Military Pay and TRICARE Under Fire

The first shots over the bow were fired earlier this spring when Sen. Webb (D-Va.) floated the idea that military pay and benefits were unsustainable. A DoD advisory panel later recommended increasing TRICARE premiums and ending the trend of annual across-the-board military pay raises which outpace the civilian sector pay increases.

Webb recently called for reducing troops and replacing the across-the-board raises with targeted bonuses and raises based on combat assignments and/or job specialties. Webb’s recommendations drew heavy fire from military communities. But that is nothing compared to the battle that is likely to come based on the recommendations made by the Presidential “blue ribbon” debt panel. (see previous post, Military Pay Debate – Cut Pay or Troops?)

Tasked with making suggestions on how the U.S. could avoid further financial crisis, the debt panel released its initial plan – call it a trial balloon. The panel approached their plan without regard to any politically sacred cows, including military pay and benefits.

The President’s National Commission on Fiscal Responsibility and Reform co-chairs, former Sen. Alan Simpson (R-Wyo.) and former chief of staff to President Clinton, Erskine Bowles, released a 58 page initial plan which includes the following military pay and benefit related proposals:

A Federal Pay Freeze – The plan’s most volatile suggestions is a three-year military and federal civilian employee pay freeze. In general, the freeze would affect basic pay and basic allowance for housing (BAH).

Eliminate the 20 Year Military Retirement – The plan calls for replacing the current 20-year retirement system with a plan that would allow retirement at 10 years but delay payment until age 60. This would presumably affect future military entrants.

Reform COLA – The panel suggests making the military retirement/annuitant and disability compensation annual cost-of-living adjustments formula reflect consumer shopping options – essentially reducing the annual increase.

Increase TRICARE Premiums and Co-pays – Premiums and fees would climb for working-age military retirees, enrollment fees and co-pays would be applied to all three TRICARE options, including fee-for-service coverage under TRICARE Standard and the preferred provider network using TRICARE Extra.

In addition, employers would have to reimburse the government for any military retiree who opts to use TRICARE over employer offered programs.

The DoD is not the only agency facing drastic cuts, the panel made unpopular cost cutting recommendations for virtually every sector of government. Sen. Alan Simpson suggested that he and his co-chair, Erskine Bowles, may “need to go into witness protection” before this process is completed.

Read the full article:  ‘Debt Panel Eyes TRICARE Hikes, Pay Freeze.’

Let the DoD and your elected officials know how you feel about these proposals.

About the Author

Terry Howell
Before becoming the Managing Editor for, Terry served 20 years in the U.S. Coast Guard as an Aviation Electrician’s Mate and aircrewman. In his final role in the Coast Guard, Terry served as a Career Development Advisor, where he provided career, finance, education, and benefits counseling to servicemembers and their families. Since retiring from the Coast Guard, Terry has authored the book, The Military Advantage, managed the content for TurboTap, the DoD's online transition program and VAforVets, the VA's transition assistance website. Terry earned both his Bachelor's and MBA at Corban University using Military Tuition Assistance and his GI Bill benefits to help cover the cost.
  • okay, cut our pay, fine.. but don’t raise our premiums. I can’t handle more.

    • nyjetta39

      something is telling ME is “the care for us” is getting less & less important once any1’s time is done

    • CBEER01

      They can cut Military pay only if the Cut Congress Pay and freeze their increases and Make Congress use the VA for health care.

    • GunnyO

      It would be nice to see military-minded politicians that understand how fragile freedom is and appreciate those who defend it.

      Term limits. Term limits. Term limits.

      Semper Fi

  • Wheelchair4

    No big supprise that Sen. Webb would once again try to screw the

    Vets. I hope that all veteran’s and veteran groups will mount an offensive to throw this scumbag out of office in 2012. Why wasn’t any

    thing mentioned about all senators and congressmen having their pay

    frozen for the next three year’s? Oops, forgot, they get to vote themselve’s pay increases. Maybe it’s time for the military to take over

    this country…

    • pissed off american

      i hear ya man, this country is screwed up. i wonder if they have even thought about how many people fought and died so they can be a scummy rich politician in washington and give themselves pay raises etc. honestly, i think if the people serving now, and the veterans who have served in the past went to washington and gave them a piece of our mind we may be able to change something, or at least cause a big enough problem that the issue gains more awareness. we have to do something. “Government is instituted for the common good; for the protection, safety, prosperity, and happiness of the people; and not for profit, honor, or private interest of any one man, family, or class of men; therefore, the people alone have an incontestable, unalienable, and indefeasible right to institute government; and to reform, alter, or totally change the same, when their protection, safety, prosperity, and happiness require it.”

      • chris779

        I’m sick of hearing vets whine. You guys get the earliest retirement AND free medical care AND free education AND housing AND VA loans AND AND AND when compared to people of similar qualifications and education in the real world. No one else in this day and age gets any of that.

        Furthermore, shut up about everyone owing their freedom to the military. Other than the revolutionary war, no military conflict has saved us from shit. We were never about to lose out freedom here. Not ever. No real threat. Not even remotely.

        Fact is, y’all get checks and food and shelter from the government, just like welfare recipients do.

        • Selantra

          If I didn’t think you some insolent college student, I might actually take you seriously. I can’t believe you would ever stand on the blantantly ridiculous assumption that military members and familes are like welfare recepients. Do not disdain the name of our military.
          Welfare recepients are leeches on our system, breeding children and living on a program meant only to offer assitance. Military personal protect our nations, states, and towns.They preform this concept welfare leeches do not understand. Work! Next time there is an emergency, lets see the state react with the National Guard. Then we will see where you stand.

          As for the pay raise. Well, adhere to the display and commitments thats the goverment imposes on our soldiers and then tell me they do not deserve the benefits they receive. American soldier have been protecting your ungrateful arse since the day you were born. Not always in the form of war, but their vigilant watch every single day.

        • Liz

          If you think it’s so great, why haven’t you joined up? Maybe because you know you can’t really get all those things that you stated for nothing. If it was that great a deal, everyone would be jumping on the band-wagon, or gravy train, as you put it. WHY AREN’T you????

        • bob

          A statements of this nature would only come from a draft dodger, or one afraid to fight for anything because you have been given everything. Lay in a fox-hole with scuds coming in and see if you feel as a welfare recipient. Its possible you need to just leave the USA coward.

        • cc15

          I am so sick of people like you downgrading the military and the things they do for you. The only people who do that is people who are too scared to enlist into the military themselves. I wanna see you get off your behind and enlist and see what our troops go through everyday. I wanna see you get in a bunker and have rocket attacks against you every night. Our men and women fight everyday and risk their life for people like you so you can sit here and express your opinion. Well stop using that right to downgrade our military! I resent you saying they are just like welfare recipients because they don’t sit on their butts receiving checks for nothing, they work everyday 18 or more hours a day and risk their lifes on a daily bases. what welfare recipient does that?

        • Bill T

          What branch did you serve in? If none then Shut your whining pie hole. If you can’t or wont walk the walk then don’t talk the talk.

        • johnc

          You sound like someone who sits on his fat ass and takes what is given to him…From what i see you have not earned the right to find fault with the vets…Go through what they have gone through and then maybe people will listen to you.

    • Gigi

      Exactly right! If they cut the pay of our congressmen and senators, there would be plenty of money to go around. We work very hard and deserve every penny we get and more and now this? They’ve helped themselves to our money in the social security system, using it to fund other things and now want to raise the retirement age, uhmm..? It’s simply wrong and we need to stand together to vote them out!

    • Melva D

      Why don”t they talk about congressional budget cuts…cut their privileges and benefits…their retirements …talk about that…not cutting veterans benefits…don’t compare us to civilians we served this country well. Elect somebody with military background….if only we all vote we can out number voters that don’t care about the military community…if we all act we will have a voice in congress…

      • jim39er

        HOOHAH!!! another thing that congress and senate need to have happen is keeping their asses out of our VA’s. There is what 4% of those piss ants who try to say that they served? We could save 500 billion easy by having them to go to their local proctologists. FBI, ATF, CIA, DEA need to take a 150 thousand dollar a year pay cut per employee as well. I do say that we need to have served to be an American politician. Tea party offiliates need to be publicly hung as traitors of the flag and that Gov. Perry should be the first to hang in my eyes as he wants to suceede from the union. LEAVE our hard earned benefits that we bleed and sweat for in these foreign lands. maybe all of us veterans and service members need to band together and have a class action law suit to put these retards in their place for once. Purge the system of scum and cowards.

  • Driver238

    The old one’s never die. No change in the Dems view of the Military. Get them killed, and when the killings over, eliminate the survivors! No use for the peace time Military, so until next time, don’t look forward too hard. Oh by the way, we just completed mid term elections. The Dems really make me ashamed of the politicians. I think that half way measures should be rewarded with half pay! Cut the politicians pay by 50%. Let em eat that bill, guaranteed to die within the first five minutes.

    • Girlwhosoldtheworld

      Really? That’s very interesting since Republicans are the ones who send you to war for shits and giggles.

      • Msmith4552

        Commander in Chief is a Democrat now who has the power to stop everything and the last four years was a Democratic Congress who approved the ongoing wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. And Yes, this Really is so!!

    • dennis parker

      you are wrong ,the republicans screwed the vets over the last 50 years

      • bill lillibridge

        I served in the Marine Corps 63-92 I served under both Dems and Repubs Kennedy, Johnson, Nixon, Ford, Carter, Reagan, Clinton, and Bush. Kennedy got us into Vietnam, Johnson lied to us, Nixon bombed the crap out of the North and POW came home. Carter “gutted” the military both personnel and zero new equipment, failed to deal wit h Iran. If he had of maybe we wouldn’t be in the mess we are today. Reagan, made us proud again to be Americans and the Soviet Union collapsed. Clinton, Don’t ask don’t tell, USS Cole, embassies, and used the Oval of as a whore house. Bush kid ass.
        So how is it that the Republicans screwed over “we” Vets?

        Simper Fidelis
        Major US Marine (Ret.)

    • Mike Smith

      Last I remembered, it was the Republican that is come up with the idea of doing away with the current Retirement system.

  • Cabgx2

    So again the military, retirees, and disabled veterans are going to be asked to balance the budget. The TRICARE hikes should be no more than the rate of COLA increases.

    • Art

      …..and those COLA increases would be what?

  • Redman

    Hey Web why don’t you and your friends on the hill take pay cuts. After all its not you putting boot to a** for you country! Leave the military pay alone!

    • Bill

      You really need to check Web’s Marine Corps service in Vietnam.

  • 101vet john

    Now the military has to pay the bill Obama ran up paying his cronies and other businessmen trillions of dollars to piss off. Did you think he wouldn’t get the military first? Then comes vets and social security with no more COLAs. His actions may be stalled when he tries that with Federal employees, but he will prevail.
    He will also have them put social security off to a later age, and do away with it completely for a lot of people by “means testing”. Yep, the gov’t deciding whether you deserve what you paid for.
    And they wonder why the country went so largely republicans when no one wants them either! The democrats are now the worse of two evils, the game the parties play with us to remain in power. But they really are the worse. And the military WILL pay first because they don’t like or respect the military.

    • Girlwhosoldtheworld

      LOL. Wow. WOOOW. ignorance is awfully hilarious.

      • Tm49

        Spoken apparently from firsthand experience!

    • anthony dotson

      stop blaming obama for congress and the senate mistakes, you should know your politics.

    • Nessa

      Blaming Obama for the trillions of dollars caused by the EIGHT years of Republican dominance is silly. If you are mad about the economic stimulus that kept millions more jobs from being cut and those who needed unemployment beyond the usual max, then it’s kind of hypocritical to be mad about the military cuts, don’t you think?
      The military isn’t the first nor the last to go through painful cuts. Better social security later than social security never (Do you know what the Republicans want to do with Social Security?). As for “means testing”, not every penny you pay in taxes or what not goes directly to benefit you but to benefit the country as a whole or as many people as possible (ideally, I know it doesn’t always happen). Choices these days are hard and not favorable in the least. No one wants to give up their benefits but all want our money problems to be fixed…in the real world, that is impossible.

      I agree though, I think senators and congressmen should cut their pay first as a sign of practicing what they preach (or forcing others to endure).

    • guest

      Hell no matter what party you are for they all want to take away from us VETS and pad their own pockets. S.S. would not be in the situation if the government would not barrow from it. Just leave the pay for all military and vets alone.

  • Familypalmtree

    visit to sign a petition to stop this. I don’t believe it will be passed, but they need to know that when thinking of ways to cut costs, the military should be the last place they look.

    Sign, share, and pass the petition along to everyone you know.

    • malee

      Just remember there is 2012. What they give us let’s give them the boot . Vote out anyone republicans or democrats that vote to pass these bills. Enough is enough when they think about pay cuts it is always the military pay and benefits. (BENEFITS?) what beniefits? commissary now cost more than Krogers or Albertsons. The exchange prices are higher than Walmart or Kmart. When it used to be that these were always cheaper and the products they sell are junk with clothing more expensive than Dillards.

    • globe1trotter

      online petitions don’t work! it goes straight to file 13 because signees can’t be tracked or proven to be real!

  • Bootsgirl42107

    i agree with yall so far. i think the senate, and the house needs to cut their pay in half and no more holidays with pay except christmas, turkey day, and july 4th. I think obama the so called leader of this country is the main one who is allowing our hard working, life on the line, kicking butts, and being away from family needs to run this country poay FREE!!! They all need to know what it is like to be the rest ogf the country ubder them…..

    • Juste84

      The Dork from Illinois has no Clue since he never Served in the Military!

    • j h

      And no more salary for life for senators. What is with that!

  • ron pond

    This sounds Exactly like What obama is are was fighting for with the his Health plan.That actually cost the American people more then the other.And gave the Illegal Immigrants free medical care.And you senators and congressmen don’t have to participate in..Now look here You Jerks that have never been in Uniform. The American GI. spent his time Making sure your Sorry Asses could live free,Get up of a Morning and Do what you like with out fear of being killed,maimed,lose of family members Thur death by fire fights,bombings,While the American G.I. died, suffered wounds, lost Arms and Legs.lost his way in life because of having to serve in ungodly places.some times lost his whole Family due to being stationed in a hostile environment away from his Family months,Years on end. And now that The American G.I. Has a decent Health care plan .You Jerks up there in Congress and The senate want to make us pay more .For some thing that the American People gave us for the services that we have done. And most never made it back home. They lie buried in some foreign Country. That you jerks never heard of.And you could even care less about. Why don’t you Pantie waist get some Guts about you .And point the finger at the ones that really started this economic down fall. All you Senators ,Congressmen,with your big pay raises,you one term in office and you can retire,all your perks. all the graft money that you get from kick backs from the good ole boys back home in your know the You scratch my back I’ll scratch yours. We the American People could probably do better with a bunch of high school kids sitting up there where you are at now. so don’t be making any plans to fast .We the American people might just revolt and put you in the pen. where you get rich quick (And I don’t care about any one else I want mine first)Where you all should be.

    • Anonymous

      I thinks it’s funny how some folks think that after serving one term in office, elected officials can retire with some $100k / ye pension.

      Do a little research – it’s entirely false.

      • child of a veteran

        I agree, before you start blasting, don’t start absorbing half truths you read on forums or opinion based shows and spew them as the honest truth just because it goes with what you already (most likely falsely and illogically) want to believe.

    • ART

      Agree with you totally! As far as I know, members of the so-called Congress have their pay increases activated automatically, unless they specifically vote it down or refuse it individually, like some actually do. But here’s the kicker, serve say 6 years in the Senate and you get a humongous pension for the rest of your life!!! And, of course, you are right, they don’t participate in any of the federal programs that we little folk have to abide by. I’m retired, fixed income, and no COLAs, and now they want to increase TRICARE fees once again (including prescription refills). You know, it just makes me feel SO wanted, after I gave up 27+ years of my life from Vietnam through DESERT Storm. Ah, we don’t need any help, go ahead and cut the veterans benefits, they won’t bitch too loudly. Lord help us!

    • powerslp

      You said it!

    • Melva D

      Think when you vote…register to vote for the next election…they don’t care about the military community unless we all be active so congress can hear our voice….we start now!!!!!

  • Cabgx2

    The report also identifies a lot on USMC cuts. The President is going after the USMC, probably because of the Commandant’s public stance on not repealing DADT.

    The President and Congress were more than willing to spend $1 trillion + on healthcare reform, but now they want to cut the military, cut military pay, and cut both civilian and military retiree benefits.

    • Anonymous

      This report was commissionedby the President, but he had nothing to do with the recommendations.

    • Juste84

      Pandering to the Voters, especially those that would benefit from Obamacare, whether it is Illegal Aliens getting Free Medical or the Medical-Pharmaceutical-Health Insurance Triad still reaping Big Bucks for services rendered and Medications prescribed.

      • child of a veteran

        The military population is smaller than the general population. The healthcare reform is there to help the majority of the general population. Sorry if you’re pissed that the military doesn’t get special treatment than the rest of the government.
        If Republicans weren’t so bent on not passing any real reform, we might have even passed a much better healthcare reform bill that would make military health benefits irrelevant because the healthcare benefits in the civilian sector would be competitive and good.

    • globe1trotter

      gotta pay for all the illegal immigrants to get there FREE healthcare. I sat in a dentist office the other day…..i was the only TRUE American in there and i had to pay $300 just to make an appt to get my childs tooth filled, while the others sitting in the office walked up, checked in, saw dentist and walked out. Guess i spoke a little too good English!

  • Jimmymishoe92

    all this is wrong some who served making these decides our fait in the military and retirment this is very very very wrong go in person with agroup of veterans and speak this nonsense and bring your buddies who did not serve lets haVE A REVOLUTION NOW put working people in office jimmy the sniper

  • American Dog

    I didn’t like Webb when he was SecNav. I’m not that fond of him now.

  • Jeromeyou

    Dont see anything about them cutting their pay!

    • Baskhana

      Who else in our country gets a lifetime retirement for only 6 years of screwing up the budget and always votes themselves a pay raise every time congress is convened????

    • Dave Randall

      Thats because they are a bunch of criminals who don’t work for the American people, they work for corporations and Anti-American special interests.

      They work for the people who pay them the most, and it isn’t us.

  • BUTCH6631


  • okiejim

    As a military retiree, I cannot stand any cuts in retirement pay or Social Security. However, I am willing to struggle through without COLA raises for several years on one condition. Congress must give themselves pay cuts and stop the perks. That includes: (a) use of military aircraft to fly home every weekend…(Pelosi). (b) Earmarks must be passed by majority vote of the full house and senate membership. They must not be approved in order to get the votes needed to pass another earmark.

    (c) The Military/Industrial spending machine must be brought under control. (d) Get big government out of my face. Everytime the numskulls in Washington come up with something new to control us, it costs me money.

    • malee

      Okiejim the only way to stop these abuses is to vote the scums out of office. Since they do not want to pass a term limit we as voters should vote the SOBs out every eight years, but NO we are to stupid to vote we just go along like a bunch of sheep to the slaughter house. I for one vote Republican but I also vote against any one that has served more than eight years., whether he is Republican or not.

      • Bill R.

        We have term limits. they are called elections.

    • Kathy

      Amen!!!! TIred of them giving themselves pay raises and us retirees not geting a COLA….inflation is about to kill me!

    • Nisa Jemeela

      Congressmen and Senators should not be paid due to the fact that these positions are voluntary. No one can be drafted into these positions and Social Security never should have happened as-well-as Medicaid.

    • lentex

      I think this person is absolutely correct take away their pay and healthcare and their retirement and all the benefits they enjoy.

  • usaf 66=86

    ALL or NONE the gov should have to take the cuts from OBAMA on down if they want to stay in office afer the next clean-out in two years. WOW that 24 months that they can milk the country, thats sad. Well this is our thank you to all the dumbies that put them in office. I realy still like the country but (we the people) realy need to get off our butts and take back D.C. from the rich lawers who run this place.

  • okiejim

    I agree usaf 66-86.

  • Rod93560

    RETIRES GET THE SHAFT AGAIN, not OBAMA administration, or senators and Representative. Dont see anything about them cutting their pay! The President and Congress were more than willing to spend $1 trillion + on healthcare reform, but now they want to cut the military, cut military pay, and cut both civilian and military retiree benefits

    • globe1trotter

      gotta pay for it somehow. Funny how this great health care prgm isn’t gonna cost us anything???!!!!

  • ParadoxLD

    Congress votes themselves a pay raise each year before they even look at the budget. They have even gone so far in the past as to vote their raise and then deny anyone else a pay raise. I say Congresses pay raises should be decided by the people they represent. Other wise, why should they care what the people want. Who is giving out the most special interest money this week?

  • George

    Maybe the military should stop encouraging its soldiers to get married. The financial incentive for a young soldier to get married exists. This is fact because once married the soldier receives an increase in the entitlement portion of the pay check in BAS. Now the soldier needs to find housing for a family thus an increase in BHA. Inevitably it over burdens the system with tricare and other necessary benefits. Why not give an increase in soldiers taxable base pay if they remain single for the first two enlistments?

    • 76542

      You try being in the military and gone all the time without knowing you have someone to come home to. Shut the heck up if you don’t know what you are talking about… which obviously you don’t.

    • Tm49

      I know, why don’t we require our service members to sign an agreement stating that as long as they are in the military they will not get married, be responsible for current family members or siblings. We can cut their pay down to the point where all they can afford is the basic necessities of life, or better yethave there officer in charge give them a chit for the PX. 2 bars of soap per month, 1 tube toothpaste every 2 months, 1 12 pack of the cheapest beer available per week, ETC, ETC. that would save a lot of money. We can also keep our troops in combat, hell that’s what we pay them for anyway. Oh yah I forgot there is just one problem with these ideas; that is we abolished slavery a few years ago!

      • Russell

        SO TRUE Tm49!!! Very well said!

    • Mil and under paid

      Or we could leave the military along and pay them properly and then stop encouraging people to stay on unemployment. Almost 2 yrs of unemployment benefits, is that really a good idea? 5 months max is better, and much more motivating the 2 yrs. Stop paying people on welfare to have babies.

      • child of a veteran

        The average time it takes to find a job lately is 6-12 months…there are way more people in need of jobs that there are jobs…please do your research. I agree with the welfare comment, the current system encourages or at least does not deter people from reproducing even though they are on welfare and know damn well they can’t afford to have another child.

        Paying properly? I think the financial incentive to get married by young immature soldiers is stupid and wrong. I agree that maybe there should not be an incentive at all to be married. It does overburden the system.

        • amanda

          They don’t get an incentive to get married! I JUST married one not even 2 months ago (he has been in for 10 years and is 30 so we obviously aren’t young) and the difference is only in BAH, NOT in BAS. They still pay him, an E6 in the Air Force, the same amount for food, which is like 280 a month and his BAH went up 300 dollars when we got married. The 300 dollars is supposed to compensate his measley BAH from only being able to afford a 1 bedroom apartment to a 2 bedroom apartment. His BAS doesn’t feed just him, let alone him and I. If it wasn’t for the fact that I am lucky in the civilian world and have a good job with good pay, we wouldn’t have half of the things we do to have a nice life. We would live from pay check to pay check. Honestly, the insignificant pay increase is a deterent for marriage, if anything. An extra 300 bucks a month doesn’t begin to equal all that a marriage entails. Not to mention couples with children… I am still baffled with how some of these people make ends meet with his pay AND a child or 2.

          • rae

            what they need is manditory classes to teach young troops real world budgeting. show them exactly how exspensive it is to live off base, rent, utilities, fuel back and forth to base all the time. how much feeding yourself 24/7 really costs. two can NOT live as cheaply as one. when I married my Marine, even as an E5 with 5 years in, (half overseas), he had to jump through hoops to get his CO’s permission. has the military lost all sense or has PC crap destroyed everything again?

    • billsankey

      This sounds like something a Homosexual would come up with. This would give a better playing field for the Homosexuals. This beats raping, like the Lesbians were doing at Spangdahlem AB Germany, in the late 80’s. They figure the straitghts would be more receptive to there advances.

    • powerslp

      Get real!

    • SFC W

      George, can you just GET A LIFE!

    • tweety

      hey you first of all who do you think you are to be talking about how the military needs to stop talking to their soldiers about getting hitch that is there giving right if they want to get married as a army wife myself so what let me tell you something even if we get the bas and bha that dont make us living high off the hog we still have to work so have something in this usa if you knew what the hell you was talking about then you would know even if we live on post they take the bas and bha back so get your facts right its not all black and white we too have our share burdens as well just our spouse who serve this counrty are the ones who keep this country living harm free and u sleeping well in ur bed at night so think before you leave a comment on here

    • Amy

      Are you kidding me? They don’t encourage anyone to get married. My husband had to jump through hoops 13 years ago to marry me. All his superiors told him not to do it… told him if he was suposed to have a wife she would have been issued. We military wives and “burdens” are what motivates these men and women to fight for their country and then we “burdens” stay home and deal with all the bull crap that occurs whrn they are deployed, in harms way and killed. So guess what? We have earned our rights to benifits too. And they only get one increase!!! It is maried with dependants….. they don’t get paid more per kid so get that out of your minds people. Weither they have a wife or a wife and 10 kids same pay. You go to war for 2 enlistments single and see how that works for you.

    • BA AMMO

      WOW we have just heard from the uneducated with a solution even. Than ks for speaking out there stupid.

    • Wife of a soldier

      If you knew anything about the military the BAH and BAS only go up due to inflation in areas not because a soldier got married. Are you denying us that served the right to love and the right to have a family? And further more for the tricare issue We have to go to a military facility for treatment and we pay for it out of the soldiers paycheck every month its not free for spouses and children. I know this as being a former soldier and being married to a soldier who defends this country with the price of his life.

    • Bob

      You’re an iddiot…

    • globe1trotter

      don’t know what dump you like living in, but the housing allowance in most places will only get you that a dump if there is no base housing available. My 16 plus years i lived off base was quite expensive. it didn’t pay for rent/mortgage, lights, water, cable (if lucky), phone (had to have for duty), gas, etc. A lot of my living expenses came out of my pocket!

    • Missy

      You need to get a life!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Jesse

      George, are you an idiot?

    • MDG

      So what about the men and women that are married before one of them join? They get screwed because they waited to go into the military? My husband and I got married the week after he commissioned we recieved no incentive to get married we didn’t even get extra BAH for the child we already had. BAH is based on cost of living pay grade and then on need for dependants. Also I pay for my tricare and its still crap insurance so don’t act like they are doing dependants a huge favor!

  • Rich

    The die was cast when Obama socialized our health care system. The European nations led the way–their socialized heal care systems long ago depleated the money for their militaries, and we have been picking up their defense tab ever sense. Did you know that the French actually came out against our turn toward socialized medicine earlier this year? I’ll suffer pension reform for my country, but we absolutely have to kill the ObamaCare bill in the next congress.

    • Art

      The growing GrassRoots movement in this Country will get Obamacare repealed!!!

    • Lucky

      What do you think Tricare and Medicare are? They’re government run healthcare programs. Call it socialized health care if you want, but I happen to think they’re pretty good programs. Similar programs for the millions of uninsured Americans seems like an admirable goal. I just don’t get why some people object to this. So many other countries do a much better job than we do of ensuring their citizens have access to adequate healthcare.

      • Bill R.

        Yes but those programs are aimed at targeted groups. For example Tricare would not work for the general populace at that price. The same program would be much more expensive for the general public.

  • we don’t get paid anything as it is! WHAT THE!

  • Mallorycarter1

    Instead of freezing military pay, which is ridiculous how do they expect current military families to live, eat, whatever… they should get out of the stupid waste of money war and then they would be saving the money from that.. Stupid govt. I am starting to really dislike a country that I love. If this passes um expect hell from people. And if it is going to pass they should at least give military personnel the option to get out to be able to find other jobs


      I am starting to feel just like you.. I too am beginning to really dislike this country more and more every second of the hour (total understatement). I have fought for this country and have lost friends in these wars that they’ve created sitting on capital hill and now this is the B.S they want to try and pull( A TOTAL SPIT IN THE FACE).. NOT ONE OF THOSE SQURES IN A SUIT COULD DO A HALF OF WHAT WE’VE DONE FOR THIS COUNTRY!!!!

    • Retired 1SG

      Have u checked the job market on the outside? retired 1SG

  • Dn112097

    Really to all the people who blame obamacare where have you been ? housing crash ,enron ,bailouts , two wars, detroit,autos .in case you all have forgotten that is the reason this country is where its at .the last time the GOP took office the were not able to get any thing on their agenda passed even though they were the majority. they seemed to just lay back take the term obamacare and run with it now ask your self if the only thing they do is repeal obamacare when they claim the White House will that make your life easier will that make the world right .it’s the only thing that seems to be on the agenda . when it costs an entire pay period ‘s check to be insured some one will want the govt’s help your comments sound more racial than anything this country was headed down this road long before obamacare and since most of us work for big business in some shape form or fashion when was the last time the big bosses did anything for you or your family that wasn’t regulated by the gov’t yeah repeal obamacare and all of our troubles will go away with it

    • volvo756

      I agree DN112097, I can’t believe everyone continues to talk about Obama as if he is the one who got us into this mess, the mess was here when he took office, The GOP really knows what they are doing, they again have brain washed everyone into forgetting they are the cause of the mess we are in and we voted them back into office! Now the GOP is running the Senate, so if this passes that we (retirees/military) have a pay cut, who is to blame!!!! THINK ABOUT THIS PEOPLE.

      • malee

        Volvo you and Dn are the knd of people I was refering to. Here you are blaming the past administration without knowing what you are taliking about. The turn of the economy was not because of the past administration. Fannie anf Fredie ( housing authorities in case you do not know what they are) were run by Democrats.when the past administration wanted to get it out of governmentt hands the Dem voted against it that is why the housing market went busted with all the bad loans made to people that could not afford them and now we are faced withforeclosures all over the country ( foreclosure are houses the were let go by people that could not pay for them) in case you don’t know. Your wonderful president passed a stimiluss bill the created debt of three trillion dollars and passed Obamacare with out the money to pay for it. YOU will start paying for it next year but will not get anything out of it untill 2015. And last it is not the Republicans who are thinking about cutting the military pay and raising tri care co pay. If you read the story ( but I doubt you can read you just follow what your democrat representatives tell you) that is why I saY VOTE ALL WHO HAVE SERVE A PERIOD OF EIGHT YEARS OUT OF OFFICE.

        • D Redd

          OMG PROOF READ

        • child of a veteran

          The housing market did not go bust because of only Fannie and Freddie. Let’s not simplify things now, there are lots and lots of reasons, one being subprime mortgages and preying on idiot avg Americans who wanted to live above their means (cultural issue as well). OUR president passed a stimulus package that saved jobs and passed healthcare reform to begin regulating an industry that have been ripping off consumers unregulated for years. No it is not perfect (so very far from it) but it’s a damn start.

          Republicans (and many Dems as well) got us into TWO wars while also CUTTING taxes (primarily benefiting the richest 1% of Americans) with no real plan on how to pay for any of it (I believe that 2 wars and cutting of taxes happened around the Republican reign of house, senate and presidency). Yes our deficit went psychotic due to many reasons including misconducting a war, getting into a frivolous war (Iraq was b.s.), and stupid financial planning. I blame the Dems for being pansies and not being dirty enough to stop some of the irresponsibility.
          But that’s silly of me to expect that, most Americans (Republicans and Democrats alike) are unable to read a paper and deduce. Their memory is disgustingly short term and selective.

          • whatthe??

            You might want to check on something about the tax cutting comment. If cutting taxes hurt anything, then why was it that there were the highest amount of cash increase in the history of the Treasury during the following tax years. Maybe it could be because the more money there is the more it is spent and every time it is spent it is taxed. Has anyone ever sat and thought how many times a dollar is taxed. You spend it, its taxed… you earn it its taxed…the place you spend it at, earns it and is taxed, who then pays their employees and their taxed who spends it again and it is taxed. Increasing taxes isn’t a solution for anything other forcing people into saving. Seriously, taking money from the people that make this country great by taking from the pockets of those that know what it means to be in civil service not just stand on their soap box in Washington saying they are a civil servant.

        • volvo756

          malee, you know first off, this is a person’s own opinion, second, just because someones opinion is different than yours should not cause you to call them names, first of all, I can read and how dare you say other wise. I will tell you one thing just because I agreed with DN does not mean I am a democrate. I sir vote on who I feel is the better person for the job if it republican or democrate, you need to grow up and please learn how to spell.

    • malee

      Dn112097 Well spoken Dn. you sound just like another dum democrat. You see the ship sinking and you still hang on with out a life saver. Here you are defend the people that are in charge now. The Democrats have been in charge since 2005 both houses and what have they accomplished? freeze cola for retires, passed Obamacare with out knowing what was on the bill (Pelosis on words, “just pass the bill we will read it later” ) how stupid can the Democrats be? and yet here you are just like all stupid democrats blaming Bush. Isn’t it time that you all wise up and vote sensibly?If you see, hear, read any one in both houses Dem, or Republicans making stupid comments like these and agreeing on cutting military benefits vote the ba….ds out.

      • Dirk

        yeah, that’s why now that the Republicrats are in control they refuse to step up to the plate and get on the Ways and Means Committee and start cutting. They don’t want to be held accountable for cutting … they just want to run off at the mouth….let’s watch and see.

    • nvg8r1

      I’m glad, Maybe It was not like they were trying to get anyhting (new intrude on your life and pay – Laws) passed, maybe more like they were trying as much as they could (the government) to stay out of our lives. Let a Democrat use that slogan to run on, Tphhf. The housing was from Pelosi, Barney Frank and their cronies by the way. Since you are so mis informed.
      Please explain your comment how this sounds RACIAL because i,m confused with your comment.
      Remember the GOP was too dumb to take on a criminal organization that disguises itself as a political party (Democrat). I lost them big time.

  • Dqvid

    I don’t like what I am reading or what they are doing to our military, but I am trying to put blame where blame is due. I see in the very first sentence that this Rebublican from Wyoming has been there since Clinton that to me means he has been there through two previous Presidents and might have been responsible for the increased length of service to obtain a full military pension, which I think is terrible! I further think that this decrease in benefits is ridiculous but we need to look at the correct people to blame, I am rapidly approaching retirement and am seeing that I won’t be able to retire until 69 according to a new bill that doesn’t make me happy either. The truth of the matter is that we have been involved in two wars for the last nine year, that would put it during the G.W. Bush administration that is when the bleeding started and still continues, that area of the world has wared since the time of Christ, they only know that as a way of life. If we are ever to win close your eyes and release our troops to do whatever they need to do to win or bring them home and forget it. This financial crisis started long before this President!

    • Paul

      I have read all of this first page of the hard working people in this great country! Many and have wrote a lot about the Democrats (Obama) and the Republicans! Yes,it started back in the G.W. Bush administration,and continues thru today! Our Congress and Senate get elected and totally forget that they are in Washington to serve the People of USA,not theirselves and
      the good ole boys/girls club,along with the lobbist,etc! I think that the Bail out was another burden for average hard working American. The Rich got
      richer,as usual! The health care that our Congress and the Senate,along
      with Pres. Obama that want,with no idea how much it will cost: is a waste of time,money,and resources! The Wars that we are currently in,can not be won by our elected officials! Learn from our past ! Let the Military do their jobs! If not than it is well past time for The USA to come home! Save lives,and Money that is being wasted!
      As always the Govt. has always gone after the Vets and their retirement,and again their health care! First,it was promised free medical
      and Dental! Now We have Tri-Care! What is next ? The Govt. doesn’t talk about all of the Free Medical care for Civilians in Iraq,and afghanistan! That is where the burden is! We can go on and on!!! It is time for a change
      and it isn’t the Democrats,Republicans,or the Tea Party!

    • lee

      I somewhat agree, my husband gave his life for thus country, and I recieve his death benfits. I recieve 1//10th of his pay, and I am disabled, in a wheel chair. Maybe these so called smart politicians shoud be made to live on minimium wages, and lets see how they survive. I recieve no government asst, no food stamps no extra pay for disability,and I have worked civil service prior to my disability,which is job related, but have been turned down, I am no longer able to work,so if they reduce the widows pay that my husband died for, what will happen to those of us who are dealing with hard enough times already. Mr. President get your head out of yur rear and wake up. You took the office, now think about the people you are supposed to be serving, not shafting. Leave the MILITARY ALONE, and live off minimium wage yourself and learn how tough life really is.

  • Panamared1951

    I am willing to bet no congressman or senator would be included in any such plan!!!

  • 70GTO

    I am willing to sever ties with some of my military benefits, but as mentioned previously, it would have to start from the top ALL THE WAY DOWN. I realize the dire situation our country is in with it’s debt, so I’m willing to sacrifice with everyone else. Just because I am in the military doesn’t necessarily mean my benefits are on a pedestal. The first place I would cut would be some of the education benefits, followed by the mil to mil housing allowance. COLA rates could be cut as well since most here in Germany buy their groceries etc on base. Currently, when COLA rates drop, the only people complaining are those trying to make their BMW payments.

    • rachel

      70GTO- I agree to a small degree, there are some areas that we could sacrafice, however, i’m guessing that you are above an E5? And are you living on base or on the economy? We had to live on the economy because there was no govt housing available and where we live in Germany is not exactly cheap. We barely make ends meet, we literally live from pay day to pay day and we dont have a BMW. If our BAH or COLA were to be cut we would not be able to make our bills. Oh and by the way have you checked the exchange rate lately? I dont think there are too many people living large in Germany.

  • Scarlete

    Sickening report!

    How about congress vastly reducing their large salaries and benefits!

    How about ceasing providing other countries with our tax payer’s dollars.

    By the way, what happened to the “lock box” on our social security funds? Tell you — the funds were used by our “esteemed” US Congress for the benefit of people who never contributed one dime to the funds!

    I could go on and on and on……………………………………………..


    And meanwhile we give away billions of dollars in foreign aid… Money that should go to school teachers, military service members, and U.S. Infrastructure.

  • How about the President’s National Commission on Fiscal Responsibility and Reform co-chairs, for mer Sen. Alan Simp son (R-Wyo.) and former chief of staff to President Clinton, Erskine Bowles, and these other assholes cut their own damn pay and pay for their benefits, if they don’t already. Do they really need their exorbitant salaries? They want to talk about cuts? This whole thing is just a crock of s$%& in my opinion. Money is wasted by this government every year on stupid stuff. We bailed out irresponsible CEO’s, some of who after receiving their bailout money, went on a $440,000 spa retreat. I paid for this, as well as every American out there. What else do we have to sacrifice? Damn.

  • Richards613

    Any Military Member who served should not be subjected to increases in Tri-Care payments for Services rendered or Medications received at Pharmacies. The VA just did that recently to all Veterans in the Award Groups 7 & 8. Let the Government find the Money it needs by having the IRS investigate any American Corporation that moved its Company HQ offshore to avoid paying US Taxes. Then lets stop paying any Country that we give Welfare Money to for about a Year and by then the Debt will start coming down! Then lets go after any Organization (Federal, State and Private) that is handing out free subsistence to Illegal Aliens on the TaxPayers Dime!!! Its time to get back to putting Veterans and those that serve FIRST!!! Their Sacrifices can never be measured by a Budget Cut!!!

  • Erik B

    I will take a pay freeze as long as all other government employees take a pay cut to military levels, accept a pay freeze and utilize tricare and va facilities for their health care instead of private doctors and dentists…they are volunteers just like the rest of us, they didn’t have to work for the government either…

  • Luis Solorzano

    Instead of cutting the pay for the military who are actually doing something for the country, find cuts in other areas. Like, freeze pay raises for all of congress and senate for 5 years. Close the US postal system and make it private. Close Frddie Mac and Fanny Mae they cost too much and arent cost effecient. Raise the tarrif on all incoming imports from other countries by 30%. Get rid of NAFTA and have a real and fair trade agreement. Stop ALL pork barrell spending regardless of it’s real monitary impact, it is the thought that counts. Send absolutely NO money or aid to foreign countries, it is time to actually make the hard decisions instead of talking about it. It isnt your words that count it is your actions. If i have to balance MY CHECKBOOK every month and I do, then the Government must do it too! Spend Absolutely NO MONEY THAT IS NOT ALREADY IN HAND! And when the people say NO like we did to the new HEALTHCARE! We mean NO!

  • Rvhamilton3

    We served our country and now our country want to turn their back on us. Cut the funds the U.S. is sending to other countries and leave our retirement and TriCare alone. Thanks

  • fedupretiredmilitary

    I’m willing to bet more than half the people on this “commission” never served in the military. Have no idea what it is like to live on a military salary. Unless you live in base housing, it’s hard to live off base with a family. We’ve done both. If it wasn’t for the BAQ and cost of living increases we couldn’t have lived off base and owned a home with 5 kids. There was no housing available for us at the time, we had no choice. Since retiring after 23 years of service, why not be able to get cola. The retirement at first barely covered a mortgage. We have never lived in a $200,000 home. Almost 17yrs later, we have become dependent on that retirement and increases, just as my 82 yr old mother has become dependent on her 900 social security check. If she wasn’t living with us she would probably be on welfare or in a nursing home. Can any of our politicians live on $900 a month. I dare say not. As far as Tricare…..has anybody really looked at that system. If it can work for thousands of military, active and retired, why couldn’t it work for everyone? We pay for it. We pay a co pay. We stay within our network. We don’t abuse the system.

    Last year when social security, military retirement, and disabled vets(which my husband is one) did not get a cola increase………but the politicians got one! This year the same thing is happening…… the politicians dare to give themselves another raise? The problem starts there. Start writing to your representatives, congressman, senators and the white house. Maybe if they get flooded with letters they will get the point. Silence is just that…….

  • Waccamawdon

    I agree with Erik B. I will (be happy) to take a pay freeze, increased deductables and the like when the people that run our Federal Government bring their salaries in line with those of us that do not have jobs like theirs and stop giving away our money to those that say they need it.

    • CHB549

      Of all the monies the politicians receive from corporation, 95% of it should go to the treasury, since they earned it while on government time. No exception. Even after they retire anything they get from private corporation should go to the treasury – all of it, plane ride, free golf, free drinks, I do not care, if it has a monitary value give it to the treasury. This is so that the crooked bastard corporations cannot wait until they retire to pay them off with their bribes for when they were in office. That will go a long way to balance the budget.

  • Anonymous

    Nothing like being crapped on by a former SEC NAV….Webb sucks and is not for the Military man. Pay freeze on Active Duty pay while they sit up there and lavish in annual 5%+ pay raises bull crap. Maybe congress should only get a bonus when they perform worth a crap. If that was the case this country would be in the shape it is right now.

  • GySgt, USMC, Retired

    This makes me sick. Why everytime the government screws up and creates a financial country they look to the country’s military to take it in the shorts. I have never heard a freeze on politicians salaries or reductions of. The military sacrifices the most but end up getting their shorts yanked down and told to bend over as Uncle Sam has a surprise for you and sorry were out of vaseline. I am so sick of these panels. How about getting rid of them, that should save a few bucks. Also quit forgiving debts and giving money to the ulta rich on wall street and to the banking sector. I think every politician should take a 50% pay cut and have their salaries increase frozen for the next 10 years. Anyone who votes or thinks this way is nothing but a f—ing a-hole and needs to be run not just out of office but out the country. Go live in N. Korea or China as that kind of thinking is well liked their. The betterment of only yourself, the hell with the citizens and residents of this country. Semper Fi , GySgt Austin, USMC, Retired.

  • Juste84

    It is tragic that all that comes to pass in this Country is in the hands of 100 Senators, some 400+ Representatives and the Supreme Court!!! Barely 600 people, who can for the most part, vote ‘any which way’ THEY feel about any issue, despite what the nearly 3,000,000+ of the rest of us Citizens may desire!!!

  • Info

    Does the President and his advisers ever think about not spending Billions of dollars on foreign wars (I mean conflicts). Bring the Troops Home and Stop sending billions of dollars in Aid to Foreign Countries and Keep the money in the US to Aid the American People. It is not rocket science. Stop Slapping the Tax payers in the face with stupid idiotic decision making. Rant complete!

  • Bobmccloud88

    The military protects this country and the men and women put their life on line to protect the people of the us and you want to cut their benefit’s

    and yet you big wigs get your big fat pay raises and you put a freeze on our cost of living. You’all are nothing but a big joke.

  • Cochrane

    How about our Goverment make a stand by decreasing thier pay and health benefits. I believe once out of office get a job support yourself and family, like everybody else has to. Oh wait, it’s only the U.S citizens. Jump the boarder you get everything handed down to you. By the way What is Dhimmitude?? You’ll be shocked when you Google it. Obama used it in his health care plan.

  • Susan

    You want to cut our pay when over half of most military installations have soldiers families living on food stamps to survive???? This is sickening and disgusting! Why don’t we Americans stand up and say enough is enough and time for the congress to take a pay cut or freeze! Our basic pay is barely enough to survive! We make enough to pay the bills and get groceries and gas. Once that is gone, we might have a few hundred dollars to save till the next pay day! Oh yeah and I forgot while you argue over our pay, remember it’s our military that is away from their family for up to 15 months or longer who live in hell while their families worry if they will ever see them again. Maybe we should stop helping other countries out who want to stab us in the back the minute we turn around and start taking care of our own!!

  • Usafjeng69

    How about 20% pay cut for congress and senate ?

  • Murraymx17

    My fellow soldiers put our neck on the line every day. Most of us are living pay check to pay check. We don’t ask for muc. It is prety disterbing to know that the government is thinking about freezing our pay and raising Tricare premiums. The government got themselfs into this huge finiancial debt and now they want the American soldiers and everyone else to take the burdon. One way to cut some spending is have government officials use comercial travel.

