Army, Air Force, and Marines Reinstate Tuition Assistance

April 10, 2013 | Terry Howell

Army officials announced the reinstatement of the Tuition Assistance program today. The program will pick up were it left off, meaning that eligibility rules have not changed and tuition coverage will remain  at 100% for the remainder of the fiscal year.

According  to the Air Force Times, Chief Master Sergeant of the Air Force, James Cody, said that the Air Force will reinstate tuition assistance around mid-April. Like the Army, the Air Force will fully reinstate the program with no new limitations or restrictions.

The Marine Corps announced that they will also reinstate tuition assistance on Thursday April 11, but with some new limits. The new policy will effectively reduce the funding. In addition, the reinstatement is not retroactive, meaning that Marines who enrolled prior to reinstatement of the TA program will not be eligible to receive TA reimbursement. The Marine Corps will issue details in a soon to be released MARADMIN message.

The Navy was the only service not to suspend tuition assistance and the Coast Guard has yet to issue any statement regarding the restart their tuition assistance  programs.

Read the full Stars and Stripes article on the Army TA Restart on

About Terry Howell

Before becoming the Managing Editor for, Terry served 20 years in the U.S. Coast Guard as an Aviation Electrician’s Mate and aircrewman. In his final role in the Coast Guard, Terry served as a Career Development Advisor, where he provided career, finance, education, and benefits counseling to servicemembers and their families. Since retiring from the Coast Guard, Terry has authored the book, The Military Advantage, managed the content for TurboTap, the DoD's online transition program and VAforVets, the VA's transition assistance website. Terry earned both his Bachelor's and MBA at Corban University using Military Tuition Assistance and his GI Bill benefits to help cover the cost.


  1. I believe nothing that you publish. Controlled by a tyrant, not even born in the U.

    S., according to his own proclamations in videos widely published on the Internet, all during his run for the Senate. He is a fake. You are fools.

  2. And no one will notice that little bit that was skimmed of the top for the WH sequester party and Biden's half million dollar hotel bills…and other nefarious ways in which our tax dollars are misspent.

    • chas wilson says:

      Yes.. like the 21 vacations that the two tyrants have taken at YOUR expense since Dec. 2012. The tyrants will continue until we will not recognize this nation and they will allow nothing to deter them. Millions are now leaving the U.S. Can anyone blame them? I follow. Ecuador here I come. Freedom. Nothing is worth nothing without Freedom.

    • Idmtmedic says:

      Nice to be the kings? I could have sworn that a sequester was going on……ohhhh wait that's just for the common people.

  3. us marine says:

    plz let me finish my gi bill…

  4. all4nuthin says:
  5. all4nuthin says:
  6. for the fiscal year but that ends sept 30th.

  7. Army Mom Vet says:

    I think it is absolutely reprehensible that our government would cut TA for our military, while continuing to pay for illegal immigrants tuition (Dream Act) and while so much misappropriations of funds still takes place at almost every level of or government. Shame on all of our elected officials that continue to line their own pockets and neglect to take care of the very people that protect them!

    • Idmtmedic says:

      I agree!!!!!! So if military service is their path to citizenship, does that make it an incentive, a benefit, or an entitlement?

      • idmedic,

        The military does not allow illegal immigrants to enlist.

        • Idmtmedic says:

          They didn't let gay and lesbians enlist either. Your telling me CON-gress can't change that? You have read the "Dream Act"? The military does what Congress TELLS them to do.

          • idmedic,

            "They didn't let gay and lesbians enlist either."

            Now that is a lie, they did allow them to enlist.

            "The policy prohibited military personnel from discriminating against or harassing closeted homosexual or bisexual service members or applicants, while barring openly gay, lesbian, or bisexual persons from military service."

            idmedic, you always seem to leave out the details in almost all your discussions.

            idmedic, you ask if I've read the "Dream Act", I'm guessing you mean the Federal version and not one of what serveral States have.

            Do me favor, could you link me to the Federal Dream Act passed by our Congress and the P. L. that is on the books at this time. I know you going to tell me to look it up myself, I tried, and can't find it. Since you brought it up, the least you could do is link me too it.

