Hawaii State Veteran Benefits

November 24, 2010 | Terry Howell

Thousands of Veterans don’t take advantage of their state provided vet benefits; often due to not being aware that their state provides benefits. Most state veterans benefits go beyond the more well-known Department of Veteran Affairs (VA) benefits.

Each week this blog highlights a different state with the goal of helping Veterans discover their great untapped state benefits.

This Week, the Aloha State: Hawaii Veterans of the U.S. Armed Forces who live in Hawaii have access to several state funded benefits including specialized housing, tax exemptions, veteran employment preference, license plates and more. Click here to learn more about Hawaii State Veteran Benefits.


  1. kenneth connor says:

    I would like know all the benifits for hawaii

  2. Eric Burkholder says:

    I'm 90% disabled veteran, could you pleas send me a list of state bennifits

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