  • yon have hit the nail on the head,always the military gets the cuts,I gave 26 1/2 years to my country,while some of these congressman and senators have not spent a single day in the armed forces,and to go further,we have had past presidents that smoked there pot and demonstrated against this great country,while our guys and gals were being killed so they could have the right do so.its a shame on them that always hit the seniors,and military for change the retirement,how about congress,one term and have it all for life,come on guys you give it up,start contributing to social security and then try to live on that.shame shame on all of you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Mumabear74

    I will bet just about anything that Sen. Web, Simpson and this Erskine Bowles have not went without a pay raise. You want to talk about cutting the raises that our families deserve, but what they do not think about is that there are many weeks that our spouses and loved ones work 100+ hours. So how is that suppose to compare to the secular jobs where individuals make the same amout for a 40 hour work week. You want to cut money in the military budget? How about getting rid of people that have managed to weasle their way out of delpoyments for the last 13 years and still manage to progress through the ranks. No deployment no promotions after you reach Sargent. But hay who am I, just a proud Army wife!!!

  • Willshortly

    Only if they freeze ALL government pay increases!
    And I mean ALL. Starting with the president and working their way down through congress and the senate.

    TriCare??? Put the senate and congress on it and eleminate their FREE medical treatment for life as part of their golden parachute after leaving office.

    Want spending reform?? Start at the top and STOP SPENDING!!!!
    Cut funding to NASA until we’re stablized. After all it is a HUGE money pit.
    Tell congress to keep their hands off social security and return to using it the way it was meant.

  • Beware of all the lies we have heard before, starting with the recruiters, remember, make it a career and you get free health care the rest of your life. Now you know how much you were appreciated for giving your life to our country. It makes me angrier when I see all the money we send overseas and the benefits that the ILLEGALS get. Soon this country wont have a military.

  • Is3duncan

    How much was the pay raise for Congress this year? Around 8%? On average how many of them served in the military? Less than 10%? How much is our Military going to get as a pay raise this year? Around 2%? The Military has to work and fight for 20yrs to get their benefits while Congress only has to work 6years to get theirs. Our Military are put into dangerous situations where there is a possibility that they can lose their lives. What dangers situation is a Congressman put into? Oh wait their appointed drivers may crash on the way to the office. As a wounded service member still serving in the Military, I think it is a slap in our faces to freeze our pay and benefits. There are plenty of other places that we can cut funds.


    Once again, we get screwed. We pay the price while Congress pisses away everything we fight and die for. Two Term Limits, cut each Senator, Congressman and federal appointee’s pay 20%, make them pay for their own health care, make them fly commercial air (not first class either), get rid of all their fringe benefits. That money would not only cover our TRICARE expenses, our COLAs and our pay raises, but should be enough left over to pay off the national debt.

  • Ralphh293

    How much of a reduction in pay and benefits is the President, Congressmen

    and Senators going to take, to help reduce the cost of federal spending???

    Let us reduce the number of Congressmen and Senators too. Also put all of

    them on medicare and social security like the rest of us!!! Maybe we should

    all quit paying taxes and let the government support us while we reside on

    easy street in a federal prison.

  • Latcaligirl

    what a darn shame is all I can say. This is what I woke up to. I will forward this to people who will read and do what they can to support the troops.I will put the bile where it belongs and have a good day.

  • E_marcantel

    What about freezing congressional members and all cabinet members pay as well? It is easy to freeze someones pay who is fighting a war for the country but difficult to those who sit in an a/c or heated govt’ building with reimbursment for 2 homes and better health/dental insurance than other gov’t employees, Lets be fair here!

  • PO’d

    What a crock of poo. The military are the ones that ensure the 330 plus million Americans are safe from Terrorists and fight our wars. How the hell can you continue to cut them when all the idiots on the hill continue to live high on the hog! Limit house and senate terms, cut their golden parachutes, have them live on TRICARE and finally cut all their pay raises (8% compared to the militaries 2%) and retirement benefits as well. OH yeah they get a retirement after one 6 year term the military has to struggle 20 years of hardship to get theirs! This is all such total BS… Webb is an a-hole as well!

  • Jhshelton4

    maby this pannel could this study for free and pay their full cost of insurance and all the perks that go along with it. dumies take care of the military, you needed them and you steel need them so why not take care of them.

    ssg james Shelton RET

  • Sapodesroches

    This is so self centered of politicians, you know they will get their increase and all the other benefits that go along with their theivery.

    How about doing something about the illegals and leave the military and old people alone….

  • Po’d Navy Wife

    This is such bullsh** how the heck do they expect the military families to survive if they freeze pay? How much sense does that make? Starve our military? This guy has obviously never served this country besides serving his own agenda…. WOW I can not believe anyone in congress would even think about agreeing with this jacka**. It’s bad enough they are kicking people out that want to stay in, now considering this is just crap!!!!!

  • Bob Winesette

    I am a retired E8. My retired pay was not based on all my actve duty pay and benefits as is the case for most government and civilian jobs but only on my base pay which amounted to about half of the total. Let’s compare firemen and policemen (include both sexes), they usually have 20 year retirement, their jobs do have some danger, however they do not have to serve away from their families for many months or even years, they are paid overtime unlike the military, and their retired pay is usually calculated as a percentage of the pay of those curently serving with their years of service. Their retired pay often greatly exceeds what they earned when they were acturally working. Compare active pay, the pay of the typical policeman or fireman greatly exceeds that of the typical serviceman.

    My son left the service after nine years and became a civilian contractor. He earns several times as much for doing the same job without the make work or how can I harass the troops bull from some commanders.

    I do not regret my service, I actually enjoyed the opportunity to serve overseas and meet people of other cultures. I did take advantage of the education benefits and make a decent living in my second career. I have not used tricare benefits because of the excessive cost. It was more economical to use the health insurance benefits included in my job package.

    These current service personnel have to serve multible combat tours, often with only short breaks until the next combat tour. They deserve a pay raise but I agree that federal politicans and federal employees are overpaid for their work and should suffer a pay freeze for a few years until their pay package is equivalent to that of non-government works performing the same duties. MSG, USA, Ret.

  • Gary

    I’m an enlisted retiree and I don’t have a problem taking a pay freeze if it includes a couple of things. The Senate and Congress get no pay raise as long as I don’t, they start paying into Social Security, and they move to Tricare rather than the healthcare system that they are currently under.

  • Rck Bass69

    Freezes should also be placed on the congress and the house. They would save much more money instead of always subjecting the military rand retired pay. The government does not realize that the cost of groceries and all other necessaties are always increasing. Let’s get honest here people It’s time to stop screwing the military, retired, social security people. Take the
    Money out of your own pockets instead of the people who are already are suffering.

  • Spiritual_leader32

    This is a load of BS! Why consider cutting anything that has to do with the military??? We are the ones on the front lines protecting this country! Yet Congress can get pay raises for doing nothing but figuring out how to pad their pockets every year? How dangerous is it to walk the halls of Congress on a daily basis? What sacrifices are their families making everyday when they go off for work? How the heck can they justify the load of crap that they have proposed? Here’s a proposal: turn the tables and put the idiot who proposed this and the ones who will back it on the front lines in Afghanistan and let the Soldiers walk the halls of Congress and decide how to reduce their benefits!

  • Charles_barrett

    Keep on and the Draft will have to be restarted…COLA raises have never been enough and you want freeze them, how stupid can you get??? It is already hard to find a DR that will accept Tri-care and SS for payment and you want to decreas what they get and raise our cost.. Again how stupid can you get…Cut your wasteful spending not the worthwhile spending..

  • Tm49

    yo girl who sold out the world, have you ever been in the Military. These people deal with crap that if you have never served is hard to understand. a basic deployment of a few months is bad enough being seperated from your family; but than having to go into combat, fighting a battle going door to door to find an enamy whom you can’t distinguish from any of the civilians standing around, that is untill he shoot you or blows you and every one else around up. but yah lets go ahead and cut the pay, lets make ou service members pay for there health care. and than when they come home, if they manage to come home, but are disabled well you can tell them how sorry you are but they still will have to pay there own medical bills. just as a not one year our militay was suppose to get a 4% pay raise; however when it cam time it turned out that the raise was droped to 1%, but our wonderful elected officalies voted themselves a 50% raise instead.


    i know how the USA can cut the debt.stop giving our tax money to all the foreign countries, that money can be used right here in the usa to lower our don’t take from the vet’s who gave what our country asked them to do.the gov’t has already renigged our the bennifits we had. ROBERT COBURN USAF/ARMY RETIRED

  • What is the salary of a US congressman?
    Answer: U.S. Congress salaries and benefits have been the source of taxpayer unhappiness and myths over the years. Here are some facts for your consideration.

    Rank-and-File Members:
    The current salary (2010) for rank-and-file members of the House and Senate is $174,000 per year.

    * Members are free to turn down pay increase and some choose to do so.
    * In a complex system of calculations, administered by the U.S. Office of Personnel Management, congressional pay rates also affect the salaries for federal judges and other senior government executives.
    * During the Constitutional Convention, Benjamin Franklin considered proposing that elected government officials not be paid for their service. Other Founding Fathers, however, decided otherwise.
    * From 1789 to 1855, members of Congress received only a per diem (daily payment) of $6.00 while in session, except for a period from December 1815 to March 1817, when they received $1,500 a year. Members began receiving an annual salary in 1855, when they were paid $3,000 per year.

    Congress: Leadership Members’ Salary (2010)
    Leaders of the House and Senate are paid a higher salary than rank-and-file members.

    Senate Leadership
    Majority Party Leader – $193,400
    Minority Party Leader – $193,400

    House Leadership
    Speaker of the House – $223,500
    Majority Leader – $193,400
    Minority Leader – $193,400

    A cost-of-living-adjustment (COLA) increase takes effect annually unless Congress votes to not accept it.

    Benefits Paid to Members of Congress

    You may have read that Members of Congress do not pay into Social Security. Well, that’s a myth.

    Prior to 1984, neither Members of Congress nor any other federal civil service employee paid Social Security taxes. Of course, the were also not eligible to receive Social Security benefits. Members of Congress and other federal employees were instead covered by a separate pension plan called the Civil Service Retirement System (CSRS). The 1983 amendments to the Social Security Act required federal employees first hired after 1983 to participate in Social Security. These amendments also required all Members of Congress to participate in Social Security as of January 1, 1984, regardless of when they first entered Congress. Because the CSRS was not designed to coordinate with Social Security, Congress directed the development of a new retirement plan for federal workers. The result was the Federal Employees’ Retirement System Act of 1986.
    As I am currently an unemployed vet…doesn’t seem quite fair, does it?

  • NavyArmy66-94

    Okay, lets start the reductions by reducing congressional pay by 50% and putting them on the same retirement and medical system that the rest of us have. Perhaps require them to wait until 60 to collect it. Stop sending the money the government TAKES from our payroll and to countries that do not like us. Huge savings right there.

  • Gr18wheeler

    I feel that you need to make cuts in your own pocket in the senate and house and president. All of you need to have to pay for your insurance every week like the rest of us who pay between $75 and $130 just to be insured.

  • Jerry USN (Ret)

    As a military retiree (USN) I find this disgusting. The government gives free medical care and almost unlimited benefits to illegal immigrants, dope users, and women who make a living having babies out of wedlock but they can not help the people that serve and have served the US proudly and with honor. Any type of rise in fees or whatever really hurts those who are on a limited income already.

  • Will

    Sure, penalize the military; reward the fat cows of Wall Street. Makes sense, right?

  • Nccsmeto

    After reading the comments below, I don’t agree with freezing our politicians pay and retirement, it needs to be lowered and rolled back so they can feel the pain and suffering we military have and still are. Shame on all of them, any politician that would even accept the position of debt panel toadie should be singled out and voted against by all present and past Military. 180 degree’s from Military tought and political thought we (Military) serve and sacrafice for our country and look up to those that did more than we did in the heat of the battle or job. They (politicians) look at how they can better themselves and request even more from us who have given in the past. I guess when the ultimate politician (where the buck supposedly stops) disrespects us, it is easy for his toadies to follow. D. Metzler USN/RETIRED

  • Snoopygirl74

    To freeze pay for the military men and women who are risking their lives daily is insane. The military men and women don’t make enough for what they do and now is such dire economic times you want to stop pay increases when many of their families are single income because their spouse is not able to find employment. To raise premiums is crazy as well we can’t expect our families to recieve adaquate health care when they are worried about how they are going to pay for the cost of the increase or for the co-pays. Further more why would we want to lower the retirement age? I feel like we would want to keep it where it is at and give the newer recruits the oppotunity to learn from the more experianced saliors & soldiers. Please find a way to not have to change our current pay, insurance premiums & retirement age. Perhaps we need to stop fighting wars that we had no business getting into in the first place.

  • Jevans

    This really p—– me off. I am retired US Army, I feel that I served our country well. I went where and when I was required. I left a little something in Korea, and a little more in Vietnam. In two days I will be 80 years old, and now this. If this keeps up, there will be no, repeat NO volunteer services, and when the draft is re-instated, Canada will gain lots of our young people. I will, however, be willing to take the same % of pay cut as the senators & congressmen and women – since I haven’t received a col in a few years.

  • Dlt35

    Have all politicians go to the basic pay of $100k and not able to collect

    retirement until age 60. Stop all add on to proposed bills. Have politicians pay for their health care. No automatic pay raises. Have social security divested from the general treasury. Make politician go into Social Security for retirement and have them pay into it.


  • alexpk2463

    Man, is this really the America that I spent 23 years of my life helping to defend? I mean seriously, when did the cost Universal Health Care, provided to some 10% of the population whose circumstances however unfortunate, become the bane of those who are the reason they are free to roll their proverbial dice? Why not discuss the for life full salaries that the Senators/Congress receive after 2 terms? Why pay the Presidents?VPs their salary while in or subsequent to their terms of office? These people have it all wrong, they are taking from the hand that feeds them… Namely the brave men and women that protect our freedoms… Only in America.

  • Earl Hand

    Perhaps the White House and Congress along with ALL CIVIL SERVICE out of uniform people who RISK nothing other than a FAT PAY check should be stripped of all pay raises and pay reduction of 40% and a 401 plan instead of retirement along with a cut in 60 % of the work force outside of the military would be in line.

  • KPT58

    They want spending cuts? How about abolishing the heavy bureaucratic and paper pushing Department of Homeland Security. They should never have become a permanent organization. Their main mission was to link the other Federal Agencies into an intelligence sharing and make them more operationally effective. The FBI and CIA are now more robust than ever. DHS has squandered tax payers money on frivoulus projects that have only provided more toys to public safety organizations who will never be able to maintain the equipment. Stop the madness, abolish DHS and save taxpayers $17 Billion.

  • Texas

    How about not just make the military and federal jobs have a pay freeze but everyone for that matter! It just really makes me mad coming from a military family and now married to the military, we don’t make 15 an hour or 30 an hour!!! Cut those people’s pay!!! It’s ridiculous to even consider anything about the military because they are UNITED STATES OF AMERICA’S front lines of anything and are always there every time they are called to DUTY! How about we cut out the DOD Civilians and turn it back into all MILITARY BASES back into nothing but a SOLDIER working everything, and eliminating our DOD Civilians? Or maybe stop sending our men and women overseas to work for a year the pay sucks anyway for the amount of hours they work and yet they have to do it! Stand Up America all prior and active duty men and women!!!!

  • Ghinshaw3

    I think that some type of changes have to be made to help reduce the budget defict.

    However, when it comes to changes in TRICARE, the one area that should never change is for someone who has been hurt while in combat or to the surviors of someone who has given his live in combat. These people have given enough. They have paid the ulitmate price.

    We should cause them anymore “pain”

  • concerned

    Why dont they start with elected officials’ pay first – to go after the military – people who are literally risking life and limb, while they sit up there and decide how many many millions/billions can go to their pet projects, as well as collecting their extremely exhorbitant salaries is to say the least despicable, I urge all americans to check into the salaries of all our elected government officials – its no wonder so many dishonest people who have millions to spend on a campaign go into politics – thank God for the people who have and do serve our country in the military – cut, not freeze elected officials pay ALL senate and house salaries are above $150,000, go online and check it out

  • Vodo520

    This is just WRONG!!!!!

  • Sgthuber58

    Let’s just hit the people who do the fighting and have the least amount of pay to begin with. The Ticare system sucks to begin with as many doctors will not accept it forcing you to go to a base and wait hours when you already live more than an hour away. How many people on that panel are giving themselves a pay freeze and uping their own fee for healthcare? Lets cut our service people but not cut govt. spending that is not needed?

  • Pingjockey

    Ok I should have read the message before I sent it.

    My last line should have said:

    We shouldn’t cause them anymore “pain”.

    My old age is showing.

  • Chara

    goes to show you you can not believe anything the goverment tell’s you, they lie through there teeth.there promise mean’s nothening, my husband had 26 yr’s, died 8 yr’s after retirement,died with a rare cancer that I believe was caused from the military.they told me i could not prove it.He taught Chemical warfare, got into a lot of thing’s he should have not.I don’t believe anything they tell you, this is just a example.As a widow we suffer to with the big cut’s.our Young Woman and Men deserve everything they get.promise’s should not be broken.Shame on them.

    • Mariondanna

      Clara god bless you as a military spouse, i am retired coast guard and my wife is my backbone to why i even stayed with it for 20 years, most of you ladies are great heros for enduring and standing by your man, i put my wife on a pedistal every day for that reason also, because she had to give up her goals to accommodate me!

  • Wanda Murline

    Why does congress always target the military and seniors when they want to cut the uncontrolled budget that they, themselves have done without regard to the consequences? I say, first and foremost, let’s cut their pay, their health care benefits, their ridiculous retirements, and the federal government’s over abundance of workers first. I say, “clean up your own house before you start trying to clean up mine”. Our military and seniors (the greatest generation that has given us our freedoms and passed them on) need to be the ones making the money because they put more forward in preservation of our freedoms that the dumbos occupying Washington DC. I believe that the “new congress” that have been put into power by “We The People” will have a brand new attitude about our military and seniors. We sent them there to start cutting, and Eric Cantor has a page called U VOTE that has been implemented and every week what the people chose to cut from the budget is voted on by congress…of course, the liberals having the supermajority have overruled any cuts we have proposed as they have the votes….but this is about to change, and this change is something we can really believe in because it gives hope that we can return our America to something we recognize.

  • Lorrinphil

    This is another attempt to save this government from it’s outlandish spending spree. Take pay and benefits off the top first. Start with the president with a 30% decrease in pay and work down to every government official that collects a pay check. Stop the beneifits when they are voted out or leave office. There is a reason why they got voted out or left they didin’t perform. Washington, Jefferson and Franklin and a host of other early politicians served at the whim of the public and did it it with little to no pay. Washington, even once stated that money would change how people serve the needs of the the community. OK then; politicians should be the first to give up pay and benefits (half of who have not served in the military) and give th etroops who defend this country a decent pay raise.

  • More lies to Vets again: more required service time w/less pay, less retired income & higher medical fees —and more post-service job discrimination —-all just for being a Vet. Thanks America.

  • Sandy

    We have Tricare Prime. It is affordable to us. However since the program pays so little to the providers no one will take it in our area. So we basically have medical coverage we can only use at the ER. Gee I really want to pay more for that. If we have an illness we go to the clinc at Walgreens. And pay out of pocket.

    Hey, lets pay the miltary less and make the benies worse and make the military less desirable. After all they are only defending the COUNTRY. Let’s leave the line of defense to the TA workers at the airport. That’ll work.

  • It’s ok to take away money that the military people have earned and sacrificed so much for. But you never hear anything about, limiting the money that the FDIC is giving to wall street greedy bastards.

  • Frenchijr


  • KPT58

    This is outrageous!!!! I retired to the gray area recently after serving my country 7 years active duty and 27 as a reservist, with three callups since 9/11. I am not complaining, I signed up for this knowing my Country would take care of me afterwards and now they want to change the rules? You want a quality, volunteer military? Stop the madness and invest in our dedicated men and women of the services……PLEASE!

  • MadDawg

    Thank you, I think I have just enough room for one more knife in my back. There are so many things wrong with this that it’s hard to find a good place to start. Having retired in ’98, I watched as much needed training and supply money was taken away from the military. I watched as more and more benefits were taken away or changed for the worst. Let’s continue to bail out “too important to fail” companies by the billions and help pay for it by taking from those who put themselves in front of a bullet or continue to live without a limb or memories that still haunt them. I’m sure my brother who gave his life in Vietnam would appreciate it too. You better wake up Washington. People use this kind of ammunition to help you find another job. Hopefully, one that will help you know what it feels like. I agree with another poster who stated that the enlisted soldiers are already surviving by using food stamps or WIC. I can absolutely attest to that and I find it absolutely disgusting. Get your head out of your 4th point of contact and wake up! God, please send us another Ronald Reagan – someone who knows the value of our Armed Forces!!!

  • Lpaz3891

    Hey, athletes get millions to play a game, artists and musicians get millions as well just to sing and act. Meanwhile military people who risk their lifes, fight for the freedom of every American; athlete, singers, artists, and your every day American get nothing. In return they get paid less and treated as if they are working at a Mc Donalds. GOOD JOB AMERICA, GOOD JOB!

  • AFspouse

    As the wife of a retiree I would like to add a comment. I agree with most of the previous comments. Something most people don’t consider is the career of the military spouse. He/she must leave their job each time the military member changes bases therefore basically starting over at the bottom of the pay scale with each move. This is a huge financial burden. Don’t freeze pay for our brave men and women.

  • Chara

    every politician should have to serve in the military to take any position, woman or man, that should be mandatory.let them live on social security for one year and get nothening else.why can’t there be rule’s for them to.they go in with a silver spoon in there mouth and have no ideal what real life is about.they should have to live it before they can tell us what and how we have to live.I would just like to see how they would feel to loose there home, have no job, no food and not know if there children will have a place to live. let them live in there limo’s a month, better than some have.Mad in Indiana


    I know all the options are on the table and everyone will feel the pain of deficit reducion. However, making employers pay the government for retired military who opt Tricare over the employer plan will mean the retired military members will ahve essentially forfited a benefit they earned while serving. The Tricare benefit is a strong modivator for service member to stay. Do not take this benefit away.

    Also, an article in the Houston newspapers reciently stated that Governer Perry and the Texas legislature is considering with drawing from medicare. Since medicare Plan B is required for those of us over 65, what will taht do for us?

  • peggy1949

    Quoting from the article: ” Webb’s rec­om­men­da­tions drew heavy fire from mil­i­tary com­mu­ni­ties. “======Instead of his recommendations drawing fire, WEBB should have drawn heavy fire. The USA owes its citizens a ready militia. That includes taking care of those who take care of this country during and after service.This may become another BONUS MARCH on D.C. like the one after WW1 in 1932.

  • Debbera Testroet

    My Husband spent 23 years serving our country thinking he would be set when he retired and would benefit from his entitlements. Now our good old Government wants to take what our service men and women worked hard for. They need to start at the top. They get there hundreds of thousands and health care for life with no cost to them. Why don’t they start by cutting there retirements and health care like they continue to do with our service men and women. The veterans and active duty personal deserve more.Every time you turn a corner the government is there with a roadblock. Start with these overpaid politicians making decisions for us. If we cut their pay and benefits they wouldn’t need to cut the entitlements of the people making this country a place a better place . Its not them doing the job its our men and women of the military

  • Lmp2000

    All I know is that I signed a contract back in the day with the military and federal government. I lived up to my end of the bargain. The government needs to keep their end. To save our country’s financial

    problem, I am willing to make sacrifices, but it has to be across the

    board, not just for some. We all need to suffer together.

  • Military pay and Retiree benefits should be off the table, when discussing where to cut. The problem is, that these benefits were promises the Government made to enlistees at the time of their enlistment. The fact that I am being forced to “pay for” my benefits now that I am retired from the Navy is in reality a breach of contract. That certainly was not the deal as I originally agreed to. We need to start by reexamining the spending plans of this President and zeroing the budget items that are just plain stupid. Cut other Government programs 25-50%, get the feds out of running people’s lives. That would be a great place to start. Funding for the Military and it’s people should not even be a matter of discussion.



  • 13rex13

    In reference to tricare , if any deductions should be made it should be from those congresman and senators who get treated free at hospitals and also receive just about every payraise that is given by the government. The soldier who is the one putting his live on the line are the ones who he and his family should be treated with respect and at least be given some sort of compensation. You senators and congresmans who are contemplating this

    decisions should be the ones in the front lines of afganistan doing the fighting and not sitting in your …..trying to make stupid decisions like this one.Shame on you all who are for it.Shame on you.

  • Sll_oregon

    WOW, talk about a brain fart. These very confused money mongrels think this will solve the deficit problem? This is NOT the first time they’ve tried this! I proudly served 21 years in the US Army and at my 11 year mark I was 3 years ahead of my peer group. Then…haha…we had a 7 year rank freeze in which we had NO promotions. It solved nothing but got soldiers further behind their civilian counterparts and we’ve been behind ever since. But the GOVERNMENT wants our soldiers to stay loyal and serve proudly while THEY sit up on Capital Hill, and think how to USE the military AS AN EXAMPLE again??? I am proud to have served my time for the USA, however, I wouldn’t be surprised to see recruitment drop to record levels. It’s obvious that the so-called BRAINS of our government never served a day in a foxhole or away from their families more than overnight (unless it was in a luxurious hotel). Get a grip!!! You’re really showing your stupidity and selfishness. We, the soldiers, have reason to be proud, how about you officials search for a reason to make the country proud. What a bunch of jerks!!!

  • Craig: The Wisconsin

    Leave it to the Democrats to slap our Veterans in the face. Most Democrats have never fought a real battle in their life, and now when it comes to the most courageous people in our country, they decide to hit them below the belt from behind a desk. Typical…

  • Jomoyer1022

    How dare they even think about freezing military wages and increase tricare coverage. These soliders don’t get paid all that much to begin with and now they want to freeze it. That’s just wrong.

    Wife of SSG!

  • Judy

    Why can we send all that money overseas to foreign countries and why do they want to take away from the military folks who sacrifice so much for their country? I just don’t get it.

  • 13rex13

    Oh ,I forget to add. Maybe the best way to save money is to send all the old

    military mens and womens to combat again , they get kill and then you can save all that money from their pension and other programs. that will be a good suggestion for you senator of Virginia

  • Jh-force

    I have no problem with reducing costs however the first thing to do is get all Congressmen and women on Social Security and Medicare, do away with perks such as free “fact finding” trips for them and their staffs/families and have all of them forfeit any monies contributed for campaigns to the U.S. Treasury. All future campaigns would be paid for from funds received through contributions from tax returns. Eliminate monetary/”in kind” gifts from PACs.

  • USNGunner7596

    What do you expect. The current administration is keen on spening on entitlements for some lazy ass parasites and baby factories, yet, they are willing to break the contractual agreements with those in the military. Wow I never doubted it would come to this specially for the current occupant of the White House.

    I use Tricare as my insurance,and, for those who do not like it my doctors and pharmacists tell me that it is a better insurance than any privately or company provided insurance. We stuck with Tricare Standard and everyone in our area, except Resurgen’s Orthopaedic, takes it.

    It is time we stood up to these buttholes who run the governement. Enough is enough! I earned my right to healthcare by putting the country ahead of my family for 22 years. Time to start writing and calling and not allowing them to take advantage of us anymore. It is always easy to take benefits away from service men and women. Our elitist governing bodies think we are uneducated imbeciles. Don’t allow it any more.

  • Brooksym23

    This is ridiculous we are the ones fighting for American freedoms and they want to cut our money and our health care. We leave our families , go through the most stressful situations in the world, most Americans will never face what we have to do , including the not so smart people in all the upper posistions in our country. I wont name names or point certain people out, but how about cut the wages of all the people in the white house, all the officials from state to state? All the big wigs dont need to make hundreds of thousands of dollars , while we fight and die and make 45,000 a year. One day the democrats and all that follow them will get their heads out of their you know whats and support us.

    • Casimier24

      Some of us dont even make 45,000, im lucky to be makin 32,000 and have been to iraq 2 times!

  • Chap Dean

    While I agree that our military pay can wildly deviate from that of our civilian counterparts (in both directions), military members are required to make physical, psychological, and relational sacrifices largely unknown to the civilian population. Simply cutting military pay and benefits to save a few bucks is entirely unacceptible, especially when providing for the “common defense” is one of the few things our government is CONSTITUTIONALLY MANDATED to do.

  • Brooksym23

    Maybe we should all breach our contract and we will see how long this country will stand and then the president and all the way down will have no jobs, because …..oh ya they wont have anyone to keep them safe in their desks while making stupid , selfish, Godless choices. Bring God back into our country, and let Godly men make these choices , not mindless, selfish, idiots who have no idea what selfless service is, what about honor , integrity, personal courage? Oh wait dont have any of those either. God bless our troops and all the families who supports them, and may God curse all those who are against us and try to take away our earned benifits.

  • 2 Junkmail Bin

    to Jomoyer1022,

    I am a Vietnam Vet. My take home pay married with housing and comrats as an E-5 was $856 a month. I have seen the current military pay scales and additional addins. The current pay looks like the teachers union members only with full retirement after twenty years.

  • Brooksym23

    Oh ya, Iraqi freedom veteran, former Marine, and now U.S Army medic. Still serving and still proud of my country and those who serve and what our country was founding on, not what these monsters are making it.

  • USWife

    Let’s keep paying for those on welfare why the true hard working military men and women get their pay froze! Yea…Ummmm,that just doesn’t sound right.

    As I military spouse,I am furious at this.We don’t blow our money on fancy cars and expensive clothing,but still we must suffer.

    What happens when you freeze our BAH and we get stationed somehwere the cost of living is more,are you going to pay for me to be on welfare?!!!

    In the end they will end up with one pissed off military that they expect to defend them and this country!

  • Darrell Bullard

    The people who are governing this should take a hug pay cut instead of taking benefits and pay from those who have earned it.

  • Jimfurl179

    Excuse me but what’s the civilian pay equivalent of an 11BRAVO40 Light Weapons Infantryman???? Oh wait!! There is one. Its called a Blackrock Contractor and we pay them (through Haliburton) a six figure salary. What a crock of $hit from two Beltway Bandits (Bowles and Simpson).

    • Louisgutierrez

      I agree let Blackrock fight the whole thing and send the troops home

  • Louisgutierrez

    Take away the tax breaks for the rich and take care of those that gave their best years to the service of the county.


  • Donna Reeves

    leavethe pay and tricare alone my husband which is retired now and other military members fight for our country and they are why we have the freedoms that we do. they are woth a whole lot more than what they are compensated for.

  • Keithm_2

    Why don’t the government officials look at the overpay to themselves for sitting around and screwwing everybody else. Make them pay and get no money. Jerks

  • For all the people who have served and are serving….thank you! My father served 25 years and my husband is currently serving. He, too, was promised health care when he signed “on the dotted line” and promised to “defend and protect” his country! This is how these men and women are paid back, with the ultimate betrayal! It’s not enough that the government pulls you away from your loved one’s from months at a time, places you in harms way, brings you back to them a total stranger and then they are left to care for their family members. That is OK though, this is what they signed up for and we are ALL willing to do our part….we are a family and we work at it together.

    I guess what I’m trying to say is that if we stick together as a family and take care of our own, isn’t that what our Government is supposed to do for the one’s that sacrifice so much of themselves and ask so little in return?

    As a parent, I would not deny my children the things that they need to keep them healthy….why is our government looking for ways to only increase the burden of healthcare by making all of these prospective changes? They are looking for ways to cut corners but yet this will only put more pressure on the economy when people are unable to pay for it.

    My last thought is this….what ever happened to Mr. Obama’s quest for everyone having the same type of medical coverage he and the rest of the big wigs on Capitol Hill have? Our medical coverage has been working very well for us and the rest of the military….don’t mess with something that isn’t broken!

    • PO’d

      Well said Jo Mommy!

    • Wgary6

      Did the report also include pay freezes for Congress along with premium increases for their Health Insurance? I’ll bet NOT.

      • Of course not! The military seems to be the one that is the guinea pig for it’s genius plans!

    • Tricare I am glad to have, but it doesn’t always work well. We have hoops to jump thru for specialty care, long waits for appts, depending on your post, no freedom of choice in civilian doctors. We came to Benning during a freeze by the post commander on assignments to off post drs. Since then, I have friends who’ve come after us, who have been assigned great off post drs, yet, we haven’t been able to get Tricare to let our sons see a pediatrician ON post, much less OFF…I’m very frustrated with Tricare at the moment. It IS government run health care, and in that, there are many problems.

      • We have Prime and it really seems to have worked for us. We have never had a problem with it. We see docs at our MTF and off, specialists and surgeons. I realize Tricare is government run but I’m also seeing that it is not the same for all branches. Your post commander put a freeze on off post docs? That is crazy….I’ve never heard of that! I wish you and everyone, the best of luck with the outcome of all of this! They have been trying to beat our entitlements (that’s what they called them when my husband enlisted) down for years!!!!

  • Fnikkiann

    This is absolutely insane! These people have lost their mind, they want to cut the pay for the one’s risking there lives! They should cut their owm multi billion dollar pay they get for sitting on their butts coming up with ways to screw everyone else!!!!

  • Chuck A

    It is irritating to me when civilians put the U. S. military under fire for our perceived benefits. I had the honor of working in the U S Air Force for 21 years. I retired and went to work for a prominent national bank for another 20 years. While in the military, I never knew when or where I might be deployed. Foreign country, hostile / combat environment, etc. Never knew what hardships my family would endure in my absence. In the private sector, I worked 8-10 hours per day always in the same general location. Didn’t ever get shot at. My family was always with me. I defended the rights of the American people to speak their piece on any and all issues. There are ties today when I regret having done that. God Bless the men and women in our armed forces today. I will always respect, support and thank you for defending me.

  • 12yrNavyWife

    I don’t see how this is even remotely justifiable. I have run into the civilian who believes all military live high on the hog, but they are also living in a fantasy land. Having been a SAHW/M for the last 10 years, I have managed to go to school, get a degree etc, but still can’t find a job. I move every 3 years in support of my husband and while I knew the risks when I married him, the communities are less willing to take on a military spouse as an employee these days. They need to quit discussion of removing benefits and realize that without the meager benefits the military receives there wouldn’t be a voluntary military, the draft would be re-instated and then where would we be? Leave our pay alone, leave our benefits alone, give the service members what they were promised when they signed up and find some real pork to cut.

  • Z0edr0p

    i dont mind going to combat, but isnt it wrong to say you get more pay for being in a combat zone over someone who didnt get to go? they did their time and i have done mine,. combat or not. lets screw the military again. i did my 25 years and now they are going to change my tri-care and make me pay because i wont use the current employers med insurance that sucks….lets put these senators and congressmen in combat and is what they take away from themselfs.

  • Richard Baker, USN(r

    Here is a cost saving measure. Eliminate all Pay with the exception of a travel allowance for all members of Congress. Build them a barracks to stay in while congress is in session. Most of these individuals are already set financially. Make them pay for their own health care. These monkey shines are making $174,000 per year, Speaker of the house $223,500 and party leaders $193,400. Not a single one of these people know whats its like to live in the real world. It’s great that they have money, good on them. Pay their fair share of taxes, eliminate tax loop holes, especially for corporations making billions of dollars quarterly and paying 0 in taxes. If Government was truly for the people by the people, we wouldn’t be in this mess that we are currently in. Making employers reimburse the government for retirees opting for TRICARE is only going to make it tougher on retirees to find jobs.

  • Jwfranks

    Those old has beens have a pocket full of money and big benefits form the tax payer. Now they want to squeeze the struggling retiree. I don’t mind doing my share for our country but it burns me to see people like simple simpson and the anti military democrats making such decisions.

  • A proud army wife

    I am an army wife and have been by my husbands side through 3 deployments. I am also a mom of two wonderful kids. Right now we barely make it and for the politicians to even consider looking to the military to get them out of the hole they put themselves in is just wrong. Take a look at who put them in office to begin with….most votes are from men and women who serve has served in the military at one point or another. Why hurt them with pay freezes or higher tricare fees when all they do is go where they are told, spend time away from their famlies to put their lives on the line so you can stay safe in your nice offices. Thats really a nice way to show thanks to our military.

    • Mallorycarter1

      I too am a military wife! My husband is currently deployed. The thought of this makes me sick to my stomach. There are so many things that can be cut, or frozen besides this. They expect our husbands to do this and that and die for our country and yet they want to freeze our pay. This country is making me ashamed. Sen Webb needs to be thrown out of office. And shame on our president for even looking at this

  • Tubby20001

    obama spent billions, is still spending money on this last trip to india. he keeps going on vacations that you and i pay for. he and his demos have spent so much money, accumulated a huge deficit, and are still doing it with their vacations. obama took 2000 people on this last trip to his childhood place. what a crock. he and his lackies spend all that money and expect the military to pay for it by cutting their benefits. i am a retired vietnam veteran and i personally think that the people who come up with the idea to freeze pay for the military should be voted out of office, demo or rep. they don’t dare give up their pay raises, never will. it’s always the military first to be hit hard. all of you, pay attention., obama is using you for his re election. he will say that he is not going to do this, then again maybe he will. but either way, he will do it. once he is in office for his last term he will do whatever he wants and we will have to bear the burden for his incompetence and lack of leadership. he never served, he was chicken—–. he didn’t honor our troops on memorial day, he went on vacation, remember that when you go vote. he doesn’t care about the military until just recently when he realized he might be voted out of office next election. all of a sudden he cares. NO, he does not. never has, never will. i hope all of you in the military vote him out. vote for the lesser of the two evils because in the end, they are all crooks, thieves, idiots. all they care about is getting voted in next election. listen to him when he speaks. speaks out of both side of his mouth, hypocrite.

  • Brkdwn79

    Let me get this straight. In April 09 the Commander in Chief gave 17 billion to bailout Chrysler employees health care then over 50 billion for GM and many of those employees never sacrificed one minute for military service. Now they want to pay for those bailouts off the backs of the military and its retirees who already don’t receive the benefits promised to them. Hmmmm!!

    • USNGunner7596

      Yep, you got it right, but remember the currrent occupants of the pepole’s house are owned by the unions, so, there is a necessity to cater to them. The military in their view is staffed by an group of insignificant, uneducated imbeciles bound by an oath of enlistment (and law) to do as told.

    • cndhawg

      Isn’t it amazing how this group thinks? How do they plan to defend this country in the future if you are taking money from the military and using it to fund elected officials retirement and health care. This really shows that our elected officials could care less about anyone but them self. Maybe it is time for something other than the system we currently have and Canada is looking better and better for my family.

  • Stevep0962

    What did they have to say about Congress’ and the Executive Branches private healthcare program, their private social security setup, and their way too damn generous retirement system ? ….these are all people that qualfy at minimum as upper middle class, vast majority as wealthy by national standards. Let’s not leave out all the dozens(hundreds?) of Government blackhole organizations….CIA, FBI, NUMA, DOT, IRS, USPS, INS, FAA, GSA, etal……large payrolls and bloated operational funds. But hey, pick on the little guy, wave a flag, and claim you’re fixing the real problem. Lieing, disgusting, corrupt bas_ _ _ _s !!

  • acalmn

    Cut elected officals pay also, seems fair they make enough on kick backs and P.A.C. fraud to not suffer.

  • Anonymous

    When I signed up for the military, I had a contract with them entailing certain obligations on their part to provide me with pay, benefits and retirement, in turn for my handing over to them for whatever purposes they deemed in the National interest 20 years of MY LIFE!! If they now wish to save money by cutting my retired pay, will they give some of those years back to me? No.
    They are in breach of contract and they know it.

  • Anita Farmer

    The “across the board pay increases” for the military adjust with the cost of living increases most of the time. So ok, if you don’t want to give them a pay increase then pay them overtime! And our humble politicians saw fit to give themselves a $30k+ pay raise this past Oct. My husband never received anything remotely close to even half of that. This administration is so bass ackwards I’m suprised they can put their panites on right side out. Our Democratic Congress needs to live like a military family for a month and get a reality check. Let’s see how well they do with what they’re given.

  • Jfthomps

    What is being suggested for Congressmen and Senators who reap large sums from the government only after one term? Are they being affected? They should have the same benefits as everyone else and pay the same fees. I would suggest putting them on Social Security and deduct the premiums from their pay and then freeze the pay with no cost of living adjustments. That would even the playing field somewhat. I served for 22 years and have earned what little I get so I am troubled by the thought that we can balance the budget on the backs of the military and the retirees. Let’s find another way. Stop the massive bail outs and the gifts to the illegal aliens.

  • I wonder what Congressional salaries, staff and benefits Sen. Webb will cut? You may ask him by calling 202-224-4024.

    This is a man who has lived off the taxpayer since he was accepted at the United States Naval Academy. Don’t you think it’s time the taxpayers allow him the opportunity to get a REAL JOB?

  • cndhawg

    This is really smart. Let’s fund illegal aliens and not fund our military. Does anyone actually believe the illegal aliens are going to protect them when this country is invaded because we couldn’t afford our military. Talk about stupidity at its worst, this administration sets new standards for stupidity. Come on 2012 so we can get some more idiots out of office.

  • Rinebill

    Yeah, this makes alot of sense. Freeze my pay and benefits while illegal aliens continue to receive welfare, health care, and discounts on college tuition while true americans go without. These cowards in office wouldn’t know service to their country if it smacked them in their liberal faces.

  • Larry Elliott, USAF

    There is no item that should have a higher priority in the national budget than taking care of our military/retiree/veteran. Not one penny should be spent elsewhere, until this national obligation is met. Unfortunately, we fail to vote these idiots out of office. We fail to speak in a unified voice that is not only heard, but respond to. Servicemen and women should only have to show their Military ID anywhere and never have to worry about medical care. The costs should be picked up gladly by the US government as a repayment towards their obligation to those that have served. A requirement for being in Congress should also include a minimum of 4 years military service.

    • Mallorycarter1

      This is awesome!

  • Nocones

    I can understand the necessity to raise Tri-care rates, co-pays, etc., but to then to require my employer to pay the government back is rediculous. The government was my employer. Why should my current employer pay for that simply because I choose to use the government’s insurance. Thanks for attempting to put my job and employer out of business.

  • Bandjss

    Maybe those who sit in the plush chairs in Washington D.C. might want to revisit their pay and allowances. Tours in combat zones and remote sites are probably just as rough as sitting through a session in the House and just think about it….no martinis afte work(?)..Get a job folks, we protect your right(?) to abuse those of us who give our lives for you on a daily basis……

  • Sfcham

    What about freezing pay and cuting benefits for congress

  • Cajunchille

    Our so called public servants are making more money than the people they are serving. whats wrong with this picture? Why don’t our so called public servants put a pay freeze on their salaries? Matter of fact, why don’t they reduce their pay to the average pay of the military people that are protecting this country instead of putting the service people behind the eight ball as usual.

  • COLA for retired military was “ZERO” last year and will be “ZERO” again this year. Someone suggested cutting congressional pay and putting them in a barracks. I would suggest putting them in a Q-Hut and paying them the same $78.00/month I earned to walk patrol on the DMZ in Korea in the winter. While we have them in the Q-Hut, I would be in favor of doing away with “don’t ask, don’t tell”. They might like bunking with Barney Frank (D).

  • Johnsambo

    what did we expect from Jim Webb=what did you expect from Bill Clinton..As a two term Navy recruiter, we had to tell those enlisting, health benefits for life. so I guess Clinton and ebb, whats to make all of us liars, without being in political office to do so.


    retired Navy man

  • Wfe47

    Here the Dem go again. Cut the military. Why don”t they do away with the military then there will be no cost. Let the other countries defend the US. These guys always want to cut others but not theirs. Why not FREEZE THEIR PAY and CUT THEIR BENIFITS.? This will send a messaage to the people that they are willing to do their part. I spent 23 years in the military and was in Vietnam, Panama, and other missions. The military has no way to stop the people that wants to gut the military.

  • Raymonddonahue

    This is an offense that I have expected from the politicians in our once great country. Someone on welfare, illegal aliens, students etc, all vote

    and these bums want the vote. Military have always taken it, we’ve been

    spit on by these same politicians when we came back from Vietnam, had

    legs blown off, PTSD, been away from home so long you don’t know who

    your family is anymore — now they’re gonna do it again. Why not?

    They can take it. They have proven they can take it over and over again.

    Now that these politicians have max’d out their credit cards they want us to pay for it. How many of these Washington Bums are having dinner in 5 star restaurants as we read these blogs, paid for by the very veterans

    they are scheming against in order to keep on having those dinners.

    This country has degenerated into a foul place, with the lowest forms of

    humanity running this country. I have thought about renouncing my citizenship a number of times in protest to the way America has abandoned its values. Politicians and Americans in general are the most

    apathetic, self-serving, dispicable people. Nietzsche has a name for them, he calls them the “LAST MAN'”

  • These people (Rep or Dem) who are making these subjective recommendations never have to worry about retirement and medical benefits. So programs like Social Security, Tricare, military service and pay are easy targets. Give me and a few other people who have worked all our life, served our country, and will just get by after retirement the complete list of all programs and funding the government pays out, and I bet we could reduce the debt without ever touching many of these sensitive programs that many us rely on. Instead of targeting easy and volatile programs, we should be looking at doing away with the IRS and income tax and instituting the Flat Tax. More money will roll in than the government needs.

  • Vulturesrow61

    Glenn Beck is asking Americans to endorse Congressional pay to be equal with the GI’s who protect us, E-3 I think, and for them to only have military medical benefits. Why should lawmakers receive more than those who do the doing? That would give them a new respect. I like the idea.

