Same-Sex Spouses to Get Military Benefits

The recent Supreme Court decision to kill certain provisions of the Defense of Marriage Act (a.k.a. DOMA) removes any legal barriers to allowing full military benefits to gay and lesbian spouses of military servicemembers.

Truth is, DoD (specifically the Navy) was already planning to make the changes as early as August. (read, Navy to Offer Military Benefits for Same-Sex Couples).

Tom Philpott reports that the new benefits will include medical care (TRICARE and Metlife Dental coverage), access to the Exchanges, Commissaries and MWR, travel reimbursements for PCS moves, and allowances like the Dislocation Allowance, Basic Allowance for Housing at the “with Dependents” rate or access to on-base housing. (read Tom’s Military Update column for more details).

In addition, same-sex spouses will be treated like any other spouses when it comes to rights of survivorship, memorial and survivor benefits like the death gratuity.

Secretary of Defense Chuck Hagel issued a statement that the ruling changed the “law of the land” and the Department of Defense “intends to make the same benefits available to all military spouses — regardless of sexual

orientation — as soon as possible.” (read the full article)

What about veteran benefits?

As of this posting, the VA has yet to weigh in. There is little doubt the VA will start moving in the same direction as the DoD. However, knowing the current backlog issues and claims processing concerns it may be a very long wait for same-sex survivors. We will have to wait and see how the DOMA decision will impact veterans and their surviving spouse and families.

Stay Tuned…

About the Author

Terry Howell
Before becoming the Managing Editor for, Terry served 20 years in the U.S. Coast Guard as an Aviation Electrician’s Mate and aircrewman. In his final role in the Coast Guard, Terry served as a Career Development Advisor, where he provided career, finance, education, and benefits counseling to servicemembers and their families. Since retiring from the Coast Guard, Terry has authored the book, The Military Advantage, managed the content for TurboTap, the DoD's online transition program and VAforVets, the VA's transition assistance website. Terry earned both his Bachelor's and MBA at Corban University using Military Tuition Assistance and his GI Bill benefits to help cover the cost.
  • Mark Wynn

    Does this mean that hetero- families will now compete with same-sex couples for limited housing and other facilities and services, etc.? How much is this going to cost our Armed Forces in a time of severe budget austerity?

    • Bill

      Yes it doesand it is past due. All serving military should have the same benefits for themselve and their families.

    • Justin hill
    • Mark Wynn,

      The 8 July 2013 Armytimes answers those question. To answer your question, DOD estimates there are 18,000 same-sex couples in the Military and it’s unknow how many of them of legally married. DOD is going to have to start printing their own money.

      • Idmtmedic

        That sure is alotta “defective” people huh Charles……….

    • sandra dorsey

      yep..and everything else. the brass dont care about that..they care about being politically correct for the sake of votes. not to mention, look at congress along with most of the politicians..most of them are “gay” or bi sexual. THEY are already rich, etc. they dont have to worry about their fannies being left with nothing..Least they have a money stash to fall back on when/if cuts starting going their direction…While we lil folks dont have diddly Makes me wonder just what the guys in WWi and WW2 fought for..

      • sandra dorsey,

        People always pointing their fingers at someone that makes more money than they do. Like everyone else, you had and still have the same freedoms to be whatever you want. Seems to me, you just didn’t work hard enough to be where they are, and so you whine.

        PS: Please, don’t blame someone else for decisions you made that placed you where you are.

        • dwilliams
      • James McGann

        Equal rights for all American’s. It seems some Americans feel that their group or class of citizenship is endowed with rights our Constitution gives us while other (like the GZLBT citizens) aren’t. I am an American, I am a veteran and I am gay. I should and I will have the same rights as all straight Americans.

    • Jeffery Carlton
    • Jonboy

      With the numbers of hetero soldiers being much much higher, I would be more concerned about they doing that.

    • Caroline Valenzuela,

      Who is this guy willing to die for us. When I was active duty for more than 20 years and 2 Wars/Conflicts, I wasn’t willing to die for anyone, and I wasn’t defending the US from anything. To many of use put ourselves on pedestals and think what we’ve done in the service is the reason for all the freedoms in this country. Hell, if I never would have gone to Nam or Gulf 1, or if those conflicts never happened, I would still have the same freedoms I have now.

      • Idmtmedic

        Ahhhh yes Charles, fighting in foreign countries means we are not defending anything? So what would YOU have done after 9/11? So what were we defending? What were we defending in ALL of the other “conflicts”? The right to die for? Except for you, how many have died defending this country and you relegate it to a job? Not worthy of your simple minded, non sacrificing outlook?

    • Michael

      A few facts should be known for the hatred, first so called benefit has no money being given to spouse of retired military they still have not received any type of compensation. The veteran who I reference has never been given military retirement even though he was given combat service disability retirement of 100% then given 100% veteran administration service connected disability offset of all military retirement. No military retirement paid to him or spouse in 20 years, so if you feel I am getting a massive payout from becoming married your dead wrong! I married the person who has watched me die but allowed me dignity, recovery then return to living only to hear your hatred of me who served so you all could tell me how much you hate me. I wish I had never served to give you freedom you do not deserve.

  • John

    In matters involving civil rights, money should not be a factor.

  • Richard

    Yes it will Mark. It’s a long time coming. Gay service members have had to make due for many years so that the heterosexual members such as yourself have enjoyed those same benefits. The time has finally come for everyone to be treated equally.

  • Norma

    So much for cutting the budget. This just increased the budget and strain already felt by the Department of Defense.

    • Dave

      First, I doubt you would be concerned about the budget if it impacted your benefits and your family. Second, If your comment is a veiled protest at Gays in the military, you should remember that, not so long ago, small minded people were protesting allowing women in Military, using the same bigoted undertones I detect in your post.

      Civil Rights are Civil RIghts; don’t be on the wrong side of history.

      • Michelle

        Well I don’t know about Norma, but the budget does impact my family! Because of the budget, we now have to face smaller pay checks because of furlough days! Because of the budget, our Tricare pharmacy co-pays have increased as well as our enrollment fees. And Tricare, which my husband served 22 years and countless deployments for, seems to be the favorite victim of Congress and the President. So while I am all for equal rights for gay and lesbian service members, I am against taking from others to give them their rights!

        • randyspire

          What a stupid thing to say. That you’re “for” equal rights when they don’t impact you. Surely you’d be singing a different tune if you were the one who previously had no rights. You should be ashamed of your self-serving idiocy.

        • Chris

          Michelle. Your should surrender your retired military spouses ID card. That should cut the budget some.

        • Jo
        • Jazz

          Michelle, First of… what makes you think you and your family have more rights to all the benefits THE MILITARY gives? You are just the spouse? Your husband is the service member NOT you. I’m sure you are just one of those spouses that stay home and get fat and collects all the benefits REALY!! stop wearing your husband uniform, and keep your opinion to yourself because at the end of the day YOU are NOT the Soldier you and your kids are just an expense to the service. What makes you think your family deserve more rights than others? You all are not special like I mentioned before you all are an expense to the service in my opinion a lot of straight family’s use the service as a welfare /hand out. I like your husband have served and still serve my country and my family has not been a burden for over 23 years!!.
          So please stop complaining about GAYS taking from you because YOU did not earn nothing you did nothing to deserve the benefits you have.

      • JD
        • bill38011

          There are now a majority of Americans and many religious denominations (both Christian and Jewish) that support marriage equality. I’m surprised that you don’t have friends and members of your family who are gay. If you had a son or daughter who was gay, I suspect you would change your opinion.

        • Dave

          Well, the Bible also endorses Slavery, Polygamy and incest…and it says absolutely nothing about same-sex marriages. Don’t pick and choose the pieces you like as a crutch for your bigoted opinions.

          • John
      • Sgt. Gregory hunter

        I was shot 2 times in the army in and I think. My same sex spouse should received the benefits I earned with my blood. It is ashamed how people fell about us, we love each other. I have many awards and have been to many places. My girlfriend is a male to female transexual and also has feelings it is wrong to judge people Jesus said judge not you may be judged yourself.

        • Sgt Gregory Hunter

          My father and grandfather was KIA, what would they think about the country they died for is now

          • Sgt Gregory hunter

            We are not asking for much just a fucking ID card

    • JMS

      So Norma using that logic the same budget concerns apply to any new marriage or adding of a dependent doesn’t have to be a same sex one. Right? Just say what it is you are a bigot and do not fully want to support the troops unless they meet your criteria of worthiness.

      • Carl

        PMS, how does calling people names help your argument? It just makes you look juvenile.

        • Chris

          Carl, don’t be ignorant.

      • Carl

        Andy, how does calling people names help your argument? It just makes you look juvenile.

        • Chris

          Carl. Bigot is the perfect word. If they don’t want to be referred as a word that has negative connotations then don’t be that word. You probably get upset if some one is called ignorant.

          • b1jetmech

            Just another tired, worn out word that the left uses against those who disagree with them.

            BTW, what makes homosexuality normal? Can’t seem to get a scientific answer on the subject.

          • randyspire

            LOL. Stick to the wrench, b1. The same refrain in multiple discussions underscores the limitations of your thinking. :D

          • b1jetmech

            Well, you can’t answer simple but straight forward question without collapsing into leftist talking points.

          • Idmtmedic

            Hey B1, care to provide scientific proof heterosexuality is normal?

          • idmedic,

            Your answer is typical, don’t answer the question, just deflect and ask your own question. LMAO

          • Idmtmedic

            Yea typical, so you have the answer or just want to ignore the question? If your going to make the argument that heterosexual is normal then where are those “links” your so proud of?

