President Determined to Cap 2014 Military Pay

According to an article by Rick Maze of the Military Times, President Obama has notified Congress that he intends to use his authority to set the 2014 military pay increase at 1 percent, rather than the 1.8 percent, which is currently required by the federal pay formula.

The 2014 military pay raise is only one of many defense budget issues that has lawmakers and President at odds. The House budget plan includes the 1.8 percent raise, while both the Senate Armed Services Committee and the President’s proposed budgets include a cap of 1 percent.

The President announced the move on Friday August 30, right before the Labor Day weekend.

Of course, like the many other defense budget issues, this is far from settled, so stay tuned…

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About the Author

Terry Howell
Before becoming the Managing Editor for, Terry served 20 years in the U.S. Coast Guard as an Aviation Electrician’s Mate and aircrewman. In his final role in the Coast Guard, Terry served as a Career Development Advisor, where he provided career, finance, education, and benefits counseling to servicemembers and their families. Since retiring from the Coast Guard, Terry has authored the book, The Military Advantage, managed the content for TurboTap, the DoD's online transition program and VAforVets, the VA's transition assistance website. Terry earned both his Bachelor's and MBA at Corban University using Military Tuition Assistance and his GI Bill benefits to help cover the cost.
  • Chuck

    Active duty, Retirees, Disabled Vets, and SS recipients have all suffered under this administration and congress. In our county the sheriffs had a 25% increase over the five toughest recession years. Compare that and real inflation to how disabled vets and the military have fared.

    • Ronnie Lamb
    • Chuck,

      What is your source for what you are claiming?????

  • Chuck
  • As a 30-year Army ‘retiree’ with a son that is prior service USAF and now serving as a LT in the Army, how in the heck do I condone/encourage his continued service when the most corrupt, small and ignorant of all administrations wants to crap on military members while taking care of so many less necessary (and CRIMINAL) government employees? OBE

    • Chuck
      • MGySgt(ret.)

        I agree with you Chuck, as a retired MGySgt USMC, I have now been a Federal Employee for 7 years, and for the last three years endured a pay freeze. As a senior enlisted, I made more than I do now. Fortunetly I have my retiree pay to fall back on, but many of my staff don’t, and they are very deserving of a small pay raise, even if it is 1%. Many misinformed people believe that the only federal employees are the President and people of congress. They don’t realize for an example that a GS-1 makes $17,803 a year while an E-1 makes $18,194. A married E-9 just over 20yrs makes $92,949 at Parris Island which is more than a GS12 step 10 in the same location, not to mention the free housing tax break the E9 makes. While I am totally pro military, I don’t want to bash my hard working GS employees who have to pay for their healthcare and pay taxes on everything they rate. Just stating the facts as I see them.

        • Chuck
        • Wes
          • Wes,

            It is also true that the military doesn’t draft anyone anymore.

          • Idmtmedic


    • Rosalee

      If I had a daughter or a son who was of age, I would not encourage them to sign up even though I came from a military family and served for years. They are unworthy of the service our man and women provide now and have provided.
      I am glad my father who served this nation for 30 years is not around, nor my uncles who all served proudly
      Washington dishonors their memory.

    • K Leon
    • marc

      As a 9 year vet and now a 11 year fed employee for the DOD, I can say with confidence that you have no clue. I am paid LESS than my private sector counterparts. The benefit of being a fed employee has never been about the “great pay”, but about stability. However, that stability has become shaky grounds. I could easily make more money elsewhere, but I actually enjoy working for our military and helping the warfighter by developing “toys” for them to play with. We are human…just like you

  • richard streck

    Wow, 1%. This administration really cares about our troops, I’m retired so wether I get a raise isn’t that important, but, the troops deserve more than this administrations anti-military stance. The Veterans administration didn’t have any problems handing out bonuses to their employees for so-called superior work while leaving some veterans who really needed their help sit on the side lines. the decision making folks in Washington are disgraceful!

  • 1% you get a 50$ raise and pay 75$ in taxes (hypothetically)
    So who’s it really helping out? That’s what I thought.

  • Robert

    he wants the military to go fight his wars but he doesn’t want to pay them

    • Bridgette
      • Rosalee

        it commonly called cannon fodder

    • Logic_Mine

      But he has enough money in the Taxpayer Till to:
      Play Golf
      Go on Expensive Vacations
      Take Expensive Vacations multiple times a year.
      Invest Taxpayer money on worthless un-proven technologies.

      YES< he is very frugal when the money is flowing our way but the flood gates open when it is going to him and his causes.

      By the way, if pay is only rising 1% then how much will Clothing & Sales raise their prices this October? I suspect it will be more than 1 % !

    • ETA31957

      AS a soldier who put my life on the for 20 years–now he doesn’t want to pay us–the hell with him!! he is destroying the military and he can go spend millions of dollars and giving millions to other counties which is full of it–
      You should see all the waste they do!!! Just look at the 30 + million dollar building in the middle east that was built but not used!!!!

    • patriot1

      Of course, Obama needs the money saved to go on Lavish Vacations and play golf. 1% payraise. How insulting to our men and women in the Armed Forces. I bet the welfare people get more than 1%

  • Retired AF NCO

    Keep you and your wife’s a$$ in DC and we can afford to pay our troops what they deserve to be paid. Or go fight your own damned wars!


  • JER

    Ok so our Veterans are only worth 1% What is congress paying themselves? 25% or more? This is Absolutely DISGUSTING!!!

  • Justin

    Obama writes an executive order to give him self a pay raise and congress as had several pay raises but the military gets nothing? We have either had no pay raise or this 1.8% bs since he took office. WHY? Inflation is up cost of living is up and all of that is way more than 1.8%.

    • fuzznose

      by law, he can’t just write an Executive Order and give himself a pay raise. The United States Constitution states that the President’s pay is regulated by Congress.

  • Rich B

    Pay military OR give billions to foreign countries that what to kill us? Hum! Tough choices!

    • Sandra

      ..not for we Americans …. not tough at all!

  • VAL

    The president and his so called administration DOES NOT CARE about the military, or any other citizen of the United States of America! Can’t you all see that he is slowly destroying our great nation. There is an article out, and I’m sorry that I cannot think of the name of it at this point, but it actually compares Obama to Hitler. When you are reading it, you think that they are talking about Hitler, but when you get to the bottom, you really find out that they are talking about Obama. Obama’s puppeteer is a man by the name of Sorro, look him up and read what is really going on in our country. It will be a real eye opener for those that really care about the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA!

    • Sfcretarmy
  • Anonymous

    These people go to war to keep OUR asses alive and to keep our freedom alive! And their repayment? 1% increase on pay. WTF? He should be on his KNEES. THANKING GOD that there are people wanting to FIGHT for our freedom. He should be WANTING to give our troops a better pay raise. He should be WANTING to give our troops the money they DESERVE! All these famous Celebraties are rich and live a wealthy lifestyle because they act. THEY DONT CONTRIBUTE TO OUR COUNTRY LIKE THE MILITARY DOES! They have all this money and get paid MILLIONS a year. And for what? Playing Baseball? Being in a Movie? Singing? They “earned” their money for doing shit that people do EVERY DAY! Maybe not being in a movie, but people sing and will play baseball in the summer.

    They get money for stuff that everyday humans can do. They don’t have to go to sleep each night wondering if they will have to get deployed or if they will be alive the next morning or not. No, they get to sleep in their comfy beds with their spouse next to them and their kids (if any) fast asleep in their rooms. Troops risk their lives each day out of pure dedication and love of their country, and dont get paid nearly as much as Celebs do.

    It makes no sense. Is America blind?

    • Carol

      I so agree with you!! You put it so well! Thanks!

    • Alan

      No. You are blind. Have someone read this to you.

      • ADspouse

        Alan, do you believe that article? We do not. He has shafted us enough to see a snow-job when it’s rolling downhill. Just saying. Don’t believe everything the Wash. Post tries to sell you. :)

    • Alex

      well said it !!! This Ass—- does not give a crack ass about other than himself…. The is a shame to this country. On the other hand, thanks to our military personnel and their service is that we enjoy the freedoms we cherish every day!!

  • Stop doing me favors

    Once again the prez shows his true colors! What a disgusting piece of work! He will give the military a 1% pay raise, on a long-weekend Friday night so it doesn’t attract attention, and all of the prices on post will continue to climb. For example, last year the military got a 1.8% pay raise, and haircuts (which are not optional for the Army) went from $7.70 to $9.00, would you care to guess where my pay raise went? Additionally, my taxes and grocery bill went up for less food, so quit giving me a raise please, I cannot afford it!

