reputation with my lendors. Trust me, I am not blindsided by the government or the military…hence me getting out once I get back from this deployment, BUT after constantly hearing nothing but *itching and complaining I figure it is just easier to look at the glass as being half full.

  • I have to agree that it is totally outrageous not to pay the military in a government shut down. Think about it, if all the soilder’s just decided they were not going to work because they didn’t get paid. Then we would have no protection for our country, and that would be the time some other country would decide to invade. Then maybe the government would realize that they made a HUGE mistake. My husband is putting his life on the line everyday to defend their rights to take his pay? Please I think its time that we as a people wake up and take back our country. We need to put our foot down and let our government know that we will not stand for this kind of treatment.

  • USNavalVet

    Armyscout42 – You spelled Islamist, austracized and uconstitutional wrong I think you mean Islamism, ostracized, and unconstitutional. Can you also cite what portion of “Obama care” is not compliant with the United States Constitution?
    I do recall Article 1 Section 8 of the United States Constitution where it states, “The Congress shall have Power …. To make all Laws which shall be necessary and proper for carrying into Execution the foregoing Powers, and all other Powers vested by this Constitution in the Government of the United States, or in any Department or Officer thereof. ”
    I will translate that for those people like you who are unfamiliar with how things work. It basically says that Congress makes the laws not the President. Meaning as you so put it “Obama Care” could not have been created or passed without Congress.

    • AFgirl12

      Tell the racist idiot the truth. Why cite something that is unconstitutional and 1) person couldn’t spell it and 2) congress has the ability to pass it in the first place.
      This Army scout character needs to get a clue.

    • jack

      Keep in mind that the Constitution gives Congress the authority to pass laws which are within the purview of Constitutional authority. when they over step that boundary our Supreme court was designed to rein them back in. Over the years we the citizens of this nation have allowed congress to control too many things which it has no constitutional, legal authority to legislate. Shame on us!

      Also, remember that the president of the United States has the ability, limited though it may be, to temporarily bypass Congress through the use of Executive orders.

      And as a final clarification, Obamacare could not have passed without a congress controlled by liberal and progressive minded democrats! Shame on them. We are all about to pay the piper for all their socialistic spending!

      • vwilli2900

        My Vote goes to you! I blame them ALL

      • ARMYmomARNGvet

        As the old say goes”Shit rolls down hill”. Those of us at the bottom are gonna feel the impact harder and as you just said: Pay the Piper. You are 100% correct that they are ALL to blame and the presidents are the ones we blame, but we vote in Congress just as well, so I guess WE should be looking in the mirror and start making our Congress answer to us voters. WE have the power but WE choose not to do or say anything to the ones that need it said to: CONGRESS

  • cbsep20

    A military force that isn’t paid is known as guerillas. The military has weapons. It would be very unwise to not pay them. Just saying.

  • Hunter

    so what about national guard?

    • 101st Air Assualt

      It is apart of the military, If you’ve forgotten?

  • Kate

    Does my husband have to go to work if he’s nit getting paid? I’d say no.

    • USMC_CT

      Yes because there will be back pay.

  • Megan

    My husband is deployed and if this happens they better bring him home or people will have hell I’m not happy with this at all

  • Doug

    I bet the Lawyers inn the House and Senate will be EXEMT and get their pay. Again SCREW the GI.

  • sickofit

    I just think this is stupid as heck.. i bet their pay checks wont stop so it easy to say we will stop everyone else’s.. if you look at it if it wasn’t for the men and women who serve this country they wouldn’t have a pay check.. so this is just dumb.. bring back the old army and let this new army filled with nothing but politics over this..

  • Caridad

    Every Body was in a rant about Egypt protesting about the President and they wanted a change If America would just stand up for what we want all this wouldnt happen Im just saying

  • Dallas

    What would you expect from your C-i-C, a decision? He is too busy playing golf, yucking it up with entertainers and other celebrities, and making sports predictions. What more do you expect from the guy? Geeeeezs!!!

  • Anne

    I think they need to stop all the bigs wigs pay and see how they like that

    • phyllis

      They already have their nest egg.

    • Hoorah

      I agree, i havent gone thru basic training yet. Im enlsited non active in the U.S.A.F. It has never been about the $ or the education or travel for me. Those have always been just a plus. I think all this conflict that is happening now between dif countries the last thing we need to wry about is wiether or not were going to get our pay and all. the gvt shud wry about somthing more important. I feel like its a huge disaadvantage to those who serve proudly (especially in combat zone) 2 reicieve what they earn :)

      • JD

        you feel like it’s a huge DISADVANTAGE for people serving in a combat zone to receive what they earn!? what is wrong with you!? put down the ******* crack pipe, you’re headed to the ever so tough air force basic training soon you stupid *****! it’s the LEAST the government can do to GIVE those serving, especially in a combat zone, what they EARN! they EARNED IT! they DESERVE IT! and if by some miracle you meant ADVANTAGE, then do a quick read through of what you type from now on *******!

        • whitepeopleforpeace

          You JD, are the reason your country is being flushed down the toilet.

          • robert

            Let me ask you something, have u ever been in a danger zone? have u ever been in irak? or even kuwait? if you dont know what is really happening up there, then shut the **** UP YOU PIECE OF ****! educate yourself and ****en love your country and the people who give their life every****en to protect ungrateful people like you!

          • whitepeopleforpeace

            Maybe you should read everything I say robert. I have been to IRAQ, no k mate, and it was to help the regular people like yourself and I. You don’t know what’s going on there, I’ve seen your news, they never report on it. I AM NOT AMERICAN. And by the way, my mate from the states was deployed to kuwait. nothing bloody happens there. Yes, you are paying taxes for your soilders in kuwait to do not much at all. Quite funny hey?

            Educate yourself robert…or roberto..I’m not too sure since your country is focused on wars they don’t need to be dealing with rather than protecting their own borders. Continue acting like you are the greatest country, that will always be filled with big headed ignorant people, while the rest of the world will continue knowing the truth.

    • rafa

      I agree on that let the big wigs suffer instead the people , Ita crazy that the man who been fighting the wars and the one who fights it now have to suffer.

  • Jessica

    this is whats messed up… they said it affects th commassary and hey would fire the civilian employees just t put soliders in their place whatthe hell is the point of tha if we dont have a paycheck to pay for the crap anyways??? we are luckey to live on post but what about he poeple who live off post… and ho re w EXPECTED to show up for work if e dont have money to purchace gas for our cars to get to work.. what about the kids dr appointments….and what about our co-pay on dental that we have topay for in order to get our mouths fixed i know just between my kids nd me and the work we are spouse to get on our mouths in the next two months cost us a little under 1k between the 3 of us and thats our co-pay cost. also we get food stamps every month and still come out o pocket to buy food. we have 7 people in or house and you expect us to save up money. ya your dreaming there.

  • jessica

    between food, cleaning supplies, dishwasher soap laundry soap, shampoo, tooth paste, and diappers and wipes an gas and insurance for our cars and we have like 30 bucks left over after each payday you think we can just up and save half our pay check… you sure do expect our guys t give more then 110% with the pay you already give them whch is crap expecially for their line of work and hours they have to wok and the danger zones they go into. tell me would you want to do what they do while you just sit on your butt shoot what we make in a year you make in a month and you say you have the hard job…hardes job next to being a solider is being their spousean having to hol down the fort and be mommy and daddy and bill payer and shopper and teacher and councler we do it all and have to take leave and seperation from our spouse and we dont get paid for it….Can you just say WOW



  • guest71

    I was on active duty in the 1970’s and I don’t remember not getting paid for 3 months! I think I would remember something like that.
    All of you on active duty need to read the back of your enlistment contracts before you make rash statements about “no pay, no work.” You might be in for a surprise. Please don’t blame the Republicans. The Democrats controlled both the House and the Senate as well as the Presidency all during 2010. The fiscal year is 1 Oct – 30 Sept every year so they know when the budget is due. They just didn’t bother to do it the same as every other year. We have survived on continuing resolutions for the first few months of every year for a long time. Think what would happen if you did your job that way!!

  • foxisland2

    I can’t believe that so many here are so fearful. There are a lot of things to be concerned about – never-ending wars, ‘class warfare’ where the rich have declared war on the rest of us and are winning (thus all the talk about ‘deficits’ and ‘debt’ where their solutions are to break the contract they have made with military members by cutting Tri-care, Retirement, and other promised benefits. So many don’t seem to check to see what really is going on. They rush to find someone to blame – the President, ‘liberals’, ‘leftists’, and all the other villians described by the propagandists without seeming to even know what they read or what these things really mean! My God, have our military members who see themselves as the ‘free and the brave’ become a bunch who are scared of their shadows? Listen up! Check multiple sources for your information, think for yourselves because the best way to ease your fears is to know the facts and use common sense to deal with events.

    • Blah.

      We’re fearful because our commanding officers are telling us to be. Our bosses are telling us to be. If we can’t trust our commanding officers to give us accurate information where in the heck are we supposed to get this knowledge, pray tell?

      • foxisland2

        Blah, I am reading here that others are also recieving this misinformation from their commanders. Since I can’t know first hand, I can only conclude that either the commanders are misinformed and haven’t been doing their duty to inform their troops of the facts or that the troops are jumping to conclusions when a commander makes a very common sense suggestion that EVERYONE should always try to have a modest amount set aside for emergencies.

        • foxisland2

          cont….The other thing that bothers me is the rumor that military members haven’t been paid in other government shutdowns – it just isn’t so. The longest shutdown was when Newt Gingrich and the Republicans shut it down for a total of 21 days in 1995-1996 budget year. Several thousand civilian employees were furloughed for a few days, but they were all paid. All military, retirement, and VA benifits were uninterrupted. I am afraid that the troops are once again being manipulated for political and ideological purposes by trying to make them think that certain groups are anti-military. Troops, ABSOLUTELY! Policy, NOT SO MUCH!

  • Ashley P

    people of congress don’t get paid very much so in response to the comment made about the pay raise they voted on for themselves probably has something to do with the white-collar crimes wall street has committed and continues to commit which leads to cooperation’s that originally funded politician’s campaigns are being greedy and unwilling to do so unless it will directly benefit themselves. I know that it has always been like that but I feel it will be so even more now that we are in this financial crisis. The scary thing is the economic polarity this is creating and the fact that white-collar criminals continue to be unpunished for their crimes making it an ongoing epidemic. So I feel that a congressional pay raise is a good thing so that campaigners can fund themselves which can lead to new politicians with new ideas and an awareness of the problems middle/lower-class Americans are being faced with. Also, regarding the comment made about cutting funds to prisons, most of the prisons in the united states are privately owned and used as slave-labor organizations. This is a direct result of “the war on drugs.” Companies create prisons so their prisoners can perform cheap labor on high profit projects that make privately owned prison owners very wealthy as well as the corrupt judicial system placing petty drug offenders in their prisons. My answer to this is that we should vote for public servants propagandizing a cut to the “drug-war” budget or public officials who are for more power to state governments over the federal government who should be concerned with other issues.

    • Ashley P

      just to clarify, our state’s criminal justice agencies receive hundreds of billions of dollars toward “the war on drugs” so that petty offenders are punished by incarceration. Anyone else see a sick connection here? Anyway, I feel that this fund is where budgets need to be cut over any other, including wall street bail outs…

  • NamVet 60-75

    In the event a shutdown stops any pay, active,retired or even civil service. I would envision a protest similiar to Tunisia,Egypt, Libya. Since we don’t have a single person, ALL incumbent office holders should be booted and run for election.

  • USAFR Wife

    We found out when we got a phone call from my husband’s reserve unit to alert him to not come in for his reserve weekend in March because there is no money to pay them. What is wrong with our Government that it can strap the military with decisions that are both not good for the military and devistating for military families who depend on their paychecks? What is right about this action? Nothing in my opinion! We need the military to be able to do their jobs and we, as a family, need the government to not hinder our family and many other military families from getting their paychecks!!!!!!!



      • NorCalJB

        I think it’s ridiculous. This government does not represent the American people. Slowly but surely our government has been taken over. The two party system we now have is a joke. I hope that when the shit hits the fan, and it’s about to, that military members and families will join in defense of our country, here on home soil against this domestic enemy that has taken control. It will not be long before this government tries to disarm all the state militia’s and that is not going to be an option. There will be a fight to defend our freedom. State militia’s are in place to and will defend our rights given to us by the original constitution that created this country. Side note, I do not recall congress voting on a declaration of war against Libya! So why are we preparing for and probably already engaging in acts of war in and against this country. We don’t have the money and don’t need to risk more lives in a country that does not threaten our country no matter which side is in control It may be a sad situation, but it does not concern us as a country. I could care less about a UN agreement, we should have done what China and Russia did and not vote at all because it does not concern us. Instead, this out of control government, Bush or Obama, both puppets, are using any and all reasons to spread the BS empire type government.

  • T Workman

    I retired in 1985 and the shutdown did not effect my retirement check. The fact that social security collects 2.365 trillion a year and only pays out 1/2 a trillion our Social security should not be effected as well

    • jeffe

      What will happen is the office that pays out the Social Security checks will be shut down so there will be NO social Security checks or Medicare checks.

      This is a Power grab by the republicans to pass some radical law that will harm many Americans — they want to Slash Public Education while start a voucher system so the taxpayers pay for the rich kids to go to private schools. they want to end the EPA and FDA and many other regulations that protect us. They want to Privatize both Social Security and Medicare.

      They have not shown what they are going to blackmail the Dems into voting for but they will shut down the government to get one or more of their agenda voted on and passed — none of it good for the American People

  • nonameplease

    Want to see a REAL march on DC????? Don’t pay the military spouses trying to deal with the “day to day” issues while their spouses are DEPLOYED?????

  • PFC Doe. John

    I am 19, In te United States Army. I have been in for less than a year and I am about to deploy. If the government thinks they can deploy me and my fellow soldiers without paying our dues, they jar another thing coming. The worlds most powerful strike along with the highest AWOL rate ever imaginable. No disrespect, but I don’t know a single soldier who is in the service to “support our country”, they are in to “support themselves”. If I don’t get my check, I am my going to the sandbox..

    • Adam D.

      That is short sighted. I for one do not need the military and I do it for service of my country. I took an oath and if your willing to go back on your word perhaps you should not be deployed as you cannot be trusted.

      • Gorillasmash

        The army pays us for what we do, as they are under contract. I am a patriot, and I have a family to support. If they will break contract and not pay me , I will sit at home with my family and try to deal with the stress of how we will pay rent/car note ect. If this makes me untrustworthy in your eyes, so be it, but you’re an idiot for thinking this.

        No one works for free, not even soldiers.

        • GetReal

          You are sadly mistaken if you think your contract says anything about pay. Read the thing again. It is sad that they can do things like this to us, but they can. Good luck with that “breech of contract” thing. You will be left charged with AWOL and don’t expect that you will get a general discharge, this is not always the case. As far as your bills & things; if you weren’t living outside your means, then you would be able to at least buy yourself & dependents food. Your creditors will work with you on deferments of your payments. Believe it or not, most companies are willing to work with you if you had made an effort in the past. They will pay us, however, the question will be when if this fails.

      • tee

        Well thas good for u…I agree wit the 19yr old…nobody is in it really to service their country more service their family my husband and my brother are newbies in the army and they BOTH joined to make a better life for their family so…U and the 3 other soldiers that arent in for the money and opportunity..when they stop paying have fun fighting the war alone.

      • J. Brown

        I WANT to serve my country. I have since I was 5. I love it with all my heart. and even if they did not pay, I would still do it.

    • NorCalJB

      I went AWOL a few years ago, turned myself in and still got a general under honorable discharge. I believe the way our government has been taken over by the current parties has affected our military deeply. Our military is not for deployment overseas to fight battles that we don’t belong in, it is to protect our rights and freedoms at home, to protect our families from enemies foreign and DOMESTIC. All military members that are having second thoughts about our current government leaders need to unlist from the active federal military and return home and join their state militia. State militia’s are not like portrayed be a few radical groups. Any race can join, as well as women. They are in place to protect the constitution and the freedoms that were given to us. Real state militia’s are defensive and not pro active as a group in protests. Individuals can protest if they choose. All training and activities of the state militia’s are voluntary and never required.

    • Sgt. Pride

      If that’s the way u think, maybe u should go AWOL now. We don’t need soldiers like u.

    • R. Quintanilla

      Speak for yourself Adam…obviously u know nothing of service to country. if you joined for money find another occupation! You are a liability the United States Armed Forces needs no part of…The price for freedom of speech. You should be shoot ahead of deserting! you call yourself an American…you should be ashamed…

      I am a retired Army and Air Force non voting citizen of U.S. fro the Territory of Guam.. I can see that you are spoiled by our sacrifices.

    • Nguyen

      You sound like such an idiot. You shouldn’t even have the privlage to be in the service or represent American Service Members over seas. I see u doing very well in the service… Ha ha LMAO. loser!

  • Chris

    Really? go somewhere else you racist fuck

  • Shannon M

    So many people are asking, Im asking. What the hell would I do? I deploy in 4 months. The Marines dont get much say so in anything if youre lower than an E6 so Im screwed if they do take my pay but I’ll tell you this, Take my money for the freedom I give everyone who really could care less about it and they can fight this war because I will not watch them break me and my Marines down over some bullshit that the govt cant come up with money! Stop supporting all the other countries and we’d have some money for our own! UA, whatever it may be, I will not risk my life in a country like Afghanistan if the fed’s don’t do theyre jobs!

    • Shut up and fight

      Hey Marine… get out! Give back your eagle globe and anchor. NOW! Terrible. Marines for over 200 years have fought literally for food and you’re complaining because you “might” have to go a few weeks without pay. Save money next time. Your job is to sacrifice EVERYTHING for your fellow Marines, not to be a coward! You’d better check your azimuth. You’re a d*mn Marine. Act like one.

      • Aaron

        Hey NUMBNUTS- shut your suck! Maybe this guy has a family that depends oh him stupid! Maybe you should act like a Marine and offer to help your brother out.. I don’t care what rank you are- marines take care of marines. The ony real thing worth fighting for over there is the one on the right and the one on the left (and I am not talking about your nuts). Right now we are fighting for people that don’t give a #$^& about the quality of their own country an life (hence the reason they live I poverty).
        We live in a timewhere the real war is fighting financiual battles in our own country. Before you tear that devildog down maybe you need to think about the possibility that if the government can’t pay its men and women in uniform then they are in much worse shape then america can fix by taking pay for a few months. Maybe taking from some of these sleazy congressman and politicians pay woud be better- after all do you think they know the best way to fight our battles over there from behind their desks? C’mon Marine you suck it up- don’t sit there and pretend like you are tough when you know
        Its ********- I have been a marine for a very long time and I am a proud leader and I take care of my own no matter how little I have to give. I have a hard time believing that this don’t **** you off as well.

  • Hector

    Everything is going to be fine , no need to worry

    • outofworkreservist

      That is easy for you to say, Hector, when you are not the one losing money for work you were supposed to do this weekend and then have to tell your wife that you can’t pay bills like utilities due to having lost your reserve pay which is almost $500 a month. Do you really think it is going to be OK? How? You want to talk to my wife?

    • katherine

      How do you kbnow every thing is going to be alright??????????????????????????????????

  • Ssg h

    Hey PFC doe. Put a sock in it you took the oath. An in the oath there was nothing about you getting paid. So show some pride in your uniform or cause if you are in the military for the money you are in it for the wrong reason

    • Shut up and fight

      You got it SSG H. PFC Douche needs to rethink his oath. Of course I blame his worthless parents for not teaching him that to have freedom, you have to work hard and protect the things that you care about with your life. If you think that fighting in the middle east DOESN’T effect our freedom, you’re an idiot. Does the oil help? Yeah, sure it does. But in what war did we fight purely in defense of our nation? ONE! And we weren’t even a full fledged nation until we won it… I don’t hear you bitching about the civil war, which was ALL about trade and money. Slavery was a side issue (albeit a very important one) but the money grubbers in the north and the south were quibbling over washingtons, just like they always have. Pick up your rifle and shut your whiney little childish mouth.

      We WILL deploy you and you’ll go or your disrespect every living and passed soldier, sailor airman and Marine to wear that uniform that we ALLOW you to wear. Pay YOUR own dues before you bitch and whine.

      SEMPER FI!

      • Aaron

        C’mon- worthless parents? You are pathetic.. You ought to shake that PFC’s parents hands- their son or daughter even bothered to join.. Knock off your tough marine act- wat did you just get out of boot camp or something? *** are wi fighting for over there? We are all over afghanistan but why are we not looking for Osama? Instead we are building a democracy? Did we forget the mastermind behind 911? So go pick onthat poor PFC if it gets your rocks off- heshe is just doing what they are told cause they have no say and pay is the very least we can do for them- besides they do the work thatsheds the most blood anyways. I ought to slap your parents for the **** poor job they did raising you marine! All the money in the world can’t buy back a life…

    • SSgt JL

      You are right, its not in the oath, however it is in your contract so before you can someone soldier, atleast do your homework and look at both sides of the picture, let’s see how long you would serve without getting paid! It would be asinine!

      • Shut up and fight

        Talk about homework, when’s the last time you didn’t get paid? Every time we’ve shutdown NON-ESSENTIAL branches of government, which is what’s at stake, the military still gets paid. I’d serve until they tell me not to. Oh, and it’s called “back pay”. I’ll get mine in the end, but only if I give them theirs. Contract? Since when did the Corps care what they put in your contract? Nice try!

    • SFC

      What you said is a bunch of bull****, without that young Jo you would be nothing, when I joined 16 years ago it was for pride. After being deployed several times and only with my daughter for 3 out of her 10 year life stuff changes. We have soldiers and us as NCO’s must support our soldiers. So if you are on him about not saving money and you make twice if not three times as much as him, why don’t your sorry ass come out of your pocket to help support his family.

  • sealedmerc


  • J

    Yes it would be nice to get pd over other countries but this is just showing everyones true colors This iS just sad to read! John if u just joined 1year ago you should remember that oath and contract you signed. Yes I love getting that paycheck don’t get me wrong but look at all of these comments. Con grads we all get pd for atleast another 90 days….

  • rudy ray

    this article is ridiculous. the writing is fanning the flames of the ignorant and those looking for a reason to spew hate. this is a shame

    • foxisland2

      Rudy, Right on!

  • Marine corporal

    I like countless others gave an oath to fight for my country and its freedoms. The freedoms that allow my family to live happily by working hard and making ends meat. How ever were a family of one income and a no pay shutdown would throw everything out of wack for us. Bills don’t wait and either does rent and groceries so if this does happen I will have to do what ever is necessary to provide for my wife and son no matter what that might be. Im all about supporting what you fight for but this pushes the limits

  • Richard

    You Idiot’s The Republican party is trying to stop a medical plan that if you don’t have insurance the government is going to fine you, do you really think that is what you want to do, I don’t, The Rebublicans are also trying to stop all of the spending that the DEMOCRATS, the party that you voted for “IDIOTS” have been spending. If it does’nt stop the tax payers will continue to have taxes keep going up, Wake up to what the so called PRESIDENT has been saying about our country, our fore fathers would be turning over in there graves if they saw what this country has come to. PROUD TO HAVE SERVED THIS COUNTRY, but if it keeps going like this what will our country be like in the next coming years????????

    • sealedmerc

      couldn’t agree more

    • mario

      “If it does’nt stop the tax payers will continue to have taxes keep going up, ”

      Considering taxes have only gone down for the last 10+ years. Wouldn’t you want things to stay the way they are?

    • jeffe

      Richard —
      First off we have a 14 trillion dollar deficit and 13 trillion of that was put there by REGAN, BUSH sr and BUSH Jr YOU can google it if you do not want to hear the truth.
      Second the current deficits is being caused by 3 things the BUSH TAX CUTS for those in the upper 1% —- Medicare part D a 4 trillion dollar give away by BUSH jr to big PHARMA and not FUNDED but now on the budget
      Third thing is the BUSH wars NOT FUNDED but now on the Budget.
      That represents 84% of the current deficits.
      Two things that need to be done to end this is number one END the BUSH TAX CUTS for the Upper 1% number two end the loop holes that allowed the top 140 earning companies not to pay a dime in taxes.
      That should be done by cutting the corporate tax rate from 30+ % down to 12% and then taking all the loopholes out.

      The health care thing can be modified if both parties would work together and Some Progressive States can OPT out and start and Single Payer Health Plan (that is the real reason that the Republicans are going after the health care system is to get that OPTION out of the bill)

      Look at what the republicans are trying to do before you rant about Liberals — they want to end the EPA and FDA and many other regulations that protect Americans.

      They want to slash public education and start a voucher system so taxpayers will now fund the rich kids to go to private schools while the poor have no schools at all.

      They want to end MIN WAGE and the right to collective bargaining therefore turning this country into a third world country. Along that lines they want to end all workers rights and safety in the work place.

      They want to end freedom of information on the INTERNET and start charging extra for what is now free and limit what you can access (they want CHINA version where government watches everything you do)

      They want to Privatize Social Security and Medicare which would be a disaster for all seniors. If you listen to Fox News and Rush L and the talking heads they will tell you Social Security is causing the deficits.
      That is a LIE big time — Social Security has a 3 trillion dollar surplus
      and has nothing to do with the BUDGET or deficits

      None of these are good for our country so be careful of what you ask for
      I am a Viet Nam Vet and spent 17 years in the Republican party and work for the Chamber of Commerce for 5 years
      Please Research everything from both sides and LOOK at what they are DOING not at what they are telling you on FOX and Rush

  • 101st Air assualt

    Please just keep a cool head in situations like this, We don’t have confirmation of this actually gonna happen.. Even if it does you will endure it and figure out how to survive it we are “America” people. Think creative and out the box to make income if uncle sam won’t.

    An P.S some of yall need to retake english, It made my face cringe reading some of the comments not adding the ignorance.

    • Tyler

      Finally someone has said what I was thinking… Grammar on all of these comments is atrocious.
      P.s. This is what happens when our own spending( Americans) is cut back now farther and farther into schools for American children.

    • Tyler

      Finally someone has said what I was thinking… Grammar on all of these comments is atrocious.
      P.s. This is what happens when our own spending( Americans) is cut back now farther and farther into schools for American children.

    • Mofeer

      There should be a comma after “Finally”. “Grammar” should be a lower case “g” and preceded by “The”. And there’s more, I’m just too drunk to type any more.

  • Shut up and fight

    My family fights just as hard as I do. I will continue to honor my oath, and if my family has to scrape to get by, we will. That’s what Americans have done for over 230 years. Live fat when it’s time, and scrape by when its necessary. before you complain to me, I have a mortgage and bills too so if your in uniform, knuckle down and get ready. Stop talking about going UA or AWOL. you could skip a few paychecks, or all of them! Your choice, but you all sound like cowards to me!

    Semper Fi.

  • SSgt JL

    Wow, why worry over something you have no control of!!! It’s completely Asinine!!! I’m just saying……….

  • Dan

    To the author of “Shut up and fight”

    You sir, are the difference between a soldier, and a mercenary.

    You and your sentiment are very much appreciated.

    I salute you.

  • sealedmerc

    wasn’t the government shut down with Clinton in office?

  • Magician

    Hey there Marine Zero…

    As quite a few soldiers, sailors, marines and airmen eat at the enlisted dining facilities off of their COMRATS. Which is paid to them in US currency, will the EDF accept an IOU for their meals.

    In what world do you live in. I got out of the Navy back in 2000 as an E6 and was living paycheck to paycheck. The month after I got out, my salary for my new job was 40% higher then when I was in. Can you imagine the commissary taking an IOU food so that you can feed your family? Because I can’t.

  • Jem

    How can the president make so many trips if we are broke??

    • rudy ray

      how could you make such a dumb statement if youre educated? oh wait..

    • Allforone Onefornone

      “Uh oh, another crisis. Got go on another road trip…MICHELLE, have you seen my golf clubs”?

