DoD Budget Plan Takes Aim at TRICARE

The proposed 2015 DoD budget could kill TRICARE Prime and increase out-of-pocket medical expenses for dependents and retirees.

Much of the first reports on the proposed 2015 defense budget didn’t necessarily focus on the details or specific areas to be cut. Many of details won’t be available until March 4th. However, there are some details available on one of the most significant benefits areas to be hit – TRICARE.

TRICARE, originally named for its three levels of health care coverage (Prime, Extra, and Standard), has been providing affordable healthcare coverage for military dependents and retirees for nearly 20 years. But, according to columnist Tom Philpott’s recent Military Update, the DoD is proposing to merge the three options into a single fee-for-service insurance option, similar to the current Standard option.

The proposed changes to TRICARE would not affect active-duty servicemembers access to free healthcare, but their dependents and working-age military retirees would face higher costs to include a share of medical expenses and perhaps a new annual enrollment fee, set initially at $285 for individuals and $569 for families.

Beneficiaries could see lower costs if they use military treatment facilities or “preferred” care providers who offer military discounts. However, the plans include charging retirees a new co-pays for using  on-base treatment facilities. New co-pays also would be set for military families and retirees who use emergency rooms inappropriately for routine care.

Philpott reports that TRICARE Prime would likely end as defense health officials continue to argue that Prime is too costly to operate for the military.

According to Philpott, beneficiaries 65 and older would continue to have access to TRICARE for Life, but, they would face a new enrollment fee. It might be set at one percent of military retired pay but capped so as not to exceed $300 a year.

On the upside, many believe that most of the DoD’s proposed benefit cuts are not likely to get passed Congress.  The question is, which ones will?

Stay tuned as more details will be available March 4 when the budget is formally rolled-out.

For more details on Pay Caps, commissary Cuts and BAH Reductions, read Tom Philpott’s full article.


About the Author

Terry Howell
Before becoming the Managing Editor for, Terry served 20 years in the U.S. Coast Guard as an Aviation Electrician’s Mate and aircrewman. In his final role in the Coast Guard, Terry served as a Career Development Advisor, where he provided career, finance, education, and benefits counseling to servicemembers and their families. Since retiring from the Coast Guard, Terry has authored the book, The Military Advantage, managed the content for TurboTap, the DoD's online transition program and VAforVets, the VA's transition assistance website. Terry earned both his Bachelor's and MBA at Corban University using Military Tuition Assistance and his GI Bill benefits to help cover the cost.
  • David Taber

    So much for the promise of free health care for life.

  • US Army 64

    What really gets me is the fact that they include ALL retirees in these damned things. No matter if your a WWII, Korea or VN retiree, they just lump everybody in these cuts/fees.

    The people retiring today or in the past 5 years are pulling a lot more in pay than us older retirees, we even missed 2 years of COLA remember that.

    I started with 1300 a month when I retired, the same rank/TIS today retires with over 3 grand a month, close to 4K per month.

    If they really need to change things OK so be it, but lets pro rate these things for folks that entered back in 42 or 50, or 64.

    And that includes this retiree dental program.

    • RColvin

      I can retire this year and get about $1400 dollars a month. Should I be subject to the same stipulations you’re proposing? Should there be a rank cutoff for your proposal? I’m guessing you were much higher ranking than I am, so maybe you would be above that cutoff…

      • US Army 64

        ?? 1400, retire this year?? are you kiddin me, what you retire as an E-6?

        An E-6 in 2010 with 8 yrs was makin what I made as an E-8 with 27 in 91 when I retired, we had no COLA for 2 years,

        take a good look at the pay scale of “today” again.

        BTW we “were” told we’d have “free” medical for life after 20 starting when I enlisted in 64, They stopped that by 81 and started to quote that its NOT in writing.

        I started at 78 bucks a month and ended up with 54 after tax/FICA, and that 2K new car may as well have been 20K to me at that time. When I came back from VN I had a wife and a kid and made less than 300 a month. Like I said I have no problem paying “something”, but lets keep it real here.

        • Navy guy
    • ijustone

      I can’t belive that all you are worried about is youself. What about the rest of the veterans that have served in the many conflicts and Wars that this country has been involved in. Get them not me. Thats your motto I guess.

      • US Army 64

        man u got no understanding of what I’m sayin do U???

        the WWII guys still around should pay the least, the Korean guys next, the VN retirees next so on and so on slick, what about your worry,, its OK for those that have less to just keep payin the same rates as you guys that are retiring with today’s pay scales?

        I want a bit more “equity” between “US” not to get over on someone else like you seem to think is OK.

        • Working age Retiree

          They just passed legislation to hose working age retirees by reducing their COLA. You’re probably unaware of this since it doesn’t affect you and since for all but 2 of the past 20+ years you’ve been drawing a retirement and consistently receiving the same COLA increases as everyone else. You’re sour because people today make more than you? The active duty are being deployed at a rate that would make your head spin. Don’t hate on them, get with the program and get involved with your VSO.

          • SkyGunner

            Listen up!
            This is probably what the pay cutters want. Divide and conquer! Give this segment a little more, or take a little bit from this one, but not the other. That way they cut down on the support we could amass as a single entity. The slimes that try to do this to us love getting different segments riled at each other, instead of them. If all segments join together in a group, how many voters would that be, and believe me, they count the votes. We would also give our supporters a lot more leverage when they go after these slimes. Publish names of the sponsors and co-sponsors of these cutters so when elections come we’ll know who to support and whose legs need to taken out from under. Thank the Lord we are getting more vets and families of vets elected, who really know the cost of being military. I strongly dislike the usage of they knew what would happen when they signed up. How can that be true when what was ‘guaranteed’ at sign in, can be changed at the use of a pen? Of course you would think that what was ‘ guaranteed’ to us was signed by cutters( unk who at the time) just waiting to use that when budget time came around.
            I believe that one more stipulation should be included for people who have power over us. Committees and so forth. To have volunteered for service so that the true picture of military life would be understood: separation from families; picking up your family and moving to a new duty station; tours of unaccompanied duty, so on and so forth. That’s just a small number of things that are already accepted by our volunteer( true patriots) forces.
            Sorry about the thesis, but we need to be together, not letting these cutters divide us!

          • Coastiekevink
      • Irene Covington
        • mark southern
      • mark southern
      • JRAY

        I spent 25 years in. I am a Vietnam veteran. 50% disabled. Due to Agent Orange that was used in Vietnam I have all kinds of medical problems. I think all the da..m idiots in congress should spend some time fighting the wars for our country and maybe they would understand how we feel. Everyone of them need to be run out of office. Starting at the very TOP.

    • Mac

      The local hospital dropped me from a service as I had not seen the assigned doctor in over a year. Telephone call did not count. When I tried to get an appointment was told the computer was down, guess military personnel don’t know how to write the old fashion way. When I went in person was told the doctor had shipped ou 3 months prior to the phone call.
      Our so call ER has changed, and you need an appointment to urgent care . Good for an asprin and bandaid

      • Tony
  • pmbiii

    Active duty “free” care? That is so untrue! My family and I lived in a remote locations on and off while on active duty from 1982-2007. TRICARE (and CHAMPUS) paid about 18-20% of family and my health care in many remote locations. Reasoning? I lived about 200 from two different Air Force Bases, so even in an emergency, I could have used those facilities for my family. Took me almost four years after I transferred to pay off those bills. Then I got stationed at a larger military area and still had to pay for healthcare because hospital or clinic had to “consult out” due to shortage of medical staff. Individuals that write these articles need to ensure facts are correct before release. “Free” healthcare for service personnel in remote, “out of pocket” or even if large installations are nearby and that service is unavailable, is an out and out fallacy.

  • Michael Hounshell

    And the BS continues for future retirees and current retirees, to include their dependents. Lets save America from a deficit on the backs of miltary veterans, active duty and dependents. I see the draft coming back, because nobody is going to volunteer for nothing.

    • C. Miller

      The draft is what the Democrats want. This is awful for the lower Enlisted. How are they going to afford to pay out of pocket for co-pays. Most if they have several kids are already on food stamps. Now you add thus unfair burden on them as their spouse is deployed. What a nightmare this is going to be. Typical politicians. Cut the military, but no all the “Free” stuff to people who won’t work or the illegals.

    • Chief
  • Dale

    ” Many of details won’t be available until March 4th.”

    Another fine example of Ready, Fire, Aim.

  • Almau

    The losers are always the troops – and congress knows that. My problem is with DOD, they don’t really seem to care about the promised benefits, they see dollar signs. Any cuts we take, they should take, and we will see how easy it is to make a dicision.

    • Paul

      Most politicians are concerned with is which plan will give them the most votes in order get them re-elected and the amount of campaign cash from the special interest groups they receive so they can get re-elected. It’s all up to what the special interest groups want and how much they are willing to give them.

  • Michael
  • Old Chief

    What really frosts me is the fact that most of these morons have never served a day anywhere in the military. How could they possibly understand what we’ve been through?I sure miss the “old guard” who would put us first and ensure that we received what we have earned.Yes,earned,worked for,bled for and sometimes paid the ultimate price.They have to stop balancing the books on the backs of those who sacrificed so much. All we are asking for is to give us what was promised to us. DBF!!!59-78

    • gblack

      As a former marine and CDR I am tired of hearing how the USN has suffered. For the most part they worked on NKO, awards, badges (Navy trinkets) blogs and planning their monthly 96 hr pass It always amused me on how they never wanted to serve on shiops and complained about being at sea try the infantry in combat and the time at sea is a cruise no less.
      Whine is a core value in the USN Chief

    • edward mccann

      I totallly agree

    • Tony
  • voodkokk

    BS as usual. Screw these politicians. They will be going home shortly. They better get that budget right or the US Gov’t will have more lawsuits than Carter has liver pills.

    • +70 CHIEF


  • voodkokk

    “Philpott reports that TRICARE Prime would likely end as defense health officials continue to argue that Prime is too costly to operate for the military.”

    So ObamaCare is cheaper.

    BLUF – Give us the coverage that we were promised. You can call it whatever you like.

  • CWO Kern

    Their is no such thing as a promised benefit for serving your country anymore. Every time the politicians need to balance the budget, they always seem to attempt to do it on the backs of Military Veterans and their families. This is a disgrace to our military veterans! I don’t see how see how those politicians can sleep at night that endorse this kind of shameful politics. We will be lucky to have any future COLA, education benefits and medical benefits left after the way the politicians are constantly eroding what we were promised to have for life, if you made the military a career. How many politicians making these life changing decisions for military veterans and their families have ever even served in the military. Do they know what it is like to put yourself in harms way, leave family for months on end, miss anniversaries, birthdays, holidays and in some cases funerals of next of kin due to deployments/military requirements. Any politician that would endorse the aforementioned behavior, I would never endorse as a politician or vote for reelection. Know if your elected politicians are endorsing any bill to cut into your military benefits and consider then if they are worth re-electing for another term. I THINK NOT!

    • UNS- Retired

      I served my 20 years. The retirement benefits changed during that time. I have been out for 20 years now. The retirement benefits changed during that time. Since I enlisted 40 years ago, the retirement benefits have completely changed. Why would anyone enlist today (for the retirement) when you can get much, much better retirement packages from civilian governments. They enlist for many reasons, patriotism as a main reason today, and are disgraced by their leaders and their government is not taking care of them, especially after coming home with war wounds. Our so called leadership is a disgrace. I would like to recall each and every one of them and start all over with real civilians in offices, not politicians and greedy corrupt businesses.

  • Dave Garrison

    Hagel, the latest hired gun by the administration.This guy would sell out his own mother, father, brother, sister.

  • ijustone

    This 2015 Budget Bill is being written by Paul Ryan. He is a republican. He is the same guy that crafted the bill that cut MIlitary retiree and Disabled Veteran cola raises. The republicans aren’t our friends anymore. It pains me to say this but it is the Tea Party republicans that are attacking the Veterans.

    • Ray

      Paul Ryan is part of the Federal Budget process not the DOD budget process. The DOD gets their budget under the Federal Budget but then writes their own budget based on the money they are allotted. Blame Chuck Hagel he is the one putting your benefits in the chopping block!

      • Wil

        Paul Ryan is not our friend! He should withdraw to Russia!

    • C Can

      Sorry. It is Obamacare that is muscling its way into the healthcare system by adding illegals and indigents that were getting healthcare via emergency rooms. Now that 10 million people are invited into the pool (Medicaid as well). Well there you have it. Ron Paul is merely reacting to the opposite extreme.. The socialists have created extremists on the other side.

    • MilSpook

      Spare us your routine bashing of political conservatives.

    • Dick

      Bull crap – it is all the jackasses in Congress and the damn big jackass in the White House.

    • Andrew4900

      Hi Troll…we all know you are not a supporter of our military…FAKE POSTING

      • Kelly

        Just because you are a republican does NOT mean you belong to the Tea Party. Most Tea Party supporters, support the military. Just like Dick said, we have a bunch of jack asses in congress and the biggest jack ass is the president!!!!

    • Donald

      You voted for Obama right

    • Vince

      sorry buddy but you’re wrong and he’s right. I’m a lifelong republican and it’s Paul Ryan who took it to retirees last year. Of course Hagel and “the pentagon” (a euphemism for senior officers and senior civilians who want more and want military people to pay for it) are responsible for the latest. They attack Tricare every year and they won’t stop until they get there way.

      • Charles Walters

        Vince – you hit the nail on the head. For some reason, Ryan sees the military as the problem with the budget. He is the bean counter through and through. I wonder if was ever in the military or applied to the military but was denied. He certainly is not a friend of the US military but would be the second, after Obama, to use and abuse us to fight the wars they get us involved in!

    • What gets me the most is that they continually target programs like Tricare that have had a surplus for the past few years and yet praise programs that continually go over budget!!

    • Coastiekevink
      • redVSblue

        The tea party was a movement with decades of growth and effectiveness, it was rushed into becoming a political party so it would cease to be effective.

      • Wil

        The tea party should disband, they are worthless. They are not our friends!

    • RC, USA, Ret.


      Any active duty or military veterans who believe, or has believed, the Republican Party is the “veterans’ friend” is a great big sucker!

      Veterans and active duty have been acepting the “Big Lie” about the Republicans support for the military for more years than I can count. Perhaps now, after all these years they will wake up and see the real truth. They have always tried to “talk the talk”, but they have never “walked the walk”.

      Don’t take my word for it. Just look at the record of the respective parties and you will see who really has supported military personnel, their families and veterans.

    • Ed – USAF Vet

      Paul Ryan and Tea Party Republicans need to look at cutting programs, they can start to look at corporate welfare. The problem is not with a veteran getting benefits, or a family needing assistance, or even extended unemployment. The problem is the tax breaks that corporations get and move the profits (and jobs) overseas making our local situations worse.

    • Al Saukinsky

      Actually, the only way you can get further from the the Tea Party than Paul Ryan, is if you are a Democrat. Though the establishment republicans and the Democrats are both complicit in this nonsense, the Tea Party has had nothing to with it….so far.

    • redVSblue

      Vote for anyone who will put $5 in your pocket… what are the odds it will happen a third time?

    • Badgerbabe

      @ijustone, maybe I am wrong, but as far as I know, Paul Ryan is a “Main Stream” Republican… NOT a Tea Party guy. He may TALK a good game, trying to calm the REAL Tea Party folks, but in reality, he is VERY much into the RNC group mentality of the John Boehner type. Saying one thing, but behind the curtain, he picks away at the heart and soul of OUR Military men and women’s benefit, ALWAYS saying things like “Everyone has to take a cut”. BS on that, the members of the Military are the ONLY Federal Employees who DO NOT have a UNION representing them… so THEY are the EASY target. Of ALL the Federal workers in this country, the MILITARY are the ones who give up the most, agreeing to give up their “RIGHTS”, just to protect each and every one of us, they can’t speak out, protest, or sit at home when the budget is on hold, only to collect their pay after the NONSENSE is over in DC. I live in the district right next to Paul Ryan, and while he actually IS pretty smart about the budget, when it comes to THIS ISSUE… he is DEAD WRONG! HE has NEVER served in the military, nor has he ever lived that way of life. IF he was FIRST IN LINE to take a Pay and Benefit cut… for ALL Federal Employee’s, elected or simply hired, I MIGHT consider his proposals… but he is NOT suggesting cuts for himself, or OTHER Federal worker’s… JUST the Military Members and their families. WE have to let him know just how WRONG he is… and if that means supporting a REAL Tea Party Candidate in the Primaries… then SO BE IT! Sensenbrenner is MY Representative… and I feel the SAME way about him. These “Regular” Republican’s are the REAL problem… not the Tea Party Republican’s… but that is just MY point of view, from where I sit.

    • Wil

      An idiot knows one when he sees one!

    • The Gunny

      Guess Mr. Hagel forgot what it was like to be an enlisted man…as he is now just another rich “suit” like all of the rest of them in Washington that will get everything (health care, pension, etc…) at no cost to them from the erosion of military benefits and higher taxes from the rest of the American citizen population…..

    • Teresa

      I stopped sending money to the Republican party and I tore up my card.
      I think Paul Ryan is an ___h___. But, not all Tea Party people agreed or voted with him. Roy Blunt, Missouri Republican Senator did not vote for the COLA cuts.
      Democrats have been after our Commissary, PX, Retirement, Medical Benefits for decades. Go back as far as you want and read Army Times and you will see the articles. Patty Murray had something to do with that COLA deal. I knew as soon as I saw he with Paul Ryan something bad was going to happen.

  • Don Campas
  • retired infantryman

    Ok so my current annual RETIREE TRICARE PRIME Family plan cost about $550 a year and will go up to $569 a year? What is the big deal?

    • guest

      $569 plus you will probably be paying higher copays and deductibles. The new retiree plan will probably look more like Standard, but with enrollment fees….could be a big deal for you if that is the fact.

    • Retired SWO

      Remember, we were promised free health care for life if we retired. We have had some fees laid on that benefit. And Standard has deductibles and higher copays than prime. Paying a few dollars more in fees is NOT the problem, the problem will be the deductible, the higher copays and partial payments for services. This is going to cost us a LOT more than just a slightly higher fee. Not fair at all.

      • Lilli
      • JoAnn

        My husband retired 1994 and we have Standard with co pay and deductibles plus we pay a supplemental policy to offset any higher costs. We are not near a base. Now it is harder to find a doctor that wants to accept it.

        • DS1(SW),USN(Ret)

          If the Doctors take Medicare, they have to accept Tricare. They are tied together, just like the COLA (that we sometimes get) is tied to Social Security, not active duty pay raises.

        • Charles Walters

          Even if you were near a base, your access will be based on space available. I use to live within 10 miles of MCB Quantico. I could not get medical care there because I was retired. I was forced to use TRICARE Standard and seek medical care from local doctors who could barely speak English!
          Now I live in California about 40 miles from Edwards AFB. Same problem. They do not see retirees who must seek care from local doctors.

          The only thing that an MTF will do is fill prescriptions – that’s it. Hagel and company either are lying their butts off or do not have a clue about how MTFs operate. Most likely he and his civilian staff are ignorant and/or being lied to by other ignorant staff members!

          You are right, it is getting more difficult to find doctors who accept TRICARE even though TRICARE is a better and faster payer than Medicare. To person who said that if a doctor accepts Medicare then they must accept TRICARE – not the case. Doctors, like any other business, can be selective of their patients. There might be law that would require them to accept TRICARE if they accept Medicare, but nobody enforces it. That is the situation that exists for retirees and soon active duty dependents if Hagel, backed by Obama, gets Congress to go along with his budget plan.

          The only thing that the Congress will pay attention to is recruitment and retention statistics that show a significant drop in enlistments/officer accessions and retention of NCOs and officers. That will be after Hagel becomes unemployed and Obama is basking in his monthly post-Pres vacations!

          • Mr. Walters. My wife and I are BOTH retired Air Force. We’ve lived outside Edwards AFB (California City) for 12 years and have ALWAYS received primary care at the base clinic along with our daughters and all retirees in this area. The appts. are very easy to make. We have zero problems getting our meds at their pharmacy. The base doctors/PA’s get us in usually the same day or within a week. We are referred off-base when needed for specialty care. Not sure what made you think you are inelligible for base care.

        • steven

          Joann I am in the same boat I too had prime I retired 94 and about 2007 things changed I was put on standard because there was no DR with in our area Evansville Indiana the closes was 110 miles fort Knox’s. now there trying to pull a fast one. I have put up a lot since I retired but it gets deeper and deeper. .all I can say is all of us need to write email call till the phones fall off hook then hit them at the polls. And I haven’t recommended any one to join due to broken promises

        • docs dont want 2 do it because they dont get crap

          • mommadukes

            look at your statement. i don’t know how doc offices survive. tri care pays them so little. i had a few docs retire because it just wasn’t worth it. the hassle of trying to get the money just for tests also

    • Robert Mooney

      When I was retired there was no such thing as Tricare. I was told by to Navy Captains and a Marine Colonel I would have medical care at any military medical facility for life. Well Iam still alive and now I have to pay to see a Doctor on the base (which most bases don’t have enough Doctor they have P.A.’s) That money for Tricare come out of my retirement.

      • MJ Cormier-Britton

        Is this my cousin Bob Mooney?

        Mary Jo

      • Charles Walters

        Robert: You are lucky to see a doctor at an MTF, the vast majority of the rest of us are prohibited from using MTFs since they are space available only and for us, we are told there is no space. Be happy. You may be one of the lucky few.

    • MSgt USMC Ret

      It shouldn’t cost us anything. Stay for twenty or more and you and your spouse will get FREE healthcare for life. Remember that lie?

      • Charles Walters

        Top: I certainly remember being told it and also reading it in a pamphlet when re-enlistment time came around. I left active duty for college on the GI Bill. When I came back in with a commission, the Marine Officer Selection Officer gave me the same list of benefits – medical for life. That was in 1972 for my commission and in 1968 when they tried to convince me to re-enlist.

        Semper Fi

    • Ticked Off

      The big deal is the government takes more and more from the military and in return we get nothing. Washington needs to give up some of their wages and benefits and support the real men and women who serviced this country and sacrificed so much.

    • DS1(SW)USN(Ret)

      The big deal is you will be paying more for STANDARD and NOT have Prime. AND it will make every retiree pay for Standard (which has a $150 for single/ $300 for family deductible, and a co-pay of 25% of allowable charges, and full payment of non-allowable charges) That is what you will get for your $569 a year enrollment fee.
      The Article states so. Now is that a big deal?

      • steven

        with all due respect (DS1) I once had prime happy as a lark then around 2007 things started changing I never heard at time of Obama care. I live in Indiana and for some reason Tricare was changing and I couldn’t find any Dr taking prime closes DR was 110 miles . So I had to disenroll and know I use Tricare I do see a primary dr at the VA but if I need more I am up the creek. standard isn’t all that. All I know is I read about how they are always going after us retiree’s, I use to recommend your best bet is to join the military after you graduate high school it would be the best experience and pay would be descent not no more due to broken promises. All I can say is write ,email, call till the phone falls off the hook to our Washington reps! .

    • Ronald Padro

      If you are Rich it’s ok many are not and use this $$$$ to live not to Play.

    • Standard is 80% and 20%. TriCare Prime has a $12 copay and the rest is paid. That’s why currently Standard is free and Prime is $545/yr. For those who have health issues this could be financially catastrophic.

      • CPL Joe USMC

        It is financially catastrophic. I medically retired last year with a 90% disability rating. I have multiple procedures a year and at least 3 appointments a week. When I lost Tricare Prime, I went from the 545/yr to hitting my 3K catastropic cap in just over 2 months. my medical bills surpassed my mortgage. The worst thing is all my medical issues stem from my time in service (Spinal nerve damage, multiple fusions, TBI, Seizure disorder, and many more). They cant even take care of the injuries that they caused.

        • nona mickey

          Try looking into the VA. Maybe since you disability they can take care of you that way. God Bless

        • Report to your Local American Legion Service officer. he will guide you to the closest VA assistance Rep. Do It now!!!!! So many inlisted non rates get screwed because the are miss informed and dont know where to turn .

    • RJM

      u must be a senior officer making the big bucks in retirement

    • dresslerus

      You will get the “standard” coverage which really sucks. might as well be on Obama care bronze.

