2012 Military Pay Raise or Pay Freeze?

The president’s 2012 budget request includes a proposal for a 1.6% military pay raise for 2012. While larger than last year’s military pay increase, the 2012 proposed military pay increase is the second smallest since 1962 and given the current budget environment many suspect that congress is considering a freeze.

As reported here, a recent Congressional Budget Office report says that military pay is higher than most federal employees, and Rep. Steny Hoyer (D-MD) has signaled a desire to freeze military salaries at the 2011 rate.

Check out the 2012 proposed military pay charts to see what a 1.6% raise would mean to your military paycheck.

About the Author

Terry Howell
Before becoming the Managing Editor for Military.com, Terry served 20 years in the U.S. Coast Guard as an Aviation Electrician’s Mate and aircrewman. In his final role in the Coast Guard, Terry served as a Career Development Advisor, where he provided career, finance, education, and benefits counseling to servicemembers and their families. Since retiring from the Coast Guard, Terry has authored the book, The Military Advantage, managed the content for TurboTap, the DoD's online transition program and VAforVets, the VA's transition assistance website. Terry earned both his Bachelor's and MBA at Corban University using Military Tuition Assistance and his GI Bill benefits to help cover the cost.
  • Suzette F. Blair

    Steney Hoyer . Hopefully, this is the last re-election for you .

    • War Vet

      The difference in Military and other Federal Employees is that Federal Employees are paid by the hour for usually 8 hours a day. Military works 24 hours a day for 365 days with significantly increased stressful environment. That is 3 times the hours without weekends or ability to see family and taking a chance of not living. I don’t hardly see the comparison here. I would think the Military should be making more than Federal Employees. Military does not get time and a half!

  • nnnn

    Yes good idea. Freeze military pay. While your at it senator bring all the troops home from Afghanistan and Iraq, Stop giving billions to Egypt and Israel to name a couple. Ditch the upgrading of weapons platforms and biggest of all reduce the annual salary for you and the other 99 senators that seem to think a GI is expendable. Loser.

    • pissed on soldier

      Screw this person, dont freeze my pay give me more, I’m doing more then any civialian i work with and they get paid more then i do with “sick days” and benifits. now thats some BULL S|-| ! T

  • retired462


  • soldier boy

    I am not sure what you have against a soldier who fights for your freedom, but I gess comming from a non-member this is what you get.

  • Dan

    It’s kind of expensive having one’s hand all over the world at all times. Perhaps we should scale back militarily a bit and stop giving so much aid. Perhaps then we could afford new programs and pay our troops and veterans what they are entitled to. We should prioritize, instead we want to have our cake and eat it too. I realize we need our military and aid packages to project our influence upon the world but has anybody taken a look at the accounting lately? Our debt to GDP ratio is nearing 100%. That’s the same as someone who makes $100,000 a year being $100,000 in debt. That’s serious trouble. We cannot press on as usual. There have been many superpowers throughout history; they rise and fall and nowadays is no different. Nothing is forever, we must use our brains to last longer and right now we are at a critical juncture.

  • matt1544

    I’m curious if folks would support a military pay freeze *if* those funds were used to increase deployment-related pay? Many of the comments on here revolve around the hazards and poor conditions related to being in the military, especially when you compare that to some GS-7 IRS worker “doing the same job.”

    I’d be happy to give up a pay raise if those funds increased the pay for the folks who do experience those poor conditions most often. I’m curious what others think.

  • Steve

    Hoyer should freeze his own **** money….. Dummycrats suck… Get a republican back in….. Liberal ********

    • Ramon

      Wow no comment….what world are you living in….try and educate yourself with that GI Bill you can graciously take advantage of. You really want a republican in office…..well here’s your chance, because they do have the majority in congress. Maybe now you wont take the “DummyCrates” for granted anymore, and realize that it is the Liberals who are fighting for your pay raises and not that of the republicans. I guess I’ll just let you see it for yourself, If you haven’t already.

  • David

    I’m retired from the Army, and served in the US, Honduras, Desert Storm, Somalia, Bosnia, Korea X2, Afghanistan, and Iraq. Since I retired there hasn’t been a raise either in retirement, or my civilian job for the last 2 years. The ECONOMY HAS COLLAPSED PEOPLE! Nobody should be getting a raise right now, and we should be looking at a CUT in pay. They should wipe the books of all outstanding debt other than mortgages, and drop pay back to 1986 levels. We should also bring all the troops home, cut foreign aid completely, and dust off our nukes if someone gets out line.

    • Bonnie

      I fully agree with you on this! The first people to take a drastic pay reduction are all of those idiots in the White House! Along with the Senators and Congressmen…. Imagine how much faster our country would get out of this economic collapse if they took the cut in their pay and benifits and cut all foreign aide…. I would like to see all of our nation’s leaders and representatives be forced to live on what the working class americans are paid and only be entitled to what benifits are provided. People need to start making their homes self-sufficeint for their power, water and food….because our nations leaders are going to drive this country into the ground at the rate they are going.

  • spartan01

    wow, so we get a pay freeze because we get paid a little more than other government employees. Remember this, of these government employees sit behind a desk and do what evr the do mean while we go off and fight for them.

  • John

    So right now my base pay is about $4,000 a month, a 1986 pay scale would drop that down to $500, a $3500 a month paycut, or $48,000 a year down to $6,000, now that seems reasonable to you?

  • Neal

    How about a pay freeze for senators and representatives? Pay freeze for O5s and above, E8s and E9s. Let them lead the way.

    • Becky

      I agree. Let congress freeze their pay. Better yet lets downsize their salaries. Bet that wouldn’t last long.

      • retiree

        FYI – Congress DID freeze their pay, since 2009.

        • pevey

          Yes they Did.. There is no place for stupid people who play the Me Me Me game.

          • CharlesBryant


            Same old chit on these forums, people whine, cry and bring up points that have been disproven time and time again.

    • CharlesBryant


      Congressmen have voted against giving themselves a raise since 2009.


    • jgj

      Why just O5+ E8, E9? Don’t tell me you let yourself be divided into the “rich vs poor” Soldiers. Obama has most of the stupid civilians playing that class warfare scam. How about closing unneeded bases, cutting civ posns, and stopping BS like the all American bowl or charging europe and korea for the defense of their countries or bring them home? Plenty of room to cut spending w/o screwing Soldiers. I’m retired 04, my oldest is active E6 returning from iraq tomorrow. My family is well vested in the Army.

  • Navy wife

    I think the Government, everyone- congress, president, etc. – needs to try living on military pay before they even consider messing around with the little money we get…

  • Cea

    Freeze the pay of people who defend your rights and freedom. Sure. We hardly make enough now.

    • Jamie

      Perhaps; perhaps not. Why do you think so?

  • Von

    Freeze military pay! Why don’t they stop all the heafty bonuses and hiring fresh out school interns at the pentagon that make triple my salary!!!!

    • Jamie

      A better question is, why don’t you go to school so when you graduate, you can make triple your salary at the Pentagon?

  • John

    You think my base pay should go from $4,000 a month to $500? A $3,500 dollar drop? That’s a little excessive

  • Tom

    The present party has shown only that they are as rediculous as they presented the party they relaced to be. Not much concern for the milatry

  • usmil94

    Should all federal employees really get the same pay as military. Not all of them are on the front lines with us. We are still way underpaid for the type of work we do. There are no ifs, ands, or buts about it. Plain and simple, if people can not see that we deserve the little pay we get than maybe they should start making some sacrifices and see if pennies on the dollar are worth it.

    • Terry

      The Government needs to think…..why do we sleep so good at night…..********….You SOB’s in Washington can KISS my ***…..signed…..TERRY DAY

    • Terry

      The Government needs to think…..why do we sleep so good at night…..********….You SOB’s in Washington can KISS my ***…..signed…..TERRY DAY

  • Bob

    Back in the 50’s we didn’t get a pay increase….Yep we’re greedy…Airborne Bob

  • Nick Roberts

    Hate to break it to you guys but we signed up for service, not a paycheck. The wartime payraises were great but the country being broke is just as big of a threat to national security as terrorism or China.

    It’s about time someone (Secretary Gates) said that the military is becoming a benefits club that occasionally fights wars. What do you whiners want next? A collective bargaining agreement? A union? The right to strike? You’re in the military and you’re paid to be mistreated, dirty, and fearsome. Entitlement queens aren’t intimidating.

    I’m a 6 year Sgt in San Diego, BAH with depns, and doing just fine. For those of you that aren’t so good with your respectable salary, stop having kids, stop spending money on things you don’t need, force your spouse to get a job, and take advantage of the services provided to you.

    We’ve been fortunate to have been shielded from the economic downturn. Time to help America out once again

    • Easter

      I’m with you here Sgt! I am a Marine wife… I feel the same way! My husband and I living here in Camp Lejeune with BAH and kids and we do fine! It’s the Marines who squander the money they make and expect more!! We get so much already we really shouldn’t complain! When u signed ur contract you did it for the title MARINE not the PAY! Swearing in you knew the pay stunk but look at te benefits, insurance, base housing, discounts and more! Yes I think yalls job is worth more BUT its the PRIDE that makes up for it!! Being a MARINE in itself should be enough!!! Just wanting to say I agree!!!

      • Josh Sillaman

        I disagree.. I personally think you are retarded.. Join the sub force and tell me you still get paid enough to never see your family.. Cause you can’t put a price on them. I understand I signed on the dotted line.. But I never agreed to making less than I was making when I was 16 years old and try to start a family off that.. You can’t not with how exspensive it is to live in HI. then on top of that try spending a few grand just to take two people back to where you’re from to stay a week or two.. You can’t f***ing do it.. I’m glad I sacrifice dying everytime I go underway for 4.21 an hour

        • Mike

          Last time I checked, serving in the military is a voluntary action. I’m not happy about the issues at hand concerning pay, but the bottom line is, the military is not out to make you rich. You are paid based off of your grade, enlisted personnel have the option of reenlisting, going through a program to become an officer, or getting out. If you feel you can do better, leave. Otherwise enjoy the benefits that you do have on top of your pay. Think about it how much do civilians pay for health insurance for the entire family. no taxes on retail and groceries for those of us near a PX or Commisary to name a few. But I’ll end with what I started, if you are serving in the military, you volunteered, if and when you time comes to leave the service, get out. I do appreciate all who serve and those who have served.

          • Anthony

            No taxes but there are surcharges on groceries from the commissary that equal up to buying food off post. Shitty ass medical care, but hey it’s free right? Because going to Afghanistan for 12+ months multiple times and not seeing your family while worrying about if they’re going to be fine financially and if you’re going to make it home alive doesn’t deserve a substantial pay raise. I mean why give us a pay raise we can notice right? It’s not like we’re dying for their wars. My bills are always paid, but damn I’d definitely like to have a little extra money on the side to take my family on a vacation and actually get to spend time with them for once. But this is what we signed up for, so we shouldn’t be able to enjoy our lives and enjoy taking the family somewhere nice.

      • Christine Lee

        Marine Wife,
        If you think you’re paid too much, please do make your donation back to the government. I don’t waste my money. Get your hands out of my pocketbook.

        ********. It is voluntary but it’s not a volunteer job. We never agreed to work for free or have our paychecks cut.

        Last I checked, my husband is laying down his life for our country. His life is priceless.

        We aren’t interseted in “getting rich.” We are simply asking to maintan the pay and benefit we were already receiving to maintain the life we already are living. Trust me, we’re not driving Ferraris.

        I sincerely doubt Marine Wife is a marine wife and you’re anything associated with the military. I detect “liberal troll” in your comments.

        • Jenn

          Im a dem AND a Marine wife of over 8 years. Your exactly the reason I am not a Republican. You just cant help but to turn everything into politics.
          Trust me, you get your point across just fine with out the spin. When you add that in NO ONE takes you seriously.

          (PS I HATE Bush, voted for Obama, and btw, am married to a grunt Republican. You can be nice.)

    • Doug

      Hey Sgt I been USAF for 24 years and 20 years of that I have been deployed enough times to call it a long tour PSC. I’m retired now working as a contractor in the war zone. You should talk to those who are assigned bases that get shot up on a daily and tell them they don’t need a pay raise. It is easy to be an 3rd string arm chair quaterback where you are safe. So you get off you a** and join the game and see what they are fighting for.

      • RJ

        Well Doug, I’m not following your argument. What is fair pay for being shot at every day? Its one of those catch-22’s, you can’t possibly compensate someone financially for being killed in the line of duty. For that reason, we perform this service voluntarily. Sadly, our national character has declined to the point where there are few people who want to stand on that knife edge and defend their country and our way of life purely because they are of that quality of character. I’ve put in at this point a few years (started in ’87) and I’ve done a few things that I don’t think anyone is beating down doors to get at. I eat at least three times a day, I drive pretty much everywhere I go, and I have a roof over my head and climate-control here in the states. I’ve seen a lot of people in various places that share none of these benefits but stand proudly to the point of death to defend their national fiber. My primary concern is not about my salary (albeit my concern would change if I couldn’t meet one of my basic necessities) at this point but about our nation. I don’t mind a little setback economically as long as it is willingly shared by all.

        • Jessica

          My primary concern is my family and making sure we’re taken care of. You are just one person in the military you can’t speak for everyone or everyone’s individual situation.

        • Robert

          Your sense of patriotism is heroic and we all commend your ideals but “idealism” has kind of been flushed down the toilet at this point. It is very clear that economic setbacks have not been shared equally by all people of this country. When people suffer economic “setbacks” to very basic lifestyles they suffer very real consequences. Less food or lower quality food-health problems, less family time/social opportunities-mental problems substance abuse issues. There is no denying that economics affect peoples health in serious ways. I agree that more money is not necessarily the answer but allowing a certain class of people have outrageous amounts of money while keeping everyone else at a hand to mouth existence is a terrible way to run a society. As a military member you need to understand that by pledging to uphold the constitution you promised to defend real people and real Americans. Shaming everyone else as “not patriotic” enough is a disjustice to them. They need money and truly deserve to have their needs met since they perform a very difficult and emotionally disturbing job.

    • larry

      I totally agree with roberts. I joined to protect my country. I can’t really complain about the pay. Supports me and my family. When my buddies come back from deployment buyin brand new 350z’s I don’t think they doing too bad either.

      • When they come back from “deployment”, I think they deserve a nice car, it is not up to you to judge!

    • tammie

      I totally agree with the “stop having kids” part. I married into the military 3 yrs ago and had the privilege of living on base for 2 yrs. I saw so many family’s with 4+ kids, very few wives worked and the base was like a giant daycare center for unsupervised kids. And I hope I don’t step on any toes but I understand now why they are called “military brats”. They have NO respect for anyone!! They wondered all over base in other peoples yards and carports, claiming over everyone’s fences and opening gates for dogs to get out, even busted out a few windows. One of our neighbors even let their 2/3yr old play outside naked (completely), everyday until enough people complained to get something done about it. I loved the base and the convenience to the BX and commissary but the experience with the family’s and kids was HORRIBLE !! These people really do need to be more responsible and get their act together.

      • Sniper

        ya, you live on base…go try and buy a house and start a family and then tell me if you can pay for it now, before it wasn’t a problem. Not every married military couple gets the chance to live on base for FREE, it’s called a waiting list. But i do agree about the snotty-ass kids; no denying that.

    • Billy Bob

      Thank you, Nick. You hit the nail on the head. Kids are nice, but expensive. it’s not up to the Army to support your brats. If you can’t feed them, clothe them and school them, do NOT have them. The Army didn’t issue you a wife, GI. Do you know why? The Army had your best interest at heart, and wanted you to blow that piddly check on yourself. Any soldier who gets married or becomes responsible for a child should (seriously) get kicked out. hate me if you will, I don’t care.

      • rab

        how many times have you been hit in the head. not only do you want our pay cut but now you want the military to not be allowed to have a family. we are not slaves or volunteers. we signed not just for the title but also for the pay. if you took the pay away from the start then no one would join, think about it. yes i understand our economy is down and i would be glad to take a cut as many have already said as long as every one else in government pay gets cut to.

        • LT Mc

          About the only post here that isnt a waste of time. Thanks for laying it down right.

        • retiree

          I don’t see anyone saying military can’t have families. However, if you can’t afford to have kids, don’t. The military does NOT pay you to have children. It’s up to you to work out how to afford them within your budget.

      • stone

        Billy-Bob, you obviously haveno idea what you are talking about, it is the family that makes a strong Soldier. There are exceptions (to everything) but a good Husband/Father does WHATEVER he needs to do to advance in pay and rank to provide for their family. Families are a source of emotional and spiritual support, otherwise you have a bunch of young, irresponsible people running amock in the military. If you have a family you know once you start you quickly mature and grow as a person and become a part of your world, not just living within it. And yeah I am a family man with a number of years in and if it was not for my family I would not be where I am today…

      • OMG, I am sorry, this is talk from the 70’s! Women had to submit pictures to get in, if they had a family, or married, disqualified. This is such an asinine statement. Please, come back to the present! Your archaic thinking shows what a total donkey you are!
        We are not allowed to have a family because we choose to serve. ::::::scratching head::::::::: So, if someone in the military wants a family, wants a wife, get out. OH MY, what about the people the military want for experience, the “lifers”? Gee, what would the attrition rate be? Hmmmm…. Brilliant thinking. NOT!!!!!!!!!!

      • TBect

        Billy Bob,
        Yea what you said made no sense at all. No they do not issue you a spouse but in case you forgot they pay you BAH with dependents for a reason when you do get one. #food for thought :)

    • Sniper

      You said it right there, you are a 6 yr Sgt…shut up and color…you haven’t been in long enough to make a comment. so, the question is, do you want your senators and congressman/woman making so much more than 1/3 of the US population? Did you also know that for only serving one term, they get to have the same salary, paid college tuition for their kids and MAJOR tax breaks? Does that sound fair to you? MOST of us work hard to earn our paycheck; while when we get a pay freeze, congress is still getting paid too much!! For you to say stop having kids or expensive toys, or whatever; is bull. Not everyone affected by this has kids or expensive habbits, it’s just that much more expensive for everything. They were just delt the wrong hand and were forced to fold. You say ur a Sgt, but act like a child…maybe you need to go back to basic training! THAT IS ALL!

      • TBect

        I totally agree. This SGT doesn’t know much at all. Maybe he is just there for the paycheck after all. Those who serve one enlistment in the military should get those same benefits as senators, congressman and women.

        • CharlesBryant


          One term Congressmen don’t get any benefits.

    • You are partially right, if you believe so in the fact you did not sign up for a pay check. Refuse yours from now on. Throwing stones when living in a glass house is not the brightest thing to do.

    • ray

      only six years thats why you feel like this. Stay in a few years more jerkoff and then see if you still say the same shit

    • Don

      What a slap in the face for all of us that have served in war zone or even
      just at home. Most of us that are retired from the military need that
      raise. Lets put a bill thorough that will cut your pay by 2 or 10 percent so you can say your helping the economy just like us, as you put it.Boy your
      quite the patriot.

    • Jack Wilmes

      Give me a break, you are obviously the exception. May I recomend you having a little ambition in life if not for yourself for your family. There is much more to life than just doing fine…I feel for your family!!!

    • Bill

      You are an IDIOT and thats why you are still at sgt at 6 years.

    • Jessica

      No offense but I was paid more as a civilian and that was also with knowing I would be coming home tomorrow alive. And the lower enlisted dont get paid much at all and if we dont get sick we really dont use medical. I am a single mom of 2 and I have only made it the past 4 years comfortably because I was lucky to get stationed in Japan and get cola. But, were not only talking about lower wages but pay freezes.

    • HANK


    • leighana

      i agree with Josh Sillaman . Yes i think that the military does get a lot of money for working like they do but u have never been in the military have u personally been over away from ur family for a yr to 3 yrs? NO! … have u worked ur ass off fighting for the ones u loveand this country? NO!…… The military gets paid to not only protect us but to fight for justice and whats right. I have a brother(who is currently serving over in Iraq) and a dad who just got back ! so yes i support the paycheck military receives. and by the way my family aint rich , and sure as hell aint living in a nice home we own. we rent a house that we barely can pay for and we r in debt of over $10000. We dont live high and mighty. we live just like every other American Family. But the best part about livingthis way isnt just because were like every other american family , but because i know that my Dad and brother is fighting for our freedom .

      • leighana

        Also, through no sleep, not a home cooked meal , or not being around their family to go out and party.their stuck in Iraq with buildings exploding, men and women dieing and injured friends and partners. The military deserves alot of credit and support because their doing something that no one else would ever do … and thats Fight back for freedom and justice of justice for those who perished on 9/11!!!!!

    • Randy

      You are obviously not understanding your role as a member of the military in current times. Military deserve and earn the benefits they get and if anything need more. Since the dawn of time warriors have been rewarded for their service and give the modern times we live in it should be expected that military members need more and want more, it is their right. No they are not suppose to be humble they are the best people in this country and they deserve more. Im retired and proud of it, give me and all fellow service members more benefits we deserve, need and definitely earned it you ungreatful and unknowing ass.

    • EXSSG

      For those of you who are shielded from “the economic downturn”, how many of you live on post? How many of you get to go to the commisary or px to shop? How many of you go to see a doctor on post? There are active duty soldiers who are assigned to units not on a military installation. They normally live in HIGH cost areas. They have to pay for everything they do or need. So while your sitting in your rent free housing unit, not paying for utilities, while someone fixes your cracked walls for free, just remember not everyone is “shielded from the economic downturn”. Alot of them have to pay for what they need in life.

    • high speed

      what 2 things demotivates a soldier the most?

      no food
      no pay

      we should take your salary and bah away, send you over to the sand box for 13 months, since you want to work for free

    • Chuck

      First off, you are a E-5 with not enough time in service to give an opinion! How can you tell someone not to have kids or make thier wives work! You don’t know anyone’s situation or thier lifestyle. I remember when a servicemember was on foodstamps because of the low pay. Keep this in mind, some folks want to serve thier country regardless of the pay. I served 24 years and retired as a SGM. The pay is still not on the level it should be…so take your remarks and #$^^%@. The soldiers know have more benefits as the soldiers back then,,,6 years is not enough time for u to have an opinion about anythinG!!!!!!

      Special Forces Reitired

      • CharlesBryant

        Special Forces,

        1. Ask yourself how a soldier goes from not on foodstamps to going on foodstamps.

    • CharlesBryant


      Damn my man, you have the same attitude that I have.

    • T Bect

      Wow Nick,
      Yes you did sign up for service but you were promised a pay check behind it. That’s why they go ahead and have you give your account # and routing # when you inprocess in basic training. Try taking a pay freeze for a few months and see how you would make it without that spouse of yours not working? Believe it or not you signed up for the same reasons like the rest of us. Better living for your family, a trade and a PAYCHECK..:)

      • CharlesBryant

        T Bect,

        No one is talking about stopping your pay.

    • Jamie

      Well then, Sgt Roberts, why not forego pay entirely and just live in provided housing, eat provided food, and get provided healthcare?

      It’s sure save America a chunk of change to never pay you a dime, and I think we could save more by eliminating the whole pension idea as long as we’re rolling with this. After all, you apparently signed up solely to be used up by people who are spending their time chasing dollars at your expense, often using your life-and-death service to help their profit margins.

      If that doesn’t bother you — if you don’t even think you deserve a cost-of-living pay increase — then surely you’d be onboard with overt servitude as long as it could be spun as good for the budget deficit. Right?

      • CharlesBryant


        Talk about putting words in someones mouth.

  • Michael Mead 1stSgt USMC Retd

    Payraise, what payraise. Not only have retired military have had to go through 2 years without a COLA, now I receive notice that my Federal Income Tax Withholding is going up an additional $32.20 out of my monthly retirement. Starting March 2011. Thank you very much Congress, Senate and last of all President Obama.

  • Bill Thompson

    “As reported here, a recent Con­gres­sional Bud­get Office report says that mil­i­tary pay is higher than most fed­eral employ­ees, and Rep. Steny Hoyer (D-MD) has sig­naled a desire to freeze mil­i­tary salaries at the 2011 rate.”

    I assume with the statement above they are comparing equal pay grades in the military to that of Federal GS employees ?

    I would like to see the actual stats !

    • Mike

      It is moronic to even attempt to compare military pay to other Federal GS employees. When was the last time a GS employee was deployed to a “hostile fire zone” for a year or more and asked to risk their life daily? It is like the whole “apples to oranges” comparison.

      • KM

        Ooh, Pick Me!!!

        I am a Federal Civilian, who had to sign a mobility agreement to deploy or go TDY where and when the Gov’t asked me as a condition of employment. Just as a military member does when they enlist or accept appointment…

        Oh, I am sending this from Baghdad, Iraq… I am on orders, not invitations. Can ya tell me what it was like spending the holidays w/your family this past Christmas…I didn’t.

        • KRA

          Wow, you missed one Christmas with your family, tsk. tsk. I served 22 + years and missed the majority of my Christmas’s at home. I also missed many events in my childrens lives and sincerely regret that. But, I had chosen to do something that I thought was worth while. My family for the most part could not be with me at many of the bases because of illnesses that one sone had and California was not a place for them to live. I tried for a humanitarian transfer and was told that his problems were not the militaries. So, I did my job and went home when I could afford it.

        • FT

          You can up and quit at anytime knucklehead!

        • Wiredawg

          And you get paid overtime. Don’t throw me that comp time crap. You have the right to overtime as a civilian.

  • Darrell wolfe

    Everyone in congress needs to cut there pay half.aiso pay into the social
    security system for there retirement &medical insurance,like we have too
    when i went into the miltary the pay was only 50 dollars per mo.&when i retired my pay was 700 dollars per mo after 20 yrs but i also got a good
    job driving truck. it was a union job retired with a great retirement

  • Jim

    I am disabled 100% and on SSA! I want to see these a-holes say the CPI didn;t go up again. This will be their last time to screw veterans.

  • Jack


    • Tim

      Yeah but if we do vote them out they dont need another job because they are still getting paid for the rest of their lives… FOR TWO YEARS!!!! I have been in for 10 and will have to work another 10 to get less than what they make!!! They need to cut thier damn pay and see what we deal with on a daily basis!!!

    • Mike

      For those who do not know it, Washington DC has a seperate COLA than the rest of the country. So while those greedy people that we elected to Congress & Senate continue to always get a raise, we get the shaft. We all should stand up Vote those in office out and every election year vote new members to Congress & the Senate. They only worry about their political party and not about the people that elected them . Lately very few elected officals disregard the Constitution.

      • retiree

        Care to cite source on the separate COLA? I didn’t find that in the law anywhere. BTW – Congress has turned down their raise the last two years.

    • Robert

      Fantastic, Why keep screwing the active military and retired military who fought to protect our country so that the politicians and millionaires can still get all sorts of raises and benefits…

      • CharlesBryant

        I just don’t see were any of our active military and/or retired military are getting screwed. I know since I’be been retired (1995) I haven’t lost lost anything.

  • P. Harrigan

    I totally agree with 1stSgt Mead screwed again like he stated, we need to throw out Pres Obama, Sen Reid and all their followers.

  • J Vernon

    Based on the expensive cars I see our troops driving I would say they have considerable disposable income. We need to freeze base pay and increase combat and haz. duty pay so the folks in harm’s way are adequately compensated.