  • Look I honestly i think that we all need Need to stop this bull shit between “us Americans”! For god sake look at how the U.S.A has became since 2000? None stop trying to fight other countries wars, bombing teristis and then re-building with our own money? Yes I do see how “us Americans” are generous and carful but hell our money isn’t even worth that much to be bitching about. I a soldier as well as most of us here bitching and complaning about this is i myself am worried about my future and my wealth and family as well. I forgot who said it on here that “be fat when you can and scrape by when needed” I grew up with nothing, me and my mom and a few bucks here and there. She “held ” her money and kept a house and food. But when the time comes for this bill to happen if it does I know how I will be. I’m not rich I’m not poor but I play my cards right all the time to MAKE DAMN SURE when this does happen I’ll be somewhat on the safe side. I WILL not pick sides over this but I Will always pick the U.S.A and I will die by that oth that I swar by! Semper fi do or die but in other words, soldiers, marines, AMERICANS drop the petty bull shit stand by your fellow person threw think and thin and do what we have always done! Fight to service! Americans have been doing this since day one. Don’t let a few hundred bucks and a Fucken peice of paper destroy what we worked so hard for! Think of our kids and grandkids. We all can do this but we have to stop this now !!!

    Semper Fi!!!

    P.s sorry for the bad spelling!

  • roger

    I leave for basic in a couple months if they need to tak the pay then they need to a real AMERICAN SOLDIER would realize that I know times are tough but we enlisted to protect our freedom and keep our families safe not to be a greedy bunch of cowards I for one will go with out my pay for as long as it takes will it suck yes but it will be worth it to stand up for what I believe in.

    • Blah.

      With all due respect, you haven’t even left for basic yet, talk to us when you’ve been in longer than a YEAR young man.

      • Your kidding, right?

        Your leaving for BASIC and you think you can weigh in on this? Your probably some 19-21 year old kid who hasn’t even gone through BASIC yet, you have NO family to support and no bills yet. All you’ll have a cot and three hot meals and no worries. Shut your pie whole and let the people with families and bills to pay worry about this.

  • Big Dud

    WOW! I remember the same in 1993, and It was for only 3 days

  • Mike

    No pay = breach of contract! I have already been involuntarily extended once. I am a patriot not an indentured servent.

    • TSgt M

      Where in your contract does it say anything about $? In mine it just says I enlisted at X Pay Grade for X number of years. Granted the Pay Grade implies payment for service, but who’s to say that Congress won’t pass a mid-year pay chart changing pay to $1/E1, $2/E2, $3/E3, etc. for enlisted and something similar for officers?

      We’d still be getting paid so there would be no talk of “breach of contract”, but it’d still suck nonetheless.

      The article hit the nail on the head. This will (hopefully) make people think twice about having an emergency fund. People need to quit being irresponsible and living paycheck to paycheck. Grow up and be responsible enough to support yourself in hard times.

  • Turner 1sgt

    Don’t go tetting political, the Republicans are attempting to get the countries finances under control, or maybe you would prefer to speak a little Chinese in a few years.

    • adaf wife

      and using military pay as collateral? Another thing that amazes me is that people seem to forget who got us in a huge deficit to begin with.

  • Pizza

    The failure of these politicians to act does not constitute an emergency on our behalf. This country is hosed. Just like USSR . Mutiny!

  • david

    all of this coming from a person who wants to lead the country, yet would not serve in any of the armed forces to protect it. Why doesn’t he put a freeze and pay cut on all of the politicians? By the way, why don’t we a “people of our Nation” tell our congressman and senators to pass a new law. “If you want to lead our sons and daughters into harms way, then one qualification is that you serve in one of the Armed Forces before becoming President”.

    • adaf wife

      You really think the President wants this? Have you been following the reason why this is going on?!

  • jAMES


  • browser

    Maybe we should do like they are doing in Lybia and try and take back our government and make obama leave the country.

  • Dyton

    what about those of us who are on a pention

  • James

    What nonsense (no work ,no pay) would rather worry about bills,etc than not do the job i volunteered for, course I am disabled vet, yet still believe in standing behind my oath.

  • AF SSgt

    For those of you considering giving up on the military because there may be a slight chance you won’t receive a paycheck, I sincerely hope you reconsider. Yes, I understand that pride in your country does not pay your bills, nor does it feed your children; I am in the same boat as you. I know things are hard enough as it is on a day to day basis with the money that we do make. However, do not give up on your country, or your government, just yet. Remember that this (if it really does happen) will only be a temporary problem; do not make it a permanent one by doing something rash. We all took an oath to serve our country and to protect it. Have a little faith in America -it is a great nation and WILL return the favor. If you don’t believe in Congress, then at least believe in the everyday citizen. Almost all of them have our backs and support us, so let’s not let them down. Make them proud that they still have a military willing to protect them even when times get rough. As far as government goes, everyone has their own beliefs, which is fine. Some things to remember, though: many of our congressmen and senators, regardless of party affiliation, have in fact served. They have no desire to see any of us suffer and will do everything they can to support us. Also, regardless of whether you agree with the President’s decisions in guiding our country or not, he still is our CinC, please bear that in mind, especially while posting your views on an open forum.

  • Gerald Simpson

    Shutdown the the congress (both houses) & their employees. cut threir pay 25 percent across the board.

    the ideal cut, would be to switch roles would be put the congress & their employees. I’m sure the militry love the change. The switch would be ideal as the military was there & do a good job.

  • Navy Widow

    Still didn’t see anything in these comments about DIC checks. Without my DIC check I’m hosed!!

  • mhgoats1

    All military have one thing in common, we freely gave up all of our rights, except what is given back under the UCMJ, to ensure the rights for all Americans under the Constitution are preserved! Back in 1993 there was the same kind of talk and the same kind of whining from those that only joined for the money or education, “What, They can’t send me into combat, I’m taking classes! “. ReRead the oath you took!!!!

    20+ USAF Ret.
    Father: 20+ USAF Ret., 4 years USA WW2 Europe (sniper)
    Grandfathers: USAEF, WW1 – one lost his leg, the other suffered from the effects of a gas attack.

  • Jack Nichols

    Come on all you Patriotic Freedom Loving Americans. Stop complaining and driop your drawers for another shafting by the wonderful representatives we have sent to DC to look out for us. Aren’t they doing what you want them to do. If not fire them and send a fresh batch of SOBs to get it right. SOBs are Same Old Boobs.

  • Spc N

    It seems that we need to stop fighting each other and help one another out if your a senior enlisted guide the lower enlisted with guidance. We should be asking why is the goverment not taken the pay of congress and the president
    As well. I’m sure they took a oath just like we did to protect this country at all cost. I don’t mind giving up my pay to protect this country as long as it goes across the board. All I ask is that we remember we are all on the same team.

  • Dave Reason Sr.

    I know what I am going to do In November, 2012……David the democrats have always messed over the military..remember when OBUMMER said he lower the withholding tax from paychecks so americans could take home more money??? well he made up for that by taking more outta my military pension… the withholding from my retirement check increased by $30 bucks. and remember when Clinton cut the military almost in half??? and when I was in 1954 to 1970 everytime there was a democrat in office they froze the rank…. you can talk all day and it will not excuse what the democrats do to the Military. Yet they expect us to put our lives on line to protect your freedom .

  • cd2314

    Let the big wigs in washington recieve no pay b4 servicemen/women. Atleast they do there jobs

  • tht guy

    if we don’t get payed that mean the military broke their contract and under law if a contract is broken you have the right to get out of it with any problem because they broke their agreement first

    • TSgt M

      Where in your con­tract does it say any­thing about $? In mine it just says I enlisted at X Pay Grade for X num­ber of years. Granted the Pay Grade implies pay­ment for ser­vice, but who’s to say that Con­gress won’t pass a mid-year pay chart chang­ing pay to $1/E1, $2/E2, $3/E3, etc. for enlisted and some­thing sim­i­lar for offi­cers?

      We’d still be get­ting paid so there would be no talk of “broke their con­tract”, but it’d still suck nonethe­less.

      The arti­cle hit the nail on the head. This will (hope­fully) make peo­ple think twice about hav­ing an emer­gency fund. Peo­ple need to quit being irre­spon­si­ble and liv­ing pay­check to pay­check. Grow up and be respon­si­ble enough to sup­port your­self in hard times.

  • Dave Reason

    Plus you everyone needs to do some research. there’s alot of spending that we don’t see
    here’s a link to a news report everyone should see..
    and one should really take a close look at all the felons surronding the OBUMMER. Glen Beck and Fox tells it like it is do our on research….

    • Time for true change

      Another blind stool pigion clearly following rather than thinking for themselves. Anyone that trusts anythING put out by any of the news outlets proves themselves to be incapable of logical and independant thinking.

    • foxisland2

      So Glen Beck and Fox has all the facts, huh? If that is where so many are getting their ‘news’ then no wonder some of the comments here appear to be from another universe!

  • Jon

    IF you need information on how to get by Look up the SCRA, If you don’t get paid one or two pay periods and get behind on your bills they can not report it on your credit. You will be back paid and once you get paid you must get caught up with the back pay or they will be able to go after you. Also if your having problems making it and paying bills on time any way you should look up SCRA and get the Laws that protect you and help you as long as you are in active duty.

  • jon

    Our Government is out of control and needs to have the breaks put on in a major way or we will go the way of Rome and be gone soon! Budge cuts need to happen and if it takes missing a few paychecks then I’ll miss a few for the good of the nation! We will be back paid! GOD BLESS THE ONES FORCING CHANGE!!!!!!!!!!

  • Shocked!

    Shame on all of you! Any military family knows that the reason their spouse,, brother, sister, whoever…enlisted for much the same reason…for the sake of freedom! No matter what anyone thinks, we have bills to pay like the civilian workforce. Things that any honorable service member realizes are there responsibility and duty to take care of, just like any American.

    So, no matter what your job is, anyone who has financial responsibilities would be and should be concerned.

    I know that whether my husband gets paid or not he will show up and stand the watch!

    • SFC

      This is a great post, however if you look under UCMJ a soldier can get a article 15 for not staying on top of there finicial situation

  • Dennis

    Maybe it’s time to lock up congress money that’s in there bank account so that there nothing for them to live on just freeze it to them until a budget passes.
    do that under We the people of the United State as listed by the charter listed
    for an under the bill of wrights. they have had plenty of time already to make corrections in many areas yet they are unwilling top work together to make any thing happen. just like a bad repair men that still want his pay an cut every one else off so long as they get it.

  • LindaMo27

    I am the wife of a retired Army MSgt. We went through this several times in his career. The first couple times I was a nervous wreck wondering how we would feed ourselves and pay our bills. I then realized that the govenment was not going to let their people not be paid .Now we can argue to who is at fault, but that isn’t going to accomplish anything. The Dems are mad that they lost and Reps are jumping for joy that they won and are trying to prove something. Right now everyone in power needs to sit down, be ready to give on both sides and think of the people, not just themselves, or who they think they are. We need leaders, not hot heads. Not one of them is God, and they better learn it quick, because just as we voted them in, we can easily vote them out. We will let them know our feelings. We will let them know we aren’t happy and not put up with showboating. So, I don’t care if you are a Dem or a Rep, or a Tea Party ! Get your priorities straight and get us a fair budget! Quit with the threats, no one is going to get everything they want, so sit down, and get to work!

  • demi franklin

    I am amazed at the comments I read here about how bad the pay is and all the whining about how mistreated so many feel. Last time I checked nobody forced you join the military. You were not drafted nor dragged through the door. You knew what you were signing up for. In addition there are not many jobs anymore where you can earn a pention after 20 years and cover your family with decent medical coverage for $460 a year with minmal copays. Yes, there are huge risks with this job. But it is not as though you were not aware of this when you enlisted. You should be thankful to have what you have with the benefits you have with the little to no education and training you had when you came in. Also quit hating those that are officers and are getting paid more than you just because they had the drive and discipline to complete school where you did not. My husband served for 20+ years and we are greatful for all the benefits we have. Se also are greatful for the bemits our son and his family are receiving through his service. If you really feel you are so mistreated please do your fellow soldiers a favor and not reenlist. I am sure they will be much safer without you and your crappy attitude.

    • Riiight

      Oh get off your self important high horse. People have to eat and pay bills.

  • Hern Tipton

    I agree with ms_army_spouse. Let the senetors and congressmen forfit their pay.
    They are over paid anyway. The military and their families suffer enought as it is.

  • Efe

    i believe everyone is over reacting…. as any employer knows, that the employee is what turns the business, and if the government does not want a full scale desertion and or revolt on their hands, the first they would pay is the military forces… This is not the USSR or some third world country, and we have enough money to pay for all the soldiers and other government employees, they just gotta stop dragging ass and get their budget situated

  • airman

    Honestly Im not going to waste my time reading through the 7 pages of complaining…. Im active duty AF and this worries me as well, but come april 1st if theres no pay its not going to affect whether or not I will be at work. Pay is a big thing but I didnt sign 6 years of my life away for one issue like this, that Im sure will be resolved, to make me stop serving my country. Its gonna be bad if there is no pay but it goes along with all the other sacrifices we deal with every single day.

  • guest

    I am currently enlisted and very concerned about this mess. And though I do believe it would be a breach of contract: not going to work would not help soldiers or thier families. The only thing that would help anyone who is not drawing income is to get a paying job! (not sitting around in protest) And since we would still technically be in the Military, good luck finding one of those! I would still be at work with faith that an IOU would come through. Of course that can only go so far. When the bill collectors demand the money that we have earned but not collected we will have to do something else. It is hard not to get discouraged about this. After all, what option would we have at that point?

    • Frustrated

      I don’t know about you, but as a Military Spouse out in Guam, it’s IMPOSSIBLE to get a job. Not being racist, just stating af act that all jobs go to locals. People submit and resubmit applications all the time and nothing happens. The locals get first come first serve since they don’t even want us here in the first place :(

      I agree though, we can’t just NOT go to work in protest, that won’t work.

  • Sarget

    Congress should be ashamed!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Military and veterans served this great nation only to be kick to the curb by the very people that send us in arms way. What is going on with American?

  • sickofit

    Bring back the old army and let all this politics go..I bet the ppl coming up with this **** still gonna have a check and all they do is sit on there behinds.un real..

  • PFC interested

    Not saying anyone is right or wrong on any subject but I was just wondering… the people talking about honor and contract, your really saying that you would willingly deploy for anywhere from 1 day to 18 or so months with no problem even if they tell you you won’t be paid the entire time? I’m just wondering because I have 2 children and my husband is in the army to and I know if that happened to my family my children wouldnt eat and we wouldn’t be able to afford childcare if they lived with our fcp provider.

    I don’t personally think the topic is about loyalty and Honor, its common sense coming from people who are worried about the health and welfare of they’re families. If some of you don’t have families or someone besides yourselves to support then no pay might work for you but for others that’s a scary thing to have to worry about especially seeing how over 60% of those who join the military join to better they’re lives and not just to fight for they’re country.

    I am a firm believer that I made my oath and I will stand by it, but if it came down to the welfare of my children, I would just have to give up my belief and go back to being a house mom with a civilian job while my husband fights for what our country believes in and that’s only because we have that option most people don’t have that option though. It’s a sad thing but someone has to bring in that cash ya know.

    I understand that all soldiers need the army values in every aspect of they’re lives but it says nothing anywhere about being a robot and leaving your families cold-heartedly and broke. Family is and always will be #1 because without family most soldiers have nothing but some digy gear and the honor of saying they are a soldier. That may work for some but for us non robors, we have families who depend on us and there is more honor to support my family than most people think there is.

  • woundedwarrior

    Hahahaha look at all those ****** asvab score marines smash each other up like a bunch of stupid drooling empty skull gorillas over this.

  • rudy ray

    you obviously dont do any research. Google is your friend. the Obama admin is the reason vets get agent orange presumptive and the increase in the VA’s budget. do your homework before you step in front of the pulpit

  • Old zommie

    Scum sucking pig Republican commie loving TRAITOR TRASH

  • WhatYouGet

    This is what happens when you vote for Repubtards, you get burned. The teachers of Wisconsin found that out and now the military is finding it out. The Repubtards have you fighting two illegitimate wars over lies and now they want more tax breaks while you are left to scrounge and watch Fox-Koch News propaganda which further confuses you into who you should be blaming. You people should know by now that the Repubtards are the party exclusively for the rich, and military personnel/servicemembers are anything but rich. Get your priorities straight and stop living a lie. You are poorer than poor and living paycheck to paycheck, stop thinking you are equal to these rich white corporate execs. Keep voting Republican/Tea Party and watch your life and family fall apart, maybe then you’ll all learn.

    “Gotta get burned to get learned.”
    You all are learning the biggest lesson in US history right now, don’t vote Republican/Tea Party, it really isn’t in your best interest, and you aren’t as rich as you’d like to daydream you are.

    • This is not small, but infanticimal thinking. I have been either in or a dependent in the Air Force my entire life, and voting republican has never effected my pay or my families pay. If you cannot see the larger picture then you are just the small minded person that te democrats love to have on tier side.

      As for small paychecks, obviously you are caught in some kind of time warp. Current pay rates with all benefits are quite sufficient and we are able to live and save. Go to a base, and observe the communities and the prosperity around them.

      Understand that it is the unchecked democratic spending that is slowing the budgetary process. The republicans are just keeping the budget deficit in check with their actions.

      In reference to a club for the rich, I say go rich folks go! I have never made more than middle income in my life but it has always been on the coat tails of the rich. Trickle down economics work and socialist economics hurts all…especially the middle income folks like teachers.

    • Beth

      The democrats are walking out and causing the shutdown, not the Republicans. Don’t blame the Republicans for this! Obama has been cut military funding from day 1 since he’s been in office. The Democrats are to blame if you don’t get paid. Learn your facts before you start posting nonsense!

    • sidney

      obviously, you’re just like the rest of the demtards. eating anything & everything they say.

      shame on u!

    • Really?HMMM

      Strange Republicans = Raises and no Government shutdown.
      Demicrates= Government Shutdowns and payfreezes.

      Obama= frozen Government pay, luming Government Shut down
      G W Bush= Government workers given pay raises every year.
      Clinton= 2 Government Shut downs taxes raised 5 perent.

      G H Bush= Government Employees given pay raises every year.

      Regan= Government Employees given pay raises every year.
      Things have gone to **** for Government employees since Obama
      Here is a fine example A government employee in 2006 that made 27K after taxes, Insurance. and SSI take home pay averages at $950 every 2 weeks. That same Government employee making 34K but after taxes, insurance, and SSI there take home has accually decrease to about $850 every 2 weeks even though in theory they are supposed to be making 7K more a year, and oh yeah Obama took away their pay raises for the next two years, lets see hoow great of an idea that is after inflation strikes.
      While the Government is still spending millions on silly things like the migration of June bugs, Documentries on the the greatness of Communism only to be broadcasted on the BBC, or the negitive effects of preschoolers on the environment. Those earmarks arethe kind of **** that we need to stop not the necessary functions of the Government. Once again thanx for Voting DEMICRAT

  • hall

    I was in the militry in the 70s and 80s and we didn’t get a pay check. Wifes and childern was sent to grand parints.The post commander meet with the town mayers and setup a creidt line. I didn’t loos my house and the power stayed on. We reported to work every but stayed in the barrkes. This also effects the retire also???

  • navey wife

    as i understand it the 1 is going to be ok it would be the 15th that we wouldnt get paid my husband is also deploeyd and he is trying to keep me updated. not knowing sucks.

    • jennifer

      Its good to know any bit of information at all at this point my fiance’ is deployed and has no idea what to be telling me to keep me from stressing. I am kind of a worry wart.

    • Jazzi

      If anything happens with the pay active duty deployed military will be the last to see the effects of the budget cut it will be reservists first if any ones pay is messed with so just stay positive and by the time the 15th rolls around they will have it all figured out this has happened before its just a scare, my fiance is also deployed right now its hard not knowing and how little they can inform us. He seems to be positive in the matter so I’m going to be too!

  • Bill

    Why are we spending 10m in Afgan chasing a ghost, why are we spending monies in Korea which ending in the 50’s, Korea can take care of themselves, and all the troops in Europe, bring them home and protect our borders, its not the Rep or Dem these people don’t care about you or me, their pockets are filled with money, they can retire after two years, and they retirement are larger then any military retirement. Can you imagine two years. Our Congress is full of stupid lawyers that couldn’t make it in the real world and now finding out they can’t make it in Congress also. So now we (the people) have to deal with this BS. Its seem ever time something don’t go right they blame it on the military which is bunch of BS. they better take a good hard look at themselves. Who you going to screw this week.

  • MR J

    i’ m a deployed soldier in afghanistan.. we are here for our and many others are thinking the same way … I WISH THEY WOULD!! not pay us even let us miss one pay because of that shutdown!! they will have many angry, NO PISSED OFF! service men and women with guns knocking on their expensive high class houses !! i fight all enemies foreign and domestic.. we as service members swore to it .. you mess with our money you are messing with OUR families lives too.. you WILL BE our enemy too!! does anyone else feel this way too?? GOD BLESS AMERICA AND ALL OUR SERVICE MEN AND WOMEN TO BE SAFE AND THEIR FAMILIES!

    • CG chief

      Well said, I’m with you. You mess with my
      Family, you just grabbed the bull by the horns.
      Congress is so far out of touch with the common
      Working family!

    • katherine

      bravo,bravo to you and all who are now fighting over seas GOD BLESS YOU ALL Come back home safe. I am a Navy widow so I understand how everyone feels.

    • Mark

      Well said man, they cant handle their own finances now their wanting to screw up ours… which would further mess up many local economies.

      it appears to me that the real enemy lays in the domestic lands…

      this hole thing disgusted me…

      we live in a A GREAT NATION RAN BY MORONS!

  • Maureen Lakeberg

    How can a country expect to have a strong and loyal military without the pay and benefits they have earned??? Would any of them be in Congress without the pay and perks? My husband served his country for 20 years including 5 tours in Vietman on a minesweeper. Get rid of the extra perks that citizens are now paying with their hard-earned money through our taxes to Congress, and leave the military alone!!!!

  • carla

    My son is a marine ,he just went into debt when he bought a new truck. i cant believe the goverment wants our men and woman to put their lives in danger and not get paid for it, most family depend on that money to be able to live while their love one is fight in this war..if they stop paying the militery they better open up a lot of homeless shelter because thats where they will end up..They need to spend less time flying in space and use that money and other stupid spending and use it to pay our militery..

  • Guest

    My 2 cents is that instead of cutting the military pay, or freezing it, or any other stupid way to bend over the military who is working hard and putting their lives on the line for American democracy and freedom, maybe we should stop the payments made to welfare recipients who are not contributing in any way to the economy. Those that feel it’s easier to collect free money from the government rather than work to earn a paycheck and pay taxes back to the government so that the money invested can help the American infrastructure.
    Just a thought.

  • Military Family

    This would only create more problems…if military pay was ceased for any amount of time. Think about it…how would they get to work if they can’t pay their car payment, how would they function if they couldn’t afford food, where would they sleep if they couldn’t pay their rent/mortgage, etc. Go ahead and try it government and lets see how little the military fights for this country. Not too smart since we are fighting wars. The government needs to come up with a more intelligent plan, as this will never solve the real problem.

    An Active Duty Military Family

  • from a 30 yr vet

    I am a 30 yr. Veteran and a lot older than most of you. I rely on my retirement to live and I rely on my brains to think out what is happening. Getting mad and ranting isn’t going to get the supossed representatives and Senators to do anything to resolve the problem, but if you will call them and get everyone you and your families know to call them especially the democrats in the Senate who keep blocking reduction of spending they will get the budget done that the Democrats refused to do last year!

  • C.L.

    There’s no worries . Extensions been passed and all government will be paid. Also at this time no government shut down will take place. This has happened for years, all though its scary to hear about not getting paid. They get things handled. We have been informed by out command that we will get paid on the 1st and no shut down will take place. President Obama was to sign bill yesterday March 18.

    • JHontz

      C.L. Would you by any chance be able to send me a link to the info that you provided? I would greatly appreciate a little info to calm my nerves. :)

      • C.L.

        JHontz just contact your husbands first sergeant . They should be able to send you the updated info. Mine was sent by email. And not sure if I can post that due to AF security over the internet. Try that if you have any odd Irs with his command unit. Let me know, can prob send info to your husband.

        • C.L.

          Sorry on last I wrote it meant to say try that with his command unit.

    • katherine

      I did not see anything on the news about President signing the Extensions, are you sure this took place????

      • C.L.

        All I know is info that came down through our command unit. Email was sent letting us know no government shut down. Who knows with all that’s going on in Libya that’s all the news is taking about. Check w/ your unit for info.

      • C.L.

        Look at . President Obama signed bill yesterday!

    • adaf wife

      Temporary extension for 3 weeks have been signed (April 8th).

  • loddy65

    Oh for goodness sakes!! Everyone will be getting paid. It seems like an awful lot of overreacting and drama here! Don’t create problems where there are none. Don’t listen and take to heart everything you hear. All will be fine….and yes I too as a disabled veteran depend on my money from the government as well..but lets all try to think positive. Did it ever occur to anyone that certain parties leak erroneous information that the masses will become upset, therefore helping them with the political issues they are trying to pass???

  • ThreeFeet

    The “government” needs to quit sending money to SAUDI ARABIA, LYBIA, SUMALIA, AND ANY AFRICAN COUNTRIES TO NUMEROUS TO MENTION. Plus bring our TROOPS home From Korea as it was said they can take care of themselves now. Bring em all back from Japan, Phillipines, Guam etc. Put em to work on our borders, put the money saved into our people who are with out homes, and food and clothing. Those folks can get the help for about a year then they too will have to get to work, they can pick up after all the **** heads that dump garbage all over our beautiful country and it’s roads. But you cut off my retired pay and I will get REALLY ****** OFF!!! I EARND THAT MONEY!!!!!!!!!!!! What the **** did most of the IDIOTS in the GOVERNMENT ie congress, senate and oval office do to EARN ANYTHING!!!?????? AND IT ALL PRETTY MUCH STARTED WITH FDR!!!!!!

    • L.R.

      I totally agree with you. Where is the *****g HELP we need here.
      And really what did those **** con­gress, sen­ate and oval office do? I’ll tell you,…..
      Not a dam thing except get us mixed up in other peoples problems.

  • arias

    We don’t need a major overhaul in the white house, we need a major overhaul in government period. Time to get rid of those politicians who do absolutely nothing until its time for reelection. Time to stop defense contractors and lockheed from bankrupting the goverment. Welfare should only be provided for a Max 3 months and then the government should say f*** you, find a damn job. If your in the military and single living in the barracks, their is no reason why you should not have money saved up. but then you get the idiots whose monthly income is 2K but spend 3K at strip club and wonder where all their money went.

  • JHontz

    As an active duty AF spouse, whose husband has been serving the last 14 months in Korea and away from his family and still has 4 more months to go. I must say this has put a little fear into me…I am trying to keep a positive outlook on it all. Like many military families, we live paycheck to paycheck. We have very little in savings..Enough to cover a few bills, but NOT rent and the car payment. And for many active duty who live on base, their BAH goes directly to housing, who will inturn not get paid. There would be a HUGE chain reaction to the military not getting paid, even just one paycheck. I am speaking only as an Air Force wife, and stay-at-home mom who is currently trying to take care of everything here on the homefront while my husband is gone. AND trying to prepare for a huge move to a new base once my husband returns.
    I may not be all that informed, but I just don’t see it happening, that we would not get paid! Maybe I just have too much trust in our country.



  • abogler

    Good Lord people! Active duty will still get paid, just maybe not on the 15th. I highly doubt that will happen but if it does they will receive backpay once the paychecks start up again. Haven’t any of you ever gotten back pay for the first month of a deployment for allowances earned but not paid? And for those of you complaining about how little your enlisted spouse gets paid…you need to take a good hard look at his total compensation package and realize it’s a lot more than you get in his direct deposit. Start living within your means people and maybe you will be able to fund an emergengy fund. I realize that doesn’t apply to each and every person but most people could save SOME money if they really wanted to. What do you people do when you transfer? That’s always a money sucking time, especially if you don’t live on base.

    • abogler

      My husband is enlisted also, we have kids, own a home we aren’t living in, and have no debt. We don’t drive junky vehicles, wear crappy clothes, or skimp on groceries. We even go out to eat and take nice family vacations. And no we don’t get any help from family. Don’t put yourself in a position to have more kids than you can afford (exceptions happen of course (hello triplets!)) and don’t buy more house, car, boat, etc than you can really afford. It’s not that hard to understand people. Start small and build your way up to having enough in the bank to cover that unexpected car repair. Then work on enough to pay for rent in an emergency. Keep working until you have 3 months expenses built up. It’s amazing how free you will feel when you don’t have to worry about every little thing going wrong.

