Many Will Lose TRICARE Prime on Oct. 1, 2013

On October 1, 2013 more than 171K retirees will be pushed off TRICARE Prime – chinese herbal viagra the military’s managed-care option. The policy change will affect retirees, their family members and military survivors who reside more than 40 miles from a military treatment facility or from a base closure site. Affected retirees will need to shift health coverage from Prime to TRICARE Standard, the military’s fee-for-service health insurance option. For beneficiaries who use canadian pharmacy more than preventive health care during the year, the shift will mean higher out-of-pocket costs. Read the Military Update to get the full cialis tablets uses story. Let your voice be heard! Click here to tell wisconsin’s approved canadian pharmacy list you elected officials know how you feel about this change in TRICARE benefits.

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Terry Howell
Before becoming the Managing Editor for, Terry served 20 years in the U.S. Coast Guard as an Aviation Electrician’s Mate and aircrewman. In his final role in the Coast Guard, Terry served as a Career Development Advisor, where he provided career, finance, education, and benefits counseling to servicemembers and their families. Since retiring from the Coast Guard, Terry has authored the book, The Military Advantage, managed the content for TurboTap, the DoD's online transition program and VAforVets, the VA's transition assistance website. Terry earned both his Bachelor's and MBA at Corban University using Military Tuition Assistance and his GI Bill benefits to help cover the cost.
  • krl007

    Just talked to Tricare North for clarification….
    – They don’t know WHO is affected by you calling them (I’m in the gray area)-you need to wait for a letter. When? By October 1st….nice.
    – They don’t have a list of the BRAC sites they will accept if outside 40 miles from MTF (my case–outside 40 from MTF but within 40 miles of Willow Grove, PA–BRAC 2005 list)
    -Watch out for the “100 mile” caveat. This means since your current PRIME network is now gone, if you want to stay PRIME and live within 100 miles of MTF/BRAC–you sign a travel waiver. They then assign you to closer (to MTF)existing PRIME network–this means you need to drive to get to a doctor within the 40 mile. For some, this may not be far, for others….
    -I also asked about the “rumor” of a forthcoming STANDARD premium. They haven’t heard that. Keep your ears open.

    Hope this helps brother and sisters!!

    • treasureheart

      Yes TriCare Standard IS COMING to all who live outside the 40 mile zone. ALL tricare service centers KNOW about this, so for them to say they know nothing is a gaff! My entire family has health issues, including our special needs child. So come Oct. 1st, we won’t have healthcare and I REFUSE to pay for Standard tricare! Hell make me an illegal so I can get the beni’s they do!

    • Jim B
  • USAF Retired

    I called Tricare North and they are not well informed yet on this change. They couldn’t tell me if the 40 mile radius was driving distance or straight line distance or based on zip code. In my case it makes a big difference.

    • Ken USAF Retired

      I was wondering that also

      • Larry

        Your area is determine by zip code, you can look it up on Tricare site.

  • Heather

    Do they throw their ideas out there at us so we can be braced to some extent that there are changes coming, or does it seem to anyone other than me that things are never organized when they come down the pipe?

    I would be excited if just one thing about the military wasn’t “hurry up and wait”. I won’t be affected like some others, but I do feel for them, because information comes too slow and too late. maybe with all the money they are saving they can pay a few more people to help them get more organized.

    Or wait, take a few people off of unemployment and give them jobs to help us help ourselves!

    • Tony
  • Quickstick

    Is anyone on Medicare part A & B and using the benefit of Tricare for Life. And do you have a spouse under 65 and or a child? Is this the way to go? I have private insurance from work, am retired military and was thinking about giving it up. I will be 65 in a few months.

    • David

      It doesnot effect Tricare for life for you and your spouce if your on Medicare part A & B myself I am and my wife are under 65 but we are both disabaled that is why we have Medicare part A & B.

      • Dan Wheat

        Are you sure TRICARE for Life will not be affected? Most carriers refer to this as TRICARE Prime. I cna’t find a definitive asnswer anywhere.

        • Lisa

          Tricare for Life is most definitely NOT affected by this. I’m a disabled spouse of a retired military man and you better believe I checked into this pronto.

          Also everyone please note that your prescriptions are NOT affected by this. Whether you are on Tricare Prime or Tricare Standard, prescription copays are handled by Express Scripts and will not be affected by the cutback of the Tricare Prime program.

          Here’s a link from Tricare about the changes. Their statement that Tricare for Life is not affected is about halfway down the page under “PSA changes will not affect.”

    • DALLAS4912

      I have been on MEDICARE with TRICARE for life for 5 years. I am 70 and my wife is 68. Our disabled son is 41 and has completecoverage, also. It has been a real blessing not to have to worry about any medical bills. It is painless. The MEDICARE co-payment is automatically picked up by TRICARE for life. If we ever get a bill for service it is because someone has miscoded the treatment. One phone call to the service provider usally takes care of it.

      • Robert
    • fred sharon

      im 66 on Tricare for Life and my wife is 52 and we pay 350 dollars a year for her TRICARE premiun yearly. I see my primary care doctor off base and see specialist on and off base. I had nose surgery , 11K, and Medicare paid for everything, normally what Medicare doesnt pay for, Tricare for Life pays the rest; so far i havent had an issuse. Knock on wood. : ) hope this helps.

    • Stephanie

      Hi folks,
      Hm….I’m wondering why it isn’t the same for everyone. My husband is retired USN so we both had TriCare Prime (or TriWest) and since he still works he also has Blue Shield. I became disabled at 52 yrs old and now I have Medicare Part A and B. I thought according to everything I read that I had to be changed from TriCare (TriWest) Prime to TriCare for Life, however they said I had to go on TriCare Standard and I don’t pay anything at all. Why’s it different? I don’t know.

      • Lisa

        Sorry to correct Judy, but I’m 45 years old and a disabled spouse of a retired military man. When he turned 60 and his retired military benefits kicked in, we found out that I would automatically be enrolled in Tricare for Life and that to do so I was required to be on Medicare A and B which I had been approved for when I became disabled.

        I’ve been on Tricare for Life for 2 years now and it is secondary to my Medicare A and B. Other than prescription copays, I have not paid a medical bill in these 2 years.

        So no, you do not have to be 65 to be on Tricare for Life – you have to either be 65 OR be disabled and qualify and take Medicare A and B, which would apply to Stephanie’s situation.

        Now that Tricare Prime is being cut back, I made sure that Tricare for Life was not being affected. Here’s the link from Tricare, and about halfway down the page they confirm that Tricare for Life is not affected.

    • Lefty

      My wife and I were on Prime until I turned 65. At that time I reverted to Tricare for Life, as long as I opted for MEDICARE Part B, which costs me $100 a month, vs. the $20 a month Prime costs. My wife is still on Prime for the next couple of years. Prime is OK although choices tend to be limited. When she turns 65 then she too will be forced on Medicare Part B for another $100 a month. Not taking Part B is not an option. If you opt out of Part B, you lose all Tricare coverage. So much for recruiter promises way back when. Good luck.

      • Beth
      • a citizen

        Ask people in the private sector what they pay per month for suplimental health insurance when on Medicare. We retired military have it darn good. We earn a retirement that is far better than most and have great benefits. I have no probelm paying $100 a month for Tri-Care for Life. Since turning 65 I have not had to pay anything out of pocket for doctor visits, tests etc. I pay a small pitance for a prescription. I am damn proud to have served and am damn greatfull for my retirement and benefits.

    • Pax Interra

      After 65, you are NOT on TriCare anything as your prime medical coverage. You are on Medicare and Tricare is just a supplimental policy that covers some of what MediCare does not. the difference after this change is that that coverage over and above MediCare will cost more on a per visit basis. The next move that all of you should expect is that what is covered by MediCare will be reduced and some services will be eliminated and those with the “means” will lose even more coverage. This is already being analyzed and bills drafted to do a “means test” to determine what is covered. Any military retiree that has a pension and SS will be deemed to have the means to pay more for coverage. Look for it. it will happen.

      • Stephanie

        Ah, forgot to mention. My Medicare Part A and B has almost doubled in price from when I was first disabled. It’s because now it is based on yours and your spouse’s overall income. That’s a new one they didn’t tell anybody about or I must have missed something.
        Has this happened to anybody else?

    • Sandy Ceballos

      I retired from the Army in 2009 and I had TRICARE Prime, never paid a doctor bill for me or my spouse, even when TRICARE paid over 100,000.00 for my husband, he is now disabled and is getting MEDICARE B, he is under 65, all our bills are still paid in full and I’m still on TRICARE FOR LIFE, however I am within 40 miles of a military hospital and a military base. MEDICARE pays 80% of his bills and TRICARE pays 20%, and they pay 100% of my medical bills.