            PS: And no, Congress can't force the military to go against what is in the Constitution.

          • Idmtmedic says:

            Didn't as in past tense Charles. The constitution says what about illegal aliens? The Dream Act wasn't passed Charles,. I am sure your research shows that POTUS bypassed them and signed off portions himself. Similar to ALOT of other things he has done. Now back to those CUTS.

          • Idmtmedic says:

            Your link? Try fact check.

          • idmedic,

            Exactly my point, there is not link, because the "Dream Act" was never passed. LMAO

            I sincerly hope you've learned something here today. The good that comes from this new knowledge I've given you, is that I'm not going to charge you a dime.

            Later Gator

          • idmedic, Part 1

            LMAO, here you go.

            "Rule of Naturalization

            Article I of the United States Constitution gives Congress the authority to establish a "uniform rule of naturalization" for non-citizens. This amendment allows Congress to create a uniform standard by which legal or illegal immigrants may be naturalized as citizens of the United States. Because this power is given to the Congress, no state may create its own rules and procedures for naturalization.

            Elected Executives

            Article II, Section 1 of the Constitution allows that only a citizen born in the United States may serve as president of the United States. No person who has received citizenship through naturalization will be eligible to become president of the United States. This effectively means that only a naturally born citizen of the United States may serve as vice president since the vice president is first in line for the presidency should the president be unable to fulfill his obligations to the nation. The later adopted twelfth amendment to the United States Constitution formally prohibits any individual that is constitutionally ineligible to serve as president, from being eligible to serve as vice president."

          • Idmtmedic says:

            Did I miss a reply that was deleted???? Says 3 hours ago??? I have known the Dream Act wasn't passed YET, however it does not explain the actions taken by Obama in regards to this issue and CON-gress. So how about those TA cuts that aren't cut YET. I'm also waiting for a response on the new budget increases for TRICARE? Seems to me the Increases are ALOT more than COLA until 2018? Ohhh sorry different article…………no comment?

          • idmedic, Part 2

            "Citizenship Standard

            The fourteenth amendment to the Constitution sets forth the standard by which a person is considered a citizen of the United States. Every person born in the United States is a citizen, as well as all people who have been naturalized in this country. This amendment also disallows states from establishing or enforcing laws that will trample on the liberties or immunities of citizens of the United States."

            Glad you finally figured out the "Dream Act" you keep talking about ISN"T. Don't know why you keep using it in your conversations as if the "Dream Act" is Law, but then again, you may have just found out today it isn't Law because of my challenge to you.

          • Idmtmedic says:

            Now Charles, very nice info. Fact check, dream act by Obama

          • No, they don't do what the Congress tell them to do, they do what the President tell them to do. Congress is not part of the Militaries Chain of Command.

          • Idmtmedic says:

            Ok guess CON-gress doesn't decide our entitelments? They also FUND whatever the president tells us to do.

    • charles wilson says:

      YOU see ONLY the nose of the camel. CONGRESS is totally corrupt. Not that many years ago we had the $500 toilet seats. Now we have Winchester rifles that YOU are purchasing at a cost of $16,000 EACH. You see, WINCHESTER folded to the Obama and the NY State communist infiltrator with Billions of $$s, POWER CORRUPTS. MONEY IS POWER. OUR country is being overthrown. Where the hey are the American people?? Are we, is our nation, so populated by uneducated morons that THEY do NOT see what is being done to them?

  8. Jennifer Watt says:

    If each polititian take one trip off this year that is funded by us, there would be no need to furlough our government employees that are supporting our troops in the field and cut benefits to our Soldiers who are defending our freedom.

  9. USMC RET. says:


    • USMC RET.,

      Well, you've got to remember, it is Congress that holds the purse strings. I really waiting to see what is going to happen when DOD starts to cut other things. I mean, the cuts are coming for sure.

  10. They did this about a week ago, why keep writing about this stuff? Everybody should be writting about, why the Military had to consider suspending tution assistance in the first place.

  11. neville link says:

    IT really a shame how this country opreate,if there no middle class we all be in trouble.