Sequestration Hits Army Tuition Assistance

Earlier this week the Marine Corps moved to halt tuition assistance for new enrollees in response to the sequestration. On Thursday, March 7, 2013, the Army announced they will also suspend all tuition assistance enrollments.

The following message details the Army’s decision:

Due to the current fiscal challenges, the Secretary of the Army has approved the suspension of Tuition Assistance (TA) effective 1700 EST Friday, 8 Mar 13.  The suspension applies to all components and will remain effect until the fiscal situation matures.

Effective 1700 EST 8 Mar 13, Soldiers will no longer be permitted to submit new requests for Tuition Assistance through the GoArmyEd portal.  Soldiers currently enrolled and participating in courses approved for tuition assistance are not affected and will be allowed to complete current course(s) enrollment.

Soldiers can continue to access their GI Bill benefits, if applicable (either the Montgomery GI Bill (MGIB) or the Post 9/11 GI Bill), or use another funding sources (i.e. grants, scholarships, or Army National Guard Soldiers using state Tuition Assistance). Soldiers should be encouraged to contact their local education centers for additional information.  Updated information will also be posted to

The Army understands the impacts of this decision and will re-assess as the fiscal situation matures.

Army Strong!

Let your elected officials and DoD know how you feel about the decision to cut tuition assistance.

About the Author

Terry Howell
Before becoming the Managing Editor for, Terry served 20 years in the U.S. Coast Guard as an Aviation Electrician’s Mate and aircrewman. In his final role in the Coast Guard, Terry served as a Career Development Advisor, where he provided career, finance, education, and benefits counseling to servicemembers and their families. Since retiring from the Coast Guard, Terry has authored the book, The Military Advantage, managed the content for TurboTap, the DoD's online transition program and VAforVets, the VA's transition assistance website. Terry earned both his Bachelor's and MBA at Corban University using Military Tuition Assistance and his GI Bill benefits to help cover the cost.
  • Nicholas Dittbrender

    Well then, as a fresh private whos been working on his TA packet, this sure does put a damper on my 5 year plan. Ahooah…

    • RJ Becknal
      • Idmtmedic

        Unless of course you die for those benefits in a foreign land.

      • RL Becknal,

        High Five.

      • Dylan

        As a private, your probably not over 24 years old (maybe though). Therefore you do still fall under your parents income and still have to submit all of their financial information to recieve financial aide. Maybe you havent seen your parents in 5 years and they wont even speek to you.. doesn’t matter. If you are under 24 the only financial information that the Financial aide office cares about is your parents. I tried to get financial aid in South Carolina when i was 20 years old, in the National Guard, working full time, and single. Even though I explained that i support myself and do not have a posative relationship with my parents, no aide no matter what because I was not over 24. I had to submit my parents income that in no way corilated the amount of money I actualy made.

        • Heather R
          • SPC B
        • lp
        • Damo
        • Pamela

          That wasn’t true for me. I received the Pell Grant at the age of 21 and did not have to give my parents financial information. That was in AL and my newphew received the Pell Grant at 19 in NC and did not have to give his parents financial information. I just had to provide tax returns that showed my parents did not claim me as an exemption.

        • college admissions specialist
          • Lonney
        • stephanie
      • andrew

        Why exactly would it be easy to secure financial aid? you are still under your parents finances until you get married, turn 25 or have a child. The point of his post is that these are things that go into making the decision to deal with as much bull shit as we do. If he wanted to use a pell grant he could have got a job at walmart.

    • to good for you

      All a soldier has to do is have a sheet signed by ther CO and turn it in. Not that big of a deal. All privates are motivated to do stuff once they first arrived but never follow through with it

    • Jamie

      Not sure what “working on a TA packet” means. It’s a pre-typed 3 page letter that just requires 2 signatures, yours and that of your Commander or someone of rank.

      • JP
        • andrew

          actually you need to fill out the pre information. Then you need to go to your CO and wait for him to finally fill it out. Then you need to go back submit a degree plan, which at most community colleges changes every year as some classes come and go for other ones. Once they accept your degree plan, you need to register for the classes. Assuming you get into the classes that are on your degree plan you then need to fill it out and wait for approval. If the classes on your degree plan are full, or require pre reqs. you need to get the school to change your degree plan, submit that to FTA and wait for them to approve.

    • Joe

      Sorry Nick. It shames me not only as a tax paying civilian now, but as a veteran that you all have to endure the petulant children AKA our Congress (left or right of the aisle) cutting something like this.

      I will be writing mine Senator- I hope you write yours!

    • Party Pooper

      Go out and kill some people in a foreign country in the name of freedom and hope you survive. There’ll be a lot more benefits if you go that route.

  • Nicholas Dittbrender,

    Someone on the other blog (Marine Corps to Stop Tuition Assistance) mentioned using Pell Grants as an alternative. I’m not an expert on this, but just wanted to pass that along.

    • Idmtmedic

      Anybody smell sulfur?

    • college admissions specialist
  • People should be seriously pissed off.


    • There are still many doors open.

      Montgomery GI Bill (MGIB) or Post 9/11 GI Bill, and/or Grants, Scholarships and Army Nation Guard Soldiers State Tuition Assistance.

  • Mutt

    Go to your local UMUC office. They’ll help you with financial aid and VA options.

    • steven
      • steven,

        If your intention is to give the GI Bill to your kids, then you have no need for Tuition Assistance.

        • Damo
  • Scott

    The point of Army Tuition Assistance is to make it easy for the troops to get education funding. Having to take out Pell Grants or alternative sources for education funding that could cause these Soldiers longterm debt should be seen as counter operational as it will undoubtedly play a part in the lowering of health morale and welfare. The idea was to make education funding one less thing for them to worry about. Idiots and Criminals in the decision making chairs. It is pathetic.

    • Damo
    • joe
  • joe

    Welcome to the real world is all I can say. As Soldier myself, I admit that the military bascially throws money at me every month. I pay no electricuty, no heat, and if i have rent, i get extra money for that. At some point, Soldiers need to remember the “selfless service” aspect of military life. No more free school? Use the wad of cash that many of us drink away or spend on brand new cars. Our grandfathers only wanted cigarettes…..

    • Denny
      • Denny,

        Tuition Assistance is free money. Yea you work, and you get paid for it. As for it being a Social Benefit, bullchit, you’ve got the GI Bill, which now even give’s you money for books and pays you E-6 BAQ Monthly. Yep, your in the military you get paid for what you do, the least you deserve is to be paid for that job. Again, you have the GI Bill, use it.

        • Thomas

          You actually get paid E5 without dependent BAH, but you do not receive the book stipend or BAH if you are currently on Active Duty and using the GI Bill.

          • Damo
          • Edward

            No. It’s actually E5 without dependents.

          • David

            Doesn’t matter if you havent been in long enough to collect GI bill. No way to get promoted without civilian ed promotion points, and no way to pay for that education. If they wanted people to quit the army they just chose a good incentive. I was 4 coures away from eligibility into the PA program, Dont have the 5 grand I need to pay for those, sucks to be me.

          • Edward,

            “Monthly housing allowance equal to the BAH payable for an E-5 with dependents (located in the zip code of the educational institution where the individual is enrolled).”


          • Thomas,

            Thanks for the correction.

        • Ryan Jones

          If you are on active duty and going to college, losing the TA is a big blow. I can use my post 9/11 GI Bill but I would basically be wasting it in a sense. Post University only charges me the $4,500 a year which is equal to TA. My post 9/11 benefit is worth up to $3,000 a month with the tuition payment, stipend and books. if I am on active duty using my 9/11 GI Bill I am not able to collect the stipend. Also, if I use my 9/11 benefit that is less that I can transfer to my kids which is what I was planning on doing.

          I don’t think that the TA is gone forever but it may be unavailable for a couple of months which still hurts.

          • What’s next

            Think again…

        • Here’s another one

          Oh, my goodness. We were promise TA and it should be available for the soldier. I have always paid out of pocket because I can but most young soldiers cannot.

          Some do not have the same opportunity as others. I think the GI bill should be used for the child/children. They are the ones that had to endure our frequent deployments.

        • Idmtmedic

          Lmao, only -10 thumbs down? Your reputation is catching up. Keep your “non-support” of education and medical benefits coming.

        • Doppel

          Tuition Assistance is the same a student graduating high school and getting a scholarship to go to college. So it may be “free money” but is damn well deserved for all soldiers. If you used you GI Bill to go to college, you being losing a big chunk of what you would have gotten to support yourself when you got out of the army.

      • Not to mention how it will impact retention.

        I’m no longer on active-duty and live in the real world. The reason for those benefits is that for the hours, time away from home (whether deployment or in the field), and inherit dangers that come with the job, the pay is GARBAGE! As a civilian, with a cushy desk job, completely predictable hours and days, and no time away from home, I make a hell of lot more $$ than I ever did as an enlisted Soldier. And that’s after I pay bills.

        • Civilian or bragger

          What is the point you are trying to make?

    • Rachel

      Throw money at us?! I’d love the military job you have. I pay rent, utilities, and live quite modestly with my family and there is no wad of cash at the end of the day. I can’t afford a new car nor can we afford booze and cigarettes if we wanted them… TA is part of the reason my husband came in, now to take that promise away is wrong.

      • Rachel,

        Bull, no one promised you hubby TA. Benefits come and go like they always have, and they will continue to come and go. The problem with many in the Service, is that once Congress gives us something extra, many of us feel that we are now ENTITALED to that, and no one should ever take it away.

        • thomas

          ENTITLED, at least I think that is what you were spelling.

          • whatthe
          • DocCarter
          • DocCarter
        • Spelled Entitled

          I think you should have used TA for a couple of English classes. entitled

        • Idmtmedic

          What he actually meant was hypocrit.
          Retirement is free money according to him. We didn’t pay for it but HE is ok with that?

      • joe snuffy

        you also dont have to come in to work on the weekend everyweekend

        • David

          Actually I do, and I stay in the field for weeks at a time, also I pull 24 hour shifts, also I can be deployed and away from my family for a year.

      • Damo
        • John

          Yes but it was also a glamorous reason to enlist in the first place.

    • Cuff
    • Matt

      This dude is speaking truth though. We may not be “BALLIN UNCONTROLLABLY” but we have enough to sustain. We are supposed to be “serving the country”, not have the country serve us. I mean, don’t get me wrong, I was planning on this TA and now I am kinda screwed because I have to foot a very large bill… but that is something I have to do for me. Your tax dollars are not there to send me to college. In the grand scheme of things, we do receive a lot in terms of discounts, helping measures, healthcare, GI BILL, BAH, BAS and a slew of other things. We may not live like rockstars, but the military is not and should not be a for profit venture. If a butler demanded that the family he serves pay all of his medical and college, he would be fired. Obviously, military service is different than being a butler, but I’m just trying to drive home the point of “sacrifice” and “service”

      • SPC. Meyer

        TA is a major contributor in our Jr. Enlisted earning the promotion points needed to progress in their career.… . Now, you try telling a young pvt., pv2 or even pfc, working for peanuts, that they now either have to start the 4 year timer on their GI Bill and NOT take FULL advantage of the benefits within that program, or simply do without. What if that young person was you? Being in the field for a month straight, not being able to attend a university, MAYBE being able to utilize an online instituion (many of which to do take anything other than credit card payments or tuition assistance) all the while being told that you are forgetting about sacrifice??? What’s next, are you gonna tell an amputee to suck it up and move with a purpose?!??!!

        • Paratrooper

          SPC Meyer…you preach it! That whole timer thing had me going! I love it. A young educated person like yourself can gain so much more knowledge with the help of TA and help lead our future generations of the military. I’m glad young soldiers are just as passionate about their education as I am. Keep pushing for our TA return!

        • SPC. Meyer,

          “TA is a major contributor in our Jr. Enlisted earning the promotion points needed to progress in their career.”

          I disagree about it being “major”. All one needs to do, is go to the link you posted and see what is “magor” and what isn’t.

          No one needs to tell the Private or Private First Class anything. If he is smart enough to have leaned and used the TA, I’m sure he is smart enough to to find out what he needs to do now since TA is gone.

          Trust me, it isn’t the end of the world as some here seems to portray. Trust me on this, I was around after Nam and saw the changes then and have seen the changes since, and the service will survive.

          • Idmtmedic

            Lmao yes it will. You have been out how long now? 2 deployments? Yet you feel relevant to pay and or deployments or pay?

      • Taja

        I think that many of you are only thinking that the TA suspension only affects those who are on Active Duty, but it also affects those who are members of the AR or NG. For some, yes you may have extra money to spend during the month, but some of us do not. As an AR, I definitely do not make much considering I am part time, but I’m also a full-time student. A full-time, out-of-state student. I pay for school out of pocket and I use, well, used TA to help pay for school. Some of us don’t have loads of money to blow on cigarrettes and alcohol. I understand that cuts had to be made, and I definitely know and understand the meaning behind the Army Values. We’re not claiming that the military is a for profit venture, but I also think that those cuts could have been made someplace else. And aside from how grateful I am for military discounts, they don’t really amount to anything.

        Some aren’t even making enough to sustain. And as mean as it may sound, if prisoners can get free health care, free food, and even an education for some, (all at my expense) why should I not be entitled to free education benefits? And yes, I said entitled. We all make sacrifices. However you don’t see many people, if any, volunteering to take a pay cut on Capitol Hill do you? Our job is to serve our country yes, but we also deserve something in return. I have never met anyone who has said they would do it all for the pay alone, because honestly it’s not that great. Military personnel sacrifice A LOT! An education shouldn’t be one of those sacrifices.

      • old sailor

        Wow,speaking as a veteran myself, yours is the most honorable post I’ve seen. Thank you for your service and honorable attitude.


      you’re sir are a dumb jackass. The whole point of TA is to have an educated military. Mainly enlisted so that they can serve with their officer counter parts and not be doubted because they are lacking a degree. Not to mention I think TBI, PTSD, missing limbs, lives and families are MORE than enough payment for having someone take care of our schooling.

      • Gaskin

        “The whole point of TA is to have an educated military.”

        LMAO, not true, not true at all. Look up the history of TA.

    • SkySoldier

      Just reading your post proves why we need tuition assistance you uneducated moron. The Soldiers of today are our leaders of tomorrow. This is on of the worst mistakes I’ve experienced in my 5 years in the United States Army. Take some English courses when you’re able, you illiterate fuck…

    • Brad

      Shut the fuck up bitch

    • Lance

      NO. ALOT of people joined the military with the expectation of certain things. A education being one of them. The simple fact is they should not be messing with these enlistment benefits.

      If they said no more per-diem you all would be in a up-roar, but because its school, and most never take advantage of it, you think its fine…

      IF anything, these cuts need to be redirected to NON-esential programs like child-care services, Family Advocacy Programs, and the VAST over employment of civilians to do jobs military could and used to handle.

      • Jo Mama

        I don’t agree with what you said on cutting the child-care services, and FAP are great programs that really need to continue to operate. They have helped many families dealing with deployments, stress, etc related to our job. However, I 100% completely agree with cutting a lot of these civilian jobs that are no longer necessary. We are not on a 6month rotation to Iraq/Afghanistan anymore op tempo has slowed down. Why pay a civilian E6 pay when he/she is doing the job an e3/e4 can do? Why aren’t we downsizing the civilian workforce more so than the Army? I also think there are many worthless soldiers who just are a waste of space and time. But that’s leadership’s fault, chapter those fools out!! If they keep getting in trouble, or can’t meet the standard, kick them out of our Army!

        • Jo Mama,

          Your point proves my point, in that no matter what DOD cuts, someone will always say not in my back yard. Too many folks think the the Military is there to serve them not the other way around.

    • Navy Vet

      You’re an idiot!

    • Ken

      Let me tell you something, that free money is money you work for. Im retired and I am a civilian now. You have no idea what you give up. Additinall, out here when that time bell rings, no one stays, no one volunteers, no one has their liberty secured. And guess what, you are still not paid anywhere near what your civilian counterpart is. I make $110,000 a year now, I work only 40 hours a week and have no stress. In the Navy, I worked a minimum of 80 hours a week, had more stress than any civilian, and was on call 24/7 with some higher ranking person telling me constantly I hadnt done enough this month for my country. You derserve every penny and more my brothers and sisters.

      • Paratrooper

        Thanks Ken, somebody that has been there and understands. We keep hollaring about leaders need to be educated especially our NCOs need to be equally educated like our officer counterparts. Why take away the education outlet? They just don’t know how big of a motivator this TA was! No idea!

        • Paratrooper,

          You watch and see, those wanting to get ahead in the service will, even without the TA. It has always been that way and will be that way when those that are unhappy about not getting TA anymore and deside not to reenlist. Once this happens let me know how that Civilian TA is going????? LOL

    • stephanie
      • stephanie,

        Free money when it comes to TA, is the cost of the course one is attending, not having to pay for it, because TA is paying for it. Does this explain it better, or should I go on?????

        • Idmtmedic

          Is retirement free money?

          • idmedic,

            What is your opinion about TA?????

          • Idmtmedic

            What is your opinion about retirement?

    • wow. Really?!

      @joe… TA is also for other branches, like the national guard, who DO NOT get their electricity, heat, rent, cable, etc paid for. They have full time jobs outside the military. And while they do not do it full tme, they still sacrifice for their country. My fiance has been to iraq 3 times, kosovo, guatemala, and afganistan. He is going back to school to finish his degree. After serving for 14 years, being deployed so many times, VOLUNTEERING for some of those deployments, and asking for nothing in return, except to be able to continue his education to better himself (that he was told was “taken care of”)… how is this asking too much? HE does not drive a new car (a 2000 to be exact), he has no wad of cash sitting around, we do not get to take vacations, we do not have a beautiful 2 story house. We work hard for what we have, and he has worked even harder for his COUNTRY, and gets spit on by them taking away the ONE thing he ever depending on from them. You need to step back and re-evaluate yourself.

      • wwo.Really?!,

        Are you complaining about Volunteering for the Nation Guard?????

        • THE_MSG

          CharlesBryant. You need to stop. Unless you have ever worked with the Reserves/National Guard you have no idea how we use and abuse them. Their plight is almost a loosing game. Although I am AC I did a spat in a Reserve command and saw how they get screwed. Unless they are on AC for more than 30 days, they don’t get BAH. And they are rarely allowed to hit that 30 day make. USARC lets its subcommand pull the 29-day order thing all of the time. Try to make a house payment without BAH. Now guess what it is like for those Soldiers in expensive areas like the coasts.

          • Idmtmedic

            Good luck reasoning. He get’s a retirement check like the rest of us but doesn’t refuse it. According to him we didn’t pay for that either. Soooo what is the argument? It’s free money by his own standards and won’t send it back. His argument is CON-gress, says so. Well CON-gress can also say no more and so can he. If our retirement is free money then CHARLES give it up. Send it back, refuse it. YOU didn’t earn it.

          • idmedic,

            So what do you think about this TA subject?????

          • Idmtmedic

            What do you think about retirement?

          • THE-MSG,

            Everything you posted may or may not be true, but it still doesn’t answer my question.

          • Idmtmedic

            Anybody you know NOT volunteer for a JOB? Which you don’t have now.

          • Idmtmedic

            Got a job yet?

    • Get over it

      You are not entitled to TA. If you think you are entitled to anything, you are in the wrong line of work. You volunteered for a job. I don’t care what your recruiter promised you…if it wasn’t on paper, then it wasn’t gaurenteed. TA was never gaurenteed. You all are starting to sound like the FSA.

      • Paratrooper

        you are absolutely right. I imagine if all the volunteers decided we should no longer volunteer since we aren’t getting an education while sacrificing our lives, where would society stand then? Its a lot easier to ridicule when one is not in the shoes of the affected and oppressed. Life most definitely isn’t garanteed, yet those of us that are war veterans willingly lay our lives down for snobs that aren’t deserving of it much less willing to do the same themselves.

        • Army Vet

          Very well said Paratrooper

        • Paratrooper,

          Ok, I tried to imagine, and don’t see it happening, ever. I heard the same thing would happen when they Repealed Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell Act of 2010.

          Just let me say, for those of you that feel this is a big deal, please, feel free to join those in the Civiian World that are on unemployment.

          Note: Maybe if DOD stopped paying unemployment to those who
          left military service voluntarily. It’s almost 1 Billion as I speak.

          • Idmtmedic

            Or your free retirement? Your SS isn’t’ paid for either, it’s looooooooosing money. Your civilian retirement is also breaking the bank. If your going to argue entitlements then let’s include yours. All THREE. Funny how your argument reeks of ” not in my back yard” but bash military members about ENTITLEMENTS!!!!!

          • idmedic,

            TA is the subject. Hello

          • Idmtmedic

            Really…..lmao……read your last post….anything about TA in it? Unemployment for military……..