  • nOTnot dem nor repub

    Im not in the military but know quite a few people who are in the military and i have strongly been thinking about joining to help clean up things.these wars have been going on to long and if you ask me everyone is being effected by it. Im not republician nor am I a democrat.But even me an african american female did not vote for president obama.people voted for him for the wrong reasons.I can careless about making history what i do care about i less people losing jobs and less people losing there homes because of them being laid off.

  • notnot dem nor repub

    Ever since obama was elected all i heard was he hasnt been in long to fix anything personally all this CHANGE he was talking about for the greater good I have not seen YET.So far just about every move he has made has not been a good one.and now this.wether you are a vet or still in active or reserved duty everyone deserves to get paid because not many AMERICANS are willing to lay their lives on the line for FREE and if anything was to go wrong while being deployed and wives or husbands are stay at home with kids how are they suppose to take care of their familys with no money,People

  • notnot dem nor repub

    People should also know that democrats and republicans are not perfect and have made bad choices from time to time so we all should stop crying and look at the bigger picture that the country is falling apart and will soon be at war with itself.

  • Adamwestiii

    Seems we have funds for foreign aid and also to get involved in wars that are unnecessary. Senator Schummer and Cong Eric Cantor recently stated they would insure that aid went to Israel. Our govt should stop aid to all countries because it is the Taxpayers monies and should be spent on the American people. California is going to put many people out of work due to lack of funds, and “O’Boy” not only is it building new upgrade prisons but putting people in prison for their first offense. We need to vote all the politicians out of DC. There will never be time limits imposed by Congress. Active duty and retirees should continue to receive their monthly pay checks as promised.

  • sidney

    Face it, the Dems & their ilk are out to destroy anyone who does not comply, which includes all of our families who support this great nation.

    While our Troops are trying to defend this country with a wait until they fire mandate the idiot in the WH is partying down in Rio.

    Need I say more.

  • DisgustedNavy Wife

    Instead of complaining/blogging/etc. WE ALL NEED TO START A CALL CAMPAIGN TO OUR CONGRESSMEN AND WOMEN..THINK OF HOW MANY OF US THERE ARE??iF WE THREATEN TO NOT VOTE OR MONETARLY SUPPORT ANY COMPANY THAT DOES SUPPORT THEIR CAMPAINGS CAN YOU IMAGINE THE FEAR IT WOULD INDUCE IN THESE ELECTED OFFICIALS???!!!!! so get off this ite..find your rep and start a petion on base.Set up ih housing,commisary…exchange..etc..get the petitons signed..let’s take back our government.They need us! Let’s use that to our advantage!!!! Do something not just complaining with no action!

    • not dem nor repub

      i wish i could like your comment a million more times,I agree with you 100%. All the complaining is getting us no where and will eventually cause america to be at war with itself.

  • Steve

    So how is this little experiment working for us so far! This is just one step in many that leads to the socialist society that many liberals want. You’ll be issued MREs, government surplus meat and cheese like everybody else.

  • BoT

    I was in the Army during the last “shutdown” We were given absolutely no warning. As a matter of fact we were told not to worry about it, it would not effect us. Well it did Some of us didn’t get paid others got a you owe us letter from the Bank saying that they covered our paycheck, but if the DEFAS didn’t return the money within one week we would owe the remaining balance to the bank. Then when it was over the DOD changed our paydates from the 15th and 31st or Mid Month and End of month pay to 1st and 15th thus stealing (yes taking without permission is stealing) an entire half months pay from soldiers. Thanx Clinton. Remember just because you were told the shutdown won’t effect your department, doesn’t mean it won’t effect your payrole department. No payrole= no pay.

  • nikki

    as the wife of a deployed soldier I have to admit, I am worried. not so much about the financial aspects because we actually did save up a little from our tax refund to pay off some bills. i’m more worried about the morale of the troops over there! my husband said some of his soldiers are starting to really freak out and threaten not to work. i’m thankful that my husband is as level headed as he is. he says that someone has to work, might as well be him! :) __I’m not worried about our bills or groceries because we will be alright. we won’t be great and it won’t be comfortable, but im sure we will survive. and for everyone that is freaking out about it. the best advice i can give you is not to panic. panic always leads to problems. take it as it comes. we don’t know for sure if its going to happen. why not just take the precautions and wait to see what’s going to happen. save a little here and there (if you can) and freak out when it happens. just wait until april 2nd or that next week, then you can get pissed because its not doing anybody any good right now! your soldiers need you to keep a level head. relax and enjoy what you have now. :)

  • airman

    sorry to tell you folks but this is the end of the line for EVERYBODY who has profited from the pillaging and murder that our govt has decided to unleash upon the rest of the world. now the slugs and weasels have bugged out and are leaving us here to fend for ourselves instead of relying on them like children. start working together with people in your communities NOW. once the financial controlled demolition is completed the foreign troops waiting for the green light to come in here will begin to do to us what we have watched our guys do for decades. BEND OVER

  • Andres

    So far I can agree with many here. Why cut a volunteer military’s pay. Instead why don’t we get rid of medicare and medicade. Imagine how much money would could put back into the economy. There is no point in keeping the dying alive. They serve no one any purpose and are milking our country dry. Check and see how much of our budget is wasted on those two…no offense but for the future of our youth the old need to die. Stop being afraid of something natural and death is by far the best thing that could happen to anyone.

  • FightsForFreedom

    Listen, if you notice the storyline above. They say the longest it has ever occurred for is three days in the last 30 years. I, too, am in the Army, deployed, and would be affected by this pay freeze, but it is guaranteed that we would be paid back (back paid) for any financial activity that does not occur. I do think that it is crap that the President and his committee would still be receiving pay and not harmed one bit by this. We can’t let us get all worked up about pay. Remember we do NOT fight for a paycheck. We fight for freedom and that is the biggest paycheck anyone could receive.

  • Larry Gwinn

    So, what about the Guard and Reserves, are they going to get screwed more now. Half of the troops deployed are Guard and Reseves.

  • FightsForFreedom

    Well I didn’t realize that most of your military are anti-government rednecks? Cause I myself support the Tea Party and republicans. First off, it is ignorant folks like yourself who manage to screw this country, over and over again. Second of all, last time I checked this pay freeze was being discussed far before republicans took control of the house. So think about this, who has drug our country into further debt and has brought forth an awakening of socialism into our democratic country? Answer me that question and you will find the true instigator of the American issues.

    • Dick LeGrande

      fightsforfreedom, you don’t realize a lot of things, cause these buttsholes are not soldiers and they are not military….just like you.

  • dave

    blame the republicans and for not wanting to compromise in 2010 and this year. They just want to see Obama fail… they hate america. They want a country by the rich, for the rich and of the rich.


  • Pags

    Even if this doesn’t occur I’m outraged that there is even talk about it. This shows a complete lack of dis-respect for everything that we’ve endured and went through as service members. I’ve read that if other governmental employees don’t receive pay neither should military FALSE they have an option of providing for themselves in alternative ways. I do not. You say I should have money saved for a rainy day and I’ve received training on this FALSE i have not received any money. And my minimal earnings leave me with little for savings. The military is the biggest hypocrite out there, everyone always preaches job security, some security you force me to work without pay. The people who tell everyone else to suck it up need to put a sock in it. Maybe you make ends meet doesnt mean everyone else does, and it doesn’t mean they live out of they’re means, life happens. This is a bad on all accounts

  • rod

    the rich need to pay their end of the deal here. Conservatives talk about the grand ole 1950’s where everyone could have successful lives working at factories without mentioning how millionaires payed 50% of their income and defense spending was nothing like today. You guys just listen to fox news and think you know everything. READ A BOOK FOR ONCE!!!! YOU GUYS ARE IN THE CAVE!!!

    • mario

      “1950’s where everyone could have successful lives working at factories without mentioning how millionaires payed 50% of their income and defense spending was nothing like today. ”
      Top earners actually paid 90% of their income not 50%.

  • Jose

    Lets face it guys, if they do is not going to take long and they will pay us back- Without us this country has nothing else or who is going to fight for our freedom- The politicians? jejejejeje What a joke. ;-)

    But don’t worry, I’m retired and I have 24/7 to fight for our rights. ;-)


  • Jay

    I am a soldier in Afghanistan, I still hope this is all a big misunderstanding. You mean to tell me that my brothers and sisters can fight for our country and watch countless friends and family, lose their lives in front of our very eyes and we have to worry about getting paid?? But the people that are good at putting a ball through a hoop attached to an 11 foot pole are safe and sound making millions each year? Is it just me or is that a little backwards? Now if you will excuse me, its time to go play in the mountains of beautiful Afghanistan. Not for free I hope.

  • alaska chic

    if the current military does not get paid why does all of these people ask if widows, VAs, etc get paid… retarded question.

    secondly the members of congress, senate, and the president still get paid… they are protected.

    thirdly i looked up the feed and forage act, it says appropriate costs (not paychecks) do your homework

    and believe me if the military does not get paid, niether will any other government employee.. that includes teachers, lawyers, doctors, etc. etc. so it just wont be us

  • Mike

    Back in the day huh? Most do not remember back in the day that the military was paid on the 15th and 30th – 31st of each month. Then the pay schedule was moved to the 1st of the following month. What happened to the annual pay for taxes that year! One Check less for tax purposes and a higher bracket the next year. If you do not think you lost money you are a fool! The longer this government is allowed to play with others pay checks and go unchecked with theirs we will loose. Stop any government spending to include any raise for any and all of its employees until the deficit is balanced. Then force all to be on Social Security. Then and only then will they care more what they do to you and I!

  • Tom

    do not freak out last time this happened my Credit Union said they would credit my account for what my last pay check was. It was one of the federal Credit Unions on the bases …check with yours

  • Sharon

    I hope there is warning. Right now my husband is deployed and if we don’t get paid I dont know what we are going to do. But I guess we will know next week because mypay will be updated with the months LES.

  • abogler

    Ummm…professional athletes and television or movie “stars” are not paid by the government. They are paid by private companies.

  • Got to remember the check on the first is for March 15th through March 31st. If we don’t get paid for April then we will miss April 15th and May 1st check. Hoping and praying that it gets all worked out.

  • FedUpMilitaryRetiree

    You’ll get paid. I was in for 25 years and never missed a paycheck even during the long government shutdown. Besides even if the elected officials were stupid enough to not pay the military there are programs at the family support center that will help with expenses and food. Getting tired of the governments BS. They need to come to an agreement and quite putting the people who elected them in the middle of the crosshairs of their arguements. They don’t live paycheck to paycheck like some of the folks who elected them. Got a feeling that our elected officials are already losing votes as they blow their hot air…

  • P Astor

    If you have Sure Pay, you will get paid. I was also in in the 70s and 80s. Those with Sur Pay got paid, budget or not.

  • Robert

    Why does congress never worry about their paychecks. We are at fault for allowing them to control so much of our lives and future. Do you really need a million dollar waterpark you can’t even afford to get into because you’re unemployed? To them that kind of means they are doing great on your behalf. Faith in man is our downfall. Allowing American products to be made overseas without repercussions is also our fault. Make them pay by not buying them if made overseas. We can’t defend against our own politicians we are fighting against an enemy not our own. Government made them enemies. End it now and bring our kids home.

  • David

    I think there might be some misunderstanding of the Feed and Forage Act. In a nutshell, the act provides for DOD athority to acquire the necessaties. “The authority of the Feed and Forage Act is limited to obligations for items meant to sustain troops in the field, such as subsistence, clothing, fuel, quarters, transportation, and medical supplies. It cannot be used to purchase additional weapons or to support military hardware (emphasis added).
    “The Department shall limit its use of the authority in 41 U.S.C 11 to emergency circumstances. The exigencies of those circumstances must be such that immediate action is imperative and action cannot be delayed long enough to obtain sufficient funds to cover the procurement or furnishing of those items in paragraph 120102.A., above, needed for the fiscal year.”
    Unfortunately, the act doesn’t address any pay issues, either for those on active duty, or those of us that are retired.

  • Johnathan

    I am a SSG with less then 8 years in the military and have done my best to move up and take care of soldiers. It seems that the higher I move up the ranks, the more we seem to lose focus on putting the needs of the soldiers before our own. It seems that everyone is more concerned about their OER’s or NCOER’s. I understand that Congress has no clue about “putting the needs of the soldier before their own” But, if they can’t seem to figure it out from there with an all volunteer military then its probably time to pack up and move on and join the civilian sector.

  • Edward T.

    It seems to me that if the military members aren’t getting paid, that would negate their contract. It would basically be a breach of contract by the federal government. Each and every military member signed a contract that also included a steady paycheck and certain benefits. If the government decides to breach that contract, then the military members should have the right to decide whether or not they wish to remain in the military. Yes, there aren’t a lot of jobs out there to be had, but you’re better off working for a fast food restaurant and getting paid minimum wage than risking your life for no pay. Our government is in a sad state of affairs and it’s the politicians that keep making it worse.

  • jmsmaxwell

    One thing for sure is the the Congress will get their pay check on time with no delay regardless of what happesn to the rest us active or retired. Politicians
    will cover themselves no matter what or who else get left out in the cold.
    But with the Democrats still in control of the Sentate and the Oval office it doesn’t matter what the Republicans try to do.

  • Armywife34

    If we have to go without pay the pres better be going without his pay and all the rest of the government high ups that make so much $$. It’s insane! How are we supposed to pay our bills since I’m sure our gov isn’t going to give me a bailout like they gave the mortgage companies and other banks. We barely get paid enough to live as it is. I almost fell out of my seat the other day when Obama had the nerve to tell us to live within our means! Is he serious?? We are already scraping by so congress can fatten their pockets and continue to let price of food and gas go up with no relief in sight. But I’m supposed to cut back on my living. So that means what? I go without food, gas and diapers for the babies? Really Mr. President?

  • Brandi

    If something happened and we did not get paid, yes I would be angry. It could put us under and it would be difficult. My dear hubby is a Sgt (E-5) in the Marines, and I stay home with our young children. We live on a strict budget. Although we do have a savings missing a paycheck would be a pretty big hit. BUT……. He will go to work for free. He will complain about it, but just to me. He will tell his Jr Marines to shut the hell up and be thankful that this is the worst thing in their life. Just remember that there are plenty of servicemembers that are gone that didn’t serve for the money. I agree we shouldn’t miss a payday and our service members deserve a heck of a lot more. Just saying it could be a lot worse.

  • Joel Oliver

    I really beleive that there should be a VETERAN’S PARTY to hold down the idiocy of the Republican and Democratic parties!

  • Larry

    The 105 Billion that was funded in the Obama health bill without anyone being allowed to read the health care bill says a lot about how the President and the leaders of the House represented the people. The buffaloed the rest of the people of the United States. They brought this on on purpose. If the military is not paid the entire Congress, including the President assets ought to be frozen, and no plane trips to Brazil, no protection by the government, the military, nothing! These folks need to live like the people they are supposed to represent and not like the elitist Wall Street echelon they really represent and have become.

  • Sarah

    Honestly I think this is rediculous. Sports Players, Actors/Actresses, and singers get paid millions of dollars and the military is out risking their lives for them to do so yet they want to suspend or delay military pay. Seriously! What the hell is this country coming to. What about the military members families; their wife and kids? Are they not important enough to feed and make sure they have shelter. I’m disgusted by this news and hope our government is better than this.

  • Dprades

    How is it we can send all this aid to other countries and send our troops to help other countries and yet we NEVER< EVER TAKE CARE OF OUR OWN-PEOPLE is global relations worth the lives of all those that serve? Let’s get real people slavery died and should Not, I repeat NOT be revived! It seems no matter who we have in office we get screwed. ughhhhhh! <SCREAM>

    • SNM

      With all due respect to the government, there are too many agendas and unanswered questions. Its redundant and idiotic to continue on with the same failed plans that are becoming ever more costly the more we force them to completion. I can respect the president for sharing the motives of his actions but I must say the execution doesn’t seem just sometimes. makes one question the true goal of our decisions.

  • American

    Vote them all out of office, stop playing party lines. This is all a political game that has already effected many people and contractors. No it will not effect Congress or the President. Amazing at a time of war our Congressman and Senators even play this game. Go ahead vote your Republican or Democrat back in office, not me I am neither, I am an American.

    • KV

      Well said! If everyone thought like this, it would force politicians to do their jobs and not make everything” political”.

  • How many people on here are actually in the active army? Further more, how many of you are or have been deployed before. I have been to 6 different duty stations amd deployed 5 times. So I have seen my far share of the Army’s ups and down. But mostly downs. To be honest it doesn’t matter how much we ***** and complain soldiers will always be treated like **** and disposable. Yes we do see our countries debit flying out of control, even more than before, more every second of every day. The earthquake,tsunams, and all the disasters all over the world and the United States rushes out to help these other countries, to make them our allies. But we forget about helping our own. Like the homeless, starving,jobless,people without heath insurance, parentless children. Then we have these celebs with millions of dollars, going to other countries and adopting. How about taking care of our own, I ask again? Where is the pride and honor? We have so many people that want to put in their opinions, but nobody wants to help. Sure volunteer at you local shelter, donate to charity, help your neighbor,family or friends. But why doesnt everybody? Here my idea; all of our world leaders get in a average sized room, but in one room and talk out their problems, no matter how long it takes, and they come up decisions to get along and work together to make this world and everyone on it. work towards making everyones life better. One world, no greed, no arrogance, leave all that outside. Why are we not trying to become one unity? Stop war, stop murder,stop hunger, stop greed, stop homeless, and stop jobless, and stop capitalizm. Seriously *** is wrong with us? Cant we see a bigger picture? I do. lets come together, one love,. I have my arms out, I wanna help who wants to going me to make these lives, this world a better place. Army strong.

  • Forgot to add some specs. Even as an NCO having been in the active army for almost 10 years. We work almost 70 hours a week, no including field exercises, ranges, ruck marches,schools, and the other hundreds of trianings that we doing that takes up too much of our time. I average almost 70 hour work weeks, just being at work. But I think people fail to realize that we are working 24 hours a day. Yep thats right, as long as we are under contract we have to move and do whatever our leadership says. By the way, before coming back to afgahanistan, again. Being in the states, I made less than 21k last year. So tell me how we soldiers and the ones with less rank and years in are supposed to support their families on that? Cant no way not now not ever. So I ask you all to write your congressmen, senate, whom ever, help us. Donate things to us. If you need contact info ask me. we are over here volunteering to fight for our countries, people, our freedom, and everything we have been taught, and everything that comes with it. Help us please. Be a voice, make a difference, please. We die for our country. Why we are here in this country is the real country? establishing democracy? theyve been trying and fighting against each other for hundreds of years. what makes us thing we can do it in 20 or even 50? Most of the oldest countries in the world still cant. donate please. Soldiers need it, household appliances, money, toiletries, anything a apllet of bricks,blocks, wood, tools, any thing everything. we had pride, most too much to reach out. these realizations have humbled me. army strong.

    • The Backbone

      There are plenty of people in the U.S. Who live off of less. I currently live off of a PV2’s paycheck and still have money left over every month. I have a wife and 3 kids. I am a SSG with 10 years in service. The majority of my money goes into savings or TSP. So my family and I are able to live off of PV2 pay and still have extra money left over each month to put into savings (along with the other money that goes into savings) I am sure you can live off of 21k a year.

    • adaf wife

      I post again… Our family of 5, with one income has made it just fine. Own our own house, bills are always paid, savings and TSP set aside…. It can be done and is done by many!

    • jcastro312

      Leave it to the army to abolish capitalism, and cry about his situation.21k with free housing, food, and medical. The rest is disposable you do what you choose with the money. Don’t forget about BAH, BAS when you move out on your own. Armygoodguy2000 you should keep where you come from a secret less you make yourself and your respectable organization seem retarded. Quit your crying your probably a POG anyways.

  • airman

    i like how some stupid ass used the name airman after I post something…… I’ve read alot of these comments and to be honest theres alot of ignorant liberal blabber…… if I dont get my next paycheck my daughter wont have food to eat and I wont have gas to put in my car, but that doesnt overshadow the commitment that I made and I know that the people I work with will have some way to help me….

    And to all the “deployed” people…. for one you dont spend any money while your gone and if your family needs something there are plenty enough resources on base regardless of what branch that can help your family…. lets all jump on the bandwagon and be a martyr.

  • Alfredo

    Hell, tell Saudi Arabia to pay our military folks for putting their lives on the line for the crap in the middle east. After all, they paying their own people billions in order to keep them from rioting. And saying be prepare for at least three months is B.S. The government is supposed to provide military members with pay in order to feed and house themselves. Officers trying to tell military members to save up is B.S. Just don’t pay your bills, period…. See if the bill collectors call your commander… Just tell your CC that you did not get paid… LIke to know how that goes over… I bet Congress will still get paid….

  • Mad as hell

    This is exactly why a President that had never served in the military, should never consider putting us in this position unless he has walked the walk. I’m hoping that voters will remember this come next election. That is why it is so important to have a President that has served in our military, lead the way, and understand how important it is to support those who are willing to give their lives for our country. Not to treat them like third rate citizens. We voted for a President, not for a person looking for a co signer, and loans, we hired someone to hire the greatest minds in the world to get us out of this nasty economy, not to bite the very hand that protects him!

    • adaf wife

      Yes, everything is the President’s fault *roll eyes* Seriously? Do you even know why this is going on?!?

      • Mad as hell

        In November this President assigned a committee to freeze all military pay and the current subject. Look up Military .com and you willl see! If this is false, blame for their misinformation. Let’s see if you will roll your eyes over that one to them.

  • Alfredo

    On another note… All active duty and retirees, remember the first words that came out of your mouth when you enlisted. ” I (state your name) do swear to protect the U.S. Constitution against all enemies, “”foreign and DOMESTIC “. You do have the right to disobey a “unlawful order”. Any order that is against the U.S. Constitution is an “unlawful order”. God Bless you all….

  • Gregory Romeu

    Perhaps we can funnel all this speculative energy into something more meaningful for our nation… Like vote people into office that has OUR NATION’S BEST INTERESTS at hand, rather than special interests?

  • Angry me

    So if we dont get paid I should go out and get a second job at McD”s just so i can pay my bills come on now this bites azz not knowing.

  • CplMarine

    i pay child support alimony and live off base because they refuse to let me get housing or barracks because of my situation not only will i not be able to take of my self because of the debt from a recent divorce bu my ex that has moved back home who has my child my 19 month old daughter has no job cause of this mess and i will not be able to put food in my daughters mouth… no dont these assholes make me feel like a horrible father i can go with out everything but my daughter no… they dont pay i got to work elsewhere till they pay me my daughters life is more important than damn bickering between our own american people


    The Republicans are trying to show everyone how they are cutting two billion each time they will not work with the Democrats, but anytime someone asks them the question, why don’t you tax the 2% of the upper earners in the country, (which would bring in to the government about 780 billion) they cannot come up with an answer except to say, ” they are the ones creating jobs ” so where are the jobs they have created for the past two years? Bush said North Korea, Iran, and Iraq were the evil ones. I say the American Republican Party is more of a threat to the country then the other three put together. Did anyone happen to notice every time a new Republican comes into office and they are asked if they are willing to give up their Government run health care which is pure Socialism, not one of them said they would give it up. Of course spending has to be cut back, but not on the backs of the Military. Raise the retirement age, cut back on fraud and abuse in Medicare ( which one Republican doctor said would save over 300 billion a year, and tax the rich, THEY DO NOT NEED IT, then the economy might be saved.

    • Stop the handouts

      You’re an idiot. When did Republicans ever say they want Gov run health care……Last I checked it was the Dems Obamacare being pushed that not a single republican wanted. I bet you also think we should continue dishing out unemployment cash for people to sit on their A** for 12 months collecting a check. I’m all for helping out the poor and taxing the rich but when are we going to stop babying the lazy and give them 4 months tops to find a job. I can go out and find a job no problem, it’s not my fault that you have a criminal record and aren’t educated; should have been responsible like the rest of society. Everyone from rich down to poor should be taxed equally. Why penalize someone for EARNING money.

  • US Army-MSG

    it’s called voting….

    • Who’s mistake?

      Except when a race solely votes based on skin color, then it becomes ‘brotherhood’. Let’s get real. This presidency was a mistake that was made prominently by those who never used to vote because they were too busy writing rap songs, selling drugs, and costing the country millions in the penal system.

  • fishwillard

    if we cant pay our military, then what are doing over in libyan territory.

  • Dave Schroeder

    Just wondering…will the members of congress not be paid?!!!

  • folson

    I believe so. What’s even more than a kick in the butt is that we are spending millions on Japan and now Libya. Where are our concerns at!

  • Jess

    r we getting paid not it be nice to know

  • Jasmine

    I know everybody is talking about the active duty soldiers, but what about the reserves. Will we not receive pay for drill, and for those of us that are receiving the G.I Bill will we still get that for school?

  • Mr jim

    My military retirement was denied COLA and also is $48.00 less because of a tax increase. Also my social security for the second year is denied COLA. Government workers are denied an increase in pay (exept for all high government officials). However, all fuel, food and services have drastically increased in price. All this in the last year and a half!!! WHY??

    • What’s a Contract?

      Everything that was preeched during my service: You have steady pay here, you never have to worry where your money will come from, free health care, excellent retirement benefits. Since I have been Medically retired: The VA has screwed me, my checks are garbage, and the gov has done everything in their power to bail out on their end of the deal. I’ll be lucky in my GI Bill will be around long enough for me to use it all. I feel really bad for folks such as yourself who served their full 20 and have been treated the way I have; not worth it if you ask me. My service was awesome and I’ll never regret it and would love to go back, the government….not so much.

  • infantry85

    there is something exceedingly wrong with this country when something like this is even put to question. we, as americans need to take a look around and start asking our government where it’s priorities are at these days.

  • There is no way, that Active Duty Military needs to worry about no pay. It is not possible, unless the country was in total default. These are political posturing and it is absolutely not true. There are laws, passed by congress that totally takes out the worry for this to happen.

    Again, only if the total country was in default and bankrupt in the world would this be possible. Do you think you would be the one to vote to take the pay away from those that are dying for these people to make these laws, just is not going to happen.

  • S.L.

    The military WILL be paid, anyone that is concerned needs to relax. I understand that people are going to read into media reports, speculate, and have their own opinions. Before anyone asks yes, I serve in the Armed Forces and I’m not concerned with this anymore. I started looking at these posts and folks, let’s understand something, it’s not the Republicans or Democrats, it’s both. Traditionally, the Republicans have been more supportive of the military than the Democrats. However, both parties keep wanting to add things (earmarks) to the budget and the President has already said that he will not sign a budget with riders. If they want something submit a separate bill but, don’t tack it onto the budget. What I’m basically saying here is, the budget issue is between both parties not one or the other. It’s understandable for people to be concerned but, honestly does anyone think that the services will not get paid? Of anyone in the government the military would be the last one to not get paid. I welcome all comments as long as they’re well thought out, and are relevant. I’m not into name calling, or comments that hold no merit.

  • mil_wife

    I am trying to do more research on all of this. Some of these comments I see are on here are ridiculous ( Get off your high horses people )! I am a military wife of 8 years with two kids. So i understand where everyone’s worries. My thing is if there is a shut down with no pay. Does that mean we will not have tricare until our pay goes back?

  • Mike

    David, get real man. The party of NO is and always has been the Democrats. The Dems are the first to cut spending where? Gee could it be the military budget? Could it be that the Dems were the ones who said no annual pay increases for Retired Military and those on Social Security?

    As a Retired USAF TSgt and proud member of the Tea Party Movement, I am all for cutting the budget. I am for defunding Obama Care, defunding 200 Billion in departments that are doing the same thing as other departments (some as high as 80). Will this stop our pay? No, Food and Forage Act, apparently has protected us in the past. In my 20 years, never had a pay stoppage and I served under that idiot of idiots Jimmy Carter!

