TFL Retirees to Pay 80% of VA Health Care Costs

TRICARE for Life beneficiaries

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are being notified that as of October 1st, military retirees (over age 65) who receive care at a Department of Veterans Affairs facility for non-service connected ailments will be required to pay the VA 80% of the TRICARE allowable charges. By law TRICARE, will only pay up to 20 percent. The remaining 80 percent is equal to the amount that Medicare would have paid if the beneficiary had used a Medicare certified provider.

This is not a new a new Law, it is a regulation that both agencies (TRICARE & VA) recently realized was not properly enforced for over a decade.

To avoid getting charged the remaining 80 percent, TRICARE and the VA are urging that you only seek care for service connected disability at VA health care facilities and seek care for all other medical services at a certified Medicare provider

It is important to note that higher priority veterans will not be impacted by the enforcement of this rule. For example, veterans with VA disability ratings of 10 to 40 percent will continue to receive cost-free VA care for any condition. These veterans are only required to pay a co-payment of $8 on outpatient medications for non-service-connected conditions. Veterans with service-connected ratings of 50 percent or higher are not required to make any co-payments for care at VA facilities.

Read Tom Philpott’s Military Update for more details and to see a copy of the letter.

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Terry Howell
Before becoming the Managing Editor for, Terry served 20 years in the U.S. Coast Guard as an Aviation Electrician’s Mate and aircrewman. In his final role in the Coast Guard, Terry served as a Career Development Advisor, where he provided career, finance, education, and benefits counseling to servicemembers and their families. Since retiring from the Coast Guard, Terry has authored the book, The Military Advantage, managed the content for TurboTap, the DoD's online transition program and VAforVets, the VA's transition assistance website. Terry earned both his Bachelor's and MBA at Corban University using Military Tuition Assistance and his GI Bill benefits to help cover the cost.
  • Chuck

    Ate you sure it’s not 20/80 instead of 80/20.? This is health care rationing at it’s most cruel and dishonest. Thanks Veterans but there is no room at the VA for you.

    • Chuck,

      Since their problems are non service connected, why should the taxpayers pay most of the Veterans Health Care?????

      PS: It’s always been the Law anyway.

      • Idmtmedic

        Same reason Emergency bills don’t get paid right?

      • Idmtmedic

        So what happens when a citizen or “other” get’s emergency care and can’t or doesn’t pay for it? Let me give you a hint, the rest of us pay for it. Now what is the difference for Obummercare? Everyone is covered? Lmao…….NO we all share the costs but even more because the government says so. Get to keep your doctor? NO. Get to pay the same? NO. EVERYTHING goes up. So now we get to pay for those that are getting FREE CARE but with HIGHER costs than before because they got FREE CARE in ERs anyway. Are the ER’s going to turn anyone away? Tell me what has changed except the illusion that this will work and it costs the rest of us more? You think a government run program has EVER saved money……EVER? I challenge anybody to give me one example.

    • GeorgeLeFebvre

      Its just part of the Great Obamacare Program, screw The Military Veterans being they need the money to take care of all the freeloaders and Illegals in the country, after all they all fought so gallantly to sneak into the country and must be taken care of before our Legal Citizens and Military retirees. Obamacare at its best!!!! and its only the beginning before long Obama,s death squad wiil be fully operational and then we won’t have to worry about the co-pays, you won’t be able to get the care needed thus no 80%

    • Lee Kujawa
    • Lee Kujawa
  • Idmtmedic

    Over a decade? Ahhhhh it just keeps getting better and better.

    • Idmtmedic

      Ohhh I almost forgot to say that I am sure, they NOW will also charge all of those vets from ten years ago and collect all that missed billing. I can here the government now “Ignorance of the law is no excuse”

    • J.A. U.S.N. Ret.
  • Michael Campbell

    The VA doesn’t allow your retirement physical ratings to count for purposes of travel pay. Another words if I retired from the service and was given disability ratings the VA says you have to have an exam from the VA and be given ratings to qualify for medical benefits with them. So be careful veterans you may think you have a disability rating when in fact the VA indicates NO! Why doesn’t the active duty rating count? This adds confusion to an already confused system. Now with TFL looking at the new rule of 80% payment rule, lookout!

    • rickb

      Sorry, this is not entirely correct. Many soldiers etsing or retiring are rated based on their active duty final physical. The va maintains offices on many of the larger military fort’s or bases, ie Fort Bragg, Fort Hood etc.. you don’t need separate physicals. In many cases a veteran knows their va rating before they even leave service.

      • Enough2013

        not true claim it before leaving active duty or with in a year

  • Sharon

    Just make sure three health insurance codes are used for each visit and that those insurance codes are for your service connected disability. I learned years ago that if I wanted tricare to pay for my health care that I had to have my doctor designate three insurance codes associated with every visit. Don’t leave the doctors office until you see for yourself that the correct codes are used. Tricare has been playing this game for a long time and you can play it too.

    • Dan Hilbert

      Uhhhhh… what are those three codes of which you speak?

  • ArdvarkMaster

    So what happens in facilities run jointly by the military and the VA?

    • John

      What facilities are those?

      • dennis

        O Callahan mtf at nellis was or is a joint treatment facility.

  • retMMNuke

    Just like when I was in, the pay system was shorting me about $34.00 each paycheck for >2 yrs and it took a audit and me reminding them to get my money after almost 7 additional months. But if they overpay you (or even if they THINK they over paid you) it is out of the next check with no explaination.

    • Marcial

      I was not paid for Flight and Extra Hazz in Viet Nam because I had childhood epelisy. Yet I had to go on these missions just same as those who got paid. I have an air medal to prove this. So I believe that we all get screw in the service. I have prevented dozens from joining because of this.

      • Marcial,

        You were not paid Flight Pay, because you were not on Flight Duty. Just flying on an aircraft isn’t the same. As for Extra Hazardous Duty pay, I’ve never heard any such thing, and I was in Nam and Gulf 1.

  • Bernie

    So much for free medical and dental benefits for life as promised by our congressional members.

    • Bernie,

      Don’t get me wrong, but our Congressional members never promised us free medical and detal benefits for life.

      Those that did, were some recruiters that didn’t have power to make that promise, that is why you and I don’t have free health and dental care right now.

    • rickb

      There never was a promise for free care, no matter how many times this comes up .. and how many times anyone says this.. it was never true..

  • Gerri

    BIgots! Obama and congress have given us the best healthcare policy ever. You vets have gorged at the goernment teet too long. It is time to pay your fair share just like all of us. Yeah, thanks for your service and all but GET REAL FOLKS — healh care is for us all and you must help pay for it.

    • gslmarvin

      How would you like it if your boss said at the end of the week, thanks for working all week but we aren’t going to pay you. We gave your money to the crack addict on the corner instead. He didn’t want to work so he needs the money more than you, Veterans worked 20 or more years to EARN these benefits, They are not given. Health care is a benefit that is earned, not given. If you want health care get a job and work for it.

    • Retired Army

      Hey gerri, how much time did you spend on active duty? At anytime were you injuried? Most of us have residual effects of injuries while on active duty that are showing up 20 years later. So, with that said just stand behind all the brave Americans that went forth in the service of this great country to protect people like you that lacks the testicular fortitude to enter into our world. STFU

      • paul

        hey Gerri most of us teat sucking vets as you have label us probably in list in the service right out of high school to support and defend our country our constitution our way of life while guys like you if you didn’t serve ran off to college built yourself stable jobs and career us teat suckers were promise this things ….but guys like you need to put the uniform on and go through basic training and head of to a far off place where someone is trying to kill you after all this is why your whining now because you have to pay that debt that we earned we had the gust to answer that call and you didn’t…..

    • Nam Vet

      Gerri, I am dying from Agent Orange after service in Vietnam. I have not been sucking teets, only oxygen and other life extending things. Was it worth it this happened to me for serving you? Yes. But to be insulted in this fashion is one me spit in the face episode. May the Lord forgive you.

      • Barry

        Well said. I wish you the best my friend.

      • Rietje

        I hope that all is well with you considering! I am so sorry about the agent orange! My husband died last year from ALS caused by agent orange, it was so horrible! You guys are my heroes, because of you we have Freedom! I do not know how long still with O being president. At least the VA Hospital is still open!

    • Paul

      spoken like a real appreciative American; or are you one of the Obama welcomed illegals that are flooding into this country. And if you are so hepped up on the Obama Care fiasco just wait till you turn 76 and need health care and your told “you don’t qualify because you’re too old”. And mooch, I hope it sure as hell happens to you…………

    • Ron

      Not all are created equal or are we? p, vp, senators, etc. – start paying…

      • Ron,

        They do pay for their Health Care and their Retirement.

        • greg

          sorry but we pay for all their benefits when they need something more or extra goodies they just raise our taxes and give it to themselves. I have never seen them take anything away from the government except the military

          • greg,

            Seems you totally missed my point.

            PS: Like us, they too pay taxes.

          • spurlockda

            Charles, are you sure? Or is their pay increased to offset their tax liability? I cannot definitively confirm that however I did learn anecdotally, through someone else’s Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) inquiry, that Congressional Members (House and Senate) receive Benefits For Life (BFL) for successfully completing one term. In this FOIA, it was reported that Anthony Weiner is receiving said benefits in spite of his departure from Congress under not so pleasant terms. If you recall the event, his departure was politically manipulated such that he retained his benefits.

          • spurlockda, Part 1

            Yes, I am positive they pay taxes, and no their pay IS NOT increased to offset their tax liability, and you surely don’t need FOIA to determine what a Congressmen makes. As of January 2010, the annual salary of each Representative is $174,000. The Speaker of the House and the Majority and Minority Leaders earn more: $223,500 for the Speaker and $193,400 for their party leaders (the same as Senate leaders).





          • spurlockda, Part 2

            Congressional Members DO NOT recieve benefits for life after only one term. That’s a lie that has been floating around the internet for ages. Again, just like soldiers in the military, you don’t need the FOIA to find out what the made per month, like Congressmen, it is common knowledge.

            As for Anthony Weiner, he can’t recieve any benefits until he reaches the age of 62. The source of this information is the same one as below.


            Retirement Benefits for Members of Congress
            Katelin P. Isaacs
            Analyst in Income Security
            August 9, 2013


        • Forever1

          No they don’t, that’s why they excluded themselves from ACA.

    • Greg

      There are a lot of vets who had things happen to them in the military and it kept causing other problems through out their lives. Where were you during those periods? It sounds like you want a free ride for nothing. Your Yeah, thanks for the service, sounds so sincere I don’t know why you opened your mouth and used all that energy up, pretty tiring I’ll bet.

    • J Blanton

      Join the military and see what those people have to do in a combat area….
      Get a life…..stop your complaining and join the military…….

      • Dan Hilbert

        Not JUST in a combat area… don’t forget the many who also served risking life & injury in support of the active combat soldiers. Whether in the field, on base or back at garrison their risks were real, too. Those who got hurt as such were still in the service of their country & idiots such as “gerri”.

        Just sayin’

        • greg

          and these days you even have to watch your back on a secure military base because of wacko like the Fort Hood murderer now on death row that we now have to support for his life time because he will never see death because of our screwed up judicial system that gives prisoners more rights than the victims that were harmed or families of those that died during this terrorist attack that our stupid government won’t even call it what it is

    • U.S. Navy 20 years

      YOU NEED TO GET REAL! Did you serve in the military!!!

      So did you sacrifice your LIFE for the freedoms of your country and it’s citizens! We WERE GUARANTEED FREE health care for the rest of our live for giving 20 years of service to your country. WATCH WHAT YOU SAY! we were not gorging at the government teet when we were being shot at in the field and being killed so that you could stay at home, were you out there killing people for your government and being thrown aside when you come home. You citizen need to thank the military for what they do ever day to protect you and your freedoms not tell us we deserve to pay money for something we were guaranteed! For all our lives the government can do whatever they want it is time to pay up for what the promised!

      • Brenda


      • U.S. Navy 20 years, Part 1

        I mean chit, how could a smart someone actually believe that them and their family was actually going to get free health, Dental care for them and their family for the rest of their life. Hell, all one had to do was take 1 hour out of 20 years and ask any retiree that frequented the Class 6 Store, PX/BX, Commisary, Retiree Celebration Day they have once a year at all military bases if they had free health care/dental care for life for them and their family.

        • Idmtmedic

          Guess Col. Bud Day must not have been very smart huh? What was the vote again by the Supreme Court? Guess your calling those judges dumb as well? 78 USAF AF hospitals in 1995 and now? 15. Yours is next genius. Tell us who is going to take care of our wounded when surgeons in the military can’t maintain proficiency because they can’t do surgeries? The government is cutting the military and benifits to what end?

          • idmedic,

            Chit, do you ever do anything but complain! You know, there are other Countries you could go live in since you not satisfied living here.

          • Idmtmedic

            You gonna answer the question or stomp your feet and throw a tantrum?

      • U.S. Navy 20 years, Part 2

        No you weren’t promised “free heatlhcare for life” – because CONGRESS never authorized it. And the ONLY free healthcare that ever existed (and still exists) is space-A at MTFs. If you are 100% disabled, you are eligible for VA at no cost.

        Timeline for Military Health Care:
        – Space-A treatment at MTFs (free)

        CHAMPUS (1967)
        – Space-A treatment at MTFs (Free)
        – CHAMPUS (no premium, copay and deductible)

        TriCare (1994)
        – Space-A treatment at MTFs (Free)
        – Tricare Standard (no premium, copay and deductible)
        – Tricare Extra (similar to standard, some lower rates, as I understand it)
        – Tricare Prime (premium, extremely reduced copay in many cases, no deductible).

        • Todd

          1954 – 1996 USC 10 “upon completing 20 yrs of avtive military service you SHALL reieve healthcare at a military intallation free of charge.”

          In 1996 it was changed to read “upon completing 20 yrs of avtive military service you MAY reieve medical care at a military intallation free of charge if space is available.”
          I found this when I was looking for what case the Supreme Court had ruled on and why they render said decision. There was a promise to free medical care at on time but ONLY AT A MILITARY INSTALLATION. You might want to do proper research next time.

          • Todd,

            Where is your link to this information????? I sure would like to read that United States Code that said that.

          • Idmtmedic

            Look it up. It’s in black and white. No problem with other “links”?

          • Idmtmedic

            Todd very nice!!!! Like I said they are cutting base services and outsourcing everything. Closing bases, converting hospitals to clinics. Space A is more like no Space A. No agenda there right? Cost savings? Cutting thir nose to spite their face.

        • norma

          Then ALL MILITARY who were told by their CO, recruiter and career councilor that it you commit 20 years of your life to your country that you will receive “FREE” healthcare for life. It was the member NOT their dependents that was garenteed that. Congress knew that was being told inorder to get people for their all volunteer military. If Congress wasn’t going to honor what was being told then they should have put out to the military to stop.

    • Sarge

      Gerri You must be a draft dogger because medical and dental care was what kept most of us in 20 or more years, it sure wasent the pay.

      • Sarge,

        Speak for yourself. I was smart enough to know the Free For Life for me and family WAS NOT true, not true at all. Hell, all anyone had to do, was to ask any retiree, hell, there are tons of them living off base and and using the Class 6, PX and Commasary all the time.

        No you weren’t promised “free heatlhcare for life” – because CONGRESS never authorized it. And the ONLY free healthcare that ever existed (and still exists) is space-A at MTFs. If you are 100% disabled, you are eligible for VA at no cost.

        Timeline for Military Health Care:
        – Space-A treatment at MTFs (free)

        CHAMPUS (1967)
        – Space-A treatment at MTFs (Free)
        – CHAMPUS (no premium, copay and deductible)

        TriCare (1994)
        – Space-A treatment at MTFs (Free)
        – Tricare Standard (no premium, copay and deductible)
        – Tricare Extra (similar to standard, some lower rates, as I understand it)
        – Tricare Prime (premium, extremely reduced copay in many cases, no deductible).

        • Idmtmedic

          Smart enough? Lmao. I guess your definition of that and mine are completely different.

    • A-GANGER

      I do not get any health benefits from my time in the military, but I believe anyone who gave 20 or more years to the military service of this country should absolutely be provided health care for life. Your comment shows that you are one of the people who resent what others have through their earning it, but are unwilling to earn it yourself. Big Barry and his gang of hoodlums have exempted themselves from the gigantic albatross they are strangling this country with (Obamacare). That should tell you something right off the bat. But keep drinking the Kool-Aid Gerri.

      • Brenda

        And just think, the President, VP, Congress get health care for life without having to serve 20 years! It’s time for term limits & let them earn the healthcare & pay! Most retirees I know don’t make anywhere near what these people make after 1 term in office! So, tell these stupid people that complain about what is being “given” (earned) to the military, live on what most of them live on every year!

        • Brenda,

          “And just think, the President, VP, Congress get health care for life without having to serve 20 years!”

          Sorry, but this is just another lie being sent around in an email. I can’t believe people are still posting about this lie that was DEBUNKED years ago.


          Health Benefits for Members of Congress
          Ada S. Cornell
          Information Research Specialist
          May 3, 2012

      • A-GANGER,

        Sorry, but I’ll have to disagree with you about the free health care, although, if offered, I would take it. LOL

        As for the President and Congress exempting themselves from Obama Care, is nothing but a BIG LIE still going around in an email.


        • Bob

          Charles, I guess it depends on which side of the fence you sit on to believe what about Obama care. There are more exemptions for big business and low income jobs that have been approved it has gutted this program.

          The military was never promised dental for life, but medical for life was a big sales push to get you to reenlist.

          i enlisted in 1968 and served proudly for 26 years. Today I find out that I can not use the new VA center because I am 65 and must use the Medicare system, that was raped of funds to start Obama care.

          Have a nice day and God bless

          • Idmtmedic

            Good article Bob! Patiently waiting for a response from the ONLY smart guy on here. Lmao

          • Bob,

            Not sure why you posted the reuters article information, in that it doesn’t change the fact that Congress is not exempted from Obama Care.

          • Idmtmedic

            Reading comprehension is optional. The SUBSIDIES take care of the extra costs? In effect they get help so that the new law doesn’t cause an undue burden. You get that? So tell us why that doesn’t include the rest of the US? In effect they are EXEMPT. THE EXTRA COST IS ABSORBED to avoid losing talent within the political arena. BRAIN DRAIN………..more like a vacuum. Sucking the life out of the country.

          • idmedic,

            I knew you would attempt to explain this away, but if you checked, you would know that all Federal Workers have subsidized Health Care Packages already. Actually, there is no difference than what they had before. Now, if you call this being EXEMPT, that’s fine, then in retrospect, they were EXEMPT before also.

            Now, we both really know what was meant by Congress being exempt, and that was being exempt from Obama Care, when in fact they are not exempt from Obama Care. Just admit that you were wrong and admit that Congressmen are not exeplt from Obama Care, period.

            Should you want to whine, cry and snivel about someone being exempt from Obama Care, it is us. And, if you want to whine, cry and snivel about some one group being subsidized, that again is us.

            LMAO Big Time

          • Idmtmedic

            Almost a nice spin. Weren’t you just telling us how much more federal workers pay for their healthcare? You seem to have left out those subsidies? Now why would they need more subsidies to maintain a JOB. THAT IS WHAT IT IS? A JOB. In regards to the military being exempt? We pay for health insurance. However our rates are increasing and so will Obummercare. Would you care to post what the actual cost of Obummercare is going to cost as opposed to projected, or “guessing” as you like to say? All of the people who praised the program before they knew what it will cost are now figuring it out. Including CON-gress and large companies. Those unintended consequences are also befalling the military. Perhaps they can offer bonuses for signing up for exchanges or even better college!!!

          • idmedic, Part 1

            Your are behind the times if you think our (active duty, retired) military Tricare is not subsidized. Now, you said a subside is the same as being exempt, then we must be exempt also, because Tricare is subsidized by Congress for us. Now another thing, I can’t think of anyone that doesn’t have employee health care subsidized by their employer, so I guess by your definition of being EXEMPT, they too are exempt.

            LMAO, if you can tell me all the different Health Insurance plans and the one you are going to pick, then yes, I can tell you what Obamacare is going to cost. As for the cost of health care going up, no chit, the cost of Health Care goes up every year, and if and when it doesn’t, that would be rare, rare as us not getting COLA.

          • Idmtmedic

            What’s it going to cost those on welfare? Those that can’t afford it?

          • Idmedic,

            No more than it’s costing now, or maybe not. Matter of fact, there are tons of things my tax dollars pay for that I disaprove of, but at the same time, if everyone had a choice as to where their tax dollars were spent, I don’t think Government to funtion. Nope, the U.S. just couldn’t funtion.

            Please, tell me I just educated you! LOL

          • Idmtmedic

            Yup, you would be better off as a socialist. That way the government can decide what THEY decide to do with your money. Great Plan Charles. 80% of your earnings ok with you? Your a lemming. You have no voice, you have given the government what they want. Mindless, trusting servants that government is doing what is best for you. Again you forget your history and WHY the Constitution was written in the first place.

          • idmedic,


            Lemming Suicide Myth
            Disney Film Faked Bogus Behavior
            By Riley Woodford

            Lemmings do not commit mass suicide. It’s a myth, but it’s remarkable how many people believe it. Ask a few, like idmedic on

            “It’s a complete urban legend,” said state wildlife biologist Thomas McDonough. “I think it blew out of proportion based on a Disney documentary in the ’50s, and that brought it to the mainstream.”

            You just proved that you are the Lemming.

            LMAO Big Time

          • Idmtmedic

            How does that prove I’m the lemming if you just said that it is a fallacy? Lmao…..metaphor? Ever heard of it? Figurative language: all language that involves figures of speech or symbolism and does not literally represent real things.
            So if I called you a snake? Lmao

          • idmedic, Part 2

            After talking to you about this, it seems you understand less and less about what Federal Workers (Congress also) costs are when it comes to their Health Care and how much the Government subsidizes those plans. You also don’t understand that the difference between being exempt and being subsidized when it comes to Federal Workers, i.e. Congress and the millions of other Federal Workers. Federal workers have always had their Health Care subsidized between 72% and 75% depending on which Health Insurance plan they pick. Having ones Health Insurance subsidized by ones employer is the norm, and that isn’t the same as being exempt. So again, no matter what you said about Federal Workers (Congress) and them being exempt from Obama Care is nothing but a lie on your part, or call it idmedic MISINFORMATION.

          • Idmtmedic

            Hint, the government doesn’t subsidize anything. The TAXPAYERS DO.