      • Get over it,

        They know they aren’t entitled, I think is more about the “whine” than anything. I just can’t believe the Volunteers in todays military, well, definitly not all of them. Just a small handful.

        • Idmtmedic

          Uhuuuu…..not in your back

        • Idmtmedic

          You love calling veterans whiners……let me guess, your worst injury while serving was a LARGE hemmoroid from sitting at your desk? Lmao. PTSD from the procedure?

    • Can’t believe


    • Chris


    • Paratrooper

      You can look at it as the military throwing money at you every month or you can look at it as a benefit of being in the military and having your life on the line. For some, the military is a joke, for others of us veterans, we know what real is when you go overseas and you know you dont have the garantee of dying on your own soil, you take everything as a blessing. I pay bills like civilians, i work from sun up to sun down like some civilians..the big difference is, I really earn my dues, you don’t go into McDonalds every couple months and fill out a DD93 don’t. So when education is our motivator that someday if we should be so lucky as to survive war and be able to retire or ETS we will have something to fall back on other than our butts!

    • guest

      You are ignorant and obviously not a real soldier. If you feel you get money “thrown at you” then throw it back but don’t take down the folks that need it.

    • david7134

      The military deserves these programs. The soldiers put in far more work than they are paid for. The best option would be for Obama and the politicians to giver up their golf trips and other expenses that we the taxpayors have to pick up.

    • Clayton

      Free school!!!! Most Soldiers, Airmen, and marines have had to do at least 1 tour to receive the post 911 GI bill or pay $100 a month for a year to receive the montgomery GI bill, therefore; I would not call it free money, the money was earned through years of being underpaid, and overstressed.

      • Clayton,

        We are not talking about the GI Bill. We are talking about TA. Hello.

    • Really?

      Damn I thought selfless service was related to the fact that I put my life on the line so you have the ability to post non-sense.

      If you are tired of getting paid “wads of cash” spread the wealth.

      Not to mention most people doing your job make twice if not three times as much in the civilian sector.

      Oh.. my grandfather wanted freedom and to end a war. Not sure why yours needed cigarettes.

      • Really,

        Sure they do, 3 times as much! Do you have any idea what the unemployment rate is at this time for those getting out of the service. You might be able to pull the wool of some heads, but not mine. LOL

        • Idmtmedic

          Have any idea of the amount of suicides from veterans? I am sure it’s because their service was a cakewalk and the millions they made were spent on new cars and partying.

    • Eglwlf

      this guy is clearly not Active duty military.

    • Bill Newuhauser

      That is ridiculous but you have your opinion. Our soldiers deserve a lot more. They live at poverty level, many with families are on food stamps and the contract that they have signed and one of the selling points, besides selfless service to our country, states that they get tuition assistance. This is a major selling point that the government uses to attract men and women and they deserve it!!

    • army sucks

      first of all i dont drink i dont have any new cars i have kid and wife and am broke cause the army suck big fucking nuts i dont know where you get your money from unless you are a douche bag officer

    • Unknown Guy

      Okay well I don’t know what rank you are or how long you’ve been in but not everybody has extra money like you. Since you talk about extra money then I guess you could be an E-5 or higher, which means you get paid more than this E-3. With that being said I get paid 1787.40 with that I pay my bills,tax, SS etc etc. By the time I finish paying bills i’m left with about 300 dollars which goes towards gas and food. The funny thing is I don’t eat at the DFAC but I still get the money taken out of my BAS which I cant get for food in my room. Why is this because “We soldiers only want it to pay for booze and spice” oh or because “The Army is broke” but can still take my money and use it for themselves. Point being cant not everyone gets that wad of cash that they can pull out and use for school so the TA being there is highly beneficial for us lower ranking soldiers.

      • Unknown Guy,

        List you bills, and I will tell you why your broke all the time.

        I suggest that you eat in the DFAC, and stop complaining that they don’t pay you Basic Allowance for Subsistance. You don’t get Basic Allowance for Subsistance because you are not authorized it. So, every meal you don’t eat in the DFAC, is like throwing that money down your toilet.

        • Idmtmedic

          Yup Charles has all the answers. Everyone fits into the perfect mold according to him. Let’s not forget he went to the ER prior to service and never paid for it. Why? Because he could. Still hasn’t paid for it. Now he talks about proper planning? Lmao

    • johnstrapp

      These brand new cars are also called rewards for you hard work. I’m buying a brand new 2012 BMW 135i soon. It’s called a reward that I want.

    • FCash

      Are you freaking serious. Perhaps you should benefit from this TA because you lack knowledge on how the financial breakdown workds withing the DOD structure. And to be so cliche to state “SELFLESS SERVICE”, wow, you defitnetly need to be educated instead of throwing idiotics remarks.

  • Tyler
  • A&W

    Pell Grants aren’t always automatic depending on what you’re making in the military. For myself as an NCO and the COLA in Hawaii, I am not eligible for Pell Grants. Additionally, President Obama (a few years ago) placed restrictions on how many terms you can utilize Pell Grants for. Just wanted to state some clarification on the issue…

  • Adam

    Use your post 9/11 GI Bill. Why do you need both!

    • ChristianMariano

      Educated soldiers aren’t needed? But expensive planes that the Air Force DOESN’T WANT are needed?

    • Greg

      Let me do this slow…since you obviously lick windows. G…I… BILL…DOESNT….EVEN…..PAY…..20%…..OF…..THE…..COST. IT….ALSO….TAKES…..OVER….A ….YEAR….TO….COME….THROUGH…..

      • Stilldoinit

        That’s a bunch of bologna. My G.I. Bill benefits took eight weeks, and any school worth a damn won’t charge your account until you get those benefits rolling. The Post-9/11 G.I. Bill pays 100% tuition for any state school and a lot of private schools PLUS BAH for that area. Even the Montgomery pays 60%. Obviously, you haven’t used this benefit yet, so go easy on the caps lock there, sasquatch, until you actually put some effort into a real education…not some retarded online degree that doesn’t count for anything besides promotion points.

        • JaneDough

          Stilldoing it, You are a Dumbass! If you are still Active Duty, you dont get the extra BAH, you are also not able to go to school full time so you are losing money…If you are active duty still why in the hell would you use your GI Bill if you dont need too? I use TA because I want a degree so when I do get out I have something to fall back on. I have children and gave my GI Bill to them so that is one more thing I do not have to worry about. So yes, I have my GI bill, but I have given it up so that my children DONT have to join the military for college!

        • MSgt D
        • MSgt D

          Your assessment about the G.I. Bill isn’t entirely true. As an active duty member going to school part time, your are entitled to $776 dollars per month, at least that’s what I receive. I’m working on my second master’s and the G.I. Bill will pay for 16 of the 22 months. This is after I have already used a portion for my bachelo’s and first master’s. You truly have to be smart about the college you are attending because most will charge you an arm and a leg for the same degree another respectable college and university offers. Currently, the Post 9/11 doesn’t benefit me because I’m still on active duty. I’ll encourage those of you who are currently in college or contemplating going very soon to really do your research to ensure your education money goes a long way. Talk with your own-base education councelor or friends and families. The cut in TA is only a minor stumbling block, for ultimately you are in control of your destiny.

    • Adam,

      The problem we have here, is a falure to comunicate. DOD has a budget problem, and they are shaving off things that aren’t needed. Adam, like you said, use your GI Bill.

      Time for everyone to stop the whining, and think about how good you really have it. For some, if this is more than a big deal, then maybe it’s time you not re-up and go on to that civilian job that offers more of everything.

    • Heather R

    Use my GI Bill? Oh, you mean that I should through it away since I only have time to take one, top two, classes at a time. While the GI Bill has cost caps, it is limited to 36 Months, TOTAL! At the rate that I can take classes, given that I’ve deployed back to back for the past several years, I’d kill ALL of my GI benefits in about 6 classes. If I killed myself I might get in 15~16 class before I used up all of them.
    Answer me this: Are we still buying F22s at a cost of $122 MILLION each and funding the $750 MILLION alternate F35 engine program that the Air Force didn’t want?
    But really, why should I complain. I’ve only spent most of the last 12 years away from my family, with little down time in between deployments, rapidly destroying my body. I guess that I’m just ungrateful. What did I expect? To be left out of politics and maybe given some consideration? THAT WAS STUPID. Dumb, Dumb me.

    • THE_MSG,

      Surely you don’t feel you are ENTITLED to Tuition Assistance! When they had it, it was great, now it is gone, time to move on with plan B. For some, maybe it’s time to move on to a civilian job with all those benefits.

      • ChristianMariano

        Who is this jackass that has responded to everyone about SM not deserving TA? And ripping apart people when they are voicing their opinions on it?! Read what some people like the MSG is trying to say. We CANNOT use our GI Bill while in the military, we wouldn’t be able to get any kind of education using it while in the service. And before we know it, 36 months would be used up, taking 1 or two classes every 2 months because thats ALL WE HAVE TIME FOR! Besides, the POINT of everyone in this forum is not that we are having something(that we deserve) being taken away…it’s that this is something that is beneficial to this nation as a whole(EDUCATED INDIVIDUALS), and there are OTHER, SO MANY OTHER things that could be cut other than this. And if you say educating people is NOT beneficial to society, you sir, are not living in reality.

        • Damo
          • Amanda

            Yes, you can use your GI Bill while in the service. However, the GI Bill is capped at a 36 month benefit, so if they use it while they are active duty, they won’t be anywhere near finishing their degrees by the time the GI Bill has run out. Personally, my husband was planning on using TA to take pre-reqs for the Nursing or PA program (each program is 24-48 months) that he plans to go into after his term is up, so if he used his GI Bill for his pre-reqs, we would end up having to pay out of pocket for whatever program he chooses to do after the Army.

          • Jessica

            The GI bill is NOT CAPPED AT 36 months. Do your research. A person is entitled to 36 months of full time benefits BUT IF THEY GO HALF TIME IT GETS PRORATED TO 72. Stop spreading false information. Also, if you exhaust all your Chapter 30 GI Bill benefits you can apply for a years worth of Post 9-11 benefits. You have 10 years to use your GI bill once you start, but you can apply for extensions.

          • THE_MSG

            Many Soldiers don’t have access to the old GI Bill, just the new Post 9-11 benefits.

      • joe snuffy

        hey i would love to move on to a civiliian job but you know what i cant! theres something called promises and its related to debt, the army made a promises of benefits when i joined they owed me a debt and now they are no longer going to honor their promise.

        Why are they taking away from those who are trying to better themselves?

      • THE_MSG

        You’re right. It was great that we actually had a very handy way to help Soldier 1) increase those skills what we frequently use, 2) demand that they have to get promoted, 3) actually provide some substantial benefit.

        Do I feel entitled? Somewhat. Why? Because it was one of THE major tools the Army used to draw in Soldiers. Myself? I can deal without it. I only have a couple of classes left. But this is killing my Soldiers.

        Now here is the REAL important part: By completely killing it you have told Soldiers that you’re not THAT invested in taking care of them. To you their benefits, and even entitlements, are subject to capricious cancellation.

    • abvanar

      F-22 was cencelled two years ago. And the F-35 fleet has been grounded because of – wait for it – severe problems with the engine.

    • Jessica

      Are you an E-8 for real? Nothing you said is true. The GI bill is limited to 36 months of FULL TIME benefits. If you go part time it is prorated and can be extended to 72 months. And then you get 10 years to use the GI bill from when you start. Great Army leadership at it’s finest, spreading lies to soldiers…

      • THE_MSG

        Alright Jessica. I’ll admit in my frustration I did not get into specifics and stuck to the wave tops. So let me ask you this:
        1) How many times have YOU seen Soldier have to drop a class because of Army directed training/Mission OPTEMPO?
        – I see it EVERY YEAR. If it weren’t for TA those times would be lost benefits.
        2) How many Soldiers do you know who are trying to get promoted but are missing college points?
        – I know several. We (the Army) made it a requirement for promotion, we should fund it.
        3) Have you ever used TA to learn a skill (that isn’t taught out side of college) so that you can meet your mission?
        – I have. Several times. I’ve also had Soldiers frequently do so.

        The Army Chief of Staff and Command Sergeant Major continue to remind us that we need to be able to function in several technical fields to fulfill our mission. Sometimes that requires us to seek training that actually addresses those needs.

        The point that I was trying to make is that if you have a unit or skill set that is needed on the “battle field” you will not have time to really use those Post-9/11 benefits without significant opportunities to waste them.

        I have seen the Military waste money left and right since 2001, and watched the toll of war and deployments wear down Soldiers. The least that our nation can do for our troops is give them every opportunity to find a new life after they have sacrificed so much. TA is not a huge program and it should have been preserved in some way. If not at 100%, then 90, 80, or 75% like the old days.

        Finally, if you want to find fault in my using every tool that I can find/think or / etc to take care of Soldier… Then sling away.

  • Crystal

    You have to have a pretty low income to qualify for pell grants. When I say pretty low I mean (just an example) you have to be an E-4 with single income married with 2-3 kids to qualify. Not everyone falls into that category. How about cutting some of the government cheese that gets handed out left and right.

    • erika

      My husband is an E7 with 15 years in, I work as well and we have three children. We BOTH still receive FULL PELL GRANT each year we are in school!! IDK where you came up with your numbers, but if your an E4 then you definitely get it. Your spouse can get MYCAA as well!

      • Lori Reynolds
      • Lee

        I make $25k a year and I’m in my 4th year of college and not once have I received a Pell Grant. Be lucky you slipped through the cracks in the system.

  • David Officer

    Have you noticed this ‘sequestration’ cuts amounts to only a small part of the total interest we pay on the national debt? And that the cuts seem to be very public facing for dramatic political effect? Where’s the cuts to the banks, the foreign countries, and the reverse to the dramatic increase in $100k a year federal government management jobs? go to youtube and check out the satirical shortfilm explain our crisis. DEBT LIMIT – A GUIDE TO AMERICAN FEDERAL DEBT MADE EASY. (The $300 he cut that year was your tuition money and other US citizen financial help. But he’s still buying new fluff!)

    • David Officer
  • Felix Zazueta

    Tuition Assistance was one of the key benefits that “triggered” my decision to join the army. A Service Member could earn a Bachelor’s Degree while on active duty and be able to us the GI Bill for a Master’s Degree when he/she gets out. That was my plan anyway. This will set me back a couple of years and a couple of bucks as I will pay for the final two years of my BA degree myself. It’s just a sad state of affairs when TA looks to be among the first cost cut. I don’t know the numbers but the annual budget for TA must be but a tiny fraction of the overall defense budget no?

    My current CSM says that the Army is an institution of learning, he places a high value on education, I admire that in my CSM. But the top dogs cut TA first, and quick. Who needs educated soldiers right?

    Bring back TA and make the cuts somewhere else. Let’s put our SMs welfare and education first.

    • joe snuffy

      hey no worries you can get a bachelors in inebriation from capt morgan for $25

    • Mike

      All the army cares about is can you pass a PT test. That is first and formost. Its almost like they would rather have “call of duty” soldiers than ones who are intelligent and excel at their jobs. Im really not surprised

  • David Officer

    It’s a funny take on why tuition was cut and other less important and more expensive things not cut.

  • SNMC

    I understand people being upset, but come on. The only education benefits that you are entitled to is the GI Bill. The TA is something the military designed to help Service Members go to school while they are on active duty. There are only two options here: pay for it yourself or wait for the funds to come back. I just recently ETS’d and I had to pay for this semester myself because the VA can’t get it right on starting the GI Bill benefits in a timely matter. But that’s the choice I made. Nowhere in your contract is there anything about TA. It’s just an added bonus, like getting 10% off at a clothing store. Just be thankful it was there at all and hope that it comes back. Maybe this will teach people to not sign up for something unless it’s written in the contract.

    • Greg

      What about the over 4 years of unemployment someone can now draw….and not have to even be looking for work? So they are entitled to that….but someone who is part of the 1% and put their hand up to serve….they cant go to school with some help??? Whatever. Here is the change everyone voted for….

  • Dorothy D. Thompson

    God will provide as all I have for school is tuition assistance. They will lift this bill before I need to register for my next class in Jesus name.

    • Army NCO

      Exactly. It will be lifted soon. It may take 3 or 4 months, but we will get the TA back

    • SFC POLK
    • KrisJ

      Really? Jesus is going to do this? I would say you should invest your hope elsewhere, particularly at the ballots as these decisions come from the people we elect to office.

  • Jen

    I beg to differ my husband is an e7 and he got a pell grant. hes attending CTU.

  • SFC

    For those of you who don’t think TA is a benefit you are probably the ones never using it because if you did you would realize how important it is to some soldiers namely myself. As for the “wad” of cash I to would live to have your job and I am an E7 with 14 years and don’t see the “wad” you are referring to. I have a family to support. Here is another little aspect many of you don’t realize I am a recruiting station commander and see kids come in to the office day in and day out wanting to serve and looking for ways to pay for college and each one of them does there research and knows all about TA. Now to tell them they can’t have it you WILL see a reduction in people wanting to join an if you think that’s no big deal come on out to recruiting and see for yourself.

    • 79R

      I feel your pain brother!

  • Ashley

    Where is your source for this statement on Army Tuition Assistance?

  • scott

    Cut the pay of those in washington. You know the civillians sitting in offices and getting paid Six figures.

    • Apple

      GS employees don’t make a lot of money. People should focus their attention on contractors as they are the ones that make six figures!!!

  • StacieLee

    My issue with the cuts is the president still took a 20 million vacation. Why don’t the cuts start with congressional salaries and stop all paid vacations for everyone including the president. Like warren buffet says pass a law that says if congress can’t stop the deficit, make them ineligible for reelection.

    • Will

      The $20 million that you reference is a ball park guestimate by some right-wing rag you’ve found online. There’s nothing problematic about rehashing garbage other than it can get quite messy. What some of you fail to realize is that Hawaii is the man’s home. Just like Texas was George Bush’s home and Arkansas is Clinton’s home. While in office, it stands to reason that the President (no matter who) will visit home during their vacation time. This requires secret service, Air Force One (no President can fly regular airlines…just too unsafe), and pre-reconnaissance. All of that is expensive, but quite necessary. The only other alternative is for the sitting President to be confined to the White House. Now ask yourself how you’d feel if your work forced you to stay in the local area as long as you are there. Crazy isn’t it? So, post relevant information to back your rants.

      • Mrs. Army wife
        • Aaron

          We have a congress that is away from office more than they are in office. The Congress is who actually hold the power in this matter. Maybe if we had more informed voters we could start placing the blame where it REALLY belongs.

          Spending money to play golf with Tiger doesn’t mean he spent tax dollars to do so. He is independently wealthy. Plus do you work a job where there are no vacations? Does your employer expect you to be in the office and working all day every day? Or does your employer allow you to take weekends off and maybe even have a vacation day every once in a while?

          Again, look to congress on this one. That is where the problem lies.

      • Patrick

        What of his ‘vacations’ to other locations disguised as political visits….even though he never ends up meeting with those leaders….as well for the Hawaii vacation, it’s fine it’s his BIRTHPLACE, not his hom. His ‘Home of Record’ is actually Detroit, MI. So he doesn’t HAVE to go to Hawaii in the first place. Second, his schedule for it, and the fact there were two trips, one for his family then himself, was overboard, pushing the cost off the charts. Not to mention he rented an entire beach side MANSION for the time he was there, all of which was taxpayer money, none came from his personal salary. It would be like me taking a complete vacation on the Army’s tab, know the shit we would get into for that?

      • andrew

        Yeah I actually do know what its like being forced to stay near my job for that long. ITS CALLED THE FUCKING ARMY! hmmm, Stayed in Iraq for a year. Then stayed in Korea for three years! I couldn’t afford a vacation, so I DIDNT!

        • Anthony

          lol Korea was your vacation, been stationed there myself, so dont drop korea like its some horrible place to be

      • Anthony

        The president had nothing to do with this. This is all Congress

    • nerdherd

      Deficit spending is a fake issue when your money is not worth anything. it literally is worth nothing it isnt backed by anything. so to cut benefits that help people just to curb Deficit spending is just a slap in the face to the common working man. The wealthy want to take away your voice by shoving Right to work (getting rid of unions) down your throat. now they want to take away your wage (lets get rid of the min wage-koch brothers). The reason they are called entitlements is because you have payed into them you whole working life (even if you do get welfare they still tax that money) therefore you are entitled to them.

    • Patrick

      Because the laws of the sequestration and budgets say the President’s pay (Including ex=presidential pensions) is exempt, as with military pay, and various other programs for children and seniors. Everything else is on the table. As well the constitution states no changes to a President’s salary can come into effect in their current term of office…so it won’t change ever.

