VA Starts Paying New Agent Orange Claims

On November 1, the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) announced that they had begun distributing disability benefits to Vietnam Veterans who qualify for compensation under new expanded Agent Orange exposure rules.

This means that up to 200,000 Vietnam Veterans may now be eligible to receive VA disability compensation for medical conditions recently associated with Agent Orange.  The expansion of coverage involves B-cell (or hairy-cell) leukemia, Parkinson’s disease and ischemic heart disease.

According to the VA it will likely take several months for them to begin paying the initial payments or increases to existing payments. As reported on in March of this year, it is very important for those who were exposed to Agent Orange and suffer from one of the three diseases to submit their claims as soon as possible.

Adding these conditions to the list of “presumed” Agent Orange illnesses simplifies and speeds up the application process for benefits making it so Veterans who served in Vietnam during the war with these conditions will not have to prove an association between their illnesses and their military service.

The three new presumed illnesses – B-cell (or hairy-cell) leukemia, Parkinson’s disease and ischemic heart disease – are now added to following list of presumed illnesses:

  • Acute and Subacute Transient Peripheral Neuropathy
  • Chloracne
  • Chronic Lymphocytic Leukemia
  • Diabetes Mellitus (Type 2)
  • Hodgkin’s Disease
  • Multiple Myeloma
  • Non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma
  • Porphyria Cutanea Tarda
  • Prostate Cancer
  • Respiratory Cancers
  • Soft Tissue Sarcoma (other than Osteosarcoma, Chondrosarcoma, Kaposi’s sarcoma, or Mesothelioma)
  • AL Amyloidosis

The VA is encouraging Veterans interested in applying for disability compensation under one of the three new Agent Orange presumptives should go to or call 1-800-827-1000.

About the Author

Terry Howell
Before becoming the Managing Editor for, Terry served 20 years in the U.S. Coast Guard as an Aviation Electrician’s Mate and aircrewman. In his final role in the Coast Guard, Terry served as a Career Development Advisor, where he provided career, finance, education, and benefits counseling to servicemembers and their families. Since retiring from the Coast Guard, Terry has authored the book, The Military Advantage, managed the content for TurboTap, the DoD's online transition program and VAforVets, the VA's transition assistance website. Terry earned both his Bachelor's and MBA at Corban University using Military Tuition Assistance and his GI Bill benefits to help cover the cost.
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    • DJB

      Just 1hr. ago a Vietnam Veteran got his news from the V.A. about his request for being infected with agent orange. He has been totally disabled since 1998 for congestive heart disease, Big Time operations etc. The Good News is he just received the letter, $150,000.00 in back pay & 100% disability. He was living on abou $1100.00 a month. Now if only he can live for a few more years to enjoy some of his money. I am so HAPPY for him it brings tears to my eyes just to think of how he has been living and what a god send this is going to be for him. Thanks To All!!!!!

      • Brian kirby

        Hi my name is brian kirby, i am
        Currently tryn to get my dads disability benefits and proove that his time in vietnam ge was exposed to ao. If you have any info to help that will be very appreciated. Bdizzle911@yahoo

    • Que Dub

      I have read that 2/3 of us Vietnam Vets are already dead. I know of about 6 in our platoon that are gone & another has cancer. !
      My claim was filed a year ago, nothing yet!!

    • jluv

      I remember getting a shot prior to my second tour in country (1969), it was call the gamma goblin. It left a a protrusion of the skin ….about 1/8-1/4 of an that lasted for several days. In other words I am asserting “we were used as human genie pigs for the testing of some experimental drugs, that ‘may’ have made some of use immune to certain side effects to exposure to ‘Agent Orange’. I further conclude, that the improvement of other drugs: malaria pill, salt tabs and other drugs were ‘possibly’ another contributor to immunizing some of us to certain ‘side effects’ of other possible future ailments. “My conclusion” as one who served and suffer from some of the illnesses (at the moment) but not all. Semper Fi’!!

      • USMC Doc

        You mean “Gamma Globulin”. Sorry, Devil Dog, barring an adverse reaction, you didn’t suffer disability from that shot. If anything, that most likely saved you from a wide array of SE Asian diseases. Gamma Globulin shots are still administered – and appropriately so – prior to deploying to the various armpits of the world still rife with infectious diseases.

        Doc A
        Retired wounded warrior

    • Scotto

      You are a moron.

  • Ejncjalways

    Too bad my dad died 13 years ago; attributed to agent orange. Hopefully the remaining Vets can get something from this.

    • Clem St. Louis

      lIf he died of one of hese diseases and has a widow (your mom perhaps). She should file a widow’s claim for the disability. I have an aquaintance who just received her first check. Her husband died over 10 years ago of one of these new illnesses and never filed a claim for himself. Try it. She has nothing to loose but the time:

    • Infinity09

      My husband died in 2004 and its a shame..I feel that spouses also suffer the effects of agent orange.

      • Gary Smith

        As an “in-country” Vet, although my maladies seem minor, as a surviving spouse, I often wonder if my wife’s death 14 years ago from non-Hodgkins Lymphoma had any connection to my exposure. Although our two sons are healthy, I am in agony every day wondering if my service to my country may have contributed to my wife’s very early demise?

    • Ray

      I agree with you brother, at this time, I have been denied C/P vietnam vet 1967-68 Marine with 3rd batt. 9th Marines Danang to up north to Dmc Laos, and Cambodia I feel as I did when, I arrived in San Francisco, after my tour. I have showen evidence in 17 page report from my doctor, plus other documents. don’t understand why.

  • Glcdwc

    My husband passed away August 10th from complications with Agent Orange. We filed previously and his claim was approved. I wanted to comment because no one talks about the surviving spouse. As a widow of a soldier who died from Agent Orange you become entitled to a not only is it a help financially for the person/family while they are also is a blessing for the spouse who may be like me and only have a limited income from Social Security. I encourage anyone who is eleible to file to do so.

    • mary.russell

      I would like to know what the process is to file for widower benefits for
      for the surviving spouse of agent orange vet
      thank you

      • Rose

        I also would like to know who can help, My husband just passed due to the AgenOrange and I was told his death was not Service conected, He had 2 tours in Nam and had cancer of the bladder,prostate,and lung, You tell me where did he get it from and also had Myelanoma,

        • Chuck

          Find your nearest DAV, VFW or American Legion Post and ask the service officer to help

        • Rose: I am fighting for my husband to get benefits from agent orange as well. He is a blue-water vet, but does satisfy the “boots down” requirement, because on his discharge from the Oriskany he was flown off the ship on a COD to DaNang, then Cubi Pt. then home. He has had diabetes II (a covered illness) which has led to total renal failure, strokes, and total disability. I understand Cancer of the Prostrate is also a covered disease, presumed from exposure and if he set foot on Viet Nam land, he is entitled to the presumption of exposure and thus, benefits. You have to keep appealing the decision. It seems that the VA is lightening up a bit on acknowledging the rights to benefits and it certainly appears to me that he, and therefore, you, as his widow, are entitled. Keep appealing, don’t give up; they have to pay retroactively from the time you put in the claim, so keep pushing. Victoria

          • angelika

            get an attorney. thats what im doing come Monday. My husband unfortunley died 1997 from illnesses related to AO.

        • Connie
        • gavinator

          the dav worked the best for me. Even though my husband was already 100% with the VA I still had to get the 100% for Ischemic heart disease in order for me to get approx. 1,400.00 amonth from the VA when he passes. But don’t stop there apply for both social security and VA. If your husband is disabled on social security (weather it’s VA or S,S) and you are a disabled Spouse and/or age of 65 you may get up to 75% of his S.S. disabitity as well as his approx 1,400.00 amonth. Which us wives of these vets have earned for taking care of these vets over the many years when the VA did not. At present my husband is on hospice for Ischemic heart disease and I have been disabled since 2004 with no benifits. Good luck!!! Got you all in my prayers.

        • bill

          Have you filed?Prostate cancer is a sure fire claim I am told.It was added to the list last oct.

    • widow

      My husand passed away January 15, 2011. We had just refiled for benefits because he was previously denied. He had Hep C, had to have liver transplant in 1998. He had been diagnosed with ischemic heart disease. I was told even though we had already refiled for benefits due to his death his case was now closed. I feel this is very unfair I took care of my husband for 20 years, he was very ill and hospitalized multiple times over the years. I cannot seem to get any help in filing for for widow benefits. Case has been closed is all the information I get.

      • Try the DAV. Some of them have pretty good representatives who will help you file the necessary claims forms. I am terrible about filling out forms and such, and the paperwork I had to file on their forms about drove me nuts. So I went to the DAV nearest out home with all their papers, and just yelled for help, which I got. We still havent’ gotten benefits and were first denied (my husband is a blue-water vet, but does still satisfy the boots down requirement, and started with diabetes II leading to complete renal failulre, strokes, and almost every other disability you can think of; he almost died this last February). Anyway, go to the nearest DAV, or perhaps the AM Vets, or American Legion. They are all supposed to help you with forms and such. Good luck!

      • Katheriene

        you should e able to get his records from the acrives in Verginia that is where they have all miltary records, I was able to get My husbands so I had them to get my benfits, I also was able to e my Older, Brothers and my Dads. My Dads cost $50 dollars because it was more than 50 years that he was in the service. no charge for my husbands or brothers. good luck hope this helps. If and when you get this please send me an e-mail to my address at looking foward to hearing from you. I live in Oregon.

      • Guest

        Call your Senator to get involved with your case!!! He should assign you a representative from his office to help you get benefits. Have all your paperwork ready. Good Luck

    • evon

      i to am a widow am my husband died of agent orange he filed back in 1988 and was turned down,, iam waiting to hear from nehma claim……every little bit helps …..i loved my husband,,, and miss him so……..evon ……..let me hear from you

    • sue

      is that when they are 100% disabled? or can you collect if they are less disabled

    • Linda

      I am in the same type situation my husband dies in June of 1989 we thought by the autopsy it was just a fluke heart attack but i was able to prove that it was Agent Orange caused under the new ischemic heart diease. I am still working with my state congressman to see if I have any other help out there for me I am a disabled senior and about to lose my home because of the economy and my health problems so think of me and pray for me. I am open to any advice on how I can get a copy of my husbands va file he was in the brown water navy from 67-71

    • jessie

      My husband passed away on August 20th from complication I sure with Agent Orange . After twwo tours to vietnam I am sadden that he did not get the opportunity to know that his country was there for him after having been diagnosed with lung cancer , pancreatic cancer with bone metastisis and oh , let me not forget the severe case of neuropathy with upper and lower extremities that I watch him debilitate with daily until his demise ended a month ago. . I pray that I will live to see the reward as I toil through endless paper work because he has now passed to reapply for what he spent painful hours doing as a cancer patient at VA office in hope that we would get long due assistances for his dedication to his country . Keep in mind my husband was drafted to serve his country ! Ultimately , he suffered a stroke in both eyes before he passed making him legally blind .

    • Summer cavender

      These comments are so true. Not just the surviving spouse but the family to. I am the oldest grandchild to a wonderful Vietnam vet who as a result of agent Orange passed away in July of 99. There are days when I miss him more than words can say. I question a lot and wish he could have seen kBt things or even met my wonderful children. I believe that this money can’t fix it but it means my papaw didn’t die in vein. That his time served ment something to the world and not just our family. With the holidays approaching and my papaws 65 th birthday around the corner this year when I visit I can say papaw the world knows and we know… Also when I helped get information together for my memaws claim sitting at herhouse just me and her going over army papers and documents I learned stuff bouthim I never knew and its a bond i know have with her forever.

    • angelika

      im in the same position as you.Plus I am also disabled. I hope they will increase my deceased husbands disabilty rating. Dont give up and write to your congress men/women,senators…..

  • CjADK

    My father-in-law was in vietnam 66-67 and was exposed to agent orange, having it burn his leg. Conveinently his medical records were lost and he could prove it when he went to the va 40 years later. He has a number is things working against him, like heart disease, diabetes ect.. but what I am wondering is about my wife who has a birth defect that affect that affected her skin pigment and the right side of her torso. In addition my in-laws had a hard time having children becuase they lost a couple in the process and were only able to have one child (which I am married to). I guess the bigger question is how is this going to affect our children and is the VA going to accoutable for putting my father-in-law through all of this?

    • Donna Williams

      is it possible. i dated a man for 9 months who was affected by agent orange with chloracne, he had a habit of rubbing his face against mine as a result in all my years of living i have the look and appear of chlorance . Is it possible for i to have been expose to chloracne as well.

      • angelika

        Og crab get real ? I think when you have sexual relations, that the AO from the man,s sperm will get into your blood stream.Everything else is BS!

    • Mad

      that is right, it took years & years for my dad to get 100% in (98) he served in vietnam 68-72 for a war the gov started that shouldn’t of happened anyway, and now the vets are suffering, not counting the children that has side affect from the Agent Orange, not just the (spina bif or the different cancers), there are other side affect that we the children of vet have that is associated with Agent Orange that i found out about this past Nov 2010, so i called the V/A benefit office in Rhea county TN an the lady acted like she did not know what i was talking about, and she would call me back well she had some other lady call me back and said she had no idea of what i was talking about an said she never saw what i did about the agent orange on ther own web site ,and she said well email me the website that you went on and i will check it out to see. Well she gave me her socalled email address and spelled it out so i would not get it wrong i even spelled it back to her. Well emailed it to her came back no such email address,apparently she was blowing smoke up my @ss. Well then i contacted the Chattanooga office and the man i talked to was reading the same

      • Mad

        things off is web site to me that i saw and with the medical records i have associated with the agent orange he told me come in and fill out a claims form. Just what i thought The people here in Rhea County TN just want that money in their pockets, because if there is no claim they get a heffty chunk in their pockets.

    • Tim

      I am a vietnam vet also, who tested (Positive) for Agent Orange, 3 hr. test, guess what all my Medical Records have been displaced, after 3 tries, I just received my compensation & disability, after (41 yrs.), better late than never, I am greatful. As far as my agent orange is concerned, one has to keep putting in the paperwork, write to your Congressman, Senator, & most of all, the Veterans Administrator, you will get your due, its alot of work, but don’t give up, thats exactly what they want one to do! ! Please keep writing letter, download the ( VA-Forms) fill them out, and keep calling & writing your local Veterans Dept., it will pay-off. God-Bless, in the end you will prevail, I was there 1968-1970), we all got a taste of the (15 dioxins) used by the chemical companies, Agent Orange being the worse one, Good-Luck!

    • Tony

      check out the web site Agent Orange Legacy – it will answer many of your questions – also join up – it is free and very helpful

  • From a Child….

    I lost my dad 13 years ago to Agent Orange, he served 3 tours in Vietnam. My mom passed two years after him with a form of Leukemia. Which I wonder how many other spouses have died with related issues. My Dad did receive compensation from the VA four days after he passed. Sadly, he never knew it. I am one of seven adult children who would rather have our father back.

    Always a Military Daughter

    • NamVet-72

      Very sorry for your loss.

    • Ken Mayes

      Sorry for your loss. I too am suffering from AO with Ischemic Heart Disease. Been the hospital ar the emergency room 7 times since Thanksgiving. The Va says that I am eligible for AO benefits but I need to prove that I had Boots on Ground. I was there in 68 but there is no proof from the deck logs of my ship. I want there to repair a teletype machine. Flew fromn the ship to Nam by chopper. But whednd I returned to the ship my commanding officer called me into his office and told to forget what had just happened and far as he is concerned, it never did. So I am looking for someone who may have taken pictures while there and I might be on one of them. Do you or any of your family happen to have any pictures from Nam? If you do could you please send them to me at Thank you. Ken Mayes

      • angelika

        TO KEN DO NOT RESPOND. SENDING PICTURES TO PROOF IS NOT A GOOD IDEA.Many scams going on be aware.everything the military does is documents so you sir should have taking copies of everything you signee!

    • Charlies Angels

      My feelings exactly, my father passed in 2005 at 56 of agent orange related CHF,type2 dibetes, and end stage renal disease. He fought the VA for 10 yrs was finally approved for 100% serv disability in nov 2004 and passed away 3 months later. I was 21 with 3 younger siblings ages 19, 15 & 13 when he passed. When i called for info for survivors the man at the va on the phone was so cold & aloof & even condescending. Saying I sounded like a threat to national security when I started to cry? I was in pure shock and numb and just hung up the phone. My baby sister had a surgery scheduled to remove a strange calcium growth behind her eye the next day and I had to focus on her. So I gave up on the VA and lived on and helped raised my siblings the best I could. ( I was just worried the state would take the 2 youngest ones) I was alot younger then and we didnt have family like that to help my father was a single parent. Health issues for me & my siblings 2 of the girls have reproductive disorders & canot have children including myself. 3 out of 4 of us have heart issues we were born with mild ones thank god. And the youngest one the only boy has had mental/behavior difficulties since birth. They are grown now but they will always be my little siblings in my eyes. Last year a coworker of mine whos Uncle is also a vietnam vet actually took the time to help me get the RIGHT info and I started the process and it WAS difficult but im far from the crying little 21 yr old today and PAID off. College is avail & pmts. if your a surviving Spouse or child FIGHT for it the best thing I can advise is getting in touch with a VA counslor WHO IS A DAV themselves. And FIGHT do not give up even if you are denied at first, research and Reapply. Pray for strength and have faith. My father was the center of our world. Big 6’4 independent fit wonderful father and man who taught us to work hard and live honest. It was soo hard to watch him wither away so fast infront of our eyes he was so young. Always tired from the heart disease and dyalisis, always thirsty because he had to measure his fluid intake. Not able to make it to his kids sport games. because he was the type of man to try to not worry others. But we were blessed to have him even for a short while. And we know hes not suffering anymore. Good memories are what we talk about now and there are so many. Im an aunt now and we all smile when we see so much of daddy in my little nephew whose 4 now. & he knows his granpa from photos & 1 Christmas video :) Daddy is gone but never forgotten He did what his country asked him to at 17yrs old and went to Vietnam. Then again for the Gulf war. NO Veteran should EVER have to worry about the basic needs or their Spouse in this Country. Its deplorable And If you are a surviving family member FIGHT and dont give up. if your a child of AO monitor your health WHO knows what time has in store for us. We can do what we can now to make it easier perhaps for future families& survivors of the veterans of this war. God bless all of you & thank you to all the soldiers and veterans. There are no greater heroes than you.

  • Old Corps

    As a Marine combat vet who spent months on the ground outside the security of bases, I’ve seen the true and legitimate results of exposure, for me and my teammates. I’m insulted by these wide-open presumptive exposure actions. It diminishes the care and emphasis for those of us who were conclusively and factually exposed, and potentially adds a bunch of free-loaders who might have been in-country but always on unaffected bases, or even just on board ships which had no connnection whatsoever to A.O.

    These applicants should still have to prove they were in an outfit which was documented as being in exposure zones. They need tough love and earned care, not a VA welfare system. I’ve seen too many wanna-be’s who make no bones about looking to “get over” by claiming something they are not entitled to. It cheapens some very significant sacrifices by many of us.

    • Al Bunda

      If General Shinseki (ret) had not “presumed” Vietnam vets was affected by AO and entitled to compensation, compensation would be stuck up in the hill.

    • 101vet john

      I agree. I was on a carrier 65-66-67 off the coast. I know no one assigned to that ship who got anything from Agent Orange.
      On the other hand, I joined the army and my buddies/peers, grunts in the field in 69, have died and are suffering from effects of Agent Orange.
      There are a whole lot of phonies and other free-loaders who are drawing PTSD for b.s. stuff and now all this. You should still have to prove a claim, make exceptions that are REALLY obvious, like a PH and/or COMBAT awards plus military record of combat unit assignment for PTSD basic presumption followed by PSychological analysis to affirm that presumption.
      AND the VA should process warriors claims before those of other service personnel.

    • Anonymous

      I agree Old Corps! Dead beats, get off the roles and out of the system so that those who served honorably and are suffering the consequences can get help. The system is clogged with “wanno-bes” , most of whom did not serve in an affected area and have no connected disabilities.

    • D Fessler

      I wonder what gives you the insight to say that others were not exposed to Agent orange I have in my possesion Declassified documents of Agent orange sprayings in areas other than Vietnam including State side bases What I am hearing from you is exactly what I am Hearing from Senator Jim Webb a former Marine and Secretary of the Navy and that is the only people who were in Vietnam Were the Marines

    • James wilson

      Man you love to cast blame !

      Do you know that agent orange was such a STONG Toxin it is still killing things over 40 years later ?

      It is in the dirt and that means the dust, water, air and FOOD !!!!!!

    • B Herholz

      I am a former Green Beret medic and served almost a year in Vietnam at varioud locations in the II Corps area. If anyone was stationed in Vietnam for greater than 24 hours they are considerefd to have been exposed to AO. I was stationed at an A-team right where the Vietnam cambodian and Laotian borders meet. That location had the second highest concentration of AO in the II Corps area. I also went swimming in a river during some free time prior to an operation. That location was near the highest concentration of AO in II Corps. My exposure resulted in Dermato Fibrosarcoma Protuberans, a rare type of skin cancer and one of the original AO illnesses.

      My half brother, a purple heart veteran, was in Vietnam for only a few days before being med-evaced to the U.S. He now has Parkinson’s Disease, one of the most recently added conditions. I would defy anyone on this blog to tell him or me personally that we are or were one of the sick, lame or lazy espoused in these replies. I served along with many others. The Vietnam vets in particular never received the welcome home received by all other vets. The VA has a saying that sums it up best, “All gave some, some gave all.”

      • angelika

        1I can contest to this! As my husband died of it …Now I m fighting again as finally ishemeic heart cond made its list

    • NamVet-72

      Im insulted that you would assume that bases wasnt affected I was stationed Pleiku 72 sprayed AO myself around ammo dumps with backpack spayer just thought you might like to know that .applied for va benefits this yr 2010 might get something before i die. THANKS for your service NAM BROTHER.

    • Old Man

      Just to let you know I was stationed at a supply depot and took many trips out for supplies plus when they sprayed we could see it from our depot as there was lots of open land out there.

    • VN Vet

      I thank you for your service,but you seem to want it all for you and none for your comrades.I have been with this bad heart an shaking hands for years.I have a hard time even with this computer.

    • Follow me

      I’ve found that people who beat their own drums, are usually full of it. As a drafted army vet, I did what I was told and was proud to serve. I wasn’t in any contest. There were good and bad soldiers in every outfit. This isn’t the site to try to impress people. We all know the type of person you are. We were all affected by Nam. You are an idiot.

    • Steven Beckett

      All of you people that don’t agree with presumptive connection need to understand that there is still little known about A.O. and the problems that are coming from its use. After my year in Vietnam as a combat field medic with the Big Red One (Army), I went back to college and became a Cardiovascular Technologist. I worked in a hospital for 30 years and retired early with Parkinson’s Disease. I am also a Certified Pulmonary Function Techhnologist. I have run many different tests (over 35,000) on people. I have witnessed people with heavy exposure to chemicals and poisons who did not develp any problems at all. Then there were the ones who could not document any exposures to any of the same toxins, yet they came down with the rare skin diseases, lung problems and heart problems. The bottom line is there is no concrete way to tell if the toxins caused the problems. So the VA relies on reported cases and compares them to a control group. When the numbers are too high for a test group (compared to a control group) they assume a connection. If they didn’t do this nobody would get compensation. I personally would rather see a few “freeloaders” as you call them get compensation than have all of the deserving people go without comp.

    • VN Vet Army

      Did you ever see grass or weeds growing on any of the bases that you call security bases??? We had to live sleep eat and breath that dust ,drink the water that was sprayed with AO ??? are you sure you were there??? I am tired of all this MARINE crap. Why do Marines think they were alone Da?