          • idmedic, Part 3

            Note: Hell, Tricare is subsidized more than any Health Insurance plan the Government is subsidizing as of now. If it wasn’t, all these retired military working for the Government would not have Tricare, and would surely pick one of the other 300 plans offered to Government employee’s, and not stick with Tricare. Hopefully after this post you will understand the difference between being SUBSIDIZED and being EXEMPT. If not, then I will try explaining it to you in another way

          • Idmtmedic

            We served our country for twenty years. It’s not a subsidy. Check out the definition of subsidy.

          • idmedic,

            You can say what you want, but everything I read, calls it a subsidized, just the BX/PX, commissaries, etc. Now, should you still disaprove to what the mainstream is calling it, please address them in a letter or an email. I’m just a messenger, with the ability to make changes you want to make to our vocabulary.

            Later my Gator.

          • Idmtmedic

            Then by your interpretation our retirement is a subsidy? Why is it the President and our Congress speak of the PROMISES that have to be kept for our military members? What promises are they talking about???? I’m confused. Open arms for illegal immigrants who pay what for health insurance? Yet now we are charging Veterans more regardless of when the rules/ laws were enacted? You think this came about by chance? Amazing how the timing for more revenue came about? How is it that after 10 years somebody found out they have been billing it wrong? Anybody? Let me venture an idea. Perhaps it came from interns, political hacks, think tank political institutions searching for issues within the VA? Now the actual problems with the VA regarding Veterans claims are no longer an issue. How the hell can this be found ten years later? Accountants, auditors, IRS, never check in 10 years? Anybody have a source for this? Wait, as Charles would say
            Let me look it up first…..lmao……of course he will stand by the GOVERNMENT.

          • Chinglish

            That “sales push” was a verbal contract and is as legal as a written contract.

        • Todd

          You are somewhat correct. Congress is not exempt yet. The senate has been working on a bill that would exempt them & their staff. So far only the Executive Branch is exempt. Obama made sure to have that put in as well as GE, Walmart, & McDonalds. And by the way. nest time leave the liberal sights at home. Look at the news organization that own that website. I have caught them as well as politifacts & snopes in lies.

          • Todd,

            This is NOT true. This claim was from a post on


            Congress and an Exemption from ‘Obamacare’?

            Posted on May 3, 2013 | Updated on Aug. 7, 2013

            Question: Is it true that there are bills in Congress that would exempt members and their staffs and families from buying into “Obamacare”?

            Answer: No. Congress members and staffers will be required to buy insurance through the exchanges on Jan. 1.



          • Todd,

            Your mistaken about Congress working on a bill that would exempt them & their staff. That like other emails, was just more MISINFORMATION typed up and sent around the internet.


            Congress and an Exemption from ‘Obamacare’?
            Posted on May 3, 2013 | Updated on Aug. 7, 2013

            Question: Is it true that there are bills in Congress that would exempt members and their staffs and families from buying into “Obamacare”?

            Answer: No. Congress members and staffers will be required to buy insurance through the exchanges on Jan. 1.


    • genew

      we payed in years so clowns like you could enjoy, if you ever get your head clear the fresh air will kill you. while you were fat catting it with big pay, we did without and your proably a gs anyway.

      • genew,

        Thanks for serving your country so I can enjoy the freedoms our Constitution gives not only you, but the rest of us.


        • Idmtmedic

          You can thank the dead ones for your freedoms as well JA.

          • idmedic,

            Feel free to name for me any War(s) or U.S. Interventions that if lost, we would be under a whole different Constitution.

          • Idmtmedic

            Well it wouldn’t be a different constitution because they didn’t have one. You could be speaking German or Japaneze and HAVE NO Constitution. History must be lost on you. Now after the 9/11 attack what changes have you seen? Why not go to a foreign country?………Let’s say Afghanistan and stand in the middle of the street and profess your God given rights as an American that you have certain unalienable rights. They have already declared war on us. To include our Constitution.

          • idmedic,

            You may be correct, they may not have had what we call a Constution, but they had what something that was equal too, just called something different.

            I will agree with you about Japan, but not Germany. Now, going back to the original question:

            Feel free to name for me any War(s) or U.S. Interventions that if lost, we would be under a whole different Constitution.

            The only country that actually attacked us was Japan, and we won that War.

            The premises of my question, was to show you that these statements from many of us that have been Nam, Iraq and Afghanistan that because of us going to these Interventions is the reason I have my freedoms is bullchit and you know it. The only people alive that could actually make statements like that, are WWII Veterans. Should we have lost the War with Japan, then yes, we could have lost most if not all of what we have today.

            But, none of what I did, going to Nam and Gulf 1 have anything to do with my freedoms here in the US. I can pound my chest all day long and tell you that you need to thank me for your freedom of speech, is just plan bullchit.

          • Idmtmedic

            Lmao………ohh ok so Germany wasn’t at war with us? Afghanistan didn’t have anything to do with 9/11? Appeasement is what YOU want. Nothing we did kept your liberties, or defending our freedom of speech? Iraq wasn’t about them invading Kuwait or using Chemical weapons on their own people? Soooo what were you doing there?

    • rdj

      We did when we served our country and some us in war time! How about you?

    • Linda

      And yet Congress is exempt. Vote them OUT.

      • Linda,

        And what do you mean Congress is exempt????? Trust me, I can guarantee you that Congress is not exempt from Obama Care.

        Note: Please everyone, stop reading, believing and then spamming everyone you know with those bullchit emails claiming this.

        • greg

          and do you know who writes these fact check statement? Check your sources
          they may not be exempt yet but they are working at it like unions and other friends of obama because it is wrong, broke and too costly

          and if they somehow do not get exempt we, the little ole tax payers wills be paying more in taxes to pay the huge government subsidies that are going to have to be paid
          how stupid is pelosi, we have to pass it to find out what is in it, and they passed it and still can’t even figure out what is in it.

          • greg,

            LMAO, so you agree now that Congress isn’t exempt, but you are now saying they are working on it trying to get themselves exempted. Just how and what are they doing to get themselves exempted?????

            Just a note: I’t stuff like this that gets many of the old timers confused and then they pass this false info around and it just makes things worse. It’s stuff like this that makes us Vets look stupid when we meet with our REPS. and complain about stuff that was just a lie passed around the internet.

            So, your argument is now that is somehow lying. You do understand that they do give there sources of information. Are their sources lies also?????

            Not sure why this is going to all these other places, all I was attempting to do, was to quell a lie about Congress being exempted from Obama Care. Since we both seem to agree, maybe it’s time we move on.

        • Idmtmedic

          What happened to your quote about everyone being able to keep their own health insurance? Fact check have that answer? Unions like Obummercare? UPS? Costs going up or down? Don’t want a “brain drain” on Con-gress due to everyone jumping ship to the private sector without federal subsides to help right? Lmao

          • idmedic,

            This has already be explained to you, please stop your grandstanding.

          • Idmtmedic

            You couldn’t explain your way out of a paper bag let alone explain Obummercare.

    • MikeTheTiger

      Gerri, You think Obama has given you the best healthcare policy ever? Wait till October 1st when you see how much you have to pay for it. Nothing is free with 40 million freeloaders coming on board, see how much the others have to pay. Oh, that’s right, by your words I can tell – you are one of the free loaders. The Only bigot in this blog is you! Every disabled VET was promised free health care for life if they served 20 or more years. How many did you serve? VETS earned their health care.

      • SFC C

        Amen Mike

      • Brenda

        I wish I could give you 1000 likes or more! You are absolutely right in everything you said!

    • SFC C

      Lol, Bigots, you really need to read a dictionary on occasion. I have worked at times 17 hours a day 365 days straight, no vacation or days off, for you to say what you want to say, but the least you could do is call me what I am, which is not a bigot (racist). I am a patriot, I want what I earned for volunteering. This is what was promised to me, not to suck on the teat for doing nothing but being a burden on this society like a drug dealer that can now get a free cell phone paid for with my $600 per month in income tax that I pay, or an unwed mother who get more money for having her 6th child and never earning a damn dime in her life. Don’t tell me about sucking on teat till the record number of food stamp recipients are working for a living and not polluting their young with drugs. I only want what I earned.

      • jeff

        Well said, and I am also a 20 year retired military man that was also promised free medical and dental for life. As far as the ones saying this is not true, when did you serve your 20+ years to have known this to be false.

        • greg

          I am a 30 year retiree and I still have to pay for my dental. Where are all you guys getting free dental, plus I am paying quite a bit for health. I can’t even be seen at a military facility because shortly after I retired the rules changed. I have been turned away by 3 different military facilities

          • greg,

            We are getting it from the recruiter that promised it. LOL

        • jeff,

          So how is that recruiter promised free health care doing?????

    • Proud Vet

      I don’t necessarily like President Obama, but I respect him. Does this make me a bigot? I didn’t care for President Bush either. Just because we choose not to like a president of color (or in the near future, a woman president) does not mean we are racist or sexist. But, I can tell from your post that you sir/madam did not sign your life ON THE LINE by proudly serving in the US Military (Coast Guard included). Because if you had signed your life ON THE LINE you would not have written your idiotic post. Walk a mile in my shoes, then re-read your post with shame. Have a nice, safe, free day. (Brought to you by those proud men and women in uniform)

    • patriot1

      Obama has given us the best healthcare policy ever”? Is that why Obama exempted himself and Congress plus the Unions.

    • Glen

      Well sounds like a coward that never served his country or never served in combat, it took me 30 years to get anything from the VA after being exposed to agent Orange in NAM, if it was not for Vets you would not even be able to write what you did and we are headed to a dictatorship in this country our government is so corrupt, it has been reported that 70% of congress has not paid or files taxes in at least five years.

      • greg

        true true, there are billions of dollars of unpaid taxes by thousands of federal employees, yet they came after me for $89!!! Go figure, corruption at it best and getting better with obama
        and it isn’t that I like or don’t like someone in office, it is the way they are doing things or not doing things and the direction they are taking our country, and obama is working really to destroy America that we gave our lives for or 20 plus years. He is a dictator

    • Tom

      I thought I did pay: 31 years in the Navy, POW in Vietnam with numerous associated injuries. I AM REAL.

    • Guest

      When was the last time you got shot at while performing your job? When you do that for 20 years come back and talk.

    • MrC




      • MrC,

        Don’t know about you, but I’m very much satisfied with my Tricare Prime which I pay $22.44 per month for. I also understand that my Health Care is not an ENTITLEMENT like my retirement pay and the GI Bill.

        • Dik

          They could take your retired pay tomorrow.

          • Dik,

            And I could die in my sleep tonight also, or my car could die on the road tomorrow, or I could come home to find my house had burnt down, or I could find out that my dog has been gay for all these years, etc., etc., etc.

            Either way, I am satisfied with the career path I chose and the benefits I am recieving for our Government.

          • Idmtmedic

            If only

        • RETIREE


          Be glad you still have your TRICARE PRIME. It has been discontinued
          in some areas. We loose our TRICARE PRIME coverage Oct 1, we will have to use TRICARE STANDARD & TRICARE EXTRA. You should be thankful you still have the TRICARE PRIME.

          • RETIREE,

            That can be both true and false. Those on Tricare Prime that will be losing it, can sign 100 miles waiver, which means drive time (exceeds 30 minutes and drive time to specialty care may exceed 60 minutes). If another Military Hospital or Clinic accepts your waiver, then you can re-enrollee in Tricare Prime. If not approved, you will need to select a network PCM. If you do not select a network PCM, one will be selected for you and you will be automatically reassigned. If your waiver is not approved, then you will have to enroll in or be enrolled(?) in TRICARE Standard and/or Extra option.

          • Idmtmedic

            All true Charles thank you. Now when you were in combat did you tell your sergeant that you couldn’t charge that hill because your paper cut was bothering you or your boots only had enough tread for about 50 more yards and that hill was at least 100 yards away? Did you ask him it was ok with him or should you sign a waiver so that he would know it’s more fair because the younger guy could get there quicker? Maybe you could seperate from the service then re-enlist in another year for different terms because of the danger? Unless of course you were not approved because???

          • idmedic,

            LMAO, what in the hell are you talking about. I was that NCO Platoon Sergeant in Nam. What’s with the paper cut remark? At least I made E-6 (SSG) in a year and 2 months back in the day verses you retiring as an E-6 and me retiring as a First Sergeant (1SG).

            Now, back to Tricare and the mileage waiver. Don’t know what it is with you and your constant attempt to degrade my service. Seems to me, that everything above your neck is nothing but a whine, crying about what the Government owes you.

    • Albert

      FYI, when I signed up, the government promised to pay all of it on my retirement. Good, bad, or indifferent, that’s what was promised and it’s a far cry from the 20% once Im retired about eight years that we’re talking about now.

      I’m wondering how you’d react if whoever you work for pulled something like that. At any rate it was a priviledge and an honor defending your right to show your colors, a$$hole.

      • Albert,

        You would have thought that during your 20 or more years in the service, you would have asked a retiree about that free health care. I just don’t understand how so many for so long still believe a military RECRUITER can give you free health and dental care for your family for life!

        What’s just as bad, is knowing this case went as high as the Supreme Court and was lost on 2 June 2003, yet people are still claiming the Government owes them and family Free Health and Dental for life.

        • Idmtmedic

          Yes as high as the SUPREME COURT but you knew alllllll along lmao. Decided by ONE VOTE. Damn your smarter than some of the judges. How do you carry that enlarged brain around? I know you walk funny but at some point it will come out of there.

          • idmedic, Part 1

            No, I didn’t know all along, because when I first joined up in 1969 the only thing I knew or was told and/or recall, was I would be getting paid monthly and the GI Bill was explained me. Retirement, Health Care and Dental care after Retirement was an unknown to me, because at 19 years of age, I had no idea about that long term chit, like everyone else my age that signed up. The first time I signed up, was because I needed a job. The second time I signed up, was because I was hungry, needed a job and behind in my bills, plain and simple.

            Let me just add, anyone saying that at that age they were thinking about retirement that far ahead and signed up for low wages because of the promise of Free Health Care, Dental Care for life for them and family upon retirement is full of it. Speaking for myself, I don’t know anyone when getting their first jobs at that age had retirement on their mind at all. This is just what people say when talking about the Military. Hell, you don’t hear civilians talking about retirement and their first job, do you?????

          • Idmtmedic

            Thank you for making my entire point :).

          • idmedic,

            No, I put your theory to rest as seen in your lack of response to my post.

          • Chinglish

            Since you think no one thinks about military retirement at a young age is full of chit, let me introduce myself. I am a 21 year vet. The day i turned 17 (66 years ago) I marched my “full of chit” ass down to the recruiting office with full intention of staying in the military for however long it took to receive retirement pay. I was verbally promised free health care for me and my family at that time and that verbal contract is as binding as a written contract. You made E6 in one year, yeah, I doubt it.

          • Idmedic, Part 2

            The real thought about retirement doesn’t really come to mind until about 10 years into the job, and/or married w/kids. Hell, even when I joined up the second time, retirement from the Military still wasn’t on my mind. A lot of this stuff that is said, is just made up and makes a better story than what really happened.

    • tas

      You are a fool!

    • NMBob

      healthcare for life was a reason sold by the army to accept their level of pay….

      • NMBob,

        Please, you’re just paroting what some in Congress has said. I mean back in the day, this wasn’t what they were saying. I think it is funny how time goes along, and how stories change to fit what is going on now.

        • Idmtmedic

          So during your time in logistics you were keeping up with CON-gressional decisions? Wow that had to be hard. What were they saying back in the day? Ya know during your off time?

          • idmedic,

            No, wasn’t keeping up with Congress. As you already know, I was in the Pathfinder Platoon at Ft. Campbell and was Special Duty (SD) to 101st Avn Grp Supply, where I work as the Supply Sgt awaiting a new Supply Sgt to be assigned. I volunteered for the job, because the unit was in need of an NCO to run things for awhile. While there, I earned my 2nd MOS (76Y). As you know, having a second MOS was worth points toward getting promoted. Once the new Supply Sgt. showed up, I returned to the Pathfinder Platoon. This was never a big deal, because most people I knew in the Military had at one time or another served in an SD position during their career. I’m sure the Nation Guard that you were in had SD positions also

          • Idmtmedic

            National Guard? Thought you had already done your research?

    • Did you pay your “fair share” when your country called. It’s clear that you didn’t. And you’re calling us bigots?

    • Charles

      I can tell u are not a veteran. Hope u c the light when your company starts to eat away your benefits….

    • cmd sergeant major

      I can only surmise that you are not a veteran or if you were, it musty have been in supply. not that supply is not important. I have served in the military special ops arena from viet nam to Afghanistan and Iraq and a lot of other hell holes your hero Obama yo mama is not my idol, he is just another radical islamists, that needs to be eliminated and I have no use for him or you for that matter. veterans paid with their blood sweat and tears and even their lives so ass holes like you can spout their S++++. I served in special forces with both 1st, 5th and seventh group. if you do not like what I have to say well all I can is “anytime anywhere asshole” like I said we paid with our blood.. I bet you are a fobbit. probably don’t even know what that is just as I thought….. just a loudmouth leg…..

      • Idmtmedic

        Well said!!!!!!!!!! Got another on this blog you would love to meet.

      • usmc1969

        Very well said

      • cmd sergeant major,

        Give me a break, and get off your pedestal and give the President of the United States some respect. I just can’t believe any soldier past or present should be talking about any President like you have. And why you are fixated on yourself and Special Forces is just not natual. This blog is far from being about you pounding your chest and or the President.

        • greg

          people must earn respect, obama has done nothing to earn any respect, respect the position but not the person

        • Idmtmedic

          You know Charles it’s called freedom of speech. While in the military you have that? Now let’s discuss how you talk about Veterans with the same disrespect. Now you want to defend the POTUS but not the ones who fight and DIE in Special Forces? Your Napolian Complex kickin in?

      • Idmtmedic

        Pouge is about to post!!!! Stay tuned…..lmao

      • MSG

        Cmd Sergent Major, i dont get what you ment by supply, I have been doing Supply in the army for 26 Years, been to war three times, have lost many friends, without supply No one can do there jop, Logistics is the back Bone of the Military, So what im in Supply and im a important part of the Military so watch your mouth

    • Flyboy

      Gerri, did you serve your country or are you just another freeloader. What my fellow veterans have said is true. Get a life.

    • Bob

      I take it you did not spend time protecting this country 24/7/365 for any time. I would like you to enlist and try it for just 4 years and see if you feel the same way.

    • Paul

      Yeah, Gerri. We already paid for it. In blood. What have you done lately or ever for that matter?

    • sfcjay

      u never served and put your life in the hands of somebody else. We as vets are why you are here and free. Vets are like police and firemen they put their lifes on the line day in and day out.

    • rob

      Sounds like the jerk who did nothing for their country except hold out their hand for stupid’s free care. Ha! How much do you draw from us for doing nothing in return!

    • mike

      20yrs military active 10yr cut of my life do to stress. but the pay was great when I was drafted 55.00 for 2 weeks. Oh yea home 6yr out of 18yrs of marriage I was physical home to see my kids grow up. be glad I did for my brothers in arms If my need are so unimportant fine. LOOK AT WHAT CONGRESS AND THERE STAFF DON’T HAVE TO PAY.WAKE UP some do think the are better than you.

      • mike,

        I can’t believe you’re complaining about the job you chose, and then continued to reenlist in.

        PS: Congress does have to pay, and they pay a whole lot more than you and I do for Health Care, as do all Federal Employees do, and to add to that, they also pay into their retirement unlike you and I.

        • Idmtmedic

          There it is again. VAVB?

    • jeff

      Get Real yourself Gerri. I am a disabled veteran and I paid a very high price for my healthcare, which by the way is the worst healthcare that I have ever encountered. I use Tricare in the civilian market because the V.A. care is junk.

    • do you think it comes with your food stamp? what the hell did you contribute to the nation?

    • Mike

      Oh yes, screw the vets but give the illegals full health care. Its a shame what this country is coming to. Why don’t some of the career politicans give uip some of there free ride

      • Mike,

        What????? Illegals don’t get full health care. Free ride, Congressmen are Federal Workers and pay into their Health Care, Dental Care and their Retirement. Hello

        • Idmtmedic

          Full? What do they get?

    • M. Mount

      You are so right Gerri. The negative response is from the ignorant!

      • Idmtmedic

        Care to explain? How is Obummercare the best healthcare ever? It’s not implemented yet. Tell us all how much better it will be would you? I am sure you have read it right? So if government get’s involved you can connect the rest of the dots. No more big gulps, no fast food, no smoking, no alcohol, no skydiving, no motocross, no pizza, NO anything that is risky, bad for your health. Gotta draw the line. THEY are costing more money. Just like those damn older vets. The keep getting sicker? Damn if only we could cure old age. Better yet, stop those damn veterans from getting killed or injured?

    • Dennis

      How dare you EVER call ANY VET BIGOTS!!! Sounds to me you have never served YOUR Country nor had any desire to defend it.!!! Why don’t you tell the retires why Your Obama administration, their staff & the Senate & Congress staffs do not want it & are fighting not to have to accept Obamacare because it is more money out of their pocket & would be too much of a BURDEN for them but they are force feeding it to the rest of the country!!! Also tell the retirees of certain companies to save money that their benifits are being cut & instead of being full time employees that they are now being part time employees so they are on reduced health care!!!

    • Le Roy

      Since you think Obama gave you the greatest healthcare in the world; why are you complaining. Enjoy the riches.

    • jfkaz1

      Sounds like somebody needs a job!!!

    • howard

      just three more years for this asshole president. he was nothing but a muslem mole to change this country. keep on carring his water bottle you fools

    • Sal

      Gerri, How about YOU doing your fair share and serving your country. The GI is on constant call 24 hours a day and must be ready to go at any time. They protect your right to write what you have written and will die to protect that right. It’s easy for you to mouth off when you haven’t been shot at, or have to be extreamly carefull as to where you walk or drive. Has any of your co-workers shot you in the back after you have trained them like has happened in Afghanistan to the same GI you are complaiming about, PROBABLY NOT! Have you slept in near freezing tempatures in the afghanistan desert on numerous occasions under the watchful eye of another brother GI, PROBABLY NOT!

    • Are you serious, Gerri? Why if it wasn’t for vets doing the dirty deed, every country wanting to expand their horizons would come on over and tread on us. Vets provide the freedom you so generously enjoy and at a very high cost to their life, their families and even suffer financial hardship(I remember having to go fishing on a base lake for dinner!). Most of us were promised free healthcare for life, yet we are now paying premiums. And mind you, these promises were an enticement for most of us to enlist or reenlist. Our government wants us to have honor and integrity; yet, that’s what they lack. If we want change, we need to ban together, all vets and vote these zealots out of office.

