2011 Military Pay – A Mixed Bag

The big news for  military pay in 2011 is that the decade-long trend of large across-the-board pay increases for the military has ended – with a 1.4 percent thud. Although not unexpected, the news is still rather disappointing to many servicemembers who have come to expect a decent size raise each year.

In addition to the minimal pay increase, servicemembers will see a slight down turn in Basic Allowance for Housing, virtually unchanged Basic Allowance for Subsistence rates, and a drop in active duty cost-of-living-adjustments (COLA) (for those stationed in high-cost military housing areas).

As reported on Military.com, this year’s raise – the smallest since 1962 – was low because, according to the government’s Employment Cost Index, military wages have achieved parity with civilian pay. Many servicemembers and veterans would argue, and rightly so, that the ECI does not take the special burden and inherent risks of military service into account.

Other factors affecting the size of the 2011 military pay raise include the current economic situation and the pressure on Congress to reduce the Federal deficit by reducing the cost of military personnel. At one point it was feared that military members would see their military pay frozen along with the rest of Federal civilian employees.

Military allowances for housing, subsistence, and cost-of-living are going to be relatively flat, mainly due to the way the Federal Government measures the economic factors which impact the military. BAH is determined by the cost of rent in each of the over 400 military housing areas. Most of these MHAs were impacted by the national housing crisis.

The 2011 Basic Allowance for Subsistence rates increased by about 80 cents a month. BAS is determined by the national average cost of food. The annual adjustment is based on the USDA food cost index.

The annual active duty COLA is determined by localized surveys, which look at several factors which include transportation, goods and services (which includes food at home, food away from home, tobacco, alcohol, furnishings and household operations, clothing, domestic service, medical care, personal care, and recreation), and sales taxes.

As reflected in the comments posted to this blog by hundreds of servicemembers, the factors the government uses to determine military pay and allowance rates seldom match the real world.

On an up note, there are no reductions in Special Pay and most servicemembers will not feel the impact of the reduction in BAH due to “Rate Protection.” Rate protection keeps a members BAH at the higher rate until they move or there status changes in some way. And, for the time being, it appears there is no plan to freeze military pay in 2012.

View the new rates:

About the Author

Terry Howell
Before becoming the Managing Editor for Military.com, Terry served 20 years in the U.S. Coast Guard as an Aviation Electrician’s Mate and aircrewman. In his final role in the Coast Guard, Terry served as a Career Development Advisor, where he provided career, finance, education, and benefits counseling to servicemembers and their families. Since retiring from the Coast Guard, Terry has authored the book, The Military Advantage, managed the content for TurboTap, the DoD's online transition program and VAforVets, the VA's transition assistance website. Terry earned both his Bachelor's and MBA at Corban University using Military Tuition Assistance and his GI Bill benefits to help cover the cost.
  • MikeB

    So the pay raise is the lowest in years, BAH drops across the board, BAS stays virtually unchanged, COLA drops for many, and the net result is actually a pay cut for many.

    This article states that most servicemembers will not feel the impact reduction in BAH. This is true only because the reduction in BAH is barely offset by the 1.4% pay raise.

    For the first time in my military career, I am actually taking a pay cut due to the 2011 pay rate changes. This and many other cuts made to military benefits over the years is certainly causing me to wonder where our civilian leadership’s minds are at. While I did not join for the money, I certainly do not want to see my compensation cut…especially when I am about to deploy…again.

    • Jason

      Mike B-i here you brother. no one joins to get rich or even properly compensated but dont start cutting our pay. Of all times……not now. I just dont get it.

      • Mike

        Not ever ! Our Military in Uniform deserve the best ! Don’t cut the active and not while at war either ! They depend on it for their families and well being. Don’t worry none now as I told them us disabled can handle it but active duty they should get a pay raise. Wasn’t whole lot, but every penny counts for our active duty brave hearts. God bless you all for Duty, Honor, & country, & Godliness to brave the battle fronts. Amen The free & the Brave !
        Old Sarge :)
        P.S. I didn’t think they would hear my voice. It helps when we all speak up !

    • tdhowell

      Most members will not see a BAH reduction due to “Rate Protection.”

    • Matt

      How is it you’re taking a pay cut? Your base pay is going up 1.4%. If you are staying in the same geographic area this year (2011), your BAH will stay the same.

      if you are PCS’ing to an area where the BAH is now lower – you aren’t losing money, you just aren’t getting what you could have gotten if you had checked in by Dec 31, 2010. But, of course, your housing costs will be lower too. Or at least that’s the theory.

      I just don’t see where the complaints about the pay raise are coming from. Would I like 8.4% instead of 1.4%? Sure, but I’m happy to just have some cost of living increase.

      • Daniel

        I am stationed at Ft Stewart my BAH is dropping 57 dollars and my pay raise is 58 dollars. Basically a 1 dollar raise but if you take into account that they are dropping my non taxable income and raising my taxable income I am now paying more in taxes because I am now in a new tax bracket. That being said I would have rather had them freeze my pay then pay me less. After 18 years in the army this is the first pay cut I will take because of a pay raise.

        Thanks for your time

        • matt

          i still don’t understand why your BAH is dropping. why aren’t you covered by rate protection?

        • Mac

          If you move into a higher tax bracket due to a $57/mo pay increase, you are a horrible accountant. Reduce your taxable income by putting that money in your TSP or something!!! Lots of options to avoid that.

      • brodey

        It is a pay cut. with everything going up, gas, food, housing, ect. We the military are right below the middle class level. We deserve more of a pay raise, not 1.4% for what we do. putting our life on the line for others to enjoy their freedom.

    • Ben

      MikeB, I agree. Dont forget to add in the cost of inflation which hovers around 4% annually. So, if service members arnent making at least 4% on their money, theyre losing money. I hope everyone is brushing up on their investing skills.

      • Matt

        Ben, please do a little research before just making things up.

        Inflation is a hair above 1% now, and was actually NEGATIVE as recently as last summer. That’s right, not only is it not “around 4% annually”, but it was -2% last year!!

        There is almost no inflation to speak of now. That’s why the 1.4% is a fair raise.


    • mitch

      be out and sr cizen. with no pay rais in 2 years now. and pay as it never happen. try being 65 no up gread fo ss or va. military. get a lot more money, combat pay, baq pay and what ever else.mitch

    • Whiting EJ(MT1)SS

      My friend I am retired US Submarine Service. There are no civilian leaders. Only political Corporatists who want more money for their military industrial profits: War Profiteers.


      I don’t know how the BAH/BAS and COLA numbers are calculated. But I do know that gas prices remain high and are increasing, home energy costs are at an all time high and continue to increase, food prices continue to rise and the only item that has come down consistently over the last 3 years is housing prices. But even interest rates are again rising.

