Retiree COLA Set for 2014

Military retirees and annuitants will get a 1.5 percent cost-of-living adjustment in their January 2014 retiree checks.

Each fall the federal government determines the next year’s COLA based on the Consumer Price Index. The CPI is a mixture of several factors including  the inflation rate of the reflected in the cost of groceries, housing, medical care, energy and gasoline prices.

While this year’s rate is a lower than last year’s, many retirees may remember that there was no COLA increase in several years before.

Our friends at the Military Officers Association of America point out that there are two retiree groups which will not recieve the full 1.5% COLA:

2013 Retirees:  Some servicemembers who retired during calendar year 2013 will receive a somewhat smaller, partial COLA for this year only, because they weren’t in retired status for the full year.   Their partial COLAs generally reflect the amount of inflation experienced in the calendar quarters since they retired.

Jan.-Mar. retirees will receive 1.5%; Apr.-Jun. retirees, 0.9%; and Jul.-Sept. retirees 0.4%.  Those who retire after Oct. 1, 2013, will see no COLA this year.  All members who retired during 2013 will receive full-year COLAs in future years.

REDUX Retirees:  Servicemembers who entered service on or after Aug. 1, 1986 and who elected to accept a $30,000 career retention bonus at the 15-years-of-service point agreed to accept reduced retired pay and COLAs as a trade-off for the bonus.  REDUX retirees’ COLAs are depressed 1% below the normal COLA rate, so they’ll see a 0.5% COLA this year.

Visit the ‘MOAA COLA Watch’ website to learn more about how the 2014 COLA was determined.

The COLA increase applies to military and federal civilian retired pay and Social Security benefits. VA Disability Compensation and Pension COLAs are decided separately by Congress, but they typically reflect the rates of increase.

NOTE: The Senate passed the bill to provide the COLA for veterans earlier this week. The House is expected to pass the bill in time for veterans to see the 1.5 percent bump in their January checks.

Learn more about Retiree COLA.

About the Author

Terry Howell
Before becoming the Managing Editor for, Terry served 20 years in the U.S. Coast Guard as an Aviation Electrician’s Mate and aircrewman. In his final role in the Coast Guard, Terry served as a Career Development Advisor, where he provided career, finance, education, and benefits counseling to servicemembers and their families. Since retiring from the Coast Guard, Terry has authored the book, The Military Advantage, managed the content for TurboTap, the DoD's online transition program and VAforVets, the VA's transition assistance website. Terry earned both his Bachelor's and MBA at Corban University using Military Tuition Assistance and his GI Bill benefits to help cover the cost.
  • Ken

    1.5 % cola increase + increase of Tricare premiums = a net loss of over $50 per month to my meager retirement pay. Thanks for nothing and more broken healthcare promises to our Retired Vets. Shameful or should I say shameless.

    • Ron

      while I dont care for it either, the 50 dollar raise in premiums is per year, and my retired check will be approx 25 more per month, so though not alot, its 300 per year

  • David Hunter

    We should get the same increase as Congress because Freedom start with us.

    • buck

      Congress should work on an hourly basis. Minimum wage and no overtime. All health , dental, vision benefits are paid out of their own income. All campaign finance, their tax returns for the last ten years are all transparent. That would make them all closer to the common man and pass legislation that would benefit the majority of Americans, not just the wealthiest.
      Unfortunately, most Americans are more concerned with football, baseball, basketball and whatever pro sport is hot at the moment than how their Government works or doesn’t as of late.
      There wont be any changes until we all agree to fix what’s ailing America.

  • ?Braintree

    I think the armed services should also cut leave down to two weeks. Of course they should pay time and a half for over forty hours along with double time foe excess of sixty hours. Please don’ t forget to base retirement on last years salary including overtime. While at it dock the Congress for anything less rah a forty hour week and no perks for speaking etc.

    • buck

      Weekends, Sat, Sun shouldn’t be counted as leave days either. That would make six weeks a year instead of four weeks and two days.

  • Joseph Walker

    Can anyone explain it is that every year retired military folks have to beg for COLA, were it not for these folks who have sacrificed their lives to protect and defend the Freedom of all Americans that they are forced to live on a retirement check which is often below what it costs to live and they have to beg and hope pray that they are granted a COLA.

    To me this does not seem right.

    Am I wrong?

    • Deb
      • Lou
    • Deb
    • Don Monroe

      You are not wrong, congress should try and live on our retirement and see if they can manage. Most of them have never served in the military, but what is their pension like when they retire from congress.

    • John

      I agree with you wholeheartedly Joseph. The thanks the active duty, veterans and retirees get for defending America’s freedom. I proudly served our Navy for 20 years and this is a very small token (if you want to call it that) of the government’s appreciation for our sacrifices! I wish all people in office had to serve in the military and experience what all service members have to go through including combat for the small paycheck amount and see how they like it!