  • Bubba

    “paid to be mistreated”…are f’ing kidding me “6-yr Sgt”? I’ve been serving for over 18 years and can tell you that YOU didn’t join during those days unlike some of us. And I am disgusted to read your post and your lack of professionalism when you address all your fellow service members. I can honestly say I think I understand where you are coming from, but your minimal time in service showed with your arrogance and ignorance. As a blanket statement, I dont believe all members should receive pay increases “just because”. I do however believe that most deserve pay increases. I am an advocate of financial management buy I do not accept mediocrity. My children have suffered their entire life with a military lifestyle…a lifestyle they did not choose but bOrn into. So in lovely California for my children to play sports, it costs extra. Our ridiculous taxes for the school district don’t cover the athletics costs like every other state does…nor does it pay for school buses (that’s extra too). So your suggestion, my children can either play sports OR ride school bus OR eat food other than soups? Doing all three is not unrealistic, but they most certainly could not do all three on a military salary. I for one believe the sacrifices I have suffered as well as my children should be compensated. It is not unrealistic for a motivated service member to desire to live above a poverty level. do I believe a sub-par soldier or sailor deserves a pay raise….NO. But to say nobody deserves a pay raise because the nation finances are is disarray is comical. Performance based pay raises should happen regardless of the nations finances. The military is trying the wonderful strategy of “more for less”. You know what that does? It makes the military appealing only to poor performers. Serving this great country is an honor. And there is no honor in bankruptcy. The military needs to make itself appealing to all young men and women, so the military could actually screen out the dirtbags and *********** to create an elite military. Money is what is appealing for any human being. For now, it has settled for whoever signs on the line. Stay in long enough…you’ll see.

    • Nick Roberts

      I agree with you. Targeted payraises are where it’s at when it comes to retaining quality.

      In what other job do you average a promotion every 3 years (e7 in 20), and get a longevity payraise, and get annual payraises in sync with the increase of average private sector wages. I’m 25, and I can honestly say the 70k that my PSMC claims I make, while being a tad optimistic is still more than my college-educated, civilian friends.

      I didn’t mean to kick you or others with kids in the teeth, but being middle class, and even the American Dream in general aren’t rights. Even for veterans. Nobody promised a rose garden, and the door’s always open to leave.

      If somebody feels that they can make more elsewhere, then go! If you can’t, then don’t complain you’re overpaid. If you can, and you choose to stay anyway, then truly thank you for your service.

    • been on both sides

      U chose it for ur children and had at least 4 or 5 chances to change ur path, so u either accepted the sacrifice or accepted that ur choices were limited as far as jobs. Besides, getting any retirement almost 20 years prior to anyone else is a huge benefit. I only spent 5 years n and chose not to make the sacrifice, so I did something different, as every soldier has a choice to do. That is why it is a volunteer force.

      • ron

        been on both sides were you chaptered out why only 5 years

  • Me

    1.6% or a freeze this coming from the same pieces of **** who last year voted to give the military the smallest pay raise since 1962 but yet they where able to give themselves a 12% pay rise. Really this is what our country has come to. I could give a crap about they pay raise but really, cut our money when we are the ones jumping away from bullets doing their dirty work, and they get 12% for sitting on there tail and single handedly destoring our rights, freedom, and constitution. Whatever! what are we fighting for anymore? Anyone really know. I sure dont anymore.

    • sm23

      Yes, you’re fighting for war profiteers, big oil, big pharma, war contractors…

      • CharlesBryant


        LMAO. And I’ll bet you believe our Government brought down the Twin Towers also.

  • Guerrero

    The military is getting more money than other gov. officials? Oh, so does that mean that our mail men will go fighting these wars for us?

  • Fred Keith, Msgt Ret USAF

    I wonder if our great leadership is going to give themselves a “Big Raise” this year like they have done in the past. And not many of them have ever served in the military so they have no idea how it is to leave your family and be stationed in some of the **** holes in the today, they should try doing that and maybe then they would appricate what the military does.

  • Mark Greene

    Every military person with a negative commit can kiss my ***, grow up and get real jobs. I’m 100 percent disabled and 50 percent retire from the air force. 22 years in afsoc/ 20 SOS gunner, my commitif you have a better idea on how to balance this countries budget speak up. By the way I also have a full time job so if I can rejoin the real work force so can you.

    • Nick Roberts

      A voice of reason!!!! Or maybe someone with a work ethic. Thank you!

  • Tom

    I retired as an Army CWO3, 30 years ago and with COLA raises my total retiredd pay for 2010 and now 2011 is $24096. Boy am I ever overpaid. The only thing that saved my butt was investing in real estate in good areas during my service and renting those units for a period before selling at retirement to buy a permanent home.

    I live in NJ and we have rank and file police officers in sleepy little towns making the same as a LTC batallion commander with great medical, dental and eyecare benifits .At retirement (25 years) they draw high pensions and fully paid health care. So who is over paid, the military or civilians?

    • Matt

      The best point you make Tom is how much better the situation is now for us than it was when you were in the military. In the 30 years since you got out the government decided to slowly close the pay gap. The first big raise was in the early 80s and was double digits in percentage terms for everyone. Since then the pay raises have actually exceeded the rate of inflation by at least 1%. Everyone can cite some unusual circumstance, but on average as this report shows, the gap has closed for the most part.
      People are starting to be cut to meet the new end-strength targets. Re-enlistments being denied. USMC having an involuntary retirement board this year for those officer over 20 years of service. People that want to stay are forced to leave, inflation is very low and we need to raise pay rates? How much? How much is enough?

    • marcg

      The non-combat militraypersonal are overpaid. No matter how little your retirment is to you, it is a lot more than most people get after working 20 years for a company. At least you know that no matter what you will get that money for the rest of your life.

  • My husband is retired. What about us.Yes if you are active military then you should be doing pretty good I agree but if you are retired and don’t get all the perks of being active duty then what?? My husband had a stroke and I have to take care of him so what about people like us.I can’t work and he can’t work so we depend on his retirement pay.

  • Nathan

    Mark the biggest issue i think in this whole issue is that they are going to take away our right to get a raise at all. You look at the civilian sector even though they may not get much of a raise they always get a raise. There was some one that said we signed up for the military to serve not for a check. They may be right but we did not enlist to be servants. The first thing when the government gets in financial trouble they cut the defense budget. So to the government hos important is the government it dosent look to important. I would love for someone from the government to read this. You military members have families that they have to support so what is the next thing to take away from us our health care benefit. Its heading in that direction seems like.

    • Gordon

      Civilians do not ALWAYS get a raise. I took a 10% pay cut this year to keep my job. Five others got laid off. I haven’t seen too many service members getting laid of unless they were at High year tenure. By the way, it is not a right to get a raise every year.

  • Ranger-12

    If they freeze the pay raises for the military in 2012.
    First part:
    They should freeze the pay of the president of the United States, his wife allowance and her stall, freeze the pay of all congressmen/women, senators and their staff: also with the pay for all government workers down to the gardens pay.
    Second part:
    Next if they do free freeze the pay for the military they should bring all troops home that are in Iraq and Afghanistan, stop all ship deployments and then let’s see what happens to this country if the second part take plan place.

    • ron

      i agree ranger

  • ann

    I think this is funny…I gotta plan…keep our nose out of other countries business….we go over there…blow up their ****…just so we can build it back….let’s cut all this nonsense out then let’s see how much money us can save…sounds like a plan to me….everytime someone’s fighting each other Obama has us running over there….just giving other countries our money…that’s one way we can start saving…

  • Michael

    Why are you guys blaming obama for everything? Is he congress? He gives the bill but the congress has to vote on it. The republicansare trying to mess things up while the congress get their increase. The military uses C130 or C17 while congress men uses private jet or first class, the military get low increase while the congress gei big increase , they make the law or announcement for war and the military gets it done while puting there life in danger. The military do what they do for variou reason, hopeful one day the miitary will enjoy it the most and stop putting the blame on obama

    • Seriously?

      You’re right, Obama didn’t get us into Iraq or Afghanistan. but he sure is sticking his nose into other areas. More importantly, republicans in congress? seriously? Congress has been controlled by democrats for quite a while, and republicans still don’t control congress. they control one house, the lower house. Learn how our government is really formed.

      As far as getting a pay increase, of course I’d love one. I’d love to pay for extra activities for my kids, and the other things several of you have mentioned. But we need to fix the economy too, or our kids will be worse off when they grow up. So I’ll take a pay freeze, but Congress better man up and take one too. That is why a lot of these guys are so bitter. They sacrifice, get meager pay, and congress, who makes over 200,000 gives themselves even bigger pay raises.

  • Spc Taylor

    There are a lot of people who get paid more then us soliders, any entertainer, actor or athlete, and we are the ones that risk our lives for a year at a time, leave our families and children to fend for themselves, not knowing if this time we leave we won’t come home, we get shot at and blown up fighting for everyone that dosent have the courage to fight for themselves. We spend more time away in the time we are stateside training to be ready to deploy again, we miss holidays and birthdays, sometimes even births. Unions go on strike when they need a raise. Let’s see every solider put down his or her weapon, then what? But that won’t happen because we have something most don’t… Integrity! And look at the politics driving nice cars, custom made suits, big homes, when we struggle to pay the bills. Give us a raise or not most of us do this job everyday not for any other reason but we love our country and will fight for what we believe in! Just remember FREEDOM ISNT FREE!

    • ron

      you aee so right spc taylor thank you for your service to this great country love you bro

  • It’s always has been a given the military budget and troops always take a dive during Democrats in office,When Republicans are in office the troops and supply system functions properly and decently!

    • J. Walker


  • Craig

    To all of my fellow Americans,

    Please accept my sincere apologies for voting for Obama. I am an active duty service member and I feel that my troops and myself have been betrayed.

  • td

    just what is your freedom worth???

  • Kyrie

    I’m for a military pay freeze. My husband is career military, my brother, my brother in law, and my grandpa is retired military. No one in my family objects as long as is isn’t permanent. What’s best for the country is best for us and our kids in the future. The deficit is not good for our country.

  • bebe, usaf

    ok, lets be real its not the pay freeze (30-100 a month) its the principle. and i signed up to defend foreign and DOMESTIC. so if my U.S. of A. needs a buck…here ya go. hope it helps my mortgage, my families job searches and other things that have hurt our economy. God bless us ALL as WE get thru this.

  • Hagar

    30 years, 4 months, 20 days Air Force…never been rich, never will be rich, but proud that I was able to serve Our Country. It is pathetic that any elected official proposed this. Like the old saying goes…If Pro is the opposite of Con, is Congress the opposite of Progress? Kinda seems that way.

  • tomtookalook

    the military pay is higher than federal employees, if that is true which i doubt, is because the the feds doesn’t put their life on the line everyday like a military person. and dthey are not subject ot be deployed ANYTIME of the day or night and not know where they are going. THEIR dependants don’ have to put up with that. it is time to get rid of all the dumb s**ts in washington. maybe we should give them all a weapon and send them to afgan. no better not do that, they would probably shoot themselves.

    • J. Walker


  • elizabeth reed

    So basically uh government workers don’t ******* deploy 6 moths to a year. When civilains can do half the **** our military men and women do then we can talk about who gets better pay.

  • John Drexler

    Before these TWCSMFBF’ers cut military pay make it mandatory that they all serve in country and have bullets flying overhead or have to deal with a fire aboard a ship with no place to run except down unless the situation is controlled; at the expense of lives. Then see if they believe that military personel are overpaid for the commitment and dedication they have towards God and country and their fellow man. Unless you have served you have no right to tell those of us that have what we are entitled to for pay based on a high school kid flipping bergers who can come home every night or just quit his job as he/she feels like doing. You drop a berger on the floor, too bad so sad, but you don’t do your job in the service and sombody may die; there is a big difference. Military men and women deserve, a higher wage for what they are called upon to do at such a young age. Ask the people who say we are getting paid too much why they don’t jump right in and join, or have their children join up, who I am sure are some of the protected few that don’t have to. Tired of being cannon fodder for the rich!

  • charlie anderson

    I am a viet nam vet, served 3 years,served my country in war and went home to live the American dream,never asked for one thing from my country in return and have never taken any thing for my service except my 300.00 per week check while I was serving I loved my country and don’t expect anything. What happened to the true patriots. Most military members today are all about the money and don’t care about there country.How about serving without the money like your ancesters did. The military should only get a pay raise when the gov’t balances its budget.If you don’t like your pay or benefits try the private sector,good luck.

    • unclesam

      who said you have to love your gov’t in order to love your country?

    • Todd

      Serving in the military is not about the pay. This is a true statement. Unfortunately for our country and our society military members are not treated as they should be. In the time that the constitution was drafted and fought for, our forefathers did not get paid, this is a true statement, but they could also walk up to any tom, dick or harry on the street and get the coat off their back because those Americans appreciated what they were doing and how they were fighting for our country and our freedom. The soldiers who fought in WW1, WW2, Korea and Vietnam were drafted into service, so what could they ask from their country except the support they needed while they were serving. They didn’t have to worry about the home front. The country was in depression, but the families of the soldiers who were fighting had it better than most. Their neighbors supported them where the government failed; they gave them what they needed to survive and to thrive.

      • Todd

        Even the Vietnam vets, though portrayed as hated by the nation for the war they were forced to fight in, were not treated poorly by the majority, only the minority of out-spoken ingrates who did not value freedom but for themselves. Now… what does the military get when they go out onto the town to try and decompress from the day’s activities of fighting for or training for the upcoming fight? I went to a movie theater and asked if they had a military discount, they told me no, but when I asked if they had a student discount I was given a 20% reduction on the price. Tell me how that is fair? I live in DC where most students in this area go to GW, one of the most expensive schools in the nation, and they still have money to spend boozing with their friends. They easily make more than I do and have no other responsibilities than themselves, but they get a break from the community.

        • Todd

          There is no respect for military service in our nation today. No one considers what we are doing worthwhile and wants to take the food from our mouths by cutting the pay we receive.
          Tell you what, let’s do an experiment. Let’s have all the military members return home to their families, shut down all our forward operating locations and only keep the Reserve and National Guard on the books to “defend” when the time comes that we need them. What do you think would happen? Maybe Utopia would spring up overnight and the world would find peace on its own? Or just maybe… the old adage, “When the cats away, the mice will play.” will come into effect.

          • Todd

            Fact: Collation troops pulled out of Iraq; there is no longer a real foreign military presence there and their own national troops are defending their nation. Since we pulled out the bombing of Iraqi citizens is on the rise and the list of “bought” government officials is on the rise, can anyone say “Mexico”?
            The world is in need of a policing force, and America decided to step up and take that role, well now we have to deal with that. We are now responsible for the backlash from our “philanthropically” motivated efforts, or should I say the decisions of those governing us.

          • Todd

            Why shouldn’t military members, who contracted with the government to serve, be paid for what they are doing? Other federal employees don’t sign on the dotted line stating they will put their life on the line, and those few government agencies that do, get paid far more than your average military member. This whole discussion of cuts and freezes is off base. Politicians should be talking about bills that will fix our country.

          • Todd

            Suggestions: Cut your own pay. When our country was founded Congress and The House were all voluntary positions that were filled gladly, knowing they would have the power to make a difference in the country and the lives of the people they served. The first president of our country, George Washington, refused to be paid, stating it was an honor and a service that he provided to the country that he loved.
            So if you want to talk about anti-American and non-patriotic feelings/actions look no further than the people who have been “elected” to serve as our governing body. Not only are their salaries high, they are set by the very people receiving them. What other job allows you to set your own salary? Also, the president had to publicly humiliate them into a cessation of breaking the law. Why are congressmen allowed to participate in insider trading, but any citizen who is found to be doing the same will be confined and convicted of a felony?

          • Todd

            How can we expect to fix our country, if the very people who are charged with making the changes that will facilitate that repair are as corrupt as the criminals filling our prisons? We need to stop following the law makers lead to discuss the topics they lead us to and start addressing the real problem: the people who are in office!

    • Yes, my husband is a true patriot. He loves his country, and he loves what he does. He has been on THREE deployments that lasted at least a year or more. He doesnt do that for the money. But he DOES have a wife and two kids to feed. I dont think that in exchange for him risking his life repeatedly we should have a roof over our heads, clothes on our backs, and food in our bellies is too much to ask. We arent living in the lap of luxury off his military pay. We live pay check to pay check. The price of everything from gas, to bread, to our taxes go up EVERY year, why shouldnt his pay keep pace with the rising expenses?

    • Ron

      so you were paid $300 a week while serving in Vietnam? According to inflation calculations, $300 in 1969 is equal to %1763 today, and more than a $90,000 annual salary. That means that you made more than 3 times what I make today. When you look at it that way then sure it was easy to trust in your government because they were paying you what was due.

    • BBUSA

      you were prob drafted and hated the military then and now. Shut your mouth and rest under the blanket of freedom that our military provide you to tell them their lives are not worth a pay raise. People like you should be RE-DRAFTED and put in front of the Volunteers!

    • USMC PFC

      Unlike the old days when you were issued gear, we have to buy everything from our boots to our covers. I have to have no less than 6 sets of digitals, 3 desert, 3 woodland. We have to pay $4.50 a meal at chow. I have spent many months in country while my wife and child sit home eating ramen noodles because they can’t afford better. Now we are taxed 32% on our income. We make less than minimum wage to die for our country. Semper Fi my ass.

      • USMC,

        1. You expect us to believe they did away the the Initial Clothing Bag????? I know they still are paying you a Clothing Allowance.

        2. I too had to pay for my meals when I ate the military’s food. Surely you wouldn’t expect them to give you Basic Allowance for Subsistence and then let you eat in a government facility also.

        3. Seems to me, your finances shouldn’t have allow you children yet. I would say you put yourself in this predicament.

        4. In the end, I doubt you actually pay 32%. I would recommend a tax attorney or at least get free tax help on base.

        5. You can’t make less than minimum wage, because you are on salary not on hourly wage.

        6. I suspect you will not be reenlisting anytime time soon.

    • sonyamariesavoyk

      and congress should not be aloud to vote themselves a raise and all the perk they get.

  • charlie anderson

    No raises for anyone without balanced budget.

  • ralph

    For those like Terry Roberts I have about three fold on your career. It is all about defending Our Country!!! However yes we my wife 5 kids and I live well but I make 4% above the welfare cut off. Live in a small three bedroom home that is 160.00 more than my BAH and that’s a lesser home than those arround me. Instead of bashing on your own looking what your commanders make over you. Then what congressmen and women make over you. Then get a real opinion. It is a Known FACT that U.S. Soldiers make just over the poverty level.
    The real issues is what our Commanders and Congress. And even the presidential staff makes over us. A 1.6 % increase is enough more wold be better but we work hard for our money or at least some of us feel we do.

  • manny

    I wonder what congress will do if all Armed Forces just stop working plus they talking about cutting funds for mwr or even not having px, and other things one said they can go to wal mart I guess you do have to pay for freedom plus more.

  • Completely AGREE! You’ve said it all in that one paragraph! Thanks for posting this, but I just wish everyone would read it!

  • william vincent

    I had 24 years of service, after leaving I was able to find a job at three times the amount I was making before….I was an E-7 and with the knowledge I acquired while in the military, I was offered a comparible job starting out as GS-11 pay, I turned it down, and took a job with CDC. Almost all military positions are under paid for the knowledge you are expected to know.

  • Chad

    I do agree spending has to stop on a dramatic level but leave the military alone; on all aspects. We definitely don’t do this job for the pay but at least we “thought” there was job security. You wanna cut spending start drug testing people who receive welfare. I know this would have high intial cost but something tells me the government would save money in the long run. As a military member Iam required to take random drug test for my government check. I know the left out there are saying “but that’s against their constitutional rights”. Normally, maybe your right but when the government is your source of income then some rights are lost and sacrifices are made. As we who wear the uniform know and do so honorably. It is time people Stand on their own two feet and earn what is received; like we in the military do. In short sink or swim

  • Jc1ortiz

    5 year Sgt? You are not entirely wrong. Most of us didn’t join for a paycheck. But we did however join for the security of a stable income and the benefits that come along with putting your life on the line every single day to defend this great country. Do I think we deserve a 5 or even 6% payraise not during these tough economic times but I do however think we deserve a raise this year and the next and as long as we have troops dying everyday on foreign soil. If you think were over paid just ask the families of service members who are deployed especially the younger ones that joined not because the paycheck but because they love there country, then let me know if were overpaid. As fir our pay compared to the civilian sector I’m an E7 and I don’t make anywhere near 70k a year my civilian counterpart a GS 11 make a lot more than that so before congress “freezes” my pay I hope they ” freeze” there’s too! Get back with me in ten years and we will see if you still think were overpaid! Get a couple of year long deployments and then we will talk!

    • J. Walker

      I agree.

  • Jeng

    I am not much for politics as I think if I follow that way of life I would live a bitter life. One thing is certain though, messing with the military’s pay is a sign that the worse is yet to come.

  • Sorry….just realized that the SGT lives in San Diego too….I’m sorry

  • Joe Courtney

    I’m a 21-year Gunny retired for 4 years now, was married w/baby when I joined in ’86…and I have always made enough pay with benefits to support my family and get my oldest thru college. The Sgt with 6 years is right on in saying we make plenty. Sure combat pay should be way more, but for the rest of us who are mostly in the rear with the gear we are making out just fine. The military has the same problem everyone else in the country has – and that is that we spend WAY too much beyond our means, and then expect to get paid more to keep up with our spending. It has got to stop. I’m 42 and have never had a brand new car, never lived in a big house, even lived in a single-wide for ten years…and did just fine, kids did sports, bought my children a car, put my daughter thru college, and the training allowed me to get on with a good company after I retired. If you want to make even more money – use your college programs and complete college and go officer. You are in charge of your own destiny, stop whinin and asking Uncle Sam to keep bailing you out. You don’t like it? GET OUT. Nobody’s holding a gun to your head to serve your country. You’ll find when you get out that it aint all green grass and roses, and you’ll be wishing you stayed in and retired military at 38 years old. I had all the opportunity in the world to make more money in the military by going to college and becoming an officer – I chose not to and remained ‘blue-collar’ and did just fine. My family got to travel to Japan and Europe with me and travel all over the United States because of the Corps and they loved it. Obama’s got nothin to do with it except he proposed the payraise when the panel said freeze it, and Congress froze their own pay already the past two years runnin. Love it or Leave it I say, and **************. Stop watchin th Joneses and start taking care of your own.

    • Jc

      I guess you made your choice and it worked for you but I have to say that the only reason congress didn’t receive a pay raise this year is because it would be political suicide beside the 174,000.00 they make a year on average wouldn’t be affected by the 1600.00 pay raise they would get. If I were you I would start supporting the people who are fighting for your benefits.

  • Dal

    Freeze military pay not!! I think if anyone needs a pay freeze or pay cut it’s those greedy politicians who need to get a pay cut and pay for their own vacations and flights. Give both active and retired military people a pay increase they have and are putting their lives on the line for us

  • nb

    @Nick Roberts-you sound like a politician. I along with most of America have no use for back stabbing SOB’s. @Mark Greene they are speaking up. 100% disabled and able to work, of course The 112 Congress could introduce a bill to penalize your VA compensation 100% of money earned on your full time job. Nick and Mark I am a 25 year 100% retired disabled veteran, and unlike Mark i am truly disabled and unable to work. When Congresswoman Bachmann proposed a bill that would cut as much as !2K from my VA compensation Nick and Mark how do you think I felt? With the threat of increasing TRICARE costs as well. We are speaking, their not listening. Speak up brothers and sisters!

  • This is just another example of hypocracy. Just like the President saying that retirees will have their Tricare costs go up – after claiming that his Obamacare bill would reduce the cost of health insurance. So now we will actually see a rise in health insurance costs for military service members – and more freebee health insurance to non-military people. What a bunch of *******!

  • Terry Read

    Well I have two things to say about this pay. One if they can freeze the military then they should lead this country by example we were always told lead by example when I was in the Marines if you freeze the military pay then that should effect every goverment employee including the President, Congress and those working in federal jobs. the second thing is when Jesus was asked about certain things and in Luke 3:14 and the soldiers likewise demanded of him, saying, And what shall we do ? And he said unto them Do violence to no man, neither accuse any falsely; and be content with yur wages. We all want to live a more comfortable life and money some how makes that important but what we do with what we have is of importantance I dont mind a freeze for a time but let it be accross the board for all goverment elected officials from the top on down if they cant do that then leave the military alone

    Semper Fi do or die

    • Jamie

      You’re citing Jesus’ discussion with soldiers wherein he tells them to do violence to no man, and you’re using it in the context of advising people whose job is overtly to do harm?

      Umm.. what?

      By the way, the President doesn’t get COLAs.

  • Tony

    I, (NAME), do solemnly swear (or affirm) that I will support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic; that I will bear true faith and allegiance to the same; and that I will OBEY THE ORDERS OF THE PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES and the orders of the officers appointed over me, according to regulations and the Uniform Code of Military Justice. So help me God.

    In the National Guard (Army or Air)

    I, (NAME), do solemnly swear (or affirm) that I will support and defend the Constitution of the United States and the State of (STATE NAME) against all enemies, foreign and domestic; that I will bear true faith and allegiance to the same; and that I will OBEY THE ORDERS OF THE PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES and the Governor of (STATE NAME) and the orders of the officers appointed over me, according to law and regulations. So help me God.

    15 YEARS Don’t like it…..simple get out!

  • not a redneck

    These first two comments are so stupid they don’t deserve a response, but I guess I can’t help it.
    If you pay any attention to the news (or even if you actually read thearticle you are commenting on) you would realize that your normal scapegoat does not work here. Obama and the democrats are not the ones talking about pay freezes. on the contrary, Obama submitted a budget that included military pay raises and the republican controlled congress responded that he did not make enough cutbacks. they are the ones now discussing the military pay freeze.
    i’ve never understood why it seems like the most clueless people are generally the ones to make the strongest statements.

    • I am a REDNECK

      If we are going to tell people to pay attention to the news and actually read the article and I am assuming you have and do, then I am going to ask you to retain what is reported. The article states that Rep. Steny Hoyer (D-MD) the D-MD meaning democrat from Maryland has sig¬naled a desire to freeze mil¬i¬tary salaries at the 2011 rate. Just to be clear that is pulled strait from the article you suggest tells us The Republican controlled Congress is suggesting to freeze military pay. As far as the watching news goes I have yet to see any reports that states Republicans favor military pay freezes, maybe you can direct me some source so I can research it. And for the record Republicans do not control Congress they control the House of Representatives, Congress consists of both the House of Representatives and the Senate, just saying.

  • dewey0505

    The service pay is lower than you get on the outside. However, the extra pay and housing and tax free BX/PX makes up for it. When I started my service, I got $307 a month and that was after the big pay raise. With that I had the put food on the table gas in the car and pay the bills we had. No I didn’t drive a $20,000 or $30,000 car or more. My wife and child at the time did well managing the funds we did have. Now I’m retired and things or still tight. However, you manage your money and go on. Remember, NO ONE FORCED you to raise your hand and say I DO! Remember when you put your head and pray for those who lost their lives so this country can say the land of the free and the home of the brave. signed MSGT duane butts, USAF Retired!!!

  • dave

    I quess a lot of you dont listen to the news. The federal employees already have had there pay frozen for 2 years as of 1 January of this year. I cant complain about pay when deployed. When i deploy, i take home over $7000 a month tax free. I’m a MSgt. in the AF. For those that decided to have more children then they can afford, i have no simpathy for you, just like i have none for welfare moms.

    • J. Walker

      Way to look down from your high horse there MSgt.

    • Jc

      He’ll of a leader MSgt!!! Way to take care of yor people!!! LOL!!!

  • Mike G.

    How about our political leaders…how does their pay compare… is their pay being frozen? Why is it we only hear what is going on with our pay and benefits? Why don’t we hear what they are losing or having to give up to help this country’s economy?

  • jeffrey ferro

    I believe that our Military should make more money then the average federal employee. They put their lives on the line everyday to keep us safe, federal employees are what they are federal employee. The congress and the senate should freeze their pays, but we all know that won;t happen they will continue to suck the life blood out of the middle class and notthink twice. I believe our government is for of what they are shoveling. They don’t care about the American people, they give our jobs away to countries like India because its cheaper. I ‘ll tell you what freeze all Foreign aid for 2 years and see how much money you can save out of the federal budget. These countries all they do is have their hands out for money from us and half of them don’t even like us, why should we trust them. Pakistan!!!!!!