          • bill38011

            I’d suggest you check with the American medical community on the question of homosexuality being normal.

          • bill38011,

            Don’t suggest that, you will only confuse him even more. He already knows the answer anyway, he just yapping to be yapping. LOL

          • Idmtmedic

            Hey genius he was responding to your buddy B1.

          • SydB

            What makes you b1jetmech, a homophobic, normal. Can’t seem to find a scientific answer to that one either.

    • randyspire

      LOL. Well, if you like, we can cut your benefits to add to the pool? :D

    • Guest

      The addition expense is probably less than one of the tanks the Army says they don’t want but Congress (and the lobbyists) are forcing them to take.

      • Guest,

        Yea right, you might have convienced yourself of that, but not me.

    • Duane Fortier

      Yeah…That ‘equality’ stuff can muck things up now can’t it ? Perhapsn you may have some benefits you’d like to SURRENDER to help ‘make-up’ the aforementioned ‘unequalities’….Hello ?

      • Sydb

        Diane Fortier, As a disabled veteran, we receive entitlements and benefits for our time in military service….doing our JOB!! An entitlement is a given right for being in the military… for example, housing allowance (or housing) or TriCare. A benefit is an added bonus, like the Commissary. When most people make the decision to join the military, they take all of these into consideration. A saying we used to hear from our military superiors, “no one issued you a wife/husband/children”. Unless YOU are a military member or veteran, then anything we receive for “obtaining” a family is a gratuity (something given voluntarily or beyond obligation), by the military. I think the government has been generous enough taking care of lazy spouses and snotty kids, while gay families have suffered on their own and in silence. Either all spouses should get these benefits or none at all. Why don’t you help our government, and just surrender YOUR ID card, so you can see how those that have loved military members for years, have done without.

        • Guest

          Wisely said Sydb

    • Chris

      OMG. You’re absolutely right. For budgets sake, let’s take all benefits away from all married couples. Then I won’t have to pay so much in taxes to support some guys or lady’s husband or wife. That would be awesome. Are all straight people on this website so damn bigoted?

    • Grannyagainstbigots

      budget will still be cut by closing bases and getting rid of enlisted. Gay couples will be the first to be let go.

      • Liam58

        We can only hope and maybe pray quite a bit.

  • Debbie

    what some of the hetero have taken for granted for a long time – legally married is legally married to me – Mark Wynn i wonder how many wives you have had betting more than one! – Some military have as many as 3-5 spouses. you used up your share of the pot let others have earned the same opportunity use it for their families

  • ken

    Lordy Lordy!

  • Ralph Moerschbacher

    It is amazing under Obamacare, one can have their married children on their health insurance until they are 26, but TRICARE does not afford me that benefit because my children are married and when you marry, you lose your ID Card. So much for equal treatment

    • Kelvin

      Under Obamacare, if your children are married they are not eligible to be on your health insurance because they are no longer your dependent. Just another dumb comment from someone who doesn’t understand the issues.

  • Ralph Moerschbacher

    Political correctness is killing this country.

  • It’s very sad that you old goats, can’t get over the fact that full equality for all citizens is arriving. I said it would two years ago, and I’m being proven right. Why shouldn’t gay service members who are married, be allowed the same rights to housing, etc? Only bigotry motivates people to make such statements.

  • Fred

    So, whats the problem with disable vet from 0% to 100% have the same rights.

  • thefatefullightning

    I’m 100% disabled from wounds received in combat in Vietnam [Class of ’68 HHHOOOAAAHHH!!!]. I support a family of three and have sent one kid to college on that award.

    My wife and son need eyeglasses and can no longer get them because of “cutbacks” in Disability funding.

    But now, Uncle Sam says we can expand benefits to include same-sex couples. I have no issues with same-sex folks over this. I have a big issue with an inoperable VA system that kicks my family members out of line, completely, to let some recent arrivals in.

    Can anybody explain this in terms that Larry The Cable Guy would understand?

    • JMS

      yeah its called being on Active Duty has nothing to do with the VA

    • rickb

      You family could never get free glasses because of your veteran status. Even those of us rated 100 and retired military have to pay for our children and spouses glasses. So I don’t get why your whining because this was never a VA benefit.

  • Tuck

    God will have the last say!

  • Rosalee

    well, isn’t that special…………….

  • Your mom

    Some of you are real ignorant!!!! The ones who are negative are the ones who are curious, so shut the hell up!

    • IraqVet04

      …or it may prove we are not all as stupid as ewe.

  • Chris

    Wow!!! What is this country coming too??? This is disgusting!!! The armed forces should be ashamed of itself!!!

    • IraqVet04

      It’s the representatives you send to government…that allow this wrecking ball in chief to press forward with his agenda.

  • to Norma, so you think the partners of our nation’s gay and lesbian heroes don’t deserve the same treatment as hetero sexual partners do? Here’s a suggestion for you. How about we deny any state / federal aid to any woman who becomes pregnant while receiving such aid? the money saved with that proposal alone should pay for all military benefits ten times over. In other words shut the hell up since you obviously have no clue as to what you’re talking about!

  • Jerry
  • Tatiana

    This decision will resonate in years to come. Our country is evolving, but our constitution is our foundation.

  • Navy shirl

    It’s called equality folks, what we as Veterans, all Veterans fight to defend, not just white, male bible thumpers.
    You serve our country in uniform you receive equal rights as that service member as does your spouse.
    I suggest you haters go join Westboro Baptist, they could use your support – oh wait, those are the folks who picket the funerals of our Veterans

    • randyspire

      Obviously mentally disabled as well, eh? If you were a same sex couple with a child, the same scenario could easily apply. Look past the end of your own nose and see reality.

    • randyspire

      Hmmm… Perhaps you’d like to educate yourself? The APA defines psychological disorders and homosexuality is not one of them, regardless of your narrow-minded ignorance.

    • Tina
  • rickb

    All I can say is I am glad I did not have to serve in a fox hole with a gay dude next to me or in the barracks. There will also be sexual harassment claims about gay on gay Lesbian on lesbian now. God destroyed city’s for this kind of stuff…. What is American coming too? Too damn many liberals in the court system…. I say if you want to be treated equal act as God intended, remember God created Eve for Adam out of Adam’s rib, I said Eve not Steve!

    • Vern

      If you served in a foxhole with more than 7-10 different guys, odds are that at least one of them was gay. In fact, if you served at all, I’m quite certain you served with at least one gay guy. You survived life with a gay man, get over it and quit being such a puss.
      Active Duty Navy – Persian Gulf War and War in Afghanistan Vet – And Gay

    • PvtRiot

      This is so incredibly ignorant. You don’t belong in America if you don’t believe in equal rights for all.

      • PvtRiot,

        What is incredibly ignorant, is you thinking that if you are gay and/or lesbian you have some right to marry. I don’t believe they should be allowed to marry, but one thing is for sure, I will support the Laws of this Country. Period!

        • Idmtmedic

          Let’s rewind, who said they have a right to marry? Wasn’t it a court? Now who is the ignorant one? Apparently you have an issue understanding how that works. You won’t blame the system or the courts but attack the individuals. So what is your issue again? Accept the laws but denigrate their ideals as ignorant? How’s that Supreme Court decision working out for you Charles?

      • Rev.Dr. ML Fisk PhD

        Rather ignorant statement, this country is built on diversity, yet, if some one thinks different than you, well then, they don’t belong here? Our Founding Fathers would truly have a problem with your attitude.

    • redbear

      you really need to get a life, what makes you think someone would hit on you with your mentality

    • LJA

      Myths and fairy tales written by desert wanderers. Just curious. If you truly believe this stuff, and Cain was the only kid they had who lived, whom did he copulate with to “replenish the earth.” Not many women to select from.

      • b1jetmech

        Fairytales? what did you die and come back from the dead to bear witness?

      • lorr

        you dont konw your bible. there was seth and many numerious children not mentioned adam and eve had since they lived ot 900 years. the bible is real i have had first hand experience with jesus.

        • LJA

          Whom did those “numerous” children marry?

    • Joyce

      I’m saddened by this whole thing and its because it suddenly has changed the definition of marriage and that became personal to me. It feels that my marriage is now less. Maybe that was never meant to happen with this New law but for me it has.

      • Idmtmedic

        Well Joyce there is always a divorce. So your marriage is now less because of this? Interesting. Mine hasn’t changed one bit. I was married in a church love my wife and my children.

        • Deanne marie

          Why would you lessen you marraige ideas. How does your spouse feel that you do not think well of your marraige

        • Rev.Dr. ML Fisk PhD

          What, being married in a church makes it somehow holier?

          • Idmtmedic

            Hey Rev. How about all those pedophile priests? That make it less holier?

          • idmedic,

            And that has what to do with “Same-Sex Spouses to Get Military Benefits”????? Damn, you’ll talk about anything in order to change the subject.

          • Idmtmedic

            Getting married in church make it holier? Just responding to a question Charles. Now let’s take his comment one step further about naked men parading in front of homosexuals. Well then we should make it a rule that altar boys should not be allowed in front of priests in a CHURCH. Putting one group as a whole into a little box doesn’t sound so good when it’s from a different perspective huh?

          • idmedic,

            And that has what to do with “Same-Sex Spouses to Get Military Benefits”????? Benefits idmedic, benefits!

          • Idmtmedic

            Well “apparently” defective genes are not limited to same sex couples but men of the cloth also. If the argument is it’s against God then what is your argument about those that denigrate the Church in their own house? Religion is a funny thing. Use it to advance or refute an argument. Those “benefits” are legal according to the Navy. So what is your argument? Can’t afford it? No right? Defective genes?