    • Dave

      We’re at the point now where the vast majority of Americans are not receiving any pension whatsoever and are left to entirely fund there own retirement accounts while paying for public employee/military pensions & benefits through taxation which will be much more generous than they’ll be able to fund themselves but yet there is complaint from those receiving the great deal even though they are getting an increase in pay. Military retirees often start drawing their pensions decades before others in public or private sector which is unparalleled. It’s also likely that many military retirees will draw their pensions for more than twice their actual service. Many, maybe even most, civilian pension plans that still exist are not indexed for inflation. I’m continually amazed at everyones sense of entitlement and it’s exactly why we have a burgeoning national debt of $17 Trillion that shows no sign of ever easing as no one wants anything cut or frozen if they are the least impacted. Military retirees pensions, if annuitized, would require a seven figure sum of money which very few would be able to amass through saving and investment themselves particularly in the relatively short time that military retirees are eligible to start drawing their pensions. Show me someone else other than a CEO whose getting even close to such a deal let alone a better one….

      -Grateful Military Retiree

      P.S. My wife is a skilled Engineer with a graduate degree earned above the median wage in her industry. She saves over 25% of her pay into a 410K and ROTH IRA. Next year she’ll be as old as I was when I retired and despite her diligent saving and investment her whole career, the income she you draw from her savings, though she couldn’t w/o penalty, would be just over half what my pension is at present. And if she would have to fund her of own health care instead of using my Tricare, nearly half her pension would be out the door to fund it. So the morale of the story….be very grateful for the awesome deal you’ve gotten. You’re the lucky ones.

      • bourbonbob

        Dave, well said.! I cringe when I read these blogs from military retirees who seem to think they deserve some undying gratitude and limitless entitlements because of their service. And yet they loudly complain about the entitlement minded society and the “money for nothing” congressmen make. as you so eloquently pointed out, they don’t know what a good deal they have.

        -Another Grateful Military Retiree

        • ehcop

          Bourbonbob, your best bet would be to ease up on your Kool-Aid intake. I consider you and Dave to be part of the “shame on you” crowd; probably officers who also support BRAC, troop reductions and pay cuts.

          -A very grateful & supportive retiree of continued better conditions for all troops

        • CPOGarrett

          Bourbonbob, I disagree. These folks are only asking for what was guaranteed them. If it truly meant that it would help the country they would be the first to give it all back.The truth is they are tired of being lied to. In a free society ever one is guaranteed equal opportunity not equal results. My cousin is retiring from a career as an Registered Nurse. Her private pension far exceeds anything a military person would earn, unless they retired above the 05 level. Lets not forget that many veterans don’t live to civilian retirement age. The military was all that efficient in keep asbestos and other chemicals out of our bodies. just sayin

      • wtchdg

        Dave, you must be a retired officer, and as usual you think that everyone is/has the money you do. there are service personnel on food stamps cuz they can’t make it on their pay. you must also have voted for Obama cuz you seem to think that we make as much as they do. in any case, you are entitled to your own opinion, of which many of us do not agree with. called freedom of speech in case you forgot what our country is all about, right now anyway.

        • Dave

          Yes I’m a retired officer O-4. How does that detract from the substance of what I’ve said above? I’m fully aware that some of our most junior serviceman qualify for some of our currently overly generous federal assistance programs but it’s a very small tiny percentage of the entire force and it usually inflicts someone like an E-2 who is married with two kids. But that’s not the discussion here. Pensions are the topic de jour. Enlisted personnel qualify for a pension as early as age 37. I don’t think it was the initial intent of these pension programs that a 37 year old or 50 years old for that matter would permanently leave the work force once they retired from the military when the normal retirement age for everyone else is 62-65 years of age. Same thing goes for someone who didn’t save for their retirement and tries to get along with just Social Security and Medicare, they’ll probably not be too happy in retirement. If you’ve done similarly, you’ve got no one to complain to except to yourself. You should have saved more when you were in the service to supplement your pension and if you didn’t have enough for a comfortable retirement by what ever standards that you set for yourself, then it was incumbent upon you to get another job to meet the standard of living you desire. I admittedly had the means so I routinely saved 25-30% of my pay on active duty for investing to supplement the retirement pay I knew I’d be qualifying. I bought only two cars while on active duty, both with cash and one being used. I took the risk and bought and managed real estate to pad what I was getting as I wasn’t satisfied that my retirement pay alone would carry the day. But the bottom line is still that military retirees are getting about as good of a deal with their pensions and benefits, particularly medical that we have absolutely nothing to be complaining about. My wife who still working away and saving for her retirement reminds me regularly on how good I have it (to be a stay at home Dad)

          P.S. For the record and full disclosure, I didn’t vote for Obama and I’m a staunch Tea Party Supporter.