  • Paul

    So we’re supposed to trust and believe them that Tri-Care Prime is too costly for the Govt? Well if I remember, and I do, not long ago we were told the govt wanted everyone on Prime because it was their most economical option. This is just step 1 to migrating All of us to Obamacare and then soon ALL Obamacare beneficiaries will be receiving care at what we know as Military Hospitals. Just another lie being exposed. It’s NOT about taking care of the military, but taking care of the illegal aliens because they are a population of easy votes!

    • Simon Says

      How can they vote if they are illegal?

      • oldschoolmorals

        They are going to give them all amnesty like last time for the votes! After the fiasco of obamacare they are desperate and know they will vote all the democrats out….I see an executive order in the future! In response to RogCol what does it matter to who we vote in? They never do what we tell them to, it’s what they think what’s good for us! Even if it’s political suicide they’ll do it for the party line. Hello Harry Reid? Get rid of that Traitor! What is wrong with people in Nevada? Oh yeah all those people who were effected by obamacare are liars who lost their insurance, on and on and on with that guy how does he sleep at night?

        • Dick

          He is a puppet on OBUMA’s string. guided, controlled, and manipulated by OBUMA>

    • Dick

      You just said what I was going to say.

  • AL Retired CPO

    I would not necessarily agree at what is being proposed if they paid retirees based upon their total pay vice basic pay. The allowances are not calculated the same as the benefits are used in calculating effective pay. Let some of these politicians survive on military pay and then military retirement based upon only basic pay. They often fail to remember we obligate 20 years of 24 hours per days, 7 days per week of our lives to protect their asses. These benefits are why we made the obligations. If change is needed, then change the future, not the past.

  • RogCol

    Folks, the courts have said that any promise made by recruiters or others, have no validity. If it isn’t in your enlistment contract or law, not a valid obligation. All we really have is the power of the ballot box to retain what remains of our military pay and benefits. Vote!

  • Sandhills

    The real “devil in the details” will be finding doctors who will offer “military discounts” – and I doubt any discounts offered voluntarily by any “patriotic doctor” will be anywhere close to the markdown current medical providers are forced to eat currently by accepting TriCare. You will see a drastic reduction in medical providers willing to accept TriCare at all. Waiting lines for those close enough to use a military medical facility, and higher costs for even routine visits (heaven help those with serious medical conditions – with substantial costs for any pharmaceutical requirements).
    No, not “death panels” as such, but what is the difference if you need expensive medical care that Tricare won’t cover?

    • Doug S

      The real “devil in the details” will be finding doctors who will offer “military discounts” – and I doubt any discounts offered voluntarily by any “patriotic doctor” will be anywhere close to the markdown current medical providers are forced to eat currently by accepting TriCare. You will see a drastic reduction in medical providers willing to accept TriCare at all It has already started on Doc not taking Tricare as for the other about Docs giving Mil discounts. That sounds good when selling this to a congress who has never served.

    • BSD

      As a health care professional, retired with 100 % disability, I tried to find a good, competent, ethical and appropriate health care provider who would take Tricare. . I knew many of the providers on the Tricare list and wouldn’t send a dog to them. Every good provider I talked to apologized that they couldn’t afford to take Tricare patients because the amount of reimbursement did not come anywhere near the cost to provide the service. As a provider, myself, I have to agree. Much as I would like to take Tricare patients, the feels don’t cover the costs for overhead, office fees, rent for an office, malpractice insurance, licensure fees, staff, answering services, etc., etc., etc. Now I fear that, as a retiree on a very limited income, I won’t be able to use Tricare at all and the MTCs are the only facilities where I know I will get the best care anywhere. By the way, the government pays a lot to Medical Schools for research, and most of them, not all, get money for training MDs. Why don’t any of them take Tricare?>

  • bdcorvette

    Let us not forget that the weasels who are making these decisions did not (with very few exceptions) put in even a day in uniform.

    “Forgive them, Father, for they know not what they do.”

    • Lilli
    • concerned citizen
  • Mike

    The only promise Capitol Hill keeps is raising our taxes and their pay…

  • Michael D.

    As long as the President and Congress use the same system as me, I am ok. As long as the President has served 27 years of active duty and Congress like me, then yea change it. But if they haven’t walked in our shoes, then hell no.

  • CWO

    Any changes to Tricare need to be grandfathered in. Anyone who has retired as of a near future date, say 1 Jan 2016, should be the ones to bear the new changes. Past retirees should not be affected by any of the proposed changes except for perhaps an inflation adjustment to the annual Tricare enrollment fee.

  • USAF Fst Sgt Retired

    Military Retirees worst enemy—DOD. I am so tired of writing Congress every year but I guess we have no choice. I will vote only for those that support us regardless of Political party. Lumping all retirees under age 65 into the “Working Age Military Retiree” group without looking at their health and ability to work and supplement their retirement is typical DOD. When an Administration uses the military as a piece on a chess board you know we are trouble. In their eyes the military retiree is a burden. It makes me feel that some in government wish that we would just hurry up and die.

    • Working age Retiree

      I keep seeing this “lumping everyone into the group.” There shouldn’t be any group period. Working age retirees have been drawing pensions from the military since the process began. That is what the contract states. QUIT compromising and demand that they honor their commitments the same way they expected us to honor ours.

      • USAF Fst Sgt Retired

        You are absolutely right there should not be any grouping but there is by the DOD without consideration of anything except age. It’s not right any way you look at it and they apparently don’t care. They look at us as an easy target and we need to show them we aren’t so easy to roll over.

  • Doug S

    You get what you vote for. You can blame the stars who want to get promoted, You can blame the civilians who are protecting there jobs and union benefits. remember it was an Air Force star who was behind the commissary proposal, No doubt the SESs and Air Force was behind this. I am sure the military officers association will say yes( LT Col ret making 4000 grand or more a month not counting VA disability. Bottom line its the Enlisted who get screwed especially the disabled Vet. What next push everybody in DOD into Obamacare that’s not part the SEIU.

  • yarhead

    They will hit us that are retired and the active duty personnel and their family so they can make damm sure theyget free medical and put money in there pockets
    They could care less about the military


    since I am over 70, and my wife works, I have Medicare (primary) and her work insurance (secondary). Tricare usually pays NOTHING, except possibly for prescriptions.
    I have been very tempted to just cancel our Tricare coverage, and save everybody the paperwork!

    • rmm0484

      Please do not do this. Your situation is due to your wife accepting her employer’s medical insurance Your wife will not work forever, and her job may or may not offer decent medical insurance after retirement. .

      I have medicare and tricare, and I end up paying little to nothing for my care, except for the expensive medicare monthly fees.

      • Mark, E8, Ret

        yeh, wish I could write into my policy “all other policies pay before me”.

        Leave it to the government. What was that bumper sticker in the early 90s? “Don’t Steal From The Government.
        It Hates Competition”

  • RocketJL

    If they are going to eliminate or severely shortcut my ‘compensation’, that is OK as long as they foot the bill for all the new expenses they are putting on me and my family. Go for it.

  • Cookie Csc
  • What about the medical retirees? Those that had to retire before they got to 20+ yrs

    • fgc8504
  • TDR

    I shouldn’t be surprised but here they go again, attacking the very people who have placed their lives on line for this country and then breaking their contract with us for Free medical care for the rest of our lives. I completely get that medical care is expensive… But we Vets (many of us) put aside our opportunities for large incomes to support our country. We lived meager lives, separated from our loved ones for months on end, endured the collapse of our families and relationships due to military demands, but enough is enough! We’re entitled to what was promised to us! As one poster stated… Grandfather these changes… Let today’s soldiers decide if they want to retire with the Military under these conditions. I for one did not agree to continue to this when I served my time!
    If our government wants to cut costs… Start by Stop giving illegal’s free medical and welfare! Put in place a FLAT National Tax on all goods and services where a portion of the tax goes straight into the Health and Welfare system. Yes this would be painful at first… But with a FLAT National Tax… even people getting paid UNDER the table would have to pay into the system they are so quick to reach over the table and take! I don’t care where people come from… so long as I don’t have to keep paying for them! I have my own family to feed and care for!

  • Hardcider

    Okay, So i am in Tricare for Life. age 67. Yes i am blessed and make a lot of money after retirement. I have to have Medicare Part B to get the Tricare. My wife and i pay a total of $700 a month for Part B coverage. And now i may also pay an enrollment fee as well? Promises, Promises…..

    • Deadeye

      Are you saying you pay $700 a month for Medicare part B? I only pay $200 for myself and my wife.

      • rmm0484

        Medicare is means tested, up to a maximum of $335.70 per person, or $671.40 for the two of them, which is close enough.

  • Pete

    What they can’t get thru the front door, they will try thru the back. The administration has been trying to reduce the retirement payment as an acceptable source to support funding the welfare state. Thus maintaining a large voting population that tend to back the Democratic Party. We have been viewed as a conservative voting population. He gives us lip service, then goes after us out of plain sight. It’s doesn’t matter if it is the cola or health care, it all comes out of our retirement. Our only defense is to keep them at bay is our collective united voice. Keep active and vote!

    • Dick

      Amen brother.

    • rmm0484

      The Dems do not have a monopoly on these cuts. I seem to remember that the Bush administration was trying to reduce tricare, etc, as well. Unfortunately, civil service and the military are easy budget targets. The Civil Service (many of whom are vets or retired military) have suffered the indignity of furloughs, no COLAs and more.

  • Harry Barr

    Just another BETRAYAL of our NILITARY VETS & FAMILIES!!! NO DOUBT a plan by REPUBLICANS to FUCK OVER the U S MILITARY AGAIN!!! The SENATE REPUBLICANS , on 2-27-14. last Thursday, KILLED a BILL that would provide medical care for PTSD, Traumatic Brain Injury, and other medical and psych treatment. Also, training and education and other assistance for Iraq and Afghanistan troops and their families!! AGAIN we are told “you fought our wars, now GO FUCK YOURSELVES!!!” I will make it my mission to DEFEAT EVERY REPUBLICAN EVERYWHERE!!!Harry

    • John

      Note, the DOD is controlled by the Democrats with an Obama Appointee in charge.

    • Dick

      You apparently are a DAMN-A-CRAT. It ain’t the republicans at fault – it is the whole DAMN Congress (both jackasses and elephants). and the big jackass in the White House.

      • USAF Fst Sgt Retired

        Please forget political parties. FIND OUT WHO SUPPORTS US REGARDLESS OF PARTY AND VOTE FOR THEM.

    • MMC(SS) Ret.

      Last time I checked, the dumbocrats have the majority in the Senate. So how do you get off blaming Republicans for a bill failing to pass?

      …Methinks you really do need Tricare, because it’s time for you to take your medication.

      • ImNext

        Sorry “Methinks” … if you would just keep up with what has been happening in the Senate (since the Obama Administration) … you might be surprised to find that the Republicans have been raising the “Supermajority” requirement (or 60 votes) for almost EVERY bill and appointee that comes to the floor vote. THAT means that almost NO bill or appointee can make it through their “gauntlet”.

        • 1ifBYland

          @ImNext: Repubs have not raised the supermajority vote (67 votes or less in the event not all members are present or voting, but has always been 2/3rds while rounding decimals up. 3/5ths Majority (usually 60) is what you were just misrepresenting.
          A supermajority is generally considered a two-thirds majority. With 55 states, each state getting two Senators (wait, those numbers would be the result of our current President’s Harvard education) 50 states x 2 Senators = 100 Senators. Certain issues require a 2/3 majority to pass. That would total 67 votes. This is not new, it is part of the Senate rules and is not unfair nor does it represent an attempt by repubs to usurp the Senate. Harry Reid, using the Nuclear Option, has usurped power by taking items which require a 3/5 (60) majority, or 2/3 (67) supermajority and leaving it to a simple majority (50+ given the President Pro Tempore or VP will likely follow party lines in the event of a tie). These rules are to ensure that the representation either represents a nation which is collectively 2/3 in one party, or that the bill, nomination, or otherwise is passed with a bipartisan vote, so that 1 election above median doesn’t unilaterally disenfranchise 49% of the nation.

          Yet again, reason to have knowledge pertaining to what you are talking about and not parroting what you hear on the god-forsaken-news or from the guy waiting for the same bus as you.

          *”In November 2013, Senate Democrats used the nuclear option to eliminate filibusters on executive branch nominations and federal judicial appointments other than those to the Supreme Court.
          Before November 2013, Senate rules required a three-fifths vote of the “duly chosen and sworn” members of the Senate[3] – (usually 60 votes) to end debate on a bill, nomination or other proposal; they also require a two-thirds vote (“present and voting”[3] – 67 or fewer votes, pending who is present and/or voting) for a change to the Senate rules. Those rules effectively allowed a minority of the Senate to block a bill or nomination through the technique of the filibuster. This had resulted in a de facto requirement that a nomination have the support of 60 Senators to pass, rather than a majority of 51. A three-fifths vote is still required to end debates on legislation and Supreme Court nominations.
          In most proposed variations of the nuclear option, the presiding officer would rule that a simple majority vote is sufficient to end debate. If the ruling is challenged, a majority would be required to overturn it. If the ruling is upheld, it becomes a precedent. This would end what had effectively become a 60-vote requirement for confirmation of an executive or judicial nominee, or the passage of legislation.”* Cited from Wik as an attempt to save space. Look it up yourself, or if you ask nicely, I can provide guidance on how to verify.

          Should a dyed in the wool blue state split into six states, theoretically, the additional 10 blue seats in the Senate would overthrow the balance long enough to ensure red never has the chance to do anything but turn blue.

    • John

      You have it wrong Harry. The Liberals are the big cutters. There are several RINO’s that need to be voted out, but you better vote for a Tea Party Conservative, or you will regret it later. Open your eyes and watch some news besides the drive by media. Try Fox and then see what you think. Obama is the one cutting the military and Tricare. He wants the single payer system. Do you know what that is Harry?

      • BSD

        Not true. Any bill has to pass both houses and the house controlled by the Republicans is the house that either votes down bills supporting military or vets or the heads of the various committees refuse to let the bills out of committees so that the congress can vote. They have made it clear that they won’t let any bills backed by the Democrats or the President pass EVER regardless oif how it may help the country. To me that is treason when the end result is the destruction of our country and our military.

        • RedVSblue

          So you are saying that the “War Hawks” want to melt their weapons into plows, or that the Dems are the ‘War Hawks’? Neither makes sense. Though I will say that Sen John McCain has throttled the military and veterans more than any 1 Senator. “but isn’t he all about the military?” Yes johnny, he is all about sending large amounts of money to military contractors. This is why the military is so expensive to operate. When he acts to save military budgets, he would rather cut soldiers and their benefits to make sure the contractors (whom I’m sure he has no affiliation to nor receives benefit from) continue to get theirs. Pretty treacherous if you ask me.

          But tell us how you intend to back up your statement: “They [Republicans] have made it clear that they won’t let any bills backed by the Democrats or the President pass EVER regardless oif how it may help the country.”

    • Jim


      Someone blew smoke up your skirt. Harry Reid, a Democrat brings the bills to the floor. The Dems have a simple majority and have placed in play the nuclear option, thus the only way Republicans in the senate win a vote is to have the Dems vote with them. A favorite ploy of the Dems is to attach so much fat to a simple bill that no one in their right mind would vote for a particular bill, regardless. Look at the DOD budgets over the last few years, The Dems and some Repubs have attached so much fat that it makes the original bill look like pennies on the dollar. You might want to quit watching MSNBC, NBC, CBS, ABC, all left wing media, for they are nothing but the propaganda arm of the Dems…

    • Dan

      Republicans do not hold the majority in the Senate.

    • RJM

      come on ur really Harry Ried right

  • Rosteen

    I spent two and a half hours on the phone this morning trying to get authorization to go to an urgent care clinic for an eye infection. I am enrolled in Tricare North but am currently traveling and find myself in Tricare South. I had to talk to both parties and it was a very convoluted process. The crazy thing is I could have gone to the emergency room without any authorization! I did not choose that option even though it would have been easier because I know it is more costly.

    I suspect that a large percentage of the increased cost of Tricare over the last ten years is a direct result of having to bring all of the National Guard and Reserve troops to a state of medical readiness as most of them probably did not have very good coverage in their civilian jobs. Add that to the cost of care for our returning troops and I think that is probably the lions share of the increase not families and retirees.

    Having said that, as a result of the ACA we are all more aware of the cost that our non-serving fellow citizens pay, and on the surface it would seem that we are not paying our fair share. However when you facter in the unique demands of military service and the promises that were made when we signed up it is a breach of faith with our members. We must be realistic in accepting some change as long as there is no degradation of the areas that are covered and the quality of care that we have come to expect.

  • chiefsal

    What can be said, congress has a GREED epidemic and their solution seems to always be take it out in the one that can ill afford it. Those of us who have no one to pour money into the pockets of the congressmen’s as those of us will have to continue to endure it. We are fighting a war without ammo about the only thing left is to use your vote to get the bums out but sorry to say that this may not even work suppose we will have to live with this feeling of impotence

  • gil black

    While it is still a bargain what happened to the contract we signed. While I do not remember the contract I do remember health care for life. After 40 years service I am now paying part B and another coverage. I watch all the Medicaid free bees and wonder. Look at all the fraud in the VA like PTSD and Agent Orange for people on ships off shore look at sleep apnea and all the other BS claims. @ million claims on the books and climbing. VA budget five times what it was 8 years ago 160 billion cut back those phony awards and you will save the retires expenses. PTSD for sexual undocumented harassment ect PTSD for clerks sailors and airmen in the rear you must be kidding.

    • Frank

      You have nerve pointing fingers at people who are suffering from the raveges of legitimate PTSD, Agent Orange, & even sleep apnea. Where do you come off slamming people for disabilities that have been proven to be fully verifyable. Do you sleep with Paul Ryan? Perhaps you should sleep with fishes!

  • john

    The attack ( I mean attack) military first when they have budget problem and they always create the problem and then they want to place it on our collective backs. If they are trying to make cuts within the military community there should be cuts across the board including those on entitlements-but you’ll never hear of a suggested cut to those voters-they need them to keep their congressional seats.
    Active duty military, military retirees, family members and Social Security recipients need to remember what these “representatives” are trying to do to us and vote them out! We do not need them, they draw the pay and do nothing for the most part except complain about each there.

  • Chief7doug

    I recommend anyone on active duty now with less than 10 years to give it up as soon as you can. Get out now.It is a rip off and getting worse all the time.
    I hate to think that I recruited some young men and women in. I regret it. I was never a recruiter; just someone who thought it was the way to go. It is a good thing they no longer need me because I would not serve another day under any circumstances. Johnny Paycheck has the right song for this. I consider my 30 years of service a waste of my life.

  • theoldsarge1

    They don’t really have to do this. There are other ways to find the money. Once again, like always, the active and retired military, seniors and the rest of the hard working peons take it in the shorts. I would not have too much of a problem making a few sacrifices. I wouldn’t like it. No one does, but I would accept it as long as no one else was exempt. However, that is never the case. Will the politicians, who got us in this mess in the first place, slow down government spending? Will the politicians in Congress and State Legislatures cancel any of their phony fact finding junkets or perks? Will the President’s czars and higher government officials make any sacrifices? Will the President cancel any of his vacations and golf outings? Will the countries that hate us stop getting their billions in foreign aid? Will the freeloaders, who refuse to work, take any cuts in their food stamps and welfare checks or be forced into community service? Will all the illegal aliens lose all their free-bees and get deported? I would bet the answer to those questions will be a very definite NO! If the President and Congress really wanted to make brownie points with the people, they would cancel all their perks, junkets, golf outings and vacations and also make some sacrifices in their pay and benefits. While they’re at it, they could stop sending those billions to the countries that hate us. I guess that would be asking too much from typical do-as-we-say-and-not-as-we-do type of leaders. We need to fire all those old career politicians and elect all new people to send to Washington and establish term limits. We need bold people who aren’t afraid to make the tough decisions no matter what the media says. Rude people who will fire the deadheads and make the freeloaders work for their living. Most of all they have to be young people because we have to be a young country again. If we get those kind of people we just may be able to make it. The history books are full of examples where the American People were able to put their differences aside and work together to solve problems. That was why we were on the winning side in two world wars. I am not saying anything new here. Just saying the things that need to be said over and over. I say re-elect no one. Fire them all. Just my two cents.

    • Rick

      Nice, theoldsarge1! I’m disgusted how those who never served a day in their life have pounded those of us who have served. I write my representatives and senators at least once a week to express my feelings about how we are being spit on. When I went into the Army, 17 years old, quit high school to join with my parents reluctant support, I remember being told I had dental coverage for life if I retired from the service. That went away before I retired and now we’re losing a big part of our promised medical benefits, but don’t say why! Don’t say where this savings is going because if you do you are a racist, hater, anti-whatever it is that is politically correct at the time. I’m so sick of this crap, those who believe they are owed something for nothing just because they were born here, hell, not even born here just living here! Never in my lifetime could I have imagined our country turning on our military, much less the Veterans who gave the better part of their lives for our country, SHAME ON THEM!!!

    • Dollydawg

      I agree they all need replacing but not with young people. Young people for the most part have not experienced life enough to make crucial decisions. We should limit terms for all politicians and stop their lucrative retirements. I do like your thinking

    • Don Allen Sr.

      You hit the nail on the head, it is to bad we aren’t organized so we could accomplish what you have suggested. To many people have their head where the sun don’t shine so don’ really know what is going on.

  • cali_co

    “Remember this article from the Army Times about the Tricare surplus?

    DoD explains, defends health care surplus: Aug 12, 2012
    The Defense Department’s top budget officer Wednesday defended Pentagon efforts to shift $708 million in health funding to other military budget accounts, saying the surplus money — the result of conservative cost projections made two years ago — cannot go to new initiatives or be saved for the future.

    The Pentagon came under fire from military advocacy groups this week after lawmakers revealed that defense officials want to use Tricare funds to cover unexpected budget needs such as increased transportation costs caused by Pakistan’s shutdown of ground supply routes to Afghanistan and movement of an extra carrier strike group to the Persian Gulf.

    House Armed Services Committee members sent a letter to Defense Secretary Panetta July 24 asking for an explanation, given that the Pentagon has argued for the past two years that beneficiaries must bear more of their health care costs in order to sustain the benefit.

    DoD Comptroller Robert Hale and Assistant Secretary of Defense for Health Affairs Dr. Jonathan Woodson told reporters that the excess $708 million — 2 percent of Tricare’s total private-care budget for the current fiscal year — resulted from lower-than-expected cost growth and “better management controls,” including initiatives to promote mail-order pharmacy use and generic brands as well as rebate negotiations.

    By law, the funds must be used or will expire at the end of the fiscal year, Sept. 30.

    “The result is, we were about 2 percent high in terms of our estimate — a huge amount of money,” Hale said. “But looked at another way, we were 98 percent correct. … Back over 10 years, we’ve often underestimated the amount, so we’re not perfect, but 98 percent, two years in advance, that was an ‘A’ when I went to school.”

    The Pentagon must request permission from lawmakers to transfer funds between accounts, because the practice essentially alters spending allocations already approved by Congress.

    Last year, Congress approved $12 billion and $15 billion in transfers, including more than $500 million out of the Tricare account.

    This year, the Pentagon has sent about 25 reprogramming requests to Congress.

    In their letter to Panetta, House lawmakers questioned the new Tricare transfer request, given DoD’s insistence this year that fees needed to be raised for retirees. Lawmakers also worry about research funding opportunities being lost.

    “We have concerns about this reprogramming request because we believe there are serious health issues that our military service members and military retirees are currently facing that are of the highest priority,” wrote Rep. Joe Wilson, R-S.C., chairman of the House Armed Services Committee’s military personnel panel.

    Hale and Woodson said DoD views the Tricare fee increases as a separate issue from the reprogramming request.

    They noted that at current spending rates, the Congressional Budget Office estimates the defense health budget, currently $53 billion for fiscal 2012, will rise to $65 billion in 2015 and $90 billion in 2030.

    Tricare fee increases are needed to “bend the curve” of these rising costs, they said.

    “From 2001 to 2012, the overall military health care budget went up 175 percent,” Hale said. “I’s that trend line that has caused us to look at issues like changing the Tricare fees as a way to reduce the growth in health care costs.”

    Military advocacy groups such as the Military Officers Association of America and the National Association of the Uniformed Services expressed outrage that the Tricare account is showing a surplus when the Pentagon has argued that without fee increases, military readiness will be affected.

