Navy to Offer Military Benefits for Same-Sex Couples

According to a recent Navy News report, the Navy will begin training  leadership and support elements to be ready to provide military benefits to same-sex domestic partners of servicemembers and their children. These eligibility changes for same-sex couples are set to begin August 31.

“Extending these benefits reinforces the principle that all those who volunteer to serve are treated with dignity and respect and ensured fairness and equal treatment to the extent allowable under law,” said Rear Adm. Tony Kurta, director military plans and policy.

The new benefits for same-sex couples will include the following:

–  Dependent ID cards (DD Form 1173) which will be renewed in accordance with existing policies.

–  Commissary and Exchange Privileges.

–  Access to Morale, Welfare and Recreation (MWR).

–  Space-Available Travel on DoD Aircraft.

–  Joint duty assignment (collocation) for dual-military partners.

–  Access to Legal Assistance.

–  Access to most Family Center Programs.

–  Access to child and youth programs. This includes child care, youth programs and youth sponsorship.

–  Emergency leave and emergency leave of absence for the military member to attend to partner emergencies.

–  Access to sexual assault counseling program. Emergency care provided; additional care determined by medical eligibility.

–  Exemption from hostile-fire areas for dual-military if partner is killed in a combat zone.

–  Transportation to and from certain places of employment and on military installations.

–  Transportation to and from Primary and Secondary school for minor dependents.

–  Disability and death compensation: dependents of members held as captives.

–  Payments to missing person.

–  Authorization to participate in surveys of military families, including the quadrennial quality of life review.

–  Authority of Service Secretary to transport remains of a dependent.

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About the Author

Terry Howell
Before becoming the Managing Editor for, Terry served 20 years in the U.S. Coast Guard as an Aviation Electrician’s Mate and aircrewman. In his final role in the Coast Guard, Terry served as a Career Development Advisor, where he provided career, finance, education, and benefits counseling to servicemembers and their families. Since retiring from the Coast Guard, Terry has authored the book, The Military Advantage, managed the content for TurboTap, the DoD's online transition program and VAforVets, the VA's transition assistance website. Terry earned both his Bachelor's and MBA at Corban University using Military Tuition Assistance and his GI Bill benefits to help cover the cost.
  • Chris

    Another episode of the parallel universe……. Gee, can I get benefits for my goldfish?

    • NewNavySailor
      • Joe Hopersberger
    • Straight but support lbgbt
    • Rosalee

      only if he/she is gay

  • rec

    Retirees can’t get the benefits promised, but non-family members can…hello!?

  • logical


    There is no god…get over it.

    • ex-RM 72-79

      Son, you are so correct. For YOU there is and WONT BE a God. Turn your back on God and Jesus, and They will deny you ever existed. You will be cast into the lake of fire, which is the second death. How very, very sad. When You DIE, Jesus WILL NOT be your advocate before God, the Father, but rather He WILL BE your JUDGE and His judgement will be swift, harsh, and painful.Something to think about (and pray about too).

  • retired462

    The prez’s wife can take over 100 political hacks to Europe on a USAF plane; now this. When can I get to take my girlfried on a space-a flight?

    • Paul Pierson
    • retired SCPO

      If you want to ride space A, get married to your girlfriend and stop whinning

  • Krazy68

    Why is this policy just limited to same sex partners?

    • Just Saying

      Because it already exits for hetrosexual couples.

      • Just Saying


      • bulldawg6

        No it doesn’t. It applies to heterosexual MARRIED couples, not heterosexual PARTNERS. If same sex partners can these benefits, then heterosexual partners should get them as well.

        • Kevin

          I agree….. As soon as homosexuals have the right to marry and have it federally recognized. You want equality, fine that will do it. But people insist on denying gays the right to marry so this is one avenue to work around that.

          • Kevin,

            What you’re saying only makes sense. If I were not married and just had a girl friend, I couldn’t get the same benefits that to unmarried guys or girls get.

          • Mel

            Well then write your congressman and urge them to legalize gay marriage. As soon as its legalized, same sex partners won’t get these benefits unless they get married.

          • Larry

            Marriage by its’ very definition is heterosexual. the homosexual lobby is trying to pervert the definition and take over and corrupt marriage as we know it!!!

        • bulldawg6,

          I agree with that.

          • Skyler
          • Skyler,

            And this means what????? The original definition claimed marriage was between a man and a woman.

    • usnrick

      Equality rules great so I get to take showers with women

      • Skyler
  • Man I wish I was still on active duty ! I could marry one of my freinds from back home, bring him out, hook him up with the bennies, and get to set up a party shack off-base. Separate rats w/dependents, BAQ, and no more hassels of living in the barracks. SWEEETT!!!

    • Kevin

      Because straight people haven’t been abusing military benefits like that forever?

      • PS1 RETIRED

        Kevin, the majority of married couples don’t abuse military benefits.

    • Joe Navy

      Nope, Cause conngress hasen’t change the law yet, so the navy can’t grant those benefits yet. Your Pathetic! Glad your not in my Navy!

  • G-man

    If you want someone to list to your opinion and take you seriously, learn to use spell check or a dictionary.