          • Idmtmedic

            Dave let’s hear your plan to keep a fully functioning military that is going to stay for 20 years if you want to compare it to civilians. A 401k? If we are going down that road then let’s also throw in time and a half for overtime, lunches, breaks, holiday pay? If we are going to treat the military as civilians with retirement, and by the way it’s reduced pay for reduced service, then let’s do it like any other company as you suggest. Retainment of seasoned veterans IS the issue. Re-enlistments? Are you willing to give your overly generous retirement back? If your “retirement” check was on the block would you be one of the complainers?

          • Dave

            I’m all for keeping an all volunteer force too. If you havent noticed, we’re $17+ Trillion (with a capital “T”) in debt and it’s still rising hundred of billions annually as far as the eye can see. We simply don’t have the tax system in place to possibly pay for all the promises the government has made for the last 50 years. Unfunded liabilities are at least another $90 Trillion. Therefore, I think some consideration has to be given to changing the military retirement system some for “future” retirees (ditto for federal workers) and it’s readily apparent Medicare and Social Security both need reform. But the reality is that the vast majority who enter the service don’t ultimately retire so I’m not sure how retention would be impacted especially given the pathetic state of the economy at present and a historically very unemployment rate and the difficulty veterans are experiencing getting hired in the civilian world. But out of the gate, I would recommend something like getting a reduced payout upon retirement until reaching age 55 or 60 when you become eligible to receive the full amount. This was considered back in the 1960’s when military pay and benefits were being overhauled. I think it’s nonsensical that a 37 yr old can start to draw a pension. And yes, I think the TSP needs to be a component to the whole equation too. In regards to your last question, I’m pretty sure that if my suggestion above was implemented while I was just starting, I highly doubt that would have resulted me in leaving the service over it. I didn’t take a union mentality in regards to my pay and benefits when I choose to volunteer to serve. I was entirely happy before, during and after. I probably would have simply stayed in longer and saved more if that was the system. But frankly that’s part of the reason our national debt and deficit are in such the pathetic shape that they are today is that no one wants what they get from the government impacted nor do they want taxed at the level that would be required to fund it all. If a private sector company goes bankrupt and is unable to fund their pension obligations, the pensions typically get slashed. But that’s not the case with the public sector particularly at the national level. It’s just more borrowing and a burgeoning deficit. We’re getting to a tilting point and like it or not, changes need to made. The longer it’s delayed, the more painful it’ll be. Like an alcoholic, there is too much denial across the board on the scope of the problem.

          • Idmtmedic

            Dave, if the vast number that enter the service don’t retire then how is it we are part of the problem? If they change the retirement to a civilian based idea then why not stay a civilian? Retirement is a huge incentive to stay as well as education. I understand the need for cuts, however our “paid vacations” to war zones have no counterparts in the civilian world. I assure you twenty years deserves a check at 37 or not.

          • Vern

            Hi Dave, Don;t know when you came in but to retire as an O-4 you must have been a mustang. I enlisted in Navy reserve while still in High School. When I came in at last on acdu 1958, our quarters were from WW2 and fire hazard. Squad bay type not like currently. Rates were mostly closed due to WW2 personnel still on acdu. I now have lost another shipmate (my next door neighbor) due to effects of agent orange Sunday night. Until I retired I had always held a second or third part time job. As for Social Security, I started paying in 1952.

            We have (all of us) have earned what we received. No one can compare our (Military assignment/training) to the civilian community.

            Thank you for your service.

      • CPOGarrett

        Dave one big difference. You wife did not spend 20 years getting her ass shot at. If this nation can’t afford to honor its promise to its Vets, then so be it. I guess you can say that we survived to retirement is lucky. We also did not have 401k plans when I was in the military. You probably have a fat officer pension. Most of the guys out here don’t have that. Your kind of thinking is exactly what gets those guys benefits and pay cuts. Don’t be a dumb ass.

    • Mark

      our pay should go up whatever the dollar depreciated, let alone COLA. It is NOT a pay raise, it is making the dollar buy the same thing it did a year ago.

    • Jerry Brittsan

      No Sir you are not wrong Congress is aware they can do as they damn well please look at the two so called Senators we have in CA they are going to be there for life why should they care what happens to anybody else they send pitiful emails (or direct their flunkies to ) and giggle all the way to the Bank with their booty.

    • Cheryl
      • CPOGarrett

        God Bless you Cheryl,

    • Tommy
  • Retired USAF

    We went two years with out any retirement increase. So i guess we should be thankful for the 1.5 % increase. This will put you in another income tax bracket .So the goverment will just turn around and take it back. And you thoughty you were going to have more money to spend in 2014. Which will really make you get nothing.

    • Docsenko

      Usually there is a lost. The taxes will be higher of course and you will get less.

    • howard

      I bet the fat cats in the Federal Government get a healthy cola or a big pay raise.