  • Prior Service Spouse

    Very well spoken by so many people about our Service members and our Government!!! We have our service members out fighting to make sure they come home alive to their families now they have to worry about how will their spouse or family pay their bills? WHATS WRONG WITH THIS PICTURE? Come on Congress pull your head our of your B*** and get the bill passed! We do need to make sure our President is prior service, if they have not served they have no idea what it is like to live that life. Not only is it hard for the service member but their families also… when they are deployed you never know when you will hear from them and in the back of your mind you always keep that thought of what if I get a call or someone coming up to my door letting me know they are MIA or Dead…… It is hard and yes we make those choices to serve and to be the spouse but if it was not for us, well who would be over there fighting to keep us FREE?????? CONGRESS NEEDS TO GET OFF THEIR BUTT AND PASS THE BILL, HOW HARD IS IT TO KEEP OUR MONEY HERE AT HOME FOR US AMERICANS???? I DON’T SEE ANYONE ELSE COMING TO OUR AID OF BILLIONS OF DOLLARS FOR HANDOUTS LIKE WE HAVE DONE WHEN OTHER GOVERNMENTS HAVE BEEN BROKE? HELLO IS THERE A PROBLEM WITH THIS, YES! WANT TO THANK ALL OUR SERVICE MEMBERS AND FAMILIES ON ACTIVE DUTY, WITH OUT YOU WE WOULD NOT HAVE THE FREEDOM WE DO, THANK YOU!

  • Charlie Myer

    Let all these free-loading “Civil Servants” DEM. OR REP start serving the Military men and women whose sacrifices makes it possiblefor them to stay in office and collect theior big fat salaries. Or better yet put their sons and daughters in the Military and see how fast things will change.

  • Terrein

    We know the Congrees/Senate will not be foregoing their paychecks. But how about this? Instead of four branches of the military, let’s have five, i.e.: the Army; the Navy; the Air Force; the Marine Corps; and finally, the Mercenary Force. The first four are funded by the U.S.A. to perform their acts of war, protecting our sovereinty. The Mercenary Force would be funded by those nations (people) who need our help, in time of crisis (Egypt, Japan, Libia, Bosnia, etc.)

  • Mikes MOm

    I don’t understand the thinking behind this deep cut as where would this country be without all of the men and women who have sacrificed so much and now we would reduce them to struggle to get by.

  • craig oster

    Does that mean that congress and the senate and the president will receive no pay as well??? And we as retirees got no cola again this year, and by the way everything is going up in price to include food and gas.hank you I want a reply to this email!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Thank you

  • GMA

    Please review your “contract”….doesn’t say anything about pay.

    • No pay?

      Really? I actually was given my list of Salary amounts for each rank. I’m pretty sure income was included.

  • MANCHU26

    In my opinion, if our legislators, officials and certain other entities were to accept a 5 year wage freeze, we’d never have to worry about such things, but throughout history the common man/woman has always been the sufferers, whom without the country would come to a screeching halt. Never has it been that!!” the money mongrels have voted for a cost of living pay raise the the common person and a pay freeze for themselves, it has always remained that the greedy get greedier and the sufferers continue to suffer. Let’s not shoot the person who has allowed us to see the behind the scenes, that has been ongoing forever yet we refuse to or are oblivious to this fact because , “It’s not a problem until it becomes an issue!!” I was actually on active duty during a couple of the federal shutdowns and never was it a concern for the officials only for the people. Research before you vote in the future.

  • dont tread on me

    I think that these lazy ass politicians that have never even seen combat should get there paychecks cut in half and then they can still pay us. I havent seen a politician being carried back home from overseas….oh wait thats right , they dont have to because they fight for our rights over here….lmao what rights we are all going down hill. I would give up my pay to fight for this country but there are some soldiers that just cant allow that to happen. Some of the same soldiers that have been killed in this war and the past wars are still receiving benefits and they should continue to. This government was built off the blood of our soldiers and the day they start kicking us to the wayside and the citizens of this country allow it will be the day that this country pulls its last straw and we go to shit.

  • 7712AR

    Wow you people are crazy….bottom line the military will get paid.

  • 7712AR


  • Judy

    How can our governent send men and women into harms way to protect others and ourselves and say “Oops sorry forgot to tell you, but we are considering not paying you, ok then all elected officials should not be paid either. We evidently had enough money to get involved in Lybia, thanks to the U.N. and Hillary Clinton. We need to start contacting our officials and tell them no pay for the military, no pay for you. I think we in this country will start seeing demonstrations on our streets regarding this issue and I am for it..IT IS TIME TO STAND UP AND MAKE OUR GOVERNMENT ACCOUNTABLE TO THOSE THEY ARE SUPPOSED TO REPRESENT.

    • Glen

      I agree 100% we need to inform our government officials they are supposed to work for us..not doing a good job, hmmm no pay impeachment and flood them with emails..

    • Sally

      You bet Judy cut them off at the pocket book like they have done to all of us, losing our homes, increasing prices in everything and now the biggest slap in the face to our military.. no more pay for these bafoons

    • Dan

      I fear what you are saying needs to be done peacefully, to make our governent represent we the people. We are living under what is becoming a dictatorship. Stand up America and be counted to make government be accountable to us

  • Jeffe

    Why is this happening — the republicans will tell you it is about fiscal responsibility — Somewhat true but lets look at the whole Picture here:

    First off we have a 14 trillion dollar deficit and 13 trillion of that was put there by REGAN, BUSH sr. and BUSH Jr. YOU can google it if you do not believe me.

    Second the current deficits is being caused by 3 things the BUSH TAX CUTS for those in the upper 1% —- Medicare part D a 4 trillion dollar give away by BUSH jr to big PHARMA and not FUNDED but now on the budget
    Third thing is the BUSH Wars also NOT FUNDED but now on the Budget.

    That represents 84% of the current deficits.

    Two things that need to be done to end this.
    Number one END the BUSH TAX CUTS for the Upper 1%.
    Number two end the loop holes that allowed the top 140 earning companies not to pay a dime in taxes.
    That should be done by cutting the corporate tax rate from 30+ % down to 12% and then taking all the loopholes out.
    Would not end the deficit but would go along ways toward fiscal responsibility

    The health care thing can be modified if both parties would work together and
    that must pay could be modified so all are happy — But the best would be to go to a Single Payer System using the VA as a model.

    Some Progressive States can OPT out of Obama Care and start a Single Payer Health Plan (that is the real reason that the Republicans are going after the health care system is to get that OPTION out of the bill) Right Now California and Vermont are looking at doing that. Might add Connecticut are looking at cutting out the Middle Man and pay directly to the Doctors.

    Look at what the republicans are trying to do before you rant about Liberals. They want to end the EPA and FDA and many other regulations that protect Americans.

    They want to slash public education and start a voucher system so taxpayers will now fund the rich kids to go to private schools while the poor have no schools at all.

    They want to end MIN WAGE and the right to collective bargaining therefore turning this country into a third world country. Along that lines they want to end all workers rights and safety in the work place along with taking away Child Protection laws. All these thing are in Bills presented by republicans both on a state and national level.

    They want to end freedom of information on the INTERNET and start charging extra for what is now free and limit what you can access (they want a CHINA version where government watches everything you do)

    They want to Privatize Social Security and Medicare which would be a disaster for all seniors. If you listen to Fox News and Rush L and the talking heads they will tell you Social Security is causing the deficits.
    That is a LIE big time — Social Security has a 3 trillion dollar surplus
    and has nothing to do with the BUDGET or deficits. They would love to hand the money over to Wall Street.

    None of these are good for our country so be careful of what you ask for
    I am a Viet Nam Vet and spent 17 years in the Republican party and work for the Chamber of Commerce for 5 years

    Please Research everything from both sides and LOOK at what they are DOING not at what they are telling you on FOX and Rush

    One last thing if there is a shut down it will not last long but it will cost America in the long run as the republicans want to pass something that is very bad for all of us or they would not shut down the government at all.
    And any money that was due would be paid back BUT that does not pay bills.


    • papackbi

      You seem to not like the tax cuts, I only have one question. Have you ever gotten a job from a poor person?
      I also do not see the correlation between ending collective bargaining in the public sector, in the public sector being the key here, and the third world. Government jobs do not lower unemployment and unions cause many good workers to not be paid what they are worth because their salary it based on the lowest common denominator and remove all incentive to think outside the box.

      • Jeffe

        It was the first time this country ever went to WAR and cut taxes that caused Bush to run up 8 trillion in DEBT to pass on to our kids.
        Wages have been dropping since 2000 and it collates to Unions being destroyed by the Republicans both Public and Private. Go ahead and pick on the Teachers, POLICE, FIREMAN and Nurses that Unions Support I am sure we DO NOT NEED THEM they are the lowest denominator. But we need to give tax breaks to the Millionaires that destroyed our economy and give you your information on FOX NEWS and RUSH L. They are so honest the Canada will not allow them to be called a NEWS organization because the LIE so much.

        By the way who gave tax cuts to the middle class it was NOT BUSH it was OBAMA that gave the largest cut to the middle class ever. Also the Rich got the SAME tax cut but that was not good enough the republicans had to give them larger tax breaks. Wonder where all those JOBS are???? they have had those tax breaks since 2000 and from 2000 to 2006 those sweet RICH boys shipped 18,000 million jobs overseas GIVE ME A BREAK get your facts straight

        • papackbi

          I guess I have a couple more questions. How hard would you work if 65% of every dollar you earned was going to the government, as it is for some? The Revolutionary War fought over less then 10% tax rate. You seem to think all of the police, firefighters, and teachers are low class and are not capable of a performance based salary, where the better the work the more they can earn.
          Oh yeah I do not have cable so Fox News is out and I work during the day so I do not have the option of listening to Rush. However, I have read Karl Marx and Friedrich Engles and it read very similar to your posts, in case you are confused they wrote the “Communist Manifesto.”

  • matt

    Honestly they wanna do budget cuts they need to stop paying these damn pro players millions and billions of dollars for jus knowing how to play a damn sport and only play for a few months out of the yr. they can also cut down the the $1000 raises every that the congress give them selves jus for sitting on there butts all day just to say yay or nay. thats where they need to cut bidgets from and give to the ppl instead of them selves. gov lost sight on who they work for and the ppl need to speak out and remind them that.

    • papackbi

      I think you are confusing the issue, the government does not pay the pro players anything. Everybody watching the sport pays the pro players, in other words stop watching sports and get everybody you know to stop watching sports attending games and while we are at it stop going to movies and watching TV, actors get paid quite a bit of money as well. It may take some time but eventually the salaries will start to decrease. Of course their salaries do not cost me very much so I will continue to watch and be entertained.

  • rolley189

    How about we dont pay congress for a bit. they hardly ever get annything done anyways

  • papackbi

    Yes we signed a contract, if I recall a contract is an agreement between two parts. If either side fails to uphold their end (withhold pay) it would be a breech of contract. I did volunteer to sign the contract, the government agent also volunteered to sign the contract, if a paycheck was not involved I would have not been able to sign the contract, because I still have a responsibility to put food on the table.

    • S.L.

      On your contract, where did it say anything about pay? I don’t recall seeing that on mine. So what you’re saying is that you joined the service for pay check. I gather this by your saying,”if a paycheck was not involved I would have not been able to sign the contract, because I still have a responsibility to put food on the table.” I agree with the fact that you have to put food on the table but, I have to ask the question why else did you join?

      • papackbi

        There are numerous other reason but the fact remains, I have other responsibilities in life. Would you be able to go a year without a paycheck? Or would you need to find another way to support yourself? Patriotic feelings can only go so far, I passed up a 6 figure job to join up, so I did not join for the pay, but as stated before I have people depending on me for their support.

  • jumbojetpilot

    I’ve seen an incredible amount of waste during my career. And I continue to see incredibly wasteful spending within the DoD to this day, even at my own squadron’s level. Had our government been more fiscally responsible in the past, and not pissed away so much money on things that they have no business pissing money away on, then we wouldn’t be in the bind that we’re in now.

  • Kayla

    How about congress take a deduct in pay; my thought is that they are here fighting and bickering while nothing is getting agreed upon. While all military members who are deployed are doing their jobs, and not home with their families. Congress wake the hell up!!!!!

  • fghj

    shut the frik up faggets

  • scros004

    I am a 26yr old female and I haven’t been able to find a job. My family is really pushing at me to join the military because I have a bunch of school debt. But, they don’t understand that joining (especially in these circumstances) wouldn’t be the answer. I think they just see it as a means to push me out of their household.

    If someone who is young and has recently been a part of the military sees this– can you please give me some feedback based on your experiences? Thanks. I’d really appreciate it.

    • papackbi

      No joining the military is not the answer. Finding a job is the answer and moving out and paying your own bills, even if it is flipping burgers. Sitting around on the internet is not going to help you find a job.

      • S.L.

        Why would not joining the military be the answer? Wouldn’t that be finding a job, which would also allow her to pay bills and to support herself. It’s far better than flipping burgers. The advancement potential is much better in the military than it is within the civilian workforce at this time. Additionally, way the economy is going I don’t see it rebounding anytime soon, so by her looking into the service perhaps it’s the best thing for her. At least she’s looking to better herself instead of sitting on welfare collecting checks.

        • S.L.

          And I’m not saying that she’s sitting on welfare either.

        • papackbi

          At this point she does not sound like she wants to join the military, and as you stated in a later response the military is not for everyone. I have enjoyed my time in the military deployments blown out shoulder and all, but it is not an escape. Some people are better having been in the military but not everyone, it is not universal fix for family problems and is only a temporary fix for fiscal problems.

    • S.L.

      I can tell you from experience, that being in the military isn’t a bad thing. In fact, I really enjoy it. I’ve been serving for 11 years now. I will tell you it isn’t for everyone but, being in the military is all what you make it. If you’d like to get more insight from me feel free to reply and I’ll give you more info. I serve in the USAF, and all branches differ in many aspects but, we all serve together to defend our country.

    • LifeAsGIJoe

      I have a few questions for you.

      Are you considering joining the military for the right reason? Do you feel a burning desire to prove to yourself that you can hack the worst of conditions or that you are so in love with your country that you feel you have to serve to earn the freedoms our country provides to you? Or, are you looking at the military as a means to improve yourself, to remove yourself from a worse condition that only the military seems to be an improvement?

      • LifeAsGIJoe

        If you are looking at the military as a way to get out of your parents home and as a way to make money, stay at home and find another job… Joining the military is not the answer for you…

        Here is a good way to figure your pay in the military. Google “2011 military pay charts”. You state you have some college so I will assume you can join at least as an E3 (with less than two years of service – because you are new). you will see that you monthly pay starts at $1730 / 30 days / 10 hours per day (at a minimum) = less than $6 per hour; not to mention the days when you work 16 hours. In four years you might be an E5 Sergeant or E6 Staff Sergeant making $2448 or $2728,respectively, per month (do the rest of the math yourself).

        • LifeAsGIJoe

          Of course you will have your meals, quarters (your “home” or barracks room), medical / dental care, and other areas provided for you. So you won’t starve but you will be barely above poverty level.

          Though I have enjoyed my military career, it has been very hard for me personally. Three marraiges, two divorces; married 8 years this time and 5 1/2 spent away from my wife and kids geting shot at (that part comes later in this response); bad knees, bad back, and strange ailments that originated in strange lands. I can’t relate to my immediate Family (brothers) or my former friends from home.

          The military has changed me, most of it good, some of it bad. However, the military WAS the right choice for me to make when I graduated high school. I basically had two choices: 1. continue to be white trash, probably take up dealing drugs and stealing, go to jail; or, 2. take control of my life by joining the military.

          • LifeAsGIJoe

            If you are 26 and haven’t found a job yet, chances are you don’t want a boss who yells at you. When enlisitng in the military, Everyone yells at you. The only change as you progress is that less people yell at you and you get to “correct” your subordinates. Your personal choices are limited to “which pair of boots will I wear today.” Your free time is occupied by preparing for or resting for what ever comes next.

            And let’s not forget the real reason there is a military. We are engaged in hostile activities in multiple countries where people like to shot at you… with little bullets or big IEDs. Check out the statistics of killed in action and wounded in action. The Army Times 21 MARCH 2011 issue states: 5,930 KIA and 42,593 WIA; plus 2 missing in action.

            Now, do you want to join? Is this your easy way out of your parents home and path to financial independence.

            Look, I apologize for the sarcasm, but I don’t think you are considering the military for the right reasons. I wish you luck.

    • Sally

      You are 26 and still living with your parents? Sounds like it’s definitely time for a push out of the nest! I am not military myself, however I have a father-in-law, husband, brothers and son in the military (Air Force, Marines and Coast Guard). They pay sucks, but the benefits can’t be beat in the civilian sector. I have lived in a lot of places, from Florida to Alaska to Italy, and had many experiences that I wouldn’t have dreamed of, had I not married a military guy. My son has 3+ years in, and already knows he is going to re-enlist. It’s definitely a worthwhile career, and something you can be proud of.

  • angry servicemember

    Where do you spouses get off saying we and having a temper fit if your servicemember does not get paid. It’s not you who is deployed. You are at home over spending their money. Get out n get a full time job n quit talking about you go to school. So what!!! I am in the military and go to school and it pisses me off that you even comment on whether we get paid or not. IT’S NOT YOUR MONEY, YOU ARE NOT DEPLOYED OR IN ANY TYPE OF SERVICE SO STOP WHINING AND GET A FREAKIN JOB AND STOP SPENDIND YOUR SERVICEMEMBER MONEY!!!!!

    • adaf wife

      You must not be married.

    • papackbi

      I have been deployed a few times and the money I make goes into a “we” account in order to provide for my family. I do not expect nor want my wife to go out and get a full time job, she works hard enough already. So please refrain from derogatory comments about someone else’s spouse. If you have problems at home please keep them at home or get counseling.

      • adaf wife

        Thank you! My husband is currently deployed and I for one am the person who takes care of everything. It’s not like it’s a piece of cake for those of us whose spouses are deployed.

    • GruntzWife

      Boy you have some nerve! Some of us are disabled and CAN’T work. Before you go and run your mouth about us spouses step back and become a **** spouse. You don’t know what it’s like for us. And those of us that do have jobs have jobs that barely cover anything other than gas because not a **** person is hiring. I for one NEVER overspent my husbands money while he was deployed. Your comment was beyond unexcusable b

    • gayle veldhuizen

      Seriously??? Screw u!! How about this? Not only do I stay home and run an entire household, pay all bills, make budget, taxi kids all over, tudor teenager, clean but I also work full time and guess what?? I make more money than my E-5 husband! Just because you obviously married some white trash uneducated skank that took all your money and left your ignorant *** on your last deployment does not mean we are all gold diggers!! I hope one day you pull your head out of your ***, get an education and figure out that the military spouses are the backbone of this country! We are the ones who have to change jobs everytime you transfer and we are the ones who are the rock for the family when you are gone. Grow up!

    • gayle

      Seriously??? Screw u!! How about this? Not only do I stay home and run an entire household, pay all bills, make budget, taxi kids all over, tudor teenager, clean but I also work full time and guess what?? I make more money than my E-5 husband! Just because you obviously married some white trash uneducated skank that took all your money and left your ignorant *** on your last deployment does not mean we are all gold diggers!! I hope one day you pull your head out of your ***, get an education and figure out that the military spouses are the backbone of this country! We are the ones who have to change jobs everytime you transfer and we are the ones who are the rock for the family when you are gone. Grow up!

    • navywife17yrs

      Wow, this is definitely one for the books. My husband has been military for 17yrs and in all of the time I’ve been married to him, I have not once met a person that marries the military for the $. Some of us have gone to school and do work..and ironically, have children, homes, and numerous other obligations to tend to with no family or friends to help us maintain, while our spouses are on deployments. Why? Because we leave all we have behind, to be the backbone behind those out there defending us.

      You have a very negative attitude that needs serious adjustment. This post is pertaining to military pay and the potential of not receiving it. Try sticking to the topic and take your people bashing “skills” elsewhere.

    • He has a point

      Honestly, his tactics are off but he is right. Most of those I ever see voice opinions on mil issues in forums such as this are all spouses speaking FOR the military when they actually only have an observed experience. I am now medically retired but my wife is an E-6 and I work, go to school full time (mostly in the evening while she is home) and take care of the house. During my enlistment I did see many spouses wearing their husbands rank and they also tended to have a negative reputation around some of the Officer and Enlisted Clubs while hubby was gone. All that said, most of the problems were female dependants. Many of the male civi spouses seemed to stay out of the spotlight, maybe because they were a little embarrassed having their wife be the bread winner but none-the-less they weren’t so ‘active’. I know many of you gentlemen will be upset because you KNOW that isn’t your wife. And maybe it isn’t but this guy is making a valid point, he just went about it the wrong way.

      • Yup

        Ladies, I forgot…..Stop with the excuses I have seen. I am ‘disabled’ and I also take care of the home duties. I don’t just take 1 online class a week and say I am going to school; I have maxed out the credits I can enroll in every quarter. You can all do much better than I have seen

        • Rachel

          Don’t lump us all into the same catagories, just like we don’t say all sailors have a different girl in every port and blah blah blah.

          For sure, there are wives that think their you know what doesn’t stink and that they can treat people a certain way because of their husbands rank but let me assure you, MANY of us regret living in base housing do to dealing with these women. We are not all like that.

  • Stop the handouts

    How about we reduce the length of time one can collect unemployment. One year is entirely too long and I know of many who are just opening their pockets for free cash and not even worried about finding a job. STOP HANDING OUT MONEY and pay those who have earned their place in this society. Next we need to bury all felons that have hit their 3 strikes. They contribute nothing to our economy and each one costs thousands in tax dollars so we can pay for their prison sentences. When will we realize they offer nothing and our best bet would be to line up as many as we can kill with one bullet and cut our losses. I am sick of seeing so many suck the life out of federal funding while DOD employees are the only ones seeing any loss. TIME TO START TAKING ACCOUNTABILITY and THROW OUT THE TRASH!!!!

  • American

    All the comments about how Military families should learn how to save
    for “rainy days” and how service members volunteered for the job and
    took an oath, just grind my gears. It’s not the point. I think everyone
    should try to put emergency money aside, even if it’s just $5 a month,
    and I also think the oath to protect the United States, its people and its
    constitution is not to be forgotten or taken lightly, but that’s hardly the
    heart of the matter. For one, service members don’t volunteer to join the
    armed forces, volunteer work is work without financial compensation.
    They do however *CHOOSE* to enlist, take the oath and accept the
    sacrifices. They accept the responsibilities that come with the job,
    so why should the government be able to dismiss the responsibilities
    it has for them? A service member shouldn’t have to worry about his/hers
    family getting evicted, or having no money for groceries/basic necessities
    because pay isn’t coming on time. This job requires much, both mentally
    and physically, and the least that they deserve is to know their pay for
    what they do is always secure, and that they are able to take care
    of themselves and their own. Now times of crisis do come, but why
    in hell are service members the ones taking the hit? That’s the real
    question – with all the sacrifices they make and the hard work they
    put in – why isn’t congress members pay the one to not come in
    on the 1st? Their annual income is significantly higher than that of
    our military men and women, as leaders they should be taking standing
    on the front lines of this financial crisis. The first person to give up their
    paycheck should be the boss, to make sure his/hers employees are
    taken care of and can make ends meet. Why is the CiC then not getting
    a delayed paycheck? Why is he not taking responsibility and making
    a sacrifice for those who make sacrifices every day?
    He’s not going to get evicted from the white house for not paying rent…
    His daughters and wife will have food on the table no matter what. How
    come he is not terrified for the families of service members and creating
    a budget from whatever he can ASAP to ensure their safety?
    It’s all about how corrupt Washington is, and that the people in suits
    care more about their big fat paychecks staying fat than they do about
    those who fight for freedom – for all of us. Being a member of the armed
    forces doesn’t mean you and your family should just take whatever
    the government throws at you. Yes, they chose jobs with high demands,
    and give a lot to it in every aspect (mental, physical) doesn’t give the
    people in Washington the right to use them and treat them like sh*t.
    Veterans and active duty take enough cr@p as it is, and a lot of them
    won’t say anything.That’s our job as their fellow citizens to speak up for
    them and feel outraged when they are treated wrong. Our government
    is screwing us with no lube and no one can make changes except for
    us. Americans are not blind patriots, it is out very own constitution that
    calls us to overthrow a corrupt government that serves itself instead
    of its people. True patriotism is not to blindly follow our leaders, but to
    demand that they be leaders of the people, for the people, and that
    they don’t turn our country into a place we don’t recognize anymore.
    To me, the idea of service members not getting paid on time because
    their leaders didn’t stand in front of them to protect them, is outrageous
    and all resources available should be put in to prevent it, RIGHT NOW.

  • Kevin

    I suppose this means that disability for Veterans will also stop.

  • Adrienne

    They are saying they are doing the best they can to get this straightened. (at lease we hope they are) They say to save but yet they really didnt give us much notice. They are also saying they will issue a letter to all members that they take to the housing office or their rental office or morgage companys and utility offices which will allow them to not pay rent and their house bills till they get back paid. Yes they will get back payed for all this time its jsut they wont get paid on time. So they might work now for free but they will get paid eventually and they said it should only last one MAYBE 2 paychecks HOPEFULLLY. but yet with such little notice ALOT of familys dont have time to save. sure this is a goodl lesson to start saving but for not all the lower ranks with stay at home wives and stuff that livespaycheck to paycheck how in the hell are they going to buy food and diapers and stuff for their kids. This is rediculious. They should give everyone their BASE pay but not the BAH and issue letter so they can tell their morgages or rental offices they will get the rent when the members get paid but at lease if they get their base pay they can buy food and diapers and GAS to get to work.

  • JOHN


    • concerned wife

      its hard to “plan for contingency” when we dont get paid that much. we all have bills and the well the military doesnt pay all that well. after we make a truck payment house payment and pay all the bills we have about $400 to last us 2 weeks. What do u do John??

      • Susan

        I understand your worry. I am the wife of a military retired serviceman.I learned during our 20 years that there are organizations like Navy Relief that will help during these situations with short term loans at either little or no interest.They are fellow servicemembers helping other servicemembers.The only problem will be the amount of people looking for help so dont wait around. My husband now works for the government so we would be missing his paycheck and his retirement check.Luckily these things never lasted very long and then we recovered all back pay.God Bless and just say a little prayer it will all work out.

  • Shawn

    I think that all of you need to calm down. Most of you are talking like you will not get paid for a long time. If this does happen you will only lose pay for a month if that long. If you think that the president and the rest of congress needs to get fired then why dont you change your career path and become a congressman. I dont agree with this stuff either but I chose to serve in the military and I have to live with the choices the president makes.

    • Shawn, I disagree

      Not all of us voted for the imbecile in office, Shawn. Not all of us agree with his gang of goons he has appointed for various positions either. Not all of us voted for a president solely based on his race, knowing very well his inexperience. I disagree with 90% of what he has done so far which includes but is not limited to: Putting great effort into blaming everything on past administrations without using that time and effort into fixing our problems, try to start a free health care system in a time of recession that will only increase our deficit, decrease military pay while continuing free handouts for unemployed and welfare recipients who sit on their butts for 12 months at a time and collect free checks and make babies to increase their free checks. Shawn, obviously you will remain content like the rest of America who disliked Bush after his first term but continued to vote for him the second term because he was already in office and it was just easier that way; but I will not stand by while our new mistake buries this economy even deeper.

      • Shawn, I disagree

        Oh and who can forget about his proposed amnesty for thousands of illegal immigrants who suck money from our economy with under the table wages and don’t pay taxes to give back to the country they are feeding off of. Remain ignorant and content Shawn, for it is souls such as yourself that add to the problem.I dare you to make a call for change, take action. You won’t because we are led to believe that giving money to the bum on the corner is doing a good deed. But in reality, he will be back out there tomorrow and the day after asking for handouts while YOU go to work and earn your money. “But it’s not his fault he can’t get a job.” I promise you I could apply to 15 different retail stores, restaurants, landscaping services, you name it and get hired by 14 of them within a week; if that was my goal in life but I chose to work my butt off to pay my way through college to better myself….oh and i didn’t get a free scholarship because of the color of my skin either. Shawn I would like to become a congressman but I wouldn’t last long because I would work for what’s right and not work for votes.

        • Danny

          Most of us are getting this stuff straight from our commanding officer’s lips so it’s not just from reading it on a website. In fact, we were even told this could be MONTHS. So we, as always, just do as we’re told. In this instance, that’s WORRY.

    • meandmore

      well shawn when i join one of the things i was promised was stability, congrats if you are rich pay my bills and i will shut up.

