Fiscal Crisis Threatens Military Pay… Again

File this one under the heading, “The more things change the more they stay the same.”

For the last few years each “fiscal crisis” has triggered fear that military servicemembers won’t get paid. This week the President renewed those fears when he stated that “If congressional Republicans refuse to pay Americans bills on time, Social Security benefits, and veterans’ checks will be delayed.” He added, “We might not be able to pay our troops or honor our contract for small business owners.” (read Bryant Jordan’s full article)

Once more it appears that our elected officials are willing to hold military servicemembers, veterans, and the elderly hostage to ensure they get their way. As to be expected, fear and anger spread quickly through the military and veteran communities.

I normally try to avoid editorializing in this blog, which serves as a means to get pay and benefit information out to our members without a particular bent. However, living in this perpetual “groundhog day” nightmare, I can’t avoid sharing my opinion.

As it turns out the very first post in this blog back in August 2010 was about proposed military pay cuts. In March of 2011, the fear was that military paydays would be missed due to a government shutdown. In March of 2012 I wrote an article titled “Is Sequestration Real or Political Brinksmanship?” Those are just a few of the examples of how many times military pay has been on the chopping block in just the last couple of years. By the way, none of these threatened pay cuts, wage freezes, and stoppages actually happened.

I am not pointing this out to say that it can’t happen this time (or next), I am just saying that I am getting fed up with Congress and the White House using our troops as hostages. Enough is enough.

Some in Congress appear to get it. In 2011Representative Louie Gohmert (R-TX) introduced the Ensuring Pay for Our Military Act of 2011H.R. 1297, this bill never made it to the floor of the House. In response to this year’s flail, Congressman Duncan Hunter (R-CA) announced his intent to introduce a similar military pay protection act. We’ll see how far that goes. I don’t expect to see this bill pass either, after all, why would our government give up their hostages before the negotiations are completed?

Let your elected officials know how you feel about holding military pay and veteran compensation hostage.

About the Author

Terry Howell
Before becoming the Managing Editor for, Terry served 20 years in the U.S. Coast Guard as an Aviation Electrician’s Mate and aircrewman. In his final role in the Coast Guard, Terry served as a Career Development Advisor, where he provided career, finance, education, and benefits counseling to servicemembers and their families. Since retiring from the Coast Guard, Terry has authored the book, The Military Advantage, managed the content for TurboTap, the DoD's online transition program and VAforVets, the VA's transition assistance website. Terry earned both his Bachelor's and MBA at Corban University using Military Tuition Assistance and his GI Bill benefits to help cover the cost.
  • kenneth

    my brother suffers from ptsd!!!!! he does not bother anyone and for the longest time he would not even apply for his benefits because of his pride. he said he didnt want a hand out or a hand up. then he was finally convinced that he needed to apply for his benefits and saw a doctor and mental health. the nightmares that he had (when he slept) were to much for him. he was homeless for years sleeping in the woods by streams, lakes, even sometimes behind church’s. with help from the VA and social security he has now got a apartment, a car, and pays his bills. not in harms way or in any trouble. then he was sent an email about service members, veterans, and social security recipients not getting their pay and of course that made him start looking for a place to start staying out in the woods cause he likes to be prepared. i know its a scare tactic by our politicians but they do more damage than good by waiting till that last minute and holding those that have given all they can, came home and some of their friends did not. they are living for the ones lost and for themselves and i believe the politicians either fix it or give up their pay so that those that have suffered, wounded, and permanently damaged can live what kind of life they can. if you cant fix it the people need to come together as a whole and make sure you really understand the additional damage they are causing to those that already suffer and those that put it on the line everyday!

    • sean

      whats new no money no money no money but welfare food stamps always have money

    • Bruce keirnan
      • Robert
    • Paul Mims
    • PEN52

      Tell your Brother from one Vet to another do not fear, and thanks for his service.

    • Donnie
      • Mandy

        Donnie we are there with you too. I, as the spouse trying to finish college degree to be a nurse. That way I can support my family because we are worried that my husband is going to have problems with his pay too. It’s scary that a family has to think and worry we can lose our home & everything else too. My landlord doesn’t care if we are late for whatever reasons. I have 2 weeks to come up with the $$ or I am kicked out with my kids.

    • nsawoman

      They have done it in the past. What makes you think they won’t do it again.
      My husband still has nightmares from Viet Nam

    • David Tasler

      I’m 100% V.A. and SSI disabled with PTSD and know the feeling and think that if they stop my pay they should also stop their own pay as well !

      • Lana
    • larry mcdaniel
  • Idmtmedic

    Bless your brother and hopefully the ones making the decisions will get their act together. It’s an ongoing issue with veterans from every war. As TH said in the article, using veterans as hostages to achieve a political gain is deplorable. I have been fed up with how our elected officials treat us when nobody is looking and then call us heroes during elections or holidays.

    • randyinmiami

      Hey Brian. As a Viet-Nam veteran, disabled 100%, I am appaled by what you hope for. Not everyone in Washington, DC is against veterans. And even if they were, I wouldn’t wish them any harm. Imagine if any harm came to you or your family because of your remark? Stupid remarks such as yours does not do any good!

      • alfred james
      • alfred james
      • Idmtmedic

        Brian unfortunately I missed your post. Try it again without the afformentioned apparently BAD info…lmao. I have never done that. So enlighten me on your response again?

        • randyinmiami

          Brian had posted that he Wished terrorists would kill everyone in Washington, DC.

          • Idmtmedic

            Ahhhh ouch. Yup can see that would be very bad response. Thanks for the info.

    • Warrior6521

      Obviously you had no pride in your own sacrifices and service to the nation. While I don’t agree with the politicians and their actions, I am saddened by yours.

    • MSGDEB

      Don’t send it to the President, send it to the head of the house and the head of the senate! You might tear it in half before you wipe your butt though.

    • James

      I doubt if you retired from the military. It’s hard to imagine someone in a leadership position that can’t write properly.

  • ofrwprez

    What did you expect!?

    • wilsonccjr
  • Carl Sedillo

    I get a kick over the electorate’s choice. President Obama pulls every political stunt to get his way, continually slams the Military, won’t accept compromise on sequestration and finally praises the Military over again during his inauguration. I need someone to explain just where the President stands on this an a myriad of other issues. Hope and change have become, I hope we get a change—for me.

    • James

      When did the president slam the military?

      • wjarvey

        Every time he gets a chance

      • Freedom
      • Dr Espinoza
      • Richardson
    • Chuck

      Sorry friend, it is not Obama who is threatening to cut us off….

      • wjarvey

        He’s the one that makes the choice. all he has to do is stop spending and cut off WELFARE.

    • chuck

      it was young former pres. bush who tried to cut military pay for our troops by one third ..but it failed .. if not for Obama ..even now with the republicans who used to be the ones for veterans would have cut disability pay and active duty pay ..checxk it out im telling the truth

    • H. E. Pearson Jr

      You must be one of the top 2%. I didn’t ask for any deferrments. I joined and volunterred, Viet Nam ’65-’66. How many of the right wing wingnuts actually served in any military branch, let alone a war zone. Hanging out with tea bags hanging from their hats, and looking like a bunch of clowns, sure doesn’t impress me. Cutting taxes for the people that don’t need them, doesn’t take any courage at all. Not one Romney ever served in the military, and I doubt Ryan did either. I’m a proud Army (boots on the ground) Veteran.

      • avenger9

        Nobama is the “Commander in Chief” and doesn’t have a clue what Military life is all about.

      • Dave

        I served, RA all the WAY, 1966-1969,, I earned my rights to complain about the fool we have for CINC,, did you read the article fully? Quote: Some in Congress appear to get it. In 2011Representative Louie Gohmert (R-TX) introduced the Ensuring Pay for Our Military Act of 2011H.R. 1297, this bill never made it to the floor of the House. In response to this year’s flail, Congressman Duncan Hunter (R-CA) announced his intent to introduce a similar military pay protection act. We’ll see how far that goes. I don’t expect to see this bill pass either, after all, why would our government give up their hostages before the negotiations are completed?” This a hole is holding us hostage,, PS no obeee ever served in the military,, if fact his mother was a hippie, you know the ones that pissed on our boots when we returned.

    • Mrs H.

      Very well said Carl and I hope you won’t mind me using…
      Hope and Change = I HOPE WE GET A CHANGE

      • Freedom
    • Karen

      OMG You are silly. This is a tactic that is always played. When I was in when Carter and Reagan both had a turn every year we worried if we were going to get paid. Then at the last minute we got paid right on time. Sooooooooo I promise Carl if you do not get your check on the 1st I will take up a collection for you. But like I told many people who cried poor during the election hock your computer, you aren’t using it for anything constructive.

  • Woody

    Would expect nothing less from an individual that hides behind children..

    • James

      Who hid behind children? How did this “individual” hide behind children?

    • chuck


  • Britt

    Note carefully he said SMALL business, the likes of Lockheed Martin, BAE, Northrop Grumman, Raytheon, they will not have to worry about their paychecks… Only Vets, Military members, old folks and SMALL Businesses. That shows you where the money comes from to bribe our elected assholes.

  • Fred

    Well King O will have his way no pay, no guns, no vets, no old, Just a kingdom the way he wants it

    • Allen

      They have been planning this for years now. West point cadets are being trained that conservatism is rearward thinking and that they are all racists.
      Progressives are forward thinking and that all veterans are to be feared and most are parts of far right radical militias bent on being terrorists. The enlisted and NCOs are being trained in this stuff real soon. So the gun owner, veteran, and constitutional patriots are the new enemy and it is OK to confiscate citizen’s guns and shoot even peaceful demonstrators.
      Be ye afraid my fellow and lady veterans…be very afraid

  • JZahn

    This will not be tolerated!! There are more Veterans than there are Politicians. Wake up America, look who you voted in office, once again Obama has proven to be the thorn in our Countries side, taking aim at the Veterans and Seniors who depend on the funds to live!!! We can not and will not accept this from those who are suppose to work for us the American People.

    • cuffdogg

      Blaming the president again for others actions in cogress.. I can see that you’re a very bright and intelligent being..

      • Anthony
      • JZahn

        Who is placing Blame on one person! really it is the government as a whole who are at fault. The Commander in Chief is no better than the rest. It just happens to come from Obama’s Administration, he spoke of the delineation of SS, Comp ect. It has come from his words, his words spoken for everyone to hear. I am not a supporter of Obama nor did I vote for him ( EVER). I do support my fellow Vets and support our Seniors. Remember the post to which we are replying to !!! Posted on Military Advantage.
        Once more it appears that our elected officials are willing to hold military servicemembers, veterans, and the elderly hostage to ensure they get their way. As to be expected, fear and anger spread quickly through the military and veteran communities.

        Read more:

        • JZahn

          The Government does not exist to serve the people, rather they serve their own interests and agendas!!!

    • xxxx

      You’ve got that right!!

    • buzander

      Maybe you should read the constitution. Amendment 14 Section 4 clearly states “The validity of the public debt of the United States, authorized by law, including debts incurred for payment of pensions and bounties for services in suppressing insurrection or rebellion, shall not be questioned.”.
      It is the repubs who are refusing to pay the debts of this country and are using that to blackmail the President to force him to cut SS and Veterans benefits.
      Stop listening to faux news and try any of the legitimate news outlets. Open your closed mind and then express your informed opinion. You may still come to similar conclusions but you will be a better person for it.

      • JZahn

        Actually maybe you should read the Constitution! Perhaps it will enlighten you on President Lincolns Promise!! Ignorance is ever where, especially if you have not served your country in the manner I have and others alike. Perhaps you will think different if it was your money threatened. I really do not listen to news, I do not buy into ignorance either!!! I do not even subscribe to cable due to the as you put it “FAUX News”. You obviously sound as if you are a Obama supporter, perhaps you voted for him, I really do not care, I think that its nor Demos nor Republicans, look who is trying to use Executive Orders or powers to push Gun Control!! Enough said!!

  • James Bradley

    Lei the president and his lawmakers find some other fools to fight their dirty wars.

    • Bill saugh
  • Sivart

    How about stopping politicians pay and bennies as well as “0’s”!!!

  • Jerry Gabor

    If the military, retired military, VA benefits don’t get compensation same goes for congress and the senate. No pay until they get whatever it takes to get passed.

    • cagycritter

      Actually your comment is in the articles of the federalist papers which formed the constitution. And the long form copy of the constitution. You know that piece of paper no one has read since before high school?

    • J P Vietnam Vet

      Stopping the pay for the Congress should be first instead of the vets and military. They are the ones that have to take action not he vets and the military. The actions of the vets and the military have long gone before those of the Congress. Have they forgotten that???

  • Frank l

    Why do you jerks blame Obama? The republicans need to wake up and stop this protect the wealthy crap. Are you guys and gals blind? He uses what he can to get justice for the little guy. Don’t you get it by now.
    I am a Viet bnam vet, PTSD, Pathfinder, 19 months in the jungles in 68&69.

    I get it, why don’t you? Put your blatant prejudice aside and open your eyes.Any congessman (REPUBLICANS) that would sign a document written by some millionaire clearly aimed at protecting the rich and richer is a total joke.
    Every republican who signed that should be forced to step down.

    Thewn maybe we will get something done.

    • Fred

      It is never for the little guy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • geo011

      Hey Frank who had both majorities in Congress for 2 years and didn’t pass a a budget? Whose spending bills are twice as much as what we bring in? The IDIOT in Charge that’s who. He wants it his way or the highway and he’s tearing up the Constitution!!! Go re-read it since you seem to have forgotten what it says and what it means!!!!!

      • GyoftheCorps

        My sentiments also geo011…

      • Baithook

        Who in 2001 took this country to war gave tax cuts to all especially the wealth and said the wars would be paid for by Iraq. – Oh lets not forget they deregulated banking and where did that take us. Lets take congree pay away till they can grow up and act like adults. 40 years since Vietnam and they still deny the veterans care for the cancers caused by agent orange.

        • KennyG

          Don’t blame THIS Congress for the Agent Orange thing. Look back a few years…

        • Red VW

          Sorry Baithook, look who deregulated the banks. It was Bill Clinton when he signed the Finanial Modernization Act in 1999.

      • mmcm(ss) retired

        It’s been 4 years!

        • readair

          rmcs(ss) agree!


        This kind of response is exactly what I’ve been stating. It’s called a filibuster stupid, if you don’t know what it is look it up. Maybe you should not only read the constitution, but maybe a little history and realize how people like you are dividing us and voting in the idiots that are doing this. Take a civics class and quite relying on Rush (the drug addict) , Jeff Beck or Bill O’Reilly and look at the other side of the equation. By the way, while your at it look up compromise. It’s not a dirty word and that’s how our constitution was written. Read about the fights between Sam Adams and Thomas Jefferson, if you even know who they are as I don’t think they’ve been mentioned lately on the fail and balanced channel. The fault lies in all of us for not taking proper action along time ago as the damage was done by both parties and 12 years of 2 wars that had the same effect it had on the Soviet Union, it bankrupted them. I guess we’re next and it’s the Chinese turn.

        • Chuck Youngquist

          WOW, VETFORJUSTICE. Where do I start. “…fights between Sam Adams and Thomas Jefferson”? Great argument over a Boston Lager, but it was Sam’s relative John Adams who really did the fighting with Jefferson. (He was also the 3rd President – Not Sam Adams, in case you get that question in a trivia game.) Sorry to impune your very emotional argument for the study of history.

          Rush, the drug addict. Yup. Got caught with an excess of pain pills. A lot different from all theDemocrats – Barak included – for whom the use of hard, mind altering drugs is a badge of honor. The difference is that Conservatives are held to such a higher standard – and rightfully so. They DO have higher standards, in most cases. And who’s “Jeff” Beck? (To Be Continued)

          • KAE


        • Chuck Youngquist

          You do make a good point about the wars. They may have been folly, sad to say, for their effect on our standing in the international community. But if you think they have done more to bankrupt the country than the 49 percent of our people who are net takers from the government, then I believe you are mistaken. We used to be a proud country where our people believed they could accomplish anything and would work for a decent wage. Now, that is no longer true. When someone can make more money sitting at home popping out babies than another who dodges bullets on their behalf, we will never survive. We make plenty in the military – it’s time to pull the low-lifes off the government teet.

          If we don’t, then yes, we are next.

          • Retired Chief

            My sentiments EXACTLY! Get back our pride in becomming a country where we all contribute to this great nation. Not only those who work (rich, thats a joke) and contribute half their pay checks to the government parasites.

      • Bruce

        I guess Frank never used the GI Bill

        • A Chief

          That doesn’t even make sense – the GI Bill is government money helping vets. I must have missed when that was something Obama was against. Post 9-11 GI Bill is even better than the Montgomery GI Bill (I should know – I’m getting it) and last I checked that was also not on the chopping block. If you heard that it is, where did you hear that? Fox “News”?

        • Dgal

          Oh! he very likely did Bruce, only Frank has “very” selective memory!!! Total hypocrite!!!

      • the old warrant

        Have you forgotten that the republicans filibustered any bill that would have helped the American public ? just to make Obama a 1 term president , how’d that work out for you

        • Dgal

          @old warrant, Surely you meant the ILLEGALS, as you’re supposed American Public!!! Can you say: MORON?!”

        • bearwarren

          Have you ever tried to vote out Santa Claus??? How do you think that would float? Ha Ha

      • Mary Freeman

        It’s because Barack Obama is black, that’s why the majority of America refuses to help him and let the man do his job.

        • Doug

          Mary, if he actually was “black” he never would have been elected. He made it because he was half-white. As for the rest, he has shown no inclination to do his “job”, only to further his own agenda. In spite of what most would think, he was re-elected (we won’t mention the Repub stupidity) even though that 96% of his own “people” that voted for him are worse off than when he was elected. He has taken care of no one outside of his own family.

        • Carl

          Sadly, some still playing the race card. Your comment is not only inaccurate, it does more to harm race relations than help.

        • Brian

          Mary, the majority of Americans elected him, twice. Your comment may be better stated …. “majority of working Americans, or legal Americans refuses to help him.”
          Let’s have equality in this country. Every working person pays the same percentage in federal income tax and the same per state tax percentage.

      • Ben Dover

        Who prosecuted 2 unfunded wars?

    • Fed Up Vet

      I agree with part of that, but who is it that is trying to take away your guns and allowing illegal aliens to take jobs from the American people, and take as many rights as he can from us.
      I’m a VET also and was proud to serve my Contry and my FLAG.

      • Ben Dover

        No one is trying to take away your guns. Where do you people (sheeple) hear this junk from?

        • Shawn

          Have you not paid any attention at all to all of the small arms bans that are trying to be passed? And it’s not just “assault rifles”. You have a standard sized pistol? Chances are it has a clip larger than 10 rounds. Trying to make that illegal.

    • louis

      You are right, as a Vietnam Vet with PTSD and other problems I feel the same, We fought to protect them and so they made more money, yet the greedy bastards want more. How much is enough?
      They need to b e voted out and if we can get the voice out, maybe they will get their heads out from wherre the sun dont shine. I will never vote republican again.

      • PEN52

        Louis with all due respect, I as a Veteran do not want you to Vote anymore, It is not about Republican nor Democrat, If you want to make changes then get active, do not be an Armchair Quarterback. Their is one thing that I agree with you on and that is we need to Make all including the President go to a flat Salary, Ask yourself this why is it that Several of the leading Democrats went from a 5 or 6 figure Salaries to well over 7 plus figures, I will tell you (Special Interests + Under the Table Bonus’s).

        • Willie Sanderson

          I devoted 27 years serving my country and I would do it all over again if I could or was asked. Yes it burns my ass when congress fails to pass a small mediocre pay increase for our retires while at the same time increasing their own pay by 100 o/o or more. This is not just republicans or democrats it is a fact that we Americans have voted these crooks in office and we continue to go to the poles each year and vote these clowns back in office and then complain because of their greedy selfish act when in fact we the people are the ones that are not doing our jobs and get active in the campaigns and put common Americans in office tat will work to earn their pay checks. We are the blame for this mess because we give them free rides year after year.along with some very healthy welfare checks. I call them welfare checks because after all they really have to do absolutely nothing to get them and WOW what a retirement plan they get . Check the bennies for a senator or congressman Amanda see if you would not like to be treated this way After just a few years of planning your next campaign lie.

          • bruce

            There are some where close to 80 million people with guns in this country. Maybe it is time we stand up to those crooks. I think if we unite we can get their attention

        • the old warrant

          Look up the senate’s minority leaders wealth since he got elected he has the biggest increase in bribery wealth

          • Dgal

            @old warrant Get off the blog stupid. Your moronic delusional posts are boring. BTW: you’re getting creamed on all your babbling.

          • bearwarren

            If you got a problem with what they make compared to what you make, then run for office. Oh that’s right you didn’t use your GI Bill benefits.

          • LOrdRussell

            You must be a senator… or a lobbyist…

      • Chris

        Why do you insist that the Republicans are the problem. What you fail to understand is that Obama had the House and Senate for his first two years and did not pass a budget which is his constitutional obligation. (Oh that’s right he could care less about that.) All they did was come up with Obama care and supposed stimulus, which cost us trillions. So quit blaming someone else for the problems he has created for himself. He just keeps on adding more and more debt but with no spending cuts.

        • patrick

          your so cought up on Obama haveing the house and senate, but if read beyond the yahoo biased news, you would know that though the Dems had the “majority” they did not hold enough seats to pass anything. Majority does not mean instant pass of bills by the party. The impass here is that the Republicans will not stop protecting the RICH which is BS. People are seriously un educated when it comes to how much power the president really has.

          • mmcm(ss)

            I’m so tired of hearing more taxes to the rich! These rich are the people who go out to eat more often, buy new cars, spend more shopping, have their yard work and house maintenance done by contractors. Now you want them to send that money to the government?
            Much better if everyone paid their fair share.

          • LordRussell

            When’s the last time you had a ‘rich guy’ pick up the tab for any outing you’ve EVER been on? Let me let you in on something my naive friend, rich folks didn’t get their wealth buy EVER using their own money or resources.

          • LordRussell,

            When’s the last time you had a ‘poor guy’ pick up the tab for any outing you’ve EVER been on?


            Finally, someone with a real grasp of what’s going on,. Even though I can’t remember who said it right now, “A democracy will not work without an educated electorate. When I listen to some of the drivel coming out of some of these people I wonder if they even bothered to go to school. I live in the Philippines now as I’m sick and tired of all the fighting, and yes I still vote. In Filipino history it’s a known fact that the Spanish along with the friars, outlawed education for the people and even beat them for speaking their own language (Tagolog, Cebuano, etc.) That is one legacy the American colonial occupation of the Philippines left, and that was schools and an educational system.

          • Chuck Youngquist

            Patrick. Work hard. Get rich, or at least comfortable. Get robbed at gunpoint in a city with a gun ban. Then start voting Conservative. Thank God the Senate was not filibuster-proof,although I seriously doubt that the Dems would have had enough hard-liners to pass some of the crap their leadership wanted.

          • Wayne

            Apparently you don’t know how the Senate works. The Democrats have not submitted a budget in over three years now so how do you know it was the Republicans fault that nothing gets passed. Every bill coming out of the House is tabled by Harrry Reid so no one has a chance to see if its passible or not. The Republicans just went along with raising taxes on the so-called rich and right along with that taxes went up on the middle class, something your Messiah promised would not happen. You are the one who needs to open his eyes

      • geneinashfork

        Where is all this ptsd bull ship??? have known about 800 of the claiming they just couldn’t hack it in the military claiming it . vast majority never served in any war zone… ptsd=bovine devication. U.S.M.C. 27 yrs, 31/2 tours southeast asia.

      • Doc RVN 65-67

        Louis, you are one dumb shit! The last four years have been the worst regarding the attitude toward the military. Prior to that we had the Clinton’s that hated the military and started a vast reduction in the size, that was when Bill wasn’t playing party games with Monica Lewinski. So when is the military every going to get together and become a strong voting force and think alike. It seems as though the officers have been leftist for my whole 26 year career and the enlisted population have been suckered into being part of the “ME TOO” generation. The officers need to treat their men as equals and as part of the same team. Remember there is no “I” in TEAM. Everyone get your heads out of your recrum and start thinking about what is good for the TEAM.

    • Don Armour QMCS(SS)

      Frank, as a disabled Vet with all of your ills and others that i could use to place blame on Obama, I have to disagree with our assessment. This president can give a shit about you or me or any other american as he takes his 20 million dollar vacations and sends another 50 million to planned parenthood or any other fucking country he wants. OBAMA is the problem, he does’nt know one thing about a balanced budget or how to work with any other politician that wants to address this mess. I for one would love to see him empeached for his actions in Benghazi. You mean nothing to him! We mean nothing to him! He will continue to spend the money like its candy until you and I at each others throats for food. Keep you weapons close and the safeties off because it will be worse and he will be on another million dollar vacation watching us starve.

      • danceli1942


        As in the movie, “We were Soldiers.” SGaj. Said; “Gentlemen, prepare to defend yourselves.”

        A man can fail many times but he isn’t a failure until he begins to blame someone else.”
        – John Burroughs

        • rlhill

          Obama has blamed someone else for everything the past four years except getting Bin Laden which he takes credit for, credit that should go to the men and women in the intel world.

      • Michael Devline
    • Curt

      Because it is Obama who signed off on the tax we middle class veterans are now paying. If you didn’t know that, you aren’t working. So why do you bitch. He’s done nothing to help the middle class–name one. He’s done nothing for the veterans–name one. The health care bill is costing all of us thousands of dollars and our premiums are still skyrocketing. Who else should we blame? I have PTSD and many other issues too, but I chose to live and work even though im 100 percent. I don’t put my hands in the government. Get over yourself and get a job. Open your eyes Frank. Obama does nothing without all of his “millionaire” friends. Travels to see them (Hollywood), Hawaii, Martha’s Vinyard). Bush did not do that. Obama has the head of GE as his “JOB CZAR”. Hasn’t created a damn job in this country. He ships them overseas. IF you think Obama isn’t in the tank with the wealthiest of American’s, wake up. Union bosses are some of the wealthiest Americans. He works for them. 80+percent of union money goes to democrats. The rich bosses get richer off of hard working individuals. So get off of your sanctemonius …. and wake up. Just because we are military veterans doesn’t mean the taxpayers should pay our bills forever. Get out and work. Maybe the PTSD will go away.

      • Carl

        He signed off NOT to raise middle income taxes, and don’t blame unions for the problems in this country. My health care (BC/BS) has only increased three dollars the last two years. If you are 100 percent are you drawing your disability from the VA or did you tell them you didn’t want it. I honestly don’t believe you’re 100 percent, or any percent or you would know better, but I do think you are a Tea Bagger.

        • mogp53

          Do any of you realize the percentage of our representatives, house and congress, that are millionaires? 67 % ! I’m not going to tell you the split of democrats to republicans,you find it out for yourselves.

          Almost none of them have even an inkling of how to represent us !! When was the last time,if ever, they’ve had to count pennies to have enough money at the grocery store. Hell, when was the last time they had to walk anywhere because they just didn’t have the money for gas?

          I’m not all that smart, I couldn’t and didn’t save for my retirement, so I didn’t lose any wealth with the financial crash we’ve had. All I have been able to do,as a 59 year old, 20% disabled Vietnam era, never had to fire a shot at anyone, Thank GOD,Veteran, is raise 5 children, who have blessed me with14 grand children and 15 is on the way.

          Why was it that our early Representatives didn’t even take any pay? Because they were frugal, honest, and moral United States Citizens FIRST and they NEVER expected, or wanted their positions as Representatives to be a life long career? Hmm?

          Were we or were we not, sworn in to give SERVICE to OUR country, whatever was asked, to protect and defend against foreign AND domestic threats? I know very few of them are not defending our Inalienable Rights as much as they are protecting and defending their Careers,pay scale, benefits and perks.

          All I truly want to believe is, we have left our children a country and society they want to be a part of. Have we ? Are we?

          Thank You to all the Veterans, living or dead, past or future, for your sacrifices to ensure that I could be blessed with the life I have had and for making it possible to say what I want to say, in American English, where ever anyone wants to read or listen.

          • Scrappy1975

            That is one of the single most intelligent and well thought out commentaries I have read on this site. Thank you for reminding us of what we should be thinking about; the future of the nation that we are leaving for our children and grandchildren.

        • Roadkill Yarbrough

          Carl, your people are tea baggers. We are the Tea Party. We shouldn’t have to mention names (Barney Frank for example). Tah-Tah!

          • the old warrant

            Only little girls have tea parties with imaginary friends

        • Wayne

          If he signed off to not raise taxes on the middle class then why did everyone working see less money in their paychecks? I don’t believe your story about Blue Cross. I know for a fact that BlueCross raised their premiums more than any 3 dollars. Two friends of mine who have that insurance are now paying between 20 and 25 dollars more per month. The Unions have run manufacturing out of the country because of their greed. We taxpayers had to bail out GM and Chrysler and we’ll never see it paid back.

      • patrick

        You tell us how a president regardles of his name can magically creat jobs?

        • Fuzzy

          Ask that of the POTUS!c


        How about a flat tax????

    • Dave

      Frank, Frank, Frank,,bet you would really be upset if the CINC stopped your VA compensation plus retirement, plus medical care.. Protect the wealthy? gimme a break,, look behind closed doors, see where the CINC is giving millions away to his cronies in the tope 1% (CEO of a company going bankrupt after receiving a gift of our money, now buying a 15million dollar home),,, CINC has plenty of places to get the money for OUR EARNED entitlements,, foreign aid, he ll sell some of the planes he is giving to the muslim brotherhood,,, NO frank oopen your eyes!! RA ALL THE WAY,,, Frank, to prove you are a vet what does that saying mean? RA all the way

      • Chuck

        I would be interested in knowing why RA is more valuable than non RA degrees. Why should it matter what region I got my credits from when all I want to do is make plenty of money for spending over $50k for a good education. As far as I am concerned, I should be able to work anywhere in this great country of ours. Let’s not loose perspective here. E Pluribus Unum!

        • wizard

          When I was in the Army, RA meant Regular Army. What did it mean wnen you were in?

    • Jim

      I not only blame Obama, but I blame all the idiots like you who once again voted this worthless, arrogant, narcissistic, musim socialist into office for another four years! I hope when your turn comes, you ALL get it good & hard!

      • Dee
        • TomSudz

          Where’s the racism? Or are we going to say that calling someone worthless, arrogant, narcissistic, muslim, or socialist is somehow racist? Why is it that when it comes to this president anything anyone says about him that has any negative connotation, it’s racist?

          What about all of the people making those racist comments about George Bush? Nope. No racism there, go ahead and call him anything you want! When he was running, he was an idiot- even though he had better grades in college than either of the men running against him. Events that happened 7 months into his administration were absolutely his fault, but events in obama’s 4th year aren’t obama’s fault!

        • Roadkill Yarbrough

          This President is as much white as black. Don’t forget, Momma was white. I don’t pretend to be racist.

    • PEN52

      As a 12 Year USN Veteran I have to say I am Ashamed of some of my Fellow Veterans….If that is what they are???

      • wizard

        Which veterans (if that’s what theu are???) Make you ashamed?

    • Larry

      Who’s wealthy here?!!!

    • brown9335

      I usually won’t argue with an idiot; they drag you down to their level and then beat you with experience. But, here goes anyway. SOMEBODY, anybody (Republican, Democrat, Liberatarian, TEA party,etc.)needs to turn off the spending. What are we gonna do if Obama adds another 16.1 trillion to the budget in his second term. Clearly he’s trying to destroy America through debt and destruction of our economy. And if you can’t see that then YOU are either blind or suffering from some kind of denial that has never been diagnosed before. Instead of threatening veteran benefits why not shut off the promised funding to the Muslim brotherhood in Egypt. We give them 1.3 billion in military aid every year and on top of that, now a 450 million dollar “cash infusion” for their economy. Don’t take my word for it; read the new york times:

      • AECP1964

        I usually won’t argue with an idiot either but your comment about Obama adding “another 16.1 trillion to the budget in his second term” is an idiotic statement. The debt was over $10 trillion when Bush left office. The rate of increase in the national debt has gone down since Obama took office because it went up $1.4 trillion the last year Bush was in office. You won’t hear that on Fox News though and it appears that is the only news channel most people on here watch.


          I couldn’t agree more. I guess these guys where absent when they had math class. You can’t expect to undo something that has taken decades to do in one administration. Obama at least is putting us on the right track as you just can’t cut funding to everything all at once, but have to take a reasoned, responsible approach to re-establishing our dominance in the world economy. We’re exporting most of our only assets that are left, our technology. Let’s face it, everything is for sale in America, even America itself. Just look at the Supreme court decision letting politicians accept unlimited funds, while staying undisclosed by their corporate or super pac friends. Looks like a sell out to me. It amazes me that we’re now 27th in terms of getting a decent education and that my friend is where our future lies. With our educated youth. Realize that almost 50% of Yale or Harvard grad school students are foreigners and are either there on a scholarship or their own government is paying the bill (especially the Chinese)

          • Retired Chief

            Could be because our country has become so comfortable with government assistance that they have no desire to succeed in anything, and are not motivated to become successful, and those that do succeed get punished for making too much money!

