WH Willing to Fight for TRICARE Fee Hikes – Updated

June 11, 2013 | Terry Howell

Update: The House passed HR 1960 by a 315-107 margin. The ball is now in the Senate's court. The White House issued a rebuttal to the House Armed Services Committee’s proposed 2014 defense budget … [Read more...]

GAO Finds Tricare Accessibility Issues

April 03, 2013 | Terry Howell

The Government Accountability Office found that only 60 percent of civilian medical providers are willing to accept Tricare Standard beneficiaries (beneficiaries which are not enrolled in Tricare … [Read more...]

Early Retirement a Good Deal? Not So Much

April 02, 2013 | Terry Howell

In an effort to meet the required heavy reduction in forces, Congress has given the DoD the authority to reinstitute Temporary Early Retirement Authority -- better known as "15-year retirement." … [Read more...]

Deadline for Ending Paper Checks

February 27, 2013 | Terry Howell

Source: DFAS  - Customers respond to mandatory EFT effort Following several months encouraging customers to switch from pay checks delivered by mail to electronic payments delivered directly to … [Read more...]

Latest on Planned TRICARE Prime Rollback

February 21, 2013 | Terry Howell

By Tom Philpott -  The TRICARE Management Activity has a new online tool for retirees under age 65 and surviving spouses to verify if their Prime network will end Oct. 1, forcing them to use … [Read more...]

2013 Retiree and Veteran COLA

January 01, 2013 | Terry Howell

By now military retirees, survivors and veterans should have seen a slight boost in compensation, military retirement pay, Social Security, and annuity programs in January  -- 1.7 percent for … [Read more...]

Are Servicemembers Over Compensated?

December 03, 2012 | Terry Howell

Growth in military pay has exceeded civilian wages over the last ten years, but does that mean they are overpaid? … [Read more...]

Avoiding the ‘Fiscal Cliff’ May be as Painful as Going Over It

November 16, 2012 | Terry Howell

This week Tom Philpott reported that the Congressional Budget Office has put a red "laser dot" on future pay raises, TRICARE, and future retirement benefits. In their report, the CBO says annual … [Read more...]

Senator Calls for Cutting DoD Support Programs

November 15, 2012 | Terry Howell

Sen. Tom Coburn recently released a report, titled ‘Department of Everything,’ in which he claims that eliminating DoD activities like commissaries and grammar schools could save $68 billion over … [Read more...]

DoD Plan Will Force 171,000 Off TRICARE Prime

November 09, 2012 | Terry Howell

According to a recent article by Tom Philpott, Defense officials are expected to soon announce that military retirees and their dependents that live more than 40 miles from a military treatment … [Read more...]

Report Calls for Tricare and Military Retirement Cuts

November 06, 2012 | Terry Howell

On October 31, the Center for American Progress, an influential think tank, released a report titled ‘Rebalancing Our National Security.’ The report calls for freezing future military pay raises, … [Read more...]

Sequestration Q&A with Congressional Leadership

September 20, 2012 | Terry Howell

We recently featured a live blog with House Armed Services Committee Chairman Buck McKeon and House Veterans Affairs Committee Chairman Jeff Miller. Check out the replay below to see how our … [Read more...]