2013 Retiree and Veteran COLA

By now military retirees, survivors and veterans should have seen a slight boost in compensation, military retirement pay, Social Security, and annuity programs in January  — 1.7 percent for most.

The following from MOAA which explains how the 2013 COLA will affect military retirement pay.

Source: Military Officers Association of America –

It’s official. The 2013 cost-of-living adjustment (COLA) for military retired pay, SBP annuities, Social Security checks, and VA disability and survivor benefits is 1.7%, which went into effect last December 1.

But there are two categories of military retirees who won’t receive a 1.7% COLA.

2012 Retirees: Servicemembers who retired during calendar year 2012 will receive a somewhat smaller, partial COLA for this year only, because they already received a January military pay raise (which also raised their 2012 retired pay).

Members who retired between Jan. 1, 2012, and Sept. 30, 2012, will receive a partial COLA based on the calendar quarter in which they retired. Jan.-Mar. retirees will receive 1.7%; Apr.-Jun. retirees, 1.0%; and Jul.-Sept. retirees 0.2%. Those who retire after Oct. 1, 2012, will see no COLA this year. Members retired during 2012 will receive full-year COLAs in future years.

REDUX Retirees: Servicemembers who entered service on or after Aug. 1, 1986 and elected to accept a $30,000 career retention bonus at 15 years of service agreed to accept reduced retired pay and COLAs as a trade-off for the bonus. REDUX retirees’ COLAs are depressed 1% below the normal COLA rate, so they’ll see a 0.7% COLA.

The 1.7% 2013 COLA will be the fourth-lowest COLA since the turn of the century – trailing only the zero-COLA years of 2009-10 and the 1.4% of 2002.

Visit the MOAA website to learn more about COLA and other issues affecting servicemember and retiree benefits.

About the Author

Terry Howell
Before becoming the Managing Editor for Military.com, Terry served 20 years in the U.S. Coast Guard as an Aviation Electrician’s Mate and aircrewman. In his final role in the Coast Guard, Terry served as a Career Development Advisor, where he provided career, finance, education, and benefits counseling to servicemembers and their families. Since retiring from the Coast Guard, Terry has authored the book, The Military Advantage, managed the content for TurboTap, the DoD's online transition program and VAforVets, the VA's transition assistance website. Terry earned both his Bachelor's and MBA at Corban University using Military Tuition Assistance and his GI Bill benefits to help cover the cost.
  • In my case, that’s $39.62 per month extra or $475.44 per year extra. You won’t hear me complaining even with my Tricare going up $3.27 per month or $39.24 per year.

    • OneVetsOpinion

      Meanwhile, your food, gas, rent, utilities, ect, ad nauseum, will have gone up accordingly also! Think $475.44 a year will cover that too?

      • OneVetsOpinion,

        Military retirement pay like civilian retirement pay like Social Security was never ment to be a living wage. It was ment to supplement what the individual (you and me) has put aside ourselves.

        As for me, I was able to pay everything off, and live off my Military Retirement Check, and put all my Social Security check in the saving account.

        • OneVetsOpinion

          As I also did. However, the vast majority do NOT save for that rainy day – after military service ends and they have to scramble for work in the civilian sector. Too bad that the majority don’t also prepare themselves for life after the military, such as taking advantage of the vast educational opportunities available while serving their country!

          • OneVetsOpinion,

            I’ve got to agree with all of that. Most of those around my age and rank that retired with 20 went on to using their GI Bill and a second career, and many of those that didn’t site around and whine about how the Military screwed them over for one reason or another.

          • Idmtmedic

            When your retirement check is paying for your Tricare and SSI goes bankrupt you may have to get a J O B! Charles, but I’m sure your investments are safe as well as the value of your home. Lmao

          • idmtnedic,

            My home is paid off. My car and van is paid off. Everything I own is paid off. I rent a old Trailer for $340.44 a month and recieve Social Security which always me to place $1,338.44 every month into my Saving Aaccount. As you see, I planned ahead.

            Now, get back to the subject of COLA.

          • Idmtmedic

            And your job?