    • TL Tasker

      I am a licensed insurance agent in Utah. Medicare + TFL is probably the most cost-effective insurance option above 65. I’m 66, and yes, that is my option. A medicare supplement that would do the same thing as TFL will cost about $125/mo and won’t cover drugs–another $30-$50/mo. You can leave your under 65 spouse/children on Tricare prime. They automatically reduced my prime premium when I went on TFL and left Tricare Prime. You need to call Tricare and make sure they switch you when you hit 65. Also, you must have both Part A & B of Medicare, so yes, you’ll have to pay the $104.90/mo Part B premium. If you are still working, you can delay enrolling in Part B, stay on group insurance at work (usually more expensive) and save the money, but then you cannot have TFL. Feel free to email me with additional questions.

      • Ken O

        Thank you for the informative reply and offer to answer questions. I am a 64 yr old Navy retiree with a spouse who is 8 years younger than my self. We are currently enrolled in TriCare Prime and live within 10 miles of a MTF. I understand that 3 months before I turn 65 (Nov 2013) I will have to enroll in Medicare Parts A & B and also request TFL for myself from TriCare authorities. Is that correct.? Is there a specific deadline by which I must make those notifications to SSA and Tricare? Lastly, will I have reapply to TriCare in order to keep my younger spouse on TriCare Prime? Thanking you in advance, Ken O.

        • a citizen

          I recieved letters telling me everything that I needed to know. My enrollment was automatic unless I advised otherwise. It was a walk in the park.

        • Linda

          Hi, my husband turns 65 on Thursday and I won’t be 65 until July. I am still on TCP and he is, as of 2/1 on Medicare. I only have to pay for TriCare Prime for myself until the end of June. They prorated the bill that I paid the end of December and I will pay just for me (single rate) until I go on TCL as of 6/30.

      • Robert Randall

        TL, I retired in 1988 and began working in civil service, so I opted for Tri-Care Standard and picked up a civilian insurance (Mailhandlers). Everything was greadt until I turned 65, picked up Medicare Part A, B, Ihave tricare for life and Mailhandlers. I never had a problem until I started Medicare, now my doctors are sending me bills because the insurance companies don’t seeem to know what to charge. I am currently still working Civil Service but will retire in Apr. I’m concerned about keeping Mailhandlers because it’s expensive. I never had to pay anything in the past. The only reason I hate to cancel it is because with the new health care bill doctors may not want to take medicare or even Tricare, but civilian insurance no problem. Wat are your thoughts?

    • Eddy Budget

      I kept my private insurance even tho I had medicare and TFL; cost a bit more BUT I had great coverage and was very happy in the private system. I strongly encourage you to examine carefully any decision to drop your private work related insurance especially if you have dependents under 65.
      (Army Ret0

    • Fred

      I’m approaching 70 and my wife is 66. I have been on Tricare for Life (Tricare Plus) for about 5 years. Unless the private insurance can guarantee no out- of- pocket expenses and no increase in deductibles (under OBAMACARE) your best bet is to stay with TFL, When you finally pull the plug and retire for good there will be no transition to a quality health care plan. I expect some expenses to kick in in the future but not to the tune of my former employer’s health care increases. You should hear my former co-workers scream at the upcoming changes. Glad I stayed on Tricare while in the private community.

  • Franklin

    Is TRICARE for Life affected by this?

    • Franklin,


      • Idmtmedic

        Franklin, save your pennies…….YES it will affect you

  • Idmtmedic

    Hey nobody is cutting our benefits. Stop with the fear mongering. Our BENEFITS are only going up???? Right Charles? I did read your posts correctly? This is a miss print. Ohhhhh yea I forgot, never meant to be free and it’s not cuts but needed increases in cost of medical benefits. 40 mile limit ONLY means you go to standard. No big deal.

    • sailor64

      No big deal? Wow, really? After serving 22 yrs i think I deserve to remain on the prime I was promised no matter where I live!
      paying 25% of cost on a proceedure that runs $5000. Share $ would be $1250. Thats more than one month pension check.So how is that no big deal?
      Not to mention how this travesty is going to overload the already stuggling VA hospitals and clinics.

      • Idmtmedic

        Sailer your missing my point. It is a HUGE DEAL.

    • tricare

      wow.. where is your head?

    • EdOfWV

      Wow, you must have never benefited from PRIME. My small monthly cost for PRIME has saved me thousands in hospital bills. If you don’t think you are loosing any benefits, you don’t understand either PRIME or what CO-PAY can cost using Standard. OR you are close to an MTF. 40 miles becomes 200 in this state. There are NO MTF except a small mostly like clinic at Sugar Grove and that is 5 hours away. You need to catch up before you boast about stopping fear mongering.

    • ConcernedRetired HM

      I assume your a Retired Officer and have plenty of money to just shove out. Those of us Enlisted retirees don’t have the hugh pension that some may be receiving. I know if this whole TRICare thing has been nothing but a headache. I can’t even get a proper referral for a chile with a sports injury because of the politics involved. I plan on just dropping Tricare and Delta Dental all together and going with my current employers health care. With the increase in CoPay and monthly payments, might as well get good health care instead of any Jonny come Lately physician.

    • Dennis VanLiere

      Learn to think outside of your own circumstances…no big deal to you is a lot different than for the widow of a Vet (posted right after your post) on a fixed income. I’m a Vet who just went on TRICARE for Life and because I am close to an installation, I also was able to keep TRICARE PLUS…now I pay $105.00/mo for Medicare, while I am still paying the now double fees for TRICARE Prime for my family. My wife will go on Medicare next year and have to pay the Medicare fees, but I will still be paying TRICARE Prime family rates for my EFMP 38 y.o. dependent forever son, so he keeps his coverage…and those fees will keep going up too. So, Mr. No Big Deal, I hope you still feel the same way when you get a little farther along, and when you get close to a fixed income or are on one, and the rates keep going up and you have less and less takehome, but your other expenses are not settling down…I am thankful I still have my benefits, but in 2013 the cost for them just tripled for me, and next year it will have quadrupled (or more) over FY 12 costs. Be afraid, be very afraid…

    • Incensed

      NO BIG DEAL. You have got to be kidding. Do you seriously know what the co-pay is when you go to the dr. and have TCStandard? Are you that rich you don’t care? We aren’t rich and do care!

  • Gary

    STANDARD is comparable to PRIME but this change will save the government $55Million per year – really? So either the doctor’s are getting $55M less or the patients are paying $55M more – which do you think is more likely?

    • Idmtmedic


      • jcrowe

        Considering Doctors view “Tricare” (by any name) welfare insurance I think it is safe to say our benefits are going to the “social interests” of the country..i.e., the illegals, the welfare reciepients and to support Obamacare. The $55 Million? Yea, about that…we get to pay that too.

    • Barbra

      STANDARD is not comparable to PRIME. Standard has a deductible and then only pays 20-25% of negotiated rates. You will need to pay for a supplement to STANDARD and then hope your doctors will file both claims, or you will have to pay the 20-25% yourself and then file the claim yourself.

    • Harry

      Gary, don’t forget, they are trying to change Standard so that you will need to Pay an annual fee to use that program. Its something like what we’re paying now for Prime, They also wanted to raise Prime rates X10 of what we are paying now.

    • River Rat

      Just to add a comment on Tricare STANDARD. I am a retiree with 22 years of Naval service. Many years ago I was on Tricare Prime until I had to wait for several months to receive a major operation, that was continually being rescheduled and deferred. I refused to go to the VA so I switched Tricare STANDARD and purchased a Tricare Supplement (Silver) that now costs $1,600 per annum. Lucky for me that I did because shortly after enrolling I was rushed to the emergency room. The doctors stated that if I did not have an operation immediately I would lose both of my legs. Within 24 hours I had the much needed operation, plus they removed 4 oz. of shrapnel from my abdomin. That was over eight years ago and I’m doing well. My wife (also a retiree of 24 years) and I saw this train coming and have planned for the enviable and also planned that Soc. Sec. will not be around for us.
      For the individual whom posted that we are freeloaders and whiners. The government made a covenent with those of us whom served honorably for 20 or mor years; that we would have medical for life, retirement, and disability benefits (if eligible). I do not know whom the poster is but he seems to be doing well with governent subsidized benefits. As far as most vets believe is that these benefits are not freebies, they are paid for and hard earned. Some of us were on long deployments, went to places where people tried to kill us. We have been shot, blown up, totally disabled and some paid the ultimate price. This is why we vets and our depedents are entitled to the promises made. If the government can take back their promise no-cost medical for life, what makes you belive that they will not take back retirement or SRB benefits.