    • Sheila

      Agreed!!!! Could you imagine congress member’s on E-3 salary. They would have to fire their drivers and house keepers. oh my… the horror. This proprosal by congress disgust me. A lot of military families are living just above poverty and they sacrifice so much to get so little. I don’t say this often but I agree with Glenn Beck on this subject as well.

  • Margo


  • Sweet-tea

    why cant we start the cut from the top, because they are the ones that have the big piece of the pie, I cant believe sacrifices by people in uniforms are not appreciated…. I gont get it, what they are thinking….???

  • Ed Jayne

    A pay freeze would be acceptable, but don’t mess with TICARE FOR LIFE

    • Mallorycarter1

      If you think it is acceptable then you think it is ok for military families to just stop getting paid? That is horrible.. That is a lot of families with out money .

  • Cab4444

    Yes, we really need to cut the wages of the people who defend our freedom! Our current administration writes checks to everybody (AIG) and everyone but when it comes to freedom we say NO, no wonder this country is going to hell in a handbasket!

  • Craigs2811

    I have a better idea than most of you……… is the email address and web site for this so-called commision:

    Please take the time to share your thoughts with these want-to-be Retiree robbers !!!

  • Dpatt

    Do by example.Cut all pay and allowances for Pres.,V.PRES,,Congress,Senate,Supreme Court Judges,etc,by 20 PERCENT.Then talk about possible cuts for military,etc.What a bunch of pompous hypocrites we have running this country.

    • Pkw1953

      Add labor union CEO’s to this group

  • Retired after 26yrs

    What happen to free medical care for life…..that we were all promised back in the 60’s and 70’s. Now they want to use the backs of the military to help fix the budget. What about cutting the salaries and perks enjoyed by our “friends” in Washington! This total BS!

  • Gunnernavy

    Lets start cutting at the Top first, How about a 25% for the President and his staff as well as Congress and the Senate.

  • NSOBrooks26i

    When I learned that the USA is paying more for the military than the next 18 countries combined, I took a hard look at what our country is doing. Somehow we’ve become the police force of the world–and we’re not only paying huge amounts of money, but are sacrificing our troops–just look at the number of head injuries and PTSD diagnoses from the present conflicts. I stand with Sen. Webb; let’s hold everything and take a good hard look at what we SHOULD be doing and how we should do it.

  • Sweet-tea = That’s the problem, they aren’t thinking. If this new Congress endorses these recommendations then we all should put them on notice, just as we did to our current Congress this past year. They didn’t listen to the American Public, and you know what happened on November 2nd. Nice to post here to vent, but we all need to contact our Representatives and Senators to put them on notice to stop this before it gets out of hand.

  • Raymonddonahue

    In the Air Force I was in Alaska for 2 years, Vietnam for 12 months.

    In the Navy, I spent 10 years overseas cruising the Pacific,

    South China Seas, Yellow Sea, Sea of Japan, Indian Ocean, Persian Gulf, and the Arabian Sea. I didn’t know my family when I came home and they didn’t know me. I have spent the last 20 years trying to readjust to the “Good Life” everyone says I have. All I see is the inversion of the

    values that America once had and what a despicable bunch of low lifes

    have taken control of this country. Each time I protest against what those in control are doing, I’m told there’s nothing you can do about it. “If I was the Man I was 20 years ago I’d take a flamethrower to Washington DC,”

    The babyboomer generation, from the 60’s on, is the most despicable

    generation of our time. They are they cause of America’s degeneration.

    Now these very same degenerates will take our benefits first, after their

    safety has been ensured. That is the mark of the despicable.

  • Dcowan1

    Want to save money, cut social welfare benefits, cut back on millions we send to other countries, bring back the draft, and stop all junkets that politcal figures take at tax payers cost. Were is Ronnie Reagan when we need him. Semper Fi!

  • Cburkhalter

    Save millions! Cut the administrative staff of the Congressial offices and let the Senators and Representatives do what they are paid for instead of living like princes and dukes.

  • I am all for these proposed pay freezes, if congress foregoes their annual raises that are built into the budget. Congress should also take at least a ten percent pay reduction with no increase in their benefits. They are federal employees and employees of the citizens that they wish to freeze the pay of. It is time that they share in the same hardships as those that they are affecting with these proposals. If they put themselves above the cost cutting measures then they should be recalled and replaced with ones who will take the hit.

  • Ramonddonahue = I too am Air Force retired, done pretty much what you went through, however, I am also as you call it a despicable Baby Boomer. Sorry, but I just happened to be born in 1949. I really thought it doesn’t matter who you are but what you are. I also thought we are all fighting the same war here, regardless of age. Lastly, you to will be a generation that someone will probably look down upon and blame all their problems on. Sorry, but I think you need to re-think somewhat.

  • Croads46

    What a scam by our government representatives. If you want to lower our pay, then lower congressional pay by the same percentage. Actually, I agree with the individual that said, “The Congress should be on the same pay scale of the enlisted service members” that protect their right to live and be free in the United States. I also feel that all members of Congress that are allowed to vote on military issues should have served in the military. Congressional pay, health benefits and retirement benefits should parallel that of the military (based on years served).

    The White House and Congress complain about the high cost of financing the military, but they seem to always come up with ways to support their own little “Pork Barrel” projects. Stop the practice of allowing “Riders” being tacked onto bills that must be passed. Congress needs to get back to running this country on a “Balanced Budget”.

  • I would add one more thing to Glenn Beck’s suggestion. They only draw a salary while Congress is in session.

  • Leeannduch

    They are taking what little insentive there is to stay in or join the military away. They are padding their own crooked pockets with our tax dollars that are meant to go toward supporting our military. Soon our military will be nothing but a shell and other countries wanting power will look at us and smile because they will know we are weak. THEN…we will have hell to pay. What will we do then? Cower? Submit? NO! What military we will have left will fight tooth and nail like they alway have to preserve our freedom. They will do this for themselves and ALL OF US. They are selfless men and women. Much unlike our congressmen who are SELFISH and greedy. And the congressmen will be the first to point fingers and put blame and whine and cry when THEY are the ones who caused our nation to fall.

  • Samxvii

    Why is it when its time for any type of budget cuts in the this country the first on the block is the Military? Why not have the powerhounds at the State and in DC cut back on their staffing. Look behind the Senators during wasted hearings and count how many staffers they have sittting behind them. Plus cutting things for military is going to help the USA recover its finiscal down spin? Stop sending money to other countries, bailing out Fanny Mac, AIG, Bank of America. One more thing, bring our troops home from Afgan. and Iraq. They are not making a difference there. That should save money without cuts.

  • Tide

    There has been talk about the 20 year retirement plan for years. The REDUX Plan in 1986 was the beginning . I believe they eventually will change it. It would not surprise me if they delay the retirement payments until they reach of 55. I also believe that Congress is going to force the Military to look at their budgets.

  • Guest

    Seeing they complain about paying retirement after 20 years (but how long to they serve to get a pension?), maybe they should enlisted people stay in longer…more value for their tax dollars. I think it is terrible that at the peak of your usefulness, you have to get out. Slow down the promotion rate and let them stay in.

  • Tinely_pink

    Well, I have to agree about cutting costs. I also agree that if we are going to cut, lets start with Congress. I served 24 years (US Army) and was not eligible for my retirement until I had 20 years. So, let’s apply that standard to Congress. And they would get only a percentage based on how many days they acutally were in D.C. doing their jobs. Cut their staffs, stop their per diem payments, and stop the perk postage they get. Then let’s move to the Executive Branch. If the President is given housing, a full blown housekeeping staff to include cooks for other than State Dinners, free healthcare for himself and his family then he should have a reduced salary. He doesn’t make house payments, pay rent, buy groceries or mow the lawn. His retirement check starts the day after he leaves office and continues, with a security detail (paid for by us) for the remainder of his life. Ditto the VP. Let’s start at the top and work our way down the chain. I am willing to allow a freeze to my retirement if the people who are spending all the money (and then some) have to give up perks.

  • Craigs2811

    Please if you have time to Blog, then fill up the commisions Inbox as well.

    Thank you for your support.

    Airborne !!!

  • Docmacs

    Maybe military members, past and present, should start their own union. Dues would be $1 a year and they would actually have a say in Washington.

  • Pkw1953

    These nutty politicians should first look into the mirror to start doing cuts, this includes the President and his worthless trips (vacations). we are not the problems, they are. These types of remarks from them shows what they think of a excellent military force, to them, we are worthless.

  • Prazinpoet

    Of course, let the men and women who selflessly protect this country and have done so for years, do the dirty work. First it’s in the trenches, foxholes, or some God awful place no politician would ever think of going and now it’s covering their backs again because their too interested in what’s good for them rather than what’s good for this country and the people in it. Why doesn’t Congress take a 50% pay and benefits cut before they “stick it” to the military. They need to quit living the high life, get back to reality like the rest of their constituents, and do the job they were voted in to do rather than padding their pockets with lobbists perks for showing undo favoritism. Maybe we should switch jobs and payscales,although on second thought I’d hate to see the state of this country six months down the road if that happened. Basically, it boils down to this: because they don’t know how to regulate the country’s finances, because they think they can spend whatever they want without worrying where the money will come from and because they figure they have many resources like social security, welfare funds, and military pay and benefits they don’t care about the consequences of their actions. They only care about what satisfies them and makes them look good.

    Through their (Democrat and Republician) actions, this country is in a downward spiral. And once again it falls on the U.S. military to pull these politicians butts out of the fire! What a bunch of b—!

  • Kay

    Webb recently called for reduc­ing troops….how about reducing the underlings they have running for coffee/copies and doing research for them.

    The plan’s most volatile sug­ges­tions is a three-year mil­i­tary and fed­eral civil­ian employee pay freeze…..where is the cut back on their pay and housing and traveling and entertainment fees?

    The plan calls for replac­ing the cur­rent 20-year retire­ment sys­tem with a plan that would allow retire­ment at 10 years but delay pay­ment until age 60…..hello, this is one of the biggest reasons I stayed for 20 which wore my body out, my dr is always reminding me I am not 40 body wise but in my 60’s. They serve 1, ONE term and are set for life and pay no taxes or social security or medicare that we pay out of our paychecks. What savings could we have to make them wait till they are in their 60’s.

    Finally….after beating our bodies up for years and sacraficing so much they are going to Increase TRICARE Pre­mi­ums and Co-pays while once again that is their given rights.

    Hopefully the recent return of Republican power will help.

  • The OlSarge

    People here have incredibly short or highly selective attention spans. TRICARE, retirement, pay, benefit, allowances, etc, have been the mention of Presidential and DOD advisory boards for at least 30 years, that I can remember. I can specifically remember a 10 year retirement program brought up by somebody in the ’80s, at least, as I was nearing retirement.

    Get a grip people, get off your horse.

  • Luci

    this is bogus!!!!!!!!! Does no one have any respect or care for what the military is doing for this country? Our men and women are dying for no reason in this case. They should be able to well compensated for the risk they are taking FOR THIS COUNTRY??? Or did you think they were doing it for someone else?? Why dont you cut pay from NBA players and Football players who are “entertaining” us, while our husbands, and brothers, and fathers, sisters and mothers, friends, etc. are dying everyday!! Bitches!!

  • Bsktguys

    Maybe they should look in their own back yard and start with putting all elected officials, past and present, on the same retirement and medical programs that all other Americans must live with. viola…instant savings of millions

  • DDTFarm

    How about having Glenn Beck graduate from High School, serve in the armed forces, and get paid E-3 wages instead of what you guys are paying him now to complain about others who have given something back?

  • Marksangel40

    to those who LIKED this! Go to HELL! You want us to fight for our country but take away from us??!!!!!

  • Anonymous

    It seems that politicians only know how to mess with us the common people. You never hear of them voluntering to cut their pay.

  • Angieknoblet

    Some of the troops are hardly making anything already…Some have to put there family on food stamps…How about they look at the government across the board and freeze there pay and take away there luncheons, outings and at that keep the president in the states instead of spending millions of dollars to send him abroad. This makes me very sad and disappointed in the government…not that i wasn’t already disappointed in their choices…

  • chip

    why isn’t the congress eleminate their cost of living allowance that averages approximatly $5,000 a month. In order for them not to get the cost of living they must vote against it. the law should be changed. this would be a large cost reduction for the people.

  • Almondjoy420

    Definitely agree, people r dying for no reason & they deserve to be paid for their “service”. Definitely need 2 cut the peoples pay who do nothing but throw a ball around LOL.

    • The OlSarge

      The reason 4k have died for no reason is another man’s ego not for anyone throwing a ball around.

  • B.

    I am a Virginian as is Webb, and I can tell you for sure that his time in Washington, DC is limited to the next election. This guy continues to vote according to Obama and not the wishes of those he represents. He is for gay’s entering the military. Perhaps with a reduction in pay and benefits along with the possibility of a homosexual as a roommate, Webb would be willing to reenlist.

    • The OlSarge

      See my comment below.

  • james larsen

    My long deceased Dad told me years ago “WE DON’T nave to worry about Russia or China defeating us, it will be the Politicians that will make us become a 3rd rate country”. It looks to be he was right.

  • Raymonddonahue

    lutzguy–Didn’t mean you! Read the post again. I’m talking about those

    who have taken and taken from this country and have not given anything

    back. Americans have spent money they don’t have, bought houses they

    could never afford, allowed the family to collapse, drugged themselves up,

    allowed the schools to deteriorate, allowed America’s values to reverse,

    allowed politicians to control them by offering BREAD, said nothing while

    the borders and immigration cause havoc, and the worst thing of all —

    the refusal to acknowledge what has been done to this country. Friends of

    mine say nothing will change and they are right because of the type of man

    present in America today. The man that America has degenerated into is what I refer to as the Last Man. Look up the philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche and he will describe him as the most apathetic, despicable human being whose only lives for his own comfort. There is no sacifice, no

    saving for the future, no serving your country, no values. This is your baby boomer generation and I, too am one of them, but I am not them.

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  • Francisco C. Locquia

    Since I was qualified to vote, I voted as a Democrat. After reading this article I completely changed my mine. In the last election I voted across the board for Democrate. I voted Jerry Brown Senetor Boxer, Rep Capp and down the line. I even voted those measures they had suggested to be voted except a couple of measures. If Obama will run for reelection I will not vote for him. I am retired U.S. Navy Seabee with 90 % disability and I enjoyed having Tricare for Life. Increasing its premium will probably hurt my pocket. As some comments in here why do those elected people want to hurt the military who are putting their lives on the line to protect our country? I think it is time to change all those who are elected now to a new members who may have closer affection to our servicemen. I do agree to some of the comments here. For you Mr. President you will not be on my voting list next time (2012) Sign me FCL

    • The OlSarge

      Read my comments below. You are short sighted and misinformed. Reagan passed into law BRAC. TRICARE and any and all benefits have been the target of panels since then and before.

      Get a grip, become informed, read, research, find things out.

  • Kenneth Bradley

    As a retired and disabled verteran I have not received a pay raise in two years on Army Retirement. Reason things are cheaper according to the Gov!! Guess they don’t take into account utility bills, food, and gasoline! I agree with most. Their retirement, perks, medical, and pay are very cozy for them. Why I am sure they would not think of cutting any of their bennys. We Military risk life and limb for our freedom. We dont sit in an air conditioned office and eat swank restaraunts. We do not fly first class with our familys in luxury all of this at Tax Payers expense, and we are tax payers too. These out of touch jerks in Washington need to wake. I knows lets send there powderd up butts to the battle field the next time. Let them come with legs missing,arms missing, blind, and reduced to foodstamps and welfare. S.F.C. KENNETH BRADLEY U.S. ARMY (RET).

  • Edward Cullens

    Politicians have made military pay and benefits since the passage of USFSPA and they don’t appreciate the important role of our military

    CPO USN(ret)

  • Clkopic

    As usual, congress wants to hit on the people that have worked to keep their country safe and free for them to do stupid things like this. I suggest congress be the first to step up and agree to a tax freeze on their pay and benefits also. Maybe we could save money by no longer taking care of our ex-presidents and their families for life. Let them have benefits equal to the time they were in office – 4 years in – 4 years benefits. Get the presidents family members off the dole. If they weren’t elected they shouldn’t get to travel around the world on our dime.

  • Jesut

    And while you are at it Senator Webb get us the hell out of Afganistan.

    That GD Karzai is sucking us try with his ‘lease’ payments’ and other BS while he waits to join the Taliban and Iran and Yemen and Syria against us for ever and ever. The two-bit B#$%^rd. Boy are we damn fools for getting sucked into that war.

  • Lopaka R

    The easiest way to save money ….Get rid of lawyer politicians, and replace them with people who is educated in common sense. I believe that elected people should have served in the military..does not matter what service he served in…The president should have at lease 5 years

    of Military Commanding experience….Also to save money Get rid of MEDICAID….. WELFARE except for those who have severe disabilities.

    No bailouts no, If you can’t control you business, then you should get out. How can you pay me back if you don’t have the money to begin with……..

  • Afpoliceman

    Good Idea, let’s do this to our servicemen instead of controlling spending on useless programs and welfare programs.

  • Daveyde

    Inviting comments on this subject is like jacking around in the chamber for all of us military retirees. No COLA for several years, now freeze my retirement pay for another two years, and, rachet up my cost of medical care. Not that makes a lot of damn sense, doesn’t it. Served in the Korean War and the Vietnam War and now I must plan on living on less than the President’s wife spends on her wardrobe. Irate? You bet. Wake up President Obama

  • Jesut

    And Senator when you do get us out we will have monies to take care of our military active and retired that were paid to sacrifice home and families in the defense of THIS country. You Webb are slime. Work on cuttting the outrageous illegal immigrant grants, reduce welfare, and get the GD housing/foreclosure/mortgrage crisis solved and you would have monies to HONOR the committments made to our service people.And also, get the damn income tax business settled by extending the Bush cuts for everybody so business’s can get to work and get this economy going again. Stay the hell off our backs you traitor.The last thing you should be doing is killing the morale of our troops. Just what the hell are you thinking??

  • Ray Scaletti

    This the reason why I vote against people in office. They should look at own staff and cut their pay and benifits. Maybe the senators would like to lead by example and cut their pay and benifits to help support the war they got us into and will not fight to win. By the way if we win the war what do we win besides more mouths to feed.

  • I just e-mailed National Com­mis­sion on Fis­cal Respon­si­bil­ity and Reform:

    Gave them my suggestions and recommendation and put them on notice. If ou have time to post here, you have time to send them an e-mail. It only takes a few minutes.

  • taco

    Maybe congress should think why people join the military… If military and federal civilian are going to be freezed pay for three years why not congress don’t freeze their pay for three years too. Military and civilian are working for country too.

  • Texas1heat

    thats bull why would ya want to affect the people whos fighting for our freedom really think before you act idiots before you have no military they all resign after there term then what you all will just grab ur toes and hide under ur high power desk and what ya no commonsense Webb ur a dumbass is what i think

  • CDR N. R. Poulin, US

    Support our troops! Pay them your respect, but not your money.

    Bring back the draft and make all federal politicians 1-A and subject to immediate call-up and a ticket to Afghanistan.

  • Maybe what they SHOULD be looking at is how much they send to these other countries, i.e., 2 BILLION to Pakistan’s military, 69.3 MILLION to Afghan contractors to build a police department in Afghanistan…only to have said contractor quit project midway through….but…shockingly…they kept all the money. And that’s just for starters…

  • guest

    I would like to see all those political jackasses take a freeze in their pay for 3 years… including Mr. President.

  • Aprilmayo03

    Here’s a damn idea: let’s stop trying to create a welfare state and creating a legacy of dependancy, and take care of those who are willing to make the ultimate sacrifice!! Instead of doing a stimulus that doesn’t work, and distributing wealth…hmmm, let’s take care of the most deserving people, our military!!!!

  • Tehstraw

    Dont they know that most military families live off of that one income from the military member??? You move us around and then spouses cant find jobs and on top of that you want to freeze us out and bump up costs??? I guess they forgot that our military has sacraficed so much some with the ultimate price for them to sit up there and “crunch numbers and cut budgets” without looking at the unique livelyhood of these families. Here’s an idea…why dont they cut their own salaries and extras!!!!!

  • Meranda_maier

    Cutting yearly pay and giving bonuses to certain rates are just wrong. Most rates would never see bonuses so their pay would never change. Congress needs to step up and start taking responsibilities. Cut their extra privilege pays. Unless they are willing to go fight on the front line for our troops they shouldn’t have the right to cut military pay.

  • Navywrslr

    I served for 26 years in the Navy,I was told that the reason we didnt get paid the same as our civilian counterpart was we would get all these great benifits if we stayed for 20 or more years. Well, we were lied to,our free medical was replaced with Tricare,and we have to pay for that. While congress gives themselves pay raises,retired and active military are frozen. Now they want to make changes that will ensure the destruction of our countries armed forces. How dare you President OBAMA, How dare you. You just came back from a trip that cost millions perday,and for what? job creation,what a joke.

    I think its time that all Retired and Active plan a March on Washington,we have to show this poor excuse for a Government that we have had it.

  • guest

    The government should put up or shut up.. the politicians should take a 10% pay decrease and stop unwanted spending and waste by our own government

  • I am for asking everyone to write to all their elected officials and ask them to cut their pay to the same as the average soldier who risks their life on the battlefield. That seems fair to me. They do not risk what our military members risk, they make laws and have hearings and that includes setting their wages and ours.
    As a military wife and veteran’s daughter, I am ashamed that this would even be put on paper and considered for anything other than trash. Party politics aside, the politicians of this country need to put their pay (which I understand is average $174,000 for the house) and perks on the chopping block, hold their COLA for a few years, and begin to contribute to their cost of insurance. I would like to see them actually live the way Americans live. I heard one Politician say he believed that all Politicians should live in barracks and receive military base pay. I know that is not realistic but having them look at their own side of the street and clean up what they are responsible for, would be a great start.

  • Anonymous

    If they would reduce their benefits to $150,000 a year, the government would save $12,840,000.00 per year and this is just the senators and house reps.

    U.S. Congress salaries and benefits have been the source of taxpayer unhappiness and myths over the years. Here are some facts for your consideration.

    Rank-and-File Members:

    The current salary (2010) for rank-and-file members of the House and Senate is $174,000 per year.

    •Members are free to turn down pay increase and some choose to do so.

    •In a complex system of calculations, administered by the U.S. Office of Personnel Management, congressional pay rates also affect the salaries for federal judges and other senior government executives.

    •During the Constitutional Convention, Benjamin Franklin considered proposing that elected government officials not be paid for their service. Other Founding Fathers, however, decided otherwise.

    •From 1789 to 1855, members of Congress received only a per diem (daily payment) of $6.00 while in session, except for a period from December 1815 to March 1817, when they received $1,500 a year. Members began receiving an annual salary in 1855, when they were paid $3,000 per year.

    Congress: Leadership Members’ Salary (2010)

    Leaders of the House and Senate are paid a higher salary than rank-and-file members.

    Senate Leadership

    Majority Party Leader – $193,400

    Minority Party Leader – $193,400

    House Leadership

    Speaker of the House – $223,500

    Majority Leader – $193,400

    Minority Leader – $193,400

    A cost-of-living-adjustment (COLA) increase takes effect annually unless Congress votes to not accept it.

    Benefits Paid to Members of Congress

    You may have read that Members of Congress do not pay into Social Security. Well, that’s a myth.

    Prior to 1984, neither Members of Congress nor any other federal civil service employee paid Social Security taxes. Of course, the were also not eligible to receive Social Security benefits. Members of Congress and other federal employees were instead covered by a separate pension plan called the Civil Service Retirement System (CSRS). The 1983 amendments to the Social Security Act required federal employees first hired after 1983 to participate in Social Security. These amendments also required all Members of Congress to participate in Social Security as of January 1, 1984, regardless of when they first entered Congress. Because the CSRS was not designed to coordinate with Social Security, Congress directed the development of a new retirement plan for federal workers. The result was the Federal Employees’ Retirement System Act of 1986.

  • Dick25

    to get this nation back on it,s feet i have no proublem with this but congress should step up first and take a pay cut

  • Tehstraw

    Is it 2012 yet??? I am so ready for a new and has to be better than this one, President. Come on election time!!!

  • This is what I e-mailed to the commission:


    I am a retired USAF veteran, and it bothers me to read that your commission is subjectively targeting Military Pay, TRICARE, and Social Security, as well as other programs to reduce the national debt. I will make this very simple to understand. Why is it that members of our Government who will have no worries about medical or retirement deemed it’s their duty to cut those benefits that I/we fought for, and worked/working so hard for to see just taking away from us? My father is a WWII vet, and if you take away any part of his social security or medical benefits, he will not survive. Your commission is not being objective nor using Common Sense. Those volatile programs that many of us depend on are easy targets. I recommend that you should give the American Public a chance to choose what needs to be cut or eliminated. I recommend you appoint a Public Commission made up of people such as myself, give them the entire list of programs, grants, and funding the governments pays out and let them see if they/we can reduce the debt without touching these volatile programs. I would bet my life that this could be done and done with Common Sense, objectivity, and sincerity. Such a Commission would be void of any political influence, corruption, or monetary gain. Bottom line, a Public Commission has nothing to lose.

    I hope you are taking the time to listen to the people through these e-mails and other media posting boards. The American People are not happy over your report. Our past Congress failed to listen to the people over the past year, we know what happened on November 2nd. Not a threat, just fact. The American people are not as dumb as many in our Government think we are. Give us a chance to have a voice in how to make this right.

    Thank You for Your Time

    God Bless America

    • Cjones317

      I agree wholeheartedly with the previous comments. I would be glad to serve on such a panel. I am a 25 year Veteran of the Korean and Vietnam Area “Conflicts”.

  • John M Kangas

    When I got in in 1960, the deal was that if you stayed in for 20 (or more) you would receive FREE health care for the rest of your life. I believe this was based on a system where you would have to go to a base and yes there was a priority system and retirees were last. It was still pretty effective at that time. Next we had the huge base closes which made it hard to travel to get your free care but they fixed that by putting the new system in place called Tricare and of course they started charging you if you didn’t get your care at a base.
    Why don’t they just continue to present the retirees and servicemen that are in now the same deal and start a new deal with new servicemen and servicewomen who get in after a certain date. That is almost as bad as letting your troops who were exposed to a plant killer and who had some nasty health problems and started dying out early for years before they started trying to really tried to fix the problem.
    The majority of thepeople making these decisions are not the ones who made the sacrifices and I bet you, the majority of them have no idea what it takes to do what our troops are doing to make it happen. God bless our troops and all of those that support them.

  • Rangermc916

    If congress decides to cut our military healthcare and raise our rates, without cutting every other department by 10% across the board in personnel, excluding Department of Defense, we should vote them out in 2012. Downsize the following Departments by 50% because they do not produce anything and are redundant to the individual states, Department of Energy, Department of Agriculture, Department of Education, Environmental Protection Agency, and downsize the Internal Revenue Service.

  • Ampm345

    Why is it that every time congress fails to fix a problem they created they find it necessary to have the military make up for it? I don’t ever hear of senators, congressman or any other representatives cutting their pay. I wonder how many more problems would get resolved if this were the case.

  • Jesut

    One more thing before I get off my soap box Sen. Webb. The committee looked at savings without having a ‘Sacred Cow’. ? Well if there ever was a Sacred Cow you better learn it is your FIRST LINE OF DEFENSE. The U. S. Military Men and Women and don’t forget it.!

  • Raymonddonahue – Just saw your response – I didn’t take it personally, but it’s just not the Baby Boomers who created the problem you described. I don’t want to blame just one generation, but everyone of age had a hand in this.

  • Gilberto garcia

    I would like to Know why the Politicians, and the president, Get payed at all! the people never authorized a pay for politicians that risk nothing, and every thing they do and have, is payed by the tex payer.

    What did they risk? what does it cost them to serve? they just move up to a elite life styly and treated with respect that they never earned.

    Now the Soldier and Veterans, Put their life on the line, loss their liberty while serving, suffer manuvers, in all kinds of weather, are deprived of sleep shalter, and that is only on manuvers.

    just think of what they suffer in war! With the economy as it is, the solsiers and veterans and all americans were refused cola, not even a 1%. but this last two years politicians gave them selfs a $10,000 raice

    how did they earn that! and that $10,000 is about 1% of their income.

    A soldier if he survives 20 years of service if he is lucky will get $2,600

    a month for disability if they rate him 100% disabled and a retired pay

    of maybe $1,800. what riskes do politicians take to be payed over $100,000 a year. what is fare is to reverse this pays and he whom puts his life on the line should get the $100,000, then we would at least have enough to get a better standard of life and be able to travel and see this great Country we fought forbefore we die.

    • Chara

      widow’s get cut to 55% after the death of there mate, it is like the heat bills get cut in half, as does the telephone, water, sewer, garbage, property tax’s,house payment’s, house is no more for two as it is for one.Just the husband lived 8 year’s after retireing, very ill with a rare cancer i felt was caused from chemical warfare he taught.fought it for 3 years,lost most of what we had after he died. i posted earlier, now below poverty level, in a old house with no furnace.those in the military are lucky to live much less able to save anything.wive’s suffer to. most of the time on moving around, job’s are scarce or will not hire a military wife.they know you will not be permanent.your children suffer as does your family.but none of this count’s for nothening.they make me sick.

  • Ccurtice

    Probaly none of these policiy makers have been in combat or away from there families for an extended amount of time. I use Tricare because it has lower rates than the medical plan where I work.

  • johnsambo

    Change the retirement to 10 yrs===we will have no military=all will get out, That will fit right in with Jim Webb, saying cut the military down in manpower.. It will fit right in with Obama= Maybe where a illegal can run against webb, for Senator and be elected. My opinion our enemy is coming into the USA dailey, just waiting on the word. to attack, it is plain as day.. WHERE WILL THE MILITARY MEN, WHO RETIRES AFTER 10 YRS, GET A JOB. Would not this add to the unemployment. rate. And they are our elected leaders. Why was Bill Clinton on the panel anyway.

  • Gobs5489

    I hope all those commenting, and all those reading these comments have joined MOAA, NAUS, and other military associations. These associations are willing to be our voices by representing each one of us, offering suggested letters to write our representatives and senators, etc. If you haven’t yet joined these outstanding associations, I strongly encourage each of you to investigate them and seriously considering joining one or all of them. This is very important for all of us… Active Duty, Reserve, Retired… all of us.

  • James Daffron

    Why is the Military pay and benefits always the first on the chopping block? Why not chop Congress, Senate and the President. As Commander in Chief the President should be paid one thousand dollars a year over a Four Star General. The Senate and Congress a little more than a Colonel. Of course lump these law makers in with the military medical system. Cut term limits on Congress and the Senate to two four year terms each. Retirement pay would not start till their sixty fifth birthday and that would not be more than that of their respective military rank. Last but not least all will pay into Social Security.

  • Saudelia

    It is amazing that those that have not given to their country have the balls to say cut the military pay and medical care when they don’t pay into social security and don’t have to worry about making ends meet and that get a pay check for life when all they have done is spend the Tax payers money into making more money for themselves and forget about those that have given to their country. cuts should start with them giving up their paychecks for a year and paying for their health care like all the rest of us americans. Start at the top and work down when you talk about cuts.

  • Chara

    thank you for understanding what the wive’s and family’s go through to. I am now living below poverty, had to move in a old house with no furnace, I use electric heater’s, and don’tknow how I will pay the bill this winter. thank’s to our government.a widow.

  • Gregore

    Instead of discussing the miliary pay/beneifits why don’t they discuss/change their benefits i.e. retirement/medical/salaries. The military put their lives on line when they are sent to war/police action zones and some return with medical problems while protecting USA & the Fat cats in DC

  • Gahockygrl

    The government could save a lot of money if the congress and senate put a 3 year freeze on their pay …bet that won’t happen.

  • Fistv

    Put congress and the senate under tricare, lets see how that works.

  • Question for the Vets:
    1. No one is eligible to run for office until they have done a tour in uniform.
    2. No one is eligible to vote until they have served somewhere in public service.
    3. Congress / Senate pay increases are public votes.
    4. You must publicly produce your birth certificate BEFORE you run for any federal gov seat…

  • Bfwoodsjr

    I LOVE IT.

    Here we go again, career politicians and a DRAFT DODGER are the ones who are going to decide what our benifits are going to be. They have NEVER seen military service or the do they know what it is like to be deployed away from loved ones.

  • VoixVelour

    Many of us are transient followers of forums and blogs, but this is one newsletter not to be overlooked for many reasons, and this issue of “Compensation packages” by comparison and contrast with those of PUBLIC EMPLOYEES [UNIONS] is way overdue for exposure.

    Can it be that “the political correct” is the overriding concern of our “military organizations?” And perhaps POTUS and former “Community Organizer” lacks the skills relative to issues germaine to the Armed Forces, given he never served beyond the “banter” in Chicago?

    Here in CA, the comparison of the compensation of a GENERAL OFFICER vs PUBLIC EMPLOYEE were brought forth, theGENERAL WAS UNDERPAID! Given the stress level? Given the “stress level” of “public employees” guaranteed job security and exception from consequences of performance? It would be fascinating to see COPS suited up for deployment to face others that are trained and armed as opposed to hapless civilians!

    It would more likely be the exception that any Democratic Representative of Congress or the Senate is there without the support and reciprocal loyalty to UNION BENEFACTORS.

    A UNION STEWARD would never tolerate the “hours” and “conditions” of “battlefields;” nor would those folk have the pride and valor and courage!

    What is obvious of late is the “lobbyists” that are “home grown,” generated by EMAIL on all issues to then race to POST their opinons to attempt to overwhelm the public consciousness. Take the GLTB folk and the demand for “entitlement” to transmit HIV/AIDS; the wails of those who have been forced out just because they misrepresented their qualifications? A loss?

    What is more, The Armed Forces are inclusive of rretirees and survivors and those famillies all dependent upon entitlements within military installations. The GLTB folk are but 2% of the population if that many! They are within Obama’s voting numbers; this morning the Los Angeles Times reported that 15% of families this past year had difficuty putting food onthe table.

    Once can only presume that the retirees and survivors and families are among that population not a “blip” for Obama; no COLA for another year?

    Add in the senior citizens on Soc Security.

    So how is it that these “boards and commissions” have chairs that are neanderthals? They recognize no distinction? “Public Servants” have continued to get exhorbitant pay raises, the salaries of “federal employees” range to $150,000? Stress of traffic, retirements?

    Neat that the brave proposals were tighten “old age security?” For those derailed and unemployed and already have lost how many years of Soc Sec contributions towards their “golden years.” These people exist in a vacuum.

    The alternative is to “take a page” of that handbook and LOBBY VIGOROUSLY on the forums available. Apparently the “Obama Team” doesn’t have “‘an ear to the ground?”

  • Mainewain

    If you think the military is having a difficult time recruiting now, wait and see what happens if any of these suggestions come in to play.

    Let’s see—spend 10 years in the service—retire at 28—then wait 32 years before you draw your first retirement check—what a great deal!!!!

    Wayne—USAF Retired, 34 years.

  • Dancing_rock

    Why is it that the congress gets full retirement for even spending one term in office they get full benefits and yet the people whose lives are on the line get pay freezes why is it that congress can vote themselves 30% pay raises? Why not look at cutting all the foreign aid we send to other countries (billions of dollars that do not benefit one person in america) you have the lowest ranking members of the military living in poverty and congress and the president live in splendor….we don’t even take care of the retirees we have. I agree with the individual that said why pay congress the senate and president any more that our highest ranked military members. Maybe it should be a requirement for anyone in office to have served in the military before they can even run/serve in public office.

  • Xrtbus

    how about are elected officials taking a pay cut,giving up some perks like doctors on call,spas,and things of that nature,OH HOW ABOUT THERE HEALTHCARE,WHAT KIND OF DEDUCTABLES ARE THEY PAYING,WHAT ARE THERE COPAYS,WAKE UP PEOPLE ITS NOT ALL ABOUT TAXES

  • Msggonzalez

    Why if you have a problem in your house, you help other people outside , the US send milliopns of dolars to other nations and no one request the gov to stop that. This action will save billions of dollars and stop the deficit. ?why the people of US have to sufer, stop sending billions of dollars to other nations and put the house in order.

  • Anonymous


    How many of our children are born overseas because their military parents were assigned overseas? Many. Does this mean they would not be eligible for any federal gov seat? I don’t think a birth certificate is relevant in this matter. Their birth certificate is a US birth certificate delivered by the US Embassy. As long the person has integrity and honorably represents the people who elect him/her, and do the job RIGHT. At the end of day, that’s all it matter, don’t you think?

  • Brianjc39

    What ever happened to the phrase, “To the victor goes the spoils of WAR!”? I review these redundant messages about who should or would get their benefits reduced or removed, when no one mentions the reasons we’re in this position in the first place. Call it WAR, Police Action, etc… we are paying to rebuild countries we were at War with and no one says a word about reducing our plans to rebuild their infrastructures. We cannot and should not continue to support the rebuilding of a country we defeated in War. We should be able to reap the benefit and force them to rebuild the infrastructure we lost during these time and to recoup all the costs associated with going to War with them in the first place. Our Congress consistently fogives the debt owed to us by other countries and continues to ask us (military and civilian alike) to pay the consequences. Well I for one am tired of giving up the benefits I earned to those who haven’t.

  • Kenneth Wickstrom

    Former President Clinton gets $1,162,300.00 annually for life. $201,300 for pension and the rest for staff and acting as a symbol of America. I guess men and women who have honorably served their country for 20 plus years would not be worth honoring. That $1,162,300.00 is for one President. There are currently four former and one current President. Congress is trying to pass a bill so the Vice – President would get similar benefits. How does their service compare to a military members?

  • ray

    really cut military pay or freeze it, lets eliminate all federal holidays that have to do with christianity that will save a bunch of money seeing as how they want to cut god out of everything government because its not fair to muslims and other religions,but cut military pay or freeze it, i know sgt’s and spc’s that are on food stamps on active duty ,yeah lets cut or freeze pay and up the cost of tri-care,see what happens to our armed forces….lol…man im glad im out soon …..jack@ss’s!!!

  • Clubplump

    Here we go again, congress makes most retirees feel like a an abused person thats used for all thier talents. It dosent matter what happened in the pass history of this country, all that seems to matter is someone sacaraficed to get us here and those same people will be sacraficed to sustain the life that so many enjoy and who have never served this country in the best honor knowed to mankind, which is to fight for the freedom and belifes which keep us free and this nation strong. come on congress give the veterains a break, dip in your pockets for a CHANGE !!!!

  • Killerant

    It should be a requirment to have served to run for congress. How and why would you let someone make decissions about what’s good for there country if they wasn’t even brave enought to fight for thier country. This country was made by brave free men full of courage. Not anymore.

    The only people worth fighting for are those that have fought or are those fighting now.

  • Bjcoop


    • The OlSarge

      Don’t forget Reagon. He gave us BRAC. Don’t forget all the previous Presidential and DOD panels that have recommended the same reductions of pay and benefits over the past 30 plus years.

  • Dirty Harry 1977

    Congress needs to be issued military gear and weapons. Let them fight their own damn wars. Nothing but a BSOB’s.

  • W4AlP

    Want to save money reducethe pay of congress and senate and reduced all the perk they receive. If they are really concerned aboutsaving money they can vote to reduce they own pay

  • Eunmijin

    This is highway to our country’s self destruction planned by haters of the United States of America. Government’s money (tax payer’s money) ought to be spent to build up this country, strengthen this country, and for those that sacrifice for that cause. America should eliminate all the wrong spending such as killing babies inside mothers’ womb and much more wicked things and foolish things I can’t name them all. If a person is to reduce spending, he should begin with eliminating things he can do away with. It is the wrong approach to stop eating meals while drinking alcohol and smoking cigarette, and sleeping with prostitutes. America ought to eliminate spending on wicked things that tear down America.
    America was great because America was good.

  • Sharon Johnson

    As an Army brat (WWII thru Nam, retired and deceased) and the wife of a retired Air Force man I have a few words of advice for our president as well as for Congress (Senate and House of Representatives). How did you get where you are? You made promises to the people you represent in order to get elected. Have you lived up to these promises? Do you truly represent those who elected you? Do you listen to the needs and wants of those who elected you? Obviously the answers to these questions are ‘NO’. How do I know that? Easy, you’re not doing anything that the general public wants or expects of you. Whos head is on the chopping block? The military. Who fought for your rights and freedom to allow you to make these idiotic decisions? The military. Who has spent days, months, years, etc. away from their families so that you can stay home and enjoy your nice comfy leather chairs in your air conditioned/heated offices while they freeze or sweat in extreme conditions protecting you? The military. Who has missed the birth of a child so that you can sit back and relax? The military. Who works or is on call 24/7, 365 days a year while you only work when Congress is in session? The military. I could go on but I don’t have all day to deal with you. Do you have any idea how your pay compares to that of the people who protect you each and every day? For how many days of actual work? Probably not! Or if you do, you don’t care. In the real world, which you probably don’t care about either, people work for a living, pay their taxes, pay for health insurance including co-pays, deal with the reality of possibly loosing their home, are un-employed, etc. And you sit back and bail out large companies who are allowed to continue giving their big- whigs raises for jobs will done. And you want to cut military benefits! Our benefits have dwindled considerable over the years at your hands. Are they headed for zero while you continue to receive everything you vote for yourselves? Am I upset and irritated at this? You bet your bottom dollar I am. We currently have an all-volunteer military to serve and protect this great country that you reside in. Are you willing to volunteer your services for reserve or active duty? I doubt it! Take away the trips that you take which the tax payers are paying for if you want to save money. Don’t want to do that? I didn’t think so. Not willing to make sacrifices for your freedom? I doubt it! Are you starting to get my point? Probably not! Do you have the common sense to pay attention to those who disagree with you or disapprove of what you are doing? No, or else you would shape up and look at other possibilities to save money. Leave the military alone.

  • Leroycharles18

    Our government officials, The President, our Senators, our Representatives all get their retirements after one term, and for the most part no one is shooting at them for defending our nation, as they were for us military. Our Congress men and women gave themselves a $5,000.00 raise this year. My 40 or 60 ‘or so don’t measure up.I’m just an old Vietnam Vet.

  • Wparten

    Once again the Military and their families get taken. Long deployments, months away from their families, and the ever present possibility of being killed. Maybe the best way to save miney is to STOP all pay raises for congress and eleminated their obscene retirement pay.

  • Too_busy_to_care

    It makes no difference if you are a current retiree or if you are now serving and will retiree in the future, it is imperative that we let our Congressional Representatives know that “Our retirement benefits should be off the table when the congress tries to deal with our Nation’s fiscal problems. I find it heartbreaking to hear that the folks in D.C. would even bring military pay and benefits up in a negative light. Throughout our Nation’s history we find strong evidence that our country’s Representatives have never hesitated to cut defense as a primary source for large budget cuts. But these same folks will fight tooth and nail to keep money going to other Americans that have done little if not nothing for our Nation. There are a lot of other areas the government can cut before they touch one red cent of the benefits our soldiers earn by putting their lives on the line to protect and defend our “Great Nation” and the American People. Stop them before they get started, write your Representative now!.

  • Sfcretdennis

    If we must take a pay and cola freezes then sow should every elected official and they should pay for their coverage as it is they pay not cost share, no prememus notheing their health care is free even when they retire and they get 100% retirerment so ifwe have totighten our belts then they should as well but do you thank they will “NO!!” They are all crooks.

  • Dsuperchief

    As a retired Senior Chief, I am ashamed to admit that our elected officials , each and every one of them,

    have not lived up to their Oaths of Office, and are leading this country down the road to become

    a second or third rate country! We the people should kick ALL of rhem out of office, nominate

    some regular everyday people to evlauate new officials, and accept or reject those new officials who do

    not meet the standards of everyday Honesty, Morality and Personal Conviction to do the right thing..

  • Richardy60

    I can go along with most of what they propose, ONLY if the revoke the senate and house raises and include any further cuts “across the board” to include all political SERVANTS! They should really be ashamed of themselves as it is!

  • Anonymous

    Oh but we as a country are not spending enough on the ILLEGAL scum that flow through our porous borders like cockaroaches. This angers me, the people that give our lives for this country it seems we haven’t given enough. Our elected officials should be ashamed of themselves to even think of trash like this that we should pay more for tricare and to freeze military pay.

  • Debby King

    This is insanity! Our military is so poorly paid that many are on food stamps. I think we should roll back the salaries of all the congressional members including the president, and prevent them from giving themselves a raise. It is already on the table for them – can you beleive it? It is a realy slap in the face of our sevice men and women and their families.

  • Don

    all this & yet congress well give themselfes a payraise with-in the next three years YOU CAN BET ON IT

  • The OlSarge

    There is no Presidential or DOD panel of any administration you can think of in the past 30+/- years that hasn’t recommended the same thing.

  • The OlSarge

    Oh yes, some lower ranking enlisted have been receiving some kind of public assistance since at least the early ’70s. Especially in places like Hawaii and Washington D.C..

  • HowieP

    Senate and Congress pay raises should be linked to the pay raises afforded to our military/Federal Employee. If it is 1.4% then thier raise would be 1.4%. While they are out campaining they should be “off the clock”. I don’t pay them to campain, I pay them to try to run our country. Thier retirement system should also be linked to military retirement system. If htey don’t serve at least 20 years before they leave service, then they don’t get anything unless they put into a TSP account. No retirement no medical, nothing.

  • Tjnick

    That’s some BS!!! How about congress get some pay cuts since they are so grossly overpaid as it is. Our military is what keeps this country safe and those men & women die for our country. Let some of the congressmen & women go over seas & be on the front line, or go to sea on a ship or submarine and be away from their families for months on end. Our military has EARNED the right to have pay raises & receive their retirement after 20+ years of serving our country.