    • Carol

      Wow! They have to pay for their haircuts which are not optional. Unbelievable! I am behind the troops 100%. They deserve at least that 1.8 % raise if not MORE!!!! They risk their lives each and every day and they deserve much more than they get. It is truly disgusting the way our soldiers are treated! They are the ones that are serving our country and saving us!!! They deserve so much respect!

    • marci

      He is the devil in disguise. Maybe he will just resign and show his true colors. NWO and sell out the US. I hate him

    • Alan
    • alan

      Or, you could get a second opinion.

  • Debra

    Movie hero Ironman (ie Robert Downey Jr) makes $75 million dollars for 3 mos work per Hollywood movie, yet my son, a true American hero makes peanuts ($20,000) for one years work in the AF. Whats wrong with this picture? And now he will get a 1% raise? Still peanuts. Thanks Mr President.

    • The President and Congress and the House give them self big big pay raise and not our Vets what is the matter with them but wait they all will be voted out People listen what they are doing now he wants to go to war and our Men and Women can be killed Shame on them

      • Barbara Lannan Cunningham,

        the President and Congress did not give themselfs a big pay raise. Congress has not had a pay raise since 2009, and the President is still making what he was making when he was elected.

        Note: The Houses is part of Congress. The way you said it, is that their are 2 EACH Houses. You are part of the reason that no one lessons to to many Veterans, because they are so very much un–educated.

    • adam
      • Lois

        I don’t believe that you Adam are in the military..

    • Baduyo

      taxes will probably rise by 2 percent;

    • Debra,

      Seems to me, your calling your son stupid instead of him becoming a movie star. LOL

  • mike ellis

    How stupid can you get, just another reason to screw the vet and show how unqualified he is to be President.

  • jimmy sepeda

    well brothers in arms ,lets have a million soldier march,before war is declared in syria,lets show our government that it is the american soldier is whos lives are in dangers way,it is easy to declare war on anybody,while our soldiers are the ones who have to do the fighting and come back to the same crap,pay cuts dieing of injuries and agent orange,and everything else,while the government refuses to admit that the sickness and injuries even exsist.we are the people and together we stand for our fallen brothers and for those who are out there still fighting.we have power in numbers,as long as it is kept as peacefull.let our voices be the date and pass it on e-mail.

    • Carol

      I so much agree with you! You guys/women are the ones that put your lives in danger and Obama sure as hell doesn’t. He sure doesn’t mind spending money on himself and his family extravagantly! But when it comes to others, he doesn’t want to put the money out for them. You certainly de serve your raises!!!!!! I would protest too if I were you guys. He wants to go and fight Syria so badly. But it is not him going over there!!! Supporting you and all the troops! You all deserve only the best!! God Bless you all!

    • Alan

      Or, get the facts without the lies. Like the 2.9% raise Obama wants to give you.

      • FB MacNasty

        Dippy…you are citing a 2009 report. Get YOUR facts straight or STFU.

        • William
    • SSGT Daddy

      leave denied!!! lmao!

    • james k perry

      AMEN 2 THAT, In WAR they should get 10 times there pay; some don,come back & they have family.

  • This president SUCKS DONKEY D!!!,instead of doing this to our military,he should do it to congress,etc,as these AHOLES continue to raise their pay every few months,that is a crock of SH!!,pay the people that deserve it,not the losers that are doing nothing for the AMERICAN people,scum bag president!!!!!

  • Caroline

    I have a plan. Lets start doing something to have him removed without violence and harm, then it is not about words: It is action, he tells other foreign leaders what they should do and he does not have a clue about how lousy a President he is and I do not think he cares: He is about Power and bringing this country down to a 3rd world level. He is the blind man trying to make others blind so he can lead us to failure, socialism and disrespect for what took centuries to build.

  • Marci

    He is who he is, and he is just a pawn used by the people that picked him. They knew and know how he functions. We have to pick people to run and make not about how much money is funded to campaign, but how many people will vote for who we want. $$$$$$$ is power no matter what, it will always be that way….The US is not broke, just to broke to help the true citizens. Shut down our borders, send the illegals home and fix US first…Sent Obama to another land on a one way ticket. I will take any Republican over him, and I am not a party person

    • Carroll Benoit

      Marci :Republicon are the Problem, Bring A Case of beer you will need it When I tell where you you can find the Truth starting Sept.1954 then the Crying will start.

      • How can you say the republicans are the problem? When your bitching about the president and, OMG he is DEMOCRATIC, dang go figure,

  • Tami Joslin

    Obama needs to think right. These are the people that protect our country. That is the highest form of disrespect. What they need to do is have our politicians take pay cuts. They get alot of things free anyway. We need to fire every politician in office and start clean with real people that arent made of money.

  • Cecilia

    Make it mandatory that a President has to have in the US Military without any negative records and also that he must be a 3rd generation citizen. Anotherwords, cannot be offspring or 2 generations of parents on any level from another country. ObamaCARE is a sign he is about individual power and a advocate for the devil. Muslim Religion is an honest clean religion, but Obama is truly of the devil and taking us to hell.

  • Denice Patterson

    1%this is almost a joke. by the time we get this 1% our rent and or mortgage goes up…groceries go up, gas, electric, and we still have people without we become further behind instead of having the ability to take that 1% and allow it to sit into an interesting bearing account…..just keep the 1% we are actually better off without the teaser

  • cwlover

    Guess we need to start up the DRAFT…

    • Jenny

      Thats wrong, I’m sick of people taking every thing from every body just so they no they are going to be okay no one else matters lets make every body poor for self gradification..I’m sorry..I’m not going to shit on you with a little piss on the side, but at least you can see there true colors I think he needs to be inpeached I dont no if I spelled that right…

  • Alan

    You are being lied to. The president wants a 2.9% pay raise for military, less for civilians.

    • Sue

      Um, Alan? That article you’re referring to was written in 2009.

      • Chuck
    • John

      Where do you get your information from,CNN or CBS,start mwatching FOX for the correct news.Also read Navy Times then comment.

  • Chuck

    He doesn’t care about old folks (euthanasia).
    He doesn’t care about babies ( partial birth abortion) He doesn’t care about anyone but himself really. Disabled Vets, Seniors dependent on Social Security, and Active Duty Military all get the short end with this administration. Can’t wait for him to go.

    • Rosalee

      expendable and those who he catered to the most in the campaigns will find out finally that the emperor has not clothes.

    • Trish

      You can google a daily count down calender that will play chimes when he is gone. I am proud to say I did not vote for the fool.

  • Chuck

    He doesn’t care about old folks (euthanasia).
    He doesn’t care about babies ( partial birth abortion) He doesn’t care about anyone but himself really. Disabled Vets, Seniors dependent on Social Security, and Active Duty Military all get the short end with this administration. Can’t wait for him to go.

    • Taylor

      The poison you are spouting isn’t worth a reply…

  • Lou Roesch

    @ Alan who said we were being lied to….that story you quote is 2009….we are in 2013 get with the program

  • Nola

    We have military families on food stamps. Now this is a shame. Shame on you Mr President ! These men and women weather they like you or not will stand in front of you and take a bullet for your ass, because you are their Commander In Chief. Congress,Senate and the President should give back their raises also limit terms, make them pay into Social Security and get private sector insurance. And when they retire, make them live off Social Security. Not give them that nice yearly salary, that doesn’t even come close to what a US soldier makes. SHAME SHAME SHAME. he needs to be impeached!!!

  • Bgmmac

    FYI the military (all services) has a program to raise pay no matter how many dependents to just above food stamp eligibility income. So technically, no active duty member should be on food stamps.

    • Bgmmac
      • SSG S

        Although this article states “up to $500” I’ve never seen in my 14 years of active duty half that amount nor have I had any soldier in my squad/platoon receive that much money. I also have never seen the acronym FSSA on any LES. What I receive is called BAS (Basic Allowance for Subsistence) and not every service member is eligible for this. I’m Army so I can’t speak for other services.

    • Maryellen

      I hate to tell you this but there is active duty memebers Families on food stamp. This is a same and congress not mr O need a rasie, Michelle, their girls and the fxxxxx dog need to stay home and have no vacations like the rest of us.
      Don’t mess with me about Military pay rasies, my daughter is in the Navy and lives on less than 30.000.00 a year, and has to pay higher co-pays on her insurance just like the rest of us.

    • Chuck
  • B-All-U-Can-B

    The favorite buzz, as of late by the left and right is, “hey, they volunteered”. That’s right, but they didn’t volunteer to killed, mained, or wasted, for political games or lied to about retirement benefits, when they spend a lifetime in uniform. Honorable, trustworthy and respectable Leadership, is sorely lacking in and out of uniform. Beware the Ides of March.