  • sebastian

    I’m wounded marine outa sangin and military is already competitive with civilian sectors, with full benefits for dependants, bah, and all the perks of being active duty ie discounts from cellphone bills to automatic auto purchase discounts, I’m a rifleman and if your gonna freeze pay differentiate frontline combat pay and hazard pay, no car no combat pay. How much hardship does someone pushing paper have to go through that they need more money, my battalions taken 24 KIA and 140 wounded if any body needs to be compensated its the guys who step off everyday on the ground that. There brothers died on the day before looking to get shot at or blown up, by all means though Afghanistan so rough for the chowhall eating, px having , pogs that they deserve they same hazard pay as let’s say my platoon with 3 KIA 11 purple hearts and 4 amputees, myself included, freeze the pay make combat pay “Combat” pay cut the jobs that civilians could do here in the states and take us out of debt 3/5 Lima

  • sebastian

    And please pff. Chair force

  • henkle110936

    Maybe we ought to rally for a Constitutional Amendment that no American Citizen can be eligible for public office who has not served in the military.

  • Jams Maxwell

    Every time the Federal Government gets into financial trouble or the Demo’s get in
    power the first thing they want to do is cut the Military in manpower or financial
    support for the troops. Yet they have not problem sending us to combat situations undermanned and under equipped to do the job properly, then they hamstring us in performing effectively the assigned missions. But no where do you see the Congress refusing their automatic pay raises or benefit increases, same goes for Federal Employees. It is time for all Military members and their families to register for the voted and be sure our voice is heard loud and clear in Washington D.C. and our home states also. We fight to insure that Americans have a voice in government yet we often do not use that right or ourselves.

  • mark donaldson

    I feel for you active duty folks but how about us retiree’s ?? The government needs money; A. FORCE the senate and congress to pay their tax’s, force them to pay back the credit union that they defaulted on B. STOP SENDING EGYPT, ISREAL, AND PALESTINE THE 3 BILLION PLUS THAT THEY HAVE RECEIVED FOR THE PAST 4 YEARS. C. Stop all the other foreign aid. As a former MSG DetCmdr I witnessed first hand the military aid and other aid given to countries. STOP THE MADNESS !!!!~

    • Jamie

      Okay, and having cut that $35 billion off of our $1200 billion shortfall… then what? We cut military pay?

      I don’t understand why Americans are so uniformly bad at math. We’re overspending by 50%, people. All foreign aid combined is 1%.

  • AF Wife

    My husband has been in the Air Force for 13 years. He works 15-17 hour days and he doesn’t complain. How many civilians do you know work overtime, don’t get paid for it, and don’t complain about it? How many civilians spend months at a time away from their families and would give their life for their fellow Americans and the freedoms we hold so dear? Haven’t we been fighting the war in the middle east since the beginning of time? Can we ever really be free from the stupidity that the terrorists teach their children? Isn’t it time to pull out? Maybe then we could give our military the 3% pay raise they deserve. How would our government feel if they didn’t get pay raises? Voting a President into office that has never served their country was a big no no. I hope Americans have learned from this mistake. If you “voted for change” was this the change you voted for?

  • J.W.

    Freezing our pay is f’d up and this makes the military members that are serving feel stepped on a tad bit. We all make sacrafices but they dont care about the ones that are in the trenches on the front line dying for a war that nobody knows what we are fighting about anymore. Its gotten out of hand. Its a dog eat dog world out here and everyone cant be satisfied although that would great if we all could. I also understand that desperate times comes with desperate actions. That little raise we are getting now “IS BETTER THAN NOTHING AT ALL” so I appreciate that. Everybody has their issues and problems and before yall through the stone take a look in the mirror, nobodys perfect. 5 yr Sgt?? Okay im also a 5 yr Sgt that dont mean **** so I dont know why you had to let that be known. Ignorance is ignorance and for those who keep hollering about we joined for “service not a paycheck” Shut the **** up!!!! Neither one of you would make the sacrafices of leaving your family, getting deployed and not knowing if your a** going to make it back or not, working long hours with no overtime etc… ” FOR FREE”???? If so, I salute you but I know for a FACT you wouldnt so at ease with that dumb****. Yeah, I joined for a paycheck, job security, benefits, and all that becuase some people werent born with silver spoons in their mouth BUT i also understood what I was getting myself into so thats why im not complaining because there isnt nothing I can do to make things the way I want them. Retirees, thanks for what you have done. I salute you all. For those that are still in if you dont like it GET OUT its that simple. Good luck and thanks for reading my thoughts. lol

  • CH

    Wait til you retire it gets worse. If I had it all to do again I sure wouldn’t make a career of it. You mean nothing to anyone in DC. I would never do it again especially now that it is voluntary. I would do enough to get the GI bill and not a day more. We take care of our own should be we shaft all who is dumb enough to join.

  • Ruth

    It isn’t just the possibility of a pay freeze that worries me, it’s the attitude that there is a civilian counterpart of the military. NOT

  • Mark Greene

    You know what here is my answer to all you military member’s complaining about this pay freeze. the last I checked we had an all volunteer force. If you don’t like you should went to college or stayed at Wendy’s.

  • Jc

    Sounds like you’ve never served, and you better give thnks because there are people willing to vunteer to defend your freedom!!! You know what the next time you see a service member just thank him for keeping you a free man so you can post stupid comments like the one you posted!!!

    • Jamie

      Quite the contrary: since America apparently has a plentiful supply of morons who will pledge themselves to indentured servitude while cheerfully expecting minimal compensation, we should ignore anything you have to say because we know that you’ll keep doing what you do no matter what.

  • Manny

    Hello everyone. You all have alot of pros and cons to this idea of congress making a pay freeze for 2012. I would like to say that a pay raise is a pay raise. Life is uncertain and we should be thankful to have a raise each year. This raise is to keep you employed and to also give you a since of motivation to continue this career. When the Government decides to take away benefits/programs from us, then how are we willing to continue without incentives. I was deployed to Afghanistan with the Army and just being out there really made me understand that we don’t get paid enough for the call we chose. I can express myself more but I will just say that LIFE IS PRECIOUS. We only live once not knowing what these leaders and decision makers will decide while they truly aren’t the ones wearing the military boots day in and day out. They live in a world of their own and they should understand that we are human and that these chess pieces do have feeling, family, struggles, and obstacles like any man or woman in this world. I would appreciate your thoughts on this ladies and gents.


    • Chris

      If he doesnt like it, he has the freedom to get out and see what he can get on the outside. Bet he didnt do any education while serving, dumb arse. Don’t think you are entitled to a civilian job just because you served our country. The attitudes of new recruits are messed up anyhow. They dont want to follow orders have to be asked nicely to perform their job. I had a husband come to my shop because I was making his wife, the Private, go to the field and tell me, a SFC that I couldnt do that. This army has certaintly changed since the early 80’s.

  • Joshua E.

    Ive been in for five years, and made the most of my earnings regardless of how low they are, ive given to the NAV/MARINE relief fund, and charities every monh sincei joined, in the precious off duty time we are given; I’ve helped alongside fellow shipmates, to build clinics in Indonesia and Malaysia, we’ve done community relation projects (fixing, repairing, cleaning, painting, teaching, helping) at orphanages in the Maldives, Australia, Korea, China, Middle east, Philippines and more. We helped relay a sewage system for a school in Singapore after an earthquake. With that and my work it is rare for us to have any energy or time for ourselves, but ill tell you what, in all my “greed” ill give my last ounce of energy protecting your right to be a prick and hope that one day you realize that those people in uniform that risk their lives for you and everyone you know get treated like garbage because of people just like you.

  • Jc

    Very well put manny, the problem is that many of our leaders have never served in the armed forces so they have no idea of the sacrifices we make. They make decisions based on wether or not it will help their political career and that’s what many posting on this blog don’t understand to them we are only numbers…

    • Manny

      Your right about that Jc. When it comes down to it, we are just a number to fill a spot. Basically just like you said, alot of times it’s based on political career and it’s like “ok we’ll take some money out of here and some there” and in the end they don’t gotta go thru the things we do or places.


  • MarkAnthony

    I was in, and saw enough, to know that it is the combat/hazardous pay soldiers/sailors whos pay should not only be left alone, but increased. The risk vs compensation is out of wack/balance. We should be damned thankful that some American patriotism compensates for insulting compensation.
    I propose 2 plans;
    1) all members of congress should have served at least 3-4 years in the military.
    2) Hazardous combat pay bonuses should at least in-part, come out of congressional salaries and non-essential pork projects. All special ear-mark funding should be re-directed to compensating soldiers/sailors in theater. We shouldn’t pay a dime on turtle crossing overpasses while we’ve got souldiers dodging bullets for the salary of social services counselor.

  • mary canfield

    military pay cannot be compared to any class of non-military pay because the
    militay member can not refuse any assignment with out being court martialed
    along with the fact thay are on duty 24/7 three hundred sixt-five days a year.if we were as honorable as we try to pretend we are we would see that our military was the best paid with the best medical care of anyone in this country.we owe our military every freedom we have and we should hold them
    in our highest regards.if anyone needs to take a pay cut or have their pay & benefits frozen it is the menbers of congress.

  • Jen

    “mil­i­tary pay is higher than most fed­eral employ­ees, and Rep. Steny Hoyer (D-MD) has sig­naled a desire to freeze mil­i­tary salaries at the 2011 rate”…Need I say it is DESERVED! Maybe those same federal employees should take the plunge and join up and get that big pay raise! Years in Afghanistan/Iraq away from your spouse and children in a life threatening environment. Less than 1% of our population stand up to fight and defend our country. I think they earn their benefits and their pay raise. Rep. Steny Hoyer I am ashamed that you are a Republican. Here is a suggested area to make a cut and I am sure there are a ton more like it: http://www.cbsnews.com/stories/2011/02/08/evening

  • Samuel

    If Congressmen would take Active Duty pay instead of their current outrageous checks, that would help. We’re doing our country a service and so are they. Why should they get paid more? I’m pretty sure our founding fathers were worried that the only incentive to run for any office would be the paycheck…

    • Jamie

      You’d be wrong about that, in fact. Even better, because of the miraculous access to information that the Internet provides, whenever you want to do more than be “pretty sure,” you can look it up. It’s fabulous.

  • Charita

    I agree they need to look at there salaries and make cuts there. They are way over paid. There is a problem when you have military families getting Welfare to survive and be able to feed there family. I bet no one in congress has that to worry about.

    • Jamie

      No, that’s quite true. No one in Congress qualifies for TANF. Actually, I’m not aware of any soldier who does either, though many do receive SNAP (food stamps).

  • Don

    Without hesitation our military personnel should be given a pay raise. I suggest we cut back on the benefits of those in Congress and the Senate if need be.

    • Jamie

      And that’s the easy answer to everything, the one that every American loves: let’s cut something tiny that does affect me and won’t cover the cost, so we can do something else that I like.

      Too bad math doesn’t work that way.

  • Dave

    Our elected politicians need to take the lead when they talk about taking money from a person fighting to preserve theirs and ours freedom. They need to step up and take a significant pay cut. My family and I went thru these meager offerings for 23 years. I am 4th generation military and proud to have served.

  • daengineerman

    Having served in the military for 30 years, I can understand and agree with the need to compensate those serving in a hostile zone more. However, as Americans we all need to sacrifice a little so that some don’t have to sacrifice a lot in order to get the countries financial house in order. Therefore, I support a basic pay freeze as long as hostile area service pay is increased for those serving there. Of course all federal servants need to make the little sacrifice along with the military.

    • Gale

      As the mother in law of an army soldier once again in Afghanistan, previously my son in law did Iraq and Afghanistan, I am incensed by the “Fat Cats” in Congress. Between their big paychecks and their 5,000 vacations a year, how dare they. I understand that you are saying everyone has to sacrifice a little daengineerman, but it shouldn’t be the military families.
      My husband and I live off a fixed income because our son in law has to leave so often that we want to be available for our daughter and grandsons when he has to deploy, as does our son help with his nephews and sister.
      Only Congress should have to “tighten their belts”. They are way overpayed and much to quick to want to freeze the salaries of these brave men and women and the families they leave behind. I propose they all give up some of their lucrative paychecks and help fix the economy and leave the soldiers alone. They deserve a raise. My hat is off to President and Mrs. Obama for recognizing how important it is to take care of our soldiers.

  • Thomas Gut

    Oh really,How many federal employees have made 8 or 9 month deployments
    to hostile countries.After 8 deployments myself I lost count.

  • B

    I agree with all the comments here. I would like to put some things in perspective. I am serving with honor and distinction on my fourth combat deployment to both Iraq and Afghanistan. I have served my country for over 16 years and have never taken the easy job. I propose that not only do they look at their (congress) wallets but those of the over paid contractors that do the same job my Soldiers do for an extremely large amount of money (some tax free) every year. With the drawdown of forces, this leaves our well trained Soldiers no incentive to stay in, but the alternative to “contract” for the government. The requirements placed on our servicemembers and their families far out weigh their compensation/ benefits. It is criminal to think that the most well trained Soldiers in the world are cmpensated so poorly. I also think that their technical skill sets should be compensated accordingly as well. I have myself considered retirement and becoming part of the “contract” workforce, but I know deep down inside that my life of service is for my family and for our country. It is not tied to a pay check. I do agree however that there needs to be some cost efficiency directed more at the law makers (congress) and those they are making laws for (special interest/ lobbyist) to improve the quality of life for ALL Americans! After all a life of service whether in defense or legislature is for the greater good for ALL concerned. These are the principals in which our Nation was conceived and should remain.

  • Top G

    I see an underlying issue with comparing federal employee salaries with the military. The federal employees can ‘walk’ at any time; do not offer their lives for the sake of their brethren; are not uprooted and sent to the far reaches of our world to defend, as Manny stated, the ‘precious’ life/lives we cherrish. The penalties for work ethic violations are certainly not parallel between active duty and civilian workers! I worked on both sides in my career. I retired after 26-years in the Marine Corps and worked 6-years on the federal employee side. In all fairness, many of those federal employees are former military and have only the best intentions on our behalf. However, the members of the House and Senate (G.O.B.s= Good Ole Boys) seem to have lost sight of why they and the nation need us and our unique abilities…afterall, that is why we signed on the dotted line. That’s my story and I’m sticking to it!

  • I have read almost all the inquires made by the soilders or others that are concerned. Well, I am a concerned disabled veteran of the Vietnam era and the sacrifices made then and the ones being made now deserves great considerations about a pay increase.

  • I so agree with all the above!!! Take that money out of the
    (Fat Cats Pockets) Congress that is and even the President/Vice President
    and do without Cooks/Maids/Drivers/etc; and live like a Retired or Active
    Military person/Families and then in no time we would be out
    of debt!!!!My Beloved Husband was in the Army for 23 1/2 yrs.
    Lost Him in 10/02/99 and I was left being a Widow and can’t
    draw on His Social Security,but;someone else sure does!!
    Thats so not RIGHT!!! We were married for 29 1/2yrs. And;
    now I so need/count on the smallest of a payraise to make
    ends meat. He served our Country with Honor’s as well as
    His Family did too. We went through hardships with 3 small
    children and living out of suitcases to boot.
    I have the whole solution to this problem!!! Take the ****
    MONEY THAT’s Paid to all these Athlete’s/MovieStars’,
    and again include (Fat Cats Of Congress) and the United States
    would Be Debt Free!!! They get paid all this Money while the
    Ones serving out Country along with their Families/included
    the Vet’s/Retires get **** on.This Country isn’t right
    with the standards of life which the Service Members/Active
    and Retired have put their life on the Line for this Country!
    What we need in this Country is a (Vet) for President and a
    (Widow/widower for Vice President…. This would be a better
    Country,Debt free.For,they know what people have to go
    through to survive…. I’m so sick of going two years
    without getting a Raise in my SBP which we paid for while
    in the Service that was taking out of our paycheck each and
    every month. Now;I’d at least like to see a Raise once a
    year and sure I speak for all Military Branches,Active/REtired
    and the Vet’s….. Just me. Norma L. Baer….
    Take this advice and use commonsense on how,NOW the
    United States can recover Quick/Fast too….
    ps: Now;Mr.President/Vice President DO WHAT IS RIGHT“`!!!!
    From: Philipsburg,Pa ………

  • Sgt. D

    Humm… Well have the men and women of congress lace up boots grab a m-4 and do what we do then see their outlook then!

  • Steven

    As a current member of the military, I have only one question. How can the congress and the president freeze the pay of all federal employees and possibly the military (the people who need the raise the most) and then not freeze their own pay or the pay of their staffs. This seems hypocritical to me and this question seems to escape the view of the media and no one wants to put pressure on them to put their money where their mouths are.

    • Jamie

      Congress has not raised its own pay for the past two years, which of course is public record and common knowledge though you never bothered to check.

      • GySgt USMC

        Jamie is correct on Congress not raising pay for the last two years, but wrong for not reading what Steven really posted….Congress is set to automatically raise their pay each year unless there is a vote to not do so, as in this case for the last two years. Steven is suggesting to put a pay freeze on Congress which hasn’t happened yet. I agree, they need a pay freeze and Jamie – learn reading comprehension before attacking everyone’s post on here…Idiot!

  • Frank

    If congress and the senate were required to spend
    a few years in the military, in the trenches, things would be a little different.
    A Politicians goal is to be reelected.
    If we need to cut the budget.
    Every american should be on Social Security.
    Remove $106,800.00 cap on S/S contributions
    No retirement pay unless one serves 20 years, as in the military.
    Term limits( this would cure any retirement pay issues unless one worked in a different area of Govt.)
    Let’s lead by example ladies and gentlemen, I did during my military career

    • Matt

      The ignorance conveyed in the comments to this story are truly amazing.

  • Devon gentry

    I wonder if the goverment knows that there wouldn’t be a goverment for them to run if it wasn’t for the militay putting their lifes on the line for them to be safe. I mean a 1.6 raise is telling those soldires that are fighting and will be fighting for this country thank you for your time freezing the pay would just make soilders thank that the goverment doesn’t care about them serving this country

  • Jeremiah

    Good solid comments from everyone. In case anyone wants to know just how overpaid those in politics are, an email my CMC sent out to us from Rush Limbaugh puts the numbers into perspective. Love him or hate him you have to admit he nails this one perfectly.

    From Rush: “Many of you don’t know that they (politicians) only have to be in Congress one time to receive a pension that is more than $15,000 per month. And most are now equal to being millionaires plus. They do not receive Social Security on retirement because they didn’t have to pay into the system. If some of the military people stay in for 20 years and get out as an E-7, they may receive a pension of $1,000 per month, and the very people who placed them in harm’s way receives a pension of $15,000 per month.”

    When he talks about one term, he’s talking about as little as a two year Senate position. While all of those who serve in the military have to spend 10 times as long (20 years) to get a fraction of what they earn. If this doesn’t wreak of corruption, then apparently I have no idea what the word means.

  • Jay

    fuckin a! I hate morons…they make no sense cuz they have never served…me however, I am active duty and they don’t realize how much “motivation” really means to us.

  • Jay Amos

    Sarah, you’re forgetting that they are saying, that they will “FREEZE IT” Meaning…no RAISE….that means we’re all as in all active duty military, not gonna be receiving ANY RAISES.STFU Bet you don’t even use all those benefits that you soo righteously wanna put out there acting like we don’t need anything else…go jump in front of a bullet then tell me how much you think you’re really worth to your family and everyone else.

    • 20armywife

      I agree with you if she got hurt I bet should would think different if they said sorry no benefits for!

  • Kara

    Yes, the military definitely deserves a raise. There are too many sacrifices made by our young men and women for the little pay they already receive. Also, thank you to all who serve and have served. I know it is hard to leave families, miss births of babies, miss funerals of your loved ones and holidays from spouses/families. You made a choice to join the military and I appreciate you and support you because you did it for your country and the pride to be an American, not for the pay that you will receive now or when you retire. THANK YOU ALL FOR YOUR SERVICE!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Jay Amos

    Amen Brother, however, I am on the active duty side of things…but you def. know what I’m saying! I’m glad people are against Sarah on this thing, thank you!

  • This guy needs a reality check, “As reported here, a recent Con­gres­sional Bud­get Office report says that mil­i­tary pay is higher than most fed­eral employ­ees, and Rep. Steny Hoyer (D-MD) has sig­naled a desire to freeze mil­i­tary salaries at the 2011 rate.”

    And all those Congressmen and women who want to freeze the militarys pay. The Budget Office reports that military pay is higher, but they fail to also tell everyone that the military is the one that is doing the fighting and dying and a lot of wounded warriors who get put in harms way are the ones that pay the price.

    How many Congressemen and women do you know of that go into combat or prepare for it? I’d say, none that I know of. However, there are a few that have served our great country i.e. Senator Dan Inouye from Hawaii. But the majority are not veterans.

  • David

    Review what you say carefully. We ask for soldiers to do without families for long deployment times, and provide for their families. Those congressmen have more power than anyone, voting their pay raises and retirement plans. Maybe that vote should have have been done without questionable ethics by a public group of people called taxpayers (conflict of interest?)

    Our military has taken some pay decreases based on the economy. Benefits in the paycheck are based on local property values, rental values and economy. BAH and COLA have been reduced in most areas of the US.

    When anyone talks about the military spouses going to work…Look sharply at how no other job breaks the family up at a moments notice to protect the interest of the US. Removing that soldier out of the home is costly, and changes family dynamics.


  • 1SGsWife

    As a military spouse who has not worked outside the home for over 13 years, I’m going to say you are wrong. Yes, 13 years ago, militay pay wasn’t very good, but it’s improved a great deal since then, and the same cannot be said today.

    If you can’t support a family of 4 on an E-4 and up’s pay these days, you are doing something wrong.

    We had a family of 4 at E5, 6 at E6, and now at E8, a family of 7, with 3 in college. We own a house with 5 acres, 3 vehicles (2009 is financed, 2006 and 2004 are paid off, 18 year old has a 1990 as well), and a travel trailer (paid off). We certainly don’t want for luxuries in our home, the kids have all the latest video games, and we have multiple computers, a veritable zoo of animals (feed bill is about $200 a month), etc.

    My husband has a Master’s degree, and we’ve also managed to accumulate over a year’s salary in TSP.

    While I agree that the government has poor spending practices, I strongly disagree that you don’t make enough money in the military. Live within your means, it’s really not hard to do.

    • Ae70

      okay well think about it this way. some of us are newly weds with a child.meaning most pepople HAVE NOTHING. no furniture or anything so all our extra money goes to that plus having a little on so I know what it feels like. it takes time to be able to have nice things. I am straight out of highschool my husband is an E4 and we bust are butts off. one day we’ll be able to say what youve said but right now there are alot of people in our shoes. So maybe you need to step out of your shoes and put your self in other peoples shoes that are just starting off and dont have all the nice things you do

  • Phil

    Sarah where do you get off telling people not to have children? Its one thing to talk about pay raises but another to talk about your moral beleifs! So next time stick to the issue at hand.

    • 20armywife

      I totally agree who does she thinks she is probably some young girl who just joined and has no clue what it’s all about!

  • Phil

    Amen Jerry.

  • no3dg3

    !!!!!!!WAKE UP AMERICA!!!!!!!Compared to congress and other high end federal jobs, soldiers in the military get horrible pay! If you are in the military, you should be getting paid the most compared to ANY ANY ANY ANY other career!!!!!!!! THEY ARE RISKING THEIR LIVES PEOPLE!!!!!!!! Why would you want to cut the pay for those who protect and serve your country???????? MAKE pay cuts on USELESS jobs like in SPORTS, ACTING, SINGING!!!!!! and don’t forget all the large corporations that are paying off all of the corrupt officials to make all these bullshit laws!!!! If you ask me we need to re-think the way our laws are made and who has the power to make and pass them!!! cough* (us the people) WAKE UP AMERICA!!!!!!!!!!!



    • Billy Bob

      Have you checked out the unemployment figures? It’s at 9.5%. All services filled their quota ahead of time.
      Besides, the boys don’t join the service for pay, that’s secondary. They join to play with the big machines, adventure, and pay is secondary. Ask a recruiter sometime why do people join.
      IMHO, it’s almost a given that you’ll be cheated one way or another.


    It seems that the retired people have become WASHINGTON’S DOOR

  • Phil

    Yeah that would be different. I remember in 1982 0r 1983, the congress voted themselves a 50% pay raise! If politicians are going to determine what raises we should get, then why not have a referendum vote and let the public decide what they should make. And even better why cant we decide what our raises are from year to year?


    I want you (senators) to close your eyes and picture in your mind a soldier at Valley Forge, as he holds his musket in his bloody hands. He stands barefoot in the snow, starving from the lack of food, wounded from months of battle and emotionally scarred from the eternity away from his family, surrounded by nothing but death and carnage of war. (and you senators vote against a pay raise for our soldiers) He stands though, with fire in his eyes and victory on his breath. He looks at us not in angry and disgust and tells us this…

    I gave you a birth right of freedom born in the constitution and now your children graduate to illiterate to read it. I fought in the snow bare foot to give you the freedom to vote and you stay home because it rains.

    I left my family destitute to give you the freedom of speech and you remain silent in critical issues because it might be bad for business. I orphaned my children to give you a government to serve you and it has stolen democracy away from the people. It is the soldier not the reporter who gives you the freedom of the press. It is the soldier not the poet that gives you the freedom of speech. It is the soldier not the campus organizer who allows you to demonstrate. (and you senators choose to vote down a pay raise for our soldiers)

    It is the soldier who salutes the flag, it is the soldier who serves the flag. it is the soldier who’s coffin is draped with the flag that allows the protesters to burn the flag. “Author unknown.”

    We the people have voted in our senators and representatives…they only have to serve one 4 year term in order to receive their retirement benefits. Members of our military forces have to serve five times that in order to receive only 50 % of our pay.

    As a young soldier I was promised that if I spent at least 20 years in the military that I would be taken care of health wise for the rest of my life. My medical providers have been taken away from me. I can only get my prescriptions filled at a military facility. Most thing that you can purchase in the exchange and commissary without tax are cheaper on the economy with tax.

    To you senators that determine when and how much the military receive in pay raises should take a long look at their pay when it is time to vote. I sure will.


  • Al Dawson

    Really Tom I agree with what you are saying. However, I disagree with the fact that you are indicating that it is the democrats that got us in the mess that we are in. We have problems on both sides of the isles and until they can come together and work as one we will never be as one. As President Obama referred to in one of his speeches: we must work together to bring this country back to where it should be. (Words to that effect)

    Now instead of blaming one another, lets see what we can do to assist this Great Nation to be all that it can be. It take you as a republican and me as a democrat to roll up our sleeves and work together


  • claostrich

    I can understand a pay freeze, I can adjust my budget for that,but then they trun around and increase the amount of tax with-held. Now thats a kick in the rear end.

  • SureThing

    Wow buddy, your so informed. You gotta be the dumbest F out there. Do us all a favor and go shoot yourself. You obviously know nothing about life or politics. Go get yourself some learning, and then come back to the table and talk facts, not made up BS from from the GOP. Cause they have been so honest from day one, I still don’t see any WMDs? Look up facts, and then argue those, what I told you are facts, not made up BS to support an ignorant agenda like your ignorant ass. Cheers buddy and good luck to your son, but if he was a man he would make his own decisions!

  • Thom Montgomery

    Isn’t Hoyer one of those who tried to invalidate overseas military votes in the 2000/2004 elections by challenging their lack of postmarks?

  • Jack Watkins

    To give a good answer to this I would need to know the pay scale now. If the existing pay scale is above the federal scale, with the federal scale being high enough to justify a two year freeze by Obama, the idea might be justified.