  • Tonkingulf2007 Com

    Same ol’ Stuff. Our leaders should be worrying about stopping the muslims instead of cutting pay. We are all going to burn up anyway!

  • Nclady18

    We the PEOPLE need a new amendment that repeals all these special plans for the senators and congressmen! Payraises need to be voted on by the PEOPLE and they all need to serve a minimum of 15 years to receive a retirement – partial not full pay. Additionally, what they vote in for the PEOPLE is good enough for them including health care!! They need to be reminded that they are members of the PEOPLE and not better then the PEOPLE that put them there!!!

  • Davefitts

    Maybe it’s time for the torch’s and pitchforks! I’m not a fan of that Bozo Glen Beck or Rush, they are little more than entertainers, but all of what I have read here needs to be sent to your elected representatives as well as posted here! I for one am mad as HELL! We need to stand up for what we believe! I’m tired of voting for the lesser of two evils! Throw them all out, is it gonna take a rev wait, has anybody thought about who is monitoring all that is said here? It’s sad you are in fear of your own Government! I would not live anywhere else! This is OUR country, we just let it get into the wrong hands. UNITE OVERCOME REBUILD!

  • Hercowboyiam

    BOHICA being Retired Navy all I can say is our screws never stop turning


    This is a real joke – people who have misused funds and programs over the years, now are willing and able to make all of us pay for their errors, poor judgements, lies and down right abuse and misuse of power.

  • rwreeves

    If the congress and president wants the people to go for this, they need to “LEAD BY EXAMPLE”

  • Douglas Day40

    Politics is a rich man’s game. Maybe the politicians should be the one’s taking the pay and benefits cuts and leave us who defend their freedom alone.

  • Ajimmyg

    congress has legislated their pay raises to take effect automatically without their voting yeah or nay every year. they are recommending reductions in pay and benefits to everyone BUT themselves. crooks will always be crooks- we should call them crookedticians.
    i guess they are abiding by the golden rule- ‘HE/SHE WHO HAS THE GOLD RULES’

  • Thornton_430

    as usual–take it out on the easy ones–the military and the retired snoirs–we need to let all of the rantal housings for the active duty military–the stores that food is sold–the gas stations that sells gas- and the utilities that sell electricities-water-cable-& trash to hold their prices to down to match the retireees and the active military young people trying to get by…how about that BIG GOVERNMENT…..maybe send yr loved ones over to battle the evils of the world….what’s good for the gander is good for the goose…

  • Fred from the island

    These politicians in my opinion are registered crooks!!! They don’t practice what they preach. They want to freeze everyone’s pay except theirs!!!

  • Charles Baumann

    I was going to comment on our “elected leaders” and their I, ME, MINE philosophy, but my fellow troops have said it all very nicely.

  • D66cmorris

    When are they going to freeze congresses and the presidents automatic pay raises and require them to serve 20 years before they are eligable for a retirement at age 60? it seems that these old farts that sit around and make the laws only look at the working people and never at their own benefits and perks when they want to cut something, the military put their lives on the line to protect these people and all they do is look for ways to screw us. David Morris US Army Retired

  • Cgklippert

    I just can not believe that we have to go through this again. There are so many other areas that could be changed to reduce our debt than picking on the military people to try and solve our nations problems with balancing the budget. Even within our states there ore so many disparities in pay and benefits. Observe the pay that teachers, firemen police officers etc. and compare what they receive compared to the individuals in our military that are torn from their families and asked to risk their lives or be maimed for life, or scared mentally from all they have endured. We have an abundance of people on welfare or some form of public assistance that are not contributing to society even some that are not citizens that receive more than some in our military. Try cutting some of their pay and benefits.

  • Irocko7929

    You elected to invade two countries at a cost of over a trillion dollars. You slaughtered hundreds of thousands of their people. You destroyed their cities and infrastructure. You caused over 2 million Iraqis to flee their country. And the killing goes on for how long who knows. You spread propaganda and fear tactics to the American people to convince them that you were doing the right thing. You slaughtered thousands of our Americans and maimed tens of thousands.Now you want us to pay for your criminal activity. I guess it’s our own fault for electing the same ole silver tongue slime over and over.

  • Sjamd36

    While our sons,husbands,fathers serve over seas,fighting for a cause that even some of use don’t understand. The federal government wants to cut federal benefits for our servicemen and women. It would hurt the families more,and cause more hardship between military families.We have more service families going to food banks and other programs for help.Cutting back on their benefits is so wrong and inhuman.We send so much more to overseas funding.Charity begins at home. Stop sending funds overseas.

  • So when do politicians take a cut in pay, retirement benefits, and actually start paying for their medical care?

    Wouldn’t it make more sense to require repayment of the payoff or bailout money, send all illegal immigrants home that WE the tax payers pay for their free ride, and stop giving billions to every country in the world?

  • Lacyleb

    Nooooo…the government continues to get their pay hikes year after year, they need to cut their paychecks and freeze their pay hikes. Wanna save big, just stop paying out billions to those in congress, They are in service to our country like our service men and women…pay them the same amount to serve as those who put their life on the front lines. As Glen Beck said, how do they get paid 100’s of thousands of dollars a year for their service to this country sitting behind a desk, but the ones out in the battlefield make a mere salary. Crooked Crooked government. The highest held office of service is the battlefield…that should get the highest paycheck. Tax exempt, high pay on auto raise, what is wrong with this picture? Get mad America…get real mad!!!!

  • Waynetisdale

    This is how we show our appreciation to the sacrifice that our military personnel and their families face day after day, year after year. The big “SHOW AND TELL” we put forth to express our appreciation on Memorial Day and Veterans Day is nothing more than a farcical joke because when it gets down to the nitty gritty congress sees our miltitary as second rate citizens who deserve even less than what they currently get. They however ensure they are amply paid with raises and benifits.

  • Jack_adkins35

    THE Bunch OF – DICK HEADS- Are CRAZY!!! Cut your own damn salary first and your retirement before jacking around with the Military!!!!! We have gone above and beyond the call of duty when we are needed!!!! We still have the DIRTY DOGS in the out-house with no common sense. ((Oil rights, don’t sell to an contry, the United States FIRST, can any understand, we should be SECOND TO NONE)) – Wake up house and senate members and do what is right!!!! ——- GET YOUR HEADS OUT OF YOUR BUTTS AND GET OUR AFFAIRS STRAIGHT, THAT IS WHAT YOU WERE ELECTED FOR. – RANDAL IS STILL A JACK-ASS, Retire and live awhile and try to be a good boy!!! Again the hail with China!!

  • Fight for our rights

    This infuriates me. It’s time for the big Government officials putting forth these proposals take a look at cutting their own pay instead of the pay of the men and women who so bravely serve, or have served our country.

    A law should be passed that pay raises to our Government officials must be voted on just like everything else. It’s time the Government stop lining their pockets on the men and women that have served and protected their country and elected the officials that are increasingly wishing to take away everything we were promised when we signed the “contract” holding us to the service of our country.

  • I think the ultimate goal of politicians is to drive everyone in the USA into poverty. How can a crippled economy improve when people don’t have money to pay their bills or buy goods and services?

    taking money form people and reducing their incomes does nothing but make a bad situation much worse!


    There are many other programs to which a pay freeze or money with held can apply. I’m active duty Army getting ready to deploy once again for the 5th time and I’m sick and tired of politicians deciding where to cut the military budget. Big government needs to be thrown out. Pay freeze my ass. Why don’t some elected officials take a pay cut? Why don’t we cut out some of the free benefits and financial aid? This is just another crock of sihit the Obama administration will adopt. Glad I retire in less than 22 months!!!!

  • Wjay1

    I am writing the names of all politicians that support this. We voters have to make sure we get rid of them!

  • Lacyleb

    Oh and now that thousands of our men and women are dead from protecting the governements agenda’s and interests, now that the war is over in Iraq, as widows mourn and parents cry and children are mother and Fatherless, NOW THEY WANNA CUT OUR SERVICE MEMBERS PAY AND INCREASE THEIR OUT OF POCKET COST FOR BENEFITS. ITs TRULY CRIMINAL. IT OUT RAGES ME. Meanwhile back at the ranch they are all having tea and cocktails, while the best of the best for the RED, WHITE, AND BLUE still mourn their losses and wonder why..Our service members used like pawns, then salaries cut, benefits removed or altered…sickening!

  • Yes, why should we cut the benefits of people who work for the people and the “GUARDIANS of the CONSTITUTION”. If the Politicians have to cut the fat then they need to look in the mirror first. Second to cut the fat and I mean a big chunk of fat is the welfare system and start doing radium drug checks to include tobacco. Prices are going up so they should not have tobacco. There was to be a three year time limit on WELFARE. Time to look at these people and look why they have not improved themselves and give them the motivation to get off WELFARE. If they are handicapped fine, popping out babies. Time to fix them of that! That should take a lot to saving a lot, then time for POLITICIANS. “Time to cut the Fat” and not the “BENEFITS of PEOPLE” who have earned them. At least when you pay a Soldier you have work from them. What do you really get from POLITICANS and the WELFARE?

  • Mikesmith1990

    Oh, now I see how it works. You give up 20+ years of your life, protecting your country and POLITICIANS, only so that you can have your benefits taken away little by little, year by year — so that the POLITCIANS can have their benefits; a yearly pay raise without regard to inflation etc, not have to pay into Social Security which by the way, illegals get SS without every paying into it! etc., etc. It’s time to replace Obummer and all the Senate and Congress.

  • Kenmcm

    Military folks put their butts on the line every day and it is NOT FAIR that there should be any freeze on pay nor any increase in Tricare. they dont make enough already….so, the congress and its constituency makes it even more difficult for folks to stay in??? What the heck is wrong with their thinking!?! There is plenty of other programs which can be cut instead of pay and health care benefits for folks who are ALREADY UNDERPAID for the risks they take to preserve our liberty and peace! CAPT, JAGC, USNR (Ret’d)

  • one you can not freeze the militaries pay or Tricare unless you are ready to stop all the troops that are under fire and that are dying. But a better suggestion is find some speacial interest group that is of no service to our country and it military both serving and retired. Otherwise I better see some of the capital hill Shirt and ties put on a uniform and see how much we all have and are putting on the line. It is not just ink on a page more like blood to keep LIberty and Freedom Alive…

  • Sunniebabie

    Why go after the military people. Go after the people in politics that make a REDICULIOUS amount of money. Cut their pay down. i mean come on some of them make a OBSCENE amount of money. How would they like it. If they do that there just might be tons of people getting out of the military when times up and less people joining. then where there undermanned then what. The people that are in will be carrying the load and it will take a toll on them and everything will just crumble. Its easy to say take somone elses pay but they (politicians and such) should look at THEMSELVES first and say “do i really need to make that 2 million a year, i can live on 1 million.” greedy jerks if you ask me

  • Cut the pay of those lazy military bums. They are doing nothing but killing women and children.

    • Max

      Hey donald, did you go to school to become an idiot or were you just born that way? Try making those comments in any other country!

    • Because of the military, you have the right to speak your mind. However, so do I, and you are a complete jerk.

    • Military Mom

      Unless you are over there serving shut your mouth for no one wants to hear your degrading remarks about Our Military. Unless you are serving and witness this first hand keep it to your self. You are a disgrace to Our Country and All Who Serve.

    • How Dare You!

      We are older than today’s American Flag,

      Yet we are young enough to serve for my country.

      We have fought for you the wars of past,

      We will fight for you the wars of today,

      And continue to the fight for you all the wars of the future.

      We have given so much,

      We have sacrificed even more than you could think of.

      We give to you what so many take for granted.

      We sacrificed for you so you can do.

      How dare you!

      Say we cost too much!

      Politicians want to cut what we have earned

      Because we cost too much!

      How dare you!

      Cut what we have earned!

    • Whats your price of your freedom?

      30 years old

      Ordered to a land of danger

      And spend a year.

      Soldier’s have problems

      Both near and far

      Situations get better and worse.

      Soon all don’t want to come back.

      We’ve all been treated bad.

      All ask Why should we come back?

      People complain that we shouldn’t be here!

      People complain we pay Soldiers too much!

      I still think I want to say

      How much is your FREEDOM worth?

      Maybe you think FREEDOM is free?

      Its not, FREEDOM has a high price!

      And if your not fighting for it

      Then pay for it!!!

  • Sophia

    Why would we punish the military for doing their job? When you break their pay down, considering their job is 24/7 they barely make .25 an hour (lower enlisted personnel). Now these ignorant self-serving political figures propose we cut what little benefits they already get. Why don’t they go over to Iraq and Afghanistan and announce their plans to the soldiers who are currently serving over there and get their opinions on the matter. I’m sure they wont be met with welcoming arms. This plan is ludicrous and there are other programs that can be cut down before these are. Why would a proposal to cut down health care benefits be made when our president made such a big deal about health care reform? This is pathetic, Stop picking on our military. They risk their lives, often losing it, families have to go without loved ones, for months at a time while they serve the country and for what? To come home to no benefits and shitty health care? Yeah this country is really supporting their troops….

  • cpt alfonso rip iraq

    Let’s start cutting welfare and other things come on give our military men and women a break this is crap

  • Why cut welfare. People in America are hungry. Sell some of those ships and jets. God bless President Obama.

    • And when we have another attack on American soil, and your life and future are directly at risk, will you still be saying we don’t need those ships and jets, and most importantly the troops.

    • Military Mom

      Maybe if people like you got off your bottom and worked for a living and sacrificed your life for your country instead of living off of the system then maybe your voice would be heard. From your postings it seems you are uneducated or just plain stupid. Welfare should be demolished there are jobs out there maybe not paying much but jobs all the same. Look around the people on welfare are the ones who drive brand new cars and live in nice state funded homes while the rest of us are trying to make ends meet. What category do you fit in?

    • McDonald’s is always hiring. So they need to get off their butts and go to work.

  • Lacyleb

    Ohh and I forgot, Our big gov let billions just walk away, unaccounted for, now they want to tax us to death, and now they are looking for ways to cut… It cost us trillions to be in Iraq, the highest cost to the service members wounded and killed, and now they wanna make the service member pay for it too…they want to cut military payments and benefits, meanwhile nothing changes for THEM UP THERE ON THE DAMN HILL. Write your congressmen, call your congressmen, Americas need to say it with action, before they steal everything from us…. YES WE CAN…WE CAN GET RID OF OBUMMER, WE CAN make a difference..every voice counts. If they start this and we lay back like aimless sheep, they will never stop..we have to take our country back people. We gotta OPEN OUR MOUTHS…SLAM OUR FITS….GET OUT IN THE STREETS IF NECESSARY and let them know we are not lame sheep. This is OUR COUNTRY..not just theirs, Iran gets out in the streets and it gets world wide coverage, maybe thats what america needs to do, instead of hiding behind their tv sets and computers.

  • Sleepy

    The funny thing is we the people that put our life on the line everyday that already make much less than our congressmen and senators that are supposed to represent us, always want to cut and freeze our pay and benefits, but to our surprise, do they ever subject themselves to the same rules, no they don’t but they are the first to vote themselves the big a__ raises and retirements for working much less than twenty years and do they have to survive on beans and bologna like our young troops have too, No, but we are so overpaid. BS

  • Anlaplaca

    Obama and his croonies at it again. We need to vote him out two years from now and the new president needs to fire all his appointees at least 10 levels down.

  • The U.S. military is nothing more than an organization of thugs. Let the UN police the world.

    • Really, I didn’t realize how ignorant people still are about the military. My husband has served proudly for over 20 years. Would you die for your country?

      • First off Donald would need to grow balls first to do the Die for Country thing. Second get some brain cells to be in service. Na we don’t need him in may be he is a homo!

    • USCG retired

      It takes a thug to know a thug. I spent 20 years in the military and have never know a single military thug.

  • Concerned

    I would gladly accept my beneifts being frozen if…………EVERY federal employee takes the pay freeze, (Senators, Cabinet Members, Congressmen, ect.). We are all in this together and what is good for the goose is good for the gander. On the other hand we, (the fiscal analysts) could take a hard look at where already existing money is being spent, (this new Multi-Cam pattern that the US Army recently adopted…..didn’t they just switch their uniform pattern a few years ago?) That alone I’m sure cost billions in R&D, contracting, working groups, ect. What will happen with all those surplus uniforms that will be left over from that debacle? They will be sold off for a fraction of the price in an event to recover some of the funds lost from that program.Wasn’t there a program not too many years ago called the Crusader? Where is that thing today? How much money was wasted on that? I’m sure that there are plenty of other programs that have “flopped” over the years from all the services and here is my point. If the folks in DC want to freeze military pay I have a simple solution; cut funding for projects that don’t work. Cut projects that over budget and past due. I know that shifting zeros around may be hard, but freezing military pay is harder. With hard questions comes hard solutions

  • Stacey

    Those of you who hate on the Obama advocate for taking back the government and balancing the budget…until balancing the budget might affect your benefits. Then, it must be Obama doing it. Every special interest doesn’t want their benefits cut. You only balance the budget if everyone feels some pain.

    • Webscyte

      How do you “balance a budget” by throwing hundreds of billions of dollars to the wind in hopes that some might help somewhere?

  • E. Perry EOC (SCW) R

    When are we going to stand up and demand that what we had worked for belongs to us and NOT for some senator or congressmen that the MAJORITY of NEVER served A DAY in the military DEFENDING this Country to decide if we get a pay raise or require us to pay more for our TRICARE. Lets see now, don’t they get health care at NO COST. Don’t they VOTE themselves at least 2 pay raises every year? Wait until the stop-gap spending bill appears at the end of next month and see what they attach to it for themselves………..

  • Brian

    I’ve said it before, and I’ll keep saying it, that from the president, down, we need ex-military in key positions…for America’s benefit. Non-military just don’t understand.
    Brian, USAF Capt, Ret

  • Lacyleb

    The problem is we Americans lay back all passive and take what the government dishes out. Unfortunatly its coming to a time when the people are going to have to do much more than what they have been doing. Tea Parties, are good, but the majority of people too busy in their own lives to realize whats going on, then it happens..boom…new rules, new laws, new legislation and then people wake up and realize they been hit and its affecting them. wake up AMERICA before the slaughter takes place…use your voice before its too late.

  • BethE

    Glenn Beck made a great point the other night..that average base enlisted salary is currently $22K. The average American salary is ~50K. The base salary for a freshman member of congress is about ~174K. He said that Congress should tie their pay to the average salary of the American worker. I see nothing wrong with that.

    I think there can be no sacred cows in light of the deficit, and defense spending definitely needs to be addressed. Yes, we need to look for the programs that aren’t working, places where we don’t need as much presence/assets, and yes, I think that annual across the board increases should be more targeted to specific areas, specialties, and of course, combat zones. I think we all need to tighten a bit to get the country back on track…but I’d like to see a LOT chopped out of the Congressional budget before the military is run through the cuisinart.

  • Kaput2

    I think its about time that those in congress drop their cushy life style. They need to have the same health programs that all regular citizens have, that they have the same retirement program that regular citizens have. Oh, yes that means they start paying social security, and medicare deductions. and those that are currently in congress pay back taxes in those two areas. We also need to stop all those “Pork Barrel” projects each one has, like say 2 million to study how cockroaches reproduce. That is just a rediculous example but you should see how many stupid ones we are paying for each year. When was the last time the congress turned down a raise for ther good of the country. For a majority of the members who never served anything other than a sub at subway all ought be ashamed.

  • retired_chief

    Once again the government thinks that freezing of military pay and raising Tricare premiums will magically fix the economics of this country. We are an easy target because we don’t have the voice in the government any longer because very few that serve in government actually served in the military. It just isn’t politically correct anymore to pay our service members what they deserve. With the recommendation for a military retiree who opts to use Tricare over employer offered insurance requiring the employer to reimburse the government is a death sentence for all that retire from the military. Employers will think twice before hiring a military retiree, they will require them to take their insurance over Tricare if they want a job. If this is so why did I stay 21 years in the Navy?

  • Carolyn

    Well, Senator Webb, do tell us, are the United States of America’s Congressmens’ salaries sustainable? I DON’T THINK SO! Touch military pay and benefits and you guys should be reduced to volunteer service and I am not kidding.

    I am not a receipent of any military money either.


  • Jeff Staples BM1 USN

    Well now, I see we have to go through this again just like in the early 90’s when Mr Lewinsky was President. Now, being retired myself, I find that my Tricare expenses may be going up, just in time for my wife to get the organ transplant she needs, after having served as a Navy wife for 20 years right beside me. I shop on base and what used to feed 5 people every 2 weeks now feeds 3. Oh and let us not forget the upcoming tax hike in January to pay for all those bailout programs that Mr. Obama, and his administration forced down our throats(anyone who didn’t see this coming is a damn fool) So, here I find myself dropping my house keys in the mailbox after 13 years in my home, and looking for a place to rent. Can I sell my home? Nope, cant get enough out of it to pay it off. Right between two of the largest Navy bases on the East coast, and cant rent the place, because the average person now serving in our military can’t afford to live in it at $1300 a month, which is at no profit to me since that is the mortgage payment. Hampton Roads, VA has one of the highest military populations in the nation and at the same time one of the lowest economies as far as outside employment is concerned. Am I whining? No. There are a lot more people out there who are far worse off than I am. I have a job that is in a market for which there will always be a demand for our product. Of course the Cash for clunkers program tried its best to ruin that, it seems that most of those new cars are being repo’d. It pays the bills and just like everyone else in this country (except our elected officials) doesn’t leave any disposable income. Stimulate the economy? The only thing happening with this bright idea is less compensation for the person with their life on the line 24/7/365 in some sand filled battlefield or in the middle of some ocean worrying about whether or not his/her family back home is going to lose their house, or get enough to eat, while his/her mind ought to be on trying to stay safe and alive to get back home to that family. Try putting a senator or a congressman, most of whom were financially independent before they took office, on E-5 pay, take away the limos and the rest of the perks and make them drive to work and have to watch their own backs without benefit of a secret service agent, set their own schedules, etc. etc. Are they defending our country and our way of life so that our military can have their freedom? I think not. More like the other way around. Before you tamper with Military pay, ask yourself Mister Congressman, and you too Mr. Senator, since FREEDOM isn’t FREE, how much is your LIFE worth?

  • Ted

    This is the government trying to take something away, I did 30 years

    and now they want to take my benifits away, that is crap, they all nee to be fired starting with the so called Commander -in-Chief I would like some of them to make 10 deployments.

  • Next time someone threatens the safety and security of our great nation, let’s call in the Wall Street bankers and CEOs. After all, its THEIR tax breaks that are causing OUR loss in benefits.

  • Marthafariss

    Once again they plan on cutting the guarantees that were made to those who made the military their career. They were promised medical benefits for life but now have to pay and each year they have to pay more and more and they lose more and more of their benefits. I hope that one day there is a need for the military to protect this country and everyone in the military decides to QUIT and that no one decides to enter the military.


    Dear Sir.

    Tri-Care for life should be left alone. These men and there families have served there country for 20 years or more, and were Promise, they would have no worry in there retirement years, yet, we have a few people that want to go back on there word, than, what is a Promise??? Leave it alone, i could go on, but it would take a few hundred years, as this country was based on what they are told, and you want to break the Promise, NOT RIGHT.

  • Whocares

    Tri-Care SHOULD BE LEFT ALONE!!!!! And, to even suggest military pay exceeds those in the civilian community is crazy! Leave the military personnel and their familities alone. Take a STRONG look into our waste every day in and around the gov… Stop those high pay raises and wastful spending and you would double heck triple savings and not touch the tri-care or military!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Military Mom

    This is for donald, maybe you should be serving your country instead of degrading the military who sacrifice their lives daily for people like you who don’t deserved their sacrifices. Apparently you have to much to say maybe if your son or daughter was sacrificing their life your comments would be different. I don’t know who you think you are but apparently you are just plain uneducated and probably living off of the system while the rest of us are busting our back sides to make a living. You wouldn’t make it through boot camp and I’m glad your not serving our country for apparently by your comments you have no clue how the other side lives. So grow up and shut up.



  • Military Mom, I don’t see that you, your husband or children ever served in the military. You want to send everyone children but your own. While its poor minorities who die for the white man.

    • MKC RET

      People like Donald keep people like us from sitting on our hands. They continues to let us hear how the left side thinks and how eager they are to undo all that we veterans have sacrificed in our lives and livelihoods. They can speak there empty mind because we took an oath to allow them to do so. The voices of the soles that gave it all, live on with the ones that have survived them. We must speak for our fallen vets and hope that one day we may have the opportunity to shove a boot up the Donalds of this country’s mouth .

    • Military Mom

      Excuse me you are uneducated and misinformed. I have two sons serving in the military and because of them and their sacrifices and injuries you disgust me. By the way we are WHITE. Freedom is Not Free.

    • proudmilitarywife

      Donald, you must not have any idea of what it means to be a military spouse or child. We are very much at the will of the military. Missing births, anniversaries, holidays, and birthdays just to name a few. Not to mention that we are having to put our lives on hold all the time when the military calls. There is no normal life for the military person or their family. I feel sorry for people that don’t truly know the sacrifices that the servicemembers and their families need to make on a daily basis. Remember its these people that are protecting your freedom by sacrificing their lives.

    • So you’re a RACIST. I have seen all minorities and whites in service you Racist P.O.C. (Piece Of Crap)

  • Roy Laster47

    Same old crap, get the Dems in and they start chopping defense and troops, just a lot bigger this time. If retired military marches on DC, i bet we get their attention and i will certainly be on the bus.

  • MikeL

    Maybe some congressmen/women and senators weren’t watching the election returns from a couple of weeks ago. They vote themselves pay increases at the drop of a hat and, oh yes, they have their own retirement slush fund and medical plan. Shame of Webb, he should know better, but he’s obviously forgotten his roots (USNA, Marines, Viet Nam). They might want to look at the pay scales of the Federal employees first. People earning over $150,000/yr has quadrupled over the last few years and people earning over $200,000/yr has tripled. Whose watching that group of freeloaders. It’s always amazing when they want to cut expenses, they look elsewhere instead of looking right outside their office doors and look at the waste not 20′ away. Oh yeah, don’t forget about the 20,000+ IRS agents our fearless leader wants to hire. There’s another election just around the corner. ONE AND DONE!

  • mike

    Figures…..take away from those who provide freedom and yet give away the store to illegals and others who want a free ride on the shoulders of those who are the producers

  • The retired military people of this country should be treated just like the Bonus Marchers in 1932. Douglas MacArthur knew how to treat those right wing red necks.

    • Thmisawa

      Donald, you are so biggoted, racist and ignorant that everything you write only strengthens the arguments against your opinion. Your only objective is to be devisive and spread hate. You have no other reason to even participate in this forum. Unfortunately the only effective way to deal with someone like you is to ignore you to the point that anything you say loses all impact. Once you stop getting attention you will simply go away.

    • Retired Navy Wife

      Are you serious right now? Do you realize that the veterans and their families were killed or driven out of their homes on base and their belongings burned? Might I ask, have you ever served?

    • Michael Appleton

      Why don’t you kiss our collective boot. You are probably one of those ’60s-’70s Peace March Draft Dodging idiots that ran to Canada. eh?

  • Shoeloy

    I just wonder if they looked at the pay and benefits of congress and decided to recommend they serve for more time before retirement benefits are earned? Or if they will freeze their pay increases which are usually higher than the meager amount they give our military. Or if they will pay more for their insurance? Just wondering.

  • retired submariner

    It goes to show you that for those who put their life in the line everyday for this wonderful country of our. There are those up in Washington, who HAVE NEVER SERVED. Have no clue what our military folks do or have done with little that we are given while serving our country.

  • Predatorsangel

    The thing is, Lifers in particular put themselves into the job. Many deployments, many mental and physical health problems. After twenty plus years, many aren’t able to go out and work till age 60. There’s disability, but anyone in the military community has seen that in many cases, too healthy for benefits, too broken to work. These men and women were guaranteed certain advantages, and now they are in jeopardy. This looks like Social Security all over again. Pay in, but when your time comes, you’ll be left out in the rain. Sixty, penniless, and without healthcare (that you can afford to use). Thanks for the “changes”.

  • Maybe this won’t mean a thing to the anti-military people out there. I’m sure that some are going to say “oh, but it’s not like you really work 24 hours a day 7 days a week” even though they don’t know that people in the military do just that. Even when you are sleeping, you are working, and “on call” to get up and do your job with a moments notice. This is what the guys coming into the navy make…. this is NOT what they are willing to sacrifice their lives and bodies for. it’s not why they are willing to do their job even though they know that having a normal family life is impossible, and the odds that they will divorce before it’s all over are much higher than civilians. This is what their lives and bodies are worth to the government.

    And yes, this is what they are paid, before taxes.

    This is for e-1 to e-4 soldiers and sailors with less than 2 years in the military.

    E-4 1889 a month divided by 30 days divided by 24 hours a day is $2.62 per hour.

    E-3 1706 a month divided by 30 days divided by 24 hours a day is

    $2.36 a hour.

    E-2 1622 a month divided by 30 days divided by 24 hours a day is

    $2.25 an hour.

    E-1 1447 a month divided by 30 days divided by 24 hours a day is

    $2.01 a hour.

  • Retired Navy Wife

    When my husband CHOSE to serve his country in the navy as a nuclear engineer enlisted, not officer, he was promised FREE healthcare coverage for LIFE if he retired at 20 years. Well he got sick in Desert Storm and was medically retired at 10 years. We not only have to pay for Tricare but in order to keep our Tricare we have to also purchase Medicare Part B. Sorry folks but the federal government is double dipping on my family and to add insult to injury, they also withhold my husbands retirement pay of a measly $517 a month in lieu of him receiving his VA disability. He will never work again and is only 45 years old. Try raising a family on a fixed income. I am his caregiver making it near impossible to work outside my home and I only get paid $126 per month to care for him. This MUST STOP! Stop taking from the military, if you need to make changes start from the top in the house and senate. Set term limits and term benefits. No more pay for life! Any idiot can serve 4 years in the house or senate, but it takes a courageous young man/woman to leave their family at home alone to serve on a war front in a foreign country not knowing if their family will be cared for in time of need.

  • J Lang

    It is almost sickening to hear that they are trying to cut the things that were promised to us. We who put our lives in jeopardy when called upon. We who put our families in state of crisis not knowing if we are ever coming home. This is the last place they should look for cuts. Those pay increases, we earned them; tricare, we earned and more than deserve it to stay the same. We are not talking about just any job. We are the men and women that respond to our country’s greatest needs. We stand up and go to war to protect the citizens of what I thought was this great nation. If you think this blatant act of disrespect towards the selfless service of our men and women will go without repercussions, then you are seriously mistaking.

  • Jeff Staples BM1 USN

    This is for Donald. You are precisely the kind of person who does not need to post anything on this forum. I am a retired Navy veteran, and I spent most of my career at sea watching my kids grow up in pictures. If you think for one minute that my wife and kids didn’t spend one minute of their lives in the military, ask them how they felt when I wasn’t there when Christmas came, or how come I wasn’t there to teach them how to play softball or football or even a simple card game.
    Ask my wife how it felt to miss an anniversary, or how after five days of marriage I deployed to Beirut for 7 months. By the way, playing the racial card won’t work. I am white, and a lot of close friends that I deployed to Beirut with, from all different walks of life died when the Marine barracks was blown up. I know, because I was one of the chosen that helped clean up the body parts.

  • Retired Navy Wife

    Oh and there is something really wrong with our military enlisted qualifying for food stamps and medical card beyond their military benefits, don’t try and tell me they are well cared for~ Sorry but someone better open their eyes!

  • Writingqueen

    Everyone is taking cuts so why should the military be exempt??? It’s not a slap to those who are serving just what has to be done. They need to realize that and be gracious.

    • Michael Appleton

      OBVIOUSLY… YOU have never had to endure the Military life firsthand, either as an Active Duty Member or a Spouse. You have NO clue as to what you are talking about.

    • Military Mom

      Because the military’s salary doesn’t compare to the outside world. Yes, they volunteered to protect their country and look at the sacrifices they are making. They deserve much more. Something to think about. Your cell phone is in your pocket. He clutches the cross hanging on his chain next to his dog tags. He knows he may not see some of his buddies again. You walk down the beach, staring at all the pretty girls/handsome guys. He patrols the streets, searching for insurgents & terrorists. He’s told he will be held over an extra 2 months. You call your girlfriend/boyfriend and set a date for tonight. He waits for the mail to see if there is a letter from home. You hug & kiss your girlfriend/boyfriend every day. He holds his letter close & smells his love perfume.You roll your eyes as a baby cries. He gets a letter with pictures of his new child, & wonders if they’ll ever meet. You criticize your government, & say that war never solves anything. He sees the innocent tortured & killed by their own people & remembers whey he is fighting. You hear the jokes about the war, & make fun of men like him. He hears the gunfire, bombs & screams of the wounded. You see only what the media wants you to see. He sees the broken bodies lying around him. You are asked to do some thing by your parents. You don’t. He does exactly what he is told even if it puts his life in danger. You stay at home & watch TV. He takes whatever time he is given to call, write home, sleep, & eat. You crawl into your soft bed, with down pillows, & get comfortable. He tries to sleep but gets woken by mortars & helicopters all night long. So I ask you again should there be any military cuts?

  • Gstyle0

    Here is an idea, a freeze on Senate and Congress pay raises.

  • Wan4tom

    Maybe it is time for the political leaders to take up arms and defend this country and we’ll see how they like leaving their families. Military members are on call 7/24 and can be deployed at any time; average out their pay over a 7/24 and they are not paid near enough for what they have to sacrifice. Most of our political leaders have never served and don’t have a clue what the military does and what they sacrifice. So maybe the time has come to give them this opportunity to arm and deploy them and see how they like it.

  • Just to put my previous post into perspective…

    The president makes $400,000 per year, while senators make $169300 per year. Keep in mind though that does not include all the tax breaks, incentives, lucrative pension plans and insurance that average Americans could only dream of having (and will never have access to). Not to mention, the president makes that much per year for life.

    how about a pay cut or pay freeze for them?

  • Irving

    These idiots are forgetting who puts their lives on the line so they can give themselves outrageous pay raises and exemptions from healthcare services that the people and servicepeople can’t get.

  • Swe0006

    Most military members have educational degrees and a wide variety of skill sets. They have the determination and courage to get hard work done. The military is already underpaid for what they offer. These cuts will force out the elite who have better paying alternatives on the table. Do we as a nation really want this?

  • Don

    How about reducing the pay of the congress and stop the useless spending!

  • Rwjenkins44

    Those of us who have service this Country during Wars and Cold Wars ,and went were they need us to server belongs better from the Government. We spent our 20 + years for them and they made promises
    To us on retirement and health care. Yeal it loud “Hell NO”, Keep your promise to us! Most non military do not no what we gave up to serve mone, higher pay in the Civilian market, our Health.

  • Steve

    Gee! a money crisis and it’s all the military’s dault wit their benefits being too excessive? Never m,ind congress and all of their expensive life style and annual pay rfaises INCLUDiNG 2009 and AGAIN in 2010!!!!! When in doubt screw the military man and his family, so all can be funneled to someone else, especially those that re NON DESERVING!!!!! Funny how that bad habit has been brought back to life with this Administration????? Very strange??????

    Steve, Retired

  • Joysong14

    Make a new ammendment as proposed by Sen Bohener-“Make no laws that do apply EQUALLY to ALL menbers of the Govt.- – -Federal,State, and City.

  • Elmore48

    When I was drawing substandard pay and living in substandard housing I was told that it was because of my retirement benefits if I stayed in. Let’s see free medical and dental and a retirement check after 20 years. Well the free dental and medical is a non player, just get a check that now the powers to be make me feel quilyy about getting. I live in a city where teachers, fireman, and police can all retire after 20 years and draw retirement, pay minimal medical insurance. Had I not chosen to serve in the military for 20 years I could have taken advantage of the civilian equivelent.

  • Roy W CheatwoodDPdai

    why dont the congress and the rest of the yes boys up there that has never been in combat or for that fact been in any type of mil. service cut there pay in half and try to live on that and yes with all ther perks that that they reciveand yes i am retired and worked after that would a congressman or senator do that i dont think so.

  • Slinta

    Writingqueen, just who i the hell are all pof these “everyone” that arfe takin gpay cuts? Why did you overlook the Congress and all of the peope that are lifetime employees of Congressmen/Congresswomen?

    Amazing how all the idiots jump on that band wagon to say take from the military, they are causing us to run out of money, and all of them are over paid! Writingqueen, what a fool you must be????

    Steve, Retired

  • Troy

    They are all about reducing military pay and earned benefits with the military community but when it comes to welfare recipients thaty apparently are untouchable along with their own pay and benefits

  • Hansonprogrammer

    I served in the Air Force for 26 years. I have no problem with this. We should not be receiving retirement pay immediately upon retiring, but at some other age like 65 like our civilian counterparts. Those wounded in battle though should be given benefits since they did make a big sacrifice.

    • Michael Appleton

      Seriously? YOU can give back your pay then,, I earned it, and won’t be giving MINE up any time soon.

    • Alaskan2000

      You’re an idiot! I served my country honorably, I deserve my retirement upon retirement!

  • Rkoch27

    I keep reading about cuts in military pay, retirement, social cecurity, tricare and medicare. Don’t see anything on welfare or medicaid though. Don’t cut one without cutting all SS and medicare are things people pay into and he military work hard for their pay, benifits and retirement. What do the welfair recipiants contribute?? Also 2 years unemployment and looking at extending it farther???

    Is a frontal libottomy required to be and elected government official????

  • Sherry

    As a spouse of a military member, I would like to know how much is a life really worth. These Men & Women put thier lives on the line for us to have freedom and work endless hours. Our Government does not understand how little we make and how we live. I would like to see them living in a tent, eating mre’s, sleeping on the back of a truck, laying in a fox hole for 24hours. The list could go on. My husband works hard for his country and his family. He choose the Army as a way to save our great nation and to give his children freedom and peace. He is away months on end, He has missed hoildays,birthdays, playing ball with his kids, weddings, funerals of friends. Give me a break, I would like to see more being done to help and care for all our Militarty.

  • Nicholsonjulian

    I understand that tough decisions must be made in regards to reduction of government spending. However I’ve noticed the vast majority of cuts will be with the military. After serving 23 years, it is obvious that I am on board with pulling my fair share of the weight in making a better America, but I don’t want to pull all the weight. I don’t mind taking a freeze on my pay or increasing my health insurance after incurring my enjuries while serving my country, but If I am taking these hits I want to see the same painful hits given to Obama’s precious welfare recipients who voted this loser into office. Welfare, Medicaid, and SOCIALIST SECURITY is the main reason our nation is now broke. It is now time that the lazy and inept pay their fair share of the burden in making this a better America. Keep the current social security in effect for those who are 48 years of age and older. reduce the pay out for those between 42 and 47 years of age. Those who are 41 years of age and under including myself except that we are paying for our elders and we got robbed by the government. It sucks but stop it now before it takes the whole country down. As for Welfare give 12 months notification to all welfare recipients that an 85% reduction will take affect at the end of the 12 month notification. Medicaid needs to be changed only allowing minor children health care under this hand out program. If these extremme measures are not taken, I want to know how the Democrats plan to pay for it once all of us who do work are out of money.

  • Aulsw2

    If they want to cut stuff! Let them start with their pay raises and perks. They do not need privet jets or suvs. Fly commercal in coach and drive a readular small car. No life time medical or monthly retirment pay after they get out of office after one or two terms. Plus, If you want to be in Congress than you must first sereve in the armed forces. That even goes for being the President of the United States of America!

  • Jandcharker

    These experts need to realize the military is protecting this country and get little recongnition for all they do for the country and what their families go through. If they need to cut spending start with the pay of those at the top. If they ask for these cuts they also need to make same cuts for themselves starting with pay raises for themselves.

  • Jdma


    or the old military retirees may activate our militaty training.


  • Denbozz67

    How about cutting back or eliminating all the money we give to countries that hate us anyway? How about eliminating the ridiculous grants and studies they spend millions and millions on? What about eliminating all the benefits we give to people who haven’t earned them?

    Why take away benefits from the people who have fought for this country and put in 25%+ of their lives to defend it?

    Punish the ones who have been willing to offer their lives for our freedoms and keep giving everything to those whoi have done nothing for it othet than to show up with their hands uot. They leave one country because it’s terrible to live their but then they come here aand do their damndest to make it just like the bad country they came from!!! There has NEVER been anything the government has tried to run and been successful at it. All they do is make it bigger and bigger and lessen the quality of it.

  • The Panorama

    Military do not get paid over time, They have to work 12 to 18 hours a day with the same pay. How about paying them by the hour and after 8 hours over time 1 1/2 times there pay. Civilians who work for our goverment get paid that. How about leaving your family for a year, and your kids being mad at you for missing every inport thing in there lives.

  • Jayb4790

    Would anyone like to join me in another joyful ceremony where we can all “as military members” bend over and take another shot right in the Keester?

  • Jaskew

    Are you kidding me!These people lay down their lives for ALL of us!!!!!!!!!! I am so embarrassed.Lets not only put a pay freeze on the government as in senators,etc.but actually reduce it.That is where the problem lies!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Active duty

    This is a disgusting suggestion. My husband could be making more in the civilian community but chooses to serve, our benefits are earned, promised at enlistment and help to balance the 24/7 underpaid demanding job hardships..long deployments, separation, isolation, exposure to deadly radiation, combat zones, 38hour shifts on your feet, missing your sons first steps, your first 3yrs of anniversaries, the list continues. And this is if he even comes home safe, lets not forget their lives are on the line. Find another area to cut, those who aren’t part of the military community cant begin to understand the sacrifices we make to serve our country, My husband serves to protect the freedoms he wants for his family. Many military families survive below the poverty line, including this one. There is no room for cuts here, not when there’s military widows loosing their home because they cant pay rent or feed her kids, or young men serving overseas who cant provide groceries and gas for their family back home. My husband is in his 2nd tour, 18 months long, serving overseas and he deserves to make more than $3.05 an hour, or to worry while over there if his children have affordable health care. Changes need to be made, but not these ones.

  • If they want to eliminate the 20 year retirement they had better bring back the draft. No matter what, I think they would wind up with a very young NCO corps. Few would stay in past 10 years.
    If they fail to cover adequately the medical problems of the troops and their families, what is the plan? Bankruptcy filing?

  • 2001USMCRetWMGy

    What needs to happen is this…We the people need to put a pay freeze on our elected officials pay! We the people need to eliminate the elected officials retirement pay unless they serve at least 20 years. Seriously, who the heck ever voted that they get full salary for the rest of their life…even if they don’t serve a full term!? We the people need to reform their expense accounts and monitor them closely. Then we the people need to make our officials join in the Social Security…take all the money they have contributed to their special account and place it into the Social Security funds.

  • Larry

    So willing to take money from working people, The last election I still don’t think they got the message! social security to people who haven’t payed a dime, and medicare but after 40 years of paying in tell me I might not get mine (that I and my employer payed into) you the Government are not giving me anything like you have everybody convinced, you stole our money yes you stole it. Welfare reciepants who have done nothing for society except collect free bee’s forever don’t take that money, money we give to other countries, and all the other free bull the federal Government gives away no don’t touch that money. The frist words out of that hole under your nose is to put the screws to the working man and the military, you politicans just don’t get it, why don’t you give all your money to the Government I don’t see anybody stopping you except you.

  • Ford Prefect

    Our fearless leaders go wild and irresponsibly spend the money. Then others have to sacrifice even more to fix it.

  • Johnlocascio48

    Let these Congressman & Senators. Give up the retirment they get and use our medical program after there Retired. A four year stint. Let them get 2.5 percent for every year they do in public service. After they reach 20yrs. Including The President. Nooooo, Hell No! They would scream like a wounded Eagle. Thats the problem with polititiion Democrats in particular. We want to support Illegal aliens and make them citizen, support welfare recipients, And continuiosly take pot shots at the military…..FI….Then bring back the draft. See how fast they stay in office. None of them have the heart to reenstate the draft.And put there kids in the first lottery. And grand children…Right up front walking point!

  • Myword66

    It is well past the time that ALL military personnel tell Congress and the white house to take their job and shove it. Put out the word to everyone, that to join the military is the dumbest thing they could ever do. Let congress get off their A$$E$ and earn their money. Let their family members DIE for them. Don’t be stupid don’t enlist or re-enlist, the trash in Washington IS NOT WORTH fighting for. FLY THE AMERICAN FLAG UPSIDE DOWN, THIS COUNTRY IS IN A CRISIS, SHOW THE WORLD. If they want it ,TAKE IT, WHO CARES ?????

  • don

    If freezing pay will help save money I’m for it, but the problem is they want to freeze our pay and raise the cost for benefits that we’ve earned. When it comes to the military, men and women aren’t just doing a job, they are risking their lives and some are giving their lives in service for their country. Politicians need to be put in uniform and sent to the desert in Iraq or Afghanistan and lets see how they feel about messing with military pay and benefits, active duty or retired.

  • H. Gardman

    Back in 1952 while serving in the Navy I helped with recruiting while promising eligible enlistees to remain in the service offering lifetime benefits/promises for voluntarily electing long term service. It took years to get retirees Tricare for Life; reducing those benefits would be shameful and unAmerican. My suggesting is that the military should not make promises that it cannot keep or expect to keep. In the future install a contract with the military personnel and the government spelling out precisely the terms and conditions of remaining in service…just like any other employee/employer contract. I also think we should reinstitute the draft by lottery system and filling projected personnel requirments through that system. No more promises.