    • Rosalee

      it’s all relative like all the rest they do………….make promises to get yourself elected and then do what you originally intended……..feather your own nest and fill those deep pockets

      • Rosalee,

        President elects don’t make promises, they only tell us what they wish to do, because Congress may or may not agree. What is unfortunate, is the US people think that Presidents elect can’t promise anything, only tell the people what they wish to do.

    • Idmtmedic

      Yes you have to love that line. “They volunteered” which translates to you deserve what you get. Any jobs in America not volunteer? The ONLY problem with that comparison is that soldiers volunteer to serve this nation and it has now been relegated to the position of any other job. Well ok………..another job it is. No more no less right? Then pay US the overtime due.

      • Idmedic,

        The US Military works by the month and is paid a salary twice a month, once on the 15th and the reast at the end of the month. Like all jobs that pay their employees a salary, there is no such thing as overtime.


        2013 Basic Pay: 20 Years of Service and Below

  • Michael J D

    the average starting wage of military personal from boot camp as a trainee is 16,00 a yr this is an E1 recruit and goes up to21,000 -27,000 for an E5 Sergeant
    and 24,00 to 36,00 for a staff Sergeant that is below poverty level for most the United states and then the politicians wonder why our service men are on the food stamp program or only enlist for a 2-4 yr active duty contract but then our government does a stop block on a few of them and sends them to god knows where for something we have no business being involved in and hazard pay for being in a war or FOB is nil so why are not our service men making what the president does they risk their lives to service a great nation for what 25000 dollars a yr when i was in way back when i was lucky to get 9000 a ye as a private and only got a raise in pay as i moved up in rank but it was maybe 100o more a yr for each rank i made a total of 1000 a month as an E-6 back in 75 yeah great pay raises 1.8% for military while congress and senators voted them selves a whopping 25% raise and have voted in numerous raises since then every yr they raise their pay more then anyone else in the country it is not all Obama but he iks in office now so yeah we can blame him along with the bush’s both of them the bush’s had it made they controlled the oil and raised prices so stock holders could get the 600,billion 4th quarter profit in 2011 and another 900 billion in 2012 in the 4th quarter as well to me the football baseball basket ball and all the other sports that everyone enjoys playing their should be a cap on what they earn to play a game hell i would love to get payed for playing games , i do that everyday on the computer as being disabled i can’t go out and play ball or anything else i used to do
    instead of blaming just one president for all that’s messed up we should be blaming our selves for not taking control of our government some where I read it to be FOR THE PEOPLE BY THE PEOPLE to this it means to me that we are in charge not gany offical we elected i have seen it go on for yrs they promise one thing and then big money business’s come in and say you do this for me and I’ll give you stock or something other to vote this way

    to me it is all fubared in the capital get rid of them all and start fresh no more life time terms for congress men and senators 2 terms and your out get alife and a real job just like 99% of the USA does

    • Vanessa St O
    • Chuck
  • army dad

    our boys and girls make less than a beat cop WTF IS THAT BS ABOUT????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!HE THE CHIEF,should make the suits.congressmen/women.. senators what not give back half of there pay and his to make up the diff,

    • He is trying, but republicans want to keep the tax benefits they enjoy. This is funny how the article talks about something determined as to be against the troops while he passes laws to secure veterans finding work. interesting… It’s a simple fix, reduce the tax breaks on the rich, pay the troops. Done.

  • Dear fellow Veterans and Active Duty Military Members.
    Our CINC, wishes to take your money to pay off national debt he’s incurred to us.

    The tree of liberty must be refreshed by the blood of Patriots and tyrants.-Thomas Jefferson.

    Nuff Said…

  • pastorvon

    Why not reduce the number of civilian employees in the military to a level sufficient to provide a full 1.8 % increase. It is pitiful that our service people have to depend on food stamps to survive. Their base pay ought to be high enough to be above the poverty level. For shame! For shame!

  • Mac
  • Chuck

    The Military and the Federal Public Servants along with people who are disabled eeking out an existence on Social security are all quietly accepting sacrifice while our ‘leaders’ wouldn’t cross the street to pee on you if you were on fire.

    Right now our teachers are on strike, yet they don’t know how good they have it. I finally realize after raising four kids that most of the teachers are also selfish and no longer care about the kids.

    Think about it ;

    •  A federal employee cannot strike.

    •. Most Feds at this teacher pay level are FLSA exempted and don’t get paid for overtime.

    • Bonuses are rare in most of the Federal Government.

    •  A federal employees pay is based on a 2088 hour work year where a teacher works closer to 1600 hours per year. Most Military, if paid by the hour would be under minimum wage.

    •. Federal employees either ‘use’ or ‘lose’ excess vacation accrual.

    •  Most federal healthcare plans do not include vision or dental –  (a $2,000.00 root canal costs them $2,000.00 out of pocket) and the monthly premium out of pocket costs for a family are about $450.00 per month on average with copays for prescriptions, doctor visits, and an individual as well as family deductible of about $1,000.00 per year. Hospital care is covered at 80-85%, not 100%.

    •  The defined benefit pension for Feds is 1% per year and based on the average high 3 pay years, so to earn a 40% pension one must work 40 years and pay in 1% of gross each year to that pension. •  •  •  The rest of the retirement plan is a 401K style program called TSP, which effectively matches about $3.00 for every $5.00 an employee puts in up to 5% max matching.

    •  It takes 15 years for Federal public servants to move into the highest vacation bracket which is about 5 weeks per year.

    •  Federal retirees always lose to inflation as the retirement years plod on and they never receive true COLA increases that keeps pace with inflation. Congress sets their pay and benefits.

    •  The Federal Public Servants pay has been frozen for the last three years now.

    •  Compare that to where I live, where King County Sheriffs received a 5% (per year) increase over the worst 5 years of this most recent recession. Yes, a 25% increase in pay. I don’t begrudge our officers in uniform, but  where are the news stories on these inequities?

      I wish our teachers success but I have to wonder if they don’t realize how good they have it compared to so many in public service and especially in the private sector.

  • sandra

    Wow Angel Castellanos. You really are not paying attention. The republican party is not the party of wealth, the republican AND democrat parties are the parties of wealth. Neither party have the guts to stand up for America.

    • Chuck
    • Rosalee

      there is no longer a checks and balance system here in US. They are ALL in bed together and the American public is left holding the bag
      AND it works that way on both sides of the aisle

    • Randy
  • Bob

    But the pretender in the White House does not miss any outrageously expensive vacations! He and his ilk loathe the military.

  • Rosalee

    so when is HE and congress going to curtail THEIR expenditures and THEIR salaries…………..??
    Finally, there
    are 800.000 federal employees……… when can we expect same from them?
    They whined when they were asked to take a few days of furlough………bet there would be bedlam in halls of congress if they were asked to do same

  • Amy

    This is so sad…. I am an Army Mom and I have heard so many stories from other moms how their son & daughters are struggling to pay basic bills on Military salary and that they are having to send them money all the time…. This is a slap in the face to theses men and women that lay down their lives for this country….. My son has struggled as well. But yet there is plenty of money floating around Washington for parties, vacations, redecorating…… This is ridiculous…. they should be getting a raise in their annual pay raise instead of cuts…. Shameful, Shameful!!!!!

    • Chris

      It is more likely that most of these young kids just don’t know how to manage money. They buy the shiny yellow Camaro, party it up, and then complain they don’t make enough. We did just fine when I was an E-4 as the only bread winner, and we had our daughter. Didn’t have much, but we also didn’t have worries. Teach these younguns to manage money, and that will increase their pay in a more practical sense.

      • Chuck
      • Idmtmedic

        Chris, define ” no worries”?

      • Lois

        Chris I knew you were not military or you would have a different opinion. Please get off the board. There are military families that qualify for food stamps..NOW that is a shame for sure.

    • Amy,

      Were those struggling son’s and daughter’s drafted?????

      LMAO Big Time

      When I join up the first time, I had pleanty of money. When I joined up the second time, I had pleanty of money. Before I had a kid, I made sure I could afford that kid.

      • Idmtmedic

        Lmao. Why you get out the first time moneybags?

      • Lois

        Charles you are a jerk..

        • Lois,

          LMAO, so I’m a jerk because I was satisfied with my pay. It’s funny how people sign up, continue to enlist, retired and then whine about how bad they had it.

  • Marine 0311

    Soooooo, sign up with a blank check up to and including your life, go fight wars which our government tells u to, be away from home for God knows how long, stay loyal and make the military r career and be rewarded with a 1% pay raise for all of this and more while our leaders continue to pig out on our nickel and make laws that favor them and give themselves pay raises that far and away exceed 1%.

    Something seems out of wack here?????

    Hey Obama wake up you turd and back your military.

    • Marine 0311,

      Congress hasn’t had a pay raise since 2009.