        • Wayne

          You don’t have to listen to Fox news to know that Obama did not reduce the rate of the debt. The deficit stood at around $8 trillion when Bush left office and it’s now is over $16 trillion. Remember that deficit of Bush’s took eight years while Obama’s only took four. Check out the Congressional Budget office or other government agencies who track the budget and get the real numbers.

        • brown9335

          You are correct. Let me clarify for those who have trouble understanding that our country is in deep kimshee. We DO have a debt (sorry, I said budget; my bad) of 16.1 trillion. It is my understanding (according to articles I’ve read; not all affiliated with Fox news) that Obama added approximately 6.1 trillion to our debt during his first term (give or take a few hundred million). I believe if you’ll verify that for me you’ll find that it took Bush 8 years of wrecklessness and poor management of our country and it’s well being to come close to that amount. We are currently in an unsustainable economic plan and it’s far to serious to wait two years from now for many of us who see it happening to say, “Well, I told you so.” Since I’m being graded, my apologies for the run-on sentance. While I’m at it, I think it foolish for anyone to beat on their chest bragging about being a democrat or republican. They should all be ashamed of themselves.

      • Chuck

        Obviously you are a little late with these figures. Did you forget that Only Congress can declare war? Did you somehow forget that we do have a political body that has to approve of what is spent in this country and what is not? Did you forget that the budget was 100% less when President Bush II took office? I believe in all fairness you need to study the timeline when it comes to our budget and out of whack it is now. And believe me when I say the House and the Senate does have vito power as well.

    • Boomer

      I really think you should go back to 2010. Your buddy Harry refused to bring the budget to the floor of the Senate. By law he has to. He was afraid because it would cause a tax increase and the Libs would be responsible.
      You are listening to the wealthy rehtoric that the “O” camp spewed.

    • LarryBrad

      Yes, I do blame President Obama and the people in congress who have not passed a budget. I am not by any means rich and I doubt that anyone who cares about Obama’s threats against military members are rich. Why is it that people who support Obama’s agenda always resort to name calling, accusation of racial prejudice, or faulting successful people, republicans, or Bush? Is there a script for this behavior? I have never imagined that our nation would ever be this brutally divided and think that it is perfectly okay to forceably take away the earnings of one group of citizens to give it to someone who did not earn it.

    • Arnie

      I am from Illinois and have never known an honest politician in Chicago. We should put term limits in Congress so we can get some new blood in the place.

      • Scrappy1975

        That is the true culprit. If we want to make the government truly to be “of the people” we should make it so people cannot spend 5 decades working outside the rest of the population. We have members of Congress that have been in office for more than 40 years. Get them out of office and remove their special interests at the same time.

    • steve

      Why does every problem have to be because of the Republicians and not all of the worthless politicians that have been voted in? Obama and his one sided (my way or the highway) attitude is what is ruining this country. He blames the Republicans in Congress for not doing what he wants. To avoid the “fiscal cliff”, we had to give the poor people in Hollywood tax cuts, and of course, fund the losing battle of alternative energy. I, too, am a Viet Nam veteran, and I am sick of the easy way out. Instead of borrowing from the Chinese, we should cut all politicians pay, benefits, and impose term limits. It should not be a career.

      • Baithook


      • Lloyd

        Amen, Brother!

    • TapDogsDad

      Hello Frank –
      I am also a Vietnam vet, and feel a need to correct your error.

      Your assumption that all those who take issue with this administration are Republicans, and that Republicans are owned and controlled by the rich is a mistake.

      If you were to research the political contributions, you would discover that far more millionaires and billionaires contribute to the Democratic party than the Republican party. That is simply a fact that is fairly easily verified.

      In addition, both Republican and Democrat former and current military are rightly asking the administration, “In the event of a financial bind, why would you first deny military members and social security recipients funds that they have rightly earned before reducing federal expenditures by cutting foreign aide and eliminating unnecessary and ineffective departments such as the Department of Education? The younger folks that work there can look for a job in the private sector, just as others have to, and the elder folks can be moved into other positions where the service performed is necessary.

    • namvet

      Namvet Sir your both right and wrong. I say blame both partys. Lets not single out one party, thats prejudice. There all getting there pay. We need to punish all the congress for not getting the job done in a timely manner. Attach there pay and penalize them for not doing the job and watch how fast this will start working right. Even then they could sit on it because most of them are Millionaries. They should record there net worth so the American pople can see what there wealth is,then maybe will no who is milking the cow. Both sides have honest people who care, and rotten eggs who careless about the country. God bless America

    • pat

      your about as dumb as a stick Frank. What you say to cutting welfare for those that have been on it having babys for years so they can get more welfare and free medical and free food? How bout not allowing people that are not suppose to be in this country free medical or food stamps. You want a welfare socitiy your about to get one hope you can afford it my friend.. Few of us can!!!

    • danceli1942

      Wow, you are showing your PTSD. I was in NAM from 65 – 68. I do not have any prejudice’s and I take an exception to you calling a blanket all repubs. I have respect to the office of the president. I do not like the polices and lies that come from both sides. Lets see there are three branches of government. Executive, Congress, and judicial. In 2008 both houses were under control of one party. Why fall in to the blame game.

      There is a saying: A man can fail many times but he isn’t a failure until he begins to blame someone else.”
      – John Burroughs

      Thank you for your service and wecome home!!

      • joe

        In return Thank You

    • JOhn

      Frank, I think your medication is wearing off. You’re starting to sound kinda stupid. It’s the REPUBLICANS that get us our raises, not the DEMS. The Democrats always try to cut our budget. The Democrats are always trying to spend our money on WELFARE and the like in order to get Re-Elected by the Welfare recipiants!

    • Roadkill Yarbrough

      Look real hard and tell me who are the rich guys. Who really has the money? How much was Ted Gurgle Gurgle Kennedy worth? What about Internet Algore? John Vietnam Kerry? John The Hair Edwards? Nancy Pineapple Pelosi? About that blatant racism, you’re either a Negro living in the 50’s or a white apologist. Would you vote for Allen West, a great American hero who happens to be black? I would in a minute. I understand your anger. I too am a combat wounded Vietnam Vet (101st Abn/Ambl 1970) with PTSD. I recall how the Democrats got us into a war they didn’t want us to win. Go back to your union hall and plan your next protest and try to do something about your blatant ignorance.

    • Leon

      You must be still smoking the shit from in country. Obama and his ilk will forever deny their shortcomings. Example Romney paid 14% in taxes o his income last year yet that equated to $2.8 MILLION in paid taxes, his efforts the pay his fair share was met, yet the average citizen pays approx $4,500.00 in taxes annually. Hardly equitable in comparison, but your extreme prejudice towards fiscal conservatives blinds you from the truths about his royal highness and his democratic cronies who rather give our country away giving a free ride to illegals and malingerers who violate our laws and infringe on our way of life while contributing nothing to our society. I regret having to feel this way toward another Vietnam Vet, but you obviously are not living from the lessons learned from our past.

      Leon J. Dodd

    • tom

      Why should shold the Vets and military have to pay for their screw ups.

    • dusty

      We’ll see who gets it and we’ll see which “little guys” are well cared for.

    • CRD

      I think you are the one who isn’t getting it. I am certainly not rich, but Obama wants to take from the rich and give to the LAZY. Rich people should definitely pay their fair share in taxes, but Obama should also stop acting like Robin Hood regarding that issue, and he should stop acting like he is a King instead of the president on other issues.

    • jarhead

      Wake up frank… Obama has spent all the money on his special interest agenda. He won’t cut this crap.. so he blames congress forour lack of dollars. Our Dollars have always been there… Obama is spending our dollars now.. Him and his union budies

    • chuck


    • Bill

      You are a liberal idiot!

    • Paula

      Frank, who should be blamed. Bush? Obama is the President and the blame rests with him. Your “protect the wealthy” remark is ludicrous, considering Obama received a $34 million mansion in Hawaii from his wealthy friends. This stinks to high heaven…………….The racist and prejudice remarks from the Obama followers is getting old. Is it possible he is being criticized for his incompetence that has nothing to do with the color of his skin? My eyes are open, but it appears your eyes are WIDE shut. I am still trying to figure out why you added your tour of duty information………is it suppose to hold some weight? My husband came back disabled from that “police action” .

      • AECP 1964

        Obama’s incompetence, as you call it, has resulted in a doubling of the stock market since its low in March 09, an increase in crude oil production in this country every year for the last four years while it went down every year Bush was in office, bank failures being cut in half the last 2 years, no more troops being killed in Iraq and the job market going from a loss of almost 800,000 jobs in Jan 09 to a gain of over 100,000 a month the last couple of years.

        • Paula

          AECP, please cite your information so I can confirm those figures. The jobless figures just released do not confirm those numbers you gave. The stock market is NOT going to pay the US debt. Obama clearly stated when he ran for office 4 yrs ago he would decrease this debt (he DID not do this). I see a serious problem when the US of A owes trillions of $ to foreign countries. To me, that is incompetence. If a foreign country is owed money (the debt), they own that country.

        • the old warrant

          Worst socialist ever

        • bearwarren

          Sorry to tell you this but the total unemployed or underemployed is 12.2 million, the underemployed is 2.8 million, and the total unemployed rate is down but down to 14.7%. The increase on oil production has nothing to do with the federal government the increase in on land private wells. Check your figures with the Dept. of Labor and Interior. And for the doubling of the Stock Market how much are you buying with a dollar now as compared to ten years ago?

      • L:es

        paula, if nothing else yhou sure can lie.

        • Paula

          What are you accusing me of lying about LES?

    • Geoff

      you my friend are an uninformed idiot.

    • Mike

      Unlike you… I did 26 years. Loved it. The President is using Social Security and Military pay to get his Debt ceiling raised. I do see a real problem. He canot manage the money we give him so we should give him more. Doesn’t sound like good fiscal policy to me. I cannot figure out for the life of me how he got re-elected. Maybe you are part of the 47 percent that lives on entitlement programs.

    • Will

      How many poor democrats do you know on capital hill?

    • Bryce

      Thanks Frank!

    • E8 USN, Reg.

      PTSD? No, it is a lot worse than that! You served in ‘Na?. Thanks, on the assumption your “service” was honorable. Nineteen Months? Piece of cake pal! Try WWII, Korea, RVN, 38 years, six PH, Multiple tours in every one! No better than thousands of others, but at least equal. If you cannot see that Obama, and those that nurture him, is an enemy within, you have far more problems than PTSD. Best wake up and smell the coffee.

    • John Q citizen

      Did obama say that the no-loads and federal workers and congress and staffs and his paycheck will also not be paid???? Maybe they need to calculate congress and presidents pensions with the same percentages per year as they calculate the military and regular gs salaries. OH possibly lay-off 12 or 13 of michelle obamas servents, (staff) to be equal to previous presidents wives staffs, and how about the 7 million vacation for the pres and his 100 plus staffers

    • larry

      I totaly agree with you Frank,The remarks on this article from the far right is pathetic,you so called Tea Party idiots need to wake up an realize you are hurting this country an the middle class.What has happened to the respect for the highest office in the land ,You people should be ashamed of your behavior,I to spent time in the service during Viet Nam,from 66 to 74,an for some one to call the President ,”a black tyrant ” only goes to show how stupid some of these so called Veterans are.You morons make me sick,you are nothing but a selfish,bigot under the diguise of a human being.Why don’t you republicans check the record,if you can show me one single bill that was ever introduced in the congress an passed, that benefited the middle class working person ,I’ll vote for your party.Hope you republicans are turning down your social security benefits ,because you are against us receiving them,if not then you are nothing but a hipocrit.

      • bearwarren

        I do respect the highest office of this land. Just not the person that occupies it!

    • Jim

      Wrong Frank, in case you hadn’t noticed, at every opportunity, this imposter of a president, more suitable as clown-in-chief threatens my (our) social security, retirement pay, and the pay of those on active duty still. I am so sick of this jerk and his stupid threats, HE NEEDS TO BE IMPEACHED, and then we have to dump buck-toothed grin biden. You aren’t the only ex-military in this country, so you open your eyes.Signed, a disgusted U.S. Army Retireee.

    • Jeannie

      Obama is our President. Why not blame him in part? But why not blame a few Republicans like Abe Lincoln,one of his most admired historians, why not blame Martin Luther King for wanting equal rights, his other most favored historian? Why don’t you check your history? President Lincoln was a Republican that believe in equal rights and if my history serves me right, Martin Luther King wanted equal rights for all people, not just some people that wanted to live for generations on government benefits. I also admire what these people stood for and I am a southern white that grew up in the sixties in Alabama,Democrats, Republicans, Independents all deserve a little bit of help when they are down, they don’t deserve a lifetime of not working and paying taxes. I have paid taxes all my life,the military pays taxes and a good portion of their military. Do you pay taxes? Everyone should have to pay some even it is on $5.00.Then they would understand what it means to the ones that pay for the ones that don’t.

    • Dss88

      I get it too. Thank you Frank!!!

    • ride4vets

      Oh we get it Frank apparently your still suffering from shell shock because you seem to be delusional.

    • JIM

      Because there are jerks like you that are blinded buy your own ignorance!!

    • God

      Typical brainwashed idoit who also apparently believes that the remedy of getting out of debt is by getting deeper into further debt….when is the nation going to wake up to the fact that socialist/commmunists idealogy of Ding Dong Obama is indeed a domestic threat to the already economic failings of America. The next real big boogie man coming up is the monsterous inflation rate that shall surely put another nail in the coffin.

      • Vet

        And that will be the Republicans fault as well….

    • R Galloway


    • bill

      Frank I two am a vietnam vet and I think you ptsd has messed up your head. Im not taking anyone side but I dont blame the wealthy if I dont have it,, my fault not theres, no one owes you or me a damm thing we earn or we dont. If your non us pres would quit raising my taxes and my gr8 grandkids bills I would be much better off. Now pls go see the brain surgen and have him give you one!!!!

    • wmscott

      Obama and the Democrats in congress are the ones chomping at the bit to slash military spending not the Republicans. And he wants to put John Kerry as Secretary of State who has been wrong about every military related issued known since he “served in Vietnam”. Frank you are in bed with the people who least want to take care of you.

    • Bill

      Good Job Frank. I was in during Vietnam, Bosnia, Desert Storm and Iraqi Freedom. I think that qualifies me for being around a while. The only Dem who ever cared about the Military was Sam Nunn!!! Who do you think put the military on the chopping block in the first place??? Our dear president demanded that the military take the brunt of the sequestor. If it failed he got what he wanted… cut the military to the bone AND get the forced incrase in taxes.

    • Clark

      Speak on it Frank. I am with you. I was in the jungle in nam also

    • Chief

      Because Obama never takes responsibility for anything at all. He is always blaming everything on everyone else. If he is not blaming the Republicans he is blaming Bush. He is one of the first presidents to blame the previous president for his own shortcomings. He is a loser.

      • damn Campbell

        You are right, Chief. I think he needs ruck marches.

    • rlhill

      Wrong buddy – they all need to wake up and become AMERICAN – to hell with their damn political affiliation and fat pocketbooks filled with the people’s money.

    • Unhappy Veteran

      Frank I, when was the last time Obama signed a budget for a year? NEVER!

    • Lee

      Really Frank? Wake up brother someone has been blowing smoke up your 4th point of contact.

    • David

      Frank, your mind is STILL in the jungles. Thanx for your time…oh, and thanx for telling us about your duties, we needed to know this of course. Frank, you’re a dumb ass.

    • Currahee

      why don’t you go to school and learn to spell ? Maybe you didn’t learn anything in the jungle’s. Try going back again.

    • Ward

      Why cant the democratic controlled senate pass a budget? They haven’t passed one since 2009. Its not just the republicans Frank that are messing up the country its all elected officials including Obama. Why wont democrats sign an agreement to have their pay stopped if they don’t pass a balanced budget? Republicans have offered to.

    • Kelly Long

      Maybe because he has yet to produce ONE BUDGET in 4+ years, which, BTW, is REQUIRED BY LAW to have a budget each year, and lastly…why blame Obama? He HATES the Military & wish we didn’t EXIST. Oh…and then there’s the thing about him being our “Commander in Chief”, sadly…

    • Bob

      Frank : I can almost agree with you. The Democratic controlled Senate has not proposed a budget in the last three years, so both parties are to blame.
      I suggest that all of us start calling our so called of the people for the people Senators and Congressmen and flood the switch board. Just my $.02

    • Me Oregon

      No one has blamed Obama you need to read this again ! get your facts in Order.

    • Proud Vet

      Frank, We are not jerks. The politicians are jerks. This isn’t about Republicans nor Democrats. It’s about ALL elected officials. They create the problem, then complain they can’t fix it. Voice your decision during the elections of 2014 & 2016 by not voting for any incumbent regardless of your political party affiliation. These politicians are ALL to blame from the president down to the most junior members of the House and Senate. Maybe then, they’ll get the hint. obama hasn’t done anything except make us the “Divided States of America”. Remember Truman’s quote: “The buck stops here”. obama incites rather than unite. obama points at others rather than himself. obama blames others rather than take responsibility such as Libya. obama doesn’t lead, he cowards. obama has made this Nation dependent on government instead of government dependent on it’s citizens. His entitlements are bankrupting this Nation. Social Security, Military pay/retirement/disability are NOT entitlements. These are either paid through our earnings or our spilled blood Anything else is an entitlement, i.e., 99 weeks of unemployment, food stamps. welfare, etc. Prior to obama, this Nation’s poor survived without government “giving”. obama has an agenda and it’s not for the poor or even the minorities. Rather it’s about destroying this great Nation economically. He’s taking from the “rich” (America) and giving to the poor (the world). Read your history and you’ll find every great nation fell because of economics. The last great nation to fall was Russia, there by ending the Cold War. Any by the way Frank, two generations of my family served the entire Cold War, every male volunteered during the draft, all served in combat from Korea to Persian Gulf. In total we served 51 years day-for-day with at least one on active duty. So don’t call us “jerks”. You have your 1st amendment and so does every other American. It’s the name calling that reminds me of the Democrats where it’s okay them but not the Republicans, and continues to “divide”

    • Francis Cunningham

      I wholeheartedly agree, the Repubs have held this nation hostage for 4 years, making no effort to sustain and advance our nation! I personally feel they should be brought up on charges of treason, espousing fiscal responsibility, yet refusing to deal with the debut that was incurred when for some reason fiscal responsibility was the least of their concerns! Totally blatant prejudice seems to be their guiding principle!

    • Damn campbell

      Frank you’re being such a wus and I am surprised you think that way after serving. You’re talking like an idiot liberal who is feeling sorry for himself that he couldn’t make a little money on his own.

    • MikeH

      Frank I, lets see how many times did the GOV shut down under Regan, Clinton and both Bush administrations and SS, VA and active military were not affected? Zero, and thats what we have for a current president, zero. Also, check your spelling more carefully.

    • Guest

      OBAMA IS THE GREATEST. The Republicans always have their hands in the cookie jar. They do not care about the American people.

    • Bob

      In the last 4 years we have provided direct cash aid to

      Hamas – 351 M, Libya 1.45 B, Egypt – 397 M, Mexico – 622 M, Russia – 380 M, Haiti – 1.4 B, Jordan – 463 M, Kenya – 816 M, Sudan – 870 M, Nigeria – 456 M, Uganda – 451 M, Congo – 359 M, Ethiopia – 981 M, Pakistan – 2 B,
      South Africa – 566 M, Senegal – 698 M, Mozambique – 404 M, Zambia – 331 M, Kazakhstan – 304 M, Iraq – 1.08 B, Tanzania – 554 M, with literally Billions of Dollars and they still hate us!!!!

      Over half of the money that went to “Egypt” went to the Muslim Brotherhood…a supporter of the Taliban. Hamas is a direct supporter of the Taliban. Both of these actions are “aiding the enemy” and the funds could have been used more effectively if it were given to the food bank!

    • jack

      why should military suffer? if this is done how will we pay our bils etc? if we have money to send overseas we should be able to take care of our own first.

    • Lou

      Just don’t use PTSD for your way of reasoning Frank. I have it to, but I think like Charles Caywood. I honor you for your service to our Country. I believe you did more for your Country than you realize. You may want to rethink your thinking. God bless the U.S.A.!!! :)

    • joe

      This poor man is so consumed with jealousy. Have to pity him.

    • jerry

      you are the jerk obama is the blame no good budget i was in vietnam on river boat and got med.ret. and obama is messing with my pay the rich they have right to rich the republicans want a budget i live on budget and U.S. needs to have one but not obama budget it our money not his all he can say is I AM THE PRESIDENT you do what say

    • Doug

      Yes, Frank, it is much better to have our President throw a hissy every time he doesn’t get his way. We may not be able to pay all of our bills is the same as “I will not compromise unless the Republicans give up everything, including their first born.” Bias goes both ways, Frank. Just because you happen to agree with this “man” doesn’t make his hostage-holding anyone else’s fault.

    • Guest

      So explain why Harry Reid has shot down every budget proposal to date during this administration

    • Rainmaker

      The wealthy have their money in off-shore banks, fully protected. They are unaffected by any taxing when funds are in safe-keeping elsewhere.

    • Ara

      why??? ‘cuz the pols in DC will all get their pay, no problem for them. the slurp it up green energy folks will get their “loans” and foreign governments will all get theirs too….but the GI???? not so much.

    • bearwarren

      Hey, everyone have you ever heard that it is impossible to vote out Santa Claus?

    • L.A. Kohne

      Millonaires? You wouldn’t put Obama in that catagory? Pelosi? Schummer? Reid???? Kennedy when he was alive? More democrats are millionares than republicans in the Congress. Both sides are guilty, but life is NEVER equal, just the oppurtunity to achieve. The liberals i.e, Obama and the like, think that everyone but them (the elite) should be equal in all things. In the end, only those who rule will have the wealth and oppurtunities in life as they deny us little people (Americans) access to the same. Maxism at its best and a hatred for our Constitution. That’s Obama and all citizens with their hands out. (and non-citizens as well)

    • LarryBrad

      It is same sad M.O. for most cool-aide drinkers like Frank I: call the opposition a name, blame the wealthy, blame Republicans (especially Bush), claim injustice, and the worst, say that anyone that is against the President is prejudice. Thanks you for your service Frank I but I am concerned for our county’s future when voters think like you do because you, sir, may want to examine your blind, unquestioning worship of a politician.

  • JZahn

    I think that not only should we pray for them, but intern Demand Impeachment of all that step on the Constitution, this is in fact the underlying determination of Obama. I support our 2nd Amendments!! Barry Santoro (Obama) should be Impeach for his infringing on the American Peoples rights . Now they want to take from our people there earned rights and benefits. Rationed Health Care.

  • Dan

    As a disabled veteran of the VietNam Era I find it hard to understand why some blame Obama for funding problems. They should blame the “party of the rich”, the GOP for their constant behavior of saying “no” to everything Obama tries to improve life in the USA.

    • JustThom

      They are saying no to the increased spending. To stop the spending they have to get his attention.

      Why do they pick seniors and ex or current service members? Social security is paid from the Trust Fund and has nothing to do with the budget. And they threaten the military because they are the largest group least likely to take revenge at the ballot box.

    • Chuck D

      Finally! Someone speaks the truth. I cannot believe that the vast majority of Americans keep believing the Republican lies, even though they are very blatant about them. I think it is because they are just as greedy as the rich and hope to become one as well.

    • Vietnam Era Retired

      Right! The Tea Party with a 9% approval rating is holding the other 89% hostage.

    • Wayne

      The GOP is not the partyof the rich it’s the party of wipe your own ass and quit sucking off the government’s (people’s) hind tit

  • david

    its time that we start trying to get bills bassed that would stop coverment elected personnel from getting thier pay if the they don’t pass the fiscal yearly bill see how they like not getting payed.

  • Caz

    no pay for WH personnel from top / bottom……. Congress / Staff …………. All Judicial branch……….. Fed cops….. Secret Svc…… all ‘Protective Svc’s”………. let’s see how long this last’s………….

  • Avenger9

    How long do you think our Military will continue to serve when they are not getting paid?? They already are underpaid while Congress votes themselves more raises and perks. When the next Revolution begins, the Military will support the people and the Constitution they swore to protect

  • fed up vet

    We tried that but, as they call them undocumented invaiders were made promises that put him back in power.

  • Rocky

    And that has What to do with this article?

    • Dave

      Rocky, it has a lot to do with this article. Fed Up Vet, is pointing out that this man will lie; buy votes with promises (illegal immigrants to buy lation votes): threaten to cut SS, military pay, etc., when he continues to fund BS to other countries,, if effect he is buying the bullets that will be used against our kids or grand kids. So fed up vet’s comment is another indicator of what we are in for,,,

  • geo011

    This is a load of CRAP…Like if we “go over the cliff” that we no longer have any money to pay our bills??? Was this guy born in some hut??? Oh yea he was but we do have money to pay our bills and should be paying them. He needs to have his ASS kicked for pulling this CRAP every time just so he can get his way!!!!! I’m tired of this DUMB ASS running this country into the ground and off the cliff!!!!! He SUCKS and is the worse Pres we’ve ever had!!!!!!!

  • Chel

    If the government shuts down, Congress is the government right? They shouldn’t get their checks either. Let them miss a check.

  • chuck

    IT WAS THE GEORGE BUSH JR. WHO TRIED TO CUT ACTIVE DUTY PAY BY ONE THIRD .. Republicans who used to be always on the vets side ..have tried to cut disability pay since Obama HAS BEEN IN OFFICE NOT OBAMA .,.TEA PARTY PROBABLY ..NOT SURE OF THAT ..BUT WHAT I TOLD U IS THE TRUTH CHECK IT OUT ..ON MY WORD AS A DISABLED USMC Marine ..nam 1969 ..0311

    • ZxuserUser

      You a combat vet?

  • Jerry Stephens

    Obama uses fear to control those with limited mental abilities. It is called the “Idiot Vote”. // SS checks will go out. VA Compensation checks will arrive on time // Now go back to sleep.

  • Steve

    If you voted for this jerk you deserve exactly what he gives you or in this case doesn’t. Why is foreign aid completely off the table as far as balancing the budget? We give billions of dollars to countries that are financing or directly participating in combat against us. Really can’t blame anyone but the American people that voted these creeps into office —over and over and over again.

    • Brian Clarke

      I have to agree with you Steve. You need a leader to lead the country, and he definitely is not one. I am with you. Get rid of all the foreign aid and we probably wouldn’t have any debt ceiling problems. Our whole political system has gone to crap. It is time for changes.
      Viet Nam 68-69, Infantry, Agent Orange

  • Jim

    Things here have become very similar to ancient Rome, when the wealthy, controlling aristocrats in the government forced Julius Ceasar’s military hand into an uprising. I am still wondering when our military leaders (Generals and Admirals) are going to do their sworn duty (protect the constitution against all enemies, both foreign AND DOMESTIC), and stand up to the treasonous politicians and their owners in Washington and chase them all out of the city — just like Julius Ceasar did. Unfortunately, Julius Ceasar went on to become a dictator. I’m not so much worried about our politicians being replaced by a dictator. We already have several dictators running their little corners of the show in our country: Fed Reserve _dictates_ economic policy, Sec of State _dictates_ foreign policy, etc. There are a few dictators working together and controlling our government that need to be relieved of their duties and replaced by NO ONE, and it is our military’s job to eliminate those threats to our sovereignty and constitution.

  • carlos

    We serve are country in war come back with illness,u mean to tell me u would hold are checks from that’s just doesn’t work like that,so please don’t hold are benfits from us that’s not right

    • dave

      Our CINC doesn’t care about what we sacrificed, to him anything that happened before his tour was no good bad, evil, It is HE who is making America right. He threatens to withhold troop pay, SS, VRA, military retirements, etc. Yet he give the enemy (muslim brotherhood) our newest jets and billions of dollars,, no it is not the republicans in congress it is HE who is twisting the minds of the American people and destroying what you and I served for

  • Davve

    Amen, he blames Republicans, it is his doing. Why cut our earned entitlements, why not take the money from the give away programs, like foreign aid,, what an a ss we have elected.

  • Cindy

    Obama has made enough money off us in the last four years (not to mention the millions of dollars for vacations). IF there is a fiscal cliff, let him be the one to go without a paycheck or two instead of the military/vets.

  • Vietvet1968

    I am sick and tired of the BS Congress screwing with my money. I earned every nickel and dime that I paid into Social Security for 50 years of hard work. As for my VA benefits I earned them the hard way with 3 tours in Vietnam with medical complications that will end my life a hell of a lot sooner then I expected.

  • A Veteran

    Sorry, but I agree. The President needs to stop bailing out green energy that goes to China and He and the Senate needs to come up with a budget without pork and then start the negotiation with the House who has sent several budgets to no avail.
    The Democrats of olden days no longer exist. The nuts in there are spending your kids and grandkids into slavery. The good book says “you don’t work you don’t eat.” Let’s get responsible people.

  • Randy

    I personally think we need to get a new president, vice president , house and senate that will do their job and run our government. Not like the ones we have in there and want to cut everyone’s pay but their own! The ones democrats and republicans just want to act like kids and say you pushed this and now I will push this and neither will do anything (their job) to run the Government and hold the military, vets, and the elderly hostage. This is from the President all the way down through the house and senate.Piss poor people running our government.

    • easydoesit

      We just did that in November. It’s called elections.

    • cuffdogg

      Personally I believe that we have a very bright and intelligent bunch in both the White House and Congress. They all just need to put aside their personal grudges and vidictiveness, if I spelled that on right, and get down to business and do the morally right thing. Wishful thinking ha?:)..

      • J. Williams
    • easydoesit

      We just did that in November its’ called elections

  • scott

    know the facts…..the president wants us to get paid. i voted for the man 2xs and i am proud of him. also, dont blame the tea party for this…the house republican, in the 112th congress, who was the comittee chair in charge of veteran comp and benefits for the v/a was/is a tea party member and pushed through the 1.7%increase for 2013…this is a game of brinkmanship between the office of the president and the speaker of the house…the president is right in saying that congress needs to pay the debts they already incurred.

    • rick

      Scott, I can see that you vote twice for the jerk. Aren’t you proud of the way he and his wife are wasting your money? Most First Ladies had no more than 2 people on her staff this “Llady” has 22. They even have a dog walker that gets a 6 figure income. Everytime that the elected officials get in a bind with money the have balanced it on the militaries back. We get cuts in pay and services and they, your elected officials get raises. Your buddy made sure that his pay is safe and even raised the amount that he will get after serving his time in office by 200,000. Yup, how’s the change working for you?

    • Dee
    • richart1965

      the truth is the govt still collects taxes every day. approx. 60% of total tax money comes in each month. cutting military benefits, soc sec.,mediacre is a scare tactic, we will still get paid (after the interest obama has accrued is paid). the cuts will be layoffs for govt employees (this might help our economy) and vendors. this noise from obama is like his talking about taking away gun rights, those evil republicans and any thing else he can think of to keep from talking about the national debt, the vast no. of people that have given up finding a job, the murder of our people @ an american embassy, oh well, I could go on forever about what he does not want to talk about.

    • Larry

      Aren’t you the fool !!

  • Scoper31

    We vets would never have to face this if our leaders simply stopped foreign aid but they had rather send our money to some foreign dictator than to guarantee that seniors and veterans are paid.

  • B E

    It’s aLL politics, Why dont the Democrats “for once” agree to cut some of the wasteful spending and the shenanigans like the added pork to the sandy relief bill that had nothing to do with sandy relief. These Clowns in Washington constantly use scare tactics. But all they do is Lie, Remember your Taxes weren’t going up “ONe Dime” , LIE, and the rich get richer because most of the 1% live off investments and Capital Gains rates were not touched. WHY ? Ever see a poor guy in Congress. The ALL Lie.

    • Bob

      When Bill Clinton left office we had a surplus of cash…..8 years of Bush, 2 wars for most unpaid, a steep tax cut and a drug programs for seniors that cost billions….unpaid for.

      You do the math……

  • donvitooh

    Cut aid to every country by 50%. We would have more than enough to pay down the dept, all bills and spent it on Americans. Hello! Why has no one in congress ever proposed this?

    We give money away to country’s over seas and cut Vets benefit and SS ???

    This is a sin…………..

  • Fredrick Setser

    The President and most members of Congress are not veterans so they don’t care. They do realize it important so they play one up some with the law and policies.
    They will play much like little children. We elected them to conduct government as adults not children/

  • MGC

    I have one question. I congress getting paid?