    • SLynn

      I am in no way defending this administration but the $20 million plus is actually the estimate for Obama’s four vacations to Hawaii since taking office in 2009. I definitely agree that elected officials should be held accountable for their abuse of tax payers’ money and should endure the hardship that the rest of us face due to budget cuts and the condition of the economy during the past four years. Suffering the consequences of sequestration is only for the little people, not elitist elected officials.

    • Aaron

      The president is independently wealthy. Taking an expensive vacation probably didn’t come out of public funds but lets assume they did and put it into perspective with the rest of federal spending.

      Compared to country’s overblown sections $20 million doesn’t even count. Defense spending in 2011 was $685 billion. If we scaled that down to 685 dollars, then a $20million vacation cost 2 cents.

      If you are working on your house budget and one of your bills was $685 would you chose to focus on the 2 cents you lost to the washing machine? Or would you try to reduce the cost of your largest bills?

      Now those is charge of the Army’s budget are being assholes by removing tuition pay while continuing to spend where it is not needed (such as more tanks) but that is not the presidents fault, nor is it even Congress’s fault (even though they are really the ones to blame for the whole issue)

      I will agree that politicians make more money that I do, but if you look at historical pay, they are being shafted compared to what they used to get (adjusting for inflation). Even if we cut all congressional salaries to zero, it wouldn’t make a dent in our budget problem because that isn’t where the money really goes.

      I suggest reading a bit more. Here is a good starting place:

  • Sick of this mess!!

    They can cut tuition assistance, and yet it takes over $100,000 a year to take care of Obama’s pet. This sickens me. Start cutting the salaries for Congress, Senators and the President before you start cutting back on the lower class paying military and citizens. Start at the top and work backwards.

  • Dominique

    This does not affect me since I already am out but for others like me that wanted to use their TA for undergrad and save the GI Bill for when they are out for grad school. Most who I served with, including myself, attended a 2nd or 3rd tier school-most I served under were online school graduates. I graduated from a mediocre state college since that was my only option while serving. In most civilian careers a state college or online school is not going to take you far in this world. I now attend a first tier graduate program that is putting me on path to at the very least get an interview with a prestigious company.

    Let face it a BS degree from University of Phoenix or University of Delaware is not going to land you a job that would lead you to a six figured salary.

    Let not let down those who just enlisted to want to better themselves. I enlisted because of the educational benefits. Those who are hurting the most are the privates (non-rates in my case) who are extremely intelligent, motivated and plan on getting all that they could out of the military in 4/6 years and then get out and make something of themselves. Those who were in for 20 are not the ones that are going to be hurt the most.

    • Navy Vet

      I have to disagree with you Dominique. I went to an online school and I make over $100,000 a year. My husband finished his Masters online and also makes over $100,000. Online schools are fine. If they are accredited then they are fine. Check your facts before posting things like this. Also, most people that are Active Duty have no choice but to go to school online. Don’t discourage that.

    • Crazy Dick

      You place UofD in the same category of University of Phoenix?? Shows what you know. UofD is a top-flight, first tier school.

    • Julie

      this is so crazy I was national guard for 6 years and active for four years and I used my ta in both ng and active if it wasn’t for that I would not have been able to go back to school. people need to stop complaining we already don’t get paid enough for what we do so this is always a big help to be able to go back to school and make a better life for themselves

  • John D

    A draft brought the country cheap soldiers, loss of the draft forced the Govt to bribe volunteers with health care, benifits, education family care and better pay. Now with sequester, many of these benifits will be gone. Day cars close, what will the single soldiers do? The Army dropped the rules on single parents for PC policy now what happens??

  • moses
  • moses
  • moses
  • JaneDough

    How can you be in the military and support that TA is gone?? Yeah, your right we work, we make good money but I dont see civilians going overseas, being shot at, coming home missing limbs or completely F***ed up or even worse in a damn bidy bag! TA is just an incentive for the many sacrafices that us as Soldiers are given. How can you sit here and say, Oh well…You obviously dont use it, which is why you are completely blind and ignorant to how this truly effects us. You have people on Welfare WHO CLEARLY do not need it but are too damn lazy to get a job. Why not cut Welfare out? Why take something from those of us that are working and trying to make something of our selves? Those of you in the military that think it is ok for TA to be gone, SHAME ON YOU!

    • Patriot

      Your 1st comment about civilians is COMPLETELY untrue. We as contractors in various jobs DO get “deployed”, shot at & blown is typing “to” you. Veterans deserve every “benefit” that is offered & dang right they are earned! However, I COMPLETELY agree with the rest of your comments….people need to get off of their lazy a**es & do their part what happened to EARNING a living not having it given to you?! I am ashamed of our society!!!!!!!!!!!

    • joe snuffy

      agreed! if you are for cutting support to people trying to better themselves (like working on college in your free time) before you cut support of those holding us down then you are being counter productive for a healthy society.

  • Navy Vet

    Actually it has to do with the republicans not wanting to make negotiations on tax cuts for the wealthy. Not Obama’s fault, his hands were tied. Thank the morons in the republican party!

    • jumper

      Try again champ… Obama suggested, and has pushed for, this result. The President and the DNC controlled senate have REFUSED to pass a budget for four years, which is in direct violation of the law. Hands tied? Thank the moron low-information voters (ie: you) who have kept this clown and his cohorts in office.

    • Blake
  • Laura

    Does this apply to the military spouse assistance?

    • Navy Vet


      No it does not. MyCAA is completely separate.

  • M Harms

    That is not the case and you are blinded by hatred. This is happening because our elected officials continue to refuse to do their jobs. You can’t make everyone happy, but you have to try. When all we here is bickering, we know nothing is getting done.

  • Barbara Hershey

    Maybe we could contact Joe Flacco or some other highly overpaid athletes to see if they could send our soldiers to school…

    • jumper

      Or maybe you could write your senators and tell them to knock of the BS… there’s still an increase in DoD spending, they’re playing games and holding you hostage. But… they rely on the fact that you would be the type of person to actually try and correlate an NFL QB’s salary to governmental budget abuse.

  • kzxrwy

    It is unfortunate that this benefit is being cancelled. When I first started serving, we used to only get 80% tuition paid for by TA. As a veteran and full-time working single dad, I was able to attend the University of Phoenix online and still take 8-10 classes per year taking just 1 class at a time. This was considered full-time and I was able to use my full GI Bill while going there.

  • Sgt. B

    It’s amazing that people can sit and argue that soldiers are whining because we’ve lost tuition assistance. In my personal opinion, every single soldier deserves the opportunity to utilize this benefit. For god knows how long now, that’s all you ever hear is “further yourself”. And as stated in many other comments, yeah you have Pell grants and G.I. Bill’s and such, but take some soldiers who have to work full time, take care of their families, AND make attempts to educate themselves. Speaking from my own personal experience using VA’s REAP alongside of tuition assistance was a lifesaver financially. Yes VA Benefits are there, but not as practical to some as they are to others. I had intentions on resuming my school when I return to better myself to give my family a better life, which now that idea appears to have gone halfway down the crap-hole. You know what I think? A nice size chunk of money to save would be to cut these civilian contractors who are all dragging in $100,000+ a year tax free for doing stupid jobs here, while the people risking their necks and volunteering years out of their lives for international conflicts (i.e. service members) make pocket change compared to their salaries. Funny thought when we have multiple MOS’s to be self sustaining for the jobs they do, but costs alot less to pay us.

  • Benjamin

    I joined the army to put myself through college. Now that TA is gone I have to find other means. Way to go government. “Let’s hold the military to values like respect, duty, and integrity–but it’s okay if we treat them like dirt by going back on our promises.”

    Honestly they could have phased out TA by only supporting soldiers with a 3.0 and above. They are only shooting themselves in the foot by ignoring their human capital investments.

  • You Signed Up

    Having served for 19 years I’ve seen this topic brought up time and again. The fact this benefit, and that is all it was, ever existed should be something people are thankful for. Use your other educational financial sources or benefits but don’t say you have earned this. There are countries that require service with no benefits at all. You have joined the military to defend this country you are all now bashing. You have joined the military because you are patriotic and want to protect our freedom. You have joined the military because it is an option, not a requirement. To hear people complain about this is simply sickening. Be a soldier, be a patriot. Stop demanding benefits for your sacrifice. It was your decision to join the army. If you did it only to get out of bills for education than perhaps you should of just gotten a job as a dishwasher or a salesperson and saved the money. THIS WAS A FREE HANDOUT. We already get paid. We already get meals. We already get countless other benefits like interest free mortgages. SERVE YOUR COUNTRY. Don’t have your country serve you. Stop complaining and be the soldier YOU agreed to be. You weren’t forced into the service.

    • Jessica

      I’m replying to this just hoping people read from the first comment. Do not beleive all the nonsense people are posting. The old GI Bill does not run out after 36 months. You can get 36 payable months of benefits for being full time, these are months you are ACTUALLY in school. If you go half time it gets prorated and can be 72 months of payable benefits. You have 10 years to use the gi bill once you start, but can apply for extensions. After you exhaust the old GI bill you can apply for a years worth of Post 9-11 benefits. Post 9-11 is a great program, but unless you go to school full time it isn’t worth switching to in my opinion. Once you switch to it you can’t go back. If you are going to school part time and online do your research about which would work better for you. My husband and I both get more money with the old GI Bill.

      • Jes

        That is unconsciounceable! Many young service members are brought in with the promises by their recruiters that they will get TA and GI Bill to help them get a good kick start on life… That is not milking the system, nor is it being lazy, and un-patriotic to get upset by this cutting of a benefit that was realized as a good thing so as to make sure we don’t repeat the era of Viet Nam etc.

        Your post was very dishonoring to the Millions of Families who have lost someone to defend this Republic of ours!

        • Jes,

          “Promises. I don’t care what your recruiter promised you, if it’s not in the enlistment contract, or in an annex to the contract, it’s not a promise. Also, it doesn’t much matter what is in the DEP enlistment contract — if it isn’t in your active duty enlistment contract, it’s not a promise. If you were promised an enlistment bonus, for example, it needs to be in the final active duty contract, or chances are you’ll never see that bonus. Once you get out of basic training and job training and go to the personnel office at your first base, they’re not going to give one hoot about what anyone “promised” you — they’re only going to care about what is in the enlistment contract.

          In fact, the bottom of the very first page of the enlistment contract contains the following clause:

          The agreements in this section and attached annex(es) are all the promises made to me by the Government. ANYTHING ELSE ANYONE HAS PROMISED ME IS NOT VALID AND WILL NOT BE HONORED.”

          • THE_MSG

            I guess that its a good thing that all of those 18 and 19 year old, just out of High School KIDs (because that what they are) SOMEHOW got a law degree, or at least some lengthy contractual law classes, OR had a lawyer to help them review the contract, OR just got the chance to look it over at their leisure.
            Oh, wait! THAT NEVER HAPPENS. I was in, got out and came back in. Each time I was given a contract at the MEPS station they went over it like a used car salesmen trying to get ride of an old Yugo.
            (If you’re too young to remember the Yugo, they were huge pieces of $H!T brand new.)

          • THE_MSG,

            I’m just the messenger here. Life is what it is.

          • Idmtmedic

            Ahhh yes the messenger. Mmmmmm and your contributions to belay those messages while you were in? You held many conferences and commanders calls to enlighten all enlisted on the misinformation out there? Your mission now is to do what you COULD have done then? I get it now. Everybody was brainwashed except you. Lmfao

    • Mycowboyways

      You get an interest free mortgage ? I would LOVE some insight into that !
      As a MSG in the Army and a mortgage holder I have NEVER heard that story.

      • You Signed Up

        Speak to a Benefits Coordinator and see if the program is still up and running. They spoke to us about it around 4 years ago. There are a lot of available benefits out there that nobody ever mentions. As time goes by look into the MOAA as well. I know they offer interest free loans and multiple other benefits. These are all simply benefits though, and are not guaranteed forever.

      • Dayro


    • Bobby

      Obviously you were in college when it was affordable. Every soldier who uses Federal TA RELIES upon it to either pay for or cut down on the cost of college tuition which is ridiculous in present times.

    • joe snuffy

      perhaps our political members should be patriots should SERVE THEIR COUNTRY and NOT THEIR SPECIAL INTEREST GROUPS.

      Another thing, i wasnt forced in but i am forced to stay in! let the people who want out get out!

      • You signed a contract. I don’t understand your point. Nowhere in the contract does it say anything about the contract being voidable upon discontinuation of TA.

    • Ryan

      Free handout? Thank you for your service, but you have an old mentality of a military that has not changed with the times. I am in year 10 of my career in the Army and I know why I volunteered when I did. I am more than willing to sacrifice everything twice to be doing what I am doing and I have not complained. However, in my opinion we aren’t given free handouts. I do believe we earn everything we have and though we volunteer the Military as a whole have evolved over the years to better take care of the people that defend our nation. Take a look at the past years and past wars. how well were the veterans of the Korean or Vietnam war taken care of? Why was the Montogomery G.I Bill established? Why do we have TA for active duty? It’s about helping Soldiers, it’s about taking care of our own. How many Vietnam Vets do we see homeless? How many past Soldiers have no education, lving by scraps with a diminished quality of life? TA is another benefit that helps maximize the potential of every single individual that serves. Education is key. Soldiers that work as water purification specialists , combat engineers, cooks, admin etc. have no work force waiting for them once they leave the service. And yet these are MOS’s we in the service still rely on and need. Not every Service Member uses TA. But at least the option is/was there. We as leader’s have the opportunity to get our Soldiers and education and set them up for success BEFORE they get out of the Military. Yes the Post 9/11 G.I Bill is awesome. But you still have rent/mortgage payments, car and insurance payments, wives/husbands and kids to feed. I understand the argument that “The rest of the country does that’ and most people have to work to put themselves through college. But why not set the Soldiers/Marines/Airmen/Sailors for success? Get your Bachelors when you’re in, get out and get your Masters. Why would you even bash this as a HANDOUT?

      You make a terrible point and considering you are a service member yourself I am disappointed you would bash this. Next time you walk by a homeless vet or a retiree working at a grocery store ask them how much TA they got? How was their G.I Bill. How did the Military take care of them

      • Paddyme

        classic response sir! classic… He does have a point by saying its a service… just do it and stop bashing! I just think he said too much like he’s irritated. But if he doesnt care about the situation of things and still willing to serve… good luck. But to come hear and talk like MLK for no reason is RUDE. Mr Military BOSS.

      • Jamie

        And, to build on your point, “the rest of the country” doesn’t sign to put their life on the line. Only people and families who haven’t experienced multiple deployments and born with silver spoons would say our troops don’t deserve this. If they don’t deserve it, then we should do like Israel does and mandatory 2 years military service right out of high school for men and women. Then the Marines and government can stop with their glamorous commercials. Gotta love they rip the benefits from them and still spend all that money paying models for their commercials.

    • Sgt. B

      And as for the newer soldiers within the ranks, how crappy is it that most of these soldiers regardless of the reasoning behind enlisting, that many are coaxed into joining by incentives like these? Unfair advantage to these young soldiers who took the same oath as the other and are having opportunities pulled from under their feet. Horse S*^T

    • pafaery

      So, let me see, the illegal aliens in America are entitled to instate tuition, government assistance and hand outs? Our soldiers have these free benefits, yes that they deserve and are underpaid most of the time. However, you are right, things need to be cut and we can start with you guys.

    • Joe

      Soooo you’re about to hit you’re 20 year mark and eligible for retirement… By your logic, you should simply be grateful for serving your country and you really don’t need that pension? I mean, they don’t HAVE to give you a retirement, that is a “benefit” of serving for 20+ years. That is more than hypocritical my friend.

      I’ve served with a lot of people like you, who benefit from using the benefits through the ranks, and forget what it’s like being an E-2 with a family when government cuts start hitting the military. FIGHT for your young soldiers, sailors, marines and airmen. They make a lot less than a dishwasher and sacrifice a lot more than the people who suck the teet of the system- NEVER working. They are not at some frat house partying like their high school friends who have their school paid for by mommy and daddy.

      I’d be extremely disappointed with my leadership if YOU were MY NCO!

      • THE_MSG

        Thank you Joe. As a MSG I sometimes forget that I had to shell out for college classes (back then TA paid 75%) just so that I could GET promoted. I wouldn’t have ever ‘made points’ if TA hadn’t helped me pay for college classes. Right now I have an outstanding E4(P) who can’t get promoted because he doesn’t have enough college credits. He kicks a$$ on everything else, but money is tight for an E4. This is going to once again stall his chances to get promoted.

        • THE_MSG,

          Are you saying an E-4 can not get promoted without any College Credits?????

          • THE_MSG

            Depending upon their field, yes. If points are always sitting at the high end a Soldier has to have those points to get promoted.
            And don’t start that “well they could change fields” BS. That argument doesn’t wash. We need some people to stay in their field, even when points are sky-high to maintain competency.

      • Jamie

        Well said.

    • paul

      When did the military start getting interest free mortgages? I been in the military for 25 years and been retired for about 7 years and since retireing I been working at a bank that does mortgages and never herd if a VA interest free Mortgage.

      • THE_MSG

        YEAH! I need one of those interest free loans! My car is about to die on me.

        • Jamie

          No interest free loans- there are VA loans which are hard to qualify for especially if you live in an area where home prices are higher than the maximum amount they loan.

      • currently serving

        paul there are no interest free morgages if someone tells you otherwise they are lying sorry.

    • We Deserve Benefits

      Yeah I can agree with you if you love the military that much and have no other ambitions and the military fulfills your life. But a lot of people join to get somewhere in life, such as paying their way through college when they come from a poor family. I signed a contract that said I get benefits for serving in the military, and the U.S. needs to fulfill their side of the contract. I didn’t just sign up to work for free and no one else would either. Maybe you’re a patriot and love our country and dont care about your benefits, but not everyone has to love it, we fulfill our duty, but don’t have to agree with what is happening. We all, including you, still deserve to become educated like the rest of the population who has their parents pay their bills, this is why many join the military to better themselves, and this includes going to college. Soldiers don’t have to be uneducated so that when they get out they become another bum on the street. WE NEED TO EDUCATE OUR SOLDIERS, not just send them to war, ask them to serve, and then dump them. If you have no education, what will you do when you get out?

      • We Deserve Benefits,

        Please click on my name which will take you to my site, and then post you Enlistment Contract that shows where you are Intitled to TA. I asked others to do the same, but no one has done it yet.


      • Colleen

        agree! I grew as as a dependent. My parents had 6 kids and it was hard to make ends meet. As a teenager I talked to people doing some of the same type work and getting paid twice as much. Enlisted housing was equivalent to projects. My father had my brothers believe in fighting for our country and my son was in the Army for ten years before getting injured both physically & mentally after 3x in Iraq. He deserves to get an education and worked damn hard when he was in. Several work places also pay employees tuition reimbursement or provide a stipend. How dare we try to take it away from people who deserve it.
        Unless the GI gets our for doing something wrong


      Maybe we should cut your retirement benefits and see how happy you are. It was a privledge so why should you get paid the benefits right? People signed up to serve their country and the Army used TA as benefits of the job. Your ignorant and I am happy I have never served under you. Probably a crusty 19 year E6 who will go work at the CIF and throw your rank around like you were somebody. Just because you do not have any ambitions. Do not put down the Soldiers trying to better themselves. As for demanding benefits that does not even make sense. This is something given to military members. As for your interest free mortgage HAHAHA you are living on another planet.

      • ENTITLED,

        Cut my benefits, I guess it could happen, they aren’t going to cut my ENTITLEMENTS.

        • Idmtmedic

          What are they?

    • andrew

      “Your signed up” are you EFFING serious? You really believe after serving for 19 years that its ok to have your benefits taken away? Are you that far in disillusionment to think that your serving your country? Tell me exactly how I am serving my country by following orders to be in Afghanistan? tell me how I am serving the population of america by deploying to IRAQ? This is not servitude based on ideas and beliefs? Until the US Government engages its military power in the best interest of the united states, we are just a mercenary army that is on average paid well below the national average.
      I am entitled to the things that I was offered upon enlisting. Your stupid socialist, Lets take your retirement, you should be satisfied knowing you served your country, lets take your VA benefits, Your medical benefits, Get off your high fucking horse and take care of soldiers, or were you a piece of shit soldier that let your guys get fucked over at every turn. Untill you get a clue, SHUT YOUR MOUTH.