          • idmtmedic,

            Now, get back to the subject of COLA.

          • Idmtmedic

            Big surprise, you have no fn job!

          • idmtmedic,

            Do you realize this specific blog/message board is about “2013 Retiree and Veteran COLA Announced”?????

            In an effort to bring this discussion back to the topic at hand, would you please refrain from using this board as a way for you to talk about everything under the sun.

            An idea, would be for you to start your own message board/group on Yahoo.com.

          • Idmtmedic

            Speaking of which, here is MY discussion board. A veteran POS that states CON-gress benefits are not compatible with a veteran? Who pays our salary ? CON-gress or the taxpayer? Charles we do our job? Congress doing theirs? How many lives or limbs match their commitment ?

          • Idmtmedic

            My new years resolution is for Charles Bryant to work for the morgue and prepare veterans for their funerals. To speak to the families and give eulogies. That is my wish for 2013. Would love to hear his speech or should I say speeches over and over again. Ever seen a dead soldier Charles? Ever shared the experience? POS. worthless mfr.

          • idmtmedic,

            Now, get back to the subject of COLA.

        • ADCS W.Thompson

          As you paid taxes on your military pay,Soc Sec etc during your military career (as I did) this is of course not enough to live on. We knew that from the outset.Considering the Medical/ Dental,NEX,Commissary privileges for retirees (promised at enlistment (1965 for me ) also are virtually non existent . I wonder how you feel about the government “suits” ensuring that their benefits,,increases,pensions etc.are “iron clad” ,while those who wore the country’s uniform are treated like peons. Myself, ? ? I’m insulted that fat cats n Washington (who have never served their country in uniform) have no concern for those who served..

          30 years (USN (Ret)

          • Davis Estes

            ADCS W.Thompson,; I think every vet should feel not just insulted, but outraged, that the two parties trying to gain the presidency so easily & quickly throw veterans under the bus over the ‘nonsense’ that someone taped w/gov Romney speaking about the people that don’t ‘count’, so he’s not going to worry about ‘them’! I’ve tried to find a copy of the complete quote, and not to my surprise, couldn’t find (hear) one remark including veterans. Yet, the dems. have included ‘us’ (vets) in their ad about ‘victims’ who won’t work! ‘We’re’ the second photo in the ad, i don’t know enough of ‘us to make a broad statement, but, most of the guys who served w/me (june ’68 – december ’69) went on to become productive members of society; lawyers, sucessful bus. owners,
            valued employees in all fields of commercial endeavor. None of us have felt like ‘victims’ (except when dealing w/va)! I don’t care who wins, i just don’t want anybody voting based on a misinterpration fostered by ‘ fat cats’ who are guaranteed a paycheck, whether they do anything productive or not. That’s enough for now, time for a blood pressure pill…

            ECHO Co., 1st/8th Cavalry
            “Silent Death”

          • MOEMAN

            Sounds to me like you are not too swift.

        • Sherie

          You must be an officer.

          • L D

            Yuo need to look at his indicated Rank (ADCS) a Senior Chief E8, enlisted.

        • dav
        • dav
    • Rob

      I’m with you Charles. Take a look at the private sector or other state, county and municipal governments and you should be happy (some of you are NEVER happy) with what you get. It’s a freebee from the government that many countries don’t give their vets.

      • Idmtmedic

        Rob a freebie is something you didn’t earn. Now define that. I have asked DA, aka “charles or retiree” many times to define what we are legally entitled too. Now you tell me what a 20 year veteran is “legally” entitled to under the law?

    • Tony Merriwether

      thats really not a bad deal. i agree with your argument. i provide medical care for 4 dependents. i am fine with what i pay. do you receive disability pay

    • angry

      Try being 100% disabled combat veteran – we don’t have access to Tricare – so boo hoo, your annual premiun went up. Try having to travel 200 miles up the road just to get proper medical care at a VA hospital, VA clinics provide minumal service at best. Heaven forbid a disabled Vet has a heart attack and has to go to the local ER – we’re SOL and stuck with the bill. It wasn’t our fault that we were injured DURING combat – but just put in your time, get a papercut and you still have afforable health insurance.