      I retired two years ago and all of the articles in the AF Times said that although military pay rates have started to come into line with their civilian counterparts. That is why targeted pay raises started. I believe this was an effective way to give pay raises. With that said, I don’t think the military as a whole could have spent more money on changing uniform styles over the last 5 years. We have changed patters colors and even boots. I wore some of the new uniforms and can hardly figure out the reasons behind some.

      Although technology will ultimately save lives and resources, people are your most important resource always. Law makers should keep that in mind and review the formula that causes a decrease in pay and benefits when everything around us is getting more expensive.

  • Jim

    So we give TARP to the crooks running the banks who are now posting billions of dollars worth of profit and the bankers are now giving themselves HUGE bonuses.

    Conversely, the WARFIGHTERS are getting a 1.4% payraise to keep the Bankers and other frauds warm at night.

    How wonderful it is to protect the freedoms of the those who continue to defraud the government while we have our military making a pittance of a salary literally risking life and limb every day.

    Oh yeah, don’t forget that the majority in Congress making the rules have never served in the military either.

    Nice to see where we place our values…

    • ken

      I agree I seen in the news this weekend where the Wall Street Bankers were again getting millions in bonuses and they haven’t even paid off the debt to the government yet. Its such a scam makes me sick. The big banks laff all the way while the true american heros (MILITARY) get the shaft. Down with the Federal Reserve and all its cronies. If its true everyone must sacrifice how about starting at the top in the banking system???? Seen where one young guy rented a villa for $650,000 for a week for his relaxation bonus..Not taking anything away form these bankers, but please pay back what the Government bailed you out with last year

    • Whiting EJ MT1(SS)

      You are nothing but a “best business practice. That means that you will continue to be nothing more than a statistical category. Look at the language used when discussing military pay and allowances but the groups assigned to examine those issues. They use terms like ‘best business practices’ when discussion you: as you are nothing more than a tool in their game of profits.

  • Barberakb

    “This article states that most servicemembers will not feel the impact reduction in BAH. This is true only because the reduction in BAH is barely offset by the 1.4% pay raise.”

    No, this is true because your BAH is protected from dropping. Unless you PCS your BAH will never go down. You will get an increase if BAH rises but if it drops and you are already stationed there you will still get the higher rate.

    • Matt

      I believe that if you are demoted you get the new (lower) BAH rate. If you are promoted, however, you’ll receive the higher of the two (old lower-rank BAH, or new higher-rank BAH).

      • Dan

        Well in the article it states that it protects it until a status change. A promotion is a status change.

        • Matt

          Took about 45 seconds to locate this via Google. Try it.

          Individual Rate Protection
          Individual rate protection prevents decreases in housing allowances, as long as the status of a service member remains unchanged. This means that service members are entitled to the 1 January published BAH rate or the amount of housing allowance they were paid on 31 December, whichever is larger. Rate protection continues until the status of a service member changes due to:
          ♦ Permanent Change of Station (PCS)
          ♦ Reduction in paygrade
          ♦ Change in dependent status
          Note that the definition of change of status does not include promotions. Also, note that BAH distinguishes between with-dependents and without-dependents, not the number of dependents.

          • MommaDink

            So with my hubby serving over seas’ for the next two years while we are still in the states, will we have BAH lowered or will it stay the same? His status has changed but ours hasn’t. Still have a mortgage to pay since we can’t afford to sell in this market.

    • eric

      ya i’m moving to fort bragg. my bah goes down $200 and the prices of rent… haha, they never adjusted it. they will keep it that high because they know they can

    • ssg p

      I recently pcs’d to an area where bah was lower and because I moved after Jan 1st it lowered again. Fortunately I manage my money well so I can afford to pay out of pocket the extra expenses that bah should cover. However the new bah rate in this area will get you an unsafe neighborhood and substandard education for your children if you have any. Well that was my little vent for the day.

  • Marvin McGee Sr.

    The fury of all military and retirees should be brought to bear on our lawmakers, Congress almost automatically approves free money to foriegn countries and corrupt bankers. When will they realize that America was built on the backs of our young men and women in the military. The retirees served their country well in and out of harms way but are saddled with broken promises and miniscule cost of living. An E-7 retired in 1992 is still an E-7 and should receive the same as what an E-7 that retires in 2010 does or at least his retirement should be graduated over the years but what does he get, now we pay for the healthcare, though less than civilian counterparts for something that was promised and guaranteed to us if we served our country and retired. Our civilan leaders have led us down the primrose path with false promises. This has not only occurred with this administration but with previous ones. Civilan counterparts argue that we chose to stay in the military so deal with it. I can but where would this country and our ungrateful politicians be now without our military. Now there is talk of military pay freezes and more cost to retirees on Tri-Care that was promised to be free health care for life. We were sold a bill of goods, I would not trade my 22 years in the military for 5 years in government. I can keep my head up and sleep at night knowing my service benefitted this great nation. How about you? (politicians)

    • Whiting EJ MT1(SS)

      Well said brother.

  • Matt

    I’m currently not in the military but interested in joining. However, this is an interesting topic and I’d like to comment from a private employee perspective.

    I understand that it seems unfair to not get what you usually get and yes the military deserves better pay than civillian government employees, however, everyone in the country is tightening their belts. Private, public, etc. The military should not be exempt.

    Though the military does protect the country, the private sector drives the economic production that funds the military. Without substantial tax increases that would really burden the entire country, it is impossible to continually sustain COLA and inflation increases regardless of our economic condition for the ever-growing government operations while the private sector continues to contract. Unless the private sector starts growing, you should continue to expect cuts in spending for all government operations if we have a responsible government.

    Now, if the government started to scale back all of the social welfare programs and used that money toward military pay increases and reducing the defacit, I would be 100% on board with that plan. Let’s see what the new House cooks up.

    • John C

      You make a good point that all of us need to tighten our belts. Thru the last 21 years,I’ve seen both sides, the large raises and now next to nothing but at least I am still employed. My nephews just entering the civilian work force are struggling to find jobs and my wife, a public school teacher hasn’t had a raise in 2 years so 1.4% is better than nothing
      But why cut 10% from the defense budget, which is 10% of the federal budget (save 1% of federal budget spending?) when our welfare, food stamps, prison population and overseas aid take almost half of our budget? Shouldn’t those programs also take some cuts.
      I volunteer to be the bad guy and be the first one to say ” Egypt, I’m sorry but I can only give you $1 BILLION dollars this year instead of $1.6 BILLION, I hope you understand” And why are we giving RUSSIA $112 MILLION for THEIR military. SUPPOSEDLY the cold war is over but why help them rebuild it? They are still an adversary not an allie.