  • I served in Vietnam for far less (adjusted for today’s rate). I worked as a civilian for the Army for many years getting Soldiers trained. Unlike Vietnam our Soldiers spend many tours in combat zones so I understand the frustration when pay is not what you expect it to be. I have to add that since the draft was eliminated the pay had to go up to attract enough troops. The pay and benefits our military get today is very good for young people starting out and goes up substantially the longer they are in the service. Compared to the civilian average pay military pay and benefits are quite good. I do not mean to demising the sacrifices many military members make but the pay is darn good.

    • Marine0311

      So u did not serve in the military nor do u have first hand experience trying to make ends meet on military pay, right? So how can you possibly know nor even speak for those who serve everyday . While the pay has increased over the years, its not what u may think. When I served in 1965 base pay was $92 a month now its about $1350 per month . So over 45 plus years what does that come out to as a yearly raise? I can say for certain it does not match the private sector nor what our elected leaders have given to themselves .

      Bottom line, a 1% raise is a slap in the face

      • Loyd

        Read much? Try Mike McBride’s first sentence again.

        • Loyd

          I’ll reply to myself and say sorry Marine0311 (grunt), but you did not read.
          Semper Fi,
          Gunny of Marines

    • Larry W

      Amen brother. When I was drafted in 1964 I got $68.00 a month.

    • Chris

      You, sir, are correct! Military has nothing to complain about. I’m about to retire after almost 24 years, and I am learning first hand how good we have it, especially compared to our ‘Nam brothers and sisters. No complaints from me. I enlisted with a smattering of college and got a bachelors and masters paid for, a commission, three free kids (who will actually use my Gi bill), multiple surgeries. I am not only blessed, but spoiled, compared to the majority in this country. Suck up the 1%. It’ll get better in a couple years.

      • Chuck

        Hey Chris,
        You made the best of a good career. The problem with your thinking though is that you aren’t considering how hard the service organizations and others have fought to improve things. You weren’t in just post Nam under Mr. Carter. Unless we stay vigilant things can go south real fast for our military and the VA along with them. They are just itching to make retirement a 30 year deal and have these men and women start paying into a 401K type of supplemental. I knew a lot of young E3 through E5’s with a wife and one or two kids that drove fall apart beaters and lived in what we would consider near poverty conditions while in uniform more than 80 hours per week, and that wasn’t when they were in the field. Like I said, unless we vets volunteer at the local VA hospital, write our representatives, and support the service Orgs then things can and will go south in a hurry, and your retirement benefits you are counting on could be the first to go.

      • Idmtmedic

        Perhaps the statistics regarding the wounded, PTSD, suicides, unemployment, number of deployments and dead may change that nothing to complain about statement? Curious to know your career path?

      • Steve

        You must be a Democrat!

        • Steve,

          I too and satisfied, and I am retired and not a Democrat but a Republican. I retired in 1995 and got 1/2 my base pay and the GI Bill as promished. The other benefits are not entitlements but haven’t changed for me. My Health Care (Tricare Prime) is the best and least expensive Health Care in the United States, yes better than what anyone else has to include Congress.

          I am still proud having served my country and have received everything I was entitled too.


  • Ron

    One question, why doesn’t our gutless congress take a pay cut? We all no they are b
    not doing the job they were hired for!

  • Phillip

    Thanks Mr. President for supporting the troops and their families by capping the 2014 pay raise to ONLY 1 %. That is really taking care of them.

    Why does Congress and you take a pay cut. Be a LEADER for one time and set the EXAMPLE YOU AND CONGRESS JUST ONCE SHOW US YOU GUYS, F%CKING CARE

    • cliff

      The Prez has already taken a 10% pay cut.

  • ron

    what would happen if all vets got together and marched to DC Like we have a dream and demand congress to take a pay cut and help pay the disable vets and retired vets. United we stand divided we FAIL!!!!!!

    • Shawn

      I’m in. I think it’s a great idea, let’s do it. When are our sacrifices enough? I have little doubt such a march would be MASSIVE.

    • ron and Shawn,

      You two are going to Washingtion for what????? Because the President wants to cap the Active Duty pay raise?????

  • robertabbott

    Oh shucks golly wow, this news (military pay to be capped at 1 percent) is really going to do wonders for morale. Ease on up to the bar or the liquor cabinet, I feel a “happy hour” coming on.

  • Recon75

    Congress ties in their salary raises with increases across the board. One of my Colorado senators advised they (both senators) are civil servants and their raises are governed by law. This was in response to my inquiry why Congressman get life time salaries for 2 years of work?!! I put in 4 years in the Marine Corps. I didn’t expect nor did I receive a lifetime salary. Of course now servicemen and women do several combat tours per service contract–and are then laid off. Obama and Congress have no right to ship our Military to die in wars not of making or need to be involved in. Outside of the Defense contractors–both merc’s and corporations–who are War profiteers and have Congress on the payroll. Shame on Obama, Biden and the other non-military fellows for all their callous, non-constitutional behavior,

    • Recon75,

      Just a note, Congress hasn’t had a pay raise since 2009. Note 2, Congress/Federal Employees do not get LIFE TIME SALARIES for two years of work. The get nothing for 2 years of work. To get anything, it take five years and they don’t get a penny of that until thay turn 62.


      “Under both CSRS and FERS, Members of Congress are eligible for a pension at the age of 62 if they have completed at least five years of service.”…

      Note 3: The military doesn’t lay people off!
      Note 4: The President and/or Congress does have the right to order us into Wars and Interventions.
      Note 5: Do you think Defense Contractors should do what they do for free?????
      Note 6: What the President is doing, is Constitutional!

  • Steve

    Only a Democrat, could think that the military is well paid for what they do!!

    • Steve,

      I think they are well paid for what they do, and I am a Republican.

      PS: What is it with people that think something is wrong with anyone that disagrees with them!

  • Stewl

    Menawhile, people in minimum wage jobs are realizing learge increases in their hourly pay, taking all other wage earners income down in the process.

  • John D

    That’s the way to get the military vote!! Then get us into another stupid war after cutting back the military!! What do you guys in D.C use for intelligence?? Oh yea, you listen to party politics!!

  • tookfin

    They can not wait to spend money in attacking Syria but when it comes time to pay for benefits they want to make cuts.

    • Rosalee

      you forgot his $100 MILLION dollar trip to Africa
      Wonder now much this G20 will cost us?
      They all ought to conference call via skyp type thing that CISCO developed for big business

      • Trish

        We could save money by flying him to foreign meetings with only a pilot on the plane. You know, when he goes to the G20 he doesn’t need anyone to protect him because people that don’t like America enjoy seeing us struggle with the burden of this clown. Those countries wouldn’t want us to lose our clown now would they

      • Rosalee,

        Presidents Democrat and Republican have been flying around the world since the airplane was invented. When President Obama is gone and the next President is a Republican, he’ll be doing the same thing with his wife, kids and pets. I say, it’s nothing but a thing.


  • Dee

    Since Obama doesn’t want to pay the military more, maybe he and the Congress can go to Syria and fight themselves. Stupid IDIOTS!!!!!

  • get back to work

    Honestly, I am just greetful they gave us a raise. Theres Teachers out there whom have not recieved raises in YEARS!!! So. Shut up, Nut up and get back to work!

    • Herb1949

      I’d sure like to know where those teachers are. In this area the teachers have recieved over a 2% raise every year, for the last 5 years.

      I am retired and now have a civilian job, on which I haven’t had a raise in 4 years.

      • get back to work

        I’m sorry to hear that. not only these teachers have not recieved a raise but they are losing two vacation days… so yes I am thankful we are getting atleast 1%. Do i believe all branches in the Military should be paid more YES!! but I am not going to complain about it.. I am going to finish my contract and find a better paying job. Because thats what Americans should do. Serve our country and then become productive members of our great Country!

        • Idmtmedic

          So serving our country is not being a productive member of society? Lmao. Let me get this straight. Your complaining about the fact teachers haven’t got a pay raise in YEARS? Then say we are lucky we get a 1%? Your serving this nation and are doing it UNTIL you can be productive? Thank god we have soldiers like you………for a minute there I thought maybe you carried a weapon and took an oath? How about those non-productive veterans that apparently weren’t savvy enough to avoid an IED, or a bullet? Those two vacation days? Care to share your job in the military?

    • Huggem

      How many teachers go into war zones and risk their lives in battle? How many teachers have actually lost their lives fighting for our country and the values and freedoms we are privileged to have. Believe me, I respect all educators and know that our society needs them, but it is ridiculous to compare the two in this instance.

      • get back to work

        I know many teachers who have served our country…. NEXT!

    • Wayne

      Teacher have not been shot nor been gone from the family for over a year. My wife is a teacher and she gotten a pay raise the last three years of about 4% a year. So where are you working or are you on the welfare.

