Shut Down Could Delay Military Pay

September 23, 2013 | Terry Howell

According to Stars and Stripes, military troops, including those in conflict zones, may have their paychecks delayed if elected officials in Washington can’t work out a deal to fund government operations in the new fiscal year starting Oct. 1, the Pentagon said Monday.

Although a shutdown could delay pay, servicemembers will be required to serve as normal with some possible reduced op tempo.

It is expected that a shutdown would have a greater impact on DoD civilian employees. The Pentagon expects to furlough as many as half of their civilian workforce if a budget deal can’t be reached in time. However, as in the past, civilians deemed necessary for the safety of life and property would be required to stay on the job.

SandS is reporting that medical workers, teachers at DoDEA schools and emergency first responders, as well as others whose absence would immediately impede military operations will be among those who will not be furloughed.

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  1. Same Ol Crap again, our elected officials doing there best to not do ther jobs.

  2. So why the military? Why not congress?

  3. Why are soldiers still going overseas if the government does not have any money?

    • l.Shaw,

      Isn't that like asking "how come your still eating if you are filing for bankruptcy"?

      Note: Although the shutdown my occur, it doesn't me the day that happens all monies left just disappear.

  4. Richard Lee Parker. says:

    I am a disabled retired usmc during Vietnam , we were treated poorly when we got out, now…this to our fighting youth today! I am shocked .

  5. so what happens to gi bills and work studies under the va? I can't find a spot that says exactly what

  6. Leilani Heslip says:

    I had received an e-mail stating that retirees would receive their retirement checks as they were from an annuity now it seems retirees won't be paid. What is the truth?

  7. all of our gov. officials should be on the same pay schedule as everyone else now – they don't have to worry about health care payments, retirement checks, housing – they are the only ones that NOTHING changes for – the servicemen over in all of these countries should just say "I don't get paid, I am going home"-works both ways, doesn't it????

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