    • Whiting EJ MT1(SS)

      Be very careful about your decision. Our military has become not much more than a corporate tool for free market expansion. Our misguided invasion of Iraq has turned out to be such folly; the traitor cheney knew that there were no legitimate reasons for invading Iraq; there were however huge corporate profits to be had in lucrative oil deals. Be very aware that you life will be put on the line to protect Multinational Corporations profits

    • oifvet7607

      Hey Matt, I’d hate to slap you with the reality-check backhand, but your misguided comment leaves me no choice. First and foremost, NOT “everyone in the country is tightening their belt”! Your private sector CEOs, Wall St bankers, and other corporate criminal scum continue to rake in millions in bonuses in a disasterous recession, despite being bailed out one yr ago and not paying Uncle Sam a dime back. They only “tighten” (and let go) what threatens their shareholder value, ie the employees whose efforts directly sourced their company’s fortunes. These are the only individuals truly cutting spending because they cannot find work and they have no other choice!

    • oifvet7607

      Secondly, dont generalize about a group of people whose life you have never lived and thus, you know NOTHING about. Next time you need to duck mortars on your way to work your corporate job or have 2 armor piercing bullets hit within 2 ft of your cubicle, gimme a call. Next time you come back from an assignment with your buddies missing limbs and half their face blown off, gimme a call and THEN tell me if you still think “the military is no exeption.” The military IS and always has been an exception for the 230 yrs the US has existed. The US govt is engaged in 2, two hundred and twenty billion dollar per yr foreign wars with no long term exit strategy and no guarantee we wont have to return. In 10yrs of conflict, no politician knows exactly what to do (even though thats what theyre payed and elected for) and there is no guarantee of success in the hands of the individuals they plan to leave control in. Nontheless, it is being executed by us, not you in the private sector. We go where the politicians tell us to, whether the decision is rational or fanatical.

    • oifvet7607

      Paying the military in regular and signifigant increases IS the “responsible govt” thing to do for people who are on duty 24/7, make about 80 cents per hr, and put their life on the line every damn day for quite frankly, a political game of russian roulette.

    • oifvet7607

      Last but not least, the private sector’s economic production does not fund the military. Tax dollars and appropriated funds do, period. Whether the economy thrives or really sucks, there will always be taxes. And as long as the US wants to remain a superpower, there will always be a military, a budget, and there will always be a battlefield. The current govt is not “ever growing”, military operations and spending are only 4% of the GDP. That brings the question of what the hell else is tax dollars being used for? Bottom line, COLA and other incentives can be funded, it requires a pro-military mindframe, going after the companies that were bailed out and making them pay back, and a president not predisposed with jackass initiatives such as socialist healthcare. And lets not forget, Iraq and Afghanistan owe us millions for all that we’ve done for their barren wastelands for 10 years. Start collecting on that and you’ll have money to fund military pay increases, incentives, and a whole bunch of other things we need.

    • oifvet7607

      Social welfare initiatives will not be scaled back or cut with a democratic administration in power. If you ever join a military branch and sign your life away to Uncle Sam for 4 – 6 yrs, you’ll know why is say what i do.

    • Alliana

      Since you are not in the military you do not know how our families live. Take the other civilian professions that are on call mostly 24/7–firefighter, police officer etc. We don’t make anywhere near what these comparable jobs make. Everyone talks about when you add in BAH we get more but look at the salaries. You cannot compare our lives with that of civilians in general. I think the military deserves their raises. I am former Army member and I am married to a current Army member so I know what military life is like.

    • willie harris

      You are an idiot.

    • Mike

      Let us not forget the one trillion dollars the federal government wasted recently on a so called “bailout” of mismanaged megacorporations. I for one am sick of the democrats talking about reduction in spending at the cost of the military. we are still engaged on two fronts with no real end insight. if their end state is a smaller, cheaper military then they will get it…as many highly skilled soldiers will leave in droves for a more lucrative civilian career.

    • alana

      yeah thats true that the civilian world fund the military, yes its true that these uniformed service members chose to sign their life away to (OMG), protect our country!!!! shame on them for not wanting to be screwed over when they are putting their lives on the line and suffer being away from home either through deployments or simply through orders. PLEASE give me a break from all the PROPAGANDA the ECI is trying to drill into my head.

      When ALL members involved in the federal gov. budget plan to take a pay cut themselve, when the President can say “hey since being pres. allows me and my family to live for free, i dont need the money im making this term”, then I’ll sure our military wouldnt mind taking a pay cut. But to use the mere fact that they chose to serve should not be any excuse for them not to be upset. Because at the end of the day SOMEBODY gotta do the job because without a military, this country wouldnt be what it is today.

    • WAYNE


    • eric

      matt, all i have to say is… come in as a private. deploy 3 times, married and some mouths to feed. let me know after your stressed out how this “tightening belt” process goes.

    • I’ll toss this in….as a former soldier and an army spouse of 23 yrs…..look at the compensation differences of 9/11. Families of civilians were paid millions in compensation for their losses…..families of military were given the month in combat pay (a whole $150.00) and their pay was federally tax free that month and they got their military serviceman’s group life insurance. Anyone who was at the pentagon that day received the combat pay and the tax exclusion and that was it. Thanks for dying that day for your nation in a terrorist attack…..but that was it…..

    • Jessica

      Lower enlisted personnel barely get paid as it is with many families being slightly above the poverty line. I am angry because I know how much civilian contractors get paid overseas, to do the same job that the military does, for two to three times the pay, TAX FREE. The army and the government needs to look in their own house before cutting pay and benefits for the military. They need to look into their government contracts and start cutting there, because chances are that there are many contracts that are not needed and expensive to keep. Military is already cheap labor and I feel its insulting that they are even considering pay and benefits with the sacrifices that the military has done the last ten years. By the way, the reason that health has gone up so much is because more soldiers come back from Iraq and multiple deployments with PTSD, and other horrible injuries. Go visit Walter Reed Hospital in DC one of these days to get a reality check.

    • mike l

      lets drop the people off of welfare first… stop giving money away in form of aid to foreign governments, then cut congress pay, medicare, foodstamp programs prior to giving the military a cut first.

  • Rick9000

    Well Said Marvin. Retirees don’t get a pay raise for the second consecutive year.
    We won’t get one next year, either. Our raise depends on Social Security (SS) COLA. We received a “stimulus” check for $250 in ’09 with the caveat it would take care of our SS COLA for 3 years. Retiree’s who also receive SS, or VA Disability will get no pay raise for any of them. The reason is they are also predicated on the SS COLA. Hope it saves the Government Millions!