  • Kate

    Just to pop in, I haven’t read all the comments so I apologize if this has been mentioned already, but I spoke to my husband about this and he said that while those living off post would have to make arrangements with their landlords, that those living on post wouldn’t have issues with housing. Also, in the event that pay would be withheld, the D-Fac’s/Galley’s would be open to dependants, as well as the commissary deferring payments for groceries (They would hold checks until service members were paid. So while it isn’t a pretty prospect, we won’t starve. I hope that helps!

    • USMCRecruiter’sWife

      The information that you provided regarding the commissary and chow hall is encouraging, but there are still many that will not benefit from even that because they are on independent duty (such as recruiting) nowhere near a military base.

      • Rick

        We were told our comm would close lol

        • Kate

          Well, that is half true. Deca would temporarily let go of most employees/cashiers/stockers. Then SM’s on bases will be stocking as extra duty. Army food inspectors would run the locations until the budget is passed. There would likely be limited hours and such, but not total lights out. I agree that the whole situation is terrible, but active duty, which is usually far from home, won’t be left without help. At least the DoD would take care of their own in this regard, even if Congress can’t/won’t. Chances are the budget would be passed within 1 bi-weekly pay period, as there would be a ton of disgruntled Fed employees if not. I would assume Congress would forgo their own paycheck if we have to, of course…

    • Ashley

      We won’t starve unless of course you are on an instillation with no D-Fac/ Galley we do not have many options. However the Commissary thing I did not hear much yet. It seems that on this base they do not want any one to be in a panic so the thought of not getting paid is not being mentioned around here. We currently live off base, and just because we won’t starve does not mean we will be able to make it into work. We still need to have means in which to live, granted there are going to be alot of people that may for the first times in their lives experience what it means to not have the money for anything. I think the best way to help out these sort of issues would be to save any extra you have right now, that way if for some reason this goes on for longer than expected you have a way to get the necessities. AFRC always says that you should have 3 months worth of savings to pay all those bills if for some reason something were to happen, I guess we know now why.

  • GruntzWife

    To whomever it was that stated we get free housing and what not, are you stupid? I’m an active duty army spouse and if I get free housing then why are they taking out our BAH??? I want my f*cking BAH if it’s supposed to be free because then I wouldn’t be living pay check to check. And whomever stated that we can make it on 21k a year, and whomever said you all own your own house and what not, does your spouse work? Maybe that’s why you all can afford what you have. I will tell you this, it’s not impossible to live on our salary, but it is **** hard and if we lose pay we will not be able to support our families.

    • Ripley

      I thought that one either got government-supplied housing or BAH, not both. Some people aren’t able to live in government housing because none is available, and in a lot of cases,. BAH isn’t sufficient to pay for the sort of housing that you want.

      • Ripley

        There is also yet another three-week extension of the continuing resolution pending in Congress. If passed, this would give you the 1 April paycheck.

    • adaf wife

      I said we own our own house, also have 3 children, and we make it on one income(I’m a stay at home mom/student) with money in savings and money in TSP. I will admit at first money was tight but we lived within our means.

      • GruntzWife

        And we live within our means with a third child on the way. Still, if pay stops, we won’t make it. Your husband has been in longer than mine and is only a rank above him so therefore you’ve had time to establish your savings. We haven’t and others who are starting out haven’t either! And yes, if you live off post you receive your BAH, on base they take it as “rent”. And they take all of it, therefore it is not free. And where I am at, I have no choice but to be on base cause the base we are at is surrounded by the ghetto!

        • adaf wife

          How do you know what rank he is? Yes, we receive bah, and it doesn’t cover our mortgage let alone utilities. I’m saying that even setting aside a little bit ads up.

  • Guest

    Just told by active Navy that because of Libyan assault, military will necessarily forego pay for at least the next week. Is this correct??? Since when have we expected the military personnel to fight AND pay for the war??????

  • Brian

    I am tired everyone blaming the Tea Parties, the Republicans and Democrats. Its a complete failure of our government by not prioritizing whats important. IF the budget was important, why didn’t the Dems pass one when they had the majority vs going home for the elections, knowing they will not get one passed. Gee they had pass several CRs so they can pass other items on their agenda. What has it done for us so far. Absolutely NOTHING! Get rid of the lot, we need to have confidence votes on our elected officials and term limits. They are not looking out for the people but themselves and special interest groups. We have people dying defending this kind of life, where is the sense in that.

  • Alexis

    Just saying, I am more than happy to get out of the military if they don’t feel like paying me. Even if I end up getting back paid for what I miss, if our government is in such a shitty spot right now and they need people to get out, I’m more than happy to oblige and offer my contract to be terminated. BUT, alas, I’m only a first term airmen and they won’t allow it. What a shame. Instead, they want the officers and senior NCOs to get the hell out. You know, the ones who actually have families to support and know their jobs and want to stay in but are being forced to get out.

    • That is so true and yet so sad. People who are half way to retiring…

    • Ashley

      Alexis there are ways for you as a first term airman can get out, you may not like most of them, but there are ways. Personnaly I do not think that someone that sits there and says they want to be out of the military should be in. I am positive if you went to your Shirt or Commander and said you wanted to get out, you would be able to get out.

  • LifeAsGIJoe

    As a Soldier who enlisted right out of high school and who retired as a commissioned officer, here is my position on this issue: IF the government does not pay the active duty military on 1 April, EVERY incumbent elected politician from local government office all the way to President Obama can count on me to vote for their opposition. But honestly, I believe another CR will be approved… at least before the FY11 budget is approved and hopefully before the FY12 budget is needed.

  • Scott

    I sent a message to the White House about the issue of government workers and military personnel getting paid. I still have not received anything back (no surprise). However, If our political leaders cannot decide on a budget after they have had all year to work this, we as American people have seriously screwed up by putting the wrong people in office. People need to be locked into the White House and not leave until the budget is finalized. If that does not work, they need to be fired and we need to have an emergency election. This is unacceptable!!!!!

  • sailor20

    Shipmates Remember this in 2012. Always keep in mind that the people hires those non functioning persons in Washington and we can fire them. Look for more veterans for congress who are qualified and not lawyers.

  • OspreyFXR

    I do believe that the soldier/sailor relief act will prevent creditors from pursuing leag courses of action if we do not get paid. I had several people use it when they went to recruit training. I recommend looking into it.

  • Rachel

    The Feed and Forage Act of 1861 indicates that costs for the maintenance of, food, medical, housing, necessary war expenses etc. CANNOT be denied…that doesn’t include families VA or pay… The reason why it isn’t likely(that the military wouldn’t get paid) is because, despite clauses, The US would have a full on revolt if the military didn’t get paid

  • C Mart

    Perhaps they should cut state department employees first….say…interior designers/decorators that make $135,000.00 per year??

  • retired gmc[sw]

    the start of a new page in current history. i did 24 years with no complaints as to the type of job asked of me. by doing so i became disabled and cannot work. no pay who is going to contact those people that want their money. is the gov. going to pay all late fees and correct our credit faults. people are worried about money! stop givinmg money to those outside our country. make those countries that owe uncle sam from ww2 to pay up include interest. how much more do the people in washington thick we can support? get a hold of your people in office and complain to the . maybe we should clean house and shack up the big boys.

  • justfoethought 1

    we are the country 911 force. Sometimes for other countries also and are own country can’t even pay the ones that suppose to go to war for them. WOW it’s like telling policemen and women to protect your streets but do it for free. we as a country need to stop paying for other countries products and put money back in are country by buying USA products, But no everyone want to live like the joneses. this goes for the poorest person to the richest person. yes you rich yes you is poor we got it but now are country is poor so we all are poor congrats too everyone. when others need are help we need too show them are bill and say pay this and we will help you……………… something to think about I love The USA I been deployed and travel all over the world seen alot of ups and downs. but we as a people forgot what it was like to be broke now this is a wake up call……

  • Garry

    We should all be clear on what can and should happen next: The elected members of the United States Senate and the United States House of Representatives are paid for doing a job. Part of that job is the passing of the annual budget. The date for action is well-publicized. Regardless of party or seniority, if the United States Government is shut down, it is because Senators and Representatives have failed to do the job they have accepted money for doing. It is time to start grass-root recall elections and put them all out of office and replace them with people who must understand they have a limited time to pass the budget THIS YEAR and will be similarly “Fired” if they do not make passing the budget important enough in future years to prevent any shutdown.

    • American

      Amen to that!

  • ginger78

    One of the reasons I joined the National Guard was for this very reason. The Constitution protects that sector of the military. The Army, Air Force, Navy and Marines all have budgets that are allotted to them. If there isn’t enough $ to give that way they don’t have to. However, the militia (later named National Guard) must be kept.

  • USA Retired

    Be sure you are registered to vote and the next elections VOTE OUT ALL THOSE WHO CANT SEEM TO UNDERSTAND THAT THEY ARE AMERICANS FIRST (not reps and dems) and that they are only in their offices to do as WE THE PEOPLE WANT THEM TO DO!!!NOT WHAT THEY WANT OR TO PLEASE THEIR PARTIES!!

  • John R. Morgan Sr.

    As I have seen before that the government does not care about anyone but themselves. I am sure that that the congress will get paid as well as higher up officials. As far as the military force if they do not get paid they should be allowed to cancel their contracts for to me it is a breach of contract. The ones that have families to support should have every right to leave the service to find a job to support them. The Post Office was much the same way that you could not strike if no contract agreement was met and was suppose to wait until the contract was done and get any backpay which could be a year or more. The government always delayed constantly but that did not mean you could not quit at any time. It is not military but the contract is not fulfilled if the government reneges on its agreement as well. All service members should seek legal help within the military as an individual or group action for it is suppose to be free to them.

  • unknown

    funny thing is the military can not go on stike or voice there objections we eat sh– and do as we are told on active duty it get’s worse when your retired. you try to stay on top of things push to get answers only to be mislead that the government ! Like so many have implied grumpy men and woman sit in power takeing care of those who put them there and all to aften themilitary is forgotten only because we do what we are told weather we like it or not

  • U.S Historian

    There is strength in numbers. You alone will be shot for mutiny! But they cannot shoot every enlisted man. Only a committee of sergeants can resolve this issue. – Sgt. Billy Bowzer

  • LBS

    Ok well what about me that has a spouse that is in the guard and is active duty right now…..and by going active duty has caused a significant pay cut and now they are saying you may not get paid at all….and for those of you bashing people for by a home and all….That is what my husband risks his life for!! The right to buy a home and live “the American dream” ! I don’t know where anyone got the idea just because there is a military member that has a spouse that stays at home with their children it somehow makes them worthless and crap!! You walk my shoes buddy!! Its the best job ever and damn hard! Our military deserves better and just because people do not have enough savings to go through not receiving a paycheck does not mean the should suffer! You go to any other place of employment and everyone would quit if they didn’t get paid! So why is the military members suppose to receive any less?? It’s a load of crap all the way around! And preaching to people about what they “should” do with their finances is really not the point….the point is that no one works for free and our government needs to get their act together!! I feel like I am watching a kindergarten brawl unfold on the playground!! They all need to grow up and get this country back on track!!

  • Come home

    Now they’re using our troops to go after Libya – Get out and they can’t use you any more. Let them go and fight their own wars! The days of Politicians starting wars and us fighting them needs to end. Stand up for yourselves and your families! NCO’s be the backbone you claim to be! The private sector needs help, veterans make the best employees and managers, let’s rebuild our nation peacably. God Bless you all for your service now get out of that hell hole and come home!

    To the politicians, Do right and listen to us. We are the people you claim to serve. You must stop being selfservient or you too will suffer what has happenned in Egypt and more recently in Libya – Revolution. King George III nor Porfirio Diaz thought that they were causing a revolution.

  • Ret. Navy

    Military WILL get paid, it just may be delayed. This happened at least once when I was on active duty. So, NO, none of our military will be working for free. You WILL get paid retroactively if there is even a delay in the paycheck. It sucks, yes, but you won’t miss out. And the one who posted about their loved ones contract getting suspended…..ROFLMAO.

  • kenneth wilkins

    now here they are talking about shutting down the gov., because we don’t have any money. bullshit, we don’t have money but here we are
    bombing Lybia. whose paying for this? enough is enough. when are the american people going to stand together and say stop it and stop
    it right now.

  • Jeanne Navy Mom/vet

    Yes… would there be any Politics if there was no freedom to exercise the rights? I think that the priorities are out of whack… I think that all of this “fear mongering” is just another political tactic to stir all of us up! I wish that all of you wonderful people would NOT lose sleep over these political manipulations! All of you are worth so much… Active Duty… widow(ers), retirees, reservists… and SPOUSES! God bless each and every one of you… and please don’t let this political BS make you upset and lose sleep! There are so many of us out there that have your backs!!! :)

  • dee

    they think that soldiers are crazy, let us not get paid. This war will certainly be over

  • Jose

    This is not about serving our country, this is about not having food on the table for our family- I have 2 kids with me and a pay child support for 2 more- Are they going to take care of our family? I’m retired so the answer is NO-

    But lets face it, they need us ( active duty ) much more than we need them so I don’t see this as an option- We are getting paid and if we don’t they will pay us back- Probably with tax credit. ;-)

  • Jeffe

    Last night I posted a Comment about WHY this is happening Please find it and read it.

    This is nothing more than the Republicans doing a power grab and using all of us as hostages to get what they want — then Blame Obama for all the trouble that it has caused. They have FOX NEWS and RUSH L and his talking heads to lie about the whole thing.

    There has never been a shut down when the Democrats controlled the:HOUSE but 5 of them when Republicans have control it.

  • Proud to be American

    It’s a volenteer Military and while I understand everyones concern it will not be a permanant thing. Suck IT UP AND DRIVE ON oh my gosh. I am a VET and A Spouse and personally everyone should have a savings, and if you do not, jump on the bandwagon while you still can. Even 20 dollars a payday will get you started.

    • This is pretty disingenuous of you, actually. There is no such thing as “volunteering” to break from your enlistment contract or commission short of certain extraordinary circumstances, and then at the discretion of the military. As for savings, I was able to save when I was in the military by living a pretty “uniform-only” lifestyle. But that is not always possible, and is largely dependent on your duty station and pay grade. Even with no expenditure beyond my basics, I was able to save only about 6% of my checks (I tracked it). That means it took 23 months to save 1 month of potential expenses (building in my lag in pay between advancement and pay increases). During a time of war, expenses go up. Whatever, though. You go on with your “boot straps for everyone” reasoning. I’ll worry about whether or not war-fighters should be paid or your personal and political philosophies should be allowed to use them as pawns.

    • Beautiful

      Let me guess, you are the spouse of an officer? It’s much easier said than done. I am a civilian who was sent to the east coast from overseas, and whatever I had saved is now gone trying to keep up with the high cost of living here. How does one save when 1 whole pay check goes to the rent and the other pretty much goes to the daycare center and the other things that are needed to survive? How do you save when you are living paycheck to paycheck? You don’t want to know how many times a week I am having cereal for dinner, so my child will have a decent meal. Has your account been at a balance of $1.18 before? What is $20 a pay day going to pay for? Sure, it may get me gas for 2 weeks, or a few groceries, but it’s not going to pay rent. You are absolutely right, I will have to “suck it up and drive on” but the bills won’t wait just because I’m not going to get a paycheck….

    • AFWife

      This comment disgusts me. For a SPOUSE of the military to say something like this is down right disrespectful! Yes everyone should have some sort of savings but it’s not always that easy especially when you have young children who need diapers and wipes and clothes and there is nothing you can say to not buy those things. What it sounds like to me is that you could care less about the military and what would happen to their families if this happens. Even now, 2 days after we get paid we are down to maybe 40-50 until the next payday because we have bills to pay, a child to support, food to feed that child, gas, and whatever money we have left over gets used mid pay day for milk for our child. So before you tell anyone to SUCK UP AND DRIVE ON how about you think of those less fortunate than you and shove it up your ass that you can actually afford to flaunt your “concern” for those who will suffer!!

      • Beautiful

        You certainly said it better than I could! 150% in agreement!

  • John Scully

    They manage to pay the Israeli’s 3 billion dollars every year along with other benefits, and now cannot seem to cover the costs of their veterans, both retired and serving.. Wipe the 3 billion off the Israeli’s

  • retired army E-7

    I think it’s a darn shame that the gov., is now saying that if they shut down the military may not get paid. They say that we are broke, well then if we really are
    how are we still fighting someone else’s battles? we send millions of dollars to LIBIYA but we are broke,,how is that? we can’t pay our fighting men but we can
    still give all this money to other countries. the american people need to wake up and say enough is enough stop all this bullshit and stop it now.


    Time to to generate some money from the money machine to pay the military They can do it and dont have to tell ANYBODY KEEP IT A SECRET because if not
    theres going to be……………

  • NeverSurprised

    Agreed GM–and I did last time–bit not enough of us do and are in fear o the votes bieng swayed Dem or Rep because o third party voters–time for everyone to grow balls and vote from your heart. What sickens me about all this is that can you imagine what our enemies are thinking right now? They don’t seem to realize how vulnerable our country would be in the middle of all this BS…….what good are emergency plans if we cannot even support our families. Answer: Let Congress take the lead and battle at the front if such a thing happens without paydays–they will still have theirs.

  • Considering that various (now elected) “Tea Party” people have called us all, active duty, veteran, dependent and retiree “welfare recipients” in the past, I do not doubt that there will be disruption. However, the extent to which even the most rabid Bachmanites would risk not funding the troops is debatable. However, the established right-side politicals are lining up to avoid being challenged in their future primaries, largely, and the easy excuse of “they overlooked” the problem is always there. It would be pretty stupid of the Tea Party to anger a whole lot of battle-hardened veterans with a pay disruption. Then to follow up by stripping the budget that will pay for medical care, disability payments, mental health assistance and readjustment when they come home? Make my day, you bellowing blowhards. Watch the result if they do, given the “rise up” tone in the world and the growing gap between the American Dream and the American Reality. Sad that we even know that a pay disruption and benefits cut is possible. Ugh.

    • Jeffe

      Frank I have made two posts on this and I see you have a good idea what is going on — This is nothing more than the Republicans doing a POWER Grab for something they want that will damage ALL Americans and have the Dems pass it so they can BLAME OBAMA just like they Blackmailed the DEMS into ALLOWING the BUSH TAX Cuts. It is all about the 2012 election and the Republicans just do not care about the WORKERS or the Military not to mention people on Social Security that are living from check to check — I have done many posts about this on FB — WE are in a WAR for the workers and the Republicans want our country to be turned into a BANANA REPUBLIC

  • norgwar

    Really, all griping and complaining aside; as a US service member with 6 years in the Army as both enlisted and now an officer, what this government owes us is an answer. If they are going to cut, reduce, or not pay on time they need to inform families and provide possible solutions to families so that they will have time to take advantage of them.

    Providing an IOU or back pay does a family no good if their rent check comes directly from their pay check on 1 April and families are not officially told until their check simply does not arrive on time.

    Enough with speculations and infighting: the troops and their families simply need answers. We are a solution-driven element. Give us a straight answer and we can work from there.

    • Well said, sir. I’m pretty disgusted with the rhetoric and the threat, though. That’s what it is, a threat to the troops and their families. And the people justifying it or defending it, well… I guess they need some time in sick bay or the VA that they believe the government’s politicos just may not choose to afford, anyways.

  • dreammaker

    so if the Tea Party morons have their way I will be cut off from my non-service connected pension? and I am also applying for a service connected pension because being in the marines and serving in VietNam has made my life a PTSD nightmare? now why don’t we impeach all the Tea Party Republicans and others such as lobbyist who are even more stupid than these few rich republicans. I say we start to revolt against these so called lawmakers and start impeachment processes on each and every one of them. maybe then they will wake up and really help this country that has its fingers in everybody elses wars and problems. we need to fix our own problems. the free people need to speak up and be heard and have the right to make or undo laws that work against us instead of letting these evildoers have there way with our country. please don’t delete this as it is very important to wake us up and be heard. this is our country and we the people need to take it back from evil.

    • Lisa G Wilson

      Now what do you have to say about Obama’s order to strike on Libya? Were’nt you talking about impeachment? Why don’t you start the Impeachment process or lobby for it now that Obama has his fingers, better yet his hands on Libya? Do you know how much is being spent in a week time alone for this mission that’s costing the US? We’re talking about billions of dollars being added to already overwhelming deficits. The money being spent on this mission could be used to pay the Military and other problems in this country (i.e., unemployment, home foreclosure, poverty, etc…). We need to take care of our own country before we get into other country’s business. You folks are criticizing previous administration for war in Iraq. Now how about this Libya crisis that you guys choose to overlook because you are a Democrat?? This a double standard, it’s Ok for the current administration to order an attack of another country, but God forbid if it’s a Republican, All hell break loose !!

      • Jeffe

        This has been going on for three weeks and the Republicans in Congress refused to talk about it.
        Yes JOBS JOBS JOBS — If you add what the proposals of the State Governors (republican) and the National Level Congress it comes to about 1 and 1/2 million jobs to be eliminated over the next 6 months HOW does that help America. Please look into the REAL republican agenda — they are out to make this country a third world country and take us back to 1900 with regulations. 17 years I was a Republican and 5 Years working with the Chamber of Commerce and seeing what their agenda I have become a progressive and have been warning everyone I know even if they think I am off base — so far I have predicted every single thing they have been doing both at the state and national level including the threat of the SHUT DOWN and I did that back in December

        • foxisland2

          Jeffe, Your comments that I have read are right-on. I have to ask if you have read ‘The Shock Doctrine’ by Naomi Klein? Given your experience with the GOP and the CofC, I think you would find it interesting if you haven’t read it. IMHO, The Shock Doctrine has come to the good old U.S.A.

  • GIJoe88… Information on the feed and forage act.

  • Livid LCpl

    Ok People, I have been reading about this issue for quite some time now trying to figure out wether or not it is going to happen. First off I am active duty MARINE CORPS deploying in two weeks. I (like the rest of the world) need money. I live with my fiance supporting us both on her measly paycheck and my E3 paycheck. NO BAH! I didn’t want to jump into marriage to just regret it later and get divorced but that is neither here nor there. To me it isn’t a “OMG I am sooo moto, I serve my country blahh blahh blahh” my argument isn’t whining about not getting paid. ITS ABOUT THE WHY AND WHO IS GOING TO GET PAID!! So I have to sit here and go to war and somehow before hand I have to pay for all this extra gear I need like more undershirts, new cammies, magazines etc but yet I am not getting paid?! I am DEPLOYING, THERE ARE THINGS I NEED IN ORDER TO DO THAT THAT THE MARINE CORPS DOESNT GIVE ME. Another thing is, this bill is getting passed by congress…. ISNT THAT PART OF WHAT WE PROTECT AS MARINES????!!!! Our right to elect our own goverment as well as mildly run things how we want in the US? Well why the hell do I want to stand behind the same people that are taking MY MONEY away as they sit there with their half a million dollar salary looking down on us and saying “man that sucks for you, I hope you got 3 months ER fund” NO…NO ONE DOES! We get paid crap to have the most important job in the US!!!! We cant sustain ourselves and families and still have money at the end of the day!! I will not be putting my boots on if this does happen, not because of the not getting paid thing but if not because of the fact that without us service members I’d be having this conversation in German while praising Hitler or someone like him, We have the most important job in this country and for conressmen to actually even CONSIDER us not getting paid (which money is deff something we all enlisted personnel need) is a HUUUUUUUUUUUUUGE slap to the face and I will not continue standing behind the people who are the cause of it saying its ok I’ll get back pay whenever the hell they feel!

    • American

      EXACTLY! I was getting tired of reading the comments about
      how service members and their families need to stop complaining
      and “suck it up” because NO, you don’t, and it’s not really about
      the money – it’s the principle. The fact that you the service members
      are the one taking the hit because the man in Washington, our “leaders”
      are letting you take it instead of taking it for you as they should.
      I have no doubt that if congressmen and other members of the
      government with big paychecks would say take our salary instead
      until the budget is figured out – and if that wasn’t enough and Military
      paycheck was still delayed, we’d be hearing different sounds.
      There’d still the need to help service members through rent and
      bills until the paycheck comes in, but there would be unity, there
      would be a sense of yes, this is a government I can serve with my
      heart fully in it, these are leaders that truly live up to their title.
      The real blow is the fact that there is no budget and we were almost
      half way through the year of 2011, that congress members got a pay
      raise and that they are willing to delay the paycheck of those fighting
      for their and our freedom while they are still getting paid, and also
      not really doing their jobs?

      I agree with you Marine. Stay safe and come home safely.

    • AFWife

      I completely agree!! It isn’t about the money at all it’s about what is right and what is wrong. A lot of people that are making comments about how it would be better for the economy or whatever else they have negative to say obviously don’t realize that behind every service member (at least a lot of them not all) have families with kids and every service member has bills or rent or something to pay. It’s not like we can go out and collect unemployment like majority of the United States does. I mean c’mon aren’t we people too? Or is the government just looking at us like we’re assets and nothing more than that. That not getting a paycheck (meaning they have no morale or respect for what our members do) isn’t the end of the world for some people? I just don’t understand what’s going through their heads… Wish I could put an idea there with the back of my hand and the toes from my foot… Stay safe over there!

  • Lika

    You can contact your debtors and explain your situation. I work for a Financial institution, and most bank or Financial institution have programs that allows the military family in dire needs to negotiate deferred payments, reduced interest rates, or some other sort of program to assists those who are in this situation, until your financial situation is back to normal again. Goodluck.

  • kn3111

    You can try and plan ahead and do all the things they suggest. However when you are laid off of your job because of the economic downfall and cannot find a job because no one is hiring or you have hundreds of people applying for one job and you have already had to rely on your 3 months worth of living expenses and our down to living from paycheck to paycheck on the already low military salary for a family of four what are you to do. We will find some way to feed our children and deal with what we are dealt. But if they are going to cut anyone’s pay why not start with the people who have been on welfare for years and have not even tried to better themselves and get a job. Don’t pay all of them for 1 month and that would make a dent in the deficit in a positive way. Nothing like standing in line behind a person on welfare pay for steak, pop, brand name food with food stamps while I am putting up generic brands and what ever type of meat is on sale. Of I know they want the military to work for free so they can pay the lazy bums who sit at home and collect a check for not working. It is ridiculous and it doesn’t matter if Democrats or Republicans are in office these bums still collect money.

  • YoungAD

    I’ve never seen so many fingers pointed before, though I’m not very politcal. I joined the Military for responsibility and stability and I’m still pretty young. With that being said, I personally think we’re all to blame for whats happening here. Where I do agree with the comments toward cutting Congress/President pay, I don’t think it’s completely right to point all fingers at a man who inherited this economic downfall. He’s human like the rest of us and really has no means to save us from what’s happening. There are a lot of ways this country could be saving money, possibly adapting from a country that is a lot more stable than we are. Idk, I’m not the brightest cookie. Anyway, this whole Nation is based off of greed and we’re all to blame. Of course I don’t want to go without a paycheck but being part of the US, part of this depression and being human, ALL of us are going to be affected. Being military status does not exempt us from economic strain.

  • AFMom

    So Military personnel pay will be yet another tool in the game between the democrats and republicans .

  • HDRocker

    Congress are the ones that should not be receiving a paycheck. The majority of people in the United States do not get paid when they do not work and produce results, why should elected officials be any different??? Congress should not be exempt!!! All pay raises for Congress should be sent to the voters to be approved since the voters put them in office! We must fix the corruption in Washington!!!

  • Judy

    Military will get paid! Geez!

  • 22 and counting

    All of the bickering back and forth is quiet enjoyable to read and the grammer and speeliing lesoons are grate but it still does not address the problem. There are Soldiers, Sailors, Airmen and Marines who stand a chance of having serious financial problems if something is not done in a timely manner. Republican or Democrat, doesn’t matter, just give us (the ones wearing the uniform) an answer. That is basically all we are looking for.

  • kevin

    how come no one is talking about the democrats thats should of passed this a year ago instead of trying to pass bad bills at the time and spending who knows amount of money then

  • 22 and counting

    Because the previous Democrat Majority failed in its most basic obligation to pass a budget for the current year, House Republicans were left to deal with the mess this year. Not long ago, the Republican-led House passed HR-1, a long-term Continuing Resolution (“CR”) that would fund the government through the end of the current fiscal year. Unfortunately, the Democrat-led Senate voted down that bill and (along with the White House) continued to demonstrate irresponsible governance and a lack of leadership in failing to provide an alternative solution.