    • frank

      cheaper to go ahead an die

      • SnipersRUs

        I’m gonna pray for you Frank, but I at least want to get my 25 years return and some, for the 25 years I served
        KEEP HOPE ALIVE lol!!

    • SnipersRUs

      Amen to that, and I live in taxated MD., they have no mercy on the retiree

  • buck

    Tricare is going up again ? Who voted in favor of this BS ? They need to be skylighted so they lose the veteran vote next election along with strong letters of disapproval from their constituents.

    • Conrad

      I don’t now what part of the country you live in, but here in the north we are paying for our own health care. We have an increase in deductible and co-pay. We can’t find physicians that accept tri -care.

      • Mark
      • James
        • RETIREE


    • howaer

      Need to elect as many tea party conservatives as possible to replace these folks. They should cut food stamps for people who don’t want to work , and give a big pay raise to the military , all veterans, and the disabled. they are the ones who made this country safe, and free, not bums.

      • Debra
  • Larry

    Those morons up there messing up our government always vote their raises in.But them they give the military a 1 -1.5 percent raise.That really sucks.It really shows what they think of us.Everyone of them should be fired.Especially the president.

    • Sharp
    • Dennis, I hate to ask this, but is this the feeling you also hold for your brothers in arms that happen to be person’s of color. It is difficult to believe that the positions of some of the people that “dislike” the policies of this President are not based in race and not the policies.

      An understanding of how the Government operates will help you to grasp that it is not the President that determines the size of the increase in pay. I will bet that you do not believe that your Representative holds no responsibility in what has happened in pay increases, but it is the House that control the purse strings in this Government. It is the GOP that is suppressing all benefits and in your case they are being successful at making you angry at the wrong person. It is time that we started thinking with our minds and not our emotions. We as a people are always voting against our own best interest so they can make it harder for others. Well, we are all in this boat together and those with their hands on the Rutter will be the first to get a life boat. When it come to entitlements, we the Retiree are the “THEM” not the Blacks or some other arbitrary group. When we vote to hurt them, we are voting to hurt us as well. Climb out of your state of Racial Hatred and review the real situation, they (political leaders) care no more for you that me, why? Because we the retired are feeding off the Teat of the Government and they find the situation unacceptable. Once you begin to understand this, you can direct your anger toward the right person and I assure you it will not be “Your” President.

  • Chet Carman,CMSgt(R)

    Unbelievable, Just keep taking bits & pieces of our “promised” benefits away. Instead of free dental as promised years ago -1960’s – We get taxed on our Tri-Care. I served 30 yrs, the best years of my life. Retired as CMSgt and thanks to our Senators & Representatives not acting for the people we have Obama-care and a broken Government that has sold our country to China. Thanks, and no one can blame all this on any President alone.

  • Docsenko

    This amounts to about 19.00 +/-. for Medicare. Watch the rates go up. Must be careful not to spend this all in one place.

    • Well, they said Medicare was not going to go up-we’ll see-I don’t trust any of them-look how they have lied about Obamacare!

  • ronnie pond

    If the government can control the Cost of living for the military and the retires. then it the Government needs to control the price of gas,food,I.E. Meat, poltaty,Milk,and every item that they inspect to to go to market and any one that inflates the price needs to be procicuted promplly. sence we are beening tax for insurance . let the government protect the people like it should.because all the american people is getting is tired of beenibn screwed.

    • EVERY time I go to the grocery store, food is up-especially meats & milk-how can they say that it only went up enough to give a 1.5% raise in retiree checks & in SS? Makes no sense to me-guess these people don’t know what prices are at the stores!

    • guest

      How can USG control anything – they don’t even control their own spending. What they can control is the boot on the throats of those of us retired and depending on the stipend we were promised.

    • Guest

      There was a President and Congress who decided to DE-regulate Oil. All for creating competition between the companies. I was stationed in N.D. (Grand Forks) and the price for a gallon of gas was $.50 a gallon (had a 22 gallon gas tank, paid $11 to fill it up). Can remember when there was 2 day to go before de-regulation, the price per gallon went up to $.88 per gallon. On the day of de-regulation, the price went up to $1.05. Try to remember what drives food prices. Cows have to eat, what do they eat? What they eat we now for fuel (another government mandate).

  • Richard

    It’s not just those who voteed for Obama and his gang of liers, but also those that did not even go out and take advantage of the right we fight for. (go out and vote next time).

  • Vince in Upstate NY

    I can see all the malcontents focusing on the President (and Reid, Pelosi, etc) It is the congress who writes the budget, loudly proclaims support for the military, refuse to address the issue of concurrent receipt, creates the pork for their own districts, and then fails to provide anything more than 1.5%. The Congress could change that if they would focus on real budget issues instead of attempting to repeal the Affordable Care Act which in they end will be fully functioning, money saving, and a total embarrassment to the GOP which should not be the party of NO but the loyal opposition.