    • MGC

      “Is” rather

  • alfred james
  • Brenda

    why is ALWAYS the military, veterans or the seniors that are used as a bargaining tool? Why not their OWN pay? Oh no, can’t touch that or their great retirement checks or their insurance. Maybe the President would get more cooperation if he threatened to stop all of their pay & benefits until the economy is fixed & the fiscal cliff is no longer a threat! Of course, that would stop him from getting paid or his family from taking another vacation!

  • Curt

    The president has to sign off on not paying our benefits. It’s the law. This is a scare tactic by the president to get you to hate the conservatives. He will be responsible if we don’t get our check. This man will stop at nothing to divide this country. The Divider in Chief.

  • Adhemarde

    The government has total responsibility for how the money is allocated. If they decide to take it out on military retirees, Social Security beneficiaries, and others who are legally entitled to these payments, then they must be held accountable for it. Do not listen to some more lies from obama about how it is the Republicans who are holding back money. They tried to say that our embassies were unprotected because the Republicans took away their funding, when in fact Ryan’s budget was never adopted and it was the obama administration the recommended cuts to the embassy security budget. Do not believe a word obama says – if you don’t get your check, it is obama’s fault, period.

  • Indyhawk

    If you voted for the T-Party crowd, this is your reward…..they have few vets in their ranks, as does Congress in general.

    • cagycritter

      I think if there were an honest survey anywhere you would find a whole lot more T Party people than Liberals dude.

      • Warren Menges
    • PK2000

      It is a myth that we run out of money by any set date. The treasury is still collecting and spending and there is more than enough to cover all our current commitments for quite some time. Debt ceiling means, stop borrowing and live within your means, the same for a country as it is for a family or individual. The only one threatening our Military, Vets and seniors is the Commander in Chief.

      • SgtB

        Looks to me like the Republicans/tea baggers, NOT the President.

    • IraqVet04

      Says who and where do you get your figures?

  • Blackhorse

    Wow there are some real strange people on this site. Things Obama loves the military. Duh where have you been? Instead of burying your head up his arse, pull it out and smell fresh air for a while. No one should ever hold up a pension before they hold up the entitlements. I paid into and earned my pension by my service to this country. I’ve paid into Social Security for over 10 years. That’s not an entitlement, it’s earned and paid for. Welfare, foodstamps, section 8 housing, those are entitlements. They better go before my pension or the next war is against this government.

    • Blackhorse

      Sorry that 10 years should have been 50 years. Obama has “Fired” more general officers than any other sitting president in this countries history. That’s a fact. He’s the one who said wounded soldier should pay for their own medical treatment. Because hey they volunteered and they knew the risks, right. Obama has hampered this country with bs rules of engagement that put our fighting soldiers at risk EVERY DAY. Obama hates the military. To think anything else is just outright insanity.

  • cuffdogg

    All in all. I am a proud vet who served my country for almost 24 years in the most powerful military force in the world. I have all of the aches and pains (both physically and mentally) to prove it. If I had a choice to do it all over again, I would because someone has to protect the rights and interest of this mighty country. For those who want to withhold my compenstation for protecting your liberties, God help you, for it seems that you have no gratitude or appreciation for what I and many other patriots have done for you. Have a good day and remember that someone somewhere in the military at one time too many shed blood and lost their life so you can have a great day..I think they call this category of people, “The Ungratefuls”..


    I am pretty much like you Terry H., not to say it want happen, but why do they continuously try to intimidate the American people or the veteran. I served my 22 years, additional 17 more years working for the VA. My honest opinion, is stop my income, and this means I can not pay my bills, house note, car notes, utilities, etc. Now what? There are millions of veterans who depend on their checks, and to screw this up means the economy will go to hell in a hand basket! Now, which one of the these two evils is easier to fix? Simple, pay the veteran……and moving on!

    • easydoesit

      1st off Willie the pay stoppage would be short term very short term
      and the money would be sent to you retroactive.

  • patrick powell

    I have a solution to all of this bickering like school children that Congress is doing. Why not all of our armed forces just go on strike, plain and simple. If they can treat us like we do not mean anything to them. STRIKE . Period. I would love to see their response.

  • IraqVet04

    Does this mean Commander Chaos in Chief isn’t going to get paid…and the rest of CON-gress…especially Harry Reid for not passing a budget for the last three years?

  • nobody1

    No, a real Marine would not talk about The Commander in Chief in this fashion, no matter which political party your part of. I was Viet Nam ’65-’66.

    • justa

      You”re right, nobody, a real Marine would not talk that way about a REAL Commander in Chief, but since this guy is fake with a SS# from a state he never lived in and that is connected with a man born in 1890 — do the math

      • Scouthoward

        You could use a healthy dose of anger mangement. By the way, you should consider that Congress holds the purse strings, not the President.

  • Bob

    Enough is enough, Congress especially the House is responsible…..nothing gets passed unless the Congress approves. The President doesn’t hold pay to Veterans or social security….it’s the House. The President could be blamed if he vetoed a law or measure but so far he doesn’t have anything to veto.

    • The House has passed a budget every year since Obama took office. It’s the Senate where nothing is getting done and where all the bickering and BS is happening. That and the Oval Office.

    • Jay

      You have been watching too much MSM TV. The Executive Branch in case of shutdown decides on disbursements. based upon current law.

  • TED

    This means war on all congres and senate. To next in line voted out, cut there pay. To sit on there ass for what? Get the old farts out with no pay.

  • Timothy Greenly

    This political crap has been going on since Valley Forge. I retired 24 years ago from the Army and during the 21+ I served this happened the same way. To stop it you need to limit the terms these fools can serve and get some people in there that don’t spend their time soliciting from the special interests.

    • easydoesit

      My guess is it is the newer members of congress, the old ones know better.

  • Dee
  • Dee

    There is always 3 sides to the story. Yours mine and the truth. I pray that one day all the finger pointing will stop and we could actually get some work done. Truth is the US is a great county with real issues. And if our elected officials truly dedicated themselves to serve the people (which is plural by the way) as a whole instead of specialist groups we wouldn’t have these drawn out never ending debates.what happen to being fair and just to all. Not because I have a few more dollars than you. foolery i say complete foolery

    • R. Bart

      I agree Our Officials need to learn to start doing fo the people [ as they were Elected to do] not for there self or the few as they are doing and that includes our President!!!! No one showld be saying this is what I want and if I don’t get it nothing will pass!!! that is why there is a fiscal cliff problem! and we The people with VA Pensions may not get payed not because any one our government doesen’t want to pay the bills ! it is at the top Juat like it was the last few times! if the person at the top cared we would not be at this junction!!!!!!!!

  • JustThom

    They threaten social security which isn’t even a budget item. It is paid from the Trust Fund set up for that purpose. And they threaten those least likely to be a problem come election time.

    If I were in the military and they couldn’t pay me, I probably would just go up on deck and catch some sun. Being in the middle of the ocean might make it impossible to leave the ship (or at least highly improbable) but that doesn’t mean you have to work while not being paid. Slavery is against the law, isn’t it?

  • Robe4rt

    Each time that Vets and Military Pay was held up, it has been by a majority Republican Congress, “not by whichever President was in office”, so the problem is with the Republican Congress, not the President or the white house! I served over 22 years myself, and have numerous injuries from service to our country, and due to my disabilities, I have had much to read up on what is really happening, and not to go by what is on “the news”, and have found that “Greed” is the problem that is ruining our country!!!!!!!

  • joseph

    its alway the most needy are the 1st to get cut veterans and old people

  • ibizzy

    Why don’t they not pay all the senators and legislators and governors and all elected officials and see what happens, oh no lets &*@#$ with the veterans money, some which are on fixed incomes and depend on the monthly check. All of the above don’t worry about there checks, they never volunteer to give up anything and cry bloody hell if it is even mentioned, republicans are a bunch of self, one sided aliens from the planet “me and only me “, but let’s make the vets go through more @#$% haven’t they sacrificed enough, cut the crap already. Most of these people have never served a day in there lives.

  • Michele

    Its crazy how government is taking money away from the military, policeman, teachers. People that are here to protect us. We never hear this football player, singer, or basketball player will take a cut in pay. This world has it priorities and messed up.

    • gena64

      I think that if they do not pay the military, people on social security, veterans benefits, they should also skip paying the president, congress, and all other federal employees. If we have to feel the pain, let them feel it as well. Spread the wealth, and spread the suffering.

    • Pen52

      This has nothing to do with policemen, teachers, it is about the retired, Disabled, and the Disabled American Veterans, as well as our active Military. I guess there is allot of people out here that have no understanding about how the Federal Government doles out the paychecks, again teachers not all do no deserve to get more money nor the Police. It take 45 plus minutes to respond to my house if I were to have an emergency, and to add insult to injury the Police are all going union, and as for the Teachers they are union and the teaching results do non match the END Product i.e. our children at Graduation are Dumber and do not know the Country they live in i.e. Constitutional Rights, Federalist Papers and just plain History. And Yes I am a DAV and Served with Honor……

  • Nevin Selke

    23 years military, 20 years Civil Service and when I finally retired I got penalized twice because I retired from those 2 services. My Social Security retirement, as small as it was, went from $822 a moanth to $522 a month. How come if you work for a goal do they make rules to lower another item in your life? If you work and earn a retirement, why does that affect another pension or how much you would get even tho you paid into it? If our so called representatives would work for those that elected him, do what they are expected to do, we would see a better life. What ever happened to this great country that we fought for???

    • gena64

      Obama is spending money that Congress has not authorized through Executive Orders such as the amount he sent to the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt. And the Senate has not voted on a budget as required by law for four years now, since Obama took office in 2009. And he threatens to veto any legislation which would make him compromise on his wishes. And he does not accept that there is a huge spending crisis in this country which is causing the deficit to be so large, we will have the entire economy collapsing around us in the very near future. So basically
      the answer or explanation is Executive Orders is the problem.

      • Larry Archer

        We did only got into this mess when obama became President. Through his lies and deseat, and his spending and borrowing from other countries our great country is suffering. I’ll bet our for-fathers and presidents are turning over in their graves. We need to IMPEACH this idiot who is trying to run this country like Hitler did to Germany.

    • Bob

      I agree with you totally, but we have no one to blame except ourselves. We keep sending the same people back to Washington every election cycle. And they do the same thing every time.


    I need someone to explain to me because I guess im missing something here, IC all of the bashing of the President and how he holding up Our checks but If memory serves correct he signs off on bills, Those muthers in Congress and the Senate has to pass the bills. Again I maybe lost here but Im wanting one of you expert vets to explain it to me.

  • FDixon

    I’ll never forget President JFK words… Ask not what your country can do for you….Ask what you can do for your country. Some politicians forgot these words, after all, we the people got them these positions in the government with our blood sweat tears and votes. I’ve served the U.S Army with honor.God Bless America! Support our President is doing a wonderful job.

  • Freedom
  • Jenna

    Sadly, it isn’t one party or the other but both. We elected them, and we can only call and call and email and call until they get the message loud and clear.

  • Debra :LeCompte

    I can have no respect for anyone or any organization which attempts to blackmail other elected officials in order to force their position or agenda on those who oppose it by using the funds designated to pay what is rightfully and legally due to those who are serving or who have served. I agree that the paychecks of the politicians, including the president, are what should held hostage. That would certainly speed things up. Besides, I am sure they all have a banker they could float a loan with… I can just see it now… A certain figure comes to mind sitting across from his banker explaining the whole thing and assuring the banker that he will be able to pay back the loan as soon as congress is back in session….

  • John Flecher

    I say fired them all on the hill in DC. When u go to reinstate the new congress hire them at say an E-9’s pay with only BAH and BAS. Make them endure tricare like the rest of us. And put them only there for a max of 3 years.

    • Shortround

      Yea… Do just that…. It’s only being fair… There jobs are’nt life threatening!!! A lap of luxurary… Fair is Fair…. Right is Rigth and Wrong is Wrong… And STOP letting our war vets dye because of their active duty disabilities….

    • “JJ”

      Exactly, and they should live in a barracks, eat in a mess hall and take their turn at guard duty!!!!

    • John Murphy

      Yes! Make them have to live on an E-5’s s BAH &BAH, or better yet, on a retiree’s pay or a wounded vets pay, which is fixed. And only for 2 years!!!!!!!!

  • Carl

    The republican house and the tea baggers will do anything possible to make it appear that everything is Obamas fault. Open your eyes, quit listening to Limbaugh and you will see Obama is trying to help the middle and lower class citizens. The repukes want to tax millionaires less and cut SS, Medicae, and veterans benefits. I too am a Viet Nam veteran with a lot of medical problems, so get the republicans out of there.

    • Frustrated

      If the republicans are out of there we would become Greece or the UK or something similar. Your taxes would be through the roof and your rights and freedoms would be gone. Obama and the Dems are definately working to destroy this Country. Bankrupt the country, destroy the economy, socialize healthcare, take away the rights of the people and disarm them. Once the people have no money and no way of defending themselves, you can do anything you want. All hale King Obama……]

  • Chief

    Frank and Bob, the House (read Republicans) have passed a budger, but the Democrats (read Harry Reid) has refused to bring them up for a vote in the Senate. The Democrats have not submitted a budget for at least the last three years. As for Obama, Reid, Nancy Pelosi (we have to pass it to see whats in it in reference to Obamacare) I cannot express my disdain for them without fear the FBI will be paying me a visit. I am a Viet Nam vet and retired Chief Master Sgt.and oh how I long for someone of Reagan’s character.

    • scouthoward

      Well, you won’t find it in this current bunch of House Republicans who are worthless!!

      • wilsonccjr
    • Larry

      This is normal business anymore. Don’t you know socialism is all they care about ?!!

    • PEN52

      As a 12 year USN vet I cannot agree with you more, I honestly believe that they cannot mathmatically put together a budget let, alone get one signed in the Senate. A great example of our current NON Representatives.

  • Everett wallin

    Old hat! I remember being on active duty with the same threat many years ago. I retired from the AF in 1971. Quit playing these games with our pay! I don’t trust the Republicans. EW

    • CRD

      You don’t trust the Republicans? What? Obama and Democrats are the ones making the threats to military pay. The Republicans say stop over spending, no more debt. The Democrats say we want a blank check to go into as much debt as we want to, and if you don’t let us have more debt, the military won’t get paid. Hmmm. I don’t think it would be the Republicans that cannot be trusted. Open your eyes!!!!!


    You really sound like a fool !!!

  • Army Wife

    Just to let you know back in July of 2011 the did withhold the military pay! My husband and many other sat in afganistan when this happened. It took them 3 days but we all did get payed after they signed the bill! Stop using us we are not the one passing the bills take there pay!

    • HR Mgr

      I’m retired AF and can only say to all those uniformed personnel who voted for BO last Nov…..You, as always, reap what you sew. It is most unfortunate though that you affect others so negatively (like Army wife above, me, and most others here) by your blind following of BO’s BS. I really don’t know how you can look at yourself in the mirror these days and not ask yourself: “What was I thinking?”.

  • Mike Barnes

    If any American Service person refused to obey a lawful order they would be punished. I guess our elected officials want our active service men and women to begin pillaging if funds are withheld from their families. Our retirees should begin to raid our neighboring countries for the same reason.

    Seems to me we need to chop the pay of our wonderful Senators and Representatives before cutting the pay our brothers and sisters in arms and retirees.

  • lamplighter211

    This is a great example of why we should have term limits for ALL members of congress. Two 4 year terms and they have to go home and live with laws that they passed. It also highlights the Presidents continually efforts to divide our country by using petty jealously to pit one group against another. I grew up in the 50’s and fought in Viet Nam in the 60’s. THIS is not what I fought for!

    • Scouthoward

      This has nothing to do with the President; it’s a straight up House Republican refusal to pass reasonable budgets.

      • Muggs

        B— S— and if you get your hear atta your arse you would/should know better.

  • John Sakowich

    It is not the Republicans that are the problem. It is this idot president that will not cut spending. He just wants a blank check and so HE!! and he alone is the only one that is a threat to our checks. This president wants to bring down this country to its knees and he has 4 years to do it. Starting with the debt and taking our guns away. He can’t control us if we are armed

  • Terrein

    Remember, Voters; “You get what you pay (vote) for”.

  • Moe Debly

    One more reason why I never vote for a sitting politician.If you can’t get it right in your term why would I put you back in there.! They get thiers and the hell with you.. I am for term limits on all positions, one and done.
    Moe Deb

  • Dr Rich
    • Dr Rich
  • sidebet

    Who did you vote for? Thats the question, Its the we the people who put them in and now we the people have to get them out, If you voted for them, Blame yourself, We the people are getting just what you voted for, Change washington if you are not happy,It’s up to us, If you are part of the have’s you most Likely voted for the republicans, It appears that we have created a majorites of have nots.Vote next time and make our changes

  • John

    Why doesn’t some of these people high in goverment scare the congresssmen and Representives by telling them they may not get paid. Also tell them they may lose the benefits the soldiers in the trenches who have fought and died are the ones who gave them this country to start with. God, Please help this country we live. Everyone ask someone if we can trust our country, then go ask an Indian.

  • Jim

    As several conservative commentators have pointed out, threats like these have no factual basis. There IS sufficient funding for ALL our financial obligations. The shortages arise due to Presidential & Congressional cmplete lack of fiscal restraint. Who ever heard of TRILLION DOLLAR DEFICITS IN A SINGLE YEAR until Obama was elected? Wake the hell up, people!

    • AECP 1964

      Apparently you need to wake up also. The last year Bush was in office the national debt went up $1.4 trillion dollars. You will never hear that from your conservative commentators. Two studies were done in 2011 and both showed that people who only watch Fox News are more uninformed and misinformed than people who watch no news at all.

      • Mike

        And I believe those two studies! Yes I do. They were done by I don’t know who but I believe them! Yes I do. I am a genious because I don’t watch Fox News only. I like to use the remote control alot, so I must be a genious. I sit on my ass all day and scan the television – so I’m a genious. I know people with Phd’s who work all day, come home, help their kids with homework, then watch Fox News for about an hour before going to bed and starting another 18 hour work day – they are pure dumbasses.

      • LDG

        Please stop blaming Bush for what this administration does. Hone up to what has happened on this watch.

    • Mike

      Ignore him Jim. I know you were simply pointing out that this threat has occurred many times and we always got paid. We will this time too. But the genious who just replied had to do his duty to his Master and blame Bush for all the problems we have now. I’m shocked when Obama made this baseless announcement to get people pissed off at Republicans he didn’t include a little blame on Bush for this situation. And notice how Republicans are now the entire Congress. Thought the Senate was Democratically controlled?

  • MGySgtRet

    Why is it that Veterans and Retired people’s pay is always on the line? What about the countries that still owe us money from the Second World War…What about Foreign Aid? Then, what about our elected officials pay – start there and let’s see what happens then! Greed is the root of all evil and we have enough of that on the hill. For example: Just get elected to office and you have a pension for life that they won’t touch! Every time a bill is passed, it seems that if our elected officials don’t get anything, then it does not pass into law. Why is that? A Veteran can get a pension, but only for awhile before Congress wants to take it away…if they can’t get all of the Veterans Pay then they shoot for the next best thing – they go after some Veterans Pay! I hope the young people are paying attention. One can only imagine what our elected officials have in store for them!

    • Bulldognumba10

      It is the scare tactics that Obama has always used. It has been done before and ,most likely, again.
      I am a disabled Vet from RVN and also a retired FAA Controller, so I am doubly targeted. I voted Republican as I cannot envision a US of A under the Liberals for very long. My healthcare from the VA sucks so I still carry other healthcare. I have not seen any changes except $$ increases.I guess I should trade in present stipend for Welfare and unemployment-I could use the $$$

    • sassey

      You are so right. What is going to happen to our children and our grand c hildren. I think it’s time the American people started speaking up. It’s not fare that they mess with our Veterans pay are our Social Security . After all if it wasn’t for our Vets we would not be a free country. Although that is slowly deminishing every day. They need to stop bringing any body and every body into our country and paying their way. Help the people of our country first.

  • vettelady1991

    If Obama was trying to take care of the military or anyone else for that matter, he would have been more responsible and reconsidered that long Hawaiian vacation and taking so many people with him. That money could have been much better spent. Don’t get me wrong, he is entitled to a vacation but he went overboard!!!!!!!!

    • rmorin1225

      Lets face it Obama is nothing but an arrogant P****. He uses people and feels he is King. He wants everything his way or the Highway! As far as the Congress goes, WHY can anyone tell me do tey get another raise in pay for not doing their job? Our “King” just gave them all a nie raise (which I have not heard one single gripe about from anyone) for NOT doing their job as they were elected to do!!!!! If I had my way, the WHOLE Congress would be swept out and people with more common sense would replace them but that will probably never happen in my lifetime!

  • Wayne

    He needs to be arrested and tried for treason.

  • Gregory W. Miller

    The government should vote to leave the budget as is or decrease it 10%. Don’t increase until this is done.

    • Flintheart

      I like that Idea. Plus folks forget that the Democrats controlled both houses of Congress during the last two years of Bush’s administration and the first two years of Obama’s administration. Thus the President got everything he wanted. The Republicans were powerless, so anything that went south during the last four plus years one need only look at who had and has the political power then and now…who controls the Executive branch? Senate? and the House? there’s you answer.

  • seaweed

    Who gave Congress the authority to ONLY except mail from their constituents?
    If we were able to complain to all of them instead of just the ones from our state. The congressman in CA would realize the guy in NY is pissed also.
    They have no idea how we feel nor do they care.

    • Larry

      They only care if you take one for them so they can continue to ignore you like the plague.

  • R.Rubio

    It ought to be mandatory that a president have served in the military.
    Only then would our “commander and chief” be more understanding of our military and veterans.
    I am a retired dissabled vet. I served in Vietnam two tours returned home and worked hard in a blue collar job to maintain my American dream of a home and family. Now we get these people in office who just don’t get what that means. They talk like they do but talk just doesn’t cut it.
    Maybe we need more “stimulus packages” for bankers and other ceo’s to retire wealthy.

  • Desertwolf

    So why can’t they withhold welfare payments and all the other gimmees received by those who’ve never worked a day in their lives?

  • d

    Scare Tactic or not, I find the whole idea of “with holding” PAY from my brothers and sisters, because the anointed one wants his way, MORE than insulting. I don’t feel that many (if any) politicians really give much thought to those that have Honored this country one way or another. The numbers do not lie, more debt from spending than any other president in this countries history (Something to be proud of I’m sure). Either way, also incase people hadn’t noticed, watch your TRI care prime also. (Must live no further than 40 mile distance to nearest military facility or you become standard) New rule to kick in sometime in fall ’13. And since we are on the topic of military families “taking one for the team”, did Military folks know that if you get hurt overseas and are “Medically Retired” you will receive ZIP, NOTHING, NOTTA from DFAS unless you have 20+ years in service? I didn’t know either. I’m sure all these “great perks” are an awesome tool for recruiers these days. *sarcasim*

    • dave

      the goverment is nothing but big fat pocketed theves they stop vets ssi raises and give themselves a raise there thieves all of them they have no right to get free medical and get paid for life for only working 2 years there the ones killing the usa

    • danceli1942

      Maybe there should be a distinction Debt celling and raising it. Then there is borrowing more money. There is money coming in to pay the bills, social security, VA comp., Medicare, Military Pay.
      The Government won’t default on their obligations. If the debt celling is raised, all that will happen is the government can spend more. The celling is what it is. If you have a sewage line brake in your house, do you raise your roof, or lower the sewage??

  • Prince43147

    God forbid that we should threaten to hold the National Endowment For The Arts, or millions to study how chimps react on Meth, or the thousand other ridiculous things our government wastes our tax dollars on. It’s imperative that we know how hookers in Taiwan act when they’re drunk, DUH!!! Elections do have consequences, the trouble is that the sane among us have to suffer along with the idiots who won’t pay attention to what is happening to our country. God help us if we don’t come to our senses soon.

  • Jack

    For those of us who served in Viet Nam and got poisioned by Agent Orange (and others) by our own givernment, it just doesn’t seem right or proper to make us pay again for their mistakes and poor budget practices. And, for those of us who worked 30, 40 or 50 years and paid tax each payday to the “Social Security Trust Fund” (HA Ha), to now have that money taken away as well!! Does our service and honost hard work mean nothing to those in Washington who are suppose to represent us? It doesn’t appear so, does it?

  • Larry(cwo3)

    Obama is the one in the tank. Many democrats agree with the republican stance but due to them worrying about themselves first they dont speak out for the people. Just go back and look at Obama’s voting record in the senate and also have many crucial votes he was not present for. Listen whether you are Liberal/Conservative/Independent we all must realize that the govt has not done anything for the middle class and just use on to push their hidden agendas. Look at all the hidden taxes in Obama Care 23 in all and look at all the loyal democrats that voted for Obama not because he had one of the worst records of unemployment, job growth and National Growth but just because he was a Democrat. This country is no longer a free country it is one control by money, lobbyists and back door deals hidden in different bills and amendments. I also am a vietnam vet but that to me doesnt make anymore special now the why Obama holds us hostage then during the war when we returned and our country’s citizens shunned us. We need politicians who will fight for the people and only the people and good luck in finding a majority in that.

  • fgaule

    I think it’s about time congress starts to worry about shock and awe.

    • EP Malone

      I am a Marine Corps vet and I am on SSDI . I am sick and tired of this BS in Washington. If they are gonna hold us hostage cause they can’t get there act together .I think they are the ones who should not get paid and cut there pensions that they don’t deserve.

  • Patrick W

    I am a totally disabled veteran from the Vietnam War. During my entire life I have never seen a Congress regress to the level of adolescent behavior. It would not surprise me Congress would have difficulty in using a particular bathroom because an opposing member used it first.

    Many people want to blame Obama or Bush for our current problems, but It began in the Reagan Administration with the “tickle down” economy. However, George Bush established the VA Disability Commission in a effort to cut and dismantle the VA Compensation system. When the Committee in their final report suggested the VA was lagging behind private industry in disability matters, the report was never implemented and the Commission disappeared.

    I went to Vietnam voluntarily as a Marine, I had no expectation of being severely wounded or exposed to Agent Orange. To now hold Veterans Compensation, the Military, and Social Security hostage, is at best, the most ignorant and despicable action by any Democratic body.

    I served two tours in Vietnam. I was wounded twice and exposed to Agent Orange many times. The government has a responsibility to its veterans who suffer from the wounds of war. I, and many other disabled veterans deserve the Compensation they receive. To delay payments will only cause more discontent. The Congress feels playing with our lives is reduced to nothing more than several children seeing who can hold their breath longer. However, my creditors will not see it in that vogue. They want their money and if veterans like myself fail to pay our bills, we suffer the consequences. Congress will do nothing but hold their collective breath not thinking how their actions will affect disabled veterans.

    • John

      there has been NO budget in over 4 years. Any Democratics hollering about it…..NO, a budget would limit Obama’s spending. Now the Republican Congress is trying to cut the owed16 trillion dollars now. In 2008 Obama promised to cut our hugh overhead in half in his first term. in his first term Obama did squat in reducing money flow from government and only spent more and increased the government by 25%. When we are changed by Obama to the Socialist States of America…….it will be to late to wake up.
      I, too, am a combat retired military veteran on 100% disability. I’ll depend on the Republican Congress to steer the right course. Oh yes, I’m 82……

      • Rob

        You bite the hand that has fed you. Current VA overhaul and benefits to soldiers came via Marine Viet Vet Jim Webb (D). The programs the GOP wants to cut (including specifically Bachman) are veteran’s benefits, which many dismiss as “entitlements”. Obama’s spending was acute and differed in no way from the previous admin. The current budget in no way differs from the past and the current deficit is approx $1.5 trillion (10% of GDP), which is not even close to the highest it’s been (46%). Historical data shows temporary tax increases quickly resolve deficit problems and historical data also shows addressing the deficit in times of severe recessions has consistently made them worse.

        Obama has been called a “corporatist” by Ron Paul – the father of the Libertarian party. In fact, Obama has pandered more to corporations than any of the fantasies about “socialism”…which is the biggest punch line of this century!

    • Bud

      I was also wounded twice. I was shot in Vietnam in 1969 and also in 2004 in Iraq. I was a Warrant Officer and flew helicopters and retired with 42 years of service. I am also 100% disabled; however unlike you I do not blame Congress. I blame this anti military President. Look at his voting record when he was in the Senate. He will use the military to get what he wants. He does not like us. Wake up.

      • Rob

        Whether he is anti-military or not has no bearing on the positions concerning this fiscal cliff issue. Defense spending is at a record high….something has to give. We’ve managed before…in fact very recently, on a much smaller military budget (ie…not maximum historical funding). I as well have decades in the military and flew as a Warrant in combat…but I have to call it as I see it…the biggest change to the US budget is reflected in Defense more than anywhere else.

      • Patrick4287
      • Patrick4287
    • TapDogsDad

      Hello Frank –
      I am also a Vietnam vet, and feel a need to correct your error.

      You seem to be blaming the Congress for the Administrations actions.

      Both Republican and Democrat former and current military are rightly asking the administration, “In the event of a financial bind, why would you first deny military members and social security recipients funds that they have rightly earned before reducing federal expenditures by cutting foreign aide and eliminating unnecessary and ineffective departments such as the Department of Education? The younger folks that work there can look for a job in the private sector, just as others have to, and the elder folks can be moved into other positions where the service performed is necessary.

      I hope you would agree that it is the Congress’s responsibility to manage our finances, and that responsibility lies primarily withe the House, whose members are elected every 2 years and are the most responsive to the people. Unfortunately, the Senate has failed to do it’s job and pass a budget for over 3 years. The Republican controlled House has at least submitted proposed budgets to the Democratic controlled Senate on a regular basis.

      Unfortunately, Harry Reid (unfortunately my Senator here in Nevada) has failed to even open discussions and propose amendments to the proposed budgets.

      Worse than that, the last budget that President Obama submitted to the Senate was overwhelmingly voted down – by most if not all the Democratic Senators. That should say something about this administration. Is it incompetent or simply anti-American? You can look at the facts and make your own conclusion.

    • Mike Graham

      Only the rich can afford to pay for government. The rich are also the ones who most greatly benefit from government. In all fairness and honesty, they have the greatest obligation. Without that which was sacrificed by others, there would be no rich.
      The rich need to come to terms with fact that without a balanced budget and a direct and meaningful paydown of the national debt, their wealth will shortly mean nothing.
      Anti up assholes.

    • Jim C

      You hit the nail on the head ! I to am a Viet Nam Vet , also exposed to Agent Orange and your comment should be heard throughout the nation..!

    • JOhn

      Pat, I have to hand it to you. You had a really thought out comment. I enjoyed reading your reply. It actually makes sence. I agree with you on many matters.

    • Don

      I two was wounded while in Vietnam. Uncle Sam said i was going so i went. Mental wounds are the most difficult to treat. Been since 1967-1968.

    • carla

      no dummie the blame is rightfully his. with that statement we know who you voted for. My dad who died from

  • Richard Meade

    Post this to our troops doing the “Boots on the Ground” work you are requiring of them. Give them a voucher for an airline ticket and tell them to stand in line at the local unemployment office. Then tell the Politicians to go fight their wars.

  • Skip

    These guys aren’t going to stop paying the military or those of us on disability comp. The only thing that stands between an angry populace and those hallowed halls IS the MIlitary and they are very aware of it.

  • LarryB

    Obama is the one who keeps using the military and social security recipients as the example of those who are jeopardized by the debt limit. He knows that this is strictly a political scare tactic used to try to continue to raise the debt limit to continue wasteful spending. Does anyone know how many other things should be stopped before they ever get to the military pay? How about his trips to Hawaii or urban housing or foreign aid or congressional pay and services, farm subsidies, or etc. etc. etc.

  • patty simms
  • jack Parsons

    Let the President put a stop order for the congressmen’s pay checks until they come to than agreement and see how soon they will act. They are over paid as it is, and of course you neverr hear them talk about cut backs on their own benfits. I am a retired Army Vet with three tours in Vietnam and have done more for this country along with all other Vets then most of those career congressmen.

    • gena64

      Add to congressional pay the pay for the president and veep and their staffs and something might get done. Only problem being most of them are wealthy enough they could get by for a longer period of time without pay than most vets, active duty military and the seniors on social security, and they fully know that.

  • mike

    mike we could solve all of our debt problems by keeping all the money we send to all these other countrys to help them, keep it here and help the people of the USA

    • David Tasler

      I agree with you on that.

    • Sharon

      I totally agree!!!!! I’ve been saying that for that past few years. Keep our money here.

  • Fredrick Setser

    The President and most members of Congress are not veterans so they don’t care. They do realize it important so they play one up some with the law and policies
    There should be a law requiring the military and veterans be payed regardless. Members of Congress and the President gets payed after members of the military and veterans are paid..

    • David Tasler

      That’s the way it should be !