  • Jose Maria

    This is rediculous! What has become of our Armed Forces! We have let the Liberals TAKE over our country and now our Military too!

    • retired SCPO

      Isn’t equality a fine thing……..Equality doesn’t care about political affiliation

  • RoRoUSAF

    “Extending these benefits reinforces the principle that all those who volunteer to serve are treated with dignity and respect and ensured fairness and equal treatment to the extent allowable under law,” said Rear Adm. Tony Kurta, director military plans and policy.

    I challenge you to educate yourself sir.

    Conduct Unbecoming: Gays & Lesbians in the U.S. Military By Randy Shilts
    ISBN:0-312-09261-X St Martin’s Press | New York 1993

    • James Laughlin
      • aaron

        but homosexuality is a sin. Just want to point that out, God did not make you gay. To me that is a personnel choice.

    • jimmymishoe92

      i have read your bible this is gods law not mine and i beleive in gods way not your mind way

    • Skyler
  • No Sense

    What about a man or a woman who wants more than one husband or wife they will be discriminated….this is how topsy turvy the world is getting. Where is the money coming from for all the extra dependents on the system. The military has a hard time keeping up with the ones already on the sheets.

    • Kevin

      If you had your way, and homosexuals weren’t allowed in the military (as if it is possible to enforce that), and only heterosexuals were we would have to pay for benefits for all of them correct? So if there is a set number of jobs in the military and each person is elligible for a spouse what does it matter if that spouse is gay or straight? Do gay spouses cost more?

      • Larry

        If you are gay, you do not have a spouse, what you have is a partner or whatever (you can define the term to use). But spouses are reserved for heterosexual couples. Our entire society is built around heterosexual couples.

        There is no reason to teat down an entire society and attempt to rebuild on a shaky platform that homosexuals are equal in stature to heterosexuals and every bit of difference should be ignored and legislate it so that there is no distinction whatsoever! This preposterous!!

        Tolerance for homosexuals should not be mistaken for attempting to legislate morality and behavior like there isn’t a very profound difference between homosexuality and heterosexuality!

  • Kevin

    Good to see. They deal with the exact same hardships and sacrifices and same sex spouses. Proud of the Navy for realizing that.. Great picture too.

  • Kevin

    Apparently our education system is more “screwed up” than anything if you are a product of it. You’re right about one thing though, nobody cares about what the Bible says in regards to policy. People should be able to incorporate any of it’s values into their lives they choose to, but as this is the United States it should not have any bearing on the policies of our nation and military. If you’d rather a theocracy there are plenty of those to choose from.

  • Kevin

    Absolutely your right to have that opinion… How though, does it affect you?

  • Just A Sinner

    @ IL logical – “God is angry with the wicked every day” from Psalm 7:11
    and “The wicked shall be turned into hell, and all the nations that forget God.” from Psalm 9:17
    Our nation has forgotten God.
    “We are not (any longer) a Christian nation.” – 0
    We were founded as a Christian nation, but the left is intolerant.

    • Kevin

      We never were a “Christian nation.”

      • ted

        Maybe do some research… In God We Trust”” is printed on our currency. That’s just for starters. D.C. Structures are pasted with quotes from our Founding Father’s ref’s to GOD-

        • Show me any scrap of money from before 1956 that had In God we Trust. Not one – do you read? Most forefathers were deists. Oh yeah you don’t read.

    • James Laughlin
    • cilento777

      Did you serve to protect only Christians?
      Perhaps you might spew a bit of crap for all of us you coward.

    • Separation ofchurchandstate
  • lezmparmyvet

    Not states allow gay marriage or should I say Civil Union, where as all states allow Marriage for heterosexuals. I’m sorry I did my service to this Country, to keep all of you were you are being able to speak this way, and I am a lesbian. So what just because I am a lesbian served this country, just the way any gay or lesbian or even straight person in this country, I don’t deserve the right to be who I am and I do not deserve the same benefits with my partner and our son that any one else deserves while serving. I’m sorry, when your in the Army you don’t worry about what sexual orientation the person next to you is, all you worry about it you and him/her and the rest of your brothers and sisters from your unit getting back home. I think this is a great benefit and wish it did this when I was fighting.

    • Kevin

      You need to understand though, that even though you are happy, harming no one, and love your country that other people are uncomfortable with it even though you’re not forcing them to be gay… Therefore you should be denied any right or benefit they feel you don’t deserve…

      I hope that comes across as sarcastic as it was meant to be.

      • retired SCPO

        We can only be thankful for it to finally happen. Equality, finally a degree of equality. Thank you for your service….I did a few years in there myself. You make me proud.

    • Larry

      Sure you do. As soon as you get legally married go for it.

      • AFvet

        I agree Larry. Heterosexuals must be legally married to receive benefits; the same should apply to same sex couples unless, of course, the military decides to also give heterosexual couples the same benefits without a legal marriage license. Technically, cohabitation without being married is grounds for discharge as it applies to heterosexuals (and in the past same sex couples).
        Also, the original commentor, please learn how to use spell check and grammar check or at a minimum proof read your comments before posting. It’s such a mess it’s as written that your point gets just about gets lost in gibberish.

