TRICARE Rx Co-Pay Increase

On Friday, February 1, 2013, many TRICARE beneficiaries saw an increases in their prescription costs.  Here is a quick run down on the new TRICARE medication co-pays:

Mail Order – Your new co-pay rates for TRICARE Home Delivery (Mail Order) medications changed as follows (for up to 90-day supplies):

  • $0 for generic formulary medications – unchanged
  • $13 for brand-name formulary medications  – increased by $4
  • $43 for non-formulary medications – increased by $18

Network Pharmacy – Your new co-pay rates for Network Pharmacy medications changed as follows (for up to 30-day supplies):

  • $5 for generic formulary medications – unchanged.
  • $17 for brand-name formulary medications – increased by $5
  • $44 for non-formulary medications – increased by $19

Note: If you want to have a 90-day prescription filled, you will pay the copayment for each 30-day supply.

Non-Network Pharmacy – Your new co-pay rates for prescriptions filled at non-network pharmacies medications (including host nation pharmacies) and costs will vary based on your plan and the type of prescription.

  • TRICARE Prime enrollees will pay 50% cost share after the point of service deductible is met.
  • TRICARE Standard/Extra, TRICARE Reserve Select, TRICARE Retired Reserve or TRICARE Young Adult enrollees will pay:
    • Formulary-Generic or Brand Name: $17 or 20% of the total cost, whichever is greater, after the annual deductible is met
    • Non-Formulary $44 or 20% of the total cost, whichever is greater, after the annual deductible is met

Military Pharmacies – If you receive your medications through a Military Pharmacy you will continue to get your medications with no co-pay. However, not all medications are available at military pharmacies. For example non-formulary medications are not usually filled at military pharmacies. You should call to check availability.

About the Author

Terry Howell
Before becoming the Managing Editor for, Terry served 20 years in the U.S. Coast Guard as an Aviation Electrician’s Mate and aircrewman. In his final role in the Coast Guard, Terry served as a Career Development Advisor, where he provided career, finance, education, and benefits counseling to servicemembers and their families. Since retiring from the Coast Guard, Terry has authored the book, The Military Advantage, managed the content for TurboTap, the DoD's online transition program and VAforVets, the VA's transition assistance website. Terry earned both his Bachelor's and MBA at Corban University using Military Tuition Assistance and his GI Bill benefits to help cover the cost.
  • Charles

    I don’t mind paying my fair share. What I do mind is that I have Diabetes caused by Agent Orange and I’m required to pay for my testing supplies. I really don’t understand that. DOD admits they caused my Diabetes but still require me to pay for testing supplies. I could see it if I came have Diabetes for other reasons.

    • KMR

      Agent Orange related diabetes is likely a service connection and the VA will give you testing supplies at no cost.

    • Old Navy

      I don’t know your age, but if you are eligble for Social Security you have other options. Diabetes caused by Agent Orange should make you eligble for Social Security Disability. Personally I use Liberty Medical Supply for the supplies I need, like CPAP, Diabetes and catheters, these are paid for by Medicare and my Tricare for Life and they are shipped to my home. There are other services besides Liberty, but I have had the most success with Liberty.

    • Ric Jackson


      I have a 20% disability with the VA due to diabetes caused by Agent Orange in Nam. All of my diabetes care, including medicine, testing supplies, syringes, foot care including shoes and inserts, and eye care including glasses, is taken care of by the VA. Get in touch with a service rep at your local VA. They should be able to help you.

    • Mel
    • T Fassieux

      If you have Medicare, and you are not working, Medicare covers diabetic testing supplies at 80%. Then if you have Tricare for Life, it should pick up the rest. Go to

  • Joseph Diggs Sr

    “I solomey swear to uphold the constitution of th United States against all “Enemies” forgien or Domestic (The Oath of Enlistment) we kept our pledge what’s happening to our “Goverment” pledge that we would be cared for after either “Retiring” or being discharged otherwise “Honorably”? Such a “Traversty” and Lies,Shame,Shame on the Greatest country in the World. !!!!!!!!

  • SFCJimbo

    Shafted again.

    • Don armour
    • RetiredNavalOfficer

      Try PMA. It works wonders.

  • Kim Olmstead

    The VA has declared that I am 100%,disabled. Will I be subject to these new co-pays?

    • Charlie Zea

      If you 100% VA certified disable, why aren’t you using the VA mail order for your meds. It would be cheaper.

      • Jackie98

        How do I hook up with the VA mail order? After several years we are just finding out that my husband can ask for VA coverage – no one told us before! But they are still “processing his application” and there is a huge backlog. They can’t even tell us how long he has to wait yet!

      • Retired & 100% Disabled
        • Proud Vet

          I responding because of being an Army retiree, disabled veteran, and former VA employee. The funding for Tricare is separate and has nothing to do with ObamaCare. I am NOT sure that bashing the President of our Country reflects well on us as veterans nor our honesty when we took the Oath. I have seen an evolution of changes/improvements that were made for the sake of veterans in last four years. I am very grateful to have affordable healthcare, unlike so many other Americans. I admit that paying more upsets the budget, but am fortunate that when a co-pay has to be paid, it is substantially less than the total cost. I am surrounded by neighbors that must decide on paying for medication (100%) or paying the mortgage or heating bill. Also, I have adult, college-educated children that pay $600 per month for Health Care and still have co-pays higher than Tricare. We retirees are always free to opt-out of Tricare and get coverage from a private source….Just counting my Blessings!

          • Proud Vet,

            My hand is out to ya. It’s good to hear this from you instead of the usually whine with hands out give me more posts.

    • Norman
    • Norman Poppell
    • Amy F.

      you can get VA to pay for your prescriptions since you are 100% disabled. There is no co-pay. Please double check with them first. My husband is 90% and they pay for some of his meds.

  • Ann B

    We found out after my husband had retired and we got copies of his military health records, that some military doctors did not write in his medical records sympthys that he told them he was having while he was on active duty. As a result, the VA says, No Proof of him having possible heart problems while he was still on active duty, so he can not get his VA rating upgraded. Same thing for some other health problems that local doctors say that could have resulted from things happening while he was in service.

    • John Murray

      I had a Service related back injury for most of my entire career. I didn’t go to the docs about it every time it caused a problem because they never could find out what was wrong. When I retired the VA doc noted that, had me bend and twist a few times, which wasn’t a problem that day because it wasn’t bothering me right then. Results – no disability because 1) I could move within limits that day and 2) despite having six doctors visits on this very issue in my medical records, it wasn’t enough to demonstrate an ongoing problem. Only later did we discover a bulging disk and degenerative disk disease. Now I tell young Marines that if they have a problem go to the Doc and get it documented because if you don’t, you’re screwed later.

      • K. Johnson

        I have a similar story except that I had back surgery while on active duty; however, the VA now says that the permanent nerve damage is getting better????? I have since had a neuro stimulator implant to control pain and the VA has trouble recognizing a worsening condition. I also tell young soldiers and buddies who are getting ready to retire to ensure the records are up to date and all issues are well documented.

    • Kaye

      In the past, most military members prided themselves on having thin medical records…the currents members must document every ache and pain. They spend much more time on sick call than in the previous years.

    • Guest

      I experienced the same problem. Seems like many pages from my health record “disapeared” when I retired.I suffered injuries while on active duty and,while I was treated at the time, there is no record of this at all.Strange,ain’t it?

  • John Murray

    So they are forcing more and more people to use TriCare Standard with their new 40 mile rule and at the same time charging them even more because they are using TriCare Standard. Yeah, let’s just screw the veteran and retiree again.

    • Old Chief

      Yep,John,and can’t even get them to buy us dinner.

    • Katie M

      This is a ploy to get people to eventually leave Tricare and go to Obamacare.

      • Katie M,

        If this is a ploy, then they have a lot more PLOYING to do before I drop Tricare.

        • Idmtmedic

          Yea not a matter of dropping it Charles. Guess your within a 40 mile limit huh? Or you compare rates right? Then it’s only a matter of time. Well wait, you can’t compare your civilian insurance job with the military because you have no job. Perfect! So working age retirees doesn’t apply to you. Perfect! I get what your saying now. Lmao

          • Idmedic,

            What is the correlation between Tricare and Obama Care in which Katie and I are talking about?????

    • Ronna Janssen
    • marco

      John, i just recieved and completed my form a few weeks ago. If you are more than 40 miles away, you can waive that right and continue to see your current doctor. I think its part 4 and 5 of the form. Yea, it bother me too, because i have had the same docotor for over 15 years. Just waive the mileage allowance.



  • Bill Scarbrough

    They (CONGRESS) will keep sticking it to retirees, but won’t touch their on benefits. You earned yours in defense of your country. They earned theirs at the benefit of lobbyist that got them elected with their money.

    • Bill Scarbrough,

      I don’t understand. Everything we have now is because of Congress.

    • Rosalee

      They ALWAYS exempt themselves from every mandate they
      shove at the American taxpayer

      • Rosalee,

        I’ve heard that, but haven’t seen any evidence. Can you give me a for instance?????

  • T.J. Nolan
  • T.J. Nolan

    The Gov. takes better care of Illegals than its VETS. How sad is that.

      • S. Lewis,

        “Even when forced out of office their benefits continue.”

        Not true, not true at all. This is just one of those lies that been going around the internet for years.

  • lefty

    I know a guy with 100% disability from the military that plays golf 6 days a week. How can you be 100% disabled and do this. You would never know it looking at him. I retired from the AF and had many episodes of asthma with hospitalization but managed to serve 20. They gave me 10% and I am on several meds. I have never smoked in my life. Some Vets say they are crazy, they are fine until 12 months before the VA evaluation then they go to ER’s and act like they are crazy. I think most mental disability is BS.

    • brd

      i am 100% also.but you can’t look at me and tell that agent orange poisoned me causing lung cancer and losing an entire rt lung.i am alive today because of surgery so get off your soapbox and think before you say something that you have no idea cannot always tell when someone has a disability just by looking so don’t prejudge!!!!!! i retired after 24 yrs but did’nt show cancer until 20 yrs owe a lot of people an apolgy for being short sighted and just complaing because you can’t get a higher %

      • dorris stone

        lefty did not complain because he could not get a higher rating. also 100% diasbled according to the military is not 100% disabled in actuallity. some vets at 50% or lower are less able than 100% disabled vets.
        I am 90%, can’t work because of military caused conditions. my friend is 100% and works making 70K a year.
        most mental disabilities are BS. mental injury is one thing that is hard to determind. so many of the NMNG claimed PTSD that it became an item of investigation by the ARMY and feds. PTSD is a mental injury.
        I know of people that have claimed mental disabilities and have encourgaged me to do the same but I will not lower myself to a level of deceit and bcome a thief. I have for years been encouraged by VA care doctors to apply for PTSD. again I will not do it. .

        • Old Chief

          PSTD is the sickest joke to come down the pike.I laugh at these fools who claim to suffer from this and when they can’t gain employment they wonder why. Phony claims come around to bite them in the end.And kudos to you,Dorris,for maintaining your dignity and not buying into this sham. PSTD is a ruse and needs to be investigated.

          • RAT

            Chief. As a paratrooper with 16 years with the 101st and 82nd ABN Divisions I can tell that you may not have experienced the level of loss in combat or the fury thereof. If you are not a medical doctor with a psychological expertise background you may want to hold your tongue.

          • Pat

            My husband was with the 101st ABN. Div. 1/327 A co. 1966-1967. Thank you for speaking your mind. My husband was a combat medic and was wounded on May 14th, 1967. We have been married for 43 years and not a day goes by that he doesn’t talk about the men he cared for. He has a TBI and suffers from PTSD. No one has a right to judge anyone, unless they were there. However, I do know alot of people that worked all their lives and retired from a good paying job and then filed for PTSD comp. That is not right either. I am very proud of my husband and the job he did. Not one day goes by that he doesn’t suffer. NO THANKS TO THE V.A. Not one day goes by that our family hasn’t suffered either.

          • Ret. Navy

            it’s post traumatic stress disease. PTSD.

          • Mark

            uh, “disorder”, not disease. I’ll let you look them up to try and figure out the difference… but maybe it’s to pacify.

          • Been There

            Where and when did you serve???? Some cook or mech or desk jockey? Some of us pulled two years in the jungle and some 6 years as a POW. You REMF, get off your high horse and think before you talk, you yellow coward!!!!

            One who has been there!!!!

          • Mark

            Chief, not sure what you got to see during your tenure, but if it wasn’t Iraq/Afghanistan, consider yourself lucky. That said, there are many with medical doctorates who know much more than old crusty you, so can it.
            That said, some may be playing the system, but it’s not the vast majority.

          • Rainfly

            Old Chief you are not any “wiser” just because you call yourself Old Chief. I know many chiefs.

          • usmc0311

            Spent a year in Nam. Wounded Twice, second time put me in the hospital for a year. Watched my friends and fellow Marines die horrible deaths. I have nightmares at least 3 times a week, fear loud noises and sit facing doors at so I can see who is coming in. I see a shrink at the VA and am on meds for depression and anxiety. If you think PTSD is fake, go through the combat I went through and see if you come back with no mental issues. Yeah, I’m 100% disabled and actually rated at 150% both physical and mental. Wish PTSD wasn’t real then I don’t have to see the faces of the friends I lost in combat. Despite all the crap I live with every day, I’m proud to have been a Marine infantry squad leader at the old age of 19. Oh hell yeah PTSD is real!!!

          • Brenda

            Thank you usmc0311 for your service and yes, PTSD is VERY REAL to those who have it. My niece just lost her boyfriend to suicide because of PTSD after he did a tour in Iraq & Afghanistan in the Marines. It is REAL!!!!

          • UH34D

            I’ll presume you have a medical degree and years of research experience?

            I do not, but do have degree’s in the biological sciences and worked in research labs associated with VA hospitals. I can assure you, PTSD is a very real disease. For many, they’re capable of handling traumatic events, but for many others, they cannot. The physiology of the human brain is still not well understood and that’s what makes PTSD so difficult.

            Science does know in many people traumatic events become more ‘hard wired’ than in others. Science is fairly confident there has to be a genetic predisposition to this event and it is just a matter of time before they may be able to identify the genes associated with these changes. They have in fact already made some interesting and promising discoveries in association with VA research in this area.

            I know many veteran who suffer from PTSD and they would gladly give up their disability if they could live a normal life.

          • AllNotWell

            Amen to gladly give up their disability to be able to live a normal life. And once again, the medical establishment is using the veterans to experiment on as far as PTSD and genetic “predisposition”….If nothing else, veterans should be paid to go to the VA to be “experimented on” with all the new doctors being rotated in to do clinical trials…I wish I could wish away all those traumatic events that cause veterans to have PTSD, but we can’t and they suffer and their families suffer, and their communities suffer and the nation suffers from their loss of ability to focus on the present and not on the past. PTSD is real and doesn’t go away. It is a disorder of the neurons in the brain. Not a disease, you can’t catch it from a sufferer–can have your own version of it in dealing with a sufferer as a family member or caregiver…

        • Been There

          Dorris, I can tell you where not where I was, they would not let you serve there. Just like some of you who say I am disabled because of someone who raped me???? Let me ask you did you spend 6 years as a POW or 6 months in the hospital after serving two years in the jungle? DON”T throw stones if you don’t know the situation.

          BEEN THERE.

        • RockDocIDC
        • RockDocIDC
        • ITS REAL!!

          You may know of some people who have false claims but the idea that you can say that most of these men and women who have gone to war and had to do and see things that nobody should EVER have to is ridiculous! My husband is one of the MANY vets who suffer from this very REAL disease and believe me, I know the effects war has on a person. It has not been an easy road for myself and my young daughters to watch their daddy go through this…..ITS REAL!! Every soldiers experience in war is different so IF you did in fact go to war and do not suffer from this, be thankful for you are blessed!!

      • Ronna
      • jasper


    • Kim King

      Outrageous. I know many people like this. Playing golf and claiming to be 100% disabled. Disgraceful and how can our government let this happen all the time?

      • Kenneth

        Kim I know a guy who is 100% because he had a allergic reaction to shots in basic. never completed basic got 10% in the S . Went to Puerto Rico where his family had friends on the island and got himself rated 100% He drives a truck dances like Fred Astaire and smokes fine cigars. he is one of those who need to be shot down and repay the VA for fraud. He even states he is fine but hey the Govt has plenty of money and he will take it.

      • rainfly

        Kim I a sure you are very experienced in disability other than just being a taxpayer :)

      • AllNotWell

        I personally am glad that that person is able to go out and enjoy something in his/her life.

    • Max Power (ret)

      The guy playing golf may have only 6 months to live (like my brother) due to some medical problem. Let him play golf and if he dies on the golf course– at least maybe he died happy.God bless our vets and may he drown our capital inhabitans in HOLY WATER!!

      • ret. navy

        Thank You.

    • Loniv

      Report his A$$! Unless he has an injury that you can’t see. He might have missing limbs? Just a thought….

    • Cheri

      Lucky you at least they are giving you some disability rating, I have Leukemia due to the radiations found during desert storm and I can’t get any benefit rating. they claim it isn’t active duty related….

      • rainfly

        sorry to hear this!

    • Mark

      You have two arguments going… 100% doesn’t mean “wheelchaired”. For instance, if he has sleep apnea, and is on a CPAP machine, he is at 50% right there.
      With the VA, “math” not 10+10=20, but 10+10=19. It’s confusing, but I won’t explain other than… 100-10%=90. 90-10%=90-9=81, and so on. (Not, you always start with the largest, so if they have 50 or 30% rating on one item, it comes off the 100 first).
      Yes, many “hear” of how to play the system and run and catch up as they retire, trying to scrath for every rating they can.
      But yes, many “hide” it til the end, in fear of it bringing about a labeling, promotion rating hit, disqual for overseas tour, etc. I carried depression for over a decade, let it go chronic, and it then caused insomnia. My last two years, in Alaska (adding to sleep and depression due to lack of daylight… yes, they found I have Seasonal Affective Disorder and that is NOT the place to be), I finally sought help, but did not get on a anti-depressant til after going on terminal leave. Within two weeks I was snoring like a chainsaw and sleeping in one night better and more than I had in a month. I so regret having not taken care of myself.
      Last, get the DAV or VFW to represent your claim. They find things you’d never know you can claim. I am not advocating milking the system, I am saying if you earned it claim it. The government is already screwing us with medical, but I’m supposed to not take my earned right from their use of me? I almost didn’t put in at all because it was me and I did it all to me, and was paid then… but it is their system, not mine.

      • Brenda

        My husband was one of those who refused ot get help-first while still in (he had 38 yrs in AF/Air Nat Guard) & then even after he got out. He had bad knees, a bad back, bad hearing, etc. and died of a massive heart attack 9 mo. after he drew his first check as a retiree (maybe if he would not have been so stubborn & not go to a dr-he didn’t want to have to retire, he would still be here today-but I know God needed him more than I did). Oh, and he weighed 141 lb. and was 6 ft. tall when he died, so the heart attack was not due to weight! I guess he felt that when he no longer had to worry about them kicking him out for seeing a dr. that he still had to worry about the stigma he thought was attached to it. So he was one of the ones who didn’t work the system at all & I am very proud of the military man that he was.

    • Harold Harris, Sr.

      Lefty, I hear you but you are wrong. I myself am 100% disabled and found to be unemployable, but I did not receive it because I have PTSD, I did not get it right after I retired, in fact I only started receiving any disability after I was fully retired at the age of 62. Suffering for type Two diabetes and three heart attacks. In 2010, the VA decided that Agent Orange had caused both problems, some 24 years after I retired from the military. My private sector Insurance paid for my heart attacks and medications over a period of 17 years. I can do anything I want now because I am healthy, I have gotten myself into shape, control my diabetes with diet and exercise and my heart is healed as much as it could because I exercise almost daily. So because someone is totally disabled, it may be because of something that you can’t see, so be careful how you position yourself on these topics, they may find a way of locating you later in life. The Air Force offered me 10% when I retired back in 1986, but I turned it down because I was healthy, or so I believe but by 1993 I was hospitalized with my first heart attack and the military assumed no responsibility and I understood that. But when they learned of my diabetes after a Veteran Check up day, they gave me 40% and after a few more years, they decided that both of my major problems were due to exposure to Agent Orange. I am not bitter about the time, I am upset because I can’t return to any work because I will lose my disability, but finally it is a matrix they follow and while I think I could return to work, I accept their position.

    • Pete Perkins

      I am a guy who served proudly in the Army for 25 years (retired 1995) and got 0% disability turning over a medical record that was less than a quarter of an inch thick because Thank God I was not wounded or injured in Vietnam, or any other deployment to any degree. So, I count my blessings and keep marching on as best I can since age adds it’s problems to the list. Quit bitching and enjoy the days you have and remember all those buddies who are lying under the grass and never had a chance to enjoy what you & I and other veterans can enjoy each day. I know a guy who is 100% disabled after his 30 years of service and still manages to play golf 3 or 4 times per week. He works at it and is a nice playing partner who I wouldn’ trade health/disabilities with even though his handicap is lower than mine. Attitude adjustment is recommended therapy for those who bitch and complain about disabilities of others in an envious manner.

    • jpjr

      I’m 100% VA Disabled, actually I have a total of 200% but they only pay for 100%, I can play golf and then at night I suffer the pain, all disabilities are not visual to the eye, mine are all internal injuries. I’ve got disability for my back injury from Viet Nam, but to look at me you wouldn’t see it. Lefty you need to appeal every time the VA denies your claim and then you can get your % up. Myself I would prefer to be injury free but that isn’t going to happen now.

    • MSG/E-8 Leo Grissman

      I am sick to see another sorry ignorant Air force cry baby talk about vets who are rated at 100%, and he isn’t. Do you have any conception what may be wrong with these people? Idiot!!! Heart problems, Cancer/Agent orange, Partial lungs, Concussion injuries, internal wounds not healed, Mesothelioma, Leukemia, Lung Cancer, ETC vets like you make me sick.
      By the way I am 100%, and I can walk and breathe, smile, and joke, my back is bad, T-2 Diabetes, knees are shot, shoulders shot, knees bad, my blood is all messed up, my head is messed up a bit, I can rake my lawn and pick up branches, is it your opinion I am also a piece of crap?
      By the way I dare you to state your feelings at a DAV or VFW meeting flyboy.

      • Ben Dover

        I’m rated at 30% and have multiple health problems to include asthma, allergies, arthritis, heart disease in my case a condition called hardening of the heart, high blood pressure, type-2 diabetes, a hietal hernia, recurring anemia, half blind, can’t hear much, diabetic neureopathy, skin sensitivity, bph–looking at surgery soon, severe problems with memory and I think a few other conditions that I can’t just remember right now, oh yeah–I use one of those CPAP devices too. I also take 33 pills a day.

        Now after all of that I still feel mighty lucky, it could’ve been worse. My heart goes out to all of you guys who suffered during war-time and the aftermath and I think you all deserve everything you’re getting and more. Also I’m an ex flyboy as you call it.

    • eric

      Well you an idiot

    • Swamprat

      for some one with 20years service,I can’t believe you don’t know how the VA works.
      I worked with Vets who were 100% and they worked every day. just because you have 100% rating doesn’t mean you’re a friggin vegatable.’WAKE UP . I retired with 22 yrs military service and did 25 yrs in the Merchant Marines also and I’m 60% .

    • hitthedeck

      Lefty I agree you but 100% of Vets and are given a means test from the VA once a year to determine if our eligibility warrants care and medicine cost with co-pay but the test never goes far enough to determine if the Vet is actually disabled enough to receive certain benefits. On the same thought the same thing is happening with hundreds of thousands of civilians who are collecting so called entitlements with fake systems verified by questionable Doctors. There are also thousands of vets who deserve assistance from the VA but cannot prove it happened in the service of their country because of missing and incomplete medical records. Years ago tens of thousand medical records were destroyed in a fire that happened in the records building in St. Louis. Remember Agent Orange and by the time they determined it was the wartime chemical that caused disease and most of the guys that deserved the benefits and care were already dead.

    • rww46

      Lefty, I agree with you I am both retired military and Civil Service so I have been around this military for about 46 years. I have seen so many poeple (young people) manage to get them selves 60-100% disabled and after they retired with THEIR DISABILITY they work a full time job. I saw a piece on the news today talking about billions of dollars being bilted from the coffers of the US treasury.

    • W.R. FRY


    • Sweet.Carol126

      You can appeal. If you never smoked and have asthma that bad, it could be the asbestos in the skin of the ship and in the pipes. You don’t often think about it but there is asbestos in all the old ships. May be moe reason for you.

    • LT K

      If U use a steroid inhaler – U immediately qualify for 100%, I know this – I worked for DAV, my boss there was on subs and got 100% – Don’t give up.
      This is for real

  • Martin Stewart

    Express Scripts has always been very prompt in notification when prescriptions need to be filled or new prescriptions written. I had several new prescriptions sent in several days ago, and guess what…..They can’t be filled until 6 Feb! Strange, they couldn’t be filled in January when they were received….But filling them in Feb generates additional income. I suspect many others are experiencing the Express Scripts Blue Flue?

    • ROBERT


  • Dorris Stone

    Veterans pay for the benefits they have EARNED.that should be provided at no cost. Illegals get BETTER BENEFITS at no cost that they HAVE NOT AND WILL NEVER EARN. This is because our thieving politicians. It doesn’t matter if the costs of care for illegals goes up, because they don’t pay anyway. The citizens of the USA pay for their care. The very same ones that have to pay more for their own care. Therefore vetereans and citizens are paying for multiple people, not just themselves.

    • bruce reno

      i completely agree with you.vets get the raw end of the deal even though we have given everything to serve our country.this goveernment does not care about us at all.this country is going to hell and we can’t do anything about it!

  • Dorris Stone

    Veterans and all citizens of the USA must pay more so more and more illegals can receive better care than either payers do. Thank you White House and Senate and House of Representatives.
    And now there is a push on by Washington to add millions to the roll of non earned and non paying people, (illegals). Thanks againi.
    Why does this country do more for illegals in our couintry and people of other nations than our veterans and our own citizens? Thanks again. .
    What should be happening is that all illegals be rounded up with all family members regardless where they were born and deported. ALL, not just some. But the politicians see the future voters from the millions of illegals that will come from making illegals citizens without considering they have not and will never earn that right. Not one has earned one single right to be in our country. Why can’t our country’s leaders, (LOL), understand the law that it is illegal to be our country illegally and act accordingly. If Americans of the USA are cought in other countries illegally it can and has resulted in death.

    • Old Navy

      I agree compltely with your views. Unfortunately we have a president and a Senate leader (Harry Reid) that dislike the military quite a bit and want to disband the military. As for our benefits they will say too much money is spent on these benifits raise the cost of these benefits to the point that noone can afford the needed medication. With the high cost of medications there will be less use of the pharmacy and the president and the Senate will eliminate the programs. This works well with the military being ordered to eliminate as many personnel as possible.If this works out the fired personnel will not be able to get Tricare and any medical services, which plays right into the hands of these jerks in office now. We need to find a way to reverse these attacks on Veterans and Americans in general. I understand that making these illegals citizens involves them going through the citizen process, something all foreigners have to go through that can take several years! If the become citizens I will support them. The illegals have to be deported and make it impossible for them to return. The new citizens will now be required to pay their way, hopefully the free services that the illegals get will disappear.

      • Brenda

        I agree about less & less people using the prescription benefits due to higher & higher costs-this is just the beginning. But our Government want more of us to die sooner so they are out less in SS and in military benefits. I think EVERYONE that is here illegally should be deported & have to come back here the legal way-there are many, many that are WAITING to come here legally & it takes years & years but these people break laws by being here illegally & are rewarded for it! And how many of these illegals will immediately get welfare, food stamps, FREE medical care, etc. while our people that are American citizens cannot get it when NEEDED! Yet, they think that raising our medical fees and threatening to hold our benefits-both seniors & the military will be the answer to every problem that comes along with the economy. How sad.

    • Wiser Now

      The reason is that we are operating under emergency (commercial) law, not common law as envisioned by our founding fathers. Read “They Own It All (Including You!).” Authors are MacDonald and Rowen.

    • Max Power (ret)

      It is obivious the current adminstration has a Socialist agenda. Obama believes if you have something you should give it to the guy who doesn’t. Well, we all cannot do that, so it is up to the government. They will take from us –money, guns, freedom, etc. and give it to them who do not have them. Thus they will then be happy and fell the government is Sant claus and they stand in line for free gifts–housing, food stamps. Hell, the list is to long. We had a chance to vote them out, but the Mexicas out voted us.God help us.

    • Chuck Hendrix

      I really get tired of people PROVING how ignorant they are. First of all if “businesses” were not hiring undocumented workers to avoid paying a decent wage and to avoid paying income taxes, and payroll taxes like Social Security, there would be a lot fewer “illegals” in this country. Why would somebody come to this country if they could not get a job? To starve? Secondly, if people in government had half a brain and were to allow these people to work, which they are going to do anyway, and gave them working papers, (known as a green card), and allowed them to pay taxes, they would do so gladly. Instead they must work under the table and not pay taxes. The real crooks and people avoiding paying taxes are the business owners that exploit the undocumented worker to fatten their profit margin.

      • Brenda

        Chuck, that is true to an extent, but when they start having to pay taxes, they are going to require higher & higher pay until no one can afford to hire them either, so more illegals come & take the lower paying jobs. Unless the government can shut down the borders, nothing is going to change except for more & more of the illegals/made legal on welfare, food stamps, free medical, SS, etc.

      • caaaaa

        You are so right

    • Kenneth

      Because they have used us up and we mean nothing more to them than a empty soda can. Kick it around nobody cares. It has served it’s purpose. The illegals bring them votes.

      • joy

        Kenneth, I see more “illegals” working at fast food resteraunts, out in the fields, and in busines where they have been PAYING under the table for years. I see more “Americans” buying high end vehicles, 3500 square foot homes that they can barely afford, and to top it off…. most upper middle class people I work with, tell their kids not to join the military because they don’t want to be around “those kind of people”… and I am a veteran.

        • Jerry Brumfield

          Well said.


      It’s called… buying votes! That’s why democraps do more for illegals than our own citizens.

    • William Ballard

      Your right but you forgot OBAMA has to have all his vacatioms paid somehow

    • Harold Harris

      Dorris; are you aware that most “Illegals” pay into Social Security and will never receive a dime of it back. They pay income tax but can’t file a return, in other words, they like many of us are being mistreated not by our government but by those that bring them here to work their fields, provide them with fake Social Security Cards and pay them much less than a “Legal” citizen would make. I personally don’t care to pick Blackberries or Strawberries or even Lettuce, but I think that if anyone want to perform these duties for our Farmers throughout the South for less than minimum wages, they would be more than welcome. The Farmer only want his/her product out of the field and into the markets at the best price they can make. We need to stop trying to find ways to make the America Pure and try to help make it right for all workers. I can only ask this, where do we get the funds and man-power to round up all of those people and return them to who knows where? When I worked for the Federal Protective Service, I observed ICE transporting the same people back to the border over and over. These people are as determined to be here as some of us are to getting rid of them. It is time to enforce our borders on both sides of our nation, not with fences because they don’t work but with technology and allow those here a legal means of obtaining citizenship. As the President said in Nevada, when we look at them, we need to remember that we, all but the Native Americans were once them as well. As I look at where our nation has come, I think that those that came here from other lands added to and not detracted from our growth. Just my view and the Great grandson of a former slave, my Great Grand Mother who gave this nation me. Twenty-one years of Honorable Military Service, three working children, one working grandson and seven additional very intelligent grandchildren. This nation was built by immigrants, slave or free and until we can appreciate that; we will never understand how we got here from where we were many, many years ago.

      • Joy

        thanks Dorris, I agree with you 100%. There is no other country that will let you be in their countrys with out a pass port or a visa, for any to make it there home and even get more benefits than us U.S born people. We are paying for their kids being born and their welfare and health calls. THANK YOU OBaMA FOR BEING SUCH A JERK.

      • Brenda

        Yes, our nation was built by immigrants, but they came here LEGALLY!!!! They didn’t slip over the border & then be given amnesty to stay here when there are MANY, MANY that are waiting to come legally. Maybe if we started bringing those people here legally & stopped giving amnesty to EVERYONE, we wouldn’t have some of the problems we have now!

        • Guest

          My family came here illegally, trying to apply for asylum, as did many, during world war II. I am pretty sure my grandfather regrets some of his actions, as he worked on the Manhattan project, but that was after he became legal. Not all immigrants who made this country what it is, came here legally.
          Many a wonderful brain arrived here illegally initially.

    • John

      Don’t ever forget that this country, which I fought for during my 20 years of Navy Service, is run on VOTES, and nothing else, Those millions and millions of Illegals equal VOTES. I still think we need to completely sweep the House and The Senate and make their benefits commensurate with ours. We also need an AMERICAN citizen as our President. Just Sayin.

    • Psbrown

      All get 1 vote, their vote counts as much as a vets vote! Do the math, Obama did!

      • Chuck Hendrix

        Get a clue. Regardless how many times people make the FALSE claim that illegals vote, it is a comment based in complete ignorance. In order to vote, a person must register to vote. In order to register, a person must prove citizenship. Hence, illegals do not vote no matter how many time the clueless want to make that ridiculous claim.

        • joy

          It shows how little education some people have and it is quite embarassing. Top it off, we now have to make sure our citizens can compete with other global markets. If these people who seemed to barely have passed 9th grade have proven here, we are screwed.

        • Sandy

          Wrong! No one asks for proof of citizenship! That is why the DMV started enrolling people to vote and all that is required is that you be advised that if you lie you can be penalized… How would that concern an illegal alien since he/she is already breaking Federal laws. In fact, Obama and his administration have opposed any State that is making laws to require proof of citizenship or even an ID at the voting polls. They say it deters “citizens” from voting…

        • Sandy

          Chuck, I personally know many people who are not citizens and who get voting ballots. No proof is required, just someone to sign you up to vote or you signing yourself up in front of Walmart, etc. By the way, no ID is required for voting whether in person or by mail. I don’t know where you get your misinformation, Chuck.

          • Sue

            If you personally know these people, have you reported them?

    • wayne

      Also the president by executive order gave congress a payraise

    • George Hughes

      Mexico, requires visa,s and work permits for American citizens for 6 Months. Then you have to leave are get a lawyer and do it all over again.
      They let there people come over freely into our country.
      Theres something wrong with this Picture.
      George Hughes,2/4/13

    • Doug

      Not a fan of Obama by any stretch but unfortunately, this and the dropped coverage soon to affect a lot of us with Tricare Prime are not his doing. This was already in the works before he ascended his throne. The Tricare change was always a temporary thing that was going to go away. He is to blame for a lot of our problems and support for him by any Veteran disgusts me but this is not on him.

  • donald custer

    didn’t know tricare prime had a deductable
    when did this start,sill have copay

  • Lacy R Bethea Jr

    I have been trying to obtain disability for Extreme Cold Weather exposure from the Chosin Reservoir Campaing in N. Korea since 2004. The daily temperature was 28-32 below zero for days on end that translates to 6064 degrees below freezing. The wind chill factor (estimated from area weather reports) often brought the temperature dowu to 80-100 degrees below freezing. The VA cannot absord the idea that if you’re in the wind is a lof colder that being in a wind free location.
    I an succeptible to cold, keep my house bewteen 72-75 warm in the winter months and 80-82 cool in gthe other months. I carry a jacket with me year round. I do not attend movies ever and I generally stay in stores about 30 minutes before I leave. It takes me quite a few minutes go get warm again.
    I often sleep with sweats and heavy socks on and use a bed warmer. Oh well, maybe one day.
    The Chosif Reservoir campaign was about 20-25 days long before we were able to leave.

    • Michael

      That sounds more like ptsd then anything else. You should contact your service representative. When I deal with the v.a. Regarding my benefits I usually bet the best results when I get my congressmen involved. _

    • Charlie

      I retired in 1986 and finally the VA, in all thier wisdom, and help of my Senator and Congressman was awarded 40% disability in Nov 2012???

    • Miss Emma

      Do you have a diagnosis of cold injury from VA MD or private md. Submit the claim w/the medical documentation (peripheral neuropathy, skin cancer in frostbite scars (including in such locations as the heels and earlobes), arthritis in involved areas, chronic tinea pedis, fallen arches and stiff toes, nocturnal pain, and cold sensitization) , copy of service record that you were there. Dept of Vetrans Affars Benefit Adm. has made changes since 2004 in order to rate these cases

      • Larry

        80-100 degrees below zero in Korea – I think not!

  • Sgtmo

    Wow! The “short end of the stick” keeps getting shorter!