    “For months, the Defense Department has defended its proposals to punish beneficiaries with thousands [of dollars] a year in higher Tricare fees by claiming fast-rising Tricare costs are ‘eating us alive,'” retired Vice. Adm. Norb Ryan, president of MOAA. “But the reprogramming memo the Pentagon just sent to Congress indicates these claims were flatly untrue and DoD leaders should have known it.”

    In response to the House letter, the Pentagon has briefed lawmakers and is working toward a solution, Hale said, adding that he expects Congress to respond to the request within a week.

    In May, Sen. John McCain of Arizona, ranking Republican on the Senate Armed Services Committee, said he would block any reprogramming requests from the Pentagon unless he received a detailed report on all such transfers over the past two years.

    The chairmen and ranking minority-party members of the House and Senate armed services committees and defense appropriations subcommittees all must approve such requests.”

    • Dave

      When I was in the Air Force, money for additional funds for programs came from Medicare. Now they want Tricare money? When I joined in 1973, I was told that my family and I would have free health care for the rest of my life after I retired. That never happened! What a bunch of ass holes in Congress. I bet none of their health benefits have been cut.

      • steven

        Now that I am older and walked all over Maybe we all need things in writing

    • RedVSblue

      “From 2001 to 2012, the overall military health care budget went up 175 percent,” Hale said. “I’s that trend line that has caused us to look at issues like changing the Tricare fees as a way to reduce the growth in health care costs.”

      Isn’t this because of troop surges? Now that the military is slicing and dicing its personnel and disbanding units, wouldn’t those costs go back down given that currently the average AD family on Tricare prime is 4 x expensive than one retiree on TricareRet?



  • standley

    If veterans today started talking to as many young people about the trading of there youth for a hollow promise and we are a testament to the current government lies, think of the forced changes in policies that could be brought about from our young people not enlisting.

  • Gary
  • Gary
  • Dick

    Lets all put a picture of Obuma and a picture of our favorite Congressional jackass on a dart board and start having some fun.

  • Navy Chief Retired
  • Frank

    I would like to know who at the DoD continues to try and take these benefits that we were promised in return for our service. They need to be named, they are lower than any of our enemies, and more dangerous. Let us know who they are.

  • retiredairforce

    Meanwhile millions including illegal aliens (who already get free health care including chemotherapy, dialysis and organ transplants) will get free Obamacare subsidies and welfare, wic, food stamps, other social services and tax breaks. Priorities, what priorities?

  • Simply put – scumbags looking to undermine the morale – across the force, while supporting the bigger scumbag.

  • you have got to be kidding me? hosed one way or the other. someone in washington feels the working age retiree has got it made, wrong answer, nancy, who uses airforce jets for her and her family with certain drinks, and us retirees are getting the psa test with out cream. russia is bout to start a war and who they going to call, dont call me, i on vacation with nancy.

  • brian

    this is obamas Idea hegal suppourts this

  • Steve

    I am a retired National Guard Soldier who was promised many good things at the time I enlisted. Now that I have reached that golden year that I and my wife could benefit from those promises those elected officials, of which many has never served day one in our Armed Services, to include the present President, dictate and cut those benefits that encourage U. S. Citizens to enlist and put their lives on the line, if need be so we may continue to enjoy the freedoms we have and have had for many, many years. Our government officials want the job but they do not want to keep our military forces at a level that can defend our own shores if need be. I joined during the draft period and I really think the draft is what needs to be restored but even with the benefits being cut, cut, and cut even then the draft would not work. The good thing with the draft is it gives men and women an opportunity to learn a good job and many times many of these people make the military a career. As someone stated earlier, our self-centered congress women and men can continue to give themselves a raise, have health insurance that cannot be offered to everyday citizens or our military personnel, retired or active and they expect everything to be smooth as silk. If these folk would stop giving money away to other countries, money that this nation does not have, bring our Service people home to protect our homeland all this cutting would not have to take place. We need more people in Congress who knows what it is like and what it means to be a United States Service Woman or man and surly that should be one of the requirements in order to become the Commander-in-Chief. Said enough, Good evening.

  • hal

    You need to stop all this BS. Healthcare was free until 1995 the year I retired, and Tri-Care started. You were not getting anything before all those years.
    Yet, someone sits back on their read ends thinking perhaps we can save or push all on to Obamacare, stop this crap, and no PC ness from me you bunch of nuts. You know maybe we should start a march on Washington, hell evertbody else does (free speech) etc.Enough enough enough scumfaces.

  • Dollydawg

    Instead of cutting Tricare and other military benefits why don’t our politicians quit trying to police the world, putting us in armed conflicts. Has anyone besides me ever noticed that it is politicians that cause wars?

  • Obumer’s way of thanking the troops and spreading the wealth!

  • Robbin

    I am an Army retiree’s widow. I live on Social Security but too young for Medicare. I don’t mind paying a reasonable yearly premium but can’t afford for other costs to be raised. It’s the only benefit I have, as we didn’t take SGLI & my husband died of a brain tumor when he was 49 (after serving his country for 20 years).

    I am also appalled to read that Tricare has had a surplus & they still want to raise co-pays & premiums! The DoD needs a reality check.

  • Karl Willis

    Here we go again – one crisis to the next, when will the bleeding stop for our military veterans! We have bled enough with out the parasites sucking our benefits dry! So much for promises, treat your people like crap it comes back in spades…go after the pork, not the vetreans!

  • Leroy Driffill


    They need to look in their backyards and clear out useless programs that piss off billions of defense dollars, just to pay big dollars to defense contractors for these useless programs. Look at all the waste in Afganistan, Iraq, billions of dollars spent on blowing up stuff and us rebuilding it, or build something and then not utilize it, waste, fraud, and abuse is huge in the defense sector.
    We earned every benefit we are given, so don’t continue taking it from us. We will remember when elections come.

    • rmm0484

      Contractors generally do what the Government hired them to do. However, many times the contract was poorly written, or there is inadequate oversight of the contractor performance. In any event, if you have a beef with contractors, blame the government.

  • Here we go again…attacking our benefits while providing free medical care for those who wish not to work and pay taxes but rather live off the government. I paid for my health care through 25 hard years of deployments and many other sacrafices…enough is enough politicians you need to leave the military alone and provide us the benefits we were promised. Stop treating us as if we worked for Corporate America.

    • rmm0484

      If you worked for corporate America in a position of similar responsibility, you would have decent (but not free) health benefits.

  • Roberta Lumsdon
  • pmmnall

    Has there been any discussion about changing federal civilian employee health benefits, raising their fees or prorating their costs based on their GS level? If not, is that because the Government doesn’t want to rile the AFGE union?

    • CPL Joe USMC Retired

      Civilian employees health benefits work like most employers. They get a list of plans to choose from and the Employer (in this case the government) pays a portion. There have not been open discussions about the percentage contributed, but this years open season showed a mark up in prices.

  • billkoch

    One thing all current military, retired military, and veterans should remember, DO NOT TRUST THE PROMISES OF YOUR GOVERNMENT OR THE CONGRESS. The will tell you anything and then when they are gone the new folks do not keep the promises made by earlier congresses or presidents. As American Indians used to say, “They speak with forked tongue.” Wonder when food stamp recipients will have to pay for their stamps, and others will have to pay for their freebies, including ophones. And, seniors should be aware that the taxes on their Social Security will probably be going up. The commander in chief and hagel should be ashamed that they are breaking the many promises made in the past. But, lying and broken promises are the story of this administration.

  • spouse of a young disabled vet.
  • Cliff Conrad

    I live in an area that only excepts Standard. I already pay outrageous amounts of out of pocket expenses. I can’t use my employers coverage because they deem tri-care as my primary, and tri-care deems them as primary, and nothing ever gets paid. I use the VA as much as I can but they won’t cover everything. I was promised free care for life when I signed up, and when I retired I wasn’t given the real scoop about retired Tri-care.

    I’ve contacted my Senate representative, and get no straight answers. It seems like this subject is a very sensitive subject on Capital Hill, and no one wants to stand up fight for us retired vets. Damn to all of them. I hope one day they will no longer be allowed free coverage at our military hospitals in DC, and that they will have to use normal Doctors and hospitals like the rest of us have to.

  • George Mayl

    If I see any representatives in Colorado supporting this or not supporting veterans, I will do all in my power to make them look like the jerks they are……..period! I hope veterans/retirees in other states follow.

  • I beginning to wonder if their real goal is to perhaps “force” Military members to forego TRICARE in favor of OBAMACARE mainly so the HHS can get THEIR numbers up in order to support the 2 million who signed up in MEDICADE???

    • gene

      You hit on the nail,they need us to make OMAMACARE numbers work

  • Joe Budda

    This is so unbelieveable that these assholes aren’t cutting any of thier benefits. I think we need to follow the medevil times, nothing for the poor, except taxes and dying and everything for the warlords or casting lords

  • enid Perry

    My dad retired from the Army with 25+ yrs in 1976. I retired from the Air Force in 2010 with 28 yrs of service. He was Enlisted throughout his career. I was Enlisted for 15 & an Officer for 13. I find it extremely disheartening that my brothers & sisters of the Armed Forces are now pitted against one another for any reason, let alone health care. I have now witnessed during my father’s time as well as my own the lies & deceptions of those that govern the services. When we are recruited or Drafted, as many were, we are brazenly told fibes of free health care for life for ourselves & our families. Likewise while in uniform we are encouraged to through camaraderie & training to have each others backs. Our threeb branches of government are allowed to treat us like crap because We allow it. Instead of those of us that served belittling & fighting one another our anger should be directed at them! The liars we put in office that so blatantly turn their backs on us when there are no more wars for us to lay our lives down for. It matters not how much $$ you make, what you are or retired, nor what branch you pledged you fidelity. What matters is that as time goes by & our economy worsens, WE that chose or were chosen to place ourselves in harms way, to leaven our youth, leave our families at home & sometimes friends on the battlefield are not fighting one another butb those that believe promises are meant to be broken. It leaves a sourb taste in my mouth & overshadows ALL that I believe when I see that we must continue to battle & fight for promised benefits that we have ALL Earned!

    • Viet Nam 68

      While this has to be a disappointment, the simple fact is we (all of us) can’t afford medicare and TriCare as it has been in the past. In both cases the fees are set way too low and the costs are soon to be out of control as the baby boomers retire in droves. The people in office today didn’t promise anyone anything. It was the clowns we elected over the years that kept making promises that could not be sustained in the future (now the present).
      Congress has to means test these programs and get those whose incomes are highest pay market rates for their insurance.
      Typically, the Republican Congress wants to balance their tax cuts for the wealthy with cuts to those who are least able to lobby or donate to the re-election campaigns. Regardless of that, the health care system is a mess and is simply unaffordable in its current state.

      • Easy 32

        BS. A promise is a promise regardless of how much money a person makes. Veterans were told they would have healthcare for life is they chose a military career. The gov’t is sucking more and more blood from the turnip. I spent 20 years in the AF. I fought for them in three wars. I gave then the prime time of my life and sacrificed a great deal. After the military I proudly continued public service for my fellow Americans.
        The time for means testing is not after the fact. If changes are going to be made then tell the people first not after. New recruits will then have to decide if the healthcare they signed up for is worth the cost. I believe many would chose different careers given the options of not knowing what they will get for their dedication, patriotism, and sacrifice. It may cost a bit now but I’m positive it will cost more in the future.

    • As a Retired Navy CPO, I agree with you entirely. Our so called “Public servants” are just plain old self interested Bureaucrats with only one thing in mind; To make themselves look good to their boss and work as little as possible. Pitting one group against another while stabbing both in the back to achieve the political ends of the Bureaucrats and politicians is standard operating procedure and I am sick that our brothers and sisters in arms still fall for it.

    • carol mcgill

      all americans were promised things by OUR government and those promises were NOT kept
      working americans from out grandparents time were promised a return on their social security investment(deduction) which the government would return with interest when they reached retirement age now the government takes the social security deduction and uses it in the budget and calls social security payments are a gift
      my husband was promised lifetime medical care for himself and his family if he served 20 years then he was told Tricare was insurance for his family that he had to pay for when he retired from active duty he had to pay for Tricare for himself then thank god Tricare for life came into being so some of the promises made to him were kept after he became medicare eligible and only after medicare paid the majority of medical expenses it is time to replace every elected official from the top down and replace them every election an elected position was not supposed to be a lifetime position and it was supposed to be a service position not a get rich position

    • steve gleaton


  • S. E. Ehlers

    Much as I agree with most of the comments here and will never vote for another incombent politician (haven’t for many years), in frustration, I did find the below form (backside (pun intended), which I signed many times) and the fine print says it all;

    DD Form 4/1 Reverse, MAY 85

    Section C
    # 9

    That’s what screwed us!

    “Laws and regulations that govern military personnel may change without notice to me. Such changes may affect my status, pay, allowances, benefits, and responsibilities as a member of the Armed Forces REGARDLESS of the provisions of this enlistment / reenlistment document.”

    S. E. Ehlers
    AWC, USN (Ret.)

  • Sad Military Spouse

    My husband has served his country for 25 years and is still active duty Air Force – his goal is to retire at 30 years. It is unbelievable to me that he is bound by a contractual obligation to his country and cannot break any part of his oath or legal commitment, however, with each passing year the government continues to make changes to their legal commitment to him, his fellow service members and to our retired veterans. What is happening to our country? We are the land of the free because of the brave men and women who allow this country and its people to continue to have our freedoms!

  • Robert Mitchell
  • mili

    This sucks *** for people like me who have chronic medical problems that undertake expensive procedures or medicine i will forever be in more debt because of this stupidity

    • I totally agree. I take a boatload of prescriptions and have several doctors including specialists, and there is no way I can pay for all the the way the standard plan works. Love it, my husband serves his 20 years and this is the thanks he gets.

  • Eric Kirkpatrick
  • SFC Offley, USA Ret

    Here we go, 1st they stopped Prime in Oregon for Retirees and dependents, so We had to buy a TriCare Supplement Insurance because my wife had not reached 65 for Medicare. Now they want to continue to break their promises to those who gave their prime years of their lives to their country. My oldest daughter had to attend 4 high schools because of reassignments caused by build downs and base closures. Now I am housebound and use an electric chair to get around and they want to take more money from me. Our families paid for our service, I missed birthdays, school activities, outings, and the list goes on. It is time for the 99% to stop asking the 1% to keep paying for the politicians mismanagement of our economy. We kept our way of life protected, now give us what we are promised.

  • Don Campas
  • S newton

    When my husband retired in 1989 after 22 years in Army, we stayed in Northem VA. When I reached the age of 65, I was abruptly kicked out of military health system. The Tricare Prime was no longer available – the Ticare for Life pays a vey small portion of medical billing. Very few doctors will even take new Medicare patients – the Medicare website was totally useless in finding participating MDs.
    I finally found a primary care doctor for myself. Thankfully my husband is in the VA health system.

  • Gold Star Spouse

    My husband gave his life for this country…KIA, Iraq 2007. Must I not only sacrifice his loss, as well as decent, affordable healthcare? Shame on this administration for their lies and shortcomings to the families of our fallen, wounded warriors, and veterans.

    • Michael

      I salute you dear, dear Lady! May your husband, spiritually, always be at your side and always protecting you! Now, you a absolutely correct, these politicians (all) should hang their heads in shame for doing this to you and those of you that are in this positions. I a former combat officer from the Vietnam War feel the pain that my brothers and sisters in arms feel and, as an officer I will not recommend military service for anyone during these times!
      God Bless you and your family!

    • Kelly

      Sorry for your loss. Thank you to you, and your husband for your service to our country.

  • guest

    Bring back the draft because your country no longer cares about you or your sacrifices.

  • D. Brock

    To all service personnel! active duty and reserve. need to walk away from the service and let the politicians do the defending for this country. let them pick a rifle fly a plane navigate a ship let them step up to the plate and even do what are special forces men do. HAVE I GOT AMEN TO THAT!

    • Michael


      • ENC USN /RET<>


    • c5mech

      These spineless politicians of today would sooner walk away and NOT pick up a rifle, let alone know which way to point it! Down goes our great country,

    • WdQ

      I agree. Let our government take some of the burden of defending this country and its people, of course when it comes to the latter of defending the people, that’s where it will hurt them. They are not interested in the lower class. Just the upper class. the ones with money. You know, the movies are even depicting this. Read between the lines. America is changing !!!

    • Kelly


    • VietNam68

      Always remember that a politician is someone that will lay down your life for his country.

    • RetYN


  • Maritza

    I am so tired of the military retirees getting attacked all the time!!!! Congress needs to cut their own benefits!!!!!! Shame on Washington for always going after the military that served this country for at least 29 yrs. congress gets benefits for life after just one term!!!!
    People remember this on Election Day ! We need to get all these fools out of office

    • mark southern
  • Joe Pilgrim

    What was promised us vets, you are slowly taking away. I believe this treatment to our soldiers and retirees will discourage many young men & women from enlisting in the armed services in the future. It also will probably reduce soldiers relistments, when they see that what you are promised is probably going to change down the road. It is hard to believe that Congress & Senate will cut medical coverage for us vets, but not reduce their med. coverage 1 cent. You should hide your faced in shame.

    • Dave

      They don’t care about people because they can replace us with drones.

  • Kelly

    Again going after the military, retirees and dependents… When will that ever stop? Anytime any budget issues come up, the first ones you want to screw with are the military. Its about time you think of cutting some ridiculous spending and reducing some of your benefits!! Lets start with a pay cut for all politicians and cuts to your medical and your retirements. ALL retired and those in now need to have the peace of knowing they are covered. Why not start with 2013 enlistees with some changes? At least they will know what they are up against and not have to worry that after yrs of service they may lose some benefits or have to pay allot more then they can afford in medical. Its time to stand up for our military and stop thinking of ways to screw them over!!!

    • Betrayed again

      Completely agree. Also, when will public pressure mount to make Congress face same cuts to their health, benefits for life, and other perks so outrageously out-of-balance with the majority of the public’s situation. That may be the only way to get them to honor the military’s contracts. These guys are protected forever, set their own extravagant rules, and are in charge of our lives. Then they talk about sacrifices made for serving the public! Notice how hard it is to dislodge them from office.

      • Kelly

        Oh they are great at making sure they are well taken care of for sure. TERM limits is what I am talking about. 8 years MAX!!!! No more life long terms for any of these people and no more rule making that suits only you..(congress or presidents)! They work for US, they need to remember that!!!

    • Ernest Phillips

      Kelly you have hit the nail on the head. They need to do something About dawn sizing the Fedral Gov..Of course that will never be done because they would have to adjust their belt, that would be below their dignity. I see nothing that would match what they have already done to the lower levels of government such as cutting school teacher’s pay substantially

  • Top

    I am a retired Marine Master Sergeant. Let me ask you folks something. Did none of you see this coming? Give me a break! Stop crying about it and do something. Get active in your community and vote these idiot politicians out of office Ranting about it online will do none of us one bit of good unless it’s followed up by some sort of positive action. This country of ours is slowly falling apart little by little. We are almost to the point of no return. If it keeps going this way, none of us will have any medical privileges or retirement checks in ten years! Think about our kids and grand children!

  • Willard Hunter

    I like many military retirees have a 40% service connected disability. Guess what I have to pay my own VA disability compensation out of my retirement pay. Now they want us to pay more for our free medical. What a joke. When I sent a message to my congressman to support HR333 bill that would ends the discrimination on military retirees with service connected disabilities, his answer was that he was not on the Armed Forces committee. My Congressman Doug La Malfa could care less as long as he gets his farm subsidies. Oh I think he’s on the agriculture committee.

    • Holly Foster
  • Smiddy S, SA Vet USAF
  • guest

    Take the enrollment fees for the widows out of the SBP that they are already screwing us out of.

  • Fred Wilson

    From the time I enlisted in 1964 until I retired in 1986 I gave my ALL to protect the freedom I believe in for my country. Since I retired I hear/read about more and more of the benefit promised that are being cut and reduced. Congress and other Washington followers: When are we retirees going to hear something about you cutting your benefits? All we want is what we were promised and have earned. I am and will continue to serve the greatest country in the world. Thanks to all VETERANS for your service. MSgt, USAF (Ret.)

    • Ronald Padro

      Many in Congress & Washington including you know all the way at the top have never been in the Mil. nor there kids which never will go to any hot spots and still Rx. $$$$$$.

  • RetYN

    As a Navy Retiree I resent the constant cuts aimed our way. Our premiums for TRICARE go up and there’s nothing we can do about but let a union worker find out their health care costs are going up by 10 cents a month and they yell, cuss and go on strike. Of course we have to remember that our Military service assured them of their right to strike.

  • Rick

    More broken promises made to our veterans, service members, their families. This Administration is willing to steal our money through taxation with one hand to pay for social programs and food stamps to support illegals and the lazy, while using the other to steal benefits that were promised to that small percent who sacrificed for their country. Personally I don’t mind personally surrendering benefits for the good of the nation provided all citizens, and non citizens, participate as well in the effort but that is not Obama’s intent. His permanent walk out of the Whitehouse can’t come soon enough!

    • Ronald Padro

      I’ll tell you one thing friend you paid the price in Blood don’t give it up so easy.

  • Franklin Thompson

    Lets hope the Republicans can eliminate any damage until this President is gone. He should be impeached.

    • BSD

      It is the Republicans who are initiating all these cuts – not the Presidenhts. When will you people stop blaming the Democrats and make your Republican congresspersons take resp0onsibility for the pain and suffering we veterans (and civilians) are going through simply for their party loyalty. When are they going to be loyal to the veterans and the active duty personnel.

    • Dick

      I told Congress Congress and the SUPREME COURT they need to impeach over 3 years ago. They are all to damn scared of this worthless jackass

  • Demoman64

    Why is it year after year the Congress and all of Washington keep giving themselves pay raises that would equal or exceed any military man’s pay while you cut the cost of living for all retirees and working to do the same for the active duty, leave the military alone. One day you’re gonna find yourself with out a military then what are you gonna do, go to Russia. And you get free medical-and I don’t mean Obama care as I know you all refused to take this as you know it stinks and you already get the best medical care free for doing nothing but whining all year every year. You can’t make a decent decision that benefits our country, you just keep giving and giving to yourselves. Get off the backs of the less than 1 % of this country that gives you the right to do what you do and start giving back and follow the same programs all the military men and women have to. Try Leading by example just once in your life, you just might get a free get out of Hell card and make it to the Pearly gates if you repent your sins as a Politician.

    • Ronald Padro

      I’m with friend this Gov. from top to bottom this Sys. of Gov. has done nothing for the people who they are supposed to Represent.

  • CMS H.Baker

    Franklin Thompson doesn’t know it is congress- not the president – proposing these changess. Can you say racist?

    • Bad Dog

      Can you say democrat? 32 years of service and now lost Tricare Prime. The annual deductible is so high I have paid all medical cost since the change last year. God help the enlisted member whose family loses Prime.

  • Rob

    This is what happens when Congress blocks revenues from increasing. Hard earned benefits get chopped. Fed taxes have been too low for too long (lowest in 60 years now for almost 14 years….at over $350 billion a year in lost revenues…what do you think is going to happen? Corporate programs are going to get cut? NO! You want low taxes…folks, the fallout is coming…and it hasn’t even started. The pillaging of a nation all in the name of our newly anarchical Congress.

    • m krumpak

      looks like you have a good idea of what could happen. seems like all good citizens are being shortchanged.

    • adashie

      hey rob – I don’t know how old you are, or what your income bracket is; but my family’s federal income taxes are now higher they’ve ever been. my wife and I paid $56,000.00 in federal income taxes for 2013. that is a $3,900.00 increase from 2012, and an almost equal increase from 2011. I would venture to say you have no idea where the roots of anarchy are actually cultivated.

      • Charles Walters

        adashie- if you paid that much tax, guess I could conclude that you are one rich family. The rest of us are lucky to pull in $56,000 as income.

        Rob is correct. The GOP cut taxes by too much. Many of us saw the problem coming. Yes, in the 80s and beyond, all of us were over taxed. Yes, we appreciated being able to keep more of our earnings. However, the tax cuts that occurred then and later took too much of a bite out of federal coffers. That said, the Democrats would have blown the money on free giveaways anyway.