    • Guest

      And even worse, our retirement pay gets reduced yet AGAIN. As of March 2011, there will be $32.20 less in my retirement check. I guess if I were to ask my Congressional representative (a knuckleheaded Democrat) he’d only say it’s to ‘reduce the deficeit’. I’ll definitely keep this in mind as I vote against him (for the umteeth time) in 2012, along with this poor excuse for a Commander In Chief.

      • tdhowell

        Please feel free to explain how your retirement is going down in March. I have not seen any new laws that would reduce our retirement checks.

  • BAH guy

    Alot of good points here.

    1) Military service members deserve fair and reasonable pay
    2) BAH will not decrease unless you PCS
    3) BAH is based in part on the local housing market, and that has seen decline over the last few years. Its arguable that BAH has inflated due to the recently burst “Housing Bubble” for some areas
    4) BAH is also subject to “appropriation risk” – that is, it is also based on the changing needs of the Military (BAH and pay is all part of retention), the changing missions, and of course, the National Deficit in very simple terms.
    5) You can expect the military to participate in a certain amount of belt tightening over the next few years as the country (read: politions looking for reelection) begins to tire of excersizing the military for multoiple deployments, theatres, and peacekeeping operations that have dubious benefit to Joe Sixpack. That and it costs a bundle – expect the deficit to take a much larger role in teh annual budget process than it ever has.
    6) you will feel the impact to the extent you are not living on base supplied housing, so that was a bit of misleading PR in the article

  • sam luquis

    What in the heck we expect? Looky-here. Over 250 billion will go for veterans who are all messed up due to injuries. another 300 billion for us that ended up crazy and retarded. Another 400 billion for the related that got infected by all of the spraying in soo many locations around this precious world. Soo, they will be only a couple of years B-4 weeee are to see another nice raise.

  • 25Bwife

    I am an Army Wife so maybe my opinion doesn’t matter “as much” but I will give it anyway.
    I am so tired of the military being compared to the private sector. No one in the private sector dodges bullets and worries 24/7 about road side bombs. My husband does computers and when needed he will have to grab a weapon to defend himself as well as his battle buddies. Maybe if those at Dell had to work on a computer and shoot a M16 to defend themselves and their Coworkers and the pays were still simular there would be an argument. Also for the same job with a contractor we are talking 6 figures so go figure. Yes this is a job that is more self service then making $ cause you will never be rich ! I just feel to compare any military career to that of the safe private sector even by salary is a slap in the face. Instead of cutting the military or short changing them in any way how about cutting the 175,000 a yr of those in Washington or those big tax cuts for the wealthy? It’s time for the partys to quit fighting and come together (since fighting hasn’t worked) and come together and work on issues and that might include sacrifices for them also !

    • 25BWife – thank you! I am also an Army wife and Army mother and there is no way the wide-spread responsibility of our service members can be compared in any form to the the civilian sector. What is the minimum wage in this country? How much does an employee at McDonald’s receive per hour? How much does our service members receive per hour? They certainly don’t work 8 hours per day. My husband, just today, worked 11 hours and then was called out for a 12 mile batalion ruck march which is scheduled for 4 hours. I agree that service members should receive the same pay as civilians. Lets start by giving them minimum wage!

      • Dani

        I totally agree. My husband has been in 14 years and still is concidered in the poverty catagory. Im tired of hearing about how much money we supposedly make. We barely are making it here. As for putting money away, how? when your living paycheck to paycheck. And there is also no such thing as overtime pay for all the extra hours they have to put in.

  • A/C Sr. NCO

    I always enjoy hearing from our elected officials about how the people need to cut back yet those elected officials chosen to represent us end up with nice pay raises and benefits for life (not Tricare either) after only a few years service….while as stated earlier, the military get to pay for their benefits.

    If the government health care overhaul was so great, why don’t the elected officials have to participate in it as well….or at least have to participate in Tricare like the military….hey, they can elect Tricare Prime too….

    I recently overheard a comment from someone that elected officials should be paid while in office – when they leave, their pay and benefits stop…sort of like a military member who ETS’es – how is it that their pay and benefits are not cut like ours when they leave office only after a few short years – not having to serve some “x” number of years in order to receive benefits such as military members do?

    Things that make you go hmmm…

    • Mac

      Ever wonder why senate candidates spend millions of their own money to “win” a job that pays less than $175,000 a year? Hmmmmmmm.

    • erin

      I truly wish and pray that the elected officials would have to use the MTF’s in the DC area as “Tricare Prime” patients……… oh the changes we would see!

  • Josh

    I fail to see why BAH is being cut for those who don’t fall under “rate protection”. Most CONUS USAF bases I’ve been to pay a subpar BAH rates based on the immediate surrounding area just outside of base (ie. Trailer parks, Section 8 housing, The ****in’ woods, etc.) instead of a more realistic rate based on the more safer/cleaner areas most military and civilian personnel alike tend to live at. Plus, I’ve watched rent in my area go UP and services in my lease cut at the same time.

    To cut BAH now without an explanation/statistics to explain such an absurd move is a huge slap in the face and an insult to our intelligence.

  • Dan

    Alright.. I’ve looked a bit now but can’t seem to find out for sure, but what I want to know is will I get the reduced BAH when I get promoted? If so, I honestly think that’s ridiculous. My mortgage hasn’t dropped at all. It does say that if will change to the reduced rate if a status change occurred.
    Does anyone know anything about that?

    • Chris

      No your BAH won’t be less that what you are currently getting as long as you remain in the same geographical area.

    • Doug

      Yes Dan, youre going to get screwed just like me.

    • Jason

      Your BAH will go up when you get promoted.

  • steve

    What will the retirees getting this year from Obama? Last year big fat 0!

  • Peace4Us

    Why blame civilians for pay cuts? I’ve never been in armed forces and literally and delibrately refused my rights to work since so called CIA and other FEDERAL entity’s claim to be taking over the country. I were forced to had lost my home and all property due to the ex and his daddy forcing me to play their victim for an illegal conspiracy and then find out 2 years later that this gang of trash that claim to be intelligent are involved in my life through a Classified confidential top secret project/ scam. Why would federal involve innocent and defenseless people in their scams here in home of the free because of the brave, good ole USA? We’re being raped just like you and ontop of that tortured just because they can, why? I’m a civilian and should never be involved in anything like this. How about all those millions of foreclosures that had happened over the last 6 years alone? They were framed just like myself. Sad thing is this gang of inhumane trash claim to be ex military, Marine, Navy and Air Force. Why??????

  • 23yearstillactive

    It is funny that we don’t get a decent pay raise but they will send us over seas at a moments notice to protect the interests of the U.S.. Majority of service members are separated from their families so the costs increase. The families costs dont go down and since we are deployed we are adding to our cost of living while apart. I just don’t get it why our needs are taken so lightly, our families are now expected to do as the military does every year as well, do more with less!