  • Dick98260


  • DK, retired

    The promised benefits for retirees and veterans get another change and increase. Thanks US government. When you need us you use us and then turn your backs on us. SHAME ON YOU! I wish I had the benefits of illegals. It would shave me a lot of money. I wish all our representatives were required to have served in our armed forces. Maybe then we would have politicians that understand our problems.

    • RetiredNavalOfficer

      DK, politicians are politicians. Many are currently elected and still don’t get it.

      • DK, retired

        I could not agree more. After 28 years in the Navy I guess I still don’t get it.

    • Brian B. USAF Ret

      I want to know why the politicians serve four years in office and get life time medical that is better than ours and is free. We do twenty plus years and they’re taking our benefits.

      • Guest

        He who has the gold or hyper-inflated monetary policy, makes the rules

    • Rose Baxter

      Good job.

    • Daniel

      Stop your sniffling and look at the “real picture”. Do “illegals” get any TAX RETURNS? NO…… So, who benefits from all these aggregate funds? You and me buddy!
      You want to go pick vegetables and cotton in the hot sun for maybe $10 for a whole day? NO…..
      You eat all those vagetables for an affordable price, don’t you?
      Ask the farmers just how much aid they get from the government!

      • DK retired

        OK, I should have left out illegals. Now get the big picture? I came from a farming community and believe me the aid is a lot better then vets.

  • Chuck85

    Theses changes are the changes that Obama proposed and John McCain indorsed. Obama is also proposing to change/do away with the military retired pay and forcing the Tricare prime participants to go to standard, but under the Obama Care we won’t have to change carriers????? duh. Just like medicare we retirees are having to pay more and being forced to change carriers.

    • Natasha Grace

      He stands up there and says he loves the military but he lies, he is taking everything away from us. McCain doesnt care because he gets the same healthcare Obama does… FREE

    • tom

      get your facts correct sir. obama has not proposed doing away with retired pay. DoD has changed tricare several times if you live greater than 40 miles from mtf – ture. we are going to continue to see changes unless you get your friends to VOTE.

    • john

      Yes once again blame Obama for everything, first Obama has not proposed doing away with retired pay. That move came from republicans who said that service members did not do much to earn that much in retirement pay. And for all the cut backs look again to Congress they set forth and approve these cuts no President has the authority to make laws, or budgets, he can only approve or disapprove, and with all the fighting for every little step with Republicans it’s a wonder anything gets done.

    • joy

      This was being discussed under the Reagan administration, both Bush administration, and Clinton. The money has to come from somewhere.. How about the BILLIONS wasted on projects that were supposed to cost about 15 million instead 245 million. Over inflated costs.. the piper wants to get paid.

  • frances quinn

    i think this is wrong…i wrote my senators and reps and constantly fight for veterans. have two in my family, a son and grandson. protest and write your congressmen. get this out to the public. if we can’t take care of our vets, we sure don’t need millions of illegals on the system. i agree with you!

    • Natasha Grace

      My senator says we have to pay our fair share.. like moving every other year wasnt paying enough, changing jobs every 2 years wasnt enough, stress and strain on your family isnt enough. low pay isnt enough, do you know they say the military gets paid more than civilian.. Obama lies.. He is Hitler and we are all gonna pay for him being in office again.. I curse the congress.. they have taken away all promises to the military.

  • dan

    I have the same problem with my medical records. Part of it seems missing. Other parts can’t be read. Doctors didn’t always write down the same thing they told you or that what you were there for was not a fact. Some VA doctors do the same and I found that my private doctor has said that I “claim to have ____. ” but never record it as fact but give me pills for it.

  • RetiredNavalOfficer

    “…white man’s treaties”? Huh!

  • Marty B.

    22 years of Active Duty and they promised me free medical and dental for the rest of my life. I guess they didn’t think I would live this long. Beware young service members. You put your asses on the line and they lie.

    • sdexnorva

      Marty, You must have been in during the 1950s. That was the last time that such was promised, and that was by recruiters, not on the dotted line.

    • David Ursprung

      I retired in 1975 and don’t have much memory left but I don’t remember when or where I was ever promised free medical and dental service for the rest of my life although I have said it too, it being a fun thing to say.. Can you tell me where that is/was written.


      As a retiree since 1985 and to the best of my knowledge I am not aware of any written promise for medical and dental services for “the rest of my life”. If you can provide me where it is written, I would be most grateful. I spent 24 years in the military and understood almost from day one (excluding Recruiter jargon) that medical and dental is an entitlement / privelege and not a guarentee . . .

    • Larry

      Who promised you free medical and dental care for life? never heard of this. I am 20 yrs retired and was never told this.

    • Spectre

      Marty……Who’s military were you in that made promises like that?

  • Tom McCann

    We see some sort of hosing every time there’s a draw-down. I’m afraid with the morons running our country now (top down) that our benefits will be nearly all taken away. They’re doing a great job of continuing our downward spiral and at this rate will lose any “volunteer” military lifers. They used to coubt on us retirees to talk up a military way of life, “serve your country and they’ll make your loses up on the back end”. Since now all we’re getting is “service in the back end” I’ll be darned if I’ll encourage anyone to serve. When an illegal can get as good or better service in this country, what the hell are our kids fighting for other than corporate America?

    • rich

      Maybe all of the vets and their families that voted for Obama should have paid some attention prior to voting. Once these changes take place they will never be reversed. I voted for McCain in 08 and Romney in 12. I wasn’t thrilled with either of them but they were both a damed sight better that the jerk who was elected. Unless you’re an illegal alien

  • Chris

    The next election I am voting for anyone other than the incumbent!

    • hermon

      I agree with you

    • David Ursprung

      Chris, that’s funny. I like your sense of humor.

    • Lucy
      • J Armstrong, ARMYRet

        Praise the Lord!

  • Emily S

    I have ChamVA prescription. Does anyone know if this is included in the increase?

    • Charlie Zea

      NO! So far the VA is exempt from and cuts. To big of a voting block to be messed with at this time.

      • Charlie Zea

        OOPS! ………..any cuts………….

        • E Shollenberger

          Thanks for getting back to me

  • sdexnorva

    DOD for many years has been trying to increase rates. This is merely the first time that both an administration and Congress has been listening to them.

  • Tim Gallaway

    This lack of focus bothers me. Obama doesn’t have squat to do with this! This crap comes straight out of Department of Defense … in fact, they wanted to take away Tricare for Life AND tie tricare costs to % of income!!!! And you are blaming Obama??? Aim your barbs at the idiots who actually did this!

    • WhyNotMinot

      I think Tim, you could have said what you needed to say in a more polite way and convinced more people rather than shutting them down to the truth.

      I don’t like Obama but this, as Tim says, has absolutely nothing to do with him. It is the DoD and senior officers that are doing this to us in the name of purchasing weapons – but like every time before they have made cuts anywhere, the money “saved” went to buy perks and replace furniture as old as two years old for even better furniture.

      But that’s the kind of senior officer we generally get because we let the brownosers (There are a few exceptions) who have DWIs, false grad degrees, and poor work habits get promoted over those that work hard.

    • tony

      Your kidding, right? Obama gets his advice from these idiots then HE makes the decisions.

      • jpjr

        The POTUS can not make any of the decisions congress along with the DOD. Congress is the only body of gov’t that can make a law, Tony you need to look at the Constitution before you start your hate campaign.

        • Graywolf

          The constitution has nothing to do with it. This regime has no respect for the constitution and is hell bent on destroying it. The congress is afraid to do anything to control this out of control regime.

        • w. wendt

          You had best check out Obama’s end run around Congress with his Executive Orders. There are too many to enumerate here.

    • marco

      Thanks Tim, allot of people are seriously misform about this issue.

    • jay

      All has to be approved by the pres

    • leslie

      DOD serves at the pleasure of the president if I am not mistaken so it is straight from obama.

    • buldawg

      Tim, don’t worry about some of these other idiots’ comments. Your comments are spot on correct. Thanks

      • Ken

        I agree

  • L, Bryant

    I think you are the idiot and that President Obama to you.

    • Bill

      What the heck does that mean?

  • Billgyr

    Yep with Obama in officer watch out. There will be more increses.

    • bilgyr

      Ops office

  • Horseshoe

    Horseshoe. If the VA and services could reevaluate the many people on 100% disability they would be shocked to find out the truth.

  • rich

    Obama says “thanks for your service” then whispers to one of his flunkies” “How else can we screw those jerks now/ ‘

    • Jay

      Its happening to most middle class

  • bill

    I was a Base Career Advisor and had to counsel members on the benefits of making a career. One of the many things I had been trained to inform members on was that if they stayed for 20 years, they would have free medical care for life. I retired in 1988.

    • Riverrat1968

      So Bill, through no fault of your own, you told the same lies to the troops as did all recruiters and career advisors. Shame on the system, not the messengers….

    • Guest

      Yeah…………. the bastards lied!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And Obama wanted to double or even triple these rates. He is so anti-military it is pathetic!!

  • Ron

    What increase in costs have members of Congress received in their Gold Plated government health insurance plans? They even receive priority at military medical facilities over veterans. In 1954 I had no choice to enroll in Social Security while Congress exempted themselves. What has changed over these past 60 years?

    • Rick

      Well Ron…….I guess they are not Americans, so the Constitution and other laws of the land do not apply to them. President Nixon said it for them, when he stated during his term that “I am here to make the laws, I don’t have to live by them”. I firmly believe that all politicians believe that and practice that. We have lost total control of our own Government, and the only way we are ever going to get control back is to vote every one of those jerks out of office, regardless of party, personality, or anything else. Just stop voting them back in for more than one term.

    • Stanley O. Harrison

      Agree, if congress raises the cost of veterans copays They should also raise their rattes. Stan a 21 year vet.

    • Tony

      In 1985 Members of Congress and New federal employees started paying into Social Security. Members of Congress have the same health plan as the Federal employees and they do pay a premium to be in the plan

    • Mike

      Congress has the same health care coverage your friendly letter carrier does.

      Since 1984, Congress has payed into Social Security. Before that they were paying into Civil Service. Check your facts.

    • Daniel

      You live in a country where 10% of the people are ruling over 90% of them!
      That’s why we will never get any better!

  • Mr Kenneth Clouthier

    I agree. My spouse and I are both retired. I put in 28 years in the United State Air Force. And my retired from banking. I am a Viet Nam vet. At one time Griffis Air Force Base was available to us until they closed. Like many of other retirees our saving and checking accounts are paying below 1%. I have a hearing lost and having been asking for medical care since 2004. I have sent my hearing test from my discharge physical and as of this date nothing. They say it was not military related. Even though the audiogram show a lost in my left year. I was an Air Policeman with SAC, guarding B-52’s and KC-135’s. I still believe we live in the best country in the world. But why don’t they take care of vets. Oh, I am still working with the local VA. Respectfully, Mr Kenneth J Clouthier, SMSgt, USAF, (Ret)

    • S. Washer

      Don’t take “no” for an answer. Just keep after them and slowly but surely they’ll probably comply.

    • Stone Branham

      I agree. I have written my Senators and congresswoman.Which they responed they are fighting for us. Well, I like to see all of congress to begin paying for a portion of their medical care that our tax dollars pay for. It sickens me that those of us who can least afford the increases get it taken up the butt again. With the small increase from SS, i now pay a higher monthly rate to have what I put into for over 45 years. Our elected officials make far mor than many of us, they need to pay for some of it. I thought it was we the people and they work for us. Shouldn’t we have a say? I am sick of it.

      • J Smith

        Good Luck with your hearing compensation, I have document upon document showing that I lost my hearing in 1992 as a radio telephone operator in the Navy for years, I was even taken off of a ship because my hearing was proven to be dangerous to me and my shipmates. I retired in 2000 and was denied compensation at least four times…even when I submitted affidavits from my current managers and coworkers attesting to my hearing deficiency.

  • Lou Volt

    Is this also happening to the ones who have made these changes, ie; President, V.P. , Senators, and Reps.? If any one of those voted for this and are getting free prescriptions at taxpayer expense, I gladly ask that you resign now and give that position to someone who believes in America and it’s citizens. If you are there because you are bought out by some lobbying group or special interest group, You are nothing more then the scum that lives under the bridges and in prision for crimes against another human being.

  • Steve Glendenning

    100% right. You low information voters and takers voted for this Obamanation, so yes brace yourselves

  • Ssg Ken

    As a paraplegic, I would love to just have both of my feet blown off in RVN. Using prosthetic limbs, socks and shoes, I can see a man playing golf.

    After all, I saw a double amputee running with president Bush @ 6 minute miles.

  • Chuck Hendrix

    The idiot would be you. Congress decides the budget and the funding for the VA not President Obama. You might want to bone up on how the government actually works before you show your true “colors”.

    • Graywolf

      Wrong.. It should be how the government works or should work.

    • jpjr

      Chuck it seems these types don’t know what the Constitution says or anything about how the government works, they are just told to blame President Obama for everything. I’m not a fan of his but I do know what powers the POTUS has and doesn’t have.

      • jdh

        One of his powers is Executive orders, and Obama has abused the Constitution and the seperation of powers via these unconstitutional EO’s.

  • Chuck Hendrix

    How can you people be so ignorant and uniformed. No president to include Obama decides what funding the VA receives. Congress does. You people are ridiculous. If you had a clue you might be dangerous. As you quite obviously have no clue, you are just another ignorant tool spewing nonsense.

    • gale

      obama has the final say on all laws he signs them and he could stop any law with a veto. He has no respect what -so-ever for the constitution and uses executive orders to undermine it! We are losing our freedoms on a daily basis and the press doesn’t even report it. Don’t be blinded by his charms. He is a real wolf in sheep’s clothing.

  • Tony

    Roger that!!!!

  • LTC(ret) Ed Bardill

    You can think the 51 percent that voted for 4 more years of Obama,
    especially many senior citizens, young women, and minorities. Too many
    of these groups only watched the propaganda networks of ABC, CBS,
    NBC, MSNBC, and CNN. They were as misguided as Europeans in 1936.
    As veteran of over 24 years, I am ashamed of the American voting public.
    I have not been this disgusted since the end of Vietnam.

    • MARCO

      You must watch FOX NEWS.

      • susan

        Marco there are to many stupid fools who only think there are in 2-3 stations they’ don’t whant to no the truth like Fox is the only network that tells you have it is .And those people don’t want to hear you tell them nothing about Fox ;there to blinded my the other net works .

        • WI Reader

          What are you trying to say? Did you skip grammer 101? How about one complete sentence.

        • Holly

          Whew, Susan!! How about using the grammar and spelling you were supposed to learn in school!

      • BAWANA


    • slick231

      LTC, I am willing to bet the remaining 46 percent of us feel the way you describe. Oh yeah, the other 3 percent are illiterates that shouldn’t have been allowed to vote in the first place. Oh the restrictions we should on the right to vote…drug testing, employment, basic knowledge of government and on and on etc. Oh well, fancy orators will always beat out actual substance. We’ll all pay the piper before this guy/party/liberal majority get through with us.

    • slick231

      It looks like I posted this to a reply instead of your comment. Perhaps I should be in the 3 percent I mentioned below.
      LTC, I am willing to bet the remaining 46 percent of us feel the way you describe. Oh yeah, the other 3 percent are illiterates that shouldn’t have been allowed to vote in the first place. Oh the restrictions we should on the right to vote…drug testing, employment, basic knowledge of government and on and on etc. Oh well, fancy orators will always beat out actual substance. We’ll all pay the piper before this guy/party/liberal majority get through with us.

      • slick231

        Guess not. :-(

      • MGJR133

        Are you a Nazi? Just wondering.

    • Graywolf


    • tc1uscg

      Col, I hate to point this out but if you think Romskull and Ryan would not have done worse in the form of trashing our military (both active and retired), I think you need to turn in your gasmask and have it checked for leaks. Obama’s dream team is doing no worse then the other two nuckleheads would be doing to us. They remind me of the Gov of Michigan. They are a couple of sneaky bastards who would be trying to keep crap under the radar till it was too late to stop it. Just saying..

    • jpjr

      If your were an officer I would think you would know a little about how the government works and what powers the POTUS has according to the US Constitution. Maybe you should watch some of the channels you mentioned and get info from places other than Faux News, that is owned by foreigners, an Aussie,a Saudi Arabian and other Anti-American types. President Obama has no control over any ot the things he is being accused of doing the Active and Retired Armed Forces as well as the Veterans that couldn’t stay for 20 years. The real Americans are ashamed to have your kind in our midst. You need to do some honest research and find out the truth before you start laying the blame on the wrong person.

    • Jewelnabq

      LTC I am a retired vet and I am ashamed of you and your silly comment. It just shows your right wing bias and obviously, are not part of ANY social minority. Let me guess, you get your “NEWS” solely by Faux News. Talk about fantasy news. SMH

  • Nancy

    No Obama you idiot. The Republicans headed up by John McCain.

  • LarryBrad

    Maybe the President wants to give healthcare to other groups that he owes for his election? The president’s bills are coming due for helping the people who did nothing for their “entitlements” but vote for him. Our military who paid for their freedom to vote with blood, sweat, and tears are going to have to pay more. Do not bother listening to what the president says, watch what he does and watch what his drones in congress do to thank you for your continued sacrifices and service.

    • Chuck Hendrix

      Right people that worked all their lives paying in to the Social Security system, “did nothing” for their “entitlements”. They only worked until they were in their 60’s. Many are still working part-time to make ends meet because SS does not pay a hell of a lot. I served 22 years. All active duty and I support my President 100% just like I did every president before him. I happen to understand that the President is little more than a figure head when it comes to the budget. CONGRESS decides the budget and which Departments or Agencies get not the President. People claiming that 47% of households are on the dole and takers have no freaking idea who you are talking about. I bet most of you are so ignorant to the facts, you do not even KNOW that enlisted personnel serving in a combat zone have no income tax liability. They are part of the 47% you people like to throw around.

  • peg

    There us a revolution coming and perhaps it would start with the military, active
    and ret. A quiet coup which would stop our President from ruling, he was
    elected to govern. If the will of the people prevail, the people of this nation would have our freedoms intact and peace and prosperity would happen.. A great way to start would be to outlaw “politically correct”, allow us to worship peacefully and cause all who reside, legal or illegal, to obey
    our laws, learn English and get an education. Make govt. handouts hard to
    come by. Utopia, yes, but wouldn’t be nice to see it in our lifetime. One last item
    that has never been addressed is to thank the slaves for all they did to physically build our country, starting with what they did in DC. Erect a momument (s) there
    and wherever. Electing this President will unfortunately, make the next African-American a long time in the future. He has done more to destroy the good things done over the years and made them slaves to the Democratic Party. Now that
    isn’t that a great benefit. Reparations, good idea, probably not practical but
    shouldn’t we honor their efforts to build so much of America, without any pay.

  • Bill A

    Thanks Obama Care I always wanted to pay more for Health care that I earned so I can pay extra so others can have their care that they did not earn. Nothing is free.

  • Tom

    You are right this is only the beginning our cost is only going to go up. After doing 21 years and this is the appreciation we get. Tricare prime now Tricare standard so we can pay more out of pocket money Mr. Obama will end up take it all. We sacrificed everything worked 24 7 and this is what we get.

    • joy

      This was in Navy Times nearly 10 years ago, about how something has to give.. and that somewhere we have to pay the piper….. if this happened under a Republican, would seriously have the same feelings..

    • Ken

      Romney and Ryan wanted to take TFL away from us retiree’s The republicans hate spending money on the ,military, active or retired

  • Bill

    Obama is trying to move some TRICARE beneficiaries to Obamacare by making TRICARE costs more expensive. Free healthcare for life will ONLY cost you $20,000 per family.

    • Factual

      Bill, you need to check your facts. Sen John Mc from AZ is the one pushing for the increase

    • Dave

      John McCain had to be behind this. He said that his son wouldn’t consider TRI-CARE as part of his retirement, he just loved his country so much. With that much family money I doubt he does care. As for many of the rest of us- – – That’s just not the case.

    • Cheri

      The fact that TRICARE is raising costs upto 100% more doesn’t help those on fixed incomes and is forcing some to stop taking life-bearing medications.. If my chemotherapy goes up, I’ll just stop going and let them pay for my funeral.

      The problem most are not seeing with this ObamaCare is that medical costs are going to skyrocket and the Obama care will not cover all charges, so those on fixed incomes again get penalized

  • Kimberly

    My husband and I (both Veterans–Vietnam/Iraq) were paying $1700 per month for private health care (pre Obama) before our benefits kicked in. We were blessed to be able to serve in the military, and I am incredibly grateful for the benefits we now receive as Veterans. There are numerous reasons for economic hardtimes, no easy answers, certainly no quick answers, and it is simply not the fault of a single president. And yes there are those that take advantage of any “system”. I do prefer to focus on the fact that my husband and I are alive, we are receiving health care, even better yet we receive the majority of that health care free, and we are privileged to live in a great country, both in good times and not as good times.

    • Ray

      Amen Kimberly

    • TOM

      you may be right but when do you draw the line i did 20yr one of the biggest reason is for medical. why should we and the us pick up the tab for people who think they are owe it becouse they are a american. what happen to you get what you pay for…(earn) what did they do to get there??? they just keep taking my retirment little by little and what happen to my free health care i earned and other like us.. obama care is going to be a lot more than most people will ever see, you should look into it… how will they pay for it,,,,, you and me and the price for ours start going out of sight,,,, so we can pay for everone else.. that;s B.S.

    • Martin

      Kimberly I applaud you for your comment, I am also retired army with over 20 yrs service and retired in Feb 1966. There is always military that are going to blame the President for the current policys, but some are from holders. If you didn’t vote for your particular man than the other one is your scapr goat. Have a good day young Lady and the best to you and yours.

  • Wulf

    So let me get this straight. While I was in California I was going to a Doctor on base but then TriCare unilaterally changed my PCM to some doctor that was closer too me because they said the drive was too far (after having granted me a waiver). Now I am having to give up TriCare Prime because I live too far from a MCF and so I will have to pay more for not being prime because they no longer allow me for that. I wonder if the amount they take out of my retirement will be reduced when they take me off prime. Remember – never trust a thing the government tells you since it is all a lie.

  • tracy young

    you are spot on when you say brace yourself

  • virgil

    how can i get a copy of tricare formulary ???THANKS

  • Charles Westfall

    I have tri-care for life for myself and my wife. Am I inclided?

    • nsawoman

      yes. those mail orders will still be zero for those that have been zero.
      those that have cost 9 will cost 14
      those that have cost 25 will now be 43. I think we can live with this.

    • Ruth Greene

      That was my question. We are Tricare for Life and did not see any reference to that quote.

    • Mark

      they got you in a different way. The government is now so desparate for money they are trying to grab ti from wherever they can. If you are TfL I believe it means you are medicare age eligible, right?
      Anyhow, they keep threatening to add charges and fees and all that. All I know is 80% of the people in the system now will not be able to stay on prime because bases are not nearby, and continually closing. Our government is not eeping the promises it made, but then again, it never has.

    • Mark

      I would say contact tricease, but word is they don’t even know what the hell is going on anymore (not that they ever did, but this is government forcing tricare fee changes, not tricare)

  • FED UP


    • Ed Kyle

      I sure do agree with you. I think the next eletion should be house cleaning time.

    • Retired04

      That is total BS. The members of Congress are covered by their choice of Federal Health Care plans which are partly paid by the govt and part by the members. They have been paying into social security since 1985. The Congress no longer votes for pay raises, they are set by a commission, the congress can only reject them. Learn a little basic facts about your government and quit telling t-bagger lies.

      • Brenda

        Then how could the President just give them a raise? I don’t think he qualifies as a “commission”!



    • Brad

      How do you get free healthcare for life? Become a politician. Because I went to war because of those same Politicians my rates are raised.

    • Chuck

      I’m total agreement with that. If they were on the same retirement as we are they would fix social security or opt for the military retirement. if they don’t totally screw that up too!!


    i retired from the reserves after 4 years active and 17 years in the reserves i have been waiting fourteen years so far for a benefit worth having and by the time i am 60 next year i think this will still be worth the wait at least i hope they wont price it out of my range by then ,to me though a four dollar increase seems reasonable

  • Ray

    Be nice

  • Clair Mowery

    I served 23 years in the military and i think obama should keep his hands off our medical .i had to have a heart operation in March and i depend on my meds I can’t afford a raise in copays or anything else I thohgt once I retired I could depend on my hospitalization and drug coverage.

  • DK, retired

    I will consider thinking about gun control and immigration issues when our government thinks seriously about veterans and benefits that were promised.

  • Bob M

    Who the heck are these screwballs who think the president is at fault for the mess our country’s finances are somewhat relieved. And anyone who thinks illegal immigrants are the big bad freeloaders. They should check some reality: I am a white, native US and retired Marine officer who worked from 17yr old private, now 83. Most folks on welfare and getting ER care, w/o charge, are white US citizens. Learn to read and check out the facts before blowing your stack. Think of the 46 million Americans who are without meds now who will be helped by new health care law.

    • Don

      Mr. Bob……………….I don’t know what part of the country you are from, but maybe youn ought to go down to the welfare office, stand in food lines, check out who is in emergency rooms, check out who is using WIC and food stamps, out here in California! Might make you go back inside your lil house, turn on the TV, and shut up!

    • vernon35

      Bob you need to check out your facts. I retired after 26 years of service, 24 on active duty and I was denied access to a VA doctor in 2006 due to the cost of the Iraq war. That policy has since been changed but you can verify that it was being done for a few years back then. If they can’t afford to run the programs that they currently have what do you expect in the future? Perhaps you’ll be denied a medical procedure or many medical procedures due to the National debt. How can anyone with some common sense think that you can keep spending more than your income forever. These politicians are being elected primarily by our citizens that want a bunch of handouts.

    • Dennis

      Well Bob, I really don’t have an issue helping out the 46 million AMERICANS, but we need to pay for it somehow. There is way too much of our money going to take care of ILLEGALs (not legal immigrants). Remember, ILLEGALS are people who are breaking our law and are here ILLEGALLY. They take advantage of our medical care by choking our ER’s, file bogus tax returns, drive with no license or insurance, and the list goes on. I’m all for helping out our citizens who need a helping hand along the way but not those who make it a lifestyle. Let’s start closing some of the blaring loopholes so we have the funds to take care of those who need it.

  • Thomas Schlauch II

    Just wait till you turn 65, you’ll find out just how “FREE” your medical care is. My wife and I turn 65 this year and just found out that there is a “Federal Law” (Which no one can give me the number of.) which mandates that we have Medicare part B at a rate of $104.90 per MONTH per Person, or 2517.60 a year. This “Law” also requires that we relinquish our Tricare Prime and accept Tricare for Life, and then have to request to remain being seen by our current military treatment facility. Forget eye care, dental (Delta Dental) just doesn’t cut it but it beats nothing, barely.

    • Ted Seifert

      This is not a new law its been in effect since I started Tri care for life in 1995 it’s still a bargain as far as I’m concerened. I have not had to pAy very many co- pays. When my second wife died her bill was over $300000 bucksMy end wAs $$$$1800dollarsI know what we were promised But in 1953 when I first reenlisted I had to sign a statement saying no promisses have been made to me



    • johndike

      I also went on Medicare part b and automatic to tricare for life. Ever since I had, I have not paid anything out of pocket for care. However as you say for dental or eye car, forget it. Won’t cover hearing aids either. The co-pays are a way to generate more bucks to waste elsewhere in the dod. They say tell your congressmen, I have been sending mine a message bout every couple months, same lip service bout how they will protect the service members retirees and families, but you see what happens. I am still trying to see if the tricare prime elimination is going to apply to where I live just out of Athens georgia. They closed Naval supply corps school couple years back. I have a wife and daughter on prime. I hope I can keep them on prime. Thank you for your service.

    • Bobby

      I’m 68 Years old, with over 20 years Air Force Retired. Don’t knock Tricare For Life – first there’s no premium! Plus TFL picks up most all (probably 98%) of what Medicare A/B doesn’t cover. So, you have to pay $104.90 per month for Medicare Part B. Big Deal. I know people right now who pay over $500 PER MONTH for their health coverage. You need to get a grip. There’s a lot of people who can barely afford the $104.90. Just be thankful YOU can.

      • Charlene

        Bobby: You are so right before Tricare breast cancer caught me and I Paid out of my pocket, then I got Tricare and still had to pay! Now turned 62 I apply for Medicare (104.90) and now I pay NO Co-Pay. Nothing in this world is Free, Stop blaming the President for Your bad habits. I know some people can’t get health care insurance so they go to the emergency room who pays, that’s the reason that healthy care bill so you and I Don’t pay for some else. Stop and think about it. 104.90 is nothing to me. Leave in your Means not Your wants.

      • GetReal1

        $104.90 is a lot of money for someone who was guarenteed healthcare for life. Also I have civilian insurance through my wifes employer for $110.00 a month and that healthcare is ten times what tricare for life is. It also pays for my VA visits even though it is not supposed to pay for service connected disabilities. It is also a lot of money for someone who has paid into social security his whole life. How much better will everyone feel when welfare reciepients have better healthcare than they do and their rates are continuing to rise. That’s the plan. I think you need to get a grip, most of us paid for our healthcare with long difficult service, missing or replaced body parts and a lot of pain. When the time comes when I can no longer work I really won’t be able to afford it either but since I don’t qualify for welfare this is what I’m stuck with.

      • Night

        Amen Bobby. I thank my lucky stars.

    • Chuk

      I’m 70 yrs old retired AF. I have Medicare and I pay the $104.90 per month plus I have Tricare for Life. Sure, I wish I could get more but what I am now getting works pretty good for me.

    • Barry Lewis

      Mandatory Part B is not true. Part B is mandatory only if you receive Tricare for Life coverage. If you have medicare and part B with Tricare for Life you can go to any medical facility or Doctor you choose. You are not restricted and you do not need referrals, and in most cases medical care works out to be Totally Free. I have been retired for 32 years and have never paid a dime out of pocket for medical care. I have had cancer twice and cardiac bypass due to a genetic problem and the cost was zero.

      • Night

        That has been my experience, too, Barry.

    • Mal Ware

      This going to increase over the next 4-5 years, too. Medicare could be approx $400.00 per month according to my M.D.

      • Night

        Ask your MD for his source. I’ve never heard this. But a lot of innacurate information is forwarded in emails that purport to know but are really just blather.

    • sharpgenie

      You just found this out? I am in my 70s and knew about this since the beginning of Tricare Prime. Compared to what civilians are paying for their health care plus also being required to get Part B. We are damned lucky.

      I do agree about Delta Dental not being much but something is better than nothing. I get all of my eye care done by the 2 and just have to pay for the refraction. No hearing aid help unless you qualify for VA.

    • rogpeck2002

      Not just being 65, but my wife was declared disabled last year (52 yrs old) and was also FORCED to sign up for Medicare as she automatically loses her TRI-Care Prime due to receiving disability

    • smokemt

      If your VA u dont have to take Part B. Check it out. Spouse non va has to take med part b.

      • ALICE

        Is this true? My husband is a disabled Vietnam Vet and was forced to take the part B medicare. How do we find out about this? We could use the money he is paying on Medicare part B. I am extremely upset over
        the antics in Washington DC! We need to come together and let the Washington crowd know we are sick and tired of what they are doing and will not take it anymore. Anyone interested?

    • Night

      Thomas, you need to get with a Tricare counselor. Something is wrong here. I am on Medicare and Tricare for life and I have yet to pay a deductible at any medical appointment ever. I also get eyecare. I’ve had to cataract surgeries and one vetriectomyl. Also, I am not required to go to the nearest military clinic or hospital (Fort Hood in my area) but can use Scott & White Hosptial, Seton Hospital and many different pharmacies in the area. I do pay the deductible on Rx. And I do not have dental coverage as many have said. The only time I looked into a dental policy with Tricare the cost was higher than just footing the bill.

    • Larry

      just think, some families are paying $1,000 to $2,000 premium a month. We should be thankful and fortunate to have what we have. I too pay $104.90 a month for Medicare part B in order to maintain Tricare FL. Don’t complain!

    • Wayne

      you can refuse part b, you get a automatically, but b you pay for, you can refuse it, but depending on you situation, you have a choice to make.

  • David Ursprung

    Lord have mercy, I didn’t know what I was getting into with my inbox clogged with comments. How do I unsubscribe? By the way, I moved to Colombia (beautiful country) a few years ago. My full service medical in modern facilities is $55.00 a month and my co-pay 65 cents I was able to cancel Medicare/Tricare to pay for this and have some left over. End of bitching for this happy sailor..

  • David Ursprung

    duh! I see how to unsubscribe

  • susan

    Good Valeria ;you said that right .Yes there are a hell of a lot of idiots that is for sure ;i couldn’t agree with you more .And i thank you for what you said .

    • MGJR133

      You people need to look in the mirror to see the real idiots in this country.

  • Care Bear

    I agree with you, there are a lot of fakers out there i.e. PTSD, Sleep apnea etc… When one retiree gets a percentage of disability from the VA they go tell their friend their symptoms and the friends go to the VA and complain of the same symptoms. Low and behold a few months latter they get their disability increased and their not even sick. The VA needs to go through and review all retirees medical record, prescription and appointments they will find out just how many of them haven’t even been back to the doctor since there first diagnosis or even to get their prescription filled. The VA needs to review how often they see their doctors or psychiatrist for routine appointments. I bet the government will find out that there is a big scam going on, costing the government millions and those people need jail time for defrauding the government. There are too many Vets struggling just to get there paperwork started because the fakers are typing up the system trying to get more.

    • Mike

      I know of a person who was in Vietnam, assigned to Hawk Missiles. No combat duty or exposure to agent orange. He started going to the VA after he retired from his job and lost his health insurance. He said that they filled out a form and turned it in. As a result he received a check for 19,000.00 plus so much a month. He also gets per diem when he goes to and from the VA. Others who actually suffer real problems live in poverty and this guy in luxury. One greedy person.

    • SFC Retired

      The VA does look at servicemembers’ medical records. They have denied me any disability and they used every excuse you can think of to do it. I may appeal, but I don’t have time because of my job.

    • steve

      Care Bear, I agree wit you 100%. Thois has been going on for decades and really went atmosheric with the currrent struggle against the Moslem Terrorists! (their Holy War) I almost fainted when I read where this AF retiree was being compensated for SINUS!!!! Hell my short time in Yuma AZ gave me a bleeding type sinus, and I never felt it a disability….. OTC medications treats most of the ills I have been hearing about, while the major ones are being ignored by the VA…..Freeloaders prevail…..Visit your local VA and SEE who is filling up the place????

    • VicG

      I think you have some of this wrog. I am a Veteran – I DO NOT get disability. My husband is a retiree and he does NOT get any disability. Why are you hounding the Vets when there are many people who use the ER, etc for non emergency visits and WE THE PEOPLE pay for it. What about the people who have never worked and receive a lot of money from taxes – what? Are you kidding me? There are signs all over the area I live in – file taxes here, big refunds! We pay taxes almost every year. My husband was promised free retirement! NOT!!! We pay for our medical. Promises Promises and more Promises have not been kept. I am sure there are some “fakers” and I do agree they should be punished. However, should we punish the civilians for going to ER and nothing is really wrong with them????? How well would that go over with the American people? Tax Payers foot the bill!

      • VicG

        wrong! I apologize!


      i’m eligible for increased VA benefits due to sleep apnea, sinusitis, and some other things. i can’t bring myself to take it because i would have gotten those regardless of wearing the uniform. but thousands take that and more and it had nothing to do with the military. and i’ve seen folks go from 30% to 100% in one year because they spend all their time working the system. and if you know someone in VA then you can get through the red tape quicker. we definitely need to make some changes and quit letting people abuse the system.

    • Jon

      I am one of those with PTSD so you are telling me I am faking it? What are your medical qualifications to say that? Please don’t lump everyone in the same group. The VA does check on your missed appointments with Dr’s and psychiatrist. If you don’t refill your prescriptions they are discontinued and you can not get refills. If you miss so many appoints you can loose your ability to make appointments.

  • Mark

    Totally agree. I am behind you 100%. Obama is doing this trying to force all us who served to go on his obma care program. Hopfully we can keep pressing congress and the senate to hold on a few more years so we can undo his plans to wreck this country.

    • MGJR133

      Grow up and find out the truth on all of this. Once again, Obama had nothing to do with this and it in no way has anything to do with Obama care!

  • Bill

    Can you imagine if Mit got elected…..I couldn’t “brace” myself, I would be out on the street with nothing to hold on to.