  • Combat veteran
  • Vic
  • Joe Louis

    If this nonsense is part of the Army future, I don’t want to be part of it.
    Where is the dignity, the honor, the moral.

    • john

      The moral, dignity and honor is that people can love who ever they want. instead of having people like you trying to tell people how to live their lives.
      And no one is trying to force anyone to be gay, lesbian or whatever. And by the way, homosexuality is discovered in over 500 species around the world. so don’t say it’s not natural either.
      Homofobia is not a fobia, it’s just a fancy word that means you are an asshole.

      • John,

        I don’t care how either side feels, it is wrong to them benefiets just because they are gay. If I’ve gotta be married to get those benefits, then they need to be married to get those same benefits.

        • john

          I agree, with you. But same sex couples can’t get married.
          So until they can, i guess this is the best solution.

          • john,

            Then change the Law, not go around it.

          • john

            YES! Change the law!
            Unfortunately the navy does not have the power to do that.
            Let’s just hope that the religious fanatics realize that it is stupid and ignorant to deny a gay/lesbian the right to marry.

          • john,

            Maybe the gay/lesbian people need to realize that it is stupid and ignorant to allow them the right to marry?????

          • john

            Tell me why that is stupid and ignorant?
            Who give you the right to tell other people how to live their lives?
            A heterosexual can go to vegas and marry a stripper when he is drunk out of his mind. But a gay couple that love each other and has been together for years can’t? where is the reason and sense in that?

          • john,

            You said the exact same thing about another group of people, yet you want me to explain to you why I said it.

            I don’t care who can go where and what they can do, the law shouldn’t be changed, period. No one has yet to prove to me that guys and girls have this right to marriage you speak of.

          • Idmtmedic

            Lmao and who are you? Nobody needs to prove anything to YOU. Don’t like it perhaps you can take your concerns to CON-gress and actually write a letter once in your life.

          • bill38011

            There are many, and a growing number of, states that now recognize same-sex marriage. The Supreme Court may change the law to apply to all states. If not, it will take longer, but the trend is pretty clear.

        • wrb

          That’s like the DMV saying Charles, you need to have a driver’s license to legally operate a vehicle on our roads, but we aren’t going to let you have one because you’re a man. You can’t help that, so it definitely doesn’t make it equal protection under the law. The only reason we even hear the words gay or lesbian is because they’re being discriminated against. Let them have the same rights as everyone else and you won’t hear from them as a group again. Groups are formed to protect the individual. If there’s nothing to protect them from, there’s no need for the group.

      • Brian

        500 species???!?

        Name just ONE species that are same sex that actually has sex with each other. Animals only mate to perpetuate their species, and don’t have recreational sex with each other, and same sex species can’t procreate. So I have no clue what you are talking about when you say there are homosexual species.

        • Idmtmedic

          Humans? Name another that has the intelligence to know it may be wrong to society yet are doing what is natural to them? They WANT to be shunned by family and society? Criticized and ridiculed? Now argue it is non existant? It has and IS a reality. Legal? Mmmmm well that argument is now part of the discussion. Outrage doesn’t change the reality. Religion doesn’t change it, nor does morality. It is what it is.

        • wrb

          I’ll direct you here, but you most likely won’t read it.

    • Idmtmedic

      Joe, this does NOTHING for the morale of the military. I’ve seen more than a few “married” personnel engage in adultery while deployed. The standards remain the same only the benefits are what is questioned here. People do what they do and this changes not one thing.

    • Chris

      Good bye and good ridden s. HRC is accepting your resignation immediately.

    • Skyler
  • Mel

    I’m all in favor of requiring women to sign up for selective service. But are you seriously suggesting that the military lower the physical requirements for combat positions? How about special forces? Do you know how dangerous that is? It’s wonderful that women are now granted the opportunity to fight in combat, but they absolutely should be able to meet the same physical standards as their male counterparts. If you want to throw a woman on the field who can barely lift 100 pounds just to satisfy your bloodlust, get real. You’ll end up getting more men killed in the process.

    All women now have equal opportunity to die in combat, but equal opportunity does not mean equal outcome. The fact is, most women are physically weaker and cannot meet the standards for combat. Until we invent battle suits that can overcome the strength gap, there will always be more men than women in combat positions.

  • Airman21706

    So when did you serve again and if you didn’t serve do feel quite free to shut up. Have a wonderful day!

    • Airman21706,

      So, you have to have served to post about this stuff?????

      • aaron

        I would say yes. If you havent served you have no idea what you are talking about

      • PS1 RETIRED

        Being that this is a MILITARY WEBSITE, yes, you should wither be serving or have served.

        • PS1 RETIRED

          “Either”, spelled it wrong.

  • olesalt_2000

    Doesn’t this have to be approved by Congress before the military branches can put it into effect?

    • olesalt_2000,

      Yep, the law as it is has to be appealed.

    • bill38011

      It may be possible to change the rule by Executive Order. And the Supreme Court my strike down the DOMA legislation this month.