    • InfantryLew


    • Old Navy

      Thank you very much for your kind words. Why don’t you now depart my Country that I fought with my “boots on the ground” and so did over 58,00 who didn’t come home. I did over 21 years protecting your dumb _ _ _. We don’t want you here.

    • lasgroucho

      pull this…’s all you’re worth…….

    • navyman

      You snob. Where were you when Vets were being promised life long medical care in exchange for lower pay and benefits. I and veterans like me accepted these conditions with the foreknowledge that in my later years I would not face liquidating assets to fund my and my spouses health care. Yeah thanks for our service and all that BS you don’thave a clue.

    • Hardtac

      I am going to guess you never served in the military just by your comment is framed. But, I could possibly be wrong. Why the H3## are you even on here. You have obviously NO understanding how it is or how it works and don’t give a crap either. I don’t know you and you obviously don’t know us. But the vets here gave up a lot along with their spouses and their kids.

      Yeah, we’re paying for it over and over and over again and again. To tell you the truth Gerri, I am tired of paying through my nose. Its you Dumb A@@holes that have been on the government teet and sucking up the welfare bennies that is sucking the system dry. You (metaphorically) people need to make some sacrifices and I don’t mean some d@mned march.

      Last but not least, considering that GREAT OBAMA CARE program you are gushing all about, what makes you think it is all so great? Considering that Congress and the Senate passed it before reading it, have asked that they be exempt from it because it is TOO Expensive for them after reading it I suppose. So get ready Gerri, you are going to need to buy your own jars of KY grease in order to handle the expense of the poor you will pay for out of your own pocket. Enjoy your social disease and your social medicine.

      Now go get your number and stand in line and I hope for your benefit that you and your family are real healthy and rich for your sake because you’re going to need it in order to get through the line of illegal immigrants, poor that have been added on. Oh by the way, dude/dudette, hope you got your congressmen’s direct line when you go complain.

    • Joe

      So paid with there life…is that enough? Did you serve? probably not…..

    • ted

      gerri when I joined in oct 1966 (usn) I was told that when I retired that I would receive 100% med benefits like my father was receiving…..latter the supreme court said no! the usn should not have promist this so don,t believe the us gov.

    • US Army MAD

      Hey Gerri,
      Can I get your address….I need to know where to send the SPC OPS team to so we can actually escort you to the nearest combat facility….oooh sorry no real offices to speak of…so it will have to be Iraq, Afganistan, or maybe because you like Obama so mush we can take you to his nearest servicemans’ vacation spot….Syria so you can enjoy the pleasures of WHAT WE DO FOR A LIVING TO PROTECT FREEDOMS SO YOU CAN SUCK THE HIND TEET OF A LIBERAL GOVERMENT……YOU ARIGANT TWITT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Mark

      Well Gerri,
      Thank a vet, retiree, or those that gave their last full measure just so you and your small thinking brain can make the ignorant statements on this blog. Your welcome – a humble retiree who is anything but retired! Oh and by the way – I did pay for my healthcare, it was called 20 years of faithful service to this country, it was called putting myself in harms way so people back home could live a secure life, it was doing what people like you don’t have the guts to do.

    • sterling

      it is obvious that you are not a veteran. If you had any idea of what it takes to be a military man/woman you would truly understand the plight of who have served this great country while sacrificing so that we can remain free to speak our minds. The fact that you can freely voice your opinion without fear of retaliation, thank a veteran.

    • GWE

      Wow!!! I can’t believe your ignorant comment you must not be a vet or ever served in the US Military, your one of the ones looking for everyone to pay for you and anyone like you who never did anything for this country or the freedoms you and everyone else have here. Vets should get there medical especially older vets that went through wars and drafting. I’m sorry but you want to get on the subject of your statement that vets have gorged the government too long. Get a clue a hole unmarried individuals making to many babies that scam the system getting aid (medical, dental, food etc.), all unemployed by choice that use up the services of ER’s, all the prison system from county to federal (these are individuals that commit crimes), all illegals that are and have been in my country for over 50 years that have been getting stuff that even US citizen can’t or don’t get ( that all should of been deported and just because you have a baby here shouldn’t make your child a citizen or let the illegal get any rights in the US), all the students in

    • GWE

      colleges that are getting minority or immigrant tuition that is from the government, all public education schools that everyone who has children enrolled in are getting free education and the ones that can get free vacinations, all the medical supplies that are government donates and sends out of this country to 3rd world countries, I could go on and on about the wrong things individuals are and have gorged the government too long in this country for that shouldn’t be getting anything or paying for it themselves. Whom ever you are you should be more out sponken about those issues unless your one of them too!!! Don’t get me wrong I think everyone who is a US citizen in this country and in real need of medical attention should be able to go get help. I also think that having children is a priviledge and a choice and those who choose that should be held responsible to pay for everything that having a child takes not others or the government. Amazing how so many people look to chruch for help and

    • GWE

      handouts but yet they don’t stand behind the values of the church based on the bible when it comes to being married before you have children, not committing adultry, that marriage is a vow taken between a man and a woman not individuals of the same sex or the best of all just go to church services at least one day a week and be thankful for all that you have and all the freedoms offered in this country the United States Of America one Nation Under God!!! Everyone should help everyone but in order to do that you have to take care of your home first. So all vets especially the ones over 65 considering that many of them never received a percentage disability when they were released from the military service but served during war time shouldn’t have to pay one dollar for any medical care at VA but any former military service members that chose to live outside of the USA shouldn’t expect the USA to pick up there medical when they are putting there income back into another countries economy. I say this with

    • GWE

      complete knowledge of dealing with the US military for over 26 years of my life and my dad, grandfathers, nephew, great uncle and husband all served or still active so don’t talk about who doesn’t deserve to get medical unless you want to slam all that don’t deserve anything from this country. Better yet how about all the money that has been taken from social security over the past 75 years for a lot of handouts for some of the above mentioned and never repayed with interest by are government. Simple stated again take care of your homeland before you take care of anothers and that starts at every home across america being responsible for there actions and what they do that has a long term affect and remember the White House is a Home too!!! God Bless America and all who care about are Great Nation help put it back together as it once was and then we can try to help other nations.

    • GWE

      So sorry for those who counldn’t stand my long winded reply or all over the map reply but the comment about Obama and congress giving us the best healthcare policy ever came from a complete idiot it’s the worst healthcare ever when it cost individuals who already pay even more which is all middle class america and gives more to the ones who have been getting free from generation to generation and the wealthy like the president and congress won’t even notice the cost and by the way for those who forgot the seat of the President of the United States of America is supposed to be a voluntary position that doesn’t receive pay!!!

      This comment is 1 of 4 in a row.

    • GWE

      I should of said my replies to Gerri is actually 1 through 5 in a row and this would be the 6th once again sorry so long but I was not liking his comment.

    • Tom Hamilton

      Jerry 2 have two words for you. F.O. if you have the IQ to interpret that! Your obviously a life long civilian that doesn’t have the concept of common since. Our (yours and mine both) tax dollars paid us to go get shot up to keep your ass free, don’t forget that. Is the cost of treating us (Military retirees) for our country to high for you? You might want to find another country if this is the case. Don’t forget, even my retirement is taxed and I don’t complain about that, and yes a portion of that is veterans insurance. Have a nice day hero!

    • jim kroenlein

      Son, I flew 200+ combat missions over North Vietnam and your implication of gorging at the governments teet affends me greatly. You are of the society of “you owe me”. Bull. I grew up poor, worked my way thru college, and did without a lot of things to get ahead. I resent your waltzing in and pronouncing that you are owed something. If you would learn to mathematics and how to speak properly and not wear you pants down around you knees, maybe you could get a job.

    • Michael

      Continued from previous-They travel from station to station every two to three years, essentially eliminating the ability to build equity in home ownership, which is a very significant part of the typical middle class American investment portfolio. Then after twenty years, if they are lucky, they receive a modest retirement of approximately 50% of their base pay, which is taxed and does not include BHA or other entitlements to which they are accustomed, or 40% if they took the REDUX of which I’m sure you know nothing. Then they start a totally new career in an entry level position. So this is just a portion of the compensation that they receive to HELP offset the inequity created by a life of public service. Continued in another post

    • Michae

      Continued from prev post: Currently I am an ER nurse, after having retired as an Infantryman and see these people everyday who live on public assistance and MEDICAID, or worse, 22 year olds that have never worked a day in their lives who are on MEDICARE who claim total disability through SSI for ridiculous diagnoses such as fibromyalgia or bi-polar disorder. These people are the ones who need to get off the government teat (and it is TEAT, not TEET you idiot). They come to the ED for a snotty nose or earache because they cannot be bothered to make an appointment with their PCP and run a bill up that is typically 5-8 times higher with no co-pay and is charged to the government that you are so concerned about. Veterans have earned their benefits, utilize preventative medicine and use their medical care responsibly. So before you keep spreading your ignorant rants you should GET REAL, as you have so clumsily stated and explore what will really make a fiscally responsible health care program.

    • Don

      Our government made a promise to all GI,s. Fight our wars , join our plan and we will give you these benefits for your services. I can tell that while the wars were being fought you were not there. I am not sure what they gave us. You could have gotten healthcare ins. anytime you wanted ,all you had to is pay for it. Now you are forced to buy something maybe you did not want and can not afford. But that is OK Obama is going to get everyone on food stamps,welfare, and let the government take care of us for free. I wonder who will pay for it. Let me know!

    • Jason

      You ignorant PUKE, You have lived in America off of the Military’s TEET to long, wait until your put in the line of fire to fend for yourself, once that happens and you defecate in your panties the military like always will be there to protect you

    • Retired Navy

      I was in the Military (Navy) for 30 years . All my time was spent on Submarines, total of 14 years 11 months 23 days under the oceans of the world doing the work that was asked of me by our government . Took part in two wars, and many other undertaking that we will not talk about, underpaid and over-worked was the norm. I gave Uncle Sam a signed blank check the day that I entered the Navy, there is a saying in the military that a CV will never understand. ( All gave some and some gave all) I have paid my fair share and some of your . I’m a 100% DV. I would do it again, if not for me, then for you and yours.

    • Ray Bodak

      How about the congressmen and retired congressmen (and government official) start to pay for their share of medical treatment and hospitalization ?

    • Jim

      Hi Gerri. You are a real piece of work. you blame us vets for gorging the government for so long and Obama and congress has came up with this wonderful new plan and we should help pay for it. Well sir, we have been paying for decades by answering the call, standing our post, and providing scum like you the freedom to run down our good name.In spite of folk like you,our young patriots continue to answer the call. For they do not require nor expect approval from the likes of you Thanks all Vets..

    • wawas

      Gerri- Veterans paid for health care with BLOOD SWEAT AND TEARS ! Thanks to Vietnam and agent orange I get to provide 24/7 care for my husband and my brother was put in ICU and on the ventilator during the night.I’d really like to tell you where ‘you can go’ !!!

    • Rietje

      Gerri, last year Oct 8 my husband Richard died from ALS caused by Agent Orange in Vietnam! It was a death sentence, and I felt like I was going to die after taking care of him for two years. You do not even comprehend, “fair share!” As you called it! Not even!! You have absolutely no idea what a Veteran has given up to serve his or her country! To give you Freedom! Which you have had your whole life thanks to all the men and women who served and still serve this country.

    • Marty

      How do you know it’s the best health care policy ever, it isn’t even in effect yet!
      The US health care is/or was the best in the world. It will remain to be seen what exactly this “Obama Care” will cost, but as of now it seems to be underfunded.
      US VETS, have gorged at the Government teet? HOW BDARE YOU!!
      US Navy Retired



    • COmango

      Gerri, you throw stones and call folks bigots? Yet, you are so un-informed of PPACA(ObamaCare). Get off the teet of ABC,CBS,NBC,MSNBC and read something for your self. Part of my business is Medicare. Your comments in regards to this item shows how ignorant you are of the subject.

    • John

      Thanks for your service provided you did service Gerri. I retired after my 20 years of service during the Cold War, Somali, panama and gulf storm 1. Gerri I’d gladly pay my share as you put it, but understand this Gerri, once any incentive to service this great nation is reduced to zero, there won’t be a volunteer military. So get ready for someone you love to be forced into servitude. Oh yeah Gerri that’s called the draft.

    • From what you are stating, it’s apparent that you never served your country, or bothered to sign on the dotted line to ensure freedom for this nation. If not, then shut up. I am a retired Air Force individual with 21-years of service. I have 3-tours of duty in the Vietnam Theater, 4-tours of duty in South Korea and a single tour each in Japan, Okinawa, Philippines and Denmark. I had a terrific time, met a lot of wonderful people and lost a lot of buddies too. I have disabilities but I don’t brag about it and use the VA when only necessary. I also have a doctor on the side that I use with TriCare Prime. However, this is all about to change when I permanently make a move back to the Philippines in 8-months with my Filipina Spouse. I am fed up with the bureaucracy of our country and the way they treat us vets. Life is much more simpler and my retired military check, disability check and civil service check will go a long way there, where I feel like I am wanted and treated with respect compared to here in the U.S.

    • Miguel Saavadera

      Gerri [aka has not given service to this country in shape nor manner – IE a sap sucker, a daytime patriot who thinks paying its taxes is some sort of “government service” or give back to this nation]

      Okay, let’s talk… ALL military folks are on duty 24/7 …+ plus little minor irritating things like doing the most hazardous duty that civilians would refuse to do, or their communist union bosses would surely balk at or simple little pesky things like getting shot at …

      and if you pay a “fair’ wage for that time spent serving your country you will be owed a lot more than that government can afford – EVER. Hence benefits to “compensate” for that inability to pay the common everyday ordinary citizen soldier, sailor, airman or marine … [IE cost cutting measures]. Much like Whimpy saying, “A hamburger today, for a payment tomorrow.” Fight and die today, we’ll pay you compensation tomorrow …


    • Ron Helton

      Ms. Gerri,
      We did in the trenches of WWI, in the snow-filled fox holes of WWII and Korea, the jungles of Vietnam, the sand pits of Iraq and the mountains of Afghanistan. Lives were forever changed to serve this nation and the ungrateful likes of you.

      Ron Helton, USA Veteran, son of a WWII vet, grandson of a World War I vet, father of two War on Terrorism veterans.

    • Carl Gamel

      What do you mean ” health care is us all and you must help pay for it, Health care is a benefit and must be paid for either by service, by a company benefit or by cash.
      Benefits are not rights, The IX and X Amendments were put in the constitution to prevent such stupidity



    • Bill

      Gorged the government, we gave our lives for this country so idiots like you can be safe at home. What have you done for your country apparently nothing and you probably had everything handed to you. The government continues to give away trillions to foreign countries while trying to balance the budget on the very backs of the people they should be helping. You should run for office, you would make a good politician.

  • Hey Guns

    I was rear ended by a suv while on vacation in Port Angeles, Wa. Went to the emerg room and after treatment I told them I was retired military and did not have a Dr. in the area to do a follow up with, Nurse said no problem the VA is across the street went to VA saw this very old lady and she said I would receive NO HELP FROM THEM even though I had my Military ID and my VA ID which stated that I was 100% disabled. She stated that I would have to go to Seattle to get qualified before they would see me. WTF

    • Top

      Wherever you go and whatever state you travel through, register with the local VA for medical. This way you are covered coast to coast. It is unfortunate the VA does not have a national registry with a one time entry of veterans.

    • rickb

      All you had to do was sign up at that va.. then you would get care…

    • The Chief

      This has always been the rules. When signing up for Va health care you are authorized care in the facility they assign you. If you are out if that area you have to go to the VA ER for treatment…. It is the same way with Tricare Prime..

      • The Chief

        “Out of that area” :))

  • SSG B

    Is there going to be help for the retired veterans who now have to shop for extra health care, and are now in there advanced years, making there initial payments higher, then if they were notified while they were younger, and could qualify at a lower cost. I’m still a few years from retirement, so this is annoying to me, but can be financially crushing for those veterans who are already struggling or just barely making ends meet.

    • rickb

      Sure – the same help for retirees that non- retirees get.. go to the insurance exchange and try to qualify for cheaper insurance……… In other words you will not get anything extra ….

  • ARMY NAM 1969

    Call and write you representatives in Washington its a LAME Duck period, spend some time specifically calling the Veterans’ committee members in Washington. There are more of us then them, we can flank them then charge, don’t put it off any longer!

    ARMY NAM 1969

    • rickb

      Right.. do you really think that a congress were about 98% never served in the military really care about the military.. all they give is lip service….

  • Justavet

    Who in their right mind would pay the VA that amount when they might as well use Medicare (which, if you are over 65 you are eligible for). Let’s see, go to the VA where it takes 6 weeks to see a specialist or see a private doctor, which you know is licensed in your state and your wait will be a week and a half. And before anyone says anything, I am 100% and use private doctors. I have had enough of Government Healthcare. I only hope Obamacare won’t make it worse.

    • Justavet,

      I have Tricare Prime, and I don’t wait forever for an appointment. Just saying.

    • Dan Hilbert

      I use both however it falls to my advantage for saving time or costs. My biggest problem with government care, really, is with dental care which is very inconsistent due to rotating or no dentists at our facility – and forever to get scheduled due to the constant backlog. I am 100% P&T, but I still wonder about being able to use TriCare Prime after I turn 65…?

  • Retired/SFC

    Its want get any better, can’t stress over things u really can’t do anything about. An stop trying to blame everything on your BLACK President, These things was already in the making before he came. Now those that was in position before can point at the Black man, They can’t stand it ,trying to change the rules since He is not dumb as some may have hope. Just take a deep breath and do what u know is right

    • Len

      Doesn’t have anything to do with skin color. This president, black, white, brown or green is destroying the country. No, OblameA is not dumb. Dictators are smart people with hidden agendas. Government only finds mistakes when it’s to their advantage. When the people become sub-servant to the government we have a dictatorship. Welcome to SOCIALISM.

      USAF/Ret 20yrs

      • Army/30 years

        I agree with Len. I see some are still trying to play the race game. Change the work BLACK to Obama and make your comments. He is still a dictator and stupid as hell no matter what race he is. His mother was white. So I would Change the BLACK to WHITE and still say he was a screw up.

    • Lynn

      He isn’t black even though he wants you to think he is. He loves that race card. He’s 50% caucasian, 43.75 Arab, and 6.25% Kenyan black. Not much black there, is there?

    • VoixVelour

      That is a really inappropriate indictment of rational and intelligent concerns as instead “racist.”

  • Retired/SFC

    Its want get any better, can’t stress over things u really can’t do anything about. An stop trying to blame everything on your BLACK President, These things was already in the making before he came. Now those that was in position before can point at the Black man.

    • rickb

      What did color have to do with anything?

      • eddale

        Color should not have anything to do with it but for people like you it is what you won’t admit to.

      • Enough2013

        That BLACK man made it easier to get VA benefit…


    VIETNAM VET 1965 & 1966

    • samj

      I understand where you are coming from. semper FI!

  • C Watkins

    Try this on for size. 20 years ago I applied to the VA for hearing aids, due to a hearing loss caused while working around jet engines. I was granted aids, and all along was under the belief that my hearing loss was service connected (until July 2013). During all this time I would go in for hearing tests, repairs and new hearing aids. Then all of a sudden I received a bill from the VA for a test and repairs. Nobody in the Los Angeles VA district, or the Santa Maria VA Clinic, could answer my questions. After ignoring them for three months I was informed they were going to attach my VA disability check for the money. When I decided to call Tricare, they informed my of what was happening. My question, is how did I ever get the aids in the first place, why were they replaced every 5 years, and why nobody in the VA new this.

    • rickb

      Because as usual someone at the va had their head up their ass, just pay for the service and be thankful they even saw you.. however if your rated 10% or more you are entitled to hearing aids, and glasses…regardless of what the rating is for….

    • Guest

      Someone should be able to answer your question and explain what’s going on. Did the VA send you a letter along with the bill? If so I would write to whomever sent the letter. If you belong to a service organization (such as DAV, American Legion, Vietnam Veterans), you could ask them to look at your case with an eye toward appealing the VA’s decison. If you were being paid compensation by VA for your hearing loss and it was reduced or terminated you can appeal that. If you actually were service connected the VA would have sent a letter graing service connection years ago and they would have had to inform you recently if they were severing service connection.
      When they sent the bill they must have explained the basis for doing that after 20 years of providing services to you for hearing loss. Sorry for this message being confusing but don’t give up if VA has not explained the reaons for their actions and advised you of your appellate rights.

    • Dave P

      I have to take medications for several service connected injuries and illnesses. Every once in a while they start billing me for my meds. I have to call the VA Hospital billing once a year to get them to fix the billing errors. They usually fix them with no problem, then a year later we have to do it again.

    • John in Tennessee

      Go see a Disabled American Veterans National Service Officer and have them file a claim for your hearing loss. Since you worked around aircraft during your military service, chances are, you have a high frequency hearing loss AND Tininius. It may take a fight but the DAV is the best Service Organization (they are corrupt from the National to alot of Chapters) but they do great service work. If you run in to difficulty email me at DAVChapter101@AOL.Com and I’ll help you – And Win.

  • ARMY NAM 1969

    It is important to note that this change does not affect any active duty servicemembers and their families. Additionally, military retirees affected by this change will stay in the TRICARE system. They may keep Prime coverage by transferring their Prime enrollment to a more distant PSA if one is available within 100 miles. Or, military retirees not eligible to enroll in a distant PSA or not desiring to do so will be immediately covered by TRICARE Standard. TRICARE Standard was recently enhanced by the elimination of cost-sharing for many preventive services, THIS IS THE REPONSE THAT SENATOR MCCASKILL(MO) SENT MEE JUST NOW

    • gslmarvin

      This is BS. As a Tricare Prime enrollee who is losing that benefit at the end of this month, because we live 8 MILES outside of the Prime Service Area I know what I am talking about. Yes I will be switched to Tricare Standard. And my congressman has told me all year what a great deal it is,, I won’t have to pay premiums for it,, I only pay when I use it,,, BS, BS, BS. The Deductible under Tricare Standard is HIGHER than my yearly premiums were for Tricare Prime. AND I have just been notified that starting Oct1, 2014 I will have to start paying a yearly premium for Tricare Standard too – plus a deductible, plus higher co-pays, plus, plus,plus. The elimination of cost-shares for preventive services don’t help a whole lot when you or your children are SICK or need surgery. People on medicaid get better benefits than military retirees – they get free dental and free vision and never have to pay a single dollar out of pocket. Why should someone who is too lazy to work get a better health care plan than someone who served 20 or more years to protect this country.