      • cmac

        I think he might be a career specialist bro lol

    • Chris

      You’re way out of touch man. What year do you think this is? Do you think people are joining for the same reasons they were in WWII? Or for a sense of “adventure” like the farm-boys of the pre-industrial age? People are joining to improve themselves, and the Army is selling its ability to meet those ends. In fact, things are so bad in our country fight now that people are willing to take great risks, like the possibility of dying in war, in order to make ends-meet. 90% of the guys I know joined for the college benefits. The Army knows this, the recruiters know this, and the colleges know this. You seem to be the only a-hole who doesn’t. And, yes, let’s do start talking about your retirement benefit since obviously the only goal you’ve had is serving your country…well you served, congratulations, see-ya.

    • stupid poeple

      You’re Ignorant .. and this is why our country is going down hill fast!

    • MSFULI

      No such thing as an interest free mortgage loan bub. I am ex military and served as an 11B Airborne infantry out of 82nd Airborne Division Charlie Co. 1/504 P.I.R. out of Ft. Bragg, NC. I have also been in the mortgage industry for over 12 years since my service. That being said, you should have all the facts before you open your mouth with senseless and baseless facts.

    • Anthony

      Blah blah blah blah, troolllll. Dude not everyone joins to kill “bad guys” I served 4 years active, one deployment to Afghanistan. I joined specifically for the benefits, what other reason could their be to join the Army? Shit pay for a shit job working super long hours. Not to say that it was all bad, but I sure as heck didn’t join out of the goodness of heart. Get your hoah hoah shit out of here and realize that most people join for the benefits.

    • The Voice of Reason

      “There are countries that require service with no benefits at all.”

      That’s why they have to conscript their soldiers in the first place as opposed to having an all volunteer force.

      If there wasn’t benefits to serving, we’d have to either bring back the draft or drastically lower standards in order to get people to join. That’s the reality of it. Now, if you agree with that, fine, but personally I’d prefer an educated and motivated individual with me in a foxhole as opposed to an ex convict or some fresh-out-of-high-school teenager who was forced to be there.

    • Jes

      PART 1

      Your comment is rather insulting to the many Service Members who have sacrficed over the years and at times have even given of their lives for this Great Nation… TA a Benefit? Yes, so is Tricare, Tax Free Pay Deployed, Bonuses etc. but we have realized over the years from not taking care of Servicemembers the dishonor it does to them and how it sets many up for failure… Do we want to go back to the Sort of Military that sucks people in, chews then up and then spits them out with no or reduced benefits? NO we’ve been there and have realized the error of that.

      Not to mention at a time when Financial cuts are happening, why is it that the Military faces the largest cut? Why is it that the military is the one that always have to give the biggest piece of the pie back? If you read the Constitution the Military is ONE of the areas that the Federal Governmant is mandated to keep going by using our taxes to maintain our Republic! Now the current Administration is trying to reduce that, all the while he is preparing to Nationalize College/University Tuition Costs the same way he did with Health Care!

      • BobJonz

        because DOD is a massive money glut? where are all the crocodile tears for everyone else in the country feeling cuts? companies closing? downsizing? cutting education benefits? losing pensions? out of work for months or years? save the “poor us” sob story about the military being picked on, everyone is taking a beating so we don’t need to be dealing it to eachother

        • Chris

          While I think you might be a troll you do bring up a good point so I’ll address it. You say that people are facing cuts everywhere and everyone is sharing in the pain. You’re right, we all are; however, 1) I don’t see anyone shutting up about their own situation because they have some kind of uncommon grit…and 2) We’re talking about people being lured into a contract which cannot be broken, and for which these people must risk their lives in a very serious way. They are doing this for the promise of a better future that was given to them by the Army. Now this promise is wavering substantially. They have every right to bitch

          • StopComplaining

            Are you someone that was “lured” into the service or did you have selective hearing when you joined?

          • Chris

            lol …go back to your cave, troll.

        • BobJonz,

          Yep, it’s the old “not in my back yard” whine.

    • Complaining!

      Stop with the Patriotic ……I have been in the military a lot longer than you. When I joined it was for the benefits. Mom and Dad could not afford the college cost. Yes, it was not to serve the country but to obtain an education and get out.

      Somewhere along the way I learn to love the miitary and it’s way of life. I am all for that young soldier that is trying to better him/her self. TA should be available to them. Post 9/11 should be given to the child/children.

      • Complaining,

        Ok, now that TA is gone, what is your plan’s?????

    • Lolo

      I don’t know where the heck you live but there certainly isn’t INTEREST FREE mortgages. What you get (if you qualify) is a VA backed mortgage, which just means little to no down payment and no mortgage INSURANCE premium each month. Get your facts straight before posting ignorant responses.

    • PatM

      His issue is he only joined for one of these “C’s”
      > COLLEGE
      > CAREER
      – or –
      > CA$H

      He doesn’t have the “COMMITMENT”

    • Ruck Up

      As a recent retiree, I can see both sides of the argument, but the fact is military TA was a privilege. If education is that important to you as an individual, you will find another means. Or better yet, get out and use your GI Bill. Most of the complainers are sub par soldiers anyway. And, for the others, if you joined for TA, you joined for the wrong reason.

      • Demo 18c

        There’s no wrong reason to join as long as your serve with honor. I joined for the educational benefit but commitment also came with it. Yes my job is fun but it took blood, sweat and tears to be able to have this fun job. There is no one on my ODA that has not used TA. There is a whole initiative for USAJFKSWCS student to complete their degree using TA.

        There are MOSs that benefit from soldiers being educated from college courses that the Army doesn’t provide. I’ll try not to get into detail but if I am told to disable a power plant I need the courses I’m taking now to accomplish the mission. Maybe in your MOS what was learned in basic was good enough for 20 years but in most it’s not. Why do you think officers have a chance to earn their Master’s? The more you know the better the force.

        • Demo 18c

          Now grant it I’m currently in my last class for my B.S. but it still bothers me that TA is gone. As a NCO, like most, we seek improvement and was going for my Master’s but will put it on hold until its affordable. But many of my brothers and sisters within the SOF community was just starting out because op tempo as slowed a bit. I feel for them especially in a world that REQUIRES a degree.

    • Seriously?

      Guys like you make me ill. You are always the first ones to condem anybody that has ambitions outside of the military. The military provides you with the experiences and the opportunities to excel as a contributing member of society. To lose one of those benefits is upsetting. What if I am using tuition assistance for my bachelors and want to save my gi bill for my masters. You probably think that not focusing entirely on the military makes me less of a proffessional. In all honesty I think you are the guy that thinks everyone else is less capable than you.You probably continue to think this as they surpass you proffessionally and you become the subordinate. (that means they are you’re boss) Lets see 19 years so you missed desert storm, then you probably hid out in Tradoc for OIF and OEF, if you did deploy it was probably some BS fobbit position. I think it’s time for you to retire. Chill out, arrange your old bdus and class A’s in the mock wall locker in you bedroom, keep your hair high and tight and stand in your yard and yell at all the kids in your trailer park about how they don’t know how good they have it and how you used to be somebody. Now I will sit back and prepare myself for your scathing retort ( that means comeback)

    • Calm down

      Wow! Yes, TA is a benefit that the military said may not be permanent, but many young and old soldiers are depending on this benefit to help achieve their goals. The true goal seekers will adapt and overcome, the rest will say “I never got my degree because”. Truth is, nothing in life is guaranteed. This should be most temporary as the senior military staff know what an asset this is. Everyone stop complaining, adjust your plan, and write your congressmen! Mr. 19year guy, the system has obviously failed you, as your comments are self serving. You probably voted for Obama…

    • Army NCO

      Some of the Soldiers you are bashing are serving their country day in and day out. They did “earn” the TA. It is a benefit for serving. Some Soldiers were not eligible for the GI bill. Their only recourse was to use TA. You are correct in the fact it is a benefit. Some Soldiers depend on it to help firther their education. Some even use this instead of their GI Bill so they can pass that on tho their Kids to go to college someday. I think the biggest problem with the TA hold, as that is all it currently is, is that the warning for this was next to nothing. I saw the emails and told my Soldiers. They attempted to get a last class in and it was already on hold. Even though it said 1700EST, it was on hold by 1200EST. As to people bashing the military, you signed up for the GI Bill. TA is just an added benefit. It hasn’t been cut. It has been placed on hold. At least the didn’t touch our pay. Be thankful for what you have and not angry for a benefit that was stopped temporarily. Next thing i will say is, Should have never voted Democrat! I voted republican, but will serve our leaders as I have sworn to do~

    • Get a Clue

      Hey stupid, if I were a dishwasher and my benefits were cut I would have the option to quit the job and tell the worthless boss to shove it. In this case I can’t quit and I definately have a worthless boss.

      • Get a Clue,

        Well, you’re not a dishwasher, TA wasn’t part of your Contract (as you imply), now grow up and get over it. If that don’t work for ya, then just keep on complaining and lets see what tomorrow brings.

        Later Gator

    • AmericanAirman

      Well said!

    • pk_fire-control

      I worked my ass off and was compensated for it. I took advantage of GI bill to help DEFER college expenses. Incentives work. I don’t recall taking any handouts.

    • John Doe

      You are an IDOT!

    • Dan

      why be a patriot for a country that is in financial debt, gives to other countries before helping its own citizens and one that starts pointless wars with other countries? if you were promised something when joining, no matter what it was, you would be upset at the opportunities left behind when it is taken away. dont give me your crap, you would be upset too if you were still in and taking classes then suddenly unable to continue your education. plus soldiers rely on civilian education for promotion points to rank up. it is basically imposible to max out promotion points with no civilian education and we all know the military hardly gets paid enough to support going to school full time to get those credits and turn them into promotion points.

    • Guesty McGuestypants

      Only 19 years? Why didn’t you sever that last twentieth year?

    • Annie

      It’s not a FREE HANDOUT when you thought it was part of the consideration for the contract of being military personnel. It’s pure breach of contract. Geez how pompous can you be? It’s a freakin contract. And one of the types that apparently can’t be enforced. Don’t like that? Then don’t offer it. But definitely don’t offer it and then scold people for wanting it back when taken away!

    • jack

      Listen pal, some people are smart enough to know they aren’t gonna be able to diffuse bombs or snipe people in the civilian world, and want to get an education. Not everyone is a lifer. Furthermore, even those that are may find themselves getting cut…then what? HOW YOU LIKE DAT “GUARANTEED PAYCHECK” NOW?!?

      • Demo 18c

        What’s crazy is I was researching jobs on a site for SOF guys and there was a job for a sniper qualified dude but it also REQUIRED a degree.

    • jack

      Listen pal, some people are smart enough to know they aren’t gonna be able to diffuse bombs or snipe people in the civilian world, and want to get an education. Not everyone is a lifer. Furthermore, even those that are may find themselves getting cut…then what? HOW YOU LIKE DAT “GUARANTEED PAYCHECK” NOW?!?

      Read more:

    • SFC Garcia

      I am very conflicted in your comments. A college education is advertised by recruiters nationwide as an incentive and entitlement to serve. I have been in for 17 years….been drug across the world to some of the most austere conditions imaginable….have gone over 3 months without a shower…..left my family on a flight line 13 times, 6 of those times to hostile engagements…..and answered phone calls at two in the morning without complaint. I understand it is my job, and I do it without reservation. I have trained our nations finest, and without question have pull the trigger in defense of this nation. I am proud of who I am. I only want to walk away with a smile, my retirement, and a degree to show for. Why is it then that something so small as tuition assistance to less than 1% of America’s population….and with that less than 300,000 service members that actually use that entitlement can be so disposable. This is not only embarrassing….but disrespectful. Take back the bronze stars…take back the commendations….keep the accolades, but don’t take the reason and motivation to serve. What’s next, va home loan benefits…..tricare… True you signed up to serve, and I will not deny that. I’ll be the first one to grab my chute and defend democracy, but show respect in telling me why got to look in the face of my troopers and explain why one of the most cherished and celebrated incentives to volunteering to defend a nation of liberals is gone. It’s not a handout brother. The next time I bury a soldier tell his son, his wife, and his mother that his college tuition was a handout.

      • Idmtmedic

        Another well written post. I hear ya brotha!!!!!

    • USMC motivator

      i understand where you’re coming from warrior, but what you don’t understand is this: misleading or appearing to mislead new recruits and then flipping them the bird and telling them “deal with it” or “you signed the contract” is not going to help with the recruitment effort, neither is your gung ho attitude. Every Soldier Sailor Airman and Marine has earned their right to what the government has eluded they would recieve, just because you’re a lifer does’t mean everyone else is. That Lance Criminal that uses his GI bill and goes to college might want a salute from you one day. No one is complaining about serving, we just want what was promised us.

    • Army Mom

      Shame on you! Why don’t you shut your ignorant mouth and join the military.

    • THE_MSG

      You are absolutely correct, I did voluntary join the Army. And I stayed in when the Army really needed me although I had better job offers in the private sector. I have spent years away from the family, and even literally given little pieces of myself to the Army and our nation. Please tell me that I haven’t sacrificed. Please tell me that. HOWEVER, during those long days and nights in little hell wholes around the word I understood, as I was told time and again, that I had a great benefit that would help me transition when I could no longer serve. Part of that “benefit” package was TA.
      In the end we all understand that our government is in a finical crisis. But it is one of its own creation and they are intentionally making us feel the pain as an impetus in their political struggles. Don’t get me wrong, I blame both parties. Over a decade of war, time lost from families, emotional and physical toils on the body and mind. What we’re complaining about is a lack of consideration of the sacrifice that we’ve paid. You can always argue what we volunteered, ignore that these programs were part of the deal that we struck with our government. But if you’re going to do that then be true to your argument. Go to your chain of command, request a meal card and barracks room, give up the nice housing allowance and separate rations. You clearly don’t need them. You’ve dedicated you ENTIRE life to the Army. But if you haven’t… If you’ve decided that you’ll die for our country, but that someday you might leave and then need a way to take care of that family that the Army didn’t issue you. Then relook your argument. It might seem a little hypocritical.
      They could have spared some part of the TA program and/or changed the GI Bill so that it’s not a complete waste. But that’s not the point right now. They want you to feel that pain, and I find that disgusting.

    • Staff Sarge

      The “guaranteed” benefits offset the the piss poor pay,conveyer belt health care, multiple deployments and crappy living conditions. Let’s not forget that as a Soldier you forfeit many Constitutional rights – making to much noise about this topic alone can land you a rank or two lower. We as Soldiers have made compromises for various reasons and expect to receive the benefits promised to us for our “voluntary” and contractual services.

      • Staff Sarge,

        So what are you now, an E-4?????


    • Butt Raider

      I actually agree. It’s called the “Service” for a reason.

    • Benefits

      So let me get this straight. The Army says for promotion to SSG I need 100 points from civilian education. That’s a ratio to 1 semester credit =1 point. When my packet goes before the MSG board if I don’t have a bachleors degree I have a slim chance of getting picked up. Oh yes the GI BILL….the one a long time ago I paid in to. Too bad I don’t have the time to use it by taking a couple classes here and there when the oppurtunity presents itself. Now there is the post 911 GI bill but oops…some soldiers had it transfered to their children and were relying heavily on TA. We get alerted that we have till 1700EST. Funny think is that my TA was approved in January. At 1000EST I decide to err on the path of caution and sign up on Goarmy ed for a class ..but low and behold it has locked me from enrolling in any course. So I attempt to call the Education Center…busy…agian and agian..then it dawns on me..they have taken their phone off the hook. So much for 1700. Every benefit we are given we earn. Some benefits we’re given we need to further our career otherwise we will just be downsized and pushed out on the civilian population with no college. Mabey I can work at Walmart.

      • Benefits,

        Are you saying that without any College and E-5 can’t make E-6?????

    • Joe

      WE didn’t ask for FREE SHIT like the current doal seekers who are too lazy or physically unfit to serve the country they are stealing from. You sound like one of those..

    • J Spina

      Hey! Can someone tell me where I can get my interest free mortgage? This guy seems to know how to get one……..I wonder if he’ll be singing the same song when post 911 GI Bill is taken next?

    • Rob

      I’ve been in 26 years and what kills me is our political system is broke! TA aside theses brainiacs can’t balance a budget, can’t get equipment that we need yet they still get retirement for life, at times private jets really? I don’t want a hand out and don’t need one but many of my troops do so theses elected officials need to LEAD their country and not be a drain on our social system and oh by the way prepare for on going war but well do it on your dime we are having to many state dinners and similar gatherings to help pay

    • SFC C

      You Signed Up-Your name should be !Got To Be Kidding! Soldier’s sign up for many reasons, not only patriotism but for eveything that is currently a benefit to the service member. Recruiters live by this btw to offer benefits other than and I’ll be straight forward “other then taking a bullet”.19 years and counting a bet you should only hope OUR military retirement benefits are there 5 years from now?? Do you see that is your contact?? Only then will we both be complaining but only you will have your foot in your mouth. 20 years to start over at BK, I don’t think so.Think before you go ALL CAPS. PLEASE.

    • Proud American

      “You Signed Up” was never in the service. He is a jerk, liar, and ignorant buffoon. Not only that, to write these things it means he is jealous and probably ashamed he didn’t serve, or even if he did, he didn’t serve well, showed his cowardice and quit. He couldn’t hack the military life, and is too stupid and ignorant to qualify to take higher education. Rot in Hell “You Signed Up”!!!

    • Donna

      Go into your local High School and ask the office staff what the Army recruiters are up there at the school pushing every week. It is the TA! It is sure not the entry level below the poverty level pay.

    • Jamie

      Yes, we did, and under our own volition. No one forced any of us nor do they when we reenlist time after time. But you’re an idiot if you think that everyone who joins does it because of absolute patriotism. Some of us join because of the college money that it will provide. There are some out there that go to school full time and drill one weekend a month and depend on that TA income just to put food on the table(guess that makes me non-patriotic). That college money may be a benefit but it was part of a contract that was signed. I bet you will use every ounce of your retirement money that comes to you as a BENEFIT of your service for 20 years to your country. You give up your retirement and I’ll give up my TA. There are people just like you, serving in our government roles and as military leaders. It’s easy to make bold statements like that when you’re part of the top earners and facing a guaranteed retirement. If they can take TA they can take your retirement. Good Luck.

    • joe snuffy

      I am being the soldier I agreed to be! standing up against tyranny! The army is taking back its promises, promises that in part was a factor for joining.

      Maybe I should only show up to work 20% of the time because thats how much money was taken away from me at earning jack chit as a E-4!

      You Sir are the epitomy of toxic leadership by turning your back on your soldiers who are trying to better themselves.

      • joe snuffy,

        I agree with you, only show up for work 20% of the time! Excellent idea.

    • Thraxx58

      i have to raise the BS flag on this.. this kind of crap sounds like that which comes from some moron who hasn’t served a day in their entire miserable life. this viewpoint is the same that spews from most liberal talking heads.. the drivel that comes from what people assume the military is all about.. you should do us all a favor and delete your moronic post and go crawl your nasty spineless self back in your hole. Hua!

    • Vet

      And if you contribute extra to maximize this “BENEFIT”?? Do I get a refnd check?? SOME PEOPLE JOIN THE MILITARY TO PAY FOR COLLEGE (not all of us have the benifit of having parents pay for college and/or for one reason or another are unable to get loans).

    • Nick

      This is all true. The only problem is when things like this happen the government starts cutting even more educational benefits. Before you know it they will take away the GI BIll. This is where things become difficult for people who serve. Soldiers volunteered to fight for there country. This is absolutely true. Most of them come right out of High School. They have a vision of serving there country while simultaneously earning money for school, which they otherwise might not be able to afford. This is the governments promise to those of us who serve. We entered into this agreement with the understanding that we would receive certain benefits in exchange for our service. Many of these soldiers are still children at 18 and 19 years old. They did choose to give all they have, their life, for the country they believe in. Is 4k in TA a year too much to give them to help them earn a degree? I don’t know the last sales person or dishwasher that went to work and came home that night missing a limb or in a body bag. If they choose to move from the military word to the civilian sector after the service they are at a severe disadvantage. They are entering a crippled job market that is looking for educated individuals with experience. By the way, you mentioned pay… Maybe you should take a look at what an E-2 with 2 years in service makes. Here, I’ll tell you, It’s about 1700$ a month before taxes. That means that they might take home 1200$ a month after taxes. But wait, they get to live in a barracks room with up to 3 other guys sometimes. That definitely is worth about… let’s say $300 a month. These guys work 18 hour days more often than not. They could be away from there families for more than a year and, in some cases, could be killed at any moment. So let’s add it up… about $1500 a month. That’s 15k a year, take home. They are over the poverty limit, but just by a few thousand. Let’s take a job at McDonalds now… in San Francisco. Minimum wage there is $10.55 an hour. So… with them working 80 hours a week (easy for a young guy eager to make some money), don’t forget time and a half after 40 hours…. Grand total… 1,055$ per week. That’s $4220 a month. So after taxes let’s call it 3k. That’s 36k$ a year to work at McDonalds. No threat of being killed or maimed. They get to go home every day and sleep in there bed. Their biggest fear is high cholesterol and acne. Do I think it’s fair they cut ANY military benefits? Absolutely not.