    • Idmtmedic

      Let’s put it this way, the military can promise a shitload and promote it, advertise it, put in brochures, yet it’s not legal. Now reflect on that.

      • idmedic,

        I know what you’re taking about, but have yet to see it advertised or put in brochures. Please, feel free to direct me to an ad or brochures that talks about (FREE) health care for life.

        • Guest

          • Guest

            Anytime you would like to respond to this info, feel free…….of course do it with the QUOTES included………….and defend CON-gress.

  • Suckered

    I retired in 1975, completing 20 years of service including two combat tours in Vietnam. And for what? This kind of BS? What is wrong with people today? Our current leadership is sick. All of them, from the top down. God help us all!

    • Ralph Moerschbacher

      OOH RAA 2 tour Vietnam Veteran We do not have a military today, it is a politically correct social club.

    • Separation ofchurchandstate
      • aaron

        really how is he a bad christian because he stated his opinion. The bibile states a man will not lay with a man or a women a women. so tell me how he is a bad christian. That is what drves me nutts about this topic half of you have no active service time and want to run your mouths. I am active Navy Have been for 11 years. I could care less what people do in their private life. But keep it private. I dont want to see two guys or girls swapping spit about as much as they want to see me and my wife doing that. So do like the UCMJ says keep it to yourselves in the privacy of your home. At work as long as you do your job I have no problem. As for the beniefits I think if and unmarried gay couple should be able to get it so should a oppisite sex couple who are living together should get it as well. But you have to be careful because people same sex or oppisite will try to get extra benifits when they are not entitled that is they way of the world people trying to get one over. Honestly I dont care just keep your private life private

        • WorcesterNative

          No one is asking to share their damn personal life – simply the right to serve their damn country without you or anyone else shoving your opinion down their throat and judging who’s qualified for the job and who’s not, based on your PERSONAL opinion. We constantly have to put up with men and women swapping spit and that’s okay? Men ogling women’s breasts that are hanging out of their dresses, stupid television shows and films about wife swapping and finding a husband for some bimbo, and that’s okay? But, equal benefits for gay men and women who serve in the military is your biggest worry? How about stupid crap like how heterosexual girls dress like sluts and parents put their children on Toddlers in Tiaras?

    • Marv

      I totally agree with Suckered!!! I was a Personnel Manager for the Boeing Company for 33 years, after serving 27 years in the USAF. Boeing NEVER provided benefits for “Domestic Partners”, and I am appalled that the Military has agreed to this ridiculous change in policy. It is a drastic mistake!!!!

      • Chris

        Oh gosh. Don’t be all appalled. LOL

      • PS1 RETIRED

        Believe it or not, it was the Military that made this a choice. It was the Gay and Lesiban Groups and their lawyers, and then Congress got involved.

        It was a political move, not a Military move.

        Everyone that has served in the Military know damn well that the Millitary does what it is told or mandated by law to do.

        • PS1 RETIRED

          Meant to say, it was NOT the Military that made this choice. My mind is thinking faster than I can type.

    • Chris

      Of course. Everyone else is wrong and your are right. Dinosaur much?

    • bill38011

      In case you haven’t been keeping up with the news, marriage qualifications are defined by the states, and many (and a growing number of) states recognize same-sex marriages.

  • Pattie

    So if I’m living with my Navy partner and have been but I do not have any rights, but you are going to give rights to same sex partners. Not being equal id not fair.

    • Rosalee

      Of course they are…………………they always accommodate them…….see my reply

    • bill38011

      Marry her.

  • Rosalee

    It is perfectly okay for same gender partners to be covered why couldn’t I have same for my sister or brother who was in need?
    You can’t make it okay for them and not approve it for me and others like me and how about those who are hetero who are not married but just living together?
    Why does it always have to be special accommodation for the gay community?

    • Idmtmedic

      Rosalee, if they can’t get married then what’s your argument. Arguing a ” legal” argument is different from arguing a ” moral” one. Trust me, a moral argument for retiree benefits will get you what government promised. Legally it’s a different issue. The two do not work. What is legal is not always moral or vice versa. It’s a benefits issue and I say…………he’ll yes!

    • bill38011

      You can’t marry your brother or sister.

  • randy

    SICK what the HELL is the U S MILITARY coming to.

  • Idmtmedic

    Normal? Denying it is happening is not “normal”. Gay people exist, are real and denying it because they want to be Is ridiculous.

  • wrb

    Why can’t I post something without it getting immediately deleted. Is it possibly because I don’t agree with the majority of insensitive people who regularly leave ridiculous comments?

    • retired SCPO


  • wrb

    Is it because of my anti-religion stance? That can be the only answer. Maybe the moderator has been brainwashed by religion and cannot let anyone with a different point of view make their case. We all know that the problems that America faces with homosexuality is deeply rooted in religion and religion alone.

  • Angel

    Equality rules it states so in our constitutions! Get over your homophobic attitudes

    • Larry

      Where in the constitution does it say homosexuality is equal to heterosexuality?? Where?

      • Army Brat

        Answer: it doesn’t. Our Constitution doesn’t address sexuality. Get over yourself (and maybe borrow a history book from your kid).