      • Rob

        Hey adashie….my age is not related to my comment, since I took the tax tables going all the way back to the 1940s, examined 4 tax brackets through the decades, adjusted for the changing value of the dollar, and came up with us now having the lowest taxes now for over 60 years. The Sunset tax cuts which never really seem to set….cost $trillions in lost revenues.

        You may be paying higher than average taxes now…I can only expect they’d start creeping back when revenues took that massive hit and we now have trouble funding infrastructure projects. Anarchists are not who we need in office.

    • charles arnold

      I would ask if you really believe what you said but I am so afraid you would say yes.

      • Rob

        You should be afraid if you’re not already aware of it. What’s even more frightening is there too much evidence to hide that fact.

        “Believe”….how ridiculous is that a statement to make about a process I just explained to you of how to objectively determine tax rate trends.

        THEN….take the average revenues which typically fall between 15-19% for at least the past 60 years. Except for their 50 year low in 2005 (15%, which is hundreds of $billions in lost revenues. Take at least 1 or 2 % points lower than the mean over 13 years…and you can easily show at least a $trillion.

        What should scare you more is that you think stark truth is a “belief”. No one really believes those television pundits do they? Do you?

        • RedVSblue

          Add that $Trillion to the near $Trillion that was blown in the first 2 months after our current President took office in his first term and what do we get?

          I shouldn’t be so upset, that stimulus bill did put a lot of money in my bank account…. wait, no it didn’t. Read all 600 pages, it is merely a list of beneficiaries who are all corporate or government entities. It didn’t help the economy, just made it look shiny, I guess one really can polish a terd.

          • Rob

            Yes…the current president spent alot…but not in 2009 – LOL. That was the predecessor’s budget and bailout package that was still in effect. Civics – 101.

            We were headed straight for a 30s style depression and it didn’t hit. The patchwork stimulus did prevent it from worsening. But the root cause of the problem (corruption and corrupt relationships between corporations and the government) were never really addressed…insufficient regulatory and no independent watchdogs.

            If you liked that 600 page document – you should have read the one AIG handed to the Fed in 2008, which convinced Bush to give them nearly $1 trillion…because they were “too big to fail”. Interesting how ready was that 700 page AIG document as the economy crashed!!

    • RedVSblue

      $350B in Fraudulently Wasted and Abused taxpayer money??? Say it ain’t so!

      • Rob

        $350 billion in never realized tax revenues….per year, over 14 years. Low taxes come with a very high cost…..military readiness and infrastructure.

    • Craig USN Retired

      Rob, you have been drinking the koolaid. Tax as a percentage of GDP was at a 50 year low, couple years ago. Not for 20 years. US corp tax rate is the highest in the world……really, letus raise it and send more jobs abroad. You have it backwards, and this shows the koolaid is working.

      • Rob

        That’s neither a representation of my argument nor anything to do with “koolaid”…LOL. Wrong context.

        Let me say this again:
        Tax REVENUES as a % of GDP were at 50 year lows for over a decade (= $trillion in lost revenues).

        US Corporate tax rate may be higher than the rest of the world, but that tax is rarely ever realized by corporations, since it is earned income and 1. in the US we have deductions and other categories not held by other countries which permit that a very very small percentage of ANY corporate income is ever paid to taxes as that rate and 2. a large amount of corporations pay NO TAX AT ALL!!!! Boeing paid no taxes in 2013 to the US as did 30 other major corporations.

        The US corporate tax rate is at a near historic low in the US!!!

        So now – what you might have thought was a refreshing drink of water is actually you being nose deep in koolaid. Because you don’t test the numbers, compare them to US historic values, nor take into account the very important differences between tax tables in the US vs. the rest of the world (hint: US = most complicated system). You may think what you’re drinking has no koolaid taste…but your post has all the ingredients.

        Hint: “Koolaid” refers to untruths which people believe as truths. I vet my info and I absolutely do not get it from ANY pundits on television, internet, or other politically motivated venues…LOL!!

      • Rob

        part 2: furthermore – the US corporate tax rate has been in the 90% range – and at that time, a massive WWII incurred national deficit of almost 40% of GDP (our most recent high in modern times was never higher than 10% of GDP) was balanced within the span of about 2 years.

        In fact as I checked tax tables against GDP rates and deficit as a % thereof, it appears that in every single case in the 20th century of the budget being balanced, it occurred after a temporary tax hike…which in every case had decreased after budget balance.

        Now, that’s not koolaid….unless “koolaid” is real data! LOL!!!!

  • Richard Jones

    Here is what it looks like to me; Nobama and his lap dogs are going to make the present system so expensive that we will be forced into Obama care wether we like it or not. I want to know what is happening to my to my free health care for life that was guarantied to me by contract. Are they changing the rules in the middle of the game?

  • Bunster

    As more and more of our Congressman are non-Vet, the relationship with the Veterans continues to deteriorate. They’ve never walked in our shoes and don’t want to. We’ve satisfied our promises so we are sitting ducks for abuse.

  • guest

    As a retiree with over 30 years service to my country its sad to say we as Americans do a considerable amount of talking with little constructive change. God bless those who have served their county. So went the Roman Empire.

  • Rice

    Mistreatment of veterans is not unique–look how bad the “bonus army” of WWI was treated–eventually congress listened to them, but change required collective action. As veterans, we can be a force for change.

    • buck

      every yer it seems they are targeting the military and its retirees, why don’t they for once, instead of going after people who earned their benefits, like military retirees and social security retirees, go after the the bums that draw free unearned benefits, or stop giving money away to foreign countries until we have our house in order, but nope, keep going after the actual workers, the retirees and the ones that helped build this country, pretty soon the whole country will be a welfare country built on debt!

  • Lorena Johnson

    They will have had twenty years to make small raises in the Tricare but did they do it,no.

  • Thor

    According to the above article: “beneficiaries over 65 would continue to have access to TRICARE for Life, but they would face an enrollment fee…”. Well the question then becomes: if a person 65 or older has access to TRICARE for Life why is that person required by law to enroll in and pay a monthly fee for MEDICARE or loose all medical benefits – including TRICARE. This is what I was told and am currently paying for to the tune of nearly $1,200 per year!


    When I enlisted in 1955 I was pomised the moon free health and dental care if I served 20years, I served 22 years MY WIFE AND I HAVE BEEN PAYING ONE WAY OR ANOTHER FOR MEDICAL CARE SINCE I RETIRED IN 1977. THIS CURRENT YEAR MEDICAL EXPENSES TOTAL $4600.00 . FREE MY

    • brooklyn15

      I don’t understand how you’re paying for any medical bills. I enlisted in 55 also and retired in 80. I’m about to turn 77 next month so you’ve got to be over 65 in wich case you should not be paying any medical bills. You should be on medicare with tricare for life. The only thing your paying for from your SS pay check is for medicare. Unless you did not work all these years after you retired from the military i can understand if you don’t get SS and medicare. Can you please explain. Retired USN BTC.

    • Dick

      Did you get the moon they promised?

  • Chief

    What a minute when I enlisted in 1987 I was promised that my government when I retired was going to provide me with free medical insurance. This is getting ridicules. I was proud to serve my country for 23 years and now you are talking about taking money out of my retirement to pay for my medical that is BS and you know it. We as retirees do not get enough for what we gave to our country as it is now you want to take more, totally unacceptable. Stop giving all the money away overseas to other countries and to programs that are useless. Find a better way, not take our money we earned protecting our country.

    • wopa3

      chief the same promise you got in 87 was the one we had in 57 which shortly after 87 was almost gone, now the “B******” want the rest. I think before any one can be elected to the congress or senate they should be required to server at least 3 years enlisted, the same would hold true for president then maybe they would not try screwing the military and quite giving to all the countries that are against us. Lets vote them all out

  • ghostman

    Here we go again, trying to find another way to screw the people that make it possible for this country to stand tall while giving Billions of dollars to countries that pray for our downfall everyday. America you are our mother; why do you constantly take from your children who are malnourished to feed others. Don’t you think its time to take care of Home first for once…..


    DOD want to save some money, try this before you attempt to make changes to TRICARE. My issue is with the Post 911 GI Bill, specifically those active duty members that choose to give this benefit to a dependent as opposed to using it themselves. You have active duty members with dependents receiving free tuition, but they also receive a housing allowance which is that of E5 with dependents. I very large portion of those dependents still live with there active duty parents, so now the parents are receiving a housing allowance as well as there child and they all live in same household. Isn’t paying a dependent childs tuition enough? No, we will also pay the children money for housing that there active duty parent is also receiving. this is a substantial amount of money a mouh depending on where you are stationed, could be anywhere from 1400 to 2000 dollars a month.

  • jpegjerry

    This is what happens when you vote for Libtards. Elections have consequences people, pay attention.

    • Rob

      Whatever they are, they’ve prevented revenues from coming in so now we can’t seem to sustain anymore. Hope you enjoy the low taxes….slowly but surely, they will choke out the middle class.

  • Richard

    Why is it all the time, THE MILITARY What are congressman and senator pick up the some of this.They get more than the military. For the short time they have to do… military 20 years
    Congressman 8 years
    Senator 6 years
    Pes 4 or 8 years
    That WRONG

  • Tom lamb
  • 6foot8

    If the government wants to save money they should cut the billlions in aid to illegals instead of Americans serving thier country and the Americans the served thier country.

    • RedVSblue

      That doesn’t make sense…. does it? You see something wrong with cutting tuition assistance for soldiers and simultaneously adding free college benefits for verified illegals in CO?

      Perhaps there is a vulgar stink to it after all. Must be an adequate representation of our senate majority.

  • Mike ONeal

    when are they going to admit that republicans and TP’ers consider the military retiree community is a drag on the economy, past usefullness and not worth spit after fullfilling the commitments they required. No” they continue to peck away at the “promises and assurances’ that hey made to us. Isin’t that a breech of contract… usually is….one side meets requirements and the other on doesn’t that’s what its called. With the military relying on a volunteer military, one would think that cutting benefits would be a deterrent for future military numbers. What, other than sheer Patriotism, is the draw and reward for 20 yrs of service. At the same time, I’m pissed at he Democrats for allowing it. Next election is gonna be tough. Just seems like bad business to me….make promises, contract for 20 yrs, and reward completion of that contract, with continually chipping away at our benefits. Sell some of that crap DOD ordered and then let sit useless in a field….listen. ..if they say they don’t need it don’t make it. Why couldn’t that saved revenue be recommitted to the fund tht “keeps them able to meet the promises they made?

    • redVSblue

      Budgeted money is always stale at the end of the FY. Am I correct in understanding that your position suggests that the Dems are staunch supporters of the military and support larger defense budgets? I’d like to know from where that opinion originates.

    • Nikjakmat

      I can guarantee you that as a military retiree and an active TEA Party member that we both honor and support our military members, active, retirees, and those who served our nation and left serve to pursue a different career. We are committed to mandate to our elected officials to honor America’s commitments to the military!

  • Aaron

    Current Tricare policies are simply unsustainable. In 2000 Tricare was a fraction of the cost (17bn) it is currently (45bn). Introducing a monthly premium for dependents is NOT outrageous. The quality of care and access to network providers with low deductibles, low catastrophic caps, and prescription costing a whopping $5 per month is still much better coverage for a lot cheaper than you will find elsewhere. If you think otherwise, i invite to access and try to find better for cheaper. Members will still receive free EVERYTHING. Congress isnt out trying to screw over military members, we will still have excellent benefits. Where else can you retire with a pension starting at age 38? Where else can you enjoy never having had to deal with accumulating exorbitant medical bills? Where else can a 25 year old with no college education make $60,000 per year? It is t BS that someone who sits on there butt and doesnt work can access low cost healthcare through the exchange at our expense. But believe me when i say that tricare as you know it, is too good to be true.

    • RedVSblue

      $60k? Are we talking about a SGM with 12(Ha!) or more years? Perhaps he is 25 if he enlisted when he was 13 years old. The enlisted pay chart doesn’t allow over $5k for any enlisted under E-9. Since you are speaking of a 25 y/o, you must assume (when speaking for the entire military) that they all entered at the age of 17, took 4 years of college, and right at 4 years made CPT, 2-4 years made MAJ, or 2 years or less made LTC? Just tell me where I need to sign for that and I might shell out a little for Tricare

      • Aaron

        A little math… I will use my pay at age 22 for an example, pulling from 2014 DFAS data.
        E6 Basepay (over 4): $2847
        E6 BAH W/O: $2334
        Enlisted BAS: $357
        Not including other allowances or any specialty allowances. Help me out here but the figure im coming up with is $66,456.

        Read more:

        • US Army 64

          not to be in complete agreement with you homes, but thanks for making my point, on my older post about pro rating all these crap changes for WWII, Korea, and VN retirees.

          As an e8 my base was 2600 (something) with “27” in 91 when I retired. I said the pay scale I last seen for an was an e6 over 8 when I posted what I did. I believe that was the 2010 scale. , now I see its down to a 6 just over 4.

          Glad they make that much now, but lets keep the fee’s in perspective too for us older retirees, and be a bit more equitable about it. I may not be paying for tricare prime any longer, but I still pay the same for my family dental insurance as any newly retired 8.

    • Aaron, by your comment, it sounds like you have not been retired long or maybe not at all. It also sounds like you were never promised anything like my and earlier generations were. Admittedly, they were “verbal” promises and they were told to us by recruiters back in 1975 (ish) when we were 18!!! Most of us that enlisted during that time frame are not very happy about our eroding benefits!!!! I spent 25 years in the USAF and then retired. I was 43 years old and there were not a lot of job opportunities. Fortunately, I was in the right place at the right time and became a government contractor for five years, supporting personnel from the same AFSC I worked in when I was on active duty. After five years, I was laid off and within a month, found another contract position supporting my old AFSC again that lasted eight years. I was laid off again eight months ago due to Sequestration. I have not been able to find a job during that time. (PART 1 of 3)

      • I have been very fortunate to be able to live off of my $2,000 per month retirement and my wife’s monthly social security payment of $770 per month; however, I am certainly not living high on the hog as your comments seem to suggest. Also, any enlisted personnel who retire between ages 38 and 48, have given the best years of their life to this country. When enlisted members retirement at the current retirement age, we do not receive enough money to live on. So the next thing the retiree has to do is find a job. This can be a scary process. Are our skills transferable, do we need retraining, do we have to sell our house and move to another location to find a job…the list goes on and on!!! My point is, when you retire, you have already given your best working years to your country and when you enter the work force now, you are older than most people entering the civilian work force and the civilian work force speaks a different language than we are used to. It is not all a bed of roses Aaron!!! (PART 2 of 3)

        • Walking around the San Antonio Military Medical Center, one starts to understand the cost of war. You see a lot of younger people walking or being pushed around with large areas of their bodies burned, missing limbs, mental issues, ears and eyes missing, partial faces, and a lot more wounds not visible. Think of all the young veterans that have been buried over the last ten years, who were expecting to either be reasonably taken care like they were promised or at least have their families taken care of if anything happened to them! Aaron, if you read further down the comments, you will see at least one or more comments written by military members from WW II, Korea and Vietnam. These people gave more than we ever thought about giving, and for you to minimize the potential impact of these proposed changes to their and our health care is totally not thought out and a disgrace. Unfortunately, there are a lot of people with your attitude, so all of our benefits will be eroding more and more. Yes Aaron, even you might complain about your lost benefits at some point in the very near future. Good Luck! (PART 3 of 3)

          • USN CPO (ret)

            “prescription costing a whopping $5 per month”…Where? I pay $19 for one presecription every month.
            “”…I agree…ACA is NOT what they said it was. A LOT more expensive then promised. You bought into that line; I didn’t.
            “Members will still receive free EVERYTHING”…Once again; Where? I do not get ANYTHING for free. I EARNED everything I do get, have co-pays, deductibles, out of pocket costs, etc.
            “Where else can you retire with a pension starting at age 38″…There are other places that offer 20 year pensions. Also, I do not know too many people who can retire ion their 20 year military pensions. After paying for my DDP and taxes, my retirement comes out to about $1200/mo. Would you like to tell me where I can retire on that!
            “Where else can a 25 year old with no college education make $60,000 per year?”….Already covered by other posters.
            “It is t BS that someone who sits on there butt and doesnt work can access low cost healthcare through the exchange at our expense. ” …I do not know what military service you served in but the one I worked in I can guarantee that there was not a whole lot of sitting around! Back-to-back deployments, routinely under manned due to downsizing (exactly what is planned right now for our military), expected to do more with less, (called my leadership challenge), etc. Any “down” time was filled with schooling, training, maintenance, etc. Ask my wife about any time “sitting around on my butt”!
            You also do not consider the 7 different school districts that my son had to attend due to PCS transfers, the lack of professional networking my wife and I should have been able to do in a specific community, the damage to my wifes career because of our frequent moves, my family growing up with a dad who was hardly home because of deployments, detachments, training exercises, etc. How much is that worth? How many soldiers are coming home today with PTSD, missing limbs, etc. Yea, cut their benefits!

          • Gary Turner

            Jeff, thank you for standing up to whoever this fool is purporting to persuade retirees like you and I that it’s a good thing to have our military benefits erode away while some surfer dude out in California is living on Salmon and enjoying his high times on our tax dollars. Perhaps Aaron is one of them??
            Jeff, I think that everything you said needs to be sent to those spineless boneheads on Capital Hill who hate the military and would like to do nothing more but take everything we have worked for and was “promised” in return for defending our country.
            Thank you,
            MSgt Gary Turner (Retired USAF)

          • widow

            I’ve been to Brook’s Medical Center in San Antonio, unfortunately as I watched my husband die. Jeff, you are right, the place is filled with so many wounded with horrible scars, both mentally and physically, now unable to take care of themselves or their families. Everyone needs to visit this place and I’m sure attitudes would change. I’m thankful right now for Tricare Standard, but it isn’t free when you consider the copays. I wonder what branch Aaron is in and what his rank is.

        • Rick

          I fully agree with all of you retirees. I served 23 years in the army and was deployed some many time that I lost count. Jeff makes it seem like we are handed everything and do not have to work again after departing from the military. It should be called “career change” instead of retirement because there is not too many places where someone could live on their military retirement. Additionally, these congress persons that are fighting to take away our benefits that we served 20+ years to earn receive benefits after only serving one term in office. Go figure! They are not taking their benefits away..ever think about that Jeff?

          • Chuck

            Rick, it is not Jeff that is the idiot, but Aaron. Jeff is on your side and mine!

          • Jeff Hansell

            Thanks Chuck, I was going to reply pointing that out, but no need. Thanks for pointing that out!!!!!

            By the way, I should have signed the comments with…

            MSgt Jeff Hansell (Retired USAF)

          • David

            Jeff, there is nothing I can add to what you have written. It was eloquent and straight to the point. I retired in 1981 after 22 years and come from a military family, my father was a WWII Vet who retired in 1967. I has always seem Congress uses us as their punching bag when it comes to cutting cost and Kerry just today promised 1 Billion dollars to Ukraine. Hagel was our military to pre-WWII level, have we not learned anything. When we got into WWII, our soldiers were training with broom sticks. My vote is the military stay home and let Congress and the administration fight the next one. Let us hope that Iraq and Afghanistan Vets run for Congress and get elected and maybe things will change and give us hope.
            MSgt. David Leatherman (Retired USA)

    • Rick Amos

      This is nothing more than a broken trust with those who sacrifice for the security of all. And please don’t compare TRICARE to anything on Healthcare.Gov. I’ve never looked at it and don’t care to. The current leaders have made a train wreck out of other’s health care, not sure comparing TRICARE is an apples to apples comparison. More than likely my wife and I (retired 15 years) will get by. Not sure about E1 through E5 with families. Last I checked, there is already a high percentage of younger enlisted families on food stamps. Taking more money out of their pockets for family health care is suppoed to mae that better?

      • Chuck

        Still in Arkansas?

    • Harriet

      Aaron, when I served 20+ years and was told to go TDY, deploy, work 24/7, etc, I never said I couldn’t “afford it” or it wasn’t “sustainable”. I held up my end of the bargin & they need to hold up there’s. We are tired of heraing this crap, “not sustainable”.

    • SGM USA Ret (Not 25)

      It is obvious that you are a Government Plant to stir the pot. However your facts as you see them are not grounded in reality. Additionally, your figure of 45 Billion is way off track. I suggest that you do a bit more research before popping off as a subject matter expert. The fact is that every year the Pentagon attempts to raid the Tricare Coffer because spending has slowly dropped over the years and they want to use that money for different programs, thats a verifyable fact. Tricare is absolutely NOT to good to be true, but it’s better than nothing.

    • CPO Submariner (ret)

      Aaron, please pass whatever it is you are smoking this way. I too wish to live in a land of make believe and BS. I don’t know who this “we” is that you are talking about because it is all too evident that you are not active or retired military and have NO clue to what you are saying. Now run along and tell Barry that we did not fall for his cheerleading plant on this subject.

    • Lindy

      Aaron, you are misguided. The sacrifices a military member makes over a 20 year career is tremendous. We deserve everything we have been promised. If they want to make changes to the system, then make the changes for the ones signing up and let them know that they will not be getting the benefits that we are getting. But once a person signs up for the military the benefits that they are promised should be kept the rest of their lives. As for someone sitting on their butts and not working, those are the welfare folks, and they just got better healthcare benefits through Obamacare and it’s not costing them a dime. But the military members who have sacrificed, a lot for this country are being told that we have to pay more for our health care.

    • pat

      I don’t know where you are getting your info but hold on to your hat, next thing is your pension!!!!_

    • I like your perspective on things, The Hammer. You tell it like it is!_

    • Sir, you are so out of touch with reality in your figures, I wonder which planet you are currently on. First of all, I am retired AF. I was promised a set of entitlements that have eroded. It isn’t my fault the government involved us in several MAJOR wars in that lifetime. There is an intrincic cost that has to be paid. Secondly, I challenge anyone who retires at 20 to be capable of living on an enlisted’s pension. My Whopping 17 thousand a year pension is eaten up by insurances and taxes to the point where it will not even pay for a car payment, let alone a house. And don’t forget that with all the moves my family has endured, we rarely get out of one place even. Generally every move set us back financially, so when we retire, we don’t have a big equity fund to rely on. Now let’s talk about medicines. My service left me with several chronic conditions that require medications. 17 to be exact. My wife is a cardiac patient, having suffered multiple heart attacks, a stroke etc. She takes as many as I do. Now lets multiply that $5 copay you mentioned. It is actually $9, but let’s use your figures. 34 times $5. That comes to $170 per month. Less than my heat bill, or my house payment for sure, but believe me, that is a lot of money per month when your pension check is well under a thousand dollars after taxes. Now your figure of 25 year old making $60,000…. that is certainly laughable. Where would an Enlisted man be making that kind of money without selling drugs on the corner? You can cut that in half maybe I’ll believe you, but you have to be smoking crack if you think an enlisted makes that kind of money at 25 years old. Stop spreading BS and get your facts straight before spouting and trying to impress us with your so called wisdom.

      • Frisco Jones

        Do not forget the fact those of us who faced an unwanted divorce get to share 50% of our retirement for the rest of our life with an ex-spouse. We can all thank Pat Schroeder (D-CO) for that one.

    • concerned citizen

      Going along with that, you are putting life and limb on the line for what they say is a grateful nation. Then the first thing they go after is the retired and active duty military benefits that were promised to them, while bloating benefits for others who haven’t done a thing for this country but take.

    • Fred

      Where else can you leave your family for months or years at a time. Where else can you work in the most dangerous places in the world. Where else can you live in conditions that the rest the country wouldn’t put up with. Where else could you be killed on a daily basis. I just want Aaron to know that we pay for our benefits in blood not cash.

      • Tunanoodle

        You could teach in some of our public school systems!

    • Tom

      I served in every conflict this country has been involved in over the past 30 years (that’s 8, not counting Libya). These actions in the service of my country ruined my life. I know BAMC well. I won’t go into details because those who know what I’m talking about are the only ones that understand anyway. You cannot explain someting like military service & combat to someone who has never been, it’s just impossible. It’s called “service” for a reason. You shouldn’t talk about all these so called “perks” until you hump a mile in my boots.

    • William

      Yes, I’m a reservist on Tricare and have been waiting for the shoe to fall. It really is a great benefit, and is monumentally better than what my employer offers for a significantly higher price.