    • fgaule

      maybe it should be required that you have served in one of the uniformed services before you are eligible to hold federal office

  • Samson

    I do agree with the fact that all members of Congress should have a term. Each off the presidents and any other member that receives a pension after their term is up should be cut as well. I am just voicing my opinion, a President gets a 300,000+ a year payment, Does he pay taxes? Does he pay for electricity? Does he pay for gas? Does he pay for anything that a normal working family does…..don’t get me wrong he used to do all of it before he became President but now his bills are next to nothing butt his pay is through the roof. After his term still receiving 200,000+ a year and has the security of the secret service untill he dies? WOW!! Other members of the government gets some of the same treatment. Rate the welfare the same as you do for a service members service connection disability. If you are 25 years old and have there babies and are able to work you should not be able to get a free ride and be another person able to sit on your a $$

    • samson

      cont…… without giving something more than another mouth to feed to the community that they live. Unemployment has an amount that is for you to use in a curtain amount of time then…… I am just saying as well if you are on welfare you should be drug tested, you should not be pulling up in an escalade with 23inch rims with dvd players with the newest I phone in your hand saying that it is not enough.

    • Smokpol

      I don’t necessarily disagree with your premise, but his pay isn’t $300,000, but allowances etc might get that to the point. His pension will currently be at $191,000 and after a 1997 Congressional change his Secret Service only runs for 10 years, as does any other President who served after 1997. I have however heard rumors but with no proof that he has used one of his “Executive Orders” to change that, but again so far no proof of that has come forward.

      • Master Team Chief

        Rep.Trey Gowdy sponsored a bill that was passed and signed by Ovomitobama giving them lifetime protection again.

        • NavyEW8810

          Given the threats we all face as a nation from the terrorists we’ve been chasing for the last 12 years, you don’t feel that former presidents should continue to have Secret Service protection? Or to protect them from the “lone nut with a gun”? Seriously?

    • Sharon

      I agree that they are paid too much and pretty much live for free. I too, collect VA compensation. I just bought a VA approved condo with a VA loan a few months ago. I rely on the compensation to help pay my mortgage and other bills. Lucky I work per diem but not enough to pay the mortgage. Now we see how people can’t pay their mortgages no thanks to the government. Most of the American citizens are veterans, military, disabled, and senior citizens who all rely on their monthly government checks (except for the military, they’re paid twice a month). If they stop those checks coming, there is going to be a lot more people losing their homes because of the government.

  • gus

    when gov finally cuts are pay I guess we can all just sit here, because what can we really do, nothing, just bitch about it , just get in line for food stamps and live off the sale of your homes

  • larry m.

    i am a viet nam vet, and thanks to agent orange i am batteling my second cancer from it. i too did’nt want to file a claim but rather than lose everything i had worked for, for thirty one years, at the advice of a friend that said i deserved it, i did. all i’ve heard in the past four years is one big fight between the democrats and the republicans. niether of witch wants to do what’s right for the public, but instead, because it was’nt their idea they just want to bicker, complaign, and argue all the time. as everyone agrees the ‘government’ wants to hold us older people, and veterans hostage , over social security , pay, and compensation. i think it’s past time the government gets their heads together and does what’s right. i wonder what america would do without our military.

  • David Tasler

    Why is the people on social security and V.A. disability and military lose their money but the ones dragging their feet still get paid ? I’m 100% V.A. and SSI diabled if they take away my checks till they decide to get off their ass’s and do something I can’t pay my bills . I say if I don’t get paid then the President on down shouldn’t get paid either . It’s only right if I have to do without so should they !

  • James

    Your going to have more trouble from the military then you think, there could be a war against the republicans. in office! or mutiny , and desertion from our serviceman over seas, if they do not get payed, and veterans that get disability from service served. . You don”t need to start a war in your own country. Who started the count up clock any way?. Why help other Country:s with billions of money,and can:t help The USA.! why spend on weapons of destruction ,

  • Virgil

    Our comander in cheif and Our government needs to have their incomes stopped until they can run the government without all this bullshit and maybe they should grab a gun and stand a post like all Vets did for their sorry asses! This is just one US Marine’s thoughts!!!

  • Marvin

    I think all should be FIRED in Washington D.C. They have never gone without getting a PAY RAISE. Let them defend our Country and see how they can mange without a PAYCHECK! All of them should be put out onto the streets and see how they live without there fancy new rides and big houses.

  • jryactor

    To much talk, not enough action ok lets make a list of things you would cut spending on. The only requirment is that it be a program that you derive some benifit from.
    I’ll start: Cut my social security and medicare by 10%.
    Now every one making 100K or more per year what government programe effecting you will you cut.?

    When we get 2 million responses and a clear majority, we will give it to Bonher and Reid and tell them to make the cuts.

  • tim hooey

    They kiss your cheek on veterans day ,and the next day you get salpe on the other side of your cheek. We should be getting used of this people! do the FBI OR CIA OR SECERT SERVICE GO ON,ON NEVER HER ABOUT CUTTING THOSE GUYS?


  • Mike

    Spent twenty two years in Airforce and follow politics daily. I’m as frustrated as everyone with our congress. It’s a fact that Bush made a huge mistake with the TARP and Obamas bailouts and health care has spent 5 Trillion in 4 years. I want everyone to put the blame aside for a minute and go to and you will see that all the spending has destroyed our economy. There is no return to a balanced budget now with the daily interest at 3 billion dollars. Our Dollar is worth 70 cents now and as inflation hits us it will drop even more.Exports and Imports will be effected as our dollar has no value. I laugh when they say we can save 30 billion over ten years by making cuts. Thats 10 days interest. The Repubicans are trying to force a balanced budget and the Democrates have no desire to even try because they will lose their entitlements. Our country is on its way to failure. Everyone needs to think about what failure means. Get ready to protect what you have because those that have not will be looking at you. If this sound far fetched… you need to start doing some reseach and stop listening to the liberal media.

  • kim

    I am a female veteran that put up with an overseas tour that left me with a virus that will be with me foreever, a missing spleen (my immune system) and constant sexual harrassment while in the military. Thankfully, I have a % disabiliity that I don’t want to lose, but I am going to school to finish my degree so I don’t have to rely on the government. Unfortunately, I think a lot of Veterans will lose their disability after they are assess the needs of certain disabilites- who needs it and who doesn’t..I keep hearing “they’ll never touch the veterans.” Obama is not military friendly,I can hope that I will continue to get my disability, but I have to be prepared for anything that comes up in case we lose it.

  • Leo Gosson

    I too am a 100% Disabled Viet Nam Veteran. There is no way this tainted system of government “For The People” (sic) is going to improve without a total removal of all Congress Members. The system has become so corrupt that even those you think are for the people are for themselves. e.g. Mayor of New Orleans.

    Enough is enough. Resore this Government to Honest members. Do not have un-necessary wars fought and drain the economy. No Trickle Down Economics. President Regan had the Largest Expenditure of Funds in U.S. History. But many of you think he was a good old guy right? Learn the FACTS. My personal opinion? I do not see why people stay members of the Rebublican Party ????

    • John

      I don’t think it’s the Congress as much as it is the Senate. From what I see, the Senate has more to do with the budget then Congress dose. We need to vote out all of the Senate as well.

    • Jeffrey

      Stop threating to cut our military and seniors pay and tell congress to cut their pay, they are the ones who pay millions to be elected and can afford it.

    • William Reed

      Lets be fair. You blame Reagan and yet it was thye democras under LBJ who took the social security out of a good trust fund and put it in the general fund so the hanky stomping liberal democrats could spend it. Now SSC is in trouble, who is to blame. LBJ.

  • VietNamVet

    Go ahead cut our benefits from the Korean, Viet Nam, all Sandbox wars and Social Security. Yeah , that’s it because we won’t have the Money to give to OTHER COUNTRIES THAT HATE US!!!!!!!!.
    These people in Congress, and the Senate and the White House don’t give a HOOT about the middle class. All they care about is being Stately—- They like to pretend they are part of the FRAMERS, and look down upon us as PEON’S.
    Washington and everyone in it are Narcissstic- — All they care about is themselves, and their retirement. Wish there was a way the People– US OUT HERE IN AMERICA, Could cut their pay if they cut ours, OH !! I forgot all they have to do is go write bad checks, until they are caught, and have to pay it back. I guess writing bad checks isn’t a crime punishable by JAIL TIME if you are in Washington.. remember that debacle. What a joke.. I’m still on topic!!!! Cutting Veterans pay is the last place to cut or should be. I am a VietNam Vet Mobile Riverine Forces, three tours, not by my choosing. I am now on Social Security, and V.A. Compensation and that’s all I have….. and it’s not enough. so go ahead and cut us off and we will be the ones in wheelchairs, crutches and the ones missing legs and arms protesting on Capitol hill…… It’s sickening!!!!!!!!!!! And they call themselves Gentlemen, Gentlewoman, and my friend. I would like to see them say whats really on their minds and SAY IT!!!!!

  • Russ

    I am a 100% disabled veteran from the vietnam era. I too did 2 tours and was wounded three times. I think the only way things wil change for the better is when we put term limitations on senators and congressmen. Then these idiots will appreciate their job more. May take a revolution in this country to wake everyone up.

  • Doc

    If you actually look at the numbers, VA compensation is not significant enough to not pay on time. Its another Obama strategy to force republicans to continue unadulterated spending or make them the bad guys. In poor taste but its the way he plays.

  • ima nigerian

    Forward off the cliff.

  • jerome


    I’m a vietnam era vet and i’m in current processing of my compensation claims for thoracolumbar back strain, PTSD, and Heart complications. I’ve been awaiting my claims since September 2010 and still have’nt recieved my award even though i’ve gotten doctors reports stating that i’m 100% disabled and cannot work any longer. Now if the Government decides not to pay us we become homeless dollarless, foodless, and clothesless. Instead of all these professional sports people making multi-millions of dollars and these people called actors making millions of dollars just for entertaining us why don’t we send them to the jungles and deserts to fight our countries battle for the way we here in the U.S. like to live with all the freedom liberties, and rights. Why would you pay someone $100,000.000.00 over a 5 year term and pay us vets $$300.00 to $400.00 every 2 weeks although we get paid once a month.

    • Jimbow

      Jerome, you said you are a Vietnam era vet. If you served in Vietnam during a certain time period and have certain heart problems then you may be entitled to compensation as the result of being exposured to Agent Orange. I submitted a claim for my exposure and it was settled quickly as I had experienced a heart attack in 2004. I suggest you contact your local Veterans Service Office to see if you qualify for this program. I submitted another claim for ringing in my ears in12/2010 and just received approval.

  • Joseph Boggs

    What America Needs
    I disagree; Congress and the “usurper president” DON’T need to get their act together.
    Those who NEED to get their act together are us American citizens. We Americans voted these people into office. We’re the ones who have to get mad and actually vote (or recall) them out. We’re the ones who have to demand immediate term limits (starting immediately); we’re the ones who have to demand that we have a budget that reflects America living within her means (like any bill paying family); we’re the ones who have to demand Congress cut back 90% of the perks and benefits they have given themselves (while Americans suffer
    with much less); we’re the ones who have to demand the same for “the president”. Americans are to ones who have to
    demand that learning our Constitution and Bill of Rights be
    a major learning subject throughtout middle and high school years (period). We’re the one that get in Congress’s face and remind them THEY are our servants – not the other way around. We’re the ones that remind Congress that their elected positions were for ‘service to the American Citizen’,
    not a “CAREER” position FOR LIFE. We’re the ones who demand from Congress and our Supreme court that they
    are to follow the letter of our constitution.

    There is especially one group that deserves the finger being pointed at … because they know better … they swore an oath to uphold and defend our Constitution but if we look at what they have done over the past two generations – we all might feel ashamed. Veterans. While wearing the uniforms of our military we were proud, we basically stood tall. We knew we were doing something correct. But for many military veterans once out of the service our lives turned into survival. Family, work, bills, etc. Many Veterans let and allowed those who have a secret mind to destroy America from within to become our “rulers”. Veterans dumped their Oath to protect and defend our (once) great country from ENEMIES FROM WITHIN AND WITHOUT.

    What America needs are VETERANS to amass together and get in Congress’s face and the ‘presidents’ face, and our Supreme Courts face and hold them to our Constitution and Bill of Rights. America needs Veterans to re-excite her
    “Citizens” to what living in a free land means, what having rights and privileges other countries WON’T LET their citizens have. American needs VETERANS to re-voice to her citizens that the people tell Congress what to do , not Congress telling it’s people what to do.

    America needs her Veterans to (now) amass; to remember their Oath of support and protection and defend her.

    • Master Team Chief

      Well said Joseph

    • Winginit

      Well said, indeed, but one correction: I did NOT elect him, I voted for the four I thought would benefit this great country. I would LOVE to help organize, take part in and contribute to a great amassing as you suggest, but sadly, what I fear, even just by simply posting remarks here, is getting kicked out for speaking my mind – going against the grain. We may have sworn to uphold, protect, and defend, but we also gave up those rights when we raised our hand to take that oath, yes, or was I ill-informed?

  • larry

    I think you can just think of congess as the original SELF-SERVICE station.

  • Guest

    First of all the government takes in enough money every month to pay our bills, pay our military and take care of social security and medicare.

  • You guys are real idiots

    It’s funny how reading through all these post you so called VETS are breaking the laws provided by the UCMJ.. Your speaking in a negative manner against the Commander in Chief to which you were we all swore to obey orders.. Some of you have named him King!! Wow what dumbasses, he not has considered himself that nor has anyone other than you “I was kidnapped by aliens sons of big foot”. I am appalled that most of you claim to be men or women of honor and yet you can keep your hatred and discontent under control long enough to see the real issues… Pres. Clinton had gun control, and he also had a surplus in the budget that immediately we into a deficit the next day.. Pres. Bush jr. Started this war we are in at present and wasnt able to end it not could he bring troops home. I haven’t seen one post giving him credit. The whole idea that anybody other all the parties of the government isn’t responsible leads me to an old NAVY saying shit rolls down hill… You old goats that sit and point fingers need to remember there are always three pointing back. So look at who you voted for and tell them thanks for not doing their job. It’s the no-loads that stand against the CINC that keeps us from moving forward..

    • M Kenyon

      Bite my ass. I am a vet and wouldn’t think of voting for Pres As*hole. Republicans just as bad. Old ARMY saying. “politicians, same sh*t different piles.

    • witchdoctorii

      Clinton balanced the budget on the back of the military and veterans. I know I was there, he cut the military in half, cut the funding for veterans programs. Bush had to go to war because of attacks on this country, and gave retired military some or all of there pay back if they were disabled. Obama is doing the same thing, except he is placing us into so many countries with helping to over throw the existing governments. We tried that with Cuba and ended up with Castro. It scares me what would happen if all the countries we have stuck our nose into formed an alliance and went to war against us. If all our guns are registered then they should be easy to confiscate. As was done in Poland and France by the Nazi’s. As a veteran Obama really scares me with what he does to the economy, military, and the divisions happening in this country.

    • rich

      we are CALLED VETS. meaning we don’t take orders anymore from Him.

    • Leon

      I am amazed that you would condemn a former soldier or sailor from speaking their mind. Any executive who uses executive orders to shield from his own faults and lies, who costs American lives needs to be brought to bear for his actions. We defended the freedoms and rights of our fellow Americans, yet we are the first to be threatened with financial hardship because the democratic leadership wants to fund anyone anywhere else than to meet the obligation of paying military, disabled veterans and the elderly.

      For a substandard moron,

      Leon J. Dodd

  • will

    I’ve sat and read many comments about our government and especially about the CIC. As military personnel, of which I am a 31 year retiree and 70% disabled, we must consider our options when we start complaining. We don’t have the veterans in our Congress as we had in years passed, no do we have the interest in the veterans as we had in the past. Oh true, we may have one or two friends in the Congress that really care, but their hands are tied. If one time their retirement and benefits was considered as an option for cuts you would hear a shout across America from the veteran’s groups. I’m waiting as we all are for Congress to stop fooling around with my Social Security, Disability and Retirement. Give your support to what is being attempted to be done for us. Stop complaining and whining and go to prayer for our leadership. Could be that is what is needed.

    • tom

      tom I.m retired and I agree with you 100%

    • Jack Dalton

      This nation has forgotten that government should only spend what they have and not rely on borrowed money. Has anyone looked at the national debt? Obama continues to think this nation can borrow it way into prosperity. Yea like a fish drinking its bowl dry. The president never has had the ability to be a leader. He was basically a nobody who served two years as a Senator and then ran for President. Had he not been a man of color, heavily supported by unions, I doubt he would ever gotten elected. He has totally demonstrated his inability of any sort of leadership. He blamed Bush for his failures during his first term and now it the republicans. Who next the communists? He just doesn’t get it that if things do not change we will be like Grease and Spain, broke, and unable to sustain any form of government. It is so sad that in this day and age he has taken to enlarge the fact that government takes care of government. Just look at the employment layoffs in the private sector compared with the government. You all just need to sit back and wait because its going to get so bad and without leadership, you just wait and see. _

  • NavyEW8810

    It’s Congress that has the issues. The tea party favorite that my state elected (Oklahoma), voted against both Hurricane Sandy relief bills! I guess ol’ Jim forgot that WE have disasters here (tornadoes, flooding, drought) that occasionally require a disaster declaration. Hope New Jersey is more considerate of us, than OUR representative was to them!
    My point is that many of these clowns, particularly in the US House, think they owe their allegiance to some oath they signed for a millionaire. They’ve forgotten that like we veterans they serve the COUNTRY, and NOT their political friends!

  • WDS

    We need to take our government back, even if it means armed rebellion!

    • George

      I’m with you

    • Ahoskie47

      You have not lost your government … you sent people to congress that do not care about your poor ass and the government.

  • rrd41847

    Part One – PTSD doesn’t just go away by simply working. It never goes away, sort of like tinnitus. You learn to cope with it and hopefully you find medication that helps. We all had a chance to elect Ron Paul; but he’s old, not good looking, and doesn’t have a great speaking voice. He only had good ideas and common sense.

    This is a new America. We are now the most diverse religious country in the world. We have so many new immigrants that are often bringing an entirely different set of beliefs and values; good and bad.

    • Don

      Very true, my PTSD started while i ws in vietnam, and still exist. tinnitus also the same. agree with you.

    • Jonus

      BUt Ron Paul wants Iran to have the Nuke and I sure do not want that to happen because them people are crazy enough to use it on us in a heatbeat. so Ron Paul was not my savior or anybody else’s either.

  • rrd41847

    Part Two – This news article however is not about PTSD, new American religions, or immigrants. It is about veterans. We as veterans have given much to our country. It is inexcusable to hold us hostage by threatening our pay. This is a great country that is currently beseiged by moral and economic crises. Our military might be the difference in this internal battle we face, a battle much more serious than any combat we have been involved in.

    Start by supporting any legislation that protects military pay, regardless of who authored it. Next, call for the return of the draft. Living in America with freedom is not free, everyone should pay their dues. The military will teach our young good health, being part of a team, loyalty, respect and honor. Keep our women out of combat. It’s not that they can’t do it; they can do anything a man can do. It’s that they shouldn’t have to do it. As a combat veteran, except for the psychos, war is the ultimate injustice. Let’s do our best to keep all of our military out of combat. Last, stay the course. Never surrender.

  • Ben Van Winkle

    Military personel and veterans lay thier life on the line so that the fat cats in washington will have a place of safety to do the damage they do to our country. Personally I feel if any one should not get paid it should be the president, congress & senate after all they are the ones who got us in this mess. If I had my way Obama, Peneta, Clinton, Holder, Patraus,and any one else involved in the Bengazi mess should be on trail for at least 2nd degree murder for not sending in help. If those who are in power at this time are allowed to stay in power our country is just going to get worse. I say they make too much money any way. A poor boy can go into office and come out filthy rich. I think our founding fathers would turn over in thier graves if they knew what was happening to this country, I am a Vietnam Veteran I receive compensation for my problems that was contacted while in the military I am 68 years old and rely on my compensation for my lively hood. I have no other retirement except Social Security and Obama is threatening both. These are the people who made this country what it is today.

    • Jonus

      Ben you obviously have not listened to the Republicans who would be the ones to stop our checks. The Republicans have been the hold up for four years and guaran dam teed they will be the hold up for the next four years.

  • KEN


    • Ben

      I agree withKen I am desert storm Vet with spinal cord injurys so im disabeld and wondering why havent we impeched obama and as for congress why are we paying them anyway thay are not doing their job every job I have worked you would get fierd if you did not do your job.


    The President and most members of Congress are not veterans so they don’t care

  • deathbeforedishonor

    what a bunch of uninformed low information voters. Your lack of knowledge on both government and economics honestly is the reason we are in this mess. Why not just blame global warming. The checks will go out sorry but Social Security is a trust fund set up outside the main budget which only the Dem’s have refused to propose for the last 4 years. VA compensation checks ditto have you ever seen either delayed? No. Other than that enjoy the government you elected and the idiot low information president you wanted. I don’t care I get mine. 100 percent and honestly if it stops comming I will just go take it from someone else and say its owed to me. that is the new american way.

  • KGC

    You notice he never says anything about welfare checks about being late or delayed.

  • Bud

    I would like everybody who is blaming Congress and the Republicans for this so called anti military mess. Remember this last year the testimony of the President’s Sec of Defense before Congress. He came up to Congress to ask for a 300% increase in the cost of Tricare military health insurance. He also asked for a 300% increase in the cost of retirees co pays for medicine. He didn’t ask for a cost of living increase or some reasonable increase, he asked for a 300% increase. He wanted to put on the military retirees the medical costs for all federal employees. He only asked for a cost of living increase for the rest of federal workers. That shows where his loyalty lies. Thank God for the DAV, VFW, MOAA and others who went to Congress and had them turn down that huge increase. It was Congress that put the increase in medical care back to a reasonable amount. The President was mad and fought us every moment. He lost this battle; however, he hates us and it shows.

    • apzzk

      He hates us enough to have started the building of the new VAMC in Denver and the addition to the VAMC in Cheyenne. A part of the great compromise of 2011 took $1B from the current year’s VA budget. This money would have been committed to buy furnishings and pay salaries for new VA employees at these places and others. Since then there has been essentially a hiring freeze at the VA, and a vet cannot even walk into a clinic to see a nurse without an appointment. It took me 6 mos to get an ‘urgent’ appointment to diagnose and begin treatment for macular degeneration and I was referred to a private othamologist because the VA could not afford to hire one or the required support staff. It is not Obama’s fault that I am now about 1/2 blind – it is the failure of Congress to appropriate enough to cover the actual costs. The Republicans are good at creating disabled vets, but they say “Thank you for your service” by cutting the funding for the services that we need.

  • george h kee

    i wish these mickey mouses taht call them senators or repsenitives would do the job that they are paid for and leave us vet and elderly alone i just turned 66 on jan 10th and and i am ashamed to call my self an american i did 3 tours of viet nam and was put down and rediculed for serving my country intime of war i fought the va to get benefits for 35 yrs now when all should be good its looks bleek u congressmen and women should feel ashamed of yourselves we have been thru so much let usalone

  • Chas

    Today is inauguration day the president swearing on the bible included up holding our Constitution not to bypass or attempt to change it or get rid of it. Our Founding Fathers knew exactly what they were doing when they created that document. Wake up America we all should read the Bill of Rights and Constitution and take a good look at the direction America is going!!! I too am a disabled Vietnam Veteran who fought to to keep America free. We have to get our house in order (That means our Federal Government) if we want to be the greatest free country that our Founding Fathers meant for it to be .

    • Fltmama

      You said all that to say what?

      • Guest

        I think Chas is simply trying to wake people up.

      • Chas

        I guess you don’t get it !!! It is all related to how government is out of control. They have failed the American people’ who elected them to do their job and the only thing they have done is to insure their own personal gain. As I said read the Bill of Rights and Constitution . If they did their job America would not be in financial dire straights!

    • Tom

      Thank you for your service…I too am a disabled vet. It is go!ing to be almost impossible to get America together to clean up this mess…when you have just over 50% of the people sponging off of those who fund their lazy ass’s collecting their so call entitlement’s!!!

  • CFloyd

    WTH??? I am SICK of only people who work for their pension and paycheck getting these threats. Why not cut off funding for congress? Plains, trains, and automobiles, assistants, etc… why not school lunches, and medicaid and welfare? Why not aid to hurricane victims? Oh, that sounds heartless does it? But cutting off pay to military veterans and families who sacrifice EVERY DAY is OK. There you go.

  • Joe

    Ahoskie” Wow! aren’t you an educated POS!!!..Get over it nobody said it had anything to do with the color of his skin…this type of shit gets very old!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • jsub

      Besides – he’s not ‘black’.
      Stop leaning on the race crutch….it has nothing to do with his inept, incompetent, poor leadership. It’s just that as a president, he sucks.

  • jsub

    The swamp in DC does in fact, truly need to be drained.

    From the top down.

    • jake

      You hit the nail right on the head.

  • mary doyle

    as a widow of a100% disability the VA has taken care of me. my husband died in 1981. I feel bad for all the veterans who are never sure what our goverment will for them. The irony is our men and woman put thier lives on hold and in harms way for all americans while the fat cats sitting in congress make sure they keep getting elected and remain comfortable for life. there is no backbone for passing bills to help all veterans just talk out of both sides of thier mouths a national disgrace for sure.

  • NavyRetireeeeee

    Where do you think all your free Obuma-bucks come from? Poor ass tax payers… not those on welfare and getting government freebies! Black or not I don’t care, but I do hate liberals who want to get votes by handing our my money to the poor for a vote!

  • Brian

    He can threaten a Veterans check that I earned, yet take another vacation that could pay the “contracted” pensions for thousands. This is an obamanation.

  • another old vet

    These congressional bastards threaten to do this every time these things come up. I personally can’t think of a time where we didn’t get paid and Social Secdurity checks didn’t go out. Some of the “non-essential” workers were furlowed and certain others. Just what the hell is a non-essential worker anyway? I’ve never had a non-essential job before. If they’re non-essential, what the hell are they doing on the federal payrole anyway? Oh yea, Obama people. I forgot. Let the a-holes keep trying to scare the elderly. It’s gfonna come back to bite them in the ass. I for one, hope they do shut it down. Call their bluff. GO TEA PARTY!!!

  • apzzyk

    You are correct. The reason why the House is now ready to vote to continue with increasing the debt is that they have finally read the 14th Amendment, and realize that the President can increase it without their authorization in order to maintain the Full Faith and Credit of the US. Veterans pensions are explicitly mentioned in this authority. When Obama does this, it will make Congress irrelevant, and unable to hold the rest of the US hostage. My Vets pension is an “Entitlement”. Check the definition of “Rights” in and you will find “n. an ENTITLEMENT TO SOMETHING” (caps added). The people who support the TEA party are voiting against themselves.

  • Dave

    Did you really just say that. Always the same old excuse Rep or the race card. Pull you head out of your arss and open your eyes. Democrats refuse to reduce the spending keep taxing and then wait until the last minute yet again to address the issue which has been coming up during Obama’s entire tenure. The blame is 2/3 president and Dems while the other 1/3 is the Reps. Quit with the race card and quit drinking the kool aid. You and others forget we should be looking at the good of all people and not along party lines. Good of all people does not only focus on taking from those that bust their rumps.

  • Herb

    I’m worried about our future military capabilities if veteran’s benefits and military pay are withheld. Right now we have a voluntary military. Who’s going to volunteer if they see the government can withhold funds? And that should worry a lot of service age civilians.

    • tom

      Let them take the ones sucking our system dry…let them EARN those food stamps and welfare!!!

  • Tom

    The Congress is responsible for the purse strings of our government. Why not say the members of the congress, the president, all of his department heads, and their wworkers will not be paid. Then see what happens. This is within the power of our congressmen and women. I know if this was passed by the congress there would be a revolt in the US Government.

    • Navy Retireeeeeeee

      Politicians have already stolen their way to millions! Unfortunately there are very few that would even miss the money.

    • Ken

      It’s not the Congress’s fault. It is the President’s fault. He doesn’t want to cut back his Hawaii trips is one reason we are in debt. He flew out there twice this past Christmas. Why couldn’t they just go to Camp David in the midst of our financial crisis? He’s taking America for a ride. How in the world could USA vote him back in??? Look what he did to our Seals in Benghazi. He flew out to Las Vegas the night they were killed.

    • DonMac

      Yep and in fact, send them into Combat until it’s resolved.

    • David

      I agree 100 percent! If President is unwilling to work with the congress and Senate to resolve these issues, both he and the Vice President should also be docked their pay as well. I am a disabled veteran. All I have to live on is Social Security and Disability. I guarantee my loss of pay would be of a greater burden in paying my bills than it would be to either of them.

    • Paula

      Tom, John Boehner stated that Congress and the Senate will also be without pay if they cannot work this situation out. You probably have not seen those statements since the media is very skewed with their reporting of facts. The Obama camp needs to present some cost cutting measures, which they have failed to do. It is insanity to continue increasing the debt limit. Obama is incompetent.

      • apzzk

        Paula: The House has no power to order the Senate to do anything including amending the rules to not pay the members. This was shown last year when they tried to force the Senate to pass the Balanced Budget Amendment. In the Senate it takes 60 vote to bring anything substantive to an actual vote, and any Senator can ‘block’ any bill for any reason or no reason at all. When the Minority leader says that the goal of his party is to make the president fail we can expect no budget from that body. The new Senate is still officially on its 1st day so that the rules can be changed, but this is being blocked by the Republican minority so no budget again. The US lived on its credit card for the 8 years of GW and the next 4 because of not wanting to raise taxes on the wealthy. Nearly all of the increase in the debt goes to service our existing debt. There is a graph on a website that shows the increase in the national debt since about 1975, see who was in power during this period. All of these threats not to pass a budget or increase the debt has caused our credit rating to fall which means highter interest rates and more debt.

  • James

    I just wonder how much it cost today for a swearing in for a second term which really happen yesterday. Could have saved money by just what happen yesterday and put the speech in the paper or late night tv.

    • Charlie


  • manuel

    What is new? In the 90s we closed the buildings down and parked the cars.

  • Mike

    Do you REALLY think that you are the only one to figure this out? Who the hell are you to call me a dumb vet? HOW do you know how I vote or voted?
    Complain about what you know is fact, but not a thing about me, not unless you’ve got the gumtion to chat.

  • Fidencio A. Perez

    I do not understand why the Republican Congress do not want to work with President Obama. The people are the ones who will suffer.

    • Paula

      Mr. Perez, have you ever considered that it is the President who cannot work with Congress? The Senate has not passed a budget in 4 years. The same 4 years Obama has been the President.

  • Tom

    Can’t help by wonder if th4 CIA and Secret Service will suffer the same loss. You can bet a majority in Congress has become so stipid they deliver threats to their security system when REAL leaders NEVER do that sort of dumb!!

  • rplat

    That is without a doubt the dumbest, most unthinking pile of goat dung I’ve read on any blog lately. If you and the rest of these parasitic, race baiting bums persist in demanding more free stuff, the nation will soon crumble under its own weight.

  • JBeyer

    Who are you people? The president tells his treasury secretary what bills to pay. Obama is targeting vets and retirees because it will put pressure on Rep. in Congress. It would be very unpopular and the stupid among us would blame the Repubican Congress. It would not be unpopular not to pay the Goverment buracrats. So many drink the koolaid. Obama is not a leader of the American people. He only cares about his progressive agend. Wake up America!

  • GM &JM

    They need to fire the Republicans that are holding the American people hostage. If the stimulus would of been given to the people instead of the banks, it would have gone right back into the economy instead of their back pockets.Let them live on minimum wage for a year and see how they survive.
    It’s all a big circus to them. They don’t care about the people, just how they can make deals under the table and line there pockets.

    • Roy

      How about we let the Democrats in congress and the president stop blaming bush and the republicans for their irresponsible spending the requires raising the debt ceiling in the first place? If it were not for this bailout and Obamacare mess there would be no debt ceiling crisis. Put the blame wher it belongs, not where the liberal media tells you to.

  • mogp53

    Do any of you realize the percentage of our representatives, house and congress, that are millionaires? 67 % ! I’m not going to tell you the split of democrats to republicans,you find it out for yourselves.

    Almost none of them have even an inkling of how to represent us !! When was the last time,if ever, they’ve had to count pennies to have enough money at the grocery store. Hell, when was the last time they had to walk anywhere because they just didn’t have the money for gas?

    I’m not all that smart, I couldn’t and didn’t save for my retirement, so I didn’t lose any wealth with the financial crash we’ve had. All I have been able to do,as a 59 year old, 20% disabled Vietnam era, never had to fire a shot at anyone, Thank GOD,Veteran, is raise 5 children, who have blessed me with14 grand children and 15 is on the way.

    Why was it that our early Representatives didn’t even take any pay? Because they were frugal, honest, and moral United States Citizens FIRST and they NEVER expected, or wanted their positions as Representatives to be a life long career? Hmm?

    Were we or were we not, sworn in to give SERVICE to OUR country, whatever was asked, to protect and defend against foreign AND domestic threats? I know very few of them are not defending our Inalienable Rights as much as they are protecting and defending their Careers,pay scale, benefits and perks.