    • BRB

      Vince I hope you are satisfied with the up coming HC and every thing else the DEMs are shoving down your throat.

    • USN Ret94

      Sorry, Congress does not write the budget, they work out compromises from the budget submitted by the president, which Obama has never done. So every thing is piecemealed together from the last budget to keep the gov’t going. The Last passed budget was 2007. Obama has never submitted one and has vowed to “veto” anything that does not contain what he wants, proof, the shutdown and his control of the democrats, they dare not offend his dictatorship.

    • Linda

      Sounds like an opposing party member! I was taught that when I pointed a finger at someone, I had three fingers pointing back at me. So remember, no matter what party you are on, if you point your finger at a political party, just remember you are pointing three right back at your self. The only way we can get anything to work in this country is good old common sense and right now, I don’t think anyone in Washington has any. They need to get off their duffs and do the right thing and take care of our country like the veterans did and still do, and stop pointing fingers and slinging pompous speeches around.

    • Bill Miller

      News flash!! The congress has continued to do its job and pass budgets. It is the senate that had gone 5 yearsa without a budget being offered… that would be Harry Reid. It was the Pres that said he will not negotiate with the house unless they gave him EVERYTHING that he wanted first. You need to check out the constitution to see that each the house develops a budget to begin the process. The Senate then takes that budget and does what it wants to create its own version. Finally the two groups come together and go into a conference to develop a final bill that they each vote on then send it to the Pres. When two of the three branches are non participatory that means the the house is whistling in the wind until the others join in on the american process rather than playing king and doing whatever they want by presidential order. THINK ABOUT IT

      Bill USAF Retired

      • Isaac Peterson,Jr.

        You are all just re-slinging the rhetoric of your respective parties.
        The real truth is we will never be able to cure our ills unless we get the bone heads in DC to do two of three possible things: (1) Truly compromise in the interest of the people that hired them, (2) enact a law that requires bills to be free of pork add-ons for special projects, and/or (3) enact a law that will allow the line item veto. It is all the extra add ons that cause the different parties or the senate to vote NO. And in the political wrangling NO voter is then accused of not supporting the troops or for being and advocate for legalized marijuana. Its truly a shame that we allow it, and even worse that so many people (American voters AND Politicians) vote based on party loyalty instead of the best interests of country. Even sadder are those who only vote in general presidential elections. So sad…

        • Dick US Navy Retired

          Isaac one other thing that I think is important to the debate and it should be number (4) TERM LIMITS and after your term is done you do not collect your retirement till you reach the age of 60 like our reservist do. And not your whole pay you were getting either make it a percentage.

    • TomS

      What more could I say then to repeat the comments already addressing Vince’s HOG WASH statement. Go Army and YES its time to remove ALL the deadwood in Washington DC.

    • wtchdg

      vince, Obama has not even suggested getting a budget. he just wants to spend and spend. he wants a blank check. did you think about that. every time the house submits a budget the senate sits on it. so please, don’t try to make the senate look so innocent. a lot of us are aware of their tactics and lies unlike so many that are uninformed and don’t care to investigate. why do you think Obama wants a brown shirt army and 27,000 urban warfare vehicles to go along with that. have a nice day.

      • Actually wtchdg, Obama has submitted a budget each year in office. As someone previously pointed out above, it has been held up in the Senate. Budget or no budget, all spending (and funding) bills originate in the House.

    • d Gibson

      Obama care is not sustainable, but for the empirical group of people who think it is, lets sit back and watch and see…..

  • Mdeber

    Don’t vote for any incumbent… all of them out. That is most likely the ONLY way we voters can get control of our government. Military people need to make an impact!

  • Darlene Bristol

    Be grateful what you have, Dennis.

  • franh

    the congress should have to pass the colas every year by june the 1st and veterans and retire people should not be included in any shut down there pay should never be held at all

  • Woody

    What our country needs to do is to get GOD back in our government and schools, this wonderful country of ours was founded on religious freedom, but we allow a few unbelievers to change everything including even taking GOD out of our military. We should start at the top and either impeach each and everyone or vote them all out and start all over againg..

    • BRB

      Woody I agree with your statement. One person got prayer out of school in the 60’s and now one man is taking it out of everything else our country believes in.

    • Linda

      Woody, I totally agree with you. This country is founded upon the Christian principles and we the Christians have sat back too long and let the unbelievers take over. I just thank God that he is in control and I know that whatever happens, he is my sole protector and no one could have a better one unless they belong to him. I choose not to hide my head in my hands, but look up with faith because we will lose scrimages, BUT we know who will win in the end!