      Despite being exempt from the ACA, the low premiums and deductibles are almost criminal compared to the rest of the private sector. Tricare and the Post 911 GI Bill for beneficiaries is why I’ve continued to serve. A little tweak here and there to Tricare should be expected and nobody should really complain unless they completely gut the program.

      • HappySFWife

        You are a reservist, not active duty. Apples to oranges. Personally, I don’t believe National Guard and Reservists should be able to have the same Tricare benefits as active duty unless they are activated. As a matter of fact, I wasn’t aware they were eligible for them unless activated. Before you rant and rave…I AM an Active Duty WIFE! Been there and done that more times that I care to count!

    • Craif

      That $60k per year is $52k per year for an O-1; including all indirect compensation. Meaning, a college degree. An E-1 would be about half that, with no college. Aaron, when the whiners in the unions take huge cuts in pay and benefits, when state and federal employees pay 10 times what they pay now in retirement funding; then come ask the military to take a cut. Cutting the military compensation before the rest will make it very difficult to recruit and retain the best and brightest. As if it is not extremely hard now.

      • CPL Joe USMC Ret.

        For the most part I agree with your post. I am medically retired, and a current civilian federal employee. Asking us to pay 10 times what we do now for the crap retirement we get is absurd. A federal employee get 1% of their highest salary time their years in service. For a person making 100K a year w/30 yrs, this = 30k. For an equivalent pay active duty member (pay wise) w/30yrs, it would = 75K. And civilians already pay a higher percentage of their pay to retirement than AD

    • You know all this information how? You sound like a Hagel bird dog pushing his socialist agenda.

    • Phil

      Aaron just a simple question. ARE YOU HIGH OR WHAT? Just where can I retire on $1200 a month

    • Kelly Baron

      I retired as an E-6 from the Air Force after serving for 21 years but I don’t sit on my butt! My retirement pay is a woeful $1,200 a month; certainly not enough for my family (husband and, at the time I retired, two small children) to live on. So I had to go back to work. In addition, I need TriCare to help pay for treatment for injuries/medical issues/behavioral health issues that I sustained while I was on active duty! TriCare Prime is not free as some would believe; we still pay for healthcare. I don’t get anything for free and I’m not sure where you are getting information. I suggest before you go making comments about something you clearly don’t know anything about, that you go out and do some research. Jeff, kudos to your reply to Aaron; you were spot on. The suggestion to cut TriCare Prime sickens and worries me. Healthcare is not cheap any way you look it, but at least TriCare Prime takes the edge off.

      • RA(E6USA)

        Speaking of ‘TRICARE for Life’ (TFL) – in order to qualify for that benefit you have to join Medicare Part B – the minimum cost is $104.90 per month (higher rates if you have a high income).
        Now TFL will add a $15.00 per month fee to participate so one has a minimum cost of $120 / month.
        TFL is the supplemental insurance to help with copays that Medicare does not cover. But there will be an ever increasing deductible that has to be met before anything is paid.
        Makes one proud to have spent time earning that pittance in anticipation of having help later in life.
        I can only suppose that the next item on the agenda will be a ‘reverse’ cost of living adjustment to the amount paid for retirement.

        • John, E-7 USMCR

          I am glad you brought that issue up. At the time I joined I knew nothing about having to go on medicare at age 65. No one said anything to me about it during the 20+ years on active duty. At a time in my life when my income will decrease and medical expenses will increase, it is a perfect time to increase the cost of medicat coverage. Don’t you think?

    • Greg

      Aaron, you sound like one of the two liberals I served with on active duty. You are full of BS and I feel you should run for office…you would fit right in! Are you in an alternate reality? There are so many other programs that could be cut rather than reducing spending on the backs of our military and retirees. How about companies not paying their share of taxes because they use foreign countries to launder their money?

    • Josh

      It has changed greatly from the free medical and dental care for life that was promised to myself and my family in return for my service to this nation. You miss the point. It does not matter what a great deal that it continues to be, it is how much it has already changed. We who served cannot get back our time given, forget what we have seen, or have repaired our broken bodies. We all agreed and did as we had agreed. It is time that big government did so also. The change in my costs are astronomical, considering it was supposed to be free!!

    • ELL

      I don’t know where you are from but my husband was a 20 year vet and should still received what was promised on retirement. He never received
      anything FREE, What planet are ou from or are you a government worker
      making more money than you know what to do with? Go away.

    • Dr Dan


      I most often don’t even give comments like yours my time. However, your comments exemplify those misconceptions of our poor excuse of a US President and Commander-In-Chief, his staff, and politicians that follow him, and US Citizens such as yourself who speak out of ignorance. Your comments are out of ignorance and jealousy. Most important, they aren’t based in fact. Go back and do your homework. While you are at it, look at the Leadership of Obama, his staff, and our politicians at every level of government. Their retirement incomes (government) are among the best in the world, as is their healthcare insurance, pay, benefits, and perks they charge the Citizens of this country. Most Corporate Executives do more for a lot less than do our politicians. We the people of the United States have the highest income tax (and other taxes) of any country in the free world. You are made to believe otherwise because only part of our taxes are used in comments by politicians that make it appear we are getting a great deal everytime our taxes go up. Back to the military. Do you know have many tours the average combatant has made to Iraq and Afghanistan? Probably not. Do you know how many hours a week the non-combatant support personnel put in (not counting other deployments and moves) to support the combatants. Probably not! Neither does our Commander-In-Chief. Do you know the quickest way to Socialism is via ignorance of the public? Probably not. Do you know the majority of US Citizenry can’t even tell you who the US President was 5 Presidents ago? Probably not! To you ralize the US is one a rapid downward trend financially, militarily, healthcare-wise, and as a global leader. That is opening the door to all sorts of bad things that will eventually end up on our soil. Oh, do you realize all won battles were accomplished primarily by “ground forces.” It doesn’t take a PhD (and I have two of those) to figure out without a large and viable ground force, the nuclear option becomes the only solution and that’s not good. Get educated. Then come back and make informed comments. I still wish you well. v/r, Dr Dan, Colonel (served private to sergeant in the Infantry & Field Artillery/ Lieutenant to Colonel in the MSC).

    • Fireguy69

      I have to agree with 99% of the replies. You sure have your facts wrong. I am retired military34 years, but I was a “Army Brat”. My father was retired after 33 years in 1958. So , my whole life from cradle on has been Army. I have seen the changes in military benefits over the last 60 plus years. We are like fire extinguishers, “keep in the closet” only used when needed. Otherwise forget and let it collect dust.
      However, for some of the posters to blame the current admin, or the POTUS, you are missing the big picture. EVERY administration has a hand in this. Cuts did not happen just yesterday. I have seen changes , with the lack of understanding / support by the American public fueling the flames. So before you blame anyone check your history.

    • David

      Your right that DOD Healthcare costs are unsustainable. Like it or not, they’re gobbling up a greater share of the DOD budget each year. If it goes unchanged, the DOD will primarily funding pay and benefits for AD and retirees. Instead of the protecting the country first and foremost, DOD will be a HMO and Pay Administrator. As much as I don’t like it, our out of pocket costs for health care have to increase. I just wish the President and Congress could make the other cuts throughout the Federal Govt necessary to get our debt/deficit problem under control and not single out the military first to make another sacrifice when little to no sacrificing is occurring elsewhere.

    • dresslerus

      Aaron your just a leftist that is posing on this site because you resent military and everything they sacrificed for.

    • jerry

      Aaron, is not living in any world i know of, He/she does not know except what someone has told him, does the WORD of nation mean until i change my mind! I wish i had a miltary job setting on my ass where are those jobs?

    • rafael

      Aaron you are a paid Troll or you never served a day of your life . Tell your Congressman to Stop Wasting Taxpayers money ; Tell Boehner to Stop Kissing arses of Illegal Aliens with 24 Billion of Taxpayers money for illegals and Free Education, Free Medicals , Free everything to Illegals ; This is America and this Nation Belongs to Americans and 20 Million Americans should not be out of work ; 48% of the Population is on welfare , give me give me Free Everything ; Obama makes 400.000 ; Speaker of the House makes 200.00 + Senators 179.000 ; WHY the Leadership does not set the Example and cut their paycheck of 10 % ???? Why is it always the Military ??? We Served the U.S.Army , The Constitution , The People , that is why you are FREE ; Freedom is not free , many paid with their Lives , Many have been cut up to Pieces ,Many are suffering in Hospitals ; We Old Vets Received a promise of Full Medicals for our families and selves at Retirement ; that promise was a pissing on the wind ; and Now we have to pay more ????? What Garbage is that and what do you have in your mind to speak and express yourself in such a negative form ; you are uninformed , very uninformed ; just look at your grade : – 64 ; don`t you think your post and your mentality is somehow confused ??????

    • JRRobert

      TriCare had a “Surplus” two years ago and instead of using this $$$$ to reduce the Tri-Care cost to us it was reprogrammed to fund OTHER DOD functions. What is going on?!

    • Ray

      Aaron we all have our opinions on what entitlements are just and fair and believe we are entitled to those opinions. We should however voice our opinions based on facts and/or our own experiences….your comment “Members will still receive free EVERYTHING,” could not be further from the truth, nevermind the sacrifices military members endure or the untold burdens they choose to shoulder for those who are incapable, unable, or otherwise unwilling to shoulder them themselves….we all, whether still serving or retired, pay monthly premiums for those medical, dental, and life insurance benefits you refer to as “… free EVERYTHING.” Although the costs are minimal compared to the available alternitives, we had/have to serve to be able to have access to the entitlements. You are however spot on when you elude to the issues with the affordable care act and the attempt to provide low cost insurance to some who have never even attempted to pay any kind of insurance premium. I joined at 17, retired 5 years ago, have extensive service connected disabilities, and have/will for the rest of my life pay premiums for the ” free” benefits that our government has afforded me access to….we must all realize that nothing in the world is free;everything cost someone something. Oh and by the way, I retired as an E-7 at 21 yrs in 2009 and hold 2 degrees and I never made over 60K. I am not complaining though, I was smart invested in varied stock and even realestate because I knew the day would come when I chose to retire and live on the slightly over 22k I recieve in retirement benefits. Although I do not regret a single day of my service I feel I am part of group of people who after willingly sacrificing for others must deal with having a bullseye on our back everytime governmental cutbacks are mentioned and takes aim. I am ill prepared to fight back, the ROE have changed, and must continue to learn to do more with less evry time I am hit.

    • Bam Jackson

      I served 23 years in the military. I started out at 89.00 a month. There was no housing available and many days I couldn’t feed my family. In order for them to eat, I didn’t. I worked the 12 to 16 hrs a day. Learned to sleep on desk, greasy hanger floors and on top of bombs. I did 2 tours in viet nam and served in Desert Storm. I’ve had 7 operations on my hands and 4 on my eyes. There is no VA hospital within a hundred miles, no commissary, nothing. Todays military has more benefits than I could ever dream of. No 6 months to a year waiting on housing and by the time you get it 5 months later your gone again. I feel terrible that the social security I paid into for over 40 years will be cut, because I served. I use Tricare Standard, and when I need medication or help the most the cost is ever increasing. It’s still below what my counterparts at work pay. I have to buy my own eye and dental insurance. After 23 years I made about 25, 000 a year when I retired. I don’t know where you get your figures from. My son is currently in Europe an E-7 with a Masters Degree and he doesn’t make that.


    • Ron

      Military pay is not comparable to secular world. My son is currently serving & has trouble making ends meet as it is. He has a wife & 4 kids…that would mean $1,425/yr just for registration plus the higher co-pays. Sadly, some of our military is having to apply for food stamps….sad, very sad!

    • Frank

      Some of my current meds have a $45 a month co-pay for my anti-infammatory for example and PTSD meds. Not sure where you are getting your data but I don’t know any 25 year old non-college grads in the military making $60K either!

    • Aaron

      Im not a socialist. Im not a troll planted here by a left wing organization. I am a veteran and a reservist.
      I will explain some of the things that might be misperceived.
      I’m not saying that the military doesn’t deserve the money and benefits that we receive.
      DOD spending is out of control, tricare is part of the problem.
      A little math… I will use my pay at age 22 for an example, pulling from 2014 DFAS data.
      E6 Basepay (over 4): $2847
      E6 BAH W/O: $2334
      Enlisted BAS: $357
      Not including other allowances or any specialty allowances. Help me out here but the figure im coming up with is $66,456.
      I worked my butt off to advance and gave up a lot of things people that age enjoy. But there aren’t many other professions that provide that pay coupled with the benefits i enjoyed.
      As for formulary, a standard generic prescription under tricare standard for a 30 day supply is $5. Im sure there are exceptions to this, like everything.

      As for the retirement issue, I understand that one cannot live on $2150 per month (E7). The great news is at 38 if your health permits, you have a solid 20 more years to work. So now the 2150 is a nice supplement that was earned.

      As for the deficit issue – THATS WHAT AUSTERITY IS AIMED TO CORRECT!
      As for the expanded deficit during the obama administration. Deficits and surpluses will naturally occur with the business cycle, they should never be view in a context outside the business cycle (annually,presidency), its simple macroeconomics. Naturally during the trough of the Great Recession we will have a massive deficit. (I do not endorse the administration or a specific political party.)
      DOD healthcare costs – 50,000,000,000 per year
      Without trying to sound like a troll, what else did you guys need clarification on?

      • SFC Ret

        E6 BAH W/O $2334?

      • John E-7 USMCR


        Come back and talk to us in 5, 10, 15 years after your retirement, when your benefits have eroded to the point that you will be paying three times more in medical (probably much more), and then when you turn 65 have to go on medicare and the annual cost increases from both tricare (if it still exists) and medicare eat up any cost of living advance you receive. Then tell us how great the system is.

        I don’t think anyone will argue that the tricare insurance at the present time, for those retiring right now isn’t better that most civilian insurance plans. But truely, that is not the point, I don’t believe. It is the fact that the military both active, reserved and retired seem to be the target when budgeting gets tough. More importantly, there was a contract between the US government and those whose who have served honorably that is being breached.

    • MaverickLatino

      I have been saying the same thing that you Aaron for years. Having been too stupid in my early years after retirement to use Tricare instead of company provided health insurance, I never paid attention to those costs. One day I decided to investigate Tricare and lo and behold, it was practically free in comparison to company insurance. So for the past 10 years I have been on Tricare and am glad to pay those costs. Exorbitant, screw that, it is a gimme. Of course, there will be some people who might be hobbled a bit if cost do rise a lot, but still as you say, shop elsewhere and see if you can find suitable coverage and premiums. If you can, then the more power to you, if not, then live with what you have and count your lucky stars. And all you sniveling and whining crowd complaining about that you are being screwed.. Voting comes up in November this year, put someone in the seat that can best do what you want done to cover your azzzzzes…Otherwise, shut the hell up.

    • ranger6

      your just the kind of patsy the government wants.

    • Kyyrie

      Aaron you’re missing the point. When I was active I was promised free healthcare for life. It’s one of the reasons I stayed in for 20 years. I don’t disagree that the costs are reasonable compared to other plans, but those people on other plans didn’t put their life and limb on the line for 20 years either.

    • Aaron

      You are confusing TRICARE with VA healthcare/ Disability. Separate entities entirely, with separate budgets.

    • Aaron

      While I agree with the spirit of your post, the level of tact leaves something to be desired. Its sickening to hear stories of illegal immigrants received benefits and resources that could be used elsewhere. But that has no bearing on this issue.

    • Joan S. Dennis

      Aaron, sit down somewhere we earned this!!!!

    • Dick

      Aaron, are you sure you are not a damn politician?

    • Lloyd

      I served for 32 years and retired in 2007, prescription since then drug copays have increased by 67%. While many meds are $5.00 many others that my wife and I rely on are $47.00 for a month supply. In addition to the Prime enrollment fee we meet the catastrophic cap in late spring each year. Thank God for the “low” cap.
      Monthly family premiums for most enlisted personnel and many retirees will hurt.
      Until DOD provides Congress with the required financial audits, and until DOD gets its procurement under control. I say don’t cut the budgets on the backs of E2-O6 military personnel. Other programs & SES and O7+ should pay the cost.

    • jsub1960

      Where else can you be killed defending an Indian Giver govt at age 20??

    • JGeorge

      Where is your brain? Yea we spend 20 but we have to put up with a lot of BS during our time. Yea we can retire at 38 but can you live on 1700 a month and remember that our retirement is taxable so take home is not say 1700. The bottom line here if you promise something to individuals, especially military then US Gov’t should live up to it.

      J. G.
      USAF retired

    • Andrea Harpe

      You know we use to get free medical on all Military bases because my Dad was in the Airforce sense before I was born in the 60s. And even recieved free dental for military and their dependents. But after moving here 1989, I learned of Tricare, then Tricare Prime which I have had for awhile. Then realized I had to pay a certain amount a year which I do not mind. Im lucky to have Tricare Prime. If it was not for my father I would not have medical benefits and still have an ID Card at my age. So, No I do not sit on my butt. I work still on a base. It would be very devastating if we loose medical ( Tricare benefits).

    • SSH

      But benefits are still being cut; furthermore soldiers who already retired many years ago should be grandfather they were enjoying their benefits before the war. congress cannot take from them.

  • Bob Max

    I repeat this every sngle time I go on this site, and haven’t a clue if anyone is listening. You need to bury the white house, the pentagon, the SecDef, and congress with emails demanding they take refrain from taking action(s) IN ORDER TO HAVE ANY EFFECT ON THESE ISSUES.

    There are several websites that provide links to write your elected officials, i.e. Disabled American Veterans, Retired Militsary Officers Association, and others. USE THEM!!!

    Write a good strong letter, making your demands for them to stop attacking veterans, and or change policies. Then re-send it EVERY SINGLE DAY !!!

    Literally bury them in mail! Voice your disgust with them That’s all they care about – getting reelected and keeping POWER MONEY for themselves. Do it every day!

    I DO!!!

    • Dick

      Every day hell – at least 3 times a day. Although I doubt it will make much difference. I have, over the past few years written probably 30 letters to the jackass in the White House and several in the senate and the house. I have received some replies – usually nothing but BS, so I spend 44 cents to return the response with a note that says SHOVE IT jackass.

  • Dennis Habern

    Why are retirees rewarded for their 20 years or more of military service by
    being assigned Category 6 when flying Space-Available? If it was not for
    we retirees, perhaps there would not be a United States to call the home of
    the brave. Therefore, if anyone out there maintains any clout to change the
    Space-A system with a new proposal such as Retirees should be given the
    same category as the Active, Category 3, first come, first serve, as OUR reward for serving our country. Why should dependents, currently traveling without their sponsor, receive a higher priority? What say thee America?

    • RedVSblue

      I say that I wouldn’t split an AD family traveling together, wouldn’t besmirch children flying to be with their parent(s) and I would take a free international flight for what it is… free. Or you could always pay the $2k. Dependents can only travel w/o their sponsor to/from sponsor. In any event, we’re doing a good job complaining about tricare and arguing with one another about such on this page, there is probably another page concerned with MAC flights.

  • Old Bill

    I enlisted right out of High School 50 years ago and was sold a sales package
    with a promise of a 20 year retirement at 50% of my base pay with full medical,dental and eye care for life. I accepted losing the Dental and eye care
    and now they want me to pay for the rest of what I was promised. This whole thing SMELLS of Breach of Contract. The only ones who don’t have to give up anything are the Politicians and my High School Buddy who retired from the Town Land fill and gets a better retirement with everything that I was promised but lost. Those so called honorable Politicians that are ruining the future of our Military really don’t have a clue of what they are doing. The real problem is; How do we STOP them.

    • The answer is right there in front of us Bill, we have to vote for what is in our own best interest and not on emotional issues that are there to cause us to refocus our attention.

      • Recently Retired

        Maybe we need to do more than that!

  • Cervantes

    Why not target government spending around the “loop” in DC? Come on, $44,000 pay for a person pushing elevator buttons for senators? I worked for military finance for 20 years and saw the wasteful spending. Clothing allowance for Officers wife’s? Give us a break!

    • Bob

      Please tell me what “Clothing allowance for Officers wife’s?” was or is? I spent 20 years – 15 or an officer and never saw such a creature!!

    • Ranger6

      Officer do not even get clothing allowances, why would a spouse get a clothing allowance??

  • Harriet

    Time to write our representatives, again! When I served 20+ years and was told to go TDY, deploy, work 24/7, etc, I never said I couldn’t “afford it” or it wasn’t “sustainable”. I held up my end of the bargin & they need to hold up there’s. We are tired of heraing this crap, “not sustainable”.

    • Dave Antonelli

      I agree whole heartily with you, three wars and I never said nope I can’t do that. I did everything and more that was asked of me and the senators/congressman/representatives get benefits better than any of us get for just a few years of serving we the people. When is it going to stop!!

  • Mark, E8, Ret

    I’m laughing. I was one of the “171,000, which is only 3% of the retirees” (some Dept of Health fluzzy in a mil uniform stated) that was thrown out of Prime and forced into Standard, because I am not within 40 miles of a MTF. Uh, many may be fooled, but I’m not – it is impossible that only 3% of us don’t live near a MTF. There aren’t enough bases anymore. (Besides, a small clinic w/ M-F hours is considered a MTF. Like they provide enough care…) Anyhow, at the time, I said “watchout. This is the first step, and the rest of you will be affected”.

    We’re here.

    I did get my 1% COLA cut back though.

  • Bob Blackmon

    As a retired USAF Military member I am disgusted with the way that the goverment is skimming the military for their short sightness. We have never been able to change our contracts made with the Sewrvices. How can they in good faith make changes on us at a whim. They could save Billions of dollars by discontinuing aid to the illegals from Mexico, frivolus studies, eliminating czars for the First Lady and having members of Congress to cancell some of their perks.
    Thank you for allowing my comments. BJB

  • Grumpy

    Here they go again to screw us out of what we earned ! Always taking away something, they need to have their benefits taken away and made to pay just like they are threatening us retiree’s ! We gave them twenty years plus and took alot of abuse doing it ! Alot more gave even more and now they want to take it back ! Screw them !

  • MCPO Dino

    The answer is unionize the military much like our government civilian counterparts. Their benefits never gets attacked. Why because they’re unionized and that my friends means votes, very many votes. Active duty, reserves and National Guard and their families would mean millions of votes and that my friends gets the attention of our sorry ass politicians!

    • RetNav

      Unionize the military would be a disaster. I retired in 1994 and worked in a few small companies, where if the person was lazy or screwed up you can fire them on the spot. Now I work at a very large unionized company and what a joke. it would take an act of God to get rid of some of the sorry people who work there because of union protection. What the answer is we need to join military organizations ie VFW, American Legion and start pressing the leaders of those organizations to walk the halls of congress with a powerful voting base. And these organizations do that but we as retired military need to join and participate.

      • You are full of rhetoric but short on facts. I have been a union carpenter for 13 years since I retired and am neither lazy or screwed up. I have no job protection. My skills keep me on a job site not my local union. As a foreman I have sent many carpenters packing before lunch. Great story but not all unions are the UAW.

        • Craig USN Retired

          Dan, you are but one person. Hardly a good database. The point is in larger work forces; such as auto unions, teacher unions, fed/state employee unions. In those industries, you as the foreman are constrained, you may stop them from working at that moment, but not them getting paid or even getting them fired. You might even find yourself getting put on suspension if you send too many packing. or worse, in the hospital. (Expand your mind past all those wooden boxes of various sizes you constructed.. lol)

    • Craig USN Retired

      MCPO Dino, a better idea, ban Fed employee unions. FDR did not allow them. Then ban state employee unions.

      • David

        couldn’t agree more….the largest Union contingent in the country now is the public employee union.

    • CPL Joe USMC Retired

      I have been a federal civilian employee since I medically retired 2 yrs ago. I am not, nor do I have the option to join a union.

  • Recently Retired

    Aaron… Wake up. If they want to impose something like this as a change to new recruits coming in, so be it. But to take what we as retirees earned and was promised is wrong.

  • Debra Allen-Stash

    Amen to the majority of the comments I have read….thrown out of Prime, forced into Standard. Promise them anything, get what you want out of them, change the rules at will and break all of the contract promises….yep: that would be our illustrious government officials…..very sad indeed.

    • Douglas Larkins

      That is exactly what happened to me, last year; taken out of Prime and put into Standard.