  • Jmail2

    Ok – lets focus on real issue – Military men and women work for a living whereas personnel on unemployment and welfare don’t… Lets cut costs where they should be cut and make those who support this country by working and contributing not pay the price for those who don’t.

  • Jimmymishoe92

    the gov better not do cutting pay for veterans or military it will hurt all who is involved doing this kind beheavieir you will have to run and hide you can count on that list names who wants to do this mutiney is upon you if this happens jimmy the sniper

  • bob

    Typical of the politicians to dump their lack of fiscal responsibility on the backs of the GI’s. There are many programs that need to be dismantled, one of which is giving money to any country regardless of their relations with the United States. I feel that the only way to cure this is to vote one way – If you’re in you’re out. Re-institute the draft and let everyone and I mean everyone go. 4 years active and 4 years reserve or Guard. No deferments. If you are afflicted like Stephen Hawking, we got a job for you. College can wait. Women in combat? They are in the MP’s and their job is like light infantry now. They go to. No age limit. Draft the congressmen and senators if they haven’t served. I am very tired of these people who sit and make the decisions about right and wrong in the war zone and they have no point of reference. Let us give them one.

  • Active duty member

    Why is it that higher official always look to take money from the young enlisted who is actually doing the fighting overseas to save money, why don’t they look at themselves and the fat paycheck that they are getting and give some of it back. Enlisted members, the last thing that they need to worry about is whether their families are in any financial troubles, they have other things to worry about like not getting kill. So why don’t you look somewhere else to save money on.
    Active Duty Member.

  • Jimmymishoe92

    get all people not from the us if you want citzenship put all the military they can earn it 6 yrs jimmy the sniper

  • Retired Navy

    I foresee a reduction in US military readiness in the near future, especially when congress can and will increase their own pay/benefits at the cost of our nations security and the people we put in harms way.

  • Michael Appleton

    Congress, Senate, and House of Representitives,, listen up. We just had a “HOUSE CLEANING” in the last mid-term election… Think it can’t happen again? Piss off the Military and Retirees, and see how fast it DOES happen again. You have NO idea how many people you are affecting with these foolish ideas.

    Now,, for YOU in Congress, Senate and the House, here is what “WE THE PEOPLE” recommend: No more than 8 years in office of ANY sort. You will be paid $70,000 per year, NO raise at all over the course of the 8 years in Office, you have enough money as it is. There will be NO retirement after your 8 year term is up.. PERIOD. You did not hold office long enough to GET retirement. YOU are supposed to be SERVING the Citizens of the United States of America, not fat-catting off of us. Now as far as the Health Care issue.. You WILL BE REQUIRED to use the same health care system as the General Public, no matter what, even if you can afford to pay for all of your health care out of pocket. You voted it in, YOU are required to use it.

    • Rmcgee1960

      You forgot to add – Reduce your base salary by any and all amounts you receive from PAC’s, Special interest groups, Lobbyists and any other “contributors”. This will include any non-monetary “gifts” or “presents”, meals, trips, etc….that means ANYTHING that you receive from ANYONE!

      • Michael Appleton

        I KNEW I was forgetting SOMETHING there.. Thanks for the assist!!

  • bob

    There is no job in the civilian sector that equates to that of the military. There is no pay structure in the civilian sector that equates to that of the military for the performance required across the many areas that a soldier is required to meet. There is not job in the civilian sector that asks more of it employees in regards to hours worked and time spent away from family and general sacrifices. The politicians look at the defense budget and the easy expense to control is payroll and benefits. Even though they don’t meet the civilian sector they look at total dollars and say this is why we are in trouble. They need to look at their own inept handling of the budget in general and their inability to control ‘pork spending’ that they use to get re-elected. Leave the GIs and the Vets alone. Clean up your own house first.

  • B37

    Interesting – cut military and federal pay, but congressmen and senators receive a pricey salary increase annually. Now if they really want to look at ways to reduce government spending, shouldn’t they start with themselves as an example? Shouldn’t the people vote for their salaries or increases – seems fair to me.

  • Francisco011

    How about cutting The President’s National Com­mis­sion on Fis­cal Respon­si­bil­ity and Reform co-chairs, for­mer Sen. Alan Simp­son (R-Wyo.) and for­mer chief of staff to Pres­i­dent Clin­ton, Ersk­ine Bowles and all the members of Congress to include the President to take a pay cut and a freeze for the next 10 years and wait till they’re 65 years old before they can get a retirement and only if they serve 20 years!

  • Stamarisjr

    1. Instead of cutting the troops benefits, why don’t we cut congresses pay and do away with their retirement and special health plans. Most of them are millionaires anyway. Why should they get benefits better than our service men and women? We need term limits with no retirement/benefits after congressional service. Serve your term and go home.

    2. Cut welfare to anyone who is able to work and limit the maximum time they can be on welfare to three years cumulative up to retirement age. Also put anyone who is on welfare to work doing public services. I.E. cleaning government buildings, etc. Same goes for unemployment.

  • Wehorn, 1SG USA Ret

    How about cut all benefits the Congress and Senate get for Life upon serving ONE {1} Term in Office!! Cut mine and you won’t have an office to screw us from anymore!

  • chu wong

    All of us are Patriots and spent many years being willing to give our lives for our country if necessary.

    Well, Patriots it time to suck it up again. This time Uncle Sam doesn’t want you to put you life on the line, just your wallet.

    Don’t get mad, just give ’til it hurts, It’s the American Way!

  • R17707

    One term for all houses of Gov’t Term Limits. No benifets if they earn more the 200K.

  • Brandt Secosh, CW3,

    Whats that hollow sound I hear? Ahhhh, that would be the void in the future number of service members. We shed our blood, sacrifice so much for what…. so the government can use us as political pawns (If I hear another government official say “putting our most valuable asset in harms way” again I think I will puke) when it benefits their elections…please! Lets flip the tables, we will serve one tour and draw a fat, full retirement with medical benefits like you clowns do and YOU go pick up a rifle and defend the country for twenty years or more for 50%, ooops now I beleive it s 40%, of your BASE pay. How do you people even sleep at night? Really?

  • Livefire32

    I agree with Wehorn. Senate and Presidential pay never seams to be effected in these cuts. 1 term and beter retirment pay then someone who’s worked 40 yrs. Please!

  • Mike

    Well this is a great way to show respect for our AD veterans. I was struggling to decide if I would hang in there for another 11 years. Good luck finding good people to fight your stupid wars!

  • Tjone2549

    Who do these yahoo’s in Congress think they are. Most of them probably did whatever they could to avoid going in the military in the mid 60’s when people like me went and protected our country. I vote to make it a law that any member of congress must have spent time in the military. Most of them currently serving in Congress would be ousted which would be a very good thing !! I say reduce their annual government income and take away their benefits. I can accomplish just as much as they can and do it for a lot less.

  • Debglazen

    What a shame, we already pay through the nose, when does it stop?

  • Davidhp

    As a retiree, this will be my second year without a COLA, now politicians are attempting to go after pay and benefits of active duty personnel while they are in harm’s way. I have been retired for 16 years now and have been working in the civilian world, now politicians are taking advantage of the recession to go after our underpaid military members when they are sacrificing while the rest of the country ignores them.

    This is outrageous. How can we as the American people expect our young people to serve in the military when politicians are unwilling to live up to the obligations they owe our soldiers, sailors, marines and airmen.

    There is a debt of honor owed to our military active, reserve, and retired and the American government must live up to this promise maid.

  • Nvigil51

    If the panel wants not to waste money than stop using tricare providers that don’t do their job. I’ve been retired since 92 have been to ER 3-4 times, once for me; for chest pain, 3 times for wife for diabetic complication, rightfully refered to her Prime primary but than refered to Network to see an Internal Med MD here in Colorado, who told her she wouldn’t manage her case and refused service. This was a surprise because MAMC endocrinology at Ft Lewis would. But having to transfer to be close to family and current Circumstances dictated I switch locations in support of GWOT as a DAC. This included change of plans from Standard to Prime. I ask, how is it that providers can dictate what support they will or won’t provide the tricare receipient. Although, I have always felt Military medicine is the best. I know I have given sacrifice after sacrifice and service as an enlisted and officer medical provider and support to our service as a medic, nurse and PA. Not to have the same cdommitment in return and being required to pay an additional cost is a much more to ask of self and others who are not as financially stable as those young families in our ranks who deserve much more. And, now it is being provided by non-military, non commited provider who obviuosly doesn’t have the commitment of sustaining the force with quality care, makes me feel not too comfortable paying the extra cost to retain this service . A copy of this concern will go to my congressional representative asking them not to support raising tricare cost until tricare improves its program overall. If you agree I ask you do the same.

  • Hjtnjat23

    I think that the people in political office should turn back there raises and try to live on a living like any retiree. They do not think of any person but themselves. I think a raise is Tri-Care would be wrong and I thin this would drive persons out of the military that would be carrer people.

    Harold Thompson Retired MSG USAR

  • the guns 1994

    the government should give up their raises just like the military does. i remember one time when i was on active duty we got a 2% pay raise and social security went up 4%. make congress go 20 years to retire instead of 4 and see how many would change their minds.

  • MissouriVet

    Another case of those making the most changing things for those who make less. I didn’t read ANY mention of changing congressional medical care or pensions as a way to reduce the federal debt. If they had to pay into and live off Social Security like those they effect, THAT would get fixed pronto.

  • Merrymary_053

    Wow what is next! These people are so under paid as it is. My God they serve our country. They serve because they believe in what they are doing. They sacrifice their lives everyday for us. What is the matter with you people. If anything they deserve a huge pay raise. HUMMMMMM looks like they didn’t get the message on Nov.2, 2010. Hey people do we need to remind them all.. We need people in these states with all the idiots in office to convince the people who they really need to vote for.

  • Michaelcoled

    It’s time for the politicians to fork over a large cut in pay, before making cuts to those who actively and formerly defended this country. For some of us who live below the poverty level today on account of the war and the economy can not afford any-more cuts. I need to pay for food and a place to live.


    I just can’t believe that it has come down to this. Being apart of the US military use to be a great way to go and a secure way as well. Now they are really showing us that even serving your country will not benefit or pay off in anyway at all. It’s bad enough that after retiring after 20 years of service I am trying to get work and haven’t secured a job yet and can’t even get unemployment eventhough I’ve worked since the age of 16 years old. They say I make too much from my pension! Anyone retired know that supplement income with your retirement check is necessary these days;especially with a family. It’s just a real shame that they will mess with the military pay and tricare benefits when we have already sacrificed so much for this country. No one will ever view the military the same if this mess happens. There will be no real incentive or even honor in joining the ranks anymore.

    • Grannytutu

      my husband gave 28 yrs. of his life(without complaining) now that he has retired from the navy, he has to supplement his income with a 20 hr day job 7 days a week…just to keep up with the gas and grocery bill….retiree’s have to fight for all of their benafits that they were promised when they joined the military… angry….

  • TM

    This is not right. I would like to see what cuts Congress and Senators have passed on their salaries and health care. I retired from the military and the quality of my health care is poor. I have to wait several months to see a doctor and I never see the same doc and now you are raising our costs? When does this end?

  • guest

    Do not tax the rich, right? Reduce the deficit instead by raising Tricare fees and co-pays?

    It is a benefit that was promised before the 20 + yr service started….taking that ‘free’ (not anymore) benefit away now is utterly unfair. Can the service member have his/hers 20+ years back too???

    Let’s consider taxing the rich again before we touch the military.

  • Ruth Ann Lloyd

    If they make Federal Pay Freezes…THAT SHOULD INCLUDE …all

    members of CONGRESS, AIDES, and STAFF members!!!!

    There were no Cola raises this year for military or Soc.Sec. members, but CONGRESS received a $4,200 pay raise…Explain this Sen. Simpson,Bowles?????????


    Wow! this is a sad commentary! I never wanted to believe it would come to this. This country is in more trouble than I ever imagined!

  • Grannytutu

    if the stupid asses in washington dc would stay in house and stop wasting money on traveling the world, we could save a lot more than cutting military pay and raising tri care fees!!!!!!

    this is one messed up country…..Obama needs to goooo…along with the rest of the millionare senators!!!!!!

  • etc

    74% of the White House staff received an average 9% pay raise last year. One assistant to the President went from 113,000 to 150,000. Search white house pay raise and see for youself.

  • Blue4seattle

    To quote Thomas Jefferson: “The tree of liberty must be refreshed from

    time to time with the blood of patriots and tyrants” Need I say more?

    All this talk of cutting military benefits is abhorant, sinful, and tyrannical.

  • GREG

    WOW here these Republicans go again, trying to mess up more politics again.I think that a pay cut if any should come from the senate level and congress, and all these blunders on these weapons that the military is making and selling else where! This was a blunder the REP put the united staes in, and now trying to to do the same identical thing again. REM IRAQ! tell me why do the white house staff gets and increase and the rest suffer, lead by example ! WTH!

  • JCB

    Military pay is not the problem…..check out how much the contractors (and their parent companies) are making. There is no way they are cost effective alternatives to federal hiring.

  • Georgekrisko


  • Pedro Gerena

    Lets just fire all the arm forces and close all the military installations and have the Political pocket full of money,smart ones,to go and do the job of the military in Irak and.Afganistan.and thenyou save money. Or why don’t we just have these.people give up have of there pay and benefits and then we would save some real money..

    • Army_wife_crothers

      are you kidding me? are you military? have you ever tried to pay all the bills, provide for the kids, and simply try to live on what the military sees as fit pay????? Yeah sure maybe we make a little more than some civilians, but money only goes so far. My husband may only be an E2, but trust me….the pay isn’t as great as everyone thinks it is. You have to give all the BAH (our allowance is 1057) even if it’s a house that isn’t even worth 600 a month….that’s rediculous. Try spelling Iraq and Afghanistan right next time too.


      why don’t we just deport all the illegal aliens from our country…that would save some SERIOUS money….

  • Interesting that as our fleet of ships is deteriorating and we are not in any hurry to replace them, our sailors and marines suffer on the seas. Our army is fitted with equipment to keep them safe, that is when it can get to them and when the leaders in Washington see fit to fund it. Our men and women are eating processed/reconstituted foods while on ships or the front line because fresh goods are not readily available, this all leads to poor living conditions which leads to poor health. I believe that instead of cutting funding, funding needs to be increased so that fresh water is available 24/7 aboard the amphib ships. Allowing our sailors to go three months without fresh water is a travesty. Yes it happened, my son was aboard that ship. Taping newspaper to the hull of a ship and painting over it to cover up a crack is unacceptable. Oh and that ship cannot get underway in rough seas, over 5ft swells. Something is wrong with that picture.

    In the 80’s Ronald Reagan knew our military needed to be improved and increased. He saw to it that our men and women had improved living conditions and better equipment, not to mention building up our troops. Then Bush and Clinton started cutting. Now we are undermanned on the front lines of a war in the middle east to the point that our ships are undermanned sending men/women to the front line.

    We are seeing more and more disabilities and illnesses that are difficult at best to treat. That will do nothing more than increase the VA budget until the house and senate see fit to revoke those benefits also.

    Give as our men and women who were courageous enough to give, they wrote a blank check on their lives ~ willing to sacrifice it all ~ so the American people can live in a free nation and protect other areas of the world. It is time to give back to our military and veteran population with COLA every year~ With the continuance of all services and without an increase in anything other than pay and benefits. We pay $100 a month for dental coverage that is worthless after one root canal and crown. We need to improve services, not take them away. We have no eye coverage other than an exam every two years. We have no hearing coverage other than an exam every two years. It is high time that we are taken care of sufficiently. We earned that much ~

  • Chara

    Donald is a jerk, just doing this to get a reaction from everyone, ignore him and maby he will fall off the face of the earth with the rest of the scum.

    • Guest

      Ignoring problems is what America has done best. We continue to go on this path and not take a real stand we will keep getting screwed.

  • Frank

    Hmmmm….. How about we cut ALL pay for Senators on down in half with NO RAISES for them for the next 10 years at least . There will be NO voting themselves payraises etc. Make them start using public transportation ( no more Limo’s , any travel they need will come out of their own pocket ( not from taxes or the general public ) , We have families on the streets while they’re living high on the hog ?????????? Politicians need to start looking at the real picture here .

  • FED UP!

    I just want to puke at the thought that i wasted 20 years of my life protecting the scumbags in washington.

  • militarywife21years

    If the military isn’t ripping off its own, then the government is doing it for them. My husband served 21 years … we’ve seen the “benefits” taken away over and over again.

  • Howardvjacksonsr

    i signed a blank check for a open amount to include my life and was told if you get hurt we WILL take care of you for life ,what a big fat joke,i have been waiting 6 months to get paid for service connected surgeries in the amount of 8,700.00 while charles manson is eating steak,and watching cable tv for free ,thanks uncle sam for the lies,why does this piece of crap have more rights than me a veteran,can some one tell me please

  • Lfan46

    To answer the Presidential Debt Panel, it was not the military that cause the financial crisis, it was the banks, and the stock markets. Why are you blamming the military?

    As for as the Presidential Blue Ribbon debt panel recommendation for cutting troops amd pay and tricare benefits, thay should be tired and feather. We don’t haave enought military personnel now. If we had another war brake out where would we get enought troops?

    As far as Sen Alan Simpson (R-Wyo) he needs to get real. He should have all of his pay cut and lose his benefits, not take it away form the military and retirees.

    As far reform COLA, HELL we can’t make it on what we get now.

    I served 28 years in the miltitary and now I get this. I gave up 28 years of my life for my country, and now what do I get in return? (THIS)

    What about the men and women who gave there lives for there country and the family that has lose these men and women, your going to take all of what thay fought for away?

    You people are just not right. All of you need to be out of office, and all your benefits,and pay taken away from you.

  • fed up E-7

    God, if I had to do all over again, I darn well would not give 21 years of my life just so some twirp in Washington who probably hasn’t even come close to being in the military can take the benefits promised all of us away while bailing out the %&$(&^%@ on wall street and Detroit. Shame on you Congress and Obama!

  • Marlino

    I retired in 1988. That is 22 years ago. During my active duty period I spent time fighting an unsupported war. (Vietnam) I was put in harms way time after time and never complained. Matter of fact, I never feared for my life or well being. I remember my first months pay from the military $89.00…yes, eighty-nine dollars. No complaints on my part at all. Today, I fear for my well being, my families well being. Folks our country is going to pot. It’s time for the military retirees and their families to stand up and revolt. We need an awakening in this country just like the awakening of the 1960s.

  • Disgusted

    oh… the “grateful nation” strickes again.

  • Grandmimi69

    To address the question of decreasing pay and increasing out of pocket fees for Tricare Beneficiaries; it is wrong and will always be wrong. The military didn’t put us in this spot it was the politicians,the banks and stock market. How come it always comes down to cutting the military pay when something like this comes up? My husband served 23 years and I am a veteran of a foreign war and we didn’t get paid enough when we were active duty and now you want to make it harder on our fighting soldiers? There is a large percentage of them that receive food stamps and WIC now. You start by freezing their pay and increasing their out of pocket cost and what will that do to our fighting force? You are going to cripple us on our own soil!You have to find another way. As for treating the military community equally what about the new law on healthcare that takes effect 1 january 2011 that exempts Tricare because they aren’t governed by the same rules and regulations as civilian insurance? We have children too that fit in the category that civilian families have; those that are under 26 and can’t afford insurance but need it. Our Tricare is our insurance and should be held to the same rules as others are and our dependants should be among those allowed to be added back on until they are 26 years of age in January 2011.

  • retired veteran

    do the homework and stop the insanity, there are over 700,000 civilians in full time military payroll. The average salery is between 43,965 and 74,891 dollars. Each secrete service member has a salery of 75,682-127,710 dollars plus bonus. add travel, per diem for each member. Do the math.An E-1, E-2 and E-3 are all below the poverty level. These are the ones dying and being wounded for this country. Meanwhile Retires, Veterans and S.S. will already be on the third year with no cola. IF cuts are made lets start at the top, not the bottom. RD

  • Teri

    I have challenged all my Congressional representatives to match their health benefits to our military health benefits, and I suggest you do the same. I have yet to hear back from any of them.

    My husband, like many of you, was promised “free health care for life” when he enlisted if he served 20 years. He earned those benefits in Viet Nam and 20 years in. Now that we are both over 65, we were forced to go on Medicare and pay for it just like civilians who never served at all, in order to still be eligible for our Tri-Care!

    We pay over $2,500 a year even if we don’t see a doctor. That’s free?That’s if you can find one who will take you. Of course, that’s not including deductibles, co-pays, etc. How many times do we have to pay for benefits already earned?

    Now the doctors are facing another cut of 23% reimbursement. They already lose money if they see us as patients. One hospital of the two in our area will not take us.

    This is outrageous, not to mention how the younger ones are being treated. I think that upsets me the most of all.

  • Read this and tell me what you think.

  • Foxtrot

    What an outrage! The select people, (about 0.5% of the entire countries population give or take a 0.1), who have the courage to serve this country deserve the benefits. For example, those who sacrificed 20+ years of their lives to protect the US citizens, (a strong 95.5%ish) or the veterans who fought wars including the current war,(yes it is a war), that are disabled because of their service. Do you really think 0.5% of the population costs that much to support? I mean they really earned the little benefits they receive. Do you believe they can support themselves after becoming disabled and not able to work? If you really think so, than you are out of your mind. Yes, the military claims they take-care of the wounded, ill, and injured veterans, but they don’t tell you how they usually shortchange those same veterans. From personal experience, I served a total of three years in Iraq, (between 2004-2009), in an infantry unit and became disabled in the middle if my last tour, but refused to leave early out of patriotic reasons. All I received as a goodbye was 750 dollars a month taxed, and expected to be able to survive while unable to work due to the disability. Well, I am here to ask you Mr. Congressman looking so high and mighty in your Washington D.C. issued swivel chair, can you survive in my situation? Does it sound like a sweet life? NO! It does not huh? It’s ok no reply is necessary as expected, cowards. You would be the first to complain, not like you don’t already complain about your million dollar house, and 90K vehicle. Furthermore, now you want to take away, and make the little benefits we deserve unattainable. Well that’s just downright unjust to those honorable men and women. Shame on you and your selfish ways, maybe you should start with putting your unreal salary on freeze, or raising the premiums of your health coverage, never mind I’m thinking out my ass, in what world would that ever happen. Duh!!!

  • Stand up and be coun

    Please put your comments to GOOD use, tell them to senator Webb himself at his email… . !!!!! And if you can find the emails for bowles and simpson, put them on here too. YOU need to speak up, or we will get trampled, AGAIN!!

    I too, watched over and over as my husband, and my son, put their lives on the line, were constantly away from family AND COUNTRY, so HE could live here and enjoy being a senator. How wonderful and valuable the military was to the country just a few years ago, after 9/11, and now we are just excess baggage, AGAIN. And Yes, I am veteran too!! SPEAK UP!!! Tell them, not each other, we already know whos going to get cheated!!

  • Sloan22les

    so lets see we did mid term election, and i cant get a pay raise, and you want to raise my tri-care, i make 1453 off of retirement my rent is 1000, ut are 150, food 150, car insuranceis 56, but i cant get well fair, because i worked for 20 plus years, but washington will go vacation, here shortly (paid) by me, but my vacation will be finding another job. now if we go and make washington have the same rank system as the army forces then they would stop getting pay raises,

  • Washmail

    Have you ever served in any of the Military branches? How dare you come in here and try to impose a pay cut, reduction and freeze on the Military, they aree the ones who are keeping morons like you safe, you need to leave office your not fit to be in the government. Why don’t you pack a wepaon and go over to where the soldiers are and see how much your life is worth and trying to stop the retirees from getting what their worth also??? What and who do you think you are????? The retirees deserve to keep their pay and NOT until they are only 60 but for their retirement. If you want to cut spending why not start with your fat wallet. People like you make me sick to my stomach and really can’t figure out how and why you got into office.

  • Mike_cecille

    How about cutting the pay increases for those in Washington DC who do nothing more than make life miserable for the normal person trying to make a living or just trying to live. We aren’t getting COLA raises but the cost of living keeps going up. How are to survive? Those in the Senate and House recieve VA benifits for life without having to ever serve in the military. They don’t have to pay into Social Security, but recieve free Healthcare for life. Sound fair? I don’t think so.

  • Droneag

    maybe congress should not give themselves a pay raise for 3 years and how about when they retire we stop paying them the big bucks being in the military and trying tomake it with a family is not easy ,yes we make a good salary compaired to others on the outside but we are putting are lives on the line each and every day and most of the time we are away from the family for months and sometimes years at a time. Come on people think about it who is going to keep you safe when the big one comes certainly not the congressmen you voted in he will be under a rock somewhere crying for his Momma.

  • AFwife

    Eye for an eye, blood for blood. I agree, they need to decrease their benefits and pay to what the military is getting, no pay raise, put their butts in armor, and stick their butts on the front line, going door to door, wondering what’s behind each one. Wondering what their family is doing, how the new baby is doing, how’s the wife/husband holding up, how’s the kid’s? Am I going to make it out of here alive????

    Yeah, its easy to blame the military, why not? They don’t want to blame themselves and the foolish decisions they made. Why not take away from something that is already broken and in need? They don’t look at the big picture, THEY DON’T CARE!!!! Heaven’s no they wouldn’t take away from themselves, they wouldn’t dare change their benefits for either being in office or being out of office. I don’t think they should get any benefits after serving in Congress, Senate, etc for 4 yrs, they didn’t friggin retire, I don’t see them giving 20+ yrs of their lives, being torn away from their families. Did Congress, Senate, ect forget who gave them THEIR GOD GIVEN RIGHT of sitting on their ass and putting others lives in limbo, making the decision for them, to get a raise or not get a raise? That is the question, BUT I SHALL get a raise. Thank you for 4 years of hell and uncertainity. What civilian pay are they comparing the military pay to? A restaurants? Gas station attendant? Minimum wage? Can’t be to the contractors or civilians that work on the bases, posts, etc. What about Congress, Senate, who’s pay are they comparable to? Lawyers, doctors, etc. Oh wait, most of them are and don’t have to worry about where their next meal is coming from. Guess who’s getting shafted when it comes to taxes? Middle class, to include military, those making $30,000 to I believe $70,000, but not the rich, oh heck no, not the rich. You know, our people in the house, white house, wouldn’t stop and look at where the money is going, who’s salary, what banks they bailed, wallstreet, if they would stop, they might have a better understanding of why the country is failing. Its NOT the military, so sorry to break it to you fellas making the big bucks to sit in chairs so many times a year getting to ride in Limos, private jets, staying in high class hotels (at tax payer expense, I’m a tax payer), then go back to your other high paying jobs, while others are hoping for the best come the next payday, will I make my mortgage/rent, will I be able to feed my kids, will I still have a car? The biggest question, is my Military Career (yes ladies and gentleman, it is a Career for most) SECURED or will I lose my benefits and retirement, everything I have given up so many times when Duty Calls. You know what our troops Limo is? A humvee without a/c. What about their beds? Who knows, the ground, a cot, maybe a bed. What about their food? Who knows, they don’t even know when their next hot meal will be, their next shower. Greed, isn’t it a funny thing? Its what drives our country. As my ending:




    Air Force Wife of 12 1/2 yrs.

  • CW5(Ret), USA

    I do hope that the Congressional and Senitorial staff have put in for immediately cutting their pay by 1/3 and freezing it for 5 years.

    Let’s go after the military including retirees, they say to balance the budget. Do more with less once more so that more of our children, friends and family are killed on the front line due to budget cuts.

    Raise the health insurance premiums and co-pays, don’t provide a COLA or pay raise so that active duty service personnel and retirees cannot afford to pay their bills.

    It will be interesting to see where this heads.

    I suggest all contact their Congressmen and women along with their Senators immediately.

  • Ratsass, Now gentlemen, I am sure you all that have posted in response to the notes on tricare and reducing pay, are well aware of the dirtbag Washington elites and their way of treating those that sacrificed. Oh, I am sorry, I thought you knew. Not blowing my bugle but I have 14 mo. combat time in Korea and Vietnam. This situation is nothing new for me. Over 21 years of service I have been screwed more often than a fulltime tute. 25 % of the time by my own kind….please understand that I respect each and every one of you for your dedication to duty and the unrelenting service to a country that doesn’t NOW or never will appreciate the sacrifice you all have provided. God Bless You won’t be long for me,78 yrs.

    • a military brat

      thank you for your service richard. what you’ve said is true. things will be different only when people decide they want them to be different.

      just because you’re 78 doesn’t mean you don’t have long. i know people who are in their 80’s and 90’s!

      thank you again for your service and God bless you too

  • Zonofabee

    I spent 25 years in the military, some of it during the Vietnam era. And for that, I get a whopping $517.59 per month pension! Think that I’ll get rich on that kind of pension? Was it worth my spending 1/4 of a century in the military, to get so little money to live on? I started out in the military with only $75.00 per month. I couldn’t do much of anything on that kind of money, or go anywhere.

    And now the politicians want to take away of reduce my benefits. They should try a reduction on themselves. They are the ones who got us in this mess. They should now pay the consequences. They should learn what it is like to get cabin fever, due to inadequate income. And we didn’t even get a Cola, which is usually only chicken feed anyways!

  • Ral012001

    will the senators take pay cut,s pay for there medical treatments not use any military facility,s will they not have anymore luxury partie,s and dinner,s will they pay there own rental,s while in dc. maybe we need to take a look at these senators closer and leave the military alone. if this go thru all low rang military should consider getting out and let those senators go to afganistan or where they need military presence.

  • Liam56

    It’s not only the military under fire. They are targeting the average Civilian Employee as well. No COLA and they continue to raise the cost of health care for Civil Servants as well. NO there pay difference between civil servants and military is not what most military people think it is.

    I did four years in the military and was in viet nam. Afterwards I went to work for the Federal Goverment as a Civil Servant and retired a few years ago. when I retired my health care was about 175.00 per month. It has gone up in cost every year I have been retired. Now it’s over 400.00 per month and they want to raise it again next year. Most of my COLA’s only cover the cost of the raise in health care every year. I’m losing ground fast.

    They need to leave military pay, cola, and tri-care alone and they also need to leave the average Civilian GS/GM/WG/WS employee alone. Cut the senators, congressmen’s and other elected or appointed governement officials pay and get rid of their expense accounts.

    Dont allow anyone who has not served in the military to even think about running for office. Educate and train veterans FIRST for Civilan jobs within Civil Service…Hire vets first, before ERA people. Most civilian jobs go to WOMEN and Minorities these days…it needs to stop…best qualified veterans first, not matter their ERA standing.

    • Mrefdb

      I agree with you that veterans should be trained and accepted first for Civil Service job openings. But a lot of those WOMEN you would like to see not get a Civil Service job are veterans also. Should they be ignored because of their sex or are they entitled to the same benefits you claim for the men.

  • Antipublickin




  • motionpolitix

    Stop bailing out California, Illinois, and other states, the billionaires on Wall Street and subsidizing illegals first.

  • MAD

    Here let me help with the Fiscal Responsibility and Reform. Stop giving foreign countries our money. They are not doing anything for us. Stop giving Karzi money. He does not want to follow our rules of engagement then he doesn’t need our money. Same with Pakistan and any one else. Let them defend themselves…

    Void all of Congress’s special benefit programs that the rest of the American Citizens cannot participate in. IE Their retirement plan and awesome health care benefits packages. Let them have to participate in Social Security only and the health care package they just voted in.

    Make them adhere to the same insider trading rules that those on and off Wall street have to follow. Make Congress and anyone else in Washington have to follow ALL of the same rules and programs that the rest of the American Citizens have to follow. They are not special. They are just like the rest of us. Get rid for EARMARKS. Make those on Welfare work to collect a check.

    • Tony Whitley

      You have voiced exactly what I am thinking.

      God bless America.

  • Mark E. Tackett, USN

    If this isn’t one of the lowest, kick in the teeth, despicable, dirty, unconscionable, dastardly, underhanded piles of Political garbage that Washington has dishonored all the Brave men and Woman, who have fought and died for this country, ensuring, sometimes with their lives, that the Bureaucrats have a job, this is it! These people should absolutely be ashamed of themselves for even considering this. Do the country a favor and resign your commissions, and posts. Give up your offices and hide in disgrace. You are all a bunch of insurgents no worse that the enemy The real Hero’s face every day. Cowards!

    • Dirkfour4

      so another one who appreicates being taken care of by the rest of the country…yes you served! Yes I served as well!

      This society cannot sustain paying millions of 38 year old retires for the rest of their lives with annual COLA’s while they go out and have a second or third career. There has to be some adjustments even here…

      We take care of our vets who need the help…we don’t give it away to those who don’t. That’s Patriotism

  • Sewingsailor

    Cut illegal alien and prison inmates benefits first!!!!! I earned MY benefits and they’ve been promised to me when I retire from active duty – the illegals and prisoners have not. What was it the President said to us when he was here with us in Korea last week “… It’s about how we treat our veterans every single day of the year. It’s about making sure they have the care they need and the benefits they have earned.” and “So I want all of you to know that when you come home, your country will be there be for you. That is the commitment I make as your Commander-in-Chief. That is the sacred trust between the United States of America and all who defend its ideals.” Are we next going to be told that he wasn’t authorized to make such a commitment – like they said about the recruiters? Just sayin….

  • Ritzink

    Did you ever hear the statement, “Not in my backyard?” Seems that Simpson and Bowes didn’t mention they cutting back on their pension, or automatic Cola’s. or health care. They also failed to mention to hit the congress or president. Why, because it is in their backyards. Seems that everytime, a reduction is mentioned, the armed forces get the brunt of. and swift kick in the ass. WELL, IT IS ABOUT TIME THAT THOSE IN WASHINGTON AND BLUE RIBBON PANELS, COMMISSIONS AND OTHER CONSULTANTS hit their backyard, after giving the miltary the once-over. I doubt that this will go no where fast, as Simpson mentioned, witness protection. He and those morans will be needing it, when the calls , letters and organizations start buzzing overhead.

  • Sjdorsey

    Cut all the politicians pay, healthcare benes first. Notice from the whitehouse, to the senate, and round ALL the politicians havent sacraficed anything. In fact, they still getting top healthcare, no waiting for it either..Excellent pay/retirement..ALL at taxpayers expense. It is time that the already rich politicians running this country cut their own benefits/pay. IN fact, the already rich running this country shouldnt get more than 20,000.00 a year to live on..and the lowes of healthcare/benefits/costs/retirement as the rest of us get. ITS time the already rich running this country deal with the exact same crappy, half fannied treatment the rest of us get.

  • Night

    These as s holes still did not get the message we the people sent in the election.

    1. American economy / Secure the border

    2. Fix Medicare without screwing any one

    3. Fix SS also without screwing any one

    4. Repeal Obama care / socialist bill of rights.

    Don’t know about you all, but I’m struggling, I have two kids and the price of my free medical Tri-care is already a great concern in my family, so I got to figure it is for others also. Guess if these folks we sent to Washington this time do not take care of us we need to send some better ones next time.

    • Dirkfour4

      Did not take care of you?????????

      What happened to the ‘socialist bill of rights”???

      as usual it’s ok for you but not ok for the rest of the country….


  • Navet1988

    My thoughts – even if TriCare premiums are doubled from $230 p/yr single & $460 p/yr for a family to $460 p/yr single and $920 p/yr family, it’s still a bargin compared to anything else. And, if such an increase were to be enacted, so be it as the solvency of this critical benefit would be secured.

    Second, it is now time for the President, DOD, & Congress to seriously consider the closure of overseas bases and forward deployment of troops and material. The savings to be realized from such a bold move are in the billions to trillions of dollars. No other country in the world has the expense of forward deployment as the U.S. does. It’s time now bring the troops home and redirect those funds to our pressing issues on the homefront.

    Third, drop the cap on wages upon which Social Security taxes are paid. This single step would aid in ensuring the solvency of this program, now & in the future without cuts in benefits.

    Just some early morning thoughts, Bob

  • James

    I am very suprised at Senator Webb’s stand. He used to be good for the milkitary. I guesss that being in Congress he has become one of the good old boys. The country does not give a flip about its vets that have made the country free. They take for granted that the military will take what the politicans give them and be gone.

  • Travelgator

    Why dont we enact that the whitehouse, and all other politicians who havent sacraficed/cut anything yet, act first, lead by example. cut plane trips, lavish offices, retirement elgible after 1 term, there medical, make them give to SS and the list goes on, ALL at taxpayers expense. It’s about how we treat our veterans every single day of the year.Wasnt it just said the (something like) It’s about making sure they have the care they need and the benefits they have earned.” and “So I want all of you to know that when they come home ( president said this not to long ago) Well?

  • Luis Raul Morales-Cr

    What a crying shame to see the state of affair OUR country is in, and of course this brought to you courtesy of our SOB , YES VOTED BY US.This whole mess had reach some proportions that is out of control.i simply reached a point of enough is enough, cut medicare,fuck tricare, i left the country altogether, apply for local medical care insurance, and believe now im very content. even thou we have tricare for life,but many expats just like me, here in Panama are doing likewise in regard to this crap.medicare and Tricare. thanks to our politicians. is a darn shame many of our retiree dont start looking for this distant shores, and discover all the benefits available to “TURISTA PENSIONADO” suggest
    see “ley 6 del 16 junio de 1987” law 6 from 16 june 1987, this is regard to benefits available to retiree and pensioneer and those individual of the third age. you will be pleasntly surprised to learn of all the benefits available, even to U.S. CITIZENS, OR ANY REIREE REGARDLESS WHERE THEY ARE FROM Those politicians should look into what is available to retiree, they probably may learn SOMETHING, from the THIRD WORLD countries……GOD BLESS AMERICA


  • Mikegraf

    Penalize the people who keep the freedom of these sorry A– politicians whom most have not been in the military. Give a payraise to the welfare bums so they can go make more kids and not do a thing. Bail out the wall street gang who made a greedy business decision.

    This country has to get back to the basics if we are to survive. Read your history this is Rome all over.

    Yes I earned my right to say what I feel and civilians will listen. I have served my country proudly with the USMC in VietNam and have 10 buddies who gave the ultimate sacrifice and now presently have 3 children in the Air Force and two have been to Iraq. What have you done for your country in your life ?

    Mike Graf

    USMC- Ohio

  • Glassboro

    I am retired Navy 1945 -1967. I have seen this every five years or so. Congress keep trying to compare civilian pay to militawry pay and it can’t be done.Military are on call 24 hrss aday and alot of times they work 24 houers at a time..I know its not likely but I think members of congress should havw to serve a two year term in the military before going to congress

    • Dirkfour4

      agreed, EVERYONE should serve somehow for at least 2 years.

      BUT, (and i was there for 13 years!) a lot of times they DO work 24 hours but then so do a lot of others. Military retired pay should start at 65 just like anyother retired pay. We can’t afford to pay EVERYONE to retire at 38!!!

      • Iramback

        Maybe if you would have stayed in for the full 20, you might have a better understanding of why we get paid at retirement and not at 65. Waiting until age 65 means the government gets to decide how they will screw us when it would be time to pay up!

      • Charlesheyniger

        What did you do for 13 years work 9-5. If I had been a civilian I would have logged so much overtime I could have retired with full benefits after 10 years. No one made me stay and I could have quit but I didn’t. I did have my Lt arm wrecked in the first gulf war and could have taken the easy out but stayed because I beleived in what i did. I earned every bit of the money that I get for the 23 years I gave up. Wait until I’m 65 and almost dead. The point about military retirement at 20 years is you served your country and put your ass on the line for it. It’s to say thans for accepting low pay, moving around alot and generally being used up and burned out after 20 years of service. You must have missed the point, thats why you left at 13 years. I don’t know how much you think we get but, most of the enlisted people I know keep working because 50% of your base is not enouggh to live off of.


    This is SHAMEFUL!!!! My husband is on call 24/7! He is gone more than he is HERE with his family!!!! They should be increasing benefits for military as well as fiancial assistance to their children to be a part of activities to help the families stay “sane”!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! What a shame to this IRAQ war veterans and the families who lost someone they love, guess what this says, “YOU ARE COSTING US TOO MUCH MONEY.”

  • Dirkfour4

    Yep, first time I heard of a 20 year retiree, then retiring from the post office and the owning a bar I wondered? What the heck?

    Now a 20 year retiree, retired from a private enterprise and drawing 100% disability AND socical security disability and still able to work…really!…makes me wonder…how long can this country’s citizens afford it?

  • Ynotturbo

    What a bunch of crap.. If the country would stop paying for all the illegal mexicans, the military would have everything it needs. Better equipment, pay, medical, education etc. It’s no wonder that all the political correctness is leading us down the path to our own destruction.

  • Littlebombs

    Out of Pride and the feelings of obligation for our country during the Persian Gulf War, 20 years ago my husband and I made the decision to become a military family……. He has climbed the ranks from an E-1 to an E-8, most of our service has been outside of the USA with him being away from home 85% of the time which left the kids and I always wondering if he would return alive. We will probably continue to serve towards a 30 year retirement, HOWEVER, it is no longer out of PRIDE for this country! How sad………………..

  • Darry D McAdoo

    It’s funny that every few years, members of Congress always say that the military is costing them too much money. I don’t know one servicemember who declared war by themselves and deployed themselves to a foreign country. When you send servicemembers to fight wars, there are going to be costs associated with that. I served 21 years because I was promised a retirement check after 20 years. Believe me, the Army got 21 years and then some out of me, especially my last 4 years which I spent more time deployed than at home. Try to compare civilian jobs with that. I believe when they go on a business trip, they are in a hotel. I’ve slept on the ground, in a vehicle, under a vehicle, etc., so please don’t try to compare my pay with some civilians pay. I always hear about cutting military pay and benefits but I never hear about cutting the pay of those in Congress or the House who get a check for life after one or 2 terms, not close to 20 years.

  • Robert

    OK, How can these guy’s pass judgement on military retiree benefits?

    Ersk­ine Bowles; Lobbiest for his friends. Secured millions of tax payer money for those friends and businesses such as law firms.

    How about Sen. Alan Simp­son, he has a retirement second to none thanks to the taxpay’s of the United States. What does he pay for his medical. Nothing! He didn’t work as hard as the military retiree and he doesn’t have to pay any deductible. He can chose whatever doctor or hospital for care.

    Military Retiree’s: You need to call your congressional representatives to stop this nonsense.

  • Iramback

    All who served deserve what they were promised when they enlisted! Civilians just don’t and won’t EVER GET IT! Serve and understand or SHUT UP! And it doesn’t matter whether one who served was in a war or served during non-war times…they SERVED!

  • M&M

    how about freezing the pay of political positions and eliminate retirement, make they rely on social security like the rest of the common people? Cut their jobs and pay first!

    • navy wife, former ma

      because it’s more important for them to finish paying off their time share in tahiti, than for military servicemembers being able to put food on the table for their families, and be able to see a doctor when they really need to without being slapped with huge medical bills.

  • Jacobsgpa

    This country wouldn’t be in the shape it’s in if everybody paid their share! How about taking the cap off of Social Security and make everybody pay on their total earnings regardless of what their earnings are. The poor people pay on all of their earning because they do not earn enough to ever get to the cut off. DO AWAY with the cut off. LEAVE THE MILITARY ALONE. WE HAVE EARNED EVERYTHING AND MORE.

  • navy wife, former ma

    It’s hard enough living on a lower enlisted paycheck, especially with an infant, and now they want to take more money from us? We are barely scraping by as it is, and now they want to cut more? I’m sorry, but all active duty and and retired should receive full benefits. They served/are serving their country. They are putting or have put their lives on the line for this country and it’s people; why the heck to they have to pay for their own healthcare? That should be free! True, the government didn’t specifically ask each individual to serve this country however, if it weren’t for these individuals, we wouldn’t have a military at all, and we wouldn’t be able to sleep safely at night, knowing that we have brave men and women who have chosen to give up their lives to protect us. Screw you Obama!

  • USNBT3

    Next they will ration bullets, can we still blame everything on Bush? I like the comments below, Any law shall affect everyone, from Noboma down. I like the one below that any member of congress shall serve 2 years in the military.

  • Death from above, &q

    I agree, cut some of over priced politicians benefits. There salaries are over the top, healthcare incredible and outstanding retirement. How about we only pay them when their in session and working (not campaigning) give them the same basic tricare healthcare coverage that Soldiers get. Pay them on the equivelent pay scale that military or GS employees use, capped at a reasonable amount and limit them interms able to serve. Secondly police up all the Medicare fraud, Medicaid fraud and illegal immigrant housing, education, healthcare and lack of tax contribution fraud and we probably have the available funds.

  • Tcmduffer2001


  • George

    I agree that we (all Americans) need to absorb some of the pain to reduce our current crisis. However, if our elected officials continue eroding the benefits of the defenders of this great nation at a greater pace than those of the private citizen who reaps the benefits of the military’s sacrifice, we will have a greater challenge in recruiting future warriors. Pay freezes across the board for all government agencies (including Congress) is a good option, As well as another change to the retirement plan, but I recommend we take the medical benefits off the table for the military until we consider increasing premiums in other parts of the government.

    • 1sgparker


      Believe me, you and I will absorb some economic pain real soon. The Dollar is plummeting, unemployment is nearly 24% (real figures). Foreclosures by the millions, bankruptcy through the roof. Soldiers malfeasance did not do this. Congressional malfeasance accomplished it all. Just wait another 6 or 8 months.

  • Ashleyma

    How about putting a pay freeze on government wages, including yours President Obama.

    How about government pay into social security and their own retirement.

    How about lowering your retirement.

    How about waiting until the retirement age, what is it now 70, before you get your retirement.

    How about you having to work in the government for 20 years to be eligible for your pension.

    How about increasing your premiums and copays for your medical insurance, which you pay what now….nothing for.