      • Yves

        I do believe in GOD, but I am not a religious freak. This great country was founded by GOD and remains free because all the brave men and women of all different beliefs who fought and are still fighting to keep us free so some of us can freely express their hateful thought. I agree with you. We should start the impeachment process by getting rid of all the extrem ideology instigators in the government so this GREAT country can be what she is founded to be; a country where “all men are created equal”.

    • ROBO

      More than wholeheartedly AGREE

    • Iraqidoc

      How did they get GOD out since GOD is everywhere? You don’t read you Bible.

    • TracerBullet

      Yes, and it was also founded upon slavery still being legal, women not having the right vote, European illegal aliens (aka immigrants) slaughtering the indigineous population. While many of our countries founding fathers held Christian religous beliefs that is not universal. Inf fact several well respected historians have made convincing argumetns that the leading Founders (Adams, Jefferson, Franklin, Wilson, Morris, Madison, Hamilton, and Washington) were neither Christians nor Deists, but rather supporters of a hybrid “theistic rationalism”.

    • Chuck

      Problem with getting God back into government and schools is that Muslim Americans want that too.

    • Jerry Brittsan


    • Ray

      Amen, Brother!

  • Mark
  • IraqVet

    It isn’t enough to cover the increases in retired health care but just enough to put me in a higher tax bracket which will bring me a lower return if I get one at all…Thank yooooooo big government.

  • Pete Alvarado

    Bitching about congress is just a feel good reflex that everybody indulges in but accomplishes zilch. Wake up! The Congress is made up of individuals (a few with integrity) and surprisingly enough, some of them are from your home districts. These individuals are the ones whose cage you should be rattling. They need to be reminded about how they were waving the flag during their election campaigns but now just can’t walk the walk. Bury them in emails and phone calls. They are well aware of 2014 elections around the corner.

  • As usual, The White House Staff, Congress, Appointees, etc. receive a significantly higher increase, percentage wise, than Active Duty Military and Veterans. When they don’t recieve it in direct funds, they receive it in benefits in such a way that it allows them more discretionary balances after bills. I look forward to the day when these sorry bastards are held accountable, and the finances go where they should.

    • retired

      Sorry to say it will never happen .

  • COY

    you go fellow vets as I think that those a hole in congress think threre is nothing to good for veterans so screw them give them nothing send it all to some screwed up religious country I agree we all have to step up and get all new reps in congress. Ilove my country but my Government sucks

    • Sandy

      I’m sick and tired of the Military always taking the hit! They should have
      full retirement benefits and cola’s for all they have done for this country!!

    • Jerry F

      The question is…do the American people have the nerve…I know they have the right ….to vote all the people in Washington out…party be dammed
      Until then, it will be same old same old. That is what I am going to do come the next national election

  • John Colon

    The whole Congress ( House/Senate) should only be on a (3) term status as the President is on a (2) term status……..As for Congress, the (3) term status allows for a more in-tune, more for the people ( not for better than thou attitude as has been / still going on), it will allow a MORE Clearer mental individuals that actually care for this GREAT NATION of ours……I have lost respect for the Congress as a whole…….

  • Daddio10

    This how I see it. Retiree’s will get a 1.5% COLA increase, but there will be 3.0% increase in taxes. So really there is no cost of living increase. Across the board everything has had a cost increase of 150% since 2005, and it is not getting any better.

    • billbiss

      3% increase? My property taxes alone went up 11% over last year.

    • Dave

      We’re broke and $17 Trillion plus in debt with no signs we’ll ever get it under control. At some point, the over promises and under funding will have to be addressed.

  • Linda

    My husband is retired and I am 70 years old this month. I guess I am a Jesus freak if that is what you want to call me, however, I know that he was there with me when I had 2 of our 3 babies alone, and Jesus was there for me on his long deployments and moves and when I miscarried. So altho you don’t think it has anyplace on a retiree pay board, I think he does and I really don’t care that you think I am one, I know where I am going in life and death and I am sorry you evidently don’t feel the same way. You know, I would be remiss if I didn’t put this proposition to you. Would you rather take a chance on one of us being wrong. I will take my belief and faith in God and when I die, if there is nothing to it, I would be in the same place you are, but if when I die, what I believe is true, where will you be. Left out. My prayers for you and yours

  • The ACA is a joke. Model Danish Health Care.

  • ksTIGER1971

    Congress is inside the Beltway, i.e. in the Twilight Zone, so it’s understandable that they are out of touch with the world. It shouldn’t be acceptable but it is understandable. Congress was filled with former military for decades after WWII but not any more. It’s filled with attorneys who’s first option is to sell out to the highest bidder. It’s like prostitution but more dishonest. They send soldiers to do their dirty work, talk a lot of @#$% about how supportive they are of veterans then cut every program that benefits them. The do what they can to reduce their pay/retirements, provide substandard medical care to even the most needy… I could go on and on. The only way to deal with it is to NOT VOTE FOR LIARS.