      • Idmtmedic

        River rat, I will tell you who that veteran is that posted that. Charles Bryant. Check out his record and his opinions. A veteran that doesn’t believe we have any argument with what we receive for medical or any other benefit. Doesn’t belong to any retired organization and states he hasn’t written to his reps because we are whiners and complainers.

    • joe

      $55Million per year—thast will pay for one of Michelle’s vacation

  • Tanja

    Tricare standard is pretty much no insurance at all. I am noyt going to lay out my medical records here, but as a widow of a combat Veteran , I could never afford the rates of tricare standard. I just have to die. The politicians not only saving a lot of money that way, they are also creating a lot of medical uninsured . Baby boomers, which are getting in their way anyhow. What a mess.

    • Tanja,

      How much does Tricare Standard cost you, or what is your rate?????

  • gudys

    The first thing people should do is start researching SUPPLEMENTAL plans to aid in covering costs that might burden the new shift. Here is a good website to start from: — http://www.tricare-supplemental-insurance-compari… —-

    Hope this helps!

    • Chris

      Be sure to add up the cost of supplemental insurance because you might find out you are not saving any money. Remember Tricare extra/standard has a $3000 out of pocket cap per year.

  • Rey Wang

    Where does obamacare(less)fit into this because it does?

  • alicia

    Im a widow of a veteran using tricare prime , switching to the tricare standard i cannot afford it + im not driving cause my health how im gonna go to my doctor appt if its to far like travis”’

    • fatty8
  • Gary

    OBAMA’S OWN WORDS: “If you like your doctor, you can keep them.”

    • sam

      Yeah and if pigs fly, cows will come home to roost.

  • Cynthia M Droz

    Is this 40 mile limit from a military hospital or a military clinic? A hospital is many many miles from here and the clinic doesn’t do alot of advanced diagnostic tests. I’m active duty retired and have Tricare standard. I have sublimental insurance as my primary and pay 1200.00 a month for that due to pre-existing conditions. My retirement is chewed up paying for health care. What a mess.

  • Rod

    I received a letter from one of my Senators, Dan Coats, and does state that retirees living more than 40 miles from a MTF will have to switch to Standard or Extra. But, in the next sentence he writes “However, beneficiaries who lose access to Prime coverage may choose to stay in Prime if hey live within 100 miles of an available primary care manager by signing an access waiver.” Does this mean that I can continue to use Prime and my current PCM since she is within 100 miles of where I reside?

  • Sandrarae Headley

    Why is OBAMA taking everything from the poor instead of the rich. The military retirees and the medicare retirees have enough trouble making ends meet now.
    Take some money from the Senators and the house of representatives retirement. They make hundreds of thousands in retirement for working, even if it is only for 2 to 4 years. We worked our whole lives and paid in our sweat and out of pocket for our retirement. This is not something they are giving us, this is something we earned. Shame on our government for picking on the poorest people in our country and taking what little they have.

    • Sam

      The more baffling question is with all the military retirees who saw his leadership over the last 4 years, HOW did we allow him to be reelected…

      • Stephanie

        You are soooo right! Anyone that voted for him should NOT complain at all.

    • Straus Davis

      Hey Sandrarae Hadley,

      You are looking at the wrong Branch of the government. The President is part of the Executive Branch…Congress is part of the Legislature. I think you should look at the House Armed Services Committee…not The President. It is The Congress, your congessmen/women and senators who makes these cuts….Not the President.

    • Karen

      I agree 100%! Sadly the president and senators are never going to give up a penny! Sure hope the presidents daughters know what everyone else in this country is sacrificing for them!

  • GKT

    I served with pride and I loved being in the military. Once you think we have a plan, slowly our benefits get taken away. Is anyone out there fighting, observing what is going on here when it comes to the retirees? What little increase in Cola we get, ……..hmmm….lets just see how we can take that away. Each year, from Medical to Dental cost….. now prescriptions….soon we won’t have a leg to stand on. You give back to your country by serving, hopefully thinking you will retire with some dignity, but what little benefits you have are slowly taken away. The people we elect to go to Washington, D.C.,….I guess no one is looking at the big salaries they are making and that their families are set for life when it comes to benefits! The poor keeps getting poor and the rich…..richer!

  • Uzyrbrain

    Where are all the trolls that claimed this was a bogus rumor when I warned this blog ( about it over a year ago! All I got in return was flame and hate about my spreading false rumor.
    Have they all crawled back into their ObamaHole?
    One only needs to read the news (stay away from the MSM pabulum they feed you), follow what is happening to the DOD budget, and look at the cutbacks at the local base hospital.
    Is every one happy with the extra payments they now get to make to get their FREE prescriptions? Is everyone happy with the cuts in the Tricare Formulary pushing you over to the drugs that are not as effective. My wife is now on her third try of a substitute for the drug the will not allow anymore.
    Guess that is the idea – help them die sooner and save even more money


    The consequences of having and re-electing a GANGSTER GOVERNMENT!

  • Art

    You have got to be kidding. I broke my back, and my neck amongst several other injuries all while performing my duties. Injuries incurred by the military, I have to pay my co pays for everyone of these visits, I never go to a Doctor except for these injuries. Hence I pay for a policy for injuries the government caused. All a waste. Served my country for the prime 20 plus years of my life, I take meds that I have to pay for they caused. How the h.ll is this TRICARE FOR LIFE. The politicians spend us in to oblivia, say their out of money, give it to people in foods stamps, yes foods stamps are good, but just like SSN. To the people that paid into it. But we give schooling, food stamps, fuel vouchers housing subsidies, health care, and whatever else you can think of to people that just came to our country, not to mention illegally, and vote their thieving pay raises, health care, retirements, and infringe upon our rights. The idiots voted for this guy, the clowns that voted for him live with it. And the others that didn’t Pray for God. Because he’s the only one that can save us now

    • Irene

      Thanks to the Republican party that wants major cuts in money that go to defense–ie where do they cut military family health care and those retire who gave 20 years to their country. We need to have term limits set for our Federal elected officials and they need to pay for their health care and social security. then you will see how fast things change.

      Thanks you for your service.

      • Sam

        You are so disillusioned, to blame republicans for trying to stem the tide of Obama’s spending. Obama will spend the country into bankruptcy. Lose the country – lose everything.. Not just military benefits.. All while people like you keep voting for him and hoping he’ll pay for your house. Pinch yourself – WAKE UP

      • Stephanie

        You are so right about all politicians having term limits. I wish I knew how to start that up because I am sure all of you would sign that petition. And…let’s take it a step further and demand that whatever medical program they provide us is something they too have to live with. What ever happened to the people’s voting on Obama Care. I am sure there would not have been any back door deals there and at least the people would have made the decision. Maybe its time that all of us start making some noise to our elected officials and let them all know what we want! They should be putting the US citizens first and stop providing illegals with resources our own families get…..that’s why the military and their families sacreficed for isn’t it?

    • phx27

      Why can you not get VA disability and treatment at a VA clinic if you have service connected medical problems? If you broke your back and neck in line of duty, that shouldn’t be a problem.

      • Stephanie

        This is true. My husbands goes to the VA and he gets no copays and his meds free. And you should be receiving add’l benefits $$ too.

    • Tumbleweed

      And don’t forget, besides food stamps and everything else, they now get free cell phone.

  • Wulf

    Remember when the recruiter said you would get free medical and dental for the rest of your life if you spent at least 20 years in? Yeah…

    • Harry

      Yeah, but did anybody ever read their re-enlistment paperwork? They put a note in there that states”In this block are the ONLY guarantees offered, any other promises not listed will not be honored” or something similar to that. Thus we’ve been lied to all these years! Basically, we’ve only been relying on the Governments say-so that this is what we are going to get. Lets you know how well the Government “Honors” their word!

      • harold

        Harry, I went to recruiting school right after Desert Storm; they were still teaching us to say that crap. And it was still in some of the pamplets; but hey, we got shafted and the government come away with a big smile on their face; by the way that was done under another Democrat too….remember who?

  • anthony tucker

    I definitely will not be voting for people who would rather take all benefits from the military…and give themselves a raise each year. Why don’t er just get rid of our military and congrss and the so called president can get all the money they want from the American people. I won’t be voting for any of you till u change this.

    • Pat

      I agree vote them out! Also leave my Guns alone too!

    • Kenneth

      Well, it appears you voted for them twice. Didn’t you learn from the first 4 years? Apparently not!

    • buc

      You’d better check before you vote for a Republican, they are the biggest one’s in getting rid of prime. Check out who’s pushing for this, it’s coming mainly from the Republican’s…Please! Get educated before one starting casting stone’s, It’s the Republican Senators that’s doing it, and the Pentagon.