    All I truly want to believe is, we have left our children a country and society they want to be a part of. Have we ? Are we?

    Thank You to all the Veterans, living or dead, past or future, for your sacrifices to ensure that I could be blessed with the life I have had and for making it possible to say what I want to say, in American English, where ever anyone wants to read or listen.

  • Jerry

    Get a life….Black is not the problem…It’s always the Military, Social Security benefits, and veterans’ that don’t get paid…You don’t see them cutting welfare or medicaid….When ls the last time the Congress and the White House was threaded they wouldn’t get payed.

  • chuck

    The Republicans in Congress are the problem? Remember who made the threat – Obama. You call us dumb vets? Scan your comment and see who is dumb. You exhibit the spelling and sentence structure of a third grader.

  • chuck


    • TREP


      • chuck


      • chuck

        republicans got a terrible approval rating by the people …/why do u think that is ..look how they act in the news i said banner cannot control the tea party i know you can see it and its gonna bring the party down with or without Obama

    • TLS

      You’re either a moron or an idiot – do your homework before making uninformed comments (you probably get your data from the 3 major networks)…Obama when in the Senate refused to approve any veterans benefit bills and abstained on DoD appropriations seven times….he in 2008 proposed using VA medical centers for the illegals and homeless…his administration has passed jobs bills that exclude Vietnam vets (anyone 60 or over is EXCLUDED from OBAMA’s jobs bills)…his administration started including Vietnam veterans homeless numbers and suicide rates with WWII and Korean vets to lower our numbers so that we would NOT get priority treatment in any programs addressing these issues…ask anyone on TRICARE Prime about the increases in cost and pending cuts next year thanks to OBAMAcare…BIG RED ONE, 67-68 Vietnam….

      • chuck


      • chuck

        im talking ABOUT NOW NOT WHAT HE DID 5 YRS AGO

        • tjcporet22

          Who did what five (5) years ago?
          Maybe you should read the bill Rep. Ryan actually wrote. People 50 and older would not be affected. Those younger would have a choice, stay with SS/Medicare as it is or choose to put money into medical savings account and get vouchers to help with insurance payments.

  • A vet

    Congress get off your collective arse and stand up to the black tyrant. I gave 21years and 8. Months of my life so that you could be free and to protect our country. I learned to kill my fellow man. I still to this day see their faces. I would do it all over again if I had to. I feel I earned my VA compensation and my retirement. Now it is time you earn your pay.

    • a mil spouse

      Well said!

    • chiefs50

      I gave over 30 years of my life in service to this country (U.S. Army), including tours in Viet Nam, Dominican Republic, Bosnia, etc. Very little of this service had anything to do with insuring your freedom or protecting our country. Rather it had to do with advancing political goals and making the world safe for U.S. Corporate interests. I gave up a lot. If I had to do it over again knowing what I now know, I wouldn’t do it. I would concentrate on accumulating wealth as most Americans do. Having said that, you damn right I earned my retirement pay and a bunch of stay-at-homes have no right to threaten it.

    • Chet

      Black Tyrant? Glad I don’t know or associate with u…….No class!!!!!!!!

  • slm

    Our men and women put there life on the line for all american”s and to treat them with disrespect is outrageous. I’m ashamed of the Republicans in Washington. Grow up and do wha’ts right for all the service men and women and all other fellow Americans. SHAME ON YOU

    • 26 year Vet

      All of you liberal Obama loving service members ought to be ashamed and go out and get better educated because it has always been the Republicans that have kept your sorry liberal asses paid. If it was up to Obama and Clinton and the other Pelosi, Reid liberals they would cut your nuts off in a minute and say it was for the good of the people.. It is the sheep following the flock here folks that got this idiot SOB reelected so if ANYONE needs to wake up its ANYONE that voted to put this sorry ass back in the white house…. you are cutting off your noses to save your face. End of story… deal with it now that you all voted and got us in this sorry mess, so quit laying the blame, its YOU that the country needs to blame/// ..

      • Guest

        Wrong again, Remember all the crap that both bush’s put us through. they left there mess for Obama to clean up and I know he’ll get us all back on the right track. Look at that sorry ass Romney even his son said he didn’t want to be presdent. He’s just a sore looser like all Republicans.Get over it. You’ll be a better person for it.

    • Karl

      You should do your homework on this one. It is Mr. Obama (just like Clinton in the 1990’s) who wants to chop the military. It is too bad you and many others just don’t know or will accept the truth. Clinton’s cuts led to the 9/11 disaster but he has never been proper credit for that!

      • Guest

        I think Obama is going to have another great four years.

    • A.G Moreno

      I’ve served my country in peace and at war. Your correct by saying “shame on all that look to save money on the backs of service members and veterans that have honorably served this nation”. Maybe its time the tie wairing official get a pay cut, maybe its time they are not able to vote themselves a pay raise, maybe its time they are tolded thier benifits will be cut…maybe they need to pay more in taxes…lets see how much attention they would give this budget problem when thier facing the same cost and benifit reductions we all are facing. I’m sure there are some honest politicians that are just as frustrated as we all are. Washington has both faithful and outragously self serving people. I pray the good ones will ultimately be the victors in this battle.

      • gUEST

        I’m sure that there are some honest politicians and that they honestly care about there fellow Americans. I don’t think we’ll ever see the so called ones that don’t care will ever get a pay reduction. even if they did, they would make up for It by dealings under the table. its a no win situation. I just want to say THANK YOU FOR SERVING OUR COUNTRY. GOD BLESS YOU

  • concerned wife

    Republican, Democrats..all politicians…and lets not forget our less-then-effective president cause he is not getting his way. i am a military wife who had her husband do five deployments already and once again our soldiers who fight for their country their pay gets threated again third year in a row. the president should have the experience our soldiers endure just one time and see how it feels not to be on american ground and have his family worry if they will ever see their spouse again

  • Bob

    The article is wrong in one respect. I was separated from the U.S. Navy on Dec. 19, 1967. My family and I returned home to Kansas City via POV. I arrived in K.C. with about $200; needed to obtain housing for myself, wife, and two children. I wasn’t too concerned. I needed to find work but figured I could get by in the meantime relying on our U.S. unemployment compensation. Guess what? LBJ and company couldn’t get the unemployment funds allocated so NO checks could be sent. I finally received my unemployment checks in the late April, early May time frame. I can tell you my $200 got really thin until I found employment.



  • Bob Heusch

    Washington can keep taxing and spending to get votes until we have to give the west coast to the chinese. Or cut the spending (not just the proposed increases to the spending) and lower taxes on everyone (flat tax maybe) which would as in the past bring in more revenue to the treasury. Military pay, the VA, and the senior citizens will always be threatened first when politicians want more of your money. Have we all become sheep instead of soldiers? Write to your representatives.

    • Phil

      Great Post! We have to stop letting Congress threaten everyone that relies on the government for their checks. Our spending cuts have to be well thought out not at the spur of the moment. I want that checked, double checked, and checked by someone that know the economy. This is the only way to stop Congress from taking the Country hostage. This is true “Terrorism”.

    • Fuzzy

      “Give the West Coast to the Chinese????? WTF??

      • Bob Heusch

        Opps —- I could say Chicago and Detroit, but if we keep going into more and more debt I dont think it will be our choice.

      • Guest

        They’ve already bought it. Not just the Chinese, either, also other foreign citizens and corporations. You do realize that a whole lot of our farmland and infrastructure is owned by foreign corporations, right?

  • David Erekson

    You want to call us dumb Vets..? Being a Republican is so much more than just being able to become a millionaire. We believe in a government that is conservative and believes in paying its debts without throwing the whole country over the cliff. This President will do anything in order to proffer his socialist agenda. It’s time the people in this country, came to the conclusion that Freedom is not free,! This country was not built on Socialism, but on your own blood, sweat and tears. It was never meant to be a gimme society.

  • Mike

    Don’t blame the Republicans or the Democrats. Blame BOTH! It’s always the military pay, SSI, civil service pay. Why not the President, Vice Pres, and the entire Congress’ pay? Why are they immune to the craziness? They are responsible for the problem, so why are they immune?

    • military widow

      You’ve said it correctly! The Pres, VP and Congress are government employee, too. So hold out their paychecks first.

  • Shooter

    Heck, lets go back to the old days when disputes were settled by a dual. Lets slap some politicians across the face with a glove and challenge them to a dual. Bet we could get rid of the stupid bastards then. Quit their position or die. Watch how fast they would run away.

  • chuck

    my republican friends tell me and believe.. the only network that tells the truth is news ..that means every other network..out there is lying ..the entire news networks in america .. …i rest my case how can you reason with people like that ..

    • Stan

      You have some great friends – keep them around. Fox News DOES tell it like it is. The “Major Media” are in Obama’s corner and have tried to get him elected and then re-elected. They got the job done.
      How many (numerous) stories never make it to the evening news shows yet are shown on Fox? Lots. The major media only shows what makes Obama look good.

      • Paula

        The media moguls decide who is going to be elected. I agree with Stan, the information Americans get is skewed. Time to start perusing some foreign newspapers, such as Canada, Germany, France, the Netherlands. It may open your eyes.

        GE, for example, owns CNBC. GE is a huge supplier of war supplies. Do you really believe the news from CNBC is going to be objective?

        • george

          your both idiots

          • Idmtmedic

            For the record, the news outlets, ALL of them lean one way or the other. Watch all of them and make your own decisions. Talking heads and political spin is the name of the game.

    • Teresa

      How is it that there was no “Bad” press about Obama the first time he ran for the office of president? That should answer your question!

    • Chief

      Obama controls and pays the all other medias (besides fox) to report what he wants the public to hear. Why do you think no one knows anything about Obama’s past?

  • Larry

    An Idle threat from our President. Active duty military, VA pension recipients and social security recipients WILL get paid on time this month, in February and in the future. It is awful that the President would say something like this. Sad!

    • Douglas

      as an active duty service member, I beg to differ with you sir. I went amonth on reduced pay, then the following month receved the remander. no big deal, unless you have bills to pay and mouths to feed. try blameing the president and congress when you cant pay your rent. this theat could be very real.

    • John Q. Citizen

      What obama is doing is a disgrace on the office of the president. Jimmy Carter has to be happier then a pig in slop not to be considered the worst president anymore. We need a leader in the Presidency who will pull the country together then one who tears the country apart as the one in office now.

  • Bob Wilson

    Just a tactic used by many Presidents. The troops, seniors and Vets will get paid on time now and in the future. Sad to hear the President say this.

    • Kevin Bearden

      I beg to differ. On at least one occasion, possibly two, my benefits weren’t paid on time in the past 10 years.

    • Dss88

      I hope you’re right Bob b’cuz I’m mad as hell and don’t like people playing with my life. Not that I’m the only one who feels this way.

  • rreimann

    We should recall(re-elect) everyone in congress that don’t do what WE want. We voted them in to look out for us not only themselves!

  • ticked off

    What should go on is take the GSA buildings that are not being used, covert them to living quarters for our congress and senate. Then cut heir pay to a blue collar wage, use the healthcare they passed and not use MTF and that would be one big spending cut tight there. We should also stop their pay and pay them for what they have accomplished. They need to quit their lavish lifestyle and stop worrying about the next election. Pay them for their performa nce and that would be another great cut.

  • Willie

    The solution to the problem is give Washigtromn D C a complete and thorough enema by running the tube first thru Congress, then the White House….flush ‘er out good. Then get 537 new folks and start all over.

  • Harry

    What you don’t realize is that this person in the WH doesn’t want to have a Military He has already formed his own to take care of all US Service men and Veterans. Muslims can only take over if they get rid of us first and that is what he was put in ioffice to do and he’s getting there very quickly Wake Up America

    • anthony

      harry,if it wasn’t for us and the men and women in the USA, AMERICA would not be FREE. These so called WANT-TO-BE POLITICIANS really do not care.They only care about themself. But,I do know,oneday, they will need us. Voting today is about ourselfs,NOT ABOUT AMERICA,and that is how the WANT-TO-BE POLITICIANS SEE IT TODAY.And yes,AMERICA WILL WAKE UP WHEN IT IS TO LATE…. Yes, I am an american,and was drafted an proud of it.I am also a VIETNAM VETERAN . I was drafted by the PRESIDENT of the UNITED STATES,THE PEOPLE,DEMOCRATIC&REPUBLICANS.Some, who cared for the men and woman of the ARMED FORCES in VIETNAM,and others, who called us baby killers,and spit at us when we came back.Today,it is worse.The WANT-A-BE POLITICIAN just do not give a damned.. THE TRUTH WILL SET YOU FREE!!!!!!!

  • r mayo

    did the president get hic check com on men paid the men and women stop it not funny any more

  • jon

    I notice that there is no mention of stop paying those in congress they are the greatest do nothing this county has ever had.

  • usnretdoc

    What a bunch of Maroooons, Odumo has been using the same excuse for a long time he doesn’t have a plan to doing anything but spend us into oblivion! He’s bringing this country down on purpose! We fought Communism, Marxism, Fascism and liberalism since WWII and now as Kruschev said they will defeat us from within!

    • John Q. Citizen

      Our children and grand-kids will suffer as they will be stuck with the debt that obama has created.

  • infinity09

    Its doesnt even matter who is in office, as I have lived long enough to see this game being played with our lives, Democratic and Republicans. Its politics and they are all in this together… yes they are and they like to keep us at odds with one another, as it serves to benefit THEM….

  • Kevin Bearden

    Mr. Obama, you renege on paying me my VA benefits and I”ll call breech of contract and demand to be re-activated into military service…I got out because the government asked me to, not because I wanted to..part of their “deal” was that you’d provide disability benefits and monthly payments to me..if I can’t trust you to hold up your end of the bargain, then I must go back to active duty in order to survive..and it’s not a Republican administration that made the deal with me – it was President Jimmy Carter’s.

  • S.Berry


    You are an idiot! I serve my country, but my service happens to be my CAREER and it pays the bills so my family isn’t living in a cardboard box. It just so happens that my employer is the U.S. government.

  • Bryan

    If you’ve never served in the military, you should be allowed to hold public office. I personally blame the President, both houses of Congress and the American public. We the American public re-elected most of those twit’s. And after listening to the inauguration speech today it seems we’ve got more spending, more taxes and no plan for the next 4 years. We the American public need to examine the choices we’ve made. We can fault no one but ourselves for the mess we are in. Deficits started after WWII so we can’t blame just Pres Bush or Pres Obama, we have to go further back. For all of those on public assistance, remember “nothing’s free”. Someone has to pay for it, and I would prefer to feed my family not yours.

  • Navy

    Wow, I suppose things like feeding one’s family and paying the mortgage don’t figure into JJ’s mind. Liberal trash.

  • Bob

    It’s time that all Americans wake up and impeach all of congress and the current elected officials. With the threats to the pay of the active duty troops and the rest of us Veteran’s is truly disgraceful. Both Republican’s and Democrat’s want to control everything from health care to SSI and earned retirement and disability entitlements, but none of them want to icrease the percent of taxes paid by the millionaires and large oil companies as most of them are themselves millionaire’s or are invested heavily in oil companies and are only protecting their money not ours. When il was $145 a barrel, gas was costing about $3.10 a gallon, now that oil is down to $95 a barrel, we are paying $3.60 a gallon in upstate New York and more in other states such as Washington, Oregon and California. SOmething is wrong with the whole government system. Threats to Veteran’s pays and disability is not what we were promised when we joined before we were drafted to serve our country I did my 28 years and earned both my retirement and disability compensation.

    • Dss88

      I earned mine too Bob & I agree with you. I’m a Desert Storm War Veteran, honorable discharge & diagnosed with PTSD & 100% service-connected. It took a while for me to get that but, I finally did.

  • Bill

    Here we go again. More BS from the congress and senators and Obama.
    How is it that they just got large raises, exemption from Obama Care, Pensions for life after serving one term and the list goes on and on. In adition to Pres Obama constant trips on AF-1 some of which are not necessary. Example is his vacation in hawaii. He flew to hawaii and stayed one day, Flew back to
    DC spent one day on the frisical cliff fiasco, then flew on AF-1 back to hawaii, stayed 2 days then flew back to DC. . in addition when he travels on AF-1 there are additional planes to take his vehicle and service personnel that are required. I would like to know the cost of the above fiasco. Its no wonder the country is jn debt. This threat will have an adverse effect on retention and elistments in the military services. Those of us who are retired and count on our retirement to live are allready screwed if our retirement pay is delayed .
    The old saying that congress works for the people is more BS. Wake up.

  • SSk

    And for all those service members out there who have families, Is sounds ok to you that they will not be able to pay their bills or feed their families while congress and senate figure out their financial issues. Surprised this is coming from someone who has family members who have served and are still serving. And FYI do we not pay taxes? That “free” medical and BAH we get comes out of our paychecks too…

  • Brenda

    Americans voted these incompetent people to run our country. I agree with all of your comments, but maybe we need to come together and do something to change what we all are so unhappy about when it comes to the way our country is managed. We vote the same people in time after time, it is time to let some others have a chance, maybe some that are not so wealthy and can relate to the issues affecting our lower and middle classes. The elderly, our children and disabled come first and how dare the government to even suggest that they would let them be punished for their (our politicians) own incompetence.

  • TLS

    While OBAMA threatens military pay and VA benefits, he never mentions the programs for welfare recipients and the many Federal handouts to the illegals (housing, food programs, education costs, etc)…Do your homework before making uninformed comments (you probably get your data from the 3 major networks)…Obama when in the Senate refused to approve or e abstained on veterans benefit bills and abstained on DoD appropriations seven times….he in 2008/9 timeframe proposed using VA medical centers for the illegals and homeless…his administration has passed jobs bills that exclude Vietnam vets (anyone 60 or over is EXCLUDED from OBAMA’s jobs bills)…his administration started including Vietnam veterans homeless numbers and suicide rates with WWII and Korean vets to lower our numbers so that we would NOT get priority treatment in any programs addressing these issues…ask anyone on TRICARE Prime about the increases in cost and pending cuts next year thanks to OBAMAcare…BIG RED ONE, Vietnam 67-68 ….

    • Ken

      So tell me what has the Republicans put on the table for active duty an retriees Ill tell you Nothing Nothing at all. Iam a viet Nam Vet as well 1st Field Forces 67 to 68.

      • Steve

        It’s not the nothing thats’ being put on the tabel. It’s what’s being taken off. I recall being told about lifetime medical if I retired. That is going away. My retired pay is taxed so illegals and welfare can have more and more of what I no longer get. Screw you and all those who support the Democrats. and those whpo would use me and mine to further their sick political causes.

  • RUBY


    • GramJ

      What in the world is wrong with the right-wingers? If you would think a minute or read the real news (not FauxNews- known as FoxNews), you would realize it is not President Obama that is causing the stoppage of actions to help Americans. It is totally the far-righters, especially the Tea Partiers, that have obstructed everything in Congress and for no reason other than they are mad because a large majority of Americans reelected Obama. The current Congress not only has the lowest rating “EVER”, it is known as the “do nothing Congress” and has passed the fewest actions EVER. The Republican Party is known as the Party of hate & anger. Wake up people!

      • Lloyd

        GramJ, are you out of your elderly mind? The republican controled House did pass budgets, The Senate, controled by the Democrats have NOT! Please get your facts straight. Of course the current Congress has a low rating. OH, and by the way, it was not a large Majority of Americans(those working for a living) who voted for the Potus. Why is it that the Progressives/Liberals say every other group is wrong, AND use some of the Most foul language imaginable? You must like Chris Matthews who gets a little “tingle” up his leg for Obama.

    • JimGo

      MARSHALL LAW? You mean Marshall Dillon is comin’ on? Marshall law is not an option. Now martial law, that is something else.

      Suggestion: know about that of which you speak or remain silent so as to leave your ignorance unproven.

    • Mark

      check out the 14th amendment. Lot’s of wording laymen won’t understand, but it says they must pay.

      Doesn’t say on time…

  • Jeannie

    At least yours appears to have made it home alive. Do you know how lucky you are?????????????So think about your own reasons for spouting and what you have not given up

  • Les

    Sorry, but medical is not free for families, that went away years ago, so get your statements straight. Retired military members have not received free medical care for several years as they pay co-pays and alot of increasing out of pocket cost, but hey these benefits were promised by the liars in washington, so what do you expect. Those in washington do in fact get free medical care and life long beenfits.

    • Louise

      I agree….
      We pay co pays and so much a month for our insurance coverage. My husband is a disabled vet. And nothing is free…

    • Jb888

      Oh honey those menial co pays are laughable. Go out in the open market and buy insurance

  • 2/1 81’s

    there is always one idiot in the family

  • slc8

    Let the people in the republician & tea parties that represent your state know how you feel. Pay attention to how they vote, and vote accordingly during the next election. Make them pull a Romney & disappear, only to be spotted gassing their Audi’s on rare occassions during the next gas increase.

  • Joe

    JJ, since you are so patriotic I want you and your family to give up all of your paychecks to support the government. Then I can you hear you whine like a woman when you are hungry and your bills are unpaid. Do you work for free? No? Then why do you have the gall to expect us to? Oh by the way where have YOU served and for how long?

  • Dss88

    This is complete BULLSHIT!!!! Why is it that every time they start talks about cutting spending, us Veterans, active service-members and the elderly are the first to be put on the chopping block??? We, Veterans, have to fight for what little that we’re getting now and our active service-members are still expected to put it all on the line while these morons are playing with our lives. But, as long as they their paychecks aren’t cut or messed with, oh well then everything is as cool as in icicle in the freezer. Bad enough that they feel that they need a raise because they don’t get paid enough for what they do and that they don’t wanna put higher taxes on the wealthy (as Warren Buffet suggested). But, they feel that it’s alright for them to hold us Veterans, active personnel & the elderly hostage. Yeah, this is utter BULLSHIT!!!

  • Sgt.A.A.H.

    Well just ask your father, two brothers & sister if their gonna be happy not to get paid. I served my country with pride. & would do it all again even if I had the knowledge that I would be injured & become dependent on others (though I wish not to be) , but my VA pay is my only source of income so without it I could not have a home, food to eat, & clothes to wear. The government needs to stop the monies going into illegal immigrants, stupid studies, & their own useless greedy pockets. Also the president & his family don’t need $400.00 haircuts $500.00 dinner plates healthcare that you your family would never even dream about. So why don’t you shutup because its apparent that you don’t really know how we feel

  • BCM

    Funny, you didn’t say that you were a veteran…. So why don’t you shut your fucking mouth and comment on something you have experience with. Most military members, or at least in my MOS (Infantry), don’t join for the benefits. But benefits are why they stay. These are entitlements that retired service members are given. To cut of the entitlements because the retards on the hill cant reach a decision is ludicrous.
    And I ask you to not bring up “the wars you fought or fighting……”. You would really disrespect myself, other soldiers and the fallen on a website. And you think the people concerned about their benefits are to be looked down upon. You, JJ, disgust me.

  • Al Conetto

    JJ, don’t show your ignorance. Are you that stupid? I’ll bet if your employer threatened to take your pay away you would put up a fuss. By the way, when did you serve? With what service? In combat?

    Go suck eggs you idiot.

  • Dan M

    I don’t care if your whole damn family were vets, you obviously are not. Their opinions might hold some weight on here, but for me and probally most on this site yours does not. Yes, most on here have volunteered to make sacrifices for your right to speak your mind. The question is; what voluntary sacrifices have you ( not your family, but you) made? Maybe even though you may have the right to open you mouth and show your lack of intelligence, it might be better if you did not do so.
    Dan M
    Retired Navy

  • SRS

    My husband has been retired since 1993, and I’m STILL waiting for free medical. When we were active duty the Medical care at Military Treatment facilities for enlisted dependents was a joke (I had a Major tell me he “didn’t join the Army to take care of pediatric ear infections and pregnant wived, he joined to get his student loans paid off-not one of the better doctors I saw), and then we retired and had “real” health isurance for 5 years (til his job got sent to India–he hasn’t worked a day in his field since then). We’ve been on Tricare since 2002, and there are few doctors who will take it, and now we’re being kicked off that to try to balance the DOD budget.

    It’s not that my husband didn’t serve with honor, and he certainly still supports this country and it’s military, but we were promised things that were supposed to help balance all that we gave as a family so that he could serve……now those promises are being broken.

  • Steve

    Personally I think there should be a veterans march on Washington in support of the Republicans telling Obama to cut spending and stop using the vets as an excuse to get his way. His way being to hike taxes, increase spending and steal more and more from the people who worked to make this country, just to pass the money on to those who don’t work and to his buddies in the banks and campaign contributors.. I’ll give up a part of my vet benefits to get rid of this twit.

    • retiredsgm

      If I am not mistaken, both of the Congressmen cited are Republicans in a Republican controlled Congress, and they couldn! T get a concensus for support of military pay? J ust what are the priorities of congress?

    • John.e.christensen

      You are right on. I feel exactly the same way. All this President wants to do is have his way, spend and chip away at the Constitution.

  • Don

    What Pathfinder tteam were you on? Probably BS

  • Dave

    Will they get there $174,000 +$1,900 raise or will be held like the vets?

  • Guest

    I sent letters to all my representatives on behalf of the folks on Tri-Care Prime, even though we are on Standard. I got two responses, one from a Republican, one from a Democrat. Neither one gave me a straight answer and neither one seemed to care. Both were boilerplate responses.
    Since, from what I can see, there are only a few reps in either party that really seem to believe what they are saying, I refuse to play the Right/Left blame game, any more.. I really don’t think most of them even believe what they are saying, only catering to their base.
    I do know that Social Security does NOT contribute to either the fiscal cliff or the debt ceiling. It is, or is supposed to be, in a trust fund. I have decided personally, to make an extra effort to understand people I don’t agree with, to put myself in their shoes so that I can have a discussion with them, not an argument. I consider myself an American first, not a Right or Left person. I hope others do the same, we need to stick together and work with each other, because it doesn’t seem like our politicians are.

  • guest

    What a disgraceful coven of cowards and draft-dodgers we have in Congress and throughout Washington. Not a one of these corporate shills deserves to be freee to roam the street much less to hold office. I have long felt that it is a travesty to call anyone who has not served in the military “commander in chief”. The rich have always started wars, compelled either by conscription or propaganda to get veryone else to risk their lives, and then garner rewards from war profiteers and merchants of death. When will the people of this country realize that our brothers-in arms are not doing what they do to defend them but to defend the empire that has been built by the unelected plutocrats? It better be pretty damned soon and DEMAND an end to it!

  • Gunny1986

    I have the perfect solution to the government’s fiscal crisis! Here it is folks! You may not like my proposal, it will stink very bad to all of us including myself; but if the entire nation in the United States of America’s generosity is to give $1.00 miserable dollar to just one individual; Would not you be a $315,198,592 dollars rich today? There it is folks! The fixing of the Fiscal Cliff is in our hands, for just one dollar a person to the government, and we the veterans and the social security folks will still get paid. Do this for 12 months and do the math of how many millions/billions will the U.S. OF A. will have to help with our Cliff Debt crisis. I don’t know! I am only a 31 year military service veteran with just 79 college credits of military schools and training.

    • ride4vets

      Won’t work the Dems will spend it on kick backs to their buddies like Warren Buffet

      • george

        your a fucking idiot

        • bob

          Why should we as amercans pay the national debt. We did not cause the debt. what they need to do is have congress dig in their deep pockets and pay the debt. I would not give them a cent. Did your mother have any kids that lived. Oh yeah She had a boy and a trad, and the boy died. HA HA you are stupid

    • Mike

      You are a genious!!! Let’s see, we are 17 Trillion in the hole. One dollar from every American is 316 Million as you stated. Great Idea! 17 Trillion divided by 316 Million is 53,797. So we could pay off the dept at 1 dollar a day per person in only 53797 days! or 147.89 years!! You are brilliant!
      I think you forgot how many zero’s go behind Trillion.

    • Judy Daniel

      GO GUNNY,,,but also reduce the senators, congressmen, representatives pay down to the level of our military, reduce pensions, make them take same insurance benefits as military,,,,what do we have????? an empty WASHINGTON until the ones who REALLY want to do good for our country get voted in, KNOWING the pay is equal to our G.I.’S. OMGOSH think of the money we would save,,it is MIND BOGGLING..

    • wmscott

      $315 million will pay for about 2 hours worth of deficit. multiply that by 365 and you have about $11 billion and that will pay for about 2 1/2 days of deficit spending at current rates. You may have 79 credits but it ain’t in math.

      We are borrowing a little over 4 $Billion a day right now.

      This might explain it for you in an understandable way

    • SSG Smith

      “if the entire nation in the United States of America’s generosity is to give $1.00 miserable dollar to just one individual; Would not you be a $315,198,592 dollars rich today?”

      If everyone gives $1 to one other person, then everyone will only have $1 = won’t work.

      • Mike

        I was going to point that out to him – thanks. But even when I got his point, the we all contribute 1 dollar per day to the good ole government, I did the math for him and it’s 53797 days to pay off the dept if we never borrow another penny. Or 148 years.

    • J.D.

      NO NO NO !!! This money would all be channeled to Muslim nations, the Muslin Brthrhood, or some other American-hating entity, or possibly to give even more aid (housing, food stamps, medical, etc.) to the ever-increasing numbers of illegal immigrants in our country !!! My goodness—–what EVER made you think that money would be put to GOOD use for hard-working Americans ?????!!!??

  • Alan

    sounds like your one of Obama’s boy’s living free and easy if it wasn’t for us fighting in the wars if we wanted to or not you wouldn’t have anything to say about us getting paid for what we did.I guess it’s obvious you didn’t serve.

  • Bree

    This Makes me so mad I can barely even put it into words. So theres Not enough money to pay those who work to protect our country but we can still pay those who don’t have a job so that they can make all of their bills and they can have free housing and free food. As an E3 if my husband loses his paycheck but isn’t allowed to go and get another job because of his military contract and has to just work for no money we will lose our house we will lose our car we will have no food to eat and how are we expected to live? But meanwhile the tweekers Who live across the street from me will have their section 8 to pay for their house their welfare to pay for everything for their kids their food stamps to pay for their food their Obama phone to call their drug dealer on. Trying to point the finger at Republicans as if it’s their fault because they don’t want to put us further into debt pain for shit that we shouldn’t be throwing money anyway is ridiculous. There are more than enough places where he could cut funds from not cutting them from people who are currently working, that is bullshit

    • Ride4vets

      You have to remember that Obama and his wife HATE the military and this country. It’s in their books in black and white. Every time the Dem-o-spenders are in a position like this they always pull out the: Military won’t get paid, Social Security won’t get paid card. They have no choice they have to pay their under contract to pay. If they don’t then you can as a spouse file suit against the government for breach of contract charging emotional distress and forced financial duress. I wouldn’t worry while my wife and I were still active duty, Clinton tried this three times, nothing ever came of it.

    • joe

      You point started so well and then you lost your message. I agree with you that an E3 cannot skip a paycheck and maintain a household; however, instead of staying on this course you decided to attack and place blame. Your comments on people who receive section 8 is misplaced. To think that they are living a great life and have all the pleasures of life is misguided. Your comments on “Obama” go against the very oath your husband took. He took the oath to support the and obey the President. If you are so concerned about debt and wishing to place blame, let us remember we received tax cuts while executing an unfunded war. Your focus, in my, should be on the inability of the government to pass any legislation. Your opinion express which side of the political spectrum you are on but does very little to address the potential of your husband to miss a paycheck. I, like you, am angered by the inability of Congress to perform their primary duty, FUND THE GOVERNMENT. But, instead of placing blame on a single party, I place blame on both a write to both. I vote for the best candidate and not along party lines. The change to this situation is not a different party in power, it is with a different Congress.

      J – served 20 years – USN retired

      • NavyEW8810

        Extremely well said, Joe. BZ!

      • Ray

        Don’t know about your oath Joe, but for my 22 years active duty, I swore to defend the Constitution, NOT the president and certainly not a lying s.o.b. elected by the parasites of our society! Our entire government, needs to be kicked to the curb and we need to hire honest individuals who still have backbones, guts, and integrety to lead the country. There are a few left. Government hasn’t corrupted them all……yet.

        • Gene

          very well put. I agree with you lets kick all of them to the curb and start over

      • Chief

        I swore to support and defend the constitution. I retired five years ago, but I still feel a duty to question this president when his trying to destroy this nation and usurp our constitution.

      • Lynn

        Well said J!!! I too am not a political lackey and vote for the individual who follows the Constitution, which is the OATH all take when in service to the PEOPLE, regardless if you wear a uniform or not. We as a nation are in desperate need of a political intervention and have not been good stewards to the US Constitution. The revolutionaries didn’t fight so we could become a “Debtor Nation”…It was for PERSONAL FREEDOM, and with that comes personal responsibility! High time we get our house in order.