    • Nick

      This is all true. The only problem is when things like this happen the government starts cutting even more educational benefits. Before you know it they will take away the GI BIll. Soldiers volunteered to fight for there country. This is absolutely true. Most of them come right out of High School. They have a vision of serving their country while simultaneously earning money for school, which they otherwise might not be able to afford. This is the governments promise to those of us who serve. We entered into this agreement with the understanding that we would receive certain benefits in exchange for our service. Many of these soldiers are still children at 18 and 19 years old. They did choose to give all they have, their life, for the country they believe in. Is 4k in TA a year too much to give them to help them earn a degree? I don’t know the last sales person or dishwasher that went to work and came home that night missing a limb or in a body bag. If they choose to move from the military word to the civilian sector after their service they are at a severe disadvantage. They are entering a crippled job market that is looking for educated individuals with experience. By the way, you mentioned pay… Maybe you should take a look at what an E-2 with 2 years in service makes. Here, I’ll tell you, It’s about 1700$ a month before taxes. That means that they might take home 1200$ a month after taxes. But wait, they get to live in a barracks room with up to 3 other guys sometimes. That definitely is worth about… let’s say $300 a month. These guys work 18 hour days more often than not. They could be away from there families for more than a year and, in some cases, could be killed at any moment. So let’s add it up… about $1500 a month. That’s 18k a year, take home. They are over the poverty limit, but just by a few thousand. Let’s take a job at McDonalds now… in San Francisco. Minimum wage there is $10.55 an hour. So… with them working 80 hours a week (easy for a young guy eager to make some money), don’t forget time and a half after 40 hours…. Grand total… 1,055$ per week. That’s $4220 a month. So after taxes let’s call it 3k. That’s 36k$ a year (take home) to work at McDonalds. No threat of being killed or maimed. They get to go home every day and sleep in their bed. Their biggest fear is high cholesterol and acne. Do I think it’s fair they cut ANY military benefits? Absolutely not.

    • Carrie

      You get paid to put your life on the line for us, but the pay is not a lot . Yes military should recieve all kinds of benefits, I would be willing to have more money taken out of my check to do so for the brave women and men who protect us. How about getting rid of ssi fraud and boot lazy welfare slobs off the system

    • Dawn

      Everyone doesn’t join the military to be patriot. Some join BECAUSE of the benefits allotted. For many Americans out there, if there are no benefits to joining the military, why join?

    • I Truly Agree

      Yes, Yes, Amen …

    • Yeah Right

      This was not a FREE HANDOUT like you claim. I sign a two-year active duty service commitment every single time I apply. Do your homework before you start acting like an ignorant fool. Let me guess, you already got your degree?

    • Kyshawn Smith, USN

      It really pisses me off to sit here and read this. The stupidity and ignorance that screams from this is evident. I honor and admire anyone serving in the military regardless of brach of service, and as a sailor in the Navy a 32 yr old E3 I was already a soldier and a patriot surviving the streets of gang activity in Compton, California. So I’ve been what’s called a street soldier all my life and I did that while raising 4 kids and working everyday. The reason why I joined the military was because I wanted to. I wanted to be here. I wanted to serve my country more than what I was already no doing in the civilian world while being someone that my kids and other kids and teenagers can look up too. When they see me now they can say that no matter what I can live a dream. And that’s what I’m doing right now. Yes education is important more now than when I was in school. I tell my kids, Jr high and High School students every chance I get to make sure they get the quality education they can get cause times are only going to get harder to where only the smart can and will survive. You say stop complaining the only one I see complaining is you. The military is pushing its active all members to get degrees. So to suspend the TA assistance for its service members makes no sense. Do you know just how much it costs per year just to go to a university per semester? Do you know how much the books costs for the classes that’s being taken? TA assistance is a big help for those members who want to reach the goals set to obtain the degrees and added level of knowledge outside the military so the transition from military to civilian is easier and smooth. Although I’ve been part of the navy since 2011 and bout to go on my 1st deployment I plan on finishing the education side of my life that I did not complete. Yes the military gives the benefits to pay for school through the GI bill and the post 9/11 Bill and for some members that’s an added reason to join the service. You’ve been for 19 going on 20 years, you should be the last person to question, cast judgement on anyone. There’s no honor in that. Stand up and defend them and help them instead of bashing them. Your not living their lives or walking in their shoes. The resources that the military provides an individual in regards to advancing their education is far more that what a regular person has outside of the service. I’m here cause I want to be. I love the fact that I wake up and go to sleep everyday knowing I’m becoming a better patriot than what I used to be and a greater one when my time is up in the service regardless of how years I serve. My commitment to military is undeniable and unwavering. I serve with the core values that I was trained on and the basic principle of what it means to be a service member in the US Armed Forces. And the fact that i took an oath to serve with my brothers and sisters in the Army, Airforce, Marines, and the Coas Guard is something that im proud to do something that’s clear that you have lost sight of that really means.

    • amiable 1

      We are entitled to the benefits in our contracts? Where did you serve for 19 years? The cost of tuition increases every year. The other financial education sources are limited. You are just as bad as the politians making the decisions. It doesn’t directly affect you so you do not care. Education benefits and financial stability are the reasons most people join the military. Let’s see what happens to rentention rates after this. This is not a matter of patriotism, but a matter of educating our troops. I guess you live in a hut and work for free and you survive off of your love for America.

      • amiable,

        “Education benefits and financial stability are the reasons most people join the military.”

        Bull, the top two reasons are Patriotism and Pension. Educational opportunities are 7th on the list of what soldiers say would case them to re-enlist or extend.

        • Idmtmedic

          Lmao………..and the link iiiiiiiiiiiiiis coming. I seem to remember you and retiree arguing that retirement had NO bearing on deciding to sign up, or re-enlistments as well as medical? Wtf? …..make up your mind. Remember, you served for your country. Not for any benefit Charles.. YOU sure as hel# didn’t do it for a pension????…….lmao yea ok. Did you pay for that?

          • Idmedic,

            You have a computer, look up the link, it’s there.

          • Idmtmedic

            I am sure the link is there. My argument at the time was if the military goes to a 401k payable at 60+ it would affect enlistments. You both stated it would not.

          • idmedic,

            What in the world are you talking about, are you home smoking or what?????

          • Idmtmedic

            Lmao. No actually doing laundry. Now if you can’t remember the discussion about what happens when the military changes benefits such as, medical, education, retirement for new enlistees then I can’t help you. Your “link” just refuted your own argument.

          • Idmedic,

            Have no idea what you are talking about. I remember this is about Tuition Assistance. You seem to be off in another world some place.

            What link????? You off in another world again?????

            Move along.

          • Idmtmedic

            Moving along……patriotism and pension….lmao. Nothing about HEALTH CARE? You just wanted a JOB.

    • Emilio

      I am not a sheep. I shouldn’t be what my government wants, my government should be what I want.

    • MMCM

      Im curious as to whether you intend to file a VA disability claim, or do you think that is a give me as well? Anyone who thinks that educational benefits to assist in reeducation of troops to prepare them for employment in the civilian sector needs their head examined. As a veteran who served my country for thirty years I am offended by your ignorance. I am also curious as to whether you actually served in a combat position, did you do any time in a war zone? Iraq, Afghanistan, Panama, Granada? My guess is you work in an air conditioned office. If you want to attack a group who gets free handouts I suggest you do some research on the benefits of our congress, how do you like our economy? or is that just complaining too?

    • military4life

      Most jobs offer benefits and most people would be understandably upset when those benefits were terminated or suspended. Civilians are free to look elsewhere, enlisted service members are not. The level of commitment required of soldiers should be balanced by additional and better benefits not less.

    • John Strapp

      It’s not what they are taking away from us. It’s the sole fact they are attacking us first. What’s next? Health care for military is gone? I don’t care what other countries or what they do an do not get. The other countries can worry about them selves as we should too. We are American. We are not sitting in the middle of Somali or Madagascar with our thumbs up our asses. Serve my country? This is a two way agreement. Forced? Of coarse not. It’s called a duty, and an obligation. Now some illegal gets what is rightfully ours. How’s that make you feel? You should be enraged by this.

    • Anna

      II would like to know have they stopped funding for college for prisoners.

    • Matt

      I understand what you are saying sir. No one that is upset about the TA is running out the door. Here is my position. I am a E7 I have been told that I am not promotable without a Bachlors degree (AF).

    • Fcash

      That is the most ignorant statement I have ever heard. The fact that you will question someones patriotism and that you will call it a hand out. Brother, I don’t agree with you and that is stance but it will not deter me from sharing a foxhole with you. However, do not insult my intelligence by calling this program a hand out.

    • AFPerling

      Unfortunately, so many responses are negative to your points.

      I, too, was told TA was a privilege not a right. However, my Sqn. Cmdr made this comment to his NCOs, who were charged with telling us wee little Airmen that we could not use TA until we had finished out core career requirements and qualified in our primary position. Only then could we apply for TA.

      Now… I was eventually able to use TA. But I finished everything that was asked of me first. Not every position in the military is the same and has the same short-term objectives to be met before using TA… but there are other opportunities to finish your degree.

      CLEP, DANTES, exams provided by specific colleges (not sure if I can name them here), scholarships, grants, and yes, the GI Bill.

      TA was a recruiting tool, and I bought it hook, line, and sinker. I don’t think cutting TA entirely is a great idea, but there should be certain requirements satisfied first. You need to sink your teeth into your job a little first before taking advantage of that privilege.

      Unfortunately, the CG has reinstated TA, but only for AD. Reserves are a no-go. Do I agree? Not entirely… but I think excluding an entire part of the service only fosters resentment. Yet Reservists (and I am one) are typically only there one weekend a month, etc… I think while they are in a drilling status is may be fair to offer a significantly reduced TA, and only offer full TA if they are recalled.

      Otherwise, I understand the idea of “earning” it. Just not to this extreme.

  • Comments

    Yes, cut, cut, cut the Military to shreds, but make sure Egypt gets $250 million
    Go figure!

  • James

    I hate seeing members of the military so entitlement brainwashed. Anything other than your pay, medical, and retirement is welfare. I know too many people in the military or retired military that think the world is owed to them. Give me a break.

    • joe snuffy

      your right in one point that military members feel entitlted, however its the decicision of greasy higher ups who have decided not to cut their precious contracts for unescesary equipment, but they cut the education of their soldiers! that is what is caustic and deplorable, not the cuts themselves but where they are cutting.

    • Ray

      yea i do feel entitled. i signed a contract. that contract stated, along with other things, that i was entitled to this benefit. if you got hired on at say a law firm and you were promised in writing that you would get your law school loans paid if you agreed to work for them and all of the sudden they stop paying but you still have to work for them. yea we feel entitled TO THE THINGS WE WERE PROMISED IN WRITING WHEN WE JOINED. i don’t want a harvard educaton i just want to get the money i was promised. i kept up my end, they’re not keeping up theres. entitled, ha, give me a break. and ps nothing is owed to us. But because we do what we do punks like you sit safely behind a computer and we stand ready to hunt men who would harm this country. we VOLUNTEERED to fight because we know if we leave it to people like you this country will fall. say what you will about these wars but i promise you if north korea or iran or syria act up you’ll be back, and we’ll be ready. its guys like you that make me happy i joined.

      • Heidi

        I agree with you 100%. thought The recruiters PROMISED this in our Member 4 paperwork! and they take it away. It’s like when we book a flight and the seat we reserved has been taken away and given to someone else. Though it’s more of a privilege than a right, this is what we were promised and to have a promise taken away upsets people PERIOD!

      • Ray,

        “i signed a contract. that contract stated, along with other things, that i was entitled to this benefit.”

        Bullchit, recruiters can’t guarantee you TA. Click on my name, and post your contract on my website.

        • Idmtmedic

          So tell us what contract we signed is binding? Anything, any year, any service?

    • Afghan Vet.

      James, have you ever served a day of your life? Have you been away from your family for a year in a war torn country fighting for American freedom? Have you seen the face of war? Its ugly, and by God we deserve all the entitlements we get. We put our life on the line for you. I believe it’s a small price to pay for tax payers to help with our education. If you don’t believe so then you come right over here to Afghanistan and fight for your own freedom!

    • Robin

      Really James, so just who do you think fought for your freedom to be able to post this crap!!! Our son is a sergeant in the National Guard, he has worked since he was 151/2 years old. He is NOT a welfare bum, he has worked his ass off for everything he has. And if there is ever a group of people that deserve a helping hand and our respect it’s the men and women in uniform that serve this Country to keep people like you and me safe and free.

    • Solder supporter

      Your an idiot James!!! Stupid people like you should keep their mouths shut!

    • Shantel

      I don’t know why I ever bother to read the comments. Let me start by thanking those who have volunteered to serve and their families. I really can’t thank you enough. To James, were you rejected from the military for what is obviously a psychological issue or maybe your one of those dudes who would rather sit on his butt playing Call of Duty rather than actually joining the military. First, soldiers are entitled to these benefits because its what the government agreed to when they volunteered to serve. Someone correct me if I’m wrong, but these changes don’t come with the option to back out and if you’ve already served well then I guess its just too bad. Second, I think soldiers deserve everything they have coming from jumping the Amtrak line to educational assistance. What kind of person believes that the men and women who go to work everyday willing to pay the ultimate sacrifice to do the things believed necessary to keep the country safe don’t deserve something.

    • ISupportOurMilitary

      If you can’t stand with our military, please feel free to stand in front of them. We need less morons like you in the world.

    • pissed off

      Fuck you James, we fought and saw our friends die for our country and your freedom. I think that we deserve the benefits that we have been promised.

    • Angry SGT

      You clearly wrote this because you enjoy seeing others riled up by your words. You have either not served, not experienced hardship while serving, or have been a private for all 8 years of your Reserve career. As stated previously, if listed within my contract are benefits such as Tuition Assistance, Student Loan Repayment, etc, that are all due to me because of my service, how is it ok that I uphold my end, but the government does not theirs? Any other organization, this would be a breach of contract. In a union based organization, this would be cause for a strike. I understand this is both unfeasible and unpatriotic in our capacity as Soldiers, however, don’t give me that “entitlement” garbage. I enlisted. I joined. I deserve everything that I signed for for on that contract if I’m giving everything for my country.

    • Hopeful

      I would be amazed to find out that you have served a day of your life. Military families sign a contract that promises that they will receive certain things for a commitment of time in service. Serving in the military is not like other jobs. An active duty military member agrees in writing that they become the property of the military for the term of their enlistment, they can not just quit and they receive far less pay for their jobs in the military than what a civilian would receive on the outside without possibility of overtime. The military can order an enlisted member to go wherever they wish, whenever they wish at whatever hours they wish and the service member has nothing to say about it. A military member gives up many of the freedoms that civilians enjoy in order to receive the few benefits that they do receive even up to the cost of their own lives (which many do pay with!). What I hate to see is people like you who consider military to be brain-washed for simply asking that the contract that they are being held to is up-held since the government seems to feel that the service member has to hold up his side when they are constantly violating their own promises. You try being sent away to the desert for months away from your family, or having to go overseas without your family for a year or more. You try having to miss the birth of your own child, or even all of them because of a terrorist threat that they can not ignore. You try fighting in a war that you may not even fully agree with because you are ordered to and have no choice and then your opinion might actually count for something. Instead those who serve have to sit and listen to people like you who have no concept of what all they do and sacrifice in order to serve whine about our sense of “entitlement”. Well I have news for you…do you feel entitled to breath, to get married, to voice your own opinions? You shouldn’t…because it is those that serve that earn you that right, not anything that you have ever done for yourself on your own merit.

  • Bill

    The only reason why some think it’s okay for TA to be suspended is because they probably already have theirs. Well, good for ya. The military is pushing for educated Soldiers, Sailors. etc. That’s why the Army raised the points for promotion for civilian education. Now the gov’t, in all it’s infinite wisdom, is suspending TA because they couldn’t get their heads outta their fourth point of contact long enough to handle the budget. Now young troops have to suffer. Mean while, the POTUS and family and friends are out golfing and vacationing it up on our tax dollars. This is a sad state we’re in. Last time I checked this was OUR country, not congress’. Bout time they had a history lesson on how we came to be in the first place.

    US Army retired

    • Bob

      Thanks Bill

      • Bill

        You bet.

    • paul

      When does soldiers on active duty have time to go to school?

      • Bill

        In all actuality, they have time. Just not the kind of time everyone else has. It all depends on what you’re willing to sacrifice and how bad you want the education. There’s always time. I had to sacrifice family time and sleep time during deployments. It sucked, but I did it.

  • John

    Enjoy… Your GI Bill is next. Im using mine while we still have money for it. If you think for a second they wont target that next you have no foresight.

    • Bill

      Oh, I believe it. They’ll cut every last benefit before they cut their own.

  • T. 1SG (RET)

    Another example why none of them (Congress) should be re-elected. They have failed the American people.

    • Patrick

      And another reason I’m thankful Obama hits his term limits, since he denied any attempts of congress to send up anything on Budgets to help with this.

  • mr. red

    TA is is something there to help. You recieve 100% of the gi bill if you have 3 years of active duty service. correct?? So lets talk about reservists.. who because they can never usually get three deployments they can never use the gi bill. its not even worth it. so all they have to pay for school is chapter 1607 with TA to benifit going to school like all of you. so TA along with grants is actually one of the only ways a reserve soldier can go to school as a full time job and barely get by. I know this magical info because i did 4 years active and now am in the reserves. so yes taking it away is going to royally fuck many people who would like to attend school.

    • John

      Looks like their gonna have to keep that draft idea open after all..


    Freaking Obama!!!!!!!! I swear.

    • Ryan

      You can blame both sides, alot of republicans are to blame as well. When you point the finger, remember 4 are coming right back to you.

      • NotaDonkey

        If I remember correctly every time a republican isin office the military is always taken care of. I.E. pay raises. But no wait I remember someone is his campain saying the top military officials said they do not need anymore money, but why is it that every top ranking military member said to congress we can’t do our job unless we have the funds. Someones not telling the truth. But wait let me send my wife to all these events and waste countless dollars which I helped pay for. America needs to wake up. Some people just don’t have LEADERSHIP and those people need to be replaced. But wait its not his fault he got it passed down from the last guy. Try saying that in the military. The last time I checked when I releave someone I take responsibility for anything and everything that happens when I am in control. HOE EVERYONE LIKES THE CHANGE

    • Gayle

      Obama can’t do anything (NOT EVEN STOP CUTS ON BENEFITS)until the U.S. House of Representatives do their job!!!!!
      Just to remind everyone about how our government works:

      How a Bill Becomes a Law

      Creating laws is the U.S. House of Representatives’ most important job. All laws in the United States begin as bills. Before a bill can become a law, it must be approved by the (1st)U.S. House of Representatives, (2nd)then sent to the U.S. Senate, and (3rd)then sent to the President.

      So the U.S. House of Representatives should do their job, not take vacations and they should not receive ANY pay until they do their job. But, the Senate or the President CAN NOT stop cuts on anything until the U.S. House of Representatives does their job and it appears that they don’t care who gets hurt by benefits being taken away just as long as the wealthiest folks in our country do not have their taxes raised or tax loop holes are not taken away from them.

    • Dwayne

      There’s three branches of government. Executive, legislative, judicial which all three must work together, stop blaming Obama!! Remember Tea Party wanted cuts and now they have them.

  • Joe

    @You Signed Up:
    Soooo you’re about to hit you’re 20 year mark and eligible for retirement… By your logic, you should simply be grateful for serving your country and you really don’t need that pension? I mean, they don’t HAVE to give you a retirement, that is a “benefit” of serving for 20+ years. That is more than hypocritical my friend.

    I’ve served with a lot of people like you, who benefit from using the benefits through the ranks, and forget what it’s like being an E-2 with a family when government cuts start hitting the military. FIGHT for your young soldiers, sailors, marines and airmen. They make a lot less than a dishwasher and sacrifice a lot more than the people who suck the teet of the system- NEVER working. They are not at some frat house partying like their high school friends who have their school paid for by mommy and daddy.

    I’d be extremely disappointed with my leadership if YOU were MY NCO!

    @Cry me a river… YOU think that these kids have bad credit and that’s why they don’t get financial aid- Really? Have you EVER filled out a FAFSA or even been to college?

    The GI Bill benefits DON’T pay for the whole thing! They have to supplement what the VA doesn’t pay with FAFSA and other grants, TA, and such.