  • Paul R.

    As long as military members (both active and retired) have or are currently willing to embrace the possibility of eating bullets for a wage there can be no such thing as parity with the civilian sector pay scales.

  • SF Man

    I am retired after 22 years, in which most of that was in Special Forces. (Green Beret Type) I am from the old school of Military …January 55-May 77. As most know during that time frame we didnt draw much money for what we did all over the world. As a SF Trooper I was deployed most of the ime. My Retirement pay as a MSG was About 500.00 a month. Not much better now in comparison to a 22 year govt. ret employ of the same length of service. I never could live on my military retirement no matter wherre I lived. Not so with other Govt. retired employees, who draw big salaries and did nothing in comparrison to the active military. Yes I was in Viet Nam for a total of 7 years and I draw no additional pay from sickness due to countries I was stationed. Healthy I am at 73. Thank God for that or else I would be out to pasture as many other vets. We all was and are screwed by our leaders in high places. Nothing ever changes, still a bumch of BS for all military families. God Bless all of military and their families and thank you for your service. Stand strong be safe. Wonder what they would do in the head shed if we had no military. SF Man.

  • Tina







    • Guest

      If you only knew where fed money was being wasted (thrown around like monopoly money) you would never, ever speak the way you do.
      I know where it is, and it makes me furious, like spitting furious that military is being targeted. Believe me, what you hear on the news, is not the true story.

      • Tina

        I agree that money is wasted. but for the here and now…where we are in our place in this world. Would rather do it with a smile on our faces and know that we are doing our part. That is just the way it is. We dont get caught up in all the things we cannot change. dont have that kind of pull! trust me if we could…im sure it would be better for everyone. but even then we would ALL STILL HAVE TO COME TOGETHER AND DO OUR PART!!!! We ALL LIVE ALOT OUT OF OUR MEANS….and that in turn has caused this money crisis to begin with. and if we would have not done that..then guess what…we may have got a better a pay raise and BAH would not be lowered.

    • Tina

      My husband said it best…you are either a BOOT…not married and if you are you treat your wife like crap!!!!! I mean this is what you think of the people who stand by and support you when you go off and fight and die for your country!!!!

      And after 3 deployments and counting..and being a spouse in the corps for 7yrs and counting. Watcihng my husband go through a brain tumor removal I think in the right to comment here. Considering BAH is given due to him being married to me.

      I was not aware that being deployed and fighting for our country made you an expert in military pays. THANKS AGAIN FOR THE REALISM. YOU ARE IGNORANT!!!

      • mare

        I know some people that receive BAH and single military in hubbys work. So not all families only receive BAH. They just have to be approved by boss. So the comment on he receives BAH because of you and child is not 100 percent accurate.

    • Saik0

      Tina, I’ve read all the responses you wrote to the responses here and have found that you are indeed extremely ignorant. I am in the military as well and will be for a long time to come.

      Here’s a little math for you… I guesstimate about 2.5 million soldiers are in ALL of the armed forces (Including reserves). So you give back 480 a year you say? That’s a mere 1.2 billion “given” back according to you if every service member did it. We’ve “given” over 50 Billion to GM and Chrysler alone. So what did we accomplish by pushing financial strain onto service members rather than fix spending issues within the government. statistically nothing, a mere 2.4 percent of that debt. soldiers deserve that 480 spoil themselves at the very least.

      I willing to take a pay cut since it’s the recession and every other American is feeling the sting of it, but not when senators are making 170,000 a year and feeling virtually nothing of it, except maybe they couldn’t get another yacht they wanted this year. On top of that we’re funding many billions into useless things like trying to bait companies to use magnesium in car manufacturing… I think that if using such metals was worthwhile to the company they would look into it on their own time and resources and money to research it rather than the government wasting tax money to fund their research. There are countless other stupid things that the government funds for billions each that are not only useless and stupid, but go against common logic.

      I couldn’t care if I got a pay raise or decrease as long as it’s justified, and massive mismanagement of money doesn’t even begin to justify a decrease when in reality we make less than civilians do to begin with anyway. Someone in EOD get’s only a mere 250$ hazard bonus on top of their own base pay when the same skills applied to the civilian world means as a Demolitions expert is $66,000 which is GREATLY under-applying their skills. A job that encompasses all of their knowledge after that training would easily start at $120,000. A Certified networking professional who maintains a few simple certifications start at $100,000. If you do the similar job in the military what do you get? base pay and NO ADDED INCENTIVES. And don’t even mention sign on bonuses… yeah because $50,000 over 6 years is so much money (still a $40,000 difference in yearly income PER YEAR)

      People aren’t complaining that we’re getting pay-cuts. They’re complaining that the government is taking our pay and shoving into useless crap that in the end helps nothing. Instead of spending on things that are useful such as defending our land, interests and people.

    • eric

      Tina, this is really stupid to say. BAH got decrease so much where i’m going to and because the landlords have not changed their rates, i’m paying out of pocket. it still is a pay cut no matter what way you look at it.

    • Marineandwife

      WOW! Really? I was in the Marine Corps for 5 years. One enlistment… had a 5 year contract in avaiation. I was injured and get VA disability. For one I have not had a cost of living increase in 2 years now. So ALL the veterans are already “helping” this country by not getting a pay raise. Now I am also a SSGTs wife. He just got home from 7 months in Aghan, got shot at every time he flew. He is a little off to say the least. Where do you get off acting like you are doing your patriotic duty by taking a pay cut? Are you aware how much our “representatives” make? 435 in the house and 50 in the senate = 485 making over 170K a year and they DO NOT Pay taxes. They get HUGE benefits, cars, staff to take care of them… etc. SO WHY IS IT FAIR for the military to have to give up their HARD EARNED money when a bunch of CROOKS & LIARS give nothing?????? I can not believe you have no problem with the country doing this to your family? We who sacrifice everything… and these Jerks who give nothing ZERO to this nation we fight and protect and die for!!!

      • marineandwife

        We do our part everyday… and do not deserve to have our money messed with on top of it. Oh and I guess you support the 4.5 billion Obama wants to cut to the VA as well… Who is gonna take care of your hubby if he gets hurt? The president also wants us to start paying for our health care… And maybe you dont realize but we are tax payers!!!! Then you sit on your high horse and call every one ignorant that responds… real nice… You are the ignorant one… You do not even see what is on the verge of happening to our military, our vets…sad…. Keep on sitting in your box with your blinders on.