      • sgtdave

        What do you mean “Marine crap”? I am a former marine who spent twenty two months in Nam. I am no better or no worse than anyone else who served in Nam or anywhere else as far as that goes. I have a couple purple hearts and other medals, and them and 99 cents and I can get a cup of coffee, the same as you.

    • Paul

      I had no problem submitting proof that i was indeed in areas that were sprayed with AO. For those of you who are about to submit your claim be sure to do this for it will make all the difference. Request a copy of your military records and specifically request all documentaions of your travels in Nam. I requested all documentations of all the operations i participated in and the recoeds not only show the name of the operation and the dates involved but they also state what provinces these operations took place!
      That information alone shows PROOP positive that you were exposed providing those areas were sprayed. You can also search on line for the map of areas that were sprayed and submit that as well as i did. That my fellow brothers can make all the difference!
      RVN 67/68

    • angelika

      Dear Sir,
      you are the bigggest snob there is on gods earth!My dear husband gave his life for this country. Two tours in Vietnam , Distinguished Flying Cross multiple decorations. Plus he died from related illnesses due to Agent orange. He was never a freeloader, and you are so out of line!

    • Air Force Smart

      Why do Marines continue to disrespect all other branches of the military? All my fellow veterans from the high IQ branches speak with respect of their fellow comrades….including the Marine veterans. You should be embarrased by your “better than thou” attitude. None of us would be able to serve and survive without support from all branches.

  • ralph cacchiotti

    I would like to ask one question. what does 30%+30% =? In the VAs eyes it = 50%. This is how our goverment takes care of veterans. Vietnam Vet

    • guest

      You started with 30% . That left 70% unused. The new 30% was times the 70% which = 21% . 30 + 21 ==51 rounded down to 50%. And thats how it works . Sorry to say. Im just a messenger

      • Not Dead Vet

        That explanation is 100% correct. I had a total of 120% that only added up to 80% using that calculation and I found the portion of the law that explains how the VA arrives at the calculations. When you think of it, it does kind of make sense. The first 30% leaves you with 70 abilities. The 2nd 30% cannot apply to the first 30% because you have already reduced your abilities by it. It has to apply to the remaining 70%. I now have disabilities that individually ad up to 200%+ and am now determined to be 100% service connected disabled. And NO I am not DEAD.

    • VN Vet

      100% is dead, If you are still alive you must be rated @90% not 100%

      • Not Dead Vet

        Sorry, but that is not true. I now have disabilities that individually ad up to 200%+ and am now determined to be 100% service connected disabled. And NO I am not DEAD.

  • Robert Gilmore

    It is about time the veterns got paid for what they sprayed in vietnam my husband has to go a bunch of times to get stuff burned off of his back and arms. He also has the Ischemic heart disease and has had it for sometime. I have been fighting with the VA to have our Vets what they deserve from an ugly war and agent orange.



  • robert gilmore

    I forgot to say that my husband was at the air field in Vietnam and work on the planes at night. They had to keep the floage down so they sprayed the agent orange. I have been working for seven years to prove this as he is only at 80% they just kept saying no and I agree that their math is really dumb 30 plus 30 is 60 but they don’t add the way we do so you never reach the 100% until you are dying or are already dead.

    • JER 1967-68

      you as a veteran have a right to demand to be tested for diabeties. i am and i did at the request of another veteran who looked at my doctors reports for 3 years don’t let them tell you that your A1C is within the so called range or that your borderlined there is no such thing eather you are or you are not take the sugar test you will see what i’m talking about. i went for 3 years listing to my doctor i should have been diagnosed then can’t do any thing about the past but you can about the future by the way i was tested at a V.A hospital good luck if you have any problems go to your local DAV office and ask questions hope this info. was helpful. a fellow vietnam vetran.

    • Not Dead Vet

      That explanation is 100% correct. I had a total of 120% that only added up to 80% using that calculation and I found the portion of the law that explains how the VA arrives at the calculations. When you think of it, it does kind of make sense. The first 30% leaves you with 70 abilities. The 2nd 30% cannot apply to the first 30% because you have already reduced your abilities by it. It has to apply to the remaining 70%. I now have disabilities that individually ad up to 200%+ and am now determined to be 100% service connected disabled. And NO I am not DEAD.

  • The VA keep telling me that I was borderline diabetic. Four months ago an outside doctor diagnose me as type 2 diabetic. I filed a claim and the VA C&P doctor told me to contact my VA primary care doctor to get the meds I needed and the meter to monitor my numbers. The VA primary care doctor told me that my numbers was not high enough and that she would see me in September. This in November and I have tried to get an appointment but can’t even talk to her to let her know that my A1C is 6.8 and my numbers are averaging 142 early morning before breakface. I was a grunt in Viet Nam and according to military records participated in 259 patrolls and ambush from November 1967 thru July 1969. I think they wish we would die before they do whats right for us.

    • James wilson


      your life is more valuable than any comp check

    • jluv

      Resubmit your claim for you exposure and condition. I too was initially diagnosed as “borderline”, my private sector doctor (went off) “There is ‘No such Thing'” as borderline. Gun Ho!

    • Ralph Martinez

      Buster, go to a diabetic specialist who does not work for VA take all recommended test which the specialis orders. if you are diagnosed as Diabetic and undergo treatment from the doctor, and are under his or her care you will need doctors notes and medical records to support your claim.send them to VA with a application form, or write VA and request them to send you the proper form to apply for Service-connected disability.additionally,you do not need to get your service medical records,VA will request them if they do not have them to work on your claim. for all you who were exposed to agent orange herbicides and heve contracted one of the presumptive diseases connected to herbicides used by the military in Vietnam,send the diagnosis and treatment records in with your claim along with a copy of your DD Form 214. Item 13 service awards will prove you served in Vietnam Service ribbon,CIB,Purple Heart,overseas bars and so on.The main reason VA disapproves claims is lack of medical documentation to support the claim. Hope this info helps, always seek the help of a service officer at the DAV,VFW,American Legion when submitting claims.Do not listen to the wannabes and cry babies on this thread.Get er done

    • Ralph Moran

      Buster, you must stop going to that VA Doctor and demand a new one. I had to do this and I got a real good Doctor and have the best of care now. I am a 100% disabled and had to fight for this. I felt the same with the VA that they just wait until we die. There are a lot of VA doctors that don’t care about the veteran, but there are some that really do care.
      Take the report from your outside doctor and see the VA hospital administrator. Start at the top not the bottom, I had to do this. My daughter went with me and demanded a new doctor for me. I was assigned a new doctor in about a week. The VA has to find in favor of the Veteran, it is the law.. I know it’s tough but you have to do this, I did. Best wishes

    • Buster: FYI, AIc of 6.8 is within normal range. In fact, it is inconsistent with a 142 reading before breakfast, but more trustworthy. I wouldn’t worry about it. Most people with Diabetes II, would kill for an AIC of 6.8. Try worrying when your A1C is over 11 or 13, like my husband, or me. In fact, with watching your carbs and a little exercise, I am sure you could lower it even more.

  • Khhipp

    I agree with all of you. Since 1984 I have had 3 cancers on the top of my head, all I have been told it is sun damage. Now I have a pre-cancer on my calf and I have more pre-cancers on the top of my head. While I had hair when I was twenty I did not were shirts all the time. VA-Waco has denied any connection between agent orange or arsenic caused my problem. However, if I had squamish cell cancer in my mouth I would be covered. Now political officials are worrried about agent orange and other chemicals being tied to service connection. What this says is that we are not dying fast enough for politicians.

  • tom

    i have diabites, lukemia, and heart disease. i have been fighting the va for over a year. i have a va doctors statement that says i have been exposed to agent orange while in vietanam. i was in the navy. the va claims my ship was not in vietnam waters, my dd214 and dd215 clearly shows i have a republic of vietnam service medal . they still deny my claims because they cant find evidence of my ship being there. i am tired of fighting this but i am not giving up, this veterans day is a very sad day for me,and i can see where a lot of veteran get frustrated with there va claims and just want to thow the meds away and end there life. thats about where i am at. no one at the va cares but they keep thanking us for our military service. i wish i could talk to obama or biden personally with all of my over 400 pages on medical evidence that clearly justifies my claim. tom texas

    • Lyn

      Wouldn’t do any good to talk to Obama or Biden. Believe me that is a fact. Just don’t give up. Fight as though it was your last fight. You will win.

    • terry

      hi tom,

      i was in the navy too, DD727 in december of 1970. have to had any luck yet? i am applying through a private company called alpa (something) i found it on the VA website. get back to me if you want.

    • Not Dead Vet

      I have stopped fighting the AO war with the VA. I finally was determined to be 100% Service Connected Disabled and am getting all the benefits that the VA offer. Fighting further will not get me anything but frustration, grief, and a lot of tension and anxiety that I don’t need.

  • Fkotoff

    I too have type 2 diabetes and I was in the Navy. I have furnished the VA with deck logs from my ship showing we were anchored in Danang Harbor in August ’65 and they still deny my claim. I agree with the previous e mail. everytime I go to the VA I hear “thank you for your service”. Talk is cheap, it’s time the goverment really thank us for our service and a take responsibilty for exposing us to Agent Orange.

    • Ken Mayes

      I aGREE WITH YOU MAN. aT LEAST YOU HAVE DECK LOGS to prove that you were in Nam. My ship dosn’t have deck logs saying I was in Nam. I have IHD, been in the hospital or emergency room 7 times since Thanksgiving. Our ship was outside the harbor but I flew there by chopper to repair a teletype machine. When I got back from the job my commanding officer called me into his office and tol,d me to forget that that just went down, and for me to forget it ever happened and that as far as he is concerned, it never did. That’s why there is no deck logs of it. Buy the way, do you have any pictures of that time? Looking for pictures that you may have that someane you may not remember or know. If you do coucl you please send them to me? It’s a long shot but you never know. Please send them to Ken Mayes at Thank you.

    • barry

      Were you aboard APA 195, the Lenawee?

  • Conrad

    How about coverage for vets who contacted AO in Blue Water and Guam?

    Guam has higher contamination than Vietname, but only “Boots on the Ground” in Vietnam qualifies!

    Conrad – USN (Ret)

    • Charles

      Isn’t it true that Guam was the “gateway” to Vietnam. If that is so, then there had to have been Agent Orange on Guam. I was a Security Police and we had to patrol the flight line where the B52s and other aircraft had flown missions to Vietnam and were stationed on Guam. It would be ludricous for someone to say that there is no evidence that Agent Orange was used and stored on Guam. Would you not agree?

    • Glory

      Unfortunately, until recently so-called “blue water” navy veterans, veterans who served in the waters offshore of Vietnam but never set foot on the landmass of Vietnam or served on its inland waterways, were NOT entitled to the presumption of Agent Orange exposure. However, this month the VA changed its policy concerning “blue water” navy veterans” to some extent. In January 2010, the VA issued a bulletin identifying (1) a number of offshore “blue water” naval vessels that conducted operations on the inland rivers and delta areas of Vietnam, and (2) certain vessel types that operated primarily or exclusively on the inland waterways. The VA has now ruled that exposure to Agent Orange can be presumed without further development if a veteran served aboard one of these ships and his or her service can be confirmed through military records. This new ruling finally opens the door for many of these deserving veterans and their dependents to get much needed compensation and medical benefits.

      SFC Forte

  • Wheelchair4

    Old Corps: I know where you are coming from, and agree 100%; but

    there are those who have been exposed and are paying the price today.

    I served three (3) tours. In, over, and around. While not a front line

    combat soldier, I was exposed to Agent Orange on a daily basis. I logged over 1000 hours as a Air Crew member and believe that my service was just as important as yours’. I have heart disease, diabetes,

    COPD, PVD, etc…etc…and have been fighting VA for 2+ year’s on my

    claims. While I admit that many claims are bogus, most are on the up

    and up; that being said, VA seem’s to operate on the principle of Delay,

    Deniey, and Hope that you die.

  • Jcuzino

    This is something every Vietnam veteran should read. The illnesses are so ranging that you may get medical coverage or compensation for the medical care.

  • Jimmymishoe92

    im one of the persons they called me and sent letter say i was presumitivesi isch heart disease which i dont am not surprised i had sent all paper work in from va sc ga ms now they say will contact me later if more info needed iv been going to va sinse 72 im stil going i already have 2 problems i called and ask what else i needed they said no need to call mine is waiting for more fr j sikes of va va should have

    • VN Vet

      Please do not use the that text talk on this page It makes it had for most of us to understand what you are trying to say.

  • my husband passed away 10/29/09-he didn’t file with va for disability & until one week before he passed he had the same cough & lung problem brought on we believe by agent orange & herbicides-he was even gassed by “friendly accident” /as with lots of vietnam vets to continue his service so suffered a long time-the retired pay department took his final check out of my account-took them till mid feb to redeposit the 29 days-20 years honorable service & this is the thanks we got-if they can take money away in one day why not take those 2 days & leave the other in the bank–this is how i feel re va-bring home wounded warriors from any war-put them to work running va offices etc & it wouldn’t take long till costs of running va & getting claims processed would speed up because they “get it” even with missing limbs or other ailments they could use audio control & certainly still be serving our country i’ve said enough-thanks for your service–sk

    • VN Vet

      I agree with you.But we have a lot of Vets working for the VA and they are in there 80’s they cannot get the paper work done. They hurt us more than they help. I am having to redo all the work that was done by one of this good old Vets.I have lost over a years work,because he for got or lost everything.

  • Dennis Lund

    I’ve been going around in circles for 3 years with the VA Re: agent orange & prostate cancer. They acknowledge “service connected disability”, but deny compensation based on “no evidence of penile deformity” while my medical records clearly show the condition. The decisions are replete with errors, misstatements, and omitted data. They have an agenda and it does not include “service” for those who served. DEL

  • Gcbiles

    My husband did 2 tours and was heavily exposed both years, the Agent Orange claim was filed and appealed and appealed and denied and denied. He died with Esophageal Cancer. Not recognized as caused by Agent Orange even though Drs at a major Cancer Center disagree. just another way the feds don’t wont to do anything for vets. If it is lung, pharnz, throat etc. just think how close it is to the esophagus.

    • Steven Beckett

      Gcbiles, If your late husband filed for A.O. connection with the Esophageal cancer, get an attorney and file again. On cases where the soldier has filed and was turned down, the VA will pay back pay to the first day of filing. This can amount to over $34,000 per year. You deserve the money that your husband failed to get. Get a good lawyer and file again and keep on their butts until they fall.

    • Rose

      My husband also had 2 tours in vietnam alos heavily exsposed ,i have put in an apeal but have no respons, I guess the U.S. Goverment would like for us to give up,My husban gave his life 0f 20 years to the Army and now we get the scraps from the table. Guest

  • Jim

    Portions of this article seem to be contridictive. The first paragraph states that the “VA announced that they had begun dis­trib­ut­ing dis­abil­ity ben­e­fits to Viet­nam Vet­er­ans who qual­ify for com­pen­sa­tion under new expanded Agent Orange expo­sure rules”. The third paragraph then states that “Accord­ing to the VA it will likely take sev­eral months for them to begin pay­ing the ini­tial pay­ments or increases to exist­ing pay­ments”.

    Which is it? Have they actually begun distributing payments or will it take several months to begin distributing payments?

    • dnewsom

      It will probably take several months. I’m curious about what average percentage level of disability the VA is awarding for the new cases. I have type 2 diabetes, heart disease and periperal neuropathy because of agent orange. Has anyone heard what the award level is???

      • Whitley

        I just knoow that type 2 diabetes pays 20%. That is what my husband gets.

    • STEVE



      • Jan

        Stefe your info is an inspiration for us. My husband has your condition and stage IV lung cancer and Diabetes II. He applied last August and we are waiting to hear. I pray he lives to see this settled. Thank you for your service. Jan

  • Ron

    wonder how they are determining who gets pay first? Casey, what area did people live that have already received their checks?

  • sammy

    Remember, VA know their men and look out for their welfare. Each and every one of the Vietnam Veterans that were affected because of Agent Orange will be paid. No problemo if its retroactive, increase in percentages or going straight to 100%, they will be taken care off. The Nehmer cased will be taken care of first, well they already finished on the 21st of Nov. Then everyone else that had a claim disapprove due to the agent orange, will be approved retroactively. Now hear this. some individual are receiving about $257,000.00 all going to their direct deposit. So, comrades, do not fear. If they owe you something, they will pay you.

    • renee

      sammy how do you know this? My father passed in 91 of leukamia, my mom did a claim which was denied at the time, now 19 years later I and my 3 brothers have receieved a letter requesting information on my dads claim. And how would we even begin to know how much they owe us for our dads life.r

    • LARRY

      I had a heart attack in Dec 1995 did not know any thing about Agent Orange. In 2001 I filed a claim for Ischemic Heart Disease and than again in March 2010. My claim was approved in November 2010. They only went back to 2001, Do you think I should appeal because they did not go back to
      1995 when I was first dignosis with Ischemic Heart Disease.

    • marty

      What good does it all do? My hsband was just barely 60. He’s dead, a marine sniper. I would give anything just to see him again, it’s all so useless. All these Viet Nam vets dying. My brother, air force Nam vet, says the Nam vets are dying faster than the WW2 vets, and they are 20 years younger!
      He does the military funerals.

  • James wilson

    All these years with such crippling pain in my back and up my neck and jaw !!!

    Spent tons of money trying to find the cause and now the V A treat me for it as a Heart Problem !!!!

    Almost 35 years in pain on top of pain from wounds !!!!! I am so angery about this !

    • Jesse

      Hang in there ole friend. I could see the pain in your eyes.

      Take care.

  • don

    vn vet 68-70 ==first heart attach at age 35==first claim for ihd 1987 on retirement (verified by va) told yup you got it but not service connected after a couple more heart attacks had by pass surgery in sept 91 (age 42) at that time my mets were 38 good for at least 60% but not wanting to die started building myself up mets now at 67 good for only 30% (3 more mets and would be at 10%) but think of this a 300 lb couch potato with only minor blockages say 10% (IHD) who does nothing, and has mets of 49 will get 60% with no bypass or anything all he has to do is apply,,, IHD IS PRIMARY BYPASS ShOULD BE SECONDARY ALONG WITH HYPERTENSION AND PAD == BUT NO ONLY IHD ONE SINGLE RATING

  • dgragg

    I am a nemher class member an have noy heard anything since aug. When will they pay.

  • charles byrd

    I was diag with ptsd in 2003–the va just apprd my claim for comp to begin march of this year 2010– the math dont add up– i have resubmit my claim–I think they should have gone back to year 2003– I hope they do the right thing -please pray a word for me- I’m on the verg of losing my home- the money could really help me –I’m retired now–ptsd has taken it toll on me-It seems like I’m going down hill–All the bank institutions want let me borrow any mone to help me out of this hole–This money could really come in handy at this time–I’m a good senior man that could use a little help from the government–They owe me this after all this years fighting with them over this matter.

  • tom dam

    the bottom line for claims being approved is that the uss dehaven dd727 is not on the ships of vietnam exposure to agent orange list. the va is sticking to that no matter what deck logs you submit according to the va regional office in waco texas who i am dealing with. the dehaven was up the saigon river while i was on it so i have to go to washington dc and find it in the deck logs of 1963 and 1964 i think was the years. so thats what i am going to do, hopefully before i die of lukemia, heart disease, and type 2 diabites that i have. it is a battle, i hope i can find it in the ships deck logs when i go there next month. i know we were up the saigon river in the spring and fall of 1963. the navy has not list several ships that have been up the saigon river because they dont have time to search all the logs so we have to do that ourselves. tom dam texas

    • Lynda

      Get someone that was on the ship with you to give you a sworn statement, they will accept that

  • jimmymishoe

    they can up our pay if need be just give certain amount in stead of 2000 per mo make it 3500 mo attach with 50000 one time check

  • tom ogle

    i am waiting on my claim of benefits, it looks like to me i mat be in for a long fight? i have diabetes II, hypertension (predraft bp ’68 – 138/70 shipped over in 71- bp148/100 and discharged in ’73-bp144/94) i take 3 bp meds every day, and i have arttirtis in my spine…will i get wny thing for my service???

  • guest

    I would like to know if there is any info of contact with toxic chemical b4 1966
    that occured in the US. Chemicals were tested in the north west mountain areas from Larson AFB.Wash, and how was the test chemical disposed of?
    I don’t think there was a name (a-o )at that time.

  • dean simmons

    im ****** off i first filed in 2003 was denied rebfiled in june took 42 canser treatments i think canser has spred to my liver my back fells like i got hit with a sledge hammer

  • bob

    Can anyone explain what the different categories of the SMC chart mean.
    What is the difference between an L L1/2 M M1/2 ect….I cannot find any definition
    for these categories

    • AMMO Dawg 2006

      Here is a web site you can review from the VA site but scroll down to Special Monthly Comensation (SMC) this will take you to a word document from 38 CFR chapter 3 section 350 which will let you know what each letter indicates.

  • Everet

    I am a son of a Vietnam veteran and I suffer from chloracne. Are direct family members involved in these reparations?

  • ELK

    My husband suffers from COPD,HIGH BP,AND CHF.However being over in Vietnam in 68-69 and being exposed to Agent Orange just isn’t enough for the VA to do anything. COME ON PEOPLE HE WAS BREATHING IN THAT JUNK!! I BREATHING IN–DOES THAT NOT CLICK IN YOUR PEA BRAINS? Don’t know who is on the pannel or who comes up with just what should or should not be on the “LIST” for claims for Agent Orange but they should be fired. WHO MADE THEM “God ” ANYWAY. MY HUSBAND PUT HIS LIFE ON THE LINE FOR HIS BELOVED COUNTRY AND THE VA JUST GAVE HIM THE SHAFT. I WOULD LIKE FOR THE PANNEL TO GO JUST ONE DAY WITH TRYING TO ” BREATH “,TRYING TO CATCH THEIR BREATH, WHEN THIS DOES’NT HAPPEN. LET ME TELL YOU THAT IT IS “HELL”. SO WHEN YOU ARE SITTING IN YOUR OFFICE CHAIR THINK OF THE VETERNS who can’t Breath,who can’t get the support or monies that are due them. You need another pannel with veterns and doctors on it. SOME PEOPLE WHO WON’T PLAY GOD!!!!!!

  • Gwen.

    hi, my husband passed away last year,Jan. which was a yr. now and i am still grieving,but he had type 2 diabetes and i found out later while he was in the hosp. that he was a stage 4 liver patience,he needed a liver transplant which they knew he wasn’t going to get one for he was to ill.he told the va. doctors that he wanted them to check his liver,and they wanted to know why was he always wanted to know about his liver ,that his liver was fine,they lied.they also denied him of A.O. years ago. he was in Nam later part of 67-69.we also had problems with having children,7 misscariages as a matter of fact,but this is the payback we get from the va. just thought maybe someone could the things we went through,we still did’nt have children,so now i am alone without him.but don’t feel sorry for me i do have GOD. thanks for who ever is reading and listening.

  • Gwen.

    is there anyone that can direct me in which way i should go to file for my deceased husbands agent orange claim?

    • AMMO Dawg 2006

      You don’t need a lawyer unless you want to give the over half of your reward to him there are very knowledgeable service officers in the Veteran service offices in the VA hospitals and regional offices that will assist you for FREE on all claims against the VA they don’t get paid by the VA they get paid by the service organizations. They afre veteran also so they know what the red tape is and what other information you many need to get to assist the VA in making the right decision on your claim.