      • Dave

        Joyce, get a grip. If your marriage is now worth less, because the two guys across the street can marry, you have more issues than same-sex marriage to worry about.

    • Deanne marie


      • Deanne marie,

        And, so what. Is there a point to posting information that we already know????? LOL I mean, people smoke dope all the time, that doesn’t have to mean it needs to be legal. There are those that have more than 1 wife, but that doesn’t mean we need to legalize it, and that goes for a lot of things.

        • Idmtmedic

          Dope has nothing to do with this discussion. Stay on topic Charles. Jeeeez, if you have to bring up other issues then take it to your own site, lmao.

          • idmedic,

            Try following the conversation instead of just one post.

          • Idmtmedic

            See response above, follow the conversation.

    • Santana

      You sound insecure. It is you that have issues.

    • Grannyagainstbigots

      LMAO. is all I can say if rickb really thinks he did not serve next to a gay. Gay is not something that just happened in the last few years. I spent time in the military back in the 70’s and believe it or not there were gays and lesbians in the military then.

    • another retiree

      quit hiding behind religion… know you like steve

    • SPC Wood

      God did not destroyed city’s because of the Gays, he did so because the people within the city’s (Yes, Gays at the time) were fornicating and having sex with one another like crazzy animals… I belive you are baddly informed about what being Gay is all about. A Gay guy is GAY simply because he feels atracted and will eventually love/live/laugh with a person of the same sex! ((SEXUAL HARASSMENT??)) Of course there will be sexual harassment betwin gays and lesbians… BUT what are you trying to say? That heterosexuals aren’t commiting sexual harassment? GROW the HELL up VETERAN!!! This is the exact example that you are getting all tangled up and contradicting your self in: ((Law will strike on those who misbehave, not on those who do things right and show love)) >Make LOVE not WAR<

    • IDGAFClark

      SHUT THE FUCK UP! That adam and steve shit is PLAYED THE HELL OUT!!!!

  • Bill

    I served. I earned my benefits. Whoever I designate as my next of kin and spouse is my business. I’m glad the courts have agreed.

    • Carole

      Exactly Bill !!! I agree…. and I am not a lesbian or gay. I am an American just like all the gays and lesbians who have been serving in our military since the beginning. I also am glad the courts agree. AND HOORAHHH for the military for walking the talk…. ( or being forced to ) . It is about time. Retired female Air Force and proud of it.

  • Vern

    For you haters bitching about how much this is gonna “cost”. These are our veterans, same as any other veterans, and they deserve the same respect and benefits as any other vets. Their families have made at least the same sacrifices, and probably more than your straight family has, because up until now, they had to make do without all the support and benefits afforded to other vets. A gay vet’s family is just as worthy as any straight vet’s family for those benefits.

  • Scott

    This is Sodom and Gomorrah all over again…come quickly Lord Jesus!

    • Cheryl

      The True Story of Sodom and Gomorrah:
      “Now this was the sin of Sodom: She and her daughters were arrogant, overfed and unconcerned; they did not help the poor and needy. They were haughty and did detestable things before me. Therefore I did away with them as you have seen”. —Ezekiel 16:49-50

      Inhospitality was the sin not homosexuality….when the men of Sodom wanted to “know” Lot’s guests – they wanted to gang rape them – there again nothing to do with homosexuality but, power over strangers and to humiliate them.

      Read more:

  • Richard

    Between this inept Commander-in-Chief, recent DoD Secretaries, some Military Commanders, and the Supreme Court, this is definitely not the same Military in which I served.

    • robert

      you are right i served 1970 to 1973 it seems that just a few are making the laws with out the vote of the people

    • randyspire

      Yep, the military is finally changing for the better.

  • robert

    its wrong for just a few to decide for all the people

    • Carole

      Maybe the gays and lesbians actually OUTNUMBER straights….. ever think of that possiblity. How many gays/lesbians are in your family? OR are they to afraid of the backlash that they will never speak out? Or maybe it is just not worth it and they leave their family for friends who are not so close minded. Think it over….. oh wait…. your mind is made up and no other possibility could be true.

      • Carl

        Really, Carole? Gays outnumber straights? If so, then their conditions would be reversed. THINK.

      • Carole,

        LMMFAO. Hello, anyone home?

    • Retired 9

      But I guess it was just fine with you when the few congressmen decided for all the people that they wanted the DOMA bill passed. Funny how everything is just fine when it is what you want but when our government works as it is supposed to and the decision is in opposition to your wants that it isn’t right.

      • Carl

        Retired, our government does NOT work as the Founding Fathers intended. Our elected representatives are supposed to represent their constituents, not themselves.

    • bill38011

      We have a Constitutional democracy with rules to protect individuals and minorities from the majority. Our Constitution requires equal rights and due process for all.

  • nebraska vet

    The increased cost of medical care for AIDS related issues will drain the coffers much quicker than family benefits.

    • randyspire

      LOL. Are you really that ignorant? HIV and AIDS affect far more heterosexuals than homosexuals.

      • Carl

        How old are you Randy? About nine years old, I’m guessing.

        • Chris

          Randy is correct. Heterosexuals are the overwhelming bearers of HIV. Do you live in a shoe, Carl?

          • b1jetmech

            Homosexuals make up 2% of the population and account for 603% of HIV infections.

            CDC dot gov.

      • randyspire

        Well, at least you know how to use Google. Now post the link to that statistic to give some relevance to your words.

        • b1jetmech

          Go look it up yourself, I shouldn’t have to “burp” you.

    • GreenBeret12

      Just as many straight Hetros have Aids today as Gays, Maybe more.

      • b1jetmech

        Yeah, considering homosexuals make up 2-3% of the population.

  • Gwyn

    As a Christian, a veteran of the U.S. military, and as a U.S. citizen, it’s a sad day, not only for our military, but for our nation. The pledge of allegiance doesn’t hold much weight after what our so-called supreme court did last week. God’s judgment is coming, folks. Even He gets fed up. See Romans 1:18-32.

    • randyspire

      LOL. Know God personally, do you? The things you adhere to and quote are human created. Wake up and realize that you’re only promoting your own interpretation-based opinion. There’s much more to the Bible, and Christianity, than your limited, hellfire-fueled viewpoint.

      • Roger

        Where are there any words of GOD that support your views. Sounds like you have a very limited Christian background. You are just using a bunch of liberal mumble jumble to support your views.

        • randyspire

          Obviously you know that I could quote myriad bible verses that specifically reference love and acceptance. Were those not also the word of God?

          I get that you hide behind your skewed beliefs and cloak them in your interpretation of biblical teaching, but that doesn’t make you right. It also doesn’t make the many Christians who disagree with you wrong.

          Funny thing is that, here you are, arguing against your fellow man and claiming an imagined moral high ground. How silly you sound! Mumble jumble, indeed. :D

      • b1jetmech

        Well Randy, if you knew anything about God and his word you might understand. But that won’t happen because you live for the homosexual movement and so much invested in it that you slave your self to it and willing to bring the country down so as long you get your synthetic benefits.

        • randyspire

          OMG. You hit that one right on the head. It’s obvious you have smarts to spare. LOL.

          • b1jetmech

            Thank you Randy!

  • randyspire

    That’s your backwards opinion. You ignorantly overlook the fact that gay men and women protected your life while you were in the military. They were right next to you and you didn’t notice them because you understood the creed you presently defile.

    • Carl

      All Hail Randy! He knows EVERYTHING and uses insults in a vain attempt to bolster his argument. He discounts the opinions of others but offers only his own opinions in rebuttal.

      • randyspire

        Oh, how nice it is to be appreciated. LOL. As my number one fan, perhaps you’d like to send cash donations as you seem to be offering nothing else? :D

        • randyspire

          Oh, poor little “truthteller.” Does the actual truth hurt? I’d say yes given your response. LOL.

    • b1jetmech

      Backwards opinion? Talk about misfit.

      How about you reveal to the rest of the world of what makes homosexuality normal…because I have found no scientific proof.

      The burden of proof is on your shoulders and spewing forth propaganda and stealing from the REAL civil rights movement doesn’t qualify your argument.

      • randyspire

        LOL. Really, you’ve looked for scientific proof? Somehow I think you’re lying (because proof surrounds you). Move beyond the narrowness of your beliefs and you may just discover reality.

        • b1jetmech

          Big time FAIL there Randy.

          If your movement was genuine we would know already of what makes homosexuality normal. There isn’t any scientific proof. Just emotions.

          Knowing that the homosexual movement has stolen from the civil rights movement. Also shows your lack of authenticity.

          Really the only thing you got going is the executive branch, the media and Hollywood. It’s all that’s needed to spread propaganda.

      • Shermanist
        • b1jetmech


          If homosexuality was normal then it would be self evident. Science would have no problem providing the answers.

          Here’s the kicker, if they discovered the “gay” gene or some other genetic influence, you would think it would splashed all over the news?

          Since we here crickets chirping on the matter pretty much tell us all.

          BTW, laziness has nothing to do with it. I left homosexuality 24 years ago. I believe I know what I’m talking about.

          • ImanAzol

            You’re wrong. Now, what are your credentials in the fields of genetics? Thought so.

      • Shermanist
        • b1jetmech

          There you go. Comparing us as intelligent beings with dumb creatures. I know your side has to default to this propaganda but to compare us to animals is pure bull-shovik.

          As far as laziness. I left homosexuality 24 years ago so I think I know what I’m talking about.

      • Shermanist
      • Shermanist
      • Sherman Ist
      • Sherman Ist
      • Sherman Ist
    • b1jetmech

      If they care so much about their sexuality to broadcast it to everyone…then we don’t need their protection.