  • Mike Jarrett

    Hey Matt, I understand that you are interested in joining the military ? If this is true your opinion will change immediately upon entry into the military especially after a few months of receiving your pay and you witness exactly how little you really end up with !!
    Also you spoke of congress cutting social welfare programs, don’t you think that congress and all of our elected officials should be cutting items like earmarks,special interests, corporations- especially the ones who take the jobs overseas and any other programs like those that DO NOT provide use of the tax dollars to programs for the American citizens who pay in the tax dollars ?? How about the President and all of congress doing everything possible to keep ALL PROGRAMS for AMERICAN CITIZENS WELL BEING FUNDED before $1.00 dollar leaves this country to benefit anyone else or any other country !! Especially those countries that refuse to support the US policies but still accept the funds the US CITIZENS GIVE TO THEM. GET IT, GIVE TO THEM, WHY ???
    Good luck to you if you decide to join the military in the future Matt.

  • BonnieL

    Part 2: Active duty (past/present) like to say “we don’t get paid as much as civilians” don’t realize the things they do get while not in dollar figure in their monthly pay. You have 30 days annual leave, civilians if lucky get 10. You will learn how valuable that is. You stay home if sick (with/without a doctor’s note) depending on command… as a civilian, you have 5-10 days sick annual without your pay being docked. You receive money for BAS/BAQ and COLA… as a civilian these are paid from your regular salary. You have free medical, dental, vision etc… as a civilian we pay for all of that. If you have school children & they are sick, a sick spouse or school is closed due to inclement weather, most likely your command will let you stay or go home early to take care of them… guess what not as a civilian you lose part of your annual leave. If your post/base closes due to weather… you stay home. Civilians (who get paid so much) must take unscheduled leave. You have fitness centers (free)… civilians pay up to 200 a month for this ‘privilege’. Some entitlements are worth more than money!

    • Tina

      Again Bonnie. You said it. I know from looking at my father inlaws retirement pay and to his retirement. We get paid way more today than they did 20yrs ago. It is a HUGE difference in todays pay. And you are right…all these incentives receive around the country for our service…those things if you added money to them would be huge and that is for one person let alone all the military combined. I do not usually post on threads either…but when I had a wife at my house the other day talking about the BAH decrease by 40…and I have told her we were grandfathered in….she then commented “they just cant take away our pay”…I said to her…BAH is an incentive…not part of our pay….technically supposed to be for housing. I dont know what job out there gives you that incentive. Something to be grateful for! Nice to see someone who is blessed with what they know they have! You are a rarity:)

      • Brian

        BAH being an incentive…it’s almost a necessity! Could you imagine having to pay your mortgage/rent, utilities and everything else if BAH was taken away; it would put you so far below poverty level you wouldn’t know what to do. It is factored in as part of our annual compensation if you care to note that when you (your husband) receive that report yearly.

        I have been in the military for 16 years (Army & Air Force) and I have never seen morale among all services lower. The suicide rate is the highest it’s ever been and the opstempo is ever increasing along with deployments of which I have been on twice!

        Don’t get me wrong, I feel fortunate to have a job in these tough times. I am also lucky to have had my education paid for while on active duty and able to pursue my master’s degree.

        Most of the people who have posted comments were referring to what SEEMS to be a pay cut. They have every right to do so, politicians can afford a pay freeze because their salary doesn’t have them living paycheck to paycheck.

        PS … Don’t YELL at me about how you know nothing about your HUSBAND’s pay when you obviously do!

        • BonnieL


          I am so sorry you seem to think you have this figured out. I am not Tina, so unless your comment above is addressed to Tina, I think you need to rethink your position/comment.

          I retired from the USAF (over 10 yrs ago), my husband also spent 12yrs in service (not able to retire because of an aneurism which required brain surgery) … I know about military pay because I was military and served in the armed forces for over 20 years….

  • NamVet70Retired

    So the pay caught up with the civilian sector. Wow. Just great. Fantastic. Really wonderful. Yahoo!! (massive sarcasm just incase you missed it). I have YET too see any of these “civilian” sector jobs, other than law and fire enforcement, that puts their butts on the line every day for the protection of the people. 99% of them just go and come from work and don’t worry about it. Right. Finally “equal!” (More sarcasm intended!!)

  • NamVet70Retired

    PS: to 25BWife above: Sweetheart, YOU serve also. You serve your husband’s duty with what you do too support him. I know I am proud of my wife’s service. You can be also. Speak on.

    • Tina

      Thank you for saying that to her. Having to read the response on my comment that because Im a spouse and I know nothing about pay and so on. Nice to see someone understand that us spouses. I honestly dont like like to be the spouse in regards to the mockery that comes with..I may not get on the bus to go take care of business….but we all we to make sure you all come home. Thank you for not being an ignorant poster:)

  • Chris

    I think that we would all be allot more willing to accept our new pay arrangments if we saw our civilian leaders and other goverment services limited to the same changes.

  • Tina

    OKAAAAY…Im a military spouse and I know nothing about pay???? GET OVEr YOURSELF AND HONESTLY SHUT UP! Thank you for proving how ignorant you are. Thank you really. It has been real!! I know alot about pays and so on. Just because I dont drop his rank on my collar everyday day does not mean anything. And I have every right to make this comment. CONSIDERING HE GETS BAH CAUSE OF ME AND OUR DAUGHTER!!! People like you should not even be serving. My COMMENT IS FAR FROM DUMB! IT IS THE TRUTH! AND MANY OTHER MILITARY MEMBERS AGREE WITH ME! YOU COMMENT WAS DUMB AND THEN SOME! YOU ARE PROOF OF IGNORANT AMERICA!

    • Jim Curtis

      Tina, I am a retired Air Force veteran and I don’ t mind “doing my part”. What I do mind is our Government cutting my pay and benefits while giving billions of taxpayers dollars to countries that don’t like us and never will. I am tired of our congressmen saying that the retirees, disabled veterans, and people on social security don’t need a raise and then turn around and vote themselves a 20% raise. I think congressmen should have to try and live on $600.00 per month social security like some of the people they don’t need a raise do.

  • Tina

    Thank you Bonnie…well said. Im apparently a militray spouse who has no place commenting on my husbands pay…as to what ignorant man commented on my post said.

    People just dont get it. People think we are so ENTITLED to everything…and then to hear Military members gripe and complain about what they have. Yes thier job is crazy…so is a cop..or fireman..any job that puts your life in danger.

    Im tired of the whining. People need to be thankful. We need more of that. Or seriously this country is going to crap.