    Sorry for YOU that you have absolutely NO clue as to what it takes to complete a degree while serving in the military- OBVIOUSLY you have it ALL figured out and could really give a crap about anyone else. Annndd by your logic, you are ok with fighting for the lady with 15 kids by 10 different daddy’s who suck the taxpayer dry. While that young man or woman your in charge of gets deployed 4 times fighting for their country working themselves through school.

    Good job sir- you are a scholar and a gentlemen with the altruistic reasoning of a 2 year old and the philanthropic bone of a TRUE liberal…

    Have a good day- Semper Fi

    • Bill

      Well said, Devil Dog.

  • Joe

    So pissed!!!
    BE PATRIOTIC- you say!!!! I have served my time, and yes, have used my GI Bill benefits while I was not only in but when I got out- the ONLY way to pay for college. For those of you who are salty “19” year lifers who say that it is a FREE hand out, and we should simply be thankful for serving our country- give me a break!

    WE didn’t get a free ride, or Mommy and Daddy paying for our school like most other kids out of high school-partying it up at a frat house on a Saturday night. NO! we were in fox holes a million miles away freezing our ass off, eating shit rations, protecting “foreign country’s” from their own “domestic terrorism”- far far away from our own families, and earning much much less than a “dishwasher” would make. When we had the opportunity to better ourselves we did- using this benefit.

    THAT is not FREE! WE earned it! Much more than those who have 15 kids by 10 different daddy’s and live on the system sucking it dry… WE contributed to the welfare and security of this country and many many other countries as well- not just our own.

    So take your “you should be Patriotic”, sycophantic rants, and stop being a government sucking yes man- Stop drinking the Kool Aid, and FIGHT FOR YOUR subordinates who NEED this benefit!

    • cry my a river

      No we dont get a free ride but it’s called applying for financial aid, sorry for YOU if your credit sucks because you decided to not be responsible finaclially

      • Joe

        Cry me a river… YOU think that these kids have bad credit and that’s why they don’t get financial aid- Really? Have you EVER filled out a FAFSA or even been to college?

        The GI Bill benefits DON’T pay for the whole thing! They have to supplement what the VA doesn’t pay with FAFSA and other grants, TA, and such.

        Sorry for YOU that you have absolutely NO clue as to what it takes to complete a degree while serving in the military- OBVIOUSLY you have it ALL figured out and could really give a crap about anyone else. Annndd by your logic, you are ok with fighting for the lady with 15 kids by 10 different daddy’s who suck the taxpayer dry. While that young man or woman your in charge of gets deployed 4 times fighting for their country working themselves through school.

        Good job sir- you are a scholar and a gentlemen with the altruistic reasoning of a 2 year old with a philanthropic bone of a TRUE liberal…

        Have a good day- Semper Fi

      • Mike

        Cry me a river, I hope you understand that financial aid like federal tuition assistance is a federal assisted program. You are not required to pay back financial aid the same as soldiers are not required to pay back FTA. Therefore, you are no better then the soldier you claim doesn’t deserve it. I have utilized both programs before graduating and in my opinion the only difference is that you provide a service to earn
        the FTA whereas Financial Aid is simply given to you based off income.

    • JedP

      Agree on all parts.

  • Pv2 Magee

    I’ve been at my unit for a few weeks, my TA was pushed back because my commander wasn’t around, and this comes out TODAY the DAY I was going to get this filled out and turned in. What makes it so worse is that this is one of the main reasons I joined the Military and agreed to do the duty I swore to.

    I’m disappointed. HIGHLY disappointed.

  • SGM Porter

    To sit there and say that one is not entitled to be upset with this program being taken away sickens me!! You say things like be a soldier, a patriot??? Thats what the damn three deployments were!! The tours in korea, Germany.. Taking this privilege away sends a message!! You mention G.I. bill, but guess what, gotta ets before you start using that!! And all the points about money being tossed loosely around in soooo many other parts of our government ARE accurate!! So all these people who are upset, do need to speak up about it, because how else does positive changes/reversals of policy happen if everyone just “soldiers on” and keeps there mouth shut!! lastly, remember that not agreeing with policy and simply voicing that, is not a form of treason, and all those who act like it is just need to get their heads out of their 4th point of contact and credit soldiers because we do deserve benefits!! Its not wrong to be appreciated..l IT IS EARNED!!!

    • andrew

      Thanks SGM! I have contacted my friends in Political Science. To get the ball rolling on contacting my government. Motivate your guys, because this is a slippery slope, and I dont want my VA benefits fucked with next.

    • SFC Garcia

      Amen SGM. I have posted my comments as well and am shocked that an individual can have the inclination to say that our soldiers are not entitled to a decent education is disturbing. TA is chump change compared to some of the things that can be cut. It is earned in service and is a benefit that is appreciated by those that actually use it. I have kept an A bag and B bag packed for 17 years, and am currently a Junior class man at the University of Oklahoma “Sooners” distance learning program. I appreciate the opportunity the army has given me and my troopers to attend a school and get a quality degree, but also see it as a thank you. Like I told that guy, next time I bury on of my heroes, see how far he gets when he mentions to my fallen joes son, wife, mother, and father that the college degree he was working on while down range in the Kunar Valley was a handout.

      • Idmtmedic

        Now that is a soldier!!!!!

  • Rosalee

    If they can continue to access their GI Bill benefits what’s the problem?
    I guess I am missing something here.
    BTW a small % take advantage of the GI Bill

  • ABN

    Well, as of 1200 hours on 8 March, they have already placed all of my Soldiers accounts on hold. I guess 1700 does not mean 1700.

  • guest

    I flew a General around eastern Afghanistan today so that he could have lunch with some friends of his at another FOB. In fact we fly these “VIP’s” around every day to places at a very high cost to taxpayers. A blackhawk uses about 300 gallons of jet fuel every 90 minutes of flying. At around $6 a gallon you can do the math. All to take these folks to places that are easily available via VTC, email, phones, and the like so they can talk about who knows what. The Army (DOD) waste so much money on unnecessary things yet they decide to cut TA which a lot of people take advantage of to better themselves professionally and personally. The Army wants smarter soldiers but is taking away a very effective tool like TA
    . Like everything else our government does this just doesn’t make sense.

    • Seriously?

      So true, I have done the same thing, and have had to have the helo running an hour before the generals show time. I can assure you that jp-8 costs a lot more than $6 a gallon with all the transport costs involved. What a waste of time. Vtc is a good point. I am sure having a helo on call makes them feel important. At least until their sex scandal surfaces and they are forcibly retired.

  • Sumitta

    While this is a benefit and not an entitlement– it was the sales pitch that got MANY people to enlist. To take the tuition asistance away is to take away one of the best recruiting and retainment tools that are available. In addition, there is a very small number of service members that actually take advantage and USE the program.

    And what does this do for the military? Once we were dedicated to getting the most training we could into every member of the armed forces because it made our military stronger and better for it. If we want to save money, why not get rid of all the tech schools and just make it OJT?

    We aren’t doing a service to the military by removing the recruiting tools that actually make our service stronger and better by having them.

  • jbe

    Nothing like taking care of the soldiers who sacrifice so much everyday. I teach in a military environment, and I see how hard pressed many of these students are to actually take advantage of the opportunity to receive TA normally. The mission always takes precedent… I understand that. I don’t understand why these hard-working individuals have to suffer even more than they already do because of our dysfunctional political system.

  • Giza

    We gave Saddam a longer warning that we were coming for ass then we just did about our own Soldiers education. Heads up would of been nice

  • Anthony

    Lol Russell A TROLL lol. Why do people like you still exist in this world? Ignorant, racist, douchebag.

  • Anthony

    Don’t forget that Education (in the Army) counts for a large percentage of promotion points. So not only are we taking away TA, but at the same time making it harder for enlisted soldiers to get promoted.

    • Anthony,

      Now that TA is gone, doesn’t it make it more equal when it comes to promotions! So, it’s no harder for one than it is for the other now! Right?????

      • Idmtmedic

        Unless of course those that used it and are being compared to those that can’t. You figure that into your genius stats or links? Lmao

  • Debbie

    Really? Many young people have signed up to serve the country with the belief that they could obtain an education. This kind of cut should be introduced to new people entering the service so that they have a choice not to sign the dotted line.
    Why is it that the military, elderly and children always have to suffer the cuts while the voters in government give themselves raises?
    Here is what needs to happen………..Make the lawmakers in Washington live on the average salary, pay the same taxes and retire with social security. Reduce their vacations. No one voting on policy should own stocks. And the next time we need our military to defend our country, send the people in Washington to fight and leave the military to run the country.

    • Barbara b.

      Amen. You go, girl!

    • Amanda

      Yes! I agree with you 100%. Tuition assistance is (or, should I say was) a wonderful benefit, and one of the main reasons my husband decided to sign on the dotted line. The fact that they have taken it away is disappointing.

    • Em L

      I agree with you wholeheartedly. More than one of my friends will have to make major life changes, move graduation dates back, etc, because they are no longer receiving the funding that was originally part of their contract with the military. The fact of the matter is that the government made a contract with these people and is now reneging on it. The problem is that it can’t be illegal because they make the laws.
      Our country’s real problem is how to make any of these vast array of issues. Congressmen receive reasonable salaries from the government. Campaign donations, however, fund considerably more expensive lifestyles. Sadly, the chances for seeing a positive change in the way our ‘representatives’ make their decisions look very grim.

  • D. Collins

    ask our troops to put their lives on the line for America, leave their jobs to serve, leave their families, etc. and THEN take away the benefits that our troops have had for years, and were promised when the enlisted. When the soldier comes home and is no longer in the military, his job at home is no longer available. My son-in-law is in Afghanistan now after already serving in Iraq. He will need to have employment AFTER he leaves the service. A high school diploma alone is not adequate education for a person to acquire a decent paying job. These service people deserve AND need to have a means to provide for themselves and their dependents. Why is it that our politicians can grant themselves raises, have lifetime health and retirement benefits, and are not even accountable to attend all the sessions in congress, let alone get their jobs done so that the budget is balanced. If someone on the outside didn’t show up for their mtgs., got their projects done,etc., they would be fired!

    PLEASE do not renege on our promise to these young men and women to help educate, offer medical care for them AND their dependents, etc. It is not right for us to turn our back on those who are protecting our country.

  • LadyLawstudent

    Instead of posting to, write to your House Representative or your Senator. Also consider writing a letter to the editor of your local paper so that others understand how the sequester affects military members and their families.

    • Wake Up

      Really, write to the House of Representatives or Senator. What will they do? Have you not seen what is happening with Congress, why do you think we are losing benefits each and every day.

  • Jes

    PART 1

    Your comment is rather insulting to the many Service Members who have sacrficed over the years and at times have even given of their lives for this Great Nation… TA a Benefit? Yes, so is Tricare, Tax Free Pay Deployed, Bonuses etc. but we have realized over the years from not taking care of Servicemembers the dishonor it does to them and how it sets many up for failure… Do we want to go back to the Sort of Military that sucks people in, chews then up and then spits them out with no or reduced benefits? NO we’ve been there and have realized the error of that.

    Not to mention at a time when Financial cuts are happening, why is it that the Military faces the largest cut? Why is it that the military is the one that always have to give the biggest piece of the pie back? If you read the Constitution the Military is ONE of the areas that the Federal Governmant is mandated to keep going by using our taxes to maintain our Republic! Now the current Administration is trying to reduce that, all the while he is preparing to Nationalize College/University Tuition Costs the same way he did with Health Care!

  • Jes

    PART 2

    That is unconsciounceable! Many young service members are brought in with the promises by their recruiters that they will get TA and GI Bill to help them get a good kick start on life… That is not milking the system, nor is it being lazy, and un-patriotic to get upset by this cutting of a benefit that was realized as a good thing so as to make sure we don’t repeat the era of Viet Nam etc.

    Your post was very dishonoring to the Millions of Families who have lost someone to defend this Republic of ours!

    • With you on TA

      i agree with you… the writer above does not understand

  • SGT C

    Whats funny is the people who chose to stop the pay of the organization already have their college education. The branches still need to cut more jobs, I see this as another way to get people out.

  • Denise

    If there are cuts to be made, why are they not cutting tuition assistance for ILLEGAL ALIENS IN THIS COUNTRY? That, I wish Rand Paul would get back on the filibuster floor and hammer it home for another 12-13 hours for an answer.

  • Headhunter509

    from what i understand this is only stopping the tuition assistance that you can apply for when you are still on active duty… It does not have anything to do with the G.I. Bill or the Voc Rehab program which are the education programs we signed up for when we enlisted. people need to understand this is not taking away the education benefits that many people think it is. it is only stopping the Tution Assistance that SOME (not all) soldiers can get. I got out almost 6 years ago and had tried to use these programs while I was in and was denied because I could only attend online due to my duty station… everyone take a deep breath and look at the facts.

    • Unbelievable

      Six years ago is a long time much has changed. TA for online classes has been around at a minimum for 7 years ago

      The fact remains TA is not being offered until further notice. What’s next….

    • Guest

      True, it is a tuition assistance like you that not ALL can get. So if we have 4000 soldiers and only 20 are using TA let them benefit from it. I see it as a sacrifice. I don’t have very much free time as it is since i am a dedicated NCO, so if i choose to better myself by sacrificing further freetime to get an education to be an educated leader, don’t take that away from me. If of those 20 that use TA stopped using it, it would not affect anything. Its not used money until its used! If we don’t use it at TA it’ll be used somewhere else like Hmmm another 3 unnecessary uniforms!

      • Guest,

        When I was in the service as a !SG, I allowed a certain percentage of NCO’s go to school. Not once did I ever think of them as not being a dedicated NCO.

        Trust me, any soldier can go to school and still be a dedicated Soldier.

        • Idmtmedic

          Trust me any soldier is a soldier first and foremost. School or not. Last I checked, I don’t recall education as a line on any memorial. You have any links for the educated dead?

          • Idmtmedic

            I have a JOB DO YOU? Your life is this. Your disabled? Mentally unable to perform? TA Charles, get back to the subject

          • Idmtmedic

            Contract from government that is enforceable? Civilian pension that is sustainable? SS that isn’t’t going broke?
            Ohhhhh TA, promised? Retirement, Promised, Medical promised? GI Bill promised? Tell me which one of these cannot be changed?

          • idmedic,

            Get over it.

            “Promises. I don’t care what your recruiter promised you, if it’s not in the enlistment contract, or in an annex to the contract, it’s not a promise. Also, it doesn’t much matter what is in the DEP enlistment contract — if it isn’t in your active duty enlistment contract, it’s not a promise. If you were promised an enlistment bonus, for example, it needs to be in the final active duty contract, or chances are you’ll never see that bonus. Once you get out of basic training and job training and go to the personnel office at your first base, they’re not going to give one hoot about what anyone “promised” you — they’re only going to care about what is in the enlistment contract.

            In fact, the bottom of the very first page of the enlistment contract contains the following clause:

            The agreements in this section and attached annex(es) are all the promises made to me by the Government. ANYTHING ELSE ANYONE HAS PROMISED ME IS NOT VALID AND WILL NOT BE HONORED.”

          • Idmtmedic

            TA, GET BACK TO THE SUBJECT………lmao

          • Idmtmedic

            It’s 12 now…..lololol. The more it is recent, the more support you will get. Or lack of it I should say. Enjoy your support.

          • Idmtmedic

            Ooooops 14? Mmmmmm apparently an active duty E-8 can make a strong argument with helpfully information and get a positive response with the same argument as you? Apparently his leadership courses were much better than yours. Ever heard of a shi# sandwich? His post was 10 times better than ANY I have heard from you. A true leader, cares about his troops and provides helpfully information without degrading them. Next time you would like to post, perhaps comment on a topic from the LEAD and not from behind. As in responding to other posts and see how much support you get. Leading from behind is a great strategy unless you like the smell.

          • Idmtmedic

            Mmmmmmm forgot about this one.

    • Headhunter509,

      People just hate it when you spell out just what is true and what isn’t.

      • THE_MSG

        You are missing the point. TA has been a huge recruitment tool for the past 10 years. It was sold as a benefit. The Army pushed, and continues to push, Soldiers to get civilian education.
        PLUS, we are now in a draw down. Soldiers will be forced out. Many with little or no skills that will transfer. A simple BA/BS will NOT get you a job. Our Soldiers need everything that we can give them to make a successful transfer to civilian life. For their dedication and sacrifice that they HAVE ALREADY MADE, the least we as a nation can do is support the TA program and other education benefit so that we don’t replay the travesties that our fathers saw after Vietnam.

        If you had actually been a 1SG, I’d expect you to understand that. But I guess “taking care of Soldiers” has different meanings to different senior NCOs.

        • Idmtmedic

          Well said!!!!!!!

        • THE-MSG,

          LMAO, I know all about TA, having first signed up in 1969 and finally retiring in 1995. I know about draw down’s and what is coming for those in service, being that everything you presenting to me here, I’ve already seen or been through. My father saw no travesties after Nam, matter of fact, I and my older Brother and father were in Vietnam all at the same time.

          LMAO, you new to military soldiers always seem to say the same thing when someone disagrees with them. Many of you always challenge that person’s rank and/or service. Same old chit, different day.

          You want a challenge, feel free to click on my name which will take you to my site that you can read my DD Form 214/215, and then post yours. I’ve paid the price to be able to express myself here and anywhere else I wish, I just choose not to whine about something I have no control over.

          • Idmtmedic

            Paid the price? Lmao………..Remember Charles, you said nobody cares. What you did or didn’t do is irrelevant……YOU and “retiree” said it. Now your touting that YOU paid the price? Your 214 doesn’t say shi#. Nor does your opinions as a SNCO. Your opinions and experience only degrade the service members of the military.

    • Karl46

      Headhunter, you just don’t get it. Pull your head out of the sand because times have changed. Our troops leaving the service are at an extreme disadvantadge. Without a degree under their belt or a technical certification, they are screwed. Have you seen the unemployment rates for junior enlisted leaving the Military. Furthermore students who are engaged in coursework while serving our country are less likely to get into trouble, performance rises, and the list goes on my friend. There are many tangible benefits to TA and even more intangible benefits.
      For those of you who read this and you are serving, THANK YOU!

      • Karl46,

        You seem to be implying that if one never severed there Country, they would be more educated now. This is bullchit and you know it. The studies have already been done, showing that those joining the military are smarter than their peers.

        Trust me, the unemployment rates have nothing to do with the education of our enlisted.

  • Raphy

    Just a bunch of stupid ignorants who dont f——g know what we just loose!!!
    I use TA for my college and I dont care if it is a beneft or not but is something that help me in a great way !! Remember we are not rich people thet the reason we need that TA Iis not because we are milking the system we work for it!!

    • Lolo

      Why people are so ignorant and see TA as a hand out is just beyond me. Being in the military is a JOB. One you are willing to risk your life for. TA is a benefit. Many companies offer TA to their employees. I also don’t understand how they think we can financially recover with a nation of untrained uneducated people. If there is anything the government should foot the bill for it’s EDUCATION. I see it as the biggest solution to all our problems.

      • Lolo,

        Evidently you don’t realize that the US Military is the most educated military in the WORLD. Also, compared to there Civilian peers, they are still more educated.

        • Idmtmedic

          Holy sh##, he actually just said that our men and women in the military are the most educated? I have to write this down. Actually stated that our military is full of whiners, and complainers but now the most educated? Which is it? Educated whiners or uneducated idiots wanting a hand out?

          • idmedic,

            Stick to the subject.

          • Idmtmedic

            Speaking of educated…..lmao

    • Paratrooper

      I agree. We might as well disban the military altogether and see how much money we save. What we don’t spend the Gov’t will find a way. Congress will simply take more vacations, retired Presidents and Senators and other politicians will only receive bigger pensions! Let us have our education so we aren’t uneducated people just accepting when our gov’t makes a silly decision like this one!

      • Paratrooper,

        Huh, disban the military because you’re not getting your TA anymore?????


        • Idmtmedic

          That is called a PUN……not literal.

          • idmedic,

            TA, TA, TA.

          • Idmtmedic

            CHARLES, DA, DA, DA

    • CAG


  • Tyler

    Honeslt all i can say is im devestated this is the main reason i joined. the Secretary of the army just spit in my face

  • Christina

    If you joined the Army to live a life of selfless service then that’s fine. So let’s see you give back your GI BILL, BAH, free health care and all the other benefits you have and then come talk about selfless service. It’s easy to talk about serving just for the sake of serving when you are still taking advantage of those free benefits. As far as your grandfather’s army just wanting cigarettes, we’re talking about two different worlds and two different times. We are currently involved in the longest war in the history of our country where people are being deployed, 2, 3, 4 or more times for pretty much no reason whatsoever. Even selfless service has its limits. Not to mention TA is not some new free benefit that servicemembers are trying to acquire and are now just bitching because they can’t get it. A lot of people joined under the promise that this benefit was going to be available to them so they can pursue their education while they serve, which might I add is the least the government can do for a life of “selfless service” and the possibility of going to some God-forsaken sandbox and never coming back. As the saying goes, freedom isn’t free, so if the U.S. government wants to retain the title of the best fighting force in the world, well, you get what you pay for. In any case, if these servicemembers enlisted under the promise of certain benefits, regardless of the reason they joined up, then the government needs to live up to that promise. Lord knows they make us live up to ours.