  • Arthur L Phillips

    It never fail to amaze me when one tend to blame the President and/or illegals for their short falls. I served 27 years and suffers from Agent Orange to include surgery for prostate cancer but I continue to fight for my benefits and entitilents. Most illegals pay taxes that they will never receive back; taxes that supplements our disability pay. You did not indicate if you volunteered or was drafted… most likely you volunteered as I for our own selfish reasons pror to speaking with those that served before us; those who shoulders we stood on. Read your enlistment contract and and you will not find in any of it’s contents that guarantees free health care. During my two “NAM” tours I lost numerous members of my unit that you would now classify as “illegals”. They made the ultimate sacrifice and for what? You are showing your ignorance of facts. I would suggest you do your research and distance yourself from those racist who would have one to believe that illegals are the reasons you are having difficulties obtaining benefits.

    • Nan

      Sounds like you drank the kool-aid!

      • Daniel

        I’m also a 2 tour Nam survivor and as a consequence I have the loss of vision from my right eye after getting shot down with my “slick”!
        It’s a shame to still have “ignorant” people that do not talk facts, but, instead, follow the lack of education of their forefathers to blame everybody that is not “like them”, or thinks like them.
        I had the honor of serving alongside other ethnic groups and they made me proud to be part of their “principles of freedom and peace” for everyone back home. But to come home and have to listen to all these ignorant folks, its just a shame, a dam shame!

      • joy

        Actually there have been many veterans who have served, and many did so they could gain citizenship.

    • Ben

      I think the “agent orange” has affected your pea brain…how many illegals to you know not getting aid and that’s wheather they work or not…sounds like you need to do some reasearch

    • CPO/Ret

      America is NOT the richest nation any more… the times are a changing and EVERYBODY has to pay somewhere. We do not have FREE medical care for anyone in the US…

    • DK retired

      Thanks for your service.
      I have four combat tours and still believe I was promised something I will never see. Your right, never believe something unless you see a signed document. I believed in 1967 what I was told. Sorry I am so fed up.

  • Martin

    Thanks for showing your stupidity

  • paulj

    Why are you a 100% disabled??

  • Flintheart

    Read “Stolen Valor” by Burkett and Whitley. As for how we ended up with this current sitution… remember that during the last two years of Bush’s administration the Democrats control Congress…Bush could get nothing passed them…nothing. During President Obama’s first two years the Democrat’s controlled the entire government…President Obama got EVERYTHING he wanted. Today the Democrats contro 2/3’s of the government…Executive branch and the Senate, the Republican’s only the House. So whom to critize…well…who has a majority of political power? There’s your answer.

  • Eunice C.Flores

    For me that is not fair because alot of retirees from the National Guard do not get that much monthly and we pay for our Tricare yearly to have Insurance and the medication fees of co-pay go up like the Medicare Part D for medication they increased also and our checks are not that high either .. Wow what in the world is the Congress doing to us .

    • Cheri

      they are hoping you die first, then you are nothing but a waiste and that is cheaper then making sure you live. ;)

  • concerned vet

    Are you kidding? How can you not see that the current admin is not serving the Veterans best interest….All these promises made to Veterans in the past 50 years were fine while we were serving and protecting this country…but now we see that our govt can take away those promises as fast as they made them. I see vets every day that can’t afford dental care, rising script deductibles and health care. Maybe all our elected officials should have serve in a warzone before taking office. It might give them a greater appreciation of military service and its sacrifices.

    • Denny

      This is the second only President that did not serve..Clinton was the first. Why should the current President & Congress keep their promises to us when they broke their promises to everyone else. There should be term limits foe every politition.We are only appreciated when there is trouble.

  • johndike

    The ignorance of the goverment is in the bliss of its members.

  • C. Jones, USAF Ret

    The problem with the pharmacy benefit is that it fails to accomodate those instances when mail order simply doesn’t work. If you are ill and your physician requires immediate medications for your treatment (think about it and just how often that occurs) you will end up at your local drug store. The roughly two week mail order time to fill a prescription won’t cut it. Sorry, you will have to suffer with the flu or kidney disease or whatever you have because you are a bad citizen and are using a local source – go sit in the corner and be sick and wait for the post office to get your drugs to you so you can feel better! Oh, and you will now be faced with the “penalty” for using a local pharmacist. This whole thing is another badly thought out remedy to cut DOD costs. How about we make all Medicaid receipents use a similar mai order plan for their prescriptions? And congressmen and their staffs….. I could go on, but you get it. It’s unfair to those who have served, but what else is new?

  • J. Ferguson

    Hey Vets Obamacare is coming and get ready to bend over. We will be paying our fair share and it will come a nickel or dime at a time, but it will come. I hope all you Vets who voted for this suck it up and not cry in your beer!

  • KJenkinsAF

    Yet MORE sh*t shoved down our throats. yay obama. POS, the morons that voted for him….AGAIN!

  • S Murrin

    Unbelievable. The civilian’s working for the government with the Federal blue cross have a better policy than we retirees do. Their kids stay on their insurance till they are 26. Tricare do not. The soldiers and retirees are getting scre?ed. Wake up America. Who else would put up with this much of an increase percentage wise?? NO ONE

    • Deb F

      Now in NJ the age has been raised to 31. The “child” can be living at a separate domicile and can even be married! The gov’t just keeps finding more and more ways to keep people dependent.

    • FactsR

      I do not like that you have this increase, but you are wrong no one would put up with this much increase! Talk to non government employees! Their cost of insurance has tripled and higher sense Obama’s medical mess! Many of them are paying a third of their income for family insurance! And still have big deductibles that keep going up, and big co-pays that keep going up! Many pay $50. CO-PAY every time they go to doc! And then pay for Meds. Many are even in insurance plans where they have to buy their meds from the insurance company at a higher cost than they could get it at a pharmacy, but they are not given a paper prescription to take some where else!



    • buldawg

      This is blatantly false. I am a USAF retiree and a current Federal Employee. I chose to not sign on for Fed Blue Cross because TriCare is a much better plan. Why do you want to spew such lies and inaccurate information?

  • Gene

    You complain, but do you try to make changes at the voting booth?
    1. Tell congress cut their own pay.
    2. Tell congress to get on social security/Medicare.
    3. Tell congress to get on federal retirement system, all funds from their retirement account moved to social security.
    4. Tell congress to give up Free medical purchase insurance like the American people have to do.
    5. Tell congress all funds in their FREE retirement account moved to Social Security, then leave funds alone not use them for other purposes.
    I sent this information to two, got an answer from one. THE OE UP FOR RE-ELECTION NEXT….NO RESPONSE..
    Stop crying take action.

    • smithcrjr

      See my comment above. Congress is on Social Security. Congressmen pay for their medical care just like all Federal employees – they do not have free medical purchase insurance. Do you want your military retirement moved to Social Security?

      • roger

        what world do you live in ?.. not the real one..

    • ALICE

      I AGREE!

    • R.D.Webb

      Gene :
      I sent the following on January 11,2013

      PERKS !

      A Lot of These People LIVE ON SSI / SSDI and Their Retirement Pay. They
      Can’t Afford ANY EXTRA EXPENSE(S).


      • Baduyo

        Has anyone noticed the nice way that everyone was informed about the rise in the copay; I have received NOT A WORD about the increase except from the MIlitary .com; I spoke to my local drug pusher the other day and he was not aware also of the increase the 1st of Feb; Nice of our wonderful goverment to keep us informed. Have you noticed how much money they will save with this stupid plan; enought to buy a few of the F16’s that they are sending to our new enemy in Egypt. ; The congress will keep screwing with the military until one day; they will look out the window and see a sea of military surrounding their safe haven. Maybe then we will have a good goverment after they have been deposed. This is why they want gun control. keep the weapons away from the ex military so they can not dispose of the goverment

    • hitthedeck

      We have been telling them for years!

      We hang the petty thieves and appoint the great ones to public office.
      — Aesop

    • Baduyo

      need to make copies of that and distribute them to all and any attorney

  • Jack Grimsley

    I am so dissapointed in our elected. One congress will pass something beneficial to veterans and service members and then two years later they start taking it away. What a disgusting bunch of people.

  • l taylor

    There should be some type of law, that they can’t increase our co pay more than what our yearly raise is! Call or write your congressman and maybe we can get a bill started.

    • smithcrjr

      See my comment above. This law has already passed.

  • Connie Willis

    wish there were a “Like” option for all the above comments……

    • Nita kirkland

      There is at right of each comment. UP OR DOWN THUMBS.

  • Daniel

    Keep hoping for a “different reality” lady!
    Our condition today is due to Dad and Junior Bush in cahoots with VP Cheyney and Halliburton Corporation!
    Read the small print and “engage brain before operating mouth”!

    • MGJR133

      Thats the real truth. Could not agree more!!

  • oldvet

    They want us old vets to hurry up and die,and when we do, our government celebrates cus more money for the illegals and the lazy bastards on welfare.

  • jpjr

    President Obama has nothing to do with any of this, these laws were on the books long before he was elected and the re-elected. Congress along with the DOD makes any change that affect the Military and Veterans benefits, the POTUS is not allowed as per the US Constitution to make or change any law.

    • jdh

      Guess you don’t watch the news…Obama just changed Obamacare re: not for profit religious organizations by just saying so…Obamacare has so many untold regulations, that the Executive branch can change interpretation of the law to fit the lobbyist of the day!

  • Ruth K

    Yes, quit complaining. If I didn’t have prescription plan w/TRICARE I would pay quite a bit more with my “regular Insurance” If you have to pay a little more – so what! At least you don’t have to pay the whole $100+. If you want to blame anybody, blame drug manufacturers. Drugs are much higher in US than anywhere else – guess why? GREED! I’m just grateful for what I get.

    • Dave C

      Dear “grateful for what you get”,
      You are talking of something that you have no knowledge about.. I entered servive in 1967 and retired in 1987. I then started a career with a major University, and have Blue Cross Blue Shield insurance. As part of the university package, my pharmacy benefits are through Express scripts..
      After 2 full careers, and 40 plus years service, I still get asked for additional out of pocket expenses. So what, you say? I think it’s pure unadultrated BS.. I think I am now entitled to 100% of my medical and pharmacy after all these years. When my generation joined (not drafted) the military, we were promised full medical benefits for the rest of our life. I am still alive, and plan to be here long enough to cost someone a whole lot of money.

    • RICK VA

      You should understand that while American drug companies pay for the R&D to create new drugs, foreign countries dictate how much they can charge. That means that Americans pay for rich people throughout Europe and Asia because our government does not stand up and say that we won’t subsidize these countries with our American dollars. For too long we have been the whipping boy for the rest of the world. Rather than keep going down the road of UN domination, we should tell these leaches to go hell and that we will no longer pay for their medical and military protection while they waste their money on bloated social programs. Our money should be spent on those who earned it, not the losers domestically or internationally.

  • Edward

    No one man (President) is able to dictate what we veterans receive for our sacrifices. It is the idiots that were elected to insure our representation who have had NO service time nor conditions that warrent care. Unless you speak of John McCain. He’s getting everything free and scoffs at his VA benefits. What a A___hole!! Time to fire ALL the legislation.

  • Glen Saunders

    Some of you retiree’s commenting up there are just joking right? Adding a bit of satire to a serious situation? You’re satisfied with all the increase in cost and loss of benefits? You voted for Obama didn’t you? Well if your comments are any indication of your intelligence you certainly deserve him and all the losses he can give you. Me, I’ll just remain an American and voice my displeasure with my losses and hope somebody better comes along I can vote for…..

  • Phyllis Rosenthal

    It is ok that we the taxpayers either Military or non miliary have to pay the prices from their meds when congress and senate do not have to pay anything because us the citizens pay through our taxes gets the best health care and meds for nothing, WHY? Why?

    My husband was a three war veteran and gave his life to save the citizens of the USA and my stepson who i live with was a 17 yr vet, and we have to pay the prices for the meds, what is wrong with this country of ours. I will never understand, never. why do we pay for members of congress and the senate and the President of the USA? we voted them in and can vote them out, then where will they be, yes of course I forget to mention they get pensions from our TAXES THAT WE PAY THEM?
    Just a Conscerned ordinary Citizen

    • tutu

      It is not true that congress gets their health care for nothing. They pay the same as all federal employees and have to decide each year what program they want to choose. They have an option of several plans and can only change during open season once a year. Just like every federal employee who elects to pay for the insurance.

    • smithcrjr

      Members of Congress pay for their health care through the same plan as do all federal employees, the Federal Employees Health Benefit Program. They also pay into Social Security just like the rest of us. They do not receive a lifetime pension after one term of service.

      • Semilogical

        Please excuse the manner in which I state this but: What have you been smoking? For one term the do not get a FULL lifetime pension, they do get a pension. The problem being is that none of them deserve anything unless they have been serving for 20 years or more, just like federal employees and including the military. The amount they get is outrageous.…

  • Chuck

    We all seem to feel the same, but do these comments go anyplace that counts? The voting booth counts!

    • Joy

      my husband is a disabled vet with 20 years of service. He was promised medical and drug cost paid for life. What makes congress have that they get full retirement for life, no matter how long they serve? They make big bucks and don’t even have to pay medicare. Some way we the people should beable to stop this. They make the rules and up our butts if we don’t like it.

  • InTheBlack

    Does anyone recall about five (5) years ago when the Republicans tried to eliminate VA benefits altogether? Anyone?

  • J Armstrong ARMY/Ret

    Congress and the Senate are wearing their blinders again. They do not care if my fellow vets can not afford to get their prescription from the local pharmacy. As long they can get their drugs at their fingertips. Let’s turn the other cheek and ignore what the veterans of the country did to allow Congress & Senate to shaft them.

    The cure to DOD and government cuts is and alway has been –PUT Congress & the Senate & Govt staff on TRICARE and same Pension plan as the military. Just think of the money this country could be saving. I wish some math wizard would figue this out.

    Deport all illegals (including their children)! I do not care if they just picked the apple I just ate. It is time our government looks up the definition of illegal! I am sure there are legal citizen that would not mind a job.

  • paxmaker

    Well, it’s time to look at the “formulary” concept. Some group of ‘pharmaceutical professionals’ (without any political or military pressure, of course,) decides what goes into the formulary. The doc who prescribes should be the judge here, if there is no clinically acceptable generic alternative for the patient in question (patients with the same condition respond differently to different drugs), then any FDA approved commercially acceptable drug should be on a “brand name” list. The military facilities can continue to use only those they choose, but outside of military facilities, it should be ANY brand name. Stop sticking it to the folks who were cajoled to join the armed forces with free meds or later on, low cost meds. Too many non military types serving in Congress is the problem here.

  • Gary

    We owe it all to the President and his ‘to hell with the vets’ gang!

  • Paul

    WOW! Those who have fought for this country have gotten screwed again, and guess what we have been getting screwed all along taking care of the illegals that get free medical care……hold your hats comrades, soon when they are given amnesty not only will we be paying for their medical benefits, but we will also be paying for those on welfare and the anchor babies. Guess what, I didn’t even vote for Obama.

  • Jake

    You can’t give millions of people free health care, somebody has to pay for it. Who is responsible? The Government! The brains in Washington. They have no money! Only what they take from productive people and give to well, you know . VA and Tricare will go away, you can count on that. You can also be sure the politicians health care will not follow suit, they are set for LIFE!

    • Bill

      No, I don’t know. Can you elaborate?

    • Night

      Well, you can rely on the pharmaceutical houses and hospitals and pay $500 for a hangnail. Then you can be truly self-reliant ha-ha-ha-ha!

    • Leslie

      But Jake we were promised care for life. It is only as good as the paper it is written on and that isn’t very much apparently.

    • Bill

      You got that right Jake. Can’t add all those people to the covered rolls and accept pre-existing medical conditions and then not expect added cost. That was the drivel Obama peddled and the people bought his “snake oil”. People need to become informed before they vote!!

  • jJohn R


    • Jon

      Stop shouting!


    I am sadden to see the posts of so many of my fellow veterans. The majority of these comments clearly indicate that many Veterans have no idea of how politics work. They only know what they hear through negative comments of what they see on the news and they clearly do not engage in politics beyond the “blame game.” The saddest part of all is that they do not even check the FACTS to see how those that “they” voted into Congress voted on “their” behalf regarding this Tricare cost hike. Check your own local, city, state, and (especially) congressional representatives to see how they voted on your behalf regarding the increase, stop going on what you “HEAR” AND KINOW FOR YOURSELF! Stop being blindly led. Instead of using your time to gripe, use some of that energy to READ and get on your Congressional representatives case and let’s get together and get some things changed. Stupid is, as stupid does. As veteran’s let’s fight for our rights together, instead of against one another and get those representatives out of office, REPUBLICAN and Democratic who are making decisions for those of us who have put our lives on the line for our country, who are having our rights disregarded, while they continue to use our tax payer dollars for their’s and their families healthcare costs with no increases or cuts to their benefits. Stop laying blame and get into the REAL fight, which is against Congress. WAKE UP!

    • Dick

      Your comments hit the spot.

      • mac

        I totally agree, check how votes are casted in your behalf

    • mkf

      Patricia, you are so right on what you posted! I for one am tired of Congress spending taxpayer’s monies for what they want while taking away services we earned 24/7/52. The gaggle that is in Congress needs to have their special perks rescinded and partake in the mess they created for the rest of us! Maybe then they would realize the devastation they are doing to the U.S. and its citizens! Semper Fi

    • DMullins

      Facts Facts Facts, Patricia, you nailed it as it should be done for all us Veterans. I am a disable veteran of the Korea and Vietnam wars and have fought the VA system for years. You can eventually get a little something for your fight if you are patient. Congress is the problem, they pass the laws and procedures for the Doctors to follow. Put their ass on social security and medicare, vote in term limits and only pay them for the days they work. It’s time for us to tighten the rules for them.

  • sharpgenie

    You just found this out? I am in my 70s and knew about this since the beginning of Tricare Prime. Compared to what civilians are paying for their health care plus also being required to get Part B. We are damned lucky.

    I do agree about Delta Dental not being much but something is better than nothing. I get all of my eye care done by the 2 and just have to pay for the refraction. No hearing aid help unless you qualify for VA.

  • viczee26

    So much misinformation on here about what congress gets, what their retirement pay is, medical costs, etc. And l Taylor 25 minutes ago… with his nebulous comment about the increase in costs versus the increase in our retired pay, social security, and so on. Plus, most of the gripers on here can’t write a complete sentence.

    • itsme

      Ok congress gets free medical care, tax free pay, and free haircuts along with free full gym/spa privileges, they also get a full pention that passes on to their families when they die after serving just one term in office, all tax free for them too. I have been studying american government in college for two years, so there is your non mis-information about our wonderful politicians. This is what they all get while they screw us all over, Try writing to them and asking them to screw themselves over by paying what the rest of america if forced to pay by a bunch of people who pay themselves first every year right before they cut the american budget.

      • Quartermaster

        Congress is taxed on its pay. I guess you haven’t seen any of the newspaper reports on what your Representative and Senators have paid. You DO read the newspaper regularly, right? Having a House barber shop and gym keeps Representatives and Senators in the building more than if they had to leave. Heck, Google offers the same bennies, and more. I don’t think that’s such a horrible expense, considering what the citizens accrue in return. Perhaps your college government teacher needs to get a bit more education — same as you. (Source: “do senators pay taxes?”)

        • GetReal1

          Yes the law states that everyone making above $22,000.00 is required to pay taxes. But if you are going to tell the truth tell the whole truth. Although technically taxed on income, congressionaly passed tax credits ensure that they pay little or no taxes when all is said and done. In addition salary is less than 30 percent of what our leaders recieve. Almost everything a representitive does is considered work related, hence expenseable, including changes to their residences such as security, office furniture and so forth. It costs the american taxpayer an average of $8,162,563.35 per senator per year. I think that’s a ridiculous amount of money for someone who can’t even pass a budget that they spend so much of.

        • guest

          If you are getting your info from anything WIKI, you know it all. That is the most mis-informed website to go to for information because anyone can go in there and edit anything. Most colleges have blacklisted any information being cited from these sites for this reason. Guess you just got a lesson huh?

          Also, the President gets about 140,000 dollars a year and that is before he gets his spending allowance.

      • Guest

        Obviously you need some additional studying in your American (that is capitalized, by the way) poli-sci classes.

        • GetReal1

          Obviously you do too. (See Above)

      • Itsme,

        Total lies, and you need to get back every penny you’ve spent on studying american government college for two years.

        Health Benefits for Members of Congress

        Ada S. Cornell
        Information Research Specialist
        May 3, 2012

        Retirement Benefits for Members of Congress

        Katelin P. Isaacs
        Analyst in Income Security
        November 30, 2012…

        PS: Congress hasn’t had a raise since 2009.

    • JustAThought

      I think the whole point here is that congress takes advantage of everyone while taking care of themsleves first. I heard about a year ago on a radio show about how congress doesn’t feel that retirees should get a retirement check at 20 years, yet congress will get a lifetime pension after just one term in office. The only way to stop them is to write to these people running this country and fight as hard as you can. Hopefully, if enough people do this, it will be enough to make the stop.

      • JustAThought,

        “yet congress will get a lifetime pension after just one term in office.”

        Sorry, but this is lie that has been busted years ago. Stop reading and pasting info from those stupid emails that say read and pass onto everyone you know.

        Health Benefits for Members of Congress

        Ada S. Cornell
        Information Research Specialist
        May 3, 2012… Benefits for Members of Congress.5.3.2012.pdf

        Retirement Benefits for Members of Congress

        Katelin P. Isaacs
        Analyst in Income Security
        November 30, 2012…

    • Earl E Bond

      viczee26 – Good O, There are so many mistakes that one wonders what
      has been taught in the schools since around 1960 or so. They can’t write
      correctly or spell (even w/spellcheck to help them). Guess we older ones
      can be proud (If our forgetter isn’t working overtime, like mine, Ha Ha!).
      Bye now…

      • Earl E Bond

        Earl Continued. The folks that put this program together need to fix
        the output when submitted. I thought that I had made a solid paragraph but when printed (see above) it is all spaced out in a funny
        way, not as it appeared in print before I hit the submit key…

    • viczee26,

      You 100% correct. It’s a wonder anyone will listen at all to us.

  • CPO/Ret

    We ALL have stories of people who are milking the system… VA, SSI, WIC, Medicaid/Medicare, etc… but let’s not paint EVERYONE with the fraud brush. PTSD is VERY REAL and disabling… I know amost committed suicide as a result of sexual trauma and combat related PTSD…

    • itsme

      Nobody is labeling everyone as frauds, they are just saying their are a lot of people ripping off the many systems that are available and those of us who are legitmate in our ailments are having to wait years just to get a decision from the VA and all the while, we are suffering.

    • hvillarta

      Sorry to hear of your story. The military is not for everyone. The tramactic effects it has own men/women is no joking matter. Most people don’t understand all the training, exposure to foreign objects, the anthrax shots etc. they are exposed to. I do pray your PTSD gets better and you can live a normal life. Well, if you call the Obamacare a normal life that is.

  • Richard

    I find it funny the folks blaming Obama for the raise in cost, it was Senator John McCain who stood before the Senate and told them that our “veterans understand that our country is in financial trouble and will sacrifice to help” he went on to say “nobody joined the military for free health care”. Please put the blame were it goes, he probably was a student of MacArthur who burned out the Great War vets in Washington in the 1910’s

    • KJC

      I agree! John McCain sold out all the vets. I’m also not thrilled with our senator in OK , Sen. Colburn, either. He also wants to do away with commisaries and if he had his way we would not be able to fill non-formulary meds in a local pharmacy for any price using our insurance.I’m so tired of politicians pushing things on other people that do not affect them. They should have to live my the same rules as the people…the same retirement system, the same healthcare, etc.

      • KJC

        Sen. Coburn…sorry for the typo.

    • LARRY

      You are correct about McCain’s statements. I emailed him 3 mos. ago re his comments. Have not received an answer. Haven’t had my phone call returned either. You would think a hero and former POW wouldn’t say “nobody joined the military for free healt care.” Maybe not but many stayed in for a career since we were promised lifetime healthcare. McCain is a multi-millionaire, receiving almost $200K a year salary, with free healthcare along with many other benefits. He gets his100% Senator salary for life and doesn’t have to rely on military retirement benefits. He could care less about our losses in healthcare benefits and increases in our prescriptions. Wow did he have me fooled. He is as useless as the other 534 wastrels in Congress.

  • smokemt

    Thanks to the GOP that wants to stick it to everyone. Their meds are free. None of them G.A.S. about the people.

  • ozzie

    thank you for your service-sucker,we don’t need you ole guys anymore.I belong to 5 different military organizations who pay the same lobbyists and what are they doing???

    • DK retired

      What planet are you from? Retired, old and glad I still served!!!

  • Tom

    Folks you need to wake up! this isn’t Obama. Drawdown started in Reagan admin and has ups and downs thru EACH administration. You need to vote for candidates that don’t just talk the talk…. my Rep is tea party republican and could care less about veterans. he talks the talk but when push came to shove he caved on our local VA hospital. wake up.

  • Sam

    The free medical dental for life I was promised turned into Tricare by the time I retired, and like any civilian run company they keep ratcheting up the co-pays until they are as expensive as the rest of their programs for non military retirees. And it looks like if this trend keeps on, your retirement check will be taken up by your healthcare costs leaving nothing for food or rent. a bleak future to look forward to.

  • Barry

    And they say “thank you” for your service.

  • Jack Lawrence

    This reflects more on you than those you call idiots

  • Red Fox

    Mail order drugs are for the birds.. I had this at one time with AARP,, it was a nightmare.. The contract company that handles this type system could care less… Stay away from it if you can…

  • George

    Thanks Valerie, unfortuntely your not very versed on this issue. DOD has been trying to do this Long before Obama and his alleged band of idiots came to light. DOD, Not Obama wants to raise all fees associated with Tricare and Tricare for Life. Dont believe me?? Look it up. Blame the right people and leave us so called Idiots alone. Remember, its better to keep your mouth closed and be thought a fool then to open it and remove any doubt.

    • MGJR133

      That is awesome!!

  • steven kline

    I have been retired for 11 years. It seems every year there is a new cost. I wish they would just take our retitements and health care and just tell us they really don’t care. I wonder how much they are getting from the unions.

  • John

    Funny how the comments seem reasonable…all someone’s opinion…many differences…..UNTIL, someone blames Hussein!! WOW then the whacko, leftist come out of the woodwork to defend that Marxist…….Only things that will go away over time under this and all dimocrat administrations is our country as we knew it. Forget about all our benefits… country… benefits for anyone.


    If McCain had won back in 2008 would all this still be Obamas fault??

  • Thomas Joseph

    That is what happen when you elect Obama. Enjoy all the benefit he is going to come up with for a price.

    • buldawg

      Thomas, what has Obama to do with this??? Our retiree benefits have been being attacked and decreased since the late 70s or early 80s at least….long before Obama was even known.

  • Floyd Gall

    While we put our life on the line every day we were on active duty, and all we were promised if we stayed in and retired now those in those pleasure palace in D.C. want to take it away. But yet if they even serve one term all there medical is free including the whole family. Must be nice to sit behind a big desk safe and sound an get there full pay and all.

  • James from KAFBTX

    The problem is congressional leaders are more concerned with being reelected than doing what is right. Politicians should be on a short leash, long enough to make a difference but long enough to have a lifetime career in Washington D.C. or in our home state.

  • Vic Miranda

    When I enlisted in 1940, the government gave us permanet health care. This is shameful to the military. I received $127.00 a month for 21 years service in the Navy. Rtired in 1961. This is the gratitude the government gave us for serving our country/ The idiots that voted for Abama is making us suffer the consequences. There is a petition our to repeal OBAMACARE and our godd friend LtCol Oliver North is pursing it. Gve Ollie your support.

    • Vic Miranda

      Forgive the typos

  • Helen Villarta

    My husband has been retired for 8 years and every year they could up with something new. If you don’t think veterans deserve some type of compensation for time in service you are all dumb. My husband spent 28 yrs. of his life in the Air Force, in 4 wars, and away from his family more than he was home. I did not complain, he was active duty and it was his job. But anyone of you thinks veterans that put their life on the line to protect you and this great country we live in doen’t deserve this benefits you need a reality check.

  • Charlie

    Remember, this is not just Obama and the Dems, the new co-pays were approved by the Republican House!

  • Jill

    I don;t know what the President is thinking. I was born in England and had to pay a National Health stamp, The amount of money you earn the more you paid, and that is exactly what is going to happen here. The more you earn the more you pay for the freeloader.
    My husband fought in 3 wars and was promised few medical care and precriptions for the rest of his life. Shame on you Obama Remember our Vets
    Also I had to go through the process of background checks on me and my whole family, including Aunts , Uncles, cousins before I was accepted into this country from England. Everyone should be checked like the immigrants had to when they went throught Ellis Island. Send all the free loader back to where they came from, and let them apply for immigrantion. This country is going down the drain fast.

    • Seeker


    • SoseeSueSi

      You are absolutely correct, in fact all commentators are. We know the problem but have no national leader to help us unite and overcome the dictators. We have a Congress that is impotent and legislators who do not know what “We the People” means. Their own objective is to become a millionaire or mufti-millionaire as their fellow legislators before them and with them presently. We are not going to correct wrongs unless we find a way to unite across this nation. That is unlikely unless a leader takes a stand and casts his shadow across America. When and if that ever happens we need to stop crying and take action to support him or her. Meanwhile continue to get things off your chest if it helps. Take time to write Letters to the Editor as well as letting your Representatives know how you feel – boldly, gently, intelligently. God bless America!

    • Straus Davis


      The President does not have anything to do with what you pay for prescription drugs, or your health care cost. These items are taken up in the House and Senate Armed Services Committees. Anything that deal with Tricare, is not in the hands of the Executive Branch of government, but the Legislative Branch. I think you need to know this, than trying to blame The President for things out of his control.

      • Semilogical

        Phyllis, I wanted to give you a little history about what is happening in our country, but I see that you are not one to see the hand writing on the wall.

        Prove that the resident isn’t pushing for legislation that is destroying the U.S. from the inside out.

        • Semilogical

          Please excuse the missed reply to your comment.

          I should have said “Jill”

  • Frank

    Care Bare needs to get a life. I know several military men who have PTSD and I have yet to run into one who doesn’t. I’m not saying there might be a few who try to beat the system. Any system has some of that. But the way you say it sounds to me like you are nothing but sour grapes. I have met people like you and you are a disgrace to the men and women of the military. Some people are just plain cry babies…..Maybe you didn’t get what you wanted from the VA? Now you try to discredit the whole system. Get a life!!!!

  • bob Runion

    Our Government has lied to us so much over the years, why does this latest stab in the back surprise anyone? Just look over the years that I find it incomprehensible that anyone in Congress would worry about whether we lie to them – its part of the smarmy way they treat everyone. I still maintain that the next war that all those elected SOB’s be sent directly to the front line so they can experience the wonders we had in Korea and in Vietnam (veteran of both)

  • Charles Pollock

    If you do not use Express Script, then you are not informed. If you only served two or three years in the Miliitary then don’t expect that you are going to receive the same benefits that a twenty or thirty year vet receives.

  • john

    Yes once again blame Obama for everything, And for all the cut backs look again to Congress they set forth and approve these cuts no President has the authority to make laws, or budgets, he can only approve or disapprove, and with all the fighting for every little step with Republicans it’s a wonder anything gets done.

    • MGJR133

      Amen brother. Teach the truth!!

    • Steve

      John, what hole do you have your head in???

  • Charlie

    I have E-Mailed every congressman and senators and payed 100.00$ to get what we thought was ours meds for life if we stayed 20 years. turned out is was a scam as our Govement had not approved this policy. Finally we got tricare and now they want us to pay more.Do I trust our Govt.OO

  • Uta Sauermann

    It seems to be the easiest, cut the benefits of those that cannot fight back! Get it from the poor, get it from the veterans, but never! Cut any of the benefits of our politicians !! How about cutting some of their pensions, their healthcare, and most of all put time limits in place so they don’t sit in their positions until 80, while all of US struggle to keep employment After 65.

  • goin

    every GI should just quit the military and let the damn commies and politicians take over the military and set bacvk and see what happens…

  • bksanders

    We are now paying more co-pays than some of my friends who have regular med ins. and nearly every month now tri- care for life ( express script) changes the
    generic supplier of my meds so I am taking a different generic brand each medicine about every 2-3 months. This can’t be good . I guess they buy from the lowest bidder but they charge the same price to us. I think it is so wrong to go up on the over 65 folks who are already on such fixed incomes with no raises and much higher prices on everything.

    • Mary Tiller

      I use to have the mail order from Tri-care Express Scripts, never knew when they would arrive, and some medicines don’t take to the cold weather here in Wisconsin when they set in the mail box for a couple of hours. I wish they would use there heads there in Washington D.C. where they have access to Military facilities to pick-up there meds.

    • pdawes

      I agree 100% my medicines are going higher each time. I am a 76 yr. old widow and only SS income and a part time job with 36 hr. a month. Several years I didn’t have to work, Guess I know what I will be doing the rest of my life.

  • Sarah

    Yes, this isn’t a law. I went on Social Security in 2006 and Medicare requires those who are on Tricare to take Part B as well as got to Tricare For Life. Tricare for Life has no yearly co-pays as does Tricare Prime and there is no change in medical care other than being able to go to a doctor without having a referrel first. I satisfied.

  • sidney boone

    Obama’s lied again. My pharmacy cost just went up 35%, thanks to Obama’s health care act. You say you are for the middle class, but your stupid policies are insuring there are none left. With you in office there are only two classes left, the rich and poor.

    • buldawg

      You are mixing apples and oranges. This article has nothing to do with Obamacare.
      The DOD sets the Tricare rates and have been trying to raise these co-pays for years.

    • Straus Davis

      Sidney Boone, if your pharmacy cost went up, it wasn’t anything to do with The Affordable Health Care Act…(Obamacare). Obamacare, as it is known, does not go into effect until 2014. In fact, health care cost are down….averaging 2-4% vs 10-20% before Obamacare was passed. I think you should look into who is passing these cost on to you. It is not the President’s fault. I suggest you look to your congressmen/women, you will find that they share a hand in raising co-payment and other costs associated with Tricare…..Not the President.

  • Lee

    Problem I’m finding is that fewer docs and hospitals are taking Medicare with Tricare for Life as the payments are so low. I had two MRIs in one sitting and the hospital billed – just for the procedure – over $1500. Medicare/Tricare paid a total of less than $200 by the time the negotiated payments and Medicare cutbacks were factored in. Already had one doc tell me flat out that he’s not taking Medicare any more, if I want to come back he bills me directly. Not that unusual any more, getting too costly to keep the elderly alive.

  • John O

    Where were all you people at election time ?????????

  • tink in va

    sad thing is we just looked into a privet insurance would be better, for everything besides my son’s speech and other things, but we look at it as we pay for the reserve then the stuff keeps going up and with Tri care i was able between the monthly payment and medical bills they said no to. since June i just maxed out a $10,000 card. really if we did not have tri care, i would acutaly qulify for medicad. but we wont go that way. i will pay

  • smithcrjr

    I continue to be astounded at the lack of knowledge of many of these comments. First – Members of Congress use and pay for the same medical program as do all Federal employees. They do not get free medical care, to include drugs. Second – Members of Congress have paid into Social Security since 1986. Third – Members of Congress do not receive a lifetime pension after one term. Fourth – If you think the increase in co-pays for medicine is high, thank the Members of the House Armed Services Committee who squelched a much higher set of co-pays. Fifth – Future co-pay increases will be tied to the Cost of Living increase in military retired pay (again, thank the Members of the House Armed Services Committee for preventing much higher increases in co-pays).

  • Majikman

    LOL, As a retired vet I was promised free medical for life. This was in my contract. Under obama and the current senate and house nothing is off the table so that the non citizens, illegal aliens (democrate voters) can get what we the actual patriots put our life on the line for. I never thought I would say screw you Washington. Our future is in own hands. Count on nothing from our government. Broken promises is the norm………….

    • joy

      No government made the promise…………………in writing.. no congress ever ratified it. Doesn’t matter which house under which senate under which Republicrats (I don’t trust either side, because they never truly watch out for any of us). Verbal promise didn’t mean a thing.

    • k smith

      That is so true an unfair. The president and politicians get outrageous retirements when our military can’t even afford day to day expenses

      • k smith,

        Not really. What they get is the same as all Federal Employees get.

    • jcj2923

      Wake up numb nugget!! The president under which we lost our “free medical for life” was Bill Clinton, not Obama. But, if you are enrolled in one of the TRICARE programs, your cost is till only aboout 10% of what civilian non-veterans pay for healthcare insurance.