    How about what you suggest for us, all of government gets.

    How about what you vote in for the military, is also for the government.

    How about we the people vote for what all of government recieves for a retirement, medical benefits, social security, etc.,w hich by the way, I think should be based on performance, which includes what you say you will do when you get into office. If you don’t achieve that, you don’t get nothing. If we don’t do our job, guess what, we get fired and so should you.

    That will never happen because our good old government runs our lives when they can’t even run their own or the country for that matter.

    Leave the military alone. This country would not be what it is if it weren’t for the men and women in the military. This is supposed to be the land of free but it is ran by the government.

    Practice what you preach. Maybe if you showed that you would take a little hit in the wallet, maybe we wouldn’t be so defensive when we had to. Then again, I don’t get 6 months off a year as soon as I get hired. Man, I would be glad to get four weeks off. The most I have had is three weeks and that is because I worked at a job for 6+ years.

    Sorry to vent so long but I think you need to change the whole system and not just pick on certain areas of the system. I think the veterans deserve to have get all medical, dental, prescriptions for free. I think they should not have to pay for anything when they get into a nursing home but they do. Go figure, they were willing to give you their life when they went into combat and what is the government willing to give them, another bill after they retire. They go from making house payments, car payments to medical bills, just like every other american, except for the government.

  • Airborne82

    Perfect lets freeze the pay on all military and federal employees except for Congress. Lets ensure they vote themselves a nice raise as a reward for all the cost savings from bending over our servicemen and women. While we’re at it since our Political leadership does not have to utilitze Obamacare let’s get more money in the system for their medical needs by increasing Tricare expenses so our military retirees can be forced to either pay more out of pocket or since they can’t afford it due to the pay cuts die and then they are off the books completely. Talk about cost savings!!! Even if the retirees survive the cuts and insurance hikes what are they gonna do? Complain, to who, the same idiots that are bending them over. They already served our nation, to hell with them right? Our government is broken. PS, it’s not all Bush’s fault. It’s our fault, we allowed it.

  • Wulfhd227

    Let the Gov. take a pay freeze. I don’t think so. They gave them selves a raise this year, but left out everyone else. I think that they should not be allowed to vote on their own salaries.Who in the private sector let their employes decide on what kind of raise they get.

    • navy wife, former ma

      Let’s make all jobs like Congress! How about all of us, civilian and military, get to vote annually on our raises, and we can decide how much of pay increase we want! Why not? Congress does it; why can’t we? I’d like to be able to have 6 vacation homes, too!!

      • 1sgparker

        Now you know why they spend $150M of their own money to get an office that pays $170k a year.

    • 1sgparker

      A pay freeze??? How about a pay cut. How about serving your country at no cost to the taxpayer’s? Can you retire after one single two-year term? Look at Congressman Rangel who was just convicted in Congress. If you did what he did, you would be in prison. He will likely remain in office.

      Just go to Afghanistan and bleed and die like you’re supposed to and shut up.

  • Ron

    Why did I serve this country for 27 years and now you want to take away what I earned so you can fix a problem you created?? I did my part I kept you free and gave you choices to make for you and your family…….but now you want to take my freedom away from me and and give me no choice’s. You have got to be the slum bags of the world when you look at the millions of men and women who have given the ultimate sacrifice for you and you set there are your fat ass and tell us we have not earned the right’s for a little consideration. All I can say is I will do everything in my power to discourage any young person…never join any military no matter what they promise, because it will be a LIE.

  • Oorah!

    GET OUT OF HERE! YOU HAVE GOT TO BE KIDDING ME! You know, I’m really tired of people trying to weigh in on things they don’t know anything about! Let’s talk about how it was always an option for most of the public to serve their country BEFORE the economy started suffering. Let’s talk about how no one was really interested in serving their country until now! Let’s talk about how people who volunteered previously may have more responsibility now. Let’s talk about these men and women never taking a day off and being apart from their families! Let’s talk about why we are the only country willing to take away from our armed forces just to save a few bucks. How do I know? I am living it now. There is a reason they retire at 20 years. Daily training and PT takes a toll on your body and it isn’t something you can compromise on if you want to stay prepared. Congress is going too far. How about making the complaining public serve 4 years and call me in the morning? Recruiting was like pulling teeth 3 years ago and now you have to beat people off with sticks. Majority of the people trying to come in only want money, so stop trying to make those who signed up to protect you when everything was good suffer. Come on people. This is your protection we’re talking about. I don’t know why I’m shocked when teachers are making less than judges and athletes. Is that really how America feels?

  • Dawn

    If they raise the tricare premiums and dont give a raise for the next three years, then that is going to make it even harder for the servicemen and women to want to do their jobs b/c they are going to wonder if their families are going to be able to get by on what they make, god knows that they dont get up every morning and do what they do for the pay b/c they dont get paid enough to work 18-23 hours a day and sometimes go days without sleep. I know first hand how hard it is being a military family, my father was in the navy and fought in times of war and now cant even get the treatment he needs from a va hospital and my husband gets up every morning and goes to work only to make sure that we are here safe, he doesnt get sick days or vacation time whenever he wants it, but he does it b/c if he doesnt who will definitely not the politicians. Its hard enough living on the pay that he does make and unlike normal working class only one of us can normally work b/c you never know when they will leave or how long they will be gone for and cant just take them to a sitter in the middle of the night to work the graveyard shift. I understand that ppl want to find ways out of the mess that we are in, but raising tricare and freezing pays are going to hurt more ppl than they realize, its going to make the ppl in the military that have the option to get out, not want to reinlist.

  • Steve

    I think you can mess a little with Tricare. I have been to our clinics during the duty day, to see it packed to the hilt. KIds everywhere. Npw they say you can keep kids up to 26 under your Tricare benefits…Yaaay. So to let my senior leaders know, when I go into the urgent care clinic, I will sit there for three hours waiting to be seen. And I will not stay late to get my work done, just on principle. People come in and have three babies on a four year tour. Forget that. I was denied a TENS unit I had found success with for my back pain and wanted it for Afghanistan and was denied. It seems deployers aren’t even to the front of the line. They roll out the red carpet if it is a child. And a newborn? The place would shut down if there was something wrong with one. Priorities. We make war. Take care of everyone who goes and takes care of that, and everyone else falls in behind.

    • Centurion007

      Whatever we do, we HAVE to take care of Tricare and keep it affordable. When you retire do you want to pay $800-$1200 a month for health insurance? Forget Obamacare, it will never be funded and will probably be gutted in coming administrations. I am retired and Tricare costs me $485 a YEAR for myself and wife, with only a $12 co pay. My City retirement insurance (Community Care) was costing me $850 a month! Some will say that we should pay more. I would remind them that when we (at least the WWII, Korea and Vietnam generations) enlisted we were promised free health care for life after retirement. The Government reneged on that. But at least is is very affordable and quite a bargain in today’s market.

  • Punnster

    If they got rid of all those over paid under qualified Czars and dead wood paper-shaking bureaucrats they wouldn’t have to even consider making cuts in military and/or TriCare.

  • Larrybarrett

    Senator Webb is a disgrace to the uniform he once wore. This financial mess is a result of politicians like him who voted to spend all this money. The government always starts their cuts on the military because they think they can get away with it. The military is nothing to them, but a social experiment. They really think that cutting the military funds will stop this financial disaster that is coming? Remember Webb and his ilk next election!

  • I am still in the military unfortunately i have to wait until i am 60 to get any retirement and 65% that is fighting in afghanstan is the guard and the reserve doing the same as the regular Army but i have to wait till 60 and they can draw when they reach 20 years that is unfair but my point is make the government smaller get rid of the congressman and senators who have made a career out of politics and get one in that will do their jobs people need to vote and stand up and get involved freeze the pay but leave everything along the military has been behind until these wars we are allowed to make money also you have to start from the TOP if you want answers go to the HOLY BIBLE it has all the ANSWERS

    • GUEST


  • Mjjbdm

    I agree that this is absurd; the military should be rewarded not punished for the sacrifices we make. We are pretty much owned by the government and can be called in 24-7. So cutting our pay and benefits is ridiculous.
    I do want to say to everyone who is bashing President Obama that it is not he who is making these proposal it is a counsel that is trying to advise him on what to do. We should bash him if he listens and allows this to happen. I think Congress should have their pay, medical, and retirements cut. They are the highest payed in this country and all they do is sit around and try to decide what to do for the rest of us.
    How is it they we keep voting these insane people into our government. I think we should start blaming ourselves!

    • Ashleyma

      We keep voting these insane people into our government because there is no one else to vote in. They say they are going to do this and that and when they get into office, they sit in their plush offices and do nothing but sit on their asses and when reelection comes up, guess what, they are right back in those offices.

      They need to start paying into the system to get something out of it. I also agree that Welfare should be decreased. You should not be able to sustain life on that. The system was put into place to assist you with expenses, not pay for all your expenses. I think there should be a cap on that. If you are disabled but can use your hands, guess what, if you are reading this, you can use a computer and there are many jobs where all you do is sit at a computer and work by typing. I do it as a supplement so the government needs to cut where cuts need to be made. I vote for cutting the governments wages and benefits. Make them feel it where it hurts. I am sick of paying for their vacation when I couldn’t take my kids to disney because I couldn’t afford it but I am sure they have taken their kids many times.

  • Steve

    Just another little nugget. Good ol’ Chuck Rangel is found guilty. Of course he is keeping his fine pension. If you are in such a position of trust, if convicted, they would forfeit those benefits. No one in congress has the sack to even draft legislation like that because some day it might affect themselves, or someone they know. They are pathetic worms.

  • HMRet

    If those who served in our government where required to first serve in our MILITARY they would never think to touch what we worked for and earned. I don’t believe they should have the right to vote and pass any laws that they should not affect them also such as Obama Care, and why after serving just 4 years (with your families never in harms way or being shot at) should they have the right to a lifetime of retirement and healthcare (WHY BECAUSE CONGRESS SAYS SO!!!!!!!!!, NOT THE PEOPLE) The people serve in the Military for 20 years (the majority away from our families and in harms way alot of times), get very small pay raises, small retirement pay and having to pay for our healthcare after retirement. And now they want to delay our retirement pay and raise our healthcare fees!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! As it was I haven’t seen a COLA raise in two years, and qualified for WIC,foodstamps, and free lunches while I was on active duty. Where does congress get their info?????? If our Military makes so much money it would be nice to see where it is going. It’s a sad day when the people making the decisions have no clue. We need to wake up and take back our country before it’s to late………..

  • Grams27

    Congress is so removed from the realities of the life of the military. Yes, some members are past military, but not enough to sway the majority of Congress, as I see it. The military member must provide his own uniforms, which are not cheap; he sacrifices life experiences, that most of us wouldn’t dream of missing; he jeopardizes his life on a daily basis, and is expected to maintain his sanity. These are only a sample of what we, as a country, take for granted and don’t even consider the consequences when we ask these individuals to defend our country. For many Americans, that take the step to join an all-volunteer military, the guaranteed compensation is what entices their participation. If Congress continues to play around with the idea that we should ask the military to take less compensation for their sacrifices/risks, we will find less individuals considering a military career. Military compensation must remain competitive with the private sector on the same level of requirements. Actually, private sector jobs, with the same level of risk requirements, pay a whole lot more money. Personally, I feel it is disgraceful that this country continues to follow the trend of hitting the military for decreasing this country’s budget problems.

  • Sarg1993

    How about making the congress and house on par with the Military? Pay a new senator or house member the same pay as an E-1? Make them work 40+ hours a week. . . every week and give them a 30 day vacation. Oh yea and make sure they have to live in a barracks if single or in military housing if married. I didn’t see any of them turning down their pay raise this year!!! They decided not to give retirees and social security receiptents a COLA. Just goes to show you that as long as you have the money you got the power!!!!

  • Retired?

    Let’s face it. There is no honor in Congress of the conniving Administration(s). When I joined in ’68 it was advertised as free health and medical care for you and your family. Then, as I approached retirement, SBP reared it ugly head. This is just one example of fiscal management at honor’s expense. We service men and women live by a code of honor that is foreign in the Hallowed Halls of the Federal Government.

    Sadly, every year or two we reinstall the same villains back in office because we voters are gullible enough to “belong” to one damned Party or the other. Soon, we retired military will be charged if we live too long after serving. By the way, look at Senator’s and Congressman’s retirement plan. Could you retire after two years service? We need to go to DC and knock on some doors; by the millions. If your Senator’s office was so crowded you couldn’t squeeze one more person inside the entire building one Friday afternoon perhaps that would be a polite wake up call. 30 million retired GI’s all in Washington, DC on one single day.

  • ARMY MSG (Ret.)

    I can’t say I haven’t been expecting this. You sorry politicians have run this country into the ground, made it the laughing stock of the world, enriched yourselves, yes I’m talking about you Nancy Pelosi and others like you, power-hungry, money-grabbing incompetents! I propose that a blue ribbon panel examine ALL of the benefits, perks and programs available to all congressmen and women, and set parameters for pay, health care premiums and retirements requirements according to what the rest of the working people of this country are currently subject to. Leave the military alone! I am retired and disabled, trust me, what I get is NOT even close to what I need to simply experience a safe state of mind. I worry what is going to happen to my wife and I in the next couple of years, while all of you fat cats in congress are giving yourselves yearly raises, free health care, name it… you got it.. all at taxpayer expense. No amount of shame is ever lost on any one of you, Obama included!

  • Chadxps

    Nothing like the american crooked government screwing the average military guy,,,I bet those worthless congressman and senators wiont be affected!!! you take my pay and I will be seeing you at your house visiting your family,,,you let me find out where your family works and goes to school,, because if your going to harm my family well then I feel obliged to return the favor…….We need to take back this country and hang all the traitors in office

  • Barbara A corcoran

    My husband was in the Air Force for 21 years, and is now deceaced,

    will this effect me Mrs Corcoran

  • Bobmchl

    All you Congressmen and women that served up there don’t think of what we the service men and women had to give up for 20 years to get what we have now. There are only a few, very few of you that have served your country. Tell me when you have laid your life on the line for freedom. I feel that your benefits should equal that of the military. Serve 20 years and get half of you base pay. Pay for you own health care, and if you don’t serve at least 10 years, you get get what the rest of the public gets…..NOTHING. Before you change what working now, change your benefits and publicly state so.

  • Pocahantas

    Personally I think that the government should start by cutting their own pays. All these politicians make way too much money. They drive around in fancy cars and talk to people and shuffle papers. Leave the military alone. My husband,like so many others gave up so much and you want to take away what little we have? I think every one of them should have to report for active duty then put them in politics.

  • Gregory

    I think the congressmen and senators need to take a pay cut since they don’t pass any intelligent legislation. And get rid of all the perks they receive. If they want to save money they need to cut funds to illegal aliens and not our service men and women who put their butts on the line everyday. Let’s cut funds for building mosques overseas for the evil muslims we are fighting. Let’s take back America from the irresponsible idiots in the white house and the congress. Stand up and fight America….we didn’t becaome a great nation by sitting on our butts. I am a retired Air Force veteran and am willing to fight again for America.

  • voodoo

    the govt. will always find a way to screw us but will always find a way to give them a raise. i think this is a total embarresment to all of the military families out there that have served, is serving, maybe more than i tour and the ones who have lost a family member. let’s go back way back when beig a public offical for your distriect ment that . u work 4 us. how about all the house and senate people give up their salaries and work for free? they work 4 us if we can’t get a cola in 2 years or a raise , or retire in 10 and wait till i’m old to get it . or how about cutting out michelle obama 22 personal aids that mae 223k r more a year. we don’t want or need this let’s put the whole 58 page report out and see what it says. thank u for listening. voodoo

  • MSgt, Retired

    Why in Congress when it ia time to cut back on something to safe money…they never look at Congress and all the “Perks” they get. They always look else where when it comes time to take some thing away from the Citizens of the Unbited States. Now again, it is back to the military. Again Congress can vote its own pay raise, but continually limites Pay Raises for the military. What are they so special or better then the people that risk they lives, ( in this voilant world), everyday usually taking care of the crap that politician start while those same politicians sit back in Washington and think of ways to take away benifits and pay. And now they are even want to go after the Retired Military. The ones that have spent a tleast 20 years of there lives in Defense of this country.

  • Rosierose43

    In order to present a petition to congress and senate or the president it has to be in writing. So here goes. How about we start one and it say that we want senate and congress can not get paid anymore than a pay-grade higher than how about master Sargent in the army let’s be nice OK. Then we pass it around the whole us and military and get as many signatures as we can and have some one give it to them and tell them that this is where we want some cost cuts made.

  • Anthony-USMC

    Why is everybody so shocked by this? the current administration had to figure out HOW to financially back the bogus obama health care bill and if you did not know yet about the VA “CUTTING” awarded disability benefits, beginning with the veterans awarded 100%….well then this must be the 2nd half of the planned cuts! Thats right….Vets have been receiving letters from VA informing them that they’re benefits will be re-evaluated and reduced and this will be based on an “EVALUATION” report at a clinic outside the VA by a “General’ practitioner!
    GEE just think…the current “pencil neck” polititicians in the obama administration that thought this up may not have even been born yet while we were in combat!

    • Todd USAR

      Where did u read this at? I’m USAR and 100% from VA I would like to know about this more. Thanks Todd

  • Michelle Murphey


  • Rosierose43

    We could all send letters tell them that we want the senate and congress to have pay cuts.And that they should have to be on the same retirement and social security system. And by the way you can not work if you are on Social Security Disability I know that for a fact.My husband was Vietnam vet and died of lung cancer and when he died they denied him of burial benefits said he didn’t qualify, so I didn’t apply 6 years later I found out he did so I applied and got DIC but they denied my back pay because I didn’t apply when he died. I think they did it on purpose. I am trying to fight it but the guy who is suppose to help me is giving me the run around so I will lose. I lost every thing so that is another part of the government for you kick a woman when she is down. You want to know something else. I now am almost confined to my wheel chair permanently and I could use that money.

  • army wife

    We don’t even get a 401k plan and now they want to mess with our pensions! We make enough sacrifices for our country…..they need to pick on someone else!

  • Dayve

    I have to say the military and civil service has always paid the price for the debt that the clowns in Washington have got us into. Why don’t they take the costs out of their pockets, which are lined with gold. I have a few resonable suggestions. First – Cut their staff to 10 percent of what their using and draw down to what they actually need; Second – Stop paying the members of Congress this rediculous retirement of $15,000.00 a month if they have not obtained 30 service in the House or Senate 100 percent of these people are wealthy already. Third: Stop all earmarks in bills be processed for review and adopted into a law. Each request for funding must be justified on its own merit not become an earmark in a primary bill. Fourth – Cut all funding to the foreign nations for one year and evaluate the losses and gains in our economy. Fifth – Reduce the government in Washington…not across the Nation the worst abusers of government funding comes from all the government beaucrats in Washington, look at all the Czars, Congressman, Senators, Staff members, support functions, transportation requirements, these costs are out of control not the military pay or the cost of TriCare!!!

  • Indy47906

    i’ll bet the panel didn’t recommend a cut in foreign aid

  • Dorism59

    So his means that congress and the senate will also have their pay raises frozen and an increase in their premiums on their insurace also too, huh.

  • Burkhae

    Obama and his administration clearly doesn’t like or understand what are military does for us and their lack of leadership qualities shows. This is where the Joint Chief of Staffs for all military branches need to step up to the plate and quit being yes men and stop this crap of going after the military. Gates won’t be any help he’s part of the problem. These politicians with all their high level education really don’t have a clue it sickens me that this is being looked at seriously. Edward USN Retired

  • Anthony-USMC

    Seems that this all fits in to obamas idea to have military personal pay for their own insurance while serving in the military as he suggested 6 months ago! I believe it was something like this…or close to it!

    “Since the men and women have voluntered to serve in the military then the DOD should contract Insurance companies to offer health and life insurance policies to the military”. But he forgot to mention his intentions to cut military pay and pensions!

  • Dayve

    Sarge mention about an hour ago for the retired military to march on Washington I would like to know when do we leave? It is getting cold back their so dress appropriately.

  • Ron

    I want you to remember what happened to the USA during the Koren conflict because our troops where not prepaired & the cut on our defences we got our buts kicked that happend in Viet Nam how eze people forget, Now they also want to cut what we earned in blood this is not the USA that backed there Mil. why don’t you freeze the Sentors & Congress there high paying jobs because they are not helping us they only protect there pockets leave the Mil. alone and help the people that protect this USA we love so much.

  • Starkeeper07

    Why are the lawmakers always looking to cut everything from everybody else, but not them? Look at their staff, pay, healthcare, expenses, kick-backs, etc? IN GOD WE TRUST, MERRY CHRISTMAS!

  • Nuke

    Of course iuf that great military commander George W. Bush had realized that going to war in Iraq was like throwing money down a sewer we would have an extra trillion and a half reduced from our debt. Same goes for 4.5 trillion in tax breaks for the wealthy. First step fire all the contractors and their overpaid management.

  • Dragonswizardz

    What a load of total rubbish! Retirees “voluntarily” accepted less pay & fnancial benefits, declining quality health care, a ridiculous retirement program (w/out a viable retirement pay fund like the 401K) and now enforced mandatory deployments in order to serve their country. Our pensions & Tricare program is all thats left us after governmental interference & now they want to increase Tricare fees, etc., & reduce or eliminate annual pay increases, retirement pay, our retirement system itself & no doubt other specifics that haven’t even surfaced yet. I remember the Reagan years ~ no pay or COLA/BAS/BAH inreases in order to “save the federal government money” & efforts to reduce the size of governemnt that was “too big”. So, we went to work, did out jobs, etc., & watched the private sector grow while our quality of life stagnated. It was bogus eye-wash then & its total garbage now. We need to initae a “Hell No!” protest movement & maybe include a “duty” stoppage to demand our government return the promises that were made to many of us when we agreed to less pay, benefits, familiy relocations against our wishes, deployments, etc.

  • Bls467

    These people that have served our country, don’t deserve this crap. They have done more for this country, the any Politician. They should not have to suffer anymore. The cuts that need to be looked at are in the Congress pay. Not the Military pay. This increase on Tricare, is just more crap that these Military people should not have to deal with. Some of them need more than they are getting now. Increases in this will be a big down fall for younger people going the military. These people will think twice about becoming part of the DOD.

  • Pbbraun

    I wish that those who make comments would get their facts straight. For example Congress did not get a pay raise in 2010 and they will not get one in 2011. See

    They have the same retirement system as Civil Service employees – See the following link for information on Congressional Pay and Benefits.

    NO ONE IN CONGRESS GETS A $15,000/month retirement regards of length of service.

    Sadly most folks who commented do not know what they are talking about. We have a major fiscal crisis in this country and everyone is going to take a hit to include DOD.

    Try to be part of the solution and not part of the problem.

    • Dak To ’68

      My God man, the Military is already grossly underpaid, under benefitted, and under-represented. And they’re all volunteers. Be part of the solution? I think that, at the present pay and benefits, the Military is very much being “part of the solution” much less taking on further financial setbacks. The problems originate in D.C. with the Corporate servants we refer to as our elected “representatives”. What a joke. Most here DO know what they’re talking about, they’ve walked the walk and thus can talk the talk. Get real.

  • opie


  • 110174

    Every word of this smacks of very poor decisions coming from Government. Do they want to drastically reduce enlistments? Raising Tri Care, eliminate the twenty year retirement and reduce it to ten, pay freeze, COLA “reform”? Many NCOs and Officers don’t reach their peak performance/knowledge level ’til around the ten year mark and they continue to learn for their entire careers so they want to run the best operators they have out at the peak of their careers? Will this not apply to General Officers? Imagine, Officers would have to make their Star(s) in less than ten years. Another clusterfutz of BS from our elected so called “representatives”. West Point, Naval and Air Force Academy graduates good for only ten years? Are “they” preparing the way for the elimination of the all volunteer Military and a return to the Draft and paying substantially lower wages and benefits to the draftees? This whole thing is as ridiculous as it sounds and if implemented will result in one of the worst Military force in the developed World. Crazy, no, beyond crazy and into the realm of stupidity.

  • Devil Dog 13

    This is totally absurd. We spend 20 years (our best years mind you) deploying, being away from our families, fighting wars all with aye, aye sir. After 20 years we get only 50% of our pay for retirement. What about Congress? How long do they serve for their pension? Why do they need so much money? I would say most of what they do is expensed through tax payer dollars. Which by the way servicemen and women also pay. Why doesn’t their pay get cut? Why do they need private transportaion? As a serviceman if I had to travel on military business I had to fly coach, stay in the cheapest accomodations and account for every cent I spent. Does Congress go through that? I think not. Why does the military always have to sacrifice? All I want is equal treatment. You want to cut somewhere, start with Congress.

  • Jastarr842

    Is Sen. Simpson and Mr.(Ms) Bowles going to start paying for their health Care too??? After all if our service people can afford to save the taxpayer some money, I sure that these two creatures can …espiecally with the $10,000.00 dollar plus pay raise that congress got last year!!!!

    James Starr
    Rock Falls, IL

  • Taterbugsbabygirl30

    This is so damn typical! I am a wife of a E5 serving his country overseas no less, you want to screw with our pay, health benefits and everything else tied in to it! Who the hell do u think you are? If it wasn’t for my hubby and all those who are serving and have served, your sorry behinds wouldn’t be where you are now! Start looking at congress or better yet, start looking at Obama and his lavish expensive trips his wife is taking and that’s just the tip of the ice berg, we are all paying for it with the sweat and blood from this country’s back. I’m sorry but I have no respect for any man that refuses to acknowledge this country’s flag, what we stand for and how many died to protect it! One last thing, u reduce or take away cola or BAH, how the hell do u expect this soldiers to live? Better yet, how do u expect them to serve their country if they have to pay for health benefits? Don’t you know the difference between volunteered and hired? These men and women sign up to serve their country with the promise that their government would take care of them! Not have to pay the government more for benefits! You dug yourselves these holes, you figure out another way to dig yourself out. Take back all those bail outs, kick backs to corporate and I can all most guarantee, you would have enough to fix the economy.



  • Huzzinbornet

    Clown’s…. so let me get this right. Continue frontal lobotomies on veteran’s, reneging on contracts you hold us to tooth and nail. Committing troops to campaigns that have no end game at the expense of American blood/lives. So you congressional monkey’s sit atop your ivory towers with retirement for life after serving one term, not 20 years like we, get the best healthcare for life after the same time in office, COLA increases and let’s not mention the pay raises you give yourself without the country getting a word in with a VOTE. Now you believe the best way to fix the mess you made is to turn your scapel on the citizens who’ve given the most for this country… Shame on you! I’ll remember who votes which way on this come election time in 2012!

  • Larry

    This story sounds all too familiar. Let’s go after the very people who keep this country strong and safe. How much of the pie is the military budget? Try going after the Congress who seem to have no problem with their pork projects. These are the “sacred cows” that draw alot of the money. Go down to New Orleans, in the 9th Ward and see how little this government of ours has done! Very little!!!!! I’m sick of the fat cats in DC that seem to look out for themselves only to turn on the people who put them in office. No wonder there are so many people who don’t vote. Write your congressman or congresswoman and tell them how you feel, but be “polite”. I’ve been retired for over 20 years and I’m all for pay raises for all active duty. I know what your going through. Keep fighting!!!

  • Jerquiaga

    When I enlisted in 1965 all medical was garanteed for life and service to your country was the duty of every American.

    Now it is a option from the same people that earn more in one month, than I, while serving in the jungle under fire in a year. copays and abondoning the veterans and future Soldiers are the downfall to a 3rd rate country!

    Look at the veterans of Russia,Argentina,Malayasia,you get my point.

  • Dragonswizardz

    What a load of total rubbish! Retirees “voluntarily” accepted less pay & fnancial benefits, declining quality health care, a ridiculous retirement program (w/out a viable retirement pay fund like the 401K) and now enforced mandatory deployments in order to serve their country. Our pensions & Tricare program is all thats left us after governmental interference & now they want to increase Tricare fees, etc., & reduce or eliminate annual pay increases, retirement pay, our retirement system itself & no doubt other specifics that haven’t even surfaced yet. I remember the Reagan years ~ no pay or COLA/BAS/BAH inreases in order to “save the federal government money” & efforts to reduce the size of governemnt that was “too big”. So, we went to work, did out jobs, etc., & watched the private sector grow while our quality of life stagnated. It was bogus eye-wash then & its total garbage now. We need to initae a “Hell No!” protest movement & maybe include a “duty” stoppage to demand our government return the promises that were made to many of us when we agreed to less pay, benefits, familiy relocations against our wishes, deployments, etc.

  • Bclements

    What they are saying is “Thank you for you service so I didn’t have to; Now go away.”

  • The only way to properly avoid a further financial crisis would be to create more employment and trust. To FULFILL PROMISES! I want people to commit on what they have decided on the past. These cuts to our service members are serious. Who will defend our country? Our current obese and weak under a draft?

  • Tom Geronimo

    Sen Webb is a veteran that has served this country with distinction. Tying him to the DOD recommendations or the deficit panel is unfair. He has worked and continues to work for active duty personnel and veterans. The Republican “patriots” in congress are primarily interested in defense contractors, not the troops. Try to control your bias. 20YrArmyVet

  • Retired E-7

    The best way to solve these problems is to cut the pay of our senators congressmen Representatives and others who are OVER PAID and do not do much of anything to help anybody but them selves

  • Gpschneider1

    All of yoy people up on the hill seem to have forgotten something very important–YOU WORK FOR US–we hired you and by god we can fire you.Many of you will probably see that dureing the next election.I would very much like to see all of you incompatents pick up a weapon and stand a post before you are allowed to hold any kind of public office,maby just maby you will learn that public service is not just about greed and self gratification.You polititicions are so concerned about party lines and making sure that your party gets into office next that you ignore the fact that millions of the good people who elected you are starving to death or dieing of illnesess that they can not afford medical treatment for.Name for me the congressman or senator who can not afford medical treatment for a family member of his or her own.Where are your priorities,you should all be ashamed we are very rapidly becoming a corrupt third world country. May god help us because elected officials are surley not.

    Dissabled two tour VNV….

    • Ramone382

      this is the beginning of the “New World Orders” guys. every year we loosing or Right little by little until the constitution get suspended and then oppression to the people to fulfill the dreams of some looser.
      the day the take or weapons we are Doooooooooomed. I feel sorry for or grand kids, because are the one’s they will pay the ultimate Price……… God help us…..

  • 7.62Gunner

    You want to save the government money? How about cutting the president’s outragous spending. How about stopping Obama Care and reforming ridiculous welfare systems in this country. Why would you take the benefits and compensation from those who stand bravely in the fire, and those past veterans who have been disabled by past wars to defend this great nation and make it what it is today. I was evaced out of theatre on my last tour because a violent crime had been committed on my family, and as I prepare for my fourth tour into combat, not only do I now have to worry about my family’s saftey, but I have to worry about if I am going to be able to afford their healthcare, especially for my daughter that has a lot of medical needs. All for what, so some lazy ass who never worked a day in his life can sit at home smoking dope on welfare and get free healthcare? While we’re on that subject, why don’t we require regular drug testing for those on welfare? I’m not saying all wellfare is bad, there are those few cases out there that need help, but instead of throwing them give-me’s, lets get them the real help they need so they can help themselves.

  • lukie

    I understand that they want to raise rates in try care so be it everything goes up the cost of everything you buy goes up every year weather it is fair or not is another ? i am a disabled vet w/ 2 children and a wife i am unable to work i was rated as unemployable sorry my spelling sucks i am human so when things go up and i dont get cost of living raises it hurts i would love to see most pepole in this great nation of ours to live on what we live on pluse where i live we have to travel 80-150 miles to see a doctore that takes tricare and/or medacare so not all of us go on to high paying defense jobs as stated from jim webb {D} thanks for reading

  • Phillipbullington

    They need to put themselves in harm’s way in the name of National Security and see what it’s like. When the National Guard, and Reserves must be placed on active duty because of shortages in man power, it’s a serious problem. Start messing with benefits and pay, and it will become a crises. The all volunteer Army will no longer work. The fact is, the military is not a part of the civilian sector. Leave the Military and Veteran pay an benefits alone Mr. President and cloonies, LEAVE US ALONE OR FIGHT THE WARS YOURSELVES or recruitment will go down and end of obligation discharges WILL go up!

  • John mastrangelo

    I would hope Congress would no longer be allowed to vote their own pay raise! We have a bunch of fools running our country. I hope we stopped funding ACORN.

  • Don Davis

    First, DON’T pay the people on this so called committee. Congress should be making these decisions not pawn it off to a committee so they don’t have to be accountable. Then they can go home and tell the people, I HAD NOTHING TO DO WITH IT. Second, There are way to many civilian employees, paid way more then our military personal an doing very little to earn it.

  • Taildrag2

    The United States Government has a long history of changing what it has promised to every country and its peoples. This country has made it part of its routine at the change of its leadership. Why should we be so stunned when it has taken place once again with the Obama administration? When a government feels free to take at will, then it is time to take notice and get involve. I would love to see a constitutional amendment requiring our leaders to be governed with the very same laws they apply to their constituents

  • Anonymous

    In response to Pbbruan, you are very misinformed a person that is a civil servent does not have the same retirment and medical benifits as a person that serves in congress. A civil servent has to do 20 years or come in on a point system to get a retirement. And also provide thier own healthcare. If the person is retired military it will probally be tricare, and by the the way tricare does not cover dental. Does a person in congress have to serve 20 years to get the same package? I think not. One term in office and they get retirement and all the perks that go with it. So I suggest you do your homework. I do not know if you are prior military or a civil servent but if you are you are grossly misinformed.

  • Nathan

    What about cutting Senates pay? They don’t do anything but argue and hardly ever accomplish anything, this also includes congress. The government should leave DoD out of it unless absolutely necessary. Maybe the government should not have given away so much money in the stimulus packages, which most of the money just ended up in government officials pockets anyways.

  • Mhgoatspearson

    Full fill promises! Keep promises made to get elected! Do what the vast majority of Americans have to do and live off what you earn and not just spend, spend, spend and making funny money to cover it. Not our Congress, The last time it was even close to being responsible was during Teddy’s Presidency!!!

  • Rvadded

    There’s no mention of persons with physical disability retirement. When we retired it was the policy the full medical would be provided for life. This seems to have changed over the years and now looks like our retirement pay will be given back to cover medical expenses.

  • Tabatha

    They have not made “unpopular cost cutting recommendatios for virtually EVERY sector of the government.” Congress certainly made sure they got their pay increases. Why don’t they start the cost cut right there in their own pockets first? After all, they work for us, right. Why don’t they include themselves in this wonderful Obamacare that they passed? Need I say more…. >: (

  • Djohnson

    Not saying that all of the politicians need to cut spending on their own pet projects and salaries, but, apparently no one here has recently seen how much of our budget the military has as all overall percentage. It’s frickin ridiculous, unsustainable and total BS. And for once, it would be nice to hear from veterans that DIDN’T go into the military for the AWESOME benefits (intense sarcasm here). Read a history book for once and learn something about YOUR CHOSEN organization before you join and then go whining about all of the things you don’t get. Don’t like it, don’t join. Signed a non-whining disabled military vet.

    • Military Spouse

      I don’t think that most people are “whining” about what they don’t get, just about not losing what they already receive. I respect you for serving, my husband is serving. I just don’t like that every time there is a budget “crisis” the military is the first to be singled out. Yes, the military has a large overall percentage of the budget but, the military is what protects the rest of us from having to suffer injustices that some other countries suffer.

  • disagreetaxpayer

    We served our country and this is what we get, a slap in the face. Thank you for throwing us under the bus. I agree with raising the TRICARE premium, but then congress need to slow down or go away with all their un-necessary pet project and their pay raises every year. I think it’s not fair for this commish for not mentioning congress health care and their pay. What you think about that.

    sign – Retired U.S.Navy

  • Dawg

    Odd that Congress gets a free ride forever after one term. Cowardly, dishonest and traitorous.

  • Derrick

    Why don’t government official also take a pay cut and a reduction in BAH and other incentive?

  • Tomcat5466

    The current administration and recently ousted congress has been lying about the COLA increases not being necessary. The real index has been hidden from us to allow the government to stop COLA increases, with real inflationary numbers going up at everyday items like groceries and medicine, but only reflected in housing costs and big ticket items like washing machines and new auto purchases, things we don’t usually buy every day. They’re pulling the wool over the eyes of disabled vets and social security benefits recipients, as these groups are severely disadvantaged and unlikely to push the subject or complain out of fears that they may lose benefits, which is exactly what will happen if they don’t elect the right individuals to correct this economic nightmare. Recipients will wrongly elect Progressive politicians in the vain attempt to protect the nanny state, while unwittingly screwing the country out of financial responsibility, thus making the ability to provide veterans those necessary benefits impossible. Amazing stupidity, don’t you think?

  • pissed off american

    “Government is instituted for the common good; for the protection, safety, prosperity, and happiness of the people; and not for profit, honor, or private interest of any one man, family, or class of men; therefore, the people alone have an incontestable, unalienable, and indefeasible right to institute government; and to reform, alter, or totally change the same, when their protection, safety, prosperity, and happiness require it.” -John Adams….that being said i think some change needs to come, and not the kind obama is trying to push

  • Pcpeg

    I think Congress should start cutting cost with-in the Congress itself. If it was up to me, I would REPLACE all the SENATE and HOUSE Starting with the PRESIDENT on down to include the JUSTICES OF THE SUPREME COURT and all the heads of each major agency in D.C. including all the Zars that have been appointed in the last 10 years. PC from TX.

    • Sfcham

      Even after one term a congressman receives retirement pay and benefits such as medical, denial, and funds to keep a staff and office to finish up and leftover business in DC for the rest of their lives

  • Larry E. Teboe

    Reduce COLA? How can you reduce what is already zero. Retired Military members have not had a Cost of Living Allowance increase for two years. Neither has our disability checks had one. Instead of wasting millions of dollars a day to travel to Asia for a ten day vacation which resulted in a big ZERO for employment in the United Staes, that money could have been put into the COLA account of retired military members (you know, spread the wealth around). Who else forfeited their Cost Of Living Allowance increase besides retired military members and Social Security recipients? Speaking of Social Security — why has that COLA been held up for two years since the money belongs to us recipients in the first place. I get really tired of hearing about how Soical Security is in trouble. The Government DOES NOT give us our Social Security checks — the money is from our own money that we gave to the Government for safekeeping until we retired and began to draw it back. The money was NEVER the Government’s money and it isn’t theirs today. If there is no money in the Social Security system, it is because the government (Democrats and Republicans) have embezzled it and spent it on other toys. If I did that I would be in prison for a long time.

    Sick and Tired of the Government I laid my life on the line for for over twenty years,

    Larry E. Teboe, MSgt, USAF (Ret)

  • Angry Spouse

    The current salary (2010) for rank-and-file members of the House and Senate is $174,000 per year. ( How bout a senator?

    What is the annual salary of the average US senator? About $169,300 per year. Read more:… As a military spouse of an E6, I can tell you, my husband’s pay is less than $40,000 a year. Freezing the pay raises because we outpace the civilian sector? How about whoever wrote the article or put that phrase as an excuse does some research? Our pay raises have “out paced” the civilian sector in an effort to bring our military at least up to poverty level and into the median pay range of the civilian sector. Civilians who do the same jobs as some of our military, are paid a whole lot more. That’s not taking into consideration that often, our military members work 24 hours a day or 6-7 days a week WITHOUT getting paid overtime? Our military are on call 24/7 and yet receive no extra compensation for that. In the civilian sector, it is against labor laws to work over 40 hours in a week without additional compensation. Or how about working during hours outside of the norm, for those hours you are paid a “differential” in addition to your regular pay. I’m not asking for more money for our military, i’m just not one to sit back and stay quiet about trying to take away what we receive. How many careers would you actually work in for 20 years or more and only be at $40,000 a year? Today’s economy is one that almost requires two incomes for a family. What about the sacrifices that military spouses make in their careers? It’s next to impossible for them to actually have a career since they are unlikely to stay in one job to retire from. Civilian sector, a lot of employers require you to stay with them for 35 years to retire. Freezing our pay raises is not an answer to balancing the country’s budget. This is the excuse that is thrown up every time that our budget is in question. How bout the fact that our previous president’s have been able to get our budget deficit within a reasonable range without reducing the military pay? How about, instead of reducing or freezing military pay, the powers that be are a little smarter with the money. In my own personal experience, monetarily speaking, how financially reasonable was it to transfer one family from an overseas location when they wanted to stay where they were? In addition to that transfer, then there was the expense of transporting household goods and a vehicle from one coast to another, in essence an additional PCS move. Then you have to transfer another family overseas to fill the billet that the original family was willing to fill. How many times has this happened and how much money could have been saved if things were handled a little more reasonably. It seems that I’ve kinda gotten off on a tangent but as a military spouse who JUST got caught up on bills after PCS’ing from overseas almost a year ago, when you talk about money, it’s something I feel very strongly about. Especially since, at this time, we are a single income family because I have been unable to obtain employment in the past year because the job market is in such sad shape. I think that because the military is so large, it is the first thing that congress/senate look at to help balance the budget but, the military service members are the ones who fight to give us the freedom to choose and speak out so why would we take from them the already inadequate pay that they receive?!

    Angry military spouse

  • Dick Orton

    How about debt commissioners and congress taking major cuts to all their plans ???

  • Eoxendine1

    What I don’t understand is how can the US President and all his cabinet, including the senate and congress, chit chat about the future of all retirees financial situation. They sit pretty, living off the american people, and make decisions about our financial crisis. What the american people should do is the same thing we did to those that did nothing but fat their wallets. What we need is the same guidelines set for congress and senate is the same term limit as for the president. Now, I know this won’t pass with all the crooks sitting up there, but it should be up to the american people to vote on this issue. Maybe something strong such as this just might shake them up.

    • Warren1951

      “…I don’t understand how can the US President… chit chat about the future of all retirees financial situation.”

      Under Johnson Social Security money was put in the general fund and spent.

      Under Clinton & Gore up to 85% of your Social Security could be taxed after we had already been taxed once on “OUR” money when we paid into FICA.

      The democrats eliminated the income tax deduction for FICA withholding.

      Al Gore cast the deciding vote to tax Social Security annuities while he was vice crook.

      The democrats under Jimmy Carter decided to give annuity payments to immigrants who never contributed to any fund.

      Understanding how this happened is easy, we voted in people who did not and do not care about the tax paying, legal citizens who work for less and pay more. Stop voting party and look at the history of people running for office. Everyone reading this better look at ocare coming up. If you are old enough to care and be reading then you better realize you are old enough to be on this list to not receive care in a few years. You will be too old to contribute to society so there will be no reason to waste medical care on you.

  • Karma comes around

    Congress needs to cut their own pay and maybe have them pay out of pocket for their own health care. They shouldn’t be receiving a pension from the govt. They can go on social security when they hit 65.

  • Donald Mackey Sr

    Who ever came up with this BS needs to go into the military and just see how good the pay is. If we could vote on giving ourselves a pay riase like congress and we were the ones talking about freezing thier pay, I’d bet we wouldn’t be the ones crying. If congress would take a 50 percent pay cut a large part of the budget would go away. Also if they want people to retire early and not get paid until they reach 60 years old, it should be the same for congress. I’m proud to have served this great nation but I’m getting tried of being pushed around like some has been because people we elected can only think if them selfs and not the great good for the natoin.

  • Tomcat5466

    Consider this:

    No member of the US House of Represenatives shall recieve any compensation higher than an O-1 (2nd LT or ENS), nor any benefit that any other military member of that rank would normally get while on active duty. Travel shall be restricted to what is availible to the military (not the “Nancy Pelosi Special”) and the only extra pay shall be tired to a TDY expense report. Senators shall not be paid at a rate above O-4 (MAJ or LtCmdr) and shall recieve only benefits and compensation tied to that rank. ALL members of congress, both Senators and Congress shall not be allowed to purchase a new or existing dwelling within a 100 mile radius of the Capitol building in Washington, DC, and will be provided basic quarters in line with the same standards of the same said ranks tied to both houses. Said housing will be either single member quarters or family housing, and will be within the same compound near or within the city limits of Washingron DC, with restrictions being made on outside unauthorized visitation and any allowed solicitation, with security being provided by USMC provost martial command of Marine Barracks.

    All meals for single members will be provided by a mess hall, either located at the housing facility or at the Capitol Buildind, and those who live in family quarters will recieve a basic allowance for sustinance similar to military regulations. Futhermore, no member of either house shall accept any gratuity from anyone, including any meals paid for by outside sources from the US government, and punishable by censure, fine, and possible expulsion, with a manditory expulsion on the third offense.

    Any and all medical services will be provided by Veterans Hospitals and satellite clinics at government expense, and any outside healthcare will be the financial responsibility of the House or Senate member unless previously approved by a committee at VA facility for Fee Basis care. All similar rules of conduct and military laws apply to the members of the members of both houses of the legislature, and any infraction, misdemenor or felony will be tried by Courts Martial, and, if found guilty by a panel of military officers of equal or higer rank, be subject to such punishment as suggested by the acting Judge Advocate presiding. If found guilty of six or more infractions, any member shall be fined and given censure. If ten or more infractions are committed and found punishable, that member would be subject to expulsion by review. If found guilty of any misdemeanor, a censure and fine will be assesed. If found guilty of a second misdemeanor, manditory jail time of at least 3 months and immediate expulsion from the body of the House or Senate, with loss of future benefits and/or pension. If any member is found guilty of a a felony, said felony will be punishable by not less than one year in a military federal prison and subject to automatic expulsion at conviction, with loss of any and all future benefits and/or pension.