  • Mike

    So what does one receive if their last day in the service was 30 Jun and 1’st day of retirement is 1 Jul…which ‘quarter’ does that fall in?

    • tdhowell

      The end of the 2nd Quarter.

      • Mike

        Actually, it counts as the 3’rd Quarter. And the .2 % COLA is closer to .18 % gross.

    • Mike

      you get nothing but a hardy hand shake

  • Stormi

    Based on what I get now after federal taxes and Delta Dental are subtracted, I will be netting about $6 less – no surprise!!

    • Stormi,

      Maby you should check into turning it down in an attempt to gain a $6.00 raise! LOL

  • PuresaltA1A

    To bad the true cost of living has doubled in the last 6 years….

  • ms6

    WOOOHOOOO!!!!! I can super size now.

    • Hian

      You not use that money for McDonald’s.

    • dss88

      LOL!!! Me too!!!

  • guest

    anyone who really believes the country really cares about the retired veteran needs to have their head examined. We’re the wrong demographic. Unless we make ourselves relevant again.

    • guest,

      LMAO, yeah, and proof of what you say is that COLA is going up 1.7% for 2013.

  • Liam

    A little extra is a good thing!!

  • I think most don’t recall, but it wasn’t to long ago that we didn’t get any COLA. COLA didn’t start until 1975. Here we are some 20 plus years later complaining about how it isn’t enough.

    As it stands now, I not only get COLA in my Military Retirement Pay, but also in my Social Security Check.

    • Idmtmedic

      Since you have it so well, maybe you should start sending your COLA back. Why are you collecting if you clearly don’t need it? Perhaps your checks are due to some mysterious contract? Lmfao. Better yet why are congressman collecting taxpayer funded retirements with millions in their accounts? Ohhh I forgot, not on topic. You have no clue about indexing and Tricare fees, it doesn’t matter what it will cost in 5-10 years right?

    • JJMurray

      Well, if they hadn’t raise my free healthcare Tricare payment by around 20% I might be happier.

  • Jim

    I would be happy if gas were still $1.86.

    • Onevetsopinion

      I can remember back in the early 70’s, when a two story house with a basement & garage could be rented for $90 a month – most utilities included! Seems like I had more money then, even on $2.10 an hour wages, then I do now!

  • winfan

    Its alright cause that is what Tri to Get care is going to go up…so nothing changes..

  • canhall

    Unfortunately this doesn’t keep up with the real rate of inflation. I say the real rate of inflation because they now calculate inflation without taking into consideration the cost of food or gas. If that was included inflation is up something on the order of 11 percent. But hey, who needs to eat and drive back and forth to work, right? It’s more important to calculate inflation on I-phones and X-Boxes…

  • namvet

    I wonder what our friends in congress are gettiong this year?? Then compare and realize how much you received. Theres a word for this Sh?? and sh??again.

  • Robert Baker

    I’m not complaining. The government didn’t have to give us any, considering the weak economy in which are currently experiencing.
    RRB of NC, USA RET.

    • MattMan

      At last, someone who understands what is going on in the world, thanks Rob for showing the others how to discern what life is all about.

    • GySgt, (Ret)

      I’m not complaining either Mr. Baker. However, it does an injustice to all who have retired from the military.when you see politicians voting to raise their own benefits. That is unethical and yet they do it every year and retirees get nothing.

    • ADCS W.Thompson

      That makes sense IF the politicians don’t get any increases at all either ,however that isn’t the case
      USN (Ret)

  • Harvey Meltzer

    I believe that the Delta dental increase was more than that

    • Hian

      You cancel it then.

    • arthur

      1,7 is better than being pay frozen raises, like previously.

    • steve

      Delta Dental Program is run by and for DENTISTS!!!! It is the biggest joke played on Our Military folks!!!!!

  • Apachecav

    The Cola is supposed to be in direct proportion to the rate of inflation, Fill your car lately?, bought food lately? Paid your utilities lately? The cola should have been closer to 8% and that is a generous estimate in favor of the government..