    • randyspire,

      Here we go again. Someone doesn’t agree with you, so his opinion is backward.

  • randyspire

    The fact that you question any human being’s equality or right to equality shows your fundamental lack of understanding and lack of humanity. Meanwhile, your “argument” is ridiculous at best. As if you are personally involved in ANY of the handful of laws that are applicable to you. The bottom line is that you take your rights and, frankly, your stupidity for granted. Educate yourself.

    • John Lynch

      Do you feel the same ways for minorities that were granted the same protection under the Civil Rights Act of 1964? “Prohibits discrimination based on race, color, or national origin in all federally assisted programs”

    • randyspire

      Oh, geez, yet another bumpkin fell out of the dumb tree. LOL.

      It’s obvious that neither you nor “lieteller” have even a basic understanding of the law. Otherwise you’d know that many laws treat heterosexuals preferentially. “Where’s mine,” indeed. It’s also obvious that neither of you have a basic understanding of equality. Otherwise you’d know that many laws undermine that ideal.

      I get that you you both thrive on self-serving ignorance, if not sheer stupidity, but, seriously, educate yourselves. The premise of your arguments are laughable because they illustrate how little both of you actually know. Now, THAT’S sad.

  • bizeegal

    I believe if they are a legal “spouse” (not a partner but a married spouse) the same benefits should be given. This is the domino principal. I don’t believe in same sex marriage but since I don’t matter and it is now legal for same sex marriage than the married spouses should receive the same benefits. And we should sit back and watch the rest of the domino effect.

  • Gary

    I am hearing some really cruel comments from some. I know they are not the majority. Perhaps they can find a place somewhere else where their narrow values (if you can call them that) are accepted. They are certainly not the values of our country. Equal rights is for all.

    • Roger

      What about one nation under GOD!!!! I don’t think GOD’s values had anything to do with same sex couples. This country has just taken another step further from GOD’s graces.

      • Shermanist
        • b1jetmech

          …and you know this because you dies and came back to life to bear witness of this?

      • Roger,

        Yep, your correct in what you are saying.

      • Idmtmedic

        Which god? What about atheists? Muslim, Buddhists? Wiccan? Denominational churches all have different “beliefs”, practices. Man has an affinity to interpret the bible in whatever manner it chooses. Freedom of religion is just that, freedom and bringing homosexuality into it has no place for discussing the legality of it. Moral vs. legal are two separate issues.

    • guest

      dont worry about these comments. homophobia is a good indication of being gay. they are just throwing a tizzy.

  • f$&k all of you
  • USArmy

    I’m confused. What constitutes a same sex couple? Do they have to be legally married to get these benefits or can they just say they are a couple? What about those states that don’t recognize these marriages? Will they be sent to overseas tours as a same sex couple or will they be given a pass which is discriminatory to couples who have to take their place? If they don’t have to be married to get these benefits than I want benefits for me and my girlfriend. We also are in a committed relationship.

    • truthteller

      EXACTLY!! I was thinking this same thing my friend!

    • Sandra DuBose

      You do have to be legally married.

    • bill38011

      The same-sex couple must be legally married to get their benefits. That means they have to go to a state that allows same-sex marriages. The military will accept their married status when they are legally married. The military has to work out all the associated details, but it’s hard top imagine they would make any distinction between same-sex marriages and traditional marriages when it comes to deployments.

      • USArmy

        Do you think the military will send a same sex couple to a Muslim country and/or a country where it is illegal?

        • Idmtmedic

          If you were ever in a Muslim country then it would have been easily apparent they engage in homosexual acts regardless of the laws. Laws do not stop the behavior. If you would like proof of that, check out the current laws on restricting sexual behavior for heterosexual couples in the US. The point is, gays exist, will always exist, regardless of religion, laws or social stigmas.

    • USArmy,

      The answer is Yes, and No. They were already getting some benefits without being married, and now when they do get legally married, they will get all the benefits. They have already approved/wavered a same sex spouse to be buried in Arlington.

    • retired

      obviously you are not in a ‘committed ‘ relationship…….otherwise you would be married. you are just bullshitting yourselves so you won’t have to get married. quit ur whining, and if you want the bennies….get married

      • USArmy

        Why do that if I can get the benefits without getting married? Actually I already am married and was just doing a what if. How about answering the question instead of venting? If same sex couples are getting benefits without having to be married, why can’t I get the same if I have a girlfriend?

        • Lets add to the what if. Same question you asked but lets say your partner only has one leg and is missing an ear, does this change anything?????

          • Idmtmedic

            Yea ummm ok. How about if you stay on topic. An ear or leg? Dumbest I have yet to see on here.

    • Shooter

      this how all the BS starts , you and your girlfriend do like the rest of the lesbians and gays , get married, come to california, they support everything except the hard working men and women who work and pay there taxes, so free loaders like you can claim there girlfriend or boyfriend and collect money from the state and government. You deserve to be supported by the millitary you served, not you AND your girlfriend both

      • Cmay61

        “so free loaders like you can claim there girlfriend or boyfriend and collect money from the state and government”

        Really! Gays and lesbians are hard workers that pay taxes, too…your argument makes no sense. If married, they deserve the same entitlements as their “hetrosexual” service members. I served in the military for 8 years and was never hit on by same sex, but the heterosexual idiots were a major problem.

        Read more:

  • brian g

    This another example why this counrty is going to hell

  • Rick

    Allowing all of this will take the country further into economic collapse.

  • norm

    if I have a girl friend does she get military benefits

  • Ted Moore

    Don’t worry, just think they will refuse to allow you to fly space A, but will allow
    all of this other stuff???? Confused??? Just think about it!

  • Oscar Pop 1

    I am glad I served when I did. The more issues we give our troops, the less they can concentrate on their mission. To upend traditions in the name of equality or diversity just won’t work. Show me a great army anywhere that embodied the issues we now have imposed on our soldiers.

    • beniceintelligent

      “To upend traditions in the name of equality or diversity just won’t work.”

      Origin fallacy and appeal to tradition fallacy.

      You’re being illogical, sir.

      • b1jetmech

        If you don’t know your history then…be doomed from it.

    • Dick Hill


    • Ivan

      “Show me a great army anywhere…” Lets see there were the Greeks, oh real one like now? Israel, Great Britain they had an openly gay fighter ace in WW2, well there’s two is that enough?

    • masonburdette

      Yes of course in nations that have granted equal rights in the military you can see just how it DESTROYED their military structure. Base your comments on FACTS, not your precious TRADITIONS.

  • b1jetmech

    Good statement Terry!

  • Ken52

    This Post is to support “Andrew”. Andrew, it makes me sick to think how much prejudice there is/are in our Veterans and or Retired Military. Yes I did my 28 years of service retiring 25 years ago. Why do people feel so much hatred to our nations gay and lesbian heroes. [thats a Rhetorical question to the ignorant prejudice [expletive deleted] out there].

    Andrew, I will stand and fight with you any day !!! And to the 90 % of prejudice posts to this article, I am ashamed of you that any of you ever served our country.

    When I was a Company Commander, I was forced…. because of Army Policy to put a guy soldier out of the Army…. back in 1973. Yet I am very proud of my actions to have gotten this soldier [E-5 and one of the best E-5’s I have ever served with] not the General Discharge [GD] with a ‘gay’-code printed on the dischargee that all employers would know….. it was not easy, but I got him an Honorable Discard with no-code and yes I had to get my First SGT, his E-9’s at command, my LTC and my 06’s support… but they put aside their individual prejudice when the realized the individual was first an outstanding soldier. They did approve his honorable discharge..the first one ever approved in USA Europe and 7th Army, Heidelberg Germany… lesson to be learned here you prejudice folks out there….. is Soldiers who are also gay or lesbian are SOLDIERS FIRST and feel the same pride in serving our country as any of us. They do not “jump” another male if male or ‘jump’ another female, no more than you prejudice [expletive deleted] would jump a woman or vice versa.

    Just because they are not ‘straight’ doesn’t mean they are any more deviate-in-public than any of us are. Think about that you prejudice disgusting [expletive deleted]. Besides, what anyone does in their own bedrooms is no bodies business whether gay or straight. Wake up world and give all our troops, gay or straight the respect they all deserve. Most of you should be ashamed of yourselves.

    • beniceintelligent

      What is your definition of “normal” here? It’s really difficult to answer your question without a clarification. If you mean normal in standards of nature, I would urge you to look at other species and their sexual practices that do not exclude same-sex sexual exploration. If you mean “normal” in terms of the majority of a community, then I agree with you. Statistically, homosexuals are “abnormal” because there are far fewer of them than their counterpart on the dichotomy: heterosexuals.

      Hope this helps clarify this “proof” you’re looking for.

      • b1jetmech

        Normal is one man and woman.

        Don’t know if your were taught that but historically it’s always been that way.

        We are not animals. We are intelligent creatures and to compare us to them doesn’t justify your argument.

    • Ivan

      Thank you Ken52,

      I was put out with 13 years of service from the Air Force in 1989. I aced my final check ride a few months earlier, first person to do that in NATO AWACS, they even gave me a plaque! The commander who threw me out also had to award me my 4th oak leaf cluster to my Air Medal! But at least he did give me an Honorable Discharge.

      I have since learned that statistically those of us put out were over 12 years in service, in our late 20’s or early 30’s and were E-5 or O-3. Often we were highly regarded in our jobs, and considered a credit to our branch of service. Most of us wanted to complete our careers, I had reenlisted for 6 more years just two weeks before being told I was being investigated.