    Any other laws, benefits, restrictions and/orrequirements that the miltary are subject to are also the same said laws, benefits or restrictions and/or requirements extended to all members of the House of Represenatives and members of the Senate, including any and all personnel in support of said members.

    No retirements benefits will be extended to members of either house that serve less than 12 years and ten days, and any retirement benifits will be the same as any benefits provided to military personnel of the same rank and rate. All retirement medical benefits Shall be rendered at VA facilties.

    No staff personnel or assistants in service to any Senator or Member of the House of Represenatives shall be paid at a rate higher than E-6 or have a starting pay higher than E-2 in any military service, and all benefits that any member of the military are entitled to, and shall not have any other retirement benefits beyond those that are extended to the military of the same rank or rate. Rates of promotion will be the same as basic promotions allowed in the military, and based on performance and time served.

    What if this were the law of the land? Do you think the military or veterans would ever be in need or want for anything if it were so? This would be a good idea if these rules were similar to the White House, with the President’s cabinet and staff being regulated in a similar way. Any thoughts out there?

    • Shirley Parker

      Of course if they attack the so very high pay and retirerment of any Congress persons – all hell would be raised!!! That is their sacred area —–let it be those persons who give their lives to their country.

    • PreciousCargo99

      I think that all of this sounds like a great idea! Maybe Just MAYBE, they might get the hint!

  • Aramrat52

    No cost of living increase. No pay hike. But yes, let’s raise the Tricare premiums and co-pay. Let’s give the soldiers less pay while they are risking their lives for the United States. That should show the soldiers and retirees how much we need them to fight the wars that have been created. Why not send members of the Congress, the House of Representatives and the President to fight these wars.

  • Old Soldier

    Some how, some way we (Soldier’s, veteran’s and retiree’s) need to make our opinions heard. Do we need to rally together and march on Washington? Maybe that is what we need to do like so many others have; I can just imagine thousand of Soldier’s standing together hand in hand. These people do not realize that perhaps the increase of medical care in the last 10 yrs is due to so many troops coming home with medical issues. If Americain’s allow this, there will be no volunteer Military force. It is high time for a radical change in the politics in Washington; perhaps we should vote on their pay increases, medical care and benefits. This crap makes me angry; I gave the best years of my life, gladly and now these morones in DC want to take what little I have…..enough before I get down right nasty about this issue.

  • Warren1951

    Did anyone notice this is from the President’s National Com­mis­sion on Fis­cal Respon­si­bil­ity and Reform co-chairs Sen. Webb (D-Va,) and Alan Simp­son, for­mer chief of staff to Pres­i­dent Clin­ton? How are you enjoying the “change?” As a registered Democrat who supported the party for years I have to say I’m ashamed of the way they are treating our forces and cannot support the party any longer!

    We have military families receiving food stamps. Military housing is condemned at some bases causing lower ranking families to be at the mercy of local landlords. Absentee ballots to military personnel are rountinely lost and delayed. How can we continue to keep people combat ready when they have to worry about taking care of their families?

    We can quote pay for politicians all day and dream about putting them in the positions our sons and daughters are but that will not help and is a waste of time. Let’s be realistic and start writing, calling, visiting politicians, regardless of party. Show up at town hall meetings. Regardless of where they stand now let them know if this continues you will vote against them next election. Maybe that will help change their minds of the ones who are for cuts and make the people opposing this commission work harder.



  • Mutantone

    That they are going to freeze and cut the military areas is just so wrong, when all that really needs be done is to reduce and suspend benefits for the congress. Reduce their pay back to fiscally proper limits, of say around the 1950’s levels. Remove all benefits like travel by military jets or medical benefits in military faculties. Make them pay just like normal people into social security, all their retirement benefits should be confiscated and placed in the public system. The military especially when our troops are in combat situations should be immune to cuts or price increases for any service they have earned. Cut the congressional pay and benefits first and leave our protectors alone. Better yet when our troops finish up at the bottom end of the pay cuts and freezes martial law should be instituted and the congress disbanded and allow the Military run things. Just their control of the government will reduce spending and increase santiy.
    “The truth is more important than the facts.” – Frank Lloyd Wright
    “Freedom is never more than one generation away from extinction.” — Ronald Reagan
    ID 10 T error in the administration

  • victorial.lake@gmail

    I believe we would be better served by cutting presidential spending, such as the last trip he took that cost 200,000,000 a day. I wonder how many military men we could pay with that. Not to mention these men put their posterior on the line 24/7. I for one am for a strong military, by the way there is alot that could be cut without touching our wonderful
    Ilitary men and women.

    • You should do some research before you spit out such words. That trip did not cost 200mil a day. Some idiot Indian MADE UP THAT NUMBER from the top of his head, and then conservative radio copied him (without checking the facts, OF COURSE!) and told the world.

  • R. K. Hugh

    Look at the Federal Department of Health and Welfare and all the people getting assistance who have contributed nothing to this country aside from being born into it. The only contribution these people seem to make is having creating no shortage in the population problem. Then make a decision who should get benefits. Soldiers who have put their lives, freedom, and rights on the line for this country or those who get benefits from just being born into it? Obama where is your patriotism not to mention you common sense? Dust off the military and you won’t have anyone willing to protect your pension or health care. Oh yes, those benefits do not seem to be taking any cuts. With all the hate George Bush created for the U.S. worldwide, maybe it isn’t such a good idea to demoralize the military with pay cuts and homosexual room mates. Sorry Barrack, but I see a lot of email and it all points to you and your group of economic experts being ousted next election. That doesn’t say much for the Country’s first black president. It’s fairly simple, cut welfare if you must, the Federal Government shouldn’t be in the welfare and child support collection business anyway. However, when you decide to cut programs that are specifically spelled out in the U.S. Constitution, like providing for the military, well sir, you are just not showing good judgment and that usually spells the end of a Presidency.

  • Sfcham

    hay Congress, you should lead by example and set the standards if you want to cut military pay and benefits then you should cut yours also.

  • Davemill

    Yes I love my country, but I also entered the military and stayed in for 21 years becasue I was promised that I would be rewarded. It seems to some politicians promises don’t mean much. I fear that our fine men and women who are now in the military and those that are considering joinning are going to think twice on making a career when they find out that the politicians trek record is to deceive the service members into thinking that if the serve, they will be rewarded. The outcome will be that we will lose a lot of good people now serving in the military because they will realize the services they rpovide is really not that important to the government that we thought would take care of us…

    • n81

      “The outcome will be that we will lose a lot of good people now serving in the military because they will realize the services they rpovide is really not that important to the government that we thought would take care of us… ” —Dave Miller

      And my leadership wondered why I decided not to re-enlist after 4-yrs. The government isn’t keeping my best interest in mind therefore, I have to look out for myself. I took advantage of every opportunity available to me while serving so that I’ll be able to stand on my own two feet apon my exit. God Bless All of Those Who Served and Their Families!

  • PreciousCargo99

    If they think it is so darned easy to live this lifestyle, maybe they need to come into it. These people give their LIVES and the lives of their families to serve this country! If this government needs to cut corners to make this country work, MAYBE THEY SHOULD START WITH THEIR OWN POCKETS!!!!

  • Jimgusto

    And as goes Tricare…so goes Champva. Did you notice they did NOT pass a bill yet to allow our children to be covered up to age 26 as they have done for the civilian population’s insurance companies. I’ve made phone calls, sent letters, and sent emails to my congressmen and senators. They told me they’ll be looking into it for me. Hhmmm.

  • Semperfi2159

    All politicians are thieves and liars…
    May God Bless our military personnel…
    Our government havent been concerned about us, The American People,
    in 20 plus years…

  • Cassieygirl

    Very easy to go after the so called benifits of the military.Will all of Congress elect to not take their usual pay raise that is tacked on to some bill that they know will pass at midnight with no problems.They should have to pay their way like the rest of the country,and be put on social security.Also not be allowed to collect the benefits that they get for life after only one term,if not reelected.They have a lot of areas that should be looked at and the benefits that they receive is unreal.The military deserves everything that they get while both in active status,and retired.The promises that were made for people to stay in the military concerning health care were that they would be covered for life,both for them and their families.We stood by our government in trying times and how soon they forgot. Donk

  • eillib

    One big cost savings would be to stop Express Scripts from automatically refilling prescriptions. Everytime I go to fill one, they put refill automatically as the default. I have to uncheck the box. I have some that I don’t have to take all the time, so don’t need refilling as often as ExpressScripts wants to do so.

  • BosnBob

    Freeze Military pay of three years (including retirees). Hey has anyone noticed that Retirees did not get a COLA raise in Jan 2010 and will not get a COLA raise in Jan 2011. Add three more years to that and no raises for 5 years…all the while the cost of living is going crazy…has anyone bought food lately!!!!

  • Raynapoleon

    The congress needs to have their pay cut & pay raises frozen and raised thier copay on all their medical .let them feel what the little guy feels. retire them out of goverment after eight years . you have retiree who can not make ends that have to go to food banks .they decated their life to the service and that what we get nothing . The military is the backbone of the united states IF YOU DONT HAVE THE MILITARY YOU DONT HAVE NOTHING. CONGRESS NEED TO GO BACK TO THE OLD SCHOOL AND READ THEIR HISTORY AND REMEMBER HOW THE UNITED BECAME THE UNITED STATES.REMEMBER ALL THE WARS THE AMERICAN SOILDER AND RETIREE.THAT HAS GIVEN THEIR LIFE AND THEIR COMMITMENT AND DEDICATION AND SACRIFICE TO MAKE THIS COUNTRY WHAT IT IS. YOU NEED TO WORK FOR THE POOR,MIDDLE,RICH TO COME UP WITH A PLAN THAT WORKS FOR ALL NOT JUST ONE GROUP “CONGRESS HAS TO WORK AS A TEAM” NOT AS INDIVIDUAL

  • LB

    First of all I have been serving my country for just over 15yrs. I am sickened to hear that these politicians would even consider freezing our pay and increasing our premuims. All I have to say is that I am tired of everyone thinking that the military is over paid. Our military not only sacrifices their lives for everyone else can live in a free society but they also sacrifice their personal lives with their family and misses their kids growing up due to deployments and commitments. This on its own should be the reason why military men and women should be well taken care of. It amazes me that you have athletes, politicians, actors, actresses, etc….getting paid while the military men and women have to sacrifice and worry about whether their family will be taken care of if something happens to them. I am a strong believer that if you want to start cutting pay and benefits you should start from those that emplement it.

  • Bebagger

    I would have loved to have retired after 10 or even 12-14 years in, but no, that wouldn’t do for the military. I lost out on retirement by getting out with 14 yrs, 11 months…..hmmmmm…a coincidence??? I think not.

  • Dossrodsr

    Ungrateful citizens, that what always happens when the wars end. I went through the same BS during Clintons era funny the same Congressmen that did it then are doing it now.

  • Dave Miller

    It is a disgrace for the governemnemt to say that if you serve and risk your life for 20 years you would receive certain benefits, then deny these benefits when it was time for the serviceman to collect. What country is this anyway? I thought America would not only guarantee these promises, but to fight (like so many servicemen has done for this contry) to honor these promises.

    If this same situation happen to the buisness sector or to the politicians, it would be scrutinized so much the government would back down. But for some reason the Military Retirement group is targeted as an easy fight to get money the government needs. The politicians phylosophy probably is “We’ll these patriotic servicement risk there life for the country, let them now risk there health for the country”

  • Fredfawcett

    Simpson and Bowles are two lowlife scumbags. There’s about a trillion dollars worth of waste and pork that could be done away with but these insects go after Vets benefits and Social Security. The Vet’s benefits have been earned the hard way and Social Security we paid for at the rate of 7.5% of every dime we ever earned. These pimps for big business want to put the burden of their lousy governing on the backs of the poor, the old and veterans. Screw those assholes.

  • Ltfrancois

    Hey MR. Webb next time you run for reelection don’t try to use your military service to help you. I say lets eliminate your Senate Health Care throw you on Tri(to get)Care like me and my wife and see if you think we should pay more for it you SOB.

  • SiewertL

    Having spent 34 years with the U.S.government, 24 in uniform and 10 as a government contractror, I have seen fiscal budget abuse by both.

    Soldiers are pawns in the government who are taught to believe in their Commander In Chief, to honor their country through service with the promise of a small pot of gold at the end of the rainbow.

    Should there be a need to make cuts in defense spending, start with the civilian work force, cut the number of contractors who use the good old boy system to benefit their pocket books. Look at travel. During my last 14 years of service, I witnessed many overseas trips that involved by far too many personnel that just by coincidence occurred just before the Christmas holiday season. I overheard Colonel’s talking with subordinates about planning shopping trips for items unique to foreign countries. Year end spending to ensure more money could be obtained for the next fiscal year. Lack of accountability for property by senior personnel in the interest of medical research and retainability. Yes, the defense budget needs to be cut, however a close look at fraud waste and abuse needs to be scrutinized. Right out my back door lies one of the most wasteful installations whose justification is always in the name of research. While soldiers in field units do without, installations like Fort Detrick are living the life of luxury on the tax payers dollar! What ever happened to fiscal responsibility?

    Too many horror stories to share. Certainly, the boys and girls in Congress are raping and pillaging the tax payers dollars as well,

    Sad. Proud to have served. Glad not to be a part of it any longer.

  • Jack Monroe

    Another knife in the back by Politian’s in Washington, who protects their private interest and totally disregard and nullify the military benefits that were promised years ago. When, we managed our meager pay our civilian counter parts, and substandard living conditions. Why did we continue to serve, because of the promises of medical for life, and a 20 year retirement system? These Politian’s, who most have never spent a day of their life in the military, are looking for ways to cut money in order to keep the fat on the pork. Why don’t they take a pay cut, reduce their medical benefits, up their co-pay for medical service, hack-away on their benefits?

  • MadHornet

    Sure, give to those who do nothing and take from those who give everything!

  • Glen

    Tell the guy who started this mess how you really feel I did!

    This is his web site.

  • Don9973

    if Mr. Webb, D-Va., wants to cut his so called fat out of the Military by reducing the amount of troops under arms, cut our benefits, and pay, and eliminate the COLA pay, then he don’t have to look very far- his own Congressional Members would be a start – take a look at your own retirement (just for you people), your pay schedules, your pork money, your Medical Plan for you people only and all the other perks and benefitts you receive – don’t pick on the Military – you are an American because our Boys gave their lives during World War II, Korea, and you can INCLUDE VIETNAM – cut yours first, then you can pick on ours.

  • Mlf112746

    This is such a sad world. My husband retired 21 years ago and I can’t find a back specialist that will take Tricare Standard. GREAT INSURANCE BENEFIT that we can’t use because no decent doctors will take it.

  • Jcardello

    Maybe the politicians should look at cutting their pay and benefits like the retirement for a congressman who only serves four years then collects for LIFE! they dont abide by our laws and we elected them to represent us. Now I will be forced to get my employer insurance at a considerable cost while the senators, congress men/women and representives, who I am sure a majority of the never served a day in the miltary, live high off the hog and we are the hog. Shame on the government for abandonning all of us who have served to protect their rights and lives.

  • Pjpiers1224

    How long did it take Sen Webb to become a complete idiot ? Want to save money ? How about reestablishing Social Security as the Trust Fund it was, Until the clown LBJ made it a money grab bag for all the politicians and their projects. Leave the Military alone..Take a long hard look at your pay,and all your raises. And youv’e done nothiong to deserve what you get…What needs to be done, is a lot of pay cutting of all the Congress. That will save a bundle…PJPIERS1224

  • Serving Our Country

    The people making these decisions have either not served in the military or did not stay in uniform because it was to hard. They will cut our pay and retirement to save their own and then run their campaigns on military support during times of conflict. Pay these great idea people on the same payscale as the military enlisted person and save money on their retirement.

  • Psilva48

    Servicemembers AND their families igve their all for this country. There are people in my family who still think we get ree vacations for foreign countries at tax payers’ expense. They believe the military buys all of the military member’s clothes and that the commissary does everything but pay us to take the goods off the shelves. Military people get precious little in the way of pay and benefits as it is. Enlistments are down as it is. Good luck getting people to enlist if they think they will be promised one thing and when it is time to pay up the big boys who make many times more in pay, benetifts and retirement than the military will suddenly change their minds about making good on their promises. I will be more willing to listen to cuts for the military when Congress has done everything they can to clean up their own house.

  • Rambo

    They don’t have a problem cutting Americans benefits do they.
    How about they start cutting all those billions in foreign aid to save the world,the benefits they hand to illegals that are treated better than the military members, the wonderful life they provide to so called refuges,who rake in more than a 30 yr federal retirement,etc etc.
    Apparently the only thing Americans are here for is to pay more taxes,for less and less benefits.

  • Speedy7201

    How about cutting all of the fraud out of the Section 8 Housing, Food Stamp’s, welfare and all of the other FREEBIES that NON Working (EVER) people enjoy, whether legal citizen’s or not. Cut Foreign Aid 1st off.

    I recently saw on TV where we give Chine 2 Billion a year as a third world country, WHILE we are paying them interest on the loan’s they are making to US, the US of A. How is it that a Third World country has the money to loan us, while we are GIVING them so much for being a poor country?

    There are SO MANY thing’s that should be cut, but in the time of war, military pay IS NOT one of them.

  • Wallace

    I can not believe or begin to understand how a country that owes it very foundation to men and women that gave their lives along with those that have sacrificed so much could treat them this way. Why would a person want to join or stay in the military when there is no incentive. We will only become weaker and risk our freedom. There are plenty of areas they can cut that have a lot of fat and stop implementing programs that are not needed. Stop allowing my tax dollars to support illegal aliens on welfare. If you do not have a social security number you should not be allowed any federal support. I have always been proud to be an American, but I am so disapointed in the way my country is being ran. Shame on them!

  • Djetzel1940

    “The President’s National Commission on Fiscal Responsibility and Reform”, what a joke. Obama is the last person that should handle fiscal responsibility, he created this mess, this deficit. Now he wants the military to pay the price. If he was a fiscally responsible person he would not have taken this trip to the far east with an armada of 34 war ships, etc. at a cost of 200 million dollars per day. What a hypocrite!

  • Chara

    I would love to see the day when all politician’s from the top to the bottom, lost there home, had no job, no food, and there kid’s have no where to lay there head’s, throw them in a old car and say there that is how you have to live, shame on our government, what has it came to, so many home’s empty, just sitting there, so sad.if they do this to our military i hope no one will want to join, let there kids all join, don’t hear of that very ofton, make’s me so angry I could spit fire. I am a widow of a man that spent 26 yr’s. and I am below poverty level, thank our Politician’s



  • Lydjajoe09ve

    Hey Mr. Webb! The only unsustainable expenditures of money are in your own backyard. All those $5,000.00 or so dollars increases voted amongst yourselves plus salaries, health insurance coverage for all family,expenses and perks thats unsustainable. Mr. Webb, why did you get out of the Navy? You could not make a living for you and your family.

    Your own countrymen elected you and all serving in Government so now you think that after a servicemeber spending his whole life in the service now we are undeserving. You think that thirty years or more in service are nothing therefore all promises are not binding. You see, I am tired that politicians like you use veterans to further their agenda, but when the time comes to put the money where their mouth is,do an about face (if you know what that is) and try to shoot us all down, During this political year all I saw was honor “Our Heroes”. Were you talking about our dead brothers only? As far as I am concern there are about 25000.000.00 milion or more of us. Many not even getting what was promise to them and all of us. You and all of the others ought to be ashamed of yourselves. You also placed those two individuals or God knows how many more individuals to tell us what we already know. Our pay and benefits are unsustainable because Congress and Senate never allocated the proper funds to pay for what we wre promised and work so hard for so many years. Funds are being allocated to DOD in bulk and you know who gets the most and indeed so they must. If you do not want or think that military pensions and benefits are unsustainable cut the fat somewhere else. There are many programs that are usessless within the Government. If we are unsustainable. perhaps all Foreign Aid programs should cut and assigned to us as well as all monies being spend in Iraq, Afganistan and may other places should be assigned to our much need unsustainable piggy bank if that is what you think we have. As long as more and more treaties are being made to go and fight some other peoples’ wars we are going need a good and strong fighting force. People in the armed forces of our country `join for the simple reason of love to country and the benefits it offers. The bait is put force to us and we learned to accept. But the enticements are strongest of forces to join. Don’t think that as the wars in Iraq and Afganistan are winding down that we are going to be at peace thereafter. A small Armed Force is not going to get it. Remember; Iran, Korea, Rusia, China and most Arabs and Palestine are still going to be hot and with better weapons and bigger armies. In the future we may not be a match for any of those countries unless we are better prepared to meet any challenge. Our European Allies are just that, they could give a hoot about us. Now if you think that we are to recruit people to work for nothing and then get nothing not in your wildest dream it will ever happen, Finally, go ahead and consider your unsustainability ideology and you will see how an exodous of good military personnel and leaders will come about. No one works for nothing, specially when you have a family that depends on you. Go ahead and try explain my family that they are undeserving of the benefits and pay accrued to them and me. I hope all your pay and benefits are cut when you retire, that is, if your countrymen dont kick you out soon.

  • Al

    I think they should cut back on congress retirement pay and m ake them live off of the same social security system that we have to.


  • Chara

    And they should stop all the free loader’s on social securiy disability, I live in a town of 64 people, I know 5 that draw and work under the table, not a thing wrong with them, they think it is funny.many, many million’s could be saved here,need to pay a bounty on these people to be caught, they get back pay from the time they apply if it be 2 year’s or three, a big fat check, my neighbor bought her a cadilac, another one a nice new camper, and they do all the flea mkt’s across the country. start here Mr Politician’s and leave the military alone,Oh I forgot it take’s a crook to know a crook.

  • Wxmankfri

    Here we go AGAIN. The minute the DEMS get in power, they put out a blue ribbon pannel to take away the MILITARY pensions and any benifits they –the military– may have earned. I am sick and tired of hearing about all us bad people who have dedicated our lives to the Defense of this country. I am proud of my service but am fed up with their empty promises of education and benifits for life that they–politicans–are doing their best to eliminate now that I am ready to use them. I have served my country for 50 years of work and I cannot get the gov to pay for my education. I am 70 and still working to pay off my student loans. But what the heck, I am just one of those lousy vietnam vets that want everything and was promised nothing. Politicans have the best health care plan and the best retirement plan in the world but the poor basterds that got shot at were offered only a pittance of what other vets got and are getting. I dont blame them a bit. Take what you can get. Someday after all the Vietnam vets are gone then people will began to know the forgotten ones.

  • Harleychief

    Wow! I thoughed the military community was the one defending the democracy and the US monies. And now they apparently discovered that the best way to return the US Economy back in place is cutting on the Military Budget. Duty, Honor, Country…what’s next?

  • matt jenkins

    i am a combat veteran who recently served in marjah afghanistan i saw more than my fair share of valiant americans make sacrifices and go above and beyond the call of duty. Everyone in the armed services should be utterly apalled at the actions of our leaders in goverment because we all wrote a check to america for up to and including our lives, and now i feel like they took that check and our wiping thier asses with it. in short i swore that i would protect america against all enemies foriegn and domestic and at this time it seems like were atbattle with the latter.

  • Dmlibra

    How about freezing their pay or taking a decrease in pay to help the citizens that put them in office. Our military put their lives on the line and they want to freeze their pay and increase the retirees out of pocket for their insurance. What’s next! Let’s take the people off of welfare that can work and just don’t want to work. Freeze their money.

  • USCG retired

    Why would Senator Simson and his co-chair Erskine Bowles suggest that they might need to go into a witness protection program? Maybe it’s because Simson and Bowles know that what they are proposing is wrong!

  • Nick6835

    Better start thinking about getting the “Draft back up and running”.

  • Dav8267

    I think this Former Senator and Former Chief of Staff. Need to look at the Pay that they are receiving for retirement and all the benefits that they are receiving. Then compare what the Soldiers are receiving, Veterans are receiving and what the Senators and Congressman/women are receiving..
    Once they compare I think they should realize where the pay cut should be.. Not the Military.. The Congress and Senate need to receive a pay free.. Not the men and women that are now and those in the past that have fought for this Great Nation. The Congress and the Senate have been getting pay raises every time that it’s time to decide.
    The military and veterans pay goes up a percentages that could never match the raises the Congress and Senators get..
    And NOW for the second year in a row the Military and Social Security are NOT receiving a raise in the COST of Living allowance.

  • Cathy Pope

    The only government employees who deserve the best pay, housing, healthcare, retirement, and undying gratitude and respect are the military. All other government entities can be scrapped as far as I am concerned.

    Thank you dear soldiers and families for your sacrifice.

    C Pope

  • Richmondw1

    We as a nation can’t be serious about freezing pay for the military and increasing Tri-Care premiums to those who have earned and need it the most. We are talking abou at segment of our country that make up only about 1 percent of our total population that were either drafted or voluteered to serve our country faithfully.

    The fact that we already pay taxes for the little pensions recieve, now Congress is pondering whether freeze, cut, and or increase?

    The is completely unfair and not the way this country should be showing its appreciation for our service. Retirees did not get an increase last year, Disabled Vets did not get an increase last year. But yet, gas prices and consumables continue to rise.

  • An American

    I gave you my father in WW2, my friends during VietNam, my brother in Desert Storm, my son in Afghanastan. Now you want my husbands benefits.

  • I say those who need the pay and perk cuts are all the politicians from local government all the way to Washington, DC. They can go on the same health care program the average Joe has. They don’t need the golden parachutes they get when they leave office. The list goes on and on. Yet I don’t hear any of this coming from this so-call debt commission.

  • ACRScout

    As I already told my Congressman, if the cuts recommended in this recent finding are put into effect, and the nation should need my services in the future, I’ll put that commitment on my schedule…for about 30 minutes after hell freezes over.

    I served 22 years, I went where I was assigned and I did the job I was given, at the end of my career, I was told by my CSM that I “Owed the Unit” to stay around for a few more months. If I still owe the unit and therefore the nation a few more months after 22 years, how much does a politician that serves only 4 years owe, and how much should the politician serve without compensation or at least severely reduced compensation.

    What is needed is a return to the founding of the nation, and ALL politicians should begin paying for their perks and they should only be paid for the time that they actually spend in DC doing “the peoples business”. When they are not in DC actually in session they should return home to their real jobs. But Oh I almost forgot…most politicians don’t have real jobs, and never have, much like our current chief executive.

  • recce1

    How about putting all elected federal employees, including the president, and cabinet members under TriCare, or Try-to-get-care as I call it, and require them to use military medical facilities if they live within 25 miles of one? Make them opt into the Survivor Benefit Plan, limit their government life insurance and pay raises to the same percentage as the military, and require them to wait to age 65 before drawing retirement benefits unless they put in 20 years of creditable government service.

    Give representatives and senators a set salary from which they must pay for their staffs, office, and mailing privileges. Require them to publicly vote for all their own pay raises and benefits in stand alone bills but with the caps above. Require them to live in their districts for at least 3 months out of the year and limit their vacations, including congressional breaks, to 30 days, the same as the military.

    Reduce government salaries not to exceed the levels for average Americans, including that of congress people. Bill all congress people for travel expenses incurred for family members on congressional junkets.

  • anthony

    I’m puzzled this is suppose to be about us Vets and active duty personel getting together. How come we let these bums bring us down. Why don’t we start a petition so they can stop cutting into the ones who protect this countries pay and cut alot of this other stuff out.

  • Lynn

    Fine, freeze our pay, but don’t raise our premiums for healthcare, our military has enough problems without adding to it and a lot of us have to rely on the healthcare system in order to fix us up so we may serve in place no person should ever be and do things that scar us so another person won’t have to see. And if you are going to screw us over, please find an alternative way for us to keep ourselves stable. We not only have ‘job related’ problems that are never ending we have to live in the civilian world with its problems right along with it. Don’t destroy the ONLY defense you have against the world itself that already is a bit peeved at us.

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  • Carissa

    There is a petition to stop this!! We have over 2,400 signatures but we need so many more. Please read, sign and pass the petition along to every one you know. Post it everywhere!

    We are taking a stand. When considering ways to make up for your frivolous spending, the last place you should turn to is our Military Community.

    We, the undersigned, call on OUR government to STOP taking away from these military families and individuals who already give so much and get so little in return.


    I REFUSE TO GET SHOT AT FOR FREE. do these assholes really think that they are going to get people to extend for deployments for no money at all? let alone deploy. Even IF they do pay combat pay while tis is in effect, nobody in their right mind would risk life and limb for less than minimum wage.that has to be some kind of breech of contract.
    HOW ABOUT FREEZING CONGRESSIONAL PAY….or that thing where you get paid 170,00 dollars a year for the rest of their lives.

  • Sea Dog

    This is really a lot of BULLS**T, if they want to cut pay, then freeze rasies, then they ought to stat with their own and all of the retired federal judges that are still receiving 100% pay and benifits when they retire. LEAVE OURS ALONE, because we need it more than they do.

  • Bill2552

    How is that HOPE (hope I can feed my family) and Change (thats all I’ll have in my pocket) working for you now. USN Ret. and still paying the bills

  • sick-of-it!!

    Stop sending money overseas to refurbish mosques. Stop sending money to the Palestinian Authority. Stop giving money to Pakistan. Stop giving money to every piss-poor country in the world to raise their standards of living. Congress, stop giving yourselves pay raises and increases in benefits. Congress, stop exempting yourselves and your staffers from the same illegal laws you foist upon us. Mr President, stop spending hundreds of millions of dollars on vacation trips overseas. Mr President, stop with the wild paydays to your union thug buddies. Stop giving Social Security money to people who did not pay into it. Stop creating all these stupid “green” laws that force jobs overseas and put Americans out of work.

    Remember in 2012, to boot out even more of these idiots in Congress who use taxpayer money like it’s their own personal cash, and who limit OUR freedom while they INCREASE their power over our lives!!!

  • Warren

    So let me get this right. A married 100% disabled Vet who’s sole source of income (due to injuries received in service to this country) is his VA Disability benefit now will loose the COLA (cost of living allowance) that keeps him and his family at the American poverty level. Not only that but will have to pay additional fees for medical care of his family. (If they change Tri-Care they will certainly change Champ-VA .)

    What is wrong with this picture? Veterans kept their word and in some cases gave their lives and/or future in service to their country and now they want to use Vets to repay a national debt. Seems to me the debt is to the Vets.

  • david

    The change we can live with,I am an American ,I voted For President Obama,where the change ,ooh they changed the cost of living for retirees 2yrs now they want more years, now they want to attack the active miltary pay ,some how they need better guidance, listen Gas is not any cheaper,WAKE UP AMERICA , 2 war For STABILITY,What Stabiltiy,Corruption Billions wasted at IRAQ AND AFGANISTAN and nothing done no big deal the goverment would rather take the lost and get it back thanks to our Military and retirees/ Every one thinks Retirees are well off, we struggle to stay afloat and were drowinfg nobody cares..They Goverment need Jobs for america create Inspector Jobs go after Medicare Fraud there enough Fraud money to give us all Retirees our cost ot living allowances and back pay for the pass 2 yrs and pay for the new Inspectors, Fraud from Hospital,Doctors,,Dental clinic,Dentist,health clinics, Laboratories,Attorneys to joe shit the rag man….GOD HAVE MERCY ON US >>>HELP ME>>PLEASE!!!!!!

  • Eldin

    Lets put our representatives and senators on the same page with all other Americans. Pass no laws that do not affect congress the same as each other citizen, retire under social security, have the same healthcare and retirement only after the number of years all other federal and military have to serve.

  • Nisa Jemeela

    There should be no pay cuts or TRICARE premium increases(increases should be justified),but pay increases should be based on the abilities of the enlisted and the commissioned.There are many soldiers who earn a pay increase based on their time in service rather than what they can do or what they have achieved.I believe every soldier should be subjected to tests(job testing to determine knowledge and practical skills)and a board(each soldier’s personal record should be reviewed and professionalism should be scrutinized)before the determination of a pay raise.This would be separate from promotional boards.For example there are two types of soldiers realistically: those who float and those who dive into responsibility.I have witnessed many promotions that should not have occurred,and I have witnessed soldiers who work hard and are not rewarded.I also believe that affirmative action has played harsh role in regard to increased expenditures. No one should be rewarded for their ethnic background or their sex.

    • sleight

      i have to agree with you if they were to go by what the can do then their would be alot of guys that would no longer be in the millitay like the ones that can pass a PT test or the ones that have no clue what they are doing

      • Nisa Jemeela

        I know! I do not understand why under achievers are rewarded? Thank you for your post.

  • Nisa Jemeela

    After reading some of the current posts,it saddens me that many are willing to take a pay freeze.You should never be willing to take a pay freeze! Consider your position.Now,look at what the average union worker makes with very little effort.You are forgetting what you are worth unless you really just do not know.

  • Nisa Jemeela

    “Achievement of your happiness is the only moral purpose of your life, and that happiness, not pain or mindless self-indulgence, is the proof of your moral integrity, since it is the proof and the result of your loyalty to the achievement of your values.” -Ayn Rand
    “It only stands to reason that where there’s sacrifice, there’s someone collecting the sacrificial offerings. Where there’s service, there is someone being served. The man who speaks to you of sacrifice is speaking of slaves and masters, and intends to be the master.” -Ayn Rand
    “We are fast approaching the stage of the ultimate inversion: the stage where the government is free to do anything it pleases, while the citizens may act only by permission; which is the stage of the darkest periods of human history, the stage of rule by brute force.”-Ayn Rand

  • William L. Sasman

    The two gents have lost their minds to come up with a idea as this. If they are so worried about money they would be after congress and Mr. Obama. The two are free spending and they want the little guy to pay. I did my time in hell in ww2, but the gi’s today that are giving their all don’t need to be asked to give up any raise . Get all them big shots that they payed out to give the money back. Obama and crowd were big spenders not the GI’s or the taxpayers. Everything going up but our cola and retirement pay, but congress and the white house enjoy a raise when they want.

  • Guest

    The Government should take the money that is given away for all the FREE
    programs and use it to take care of all the men and women who gave their
    time and service for our country. All elected officials need to WAKE UP!!
    They all are forgetting why WE ARE FREE!!!. They don’t have a clue how
    retirees live. I’t is a struggle to just survive. Our pension and benefits are
    all we have and shouldn’t be cut to fix their mistakes.

  • robert West

    We don’t have a goverment for the pepole we have a goverment for the goverment. I servered in korea and vietmam war retired with 22yrs. and I feel they should take cuts and have the same health care as everyone else. We do not have a goverment for the people, we have a goverment for the goverment.

  • boobee69

    No big supprise that Sen. Webb would once again try to screw the

    Vets. I hope that all veteran’s and veteran groups will mount an offensive to throw this scumbag out of office in 2012. Why wasn’t any

    thing mentioned about all senators and congressmen having their pay

    frozen for the next three year’s? Oops, forgot, they get to vote themselve’s pay increases. Maybe it’s time for the military to take over……..YES I AGREE ALL THE WAY……A DISABLED VET

  • Carole

    I have a great idea. Why don’t we take the money the government is using for the Obama’s vacations and use that money towards military pay and Tricare.
    I can’t even imagine how much of our taxes have been used for vacations for Michelle Obama accompainied by her assistants, hair dresser, security and the many members of her family that she takes along with her. When was the last time you got to spend 10 days in one of the most expensive hotels in the world. Hmmmmm, let me see. My guess would be never!!!

  • jamest

    I served 38 years in the miltary our govement should leave our retried pay alone and tricare alone give us our pay riase . I know our goverment is going broke instaded of bailing out wall street how about bailing the people out the banks are telling us how to and what to do with our money. Senet and Congres should stop fighting among them self and stop being crocs,theifs and get the job done.What are they hoing to do when our troops come home? There is no jobs out in the small towns. They say threr are jobs out there I would like to know where! We bust our buts, we are incharge of millon dollar equiment and some of us can’t get our old jobs back with out going court to get them hire us back or they folding up.How many others in same boot?

  • Tom Shytle

    When Congress eliminates their annual automatic pay increases and passes into law a bill requiring them to fall under the same laws with respect to healthcare, retirement, etc; that military retirees do – then I will accept without protest their ridiculous proposals for us. Until then, my reps in both the house and senate will hear from me on a regular basis. When they stop paying millions of my tax dollars to study the mating habits of the African Mongoose and a thousand other ridiculous tax money grabbing scams I’ll stop protesting the way my tax money is spent. When they eliminate a thousand “bureaus”, “agencies”, “commissions” and other needless government functions I’ll stop protesting. Again, until then my reps are gonna hear from me.

  • Martin Muller

    Why don’t they take look at the civilian the civil servants pay checks. Several pay grades are well above civilians working the same jobs. There is a big differences perk as well.

  • SARG

    Sen Webb, needs to live and work in the “sandbox” with our brave men and women in uniform. Maybe that will nock some sense into his head. Yup, it always comes down to cost cutting with the miltiary and retirees pay. We get the shaft. What would happen if the armed forces step down. Let Congress and the rest of those cronnies protect this country. I remember being told when serving, the military was cheap labor for the corupt. Guess what folks…its still going on.

  • Rich

    For two years I will not get a cost of living adjustment (COLA) in my social security and VA disabilty checks.
    Maybe the goverment will save money if they just shoot us.They are killing us slowly with all their stupid ideas.

  • lone sailor

    yeah cut the pay and benifits of the US citizens who have served their country, always answering up with what can i do for my country!! only to be screwed out of our benefits!!! here is an idea cut congress and the presidents pay. they are provided cars to drive (opps with drivers) houses with spending accounts for entertainment (1,000,000.00 yearly). we are cutting spending in all the wrong places.

  • Mil and under paid

    Now does this mean that if a person starts out as an E1 he/she will still be paid as an E1 even if he/she is promoted. If they are going to freeze our [military] pay then every Gov’t employee should have their pay frozen. Or they could freeze pay of members of Congress. We are asked to put our lives on the line so that others don’t have to. What a great way to promote the military. Join the military, serve your country and get paid even less then before.

  • Donutking

    If you need to cut out some expenditures, Cut all funds going to other countries for two years, that would probably pay off the debt. Then cut pay to all senators and congressmen by one half or Serving in Congress is an honor, not a career. The Founding Fathers envisioned citizen legislators who serve their term(s), then go home and back to work.



  • harold Engh

    One big change Obama could make but it is almost useless to mention. What I am talking about is the fact as long as the congress is except from paying Social Security we all can see that the congress could care less about what we have paid for as long as they can fund their special projects from our money. As we all know that President Roosevelt In the year 1935 passed the bill making Social Security for the aid to people that took a beating during the Depression, and excepted the Congress, that was 75 years ago, we need someone with the guts to amend this bill from that era whats good for the Goose is good for the Gander. Put our paid monies where they belong in a much safer account, lets see what happens when the congress has to vote on Social Security action then!!!! Bet it would not be swept under the carpet then. When will this person with the guts come aboard and get this task taken care of?????

  • Dirk

    really need to know…how much are you willing to pay that E1 out of high school with no experience while you feed, cloth, house, train and take care of his medical/dental needs, transportation costs, etc?
    Add a dependent too, or three….so how much? You have the check book…
    O-1 start at 49k

    • Russell

      I dont understand your logic.. You start out talking about an E-1, then end up talking about an O-1. Enlisted and officers make extremely different pay. Comparing the two is like comparing the pay of a cashier at WalMart and a Dr.

      • Amanda

        Dirk, an O-1 is an officer in the military with a bachelors degree or higher. That E-1 you were talking about makes $19,000. Google DFAS, the company that the military runs their pay through. Wikipedia is NOT a reputable site. Anyone can post whatever they want on the site without factual basis.
        Oh, and an O-1 DOESN’T start at $49K, look theirs up too.

    • MDS

      Seeing how my husband just got promoted and is now a pay grade of O2 we still don’t make 49K and thats with deployment pay…

  • milton

    Retirement is for the birds

  • CHB549

    Of all the monies the politicians receive from corporation, 95% of it should go to the treasury, since they earned it while on government time. No exception. Even after they retire anything they get from private corporation should go to the treasury – all of it, plane ride, free golf, free drinks, I do not care, if it has a monitary value give it to the treasury. This is so that the crooked bastard corporations cannot wait until they retire to pay them off with their bribes for when they were in office. That will go a long way to balance the budget. Secondly, these guys spend $10, 20 30 and 40 Million dollars to get a $250K per year job. They have ulteria motives. They get paid back by the corporations once in office. Get off the military, I cannot take a pay cut on $11 an hour, pay for company medical with one pay check and feed a family of four.

  • milton

    Retirement is for the birds

    • milton

      Yea it really is ya know. Keep on workin. “Stay active”

  • Dave

    Doesn’t surprise me! Those dead beat Dam-ocrates who didn’t get reelected are saying “Screw me and now I’ll screw u
    . Why doesn’t that surprise me?

  • militay man

    I wonder how many of you crying about the pay cut voted for Obama. You deserve what you get from him and his party.

  • chara

    And this is what our military is giving there life for? Shame on them.what a sad,sad time this is, glad I am on my way out instead of in, god bless our future generation’s, god bless our military and there family’s.I am a widow of a wonderful man that gave 26 year’s to the Air force, and I live below poverty level. thank’s to our government.

  • Marsha Bourn

    I agree with having our Congress and Senate members having their benefits and salaries cut just as they want to cut the military. How is it they have so much control over what they want and get and the common person can’t stop them? Who gave them this much power? There needs to be a law against this. They are like a giant corporation stepping all over the common man. This is so sad!

  • Bob

    For one thing…unlike Welfare, we in the military do not more money for having more dependences…thats right. We only get one set amount of money. So if wehave jsut a wife or one child (single parent) or a family of 5, we get the same amoune of money. If we employ in the military that young man or woman with a family…isn’t that better than giving them welfare and they sitting at home or dealing drugs? I am with you on that fact that paycuts should trickle DOWN from the Sen and House. But you and I know that will not happen. They get all the bennies the military gets and then some. I am retired and out of work. It is the only I have to support my family right now. And they want to take that too. Now on one thing I want to say…stop looking for ways to cut military pay and start looking for ways to tax the big companies that pay no taxes in this country!!!! If you all would jsut do your homework and read a litlle. YOu will find that most of the big corparations don’t pay any taxes!!!! And most of them have taken US jobs overseas!!! So no jobs for you and you have to make up their taxes!!! Think about IT!!!

  • HillBilly

    We are not going to get the change that need in D.C. as long as we keep sending the same cronies back. Some changes were made during the recent election. I advocated prior to the election, if they are there now KICK them out.
    The obama administration will continue to the take away those things they have control over, i.e. Retiree Pay, Social Security, COLA. AND Give it to the folks that don’t deserve it, those that don’t put anything in.
    Need to establish term limits, if congress votes themselves a pay raise,
    everyone gets the same % raise, COLA, SS, etc.

  • Roberto E. Martinez

    I would like to see Scombag Sen.Webb, the residue of the senators, representatives also cut their wages, benefits, and raises they vote themselves every time they get a notion to do it. Here is another good Idea send all these senators, representatives into Afganistan/Iran/Iraq, give them one bullet, one rifle, one meal of rations, and let them out in the war zone to see how many of them fight their way out. Also send Bush and Cheney as their Platoon Leaders.

  • James

    Marines 67-98. This makes me want to bear arms once again.

  • SGM, (Ret) Lowney

    It is a “shame”, that these people in Washington make decisions for us on very important issues such as TRICARE and TRICARE for LIFE. A good lot of these individuals have a clue of what it entails to be a soldier in our great Military Forces. They shudder about giving the Military Retiree a 3% pay raise for which we deserve even greater, but can vote themselves gigantic pay raises. Is this what our “Founding Fathers” intended for them to do? I think NOT! Come on America, let’s dump these bums in “2010”. May God Bless our “Armed Forces”.

  • Wil

    I am a 22 year retiree from the US Army. I have seen these same shameful actions many times. The thing that puzzles me is why these cuts always seem to affect the enlisted soldiers, who are paid less, the most. I have heard that there are more General officers in the Army now than were serving at the height of WWII. At that time in WWII there were about 200 Divisions. I heard of a study a few years back that said that there was one Lieutenant Colonel for every 14 soldiers in the Army. A LTC normally commands a battalion of around 500 soldiers. Why so many officers? How much do you think a General officer gets paid? The problem is that a bunch of folks who vote on their own pay, insurance, benefits, and retirement are so out of touch with all of American life that they are useless. We need to scrap the whole bunch, with their system infrastructure and start again. How about letting the military vote on their pay and retirement themselves. Wake up America!!!

  • profjokerz

    Hello everyone,
    There are plenty of better ways then contemplating what the government panel is thinking of doing above. I am a disabled veteran hence i receive disability compensation 50 percent service connected. Here soon i will be above that mark and then my family will be using tri care. With the economy everyone is suffering except the upper echelon of the population meaning the wealthy. I admit my health care at the va facility here its not the best but its all i can goto to help me. Why dont the panel look at other avenues to bring in money to solve the issue instead of always threatening or debating to cut our benefits. One idea is that with research and development to produce items for the public sector and then sell them and take those profits also another idea legalize marijuana for medical across the board to create jobs as well as income for states and federal government. There are alot of avenues that can be looked at so why dont the so called big think tank come up with ideas or let the public submit ideas so we as veterans keep what we are entitled to and have earned through blood sweat and tears.

  • Topaz

    Once again those serving and those who served scarifice our life for what? another slap in the face. So we can be told thank you for serving but your not getting shit that was promised to you. When will it end? why don’t they freeze congress pay and bonus, the military is very much underpaid as it is. You have young men and women serving and they can hardly make ends meets as it is.

  • r2so

    How about these numb nuts take a pay decrease …congress has had nine raises in the last 10 years … cut their health benefits …why isn’t cutting foreign aid mentioned …??