    • Steve

      that’s because Million dollar home 4 years ago are only worth $650,000 today.

      You know, When Bush had the US hemorrhage $$ for war , nation building and Security spending, All that inflated home prices in the US. then he turned that faucet off.

      • GUNNER619

        the CPI does not count gas prices you can thank OBAMA for that . they claim you can take reg transportation find transportation that can get you into base on time in SAN DIEGO ??? GOOD LUCK!!

    • bob

      Currently (and for some years now) congress uses different formulas to calculate THEIR pay raise, raises for WELFARE & other SOCIAL PROGRAMS, and COLA for AD RETIREES.

      Amazingly, the one for AD & retirees does NOT include gas or certain groceries, but other formulas DO!

      e-mail your POTUS and the rest of YOUR elected officials, every D**N
      day, and tell them to change this!!! I do!

      And while you’re at it, perhaps you could tell them to STOP: (2) exempting themselves from laws they pass that affect us, retroactively, (3) demand term-limits, (4) demand they elliminate their retirement AND that of the POTUS completely, (4) demand they outlaw lobbiests, (5) demand they outlaw super-pacs, (6) demand they get their greedy, fat, corrupt noses out of about 10,000 other programs and funded items, that constitutionally are
      the responsibility of the individual States, and that as they do that, they (7) reduce the size of the federal government and take carre of the things they’re constitutionally responsible for!

      Then, everything else will fall into place, and America will be America again!

      • bob,

        That stuff was debunked back 2010.

        Lawmaker Loopholes?
        Posted on January 29, 2010

        Q: Is Congress exempt from “many” laws including one against sexual harassment?

        A: No. The latest e-mail rant against Congress — proposing a “28th Amendment” to the Constitution — is full of false and outdated claims.



        Congressional Reform Act
        Posted on March 18, 2011

        Q: What about the “Congressional Reform Act of 2011”?

        A: A viral e-mail calls for fixing some abuses and excesses that don’t exist, repeating misinformed claims that we’ve addressed before.


  • MKCS Retired

    To Charlie B
    I get 1.7% on my SS, my CG Retirement and my VA Disability as well. Put it all together and it still doesn’t make me any better that 4 years ago. What will Washington’s increase for this year be???

    Sandpounder, retired

    • Factchecker

      Bush didn’t have much to do with the housing boom. Frank and Dodd were in charge of the banking and finance committee. They forced banks to make mortgage loans to people who couldn’t possibly pay them back. Or loans that were just too high when the bottom fell out.

      • Chief

        True, alot of people seem to overlook that.

    • Not a jarhead

      get real, the country is better off now than it was under 8 years of Bush and Cheney who ran the country into the toilet.

      • MOEMAN


    • MKCS Retired,

      Not sure what you’re getting at!. Do you fell someone owes you something?????

    • herb

      I would suggest you write in and tell them you don’t want it ungrateful individual, I bet you want do that. hum

  • Harry Haynes

    The COLAs we receive whether VA, MilRetirement or SS will not pay the increase in Medicare, Delta Dental and Tricare.

    • Bob

      It may not cover all of it, but it’s better than not covering any of it if there was no 1.7%

    • Harry Haynes,

      Is the COLA Formulary based on the rising costs of Medicare, Delta Dental or Tricare?????

      If it were, I would agree.

    • Mil

      What good things have you been smoking?

    • Zyd

      It’s call getting a job once you retire from the military. Those days of being able to retire and live off retired pay went out of fashion in the 60’s..


    • Mil

      Nota jarhead
      What good things have you been smoking, it you think it’s better?

  • Ed RMC(SW)

    Dividend investing is one way to ensure you’re getting the bang for your buck! Veterans need to check out DRIP Investing Resource Center if you’re new to investing. Under Tools/Info check out the spreadsheet for Dividend Champions. These companies have paid and increased dividends for 25 years or more. With investing there’s always a high amount of risks. Need more information, a good resource is Investopedia and click on the Investing tab for the basics. Happy Investing! I did this shortly after I retired from the Navy in 1997, and am sure glad I did. I no longer check for COLA information.

