VA Chief to Hill: The Health Reforms You Seek Are Here

October 08, 2015 | Tom Philpott

By Tom Philpott VA Secretary Bob McDonald told the House Veterans Affairs Committee Wednesday that a $68 million, 4000-page study of VA health care it ordered last year and accepted last month … [Read more...]

VA Chief Counterpunches Over ‘Community Care’ Costs

July 23, 2015 | Tom Philpott

By Tom Philpott The Veterans Choice, Access and Accountability Act of 2014, which Congress rushed to pass last summer to address a patient wait-time scandal at dozens of VA hospitals and clinics, … [Read more...]

First VA Care ‘Choice Cards’ Mailed Out

November 06, 2014 | Tom Philpott

MILITARY UPDATE: First 'Choice Cards' Mailed to 320,000 Vets Living Far from VA Care The Department of Veterans Affairs has mailed its first medical “Choice Cards,” with letters explaining how … [Read more...]

Civilian Doctors to Backstop VA Health Care

August 14, 2014 | Tom Philpott

MILITARY UPDATE: Civilian Doc Networks to Backstop VA Primary Care Too More than two decades ago, when a shrinking military healthcare system saw patient demand exceed its capacity to deliver … [Read more...]

Why is the VA Scandal a Foreign Policy Issue?

June 12, 2014 | Benjamin Krause

Foreign Policy Magazine circulated its newsletter yesterday with surprising coverage of the VA Scandal. In its National Security Daily Brief, Foreign Policy included a great variety of commentary on … [Read more...]

Veterans Speak Out As VA Scandal News Coverage Fades

June 11, 2014 | Benjamin Krause

“VA awareness is losing traction. Well played, Mr. President,” said disabled Iraq War veteran Matt James. Many other veterans have also noticed VA scandal awareness is slipping from the public … [Read more...]

NEW REPORT: Wait List Scandal Affected Over 100,000 Veterans

June 10, 2014 | Benjamin Krause

Data from the VA OIG investigation indicates that the Wait List Scandal impacted over 100,000 veterans through extended wait times or not being listed on a wait list, at all. The investigation is … [Read more...]

Is Fixing the VA Wait List Like Boxing a Glacier?

May 28, 2014 | Benjamin Krause

No. At least you can run away when boxing a glacier. As veterans, we are stuck with VA's problems, like the VA Wait List Scandal, which we now know spans at least two presidencies. Check out … [Read more...]

Sleep Apnea Boom Splits Vet Community

February 25, 2014 | Tom Philpott

Philpott’s Forum presents opinions, insights and, on occasion, answers questions from readers of Tom Philpott’s Military Update news column.  Below readers react to a recent column on an … [Read more...]

Spotlight Resource: The PTSD Coach Mobile App

October 12, 2012 | Terry Howell

Source: Department of Veterans Affairs  -  When used in conjunction with professional medical treatment, PTSD Coach provides you dependable resources you can trust. If you have, or think you … [Read more...]

VA Health Care Programs for Women Vets

October 05, 2012 | Terry Howell

In last week’s Military Update, Tom Philpott reports that  Department of Veteran Affairs' commitment to improve women's health services and to close a “gender gap” in preventive health … [Read more...]

Sequestration – The Intersection of Politics and Budget

August 20, 2012 | Terry Howell

Last week Military Update reported that lawmakers are more interested in winning reelection in November than in removing the threat severe cuts to government programs in January. … [Read more...]