  • Dan

    Why not cut the salaries and benefits for the worthless bunch of legislators we have in Washington. When their “free ride” gets cut then and only then talk to the Military riterees

    • Doug

      AMEN !!!!!

  • Guest

    Its time for the military personal to walk and let congress fight there own created problems instead of the military fighting for them. enough is enough. Get rid of the one percent and hire someone from the 99 percent.

  • Chief JAL

    How many of our RICH OVERPAID politicians get up at 0400 and perform physical exercise, jump from planes, get injured doing your jobs? None – I am not talking about getting fat and rich – I am talking about going anywhere at anytime with no opinion – fight and get injured — then come home and be forgotten! Go &*^$ yourselves and remember these same individuals that you are promising and then taking away from WILL remember YOU…………. We are sustainable………………..

  • Yvonne

    When I became sixty five Tricare would not allow me to use a military hospital within ten minutes of where I live on Fort Belvior. I have acute breathing problems and can not do space availability medical programs. I need an ongoing provider. At first my feeling were hurt. But it is a good thing I took my Heath insurance plan into retirement. Although I have been married to a military member for over fifty-one years non of those ongoing for life health benefits seem to be a sure thing anymore.

  • VLM

    Revert back to CHAMPUS which is what this looks like but with a twist of demanding our retirees pay for what was promised free great idea – NOT! Do not breech our contract instead charge our legislators for their insurance!

  • JIm

    In 1972 the recruiter mentioned free health care. I retired and have used Tricare standard. Lucky I have found a dr. and a dentist that will take the plan. But TriCare is increasing in cost. Congress does afford themselves free health and dental care. Vote them out !!!! Replace them with representatives that will honor veterans service vice giving free education to illegal immigrants. Stop paying for abortions with tax dollars and stop the redefinition of disabled and the give away to abled that are not disabled.

  • Hm2

    Yes, promises were made, and now some modification is taking place. Don’t complain so grateful many others do not have what we take for granted, besides use Medicare and there is no need to burden the military system, and stop visiting the Md for every sniffle and cough it…dollars add up and then we wonder why?

  • Guest

    I think we should have the same health benefits as our current administration and their cronies, which doesn’t include Obamacare.

  • Rob

    Nobody likes change and everyone feels they earned it. Doesn’t matter if the country continues to go deeper in debt as long as each individual feels as if they are getting theirs. That will be the destruction of this country. From top to bottom of this country everyone believes they earned it so they will take and take. I’m sure some of the responses to this will question my military background and my what I know about anything and that’s fine. I don’t care what many of you think. I think if there was less I want in this world and more how can I help this world would be a better place.

    • Denise

      You are right Rob, I do question your military background. However, freedom of speech is a right that military men and women uphold. As a proud disabled military retiree, I do question the mindset of those in office who have never worn the uniform but feel compelled to make choices, which influence the life of those who have served this country. Most Veterans do not ask for a handout but most do expect to receive the benefits they were promised. The voluntary force introduces a different culture. A culture that will not except a handout but one that expects an extended hand for laying down his or her life unselfishly. It is sad to see how my sisters and brothers from WWI, WWII and Vietnam were treated. I see politics still controls the field and though it will not keep one out of the grave it will surely help transition one there.

      • LIKEITIS



    • Frisco Jones

      Then let us start with the Freddy and Freda Freeloaders who have no incentive to work since Uncle Sugar will get them 99 weeks of unemployment and not require them to seek employment.

    • Craig USN Retired

      Good, Rob tell state and fed employee unions to fund their own retirement 100%. This will free up future funds for compensating those who serve in combat and ready to be sent into combat. Start with teachers unions, those in administration are being paid crazy retirement packages. You really should look into it if you want to see where funds are being wasted. Funds are not wasted paying for medical care to our warriors.

    • Mark

      So are you suggesting that they dismantle the military take our benefits and give it to the lazy drug addict on the street. Leave our benefits alone. Take care of the men and women in our armed forces and their families and they will FIGHT. If they have to worry about their families over here while they are over their on foreign soil then we have an arm force with both hands tied. Real Bright. No one wants to go into battle fully knowing that there arent going to be any trade back namely retirement pay and med an so forth. Take what little you give us then go fight your own wars and let Russia and other countries come over here and take what we built up over the years. What I say is Mr. President leave our Pay and benefits alone. This includes retiree, active duty and VA. I am an independent and if you screw us now come election time as much as i dislike the present congress and the republican party I will do my best to insure the republicans win. Not a threat a promise.

    • Tre

      I am willing to give some of “mine” if ALL Americans (including you) do the same. I’m tired of being singled out to reduce our deficit with my hard earned (not given) benefits. Yes, I am a proud retired veteran.

    • Alison

      Rob, unlike the illegal aliens with anchor babies, third generation welfare recipients, foreign countries who don’t support U.S. interests (but like our $), and all the others who receive taxpayer funds (arts foundations, studies of cow flatulence, subsidized mortgages, etc., etc.) We who served HAVE EARNED what we WERE PROMISED. The government made a contract with us and it should abide by it. Yes, the budget is absurdly inflated and will lead to our destruction. This has happened throughout history to almost all organized nation states. The first thing needed to fix it is, term limits for ALL political positions. Next, an overhaul of their retirement package (the average annual gov’t pension for a retired congressman is either $71,472 or $40,560 depending on which program they choose). This doesn’t include all the other benefits they receive — for what little work they do. We need to stop doling out money to foreign nations, stop giving money to bogus programs that government has no constitutional authority to be involved in, secure our borders and deport illegals, eliminate 85% of the current government departments, stop printing money & return to the gold standard, institute a flat tax or national sales tax with very strict controls on its governing body, implement educational standards that produce knowledgeable & thinking citizens (not down-dumbed, indoctrinated automatons). Then, we might have a chance. But, regardless, we who have served to preserve our nation & its freedom should receive what we were told we would.

    • David

      My only problem with these and other cuts to the military is that they came first. Our countries debt situation is at a highly dangerous level and we’re still adding hundreds of billions to it annually with no plan to even stop it’s growth let alone start paying it down. However it’s totally wrong headed to hit the military up first before making massive cuts to the federal work force and many other federal programs first. There are no significant proposed changes to the Federal Civilian worker pay and benefits, the Farm Bill still contains all kind of pork and you could go on and on through the rest of the federal government. That also doesn’t even touch the massive entitlements doled out by the federal government which is the true driver of the exploding federal deficit. All should be in play before military benefits are cut. But our debt situation is so dire, that we’re almost certainly doing to have to sacrifice as well. Too many promises have been made with the inability to pay them all out and our countries demographics are going to make all these problems even worse the longer they are ignored which the President and Congress have been doing a fine job a doing these last few years.

    • But consider this. One(1) aircraft would equal the cost of Tricare for Life.
      Consider this: there are thousands of Wounded Warriors that are on welfare, and thousands homeless and on the streets.
      Consider this: The cost of ond day in this senseless (war) no, political folly, would make up for the cost to house the Wounded Warriors.
      Consider this: The cost of a hammer that our crooked military pays, would keep a family in medicine for a month.
      Consider this: Every person in the military, past and present, was PROMISED medical care for LIFE.

      Consider this: The world will never be a better place. Take a look at the Ukraine. Look at North Korea. Look at our leaders here at home. No, the thought of a better world is a utopian idea.

      • Tunanoodle

        I was not promised medical care for life. Your generalization is not accurate.

    • Michael

      As long as congress sets the example then its all good

    • Kasmalls

      Pretty soon, we won’t have a voluntary military force because there will be no incentive for those serving to stay for the long haul. First, it will become top-heavy as the younger soldiers, sailors, and airmen leave, and then it will shift to an under trained, undermanned force as those close to retirement finish out their service and leave. What then? The benefits that our government promised to those whom it sees fit to put in harm’s way at the drop of a hat are the only thing that maintains our all volunteer force. There are so, so, so many other areas where cuts can be made. And no, not everyone believes they’ve “earned it”…there are plenty of people looking for a handout (and getting one!). Our military men and women – whether active duty or retired – are not among them, however, and neither are their families!

  • CPO Dave

    Talking about this here is nice, we all get to see it, but it would be much more useful to tell it to your representatives in Congress. Someone stated that the answer is to unionize the military. I disagree. We have a large voice if we only use it. TELL IT TO YOUR REPRESENTATIVES IN CONGRESS!

    • SGM V

      Well said Dave! This forum only gives us a chance to vent and make each one of us feel good. If we do not convert it to a vote (and get our friends and family to vote) it is just whistling in the wind. Cuts are coming whether we like it or not. Pressure might help limit them. I enjoyed my 24 years, saved adn invested wisely and am quite comfortable. If asked by a youngster about the military, i would have to tell him to consider all options before signing on the line. God Bless the Military.

  • Barbara Yopek

    Actually any cuts to our military is a slap in the face. There is so much waste in the politics in the United States it isn’t funny. Stop some of it and leave the benefits of the military, retirees, and bases alone. I am a spouse of a Vietnam Veteran that passed with Cancer due to Agent Orange, he was only 48 when he died now I feel the government owes my benefits to me for the ultimate end. He retired from the military in 1990 so he did his country proud. I just am almost ashamed that these cuts are going to take place. Shame on you.

  • George Moore

    Until we stop talking about letting them take ever thing away from us, and start taking action. Its time to do as they did in the early 70’s, when the veterans marched on DC. Its time to make a stand, Its time to make Senators, and Congressmen in this Country. Start doing what they say, The men and women in this country that are give there lives, living with sickness, and pain. For the freedom of others to be treated, like we don’t matter anymore.

  • SJWhitey

    Most of the politicians today have never served a day in the military so they do not know or understand what the military have gone through and continue to go through based on their political decisions. The military is a lifestyle of it’s own and unless you’ve been military or a dependent of military there is no way to know. The politicians really don’t care unless there is a base located in their district. Look at all the higher ranks Obama is getting rid of because they don’t agree with what he is doing. This isn’t the true military most of us knew and loved, this is Obama setting up a his own force where they bow only to him. part 1 of 2

  • TJP

    Our household consists of two people, both retired from the USAF. We had one child (grown & gone), we pay the same as a family of 10… duhh, why is Tricare going bust?! Where did the promise come from that the military would support the member and a spouse and as many kids as you can produce??? Start charging the ones who are overburdening the benefit…start charging for for spouses and kids – where other than Tricare does that not happen?!

  • Barbara Yopek

    Who is going to volunteer for the military if cuts are kept going for our military? What I know of life of a military family not many. During the time my husband was in the military, before he retired, it wasn’t bad except the pay was terrible but we made it stretch. Now with Tricare being cut I cant afford my health care if we have to pay more. I have a heart condition, and it takes all I have to continue to care for myself. My husband died and my income dropped about 50 to 75% with what he made as a civilian. He worked for the State of Michigan after retirement until his death at the age of 48 years old because our country used Agent Orange in Vietnam. I had the choice of collecting his Army pension or VA stepped in due to the fact it was combat related. He retired from the military in 1990 he didn’t just do his 2 years and get out of the military, but they say it is double dipping to be able to collect both VA and his Army Pension. I just don’t understand why they don’t leave the military alone and cut in other places we need to be defended.

  • Ken

    I am so tired of getting these emails about attacks on tricare, 32 years as a weapons troop going anywhere there was a conflict that needed resolution following orders believing that I was supporting a country and administration that would support me by following the contract they imposed. Retirees, veterans, active duty, national guard all are affected now or later by the incompetence of are government administrators, we need to make a statement on the White House lawn ,let the country hear our voice, we need to make CNN. ACTION speaks louder than words, petition your state government let your congreeman know your feelings. I don’t believe they read these forums.Too busy figuring out how to make cuts to our retirement benefits. Maybe should start targeting all retirement plans, 401s. Pension plans etc… Why Just Military Retirements and Medical care? Enough said!

  • Bob

    I entered the military in 1972. I was told that if I stayed in and retired after 20 years of honorable service, I was told I would have health care for the rest of my life. The article states that the use of a military facility would result in a lower/reduced rate. Well what about the retirees that do not live around a military installation? We are subject to higher rates. Okay, here we go again, lets kick the crap out of the old retiree, you know the one that spent 20 plus years, numerous deployments (unaccompanied), enduring hardships and just putting up with horse shit like this. We don’t want a thank you, we just want everyone to leave our benefits alone. And to the person above that says don’t complain so much, be grateful, other don’t have what we have. Well the others had the same opportunities that we had, most lacked the testicular fortitude to step up to the plate and you, you are probably one that sat back here in conus while everyone else was deployed. So with this said, just leave the retiree benefits alone. Oh and the next time there is a requirement for a soldier to deploy or stand to in inclement weather in full battle gear.

  • We must stand up to this b.s. together! Blast the Dept. of Defense FB wall and that of your representatives- and even Tricare’s wall. If they delete it, re-post. I live in San Antonio, where you can go into any e.r. any time of the day or night and watch illegals barely get through the door before giving birth. We have money for THEM! Those kids will get free food, housing, Pre-K, college. It’s SHAMEFUL that Hagel is out lying to the American public and saying there “is no money”.

  • If they would reduce the pay of the politicians and stop their enormous pay raises, then the retirees and military would be safe! Most of the politicians never served and they obviously don’t do any work now, but they get very large pay checks, great benefits and guaranteed large raises every year. They have no problem getting involved in a war and sending “other” people over to fight, but want to cut their raises and benefits for defending this country and letting these jerks have the lives they have!!! What is wrong with this picture? Let’s clean house…..starting with the biggest jerk of all… the top of line and move down until they are all out and how about getting veterans in to run the country, after all, they kept it free, they deserve to have a say as to how it is run. I know we wouldn’t be in the trouble we are now if they did. Let’s get rid of all the lazy jerks!!!!!!! We need America back to Americans and we need and deserve our Freedom!!!!!

    • Mark D

      Amen to that !!!!!

    • Jack W. Haynes

      When you elect a President and an administration that is morally and ethically bankrupt, What else can you expect. Old Saying is “You get the government you deserve, not the one you want”.

    • mark

      Well said warrior. WE by choice have been defending this country for many years only to come home and find some point dextered ass in our congress who is against us and wants to take away our benefits and pay and give it to some pet organization he or she has on the side. I have heard this before strip the military. Take benefits away. President Clinton did it. I remember how he sent his wolves in amongst us telling commands to take on three airman and get rid of the first class early retirement. How many careers did you screw up back then. Now we are going to do it again. Dismantle the military and with a thin force we can repel enemies. Stupid!!! Not true it would take at least six months to get an armed force ready for a huge engagement. If an enemy such as russia or china decided to push and invade us we would have no other alternative but to use nuclear weapons. So to those who think they are doing the right thing I say. Leave our military alone and strenthen her.

  • guest

    You are so correct about the general makeup of the person and their family now as opposed to past years. I can remember going to the exchange as a child and teen in different states and countries. The servicemember was sharp and clean. The wives looked as if they cared about their appearance back then. Now half the people in the exchange do not speak english, they look as if they are homeless vagrants, the children are loud and unruly running through the isles. I have seen the overweight women shoplift items and put them in their doublewide strollers. Yech, what happened?

  • This has nothing to do with Obama. Take your homophobic rant elsewhere.

  • Clifton R. Ancelet

    Tricare patients are treated like a charity case in most civilian communities anymore. As a matter of fact I was told just two week ago that a podiatrist couldn’t treat or take on anymore Tricare patients because the Government didn’t pay their bill. Sad day when you’ve given 33 years of your life to this great Nation and you can’t get a ingrown toe nail taken care of. Thanks Mr. Obama you’ve screwed this program up as well.

    • mark

      Mr. President I voted for you twice I had my own personal reasons. I think I have been duped. Just so you can have your way with ACA you are willing to dismantle our military and take what little benefits you give us to fund other civilian programs. When I was serving I heard things like Medical for life and all sorts of other small candies that kept me going to serve. Now you want to take alot of the candy away and give it to someone less deserving. Well Mr. President I would stop now before you screw this up. We will let the republicans in next time around. I am an independent and would love for our country to flourish but if you mess with the VA and Military and our benefits then Pick up a rifle and you protect us because just maybe a disgruntled military just might get up and walk away and then you and the congress of which I might say most have nevered served will have to defend our country. If this were to happen you would have no other alternative but to start pushing buttons. All I have to say to this is BOHICA!!~!~!~~~

  • Dick

    WWII Marine vet of Okinawa 1945 (purple heart). China, Korea, Japan until 1949. Army Korea 1950-1952 (2 purple hearts) Japan, Korea 1953-56.
    Laos, Vietnam, Cambodia – 1959-1962. Vietnam 1966-68, 1970-71
    (2 purple heart. Retired pay for 29 years. VA compensation from my retired
    pay. Continuing bills, more insurance, etc. Yes, i was a volunteer. Very poor pay through the years. I’m well past 80 years. Damn the perfumed princes
    in DC. Let them work for the fantastic pay we received thru the years.

  • Chuck

    I would like to apologize to all of you, my neighbors and my family, for being a burden. I deepy admire those who died for my country – they are no longer a burden on anyone. When I signed up I thought I was doing my duty for my country and never considered that you would end up paying for all my “free” stuff. I thought of myself as my own man and very independent. I don’t know what happend to me after I got out. I did feel lucky that I didn’t pay the ultimate price, lose an arm, a leg, or all four as many have done. But, now that I am still here in one piece, I’m ashamed that I can’t bring myself to sacrifice just a little bit of the free stuff you are paying for.

    • Dave

      Suppose whom ever you work for were to renege on paying you.


    Kerry just ran off to the Ukraine with money that could have been used at the VA.

    • mark

      You wanna really know what this is all about. Obama is having major problems and issues here in the United States so he has to wag the dogs tail. Makes a deal with Russia to invade Ukraine there is a big scramble mixed it all up dont let the right hand know what the left is doing and the people will fall apart as usual because they really dont know what is going on. Same ole bull shit thats been pulled on us for many years. I SAY LEAVE OUR MILITARY INTACT LEAVE US ALONE AND LET US KEEP WHAT LITTLE BEEFITS WE HAVE EARNED> STRONG MILITARY = Strong Country. GOT IT!!!!!!!!!

  • larry small

    I wish John Kerry would shut up with his threats. Does he realize what a Russian nuclear weapon would do to his hair?

  • ltc larry

    I have news for Aaron; Congress is out to screw over military families and anyone else they can so long as they continue to be able to dip their beaks in the public trough. I don’t know what military he served in but the on I volunteered for in 1966 promised that if I put myself in harms way, which they had every intention of making certain I would, then my country would do and provide certain things. I did what I was asked to do and now I expect my country to do what it said it would do…completely. The Congress of the United States has been bought and are in the service of modern day robber barons, each and every Senator and Congressman is either a criminal or morally or ethically corrupt…or all three. Yet they feel entitled to steal what veterans earned….what many of our brothers died to protect.

    • Chuck

      I agree with you one hundred percent, these congressmen and women aren”t happy unless they can screw someone and make sure that they fill their bank accounts and to Hell with everyone else.

  • MSgt Gary Gladu Ret.

    Isn’t it always the way, those who do the least get the most. Here we’ve put 20 + years serving our country (I’m 24 years) and we get cut. But God forbid they should cut the funds of Welfare or other state run programs for those who do nothing to earn that check! Thank God we are at war. If not, we would be all but forgotten! Statistically it shows that the further from war we are, the more the military get cut and why not the retirees? Heck, we don’t need them anymore!
    Someone mentioned that Congress should try to live in the real world. Gee! when they retire they get full salary, free medical and free everything else. How dare they say we should feel lucky because our benefits are better than the civilian community. Did the civilian community put their lives in jeopardy for 20 years? For that matter did Congress? So why should they get everything free at our expense. Better stop now before I say something I’ll regret.

    • The Major

      You made a great point! Congress is quick to use up taxpayers funds and have everything free while they cut benefits earned by military retirees! The people in this country need to wake up and take it beack from our power grabbing government! Aas for Tricare, I do think it is reasonable to collect a small monthly premium that is still well below the public rates and OBAMACARE. People in this forum should not comment on Tricare if they are not eligible to draw it or have no idea the sacrifices we make. I am a 29 year vet of Nat’l Guard and USAR and h ave deployed to the SandBox.

    • Pinkmonki

      There is a line …. “We The People” …. we are the ones voting these people out/in and in society today there is a HUGE sector of people willing to believe what they hear or see instead of doing proper research. I am one of those people (if you ever see a 45 year old woman doing this) that will “excuse me” into strangers conversations that are spewing incorrect information and nicely explain the truth and provide them with websites to properly obtain their information instead of believing the email a friend just sent them or an incorrect news story not reporting all the facts.

      I want “We The People” to not be afraid, not drink the Koolaid, or to take five minutes in a day (with all the smart phones you could do it while in the bathroom) and pick up a phone, send an email, write a letter, send a fax to their legislative/congressional representatives and voice their opinion. Scream and holler and tell them they are wrong.

      There are two movies I frequently watch: 1. V for Vendetta – since this movie originally came there have been more and more similarities 2. Protocol – great moments in the movie where Goldie Hawn states “I consider myself to just be an American”. And of course the end of the movie.

      I could spew more, but will spare you, you get my points. Now, go get your representatives phone numbers and save them in your phone.

      ~~~Proud Army wife and now a proud wife to a Disabled Veteran with a permanent injury~~~

    • Teresa

      Msgt Gladu,
      The military community continues to be targeted for cuts because,
      This Fall, all military personnel, active and retired should get out and VOTE.
      Ya know, I don’t think they even count overseas/absentee votes.
      Call your Congressman’Senator and tell them what you think.

    • Ostrobogulous

      I am retired military too. I totally agree with you. I find it amazing that funds are always “short” for essential services (military & pensions, police, sanitation, all first responders, social security, etc.) but we NEVER hear of “shortages” in entitlement or welfare programs…why is that?? The fact that we retired & were promised benefits means nothing to the current Congress & Administration (many of whom never served or risked anything). I should , as you said: “stop now or say something I’ll regret”. God Bless

  • Dave

    My 16 thousand dollar annual pension was never intended for shelling out expensive co pays to a fourth rate HMO. In my 12 years of retirement I’ve only used my so called health benefit one time, in which the doctor padded the bill, which is what they always do when dealing with insurance companies. I resent the idea of now being forced to pay annual fee’s when I rarely ever go to a doctor, as I believe they’re all crooks anyway. In US tax payer supported israel, every citizen of that little *^%%# receives cradle to grave universal health care. US politicians don’t mind paying for universal health care benefits to a foreign country, They just don’t want to pay for these benefits for their own military.

    • Alison

      You are so right, but unfortunately in the minority in realizing the absurd amount of money the U.S. gives to Israel. Which, by the way, is NOT a true ally to our country. Every congressman knows he must support Israel or else he’ll lose in the next election. As one pundit stated years ago, “Congress is Israeli controlled territory.” I get extremely upset about the situation, but the American people have been brainwashed into believing that supporting Israel gives us a better standing with God. This facade was planned years ago and only continues to worsen with time. We who have served our country must unite and fight against the tyranny that is strangling our country.The Constitution gives us the responsibility to fight against enemies both foreign and domestic & resist tyranny that threatens our nation. I’m sure the Founding Fathers are spinning in their graves.

  • Tom K

    That’s right, Congress. Keep screwing with the military benefits. Retirees who gave 20+ years of service and this is how we are treated? WHAT gives them the right to do this. I’ll bet if (we the people) had the right to cut the benefits in Congress (who by the way WORK FOR THE PEOPLE), they would have a heart attack. You can’t keep on doing this to us! I’d like to know who proposed this bill and who voted for it. Publish their names and see how the public reacts.