    • blind juctice

      well said my brother F bunch of liars period.

  • Mike

    If Obama had a son he would look like a code pink protester. This is the most American hating administration in our history and that is even worse then Clinton getting a BJ while talking to senate armed forces committee Sonny Montgomery about deploying troops to Bosnia. As a CSM (R) I love America, our troops and am repulsed by Democrats always being against the military. Shame Shame Shame

    • Jerry F

      Four tours of Combat…all which I volunteered for…I am a Democrat

      • toby

        Thank you for your service.. I’m a Democrat as well, and I believe the President is behind the Military and is always fighting to help the less fortunate… My husband is a Vietnam Veteran & a Democrat as well. He would vote again for Clinton if he could run,

  • Dennis Werne

    How can it be that only a 1.5 yet when the butt heads “we” voted for, vote the selfs a nice 15 or 20 o/0 raise?
    I gave 22 years to my country for my retirement. How many years do they have to ” serve” to get a retirement?

    • Jerry F

      If you can believe it…they are “pension qualified” after the first two years.
      One thing there is no doubt about…the first people they take care of…that they aretotally united on…party be dammed…is themselves

  • Volunteering is a priviledged gift allowed for anyone. Remember the education fun travel snd adventure to travel to distant lands and the different cultures you were given a chance to have. Stop gripeing and be thankfull for what you have and are receiving AMERICAN.

    • Dave

      I agree with Bill sentiment about being a volunteer and serving the country. Too many here sound like community activists demand their “rights”.

    • RetiredUSNChief

      You do have some valid points and I agree with much of your sentiment. But though I “volunteered” for my time in service, I didn’t do so for free. My obligation was made based on many short-term and long-term factors and part of that includes the obligations my country has to me in return. I’ll take what COLA I get, but I darn well appreciate a COLA that at least keeps pace with inflation.

  • John

    Do you forward posted comments by Military menbers on to the Politicans, if you don’t why not??? You should. Each Senator and Congressmen/women need to personally receive and read these comments from all of us brave military women/men. Then perhaps they can understand our frustration and give Active/Retired Military Members their fair share in budgeted funding/allowance/COLA’s etc.

    Retired M/SGT 80% disabled

  • Hal

    Now you know, some of you have great complaints. But, you need to know the President of the country only wanted to give you .5%. Just google it.
    It dosen’t hurt to look it up. For those of you who support this POTUS, just remember, he needs you to sign up if you decide to get out of the military for his Healthcare. It would most likely be better to stay in. Now, if you think when all this is over and the military come home, they are going to down size and you may get the boot. Keep all this in mind.

  • hey i don’t know if this cola applies to my hubby but he took voluntary leave in 1992 after his tour in desert storm and didn’t know he has to pay back the 41,892.00 dollars he received for early out,but he has to pay it back.they are taking it from his retired check he gets monthly. don’t know how we are gonna afford this plus the new house he just purchased 2 months ago at 1145.00 a month and a car payment thats near 578.00 a month not to mention all the other bills we have. this sucks.

    • Mark

      appeal it. There is a clause about if you were overpaid and did not know… Anyhow, appeal it. The sad thing is the military is so hard up for cash you probably will lose, but in the past it was typically approved (not to pay it back).

      Add to it the statute of limitations is 7 years. 1992 was a long time ago.

      • Mark

        if I recall the Army was big on welcoming people home and telling them they have 2 weeks to get out. Did it to two high school buddies of mine.

    • SmartGuy

      Sell the cars. duh.

    • Shelly

      No kidding, don’t go so far into debt!

  • Steven

    I’m just proud to get my retirement pay at age 41. I’m not going to complain if I get a 1.5% cola raise or a 0.0% cola raise. Just thankful for what I have. As for getting a pension earlier than a civilian, they should have served their country. It’s like a salty sailor once said, “you choose your rate(job), you choose your fate. Don’t complain about not getting something that someone else is getting when you know your career doesn’t equal a military service members sacrifice. A normal enlisted service member retires at 20 years at a pay grade of E6 to E9 didn’t make close to the same as some civil service worker and wasn’t at home with their families every night either. Walk a day in a serviceman’s boots and then you will understand.

  • just another number been out of work do to injury filed for va benefits for the third time got them after three years but as the lady at the top stated , I got forced out of my mos because was overage in 92 and they paid severance pay I was at 17 years of service had no bad marks on me top secret clearance promotable wyada wyada but they set my va date at 2010 for benefits but I was thinking I would get back payed to 92 for service related injuries but know so I will not get pay till feb 2015 for 40% because I have to pay back the of forced reduction pay living in my daughters spare room thank god for children or I would be on the street , and I am so sad that my government used me and still is .

  • Rick Lipary

    How is it a “bonus” if you get it on the front end, but LOSE it on the back end because of the lower COLA!? It should have been the bonus AND the full COLA!