  • ConcernedRetired HM

    OK, help me out here. they say by kicking 171,400 retirees and dependants off Tri-Care Prime the government will save $55 Million. Well I don’t understand how it will save anything. if you multiplyt 171,400 X $538.56 (annual dues) which is the total payment annyually into TRICARE PRIME by a Retired Family, they will be losing a revenue of $92,309,184.00. My calculation shows they will be in the RED for $37,309.184 based on the lost annual dues. No wonder our financial status is where it is in this country. I guess they figure were too stupid to use a calculator and see for ourselves how were getting it without the KY.

    • Pax Interra

      Your math is good for jsut the annual dues but where they will make up the difference is that TriCare Standard members must pay 25% of everything that is covered by TriCare. That will be a huge increase for some retirees and the number of retirees is increasing by 10,000+ per week. by 2020, there will be mroe than twice as many retirees as in the active service – nearly three times if you count the Reserves. They will save on the backs of people on fixed incomes or those retirees that have to rely on their pension, SS and TriCare to live on.

  • Rob

    THANK All Those A**h****s that voted for our “SAVIOR” ,Harry R and Nancy P

    • buc

      We’re in this mess because of some of the posting here, giving the Republican Senators a pass while they pull the rug from under us. It’s the Senate that controls the budget, and if they want to stop this they can. CALL your Republican Senator and see what they say…Nothing important i can tell you. Our strength is in our number’s we must flood our Senators offices with call’s to stop this, if we don’t they will take prime today and our retirement check tomorrow.

      • Stephanie

        They can’t even pass a budget. Congress has the chaching!! power

  • LFahey

    This is bit upsetting, we just got Prime in our area couple of years ago, now back to standard. Sorry I voices will be heard on the 2014 and 2016 election. Since Congress gets full benefits for life after only serving a single term, not 20 years. They should lead by example especially reflecting 28th Amendment.

    • Straus Davis

      Didn’t the article say, that those that reside more than 40 miles from a military treatment facilityor fom a base closure site. If you do not meet this criteria, I don’t this effects you….

  • SSgt George Riendeau

    I believe someone has nothing better to do than to make other people’s lives
    harder than they already are! Back in 2007 I became a displaced worker due
    to the company I worked for shut down our paper mill completely. The worst
    part was they refused to sell to another paper mill. I was only 60 years old.
    Thanks to Tricare we were able to manage. Even today its a struggle to keep
    our heads above water. The increases being placed on Tricare or any insurances related to the Military is a travesty to to the Veterans and their families. Thanks for the oppurtunity to give my opinion.

  • Jerry

    I am a retired E-7 after 20 years of service. Like most of you I loved my job and the service that I served for our country. This is the way your president repays us, a kick in the teeth. You spend 20 or more years in the military, it does not matter what branch and you will have medical issues. Eventually my retirement will only cover my families medical cost. What type of retirement is that! If we do not stand up and fight for our rights, our retired veterans will be eventually swept under the carpet and forgot about. The government always claims to be pro-veteran. With these types of problems that we face, I am sure glad that they are on our side. HA! President Obama, shame on you for your actions toward us.

  • william d dwyer

    Not one thing has been mentioned regarding TRICARE FOR LIFE – MILITARY retirees with OV ER 20 years service. I knew darn well, once the commander in chief was elected, the man/woman with 20 years service would be hit with this increase. Better go back to the draft because VOL;UNTEERS will not step forward.



  • LosingPrime

    The Active duty Dependents get to keep their Free, no premium Tricare Prime and we retirees(not within 40 miles of a closed base) now lose the option for Prime and must now be covered under the no fee Standard with its higher deductible and co pays.
    How does this make sense?? They speak of the cost savings, but How much $$ would be generated if the Active Duty families had to pay a premium for Tricare Prime?
    My former local MTF (5 miles away) was not a full service hospital on a single service base, but a clinic located on a joint base with a pharmacy, doctors to see patients, and referrals to a local civilian hospital if needed. This medical facility as well as all the Army run support programs, was closed due to BRAC. However, I do not qualify for the within 40 miles from a base closure because he base didn’t close– only the support activities and the clinic were closed. GO Figure??
    We and our families all need medical coverage. If all are going to be serviced, then all who opt for Prime should pay for Prime, or abolish prime and all (active, reserve, retired) be covered solely by standard (CHAMPUS) like the old days before Prime!

  • Rod

    I would like to know how in the hell those who want to take Prime away from us can sleep at night. To think that I spent 24 years defending those who want to take our deserved medical care away makes me want to puke. I am disgusted by all of this. I am pissed. If I could kick their asses, I would. I don’t even know what to make of our government these days. Do we even have a government or just a bunch of jerkoffs sitting around bickering day after day? Hate is a strong word, but I am leaning towards just that.

  • Harry

    You think this is bad. They are also dropping the number of docs at the Base Hospitals, so If you’re a retiree, you’ll be seen only after all the Active duty folks. So making an appointment will be extremely hard. I think we all need to file a Class Action Lawsuit for Age Discrimination because, the Gov’t FORCES retirement on us. If they are going to affect the retirement system for those that already retired then they need to allow us “Working Age” Retirees, back in the service and allow us to work till the Civilian Retirement age. Can’t have it BOTH ways.

    • Rod

      I am beginning to think they just want us to die and go away.

      • Harold

        It’s all part of Obama Care; age related services. I have friends still on ative and some retired and they are having a hard time getting seen at all; like waits up to 3 months.

        But don’t worry; every illegal in this country and all those people on Medicaid will have all the care that they need; on your dime.

    • Stephanie


      I agree. You know the only thing that has stopped this administration from doing more harm than they already have is thru the court system so your idea is right on. Why can’t retirees and their families file a class action law suit against they for failing to comply to what they promised. If you hear them on both sides……they love vets and active duty……they wouldn’t want anything negative hitting the news so maybe this could get world attention and make it to the courts. I’m sure most vets will jump on board. And I’d help in any way I could. How can we do this …where do we start?

    • GunnyO.

      Here it is just made it on to the base hospitals, THAT WONDERFUL CURE ALL ObamaCare at work.
      “Sit and waite and take a NUMBER! See you in a few Months. Or just die and go away.

    • carol

      absolutely agree, wonder what the congress and the president would do, if their health care and retirement benefits were taken away? Of course, not they would not let that happen because they are taking ours away.

  • KHolton

    In our area, a lot of doctors are dropping Medicare patients or having folks pay up front and file themselves for reimbursement. Re: Tricare Standard, my understanding is that although you do not pay an annual fee, you do pay for treatment at a higher rate.


    The Pentagon and some in Congress is determined to take away military health care because it has become so expensive. If we were unified like civilian federal employees they would not do so. The civilian federal unions carry weight due to accumulated dues/war chests that can be spent by the unions/super pacs on elections and the bloc like votes the unions present. **** Military on the other hand have no such representation. We do have Veterans of Foreign Wars, American Legion and others with some clout but not what we see from the nationwide unions. ***** The Pentagon claims medical costs are eating them alive and the Congress, including a very disappointing Senator McCain who of course is independently wealthy have worked to take away what we have…. left. **** The simple truth is that military health care is expensive, more so than ever before by a multiple. Why? Because we have an aging population and boomers are growing in numbers almost exponentionally over the next two decades. Also, the recent wars and recent gains in technologies have accelerated both survival and thus costs and quality which = costs. So, yes, it is expensive. However at least when my generation began serving the line was for those that stay and make it a career, you, your spouse and minor children will be provided heath care, free of charge for life. Military who served in the 60s, 70s and before never heard a word about cost and being pushed into Medicare and Champus was the system, Tricare did not exist. No one told us that at 65 we would be forced into Medicare against our will, the promise of free health care reneged on and the value of our service and retirement lessened. No one told us that annual premiums, deductibles and fees would be on the table for increases subject to political will. There were none of those before.

    Removing Tricare from those living more than 50 miles from a base is just one more way of lowering costs as is increased premiums, increased deductibles and increasing pharmacy costs. Now that the politicians have started wars and sent us to them creating millions of wounded and thankfully not wounded that require ever more expensive care, it’s convenient to take back what was promised. ***** Remember Obamas statement before his first election to the effect that we shouldn’t be angry about being asked to pay for our own health care as we volunteered? ******* Too many conveniently forgot about that and others like it. It was a forgone conclusion that he would be willing to sign bills pulling the rug out from under us, what is a surprise is that folks like McCain would lead the charge. ******* The message is you are expendable and promises aren’t promises as those siiting in office today didn’t make them or if they did you aren’t the voting power they fear. They will however fight to preserve ever better benefits for civilian federal workers that often include both dental and optical benefits because they are politically more active and are seen as a threat. You, the vets who fought for them are not a threat as you no longer have an effective voice beyond politicians who talk out both sides of their mouth. Now that the costs have gone up, promises no longer matter, your service no longer matters and you now longer matter. They want that money for pork and social justice, not for you.