  • rmb

    I agree with you and I also see that we Americans are blinded with ideologies, party affiliations and promises, year in year out, and elect to congress the same individuals, even in your local community and state and continue to support these same two-faced, double-crossed , back stabbing, and selfish individuals who feed you a carrot contaminated with chemicals, slowly killing you and the generations to follow. All these folks care about are there own pockets and you and I are left to navigate life through the “total ” mess they left behind. They get their pensions and pay raises without any problems of getting it cut or taken away. They feed off the tax payers of this country and get a free ride.They don’t care about you and me. The news media (Fox News, CNN, etc.) are also the ones who instigate division and misinformation to the public and the worse thing of all, is that they teach you and the CHILDREN of this country and the world that dishonesty, being selfish, irresponsible, and having disrespect for the true value of human dignity, are the things one should pursue so as to get what you want in life. Why don’t you ask those professional athletes and Wall Street investors who makes millions off of our backs? How sad, how pathetic, how un-American (how un-Christian). I am only one individual, like so many others of my colleagues who loss their lives to help protect this country’s freedom and way of life, given with 40 years of my life and all I get from others who never serve this country but still reap the benefits, is “it is a free country and we can choose”. I see these as the “hypocrites” that Jesus talked about in many of his sermons. The Book of Daniel Chapter 21:verse 8: states: ” But as for the cowards and those without faith and those who are disgusting in their filth and murderers and sexually immoral, and those practicing spiritism and idolators and all the liars, their portion will be in the lake that burns with fire and sulfur”. Americans need to wake up and see the demons you created for this generation and your grandchildren and great grandchildren and generations to follow.

  • Joe

    If the President would stop taking vacations that cost approx $1 million dollars per hour, then maybe the veterans and those who are currently serving will be able to continue to get what is deserved by their sacrifice and service to our Country. When I joined some 40 years ago, I was told stay the course and get all of these benefits… Well, most of the benefits I was promised is now gone or I am forced to pay for them… How is that a benefit? Mr President, you above everyone else who talks so smoothly about our veterans in public but stab them in the wallets in private should keep the promises to those who served. I am voting this next election, to get every swinging D*** out of office. It is time for a fresh start and get rid of the politicians who are destroying this country with their greed. Veterans benefits should be sacred.

  • sunshine

    Think its bad now. Wait until you have to sell your medals and steal potatoes out of the field at night. That’s how Russian vets of WW2 survived

    • sus

      Right on….I won’t be surprised at all. The Rich get Richer and the people get less.

  • Brian

    Aaron, I usually donty post to these things however your comments “… Where else can you retire with a pension starting at age 38? Where else can you enjoy never having had to deal with accumulating exorbitant medical bills? Where else can a 25 year old with no college education make $60,000 per year?…” are correct but you seem to have forgotten what those of us who have served and retired had to give up in order to receive these benefits. Just things like half of the time your are in the service you are away from your family and the small thing of being told to go to war and have the chance of being killed, moving every few years, etc. Before you get back on your anti military soapbox let me say, yes, it was our choice to join and to serve so we new the deal when we signed the papers to join. And BTW when I joined I was told my health care and the health care of my family would be free for the rest of my life.

    I strongly suggest that until you walk a mile in a military members shoes you shut up and don’t comment on what you don’t understand.

    • Ginny

      You are so right

    • Thank you!!!

    • As they say now-a-days… RIGHT ON!!!

    • Tunanoodle

      I’m in, even as we speak, and I agree with Aaron. I think the military is made up of a bunch of lazy whiners who feel entitled to too much.

  • Nick USA Ret.

    When the First Lady can jet off to China with her children – AND her Mother at taxpayer expense, after vacationing in Apen and Hawaii – at a cost of millions and millions of dollars, clearly there is money to continue to support soldiers who have served their country. Why exactly does the First Lady, who had dozens of assistants and servants attending her every whim – NEED a vacation – from what?

    • Dick

      She needs a vacation so she can spend some time with her secret service boy friend.

  • gary weber

    You know what my cost of living increase was this year? 1.45 Tell Obama
    KEEP THE CHANGE that won’t buy a soda. My mistake my take home pay is 1800.00 a month not every two weeks. I went from 5000.00 a month to not even half. 24 years of service and this is my worth. Do you think I can support a wife and child with special needs on 1800.00 now take out what they propose for us to pay for health care that was promised when I enlisted. That we would be taken care of for life. I guess they need to define “life”. I’m use to being lied to by the gov. and lets face it the medical in most cases is crap but atleast it was insurance. You want to fix the budget get rid of that thing in the white house. Start with that. YOu would think with his proposed cut of the military that would take care of our insurance there you go. Less soldiers more money. REAL SMART

    • JR Wall

      So 24 years of service? That makes you what, 42? I’m 66 and still working strong. Stop whining. If you don’t like where you are, make a change.

      • gary weber

        Maybe you should shut the hell up. Im 46 and busted up from the toes up. Glad you can work. I can’t walk . Can’t sit either. Oh guess what I was missed diagnosed 4 years ago with a bone bruise. Guess what it was a labrium tear that has left me with nerve damage. so you go ahead and work your ass off. Cause I can’t. So next time you publish an insensitive comment know what and who your talking to. Im not sitting around whining I am doing something about it. So once again you don’t know crap. Don’t see you doing anything either expecting others to take up your slack. I guess you drank the Kool aid

  • sus

    IOthat this is just a chance for the richer to get richer…..Right ? When a veteran is disabled they need more help not more to stress out about. I honestly believe if the president is concerned about the USA Military people he’d be willing to stop his crazy spending sprees and help us out.

  • Disappointed

    OBAMABOT and the DECEPTI_CONS strike again. Because of greed, corruption and cowardess in Washington and Corperate America we are getting screwed again. They keep filling there pockets and off shore bank accounts while we are forced to sacrafice more.
    They have the best health care plan and retirement on the planet and it gets better every time they cut our benefits that we EARNED. They took me off Prime because i do not live within 100 miles of a MTF and now I have medical bills pilling up which are getting harder to pay because there are no jobs. And good luck trying to find a job with health benefits, OBAMACARE took care of that.
    ObAMACARE is doing what it was meant to do, put more money in the pockets of those in our government, Health Insurance Companies and the Medical Community and force us to decide between paying to high cost of die.
    It is bad when your own government cares more about taking care of other countries and all the illegals that we have, then taking care of her citizens.

    • Judy

      Dear Sir,

      The Affordable Care Act (ACA) was to provide affordable health care to ALL Americans. Congress not Obama are the ones making all the changes to your TRICARE insurance. If you want to blame, blame the Republicians the truly don’t give a damn about you.

    • Written by a true Republican

  • sus

    I am so tired of all of the promises and all of the lies that we are feed every day by congress. I really don’t think all of the vacations and expensive cloths that O bum-me-out’s family along with himself are necessary. What about THE PEOPLE who fight and often give their life for our country. I think that any one elected in congress should have a military background.

    • gary weber


  • thompson

    Another broken promise. I’ve been retired now for over 30 years and every year we lose more and more benefits promised if we stayed for 20 or more years. I chose to serve as I liked what I was doing (even thought pay was very low) and I wanted the guaranteed lifetime benefits……so much for the benefits. I dont know how our great country can maintain a strong military if we keep degrading it and breaking promises made. Its a travesty.

    • I didn’t know there were any old timers left. I beat you though, I retired in 1968, after a lifetime in the Army.
      Remember Col. Bud Gay? I was one of his supporters, in court after court, fighting the battle to get the promised medical care for the retiree.

      There are those now, that have no ides the troubled times getting the promised. There are few now that would answer the battle cry.

      A changed world… A changed times, and a changed people.

  • Frank

    The Federal Government and I signed a contract at the time of my enlistment and every re-enlistment after that. I served 26 years and now that I have held up my end of the bargain, the government thinks that it is fine for them to change the rules. If this is the way veterans can expect to be treated, the recruiting for the military will lose any support from veterans. This should be illegal, it is certainly disgraceful.

    • Trouble is that you signed the contract, but they didn’t have the time, or inclination. Even the Supreme Court (?) said in so many words, what they have given, they can take away, and BOY ARE THEY DOING JUST THAT.

  • George

    I’m 89 years old and have been retired since ’84 My wife is 82 and not good shape.
    The little reconpense I get each month doesn”t add up to much.
    Soow the DoD wants to reduce thast…thank you for your xervice!

    • I right there with you George. Not many of us left, and fewer that care.

    • Tre

      Sorry I accidentally hit thumbs down, I meant to hit thumbs up.

  • The Gunny

    Guess Mr. Hagel forgot what it was like to be an enlisted man…as he is now just another rich “suit” like all of the rest of them in Washington that will get everything (health care, pension, etc…) at no cost to them from the erosion of military benefits and higher taxes from the rest of the American citizen population…..


      yes, I agree with you that hagel forgot his military roots. I believe this person should leave the retirees
      and focus on veterans who was expose to AGENT ORANGE alone. Veterans was lied to in the beginning that all medical/dental care would be free for life. Also, the PRESIDENT, CONGRESS,

      • He didn’t forget his roots… he completely used them to advance himself. He is living large off of the backs of those that actually serve.

    • Hagel is just another Republican. What he was, and what he is, are two different dogs.

      One day, not in my lifetime, people will wise up to the fact that Republicans are out to screw anyone who can not contribute big money. After all, they are the one that put them in office, and keep them there.
      Truthfully, when is the last time you saw a Republican do something for the little guy.

  • Stallion-7 Retired

    Once again Tricare is being looked at via the ‘Sniper Scope’ so let’s hope there are enough young Veterans serving in the House of Representatives or the Senate to fight for us. Sure we have some older Veterans in the House or Senate but some of these have turned a “blind eye” and they are willing to asked once again that “us retirees” balance the US Debt. Have they sent that 1 Billion Dollars in AID to the Ukraine yet??? I have nothing against the Ukraine, but let’s find that pot of money somewhere else and not from those of us who have retired our ‘BOOTS”t and looking to enjoy retirement.
    REDLEG First Sergeant Retired – “A Soldier for Life”

  • chiefebby

    this is disgraceful I also served 21 years and was told I would have FREE medical and dental for life. that didn’t happen now they want more. For you people that think this is OK then I suggest you get a life. You have no idea what these folks have gone through to uphold their end of the contract they were legally held to when it was signed. what if when you get to be 65 and the Gov tells you they are not giving anyone Social Security after you payed into it all those years. oh well I guess the way you think that will be OK. Think about. Its not ok to go back on your promise or change the rules.

  • dresslerus

    Call and email your congressmen now.
    You are about to get really screwed for the rest of your life.

    • mmm widow

      I am not the veteran, but a veteran’s widow. I agree with most of the comments. I had to bring up my children up on my own, still work to make ends meet. Always looking forward to the day my husband retired and we could collect all the benefits promised. We are all suppose to save and save, which we could do if we had free everything like the people in Washington. They go on one vacation and another, and especially Obama that takes his family, and we are suppose to save and save, like one of the comments was we take better care of the illegals and other countries! The way it looks to me, Obama thinks we saw the world and were on vacation every single time we had to move! We couldn’t afford servants to unpack and put stuff in place for us. I do believe all the people in Washington, especially Obama should have been in the war several times to know it is not all cake and ice cream! My husband died at age 44 after 23 years of service. I do believe I am entitled at least for Tricare! Yes, I agree we are getting screwed for the rest of our life!!!!! Not just the veteran, but the widows!! Thank you for reading.

  • Those few of us, that have served in 3 “wars” have seen the military, and the retirees, in the sights of the idiots in Washington. Not just the Republicans, but also the “blue dog” Democrats. They are now joined by another President that, either doesn’t care, or doesn’t understand.
    In a Utopian world, no one could make decisions about the military, that had not experienced, on the ground, combat, or at least spent a few years as a enlisted person.
    As long as we of the military, sit back and piss and moan, but take no action, the fools will continue to rip us apart. Then suddenly we will be needed again, and it will be all love and kisses again.
    The military is comparable to a pair of shoes, used, and then discarded, while still having a shine. Discarded by those who can afford another pair.

  • believer

    Concerning all these comments i say: “Trust in the Lord with all thine heart; and lean not unto thine own understanding. In all thy ways acknowledge him, and he shall direct thy paths.” Proverbs 3:5/6 with: ” Be careful for nothing; but in every thing by prayer and supplication with thanksgiving let your requests be made known unto God. And the peace of God, which passeth all understanding, shall keep your hearts and mind through Christ Jesus” Phil 4:6/7. Finally “For the which cause I also suffer these things: nevertheless I am not ashamed: for I know in whom I have believed and am persuaded that he is able to that which I have committed unto him againist that day. 2 Tim 1:12

    • Dixie

      I am a Christian, and believe in everything you say, but I wonder how many Christians might have prayed to not allow Obamacare. I know I should have.

  • John P. White,Jr.

    Increase medical insurance costs for active military personnel with dependents and retirees by imposing new co-pays and fees even though most were promised “free health care for life”. Increase grocery costs for active military personnel and retirees by cutting subsidies for the grossly mismanaged commissary system even though all were promised this benefit would be available for life. But don’t dare touch Obamaphones, food stamps, welfare, disability, rent subsidies from HUD and the other welfare programs that ballooned since January 2009. Why any young man considering a military career would believe the promises of the U. S. Government is beyond me.

    • lefty

      Thank you for saying what I wanted to. Heck, I shop at the Commissary to get away from the rifraf at the local grocery stores where the chronically unemployed, foodstamp, welfare, WIC, Section 8 recepients use their EBT cards to buy junk food and stuff I can’t afford.

  • dave

    all vets should march on washington,we had it with all the bs. we need to get some tlc from washington. maybe we need to kick ass again,36 years of service is not enough, give us a break?

    • Dave

      It doesn’t work. Type in Bonus Soldiers of WWI in any search engine (besides Google) and learn how the GOV lies to and treats its Vets.

  • Carl

    it is amazing all the promises we were told that if we make a career in the military we will receive all these great benefits. Lots of our comrades lost limbs eye sight, had mental problems, called names like baby killers all for our country and our leaders. Now they want to kick us in the ASS by removing the small benefits, why because the president would rather give the tax dollars we contribute foreign governments who dislike us and our freedoms and to those who haven’t worked for several generations or those who come here just to receive all the benefits we fought for. Since we have no fighters in our government to fight for us the promises we were promised are slowly being taken away form us whenever they can. Sorry to have severed those years but still LOVE MY COUNTRY!!!!!

  • Tutu

    I have learned the hard way that the US Government cannot be trusted. Our laws are made by politicians and currently those serving who have served in the military is probably at it’s lowest point. I think it 17 individuals. That means we have no lobbyist in congress and they things we as military retirees will continue to lose the promises made for our service. In 1986 congress passed and it was signed into law that those who served in the military and then had a second career as civil service would lose most of their social security payments and their widows would probably get none. It is called the Windfall profit and Social Security offset. I fall under these laws and when I die, my wife will probably get no SS. My on SS was reduced by 35% for Offset and 25% for taking it at age 62. Both of these laws was broken promises. I fully expect that Tri-care for Life will soon have a change that breaks another promise. I too, would not encourage a young person volunteer for the services. Someday congress may have to bring back the draft.

    • Tutu

      pardon the errors. I was typing to fast and did not recheck before hitting the send button.

  • BigB

    (Reply 1 of 2) This is the same argument used to strip down and raise co-pays and get less for your 20 years of dedication of service weather its health care or education benefits, or any other idea to support the troops. It takes a real commitment that is properly managed over time to support our troops, no excuses, no exceptions. The ideas that have been implemented in the last 10 yrs. or so were done for popularity context, not with any intention for lasting support. We all have allowed this mentality creep into all aspects of our lives.

  • BigB

    (Reply 2 of 2) We as a people and as a nation need to embrace our elder’s values and sustain that into our futures. Not new, articulate ideology, who want to change the definition of democracy mid-stream in our 200 years of democratic philosophy, I am tired of this new mentality of we will just change the terms because we did not really try to honor or manage or try to uphold what we first committed too. It really has gotten to the point in this country where you wonder if you really are going to get embalmed when you die or maybe NOT. Maybe the young kid with his I-phone 6000 and his headphones on texting his girlfriend decides screw it- I just go skateboarding instead. He already has the gold out of your mouth and taken your identity from your wallet. It is this mentality that has 30 year career military man/woman thinking they will have to collect cans to keep his/her health care while congress finds themselves filing bills to exempt themselves out their own BS.

  • robert winter

    As for the one who says there should be more less wants. You should take a longer look at “our” government ! All they do is take and spend any way they want. If any cuts are made they should be willing to start with their selves. Congress and Senate should be put on term limits just like the President! Two terms and then they go onto social security just like the rest of us who want more. Plus they will not draw their full retirement like the enjoy now, their retirements will be cut just like our active duty and retirees. Then see who really willing to get “THE CUTS”. From a retired GySgt.

    • uknow me

      Dang straight!! What’s sauce for the goose ought to be sauce for the gander!!! You GO, Gunny!!

  • dresslerus

    Cost of one F35 $220,000,000 dollars

    Now that is one very expensive boondoggle so how do we pay for it? lets cut the retirees health plans.

    • Bluto

      You’re right on the money!

  • OEB/123

    I say vote out all the present officials in congress and get new ones. The old crew are not for the military or vets. A new congress might be just as bad but I will not see the old crew anymore. They all need to be removed at the next election. VOTE TO REPLACE ALL!!!!

    • Chuck

      I agree. All in DC should be sent home packing. Mostly Reid, and Obama.
      Oh, I forgot about Hagle. Furthermore, a term limit should be imposed on all in Congress, as is the president. They should not be given a retirement pay after leaving either. No one there is on the side of the VETS. Basically, we as prior members of the US Military, suck. Thanks to Obamski

  • Raymond R. Pecue

    Once again Obama wants to cut the military instead of cutting his vacations with his family which cost the tax payers for the plane to carry his dog. Trips that his wife takes with her children and there friends again at our expense. Every time the military takes a hit in their benefits so should every one from that president on down. Look at the money we could save.

  • Ken

    Gentlemen! Cost is no object to this president. His lovely wife and children are going to China at our expense to share educational ideas. Any idea of the cost of that vacation, I mean diplomatic trip????????

  • Rebecca

    I’m so sick of the congress taking away our benefits so they can give it to the programs for the poor. What do they think the military is after they work and protect our country to be put in this position. I guess when everyone is on welfare this president will be happy and we will not have anyone to protect our great country. Our troops should be getting raises and more benefits not less. Some retired vets cant afford hikes in healthcare. This president and senate and congress should be hiding because of what they are doing to our Military!!!

    • Charlie, retired

      Rebecca it’s not the Congress proposing these changes it’s Chuck Hagel which works for the Obama Administration (Democrat ). What is happening the amount of money that will be saved by these changes is like spitting on a forest fire, otherwise it will have no effect on our debt. Obama stated that the military budget he wants, half will go to his welfare plans so as to affect the up coming mid-term elections. This is also the reason if the cuts and hand outs (freebees )will come before the mid-term elections. To the President and democrats it’s nothing more than part of a political strategy. It doesn’t matter who or how many it has a negative effect on.

      • Drafted Ron

        You got it right Charlie, Kerry took 1 Billion Dollar in aide over to Ukraine today. Chuck Hagel is a puppet and will do the bidding for our POTUS

        • Dan S

          IF Dubbya hadn’t got us into two unfunded wars AND cut taxes, we wouldn’t be in this boat. It’s not just Obama here (though according to every damn Republican and Teabagger, everything is Obama’s fault.

          • Ryan B

            Typical LIB^^^ resort to name calling!!! The original poster didn’t BLAME any particular person. Because there are 3 groups to blame. .

      • Richard

        Hagel is only responding to the dire circumstances that Congress put him in. Blaming Obama is a cop-out. Have you let your congressman/woman know?

    • Richard

      So, how did your congressman/woman vote and if against did you vote for him/her? Rally his/her constituents – e-mails, calls etc. and remind your representative who she/he works for.

  • Fed up

    The entire truth is we have no one in any administration that know what it means to have served this country unquestionably!! Even Sen. McCain has turned his back on his comrades. This is someone who was a POW!! Probably drawing a VA disability in addition to what congress votes to cover them for life. Talk about hypocrisy!! Have no idea how to fix since those we vote for don’t care about people.

  • dc45rat

    To all of those people who think military personnel have it so great and after giving the best years of our life to our country I have one one question, WHY HAVEN’T YOU JOINED YET. I served for 22 years, I was 44 when I retired. My retirement pay was 2,000 dollars a month. Believe it or not I had to find a job to continue to support my family. I also moved every three years, I did not purchase my home until I was close to retirement because you don’t know where you are going to retire until you get close to retirement. For those of you who never served when did you buy your home and start paying for it?? WHEN DID YOU START SAVING FOR YOU RETIREMENT SEEING YOU WAS STABLE AND NOT MOVING EVERY THREE YEARS. By the way I don’t want you to forget the years me and my family had to go to a foreign country to live for three plus years where every thing is twice as expensive!! I could go on but it you don’t get by now you never will until you serve in the military.

    • vmcox

      The fact that you retirement pay was $2,000 is the whole point. We all had the opportunity for a second career, while collecting a lifetime retirement. Everything you said is true, but many of us have done the same and done quite well with less retirement pay. Our medical coverage at it’s current rate is unsustainable into the future. We either give a little now or there will be nothing later. It’s called paying it forward.

  • tony

    I think this is totally ridiculous and unnecessary.

  • Miqui

    We need to remember that when many of our current retirees enlisted or started out as draftees, the promse was that career military would, starting at age 60 at the latest, health care would be provided at no charge for the rest of their lives, and that would include the wives who supported them on the homefront. How many times in the last forty years has that “promise” been changed? These benefites are not free–these service personnel paid for this by being underpaid, and sent into harms way, knowing they might come back in a body bag, or permenently disabled in mind or body. Why is Wounded Warrior necessary? Because the government is not fulfilling its obligation to our Service Personnel. And the current reductions are proposed while our present first lady is making more trips on our nickle than any other in my memory. Stand up, get involved in the process, and actively support the candidate of your choice.

    • vmcox

      Your memory must not be that good. Laura Bush was first to travel abroad on her own. She took lots of trips. That subject has no place in this discussion. It is commonly called being a troll.

  • lawrence mcmonigal

    I am certain things are going to get a lot worse in the near future for our country and our way of life as we know it.

  • Art

    How are they going to keep people in the military until retirement when they keep cutting the very things they stay for?

  • Good God, my injuries occurred while on duty – and they retired me, now they are going to charge me for medical coverage?

  • Donutking

    Don’t block everyone into your $60,000 retirement. We are not all officers that is 4 times my retirement from the USAF and more than the E9 with 28 years service down the road.
    The personnel that are in charge of taking benefits from the retired are the same senators and congressmen that exempt there selves from the medical and retirement that they vote for us and they vote there own pay raises. They make 10 times what the military make and retire with 20 times as much.
    Who is going to decide what and emergency is? When you are over 60 and emergency to you would not be an emergency to someone who is 30.
    Are the senators and congressmen going to let that same person decide if the should go to the emergency room or their kids. Oh there doctors probably come to their house.

  • Retired 1SG Female

    Alot of us spent our entire young adult life in the military…from our 20’s thru our 40’s. We deployed once, twice, maybe three or more times. We believed in what we were doing and we were told that the benefits of staying would be worth it. You could feel, throughout the years, your body deteriorating from carrying a ruck sack, duffel bag, weapon, flack jacket, helmet on your head, amongst other things. As we have aged, our bodies are now showing signs of over-use, but we were told that the benefits of staying would be worth it. We would be taken care of. I, personally had TRICARE Prime until October 2013 when it was changed to Standard. I was never told this could happen in the 26 years I spent in the military. On Prime, I felt like they truly were taking care of me, even though I had to pay an enrollment fee and had to use certain doctors, I had very low out of pocket expenses. Now, that I am on Standard, in just 5 months time, I owe doctors over $1000 which is my 20% and my deductible. I didn’t plan for this and I didn’t ask for this. I am very sure that there are people out there who have it so much worse than I do, but that’s not the point. Those people didn’t spend 26 years in the military and weren’t promised to be taken care of medically. I did and I was. If you’re going to change something, you grandfather those people you promised you would take care of. The soldiers coming in will come in with a new promise, but if you lie to us, those new soldiers won’t believe you either!

    • Amen to that top!

    • Guest

      I agree with you 100%. What a let down, 25 years in the AF for nothing.