      • Lockman1

        Joe, you are the one who is misguided. HE, not HER took an oath, just as Obama did. HE, is honoring that oath, with Obama’s UN-constitutional actions, HE failed to honor that oath, and instead dishonors himself, our military and our country. For you to say a section 8 type has or has not a great way of life, that is the Liberal thought. They SHOULD not have ANYTHING for free except something to put a crappy roof over their heads and lousy food on a table, to ENcourage them to actively seek employment to escape from such conditions. I spent 23 years, and some section 8 BUMS with 8 kids who don’t turn a lick were moved in by OUR government, so they could bring their thieving, criminal types to MY neighborhood, and start that crap in a new location.

    • catkiss2002

      one bad apple spoils the bunch!!!

    • Jb888

      So sad. Fraud versus laziness. Is this what our country has come to? Folks that excel at paperwork against those that live vicariously through others. Listen little girl you are merely another version of the welfare state. I worked 30 years my husband 20 in corporate America before he joined. Guess who pays for all your benefits — your housing your snotty nosed kids education your everything. Do like I did continuously from age sixteen and my husband in a factory with his mother at age 7 — get a job and stop whining disgusting

      • John

        I do not believe a word of that crap about your husband working at a factory at age 7, if he did he is not o this country. And I do not believe he worked 20 years befor joining the service . You are full of it and probably on welfare and wanting to run some one down.

      • heidi

        Please remember that the military pay taxes too. So in reality, we pay our own salary. I am not sure where you meant to go with your reply, but it makes no sense. I am not sure where the fraud and laziness come in to play. An E-3 in the military signed a contract with the US Government with certain understandings on both sides. When one side reneges, that could make the contract null and void. Can you imagine what would happen then? Oh and who is to say that she doesn’t work? I am sorry you are feeling so bitter and angry. I hope you can overcome it and be happy!!!

    • ernesto

      I am with you Bree, here in my neighbourhood I have several Obama protected families, while I am struggling to find a descent paying job. I need to feed my two boys, make my mortgage payment, put some gas in my p/u truck to go hunt for a job. I am 54 and it is very hard to get hired @ my age. I am an E-5 Persian Gulf Vet, 4 years active and 8 reserve. 10% disable which makes me eligible for miserable 100 and some dollars of compensation. Who can live out of this money in America. Not the beauty any more. It is the ugly now days. Estamos Undidos en Deuda.

    • mford

      I am in the same boat with you… Should this happens my husband is also not getting paid along with every active duty… The only salvation we have is we live on post so housing still gets their money one way or another and my husband is deployed….

    • mwillie

      This is why it’s so important to educate ourselves about the real issues of this world. When things turn bad the first thing we do is point our fingers at the under under privileged, shame on us for that. Let’s blame the same programs that you may need when your husband gets tired of being away from his family day after day and year after year. Allow me to open your eyes to a reality that you have not seen yet. When you get out of the service and your skills do not aline to that of the real world ;you will learn how it feels to have nothing and be all alone. I have friends who have died protecting this country and their families were getting food stamps and they got cut off. So be careful of were you point your fingers cause you may have to look in the mirror one day and have to point them at yourself.

    • Sgtsilk

      Well it was The Republican that had vote against Veteran Job Bill. Eager to shoot down President Obama’s legislative agenda just weeks before the election, Senate Republicans on Wednesday blocked a measure that would have provided $1 billion over five years to help veterans find work in their communities.

      The measure, which would have potentially created jobs for up to 20,000 veterans, was blocked on a procedural point by Republicans, who argued that the bill was unpaid for. I fought in GWBush unpaid for Wars, the ones that Pres Obama had drown down and ended.

      Face Mitch MCconnell one point was to make Pres Obama a one term Pres get over it your plan had failed. Stop hurting American and work something out the Rich do not need any more of my Tax dollars. I am also a retired a American Solider with 25 1/2 years of service.

      • topgunny98

        Check the bill. It was repetitive, unmanaged, and unfunded. You have more than enough programs available in the VA to get to work. Government throwing money at a problem won’t fix the problem, more than likely it will exacerbate the problem. We can’t spend our way out of this mess. Government produces nothing they take our money and give it to somebody else they think desreves it more than you!

        When I got medivaced out of RVN, the VA was a disaster, the civilian population (draft dodgers and lackies) spit on me. Take responsibility for your situation, get off your butt and do something about it.!

    • Chuck Hendrix

      Right instead he should cut Medicaid to the disabled. Take away Social Security Benefits that people earned by paying into the system for 40 years or so…..Those horrible entitlements……. That is the Republican stance. Lets not tax those that can afford to pay more. Lets take away from those that are disabled, or on Social Security. Lets not tax businesses, in fact, even though 66% of all businesses paid no business taxes last year, lets create some more loopholes for them to use. Maybe we can it to the point where 85% of businesses pay no business tax.

  • Kathleen

    JJ, you must be kidding me. I don;t see anywhere in your post that YOU served but you have the audacity (is that too big a word for you?) to rag on service members who are currently serving and expect to get paid for a job done. Tell me, when you flip your burgers at McDonalds don;t you expect your check?, or perhaps you’re on welfare. Good luck to you when we go off the fiscal cliff and you need to actually survive. I hope you know how to use a weapon, with that attitude you’re going to need one.
    Proudly served AND the widow of a fallen soldier.

  • CCEJ

    I have never heard when we’re in a financial mess that congress will take a pay cut. Even after taxes members of congress earn about $10,000 monthly. And for what? They are public servants who only serve themselves. When it’s time to talk about pay cuts, they go for our pockets but never their own, rather sizable pockets. I think our economy would benefit from congress pay cuts. Military and veterans defend and have defended your right and privilege to part of a government that should be by the people, for the people, and yet this is the first group you place in the middle of your political pawn games? Enough is enough.

  • j.

    I have been through this before when the govt stopped for 30 and 60 days each year back in the 1980s. Courts ruled that paychecks had to continue for the military and that civilians could not go to work if not paid. Defense found the money. Similarly the SSN and military retirement was not stopped as it turned out to cost more money to shut down the process then attempt to restart it.

    In the end this turned out to be a hallow threat that only backfired on Congress.

    • Winginit

      Why not make it so civilians don’t go to work and not get paid? I know of MANY “AGR” and “MILTECH” (dual status as Reservists and civilians) who go to work and DO NOTHING!!! They have personal discussions, text on their cellphones, and then threaten “Congressional Complaints” because you tell them to DO THEIR JOB!!! *Gasp* How dare I tell a civilian UA to put her cellphone down and work for the Soldiers in her unit – th ones that need her to DO HER JOB!!! Get civilians OUT of the Army! Get rid of these complacent, disrespectful, who do nothing and expect everything with a “you can’t fire me” attitude! THAT will save the military millions!

  • Dave

    Why don’t you take a pay cut? I’ve missed the last 17 years with friends and family. You take 6000 a month, live on a ship in the middle ofthe ocean. Heck, you don’t mind, do it for half and work 18 hour days.
    Sure, I’m patriotic, but I’m not doing it for free.

  • cynthia

    What about those of us who have served, been injured, and now are considered to be unemployable? Our only income is VA disability and SSI. How are we to ive?

    • catkiss2002

      my advice is to save up as much as you can…

  • Marcie

    The President only PROPOSES a budget or legislation, Congress has to pass it. He can lobby, exert pressure, but in the end, Congress passes the budget. The President has been very committed to veterans and active duty personnel. The “Joining Forces” initiative has made it possible for spouses to transfer any certification they have in one state to the area the family will be assigned.

  • Paula Williamson

    It is very disturbing to learn that after serving 20 honorable years in the US NAVY, that I have to worry about the loss of my retirement and veterans benefits. I guess our sacrifice means nothing to AMERICA after all.

    • Maxx

      And I as well. Guess we missed that in the really small print of our contracts written in invisible ink. Figures; Uncle Sam gets the last laugh after all.

    • Rita Bishop

      I feel the same , here I gave the military Army 27 years of my life and what do I get for it. WOW. Why can’t the white house men and women lose their pay? Not us who deserver it for all we have done for them. How are we to pay our bills that we have. This should never happen to any of us!!!!!

    • Chuck Youngquist

      Grow up. You won’t lose anything unless the fiscal irresponsibility in DC continues. The best way for you to ensure your veterans benefits are cut is to continue down the spending road that both parties have happily taken until there is no more money. Time to make selective cuts before the buffoons in the Congress and the White House are forced to cut everything

      • Jbrad888

        All employers owe their employees a paycheck nothing more. The us military has been coddled way beyond belief. Everyone needs their pregnancies paid for their housing paid for their everything paid for. Get out to the real world you mooches and moochees. In other woods support yourself like folks do — open your eyes and that includes the retiree mooch state with subsidized healthcare so they can avoid Medicare and free space a travel. This country was built upon self dependence which you guys waved the flag and joined espousing this belief. Once you got in

        • chris

          Just out of curiosity to you and the gentleman above you. Have either of you actual served? I did and was medically discharged honorably for injuries I received serving this country. I also work my butt off to support myself but do to the injuries I fall short. So from what i understand from you is that I don’t deserve a chance to taken care of by the country I take care of when a person who intentionally lives beyond their means can collect free cell phones and government hand outs? I think some of you people have some serious issues. Oh and if you don’t like the fact that this country is or should take care of the men who continually fight to keep it the land of the free then you can take yourself somewhere else. The last time I checked this country was founded by men who fought for it and also never forget it is the land of the free because of the brave.

  • catkiss2002

    well, time to save up… that is after i get the telescope i want… oh and by the way i am female and im going to use that telescope to look at the stars (for those who have dirty minds or that im some perv… which im not)…

  • Mark

    JJ, you’re an idiot. Although we are a vounteer military, we don’t volunteer for free. We have bills, just like the next guy. Maybe you can convince our credits to accept our selfless service in lieu of the money they’ll repossess the property over. The government has no right holding the military personnel hostage, and it can withhold it’s own paychecks, thank you. I notice you didn’t mention your family says we sound like a bunch of whining women, but YOU do, who you happen to NOT mention that you serve. Sounds like your a civilian. Screw off moron.
    I served 26 plus yrs active duty. i have earned my pay beyond being on active duty, and the incompetent inept government has no right to hold my retirement hostage. Period. They need to do their damn job, just as I have DONE mine. Past tense.

    • Jbrad888

      All employers owe their employees a paycheck nothing more. The us military has been coddled way beyond belief. Everyone needs their pregnancies paid for their housing paid for their everything paid for. Get out to the real world you mooches and moochees. In other woods support yourself like folks do — open your eyes and that includes the retiree mooch state with subsidized healthcare so they can avoid Medicare and free space a travel. This country was built upon self dependence which you guys waved the flag and joined espousing this belief. Once you got in, you folks learned to work the system like every welfare fraud and congressman. Where’d the honor and integrity go? Right frown the drain with your five times pregnant wife or loser grandchildren that we all have to support. God bless America or have you forgotten that as well?

      • Wayne

        When I was drafted in 1966 my coddeling paycheck at the end of each month was $90.50. When I retired 22 years later is was less than $2,000 a month and for your information I did not stay for the benefits, I stayed because I thought what I was doing was important. Guess what, the average idiot like you wouldn’t know anything about sacrifice, duty, honor, or love of country. We retirees earned every dollar we will ever receive from the government. We paid into Social Security and Medicare just the same as anyone else and are still paying into both if we are still working. It’s very apparent from your rant you never served so you don’t have a clue what military life is like.. Why don’t you get upset about the scumbags on welfare who get everythjing handed to them free and have never paid a penny into the system. Oh, I forgot, the taxpayers have the obligation to take care of the freeloaders but not those who served their country.

  • Terry Howell,

    Let me just a add to what you posted. I remember the first “you may not get paid” scare under President Obama, which I did a bit of research on, and found that there has never been a time we didn’t get paid, nor could I find history on our pay being late.

    Should you or anyone else find any history of us not getting paid on time or our pay being late, please post that info here with a link please.


  • Stan

    As a former First Air Cavalry infantryman who is 100% disabled from my Vietnam duty as drafted soldier I am appaled how the Republicans in the House continue to not work with the other brances so they can keep the super rich and lobbyists happy. America is horrible the way they treat the current military, retired militay and the disabled veteran. I am sure this will lead to more suicides of vets who need this money to make ends meet and provide for their families.

    • Mike

      I just retired from the Corps after 25 years of service. I was treated great, joined because I wanted to see the world and see action, got to do both and it was great. Great pay, great benefits, hard work, but hey we volunteered. After retiring, I’ve been treated wonderfully. I planned my retirement and didn’t rely on the government to take care of me, but everything they ever promised has worked out. I have partial disability and it is still being decided. Even if they say it is ZERO, that’s fine. Because I chose, I made the decision to join, I knew it would put me in harms way and I knew there would be a price to pay in friends and fellow Marines. It has been a wonderful ride that I wouldn’t change for ANYTHING. So though I agree that Vietnam vets were treated deplorably, and it is something this country should be ashamed of… you don’t know what you are talking about when you refer to current day military. There is no horrible treatment, no bad treatment for the retired or disabled that I have ever witnessed.

  • rwilson

    JJ your total ignorance of the issue is amazing. I doubt you have any relatives who served in the military. A troll like you should go somewhere else to spew your garbage.

  • Mac

    I know for a fact that he made the PROMISE that as long he was the
    commander and chief he would NOT!!!!!!!!! put the weight of their debts
    on the shoulders of us, the veterans who went when called and put our
    lives on the line for this country. and there is a big piece of granite up there
    close to him with over 58 THOUSAND!! names on it proving we would
    stand tall and fight for the FREEDOM him and those bunch of big babies
    up there are enjoying! guess what my Brothers: they are spitting on us
    just like they did when we came home from Nam. have we turned into a
    bunch of spineless weaklings? NOT!!!!!!!!!! SEMPER FI !!!!!!!!!! doesn’t
    do any good to write to them……..they can’t decide whether or not to read
    it !!!!! anyway, we will always be survivors. Mac.


  • Maxx

    Perhaps you would need to join the ranks and find out for yourself what you are actually talking about. Where did you get the idea “selfless service’ is free? I’m sure if your employer decided to hold your paycheck hostage you would be singing a different anthem. Who are you kidding? Most of us did not join to work for free either. You have confused us with another group of people who refuse to work at all. And please thank your family members for their services…

  • Barnical Bill

    I cannot understand this president! Why does he keep using the military and social security as pawns in the fiscal budget. There is no mention of the thousands and thousands of government workers, and officers, his cabinet appointees or even congress or the senate……no mention of not being able to pay them. Why not? I say fire them all and start over. It is like the elected officials are Prima Donna”s and untouchable. A good start would be to stop all foreign aid and use that to shore up the fiscal cliff. This country is a mess. It is a good time to be growing OLD.
    An old Navy Chief

  • Vicente Castaneda

    That’s the dammed problem they are the wealthy. Just keep in mind their re-election is coming up so lets get them out of power.

  • Winginit

    I lost my job in 2009. I was making about $72K a year. I couldn’t find a job so I joined the Army. I worked a couple long-term order back-to-back, and get this… because my orders were only for 89 days, even though I served the last two sets of orders back-to-back without a one day lapse in between (178 days… in a row)… I am “Monetarily ineligible” for unemployment compensation because my orders were not cut for 90 days! Nice, huh?

  • Donald B

    It looks like the socalled congressional idiots are at it again – Anytime the Congress needs to reduce spending, who better to cut, Yep, the Military – you never hear of the Congressional pay being cut or being said they would not get paid – God forgive that those numbskulls would even tjhink of such an evil thing, “Cut Congress” pay or medical, or allowances, etc – No, they are exempt from such actions -but the Military, why not, they are under our control – well, so is all the rest of Government – are you going to cut their pay, aallowancves, etc – No, I guess they are exempt also – likle the Obama Care, Congress exempted themselves from the rerquirements that all of us have to adhere to – as far as JJ is concerned, just how much service and being exposed to DANGER DO YOU HAVE – Did you serve in any war – have you been deployed in harms way for 6 to 12 months at a time – if not, you have no say in the Military matters discussed here – you live in a Free America because of us in WW2, Korea, Viet Nam, Iraq, Afganistan, etc – did you serve in any of these conflicts – I doubt it, so shut up and go back to you MaMa’s breast

  • John Martinez

    In response to Joseph Boggs, I agree with you all the way but how do we accomplish this. we talk about knowing where the problem lies but we do not offer any kind of reality solution. I am a retired Sergeant First Class in the Army and now I teach the JROTC program (17 years) in high school. I see us going no where fast and no way to come back. I tell my students that us adults honor the Coat of Arms of the crossed arms pointing at someone else. The other thing I tell them, is when you point the finger at someone you should look at where the other three fingers are pointing. Have a better day Veterans.

    • G Spelvin

      We have become a nation of more “takers” than “”givers.” And the “takers” were the largest group to re-elect Obama. And why not? They knew they would be better off by re-electing him. The “American spirit” that founded this country and guided it for more than two centuries is diminishing quickly. JFK said “Ask not what your country can do for you, ask what you can do for your country. The reverse of that statement is motto today of those who expect and demand that the government take care of them.
      They believe it’s their right.

  • jtdragon1

    If I miss/late payments because I do not get my 2 checks (retirement/SSN) then will the government help me keep my car/house. Wife lost job but we make it but to lose one check will destroy us.

    • Pennydove

      Actually, the way our sick country has been running in recent years, you will get all kinds of help if you STOP paying your bills.

  • sgbutler10

    What do you do for a living? Do you get paid every week, two weeks, or every month? Maybe you should consider put your wages back into the till. My husband served 21 years, and our benefits are not free. He laid his life on the line as a Navy Corpman for three tours in Vietnam. He loves this country and defends it everyday.

    What have you done in the “WARS” we’ve fought for the freedom for you to speak about some things you apparently don’t really know about first hand. But because of these men and women who have laid thier lives on the line, you are free to say whatever you choose – TRUE or NOT!!!

  • Snake eyes

    This President cannot engender support from the opposing party. That reflects his ineptness at leadership derived from inexperience. He thinks since he is boss, everyone should bow down…ain’t happen in’! America is a free country where capitalism reigns! Everyone wants to be wealthy enough to do the things they want to do without worry. Why berate the wealth…because they made it and you didn’t? Maybe they worked a little,harder in school and/or life. Maybe they went without to save and invest while you were pouring kegs down your gullet. The GOP won’t let the military go,without pay regardless of the situation…At ease!

  • Pennydove

    I can’t believe some the garbage that gets posted on here. I gave 27 years of my life to serve a country I love and was promised free medical care. Not only do I NOT get free medical care, our medicine co-pays are going up AGAIN, and NOW we find out if we live farther than 40 miles from an MTF, we are being kicked off Tricare Prime. THAT”S the thanks I get! I thought medical was the one sacred cow I didn’t have to stress and worry about. Not all of us have VA ratings, but we still served for decades. Now I am suppose to let the DOD dictate where I grow old and die?? Yet, any illegal can walk in any ER in America and get FREE EVERYTHING… THAT’s who is getting all the “free”!! I watched the president dancing at the commander-in-chief’s ball…saying how much he appreciates all of us..well, I just don’t see it or feel it. I feel thrown under the bus.

  • sandogbob

    A typical scare tactic put out by Obummer. Congress gets to say where the money is spent. I would hope THEY won’t let the troops down.

  • devilsinbaggypants

    Obama is attempting to put the blame on congress, more specific, Republicans in congress. Evidently he has a lot of Americans fooled into thinking everything that is wrong or bad in the government is the Republican’s fault. Obama is a well mentored progressive, has been all his life. One of the things they learn is how to turn the tables on the opposition to make everyone believe that they are the who’s in the right, even though the problems that are happening or will happen is a direct result of the progressive’s agenda. Got to wake up America before its too late.

    • Dennis

      yup, you must be a romney fan boy… help the rich get richer and the poor get poorer huh?…

    • larry

      Ref: devilinbaggypants, I think you are absolutly right. You hit the nail on the head. I’m a retired service member the branch is not important. I’m also a Viet-Nam/Disabled Vet. I am aware that the Obama agenda is not just bad news, it’s desasterous. I believe we’re on our way to national destruction if things don’t change quicklyand the republicans that are in representative positions don’t get a good dose of intestinal fortitude.

  • merza

    It is a shame that our retired veterans and active duty has to suffer for all the bs that is going on in the White House. These are the people that protects, put their lives on the line, leave their families for this country and it seems like every time they talk about cuts its always them that are taking the end of the sticks. Mr. President do something worthwhile and for once stand up for them. Cutting the veterans and active duty is not the solution to the existing financial crisis that we are dealing with right now. If you must cut their pay, why dont you be fair and cut every government pay including yours and every members of your cabinet. I am sure that both parties ( republicans nor democrats ) is not willing to do this. lets be reasonable and have some kind of considerations to the ones that brought freedom in this country.

  • becky

    maybe congress or the president shouldn’t get paid for a few pay periods and leave the military and retirees out it. Why should the troops who are putting their lives on the line for their county not be paid so the lazy people who get food stamps and have section 8 housing can continue to live off the system. They have more money in their pockets then I will ever have. But I don’t hear the president saying he is going to make any cuts on them. But lets cut the military they aren’t doing anything important so let cut them off. Burns me up.

    • Dennis

      okay so you’re saying that the “Few” people that might need section 8 to help them in there time of need such as the current housing crisis, and food stamps which feed them while they look for work now that the fucking unemployment is 8% or more that they should piss off so that NUB nuke that just signed on can get his 60,000 or MORE bonus and waste it on some shit dodge charger or something more stupid… that makes total sense fool. How about if the stupid punk kids joining the military don’t get such a high sign on amount and instead put that money where it needs to go.

  • basoc

    Can we just say….if they can’t manage to do their job they don’t get their pay check either?

  • Mark Birk

    President Obama is the only politician threatening to cut military pay or benefits if the debt ceiling is not raised. There is no reason to cut benefits; the US government takes in enough money to pay the interest on the national debt and all Veterans. It is all up to him if Veterans get screwed in this next debate. Semper Fidelis brothers!

  • Retired USAF MSgt

    I’m tired of all this garbage coming out of Washington. Every year it seems we are being held hostage for one thing or another. Enough is enough. I BLAME THEM ALL…the Democrats, the Republicans, etc. They need to realize that they DO NOT work for their “parties” and that they WORK FOR US. And WE are all sick and tired of their failures. I believe the ONLY way to make this work out is to RECALL ALL OF THEM.

  • Rob

    Hw about you post a link to these alleged bills you claim that those evil tea party folk sent up because from what II have researched on, your feeding everyone a big pile of liberal BS as is usual from the gibberish Obama flute flollowers. The fact is, obama has placed blame for doing nothing th past 4 years and is strating the new blame game for this next 4. How ignorant can you be? Chuck, get over the political blame game, people like you on both sides are the reason why those fools who are elected do nothing because fools like you continue to beleive the lies of this liberal media. Fox, CNN, MSNBC etc………….they are all full of shi*. Grow up and do something productive like write your elected official and demand he pay your bills if you do not get your bennefits that you earned unless of course your another john Fu****g Kerry who just mooches off the rich ladies in America who pay no taxes thanks to the liberal hide holes they accuse the republicans of using……..LOL…………patheitc………………

  • Herman

    Appears to be more than a few people here who claim to have fought against communism and oppression, yet you back this fellow and his leftist agenda and engage in class warfare. Here’s a tip: The rich guy… is NOT your enemy. Your enemy is the guy that TELLS you the rich guy is your enemy.

  • Lynn

    Instead ofponting any finger at anyone (and by the way most of the thing you call prejudice is individual fear, thus blaming the CURRENT/PREVIOUS president and/or opposing party that one supports). I’m getting really tired of the “prejudice card).
    Why don’t we, the veteran’s form a blog or something to give both sides suggestions on solutions! I’m also disabled and on unable to work-lost my home due to BIG cut in pay, so the fear is there for me, too. It doesn’t matter what race, party, religion–the fact is the same, we rely on our elected officials to come up with solutions. Too bad the politicians can’t work together so they egg us on with fear.

  • Dennis

    you know, all I see is + scores for people bashing obama and people on section 8/welfare but people who blame both parties for there in-ability to do there job, or protect the few people that are on those programs because they actually NEED it thanks to unemployment and the in-ability to be in the navy like some of you they get – scores … sad you sorry people need to re evaluate you’re lives and the way you look at people.

    • Pennydove

      Maybe people ought to try using the hand at the end of their own arm for help instead of having a hand out! Maybe we, who work hard, are sick of being nickeled and dimed to death while our benefits are taken away.

  • Steve Jarvis

    If there are two groups that those ELECTED to serve in Washington would be very wise not to thumb their noses at, it is the veterans and those who are active service members.

    Slap the dog that protects you. Makes no sense to me. Stop and REALLY think about it.

  • MCPO retired

    The Consititution clearly states, provide for the common defence, promote the general welfare and secure the blessings of liberty. That’s what we, the military took an oath to do everyday, we don’t get to recess or vacation until the mission is completed. And we are expected to continue to do so even without pay. So why is it that our elected offiicials threaten not to do what the Consititution mandates,and they took an oath to do. They go on recess and vacation with pay without completing their mission. All I have to say to them is if someone has to go without pay is you first.

  • cyn


  • sum

    If you pay cut one, should pay cut all, instead of just picking certain groups of people.

    • DAY


      • sum

        Sorry if you think that I am complaining but I am not and further more, we did not vote for Obama.

  • cyn

  • mharris

    Have the congress members thought about stopping their pay? They need to wake up and understand that the military is this nations safe keeper. Let each congress member make a sacrifice for once, as we reflect on the loss of our military members

  • dwrit1

    Is this what the founding fathers of our country would like to see. Responsible people holding high offices setting an example of lies, mistrust, and forsaking their obligated duty, making the American people loose hope on what this country is and what it could be in the future. Republicans, Democrats, or what the hell they are calling themselves, their main purpose is to abide by it’s people,and do what is best for the people, and not going around raising money for their own re-elections, not compromising if something is misunderstood, not sneaking in back door deals into a bill passage!

  • Rachel

    Don’t blame one man, especially not the President, because the power of the US Government does NOT, and I repeat, does NOT stand with ONE man alone.
    Be the intelligent thinker here and put politics aside. Look at both sides on your own dime, not the pundits.
    Don’t be lazy and take someone else point of view for your won without the facts.
    Peace and Love to all my brothers and sisters who have served.
    ~ Rapid deployment SGT (Iraq, Somaila, etc.)

    • CookerOfFaith40

      Seriously, you’re right. It is not ONE man, but come on, we are talking about one man who has made law(s) from his own desk, bypassing Congress all together – where do you think it will stop? Gun control is merely another stepping stone to putting Americans under government control. What better way to get more guns out of the way than to stop paying the very people meant to protect us – physically!

    • Mike

      For a veteran you should know this is all BS. It’s the President just laying out his blame game to piss people off. I served 25 years in the Marines, went through this “crisis” 3 different times, we always got paid. Notice he doesn’t say Congress, he says Republicans. But the Democratically controlled Senate is part of Congress. We will all get paid. He’s just doing all he can to piss the country off against Republicans… and we are so damn dumb on average, it’s working on about 50% of us.

  • Mike

    Bree – YOU ARE AWESOME. Right on!

  • Judy Daniel

    I am a military wife, my husband is deceased. I do not receive any military pay as we elected not to at the time of his retirement. But I get so outraged at the fight each year about whether or not the military will receive their pay. If anyone deserves their pay it is our military, our veterans, and our seniors. I believe that if congress had to reduce their pay equal to our military there would be much better service from all of is outrageous the amount of money and pensions they receive. Compare this to how many days they work and what they do not get done they deserve NOTHING..our troops would be dishonarably discharged and brought up on charges.

    • Mike

      Wonderful to hear the great support for our Military. I am a 25 year Marine, just retired in October. These baseless threats happened at least 3 times during my service. As with those in the past, it won’t happen. Everyone will get paid. It’s just our Presidents way to stir up the blame game against the Republican house. Notice how he didn’t mention the Democratically controlled Senate, which is also part of Congress. It’s just a sham. We will all get paid.

    • Guest

      I to believe that the people working for all Americans in Washington should take a cut in pay also they should pay for their own health care or at least part of it like everyone else. God Bless America


    Funny how the elected representatives pay is not on the table for this… IF it was you better believe the problems would be solved already. If the president, vice president, sec of state, sec of def, treasury sec, all the way down to the congressional level had their pay on the table, they would solve this issue post haste.__But because its the peope who elected them and the troops who protect them, their paycheck and lives on the line, they drag their feet and twiddle their thumbs and point fingers at each other calling each other names like little children, all the while we the people, we the soldiers suffer the consequences. __Sure I volunteered to serve my country as did countless others, and as such we are expected to do our duty, but why should we suffer the consequence for their ineptitude, they need to put their own pay on the line if they are so willing to put ours on it. We should all suffer the consequence as a people, not as inviduals. I for one am going to send a letter to my congressmen saying they should put their own pay on the line as well, so it only seems fair and that they are looking out for everyone and not just themselves. It may be a futile effort, but I will try anyway…

    • Floyd Lewellen

      Better Yet, Every state needs to pass a law requiring all monies received in pay,perks, and all monies (In the hundreds of thousands each) received from the lobbyist’s for the previous 12 months, by every Senator and representative,
      be deposited in the their state treasury and used only for state expenses releasing the citizens from such tax burdens that those monies allow.

    • Chuck Hendrix

      They have. Several legislators have signed on to a “stop-pay Act” for Congressional members if a solution to the “sequestration” is not approved.

      • Idmtmedic

        Chuck, I’m hopefull that would be a solution, however we all know that the “powers that be” will NOT sacrifice anything from their own is a pipe dream. I have sent several letters to my reps regarding their sacrifices compared to VETERANS and yet to have a reply. Not even a form letter with flags and the usual BS.

        • Bubblehead607

          Usually the best thing one can hope for is a form letter. The only time I ever got a serious reply was in regard to my “joke” disability compensation. Make my disabililty come off the top of my pension and make it tax free? Gee thanks guys. I spent more in gasoline getting evaluations than I gained in compensation.

          • Idmtmedic

            Bubble, well to be fair they are BUSY? lmao

  • wmscott

    The only one running around talking about throwing grandma and the military off the cliff are the Democrats, President Obama in particular.

    • Guest

      Wrong, Take a look at the Republicans there a bunch of crap heads.Just wanting to fill there pocket books.

    • Mike

      Funny, the same could be said about the republicans concern for troops during Afghanistan, and their concern for the working man during the recession. Both parties are fighting it out and the consequences are hurting the ones who keeps them (the country in entirety) afloat.

  • HJL

    I have seen this happen before. In the 60s thru the late 80s whenever things got tight the military and retired folks would be threatened if the president or congress didn’t do something. There were a few times when pay did get delayed and when pay days went from 2 time a month to just one and then budgeting juggles even recently. For an active in office president to use such threats, shows his true sentiments for the people who’s pay he threatens. Did I hear him say anything about stopping his pay or congress’ pay or foreign aid or Federal employees pay? No! Why not? Perhaps he needs to answer those questions as he states we should ask our senators and representatives who do not go along with his programs and proposals. If he wants it his way or the highway we might as well be living in a communist dictatorship rather than a constitutional republic! Obama can’t have nor should he have it just his way!

    • Chuck Hendrix

      You hear a threat. I heard him plainly state what “might” happen if Congress does not do it’s job. Telling people about the consequences of the Congress not doing it’s job is not a threat no matter how many times people want to claim it is. It is a call to action. It is meant to get people to contact your respective legislators and tell them to do their jobs. You might give that a try instead of posting your opinion here.

    • Lynn

      Congress is the only branch “authorized” to pay the bills they themselves establish through the Appropriation act. Congress holds the purse, so hold them personally accountable by finding out WHO is playing the Bill game.

  • Bonnie Tull

    As a military wife and mother, I am appalled that anyone could blame the President for threatening to delay or cut military pay. The real perfidy lies in those who are refusing to pay bills that they themselves have already incurred – this includes the unfunded multi trillion dollar bills for two wars, a Medicare drug bill, and two huge tax cuts mainly for the upper 1% of our population. Our current President could not have been more supportive of our troops and the few social safety nets that we still have. He is fighting for us. We had better support him.

    • Carrie

      Our current president has been heavy on early drawdowns, threatening pay, and could not have been less supportive of our troops. Each time it has been republicans that have pushed to ensure military pay. Obama is using the classic longstanding scare tactic because he wants to pressure republicans to pass things that are fiscally irresponsible but fit his agenda, then when they refuse, he puts the government money towards what he wants passed (the irresponsible things) then claims there’s not enough left over for military pay.

    • D Flagg

      It is Pres Obama that has threatened no pay for vets, troops, and ss recipiants. Our leaders are never threatened no pay, no raise and must serve 20 yrs for pension. You never see people on welfare told no pay, food stamps.