  • Pistol762

    The only thing that has changed in the “game” of COLA caluculations…is how the Gov’t has changed how they calculate it. It is the same gov’t that cannot ballance a budget (or even have a budget in the last 3 yrs)!

    Food – more expensive
    Gas – nearly double from 3 years ago
    Prescriptions – TriCare increases to us
    Medicare A/B – Increases
    Taxes – INCREASES both direct and indirect
    Disability Payments for Service Injuries – Nearly nothing.

    For those who have a mind set of being thankful for a so-called kind Gov’t living up to even a part of it’s promises…. it is slavery in a new form of dependence and I hate it.

    • steve

      A bigger question might be….Just how LARGE will Congress’s pay be in comparison, to cover this same period?????

      • hala

        You not use that money for McDonald’s.

      • rander

        Congress pay has been based on the same rate the military and civilians
        get since the mid 80s.

    • MattMan

      Wow! Where have you been? My Medicare decreased, my disability increased, taxes expected to increase as is food. Sounds like an uninformed, disgruntled person. Man, get over it!

    • Patty

      As of 1 Oct if you do generic mail order to Express Scripts there is no co pay instead of $3. I know not much but every little bit helps

  • Riccio

    Those of you who are Bitching about COLA, this year should bitch about
    the COLA, glad I am getting 1.7 raise in my retirement, SS, and my disability,
    that amounts to quit a bit of dollars, don’t bitch, we are lucky we are getting
    Any thing at all!!


    Senior Chief
    USN, Retired

    • Joseph St. Michael

      Senior Chief, you should take that extra ****** cash and get hooked on phonics…… Tool.

    • tiger56

      Senior CHief, its people like you that makes it bad for us, I remember
      people like you when I was in the military . What do you mean we are
      lucky to get anything at all. Retirement is payment monthly, so what
      world do you live in.

  • Allen

    This Cola increase is a joke. Should be 50-100%, this would solve alot of problems we Americans have.

    • Harold

      Only if you’re not a taxpayer Allen. Of course I think we deserve more, but sometimes we need to consider what is the cost.

    • Patton

      Allen, how would be pay for this? Can you begin to quantify the current costs for military retirement? To the naked eye a sizable increase seems like the right thing to do. However, reality quickly sets in and we realize that we already absorb an enormous chunk of the national budget and it’s truly a blessing even when we get a paltry 1.7% increase. All of us have made considerable sacrifices in our careers, but we must never supplant good common sense with our propensity for selfishness and apathy. We must do our part in trimming the national debt; if you think changing administrations will rectify our woes, that is your right, but try to approach the COLA issue with an open mind. We have always set a shining example for the rest of our nation, let’s keep it up.

      • Sgt H, USMC

        Don’t forget this comment when your 100% disabled, unable to work, and have a family that has to live, no, survive, off the disability compensation. Politicians have given themselves plenty of raises, perform piss poor work, and can retire with FULL pay and benefits after just one term. We served our country, some of us actually in a time of war, were wounded, yet get the table scraps of compensation for it. Sure, 1.7% is better than nothing, but it’s a damn far cry from what it should be. Sure, it’s expensive to keep up the retirement/disability program, but there are many paychecks, expense accounts, government contracts, ect… that should be trimmed first, the military should be the LAST to see a cut in pay/benefits.

        • jobron

          Sgt H. USMC: If the lazy slobs in congress and senate were to forego their raises of $10K/year just possibly, the raise afforded to those who really deserved it would be 5-10%, maybe more.

    • Wil

      There wouldn’t be anything gained . . .the price of EVERYTHING would also go up that amount or maybe even more. So far, every single comment, except one, has shown nothing less then personal greed … That makes those who making these asinine comments are no better then the people that they vote into Public office . . .instead of voting for your personal interest, why don’t you vote Freedom, Liberty and the Right to seek Happiness ? How many of you even have a copy of the United States Constitution in your HOME ??