  • David Stark

    What about seeing your own Dr Not VA. ?

    • Roy

      VA, Veterans Administration, Veteran, military, service to country. Who in the heck do you think these VA doctors are for??? Animals, they are not veterinarians. They only exist because of young men and women who go to war to protect you sitting at homes and gripe because you don’t get your check from social security disability or welfare on time. Try dodging bullets for a living thousands of miles from home and your family. Service disabled USN retired

  • TSgt USAF Retired

    A Veteran is a person who at one point in their life wrote out a blank check made payable to the “United States of America”, for any amount up to and including their life!!! Our congressmen and senators get 100% pension for only attending one session of congress, a life-time 100% free medical care and dental care for them and their families. They have never changed or down-sized to show that they too have to tighten their “millionaire” belts. They can even vote themselves pay raises and more! As a veteran we get slapped in the face continuously, I say enough is enough!!! Send them all pink slips in Washington, with no free medical and dental and no pension, lets see how quiet they become!!! When you go to the voting booth vote none of the above, send them a message in Washington to get out and to get out NOW!!!

    • rickb

      Actually, you should know the facts before you spout off. Civil Service retirees regardless of what they did( Congress is civil service, for medical care purposes) pay for their medical care insurance thru Federal employee insurance elections. They pay the same as anyone else….

  • screwed for life

    What a crock of shit.. When I signed up I signed a contract that told me I would get FREE medical care for life. Although TRI-CARE (Who-Cares, Nobody-Cares) doesn’t cost much, it keeps going up each year with benefits going down. I gave them my twenty years fulfilling my end of the contract. WTFO, Our Gov’t sucks.

    • rickb

      BS, every veteran/retiree signed the same enlistment form, not one contract to include yours ever offered or even mentioned free medical care at retirement…. As a retiree, I wish it was true but it wasn’t…. frankly it was implied by recruiters, but nothing was ever put in writing, by the Government of anyone in authority… so stop telling stories,,, it just isn’t true

      • Since I retired after serving over 20 years, I have been able to use my ID card to have my prescriptions (and my spouse’s) filled free at a military medical facility. If the AF bases in the Northeast hadn’t been closed, I would have been able to make medical appointments at one of the bases, and they would have been free. Of course, I would have had to wait until the active duty were taken care of first, but I would have been taken care of , also.

      • Doc
    • Russ

      Amen me too but you can not trust our government!!!

  • As a 30% disabled veteran this does not impact me but, at 65 I’m going to go to my PCP. That’s why we all paid into medicare. One thing, every veteran should make an appointment with the DAV, they represented me and all of my service related injuries, ailments etc were documented and are all covered by the VA at no cost. My cholesteral and blood pressure meds aren’t because they were not a problem on active duty.

  • Badbob66

    It does not matter what you do, the govt is going to get you in the end. Litterly!!

  • marie

    I am the widow of a veteran who died of a service-connected illness. He was in country, Vietnam. I fought for many years for the benefits that he, the children and myself needed then. I am sad to say that many retired military veterans that I knew, those who never saw one day of combat, had no assistance for us at all during the hardship and battle for the benefits my husband earned. Along the way, I met many with similar and worse stories. Shame on you all for failing to help your fellow soldiers and their families who were in greater need while you and your families took advantage and then some of the entire system. Where were you then?

    • marie,

      Not sure I understand! I don’t understand you wanting his benefits, being that he was the veteran, not you. Should you have died before him, would he had gotten you’re benefits from your job?????

    • Enough2013

      Say it again!!! This is still happening… I’m retired after 24 years. 90%…. I’ll help any and everyone….but I keep meeting veterans and active military who only want to know how to milk the systems. claim PTSD, hurt this and hurt that ….looking for free money. They never ask how I’m feeling or what happen to my skin or leg…just how can they get some of that VA, tax free government money… Heck, I still work everyday… and they want to sit at home.

  • Anthony

    Why does congress get free medical care when they haven’t served 1 second in uniform but honorably retired servicemen and women have to contribute 80% for treat by a medical agency chartered to provide care for veterans?
    This is so broken and backwards it makes the retirement system for veterans a joke.
    Fix this congress – if you have any concern for the blood, sweat and dedication of service pepole. And you wait 10 years before you stick it to us Please!!!

    • Anthony,

      Congress doesn’t get free medical care, they pay for it like all Federal Employees.

      PS: Just because you served in the Military, doesn’t give you free Medical for Life.


      Health Benefits for Members of Congress
      Ada S. Cornell
      Information Research Specialist
      May 3, 2012

    • Guest

      I don’t believe Congress gets free medical care. I think they have the same coverage as run of the mill federal employees. They have to pay for health insurance with their employer (the Feds) paying part of the premiums (about
      75% I believe). The employees then pay a deductible and a copayment whe they get medical care. If you think I’m wrong please check it out. Also, I’m sure you read that this is not a change in the law – it has been this way for a long time but VA and Tricare had not been properly interpreting the applicable regulatons.

      • Hank1526

        Yup. You’re correct.

      • You are correct. Congress members have the same options as a Federal employee. Some even opt out of the government healthcare program because they have coverage from another program. The government does pay toward their health care, but Congress members also have to pay also. They do not get free medical care.

  • Dik

    Am I missing something in the below (BOLD) portion of this article? I think they have something reversed here. I would think the 50% to 100% would not be impacted, but the 10% to 40% would be impacted.

    It is important to note that higher priority veterans will not be impacted by the enforcement of this rule. For example, veterans with VA disability ratings of 10 to 40 percent will continue to receive cost-free VA care for any condition. These veterans are only required to pay a co-payment of $8 on outpatient medications for non-service-connected conditions. Veterans with service-connected ratings of 50 percent or higher are not required to make any co-payments for care at VA facilities.

    • Dik,

      This is not a blog where people actually read what is said, other than the headlines, and then they react negatively not knowing what it is they are really reacting too.


    • Guest

      Confusing. If you go to the linked article by Philpott it says, in part, ” Among veterans who will still get all VA health care and prescriptions at no charge are veterans with service-connected disabilities rated 50 percent or higher and former prisoners of war.” I don’t think it mentions vets with 1 to 40 percent ratings as are mentiond above. See the link for an expanded article.

  • rickb

    Finally, someone is starting to make a little sense. The VA is so swamped with veterans they should only be treating for service connected conditions anyway. I am retired and I am rated 100%, I use both the VA and BAMC But most of the time I can’t even get an appointment at the VA for 4 – 6 months….this for service connected conditions, and if I try to see a primary care doctor in less than 6 months after my last appointment, they won’t even make me an appointment.

    No one is owed free medical care unless, they are rated 100%..(in my opinion even those with TDIU should have to pay for non service connected care) If you pay for Tricare and are not 100% why the hell would you chose treatment at the VA anyway….

    Finally…Obama’s agenda is to get a single payer system, the liberals love this, they think everyone should get the same care and we should all pay for it.. Well for those of you that don’t know it… VA care is the model for a single payer system… it will get worse before it gets better..

  • Harry

    Who in their right mind would seek treatment at VA if they are TFL eligible? The trust factor of valid, successful treatment at VA is about the level of whale manure in my opinion.

    • I have a 40% disability at the VA, and I have been treated at the VA for many years. Since the government closed all the local AF bases in my area, active duty personnel have been treated at the VA, if they chose to. The only coverage I don’t have from the VA is dental. I will be TFL eligible in October, but it will also cost me extra money to be covered by Medicare B. If I refuse Medicare B, then I will lose TFL. Although promised free medical if I served twenty years, it’s still going to cost me more than I should have to pay. Sorry, Harry, I am in my right mind, and I will continue to take advantage of my free VA coverage.

    • Jim

      I’ve been seeing VA Docs for 10 years, 10 years after I retired and can’t really complain. They treat me fairly, with dignity, and many times thank me for my service. From what I’ve seen, the ones I’ve seen who get “bad care” are the one who seem to complain about everything, including the color of the walls or the brand new tiles on the floor.

      Although I do feel the country owes it to vets to take care of them, I also feel grateful that I live in a country I can speak freely about just about anything. I can complain about the politicians that make oddball decisions like fully funding research on the mating habits of the orange winged fufu fly, and under funding the VA.

      • jeff

        Sorry but I have been receiving V.A. care for twenty years and I can complain. I have 80% and still cannot get in for a regular medical appointment because my regular doctor quit and they keep canceling my appointment. It has been a year and I now have an appointment this month that they have not cancelled yet.

  • Greg

    Take a look at what medical and financial bennies the congress and senate boys get. Work a month get plenty of people killed while they’re polishing the seats of those chairs and get free medical and their wages for life.

    • Guest

      Sorry but you are wrong. Congress does not get “free medical and their ages for life.” I don’t like Congress any more than the rest you but I do believe in being accurate when stating “facts.” I suggest that you take ” a look ” just as ou told the rest of us to do.

  • donald

    if this crap continues, the draft is certainly next. no one will be joining the military. when the draft begins we will see the real meaning of STUPID.

  • asknod

    Boy, Howdy. If this doesn’t up reenlistment numbers nothing will. Remember the old saw “Give us 20 and we’ll give you and your lady free medical for life-on everything”. ? Well, as they say at Dollar a Day rentacar-not exactly. It comes with more and more “Except on Thursdays”. Now, with the addition of Obummercare, it’s “Well, you pay 80, we pay 20 unless it happened in service. If it’s not service connected, proceed to hospital #2. Fact is, going to a VAMC is more dangerous to your health than smoking crack. Single payer? Whiskey Tango Foxtrot, over?

  • SniperSarge

    It took me 18 years to get my hearing aids. Lost my hearing from Nam 66, retired in 86 with all kinds of problems. 26 years later 2012 was informed I’m 100% service connected. The wait is forever, many died without getting anything. My prayers are with all who are still waiting.

    • Russ

      And the ones who gave the life> People what have not had to wait for the medical seems to bit–h the most.

    • arthur Sandoval

      Me too!

  • Buddy

    You know I never expected OUR Government would throw their Military protectors an old bone( so to speak). We have been in Wars-Conflicts- and NONE OF OUR BUSINESS TYPE what ever you might want to call the thing, in behalf of our HIGHER UPS putting us into things that DOES NOT CONCERNUS AT ALL????We get cuts pay wise -retirement wise- now our other benefits (what little we have left) BUT ARE ANY—I REPEAT–ARE ANY OF THEM TAKING A CUT ON ANYTHING??????AND for Christ sakes look at what they make a year and dam some vacations too????? I went in for the wrong job, protecting my country and their butt SO they could make that big $$$$.Main thing now is MY HEALTH CARE THAT WAS PROMISED ME in 1959 when I first STARTED OUT WITH BIG ADMERATION FOR MY FUTURE????I AM KIND OF PROTECTED,I GET SERVICEDBECAUSE I (AM A DISABLED VET> THANKS TO MY TIME IN VIETNAM and Agent Orange>

  • Major S

    Speaking of “gorging at the teat” what about those mega-Billion a year in profits corporations that get government funding, incentives, and tax breaks, because their main office is in the Bahamas, then the Vets are told to “tighten your belts troops, we don’t have the money for your care”. Maybe if a few million Vets marched on Washington, DC they might get the hint we are rather angry about that idea.

  • Buddy

    Cont.–Maybe we can help our HIGHER ups do the right thing COME ELECTION time but heck they would be just as bad after a while, like the old saying (MONEY TALKS AND B.S. walks????LOL) Ican not see why they do this stuff to us little folk that is just M A Y B E making ends meet??? Dam just bearly doing THAT!! I do not know , it does no good to complain UNLESS U HAVE a big backing , I mean with CLOUT , AFSA helps some BUT V.A. WELL they leave a lot to be desired…Back when I filed for disability I thought they would do me right as a VET. BUT to finally get anything I had to file with DAV and THEY REALLY WENT TO BAD FOR…OH we can fuss- gripe and complain all we want and THEY DO WHAT THEY WANT????OH well———–

    • Terry

      I agree. I spent 12 years and 6 months on recruiting duty, 21 years total service. I know all that I was taught and how it was pounded home the (benefits) medical, dental. Yet some years now retired 16 years the government, set their target on our well deserved benefits to cut. But I garantee they have not committed to cut their monies, nor to sleep on the wet cold ground far from home.

  • eddale

    I hope all of you know that the changes to TriCare for Life are driven by the GOP Congress.

    • SFC

      I hope you know the article says this is a 10 year old rule, this means it was put in by a Democratic Congress…read the article fully.

  • jss123

    So VA provided care doesn’t meet Medicare standard according to TRICARE—seriously?!

    The government (VA) can not guarantee good care to a government contractor (TRICARE)?!

  • DonM

    This REALLY SUCKS!! How do you cope with this bull crap ??
    Here is one way:
    ALL TFL beneficiaries (who live in the plan’s service area) are eligible for Medicare Advantage plans throughout the country as long as they have Part A and B of Medicare. In many / most cases these plans have zero monthly premium and zero deductibles and require only copays and / or coinsurance. In Colorado the copay to see a PCP (primary care doctor) is only $10 and to see a specialist is $30. (i.e, United HealthCare Plan 2 in the metro-Denver area). This would be one hell of a lot less than 80%. I am a licensed agent in Denver and know what I am talking about.

    • junebug2

      If you are an agent then you should know that there are a lot of other large deductibles with Medicare Advantage Plan. What about the ones for diagnostic testing such as Nuclear Scans, Ct’s etc. etc.etc. These poor people are conned into these plans and shocked when they find this out. Also what about the deductible they have to pay if they are hospitalized? I am one of those that had to break these bad news to sick, limited income patients.

  • Billy

    Congress and Obama should have to spend the next 3 years in a VA Hospital, paying 100%, with no meals provided. have to order from fast food. They aren`t reall worth that much. The US Government sucks and is the biggest Liar that ever existed!! Why do we need these AH????

  • John Barrientos Jr.

    When i joined the Navy in August of 1956 I was told that I would receive many benefits along with FREE health care for the rest of my life. Being 17 and gullible I believed that recruiter, who probably already knew that it was dropped in July of 1956. He probably figured I wouldn’t be around to collect anyway……he was wrong and he was right. I did live long enough and I am not collecting FREE health care. But, at least I have been getting REDUCED cost health care. Let’s see what happens next.

    • Ginny bell

      Where did you read it was dropped in July of 1956…where did you see anything in actually written words about free medical for life..I can’t find it

  • Bob C

    Promised free health care for life for re-enlistment. Ho yeh…Supreme court ruled congress would have to act to fulfill this, that’s been about ten years ago. The only promises these politicians keep, are to themselves.

    • Tom

      Hear, Hear. You are so right brother.

  • Tired

    This is not a suprise to me. When I enlisted in 1967 the contract was life time medical for 20 years of service. Now that I am 65, i have to use Medicare, pay for all of it’s parts; i am limited to the number of visits, medicine, that I receive in a calendar year, and now the VA is telling me that I have to pay more, for what I paid 22 years to receive. Stand by America, if they can do it to us, what can you expect?

  • Emmett D. Bowers

    Why is it that our people serving in Washington, can get free medical care, receive special care for their families and has never served a day in the armed forces…The government has just kicked our men, women, young boys and girls to the curb….Another thing, when our congress people retire, they receive most of their salaries, plus other benefits. When an enlisted man retires his salary is tremendously reduced to nothing, little or no benefits. Now look at the world crisis, if it weren’t for these voluntaries stepping up to the plate to protect our country, where would our rich big fat Washington puff shirts be???

    • doug freeland

      Emmett, You have to remember, they (the people serving in Washington) write the rules and are much more interested in protecting and enhancing their own benefits than they are interested in looking out for the ones who make it possible for them to have their fat cushy jobs. Remember, it’s you and I who elect/re-elect these a-holes.

  • Bill

    Nice to know 2 weeks ahead of going on Medicare. VA already changed my
    classification from Cat 5 to Cat 8 after wifes inheritance and started charging
    for services at VA Clinic. Wonder what happens when I get diagnosed with
    Agent Orange related illnesses now!!!

  • Joel

    This is just insane. The Feds are perfectly willing to pay some civilian Medicare provider, so why aren’t they willing to pay the same amount to a VA facility for a service member’s benefit?

    I really, really don’t like Obama. But I don’t Obama, who I am sure doesn’t even know about this. This makes no sense at all. What I suspect (after reading Hey Guns, above) is that we now have a government of the bureaucrats, by the bureaucrats and for the bureaucrats.

    Time for all of us — and the various military associations — to raise this issue with our Congressmen and with the White House.

    • Dave P


    • tomur2

      Why on earth if you have TFL don’t you want to go to a regular Dr? There are no co-pays. Medicare pays 80%, Tricare pays 20%. Get your meds through Express Scripts and co-pay is $0, unless it’s a high priced brand name, and then it’s still at a discount, what we have had to use. I don’t understand why anyone would want to use the VA IF you have TFL. I don’t get why all the grumbling.

  • Every day they come up with a new way to screw us!!!!

    • tomur2

      This is not new. It’s the same thing. People have just been trying to use the VA for everything. It doesn’t work like that.

  • Enough2013

    This is funny that some veterans have not been paying for non-service connect service because …my husband pays, my brother pays, my father pays and while I was waiting on my claim I paid. Guess we have the wrong hospital. As a matter of fact they charged my BC/BS and sent me a bill for the rest so I went to a private doc… that took BC/BS and Tri-Care Standard and paid nothing.

  • lundy

    How does a Vet get a listing of all items that the Vet has that is being treated for by the VA? Is there an address or a phone number that a person can get to contact the VA to start the request for all that the Vet has and what could be a “spin off” of one of the items that he is being treated for so he wont get the “DOUBLE TREATED” charge from the VA. Who will give us a “cost sheet” per item that we will need to see a doctor so we can make a choice if we want to pay the price. And does this mean that the cost of ALL HEALTH CARE across the USA will be the same? Are these facts ready for the Vets? And again…who will be the Vets point of contact to protest these costs? Have these things that an old Iowa Farm Boy asked have answers and how many more questions are there out there to be asked also?

  • Sfc

    Lets take money away from congress – they get 197,000 for life even when they are not in office –

    • Dennis Schantz

      Where did you get your info of $197,000 for life? Congress is on the same retirement plan as all other Civil Servants. Most Congressional members never see any retirement money as they are not in office long enough to qualify. Please do a facts check before posting erroneous or disinformation. Thank you.

      • feajan1

        You get your facts straight. They get 100% of their pay for the rest of their lives even if they only serve 1 TERM.

        • Guest

          They need at least 5 years in office to see any retirement. A 1 term Senator would receive about 10% of their pay assuming they wait until 62 to collect, otherwise it is reduced. It would take 66 years of service to receive 80% of their pay.

        • Tim

          John, Don’t you have anything better to do…..not cute…..

    • willard mitchell

      ats 193k to much a month for doing nothing

    • John in Tennessee

      I really hate to bust your bubble but Congress have rules for their retirement. It is a good program, but they don’t give a retirement for only 1 term in office. Google Congressional Retirement Program or check it out on Truth or Fiction dot com or

    • SFC Retired

      I agree with you!!!

  • ltcjwb

    Nothing new here. I never expected the VA to treat me for anything not service-connected. In any other hospital, Medicare pays for 80% and TFL picks up the rest, or at least most of it. Unfortunately, VA hospitals are not certified by Medicare, so Medicare will not pay anything. That is what needs to be fixed. Why in the world would a government hospital not be certified by a government agency?

  • ChiefRedbird

    True, it is another kick in the pants from a grateful nation, but probably not as bad as things to come. If a retiree is covered by Medicare and TFL, VA benefits are just a duplication unless it is a service not covered by the first two. The big question is what about those non-covered services such as hearing aids? Under the TFL system, services not covered by Medicare but covered by TFL are paid in full by TFL. Hearing aids are not covered by Medicare or TFL, but are a VA benefit. Who will pay for hearing aids and other such services for retired TFL Vets?

    • Jim

      You ask a good question. I am in the same boat and was planning on going to the VA for hearing aids. Actually I can and probably will pay for them myself from a private provider, but I want an independent party, like the VA, who was not trying to sell me hearing aids, to do an impartial examination. I hope I can still get it.

      • REA

        I get free hearing aids from the VA because my hearing loss is service conected. The latest set of aids is incredibly excellent. Thanks to VA.

    • dan

      I am service connect above 50%, one of my S.C. is hearing loss. Hearing aids are part of my comp.

  • Doesn’t matter insofar as this administration is concerned. They are known despisers of the military and don’t give a flying fornicatory leap at a centerless piece of pastry about anything except where the next round of golf will be played, vacaations will be, etc. Think of all that wasted time and junket travelling this wanna be king of the usa did and where that money could have gone to feed the hungry or hel a vet and then consider how ugly, profane and biased they are, including the supporting media.

  • John

    1. I’m a 20 yr Army retiree and was NEVER promised any healthcare for life.

    2. I’m 65 now on Medicare and TFL. When i go to the hospital or doctor i pay nothing out-of-pocket. Medicare pays first then TFL pays the remainder. I’m 40% VA disabled and have never used any VA medical services. Reminder: In order to get TFL one must pay the Medicare part B monthly premium.

    • rl

      Well there are many of us retires that prior to 1987 were promised healthcare for life. You are just too young to know how the deal changed and we were screwed for defending or nation.

      • Marvin McConoughey

        I retired prior to 1987 and don’t recall the military having promised me any specific, defined, set of retiree health benefits. I doubt that I, or many of my cohorts, spend much time researching the topic. What we now remember is quite general and likely distorted by time. I am pleased with the services that we get.

        • Marvin McConoughey,

          When I joined the first time in 1969 there was no promise, and when I joined the second time in 1976 there was no promise.

          One thing is for sure, I’ve never known any retiree and family that every had and used this recruiter promised FREE HEALTH CARE, DENTAL CARE FOR LIFE FOR THEM AND THEIR FAMILY.

          Note: My father, 2 brothers, sister and me all retired from the military except for 1 brother which was rifted after Viet Nam, and none of us every had free life time medical and/or dental care. I do know that hospitals that have had “space availible” did in fact take care of Veterans for free, and some people my be confusing this with lifetime free crap the recruiter told them.