    • BonnieL

      Tina, That is too bad. So many folks seem to need to bring someone else down to make themselves feel better. My husband who was also a vet (12yrs, went thru brain surgery on active duty) was treated horribly when he became a military/dependant spouse. Its uncalled for regardless the reason. Spouses support each other whether they be active duty or what the military likes to call “dependant spouses”. I find in very rare cases are they dependant but rather supportive. Any active duty member who denies his/her spouse was equally ‘on-duty’ does not give their spouse credit and should be ashamed. It does not make them incapable of understanding the meaning of the word “budget:.

    • Guest

      I agree with you completely, I am a veteran and have deployed 3 times during my time in the Army, but I understand that we aren’t the only ones who sacrifice our lives and families there are police officers who put themselves in harms way every day to protect our communities. I also believe strongly about living below our means, and people need to understand that being in the military we are provided with so much. I mean where do they think the money comes from to build fitness centers that we can go to and even bring guests to, or the single soldiers who can receive free meals every day and shelter,and free medical care, the military receives so much money and if it means reducing pay raises and not increasing BAH to help do our part then so be it.

  • Tina

    I just want to also note…government jobs have a two year pay freeze. We were about to be in the same slot and they didnt. AGAIN SOMETHING TO BE THANKFUL FOR!!!!


  • Tina

    In the words of my husband…either your a boot, not married and if you are you obviously treat your wife like shit and have no regard for the people that live and support the people who go off and put their life on the line everyday.

    Been a Marine Corps Spouse for over 7yrs and counting. DONT INSULT ME OR ANY OTHER WIFE ON THIS BOARD! GET SOME RESPECT!

    • Tes

      Anyone who argues by throwing insults and hitting the CAPS LOCK is hardly someone to be taken seriously, military status or not. As a military wife myself I do not agree with you. Not every families situation is the same, not every station is the same, not all the risks are the same across the board.

      The argument is why are people who take these risks and sign 4+ years of their life to their country the ones to take a stab in the back, when the people who choose to push this decision on us lose nothing…

      *Waiting for my caps insults now*

  • Tina

    And another thing WILLY BOY….my husband just had a BRAIN TUMOR removed from his head last June….TRICARE COVERED THE COSTS OF 88000…SHOULD I COMPLAIN SOME MORE ABOUT MONEY!!!???? Tell me again about how I dont know about his job or what I go through!!! I think 3 deployments and counting and a brain tumor removal is enough to KNOW WHAT IM TALKING ABOUT!


  • SF Engineer

    I think often times it is very easy for people to get upset over matters of principal., this is a perfect example. In the scope of things the money is not really all that much. The argument that “we put our lives on the line” only carries so much weight with me as it is all a matter of perspective. I am an SF Engineer and have been on 8 rotations so far over the 14 years I have been in. I would say that my level of putting my “life on the line” and some dude working on computers inside the fence are very different. I enjoy my work, don’t get overly excited about too many things and am quite happy and grateful with my current military compensation. I agree with some of the above posts. If you are really that unhappy about losing a couple bucks from BAH go find a job on the outside and leave the heavy lifting too the people who enjoy what they do.

  • Peace4Us

    Can some one explain what BAH is? As per one of these posts it seems that active miliary can collect it if married and with child in which sounds to me as if it’s a bribe same as foreigners marrying Americans just to remain in our country! This must be just another federal waste!

    • BonnieL

      BAH – Basic Allowance for housing. In a nutshell, if you are unmarried and single you may live on post/base in dormitories (similar to college campuses but bigger/better in most cases). If you are above a certain rank, married or have a child you are authorized based on your rank a certain amount of $$ to live on the civilian economy (ie. buy/rent a house/apartment) and the gov’t gives you 80% (of your rank’s total allotment or 80% of your rent whichever is within the authorized amount) for your rent/utitilites based on where you live. So you as a civilian (I am guessing) you have to pay rent out of your salary… the gov’t provides an monitary entitlement to active duty members to do that in lieu of having families or higher ranking personnel living in dormitories.

      • sgravey

        Military personnel also get BAH if they are single, it’s not just for military personnel who have dependants.

    • eric

      god your stupid. my wife and i are both american’s and we are both children of spouses who came from overseas (our father’s were military).

      • Barbara

        How rude!!

  • BonnieL

    BTW, not a federal waste. It keeps families together when the military re-assigns an active duty member to a new location whether it be stateside or overseas. I seriously doubt that the military would be as efficient as it is if all members had to be single.

  • Peace4Us

    That’s nice Bonnie! It helps to keep families together for active duty members. I don’t know about efficency and are more than sure there’d be mounds more waste if active duty or vets had to remain single.
    This is disgusting to me as a civilian! I have a gang of what I must deem heartless and extremely cruel trash deeming them selves CIA with intelligence illegally involved in my life. They have deliberately raped my rights to work as if they literally own the world and it’s all because they can for their lame reasons in which is beyond me. This is the type of waste that this country does not need because it revolves around their cheap thrills for nonsense reasons, something that I’ll never be made aware of!

  • Peace4Us

    It is so sad that they claim to be taking the country over by purposely violating innocent and defenselesses rights to no end while being forced to suffer due to their abilities and others suffer naturally!
    I’d love to see them forced back into a cold war and or executed for such inhumane cruelty to people as a result for their expertise with this program.
    I am being watched every second of my day by them and even told that they’ll take my life since they are so sick minded!!

  • patriot

    Most of us here did not join the military for the money, we joined for a sense of being part of something bigger than ourselves and protecting our families and our way of life.

    Tina is right, our country needs us again, but in a different way.

    I am disheartened by the selfish, me, me, me attitude that I am seeing in this forum and in the military in General.

    If you don’t like the pay and that is what you are here for, then get out and get a job on the market…Oh I forgot there isn’t any jobs out there and that is why many of you are still in and yet you still complain.

    look yourself in the mirror and remind yourself why we are here. And for god sake don’t let your troops here you whine like this.

    Semper Fi,

  • tonyroam

    Nothing for us retirees in 3 years!

  • Nancy

    Both my boys are in the army. Its ashame we can take care of other countries with all our money. But we can’t take care of the people who keep us safe. Somethings not right!!!!!!! Stay strong !!!!!

  • Peace4Us

    So Nancy, how do we AMERICANS resolve this? I’m darn game if anyone else is to begin a petition in front of the White House, Sen Webb, Sen Warner and any other that you all might have in mind.
    You have no clue as to what my life has been for the last 10 years or so and I’ll fight til death if need be!
    Let’s go folks, I can write up a petition here on this world wide web, are you with me?

  • Peace4Us

    I’m with you Patriot, Semper Fi, although I’m a civilian!

  • Jamie

    I am “just” a military wife, but I get so mad when it comes to this issue. It is ridiculous to try to compare military and civilian jobs. How do the calculate the cost of Daddy being away from his kids and wife??? How do they calculate the cost of the farewell when there is a good chance there won’t be a homecoming??