    • SureThing

      More like private dumb A$$. Is that why you use CAPS, or are you just making sure people hear you. The only person Fd you over was yourself cause your dumber than a box of rocks!

  • Chris Akers

    While the Politicians are getting “fat” on money and Power!!!!!, The average Soldier is struggling to keep a Family sheltered, clothed and save a little money for the Kids Education. Perhaps the Politicians need to spend six months or so in a War Zone. Perhaps than and only than they “MAY GET IT “!!!! May I ask what is the Pay for all of the Senators, Congreemen and our President? How many times are they on the Frontline being shot at? GOD BLESS OUR MILITARY!

  • Samoyed

    We have spent way beyond our means and that includes military pay and retirement benefits. Graph it. It is unsustainable. I’m in healthcare and my pay has been cut by 35% in the last ten years. My wife, a teacher has had a pay cut in yr 2010. While I would insist on top pay for those in combat and the wounded and disabled, I think an officer sitting at a desk gets paid plenty and has mad retirement benefits. I am not in the military but those of you who are know there is a big ass difference between doing patrols on foot in Mosul and sitting behind the lines for your entire career. Let’s make “risk to person” a big part of the pay scale. I would freeze ALL Federal employees pay now so we can continue to be able to pay the benefits in the future.

  • Gordon2981

    I did’nt know that U.S. Congress members are receiving 100% of their pay for the rest of their lives, after they retire.
    I mean where does it stop. Most states throughout the U.S. are currently facing severe budget cuts and high levels of unemployment, but either way most political officials suggest that they should continue to get higher pay rates.
    Yes, I support anyone, who agrees that the U.S. must do more to support it’s armed forces.
    I bet you did’nt know it, but the fact that soldier’s have recently been sent into combat with inferior protection, because the military said it could not afford the best protection, is no longer a secret.
    Well, if a lot of the top ranking officials in the house of representatives and the senate would stop voting for pay raises for themselves, then our troops would not have to deal with being sent into combat with not enough protection.
    It’s no joke folks! If a state does not have enough money to support improvements to it’s infrastructure, then everyone has to pay the price, and this includes federal and state level employees!!

    • JohnF

      Gordon, they don’t. There is NOT federal employee who gets 100% of his active pay when he retires and especially not after TWO years. A lot of people speak on emotion rather than facts. Seem like wars begin that way too….

  • Jude

    Why don’t they start with a Congressional Pay Freeze…..Make that a Congressional three year pay freeze.

  • Toy-Boy


  • MSG

    I’m retired army w/20 yrs service. During the Viet Nam war my childhood sweetheart and I married. We recieved an extra 95 dollars/mo for housing. It was just enough to make our rent payment then. The extra money we received for food was just enough to get us through. I remember we’d take a ride on Saturdays to maybe see the mountains or the desert and didn’t have any money to eat at a resturant, so we packed a sack lunch. I remember being payed 35 dollars when in basic tng. Times were rough but we made it. We didn’t have cell phones, Ipods, or computers. We didn’t complain. We accepted it. Most of the civilian yuppies hated us, spit on us, descraced us in public. I’m all for any pay the military gets, but its time we all came together and started thinking about how each one of us can help this country get out of debt. It starts with you. We learned to live within our means and succeded. This is the greatest country we live in and I thank all who have served and gave their life for it.



  • David

    It has become sad that this type of decision by the congressman demeans all of us who have and are now currently serving our country. In my 26 years of service, my family was forced to sacrifice due to my having to be deployed to VietNam as well as Dessert Storm. NEVER did they complain about what they had to do, but they simply accepted my responsibility and adapted to the situation. I do not believe that this congressman has the slightest idea as to what military members and their families face daily. Get a clue!

    • Samoyed

      I thank you for your service. While I am not in the military and was 13 when the Viet war ended I was always a supporter, even back then. It’s a career choice and for the enlisted men the pay is not very good. OTOH I have known quite a few who went to college paid by the military, had free healthcare, low cost goods at the PX and a host of other benefits. They did well with their lives. It’s not as if it’s slave labor. I want to make sure we take care of our survivors families and the disabled but for the rest of you, pls don’t think that everyone else has it so much easier. The Armed services is a job but also an opportunity. In my neighborhood, 3 former military attended college via the military and do very well. My nephew served in Afgan for a few tours and now attends college for free. It seems the military is what you make of it and it can be a great opportunity.

  • 20armywife

    How dare you say military wives are lazy and don’t want to work!! I was an army wife for 20 years and my father was in for 22 years and I worked not all the time due to moving around so much sometimes you can’t always get jobs due the economy at the time. And when you do have children which our choice and not yours some spouses choose to raise their children instead of paying someone else to do it and being a full time saty at home mom is one of the hardest jobe you will ever do!! So you need to really keep you little negative comments to your self!! i think you need to grow up before you come out into the civilian world, if you plan on retiring from the military then don’t cry to us when you try to survive on your retirement so please keep your comments to yourself!!

  • Joe Barry

    Appearently you have never been shot at or stood a post in a hostile area! I believe that the military is paid very well (on average) but when you ask for freedom what price do you say is enough? You preach about 9-11 GI Bill and BAH and lazy spouses, do you know that you are classifing your own people to HATE YOU. Get a life and show some intelligence, walk a mile in someones shoes before you judge him or her!

  • 20armywife

    Thank you that is what I said to her, my husband was in for 20 years and it was hard to get jobs and when I did childcare took amost all the pay. I think she needs to shut her mouth about military wifes!!

  • LTcc

    Well said

  • LTcc

    I agree, who are they kidding, no cost of living increase. Washington DC is just trying to take our money to pay for all the bailouts. And to add insult to injury they have taken away tax breaks so that in March 2011 what we do get goes down. What a rip.

  • no one

    To tell you the truth its really sad how people treat the military. Yea, people have choose the job but they did it because they did it to be honored. I’m an army wife and they drag these men and women through hell and back. If they are trying to freeze the pay then thats messed up. I’m sure the draft will come back into play if they don’t end up treating them like they deserve. Just people the Rep. and everyone in that has a secure job and not having to any cuts on their job they think can play that game with the army. I would love to see the people who have to talk crap about the military try and defend their own country. Obviously they didn’t join for a reason. They are not getting yanked away from their families. Ugh.. freezing it won’t do anything.. We just need our president to step up to the plate and stop spending dollars as if its going out of style. AND START SAVING!!!

  • Anthony

    Amen Brother

  • Anthony

    Dec 27, 2009 … Since 1990, congressional pay has increased from $98400 to $154700…….. How much are YOU getting paid to lay your life on the line??? The question is rhetorical, but I think you get my point.

  • Kari

    First off why dont we cut the congress and reps pay.. they aren’t risking their lives everyday, they aren’t going to be put in jail if they don’t do their job.. They don’t even get pulled from their families during the holidays.. they get to go to bed at night in peace because OUR MILITARY is the ones who are protecting them. The military has to go to sleep with a gun at hand if they get to go to sleep just because they don’t know what is shooting at them next! I do have to say they just sit behind a desk.. How is that risking their lives?? They just want others hurt before they hurt themselves. They need to stop being selfish and put the military first. If it weren’t for OUR MILITARY WE WOULD NOT BE LIVING IN FREEDOM RIGHT NOW!! I would be glad to pay to send them over there and then maybe it might make them respect what we have. Have the military knocking on their doors and see how they like it. It makes me sick how many people have disrespect for the military. They have more of a RIGHT to call THEIR country then they do. They didn’t fight to have it THE MILITARY DID. The government needs to learn how to save. Obama needs to learn how to stop luxury style because thats not real life how all everyone else is living by. If you want to make things equal then do something about it and stop cutting the military costs and share the wealth with them. Because they sure deserve it more than the rest of country. They fight for what they believe. I’m proud of them.

    • YourFriend

      Your an idiot, go get some education and them come back when you grow up. You obviously know nothing about anything, especial politics and government. You must be from Texas and think that GW, his dad, and Reagan actual had a surplus, and a strong economy. like I said go learn something and then come back and speak. Oh course unless you want to just be a cheer leader and say ra ra way to go guys, but leave the debate for the people that actual have a brain.

  • Ashley

    I just got out of the military after doing 3 yrs 19 weeks. They paid off my student loans and I was able to get out of my $10,000 plus credit card debt. I do believe many people live beyond their means and that’s why they continuously feel like they don’t make enough money. When I had a husband that didn’t work, we barely made ends meet, but when we got a divorce and I was able to make smart decisions as a single parent, my son and I lived a good life. Yes, I put my life on the line when I deployed to Iraq once, but my point is pay was good. My husband is in the military and we have already discussed pay freezes. He doesn’t agree, but I think it may be needed along with cutting back on spending and possible tax increases. Everyone wants this and that but no one is willing add to the pot.

    • twisted sister

      Finally someone taking responsibility for themself! You actually get it, while the rest cry like they are owed everything under the sun. The fact is they all signed they same paper and knew what they were getting into. Housing, Food, Medical, plus other things all paid for, your entire paycheck goes to toys and playing. Do the math and I would be two to three times what they are paid on the outside, serving burgers with no skills. Fore all the guys that retired, get a job you lazy bums, crying cause you retired at 45 and your lazy ass doesn’t want to work anymore and now you have a limited budget. So does everyone else in the world, go get a JOB!

  • Anthony

    Well Sarah, I’m glad your content with the congressional neglect….. I’m retired now and work in the civilian sector. My pay doesn’t fluctuate with the danger level or location…. I get piad way better than you now, and I don’t put my life on the line….. Go blow smoke up someone elses kaboose.

  • Jack Lutz

    Before they freeze the pay of the lowest people on the totum pole, they need to look at themselves and how much they give themselves. Anyone who can justify giving themselves a raise forthere entertainment budget by 30,000.00 a year, Do we really want that kind of person making decisions for us as a Nation? I think we should limit how many terms a person can be in that position. And stop paying there medical benefits for life and the security gurards. It is crazy what these people are getting in benefits while they are in and out of office. This is where the checks and balances need to be focused on not the poor Military person who is just scraping by to make ends meet.

  • Anthony

    Amen brother…..

  • ben

    :( this makes me unhappy

  • You forgot to mention that many of us retirees were promised free medical care for our dependents and ourselves if we served our country for 20 or more years. But, as usual, that is no longer an option unless you live near a military installation with a medical facility. And since so many of the bases/posts have been or are being closed, we no longer have that opportunity for free medical care. And now they want to raise the cost of TRI CARE, which we shouldn’t have to pay for in the first place.

  • Barry, I retired in 2003, and I did not receive a raise for the year 2010 or 2011. As a matter of fact, although my base pay did not increase, my Federal Tax increased both years. As of 1 March 2011, my pay will be over $30 less than it was last year due to the 2011 Federal tax changes. Course I retired as an active duty military person. I suppose it is possible that the pay scale for a National Guard retiree is a little different, since your retirement is based on points, more than years of service.

  • gary

    The first to go is miltary and retired ect, this is not new happens all the time, in war and peace and retirment we are potical footballs. the ways it looks in congress they might not pass a budget and all of gov’t will go into defult has happened before. easy to pick on militARY and ex military ——- next time maybe we should chosse our representives better. or maybe we all should run for congress. human nature to complain answers are in the wind

  • Mary

    I was a military and you think we had it good are men and women that leave there family behind and they you have to keep up two place two live I think that the people in DC should take a pay cut.

  • Cheers

    Not only do we fight our nation’s wars, now we must sacrifice our pay raises to fight the deficit. What else….

  • Cheers

    Well, easy for you to say since you are earning two pay checks. If you feel that strongly about what you said, maybe be you should offer give up your retirement check!

  • Infantry fighter

    Wow twisted sister you obviously are someone who sounds like they have done nothing with their lives and cannot respect us who serve in order to protect your freedom to even say these things you ignorant bitc*. I know many and almost all military retirees who put in 20 years and are working a job at the moment. Of anything do I think they should be able to retire and not have to work anymore? Yes! Our bodies are broken down from years of hard work especially in the infantry. Do you start your day at 5am everyday and workout twice a day and never have a real time when you get off work like your small meaningless 9-5 job? We work 15-18 hours days 5 days aweek. You try putting on a 60lbs ruck sack and marching 12 miles, running 15 miles a week, doing hundreds of sit ups and push ups. Your are probably the person you see at places when the national anthem is going on who doesn’t stand up and pay their respect to the flag and thinks it’s meaningless while the less than 1% of us in the US salute that flag and get tears to our eyes to think about our battle buddies who died to defend that flag and your freedom. You are one of those people who sits by and wants everything handed to them and just because you dont get what you want in your life you bitc* about others who Truely do deserve it. O yeah you were saying that we get all this free medical service, well I’d like to see you try to even get a dentist appointment within 6 months of when you need it and see if you get it, or how about that medical treatment. Are you able to sleep comfortably in your bed at night? That’s because we do what people like you ever had the heart to do while I am waking up 5 times in the night and when I am in crowds always looking for who is going to try and kill me or harm the people around me. So really your going to sit here and feed me your bullsh*t on how we have no skills and are only good enough to flip burgers when we learn more In a day then you did on your whole worthless life time? Please, please take my job for one day and have the person who you’ve been closest or have known very well die infront of you. Well there is my 2 cents and of you think they aren’t worth your time Atleast there was more meaning in mine then yours.

    • twisted sister

      You just proved my point you dumb a$$, as you exaggerated all your facts. I’ve been there and done that so don’t worry buddy. I’m just surprised at all the crying you big boys do, you think your owed something. To a point you are, but just quit crying about it like a BUNCH of BITC###. And no, get a job like everyone else, or live on the shi## income and quit crying. Cheers buddy, go get some help and quit crying.

  • Jon

    You are a fool my friend. You think our package is good we’ll you must be an officer. I have spent the last 4 years away from my wife and kids. We just had another baby and I couldn’t come home for that because the Military mess my pay up for 3 months. Oh by the way it was some civilian whom has never served siting behind a desk in the pay office. Then she broke her pelvis during delivery and when I sent a compassionate up to go home to help her it was denied by some idiot civilian that has no idea what it’s like to be in the military. Is that worth 1.4% ? Would you miss out on your childerens lives for some moron in congress that is fat and over paid to tell you your not worth sending home to see your kids and help a hurt wife?

  • Jon

    Sorry about that but basically your telling everyone your husband was in the navy for 22 years. That means he must have served most likey not in a time of war. That really isn’t saying to much for you because if he knew what he was doing he could have stayed at a base for a max of 3 years. Sorry about your luck but our economy wasn’t bad 15- 20 years ago. I doubt also that he saw things that make him scream at night being in the navy and all try living with that and getting a 1.4% rasie. By the way if you don’t like how our county is going move out. I plan on doing it in a few years.

  • Infantry fighter

    Amen Jon

  • Darryle

    Leaders, I would like to appeal to what’s left of your good conscience and nature by ask that you reconsider a pay freeze or cut. If this is on the table let’s start with our decision makers “LEADERs”! As a leader who currently serves in our armed forces at the obedience of my nation. If you must know leadership is really a servant to whom all they lead/serve.

    Thanks for your time and consideration

  • Darryle

    Part-2 Therefore, take into consideration leaders a 15 months stay in a combat zone away from your family with an occasional phone call to reassurance them of your safety! All at the expense of the family’s peace/worries and concerns about us serving in harms way. I have served in Desert Storm 1991, Haiti 1994, Bosnia 1997, Macedonia 1999, OIF I in 2003, Afghanistan 2004-2005, and Iraq 2006-2007.

  • Darryle

    Part-3 I would like to now exercise one of our nation’s greatest freedoms; the one of expression. All of these without complaints, glad I have been given the opportunity to serve this great nation. If you agree with these terms above, I may be inclined to agree with your point of view. Yes! We have chosen this life for our families and yours to exercise both the right/ability to make these types of decisions on a daily bases. I don’t know if you are reading the responses of those whom you serve (lead) or speak on the behalf of senator? Lastly, I would like to recommend you re-think this freeze or freeze our missions with more diplomacy/ negotiations.

  • Thom P

    I agree. How damned ridiculous is this, to freeze military pay in the midst of a war. I don’t care if they’re the usual stripe, tea party or whomever, they shouldn’t mess w/military pay. It’s wrong–

    Thom P
    Roanoke, VA
    Capt (USAF, Ret.)

  • Gordon

    Because it is income. Nobody ever promised us it would be tax free. You are still a citizen of this country and have an obligation to pay taxes. Fair or not, such is the life of the retired military.

  • Heze

    Ok, I get that spending needs to be cut, however, let’s look at what and where we need to cut the budget. If the military is cutting down the troops, why are we buying multi-million dollar humvees? Why do we also need 33 more ships? How are we going to utilize this equipment when there are no bodies to take proper care of them? And the biggest question is…. Why is the pentagon handing over billions of dollars to known fraudulent companies? Yes, I agree with a lot of you about the pay freeze, military personnel should not be singled out. You see, the government is so frugal with money in other areas. For instance, I’ve thrown away 10’s of thousands of dollars just in unused parts. The budget for commands is way out of line. If a command doesn’t spend all their nine by the end of the fiscal year, then they lose out next year. On the same token, if they overspend their budget, then they get more money every year. Bottom line is this: we, as a whole, need to broaden the scope of cutting the budget. Stop indiviualizing, your making it seem that military members are the ones at fault for this huge national deficit. Sorry, one more point to make. Stop fighting everyone’s war. Take a look at homeland security. Do you feel safe? Do we not have terrorists among the American people? Are not some of them Americans? Why are we spending billions of dollars a day on a war we cannot win? Terrorists are like cockroaches, you won’t be able to kill them all. But we sure as **** can run them out of the Goo old United States of America.

  • BetterthanBlessed

    I applaud you Sarah because it takes alot of guts to say what you feel and not follow along with the crowd. I have glanced throughout the comments and it is the same thing. What many fail to realize is that YOU made a choice in joining the military for whatever reason that was. Just becauae civilians did not make that choice that is not grounds to demoralize them. As well in a way some of you are very SPOILED because you are accustomed to the military lifestyle you have so many perks.

    • BetterThanBlessed

      Most Americans working hard are not afforded 1/10 of what is given to us. Just like there are spouses who must stay home to take care of kids, many single parents who have more than one kid are able to work and afford some type of child care and that is because they have no other option. If it takes working one or more jobs it is done. For those who served in the early years I commend you whole heartedly, because YES you were underpaid and overworked. Those of you who are recent or havent put in the time needed, then please STOP the complaining. There are people who are surviving on less. YES joining the civilian sector is HARD. I am still adjusting to the transition and I have injuries. I do not complain for the lack there of. THERE is someone out here is doing alot worse than I am. I guess I dont stress about the cutbacks or the changes in benefits because I do not put my TRUST and efforts in MAN. GOD will always make a way. BE BLESSED.

  • Heze

    My sincere apologies for the typo. The good old United States Of America.

  • Gordon

    Well said Gunny!

  • Guest

    i really hope this guy never gets voted back into office cause this is just bull crap. no military personel should have there pay frozen,.

  • Gordon

    I see many posts with the 24/7 bullet used to justify low pay. OK, your on call 24/7 but how many of you actually have done this day in and day out? Not many since it is phyically impossible to do for more than 2-3 days.

  • Tom Reynolds

    As a retired military person myself I have experienced 2 pay decreases in the 2 years since our new President has been in office . I think it’s about time that Congress realizes that our active military and our retirees are the reason that we have all the freedoms that we have now .
    Let’s not put our military people in poverty . They are and we did sacrifice a lot to keep America free .

    • Gordon

      It could be a matter of semantics, but your pay was not decreased. Taxes went up and our retainers are frozen. Not actually a cut. These two things will result in less money available. Now you see the tax benefit the active duty people enjoy.

  • Ashley V

    First of all, Sarah…My husband is an E-4, and yes, we do have two children, and no, I do not work a regular job. I run 3 very small businesses on the side, because My husband is either in the field, or deployed. We do not know if he is coming home all the time, and it causes a lot of stress, so for somebody to go out into the working world and work a 9-5 job with two kids, on top of all of that stress, its not easy. we calculated it, and with all of the hours my husband works, he makes about $1.25 an hour. You try living on that!

    • Ashley V

      We do not indulge on anything, we clip coupons on a regular basis, and just to be able to put some money in the bank, I have to come home and stay with my parents whenever he gets deployed. So before you say anything, you do your research. You try having a job where you make $1.25 an hour. You try paying $200 in gas each paycheck because you have to live where they tell you, even though your job is an hour from your house. You try not being able to take a shower for over a week at a time, because your knee deep in mud learning how to save peoples lives, so that douchebags like you can have the freedom to say such idiotic things. Why dont you try going to another country and say those things? I would love to see you say something like that in Afghanistan, in fact, I wish you would! Think before you speak, lady. We too, have a right to have money. Just like any other job. P.S. My husband does this because he feels like it is his duty to fight for our country. Not because he only has a high school diploma. He was in college when our country was attacked and joined soon after.

  • M Perez

    Duh…..I believe there is a higher risk in mortality for those involve militarily, compare to federal employees. Don’t get me wrong of course there is some risk for those involve in law enforcement and national security.

  • KM

    Anthony above noted that “Since 1990, con­gres­sional pay has increased from $98400 to $154700..”

    Has anyone looked at the differences in military pay from 1990 to 2011? Well I did:

    1990, E5, Over 4: $1143 monthly pay, $402 BAQ (back then), $200 commuted rations = $1745 per month ($20,940.00 annually) (Plus annual clothing allowance)

    2011, E5, Over 4: $2448 per month, 1200 BAH (at Camp Lejeune, NC), $325 communted rations = $3973.00 per month ($47,676.00 annually) (plus annual clothing allowance)

    An E-5’s pay today is 125% higher than in 1990…the 1990 and 2011 pay scales can be found right here on this site.

    A congressman’s pay went up 57% since 1990 per the numbers provided by anthony…

    Who made out better?

    I am retired military and I am all for military pay and benefits…but, does anyone truly think $154,000 is really that big a salary for the supposed responsibility of a U.S. representative? A Colonel’s total entitlements (w/o any other special pays) is $146,976.00 per year. If you start comparing equal stature and responsibilty, they’re pretty close.

    Am I the only confused one here? The median family income in the U.S, in 2009, was only $46,000. That means, a military sergeant (E-5), a relatively low grade in the military, has an annual salary that exceeds that of the median U.S. income.

    Perhaps we’re complaining a bit too much?

    • Your Friend

      Bravo, you’re able to think unlike the rest of these cry baby knuckle heads! You make complete sense, and if they can’t make it on that pay they are living beyond their means!

  • Starlifter

    I agree with most of the earlier posts about Military pay. I am retired AF and looking at the last two years of no pay raise, and then get a letter from Obama
    telling me due to a change in the tax code, my retirement pay is dropping $30 a month! So much for honoring my 30years of service. Don’t you dare touch my Tricare benefits! How come, as long as I have been collecting SS benefits, we used to get an annual COLA increase every year. Now that we have a new president, its base on inflation, which is flat, even though the cost of living is still climbing. Just check the price of gas! Isn’t it funny that the feds numbers
    get changed just about the time they are figuring out if we get a raise the following year!

  • chara182

    my electric went up 30% this year. my Car insurance went up, my sewer up, my water up,my homeowners up,gas up, food up.I am a widow my husband done 26 yr’s total full and air national guard, was in the korean war, was suppose to go to desert storm and got cancelled the day befor.he taught chemical warfare, got cancer and died 8 yrs after retirement, so they cut his retirement to 55% to me.for three years it was 35%.he was gone a lot with the guard as he put his self out there for anything they needed him to do.I took care of every thing at home, done repairs that i could not afford to get fixed mowed a acre of grass, any problems i took care of.put in my own water heater, repaired a leak on a two story house on the roof, by myself, i kept his uniforms perfect and ready, cut his hair, shoes polished.and I did not mind, he loved the military.doe’s the military do right by widow’s hell no.and the sad part is he earned every bit of it,and so do widow’s that stand by there sides that take care of the home front. maby i will send them my bills they can pay them, since we get no more raises. freeze the food prices, gas prices and utilities along with our freezes.so sick of it all, glad i am on my way out instead of in.

  • usnretired

    BOO Freakin HOO! You guys and gals are itching and bitching about a 1.6% raise in 2012.

    How about 0% in 2012 for retirees AND VA disability AND Social Security. Oh yes, that includes 2011 and 2010.
    I don’t know about your pocket book but the last time I went to the gas pump it was hovering at about $3.00 a gallon for regular. Food is up, everything is up except for my fixed income. Let’s not forget to pile on increases for Medicare, Tricare and Delta Dental every year.

    You got it tough? Yeah, I get it. Been there, done that, paid for my own shadow box and cake. I did my time. It active duty deserve a raise, then SO DO WE. It costs us just as much as you, except MOST of us don’t have a commissary or PX to shop at.

    If I recall, Active Duty got over 5% in 2010 while retirees and disabled were left sucking air (to be polite).

    So suck it up, cut your lifestyle and live within your means. ACT YOUR WAGE. You don’t have to have a 60″ plasma 3D freakin TV and Blue-Ray 3D disc. Oh yeah, scratch the 64G IPads and 32G IPhones for every member of your family just because you feel guilty about being deployed.

    We did it, and got 2 kids through 4 year colleges’t. So can you. If we don’t get a raise AGAIN in 2012, then we’ll just make a bigger garden, can more and spend more time together.

  • Louie

    Pay freeze for military on active duty is not good. Retire military haven ‘ t got one since he got in office. Bad!!!!!! Comander in Chief.

  • MSG

    Are you fricken kidding me?? You don’t have any answers to this problem. If there are soldier/airmen/seamen out there loosing houses and on welfare then bud, there living beyond their means and don’t know anything about budgets…you don’t need new cars, newer homes, flat screens, etc,etc if your on welfare. I’ve seen it first hand. Thats one of the problems with this generation, kids aren’t taught by their parents the value of a dollar or how to spend it. If this country goes bank rupt, there will be no benifits for anyone, read about the depression of 33, read your history books, start thinking of others instead of yourself. Give to the poor and help them yourself. Military people are paid very well today. You volunteered for duty, raised your right hand to defend the constitution, so quit the complaining soldier. I spent 28 yrs in mil, worked my way up to 9, worked very hard, kept my mouth shut and did my job. You do the same.

    • casey

      some people need to open their eyes and see reality. military pay sucks and everyone knows it unless your higher up in the class you dont get paid squat. ok for most people for example MY family we live paycheck to paycheck if our pay freezes we lose our ONE car that we own which is no escalade i might add we would also lose FOOD and with a 1yr old im pretty sure most people can agree that umm yea that cannot happen and last but not least we would lose our home! yes def. gotta have one of those and with the economy 2day the price of living and having to “get by” with this pay is not what i would call luxary…but we make this country #1 and we work through it so the government needs to back off all of us in uniform who are doing our best to serve this nation soo people KEEP YOUR NEGATIVE DISRESPECTFUL COMMENTS TO YOURSELF THANK YOU

      • Aaron

        you are an idiot.

        pay freeze doesnt mean you stop getting payed, you just stop getting price-of-living inflation raises.

        noone is trying to hurt your 1 year old so get over yourself

    • SGM Pompili

      Worked your way up to 9 ? Nine what ? Your rank was ???? Referring to your pay grade indicates just what was going through your mind when you served…General Wickham had it right when he demanded rank, not pay grade be used in the senior service…I served, not spent 31 and a half years in the service, learned how to spell before I enlisted…still serve vets and aid the poor and understand economics and budgets….get real and roll up your sleeves and open up your mouth….not all service folks are as perfect as you.

    • Billy Bob

      O-9 ? it figures…

  • tim

    amen and i agree, it pure bull**** for the negativity from a non military person to military member. they have no experience and most just dont care.