      • Ken52

        I think what I wrote about and your experience has now changed. I was really surprised at all the HATE in the more than 60-70% of the comments. For the record, I am straight with a wife and 4 daughters and have been married to the same lady for 43 years.

        News flash to all the folks using the bible to shield their prejudice….. NEWS FLASH…. the Bible was written by men……. NEWSFLASH again…… do you really think there were not homosexuals when the bible was written !!!! The MEN who wrote the bible just didn’t write about it and the few references that were written were from Bible authors who were [expletive deleted] prejudice !!!! I am Conservative and Christian and based on my beliefs homosexuals have EQUAL rights under the constitution and NEWS FLASH….. did they forget the part of the bible that states that GOD forgives all !!!

        I am totally disgusted with all the comments from Vets and Retireds’ who supposedly defended this country and its constitution and never heard of Equal rights under the law. It just goes to show that all their comments are about HATE and discussing that they are using the bible to hide behind. You discussing folks will at some time will have to stand before GOD and account for your hatred and don’t be surprised if GOD asked why you were using the Bible to hide behind. Ken52

        • Idmtmedic

          Ken I applaud your thoughts and candor!!!!!

        • grannyagainstigots

          Ken, I could not have said it better. One person said one man and one women. Read the bible, men had many wives back then and many children from those wives. Today if you have many wives in this country you get arrested. Yes it was men that wrote the bible because for some reason men think they are better then all of us on this world.

    • IT2 Walker

      yea…. sure, show me in the bible where it actually says that…

      WITH, proper context. Not just a phrase here and there that mean something different without the surrounding text.

    • JC_


      I too agree with you whole heartedly. I served in the military for 20 years and retired 13 years ago. During my time I never experienced or heard of others experiencing sexual advancements in the shower as one person described. Gay people are no different than straight people when it comes to the desire of sex and respecting people.

      Gay people are no different than our straight counter parts when it comes to pride and defending our great country. I was always a soldier first, extremely dedicated to the military mission and always received high praise from my leaders and soldiers. I had a very successful career and am happy with the choices I made.

      The person that stated he’s glad he never had to experience being next to a gay person in the foxhole when he was in probably didn’t realize that the reality is he probably was at some point and time.

      Just a few of my thoughts….We ALL deserve respect and equal rights under the laws of our land. We don’t have to agree on everything but we do need to respect each other as people.

      Thanks again for your comments and your support.

    • geoff

      You seem like a man that was ahead of his times. I served in the Navy from 1983-2004, a time when you had to watch your step. Seems this country has no problem sending men and women into battle and it is o.k. for them to risk their lives, but you could be booted out for sleeping with your own kind.

      I saw some real good sailors in my 21 years of service get discharged because of their preference. I seen some peoples lives ruined over this issue.

      Looks like times are changing and the military is playing catch-up, to bad we can’t go back in time and right the wrongs done to previous military personnel who served our country!!!

    • Guest 224

      No real opinion one way or the other but…

      If you WERE a CO and WERE familiar with the UCMJ then you would know that “what anyone does in their own bedrooms is no bodies business” is NOT the case regardless of sexual preference. Or was during the time frame you mentioned.

      Guess you never processed any UCMJ options for co-habitation, adultery, conduct unbecoming or conduct detrimental to…

    • Brian G

      You and the rest should live together and be happy, don’t put your abnormality on us as a fighting force. The 90 +% must be MARINES. SEMPER FI

      • James McGann

        FYI it isn’t an abnormality to be gay (GLBT). Read up on the subject an become educated on the topic. If you read you to will become informed. Good luck!

    • Ty H.

      Ken, It is pleasing to read something intelligent among the ‘I got mine and to hell with them’ replies.
      They are different? Are they? For those that fear of sharing a fox hole w/ THEM, you probably already have and nothing has changed. You are still as unsure of yourself as before. If I recall correctly they bleed as I did and they have just as much pride in the US as anyone of you responders have. Good on you Ken.

  • John Doe

    How ignorant you folks. Gays and lesbians have been serving our country since day one. Unfortunately, they have had to hide their feelings. We are all God’s children regardless of sex, race, color or creed.

    • b1jetmech

      Feelings don’t justify creating special laws that are unfair to normal people and couples. Please get with reality.

    • Caroline Valenzuela
  • randyspire

    Once again, religious choice, if not choice in general, is confused with genetic reality. Dimwits, unite! LOL.

  • Trudy Collins

    God Bless America!! America Bless God!! Really? Jesus loves “whosoever” and He doesn’t require that we are are perfect to follow Him. Read the Bible America!! We are not called to be perfect, but we are called to follow His Word. It is plain and simple, this is not acceptable to God…our Creator… God will not stand for a nation who turns their backs on HIM.

  • GreenBeret

    Gays are the only Tax paying Americans today who have had to live without these basic freedoms, Only some homophobic Bigot would speak out aganst these new changes,

  • beniceintelligent
  • beniceintelligent
  • Giovanni Naulanini

    Anyone remember of Sodom and Gomorrah and what God did there and Why? Samething will happen to to Good ‘Old USA as it us to be known.

    Hetrosexuals are now becoming the minorities and homosexuals the majority.

    God Help Us All!!!

    • beniceintelligent

      Don’t worry… you’ll still be the majority for some time. Even if you weren’t, don’t sweat it. Being a minority is a character-testing journey, one that forges strength through adversity. Embrace difference, Giovanni.

    • Cheryl

      The True Story of Sodom and Gomorrah:
      “Now this was the sin of Sodom: She and her daughters were arrogant, overfed and unconcerned; they did not help the poor and needy. They were haughty and did detestable things before me. Therefore I did away with them as you have seen”. —Ezekiel 16:49-50

      Inhospitality was the sin not homosexuality….when the men of Sodom wanted to “know” Lot’s guests – they wanted to gang rape them – there again nothing to do with homosexuality but, power over strangers and to humiliate them.

  • Dan

    This is wrong on so many levels. Our troops deseve better. If you check into the Congressional Reports of 1963 you will see that acceptance of devient behavior is part of the Communists plan to destroy America. It looks like their plan is coming to fruitionl

  • hankster

    I am so sick of our government giving more and more and taking more and more from Vets… how is the military going to prove they are a couple.. just ask them?.. 37 states don’t recognize same sex marriage but now the military is???? Sorry but our military and government is in sad sad shape….

    • Ken52

      It is called legal marriage to prove you are a couple just like everyone else !!! Ken52

    • GEORGE


  • Peter Max

    Here comes the lying cheating and stealing of those who will claim relationships to game the system.

    • Ivan

      You have to show a valid marriage certificate to get any military benefits, straight or gay. No one is going to game the system, do you really thing any straight man is going to say he is gay just to get benefits he doesn’t deserve?

      • ivan,

        Gay were already getting partial benefits not being married.

        • Suzi

          The only thing I was able to get for due to my partner being in the military is being put as a beneficiary. I was getting no other benefits. I wasn’t even allowed to drive her home from AIT after she completed because I was not acknowledged.

        • Idmtmedic

          CON-gress sign off on that to make it legal or was it just recruiters blowing hot air?

    • retired

      that didn’t happen in the past…did it ???

  • Hankster

    Amen to all that..why is the minorities get what they want and the majority pays for it…. Obamacare, immigration, affirmative action and the list goes on and on…. thought we were a country based on majority rule… not any more… shame on our politicians… all of them…. I wonder how much their medical plan costs… oh that’s right.. they won’t fall under Obamacare….

  • Adrienne

    Religion and sexual preference have no place in the work place. You’re there to do your job. I don’t care who you’re having sex with it what you believe in – so long as you’re doing your job. That is all that really matters.

  • Adrienne
  • joshua queen

    Its so funny how the military spends the majority of their time doing absolutely nothing and overpaid for it. I was 6.5 active and 3 in the guard so I am not speaking out of my ass. My gf is now in the navy and she makes plenty of money to literally sit around, sleep and do nothing for 3-6 hours. She is actually upset when she has to work eights because she is so used to getting off early. In the guard it was 2 days of sitting and waiting. No base that I have been to works hard enough to cry about humans getting the same rights as everyone else. Who gives sa shit who they love. Its not your business. I’d give up my benefits if that is what it took to make America truly free, but unfortunately we will have racists, bigots, and hateful people for a long time. Sadly most themselves religious while hating and dishoning a person because of who they go home to.

    • Georgie

      Just because a Christian does not agrre with same sex partners does not mean they hate them. It is because it says in the Bible one man one woman. You no nothing about Christians so this is something you have just made up. Dishoning God, he is the only one to answer to!

      • bill 38011

        You have a narrow understanding of what the Bible says and what it means. Your outmoded understanding is not accepted by a large and growing number of Christian theologians.

        I read the convoluted attempts of some Christian leaders as they attempt to reconcile Christian love and compassion with their suggestions that gay people give up their human sexuality and their legal right to commit themselves in a life-long commitment to each other. Their attempts never make much sense, and I feel sorry to see them make such an attempt.

        • b1jetmech


          What do you know of what the Bible says? The mediator of Christians and God is Jesus, not some self proclaimed theologians who not long ago didn’t exist.

          I’m not bashing you are putting you down but you should read for yourself of what the scripture says. Not listen to whitewash of wolves in sheep’s clothing.

          • Idmtmedic

            What do you know of LEGAL?

    • Jenna

      Sounds like you and your gf are pogs

    • Ignacio

      I am a Christian, and as a Christian I believe in the Bible, and the Bible teaches us that Man shall not sleep with Man. I am not a gay basher, the bible also teaches us not to judge. However, if these gay people want to take base housing away from a husband and wife who have kids, they should think hard about it. Would they keep children from getting into Base Housing simply because they feel that they need to be recognized? This is a Moral issue, not Religious.