    • Ralph Martinez

      Call VA National SErvice Center 1-800-827-1000 and request forms for filing a claim on behalf of your deceased husband. you will need copies of death certificate, DD form 214 marriage certificate,paid funeral bills.tell the counselor that you probably qualify for DIC due to your husbands death because you believe that his tour of duty in Vietnam exposed him to Agent orange herbicides which caused or contributed to his death. once you receive the form go to a service officer at the VFW<American Legion,DAV and sak for their help filling out the form and filing it with your local VA regional Office.Good Luck.

      • LennyA2T

        Thank you very much for your valuable information. Perhaps it’s not a hopeless cause as a lot of these posts originally lead me to believe.

    • GARY


    • louis griffis

      I’m sorry to say this but i think you would have better luck with the chinese than your corrupt government they don’t give a shit how are when he died they only care about themselfs.If you by chance got any thing believe me it would not be mush. good luck you’ll need it.

  • Royce

    if a service member dies of AO related conditions but was not compensated for can his family go back and apply for any benefits

    • ernest j

      yes they can

      • mike

        what if his wife died years later and only grown children lift.

  • bandit22

    My husband passed away on our 29th wedding anniversary at the age of 50 years old due to his exposure to agent orange while serving our county in the viet nam war. He did apply for benefits and got one payment before he passed away and I had to send the aug payment back in full because he did not live the entire month. He was paid about 2200.00 or 2300.00 a month as it was just him and myself. Once he passed away my surviour benefits were now about at the time say approximately 900.00. So why is it that veterans with a spouse and 100% disabled my now get up to $3100.00. Why am not still getting the same amount as he or she is. They still have there spouse and income. I do not. WHY IS MINE CUT TO ABOUT 1/3 OF WHAT THEY GET. My husband is gone and I don’t have his income coming any more. It just seems he is cheated out of what he thought what was going to be there for me and as he did not know the benefits would be decreased he died in peice knowing that the government he served was going to take care of me, to bad the government didn’t stand up to those of us left behind. Blessed be his memory.

    • Ron

      Check out document site –
      Document dated – August 2012
      From : Vietnam Veterans Of America
      The VVA Self-help Guide to Service-Connected Disability Compensation For Exposure to Agent Orange – For Veterans and their families.
      Hopes this helps!
      Also check with Veteran Services in your area.

      • jan

        Darn Ron I could not get this link to open. I am eager to read it. Jan

    • Jackie

      My dad died at 49 from AO lung cancer. They also drastically cut my moms benefits after he passes away. Did you ever get this settled?

  • ned

    hurry up and die seems to be the motto at the va or just fade away so they don’t have yo pay, we already paid our dues now its’ their turn!

  • Kenneth

    I just recently applied for service connected disability for diabetes, I had a comp & pension exam would someone please tell me what other exam I’ll have to complete before I am qualified for a compensation.

    • wm harrington

      If you are done like everyone else this exam will follow its course kick back money in the c&P doctors pocket, and more than likely you will be denined any benefits

  • Rog

    I am currently watching a good friend of mine slowly wilt away due to agent orange. I, myself am waiting for it to appear in me. I hope all the crooked politicians and chemical ce’o rot in hell.

  • JIm

    I was in Viet Nam in 67-68. Agent Orange was sprayed all around us and sometimes even on us when the wind shifted. I already had 80%, now I have come down with kidney disease and leukemia. I have been fighting for benefits for ten years. They told me that they expedited my claim because of the seriousness of my illness. I don’t know how fast expedition is, it has already been three months and nothing yet. Does anyone know what SMC rating you get for leukemia? I have one K rating, so I thought I might get more that an S. I have 1 70% and 1 20% for diabetes and a 20% for neuropathy. The kidney will be 30-60% and they told me that leukemia was a single 100% autimatically. Any info out there for me?

    • AMMO Dawg 2006

      With everything is correct with you number you should 100% + S. If you arre married you need to let your spouse know that when you do pass away she need to ensure the doctor places on your death certificate that your death was caused by one of your service connected disabilities so she will receive the death benefits for the burial and also DIC.

      • Jim Scott

        Thanks Ammo Dawg. My VA rep said that he thought Leukemia would give me a 100% plus the S SMC rating. I get a K award for ED. I was hoping that I would get higher than an S with the kidney disease. It hasn’t been rated yet, but in researching the numbers on line, it should be at least another 60%. I already get 70% for PTSD, 20% diabetes, and 20% neuropathy. I have numbness in my feet. I can’t feel one side of my foot at all. It helps to talk about it and to listen to what others are going through. We are not alone! I appreciate your help. Jim

  • Tommy

    My brother passed in 2010 from type 2 diabetes.The army conceded that his death was caused by the effects of agent orange,and payed a 2000.00 dollar death benifit.He does not have a wife or any children.Are there any benifits for other family members or something to contribute to charity?

  • dave

    My father god bless him passed away in 2005 at 55 after multiple heart attacks and bypass surgery along with gal bladder and kidney issues.. He found out in his forties he had heart disease. He was in Vietnam for 2 years or so and I know he was exposed to agent orange. But when he was alive he never thought any of his medical problems were service related but now my family is realizing they probably were. No history at all of heart troubles except for me and my brother now,at 30 and 29 years old.. I called for my mom and there sending a packet for me to see if eligible. What information must or should she get to make it approved easier? I have pictures showing him in fields that were exposed to agent orange along with lots of other photos from them of him around areas and his medical history is that enough. or does anyone have suggestions for me? Any info would be great,,, My father would be grateful if he was here cause lord knows my mother could use the support. thank you

    • DSanders

      You will need your dads dd-214, medical reords both VA and private doctors records, military orders showing he was in country, the dates (month and years) also any all records indicating operations, locations and service medals earned.

      Make sure you cross all t’s and dot all I’s. Send all information by certified mail and return receipt. Send copies, keep the originals. Start a new file and keep everything together, the VA will “Lose documents” and you will need to re-submit. Be prepared the long haul.

      • Ralph S

        As long as you have his DD-214, that will show the dates of service in Vietnam and is proof enough of “Boots on Ground!”

    • Katherine

      be sure to make copies of your photos so you will have them. If you send the photos in without copies you will not get them back. Go in to your nearest VA office they should be able to help you fill out all the paper work. Take your MOM with you if she is able to go. They have helped me and I get dic for my husband was in the Navy when he passed away. He had a blood clot. He was not on land he was on a ship so he was not exposed to AO. Thank god for that. Good luck .and god bless

  • Ken

    I just had my C&P I have heart problems and diabetes 2, can anyone tell me what’s my chances are of getting approved and if so, with these medical disabilities, would someone tell me with these medical problems do I have a chance of being rated?

    • AMMO Dawg 2006

      If you were exposed to A.O. you should received 20% as long as you are on oral medication. If you are just watching what you eat you should receive 10%. If you doctor has place you on insulin and has place a restriction on your activities you should receive 40%. The heart condition could be also linked to your Diabetes as long as it came after the diagnoses of Diabetes. But it could be also linked to your exposure to A.O. You can also have a direct link if you diagnosed before you left service with high blood pressure also the diabetes could be done the same way.

    • wm harrington

      Sorry but your chances are very slim at getting even a penny!

    • wm harrington

      Not much of a chance, sorry

  • AMMO Dawg 2006

    Was your father receiving any benefits before his death for Diabetes. If so and his spouse is still alive she should receive DIC as long as Diabetes was listed as contributing cause of death if not you have an up hill battle. I’m sorry for your lost.
    If you don’t have a service organization representing your mothers claim you need to find one. There should be able to assist you with the claim.



  • Vietnam Sailor

    As a Vietnam vet Iam glad we get the benifits, but we have a few vets that did not make it in cuntry but were exposed to agent orange at suppy depots here in the U.S. They loaded 55 gallon drums some that leaked or was spilt. Yet they do not get any benifits cause they were not in country. Agent Orange exposure is exposure no matter were it happened.

    • Marilyn Meddock

      My husband Kenneth Meddock is one of those vets. He loaded it and dropped it from the plane in Siegon but he didn’t step foot on ground so therefore they deny him for Agent Orange. He has had Prostate Cancer, Heart attacks, Type 2 diabetes, fatty tumor in his breast which they removed, and other but they keep denying him. We will fight them to the end. I had breast cancer in 05 and now I have nodules on my thyroids among other problems.I’ve been reading where it could be caused where he was exposed to Agent Orange is this true? Would appreciate if someone help.

    • martha/jerry edgin

      would you mind telling me what the barrels looked like that contained the herbicides. Colors? etc. my husband drove truck 67-68 , da nang, now has bladder cancer. he cant remember what barrels he loaded looked like.

  • wm harrington

    The va hasn’t paid crap to the vets but have paid huge salerys to their doctors that give the c%p examines for every vet that is denined is money in their own pockets, i have talked to the doctors about this and their comment was they the c &p doctors are owned by the va, and are their puppets, what a desgrace to the vets of this great country

  • Big Nard

    -I am a vietnam vet who like others have been denied benifits because uncaring goverment officials have decided that to acknowledge their erro in using a deadly herbicide would cost the govt millions. like so many others I was told that they could not verify my service in vietnam (vet serv & camp medals) but fortunately for me I kept a copy of my orders that is unrefuted. I wonder what deception they will come up with now. I was told that vietnam was a conflict not a war. I belive our brothers who died on the battle field could argue the point that it was a war. I encourage my veteran brothers not to give up challenging the goverment for our entitlement, we earned and deserve it

    • harry

      Amen brother! welcome home.

    • Katherine

      All VETS who do not have a copy of there records go to the Archives in in Virgina that is how I got a copy of my Husbands records. MY Dads and a Brother. You will need to give the dates you went in and was sworn in to the service next your ss no. birthday Mother,s maiden name and Dads name. Hope I remembered everything . Good luck and by all means go to a veterans office to help fill all paper work.

  • Ralph Martinez

    All claims that were disapproved before Nahmer vs the department of veterans affairs court ruling were to be re sdjudicated by VA under court order.If your father died from one of the presumptive diseases added in the final rule to C.F.R. 38then you should be receiving a reply,probably in your favor. be aware that DIC has eligibility requirements in order to receive DIC.but the Nahmer lawsuit overides some of the eligibility requirements.VA website select survivors.Good luck

  • Gonzales

    it’s been six (6) months since the date of this article, why the delay, it’s been reported before, why again? most veterans have been made aware of this decision and have taken action, sure there are several that haven’t, but they still know about it.
    what is the latest on this and when will the va start making the payments to the veterans?
    should have started by now, May 2011.

  • pequod


    I got mine month before last – April 2011.

  • Deloris McCall

    My brother died last year from cancer in which he got from Agent Orange, he never filed a claim, is his children eligible for his benefits? since he got sprayed in Viet Nam , because they were suppose to spray foilage not the soliders.

  • Katherine

    I just want to say how sorry I am that you are all having such medical problems from the agent orange. My husband was in the Navy and over seas 4 time but on Navy ships. He was in the Vet Nam Aera he passed away in 1974 from a blood clot.He was still in the Navy for he just relisted for 4 more years. So I did recive the benfitis due . I miss him everyday even now. Hope you get what you should get from the VA. good luck and above all don,t give up. You don,t know what it would do to your family.

  • David in MA

    After reading the comments I wonder if it is the VA that is stonewalling or the doctors that work for the VA being unsure because they do not really have any idea what AO can do and don’t want to put their well paying jobs with the VA and their practicing of medicine in jeopardy. Pretty hard to ignore an outside doctors saying a veteran has medical problems because of AO and a VA doctor saying no…….one of them has to be wrong!

  • Katherine

    I agree with you. Doctors just don,t seem to want our Verterns to get well and live a normal life if that can happen. so sorry for all.

  • guest

    My husband had lung cancer a year ago. This was service connected to agent orange, We thank God that he has taken this away but my husband will never be the same, When performing the surgery they cracked a rib and had to remove it. Oh well, they said. It happens. Well, now they are not wanting to pay us anymore. They are punishing him for not having the cancer. He served in Viet Nam and did not ask to be sprayed with agent orange. Not fair.

  • My father served in the Army Rangers starting in 1967. I do not know any details other than that date and the fact that he WAS exposed to Agent Orange. He passed away in 2005, I think, and I never got to meet him. I have a multitude of health issues myself, including psoriasis, borderline diabetes, uterine fibroids, degenerative bones in my back and fatty tumors that just appear. My mother and I wonder if some of this might not be related to what my father was exposed to. Any thoughts on this?

  • kermit

    Some Navy people are being paid for agent orange, that was on ships, i have some friend,that are being paid,why are some being paid and other are not.but the are call blue water salior.the gov. should pay all vet. that was in the, and stop,wasting time and money not paying them,if they can pay for war in other
    country that cost more money,than if they would pay the vet for the next 100 yrs.

    • gilbert montoya

      I am a blue water salior who was on the dddg13 along sid the kitty hawk in nam. we would go close to shore do some gun support then go back to stay with the kitty hawk. The fighter jets would fly right above our ship to land on the K.H .When the jets would pass by a film sticky film would fall on us . Well i got Prostate cancer had my surgury got male problems cant hear shit ringing of the ears. I have filed for somekind of percentage for me problems but the VA doesnt give a shit . Sometimes the people you talk to seem that they are the ones that would have to pay you out of thier pocket. I alwas thought that this was a team thing to help each other. I know that i was exposed to A.O. but the V.A. doesnt think so calling me a lair.

  • wildskipper


  • J C

    I too along with other Vietnam Veterans have filed a claim for ischemic heart disease. I had a heart attack in 2006 and a civilian doctor place two stints in my chest and told me I had ischemic heart disease. I take several different meds for this condition, including pills for angina pain, blood thinners, high blood pressure medicine, etc. The VA has run me to several different cities for several different x-rays and heart tests. I filed back in 1987 and was denied for hypertention and now I have filed again on Oct. 2, 2010. It has been nine months with no word as of yet. I find it quite disturbing that our government can give billions of dollars to different countries around the word to people who hate us and want to kill us. I know that several of us went to Vietnam at the tender ages of eighteen and ninteen years old. I will never understand why our own government will take spped this process up to help us as quick as possible. I wonder sometimes how some of these politicians who have the best of all worlds can sat back and not do everything possible to help us. Is it not enough for years we had to suffer being disrespected and forgot about because the war was unpopular. We did our job and did with pride and honor, now I ask you guys to do your job and earn the respect that you think some of you deserve.

  • David Williams

    I have soft tissue sarcoma (Osteosarcoma). Opened an AO claim, now I’m sitting back waiting to be denied. There is no way a 64 year old Vietnam Veteran should be fighting a child’s disease. A O is the culprit.

  • Edith E. Brown

    I am happy for all those who got paid for the horrible ordeal of agent orange. I have been trying to get paid for 20 years. My son was born spina bifida. He was twisted horribly when he was born. I spent my life just keeping him alive. My husband had an agent orange tanker spilt on him when he was at Eglin AFB, Fl. I remember it well, he went into the hospital at Eglin, tongue turned all white and I thought he was done for. Shortly after that my son was born with spina bifida. I had to take care of my son all alone. My husband couldn’t stand the pressure, he left us. I applied for benefits for my son, the VA told us/me that they couldn’t pay because my husband didn’t acutally serve in Veitnam, but the book says, you didn’t have to go to Vietnam to be eligible. What about the fact that agent orange was made in Fayetteville, N.C. The VA pays who they want to pay. If anyone out there who knows anything I can do, please give me a holller. I am going on Capital Hill in DC and anyother place I can go.

    • angelika

      find your self an attorney pro bonu, usually through Legal Aid society in your state. Go against the companies that produced that chemical!!!!!

  • Patrick Mikovits

    I have a problem, where Va has denied my Vietnam Service claim for my heart condition that I ungone 8 months of surgery , 8 operations and rehab for 7 weeks. I sent them my DD-214 and page 4 of receiving a Vrb 4 in a COMBAT zone, they still denied it. They said I didn’t show proof of in country during my 2 month mission in the end of 1969. What is the ruling of getting a VRB 4 in a COMBAT ZONE , what I want to know is what did the Navy determine in giving me a VRB in a COMBAT ZONE. What did a COMBAT ZONE mean to them and the only COMBAT ZONE (War) at that time that I know of was Vietnam, right? I need military writings stating a COMBAT ZONE means in-country. HELP!!!!!!!!

    • Joseph

      You have to served 180 days in the war the counselor here served 90 days no benefits

  • Larry

    im a viet nam vet, stationed at Da Nang, how do i apply , i already have 30% service related does that mean anything
    thanks for any info

  • Ann Pederson

    Can anyone give me information I need help. My husband served in Vietnam and now has ESRD. He does not have diabetes. He was completely healthy 2 years ago. Then started getting high blood pressure and his kidneys failed and he was on dialysis within a year. We still do not know what caused his kidneys to go so fast. We have not filed a claim with va becasuw it looks like he would have had to have diabeties first for the ESRD to be related to Agent Orange. Can someone please help me. Thank you

    • angelika

      there is the National Health Institute of Medicine that does research on illnesses related to Agent Orange chemical, look up on google. Hope this helps

  • RPvet

    diagnosed with parkinsons & peripheral neuropathy in 03. denied .reaplied august of 2010 .diagnosed with type 2 diabetes in dec. of 2010,went for c&p in august 2011 for all three. first c&p in jan. 2011 for parkinsons,dr. said I did not have parkinsons,but had parkinson traits. at the c&p in august the DR. said I would have to come back for the parkinson because the DR. said Idid not have parkinsons. 5 other DR. said I do have.who will the panel agree with?

  • Eli Meigs

    What website can you go to, to find out what was the final out come of your disability claim? The vet rep said they had to make a decision by the end of last month….Haven’t heard a word yet….It has been a year since I initially put my claim in….Also, it isn’t military personnel who go over your disability claim. They hire civilians to go over the paper work….Should be military personnel who have been through all the anguish of war…..Best of Luck To Us All……

    • angelika

      as a disabeled veteran go to american disability veterans organization, you are entiled to their legal officers free of charge also the VWF helps so does DVA. Hope this helps?

  • Robert E. Priore

    I am waiting for a hearing with the VA in response to my dissabillity claim filed two years ago and was denied in Jan of 2011 I have apealed thr decission and I am waiting for a hearing .I feel I was exposed to AO while serving in Guam in 1966. The Va doesn’t want to admit that there was AO stored and sprayed on the perimiter of the airfield.
    Where do I go from here.every day my symptoms of my Parkinsons get worse.
    Are they just waiting for me to die?
    Bob Priore

    • Guest

      Guam was full of all kinds of chemicals buried and stored wrong. It was seeping into the drinking water in the early 80’s and all kinds of cancers were starting to show up. Get your docs on Guam. I got documents sent to me thru my Senator but you can research for yourself also. My husband came home after a couple of months in Guam. He had cancer growing so fast from the chemicals and given 3 mos to live. He died at the age of 33. Don’t stop fighting for your rights. Get help from your Senators and they can send you documents on stored chemicals in the 60’s. Good Luck

  • Kathy Smith

    that is good news my late husband who died in 1998 from multiple myeloma got approved for 100% disabled I draw a little income from va…everyone said that I should be drawing around $1500 but I started out in 1998 with $680 and got raises since now I am drawing $1150..a month…also both of my children have club feet was born with it and son has aolpecia since he was nine yrs old….I think that they both should be drawing something for all the suffering they have had to put up with all there lives…daughter feet was so deformed that the arch of both of her feet were up against the inside of her legs….and had to have sugery when she was 12 or 13 to replace her ankle bones in both feet…she is so flat footed and son has one really high arch because of the club foot…anything that anyone can help me with to see if they can draw anything let me know …

    • angelika

      please apply for their benefits you and the children are entitled to. make sure you have copies of their complete medical record and of your husbands DD214 form.If youneed more help email going through this process too.My husband passed away 1997.His disability rating was only 20%.But he had bone,liver,lung and ischemic heart disease. I hope like heck they pay!

  • Joseph

    You will need 60 % for one disease so that is why yo have 50% the va does there job if you read the information t

  • donald smith

    i have colon or rectal cancer why is that not included in Vietnam war

  • water2liv

    I took basic at Ft Polk La.1972 feb and may.I have reasons to belive that I was exposed to AO while there.Any one else?


    how can i get a status update on my claim A O submitted in may 2011 Thanks for you’r help

    • hayward

      Seek help from your congressmen/women. Hopefully they are a Democrat. He can locate your claim and put some pressure on getting you results

    • Larry

      My AO claim was submitted Feb 2011 and approved Sep 2012. Call the VA directly about status. Thanks you for your service and God Bless!

  • ernest j

    what percentage will a 100% vet get for a new claim of parkinsons disease get? i am waiting to hear something any day now how do they do the rateing i wonder..



    • sramos

      what is nehmers case?

    • Ron

      Check out document site –
      Document dated – August 2012
      From : Vietnam Veterans Of America
      The VVA Self-help Guide to Service-Connected Disability Compensation For Exposure to Agent Orange – For Veterans and their families.
      Hopes this helps!

      Read more:

    • Jan

      once you have been denied you can obtain a lawyer. That is my recommendation

  • judyk

    My husband died last year due to complications of diabetes & ischemic heart disease. He was stationed in Thailand for a year & told me often he went to viet nam 3 times! I have applied for DIC benefits, but the VA tells me there is no record of him being in Viet Nam! He went on top secret missions with 1985th communications squadron. He was a cryptoligist. I found thru the internet that a lot of those TDY orders were not documented. He also told me he went on what is called “plausible denial” missions. Any suggestions on how I can prove he was in Viet Nam??

    • Angelika

      He should have a dd214 form on which it will state when he was there and from when to when he served.If all fails try the National Military Record Center, Washington D.C.Have the Vets SS no and military id No.

  • angelika

    given hell!I agree. I wished my deceased husband Robert William Bertrand could hear and read this here.He was MGst USAF Viet Nam 2 tours 1 Korea. 6994th security squadron. Died of lung,liver,bone,cardiomyopathy and multi vessel ischemic heart condtion.Our gov only gave him 20% but I am fighting as his last breath in my arms were:”Don’t give up fight !Ï will!

  • Gen

    I’m a daughter of a Vietnam Veteran, my father passed away in June 2008 on agent orange related diseases. He was 100 % disabled and was getting compensated for his diseases. I now have disease that can’t be cured Primary Pulmonary Hypertension lifespan could be 2.8 to three years if left untreated it is lethal. There are medications that can remedy the disease, but there is no cure for it. Can anyone tell me if this could be related to agent orange or are there any other Vietnam Veteran children with this disease.

  • ernest j

    thank you ammo dawg 2006,,

  • nanadodd


  • Wendy

    Not trying to interrupt your “drama” as to who’s who.. But I do have a concern and hope it can be answered.. I’m an Adult Child who’s dad came home and “spawned” me in 71… I have 3 siblings… I being the only one with behavioral problems pretty much since day one.. My father did 3 tours 173 Airborne beginning in 65 and ending in 71. Are there any links to these Serious Problems,which have outcastes me since I was a child & still existing to this present day.. Just turned 41… I’m just curious I’d there could be a link? Thank You For All of jyour Service

    • charles

      my father was tied to the 173rd in 69

  • Arthur

    I was wounded while VN on a EOD run. Never received a purple heart . After years being back home. I have come down with all kinds of problems. 90% heart . The gave me a 100% disability,an I still haven’t got a purple heart. HELP

    • suressi

      send for your med records that are filed,i sent for my and its been 2 mos now but they said it would take awail,it will show that you went to hospital,or was treated

    • Tom Bailey

      Find the MOPH service officer and ask him or her to help you in receiving your Purple Heart. The military order of the Purple Heart (MOPH) should be able to help you, that organization is comprised solely of military personnel who have been awarded the Purple Heart. The MOPH are very skilled and knowledgeable concerning these matters.