      No it isn’t what we signed up for but it is still not the worst that could happen. Just wait until they figure out what the situation is going to be under ObamaCare.

      • Brenda

        and then see how much you will be paying for Tricare! Once they start going up, it will never stop until it more costly than Obamacare ever thought about being.

    • MGJR133

      I am a democrate and a voter and a actual patriot. We do serve too and are just as patriotic as anyone else, even you. I do agree with most of what you wrote, though.

    • Derek

      Majikman, Can you photocopy your contract? Please black out any personally identifying information such as SSN, etc. I would love to have a copy to show that the government did contractually obligate itself to free medical care for life.

    • Peggy

      I was going through my deceased husbands papers for information and I noticed on his last reenlistment (making 27 years) that it said on there any verbal promise for lifetime medical care was not valid. He had to sign that he knew he was not entitled to free medical care for life… This was in 1985. Did anyone else do this?

      • Peggy,

        Nope, never had to do that, but thanks for the infor.

    • carl

      thay just done care and the bad part some retired vet to and they do’t care ther.

  • Mary

    If the Republicans had been successful and we had Romney for president, do think it would be better? The Republicans would cut so-called entitlements more and we would all really be in trouble. Why is everything always blamed on Obama?

    • ALICE

      We [ut the blame where it belong’s, Do you care what is (and has) been happening to the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA? What a shame we are fast becomming a third world nation. If there is anyone out there that cannot see what is going on; then, they must be sightless…….

    • VTEJF

      Why is everything always blamed on Bush? I think Obama has been in office long enough to figure out that any sign of good we should be seeing from his administration should be evident by now. Sorry, but paying bills off those who can least afford it (please read the military and the veterans) makes him not very popular in my book. I was at least willing to give the man a chance but he has done nothing but stick his hand deeper and frequently into my pocketbook. The sad part is this is just the beginning……..

    • Rich

      Yes, 50% of the country thought so. Apparently you don’t know the difference between the unearned welfare benefits they would have reined in and the earned benefits that include Tricare. The country made the wrong choice.

      • JLeathers

        I agree Rich. Something that most people don’t take into account was Obama only got 52% of the votes that were cast not 52% of the nation. The votes of Miltary overseas were not counted because Obama thought the vote was going to be closer. Only 10% of Christian Evangelicals voted. Hey mullins how is this for facts? Very soon 18 year old females will have to register for the draft.

    • Dmullins

      Mary, we have a bunch of Right Wing nuts on here who cares less about facts, and go to their Foxie Channel for news. They think that Glen Beck and numb nuts Limbaugh is the second coming of Christ.

      • Milt

        Mullins you must be one of those numb nuts that believed hitler was going to cure ailments of the world with his socialist agenda and you see what the german people ended up with. All you Obama suckers all have your heads up your ass.

      • Rockman

        No we don’t, but they are apparently smarter than you are!!!!

    • Stephen RETTIG

      Because Obama is a SOCIALIST! You voted for socialism as you never looked beyond the end of your nose. Soon there will be no America due to all the left wingers in Washington DC.

      • William

        Let’s look at what you just posted. If president Obama is a socialist, then he should be giving you more benefits and not taking them away. Who is eroding your benefits? Please find out before you make accusations.

        • Bill

          He IS giving more benefits through Obama Care. Don’t you see what the so called “fine” for not having insurance is? This fine for the first few years is VERY LOW and will cause young people to choose to pay the fine rather than pay the premium – you do know that an annual family premium will be approx. $20K, right?. This will in turn cause insurance companies to go under. Soon no insurance companies left and then BAM we get the only insurance there is – TOTAL GOV HEALTH CARE. You don’t get it though. This is NOT just happening with health care either. PLEASE, I beg you, look at what is happening. What needed to happen with health care was for the GOV to get COMPLETELY out of it and allow across state-line competition. That wold have fixed it. Competition brings the best product at the least cost – ALWAYS without fail.

    • Bob

      Because he’s our demander in chief

    • Chris

      Because he is worthy of being blamed.

    • James Romines

      Mary, if Romney had won, we would be cutting benefits to illegal aliens. They broke our laws to get here in the first place. Now the bleeding-hearts insist that these criminals be treated like citizens. If you want them to have money, free schooling, free health care, etc., start writing checks on YOUR personal accounts. Some of us actually earned more benefits than we’ll ever be able to collect. What were you doing for your fellow citizens when we were on foreign soil paying with days and nights in harm’s way on Christmas, Independence Day, our anniversaries, etc. Until you’ve paid your dues, Don’t be so quick to give our earned benefits away to criminals!

      • Guest

        You know Obama won because he shopped for the Immagrant and Gay voteand the Blacks voted for him because he is Black, I did not like both candidates. Some time find and read the article (The Flag is gone ) its about the Oval Office and old glory on the wall.

    • Charlie C USN ret.

      Good point I don’t like Obumer or his administration but this was in planning I believe in either 2005 or 2007 and Bush was in the white house still so the Pentagon and the polititations are all to blame

    • Richard

      Party does not matter today. Those people in Washington only care about their selfs, not retirees.

    • Richard

      In your Dreams

    • JP42

      Just watch Mary and you will see why. Open your eyes and your ears and look around. Are we really better off now then we were 4 years ago? Within the next four years under our muslim president we will have little or no military to defend this nation, our nation will be in so much debt we will no longer be the respected and powerful nation we have always been, and there wil be NO Constitution to guarantee any of us any rights. Just mark my words and when it all happens I hope you will remember I told you so.

    • David

      Because of his Socialistic policies that are undermining the Constitution and the way the process should be, not by executive fiat !! Controlled spending is essential for the survival and not the collapse of our ecconomy.

    • Rudy

      The military were promised retiement benefits NOT ENTITLEMENTS. It was supposed to be free and each year the Democrats look to charge us more and more for what was supposed to be and contracted to be FREE. They give themselves freebees and continually try to give more real entitlements to those who did not earn any on the shoulders of the military retirees who earned every penny of their retirement. Romney would not have punished the military the way the Dems dol,

    • rcrohr (USN Ret)

      Simply put the Commander in Chief is Obumma and he has been there unfortunately for four years and counting. As President the man is supposed to lead…..that’s his freaking job and he’s the man that the idiots and moochers of America put into office! Who would you blame????

      • rcrohr (USN Ret),

        Although I didn’t vote for President Elect Obama the 1st and/or the 2nd time, I do realized he was elected by the people in a fair election. In my case, posting all the negative stuff about our President is really not needed.

        Just saying!

  • gary


  • MrsGunny

    Remember what happened to Giuliani when he went to Court and they broke it up his butt with Child Support? He asked “Who put this law into place?” Giuliani did…it can come back and bite Obama back. What happened to “For the people, by the People”? Non existent with Obama as President, never mind his mother-in-law is also living there FOR FREE!!!! Where does it say that the Mother-in-Law moves in to the White House, travels and gets the same privileges as the President and his family? There is part of where our money is going!

  • joy

    Hitler murdered a whole race of people, please get your fax straight before you spout off, its rather embarassing to read.

  • mkowker

    I would like to see a comparison chart for the civilian government employees health care insurance costs and benefits and the Tricare costs and benefits. I do not know exactly what the pension plan for Congress is like but I would like to know. Does anyone know where to find it. I do know in some states teachers do not pay into social security. I know the military does. It should be required for all working Americans.

  • mike

    who voted for this Obama you have to wake UP get out there and ask for the truth

    • MGJR133

      Start by asking all those republicans in congress. They love to say they support us, but the real truth is they could care less.

  • Gfs

    Why is it, when we get a cost of living increase we then recieve an increase in paying for insurance, medication, rent, food, gas, or some other item. I am sorry but that $10.00incrase just does not cover everyone’s increase. I am 73 years old. Am I expected to hold down a job. I understand tri care lost their contract. Is this their squeezing out their last drop.

    • Walter Johnston

      It is more about ‘Obamacare’ rates that have gone into effect for everyone, even regular civilians. Thanks, Congress!

    • craig

      i agree my brother, can’t balance the book on the backs of veteran’s!__

  • rockygb

    You can thank our reps. in congress for passing a Bill nobody read! Vote them out when up for election if your Rep. or Sen. voted for this bill,I call the unaffordable health care bill.

  • MGJR133

    The fact is that congress passed this!! Both party’s are responsilbe for this. Obama did not vote, nor did he have a vote in the co-pay being raised.
    It’s never going to change. We give everything for this country and get pissed on in the end. SICK OF IT!!
    What gets me the most is that these people in congress have green lighted these wars and bail outs that put us in this position. Thanks congress!!

  • jsub1960

    Didn’t we just get hit with an increase??
    What an I missing here….

    • Beth

      yes medicare went up I am 78 widow on fixed income .I got 90 cents . how much did you get ? Blessing

  • jim phillips

    Hello America…..Cut to the chase…no whining and no mixed messages.. As a young man in 1959, I proudly joined the AF, loved it and knew I was in for a Career, just like working for GE…We young men were always pursued by Senior Officers and NCOs to… [reenlist] and choose Career Status. (Lifer)… The repeated mantra was…again and again, . “You become a career man and your Air Force benefits are” ; Work for very small wages, in return for LIFE- MEDICAL BENEFITS, Life-Dental Care, Education, Space-A free transportation, Discount prices at Base BX stores and food Commissaries, all for “Life of service to your country.” So, we gave our one shot at youth, went to wars, God awful assignments with families left behind to survive in a single parent, Environment, a tremendous stress on moms and small children, during multiple Deployments…and constant risk of death and massive body damage. Many died in service while many became badly wounded and dismembered. NOW, after we Airmen, Honored our contracts, MR. President and especially Sen. Mc Cain, you are rapidly and constantly stripping the military, the very lowest of your American citizens in service to America…YOU MR. President and Sen Mc Cain are SHAMELESS as you TAKE every photo opportunity to exploit our wonderful young and honorable soldiers, which you are destroying at every chance for selfish, ego driven VOTES……..”Contempt” is never strong enough to color your absent souls…..May you {ROT] in hell while, YOUR FAMILY luxurates in fine life styles, foods, housing, fine cars, MEDICAL, Dental Care, FREE FAMILY EDUCATION, etc Plus, Plus Plus… Please will someone with [official clout,] please help this wonderful Voluntary Military, for assuring Americas security, and Honor…JIM PHILLIPS, MSGT., USAF RETIRED>

    • jsub1960

      After 22 years of service, I never thought I’d spend my retirement fighting the very govt I took an oath to defend.
      What a sad testament to our current and past servicemen and women.

      • Louie

        And add to it the BULL _____ of the injustices of the poorly written USFSPA; and you have the betrayal of a our Nations military. Go to for the proof. Put in your 4 yrs. and get a different job.

    • jsub1960

      After 22 years of service, I never thought I’d spend my retirement fighting the very govt I took an oath to defend.

    • willie


    • Bob Ozment

      You are on the money here – no pun intended. The Washington crowd is shameless when it comes to benefits for we career military folks. Need a million or two for some pork-barrel project and voila – get it from the DoD budget.

  • Maureen and Gary

    Obama has nothing to do with this. Why do you always blame him for everything. He has been fighting for healthcare for lower income and seniors. He is working to get rid of that “donut hole” in the current Medicare and many other programs to help people . The Republicans would destroy all the progress that has been made over the last few years. Wake up and smell the coffee. These increases are tough but without our Tricare we would all be paying huge amounts for comparable insurance in the private sector.

    • AL King

      you are so full of Democrat you can’s see the facts.

      • Joe

        Al, facts do nothing more than scare the crap out of those morons. Facts mean they have to take responsibility for their immaturity and stupidity, and that they are criminally accountable to ACTUAL Americans for the crimes they and their so-called “party” have commited against America – The most serious crime is called treason, pure and simple.

      • USN Ret

        Al, I believe you’ve coined a new phrase…. IIIII like it!

    • R.D.Webb

      You ARE FULL OF SHIT ! ! !
      Oblama has BLAMED Everyone and Body for His MALFEASANCE (CORRUPTIONS) . He has THREATENED to STOP ALL PAY for OUR TROOPS and The SSA/I Payments for the Elderly and Disabled !
      This is HIS – OBLAMA’S Economy, Deficits and (Corrupt) Administration.
      If and When The “Lame – Steam” News Media Outlets Wake-Up and Do Their Jobs This ASSHOLE WILL BE IMPEACHED and OUT OF OFFICE ! ! !
      I PRAY that WE Americans Will Still Have A Country by Then !

      • Capt b DOVER

        you say obama is working, you need to wake up and smell the coffee. he does nothing but run his mouth to take away our few rights and liberties.
        after 40 years in special ops, he is the worst president we have ever had.
        i have no respect for him or his BAw she should look in the morrow.
        wide body 747 no doubt.
        just glad i have relocated to brussels. you elected him now live with your debt and his skeet shooting. please get a life.

        • Capt b DOVER,

          How do you spend 40 years in the service, in Special Ops and only a Capt. I don’t know it all, but isn’t that impossible?????”

          • Guest

            Have you ever heard of prior enlisted.

          • Guest,

            Yes, have you ever heard of “The Stolen Valor Act”?????

          • Idmtmedic

            Stolen Valor Act? That a law Charles? Your backing the court ruling on their decision Congress never authorized FREE Medical Care for Veterans and now backing the Stolen Valor Act? Which one is a law?

          • idmedic,

            Yes and yes.

          • Idmtmedic

            Sorry unconstitutional Charles! Supreme court struck that down. Surely I don’t have to tell you how the court works do I? Your backing something that isn’t legal. Now just where do you stand on increased fees that are apparently legal? Ohhh yes I forgot. It’s ok. Now you can lie about medals and war service without fear Charles.

          • idmedic, Part 1

            The new version of the Stolen Valor Act was approved in the House and the Senate and placed in the 2013 Defense Authorization Bill as an amendment. Again, you don’t have the ability to argue anything Military. Guess that is why I retired an E-8 and you an E-6. LMAO Big Time.

            House approves new Stolen Valor bill

            By Rick Maze – Staff writer
            Posted : Thursday Sep 13, 2012 15:22:45 EDT

            The House moved Thursday to criminalize profiting by falsely claiming to have received a military medal for serving in combat.

            The Stolen Valor Act of 2012 passed by a vote of 410-3, and now goes to the Senate.

            Coming after the Supreme Court struck down a more sweeping law in a ruling that said lying is constitutionally protected by the First Amendment, the revised measure gets around the issue of free speech by targeting fraudulent representation of military service for profit.


          • idmedic, Part 2

            Senate passes revised Stolen Valor Act

            By Rick Maze – Staff writer
            Posted : Monday Dec 3, 2012 19:31:31 EST

            The Senate moved Monday to make sure nobody profits from lying about being a military hero.

            The Stolen Valor Act of 2012, sponsored by decorated Vietnam War veteran Sen. Jim Webb, D-Va., passed the Senate as an amendment to the 2013 defense authorization bill.


          • Idmtmedic

            So that was nice, is it a law now?

          • Idmtmedic

            Your now arguing the same BS. If it isn’t legal then what’s your point DA? Moral?

          • idmedic,

            That answer can be found under “lost and found” knowledge.

          • Idmtmedic

            As in BS. THANKS for no support for veterans. Now your supporting “Stolen Valor Act” but not free medical care because the SUPREME COURT said so. Smells like crap to me.. Guess your argument reeks of hypocrisy.

        • CW5B

          Hope you stay in Brussels. they should not let you back in the U.S

      • Ben Dover

        Actually this is the result of our lame brain tea party congress!

        • Fred

          I agree

      • John

        Man u have a very serious problem…see a shrink, for your own sake!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Wayne

      You really don’t address what other income and benefits you have coming in. Is it plossible that you have enough that these reductions just don’t bother you. Maybe possibly, you are one of the wealthy that doesn’t need these benefits at all. If so, give them up like your friends in Washington should do!

    • Cathey

      No wonder you can’t find your information – you are so far to the left it sickens me. A proud Republican

    • James Tyson

      I agree totally, but I wonder our congress and leaders are affected by this as well? NOT!!!!!!!! And I see why so many of our politicians try so hard to get into government. All they have to do is 1 term and have free medical for the rest of their lives! They should fall under the same terms as the military. We have to retire to get our benefits, politicians don’t. 1 four year term. Talk about being fair huh?

      • James Tyson,

        “All they have to do is 1 term and have free medical for the rest of their lives!

        That is a lie.

        Health Benefits for Members of Congress

        Ada S. Cornell
        Information Research Specialist
        May 3, 2012

      • John

        You are totally wrong about their healthcare for life belief!!!Too much Fox!!!! Congressmen, senators, and combined staffs PAY a portion of their health care. When they retire they have to go to a civvie health care, unless they double dip, then they can get Federal Civilian Health Care, which they pay the full insurance premiums. Some of the Feds premiums are higher than civvie premiums! Most “double dipping” is done by retiring military going into Federal civvie workforce! Know your facts before stating out right falsehoods!!

        • Joe

          Prove it.

        • John,

          Yep, people continue to post these lies in an effort get support for their cause, then when those Congressmen reads this in those letters, they just laugh at us Vets for not being to bright.

          • Idmtmedic

            Well said Charles. How many letters have you written? Lmao. Even if it’s in support of CON-gressional or Supreme Court decisions? NONE. Thanks for being an active CITIZEN.

    • Maureen and Gary,

      I gave you a thumbs down on this post because you did exactly what you claimed someone else was doing, blaming Obama, instead, you blamed the Republicans.

    • dobie

      It is on his watch!!!!!!!! He needs to man up…..They are raising rates and forcing some retirees off of Tricare Prime and making them use Standard, raising RX rates (all of which benefits we as retirees EARNED) all the while giving out free cell phones to some welfare recipients as well as fixing some welfare recipients automobiles at taxpayer expense(this is done through DHS). He is the CINC. It is his watch and he is ulimately responsible. These are not issues that congress needs to fix. concurrent receipt is another issue that needs to be fixed but that is an issue for congress.

      • CW5B

        Who will be blamed after Obama? The Republicans I hope.

        • Ben Dover

          That’ll still be awhile off.

    • Billy

      You two must be total idiots because Obummer is the cause of these increases!!! He is the one that wanted the wounded warroirs to get their own medical care after comming back from overseas!!! You two have drank the cool aide so even though you are receiving TRICARE did you really serve in the military? must have been a one termer?

      • Barry

        One termers dont get Tricare. Tricare is for the retired military folks and those that have been discharged for medical reasons. If you dont do your 20 years you do not get any benefits from the Military unless as stated above you are discharged with disabilities caused by your service.

      • Straus Davis


        The President is part of the Executive Branch of Government…not the Legistative Branch. If you want to blame someone for these increases, blame The Department of Defense, and the House and Senate House Armed Services Committees. This is where the decisions are made relative to what veterans pay for their health care. Please look into this, and you will see that The President has nothing to do with these health care benefits. All this was set up well before President Obama, became President. Someone got to pay for these wars, and other items incurred under President Bush. When you put things on a credit card…..One day, the bills come due. These expenses were made, and now we got to pay for them…..

        • Jim

          $6 TRILLION in deficits under Obama in FOUR years and you blame George W. Bush? That dog just won’t hunt.

    • MTW

      The Republicans are why you have what you have….

      • Straus Davis

        MTW…. I suppose you are right…..Nothing!

    • Alan

      The below is out of the Presidents budget. Here is the link to the white house site for the defense budget. When you say Obama has nothing to do with this you are incorrect. Read it yourself.

      “The Budget introduces new TRICARE copays and fees to help constrain the cost of healthcare while continuing to provide high quality care. The Budget includes additional increases to TRICARE Prime enrollment fees, initiation of Standard/Extra annual enrollment fees, and adjustments to deductibles and catastrophic caps. The Budget also modifies pharmacy copays to encourage the use of less expensive mail-order and military
      treatment facility pharmacies. Finally, the Budget includes modest annual fees for TRICARE beneficiaries over age 65 when they transition
      to Medicare coverage. These reforms will reduce DOD costs over five years by an estimated $12.9 billion in discretionary funding and $4.7 billion
      in mandatory savings in the Medicare-Eligible Retiree Health Care Fund.”

      • davidfra

        Modest annual fees for TRICARE beneficiaries over age 65??? I don’t think that $1200 a year just to keep TRICARE when medicarte kicks in is pretty high. If I had a choice (which I don’t )they could shove medicare and let me keep BCBS and Tricare. The “reforms” save them over 5 years 17.6 billion. Now remember that the 17.6 billion is costing retirees with limited incomes 17.6 billion. Who is getting screwed????

      • Straus Davis


        The White House has not submitted a budget yet. A budget has not been submitted in over 5 years. Where did you get this diatribe from man? In conjunction with The Department of Defense and the House and Senate Armed Services Committees, the costs that veterans pay for their health care is made. The Executive Branch does not establish costs. You mus remember that it is the Congress that votes on budgets, and approves or disapproves them. The Executive Branch never votes on any bills. All this is done in Congress. I suggest you go find a good Civcs Book, and study it. You will learn what Branch Of Government does what….Just in case you do not know, there are 3, and each has distinctive responsibilities. You will see that only Congress, is vested with the power of the purse…specifically the House of Representatives…

        • Ben Dover

          There seems to be a multitude of the un-informed or is it just mis-informed on this site. Heck, even I remember those lessons and that was over 40 years ago.

        • tjcporet22

          Isn’t the President required by law to submit a budget to Congress by the first Tuesday in February? Uh did he miss the deadline again?

        • Byron

          Hey obamamite,
          Obama doesn’t recognize the 3 branches of government, he has been acting like a dictator since he has been in office. The constitution means nothing to him. He rules by executive orders and if taken to court, it will be too late as the damage has already been done. People like you are responsible for the destruction of our country. Hope yor are satisfied.

          • Byron,

            At first, I thought you were talking about President Bush. It’s funny that no matter who is President the same chit gets said about them as was said about the last President.

        • Kurt

          so then it’s NOT Bush’s fault after all……

      • Alan,

        This is a recommendation like all others, correct? Congress holds the purse strings.

    • irishman72

      Continue to drink the BHO Kool-Aid,”folks”. This is only the tip of the continuing disrespect by this administration and Congress for our Military – as we knew it. Forewarned is Forearmed.

      • Jim

        One thing to remember too is that our military exists to protect the Constitution, not the government or Obama? I have often wondered how long the military will stand by and watch how Obama continues to disrespect it.

    • tkdo

      In the case of matters that have to do with the military or changes to military benefits, You bet Obama has something to do with it you putz. He has the power to veto anybill that he doesn’t like.

      • Straus Davis

        The President can only veto….you are correct about this. However, when both houses of congress passes legislation with over 66% of its member, The President cannot do a thing. Remember anything that deals with The Department of Defense Authorizations and what they need, gets overwhelming support from both parties. He just as well sign it, they will overrride his veto…..Oh did you forget, how it really works man! The parties fight about everything except when it comes to the Department of Defense…..I think you should blame your senators and congressmen/women….They control the purse strings….Not The President man.

        • Straus Davis,

          Yes, you’re correct about the purse strings.

    • msg

      I don’t mind paying what is reasonable and “fair” for my meds, but an increase of $20 seems exorbitant to me.

      • Steve

        well as retired navy I mind paying ANYTHING for my healthcare since when I joined in the 70’s I was promised free health care for life after retiring but I pay for dental insurance and healthcare insurance If I could I would sue the government for breach of contract

        • Steve,

          Back in the 70’s you were under CHAMPUS, which began in 1967, 3 years before you joined up.

          No promise of lifetime health care:

          • Kurt

            So Charles…how long were you in the military???
            Free lifetime medical was ALWAYS understood. Even your quoted source says as much. The only thing your source says is that it could not find statutory evidence to support legal claims to free medical care for life, but quotes numerous sources of the promises. Even the courts referenced the “promises” but held they were not legally binding. Medical benefits were one of the driving forces keeping a great number of people from leaving the service.
            While there might not have been anything in writing, neither was there anything in my enlistment contracts specifying pay… just.the vague statement “pay and benefits as deemed appropriate by competent authority”……..but I received pay for 22 years.
            I’ve been seeing increases in co-pays over the years, but I sure didn’t expect the 75% increase I just got hit with.
            So please, don’t tell me lifetime medical was never promised…it just shows you don’t really know what your talking about and haven’t even read the source you quoted.
            I was there as were all the other veterans on this board….and the promises were real…..

    • gordy

      no no no obama isnt to blame for anything just ask him or the obamanites he will DESTROY the health care system and take control of it just as he wants control of every aspect of our lifes he and his party are a threat to our freedoms and choices

    • Veteran

      You really hit the nail with the hammer, thay is why all the insurance fees keep going up

      • Veteran,

        Health Care cost have been going up from the beginning of time.

    • Ron

      My son who works, his insurance went up 3000 per year because of Obama-care, get your head out of the sand and you smell the coffee. You should try and read some of the 2700 pages of the bill.

      • Straus Davis

        You are simply not telling the truth. If your son’s insurance went up, it was not due to The Affordable Health Care Act….Obamacare. If he is telling you this,you are gullible…. Obamacare has not been implemented yet, therefore, what you are saying is not correct man.

        • Cristi`

          Um Straus you are clueless! I’ve been working in the healthcare industry almost 20 years. In November during my annual enrollment for my healthcare, I was given a choice between my regular healthcare at an increase of about 50% in premiums, or choosing Obama’s higher deductible, higher copay, higher coinsurance plan – the one my plan booklet stated would be probably all that would be offered in the future. That means I am going to have a much worse health insurance plan for what I used to pay for a very good health insurance plan. You have NO CLUE what you are talking about. We are just now starting to see the effects this asinine healthcare plan is about to take on this country.

        • Byron

          Strauss Davis, you’re the fool. The health companies are charging more because the obamacare health disaster mandates that insurance cover everyone despite their health risk. This has been implemented. Do your research before speaking out of your A##.

      • John

        How many pages did u read, and understand??

    • Raymond Buote

      Obama talks the big talk but all ov his actions contribute directly to higher costs for everything.

    • C.J.

      No, that is not true for all. Our income is low enough that under the Affordable Care Act, we would be eligible for free insurance. Our income is low due to a military incurred disability.

      The “small” increases do make our budget even tighter as medicines are not covered by VA and are at the top tier of the drug coverage with Tricare.

      If Obama has been fighting for lower income and seniors, then why did Tricare premiums go up as well as Medicare premiums. Why does the military retiree insurance get targeted when the Federal Government employees and Congress insurance has not been targeted?????

      • JBug

        I suggest you take a look at the info the IRS released either late last week or early this week regarding premiums under the Affordable Care Act. There is NO free ride. The premiums are higher than many pay now and if they don’t take out the healthcare, their penalties can be as high as their premiums. Incidentally, in case you have not read the healthcare bill, the gov will have their hands in your bank accounts because that is how the premiums will be paid.

        Truth be told, under Obama and Clinton (but especially Obama) our retirement benefits have been eroding. It was under Clinton that Champus went the way side and the Tricare Prime and Standard came about along with the yearly premiums and co-pays. Since our lovely POTUS came along, the costs for our ‘earned’ benefits have been going up, up, up and others the way side.

        A hearty thanks to all who voted this mess upon all of us.

        And, by the way, while Obama did not come outright and say he wanted wounded military to pay their own health costs, he did give a push for making it mandatory that if these wounded had private insurance, their insurance companies would have to pay for the injuries instead of the government.

      • Straus Davis


        Where have you been man. Everything keep going up man. These increases are just built into the system. If you don’t want the increases, stop sending the idiots to congress year after year. Write them and complain about the increases. If enough people complain, you will see that your representatives will start to listen. Remember the old adage, :”The squeeky wheel get the oil”. Become a squeeky wheel…

        • babsie

          Fees were kept down when AARP lobbied when they tried this before but that organization has changed also.

        • Kurt

          Straus Davis…where have you been man? These increases are most definitely NOT built into the system. I’ve been retired for almost 20 years and have just seen my 1st increase in premiums and only about the 2nd increase in Rx co-pay….the other was a couple bucks…this one is 75%… do you call a once in 20yr increase “built in”????
          ….and I’m sure it’s just a coincidence…but ALL of the increases have been over the last 2 years……hmmmm

      • babsi

        Great comments but can you affored 48 dollar co pay or medication your doctor wants you to pay ? I can’t and I am disabled.

        You bring up Congress and Federal Gov employees but what about illegal aliens, unwed Mothers with five kids or unlimited (ie octomom getting fertility treatment that I was denied as military spouse and she had it paid for) My students children of illegal aliens brag about getting free stuff from government and the increase in providing education for this sector especially pregnant teenagers and the illegal pregnant Mothers bragging their child will have citizenship and entitlements.
        I don’t know why this sector is not evaluated instead of military, we are citizens, we served to protect our country, but I do want to tell you I did not enlist to provide entitlements to illegal aliens, unwed Mothers who do not work and refuse to take their free birth control because they want their checks.

    • Jim

      What a load of crap. The thing that you fail to understand is that from the begining, military retirees from my era were promised FREE medical in exchange for service to our country. Oh how that has changed. Tell me. When was the Medicaid recipiants EVER told to pay ANYTHING? Answer. NEVER. The free medical that they all get is based on the ability to walk in and get it. PERIOD. No strings attached. So Obama is keeping the costs down? How is non stop free medical for those on Medicaid doing that? And oh by the way. 700 billion was raped from Medicare so to pay for the so-called “Affordable Care Act”. Don`t try and tell me that this clown in the White House is fighting for anything other than votes. You want to drink the koolaid? Fine but don`t try and convince me with your liberal, socialistic bullshit.

    • D. Bryant

      The Birmingham News reported that as of Oct 1st Tricare Prime will be eliminated. Who’s responsible for that? Funny Obamacare is around the corner… coincidence!

      • D. Bryant,

        You want to know who is responsible for something that hasn’t happened yet?????

    • Duff

      Also Obama was not behind the Social security and Medicare, everybody know who has been involved, think about it

      • Babsie

        Duff, do you not understand the chain of command and who is the ultimate person who is supposed to oversee government agencies for fiscal responsibility ? Need to go back to US government. Who is responsible for Social Security and Medicare in your mind ?

    • jcharlesT

      You 2 need to come out of the cave you live in and get some fresh air. Obama has been the worst thing to ever happen to this country and the problem is not really Obama, we can survive any fool who gets elected but we cannot survive the ignorant fools who put him in there ignoring all the bad news he brought to this country. It will come back to bite every one of us eventually

    • retired NC

      Maureen and Gary,

      Where are you getting your facts from? He is taking from the wealthy and middle class that has worked hard for everything they have and giving to those that choose not to work. Healthcare did you happen to see the news where most every one still working is loosing their own doctors now and going into a welfare system? Do you really think they will pay for healthcare or be penalized??? I have worked for Medicare for many years and the donuts hole is suppose to change for the better. Do you really think that will happen without loosing another benefit? Give it a few months and it will be same as the big surprise about the social security taxes.. Most people did not see that coming. How is that working for everyone with the pay check shorter. Wonder if they forgot to mention that one also??? I truly do not understand. Republican and proud of it. Republican gave the military 100% support.

    • Donald and Barbara

      If Obama would quit using money he does not have to spend maybe we would not have to face this kind of increase. He needs to not hand out money to those that do not know how to make a living by earning a wage or serve their country. . Welfair breads wellfair. If you feed a good for nothing stray dog he will just keep comeing back for more.

    • Joe

      YOU are either blind, a COMPLETE IDIOT, or BOTH. My guess is the latter. Your response PROVES it’s not a guess, either, but a FACT.

    • Mike

      LOL…you need to stop drinking the coolaid and face reality. Obama lied to you! He is on trac to do exactly what he he said he would…”fundamentally transform America”. Problem is…he is fundamentally destroying America and if he is not stopped in his tracks soon by the “normal” conservative people of the congress and this country…ALL will be lost and we will become a third world country…it’s a shame !

    • victor

      The defense cuts are the Democrats. Obama care is going to cost 20.000 a year for a family of four. That’s over 1000 a month with less med benefits. That the numbers from the IRS

    • Book

      Sorry bout that I thought Obama was the guy in charge. Thing is Obamamites will never admit he made any mistakes come on admit justone thing he did that was wrong. You can’t can you.

    • Byron

      Maureen and Gary…..obama says one thing and always does the opposite. Get your heads out of the sand,wake up and do the research required on the subject matter before speaking out of your rear ends. This country is on the way to bankruptcy and is seriously in danger of having a second rate defense because of obama’s policies. The sequester that he is whining about was his idea, and it may happen because his primary aim is class warfare. You should wake up and drink the coffee instead of the koolaid

    • Paul

      I learned after 4 years you are suppose to blame the presdient that was in office in the last term. There for we have to blame Omama.

    • Tbone

      Obama doesn’t have a clue as to how he should fix anything. Before it’s over you will be sorry you ever voted for that Chicago crook.

    • steve

      Sorry guys, but in order to see daylight you have to pull your head out! It’s a shame that you are so naive and uninformed…it will get even worse yet!

    • Dick

      Nam was a war started by the damn-a-crats – got you there, didn’t I? Need to get your crap together before putting blame elsewhere. Although putting blame elsewhere seems to have worked for Obuma for the last four years.

    • Dick

      Obuma has everything to do with this. And why not blame Obuma, he blames everybody else for his 2,016 failures since he took office. As I recall from about 14 months ago, it was his ideal to increase Tricare amounts so he could pay for parts of his OBUMACARE law. Just wait til you see what else he has up his sleeve.

      • Dick,

        There is zero correlation between Tricare and Obama Care.

        • babsie

          Except that BOTH are federally funded insurance programs and ultimately the President is responsible for being a fiscally accountable president and not giving healthcare to illegal aliens (who are here against the law) Read OBAMA CARE, it actually is a carbon copy of Hillary care. UH DUH Don’t you think Hillary stood down if she got to see her pet project go thru.
          Read them both before commenting there is ZERO correlation.

          • babsie,

            LMAO, so now you say the President is giving illegal aliens free health care!! Your way out in left field.

          • Idmtmedic

            So they pay cash for the hospital visit? If your an illegal in this country without insurance and get seen in the hospital who pays for it? I’m confused. Can they make an appointment? Just how does it work again? Help me Charles. Explain it for the rest of us military “rich” folks.

          • Idmedic,

            I looked this up in the US Code, and posted that information for you before. Seems too me, your just looking for my attention again.

            Like what was said before Hospitals can’t turn anyone away that has an emergency. Being an alien has nothing to do with it silly.

          • Kurt


            … then illegal aliens DO get free medical care…
            ……..just like Idmtmedic said….

    • Old Corpsman

      Obama has EVERYTHING to do with it. It is no secret he has had to pull money from a variety of other programs in order to fund the first few years of changes needed to institute Obamacare. To deny this simply shows how uninformed – or blindly loyal – you are.

    • Kelly Long, SFC (R)

      OBAMA has EVERYTHING to do with it – look at it with COLORBLIND eyes!
      He is making an America I do not like. He first said he wanted to “fundamentally Transform” the USA – what the hell eas wrong with the way our country WAS in the first place?

    • YCR

      What is wrong with you have you been asleep the last four years.

    • babsie

      WE ARE NOW PAYING MORE THAN THE PRIVATE SECTOR FOR NON FORMULARY. Obama also initially left the military dependent out but allowed civilian adult children to be allowed on their parents health care plan until 26.
      Without an uproar for those of us that took the time to read the Healthcare plan and petition it so that military members had same rights as private sector, there would be no Adult Tricare Program.
      I don’t know what donut hole you are talking about but federally funded abortions for unwed Mothers, teenagers, illegal aliens being provided government entitlements by provided them healthcare because they will not take birth control but seek entitlements rather than be responsible.
      This is wrong. I am a Senior that became disabled and I served 26 in the Reserves also and was in Tricare Prime with my husbands family plan. Well, when I became disabled rather than recognizing a financial drop in my families income because I cold not work because of disability (caused by a person with no ins and only had to pay fine), I HAVE to be on Medicare and pay for it and we did not get a prorated reimbursement for the period I changed. I do take offense that the illegals do receive entitlement programs.

    • B.Lyons

      Yeah, the only thing he wants is to get more illegal aliens and “never worked a day in their lives Pukes” on the FREE healthcare roles and reduce the healthcare of the hardworking contributing members of society. He is a thief and a congenital LIAR.

    • Oldbull

      Have another sip of Kook-aid! If you really think Obama’s fighting for anyone except Obama, you are beyond thought.