    • USCGE775

      Bonnie, You’re out of your mind. Numpty is fear mongering on those that rely on these gov checks

    • rlhill

      Hey lady, come to the real world. It is a lot different than the one you are in.

    • Retired USAF MSgt

      Bonnie, He is RESPONSIBLE just like all the other morons in DC. The President Wants to ADD another $500 Million to the debt for “gun control” and he even took a vacation to Hawaii, flew back to DC for a few days, and RETURNED to Hawaii to “finish” his vacation. That back and forth WASTED tax dollars. I have not had a real vacation in over a year and a half because I can’t afford it. Finally, let’s think about all the money they are wasting on the “inauguration balls” and the “inauguration” itself. While they are the ball and having a great time, I and I’m sure other Veterans, Active Service members, and the elderly are worrying if they are going to get a retirement, disability, or pay check come the 1st of Feb. Perhaps you can ask the President to pay all of our bills for us and see what he says. Remember, when he was asked if HE would fall under his very own “health bill” he passed?? He did not even answer the question. And tried (and failed) to skirt the question all together. He is a HYPOCRITE!

      • Korean Vet


    • cantankerous_vet

      I think Bonnie needs to get blown up, then we’ll see how much Obama gives a damn.

      • STFU cantankVet

        you are an ass

    • Mary Freeman

      i agree with Bonnie Tull. Our government needs to pay their bills and stop forcing the middle class and the extreme poor in paying for everything. I’m retired Air Force and I’m sick of my government forcing me to pay their bills.

    • Doug

      Bonnie, how can one person be so ill-informed? This man had done nothing except show his disdain for the military and anything American, you know like the American Flag, and you blindly excuse him for holding the military hostage? I am so sorry for your spouse!!

    • Carol

      I am sick and tired of having our paychecks threatened. Just let that happen and see what the outcome will be. Imagine thousands of alpha-male personalities discovering they have no money for food, bills, gas, etc. at the same time. Not a smart move!
      To Congress: Grow a spine and call his bluff! As much as Obama hates looking like “the bad guy” I really don’t think he wants to go that route. Since he’s going with the “Think of the Children” tactic lately, that wouldn’t look good for him with thousands of children that would be affected. Surely, that thought has crossed his mind right?
      Then again, nothing our President does to any extent surprises me. I have to agree with Herman Cain, that Obama is not a leader. He is a person put into a leadership position which happens to be the President of the free world. I do wonder how much longer that freedom will thrive, all things considered.

    • medicman615

      Gee, Bonnie, I hope he gets “supportive” of finding a way to pay for the welfare state that has been created, which has nothing whatsoever to do with the military. In times of economic stress, far too many start to regard military retirement pensions as another of the “social safety nets” to which you refer, rather than a contractual obligation made between an employee and an employer. The main difference between the two is the guarantor. Anyone who believes any US business entity to be too large to fail, but who doesn’t seem to apply that theory to our government, should reconsider their position. That’s not to say America will instantly fail should our nation default on military pensions, but decline will certainly be accelerated should we find ourselves having to pay the kind of money it will take to entice anyone to defend our nation AFTER confidence in such remuneration is gone.

  • Bill

    One more thing about who is on the military’s side and who isn’t…. There was a siingle incedent of the military not getting paid on time and that was under Jimmie Carter. He and the other democrats held up the military appropriations beyond the 1Oct date and the enlisted at Blytheville AFB suffered and some were almost thrown out of their apartments before the politicians decided to take the boot off of the throat of the military about 2 weeks late!!!

  • George

    I would ask politicians the following questions: If a family,usese
    its own money and resources for the family. Would it put family in debt? If so to who?

    Enlarge that to our country,as a family. Would the family (country) be in debt.?
    Our country does spend to much money. The problem: Politicians don’t realize it is spent on the WRONG things. Spend it for our country first! What do they think the Founders meant by “provioding for the general welfare”? Some Foreign country? The debt is a political Straw man! Grow-up! If we don’t spe nd it in our country where do taxes come from to lower our debt? Ask the hard questions.

  • zonajane


    • Guest

      Your right we should stop sending money to other countries. I don’t see any of them handing out any to ours.

  • jim

    I am to the point just fed up ,I am disable have woerst case of CIDP fall alot cannot walk over 10 min,s at a time lost the abilty to use a arm and both legs are mest up ,Didnot want to stop working with lost of useing limps and able sometime to remeber and eye sight hearing ,doctors from two states and 4 hosptials said no.i am 57 yrs have work from time was 16 yr,s old . have a son who went into the Marines when turn 18 been in for 4 years serve 3 tours in Afgan and looks like going again .this stuff is a slap in the face to all of us when is it ever going to end ,not looking forward to being put on the street

  • LLP

    So we do not have a budget, who cares?
    Can we just have a picture of where our money comes from and where it is going?
    That should wake up a lot of our government employees by seeing where the money is being wasted on worhtless projectsl. Retirement after one term in office vs 30 years in the military to get a decent retirement.
    Cannot we just start using comon sense and pay down our debt instead of INCREASING it beyond any hope of ever paying it off?

  • DCM

    We spend our money for the wrong reasons.This is not republican or democrat agenda “it is those that we elect playing politics while the rest of us suffer the consequences.” yet we continue to elect those officials and blame the others. THEY ARE ALL THE SAME POLITICIANS., PROTECTING THEIR JOBS WHILE YOU AND I ARE SUFFERING. SAME $%#@, E VERY TIME.. what about “you people” propose a cut to their (politician) paycheck and see what kind respond you will get..WAKE UP, YOU AND I ARE BEING PLAYED..

  • veteran OCT. 1979

    Here we go agin, every time this situation appears my depression level goes up . What do we do with our grandkids that depends on grandma, My grandson is suffering from three cavity. The dental plans out here in Allentown, PA IS NEGLECTING OUR CHILDREN . What can we do for our kids he is 7 years old. The dental plans r not acepted for all dentist how can we help our kids is very sad. He needs root canal.

  • Chief

    More fear mongering from Obama the usurper. That is all he knows how to do besides tell more lies.

  • Chuck Hendrix

    I would say it is interesting reading the comments that claim it is Obama’s fault and over spending is his fault if were not so plainly evident those posters have no clue. It is rather sad in fact how ignorant some people are about who makes the decisions in these matters. The President does not spend funds. The Congress makes those decisions. Congress legislates the funding and votes on that legislation, not the President. The only power any President has is to sign them into law or veto them. A lot of people are quick to point at Obama, but those are people that do not know what they are talking about. As to the debt ceiling, that must be raised because it pays for items that have been approved by the same Congress that is in perpetual deadlock. The President does not decide what to spend Federal funds on. The Congress does and only Congress. I would suggest that people take a civics class in U.S. Government before they repeatedly show that there is something else behind the ignorant rhetoric directed at the President. Republicans have intentionally obstructed legislating and has repeatedly shown open contempt for this President , so much so that Republican leadership (sic) went so far as to declare “The number one priority of the Republican Party is to ensure Obama is a one term President”. They did not declare the number one priority was the deficit, the debt, unemployment, Health Care, Social Security or Medicaid, nor the budget. They proved they were willing to let everything go down the proverbial poops shoot. to make sure Obama was not re-elected. What are they going to do now since that did not happen? Co-operate for what is best for the majority or continue acting out like petulant little children because they do not get what they want?

    • Lynn

      Thank you! Sadly less than 20% of college students can even pass the civics exam, and one wonders why Americans don’t even have a clue as to how their own government operates…geesh. Our education system is a complete and utter joke…no different than our government.

    • Ysmael Briones

      Amen Chuck! I was beginning to think there was nobody else out there that sees this problem for what it really is. This is a bunch of idiot, wide eyed, tea partiers that are here to save the nation (according to them ) From the boogy man that is driving this country to to financial destruction. And they are bent on having their way no matter whose ox gets gored but theirs, so as long as they get to keep their “Honorable” titles and the their own hefty paycheck coming every month they are bound and determined to have their way!
      Oh and these “financial experts” that are here to save the country. They don’t seem to be the most highly educated lot to ever land a seat in Congress. Quite the contrary as I see it. Their main qualification seems to be that they all promised they won’t ever, ever,ever, negotiate with that foreigner in the White House.

    • Carrie

      The republicans declared that because no single president in history has done so much to destroy the consitution and economy to the tune of his own personal agenda without a thought as to what the majority of Americans want. He’s 100% damage and the future will bear it out. Democrats and Obama have publicly called names and accused republicans of things that simply never heappened. He’s the king of bait and switch. Riders that are fiscally irresposnible and totally inappropriate have been added to items that are required and appropriate. When democrats won’t remove those things, the whole process stalls. Then democrats claim the reublicans are blocking progress. Please, they are preventing further damage. And please refrain from calling anyone ignorant or any other name. It simply shows you have no real point to make when you have to resort to such tactics. It’s a democrat tactic long-used to draw attention away from facts. When facts don’t fit, democrats try a personal attack to keep the people’s attention away from it. You can’t win an argument by claiming everyone else is ignorant, you have to present facts and data…but you simply can’t, so must resort to name-calling. Pity.

    • vesey

      If the debt ceiling does’nt get raised then it becomes the responsibility of the executive branch ( obama ) to where the tax revenues rec’d monthly by the gov’t goes. There is plenty to pay all pensions of every kind with money left over to pay all truly necessary expenditures. If we don’t get our pensions it’s because obama does’nt want us to. You are no where near as smart as you think you are chuck. Stop the name calling and the pretend civics lessons and get the facts first………..

      • topgunny98

        Spot on. There is enough revenue coming into the Treasury to pay our obligations, so there is no chance of default. Secondly the Congress (sometimes) passes a budget, the “funds” are obligated but the Executive branch ie: “Dept of,” ” Secretary of,” spends whatever funds are available. If a funding “crisis” occurs, spending has to be prioritized. With a debt ceiling in place we can’t BORROW any more money (which is the reason we have a spending issue!) Look at it this way….balanced budget lite.

    • Topgunny98

      Congress better get a reign on POTUS. Congress is not trusted and soon to be irrelevant! Obama is on a tear, doesn’t have to worry about reelection. Each time a Republic opens their mouth, gibberish flows. They seem to be afraid of Obama because he is black; better be afraid of him because of his obvious full speed ahead shredding our Constitution.
      They ALL took an Oath to support and defend the Constitution against all enemies foreign and domestic. These useless idiots in Washington DC. , ARE the Domestic enemies. They’re addicts of power, greed, spending all our money and borrowing the rest. The party (either one) trumps us and our wishes.
      The Obama regime is like a wildfire; create another fire over the ridge then across the valley. They are successfully overwhelming the system so that nothing but their agenda is visible or viable. Never waste a crisis!
      The problem though is not the system; it’s an apathetic, self indulged public that is more concerned about themselves and their worldly wants than the fate of the Republic….want proof they/we call this a Democracy (majority rules). It is NOT it is a Republic a system that requires the citizen to be responsible. Ain’t happening!

    • Ed Mills

      You pointed out that the Government should reflet the will of the majority. The only clear majority elected in the last vote was the in the House where the popullation sent a clear message that they want to reetablissh some fiscal responsibility into the government programs. The majority of the voters want their representatives to impose fiscal restaint on the federal budget. If the majoirity of the House abrogates their reponsibility to suppport their voters, they should be replaced. The presidential election was about “the guy” whille the House elections was about the governmental policies. The President by attacking the majority ini the House is atacking the majority of the voters and the message they sent to their repressentatives. If the President truly intended to create programs and policies that represent of the majority opinion, he would ensure he sent budget proposals to the house that would be supported by the Republicans, who are clearly supported by a much larger majority than is the President.

    • Skip11

      Obama can threaten executive order for gun control let him thrreaten executive order for the military and elderly. The fact of the matter is dem or rep they can not due there job unless it bebefite there pocket. Why wont Obama threaten congress or the seneates pay

    • Misty

      You are right about that Chuck, but the Congress is held hostage by the Democrates.that have not even set up a budget in how many years now. Even though I am not happy with the Republicans either they have been trying for a budget. Can you run you home or business without a budget or a ceiling limit. The fat must be trimmed and in all the entiltled programs, My God man Welfare rec. are getting gas money, cell phones even strip clubs are excepting ebt cards. Force the dems to a budget and limit the credit cause you can’t try that shit with your bank. And I do recieve a disablity from the military.

    • Ron

      No doubt Chuck, your are a Democrat. Thats OK, we have the right in this country to have whatever view we want to have. Before you start throwing out words like ignorant (towards anyone that opposes the president), look at his supporters first. I would bet the majority could not tell you anything the president has done or what his platform is. As far as the budget is concerned, the house has passed budgets but the Dem controlled Senate will do nothing……the Senate has not passed a budget since 2009????? Stop drinking the Obama koolaide, do research yourself before you throw stones at anyone not supporting the president.

    • Ncaroon

      That’s because he is the final say and if he cared he would give up his Hawaii Vacations and other spendy trips and put that money back in the kitty to help feed our starving Vets and troops.

  • SSgt CombatPostal

    It’s IRONIC that they are talking about cutting or withholding money for the ones who have help make and protect this country, OUR SENIORS AND VETERANS. Thank you! Former SSgt of Marines, ’85-’99, Engineers Up!!!

  • Nora

    Well I always figured that if the US quite sending so much aide overseas, we could take care of our own people. Don’t you think those country’s are just laughing and laughing as they read about our debt and know politicians are always threatning our veterans (13 yr disabled veteran here) seniors medicare and Soc Sec. They know that the more money we send to them, the less we have and our debt goes up and up. We just print more money. Hey let’s play Monopoly. And to the person above that stated that we shouldn’t say bad things about Obama, he doesn’t make any decisions Congress does, needs to read up on all the Executive Orders he is signing just as fast as he can.

  • Bruce E. Hall

    I’m a combat vet. from the VietNam War I am totaly retired from
    the United States Army I live on V.A. comp.and Social Security,my wife is totaly disabled and gets Social Security if my VA Comp.and our Social Security get cut we can tell everyone that congressional leaders turned the
    United States into a 3rd world country.Thank you GOP

    • Lockman1

      Bruce, who STOLE your EARNED SS and retirement benefits to BUY votes via welfare to garner votes with that money. Think the DEMOCRATS. Even Clinton, with his supposed “surplus, did that by taking obligated funds for military retirement stuff and placing into regular funds, thereby showing a “surplus” while INCREASING the deficit.

    • vesey

      Bruce, the federal gov’t through current tax revenues has enough money each month to pay the interest on the debt, all active military pay, all social security, all VA disability and medicare payments with money left over. The executive branch of the gov’t ( pres obama) has the sole discretion on what bills get paid if their is no raise in the debt ceiling. If none of these vital bills get paid it is because obama does’nt want to. He uses these scare tactics over and over to frighten people. Hopefully this situation won’t arise but if it does aim your anger where it belongs…..

    • rlhill

      You thanked the GOP (Republicans) but you forgot to thank the Ja——es (Damnacrats).

  • Mark

    Calm down, Obama, again is just trying to scare people, so we can call our congressman, so they can do what he wants; SPEND MORE MONEY.

    Now it is true that congress authorises the money to be spent, but it is Obama who requests the money. Now we can pay our bill with out raising the debt ceiling. We just need to lets say park all state side ships for one day and take a 24 hour special lib day. Do the minimal amount of work required and you could probably save one billion dollars in one day.

    Give all federal employees a three day wekend. They would still get paid, but running the equipment would not happen so more money saved.

    Remember guys and girls, he is a liberal and wants to spend, spend, spend. The GAO came out with there last two audits and said we as a country need to put the emerengcy brakes on spending, but of course no news channels reported it.

  • Pfuzz

    Fear management.

  • papa

    hers what pisssssssssssssssssss’s me off. this govt or govt borrows trillions from Red China.. and gives billions to all the musilum natioins and a few more. why are we in this hole?? if they would give 1.8 billion to us Americans that would amount to somewhere in the neighborhood of 67,000 for each American.
    >>the first thing this nation needs to do is stop buying favors from the world .. give it to us Americans , then we can all live a higher standard of living than we have but noooooooooooo ,they’d rather try to buy Pakistans favor than help out here at home. I’m fed up with this giving money so we can gain some sort of control is Bull Chit.. the Musilums dont give a chit about us so why care what the _ell they do .let them suck sand for a year or more oil will come down.. stop stop paying out Americans Moneys to foriegn nations unless this govt wants to give me my equal share as they give the enemies

  • citizen

    Congress never has a problem giving themselves raises, better health care, retirement packages for 2-4-6-8 years of service. everybody elses retirement usually starts at 20 years, some 30. maybe we should delay their pay. would probably have enough to pay the military then.

  • River Rat

    I am sick of all the politicos, Reps, Senators Vice and President – they are all to blame and there is enough to go around. They do not care about us. I remember when I first enlisted (in 1971) I was told if I stayed in for 20 – I would have medical and dental for free after I retired. We waste money, far too much on nothing, giving aid to countries who do not give a hoot about us. How many have paid us back for WW2 loans and aid? As a election promise our beloved leader is going to speed up citizenship for how many illegal aliens now living here? More drain on future funds. More and more vets are returning home with injuries and mental problems – where is the money going to come from to treat them and their families – we as a nation owe it to them !! We I believe are no longer what we once were. This country is slipping backwards – and it is too late to stop it.

  • Paladin

    The words of a true statesman, a world leader! No wonder he can’t get anything accomplished.

  • Howard Dempsey

    its a little to late now. the voting is over, they got what they wanted and all you who voted them in the position of power are the one to thank for the shape our country is in. thanks to you we the people are letting the guys in DC put our money into everything under the sun except toward the people who need it. Americans. its time to take charge and let those fruit cakes know they work for us. Lets take there benefits and let them take a bus to work, get food stamps, stop there pay because there isn’t money, give them Obama health care. Stay at work until they finish the work instead of breaking, golfing, fund raising for there parties. But I know you the masses will say whatever excuse and they will continue to run our country into the dirt.

  • joreatha Howard

    I am a VET…. I lost my husband 12–2010, from bone cancer and agent orange!! How DARE they use our VETS and their families for their “BULL”….We need to get together ( US VETERANS ) and go to WASHINGTON and show the GOVERMENT how very upset we ARE! I will not allow them to TARNISH my loved one memory, with the BULL! i will be CALLING ALL my PUBLIC OFFICIALS……SENATOR, CONGRESSMAN, AND even THE PRESIDENT will get a letter and an E-MAIL…..OF my ABSOLUTE ANGER……THEY RECIEVE THEIR CHECKS, don’t they? and i bet….they all on the right PAY DAY!

  • topgunny98

    The reason we are in this mess is not because of the idiots in Congress, it’s us the people who put them there! A 9% approval rating and we continue to reelect the incompetent fools. This is our fault!

    Quit complaining, call your Senators and your Representative, write letters, go to the local offices of these Congressmen and Senators. Believe me they will respond.. If they don’t then, organize and get rid of them. This isn’t hard folks.

    All you vets out there that are complaining. remember your Oath to support and defend the Constitution? That Oath does not expire until you “punch out of the net.” What is happening to our Republic is our fault! The enemy is domestic and they reside in Washington DC.

    • rlhill

      What about the President’s oath – he has been spitting on the constitution every day of the last four years. I just hop one day we don’t see him try to burn it.

  • Charles H Jessup

    I’m a disabled vet who depends on social security and my veterans check to live on. to me it’s a bunch of shit that they want to hold our checks

  • tim

    DON’T BE LIED TO…”FEED AND FORAGE ACT OF 1861″ specifically says that the Secretary of Defense can use funds without the approval of the congress or anyone else for that matter. He can spend funds that can be added to the budget later. So anyone saying the military CAN’T get paid is a liar, but holding our money hostage is nothing but a political move.

  • Johnie Keenum

    m a disabled vet as well. 1 am 60 % and have 60%.I am drawing full compensation (cannot work)I am to near death now to givee dogone. But I do care for mw family and she need all she can, I have to checkl with VA to see about what she can get from them. Hell she was as much in the military as I.m should have gotten a second opinion,anout a year down the road,at the lwast. I was working 6 and 7 days a week,sometimes 12 to 16 hrs a day,plus cutting my lawn and on a hill also to. Now does that sound like lung caser ()excuse my spelling,im just another one of those stupid southern boys that don’t know nutton.We say jall,you say youse guys.Another favorite of mine we pronounce ir okre you yanks a friend of mine in abovr all a souther boy.NEW TASSWELL TENN.I lovr that guy,wish I could contact him. If any of you guys know I can be contacted at well I just hope that we down loose too much.THANK GOD FOR HIMSELY<AND GLORY TO THE CHRIST CHILD> COME QUICKLY SWEET JESUS. Guess that’s enough. John.

  • callen3434

    The President is just being honest. Tell your congressmen to raise the debt ceiling and pass a budget.

    • Bob

      How about we cut welfare for those able to work!

    • USCGE775

      The president is being honest?!? The Debt ceiling doesn’t need to be raised to pay the nations bills. He just wants it raised and is fear mongering to get his way so he can spend more. do some research.

    • rlhill

      Honest – you gotta be joking, he told me last year that word was not in his vocab along with the words American and Protect the Constitution. He has certainly displayed it the last four years.

    • RetChief

      Raising the debt limit will not solve the problem, only put a band-aid on it. The Republicans are part of the problem but, the bulk of our multi-Trillion $ debt belongs to Obama and cronies. You can blame G.W. Bush only so long. Congress needs to start cutting departments and agencies to save $, not continue to do the easy thing by going after the career employees (GIs & civvies). Without the GIs, we are defenseless and without the CAREER Feds, the country ceases to function.

  • Michelle Gatz

    I am a freedom fighter, I fight for the rights of our country, freedom of speech, freedom of religion and the right to bare arms. It is a hard fight as people are becoming scared to say what they feel. I use to say that the President was only one person and he could not change a nation, now look, Omaba care,,, huge debt. I have resolved to take a stand for our rights no matter what the cost and I tell everyone to take a stand, it might not be the one that I agree with but at least they are waking up and saying what they feel. We must all stand up and stop the governement from taking our freedom’s. Maybe with the Presidents threat to not pay the military it will awaken the sleeping giant called freedom….

  • Rich CMS Ret

    I concur with the group on we are tired of hearing how we are going to have our pay on hold. I have a better idea all of the Congress ,Senate, and White house staff will have no pay and all who are collecting unemployment we no see a check. Only the military and Socail security personnel will get paid. I bet they would solve the problem they all created.

    • Rick

      I agree with CMS RET Rich they should take away there pay an benefits and see how they would like that they live to high anyway and get away with alot we do not know about

  • James Edwards

    If in fact, they are going to hold our pay hostage, then THEY too should put their pay, and benefits on the line. These folks in Washington receive far too much in pay and benefits. As a show of good faith, the politicians should get rid of some of their, no so well earned, benefits. I certainly don’t see any hardships taking place on those making the decisions to place others in this posiion. God bless our military, and their families.

  • jim

    I have been saying what you posted earlier for years. We the people have let what we called minor things, when voting; slowly slip through saying what the heck that does not bother me. Well my fellow Vets and Americans wake up, not little things getting through now it has culminated into LARGE items.

    If your retirement pay stops, social security, and disability pay blame ourselves for not taking part in voting for those that will standup for us. This is not a Republican or Democrat issue it is a “WE THE PEOPLE ISSUE.” Get off you behinds and get involved. There was a saying in the Chief’s Mess while I served in the Navy when there were problems “You are either part of the problem or part of the solution” which are you?

    Contact your local representatives, state representatives and anyone that you feel needs to be contacted and voice your opinion on what you, in your hearts, know what the problems are.

    It is time to take our country back, they work for us not we work for them.

    • Retired Navy Chief

      You seem to be under the impression that members of congress work for the common man. How dilusional can you be?? Once these people arrive in Washington, the old timers put their arms around the “newbies” and tell them how things work up on the hill. That is when they forget about their constituency and join the “good ol boy club”. From that point on, its every one for themselves and anything that remotely resembles something positive it is only motivated by their desire to get re-elected. If they want a pay raise or an improvement in their own benefits, they attach a line item to a popular bill and pass it.
      No single individual or group no matter how large will ever change that.
      Your attitude toward congress does not really matter to these folks because they make the rules and they are insulated from those rules.
      The notion that electing public officials gives the general public some kind of control is ludicrous. This applies to both parties!!!
      So how would you recommend we take the country back short of another revolution???

  • Air Force VET

    What about collectingfrom those countrys that owe the USA money? Never hear anything about that.

    Why shouldn’t Congress cut thier pay or stop thiers? We may of voted them in office but they sure get paid and pay raises and don’t seem to care about us getting cut or not getting paid. I am sure they will still have a roof over their heads and food on their tables. While we worry if we can make it and how long we have to go without. Do they worry? I think not! !

    President or Congress is not hurting financial and do have a roof and food on their tables and money to pay their bilss. Why should Miitary who put their lives on the line daily, Retired Veterans who know and has felt pain and stress, and fear before and the Seniors who worked their whole lives to get this as a pay back, so disrespectfully to all of them, who depend on their pay checks to LIVE….

    I’m a VET that believes in GOD, Country and Family. I have work hard and still work hard, and want to be able to take care of myself and family and not worry about if I am getting a pay check or not.

    • Retired Chief

      And this is the Republicans fault, Why? Who got us into this mess? Why should the Republicans be blamed for not continuing to support a President who continues to spend, spend, spend… and then make it look like it is the Republicans fault because they do not support his actions. When will it stop? When he finishes his great job as a President. This utterly makes me sick.

  • Galliard 47

    I see a lot of hate being spewed toward both sides. Look, folks, it’s not the Republican or the Democrats, it’s both sides. If you really look closely, there isn’t a lot of difference between them. If you want to save this country, we need to drastically cut spending and bring taxes to a reasonable rate. Stop sending out billions upon billions of dollars in hand out programs. Put Social Security in the hands of a private corporation with the understanding that if they screw up, they will be fined and someone else will handle it. Get rid of the Central Bank who believe that a 2% inflationary rate per year is a good thing. Wake up, America!

  • DAN

    I am a desert storm disable vet. I cannot work and depend solely on ss and my comp. It is a sad day when i have to add to my illnesses and worries about to be able to pay my mortgage and provide for my family of four.I just hope and pray that i can keep doing what needs to be done as a father and husband.Who is at fault on this matters?Is not as important as who will be paying for it,which is us vets.I know my war is far from over.

  • Cdr R

    Of course the obvious is Congress, POTUS and their staffs will still get their pay. Isn’t this great? Anyone want to change the way they voted? Maybe it’s time to find a new government.

  • Donald Smith

    For all you people with your head in the sand for the last 4 years I have a question. What has Obama done in his first 4 years that did not add to the National Debt? Health Care and raising taxes on everyone will drive the U.S. farther in debt, cause more unemployment, and hurt the economy. Please study Business Accounting. It involves Income minus Overhead (Expenses). Profits go to paying better dividends to keep investors supporting the Business, expanding and hiring more employees, and research to give the Consumer better products. If expenses, including taxes, becomes too large, the Business has three choices. It can go Bankrupt, move to another State or Country, or raise the price for it’s products or services. If the Consumer pays more for the products and services, they are actually the ones paying for the tax increase on Businesses. Don’t you get it? Consumers have to pay all taxes and other expenses when they buy the Products or Services or the Business goes Bankrupt. If you don’t believe everyone is paying Obama’s Tax Increase, you had better take that course in Accounting. Businesses do not print money. The only place they can get it is from YOU!

  • RD1

    ahh! isn’t it great congress does nothing fro the last 4 years and now we another congress that will do nothing. How about cutting foreign aid and helping out Americans ops! can’t do that congress wont have anywhere to vacation and say look what America has done for you. Let Take a pole what countries in the world really look at us as friends and what countries look at us as enemies. Wonder if we can get 50 nations to say they are friend of the U.S.

  • Ed Fleming


  • Leah Turner

    What baffles me is ,How come the Senate gets a pass on this baloney? It’s a bunch of hooey! The Senate is the body of government that saddled our populace with Obamacare at the behest of our President. Why all the hating on Congress? Don’t expect Harry Reid to complain because that angry, old man is shrewd enough to understand if you point your finger and name-call a label will stick. We cleaned up Congress. The Senate should be next. Then four years from now maybe there can be some real effort to wipe the grime off our beautiful lady LIBERTY. God bless American and reveal right judgement to our leaders…or give us the resolve to vote them out of office.

  • USAF Retiree

    It doesn’t matter who is in office – Pres, Senate or Congress – they are all puppets to do what a handful of power grabing elitist have been doing to this country ever since Eishenhower left office. Look up the Bilderberg Group and see just how many are involved in the destruction of our country since 1954. We are where we are because that is where they put us. Don’t be fooled by Obama either – he has no interest in our country, the military – no one. He doesn’t respect our rule of law and tells one lie after another. His agenda is far removed from what we know as the United States of America and is in lock step with the other socialist destroying the USA. For years they have been allowed to get away with it and I only hope by the grace of God we can get our country back before it is too late.

  • Nobama

    i look at it like this they are all politicians which all think the same (whats good for thier pockets thats it i mean who signs an executive order to give congress and biden a raise while we are in a debt crisis hmmmm a politician

  • Richard D Fremin Sr

    What about all those deadheads on welfare. I’ll bet that their checks will be there on time.I’M so sick of this useless guy as our countries leader,and to think we have to put up with it for four more years.God save the USA.

  • American

    Our founding fathers had it right!!!!!

  • Guy Bennett

    I have read the blogs and have determined that it is on the hands of the people to effect change. If our country continues down this path, America as we know it will cease. I see a civil war looming in the future, to clean up this mess. We the people, is what are fore fathers said. It is not a slogan to take lightly. I served our country for 21 years, believing this and now wonder if it was for not. Wake up America, before it is to late.

  • L. Claitt

    USA Retired:
    I can certainly agree with some of the comments, but we must remember the buck starts with “us”, “the people”. We need to be informed when we attempt to make decisions that affect us. I have a plan. We should all get the phone numbers of our congressman and gift them with continuous phone calls, emails & etc until they have to respond.



    • Ppp

      Hmm…he seems to like executive orders..they have the ability to untie

  • Anguished
  • Angel

    It is sad, that when the need arises, we are good and receive praise from every poltician, but when it comes the time to really do something for the Veterans, all they can think is< CUT,CUT, Cut, sounds like many takes on a movie set, there all is a play, an act or a role, but in Congress and the Senate the actors are real, the cuts are real, but the sadest part of it is that “WE THE PEOPLE”, voted for all those wanna be actors and now we are stuck with them, good or bad…….my point is, as someone suggested after the 2012 election, “Yuo voted for him, now shut-up and take it”…….we can sit down and write this gripes, all we can, it will do nothing, except get your blood pressure up and shorten your life span, but definitely you CAN do something is on the next election, vote them out……..maybe we can see a difference….and another thing as a veteran, do not expect any miracles of people who has no knowledge of the military, regardless of the praises and slaps in the back, BEWARE, we are the culprits most times………I have said…..enough….


    The veterans that protected this country can also unite to oust our politicians ! Its time our represenatives wake up before they start a revolution in this country. Write your reps and tell them that enough is enough !!!! Instead of people not getting paid maybe we should refuse to pay them and start stripping them of their perks until they do their jobs. In any other job you get fired for incompetence, what makes them any better than us?

  • Anguished

    Let me take your legs, let me take a lung, a testical, let me put hundreds of razor sharp shards of metal into your body along with bacteria infection and ilness. Let me give you multiple painful surgeries and physical thearapy.Let me take away your ability to urinate, deficate and put a colostomy bag on you. Let me take your mind and turn all your dreams and never give you a moments rest give you nightmares so real you wake up terrified sweaty and crying. Let me take your emotions turn them against you and turn you into someone that you despise. I want to give you fear that you could not possibly image and that you didnt think was humanly possible. Let me tell your loving caring wife who deals with all of this on top of raisng a two year old child that she is a fat slob. Let me lay this burden upon you at the age of 22 years old. This is my brothers burden,I want to give it to you. Then I can tell you how you stuffed your pockets as a lance Corporal making 1400 dollars a paycheck in the United States marine Corps… YUT!! Do not speak of honor sir because you have none. Do not speak of God because a servant of God would not say these things. You are a pathetic soul indeed, sad heartless and unhappy. This is my brother the hero, I love him, I owe him my life I owe him and his brothers in arms everything so do you and so does this country. There has to be gratitude for men and women who do these things because they believe in them. it is honrable, it is noble and it is a quality that I see in people like you that is dying everyday. Those are my brothers words…these are mine…go F@ck yourself JJ

    • Mrs. Crenshaw

      Thank you brother please, from the bottom of my heart, I have the utmost respect for his and his families sacrifices. He has given so much to be repaid with so little.
      Mrs. M. Crenshaw

    • Kelly Long

      You are a hero and Congress has no shame. Vets & wounded warriors should be 1st on the list to pay – but remember when we (they) took over GM? Shareholders were the LAST on the list, whereas according to law, they should’ve been FIRST, not the Union Thugs running GM now. This administration is full of themselves. I hope every Veteran shows up on the Capitol steps with pitchforks & sticks with fire to show our dedication to NOT ALLOWING them to use us in that manner. I did my part & served for 20 years, now it is time for them to hold up THEIR end of the deal, and NOW they want to change the rules. BS! STAND FOR SOMETHING, OR FALL FOR ANYTHING!! God bless you – thank you for your Service & Sacrifice.