      • Schou

        Morality is not intrinsic to the Bible. In fact the moral compass of the Bible is slightly bent, skewed, and or warped. Any God that claims to be all knowing, all loving, etc. Would never have someone commit their own daughter to a fiery death as an offering to that said God. Nor would he permit incest. slavery, or various other forms of repugnance and vial acts in his/her/their name. YET your Bible does all the above. If you claim it doesn’t then I would ask you to read various different stories. Starting with the story of Jeptha where he sacrifices his own daughter to god in a fire. Yeah you WIN the Moral Majority with that Book of Bronze Age stupidity. I could ask the ridiculous question like you did . “Would you keep two people from housing because you feel you are morally superior?” Man isn’t supposed to shave the sides of his head either should we stone those that do or perhaps we should just deny those guys housing as well?

  • Helmut

    Do not hate the man because of his vice, or love the vice because of the man.

  • susan

    I agree they need to do their job and focus. Its not tradition that holds truth but what God stays afterall our usa says IN GOD WE TRUST. God loves everyone but hates sin. the time is coming near Christ is coming and all this abomination will end!

    • arthur

      I definitely am not religious, but you may be right!

  • ImanAzol

    SCOTUS says you’re wrong, therefore, you are wrong. And that is the end of the discussion. Have a nice day.

    SCOTUS also said leftists were wrong about the 2nd Amendment. So unless you’d like to fight that battle again, you need to concede this one.

    • b1jetmech

      Who says SCOTUS has the last word? Not in the Constitution.

  • arthur

    I could have not said better!

  • Bill

    I’m glad you retired in ’84 too, you ignorant *uck. I fought alongside gay soldiers, and would gladly do so again because they were well-trained, smart, and knew how to do their job. That’s all that matters. It’s a shame that ignorant, backwoods, bigoted rednecks like you were ever in my Army. Had you opened your mouth around me while I was there, and run your mouth about my gay comrades, I’d have retired you early. Shameful little small-minded *itch.

  • Doug

    I wish my older brother, who was gay, had heard about this… it might have kept him from two tours in Vietnam with the 101st Airborne. That’s right, he was a Special Forces Ranger… pretty highly decorated, too.

    I’m glad you retired in ’84, too. I retired in ’99 and served with many fine men and women who were gay and straight. It never occured to me to wonder which they were… just asking how well they were willing to do their assigned duties.

    • OldVet65

      Which was it? Para with the 101st or Special Forces Ranger? (Never heard those 2 combined, you were either SF or Ranger, or were SF with Ranger Qual, or Vice-versa.)

  • Monica

    Sexual orientation has no bearing on duty, honor, and country. I find it interesting that the homophobic community only has a problem with homosexuals if the homophobes know someone is gay/lesbian. So I have to ask, “Who has the real problem?” Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell was a policy to appease the homophobes until the Supreme Court could make this ruling. I applaud everyone who chooses to serve this great nation, regardless of what they look like or with whom they choose to partner. That is the America I know. As for the “definition” of marriage you offered, that may work for your church, but as soon as states started issuing marriage licenses and benefits were attached to being married, the door was rightly opened for this Supreme Court action. In the name of equality, I am glad DOMA was declared unconstituional.

    • b1jetmech

      Don’t ask, don’t tell was good for military order.

      With open homosexuality in the military comes political correctness. There’s your bearing.

      SCOTUS didn’t clarify as to how DOMA was unconstitutional. They just went off an emotional roller coaster citing the 14th amendment which was meant for the former slaves back in 1863 when it was ratified.

  • men4men

    From what I observed in the military it’s best to let sleeping dogs lie. There is so much hate and bigotry in the world WHY subject yourself to more by being vulnerable? It’s best to let men be men whatever way they choose but the military isn’t the place to do it. Soldiers first and foremost you’re only as good as the group you train with! Think about that ………..

  • bill38011

    Sure glad you’re retired. I feel sorry for you; it must be a sad thing to be so consumed with hate.

  • All,

    I’ve got to laugh my arse off, at those that support gay and lesbian marriage. Why you ask? Because if anyone disagrees with you, you all go straight into the name calling. Liberals do the same thing when Conservatives have a difference of opinion.

    • Idmtmedic

      Laugh away…….of course this was decided by the Supreme Court. Remember them? Now YOUR argument is based on religious/moral grounds? Lmfao. What a joke.

  • Ken52

    I am glad too you do not serve in the Military anymore. Part of our constitution is upholding equal rights. Don’t hold the bible up to shield your PREJUDICE !!! Ken52

    • Ken52,

      Here we go again. Someone disagrees with and you go after them as if you are the only person that knows the truth.

      • Idmtmedic

        He knows legal, your a big proponent of that aren’t you? Apparently it only works if legal means in line with religious beliefs? Hey if CON-gress didn’t approve it or the SUPREme COURT then it’s not legal. Now your argument is religious? Lmao

    • b1jetmech


      We have equal rights. Using 14th amendment to overturn the rest of the Constitution doesn’t sound constitutional does it? Constitution doesn’t justify the goverment legalizing any sexual behavior. Heck, science hasn’t even proved homosexuality is normal.

      You all like Obama are just moving “forward” with this.

  • bill38011

    Our Founders clearly understood the dangers of supporting specific religious beliefs, having personally observed the wars and persecution that resulted in the deaths and harm inflicted on mainly Christians with different theological interpretations of the Bible. I feel sorry for those who are trapped in outmoded dogma and can’t see the obvious: we are a nation committed to equal rights and opportunities. There is no evidence that same sex marriages harm in any way those who are members of denominations that oppose same sex marriage.

    What’s obvious today that wasn’t only a short time ago, most of us have family members and friends who are gay, and we now have personal examples of why all people should be entitled to the same opportunities to love and live in committed relationships as we do. It is a simple matter of fairness, love, and compassion.

    No attempt by religious organizations to say they love gays but seek to deny them the rights to enjoy sex, particularly in the context of a committed, life-long relationship, make any sense whatsoever.

    • b1jetmech

      The founding fathers observed the king as a tyrant and left England to be free to worship not be in shackles to the church of England at the time. The church of England answered to the King and then to God. They had their own chain of command.

      The founders truly believed our rights come from God which is the preamble in the Deceleration of independence. So man cannot take them away.

      As contrary to phony studies. Same sex relationships have negative effects on children. Children do not turn out the same between a normal family and SS family. As unpopular this is with the liberals, children need both mother and father. They each play a major role in development of the children.

      plus, the increase in male on male sexual assaults in the military has shot up since the repeal of DADT.

      • Idmtmedic

        Separation of church and state ring a bell? If you would like policy and laws set on religious principal then perhaps read up on what sharia law is about?

  • YeahEyeSaidIt

    It’s simple math. There’s a higher percentage of people in the gay community with HIV/AIDS… This makes them medically unqualified to deploy. In a time of “sequestration” cuts, how is the military supposed to support it’s number one objective (kill people and break things) when they now have to spend twice as much money supporting militant Leftists and their radical social agenda?

    • bill38011

      You have no data to support your claims. And encouraging same-sex couples to commit to each other in a life-long relationship would only serve to reduce promiscuity.

    • another retiree

      sequestration is on congress, not anyone else.

    • Joe McGlone

      Correction, the fastest growing group of people contracting AIDS are in fact IV drug users. Check your facts not your uninformed view.
      Joe McGlone Vietnam 66,67 100% disabled married 2 children..

  • Peter Childress

    This should be a non-issue as far as I’m concerned. If you served your country in the military, you should have the same rights and benefits as anyone else who also served their country in the military. It’s as simple as that.

    On a more personal note, I served in Viet Nam with D-2/8, First Air Cav, in the Wildcat Platoon (Recon/LRRP), from 1966 to1967. I am widowed after 26 wonderful years with the love of my life, who was lost due to cancer, and that the ChiCom grenade that wounded me in an ambush, combined with exposure to Agent Orange, will see me dead, too, from a couple of incurable cancers that were recently diagnosed.

    The VA doctors’ best guesses, based on generally accepted traditional western medical practices, is that even if successful, at best give me maybe a year or two of a productive life before I meet my Maker.

    The upshot is that if I were somehow able to muster any hate or disgust for the many wonderful gay and lesbian managers, colleagues, and friends I had in my previous corporate and personal lives, it would be an incredibly stupid waste of what little time I have left on Earth.

    Dwelling on hate for 2 or even 20 years makes little difference in the greater scheme of things, so I choose to walk the higher of the roads that I can find. I figure that the worst that can happen is that even if I do go to Hell for my beliefs, my room mate will be a little old store keeper whose worst transgression was selling beer on Sundays.

    • Lily

      This IS a non-issue. I agree totally with you!! I served 20 years and someone’s sex life did not enter into my line of duty!

    • Joel

      Thank you for your service, and I’m sorry you have only a short time left. You’re right, it’s foolish to be hateful of any group of people.

  • d stokes

    This is not the example i set for my children or what the bible says in romans.
    We are going faster down hill in our morals. Glad I’m retired.

    dave s. us army ret

  • bill38011

    Our Founders clearly understood the dangers of supporting specific religious beliefs, having personally observed the wars and persecution that resulted in the deaths and harm inflicted on mainly Christians with different theological interpretations of the Bible. I feel sorry for those who are trapped in outmoded dogma and can’t see the obvious: we are a nation committed to equal rights and opportunities. There is no evidence that same sex marriages harm in any way those who are members of denominations that oppose same sex marriage.