  • jshelton

    Help i had 4 bypasses in october, parkinsons ( VA CALLS IT parkinism) been drawing 30% ptsd since 04 combat infantryman, purple heart, bronze star filled claim in 6-1-11, ischemic heart disease + what will they rate me and how long before compensation everything doctor documented. THANKS

  • jshelton

    I served in vietnam with the Americal infantry 11th brigade 21st infantry was a grunt recieving purple heart, bronze star & other medals. We were in the I corp mountains which was highly sprayed with agent orange documended. I have kidney problems, parkinsons (which va calls parkinism), surgery to remove part of my colon, ischemic heart disease ( 4 bypasses in october), been working with socalled fasttraack 9 MONTHS what a joke!

    • Joseph

      Yes we see mo monies for our heart conditon and other diseases they ran out of funds cutting all the medical Pineaplle 100% PDSD IU April 06 no payment for senondary- keep hoping Aloha Joseph An-Khe May 68 August 69 camp radcliff

  • Linda

    I am a surviving spouse of Vietnam Veteran. My husband died in 1987 from a B-cell related leukemia. I have been trying since 1987 for compensation from VA. I have been denied 3 times. I filed again in 2010 when B-cell leukemia was added to the presumptives. Every time I try to check on the status of my claim I am told it is in rating. Does anyone have any idea how VA decides in what order claims are considered? Do they consider the years a person has invested in trying to get a claim approved? After 24 years of re-visiting his death each time I file, I am so tired. When can I get some closure.

    • Bill

      They usually go back to the first time the claim was filed.

    • jeanette

      Have you been kept this constant or has there been breaks? If it is constant, you will get paid all the way back to when the claim was initiated in the beginning. If there has been a break then you will only get back pay from the beginning of the last initiated claim. They are so slow. We have been filing claims since 2008 and we keep getting turned down or some other excuse. Hang in there and don’t quit!!

  • james fairbanks

    i have had bi–lateral amputations of the feet,heart attack, kidney faillure and to this date i never recileved help. I eventually went to prllivate doctor and got one foot repaired so i could walk i have beennexposed tjo aget orange with the results llof cancer((angio-sarcoma) now li’ve got all the simtoms of Acute and Subacute Transient Peripheral ther e any help for us ginny pigs?????

    • Bill

      Have you filed yet?You can get an agent orange examination.As far as I can Tell the doctors are holding back anything.I to have Nueropathy and was told by a VA dr. that if i didn’t get it the first time to re-submit and I should get it.Are you diabetic?that is a surefire claim.Hope you get some reaction.God be with you

  • James

    I sit and read these claims about soldiers not getting what they deserve, its really hard holding back the tears. I too am viet nam vet, combat rifleman 0311 however my story is some what differant than yours. the veterans affairs admin. has came through for me on my claims. The percentage however not neccessary in this matter, but if some of you really submit the right forms thru the right people your claims will be honored… others of you even though you might of served it probly was’nt in the areas considered a stressor related..Semper Fi////

  • I would

    I’ll not speak about your competence, the write-up merely disgusting

  • ken redstone

    does anyone know what the standard disability rating for ischemic heart disease is. i’ve already had one heart attack because of a/o?


    • Bill

      I got 60% because they said i could still work,but so far they are still working on the nueropathy and severe heating loss.Hope this helps.

  • Margee’

    I’m surviving spouse of Nam Vet, we were married 40 years. He passed away on Dec. 10, 2011, after 21 month long battle with GBM-4 Brain Cancer. I know of other spouses that have gotten their claims from VA for Agent Orange and Brain Cancer, i need help with mine.

    • Kitty

      My husband was diagnosed with GBM in Nov., 2008. He has already been diagnosed with prostate cancer from Agent Orange. I reach out to you and any one who can help us with claims for Agent Orange and brain cancer. I know brain cancer is not on the list for presumed illnesses, but I think his exposure has done damage to his whole body.

  • Bobbie

    My father was in Vietnam, exposed to agent orange, he has diabetes, kidney disease,etc. I am the only child born after he returned home, I have a brother a two sisters all older than me. I was born in 1973,and have had kidney problems since i was very young. Kidney failure twice in right kidney and kindney stones in right kidney. In 07 I was diagnosed with a tumor on my left kidney and in 2010 I had to have partial part of left kidney removed and it was 99.9% cancer.I am just one of many children affected to my dads exposure to agent orange. I have alot of ?’s and know that somewhere there is a list that i need to sign for this very problem but can’t seem to find it didn’t know if anyone knew or could help.

  • I too am a child of a vietnam veteran exposed to agent orange. I was born in 1973 and suffered from high blood pressure, kidney disease/renal failure, urinary tract infections, anemia, gall bladder disease, and sarcoidosis.

    My dad is still alive and is getting benefits. He was recently diagnosed with hairy cell leukemia.

    I don’t know what action I should take in order to see if I qualify or if I should just talk to his contact for is claims. What advise does anyone have to offer?

  • capt. butch

    waiting to die , that seem to be what most vets are saying, read these reports .it seem that what the gov is waitting for . y is that.

  • Tanganyika statin

    I’m a child of a vietnam veteran before he pass away (Jan 21,1995) he put in a claim for the agent orange benefits he was then diagnosis with (type2) diabetes , high blood pressure and then he died of a heart attack . I would like to know who do I contact to get information to put a claim for me and my other siblings….

    • mrichardson

      My Father in Law Died of Heart attack 3 years ago and the estate was settled a years later. However before he died he had type 2 diabetes and had placed a claim in to the VA. This last week the VA called from Washington State in Seattle letting his children know there is a claim and the VA is ready to award it to the survivors. The name of the VA Representative was Taylor Danard.

      • Charles

        All 9 of my dads children received a letter few months ago,he passed 13 years ago.They urged us to get in information as soon as we could,said they were ready to close the claim pay us the benefits.

        • Mark

          What was the outcome? Was this a mistake. My father suffered from PTSD, severe depression and was heavily involved in spreading Agent Orange. He was a nightmare to be around. Became an alcaholic, raged, pushed everyone away from him, etc. Vietnam destroyed, not ruined, my family’s life. I suffer from PTSD now as did my older brother who took his life. My younger brother suffers a bit from it too. But mine, since I was around dad so much, feel totally hopeless. I’m also a veteran, but never went to war, just injured in several major parts of my body. I’ve started applying for me, but what about my dad’s benefits. My wife tells me not to mention my dad’s PTSD because she thinks they may deny me. I attribute most of my PTSD from my own active and reserve military service from injuries and abuse from those trying to cover up their own wrongs (they were discovered but the damage they left on me has left me wounded. I’ve try repeatedly to forget it and have found myself triggering from all sorts of things that remind me of when I nearly died and was abused afterwards as well as other injuries and false accusation that nearly got me a court martial. Fortunately, there were good NCOs and officers in the ranks that didn’t try to destroy me once they realized the lie was hurting a good soldier and NCO.

          • Charles

            PTSD was not part of the list of diseases listed for claims caused by Agent Orange .See here

            My father passed in 1999 and he filed his AO claim in 1991 so he was paid at 100% for 8 years until 1999 .It was a little over 200,000 paid to his surviving children .He passed of Ischemic Heart Disease and Diabetes Type 2 which you can see is 2 diseases caused by AO. Remember the solider has to prove he was in country when these chemicals were uses.

          • charles
  • Rosemary Harbin

    My husband was in the Airforce and retired and was in the Vietnam war he died in 2008 of cancer and suffered with 3 forms of it prostrate, liver and
    gallbadder. I was wondering would I be elgiable for compensation.

  • jenajena

    I am also a widow of vietnam veteran and he was a Ranch Hand. He had a bad heart, but died of a bloodclot attempting to go through the heart. This is what the Va doctors put on his death certificit. He had many issuess thru the years with his heart but he because of the hatetread of Vietnam, he would NOT document or go to Va doctors. At 62 he died of a blood clot. This is what they are doing to me. So unfair. BUT! I just read on another site that if your so called spouse was of same sex, they get it all. NOW I AM SO HURT, MAD, ANGRY, etc; This is totally unfair espically the way vietnam veterans were and still treated. I’m so close to Washington, Northern Virginia, At this point I don’t care what I do to the Va adminstration. I do hope I calm down but don’t see that in my future either.
    If anyone else feels, not to do something to Va, but is angry or a true spouse of a vietnam vet that has been done this way, please contact at I am totally alone. lost the house, no help from Va Loan , took it with a 3 months, from husbands death.

    • Angelika

      You are not alone.Please go to a local Veterans Officer, they are free and there for you to hel you with the process. I know its a daunting process.I lost my husband in 2008 and still fighting that the VA adjusts his ratings and increases the benefits.Stay calm, fill out all the paper work.Have papers handy.Its the right thing to do.God bless you .My email, if I can help assist let me know or just lending an ear.I m a retired Social Worker

  • Myron

    Paper stating that your type of cancer is recognized as coming from exposure to agent orange.

  • Larry D

    The Va has a special liazon officer assigned to US Special Operations Command that has the security clearance needed to access those files.The little-known program involves a command historian working closely with the command ‘s headquarters atMacDill Air Force Base,Fla. to review files on classified missions on classified missions for special operations units in all services(see artical by Rick Maze staff Writer of Army Times Tuesday Nov 16,2010 good luck another Vietnam Vet,

  • Flo

    My dad has diabetes and prostate cancer he served in Korea in the 80’s I was telling him that he should file for disabilities because I heard that they have found traces of Agent Orange still in Korea.No one else (8 siblings) in his family has any health problems also he mentioned that their was adestoes where he lived at. Should he file?

    • Larry

      The VA will only allow Agent Orange claims for those stationed in specific units during a specific timeframe in Korea (Apr 68 thru Aug 71).

  • Jessica

    my dad is a vietnam veteran ….He has been fighting the va seems like forever …Going from one dr to the other sending piles of paper work that seems to get lost or is never received then they turn around and deny him a million times ;( its like a never ending battle …I think the veterans are owed millions of dollars my dad has problems with his liver , kidneys, feet, he was diagnosed with PTSD and several other things… some lady told him he just needed to get over it that it has been 40 plus years who tells someone that very sad if you ask me ..well my dad continued to fight and finally his finale va meeting in the courts of salt lake city utah is on july 10th 2012 there going to determine his percentage rate which im not sure what that means and he will also receive back pay ,I just hope it is all that and more for my father who put his life on the line for this country and he and all who served as well deserve nothing but the very best and what they have coming to them..God bless we carry you in our hearts and as my dad says HOOOO Raw i really dont know what he means by that but im sure its all good ;) many blessings to all
    Jessica Richter…P.s Thanks dad for your unselfish love to protect all who live

  • Lenny-A2T

    I am the widow of a Vietnam Vet. He was exposed to Agent Orange being a door gunner on Huey’s in Vietnam, Laos, and Cambodia. He died 6 years ago after we had been married 38 years. I have tried to find out if there is any help I can get from the Gov’t or VA since I am broke (and broken hearted) since his death. The VA kept telling me his diseases were not on their ‘approved’ list of diseases. He had skin cancer, heart problems (that caused him to lose his pilot’s license) and developed cancer of the liver, stomach, and esophagus. He definitely also had PTSD but was undiagnosed. Since his death, my income has declined to the point I can no longer afford health insurance (but need it desperately for pain management care). I can no longer purchase a home zero-down VA as we had done our entire lives. I get nothing in the way of support from any government agency. I am totally alone and without my life partner. I still grieve daily for him.

    He flew with the 281st Assault Helicopters unit when in ‘Nam. He served his country faithfully and even signed up for a second enlistment, where he became a pilot and Warrant Officer. He was honorably discharged twice. His name was James Daniel Welch II from Ft. Lauderdale, FL.

    First if you knew him, I’d be grateful for any stories about your time together you might want to share.

    Second, if anyone has any information on any help that might be available to me, and would share that information, I’d be eternally grateful. I struggle daily to support myself with a small business that is faltering in these difficult economic times. I am approaching 60 and due to a serious back injury and subsequent surgery that failed, struggle to provide for myself.

    I was a faithful spouse to this wonderful man for my entire adult life, and stuck by his side even when he sometimes made it very difficult, what with all the moving around (from first military moves, then from his having to take jobs that often sent him away for long periods, flying, of course!), the long bouts of depression (towards the end, mainly due to his not being able to be in his beloved helicopters and fly as he had always done) and towards the end, his painful and difficult death.

    Thank you for reading and may the powers that be, always be by your side.

    • louis griffis

      First of all I’m sorry for your loss. I’m also to a Vietnam Vet. and have been fighting with your Government for 7 years from Agent Orange complication. i PUT IN A CLAIM IN 2005 AND HAVE BEEN WAITING SINCE. gOOD LUCK.

      • lloyd Valentine

        I filed for compensation in June of 2010. I was awarded my disability in January of 2012. I was back payed thru my initial application. I am 90%. prostate cancer, diabetis, pheriphial neuropathy. I filled on line, sent them my medical history. They responded in about 24 months. Your VFW, American Legion or Vietnam Veterans of America agencies can help you with your claims.

        • melodie

          hi my husband naw vet has the heart and lung and sot tissue cancer treated 2010 at va hospital they never didi give him a answer thank you myself I am glad you got paid it is time all nam vets get paid

  • mark

    I have been dealing with psoriasis since 1969, I spent 66/67 at fire-base camp jj carol, just so of DMZ. We were given a malaria pill each Monday, any one who did the same know what followed . I would like to know what exactly we were taking and if it would trigger a psoriasis type malady. I have nothing in my family that is similar & my dermatologist tells me that it is heredity.

  • Michele

    My name is Michele and I am 21 years old. My father passed away when I was 8 years old. I do not remember too much about him. My dad was in the Vietnam war. I was told that he had PTSD disorder and he was abusive to my mother and had many psychological problems. He had flashbacks that my older sisters still remember. I remember him only as the sweet and loving dad who gave me and my little brother endless love and gifts. Over the course of my life I have questioned what happened to my Dad.i also once thought there may be something wrong with me. When I was young doctors found an extra rib in my lower back and I always had eat infections when I was a baby. In 6th grade I had insomnia and depression. When I was in highschool my mom and grandparents passed away all in the same year. My mom and grandmother both died of cancer. To this day I still grieve. I was able to go to school by the VA because my Dad was a Paratrooper who jumped out of planes into the jungle. When I read the stories of everyone here I feel for them and fear that I too may be affected by this Agent Orange. I am only 21 years old, my goal is to be an Art Teacher so I am double majoring in fine arts and art education. I recently within the past few weeks realized that my neck is not even and there is what appears to be a hard lump inside. Earlier today I made the appointment to get it checked out by my doctor. I worry that because I am so young I’m not aware of any sickness that can jepordize my future. I know I will have health insurance until I am done with college and then I am on my own. I think about the future and what kind of impact this could have on my life and future family.

  • vivian

    I am a daughter of a vietnam vet. My father pass Dec.2011. He had Agent Orange and all the health problems that everyone else is going through. My mom dealt with his angry for years until he passed I remember while growing up. I was a baby born in 1971 after he came home. My father mentioned to me that they told him the AO was genetic. I have been trying to find out is this true, because at the age of 25 I had to have a complete hysterectomy due to dermoid cyst that keep growing on my ovaries. I have major headaches all the time and get worse every year. I find my self dropping thing a lot more then normal and while I walk my ankles give out on me and that problem has always happened. Even when I was young. If there is any information anyone can help me with please e-mail me. My dad was receiving disability from the VA, but now I am fighting for it to stay coming in for my mom, because they stopped the payments as soon as he passed. Any info would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

  • mike

    my dad passed away 11yrs ago at the time we did not know that his illness was due to AO when my mother passed away we Me and my brothers were told we should apply for benifits cause my mom never did. she probably didnt know like us. Is it to late to apply for benifits?

    • Ron

      Check out document site –
      Document dated – August 2012
      From : Vietnam Veterans Of America
      The VVA Self-help Guide to Service-Connected Disability Compensation For Exposure to Agent Orange – For Veterans and their families.
      Hopes this helps!

      Read more:

      • Jan

        The link Ron posted is a fountain of information that has helped my husband a lot in getting informed. Thanks Ron! AND thanks for serving.

  • Andrea

    I have never heard of “Agent Orange” until now. My grandfather was in WWII. I need to find out about Vietnam. My husband was in Iraq 3 times for deployments and in Kosovo once. I have also heard of “Gulf War syndrome.” I began suffering migraines and gastrointestinal problems when I was about 8 years old. In 2006, I was diagnosed with ulcerative colitis, which doctors could not determine what caused it. My father is in remission for prostate cancer and he was also in the service, amongst high blood pressure and other issues. My grandfather passed away due to cancer and other issues. Is Agent Orange hereditary? and where can I find more info on this to find out if this might explain my condition?

  • Linda Stewart

    I am a military spouse. my husband and our family were stationed in Bangkok, Thailand during 1968-1970.
    We have had medical problems listed under the agency orange exposure. Is there any help for family members?

  • Deidre H

    I too, am a military wife. Whose husband served in Lai Khe, Vietnam in 1968-1969. He died of lung cancer and other ailments, in 1998 ,due to the exposure of dioxins. I have three grown daughters who are going through various medical issues that may be 100% connected. Can you contact me at: Are you aware that the United states has begun a agent orange clean-up in Vietnam? LONG OVERDUE. We need to join together and hold all those responsible in the name of my Beloved Bernard Hopkins and all those who served this country. For the Freedoms that we All Enjoy. May You and Your Family be well. I look forward to read from you.

    • Kim

      My father was involved in the “clean-up” which took place after the war. He was stationed in Thailand during the clean-up. He died 10 years ago from
      Parkinson’s disease, PTSD , and was mentally ill from all that he saw. My mother and father divorced after 36 years of marriage (happily) because of the PTSD. I took the responsibility of his care for the next 13 years and he died here in my home. He lost everything; his marriage, all relationships with family, he loved to work but couldn’t, he lost his dignity, he was homeless with a home, he never was the same. He wanted to die and tried to kill himself with an overdose of pills. I want justice for his life. He gave everything and died 20 years before his actual death. Everyday being a torment for him and us. Is there anything that can be done? Kim

  • Christine

    My deceased husband (2002) served as a Marine in Vietnam in 1969/70 and would never talke about Vietnam. I know he said he was exposed to agent orange. He had a non-malignant brain tumor in 1984, melanoma of the eye in 1987 and cholangeocarcinoma in 2001 which caused his death. My son was born with a club foot and his son has autism. My daughter was born with mitral valve prolapse and now has thyroid problems, bone loss (she is 38) and hair loss. I have never filed a claim as these problems are not covered under agent orange but I firmly believe agent orange caused all these problems. I don’t know who to talk to! Any suggestions?

  • David

    I have read but a handful of postings and each and every one has really touched my heart and compelled me to share my knowledge on A/O. I am currently engaged in the A/O process and the first thing to remember is that you WILL be dealing with the government. Things move at a snails pace and you must keep voice in front of them.

    The forms process is not an easy process so you might need a representative to help the process move forward. Many VFW Post across the country generally have someone in their ranks that can assist you or at least point you in the right direction. I found this web site to be an excellent source of info and it’s a great place start.

    The current requirements have been revised and lean very favorably for veterans and their families but you’ll have to do a lot of research. If anyone would like additional help, please feel free to contact me at

    • brenda teehee

      Hi David, thank you for the info. I’m searching to find anyone or info that would help me put my husband in country on ground in Vietnam 1964–1965. I have filled a claim and VA has sent off for his military records as so have i threw a representative officer . They are asking do i have any proof he was in country and on ground. so far i dont.. at this time.Shouldn’t his records place him there? His name Gerald (Jerry) Teehee. He passed away 22 years ago with a heart attack.. It could be related to agent orange. He served in the air force. He shared with me very little about being there, He mentioned he picked up decomposed bodies. can you help me out??

    • JOE


      • jan

        what reason was given for retro active pay may I ask? COPD will not be covered. It is not on the presumptive disease list. Good luck

  • kandice wolf

    m,y husband died 6 years ago an was found to have died from agent orange poisoning. the veterans adm. in akron oh helped me tremendously. while my husband was sick they paid my household bill utilities an rent an gave us food vouchers i couldn’t have been helped more an know i receive D.I.C.. my questioni is that does anyone know of any lawsuits going on . i feelm that since our spouses are dying way to young from this poison an they contracted the agent orange during war time then we should receive the life insurance we would have received had they died then any one agree or disagree

    • brenda teehee

      My husband died 22 years ago, heart attack. @ 45 years old. Aug 21, 2012 VA received my claim. Gerald Teehee served in Vietnam. They are asking for proof he was in country and on ground.. I would think his military records would show that.

  • mark

    The blue water navy cannot receive comp for agent orange because they did not put boots on land. Hers the funny part, the Astrailian navy that was in the Tonkin gulf and south china seas pay there bluewater navy vets for agent orange problems, why you may ask. because in the navy you drink water that has been filtered from the sea, they remove the salt and brine, that is all and you drink it. When it rains the water from the agent orange areas washed into the south china seas as well as the gulf of Tonkin, from all the streams and rivers. But we of the navy die everyday because of it. Veit Nam navy vets of blue water have a 60% greater count of prostate cancer and skin problems, but we are the forgottin side of war,and the V.A. segrigates the services.

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  • Rob

    I was diagnosed with Peripheral Neuropathy within the past 2 years. According to ruling from Veterans Administration on August 17th, 2012, symptoms must appear within 1 year of exposure to Agent Orange. This is only what I have been able to determine online and is not associated with any denial from the V.A., although I have in fact applied for disability benefits from VA and SSDI.

    I am not sure whether or not I can still receive benefits from the VA due to my exposure to Agent Orange. I was in Vietnam in 1968 and again in 1971. At 62 years of age, do you think I have a case for VA Disability Benefits?

    Thank you for any help you may be able to offer.

    Robert Vennette

    • jay


      • dylida

        Jay, my husband was a medic at US Army Hospital in Camp Zama Japan. This was the hospital where the soldiers were medevac’d from Vietnam. He met the choppers and help unload the wounded soldiers. Could he been exposed to Agent Orange. We had a son born in 1975 with cerebral palsy, later diagnosed with scoliosis, high blood pressure, type 2 diabetes and he died in 2009 with pulmonary embolism at the age of 34.

    • Billy

      Rob, I don’t know if this helps, but my dad received money every month because of spraying. He passed away from kidney problems a few yrs ago. I know it was from that shit. And my brother has only one kidney. He told me they were supposed to mix 1 part to 50parts water….but he said towards the end….they sprayed straight agent orange. No water added. They would spray, and on the way back, he said you could already see the damage to the leaves.

  • Gary

    Agent Orange, DDT, and Freon were all manufactured with Trichloroethylene (TCE) and/or its metabolites. TCE was once used in medicine until doctors discovered it was too dangerous for human. Ironically, TCE causes the same diseases as Agent Orange. Could it be the TCE and not Agent Orange itself that is causing these diseases and health problems? Remember that Agent Orange and DDT have been banned due to their being too dangerous for humans and Freon was forced to be reformulated. Go figure. Camp Lejeune has a health registry for TCE in the drinking water. Tyndall AFB, FL in Panama City has the same issues as Camp Lejeune. Write your Congressman and Senator. There are over 100 bases in the USA that are contaminated with TCE.

  • Mrs. Chiquita Oliver

    My deceased Husband served as a marine in vietnam 1968-1969. He was badly injured and was shipped out to Philp. we married in 1996 and moved to Tx. He lose his left lung to Mr. Agent Orange and his life at 53.He went through some treatments of radation for about 6 mos to a year. on October 18,202 God called him home @ 5;30 am. I miss my best friend. God bless. when will notication come about.

  • L Henderson

    If you are a diabetic, Peripherial Neuropathy is secondary to diabeties. Yes file a claim.