    • Donna

      Maureen and Gary need to wake up and actually DRINK the coffee and quit just sniffing. You can smell all you want but until you actually taste something you really have no idea what the taste is. Why do you think they call it OBAMA care? And why do you think Democrats and Republicans alike realize that there needs to be massive amendments to it already? Have you actually tried to read the hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of pages in the new OBAMA care guidelines? I actually know what all the jargon means because I have been an R.N. for 37 years, working in both the hospital and insurance sides. I can tell you that I read through all the Obama care rules and regulations and got very angry when I saw what would be transpiring in the years to come. To put it in the words of a Bachman Turner Overdrive song, “You ain’t seen nothing yet!!!” Don’t give me that jargon of it being all the Republicans fault. That’s a bunch of bull malarky. It is ALL the politicians. They make sure their butts are covered and to h…e..double hockey sticks with the rest of us average Americans regarding our health care.

    • Guest

      Absolutely Maureen and Gary, thank you. I don’t like these cost increases, but it is still a great medical benefit, much more affordable than the private sector. I just retired after 30 years and appreciate that I will have medical care for life. Is it free? No, but I’ve known that from day one.
      I’m sorry to read some of the ugliness on these postings.

      • Kurt

        Yeah….and in a few years when they cut your benefits and raise your premiums and co-pays (Rx by 75%), we’ll see how much you appreciate it.
        Just remember….you weren’t promised lifetime medical care either….

    • Ed D

      Maureen and Gary, Are you living in a dream world? Yes it is Obama who is driving the train. We all have to put in for Obcare RIGHT. Thr Republicans are not the blame!!!!!!!. Ms and Mr LIBS. I wake up each morning and drink my Coffee becouse I am not sure that I’ll be able to afford it in a year or two
      I do agree with you about Tricare, He will destroy that to if we let him.


    • Chuck

      I think you both need to see a eye doctor and you might as well get your hearing corrected too. It is fairly obvious that you can not see or hear what is really going on in american politics. Especially with the President and his supporting cast. You need to go back to LaLa land and dont wake up until the current party pinches you and says it all been a hoax and my term is over.

  • MGJR133

    You are the idiot for making such a statement. He didn’t do this, congress did which is full of republican idiots that voted on rasing the co-pay.

  • Jon

    Look everyone who is complaining you could be a whole lot worse off?! Many people have no coverage at all. The only thing that is guaranteed is death and more taxes. As a 100% disabled Vet I am grateful for everything I receive from the VA and my Social Security.

    • willie

      we was not told anything abiout a co pay for medication when they enlisted me in the service, and if i did 20 or more years. time changes i am fully aware of yhat, but it burns my but when thoes government officials ? give thom damn arabs in egyupt billion of mytax dollars and turn around a nd cut my hard earned benefits . votethe bastaeds out.

    • Bob

      ll this is done by someone that their base payis $175.000 a year plus all the other perks he and his buddys gets.

    • Bruce

      As a vet at 100%, your health care is totally free, no co pay increases, so u r better off than 90% of all vets. I don’t agree with providing for those that refuse to wk because they r to lazy and to pay for their health care so they can use my money for tattoos, gold teeth, and high end cars.

  • jsub1960

    Have to fund those 11 million somehow – right?

  • Robert Greenberg

    There is no doubt that the “Transformation of America” is not to our benefit nor advantage, and has been driven and paid for by those who for decades have been intent on getting rid of the American Way of Life that most of us greww up with. . Here are some sites to get objective information: ,,>
    From here you can get your government officials phone numbers, email info, and their voting records. Talk to them. Tell them to stop the transformation, get on track and act morally and responsibly.

  • MikeT

    It isn’t Obama. It is Congress, the Republicans way more than the Democrats. Every one wants the other guy to pay for the deficit reduction but the fact is no one in 1959 or any other year foresaw what medical costs were going to be in 2013. So now it is time to pay for what you are getting or go back to getting what was planned for 1959. Whether VA benefits or Tri Care we all need to pay a fare amount for this great insurance. Stop being a martyr and acknowledge that your welfare program needs to change just like all the other hand outs from the government that “we earned”.

  • gwen

    Tricare dont let kids over age 21 stay on their parents policys like private insurance. why are the over 21’s of military active and retired singled out and and have to get a policy on their own and pay $400 per month for it?
    Benefits for the active and retired military and the elderly on social security are constantly being chipped away at.Its the wasteful spending and wastteful programs that need to be done away with. Washington get a clue.

  • Troy Johnson

    After reading a lot of these post I realize how bad that the government is sticking it to us veteran retirees. I just read about the increase for copay on medicines. I used the letters and sent one to the President and all of my congressman. I got back replies that did not mean nothing, like they don’t care what we have to pay. Maybe a veteran march on the capitol would wake someone up. We did to do something to get this on national news, and all the things that they are doing to us. I don’t have the money to pay 25 percent of my wife’s medical bills. I am over 65, but she is only 59. What can we do?

  • bobby goodman

    yes we have a lot to thank obama for—pretty soon we will be no better
    off than civilians with NO insurance

  • Lyonsking

    It is our own people, USAF Staffers, DOD Staffers, Feather Merchants of all services who agreeed after they saw they could be in line for a cut if they did not go along with the increases. Where were they when we were making $98.00 base pay ? Clothing allowance of 3.10, Seprate Rats (if qualified) $30.00 and of course, The RIF program which had EWQ personnel not even making 1st Class before elistment was up. And the 60/40 plan ?? . Going from Goose Bay to N. Africa at the drop of a hat. What we were promised we earned by our loyality and hard work one and all. To those of us who survived,give yourself a big hand because no one in charge has a clue !

  • Jaime Bonilla

    thank you John McCain. Prisoner of Viet-Nam War. I was an infantry man with
    Co B, 27th Inf, 25th Div from Hawaii station in Cuchi. Deployed with the Div in
    Dec 1965 by ship in USS Gordon. I did a lot of ambush, and search and destroy
    operations. My unit was spray with Agent Orange. Now because of you my
    medicines go up. I have numerous medications that I take, and you McCain have
    the nerve to tackle our veterans. Shame on you, after all the sacrifices that all
    my fellow soldiers did during that war. Thank you for raising the medications.

  • gary dowler

    Enter text right here! I guess 25 and half years service is not enough

  • Rudy Hansen

    Does thisTricare RX prescription copay increase effect TFL beneficiaries?

    • Linda

      Yes. And they’re going to force those of us who have TFL to do the mail order prescription thing. If you are on more than one maintenance medication it’s a nightmare.

  • MGJR133

    Are you serious!!! Grow up, grow up!! Even if it were good old George Bush, which I dispise. I would never call him Hitler.
    I’ll bet your a church going, God fearing Christian too. Hyporcrite!

  • Gordon

    Does Tricare include Tricare for Life. To me they were always two different
    programs. I volunteered and served 27 years. My family was poor and the
    military was great to me. Retired pay and VA medical. After retirement I got
    another job and now get a retirement check from that job. Also I married a rich

  • John

    I get it. You don’t like Obama.

  • Steve

    Don’t forget McCain….he thought increases would help the budget…go to the Military and solve all the problems…haha

  • George Hart

    hey people, if you are unhappy, there is such a thing as recall petitions, if you are that piss-off, do something about it. Actively support the candidate that opposes MR. MCCain, remember he was an officer, and a Naval officer to boot. He has used his veteran, and vietnam prisoner of war status to advance his career, he has never done anything for his fellow prisoners, or fellow vets, he was elected in Arizona, need I say, any more!

    • Jasper


  • Michelle

    tricare covers dental to dependents? Where can I find out about that?

    • toysoldier

      If you think that is a true statement, call tricare and ask them.

    • Bob

      You can get Delta Dental if you are entitled to Tri-Care. You have to pay for it. The price is determined by region.

    • Info 101

      Humana One Dental/Vision…The price ranges from how many dependents you have and what program you choose.

  • Michael

    I served 22 years in the Air Force and after retiring I received a 40% disability for arthritic hips and knees that will have to be replaced. All directly caused by my duties which I never failed to carry out. I could go to the VA and have the replacements done there but when I see veterans who have sacrificed much more that I have I just can’t bring myself to take up any of the precious care they so richly deserve. Although I too was fed the party line of “free medical for life” I understand the country just can’t afford to care for me as promised and that is unfortunate. But as all service members have do we all sacrifice and once agin we will sacrifice. what bothers me is the fact that the level and cost of care we receive as veterans is not nearly as good or as cheep as the members of Congress. The sad fact is we can trust only one thing form our members of Congress is that they will take care of themselves above all else. We have lost our way in this country and unfortunately it is going to get much worse and not better.

  • JIM


    • Alice

      Oh, how right you are Jim…wish we could do something…but he just keeps taking from us and giving to them… DARN!!!

    • Paul

      No need to get nasty Jim. Your 1st Admendment is preserved but no one
      will hear you with your mind set.

      • Spectre

        Paul, The attitude of “turning the other cheek” only goes so far. You keep paying the higher prices if you’d like but, I side with Jim and Alice. An $18 increase is a hell of a lot. Enough is enough. If this keeps up over the next four years, I have a feeling that it’s not going to come to a pretty end. I’m not a real religious man but I will quote one thing…..”The meek shall inherit the earth” ……sit back on your meek butt and see what’s left of this earth (and economy) that’s worth inheriting.

        • Mike Tierney

          It isn’t Obama. It is CongressIt is so typical that the people getting the entitlement mentality are the ones most entitled. Why you think that the deal you had was fare is amazing, When something is too good to be true, it generally is. And Tri care was too good to be true. It is classic welfare. we all need to pay market value for what we get. And Tricare is not even close. The VA needs to charge like Medicare and do a means test for recipients. It is the best insurance program on earth and it is free. I have private insurance so the VA gets reimbursed to some degree but I should be charged for the service they provide, which is exceptional. I think the economy is great. When I was discharged in june 1969 I went to school on the GI Bill (vocational Rehabilitation) and got me undergrad and graduate degrees in business. I didn’t sit at home wondering why my service was so bad and why I couldn’t work. I worked full time nights and went to school full time days. Too many of my military cohorts are 100% PTSD or some other disability. Too bad for them. The opportunity to rejoin society and have a great career is long gone. But there is still plenty of time to stop whining and step up to reality that there are just too many takers and not enough payers. So a higher co-pay or an actual monthly payment makes sense. Especially if you make a six or seven figure income.

    • William

      Get your facts right before u post. You wanted spending cuts? This is what we get

    • Missy

      You and your republican friends want to shrink the size of government and its role……so, cut your freaking whining. This is not OBAMA’s mess deal with the Boehner and your Tea party freaks!!!

  • van brown

    its sad that our government has become so corrupt and greedy all they are concerned with stuffing their pockets. ever wonder why the border is open in that not where mccain is from.

  • upexplorer

    As a retiree, I am upset with the increases. And to add to this for us retirees who don’t live near a military base, we are going to lose TRICARE Prime. Wonder how long before they cut health benefits all together from us. But I am not upset by the increases as much as I am upset with Congress. During the fiscal cliff meeting earlier this year, Congress fought and fought on the amount of cuts to the budget but after cutting the budget, Congress added huge amounts of pork items to the bill that cost more than the cuts they made to finalize the deal. Where does Congress get off about all the cuts we need to make and then turn around and add more cost to the budget. Until we the people tell Congress to stop adding pork, we veteran and retirees will see more cut to our benefits. Its time for Congress to start representing the people, not all the corporations looking to line their pockets

    • Navychief

      In the same boat you are. Lost my Prime and had to move to Tricare standard. Got supplemental policy from Military Benefit Association (MBA). They cover my deductibles and co pays. Cost is dependent on your age. Look them up. USN Retired

  • Lannie

    I spent 3 years in the Army, I am a Vietnam Vet, I Retired from the U.S.N. I think the people who serve in the military or are Retired should have free medical and Prescriptions because we have all put our lives on the line to keep this country save for everyone else, just saying .

  • fubar555

    here we go again they give us disabilty vets a raise and then increase our copays and the net dollar amount is the gov is making more money on a very slick way to tax our vets. my family has been fighting and dying for this country since 1692 and i have seen what ww2 did to my father and all four of my uncles. yes they were all in the service at the same time. no private ryan propaganda. this country is over when the government is using and abusing the average working man and now they want to throw woman into combat?

    • Bob2002

      It is the fault of the 51% idiots who voted Obama back into office. Why on earth would any military person ever vote for a Democrat is beyond me? All of them just want to tax and spend us to death.

    • fubar555

      i enlisted in the army in 72 and my older brother was in vietnam at the time. i was stationed in the us as my brother got blown up in vietnam and his best friend got it to. we were all garbage to the country. baby killers etc. whoever this idiot is making negative remarks about any veteran who served honorably has no idea the pain and suffering all our vets and their families have to deal with. in my opinion all combat vets should not have to pay taxes the rest of their lives never mind copays for medications many of them as a result of their service to this country. God Bless all vets and their families.

  • Darrell

    Well, thanks a LOT !!!!! It sickens me to see what is happening to us Vets. Congress gets the BEST for free, illegal aliens are taken care of. The President get all health for FREE. but ok lets stick it to the vets. If I had it to do all over again i would think again about joining up.—again just more broken promises!!!! Go ahead, take us for all we are worth !!

  • Deb Boddington

    agree…its only going to get worse because Obama wants to spread the “wealth around”…so those who give their lives to serve have to sacrafice for those who don’t even want to work for it! God help us!

  • Larry

    When someone entered military service they were never “Promised free medical coverage for life” if/when they retired. Don’t know where some people are rading this.

    • b Horne

      BULL!! When I was drafted for Viet Nam, we were repeatedly told that if we made the Army a career, we would have FREE medical for life. That was when base pay was less than $100 a month.

      • JP42

        I joined in 1960 and we damn well told point blank and very clear that if I made the Army a career, I would have free medical for life. No promises about dental but medical was damn sure guaranteed, although not in writing to back it up. Guess I should have realized it was a blatant lie to get us to commit. What’s new? Our government is still lying every time you turn around.

    • Ken

      I came in in 1971. We WERE promised medical care for life upon retirement when we signed on the dotted line. Sometime in the 1980s congress changed the rules and it applied to all who signed the dotted line for reenlistment.

      • Chas

        I wonder if that was about the same time that the Congress took the Social Security Trust Fund out of its trust status, and put it into the funding for the Department of Health, Education, and Welfare. The beginning of the new Great Society under Lyndon Baines Johnson (or was it President Lady Bird Johnson?).

    • Tom F.

      I enlisted in the Air Force in 1950 and the recruiter told me that “you’ll have free medical care for life if you stay and retire.” I did retire in 1970 and did get care at military facilities in SanAntonio,Quantico, VA and Albuquerque until the early ’80”s when it became difficult to access. I must admit that I never saw it in writing that I would have free medical care for life. I feel very fortunate that I have Tricare for life although neither it nor Medicare are free.

      • Rich

        Your right, I enlised in ’53 and it was told to me also, thank God for it too as I have had several bousts with cancer and the V.A. at Loma Linda California has given me nothing but the BEST of care and now they are going to charge us after we payed for 20 years or reached 70 that we wouod be paid up for life,, Tri-care For Life.

        @Larry above – if we weren’t promised free health care then why were they and still are providing that FREE care to us? Not only that but they sent me next door to the Loma Linda University Medical Center for my “Proton Radiation” treatment and thge spot on my liung the size of a quarter was completly gone in 10 days,, I am going for my 2 year check up in April,, so far cancer free. The V.A. does CT Scans on me every 6 months and will continue that schedual until I make it to the 3-4 year mark. Then it wil be once a year.

        • Ron Brookq

          Congrats Rich… Somethings work out great….Personally the recruiters will tell you anything you want. Until you enlist…In your case…you deserve and should expect that our service meant something… My younger brother died last year from meso…even the VA admitted to it that he contracted it during vietnam …And they paid for all his treatment and he was a guppy for their experimental treatments… He was 53.. I don’t have a heart break that everything is going up… but, when the defense department feels that it is in there best interest to cut retirement programs and coverage.. we are being sent to the deep freeze… what next??? cut tricare for life…??

    • Harold

      In 1972 the enlistment form I still have a copy of promises just that if you retire from the military you would be covered medically for life at “any military installation” I did retire in 1972 and except for the recently enacted ruling by the Champus Advisory Board recommending @ 65 changing over to the “more comprehensive” Medicare coverage we still could go to any “military facility”.

    • Len Hammond

      In the early 90’s Congress tried to remove all retirees over 65 from TriCare and make Medicare the only coverage. The Millitary Officers Association, Non-Commissioned Officers Association, and many other military support organizations fought this “tooth and nail”. While there was no explicit contract promising health care for life, there were many enlistment and re-enlistmeent documents, policies and promises that did make that explicit. As a result TriCare For Life was created for retirees over 65 to be a seondary (to MediCare) health insurance benefit. MediCare charges a premium for coverage which has gone up this year from appx $98/month to $154/month. Next year it will increase significantly again. I have paid the Medicare tax every pay day since 1965 until I retired for the third time in 2010. From the day I had to enroll in Medicare (2007) until I retired I paid the Medicare Tax of $98.00 per month PLUS $98.00 per month in a Medicare PREMIUM, consequently I had to apy twice for the same coverage.

    • JimB.

      Sorry Larry, when I joined the Marines in ’57 that promise was very much a part of the spiel given by recruiters and others at the time. Folks are not making this up my friend. Further, that promise was made for many years thereafter. Perhaps you are part of the 10% that didn’t get the word.

      • pete

        That is true. I joined in Jan, 1959 and retired after 20 years service. In the early 70’s I was a recruiter and we had slick handouts for High schools, Post Offices etc., that included Free Medical for Life after retirement as a sales pitch.

    • MSG(Ret)USA

      After 33 + years in an Army uniform and just how Freaking old are you? Like the twenty something year old in the Tricare Office trying to tell me this same thing.
      So where were you in 1969?

      • joel

        I was in the hospitalafter returning from Nam on a Med Evav. I saw older retired men in the hospital and they told me about how all they had to pay was for food. Medical car was free for life. I thought that was great I was seeing this really happening. Was one of the reasons I staied for 20 plus years.

      • daniel b

        Danang !st recon

    • Bob2002

      Larry, you were not there when my recruiter talked me into joining the military in 1956, so do not tell me what I was promised. Also, do not tell me it was not a legal contract unless it was in writing. We all know contracts can be written or verbal.

    • Joseph

      You must be as old as your last remark.
      I remember what I was promised in 1963.
      USN (RET.)

    • Milt

      When I enlisted in 1966 I was told if I spent 20 or more years in the military I would have free medical care the rest of my life. And Obama sucks.

      • Pete

        And so do you!

      • burch

        Is that the way you address your Commander and Chief ? 31yr 6months 6days retired from two tours in Viet Nam, 1 tour Desert Storm. How about thinking of the ones still under Fire. that’s more important

    • Len Hammond

      In the early 90’s Congress tried to remove all retirees over 65 from TriCare and make Medicare the only coverage. The Millitary Officers Association, Non-Commissioned Officers Association, and many other military support organizations fought this “tooth and nail”. While there was no explicit contract promising health care for life, there were many enlistment and re-enlistmeent documents, policies and promises that did make that explicit. As a result TriCare For Life was created for retirees over 65 to be a seondary (to MediCare) health insurance benefit

      Read more:

      • Rich

        your absolutely correct and they are still trying to take tri-care for life away from us in a way, as they are going to start charging us a fee again but a lot more than before and it will go up by a %, can’t remember the amount right now, each year until something like 2017.

    • LARRY


      • John

        Hey Larry…you “sound” stupid…your hero Bush cut your benefits!!

        • Rich

          and your hero Obama is cutting them more. You sound as though you might be one of those democrates that has their had out and don’t like it when someone worked for their pay and benifits

    • Jack

      You are dead wrong. military recruiters and reenlstment literature PROMISED free medical care for life throughout mot of my military career. (1962-1988)

      Get your facts straight!

    • LARRY


    • Clyde

      I enlisted in 1956, and was told I’d get free medical care for life, and it was in the hand books at that time. As the rules changed, references disappeared about the medical care.

    • James Romines

      I was one of those people who very definitely was promised this when it came time for my first re-enlistment in 1978, in Philadelphia, PA. I don’t know where you get your info. But, you’re putting out bum scoop! I wasn’t the only one. Philadelphia Naval Hospital was not the only place, either. It was widespread. I’m TIRED of johnny-come-lateleys spouting off about what happened before they were even old enough to be eligible for military service. I’d appreciate it very much if people would not talk about things they don’t have concrete knowledge of.

    • Bruce

      Try again, I was a recruiter as well as my brother and yes you were promised free health care for life for you and your spouse if you served 20 yrs of active federal service (honorably). It is typed on my ENL contract from my initial ENL from 1983. I am sitting here looking at it.

      • Baduyo

        need to make copies of that and distribute them to all and any attorney; That is the hang up; they “CLAIM” there is no proof;

    • Chuck

      I enlisted in the Air Force in 1952 and re-enlisted in 1956 for 6 years . They promised free health care including dental and visual for me and my spouse for the rest of our lives. They even had it in writing. I retired in 1952 as a MSGT and my pension at that time was $350.00 month. I retired at age 37 and according to Metlife charts, an listed mans life expectancy with 20 years was 6 years . I am now 78 and and doing pretty good . and getting even for the dam lies. I have 10 screws and 2 1′”foot rods in my back and caused from wear and tear in military service. Now these are the facts.

    • Glenda

      And you know this how?

    • Bob

      So what branch of the military were you in? How long? You get vested in a job your in, (Government, County, State, etc). Sounds like you haven’t had a job long enough to enjoy the right to recieve this.

    • Richard Plunk

      I worked as a recruiter and as career planner and yes they were and it as in the SOP.

    • Glenn

      Larry you dont know what the HELL your talking About. You must be a young BUCK

    • JLeathers

      I don’t know what Military you joined Larry but when I joined we were promised Medical care for SM and spouse for life if and when we retired. You are putting out information that you don’t know what you are talking about. The increases that we are seeing are coming from DOD because of their budget decrease.

    • JP42

      Larry! Were you one of those lying recruiters? And now trying to cover your butt? I am quite sure thousands upon thousands of GI’s were told upon retirement they would have FREE Medical Coverage for life. Can’t be thousands of us making this up. Get real!!!!

    • Don

      Larry, when I entered the Military in 1953, we were promised free medical for life if we retired. I don’t think you know what you are talking about.

    • Bill

      Hmm, Not sure when you came in, but when I came in we were told that medical was provided after retirement – not after just getting out, but after a full retirement. I have a piece of paper that explains that. However, since they haven’t “completely” taken it away technically they are still doing what they said – sort of, it just depends on “what is is”.

    • Retired Non-Com

      Do your research, we were promised free healthcare and there historically has been actuall millitary doctrine with it plain as day.

    • Tony


    • L Wolforsd

      1972 in boot camp. I was told by a class room instructor if

      i stay in the Navy and retire “I would have medical coverage for life.”

    • Rudy

      Larry, you are dead wrong. We were in fact promised a pension, Free medical and dental for life after 20 years. NO CHARGES. That has been changing annually. In fact we pay more for dental than medical. They make contracts and then they forfeit on them. One of the privileges of Congress.

    • Jack Calhoun

      In 1947 when I entered I was told that anyone completing 20 years or more had free medical for themselves and dependents for life.
      jack Calhoun

    • Charlie

      Bull I was told that and it sounded like a good deal if I made it to retirement.

    • Sweet.Carol126

      Have to be in for 20 years to get medical coverage. Otherwise it has to be a service related injury or problem. Not everyone gets free medical coverage for life. If you leave after 4 or 6 years that isn’t retired. Retire at 20 years or more. Many companies do the same.

      • Rich

        thats what we been saying here!!!

    • bud h

      Yes we were — in all the annual military almanacs; by the recruiters also. That one in writing and one verbally.

      The government could have repudiated but did not. We’re talking maybe 40 years worth of almanacs

    • C. Smith

      I just don’t understand why we are having toeven pay anything for prescriptions??? What happened to the free medical for life? My husband served honorably for our country for 23 years (including Viet Nam). Now that were in our retirement years. We don’t have free medical and our prescriptions cost still keep going up at a very fast speed. I just don’t get it!!. Unfortunately our pay does not. Our goverment does not care about it’s veterans!!!! Too bad………………….._

      • Rich

        yep your right C. Smith,, it is supposed to be free but we do pay one way or another and now they want to start charging those of us that paid into it for 30 years or at age 70, which ever came first – then it would be paid in full and we would be under medicare and Tri-care for life. Now they are going to start charging us for it again, under Obama, and will be a certain percentage point increase each year to 2017 and after that who knows. And the politicians get EVERYTHING free and then they have the gull to pass themseleves huge pay raises almost every year.

    • dustoff

      Larry you obviously do not know your 4th point of contact from shinole because you are absolutely wrong. And besides that you can’t even spell ‘reading’. I bet you were never in the military.. I joined in 1965 and retired in 1988. We were absolutely, un-equivocally told that we would never have to worry about any medical or dental bills for the rest of our life if we were in for 20 years.

    • L. Joseph

      I joined in 1977 and my recruiter and CC promised me free health care for life if I retired. Did you serve in the 60’s and 70’s? I will bet you did not. Otherwise, you have made yourself look foolish by that statement.

    • joel

      The Government failed to inform thoes of us that were doing 20 plus years, that is the baby boomers, until 1973. That was 2nd reenlistment and there it was bariedin a 3 page contract. So forhalf of my time I was always told free Health care for me and my family, FOR LIFE>

    • Mary Cunningham

      My spouse and I were promised free medical coverage for life when he signed on for 6 more years in San Francisco California. We served 23 years with PRIDE and now we have to fight to keep our benefits. At a local meeting several years ago at Washington High School Pensacola Fl. a gentleman addressed the group and related that he was instructed to pass this message on and now he is ashamed that our government not keeping it’s promise. Mary Cunningham

    • Frank

      Larry. I heard that dream before too. It took a while but I finally figured out how ‘they’ were getting around it. Think of medical care like a loan to a bank. Every time you renew a loan, all the good stuff seems to disappear. That is why ‘they’ always make you ‘discharge for the purpose of re-inlistment’ so ‘they’ can change the ‘good’ stuff, like lifetime medical care. Like President O’Bama said ‘I thought the veterans were more professional than to ask for free medical care’. Get well and stay that way
      If you plan on surviving ‘O’Bamma Care’. Frank

    • Billy 2 beers

      @Larry I joined the Navy in 1959 and retired in 1982 and YES, I was told that if I stayed in the Navy for 20 years or more that I was guarented that I
      would recieve retirement pay and medical care for life. THAT IS A FACT.

    • Chief

      I found out about the increase the hard way when I went to the doctor’s today.

    • Campy

      Larry/, I believe you are correct that anyone entering military service were never promised medical coverage for life if/when they retired. Having said that, I was the Project Volunteer NCO and Career Advisor for a good many dedicated airmen on Okinawa (SAC) who while performing long, dangerous and tiresome duties in direct support of the Southeast Asia war These super fellow airmen were told that if they REENLISTED then they would have full medical benefits for themselves, their spouse and dependents to the age of 23 if in college. Because many families were still within child bearing age or had young dependents, reenlistments went sky high. So in my opinion yes upon reenlisting they were promised full meds except of course dental for their spouse and self for life. Thanks for your comments Larry, I hope this clears up some of the discussion and hope you will join in support for what these people were promised whether passed by Congress or not.

    • Art Fiedler

      You are mistaken. I was CO of a unit and was given information to present at each Commander’s Call. I recall specifically we were told to emphasize the “Free Medical and Dental Care for all members of the family after retirement.” Plus that this added a $250 monthly value to a M/Sgt’s pay.

      • Bill

        Thanks for you comment Art. YYou are not the only one that knows the truth. Hell I have it in black and white in my enlistment from back in 1962.

    • charley

      Actually we was you just forgot but whether you remember or not you will get screwed over just like the rest of us. Broken promises-no honor-there word is ni good.

    • Alvin

      When I joined the military in 1971, I was promised free medical covage for life including my spouse, when I retired with 20 years. This was also a recruting and reenlistment tool back then!

    • Bill

      I was not only told / promised I would have free medical care for life for me and my family (spouse) and all children up to the age of 18 or 23 if enrolled as a full time student at an institution of higher learning if I chose to make the military a career (20 years or more active duty. I have a complete copy of my enlistment contract and it states that in black and white. There was no mention of Vision or Dental coverage after retirement other than it would be authorized if a condition was caused due to an (injury or illness) caused by or incurred while serving on active duty). I have fought this fo over 30 years with letters to Senators, Congressmen even wasted about $10,000.00 with crooked attorneys and have gotten no where. Now this country is almost bankrupt I doubt if I will ever get anywhere. I know one thing for sure. This country has never had a President, Senate, or Congress that is so anti military especially with it’s Veterans Retirees and their families. It is a damn shame that the American people are so damn blind and have no BALLS to stand up for “WE THE PEOPLE” any more. The Veterans ? Retirees of this Country have been shit on and screwed over for the past 10 to 15 years! What a friggin shame!

    • mike

      actually if you enlisted before a certain year you were promised free health care for life as my contract reads.

    • Elvie

      The Tricare for Life is the result of a Class Action suit that took approximately 2 yrs. to accomplish. It was in fact a promise that took years to fulfill.

    • Donald

      In January 1971 before I signed up I was promised free medical coverage for life if I stayed for 20 years. So much for that promise.

    • Blacky

      quite a statement for someone who on August the 1st of 1956 was not at the induction center or the recruters when I entered the service. I was repeatedly told that I would never have to pay for any medical care the rest of my life. And I may add that I have been paying more and more ever sense I have retired. More mouth service instead of living up to there promises

    • Bill

      that’s because you either didn’t pay attention, or came in after 1969

    • Bill

      Whether it was “in writing” or simply implied, the fact that everyone who stayed on active duty for over 20 years believed they were going to have free medical for life is as legal and binding as a signed contract. If the majority of us who enlisted in the Vietnam era would get a class action lawsuit going agaisnt this current administration, I’ll bet that even a rookie lawyer could win that case.

      • Bill,

        Case has already been through the Court System and went as high as the US Supreme Court where the case was lost back in 2003.

    • Bill

      Well, you are totally misinformed. I entered in 1965 and was told/promised by my recruiter that I would have medical for life. Now, whether or not they were “authorized” to make that promise, they did nonetheless. I was only told at “retirement” that at age 65, that would end. So, when Tricare for Life came out, I was satisfied that they kept their “promise”.

    • Nancy Kirkendall

      If you entered service prior to 1956…

      It was implied that we would receive free medical if we made a career in the military. But, hell, at 17 when I entered the AF, I thought I was going to be rich off the retirement check I would get after 20 years! HaHa! That’s why we need to be honest with the new recruits coming in. They are so young and gullible and the recruiters are just doing their job. But, it should include being honest and forthright. Most kids will still enlist, they just won’t expect the same things we expected and can make better decisions about their career.

      • Rich

        Thannks for posting that site Nancy,, I bookmarked it,, so much valuable information there for military/retirees and dependents

    • BillF

      Hey Larry, how does it feel to get totally tooled in the replies to your stupidity!!!!!

    • L. Lewis

      How do you know what promises were made to the thousands that have served. I joined in 1960 and one of the benefits (I was told) was free medical care even after I retired. I pay out of pocket for Tricare and a secondary insurance just like the civilians pay for coverage. I am not complaining because at least I have coverage. Congress can serve one tour and get free benefits.

    • Chas

      I guess that is true. As I recall, the recruiter said that “currently, all retirees are being afforded medical care at not cost through participating military and non-military providers.” Recruiters, like car salesmen and politicians, will tell you what little they know to make the sale. The rest of us just have to live with the bitter lemonade that is served up as a result.
      Larry, you need to use your spell check.

    • Connie

      MY HUSBAND GOT IT IN WRITING AND SO DID HIS FATHER, A WWII VETERAN. Various flyers survived from the 1940s through 1960s that were introduced in a federal court that upheld for the veterans’s rights to get the “promised free medical care for life.” Govt/DoD appealed to Supreme Court, the only court after several others who found against the veterans. U.S. Supreme Court said veterans could not hold Congress to promises made by a previous Congressional group or to recruiters making promises without authorization, even though it was proven the recruiters took orders and used flyers printed by the U.S. Printing office. I think it was turned down because it literally could have bankrupted this country to live up to its promises. The veterans won every time before then per basic contract law…offer made through legal representatives, vets accepted and fulfilled their part of the deal, so offer should have be kept.

    • Charles

      I entered the Air Force in 1963 and although free medical care was not in writing it was emphatically implied. In 1971 I joined the USAF Recruiting Command. I recruited, supervised, and supported recruiters for 18 years. And yes. we emphatically implied access to lifetime medical care. Were we lying? We told the truth as we knew it at the time. We still have access to medical care. No longer free but definitely at a tremendously reduced rate when compared to the civilian population. I will gladly pay this cost. It’s just one more way I can still serve.

    • RONALD

      I entered the military in 1948, and served 22 plus years. During the first half of that time, it was a strong incentive to reenlist, because of the future benefits we would recieve. We were told the reasons to stay in, was of the future rewards. We were told, that is why our pay was not on par with civilians. There was no base housing, except for Officers. Korean war deployment was 18 months. Saw my first daughter, after an 18 month deployment, The reason the military promised us free military health care, is was based that it would be supplied by active military bases. Commissaries, consisted of Warehouses, with non-prishables in boxes on wooden pallets. Military life was spartan, back then, don’t compare it with the present system. WE WERE PROMISSED FREE MEDICAL CARE.

    • Linda

      You are so wrong my husband was and before he retired we were paying for dental for me and our children and he was promised a college education for his children that didn’t happen at the cost they promised either and seems like every year since he retired we are paying even more don’t know were you are getting your information.He was also promised that if he died I would receive his retirement check but at the retirement briefing we were informed that if he died that I could receive his retirement check if I paid $60.00 a month to them until his death.Yes 18 yrs of staying stateside when he was on remotes and training and moving here and their for the military and this is what they did for me! Military supposed to be family oriented not! My husband is a 23yr.USAF retiree.

    • Earl

      Larry – you need to take off your dark glasses so you can really read.
      back in 1947-1956 is also real time and we did read, or were told that
      we would be guaranteed (what you call FREE this and that after we retired.
      So-There-Too-Either, huh? I did my 21 years, then 17 more in Civil Service
      for a total of 38 years. How many did your miserable self put in? Bye now!
      … Earl

    • tom

      Then either you’re deaf or enlisted after they cancelled the “free medical care” promotion!

      • tom,

        If that promise was real, woundn’t we have it today, instead of having lost that case back in 2003.

        Us Vets need to get over this chit, and find something different to harp on.

    • Old Corpsman

      Larry – you’re an idiot. That is PRECISELY what my recruiter promised me in April 1980. If I retired at 20, I was to get free medical for life.

      • Old Corpsman,

        And just how is that recruiters promise working out for you????? Time to get over what that recruiter told you, and move onto something Congress will listen to.

    • Carl

      Larry did you retire from military service? It’s obvious that you didn’t and you show it here with your comment not to even mention you can’t spell”reading” correctly so I guess you “rading” your own thoughts wrong. I am retired proudly USMC 100% combat wounded disability. Tell me after so great a sacrifice who should cover my medical care and I retired in 1974. Just before the U.S. ran out of Vietnam with thousands WIA and 58,000 or more KIA. Yes I was promised the same benefits I had when on active duty would be mine after retiring.

    • hoppy1313

      Larry, My brother was a recruiter, serving two separate tours (79-83 and 86-90). He had to attend the recruiting school both times. I asked him about the “free medical for life” if you served to retirement and he told me it was taught at the school as a selling point to get recruits. Everyone is correct that they probably can’t find anything in writing but it was taught to the recruiters to use to get recruits and it was definitely done.

      • hoppy1313,

        Most likely you are 100A% right, but I doubt if he was taught to use the word (FREE) in front of Medical Care for Life, because even in the Court Case that was lost in 2003 that could never be proven.

        Anyway, and in the end, Recruiters don’t have the power to give you or me Free Health Care for LIfe.

    • Michael852

      You are so WRONG! I was! I was one of those Vietnam era Air Force troops. That was one of many reasons I decided to stay in for 22 years. My plan was to stay for 26 (my rank would have let me stay that long) but the “damage” incurred during the early years of my career caught up with me and I could not keep up any longer. Now as time passes guys and women of my era are coming up on the short end of treatment and paying more and more each year. Now this new thing with TriCare if you live more than 40 miles from a military base you will lose TriCare Prime and be forced to TriCare Standard for even less coverage and higher out of pocket costs.

      • Michael852,

        “However, at no time were military retirees provided an entitlement to
        care. In 1956, Congress put the permissive nature of this benefit into law:

        … a member or former member of a uniformed service who is entitled to retired or retainer pay, or equivalent pay may, upon request, be given medical and dental care in any facility of any uniformed service, subject to the availability of space and facilities and the capabilities of the medical and dental staff. [Emphasis added.]”