    • Angel,

      The Constitution doesn speak of gays or lisbians.

      • Idmtmedic

        Tell us Charles what does it say? That ALL men are created equal? “if there be an object truly ridiculous in nature it is an American patriot signing resolutions of independence with the one hand and with the other brandishing a whip over his affrigated slaves.”

  • Marv

    How many time each year can a Military person CHANGE Domestic Partners?

    • Idmtmedic

      By the same number married personnel can and often do. The difference?

      • Chris

        Moral bankruptcy is an issue you will have to live with, not the “queers.”

      • Larry

        How do you know? Exactly what is the process for dissolution of a domestic partnership and how long does it take and who officiates the dissolution???????

        • Idmtmedic

          Larry the point is…………it’s free society. Personal relationships are just that. PERSONAL. you’re point has nothing to do with the discussion. Relating changing partners as opposed to cheating spouses has no merit.

    • Joe Navy

      Married couples duh!

  • Navy Chief

    So can my girlfriend get the same as a domestic partner? If not that’s not right

    • Chris

      It is right. A guy and girl can get married everywhere. Same sex couples can’t. It’s the most fair thing of all.

      • aaron

        its not right people are going to take advantage of this because unless something has changed their is no way to prove to personnel that they are in a legal partnership. Like I said before I could care less, but if they are going to do this they need to do it right and fair across the board

    • Joe Navy

      They have to be married!

  • howabout

    limits: one benefit only in a lifetime for one heterosexual marriage partner or one gay domestic union partnership (and up to and including only two kids in calculating BHA). Divorce and the second one you are on your own. No “marriage of convenience” circumventing Congress’ intent.

  • denyse


  • Scarpia

    This is Sodom & Gomorrah all over again!!!

  • Chris

    Homosexuality is found in the wild. It’s everywhere. Nobody forces anything on you. Stop forcing your bigotry on the gays.

    • aaron

      stop with Homesexualtity in the wild, first off anyone can type anything in wikipeidia, second animals do that to show dominance.

  • phlong

    My husband is getting furloughed so non-family members get benefits??!! Not to mention being retired of 23 years they get more benefits than we do as retirees?? Just not right!!


      You didn’t read the artile completely. They will not be getting any MONETARY benefits and nor will they be entitled to MEDICAL care according to this article.

      However, I am 100% positive, that once they get what was listed in the above article, they will be asking for ALL the other benefits married people now get. You know the old saying “Give them an inch, they’ll take a yard”…

    • retired SCPO

      Ask your husband if he had more benefits when he was active duty than now…bet he did if you were married to him then.
      If straight couples want the benefits of being married…then get married.
      Same sex couples marriage is not recognized by federal (military) hence domestic partners wording used inthis new policy.
      This policy in no way is related to your husband getting furloughed except to say it comes from the same government. I know you are frustated about the furlough, but it is a completely separate item from this new policy.

  • lou

    i was going to read the rest of but this just sickened me, we need to go back to the 1900,s more morality. these people need counseling or put out of military

  • jimmymishoe92

    how many times i got to say no no no no no no no no no you people are polluting the world with sorry morale go straght your girl or what ever i man

    • Joe Navy

      Get an education before you speak!

  • dserbin

    I totally disagree with this decision. These couples are committing a sin against God…an abomination. The Navy supporting them is absolutely wrong.

    • Proud Server

      According to a book written 3500 years ago! By the way who wrote it? You probably don’t even know.

      • dserbin

        The Bible was written by man, inspired by God. I have the Faith that what those men wrote is the truth. Just because a law was put into place 3,500 years ago does not make it an obsolete law. God said that a Man should not sleep with a Man as he would with a woman…it is an abomination! He not only said it once, He said it SIX times! How many times do you need to be told NO!

        • nydougtx

          Don’t take a single part of the Bible and hold it out if you aren’t also obeying the rest of the laws put down in Leviticus – which, by the way is in regards to the priesthood, not the ‘common man’ of the time. Work on the words of Christ, mind the log in your own eye before commenting on the splinter in someone else’s eye.

        • Joe Rivera

          Look at all of those clergy! Even Pope Francis stated that there is a “Gay Lobby” amoung the priests and bishops.

    • proud server

      Oh and you descriminating and hating, also not treating with kindness, respect and equality is also a sin according to the bible! So shuv it and shut up!

    • WorcesterNative

      You can disagree with anything, but your personal biases don’t get to dictate civil law. According to YOUR religion, homosexuality is allegedly a sin. The US is a democracy that isn’t supposed to make its laws based on one particular religion.____Further, if you wish to live in a theocracy, move to Iraq or Iran. If any man or woman is capable of serving in the US War Department, who are you to decide otherwise?

    • Should muslims serving in the military also be denied benefits? Because according to Christians they also are committing an abomination by reverencing Mohammed and calling on the name of Allah.
      Should alcholics be denied benefits? Should liars be denied benefits? Should someone who commits adultry be denied benefits? What about Jews? What about Hindus? What about atheists?

  • Joe Navy

    No They kicked you out because you where a shitbag who could not make rank!