  • Nancy

    My father was a medic in vietnam 68 -70 after coming home 71 he developed skin fungus and rash on his body. No doctors could figuire it out, no meds or creams would work. If he would have a cut or bump him self he got a blood poison, then at 6yrs, after the war he had a complete heart bypass he was 36.The heart surgeon was amazed that all his veins were as old as a 90yr, old man,thur much suffering he died at 42 yrs of age of aschemic heart disease. Im so proud of him he gave all he had for the Army,America and his family.GOD HELP US ALL, My Prayer is God makes something good out all our tradgey,,,,

  • BCR

    Going for my C&P soon for Parkinsons,can someone give me feed back on what to expext and compensation. Iam on SS disability,

  • Shereal

    Uncle , now deceased served in vietnam struggled to collect for agent orange never got it while he was living now, will his kids be able to collect his money from the gov. now that AO is paying these veterans some are dead now what about their love ones who know of their suffering they suffered this tragic as weel.

  • birthdefects mom

    agent orange has not only hurt and effected my vietnam vet spouse but we have 4 children and 3 of them have serious birth defects because of this

  • Barbb

    I am wondering if there is anyone who served in the National Guard in 1959 at Fort Drum New York. I know in 1959 Agent Orange was sprayed in that area and may have affected the troops. My husband did summer camp at Fort Drum in 1959 and I am in the process of filing paper work on his behalf as he is suffering with Parkinsons. Is there anyone else who may have served in that year at Fort Drum? I would be interested in hearing from you.

  • alvin e thomas

    Rob, go to a lawyer! I am a 1966 Navy Vietnam Veteran, who has had 4-5 strokes and 1 heart attack. Go to Woods and Woods !

    • flame825

      or contact your congressman/woman. I hate having to have people to run to lawyers. You should also try to get help from your Veterans Organizations. Good Luck.

    • Ron

      Check out document site –
      Document dated – August 2012
      From : Vietnam Veterans Of America
      The VVA Self-help Guide to Service-Connected Disability Compensation For Exposure to Agent Orange – For Veterans and their families.
      Hopes this helps!

      Read more:

  • kendall reaves

    My mom died of cancer (started as breast…then led to spinal and brain cancer. She was in the Air Force helping soldiers transport back and forth from duties during Vietnam. She had NO risk factors, never drank or smoke and died at 66 with a mom who is still alive in her high 90’s. She had tried to contact them when she found out it had first diagnosed but she died within 9 months. Is there any recourse we can go to get whatever she was due? I feel bad that she never saw what she thought the gov’t owed her. thanks.

  • suzanne reeder

    husband died 1989—just turned 49 yrs.—brain cancer/tumor—while alive turned down twice from VA—I applied once, turned down—I did not know about appeal—they said I could not apply again—-he was a medevac pilot in Vietnam War picking up the wounded/dead right where they were spraying chemicals—-to me that chemical would go right up nose into brain???? they put prostate cancer on the agent orange list—but that does make since, since men think with their penis, so I guess the chemical would go to their penis and not there brain—i would like to know how many have died from brain cancer/tumors

  • suzanne reeder

    i am getting confused-i thought if they ever put brain cancer/tumors on the agent orange list-the surviving spouse would be able to apply again for benefits—or better yet–if you are in the system they will contact you to inform you of getting benefits

  • V. Belt

    I am wondering why they still deny that Agent Orange was sprayed at Fort Polk, LA. Soil test in the run off areas still show contamination. Men stationed there in the early ’70s remember planes flying over and spraying, one Drill Sgt. remarked ” don’t worry. It won’t hurt you unless your a weed.”

    • Ron

      They deny the same at Fort Carson, Colorado also.
      My Drill Sargent said the same thing!
      Hell, they made Agent Orange and filled the drums there.

      Check out document site –
      Document dated – August 2012
      From : Vietnam Veterans Of America
      The VVA Self-help Guide to Service-Connected Disability Compensation For Exposure to Agent Orange – For Veterans and their families.

      Read more:

  • Robert DaRosa

    I was in the Navy from 69 – 73 serving 3 west pacs on a heavy cruiser and the Enterprise. We spent most of our time in the Tonkin Gulf and on the DMZ. i also spent 2 days and 1 night in DaNang. I have not found a way to prove i was in country. I was stationed on the Enterprise and flew into DaNang on a cod plane. I have not be able to prove that i was in country. I currently have type 2 diabetes, neuropathy in both hands and both feet. I also had non hodgkins lymphoma 5 years ago. Does anyone know how to get the info showing i was in country or what else I can do. Thanks

    • dimestore

      you were tax exempt in the combat areas. plus you received combat pay. check the tax records,military service records, service medals awarded,….

    • Gordo

      You don’t have to prove you were in country. If your DD214 list Viet Nam and you have b- cell lymphoma you only need to file a claim. Get help from your Dr. and the DAV.

      • meanlittleboy2

        hyour dd 214 will list vietnam medals how far was the heavy cruiser offshore?

    • Dan

      Robert, You might try going to the National Archives in D.C. and searching the unit records. There are Daily Staff Journals, After Action reports and a bunch other original records to prove you were you say you were. I was able to confirm a combat injury for a fellow vet after the gov cut his disability claiming he was never in Vietnam. They started making payments again after he submitted proof… it is real bull shit but no one has your interests at heart but you! good luck!

      • jan

        I was told by a supervisor at the regional DAV office in Phoenix that all of the vietnam records have recently been UNSEALED..So those that could not prove they were there before can now prove it. I would start there first. Thanks to all of you for serving. Jan

  • sramos

    my husband had been diagnosed with ischemic heart disease, but was denied back in 2004 & 2007. the va send him a letter in june 2011 that heart ischemic disease was added to Agent Orange registry. My husband submitted all necessary forms and answers, etc., but was told that it was not severe so he did’nt get paid. how severe does it have to be?

    • MA Coble

      Every time my father did his paperwork they lost his records. Last time they wanted all my illnesses and mental issues since I was born less than a year after he returned…they lost all that too…he got fed up and stopped going to the VA… two years ago he went through chemo for Non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma. Thankfully it is in remission. The VA near him closed and is just reopening so I am trying to get him to go back…not for me I make due but he is entitled to help from them.

    • Ron

      Check out document site –
      Document dated – August 2012
      From : Vietnam Veterans Of America
      The VVA Self-help Guide to Service-Connected Disability Compensation For Exposure to Agent Orange – For Veterans and their families.
      Hopes this helps!

  • bill

    agent orange& c o p d relationship if& when

  • Tomas Cortes

    I was station in Johnson Atoll in 1977. I understand there were orange Agent
    spills on the ground during Vietnam War. After a little time, 3-4 month, about 14 of us reported to have hill spurs and legs inflamation. Can I apply for compensation? I have 10% VA disavility.

    • Joseph twardzik

      I need more to stand up than me? My two daughters have agent orange related conditions. But govt. Will not accept claims or even try to her us. One has charity malformation related to spina bif. Other degenerative div both severely disabled. I am at the end of my rope someone please help us we are honest disabled family due to agent orange. Someone help us common agent orange recipients let’s get justice. I could cry. 5708762816 is my home telephone or email mail me with your family agent orange conditions. I must do this help before I die. direct exposure vet. Thankyou I needed this outlet. My two girls are my life.

  • calvin scott-bey

    I was diagnosed with Type II diabetes in April 2012. I became very ill was admitted with Ketoacidosis. My hospital bill was over $50,000.

    It was so much that I had to apply for welfare and I still have about 5,500 dollars to pay to the Hospital and doctors. Recently after talking with my cousin who served in Viet Nam also told me to look into VA Compensation for Agent Orange exposure.

    Once I called and told the representative that I served at: Phu Cat Air Base RVN in 1971 she immediately sent the application out. I am still waiting for a decision but I am approved for VA Health Benefits. That has helped a lot with needing to see a doctor and the medicines need to control my diabetes.

    I pray daily that this disease won’t increase and I will be able to maintain a independent lifestyle. I pray for others who were affected by their serve in Viet Nam through exposure to this Herbicide.

    I believe that eventually the VA and the Government will make the right decision to fairly compensate the men and women who served this nation and who rightfully need help in managing their diseases and affictions.

  • Julie

    My dad was diagnosed almost 7 years ago with lung and thyroid cancer. In all he had 4 different types of cancer diagnosed as pesticide related. He served proudly in the US Army’s 1st Calvary in Vietnam 67-68. My dad was not denied and actually did recieve 100% disability from the VA. He was forced to early retire and spend the rest of his “Golden Years” battling cancer. Cancer stemming form his service to this country. That really pisses me off! He was 64 years old and still had years of life ahead of him. The monthly check, 250.00 towards his funeral,a flag and metal emblem for his head stone is not worth the years taken from our family. I can still picture the young soldier at my dads service kneeling down and handing my mom the flag. I couldn’t help but feel angered when he said “on behalf of the President and The United States” Uggggghhhh! My dad was a poor kid from Ark. and the Army was his way out. He made it home safe with out injury but I believe his service killed him

  • Peggy M. Penn

    My father served 3 tours in Viet Nam. He was in the Air Force for 33 years.
    He died of Parkinson’s in 1997. I sent proof from medical doctors, the VA had his military records, I applied for survivor benefits. I am his adult daughter. I was denied for accured benefits because I was told I had a year after his death to file for survivor benefits. It was not deemed until 2009 that VA acknowledged that
    Parkinson’s was attributed to Agent Orange. I am confused??? I need some advise.

  • Mike Broeker

    I spent 175 Temporary Duty (TDY) Days within 3 of the 4 Corps of Viet Nam during 1969 while serving out of Clark Field in the Phillipines, however without the full year “in country”, my DD214 does not include my Viet Nam service. Does anyone know how I can prove this service to our country, in addition to my official AF performance reviews identifying the Viet Nam TDY notations signed and dated by my supervisor and unit commander? The VA does not seem to want to acknowledge my 1969 Viet Nam service without further proof in connection with my Agent Orange compensation request; triggered by my official Neurologist diagnosed Sensorimoter Polyneuropathy condition. Thank you to anyone who may have information to assist me. 022013

    • Tracy

      My father is doing the same exact thing, He was AF. Having a difficult time finding “proof” of boots on the ground. Can you please email me maybe we can come up with something together or help each other out. My dad suffers with multiple types of skin cancer resulting in complete neck, lymph, jugular, tear duct, saliva glands etc. removal. Thanks for anything you may have. Tracy

    • Jan

      Hi mike. I was recently told the VietNam records are now unsealed. My husband served during time President said we were not their. He was one of the so called “advisors”. He has stage IV lung cancer and 29 other things. We are hoping the DOD has his time recorded. You can get a copy from the DOD yourself. I strongly advise you use DAV or other veteran group to help you with the claim. They know what they are doing to speed it up. I also recommend YOU get your own records to go with the initial claim. It should speed the process up by several months providing your own medical records. Best of luck to you and yours! AND thank you for serving. DAV can assist you with the proof you need for your claim.

    • suressi

      mike get your sea and air travel-embarkation slip that should be in your records,i think the page number at the bottom is NAVMC 118(17) (rev.2-66, i hope this helps you

    • diane compton

      my husband after years of trying to prove he was tdy in vietnam he got a buddy from the same unit in the air force to write a letter. if you are in contact with anyone try and get help that way. Unfortunately his buddy passed away within like 5 months after we got this information. Good luck.

    • fxc

      When you were sent tdy to the phillipines you must have had a set of orders if you do not the af should all you have to do is prove pne day boots on the ground. I was stationed at DaNag I corps from Oct 10 1968 to Oct 7 1969. If you do not know DaNag was the most cotaminated place with ao. good luck

    • Nelson

      If your commander and supervisor listed the dates on any kind of official documents it should be valid,
      Please go to “Aids and Attendance Compensation”. I states that all you have to serve is 3 months of active duty during the Viet Nam era to qualify for benefits. Hope this helps.

    • Daniel McKinnon

      You might try pay records, Although they did not work for me, Maybe you will have better luck, By the way, I was at clark same time you were, Now fighting same problem as you, Any info would be appreciated God Bless You

    • Fran

      My husband was at Clark at in 1968 and was in the TAW flying in out of Vietnam. There is no record of him being there and his DD214 show him 17 days out of country. We have tried every avenue we know to show he was there as he’s had prostate cancer and radiation and his claim has been denied twice. I have a letter from our senator and AF notes that have commanding officer saying 346 personnel will be in Vietnam no exceptions and it still wasn’t enough. Any ideas? Thx

    • Wanda

      What year were you there and I have the same problem.

  • meanlittleboy2

    folks especially navy/marines, please go to and sign the petitions submitt6ed for blue water navy.. thanks mlb 2013

  • Yvonne Stout

    My husband died in June 2000. I got a letter saying sence he died fo Agent orange I would get money starting Dec, 02 2002. I havn’t gotten not one penny yet. How do I get it now? I eat only one meal a day. I need the money. please help me get it.

    • jan

      Contact your local DAV..go in and sit down with them. It is a free service and they are well informed.

    • suressi

      ttake all your husbans paper work and his dd-214 and the letter that said he had agent orange to the V.A. they will help you ,hope this helps you

  • Good article. I am facing some of these issues as well.

  • Marilyn Sigler

    My husband spent one year in Vietnam, primarily as an engineer at Long Bhin and that area. A few years ago he started having vascular problems and an aneurysm was found on his aeorta. He had surgery for that but he continues to have problems. I have heard that this could have been caused by agent orange.

    • katherine mc brinn

      Hi ,my name is katherine and my husband was exposed to AO, his disabilities include,neuropathy upper and lower,diabetes,insulin and oral meds,had two strokes,Parkinsons Disease,sleep apnea,anxiety and depression,high blood pressure and off and on incontinence and also catheterization and Altzheimers(not from AO) and an aeortic aneurysm. I have pending claims since 2011, personally I think they are just holding off for him to die so they dont have to pay. I heard there were gastrointestinal disorders, do you know anything of that? our son died at age 20 of chronic constipation and his intestines didnt function so he had a colostomy all his years,that boy went thru hell and I am trying to find if it was from AO because they cant give me enough money,my son is gone but i will make them pay for all he and we went through. On the aneurysm what happened?Is there something I should be aware of? They dont tell me anything and i am afraid now. I would appreciate any info you might have.

    • Adrienne K. Walls

      Did you husband ever go to the VA Hospital and was involved in an a program called “Adams Study” this was done to determine if he a aorta aneursym. My husband did and if he had surgery (of which he did not for repair) because they found he to have bladder cancer (so they stopped the susrgery). If he had the surgery then he would have been considered 100% disabled. I have an article that a service officer gave me that states that. I don’t know if Agent Orange casued it but I can send you the article that I have. Bless you

  • H’s Wife, EMM

    Even though your pancreas and liver filterout lethal toxins like Agent Orange, sprayed in Vietnam, where my husband served 1967-1968; he died from that type of cancer; yet it is not on the VA’s presumptive illness due to Agent Orange List. What? Are they pulling a fast one? I would like them to see by Army #, etc., and SS# how many men died from pancreatic cancer who served in Vietnam.

    Who will get this disease added to the list? My husband died at age 64. He served this country of ours honorably, and he got a flag, taps played at his funeral, a certificate from the President in his memory, a plaque, BUT I GET NO MONEY. I REMAIN, WITHOUT MY DEAR HUSBAND, AND IT IS KILLING ME EACH DAY WITHOUT HIM. Who will get this disease put on their “list?”

    • Elaine

      My dad also died from pancreatic cancer and served 3 tours in Vietnam. I also would like to see how many men died from pancreatic cancer. Thanks for your husbands service.

    • Elaine Martin

      My husband also died from Pancreatic Cancer on August 29, 2012 and was in VietNam in 1965-1966 exposed to Agent Orange….He was diagnosed with inoperable Pancreatic Cancer with Mesenteric Artery involvement on June 20th 2012 and passed away in 2 months…..he was only 66 years old, we would have been married for 45 years……..I cannot understand why this is not a recognizable cancer by the VA…….The VA recognizes Diabetes and it is the Pancreas that produces the insulin, I am not a doctor but doesn’t it seem there is a link between the two diseases………from what I have read they used Agent Orange on many of the U.S. Military bases…so boots on the ground in VietNam and the U.S. Military bases……I have been a widow for nearly 7 months now…….my heart is broken and I am alone……I would do anything to get him back……ERM

      • Bonnie Stahl

        My husband also was in Vietnam=March 1967-March 1968.My husband was diagnosed with Pancreatic Cancer Jan.2013. He since had the Whipple surgery and is now getting some pretty aggressive chemo and radiation. I am looking for others who are looking for some kind of compensation for our loved ones who fought in the war. They deserve compensation. I have read that diabetes 2 contributes to Pancreatic cancer. They pay for Diabetes, my husband gets compensation for this, but they should also recognize Pan creatic Cancer. If you have any information please contact me. I know how you feel and you are in my prayers..

    • Coy860

      My spouse died of pancreatic cancer Nov. 2012. I applied for and am still waiting for a determination for my claim for DIC.
      He already was granted disability for heart and diabetes.
      15 months and waiting.

    • Nancy P

      My husband John just passed away on 11/6/2012 from pancreatic cancer. They were unable to operate to remove the tumor because it was so close to the main artery. He underwent chemo and radiation for 6 weeks and by August be was told the tumor grew substantially and there was nothing more they could do. He died within 2 months at the age of 66.

      He had been stationed at the air base in Nam in 67-68 around a time when the spraying was done around the air field. His job was loading and unloading freight that was being shipped in or out of the base which included chemicals. In 1999 – 2000 he was diagnosed with Non-hodgkins Lymphona caused by Agent Orange for which the VA did assume responsibility. I believe with all my heart that this most recent pancreatic cancer was also caused by his exposure to agent orange.

      My husband had another claim that was pending prior to his death. The claim has been converted to myself as the Claimant, but it is still pending and I am sure that it will remain that way for long time.

    • diane

      My husband served in the USMC in Vietnam in 1968-1969. He was diagnosed with Pancreatic cancer in 1995 at the age of 48. He lived for 10 agonizing weeks after the diagnosis , Dead at 48. He never even had a chance to live his life. He did serve his country however. What a reward for such an honerable man. I’m so angry.

    • Gail

      Me too. My husband died at 55 from pancreatic cancer too. I guess we are just left out.

  • jspikes357
  • Donna

    Late husband served on USS Yorktown during Viet Nam War. He died at the age of 48 in 1993 from head/neck cancer. I remember he said he used to fly over the jungles and spray Agent Orange. Am I eligible for benefits?

    • jill

      donna you don’t know me my name is jill. my late husband had head and neck cancer also he passed away in 2001. i’ve been trying to find out if its onthe list of agent orange. does anyone have any info on this. he was a medic for the 101st airborne 68 /70

      • Donna

        Hi Jill, John’s cancer started in his Pharynx which would come under the Respiratory cancers on the AO list. Head/Neck cancer is on his death certificate as cause of death. Do you know where your husband’s cancer started? I have all the paperwork ready to send to VA as soon as I get a certified copy of his DD214. I plan to take it all into the local DAV office before sending to see is they can advise.

  • Lucinda Rollings

    My husband served in Vietnam 68 & 69, he died 04/20/2012 at 64 with bile duct and liver cancer, he was getting a check every month from the VA for sugar and PTSD and hearing loss after he died the checks stopped I filed for spouse comp. but I make over 8000.00 a year so I got denied. Now I need to file for war related death, I need some help with this.

  • Tina Raines

    I need help too my husband suffered with his lungs they colapsed 5 times. he tried to get help before he died. I was left to drop out of school to raise our children. now I here people are getting help. what about us? his name was Barry Lynn Raines he was a rescue perimetic in vetnam. Thank God he no longer hurts men
    tally or physically!!!!!!!!!!!!!! But we do!!!!!! I did get a letter years ago from president Clinton saying thanks. but it was to late. Yours painfully Tina Maria Raines

  • Barry James

    I served in Vietnam from 7-67 – 6-68 & have more things wrong with me than anyone could ever imagine. I was diagnosed with liver cancer in 2000 & got a transplant because I had very good insurance from where I worked. The liver Dr’s at the VA will stall you as long as they can hoping you die before they have to give you a new liver. I am almost deaf, have chloracne, and just got over a case of squamous cell carsanoma (sp) which involved removing part of my bottom lip. I am one of the fortunate ones because I refused to take no for an answer. Anyone who thinks the VA is here to help veterans is living in fantasy land. I am routinely disrespected , talked to as if I am getting treatment free of charge & if you ask for help they run you over the hospital for nothing. I used to think it was only the Dallas VA, but I no longer believe that. You are very lucky if you get to see someone who has any command of the english language much less care about what happens to you or your family. I pray for allof my brothers often, but I have figured out that all the promises president Obama made in 2008 were all lies. I am with you guys all the way to the grave & just hope that it doesn’t get any worse.

    • Joseph Wheeler

      Same treatment applies to the VA in Daytona Beach, you should hear my Doctor how we all expect the Government to pay us for time served,we started a campaign in 1988 against the Military for using such and unknown chemical on its own Soldiers and just how many of us in our 60,s are coming down with all kinds of medical problems not family related or lifestyle related.

    • Lupe M

      May god protect you and I hope and pray that you receive the medical help that you deserve.

    • Ed Livesay

      I am having the same problem here in Tennessee.. They think you are a 3 class citizens and we can no t be fired..I have refused to go the the local VA here because off all the hassle and getting treated like prisoner of war.Locking me up in a room so cold and with out clothes because I told them you do not care about us veterans..then they tell us to call our Senators lol.. they know that they never will respond to your request..they don’t even care either I know this for a fact…

  • naythor

    My husband died March 8, 2013 of Hepatocellular Carcinoma at the age of 65. He filed a claim in 2006 but was denied. I would like to re-open/re-file his claim. Can anyone help me?



  • Afraid

    My husband is diagnose with Hepatitis C. I am afraid I may get it later. How will I be protected and compensated. He served in vietnam in 1970-1971.


    Speaking of being s—- upon, I am a 1966 us Navy Vietnam Veteran. So far, I have suffered 4-5 Ischemic Strokes and 1 Ischemic Heart attack. I lost my gall bladder, and have hypertension, high cholesterol, low vitamins potassium, D and sleep apneia. I have claims in since 1997. I am at the VA judge at this time for repeal of Wisconsin VA’s decision. I was approved for “service connection” in 2010, still denied by Wisconsins VA. PRAYING FOR A GOOD DECISION IN MY FAVOR!

    • McArthur Drake

      Mr. Thomas, I really think you should file for PTSD. You can receive up to 70%.

  • Steve Martinez

    Please check this out if you have or know a Vietnam veteran with kidney cancer or ESRD

    • ray bedenbaugh

      i have had one kidney removed renal cell in 99 and now va has found a spot on good kidney ,with function low. wounded and medivaced my 11th mth incountry,with 9th inf and 1st cav 1970

      • Paul Maresca

        I was denied a claim for renal cancer as it is not on the AgentnOrange list…Do you have any info to indicate otherwise….Paul M.

    • Steve Roberson

      I am a 1967 vet had kidney removed in 2004 from cancer , told to go away no able to receive any thing now have prostate cancer GOOD LUCK

  • sharon jones

    is this something that can be passed down to the children? my father was sprayed with it and he was made to be discharge with honor.