      • ri,

        I first joined in 1969, and I wasn’t promised Free Health Care for Life. Matter of FACT, I’ve never known anyone retired from the Military that had Free Health Care for Life, have you?????

        PS: As you know, Recruiters can’t give you free health care for life.

    • You are so correct.. TFL is NOT free. If you don’t pay for the Medicare Part B, you can’t get TFL. And Medicare is subject to increases constantly.
      By the way John, I don’t know when you first enlisted, but both my husband & I were promised free healthcare for life if we served the required time. And so were my uncles who served years before I did.

      • Jack wells
      • Barbara Eddy Frolke,

        Have you every known any Veteran that actually got Free Health Care for Life?????

      • Jack wells,

        On 2 June 2003 that case went to the Supreme Court and was lost.

        PS: A recruiter doesn’t have the authority to give you Free Health Care for Life, as you now know. I mean, in you entire career did you ever meet anyone that was retired that had this free care?????

      • Komplikator


        Your recruiter may have “promised” you free health care, but did your enlistment contract mention it?

        I enlisted in 1974, and mins sure didn’t

      • Barbara Eddy Frolke,

        Actually and to make things clear for all of us, Tricare for Life has zero fee. Now, in order to be placed on or use TFL, you must sign up and pay for Medicare Part B. When you say it differently than this, some people don’t understand and they actually think there is a TFL fee and that they have to sign up and pay for Medicare Part B also.

      • Sam

        I am a 27 year Vet, an 11 year Civil Servant and am quite emotional about this subject. You may have been promised, but that promise came from a recruiter and NOTHING was provided in writing. I too was promised, but I’m not an IDIOT and never expected it. Besides, I’m an American who feels we’re all in this together and we all need to contribute something besides bitching 24/7.

    • John from Tennessee

      John, I also am a 20+ year retiree and am 65. I WAS promised healthcare for life starting October 1965. I use my VA entitlements AND have TFL. It’s the government’s own fault that they will not bill Medicare. I get the best care anywhere. Vanderbilt doctors are great and I have a few of them I see regular. But I just wanted you to know that the government did make promises it didn’t keep. Just look at all the work that COL Bud Day did fighting to all of us retirees. Right up until his death.
      I wish you continued good health and prosperity. God blass.

      • John from Tennessee,

        Just a note, the Government never promised us Free Health Care for Life. Recruiters don’t have the authority to give us that.

    • medlln

      The reason you were never continued health care, is due to your time of entry into service. I have a copy of a letter from my draft board stating if we would stay for 20 years, we and our families would be provided medical care for life. You guessed it I am 85.

      • Medln,

        Feel free to click on my name, go to my site and post that letter.

    • Bert Kurland

      JOHN: I AM A 27 YEAR RETIREE, wwii vintage and WE WERE Promised our medical needs to include spouses would be FREE if we put in at least 20 years of Service. Forget what year this was changed, except for Congress, the President and other government leaches.

      • Ernie

        I am a retiree of 20 years (1976 to 1996) and I too was told health care for life free and I am 40% disabled too. I am 57 years old now and am on medicare and TFL due to the disability for menieres that I got while in the Army and Severe migraines years later. I was told to call fee services at my VA hospital and ask about this situation and I was told that I would not have to pay any thing, but I am one that believes that when I see it because I have sleep apnea that I do through the VA hospital with the CPAP machine and supplies, so will see what happens.

      • Bert Kurland,

        It was never changed, because it never happened. There was never a Law giving us Free Health Care for Life for you and Family, nor was this Free Health Care ever funded.

        This rumor came from some recruiters but was never true. I mean think about it, have you every known anyone in you life that had this free health care?????

        • Milt Hancock

          I enlisted out of HS in 1956. It was common knowledge then what career benefits were, and medical care for life was one of them. To spin and parse this into “ya, but, recruiters were not legitimate representatives of the system,” is morally deficient.

          And, I have correspondence with official military letter-head that was mailed to me when I was approaching the end of my four year enlistment that states medical for life upon completion of an active duty career. But none of us are surprised at the recent court ruling stating, “ya, but, that letter has nothing to do with the law…then or now.” HOOT!

          So, I find it head-shakingly amusing when some ask, in a fake display of surprise, “You mean you don’t trust our government?”……

          “Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me.” Never was this universally and time honored quote more appropriate.

    • John,

      Many of these Veterans just don’t get it, even when it is explained to them.

    • Frank

      I don’t understand your #1. When I came in each person was promised medical for the member and HIS/HER immediate family members. Look what we have now. I did 28 years. I guess during that 8 extra years and the 9 years since retirement things have drastically changed. Wait till full implementation of the ACA. Benefits will drastically change again.

    • Buc

      Of course I was told by the recruiter and the Army that if I stayed for 20yrs I would have medical care for life…Just because you did hear it or whatever doe’s not mean it wasn’t promised. So, don’t come here saying it wasn’t promised.

    • M. Mount

      Served 26 years. Retired in ’90. Never was promised free health care. But those who have retired get TFL which covers what Medicare doesn’t. Some ill-informed people just like to complain. TFL plus Medicare is one great deal that is NOT affected in anyway by the Affordable Health Act. I volunteer at the VA. It has long put those without disability on the lower priority for VA healthcare. They can’t take care of everybody.

  • John

    Please, this site is not for bashing the President or Congress..

    • hmmc/usnret

      its not bashin. when you join a branch of the us military you are told certain do your duty to uphold all of the principles of honor and hold althings that are dear to us all.then you reach age what ever you are retired and slowly they ( us gov) begin taking those promises away. I have been shotx4 ,I have many problems ,health and mental,and I expect them to live up to those promises. republican or democrat

      • sandy

        You are right but there are many who don’t think that way because it wasn’t one of their experiences. That’s why empathy lacks and some of your fellow veterans won’t support you or the programs we all use, selfish indeed. Unfortunately it feels like an attempt to divide and conquer and it shows in their vote right down party lines, instead of voting for the person who supports us, and it’s shameful. The current powers talk a good line but we are going to pay big time as their programs begin to slice away the benefits we now enjoy. You can talk about congress and the president all you want even on this venue.

      • hmmc/usnret,

        They haven’t taken anything away that was promised me, and I doubt they have taken anything away from you.

        • idmedic,

          LMAO, an example of what, what they haven’t taken from me?????

    • John,

      I agree, but you can’t teach these old dogs new tricks.

    • Dwayne Leinen

      Get a clue… It all starts there. Mostly with congress and the lobbyist dirtbags.

    • dave

      Why not? It’s as good as any other!

    • Msgt. Ronald Padro

      bull Sh– they are the ones srewing us all idiot.

  • Dik

    Am I missing something in the below (BOLD) portion of this article? I think they have something reversed here. I would think the 50% to 100% would not be impacted, but the 10% to 40% would be impacted.

    • SUE

      Re read the bold print again. Those with a rating of 50 % or higher have no co pay…free treatment. 10%-40% have a small copay.

    • Bryan

      You misunderstood Prioritys (1 thru 7) and percentages are two different things.

    • charlie

      read it again

  • Jack

    It’s about time…..this will open up the valuable space needed for service members under 65….use the medicare like you should…when I to to the VA, and I’m in the service connected disability 50-100 % with 26 years of service, I can’t get an appointment sometimes for several weeks or a few months because the medicare folks are still going to the VA and taking up the appointment space…..I turn 65 in November and will only use the VA in case of a dire emergency….If I’m setting an example then follow me….jb Jackson, TN

    • dan

      BULLSHIT! When I enlisted we weren’t supposed to go on Medicare. EVER! We were promised our medical care would be from the military for the rest of our lives. Later they changed it on us and expect us to take Medicare like the other jackasses sucking up welfare and Social Security.

    • Fall

      Oh my god what are you whining about the women an Men that are using this service came before you and did there jobs without any whining and crying about anyone but then the s men where real men why don’t you have some respect for them and your self and behave in a manner becoming an American Soldier

    • Ron

      never give up your gov’t bennies for any reason, the gov’t wants you to give it up to fund stupid obamacare using our money.Ron

  • cmsgt

    Lets use the billions sent to Eygpt to pay for the VA benefits Abe Lincoln promised and arranged

  • Bob

    None of this is new:

    “For it’s Tommy this, an’ Tommy that, an’ “Chuck him out, the brute!”
    But it’s “Saviour of ‘is country” when the guns begin to shoot;
    An’ it’s Tommy this, an’ Tommy that, an’ anything you please;
    An’ Tommy ain’t a bloomin’ fool — you bet that Tommy sees!”

    Rudyard Kipling circa 1889

  • Petethepilot

    I am retireed AF, have been rated by the VA and never use the VA medical facility. Other than a hearing aid what good are they. You are much better off with Medicare/TLF. You need Medicare to cover yourself for the EMS ride to the ER. VA will not cover it.

    • SGM BOB

      my ems helicopter ride from the local hospital to the va hospital for emergency surgery was covered by the travel section of the va hospital.

  • Shirlee

    What about vision? My husband is a 10% disability and was able to go for eye checks & glasses at the VA. Medicare doesn’t cover this at all. Is this going to change now?

  • Cynthia

    I am one that qualifies for full benefits, yet see a outside doctor. The wait at the VA clinic is too long when needed. I must travel over 70 miles to the VA Hospital. My disability limits my ability to drive when sick.

    VA is a non-profit organization backed by the government. They need a overall. Many of the employees believe once they reach a certain position they do not have to work. Paperwork is over whelming. Run it like a doctors’ office and things would go easier on everyone.

    • Wayne

      I agree with Chnthia. I have used different VA clinics and hospitals. And they are all the same. The employees should get paid for the work they do. Then the VA would not be in the RED. Hire all VETS to get the job done right. The Phoenix VA is the same as reported from the El Paso VA. The vets get rotten service. The Alb. NM VA works for the paycheck not for the Vet.

  • tugro

    the VA in El Paso Texas is not worth anybody’s time or health. I rather go anywhere than at this VA. It is but morons.

  • Dave D

    If our service men and women can not get medical coverage then why should the president and congress members? In the military we are taught to lead by example, apparently this character trait is not part of our leaders vocabulary.

    • Dave D,

      What are you talking about????? Why can’t you get coverage?????

  • John Wertin

    We must never forget who writes the laws, does not need to follow the laws.
    I am over 65, and do not believe I have cheated anyone younger from any treatment. When I raised my hand, the Army told me If you let people shoot at you for 20 years we will pay you a pension and you and your wife will have health care for the rest of your life. then they said oops, when you retire you will pay for Champus, and a few year later they said oops, when you get to be 65, you will be covered by Medicare, and Tricare which you will pay for.

    • James

      I bought into the same deal. It goes to show that congress never lied to any of us. The truth just seems to change and change over time. It’s like Obamacare, you have to give your 20 years to find out if what you were told up front was really true!

  • sam

    Should eliminate all Va disabilities individuals that are on Medicare an/or TFl from going to a Va facility. Even if they have a documented disability an getting a benefit payment.

  • Quinn

    If you you are enrolled in Tricare and are seen by a Va provider who intern refers you to a specialist, Tricare will tell you to see your primary care doctor. The primary care doctor cannot be a va provider, your primary care doctor has to be approved by Tricare. Tricare doesn’t recognize or accept the va doctor. Simply put if you have Tricare for life your wasting your time with the va. They will bill you and then tell you to see your Tricare approved doctor who then will refer you out, and they will bill you for that too! If you are in Tricare prime, Tricare will not accept your va providers referrals either! Two government agencies make a ten year mistake, who got fired for that incompetence? Please let me in congress so I can have free health care for life. Those who “lead” never cut their benefits; they only vote to increase them. That’s why no one follows them! To recap if you have Tricare for life, prime, extra or standard don’t go to the va, Tricare doesn’t recognize or accept va doctors recommendations or referrals.

    • Quinn,

      If you have Tricare for Life, then you don’t have a Tricare Primary Care Doctor anymore, since your now on Medicare. Have I missed something?????

      Your reference to Congress and their imaginary free Health Care for Life. This isn’t true, they pay for their Health Care like all Federal Workers do. Please stop believing the emails that say read and pass along to everyone you know.


      Health Benefits for Members of Congress
      Ada S. Cornell
      Information Research Specialist
      May 3, 2012

      • Quinn

        Doesn’t matter, Tricare still will not accept referrals or recommendations from a va doc, call Tricare and ask them that question. You missed the point, they will pay for the va visit and also the next visit Tricare will mandate they have to have. Whether TFl, prime, standard or extra isn’t the point. The point was Tricare will not accept referrals from a Va doc! You certainly did miss the point!

    • Karen

      It’s a vicious cycle, however many TFL benes enroll in the VA because neither Medicare nor TFL will pay for hearing aids and these veterans can get them at the VA for $50… thus they stay enrolled at the VA and have outside Tricare providers.

  • bargecat

    try and find a provider doctor that takes medicare a lot of DR. don’t take it because medicare is slow to pay so if I have to pay 80% to the VA what am I paying for the part B medicare anyhow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Msgt. Ronald Padro

    This is another way to screw with us this is unheard of. Is this the way our Gov. Treats the ones who have given all to serve, God help us all. This Gov. ,Senator’s & congressmen only think for themselves and don’t care for the men and women who have given and been the backbone of the USA.

  • Chu Lai 66

    A couple of days ago on the news it showed a politician that had a baby that was pre mature and didn’t have ANY KIDNEY’s and under developed lungs. They were at John’s Hopkin’s hosp I think But she said she was going back to work her husband would stay with the baby and wait for a kidney transplant which is goind to take months in Int Care. It was going to cost millions. But she said it wasn’t going to cost them anything because of her health care fron congress and one other plan that they had. Quesrtion is:How does she get this GREAT HEALTH PLAN and the avg guy that served gets kicked to the side and said sorry we’re out of money Something is REALLY WRONG IN WASHINGTON



    • Rich

      There was no draft for Obama to dodge; you are confused with Bush and Cheney. You still get care at any medicare physician and hospital probably with less waiting and less red tape. Try educating yourself before excreating inaccurate BS.

    • marine1

      Why don’t you guys do what you tell the poor to do. Get a Job. Stop sucking the teat of government. Point your fingers at the phoney disability collectors and save the American people 50%, and give care to the real soldiers who were actually injured during their service to their country.

    • SFC C Williams

      Learn how to spell and stop blaming Obama for a policy that has been in effect for years. If you read more you would probably know that. Ignorance is bliss!!

    • Jon

      I’m retired Army (24 years) (75 months of combat). I turned 18 in Viet Nam and 50 in Iraq. I jumped into Granada and Panama. I served because of my love for the Republic of the United States of America. {F r e e d o m} This country does not OWE me anything as I volunteered to serve and go where ever Uncle Sam most needed my skill level. The fight for freedom has at last found its way back home on US soil. Our weapons should be compassion, generosity, love and dedication to the restoration of the down and hurting citizens and neighbors of our great nation. The more we are able to pick one another up, the stronger our neighborhoods become. The citizens of the United States of American (Americans) has always been there with what ever it takes to help the afflicted and damaged due to misfortune. This “Action” is the strength that will dislodge and eliminate all the corrupt officials that bought their elections through special interest groups. Yes, this is the time to unite with respect for ALL citizens ending the role of an intrusive Government forcing their own ideas and social engineering on all peace loving Americans._

  • Leo H. Grissman

    This is another way for this Obama administration to screw the veterans, and claim it was someone else’s idea. I guess this is the best way to start the death panel process, by getting veterans to be afraid to see a doctor because of the high cost.
    This is also another way to force veterans into OBAMA CARE.
    All pre-planned bullshit.
    L Grissman
    MSG E-8 Retired

    • Clance R. Corder

      Why is everything seem to be on OBAMA administration…. BUSH, BUSH,BUSH and the other BUSH!!!!!!!!!!!! Lets take money away from congress – they get 197,000 for life even when they are not in office –
      C. Corder
      SSG E-6 Retired

      • V. Hatton

        I agree! They, politicians, serve way less time but get an abundant amount more but we wanna point fingers at Obama? Lets get real here!

    • V. Hatton


    • M. Mount

      Not really. If you have TFL and no disability then you can go to any provider you want. TFL will pick up what Medicare doesn’t cover. If you are elgible for Medicare and have TFL, you are not affected by the Affordable Health Act. Death panel?…that is so Michelle Bachmann who has a history of mistatements and histrionics. Tricare and Medicare are just enforcing the rules made well before President Obama. As a volunteer at the VA, I see how overstressed the present system is.
      M. Mount

      • Might want to take a closer look at who’s getting the care. More and more the older vets are being shunted aside for treatment while the younger guys get theirs. I was also informed that the VA will accept TFL only if you don’t have Medicare. It’s either/or they said but not both. Maybe that’s bad information but it’s what the business office at the local VA hospital is telling people.

    • The death panels have already started. It took over a year to get surgery on a torn rotor cuff and I had to force that by going to an outside doctor to get the MRI proving the problem existed.

  • harryhr

    MSG, US ARMY Ret. Harold Hostler

    From age 18 till I retired at age 60, the military was my life. I was promised a pension and free medical benefits when I retired. As usual the government has found a way to screw the GI again. What happy horse crap does the government expect us to believe that it’s been on the book’s all these years but was over looked that we should have been paying out 80% in copay? Obama has found a way to force his Obamacare crap down the vet’s throats. This guy should be impeached. Along with many congressmen and senator’s. I love my country and would have died to defend my country and many servicemen and servicewomen have paid the supreme sacrifice defending this country. IWhy not take away the president’s and his family free medical care away. See how he likes to be on Obamacare. This guy would rather open up another can of worms in Syria and put this country deeper in debt and do away with the military all together so the government can save all that money to pay on the debt that the president and congress has created.

    • Stephanie

      Obama didn’t have anything to do with this. Did you read ” this is not a new law, it is a regulation that both agencies recently realized was not properly enforced for over a decade.” Obama was not in office a decade ago. I am so sick of Obama getting the blame for everything. He didn’t put this economy in the shape it’s in; he’s just trying to get it out.

      • Dan Raith

        vary snake has a head he is it no he was not in office and was not a resident of U.S.

    • Dan Raith

      time for a class action lawsuit with Obuma as number one on the list I also believed I would have med care for life thay only dig up so called old laws that go afer retired military

    • Patrick Ansley

      I am with you Stephanie. Obama had nothing to do with this. If folks would actually read what the Affordable Care Act (Obamacare) does they would realize that it has absolutely nothing to do with the VA, Medicare, or Tri-Care for Life. If you have that coverage it does not change. If, as you have stated here, you have been a part of the military for your entire life then you should be well aware of how screwed up regulations can get. I also have been military most of my life (20 years in the Marines). I have no problem believing the regulation was improperly enforced. If you want to blame the system, be my guest. Just don’t blame it on the man who wasn’t even in office when it happened.

  • Stephanie

    Medicare pays 80% and TFL pays the other 20%. VA’s reputation is not that great anyway, so, find a good pcp and he/she will send you to good specialists if you need them. Better yet all of us Vets who were promised free medical can get to gether and file a class action suite if that’s not what we are getting.

  • Ringo Kid

    The laws and regulations regarding the retired military are always being “changed behind our backs”. The changes come from some or all those losers in congress, most having not served in the military or it’s some wussy budget analyst in the administration and last, no “high ups” in the pentagon are going to object because they are not of the same “highly honored types” that used to be there long ago who would have voiced their objections to the loons in congress. There are no leaders in the pentagon anymore, just followers who want to protect their multi-star retirements. I took the oath to protect, God, Country and the Constitution, I’m not going to lift a finger to protect any of those loser-politicians and star grabbers. I’m tired and had enough of this corruption.

  • john damore

    If you are military you get v.a. and TCL for life..if you are not military you get Medicare and private insurance. So simple, isn’t it. Let’s make this happened. Thank you mr j. Damore W.h.c.a.retired west wing.

    • OldVet

      Not true. If you are retired military, you go on Medicare and TFL at age 65. If you are lucky you can also qualify for Tricare Plus. If you also have a VA disability (service connected) you can also get care from the VA (The amount of care depends on your percentage of VA disability.

  • Dennis b


  • Interesting that the vet gets screwed again but those on welfare have to pay nothing. This is economic slavery at it’s finest. Those who do are slaves to those who don’t. I’m not advocating a revolution but it’s time we took back the government we fought for. Okay, so maybe I am. This is NOT the government I fought for.

  • Alvin

    Hey, here is a fix to the problem. Have Medicare pay the VA, just like they would pay to a certified medicare provider. This would keep the money in the system.

    • Tom Dewart

      They claim it’s unlawful

      • Mad Tx

        Ok Tom Dewart lets make it lawful, check my latest comments and let us bind together and nag congress or the whom ever it concerns.

    • Karen

      Tricare, Medicare & VA are the same pot of money anyway (Federal dollars) so why not keep it all in the family by not charging each other :)

      • Mad Tx

        Check reply to Vince. I agree with you but lets take one more step further

    • vince

      one can not bill another. it is very simple.

      • Mad Tx

        I agree with Karen, none-the-less, we joint the military serving all government agencies not just Army, Air Force, Navy Marines and those other branches of military undercover. I am tired of hearing “we support our troops” but when it comes to help or cover our medical bills, they slam on the brakes. We are not asking to charge other agencies, we asking for them to take care of us !!!!!!!! just like some of us taking care of them while dodging bullets or the sort – air or ground, and water. Check my latest comment on this article.

  • MAC


  • malcom

    and illegals are laughing at us all. They pay nothing and do nothing but take take take. squeeze babies out and colonize.

    • Dennis

      You hit that one right on the head brother……

  • Gary

    Cost free medical care was promised to those of us who served over 20 years. If VA has been providing that service to vets who served less, it was an error. They should be removed from the VA system unless they have a disability or why doesn’t medicare reimburse the VA Its all apples and oranges! If Universal Health Care would have been passed under the Nixon administration in the early 70’s, we wouldn’t be having this discussion!

  • Sandra

    This is all on the President. He and the Clinton’s do not like the military!!! We are dirt on their feet!! Hilary tried to get socialized medicine also! But of course
    they don’t have to use it.
    Obama’s plan has been to ruin the USA and he’s done a good job!!

  • mrjohnty

    One thing is clear. Throughout history, if the American Serviceman is attacked, he has fought back. This is a clear attack on the Military and more specifically the Military Retiree. So as of 1 October it is time to fight back. And you can decide the best way to fight back. Either at the Polls and vote every one of the cheating bastards out, or with protests at key Government locations, or just drag them out in the streets beat them and humiliate them and leave them to the to suffer just like they are leaving the Vets to suffer.