  • Idmtmedic

    Defect? Lmao

  • Wayne

    That’s the problem allready….Two Many babies being born. The world is over populated

  • sandra drosey

    THE New Future of the “New World” (order)….anything and everything goes, with anyone, anywhere, anytime, any which way. Get paid for not working (to be home with “”family” per se) working taxpayers expense. Sooner or later, this will lead to no one working to pay into the federal/state buckets …THEN..what are the rich and the freebees of this country going to do? …I say..Im sick of always hearing everyone complaining no matter whats done/not done..whats said/not said..etc etc…..Bottom line..Im glad Im of the older age group..>>Least I wont have to be around to see, this country has destroyed itself from within..

  • navygyrl65

    Who are you people? Those of you who have served in the world’s finest military have been alongside gays for a long time. This is a human rights issue and as usual, our armed forces will eventually do the right thing. This is the right thing.
    Be fierce for Heaven’s sake, God’s in charge, not you. Thankfully!

    • Erika

      God doesn’t exist. Your argument is null and void. If God did exist and he didn’t want people to be homosexual, he wouldn’t have made them that way.

    • navygyrl65,

      Exactly when did it become a human rights issue????? What is the start date????? The reason I ask, is that I am 63 years of age, and up until now, I never thought it was a rights issue.

      • Idmtmedic

        Guess your older than you realize huh? Rights do not stop because your old and you say so.

    • dentalgirl

      There is no god, no heaven, no hell. Each human being is in charge of their own destiny.

      • Liam58

        There may be no God for you…but you’re darned sure gonna find out about hell. Have a nice trip. Bye now.

      • rickb54

        ignorance at its worse…..

  • Dick

    I have mix emotions about same sex relationships after being abused as a young child. However having said that I feel that when people serve their nation or their job their sex preference should have no bearing. All Americans have the right to receive all the entitlements that any straight American can receive. I have worked with and been friends with many persons of this culture and I have a great respect for them and their life style especially after I have father 7 children of my own. You go guys and gals

    • opa

      what would prevent non gays to “couple up” and claim gay just for the additional benefits. are there any filters to prevent this?

  • The Duke

    That’s a great idea, but I think I would get over seeing Navy ships painted pink and pretty flowers painted on tanks for camo.

  • Nikki

    Gays have been in the military since before Alexander the Great lost his male lover. Not ever gay male is a flaming queen and not every female a dyke.
    Having Served in the military for 12 years I have seen gays in every type of MOS from Tankers to nurses and everything in between. We have served our
    country and have nothing to be ashamed of. You homophobic troglodytes can die some day and take this thought with you. Gays will always be in the military
    and there is nothing you can do about it. We come from straight parents.
    Blame them for having us.

  • Jerry

    What a crock this is. My lips are sealed.

  • Richard

    “Marriage goes to the nature of the human person. Even if individual men and women are unable to have children for some reason, still it is the nature of man and woman to complement each other in such a way that is fruitful and capable of children. Two persons of the same sex, on the other hand, can never have children by the very nature of such a union. No matter what a court, legislator, president or voter may claim to the contrary, the essence of marriage cannot be redefined. Its meaning is intrinsic, grounded in human nature and discoverable by human reason with or without the aid of faith.” Words by Cardinal Donald Wuerl, archbishop of Washington. Further, “The Supreme Court essentially declared the federal government may not set parameters for the definition of marriage but, instead, must leave that power to the states.”

    • bill38011

      The meaning/qualifications for marriage have changed throughout human history. Remember, the Bible used to speak of Solomon with hundreds of wives and concubines. Women used to be possessions of men with no legal status. Women have only been able to vote along with their husbands for about 100 years.

  • masonburdette

    As a AF E-7 who was under investigation my last two years of my 20 years of service, I am amazed the military has finally come this far. I thought I would never see it in my lifetime. I retired in 1993. My sexual orientation never had a thing to do with my job. I was an excellent Airman my entire career. The old retirees and those still in uniform will just have to get over it. Your orders come from your superiors and if that includes all these changes now being applied to same-sex couples; then march to the orders. Your personal feelings have nothing to do with following orders. Got it!

  • jmin

    The Bible says Man and Women made a marriage, not anyone else. It will be settled in he end.

    • LJA

      Why is the bible the last word on this issue.

      • Sydb

        Because Bible people are so dumb, they don’t know how to read anything else.

    • Bob

      It says in the Bible that Love is the most important thing that he gave us. it also say MANY MANY MANY times that to judge wrong. The marraiges that are sought are of a legal union in matters of rule of the law of the land, not in a biblical sense. Equality is the basis of our country. Equal NOT separate by our laws. I am a Christian and an American soldier. I fight for the rights of ALL to be given the same treatment under our laws. If we ruled our land by the Bible, alone things might be different.

      • Idmtmedic

        Sharia law ring a bell? Freedom of religion is also an important part of this country. If the laws were based on religion it would be chaos. Religion is an aspect of the argument but NOT a legal one. Moral is also an argument, however right and wrong has NEVER been part of the legal system. Soooo what is left ? The society at large to change what is perceived as wrong, OR right? You get a good lawyer they convince anybody within the definitions of law that red is blue. Doesn’t make it right, but money and influence obscure the definition of “legal” and always will. Reminds me of Clinton’s argument about what the definition of “is, is”.

  • Joan

    what about us that are commen law marriage and just not have made it official. I have been with my man since 2001, just because we have not brought a marriage license and ask a judge or officiant to marry us we are not married in the eyes of the military, not fair

    • bill38011

      Easy. Get married and legally document your status. Why isn’t that fair? Otherwise you get into the question of whether you’re claiming benefits for your boyfriend or girlfriend.

    • another retiree

      wha wha wha. get married, stupid

      • Pvt. Spicy

        Funny how the ones who have been claiming, “it’s not fair”, or “This is a civil rights/human rights issue”, do not seem to get that marriage was and is a religious institution. The government only became involved in “marriage” once they figured out they could make money from it. Perhaps someone is an atheist (I’m not saying Joan is), and does not believe in marriage. Ever think of that? Why if this is the case (And I’m not saying it is), why should an atheist be treated any differently than a gay or lesbian couple? Based on the same argument the gay and lesbians and their supporters are using, there should be no difference between a gay or lesbian relationship, and a straight couple who are common law. But let a common law couple of 30 years split up and watch the courts get involved.

        • retired

          wha wha wha
          wha wha wha

    • USMC (ret)

      STAND UP FOR YOUR RIGHTS then. Start a petition, write Your Congress Person, for that matter – WRITE TO THE PRESIDENT. The ONLY way to resolve your issue (s), is to MAKE THE APPROPRIATE PEOPLE AWARE…. That is what “WE” (those of “US”) served, protected and defended this GREAT Country of OURS for – YOUR RIGHTS !!!!

    • Retired Navy Chief

      Not to worry, all deviance seems to be PC and will eventually be legalized.
      The next phase will be accepting relationships with animals, if enough deviants talk it up, the supreme court will make it ok too !!!

  • Liam58


  • retired

    are you always this psychotic and paranoid ? They should rate at 110% I am a retired vietnam veteran also

  • Joe McGlone

    You are without any doubt a total and complete idiot. Why I am even taking my time to address your sick comments is beyond me..
    Hate is what you feed on your total lack of understanding is beyond belief.. I grew up being taught that God was loving all knowing and understanding of all people. Your philosophy is one of a narrow view of select portions of the bible twisted to suit your hate filled philosophy.
    I to am a 170% Vientam Army Veteran 66-77. Married with two wonderful children. Hate is and ugly thing being ignorant is even uglier.

    • Andre’

      Thank You you said it for me. 20 year vet here and hate sure makes us look so little.

  • adell

    Lets just love each others has God has love us Smile!

  • ETTA

    what has become of our Country and our Military.I am so proud my husband served at a time when we did not have to hear of same sex mariages.At that time I was proud to be an American but now we are doing everything to go against the Bible.One day we are going to have to stand before God an account for all things we are going against.We can not even say the LORDS PRAYER IN SCHOOL, BUT WE ARE ASK TO EXCEPT SOMETHING WE DON’T BELIEVE IN.sORRY ,I DON’T HATE GAYS BECAUSE MY GOD TEACHES ME NOT TO HATE,BUT I CAN NOT LIKE WHAT THEY ARE DOING.

    • vic

      if this world was ALL gay life will come to an end think about it, so is it ok? God made man an women to populate

      • Idmtmedic

        Vic, the only argument I have with your logic is everyone isn’t gay and never will be so the population will continue. Until they invent a “magic” pill to correct these “defects” as others have called it then what is your point? Denying it is happening and condemning it does nothing to change this discussion. The discussion is now legal. How and to what extent and how it is enforced is the question.

    • Rev.Dr. ML Fisk PhD

      God commands that you hate sin! The act of homosexuality ( thou shall not lie with man as you would lie with a woman, it is an obomination before the LORD ) is clearly a sin so start hatring what they do. But, it is true, you must love the homosexual, but not their actions.

      • Idmtmedic

        And nooooooooobody is above sin!

      • 1SG (ret)

        Are you kidding me, so hung up on what people do sexually. There are things straight people do that would make my head spin, the thing is I don’t think about it, because it is none of my business. Mr. PhD, from “Seminary University” you go ahead and interpret, and judge, because your day will come. Sit smugly today, content and beaming in your thoughtless position, you will be schooled be Jesus himself, but don’t hang your head when you find your condemnation of others has been wrong, you will be forgiven. But you will have face the fact you have wasted a portion of your life misleading others into believing nonsense. Good luck and God’s speed.