    I found this by serching Continuing Resolution

  • Flite

    Easy Chicken Little(s)
    The chances are VERY slim of the government being shut down long enough to affect military pay
    IF that happens, the chances are very slim of them witholding military pay
    IF THAT happens, you will recieve back-pay as soon as it’s up and running again.
    You may want to put that new LCD TV purchase on hold for a little while, but I think this is a lot of worrying about nothing. Try to plan for it as much as you can, but don’t stress yourself out before there’s any reason to stress. IF this were to happen, that’s the time to stress.

    • snm0224

      You do not receive the pay as soon as it is up. First the government never does anything as soon as possible!!! Pay will be returned over a minimum of a 6 month period and alphabetic. Most people on here are in the service and know what it is like when the government owes them money it is never a speedy process, and now imagine that they owe every active duty personnel for all the branches. Do you really think it would be a speedy process?

    • adaf wife

      You mean LED tv? ;) Haha

    • Michael D. Small

      It does not really matter if the Government shuts down for those who have planned their lives for hard times. Unfortunately, the vast majority; even military do not plan and if income checks are not provided, military families will have hard times.

      We never learn. Wisconsin should be a prime example as to people who are subjects to Government (dependent). Shame on us who live in the greatest country where Capitalims is the Garden of Dreams.

      What is the American Dream? A Bankrupt Federal Government; Bankrupt State Governments and massive foreclosures and bankruptcies?

      I served the US Constituion in the US Army for twenty years. That meant to me, I defended Capitalism. It is amazing how many have little to know understanding what that means.

      Will my retirement be affected? Perhaps it will.
      Will my VA appointments be affected? Perhaps.

      Why not? We live in a nation that has a sickness called Social Dependence upon Government.

    • AFSGT

      Flite, well spoken. “Nuff said”.

  • guest

    everyone needs to face that this economy is based upon our military. im sure that they may not pay military personel right away but i believe the goverment may step in and stand for the military bills. even tho they might not recieve pay on april 1st im sure that everyone will be ok and taken care of

    • Nichole

      things wont be ok if they do not pay our family on the 15th, we just moved to fort drum ny and our on the waiting list for a military apartment, and are living off post. So that means no money to pay rent, equals no home to live in hello please tell me how things are ok, when you have children and are pregnant, With your husband being the only one able to work as of right now and your maturnity leave pay is only 400 a month?

    • Beth

      And how are they going to take care of us? My husband is in Okinawa for two years, I couldn’t get on post housing because he was sent where family could go with him… Well they denied me to go. So if they don’t get payed who is going to pay my rent? If we don’t get payed then we have no house and no way to buy food for our kids.

    • Mrs.Fields

      What fantasy world do you live in? Where people don’t get paid yet have obligations! We don’t live for free so why should my husband put his life on the line for free? Can you answer that? I don’t feel that people who provide this Country with protection from harm should be subject to this nonsense. MILITARY,POLICE, COERCIONS,FIREMEN ECT
      . See without these services we would be fu###% so stop cutting in the wrong places because some idiot can’t control the the government spending budget. I.wish peole would. Stop blaming our President for everything that happens you do know that congress .is the real deal!

  • ajs

    it shows how much the government cares

  • Zac

    i have heard that they are still required to pay allotments. is this true?>


    While I do see some very valid points in everyone’s comments above, I do think a lot of you are blowing this way out of proportion. I too am living paycheck to paycheck like a lot of people do, and I do agree that we should have a nice large emergency savings account, but do I…NO! It is nearly impossible for some of us to save that much money on the small paychecks we do receive. The US Congress will, in fact, get paid as they normally do without interruption; the US military and our civilian counterparts might not get paid a single paycheck. This would not be the end of the world, if people actually call their banks, creditors, etc. Anyway, I did enjoy reading all the misspellings and all the grammar lessons from all the apparent teachers on here, thanks for that BTW. Geez, i hop i did’nt mispel anyting….

    • Army wife

      Really was that needed?!? I mean really!!!! Ppl have there right to speak how they feel who the **** are u to judge our opinions and spelling…?! Do you really have that much time on your hands?!? Grow up normal ppl worry about there pay and the bills they have to pay if something happened , instead of being fake like you, There are real ( just sad your not one of them) don’t care be true to you and others otherwise keep your negative thoughts to yourself!

      • AFSGT

        Wow, I really did get a rise out of some people! The way I understand it, and correct me if I’m wrong, this is an open forum to comment on the article. So ask yourself the question: “Who are you to judge MY opinions?” You are judging me for having too much time on my hands? You should look at the effort put forth by people such as yourself to berate me for my opinions; I do believe we both have a little too much time on our hands. I also believe everyone is worrying about this a little too much; don’t get me wrong, it will be a huge inconvenience, but it is not the end of the world. Thank you for your (not so) positive comments and good luck to you and yours.

    • snm0224

      You should understand that the chance of it only being one paycheck is very slim and that it is an even slimmer chance that we will see those lost paychecks returned in a reasonable time frame. The last time active duty personnel did not receive their pay it took over six months for them to get their back pay. So what do you think will happen if did not pay your car payment, trash, water, electricity, insurance, rent, phone, cable, internet, and any other monthly bills for one month? Also how about the fact that our government spent 100 million just yesterday for the no-fly zone over Libya. But, I am so glad to hear that you find it so easy leaving paycheck to paycheck and that losing a month of wages would not impact you at all.

      • AFSGT

        Like most people on here, I am no expert; I’m just giving my opinions. I simply don’t see the government shorting their military that much money for a long period of time. I also said that I too am living paycheck to paycheck, I didn’t say I was completely broke. So, no it will not be easy to lose a paycheck (or, if I believe some of you, many paychecks), but the government, as a whole, would not expect us to perform our duties without us getting paid. Thank you for your expert opinion.

  • dardar

    Well, okay then. If this is such a possibility then why would our Congress, Senate and even our President harbor even the slightest thought of adding the burden of financial worry to those who are deployed in the name of the United States? These men and women, who by the way joined our Armed Forces willingly, are putting their lives on the line constantly. I mean, really, what a slap in the face!! Congress, Senate and the President should give up their salaries to make sure that the military gets paid!!! Really guys, you ARE SERVANTS OF THE PEOPLE! YOU ARE NOT IN YOUR ELECTED OFFICE TO DRAW A A BIG FAT PAYCHECK,! YOU WERE ELECTED TO SERVE THE PEOPLE. SO GET WITH THE PROGRAM.
    And to top that off, most of you own businesses outside of your elected office or were financially well off before you were even elected. Get over yourselves and do the right thing for once in your pitiful life! I, personally, am tired of the political ranting of both parties. For crying out loud……….did we elect anyone with any common sense?

  • debe_777

    By gosh if they shut down military pay, retirees or any government jobs, they better start with themselves. I’m getting sick of them hollering about cutting budget when they are not willing to cut their own pay. I’m sick of government and thinking they deserve to not be touched regarding pay. Wish we could get them all out of office and start with clean slate… popular vote.

  • BobC

    Really? no one has thought about what agencies will suffer for the inaction of our elected representives? Does it not sound a little rediculous that there is not a straight answer to this question? So if no one knows then someone needs fired for allowing such irresponsibility to go this far. I want answers and as a tax payer and a voter I demand them now. Time has come to stop dancing around and perform your duties as Americans with the constitition behind them a constitution that states if our government is not working we have the right and responsibility to remove them by any means necessary to preserve democracy.

  • dave


  • Barry Roberts

    I agree, what about the Retired, Viet Nam Vets, who have earned their due!

  • Gunner g

    I’m a veteran and active duty member. I have served in two wars as an infantryman. This whole issue makes me sick! I have an emergency fund, but the young soldier with three kids and a wife, come on people take care of the retirees and the troops that put themselves in front of an IED and gunfire. I’m glad there are those out their(ha ha) that have time to grade a post. The issue is bigger than an English class. I hope that they still pay those that do, or have done things, others won’t do. As I sit here waiting for surgical appt from injuries incurred in combat, I want to cry, but I hope this country will live up to their end of the deal and just take care of me as we soldiers have do what we were allowed to take cate of it! Gunner 17 out!!! :(

  • Joe Starkey

    go ahead and panic. do something stupid like staying in bed and taking a swing at your sergeant. Just like the two dummies in one of our subordinate units in Turkey.

    then when the truck pulls up with the checks and money to cash them on time and you can have the same court martial and jail time they got.

    joe Starkey, USA, Cpt, EOD, Ret

    • June

      You’re a retired captain. You don’t kno what the **** those two soldiers have going on in there lives. We are ******* enlisted. We do all the **** work and we are the back bone of the ******* military. How the **** would you feel if you were overseas getting shot at and bomb and they told you that you might not be getting paid.

    • spacemonkeyy

      LOL you realize we dont get paid with cash or paper checks anymore? We have direct deposit…. :D

  • Boris

    Why not bring our troops home to actually protect our country.
    Instead of giving their lives in another country for reasons that only make sense to the politicians.
    We the people who fund and fight the wars and pay the politicians.
    Don’t have the right to know what goes on in those behind closed door meetings.
    Bring our troops home let them secure our borders.
    Use the money that is their for securing our borders to pay our military.

  • Jan Stiffler

    I am a 60% disabled, female Navy vet. I use my compensation for my RENT and ONLY that!!! What am I to do THEN, if this thing happens? Go to a homeless shelter? But then again, I would become just like a lot of vets around this country!! I have a little (note: “LITTLE”) savings–nothing to speak of, and live month to month, like a lot of people nowadays. I am 56 years old and thought my older years would be a lot more enjoyable than it is, and that is for sure.

  • Melvin

    All of you are idiots. All you do is argue about the most irrelevant least valid points of this entire situation. If you’re not serving in the military or have never served than who the **** do you think you are to justify the situation. You come here with your self-righteous attitudes about how this needs to happen to maintain economic stability. Again, who are you to have a say in whether or not the men and women protecting your freedom get paid or not? I love to excercise my First Amendment rights and I’ll do so here by saying that the elected officials in office today are nothing far from down right ignorant. Another thing, for all you white collar college graduates that think you know everything, shove it. I’ll outsmart you any day of the week on a high school education, why? Because I chose to serve my country.

    • afvet

      Melvin, I am the taxpayer who is obligated to pay the military salary. I have EVERY right to question EVERY thing about how MY funds are being spent and subsequently wasted. Having said that, I am a reitred veteran. Don’t think for one minute that your government gives a fig about your well-being. You and I, and all the rest of the service members past and present, are nothing more than voters in a game politicians play.

  • Disappointed

    If the troops aren’t going to get paid neither should the president since he’s the commander in chief…it’s only fair in this oh so wrong decision…troops serving for free?…what is this country coming too??? disappointed

  • Bunnie

    REMEMBER THIS NEXT TIME YOU VOTE! Watch your leaders in Washington, see who works to make sure you get paid. I am a civilian but know how hard it is for service personel to save. You can’t save if there’s nothing left to save, young people just starting out in life have bills ( saving to pay cash…yea right) or have little to nothing. I feel for all of you and I will REMEMBER next election time.

    • concerned wife


  • T. Mitchell

    This is ridiculous – I pray I speak for all veterans, spouses, widows, widowers, and all government associated militia. Our world is deteriorating to no dismay. We have military personnel all over this world fighting and putting their lives on the line for individuals to have freedom and the hope for peace. Yet, we have polictical parties debating if our veterans should or should not receive pay – seriously – this is preposterious. How could any individual in a government position even think of such a unrealistic idea. On another note I guess the government would assume our militia would keep fighting the fight for nothing – now that is just dense. We have so many other circumstances and concerns that our government needs to address then to discuss if our military and veterans may not receive a paycheck. This is disturbing to say the least. I am sure these same parties discussing this will not miss their paycheck!

  • Ron P.

    This is all B.S.! The government has money coming in each day from taxes. There is no way in hell that the military won’t get paid. This is just a scare tactic by someone.

  • Army_Wifey

    such bull shit!!! We ‘d better get paid. My husband works hard and to not be paid is unfair. So tired of the way these guys are treated. Working long hours including weekends and deployed for such long periods of time and still treated like crap. The one and only thing that is guessed to be consistent with them is now being threatened. Their paycheck. What a joke!!

  • AFWife

    As an Air Force wife if this does happen I don’t know what will happen to our family! I have a 14 month old who needs food my husband is a fire fighter and we live about 20 minutes from his station what happens if we can’t afford gas. I’m not freaking yet, but it’s the questions that come up that have no answers that make me worry. Yes bills will probably go unpaid if it does happen but the military will understand you won’t be punished for something out of your control, but I would worry about how my family would eat or how if need be the an emergency room visit that won’t get paid. A Sra paycheck isn’t very big! what about those who haven’t put on rank yet and have families that need the money to feed their kids. It’s hard to know that our spouses put their lives on the line, that at any second of any day they can be called to the line of duty and could possibly go mia or get hit by an ied or whatever the case may be and ya many of them would do it for free but would it happen because they had their minds on their family back home going without or worrying where their children’s next meal would come from? It’s not something people should take lightly. We are people too just because we have a constant pay check or get medical or whatever other excuse someone wants to throw out there we’re people. We’re families. Families who rely on that money to stay afloat and make a living. So before some of you negative nancy’s start dissing the military or making rude comments about the military or government or whatever you may say just remember we have rights too. And it’s more easily taken away from us then some measly job you hold in the civilian world where you actually have to do something wrong majority of the time to get fired. Unlike those people that can just go and collect unemployment a military member cannot and life is a little bit harder to start back up afterwards.

  • USMC Wifey

    They saying freedom is not free works both ways. Why should my husband be over there fighting for his country risking his life only for the government to screw him over. What about those families who have no other source of income?! And if anyonr has anything negative to say about this or correct my grammar save it cus your just wasting everyones time ;)

    • Rick

      It’s funny isn’t it? we fight for their freedom, freedom of speach so they can protest outside our funerals, outside our gates when we deploy, spit in our children’s faces and tell them their daddies are murderers, yet we are not allowed to say a word to them. Most of the time we can’t use that same freedom we fight for.

  • Nicholas A. Condos

    They can talk about a shut down, but this man that president flying all over the place costing $5M dollars a day. He should have been shut down

  • Jenisse

    omg about the bible we need the chip if you want your daughter eat…..!!!we are in the last days!!!

  • eddie

    If I don’t get paid, You don’t get any work! It’s as simple as that. Do whatever you have to do, but think of how many troops are thinking the samething Iam right now! No pay, No work!

  • Mike

    The stupidity of you folks acting like it’s the end? no monthly check-mercy me! if you depend on your check for you lively hood shame on you for not moving forward with your life and education and jobs. You will receive your checks on time as always! Military service wasn’t based on a pay check every two weeks

    • T. Mitchell

      With all due respect Mike – you need to grow up – I understand every individual is opt to his or her own opinion but for you to say such a comment is stupid not to say a slap in our military member’s faces. These men and women service this country by choice more then what I may assume you are doing. Most of our military do not have the time to go to school or attend any extracirruclar activities because they are busy servicing this country and protecting our freedom. Many of our military members serive because this is the only form of income they have.

    • T. Mitchell

      Others service members may have the opportunity to attend school to better themselves so they may obtain a better job or additional income. But for you say these individuals need to prepare well then why don’t you offer your support in that area since you seem to have a full hand on it. For you say that military pay was not based on a pay check every two weeks may be one thing – but I am sure with you saying this type of commentary you have no idea of what our military does for this country and for your freedom. If you do then shame on you for even saying such selfishness. You obviously have more time on your hands then our military members. Do something productive – make a change – I am sure if you did not receive a paycheck or had any other form of income coming in you would say such stupidness.

  • USNDiver56

    This is the biggest load of CRAP to come out of this administration, since this morning, and Lord knows what that was….come on!. This is just another scare ploy…to keep the Liberals spending us…this country in to the arms o0f China, and the country…where Mr. Obama is once again selling us out to our South American “friends”, make no mistake about this whole 1) trip and the timing of such an act…2) And check the REAL news…he is even bring them “gifts” in the form of ….Not a meger $1 Billion but REAL money $2 Billion Dollars. So…lets not fear…our pay is secure!

  • Charles

    This is what happens when the people that are getting paid irregardless, do not think of what we have to do or go through. We all have bills to pay and mouths to feed. Plus other expenses that require we get paid or we loose our house, can not put food on the table or put fuel in the car. These are pure politicians with no regard to you or the consequences you will suffer if you miss your Payments. These are the purest of politicians. They do not have the knowledge of what the of what is going on in the world; there only worried about their own agenda.

  • Roonie

    Actually, servicemembers who get out can collect unemployment! I’m not bitching about you not knowing all the facts, but just make sure you do your homework before somebody else tears into you. As for the not getting paid bullshit, some of you are right, the Commander in Chief should know what it feels like to not get paid too! Even though he only makes a little over $200k a year and everything is paid for him everytime he flys somewhere or makes a speech or stays at a 5-star hotel, all our tax money pays for that shit! Don’t fear! We are not gonna miss out on any paychecks, I’m 99.8% sure of it. Even by some act of the Devil that we don’t get paid, we will still have to work no matter what! We took an oath to defend this country from all enemies, foreign and domestic whether we get paid or not. Will you not work and not protect your own family if you don’t get paid for a couple of days? Doubt it very much! Going on Strike and shit like that is out of the question…..because you’ll just get court-martialed and kicked out. Right now, the Air Force is looking for any reason to boot people because we are over-manned big time! Don’t get all uptight because of some bullshit that puts out. I know they wanna let us know what’s going on behind the scenes but don’t fear. As for some of the ideas coming from other posts. HELL YEAH, take some money from those fat greedy bastard senators and congressmen that collect a check 7 times what I make a month and put it towards the people with families! I’m not worried, even though I don’t have an emergency account or something like that, but I will always look out for my lower ranking guys because somebody did that for me when I was in their shoes and it will teach them to do the same when they are where I’m at now! I’m only an Air Force SSgt but 10 years has to account for some kind of experience, right? I’m a very logical person and I have never been and never will be an Air Force kiss-ass robot like some of these brown-nosers! I hate people like that! If something is screwed up, I’ll open my mouth about it because they always preach “Integrity First”, but some of these J.O’s don’t like the truth and they hate when you lie, so F’em, I tell them the truth and 33% of the time I get in trouble for it, especially when we have DV’s come and check out what we do. For what we do in the military we should get paid a whole hell of a lot more because we put our lives on the line, all military, no matter what job we have. A mortar can land on the head of Chaplain who’s not even supposed to pick up a weapon because they’re non-combatants. Everyone is susceptible to a bullet, IED, mortars, and dangerous stuff like that if you are a servicemember! If I misspelled some shit, I’m sorry! I wrote all this on my iPhone4, laying in bed after the $20k surgery I had today, all paid for by Uncle Sam…..and the percocet too! We will be taken care of no matter what, please don’t worry and keep the faith, even though sometimes I have no faith in our Government……wait a minute…..I work for the Government, damn….

  • Sabrina

    Everyone needs to take a deep breath and relax. They are not going to cut military pay. If they were going to cut military pay then it would be all over the news because it would be a VERY big deal. When they talk about cutting pay they are talking about non essential government workers, but military are essential personal.

  • Frances

    I’m not in the military nor a dependent but I do have family members who are and this whole thing about non-payment is insane. Did they forget about all those soldiers who left their families behind and gave up their life to protect our nation, and this is what they get! What about those military families who are stationed in foreign countries? I highly doubt they can tell their landlords to allow them an extension on paying their rent. How about that! It only gives them a bad image of the government. I continue to pray for the protection of our men and women in all branche of the armed forces that they return safely to their families. I most especially pray for the families that are left behind to cope with the absence of their loved ones, and being able to be strong and supportive. What would our nation do without you.

  • militaryspouse

    I have been the wife of an officer and the wife of an enlisted. The pay is different for each, however, the SPENDING habits of each are VERY different. The enlisted try to buy things they cannot afford and put it on credit or spend it and not save for emergencies. The officers tend to wait until they have cash and pay for it, yet still live modestly and drive simple cars , pay cash for them and keep them until they are several years old, and put money in investments. Enlisted wives, you can work! I have been a military wife for over 20 years and raised 2 kids while my husband was overseas for a couple years at a time. I went to college and took care of the home, and you can too. Stop depending on your husband’s income as the sole income and acting like the federal government owes you. Because when you get divorced, you will most likely not get his benefits anyway.

    • GruntzWife

      You’re so awesome for ASSUMING all of us can work. Some of us are disabled ya know!? Oh, and congrats on ASSUMING you know the spending habits of ALL enlisted and officers families. My husband is enlisted and I assure you we don’t, nor do our friends spend the way you are implying we do. Then again nither do the officers spend the way you say they do. In fact I see more officers spending and living beyond their means than I do enlisted families. Must be wonderful not having to worry about anything cause you’re a high and mighty officers wife and are able to work. Kudos to you. But guess what, I HAVE to rely on my husbands income due to a car accident leaving me unable to work.

      • Mrs.Fields

        So glad I live off base! Wow didn’t know it got like this!
        I am also disabled, and just get my once a month ck, it’s hard not being able to bring more to the household! My husband works so hard and I praise him for never complaining!
        So why can’t people and the government stop complaining and give more not less support to our military. So they can have a clear head when overse!

      • rebekah

        my car accident and rheumatoid arthritis make it almost impossible to work too- but I wouldnt anyway! I choose to live frugally so I CAN take care of my 2 and 4 yr old! I didnt have kids to put them in daycare, I wanted to raise them myself! I cant NOT believe she had the balls to say officers wives save money but enlisted spend! I am an awesome coupon cutter!!! We are just POOR!!! That was actually amusing, and demeaning, but let ignorant people think what they want, she is so awesome now that she has joined the ranks. basically she is saying I was dumb but now I am better because we are officers! get over yoursefl!

    • T. Mitchell

      Are you serious – please tell me you did not have the adascity to say you are a military spouse. For one I do not disrespect any military member regardless of what protocol he or she may hold. But for you to say that enlisted spend their money loosely and without concern is such an embarrasment to your comment. I have been a proud enlisted wife for over 20 years and by no means have we ever lived outside our means. I do work and have since the day I got married. I have worked in the medical field for over 18 years. I have 3 children who have been raised to be all they may be – become what they choose – and succeed with God’s grace.

      • GruntzWife

        Nicely stated T. Mitchell. Much better than myself. Thank you for your sacrifice as well.

        • T. Mitchell

          Thank you GruntzWife – I am very passionate about our military men and women regardless of what branch he or she serves. They are all fighting the same fight. I am a proud enlisted USMC wife. Thank you for your support and unselfishness. Take care!

    • T. Mitchell

      To say that the military spouses depend on the government for their pay – you damn right they do – where do you think your husband’s pay comes from. I have been through 8 deployments and have assisted with the key volunteer program – I helped those younger wives that needed assistance or understanding to get through what they were not familiary with – and most officers I know – have lived outside their means and drive very elaborate cars – with that being said that is nothing against them – hell they earned it – just like an enslisted member – but for you to sound like you are better or have done something new – please – many of these spouses out here have done exactly what you have more then one time around

    • T. Mitchell

      And just to clarify I do not depend on my husband’s pay however I do expect the government to pay my husband and every other military member servicing this country their pay – I am sure you would not be saying such commentaries if your husband did not receive his pay – seriously you have more concerns going on then what this whole circumstance is about – please God did not promise us tomorrow – but he did say stand on faith – but you may wish to realize as a military wife you would have more respect in your comments then what you have expressed.

    • T. Mitchell

      Oh and on a side note – you are the reason enlisted wives have a bad taste in their mouths about officers wives because you live behind your husband’s rank – I am sure he would be proud to have you standing by his side belittling fellow military personnel. You should be so proud.

      • concerned wive

        U said it T. Mitchell. Thank you. My husband is enlisted and we surely dont live out of our means. i work and help with the bills but if were to not get paid we would b n a bit of a bind because i only work part time because i go to school full time. And she must know something about getting those benefits after a divorce huh? Did u leave your enlisted hubsand for your officer husband? and tell me military spouse would you want to comt to go to work if you didnt get paid. i am sure you would not. So why would our enlisted military want to. They do more work then the officers and get paid less. THINK about that befor reply please.

        • GruntzWife

          Her response is the exact reason why I respect officers and their wives but REFUSE to have anything to do with them otherwise. I’d also like to point out that the biggest thing that separates her husband from that of the enlisted is a college degree. Big flipping deal. My husband is going on his FOURTH deployment and 99% of his officers here have NEVER been deployed and think they are better than he is. Let me point this out, unless your Havana has been deployed AND goes outside the wire and EARNS his so called respect cause he’s an officer, mine will always out do yours. My husband and those other ENLISTED men and their families whom you say live beyond their means and will somehow end up divorced and looking for compensation are the ones who make your husband look good and risk their lives more often.

          • GruntzWife

            I despise iPhone auto-correct. That was supposed to say husband not Havana.

        • T. Mitchell

          Thank you concerned wife – I understand every individual is entitled to his or her opinion but under these circumstances this individual has honestly lost perspective on what is really going on. I will say this as I have many times before, “I am a proud enlisted USMC wife”. Thank God for our military men and women. Keep fighting the fight. Spouses keep supporting and praying. This to shall pass. Take care and may God bless!

    • Db

      I read this comment and just could not help but respond. What you said is

      A disgrace. Being married to an enlisted and to an officer does not make you a specialist on their spending habits or about what type of people they are.

      I am a USMC wife of an enlisted, I raise two children, work full time, and have an education. My husband who is enlisted has to teach officers like your husband how to do their job! Your husband should be ashamed of you and I wouldn’t be surprised if you divorce again. Also, your comment had nothing to do with subject of pay; actually I believe your on the wrong site, you belong on some teenage site where you can argue over who has the latest designer bag, because you are no use here.

      • T. Mitchell

        Kudos to you Db – my sentiments exactly when I read this commentary. My My My – to say you represent the military and you are a military spouse – can you shut your mouth.

        Semper Fidelis!!!! Thank you Db for your unselfishness and dedication. I wish you and yours the best of luck. God’s speed!!!

    • h_preston

      You’re generalizing and don’t have a clue what you’re talking about. If indeed you are a military wife….my dear you are a poor example even if we do have to claim you as family!

    • Moore

      Hello. I would like to say “I am sorry to you”. I feel sorry for you. It must be hard for you to go through life everyday being the kind of person who would place a comment like your’s. First, if you were an enlisted wife first than I am sure you would understand the difference in the pay and the difference in the job/MOS. I feel sorry for you because it seems being an enlisted wife has left a bad taste in your mouth as they say. I noticed that you married an officer this time instead of enlisted. I wonder if you really thought about what you wrote? You have assumed that you know most of the enlisted families finacial situation and have somewhat discriminated against them. If you think about it I think you would realize that your rank has nothing to do with your financial situation.

  • ttttyyty

    They can take that cotract and oath and shove it right up their A$$!!!!!!!!!

  • tj4fa

    I think I’ll wait to April 15th to see if I’ll send in my IRS check…

    I’d betcha it wouldn’t be long before they came looking for “their” paycheck…

  • Alex B USCG Ret.

    Maybe members of congress and the senate shouldn’t get paid – would sure speed things up.

  • penemyone

    It seems most if not all of these posts were not in the military back in 1995 when the government shut down. WE GOT PAID! The military is the life line of the government and will ALWAYS be paid before anyone else. For those of you bashing the president, thats idiotic. If you want to bash, bash them all (politicians) for holding up progress.

  • william

    i can bet dollars to donuts that the retirees will suffer and we will be screwed. too bad congress cant suffer like the rest of America. we have pelosi in a hospital in rome, guess where that bill is getting paid from and out of. its the same budget that doesn’t exist. so we have no money/budget but our politicians can globe trott and get first rate medical care over seas and yet we cannot guarentee that the military retirees can get their pay and pay their bills and take care of their families.

    • T. Mitchell

      Good Evening William,
      I would like to thank you for your unselfish time served for this country and our freedom. I understand exactly how you feel. My father is a veteran from Vietnam and I am sure he would feel like his fight was for nothing. What little monies my father gets is because he sacrificed just as many of our veterans have – he has worked hard for his retirement. This is his only income he has. Again, thank you for your time and serve. Take care.