  • gale

    I served in Vietnam all of 1967. Years later I was diagnosed with Systemic Mastocytosis. Does anybody have, or knows of anybody that has this disease? I have tried through V.A. to get compensated for this disease but was denied. Any feed back would be greatly appreciated. Thanks


    I serve three tour’ in Viet Nam from 1967-1968 ad 1969. I was all over over the
    place. When I got out of the U,S AMRY . tHAT WHEN I started to have problem
    with of SPLEEN LATER THEY REMOVED GALBALLAN. nOW i have problem wiyh my Live and I don’t know how much TIME I HAVE LEFT. BLESS YOU ALL

  • susan

    my husband died of multiple myeloma; I am getting a small DOC that I don’t think represents adequate compensation for his agent orange related cancer. do I have a case?

  • Yvonne Stout

    My husband died June 24, 2000 .Of agent orange. I got a letter stating I would start getting money on Dec 02, 2002. Never got any of it. I just got another letter telling me I can’t get any money because he didn’t have the cancer for a year. He didn’t know he head ir till he got sick . He died a month after he found out he had cancer.

  • Yvonne Stout

    Why is the goverment sending money to other countrys , and not helping us widows. ?????. I eat one meal a day, they tell me I can’t get food stamps because I don’t have Dr and hospital bills. I told them I go the the Air force for my meds and Doctors. This is not fair. My husband for air force retired. I don’t even get his retiredment check. I marred him years before he got out of the air force. Why is the goverment doing this to us widows? Is there any body out there that can help me.. The Senater of Mississippi won’t even help me..I have sent him lots of letters from The Department of Veterans Affairs. Is there any body who can help me?

    • derek rigger

      retiredment check ? I marred him years before he got out of the air force ? – you have a keen sense of humor. The VA rules on spousal survivor benefits state that you had to have been married 8 years to qualify.

  • Mechaele Wilson

    I need some info, my Dad was in Vietnam from 68-71 and is affected by agent orange. My question is, is there anyone out there who has degenerative disk disease or something similar who was also affected by agent orange and if so, can you PLEASE contact me!!! He is in need of info from anyone with similar health issues!

  • Jenny

    My father died on Mothers Day this year (2013), he was 64. He has parkinsons, was a diabetic, had lung cancer- beat it only to have brain tumors a year later. He lost that battle in his sleep. Thankfully he went peacefully and suffered very little. But he had years of depression. The last 2 years he was a new revived man and I so enjoyed getting to know him again.

    I want to know about myself and my children, will we be affected by this? Will we die from cancer at an early age because my father was sprayyed with Agent Orange while serving?

    • sara

      Wow. My dad died at age 64 also. He also had Diabetes at the end of his life. He suffered from depression and I felt Vietnam cheated me out of a dad. I am so worried about Agent orange. 3 of his 5 kids have IBS and 2 have fibromyalgia. We think this will affect us all for lifetime. I feel that the government should give the children the money they deserve if the passed away. We have medical problems for a lifetime from this.

    • beelady950

      Watch the documentary “Battle’s Poison Cloud”. It explains just what Agent Orange was, a dioxin, and one of the most poisenous substances known to man. It causes all kinds of illness and diseases but the worst side effect is genetic damage which doesn’t always show up until the 2nd or 3rd generation. In Vietnam, the effects have been devistating. Think of it as a giant toxic superfund site, the whole country and anywhere else they sprayed it. Another note worthy tidbit is that Monsanto who was responsible for agent orange also has produced GMO’s to withstand their pesticide “Round Up” which is Glyphosate. This causes infertility in animals in levels as low as .05 ppm, but the FDA has approved the allowable residue in animal feed to be 200 ppm. Trust me, the poisoning of citizens in this country is an on-going problem and until people take their health into their own hands and eat only organic, gmo free, and carefully researched animal products that have been raised on organic food, you can expect health problems. At one time, maybe we could have trusted the FDA, but that is simply not the case now.

  • DJR

    I lost my husband in 2009 to pancreatic cancer. He served in Vietnam December 1968 thru December 1969. He was receiving compensation for diabetes, but VA denied his request for compensation for his pancreatic cancer. Now they have repeatedly denied my claim as well as mine as a widow. I believe they just wait for our veterans to die so that they do not have to pay.

  • Gary Pendleton

    As a Navy corpsman I served with the 3rd Marine division in Vietnam between April 1968 and April, 1969. In 1978 I was diagnosed and treated for Hodgkins disease. The six month of radiation treatment contributed to later heart and lung problems which persist. I wish to apply for disability benefits based on my exposure to Agent Orange during my service in Vietnam. Please advise.

  • Jan

    Carl may I ask a question. Was your claim paid back to the time of the diagnosis or the time you filed the claim. Under presumptive disease I am not clear how that works. My husband has a claim pending. Thanks for your service. Any info would be greatly appreciated. Jan


    my husband got cancer in 2006 non-hodgskin-lymphoma he was in Vietnam in1968 1969 13 months now is heart is ef 20-25 % he needed a defibulator because of the port and pick line for the cancer they did openheart sugery in order to put the wires in the heart because the vein at the top of the chest where they were supposed to put the lead wires was closed due to the scar tissue of port and pick line he’s slowly recovering as the surgery is only a week old can he apply for a.o

    • Vicki

      Is he in remission for his cancer? My Husband had a 100 percent disabled and he has been in remission 9years at 5years they took his 100percent away and dropped it to 0 percent even thought they say it will be back. At time we would have to fill again.

      • melinda

        Same is happening to us. My husband still has the port in his chest for chemo if it comes back. Now at the age of 67 they are telling him you can go back to work. This is unreal. Had to leave his job because of the cancer. I haven’t found anyone to help yet.

  • Disturbed

    Good morning, I am the daughter of a veteran who died in 1993 of pancreatic cancer. I am disturbed because my mother was denied benefits and the article(s) that I am posting lists pancreatic cancer ON the VA site! (posted in two posts)
    “Zumwalt Report Suggests Link with 27 Diseases/Disorders-The health effects that he linked to Agent Orange are non-Hodgkin’s disease, soft tissue sarcoma, chloracne and other skin disorders, including skin cancer, liver disorders, porphyria cutanea tarda, Hodgkin’s disease, neurologic defects, birth defects, leukemia, kidney cancer, testicutar cancer, pancreatic cancer,”

  • Disturbed

    Citation Nr: 0300216
    Decision Date: 01/07/03 Archive Date: 01/15/03
    DOCKET NO. 00-08 377

    A review of the claims file indicates medical opinion both
    favorable and unfavorable to a link between the veteran’s
    exposure to Agent Orange while in Vietnam and the
    development of pancreatic cancer, the disease which caused
    his death. However, there is competent evidence that it
    is at least as likely as not that the veteran’s pancreatic
    cancer was causally related to his service-connected
    diabetes mellitus. Accordingly, with resolution of
    benefit in the appellant’s favor, the Board concludes
    service connection for the cause of death is warranted on
    the basis of an etiological relationship between service-
    connected diabetes mellitus and the veteran’s fatal
    pancreatic cancer. 38 U.S.C.A. 5107(b); Gilbert v.
    Derwinski, 1 Vet. App. 49 (1991).


    Service connection for the cause of the veteran’s death is

  • Robert

    Let me start out by saying thank you to every veteran who has served our country. You are all heroes too soon forgotten from our government as far as i am concerned. AO took the life of my father-in-law last February of 2012 and now my wife who is 27years of age has been diagnosed with tumors in her liver. The findings of the tumors are so long overdue after years of abdominal pain, lower back pain and a whole lot of other pains that are sure to be linked to this disease. There is a major problem we encountered through this process and hopefully someone out there will be able to help. The problem is that our civilian hospitals/doctors have no knowledge of the AO epidemic as do the VA hospitals/doctors. I am so damn angry and hurt that our government looks the other way when issues like this pop up. I know her illnesses are linked to AO just like the chrones disease problem they both shared until her fathers passing. I would like info on the effects AO has had on vietnam vets offspring if any. Thanks again to all the vets who have served our country!

    • terrence burke

      Robert, I served one tour in the Mekong Delta in Viet Nam. One of the worst areas for exposure to AO. I have numerous problems and I hope to discuss with VA doctors on 11-28-13. My real concern is my children. I have 6 boys and 3 girls 6 of which have been affected by my exposure to AO. Son born with t/e fistula and pyloric stenosis. Spent first month of his life in NICU. Son has had mastoidectomies in both ears, typanic membrane replacement in one ear, bone replacement in the other. One boy and two girls born with hand tremors, the boys is very severe. Girl has anxiety attacks that prevented her from finishing high school. Takes anxiety medication to this day. Very sad that I have passed these problems on to my children. Even worse, our government doesn’t acknowledge that they are responsible for some if not all of these ailments. If you want more info feel free to email me at

  • Adrienne K. Walls

    I recently filed a claim on my behalf (widow) due to the death of my Husband of 20 years. He was diagnoised with bladder cancer along with colon cancer. He served two tours in Vietnam The colon cancer was denied because it was not related to Agent Orange But the Bladder Cancer and Colon Cancer was related to Izoning radiation. He was stationed at Forbes Air Force Base between the years of 10/15/1962 thru 6/20/1963 and fly on B-47 Bombers that was exposed to izoning radation, please contact me 1-319-329-4105 or 1-319-294-4470. I need to know where he was when he was exposed to ionzing radation.

  • Theresa Coplen

    Ok here is my comment I lost my husband in 1999 agent orange now here the catcher no one let me know about the diseases that had been added so I have filed for accured benefits .My husband filed for SCD and was denied in 1996 .he had diabities ,B cell Lymphoma and Hairyncell and yes he was denied in 1996 but awared benefits in 1999 for servic connection so I have ask for a rejutication and an eariler effective date

  • knobby

    I served in Vietnam in 1966 and was recently diagnosed with Diabetes type II and peripheral neuropathy. What is the monthly compensation the VA pays for that? Is it worth filing a claim?

    • Tom

      VA compensation depends on the percentage of the disability. Disability ratings are 10%, 20% and so on. The 10% rate is a little over $100 a month. 40% is $640 plus or minus a few bucks a month. $100 a month equals $1200 a year which equals $12,000 in 10 years, so is it worth it to file a claim? If you live 10 more years and don’t file a claim your lifetime earnings will be short $12,000. If you are six-foot tall, your ideal weight should be is around 173 or 4 pounds. If you weigh 230 or more try losing about 10 pounds and see where your blood sugar levels go. Most of us as we get older tend to gain weight and that causes or exacerbates a lot of these chronic diseases. Most doctors say your fat they may say lose a few pounds but very few of them will come out and say your diabetes is caused because your fat. Do some research and find out what lifestyle changes are recommended that may lower your blood sugar. Peripheral neuropathy, one cause is diabetes. Years of drinking, what a lot of vets have done will also cause peripheral neuropathy. Good luck on your research.

  • Joanna

    My husband served 2 tours in Vietnam and has AO caused medical problems for which he is 100% disabled. Our first child had a brain tumor in his forties; our second child was born with spina bifida and has had a colostomy in her forties. Now our fourth child has stage 4 bone cancer after a double mastectomy at age 37. Spina bifida IS linked to AO. Any proof of breast cancer/bone cancer in female offspring of Vietnam/AO vets?

  • Suanna

    My husband died in 2001 of acute myelogenous leukemia. He had been covered with agent orange a few times while serving in Vietnam and he also served at the DMZ in Korea where AO was used. His oncologist said that death was due to AO, but a claim was turned down at that time. Is it a valid claim now?

    • suressi

      take his records of every thing the doc said ,and if in wrinting about how it was ao that should be enough,i hope you have your doc,becuse they wont

  • Joe

    Over the years I have had numerous surgery’s and conditions I believe are related to agent orange that the VA does not recognize, such as colon tumor which I had a colon resection done, I have bladder cancer, various fatty tumors removed, other skin conditions, hives that come on me for no apparent reason and a few other conditions. I served with the 1st Infantry from 1968 and 1969 and in many areas that were sprayed with agent orange. How many other Viet Nam Vets out there are suffering with the same and where do we go to or contact to get something done. The conditions I have aren’t on the list , but I know & feel that they are agent orange related

    • Robert

      I was in Vietnam in 1968 and 1969 with 1st infantry div. in base camp lai k
      We pulled security for triangle 1,2, and 3 and rubber plantation.
      Where are you from

  • Becky

    I will be glad when they decide the military that was in Panama was exposed to Agent Orange and give them benefits! Don’t know what they are waiting on. My hubby has had problems for years and we are Still waiting……….. Please government open up to Panama, Gatun, Ft. Davis and etc. were all exposed

  • James Curtis Spears

    I am a retired Vietnam vet US Air Force .We flew into Siegon in april 1971 on a mail run from quam on our way around Thialand .I was stationed at Ubon RTAFB.There was a lot of herbicide (agent orange )sprayed in our area.We also had a few F-4D and F-4E recoverys in Vietnam.However there is no supporting documents to show any entery or exits into Vietnam.I retired in 1990 with10% for stress related hypertension .My claim for type II diabetes was denied.They said I was never in Vietnam.I’ve seen a lot of cases were guys are saying the same thing and they are suffering and dying with the same problems.What can we do.

    • Robert

      I was at ubon also 1971 in security police

    • Daniel McKinnon

      Try resubmitting using pay records, However I doubt if the VA can read them, or wants to read them, Also go to DAV type II is pretty easy to prove, I sound bitter because I have been fighting with VA For 5 years, always some excuse, Also read the CHEECKO Report says a lot about AO and Thailand, Good Luck, you will need it

    • fatbob

      Doesn’t your DD214 show any of that? That’s what we had to show proof.

      • Daniel Mckinnon

        DD 214 shows major locations where stationed, no TDY, Also write to record center request a PR File, it is supposed to have all documents pertaining to your career, However it has some lost, I wonder why? I I can help please email me

  • linda fuller

    My husband applied for va benefits for high blood pressure, stroke, artery disease & stomach cancer. He died before they even responded to claim. I applied as survivor in 2005′ vs made discision in 2012 rated him 30% disability of epistemic heart disease, asthma, diabetes, high blood pressure. Filed DIC denied no new records. His military medical records were destroyed in fire they say. Unable get new records due to drs that treated him in the 70’s are no longer pratacing n no records. Was exposed to AO in Vietnam.

  • Shirley

    My husband died last year of multiple myeloma. He was stationed in Korat Thailand in 1970-71. He was an ordanance specialist-loading bombs on the planes coming in from Vietnam. I have just been denied for a second time for compensation and this time they said “special consideration of herbicide exposure on a factual basis is extended to Veterans whose duties placed them on or near the perimeters of Thailand military bases such as security policemen, security patrol dog handler or member of the security police squadron”. My husband told me he was on the runway days at a time by the perimeter and saw the SP’s patrolling where they had sprayed the AO. Does the spray stop drifting just because there’s a fence?!!! I guess according to the VA it does! Is anyone out there who was an OS in Thailand like my husband, who can support me in my next effort with my claim? I feel that my husband died from his service to his country. The only other OS I know died in his 50’s of a massive heart attack. My husband died thinking I would be taken care. I am glad he will never know how his country let him down!

  • Mike

    Who is being covered for COPD and AO contact from Viet Nam?

  • Reba Fields

    I have been reading all of these letters and notes I am so sorry for all of those poor boys that have gone throw all of the illness GOD BLESS YOU ALL AND THANK EACH AND EVERONE OF YOU .I also had the most wonderful husband in the world , he passed last May I miss him so much , but you know I am so proud that I was his wife he was a sgt. in Vietnam , and he did his job well as all of them did . again thank you all for all you did for all of us.

  • SSG Bob

    There are many that served our country from Thailand in support of the Vietnam War effort that are being denied any and all agent orange claims – yet they are dyeing off daily from Parkinson’s Disease, Ischemic Heart Diseases and all of the other symptoms and presumptive diseases associated with Agent Orange Exposure. They have been exposed to Agent Orange and are being denied. It is tragic that my fellow vets and their families continue suffering this way.

    • richard kauffman

      I was in pi at sangley pt 1967 stangley enough I have prostrate cancer diadetis copd have applied for disability they denied claim after 2yrs and almost 4yrs since I sen’t in appeal reason I didn’t have afoot on the ground I spent 14 yrs in the navy Bob I don’t know what to say

      Richard kauffman

    • top jones

      I received my turn down papers six weeks ago , no record of service, no records of any of the presumptive ,such as diabetis type 2, no records of heart problems , but the va gives me medicine for all of the medical problems , no one at the va can read , can some one tell me where to go for help, I am 66 and do not long to continue this fight ,

  • Robert Vassar

    my husband worked everyday on the planes that carried agent orange to Vietnam during the war days ,these barrels were leeking this bad stuff everyday ,web sight has a large article on these barrels ,they did not pay any attention to these men who reported this ,my husband now has diebetis which was found while in the service ,also heart problems, amputee due to diebetis ,they need to give him a pension because of this hazards chemical back then ,since guys were over there ,what about guys like my husband who was working in close corners everyday with this chemical an the harzard to his health.

  • My girlfriend lost her husband in the 90’s due to Agent Orange related cancer. She was given a lump sum which supposedly to relinquish all rights to further litigation. Is this correct or is she entitled to further benefits from the VA. I’m a Vietnam Vet, 100% for heart, diabetes and now it appears as though I have cancer. Just starting to have tests done but it sounds like lymphoma. Any help on this would be appreciated.

  • Noriega

    Is there anyone out there that knows if sleep apnea is secondary to claim was denied,any help would be great.

    • Roland

      I have it, & it is caused by Parkinson’s, which is a side affect of a/o.

  • sabastian

    too bad there isn’t benefits for grown children who have had to deal with watching their father dwindle away to nothing and die because of Agent Orange. It angers me and its frustrating to say the least. I have a flag – that’s it – thank you for your service.

  • S Johnson

    My friend was diagnosed with AO and died from bone cancer is his son able to file a claim?
    he has health issues as well

    • Joe Falozne


  • Dave Smith

    WOW… Amazing. Almost 400 comments from vets and families trying to start or increase their disability claims from AO at taxpayer expense from the VA gravy train. Aren’t there any fellow vets left approaching 70 like myself who are aging naturally and are quite happy with their Medicare coverage and private sector physicians? I’m pleased to have avoided AO “presumed (meaning unproven)conditions”. Build a taxpayer funded feeding trough filled with “free” VA service connected disability money and they will come….

    • Joe Falzone

      Were you exposed to AO ,when you were in Vietnam?._Do you have a family history of Blood Clots, Prostate Cancer ,Peripheral Neuropathy, PTSD?……………..Well no one in my family, including my uncles, cousins,etc were in Vietnam, and they did not have any of the probles I have,……………..I have two Brothers very close to my age, and they are very healthy. ( I did not use drugs while in Nam, or did I use any tabacco .) So you think that all Vietnam Vets are phony, and on the dole?__We paid a price for going over there, why should our medical bills come out of our pockets, when that ASS HOLE LBJ, & McNamara authorize the chemicals used in Nam………………The Vets did not know anything about it.
      You must be a Goverment kiss ASS.
      Respectfully, Joe Falzone

      • Roland

        Thanks Joe! That clown probably voted for o’scummer too!

    • Jeffrey Surface

      Wow. The gravy train Huh.? I lost my father do to AO when I was 12. He died when he was 40 yrs of age. My mother raised me with out assistence from this train as you call it. My father filed a claim in 1975 and died in 1978 but the claim is still being denied even after they admited that he died from AO after niemer. But here we are at the end of 2013 and nothing is resolved. How dare you say such a thing, and truly mean it? money wont bring him back but would make moms life easier if they paid her WHAT SHE IS ENTITLED .you sir are a embarrasment to Veterans everywhere.

      • Catherine Baskin

        Wow!Wow You are so right your Mother is entitled to all the benefits!! My husband was diagnosed with cancer in June of 1990 and died in June of 1992 I do get DIC but not until 1998 and proud I didn’t give up I continued to file & contact Congress. What does Dave call MEDICARE? It’s the real GRAVY TRAIN and he is a embarrasment to are Veterans. Catherine England Wilson Baskin

    • Really? I lost my prostrate due to AO & I served in Laos. You have no heart for your fellow Veterans!

    • Robin

      I don’t know if you escaped exposure to agent orange or not. Does exposure cause smug, self-righteous asinine judgmental personality disorder?
      You sound so bitter. I have a feeling something more is going on with you. With your lack of empathy or compassion I am going to bet that you have trouble making and keeping friends , so your service in Viet Nam may have had a more negative impact on your mental and physical health than you want to admit.
      At the end of all our lives we are not measured by how financially successful we were, but by the people who loved us and miss us. Others are forgotten as if they never existed at all. Which do you want to be?

    • Beverly

      You know Dave….as you put it..The Gravy Train…Vet’s and Family members are after $$ at taxpayer expense. Well Bull Shit…My husband has Renal Cell Cancer, he lost his left kidney, tail of his Pancreas, Spleen, Gall Bladder. Just this week he was back in surgery to remove the remainder of his pancreas, part of his stomach and duodenum. Well, after 4 hours, surgery was halted, tumors were found to be inoperable, plus additional renal cell was found in his lymph nodes. We only want what our government has promised its Vets..we will take care of you! I wish you had been with me caring for a husband who was practically split in half to remove his kidney, the pain of wondering if Cancer returned at every check-up, then finding not once but 2x’s it returned. You should have been with me, holding my husband’s hand, cooling his head all while he was being pumped with toxic medicine targeted to kill renal cell cancer….yes and you should have been with me this week when I heard the words…”Your husband is going to die from this Cancer” there is nothing more to be done….yes we want compensated and yes I will fight until my dying breath to get much needed compensation. Shame On You, Beverly

    • Guest

      With over 400 comment it should tell you there is a real problem with health issues pertaining to our veterans. You may be one of the lucky FEW, but no veteran that I know wants to be sick and ride the “gravy train” as you so call it. I deal with this everyday with my husband who has many illnesses due to AO. You need to do your reserach on AO, before speaking out of the side of your mouth!

    • M.T. Hansen

      My husband died in 2012 from prostate cancer caused by Agent Orange exposure in Vietnam–Phan Rang AB, Vietnam 1971. He flew 289 combat missions in Vietnam and Laos(C-123 at Phan Rang and AC 119K gunships over the Ho Chi Minh Trail in Laos1972).l was with him in Jan-Feb 1972 at NKP AB, Thailand while he was flying combat over the Trail. I was exposed to Agent Orange at NKP. You will be pleased to know that our country will not provide any care or compensation for military dependents who were exposed to Agent Orange while in Thailand for R&R with their spouses. Additionally, you will be pleased to know that any Suvivor Benefit Plan ( SBP) that my husband paid for out of his retirement pay for 30 years will not be paid to me since his death was service connected. There is an offset. Your tax money will not go into the feeding trough/VA gravy train. I pray that you will continue to age naturally. My husband and I are paying the price for you. God Bless!

    • stormy berryman

      Dave don’t be hating.just be glad u r not affected by “agent orange”.

    • Dave

      you must have had a real paper pushing job-try being a grunt(11B) get shot
      lose a limb,and try supporting a family on little to nothing,get off your ass and go look at a VA hospital,and see all these,Free gravey train vets,then make somemore stupid comments,I served in Vietnam as a Marine,and then ret from the Army.

    • bill

      You sir must be blessed with no agent orange problems (thank goodness), but thousands of us who were sprayed by overflights weekly and have several of these diseases are not quite so blessed.

    • Wrecks

      A Viet Veteran friend of mine, 1st Cav. spent all of 2011 in the hospital with lung cancer. Never smoked, Agent Orange. He survived but now walks with a cane. Another friend of mine is now in the hospital suffers from Agent Orange induced Cancer. Don’t know if he will make it through the week. I am a disabled Viet Veteran but not due to Agent Orange. These Veterans are not “free-loaders”. They have suffered more than you can imagine and deserve anything and everything the Government offers!