    • Equality
  • michele

    Unless the same sex partners are legally married, they should not get the benefits. And if they do they should provide them for opposite sex partnership as well……

    • cliff

      Understand how you feel but opposite sex domestic partners have the option to marry, same sex partners do not.

  • bill38011

    Seems like most of the negative comments come from the old-timers. Like with all the polls on this subject, it’s simply not much of an issue with the younger men and women.

  • Patrice

    In the past couples always had to be married. Domestic partners were never considered dependents whether straight or gay or anything else. This decision is wrong because it is not consistent or fair, unless they start covering ALL domestic partners. In which case they would have to go back and add all those years to domestic partners who were not compensated. With the budget, I don’t think they can afford this, so we are told.

  • Carrie

    If you are going to give benefits to NON married partners, great, if your going to give benefits to only GAY NON married partners, I call BS.

    • pff


  • Steve

    Until such time as a FEDERAL law permitting same sex marriage is passed, this is a complete waste of time. I don’t want the military being the politically-correct leader. It’s bad enough the Navy pays a HUGE premium for “green” jet fuel simply to be pc.

  • Scpo retired

    This is pure garbage. I cannot get dental work, Medical is not free as promised, no eye prescriptions outside the base, because it costs too much. Yet, the lowlife politicians are now going to pay for some gays to live together. Where are the mores of the politicians? What is to stop two guys (hetros) from saying they are gay just to get benefits? It is another case of payoffs, I fear, by the glbt folks.

    • HM2

      Senior, no disrespect but I would say at least 50% of military marriages are fraudulent. That problem has existed long before gay marriage and the reality is, two straight guys are not going to get married for benefits because of both the social stigma and the ease of proving it fraudulent. I am most definitely on your side but I don’t see how GLBT getting equal rights make them the enemy. -HM2

    • pff

      heterosexuals get married all the time already! under the radar so to speak. For more pay and benefits you speak of. get over it.

  • SCPO Stan

    Don’t we really have to wait to see if the Supreme Court strikes down DOMA? If they do, married couples only. I have no problem with “EQUAL” benefits.

  • Charlie

    This- like so many things in the military makes no sense and will cost the taxpayers billions of dollars. But send me out on furlough??? Where is this magic basket of money been hiding? I get no raises, put on furlough, work for the DOD and then they choose to do this with the money saved off my back? A personal (morally wrong decision) should not get corporate support like this. All veterans who have served honorably are rolling in their graves and only ones who choose to be PC will support this sinful course of action.

  • Gary

    I can see it now. Every Tom, Dick, and Harry will be signing up to get benefits and maybe CLAIMING to be gay for the extra bucks. This decision has opened a PANDORA’s BOX for the Navy. Our politico’s have turned our GREAT NATIONAL DEFENSE into a pansy filled service. They are forcing SOCIAL EXPERIMENTS on our Navy when the primary reason for our military is to be at the ready to KILL PEOPLE and DESTROY THINGS in defense of our country. I am happy that I retired before having to participate in the pansification of our Great Navy.

    AMHC(AW) Retired



    • SeaBee Daddy

      You don’t think straight people have sham marriages just for the benefits?

      • Gary

        It’s possible that they do but does that justify opening another GAPING HOLE for which to throw money? (pun intended)

      • SeaBee Daddy,

        Pointing somewhere else and saying look at this isn’t an argument, it only a distraction. One has nothing to do with the other.

    • IC1 Vet

      At least regarding this, what bucks? MWR benefits? Access to the Commissary? Did you happen to read it Chief?

    • Enlightened

      I’m glad that you retired, as well. We need service members that actually believe in the freedoms we are sworn to defend. Of course this change will be difficult, but it’s the right thing to do.

      Navy CAPT Retired

      • Enlightened,

        The law as it stands now, says “Marriage is between a Man and Women”. So you like to see those in the military not supporting the law, but going against the law, and you find that respeakful.

        • Idmtmedic

          Slavery used to be legal Charles? Are you saying that NOT agreeing with the “legal” side of things is moral?

    • CS1(SCW) Retired

      I also am glad I retired before they started caving to every left leaning political action group

    • Army Brat

      We’re happy you retired, too. Homophobic and sexist dinosaurs such as yourself are the problem in today’s military. Hope you are able to make the transition to being a stodgy old fart instead of KILLING PEOPLE and DESTROYING THINGS.

      • Army Brat,

        LMMFAO, so if I disagree with you, I have a chose of being Homophobic and/or a Sexist Dinosaur! LOL, boy, that is a hell of an argument for benefits for gays and lisbians in the Navy.

        • Idmtmedic

          So again it’s your legal stance? Religious? Moral? If the supreme court says it’s ok then what’s your stance?

    • Richard

      I am very glad your out of the military also. I am a proud GAY military memeber who is married to my husband and i have been to war 4 times shot and killed and saved the lives of whos who hate gays like YOU. What difference does it make if I am say or straight as long as i save ur life when needed on the battle field. The Navy has balls unlike you.