    • Rod

      Wow! Did I ever matter?

    • Stephanie

      You are partly right regarding the cost of healthcare. It’s not just military healthcare that costs too much, it’s overall healthcare. I worked in healthcare for over 30/yrs and what is really driving our costs is people coming into the healthcare system within the US without insurance. This is mainly abused by illegals as they utilize emergency rooms as their primary care. This along with the cost of anchor babies and you have hundreds of thousands of dollars that are spent and nobody pays their bills….or actually it gets paid by “us” the taxpayers. You hear it said that there are 11 – 14 million illegals in our country. That’s not true. There are 18 million illegals poring into our entire social resource system. We live in San Diego;, CA and if you go to the local MediCal office there’s a park next door. There are actually people that meet and walk around with a clip board and teach illegals how to get into the system. This is true, I’m not kidding. My husband spent 31 yrs in the USN, and now works at the border as a federal officer…..our laws are disgraceful and most laws aren’t even enforced. I wonder why? Heck, people coming over from Mexico are not even given speeding or any other type of moving violations as there is no system in place to make sure they pay it. This abuse adds up and has hit many of our border states. It’s rather pitiful. We should stop all money that leaves our country and set our national budget right. Maybe this sequestration will do just that. It might makes both sides (Dems and Repubs) actually work together for the good of our country….and I do believe neither side will put our country at risk. I can’t imagine they are that stupid.

      • Visham

        Are you kidding ? Healthcare for profit is what is screwing everyone !!! You pay a premium for health insurance and the insurance companies are in bed with providers, drug manufacturers, med equipment providers on and on and on… Sad the wealthiest Nation on the planet is driven by greed and greed alone. We are all mortal and will not ever take anything with us into the afterlife if there is one.
        SAD !

        • Stephanie

          Healthcare is for profit, however not with capitation from our government. Healthcare providers have to make up the difference elsewhere in the system.

          I do agree with you about insurance companies being connected to the drug mfg etc…..Pitiful that we haven’t figured out how to make this more far for our citizens.

    • GunnyO.

      ‘The DOD is going to be the YES – MAN and the military is getting the soward on both sides.’
      We still have the MID-TERM Elections, if anyone cares.

  • Norris Beale

    I am a 20 retiree who made the decision to go back to school full-time (GI Bill) so I could get a decent job. My wife works as a cashier at a grocery store. We are comfortable as long as we keep a tight budget.
    However, reading these comments makes me think that many of you folks now have a “welfare mentality”. I’m reminded of the seagulls in the movie “Finding Nemo”…….. “Mine, Mine, Mine, Mine, Mine, Mine………”
    Hey! People! Our country is going down the tubes because for far too long our government has been making promises and handouts it can’t afford to keep…… of course NOBODY is willing to give up one cent of “what’s theirs”.
    I’m not complaining. Every month they pay me about $1600 just because I worked for them for 20 years. They pay me more because I have this very minor little thyroid issue (imperfection). Now, they are paying me rather well to go to school.
    THERE NEEDS TO BE A REDUCTION OF ALL THE FREE STUFF from all segments of society that’s gotten quite comfortable collecting lots of free stuff.
    I’ll bet Mitt Romney would be taking similar measures. It has to be done.

    • Rod

      Come on!!! There are SO may more ways to cut costs. Look at all the bullshit they spend money on. Send all of the money to other countries, but to hell with us.

      • Norris

        I have to agree with you there, Rod. So much is wasted on foolishness.

        • Idmtmedic

          Norris I’m clenching my teeth at your post. Just because you don’t FEEL that veterans deserve that so called FREE stuff. I won’t even post what I’m thinking about your ideas. If I did you would not want to read it.

    • Stephanie

      I think we all realize that overall there is going to be tax increases and some reductions to help pay for this mess, regardless of whose fault it is. But I don’t think it’s fair to any American to ask us to do without or to allow someone that hasn’t served their country to benefit and abuse our system simply because our elected officials are clueless. It’s not about being selfish, it’s about what’s fair and reasonable.

      You know I have dual citizenship with another country. In going thru the process I had to prove to that government that I had enough income so that I would not use their socialized system. Yet, this same government who has this law is quick to come out loudly if the US isn’t willing to give illegals …we’ll everything that they won’t.

      This isn’t too fair or reasonable is it?

    • Gary

      You are probably right BUT if you think giving up any of mine or your benefits is going to help even alittle your wrong the only thing it will do is allow Obama to spend it somewhere else

      • david

        just so you know the morning after the election obama changed the rule for selling a of now all houses sold will pay a 3.8% tax to obamacare..before that only houses sold for over $250,000 were taxed. so who does this hurt?? old people trying to downside like me..anyway i agree with you statement..

        • John

          That’s not exactly true David. You only pay taxes if you are above a cetain income threshold. Even then, you only pay taxes on the amount of capital gain OVER $250,000.

          • david

            i was talking about house sales and not income…re-read it..

    • redprincess

      YOU are right – LEAD THE WAY- No-where is it written you MUST take retirement, use VA hosp, Tri-care, or GI Bill. – YOU ARE FREE to Turn down those “Mine, Mine, Mine handouts – and put that money back into the system.-IF YOU HAVE ANY INTEGRITY – you will. It is obvious from your comments you feel these are unearned handouts. Or are you one of the “many folks” that “now have a “welfare mentality”. That is what I think – I think you are a “NOBODY” who is not “willing to give up one cent”. A woman down the street from me RECEIVES DISABILITY because SHE USED SO MANY ILLEGAL DRUGS. she always complains about running out of cigarettes – send her some hand-out money. Another girl (age 20) is having her FOURTH CHILD in 2 months (fathers’ unknown) she doesn’t like her TAX PAYER paid housing and complains her EBT won’t buy beer or cigarettes.–show her some compassion – a couple cartens of cigarettes and few cases of beer and her last couple of months of pregnancy could be worry-free…. YOU ARE RIGHT-THERE NEEDS TO BE A REDUCTION OF ALL THE FREE STUFF

    • Bethany


    • Eddie

      Norris, really…welfare mentality…?!?! Let me clarify a few things. Your retirement pay is not free, you are paying into it during your military career you just don’t see it, so you did earn it and you don’t “JUST WORK FOR THEM 20 YEARS”…you bust you tail off for them hard working years, so again you EARN!!! your retirement. And your paying for TRICARE prime. So where do you come off with “FREE STUFF” is beyond me. My biggest complaint about this mess is that if I want to maintain TRICARE prime I have to turn my life upside down to move within the mile range of an MTF. I should be able to live where ever I want to.

    • Wendell Espy

      I find it interesting that a 20 Retiree would take this type of stand. My suggestion is “Reduce the retirement for political officals and their children.” Why are their debts waviered. I see a conflict of interest! They make the decision that everyone else needs to cut back. I have never heard of an Political Offical say they are willing to lead by example. As for TriCare Prime there is only so much speciality care the military can provide for Actvice Duty Personnel, Retirees and their families deserve the benefits this country promised.

  • retired NC

    I never voted for this administration. I could see the writing on the wall 4 years ago. I am a military retiree with 22 years in service. This will not stop here, until everything is gone. I do not know how any body could vote for this and sleep at night. I agree bring the draft back. I also would like to know where is TFL?The last I heard starting in 2013 we will pay $300.00 a year until it finally reaches the same cost as a regular supplement. Where is all our support for serving our country at? They do not care. Don’t be fooled.

    • Rod

      Let’s face it. This administration SUCKS! I wouldn’t want a single one of them serving in our military. The uniform is too good for them.

    • Jeff

      This policy started under the previous administration, the current President did not dream it up. Where does everyone think the “magic savings” come from when government spending is cut significantly?

      • Rod

        I don’t see Hussein Obama trying to fix things for us vets. Socialism sucks.

    • Buc

      It’s the Republicans that’s doing it, which is not a part of this administration if you listen to their rhetoric.

      • Rod

        It’s DOD that’s doing it. That is why I just don’t get it.

        • Steve Pedrazzi

          the DoD is ran by the military equivilant to the wall street leaders … they won’t feel these pains … this is just another bullet for an executive resume

      • Stephanie

        Sorry Buc,

        But you got it all wrong. If you look back in history the Repubs have always been for the military and their families……but even if we give the Dems a break and say they don’t suck as much as they do…..this president is a disgrace to the office. Even Clinton improved things for vets, active duty and their families. This pres is out to destroy the US so that it will never harm another race….i.e. indians, blacks etc!