    • tim

      I have been in the Army fro 2 1/2 years and still going until the end. i dont do it for the money, I do it for my country and all the other men and women next to me. We all need each other out there.

  • ALL For One

    Retirees have not had a pay raise or COLA in over 3 years. That is what they think about the military. The military is always put in harms way but not enough support (supplies and finances) Military pay for E1 to E3 is a joke. E4 to E5 is comparable with their counterparts. E6 to E7 needs to be improved in several areas. E8 to E9 are over paid in some areas but needs improvement in others. One of the things you have to keep in mind is the military is 24/7 and do not get paid overtime. They would really be bankrupt if they did get paid for overtime. That is why Commanders try to give as much liberty as possible. Congress, Senators and White House Staff get over paid. .

  • All For One

    Civilian government workers are in need for assistance. What is wrong with this picture. Government workers is helping with our communities struggle to survive but now we can freeze pay and make it better. HELLO. How is that going to help? (NOT AT ALL) The comment was made that civilian work force need to do their part in helping with the deficit. Well excuse me they have already helped not to mention that a large amount are prior military personnel. Have we not already given enough. Communities would collapase if military bases could not provide income to assist the growth in their area. Now lets cut back on upgrading weapons platforms and stop assiting other countries with income that we do not have for us. We can provide aid with physical assistance. Stop paying contractors more money than what it would cost their civilian counterparts to complete the job. Stop getting the more expensive bid for projects instead with going with the least expensive bid. Stop wasting money on things we do not need.

  • All For One

    Stop wasting time on procedures that are obsolete or micro managed. Entrust with your supervisors to do their job and stop wasting money on the triple checks by other executive personnel. Example: (purchasing a hammer could take about 2 weeks to process and cost would be $25 plus the man hours of 12 hours to put in the order and materials = total cost of $275 OR the supervisor puts in the order request and comptroller processes the order through a local store at $12 and take a total of one week to process with a total cost of 4 man hours including materials = $125; Savings of $150) That may not be signaficant to you but consider how many military departments are in need of a hammer (i.e. say 5,000 which would be a savings of $750,000)) It really adds up real quick and fast as an overall budget.

  • All For One

    Things really need to be improved with budget issues. Too many hands involved. The process needs to be more simple and the goal to pay less for items. Too much red tape right now which also gave somebody else a job to look at it again. There are too many jobs now which we really do not need. Instead of having one person doing 25 jobs they have created 24 more jobs which alot of them are not needed. There is not alot of management being consistant with their skills to improve our discrepancies. We are hit or miss which has cost us alot of things. The bottom line is LEAVE or Military and Civilian workers alone and work on the problem. Not create another one

  • edward

    what a thing to say about our commander in chief, did you vote? or are you one of people that ask what can my country do for instead of what can I do for my country. Haven’t we learned from the JFK days? I guess not


    Daddy always said if you compare things then make sure it’s apples to apples and oranges to oranges. That being said now we can set the standard for comparison of the DC jobbers and the military:
    1)Take their hat and coat and give them a steel pot and a vest decorated in M26’s grenades.
    2)Take their pen and replace it with rifle, hell give them some bullets too.
    3)No going home or to the bar tonight, it’s out for a walk around at night and report back what you see:
    The object of this is not to get shot and if you do, well you can’t shoot back.
    I could go on and on but why, it’s all been said before. Bottom line is DC workers don’t expose themselves to harm as you do in the military. Outside of law enforcement I can’t think of anyone who is walking the free streets of America that can match the military. I don’t see anyone with the right to receive a pay raise in front of the military. It’s a shame to think that after what you do for this country, (some individuals not all) this country can’t do for you. It’s a sad day.

  • Enlisted Lifer

    Freeze our pay? Are you freakin serious! Let me ask you this Mr. President, would you sacrafice your life for $60,000 dollars or less a year? You talked about change, well you sure have proven your analogy of change! I did not vote for you then, I will not vote for you in the up-coming election. I will actually protest against you, it seems to me that your administration is border-line, “Communist”.

    I would just like to see you spend 2 weeks in the shit, not 18 months like I did. Re-elect President Bush, since he is the only one that actually cares about the troops and gives us pay raises! HOOAH.

    • Your Friend

      Your an idiot, that is why you’re a lifer! You would want Bush back, you gotta be kidding me, now your even a bigger idiot! You signed the line knowing you could give your life, quit crying like a baby. Your owed no more than what you got and what you got is 20 times better than if your dumb A$$ was out on the block! I’d like to see you get uot and provide half of what you have to yourself and family if you have one, never happen.

      • wife of a lifer

        Thank you for being a prime example of the ignorance that is destroying this country. I’d like to see you stand face to face with a spouse and child of a soldier killed doing thei job and protecting this country including idiots like you and tell them “you knew what you signed up for.” Show some respect.

  • PO2 valencia

    we need a new government….clear both houses>>>>>>>democrats and republicans are all the same>>>>>they dont care about our service members.

  • John W (TSgt Ret)

    Bro, I retired from the military in ’92. What I don’t get is those Dumb… keep saying the the Military person is being paid more than his civilian counterpart, well maybe by their standard he is. But, I don’t see any of those idiots going to work at a pay rate of 45 cents and hour, if they did they’d be screaming for a raise.

    When I enlisted I made only $70 per month before taxes.

    Bro, those fat a…. in DC need to get a real job, preferably one where they don’t have to make any decisions that gets someone hurt or killed, like sweeping out the gutters in their town.

    • JHat

      I too am failing to see how the military makes more than other government employees. I currently work for the DOD at Space and Naval Warfare Systems Command and my husband is an active duty Marine (officer) with ten years behind him. I make more than him by nearly 25K and have only been with the DOD one year. Many who work here at SPAWAR bring home more than even the average Marine enlisted or officer so I don’t know how the budget office is making its assumptions.

  • SMS

    Yeah, let’s give Congress, the Senate, the Administration ALL they want! Who really cares what WE did since we signed up? Not these a**holes in DC! These kid’s are fighting a war(s) they are told to do, WILLINGLY and no rewards!? Come on, WTF?!!!!?!?!?!?

  • MAC




  • tennek

    What does that have to do with anything, you idiot. Stop with the trash talk . We here on this board are genuine Patriots. We served for peanuts and were given peanuts aqfter retiring. But so are those on Social Security getting peanuts. Hell, thanks to Congress, we are all lied to constantly. The future retirees serving now are promised things that will never materialize, as all the generations before have been lied to. The only constant in it all is that Conge4ss will give themselves an unneeded increase, while we all tyake a kick in the butt as our reward.

  • charles marigny

    has anyone gotten their new 1099 explaining that my retirement check has just been reduced 51.00 because of taxes. with two years of no cola increase, they raise the prices in the Bx-PX commissary. and of course wanting to raise the price of TRI CARE whats next.

  • Mark

    Of course., Like always freeze the military pay raise, but they never freeze Congress or Senators Pay!!! Of course it takes 20 years to retire from the military and receive retirement pay but after serving in congress and senate they recieve a pension after their term is up and I have never heard any thing about a pay freeze or stopping the Cost of Living Allowance as they have done for Retired Pay. Hopefully those who control the Senator who came up with the Pay Freeze will ensure that he no longer is in the Senate to do some thing like this again!!!!

  • Msgt W.K.Jordan

    Question?: How many in the House and Senate have Earned their CIB? If any, they would be the ONLY ones that should be able to vote on military pay!!!

  • Larry

    How arrogant of someone making 174.000 a year on the taxpayers dole. I think members ofcongress hould make nomore than the average military member.
    after all, arent’ they suppose to be “serving” their country?

  • Retired Navy

    Federal employees pay has always been extremely higher than any military person’s and they get automatic huge raises every year. Most of them have never served their country and put their “lives on the line”. Doesn’t anyone watch and listen to Glenn Beck. Our Constitution never included the kind of pay that Congressmen and Senators get. They work for us but constantly take our money for whatever they want. They are breaking the laws!

    • Sure Thing

      Glad to know you’re informed from Glenn Beck! Wow you’re and idiot, go learn something like facts not BS. Moron.

      • Sure Thing

        Oh, and you wonder why most the idiots on here are so dumb and sit here and cry like babies. Glenn Beck, seriously, next you will say Sarah Palin is qualified to be president cause she happens to be hot and you want to bang her. Nothing but a bunch of dumb knuckle heads, none of you should be able to vote until you learn actual facts about politics and the world, not just how to clean your rifle.

  • Robert 1/3ADA

    Articles like this are only meant to distract people from what’s important. Poor people need medicare as it is a public good that ultimately prevents the spread of infectious disease and helps society as a whole. Military protects the security of that society and safegaurds its interests. Superwealthy people manipulate ideas to create discord amoung the other 95% of the population and try to convince the rest of us that 5% of people are rightfully entitled to hold the majority of a societies property, cash and assets while doing everything they can to avoid paying taxes. Corporate taxes do not account for a significant portion of federal tax revenue. Most of the money coming from federal taxes is wage taxes. Working people never forget that.

  • Mike

    All I have to say is all Americans must stop being apathetic about their government and force our leadership to be responsible and adhere to constitutional principles upon which we were founded. How do you do this? You check their voting records and see how they govern. You also check if they do as they say or play lip service. VOTE THE SOCIALISTS OUT AND BALANCE THE BUDGET! Then you may see some good pay raises in the future. TERM LIMITS MUST BE PASSED!

  • Wayne Stuhr

    So no pay raise for the military…So what else is new.. The people who make all these suggestions never say no to raises. They never say they should take a pay cut. They never say they should be in office 20 years before they can draw any retirement and then only 50 to 75 percent. They always start at the bottom, not the top. Same goes for the state congressional people. They say cut funding for schools, police, firemen etc, not their per diem, travel expenses, government vehicles, and certainly not their pay. I agree with another writer that the U.S. should stop the foreign aid program and stop the war. Enough.

  • JAVA

    Obviously you haven’t been in the military very long. Saddam put us there when he invaded Kuwait, not President Bush. We were already there and you obviously weren’t there risking your life flying over Iraq enforcing the no fly zone to keep Saddam from murdering women and children and his own people, over 400,000. And… the reason people think Obama is non American is because he is doing his best to destroy this country because he hates everything America stands for, freedom, responsibility, integrity. If you don’t believe me read his own books. He states his loathing for freedom and democracy plainly for anyone who can read and comprehend. Not to mention the company he keeps. People who proudly admit that they are communists, people who say Mao Tse Tung is a personal hero, people who bomb their own country. One more history lesson for the rest of you, Democrats took control of congress in 2006. The recession followed shortly after. And last time I checked, congress writes the laws, but since you all didn’t study history, I can’t expect you to study civics either. Hit the books!

  • Chris

    You are so wrong. When you first come in as an E1/2/3 it is difficult but after I retired I took a civilian job that didn’t compare with the benefits and pay that I received while I was in the Army active. You probably don’t even count the BAH, meals, clothing allowance that you recieve. I bet you have a really nice car, eat a lot of fast food, go to movies, and don’t do a budget. Wait till your out and then see how good you got it!

  • Chris

    Put the troops from foreign countries on the Mexican border. At least that will put the money into our own economy. Stop paying foreign countries payments to have bases there. We need our own help, elect a republican the next time to the white house. Get someone who cares about America. Not a socialist, raised in Indonesia, that feels that he doesn’t have to respond to the peoples needs and demands. 2012 will again be a blood bath for the Democrats and maybe some of those independents will be elected. GOD save our country from the Musilims.

  • Bruster1

    Why shouldn’t the military get more that other federal employees. Do they take their desks into live fire zones?

  • Wife of USMC Retired

    You’re awesome! Tell it like it is!!

  • retired military

    Sure would be nice to see foreign aid cut to countries that hate us, over the last 2 years i have seen my military retirement reduced by $70 a month. I wonder if any senator or politician had the same happen to their paychecks.

  • Typical load of horse-manure. Our elected “representatives”. There representing alright, representing themselves. “We the people” need to send Congress a message loud and clear…an E-mail a day, per person, all year long. Demand they give themselves a 15% pay cut…immediately retroactive to Jan 1. Demand that they remove themselves from the FIRS retirement system! It’s supposed to be “a service to their country” not a road to unearned riches on the backs of the taxpayers. And demand that they start contributng part of their grossly bloated salaries to their own retirement and health-care, instead of just sucking up all the freebies meant for our gallant fighting men & women! Demand it! Write to them, and resend it daily! Write to the local editorial page of your newspaper about it! We need to wake them up to the fact that they are supposed to be there to represent our best interests, and that the free-ride is OVER!

    • Tom

      Very well stated. The only bad thing is that they will not do what you had mentioned. They are there for the greedy, not the needy. The greedy meaning themselves.

  • Alexandra Varner

    i, myself, am apart of the United States Army and i do not see any of these people risking their lives in Afghanistan or Iraq like we do yet they complain that the Military pay is more than their’s.
    ~PFC Varner

  • Jim Welch

    Agree with you. Congress gets a 4 Course Dinner for less than we pay to feed a family of 4, Their Retirement is as you stated not to mention, they have maids, butlers and usually 2 mansions they are supporting. Most of us retired people are just barely making it. Some of the veterans I see in the hospital look like they live on the streets. I’m sure the OLD beliefs we used to count on (Your elected officials are there for you,) no longer exists. Ever wonder why so many people are leaving the U.S.? It is NO LONGER a government for the people but for the Government and _ _ _ _ _ the people. Why not get a women president an younger people in congress. At least we would have someone that may care about John Q Public.

  • CGVet

    How about at least a 3% raise to those in uniform, and a 50% cut to those in office. I think that’s way more than fair.

  • Tim A

    And then some!!!

  • Laura

    Obviously this senator has never served in the military. He has no worries — he’ll get a big pension after he retires. My husband will get 40% of his pay. He will be retiring soon, and we will have to get jobs to put our kids through college, and our kids will have to get jobs to help out as well. If military members have to sacrifice our pay, then I suggest this senator and his counterparts should do the same. Where do they get off saying military members are paid more than them? Someone needs to go back to grade school and study their math.

  • Tom

    The congressional people do not have enough guts to say they are not getting a raise every year. It would be interesting for one of them to stand up and list all the benefits they get each year. How about if they stay home instead of traveling all over the country spending tax payers money for the plane rides, etc. Instead, they could work on getting some bills passed such as raises for retirees and seniors. Just think of the money they could save by not traveling around the country. This also goes for the president and his family taking two planes when they go somewhere. Does anyone know how much it costs to fly Air Force one to Hawaii for their vacations. I agree the Congressional people should be on Social Security instead of their fat retirement programs. It would not take long for the program to become solvent. The people that keep reelecting these people are to blame.

  • B. Kerr USAF Ret

    A lot of what I want to say has already been said. But the bottom line is our legislatures vote themselves hefty pay raises, will draw nicely packaged retirement funds and benefits. I have said all along that if we were to pull our troops out of Afghanistan, Iraq, and other countries, and to cease giving billions of dollars to other foreign countries (that hate our guts), we would be able to wipe the slate clean in the United States, and quit picking on the military and give them the pay increases they so deserve. What about the trips the President and his family take, the vacations, the million dollar hotels they stay in, the millions of dollars that it cost to fly Air Force One and other Aircraft and personnel. ?? Sounds like a permanent vacation for the President and his family and friends while they are occupying the White House. Let’s be real, if we are going through tough times then lets all abide by the same rules and regulations and tighten our belts. President or John Q. Public.!! To our Congressmen and Senators — We did not “Fall Off Of The Turnip Truck Yesterday”…Our Country and lives are being ruined. The current Administration is seeing to that. We don’t need more taxation or laws, we just need to back off the spending, get out of the other country’s affairs. We are citizens of the United States of America, we are current and retired Service men and women. We deserve to live in and to enjoy our own Country, buy a house, a car, watch our children grow up and become proud citizens of these United States.

  • MdMartinez

    Have you seen the new bill proposed HR270? It would mean that congress would give up 10% of their pay. And they are willing to do it! Yeah right they only agreed because at the end of the bill it states that all Federal workers would also get a 2 week furlow in 2012 with no pay. They only agreed to the 10% pay decrease because they new it would not pass because the Federal workers would fight for their pay and the bill would not pass. This is to be on the 2012 elections.

  • Martinez

    Marc look at the proposed bill HR270, they are willing to take a 10% cut. Don’t be fooled it will never happen. Why because at the end of the bill they also say that federal workers will also take 2 weeks with no pay. My husband is retired Navy and I am a federal worker. And let me assure you all of us (federal workers) have started the fight against the bill. Congress only agreed to the decrease in pay because they new there would be so many people against it and it would lose during voting in 2012. They agreed to the cut but no one asked the working class if they were in agreement. Most of those who would get the cut in pay will no longer be in office and they new that! How sneeky! Shame on them! And to make matters worst they are now talking about cuts and increases in Tricare.

  • TARA

    I am so back and forth on this – I too am a proud Marine wife. I think the pay and benefits we receive from my husbands employer (USMC) are perfectly adequate for what he does. He makes enough to support us when I am between jobs (because of a reassignment) and we have constant and quite wonderful health benefits. I totally agree that a cost of living would be nice, but not if NO other government employee is getting one (im not talking about the undeserving jerks who make up the government), in fact at least we have been sheltered from the unpaid required leave or pay cuts. But its true – if the spouse CHOOSES to not work or CHOOSES to have 3-10 kids, then GET A JOB! Suddenly, you will be able to save and take a vacation and pad the fact that you’re husband may not be getting a raise. Also budgeting and living within your means is a big part of life…. Its a hard life, thats what we all signed up for, they deserve the best for all they do, trust me, I know this.

  • col_wright

    You are right….Pelosi was spending over $36,000 dollars of taxpayers money just to fly home from DC to Ca, before she lost her job.

  • kev

    if congress can give bill,s to other country,s why would they not give our military more money they will get a lot of money until they pass on this shows all of the world how small they fell about our men and women serving it,s more money in there pocket how many of there children are in harms way not many if this dont get any better i will stop voteing all together they all suck.

  • PaultheConsultant

    Obviously it’s unwise to vote fo a Democrat like Hoyer or Pelois or Reid and then wonder why your pay and other earned benefits are under assault. Most don’t remember this, but the first pay raise the Bill Clinton recommended for the military was…zero. And Les Aspin, his SECDEF, brought in the reduction in retirement pay. And in a lame duck session, Pelosi and Reid repealed DADT (which was originally brokered by Clinton and Sentor Sam Nunn (D-GA).

    If you work for you pay, i.e., drug-free, fit, world-wide assignable, in harm’s way, to a Democrat you are second fiddle to welfare recepients, special interest groups (unions, gay-lesbian advoacy). So, know where you stand and where politicians stand when you head to the polls…that is, if you vote at all.

    • Jamie

      Yes, if only we all voted Republican, we’d be enjoying the good old days of the Bush administration, when… hmm. Wait, what were the good parts of the Bush administration again? Oh, that’s right: we had people like you assuring us that endless war was hoorah-good for America while you looted the public coffers to pay yourselves bonuses and consulting fees.

    • Brian

      “Disabled American Veterans (DAV) gave only five U.S. Senators a 100 percent rating on their “key votes” for the 2nd session of the 109th Congress. All five 100 percent ratings were earned by Democratic Senators. All ratings 50 percent and lower were earned by Republican Senators.

      Senators Barack Obama, Russ Feingold, and Herb Kohl each got 80 percent ratings. John McCain was one of only three Senators to earn a 20% rating. No one got lower than 20%. John McCain was one of only three Senators to earn a 20% rating. No one got lower than 20% 214 (out of 435 total) members of the U.S. House of Representatives during the 109th Congress received 100% ratings from the Disabled American Veterans. Only 13 Republican Representatives in the entire country were among those 214 legislators who were rated 100 percent by Disabled American Veterans.”

    • Brian

      I saw a study indicating a strong correlation between not having a clue about what you speak of and voting republican…

    • Lester

      The President submits a budget and the congress either approves, slashes or freezes the military pay which is part of the budget. If you dont like whats going on then vote your represenative out and put someone else. Its up to the Congress…the final answer…

  • Jeff

    Civil “SERVANTS” say they are not there for the money. I say swap paychecks with the military And see if they are still as eager to run for office. Or better yet , let’s make a law where Civil “SERVANTS” can make only as much as the state minimum wage that they are from. Let’s see how loyal to the job and people they will be!

  • monica

    as a military wife i may not be going over seas and i may not hold a stable job but my husband goes to work every day goes years and months without his family.. his children that love and miss him while hes gone that have to read story books that have been recorded by him… and for the senators and president to sit there and talk about freezing the money that comes in and supports the family not just mine but ALL of the military families… how are we supposed to make it if they stop paying let our children starve… go without everything that is NEEDED for the families.. this is crazy why dont they give their pay checks to the service members that are risking their lives so they can sit there comfortably in there cusionie chairs eating at the finest resterants while other people rais their kids and clean up after them.. even as a military family we struggle to get buy on most occations and the army is going to just stop paying them for what good reason???



  • John E.

    I agree the People who serve ought to get the money the do for duty and Country but I feel these Military contracts ought to be cut or froozen, until The US government get their balance sheets together. Also, NO Pay raises for Congress and any other government officials. Including our US President. I like to see them live off Military Officers Pay for one month including Rep. Steny Hoyer (D-MD) He must get the lowest officers pay scale. and see what it like for 90 days. Not just one Month for him.

  • Guest

    Well put!


    I have an idea. WHY DON’T WE FREEZE or even ELIMINATE STENEY HOYER’S PAY. I think that Senator’s time is just about up. No re-election for that loser. Asking the military to defend our country and dodge bullets for free? Sure, why not – when senators, congress and politicians do their job for free. In other words, when pigs fly.

    • Billy Bob

      Because we’re not in charge of his pay, that’s why. Because we’re not multimillionaires, and he is. Because there’s not enough of us compared to the rest of the civilian population. Now i hope you get the picture.


    EXCELLENT idea! While we are at it. I think all Senators and Congress and politicians in general should do their job on a volunteer basis and we, the people should only pay them when they’ve done their job. Budgets will be in on time, global US aid – gone. I am sick and tired of hearing them cutting pay or freezing pay and now the latest – freezing pay until they get the budget squared away! But not one of those POLITICIANS are losing their pay – while they “think” about the budget. It’s time to fire them all and get in some new blood, new minds and people who will think FOR the people, not ABOVE them.

  • air force wife

    As a military spouse I am very disappointed in our government.. everyone thinks being in the military is a cush job and that we make all of this money.. id like to see where the money is that we make because it sure isnt on my husbands pay check every two weeks.. i know our country is in a heck of a mess right now, I am raising two children while my husband is deployed and has only been gone for a month now.. to think that my husband is away from his young children and myself trying to protect others and might not be getting a pay check is sad to say the least.. we dont have fancy vehicles or live above our means, yes we have nice things but we and when i say we (my children and I) dont see my husband a lot.. when he signed his name on that dotted line so did we and we scrafice as much as he does on a daily basis to protect and serve his country.. if he isnt getting paid i want him home and out of harms way.. his life is priceless to us and you sure in the hell wouldnt expect your everyday civilian to show up at work and not get paid.. people need to think about things and stop being so greedy.. im ok with no pay and we will make it but send our troops home if you arent going to pay them..

    • Jamie

      I’m sure that your husband’s life is priceless to your family. To the U.S. military, his life is worth $500,000.


    what i dont get is how these palotitions who drive fancy cars mayb have a private jet big homes meaning more then one each have all the comforts of home and never look death in the face never spend a nit in the sand or drit rain in freezing weather how they are so quick to cut pay to the ones fighting for them to live like they do how the **** do the get into office there nothing but a bunch of worthless ******** F… em all


    what i dont get is how these polotitions who live the comfortable life with fancy car boats jets more then one house livin FAT n easy yet they never think about taking a pay cut them selves or freezing there own pay but **** when it comes to the military man or woman who stugles to provide for there family or the e3 n below who are trying to pay for a beater with a heater and if like me child suport and family back home that are sturugling to get by them selves and now we will have a even harder time while they still live fat how the F do these ******** get in office there a bunch of greddy money grubing worthless hors

  • Mary

    It’s never going to stop unless the military takes charge and takes up for itself. You guys must think you have no voice. You do especially when it’s a whole bunch of you. If 3 ships say hey we’re not going out to sea and even 4 helicopters or planes do not take off the president and congress will get to see the good old taliban at their doorstep and maybe they will see why military is so valuable. Remember most of the countries are not mad at all of us. They are mad at the president and congress as well.

  • cookie

    Yeah, maybe military members get paid a little more than others, but look at all the sacrafices they make and there family makes. Those service men and women sometimes don’t even get paid enough. All of the americans can live free because of the military. I don’t feel that they should freeze the pay. Would the presedent like it if we took his money away???? No more superbowl parties for him……………. or nice vacations…

  • guest

    REALLY?????? I think congress should give up most of there pays cause they just sit at desks anyway. Let them fight there own war. I think the president, his body guards and even all of his workers get paid way to much, they get paid more than military and most of military jobs are worth more money. You freeze the pay you get decline in work…..

  • Kristen

    The text says that pay will be frozen at the 2011. That simply means no 1.6% increase… not a freeze in all pay!

  • Post 9/11 vet

    Thank you for your service in Vietnam. On behalf of my parents generation I apologize for the horrible treatment upon your return.

    However I’m a little confused. E5 pay maxes out at $2965.50. Which works out to $9.26 for an 80 hour work week (very typical for the leadership responsibilities of a young NCO).

    If you compare your $311 in 1968 to the 2011 (using production worker compensation) the amount is $2,310.00. Admittedly $2310 is less than $2965, but it is a more realistic comparison. I used the measuring worth dot com for this figure).

    And during deployment, depending on where you are, conditions can include sleeping under a shelter-half, or having no shelter at all.

    • pj1993

      Did you include your BAH, BAS, and any other special pay? I bet with that included its not $9.26 an hour.

  • “Doc” Holliday

    Bottom line, I don’t know why there is even a discussion, a plan or even a thought about messing with anyone’s paycheck. Even if they did this it sounds to me like there is no benifit to it. How is that “fiscally responsible”? This country spends money on some of the most retarded programs. The DoD spends money on ridiculous computer programs and equipment. Why in the name of all that is good and holy are they not looking at this ****? I am just a little no rank SFC in the Army and I don’t see the whole picture but I do see that what they are thinking of doing is only going to create anomosity and hatred with in our own country and that can never be good. I signed on the line, as most liberal retards would say, which means that I took an oath to serve my country. In order to do that I have to make certain sacrifices. But, my family should not have to suffer because some politician thinks we need to have a computer program that barely works. Only because the company who makes the program contributed to his campeign. Let’s look at the real problem it’s not our pay checks.

    • Michael D. Small

      We who have served our Country by defending our US Constitution should understand that Capitalism does not continue to exist when Govennments are huge with budgets that can not be met.

      As long as this country is not creating real wealth, no one should expect a pay increase or benefit increase; that includes retires like myself.

      When we the people start generating real wealth we can overcome the demand for big government and thus be abel to reduce the size of government based on a lack of need.

      Will the people wake up? I don’t have any belief in the American people who have accepted Socialism and perpetual debt for the last 40 years.

      Shame on us! Evidently we have no belief in Capitalism: Free Market / Free Enterprise

      As far as government paychecks for civilians; a huge percentage of civilian govenrment is not necessary and should be reduced in numbers. AT the same time, this country needs to learn how to create real wealth. It is not science. It is common sense.

  • My son in-law is a marine and have four children,

    and my daugther is affraid that they will have no money for food, are to take care of the family. I think these men and women take their lives in their hands to keep this country and others safe, why wouldn’t you pay them.

    • Pevey

      They are paid however they are not paid to have multiple kids. That is their choice. Would they have 4 kids if he was working at McDonald’s .. NO! so they should live within their budget. He is probability living in base housing, getting WIC and food stamps. not because he isn’t receiving enough pay from the DOD it’s because he was irresponsible. But Hey, he wanted to give Grandma some grandkids.. In today’s economy, who the hell has 4 kids unless they have $ at the start.