  • mike

    are you kidding me senators/congressman and other get their raises but active duty and retirees get nothing i dont see it ….its not right we put our lives on the line repeatedly for someone to sit in washington to vote for no raises its not right and you guys should be ashamed of yourselves

  • crunchy169

    the truth of the matter is that many of the people making these decisions are well paid and taking from the weak is key to them. they are afraid to take from the rich because the rich have a defense and the weak or better yet the many that struggle to even get a good lawyer always loose. what they need to do is eliminate the whole house and start from scratch. many of the people in that house are all double faced and are messing with the lives of many hard working people. This is something i wish would lead the president to go against and tax the rich as planned. remember rich are rich because of the minority. the least these greedy baster should do is give back to society.

  • tlj

    The budget is way out of line, Eliminate all of the logistical subcontractors who receive 3X the military pay and let the military take care of the military. the troops keep getting cut and the big contractor’s get the big bucks $$$. The military subcontactors should be under a seperate budget just to see where all of the money goes. rtd

  • tlj

    The military is being blamed for the cost of the war. Check it out.., the cost of ONE month in Iraq fighting the war, Was the intire cost of the Vietnam war. The military took care of themselves and didn’t need to relay on Civilian (military) to transport our supplies (logistics) except for the Ships that transported the supplies. Those ships were under a seperate contract with the Government.

  • Laura

    I want to know if the people that take this decisions belongs to the ARMY and how watch their payments. How they are??? The really know how a military family lives???.

  • ashley vogt

    My Dad was force retired in ’94 thanks to the Clinton admin. He put in well over 20 years and did it as a single parent. With very little help none of which came from Uncle Sam I watched my Dad struggle all my life and spent my childhood saying goodbye and being left with Grandma waiting for him to pull back up in the driveway not very differnt then a lot of active duty kids are doing right now I remember not understanding why we never had enough since he worked ALL THE TIME and things got worse not better when his retirement came no time for family he now had to work 2 full time jobs to make up for the cut in pay he got when he retired that was 16 years ago. And since he’s worked for kmart been a school bus driver and the head maintance man for a local hotel chain which like the military overworks and underpays him they couldn’t even operate the building if he was suddenly gone the CEO has said it but its suck it up or lose his home in this economy WHERE IS HIS ALL EXPENSES PAID FAMILY VACATION TO HAWAII what happend to the American Dream actually being a tangable thing a reward for hard work and doing what is right

  • Roy M Johnston

    When Sarah Palin spoke of death panels I thought she was nuts because it ccould never happen in this country. By freezing Social security and military retirement and cutting tricare and medicare the older peoplr will die sooner.This amounts to a death panel. The military deserves more pay, not less. I am retired military and I have family members who are still in the service. One of them has been to Iraq nine times. All of us could have made more money as civilians but we belived the recruiters when they promised our medical care, retirement pay, and all of the other benifits. It appears that we need a new set of leaders.

  • Mike


    Don’t spend ANY time worrying about this, the Dems have lost their base & the wealthy won’t chase their money after losers anymore because just bringing this up will lose more seats and money than they ever dreamed of.

  • 1pissedoffsldr

    If I want to wait till I’m 60 to get my retirement I’m going back to the guard at least their I’m a civilian the other 28 days of the month that I’m not at drill weekends. All the ones that voted for “CHANGE” got their change, sad part is most of them are living on welfare and unemployment right now. Bet they aren’t seeing a pay cut anytime soon. Maybe the next campaign slogan for the guy that runs against Obama in 2012 is “Change it back”

  • big ed

    sounds like whimpy from popey the sailor man. instead the government is saying “give me your life now” ” and I’ll care for you later” If they cut pay and benefits, then they need not send us to any more wars. because people will get out and force the government back to the draft.

  • Sgt. White

    Stop giving contractors and civilians jobs that our soldiers can do or train us to do. That money used to pay these contractors and civilians can start going back to the military and their families. This would give us experience in the civilian sector other than skills in amphibias driving!

  • SAm

    How about a freeze on the pay to Congress for 3 yrs or longer as well? Oh that’s right, they make the rules that everyone else has to play by and put themselves above the laws.

  • Russell

    The people who are for this freeze obviously dont know jack about the military life and can therefore shut their pie hole. Whats the saying about walking a mile in someones shoes?! If you have never had a loved one away from home for a friggin year in a war zone, you have NO REASON to say we have it peachy! Youre being silly. Do you know how it feels to sit by the computer to wait see if you are gonna hear from your loved one today or if youre gonna get a knock on your door? NEVER say we military folk have it easy. Thats ludicrous!!



  • Mike

    1. Frack them for cutting anything military pay, benefits related!

    2. Here is an idea, create a law that says all military members and retirees are exempt from paying taxes. All period. There is a start to an annual pay raise.

    3. The next in the list I am sure is to cut the automatic inherited reitree benefits which go to the spouse when a retired or serving military member dies.

    4. To these retards who bitch about under performing military members who get the same raises and pay as those who do their fair share — Shut the Hell up.

    We dress right dress those who don’t put out and give their all. In other words, stay out of military members discipline. Those who choose not to put out their best effort often face severe consequences and will answer for their shitty efforts. There is no civilian who would take one percent of the same treatment.

    5. Those in current power at all levels are liars. It is high time to banish democrats and republicans from government. I would rather take my chances with the next 3rd,4th-10th position parties then the duopoly we have now.

    6. They always look at the smallest things to change. How much money would the government really save from these cuts vs say gutting the Useless TSA or the needless stupefying bureaucratic reorganization 9/11 brought. None of which I will say have protected us from terrorism.

    7. Finally by keeping the military pay and benefits metaphorically fat and happy, we retain the best and brightest.

    Deep down the American public knows the only way to to truly fight terrorism is to make America more free, not more and more like the inside of a prison.

    8. Enlarge the congress and the senate. We have 300 million citizens, keeping the congress and the senate the same size as it was since the early 20th century is not proper representation. We are already at the same state we were at at the turn of the 18th century when America rebelled against King George. Remember the whole taxation without representation? I am also not talking about the fake tea party of today. Their answer is to elect the same old republican party into power! Ridiculous. We would need to change the constitution state by state to enlarge congress and the senate, but it can be done. More seats in congress and senate means more unique and closer to the people political parties. Unlike in those 18th century barbaric days we don’t need to fire any guns or commit any acts of violence, instead we actually have a much more powerful and robust system of government elected by the people for the people it’s time we used it.



  • betty Ley


  • Marine Veteran

    Cut the pay huh? How about we cut the benefits of the friggin foreigners in this country and those we pay abroad? Cut THEIR side of the deal!

  • jim greene

    how about all congresmen and everybody els on the payroll in D.C Go for 3 years without a payraise this means all the way to the top and freeze their mecial and leave our military along maybe dont give them as big of a pay raise but when these boys and men spend their time and willing to put their life on the line to protects us can,t we keep them because you know as well as I do we will alsways need them now more then ever

  • frank zieglar

    funny we went to nam an got shot at an hit come home an git shit an hit !!go figure, what bennis doese he git fom uncle sam????you dota wanta know!!!

  • ashley vogt

    Its time once again for the common man to rise up and TAKE A STAND!!! There are so many great things in this country, that’s why everyone wants to live here. Little do they know we are also an oppressed people. I guess the difference is we just allow it to continue. Ask your average 18 year old about the issues in this country and they could probably not tell you much about the president except the fact he’s black!!! My point being is we are all out of touch that’s why these things are even thought up because its likely to happen. We have become SHEEP people. By allowing a government WE PAY make ALL of our desisions for us. They do not give or risk life and limb in the pursute of YOUR happinessyet we fill their pockets with the money we take from the men and women that do. We give no incentive to them they are fed lie after lie already I said it before my Dad served 20+ in the Navy and you know what he really got Never Again Volunteer Yourself!!! My Dad was hell bent that none of his kids join. He is proud. To have served he loves all his fellow brothers and sisters that have and do still serve. I took his advice although I. Married into the Army obviously a glutton for punishment because Uncle Sam can’t get him paid right, now. Nearly two years after the promise was made we are still waiting on his enlistment bonus and have had several months with BAH in the amount of .30 yes that’s 30 CENTS I have seen HUD. Housing as low as $2.00 yes right again 2 DOLLARS and yup you guessed it they are on welfare 2 kids the mom gets PAID to go to school and the Dad sits at home while the kids are in FREE daycare This all makes me worry about the future. Our military personel should be the or at least among the best paid in our nation its sad that for a long time they weren’t even at poverty level but because they made the choice to be our shepards and defend us from harm they can’t even qualify automaticly for government assistance when we have failed to take care of them.

  • MadRetMarine

    Take away military retirement raises??? WHY??? We did our time to protect this country and yet we get taxed on the retirement just like a normal job… What about a pay cut on over paid politicians….stop pork barrel spending….company bailouts…ect ect…I can’t pay my bills i loose everything i worked for, why shouldn’t the companies who couldn’t control their spending on over paid executives loose everything instead of my taxes bailing them out…it is time the AVERAGE American takes back over the country and how we should run things ans what type of bills should bepassed to run this country….Looks like a wasted 20 years of my life now protecting this country so i can give back all my entitlements

  • Candy Reyes

    I do not like what they are trying to do within our United States Military, really, what the heck are they thinking? To me, with the portability ( I leave that for the man upstairs to decide our lives) of losing our beloved one(s) in the military and the Gov’t are considering freezing the military pay and increases co-pays and so forth in regard to[ Tricare], then what is the point of families’ enduring just [burdensome] life-style in the United States Military, yes it can be burdensome in all areas of living. Families in the military have children of special needs, and some with more then one child(ren) with special needs, blood dis-order, Aids, granted if a solider is positive with AIDS guess what, he or she cannot be deployable from my gathering (?), yes, depending on the lab results, of coarse. Nonetheless, this is why they choose to sign their life away on the required document(s) so well written and read to serve under our United States Armed Forces. To provide the basic needs to their families, and children. Shelter, Food, and Health Insurance. We have children, and family members who rely on Tricare and all supportive programs our United States Military, offers. If what I am reading is going to occur or might occur, I hope it does not pass congress, and if that’s the case then I think all our congress folks, and our Commander in Chief- our high end pay civil servants in our community/state at large; endure the same fate. Wouldn’t that be fair, across the board mind-frame. Yes, this includes, re-tirement, up to the age of 60 years, if they make it, really. Why not? It will save in billions and billions of dollars, right? Have not yet passed congress- but they are thinking about it. I know some families enlist because of the healthcare, and benefits, not only does it directly affect the United State Soldier it directly affects and their spouse, and their off-springs ( the future children of America) yes, the family are willing to pay the price for our Freedoms, if and when needed. If [t]hey are considering to not pay out for re-tirement–till the age of 60, here are my thoughts. Our United States Soldier male and female, may not make it to live to see/breathe the chronologically age ’60’ years old per say, and if they do they are leave their re-tirement to their beloved ones, children, wife, and so forth. Well here is the catcher, per say, some people do not know the Federal system, well enough, language barrier, culture, English Language, and some may not pick up and key documents, words, math calculations, and yonder so I think , some families, will miss out- and not claim what truly theirs own, sooo is Uncle Sam going to make sure they are doing the right choices by ensuring that all Families in the United States Armed Forces are to receive their benefits, and I only hope the United State Soldier is able to live up to the age of 60. Remember they are exposed to chemical ware-fare, AIDS , and all types of air born viruses, and so much more… to say the least, keeping it real, people, not to keen in regars to the above blog, Candy Marie Reyes- Army Wife- Self- Advocate. Fort Lewis, Washington-m


    One more year and hopefully America has learned a painful lesson. Make your voice count where if makes a difference. This blog is not making a difference, it is just a lace to complain. Who cares for the working class? Not Demoncrats.

  • Sylvester Smith

    After serving 21 yrs of active service I still find it amazing that a country that depends so much on the military to preserve the freedoms of others treats it’s Vets and active military this way. I wonder how long it will be before congress votes themselves a big fat raise. I was very upset with Graham/ Rudman in the 80’s when they cut military pay raises and colas,then voted themselves a 14% raise. So, I ‘m wondering how long will it be before they screw us again. I don’t blame Obama cause it’s been going on for a long time through just about all the previous administrations. This country has gone back on too many promises, how can we trust them now. ENOUGH IS ENOUGH.

  • Retired

    Pay cuts for our brave troops and pay raises for the people who brought us more debt… I am sure our “elected” officials are really thinking about us while they enjoy “free” health care for life, and pay raises that automatically kick in while they are conveniently away on Christmas break….Ah life is good when you make up the rules… To all in Congress and the Senate….Even the White House; stop screwing with the military, they didn’t make this mess….you did.

  • A military dude

    Wow. Just… wow. What a d-bag.

  • Amanda

    This is awful! Attacking the pockets of those who serve to protect our freedom by dying?! Really? You want to cut their measely 3% pay increase a year? Does Obama not realize that over 15% of the military qualifies for food stamps because the pay for enlistment starts out SO low for several years?! The military IS the one sacred cow. It should always be a sacred cow when it comes to making them pay more. Is potentially paying with their life at some point not good enough? REALLY? I am completely shocked! Start messing with the military and see how many good, quality applicants you will begin to receive for entering in either officer or enlistment slots. This will be a huge mistake in the long run. Oh, and as far as the 3% being well above average; all of the city governments I work with (I work for a city government as well), receive up to 5% raises every year and I… Well I just sit behind a desk all day and write grants, and I get a bigger pay raise now then some poor guy who hasn’t seen his family in almost a year and is in the line of fire, who may or may not come home to see his or her family ever again.

  • repugnant hater

    folks i spent 22 years in the military and retired. since retiring i have seen my benifits decrease and the quality of service from the miltary is marginal at best. Obama is not you enemy believe it or not he has your best interest at heart but you fail to realize it. folks these damn republicans dont give a shit aabout you all they want to do is give their millionaire buddies and lobbyists friends lucrative contracts so that they can continuie to milk the cow like they have been doing for years. they continue to vote no on everything that would benefit people who needs the help like you and i, but if anything is brought to the floor that would benefit major corporations they are all for. folks all the republicans in office are rich so they cant identify with you because you arent. the democrats better represents you in Congress, but what do you do you put the Repuibliacns back in office to continue to shaft you. Obama is not your problem the republicans are and guess what you put them there so you deserve what you get.

  • rick

    don’t just blame the dems the republicans have been screwing you just as long and wanting you to fight more wars.

  • J. Presley

    Make them go “undercover” as they do in the TV show so they can get a real idea of military life whether its on the home front or overseas!!!

  • Keithn101

    Obama take away our retirement if you ad the rest of the federal government give yours up. Hell let’s go one better and have you stand in a fighting position for days with an M4 in your hands. Commander-in-cheif my ass. Stop your back stabbing and insure Webb and the rest stop before we stop defending your ass and the rest of this nations asses!

  • Redleg_7

    This is just another example of politicians trying to cut a program to fund something more popular. I am not surprised by Sen. Webb’s comments. SecDef Gates has been constructing panels to try and reduce pay and benefits for some time. If you don’t like non-vets revising your hard earned benefits then do something about it. RUN FOR OFFICE! It is not enough just to vote when less than 1% of Americans have served in the Armed Forces. If we leave it only to the wealthy to run for office then you can expect policy like this. You made a difference when you were in uniform. It is time to make a difference again. The next election is less than two years away. Get organized and let’s put in some vets who care more about the country than themselves.

  • Mike

    Common defense of this country is the PRIMARY job of the federal government. I say our law makers need to do their jobs and pull from other programs that are not the proper job of the feds.

  • ashley vogt

    It makes no sense that there is no requirement of service to be in the position of power that these people are in. They’re all out of touch because they’ve never been in touch to begin with.

  • Aloha79

    This would really suck!! But then again people voted these idiots in office. Republicans aren’t pro military . The person who proposed this ludricous idea is a republican congressmen. People stop blaming Obama for everything… Why are people so quick to blame him when it started before him.. He’s only been in office 2 yrs give him 6 more .. Since we gave the last one 8 to screw it up.. Only fair. I guess we will see who really supports the military coming up!

  • elad41

    I agree with the rest of you. Why doesn’t the Senate and Congress vote a pay cut for them selves since most of the are indipendently rich and not freeze or cut the military who need this pay to live ore even survive. Also don;t you think that increasing Trecare premeums is in contrast to the Health Care Reform

  • al reviello

    If they want to change the tricare plan they should include themselves.We all served our Country tthe hard way.All they do is sit on their fat asses and collect big paychecks while we had to earn our retirement.

  • Charles Jacques

    All is very interesting but I wonder what kind of medical system Congress has? Where is it listed and why it is not listed or talked about? How much do they pay? How much co-pay do they pay? Lets talk about the priority treatment they get and I wonder which hospital it is at? This may effect enlistments. How much money are we getting to protect these countries? Lot of oil in Iraq and we are not getting any pay back? I find this hard to beleave. Congress, Senate you are asking the Men & Women who volunteer for Military Service to give up everthing and on the other side of the coin you think if you are elected to public office you desire everthing and more.

  • Chraven

    It’s amazing how brilliant these plans are to save the country money. The power will belong to the people once again. Give it time, eventually the people will gain the power they need to make his a great nation once again. It will be a UNITED States of America instead of just America.

  • 1Tim115

    Members President’s Blue Ribbon Panel and Sen. Pete Domenici,
    …I’ve seen the opinion of Secy. Gates and the results of your two panel’s recommendations. All support cost share rise for retiree medical benefits and reduced future retirement pay. Mr. Gates argument is, “they spend 20 years on active duty and have benefits for themselves and their spouse for life.

  • 1Tim115

    …My reply:
    …1. If the United States likes what their military does then they are committed to pay the price for it. …2. I retired after 20 years and 6 months, in part because of liberal policies creeping in and effecting my desire to continue service with unwavering dedication. I assure you, those 20+ years were dedicated to my country and its perseverance. …3. I didn’t just get out and sit on my military retirement. Who could afford to live on that? Instead, I completed my degree, went to work in the civilian sector and paid taxes to provide for your paychecks and my retirement. …4. There are those who are willing to bask in the freedom provided by our sons and daughters but are unwilling to assume the responsibility for that gift of freedom. …5. Mr. Gates has little OJT when it comes to military life, having been given his commission in the military and serving for the minimum time required to fulfill that checked box on his resume. …6. Bottom line: if you’re willing to send us in harm’s way be prepared and committed to pay the entire cost.

  • Richard

    There will be a class action lawsuit to ensure… ENSURE… that promises made are KEPT! Ever seen several million ex-military men and women on the steps of congress??? Try this and you will. We fought your wars. You OWE US what you promised us!

  • Not Happy

    Why should our fine men and women in the service and vets be punished for something our government has screwed up. Vets have served their time in the military as our present men and women are doing now. Promises were made when they were sworn into active duty that they would be cared for in the future. All I have seen is that the government has taken more and more benefits away from our service men and women present and past. Where are the promises that were made to them?? Why can’t our government manage money better?? All the blame goes onto the politicians!!!!!!!!!! And our unreliable President!!!!!!!!!! Get your act together and stop punishing our military members present and past!

  • disgusted

    All the complaining is a waste of time . Basically as long as there are two political parties nothing will ever improve for anyone . D.C and all the politicians are too busy self serving themselves to be concerned with the rest of us worker bees. Anything said to refute the above is only a lie!

  • Kathy

    I am sick of the president and his committees expecting the military to support and defend our country and then be expected to pick up the slack for all the medicaid users in this country. Leave TRICARE ALONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • No COLA for Vets but Congress still gets increase, and on top of that now they’re trying to reduce what veterans already get? How about this? Pay-cut for Congress and other government officials who get to sit safely in their air conditioned offices and already get paid more than what they should!!!

  • concern citizen

    All politicians need to take heed to the past mid-term election. We placed you there and belive me we can remove you if we not satisfied with your work, plain and simple.

  • Ranger

    The government is targeting the Retirees, don’t they realize that we are on fixed incomes and not they want to increase our premiums for Tri-Care. How about cracking down on all the government fraud and unreasonable perks for government employees, Congress and Senate and the Billions that Obama spent on going to Indonesia to be praised and celebrate his muslim childhood paid by the US Taxpayers. Typical of Democrats screw the military, they talk like they care but downsize the military so they can misuse the money on their pork projects. (i.e. Former Presidents Carter and Clinton are prime examples).

  • Amber

    Umm, I have an idea..if the government doesn’t want to pay our soldiers and their families for doing their jobs, QUIT FORCING THEM TO WAGE WAR ON THE REST OF THE WORLD. War is expensive, and you don’t get military soldiers to put themselves in war zones for FREE. Perhaps the useless people “running” our country should have to scale back from 3 vacation homes and BMW’s, to 1 normal house and a Honda (like the rest of us)? Makes me sick that these people are NOT putting themselves in physical OR mental harm…but they feel they have the right to take from others who are. Bunch of worthless white-collar idiots. WHAT A JOKE!

  • Anita

    I just read this, and that is bull, why are you trying to do such for the ones who put their life on the line to keep this country safe, who do you call when terrorist attack, who is at sitting at the mexican border right now, who is in Iraq and Afghan, but you want to take way what we deserve which is not really enough for the price of a life who about you freeze or cut all the Idiots pays who sit on their rear in our goverment. but all i hear is we care for your troops this look like you don’t give a dam about me or my family. I have served proudly for over 10yrs and wanted to retire but this has made me rethink that decision.

  • ron1980

    You need to end the stupid ass wars that are costing us billions instead of using us retirees to help you pay for it. Oh and by the way raise the age for ss benefits again so you hope we are f;;in dead so we cant draw OUR $ out. You think we are stupid, we can read right thru your damn bs politics. Always pick on the military retirees to fix the budget, what a great country!!!

  • obsessed2

    I retired in 2008 after nearly 25 years. If someone were to ask me today if the military would be a good career, sadly I would have to say no. Why would anyone want to work endless hours with months and sometimes years away from home? Who is going to be willing to stand the watch at O dark 30 in the freezing cold or burning heat? I love this country and towards the the end I knew my service was more than just about pay and benefits. However, when I was a young I had a what’s in it for me mindest. When there is no incentive to stay people will leave and ultimately this will hurt our country.

  • Wayne McCleaft

    Too bad Sen. Webb was not with me during my 23+ years of military service. When I was off sleeping in the cold and heat, separated from my wife and kids for weeks at a time, where was he? When my marriage was falling a part ( finally ended in divorce ) due to family separations, where was Sen. Webb and Mr Gates? When I was at war, where were these politicians? I guess they were busy over spending our money on government waste. That money could have covered military health care easily. Maybe they will volunteer to give up their government health care or take a cut in pay to help balance the federal budget.

  • Frank Harrison

    Please raise Tricare premiums. We have so many stupid, lazy losers in the military who don’t know how to responsibly use the DOD healtchare system. 50% of active duty military personnel who are between the ages of 18 and 22 are married. For the most part, they make horrible parents, they abuse Tricare and they cost a fortune to house. There should be no place in the military for married, first enlistment sailors and soldiers.

  • frank harrison

    While I am at it, I’d like to say that most service members are more concerned about their own financial security than the security of the U.S. You could cut the DOD budget by 75% and there would be no security threat to the U.S. We have two giant oceans, and two docile neighbors that provide a pretty good buffer zone. Most of our weapons systems (aircraft carriers and surface ships) are totally worhtless as it is. So we should get rid of those right off the bat. Then we should bring everyone home from the bananastans and Iraq. Most soldiers in Iraq are really lazy, and spend more time eating at the KBR dining facilities, cheating on their spouses and doing full body shaves in the shower facilities than actually working or fighting.


    GEE Frank, with more people like you we wouldn’t have a country. The reason you are able to run your mouth is because a vet protected your right to free speech.

    • vetandADwife

      Well said!! Seems as though our little friend Frank has some pent up hostility towards the military……..Could it be he was kicked out of the military for some reason? Or perhaps they wouldn’t accept him in the first place?
      I would argue that there are of course lazy people in ALL sections of the workforce!! But lets not put down a whole section of our population!

  • Tyler

    Honestly, the military contains a great deal of trash. I’m not against the personnel cuts. I understand a lot of soldiers put in 20 good years, but many are riding their post 20 time with no great ambition to improve the Army, but to just increase pension. There are a number of 20 year staff sergeants, 20 year Majors, and 20 year you name its that are living in the cracks. The current reduction policy, if done right (and I’m not saying it will be) will free capital that the country obviously doesn’t have and allow the military more operating funds to equip the soldiers fighting. I have been assigned to a stateside duty for two years now and there too many loafers. In the age of mediocrity and “me” the military must remain lean and driven despite its generally bureacratic underpinnings.

  • Tyler

    Socialized healthcare…well, it’s got the word social in it and that’s wrong. Thomas Jefferson’s memorial and the quotes therein would be a good point of reference to clarify this issue.

    We The People of the United States, in order to form a more perfect Union, establish Justice, insure domestic tranquility, provide for the common defense, promote the general welfare and secure the blessings of liberty to ourselves and our POSTERITY do ordain and establish this constitution for the United States of America.

    God how they’ve twisted General Welfare…

    I leave you with this…Jimmy Carter came up with the Department of Energy with the mission statement of reducing our dependence on foreign oil…hmm, with and 80 million dollar a year consumption of tax payers dollars I have not seen any particular results. Get rid of departments such as these and the Federal Reserve and we may get America back. Stop giving money to the IMF.

  • jay

    the miltary needs money to live on also why do you always want to cut the military and goverment workers. Here is one you should think about cutting people who wont work because they can stay home do what ever and draw a ssi check every month plus all the other free benefits. these people i am talking about are the ones who could work but won’t and never did work because they say I don’t want to pay income tax, why should I work someone will take care om me and there are alot of those people out there






    They want YOU to put it all on the line, and when it’s time for the BENEFITS, well we change our minds, were in debt, the President needed new Drapes in the West Wing, anything to SCREW YOU!.



    U.S. MILITARY MEN & WOMEN ARE NOT CHEAP ANYMORE. Your worthless promises, in a debt ridden gov. are on notice!

    • concern-soldier

      Great post….. maybe the military need to form up a UNION

  • Colonel Chris

    Our Congress is like the Roman Senate. They too thought the Legions would never enter Rome. Cut the waste, cut the welfare, cut the foreign aid, cut do nothing agencies and departments, cut the Congressional retirements, health care, and perks And SEAL THE BORDERS.

  • JWR

    I owrked 29 years to get a retirement and this dumb black assholes ignores the agreement we had with our govt.for a cola based on inflation. He is an insult to our limitary and what can you expect except more drain from your benefits. OBAMA cares less about people who have given their life and limbs. Down with OBama.. Typical Kenyan. Eat shit

    • Idmtmedic

      This is a great post? And your censoring my comments?

      • JROCK

        he is a vet. he has a right to free speech.

  • concernsoldier

    I agree…. think this is BS!!!!!

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    • Kepa

      Yes, this is what they say: God Bless!! for your service and your sacrifice, and we include your family too; however lets see how we can screw you up while my retirement grows and I can hide my kids for serving in Iraq and Afghanistan. God Bless you…….

  • davyjones

    Join the real world. I’m a non retired, non disabled vet. I did my time in Vietnam then went on to civilian life. Never asked for or received anything from the VA except some college tuition help in the 80’s. I agree with Sen. Webb. Military benefits are unsustainable. You whiners better get used to it…! The times they are a changin’….FAST…!

    • Kepa

      Point to you, however the VA gives compensantion and pension for injuries that don’t exist. For example: club foot? Sorry!! you are born with it. Penis deviation? from what. More? some incoming GIs claim PTSD, however they didn’t see no action, no explosions and no trauma. Another example: Firefighter for more than 25 years in the service comes from Iraq and reports having lower back pain. …. from 25 years carrying people in the private sector up and down stairs, carrying heavy hoses and equipment and the VA gives him compensantion and pension for PTSD and Arthritis?

      There goes my tax money……. down the drain. I am a Vet too, injured myself in Iraq and went to my private doctor and pay from my own pocket. Woo-hoo!!!! and I didn’t claim it? I was in South America and injure myself…. ohhhhhhh. I went to my doctor and get surgery again and….. I paid from my own pocket….. woo-hoo again!!!! and I am a VET.

  • John

    I’m gonna laugh when I find out some crazy military person unloaded an AR-15 on the people calling these shots

  • Dan Jewell

    Obama increased the VA budget 29% over Bush in his first 2 years. That dog dont hunt. Your tea party darlings are going after military benefits with a vengeance. It isn’t democrats robbing you blind this time….


  • Matt

    These benefits were part of our commitment deal, now that our time has been served they want to renig, that’s the
    American way. What ever happen to taking care of our own?

  • Doc

    Don’t break out the Pitch Forks and Torches just yet!
    Bob Gates is DOD, (Department of Defense) he is the one calling for these cuts.
    President Obama has the final chop on this. He can choose to sign the Bill or not.
    Do write, email, call your Senators and Congressman NOW and let them know how you feel. Be Professional, but be Clear.

  • Doc

    I am not saying this has anything to do with this but if you go to Wikipedia online, you will see that Bob (Robet Gates) is Republican.
    Just saying!

  • guest

    I have an idea to reduce costs. When a parent of a child wants to run their child to the ER with the sniffles, no fever or sore throat, and they have military insurance and they do not live near a military base due to recruiting assignment they should have to call their doctor or pay for it. I personally know someone with a military dependent that said I take her in anytime she gets sniffles, a sore throat, fever of 99 degrees, or gets a cut deeper than a scratch since I do not have to pay for it the military covers it. The parents should have to follow the same rules as those with any other insurance and get a doctors ok for anything non-emergency in the ER. It is time to make these people responsible for running up the costs as well as the government for not overseeing it better!

  • bob

    My brothers and sisters express your feelings to the congress. The members of congress enjoy taking care of the special interests.Stand up and sound off from east to west. Many countries want the US to have a weak military. Make 2012 the year of change. If we don’t make a stand our children and grand children will have nothing for the future.

  • rogergifford

    You congresman take a hit along with us and Ill buy it. But its easy for you to cut our pay as alot of you dont care. But let North Korea or one of them threaten and we will say to hell with you.

  • robert wright


  • David Randall

    So congressmen and Senators get a 100% retirement after 1 term in office, but our veterans get a pay freeze and can’t collect until age 60 even though they my have as many as 23 years to wait until they can collect, or even 33 years if they only do 10 years?

    How about you go straight to hell?

    I think we need a complete political enima in this country.

  • firstloader


  • firstloader


  • k gates, usaf, ret

    before doing anything to the military they should investigate and remove from
    the social security and medicare rolls the drug addicts and fakers that are
    obviously there, that would save alot.

  • Don Koob

    I am a retiree and if we have to take cuts then these self ritious bastards that we have governing us need to “SUCK IT UP” also, What the hell gives them the right to be ammune to what they do to us and the rest of this country. I am proud to have served but am not very proud of this country at this point in time.

  • Terry

    How do you determin compensation for working 30 years 24 7? What about my government’s criminal behavior exposing us to AGENT ORANGE? What would we do to Dow Chemical under similar circumstances?

  • Maynard Merrell

    Why is it that it is always the little guy at the bottom whose wages and benefits are always unsustainable and have to be reduced in some way? Why not the guys at the top, like the Congress and Administration? In the Army I was taught that the leaders always set the example, if you were a good leder of course, so in cases like military wages and Tricare, where do our leadrs set the examples?
    My wife is on Social Security and I’m on Military Retirement and Social Security, and we haven’t received a raise in three years, while prices on utilitis, gasoline, and everything else keeps getting higher and higher. What are we suppose to do, take what ever money we might save, buy a gun and shoot ourselves?

  • Maynard Merrell

    To be conservative means to preserve that which has been established. To be liberal means to change in part or in whole that which has been established. Constitutional Conservatives want to preserve the constitution and the form of government stipulated therein. Many subversives want to abolish the Constitution and establish what they want for a government, socialism for example. To hide their true agenda, socialists will claim to be liberals because like liberals they are for change. So a liberal must always be asked, change to what? Socia;lism never happens all at once. It happens piece meal, bit by bit, a little at a time. Obama care is one of those bits, as is sociale security, wage taxes which was originally forbidden by the Constitution, and there are many other things. Once we finally become a communis/socialist country, then we conservative will become the liberals, and the liberals will become the conservatives to defend their form of government.



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  • Dave

    We are looking at another Castro in the very near future.

  • Archie

    For all we do…. This is what we get….. So SAD

  • For all we do…. This is what we get….. So SAD

  • SFC Don Rudy (Ret.)

    Everytime the Democrats get intop office it is Cut; Cut; Cut the miltary. Take everthing away from the retiree’s and the veterans. Once again we bring back our men from combat and combat support and what do they get, “Thak You, now go fend for yourself!” GJust like post WWI, WWII, Korea, Viet Nam, Desert Storm and now Iraqi Freedom and Enduring Freedom! Send them into harms way, now thank you for your sevice, now go away and but goi to *.*@#$%l!! Oh, anbd by the way, we are taking away your financial support! No matter what war you were in- you must stay vigulant and vocal. Its not yours if you can’t keep it! God Bless america and God Bless the Service Men and Women past and present!!!

  • Gina

    This is not right! One of the greatest benefits of joining the military was the benefits of healthcare and retirement. If you take that away then there is a morale dilemma. I agree with many of you when you say that they should eliminate their retirement. This is a horrible idea on so many levels. I hope for their sake of our Country that this does not pass!

  • VERN

    Any senator of mine that mess with my retirement benefits will feel it at the ballot!



  • JayNavy

    We placed our lives into your hands supporting national policies. We only asked that you used us judiciously and with respect. Our continued support in health and in retirement is all we ask..
    Can’t you live up to your part of the bargain?

  • Hurt and upset

    I have deployed 2 times in10 years. I was hurt and had to be air lifted home to Fort Riley, Kansas. The military Doctors profromed 4 surgeries in 1 year. I am not medically retired. I had to deploye and leave my 7 month old baby. When I returned he didn’t know who I was. I came into the military to make my life better and to not be a part of the wafare system and life off of the state. I deserve better then this. I did MY best. I did my time. Give me what I deserve. THIS IS SO SAD.

  • Geoff D

    Here we go punishing working people, why don’t we punish the people who don’t work, why don’t we punish corporations that outsource good jobs, why don’t we punish the people who don’t contribute anything to society but who hold their hand out day after day wanting a hand-out.

    • Kenton J

      Because that would be racist and evil and mean. After all they have been living off of the working people for generations. Work is not in their vocabulary, hell they do not even know the definition of vocabulary. That is enough about politicians, now to talk about the people on welfare.

  • Lisa

    Why not cut all of congress pay by 4% and no pay increase for the next 4 years.

    • Keith

      lets cut there pay by 20% and they have to wait until age 75 to start receiving there benefits. oh yes there children do not get there collage education payed for anymore. would be a nice start

  • Keith

    Our elected representatives are trying to balance the budget on the military’s back. our officials put our country in the economic state its in and they don’t want to carry any of the financial burden, but they do want to rest it on the shoulders of the men and women of the military who risked everything and some lost everything fighting this country’s wars. this is how great nations crumbled. If we let our representatives know that we will not let our children join the military they may think about what they want to do If the service members do not re-enlist this will send the message that we will not defend this country and let the politicians take us for granted.

    Let congress and the senate cut there pay and benefits, like the free Education for there children or only having to sit for one term and collect full retirement benefits. this would be a start. Those of us who spent 20 years defending this country and now have to struggle to find a job so we can struggle to make ends meet. At least our representatives and live the easy life.

  • John Mcain I held you in high regard for many years,but you have lost everything. I servred in viet nam trying to get get you out of that prison, and know you have the gall to try and take my benefits from me. As far as I’m concerned your as bad as Jane Fonda, and you can’t get any lower. I wish I had your E.mail address our your home address, so that I could look you in the eyes and tell you what a lowlife you are. Thank you for your time, retired CW3 Donald W. Cleghorn retired medavac pilot.

  • Disappointed

    The Senator needs to get out and rub elbows with troops, again. Obviously, the rose colored glasses of being a Senator has clouded his vision of being a retired GI.

  • Will B.

    Continued from abouve—Vets have put their lives on the line because they took an oath to do so. I cannot comprehend why our leaders in Washington would take away any of our benefits. If you want to charge me a little more for my healthcare that’s fine, but you need to join the ranks of those who you want to pay more. How about taking a pay cut or maybe cutting back the billions and billions that is spent on foreign aid. How about taking care of this country and her veterans first and then worry about whether some corrupt politician where we send aid is really using that money for its intended use or just lining his or her pockets. You “ask” us to join. We do. You “ask” us to fight. We do. When will you do the right thing? When will you, as a Congress, do the right thing. Enough with party politics. The people of this country are hurting and the best you can do is point fingers because it’s the Republicans fault or the Democrats fault. The true fault lies with all of you. You are elected officials. You were elected to do the right thing for the American people and the right thing for her veterans. Please step up and do your job—-we did.

    • Rocky L

      I whole heartedly agree with all you are saying!!!! Why is it always our military and elderly that have to take it in the “shorts”? Congress and foreign aid should be the FIRST place they make cuts!!!!
      Rocky L

  • Will B.

    Would all of the Senators and Representatives shift from their current medical benefits and pay what most Americans have to pay for health insurance? I’m still not sure how some in Washington try to compare civilian and military pay and feel that military pay outpaces civilian pay. Do civilians put themselves in harms way on a daily basis? Are they shot at or blown up on a regular basis? Do they leave their families for months and months at a time and risk death to uphold an oath taken voluntarily? My guess is that their biggest concerns are rush hour traffic and the possible terrible paper cut, or maybe an injury on the job that could be serious if you have that kind of job.

    • Helena

      Yes, you are right! To add to your comment. Professionals, such as physicians, and hospital administrators make less money than their civilian counterparts. Military members are on call 24/7. They have to report to duty at the “drop of a hat” if called by their commander. When you figure the military hourly wage for 24 hours every day of the week the salary is not very much! My question is, what shape our country would be in without our military? Our Veterans earn every cent they get in money and benefits.

    • retiree

      They already pay what most Americans pay. They are under FEHBP, same as the Federal Civil Service. They pay several hundred dollars a month for their healthcare.

  • James Billings

    Why not cut all the free college funds that you give to new enlisted they are given thousands of dollars and when they finish there enlistment of 3 to 6 years and they get out of the national guard.

  • cross

    Why do we need some rep in the house/senate.They only neded 12 members to make changes to hurt everyone in this country.The rest can say had nothing to do with this mess ,so keep 12 fire the rest save a bunch of money no retirement or benefits to pay.Sounds like mc Cain has forgotten where he came from but it seems he more like the insiders.As a retired vet it’s real hard to stand by and see your country being taken down by poor leadership.Truth is we don’t have any one in charge seem more each day we are heading toward socialist.

  • Bobbi

    We spent 20 years in the United States Navy. My husband spent 6-9 months at a time away from home. The 6 months he was at home he did 2-3 weeks at a time at sea for traiming sessions. We lived in some pretty sub-standard housing and even with commissary privileges, ate some pretty lean meals. When the ship was gone we shared meals with neighbor wives and children. To get medical care for our children, I was at the military hospital from 8:00am- 4:00pm waiting to be seen. Two years we spent on Guam, we lived 50 years behind the states. I worked on the Naval Air Station as youth director, for very little pay, for which I payed my taxes, and kept the children off all ages busy for the summer. I also worked with the base sports for both the children and inter mural base teams. I spent the same 20 years that my husband spent. I gave the military the same oath of Service to my country. On retirement we were offered the survivor benefit program. It was now or never. Once started, not cancelable.Supposedly, at a cost not to change, for $30.00 per month. After 10 years, we received a letter stating they had miscalculated the cost since they averaged the life expectancy after retirement was 10 years, and they were living much longer.Therefore the cost went to better than $100. A month deducted from the retirement check. After a lot of concern from retirees, the next idea was if you had payed into it for at least 30 years it would be payed up. This benefit would start Oct. Two years later. So we ended up paying 34 years. Commissary privileges have been a joke for many years. It belongs to private businesses, and public prices in most cases are cheaper. They say tax free, but then charge a special little charge on the end, equal to, but not called a tax. Instead it is called a sur-charge. The PX is also a joke as a benefit. Now they want to take away Tricare for life, or at least charge more for a benefit you gave them 20 years active duty and 10 years reserve duty to earn. They have tried to tie social security and military retiirement together in order not to pay two government retirements. Hello- we payed 20 years service that was a contract with the government, and was also paying social security deductions then and after for the next 22 years, that was earned, not a gift they can just take back if they vote to do so. They are the only employed persons that can vote their selves a pay raise when they so desire, while cutting everyone else’s earned benefits. I think we need to ammend the Constitution. Americans are Proud to serve their country and sacrifice to do so. Don’t take away what we have earned.

  • Rejected!

    McCain gets to have FREE medical care for life for him and his family for being a Senator, I’m sure he won’t suggest that gets reduced. Why should he care about the vets? He just replaced Jane Fonda!

    • retiree

      No he doesn’t. As a Senator, he gets FEHBP, same as the Federal Civil Service. He actually gets better and cheaper medical care from his TriCare eligibility than from his federal benefits.

      • Idmtmedic

        2 years salary for the same death benefits the military gets? Wanna argue with that also?

        • Idmtmedic

          Ahhhh memories

  • Levonne

    I am blown away by the proposal to cut Tri-care for life. I have fought for 20 years and sacraficed months upon months away from the family my wife have made and we survived it all and made it through because of what was promised to us for that commitment to our country. So just maybe by the judgement of a small panel that maybe taken away by the wave of a pen. Like a had read in one of these post here, why not take the retirement pay for life for an elected official that does his term before you start messing with our benifits that we sacarificed 20+ years to get. I have served my country with pride and its a sad day when you start solving the countries problems off the backs of vets. Elected officials you need to start sacrificing some of your benifits before you start with the working vets of this great country.

  • John Cordar

    Our Congress has by law set themselves up for life at our expense.
    Members of Congress can treated at any military hospital for NO CHARGE.
    Members of Congress don’t pay Social Security Tax.
    Senator McCain is a rich turncoat, he dosen’t care about the military or retirees, because he has his Congressional seat and can retire Quite comfortably.

    • Ronald

      I sincerley believe that Sen. McCain is suffering from a severe case of post traumic stress and some how doesn’t realize it. He needs to seek medical attention. He is indeed a turncoat from his fellow military family.

    • retiree

      1. The ONLY hospital Congress can get free out-patient treatment at is Bethesda, on a space-A basis. The ONLY hospital they can get (and pay for) in-patient care at is Bethesda, space-A. Once out of office they have NO access to Bethesda (except for those who are themselves retired military). Active duty military have free access to ALL MTFs. Retired military have space-A access to all MTFs.

      2. Congress pays into Social Security, has since 1984.

      3. their retirement and healthcare is FERS and FEHBP. Their retirement and healthcare benefits are worse than ours.

  • Paul Furr

    If our government keeps cutting benefits for military personnel the number of people enlisting will drop. are they going to turn the protection of our country over to a mercinary type protection system?

  • Ken

    You mess with promised military benefits, retirement,medical, etc. and you can say goodbye to your military volunteers.The only way you will get a military force is to draft them, then you can say goodbye to your terms in office.

  • George Couts

    This is where we need to start, Not at our level
    > *Wages **
    > *
    > Salary of retired US Presidents …………..$450,000 FOR LIFE
    > Salary of House/Senate members ………..$174,000 FOR LIFE
    > Salary of Speaker of the House …………..$223,500 FOR LIFE
    > Salary of Majority/Minority Leaders ……$193,400 FOR LIFE
    > Average salary of a soldier DEPLOYED IN AFGHANISTAN – $38,000
    > Average income for seniors on SOCIAL SECURITY – $12,000
    > I think we found where the cuts should be made!
    > If you agree… Pass it on !

  • Unemployed

    Pretty soon it will be everyone for themselfs. I thought McCain was for us vets but now I wonder, is he now only for himself? . I understand times are tough I’ve been unemployed for the better part of 2 years. If my healthcare cost goes up it is very likely that I’ll have to go without.

  • Charles

    I spent 20 years serving this great country, I have two sons serving, one Navy, one Army. To think our own government would take back a promised benifit of service is deplorable, disgraceful and Un-American. I am insulted.

  • F.J. Caron

    Lets just disband all our armed forces then the congress can save all kinds of money. No wars to fund, no troops to pay, no retirements to fund and no medical benefits to provide for. Of course they should ask themselves how long they will have there overpaid jobs when every 3rd world country will try to take us over. Grab a rifle guys your going to need it.

  • leonard d.

    You joined the military by choice. You went to Iraq and Afganistan by choice, Eventhough , you knew, for many years that the US government is corrupt and sticks its nose into places where it should not be. Look how our Vietnam vets have been treated. Let the politicians fight the wars and be brave enough to stand against US policy. Learn and educate yourself, before you pick up the gun and kill people. Dont be a puppet and then cry about how you are treated.

  • Fay

    Hmm maybe we should cut all senators and Congress pay and benifits that would save alot more money than cutting the military and retired people. It
    is always cut Military first. Hmm who will defend the USA if the guys and girls decide to drop out after their 3-4 years of first enlistment? None will want to
    reenlist after their first tour. Who will train these new drafties if your older enlisted and officers drop out? You kind of have to look at the bigger picture.

    • retiree

      Total cost of Congress (to include salaries, travel, staff, building, security, etc): $4.5 billion/year. DoD healthcare alone – $48 billion.

      Oh, and a good number DO drop out after their first tour – it’s built into the plan.

      • Idmtmedic

        Billions given to illegals? Fact check? Percentage of TAXPAYER money for their CON-gressional retirement?