    • phil

      ah, well spoken like a true REMF. Ol’ Dave was probably one of those guys who did everything possible to keep from serving……

  • Vicki

    I had Army basic training at Fort McClellan in 1975 and was stationed at Camp Zukeran in Okinawa two places where Agent Orange was found. I was treated for ovarian cancer 10 years ago and have thyroid problems. I am registered with the VA hospital, but have contacted them to get my records updated with this information. There is a bill in the House that would require notification to all personnel who served at Fort McClellan about the toxic condition of that fort. I hope Congress gets off their behinds to address real issues like this.

    • anne

      Vicki, I am glad to hear that you have done so well with the ovarian cancer.
      I was married to a Vietnam Vet for 20 years, he developed non hodgkins lymphoma at age 42. I now have an unusual ovarian cancer at age 62 and I am wondering if you know if wives of Veterans have any increase in Gynecologic cancers .?
      good luck to you and stay healthy.

  • Frank

    My husband served in Viet Nam Special Forces Green Beret……..he was exposed to Agent Orange and was diagnosed with Stage 3B lung cancer in January 2012. He has since endured chemo, radiation and has had 2/3 of his right lung removed in 1/13 and at this time is cancer free. However everyday he struggles with shortness of breath and constant congestion. He submitted a claim to the Veterans we received a denial packet yesterday. They have acknowledged he was in Viet Nam however the lung cancer is considered a diagnosed disability with no compensable symptoms. They refer to (38 CFRS4.31). They will reconsider a higher evaluation if there is active malignancy or surgical, x-ray, chemo or other therapeutic procedure. What about quality of life? Doesn’t what he has been through and his diminished stamina due to lung cancer and loss of 2/3 of his lung mean anything? We are at a loss of how to appeal this decision. Suggestions are welcome and thank you

    • Robin

      You and your husband need to look into Cannabis concentrate oil asap. In the UK they are now patenting the cannabis CBD as a cancer cure. It is curing cancer patients in the USA in states that have legalized it. My husband had prostate cancer due to AO exposure and he was treated with this oil. He is now cancer free after just 13 weeks of treatment. People with lung cancer respond very well to this treatment. Please don’t delay. You can save your husbands life. If you wait for the VA he will not survive.

  • Beverly

    My husband served in Viet Nam 1967-1968 and was exposed to AO. In 1998 he was diagnosed with Kidney Cancer and lost his Left Kidney, He filed a claim with the VA which was quickly denied. His Renal Cell Cancer (renal cell is a slow growing Cancer) came back earlier this year (2013) His Spleen, part of his Pancreas, Gall Bladder and numerous lymph nodes were removed….His physicians from 1998 through current day all agree exposure to AO is the causative factor. After a routine screening last week, more Renal Cell Cancer has been detected, this time in the neck of his Pancreas and the Duodenum. We are re-opening his original claim with the VA, engaging our Vermont Senator and I have written a letter to President Obama. How many more organs does my husband have to lose before his medical condition gets recognized as caused by Agent Orange?

    • Robin

      My husband was exposed to AO in Nam. He developed an aggressive prostate cancer. WE live in a small liberal town in California. His doctor supported his treatment with cannabis concentrate oil. He was treated for 13 weeks and both his bone scan and PET scan are now clear of cancer. He did not have surgery or treat with anything other than the cannabis oil. This oil kills cancer cells. Please look into it. It could save your husbands life.

  • James V. Hilton, NE8

    My name is James V. Hilton. I, along with my family, were in Guam from Feb 1980 thru April 1982. Shortly after returning to FL, my wife was diagnosed with breast cancer. My wife, son and myself all have diabetes 2. In 2010, I was diagnosed with prostate cancer. My son and I both have thyroid problems. Is this just a coincidence? I don’t think so. When I called VA rep in Palatka, FL and inquired about chances of getting disability—he replied—no chance.

    • Robin

      Apply anyway and get a lawyer that specializes in Military agent exposure claims.

    • Tom Bailey

      Cancer and heart disease and many more are hereditary. If all three of you have type II diabetes, what is your ideal weight and how many pounds over that are you? If so try getting down to your ideal weight and see what happens. Prostate cancer is quite common, one in four or five men will get prostate CA before they die. Study up on your diseases and do everything you can to change your lifestyle in a positive way. That’s watching what you eat, drink, smoke and eliminate those things that may be harmful. The other thing is to research what the instances of these diseases are in the general population and what they are in the population where you were stationed. If they’re the same you have no claim, if there is a statistical difference in the warm population and the rest of the country then you may have something. Good luck pray, and take care of yourself.

      • Tom Bailey


  • RMC

    MY HUSBAND RECENTLY WAS DIAGNOISED WITH CLL – CANCER DURING HIS BASIC TRAINING,HE WAS STATIONED, IN TWO ARMY BASE DURING THE VIETNAM ERA. This was in 1973, Does any one know if there was any EXPOSER FROM Agent Orange or any other Chemical in these Army base -Leonard Wood, Missouri or Fort Jackson in South Carolina

  • Darryl D. Paulfrey

    I was stationed at Kadena Air Base, Okinawa in the 18th Field Maintenance Squadron , Repair & Reclamation Hangar (F43151C) my barrack was nicknamed the “Pink Palace” above medical. I served a 105 days TDY Thailand, October 1965-January 1966 with the 15th Tac Recon Squadron from Kadena Air Base, Okinawa. Saw the Bob Hope (with Jerry Colona) 1965 Christmas Show at the Udorn Royal Thai Air Force Base. If there is anyone who served there working out of the Photo Lab from Seymour-Johnson (TDY) during this time who remember me please post a notice or contact me. I worked at a makeshift jet aircraft tire shop on the flight line and sometimes worked the flight line as a ground crewman. The Air Force says I never served in Thailand . . . but I did. I need help. I relieved an Airman named “Oscar”, but I forgot his last name, but he served there in Thailand and also with the 18th Field Maintenance Squadron in Okinawa. If there are any R & R people who served in Okinawa who remember my TDY assignment to Thailand, please contact me.

  • Daniel Mckinnon

    anyone stationed at NKP Thailand, and having trouble proving AO Exposure please contact me, Having tough time with VA.

    • I served in Laos having trouble with VA. I had prostrate cancer.. Claim has been in appeal for 6 years.

  • Janet Farris

    My husband is a formly in USMC 68-72, 3years age, has Cancer but was in stage1, when they found it in 2010. Twenty days age he had 1/2 of his liver taken out still trying to get better. Wonder if anyone else has had this form of Cancer

  • Ftmacwac

    Funny how those veterans exposed to chemical poisoning at Ft. McClellan haven’t gotten anything in either compensation or treatment. We’re dying and no one cares. If you served at Ft McClellan from 1935 – 1999 then you were probably exposed.

  • Samantha

    My Father was in Vietnam in 66 and 67. He had all kind of Medical problems ..Skin diseases , lungs,Back,Neropathy, Diabetes, Heart, PTSD, Renal failure,Bleeding out of rectum, All to do with AO. He served 12 in the Army. Filed claim after claim . From 73 Till the day he died in 2013. Always the same thing . The VA hospital and Doctors are the ones that gave him the Diagnoses. Funny how when it comes to claims they do not take their on doctors Records.He filed and always got denied. 1 time a year like clock work.filed and denied.When he passed away last year. we buried him at Fort Jackson. I was told the Government would pay.But i had to pay it first. Just got my denial letter. Was told sense I am just his Daughter . I can not fight them. i really want to sue them and go back and make things right for him. All he wanted was to be normal. But after serving in Vietnam and not ever being able to hold down a Job. But the VA turned their back on him and now i am getting the same treatment. If anyone knows a Lawyer willing to help me sue them for what he was fighting for . please please let me know.

  • Ken

    just curious how this works ? I have a neighbor whos husband died about 10 years ago.. was exposed to agent orange and died of a heart attack due to heart disease cause by agent orange.. she remarried a few years after the death of her husband and was married about 3 years but divorced.. she just recieved back pay , plus a pension of about $1700.00 a month, plus all the benefits he would have recieved and insurance.. I think the back pay equaled to about $600,000. plus…. I have a family member that was in vietnam, was help prisoer for a brief period and was also spayed with agent orange.. he has so many health problems that have stemmed from the spaying.. he is denied over and over.. do they wait for you to die so your widow will get the benefits or what ?? this just does not seem right??

  • brenda

    My father was in Vietnam he use to clean out the planes that the agent orange came in. But he was told that he wasn’t exposed to agent orange and he can’t claim that he was. How does him go about get the disability for agent orange because if it can be passed down to me and my kids i want to have the medical help with it.

    • Linda

      Brenda, My late husband was in the air force from 1965-1968 he was stationed in Alaska and his duties were cleaning out C-123 planes that came back from Vietnam. Now I am in appeal. I did get his military records and proved this is what he did. He had coronary artery disease. I expect to be denied. From what I read VA is denying all C-123 claims because there is not enough of evidence. No matter how much evidence to prove they are denying claims. I guess enlisted Vietnam vets do not count serving their country. The forgotten conflict

  • Jack Branch jr.

    I ,served at MCAS Iwakuni,Japan in 1968 -1969 and again 1969-1970. I,LL be 65 on march 12. I filed on feb-7 2013 for compensation for Agent Orange after speaking with DAV Rep. I was denied on dec-12 2013. They sayed that my health problems,1- diabetics,2- sleep apenia sever case, 3- Heart fallure with open heart in 2008 -3 way bypass, 4-Kindey faiure both kindeys working at 24%,5- high blood pressure, 6- Sever dizzie spells,7- numbness of legs and arms, All because the government will not admit that agent orange was at Iwakuni ,Japan, I know Iworked around it and so did a couple other marines that was there too,and both denied by VA. also. Its sad when you serve your country, and then get denied ,because VA. says it wasn’t there, And that fellow vetrans is a crock you know what. they sayedIhave to prove it was there ty for your time today jack branch Bristol, Tenn.

  • Daniel McKinnon

    I hope all you old timers like myself, Are aware the VA must expidate your claim if over 75 years old,Thats what the rules say, I am now 77 been waiting eeveral years, , I do not know what rules they use . Hang in there until you go to Heaven, Refile and Refile, that’s the action the VA makes us take

    • Howard Kirkpatrick

      What the VA, or any agency for that matter, “must” do and what they actually do, are often a very different story. Too many times the only way to get the government to do what they “have” to do is to force them to do so with legal action.

      Howard Kirkpatrick, Esq.

    • Andrew Marshall

      God bless you brother.

  • Tony Rebich

    Dear fellow Viet Nam vets.
    If you think the VA or any goverment elected official gives a squat about you or any veteran you definently need help. I too was in Viet Nam and when I filed an informal claim at the Winstom-Salem, N.C. At the time I hab a pendiing claim at the VA, Fort Harrison, Montana. I had to go to N.C. because my brother in law was returning from Viet Nam blinded and we needed to assist his mother with traveling to and from her home to the VA, hospital. while there I filed this informal claim and at the same time informed the VA of a pending board in Montana. I was told by the VA that they needed to fill out a 21-526 so that their office could get the records transfered from Montana to N. Carolina.
    They never acted on my informal claim outside of informing me that I would be contacted at a later date. Thirdy five years later I was grantes a 100% disibility but they used this form to establish the starting date of my disibility. They said that the 21-526 never listed all of my disibilities so the informal claim was invalid. IT’S A SHAME THAT THEY FILLED OUT THE FORM FOR RETRIEVAL OF RECORDS FROM ONE STATE TO ANOTHER AND BECAUSE OF THEIR INCOMPETENCE,I SUFFER.

  • Tony Rebich

    To those of you who think that AO benefits are a gravy train for affected veterans, should walk in their shoes for a mile, or see the effects of children with birth defects, then and only then will you make such arigont, uncalled for statements.

    Don’t ever give up, unite and prevail:

    Tony Rebich

  • Tony Rebich

    I have a daughter that was born with severe birth difects and a son that was born with a nervious condition, while I was still in the military and shortly after I returned from Viet Nam. I have acute skin rashes/cysts, and have had these conditions since I was sprayed with AO. Along with thi I have high blood pressure, chloracne, tingling in the legs, and am sick all the time. In 1985 I filed the AO registration form and at the time they told me that I could file a claim for AO. However the VA in Montana said that there is no connection between the above mentioned and AO. They said no doctor ever identified these conditions as AO. further more, a VA doctor did a physical comparison of my conditions with the VA chloracne reports and stated that it would be impossible to distinguish a difference between the too. A well renouned dermatologist also diagnosed me with Chloracne and the VA provided treatment and medications for chloracne, an AO related disease, they still refused my claim. So my children go on suffering without any reliefe from the VA. Some day maybe the veterans will rise up and join in an all legal battle with the VA and congress to insure better care and treatment.

    • Andrew Marshall

      I have four kids that are all messed up with health problems. I have cancer sugar and my heart is bad. I all so have a downs son. My god help us….

  • David E Rieken

    I need helpo in finding who was station Thailand in 1970 need help about the agent orange got both ischemic heart disease dibetes type 2 I work in the communcations there and in Viteman now say no records of me being there so the amreican legion said to ask on here who was station there and if you had any effects of being there and your families
    thanks sand if you remember me please email

    • curt

      I was there in 1974 and I have IHD. I need second person to confirm that CE Supply Compound was near perimeter.

      • Daniel McKinnon


    • Daniel McKinnon


    • Terry Carroll

      My name is Terry. I was in the AF and worked in the MARS station at Korat. I was stationed in KORAT, THAI from Sep 1970 to Sep 1971. I currently have Ischemic HD, Type II Diabetes, High Blood Pressure, Sleep Apnea, Neuropathy in both upper and lower extremities, left and right. I have lost all upper teeth and 8 lower. The VA dentist says it is my own fault. I have pending claims for HBP, Sleep Apnea and dental conditions. I wish you all the luck in getting your claims settled.

    • gabe juarez

      Gabe Juarez here and I was stationed in Korat in 1968-1969. We played flag ball near perimeter of us air force base. Nightly spraying was done and the stenckh of chemicals was very evident. Fields outside of base were sprayed n most likely agent orange because that was kept the jungle from invadingbthe base.
      I had an injury on base thars not reported on my medical records.
      I worked in the communication squadron.
      Good luck.

    • Harold Echols

      Was in KORAT from dec 68 thru dec 69 at camp friendship with signal corp. was diagnosed w prostrate cancer in 09. Have applied for AO exposure comp. originally denied but appealed. Google The Vietnam war years of Korat royal Thai air base. Much info about AO there. Blessings

    • Martha

      My husband was stationed in Thailand and we are currently working on this.

    • Ronnie Plummer

      I was stationed in Korat in ’68-’69… I was a security policeman and worked the perimeter on the line everynight. We knew they were spraying and we walked and crawled in the dampnest of the spray evernight. I have had Acute and Subacute Transient Peripheral Neuropathy and
      Chloracne for a number of years. I filed 1 1/2 years ago and was just now denied for AO disibilities because I was not in Nam even though Thailand is on the AO list. They say I will have to get my own doctors to prove my condition from AO and the Dr’s will have to document my diagnosis and they will have to show documentation and research to prove it!!! Like any Dr is going to take the time to do that!!! I feel like we are all treated like we are guilty untill proven innocent…….I feel so sorry for those who have suffered in the past b4 the VA even recognized AO and for those who suffer now and get nothing but lip service…………..

    • Bob

      Start looking for people you knew in the Military on Facebook. I have found several, from there you get “Buddy Letters” and then you have a much better chance of proving your were there. Also command chronologies are kept by the National Archive hopefully yours with be there.

  • Daniel McKinnon


    • gabe juarez

      Any medical claims from Korat. I m loosing my skin pigmentation n my Dr. Has always been concern about my liver being elevated. Not sure if the chemicaks used around the and on base are having effect on me.
      Gabe Juarez 68-69 Korat, thailand . USAF

  • Carol

    Shame on you Dave. I am a wife of a Viet Nam veteran who served in Quang Tri Province 1969-70. He has had various maladies over the years and did not run to the VA to what you called a money trough. He worked hard after service for over 30 years to provide for me and our two children (one child with severe disabilities). Now, however he is battling CLL, Chronic Lymphocytic Leukemia, which has been proven to be linked to Agent Orange, and we now need the VA’s help. Rather than you being a hater of people Dave, you could offer to volunteer or help your fellow veterans in ways not paid for by taxpayers, since that offends you so much. In fact, you could babysit for our 29 year old son who is wheelchair-dependent and cannot speak, while his father, who served in Viet Nam, goes for treatments for his Cancer. That would be a true caring fellow soldier/veteran. I sure hope you’re reading all these replies Dave. Signed: “The Wife”

  • curt

    If you were at Utapao in 1974-75 please email me. ***@***.***
    Especially if you know anything about the Civil Engineed Supply Point.

  • dylida

    My husband was in the Army during the Vietnam War. He was a medic/Medical assistant at the US Army Camp Zama Hospital in Japan. This was the hospital where all the injured were medevac’d to for emergency surgery. Some made it and some died. Could he have been exposed to the Agent Orange by coming in contact from the soldiers coming in from Vietnam?

  • VA been wonderful to my husband Vietnam Vet we are happy about the medical we never used until latley for possible agent orange we are so pleased how everything has been great at the VA clinic in Bakersfield and we just star using the VA at 60 God bless all are wonderful Vetearns Thank you

  • Marilyn Meddock

    My husband (Kenneth Meddock) was stationed in Topeka Kansas in 1971 and 1972 Forbes Air Force Base. We are fighting the VA for Agent Orange benefits. He was on the plane that flew it over to Siegon and they dropped it from the plane and they say he is not entitled to it because he didn’t step food on ground. On his discharge paper it has that he had 30 days out of country but they tell us we need to find someone who was with him that has the same health problems that he has. He has ischemic heart, Type 2 Diabetes, Prostate Cancer and other.. He had 48 treatments of Chemo for Prostate Cancer.
    I don’t see any difference being on the plane and strapping it down and dropping it off the plane or stepping foot on ground you would be exposed either way.
    He was also stated at Holloman Air Force Base in Alamogordo, New Mexico in 1972 till 1974. Lackland Air Force Base in Tx and school in Chanute IL. Does anyone know if there was any exposure to Agent Orange or other chemical at these places.
    I hope someone out there can help us we would appreciate very much. Been fighting for Agent Orange for about 4 years now.
    There are no records that shows entry or exit just 30 days out of country. He has had 3 or 4 heat attacks (lost count) and he has 8 or 9 stents.
    He packed parachutes while he was there and was on planes with Agent Orange.
    Thanks in advance.

    • Jack Leavy

      Sorry to hear about your husbands conditions. The VA is very strict about their rules and regulations( boots on the ground )
      but I had very good luck when I went to my local Congressman here on Long Island (Peter King ) who carries a good bit of weight in our government. Bottom line ….start calling or visit your local congressman and badger the daylights out of him or her !
      Good Luck
      Jack Leavy

  • Ann

    My husband recently received Agent Orange benefits.
    Question: Our son passed away in 2009 with diabetes, High Blood Pressure and pulmonary embolism. Could I receive Agent Orange from my son?

    • Ani

      My husband went to Vietnam in 1968-1970, he hope to apply for Agent Orange benefits. Would you like to tell me how to apply it?
      Thank you very much

      • melinda

        We went through the American legion and dav

  • James Vollmuth

    Stationed at Utapao and NKP during 68-69. Radar Air Traffic Control located at the perimeter of both bases. Have Type 2 Diabetes, and had a Whipple Operations for Pancreatic Cancer. VA has disapproved all claims saying there is no evidence in my medical during that time showing I had these problems. Both problems just showed up a few years ago.

  • Billy

    My father passed away 3 yrs ago. He sprayed agent orange, and had massive medical problems. How can I get his medical records? And even more important to me…at his funeral I was told he had a bronze star, and Purple Heart, and never received them??!! He was the type of person to NOT make a big deal out of things, but when I found out what he did to get the bronze star…I want it to remember him. How can I go about finding this stuff out? I was never in the military. Thanks for your help.

  • Vernon Caldwell

    The VA make faults information part of my claim. The VA was told that I was a combat veteran. But in my disability pension claim it stated that I was not a combat veteran. Old tricks that can stop a claim being in favor of claimant. Unmistakable error placed in paper work can be very hard to clear up, and could even get a benefit denied. The VA has a duty to assist a claimant in obtaining evidence. The VA must identify the information the claimant will provide, and what and the evidence that the VA will provide. The income is part of what a claimant is to provide, birth, marriage, school attendance ect. And I did so when I filed, or should I say when the VA helped me file the Social Security papers to show income was sent as proff of income. Because the zoning allows a second seperate house which I live with my children alone, and my 40 year old son lives with his family in the other. The VA made its own interpretation making my sons income and my income a one. And by faults and misleading information stating other income 82,400 that may or may not be my sons income I must question that. The VA cut my disability pension to next to nothing $274.00 will not go fare to support a 7 and 8 year old in todays world. The VA is knows I draw max SSA, SSI, RRB, and I get extra help from the state of California. Clearly to draw the Social Security I could not have any other income. The VA violated the evidence I provided, and made its own interpretation. The VA had no facts to support the changes made by the VA about my income or who lived in my house hold. “Unmistakable error by the VA”. How many of us have faced the VA taking evidence provided by the claimant and without due process the VA has changed the information and or evidence the claimant has provided, to make the outcome in favor of the VA or party that pays the benefits to the lowest rate that could be paid to the claimant. This is without a dough a violation of the claimants right to fairness and to benefits that solders earned for military service in times of war. OUCH!

  • Ani

    My husband was in the army in 1968-1970 in Vietnam. He suffered Agent Orange many years after he came back , and
    his daughter has mental problems from that, too
    We hope to apply the Agent orange benefits, but dont know how to do it.
    Would you like to tell us how to apply?

  • angela chamblee

    my father was exposed to agent orange and has since passed away due ot non-hodgkins lymphoma. My mother has received very little assistance with medical bills. who can i talk to concerning benefits for her…

  • Sam

    My husband was a career Marine, and receives retirement income. He was in Viet Nam during the period for Agent Orange exposure, and one of his conditions was Type 2 Diabetes – Adult onset. We received a claim of 40% related with around $640 per month beginning July 2014. It appears from the paperwork, that this amount will not be deducted from his retirement pay? That doesn’t make sense, does it? There are also 3 dates, December 2012, December 2013 and July 2014.
    Original Award was Dec 2012. Does that mean that $641 is retroactive? Does anyone know how this works?

    • melinda

      It is suppose to go back to your original claim date which in your case is Dec 2012.

  • Barb Lemm

    A friend of mine did 3 tours in viet Nam and they say they can only find 1 record of his duty. He said his records are classified and does not want to release them, but he can’t get additional benefits due to this. Is there a way to verify his duty and how couold a spouse get these records?

    • Tom Bailey

      He needs a copy of his DD 214 his discharge record. The DD 214 will have all of that information. It is possible that his military records were destroyed in the fire at St. Louis Army record depository back in the 80s. If he was a combat veteran the VA usually will take his word since many combat soldiers records were lost or incomplete. He has to file a claim with the VA for any injuries or illnesses or wounds that happened while on active duty. The operation he was on classified or not should not matter when it comes to compensation. If he suffered severe emotional or physical trauma, PTSD, should also be claimed. When a soldier is discharged or released from active duty, he is told to file his DD 214 with the county. If he did that if we go back to the county and get a copy. With the privacy laws it may be difficult for anyone but the soldier to access his records. You can ask, they may say yes, if you don’t it still no.

      I’m a veteran with two tours (VN), an retired from the VA after 20 years.