    • h_preston

      yeah, i wondered about that one too..
      Pelosi in rome, obama in brazil, gates in russia,clinton in doesn’t anyone stay home anymore especially once they engage in an undeclared war that the US military is suppose to enforce and carry out and then “oh by the way…you may not get paid…psych!…F**k them!

  • SubZero3452

    Well im in Hawaii and just like the “killer tsunami” I dont believe it till i see it the news is just a crock of

  • Candace

    I am also a 100% disabled Vet and my husband is a retiree, so what about us? We both have given our all to the military short of our lives and as it is for the last 2 years we have both given up any pay increases while others in office have gotten theirs. Most businesses dont give any discounts once your retired so again we are left out. So is there anyword for us??

    • Mrs.Fields

      My husband is overseas at the moment but I was informed through email two days ago! I am waiting for confirmation from the FRO! I hope this not true. And as far as military discounts most stores offer but you have to ask them sometimes its only holidays but they make exceptions.

    • Mrs.Fields

      Thank you for your service Candice.

  • Mrs.Fields

    Well this my husbands 3rd Deployment and my first in our marriage. I can’t believe that men and women put their lives on the line and they have deal with bull like This!

    Our lives are stressed enough I’m disabled and at home raising a disabled child also! And we live pay

    check to paycheck!

    Really taken back and disappointed about this being up for discussion.

    Still love my Country and support the MARINE CORPS & FELLOW MILITARY BRANCHES

  • retired grunt9999

    For all those who keep asking as to whether this means the president, or the congress… the answer is….. it doesn’t!! here’s an extract from a special report that is being circulated amongst the fed workers
    “Several types of officials and employees are not subject to furlough. These include Members of Congress, the President, presidential appointees, certain legislative branch employees, and federal employees deemed “excepted.”
    “Excepted” employees, who are required to work during a shutdown, are described as “employees who are excepted from a furlough by law because they are
    (1) performing emergency work involving the safety of human life or the protection of property,
    (2) involved in the orderly suspension of agency operations, or
    (3) performing other functions exempted from the furlough.”

    My question is:

    when are all the troops gonna wake up and realize that these politicians, who are bought and paid for by the corporations and lobyists, BTW Are NOT your friends despite what they say!! Look at their actions!! and do not listen to their BS!

  • gARY

    I gave 33 years of my life to the military. It’s BS that congress and the president and all the rest of the dumb bells running this country, regardless of party, weren’t smart enough long ago to realize if you don’t have it in the bank, you don’t spend it, so the monkey is on all Americans backs to throw ALL OF THE LOWLIFE IN WASHINGTON OUT ON THEIR BUTTS. We still have enough money to shoot off 112 cruise missiles, fuel to send troops and ships to another country that can’t work out their own problems, and money to give to illegals, other countries, etc. AM I MISSING THE PICTURE SOMEWHERE?

    • Dick LeGrande

      Yeah, you’re missing something cause the money is in the bank, it’s just that everybody want to spend it on things that will get them elected in their district and not on what the country needs. Congress is gonna haveta realize, times have changed, long gone are the days of pork and big business interests. It’s about Country survival now, if they can’t see that then they are truly lost in time.

  • Carl Soave

    What about VA Disability pensions? Will we still get paid?

  • AFWife

    Please excuse me if this question has already been answered but: What happens to the families who live overseas in economy housing if our spouses don’t get paid? I mean seriously, I have read many responses to posts saying “WE” should have been prepared. Well “WE” do have some money in savings but my rent alone would be 1100 euro which = 1566.00. I also have 4 kids, utilities, car and insurance payments, groceries to get. I have NEVER planned for my husband who has (what I thought) was job security to not have a paycheck coming in. Is life just expected to stop? I don’t think so.

  • TPoquette

    So your just going to take our income away from the men & women that gives you freedom. They are the ones out fighting and losing there lives and we have people in the WHITE HOUSE that wants to take away MILITARY PAY. I dont see them dealing and living with what the military families deals with on Deployments and what not. Its SORRY that they take away military pay.. Why dont they make the People that are sitting on there bunns get up and get a JOB, Stop supporting the young people that arent Disable Make them get out & get a Darn JOB. I have 2 children that are DISABLE and DONT GET THE FIRST CHECK for either of them because DAD MAKES TO MUCH IN THE MILITARY,, So does that mean that My 2 children will get a SSI PAYMENT if they dont pay military because then DAD WILL NOT HAVE INCOME.. SO I think the men & women that doesnt think OUR MILITARY shouldnt be paid, lets see how they will feel to not get the INCOME for the same about of time that the MILITARY DOESNT get paid, are they going to contact ALL THE CREDITORS CAUSE US MILITARY FAMILIES WILL NOT BE ABLE TO PAY CAR PAYMENTS< HOUSE PAYMENTS, CREDIT CARDS, ETC..ETC..ETC,,, So make the Ones in the White House INCOMELESS , AND FOODLESS AND ALL the other that we have to have to live….. You need to TAKE CARE OF HOME BEFORE TAKING CARE OF THE OTHERS.. BELIVE IN GOD


    If there are any legislative house employee’s and/or representative that happen to read this. If you take away money from someone who is protecting you, I would hope that you atleast stop paying yourself first. Congress is the biggest “EPIC FAIL” of the United States today. You are supposed to be “For the People” not “For the Big businesses that offer me KICKBACKS.” Wisen up and lets just get back to our roots. If you want to get something, open up your wallet, if there is no money there, you don’t get it. We have to remember, WE ARE AMERICANS, cut it all back, take it all away, fix the problem. WE ARE AMERICANS, we’ll figure out a way to survive. Maybe all the freeloaders will go home too…. A BONUS!!!

  • abogler

    The idea is to be saving consistently over time to build up an emergengy fund, not to try to save as much as possible the paycheck before something bad happens. How often are you given warning that something is going to happen that will cost money? Do you know in advance you will have a car accident? The dog will eat something they shouldn’t and require surgery? Mom is gonna have a stroke and you will need to fly cross country? What do you do in those type of situations? Alternatively, if you have no credit card debt you can use a credit card for an emergency fund until you get one funded. Not my favorite solution but it works when you are really stuck.

  • Bill

    I bet that the Senate and Congress gets their pay, I have never hear of a pay cut for the congress.

  • Loman T Hood

    Is there a number at DFAS that I can call without getting a recorded message.I set here for 45 minutes the othe day trying to get a person and I never did so I gave up. Thanks for any help that I might get.

  • Sharon

    This is a call to action. All Military Enlisted, Officers, Families, Veterans and Civilians in the Washington, DC area, select a date to “Stand in Solidarity” at the Capitol Steps and in front of the White House. YOUR MISSION: Hold and wave a U.S. Flag. Ever hour on the hour, recite the Pledge of Allegiance. At the Half Hour, recite your Oath to Defend our Country. At the Quarter Hour, state the following: “President and Congress, we believe in the United States of America and DEMAND that you perform your jobs in accordance with the U.S. Constitution which we defend.” Nothing else has to be said. No other signs need to be or should be carried. If we do this, we will make all of America stand up and take notice to understand the sacrifices our military have made to protect our country. And just maybe, the President and Congress will get “We, the People’s,” message. PASS THE WORD AND MAKE A DIFFERENCE

  • emisha

    So if that happens then would nobody be able to join ?
    Im turning 17 on 08/08/2011 I hope I still would be able to join !

    • USMC_CT

      thats actually a good question

      • Sarah

        I honestly would not want to join up at this point. Perform to serve is screwing MANY over, they are cutting out SO many jobs, they are trying to get RID of some rates and let civillians take over, might be fine your first four years but after that it’s kind of iffy. Even first classes are not safe anymore.

  • William Patterson

    I would not panic yet if active military; probably not even for retirees. I have been retired since July 1, 1976 and I keep reading about the many times the government has shutdown but I just do not remember any of them affecting me. I also do not ever remember NOT having a bank deposit for my pay!

  • MC wiffey

    Okay Ihaveheardenoughbackandforthon this
    . First point: PEOPLE if you don’t get paid but stil lhave the means to survive, help the fellow families that do not.
    Next point: The ones that will need help make sure you are asking for essentials we all will be living tight on budget.
    3rd and final point: this is our chance as miltiary spouses to step up and show we know what to do. Get rid of the luxeries.Tv not required to live. cellphones no trequired to live. games like xbox no trequired to live (and heck you can get a pretty penny by selling it if you have too). achohol and cigs NOT required to live. we all will make sacrifices and we all will do it together. Make a commitment to your fellow military family today. We all are family and will make sure everyone get through this if they are not greedy. NOw that I have said my peice I will shutup. take it as you will.

    • jeremy

      Technically, cell phones are a requirement. Especially for soldiers. Our chain of command and NCO support channel and their need to contact soldiers pretty much make it mandatory. If military spouses want to show that they know how to handle financial distress they can start by getting a job. Not all military spouses are unemployed, but a majority are and some have a good reason. Whether it be at home with the 10 kids bc by then it is pointless to work only to pay daycare. Or the military spouse is going to school to improve themself and their job marketability and advancement. There are the ones with no kids, no school, and no job. Those are the military spouses that give the great ones a bad image. An employed military spouse is a rarity in some areas. Relax everyone. If the military does have a postponed pay day it would be the first in a long time and would be made up for.

    • h_preston

      You make an excellent point. Once in the military you are ALWAYS family period. Help each other out if and when this absurd event happens, meanwhile email McCain and let your voice be heard.

  • Dick LeGrande

    Yep! If the Gov do shut down, you can thank the repubs for that. Them bone headed repubs will never learn, it takes money to run a nation as big as ours, and yet people still vote them nuts in office because of what party they belongs to. I keep telling people….they care more for their stupid party than they do for their country …..just like communist and nazies and such.

    • Call it like see it.

      That is an ignorant thing to say, comparing these 3 groups. Nothing alike.

    • Darin

      Its actually those dems that got us into this mess not knowing where to spend money and just loaning money to foreign countries and those repubs have always said lets fix our own country. Which is actually why we went to war in the first place. But it has nothing to do with repubs or dems it has to do with the people in office you are right. And our president whom doesnt have a spine or backbone or single thought of his own his half the problem.

  • Concerned Pvt.

    So what about the National Guard and Reserves? Do you think we will get paid?

    • Dick LeGrande

      You might wanna ask your representitive about that one, cause they are the ones that can shut the government down, not the Senate nor the President. Oh, and aw the last time that happened, the repubs had countrol of the house as well, and Clinton was President….Ask old Newtie G.

    • arias

      Dumb f*cking tampons, you don’t do shit anyway and most of you have a job on the outside.

  • Stephen Stafford

    This is all scare tactics by the Democrat party.

    This has happened before, Gov continues to function. Congress did not pass a budget last year. Did you still get paid every month?
    The military gets its checks as do retirees. It is law. As does everyone else. Just because congress shuts down the gov does not mean everyone just goes home. Everything is automatic and checks continue to be printed and deposited.

    Think about it

    • marinemom

      This is NOT a scare tactic by Dems. It has been confirmed by my daughter a Marine stationed over seas, they will miss 2 paychecks.they will eventually get it back but who knows when. They send our kids to war and then dont pay them you think the politicians will be suffering without pay?

  • Tyler Ramsey

    Im just wondering how many people that left remarks that were a milr long are actually in the military or retired fdom military because it sounds to me like a bunch of civilians ******** about something that has to do with me and my fellow seabees and sailors who are fleetside. But my main question is if we signed a contract with a branch of the military. Navy being the branch I went with and stop paying us doesnt that void are signing contract because it was stated that we were promised a set amount of pay as per are rank and time in service also to include benefits such as the GI Bill and basic medical and dental plans so if you know the true and honest answer to this question email the answers I dont want no **** emails about its congress fault and obama I want the truth not some ********

    • Call it like see it.

      As per any legal contract, not paying would declare it null and void. However did you read the tiny tiny print at the bottom? I did on my old contract. Nothing there to trap me, but you never know.

    • marinemom

      They are not refusing to pay,they are delaying your pay. You will get it back eventually. They are the government dont you think they know the loopholes to your contract?

  • J

    I’m an active duty Marine and all I have to say is that if I don’t get OSI I’m not working… simple as that!

  • Stephanie Martinez

    Not everyone has the same living situation. To quote that you should have saved money given that you don’t live someone else’s life is pathetic. To say go out and moonlight is all it takes when there are only a few jobs out there is walking blind. Open your eyes and look around more. You will be amazed at the view.

  • Ann Lindholm

    Others including me thought that we said continue to negotiate as long as we were cutting spending as the process went along. (We are cutting about $2bi $2billion/week. There are lots of things involved that many may not be aware of from the war effort to weapon upgrades, pay and even meat inspection. I think we can get the job done effectively thru targeted cuts not a random approach. Regardless the next CR vote will be a showdown. Soldiers will get paid but it could be late. That’s why Jack voted for the CR last night to avoid a govt shutdown. Too many people would be left in the lurch. The CR keeps the govt open 3 weeks. Then we’ve got to figure something out.”. In other words if another CR isn’t passed or Congress fails to agree on a budget then pay to federal employees, including military, may delayed UNTIL the problem is resolved. Pay will be delayed if the funds are not available in the DFAS account which will be revealed come the next pay period. Once there are not enough funds to cut paychecks they will be delayed. Once a budget is passed & funds are available then back pay will be given to those who did not receive it @ appropriate time. (IMHO-good-luck with that) stay updated

    • Ann Lindholm

      This was a direct quote from Congressman Kingston, not my own words.

  • Ann Lindholm

    And also, actually the gym, commissary, but not Post Exchange, would remain open. If you can believe that. This is all information retrieved from Congress. I would prepare as if you will not get paid on time. Congressman Kingston truly expects this next vote to be a showdown and it could go not in our favor.

  • Ann Lindholm

    The most effective thing you can do is contact your Congressmen, Senators, etc. Let them know how you feel as respectfully as you can. Let them know how you and your family will be affected. You can get all the contact info for your legislators at If you have any trouble you can contact me at where I have plenty of resources and contact links for legislators. If you still need assistance, email at Good-luck.

  • Ann Lindholm

    It shouldn’t. Contact your legislators and let them know how you feel, respectfully. Let them know how this will affect your family. you can find their contact info. If you have any questions email me

  • Paige

    I pray this doesn’ t happen, being a military wife working a part-time job making 7.85 a hour…well lets just say my paycheck would only put food on our table and thats it. For any active or non- active military that own a home still make car payments…and for the thousand other bills that we pay a month…there could be that possibility that we could lose everything that we owe in our name.

    I believe this will not happen….but there are ways to be heard write emails or letters to your congress men that support your base or fort. Also there is a group that is called American League..or it is something along that line. To where it is basically like a town hall meeting its just people who are in the military or support the military. I hope this does not happen and if it does I give best wishes to everyone out there.

  • foxisland2

    I see that there are a significant number here who are or self-associate with the Tea Party – why? This isn’t a flippant question but is sincere. I hope someone can give me a realistic answer and maybe a reason as to why they feel the way they do and how they substantiate their positions. Just trying to understand the mentality. Thanks.

  • r wiese

    NPD= 7Mo.s combat l966 Khe sanh, Lang Vei, don’t take the B.S too serious. A wife and seven offspring at the time………

  • This will be a horrible idea. You never bite the hand that protect you. Now is the time to learn another language people because another country will be running this motha!!!!

  • Distusted

    It’s hard to articulate how upset I become when I think about how our past government officials have orchestrated the down fall of our nation. Now our current President gets the blame for spending more than the past government . Had our past government not deregulated everything, falsely lead us into Iraq and Afghanistan, turned a blind eye and deaf ear to the warnings about the blatantly faulty banking industry’s lending practices, been heeded, then maybe then we would not be in such dire financial straits. In my opinion for every one finger that is pointed at our President four more surely MUST be first pointed at the Congress, House and Senate. Show me the bills our President has vetoed concerning all these issues he’s being blamed for, then maybe I will believe he’s singlehandely to blame…

  • h_preston

    I remember my mother telling us that when my father was in the Korean war and the checks didn’t come [they came later] that some one told her to go to the red cross and they would help. She wasn’t a pig about asking for some other words just what they needed. And they gave it to her and she re-payed them when the checks came in. Not sure if this is still valid advice but at least it’s something to hang on to.

  • h_preston

    “The government has been funded by a series of continuing resolutions since the fiscal year began in October”…..

    Yeah, the newest resolution is the resolution 1973 being enforced in Libya. While McCain, Lieberman and Kerry pushed for this one, I highly recommend all of us write McCain and make sure he works just as hard to maintain the military pay checks…it’s not much but they listen when it comes to votes!

    Gotta use what you have as they say.

  • Tracy

    This country is already in financial trouble. It is a hard thing to face and even harder to fix. The trouble we are in comes from both democrats and republicans, and it will take both parties to fix. Unfortunatelly, there will be programs that will need to be cut or eliminated and this will affect many people. Congress should not be blamed for having to fix the problem that has been created by spending more than the government makes. Congress is currently working on a budget for the fiscal year, 2011. They are attempting to reduce federal regulations, cut taxes, reduce the deficit, eliminate wastefull programs, and hopefully create more jobs in america. The president wishes to maintain the 2008 spending. This spending is unsustainable for future prosperity of our children and grandchildren.

  • Angry Spouse

    Did ya know that NFL players are talking of going on STRIKE cuz they think they are not getting paid enough!!!! Seriously, get a clue. Maybe they should go overseas and realize how good they have it!

  • Karen

    It will be the biggest mistake Congress ever made if they did not pay our Military. The American people will take Washington apart. Congress needs to quit using all of our money and start using some of there own!


    This is the most assinine thing I have ever heard of. Our Govt. should take a cut in all our senators and congressman’s pay cut out the freebies that they get that cost ALL of us taxpayers money. I don’t think we have one honest person in Washington. They need one mature housewife to run the budget and I can guarantee they could balance the budget and have money left over. I am a retired navy man’s wife and we served proudly and we saw lots of misused and abused funds while he was in some 30 years ago. This needs to stop NOW.

  • blacknight

    I don’t think it is right that any of the Military personal has to work for no money. An put there lives on the line to keep every personal in the united states free. It is wrong for us to ask them to do that with out helping there family. I am in the army and i have a family to support and I will do my job tell i get out but i still think it is wrong to ask to work with out pay

  • Fed-Up

    Our government is quite irresponsibible when it comes to the general welfare of our veterans and their needs. Active servicemen/women should not be penalized by the corruption, greed and politics of our appointed government officials, lobbyists, big corporate CEOs, who steals honest hard-working peoples’ money. They become wealthy by extorting even more monies and securities to finance their disfunctional-corrupt scenes to build wealth, tax-free healthcare, zero/payback/loans. Private securities for their homes, businesses and theirselves with our dollars diverted to their tax free bank accounts. They don’t pay what we pay for, so don’t look for them to show pity for you.

  • TIM

    I am currently in the Army at Ft Campbell and an E-4. The Junior Enlisted with family that live off post will suffer the most. While all post have on post housing I have been on the waiting list for 6 months already and no housing available. After saying all that usually after just paying rent ( which is high as **** near posts), phone, utilities, gas, car, and food it takes up 80% of my paycheck. Everyone may think this sounds like BS but why not cut back $3-4 dollars and go up 1$ per rank, would save so much money. I am a medic and when I go to the hospital or a clinic 90% contracted, why not get rid of them as opposed to not paying our military. Like I said People may think this post is BS but just my thoughts.

  • martin


  • Bill Reilly

    So much for G.I. Morale. And so much for the morals of our thieving Congress, having mis-spent our annual budgets year after year and borrowing from China and Japan and the Mid-East and who knows who else to prop up our Government after they finished looting it.

  • very upset spouse

    so if w dont get paid how are we as soliders supose to feeed ower familys and pay bills, they tell us not to got to loan offices off base but the do stuff like this
    ,man the goverment they are so quick to help other countries but leave us as soliders family and others in america out in the dog house wow! NO one works for FREE!!!!!

  • YOU ARE SOLDIERS AS WELL AS I AM SUCK IT UP…i dont get paid much im an e-4 and i have a family…i told my soldiers if they arent goin to show up let me know so i can start the paper work…i dont need people like that in my army



    • arias

      why are you renting 2 different places anyway. If your husband is renting a property, he really shouldn’t be doing that. He should be living on base. And by the way stop writing like your texting… it makes you look retarded.

  • bruce

    These are the same people who just gave themselves pay raises making the laws.

  • arias

    For all you idiots who are saying “if i’m not get paid, I ain’t showing up.” You signed the f*cking contract, suck it the f*ck up and get your ass to work. If you don’t have money saved up, that is your f*cking problem for not saving any. Your the idiot for taking on that 250K mortgage and that 30K brand new car when your an E-3. PISS POOR PLANNING ON YOUR PART DOES NOT CONSTITUTE AN EMERGENCY ON MINE. If you can’t afford to pay for it, don’t get it. That will get you a little bit further in life.

    • Jeff

      Its called a breech of contract. I don’t have many nice things and still struggle pay check to pay check. I have a little saved up, but not enough. Stop being so **** gungho and saying you are going to give a soldier paperwork. I love everyday that I out on my uniform and love what I do. But, If I can’t afford to eat, or put had in my car, how am I going to be able to get to work? I doubt you are going to give all of soldiers rides everyday until they get paid. if I can’t afford to drive to work, I wouldn’t expect my airman to come to work either.. And the base can’t accommodate feeding and transporting all the military personnel. Seriously. Think outside the box a little bit and thing of a bigger picture

    • Mlatch

      What about those who don’t have mortgages, just pay rent, and have reasonable care notes? Having a nest egg right out of high school in your teens and early 20’s is a rarity. We do have extra money and money in savings, but not 3 months worth of pay. Would you like to hand over around 9k to help us out with that? Didn’t think so. Some of us are working to save and get rid of debt, but that takes time. How do you expect those people to make it to work if they can’t pay for gas, or their cars get repossessed because they can’t pay the note? It’s not always about living beyond your means and being an idiot you know. You need a reality check something fierce.

  • Don’t you just love how they talk about not paying us yet they continue to spend millions developing weapon platforms we don’t need, jump into conflicts that we have no right being in (Libya), and continue to support aircraft that have long since exhausted their usefulness. Not many know this but our defense budget is more than every other country in the worlds combined. Yet they talk about not giving us our pay.


    For anyone to correct someone on here is stupid, this is about people who sacrifice everything to receive nothing. For the people who said we should have nest egg saved, let me say most folks have kids in college or they are taking care of an elder family member. Most importantly the military bust they butts all year around s for their pay and if they want to throw their money to the wind they can. Who are you to look your nose down on us. The gov can go to **** because they been getting away with murder since day one, and I mean both **** parties demo and republicans. Obama jumped up wanting to be president now he need to get some balls and act like it. To **** with Iraq, afghan, Libya, Japan, and anybody else fix your home first.

  • mee

    lets start by cutting congress and sente and pres. pay before the men and womwn who our keeping our country safe but that to much to ask because the american people are meaning less just keep lining the big pockets

  • noo

    this a good way to start a revolution good luck washinton

  • Josh

    If they shut down they should consider paying only active duty and shutting down the pay for reservists and national guard. They only want to do shit one weekend a month. The rest of the time there sitting around at Fort Couch getting fat and dragging the miliatry down anyways go full time or go home..

  • Fedup

    It’s amazing to me how the people that make the biggest sacrifices in this country are always the ones fighting to keep the bare minimum. Soldiers, public safety officials, teachers. There is always some idiot out there talking about cutting our pay when their mere right to even consider it is contingent upon us doing what it is that we do. Here’s a shutdown idea for you. How about all of us Soldiers, police and firefighters we all just stay home for a week. I am so sick of seeing public servants work hard as dogs yet still struggling on welfare or barely scraping by and then listening to all of these money grubbing jerks piss and moan about their losses. It’s high time we got our priorities straight as a nation instead of being the selfish greedy monsters that we have become. The people in a position to make a positive change are incapable of doing so because they can’t see past their own snubby noses.

  • lena

    we move ti knox they have a year waiting list for a house on base so we have to live off base and he is a e4 so i have no clue how we going get by

  • Jack

    It should never be necessary for our military family’s or retired military to ever be concerned about receiving their pay on time, and if our elected officials will not serve their country just as diligently as our service members are serving or have served, let’s get them out and put someone in that will do their job. Keep a list of all opposition toward our cause and remember them come election time.

  • NavyWife08

    If we were gonna get paid by the 1st, everyone who has a active duty checking account with navy federal would have gotten paid by now and we haven’t gotten paid and the mypay website has not even released the funds to our bank….so NO we are NOT getting paid until congress agrees on a budget! They have till april 8th to come to an agreement, so it is our april 1st paycheck that is affected!

    • Tawny

      I spoke with NFCU this morning. We are getting paid April 1st. NFCU received an email from the government stating as much. The reason it hasn’t shown as “pending” is because the government has until 2:30 pm EST on the 30th to get the pay to NFCU. Quit worrying…for now.

    • mine

      anyone that has a navy federal active duty account should know that it never shows your pending amount until 2 days prior to the 1st. check again on wednesday bet it shows a pending amount that will deposit thursday night and be available the next day which would be the 1st. wow that is payday. stop worrying so damn much people. i have been in the navy for the last 20yrs and never been affected by not getting my pay check. worry about what is going on in the world and the white house.

    • shelleyann

      hello it’s not even april 1st, yes we are getting pay on april 1st because it’s states on the LES how much is getting pay on the 1st. and it’s only march 30 you don’t get pay till april 1st which is friday you stil have 2 more days to go before you see the money.

      • Tawny

        If you have an Active Duty Checking Account with NFCU you get paid at midnight EST (2100 on the west coast) two days prior to payday. I checked my account at 2100 last night and my pay had already posted. It is one of the benefits of ADC with NFCU. I used to have an Everyday Checking and didn’t have the money post until 2100 the night before payday. If you are with NFCU ask about switching. :)

  • shwns2880

    we are safe so far, we are getting paid april 1st, and i hope we also get paid, on the 15th, people have bills to pay, kids to feed, and why should it be the military not getting paid, when the military men and women, work there butts off to protect this country

  • gwat1usn

    Let these jokers in D.C. keep playing around and see what happens, millions of people in this country are losing faith in the “American Dream”. While Wall Street and Congress get rich they are tearing apart the fabric of this nation and the average Joe is getting disgusted. This country tore itself apart during the Civil War don’t think it can’t happen again, and as probably the most heavily personally armed country in the world it would be a mess.

  • James

    well this will have n easy answer. No pay, no work!

    • RSH

      I hate to say it, but if I am not paid, i will not show up to work. There are many places that offer daily work and I can not afford to be unpaid with kids and a mortgage. But for those that can afford o go without pay, more power to you.

  • fsefsef seofnseiofs


  • Proud service member

    I personally think that getting paid or not we still have an obligation to do our job. I understand nobody wants to, but myself (SSgt in the Air Force) I think ‘Service before Self’ and go to work. Do I think it’s BS this is going on? Yes. Am I going to shut up and color? Yes. Anyone who says their chain of command is telling them to not go to work needs to PCS because they are not the kind of people you should be looking up to….At the end of the day, nobody wants to hear the military defending our nation is on strike, when (being a volunteer service) each and every one of us signed up for a reason. Whatever that reason is, reflect on it. Plus, it may take forever but backpay is sweet. :)

    • Livid LCpl

      What if that rreason is to have money to support yourself and family?… I am sure people have thought of why they joined, not everyone is all motto and gun ho as you are and damn sure do NOT think “service before self”. Me personally never that! I will always put me, my health, and my needs and family before ANYTHING

    • Guest

      The Govt also said I would be getting paid when I joined the military and was shown the payscale. If they can’t live up to their end of the bargain then we dont have to either. Some of us do have dependants that are unemployed. Some have tried using military resources and job fairs. Some of our spouses have also used spouse tuition assistance because the job market is poor right now. Some of our spoused are EFMP and have have disabled family members. Remember a contract is a contract. If you cant live up to it then we dont have to either.

  • mark holbrook

    I spent 20yrs active USN. This has happened so many time I lost track. Everyone needs to chill out. We always got paid. And every time bored AD wives and husbands would flip out and fret. Everyone loves a good story. Life can get boring sometimes… Lets drum up some excitement! Like were not getting paid. PLEASE!