      Bremerton WA

  • sleeperd

    “Ex-Navy SEAL writes book about coming out as a woman”
    “Navy to offer benefits to same-sex couples”
    “Two Star relieved in sexual assault investigation”
    “McCain advises women to avoid the military”

    These are the first 4 articles in a “military news” outlet.

    WTF is wrong with this picture??

  • Arthur

    Opposing individuals to the change that will transpire, life evolves with or without your consent. I’m glad the US Military is being a leader in this matter. I salute the President for his admirable actions.


    • Wake Up !!

      The President is not the ultimate judge in this matter. He is a leader of sheep right now. Repeat after me… “Baaaaaa”. God will be everyone’s judge. Including what’s his name.

    • Guest

      While I agree with what you said about obama, to call PN1 a loser because he retired as an E-6 is outrageous and crass. Some rates are very hard to advance in. The man/woman server their 20 years and deserves better, even if his political views are messed up.
      What I find disgusting is why, after all that obama has done to this country, would anyone vote to re-elect him.
      It is very sad that our first African-American President will be judged in history as the most inept, corrupt, wasteful, subversive, destructive, and divisive President ever. A man twice elected because of the color of his skin rather than the content of his character.

      • retired SCPO

        I voted for Obama because of what he stands for and does inspite of the other party and their ‘my way, or the hiway’ attitude. Bush got us into this war by lying to us about /////////////wmd. , Clinton got a blow job while commander in chief…etc….etc….
        Stay on topic and away from your politics…take that somewhere else

    • Larry

      They aren’t being a leader, they are going with the liberal flow. Pitiful.

    • IC1 Vet

      Yeah, I remember when the smoking lamp went out in the enlisted lounge and on the mess decks. You would have thought the end of the world was coming.

  • 100%

    I have supported this President on many fronts. Now I feel “backdoored” this is really dugusting. I spent 26 years making this country safe for draft dodgers and wimps to set on the sidelines and complain about military benefits. Now those same people are making laws that will stain the Navy I served forever. What did I miss, I know submarine life is long working hours, hectic living conditions and sleep (?) . I delivered several babies while Active Duty and worked in the Nursery and pediatrics. I also worked in vital statictics, I never saw “GAY” as a sex of a child. Where did this new sex come from. Finally I was alwys proud to be an Eagle Scout, who tell their children that they are not a “Boy” not a “Girl” they are GAY. The worst drout in 300 years, The worst Tornado destruction ever, The summers are hotter, floods more devastating, Man is becoming more cruel. Are these the last days…I am starting to hope so “I hate so see what we do next”

    • SCPO

      Amen Brother!!! Most of our military brothers will scoff and laugh at us. That’s ok. When the Rapture takes place, they will be in bewilderment as to where did they all go !! See ya there !!

    • Steve

      If you “supported ” the pos you got EXACTLY what you deserve.

  • SCPO retired

    I am a retired senior chief. I don’t see what you are all getting so upset about. Nobody is getting any less or more benefits than anyone else. With marriage to a service member comes benefits that we all enjoy and need. Relax and enjoy the ride..Nobody is kicking you off the bus. Personally I am glad we are at the forefront of recognizing the equality of all our service members, and will be treating them equally.

    • SCPO

      Try getting those same benefits for a heterosexual domestic (read unmarried) couple. Not a chance in hell.

      Another retired SCPO

      • retired SCPO

        If they want the bennies, then the heterosexual should get married…they will even get medical. Same sex people cannot get federal recognition for their marriage, hence the “domestic partner” wording. If this is not taking anything away from you….why would you care?? I sure the hell don’t.

    • SCPO

      I too am a retired SCPO and I think you are off your rocker and it is obvious as to what “persuasion” you are. I am “old Navy” and don’t condone the governments continued lack of morality or any current or prior member. WE HAVE TO PAY FOR THESE ADDITIONAL COST!! Open your eyes people. Where will it end?? Next, brother and sister will be allowed in marriage and the government will ask us to pay for their government sanctioned “benefits” to be at the “forefront” of recognizing our decadence. THANK GOD I AM NOT IN TODAYS MILITARY !!!. For my fellow SCPO, you must have a lot more money than I and I can’t afford to “relax and enjoy the ride”. Neither can my grandkids nor theirs, nor YOURS. GOD BLESS AMERICA !!! and get rid of OMMama.

      • retired SCPO

        I’m straight….so I guess if you are different……
        I am glad I am not in the Navy today, as well. We had our things to deal with, and they have theirs.

        A s for the costs…I am glad you will pay for their benefits with your tax money… taxes go for “Saving the whales project.”..

        Thank you President Obama……You’re the best.

  • BM3 Moore

    So does this mean that they will get medical coverage for getting sick from aids if they get it. As a tax payer I really don’t want to have to pay for medical coverage for someone living an immoral life style.

    • Joe Rivera

      You already are…it is called taxes…they collect SSI among other benefits…get over it!

    • USN-Ret

      Really? What about the treatment that is given to treat our troops for STD’s. The long lines outside of sick call when our Navy ships leave Korea, Naples, Thailand and many other ports aren’t for flu shots. Is this not immoral?