  • John Pinter

    I served in Vietnam 1965-1966 . I’ve suffered multiple vision problems including keratoconus, and 2 cornea transplants. Do you think these are results from being exposed to agent orange? Any info you have would be helpful. Than you, john

  • Joe

    I was diagnosed with peripheral neuropathy by the VA hospital but they told me this was due to my drinking, they prescribed Gabapentin, I have been on this med for the past 10 years. I have a claim with the DVA, would I be eligible for any benefits? Do you think I have a case. I hope someone could guide me in the right direction.

    • Tina

      Joe – did you serve in Vietnam? Peripheral neuropathy is a covered symptom of Agent Orange exposure and you could have a claim if you were in the country of Vietnam or were exposed. I do not know if it is covered under another area. If your drinking is tied to any PTSD or depression you might be able to follow it that way. The DAV is a great resource. Best of luck to you.

  • Mike

    I was receiving benefits for prostate cancer and my benefit was reduced to 40% after 18 months after my surgery and I appealed the reduction and the 40% was taken away. How come I had my prostate removed due to exposure to Agent Orange and my benefits were taken away? Has anyone one else experienced this benefit reduction with prostate removal reduced to 0 %?

    • Tina

      My father-in-law passed from non-hodgkins lymphoma. He went through multiple rounds of chemo, a stem cell transplant, and radiation; every time he went in to clinical remission (they said the cancer was gone) the VA tried to lower his benefit rating/benefits. Every time we had to appeal the decision and state why he still needed it by citing the other medical issues resulting from his treatments. The key is to keep appealing, we had to jump through a lot of hoops and in the end we were able to keep it. I would write the appeal stating how your life has been altered by the treatment, any continuous pain or discomfort, if there are any medical issues resulting from the prostate removal ( depression, bladder or erectile issues…). Give them as much detail as you can and good luck!

  • DeweyH

    I filed for and agent orange related heart problem received 60% two years ago now I have cancer lower left lung I have 6 mo’s too 1 year maybe? I had to stop chemo due to my veins would collapse when I went for an MRI for the brain caused from chemo only had the 1st session. Filed in May 2014 received first letter in June stated clam was being expedited. Today the 17th of July received another letter stating We are still processing your application for compensation did not sound right. So I called the 1-800 number received and call back asked about my clam gave name and ssn she stated there was no clam filed how can that be after two letters 1st one mentioning expediting the other was just and computer send out I was told.
    UP-DATE July 18th. talked to my DAV rep. he had given me and phone number to call the DAV. headquarters in Chicago he viewed my case on line stated everything looks too be going smoothly. Also said the first 1-800 number IV called must have not put the correct information in the computer hope it moves quickly. Have to sleep sitting up makes it easy to breath the next day, I would like to purchase and bed similar to an hospital bed that would not go to waste due to my younger brother who has and work related injury. I hope the best for all my brothers in arms who where willing to sacrifice it all when our country was in need. Have to say it one last time: Airborne!

  • James

    I served 3 of my 4 years in VN exposed to agent orange. Recently I was diagnosed with Polycythemia Vera (PV) which is a mutated gene in my red blood cell count. I also have a Schwannoma tumor in my neck that I just learned has been growing for over 10 years but only became noticeable
    recently. I feel confident these two issues are a result of agent orange exposure in the Air Force as I was a weapons specialist and loaded them on planes. Has anyone heard of these conditions related to AO?

    • Mark

      i too am having medical problems with nerves. how ever the va has not giving me my disability yet. it started 7 years ago with no feeling in legs and feet and know how not relex in my legs arms hand and feet. VA said sence it didn’t happen with in one year of exposer and not treated with in two years i can’t claim it. i have appealled twice and getting new material to apply again.

      • Cecil

        I served in country 65 and 66 .Have been told that I have no agent orange connection. I have neorathy hands and feet,.no reaction in legs, .all kinds of skin cancer, gastro problems ,my a1c is above normal, now seem to be having lymph gland problems

    • Sharon

      go to Veterans Administration 3.309 rule on computer and it lists Schwannoma as a presumptive disease. You may qualify for benefits.

  • Janis Drennan

    My husband was diagnosed with Keratoconus a couple of years after he served in Vietnam Nam. He did have poor vision before he was drafted. He was diagnosed by an optomologist, now he needs a corneal transplant. Has anyone been given a rating for keratoconus by the VA?

  • lsa

    I am typing for my very dear friend…he served 10 years army and ten years navy…during Vietnam…he was injured numerous times by weapons bullets…he needs help he doenst want to admit the mental anguish nor does he want to admit the excrusiciating pain he endured…his father passed 20 years ago, He lives alone in isolations and denies to medical practioners so what do I do to make him healthy again..He is only 68 years young;…I don’t know how to help him…someone please tell me what do I do or not do?

  • alvin thomas

    James V Hilton file a claim…use a lawyer!!!

  • Lee

    Someone please write to your Senator as to why out of all the cancers, the most lethal one, pancreatic cancer, is not on the presumtive list of illnesses caused by exposure to agent orange in Viet Nam. My husband served in 1967 – 68, Hill 837, cu chi, nui da ben, and so on, died 2012 of sudden pancreatic cancer, and my claims are denied. How could VA list so many cancers and not this one. So many people I’ve come across lost their husbands to pancreatic cancer ages from 60-68 years old, it is not a coincidence. I hope the VA’s judges are reading this. I die a slow death every day missing my husband. He missed me in VN and wrote all the time, now I am missing him because he is dead, and he will not come home like he did then. God bless, and we wll die before the VA admits the link of ao to pancreatic cancer. Lee

    • Jackie

      My father died in 1989 at the age of 56 after serving as a career soldier for the USAF.. from you guessed it.. pancreatic cancer. Three of his siblings died after him, none from cancer, and none were career soldiers except him. A surviving sister also does not have cancer. His parents did not die from cancer, either. I don’t see a genetic link in our immediate family at all. I’ve been trying to figure out what may have caused it, and now I think I know.

    • shannan

      my dad was 67 died of pancreatic cancer last year he served in Vietnam 1965-1967

    • sue

      my husband served thre tours in vietnam and 23 years in the navy. (pbrs) he now has stage four pancreatic cancer. he said when he passes i won’t receive anything from the va. i don’t know why they don’t recognize it. thank you.

    • Cal Gotts

      I, have a tumor in my pancreas but they say it is not from agent orange, I also have a lot of fatty turmoils or masses all over my body? I get a MRI every 6 months for my pancreas . Do you think it is cause by agent orange? I was in Vietnam 69/70 ranger LRRP.

  • Harvey A

    I served in Viet Nam in the Air Force at Tan Son Nhut AB from Dec 69 to Dec 70 and had approached the VA for an Agent Review and it seems that it was for nothing but apathy. I was scheduled to take the review and it was all a cluster XXXX and haven’t had any response one way or another. I have had two open- heart surgeries, a heart diffibulator/pacemaker, AAA (abdominal, aorta anarysim),
    Sleep apnea, a boil on the back of my neck, and surgery for hernia.
    Since the VA’s review I have since approached the VFW(Veteranss of Foreign,Wars) and from their advocating I expect a better outcome. Good luck to all that has such concerns.

  • lucinda

    liver cancer should be number one on this list when exposed to tcdd everything goes through the liver and a toxin does not leave the body.

    • Flabbergasted

      Renal is kidney, not liver.

    • RustyBensh

      Don’t know why someone responded to your comment acknowledging the liver as the toxin filter of the body, stating that “renal is kidney, not liver”.
      That being said, one might argue that if a cancer exists anywhere else in the body that is already on the presumptive list, the liver cancer could be secondary to the cancer of the _____________! Who is to say different, especially when diagnosed late in the disease process such as stage 4 liver cancer. I would contend it got to the liver from lymphatic system…

  • Peggy

    My husband died ten years ago from Renal Cell Carcinoma. We met many others at the VA around the same age with the same disease. They all served in Vietnam. It isn’t on the list. I have not received benefits for me or my 2 children since his death. I don’t understand why this isn’t a factor in the VA’s decision on which diseases were contracted in Vietnam. It would have helped so much.

  • carolyn villareal

    please help we have searched everywhere. a caregiver would be helpful we don,t even have a car to take him to his appointments.his liver is completely scared. and we can.t even geton a transplant list I myself would like to know who to notifie for inafearon. medication . please help us .

    • Paula C

      The VA’s Travel Desk should help you with transportation to doctor’s appointments.

  • gary

    I was in Vietnam 68/69, in 2009 i was diagnosed with carcinoid cancer in my
    stomach and small intestine, carcinoid cancer is not on the presumptive list.
    In March of 2014 my PMC doctor diagnosed me with diabetes type 2. I have
    a claim for the diabetes, VA said will take about 1 year to process.

    • Terry Slaughter

      You make sure that every illness you have that is associated with diabetes is filed on too. Eyesight, blood flow in your legs,ect. They will backdate your pay to when it was filed.

    • Virginia

      A year, better think again. We have been waiting over 5 years and no results yet. Hearing was set and approved but no money yet. Don’t hold your breath.

  • loren

    I would like to see what the VA disability rating schedule looked like in 1966-67

    I’ll wager that there was no mention of agent orange issues.

  • Loving Wife

    My husband served in Vietnam. Not long after his return he went to hospital because he was peeing blood. It took them a week to get it stopped, never knew what caused it, and doctors told him he had the prostate of a 65 year old. His parents family history says he should live well into his 80,s. His dad was a Korean POW and smoked, a lot, died at 84, and because of hospital negligence.
    Husband never smoked and drinks maybe a drink or two a month. Was very athletic. He always had trouble with PTSD. At about 58 he started getting respiratory illnesses. He went to VA 5-1-2007. They did blood work along psych work-up,
    His health continued to deteriorate and he stopped working at 60, started on Social Security at 62. The VA diagnosed him with meningioma and pituitary tumors, not malignant, PTSD (only by force of non-VA PCP), fibromyalgia, HTN (he’d had for 20 years), GERD, and depression. In May, 2014, we were told that he had anemia. Something causes anemia. We expected the VA to find the cause. They asked why,,,,,,, He’s had the anemia since the very first blood work in 2007. The VA never told us. There were quiet a few things they never told us. He is in terrible pain along with a long list of other conditions the VA chooses to watch and not treat. I believe their plan is to watch him to the grave withholding care through refusal to diagnose, We cannot sue the VA but physicians at the VA should be held accountable for their negligence, They should fall under the same medical board rules and regulations as all other physicians in a given state. Negligent physicians are investigated by the board and can lose their license. Then we would see improvement in care with better outcomes,
    We are accessing, and paying out of pocket, for care outside the VA. I suspect my husband has AO illnesses not diagnosed or treated because of the benefits associated with the dx.
    In summary, my husband is dying a long, slow painful death, that at the very least, the VA could diagnose, treat, and make more comfortable, but doesn’t. A death resulting from his government using dioxins that our very own EPA warned them not to use. And a death much more painful and horrible than necessary because every president and congress during and after the war failed the very citizens they are commissioned to protect. Our loved ones suffer in the name of the all mighty dollar…. the dollar that is always available to Go To War….but not available to care for our wounded warriors!

    • Paul Meola

      I’m a Vietnam vet with anemia, prostate cancer, diabetis ,very painful legs, etc etc, —thing is you and all the affected family members should sue for the loss of his love and services …the VA has no domain over you ….I suggest this to my wife…she cannot do it…you sound like a person strong enough to follow through….the VA settled with Monsant, Dow, Hercules, Diamond Shamrock the producers of AO…but no one represented you guys…please prayers are with you!!!

      • Peggy

        so why isn’t your husband on a disability thru the VA???? You just haven’t fought hard enough for it…. go thru the AM VETS and get the help you need..

  • Tom Talbert

    Something is missing in this story. I have been receiving benefits for Ishemic heart for years. ? Why is it listed as new ?

    • Ricksee

      This story is from 2010

    • Cal Farrar

      The article is from Nov 2010

      • ron

        how much disability do you get for ishemic heart

  • Leonard Shields

    if you are already 100% service connected then I guess your not eligible for any other compensation right someone who knows please reply. Thanks.

    • gene

      If you are rated at 100% disability, you are the highest rate. With spouse is more, and with children is more.
      You will not get more than 100%.

  • william ricketts

    But the doctors and nurses need their bonus’
    80% SC 1st Air Cav ’67-’68

  • Karen Barta

    My husband had a routine visit to his VA doctor because he wasn’t feeling well. He is 100% disabled due to Agent Orange in Vietnam. He was given a blood test that showed he had very low blood platelets so he would need complete bed rest so he wouldn’t get hurt and bleed out. He had blood tests several times a week but his blood was clumping and it couldn’t be analyzed. More blood tests and he had high white blood cells. More tests, now he was retaining water & couldn’t walk. A day at Detroit’s VA hospital amounted to nothing they could do, see a orthopedic doctor. Now stomach pain, local hospital said gall stones. Finally, stomach pain, difficulty breathing and an ambulance trip to local hospital since three months of being strung along by VA produced only blood tests. Now he also was not able to eat and blood in his urine. Two teams of doctors at 2 local hospitals could come up with nothing to diagnose but the three months of monitoring by VA caused him to be sick and weak and his kidney’s quit. He died, thank you VA for all your help. One less sick veteran on your list to worry about. To this day I’m waiting for the autopsy because I know the result will be from Agent Orange. I’ve sent letters all over United States VA and have not heard one hint of a word back. No one really cares in spite of all the bad publicity the VA is getting. The problem with VA is too vast and the money is going to getting involved in new wars and creating more sick veteran’s so the system is overworked and over whelmed. I’m waiting on the autopsy and I will begin my campaign again for my proud veteran who died a horrible death.

  • Gary E Oulman Jr

    What about the dependents who spent six years on Guam in the late 60s and early 70’s and have all symptoms, then spent 4 years on the uss morton dd 948 like myself and they won’t discuss the matter.

    • Linda v

      go to bing and type in Thomas website click on of congress. Under choose a senator choose senator Richard Blumenthal and click go. When all of the bills he supports pop up scroll down to bill S1602 and click and read text of bill. “the toxic exposure research and military family support act of can also see the other 3 exact same bills introduced as that one introduced by 3 other congressmen that theyare trying to pass into law-1 of them is HR4816-michael Hondo and I forgot the other 2. If this passes supposedly the government is going to designate a hospital to help children,grandchildren and great-grandchildren of veterans exposed to chemicals that may have caused illnesses and birth defects in the veterans offspring. I am hoping this passes since there are some unexplained illnesses in our kids and a birth defect in our granddaughter compliments of the army and marine corp.

  • ad1949

    There is more. Other compounds that have never been revealed were added to the agent orange at various times. These were various types as well. And were added sporadically over the years. Some were quite experimental and were designed to produce mind alter to attempt to obtain information from enemy captures more easily. Others were designed to produce just the opposite effect on our own soldiers if captured. As I said these were used at different times and were experimental in nature. Some of these compounds were developed and tested where I was stationed. I have first hand knowledge of this and also personal injury as a result of exposure. Getting the VA to admit there was exposures of this nature is extremely difficult due to the secrecy of the projects which were carried out by private contractors. Testing to determine effectiveness was done to US troops and others due to collateral exposure. When I left the military in the early 70’s this was on-going. Many are dealing with more than just agent orange exposure. That is what they believe was the only compounds in those sprays. Truth is much different thought. It might be a good idea to find out what else was used specifically and to determine any associated side-effects. Many have been dealing with unexplained illness for years not knowing or realizing the real cause(s). I come forth with this revelation very reluctantly due to sworn secrecy agreements made many years ago. But the need to be truthful might just outweigh any other considerations. It is my hope that this information will be allowed to be published and a thorough exploration of it will be done. I realize this is revelation to most who read and consider this subject. And just like the notion that the government could expose so many to such a harmful compound as agent orange was once unbelievable, the idea that there were other compounds used as well might be shocking to many. And I certainly feel the ‘relaxed’ standards for illness’ related to agent orange exposure is due to the secrecy aspect of the other agents. Perhaps better to cover many types of illness’ under the agent orange umbrella.

    • Linda v

      You are absolutely correct. My husband is a Vietnam veteran 100% ptsd and a few agent orange illnesses. A few years ago I found out that my father “volunteered” for extra duty while in the Army for extra duty at Edgewood Chemical and Arsenal in Maryland. He thought it was to test clothing and equipment but it was chemical warfare agents/drugs in 1959.
      He has had serious health problems over the years which started immediately after his month spent at Edgewood and he still does not know what they gave him. I believe my Dad’s unknown chemical exposure and my husband’s agent orange exposure are the cause of a few health problems in me , my children, and a birth defect in my granddaughter. If anyone doubts what you are saying they should read the lawsuit I found online filed against the VA, army etc. in 2009 in California . It was filed by Vietnam veterans and the law firm was Morrison and Foerster lead attorney was Gordon Erspamer. This is well worth reading. It tells all about the chemicals and drugs used on soldiers at Edgewood and other places, psychic driving and septal implants, the CIA and Nazi doctors. Wow, It read like the script from the movie “Conspiracy Theory” ( Mel Gibson) Next time you hear about some crazy veteran shooting people and saying he hears voices and claims he has an implant in his head you will believe it after reading this lawsuit.

  • flabbergasted

    My ex-husband did two tours of duty, in Viet Nam, coming home October, 1970, Our only child, a daughter was born in July, 1971. He was diagnosed with kidney cancer this past February and had one kidney removed. He has had several operations for skin cancer. He has also had severe gastrointestinal problems for at least 35 years. When he eats, it goes right through him. Had a gangrenous gallbladder removed 28 years ago. He is a wreck. Think agent orange has affected his mind too. He travels to Viet nam several times a year for vacation and recently came back with a 29 year old Vietnamese wife. He is 70 years old. His wife is 14 years younger than our daughter. Just saying.

  • John Bury

    I had my first cancer in 2002, 3 more cancers followed. After a long fight with the VA I was awared VA disability 100% for Lymphoma non-Hodgkin’s cancer a rare cancer and nearly none treatable. At present the cancer is gone after a 2 year battle with that cancer, radiation killed it. I am not out of the woods as it can come back at any time. There is a Congressional Bill in Congress Bill #HR-543 that if passed it will afford more Vets benefits. We noe have over 55% of Congress supporting that Bill, Call you member of Congress to support the Bill also call Congressman Jeff Mill (R-Fla.) he is on the VA committee and is siting on that Bill and won’t release it to the House Floor for a vote of passage. His ph# in DC 1-202-225-4136 In Florida Ph#1-850-479-1183 demand he turns that Bill over for a vote. Powere of the People.

  • Jerome Coleman

    I was in Vietnam 68 – 69 25th inf Cu Chi Nu Da Den I just been diagnosed with stomach cancer. Thae VA do not do a good job of screening. I am 66 yesar old.

  • Melody

    I did some research to see if my pancreatic cancer was related to my other Agent Orange related service-connected issues. What I found was this cancer is not among those the Department of Veterans Affairs recognizes. The VA doesn’t recognize this cancer even through Pancreatic Cancer is seven times (7x) more common in Vietnam Veterans than in the general populous. However, in my research I did find a case where the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) Regional Office in Boise, Idaho granted service-connection to a widow for payment of Dependent Income Compensation (DIC) for pancreatic cancer that took the life of her husband. She introduced as evidence two articles from medical journals that stated that pancreatic cancer is related to exposure to Agent Orange. The VA only uses one source of medical information to deny service-connection. The award for DIC was granted to the widow based on the following; “When the evidence for and against the claim is in relative equipoise, by law, the Board must resolve all reasonable doubt in favor of the appellant. See 38 U.S.C.A. § 5107 (West 2002); 38 C.F.R. § 3.102 (2009). Accordingly, with resolution of doubt in the appellant’s favor, the Board concludes that a grant of service connection for the cause of the Veteran’s death is warranted.”

    I am rated at 100% total and permanent with the VA. I will be filing a claim to service-connect for this cancer. I have nothing to personally gain by doing this. My wife Dona and I are already receiving the maximum entitlements from the VA including DIC for Dona at the time of my death. The reason I am doing this is to pave the way for other veterans and their families to be protected and to receive the benefits entitled to them.

    Have a great time at the reunion next month. I will not be able to attend.

    Semper Fidelis,
    Richard ‘Dick’ Carey, V.P./Editor
    Marine Corps Vietnam Tankers Historical Foundation
    Founder/President Emeritus
    USMC Vietnam Tankers Association
    I found this information posted. It may help all of you. I am helping my dad, who just received a whipple procedure for pancreatic cancer this year, build a case for his disability. He also served in Vietnam. My brother, who was born after daddy served, gets regular screening. I have had brca testing and DO NOT have pre-cancerous cells, I was born before daddy served in Vietnam. I am positive daddy would be cancer free, as well as my brother, had AO not been used.

    • Kathy Brown

      my husband passed last March from pancreatic cancer. Dr. feels it was from ancient orange. Paul took very good care of himself and was very active. no one in his family died before the age of 90 and 10 brothers and sisters living and well. Paul was in Vietnam for 14 months. He was there when they were doing all the spraying. I am convinced my husband would be alive if it wasn’t for ancient orange. If you can help me or tell me where I can find articles linking it together please let me know . Thank You

  • warren hairston

    I was station in thialand in 1968-69 exposed to agent orange loss two kids thru child birth and loss my wife in 2007 congestive heart failure do I have a claim

  • Cynthia Vilseck

    Fight the fight but don’t plan on a resolution from the VA. I flew troops into 4 bases, in the war zone, from 1969-1973. I was on the ground for several hours at a time in Bieh Hoa, Danang, Camrahn Bay and Tonsonhut (all bases that stockpiled Dioxin for use in herbicidal missions ). In 2002, I was diagnosed with breast cancer; and, since there is no family history of the disease, my Oncologist told me it “could have” been caused by exposure to agent orange. I approached the VA to enter a claim but was told that I was not a Veteran (even though I flew MAC contract flights) and that breast cancer is not on the list of “presumptive” diseases attributed to agent orange exposure. Thanks a lot, Government. As usual, just one more failure to admit responsibility. Sorry for the long blurb, but I am very bitter.

    • Grieving sister

      My sister’s husband, who served two tours in Vietnam, passed away last week, and funeral w/military honors was today. Truly truly truly sad! I have learned more about the despicable treatment to so many Honorable Vets who shed blood sweat and tears while sacrificing their lives; serving our country, and defending our US Constitution. I am appalled to learn of all of the cover-ups, the living hell that my sister had to go through with the VA and all of their broken promises due to a complete lack of communication, negligence and communication breakdown while trying to seek medical care; being shifted from one place to another only to discover the appointment was changed, cancelled, or that they were late and had to reschedule. My sister is 4’9 … while her husband was 6’4, and was oftentimes told that NOBODY was available to help her LIFT her husband into his wheelchair; that she had to find somebody else; worse – that if she and her disabled Honorable husband were late for their appointment, which was a 2 hr drive, (even in horrific wintry weather) that they would have to ‘reschedule’. When his symptoms got worse, 6 years ago, NOBODY came to help them. My sister had no other choice but to ‘resign’ from her job to care for her own husband. Praise God that they did have military health insurance, otherwise he would have been dead long ago. Nevertheless, for the last 6 years, they put my sister and her Honorable beloved husband through hell. Today – he no longer has to go through hell, because, like so many of your Honorable loved ones, he is now resting in our Lord’s home. My purpose for sharing this is to give thanks and praise to all of the Honorable Veterans, some of you who may be reading this right now, for their dedication, loyalty, bravery, and incredible courage and honor for their sacrifice and commitment to serving our country. God bless all of them – in loving memory and honor of my own brother in-law. D. Stump, and may He find a solution that will truly Honor those who have served our country Pre-911 and not just Post-911.

  • ministerm


  • Allen

    After many many years of waiting, my father was finally granted his agent orange claim just days before he died in 2006. He had no surviving spouse and no minor children. What happens to my father’s compensation?