    • Kat

      I share your outrage. My late husband felt the same way. He retired in ’68, SFC 1st of 7th, HQ, RECON after 22ys. but kept active in the various Veteran groups.He was awarded the BSM, 2PH, and various other medals. He contracted prostate cancer from AO, and he had to make a special appt. to talk to someone to prove it. That surgery at the VAMC went bad, and impacted his bladder cancer he contracted some 10y later. He could never hold his ‘water’. Found out why during the BC surgery. The bladder was wrapped up in the scar tissue from the PC surgery! He suffered terrible as they had to open the bladder to remove it. Cancer spread, of course, in spite of treatments. Which were terrible in themselves, and led to more complications which eventually took his life after 5y of suffering, both in mind and body. To watch a loved one go through this type of battle is it’s own suffering. I tried everything to make a difference. Now that he has passed, I am in a fight of my own trying to convince the VABO decision makers that he indeed died from the PC surgery complications. The BC surgery doctor noted it in the ops notes. I’m not sure what more they need. They have his DD-214. What happened to the promise to take care of widows and orphans? It’s going on three years since I applied. I not sure what to think now.

  • Terry

    In the military as leaders we we’re trained to. Lead by example. As a leader we would see that our soldiers were taken care of first. I have not seen where the President nor congress nor the senate reduce there benefits. Why not? I do not see their benefits taken away one by one. When will they stop increasing their pay? I spent 30 years serving our country to prevent socialism from taking over our country. Now it appears that the American people want it.

    • I agree, but I bet you allot of those people aren’t even American nowadays. Most are illiterate too, they just believe the hype they are fed. Good comment.

    • Ann

      The big lie is that the people want a socialist government. It is not true. Only those who are involved in destroying our country want it to be top heavy and bloated with greed and avarice. Those brain washed by the lies of obama and other democrats who have bought into his schemes delude themselves into thinking we are like them. We are not. Americans wake up. Your freedoms are being destroyed even as we speak. Obama’s healthcare plan has one goal-drag the country furhter into a hole. The DOA and their attack on tricare is going right along with this end-Obama as dictator over a socialist America. Where do those loyal to America go from here.

    • Sheryl

      No the American people don’t want it, The president and his crew will not listen to the American people. They do what they want..with our money.


    I believe that the reason medical costs are going out of sight is because there is no cost control on the medical field and hospital charges. Why should their expenses exceed the cost of living by a large percentage year after year? The cost of having a baby in the United States is higher than any place in the world. (Today’s news) Why? Charging $400 to read an x-ray. A $10,000 charge for an MRI, x-rays, etc., etc for a referral from a Urgent Care facility that charged over $200 to tell us they did not know what was wrong. After all the above took place a doctor looked at my wife, finally,a couple hours late, and said he thought she had shingles. Why didn’t he examine her when initially arriving. Also, a bill for $4,000 for administering an injection in my eye, plus $2,000 for other eye examination within an hour 1/2, was submitted for payment. Why are such high bills submitted? I don’t know what percent Medicare or Tri-Care pay for such bills. Unless a expense cap is placed on the medical profession they will never get enough money and will jack their prices up, up and away. I have expressed my concerns to my legislative representatives.

    • Steve

      If you review your Explanation of Benefits (EOB) for both Medicare and Tricare for Life, you can find out how much is paid out for your medical care.

  • Ryan B

    Truth is, I think military pay is currently OK, but if they were to shove tricare fees down our throats, that would be a dirrent story. On another note I’ve been serving for 14 years, and urged to stay in the military because of my benefits specifically, Healthcare and retirement. Now just a few years from my retirement I’m at risk of being kicked to the curb, because of the budget cuts, and I will get nothing for missing out on some of my wife and childrens lives. At this point in my life I wish I would have only stayed in 4 years and left because I could have an established career by now. Don’t get me wrong I enjoy what I do now it’s a sacrifice that “I” chose to serve “Our” country but I feel as if I’ve been lied to for the past 14 years

    • guest

      First yes save in the rothTSP as much as you can!

      But it is strange how the higher ups and civi’s in this mess want to make changes for people on “FIXED” incomes but they are not willing to pay more knowing they have the big bucks. I am working age but also with VA compensation …..So i’m screwed.

      • Ryan B

        I opted out of the TSP because I will be working age if I get to retire from the USAF. Also TSP is good if you have nothing else I chose the route of IRS’s and mutual funds they have better dividends but more risk. Bottom line is eventually Americans will get sick of being treated like pawns in a political chess match, and will fight back.

        • Ryan B


  • Steve Strawberry

    I retired from the U.S. Navy after 24 years of honorable service to my country. A nation that I truly believed in and a nation that stands for freedom and democracy around the world. I cannot believe that this is the kind of appreciation that we get from our government for serving our country and for the freedom that all of those in the White House enjoy today. We made countless sacrifices for everyone (including our families) and put ourselves in harms way everyday of our lives. For what? For a nation that stopped caring about their own people? To our congressmen, senators, representatives, and our President, I would say this, ‘Shame on you.’ You are suppose to take care of your people. Our vote put all of you up there (the White House) to represent us, to fight for us (just as we have for you), to take and recognize our efforts and the many risks that we have taken throughout our entire service in the Armed Forces. You all continue to disrespect our Constitution founded by our forefathers and God. You all have gone away from what this nation is all about. The land of the free and the home of the brave…yeah right! None of you believe in what we, as Americans, believe!

  • Steve Strawberry

    CONTINUATION/Part II: Our government enjoys sticking their nose on everything that goes on outside the U.S. and forget that they are supposed to take care of us, Americans, who fought and have shed their blood for the freedom of this nation. It is just so unbelievable and so sad that our country, the U.S. of A, have turned their backs to their own people and because of their mistakes, errors, and lack of caring, they now want to take their frustrations on us, the people who pay for their taxesand the freedom that they enjoy today. I’m a man that truly believes in God and, I pray that God will bring conviction to the hearts of those that have forgotten where they came from. At least, I know for sure that even though our own government is against us, God is not. May God bless and take cares of this nation who has forgotten about us, the Americans. Today, it is all about them, not us.

    May God help us all, a concern American, someone who cares,
    U.S. Navy Retiree/Veteran

  • Retired_USMC_enlisted

    I have a huge problem with how our benifits are being stripped away from us. And in these past 5 years it has been at an increasing rate. First off I lost prime back in Oct. I just found out that I can waive the drive time waiver for specialty care and re-enroll in Prime. I re-enrolled in prime, chose a pcm 5 miles from my home onlyt to get my packet in the mail showing I have been given a PCM 53 miles away. I live in Springfield mo. A well populated area with a small sized reserve/active duty base. Those currently enlisted can utilize that pcm five miles away however for retirees this is no longer a Prime service area and the closest MTF is Fort Wood which is 103 miles away. So the PCM they gave me is the closest to me within the 40 miles distance of the MTF. If I want to keep costs down for myself and my family then this is the course I must take. If I choose standard then even with my benifit of serving this once great nation I will pay 80% more out of pocket then the leeches who have refused to work and illegal’s will. The ones who sit on there ass and collect month after month and teach their children to do the same can walk right down the street and get the help they need while I will have to drive an Hour each way just to be seen and can drive more than 100 miles for specialty care. I don’t recall being told any of this when I chose to stay in for the medical benifit aspect. Isn’t that one of the reasons we were ok with making less than minimum wage at many times because we were more concerned about the long term outcome and not the short term. More and More people are getting screwed all over this Once great Nation and I expect at this rate we’ll be having our very own revelution before long. Crazy to think Veterans will be fighting to take down a country they fought many years to protect. My family will not live in a socialist state!

    • Retired USCG

      I understand your pain, I too was dropped from Tricare prime. My closet PCM is close to an hour from my house. I’m currently using Tricare standard, but I chose to get a Tricare supplemental. I pay around $90 a month for this and I also have medical insurance with my employer.
      Retired USCG enlisted

  • TOM

    When making your cuts leave TRICARE alone go after the biggest fraud this country has EVER HAD WELFARE make these people get out and get a JOB.

    • niels slater

      I agree with Tom. Instead of cutting away at the military benefits, go after the illegal aliens who get FREE healthcare, food stamps, social security benefits. Ther is something definitely wrong with the way the government is doing business, both the President and Congress.

    • Ramona


  • Alan Kaplan

    Stop blaming congress for these cuts. You have a President who despises the military and a Secretary of Defense who is lucky to have any kind of a job. If you want to place blame, that’s where it belongs.

    Retired USAF

    • Don r

      A president and his secretary listens to the recommendations of the pentagon which has been making those types of recommendations for years. Bush has sent them forward and Reagan was responsible for graham Rumania that had enlisted on welfare. They trust the pentagon which are full of retiring four stars trying to free up money to buy new weapons systems for the companies they will work for in retirement. Yes congress is to blame for everything because they passed the bill Reagan signed. Presidents don’t pass laws congress does, just like when during the bush administration they snuck in the triad are 40 mile limit. What you need to do is take 6 grade government and learn how the countries government work instead of looking at TV.

  • Capt. America

    With the way things are going, (the way the “people” are getting screwed), keep your guns close and the ammo closer.

    • CHG

      Everyone needs to read the fiction book titled “Phoenix Rising”. This will give you an idea of what is going to happen in this country before OBAMSKI gets out of office

  • As a dependant wife of a career soldier, 30 years, I too think we are being screwed*for a better word) My husband has also seen the light, with this President, and,Congress. What he has predicterd is coming to Pass. Stick it to the Military, retired and Active Duty, they have No Choice but to accept the Changes, Done!! But, we should be Protesting, I wish I lived in Washington, I would be the First to be standing in Front of the White House protesting The Abuse of The Military, Active and Retired!! I wish they would go live with a Retired Person, or, active duty to see what Lives we have Lived, and, are Living as Military Families, The sacrifices we have made!! And, continue to Make!! He is a disgrace to Our Great country and it is not getting any better!! Nuff said!!

    • Fed up Retiree

      Remember this crisis. 171k retirees to lose prime based on where you might live!!! They just keep coming. But, it got me thinking. In 2013 we were paying $538.56 so I multiplied that by the 171k retirees and we paid in $92,093,760. That’s 92 million in a year!!! Now I know as we all pay in they are paying out, but what we are all contributing is by know means a drop in the bucket!! Its not like they foot the entire bill as they do in “other cases.” We all know who I’m talking about! We’re the US Military and deserve much better and more! Karletta you wouldn’t stand alone!

  • Thainein

    OK, so the 2013 Def Auth Act by law directs DOD to reinstitute retirees who were forced out of Tricare Prime on a one time deal. Now DOD is attempting to bypass that law by ending Tricare Prime and now instituting a fee for retiree medical care under Tricare Standard. However, the basis for DOD past actions to eliminate Tricare Prime for retirees was that by law DOD, under Tricare Standard, provided the contractual free medical care promised to those who served 20 years or more. Now DOD wants to start charging for Tricare Standard? With all of DOD’s previous statements and legal briefings that Standard is the default free medical promised to retirees both constitutionally and contractually, how can they now state that they can now charge for the service? Sounds like a very good Class-Action lawsuit by every military retiree still alive…

    • Dave

      The medical profession, Insurance industry and legal system AKA, self licking ice cream cone, had conspired and lobbied to screw over and rip off not just the sick and poor, but the entire nation and especially its vets. Commie Care here we come.

    • MaverickLatino

      So have you done any thing towards initiating that suit or are you just spouting.?

  • Barbara

    Spouse of retiree
    The government is closing down all the Tricare offices in the US effective March 31st. The only option is to go on line or call. Good luck!

    • Bobby

      Disabled Vet:
      It will take more than luck. America is really going down the tubes when it dishonors its veterans like this. Thanks President Obama.. the buck stops there!

  • Bob Stuhlmann

    Cut the benefits to the presidents, congress and the senate. Most don’t serve 20 years. Give them 2 1/2 percent per year in retirement if they serve 20 years and something similar to what a soldiers gets if they don’t serve 20 years. Also, cut the millions of dollars that the president, his family and guests spend on the extravagant vacations and unnecessary travel. The political leaders took away the benefits that were promised the military when I got in in 1966. They explained their changes by saying “It wasn’t the law no matter what you were promised”.
    Welfare is one of the big problems in this country. There are not enough people checking and enforcing the rules in the system. You have people throwing them more money and free items than many young couples get by working. Send more people to check where they live and see who all actually lives there. You will find boyfriends, fathers of the children not paying a dime to support the kids and other relatives living there off of the tax payers. Can’t do that? Oh, I forgot, that is how they buy votes. While checking the idiots, look at all of the fancy cars with the low profile tires and expensive rims in the parking lots of subsidized housing free housing areas. Go to Wal Mart and see who uses the welfare cards and then go to the parking lot and see their SUV, Jaguar, BMW or some other rig. What a life! The system is broken and the law makers broke it. The don’t and won’t fix it. Votes!! Get some one to run this country that can. It will take a long time to fix the damage the current administration has done and is continuing to do. No illegals. Quit paying them for coming to the U.S. No foreign exchange students from countries that hate us and mistreat Christian people in their countries. Sorry, this country gets no cigar – only the ashes and butts.

    • Joan S. Dennis

      You are absolutely correct!!!!!

  • H> Webster

    Personally, I feel that the President, Congress * the President’s Cabinet should reap the same benefits that the Retired Military receive( 2 1/2 %) of their base pat AFTER 20 years service, Not after 1 term or whatever for the congressional personnel. Then they should also be required to pay into Social Security and reap the same benefits that we middle class people receive after donating all our lives.

    • Dick

      Every dishonorable Congressional member ought to be given a 60 day furlough for the purpose of spending that amount of time living the life of an active duty service member to include the assignment to the war zone. Their attitude toward the active duty forces, military veterans and military retirees would change real quick. Mr. President you keep saying you will use your pen if Congress won’t give you what you want – well Mr. President use your damn pen to send these worthless jack rabbits to 60 days of the hell active duty service members go through on a daily basis.

    • SSH

      One day a new candidate will run for president and congress and change the way these people get their retirement. I see it coming then they will understand. Especially President Obama and Governor Brown of California who signed the Dream Act for illegal Aliens and immigrants to get a free education without being illegalized in the United States. We are paying our tax dollars for this act.

    • Jerry

      The President gets the following for retirement
      Former presidents are offered a taxable lifetime pension equal to the annual rate of basic pay for the heads of executive branch departments, like the Cabinet Secretaries. This amount is set annually by Congress and is currently (in 2011) $199,700 per year. The pension starts the minute the president officially leaves office at noon on Inauguration Day. Widows of former presidents are provided with a $20,000 annual lifetime pension and mailing privileges, unless they choose to waive their right to the pension.

      In 1974, the Justice Department ruled that presidents who resign from office before their official terms of office expire are entitled to the same lifetime pension and benefits extended to other former presidents. However, presidents who are removed from office due to impeachment forfeit all benefits.

      Transition Expenses
      For the first 7 months, beginning one month before the January 20 inauguration, former presidents get transition funding the help them transition back into private life. Granted under the Presidential Transition Act, the funds can be used for office space, staff compensation, communications services, and printing and postage associated with the transition. The amount provided is determined by Congress.

      Staff and Office Allowances
      Six months after a president leaves office, he or she gets funds for an office staff. During the first 30 months after the leaving office, the former president gets a maximum of $150,000 per year for this purpose. Thereafter, the Former Presidents Act stipulates that the aggregate rates of staff compensation for a former President cannot exceed $96,000 annually. Any additional staff costs must be paid for personally by the former president.

      Former presidents are compensated for office space and office supplies at any location in the United States. Funds for former presidents’ office space and equipment are authorized annually by Congress as part of the budget for the General Services Administration (GSA).

      Travel Expenses
      Under a law enacted in 1968, the GSA makes funds available to former presidents and no more than two of his or her staff members for travel and related expenses. To be compensated, the travel must be related to the former president’s status as an official representative of the United States government. In other words, travel for pleasure is not compensated. The GSA determines all appropriate costs for travel.

      Secret Service Protection
      With the enactment of the Former Presidents Protection Act of 2012 (H.R. 6620), on Jan. 10, 2013, former presidents and their spouses receive Secret Service protection for their lifetimes. Under the Act, protection for the spouses of former presidents terminates in the event of remarriage. Children of former presidents receive protection until they reach age 16.

      The Former Presidents Protection Act of 2012 reversed a law enacted in 1994 that terminated Secret Service protection for former presidents 10 years after they left office.

      Medical Expenses
      Former Presidents and their spouses, widows, and minor children are entitled to treatment in military hospitals. Former presidents and their dependants also have the option of enrolling in private health insurance plans at their own expense.

      State Funerals
      Former presidents are traditionally granted state funerals with military honors. Details of the funeral are based on the wishes of the former president’s family.

  • I cannot even begin to say how disgusted I am with this whole situation..I am the surviving spouse of a 20 year USAF M/SGT. His CONTRACT with the AF was that when he retired he would get his retirement and his medical care. He did receive his retirement and I now have TRICARE FOR LIFE..I AM 71 years old and now they are going to change things again…what realllllly disgusts me is seeing people begging for money for care for our veterans——-OMGRACIOUS,,this should NEVER HAVE TO HAPPEN….they have served their time, and should be covered TOTALLY…AND our GOV’T???? Why do they get those TREMENDOUS SALARIES, SERVE ONE TERM,,COLLECT THAT ENORMOUS SALARY FOR THEIR LIFETIME, AND HAVE A MEDICAL INSURANCE that only can be imagined by the regular civilian??? This is one of the MOST UNFAIR INEQUALITIES of our whole system.. Pay them what a military man would get,,give he/she what a military man/woman would get when they retire, this would wipe out our budget deficit in no time.

    • Marsha McGhie

      I support your position regarding TRICARE. my dad is 95 years old and was a USAF SM/sgt. that served 30 years in two wars. He is physically disabled from falling off a plane wing and is currently at end of life in a Skillled Nursing Facility. My Mom is 95 and is deaf. She is so worried about this TRICARE mess.. My dad and mom were promised Tricare for Life. What else are they going to take from the veterans who served this nation to fight foreign wars…… keep us free.

    • J George

      You go Judy. I am 1000% with you.

  • Joseph Gollie


  • LARRY B.

    liberals hate the military,this is no secret. please turn out the election and vote the criminals out of office,god bless america

  • Dick

    Lets all put a picture of Obuma and a picture of our favorite Congressional jackass on a dart board and start having some fun.

  • Mac

    said he got a letter from DOD telling him he was no longer welcome and to get his med level checked where he lived oh over 100 miles away. Now they say if you live over 40 miles away they don’t want you. The time I called and wanted to speak to my doctor on my phone only to be told the computers where down. Ask if the young airman had a pencil and a piece of paper he said yes, ask him if he knew how to write which he said he did. Ask him to take a message for the doctor. After 2 weeks and not getting an answer I stopped in while getting some meds only to be told the DOCTOR WHO I WANTED TO SPEAK TO HAD BEEN FOR 6 MONTHS, AND SINCE I HAD NOT BEEN SEEN IN THAT CLINIC ONLY TELEPHONE CONTACT I WAS NO LONGER IN THE SYSTEM AND COULD NOT BE SEEN . SINCE THEN I AM 100 % CIVILIAN DOCTORS. WHERE I IF I AM NOT SICK I DONT HAVE TO SEE THE DOCTOR SO I CAN SEE HIM WHEN I AM NOT SICK

  • Mac


  • Billy CMSgt Ret.

    This is getting to be quite asinine. For those of us who were serving on active duty when we moved to an all volunteer force and listened to the reasons this was necessary, it’s difficult to feel anything other than betrayal. We who retired more than 20 years ago, and who began our service when the base pay was so low that we qualified for welfare, yet continued to re-up because we believed there was a future in a military retirement, we have to be so disappointed. We have a group of leaders who have lost touch with the reality of military retirement and see it as well as the Social Security we earned as an “entitlement” (bad word?). That attitude is so wrong. Social Security and Military Retirement are an entitlement and that’s a good word. It’s an entitlement we’ve earned. What do they think they’re getting for their service in the Congress? Is that entitlement a good or bad thing? The point is we should be able to depend on our government keeping it’s promises. We kept ours!

  • As I read all the comments and the outrage about the cutting of benefits it only reinforces what I have been saying for years…VOTE THE INCUMBENTS OUT EVERY ELECTION!! It’s time for the American voters to understand and realize that politicians in Washington do not serve “all the people” they only serve those who fill their pockets with our money and themselves. We will never see any congress pass term limits on themselves, so the only way to get the message to them is to get rid of them every election. By voting the incumebnts out until the most senior person in congress has less than four years there we can enforce our own term limits.

    • A. LOPEZ

      My reply to the comments of this individual is “Hurrrrrrrrrrrrayyyyyyyyy”, my friend you have hit the nail in the head. That is exactly what is needed in this country. As you have stated, these “self serving politicians” will never do any bettter that what they are doing, wich is near nothing. What do you think they run for office, it is not because they want to help, that is the people, they do want to help themselves, with power, more power and yet more power. Remember power corrupt, and absolut power corrupt absolutely. I have yet to see or hear of a politician that is not there to serve his or herself. It will be a great day in America, if all and I mean all Americans will see what is going on, and will vote every incumbet out every four years. The American People need to start sending meaningful messages to their politicians, that they are not there to line their pockets and receive the marvelous perks they are receiving, that they are there to serve the interest of the people, which is not what they are doing. WAKE UP AMERICAN AND AMERICANS OF ALL WALKS OF LIFE.

  • dennis willaby

    I guess the war is over and we don’t need our soldiers any longer, so lets take the benefits they were led to believe was one of the benefits they earned for risking their lives so that those that haven’t served and those of us that made it with miner harm can be comfortable.
    Perhaps charges need to be made for future soldiers, but for those have reached retirement age and planned for the current plan into our retirement plans are not in a position for changes,
    Drugs are already take a good share of the retirement dollars.

    Those of you making these cut, ask yourself if you would be willing to give up a portion of your health and retirement benefits? Remember we the people (I would like to think we the people elected those whom passed these bill, expected you to take them away, as you sit and take them from those who served and lost their lives or became injured and unable to find a job because of these injuries).

    I beg of you to look at the pork as it is called, before you take away promised benefits.

    Thank you, I hope you read this, you civil servants whom I hope read this, you may be in the same position someday, thinking our government (I hope) will live up to the benefits you think you earned, or are you on the same health and retirement benefits as those whom hired you?

  • USAF FST SGT Retired

    I have said this in other blogs but it is worth repeating. When I was on active duty putting my health and life on the line the bean counters at DOD considered me cost effective but now that I am retired and my body begins to fail me they want to balance their budget in part at my expense. My wife and I have several health issues so we watch our pennies and live off of my military retirement and a small VA check. In an attempt to clean their conscious and make what they want to do sound more acceptable the DOD came up with the magic title of “Working Age Military Retiree” for those like me who are under age 65. Nice title and they go after this group without even considering their health and ability to supplement their retirement pay. Please DOD just give me a few more years and I promise I won’t cost you a penny but I must report that my wife will probably cost you for a few more years after that. Shame on this Administration, the DOD and the yes men at the JCS.

    • Steve Fage

      I agree with all of you, the question is what are you doing about it. If you have the balls to fight for this country and you are was willing to give your life so everyone else in the administration can leave a better life than your own, the question is what are you going to do about it. It is time to stand up and fight for your rights even if it mean to give your own life up. You know what to do, just do it. Go ahead a make a loud noise, not with your this comment, but with an action that take everyone off their feet. You know what to do.

  • JOE

    In the days of old, the king and his court led the charge.

    How much would change if the President and Congress were on the front line, leading us into war?

  • harold

    No mention of overseas TriCare, it is in shambles here in Philippines, the place I chose to retire, if more that the Medicare charge is forthcoming for us retirees here, I will opt out of Tricare for Life completely. Phil Health is much easier to use here, and well cost per year is not even what Medicare cost per month, to stay enrolled in TriCare for Health, Tricare if the worst plan I have ever seen the government in U.S. overseas to get involved with, full of corruption, lies,. and lucky if you get 20 percent back from your payments to Hospitals or Drs. here. No thank you TriCare, you are a mess…………..harold

  • Concerned wife


  • Harold Thompson Red

    I think it would hurt the retirees if they tried. Because this was what was promissed us when we served out 20 years. I am on TRICARE for Life and have made good use of it. So I think it would be a mistake to change it.

  • Bill

    I proudly served for over 20 yrs and retired and chose TriCare Prime last year I had to buy addition al healthcare at my job inorder to offset the costs that Tricare Standard does not cover now you want me to pay even more for Tricare that does not cover what I need. Seem that there should be something for those of us that gave 20 yrs or more of our lives to support and defend our great nation, not to mention cover our families who sacrificed along with us. There should be a retiree healthcare plan that covers us 100% its a small price to give those who have served, we already take a cut in our pay.