      • CharlesBryant


        Bingo, and those on foodstamps can get an additional $1,100.00 dollars per month if they are on foodstamps. It’s called Supplemental subsistence allowance for low-income members with dependents.


    • JHat

      Gina I am sorry but I find it hard to feel sorry for your daughter in the slightest. I get so irritated as an educated wife of a Marine who goes to work daily and makes an honest effort at living within my means. Your daughter is probably at stay at mom, and I am sorry but military pay alone does not support such a lifestyle. Your daughter and son in law had a choice to have four children, and should also be making the repsonsible choices of doing what is necessary to provide for those children which would include getting a job on your daughter’s part or a second if need be as well as an education if that is what she is lacking to get ahead. The only inidivuals I feel bad are the poor children of irresponsible parents who did not ask to be here.

      • CharlesBryant


        Yours is a comment I can agree with.

  • Tari


  • Amanda

    Obama…Hi Im a Army wife with 3 daughters 4, 3 and 9 mths. I just wanted to say thankyou! For trying to take money not only from my HARD working husband that I dont see alot but my daughters. I really think its GREAT that your kids have silver spoons in there mouths and that your wife buys such NICE clothing! I dont mind living paycheck to paycheck…..just to have someone try and take what we have! I just want people to know I will NOT be silent!……..1st post of many!!!

    • jcg

      In case you did not notice while reading the Fox News talking points, Social Security taxes decreased 2% this year to put more money in your pocket, in addition taxes were lower these past two years then they have ever been. And incidentally the government gives you in your pay, benefits (Tricare Prime for a family of 5, converted to a civilian equivalent would probably cost you about $40,000/year.) Not to mention tax free shopping at AAFES/NEX/MCX/Commisary, also when your husband is deployed you do not pay taxes at all. Sen. Jim Webb also improved the Gi bill, so you do not have to pay for 36 months of tuition. Also you get tax free allowances for housing and food. In addition your taxes pay for the roads you drive on, safety of the water your drink, the schools your children will go to, the protection from enemies foreign and domestic, the safety of your food, safety of your vehicle, safety when you fly, benefits to those who cannot work due to phsyical or mental illness- which if they were on the street would lead to civil unrest like you see in the middle east. So tell me how much of your money that the government pays you did they take in return for all of the services they provide? My tax rate federally after deductions was roughly 10% and if you count my allowances more like 5%, and thats because I can’t claim dependents.

      • elizabeth reed

        Hey just a thought have you ever been to a naval hospital? Yeah it ******* blows because its full of naval stupid ***** who don’t give a **** about the enlisted men and women so yeah we might have healthcare but its a ****** one! Yeah we get the GI bilss but we have to have a certain gpa to havge it or you pay it back! why is it different then anyone getting a scholorship for their hard acedimic work in school!? Have you ever lived ina durt ******* hut in a country that’s 130 heat or more? With little or no contact to your family and not including all the emitional mental and physical problems we get coming home. I doubt you do. When someone you love deploys and never comes home the same person you ******* tell me our military men and women who die for you ******* right to have your two sense in. Think about that before you sleep next to your loved one that you see everday and never worry all night if he or she will come back.

    • Sky

      Read the article again, Amanda. With your eyes open this time.

  • Leslie

    SERIOUSLY!?!?! Why are we keeping our US Troops in freakin countries like in the Middle East protecting them ungrateful people that could care less about each other and especially our husbands, sons, fathers protecting them. Why haven’t we brought back our military from the Middle East!?! Oh, I forgot, we’re still there because some Americans decided to vote for a Muslim (Hussein) President! President Barack Hussein Obama said he would return our troops and we have yet to see that completely happen. Why make cuts or freezes in the Military? Hello! I’de like to see him walk alone without the Secret Service around him, MAKE THAT CUT! BRING BACK OUR MILITARY TROOPS PRESIDENT OBAMA & WE CAN STOP PAYING FOR THE CONCRETE HOMES OF THE UNGRATEFUL PEOPLE IN THE MUSLIM WORLD TO BE REBUILT! BRING BACK OUR TROOPS!!!

    • Shannon

      you need to calm down! Everyone is so busy blaming Obama for everything but these problems didn’t just appear during his administration or over the period of one term, and their sure not going to disappear over one term either. and I’m SO sure that sitting at home and being a military wife or main squeeze collecting someone else’s hard earned paycheck and benefits is so much hard work right?!

      • Valerie

        Generally I stay out of political disputes because there are no two people in this world who have the same political views. So no matter what you believe there will always be somebody there to disagree. But then I came across this rant about how easy it is to be a military wife. Shannon, are you a military wife? Have you ever been a military wife? By the sound of your rebuttal to the previous person I’d say its highly unlikely. So let me tell you how easy it is to be a military wife. My husband goes to work every day. But he doesn’t come home every night. He is tired most nights when he does come home because he has spent the last 10- 16 hrs working his butt off. And while he is at work I’m not sitting on my rear at the spa. I’m taking care of the house and the kids, paying bills on the little pay he gets for the large amount of time he gives to our country. Have you ever said goodbye to your spouse for 6 months at a time? No calls no emails no contact for months at a time? Its not easy. Especially when you have kids who are constantly asking “when’s daddy coming home”… but this is what I do. We (military wives) do. We hold up the homefront for our husband’s so that he can go off to war and fight for the freedom of our country and not have to worry about what’s going wrong so he can stay alive. All so we can be free. So you yourself can have the freedom to say what you’d like to say. Even if it is to bad mouth military wives. Remember that…..

        • militarywife

          Valerie I agree with you totally..Our first deployment was 15 months and just got through a 12 month, That’s including birthing our two daughters by myself bc my husband was in a combat zone….I think honestly many people dont understand how military works unless they live it..We have a hard life but I think personally it takes a STRONGER Woman/Man to be a military spouse….

    • Nathan

      Lessening the increase of, or not increasing at all the pay of military members has nothing to do with getting us out of any war. It just means that more good people leave the military in search of better pay. The funding for war is a separate issue.


    the cars are generally because people are eager to throw credit at military personell because of guarenteed income, doesnt mean they make good money

  • Navy Wife of 23 yrs

    Just try to remember the O5s, E8s and E9s have worked for their pay…they didn’t get it handed to them!

  • Goodvibrations

    I didn’t realize attacking defenseless countries was fighting for our freedom.

  • Bart

    The bums who make these decisions need to be handed their hats on their way out the door once and for all.

  • Rob Teague

    I’m gonna post a rant here below, but just a bit of background on me if it matters: Currently a Navy O-4 going through the Army’s Command and General Staff School. Was enlisted for 10+ years, and then went to OCS after receiving my bachelor’s degree. OK…rant follows below, but will have to be broken up into a few posts due to length:

  • D-Rock

    Okay for real most people that are in the military get paid for not even going infantry. Geez I mean I dont know the stats but Im willing to bet that hardly 1/4 of the us military is even in infantry. Dont go making assumptions saying that everyone in the military is laying their life on the line. I would say that freezing budgets might not be such a bad idea because in that one week so much money could be saved but do I think it should go to people in other government positions? Hell no. Put it towards something usefull. Preferably something useful in OUR OWN COUNTRY!! Thank you

  • D-Rock

    NO kidding. I dont see why our government has such a huge problem with that. We give out all of our money to other countries then were like oops we have no money. Lets take it from the infantry units getting bombed by gadhafi. Demo’s are pricks

  • CLAY


  • MPS

    I am sick and tired of hearing forgetful people blaming President Obama for for a whale of a no-win situation he was presented with and expecting miracles for the mess he is trying to straighten out. Have you forgotten so soon? He didn’t start this fiasco, he INHERITED it! It is what it is. At first, I knew they wanted desperately to place the blame on anyone’s shoulders but the responsible party, just didn’t know how they would do it. By golly, they are doing it now! And while we are at it, why not make him spin this straw into gold!



  • michael

    i love the way you think my frend

  • tiger56

    The United States President and other politicians are thinking only about
    themselves and leave us military active and retirees out to dry. All of us
    military need to make a 1million soldier march to the capital and have
    the President and all his crones explain to us why they have messed
    up the country so much and are always using our pay to help get
    out of debt. This is disgusting and un acceptable.

  • Guest

    Wow, thank you to my elected officials for taking care of me. Not! No COLA raise in the last two years, still arguing with the VA about treatment and disability claims. Fixed income from disability retirement and still trying to find a job. No wonder why there are so many displaced veterans. Just because I was trained to survive in austere conditions doesn’t mean my family and I have to continue to live that way. To my elected officials, thank you for reminding me why I proudly served our country and why veterans are nothing more than your pawn to line your pockets.

  • I am a Vietnam veteran like many who read this section. I am 100% disabled and unemplloyable. I am tired of no COLA. Prices for everything are going out the roof, all around us, active military and other like me. All you hear are cuts, freeze, hold, we do not know, and when you talk to a service officer(Veterans) they do not know either.This president is killing us, my heart goes out to the moms raising children who all of this hurts and the soldiers who are fighting in the Middle East who should be home. Our president lied to all of us…..no troops home, a few, but not all. That money would help us at home. No more lies and VA get it right stop this crap. There too many veterans that vote. Obumma out. Please.

  • Christine

    Federal employees have the option to quit or stay where they are located. The military does not. When we chose to be a military family we knew what would be demanded of us with deployments, moves, leaving and meeting new friends every 2 to 3 years, tearing our children out of school and putting them in new ones, not having the ability to safely buy a home (loss of equity, bad renters, etc…), being away from family, etc… NO ONE has the right to compare us to any other occupation in the United States. We are unique, we defend this country and we follow orders that we may not even agree with. We deserve everything that we are given and those who have never experience the military lifestyle will never understand this, including politicians.

    • Christine

      Oh, and I forgot to mention all the moving has kept me from getting my BA with the constant transfer and loss of credits as well as the lack of being able to establish a career because of all the moving

  • Christine

    The raise is not the point David. It is about comparing us to Fed employees of any other occupation for that matter. We suffer with much more than those who get the luxury of staying in one place and having their spouse home and not deploying. You of all people should understand that

  • Nora

    I am a military spouse and I just want to encourage everyone to think both ways.
    I hear a lot of people complain that they want more pay raise for 2012.
    I have to say I think a lot of people are taking a lot for granted. In the today’s economy I think all military members should just be happy with the fact that we all have a job with stability, we get OUR RENT PAID…and and and.
    Are you all thankful for that? There are so many people who would like to have a job – and as military spouses we should know it’s not always very easy to find one… we cannot just keep a job… and when we look for new jobs at the new location we see how it became. Economy sucks – there are locations you just won’t find a job. But guess what, our husbands are in the military and we still get our rent paid. We have all sorts of support to get food on our table some how. What about all other people out there? Those who are not in the military and those who still cannot find a job. I would be pissed to hear the military gets another pay raise … every year… just to get a raise… and then they stand there COMPLAINING ABOUT A MINIMUM RAISE! Helloooo… be happy you cannot lose your job (well your husband) and have stability. What justifies to get a yearly pay raise. Yes I am very happy about it and I would be a little bit mad if it would stop… but I’m just fine with a very low pay raise because the economy is bad and a country needs to find a solution that helps everyone and not just some…
    As a military spouse I was very upset about the fact they would have frozen the pay in case of a shutdown – however I was glad that my husband was not deployed. It would have really sucked for those deployed… For everyone else it still sucked but at least you’re together and couldn’t lose your life! I don’t agree to any pay freeze at all. But again everyone: Please start appreciating what you all have and stop asking for more and more and more.
    I rather cut back on fancy pay raises and so on and rather have someone up there make the decision to reevaluate which wars are necessary and not… that’s where the money goes… and the rest of the country falls apart and then everyone complains that they all have to cut back.
    Wouldn’t it be nicer if our husband’s were home instead of deployed…
    wouldn’t it be nicer to have the time together not worrying with a couple of less cents – WE WILL STILL LIVE JUST FINE! our rent is paid!!!!!
    So – I let it all out – you can all take me apart now – I am a Military Spouse and I am happy for everything we get from the military and I don’t want more! I feel people got really spoiled. I want the troops home and not the money. I want fairness in the military and not political crap.
    Thanks for reading,

    • sm23

      omg, thank you, you’re the only reasonable person here. Reading all this is making me sick.

      • hunt

        I am a veteran,government employee, and a military spouse. I totally disagree with your reasoning. Our soldiers should get a bigger pay raise. They are the ones leaving their families on a regular basis and entering harms way. Why should folks sitting behind a desk get a 12% raise. The past two raises have been the two lowest in the past 50 years. We have been fighting multiple wars. All our troops need raises if they are deployed or not. My wife has soldiers on food stamps trying to make ends meet. Some of them have multiple deployments but can’t feed their families. Let’s not even talk about the fight they have to endure to get their benefits once they complete their service.
        I think our government has it wrong when it comes to taking care of the services. If anybody deserves a pay raise it’s definatley the military.
        I work at the VA and I see and deal with these guys and girls everyday, trust me they deserve everything they can get and more.

        • CharlesBryant


          Your stated that your “wife has soldiers on food stamps trying to make ends meet”: Although I don’t doubt what you are saying, but do you realize that soldiers on “food stamps” are allow up to $1,100.00 extra dollars a month for subsistance. This is called “supplemental subsistence allowance”.


          In my book, I feel the military should bar someone from enlistment that can’t control their ability to make babies.

    • dave

      Father of 6 here with stay at home mom and feel blesed to have the compensation we get. We do not need more. We are not mercenaries so there is no dollar figure to be put on the sacrifices we make. We do that out of choice to serve. Troops on food stamps are extremely rare. Those that are in that category are usually very young in their career. The time between age 18-23 is one of struggling to get started. Calling a spade a spade, the majority are single parents or those who have made very poor life decisions and are now having to suffer the consequences. If you are a single 20 yr old with 2 kids and credit card debt, your financial issues have nothing to do with unfair pay. As a community we rally around these people and ensure they don’t starve. In the extreme rare circumstance a person is financially devastated through no fault of their own. Look up a pay chart, BAS, BAH, and med care. The median COMBINED household income in America is around $50K. I have many relatives who are struggling just to work. Its time we shut up and be thankful or down the road we will draw public resentment. I have already heard some of this sentiment brewing. Warning that we had better tread lightly.

      • CharlesBryant


        I wish more of us could actually realize what you have just posted. You are right on with everything.

  • Liberty or Death

    Did you join to serve, or get a big paycheck? I joined to serve. (Draft folks didn’t have that option, and I get it. Also Veterans who are injured in a combat zone, I in no way believe your benefits should go away. you have given a lot and it is our duty to take care of you. This argument is for pay only) A pay freeze would suck, but guess what… WE ARE BROKE. Even if congressmen and senators took a pay cut, that would be a drop in the bucket to the amount of money we owe. We are all in the military because we want to be. If the idea of going to a combat zone is not worth the pay you receive, please exit the service once your commitment is up. Its a volunteer force after all…. If you want to fix this issue, stop the entitlement programs that flush billions of our tax money away everyday. People should become more independent, take care of themselves, and look out for each other as a community like good citizens… not bow down and grovel at the feet of Uncle Sam to take care of their needs like subjects.

    • Joey smith

      I joined so I can have a steady paycheck. But how is that any different then those who joined for education, benefits, travel, or serve your country? Don’t crap on ppl that joined for a reason other then to just serve the country. Everyone has there reason for joining and no ones reason is better then anyone elses.

      I agree with the rest of what you said just not what I stated above.

  • Leila

    Actually, Clinton got the budget under control, even with a plan to begin paying it off. Bushy-boy was a big spender.

  • E. J. Boyd

    I was in the Army for thirty years and not one time did i see any one from D. C. in an uniform on the front. I served two tours in Vietnam but i see now just how much we mean to the political dummies, we are just another place they can take away from so that they get their raise, God forbid they are not getting a pay raise. If i was still in uniform i really think i would take it off and mail it to the greedy%^&@#s in washington. I agree stop foreign aid for one year and see how much of the debt we can pay off.

  • ruebuck

    I want so badly to drop the f-bomb!

  • David

    Did hear you say Congressmen/women will get a pay freeze/reduction too?

  • George W. McCormic

    It appears that many of you believe as I do. When the POTUS, VPOTUS all CZARS, Cabinet members, Senators, Representatives and Supreme Court Justices take a pay freeze or cut, then and only then should a cut to military pay even be considered. What’s good for the goose is good for the gander. We are in doo doo up to our ankles

  • ELP

    It is a shame that our elected officials don’t care about the Soldiers let alone the legal citizens of this country. Remember they know what is best for our country and the people! Time to get out and vote folks, think change and move these clowns down the road.

    • Jamie

      Caring and giving raises are not the same thing. Either you care that we’re spending 50% more than we bring in, or you don’t. Military pay isn’t the only place where money goes, but it’s a big part of it. We either make lots of cuts, including to the military, or we raise taxes by a sizeable amount. Ideally, we do both (in order to actually repay the debt versus just balancing the budget).

  • John

    Most federal employees are not going to get shot at, do not have to spend time in 130 deg heat and be away from there familys for months at a time. Really think about it, who desirves a raise more?

  • Ben D. Perez Sr

    Please lets not save money off our military’s back or our retiree’s back. Lets stop the billions of dollars wasted on our needless wars and money donations to all foreign countrys for one cause of another. Keep the money in the US. Feed the hungry and care for the sick. There is where we need to focus our attention. We veterans and us citizens deserve to be taken care of by our government. US Vets and Citizens First ! ! ! ! 30 year Air Force Combat Vet.

  • savoy

    coming from a marine currently deployed reading this if u wanna stop paying us then maybe we will stop defending you bottom line noone works for free we already get screwed over enough with the small check we get now while the presidents sits on his behind banking 400,000 really does he even know how to carry a weapon

  • Eyd

    Amen to that sentiment Prospero123.. We are an active duty military family and I am SO sick of seeing our men, women, and families used as pawns in the political arena.. Prices everywhere continue to go up, but our pay does not reflect that raise in cost of living… Our civilian counterparts can make anywhere from $20-30,000 more than we make a year and higher raises to boot… I know we have other perks that the civilians do not have, but give me a break…Our men and women are laying their lives on the line for many ungrateful people in this country in and out of the government…. Makes me sick!

  • JimH

    Rep. Hoyer should keep in mind that most Federal employees are not ripped up and told to move every two years, nor are they asked to go to work where they are shot at and have to worry about I.E.D’s. Sorry, I don’t feel sorry for the federal employees who feel they are slighted. They can always join the military if they want the same pay. Of course they will have to take their chances on coming home in one piece, or in a coffin right along side the military personnel. There is no comparison between the two.

    • Jamie

      Some of the government civilians in the foreign service are indeed subjected to those situations. Others aren’t. It varies. But then, so too are there plenty of troops in uniform who never find themselves under fire. We need to look beyond the notion of some kind of Saving Private Ryan invasion of Normandy and reflect on the reality of today’s wars.

      And you know what? We do. That’s why we have hazardous duty pay.

  • USMC

    How about this, maybe us government employees already served and did our time and faught while you were in diapers… Our pay is frozen for two years why can’t you help out also?

  • Dottie

    If some of the Senators, Govenors, House of Representatives, and the almighty President of this USA, had to protect this country like the military does; we would all be in fear for our lives. I often wonder how many of them would tuck their tails and run at the mention of having to protect this fair land of ours. I think most of these leaders could go without a paycheck for 6 months and never know they were not receiving it. They make more money than the pro athletes. Which is another gnawing subject. Never the less take the Democrats and the Republicans out of office and let some real Americans run this nation. Then we would not be in debt.

    • Jamie

      The President certainly could, since he isn’t allowed to access his own money at any point during his time in office. And the notion that we could replace the people in Congress with arbitrary “real Americans” and solve our problems is ridiculous. Congress may well be making things worse, but the average person knows so little that he or she couldn’t possibly make it any better. America has become a celebration of ignorance.

  • Cman4664

    I agree hope this is his last re-election.. Politicians really don’t get it..
    Cman4664, USN Ret 02.

  • Silas DuBard

    I get so angry with our congress, I would like to fire everyone currently in
    both houses.. Replace them all with ex NCO’s . You would see some
    castles falling and people working for a living again. I hope every military
    man or woman will swamp their congressperson with their feelings on
    the proposed freeeze and or cut in military pay.

    • Jamie

      Presumably, what we’d see is a rapid passage of government benefit programs for healthcare and housing, since that’s what military personnel would be used to having.

  • Ed MacNeil

    NOT TRUE! A common misconception. Members of Congress do not retire at their full salary. Congressional retirement is substantially the same as Civil Service retirement.

  • skp

    I look at it this way if other government agencies are frozen and SS and retired vets don’t get a cost of living adjustment why should the military expect one every year? I just reited two years ago after almost 25 years in so i know how much they are making now.
    One thing that should be done is an adjustment in COLA. If a spouse is using spouse’s preference to get a GS 7,9.11 job then husband/wife COLA should be reduced to reflect the extra income that is being brought in.

  • Bill stone

    They do this to us because THEY CAN! I mean, we have no union to whine and snibble to, and the aarp won’t touch us. Would I do my service all over again? NO WAY! Nor will any of my children have anything to do with the military. Why? Because america can’t be trusted! I’m no longer proud of my service. I feel silly for subjecting myself to the abuses, and actually trusting americans to keep their promises to me. I’m nothing more than a patriot without a country!


    Maybe the President, Vice President, and everyone down to the state governors should take a pay cut since they make double, triple, and even quadriple to those in the military. Maybe we should require them to invest in a 401K, IRA, or another plan comparable to ours instead of being taken care of for the rest of their lives. These people are GREEDY!!!! It is so disappointing that they feel the military doesn’t deserve more. Maybe they need to go to bootcamp as an E1 and live on the pay and benefits and move through the ranks before they can run for a government office, maybe they would have more appreciation for those that put their lives on the line for them to act like IDIOTS and say they are worth the money but they are.

    • Jamie

      Congressmen do invest in a 401(k)-like plan, called the TSP, and their “taken care of” is pretty comparable to the workings of the military pension system. On top of that, you — yes, YOU! — get to decide who is sent to Congress in the first place.

  • kam

    Seriously, how could anyone consider military pay higher than any federal employee. Apparently anyone that feels that way has never considered what an active duty person makes per hour. If anyone else was to be asked those hours under similar conditions they wouldn’t even apply for the job. Not to mention deployment and being ripped from their families for pennies on the dollar!

  • Dwight

    Those idiots in the Senate / Congress need to spend a tour in one of the war zones. Than maybe they will know what it means to be a solider or sailor. Until they serve and know what we go through they should just keep their mouths shut and give us our due. They do next to nothing as it is. THEY CAN NOT EVEN GET A BUDGET PASSED. You think they know a thing about anything, not a lick of sense in any of them. I say they need to make military service mandatory for all officials in office. THIS INCLUDES PRESIDENT!

  • robert Lessman

    when congress decides to cut money in their budget,they always aim at the
    military or medicare,anything that benefits the middle class or the Veterans.The only thing that really can be done is to kick these guys out
    of congress next election time. Get names,etc. I could never understand
    why active duty soldiers pay income tax to-day when soldiers during World
    War Two never did.and there where around 16 million people in the service at that time,I was one of them. This generation is as sorry as they come,God Help Us.

  • Beetzy

    It’s all about getting the oil.

  • Merrill


  • Cav Spouse

    Even AAFES employees working in the Burger King make more per hour than our Junior enlisted soldiers. That’s fact.

  • bigj1977

    How about we DO freeze military pay raises! And then we allow them to clock in and out and then pay them for all the overtime they put in just like the other “federal employees”. Rest assured, every military personnel would approve then!

  • Jeff

    Since leaving the military in 1999 I have not failed to pay more in taxes each year than I made in the military. The professionalisn and integrity of the military is so refreshing. I often think about giving up my 2nd career in order to serve with like minded people. Thanks to all those who are serving.



  • Tim

    When the gov. removed food and fuel from their CPI charts it was either on purpose or malicious.

  • Oldbear

    I agree 100 per cent.

  • wrangler122002

    Military pay raise or freeze? Lets look at those Government officials. Those who are even thinking of cutting the Military salary or benefits, they should be looked at. I can bet they are living the american dream. Those who have served, lowest priority to the Government, well we are nothing. We defend this great nation just to be used for budget cutting to get the nation out of debt, to make the politicians look good for their raises, benefits, special benefits etc… Homeless Vets, a serious issue, How in the world can those involved ot assisting those, can even sleep at night? I was close to that. The retirement for the service members is no where close to those Gevernment officials. They should get their salaries cut, benefits cut, get rid of those extra things they have, just to have. Put those individuals in ourplace and see how they feel.

  • Joe Meheski

    Why don’t these so called REPRESENTATIVES look at their own house first and establish a special committee of impartial members if that is possible and see what cuts they are willing to accept to cut the deficit. What are they willing to give up as they blow hot air through their respective terms and even use their commitment made to their electorate to prepare for re-election. When will they understand that this Country/Beacon of Freedom was Founded on Blood Sweat and Tears by the Military and not Rhetoric and complete disregard for fthe Military Personnel and Families that gave them the Foundation to espouse such Total Disregard for Our Military Heroes and their Families. Same with the Disfunctional Department of Veterans Affairs…. Does not appy to all, but to most who sit and could care less about the coust of FREEDOM–I wish I stayed with my leg left in Vietnam in the Ashau Valley/A Louie or whatever they call it now to cover up the horror and the Agent Orange that was Sprayed while they sat home with their families and commented on how The War Should be advanced…..what a sham and a shame….. And if we are lucky to return home, we must beg/importune to get the Entitlements that we were Promised, yet somehow they all have a short memory….

  • jjb

    Dan, what would we do right now if the civilian population was flooded with military personnel returning from active duty? Where would they get jobs?
    It would be a real burden on our economy to cut back the military force. It would help the military budget, but it would swamp the civilian job market.


    Sen Hoyer if you think that our troops make more than our civilian counterpars or that you should freeze military salaries than please bring the troops home and if that is not possible than quick your job since we make more and pick up a rifle and stand guard.

  • Jamie

    I cannot wait until this Administration is at its end….the Obamanator has completely lost his mind. – Proud Spouse of a US ARMY Infantry Officer

  • Al

    Pay and benefit cuts for service members and their families is perhaps is a possible solution to save $400B for the next 12 years. However, this idea may not sell very well to the service member and their families. In the past over 10 years, when this country declared war on terrorism so, you lawmakers can continue “Life, Liberty and Pursue of Happiness” while our service members carrying the burden and paying sacrifices and loss of lives. Maybe this is not the time to cut/freeze what a small benefits they get from this country.

    There are no comparisons when you compare federal employees to the service members in so many ways. Federal Employees do not participate on a 0530 hrs formation and followed by an intense physical fitness. Federal employees get paid over time but the service members do not. Federal employees can enjoy federal holidays, anniversaries, kid’s birthdays etc… Service members when deployed cannot. I can go on and on if I want to but I think you got the idea. There are no comparisons between the federal employees versus service members when it comes to Duty, Honor, Integrity and Commitment s to this nation.

  • Dennis Habern

    Military aid should cease immediately, and with that said, a few words

    of wisdom should be issued. As we cease supporting these foreign

    nations, indicate that once the support ceases, if there is any

    retaliation that affects our welfare in any country, they will suffer the

    same fate that the Japanese suffered to bring the war in the Pacific

    to halt on August 6th and August 9th, remember? It is time to play

    hardball with our foreign leaches; brings our troops home from

    Iraq and Afghanistan, but keep the troops in Germany as a buttress

    against the Russians whom still present a “CLEAR AND PRESENT

    DANGER,” to our American way of life. The Cold War is far from over.