  • Paul

    I have a suggestion. Let’s stop the pay checks for congress and the secret service. And let’s make it so that when congress is not being paid they are not entitled to back pay, so they would have to work without pay until we have a budget. The secret service would have to be voluntary work with no ramifications for not working without pay. May be we need to include all white house staff that are responsible to the president and his family only and not to the staff for official state functions. Maybe then the slackers would get to work. Some tweaking would be allowed as long as the president and members of congress worked without pay and the time would not count towards their retirement. Also cut off all benefits at the same time. No haircuts, Gym, postage stamps, and other benefits.

    • Prc

      Amen brother

    • Korean Vet

      The government is the largest employer in the country.I wonder if they could not get bye if they reduced the staffs by about 40%

    • George Smith

      They should also be paid ONLY for the actual days worked. They claim to go home to meet with their constituents but are they really at their offices? When they are in Washington the “home office” seems to run just as smooth/smoother than when they are “home”. Therefor I believe they should only e paid for days they are actually on the job, in Congress, not a flat (inflated) salary.
      Also when they are looking to cut expenses help with the debt, why not start by cutting aid to the Pakistan, Algerian & other countries around the world that harbor terrorists or other groups who are vowing to destroy the United States?

    • Albert

      I agree President,Congress all of them do not pay them. Tell my mortgage company and credit rating companies that it is not my fault i can pay. All troops put weapons down and walk away let them defend our country see how fast they get paid. In case they forgot the government signed a contract with us if a business didnt pay they would be in court dont pay us lets have a class action lawsuit against all of them and hall them in before a labor judge. They all should be ashamed. Welfare, unemployment lets make them work why work when we give it to them for free.

    • A.G Moreno

      Amen to your comment Paul, it seems that the men and women that sacrifice thier time and family to serve our country are the first ones to be mentioned when it comes to budget issues. I’ve served over 39 years in the the military and have encountered so much govermental waste. Its time that someone stand up and put the congressmen and or goverment official on notice “that they may not get paid”. Lets see how loyal a public servent are as they are held hostage. It makes me sick to think that this mess is the result of thier miss-management , but we are the ones to pay for thier screwup. If we don’t get paid then they leather seated officials should not be paid either.

      • whamsting95


        We want change or say we do. Yet we keep sending the same “boneheads” back to DC. Why? Why do we think we are going to get to the winner’s circle riding the same old tired horse in the Kentucky Derby? Someone once said; “Doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results, is the mark of insanity.” We won’t see any real change in Congress until we change the people in Congress. We need term limits now.

    • guest

      I agree with you 100 percent.

    • whamsting95

      I am with you Paul. None of us would have our jobs today if we failed as many times Congress has failed. Its a big game. They pass the buck and propaganda around but no real solutions. We need term limits now!

    • Jack lucas

      That’s the answer, but you will never get it passed. None of them have the guts to do what needs to be done. Fire them all and start over.

  • Guest

    Obama is a great leader. Republicans are to blame for all the crap in Washington. They are holding the American people hostage.

    • Bill

      Great Leader? I don’t know what you are smoking, but you need to get that checked. How can you blame the Republicans when all they want is a budget on the table and the man you think is soooo great can’t provide one. The same man who wants to turn us into a socialist country and have the government run everything when we fight to keep those rights. There are aircraft that leave this country all the time, maybe you should get on one and don’t come back. I am tired of the so called leader blaming everything on the last president when you have been in office for a full term and made matters worse instead of better. Nothing but lies so they get in office then it’s all about there on agenda.

      • Guest

        Granted they need to come up with a budget but the Republicans are why this country is in so much turmoil. That’s all they think about is lining there own pockets. I’m sorry for you.

        • Guest2

          This President has no respect for the uniform and is trying to blame the party for his failed presidency. You liberal’s will all be crying (and blaming everyone else as usual) when you get out of the service and the only thing you will be serving is french fries.

    • msgtaz

      Better read the above again. It is not the Republicans that is saying not to pay us, it was the President that said it in his speech. Some of you need to start reading a little more and stop listening to the Liberal News. You will feel a lot better. Our CIC is not on the peoples side.

  • naval_retread

    I do not blame Prez BHO solely for this situation, though he certainly is responsible for his part in it. I also blame Congressional Republicans AND Democrats who have been creating political drama at the expense of our troops, retirees, veterans, and the elderly.

  • Sarge70

    I see the hand-writing on the wall. A person told me that we are coming to the end, and what will happen is, there will be a line in the sand. One side the (congress and millionaires), the other side the vets and have-nots. When the shooting starts, the majority of the younger military will join the vets, and when it is over, this country will be in ruins. Hopefully another country won’t try to take over until we can get ourselves back in order. I don’t own an assalt rifle, but am thinking of buying one with plenty of ammo before they (President and congress) try to take all wepons away. I don’t know if this will happen in my lifetime but it isn’t a matter of “if” it will happen, but when!

  • milspouse

    I am neither Republican nor Democrat. I have issues with both parties, particularly with this topic. Our soldiers give their lives daily and for Congress to withhold their pay is flat out wrong. The are the ones that send our loved ones into danger, so how do you figure not paying them? Our elderly have worked all of their lives and do not need to have anything withheld from them either!!!! This country is becoming pathetic rapidly!!

  • Charles Caywood

    I do not know the political sway of the author, Terry Howell, but he needs to get educated on the facts . Now, to all active, retired, and former military men and women who have served our country – last Nov 6 the people who voted for Obama and the Democrates were telling us that they did not want the free U.S. A. we sacrificed to maintain. With their vote they said “PISS ON YOU AND THE GRAVES OF ALL WHO HAVE SERVED” The only difference between Obama and all other dictators is the way they spell their name. Obama is an angry narcissistic liar who believes he is better than you and that you should bow and let him tell you exactly how to live. He does not respect our Declaration of Independance and our Constitution and wants to dismantel our Republic as guaranted by our Constitution. Think about it, the men and women who founded this nation were fighting to keep their freedom from Kings and Dictators. Since then millions more have fought to keep our form of goverenment and not have Socialism/Communism in this nation. The votes for Obama said PISS on those Patriots, your sacrifice was for nothing

    • utherl

      Charles, agree with everything you said. Someone should remind the president that he is the chief executive of the executive branch of government, which includes the Treasury Department. It is he who is responsible for paying the bills. Congress simply authorizes the funds for him to do so. That is the way the constitution is written. Even in a continuing resolution for fiscal execution, which we are currently in, he has the funds to pay the non-discretionary spending, the things he absolutely must pay. And then he has additional funds for the things he would like to spend funds on, the discretionary spending. It is up to him and his Secretary of the Treasury to pay the non-discretionary and determine what are his priorities are for discretionary spending. This is not a job for Congress, this is up to him to solve. By deferring to those evil Republicans he is counting on the ill-informed or ignorant among us to fall in line and march to the beat of his drum. Societies have done this many times before in the past. His rhetorical blathering is an insult to the American people, at least the American people that are paying attention.

    • Mike

      That was quite a rant mate. If you aren’t mature enough to point out the source of your discontent with a more civil and less crass method, you aren’t mature at all.

      • Mike

        You repeatedly accuse Obama of being a dictator. Where do you get your news from?

        • the old warrant

          That’s easy FAUX NOISE

      • Dgal

        Mate??? you most certainly are NOT an American!!! Get the “F” out of my country you outback bush thug!!!

        • Crush Xenophobia

          Ad hominem much?

    • Michael


      Why is it that the right thrives on demonizing any and all who think differently?
      Today the GOP labeled the inaugural address as liberalism,. Meeting on common ground and compromising for the good of the nation is liberalism?
      If you are on the right and protecting the 2%, is that patriotic and democratic?
      Did you serve your country so a bunch of bankers could fleece the country and lose it all and get paid back by the taxpayers?
      Wake up if you can and see the lights Charles. I might have been born at night time but not last night. And by the way, I am not a liberal nor am I a conservative, I am an American who believes in democracy and fairness for all.

    • Heath

      i just feel sorry for you. You have no clue what really happens. cause right now i blame my purple mouth from the sucker i was eating on OBAMA cause he allowed the sucker here. so is he a dictator? remember that any bill that passes has to pass 3 parts. not just him. if you think he is. then the whole goverment is failing you and you need to leave. go to china. or bette yet join a service and STFU.




      • Chris

        So is Cruz from Texas or Mexico. Oh I, forgot same thing.

      • USMCSTFU

        uh – are you yelling cuz you lost your hearing or cuz ya cannot find the “uncap” key?

      • ROBERT

        That was the most ignorant comment so far.

        Retired Navy 24years

    • MSGTAZ

      Now you know what the facts are, keep telling everone what really is happening.. GOOD JOB

    • Dee

      I feel so sorry for you. There isn’t a man or woman who have been in a leadership position, that have all the power to do as they will. I bet you work for the Government or have worked for the Government at one time and yet you bad mouth those who have the burden task of trying to make decision for America. Everyone is not going to get what he or she wants! Now, if you have any productive ideals that can help our economy, cut the deficit, or build upon this democracy that you blame others for destroying, let’s hear it. If not, than you are part of the problem and not part of the solution. As for “pissing on those who serve, you’re doing just that!

    • ROBERT

      To: Charles Crawford

      That was the most ignorant comment so far.

      Retired Navy 24years

    • Lillie McDonald

      Charles, you did a great summary on what is happening, now…All BHO is interested in is gays, immigration, and climate change…Oh,yeh, he wants to be the dictator of the world…He wants us to be solely dependent on him for everything…..The PEOPLE need to wake up, NOW….

  • John Mohr

    The blame for the current fiscal status of this country rests solely on the backs of the 545 members of the congress, senate and president. I exclude the vice President as he really has no duties or responsibility beyond an occasional tie breaker vote. He essentially gets paid for just being there. They are the ones who did the spending and now the whining. I urge you to read a well written article by Charlie Reese, a retired columnist for the Orland Sentinel at
    I would only be plagiarizing if I continued

  • Zeus

    Here is a novel thought. Pay the military, retirees, social security recipients (those that paid into it all their lives). Then, stop the welfare and social security payments to those that don’t work, never worked, or refuse to work. Starting with the elected officials in both the executive and legislative branch of the federal government.

  • ron

    Lets piss off a bunch of people who we trained to be the best Military in world. add PSTD and not pay the Military who are the only ones who could stop them if they got pissed off. Humm sounds like a good ideal. Lets piss off over 4 million well trained and armed people. Sounds like educacated idoits, Oh btw the WH is the one who can say who they will or will not pay if the House tells them no on Cap. So the WH makes the call on what bills they will pay. So if SSn, Vet and Military do not get paid it is because the WH wanted to pay something besides us. Yes the house has control of cap, but they do not write the checks the WH is the one with the pen. I have x amount of mony in my account, do I pay the cable bill, water bill, lights House food or goto lunch and out to dinner and drinks. The WH can say I will pay the Snn, Vet and Military 1st and the other stuff later. But no the 1st thing out of his mouth was I will not pay SNN, Vet and Military. But he will pay his staff, send money to failed companys. ect…. He could pay us 1st and make other things wait, But then paying us 1st would be a scare tac that he likes to use.

    • Damn Campbell

      I know. Good grief. son’s graduating from Ranger School and pays taxes.

  • Mike

    Honestly any logical person can see this more or less a standoff. Neither republicans nor democrats are helping the armed forces because both are at a stalemate in terms of the fiscal crisis. Republicans are fighting Obama’s interests based on their own self-interests, and Obama is giving them the “my way or we go broke” ultimatum. Honestly I believe Republicans need to sit down for now. They’ve had a chance for the last decade to get their policies out, so they need to step down and let the democrats take over. I’m not all for one side, but any blind man can see that everyone else suffers when the powerhouses play cat and mouse.

  • Will Vogelgesang

    Jesus is coming back soon, very soon.

    • Peter

      You have insight my good man. Stay the course……you are SPOT ON!

  • Red 71 VW

    Bill Clinton was the President that deregulated the banks when he signed the Finacial Modernization Act in 1999. Bush had nothing to do with it.

  • Harry Watson


  • Peter F.

    If the military and social security and vets don’t get paid, there had better not be a single -welfare or foreign aid payment made! Also, the senate and congress better start brown bagging it as they had better not get paid either.

    • UH34D

      Hey, guess what? It’s Unconstitutional NOT to pay members of Congress!

    • bill

      This brown bag idea should included President Obama and his administration.

    • George Smith

      I agree.
      BTW: Why are we borrowing money from China & other countries that hate our way of life, only to give that money away to other governments that want to destroy our way of life.

  • Chief

    DO NOT raise the debt ceiling one penny. The only way to get those CROOKS to stop spending is to hold their feet to the fire. All their discretionary spending has to go. Defense is not discretionary. Don’t believe the Obama lies.

    • UH34D

      It’s obvious you don’t know what the debt ceiling is. For your edification, the debt ceiling is money we’ve already spent. It’s money that was already authorized to be spent by your Congress and they spent it and now the bills are due and payable. It’s really simple; if you, me, or anybody else took out a loan on January 1, 2012 and promised to pay it back in full by December 31, 2012 and didn’t, we would be in default on the loan…we would be a deadbeat, a person lacking honor, a person who’s word meant nothing. Well, so it is with our government. The government made the bills, promised to pay them and now people expect the promise to be paid fulfilled. Truly a simple concept.

  • sicantired

    Is there anyone out there that can think past thier own wants, the deficit is way too hi and yes there are programs that need to be funded but there has to be a ceiling I have not heard a single word about welfare there are families that are second and third generation recipreints and have never worked a day and don’t pay taxes, why should those of us that work or worked give them a free ride and on top of that have to pay more in taxes. you can cry all you want about the rich but they worked for thier money and earned it, if you want to be rich save your money, find something that the country needs and apply for help from the gov. programs are out there to help those that want to start a business the only help for those of you that want something without work is wellfare.

    • Guest

      I agree with you that there are to many freeloaders. and yes there is nothing being done about it. I once lived in a neighborhood that had a lot of people collecting welfare. They had nice cars ,always smoking cigarettes
      and buying beer. I don’t know how anyone on welfare can afford any of that. The government will never do anything about welfare recipients.

      • can’takeit

        Its called wellfare for the poor that has been disenfrachised by this bigoted system but its Gov subsidy for the crooked ass bigots that claim the earned thier money by working hard. Nobody in yhis country got rich on wages. The freeloader are the ones holding the money that they have robed from generations and passed it on to an equal generation of assholes thar can’ see pass the end of thier noses!

        • sican tired

          I am sorry you beleive that the rich haven’t worked for their money and some have not they got it by illegal means but that does not change the fact that the majority earned their money by having an idea and creating a business and hireing people to perform the tasks required, most of the USA will not get rich due to many things but will earn a living, welfare was designed to give a helping hand to those the found themselfs with no way to support their familes, but it has become a way of life with no wish to improve, our soldiers are giving their blood for us yet they are one of the first to feel the pinch while those that give absolutely nothing back continue to get full pay. if you feel disenfrachised go to school, learn a trade, come up with the great invention but stop blaming everyone else that won’t work

    • Fair-View

      The welfare thing was already dealt with so that’s old news. From your one sided view, you are listenening to the Republicans. There are some rich people that are crooks, they used the system loop holes to get and stay rich. Oh Yeah, the Government needs a ceiling but allowing our elderly-(depends solely on social sercurity to survive) to suffer is ridiculous. The Congress always get their money on time and there’s no limit on their raises.
      They will have to hold something else hostage to get what they want, not our Elderly.

    • Sicantired2

      I agree totally to this post. Welfare needs to be the first thing cut….

    • PJPanama

      why can’t we have these 2nd and 3rd generation welfare recipients GO IN THE MILITARY! WORK FOR THAT MONEY! Maybe they will learn some kind of work ethic.

    • blithering

      About $59 billion is spent on traditional social welfare programs. $92 billion is spent on corporate subsidies. So, the government spent 50% more on corporate welfare than it did on food stamps and housing assistance in 2006.

  • Dgal

    This immoral, thug disgusting administration especially the JOKE in our White House has “only” 4 more years to further DESTROY our country and our Constitution. Let’s hope we can survive it. MAY GOD HELP US!!

    • Jshortie

      Yah, and then what? Wait for the Republicans to get back in power to start another two wars, take away another constitutional right like Habeas Corpus, conspire to have another 911 to serve their purposes for world-wide military expansion, give tax breaks to the richest 1% and further break the backs of the middle-class, continue to serve the Corporatocracy so that they can tell Congress what favors to do for them, put up another blow-hard Republican candidate like Romney who will put his/her (ha, I said her to get a rise out of y’all) extreme wealth in off-shore ventures so that he can’t be taxed or money can’t be traced. Just sayin!

  • Lou

    Being lost in the jungles of Vietnam for a year does not justify being the same in America for the rest of your life. Wake up!!! obama has defined himself as one of them, that we have all served to defend our Country against. He is doing everything he can to diminish America and break her from within. Now he will be even more determined to finish what he came for, in the next four years. obama wants no budget and no thought given to our growing debt. He wants to keep that blank check to spend America into the pit, not defend America with “True Grit”!!!

  • notpolitical

    I am a veteran of the Vietnam era. I say this only because I went through a bad 11 year period of life, about the only thing I got in those years was a B.S degree, it meant nothing because I was going through a horrible period of PTSD. But about our Government. Sometime after WW11 the government turned from being ran by Politicians of government to Politicians of Big Business. I think the Politicians of today think of Money instead of America. The draft was cut out Gangs became more prevalent, About that same time jobs began going to other countries I guess they were more profitable over in another country, Unions were losing their importance. This Country needs to get back on track and forget about money as the most important thing and put its Citizens first, Starting with its Veterans/Active Service People, Old People, and Mentally Ill People, then the poor people, middle class people, then the rich. I have always put This country The United States of America as number ONE all other Countries maybe two-three steps below The U.S of A. Our money problems a serious but they can be repaired and controlled. But We Have To Remember That The Government Is Not A Business It Is A Government and the Pay Should Be that of a Chief of Police or Fire Chief. They should not get over 5% raises or COL raises. Our Presidential pay should stay the same as it is.

    • Lou

      You have much to say that has merit. There is so much more that has to be brought to the forefront. America is still the greatest Nation in the world. The greatest place to live for all who are upon it’s shores and those who enter it’s borders. To be a well informed citizen and take responsibility for such is our duty. To many of our citizens are thinking and acting like third generation family members who take their hard earned families’ businesses into bankruptcy, because they lose the will to succeed through hard honest work that keeps the company growing, keeps the employee’s working in the best interests of the company that they believe in. The future of any company or Nation keeps getting stronger when all aspects of it are working for the betterment of the company or Nation. America is in trouble now, because to many of our citizens have a hand out for the country to give to them, instead of them giving to their country, by being productive, by accepting a wage that their efforts have returned in value too them. Where little is given, little should be expected. From the leader of our Nation the majority are hearing the wrong message and it is sending our country into bankruptcy. Our leader tries to scare us Vet’s and the older generations and shaming those who want our government to be accountable both now and in the future, by throwing us under the bus if the funds he wants are not provided without question or restriction. That is what a bully does and that he is. There are so many valid ways he could address the situation, but he wants to shame our representatives in government repeatedly by inferring that any talk of a budget or a spending limit will directly stop the benefits we Vet’s and S.S. retirees have earned. These ate not entitlements, they are benefits earned and not paid in full by any means for the honorable citizens- veterans that have helped keep this the home of the free and the land of the brave. So, why doesn’t obama talk of the entitlements that a budget or deficit limit may effect. It’s because he’s a bully!!!

      • Ben Dover

        Under President Reagan the debt limit was rased 18 times without a whimper Under the “W” it was raised almost as often without a whimper but under President Obama it has suddenly became too toxic to even contemplate.
        What many fail to recognize is the fact that it is up to congress to raise the debt limit, not the President. The congress (past and present) was/is responsible for incurring our debts and they are also responsible for paying (funding) those debts, period.
        The President has merely reminded Congress of their responsibilities in this matter and he’s been catching all the flack for it. You people of like mind should try putting the blame where the blame is due.

  • Tbone

    To slm, Do you not remember Lyndon Johnson and the Great Society, that stasrted all of the give away programs? (actually it was FDR in 1932) Remember Jimmy Carter that was a Naval Academy graduate the almost destroyed the military? Rmember Lloyd Bentsen of Texas that played a big role in getting Medicare started? This is the Democrats that give everything away in order to buy votes and it has worked. The American people are too stupid to see through all of this. Bill Clinton did a good job and so did Harry Truman. He had the guts to stand up to those that were wrong. Yes, George Bush went into Iraq with flawed information. Just remember who supports the military. It’s the Republicans that have given us a strong defense and compare that to Obama who is cutting the Armed Forces. Just hope we don’t have to fight China or Russia. We will lose out ass.

    • Ben There

      Hmmm, it wasn’t until 2006 when the Democrats took control of Congress (for a while) that nessecary armour plating was procured for our patrol vehicles, the Republicans weren’t too concerned for our hides. Also it was the Republicans who passed the drug prescription act for medicare.
      Sometimes we are quick to criticize and condemn the opposite party of our beliefs out of convenence for the moment without realizing we have just as many ghosts in our own closets.

      • Tbone

        I’m not saying the Reepublican’s are blameless. I’m just saying what has been true the last 20 or 30 years. Yes, the Republicans have had control of both houses at times and they have made many mistakes. A strong military is not one of them. Admit Ben There, that whatever the Democrats, is to buy votes and to hell with the country. It’s happening now. Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid are the worst people the party could
        have put in charge. Harry Reid is a do nothing leader. NOW, deny it.

    • guest

      actually if you check the republicans start wars with the military that was built up by the democrats ahead of them like patriot missle system and B-2 bomber ( Carter) Reagan cut the amount for the military that was written into the budget for 1981.

    • Mike d

      Some one forgot about our COLA bill held up in republican secret commity till January.

      • Mike d,

        We all got our COLA on time, no one held it up.

  • Paul Maeder

    You all are doing the same thing that they are doing in Washington, flapping your gums and do not work on the problem, or even try to work together to fix the problem, all we do is try to blame each other and not work together to.We are suppose to be united and not divieded. If you have any ideas to help then send it to the people that need to hear what you have to say.

  • Jo Behrent

    Consider your own budget and what you would do when you spend more than you earn. The U.S. GOVMT has over a number of years, in plain daylight, and with our eyes wide open spent more than it has collected in taxes. We all enjoyed that, maybe Corporations more than “Joe Blow”. And now the fiddler wants his pay. So, the Govmt like us and our household spending plans must be corrected unless someone knows how to fool the creditors awhile more. An across the board sharing of the pain is in order. Taxes must be increased while cuts and pay freezes in spending are taken on as sacrifices for our past fiscal mismanagement. But before that can happen let’s be sure we fix the system so that it can’t happen again down the road. No I will not seek office in this current Congress.

  • David F.

    Im retired air force and after 21 years of being at the military beck and call we all deserve all of our benefits and pay.. It seems that all the pay reductions should start with Senators and congressman who rather argue over a bunch of fnding for bills and research grants that will not make a difference for anyone like the bridge to now where or like the extra spendiing in the Sandy relief bills”’ Its like when you go to the grocery store just buy what you need and stick to a budget,, but if we started cutting benefits and pay for our elected official and let them work on an incentive basis for doing thier job instead of rewarding them for fighting maybe more would get done,,, and not just republicans there are a lot of democrats that waste money on ” Pork bills”

  • Lillie McDonald

    You guys need to go back in the history of HITLER, see for your-self, history repeats it-self over and over, again……..

  • whamsting95

    The only fiscal crisis we have is the one created by our elected officials. They play us for fools and keep us fighting and arguing on these blogs. While they pass bills and laws to benefit their district, county or state. Only the US Congress can spend or not spend money period. Blaming the executive branch is a old and tried practice. If the Congress does not put money in the account for Medicaid, how is that the presidents fault?

    We need to get these clowns out of Congress now! When will wake up and demand term limits?

    • bearwarren

      We have term limits. Its called voting.

  • yank

    i am not in the military or related to any military member but my issue is, no matter what is going on, dose not matter whether we have to borrow more money or exceed our fiscal clift. we have to pay our military members active, inactive, vetarans they all need to be paid period. the level of sacrifice their job requires cannot be over empathise. i salute you all.

  • James

    This is exactly why members of Congress and the Senate or for that matter any elected official should hold a 6 year term – get in- get the job done and get the hell out!

  • Heidi

    My husband is retired Army, served 21 yrs and is a Desert Storm Vet, if our politicians want to withhold military pay they should first stop paying themselves, I never hear about the politicians pay being threatened.

    • bruce

      We can impeach the president way cant we impeach some of these politicians .They are not helping the country ,there kids that havent grown up yet ,cant get it there way so lets cry and wine and make everybody else pay for there incompetence

    • Heidi,

      Effects of a Federal Government Shutdown

      Effects on Federal Officials and Employees

      Effects of a shutdown may occur in anticipation of a funding gap (e.g., planning), during a gap (furlough and curtailed operations), and afterwards (e.g., reducing backlogs of work). An immediate shutdown effect is the “shutdown furlough” of certain federal employees (i.e., placement in a temporary, nonduty, nonpay status). Several types of officials and employees are not subject to furlough. These include Members of Congress, the President, presidential appointees, certain legislative branch employees, and federal employees deemed “excepted.” “Excepted” employees, who are required to work during a shutdown, are described as “employees who are excepted from a furlough by law because they are (1) performing emergency work involving the safety of human life or the protection of property, (2) involved in the orderly suspension of agency operations, or (3) performing other functions exempted from the furlough.” Shutdown furloughs are not considered a break in service and are generally creditable for retaining benefits and seniority.

  • Cris Hamilton

    The Constitution states that Congress is responsible to raise and support armies and to provide and maintain a navy. That would include paying them.
    Military members and veterans are just a little more than 1% of the population.

    The “rich”, a term that has different qualifying criteria for almost everyone, but in terms of government can be over $250 or $400 thousand a year income pay about 55% of all tax revenue. Some people have no skin in the game (about 47% of wage earners pay no income taxes). Seven of the top ten millionaires in Congress are democrats. Who provides jobs for workers? Go get a job from a poor person an see how that works out.

    Twenty plus jobs bills and several budget bills have went from the House to the Senate and none have came out of the Senate to go to the President in the last 4 years. Most were never brought to a vote in the Senate. I know where 535 new jobs could be found.

    We are a Constitutional Republic not a Democracy. We were not established as a Democracy because Democracies do not work other than in utopian dreams. There are no Democracies in the world because some people strive to do more or better than other people..

  • Taylor V

    this is my want i want my damn money….. being deployed while all this is happening makes a lot of people angry, and its unsafe because you have the people who dont want to work when they are supposed to be watching peoples six and they get killed because they are worried about getting their money for their lives that they put on the line every DAY for their families

  • All,

    Just a note. There has been 17 Government Shutdowns starting 1976, and non of them caused the Military to not be paid on time.

    • eric

      I call this one bullshit because me being a military already suffered not being paid on time.

      • eric,

        The proof is in the pudding. Show me just one government shutdown where you didn’t get paid on time.

  • mickey p

    we have two for every state,they give themself pay increases, go on vacation
    and leave without finishing, have there own ss and there suppose to work for us. Oh yes no military exp. who’s the dope?

  • Manny J

    As many of you are.. I am very disappointed with our political leadership within the last 10, 20 years. I used to be a Democrat but switched a long time ago because they veered off way to the left on me. Now if you look around seems the majority of the party has been hijacked by the socialist left in my opinion. Mr Obama seems like a very personalble guy to me, looks like he’d be a great guy to hang around with. But I don’t understand what his plan for this country is? Whaever it is it doesn’t look very promising…

  • Manny J

    …full support of the killing of innocents (abortion), full support of gay marriage (enabling the erosion of the family), enforcing his healthcare requirement of providing free contraception on a religion that prohibits this in thier beliefs, unbridled and out of control spending, no intent whatsoever to address the issue of cutting costs, and there are many, many other things about his administration that are troubling to me. Now he is playing on the fears of veterans, social security recipients, and elderly Americans. How can a seemingly really nice looking guy like Mr. Obama support so many intrinsically evil policies that are steering this country towards certain ruin? Can someone please provide me with an answer? Can someone please stop him?


  • the dukee

    This is something that if was allowed to happen; could bring this Country into its own confliction between the members of the armed forces and the Goverment! The Military did what we were asked to protect this Country at time of uncertianen;
    This would be the worise judgement call that could happen since the French war against are Country when it was just begining.
    I don’t belive members of the Armed forces are going to just sit back and let them do that! Many, Many of us would go hungrey or loose our houses Familys and life how we know itl We don’t get much; but what we do; we try to make the best of it to live.
    I pray; the Rep and the Country understands, it would take a very bad turn if they take what are Milatary give all for.
    God help this Country!
    Semper Fi.
    the duke Vietnam 68-70 Marines

    • the dukee,

      Relax, there has been 17 Government Shutdowns starting 1976, and non of them caused the Military to not be paid on time. You all here are going to give yourselves a heart attack over something that has never happen in history.

      • Idmtmedic

        Nothing to see here. Lmao. Our benefits are only going up. Ignorance is bliss. Ahhhhhhhh yes if I say it enough nothing will affect ME. MEMEMEME. Apparently only a few speak for the veterans on here and ALL of those veteran organizations are FOS? No reason for concern. Don’t worry, the government will take care of it…Lmfao…..we have a contract

  • Judy

    It’s already happened. My niece had half her pay held this month. She was in Afghanistanfor 13 months, sustained a tbi and other permanent injuries and is now at Ft. Knox. That’s her payment for protecting our freedom. this is not right and needs to be ou in the major media outlets but I don’t see any of it.

    • Judy,

      The government hasn’t even shut down yet, and you’re crying foul. Judy, if you’re Niece’s pay was held back for this month it isn’t because of a Government Shutdown.

  • Norash Mortsyn

    Did anyone notice that Obama failed to include Congress or Federal workers in the list of people who perhaps would not get paid? They who do the least for us, even in their sworn capacity, do not have to worry about their paychecks, perks or re tirement. The congressman who represents my district has been in the House for several terms and has refused any payment from the government for his services, which he deems as an honor to serve. Oh where have all the patriots gone?

    The Shadow knows.

    • Norash Mortsyn,

      Congress can’t be included.

      “Several types of officials and employees are not subject to furlough. These include Members of Congress, the President, presidential appointees, certain legislative branch employees, and federal employees deemed “excepted.” “Excepted” employees, who are required to work during a shutdown, are described as “employees who are excepted from a furlough by law because they are (1) performing emergency work involving the safety of human life or the protection of property, (2) involved in the orderly suspension of agency operations, or (3) performing other functions exempted from the furlough.” Shutdown furloughs are not considered a break in service and are generally creditable for retaining benefits and seniority.”

  • Rae

    The way our country treats it’s service members is ridiculous. The same people that they are trying to take money away from. Are the same people that go & fight in wars. And die for their so called country. This is a really good way to show how much you all care about the troops. this makes me not want to join the military anymore. And I’m quite sure I’m not the only one that feels this way.

    • Rae,

      You do realize we are past this Government shutdown????? I am sure that there will be a new threat coming up soon, but I’m not worried, not worried at all. There has been 17 past government shutdowns and none of them caused the Military to be paid late or not at all.

      The only people that were laid off/furlowed were some Federal Workers which in the end never lost a dime of their pay.

      • dave

        not sure your facts are right there Charles, military was not paid for almost three months in the 1996 budget issue. I am in now and personally know guys who went through it.

  • Josh

    You don’t get a NEW approval rating of 9% (that’s correct NINE PERCENT) of Congress if they did their job. Its not JUST the Dems or Rep. it’s BOTH! Republicans hold the majority and have internal fighting amongst themselves for power and Dems are in the minority but NOBODY is willing to do what’s right for the country let alone for this countries fighting men and women. How about they all get off their asses and get to work like each of us do each day.

    • Idmtmedic

      Josh one vet I know collects military retirement, civilian retirement, AND SS at 62 and not working. Not because he can’t but because he doesn’t need to. How’s that working for the tiered system? If we are all going to share the burden then I suppose those that receive so many benefits should be willing to share the wealth with the less fortunate right? Mmmm or get a JOB. AFTER ALL SS IS GOING BROKE, MILITARY PENSIONS are going broke and civilian retirement entitlements are breaking us. Maybe CON-gress should suffer less taxpayer funded benefits? Welcome to share the wealth.

      • Idmtmedic

        Any comment?