        • Idmtmedic

          How’s that space available working out for you…..lmao

    • USAF

      Larry come on. Get ytour head out of the sand and think before you write here. You obvious have little knowledge about Tricare or career vets.
      I doubt if you will come back here and apologize so I consider this issue done.

    • Randy

      Oh really? I enlisted in 1978 and I was told if you stayed 20 one would receive continued FREE health care after retirement. It was “offered” as an incentive to stay 20 years because years ago fewer people made a career out of it.

    • Marge

      I hate to be the one to tell you this, but my father and my husband WERE promised free health care for life as part of their agreement to join the military and they were both paid less than half of what a civilian was paid to do the same job for over 28 years of their lives… So, yes, I have a problem with being expected to pay increased fees for insurance and now finding out that our copays for prescriptions just DOUBLED also… If they wanted to pay my family the same as a civilian worker for all of these years of working to protect this country, then that would have been fine, but they did not… My husband was paid less than the secretary in the office he worked in at the Pentagon….
      If they want to go back and pay the men retro also that would be okay… not so, they made empty promises that they feel no obligation to keep…
      And if any of you have checked… when you turn 65 and have to take tricare for life… you will then pay 4 times as much for your insurance since medicare will take $100 or more each month and if you add that up for the 12 months at $1200+ per person, you will get $2400 which is at least 4 times as much as the $530 per year you now pay…and you have no choice in the matter… So get ready to be taken again when you get older…
      I know my father thought that his family would be taken care of which is the reason he signed up trusting his government to do what they promised… as did my husband… what a shame to find out that our military thinks so little of those who gave so much… good luck everyone! And get ready to bend over even more! So to those who question whether someone got it wrong that we were promised these things… I can give you 2 generations of promises broken….my father and husband DID NOT get it wrong…

    • Lynn

      When we entered in 1965 we were told this was part of the package. My husband served 34 years and is a retired officer. We get almost all of our medical free as long as we have medicare.

  • Len Hammond

    This summer all of us under TriCare or TriCare For Life will be mandated to enroll in the Express Scripts Prescription Mail Order System. Today I received an e-mail from Express Scripts that I could renew four of my prescriptions under the system. When I tried to enroll my other medications I was told they were not available even though they are listed in the TriCare/Express Scripts Basivc Core Formulary. I have queried Express Scripts why but have not received an answer.

  • james rufffing


  • Jayne Dough

    I am disabled, getting divorced from a veteran and am dependent upon the spousal supports. I have PTSD as a result of his sexual abuse to me but cannot report it-i cannot support myself or work full time and wake up in pain every da, am a compliant patient and do everything to help myself-except for discuss what he did to me in counseling sessions. All counselors are mandated reporters. If I report him, it ruins his career, there goes my support and I am homeless. There is NOTHING in military healthcare to help people like me and I am NOT ALONE in this issue. He goes to jail, the rest of the family suffers. I am not employable or trainable for another job. I do not qualify for SSI or SSDI-just barely miss by their standards, but can’t function enough to support myself, get enough support to not qualify for SSI or food stamps. I have NO FAMILY WHATSOEVER AND NO ONE who I can count on to help me. Just a 15 year old son who lives with his dad so he can be in a better school. Where can *I* fo for help without taking out my food source? He IS a good dad, was just a sick troubled soul that was not capable of having realistic expectations from women and has never sough help or seen his problems.

    • Crusader of Truth

      You need to stop whining. I was sexually abused for many, many years (as a child) and I can work! People like you and every other damn person that uses being abused as a crutch needs to get the Hell over it. You are not the only person in this damn world being abused. Furthermore, you are lucky… you could have left a long time ago and you chose not to. A child can not leave or move out or divorce the perp….stop whining and get to work.

      • Ben Dover

        Wow, nice reply! Now since you’re so smart why not tell her where she can go to seek help. Oh, I forgot, you already told her–where to get off, nice job!

    • Ayla

      Jayne, investigate CHCBP health care benefits for former spouses. It is fee based plan (but not inexpensive) and does not exclude pre-existing conditions. I was in a similar situation to yours getting divorced and diagnosed with a degenerative disease requiring daily meds and regular medical care.

      I should have reported my ex long ago and you should too. Our health should not be compromised for their selfishness in not seeking help.

    • Rebecca L

      i was abused by my parents. i was bullied in school but did i try to scam system? hell no! you arent the only one who has suffered physical, mental and emotional abuse. i put myself through school,had children that i supported basically alone after my own divorce snd am now an international flight attendant and happily remarried, this time to a military man. You ARE trainable. I see many physically challenged people working. A person does what they have to do to survive. go to a community college and look at their programs. you most likely qualify for the pell grant and pick out one that interests you and start your life!!!

    • Jazzy

      This story resonates mine, but still grateful to God what is being provided. I got disability 4 years ago, a year after my spouse’s passing. Could not get a job, and this retirement pay is not enough to get hold for my month’s necessities. May you find consolation from our troops around…

    • Janet

      Jayne, Don’t waste your time or energy on responses not addressing your situation. You obviously have been to a professional to deal with your suffering if aware of a PTSD diagnosis. Everyone handles emotional trauma differently. You sound desperate and not full of anger – and kudos to you for acknowledging your husband is a good father and for making the Solomon’s Choice (look it up) for the good of your son. Dad’s probably faking it for the “win” but best for you and your son not to speak negatively about him. Don’t speak about your divorce to your son or respond to what his father is telling him about how you are trying to take from him what you are entitled to. Keep saying it is a matter between the two of you and prefer not to discuss it.
      Now for divorce advise: Whether disabled or not, you have rights as a former spouse. You probably can’ afford an attorney specializing in military divorces so do your research and it will take many, many hours. Begin by studying every section of “The Silent Partner” (online). There is a section on how to protect yourself and benefits if spouse is an abuser. As the spouse, you are listed as the SPB annuity beneficiary. This can only be changed if you sign away that right, but it must be court-ordered that you remain the beneficiary. You are probably entitled to a portion of his pension. If he’s not getting it yet, make sure there is a provision ordered for your future share and make sure you understand how to protect yourself if he becomes disabled in the future. I met with a JAG attorney who said I taught him things he did not know. I hired an attorney specializing in military divorces and I knew his mistakes after all the research I did. I would, however, very strongly recommend to every spouse that he/she hire such an attorney. Everything you are entitled to as a military former spouse MUST BE court ordered in your settlement. Civilian attorneys are not aware of the different military divorce laws. Keep a list of your questions because you can also call the service’s legal department. In fact, I would call them immediately and ask for info they can provide to you regarding military divorces and ask about consequences of reporting abuse. When you say you are disabled, are you receiving SS benefits and Medicare? If so, you can probably keep your Tricare for Life benefits, which is discussed in “The Silent Partner”. Remember: Find out everything you are entitled to, don’t be afraid to ask questions to Legal and Pay Departments, and be sure to get it ALL court ordered before you settle. Lastly, after seeking professional legal advice, see if your husband would be willing to go through Mediation process.
      Counselors are mandated to report if YOU are suicidal or homicidal in addition to child abuse, which doesn’t sound like the case. Ask your counselor to explain these laws. You won’t get better until you tell your counselor. Stick to the truth. Good Luck and don’t let anyone tell you how you should feel.

  • Neal Martin

    Well, I commented that the 23 presidential directives designed to change the 2nd amendment rights of the individual were unconstitutional, they are but I was called an idiot. I tried contacting everyone in the government pointing out Obama is not eligible to serve as president because his father was not an American born citizen, thats true, but I was called an idiot. I informed everyone that all these presidential appointments were invalid and unconstitutional. they are, but Im an idiot. Now im sitting on my ass waiting for Americans to be put in office.

  • GENE

    After the last increase in co-pays I said the lines at the military pharmacies would get longer and longer. They did. Many, many more retirees are getting their prescriptions at military outlets. The cost of the no-cost prescriptions is outweighing the increases in co-pays.Does not make economic sense for the government coffers. AND HERE WE GO AGAIN!!! WATCH THE LINES AND WAIT TIMES SKYROCKET AT MILITARY PHARMACIES AND REFILL OUTLETS !!.

    • Ben Dover

      Each military pharmacy has a way to slow that line down some by putting more and more of your drugs on their non-formulary list. They did it to me and I expect more of my meds will be on that list soon.



  • GENE


  • redprincess

    —and all cuts to “balance” the budget will come at the expense of our national security and the people working to try to make things better. You are an enemy of the regime if you work and support yourself – because you are not depending on the regime. If you attempt to start a business – you are an enemy of the people – because you are trying to become “wealthy” at the expense of your employees. If you expect people to get off of drugs, take care of their kids, try to find work – then you are a heartless “b@st@rd” . If you support the Constitution and believe in the Bible – it is obvious you are a narrow minded bigot incapable of independent thought and a slave to the past.

  • Scott Glab

    THIS IS TOTAL BULLSHIT- i just paid $44 for a non formulary medication i need to survive. So these are where some of the so called budget cuSt a being made? On the shoulders of disabled veterans? I wouldn’t need these meds in the first place if the military hadn’t screw me up!

  • John

    Vets and retirees get shafted again. Why don’t we all get together and march on Washington like the WWII and Namvets did about 20 years ago. They got together and got things accomplished by banding together. Have we got the gonads to do this ?

    • Honyok

      Every one had the best chance in their life to take him out of office. What happened to all those people who were in the millions that would not vote for him. Evidently “they” didn’t feel it was important to get off their duff’s and go vote. Now we all have to live with the out come for the next four years. God bless America and God bless all our soldiers.

    • Mike

      At what cost, by time I fly ther I’ve spent more than what they raised this to? they did it smartly, but it’s very sad they do this to the retirees WH seem to ga backwards each year. It would make since if they would make in effect for the ones who retire today not yesterday!

    • Blessed

      Get together & get it done. Don’t be like a bunch old old men sitting under a shade tree & complaining! If you let them they will give it to the enemy. That covers a lot of them. What are they going to take next. My husband was a officer now deceased. He could of lived a really different life but he gave his life for the USA. Now they steal from me. Where are those promises.

  • bob

    Basicly don’t cut the presidents fat salary or the congress salary. Cut the old soldiers salary…..let em get a job as door greeter at WalMart…….

  • paul

    they raise out co pays because those who never served a day in the military and retired from the military complian that we shouldn’t get free health care well i say to all those sucessful business men than ran not walk to colleges to aviod the viet nam and other conflicts should done a military uniform go through the training we did pick up a weapon and go to war like the retirees did and then they can have free health care intead of bitching about someone who went out and protected their asses so they could attend these schools get their degrees in what ever and put up with family separation,crappy living condition while deployed and the threat of loosing your life then and only then retire they could enjoy whats owed them……

  • Orlin Williams

    All I can add to this is that in 1955 when I enlisted, the recruiter, a AF MSgt, told me stay for 20 years and receive Health and Dental care for life. Col Day and his group got us TriCare for Life in the 80’s which made it much better for those of us who live to far from a major military hospital. So now it’s becoming like the WWI vets were treated in the ’30s.

  • 36mike.

    36Mike. Been turned down on your VA disability claim? Be persistent and file appeal after appeal until it winds up in Wash, DC at the Court of Veterans Appeals even if you don`1 use a VFW or Legion or VA rep. Make a copy of everything you send and by Certified Mail so you get a signed receipt back from the receiver. Even if you have ailments that are severe and not verified by military records but you believe are caused by that service time then file that also. I was told by a state veterans counselor who submits disability claims to the VA that my claim for a higher rating would not be approved so just give up. Went through the appeals system and there in DC a lady VA judge ordered my claim to be upgraded from 40 to 60% on this one disability. It can be done. I served 22 years combined USMC and USA in the Infantry…no one can tell me what I didn`t go through. As for promises said and promises forgotten, yes, it`s all true. File and refile that claim and don`t be put off by any doctor or claims representative…you served our nation when many men and women did not…you earned any and all benefits available and more. Go get it.

  • Mike

    So, many thinking their High and Mighty on here !!

    And while many might not have PTSD there are a real lot that do. I have had repeated injury’s while in a Marine Recon unit but never received any help from the VA. I only Wish PTSD was not real but I’m living it everyday. My brothers would tell you they do not know the person that returned from the Marine Core. I have been in battle for years and can loose it at a drop of a dime. I don’t go around looking for trouble but finish it when it comes my way and have a problem stopping once I start. And this folks is PTSD and I have been living this since getting out of the Marine Core over 32 years ago. I have also been living in pain most of my life from dozens of injury’s but again never received treatment and or help from the VA. And if you look at me you would say I look just fine !! You Do Not know what is going on inside my body and the pain I constantly live with. I have to deal with the pain and exercise to stretch my spine and body to fine some relief for a while. So, Judge Not when you know Nothing about a person for your not living their life.

    • BILL FRY


    • Sandra Paessler

      Thank you Mike.. I know what you are saying and have much respect for those who are experiencing these problems… Good Bless you and I pray for some resolve for you. There are too many out there with opinions and lack knowledge and true empathy. I never served my Country in military however, I live every day with similiar adversities and I guess people have to see others in wheelchairs or even worse to comprehend or admit there is a true problem. Thankyou for sharing

  • Mike

    I honestly think all of this is the first step in FORCING retirees into Obama Care. And yes, from 1968 ’til 1986 I was promised FREE health care for me and my wife for life. If memory serves me correctly when Congress decided to charge us they claimed they didn’t say it but, after being presented proof they did, well, they didn’t really me free for life.

  • Blessed

    Stop whining and do the best you can with what you have this is not your life it is your test. Your real life is for ever and this is the time to figure out where you are going to spend it. You will make it to the end just make sure you are on the narrow road. Yes I am speaking of Jesus & what he did for you on the cross. He went through that with out any pain pills or support. What have you done for him. That is what it is going to come down to. I am not blaming you!This life is short and we all have our wars. I don’t mean to sound like I don’t care I do. I am a 65 year old women that have fought my battles here in this wonderful country. I could name my past and it is not pretty. I am not going to serve the devil he is the one that thought of all this mess we have here in this world. I sure don’t want to spend eternity with him! I have been through all his pain here. Yes I will name a few: child abuse as a 4-5 year old girl, rape, beaten, kid napped & yes I do have scares from all of it.There is more but I am not weak. It made me strong. My goal now is to take everyone I can with me when I go in the rapture. That will make Satan mad. When he remind me of my past I remind him of his future. See hell is made for him and his demons. Jesus loves you and he wants you to hang on and don’t be deceived. I really don’t think it is going to be that much longer, Get ready and stay ready

  • Nancy Kennedy

    Express scripts is a joke. I sent them two new prescriptions but never received them. I called the and was told that sine I sent them in three weeks before my old ones were to expire, it was too early and they threw them away. I have never encountered such idiots in all my life. They should have either held them until time to refill or sent them back to me. Since my doctor will not write scripts without seeing the patient, I will have to take time to go see him and tricare will have to pay for another doctor visit. Government efficiency at its best. Absurd. I will never use express scripts again!

    • Dave Phillips

      I agree with you that express scripts is a joke. Their automated system sucjks and should not be relied upon. However I must continue using them because it costs more to fill RX at the local Drug stores. They, the obama administration have us by the short hairs so to speak since he people of this country are easily fooled. Reorder RX renewals yourself do not use the automated system.

    • Bill

      Nancy, Bill Here
      For mail in scripts send them to the nearest active military base. Your Doctor can call them in for you but you will have to go there one time to sign up. Then after that you meds will come automatically. And most all drugs have no copay at all unless it is a nonfomulary drug. Good Luck Bill

  • MakerLogic1957

    Nobody truly gives a damn. Here is why: You know that old adage that if you do the same thing the same way over and over again and expect a different result, then you are insane? Well take a look at “us” and by that I mean the ‘U.S.’ us. Look around the past 4 years and those 2 years ($2BILLION) leading up to a Presidential election. Look at how we ended up. We have the same 6 folks who have been on the gravy train for years, on our nickel; Obama, Biden, Reid, Boehner, McConnel and Pelosi – and they are still doing the same things the same way over and over again. And we let them get away with it over and over again. As a nation, we are insane. And they will pay only lip service with neat commercials and violins and reunions after redeployment – but no one, not a damn one cares about you more than you. You are on your own. Get over it. Get busy. (27 year Army Vet).

  • Ken

    This was all obama he is raising our cost so that he can have more money to put into Medicaid for the illegals. The democrats have always been anti Milatary? If Romney had won i don’t believe these cost would have gone up. As proof look at sequestration Obama and the democrats are holding the Milatary hostage. This is a direct result of unions, welfare recipients and foreigners, they all have one thing in common, they all have their hand out!

  • Tom Simmons

    Re-enlisted in Nam in ’69 and was promised free medical and dental for me and my spouse when I retired w/at least 20 yrs. Discharged to accept Reserve WO appointment in ’72 and heard the same promise. It was even repeated by an officer from personnel in ’80 when they pitched going Regular WO. Retired in ’89 and did receive some free care from a MTF until about mid ’90s. Don’t know where you have been Larry, but you don’t know what you are talking about young man!

  • Lee

    I knew something was wrong when I had nightmares,fits of rage,difficulty with people and holding jobs, I went through this for 20 years thinking that all would be well, After all, The brain rewires itself right. After all that time, Homeless living in cardboard boxes along railroad tracks I knew it was time to do something, My belief about rewiring simply was not working, Had an evall and claim at the VA and diagnosed with PTSD,

    • Blessed

      You know one time a lady told me we all had our problems It is just how you deal with them that matters. I am not putting you down I have never gone through what you have . I did have my wars right here on us soil. I am a 65 year old surviour .You may not think I could of gone through what you . It was different thing but the effect was the same, child abuce, rape beaten over & over again. The shrenks can’t take of you there is only one doctor & he is in the room. Jesus, He loves you. Please don’t brush this off. I am proof that he will do it for you.

  • Ken

    Larry stop trying to Obama and these other politicians that are doing this to us.

  • Ken

    Larry stop trying to defend Obama and these other politicians that are doing this to us!

  • JoAn Gilmore-Jackson

    My husband went in the Military in 1954 and was promised that if he gave atleast twenty years oservice and retired honorably, he and his dependents would have free medical assistance for as long as they were dependents and were alive. He and I are still alive and it distresses me that for decades this promise has been compromised. I am sure when this promise was made, the Government had no idea that there would be this many veterans alive and well at this time. None of us can force the government to hold up their end. For decades we have been heading to the financial crunch that we now have. Pointing fingers at each other will not solve anything. Division within the Military is the best way to conquer us. We must write to our legislators for answers and if they cannot provide the right answers and to our satisfaction, we need to rally our ranks for our causes and vote against them, forcing them out of office.

  • Chief

    I found out about this tricare co-pay increase the hard way today at the doctor’s.

    • Bill

      Hi there Chief; Let me remind you our LOYAL Government to Americas Veterans and Retirees that Tri-Care Prime will be gone for our spouses in the Southeast Region eff. October 1, 2913 and July 1, 2013 for the Southwest Region. Everone (spouses) will go to Tri-Care Standard wit a lot more out of pocket medical cost

  • Sarah

    After reading most of the comments, all I hear is the promise that you were to get free medical for life. Well, what do you call medical and what do you call RX. They never said u wouldn’t have to pay for RX somewhere down the line. A lot of you sit here and complain about what you were promised and not getting. I would like to see some of you in “OFFICE” and making different changes and listen to all the other people complain to you about what you are doing. “YOU CAN’T SATISFY ALL THE PEOPLE ALL THE TIME.” As long as I have been connected to the military, I have never paid a doctor’s bill and most of the time while on active I got free RX, but once I retired, I still got free medical and had to pay for some of my med’s sometime. Depending on where I had to go. Most of the time I either paid nothing or a small amount.. But all of you are complaining, just to hear yourselves. We are in a new area, and nothing is free anymore. Be thankful you are getting what you are getting. Stop blaming everyone except for the person who is sitting on their “Butts” and not doing anything to try and make things different. If you go to any of the meetings, of the organizations that are fighting for you, if you are donating something, then you have a right to complain.

    • John

      Well stated Sara, and true! Some of these non–combatant vets should try to live like the ordinary hard working private industry people…where there ARE NO benefits! Try raising your kids, or helping a sick parent on their pay!!

    • Tom

      I have a right to complain, Mister I gave 21 years of my life to the military and would do it again. When you are on a fix budget and through Obama care they decide to change how many Dr. are in Tricare Prime and your first Dr. apt of the year is now going to cost you 150 dollars as before I was paying only 12 Dollars. I have a right to voice my Complaint, if enough people speak up we can fix the problem, however we can not fixit if we concede as you have in your statement.

      • Warren

        Hey Tom they just don’t get it. Maybe John ought to go to Korea, Bosnia, Afghanistan, Iraq or someother country to live. He aks as though we are asking for a handout. For in fact we veterans earned everything we are asking for in this matter. I served 13 years to have my career in the Army cut short from an injury I sustained in Iraq. Garrison vets have a big sacrifice also with having passes or leaves turned down because of an up-coming training exercises, classes or schools. I spent 1 Christmas with my family the whole time that I was in. I too would do it all over again.

      • Tom,

        There is no correlation between Obama Care and Tricare.

    • Warren

      I know, the president or the people making these decisions don’t care because it doesn’t effect them in anyway. Also, the people working for tricare. Most of them never served thier country. This is a slap and spitting in the face of the veterans. If it weren’t for the veterans and what they have done there wouldn’t be a position for them to be voted in for. Most 3rd world countries take care of their military veterans alot beter than the U.S. does. If it were taking from thier families than it would be different. All they care about is the vote and not the people they are supposed to be representing.

      • Warren,

        In an effort to show us how good we have it, maybe we should go back to the way it was in the beginning, when we paid for our own Health Care, and then move forward from there.

        “The history of military health care shows that care provided to active duty members was originally paid for by the members as far back as 1799. In that year, Congress enacted legislation for the military establishment to care for the “regimental sick” as well as an act for the “relief of sick and disabled seamen.” Later changes provided permissive care to dependents and, later still, to retirees and their dependents. However, at NO TIME were military retirees provided an entitlement to care.”

        “Most 3rd world countries take care of their military veterans alot beter than the U.S. does.”

        Your statement is totally untrue, and actually just the opposite of what you have said. “Our veteran benefits are world class by comparison to other countries”.

      • Anise

        I agree only for a small majority of Veterans. About fifteen years ago, I found just how liberal Veterans Benefits are and it was shocking. Veterans are those who served in the military for years or months and in battle or at a typewriter. Now that covers many many persons with benefits.As I am finding many many veterans never served in battle yet draw disability pay. Yet, those who served in battle and were injured get the same benefits as those who served at a typewriter or for only a few months. They get a disability of course but not like the ones that have been awarded persons injured in automobile accidents during fun time breaks during military maneuvers disability pay for life that the % would astound you. This Tricare Co-pay is a tiny financial burden compared to the astronomical benefits paid out in disability pay to persons who have arms, legs, head and the capability of working instead of drawing. It is shameful! .

    • Julie

      I agree. My husband is retired Air Force and I get my meds through Express Scripts. When I first started on medication I was paying the co-pay and I had no problem with that. We all need to pay our fair share. Now I pay nothing and that’s great, but if I had to go back to paying something again, I wouldn’t complain. You’re right, we’re living in a different time now and if I have to help by paying for part of my meds then so be it!

    • Anise

      We consider ourselves very fortunate to have TriCare RX coverage. We had no idea we even had it for years. We are Senior Citizens but unlike ones that struggle to make ends meet or those that think SENIOR CITIZENSHIP means a FREE RIDE! The increase in co-pays we can manage but some will have great difficulty doing so. I feel for them. Whomever said OBAMA is not to blame for this should take a look at all the money he has wasted during his administration All the tax payer vacations he and his family have taken. His cuts in Defense that leave us very vulnerable. Legalizing illegal immigrants has cost Americans heavily. I feel for the illegals because they are taken advantage of but to legalize persons who broke LAWS and ask Americans who are struggling financially to praise him for using their tax dollars to support this. Americans are struggling to survive. Shouldn’t they come first? Now the military have to spend more funds for medications if those medications are not stocked by Military Facility. Again, we feel blessed to received assistance from Tricare but some military are not as fortunate as we are. The families that struggle to carrying on while spouses are serving in the Middle East or who have lost Spouses in the Middle East and are trying to survive on a fraction of their spouse’s salary, I do feel for. Those should have an absolute FREE RIDE FOREVER! We are Senior Citizens but Senior Citizens need to prepare for Senior Citizenship and not expect Social Security to be their Retirement and FREE RIDE! I watch Americans go from hard working and proud to hands out and everything FREE. WE ARE NOT PROMISED LIFE WILL BE EASY and if our country survives, the next generation will have it even harder than this generation and our grandchildren will have it so difficult to even exist. FREE RIDES and THE GRAND GIVEAWAY are destroying our nation. COMPLAIN COMPLAIN! Get off your butts and try to give instead of taking. To the brave Americans serving and the brave Americans surviving familites, step aside SENIORS and give them what they deserve a helping hand, prayers, understanding, absorb your financial increase, and give them a FREE RIDE as they fight to give us a FREE COUNTRY. To those of us who are fortunate to have Tricare Benefits simply for being in the military BE GRATEFUL!

  • Chief Joe

    Tim your 100% right. Larry, maybe you missed the briefings. BTW,the fact is that under Presendent Bush, he tried for 5 years to get all the rates raised without total sucess. However, if you recall the spouse & family went up in cost. I guess we are part of the 46%. It’s not Republicans or Democrats- IT’S BOTH. We don’t have a much of a chance,no matter what party is in. I feel sorry for any of our people, especially the ones who are struggling (which I think may be the majority. It is a fact no matter what benefits are promised, they just turn around and change the law (renig). The Military can promise us any thing (it’s not binding) but Congress makes the decisions. God Bless the USA, our Military & Families.

  • Lou

    I have been using Express scripts for several years. It has improved tremendously. You can place most of your routine meds on an automatic refill basis. I am notified that a med is about to be refilled, giving me a chance to cancel it if not needed. Also, when it comes time to renew, they will contact the physicain that wrote the current prescription, if you want them to so so. If they do not get a timely response from the physicain, Express scripts notifies the patient so that you can try to obtain a new prescription before they are out. of the med.
    I have no complaint regarding getting my meds on time.. I am on a lot of meds and would not want to pay the price to get them all at the local pharmacy when I can get a 3 months supply (not just 1) for the same money.

    • John

      I save a whole lot of money on health care/prescription/doctors and nurses care…I have NO complaints with the VA, who are doing more and more with less and less, due to these endless, profitable, senseless wars!!

    • Benny Teague

      I agree, I just had to make a point to tell my Doctor to make the subscription for 90 days.

    • Math student

      Now you will be required to pay a co-payment for EACH 30 day supply – in otherwords if your co-pay was $5 for 90 days now you will be payuing $15 for the same script.

      • Math student,

        After looking at what I could be paying if I didn’t have Tricare, I am still happier than a pig in chit.

    • Denise

      Hi Lou, I too am on a lot of meds and use the mail order pharmacy. It is a great value for those that are eligible. I served 5yrs 8 mo’s in the Air Force, my husband spent 20 years. Three of our sons enlisted; 2 were in the Army and one in the Marines; two came back from war with a host of physical and mental issues of which they both get partial disability.
      I served as an accountant initially then spent the rest of the enlistment as a Historian for the 44th Strategic Missile Wing at Ellsworth AFB, SD.
      My husband was in Aircraft Maintenance, our Marine was infantry, one son went into EOD (explosives and demolition) and the other into the Engineering group of the Army.
      Unless you serve in the military you really don’t understand what it is like to be in it. For me it was a boost to my patriotic side, I look at our flag a bit differently, I guess you could say I have a lot more respect for it and those who serve. God Bless all our Troops, both those in combat and those that stay behind and support them.
      Denise, proud Air Force vet.

  • Glenn G Buirley


  • Dennis Gaudette

    What else is in store? You could get the Girl Scouts, they must have some money laying around and you didn’t promise them anything. Cookie $ ?????????

  • John

    My remarks, as a vet, where wiped out 3 times!! Thus site sucks, will not bother with it anymore!!

  • sarge008

    For everyone’s edification, two retired AF officers took this issue to court during the Bush administration. They lost as an add on to a bill passed by congress in 1955, specifically stated that medical care for Retirees would not be for life. Amazing how recruiters were still issuing the fallacy of medical care all the way into the ’80s. As with most bills passed by congress, most add ons are not usually played up, for example all pork.

  • Bob

    I don’t have a problem with paying my share. But, I do have a problem when I hear that Congress doesn’t pay for anything?????????????????????????
    It’s all free.

    • Julie

      Exactly, especially when they’re not doing the jobs they were elected to do!

  • John

    I served 1 hitch in the Navy…came out as an RM 1. I cannot remember, nor have any literature, that the Navy furnished to me in 1956, the year I enlisted. But, over the years, I have grown weary of all the nom-combat REMF’s recruiters, glorified clerks, mechanics, truck drivers in non-combat zones; whining about the cutting, or not increasing of their, benefits, after 20 yrs service in these soft billets! All these endless,but profitable, republican wars costs us billions! We can no longer take lavish care of non-combatant troops! Give more to the real combatants and give less to u non-combatant whinners! Some of u could not hold down a civilian job! BTW, my wife worked for several Army Generals and Colonels in the Pentagon for 22 yrs, so we know what we are talking about, as she fully agrees with me about assigned benefits! My son, just came back from his 3d deployment with the US Marines…he also agrees with me on benefits!!

    • L. Lewis

      I don’t disagree with you, John, on the whiners but wars such as Korea and RVN were first supported by democrats. JFK for RVN in 1963.

    • Benny Teague

      John, you seem to forget, military assignments are NOT by choice of the military member. Just because the military member isn’t being shot at on a daily basis does not by any means lessen their contribution to the “war” effort. Where would the ground troops be without air support, personnel who load the bombs, the supply chain and I could go on and on. ALL military members perform their assigned duty including the ground troops. Your wife working for a General who may NEVER have seen any up front action does not make the General a expert nor does it make your wife one either. So get off of your high horse and support ALL military members.

    • Chas

      Hummm. Republican wars? Interesting spin.

    • Dick

      Nam was a war started by the damn-a-crats – got you there, didn’t I? Need to get your crap together before putting blame elsewhere. Although putting blame elsewhere seems to have worked for Obuma for the last four years.

    • Scotty

      You are an ex-military fool! You need to use your medical benefits and get your head checked, because you speak as if you are not all together mentally!

    • LeRoy

      You were an RM in the Navy in the Late 50’s. If I recall, we were not in an active war during the late 50s. Where did you pull your combat tour John, the Philippines? You were on a boat in the middle of the ocean. Unless your an FMF Corpsman, Navy SEAL or an F4 pilot, not seein that you pulled much combat duty in your 1 hitch in the Navy.

    • James

      Spoken like a true Obama voter. Thanks for sharing. I will say this though, tell your son I appreciate his dedication to duty in defending our country. BTW, if you had any common sense, you would know the Republicans back the military and Democrats do not. You ever heard of Clinton and his monster downsizing and now Obama doing the same thing and taking every benefit they can from you and your family. How can you ignore this? You wanted to only defend your country and expect nothing in return? What job in America does this?

    • Msg (ret)

      plain to see you have no service to the U.S. you weren’t there and you don’t know. and your wife working a cush job for a general, what the ___
      does she know about anything but what time the drinks start after dinner?

    • Denine

      whoopdee f’n doo!

    • Ruthie

      I don’t know what rank you are but I served for 22 years and women were not allowed to serve in combat but we have the right to have our benefits. There are a lot of us that have been hurt in normal duties by the medical field and I am not a glorified clerk. I worked very hard at my job and I worked for high ranking officials and without “the glorified clerks” they would never have gotten their job done!!! And, without glorified clerks as you put it, you would not have gotten paid and we could have wiped you off the face of the earth with a stroke of a pen!!!!! We were made promises long ago that the government has taken away. I’m sure you are enjoying your benefits even though you served 1 hitch and if you really want to get down to it, I feel you don’t get a say in the matter!

    • Larry R

      You are a moron, if I get what you are trying to imply here is that because you served in 1956 and you were being shot at is different than it is now for our brave troops today. Hmmmm, maybe you should have gotten you rear off the couch and went and led the way and showed them how easy they had it. Ignorant twits like you make this country the cess pool it is turning into. My guess is that you have no problem giving the crack heads free this and free that because the poor little rejects cannot help themselves. I say to you jack wagon, SCREW YOURSELF.

    • bud

      So, buy my count that makes a family of three IDIOTS!

    • William Coughlin

      Served one hitch…you don’t deserve to be speaking in this forum……

  • Laura Chace

    Express Scripts is the greatest. But like any government agency, you have to play by the rules.

  • Vern

    To Larry, you are Wrong. Career service members who made the sacrifice for 20 or more years prior to 1969 were made the promise of life time medical care. This was confirmed in the courts and by congress many years ago.
    To John, you have no idea of the sacrifice made by the land soldiers in Korea and RVN. I’m sure your wife provided valuable service while assigned to the pentagon far from gather battlefield and you cannot comprehend conditions even the support troops lived under. Please thank your son for his service.

    • David

      You hit right on the nose

  • Bob H.

    In these economic times, we all have to take a hit. As I understand it, Congress did put a limit on future increases to equal cost of living. Fair enough. I won’t complain about a modest increase, just as I think the Wisconsin government union workers should not have complained (and demonstrated) against a modest participation in their medical insurance and retirement programs. But I don’t like the idea of using the gained funds to support run away spending. Congress and the President need to truly reduce spending, not just the increase in spending, to balance this equation.

    • Linda Dipper

      You don’t care if we have a “modest” increase, but where is the outrage over paying for illegals to get FREE everything??

      • Bob H.

        Of course that is wrong, just not the topic of this string in my view. That can certainly be put into the category of opportunities to reduce spending.

      • Linda Dipper,

        There is zero correlation between Tricare fee increases and illegals, which I must say don’t get FREE everything, not at all.

  • Jackie

    Hey not all Navy people are like John. Don’t lump us all together! John’s wife working for a General has no comparison to a military service member working for a General. Civilians have different rules and they are treated differently than a service member.
    I think Express Scripps are great and they have come a long way. I’m willing to pay more for my prescriptions. It’s still better than civilians are paying.

  • Ron

    I retired in August 2012 and I am quite please with TriCare. I am saving @$500 per month from by not participating in my employer’s medical plan.

    • Wayne

      If you are on Tricare Prime, get ready it is coming!

    • Charlie

      When I retired from the US ARMY (1972) and took a civilian job we didn’t get to choose which health plan we could use. We had to take the Employer’s health plan (if they had one) and TriCare became 2nd payer. In 1972 the Retired Military Health plan was called CHAMPUS, not TriCare. Even after CHAMPUS was changed to TriCare, the same arrangement staid in place.

  • Linda Dipper

    Some of you act like this latest increase is nothing and we should all be glad to “do our part”. Good for you and your bleeding heart viewpoints! The fact is, they are slowly chipping away at what we retirees were told. The increases keep nickel and diming us into the poor house. What about the retirees who will be getting letters this spring telling them they are getting kicked off Prime altogether…just because of where they decided to LIVE??? I see no outrage over that, yet any illegal can go into any E.R. in America and receive free everything.

    • Shiela Carslon

      I agree with you. I enlisted in 1968 and I am a Viet Nam Vet, was promised medical for life. I am tired of hearing that illegals can to to any E.R. for free, yet I I served my country and as you say am being nickled and dimed to the poor house.

      • Shiela Carslon,

        I first enlisted in 1969, and know that when you say you were promised this, CHAMPUS was there. Surely you didn’t think that a Recruiter was going to override the Law governing CHAMPUS.

        Yes, not only illegals, but anyone in America, anyone can walk into any ER and get treated if the have an EMERGENCY.

        • tjcporet22

          How do collect from an illegal? If you are part of the working poor and have an address you can not just walk away from the hospital will come after you.
          Plus if you pay for private insurance you rates go because of the bills doctors and hospitals can not collect as result over billing of the hospitals to the insurance.

          • tjcporet22,

            How do you collect from anyone that can’t pay, you don’t! When I got out of the Army the first time, I had to go to the ER, had no insurance and had an address, and no one came after me.

            Free Emergency Health Care is explained in our US Code. A couple of us posted a link before, and should I remember, I will look it up and post it again.

            Later Gator

          • Idmtmedic

            Sounds like somebody needs to pay some outstanding bills. So promoting increased fees for working military folks is ok but not for somebody who got out with no insurance? Yes that’s hilarious.