  • Christine White

    So if you served 1 year or less you get to be treated at the VA. But if you served your country for 20 years or more, you get nothing. So in other words you do not want men and women to stay in the service 20 years or more, so our government does not have to pay our retirement or medical bills. I do not know about you but this does not sound right.

    • vinny

      you can not get va benefits if you only serve 1 year!!!!!!! there is a minimum you must serve to get benefits!!!!

  • Lea LaFluer

    What are we now, 10 or 11th class citizens; we fall after people in prison, illegal aliens (some confuse with immigrants who enter the country legally), and out taxes pays for congress to get a free ride; as we get older, they are taking our money and giving it to the rich, Tricare South’s CEO took a 26% pay raise and an additional 2+ million in benefits, all the while denying care to those who need it under the recommendation of their primary health care providers. You go to the VA, and get treated like an inconvenience, and they dream up every excuse as to why they can’t or will not treat us.

  • Gary

    First, who is currently being cared for in the VA system. Those that have Service connected injury then “YES” but they should be treated at the military base/post facilities before going to VA. This is after they are medically discharged. Keep in mind that many of the recently retired Service members receive high VA percentage rating prior to getting out (dependent upon the VA doctor doing the exam and write up). Many these Service members have not even seen actual combat but have received high VA percentage ratings upon leaving the Service. Secondly, many of us on TFL and over 65 started our Service in the 60’s having gone through Viet Nam, Desert Storm, Iraq War, and Operation Enduring Freedom eras in the military before retiring. And yes, not all do have Service connected injuries, but again it all depends on the VA doctor’s rating. . I know many of these older Veterans that only got 10 – 20 percent ratings upon retiring. There are many inward injuries that never were considered back then but even “sleep depredation”. Do not forget many have not even seen combat or have been deployed to combat zones or had boots on the ground in combat zones.

  • All,

    It’s funny how people just read the headlines and then start the whining without even knowing what the article says.

  • Ron Carver

    And what does the Congress and Senate pay for Insurance?

    • marine1

      I Believe they pay over 14,000 a year. It’s considered part of their pay package just like 50% of the civilians who work for large companies. check your w2 it will state how much your company paid for your insurance. Hopefully everyone will start being taxed on that amount as income.

      • marine1,

        They pay for what choose, like all Federal Employees.

        “Current and retired Members of Congress are eligible to participate in the Federal Employees Health Benefits Program (FEHBP) under the same rules as other federal employees.”


        Health Benefits for Members of Congress
        Ada S. Cornell
        Information Research Specialist
        May 3, 2012

    • Ken


      • Ken,

        They pay for what choose, like all Federal Employees.

        “Current and retired Members of Congress are eligible to participate in the Federal Employees Health Benefits Program (FEHBP) under the same rules as other federal employees.”


        Health Benefits for Members of Congress
        Ada S. Cornell
        Information Research Specialist
        May 3, 2012

    • Ron Carver,

      They pay for what choose, like all Federal Employees.

      “Current and retired Members of Congress are eligible to participate in the Federal Employees Health Benefits Program (FEHBP) under the same rules as other federal employees.”


      Health Benefits for Members of Congress
      Ada S. Cornell
      Information Research Specialist
      May 3, 2012

  • grampi

    Take, take, take…every time I turn around something else is being taken away from us Vets. Where does it stop?

  • gary

    There are 22 million veterans of which 1.9 million are retired and there are 47 million on welfare, Medicaid, and also monetary assistance, of which most have not done one thing for this country except hold their hand out for freebys, how about a free Obama phone costing millions. Lets face it , free stuff for votes!! Our government is corrupt, greedy, and CANNOT BE TRUSTED. Some of those crooks have be in congress decades, and it is time for term limits. WE ARE LIVING UNDER A TRANNICAL GOVERNMENT AND WE ARE ALLOWING IT TO HAPPEN!!!

  • SFC C. Williams

    I’m retired Army (27 years). I have and use Medicare and TFL (never paid for doctors’ visit, etc.) Policy is policy, retiree. This something that just happened yesterday.

    For the 20 year veteran. Were you a member of the Reserves for those 20 years? If so, you will not be offered healtcare until you reach the retirement age of 60. I suggest that you read more.

  • Julie Lundy

    I can appreciate some of these comments. I served for over 20 years and never saw combat, however, I was trained for combat on a consistant basis. I also trained service members for combat, some of which either saw it or did not. Gary… Can you honestly have such disdain and venom for those who also served their country, but for whatever reasons were not deployed in to combat? Many fellow soldiers whom I served with would have gone willingly had the opportunity presented itself. Myself included. The VA Hospital is where I receive my treatment. I have co-pay, based on my income. I have received kind, compassionate and excellent health care at the facility. Sorry some of you haven’t experienced the professionalism that I have. Yes, I read what is going on with veteran’s benefits, tri-care, etc.. and much of it is not fare compared to the benefits that Congress and some Government Officials enjoy. This is nothing new. Speak with your VA representative often and keep your benefits information updated. You might be suprised what is actually out there for you. I wish you all good health and prosperity.

  • Steve

    well I see a LOT of comments HOWEVER I do not see much about doing something about it. HOW about voting people in who will do SOMETHING about it. The Veterans and Retirees are a BIG voting Block. WE ALL need to get out and get political and get voters to tell their reps that we need this to stop. Myself I do that A LOT

    • SSG(R) Dube

      “HOW about voting people in who will do SOMETHING about it”
      Show me a politician, political leader, or political figure that is willing to do something AND is allowed to run for an office that can do something about it – That is something that will not happen. When was the last time voters didn’t have to choose the lesser of two evils? The only people “allowed” to be voted for are the ones that we have, and those are the lesser of two evils. Just remember – it’s mind over matter – THEY don’t mind and WE don’t matter.

  • Mark, retired E8

    anyone else noticing? They keep changing who pays what when and where and are making tricare and VA damn confusing… just in time for obamacare to join in. I’m not paranoid, but I am certain the government is playing a shell game with retiree’s so, as usual, can come out ahead.

    I’m one of the “only 3%”… which is 171,000 retirees, who supposedly don’t live within 40 miles of a military MTF (uh, BULL. Many more don’t) who just got thrown out of Prime because they conveniently don’t offer it near me now.

    I am putting it in black and white – hindsight being what it is, I an now ashamed I served this countries government all these years. Now they are raping those who protected it’s existence, and they don’t care.

    • BUzz

      I am also a retired E8 who received notice that my Tricare Prime was also dropped. Concur, I believe they are not telling the truth.

    • JUAN M. MESA

      I’m noticing. I got my TriCare for Life Deleted because I turned 65 and was left without medical coverage from Tricare, Medicare, VA, or miliatry base, for a long time. Retired military is a farce promise for this E-8. Exposure to agent orange and nuclear enviroments landed on deaf ears. But my trials are minor compared to my veteran amigos who had more serious injuries like lost limbs and minds. It’s more for them that I feel so cheated by our government.

      • JUAN M. MESA,

        Huh, how could your TriCare for Life get Deleted because you turned 65, TFL doesn’t start till you turn 65. Hello

        • Jackso3

          Suggest you seek help from someone who has an understanding of just how TFL and Medicare work for retirees over age 65.. I am 71 and pay for Medicare Part B for both myself and my wife. We get the best care one could expect without ANY additional premiums or co-pays. (Tricare Plus, civilian providers, DVA) I also get excellent care from VA for a service connected (Agent Orange) condition also without any co-pay. Seek help; its available at many service related organizations in your area. Good luck.

      • USRET

        Tou probaly got your Tricare For Life stopped because you didn’t pick up part B in Medicare. In order for you to have Tricare For Life you have to have Part B.

      • Mr Mac

        Hey Juan, I believe you are mistaken. TFL kicks in at age 65, along with Medicare, if you elect to pay the Part B monthly premium. I have been on TFL and Medicare for four years and have NEVER experienced a problem getting medical care, both as an out patient and as an in patient.

        And all I pay is a TFL copay for my wife’s medicine. Mine are filled on oour military post here in town–no cost to me.

    • rob

      me too mike. What a joke! 33yrs to get to tri-care prime and had it 6 months without using it. All because I like the rural life, without a base hospital near me. Well said mike and thank you for your service,

  • CSM T Boykin (RET)

    I like the idea of a Vet and Retired Service personnel having a walk on Washington.

  • jfd

    In addition to being a service connected disabled vet, I’m a federal employee. Just as they’re taking away EARNED entitlements, like what they’re doing to vets, they’re looking to see how much the federal civilians will accept in abuse. They’ve cut our hours, removing 20% of our weekly pay, and denied us raises for three years in a row. There’s been only whimpering, so they’re going to do more of the same. The vets and military are just another target, and will keep getting the raw deal until we shout, or become irrelevant.
    Do something or lose the opportunity.

  • jfd

    Also, just because my injuries didn’t all happen in combat doesn’t mean they didn’t happen as a part of my duties.

  • Luis Carrasquillo

    Wait until Obama gets his congress back and takes away Tricare for veteran retirees who are also federal government employees? He has wanted to do that since day one in 2009. The republicans and some veteran friendly democrats have stopped it at the door several times. You keep voting dems in you will keep loosing more. My 20 years 3 months 2 weeks 4 days will mean nothing when the time comes to take Tricare away from my family and I. By the time I retire from my federal job I will have to go on TFL/Medicare if these still exist in 2026.

    • drd

      You want to blame the Democrats, but, it is the Republicans who continually refuse to raise taxes/revenues. To keep or increase benefits, the money has to come from someone/somewhere; who/where do you expect that to be?

      • Ready for Retirement
    • tgilliardsr

      This is not a Dem or Rep thing; it’s both. This doesn’t have anything to do with Welfare or Food stamps: so stop buying into those lies. These guy’s have theirs; the heck with everyone else. This is a “Moral Issue”.

  • Luis Carrasquillo

    So we keep shooting ourselves on the foot as we vote for those who keep taking away. I remember when I joined in 1983 I was told Oh yeah you get retirement at 20 years and free medical for life. Its all gone even retirement as we knew it then is gone, 40% at 20 and then they tax the heck out of 30k at 15 years if you are foolish enough to take the bate. You regret it 5 years later when your buddy gets 50% high-3 and you get 40% because you took the 30k minus the taxes=21500 or so? Keep taking from those who have is the rule of the day. Even if you don’t have anything they still take away. Enjoy what you may or may not have while you can. EW1(SW),USN-RET/Electronics Technician GS12

    • usret

      I am sorry that you think that you thought that you were promised medical free for life. I was a recruiter back at that time and we never told anybody that. I had 55 recruiters orking for me and that was never said. I had medical for life because I was in the Navy prior to Feb. 1955. After that it never should of been told to anybody entering afater that date.

  • waltd


  • michael

    This is the first step to implement Obama care on all vet’s and do away with TRICARE a little piece at a time don’t be fooled by the slow walk and we care about our vet’s talk .

    • Brian G

      This man (Obama) is something else. Anything to take from the little we vets are getting for our years of faithful service. I am a retired Marine and GOD help us if that witch (Hillary) get elected in 2016. Then you will have OBAMA and HILLARY CARE. The ones who get everything free (welfare) will always vote for the Dems. The Republican with a winkling for a leader (always crying) is doing nothing I can see to help the Vets either.

  • CPO A smithUSN Ret

    Wonderful. …serve 20 or more yeas retire and one is basically excluded from VA care. Serve 90 days and you get the VA works for free. ..

    • CPO A smithUSN Ret,

      The VA was meant for everyone.

  • SFC Don J Eiden

    Well isn’t this a big surprise, our illustrious President and all the other people
    who follow him are on the take again. I am retired from the Marine corps and the Army. 32 total years and am on TCFL. Now they want us to pay for 80%
    of our medical bills that we were promised as part of our retirement package.
    All of you people should be hanging your heads between your legs in shame
    especially those of you who never served a day in your life in the Military. I
    give up as I know we will be on the losing end again. I am sorry I gave you
    idiots 32 years of my life and now you slap me in the FACE.

    • SFC Don J Eiden,

      We are not ENTITLED to free medical care.

      • VoixVelour

        Those were the days .. those days when Officers of The Armed Forces looked after the men and women serving under their command; does not seem so anymore. The re-constructed organizations are less “military” in values and loyalties in my humble opinion. None of this stuff should be going on with the depth of acceptance and acquiescense now clear. And now with medical systems in chaos amid the aborted “Obamacare” as physicians decline to accept patients on Medicare and those supplemental programs of the states.

      • VoixVelour

        Wull .. Charles .. why not inform as to your “distinguished service,” while you are at it?

        You seem not to realize that MEDICAL CARE is far from free; and moreover it has been pre-paid with service to this nation that presume the willingness to put to risk limbs, blood, lives. You really ought to get yourself to VA Hospitals and Military Treatment Facilities where those “wounded warriors” are being care for .. many of them to never ever again have a “quality of life” that is everybody’s expectation.

  • M Inglis

    I joined in 1963 and served 26 years. I was promised when I enlisted that if I would spend at least 20 years my medical would be paid for for life. When I got married that included my wife and family who sufferd separeation and changing their home about every 3 years. This is just one more knife in the back that Washington is using against us. Our coundtry is in real trouble. Both republican and Democrat are to blame. If you serve in congress for only four years you get it all for life. Shame shame on them. Cwo3 Retired (Bos’n

    • usret

      You were never promised medical for life. It only pertained to people thet were in the service proir to Feb 1955.

  • disappointedcitizen

    Obama’s healthcare plan will only benefit Washington, healthcare community and the illegal imigrants who get free healthcare as it is. his plan was ruled a tax by the supreme court and with preasure, changed there minds. I am a VET who is forty percent disabled and was denied treatment for my disabilties.Then i find out that executives and others in the VA were lying about how many Vets they were seeing giving themselves a big bonus. And instead of going to jail, they get rewared with more money. they must be exempted from laws so they can break them without fear. Just like they are exempted from OBAMACARE. Good leadership is leading by example and so far the only example i have seen is Lie, Cheat and SteeL and if there is a law you can make money from, write yourself out of it. I have yet to see the White House or members on Congress give up anything. It’s like the Robin Hood effect. Washington and Corporate America are robbing from the 99% and keeping it themselves. What a Country. I am trying to figure out what language i need to learn since we are being sound out to what ever country has the deepest pockets.

  • ret. Sfc bobby l

    I served 24+ years in army 20yrs in civil services health care promise’s are almost gone, with obama care it will be gone by the time he leaves office
    he already screwed up the Army and split the country he cares only for himself,
    if he had his way the veterans will pay there own health care. We need to go back to the draft and get some of those movies stars, and people like the trumps in the military until this happens the military is about finish. I notice everyone cutting the budgets no one talking giving back the money was borrow
    from soscial security and never repaid, and congress can’t pass abudget but can vote their selves pay raises, The is out of control and with people like Obama and Hillary another democrat running the President it not going get any
    better, we going need a genie in a bottle to solved.

  • Ted Harley

    Over, over and over, when the Govt wants to cut spending they hit the Military! They cut the pay, ranks etc. But when the Govt talks war, who do they look for! Members of Congress and the President, should all be required to spend a tour of duty in the Military before they run for office. Maybe then they would understand what we and our families go through for our country! If they want to cut something to save some money, how about scaling back some of the Presidential and Congressional perks!

    • VoixVelour

      And the NOTICE from DELTA DENTAL that requires premiums be paid by allotment or automatic deduction accompanied by two pages of reasons given for rejecting these requirements? This under authority of the contract awarded by THE DEPARTMENT OF DEFENSE and its Secretary formerly of the Armed Forces? The Head of The VA formerly a General of the USA?

  • V Lee

    So, if I’m a VETERAN and go to nearby VA medical facility, I have to pay 80% out of pocket because the VA facility is not MEDICARE certified? On the other hand if I (a VETERAN) go to a civilian provider, MEDICARE will pay the 80% for me??
    Well there’s a slam dunk if I’m thinking about staying in for a long military career. No decision required when you realize how little the country cares about any promise of lifetime medical care for VETERANS w/o service connected disability. What’s next?

    • VoixVelour

      Da ya think peraps mebe Obama is try’n t’make t’easy fer Trumpka to urganize the folks of t’Armed Forces?

  • Bend over grab both cheeks and smile, here it comes again

    • Troy Pearson,

      It never came the first time. I recieved everything promised me when I retired in 1995.

  • Bruce

    I am retired army and was found to have aspestoes in my lungs. Since my records were lost in the fires at ARPESON in the 1970’s The VA has denied me benefits for it. They say until I can find my medical records for the period, no benefits. Guess I should have been an illegal or congressmen.

    • Kernahan

      Get help on reconstructing your records there is a way. Google your ancestors medical records were destroyed. It gives you some good research advice.

  • aleamons2013

    It seems pretty disrespectful to the men and women who have faithfully served our country, when promises made by our government are not honored. I too was one of the Viet Nam era guys,(1971 – 1992) served through Desert Storm and Desert Shield, and yes they promised me med care for life to reenlist… they were still telling us the same lie for years. Now, when we are old and in need, they say too bad… pay for it out of your own pocket. I spent over twenty years serving in the military, and another 16 so far in the Federal Gov, but I know guys who spent less than three years getting 100% disability pay and VA health care and they were released under other than honorable… what gives with that. I had high blood pressure in the AF, but I still have to pay out the kazoo for my medications…. and don’t buy asprin from the VA pharmacy… unless your willing to pay 18 bucks or more for the same thing you can get at the 98 cent store. I am disappointed in how my country has let us down and provides for those who have not contributed or served….

  • LTC 22

    There was a time when the Joint Chiefs of Staff fought to maintain benefits and quality of life for soldiers, sailors, airmen, and marines. The current clotch of 4-stars are on board with the administration and rather than fight for us, they are fighting against us. As an example, the Joint Chiefs recently proposed increasing annual enrollment fees for TRICARE through fee brackets. The top bracket, O-5 through O-10, would pay $4000 per year for TRICARE Prime (from current $460/family). Let’s see — for an O-5, that means about 12% of retired pay going to annual TRICARE Prime enrollment fee. For a retired 4-star (making ~ $230,000 in retirement), that represents 1.7%. The basis for these proposed fee increases is the complaint that TRICARE is the cheapest health insurance in the country and retirees should pay “market rates.” Hmmm, I don’t know of a civilian healthcare plan that charges only 1.7% — here again, just like our politicians, these most senior officers are feathering their (retirement) nests while screwing the rest of us. Now, there’s a sterling example of exceptional leadership and taking care of troops.

    • LTC 22,

      I don’t remember reading about this, but it’s history anyway. I look at it this way, I really don’t know where I would be right now without Tricare, but at the same time, I do realize the Health Care through the Military is not an Entitlement.

    • Brian

      The current military leadership cares ONLY for perpetuating itself. The Army Times wrote about a few three and four stars losing one for misconduct. In my day an NCO guilty of misconduct would mose all pay and benefits. These senior officers make ten times a retired NCO and are more than willing to take great paying jobs using their “milirary experience and connections.” When is the Army’s leadership going to watch out for thewir most important asset-people!!!?

  • Anyone,

    Has anyone here ever known anyone that attually got FREE HEALTH CARE FOR LIFE FOR THEM AND FAMIILY even for a short period of time????? I’m sure know one here has, because know one has ever gotten what that recruiter told you. I just find it funny that so many people believed that, yet know one ever knew anyone that had it.

  • proudwife

    My husband left the service with his military medical records. When he visited the VA for the first time he allowed them to copy his records and he kept his. I urge every soon to be retiree to do the same. He still has those originals and even though the VA has added to their copies, the set his disability was based on is in his control.

    • Roy

      Regardless what your husband did, those records are government property. He can make copies, but the official records belong in the military archives. Don’t advise people to violate regulations.


    Some hospitals Are not takeing any new enrollments. Also some Doctors are refusing to take medicaid and medicare paitints or tri-care.One reason is they have to wait as long as 90 days to gett paid. A NOTHER REASON IS THE MASSIVE AMOUNT OF PAPERWORK THAT THEY HAVE TO PUT WITH
    hELL THE FEDERAL GOVERNMENT FOR CLOSED ON A nevada whore House.Then they tryed to operate it and it went bank rupsey agan.
    Lets face it, the Federal Government is not capabile of running a profit running
    .enterprise. When they want more money,they just go to 310,000,000 Suckers.

    • VoixVelour

      CNN can be counted on to depart from LIVE Congressional hearings and this morning’s before THE HOUSE ARMED SERVICES COMMITTEE was not an exception; thank God for C-Span! Those bi-partisan representatives ripped Obama’s “plan” to shreds and assailed the penurious assaults on the men and women of our Armed Forces, inclusive of failure to ensure adequate support of their efforts and safety.

      By comparison and contrast with a “community organizer” having walked the “threatening streets” of Chicago as a “marshal” of the corrupt political machine. At the outset, he proposed that “an all volunteer military” should provide for their own health insurance. We know how he was elected and now the real threat to National Security is internationally recognized!

  • cecil

    Cecil S
    Hi all Vets, I did 20 years in Air Force (1952 – 1972) and after I retired went in fed govt for 18 years. I have been retired now since 1990. I have Medicare & TFL, the only out of pocket I pay is for the co- pay part of my prescriptions. I do not have a va disability, I have been disaproved for med assistance at any VA hospital. The closest Mal hospital to us is 250 miles so we use Civil Doc & Hospital, send all precriptions to Express Cript to be filled .We are very happy with this

    • Glos

      Thank you! :)

  • Lynn

    What many do not realize is that in order to receive Veteran benefits, the veteran must have a yearly physical. That physical can run as high as $1200, tests and all. This says to receive VA benefits, this is required; but they won’t pay for it. Your government at work!!! You can thank Obama and company for this. So much for “you serve, we will take care of you for life.” Just another government lie.

    • jackso3

      What VA system are you referring to in your post? I have been receiving good care from VA for nearly 20 years and have NEVER paid a dime for my exams. I only use VA for treatment of service related conditions and must not exceed 24 months between appointments in order to remain active in the VA system.

      • M. Mount

        It is incredible the misinformation that abounds regarding the VA. Those veterans who are complaining that President Obama is somehow screwing up the system reflects an astounding ignorance fueled by hatred for our President. I am a retired veteran who volunteers for the VA. Most of whom we serve are unaffected by a ruling that was made over 10 years ago. The negative comments do not reflect well on those who make them!