  • Lou Pohl

    If same sex couples can now receive benefits, though unmarried, then the next logical step is to provide unmarried heterosexual couples with those additional benefits. If the DoD thinks personnel costs are too high now, then wait until it has to start paying for the additional benefits incurred as a result of such short-sighted, albeit politically correct, decisions. Does anyone logically believe the DoD can bear up under such an expected heavy financial load without compromising the mission of the military services? I don’t think so.

  • HMCS/USN(Ret)

    I get so discouraged when I see some of these above comments. I retired last August following 39+ years of active/reserve service. My partner of 18 years is several years from his 20-year reserve retirement. We live in New York State — but are awaiting the DOMA decision before deciding to get married. The difference between gay & straight couples in non-marriage states is that straight couples have the option to marry if they so wish. During my partners year-long 2009-2010 mobilization to Afghanistan I had all of the daily worries & concerns which any spouse has during a combat deployment — but I had none of the family support resources which have been available to ‘traditional families’. If you look closely at the history of both the civil rights & women’s movements — you will realize that the US Military has been at the forefront of change in society. Those of you who use our Christian Scriptures to condemn homosexuality & justify denial of equal rights are no different from those who used Scripture to justify slavery, discrimination, segregated military, and keeping women ‘barefoot & pregnant’. Society is moving on and you are being left in the dust. Those of us who are Gay & Lesbian military families serve, suffer & grieve and deserve no less than any other service family.

  • Steve

    SICK bastards the Navy has become, to think the old timers used to bitch about Zumwalt! HA!!!!!

    Just one more thing the bastard in the WH SNAFUed

  • Failedreason

    Since when did same sex marriage become an equal rights issue? Every man and woman has the same equal right to marry someone of the opposite sex. If it’s really about equality, as many argue, then the same argument can be made to support incest, polygamy, etc.

  • Robert Masters.

    It’s about time . . . ! I’ve been sitting, watching this debate go on for far too many years and it’s time has come; it’s time for this nation, this military to change. Our society and culture are constantly evolving, and we’ve got to leave the old prejudices behind. I’m glad that the Navy has taken this step to give same-sex partners the benefits that other “married” couples are allowed. One of my most favorite people, my sister-in-law, is a lesbian, and I truly believe had the military been different in her time then she would’ve made one hell of a sailor! Kudos to those who finally took the initiative to put this into effect.
    Robert L. Masters Sr., QMC (SW), USN (Ret.)

  • Kim

    This truly ticks me off. If they are gonna get benefits then couples of opposite sex you lives together should be treated the same way and give all the benefits the gays are being offered!!!!!!!!!!!!! Liberals disgust me! Liberals are destroying our Military and our Country! All you have to do is look at any Liberal State and/or City and the proof is in their taxes, budgets and communist laws!

    • Kim what benefits do gay couples receive that straight couples do not? I think you have it backwards. The benefits mentioned above are already offered to straight couples plus a WHOLE lot more that are still NOT offered to gay couples due to DOMA. But based on your use of grammar I suspect you had limited access to education, therefore it’s hard for me to be too critical of your lack of ability to comprehend the actual state of affairs.

    • Army Brat

      Put down the tin foil hat and back away from the TV set! Fox News as a steady diet is not a Good Thing. Guess what? Most of those “Liberal” states and cities are places people *want* to live. Most of them are economically prosperous, whereas many of the right wing nut job cities/Bible belt states are floundering economically. Evolve, already.

  • Patrick

    So do same sex couples get to sleep next to each other in a bunk room aboard ship? How’ bout hetero-sexual couples aboard a ship? Do they have a married bunkroom like they have married dorms? Just askin…

    • IC1 Vet


  • Lead

    The Navy is going to give “partners” benifits? At the same time the DoD is laying-off all Dod employees eleven days this summer. What great leadership we have at the DoD!!!

  • SKCS Smith

    I proudly served my country for 26 years. My partner was with me all the way, but we could not disclose our relationship. She was my biggest supporter. She always made sure my uniform was inspection ready. She was as proud as I was to serve in the Navy. We did not get to enjoy any benefits that a hetero-sexual couple received. We accepted the way the Navy was run, even if we did not agree with everything. I’m very proud to have served and extremely proud that the Navy is leading the way for equal benefits for all. God made me the way i am and he loves me, just as I am.

    • Suzanne

      Homosexuality IS NOT the way that God makes anyone and it is against His will. Man shall NOT lie with man in the same way that man lies with woman. Leviticus 18:22. It’s an abomination.

  • Patty AO1

    Why not? Life is better when you have a partner. Shouldn’t matter if that partner is of the same or opposite sex. If someone is gainfully employed, pays their taxes, and abides by the law…is there something wrong with that? 100 years from now it isn’t going to matter.

  • Joey
  • Navy Spouse

    Congrats to the Navy. We are finally catching up with the rest of the civilized world where branches of the armed forces have recognized and given equal benefits to same-sex spouses for many years. The voices of the reTIRED are fading and the voice of a new generation is rising up – a stronger Navy is on the horizon.

  • Pamela Nowlin

    What about hetero-sexual domestic partners? Are they going to be covered also?