    • CPO (wearing civies)

      You don’t get the meaning of “bonus”, do you? It is a conjuction of two words “Bone” and “us”.

  • J Platt

    to all who are gripping about the government giving us a small COLA to our retirement ,we who served our country proudly for 20+ years a cogressman only has to serve 1 term ,who then receives his full retirement for the rest of his life an never ever even puts his life on the line of fire.So people who voted for this peice of garbage who calls himself the commander an chief that has lied an back stabbed us all live with the fact that he’s taking us all down to hell, an the demercrates who stole 4 years of COLA from us retiress they should all be shot for stealing our COLA’s an the money that everyone of us has payed into social security with IOU’s 2.5 trillion plus interest which they never ever intended to pay back , an now is the obama affordable care act which they stole another part of our money that we all payed into medicare .An lets not forget what Clenton did to the so called service member who was promised we would have free health care for the rest of our life for serving our country proudly which he took from us members. Need I say anything eles lets get them all out of our government lock them all up any re-elect people who going to do the US citizen good an pay back there just rewards It’s time for you democrates to wake up an smell the coffee

    • CSM LOCK

      The repub are the ones (Bush) that spent us to the point were we are today!!! not the dems….you can not make up you own facts. J.A.

      • retired SFC

        At some point you need to stop blaming Bush for things. He’s been out of office for 5 (FIVE) YEARS.

    • george

      I could be wrong,but i think they need to serve two terms.Which still is not long and they get top line medical for life.Good deal.

  • Phiblant

    Clearly these people who make these decisions do not visit the supermarkets, put food on the table, raise children keep up with household bills and services, heat their homes, make repairs to their automobiles, etc. Somehow they seem to be immune to the expense the average American household deals with, the price of a loaf of bread or an ordinary orange.

  • Alvin Curriston

    I retieered from the Army in 1994 after 20 years, and have never recieved COLA! How do I go about claming it and getting the BACKPAY that I am entiteled to?

    • CPOGarrett

      You need to get a hold of Dfas ASAP! You are owed back pay

      • retiredSFC

        COLAs are paid automatically.

  • alissa

    So if your a x spouse and got a apportionment each month will you see that 1.5% increase? And what about the whole doubling of your check if in 2014 for being discharged for a medical condition and now consider disabled vet as the condition happened while in the service? Does the x spouse see that extra money too? Yes I am the x spouse, and my x is locked up for 30 yrs for abusing my son while we were married so I am unsure of these answers and hoping someone of knowledge may know. Thank you in advance.

    • dave

      You should consult with the branch of service your x-spouse was affiliated with, as a felon your x spouse would NOT be entitled to military retirement pay or VA compensation. Only you and he would know all the extenuating circumstances so you need to go to the source. Good luck.

      • alissa

        Yes i have a representative, and i fought for the apportionment as it was also in my divorce decree and i do recieve it and have since may. He my x only recieves 10% of it which equaled about $110.00 a month. Funny thing is he does not even get to see that much as part of his sentencing our amazing prosecutor made sure his prision account can never go over $50 so if for some reason that check gets sent to the prison rather than his mommy or daddys then i get that extra money each month. Latley i have been receiving about $90 extra dollars so somebody is putting to much in his account, cant tell me you make that much working in a kitchen in a prison. Heck i was a Correctional Officer before for four years while married to the monster i kinda know the life of the inmate. I do not know however if he still gets his tri care benefits. My children still do. I hope he does not as he does not deserve one thing. I will have to ask my rep about this it was such unordinary case they had never done before so they are not real knowledgeable on these things. Thank you for your response though.

        • retired SFC

          So far as do you get the COLA, if your decree states you get a certain percentage of his retirement, then yes you do. If it states you get a set amount, then no you do not.

          • retired SFC

            Also, you are not actually entitled to his disability pay, only his retired pay.

  • Billy Combs

    What cola? They voted for cola cuts in the new budget deal. Supposed to be 1 percent below CPI. Sure got me confused already.

  • disappointed

    All those who passed up the redux 30,000 bonus over the last ten years should be owed that money now that they are being forced by our elected officials into the redux cola decrease anyway. Watch carefully for the litigation that is hopefully already in the works…. This will be devastating for retention….. it is a slippery slope to change the agreed upon incentives to stay in for 20. Although it is a rewarding career, it certainly isn’t easy…

    • Glad to serve

      You are correct these lawmakers do not follow the laws they pass they pass these laws for us and are exempted. They are living lavish lives and are far removed from the day to day issues we all go through. Republicans and Democrats both are the blame. Do not know what to say about this country anymore . Something is about to happen soon the bottom has fallen out with them a change has is coming soon. No faith in Politics only faith in the Lord!!!!!!!!!! Hate to see what is happening to the Veterans