        It’s all very clear if you listen to both sides.

    • Harold

      Tricare and the military are actually saying; this all started under Bush, sound familiar?

      I have written my Senators and Congressmen; one congressman replied with a leaflet from Tricare and some of the idiots in the pentagon; which says that I will not be affected. Only those people living outside military installations will be cut.

      I have never supported any of these people currently in office; on either side. On one side we have nothing but socialists and on the other, there is not one with a backbone!

    • GunnyO.



    • Fred

      Don’t just blame the administration. I didn’t vote for him either but that is beside the point. Corporate America doesn’t make money on medical support for the military. Corporate America makes money on wars and financial support to countries we have (liberated). The State Department pours money into foreign governments to solicit support for Corporations with a financial interest in that particular country. There is no corporate financial return by treating a wounded Vet therefore no cause for a Congressman to support legislation to do so. As far a Congress and the administration is concerned military health is just a drain on the budget . In their eyes the money could be better spent on pork barrel legislation that would benefit a far greater number of constituents in there voting community. If Congress real intention is to save money then cut the government infrastructure that is growing leaps and bounds and does not create a profit or a product. We have to stop creating laws which in turn requires an government infrastructure to enforce that law, which leads to wasteful spending and needless government job creation.

    • NamVet

      Blame the President as usual for everything. Which part of “Congress won’t allow Prime fees to keep pace with health inflation,” didn’t you get. And who runs Congress? That would be the Republicans, who want to privately control everything!

      • Proud widow

        Thank you NamVet. Amen.

        I collect widow’s pension for my husband who served in the Pacific in World War II… and then spent 18 more years in the reserves. He also collected disability… I don’t. It looks to me like all this crap is due to the GOP… which refuses to do anything positive for anybody. The people be damned. They’ve got theirs, don’t they?

        • Proud widow

          Correction: a paltry widow’s pension; when my income has to be considered for anything, the military pension isn’t even taken into consideration.

          • Proud widow,

            Pensions were never meant to be equal to what one was paid when they were working, they were meant to supplement what each of us put away for our own retirement.

        • Proud widow,

          Everything stops with the President in my book.

    • CWO Reality

      So do you finally see that America shows it’s “gratitude” by wearing yellow ribbons and saying “thank you” but when it’s time to slash veterans as a budget line item most Americans refer to as an “entitled” group and advocate cutting our benefits? But what the f, how can one complain? They said “thank you for your service”.

      Blaming the loss on the current administration is absolutely moronic. Republicans, Democrats and civilians who has never served DO NOT CARE about your benefits. Please stop letting political bias blind you from the fact that both parties and most civilians want to steal our benefits. if you haven’t noticed issues such as concurrent receipt, continuing loss of medical payments to doctors by our insurance providers I suggest you educate so that you will know that Republicans and Democrats and the average American are equal opportunity f’ers when it comes to finding ways to take benefits away from veterans and active duty military.

    • Dick Clark

      I wish it were as simple as electing a president. This whole change is brought on by the pentagon who keeps building expensive weapons platforms at the expense of us.

    • frank

      Get it right pal-Viet nam vet here-
      It’s PAUL RYAN REPUBLICAN starting and LEADING the charge

      Meant this for here-not for T.Bagatta

    • Dick Clark

      The administration isn’t doing this to us! The fucking Pentagon has decided it needs new aircraft, subs, battle groups and flag officers more than it needs to take care of us retirees!

  • Mike

    I can’t belive you Obama voters did not see this coming. If I’m right this was part of his wonderful healthcare bill commonly referred to as ObamaCare. The only thing ObamaCare works for is people who don’t ever want to work or illegal aliens. Yes illegals are fully covered and they don’t have to live close to any base, just sneak across the border. If you’re in the military or retired and voted for this idiot, you’re absolutely blind and deserve losing your benefits.

    • T.Taylor

      I find making Obama responsible offensive. Who says Obama had one thing to do with just does not know what they are talking about. I know the facts and you do not. This has been in the works from the Bush free spending 8 years in office. He the other republicans that passed every spending bill they could think of plus take us overseas to the longest most costly 2 wars in our nations history.

    • Vic

      Mike, although I do not like this Bullshit at all, However, I believe you’re the idiot in this uproar and disagreement, this matter was voted upon and passed in 2007-2008…before Barack Obama…so get your stupid idiot Mike-facts together.

    • Wayne

      You can thank Senator John McCain for this one, that was his solution for cutting down on medical expenses.

  • NavyWife_MarineMom

    I am the spouse of a 27 year retired veteran. We live approximately 20 miles outside Tricare Prime range and will be forced to switch to Tricare Standard this year. The savings difference between the Prime premiums and no premium Standard will come nowhere near covering the increased cost of $12 per vist versis 25%. I have conditions that require periodic visits to two differrent specialists – office visit approx $400, cost share $100 at 25%, plus there is a deductable that must be met before standard makes any payments. Add to this the increased prescription costs (ours are all mail order). My husband had a heart attack and has to see a cardiologist once a year, more frequently if there is a problem. I don’t even want to think about what the 25% co-pay on that is going to be. I begin receiving a very small Social Security check this year and those payments will be used primarily to pay increasing medical costs. Hopefully things will be better when Medicare starts.

  • Jmcmillian

    The Us Government changed their treaty promises to Native Americans. Guess next we will be put on government reservations. I wonder if the next move will be to roll back military pensions to cut cost. If I were a young man I would think long and hard before I made the military a career the direction it is headed.

  • upexplorer

    As a retiree,who don’t live near a military base, I am upset that we are going to lose TRICARE Prime. Wonder how long before they cut health benefits all together from us. If cost are going up, why not increase our premiums. I would be willing to pay a bit more to keep Tricare Prime. But we don’t get a say about this. During the fiscal cliff meeting earlier this year, Congress fought and fought on the amount of cuts to the budget but after cutting the budget, Congress added huge amounts of pork items to the bill that cost more than the cuts they made to finalize the deal. Where does Congress get off about all the cuts we need to make and then turn around and add more cost to the budget. No wonder we can’t keep TRICARE Prime. Until we the people tell Congress to stop adding pork, we veteran and retirees will see more cut to our benefits. Its time for Congress to start representing the people, not all the corporations looking to line their pockets

    Read more:

  • Joey

    Who do we contact to see if we are on the list of new “pay as you go” types list. I was removed from USAFA for being 30 minutes away last year and had to find a different PCM in the Prime system. Someone with Mapquest decided my fate..but now I need to find out how to get off of the list before this goes too far – losing coverage then trying to get it back will be a challenge. Also, if we are on Standard, does that mean we have to pay for a different insurance plan on retirement pay?

  • Joel-B


  • Lois Hill

    There’s an election coming up in two years and. now, we sure know how to vote. I’m an eighty-two year-old widow of a WWII and Korean war veteran. My income from an annuity my husband paid for amounts to less than $900. a month after twenty-one years service. The only reason my husband stayed in the Army was for the promise of health care for life. I can’t even afford my prescriptions at the new rate.

    • Bethany
    • Fred

      Lois. Where is your social security? Is the $900 the annuity from his retired pay? Sounds like your husband is no longer with us, but he appeared to lack proper preparation for your well being after his departure. I’m just being realistic.

  • Screwedagain

    I enlisted in ’74, and served or 20+ years and retired. I seem to remember signing a contract stating free medical upon retirement. That lasted maybe 5 years after I retired. Then they broke the contract and started charging. Contracts are useless. They only serve the people who write them and have a loop hole to break the contract when it suits them. I’m starting to know how the native american indian and the alaska natives think about the useless paper contracts.

  • screwdagain

    I enlisted in ’74, and served or 20+ years and retired. I seem to remember signing a contract stating free medical upon retirement. That lasted maybe 5 years after I retired. Then they broke the contract and started charging. Contracts are useless. They only serve the people who write them and have a loop hole to break the contract when it suits them. I’m starting to know how the native american indian and the alaska natives think about the useless paper contracts.

  • Gary Braden

    The commentors do not understand ….. This is not Congress doing this to us THIS IS THE DEPARTMENT OF DEFENSE DOING THIS TO US. Congress shot down their huge premium increases for TRICARE Prime ….. they also wanted to raise the deduction for Tricare Standard and talked about raising the catastrophic cap. As far as Tricare for Life they wanted to implement a deductible and do other creative math. So what does DOD do? First they say if you live more than 40 miles from a base you can not receive care from the base then wait a couple years and say if you live more than 30 minutes from the base you are no longer eligible for TRICARE Prime. When I get screwed I personally like to be kissed.

  • John

    How much money is given away as aid to foreign country’s?