          • idmedic,

            Hey lonely guy, you’re six weeks late in posting.

          • Idmtmedic

            And your 50 years overdue on a bill.

          • Idmtmedic

            By the way, you go in for LIFE, LIMB, OR EYESIGHT? I’m guessing a HA from impaction and constipation. A responsible taxpayer would make sure their bills are paid. Lack of budgeting perhaps?

    • Dean Wood

      When I retired there was no Tricare, only Champus. That required a 25% co-pay, including RX. Then they offered to most retired service mambers a new plan called Tricare. It was a benifit that did not exist before. It is a opitional program. The original Champus is still available, unchanged, if you want the “original” free health care that we were promised. Tricare is a great inprovement even if it costs a little more.

    • Linda Dipper,

      Your not seeing the big picture. Just look at how far we have come.

      “As far back as 1799 we had to pay for our own health care.”

      • Larry R

        You maybe correct on your assessment and statement, but think of the big picture. How do you justify cutting the benefits of someone who was asked and served on the frontline to pay more when in the next breathe you are giving illegals, drug addicts and the lazy asses that will not work FREE medical (no cost to them). That sounds fair to you?? Well it does not to me.

        • Larry R,

          I’ll have to disagree that I’m not seeing the big picture. I think I am see the big picture in that I go back to the beginning of Health Care for us, and compare it to what it is today.

          As far as illegals, drug addicts, lazy arses, and what many say about Congress, doesn’t work or hasn’t any place in this argument, so, whether it is far or not just doesn’t play into the argument. I mean, there are thousands of things out there that just aren’t fair, and to include them into a discussion on why not to raise the cost of TRICARE RX CO-PAYS, is just plain ridicules, and will get us no where when we attempt to include this crap in with all our letters to our Congressmen.

          • Idmtmedic

            Guess medical care should be free if you don’t serve in the military. If you do serve and have to pay don’t complain? We HAVE to pay for the illegals but not Veterans. Damn I guess my values are backwards. What’s to complain about?

    • Annette

      WHAT? retirees getting kicked off PRIME because of where they live? How can I find out more about this?

  • nancy

    So Tri-care went up for us that use scripts. Thank God we have a choice. To get a prescription for $44.00 is cheap by any standard. we use the military hospital for most of our meds, but they don’t carry all of them so we send them into scripts. We all knew we would have to tighten our belts some. Wars cost money and our country is deeply in debt. Bee thankful for what we have.

  • sandy stockham

    Why does congress get all the benefits at no cost, I think they need to start kicking in their share. In the real world we all have to work and pay for what we get but I think Congress thinks they don’t need to and who else can vote themselves pay raises? I love my country and hate seeing the direction we are going. Our service men and women deserve so much more than they have been receiving, they are putting their lives on the line on sitting in a comfy office with no hard ships collecting benefits and good pay.

    • Ross Mellenthin

      Why do they think they are better than the rest of the people,I would like to see them pay there way like all other americans do

      • Ross Mellenthin,

        “Why do they think they are better than the rest of the people,I would like to see them pay there way like all other americans do

        The don’t, never have and never will. That was busted or debunked years ago.

        Health Benefits for Members of Congress

        Ada S. Cornell
        Information Research Specialist
        May 3, 2012

        Retirement Benefits for Members of Congress

        Katelin P. Isaacs
        Analyst in Income Security
        November 30, 2012…

    • sandy stockham,

      “Why does congress get all the benefits at no cost, I think they need to start kicking in their share.”

      The don’t, never have and never will.

      Health Benefits for Members of Congress

      Ada S. Cornell
      Information Research Specialist
      May 3, 2012

      Retirement Benefits for Members of Congress

      Katelin P. Isaacs
      Analyst in Income Security
      November 30, 2012…

  • chuck

    Lets all pay our fare share! What a bunch of crap! Illegals come here, yes illegal aliens, and get benefits and now getting drivers licences. They get free education, free medical, welfare, food stamps, etc, All without paying into the system. The gov’t, yes the democraps, are changing laws so that theses law breakers are no longer criminals and those of us that are law abiding citizens they are making criminals with the stroke of a pen in the form of new laws. WTF! As for the arshole who was jabbing on remf billets in the military. You are a joke! I am a 23 year retired veteran with multiple MOS’s, all of witch are combat arms. Get over yourself, my unit as well as myself would not have survived if not for all who supported us in their various jobs. Semper Fi!

    • chuck,


      Illegal Immigrants and Benefits

      Just saying.

    • Ron

      Semper Fi, your right on it. My Niece’s husband i from Lebanon and he is a citizen, his Mother and Father came over here and went on SSI never payng one penny into it. They get subsidized housing and best yet they go back to Lebanon (however you spell it) and for 6 months every year and they get their checks sent to them, not to mention free medicial. In Rhode Island you go on SSI if you can’t speak English again never having paid a cent in Social Security and they SS is going broke. None of our Congressman or woman mention that when they tell us SS is going broke.

      Sick of it.. Retired 1st Sgt

  • SGM(R) james Mckee

    So did congress copayments go or they just sticking it to us. The DOD is run by congress so they are just going after the very people who are always putting their lives on the line for this country day in and day out. Can you name how many of the present day people in congress who served in the military or their family members.

    • tkdo

      Well we sure haven’t read anything about Congress or even the President who get free health care for the rest of their life no matter how long they serve. They pay less than a retired service member that spent 24 years in the military.

    • SGM(R) james Mckee,

      No, copayments didn’t go away for Congress (Federal Employee’s). As for sticking it to us, that is bull. True, things are changing, but look how far we have come since 1799.

      “The history of military health care shows that care provided to active duty members was originally paid for by the members as far back as 1799.8 In that year, Congress enacted legislation for the military establishment to care for the “regimental sick” as well as an act for the “relief of sick and disabled seamen.”9 Later changes provided permissive care to dependents and, later still, to retirees and their dependents. However, at NO TIME were military retirees provided an entitlement to care.”

  • Steve

    Please feel free to post link a image of any contract that you have with the govt that said you get FREE medical care for life – we are all waiting. Free medical care is provide to vets at VA hospitals not through TRICARE which is a GOVT insurance company. You are all entitled to FREE medical care at any VA hospital and emergency room. Making comparisons to illegal aliens is a stupid FOX NEWS talking point and is not relevant to the subject of military health care structures. If you want your ENTITLEMENT go to the VA.

    • Tom

      You must watch a lot of MSNBC, check you facts

    • C.L. Greene

      not every one is previliged to live withen a reasonable distance to a VA facility

      • Steve

        Dont blame everyone else for your shortcomings – MOVE

        • tony

          Well we have all seen your shortcomings. One of them is a lack of compassion. Another is a lack of respect. And another is lack of knowledge. I could go on and on. Perhaps I will remember your sentiment if you ever need the services of a Soldier to protect your right to be ignorant as well.

        • nick

          steve,don’t be stupid

    • Merrell

      Not all vets can go the VA. I am a retired military and I fill out all the paper work to get register for treatment at the VA and they turned me down and would not let me even register just in case I needed to go to the VA. Some vets get to register and some do not, not quite fair is it but that is our government.

      • Merrell,

        Roger that, you’ve got to fill the bill for complete free health care.

    • Steve,

      Yep, you’re right on. This free health care for life case was lost back in 2003, and people are still making the silly claim as if, if they say it enough it’s going to happen.

      • Idmtmedic

        What was the vote again? Pro verses con? You do know how many judges are on the Supreme Court right? How many got those “promises” without being military serving on the court? Apparently non-military judges got it but it’s foreign to you? Lmao

        • idmedic,

          Please, remember your oath and what you swore too.

    • Galen Crandall

      Steve, you’re only partly right.For many VA care is not free, there is a deductable depending on the persons income if he/she is not in a service related disabilty rating.
      And perhaps you can tell me why there are so many new disbled vets that are having to rely on “Wounded Warriors” for care that should be automatically provided by the VA?
      As for a contract declaring free medical care for life of course there wasn’t a written contract, it was a selling point put forth by recruiters, at least the one I met in 1951. If you weren’t there don’t be calling us liars.

      • nick

        told me the same thing in 1959

    • Ginny – a no VA vet

      You are totally WRONG when you say a veteran van get FREE health care at the VA without question. This may have been true prior to 2003 when George W Bush put earning restrictions on VABenefits!!!

    • Pat

      My husband was in the Air Force for 22 years and then served for the Army as a civilian employee. While he was working for the Army, he was diagnosed with multiple myeloma cancer (TERMINAL). He did attempt to be seen as the VA and was told not to come back. They said there is a criteria to meet to be seen even for the retirees. He was denied the services and was seen elsewhere. I am very glad we had other insurance. My husband has since passed away. I sincerely hope you do not think that all vets are allowed to be seen at the VA for anything they want. This is not how is works.

    • Ken Wiggins

      At VA the amount of free care you receive is based on your percentage of disability.

    • Ruben

      Steve, I think you’ve been watching MSNBC too much and has corrupted your brain if you have one. NOT EVERY ONE is conveniently live around VA. Make your point relevant. The last time I check, when the gov’t cut spending, they seem to look at the military first. Retired or not we are all affected.

    • Jim

      Just for the record steve, I served 27yrs in the military to earn my tricare. Another point your probobly not aware of , is not all vets are elgible for VA benefits.

    • frank

      obviously one ignorant person fails to understand the difference between “veterans” and retired personnel!!!!!! (and that person is you}

      • daniel b

        Tell my why if you are not a veterans ?

    • Sgt. DoubleTap

      Steve, If I promise that I will landscape your yard for a payment of 2000 dollars, you me the 2000 dollars, and I fail to landscape your yard, you would sue me for what? Breach of contract? When I joined the Army, that was the deal. Give Uncle Sam 20 years of your life, go where you’re told to go, get shot at, spend all day outside, day after day in subfreezing temperatures, spend days, weeks, months away from your wife and kids, your parents, sacrifice everything, maybe even including sound mind and body and possibly even your life. Do that for twenty years and we will give free health coverage for the rest of you life. There was no stipulation about V.A .facilities, and if there were you would have to stop closing them down. Steve, I am guessing you didn’t serve so I would just as soon you kept your pie hole closed.

    • Straus Davis

      Where did you get your information from man? I cut my hand, required 22 stwitches. I went to the VA for care. I got care, but it cost me man. I served in the Air Force for 27 years, and had an emergency, went to the VA., but had to pay $50.00, for each time I visited the VA. Nothing is for free man, even at the VA. In addition, I was given 3 ten days of prescriptions, rather than one 30 day prescription. Each time, it costs me $8.00, for each co-pay. They should have given me one 30 days prescription, which would have costs $8.00. If the prescriptions were written as one 30 day supply, I would have saved $16.

    • Brent

      Steve, sorry to see you still have that same old disease, Cranial rectal inversion in Obama’s butt. Stop drinking his Kool-Aid. Grow up and help us win the fight.

    • Idmtmedic

      Provide any CONTRACT that your retirement is safe from cuts.

    • Jerry Brittsan

      You are misinformed if you think a VET is aVET I retired from the Navy in 1973 in 1994 I was disenrolled from Care at a Navy Hospital in early 2000 Vet benifits were changed and I have been told everyear since that no ailments that I have are service connected so I am not a VET……It took me 30 that is 30 years to get hearing aids.Obama Boxer Pelosi McCain and all the rest have lost nothing in the way of benifits.

    • sandy19

      Sorry Stevo-you are dead wrong. You can only get FREE service from the VA if you have a disability that is SC or NSC. Those of us that retired and are honest, haven’t filed false claims to receive those benefits! If you are going to post info about VA benefits, make sure you are correct so that vets that don’t qualify for services don’t get pissed off when we seek medical services. You obviously didn’t fill your MEANS!

  • Steve

    Fiction: No. Members of Congress participate in the same health insurance system that all federal employees use. It consists of several private insurance companies competing to be federal employees’ insurance provider. Members of Congress pay part of the premium each month, which varies based on which plan is chosen.

    Here’s National Public Radio’s Julie Rovner in an interview on the program All Things Considered explaining Congress’ health insurance in more detail:

    “Members of Congress have basically choice of the same plans that the other nine million federal workers have. This year [2009], they can choose from 16 different plans. The most popular by far, I assume among members of Congress but certainly among federal workers in Washington, D.C., is the Blue Cross Blue Shield standard option plan. This year, the premiums are $1,120.47 a month for a family. Of that, the government pays $763.88 and the member of Congress would pay $356.59 a month.
    “Actually, I should add that members of Congress also have access to the attending physician of Congress, that’s a doctor who is there in the Capitol. They pay a couple of hundred dollars a year and have access to some preventive care. They get their flu shots there. And if there’s an emergency, they tend to go to the doctor there on the Capitol for some of their preventive stuff. But their families do have to use their regular private health insurance.”

    • jimnmie gilbert

      look how much congress makes for doing nothing.

    • Steve,

      Excellent post and wish that all us old times would read and remember it.

    • Paula

      Well doesn’t Congress have a sweet deal for themselves. I am retired Navy Reserve and also am employed by DoD. While I was in the “gray zone”, the time between my retirement from the reserves and my 60th birthday, I also had Federal Employee’s BC/ BS standard. My out of pocket cost to cover myself and my daughter was $400. a month. That’s $4800. a YEAR…and my Congressman only has an out of pocket cost of $1120.47 a year????? The system doesn’t seem quite fair to me.

      • Paula,

        Congressmen are under the same Health Care System as all Federal Employee’s.

  • Steve
  • carlos

    seems the gov wanted to cut submariner hazardous duty pay, then the Thresher and
    Scorpion went down. not to mention sea water and batteries made chlorine gas, or charging battery’s made hydrogen gas. Or the look on the Marines face when they tried to light a cigarette, and their wasn’t enough oxygen for a flame. . so your idea of who deserves it might not agree with reality. Even in Nam a combat zine, several had cushy jobs.

  • declaytonsr

    It would not surprise me if the majority of the positive replys toward obama were from retired officers and not enlisted….they sat on their asses as the enlisted performed their duties and the officers received the praise. And yes I retired as a senior nco….still working shoulder to shoulder with my troops to the day I retired. Washington doesn’t really care one way or the other about us because it’s made up of politicians and retired officers…God Bless Americans

    • Steve

      Enlisted are the scum of society!

    • Steve

      PS – GOD doesnt exist

    • Linda Dipper

      I think you may need some help for your displaced anger. Personally, I resent what you wrote, but I’m more worried about how delusional you sound.

  • Howard

    Health Care Promise. Yes we were promised all medical care except dental

    • Howard,

      And how far did that Recruiters promise get you. LMAO

  • Connie

    My husband got in writing the ‘promised free medical care for life if he made Navy his career’ like his father during WWII.

    After 23yrs, 8 concussions, 3 full-body injuries, etc.,he retired with serious physical limitations; VA said a month later none were service-related & the refused to accept military drs’ findings. Took 17 yrs to prove our case while paying for is and med care ourselves (Tricare minimal help in earlier yrs.) VA retroactive benefits =2yrs, not 17, & rating has “free medical care,” ANOTHER PROMISE. It’s free ONLY at VA facilities. Must have VA Primary Dr make diagnosis & prescribe meds to get free meds; VA won’t take outside RXs.

    Problem: ANY VA building, even an Office Bldg, causes panic attacks, uncontrollable shakes, PTSD flashbacks, sudden narcoleptic attacks, etc. So I refuse to use VA. We pay whatever it costs for his peace of mind.

    He “earned” free med care twice, and twice it’s not there.

  • Connie

    TRICARE IS NOT INSURANCE, It’s a federal benefit. Each dollar paid to a drug company or med claim is a tax dollar. Unsure about Tricare Prime, which charges premiums. (Some smart Congressional law, huh?)

    Congress would save MANY tax dollars by paying health care insurance Premiums for vets and families (e.g. Federal employee health care ins or underwriter to pay Tricare claims as needed). To my knowledge, the pilot program for retirees to use the Fed employeed health care coverage ended with no reported results or decision (or its justification).

    I think Congress should get out of the health care business and stop playing around with veterans’ benefits each year. If they insist on keeping control over it as a Federal benefit, then at least change it every 2 or 3 years, not EVERY year, which is grossly inefficient use of time.

    • Gayle Reed

      I don’t know about active-duty healthcare, but TRICARE for retired military is not free! My husband (a USMC vet of 22+ years) pays monthly premiums for our Tricare coverage.

      • Diana

        It depends on what kind of Tricare coverage you have. If you use Standard there are no monthly premiums. Doctors around here will only accept the Standard, so we don’t bother getting the other kind.

  • glen

    I’ll bet the House and senate keeps there full retirement and health benefits, along with the pres.and his family for the rest of there life. I don’t hear any action going toward them

    • glen,

      Who is talking about taking your full retirement and health benefits?????

  • MMMmmm let’s see….my last prescription cost retail about 67.00 dollars. Tricare prime “allowed” $5.45 as the “acceptable” amount. I paid my $5 copay at the pharmacy. Tricare paid the pharmacy 45 cents! and they increase the copays? Why?

    • Fed up,

      Don’t know, but I would have to see the information you have to give you an educated answer.

  • w McCracken

    Hey, Americans, keep funding the fat, so all may cut our benefits while increasing payments at the same time. Whats different? Nothing!

  • Merrell,

    This was debunked way back in 2009.

    Would Obama Have Soldiers Pay for Own War Injuries?

    Posted on May 12, 2009 , Updated on Sept. 25, 2009

    Question: Did Obama accuse veterans of “selfishness” and whining? Would he have forced them to “pay for their war injuries”?

    Answer: This chain e-mail contains fabricated quotes and misrepresents a budget idea that the White House scrapped. The quotes were intended as satire.

    • wanda

      Obama is not for the Military so face it and any of you that says that he is needs a good wake up call. He wants us to go and serve and it is our responsibility. Where and when did he serve his conutry certaintly not in the past 4 years. He has done nothing but stay on vacation and cause problems. You can blame who you like and thank God we have that right. In my opinion OBAMA SUCKS he is the worse president that we have ever had I rate him up there with Nixon he is a liar.

      • wanda,

        So just what has the President done to the Military to make you say that?????

    • tjcporet22

      Since he did not submit that budget could that idea come back in a budget when he decides to submit one.

    • Byron

      Factcheck is a democrat tool to support obama’s claims. You socialists will just keep supporting obama all the way until we are totally beholden to the UN and China.

      • Byron,

        That is what people say when they don’t have a legitimate argument.

        Factcheck gives you all their sources, to which brought them to their conclusions. So, using source info, what is your argument?????

  • YNCS(Ret)

    All of this TRICARE nonsense is chipping away at all us Retirees have left. Our young people will see what’s happening and then, why should they want to enlist? What will they have to show for the time they put in? Nothing, just like us. Hurting the Retirees is so low. But, how can these D.C. people see the light, when many of them have never served? Look at our fearless leader. He gives us lip service, but doesn’t have a clue. Sad. So sad.

  • dewayne weers

    help i ret. in 69 june just befor the big pay rase as a e8 a private mskes more the i did when i ret.thanks a lot for keeping yuor word.

  • Renard

    Your right Steve,
    Many in Congress choose Blue Cross as their Healthcare Insurance.
    Here is the Fact Check:

  • Renard

    No one is happy about Healthcare, but we have to all work together to make it better, and not point the finger, even me. There is too much anger, and it will only get worse even unless we be an example. Our training working together in tough times in the military has prepared us for this. God Bless America.

  • Galen Crandall

    I must assume my corrections to steves comments did not agree with your sense of allowing the truth to be told. So be it, I’ll not bother your prejudiced opinions again.Galen Crandall CPO, USN, ret.

  • nighthawkjames

    I agree with John, However we should start looking at the President down to all members of congress. You can bet that most of them get their medical and medicine at no charge. our elected officials should lead by example ( does that sound familiar to vets). I don’t believe that there is one single person in our government that has earned a paycheck and all of them should be fired.

  • BIvings

    My first feeling is to pay my fair share. Then I realize this is just a part of a
    Transfer of wealth process, since nothing is going to pay the National Debt or reduce the National Def.

  • catsissie

    Wonder what would happen if we took the best of Tricare–and where I sit, that’s a lot–and the best of Medicare (which works along with TFL for those over 65 very nicely, thank you) and added in the best of PPACA, which many have used, as far as it has been implemented, to great benefit, and turned it all into a working national program to benefit all Americans of every income and age? Face it, it will always be cheaper to cut advertising budgets, paperwork budgets, attorney budgets, not to mention preventing illness, treating conditions while they are minor, and keeping people healthier. Healthy people are builders of the economy, they are better for the civilian and the miliary both, and certainly we can do this, if we have the will for it. Fact is, countries who do similar things have cut costs and increased positive outcomes. I’m not an expert, but there is much out there that looks positive, and Tricare can be part of the leadership. Just my somewhat humble opinion, folks. I just wanted to throw it out there for consideration.

    • m.l. smith

      Right on! What you refer to is UNIVERSAL HEALTH CARE, and it works in every developed country in the world. It is not the slippery slope to socialism…a word used to scare the poorly informed. Obama Care is the best legislation that could be passed in a lobby controlled government.

    • v.demarco

      You are 110% correct in your perception,however,the truth although interesting will never make daylight.

    • smslloyd

      You need to run for congress. you make more sense than 99% of the people there now.

  • Wes

    I think when it gets to much for us Vet we will have to start using alternate medicine.
    Most all of the perscription have side effect and you can find alternate medicine for most things. If you get good, you can make some of them
    yourself. Them guys up in the senate can retire after a 6 yr tour with 100 percent medical. Most of them are Millionares. We 30,000. wages people have to pay for them

    • Wes,

      “Them guys up in the senate can retire after a 6 yr tour with 100 percent medical. Most of them are Millionares. We 30,000. wages people have to pay for them”

      Wes, that isn’t true, not true at all and never has been true. That 6 year bit was debunked years and years ago.


      Retirement Benefits for Members of Congress

      Katelin P. Isaacs
      Analyst in Income Security
      November 30, 2012…

      Health Benefits for Members of Congress

  • Jim

    If our government would stop trying to feed, clothe and police the entire world there would be more than enough money to provide health care not only vets but to everyone who is a legal U.S. citizen. Why should we send Billions to countries like Egypt. Charity begins at home, we should take care of the home folks first.

    • carlos

      I highly agree on all of your points. How do we get the message across to our politicians including the president. Thanks.

  • Tony

    There is no contract. It was a promise! One made by our Government as a recruiting tool to get young Americans to sign up and stay in for 20 years.You serve, you get free healthcare for life. That was the promise. Tricare is not an insurance company. Medical care under Tricare is administered by Humana. VA healthcare is not free, for anyone. It is payed for by all of our tax dollars, veterans included. And some people based on their income have to pay at VA as well. And they are only covered for injury and illness that were caused by service in the military. It amazes me when people speak out of ignorance and don’t take the time to investigate the facts. When you go dodge some bullets, spend months and years away from your family and make other sacrifices that I won’t even mention, then you get to have some say about what veterans deserve.

    • Kat


      This site tells you about 5 common myths. Myth Number One – I wasn’t injured in the service, so I’m not eligible for VA health care.

      Status: False –
      One of the most common myths revolves around eligibility for health care at VA. Many think that you have to first establish a disability rating before you can start to make appointments, see doctors and receive medication. That is not the case. If you served in the military, even during peace time, and were honorably discharged, you likely qualify for VA care.

  • chsrlotte back

    my husband was in for 22 years and retired. we were promised those benfits. I feel its unfair for the government to do this. I became disabled about 8 years ago and we depend on this. my scripts would cost us over 3 thousand a month without it. I think when senate and congress retire they should have to lose a few of there benfits and pay. let them try to find a job and have to work hard to feed their families or work for mininium wage. bet things would change then. as a wife of a ex. military man , I feel thats its the least they could do being the amount of things our service men and women endure.

    • bud

      The private sector also promised life time health care and after working 37 years for the company they are not abiding by that commitment either.

      • bud,

        I’ve got to laugh at these Governments always to Unions to do that to them. LMAO again.

    • chsrlotte back,

      First of all, there was never a promise (recruiters don’t count as a promise from Government), second of all the difference between us and Congress (all Federal Employee’s), is that they pay into there Retirement and Health Care and every year their premuims go up, unlike Tricare.

      Tricare Prime is an exception to this, but the fee we pay is still not equal to what the Premuims are that all Federals workers have to pay in.

  • Jim

    Just remember we have a voice, use it on election day, REELECT NOBODY, !
    Elect a new bunch of crooks. It will take them a few years to learn the system , then we can vote them out. The Founding Fathers of this great nation, did not
    envision career politicians. Vote Them Out !!

    • Jim,

      “The Founding Fathers of this great nation, did not
      envision career politicians.”

      That my be true, but then again, they left it up to the people to Not allow them to become career politicians.

    • Pres. George Washington in his Farwell address spoke against political parties, he was also against a large standing military. Recently Republicans disclosed that to be elected with party help they had to sign a pledge not to raise taxes. I bet the Democrats have some similar pledge. My question is what about the people they are elected to represent?. Not only do we need term limits, but publicly funded elections with no one who is a member of the bar eligible to run for an office that makes laws since that is a big conflict of interest and any rich person could simply give their firm a big payment and have them vote for what ever they want done.

  • Kat

    McCain got his way and asked for these increases. Could have been worse.

    • Kat,

      LMAO, ok, now this McCain’s fault.

      • Patrisia

        McCain Lost his Integrity Years ago! Forgot where he came from! Forgot about the Service Members because see ?? HE DOESN’T NEED BENEFITS ! HIS POCKETS ARE SO FULL HE FALLS OVER! HE IS A TRAITOR ! TAR AND FEATHER HIM!!!

        • Patrisia,

          I get it, as long as they agree with you and continue to give, give, give with you getting everything you want then their all right. Yea, I get it.

          • tjcporet22

            How many of the Senators and Representatives are millionaires?

          • tjcporet22,

            How many Americans that aren’t Senators or Representatives millionaires????? Really, who gives a flying fart (LMAO), that isn’t any kind of an argument against raising Tricare RX Co-pays, more of a RANT if I say so.

            I mean really, who in Congress is going to listen to this reasoning?????

      • Ben Dover

        I reckon you didn’t get the memo on this.

  • Baduyo

    It was very nice that our VA/TRICare had the welfare of the Vet at heart when the only way one finds out about this raise is Not even the druggest knew what was happening 4 days ago. As of today; I have not received one official word from our Goverment that these rates are rising again. The only good goverment head is on a stick on the mall. Wonder what the heads of power would feel if a million vets marched on Washington and dragged them out of their golden house and tarred and feathered with running them out of town; Reestablish a new goverment “For the people and by the people”

    • Patrisia


  • Alan

    So with each new copay we sponsor another alien or a jet flight to Hawaii for vacation or an abortion for an urban crackhead or a kickback to union retirement or any number of social services that have not received cuts in funding.

  • MSgt Retired

    Although TriCare is affordable, it’s not what I was promised in 1976, nor is it what was promised to those before me or many of those after me. One of many unkept promises. I

  • bandanne

    I am a retired Army Recruiter and Retention NCO. Initial contracts are typically 6yrs active by 2 years IRR. Only healthcare that is “promised” Is while you are on active duty. If you choose to reenlist your coverage is continued. If you choose to go USAR you have an option to purchase Tricare Reserve Select. Recruiters have no authority to promise free healthcare to anybody. Most of their enlistments don’t elect to stay until they reach retirement. Those recruiters who do make such statements should be relieved from recruiting duty.

  • William Thomas

    What are the healthare provisions for members of Congress? (Active and Previously elected)….Just one simple question that requires one simple answer.


      Their is no answer to you question. Because Congress, Seneat , and House will not devolge that information. Forget it grunt you and 1million other where used. 58000, Airmen, soldiers, marines, navy and coast guard. Gave their all. Another million gave it’s best, And in the end was sold down the drain by it’s commander and Sec of state allow the north vietnam soldier walk right into Sigon. I for one beleave the VA is over whelm, Be cause the military medical has to turn treatment of the wounded to the va,

      • rrc

        The healthcare provisions for congress are simple. After 1 term in office they get their huge pay check with automatic increases and everything else free for life. Us veterans and retirees get the shaft. We need to start a new party and get rid of the republican and democratic parties. They are all a bunch of crooks.

  • Stone Branham

    My orginial comment has disappeared. I received an email from my congresswoman yesterday and was surprised to find out that it was not congress that prosossed these increases but it was the department of defence. She told me that congess can over rule this. Many in congress are fighting for us. I know many of you blame Obama but just think what we would have under Mitt, had he won. McCain has changed after his loss to Bush for the nomination in 2000 and has become a more angry loser after Obama beat him. He needs to retire. As i see it we need to target McCain, McConnell,Graham, Ryan,Cantor and Bachman. They have to go. .

    • Betty Sharpe

      agree with this message…..and that members of Congress do have to deal with real life, they have it made in so many ways….

      • Betty

        I meant do not have to deal with real life….

    • Calvin

      Keep your liberal views to yourself .

      • Stone Branham

        Are you saying i’m not allowed to exercise my 1st amendment rights. Only conservitive veiws can be voiced. What a great american you are.

    • wthatch

      Stone….doubt that that is your name \\
      Obama is anti American and should be impeached for Bengazi,

      “it was not Congress who…” BS. Pres. for life Obama urged sequester which cuts DOD by 1/2 trillion(over 10 years). How is DOD to absorb those cuts?

      • A D

        wthatch…your comment is one of those utterly STUPID, UNINFORMED, UNEDUCATED, INANE, BASS ACKWARDS opinions with ZERO intelligent thought and even less credibility!

        Calling ANY U.S. President “anti American” puts them in the same category as extremist Muslims/terrorists. You’re a moron…pure and simple.

        • Nate

          That is the way I feel about Obama. He is doing all he can to destroy our nation.

    • jsub1960

      Well, since Mr Romney is not the current POTUS, one can only ‘guess’ where we would be. Lets stop diverting and deflecting and look at where we are in reality, with the CURRENT POTUS, shall we?

    • Nam Vet

      Stone Branham, well said. However, you left out one thing, Mccain, after saying that the president of Iran looks like a monkey, needs to look at himself in the mirror, and he will discover that he looks more like a monkey and even acts like one and you are right, he is a poor loser and Arizona needs to put him out to pasture with all the old cows.

    • retired NC

      What world are you living in? I guess all of this is Bush’s fault also? Deny the fact everyone is now paying for the individuals that will not work, and everything is being given to them. That is why you see all this increase. Soon we will not have to worry about it the health care will be gone under his watch and everything else. Will this work for everyone ????? . The republican party has done more for the military than anyone else. . Go FOX news at least they tell the whole truth. Yes DOD may have done this but who approves everything? Retired and proud of it 22 years

      • Stone Branham

        Fox News, you have to be kidding. They do not tell the truth. They spout personal opinion, not facts. Those who only watch Fox are uninformed and uneducated. I bet you listen to the gas bag Lush Limpball also who makes up things Keep on supporting the just say no congress, who if they had their way all our personal liberties would be destroyed. They believe in a smaller govt. Under what persident did gov’t expand. What president spent us into debt after being handed a surplus?

        • tjcporet22

          When will this president become responsible for this economy?

    • Tom

      Sounds like you are hooked on the democrat kool aid or Have been confined to the Democrat plantation for way too long

      • Stone Branham

        You are funny. As i watch and listen to the republicans and they continue to spout their crap they will do avery good job all by themselves of making sure they reduce the GOP to mere nothing. Lets see how they do in 2014 and 2016. The majority of americans agree with our president not the GOP. Or do you only listen to Fox fake News?

    • James Albaugh

      Would you like to buy some Oceanfront property in Arizona. The people you named are some of our staunchest supporters. How about we get rid of Reid Pelosi ‘ Schumerand their ilk.

      • Stone Branham

        Sure they are, try listening to someone other than Fox and Lush Limpballs.

    • David

      You are spot on with your analysis. The Republicans have virtually no sympathy for us, the retired servicemen and women; rather, they want to take care of the rich buisnessmen and women. Although the promise made to me in 1967, when I joined the Navy, was for free health care for life after I retired, is a fictional characterization when compared to our current reality, we still have a better health provider system that most civilian retired persons. I say most because the members of Congress and the top 1%’ers do in truth eclipse our medical care program.

  • plott43

    Ah, yes, the wonderful VA system. My husband has been in it since he retired. I know many are happy with it. I was never so happy as the day TFL came into being. Since 1981 my husband has had approximately 8 different primary care doctors. Only one of which was outstanding; one was mediocre; the rest were uncaring idiots. I have enough of a medical background to recognize it.
    The latest new one, after 20 minutes, told my husband we needed to leave, he had to see his next patient. Unfortunately, my husband has many issues, only a small portion of which did we even touch on in those brief 20 minutes. It is “wonderful” when your VA doctor gives a retired 100% disabled veteran the “bum’s rush”. Thank God for Medicare and TFL.
    The VA system in Gainesville, FL, should be ashamed of itself for the way he and other veterans have been treated. I know because I have taken him to 95% of his visits over the years and witnessed it.
    Our government has let him and many other veterans down.

  • amc

    VA is a hard system..Husband (a Vietnam Vet) has cataract…saw Dr at local VA clinic 2 weeks ago….eye DR at Atlanta VA hospital cannot see him till April 4th….
    can’t afford civilian dr/hospital as he is now unemployed by 17 months…so we wait!!

    • Camiegirl

      A cataract is not an emergency. And why should it be covered by the VA anyway. It’s not service connected. And before you scream, both my husband and I are vets, retired.

    • Retvet

      It’s not the VA system. My urologist refered me to a kidney specialist, both in our community health care system, paid by Medicare and Tricare for Life. I had to wait 3 months for an appointment for first visit. When he saw me he decided to have the lab test repeated ( I had called before appt. to suggest this, but was told no, come in and be seen). Now I have to wait another 3 months for 2nd appt. The VA seems to be comperable, not worse.

    • Pat

      I feel your pain. It sucks!

  • Jerry

    what changes in co pay etc will our great leaders in the Washington be paying to help us all get through this financial mess that they created???. They all there insurance for free and a fat retrement after ONE term in office,and they think were breaking up the budget on the meger retirement we enlisted get after covering their asses around the world.I think they should have to spend some embeded time with combat troops to really know whats going on an have a change in perspective.We are all heros in war and a tax burden in peace time.!!!!! Msgt Retired

  • Terry

    Well, my father was promised free care, because we have received it since he entered in 1954. All types of care was not available all the time and some was limited. My mom found out Ft Benning had a plastic surgeon and there was one apt. a month given out. She called for months and finally got the apt for my ear to be fixed. My husband joined the service in 1980 and I was able to get our daughter’s ears fixed when I heard the availability. We brought our kids to all their apts growing up. My parents were seen for years after retirement. The problem was the doctors are not specialized in elder care. Why did the military provide services for over 50 years if they did not have too? I can say, my father-in-law was accepted into the VA hospital. As a nurse I could tell he was over medicated and the doctor could not be reached or returned calls. He went straight down hill and we should of moved him. We need to step back and ask ourselves, why do we put our elderly through all this? Yes, there are so many life extending procedures out there, but if there is no quality of life, why do it? We as human beings need to make that decision, my aunt lived 2 years on chemo and felt good only 2 days in a whole week. What I am trying to say is our government can’t pay for all the life saving techniques out there, because health care 50 years ago was not the same as now. Our daughter had brain surgery and yes, I would of sold my house to get it for her, she had great insurance. My parents started using Tricare and have better doctors! Both our parents have military retirements and SS, and they are way better off than most. We are retired and we are not happy when prices go up, but now people are taking so many medications that it is not good for them. Maybe the cost will stop the crazy thought that a medicine can fix everything and get us back on track!

    • CarolBush

      Oh, but do any of us get the same care as obama,congress, or gov. NO NO NO Why, they don’t think we’re worth it or our children,and not our loved ones that fought or died for this country. So why don’t they all think about making everyones INSURANCE like theirs.??

      • CarolBush,

        Our care is much better than what the Federal Employee’s have.


        Health Benefits for Members of Congress

        • Ret. Navy

          Our care may be better than federal employees at the bottom of the totem pole but obama and congress have out-of-this-world coverage and it’s ALL FREE!!!!! They don’t risk their life to do the job they do but I did and I gave 20 years of service to my country so why should I and my wife have to pay so much for our coverage?? If they get it free so should we! Instead they keep taking more and more of our money but they aren’t giving us enough of a raise in our pension to help with those costs! How are we supposed to keep living when the government keeps taking everything we work so hard for???