      • get back to work

        Correction… Teachers have been shot at. Apperently you do NOT watch the news… Our Teachers just like our Military deserve more credit, money, benefits, and respect. And I am glad your Wife is getting a raise because there are teachers for the past five years have not received a raise! So be thankful your WIFE is getting them! and I do serve our great country and I do thank our Commander in Cheif is a complete moron and selfish doesnt mean that I am going to sit here a complain like a school girl about not getting an extra .8% thats just pointless… So im going to go back to work and be a productive Soldier until I ETS and find a better paying job.

        • Apache105

          Really, I guess our defense is not worth much. Pay them nothing and if they don’t like it., they cn get out and if we can’t get enough man/women fodder we can restart the draft.
          Think of all those draftees that died in vietnam. And you know what they were getting paid pennies. So if you like this country then make sure the people that defend it get paid a fair share. And comparing them to teachers is so absurd its not worth commenting about.

    • ws-9212

      By all means come lead our next ground assault, we will be right behind you in battle, and beside you when we have to get a limb replaced at the VA. Wow haven’t heard one school district that has not gotten a raise in YEARS!!!! I agree teachers don’t get paid enough. The current teens make me want to weep for the USA. But it’s kind of easy to see where they got their set of values. Their parents voted twice to elect probably the worst president the USA has ever had. He vacations in Hawaii every year at the taxpayers cost. He brings two large busses full of people that their expenses are also being paid by the taxpayers. That is not including the 14 SUVs of his security staff. The local police motorcycle personnel has also suffered two deaths.

      • get back to work

        I half way agree with you… question though… Did you signup for a pay check or did you sign up to protect our country? cause I signed up to protect our country… Do I agree with everything congress and the Mr Obama are doing? Gosh no! but what can we do about it… nothing so thats why I said Shut up, nut up and get back to work… If you dont like what you are doing then work hard up until your ETS and get out!

        • cc ryder

          In this country we have “done nothing” for way too long!!! When you say,” shut up”, I say “bite me!” Everyone is already working hard and Odummy keeps spending on his own pleasure….about the only thing we get is freedom of speech and it was paid for at the high cost of our brave warriors blood and I will BE DAMNED if I WILL SHUT UP!!!

        • Johnny

          You must misunderstand, most people that go in want to serve their country. However if they are going to die so that the guy making 70,000 can stay free, then they just want a fair share before they die.
          Wake-up and smell the roses my friend.

    • D. Harsha

      You’re comparing teachers to soldiers? Bet you’ve never served. Even if you had, you’re a nut case, as military people nut up every fricking day.

      • get back to work

        NUT CASE? I seen a lot in my day. I do serve our great Country! I’m just not a cry baby like most people. 1% is better than nothing thats all I am saying. Should we get 1.8% yes… Do we work our butts of for nothing… yes!!! but….. People like you think you deserve something for fighting the great case! last time I checked we ALL volunteered to serve! We all knew being a foot Soldier we were going to paid nothing.. so why complain! its not going to help any! so yes NUT UP and Get Back to Work!

      • cc ryder

        Amen brotha!!!(Or sista!)

    • get back to work

      Okay I may have been over the top a little bit… with the whole comment… well a lot of bit… AND I COMPLETELY DISAGREE with Mr OBAMA… If anything we should be getting a 3% raise and no one should be getting forced out. I mean hell if people in the fast food Buss. are asking for 15 bucks an hour!!! we should be making twice as much!!!! with free health care and all the benifits we want.. I was having a trouble day and was sick of people complaining about everything.. I will say I am sorry for my rudeness… and the hell with our CIC… I am gonna keep my mind focus on the mission at hand. Have a great and safe day fellow Foot soldiers.

  • ed mays

    Any president that would deny the armed forces a decent wage increase while the troops are at war is an insensitive commander. Makes me wonder where do we get people like this from? Let the congress and the vet organizations hear the uproar.

  • bigkidintexas

    Would like to tell the POTUS to keep his 1.8% and balance the budget. If that’s not enough, take as much as you need from the Washington elite’s proposed raises for themselves, and balance the budget. Like the VP said, it’s time for everybody to step up to the plate, time to put something in the pot. And since many in the active military risks their lives on a daily basis, surely our brave representatives (many of whom are calling for bombing Syria) could sacrifice/donate their annual pay raise(s) until the budget is balanced. Especially since they recently voted themselves a waiver from participating in obamacare.

  • HawkDriver

    Hey guys, we need you to engage in another war that will put you at risk for another 10 years, but I regret to inform you that you don’t warrant a raise to keep your salary in range with that problems that I have created. This guy is a clown. He wants to give away free money to people who don’t work a single hour in any week, but the guys and gals who put it on the line every day he wants to bend over. Congrats America… you have exactly what you voted for.

  • guest

    Make it an across-the-board 1% increase, military, all other government employees, and congress – ANYONE THE GOVERNMENT PAYS – then hear the uproar!

    • Lee

      Now this idea I like, tie them all together so any Federal employee gets the same raise regardless if in service or Congress or even the POTUS etc.

  • R Willis

    This is pathetic. The military risks their lives for our country and they are going to take away almost half the increase in the cost of living. This amounts to a pay cut. Before cutting the military, they should be cutting welfare and health care for druggies and drunks and losers who do nothing but leach off hard working people. Congress and the other politicians should also take a pay cut, to lower than what they get now. Obama should be ashamed of himself. SHAME ON HIM!!!

  • kdmiller

    Yeah, he doesn’t mind sending us in to a war where WMD are being used, but allow us a pay raise

  • Linda

    If this administration would put on the uniform and sleep in the dirt with their weapon..maybe they would get it! Sad……we do need to have faith that things will change with new leadership next time around…..don’t give up thats what they want.

    • no surprise here,nixon gave me a raise,ford wrote 8% into my contract,jimmy pencilwhipped it out.dems.think uniform equals servant/slave

  • patrioticgirl

    I am a disabled veteran as many of you, I am disgusted with this decision. I doubt very much that obama will see these messages. We must go to our state reps to complain.

    • Buddy

      It does little good to go there either!!!!????? We do not have a snow ball chance in ___, I like what another GI said , loves us for the fighten but after its over—-we are forgot or put on the back burner, I am a DISABLED VIETNAM VET a well as some of u surely are T O O!!!!

    • For a 100% disabled vet that.8 of a % is $25 and I sure could use that!

      • armelinda valenzuela
    • Baduyo


  • Pja

    That’s good, send them out to die for us but let’s not pay them for it. Way to go Mr. President. What a disgrace!

  • Maestro0001

    Can’t afford to spend that extra 8/10 of a percent on our troops but we can afford new mosques in countries that hate us. YGBSM

    • DoJo

      It’s not just the countries that hate us. He hates us as well and is doing everything he can to destroy the American way of life.

  • SFC Pitts Retired

    I am honored to have served almost 21 years on active duty.

    However I will say that it is outrageous how our military is and has been treated, for years. It is sad to know that when the government needs us – we are thier heros. As soon as we move out of sight, they suddenly forget us.

    I FULLY agree with the commenters who said CONGRATS AMERICA YOU GOT WHAT YOU VOTED FOR (NOT ONCE BUT TWICE!!) I would never have believed that so many Americans could be this

    • G M Woodard

      SFC Pitts, I’m also Retired Army and Al’s disabled and I’m appolled how the military is treated. And I have to say it really pisses me off, SFC Woodard Retired

      • G M Woodard,

        If it was as bad as almost all you all are saying, you would think the military would be having an enlistment problem.

      • SFC Pitts

        Me too brother, me too.

    • jack

      HE had all the minority votes…….I mean all minority’s……
      don’t forget…… 30yrs active…. handicapped since 1981….
      if he could…. he would make his position a life time affair…..

      • SFC Pitts

        You got that right – still can not believe he got re-elected…some real confused people in America, almost scary how confused they are.

  • How about capping Congress and their freebies!

    • Brucet

      This is the same president that wants all 12 million illegals to enjoy health benefits,which is going to cost the average citizen millions and took away all provisions to prove whether or not you should receive food stamps.No proof at all,just ask.



  • Gnafu

    Less exclusive Obama vacations = no cut in Military pay and personnel! Less American money in rich dictator’s pocket, like Morsi has received = no cut in Military pay and personnel! Seems pretty simple to me that someone’s priorities are screwed up!

  • vramsaran

    CBO stand for Congressional Budget Office ! Those guys are the ones who make the decision on which peasants get what % from the Royalty on the hill.


    Hopefully he will exert the same pressure on both government and civilian unions like federal employees, SEIU, AFL-CIO, etc. – – – …
    – – – Of course that’s wishful thinking at best I know.