    • matt1544

      I agree totally with you Jamie. I think that, overall, military pay is pretty much where it should be, but there should be a big increase in family separation and other deployment-related pays.

  • Peace4Us

    It could never be calculated where missing daddy nor hubby is concerned! However you can also look at it like this. . . at least there are guaranteed wages coming in to where if civilians are not employed then we get nothing! If we are fired we get nothing depending on state that we live in outside of unemployment in which military can collect also and are also more apt to get it due to their being armed forces members.
    If one were killed in combat there is a lot more help for wifes and children of that soldier than there is for civilians unless theres a hefty life insurance policy!
    I honestly detest sounding so negaive on military’s behalf however are being forced to do such on behalf of a group of individuals that deem themselves CIA’s officials.
    I personally think that there are huge differences between military and civilians wages, finances and so forth while we must struggle to get what we want and need and you get those discounts on nearly everything you purchase!
    There is so much division here in UNITED States it’s actually pitiful!!

  • matt1544

    Members of Congress *do* need to obtain their own health insurance after leaving office, unless they are immediately eligible for retirement benefits – which most are not.

  • Peace4us

    What is COLA if you don’t mind my asking!

    • eric

      it’s needed because overseas, prices are typically higher. what may cost $1 in the states may cost $3 based on location. this typically changes also as result of the exchange rate overseas. when the euro was sky high, military members collected more “COLA” because basic items actually become quite expensive. it’s no fault of the service member being placed there. really, you do not make money off this unless your very fruggle

  • BonnieL

    cost-of-living-adjustments (COLA). See original Article it has a link

  • Paul Brown

    WELL THE RICH WIN AGAIN,it always have been the rich and beaucratics, to run things, I think some presidents mean well, but what happen to all those stories told to us, about good things happening, huh have not see any really worth while seems like the buck got pass again, I wonder why and how? so who runs and control this country, I think all the rich all their money tided up in other countries,and bring stuff back here to resale to us a much highter cost, i really wonder sometime ” is america for sale” or ezactly what is the real story,, gee a they said veterans would never have to paid taxes, but it seems to me the wealthy don’t have too, it is a really sad day and time, and excuses we are feed up with false promises.

  • Chris

    Listening to 3/4th of this is driving me crazy, for the last several years military has been collecting pay bonus in a varied rate for various reasons. The complaint about BAH is a joke. If we receive an increase of 1.4% then the areas around the installation increase by 2.4%, if we receive a pay raise everyone to include the nonapproapriated business like AAFES raise their costs as well. Rate protection is a freaking joke, an arguement was made earlier about a clause about protection unless a change in status, but let’s face facts it’s a legal clause written by the government itself who can change and bend the rules as they see fit because who has the time or money to take it to a court and fight it to get it corrected. It’s big business and big brother sleeping together and leaving the middle and lower class out in the cold. Hell banks have taken advantage of the military for years, why because they can. Service members get higher intrest rates because they are placed as high risk because of their profession, but the bank won’t say that to your face or to the rest of the country. In the last 8 years there has been a huge increase in the military (Army from my experience) in the Army Emergency Relief loans and grants because we get raped around the communities we are stationed around. Why is it that there is a growing number of soldiers that are teaming up together as families and as individuals and moving into a single home together. It’s because alone they can’t afford to live there because of the total cost of living.

    God bless the American Service member because we protect our country and it’s people and way of life, but we also care for each other because the idiots in the government and thieves around the installations take from our service members like never before. It’s so bad that due to lack of budgeting our leadership has had to pull from our personal private accounts to put fuel into military equipment to make missions happen or buy our equipment out of pocket like cold weather gear and unit directed uniform alterations that were either never issued or changed without big Army authorization and approapriatiob. Granted I get a uniform allowance on an annual basis but that is to replace and repair all of my equipment or purchase new changes to equipment. Our dress uniform can cost a soldier up to $350 or more yet we receive just over $400 and we still have to repair and replace 2 sets of boots ($85 a set minimum) 4 duty uniforms ($65 minimum each minus tabs name tags and accessories) summer fitness uniforms and winter fitness uniforms (up to about $65 each) and fitness shoes and accessories like gloves ($75 and up)

    The point that I was making prior to ranting was this, unless you are a service member or a direct dependent of a member (not a friend of a friend who knew a special forces operator) you have no idea the out of pocket expenses we pay out in order to serve, and how sad it is that those protecting and provide our way of life are the ones getting put thru the financial ringer to be a SELFLESS productive citizen who gets the shaft when it comes to everything from pay to medical care or housing to even just a decent respect for the sacrifice we make on a daily basis. And God forbid our jacked up government decides to mess around and no pay due our military because they spend ignorant money on ridiculous things and bail out everyone from millionaires and banks, forign counties who allowed for their governments to become corrupt and steal from their people and waste their resources, to illegal immigrants in our own country getting free medical care paid by our tax dollars. But the hell with our middle working class, our working lower class and our military. Because we all know there is a huge pool of these people who will jump at any opportunity to get just a little bit more to improve their lives and try to live just a little more comfortably than they were before. I eat hamburger helper not because it’s convenient not because I like the taste but, because it’s all I can afford to give to my family. While government and big business is sitting around sipping on bottled water and enjoying “charity benefits” which are little more than a party to say hey look at me I can waste a ton of money to show how well to do I am.

    This country was great…. once. Now it’s become a joke, the world around us look at us a becon of hope and greatness. And now we have become a laughing stock. Our working class bickers with each other and fights for table scraps. Our upper class continues to rape our tax payers for every cent they can. Our Government is too busy trying to avoid facing the truth that they have turned their backs on the people who they are suppose to represent. And now our military is going to be told not asked to continue without pay. Of course eventually we will pay them back without intrest of course, and of course without compensation for the fact that they work more than 40 hours in a 5 day work week.

    Our nation is in ruin and there are those of you who know it and are doing your best to protect and preserve what little freedom and liberties you have left. And there are those of you who cannot get it through your heads that the American dream has been turned into a nightmare because of greedy people both rich and poor that are raping tax payers everyday and not being held accountable for their actions.

  • Former Marine

    In ’02 before Iraq, I bought my own sappy plates. Bought armor for a hummer and other necassary “safety” equipment that our civilian, unionized counterparts would throw a hissy fit over not being supplied with. Civilians can cry about conditions and file lawsuits against their workplace and such. Good luck to a military member going against their command in a court. Please. The civilian sector is filled with more greedy people that whine about their pay, but are the laziest on the job to boot. I have seen it with my own eyes. Oh you feel discriminated against, because you are lazy and want a pay raise? Here you go, you poor victim, you.