    • Bethany
  • Rutman

    When is this country going to start taking care of it’s own? We give so much money to other countries that it’s shameful. Not only in aide but to finance their wars. Time to step up America and fulfil your obligations to AMERICA not other countries..

    • Bethany
  • A Grisby

    In reading the comments I’ve come to the conclusion that, the olny thing will get this country straight is to put term limits on the congress and senate. They stay in too long and it’s not about the job they were hired to do, but for the good of themselves. They can always figure out a reason for them to get better benifits and pay hikes and figure a way to cut yours.



  • mike

    What are the cuts to congressional health care?

  • Eddie

    My biggest complaint about this is if I want to maintain TRICARE prime I have to turn my life upside down and move within the mile range of an MTF. I bought a house in 2008 in PA and where I currently live we have great medical services and doctors. I picked TRICARE prime even though it cost more, but less in out of pocket expenses. And the time frame give very little lead time. I say afford the retirees who want to continue using TRICARE prime a moving allowance. Let us take care of the veterans for all the sacrifices they have made for this country and stop giving away money to ones who have not EARNED that privilige.



  • aldwill

    I can not complain about what ever benefits I have. I used my civilian job medical fund for my medical until it was practically gone then switched to Tricare for major medical coverage. Now I use the little remaining funds for dental and vision which is not covered by tricare.
    But I think that the military seems to get the short end of everything. I would love to see our country stop foreign aid for wars and political positions. I would love to see congress be accountable for their decisions. Most seem to be lawyers since they get full salary and medical for life after serving one term.. What job has that kind of return. They should be part of the Social Security system , meaning pay into it and receive from it as the rest of us. Same goes for medical coverage.. My heart goes out to all veterans that have health issues due to their military service. To many continue to suffer for lack of care. Of course you always hear about those that abuse the system. Which does not help the ones that really need it.
    God bless any who love and serve this great country..

  • ray

    Welcome to the world of those of us not fortunate enough to find employment close to a military facility after retirement. We use the mail order pharmacy for maintenance medicines. For a cold however we have to use local pharmacies. My biggest complaint is that those who can use a military facility pharmacy are being treated better than those of us who can not.

    • GZ Williams

      Tricare Prime and the Military Pharmacy is no treat my friend! I have no continuity of care as I see a new Nurse, PA Assistant or rarely an actual Doctor with every visit. The Pharmacy can be a nightmare of waiting and lost prescriptions since we no longer actually go to the Post for our appointments but instead to an off Post facility. I’m considering going to standard care as many of my friends have recommended! Food for thought!



    • a citizen

      You would be taken more seriously if you would/could spell and punctuate correctly. Maybe learn to conjugate verbs while you are at it. I must ask, have you gone to DC to talk to our leders (leaders)? Don’t ask others to do what you are not prepared to do.


    Our elected official should resign for their failue to keep the contract for those who served and sacrificed in the Arm Forces. My fellow Combat and NonCombat Veterans of Foreign and Domestic, our Ice Cube of Benefits are melting in front of us. The Same Values, Ethical and Moral Attributes that kept us as a Successful force of one, does not exit out side of our uniform of service. Both Parties have lost their edge of moral and patriate responsibilities for those of us who stood at Freedom’s Door Step and answered the Call. Now the rest is Silence

  • Kelly

    I personally like standard. Sure I have to pay twenty percent of every bill, but I have the freedom to go where I want without a referral. I figure we are still paying far less then those having to pay premiums. I agree that federal civilian employees are much more coddled and babied. I’m always surprised at the military personal that I run into who vote democrat. Talk about voting against your own interests. Obama’s plan is to gut the military, if you can’t see that then you’re blinded by worship of the One.

    • Spoon

      It is apparent that you’ve never endured a catastrophic malady since you “have the freedom to go where…” you want for care. I’m battling the remnants of an ultra-rare G.I. tract cancer. Let’s see you cough up my 20% cost share for my on-going and continuing treatments thru a renowned Cancer Treatment Center. I think you need to look long term IF you are a service member. I’m a USAF retiree that was assured those many years ago that in exchange for working for a reduced wage with my very life on the line, that IF I made it through a career…I would receive health care and the benefits that used to be enticement for staying the course. ALL misrepresentations and or distortions of truth…a.k.a. LIES. A lot of us older Vets were fed BS and not one of us are happy about the change in course the US Military, Vets and the whole of America is seeing. I too know of many morons (nothing fits better) that follow the democrat party line. I hope they are the first casualties of the catastrophic losses this Republic may soon face. Prepare for the worst and hope/pray for the best sounds good, but prepare for and expect the very worst to soon befall us all!

  • Debbie

    My father is a retired 100% service connected veteran. He has dementia and I have taken over his affairs after my Mother’s death last year. He is 79 and has Medicare and TRICARE for life. He also has another supplemental insurance policy. Is there really a need for that supplemental policy if he has the other two?

    • Debbie,

      I was in the exact same boat as you were, but it was my mother. I kept the supplemental policy she had, because I never was sure if TFL would always be around.

      Also, since then, I’ve heard you can put policies on hold, instead of canceling them. That way, you could (?) use TFL as a second payer and not be paying for that other suppliment policy. I may or may not be up on all of it since my Mother passed, but It may be worth looking into.

    • TMT42

      There is no need for a supplemental policy. If you use the VA system every-
      thing is covered at no charge. If you use the civilian system Medicare pays
      first and TRICARE for Life pays all co-pays. TRICARE for Life will also cover things that Medicare does not cover. Get your father’s med’s from
      the VA at no cost for 100% service connected veteran. If you don’t use the VA for med’s, be sure to use Express Scripts mail order system for his med’s. You get 90 days supply at a time. Generic are no charge.
      I’am retired 100% service connected veteran. Do not pay for a supple-
      mental policy, just a waste of money.

      • janet

        I agree

    • janet

      My Husband and I have Medicare and Tricare for life. I have a lot of medical problems and we never pay anything when I have surgery or hospitalized, Medicare pays 80% and Tricare picks up the 20%. Don’t see why you would need any other supplemental. Had heart surgery , back surgery and I paid $0

  • Barbara Green

    I knew when OBama became president our Commander and Chief, he had no respect for the military,for our country and definitely not for white,male, english speaking people. The Great Divider is my name for him. If he can get us all upset at one another,envious,demanding, we are really done as a God fearing lUnited Nation. Anyone heard of the Tower of Babel. What happened to the Immigration laws, Ellis Island, etc.? Illegal-NOT LEGAL-law breaker..Oh yes well, those people voted him in office. Clever!

    • Wilson

      I’m retired military its not true any veteran can walk in the va and get healthcare and unemployment benefits. It’s take 20 years of service to get tricare every person know this going in. For that soldier to say he can’t get health care is a lie. Every veteran can go to college for free thanks to Obama and get paid to do so. The soldiers in Vietnam did get screwed we have a lot of benefits coming out.

      • crystal

        Every veteran can not go to College for free because of Obama. Thanks to previous presidents the GI Bill was made available. But, not everyone qualifies you have to serve so many days active suty and you must also have paid into it. Some high school students going in and older miltary members did not take advantage of it and can not go to college for free. Also now that Obama cut the gI BIll to paying for only time in seat and not the few weeks between classes it makes it hard to go full time, find a job and be able to be IN SEAT to tajke a class!!! Believe me we are living through this situation!

    • Bill Randall

      If you read the background on this change you’ll see that it was drafted during the Bush Administration, long before Obama took office. This is something the military has been wanting to do for some time now but they shelved the plan until after the election.

      • Rod

        It may have been drafted during the Bush admin, but I certainly do not see Hussein Obama trying to reverse it. We, the Vets, are getting the shaft!!! Our government should be ashamed of themselves.

        • crystal


      • Coasite

        This was written by a Democrat controlled Congress if it was written during GW’s second administration.

        • BarryLovr

          @Coastie- Yeah but GW Bush would have had to have signed it dumbest…

    • T Bagatta

      The push to end Prime in areas away from bases began in 2007 with design a third generation of TRICARE support contracts. It took years to settle on winning contractors for the three regions, however, due to various bid protests and award reversals. Health Net Federal Services has run North Region under the new contract since April 2011. Humana Military Healthcare Services has had the South Region under the new contract since April 2012. Along with TriWest, these contractors have continued to run remote Prime networks under temporary order while waiting final word from TRICARE on imposing Prime area restrictions written into original contracts.

    • Frank

      Get it right pal-Viet nam vet here-
      It’s PAUL RYAN REPUBLICAN starting and LEADING the charge-

    • joe

      Your an ignorant idiot. These changes effect all veterans no matter what color you are. People like you only see race. So does this mean only blacks and hispanics get to stay on Prime no matter where they live. You need to educate yourself or don’t speak in public forums. You only make yourself look ignorant.

