Legion to Hold VA Claims Fair in DC

Source: The American Legion 

On Feb. 21, The American Legion will host its first Veterans Benefits Claims Fair at the Washington Hilton Hotel from 8:30 a.m. to 3 p.m., where Legion accredited service officers will provide free assistance in filling out paperwork and answering questions about benefits eligibility. Download the Veterans Benefits Claims Fair flyer here.

Veterans should bring documents to support their claim, including their DD Form 214, dependent information, service and private medical records, and direct-deposit banking information.

“We’re inviting veterans from Washington, D.C., and the surrounding areas, to come in and have an opportunity to work with our department service officers so we can put together fully developed claims and submit them to the VA,” said Lori Perkio, assistant director of the Legion’s Veterans Affairs & Rehabilitation (VA&R) Division. “If we submit fully developed claims that thoroughly document health conditions, then VA doesn’t have to go out and gather that information, which could cut down on the claims processing time by up to 120 days.”

In 2012, VA created an “express lane” for fully developed claims to be fast-tracked for completion.

“If veterans show up and they don’t have all their information, we’ll still put in the initial paperwork with VA to get the ball rolling,” Perkio said. “But at the same time, they’ll be talking to our service officers so they’ll know what documents they need to move their claim along.”

Veterans with honorable or general discharges are eligible for VA benefits. Those with dishonorable, undesirable or bad conduct discharges may consult with a Legion service officer about applying for discharge reviews and possible upgrades. VA representatives will also be on hand at the claims fair to assist veterans.

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  • Lt Col Paul Quigley

    Great respect to the American Legion and all their support to the Veterans. Paul

    • Michelle Marino
    • Evan Lazarou

      My claim is getting the run around. Originally I filed on 08/95 to this date my claim is still pending. I have given unsurmountable evidence supporting my claim, it seems the va is ignoring everything. My file # is 27 451 313. Please help me. My claim is legitimate and very true.

  • Joseph

    I was hurt really bad in a military mistake,that lead to Dystonia and loss of voice ,parkinson’s,that caused hip replacement , cancer and more been told by Army DR’s four I am disabled. That was 12 yrs. ago ! I applied for disability payments and have not received a dime . Everone passes the case or lost my files……………I enlisted duing Viet Nam to support o ur country that was fine to I need help !

  • ja wbsh

    the Uss cook apd 130 ,I understan it was placed on the AO list? would you advise me ?what web site can i locate the Uss Cook APD 130 thank you