    • Ron

      Lynn, who told you Obama was responsible for anything, the article stated the law had been on the books for 10 years, long befor Obama became president. I’ve been retired from the service for almost 14 years, have been treated by the VA for the last 13 years and the only thing I pay for are my prescription co-pays. I do get a preventive health physical every year but at no expense to me. You need to visit a patient advocate at your nearest VA facility and get the facts!

      • Ron,

        I agree, too many people putting out false information.

    • George

      you survived your stint and survived a little longer you are just an old relic now, no longer an asset to anyone, best to just crawl under a tree and relieve the world of some of its excess population, if you do not want to go just yet, move to one of those commie countries. They will give you some health care

    • storeman

      annual physical is total BS

    • Lamont

      I think your whole point here is misinforming the uniformed. And what does Obama have to do with any of these policies that have been enacted for literal decades? Get a life! If you are a veteran and are eligible for a physical, you can receive one at the VA free of charge – and it has been that way for a long time.

    • Lynn,

      Sorry, but that just isn’t the truth!

    • More misinformation from the uninformed…

  • ParaMarine

    The VA is a joke and so is Obama. I have TFL and it is good, but let Obama have a crack at it and we’ll PAY big time.

  • Ted Hobart

    This is a question for you. If Medicare is to pay the first 80%, can’t VA and Medicare get it together and help the Vet?? Isn’t the VA supposed to look out for the Vet, not charge him/her 80% because they went to the VA instead of a civilian medicare provider?

  • 20 year vet.

    I am a 20 year vet. Army. Everyone in congress, the adminstration and the president agreed to the sequester. Now the cuts are being made. We have to live with it. You have to remember when these benifits were promised 1/3 to 1/2 of elected officials were former GI’s. Now there are only a few, and thier not helping the way they should.
    After reading some of the coments, raecisum was mention. This is not a TFI problem. Sence it was brought up, I feel it has deterioated to where it is now worse than it was before Martin Luther King. Because it is opposite of what it was, and the laws are not being enforced.

  • mrmac

    Please remember that the VA was created to provide medical care and other related services to men and women with service related medical problems. They never planned to give routine care, and hence the charge for Medical care that is not service connected. I don’t understand all the anger and angst here??

    PS-Army retired, 21 years.

  • Jimmy Reece

    I feel the VA should treat veterans with service related conditions.

  • Jolly

    Just wanted to chime in… not really sure if anyone will ever read this but heres a shot.
    VA is overwhelmed with everyone going there to get “sick call” care, as it’s established for veterians injuries sustained during active duty time. I feel it was brought about because of the elements we have been exposed to vs. what people stateside are exposed to … ie mustard gas and odd vecture bugs overseas that are not here. VA docs are suppose to have more knowledge about this, and it gives the evil big government a chance to research also. I think VA should be for those guys with active duty related injuries. I think tri-care needs to be more user friendly, and as I know it any cheaper insurance is not. I do think of tri-care as a in the middle type insurance, as some better ones will offer payments for elective procedures. I understand it as no level of tri-care will do that.

    • jolly

      If you do go to a provider that will not take tri-care insurance, then you should look at a different provider. As most providers have to wait 30-120 days to collect from a mid level insurance. There are plenty of things to bitch about out there, as the government gave science hundreds of thousands of dollars to see a shrimp run on a treadmill… that should be questioned.
      I’m a SFC with 15 years… five years running around the battlefield, typically at the most far forward, tip of spear type missions. I know I’m not going to receive a majority of my care from the VA when I leave this Army in 20-30 years total time. I’m okay with it cause I know that with the service I’ve had in the past that someone will have a way to help me, if i get to that point. I didnt join the Army to get rich… I did it for the pride in myself and accomplishment that is felt at the end of my days.
      I beleive that the fallacy of free health care for life is a thing that was spread more over the civilian world then in the military side of the house. At 17, I didnt worry about my healthcare at 67, as my recruiter briefly told me about healthcare.

      • jolly

        I honestly think at this stage of the game with the economy that a republican would be forcing the same issue. The current president has done some good for vets, but he needs to realize that the people at the top, like himself, should be prepared to do the same thing as he is asking us to do.
        Lets make that a pay free job, along with a lot of public office slots. As housing is provided to Soldiers the pay is removed. They get housing and allowance, is this fair? We get a 1% pay increase ($44 monthly) when his 1%-3.8% is going to net him probably $12,000 a month.
        Lets truly look over how we spend our money, as health care is the largest precentage out there, and do something right with it. If we need to cut money start at the top when it comes to individuals. Lets figure out what programs are really going to help the people of this country. Lets send over less money to countries that we are trying to build ties with when a converstation over a cup of tea and minding our own business more would be sufficent.
        Just saying

  • ibsteve2u

    Somebody has to pay for 40 years of America’s enforced addiction to oil, voodoo economics, deregulation, and inequitable free trade…

    And you know it isn’t going to be those who hauled in a lot of loot by enforcing America’s addiction to oil or buying voodoo economics. deregulation, and inequitable free trade from Congress.

    That few destroyed the U.S. Treasury’s tax base in order to ensure that America could not meet the foundational reasons for the creation of America. Which, if you’ve forgotten, were:

    We the people of the United States, in order to form a more perfect union, establish justice, insure domestic tranquility, provide for the common defense, promote the general welfare, and secure the blessings of liberty to ourselves and our posterity

  • Joe

    So sad that America feels the way that it does for Veterans. I had fought for my benefits for 38 years. Finally got them in 2009, and then lost them in 2011 because I fall into a different category. While being discharged in 1974 I had 30 percent disability and for 38 years I paid for those treatments… America has turned its back on Veterans…IF I had a son and the draft was initiated again…I’d make sure HE DID NOT SERVE …..this country is ALL wrong…..

  • Edward

    Well I just love all the comments, I have one thing to say. I left the Va because in the mid 70’s the Va system sucked so bad the I gave up 10% of my disability just so I did not have to use them. well the years went on and I was being treated my HMO and they had me so doped up that my employer was getting feed up with my problems and lack of caring. in 1995 I when back to the Va and with my passed problems I was sure I would hate it.

    Well I was sure BLOWN away, I had a problem or two finding a doctor that fit my attitude, When I found my present doctor and with more than15 with her, I have came from out under a cloud. between her and the rest of my doctors they have given me back a life and got not only my va rate increased to 100 percent they also got m SS.

    The way I look at the VA I would have been dead or a vegetable if I did not go back to them.

    So all the comments should really take a good look at there real problems, a few extra bucks to pay or just Greed

    • todd

      bull shit all I ever had in the va in Muskogee okla was a hard time set in there for hours and hours to see a dr in emergency one doc was working all day alone I got there at 07:00 and didn’t get a doc til 19:00 when another doc did come in the first thing she did was get a blanket set her fat ass down and start eating cheese and crackers talking and Bsin with other people and was still doing it when I left at22:00 no change at all

  • Richard Norris

    Lost right leg. Lost use of left leg. Joined Army 1953. Where are they going to get young men and women to fight their war?

  • LJE Retired USAF

    I don’t understand, the VA does not accept Medicare? I personally don’t care but if you are retired over 65 why are you going to the VA instead of a Dr who accepts medicare, realizing that there are fewer and fewer.

    • Bob

      Simple the VA requires me to see them or they can stop my disability I’ve had for 34 years. I have 5 great doctors downtown I pay for who repaired my heart problems and other medical conditions., I was just told again the VA does not accept the civilian doctors put as much value on my doctors as they do on the VA doctors who do nothing but type on a computer so I am required to waste my time seeing them. Plus driving the last 10 years 160 round trip to see one of them!

  • MadDoc

    Guess what! I’m a military retiree, a service connected veteran at 50%, AND a VA provider. I see this situation from more than one angle. I do not get my care at the VA even though it is entirely free for me, because I don’t want my coworkers or patients to be able to take a look at my medical history. None of their business, and even if it is against policy, it happens. So I pay for Tricare Prime, and come to discover in my new town that I have to get my care at a military facility nearby. Not that I CAN but I MUST use the MTF. Now, in my first month at the VA I get a patient who is an employee at the MTF and you guessed it, is involved in my Tricare medical record. So I can’t see that patient. I also can’t get out of the MTF and choose my own civilian doctor. I have medical conditions that will always need care, and I like to have a long term relationship with my Primary Care. In the MTF they rotate as fast as I change shirts, so there is no continuity of care. I pay for services I can’t get, and don’t take services where they are free. It is a messed up situation. When you bash the VA you are making blanket statements about people like me and situations that are beyond our control. And it is not easy for ANYONE involved. PLEASE contact your senators and representatives to voice your concerns

    • Ken M.

      I agree with you 100%.
      Thanks for speaking out.

    • Idmtmedic

      MadDoc, you are in a tough situation!!!!! Let me ask you this, as an employee of the VA your opinion would carry great weight in how it functions. Now I am familiar with the politics of your position and how that relates to your continued employment. Having said that, would you share what actions you have taken to improve your situation as well as the patients you have seen? Not sure how it works in the VA. Anything similar to an IG without repercussions?

  • PO2

    Proof that a promise from Government has all of the sincerity of a prostitutes kiss!

    • M. Mount

      You are so wrong. As a retired vet, I get health care from TFL plus medicare. Great programs! I thank God every day for the health care I and my wife receive. As opposed to those who worked a lifetime for the likes of IBM and other companies who are finding that their health care has disappeared. You need to read the news (not the online crap) to find the rich are really getting richer and the poor poorer. The affordable health care act is trying to extend health care for those who have none and whose visits to the emergency room are driving up health care costs for everyone. I trust the government. They have done all right by us vets

      • Idmtmedic

        Again, ridiculous!!!!!!!!! You want socialism and no freedom then move to a country that has it. You think it’s driving up healthcare costs now from ER visits just wait. Apparently history is lost on you. GOVERNMENT will not take care of you. Why not just take over JOBS? Same thing. If everybody has a job then all is great, except they get to pick your job, your pay, and your hours. PERFECT!!!!! Big hug.

      • AnotherOldVet

        I’m sorry, as a vet, you seem so naïve. The government has constantly lied to us and continues to lie and take away the benefits we have all fought for. Re-think what you’ve said. perhaps I’ve misunderstood what you’ve said. But, I don’t think so.

  • KEN

    The VA was formed to treat vets health problems from active duty. It has turned into the free health clinic. Retirees have tricare and should only be going to the VA for AD related illness’s. Because they gained 50 lbs and acquired a host of illnesses is no reason to waste the VA resources.

    • Idmtmedic

      Ken, that’s one of the problems. You have no idea if it’s service related. If you came into an ER for a sore throat is that service related? Certainly not an emergency right? How bout if his ST was actually an enlarged thyroid from cancer? Yes odds are astronomical it isn’t, however you willing to bet his or her life on it? Happens ALOT more than you think. DOCS are overwhelmed regardless of where they practice. They have a limited time to see a huge amount of problems. The VA I imagine is probably 10 times worse. Limited time and much more complex issues. The bureaucracy within a government agency trumps any genuine issue in regards to medical issues. Same with Trytogetcare or future Obummercare. When you have non-licensed personnel approving or denying tests recommended by an MD by reading from a script to save money what do you think will happen? Saving money, is a misnomer. Actually it is denying care for the greater profit. Writing off ALOT of veterans for acquiring a host of illnesses is also disingenuous.

  • Bill

    Instead of taking away from the Vets who actually served this country, Why not cut out the freebees to the spouses, who did not serve.

    • Shboom 54

      First spouses do not get VA services. Tricare for Life covers only those who were married 20 years or more. Spouses give up the opportunity to have careers and a retirement of their own in order to follow their military spouses around the world and care for them and their familites, many of them for 30 years, not 20. They may not have fought in battle, but for many years neither did their husbands. Still they endured hardships, financial and emotional, beyond that of sacrificing their own chance at a career. Most military appreciate the sacrifices of their spouses, but some do not. Still, as we all age, the cost of medical care coming from the same family budget increases, and if the soldier can’t afford it for himself, he can’t afford it for his wife, either. Nor can his widow afford it after the retirement pay stops when the military partner dies. Leave their well-earned miminal services alone!

      • Jim Mackin

        More misinformation from the uninformed !! TriCare for Life is available to ALL spouses/widows/widowers of retired military, regardless of how long they have been married…As long as the spouse has been currently enrolled into the DEERS system, and is enrolled and paying for Medicare “B”, then the spouse or widow will be eligible for TFL benefits.

    • Duchessmine

      The spouses didn’t serve!?!?!?!? We stayed home and took care of the children while the service member was TDY or otherwise away from home. What of the childen who couldn’t cope with an absentee Daddy . We all missed him and worried that he wouldn’t come from Viet Nam, but one child couldn’t cope, and today at 50 still has trouble with relationships. My father was military,, so I know what Mom went through with one of my brothers, and I know what my children went through during his many TDYs and Viet Nam tour. Granted, today’s dependents have much more support than we had during Viet Nam, and that’s wonderful, but it doesn’t take the place of Dad or Mom. Dependents didn’t serve? Like hell we didn’t serve!

    • John

      Better yet – take out the freebies for members of Congress and make them pay 80% of their medical costs!

    • InfantryLew



      Instead of taking away from vet or spouse, stop giving to all of the lazy people out there who don’t want to work, on welfare. If they don’t work enlist them in the military , where at least yheal earn their keep.


        Yeah, like that is really going to work. So now it’s going to take 6 of those on welfare to do the job of one, and for medical reasons none of them are deployable. So, don’t count on me to help you walk this idea through Congress.

        • Idmtmedic

          WE don’t count on you to do anything. You couldn’t write a letter unless they told you to. Even then your nose would be crusty from the smell praising them. Maybe you could get them some new pens and a nice leather chair, ohhh wait your a retired three time check collector….lmao

      • Jean

        I am with you Ted! I know more people who are SSI and are livin g on the goverment,between their food stamps, ssi money, free medical, working under the table, have boyfriends living with them who give them money, etc.
        I lost my husband due to a military disabilaty, and have missed him every day since he passed.
        Take a way the beni’s of the useless lazy people, who have decieded to live off the goverment. Let them earn their keep!

    • GWE

      To you Bill don’t ever try and slam me as a military wife of 26 years I may have not been the one putting the uniform on everday but I wear a uniform of my own exclusive to all good military spouses that you probably couln’t ever do without whinning, training or a degree!!! When you are a woman that doesn’t get paid to be superwoman, ( housekeeper, daycare for those who have children, suto technician, plumber, electrician, chef, animal care taker (spca), accountant, landscaper, student, seamstress, laundry mat, entertainment planner, roofer, carpenter, taxi cab, stock broker, financial annalyst, medical advisor/ nurse, disciplinary, teacher, researcher of all, counselor and the list could go on!!! Then at the top of all that you spend countless months alone and still have to be a wife, companion, lover & friend with compassion, care, understanding, strength you never knew you had and be capable of patching up anything like duct tape and still finding time to stand up for causes that are important!!! Then you have those that do have a actual paying job as well so the next time you decide to open

      • GWE

        have a actually paying job as well so the next time you decide to open your mouth Bill you should think about what you say before you say it or take the time to meet some of us and you might get a different opinion/ outlook of life for a real true military spouse/wife married to a man serving this country and deployed numerous times whenever are government says they are for whatever reason they see fit and they do it and leave behind there rock to keep order and displine while they go keep it for somewhere else. God Bess from a true military wife

        PS: For your information as well I was injured on a military vessel when I was a young woman in my early 20’s and I was never compistated for that injury or all the hell I was put through with the issues that came about as time passed from it or the numerous medications that had undocumented side affects given to me over a few years, I paid my dues.

        • GWE

          Just to let anyone know who reads my reply it is in 2 replies but the 1st one has to be approved by administration so waiting for that but it did post the 2nd half. It will probably end up posting the 1st half twice sorry to all this may bother. God Bless…

        • GWE

          It is supposed to be (compenstated) must of had fingers on wrong keys, duh…

  • tommy

    Gerri, you should put your life on the line 24/7, then you would be there with the rest of us vets

  • Robert Anderson

    I’m not trying to brag or make us military veterans and retirees look good, but when I enlisted in 1964 I distinctly remember my recruiter stating that if I was willing to serve for 20 or more years, family and I would receive free health care for the remainder of my life. When I took that oath and swore my allegiance to my country, I and all other former service members who took that oath, signed a blank check to my country for an amount of up to and including my life. Then the Department of Defense comes out a few years back and states that they had never promised us care for life after retirement and that the recruiters had had no right to tell us we did. Then the Supreme Court stated that it had been an implied promise and Congress passed legislation stating that we would be covered by Tri Cares for the remaining years we had to live but now would have to pay for this coverage. I am service connected for medical conditions that I acquired during my years of service. Yes I use the V A Hospitals for my care and by our service to our country, my fellow veterans and I earned this right. Please do not disohner out sacrifices by saying we are feeding at the trough and sucking a government teat. Yes I am rated 100% service connected permanent disabled and do not have any other form of medical coverage. Please try to walk a mile in our boot tracks before you go spouting off because we use the V A for our care.

  • Robert

    Attention Veterans using the VA OPC in Manila.
    First, Medicare is not “AVAILABLE” in the Philippines.
    Second, I have used the VA in the States and Manila for 25 years and have never had to pay for an annual physical. Is this something new?
    “By law TRICARE, will only pay up to 20 percent. The remaining 80 percent is equal to the amount that Medicare would have paid if the beneficiary had used a Medicare certified provider. “To avoid getting charged the remaining 80 percent, TRICARE and the VA are urging that you only seek care for service connected disability at VA health care facilities and seek care for all other medical services at a certified Medicare provider.”

    • Robert,

      Thank GOD at least one Veteran understands what is being said in the article above.


  • brunomdiaz

    Why can’t the VA Hospital accept Medicare? They are providing a service probably for less cost than most hospitals that do accept Medicare; So then Medicare would save money too. It’s a Win Win.

  • Robert

    JimForums via
    To: US_Military_Retiees in the Philippines
    QUOTE: “Twelve plus years ago when I was working at the VA Medical Center in Tucson there was a push to bill other insurance including Medicare. However Medicare balked claiming the cost of care was programed into other government programs and they should not have to pay. Congress upheld that decision and the VA and military hospitals stopped trying to bill Medicare. TRICARE and the VA had come to an agreement for TRICARE cover the cost that would normally be charged to those who the VA treated for non-service connected conditions. So at the time TRICARE continued to pay for the care. All of this was behind the scenes and without EOBs etc.
    Recently an auditor discovered these payments and also discovered that the law was written in such a way as to preclude paying more than 20% of the cost of care, with some exceptions, under TFL in the states; there is an exception for overseas. When congress enacted TFL it was built as a Medicare supplement with provisions to all those overseas to retain TRICARE Standard where Medicare doesn’t pay but with the provision that the individual needed to retain Medicare Part B.
    The exception in the law in the states for TFL is prescription medications and a few things that Medicare doesn’t cover that TRICARE Standard does. In these instances TFL acts like Standard.
    Since we use TRICARE Standard there should be no issues for us at the VA Clinic in Manila.
    For everyone else with TFL they can obtain the same care, and at no cost, by using civilian facilities where Medicare picks up the majority of the cost and TFL acts like a modified supplement. Those still on TRICARE Standard, under 65, and not on Prime it is business as usual.
    If congress wanted to change the law they could and at some point in the future they may.
    Jim” UNQUOTE

    • Idmtmedic

      Robert, great post!!!

  • vince

    the va does not take medicare for one simple reason for those of you that can’t understand. one government agency can not bill another government agency. very simple. it is terrible the way vets are treated. I am 100% disabled and I am not affected by this new mess. I was a draftee not a career military man.

    • Idmtmedic

      What happened to the revenue brought in from third liability claims? I have yet to see any stats in regards to what the government brings INTO the Tricare arena for billing and how that revenue relates to the budget?

      • idmedic,

        Heck boy, look it up!

        • Idmtmedic

          Heck boy, your not working, how about YOU tell us. Got all fn day to do it. Apparently your only about CON-gress and not Veterans. VAVB? Lmao

          • idmedic, Part 1

            No, not all about Congress, but all about trying to prevent Veterans from using all these lies in letters to their Representatives. You are part of the problem, because you high five the people posting this false information instead of making corrections and keeping them from looking stupid when they do write to their reps. Here are a few subjects many of us have posted about which are lies/untrue or just plain false.

            1. Congress has gotten a pay raise every year.

            2. When we Veterans didn’t get COLA, Congress voted it in for themselves.

            3. Congress gets free Health Care for life after serving only 1 Term.

            4. Congress gets Full Retirement Pay for life after serving only 1 Term.

            5. Congress has a better Health Care plan than we (Veterans) do.

            6. Congress doesn’t have to pay for their retirement.

            7. Congress, their staffers and their family members do not have to pay back their student loans.

            8. Congressmen and Women do not have to pay into Social Security yet they can draw it at 62.

            9. Congress is exempt from buying “Obama Care”.

          • idmedic, Part 2

            10. Congress will pocket a substantial pay increase while imposing a benefit freeze on senior citizens.

            11. In 2009 84 members of Congress had been arrested for drunk driving.

            12. The U.S. Congress considering a bill to outlaw homeschooling in the U.S.!

            13. Anti Congress “reform act” being pushed to correct abuses of power by Congress.

            14. Congress is exempt from “many” of the laws it has passed.

            15. Congress is about to give Social Security to illegal immigrants.

            16. Congress passed President Obama’s ‘Dream Act’.

          • Idmtmedic

            Well let me respond to your “helping Veterans” not make them look stupid claims. First, let me ask you what letters YOU have written? Second, how is it that YOU are the self regulated buffer between what anybody sends to their representatives regardless of their complaints/concerns? Last I checked, you joined for a JOB, Veteran organizations have done nothing for you, defending this nation has NOTHING to do with the Constitution or the RIGHTS we have FOUGHT AND DIED FOR,promised healthcare is a myth, the dead are well compensated for their families at 250,000 dollars, Congress sacrifices so much yet the military doesn’t, millionaires receive TAXPAYER contributions and AUTOMATIC pay raises but have been hurt by thousands and thousands of dollars because they voted NOT to receive a pay raise, any war has no implications on our Constitution or your liberties, previous soldiers sacrifices have done nothing for you, calling the military “heroes” is an overused term, marines are brainwashed, the military is well paid yet you got out cause the pay was so good, CON-gressional healthcare is worse than ours because they pay into it, retired military Veterans are whiners and complainers because we fight to KEEP our Benifits but want more and more, yet you say CON-gress deserves TAXPAYER money while defending TRICARE CUTS, nothing is being cut to our Benifits, your Benifits are only going up. I have about twenty more but thank you again for defending Veterans. I will now refer to you as VAVB………Veteran Against Veteran Benifits………or perhaps VFCB……….LMAO

          • idmedic,

            Sorry, but I’m NOT going to allow you to spin this back on me.