  • Dennis Nielsen

    I agree it is going to hurt people, i got that but it is a benefit not a right. I mean yes you served and so have I but this country is in bad shape and we know it for various reasons which is beyond our control we are not policy makers but policy enforcers, no one made us sign on the dotted line to serve our country and yes we want the benefits but sometimes you got to tighten the belt and work thru it. Is it a bad thing sure it is but what can you really do about it but move forward and make the best of it. As someone said above dont waste your comments here send them to your representatives etc and tell them how you fell versus hammering some citizen and fellow service member for their views which they deserve to make which ever side they wish to choose.

    • Jack

      I agree everyone has a right to there own opinion. But when a benifit is promised to a member regardless of whether it has always been there or not taking it away when in all honesty there are hundreds of other government funded programs that benifit either A people who sit on there asses doing nothing all day or B programs that make no sense that are not cut is terrible. When the people who are in office and elected to represent us have no problem giving themselves raises when they dont need it. Enact laws and regulations on americans and dont have to follow them themselves is sad. I love America and I serve but taking away from the less than 1% of people who represent and serve our country is not acceptable. This is not the only thing on the chopping block for the military and if it is not on the chopping block, it is being looked at being reduced. On top of the fact that they are trying to get rid of members. Why cut education anyway? Of all the things to remove, they choose to remove the benifit that improves there military intelligence, which affects all facets of war, personal development of the individual, and the moral of all the members currently in.

    • Gregg

      You are right . . . to a point. It is not a right, but it is a benefit and as such is not something which needs to be cut, plenty of other wasteful spending in our military that can be cut before something we promised to our soldiers. This is a political game and our troops are being used as pawns as is so often the case. The POTUS is going to do everything he possibly can to make these cuts as politically painful to the general public as possible. He recently decided to close all public tours of the White House to save $75,000 a year, tell me that is not political. How about the CDC head who publicly stated that the $58 million his department was being cut would not impede the youth vaccination program under the POTUS proposed budget. But when the sequestration actually did cut their budget only $30 million thousands of kids would not be able to get vaccinated. It is all a ploy to make these cuts as politically painful as possible. Don’t forget amid all the sequestration cuts we are still sending the Muslim Brotherhood $250 billion in foreign aid.

  • David

    The problem is we were told that TA would be available to us for educational purposes. Civilian education is one area of getting promotion points. You can not be an officer without civilian college education. There is no way I can pay for the courses I need to become an officer in the medical field. The army just took $18,000 out of my pocket it had promised me and now I have no way to fund the classes I need to go into the PA program. Was 4 classes away.

    • Really

      If you r that close, get a loan like everyone else outside the Army… Or be a dumb a$$ and blame the Army for the rest of your life.

    • David,

      And it was available, and now it’s not! The Army didn’t take anything out of your pocket. TA was never, ever an ENTITLEMENT.

  • Ladyscorpio

    Tell Congress to take it out of their pay. I’ll remember and watch whoever signs on to this bill and I will make it a point to see that they don’t get re-elected. There are enough servicemen / women and their families to really make the votes count.

    • Fed up

      Congress is so corrupt they “manage” to find money in the budget to give themselves a +6% pay raise while those they send to the far dangerous corners to be put in harms way a measly 1.3%.. Not to mention they don’t pay taxes, are “entitled” to a retirement after “serving” for as little as 2 yrs, make six figures +++ for working less than 6 months a year. Oh and the kicker free college for their families without paying a dime into the system.. Where is the justice and checks and balances.. A little over 250 years ago early Americans threw out the corrupt government ruling unfairly, I believe it’s time to do so again!! think of the millions and probably billions would be saved by simply making them adhere to their oaths of office, not rape and bend this this country over for every dollar they can

      • Fed up,

        Really now, they gave themselves a 6% raise????? Got a link to that info?????

        We only got 1.3% raise????? I went back as far as 1976 and didn’t find us ever getting a pay raise that low.

  • Paratrooper

    I don’t care how many years a person served, i don’t care that anyone’s grandparent only wanted cigarettes, I don’t care if smart alec people want to say its not a benefit. Regardless it was a huge i repeat a HUGE motivator to many that will still put their life on the line for smart alec people that have contributed nothing to society. We hollar how much we want educated NCOs but we take away the very function of educating them while on active duty. Take away State Tuition Assitance, Take Away Congress’s many vacations, take away the retired former President’s $400,000.00 a year minimum salary, take away the fact that the US is backbone of the World and fighting everyone else’s war. If we could only mind our own business we would prosper more. Let someone else go bankrupt for the sake of the world. We’ve helped beyond our means. I dare another country to be brave enough to step in and help the United States with our money crisis. Anyone? Anyone at all? Oh…(scratches his chin) I thought not.

    • Paratrooper,

      You sure don’t sound like a happy paratrooper, and all because TA has gone away.

      Unless it has changed the retirement pay for a President in 2011 was $199,700 per year.

      • Idmtmedic

        You love to pick and choose your BS from one line of everyone’s post. Get a life!!!!!!!! Your not a !SG anymore, lmao. Your a career blogger that has no JOB. Is that a rank? !SG? Delusions of grandeur is your motivation. Ever heard that song by Bruce Springsteen? Glory Days? Your now a citizen, GET OVER IT! Hold no position, no sway, no clout, no pull. How’s it feel to be a citizen? Retired or otherwise. Your now reduced to checking links and spewing the party line but not for your fellow veterans. In the end you will get the same we all get. A Veterans funeral, however THAT, isn’t guaranteed either now is it?

  • LAT

    The state of this country is in a sad place and to take away from our military is so disrespectful. We have athletes that make millions and we have folks who sit on their duffs daily and collect. The few benefits our military folks get, they deserve. Lets get it together U.S. government. We should not be in this place. We were once a country that everyone admired. Now……..

    • LAT,

      Were you drafted?????

      • Idmtmedic

        We’re you adopted?

  • Tiffany

    Has anyone even asked the question as to how in the hell this dude’s light bill is paid every month? I served in the Army for ten years and NEVER once did they pay my light bill! I had plenty of Soldiers that were struggling to make ends meet every month and no they weren’t clubbing and driving around in Jaguars! Yes some Soldiers have joined the service for the benefits and that does not make them wrong. How about this ask a civilian to work overtime, holidays, late nights, and sacrifice years of family time for the pay an initial Soldier gets, ask them if they are willing to give their life for those measly dollars. Please, please tell me how many you employ with those tactics.

    • Tiffany,

      When I lived on post, all I ever gave up was Basic Allowance for Quarter (BAQ). My Gas, Water and Electricity was what I called free. That was $300.30 w/dep back in 1985 at Fort Drum, N.Y.

  • Angry Voter

    Why do Republicans hate our soldiers?

    • DBMiddleton

      Discretionary cuts are at the dictate of the President. Please direct your anger towards him and not those who want to curtail his suicidal spending. Please see the Official US government sequestration document:

      • KrisJ

        POTUS was forced to agree to this ridiculous bargain when republicans held the country and our international credit rating hostage. Direct your appropriate anger at the republican controlled house, then to the equally worthless democratically controlled senate. Then be sure to tell POTUS that he needs to lead.

        • Bill Z

          The President of the United States has wanted this Sequestration the whole time. The Republicans went along because they felt that Democrats and Republicans would find a compromise in a years’ time. But every time they put forth a Bill to the Senate, Senator Harry Reid refused to even consider their proposals, and they never made it to a vote. Why wouldn’t he consider, because they didn’t contain any provisions that the Democrats wanted. And what did POTUS do, nothing, maybe go on a trip, go golfing, or maybe even tour America (spending millions more) campaigning against the Republicans, wining because he can’t have it his way. POTUS’s first 2 years of his first time, with the Democratic control, he got his way then. The Republicans stood their ground because POTUS is wrong, and he does need to lead, he needs to put his party out of the way, and help find the painful compromise that will fix America’s problems: before Social Security Goes Broke; before the Highways and Bridges crumble; and before North Korea and Iran pull a Pearl Harbor on us all!

        • Gregg

          POTUS was NOT forced to agree to this, in fact it was HIS idea, certainly he had hopes that it would not go into play and a real plan would be worked out before the deadline. Well, never bluff unless you are prepared to have your bluff called Mr. President.

          Additionally, POTUS and his cabinet are the ones who decide what is to be cut. As someone on here said they will make the cuts as visible and painful for the general public as possible just to stir things up. Seems to be working don’t you think?

      • Guest

        Revenue cuts and all revenue related bills are the sole responsibility of the House of Representatives. Article 1, section 7 of the US Constitution

    • Speaking out

      Obama put forth this plan and has chosen which departments it will hit, not the Republicans. He’s trying to make Americans as miserable as possible in hopes that uninformed voters will think exactly like you.

    • ArmyVeteran09

      Obama is choosing things to cut that look particularly bad on Republicans. He is a warped leader who places his administrations needs above even the needs of our Soldiers.

  • s0ndra

    They still have the GI Bill – with education benefits to get jobs after they exit their service.

    “Approved training under the Post-9/11 GI Bill includes graduate and undergraduate degrees, vocational/technical training, on-the-job training, flight training, correspondence training, licensing and national testing programs, entrepreneurship training, and tutorial assistance. All training programs must be approved for GI Bill benefits.”

    This benefit provides up to 36 months of education benefits, generally benefits are payable for 15 years following your release from active duty. The Post-9/11 GI Bill also offers some service members the opportunity to transfer their GI Bill to dependents.

    Since 2000 over 28,000 students have earned Cyber Security Certifications and careers from Security University, using their GI Bill. SU is located in Herndon VA with onsite classes at your location – a VA GI Bill approved Institution of Higher Education, ACCET Accredited.

    • SPC Flores

      You should look into Bandura’s “mechanisms of moral desengagement.”

    • THE_MSG

      Now, I’m not a conspiracy guy, but seriously … who do you represent? Because your post clearly represents someone (Hint: next time try to be a little more subtle.). Luckily, your technique is rough so I’m going to guess you either work for the Army/DOD or Security University. And by the way, what other education did those individuals who got IT jobs have?

  • Poor Airman

    Go straight to hell.

  • Anthony

    TA is one of the reasons I stay in the Guard. I just returned from Afghanistan and am starting my grad degree. The changes in the Army have made me decide to get out after my current contract expires. The Army will continue to loose great soldiers who are motivated to succeed if they continue along this path.

  • SPC Flores

    I’m a senior at a “cheap” In-State University with a 3.9 GPA, and aspirations to apply to a Clinical Psychology PhD program. I want to specialize in trauma and work with soldiers recovering from PTSD.

    I understand that budget cuts are necessary considering our nations debt, but suspending TA was not the wise decision.

    I was not raised in an affluent family or given opportunities my peers took for granted- I belive many of you soldiers reading this response are in the same boat… As a child I was raised in poverty. All odds were agianst me until I joined the Army, which gave me the financial stability and confidence to pursue my eduation.

    In the army, too often things happen and we all stay quiet becasue, heck, we don’t want any problems or a smok’in. Too often are we taken advantage of, but this should not be one of them. As soldiers we were promised an education that would benefit our lifestyle and future generations. It is unethical to deny us this benefit… With that said, I hope no high ranking NCO or Officer chews me out for writing this.

    • SPC,

      You were/are promised an education, and it is called the the GI Bill, not TA.

      • SPC Flores

        No one can afford an education through the GI Bill, but thank you for your concern.

        • SPC Flores,

          People can and do afford it all the time, everyday. What you mean is, you can’t afford it.

          • Idmtmedic

            You afford it? Lmao

          • SPC Flores


            I’m surprised you consider “people can and do afford [an education] all the time” when only 30.4% of the U.S. population and only 14.1% of the U.S. Hispanic population has earned a Bachelor’s degree in 2011 ( U.S. Census Bureau). No, I can’t afford an education and neither can many junior enlisted soldiers…. not anymore.

            I think you would like this quote from the director of the U.S. Census Bureau Robert Groves, “for many people, education is a sure path to a prosperous life. The more education people have the more likely they are to have a job and earn more money, particularly for individuals who hold a bachelor’s degree.”

          • Greg

            Yeah! What do you got to say to that Charles? You have a comment for everything else.

          • Greg,

            Give me a break, I had to read the post first in order to respond to it. Hello.

          • SPC Flores,

            Not sure whether your numbers are correct or not, but those numbers really have nothing to do with Military only. You’re talking about the total population of Americans, and I am only talking about those service member that have the GI Bill.

            So, do you have the usage rate for those that have or is using the GI Bill?????

          • SPC Flores


            I was hoping this information may help you have a change-in-heart, but nonetheless I appreciate your opinion. This is the following link concerning my previous reply:….

            I have been trying to find more statistics regarding military personnel and educational attainment with reliance on TA and the GI Bill. So far I have contacted the Department of Veteran’s Affairs, the U.S. Census Bureau, my local financial office, and my congressman. The Department of Veteran’s Affairs did not have any information, which I don’t understand because they fund the GI Bill. When I contacted the U.S. Census they did not have any information on active duty soldiers, but directed me to a link that displayed educational attainment for veterans. In this link 26.3% of veterans and 28.8% of civilians aged 25 years and older in 2011 received a bachelor’s degree. Please acknowledge that there is a small margin of error. This is the following link with that information:…. In regards to my local financial office and congressmen, I am still awaiting a reply. Lastly, you must contact your local financial office because the military website requests soldiers to use the chain-of-command.

            Hope all is well,

            SPC Flores

          • SPC Flores,

            Earlier you stated:

            “No one can afford an education through the GI Bill, but thank you for your concern.”

            Then you posted some stats form the U.S Census Report having to do with all Americans, not just those that have access to the GI Bill.

            This last post you stated that:

            “I was hoping this information may help you have a change-in-heart, but nonetheless I appreciate your opinion.”

            I’m sorry to say, that I still don’t believe what you posted earlier, that “No one can afford an education through the GI Bill, but thank you for your concern.”

            Anyway, if you want to believe that no one can afford an education throught the GI Bill, that’s fine with me.

          • SPC Flores


            I think you are misinterpreting me… The statistics listed includes military personnel as well. Is there something I could clarify or is there a specific statistic you would like me to look up?

            In reference to the U.S. Census data there are two statistics that I listed above: percent of veterans/ prior service who attain a bachelor’s degree and percent of civilians who attain a bachelor’s degree in 2011. It would be irrational to assume that the GI Bill is directly correlated to college attainment for military personnel due to possible confounding variables. Thus, I have contacted my local financial office and congressmen for further information.

            To simplify my argument, I’m stating that college attainment among military personnel has a stronger correlation and reliance on TA than it does the GI Bill. In summary, the GI BILL ALONE does not fund soldiers with ENOUGH financial assistance to complete college.

          • SPC Flores,

            Ok, the data I want is the data that proves what you are saying, “the GI BILL ALONE does not fund soldiers with ENOUGH financial assistance to complete college.” So far, this is only your opinion.


    • Darryle Goode

      Please, I am 65. I f you have not made it yet. you won’t. These benefits are for the young group that pays for us to live when we retire. Do something to help them.

    • bill clune

      SPC Flores,
      we are not all dim witted ninnies like many of these re-sponder’s! Thanks for your service.

      GOD Bless America

  • SFC Garcia

    “The nation which forgets its defenders will be itself forgotten.”
    Calvin Coolidge

  • SSG C

    You know Mr. President came to our base about a year ago, stood in front of thousands of Soldiers and preached the importance of education. Hmmmm. Well what happened? The Army throws money around like its bullets, waiting for resupply to show up. It never does. You would rather have a program like BOSS, (Better Opportunity for Single Soldiers) that takes both single genders and pays for them to go on vacation together. So what I am understanding is that the Army would rather promote dating within its own, rather then send these same Soldiers to school? Something is wrong with that picture. People wonder why Soldiers are angry, depressed, killing themselves. Well understand you have gone away from taking care of us, and are more worried about yourself and your image. Do whatever you have to do to get promoted because in the end that is all you care about right? I am currently deployed on my third tour. I have been gone 36 months out of the 6 years I have been in. The tempo here is slow and not worth our time here at all. All I had was the gym and school. You have taken that away, GREAT JOB. So now you give all of us more time to think about home, worry about everything, and take our minds off the current task.

    • Jesus Marine

      I roger that SIRRAAAH. That’s a solid copy. These higher ranks got their minds messed up

      • SSG C

        I hear you bro. I have seen countless time higher ranks get hemmed up for something they did. They make policy but don’t abide by it. Millions of dollars skimmed off the top, and these are the leaders in charge of us. SMH

  • Daniel P

    If you guys are angry about this, point the blame at where it belongs: a Repulican Congress that feels the sequester is better than accepting $1 in higher revenues from closing loopholes for our nation’s wealthier tax payers. Losing tuition assistance is disappointing and unfortunate, but be glad you’re not one of your civilian counterparts losing 20% of their salary, or the contractors supporting your unit that may get the axe.

  • I think they should find other ways to cut the budget without affecting my comrades. These people are willing to lay down their lives if need be, and we as a nation don’t want to support them in the pursuit of education while they live? We all know some won’t even graduate before they probably get killed somewhere during deployment.

    Let’s get back to taking care of our troops. God and them watch over us.


    • SSG C

      Your right we are still at war fighting. While these toxic leaders in Garrison behind a desk decide whats best for us. They need to see the front lines.

  • LJohnson

    I’m a single mom and my son decided, after talking to a Army recruiter, that enlisting in the Army would be a great way to help with his education as well as serve our country. The recruiters really pushed education benefits when my son told them his plan to go to college. They told him how he would get paid monthly and get assistance for college. That joining the Army was the better way to go than going straight into college. I feel if you are in the Army now you should get the assistance you were promised. My son is still at AIT and hasn’t started any college courses. He had a plan and is crushed by this new decision. I think the Army should look at who they are training and start the cut backs there. If soldiers in basic training, as well as AIT, can’t follow the simple commands they are give at this level what makes the Army think they’re going to listen at the next level.. The undisciplined should go. With all the cut backs, the Army should be looking for the best of the best. My son is proud to serve his country and will continue to do his best.

  • SFC Garcia

    The support and the passion shared by my fellow service members regardless of branch is commendable. I served along Navy, Marines, and Airforce in a Joint Command and it was a great experience. We all have are pride and competitive side,but when it comes down to it we all have U.S. on our uniform. Come together and support each other always.

    If you want to fight over whether or not cutting tuition is dispensable……the next time you go to Kuwait, Bagram, or Kandahar, ask yourself why all these people are driving around in Tahoe’s, Montero’s, and Pathfinder’s. Or ask yourself why every swinging **** that thinks their important has to be chauffeured in a fully loaded Suburban? Why are all of our senior officials are riding in multi million dollar aircraft…work or play. But a wounded warrior has to complete a telephone book worth of TDY vouchers to get to Walter Reed.

    Its upsetting but keep your professionalism. Look at the bigger picture. Point the finger at the pleasures that have become the norm.

    The loosing of Soldier education is disgraceful.

    “If your not gonna stand behind those that protect you at night…..then the next time you call on those to fight in a foreign land….stand infront of them”

  • Dinaro

    When I was signing my contract, education benefit was part of my contract. Now that they modified our contract, do you think I can also modify my contract?

    • Darryl

      The contract you signed contained the “we can change any part of this, any time, for any reason” clause, unfortunately. Might not be called that, but it seemed to be the case when I was in.

  • John

    It’s so embarrassing that the government has made such a decision. Education was a great incentive to serve this country. Do you think if another war starts, these people will again come and volunteer to serve? The government should keep it’s promises before people lose their faiths on government. I didn’t really expect the government to make such a stupid decision, at least it should have affected the active duty servicemen who are far away from their families dying in Afghanistan. I guess this was their gift for them.

    • Guest

      I just hit the 16 year mark in the Army. I work as a recruiter and I’m currently a college student ( in limbo between classes) so I know the importance of educational benefits. If the budget requires cuts like this fine BUT why not look at other things before killing our educational benefits. These jackasses claim to be in Leadership positions for the country. Well why don’t they LEAD the way in fixing this by tightening their belts? That will never happen. If we as Soldiers (servicemembers of any branch) do or fail to do something we are held accountable. Where is their accountability in all of this?