  • Dennis Habern

    I remember those days, well. My monthly pay was $78.00 per

    month in 1959, and that included overseas pay.

  • Dennis Habern

    Ever wonder why the economy in the United States is run so poorly?

    It’s because it is not run like the military where members of this

    institution are held accountable and responsible for their actions.

    Nobody in the civilian world is held accountable in the same manner as

    our military, not even our police forces in each town or city. Bring back the

    DRAFT and America will begin to note a vast change in the accountable

    of our citizenry. The military teaches its members, things not learned

    by any civilian institution in the United States.

  • Jason

    I have ? How can the Government really provide money and aid to other countries while we are trillions of dollars in debt? Shouldnt somebody owe us some money?


    Personally, and I know I’ll get scolded by the community for this comment, but a Pay Freeze (meaning no more raises) is a GOOD IDEA… IF you want to make more money, GET PROMOTED… Simple.. With more rank comes more responsibility, with more responsibility more money. Isn’t that part of the deal to begin with? Maybe we should only get pay increases every 3-5 years. Instead of Giving us 1%, 2% or 3% every year, we should get an increase every 3-5 years, and make it a 2.5 – 3.5% raise. But the ONLY way anyone should make a substantial increase in pay is THRU PROMOTIONS. I’m the minority in this thinking I’m sure of it, but this is how it should be.

    Just think about it, back in our Fathers and Grandfathers days, they made a measly 50 or 60 dollars a month as a private. In order to get a raise they had to get promoted. They didn’t have this 1% raise every year like we do now… They had to earn that promotion, they had to earn that raise. These days it’s given to us on a silver platter. Yeah some of us actual work hard and do long hours, but there are those few in the military who do it for the pay, not for the duty, not for the opportunity to serve and defend their country.

    I’m against the DoD budget Cuts, I’ve stated so in a couple other threads, but we need to get away from this, “I get a raise without earning it mentality…”

    • Medicman

      First of all, I mostly disagree and agree with your statement to some degree. Next, does that state Natl Guard on your SSG name? So this means that you have a full time job as a civilian. I am still on active service and this is my full time job. It is true that if you want to make more money then get promoted. I got promoted to my current rank coz I displayed potential, held more responsibility but most of all, personal accomplishments. Then the pay increase. Not all that gets promoted are deserving or based on merit but rather its time. So is it fair that someone at the same level gets the same pay check and completely incompitent? I dont think so.

      Do you really think that a pay increase every 3-5 yrs will go well in a constantly increasing cost in the economy? Although many Soldiers live well above their comfort zone but thats on an individual level. Part of the problem here is that many of the jobs are contracted out and get away with thier over priced deal. Ever talked to TCN working in a DFAC and compare their salaries between their supervisors? One is a 3 digit and the other is 5 digit close to six. How about a wretch operator vs a dispatcher? Theres part of your problem. The longer this war continues the money our has to pour money into it. However, we always play the big brother and everyone else are the poor siblings.

      So if you feel a bit scorned then you may have been. So consider using the statement get promoted, more money. We like to think as well, to get promoted so we more edge on influencing our superiors from making dumb decisions.

  • Teresa

    How about all the big wigs in Washington DC???? Cut their pay and benefits and see what happens. And about the Congressmen that get 100% of their pay after spending a term in office, that is ridiculous!!! Should we be taking care of the “ones” that are taking care of us???

  • Esther

    Soldiers did not create this deficit. It is nice to hear someone say to a
    service member or a veteran “THANK YOU FOR YOUR SERVICE,” but
    we need to make sure that they get what they have earned

  • DeAnna

    The Inflation Index no longer includes Gas and Food. It used to. They voted that out years ago…. They figured if they had to include it, they would have to be giving out raises for retireees, etc… every year. It was their way to NOT have to give raises…. they just say the cost of living has not gone up! We need Gas and Food back IN the index tally…

  • Captain Jack

    Ahhh. . .and, as usual, the true source of the problem rears its ugly head:

    . . .family to support.”

    So, when the military issued you your family, I guess they didn’t tell you about the $250 thousand price for each spouse and/or kid, huh?

    Wait! What? The military didn’t “issue” you a spouse or kids? You mean you CHOSE to take on that financial responsibility knowing you made lousy pay in the military? AND you kept doing it for 22.5 years, never improving yourself, never getting a better education that would allow you to make more money in a better career or your own business?

    This whining sounds like military welfare to me. You got what you paid for. You made your bed, now sleep in it.

    And you have the nerve to call yourself Republicans and bash Democrats? You’re either delusional or insane! You benefit from welfare and socialism, then bash it? What are you thinking?

    I wish I could afford the luxery of a wife and children. I can’t afford it on officers pay and I wouldn’t dream of doing it on enlisted pay. What were you thinking? Sheesh.

  • cannon

    I lived in a tent that got to a 140 degrees and was also at war worried everyday I wouldn’t see my family again….making 1200 twice a month…and you think I was overpayed…..lol wow

  • Jerry L. Johnson

    Jayloe Army

    You are telling me that I have no value, that my service to my country of 22yrs mean nothig, I gave up my young adult life to server our country and this is the respect that I receive. NOTHING ! Comparing the way I live congress
    needs to try living on retiree military pay before they even consider messing around with the little money we get.. And you wouder why there are so many homeless Ex Military on the city streets

  • Thomas S

    Was reading my morning paper seems that there will be no cuts in welfare or
    food stamps,am I wrong or does this goverment do things ass backwards. we
    need to replace 99% of the senators and congressmen ASAP

  • pj1993

    Well saId.

  • Anonymous

    When yu all blame India, taking away ur jobs.. did you ever thought how you are creating these jobs ??? It is demands from countries like India.. enablin yu to have jobs..

  • Juan

    Plain and simple folks… VOTE! If they’re not committed to the Troops than they should be removed from Office and never given the chance to run again.


  • Tim

    Yeah right David, Congress should take the cut in pay

  • Greg

    23 years active duty so far. If you don’t think you get paid enough in the military, you need to take a financial management class or two. My Sergeant Major just retired at 30 years and he has about 5 million in cash and stocks. He simply lived frugally and invested safely the entire time he was in.

    • jj

      That’s a pretty good return on his TSP considering the military has only had TSP for a short period of time. Granted he could have started a roth years ago, but even a Sgt. Major doesn’t make enough to accumilate 5 million in cash and stocks in 30 years. He probably told you this after about a 12 pack:)

  • Bonnie

    Amen to you!! I too am a stay at home wife even though the kids are grown and off to begin their own life adventures. It is more economical for me to remain here at home than to try getting a job with my medical conditions. I actually own my own business, which my husband will restart once he gets out of the military. My husband doesn’t have to worry about anything other than his job…. I grew up in the Army with my father….I never completed a school year at the same school…. My parents divorced so I applaude any spouse who is still married, with or without kids!

  • Sharon

    Please don’t pick on the Gov employee. Some of us have served in the military and not all of us make substantial incomes. I think freezing anyones income stinks but pointing fingers at each other will not solve any problem. We all need to make cuts. I agree that states and Feds need to learn how to curve the spending and try doing it without stikcing it to the little guy. Lets work together not against.. Remember we vote people in, we can vote them out:)

  • John

    Let’s take a look at what we can do without, instead of these poor increases to military wages or even a potential freeze. I recently made my way cross to the East Coast ( great scenery) and noticed a sign “Speed Limit Enforced by Aircraft”.. REally? How about cutting spending by cutting government travel and doing more online conferences.. and how about $$ that are put forth to Misc. conventions? ****, as far as gas prices go up each year doesnt make up for the 1.6% across the board. … sorry, just venting which can go on to more tangents, but how bout this lets make every person who holds a seat go through a boot camp of being on the other side of the fence inwhich they make the “best” decision for .. make them understand the true aspect instead of whats on “paper”…

  • Why do the civil service employees and the Military have to carry the weight of the deficit on our shoulders? Our pay has been frozen for 2 yrs, and I’m ok with that, however, what I’m not ok with is Government Officials (Congress, etc) not cutting their own pay. And yet you want to freeze military pay….wth???? I don’t think our President needs to make $400,000 a year, seeing as all he’s done is put us farther in debt than we were when he first came into office. Ya know, instead of “loaning” all those companies billions upon billions of dollars….all he had to do was give each American above the age of 30 $1million…..we would have done a whole lot better than some solar comany….Most smart Americans would have paid off their mortgages, or bought a new home (keeping the real estate market thriving) and more than likely bought a new car (keeping the auto makers thriving as well), pay off their bills….and the majority of us would still be working today. Think about it.

    • CharlesBryant


      Congress hasn’t had a payraise since 2009.

      • T Bect

        You right they haven’t and its because they were where they needed to be years ago. Under worked and extremely overpaid to do nothing but make silly decisions about the Military. Especially since most of them has never served in the Military a day in their lives. Leave our pay alone and move on from there.

        • CharlesBryant

          T Bect,

          I am sure you realize that isn’t the reason they haven’t had a pay raise since 2009.

    • Jamie

      “Think about it?” SERIOUSLY?!

      You’re telling us that in your mind, the person who is responsible for running the entire country — a $17 trillion economy, a thousand nuclear missiles, and more — doesn’t warrant being paid $400,000 in a world where people who catch footballs make millions and people who defraud homeowners make tens of millions?

      Maybe YOU didn’t “think about it.” Or maybe you did, in which case there’s no hope.

  • Derek

    What is this complaining and crying about money?? The military pays us enough to keep a roof over our heads..clothes on our backs…and food in our stomachs…to include our families. We serve our country to protect everything our fathers have fought for..so our families can live a free life…and for the love of our country…PERIOD!!! NOT MONEY!! If money is what your looking for, you have to place in my countries military.

  • William

    That’s nothing, I get $27,000 a year and is in debt for $135.000. That’s why i wonder why worry about how much debt you’re in. I’ve been in debt all of my life and will die in it. What if the country was $100 Trillion or more in debt, where are you going. Are you worried about the next generation? So was the generations before us. Yet we’re still here, doing the very same thing the generation before us was doing? Worrying about the next generation. That’s what you call progress (movement forward). We shouldn’t stop spending and move backward. That’s stupid! Have anyone notice once you stop spending in your personal life, how the life around you start to deteriorate? And will continue, until you borrow money to repair that which has deteriorated……

  • wiredawg

    Of course military salaries are a little higher than the civ federal employee. They can get paid overtime. I have worked numerous 12 to 16 hour shifts. Heck once I even had to work 31 hours straight to accomplish the mission. Pay was still the same on payday. And don’t give me that “My boss makes me take comp time instead of overtime” bull. Report him/her if they try to force comp time on you. It’s your right to choose between the 2.

  • Dave

    I think it is time you guys in Washington & state capitals take a pay cut and a freeze. Change your benefits to what YOUR public has. You guys don’t have the balls to do the right thing.

    • retiree

      You are aware that Congress is under FERS and FEHBP, same as the civil service? Yep, they have the same benefits as their own employees, to include the privilege of paying for it.

      I guess they do have “the balls”.

    • MtOlive Mayor

      Comparing apples to oranges consider this: A GS or Civil Service employee gets a pay raise and ALL of his raise goes to him and into retirement. A poor old military guy (not even considering the hardships) gets a pay raise and part goes to pay, part to food, part to housing. Over a military career for retirement he loses all that went to food and housing, making his retirement not equal with a CS employee. Been there, done that in both.

  • Rodney

    Obama and his administration has failed when meeting the needs of service members, retirees and their families. I am insulted by how The Obama administration take us for granted and use us as pawns for political gain. His election serves only as a benefit to his family and the gay community. I am totally disappointed and cannot wait to vote him out. 1.6% equates to how much time he he commits to as being our commander-in-chief.


    Wow, Pay Cuts, Benefit Cuts, Military Cuts +more Homeless Vets. If case noone has noticed, when you get out, retired or otherwise, most jobs dont transfer to the civilian sector, Your Experience MEANS NOTHING, I love the interview , they say thanks for your service, what else do you do? As a Motor T SGT, I cant buy a delivery job, your driving experience is not the same, as ciivilan driving in the states, Really? So if you can drive heavy vehicles, in combat, in foreign countries, what makes employers think you cant drive in the peaceful traffic jams of the US. Either way , I agree we the Vets, will bail the country winers, and Wealthy again, its ok, we dont deserve to keep the promise with all us.

  • nick

    were not in the 50’s anymore

  • PHIL

    RON PAUL 2012!!! He has been warning about America’s current economic situation for the past 30 years!!! As an Air Force vet he would do the sensible thing and end these ridiculous wars. If we weren’t fight “The Global War on Terroris” and the “War on Drugs” (two wars that will never ever be won) we could save alot of money get all the annual raises we want. I am currently a procurement contracting officer for the AF. Professionally, it is my job to waste billions of tax-payer dollars every year. Over the past 10 years, the DoD has enriched defense contractors 10x over at the expense of our own troops and the American taxpayer. The silver lining in all of this is that the wars will have to end soon regardless of the situation over there because America is officially bankrupt. If you are all are serious about the oaths you took to defend the constitution, then there is only one candiate you can choose in 2012. His name is Ron Paul.

  • WOW, Now I can buy that shirt I had my eye on.

  • joeyd

    I just came back from overseas. nobody told me I was not going to be paid after filiing my travel voucher due to funds not available. We are going to be paid eventually, just a hassle to deal with. As a reservist, I’m counting on that money to pay a couple bills since I wasn’t at my civilian job. Has anyone ever experienced that? Let me know.

  • Service Member

    I am in the SERVICE and i stop a think about all the people who are trying to help us get better treatment. This will be my longest deployment i have been on and when i get back i will be dealing with the increase in living cost. To bad there is not anything we can do or is there. If people who feel this way would banded together and speak there voice in a public forum then maybe there will be enough pressure to get a change.

  • Billiy Bob

    Sorry to burst your bubble, but we as veterans, do not have the numbers, money and influence to alter government policy.
    Do you realize that most of your representatives are multimillionaires? Do you realize that their spending accounts are probably larger than their salaries?They can care less for the salary they receive as congressmen. It’s just plain gravy to them.
    Now, after Viet Nam, the politicos learned that it is not good for them to have a large number of veterans on their hands, so they cut the number of service personnel to the bone in the form of an all-volunteer service.
    So now, the vets have an insignificant voting capacity, and unable to influence legislation. And when the wars will wind down, you’ll have another dramatic cut to the bone, to the point where the services will be more than decimated. Please, keep in mind that the politicos are not stupid, and they work to serve their own interests, which is, to keep themselves in power and their rich donors getting richer.

  • Billy Bob

    Exactly. This kind of divisive talk has no place among servicemen. Why would anyone try to advance in the ranks (i.e. shoulder more responsibility) for no extra pay? I’ll give you an example: Air Defense 2nd LT (me) stationed in Korea, overseeing a PATRIOT battery. Doing duty as Engagement Officer. Sitting in the van, responsible for the engagement, an E-4 female. We were running drills. She was familiar with the procedures. All of a sudden, she engages a civilian aircraft by her own self. Needless to say, both me and the SSG sitting behind her go ballistic. Now let’s imagine a real-life situation – her sitting bored at the console, monitoring the real-time air traffic, and deciding by herself that a dot on the screen apparently threatens the battery and fires two missiles at the dot, which, in fact, is probably a civilian airplane flying out from Kimpo. Who’s ass would be in the sling? The officer on duty, the captain, and probably the battalion commander as well.
    So, the (real) story goes to tell you that 1) It’s not all grunts that do the fighting and 2) you need several layers of control in cases where many human lives are at stake. Would I, who went to college to get an engineering degree, went through 2 years of ROTC, including camps, etc, and who shoulders the blame for anything that happens or doesn’t happen be paid, and with previous enlisted experience, be paid at the same level with the E-4 lady? I think not.

  • carol becker

    We seniors get the shaft and Congress gets the gold mine. No surprise really!!!

    Your Medicare Increase

    For those of you who are on Medicare, read below. It is about the monthly amount of money you are going to pay in Medicare premiums in 2011, 2012 and the huge increase you will pay in 2013, thanks to the 2011 Congress.

    Congress will not allow an increase in the social security COLA (cost of living adjustment); however, the per person monthly Medicare insurance premium will be increased from the 2009 premium of $96.40 to $104.20 in 2012, $120.20 for the year 2013 AND increases to a wonderful $247.00 in 2014.

    Congress also gave themselves a $3,000 a month Cost of Living Adjustment!

    Send this to all seniors that you know.

    So they will know who’s throwing them under the bus.


    • retiree

      Please don’t send on – this is false. NO ONE KNOWS what Medicare premium is going to do in 2013 and 2014 – the rates have NOT been set. Oh, and Congress turned down their COLAs since 2009.

      Please folks, don’t keep spreading FALSE Urban Legends – you make Military Retirees look like another money-grubbing bunch of whiners, thus putting us down there with all the other folks Congress ignores.

      • CharlesBryant



    • CharlesBryant

      carol becker,

      Premium Nonsense On Medicare

  • carol

    military should get more pay than Federal workers, they don’t risk their lives every day.bring all our soldiers home, I certainly do not want my grandson going to afganistan in Jan, he just got back from Iraq a few months ago, and we had to pray every day for God to get him home safe. and if you go to these Va hospitals,which we do about twice a month and see the lazy , stupid people they hav working in those places. they need to all be fired and replace them with veterans comming home that can’t find a job.carol

  • Cole

    Freeze the pay? Don’t make them work as much, bring ’em home

  • Jon Gates

    Hey Clinton – who gave you permission to go to Libya with millions in hand??????

    • Dan Brown

      Uhh.. Obama did. When the country elected him. Welcome to Democracy?

      • Anthony

        We don’t live in a democracy, this is a republic buddy. Do some research

    • CharlesBryant

      Jon Gates,

      The Constitution.

  • Russ Baker

    I am sick and tired of Congress and the military making benefit promises, then taking benefits away. A contract is a contract. A promise is a contract. How about if we roll back legislator’s salaries and benefits? To say, 1985? I’m retired military and have not had a raise in retired pay for quite a while now. I was promised that when the military received a pay raise, I would too. I understand the country is in a financial crisis. If the top brass … O-3 and above and E7/E8/E9 … took a pay cut, I would too.

    • LT Mc

      You sound realy ignorant. You are the reason why I am embarrased of saying im in the military.

    • CharlesBryant


      I’m retired and haven’t had any of my benefits taken away.

    • JGJ

      03 isn’t exactly top brass. But the Army pisses away tons on keeping unneeded bases open and crap like the all American bowl.

  • stone

    The pay is not that bad, as many have said, learn to budjet. With that being said, as cost of living increases so should military pay and benefits. Nobody is expecting to get rich, but be able to buy a loaf of bread. Also, it pisses me off when I see a civilian contractor sitting next to me doing the exact same job and making WAY MORE than I am. People, that it where your money is going, to civilian contractors and politicians. Sorry Civ guys but you are doing jobs that the men and women in uniform are doing and it should stay with the uniform. Example: all DFACS are run and operated by civilians, even the barracks are ran by civilians now. You can thank Dick Cheyney for that. It is not necessary to have all these civilians doing our jobs…..bring it!!!

    • CharlesBryant


      I keep hearing about what someone else makes and people being mad about it. I don’t understand why those that want to make more don’t get out of the service and move onto that other job that pays more.

      • SRM

        Really, someone needs to defend this country and it is apparent by your statement that you are not…. we go into combat and suffer loses daily. Family move on without loved ones. Kids grow up without their Dad/Mom. I could go on but don’t have the time to waste. I have to spend the last few days with my nephew that is being deployed… I hope it makes it home safe and sound…he has made it 4 times before. Military people are called upon during ever disaster… so tell me Charles..who is going to do this? Not YOU I am sure. Please do me a favor Charles, lean back in your recliner in front of your big TV and take a deep breath…. you are being protected by our men and women in uniform.

        • CharlesBryant


          Not quite. I first joined up in 1969, volunteered for Nam and Gulf War 1. At one time, my father, older brother and myself were all in Nam at the same time. Although my retired father has passed, myself, my sister and 1 brother all retired from the Army while 1 brother was a rifted Capt.
          So, I’ve been there and done that.

    • EJWes

      I hate to hurt your feelings but dick Cheney and Halliburton NO longer hold those new government contract jobs. All the other whining companies that jumped in and bid much high than KBR to provide housing for deployed soldiers. In the past Brown and Root was the only company that would accept those low paying government jobs to help deployed soldiers. Last time I checked Fluor Daniel has the Afghanistan contract and did not have the funding to provide decent living arrangements for our troops

    • pedream

      well get out of the military guy..living of the beneits is better than being in…dumbasss

  • stone

    I agree Marq, but it took me 8 years to get to the desert, and after I got there all the fighting was over. I just got mortared on a daily basis (they couldnt hit the braos side of a barn). It was not that I did not want to, I was just in a unit that did not have a mission there, so dont hate because someone did not get a chance, hate the ones who purposely ditch their responsibilities. there is a difference. The praises should be distinguished of course, but dont be a hater, most of them want to do their part, trust me.

  • 3rd Class

    Some people do deserve their ranks and pays. But we all know about the overweight, useless chiefs laying around showing up tp wprk whenever they want and leaving early. I dont care if you paid your dues, if your getting a paycheck, earn it everyday. Chiefs mess is a joke.

  • LT Mc

    Do you still earn it every day? Do you do the same amount of work, be it admin or leading, that a e-3 does. No you don’t. There are a few “Senior enlisted” who actually earn their paycheck, and most of them work in Special Forces. Navy’s chief’s mess is a free ride to get fat and get paid more. You should be getting Outstanding PFAs (lead the way) and not walking around a ship with a cup of coffee and getting better food than the people who work the hardest. Earn your paycheck every day, and at least look try to work out more than twice a year. LT, out!

    • DTC

      LT Mc, Let me ask how many hour do you sacrifice away from your family? How many hours a day do you stay at work 8, 9, 10??? Many SNCO in all service branches put in over 14 hours a day myself included. Do you give any of your off duty time to the community? I do and still find time to go to the gym. At 44 I still beat 20 year olds on their fitness test every year by using their age group scoring and not mine. Let me give you a reality check, what kind of Officer is that disrespectful to an E-9. Granted there are a few out there that no longer have their heart in the job. And it is a wonder why they lose heart when an inexperienced upstart like you, with half the experience of one E-9 spouts off. Respectfully SIR you are the kind of leader we don’t need spouting off the poison of disrespect to the younger generation of our military. Before you respond to this you need to do a serious soul search yourself, without a quality SNCO backing you, you are nothing. SNCO’s make you, the officer corps look good. Chief out.

  • LT Mc

    “insulting”, you went to college but can’t represent with proper spelling on a public forum. What a true gent! This is something enlisted see everyday. Officers are supposed to be something their not, starting with details as small as this one. You have to get your masters with the tax payers financing you throught it, right? YOu should’ve gone back to your mindless tasks, SIR! what a joke. Some of us enlisted went to college, and learnt how to spell, some of us even know how to spell in more than 2 languages. Im guessing your Army, or maybe an LDO in the Navy.

    • Dan Brown

      You’re an idiot. Your spelling is atrocious. Bad trolls are bad.

  • LT Mc

    LDO is nothing to be proud of. Sorry to tell you. I dont know why military wifes think they have the right to talk to another memeber about our matters. You have done nothing!

    • DTC

      LT Mc Once again I Think you need a reality check. First I was Mil to Mil for 20 years. Even though she was my dependent up to our divorce, she still has the right to be heard as a dependent and a mil spouse. Second LDO? Come on Prior enlisted make a far better officer then most ring clankers because they learned what it really means LEAD FROM THE FRONT.

      Military spouses do have a say and the right to talk about matters that affect their quality of life and their spouses career. We make scirifices iwihile away on the front lines or deployed to remote locations. They make sacirfices while we are away that we don’t see or hear about. They do do somethings. Open your eyes or you will fail at being an effective leader.

      You probably feel I am picking on you and singling you out, but your words are nothing but retoric. She is proude of her man let her be heard. Chief out



  • Sniper

    They did cut GS pay…and positions. Did you know that in the DC area, they are getting over 30% relocation pay? while in smaller areas, they are the least paid…and even if you average ALL GS positions, they say everyone makes an average of 125,000/yr…BULLSHIT! i make way less than half of that.

    • dave

      That runs counter to the recent CBO report. Look up “Analysis of Federal Civilian and Military Compensation”

  • Thadsilverfox

    All these posts are freakin pissing me off. I’m getting ready to retire and I EARNED my pay including increases to keep up with inflation and the cost of food/gas. Deployments, training, and the daily grind…I EARNED my pay and benefits. My body is so worn out that future medical costs and increased retirement pay will not cover it…I EARNED my pay.

    • CharlesBryant


      Who is looking to take your retirement pay?

  • cal

    I have to say that a military check is nice these days and free of the worries that my friends civilian side have to deal with. BUT, inflation keeps coming and if our pay isnt adjusted properly, then no amount of budgeting will help. Myself, I have 4 kids as an E7 and my wife has never had to work and I own two houses and three cars. It can be done. What I disagree with is congress fleshing out their pocketbooks, while fleecing ours. That is irritating and improper. There is no job titled “representative” or “congressman”, you are elected and that is it. It should not receive ANY beneifts post the terms they were elected to serve. Their service to the nation is not even close to the military, neither are their hardships, so this BS of them needing 3k in COLA so they can maintain two houses in different states is the biggest crock of sh!t I have ever heard of. I have two houses in different states WITHOUT COLA!! It can be done. Just because congress represents a small percentage of the govt does not give it a right to abuse the system and rewrite it to inflate their bank accounts and retirement plans!

  • Semper Fi

    As a Military man for almost 17yrs seeing the ups and downs with the economy, many of the comments that have been posted are true and from the heary we as members of the armed forces do more for less and it is not our fault the country has come under hard times. We are a volunteer force and for most of us we love this country enough to do so. Congress should have to really walk in our shoes for a yr not a day see what its like to be one of the little guys. Its easy for congress with a $175,000 + salary to say lets freeze their pay and lets raise ours come on can they really look themselves in the mirror and say they deserve more than I do.

    • CharlesBryant

      Semper Fi,

      You have a point, but, we all pick our careers, the it’s $174,000 and they have voted out a pay raise for themselves since 2009.

  • Gunny G

    What really pisses me off is all the social programs and free health care crap they have been giving away. We are now in debt because of it and they want to take from military families to keep the free rides going? How much stimulus went overseas? Michelle Omaba can take her dog and pony show “Oh she cares, especially because we vote” and stuff it where the sun don’t shine! Gunny G

  • awj

    I too have served in the military and I am a disabled veteran. Working with disabled veterans and seeing those family member barely make it out the small amount of benefits they receive is outlandish. I thing congress shoul be some of the first to get a pay cut/

    • CharlesBryant


      I understand, and believe that most people in my generation and above just don’t understand that pensions, Social Security and Retirement Checks were never meant to be a living wage, but was meant to supplement what the individual put away for his own retirement.

  • Just a man

    I am like the rest of the retires you made us a promise you should stick to it. I spent two years of my life in viet nam and what they give me i worked for. Take Congress when they retire they have the best health plan in the country our tax dollars. It took me 20yrs to get my retirement it takes them 4yrs and there set for life. We put our life on the line everyday but do they NO but they tell us how much money we should get. The military did ask to go to war that was President Bush. So just give us what you get and i would think that was fair or pay them what they pay us if they do that they would save millions.

  • Jem

    Im sorry, I cant agree with you either, and not everyones lives are the same. I have two kids and they both have Autism. I dont get PRIME because the services arent good enough, I have to take standard. I pay out of pocket or my kids are screwed. Speech they dont even cover half of, OT, PT, ect, ect. 1000 dollars alone every October. I can go along with the other stuff but sometimes it isnt as cut and dry as budgeting. Things happen in life that you cant control.
    Dont get me wrong, I love the Marine Corps, Im very motto, but you should get off your pedistal. The benefits are NOT that great.