  • elaine
  • jack

    DC and all its politicians don’t care about the people…at least the people who have spent their life working and contributing to this country. They care only about themselves and the “do nothing” people who hold out their hands for handouts!
    No incumbents should be reelected. My vote will go for whoever is running against them. Can’t be any worse then what we have now!!
    Our policians aren’t leaders and those who care about the good of us…only about just how much more they can line their pockets and about how to hurt the honest-hard working people who served not only in the military,but in civilian life. Go on welfare – get free medical care, get food stamps and subsidized housing…those will be the ones who are better off then the rest of us that have truly committed something to this country. It is a sad situation. Military personnel were made promises that are being broken – it is only the beginning.

  • B Lagace

    Does TFL coverage extended along w/ Medicare for bariatric surgery??? Any one know???

  • concerned

    As a retired vet of 20 years, and gave my commitment to the support and honor of my country, I think this forgone country owes every military member the thanks and the support. I served during Vietnam, Lybia conflict and desert storm. Spent many days away from my family. With the way this country is going today I would not be surprised to see no one enter the military. The benefits are gone. We pay for everything and no one says thank you. When an Arab comes over and can start a business with no taxes for seven years and pass it on to another of his or her family, something is wrong with this country.

  • Larry

    I use Tricare just for my wife, I use the VA which is just down the road. Just remember that only 2% of the population has or currently serving in the military at anyone time.(so we battle the other 98% mine set) I don’t have an issue with losing prime, as long as they( government) offer a supplemental insurance. I talked to Tricare south, they told me that non government supplemental insurances would pay first no matter what and they would pay second????? That would be a great increase in what you pay out of pocket. I have to do more research into this, but the way it was explained, it would be better not to have an outside supplemental insurance.

    • slc

      This is the kind of info I am looking for a client who just got her letter that her benefits will be cut on Oct. 1. She’s wanting supplemental to pick up the 25% not covered, but if it works this way, she’s better off not getting any, esp considering the premiums for ind. coverage.

    • the antithesis of this would be – i it is only 2% the GOV should make an exception for people who put their lives on the line for the country

  • Cara

    Does this effect people on medicare and medicaid as well? Please let me know. My dad is a retired marine. Thanks

    • slc

      If your Dad is on Medicaid he has full coverage through your state. If he is on both Medicare and Medicaid, same thing, full coverage. If he is on Medicare, it shouldn’t effect him much, Medicare should act as primary and Tri-care secondary, but check on that to make sure.

  • Dick

    I live in Minnesota, the land of no active duty. We have a very large VA hospital and as of the Iraq war it has been designated a military medical facility and active duty wounded are treated there before discharge or return to duty. TriCare West dosen’t know why that matters. We are being cut from Prime in October. Well, I do live within 40 miles of the VA.

  • Sam Steen

    This is wrong and us who served this country and retired should not stand for this crap. I served 31 years and was told when i retired medical coverage was a benefit i served for. Plus our mdical coverage hasnt been free, we have been paying Medicare out of our pay checks every 1st and 15th so that wasn’t free. Now as for Tricare I’ve paid my premiums every month and the rule for Tricare Prime was you had to live more than 50 miles from a Military base, now they’re saying you can’t live more than 40 miles from a base now that’s stupid. Our President has lied to all of us, remember if you like your insurance and doctor you wouldn’t lose your insurance well he LIED. Fellow retirees we should not stand for this, we need to make our voices heard with a Million plus Military Veteran March on DC. If we stand by and let Senators like John McCain and Harry Reid take our benefits that we both served and paid for, than let’s do Nothing however, if we all remind them that they are taking a benefit that we served and some bleed for then they’ll take everything from us. Lets please tell them don’t take from us a benefit that we both served and paid for. In closing, they will send our young men and women into harms way and use them and praise them however, when it comes time to pay or provide the benefit they were told they earned for their service turns out to be a lie. I hope they do the right thing and change their plans for cutting our Tricare which we earned and paid for. The Commander and Chief needs to step iup and show that service to this Country will be honored by honoring us with a benefit we served for.

    • Tommy Nichols

      I agree with you. I served this country for over 20 years in the US navy and I spent most of my service away from my wife and kids. I say lets march.

      Tommy Nichols

    • billy taylor

      I agree with you a 100%. I will let my congress member know how this will affect me tomorrow. Thanks for your statement on military service.
      Combat connected Vietnam veteran.

  • Ms Rosalie DeMarco

    When Congress loses their health benefits that we pay for, especially those who never served we can have such a conversation. Meantime how dare you take away promises made.

  • i read in the retiree news that the premiums for tricare prime will be going up 1200 % in the next 5 years has anyone elese heard of this? that is scarey, what is now an annual premium will be an monthly premium?

  • Tommy Nichols

    I feel it is time for all retired military to fight for with was a promises to us.We must all fight for what we all put our lives on the line to protect our country.


    • BarryLovr

      I’m just glad that not all of my fellow vets are illiterate like you!

  • Angry mom

    I’m a disabled vet and military widow. We were kicked off Tricare prime, because our area is no longer a prime area. My children were suppose to be protected and were suppose to be considered permanent transitional dependents due to my husbands sacrifice for our country. This made them eligible for tri-care remote. But the new law, only children who’s parent died serving our country after Oct 1st 2001 get that benefit!!! Because thier parents sacrifice was more meaningful, worthy than my husbands? My daughter has had lots of medical needs. As a college student and age 19, she cannot afford Tricare standard. Neither is she eligible for obamacare because she has Tricare standard. In order to maintain Tricare prime we signed a waver and drive 75 miles to the closest provider. Needles to say we will be using the ER frequently. Thank you from a grateful nation!!! This country wasn’t worth his life and the disrespect to his 3surviving children is disgraceful. I actually got a letter from Tricare telling me, a100% rated vet and military widow, that to survive the higher cost of standard, I should seek additional coverage from my employer or my spouses. For the first time in my life, I consider burning a flag!!!

  • william c woessner

    the government went back on their word abut what they said about our (gi} insurance on what we were given promised

  • Commander

    First off.. Let me say this.. I am a medically disabled Commander in the Navy and I never had a problem with Tricare. I have a terminal illness because of my injuries. I am married with 2 children. I was a Combat Search and Rescue Flight Medic and A Flight Medical Instructor . I was active Navy for 23 yeas. I did 2 tours in Iraq and 2 in Afghanistan. My current age is 44. Tricare paid 100% of my hospital bills and the most I paid out of pocket for a prescription is $ 5.00. I use both military and civilian hospitals. If you do the correct paperwork when you are notified to do so.. you will have no problem. I have always kept my secondary health policy for my family and I all my life and keep it as a backup if ever needed..As for college, The Navy paid so I achieved my Masters Degree Biochemistry. It all boils down to doing the correct paperwork when needed and there will be no problems.. Also I am proud to say I am a Democrat and voted for the Potus 2 times. I served my country and fellow countrymen and woman with respect and honor.. Reading these posts makes me wonder about the bitterness I see. I joined with the knowledge that I may be injured or even killed for my service and I and my family accepted it. I think its time to look at ourselves again and why we served..

    • PhilStarling

      No disrespect Commander, but I think you need to acquaint yourself with this issue. It has nothing to do with paperwork. Ours anyways. It has to do with individuals such as myself and 171,000 other men and women that had Tricare Prime as their sole means of insurance, and as of Oct. 1, 2013 were cancelled. As for myself I had no prior info or knowledge that this was taking place. It has left many of us in some pretty dire straits. Financially and physically.

  • Anne Lankford

    Bottom line is that our Government should be taking care of the those that are Serving our Country!! Enough of Congress getting ALL of the Benefits while they CUT the Military Benefits! They serve ONE 4 year term and get full retirement pension plus full benefits including medical – the Military has to make it to at least 20 years to FIGHT to keep the benefits they were PROMISED?!?!? WTF?!?! Something is just NOT right about that!! Now this new law doesn’t directly affect me as I live close to a Military treatment facility so I won’t lose my Prime choice however I don’t think ANYONE should have to FIGHT for what is rightfully theirs through the sacrifices they made in Serving their Country!! ~ PROUD Retired Navy Spouse and Active Marine Mom

  • Tracy

    My husband is a 100% disabled veteran . I was recieveing Tricare prime until Obama change everything ,now because I live more than 40 mile away from a military base I am forced to take tricare standard . So now our president decides where we can live? How fair is that? My husband served his country for 20 years and this is the thanks we get. This last summer I became very ill, and was hospitalized for several days now the bills are piling up thousands of dollars. I guess we are not allowed to get sick. Unless we live near a military base.