          • Ret. Navy,

            Evidently you didn’t go too and read the link I left. Let me explain, Congressmen and the President fall under Federal Employee’s and have to pay for their Health Insurance, just like the millions of other Federal Employee’s.

            The myth about Congress & Health Care was debunked back in 2009, and has since been update in 2012. Should you go to the link I left below, it explains it in detail.

            Health Care for Members of Congress?
            Posted on August 25, 2009 , Updated on August 6, 2012

            Question: What type of health insurance do members of Congress receive? Is it a single-payer, government-run system?

            Answer: Members of Congress are covered by private insurance under the same system that covers all federal workers.


  • Rob

    Here it comes!!!!!

  • EnJay

    So now we have to pay more for medications. In the Fall we have to pay more for Doctor’s and Hospital care. We do not get a heck of a lot in income even though the government stole most of the funds set aside for the elderly and the Service men. They “Borrowed” with no intentions of paying back. Our Government is a bunch of thieves who only care about their own skin!

    • A. Haskins

      Amen to that and I agree 100% about the Government.

  • Rich Morrison

    BOHICA. If you are a Marine and went through The Basic School, then you know what this means.

  • George Stacey

    Way to go DOD. Increase the drug cost 44% and 70% and only increase the retirement pay 1.7%.

    • Joel

      It sure seems that everything I was promised during my 22 years of service to my country in the Navy has gone to the wayside or is headed that way…Social Security is any better as they give you a 1.7% increase and take 25-30% for “Medicare”. I one of the 47% that Mitt was talking about and I have paid a greater % of my pay every year than Mitt paid last year. We have a chjance again in two years to fire all the house of rep[resentives and 1/3 of the Senate. Put them on retirement only afterr they finished 20 or more years(50% of pay) andmake them pay into SS just like we do.

  • barbara garner

    well they got thier foot in the door. Next they will start to chip away at the medical benefits….hold on to your seats, its coming..


    Mr. President Obama quit sending all our money that we borrow to other Country and we would have enough money for our veterans and health care.

    • Straus Davis


      The President does not have anything to do with the increases in health care costs/drugs, etc. When you see your costs go up, look no farther than the Department of Defense and the House and Senate House Armed Services Committees. In conjunction with the Department of Defense, these Committees, recommend increases or changes in health care. Talk to your Representatives and Senators….

  • ACE

    Face it, we’ve been screwed. If you look at the recruiting brochures from the 60’s and 70’s, they all said free medical care for life. Anyone who says otherwise is ignorant. The Government does not care about veterans–all they pay is lip service. We will never receive what we were told we would get. Since the Government does not undestand the meaing of “illegal”, do not expect them to treat us better than the “illegal” aliens. There is no one in Congress that deserves our vote or respect. If we are ignorant enough to vote for these idiots, we get what we deserve. They are in Congress for themselves, not for what is best for America, nor Americans. This is a sad time in our history. Political expedience is more important than honesty and integrity. I feel sorry for the futre generations.

    • Matin Fuller

      I understands your concerns, however you must vote for the persons that represent your issues, understanding that we will not get everything we want!!

    • 1st to Vote

      You are my future generation and here is what one before me had to sayn 1974, my father in law WWII medic with Patton in Belgium and an NCOIC at Wilford Hall medical made this statement to me quote Congress and the American people forget your military service when as a veteran you suffer from the ailments of whatever war, police action (Korea and Viet Nam) and the many other skirmishe s around the world…your medical is No 1 on the hit list, along with your retirement and dependent care…if you want it, because you were promised it…you have to continue to fight for it… no one wants to give you anything you have earned when you are 65…or due you after giving up 20 to 30 years of your life serving the country, end quote…what has changed folks is absolutely nothing. If you want to change things, organize, unite and fight. Our men and women need to be more than praised….they need to have their devotion honored by honoring their blood signed contract…thank you all for your service….you are a superior group of people as are the families who support you.

    • James

      Face it, that was a hollow promise at free medical for life,there was no mechanism in place to fulfill that promise,except at a miltary treatment facilities which these days are far and few in between.Tri-care for me is a great deal,Try and beat the value anywhere and let me where find it.LOL

      • James, Part 1

        Quote from retiree:

        “to quote from the Appeals Court decision (the deciding ruling that matters here):

        IV. Conclusion

        We cannot readily imagine more sympathetic plaintiffs than the retired officers of the World War II and Korean War era involved in this case. They served their country for at least 20 years with the understanding that when they retired they and their dependents would receive full free health care for life. The promise of such health care was made in good faith and relied upon. Again, however, because no authority existed to make such promises in the first place, and because Congress has never ratified or acquiesced to this promise, we have no alternative but to uphold the judgment against the retirees’ breach-of-contract claim.

        Federal judges have a duty to uphold the Constitution and the laws, even if that means making unpleasant or unpopular decisions.

        Congress, on the other hand, has the power to make law, not simply to interpret and apply it. As our predecessor court said:

      • James, Part 2

        Quote from retiree:

        Congress has the power and authority under the Constitution to establish a system for the payment of retired pay [for military service members] and to change the system from time to time. . . . We understand and appreciate the dissatisfaction of the plaintiffs with the change in the retirement pay system, as they have rendered long and faithful service to our country in time of peace and war. However, if they are to get any relief, it must come from Congress, as this is not within [a court’s] jurisdiction.

        Abbott v. United States, 200 Ct. Cl. 384, 390 (1973). Perhaps Congress will consider using its legal power to address the moral claims raised by Schism and Reinlie on their own behalf, and indirectly for other affected retirees.

        Read that – there was no promise, because Congress never authorized it.

        • Idmtmedic

          ANNNNNND read what they are saying with that decision? For someone who states that CON-gress should not be questioned thenWHY would the court say THEY should HONOR that moral contract that was made in good faith? May not have been legal but how many justices also agreed with Col. Bud Day? A majority by ONE judge. Get off your holier than thou tirade and realize that veterans relied and believed those promises. To relieve CON-gress of that responsibility and not put that very decision back in THEIR face because only they can change it is just as ludicrous as any other argument. The intent and judgment of the courts were to TELL CON-gress to set the record straight. Nooooooooo it won’t happen and never will. So rest on your legal standing Charles, and I and the majority of vets will rest on theirs.

          • idmedic,

            I’m just the messenger here. Your beef is with someone else. Too think that Congress should make good every lie ever told by a RECRUITER is ludicrous. Let me leave you with this:

            “Again, however, because no authority existed to make such promises in the first place, and because Congress has never ratified or acquiesced to this promise, we have no alternative but to uphold the judgment against the retirees’ breach-of-contract claim.”


          • Idmtmedic

            Keep telling yourself they always get it right.

          • idmedic,

            It matters not, what was done in the past with other cases, but, keeps your hopes up.



            No promise of lifetime health care:


          • idmedic,

            And even more:

            “Retirees over the age of sixty-five pay nothing for their plan, Tricare for Life. Yet, this group represents the highest per capita cost; in 2007, more than half of DoD health-care expenditures went to Tricare for Life beneficiaries.

            Second, the number of people eligible for Tricare grew from 6.8 million to 9.7 million people, an increase of 43 percent. Moreover, these beneficiaries have health-service-utilization rates well above the averages of civilian health-care plans.

            Third, Congress has significantly expanded Tricare by adding seventeen new programs, covering new procedures and loosening plan restrictions.

            But Congress must acknowledge that Tricare is merely a policy, part of a larger military compensation package that seeks to recruit and retain the best men and women for military service. It was never intended to become an inalienable right.”


      • USMC Ret

        Maybe you should read about the changes to Tricare coming on Oct 1, 2013…if you live more than 40 mi from an MTF, you are screwed! You will be forced to switch from Tricare Prime to Standard with deductibles & 25% responsibility for most services. We have had Tricare Prime since Feb 99 when my husband retired from USMC after 21 yrs…and YES…he too was promised medical, vision & dental for the rest of his life…I calculated the cost of our medical treatment in 2012. Under Standard, even taking into consideration Standard is at no charge, the same visits will cost our struggling family somewhere around triple what it was under Prime. To translate into dollars, over $5000 instead of a mere $1800. This is a huge amount anyway, but especially for us when our oldest starts college in Aug, which our same government, according to our FAFSA says we should be able to contribute $15000 per year for that. College savings you ask? yes, on a great track until 2009 when the economy went to hell & my husband lost his job, who now struggles to find a job because he spends so much time at docs & in surgeries for a service related injury. But don’t fret now, the VA will try to get him processed for “partial” disability sometime in the next 18 months. I don’t even want to think about adding the increased prescription costs to the total. Soooo, sorry to say Tricare is no longer “a great deal” for some of us…

        • steve

          That is the one that really affects me too! Until 2001 when I moved too far away I always returned to the base after retiring in 1995 for my health needs, then after we moved, the base told us, Fayetteville, that we had to use Tricare, so we went to Tricare Prime…well, now we will have to go to Standard after 11 years of being shuffled around from one doctor to another….if someone is interested in Government health care, just take a look at TRicare…it is such a mess that many doctors will not accept it and those who do struggle with the nightmare of paperwork!!!

      • Guest

        I agree James. I don’t understand all the whining. Come on people, even with the new increases, this is STILL a bargain. You’re not going to find many civilian healthcare plans that will provide the same standard of care and prescription drugs for the same price. Stop complaining already and be grateful for what you DO have.

    • Pat

      Well said!

    • Ben Dover

      Congress has never really cared about Military Personnel. They do however throw us a bone once in awhile. If they really cared then why do you think they would send their young out to fight without leading the charge? Answer; because they don’t have to!

      • Ben Dover,

        I not sure how you can say that. Before Congress changed things, we soldiers in 1799 were paying for our own Health Care.

        Now, look at where we are now and make your comparison.

        • Idmtmedic

          Yes let’s compare. Are you serious? Your comparing that to now and feel justified? That’s your argument? The government will NOT honor any contract because it states in that contract that it may be changed at anytime. Regardless of what they promise or SIGN. It can and will change at their discretion . Argue with that?

          • idmedic,

            I don’t have to argue with anything, it is what it is.

            I’m happy with what I’ve recieved after I retired. Everything I thought I was going to get I have it and more.

            You and you dumb contract. Like me, you never had a contract that gave you FREE HEALTH CARE. Get over it.

            If you’re not satisfied, why did you stay in nothing all the time you were not going to be happy with what you got when you retired.

    • ACE,

      Quote from retiree

      retiree ·

      No you weren’t promised “free heatlhcare for life” – because CONGRESS never authorized it. And the ONLY free healthcare that ever existed (and still exists) is space-A at MTFs. If you are 100% disabled, you are eligible for VA at no cost.

      Quote from retiree

    • James l. Owens

      Right on target. I joined Bud Day’s suit and learned, via the Supreme Court, the life time medical care I had sold to my Marines was not a contract but an enticement. Standby for more trouble.

      • Idmtmedic

        Right on!!!!!!!

    • itsdibs

      Somebody got it RIGHT, Good for him or her. Congress will never join Us in healthcare

    • Zoland

      Not just 60s and 70s, also the 40s and 50s. I enlisted in 1948 and retired from the Airforce in 1970–22years service and do I well remember.

    • Derek

      Can you provide a copy of the recruiting brochures from the 60’s and 70’s that promissed free medical care for life? My father served 24 years from 1956 to 1980. I served 20 years from 1985 to 2005. Both of us have our contracts for all our years of service and nowhere is free medical care for life listed. I have no documentation that ever declared free medical care for life. I did have brochures that stated if I retired I would have access to CHAMPUS/TRICARE, but no claim of it being cost-free. I did have some Re-enlistment NCO’s who told me that I would be entitled to such if I served long enough to retire, but when asked to show proof of that statement, they couldn’t.

      • Derek,

        I think most really don’t remember what was told them, but it just sounds good to agree with other vets.

        • Idmtmedic

          Guess those other supreme court justices were WANTING to hear the same thing even though they never served in the military huh? Why wasn’t the decision unanimous?

          • idmedic,

            “Why wasn’t the decision unanimous?”

            LMAO, do you really want me to explain how the court system works.

            Case lost in 2003, it’s over, done deal, we lost. Now get over it.

    • terry

      Why would the Government care about the veterans–they get the best insurance money can buy. I say let’s petition to get every Govt. official on our insurance and watch how fast things will change. You bet, this is a sad time in history and I assure you it will get worse. I cannot believe we are voting these people back in office. What is wrong with these voters/ All I can say is “God help us”.

  • “retiree,

    Feel free to use MTF’s space-a. That’s still available free, and is the ONLY military healthcare that was ever free.

    Oh, and the most you were “promised” was healthcare, not free healthcare (regardless of what your recruiter told you). Only Congress could promise free healthcare, and they didn’t.”

    • Vietnam Vet

      Mostly true. Both Houses have FREE health care. . . .

    • Pat

      But they did promise it for themselves.

      • Pat,

        No, not true. I did post the source of the truth, please read it.

    • tom

      When I enlisted in 1961 we were promised FREE medical/dental for life by recruiters and also verified while on ACDU.It was in the 70’s that CONGRESS said we didn’t have lifetime healthcare, but they had it. It was an implied benefit mentioned by recruiters and the mililtary hierarchy itself. Su[pposedly had the force of law until the Carters/Clintons got their hands in the mix. We LOST a lot of benefits then!

      • tom,

        Recruiters can’t make promises like that, that is why we lost the case.

    • Retired MCPO

      If the retired military can’t get free healthcare, why can all the bigwigs in DC go to all the military hospitals and to the Navy pharmacy for free?

      • Retired MCPO,

        Although I’ve never seen anything giving them that privilege, I was told it was Defense Secretary Leon Panetta that authorized it.

  • A D

    VERY well said AND accurate Stone B! Many of the ignorant and uninformed out there can’t seem to accept or understand WHERE this increase originated from. It wasn’t an article on the back page of some podunk newspaper. It was in major headlines in major newspapers and news websites on the internet! DOD proposed and won acceptance for this increase. Military dot com is a HUGE resource to read all the AP/UPI etc articles on military/medical issues. It “AIN’T” Obama, it’s the DOD screwing us on this front. I’m beyond sickened by some of the blatantly ignorant, truly “STOOPID,” uninformed, asshats, (Liberal OR Conservative) who post replies on ANY forum!

  • Cecil R Rice

    The DOD is slowley whittling away at our benifits, With everything going up more and more (except retirement pay) I hope I can afford to pay for future medications or have to decide between maintaining my health or buying food.
    Congress has approved “Free Health Care” for themselves so why do you think they’ll do that for us retiredmilitary. Why does our government always cut our military’s, and elderly benifits? Why don’t they cut theirs, they can afford to, that’l be the day.

  • Boomer

    Last I checked, the Dept of Defense reports to Obama…not a US Senator. People truly are either educated, uneducated, uninformed or idiots!

  • W. Ingram

    VA in Atlanta is an outstanding facility. Your husband like myself will receive outstanding care. Sometime there is a wait, but anything urgent will be immediately delt with. I am disabled for treatment and I have nothing but praise for the care I have received.


    My wife and I both joined the hundred or so retired veterans that demonstrated our concern over earned and due free lifetime medical care on the capitol steps. I remember there were groups from the East Coast and a few from the heartland of America, but the numbers were indicative of the attitude of trust that the deluded average veteran holds even to this day. If you sit on your hands and listen only to the BS and BIG LIE that the Government is feeding you on; you have no reason or right to complain. A massive march sit-in IN Washington is the only way you will ever be heard. Plan on bringing your pup tents and sleeping bags. It could be a long and trying effort. MIGHT EVEN REQUIRE SOME SELECTIVE CAMPAIGNING AND VOTING COMMITTMENTS.

  • MARY

    I said that we you get rid of the house and the senate because they are the ones beside the tea party that have the AMERCAN PEOPLE IN TROUBLE.


    • Duff

      I agree with you 100%

  • Ken

    Let’s not forget the goal of this president, according to the movie “2016” and the book, “Obama’s America”.
    He plans to use debt as a weapon of economic mass destruction to downsize the U.S.
    Why hasn’t he presented a budget for the past 3+ yrs.? Wake up, America. He’s determined to destroy this country; he hates the wealthy.

    When the wealthy become poorer, the middle class becomes poorer, and the poor becomes poorer.

    Think about why he wants the guns out of the hands of American citizens.

    • JERRY


    • Johnny Boy

      lighten up francis.

    • Bill

      What a crock of shit Ken. WHO hasn’t passed a budget? WHO? Are you that ignant?

    • retired NC


      You have got it. I do not know why some people and especially military cannot see this. I wonder with the pay check already short how is that working for them. This is the only the beginning.

      REtired E-7 NC

  • John C Luke

    What happened to our Pledge One Nation Under God Indivisional Wmith Justice For All. This is the United States ( or should be) Key word United. My advice is to get off the wagon and push . The wagon will be lighter everyone will benefit .Too ,many blending hearts spoil the basket.

  • Tena Jones

    Things are bad all over but the increase in the Tricare Premium was enough, now and increase in the co-pay. My husband has been retired since 1997 and live in Arkansas, at first finding medical facilities to take Tricare was easy, now hardly anyone excepts it here, I had to go to Louisiana just for of my knees. I feel that everyone’s trying to point fingers but for those of us that live in the real world of retirement, it’s all that we have. I’m not a political person but I think that this system has been in place for so long that it’s like the old saying ” If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.” Someone mentioned in a previous message about the rich get poor, yea right, they will make sure that never happens!

    • crimprof

      Agree completely. We are being forced to move where the insurance is — that is doctors that will accept it — and that is getting more and more limited. We will move to a larger city because there are a number of doctors in Atlanta that accept it. That will decrease as Tricare lessens the percentage that they will pay and the quality will decrease — but, why would they want retirees to live longer — that costs them more.

  • Joe

    Prove he’s lying, pussy.

  • Joe

    THAT is ABSOLUTELY correct. Truth – choke on it, you Democrat traitors to the country.

  • Bill

    I have to say, Obama did not tell the pentagon to mess with our Tricare. What he did was not to put budgets forth since he’s been in office, give the poor all the money the government brings in, borrow up the hilt to China so the Military has to cut back to pay for all those social programs. Wait, he is screwing with us. Just like Obama care, does he have to take it? Does Congress…NO, but we have to live with the fact to pay for everything the Democrats want for the poor, the illegal aliens we have to give our benefits up that we worked for so they can have thier “RIGHTS” and never paid for. Remember, we could have been shot at, killed but that does not matter to anyone it seems anymore.

    • crimprof

      That may be true. There has not been a “budget”, but there sure has been a defense bill. Okay, he signed a 600 Billion dollar defense bill. Now , the sequstration is upon us. The sequestration is for 85 billion. About half of that is defense. Let’s say 45 million. That is about a 7 percent percent cut. All month — the news is reporting 30 to 40 percent drop in readiness, maintenance, etc. what is wrong with this picture. Just as the insurance companies are sticking it to all medical related services and drugs — so are the defense contractors and layers of contractors sticking it to the military and driving the cost of defense up. We don’t have a budget shortage — we have an overage of defense contractors (many military retirees) who would sell it to foreign nations if the U.S. doesn’t meet their demands. Time to really look at who we are pointing fingers at.

    • Bill

      You better wake up, because instead of smelling coffee I am smelling your

    • Lynn Westrich

      Bill you are so right on!

  • usarshooter

    I remember in 1964 the government said medical for life, they in Congress have a short memory when it comes to guys who put their ass on the line, they don’t have to worry about medical, retirements, nothing but they hold the purse strings, it is time to put on term limits and remove all their perks (Planes and benefits.. This is the only way to stop the madness, they don’t give a crap about anyone and each year it gets worse.

    • peter

      you have it wrong only the people who we voted in get free medical care for life thats why we have a military so we can protect thier sorry free loading ASS`S ask them to take a 10-20% pay cut

      • peter,

        Sorry, they pay for their health care just like all the Federal Workers. That idea was debunked back in 2009.

        Health Care for Members of Congress?
        Posted on August 25, 2009 , Updated on August 6, 2012

        Question: What type of health insurance do members of Congress receive? Is it a single-payer, government-run system?

        Answer: Members of Congress are covered by private insurance under the same system that covers all federal workers.

        As for a pay cut, they haven’t recieved a pay raise since 2009.

        • tjcporet22

          Charles you fail to say how much they pay for their portion of health care plan and when they reach, is age 55, what does medical come to at that time?

          • tjcporet22,

            I know they pay hundreds more a month than you and I, and when they reach 55 means nothing. They still continue to pay those premuims. See the source below.

            What they pay depends on the plan they pick.


            Health Benefits for Members of Congress

            Ada S. Cornell
            Information Research Specialist
            May 3, 2012


    • usarshooter

      You are right, I was a little naive in 1964 and it took several years to find out after being elected to Congress or the Senate they get the same salary for life when they retire or get pushed out of office. I think they also just gave themselves another pay raise. We all need to get together and if everyone voted we could remove a lot of the dead wood who think they are serving us and the only person they are serving is themselves. They would not even think of a pay cut, we need to put them on medicare and Social Security and take their benefits and put them into the Social Security account, they have been robbing it blind since Johnson was president..

    • usarshooter,

      A promise of free health care from a recruiter is not a promise from our Government. We lost that case back in 2003.


    • tjcporet22

      Shooter I agree. Term limits, no retirement when they leave office and can not become a lobbyist for 15 years. That way everyone they worked with in the Congress would be gone. The Senate should be two (2) 6 yeas terms and can not lobby for 24 years.

      • tjcporet22,

        They do have term limits, which is decided by the voters in each state.

  • Alicattt1

    Please correct me if I’m wrong, but isn’t the topic we are supposed to be commenting on Tricare Rx Co-Pay Increases? Given this, please keep in mind that Tricare was up & running long before President Obama was sworn into office. In fact, several antecedent presidents had to face to the “music” that the 2 houses “played”.

  • baj

    I’ve got only one thing to say that is we a know what they promised if we serve 20 plus years. Our president knows what’s going on and he had to let happen.

  • tjcporet22

    Easy on the navy guys. I’m not sure this fellow was even in the navy. I enleisted in 1962, just six years later. No one I was stationed with or met made first Class in four years. Maybe if he did a six year enlistment.

  • RRD

    My unit was deployed for 15 months in Somalia. We were the longest deployed unit for that operation. My unit was the Finance Support Unit for the 10th Mountain Division, although when the 10th redeployed and we did not and were augmented by other Finance units. During our deployment I had a casualty rate of approximately 7 percent. Combat units of the 10th had less than a 10 percent casualty rate. When my unit rotated, 100 percent were diagnosed with some form of malaria and had to undergo extensive treatment for it. During our deployment all personnel suffered from various degrees of amoebic dysentery.

    My unit saved millions of U. S. dollars, identified and coordinated intelligence from funding that the enemy used, coordinated local purchases made by the veterinary and medical personnel for unit health. identified an international counterfeiting operation being used to finance criminal and terrorist activity in Africa, and paid and accounted for all local contracts for all U.S. units in the Somalia operations. We closed our books and balanced to the U. S. Treasury upon closure of the operation. My unit was awarded the Presidential Unit Citation for this effort.

    I believe that my personnel honorably earned their retirement and disabilities caused by their service. I feel sorry for anyone who cannot see this.

    • Larry R

      I agree 100 percent with you an am sick to my stomach that the people such as you, had to make anymore sacrafices for this country. All I can say is I am sorry for what we have allowed this country to become.

  • Holoco

    In 1969 when I (yes Enlisted) I to was promised the same thing in writing in my contract. So far everytime I have sent a copy to my congressman and senator from Oklahoma, it has been well received with a nice placating letter saying they will look into it. Strangly however (ha) nothing ever hapens and the paperwork disapears. Now I wonder how that always happens. Hmmmmmmmm!!!!!!!!

    • Holoco,

      I think nothing ever happens, is because you'[re paperwork is invalid. “The Case of The Promised Free Health Care for Life”, was lost at the US Supreme Court in 2003.


  • John

    Who in the “F” is getting this free? When you say give away, well the way that I interpret give away its something that one did not pay for. Next time you get a pay stub look a little closer you are paying for these benefits. The problem is that our wonderful elected folks in Washington have borrowed from these programs to bankruptcy and now want to change these to entitlements, to cover their illegal theft.

  • debra

    thats not true because if it was i and my son would have not been homeless for the last five years if he was giving away free shit tell me how come i and my son got missed out on this give away if any body should be mad as hell is i and my son who the military didnt give a shit about us just let military mens and husband do what the held they want to and dont think about all the shit us women has been through for waiting on them to come back and we get the shitty deal so how all u mens out there feeling now about this shit that i let u knew about now who”s the problem now i rechange that answer and try something else because the military is the problem and always will be until they make some good decision with these husband as my comment thank u all very much please read it well

  • Doc,

    And many wonder why the unemployment rate for our post 9/11 Veterans is much higher (11.7%) than the Nations average (7.9%).

  • Tommymommy

    I would have appreciated it if Tricare would have notified me BEFORE I had to go to the pharmacy.

  • Mary

    You are right Linda! Undocumented people living in this country get more benefits that we do. They abuse the system big time. I wish the government will cut the food stamps for all these people. If they can’t work and support themselves, they need to go back to their countries. Income Tax is another joke. They never have to pay back. Illegals know all the tricks and always get money back.

  • James George

    What’s w/ TriCare RX. You can go to any base and get your prescription w/o any cost. So why does TC RX have to raise is co-pay!. Plus why do we have to pay cop-pay for each month of a 90 day prescription. Some thing is not making any sense here. What happen to the promise to take care of us after 20/30 of service or after a combat injury!!

    • bob

      it is part of obamacare

    • Mary Breault

      Amen, obama needs to help support all the muslim brotherhood people he puts in the white house.
      Also if he wears down the military/veterans this country will be easy to take over and that is his plan.
      Take our money make us as his followers are dependent on the gov’t for our lively hood.

  • Mary,

    Undocumented people don’t get food stamps. Should you know of this happening, they are breaking the law, and you need to turn them in.

    • Rich

      come to California and make that statement and it won;t fly,,,

  • gene

    Increased co-pays=more trips to navhosp pharmacy for FREE meds. Now makes trip economically feasable for me.

    • babsie 1952

      Gene, I don’t know why that Tricare doesn’t understand that prior personnel using network pharmacies because they are closer, increasing the prices of
      medications co pay esp 48 dollars is ridiculious. It will not save money the MTF’s will now have to increase their spending to provide the medications.
      It is just spending in a different agency of DOD.
      Also, Tricare is a federally funded program and part of the GOVERNMENT whose top leader is our PRESIDENT. the statement that OBAMA is not responsible, Yes OBAMA is accountable for federally mandated spending which includes tricare. Know thee of which you speak

  • Charles

    As with many here, I served twenty years, with the promise of free healthcare for life. Now I pay and am content with that. However it is inappropriate and a disgrace for those who legislate to continue to balance the books of our government on the backs of service members who made sacrifices to self and family in providing you with the comfort of serving your country from an office in Washington. Too bad we can not legislate your pay and benefits. . . It now seems I have the the same respect for our government as the have for US Veterans. Thank-You and God Bless America!

    • Idmtmedic

      Charles your speaking the gospel!!!!!! My point from the start. If you are willing to send men and women into harms way for a political, humanitarian, or security concern then at least consider that what will happen after those actions occur. The money HAS to be available after the fact for the veterans. PERIOD. If you want to compare benefits for veterans or the indignant then I say compare them. Now in regards to CON-gress, are you serious? We are talking about tax money. Money that pays US and the same folks that make millions. Why isn’t it ok to pay them less on a tiered bases as they are asking the military to do? If it’s ok for us and we are ALL sharing the socialist idea then share the wealth right?

  • D. Doyle

    My self and my spouse didn’t go back on our promise to fatefully serve our country for 22 years, then find out now that promises made to us was and are not fatefully being provided. We pay for medicare, that’s OK. But if we can get our medications at a military pharmacy at no charge, why can’t we get them at no charge at any pharmacy? Gives up the question, WHO IS MAKING A PROFIT ON THE BACK OF SERVICE PERSONNEL?

  • elden teall

    It was President Dwight D. Eisenhauer (sic) who first slipped it to us with “Space
    Available” which soon became equated with “doctor available”, “equipment
    available” “time available”. Any excuse that could be conjured up to give reason
    for any MTF to refuse medical attention. I never seen it in black and white that
    or federal government gave any guarantees of total or free medical attention to
    active or retired personnel. Believe most were assumed rights and/or propaganda to encourage reenlistments. I personally believe that anyone
    who completes 20 or more years of active duty or commensurate duty
    requirements, should be eligible for total/free medical attention. That’s what
    our Federal Senators and Representatives are getting and have been getting
    for many years. We put our lives on the line, while all they do is lie, cheat
    and steal from their constituents. Elden Teall Ret USAF Msgt.

    • Diplobear

      Srry to tell you mate, you’re all sucking out of the same trough; and the rate at which you’re sucking crates a “deficit” what is so hard to figure out.
      We know Obama can’t do math or law, claims to be an organizer;
      lets see whether he can “organize” us out of the fricking Omamascare mess
      (which by the way not a single REPUBLICAN voted for) or whether medical
      care won’t be available on Saturday’s and Sundays just like our Postal Box.

      • Idmtmedic

        Sucking and giving are a bit different mate. I know more suckers than givers and I assure you ANY military member in whatever capacity is a giver. Now let’s talk takers. Mmmmm where do I start? CON-gress is a good place. No tiered system for millionaires on a largely funded taxpayer retirement. 1 year of their salary equates to how many years of an average military members salary? On top of that let’s discuss their benefits while in office and after. Most are lawyers with a well established career, and a former CON-gressman doesn’t suck on a resume and yet a taxpayer funded retirement for them is necessary? Welfare? Oooook enough said. Drug addicts, alcoholics receive benefits for a disability?

        • idmedic,

          “1 year of their salary equates to how many years of an average military members salary?”

          1 year of the average military salary equates to how many years of someone only making the minimum wage.

          Anyway, here you go again comparing yourself to a Congressmen. If you wanted to make more monies than someone else, then why did you stay in the service.

          I don’t know what it is about you, but you continually compare your retirement pay to someone your aren’t. No one twisted your arm to stay in the service.

          Like all those ex-military that ran for Congress, why don’t you if you want their pay.

          • Idmtmedic

            Here you go again. Anybody else get a taxpayer funded retirement JA? OR a TAXPAYER SALARY? If YOUR GOING TO COMPARE WAGES then do it with taxpayer funds retard. You want to deny that fact then continue to shove your empty #%% opinions up your #**. Until then STFU .

          • idmedic,

            That is just it, you shouldn’t be comparing what you make in your retirement which you never paid into to someone that is still working and is paying into their retirement. You being a retired E-6 and them being Congressmen just don’t compare at all, whether their working or retired.

            I be sorry idmedic, but nether you nor I compare to a Congressmen whether we are paid with tax payer funds or not.

            Now, if you want to compare wages as you called them, then compare them to those in the military.

          • Idmtmedic

            Lmfao, …….your a research genius!!!!! YOU may not compare yourself to CON-gressman because they have a HALO apparently? Or a supreme bloodline but I will compare my sacrifice to this country as compared to theirs any day of the week. Pushing a desk is a great job but last I checked the “service to the country and sacrifice by CON-gress is a bit lacking”. So let’s compare our salaries………AND sacrifice. Ohhhh yes I forgot THEY are responsible for the whole country but soldiers are only responsible for? WE are to pay for their genius education and overspending. Let me check their sacrifice again?…………ahhhhhhh their it is…….no pay raises since 2009………..dam your right. How do they do it? Charles, join me in a petition to donate half of our retirement to our suffering CON-gress. It’s good for our country and will help us all. Who else will help this travesty? I say MORE PAY RAISES FOR CONGRESS!!!!!!! Who is with me? They have sacrificed enough….hehehe.

          • Idmedic,

            It’s no wonder none of them write back to you. You don’t have the ability to formulate a decent argument in favor of anything you continue to complain about.

          • Idmtmedic

            You are priceless! I have gotten the “form letter” responses Charles. C’mon you know what I mean right. Oh wait, you have never written them. Hopefully you know their names at least? Perhaps you could write them a letter praising what they do. Then we can compare “form letters”.

          • idmedic,

            I have no need to write them, since I don’t have any complaints. LMAO.

            Heck, I got everything I thought I was going to get when I retired.

  • blyons

    It seems to me as a retired US Navy person (Sailor & Shipmate to my fellow Marines and Sailors) looking back at my 20 years of service with all the deployments to God forsaken hellholes, Vietnam, Adak, Alaska, Iceoland, Diego Garcia etc. etc., with many times, 20 -24 hour workdays with NO OVERTIME PAY and vile working conditions, the LEAST our Govt. can do is provide decent medical care at with copays for drugs that do NOT exceed 10%. Is that too much to ask. Those FAT Bastards in Congress can vote themselves FREE ROYAL SCALE medical Care for themselves and their families and do absolutely NOTHING to earn it but can now welch on their agreement to provide reasonable medical are for the Servicemen and Women who protect their SORRY lives. What a travesty of Justice.
    A POX on them and may the fleas of Parris Island all descend on them for the rest of their lives.

  • Wife of 28 yr vet

    Yes, Free medical care for life was promised; no one, not the generals or the secretary of defense told the recruiters to stop saying that. Therefore, the generals & every secretary of defense also lied. As for space available: there was always space available on the planes headed into Vietnam & space available for the body bags coming out.

  • Mike Jarvis

    I feel truly lucky to have what I have in regard to medical care and the associated costs after 26yrs as a Submariner as compared to my co-workers that at least 10x more for less coverage. Yes, it is unfortunate that costs increase, but look at the other side of the coin. I’m sitting pretty compared to most.

    • Kurt

      Let us know how you’ll feel when the cut you benefits and increase your premiums and co-pays in a few years…..and don’t forget, you were never promised lifetime health care….
      Your co-workers pay 10x more, but how many of them made 6-9 month cruises on (or under) the seas….
      You earned your benefits and this current regime is trying to take them away one by one.

      • Kurt,

        Mike Jarvis is right on in what he is saying. You claim lifetime health care was promised us. Well, that is only if you think a recruiter can actually promise that? As you see, back in the year 2003 that case was lost after going all the way to the Supreme Court.

        Note: Free Military Health Care was never intended to become an inalienable right or a guarantee like our retirement pay. You can make all the claims and Congress can say anything they want, but until they pass a law, fund it and the President signs it, you nor I will never, ever see free health care for life come our way, that is what they call a “pipe dream”!

  • Carol

    My copay for b/c pills went from 25 dollars to 44 dollars. The pharmacist said some new law caused this. My pills are made by Bayer. Bayer had previously stated that, if I registered with them, my copay would never be more than 25 dollars. Can anyone tell me what’s going on?

    • Carol,

      Please read the above article, “TRICARE Rx Co-Pay Increase”, it explains your question.

  • alr333

    Where’s the “printer friendly” button on these stories? The HECK with “facebook share,” and “tweet,” and “google +”; give us something useful!

  • Mae

    I am trying to find out how much Tricare pays on my Rxs when I also have BCBS. Walgreens does not take Tricare so I’m considering changing to CVS but they can’t tell me how much copay Tricare would pay until I fill or refill a Rx..I guess any help I get from Tricare is better than nothing thru Walgreens..I’m losing out on benefits my husband spent 38 yrs in the Army for..
    Thanks for your advice.

  • C.Ober

    I entered service (air force) in 1981, I separated in 1995, I slung that crap of ” sorry sir / m’am, we can’t see you in our clinic due to being fully booked. Your care is on a “space avaiable” basis. We were told to reserve less than 5% of the “space” for retired or dependents. This bothered me due to being told as well, by my recruiter, and every annual re-enlistment in service, that medical care would be provided. Do we tell our congressman and senators they can be seen at the Walter Reed / Bethesda Military Medical Center, on a “space available basis”? Heck no we don’t. This is AWEFUL! Provide them the same “level” of care as our servicemen / women and you will see NO ONE “serving” in those fat cat career positions for more than 1 term!

    • C. Ober,

      Sorry, but your comparing Apples to Oranges. First off, if your using the Military Hospital on a space a bases, then you aren’t paying for Health Care as I see it.

      “Military Treatment Facilities

      Members of Congress are also authorized to receive medical and emergency dental care at military treatment facilities. There is no charge for outpatient care if it is provided in the National Capital Region. For inpatient care, Members are billed at full reimbursement based on rates set by the Department of Defense. Outside the National Capital Region, charges are at full reimbursement rates for both inpatient and outpatient care provided to Members of Congress. FEHBP insurance may cover these expenses after a deductible or copayment is met. Members pay out of pocket for expenses not covered by FEHBP or other insurance. Former Members and dependents are not eligible for care at military hospitals.”