  • sarajane

    My son in law is in the army, as was my son(who came home with a purple heart). They took their 18 Mo old to the dentist. The dentist wants 2000.00 to even start work on his teeth. Tell me where they are supposed come up with that. If it weren’t for family, they wouldn’t eat some of the time. If the child was on welfare, he would get the dental work free. Try cutting out SSI, giving our hard earned taxes to people who have never worked. Try stopping the drug addicts on Medicaid from getting opiates. That alone should save billions.

    • CharlesBryant


      Ask you son why he doesn’t have Delta Dental Insurance through the Military.

  • natalie

    Did you know that 40% of the US budget go to the National Defense?. I guess about 90 billions a year go to pay retirees, active duty, health care, training and future Soldiers. That is alot of money from the budget. The military is cutting back troops because we are indebts and broke. President Bush is the cause of all this mess and we would never balance our budget again. My point is why cut our military pay it doesn’t really change much we are still in debts.A few dollars go along way.

    • CharlesBryant


      Actually, the military strenght is being cut not because of monies, but because of the Conflicts in Iraq and Afghanistan are winding down and we are going back to 2001 Military strenght.

      PS: Congress only temporay authorized adding more troops because of those conflicts.

  • dave

    I grew up as a brat in the 80s…family of 3, father was an NCO. I remember moving every couple of years, and my mother always finding new work cleaning houses while we went to school or I watched my brother and sister. I also remember driving so that we could catch Space-A flights directly to Europe, 3 days in the old Dover terminal, yea, recall that very well. That said, two vehicles were paid off, we were always had clothes (no name brand stuff, but no complaints), we never went without. I do however recall seeing quite a few people having purchased big houses, constantly buying expensive clothes, $2000 couches…and you know what, I have no pity for them. None. When I did my stint, I was single, and happily pissed away quite a bit of money. I knew what I was getting in to. You’d have to be completely ignorant to think that raising a family on a military salary, especially on the enlisted side, will be easy. You will be middle class, full stop. If you don’t like the deal, don’t sign up for it. And if it’s about playing in the desert and not seeing your family, then where are all the cries for the single guys to get equal pay? FSA, COLA, housing? Single guys get shot at too you know.

  • USAF Wife

    A pay freeze is not taking something away as you never had it. The republicans wanting to let the payroll tax expire is taking something away from you. Even though we military families have made a lot of sacrifices for this country, we are indeed privileged in some ways. We have not been nearly as affected by this economic crisis as others in our communities. Is it fair that we must sacrifice once again to save our country from another threat? Probably not, but if you were brave enough to say that you will face enemy fire for this country, I believe you are brave enough to live on the salary you have for 2 years in a row.

  • military wife

    We need military people who understand how we TRULY LIVE to be in office then maybe the military might get the respect they deserve..We NEED a NEW President who tries to better our country and not his own pocket book..As for the govt crying bc they (think) the military make more then them..Tell you what you leave your family for 9-12 months while in a combat zone with you combat buddies and a gun to your side making sure you can hopefully make it home ALIVE…While your family back home goes through life day by day praying for you to come home safe and have heart stopping moments when they hear someone ring the doorbell or knock on the door saying your loved one will not be coming home….Our military deserve a greater increase then the govt bc they actually do their jobs and fight for our country

    • CharlesBryant

      Military Wife,

      Like IBM signing up for the Military if also voluntary, when either job gets to ruff, you can always guit or stop reenlisting.

      • T Bect

        Military Wife,
        I think that you are missing the point. I have been on 3 sides. I was dependent child of 20 years, spouse and now I serve in the Military. My dad joined the Military for a better living for his family. I joined for the same thing. I deployed and it was hard leaving a young child behind. Yes joining the Military was a choice. And you can not just QUIT and yes you can decide not to re-enlist. But how would you feel if your husband just decided that he was gonna QUIT and your living conditions change drastically. Or your savings run out cause you had to dip in them because congress wants to initiate a pay freeze. Or better yet they downsize drastically and your husband is not qualified enough to earn the same pay as he did in the military. Its a totally different transition going from the Military to a civilian side. And until you walk a mile and all three shoes say nothing. Thank you!!

  • Paul

    What are you complaining about. I worked for IBM for 36 years and retired at about 40% of my pay at that time. Now seven years later I still get the same check, no raises, no COLA. The only raise I get is from Social Security if they happen to have one. None in the last three years. And I pay for by benefits. So suck it up, you don’t have it so bad.

    • Cole B

      Paul, I was wondering, at any time that you worked for IBM did you get shot at? Or did you ever have the truck in front of you drive over an IED, then have to pick your friends body parts up? Did you every have to be away from your family for a year at a time? Have you ever worked for a year then to only get two weeks off? By the way, have you ever had a friend who’s spouse died and you had to console them, all while your spouse was in the same situation that their spouse was just killed in. The men and women work like this because they love their country and so you working IBM do not have to endure this type of life. They do deserve every entitlement them have earned!

    • Nathan

      Retirement is different from what you get paid to do actual work.

      • CharlesBryant


        I’m a retired Infantry 1SG, and will going on/drawing SS in 2012, and I agree with you.

  • CharlesBryant


    I keep hearing that, but just what did those Democrats pass during that time that brought us to where we are now. Please be specific.

  • CharlesBryant

    Retired Marine,

    I just LMAO, because I know exactly what your saying. I just don’t understand how someone can volunteer to do a job and constantly whine and cry about it, and then turn around and reenlist again and again.

  • CharlesBryant

    retired wife AF,

    That makes no sense at all. Why would anyone guite their job and get another job paying less just to prove your point.

  • CharlesBryant


    Knowing that, why did he stay in the service? As for five years, it’s only been 2 years since we haven’t recieved a COLA.

  • Chris Braden

    Let Congress make sacrafices. Let them give up their gold-plated salary, wage, retirement, benefit and health programs. Make them pay in social security. Maybe if they had to receive social security benefits instead of their gold-plated retirement system, they might do something about improving the social security system.

    • CharlesBryant


      Congress has made sacrafices, in that they haven’t recieved a pay raise since 2009 and won’t get a pay raise in in 2012 either. As too their cold-plated salary and benefits, unlike the Military, they (all federal employees) pay into their plans. They do pay into Social Security unlike what that email that has been circulating for years says they don’t.

    • PAUL


  • jaffar ali

    what of those who died in the line of duty what do u do to the family.secondly i was quited from job seven years ago no pay what are u doing



    • CharlesBryant


      You jumping the gun in that no one has cut military pay.

      Congress hasn’t recieved a pay raise since 2009.



    • CharlesBryant


      1. Oil? What oil?

      2. Congress isn’t send those soldiers anywhere. Have you forgotten that we have an “All Volunteer Force”?

  • Nicole

    I think that its so sad they the government can drop BILLIONS on a war on terror built on LIES, and then decided to freeze a pay rate for the ones who paid for this war with their own blood. Its ridiculous. Also lets talk about the millions of dollars that people got from tax fraud this year illegally. And then might I bring up that none of the people who work at the white house has taken a pay cut. In fact the majority of them have never been richer. They get paid billions from big banks and business to make laws that make them all richer. Its sad and very greedy.

    • CharlesBryant


      Lies, what lie’s? I am guessing you did read the:

      Phase II Report on Public Statements 5 June 2008


      No one that I know of has frozen the Military’s pay.

      Yes, all those that work in the White House have not recieved a pay cut, but their pay has been frozen for years now.

  • Guest

    Hoyer has a salary of $193,400 (not including benefits) while the average military salary is about $53,000 a year. And in January, The Examiner reported that were he to retire this year, he would receive a defined-pension benefit of around $136,541 annually — about 70 percent of his current salary, but still more than twice the average military salary. The pension would also increase every year with adjustments for cost-of-living.

    Read more at the Washington Examiner: http://washingtonexaminer.com/blogs/beltway-confi

    What a ( )o( )(*(*&@$*&%^!

    • CharlesBryant


      LMAO, not sure this is a fair comparison at all. That makes as much since as compairing the average soldiers pay as they have put it to the average poor person pay.

  • andrew

    Hate to tell you but enlisted folks have degrees as well and every single day are resopnsible for 150 million dollar aircraft.

    • CharlesBryant


      Yep, and you can put in your paperwork to be an Officer also if you don’t like it where you are.

  • jon

    compare our hourly wage to those government employees with a 9-5 job, and the hazards of our job compared to a dmv worker or congressman

    • CharlesBryant


      Why compair anything? First of all we don’t work by the hour. Second of all, no one is twisting anyones arm to enlist or reenlist in the Military. Not happen, don’t reenlist and move onto that 9-5 job.

  • Patty

    It is incredible that they ride on the backs of hard working people , most of them don’t need the money , they should get payed just like military get payed , they should have the exact same medical as military , and as for that tri-care that is a joke , now we must pay premiums for medical coverage , we were promised free medical , when did we lose our voice , stop sitting back and excepting them bleeding us dry , people wake up , if we all stand together we can end this outrage , we need to vote all of them out , cancel all of the credit cards , gyms and other things they thing we should pay for , and shame on all of us for letting it go this far , we have children going to bed hungry and sick, our elderly eating pet food and there medical is pitiful , they should be ashamed of what they have done , you can bet they do not go to bed hungry , people please band together it is our only hope for this insanity to end , we have a great country that have ran into the ground and it should end now .

    • CharlesBryant


      Part 1

      Everyone that gets paid is riding on the backs of someone. You could say Military Retirees like myself are riding on the back of the taxpayers.

      Federal Employees pay into their retireement and healthcare unlike us military folks.

      As far as paying a premium for medical coverage, I’ve allows paid a premium which as of yet, it has never gone up in cost. As too the “free medical care for life”, that was based on military regulations that stated only when there was “space available”. Anyway that went all the way to the Supreme Court, and was lost.

      IMO, as a retired soldier, I have it made in the shade. My retirement pay is more than many make in a month and they are working,

      I only pay $19.17 per month for all the health care the military hospital can supply me and that includes free medication if needed.

      • Mary

        Patty, we did pay for our so called “free” medical care. We did it by basically working for minimum wage. Total all the hours in a week you gave, I gave, they gave, include PT at 4;30am, meetings at
        8:00 pm, exercises that were 24/7. you will see what you were worth to them, about $2.50 per hour, back in the day. My pay as E-1 was 69.00 in the WACS, plus housing, medical. Now an E-3 gets 1757.0 basic pay, plus lot better housing than I ever had (I had a show curtain for a door), but then, we didn’t that the number of theiving bastards in the WACs like they do in the “all NEW Army”. I, and those like us sacrificed living conditions, time, lives, limbs, to receive a little, as you call it, ‘free medical care” today. Nothing is free, baby, nothing.

        • Mary

          Sorry, Patty, Make that Charlie…

        • CharlesBryant


          I hate to disagree with your hourly wage figures. I’m not sure of this, but I have never known the Military to pay their solders by the hour. It has always been a Salary job.

          • maryw

            I am thinking she was breaking the salary down as if it was hourly and describing what military members are worth to our government.

          • CharlesBryant


            Yeah, I understand, but we don’t get an hourly wage, so what is the point in making up a story to prove a point?

    • CharlesBryant


      Part 2

      For those that have kids going to bed hungry and sick, our elderly eating pet food, etc., isn’t the fault of someone else. We are all born into this world with choices, some make the right choices in life and some don’t (yes, I will acknowledge there are examples that prove my opinion wrong).

      Maybe, just maybe, we should blame everyone that doesn’t go to bed hungry for those that do go to bed hungry, instead of just one specific group of people.

  • abused

    Some military branchs deserve a raise for all they do for this country. The rapists, child abusers, and child molesters the navy cator to need to be put in prison. who’s out there to protect the civilians from the military and there wrong doing?

    • Angered spouse

      As a Navy spouse I resent that comment. My husband has worked hard for the 23+ years he has been in. To single out one branch and call them the things you did based on what a few have done is the same thing as calling all persons of a certain ethnic group or a certain religious group to be bad based on the wrong doings of a few. That is to say all policemen and priests are bad because of the few bad ones we have heard about in the news. I can understand that your hurt and angry about something but to lump them all in a group is wrong. And I am sure that if you checked, there have been crimes along those lines committed by persons in other branches. So all I am saying basically is THINK before you write a post like this. You are attacking alot of honest, hard working and loving people who had NOTHING to do with whatever it is your angry about.

    • Jeri Branson

      Dear Abused,
      First of all your ignorance glares through so bright that I am almost blinded by it. I have to say, I laughed so hard when I read your comment that I almost fell out of my chair. We set here and read what you wrote, you have no basis for your information (oh yes, I am sure you know it all) but that is OK, it just proves that what our military is out there fighting for is still in place, you have the right to your freedom of speech, even if it is not based on fact or truth, thank them for that. You sound like an angry two year old who didn’t get his way so you are lashing out. You talking about people you don’t know and obviously are clueless about is like me saying bad things about your mother, I could sit here and call her a whore or a hooker, a drunk, a lush . . . but I know her no better than you know our troops. The difference between you and I is that I am an adult and conduct myself as such. Please, continue to slander and spat your mouth off about things you are ignorant about, those men and women will continue to fight for your rights as they know your ignorance as well. God bless you.

  • PAUL


  • sm23

    You’re not fighting for them or any civilians or the constitution for that matter! We have had our constitution and bill of rights legislated into oblivious while you guys were failing at defending the constitution!! You’re fighting for oil and pharmaceutical corporations and war contractors, get a clue. From the looks of these threads, you’re mostly fighting for a paycheck because if it weren’t for the military you wouldn’t even be able to afford to have a stay at home wife and 3 or 4 kids in the civilian world, plus you’d be in debt for your education! You’re all comparing yourselves to politicians when they had to get elected, the military takes practically just anybody.

    • sm23


    • CharlesBryant


      Some of what you say is true, but as too “the military takes practically just anybody” is totally false.

      Most U.S. youths unfit to serve, data show

      By William H. McMichael – Staff writer
      Posted : Tuesday Nov 3, 2009 17:08:36 EST

      U.S. military-age youth are increasingly unfit to serve — mostly because they’re in such lousy shape.

      According to the latest Pentagon figures, a full 35 percent, or more than one-third, of the roughly 31.2 million Americans aged 17 to 24 are unqualified for military service because of physical and medical issues. And, said Curt Gilroy, the Pentagon’s director of accessions, “the major component of this is obesity. We have an obesity crisis in the country. There’s no question about it.”




  • Dan Cooper

    The lady 36 weeks ago. I hope your husband is not treated like Viet Nam returnes. They cut as they say RIF reduction in forces. Your husband better be at least E8 or Major. There will be a reduction of E6 & E7’s Mid level Captains and some Majprs. So your RENT MAY NOT BE Paid.

    • TBect

      LOL yo are so right. But how long do you think she and her husband will be able to live off of not getting a pay raise when the economy behind them are raising the costs on food, clothing and gas. Or better yet whoever they are renting their home from decides they want to raise the rent and we didn’t get a cost of living raise. Her rent will be paid but barely.

  • CharlesBryant


    LMAO, yep, make sense to me. Freeze everyone’s pay that makes more then you, and raise your pay. Hello.

  • Jamie

    You need to move beyond the 1980s. Congress has paid into social security, FERS, and FEHBP since the end of the Civil Service Retirement System decades ago.

  • Jamie

    Umm or what? you’ll take your 100% disabled self and foment rebellion? Seriously, Jim. Seriously.

  • Jamie

    So…you retired from the Army and did nothing else whatsoever?

  • Jamie

    If we had a balanced budget and then passed raises, it’d unbalance the numbers.

  • Jamie

    When you refer to all of those who served before, there are two things to keep in mind: one, they were paid; and two, many who served were not volunteers.

    It’s one thing to conscript someone to fight a war, or to send them for a tour and that’s it. When you want to have professional soldiers who devote their lives to fighting at tremendous risk — and you want it precisely so you don’t have to inconvenience anyone who’d rather be working on Wall Street, playing baseball, or driving a truck — you have to pay the people who take those professional soldier positions.

  • Jamie

    And you voted for Barack Obama because you correctly realized that the injustices to which you refer had gone on through administrations of both parties for decades, but mistakenly thought that he would change this dynamic?

  • Jamie

    Thanks for sharing..?

  • Jamie

    Not everyone in the military is “just above the poverty level.” People do quite well when they don’t saddle themselves with loads of debt and avail themselves of the services made available to them.

    Taking into account food and housing — which, many forget, civilians have to pay for out of their salary; they aren’t given those things, nor do they get tax-free allowances for them — an unmarried E4 has total compensation of about $40,000 a year. He or she doesn’t need ANY college education for that. None.

    • dawn

      Wow! I guess you know everything! Unfortunately you are wrong….I am married and an E4 and I don’t even come close to 40,000 a year. But, I do believe cuts need to be made all over and I have no objections for them to freeze my pay.

  • Jamie

    That’d be interesting, but it would be profoundly different from the America that was established by the Constitution in the first place.

    On the other hand, it would be a very easy way to eliminate almost everyone currently in public office. Indeed…very interesting.

  • Jamie

    The willingness of someone to do something stupid and not complain is neither a virtue nor an endorsement.

    And yes, I’m sure we all cry that Barack Obama lacked the occasional attendance-memories of George W. Bush’s stellar Air National Guard stateside drill schedule.

  • Jamie

    There is. There are the very-highly paid private security contractors who make ten times what soldiers do.

  • Jamie

    *laughs* Hoyer is the House Minority Leader. He’s a Democrat. Wow. You really are the typical “real” American, aren’t you — all super-informed and what not.

  • Jamie

    That’s true: since military personnel who have enlisted can be required to do anything asked of them, their pay could be eliminated entirely and they’d have no recourse. That’s one way to cut spending, for sure.

  • Jamie

    Virtually every American, including all current members of Congress, does pay into Social Security. That has been true now for several decades, ever since CSRS gave way to FERS. It’s amazing how little people know.

  • Jamie


  • Jamie

    *chuckles* So, if only we had a coup and imposed martial law, the military could see to it that it was treated ‘fairly’?

    And you imagine that the Taliban is going to… what, get on rafts, cross the Pacific ocean, land in San Francisco, wrestle every American to the ground (300 million vs a few hundred, but who’s counting?), and our nation will fall?

    What you don’t get is that the wars we’ve been fighting weren’t important. Soldiers and sailors, airmen and marines all did their jobs well, but those jobs didn’t need to be done. There was no strategic threat. Meanwhile, we’ve spent a trillion borrowed dollars plus the ancillary costs.

    And while the troops were away, worrying about the Taliban, the bankers raided the country and sent everything into the drain.

  • Disgruntled

    I think it’s sorry when our elected officials vow to be pro military and how they support our troops! What is happening now ? Any signal that their pay would be frozen and now they come up with this to freeze our pay! Good luck getting reelected… I’ve fought hard in numerous deployments spent years at a time away from my family and the very country that I love and now they want to do this to us.. Now there is talk about changing our retirement!!! Are f–king kidding me! Maybe I should run for congress and president!

  • Maribeth

    Military members make up 1/3 of WIC and food stamps and other government programs. What they don’t give us one way we have to get another way. If the pay was more equal, all those people wouldn’t be in those programs thus not using up other government funding. If we hadn’t had WIC, I’m not sure how we would of gotten food sometimes. Its not all that cushie as people are bulled into believing!

    My knowledge comes from being on WIC for 9 years, since my husband and I were expecting our first child. We have had a total of 4 kids, all of which were on WIC until they reached 5. If BAH was not counted we would be on food stamps. We live on base housing so there is no BAH. He retires in 3 months for his 20th year mark. The bonus to this is we will get food stamps then.

  • sgt kaiser

    this stupid government not my country, becuase i love my country and her people. i have buddies of mine that died for her, and this is how the government spit in their faces? i barely make it by being a sgt and ive seen two deployments… i hate having to budget! we dont get paid a lot, and even then i still make under 30 while deployed…. i dont even know how many i.e.ds ive been apart of in iraq, or even the fire fights ive been in inside of afghanistan! ive missed both this and last years christmas w/ my family! when we are not deployed we are somewhere else other than home training! while those guys are sipping cocktails and eating their damn blocks of cheese making over six firgures! you tell me who is in need of a pay freeze! ass holes aka government officials!

  • Jim

    69 million americans are on food stamps or some other government assistance…thats the crime…they get everything for doing nothing…its not rocket science..

    • Ron

      So being is on food stamps is a crime? I work 3 jobs to support my family but between those 3 jobs I make about $2k a month. I have a wife and two kids at home and I will do whatever it takes to make sure they don’t go hungry as I did as a child. Between the $600 in rent, $500 in gas, $250 in insurance, and $400 in utilities plus other things such as laundry, cleaning supplies, and toiletries and diapers, how am I expected to feed my family on that wage?

    • Wink

      how about you go suck dust an get shot at.

    • retiree

      I assume you’re referring to SNAP – Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (http://www.fns.usda.gov/snap/), formerly called food stamps, which provides SUPPLEMENTAL nutrition to 46 million people. It does NOT provide housing, it does NOT provide vehicles, pay for fuel, pay for power, pay for anything EXCEPT food.

      Eligibility: no more than $2000 in assets, gross income less than 130% of the poverty line, with net income less than 100% of the poverty line. Approximately 1/2 of those receiving the benefit are children, and average time on SNAP is 9 months (less than a year). Note that if they are making money, they are probably working in some manner (say our junior enlisted, who, unfortunately, can qualify for SNAP).

      Total cost is $35 billion/year. For comparison, Military Health Spending (active, dependents, retirees) is $48 billion / year. Total DoD for FY13 is proposed at $525 billion/year (approximately 1/2 of discretionary spending)

      No, it’s not rocket science – that deals with sending stuff into space.

    • gil

      there’s more than that


    The military should be one of the highest paying jobs in the country, but yet they pay us just enough to get by… like someone who works at Wal-Mart. The last time I checked, they don’t pay their employee’s to do the same duties we do for our country. We need to be more respected and offered more incentives to stay active. We have these “wana be thugs” in prison serving life because they killed someone in the civilian sector or in prison… all thier doing is waisting our tax dollars by staying in prison or jail… let’s get those scum bags on the front lines and have them protect our real troops in these conflicts (since they can kill whoever behind bars and they think their all bad asses (pussys) have them get killed before our real heroes get hurt. Let’s get in control and help our VETS in this country… If anything, we deserve to be able to live “comfortable” in this country we defend! Not homeless, broke, or worried!!!!


    The bottom line is this… the active duty member or the guard or reserve member who decided to step up to fight for this country should be making as much or even more than the policy makers of this country because we signed on the dotted line to put our lifes on the line for everyone who lives in the U.S. Just because you have money and can run for office, doesn’t mean you shouldn’t know what it’s like in a war zone!

    • Laurie

      lol think of that amount of tax money to pay all the people who sign up to do a job they choose to do the same salary as our elected officials.. what about our police? they put their lives on the line every day and never bitch about how much they get payed to do it!!! They as u did chose that job!

      • AD USMC

        If you think that we (military service members) are on the same level as police officers then I would say that you need to be on medication. Don’t get me wrong, I love our police, who vowed to protect and serve but they are rarely proactive and almost always show up after the fact. They basically clean up the mess and they almost never have to spend extended periods of time away from their families. Bottom line: they police one smalll town or city and get to go home to their families at the end of everyday. We (the military) police the world and spend extended periods of time away from our families for an ngrateful population that always seem to think that we should do more with less. I do this because I love doing what I do and I am trying to the world a better place for my children to grow up in, not for the money but I most definitely will not do it for free and you or anyone else should not expect us to!

        • marcg

          I work on a base as a civilian who has not gotten a pay increase for a couple of years, and looks like I will not get one for the next 3 years. While I think military in combat should get a pay increase I am not sure if Airmen Jones who works 9-5 mon-fri taking photo IDs all day is putting her or his life on the line every day. Let’s not forget that civilians also go down range and many of us are overseas. As I am working on a base overseas all I hear about is how everyone wants to be stationed in Germany, Italy or Spain so they can travel. Driving around base I see nothing but nice new cars. There is even a family here that has a Range Rover and a BMW. Like I said combat pay should go up, traveling around the world with there family, these people are not putting their life on the line every day. There was a time when the military were really under paid. Now with all the benefits that go along during and after service the military gets paid really good. There are some the retire after 20 years without even see combat. The ones in and that have been thru combat with injures should be taken care of. Just as every American should have health care and be taken care of.

  • ex-army

    I would like to say get off of it,, in the memo nothing was said that the president wanted to freeze the wages but to give 1.6 increase,, Rep. Stany Hoyer (D.MD) wants a freeze at the 2011 rate..

    • None

      How about we freeze Congress’s pay increases instead of the military, since they make way more then any of the Soldiers do. Give the Soldiers same pay increase that congress gives themselves every year. It is said when a Soldier who fights for the freedoms of every American to include those in congress, and yet they still have to stand in the welfare line because they can not afford to feed their families, but those in congress are living in mansions, and blowing tax payers money every chance they get all because they can.

  • Jackie

    Congress and the Senate do not have to vote for themselves a pay raise, they already have and it is an automatic increase each year. They have to vote not to take the increase, which they have not done since 2000. Some members have refused the pay increase. Nancy Pelose demanded a plane that would fly non stop from DC to CA. Boehner gave the plane back saying he would and does fly commercial. They should lead by example.


    You know what, it is absolutely ridiculous how Rep. Steny Hoyer (D-MD) has the audacity to run his mouth and say that military service members are overpaid. Why don’t you politicians in DC take a long hard look at the monopoly you have going on. You people don’t have to do 4 years in that outfit and you get a retirement that makes mine look like dirt, and then you have the nerves to make comments like that. Oh sure let’s cut from everywhere to pay the debt, heaven forbid we even think about messing with a senator or congressman’s pay, or even think of freezing their raise. Your nothing but a bunch of hypocrites and you make me sick.

  • david

    Obama is the worst president in U.S History and people still support him.
    He supports same-sex marriage and his healthcare plan supports abortion.
    Homosexuality is a sin. God destroyed two cities for that type of behavior.
    Abortion is mass murder on a global scale which makes Obama anti-christian.
    God bless all christians on earth. Obama is hurting the military too and people
    are either too racist or sinful to realize it.

    • TamRah

      So what he supports same sex marriage. God destroyed two cities filled with ALL kinds of sin. Not just homosexuality. You are an asshole. God also punishes those who judge. SO KEEP THAT IN MIND WHILE YOU ARE BEING SO JUDGEMENTAL.

    • JBarksdale

      What are you a nut or just insane?

    • Stew

      I don’t think voting for a draft dodger like Romney is the solution.

      • Stew,

        So, if he were to have allowed himself to be drafted, just what do you think those 2 years would have done for him?????

        Everything having to do with Romney not being drafted, was according to his Constitutional rights. You do support the Constitution don’t you?????

        • Idmtmedic

          There you go again. Discussing everything but what the article is about. Stay on topic.

  • marcg

    last month 7,000 civilian goverment jobs were cut, federal employment is not on an increase. Also civilian federal pay has been frozen for two years and looks like it will be frozen another 3 years. While the militray keeps getting an increase in pay. Just remeber theor are militray people who go all 20 years in service and never see combat.

  • TimG

    And as soon as the election is over ,no matter who wins ,you will see another drastic cut in the military in order for them to try and keep their campaign promises. The only way Clinton managed was to cut the crap out of the military and that’s why soldiers are serving 3 and 4 tours in a combat zone today. The morons that think a new aircraft carrier is going to replace an Infantry Division need to be institutionalized.

    • Ticked Off Too

      I’m so sorry … my hand jerked and I accidently clicked thumbs down when I intended to click thumbs up.

      Thank you for your post.