  • Sharon

    The saddest part is that since Obama took office retiree’s have taken a 25% spending power cut due to the minimal COLAS and rising inflation due to the change in the CPI. According to legislation, retirees are not supposed to lose their spending power equivalent to the date of their retirement; although this has not been adhered to because congress and the administration can’t recall the law that is in effect.
    In addition to that, the military have always been underpaid and only somewhat caught up when Reagan came into office. Thus, those currently serving are at a disadvantage. Maybe they should join forces with the unions protesting for a higher minimum wage and then the military might get attention.
    Of course, the unintended consequences of a higher minimum wage will destroy all of us, currently serving and retired, so it’s a lose lose situation with this administration who will throw anybody they can under the tank!

    • jack

      Regan was the only Pres to give us a decent raise….
      I know, I was in service then….. he asked for our votes,
      and said he would reward us with a catch-up raise…..
      he got elected and gave us a 9.3% if my memory serves
      me right….

  • Dale Asher

    I am a retired navy man served 20 years found out that our politicians don’t pay for medical insurance and figured if all 535 members of congress paid at least $300.00 per month this country would save $160000.00 a month 1.6 million in 10 months and they think that we need to be shorted on pay raises that is B.S.

    • Idmtmedic

      Dale listen as much as I hate CON-gress that isn’t true. Check out what they do pay, however it is nowhere near what they should at the rate they get paid. The difference is TAXPAYER salaries. Millionaires with a law degree and a job waiting for them. Why do they need so much to represent us? Serving their country? Lmao.

  • pjovalerio
  • Trish

    The teachers where I live have a union and they are always sticking it to their community

  • Vietnam Vet

    At one time the majority of all politicians, including the President of the United States had served in the Military and they understood first hand how Military People more then earned their pay. You can not compare the mortality rates of a Combat Soldier to even the most dangerous civilian jobs like being a policeman or fireman. Don’t get me wrong, I have great respect for Policeman and Fireman and they don’t get paid enough either. It is just that Combat Soldiers have life expectancies that in the 20-30 second range in a Fire Fight. Then these politicians want to talk the talk and send our young men and women into harms ways to back up their tough talk. Give our Military their full pay and cut things like the 2 billion a year to countries like Pakistan that couldn’t find Bin Laden’s compound last then a mile from their Military Training Facility.


    If it was up to the President and I’m sorry to say the DOD we wouldn’t have any benefits. I guess enough of us didn’t die this year so there’s no conscious when it comes to reducing active duty pay raises or retirement benefits. If I thought that our government would use the money wisely I wouldn’t mind paying higher taxes or receiving less in benefits because the military taught us and our families what sacrifice meant, at least it taught this to the enlisted force. Now big brother has come to life and is stretching out its arms wrapping so many into dependency to government. I pray for this country and hope you will join me because it needs our prayers. God Bless.

  • cptusaf

    I hope the pay of DOD Civilians is also cut or frozen. That’s were the cut should occur not on active duty personnel. If the president wants to save money cut the fat from the civilian workforce!

    • guest

      The civilian workers have had furloughs (pay cuts) and have not received a raise since Obama’s been in office while the military has been getting raises. And this is the ENTIRE civilian workforce, not just the DOD civilians. Get your head out of your ass before you point fingers and male statement like that. We are all in it together. Ask about the total force concept if you need remedial training. And yes, I’m both military and civilian.

    • UteVet123

      As a retired vet and current DOD Civilian you should probably know, since you won’t bother to inform yourself, the pay for DOD Civilians has been frozen since 2010. The DOD civilian workforce is where the corporate knowledge and continuity resides as our military staff rotates in and out for other assignments. You might be (or not) at the tip of the spear right now, but your logistics support and sustainment in coming from that DOD Civilian workforce. A lot of the heavy lifting isn’t being done exclusively by our military forces. And before you start “waving the flag” at me, while on active duty I had only one combat tour. As a DOD Civilian I have two tours to Afghanistan and two to Iraq, as with many of my DOD colleagues, providing direct support to our military missions there. Ah, how I long to be young and stupid again…you know, back when we knew everything!

    • FedUP

      YOU need to check your FACTS! The DOD civilians pay has been FROZEN since 2008!! So what “FAT” are you referring to?
      Maybe you need to do your homework BEFORE commenting on a topic you obviously know NOTHING about!

    • Pkdep

      Right plus cut congressional pay by 25% they do not deserve what they get and cut all the car service and lunches the government pays for these jerks. Stop sending billions overseas. King Obama says military makes good money! where is it? Everytime we moved from one base to another or overseas there are always start over situations that hit the pocket book hard and many times of just scraping by. The king just does not get it. The military does not make near what they should for what they do espically when it ruins your health , mental and physical.

  • wlodell

    What about COLA?


    we have no support in our executive branch, congress or senate because most of them never served in our military nor have sons or daughters who serve now. They have no clue what our military men, women and families go through. They have not walked in “our boots.”

  • Squidly

    When are people going to wake up and get their heads out of the sand??!! This idiot in DC is doing everything he can to destroy this once great nation. He want to turn it into another islamic country. He has absolutely NO regard for the constitution he “swore” to protect and defend agaanist all enemies. I think he is the biggest enemy of the constitution and should be removed from office. He puts out brave men and women in uniform at risk for his personal gain then thumbs his nose at those very same people when it comes time for a pittance if a raise. He approves a large raise for his union controllers, the majority of which might actually work a 4 hour day between breaks, coffee, internet, etc, etc!!! Barak Osama needs to go!

  • Hope no military people voted to put this guy in the Commander and whatever seat, if so then you get exactly what he gives you, i don’t like it one bit…i think we need to Unionize The Military, it’s the hardest job in the WORLD wake up whats his name OBAMA…..United States needs to think where would it be without these men and women and just bow down and give raises without bickering about how much…i want to say a lot more but i have to bite my tongue but a lot of you military probably have an idea what i would say like a sailor as they would say. you all get my point next time voting comes up, it’s time to put a Republican back in the White House, the military alone can do it, so you all think about your 1 % raise next time…..wake up America

  • Chris

    I am in the military and I did not vote for him, but I can assure you that there were people in the military that did only because they are homosexuals and want their rights as gay service members, which is selfish because they are putting their own personnel wants or problems in front of this country

  • Richard Bennison

    Congrats Dumbocrats!!!! Your president is a real piece of work. Has no military experience, or respect for our troops. I rate him at the same level as Clinton, who also was an indecisive windbag except when it came to taxes. Tax and spend, then whine!! Obama threw stones at Bush, yet his addition to the national is going to outrun Bush about 2 to 1. He is an insufficient leader, and the world can see it better than those of you who voted him twice.

    • david lopez

      They want to go to Syria and not give the appropiate pay raise —What is wrong with our goverment and our elected officials ????

      • david lopez,

        What does bombing Syria have to do with a pay raise. Not happy in your job, then move on to another one you’re happy with.

        • Kline

          Money is what it has to do with. We can get involved with Syria, which will cost money but not give raises to the people that are being sent to Syria. Ridiculous!!

          • Kline,

            We’ve gone from 1.8% to 1% and now you claim no pay raise. Just who is being sent to Syria?????

            The facts tell me Congress is going to vote for a 1.8% pay raise, and Syria is still undecided.

          • Kline,

            If things only worked that way. Myself, I live in the real world and I realize that we can send pilots in to bomb Syria all day long, and a .8% pay raise won’t effect that intervention in Syria, not one iota.

            Note: The reduction of our pay raise from 1.8% to 1% will have no, noda, nothing, nil, naught to do with an intervention into Syria.

            I feel there is a lot of other things to whine about other than this.

    • billyjuan gomez

      the word LEADER should not be used in any contex with obama

  • Jim in SOMD

    I wonder if the President has considered changing his pay back to where it was when he took office in 2009 and also reducing all of Congress back to those pay ranges. Also consider uping the amount that all of congress pays for health care. All i see is how they need to raise the amounts that retirees apy for Tricare and deductible levels. Start in your own pocket before you take money from mine. Like the story goes, it was so cold in Washington, that I saw a politician with his hands in his own pockets. It will never happen.

    • gerald

      The Presidents pay is the same today as it was in 2009.

  • Col. Steve

    Right wing Tea party obstruction in congress has resulted in the sequester, requiring cuts in government expenditures. The military comprises 54% of government costs so in addition to laying off teachers, cutting food to children, etc. etc. what other alternative has the president, that the US majority, including this two tours in ‘Nam veteran, voted for? It looks to me as if most of the preceding remarks have been made by FOX news misinformation addicts.

    • ChiefUSSCV61

      Col. Steve, if you seriously believe that cutting military pay, laying off teachers or “cutting food to children” are the only few options the Government has for cutting cost and getting our debt under control, you are knee deep in the MSNBC propaganda. There are 100’s and 100’s of programs which could be cut or eliminated completely. Teachers & starving children are such Left Wing Liberal talking points.