  • SSG US Army

    The GI Bill is not really designed to be used on active duty. You lose more of the benefit using it while on duty than you will off. Any guidance counselor will tell you that. That is why you have the TA assistance. I understand we are under budget restraints, but I think it should have been a better warning that the benefits were going to be cut. Instead of coming out at the end of the day saying that you will one more day to use the benefit when in all actuality it was gone as of 12 am that day.

    • Ron

      Actually it was. It is called the Tuition Top-Up Program. If your tuition exceeds what Tuition Assistance can pay ($250 per credit) the additional amount can come out of your GI Bill benefits via Top-Up. It isn’t too bad of a deal if you are using the Montgomery GI Bill as your entitlement is reduced one month for each $1,564 amount the VA has to pay back your branch of service.

      However, if you are using the Post 9/11 GI bill, it isn’t such a great deal as you lose four months of benefit per semester if the VA has to pay your service branch any money at all.

      My point is if it is going to cost you a month of Post 9/11 GI Bill benefit for each month you are in school anyway, then why not use that month and have your GI Bill for all of your tuition plus you would get $41.67 per month per credit in book stipend (up to the $1,000 per month yearly cap which is enough for two 12 credit semesters per year.)

      So the choice is yours – you can either sit back and whine, or go ahead and stay in school and use your GI Bill, or wait until you get out before you go to school and use your GI Bill.

      The fact of the matter is it is what it is and there isn’t much anyone is going to be able to do about it.

  • Tony Green

    Why can’t they go after wasteful spending like: Food stamps for alcohol and junk food. Though they were intended to ensure hungry children received healthy meals, taxpayer-funded food stamps were instead spent on fast food at Taco Bell and Burger King; on non-nutritious foods such as candy, ice cream, and soft drinks; and on some 2,000 deceased persons in New York and Massachusetts. Food stamp recipients spent $2 billion on sugary drinks alone. Improper SNAP payments accounted for $2.5 billion in waste, including to one exotic dancer who was making $85,000 per year. yet will give millions to billions dollars to foreign countries.

    • Gayle

      Tony, you hailed it! I am the1st person that would never want to see a child or a needy person go hungary. But I don’t understand why sodas and junk food and be purchased with food stamps. This program needs to be revised. Perhaps good food could be given out kinda like the WIC program.

    • KLW

      Food stamps are not wasteful spending and you can’t even buy alcohol or junk food with them, so maybe shut up and talk about something you actually know.

      • KLW,

        People sell their food stamps everyday for cash, just so they can buy drugs, alcohol and smokes.

      • vgc

        KLW, YES you can purchase junk food and sodas with Food Stamps! They can buy sodas, chips, ice cream, candy, cookies, cakes, prepackaged meals (that cost more than making the meal themself) and I could go on and on and on and on. This isn’t right!!!! We need to allow only nutritious food such as so many ozs of dairy products, meats, fruit, veggies and bread. If government did it like this, it would cost us tax payers a lot less money, then maybe more money could be spend on Education to get people off of Food Stamps and other assistance!!!!

    • john doe

      While I somewhat agree with you, you state opinion and present it as facts. The numbers you present are false and fast food chains do not accept EBT.

    • lisa

      You can not get fast food or prepared food on food stamps.. Get your facts straight. You can not buy soap, plastic wrap or even dog food on Food STAMPS. Food stamps are being given away to people who are not even US citizens. Also, those non citizens can get SSDI without question or a doctors review. As long as you can sit behind a desk, you can not get SSDI. I had a stroke and still I am not eligible. I am also not eligible for HUD or a shelter. Just because I am a woman and NOT a vet. Vets do get preferential treatment.

    • Christian

      While I agree with you, there are people who are honestly trying to get by but cannot without the helping hand. Lets not cause those folks anmore hardship than necessary. I also recognize it is not enitely possible to dictate how thoe benefits are used. Instead there is an easier method to employ: drug testing. Lets suppose a system was employed for monthly drug testng before a person can receive their benefits, (they test each and everytime they are to get their food stamps). The cost of the test is deducted from the total amount they would normally receive. I bet we can save a ton of money right there.
      Another way we can cut boack on spending at state levels is to focus on catching and punishing the individuals and businesses that get paid or pay “off the books” and people getting unemployment but working “off the books”. I say we recoup every penny ever paid to them if they are caught. If it is a business doing this they are shut down and their assets liquidated with the proceeds going back into the system. It might sound extreme but I am willing to bet that people wouldn’t be quite so bold and brazen in exploiting the system.

    • Bill Neauhauser

      Absolutely, simply ridiculous and the fact that one of your own states that you should not get TA is simply moronic.

  • Tony Green

    Do we really need to spent tax payer dollars on this: A reality TV show in India. The Department of Agriculture’s Market Access Program spends $200 million a year to help U.S. agricultural trade associations and cooperatives advertise their products in foreign markets. In 2011, it funded a reality TV show in India that advertised U.S. cotton.
    Studying pig poop. The Environmental Protection Agency awarded a $141,450 grant under the Clean Air Act to fund a Chinese study on swine manure and a $1.2 million grant to the United Nations for clean fuel promotion.
    Amtrak snacks. Federally subsidized Amtrak lost $84.5 million on its food and beverage services in 2011 and $833.8 million over the past 10 years. It has never broken even on these services.
    Using military exercises to boost biofuels. The U.S. Navy bought 450,000 gallons of biofuels for $12 million—or almost $27 per gallon—to conduct exercises to showcase the fuel and bring it closer toward commercialization. It is the largest biofuel purchase ever made by the government.
    Conferences for government employees. In 2008 and 2009 alone, the Department of Justice spent $121 million to host or participate in 1,832 conferences. These programs would pay foir the Army TA 325 million dollar program

    • THE_MSG

      I don’t know whether to laugh or cry. Where did you find that stats?

    • Most of the things you mentioned are for research. Research that has the potential to benefit this country in the end. Are you suggesting we stop supporting research? Or are you suggesting that the research that we supported is a dead end and we should therefore end it?

  • Volunteer Soldier

    You Sir are a turd. 19 years and you have no integrity. Interest free mortgage? What planet are you living on? I like to move there. Every little benefit we get in the military we earned, when we retire after 20 years we have the body of a 40 or 50 years old person because we are push to the limit that is why our military is so strong. I don’t complain when my jumpmaster say go I jump that my job. We put ourselves in harm’s way freely hoping that when someone scream budget cut out earned benefits would be spared but it usually not the case.

  • Air Force Proud

    Even though the military has made this decision. I can guarantee you that we still have the best job in America. Start preparing for the worst and hoping for the best. That’s all we can do doing these times. I’ve already went to the VA website and activated my Post 9/11 G.I. Bill with the VONAPP. I can see the Air Force making this shift just as the Marine Corps and Army have. I already have my CCAF and I am 8 classes away from my Bachelors. But i feel for the people just enlisted and have to deal with this. I hate it as much as the the next person but just pray they will rethink this and give use our benefits that were promised to us when we entered into the military. I will not re-enlist if the make this permanent across all military forces.

  • Air Force Proud

    Even though the military has made this decision. I can guarantee you that we still have the best job in America. Start preparing for the worst and hoping for the best. That’s all we can do doing these times. I’ve already went to the VA website and activated my Post 9/11 G.I. Bill with the VONAPP. I can see the Air Force making this shift just as the Marine Corps and Army have. I already have my CCAF and I am 8 classes away from my Bachelors. But i feel for the people just enlisted and have to deal with this. I hate it as much as the the next person but just pray they will rethink this and give use our benefits that were promised to us when we entered into the military. I will not re-enlist if the make this permanent across all military forces.

  • Demo 18C

    Smart NCOs and enlisted prepare for the future which means getting an education to keep them competitive when they get out. So with TA gone they are about to make decisions that will effect the Army. After serving with honor should I leave and go to school to use my FULL GI benefits so I can be relevant or stay in with my brothers and sisters hoping TA returns. It will be a hard decision but I’m afraid that we will loose smart enlisted guys in the long run. Other organizations will be calling them for their skill sets.

    I like to see what careers I can go into after retirement and most are bringing in $90-150k for the exact same thing I do. Of course I love what I do within the SOF community but my family’s future and my ability to provide for them after 20 comes first. No one wants to be that guy who can’t find a job after the Army.

    We push our guys to finish college to be on the same level as their civilian peers that work in OGAs. The more educated you are the better decisions you make….sometimes.

    • Bill Newhauser

      Great response, soldiers deserve and must get TA!!

  • norm

    Obama is a lying piece of crap that will say anything for a vote!

  • Tim

    the folks who made the decision to suspend TA don’t give a crap about the ordinary joe whi is trying to go to college. They have theirs and don’t give a lick about anyone else getting theirs. I wonder if the politicals in washington have had all of their civilians either reduced or fired outright in the name of budget cuts, how about reducing the amount of security these guys get, or hey let all these politicioans fly coach. I use TA and have helped all my soldiers get set up to use it. I hope the fat A_ _ es in Washington hurry up and get their stuff straight so we can again get on with our education

  • MAJ Bob

    Many – like my own childeren – joined the Army Guard believing that TA was part of their compensation in exchange for their service, and promise of continued service, and enrolled in school accordinagly In order to show how much they can hurt those not part of their base, the regime suddenly cut TA for military personnel; while Pell Grants – whch are not based on service or promise of service but just “financial need” are apparently good at least through the 2013-2014 school year..

    • MAJ Bob,

      Surely you don’t believe TA is part of the compensation package. If you can prove that, I would take it to court, you can’t loose.

  • worried individual

    Well all I can say is that individuals who had dept and want to wipe away there debt joined and got upto 50000.00 paid to there debt. I am not able to even get a loan or borrow the money for college and joined to help me get futher in life by my education. Now, the individuals who went to school and didn’t want to work and go to school went to a school and didn’t have to bounce back and forth. I work, involved in the military, and go to school. Is this my choice? Yes it is, but when a offer is made to get you to join and then is taken and you still have to complete your obligation to the contract then this is an issue.

  • Fed up Soldier

    Ok, I understand we’re all soldiers, and we should “suck it up and drive on”. But while Army TA is being cut, programs are being put in place to reduce tuition for those that entered this country illegally. There are far better places to make cuts, but TA took the hit because it is the most visible.

    • Fed up Soldier,

      I don’t want to get into an argument, but knowing they aren’t going to make other cuts and bring TA back anytime soon, what are you going to do?????

  • JadedSoldier

    When I enlisted, I signed a contract that promised certain perks, my education being one of them. While I am, have always been, and will always be honored to don my uniform and do what I love with the people I love the most, benefits be damned, it upsets me GREATLY that after all we give, we’re the first they take away from. They can breach their end of the contract, but then expect me to fulfill my end with no complaint. Which I would be happy to do… if it weren’t for the person in front of me in line at the store with steak and junk food and candy and soda in their shopping cart, talking on an iPhone, with a fresh perm and manicure… paying with food stamps. Ten minutes later in the parking lot, I see them getting into a brand-new car.
    I’m not saying there’s not a side to the story that I don’t know… But when I work my ass off at my civilian job for $9.25 an hour from open to close every day (10 hours) without a lunch break and barely a chance to go to the restroom (and that’s not an exaggeration), get called in on my days off to work, and only manage to NOT go to work when I have drill, I shouldn’t have to juggle my bank accounts and budget every month to make rent, insurance, car payment, and utilities… before I even THINK about my phone bill and FORGET about groceries, there’s a problem.
    But then I make too much to qualify for assistance, and the ONE thing I was actually looking forward to utilizing for the sake of achieving a dream that is VERY dear to my heart… is no longer available. And no education means there’s less opportunity for promotion points, meaning my military career comes to a standstill. No education means that my one ambition, which would GIVE BACK to soldiers/veterans who have NO ONE to stand up for them, remains unattainable.
    But the woman in front of me gets everything handed to her on a platter.
    And people wonder why my beloved country is in the shitter.

    • JadedSoldier, Part 1

      “When I enlisted, I signed a contract that promised certain perks, my education being one of them.”

      “Let me clarify a couple of points: First of all, incentives and entitlements which are available to everyone won’t be, and doesn’t need to be in the contract. This is because military members are already entitled to it by law. For example, medical care, base pay, and the Montgomery G.I. Bill won’t be specified in the contract, because these benefits are available to everyone who enlists in the military.

      Second, those enlisting on active duty will have at least two enlistment contracts — the initial contract for the Delayed Enlistment Program, and a final contract that one will sign on the day they go to MEPS to ship out to basic training. The contract that COUNTS is the final contract. It doesn’t matter if your enlistment bonus, advanced rank, college loan repayment program, college fund, etc., are not included in the first contract. However, you need to make sure all of your desired incentives are included in the final active duty contract (if your enlistment program/job choice entitles you to those incentives).”

    • JadedSoldier, Part 2

      $100.00 says non of what you call perks are listed as TA. Heck, unless it has changed, the GI Bill wasn’t/isn’t even in our contract.

  • Future

    Will this effect ROTC scholarships?

    • Alan

      Yes, indirectly – for future scholarships based on reduced manning.

  • 1SG (R)

    This decision is really disappointing. I started using TA early in my career (when it was 75% with a 25% cost share). TA was one of the best benefits I ever used. There’s no way I could have afforded to attend college without TA. The education I received as a result of TA has enabled me to start a new career after I retired from active duty in 2005. If you are an enlisted Soldier, education is the key to you making a successful transition to a civilian career not to mention getting promoted while on active duty. I sure hope the Army reinstates this benefit. I commend all Soldiers who have ever done homework using chem-lights or red-lense flashlights. Thanks to all of you who continue to serve our countrry in the world’s greatest Army!

    • Col, USAF, Retired

      HUA! Ditto! Take education benefits away, or even reduce them and you’ll see less-motivated enlistees. I used mine and got promoted, commissioned with a BS, later an MS, and also retired in 2005.

  • Megan
  • Gara Doll

    I find it deplorable that if your parents are lifelong welfare recipients, you are guaranteed a college education in this country. However, if you serve the country in the military, you are not guaranteed a college education.

    • Gara Doll,

      Life long welfare recipients????? That went away when President Clinton was in office. Without checking, as I recall there is a five year limit, and then it is over, barring some special circumstance.

  • Army MSG/E-8

    Guys’, yes losing TA for a while is a major blow to us all. Trust me, I know! I was working on my Master’s degree and it was paying for half of each class I was taking at that time. But TA alone did not get me to this point. I used all of the other educational benefits that the Army provided me. Anyone ever hear of CLEP & DANTES exams? I have taken approximately 20 or so of these tests/exams which provided me almost two years of “free” college credit. Now, combine that with converting my military experience/training into college credit and you have (in my case) 90 semester hours of college. Because of this “benefit” of free CLEP & DANTES exams, I now possess two Associate degrees and one Bachelor. I have only used TA to pay for approximately 11 classes and of those five were community college classes which were dirt cheap at $30.00 per SH. Folks what I am saying is that you can still get college credit without TA you just need to step back and see what is now available for you to use. **Part I**

    • THE_MSG

      Thank you for posting excellent advise to all of the young (and sometimes old) Soldiers. I’ve been arguing with “You Signed Up” and CharlesBryant” you posted serious work-arounds that well help the Soldiers. I still think that they could have salvaged at least some of the program rather than a complete halt, but your advise should help keep people moving forward.

  • Army MSG?E-8

    **Part II** Consider taking a few 40 hour military courses to make up for the lack of college classes to gather promotion points. They are free, can be placed into your military records and make you stand out from your peers. Also, they (military courses) can be converted into college credit later on. **Part I**
    Lastly, don’t forget to get a few certifications along the way. I have six and I am currently studying for two more (safety & defense finance). I paid for these certification exams myself then submitted the receipts to VA after passing the exams. They took the exam fee from my GI Bill. Which averaged one or two days (per exam) from one month of the 36 months I earned. So, I have 35 months and 12 days left of my GI Bill which I have transferred over to my son and daughter. Also, if the certification is in your military MOS field then you can place it on your Enlisted Record Brief (ERB) and they are also worth promotion points for each certification passed. Go to and see what certifications you can get from your MOS.

  • Army MSG/E-8

    **Part III**Go to the education center on post and ask questions on what is out there for you now since TA is suspended and you’ll be surprised at how far you can get without TA and it is really far(I am a active duty Army Master Sergeant/E-8). Don’t believe me then you haven’t read the previous paragraphs that I typed. Good Luck! Army MSG/E-8 out!

    • Army MSG/E-8,

      Damn TOP, a ton of excellent info in your posts.

  • chewie

    All I know is, my TA has been halted, I am a Warrant Officer, I do not have any free TA, I owe ADSO each time I accept it, I accepted an ADSO so that I could finish my degree, now, TA is closed and I have an ADSO but no degree. WTF? So, welfare is still being paid, illegal aliens and their kids are still receiving their tuition assistance, and people are still buying alchohol on their food stamp cards.. but TA has been cut, 20% pay cuts to military contractors and our flying hour budget is being cut… Next will be our health care and retirement benefits… get ready .. time for the next revolution.

  • Lt Col Paul Quigley

    I believe state universities do support military members.

  • GBuff

    The military is pushing us to get degrees, but not helping with the bill?! Not only that, there is a service commitment every time someone signs up for TA, so we are NOT getting it for free like some ignorant people think.

  • CameoLady

    Not fair that the government is getting into the pockets of struggling Americans but they refuse to stop paying for portraits at expensive prices of useless government officials!!

  • Nota DONKEY

    All I can say is that I voted and this is not what I voted for. I guess we can just wait it out another 4 years.

    • johnstrapp

      Unless he becomes a dictator or we are all killed before he is kicked out of the house.

    • CongressFail

      Congress is responsible for the budget…not the President.
      Vote in 2 years and get them out of office.

    • Idmtmedic

      Lmao, ok here is a good idea. Contact a lawyer and I am certain he would be happy to take your 20%.

    • Idmtmedic

      Now you wouldn’t be trying to take money from somebody elses account now would you? I know somebody who will help you out. He is very good with legal issues. Lmao. In fact he has his own site set up for just this issue.

  • PFC Polite

    I read many comments and I admit its sad that TA has been taken away. I’m not an NCO but I am a soldier. Let me tell you what many soldiers talk about. The waste involved in the military. Why are there E-6’s in my office that get paid $55k to be on Facebook all day and when I ask questions about my job he’s clueless? Why do officers make so much and do so little? Is OCS that serious because many of the enlisted have college? This isn’t 1960 where nobody goes to college. Why do we have equipment in the basement that no one ever uses that cost so much? There are many other places to cut and I hate that they took TA away. But we still have many benefits, many of which we don’t use.

  • Guest

    Leave the Soldiers benefits along!!!

  • Rob

    For the posters who have mentioned compulsory military service in other countries without TA, consider the following. Over half of those with required service are less than 18 months. Many of the countries who require service have multiple provisions for delaying for things like school. Many of these countries also have college educations that cost about 1/10 of what tuition is in this country. When you market yourself as the military does, coming into high schools, talking to 17 year olds about serving in return for money to go to college, that is a sales pitch. These kids are signing a contract that could take their lives, in return for the investment of money for college. In my Dad’s era, the military was an option for young men over going to jail, I’m sure all those fine upstanding vandals and car thieves were joining for patriotism and being part of something bigger than themselves *laugh*

    People can talk about joining for honor or making themselves better or whatever else they want. Bottom line, most join for some kind of benefit. There is nothing wrong with serving your country in return for benefits. Every time our young men and women get deployed there is a chance they won’t come home…all this talk I see about being grateful makes me sick, 7 marines died yesterday, the president made his final four picks, talk to me about honor.

  • spc castillo

    if this is how a country repays it service members than it is something active service members should be aware of. never forget that this country will not hesitate to turn it’s back on you when money gets tight even when you have served it honorably and for so long now.

    • spc castillo,

      Congress Passes Bill to Save Tuition Assistance

  • spc castillo

    right lets take more money from veterans so we can continue to protect our tax evaders…err…uh..job creators – fucking brilliant

  • Dozer

    Many soldiers sign up for school benefits, and they are being denied FTA? So, if the military is not holding up their part of the deal, why should a soldier even have to hold up theirs, and show up for formation?

    • Dozer,

      You’ve got to be kidding! If you don’t get TA, just don’t show up for work? I agree, the military is downsizing anyway, so go for it, don’t show up. LMAO

      • Idmtmedic

        Charles are you ever going to respond to an article? THE SUBJECT? Not respond to other bloggers? Protecting your post count by hiding your responses is not a way to get your thoughts out there. LEAD with a response genius.

  • kevin

    To suspend the Army TA is not a smart choice to make Army stronger! I believe that Government have some better idea to cut the debt than cut off the future of those soldiers who served our country so much.