    The Kount retiree; For retiree’s smell the coffee and wake up and look at the extension date (April 8th). My money would have been deposited and spent well before the extension date and thats a fact Jack.

  • Liz

    I wonder if the welfare cases will sill get paid if so I’d say we live in a screwd up nation . Lets pay those who sit on their a** and do nothing and take away the pay for those who lay their lives on the line every day as well as families who sacrifice time with those loved ones. This is stupid

  • Chase

    I am currently active duty Navy. We make plenty of money. As an E-5 I make around 55 – 60k a year, without dependants. I have several months worth of savings and a hefty TSP that i can barrow against. If you don’t have any of that, you’re irresponsible and need financial counseling. In the event we aren’t paid, we will have back pay after the week or two (at most) it takes to draft legislation. If you’re living on base, you have zero worries. If you live off base, you should have more than plenty saved up from excessive BAH. Stop whining and threatening to not work. Federal workers can’t strike (see Air Traffic Controllers strike) and neither can military. Go to work, do your job, and be responsible.

    • Kristi

      First of all it’s totally arrogant to brag about how much you make. Second you are talking about things you know nothing about. The key words that you used in your post are “without dependents.” Therefore, you are clueless about the needs and added responsibilities of a wife and kids. The fact that you have the nerve to say that people are irresponsible and in need of financial counseling for not having savings is ridiculous. You need a dose of reality that involves, two car payments, student loans, mortgage, house repairs, diapers, vet bills, insurance, new clothes every 2 months for a growing toddler…..on and on. So next time you decide to criticize hard working families you might want to have all of the facts, besides your narrow one sided view.

      • James

        Kristi, you beat me to it. I am an active duty Sgt in the Marines, and I know the woes of everything you just mentioned. Mr Chase probably lives in the barracks and has the financial responsibilities I had when I was 16. Chase, you gain the financial responsibilities that Kristy listed, plus have an 80 mile trip to base everyday, and then tell me how much no pay doesn’t worry you.

      • Jose

        I totally agree with you kristy.

    • Derrick

      Your comment were very cruel. To be honest, if you have troops underneath you I feel sorry for them. Allow me to judge you like you just judge everyone that’s not like you. It’s leaders like you that frustrate their subordinates to no end.

    • Rachel

      Well I must say apparently my husband is in the wrong branch of service! He has been enlisted for almost 5 years and is an e-4 in the air force. With his bah and everything he brought home under half of what you made and that is with dependents! It’s a good thing I work as well bc if not we could not make it on his military salary alone. So I think it is very stupid of you to talk about people being irresponsible with their money when we don’t get that much to begin with. Also, have you ever lived anywhere besides your dorm room? Living off base is not what you may think! Our bah doesn’t even cover our house payment. Mind you our house is only a 120,000 house so we didn’t overspend. Plus this year alone our house payment went up 130 dollars a month due to taxes and insurance being increased! Not to mention all of the extra costs of being a homeowner and having to pay someone to fix everything yourself. I really think you made yourself look very ignorant with your little rant earlier and maybe you should see it from someone roses point of view that doesn’t get paid as much as you do!

      • Rachel

        I hate the auto correct I meant to say else’s instead of roses! Haha

    • Jasmine

      Chase- I’m an E4 with less than 4 years. I don’t make anywhere near 55k. I have bills to pay and a baby on the way. Sure, I could pull from my TSP, but id that going to come through in time? You’re a second class I would never want to work under. You have no idea what my life is like or what my responsibilities are to my family. I am not single, I can’t do whatever I want with my money. I can’t live off ramen and junk food to save money, I have a developing baby that depends on my ability to eat good balanced meals at every meal. As for my living off base, yea I save some money, but I had to move out here to compensate for the car accident that wasn’t in the plans. Just because you are doing awesome doesn’t mean the rest of us are. A pay stop would devastate this household and many others who are making it by the skin of their teeth. It’s not financial irresponsibility it’s life. Shit happens. Try not to hurt yourself when you come off that high horse.

    • Ry

      You must be blowing dudes on the side.

      • Ynobe Spillhip

        Chase, I have to agree with everyone on this blog. The rant you had the audacity to put on this was childish and ignorant. I’m an E-4 in the Marine Corps and even though I am single with no dependants and I live in the barracks I still have family to take care of back home. Your view was very one-sided…very narrow-minded, and for the record, if the Gov does not pay me it’s a breach in contract. There is no way I ‘m working for them if I don’t get paid because at the end of the day, that’s one of the main reasons I signed up for.

    • Deonna

      Its rediculous of you to say that because my husband and I dont have a nest egg we are financially irresponsible. we were both married before to people who drained us completely. So we have started over together . The military moved us to BFE in Kansas where there are NO jobs that I am not way overqualified for. Subway o r McDonalds will not hire someone who has ran a business that has nothing to do with food. So my husbands paycheck is what we rely on to live. And we do live paycheck to paycheck because of paying for other peoples mistakes not our own. So please think before you speak. Not to mention because they moved us out here and we couldnt sell our house that we own, we have TWO rent payments a month. We hhave rented it out but had to take a hit on some of the mortgage because the last tenants tore it up pretty badly. So while everything might be roses for you, Its not that way for everyone! Shut your mouth!

      • Nicole

        I also live in bfe Kansas as well and I know where you’re coming from. I have a culinary degree and I’ve been here for 10 months with no luck getting a job ontop of providing the nessessities that a one year old needs. It’s so bad for us right now I’m having to leave my husband to go back home and live with my parents and get a job back there.

    • TexanPatriot

      TSP you can borrow against? Isn’t that run by the……..government? You won’t be borrowing against TSP. Sorry to blow up your plan on the account that that “independent Government agency” will be subject to the “shutdown”.
      Me on the other hand can borrow against my civilian sector 401(k).

      See the latest budget proposal? Over 5 TRILLION over 10 years to cut. And it will still take 50 years to BALANCE the budget. That’s the budget proposal I’ll live on rice and beans for a couple of months to see happen in the end, but I’ll take a cool 13 TRILLION over 10 years and do it within a couple of years.

      You know your Democrats are balking because of $61 Billion of responsible cuts the Republicans are proposing? They would like a zero cut and all the Democrats can propose are funding “gimmicks” structuring funding and calling it a cut. And it would deprive them of their ability to keep growing government and pursue redistributionist policies. We spent a good chunk of that on bombing ground troops in Libya, when they were just supposed to be flying to ensure they don’t fly. (Which might not have been spent if the President went to CONGRESS to begin with like he was supposed to.) That money is GONE.

    • AirForceWifeandRetired

      My husband is currently serving in the Air Force and I am medically retired from the AF. Combined we do not make that amount and we also have 2 young growing mouths to feed. You mentioned that you are in the Navy so I am going to take a wild guess and say that the majority of your time as Active Duty was spent on a boat out at sea. Ya I would definately say that you should have yourself a good reserve built up…I mean, they do provide every meal while out at sea. You have no other mouth to feed but your own there for your money sits in a bank and gains interest while you are away. I have been under NCO’s like you and I hated every moment of it. I can’t stand when people think they have the right to call people ignorant just because they are better at certain things than others. I do not know why you feel the need to bring people down but I was taught to show compassion and understanding and then lead.

    • Christopher williams

      What pay scale does the navy go off of, I’m an E5 with dependence in the army and my take home only amounts tO less than 48,000 a year? And that’s with 1o years of service and bah, in the Washington dc area no less. Your an idiot!

    • GO fuck yourself

      Your an idiot plain and simple. One you dont make 60k as an E5. Stop counting your BAH. Good for you that you dont have dependents or you would be hurting.

    • clayton

      Chase- I’m not sure what you are talking about. I am an E-5 in the Marine Corps and make around 36000 a year….there is no way you are an E-5 making 55000-60000$ a year, unless you have a load of additional things you are getting paid, such as COLA, SFA, and some language skills….Stop being an arrogant sounding sailor, and look around at the AVERAGE military service member…You think these new kids in all the branches who were sold on the idea of joining the military by the talk of steady pay, save money…Be realistic! As an E-5, you are SUPPOSED to be a leader and care about more then just yourself….As the Marines say Semper I there Chase….To the rest of my fellow warriors….Good Luck!

    • santos

      I dont know what are you talking about, I am an E4 in the marine corps and to say the least you are an arrogant *******, I am married and have responsibilities, which apparently you dont have, and i got to worry about my family, and for your info we dont make nearly as much, so go and your homework and learn how to be a leader cause you suck

    • james

      how nice to know all e-5 and above have money to burn. now e-4 and below divored with dependents [children] love in the real word wich you dont

    • John

      YOU ARE A DOUCH BAG. You don’t make 60k as a E-5. I’m a E-5 with dep and don’t make that. I myself am not struggling but many are and what about the men and women fighting overseas yes they believe in what they are doing but that doesn’t mean they can do it for free. So go back in to the hole you came out of and stay there.

    • jake

      Chase your a doosh who has probably never done anything worth a **** your whole life…enjoy they 60k a year bud

    • aliya

      Must be nice. Add a kid in there and a wife and you don’t have so much extra. Of course we will go to work but geez as a w-2 in the army I make what you state only when I am deployed. Army posts don’t have enough housing and most of us who live off post our bah barely pays the rent get over yourself.

    • John doe

      First of all you are single. Also there were B.A.H cuts for our area sorry people want families. I bet your one of them hermits that don’t have a life.

    • JD

      i don’t know any E-5’s that make 55-60K a year without dependants! i know a lot that make less than HALF of that!

    • Mark

      You must be one of those turds that has been an e-5 for 14 years… Theres no other way you make that much.. without dependants..

      • Jill

        That probably so true! My husband is an E5 in the navy and with a part time job he didn’t make that. Ok, people in housing have a roof over their head. If they don’t take that away too. We still need food for 3 growing kids and 2 adults. Phone at the least, car payments, insurance, my husband has a herniated disk in his back that he has to go to appts to, I have medical issues that I need to travel for. We have enough savings for about a month. Seriously, he probably is a hermit or someone that got to E5 and hasn’t advanced and living in the barracks. Chase, you are an idiot, have no life, and don’t have a clue! This shut down would be like a kick in the balls if I had any! More so for the troops over seas than anyone. I couldn’t imagine being over seas fighting for this country and have to worry about my family (more than usual).

        • spacemonkeyy

          LOL.. There is no way this guy is for real. He probably live in some fantasy world and goes around putting his fake picture up at local Wal-Mart’s Wall of Heroes.. You are a disgrace Chase.. Besides who says I make 50 -60k? I am pretty sure thas a 10k gap.. If you have 10k that you unsure about throw it over here fool.

    • spacemonkeyy

      Chase.. Chase.. Chase.. People hate you now.. You obviously don’t make that kind of money.. I’m an E-4 USMC… I definitely don’t even make close to that unless I am deployed and I have BAH… SO even as an E-5 with no dependants… You max out at like 2600 a month.. You are retarded for lack of better words and probably aren’t even in the military…

    • mike v

      You are so selfish to think that everyone would be fine and retarded The problem is these congress men just need to get off there *** and do something already

    • Hjw2011

      Chase all I’m going to say is your a irritant son a ***** if you think that just people have a hard time saving money isn’t because they are splurging its called people have responsibilities children bills etc. When you have a couple children and your married you will be screwed just like the rest of us. So I hope you get a big reality check mother ******.

    • joe

      Your a ****** bag..don’t speak for the rest of the military about their money situations.

    • f

      if the govt does back pay. then why wouldn’t they just keep paying us. what does that cause by doing back pay absolutly nothing the govt will be right back in the same problem they had before

    • IT2SMITH

      I have many things that I can say to tose like chase, but I will do what a true second class petty officer should. 1. I am the same rank so I know for a fact that you do not make that much a year unless you are in a special rate. 2. For someone that has no responsibilities other than to take care of themselves you have no right what so ever to tell these men and women that they need financial counseling if they don’t have a savings. 3. The majority of off base housing takes up most if not all of the BAH givin. To the lady that’s agrees with chase, if you have ever gone to financial counseling or even read a finance guide then you would know that financing is not always bad and does not mean you are living outside of your means, it is a tool to help maintain or build credit. I am married and a mother of two. I am currently in san diego because I just came back from Afghanistan, and my family is in south Carolina. Now I am the ONLY one working due to my husband losing his job, and not only am I paying rent for our apartment in south Carolina along with the utilities, im paying the car note, car insurance, gas, food, clothes and that’s only for the house hold in SC now add my car payment, car insurance, rent because I have to be here longer than expected, food,gas,and whatever little expenses that might come up unexpectedly. No I own stock and a savings account that I put what I can into it. But what im trying to explain to you is that as leaders in order for us to lead we use our experiences and mistakes made along the way to help our subbordenants out.instead of criticizing and putting someone down how bout you offer to help. Even though I don’t have much to give in these hard times I still offer my sailors my help if they need it. I will give them my last because a true leader takes care of his/her people no matter what. So my advice to you grow up and learn how to not only be a leader but a decent human being!

    • Rachel Simms

      First of all my Marine is an E-7 and he doesn’t even make that kind of money and he’s a recruiter who receives a bit extra for special duty. We have five children and we do have some savings but not enough to go months with no pay while still maintaining a mortgage and feeding us all. Extra BAH?? Living in VA there is no such thing because adequate housing is extremely expensive and we live too far out from a base for housing. Glad that you feel secure but most military families,those with children,live pay check to pay check. They aren’t being irresponsible..they’re feeding and providing for their families on the little $ we make.

    • sean

      I don’t know where your cozy navy *** is stationed but as an e4 only making 22k or so a year in Alaska isn’t a cake walk. The bills up here are insane and there is no extra bah. It makes sense if the government can’t hold up their end and keep a constant pay going for us to not work. I’m not saying they wont pay or whatever but ****, how am I supposed to look at my government and respect them while there potentially screw us over. Maybe the navy needs a pay cut to help out the rest of the branches that don’t get nearly as much as a higher rank. Just saying..

    • Calico cat

      Holy cow.. 55-60k w/0 and dep. …….geez im pretty sure the average e5 doesnt make that much….

    • Mark

      I hate your face…

    • Javier

      You should be ashame of yourself “chase” how can you proudly say you serve in the military…..people like you should be cut back and be discharge from this great nation work force……i feel sorry for the guys that fall under you….you are a disgrace… dont know anything about finances, so shut up!

    • maya

      I guess all Navy personnel enter in as an E5 with a healthy base pay of 60k per year..NOT! Im a SSG in the US Army and I do not make as near that much! And I have dependents! Also, if your are a Private who just started…this will all affect you! What E5 makes 60K a year with no dependents? You must have been in a very very long time!

    • mike niel

      yea right E-5 55k-60k I am in the navy too with E-6 pay with dependent so you don’t make more than me even with sea pay and family separation you make more like 30k-32k and been in the navy for 8 years I can tell you that it sucks I should have joined the army or air force!!!

    • Chasity

      My husband is a E-4 in active Army . He makes around 30 k a year , we have 4 kids and live in base houseing . We also have to now pay bills on half of the pay that be makes every two weeks . When you have kids and are married then you can talk .

    • kylan

      **** the navy.. you **** *** shove your money up you’re ***, I’m sure you’re used to it you lying ****.

    • Hannah

      You are totally full of it. My husband is a higher rank and does not make what you do. And you do not have extra money left over from bah so who are you trying to kid?

    • spacemonkeyy

      Chase I just want you to know that I keep coming back to this post everyday to watch people talk shit to you.. America hates you… Since you are probably pretending to be in the military you might want to check a paychart and at least make a more believable claim. Chase I hope you realize how worthless you are. You have the most replies on this whole blog and everyone thinks you are a douche bag.

  • Guest

    So I guess if we dont get paid then that would be a breach of contract by the government. So if they breach the contract then I have to go get a pizza delivery route to pay bills and support my family till they figure this out. I will probably be missing formations but then again we are not getting paid to do our job so how can you tell me to do my job…

  • inga

    So basically my husband spends the last year away from his family, getting shot at for these arrogant, selfish, rich *** government officials to tell him he doesn’t deserve his check more than them??! The men and women of the united state armed services should never be put in a predicament where there going to have to choose between food, gas, shelter…or just basic necessities… while the people who’ve never not been behind a desk are allowed to maintain there mani’s and pedi’s……when did stapling papers become more valuable than risking ur life so they could staple em?? Had I known this was the governments plan….my husband wouldve stayed home with me for the past 10years worth of deployments!!!!!!

  • Alex

    i got paid!!

  • navywife

    @Chase: who the **** are you? I’m tired of ppl who thinks they know it all and thinks they’re more superior than others. I feel srry for the ppl who has to work under you. Yes, my husband is in the navy (E-3) and he does make decent money but that not including rent, electric, car payments, car insurance, cell bills, grocery shopping and etc. And for me, I’m got to school full time for criminal justice (parole & probation). To me I absolutely believe in saving and not splurging our money. But what happens when something comes up unexpectantly?! I assume you stay on base, or maybe u just need a reality check. Please realize what you said on your post because that was very ignorant, childish, selfish and just being a *******. Know what your talking about BEFORE you comment. Thanks!

  • navywife

    @Chase: who the **** are you? I’m tired of ppl who thinks they know it all and thinks they’re more superior than others. I feel srry for the ppl who has to work under you. Yes, my husband is in the navy (E-3) and he does make decent money but that not including rent, electric, car payments, car insurance, cell bills, grocery shopping and etc. And for me, I’m got to school full time for criminal justice (parole & probation). To me I absolutely believe in saving and not splurging our money. But what happens when something comes up unexpectantly?! I assume you stay on base, or maybe u just need a reality check. Please realize what you said on your post because that was very ignorant, childish, selfish and just being a *******. Know what your talking about BEFORE you comment. Thanks!

  • Sara

    @Navywife: Chase is absolutely right though. When my husband was an E3, we still had a generous disposable income because WE don’t live beyond our means! I notice you said car payment(S) – to me, if you’re financing anything – you’re not living within your means. Think of all that interest & money you’re throwing away. So resorting to calling someone who comes off as quite intelligent a bunch of names like you’re 5 makes you seem like you are the childish one because you don’t seem to know how to manage your money and you’re throwing a fit like the rest. Yes, I understand this whole situation is a load of crap and no military member should be put through this, but freaking out about and taking your anger and aggressions out on those you don’t even know is ridiculous. Grow up, re-work your budget, cut costs where NEEDED for the time being and STOP acting like another TYPICAL military wife.

    • rebekah

      We are e-6, we have ONE vehicle, its USED, and we live in base housing!!! but we make about the same as what people make at walmart or mcdonalds!!! I have NO IDEA where all this money YOU were getting came from, but apparently you were NOT in the same military as us- because my cousin joined as an E-3 and brought home after taxes about $650 twice a month. Where you get disposable income off of that is beyond me but good on you! I dont give a rats BEHIND about whether you think my budget is wrong or not, they have NO RIGHT to not pay me, that being said, the thing that concerns me is I can put something on a credit card or borrow- but most of my bills are on auto pay and will come out of my debit account where our paycheck goes, and if there IS no paycheck I then incur MASSES of overdraft fees! If I only have 3 days notice, well, there is NO WAY to shut off auto bill pay!

    • JD

      it’s EVERYONE’S right to be able to finance a vehicle! when you sign a contract with the understanding that you will be paid a certain amount at a certain time every month, you know what you can and can’t afford! if you can afford to make 2 car payments with the money you’re getting from a job that you can’t quit, so they better ******* pay you, then you are living within your means! that’s like saying if you have a credit card and use it ************, and are making payments on it, you’re not living within your means. that’s a completely ignorant statement! bottom line, the government has ZERO right to cut the pay of anyone who’s serving in the military!

    • Boo

      @Sara….screw you! Don’t you dare tell people they have no right to stand up for themselves against people like you and chase! You have financial security. Well good for you you pompous ***! Its not just army wives complaining, I have been in the army, not as an army wife but a f#$*King soldier ! Those of us struggling are the 95% of the normal hard working military members! All I can say to you is shut up and get off chase’s d#&*!

    • deborah

      @ boo_ good luck ever trying to buy a house if you never finance credit is just as bad as bad credit to a bank. Or I suppose you will just pay for it all in cash since you don’t live outside your means. Get off your horse now before you come off looking any more foolish than you already do.

      • deborah

        Sorry that was @ sara not boo.

  • Rebekah

    i couldnt agree more! We had a problem last year where they messed up our orders and we got to where we were supposed to be, and OOPS! we werent supposed to be there! so my kids and I were living in CA n podunk TN BAH and they kept saying, you should have savings! well, a) we get paid poverty level (where does this ridiculous notion that we get good money come from???????? we are eligible for food stamps!!!) and b) we shouldnt HAVE to, it was YOUR ERROR, we are working and you have to pay us, and c) its not a matter of savings, we will run out if nothing is coming IN! We are fighting for these idiots to keep peeing in our faces. Good luck and stay safe, my hubby and I deplyed 10 days before he shipped out to Iraq- and we had known each other a few weeks! LOL! we just….. knew! and that was 7 years and 2 kids ago! sometimes, its just right!

  • inafghanistan

    Look, I do not care who is to blame. The republicans, or the democrats. Point is, it is not a very good feeling, when day in and day out you have to walk through land mind littered orchards, and watch your buddies limbs get blown off day after day, wondering if you will ever be able to pick the lint from between your toes the following evening. We swore to defend this great nation, and pledged our allegiance. Yet the houses put a **** up our *** and want to cut our pay while at war. Here’s an idea… Either the big wigs can walk these fields and than decide, or better yet if you cannot afford a war, withdraw us and stop giving money to libya and japan and all the other foreign nations. Our government is betraying the very individuals who keep our nation pure. It is immoral, wrong, and unjust. And if you are one of those brainwashed desk jockies in the military, before you open your mouth to defend this horrible bill, spend a deployment as a marine rifleman or an infantryman in the korengal valley, the arghandab river valley or helmand. Than say something.

    • JD

      amen brother! 0311!!!

  • ProudAFWife

    My husband has been in the Air Force for eleven faithful years. We have dedicated our lives to serving our country. We move around, miss out on years of spending time with our relatives whom our children never get to know, we up root our children ever couple of years, they never have a place to call home, and we don’t make a put into house property like we could if we weren’t military. If we would have known how disrespect and thrown aside we were going to be eleven years ago, the military would hVe never been a choice for us. Frankly I’m tired of everyday my husband coming to tell me he might not have a job, because of cuts. Now we aren’t even important enough to get paid, but still have to show up to work. What a slap in the face America.

  • workingman

    The government needs to stop fighting with each other and fix this issue because it will cause a bad chain reaction threw the military.

  • congresslover

    Congress & wall street are keeping this country together. They deserve Every single penny they work like **** to earn. they are the Backbone of the US.and they will still get Paid. while they go on their little vacation to unwind & relax. mabey permenant and still get their hard earned $$$$. They have never worked so hard in their existence. heck they earn and we should envy there superior inteligence. & respect them no matter how they treat the people. and we need to stop complaining they are doing their job magnanimisly and we should be extremely proud of these people. I hope they continue doing bussiness as usuall.

    • Rosemary

      I feel sorry for you, that you so desperately cling to the blinders that you have placed over your eyes. Our forefathers worked 10 times harder than any congressman/woman today in a purely volunteer fashion, working also on their own land, businesses, etc, at the same time to provide a means of income for their families, and all while their very lives were in jeopardy because they were fighting the British tyranny at the time. You think the congressmen and women work the hardest in this country? Have you heard their opinion on the topic? Because every single one of them would say, or has already said that it is the troops and their families that have the toughest job. Even the second lady has said that our country is built and supported on the backs of our servicemen and women and their families. So, no, they are not the “Backbone of the U.S.” That title belongs solely to the servicemen and women and their families. And for you to support their decision to cut off the only source of sustenance and shelter to them and their children, is shameful and horrid.

      You may be a “congress-lover” but you are no patriot of this country. It makes me sick to think that my husband’s life is on the line right now, for people like you who think that you are entitled to the protection our troops provide without any thought for their well-being. Shame on you.

    • p’d-off-army-wife

      you can take that BS somewhere else. they lost my respect when they decided the DoD budget wasn’t important enough to pay the people who defend their lazy asses and the people who KEEP THEM IN OFFICE!! i hope and PRAY not one of them is re-elected.

  • Jim Mamone

    All I can tell you folks is that I spent 27 years in the Air Force from 1969 to 1996, served during almost all of the previous government shutdowns, and did not miss a single paycheck during all of that time.

  • Moore

    Each and every family has a different situations. I am not in agreement with every person on here either. However, just like reading a Marine write that he won’t work upsets me so do your comments. I have been a Marine wife for 17 years. Here’s the thing. As, a enlisted x-wife, able to work and budget your finances, and I assume run your household and be the backbone of your family you would have better common since than to be a Marine or military wife and say, write, or do anything that would insult the Marine Corps, it’s marines and their families.

    • JD

      get the **** out of here motard! the marine corps is not god! after 7 yrs i have plenty of negativity i can reflect back on the marine corps! move on! get a life!

  • Moore

    Sorry about double post

  • Rosemary

    THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU! You hit the nail on the head!! My husband is deployed and I am in the middle of nowhere TX with two babies and i don’t know how the heck i am going to get a job because Child and Youth Services on post have screwed me royally so I don’t have child care. Don’t have any family or friends in the area and I have no clue how we are going to live, should this government shutdown take place. As far as I am concerned it is EVERYBODY’S fault in D.C. that we may not get paid. Not one party or the other. You are exactly right, it is the biggest slap in the face from those who “sit on high” in D.C. My faith in our government is all but destroyed. I am just disgusted by them. My husband was going to be a career military but now it looks like he may just get out at the end of his enlistment. Stay strong though, our prayers go with you while you are deployed.

  • Dave

    Ok just to throw my ideas out here I’m a PV2/E-2 in the army and this shut down scares the **** out of me I got a wife and 2 kids and a car I live in on post housing but the 600 bux I make after my car and tAxes is just enough to get me by. I can’t save and can’t think of how the **** I’m gunna make it if they do. I just live on faith and pray to God that the idiots in D.C. Figure this **** out

    • Kertenisha

      Amen Dave.

    • Crystal

      Yes it is. There are other people in the military who has double the bills than you and are hurting just like you. You need to go to ACS and talk to a financial advisor.

  • Kertenisha

    No disrespect, but whether you want to believe it or not. There are people who want to kill you just for being born in the U.S. Maybe in your “perfect” world peace can be acheived, but this is REALITY and the military is needed to protect and defend our nation and its citizens from those people mentioned above.

    • whitepeopleforpeace

      They want to kill americans for being american..yes I do know this. I may be agaisnt the war, but I am not ignorant. Ever consider the reason those people hate americans is because america constantly goes into their countries and kill civilians? Americans think they rule the world, and that they can solve everyone elses problems…yet they can’t solve your own? How do you think american civillians would react if another country came into america, and started killing? America would react just as those that hate them. Id rather push for peace, rather than violence.

      • Omar

        Killing civilians? What about their dictators that slaughter their own people? I have been in Marine Corps infantry for 5 years an in the special forces for 1 and I have never killed a civilian and in the event that someone did that person was held accountable for his actions. You go ahead and just listen to whatever your proffesor has to teach youbut were the ones making the history. Go ahead and ***** about this great nation because you wouldnt be able to cry about it in other countries. IF WE DON’T GO AND AID OTHER COUNTRIES TYOUD COMPLAIN ABOUT NOT HELPING THEM OUT…. WHEN WE DO WE HSTILL GET **** ON BY PEOPLE LIKE YOU WHO’S BIGGEST CONCERN IS HOW LONG THEIR COFFEE TOOK TO MAKE AT STARBUCKS THIS MORNING. If you totally dissage what have YOU done to make it better? Most likely nothing … you can always just go to Canada or something because we could really use less of you in this country.

        • whitepeopleforpeace

          “Go ahead and bitch about this great nation”

          How’s your “great” nation’s economy, how many are in poverty?

          And how many are in the military? Congrats on not killing a civillian, but you are a small fish in a big sea :)

      • JD

        dude, you’re an IDIOT and that’s all i’m going to say! i don’t have the time to waste on your ignorant ***! good luck surviving on that 2oz brain you’ve got

  • Crystal

    To all military spouses who depends on their spouse’s pay need to find a freaking job. I’m tired of hearing military spouse’s spending their spouse’s paycheck on what exactly. Then telling them how the