    • CDRUSNret

      Col Steve,
      I am interested in where you are getting that the military comprises 54%. The reference I found ( states that it is 19%. Just wondering where you are getting your numbers?

    • redsghost

      Col. Steve, just to let you know, you can’t just place a Col. in front of your name and Wham, you’re a Col.! Otherwise, call me Gen. Dave. Now, let’s clear this up. OPPOSITION obstruction to the Tea party has resulted in the sequester. The Tea Party wants debt limits, Obama and cronies don’t. Obama and cronies want to raise the debt ceiling, the Tea party doesn’t. The Tea Party WANTS a balanced budget, Obama doesn’t. Ok “Col”- which one is trying to be financially responsible ??

    • Col. Steve,

      Tea party obstruction in congress! Bullchit!

    • Randy

      I noticed the sequester hasn’t impacted the first family and their vacation and travel habits. When the president gets his priorities in line with what gets America healthy, perhaps the conservatives will work with him. It seems as if our president is hellbent on distributing wealth at the detriment of the country.

    • By George

      I’m sorry to dissapoint you my friend but the Sequester was Obama’s idea. The conngress simply took him up on it.

  • 100% Disabled

    Is anyone really shocked! Does anyone still remember, he froze our service-connected VA disability compensation, for a period of time. Action speaks louder than works!

    • 100% Disabled

      Sorry, forgot to add: COLA behind VA disability compensation. After reading this article, I had to take some of my VA prescribed narcotic meds.

  • Joe Gayton SMsgt ret

    As usual military (and retiree) pay is being used lower Federal budget spending. Its never congress or seldom civil service employees.

    Keep in mind that there will be soon be an overhaul of military retiree structure. I say look out for that and keep your eye on the ball.

  • John

    All, the DoD civilians and all Civil Service civilians have had their pay levels frozen for going on 4 years. The sad thing is we do this as we bring more people on the welfare rolls each and every passing month, amazing since there has been no discussion cutting the amount of food stamps for those on welfare, that within itself speaks volumes as to the priorities of the current white house occupant.

  • Ziggy RET USN

    tell Obama he casn keep his one percent…Maybe he can use it to take his famkily and dogs on vacation again…Something we have a very hard time doing

  • cc ryder

    Reckon the pres still intends to cut pay now that Syria has raised it’s ugly head?

  • Maj Gary

    How nice, our President caps us at one percent….. When he and the rest of his lackies vote the their pay increases through no problem. Being a retired Vet of 30 years of service still trying to get my VA disablity benefits accessed, but still in the backlog. I feel government should be keeping in a locked box that congress and the President can’t touch any of the money a set for the military pay and benefits. Oh, that is right, they did that with social security ……and look where social security is broke……. Thanks demos

  • ertz

    if you voted for Obama and am sure a lot of you did, especially that teacher, one percent is a ral slap in the face for our brave warriors that give there lives so you can live the good life in the U.S.A.

    • ertz,

      I didn’t realize those Afghans were out to take away my good life. Don’t know about you, but the Constitution gives me my “good life”!

      • Idmtmedic

        Ahhh yes well you do remember why we got attacked on 9/11 don’t you Charles? Afghanistan was giving safe haven to the terrorist under the Taliban. They sponsored the training and allowed it to happen. Did THAT attack change the way your “rights” given under the constitution were affected? It changed EVERYTHING in this country. Been to an airport lately? Had your e-mails and phones tracked? Have you read the Patriot Act and where it has gotten us now? Drone strikes? Denial must be bliss. Lmao. Now why did we go into that country again? Afghans? Ever been there?

    • tiny

      I must apologize. I was miss led by obamas lies when i voted for him. If i only knew than what i know now I would have voted differently. My heart is with you all. And i again apologize for the hypocrite i helped lead into office.

    • Bob Tippens

      Mr President DO YOU REMEMBER that the ARMED FORCES is an ALL VOLUNTEER force and it is not a union. Leave the pay policies alone including your executive powers/recommendations. Reduce others pay so the VOLUNTEERS can be paid better. I want a well paid volunteer force that will stay IN and protect our country.

  • Greg Smith,

    Give it a break, President Obama was elected fairly by the voters, same as our next republican President.

  • Eldo Hill

    As a retired air force member and a senior citizen I find 1% pay increase reprehensive and insulting but the president having to ensure what he has been up against during his presidency from a Congress that hates him and a do died country to get a 1% increase through is a major milestone. I hate this as much as the rest of my fellow military brothers and sisters and also my senior citizen friends but I fault only the united states Congress and Senate, you don’t see them complaining all they do is bash the president and block everything he tries to do. They are the reason for 1% or nothing they don’t have to worry about pay increases or healthcare ever even when they retire they still receive full pay and benefits. I remember when I came into the military we were promised free medical care upon retirement that was a joke we in the.eyes of our government. Or expendable you have seen that picture of an ax in a glass cage that says break in case of fire that’s the way it is with. Military personal break in case of war.the people that are making decisions over military personal have not work the uniform for one day

    • Eldo Hill,

      You’re misinformed.


      “Under both CSRS and FERS, Members of Congress are eligible for a pension at the age of 62 if they have completed at least five years of service. Members are eligible for a pension at age 50 if they have completed 20 years of service, or at any age after completing 25 years of service. The amount of the pension depends on years of service and the average of the highest three years of salary. By law, the starting amount of a Member’s retirement annuity may not exceed 80% of his or her final salary.”

  • ray

    WELCOME to Obama world ! how many a holes voted for this love to have a redo I bet.

  • ray

    I spent the night at the va hospital in salibury nc last night the nurses there were an in site into the problems with government yes I know there are different coulders in America but but to have to listen to nurses holler down the hall all night and laughf I thought I was at a picnic there was no respect at all but for one kind nurse and she has a Russian ACCENT she told how sorry she was to work there with these people poor vets ill never go back there and Friday I wiil call dc

  • Christian

    I joined the reserves in 2009. My military pay was better than my $15.00/hr job. I was an E-3 under 2. 1600 a month plus 950 for BAH(tax free mind you). Throw in my health insurance is free and at my job it was 100 per month. Plus I would get BAS or I would be living in the dorm where they took $60 dollars and that would pay for my meals for the whole month. When I was on AD I saw a bunch of young people spending their moneu unwisely. I used my year of ADto save and get ahead not get tats, clothes, get married to someone I’ve known less than a year. An e-3 base pay is $13.33hr plus health insurance and living expenses. Plus if they choose the correct careerfield say such as IT they get training which in tge civilian world which would easily cost 100k and they wouldnt be earning a dime. No doubt NCOs and Company Grade Officers are extremely underpaid compared to their civilian counterparts, but also consider they stayed in the Military for a reason. My buddy was a Finance Officer he was ROTC. He got out and took a gig at a Big 4 accounting firm making 85k. So should a O-3 be making that sort of money? If you think so okay. In todays job market for 90% on people the Military is the best paying employer from age 17 to 20 when you consider their compensation combined with their skill/education. I have friends who are Electrical Engineers who work defense contractors who make less than E-5s make.

    • George W Gilliam

      Young man my name is George I spent more than 30 years in the military both active and reserve I agree with you the military is a great place for young people to start their work for life . Stay on course. These are the best times of your life. It’s just to bad that so many people your age is lost.

  • Christian,

    Good to hear from someone who knows and not afraid to tell the truth.


  • Retired 1SG

    I’m retired army as many other posters are. Here the deal. Even the military doesn’t deserve a pay raise every single year. Everyone is feeling the bite of budget cuts and my point is we all need to take our share to include those in uniform. And there will be a reduction in forces starting up really soon.

    • Idmtmedic

      Listen the raise isn’t the issue. Cutting everything in regards to the military is the issue and THEN expect to be a police force for the rest of the world without repercussions. When the military is cut to bare bones and then is expected to carry out political “super power” operations is a disaster that will result in another draft. The cycle is ridiculous. Haven’t learned a damn thing.

    • Enough2013

      Your right no one needs a pay raise every year but their getting one any way.. the Government built home for the military… but most choose to take the money and live off base while the houses sit empty… and BHA is increasing…waste… waste…. back in the day we were force to live in housing…

      • cds

        Please check your facts on government homes sitting empty. That is not the case at most places. Most post have very long waiting list. When we first moved where we are now there was a year long wait list for my husbands rank. Who is going to wait a year to live on post? Especially you can get a house with twice the square footage for what they put you in on post.

        • Cmyname

          Exactly.. Well said cds!

        • Fort Knox is renting out housing to retired Military. 3 bedroom for around $1,300 a month which includes utilities and they even cut your grass.