          • Enough2013

            alright now!

          • Idmtmedic

            Then by all means correct any mistakes I have in regards to your posts and thank you for “helping Veterans”.

      • COmango

        Go ask anyone but a Dem and you’ll find the stats. Google the Medicare Trust fund for starters.

    • Fred

      I wish this was true. In 1992 the Air Force paid me a bonus to leave the service during the Clinton cutbacks. Years later the VA granted me a disability but I see no monthly check. The disability money is being used to pay the air force back the money that I received as a buyout. Seems like bull &*^%. I expect to see my first disability check in Sept of 2028.

      • No VA disability check until 2028, huh ?? You must have received one helluva severance package from the Air Farce !! You can’t have your cake and eat it too !!

        • Jim Mackin,

          Please click on my name, and contact me through my website.


    • onthego

      That is not true medicare pay some and any insurance you have pays.
      This is why they ask for all of the insurance company when we process.

      • Getreally

        No VA doesn’t bill any other government issue to include Tricare.

  • Tmax

    you sound like one of the Canada Runners. would you like to have my disability?

  • Tan Man

    When is congress going to be treated like the vets,,,, O ya right….

    • Navy Vet

      I will agree with you when they put congress and all the health plans in one boat. Other wise dump the free-be crowd off the gravy train. They are the ones using up all the tax dollars.

    • onthego

      Never, understand that this was made for the people and it was said like this
      ( Fight to get out )…… Hint, Boxing. He new it was coming, They are Christion
      property. Are you the Citizen or the Ship.

  • bill

    have tricare pay for it all, we’ve done enough, look at the millions they get away with , belly up to the bar and pay up!!!!!!!_and go fight an see what-u get when you get back

    • dlpascoe


  • AnotherOldVet

    What a great analogy.

  • Sal

    Are you prepared to leave your loved ones and travel to a distant land so jerks like you can write the trash you have written? Are you prepared to be seperated from your loved ones for up to a year at a time, PROBABLY NOT! If you are not prepared to walk in our shoes, then you are in the wrong to criticize the same GI’s who protect and continue to provide your the right to do so. You obviously have no idea how much the american GI is paid, and after twenty years of service the word retirement is so far out of the ballpark it’s redicules. After giving the prime twenty years (and some cases even more) of your life, ninty-five percent must find a job to supprot themselves and their families. Oh yea, and about this Obama health plan, lets see how you like it after you have to use it for a couple of years or less. I would venture to guess as of the present you have no health insurance at all. You are probably a burdon on society and are in a mininum wage job or slightly higher.

    • ElJefe

      Thank you for what you have said. It is obvious that the person you were answering had NO idea what it is like to be a retired, or disabled, veteran whose retirement pay could barely cover the costs of the co-pays that are required.

    • Sal,

      It has always disturbed me that some of those that have served and are serving in the Military actually think they are the ones giving the rest of us/Americans their Freedom of Speech, etc., when in reality its our CONSTITUTION that gives us all of this.

      Another thing people are constantly saying about “walking in their shoes”. I mean chit, if I had to walk in everyone elses shoes in order to discuss the subject, then most of us would be silent 99% of the time. I mean, think about it, if you haven’t served as the President or as a Congressman, then we need to just shut the hell up.

      LMMFAO Big Time


    • Jon

      Right on!!!!!! This was all considered “part of your pay” when I was in….wellllll guess full faith is just what old sarge told me it was

  • T.L.Hunsaker BMCS

    I find this very interesting. I have a 10% disability for a loss of hearing. I was a mount captain in a 5 inch 38 and an L S E . I was crecited for over 200 landings on board the USS Topeka in 1966.All of witch Is very hard on ones hearing. We provided NGFS for Operation Double Eagle and Yenkee Station was almost like our second home
    I can remember the LOP reading the plane of the day which said if you will stay for 20 + year or more you will get a retirement and health car for you and your family for the rest of your life. Up on retirement I paid into Tri care for life for my wife and i. Now I get a notice that I have tricare for life by the 20 Yr I paid into Tri Care for Life is gone. And that really is very upsetting.
    One last thing the power that be take the 129.00 a month from my retirement check and send it to the VA to send to me.
    My last though My fellow Comrades watch Who you vote for. and for god sake vote, call go to town meeting fight like we fought for the one who sent us to wore that were called police actions by the President and not singed of by the House and Congress, therefore not make them responsible for the out come that left their political innocent thus not responsible tor the out come they were just backing the President.
    your Government at work Doing nothing. They would rather spend Billions on Ileagle aliens and sending money to foreign goverment that take care of US citizen

  • ken

    Ask not what your country can for you but what you can do for your country. Now it is stick it in your ear or your butt we care less what you did for your country. Has long has they can feed off of the vets and push their pet projects and pocket the money. The money sent overseas to help other nations should stop until we the people join together and demand that it be spent in the USA.. The voices of all vets must be heard VOTE them out of office and put in people who serviced and under stand what we gave up to service and were told we will be taken care of. Like it was said walk in our shoes and give up what we.

    • InfantryLew


    • Louise

      I can gripe all day re how vets are treated: my husband & our three sons deserve better than what they are receiving.

    • charley neeley

      well heres my point you don’t have a clue of what is about to happen with this obamacare it is like this if you are over 60 and need suergey you are shit out of luck you just die is what it boils donw to so everbody better thnik about what they said cause really they don’t know what in store for them you will be charged for not having insurance on you your wife and kids for ever moth you don’t have it that 5000 so you people need to stop and think about that before you start shooting of at the mouth about Vets ok

  • D.P.

    Charles B. is a sorry piece of shit…a puppet of the administration paid to stir things up.

    • Idmtmedic

      Nooooo not at all. He’s looking out for ALL veterans as I am sure he did while serving……lmao. NOT!! How would you have liked to have him speak at a REAL veterans memorial? I would pay to see that.

  • Bosn5

    I am 100 percent disabled and because I live in the Philipines the VA will not pay for any of my non service disabilites. What gives here?

    • Robert

      Something is wrong. A number of 100 % retired military vets I know, plus myself use the VA Out Patient Clinic (the impotent word id “clinic”) in Manila. We pay nothing. Yes there are some differences between “Hospital” and “Clinic”, however all the available services at the OPC are available to us. Maybe you need to talk (email HQ VA) to someone in management..

    • Jim Mackin

      So where does it state that the VA is responsible for your non-service connected medical problems ?? Ex-pats who opt to live overseas should understand that their medical expenses are their own responsibility, and should seek some sort of medical insurance plan that will cover these costs in the country where they choose to reside.

    • Joe

      Yet the VA will pay for veterans who are DEPORTED…go figure…

    • Bosn5

      Not all retired military receive free medical most have tricare for life which they pay. However, it you where injured or something happened to you while on active duty you Can file a claim with the VA it is not automatic and they deside your level of disibility. For the most part they only pay for service connected disibility. However if you are 100 percent they also pay for non service connected disibility. Look it up it is in writing. They do this in all countries except the Philipines. When I wrote this I was not trying to get something that was not mine. Have a great day.

  • Retired Soldier

    OK, so what good is the TFL? We need to do away with TRICARE contract and go back to CHAMPUS. What good is helth coverage if a person cannot go where they feel comfortable? Anything to SCREW the retiree.

    • Austin John

      TFL & Medicare work great at Civilian Medical centers & Doctors for all your needs. Double Cardiac Bypass-Gall Bladder removal, multiple stents, 2 vein replacements, all MRI’s & scans, annual physicals & low co-pay Express Scrips medication; plus 2 cataract surgeries; all with no out of pocket cost–only catch–you must be 65 & over & ret. Dod/Mil.

      • Austin John,

        Thanks for helping people understand the value of Tricare For Life (TFL).

  • Joe Rogers

    Notice that only a limited amount of those using the VA for medical would be affected. If you have a service connected disability but are in the category of 0 percent through 9 percent would be affected. Also those affected already have medicare Part A and B if they have Tri-Care-for-life (TFL). So medical benefits are available to use instead of VA. The crazy thing here is the VA does not bill Medicare but will give 20 percent credit if you have TFL. I was down at our local VA hospital in Prescott, AZ and they have heard nothing about this upcoming change. Also the only VA facility that does accept TFL in the VA facility in Tucson (Southern Arizona VA). I would love to hear a clarification from the VA on this. I also went to our local Medical Center and I am setting up an account so I will be using medicare and TFL. My wife has been using the same medical center for 6 years and I have yet to pay a medical bill as Medicare and TFL cover it all.

  • Jim Mackin

    I really find it hard to believe how many of the people who have posted comments here are totally ignorant of how our medical care works for those of us who are military retirees over 65, and now come under Medicare, with the option of having TriCare for Life for a supplement…In order to be eligible for TFL, one must first sign up for Medicare “B”, and pay the monthly fee out of their monthly SocSec income…Medicare will pay for 80% of almost all of your medical expenses, both in-patient and out-patient, and then TFL will cover the 20% balance, as well as your annual Medicare deduction, and any charges that Medicare won’t cover…As an added benefit, the TFL program also will pay for most prescription medications, less any applicable co-pay…In most cases, you will get better and faster service by using the available civilian medical care, and thus take a lot of the patient load off of the VA system…I have been over 100% disabled for a long time, but I only use the VA for most of my meds that are particular to my disability, an annual blood screen, and an annual howdy-do with the PCP to get my scripts renewed for the next year…Now please re-read the above article, and you will see that this isn’t really a change, because this policy is supposed to have been in effect all along, and the 80% payment that the article refers to will only affect those military retirees who are Medicare eligible, but who insist on going to the VA, rather than using the Medicare/TFL program as it has been designed.

    • Jim Mackin,

      Thanks for explaining what was already explained in the article, although I don’t think it will help those that just plain want to whine, cry, snivel and or complain about nothing. I so wish everyone could read this blog and see the information as it was meant be.

      Thanks Jim.

      • Jim Mackin

        I think that one of the key problems, besides a lack of understanding, is that those who insist on using the VA system for all of their medical care are unwilling to pay the required Medicare “B” (out-patient care) monthly fees in order to become eligible for TFL benefits.

        • Idmtmedic

          Unwilling or unable? Now what do you think Obummercare will do? Veterans are no different from the rest of the country. If you can’t afford it you do what Charles does. Go to an ER and don’t pay for it.

          • Jim Mackin

            This entire issue only concerns Military retirees who have reached the Medicare age of 65…I would find it hard to believe that there are military retirees out there who cannot afford to pay for their Medicare “B” costs, thus allowing them to use the benefits of TFL.

          • Idmtmedic

            Really??? Are you delusional? You find it hard to believe that retired VETRANS can’t afford it, while welfare recipients receive checks that rival our own and can’t afford it? What is it that you can’t or won’t understand?

          • I retired from the Marines after serving 23 years on active duty in early 1987…I also worked in the civilian sector for 15 years following that…I figure that a military retiree who has reached age 65, and is now Medicare eligible, is also drawing a Social Security check in addition to his monthly retirement stipend from DFAS, and should be able to afford to pay the $109/month for Medicare “B” in order to become eligible for TFL benefits…You’re entitled to your own opinion, but this is about to become a moot point anyway, because the VA is going to crack down on all non-service connected medical care given to military retirees who are Medicare eligible…So those retirees who insist on using the VA for treatment of non-service connected medical problems, rather than use the Medicare/TFL benefits to cover their treatment at a civilian treatment center for their medical needs will have to pay the VA for 80% of the cost of treatment…End of story.

          • Idmtmedic

            Yes I do agree with you there. It’s soon to be a moot point.

          • Jim Mackin,

            Yep, you’re right about Social Security kicking in a 65. Before I started drawing SS, I was able to live off my Army Retirement Check, and living pretty well I must say. Once I turned 65, all Social Security to me was almost a $1,000.00 raise per month.

            Speaking for myself, I don’t see how a 20 year military retiree is living the high life, of course I had everything paid off by the time I retired from the Military, House, Cars, etc.

          • Jim Mackin,

            You’re right, I’ve heard a lot about people not being able to afford it, but never met anyone on the internet that said they couldn’t afford it.

        • Jim Mackin,

          Yep, you’re right, I think it is much easier to complain about it than do something about it, then again, those posting on here most likely aren’t those we are talking about that use the VA for both.

    • Rebecca

      You got it exactly right. I, too, am 100% disabled but only use the VA for certain things, like the convenience of long-term prescriptions through the mail for no cost. My only issue has been finding a reputable physician in my area that still accepts Medicare and I am concerned that they will become fewer and farther between when more cuts are made to what Medicare will pay. TFL is awesome for making up the co-pay and deductible that Medicare does not cover and for low (usually $5) prescriptions from civilian doctors. I did want to make one point to those who may have paid for Tricare-Prime after retiring; once you have Medicare Part B, TFL costs you nothing as supplemental insurance, so make sure you are not paying for something that is free! You will only need to pay for Tricare if you have Medicare Part B and have family members to cover (this often happens to those who get Medicare Part B from disability and are still young enough to have children or a spouse under their coverage). Just make sure you are paying for only what you need!

  • bob vet in AZ

    The VA has damaged me with medication, a 14 hour wait in the VA ER with a heart condition. And lies about everything and anything to avoid admitting they screwed up. I wouldn’t bring my dog there! unqualified providers routinely are used at the VA. They should be paying vets to be their test subjects. As far as you people screaming vets should pay, go to a VA hospital ER and see the conditions there. most are understaffed and those on duty are not qualified.

  • jim kroenlein

    VA has some drawbacks and inconveniences but in the last 5 years the quality of service has dramatically improved. My only heartburn is that as a retired career military person the government continues to chip away at the promised benefits I earned to free up resources to improve the lot of many who will not work, are druggies, or are illegal. Oops, sorry we must call them undocumented so as not to hurt their feelings of self worth.
    It really disgusts me when the govt keeps decreasing earned benfits and increases some of the packages for illegals and unemployed until at times they exceed the earned benefits I get and all they have done to deserve them is to take up space or sneak across a border.
    If the “do gooders” keep moving to decrease retired benefits and increase benefits to those who will not work or will not follow the laws we will not continue as the world’s superpower because we will not have a military to protect the country.

  • GWE

    I’m not found of Obama or his administration for all the bs they have been doing since he took office. VA should be able to see any former military person with service related issues and if they have those then they should be able to be seen for anything else as well as long as VA doctors, and nurses are qualified to treat as a pcm then they should be able to bill medicare for the other 80% now that this 10 year mishap has supposedly been discovered. What some don’t realize either is that you are required to go to a mtf if within a certain distance and not a civilian but it’s bs because you rarely get the same doctors as they rotate often. Obama wants to only give a 1% pay raise why bother and furlow days to all military facility jobs whether civilian or dod another bs deal. I think the President should get paid what a Master Chief with 20 years in the Navy gets paid and have to use medicare or go to a Military Facility and get rotated around any time him or his family members need medical care that is not ER based and have to pay there monthly insurance premium. There children should have to attend a public education school that

  • GWE

    is consider safe there spouse should not be able to spend some crazy amount of money on any necessity items. I would also like to know where President Obama thinks that he had the right to just go ahead and make it where all former presidents get secret service in a time when he is doing cutbacks on military, dod and military related facility civilian employees and I guess has forgotten that that affects the entire economy because that means less being spent in all other business nationwide. I think if we do go to war again president Obama his administration and Congress that have not ever served in the military, should be put in the battle field or better yet sleep in a rack on a naval ship knowing that he has will say 3 openly gay men around him 24 hours a day, sleeping, eating, showering etc. and see how comfortable he feels or how well he sleeps out in the battle field in a secure area and see how well he sleeps when he hears gun fire and explosives. Why haven’t the president & congress taken a huge paycut because they can afford it with what they make a year. Why don’t they cut off all aid to other countries until they get the USA back in order. Just like I laugh when I hear some stupid democrats talk all

  • GWE

    there political bs about how the Bush administration did this wrong and that wrong and never should of been in a war but yet Obama was going to have us out of there within his 1st year NOT. We are still there 5 years later and now what will be the decision about Seria another war in the making? He was going to lower a deficit but yet it has drastically climbed since Obama took office I just will pray that ever ignorant individual that voted for Clinton and now Obama have gotten a clue and don’t vote for another one of these types of canidates for president in the future. I do believe that the people of this country should be able to March on DC and demand to remove him from the Presidency as the voices of all legal citizens of the USA should be heard and we make the decisions on who sits in that seat especially when they are creating more harm to are nation and it’s people!!!

  • joan

    what is all the griping about? I am a senior who has TFL and I am required to go thru medicare as my first payer, then tricare picks up the rest. Obama doesn’t want retirees without service connected disabilities going thru the va, the va is getting dragged down by people who go to doctors for a stiff neck, va needs to be for really sick and disabled vets that really need care, GROW UP

    • Enough2013


    • joan,

      What makes you think our President has something to do with the VA?????

  • Goaglen

    Well, Gerri, it’s nice that you think that all of us can afford to pay whatever the health care system wishes to charge. Some of us can not. Pay up! With what? Don’t paint me as a child sucking on someone’s teat. I worked over forty years running a company, paying taxes, employing people. Now, there’s nothing left and I am still working. I need VA care or have no coverage at all. So, take your “get a job, asshole” attitude and talk to your proctologist.

    • Enough2013

      ” worked over forty years running a company, paying taxes, employing people. Now, there’s nothing left and I am still working.”

      Not sure what happen be this is hard to believe.

  • chuck

    It is you Obama haters that is ruining every thing ,you all should have been more supportive and figured a better system instead of fighting against it. The US has way to many People that live of the government and that is running this county down , that isn’t Obama’s fault this problem has been there for many years.

    • Idmtmedic

      Ahhhhm Chuck so how is he fixing it by INCREASING government spending AND individual spending? Have you seen what happened with SS? We paid into that system as well and what happened? Socialized medicine will be a disaster. You do know the number for Obama? 1-800-xoxo-you. No lie.

      • Idmtmedic

        Slight correction. The number for “Obamacare”

    • Miguel Saavadera

      Hey Chuck – there are more welfare participants than full time workers … and with 90,5 Million out of work ‘able bodied’ workers who have given up looking for work, and becoming every day they are our of work ‘unskilled’ … and that has happened in the last five [5] years under this tyrant… and that last little burp has governmental worker increases from 33.7% to 49.8% under Comrade Obama. He is trying to bankrupt the system – and doing very well at it.

      Within the 495 ‘ring’ 80% of its inhabitants work for the Government. While the ‘Common Man’ outside that District was hurt’n the past five years, the trolls and political class were only hurt once in those five [5] years and that was during the recent 13 day Government Shutdown … {Rep (SIC)]Holmes Norton was begging for the displaced Trolls to be feed! I say shut it down again, and allow the Privileged and their service rats to flee elsewhere …

      So quit picking on the Patriots, those dead and dying who defended this Nation … look elsewhere for your self pity and blame – it is not with those who gave up their life to keep you safe from IED’s .

    • k9usafret

      Sorry Chuck, the Obama Administration wasn’t listening to anything but their socialist friends. Read the Sibelius’s own remarks about transforming America to a non-capitalist society as the intent of Obamacare. I did not fight for 20 years to have the Democrats take us into mediocrity.

    • rj trt

      you r so very dam right thank you ret sgt

    • JAMES J.


    • Ken

      Yes, Chuck, your statement is true….but not in the way you put it. It is not the military retirees that is drawing the country down but rather the SS and Welfare people who have been on it for generations….and that, my friend IS Obama and the Democrats’ fault. They enhance the welfare system to bring in more votes. So yes, it is Obama and the rest of his ilk that bring these people to the table. As far as Military retirees that this missive is about, we were promised free medical care for life in trade for 20 years or more service to our country. A promise that has been reneged on for some years now. I can honestly say that I was made that promise ever since I was a young E-3! And that is a fact. Lastly, why are you even on this site?

  • dave

    To all you out there where were you when military personal and there families
    and retirees and there family live off there pay and benefits which do not come
    pare to what people make on the out side and retire on and some do nothing
    for there retirement pay and regular pay. So until you can give up your life and
    limbs for family and country. sit on it. Also the federal government sign and had
    every military family and personnel sign contracts with them and did not keep there work with them. Thank you PSS. Obama care is a joke, look at the germens, and all the other countries, if you are over 50 years no care just die, we don’t need you around, and 60 years old just die so we can take all your money, you better wake up USA. we will just tax you to death.

  • Mad Tx

    Mad TX here
    Retires and veteran disable shouldn’t have to pay for anything medical of any sort. Turn 65 and they will take out Medicare fees, and still pay co-pay. We those in a combat country don’t deserver treatment.
    I did 20 plus years and I didn’t make close to a millions dollars. than you have those that are making millions a season and they cry for more. What up with that. I have a plan where military personal don’t need to pay any medical bills, nor Medicare fees.
    Something else that bugs me is these people without any norms or values where half naked in streets or grocery stores or fast food places, where is the hygiene and sanitation.

  • Stephen

    We need people who run the government to be ex military people. Not the rich snobs that send us to do there wars and take away benefits so they themselves get a pay raise. WE the people need to start a pettition to have a box on the ballots next to persons running for office of any kind, if the person on the ballot deserves a pay raise. YES or NO. plane and simple and if they do limit to only 2%. This should be for all forms of government. Maybe then We the people can have a say so about our future as a country.

    • Strange, those who cut veterans benefits have never visited with a ver=teran for more than a photo opt. They have not tried to live on the low pay,watch the children of vets do without. Listen to a mother and a father decide that they have to apply for public assistance to feed their families. So cut the crap and cut black water and the usless nukes. Reduce the generals and worthless contractors who suck the country dry and deliver nothing.

  • polly moore

    my brother-in-law had a major stroke, after 3 weeks in nursing home, getting rehab, tricare is kicking him out, cannot pay after 3 weeks, he should have been over it in 3 weeks, nursing home said no way he could be better in 3 weeks, he spent 20 years in air force for this, first time he has used tricare in 4 years.

    • Janet

      I’m having a similar issue. I need PT for a knee injury (can barely walk). TriCare has only approved about 1/2 of the requested visits needed and have totally denied some of the procedures that would be beneficial. Sure hope I can walk when this is done.