      • Proverbs 6:16-19

        New American Standard Bible (NASB)

        16 There are six things which the Lord hates,
        Yes, seven which are an abomination [a]to Him:

        17 Haughty eyes, a lying tongue,
        And hands that shed innocent blood,

        18 A heart that devises wicked plans,
        Feet that run rapidly to evil,

        19 A false witness who utters lies,
        And one who [b]spreads strife among brothers.

        • No where does it say anything about homosexuality

    • Lenne

      Your God is a God of hate. My God loves all his people…even the gay ones.

    • James McGann

      Yes it is true you don’t have to like what the “Gays” are doing. However, you live in a country with a Constitution that guarantees all Americans are equal and as such all are entitled to the same freedoms. Our Religious freedoms give us the freedom not to believe or to believe in another God. What idiot think that this freedom only is guaranteed to christians. People wake up, stop and think about what you are saying.

    • David

      Ever heard the saying: “Don’t judge me because I sin differently than you”? Yes, we all sin.

  • Cindy

    Who knew there was soo much ignorance in this country. Get a clue people…we are no different than you other than who we love and God made us that way!

    • kathryn

      the ignorance is on your part. God did not make you that way if you really want to know the truth do some research on D N A you will find that the DNA you have is no different than your parents. I am not trying tobe nasty just want you and those that believe that statement ” God made you that way” is to do your research before you make a statement such as that. God loved the world that he gave his son for the sin of man kind. The lack of knowledge is to reject it. Hose 4: says my people are destroyed for lack of knowledge because they have rejected knowledge. Malachi 3:6 for i am the Lord,I change not.

    • Franklin Thompson

      And God has made it very clear that what you do is a sin.

  • Pvt. Spicy

    Facts are facts, and the fact is that anyone and everyone who ever has or ever will join the military
    either has, or will swear an oath to protect and defend the Constitution of the United States. Not the
    Government, Not even Congress, the Supreme Court, or the President, but the Constitution. We swore
    to protect and defend a piece of paper, which our founding fathers dreamt up, and laid down the
    foundation of this great country in words. It is an idea, a philosophy that all men are created equal and
    that all men are entitled to freedom, life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.

    • Pvt. Spicy

      I have no problem with gays in the military, I have no problem with gays/lesbians having benefits of their spouse either in the military or in the civilian world. I served with gay/lesbians as did some of you. Fact is, of all the females I served with, the so called “bull” earned more of my respect than some of the men. When the time came to get the hard work done they did not complain about getting dirty or worry about their nails. Now there were a few straight females who earned my respect as well, but they were few and far between.

  • shooter

    well said my friend, Vietnam Vet 68/69

  • Not Lee

    Grow up and stop spewing 9 year old religious hatred.

  • Jim

    I served in the military. I was “hit on” in the shower in my barracks by gay soldiers and made to feel uncomfortable taking a shower unless a number of other soldiers were also taking a shower at the same time. I also had a marriage ruined because of the military gay community while I was away working for long periods. Everything was in the closet then, how terrible it must be to serve in the military now!

    • Cheryl

      I, too, served in the military was never hit on by the same sex soldiers. However, I had MANY &%^#hole heterosexual men “hit” on me and was even raped….the good ol’ boys club covered that up, made me look like the villain instead of the victim. What about all the married men in the service who cheat on their wives? That seems to be totally acceptable in the good ol’ boys club. You state your marriage was ruined by the gay community because you were away for long periods….sounds to me you engaged in gay activities yourself and that my dear, ruined your marriage…..if not participated, then your marriage was a sham before you encountered any gays.

  • John E

    Just few seven years ago It was mentioned here One E-4 or E-5 in The US Navy was mobilized to active duty and was heard out through the Unit Command. Well the US Navy or Marine Commanding Officer of the Unit approved of his deployment to Kuwait and/or Iraq at the time .Wither common law marriage or same-sex marriage abides America’s ALL VOLUNTEER Armed Forces will have to accept gays in the Military Many veterans, I ‘ve spoken strongly disagreed even we knew many guys fooled around and even possibly know who it was.The US Navy was very uncomfortable with women in Armed Forces Well times are changing It will also change how long any service member can stay in with 15 years retired or just change status Such as, I.R.R. or Reserves Component. So the service member can retire with 20 plus years or even 30 years. Yes they can return back to active duty if enlistment contract states they must return.

  • Chief Jim

    This is just one more step on the road to ruin for America. The OWNERS MANUAL, the regulations set down by GOD are very firm. No homosexuality allowed. Period.
    How warped that those who have taken the oath, now have jumped on board the train pulled along by communist.
    You should be ashamed not to fight this insanity. Oh, and GOD did not ” make” people “gays”, people did.

    • IDGAFClark

      Have you met your maker???
      I don’t think you have. So the what rights do you have to judge the next person.
      As a matter of fact .. what are your sins???
      Something as simple as healthcare for US LESBIANS is important. What IN THE HELL does that have to do with “RUINING AMERICA”.
      & What the fuck do you mean GOD did not “MAKE people GAYS people did”.
      Last I check no one forced me to eat pussy I did it on my own. No one will ask me to marry my wife I choose too. God never whispered “date men either”

      As a child of GOD so I assume … YOU SHOULD BE ashamed!! Judge not my friend.
      Don’t fear what you haven’t tried….

  • Franklin Thompson

    Raising TRICARE fees and adding filth to the Military payroll. Sounds about right for the obama crowd.

  • gil black

    To all the people worried about increased costs please look at the 2 million VA claims in the last two years THAT IS MORE THAN OUR ARMED FORCES TLK ABOUT FRAUD AGENT ORANGE FOR OBESE DIABETES HEART PROBLEMS WHEN 200 LBS OVER WEIGHT AGENT ORANGE PTSD FOR ALL MOS IN A COMBAT ZONE

  • QMC(SS)

    A Lifer, 30 yr. Navy man
    I think it’s a crying shame. This disintegration of morality is destroying
    the services as well as the families in this Nation. We used to be the
    strongest nation on God’s green earth, NO MORE!

  • Larry

    Hello Mr Secretary of Defense Chuck Hagel: Since you issued a statement to make same-sex benefits available to all military spouses. You forgot about,… excuse me,….ignored the thousands of Gray Area Retirees that do not even have the basic retiree benefits, such as retiree pay, Medical, Dental. we must wait until age 60, unlike our active military members. Oh, but thanks for allowing us to purchase our medical at an enormous cost. Some of these Gray Area Retirees have serve active years as well as reserve time, to include going to war/ wars. Personally, I served 29 years, attained the rank of a senior field grade officer and served my country in war, and today I have no benefits. I must wait….I must get in line behind the same sex couples. I find your decision disrespectful to your (Reserve Operational Force) and Reserve Gray Area Retirees… Ask for more money!!! and Fix It…. and fix it now!!!! Obviously money is no problem since you found some for the SS couples. In the past, top brass has considered, but refused to allow immediate retirements to reserve retirees due to funding. Well….Mr Hagel, Show us what you’re made of!

    • Pat

      Awesome. I’m with you on this. I retired from the Guard. Out of work and cannot receive pension until 60. We will be in the streets soon and it will be another 12 years before I get paid for my 22 years of service. Great country. So glad I served.

  • Buster

    God does not hate gays he hates sin. Homosexuality is a sin. I will pray for our country and military. We have destroyed our foundation and will stand in judgement for it. I am a 23 year vet having proudly served on the front lines as a combat soldier and retired from USA Special Forces (Green Beret). Today, under this command structure I will not encourage any of my loved ones to enter this reformed unGODly unit of corrupted morality.

    • Omar

      You obviously have a peculiar way of interpreting God’s word and going as far as speaking in his behalf. I highly doubt that my God would rather bless a war over homosexuals who don’t destroy or kill, so this leads me to belief that you must be either speaking of a different God or from your own bigoted views.

      It’s people like you that give religion and God a bad name.

    • Equality

      You are a damn idiot. It’s almost 2014. Get over it, or die already so the young adults of this country will grow to accept everyone. I could care less if your a green beret, red beret, pink beret, or purple beret, because you don’t deserve respect.

    • Leviticus 17:7 ‘You shall not lie with a man as with a woman’ The context is temple prostitution. It means that what Moses is describing is the sinfulness of using sex to worship goat idols, Leviticus 17:7 or to worship Ashtoreth, the fertility goddess consort of Molech.

      Lev 18:21-22 makes it clear that worshiping false gods is sinful activity. This biblically and historically accurate explanation is often dismissed as gays making excuses for sinful lives.

      Leviticus 18:22 and 20:13 The historical and religious context is pagan sacrifices were being offered to the goat demons who inhabited the wilderness through which the children of Israel were traveling to Canaan. The context is that the Jews, God’s chosen people continued to commit prostitution to goat demons. The context is pure worship of Jehovah vs. pagan religious practices, including prostitution to goat demons – It had nothing to do about homosexuality.

      It means that what Moses is describing is the sinfulness of using sex to worship goat idols, Leviticus 17:7 or to worship Ashtoreth, the fertility goddess consort of Molech. Lev 18:21-22 makes it clear that worshiping false gods is sinful activity. This biblically and histor-ically accurate explanation is often dismissed as gays making excuses for our sinful lives

  • Ruffian

    Gee, maybe now we can get those pink guns and jeeps so the military doesn’t look so scary when they come to take us away.

  • sann

    This is against God. But, let’s make everyone equal then. Heterosexual couples who are not “married” should have the same benefits,
    Oh yes, it does affect our country.

  • Lesbain_Warrior

    Thank You for all who are supporting me and my rights! I am a lesbian and I’m proud to be. I am putting my life on the line to protect ALL who are part of America. Why does it matter who I love bother that I am protecting you, your family and rights?