      • Cmyname

        I’m not sure what base you live near or on but most base housing has 6 months to a year wait. Most of us would love the simplicity of moving our families to a known house settling in and getting life back in track…
        Your statement is not reality! I guess ignorance is bliss.

  • charles

    you all need to look at yourselves in the mirror and ask why did i vote for this idiot. everyone thought it was the cool thing to do. stick with the traditional republican candidate next time military members. then you wont need the ky when you get screwed.

    • Idmtmedic

      Charles, the republicans are doing us no favors either. They are an elitest group that are protecting their own jobs. Check out how it’s going in regards to this whole Syria conversation. The majority of the country doesn’t want it yet NOW they say they may not even vote because if they don’t have enough to pass it they don’t want to embarrass the POTUS? HE asked for the vote and it’s not like he won’t/can’t do it anyway. Look at Vietnam? How many violent protests did we have and what did it change? Nothing. The pay cap really isn’t the issue. It’s the gutting of the services and then calling on us again to serve while cutting everything they promised due to “budget cuts”. Apparently that budgeting or “guessing is on a sliding scale?

  • Greg

    This man will no doubt go down as the most 2 faced, lying President in the history of the U.S. which I believe is coming to a quick end as a sovereign country if Congress doesn’t wake up and it’s not to late already. I’m not just talking about a .8 percent pay raise. That’s no big deal. But his use of all these Presidential ” Executive Actions” is are most flagrant violations to the U.S. Constitution that any of all of the other Presidents put together in history had the balls to try and circumvent the 3 branches of Governmental power. And neither party or no one does anything about it. He is not a King although he thinks he’s one. WE are no more than 2 years away from everything we cherish about this Country being lost forever. WAKE UP VETERANS!!

    • Enough2013

      It take a house

    • Jack

      Greg, you had better check the EXECUTIVE ACTIONS of past Presidents before you start crapping on Obama. This may come as a surprise, but he is dead last in that category.

    • You have know idea as to which you speak. Very easy to hurl insults and accusations. You have no clue of your history, and seem ignorant as to who and why certain things are happening to this country and this government.

  • LHS3

    Don’t blame the president when so many on the right are stupidly trying to shrink the government. As Americans are crying for jobs like Nero fiddling as Rome burns the Repubs rant backwardly away to cut spending and give tax breaks to the rich, none of which will create any jobs, just the opposite.

    BTW Federal employees do not have much sympathy for the military since we haven’t had a pay raise in over three years…So lump it already and get over it be thankful you still have a job.

    • cds

      Federal Employees do not fight wars or spend a year away from their family. My family is Federal employees but yet they are the complete opposite of you. Taking money from soldiers will only cause them to get out and find jobs in the private sector where most can make double what they are making now.

  • Daniel Davis

    I have never worked for the VA. I have served and retired from military service and am receiving full disability from the VA. I volunteer driving veterans to the regional VA center (3 hours away) and between my dealings and seeing the dealing of the vets I transport, I am disappointed with the care “given” to veterans. I think most veterans receiving any funds from the govt would be willing to take a cut, or no raise to help our country out in time of need, that is who we are. However, when we see the massive waste of funds by officials and agencies all across the federal spectrum, I believe it is time to cut those programs and agencies and personnel before any cuts to veterans.

    • Amen Daniel. the VA in Pittsburgh Pa is crap and they talk down to us, You ask a question and they get smart. The time it takes to get info or approved for specific things already take forever let alone being disrespected.

    • Jerry

      We (veterans) should all be VERY concerned of the erosion of respect that people in the present Administration have shown. Paying for the bloated Federal bureaucracy using the military as second-class “payees” seems to be the norm for this Administration. Best way to fight: VOTE ALL THE VULTURES OUT in 2014 &, ESPECIALLY in 2016! Means-test those requesting “public assistance” and STOP THE WASTE!

  • Tired veteran

    I am a 68 year old Vietnam vet. The blame as I see it. starts from the very top all the way to all those elected (doctors, lawyers, businessmen), in the congress, that only want to make a name for themselves. Shame on you!! What every happened to compassion for all those Americans that gave all and those that gave some and returned with broken bodies broken souls. Not to mention their families who also sacrificed thier livelyhood for the freedom you enjoy. Shame on you. Is this what you call justice? You need to keep your .08% and I hope you shock on it

  • LHS3

    You righties are so lost…The Repubs are to blame for all the cuts in pay (civilian and military), cuts in personnel, cuts in spending, and cuts in taxes for the rich…Wake the @#$ up!…You are just not paying attention as to why the right is so wrong with all of their nonsense on shrinking the government…All of it old archaic ways of solving our debt problems. Austerity was tried in Europe and it failed miserably in creating any jobs.

    Listen it’s a global economy and America no longer calls all the shots as it did in decades past. It’s now about keeping our heads above water. If you follow the Repubs we will definitely all fail.

    • susie58

      And that’s why Obama wants another war? To keep our head above water. If he and all of the other electeds paid for health insurance like we do and had thier pay cut and didn’t get paid vacations to anyplace they wanted them a coupe of time a year…how much better would we be. I get a VA pension because my husband died in Vietnam and it isn’t even close to what I need to live on. People in the Military put thier lives on the line, raise familied and alot of the time come home in bad shape only to have a Government ignore thier problems. A .8% is a lot to our men and women in the Armed Services and don’t think it isn’e. They pay for a lot more than they should have to pay for. Especially in foreign countries.

      • John59

        Susie you are right on the money. I couldn’t agree with you more. From the top to the bottom in D.C. is where the cuts and freezes should take place and start. Our legislature voted many years ago to receive a COLA automatically and for what? Here it is September and they still do not have a budget for the next Fiscal Year beginning Oct 1st. As for the Civilian Employees how many of you are double or triple dippers i.e. retired military?John59

    • JohnB

      The sequsetor was Obama’s idea to begin with. Then when it got back to him because he wouldn’t cut spending he blames it on the Repubs. If you tell a lie enough people will believe it. Looks like LHS3 likes the Dems kool aid. Neither side is the best, both like more revenue to spend. Only a few want to really cut the budget. But, the Repubs don’t want to cut them military, that is only our Dems and Obama who have never been in the military and have no idea what kind of sacrifices they must make.

    • Jerry

      Good “talking points”! Now, count the number of “Czar’s”, high-level officials in government positions (relative to lower paid “worker bees”, education “administrators” over-seeing the classroom teachers, the dozens of programs that “help” the poor, Medicare/Medicaid fraud, 49% of citizens not paying FEDERAL income taxes, thousands of abandoned properties the Feds could/should sell (for profit), and NO BUDGET FROM THIS PRESIDENT OR THE DEMOCRATIC PARTY FOR 4+ YEARS; who’s right (or left)?

    • Dave

      there is no way you can be that stupid! If you want to blame someone, start at the top! Obama is runing this country down faster then any other pres in history. Now he wants to jump into another war! How stupid can he really be?

      What we need in this country is for all of the top leadership to be put on a pay for performance system. Obama would have to pay the people just to live were he does.

  • LHS3

    Something to consider:

    America’s GDP in 2012: $15.5 trillion, where the average wage was $20 per hour
    China’s GDP in 2012: $10 trillion, where the average wage was $2 per hour

    Considering that wages make up the bulk of our GDP if China were to pay its people the same as we do they would have a GDP of $100 trillion!!!! Want to know where all our jobs are going? Ten times as much are going to China and the cheap labor markets around the world…So ask yourself who’s calling the shots??

  • George W. Gilliam

    Mr President please do not mess with military pay keep at the rate so that we can keep our best in the military. I am not going to sit here an make any bad statements about the job you are doing You ARE STILL THE MAN JUST DON’T MESS WITH OUR PAY.

    • Thomas Hildreth

      Amen to that, but Cola increases have been going downhill while w waste money in the middle east, its not right. Congress won’t act, the Senate won’r act. Who is speaking up for the Military and disabled Vets? The next time i hear someone in the Congress say thankyou for your service i will say Stick it, you don’t know what we do or have done.. And us Disable Vets pay long after any war we are in.

  • Rod

    Got to say that during my 27 years – there were some lean years. The country is in trouble and all of us who have retired from the government are going to take a haircut financially. It is time for more lean years. The only distress I have is an issue of justice – everyone, including SNAP, Medicade, health care providers, etc…need the same close cut.


  • Doug

    Maybe everyone should think about this point,,,,,,,,,,, CONGRESS, SENATE and the PRESIDENT are all still getting pay checks. I think it’s a little a LITTLE strange that all these multi-millionaires get benefits and the first 3 groups they go after are military/veteran’s,, the poor and children/education. Why is it they NEVER stop there own pay,, why are the rich never expected to help?????