      • wintersoldier

        I do possess the constitution and and involved dissertation on the 2nd Amendment with a pocket copy of the bill of rights…nowhere does it state that as a defender of my nation, I should live under a bridge, be ignored by the VA or demand equal treatment…..assinine? Tread carefully, fellow citizen and I assume, warrior….you are missing the point.

    • Rita

      On my civilian job, there hasn’t been a COLA since October 2008. We would welcome the 1.7%!!!!

    • Bob

      You don’t have to accept the Cola increase. Send it back or donate it to some charity and claim a tax write-off. That may be worth more to you.

      • jbear

        I don’t think you get the whole picture Bob. I was disabled in the military and can never work again. On the day I was medically retired, my pay dropped by 60%. I cannot work. I depend on the military and the government I served and on a fixed income. Such a small COLA doesn’t help me when everything else is going up more than 1.7%.

    • Allen,

      Yelp, the Government giving me $5,000.00 per week would help also, but the Government isn’t responsible for what I did or didn’t do during my working life.

    • Paul

      what are you complaining about, Are you getting some form of income? I wish I could find a job, any job, just so I had income! Think of the less fortunate and not yourself. Times are tough all over, focus on the people that don’t have what you have, rather than the ones that have more than you! That vision will keep you grounded!!

  • jailbird68

    the cost of living goes up 30% to 75% and we are getting a 1.7% raise.
    that sure makes a lot of sense.

    • Wil

      There shoulden’t even be a Cost of Living Raise …Everything goes up in cost in June & July so that Business can get a start on that Raise. After-all they want their share also. Wake-up people !!!!

  • glen

    What is new to pay increases. We or at least I did not stay in military to get rich. I love my country and will try to do all that I can to save her. FIRST: change congress. 2ND: CHANGE president, and 3RD: “those” people that do the calculating. We cannot continue to trive on the stuff that we are receiving.

    • Patton

      You can change religion if you think that might help, but the fact is we must learn to be satisfied with what the treasury can afford. If you vote for Jesus Christ, the country’s financial woes would still be dismal. Wake up and relieve yourself of the ridiculous rhetoric!

    • Wil

      The 2nd change should be the Senate then the President. Congress can veto the President and congress can also stop Presidential Executive Orders if they would do their job !!!!

  • David, retired

    There’s so little of substance to most of the comments. We still pay ridiculously low gas prices in comparison to other developed countries. We have an over-abundance of low-priced food that has in turn made us the most obese country in the world. The obesity has had a profound effect on the costs of medical care and even effected our abilities as workers to do a cost-effective job. Instead of blaming the government for managed and fair increases, more time should be spent looking at what Americans as individuals have done to weaken our economy by producing poor quality goods and services. As yourself if you are proud to represent America? Take some personal responsibility and drop the attitude of entitlement by birth.

    • Chris

      I agree with most of what you say…We have brought a lot of this on ourselves. We elect the people who is in charge. A president can only be in office for X-number of years–it should be the same for our State and Country Congress. A State Governor has more power than our President. That office has just become a figure-head for congress. Congress is the ones writting the laws that everyone blames everyone else for….Just stop and think about things and who is REALLY in control of this country….

      • David, retired

        Chris, a very thoughtful response and you are right! Congress has not only become grossly ineffective, but they are grinding down the effectiveness of almost every tentacle of the Federal government. We are so manipulated by media today that you say yes to something when you meant no and you vote for people who are not even someone you would want to be friends with. It is just no easy for anyone today. However, before becoming equally irrational it is important for individuals to start thinking again. Think about how you are living, what are your kids really doing and what can we do as a country that doesn’t mean starting a war?

    • chris

      Its not entitlement by birth its entitlement by service and promise. You obviously didn’t earn one or you would be a little ticked off.

      • David, retired

        I’m not sure I’m following the correct thread, but if you meant me, I served 2 1/2 years in Vietnam during which time I received a Silver Star, a Bronze Star and 2 Army Commendation Medals. I was no hero as it seems everyone is today, and although I didn’t believe in the war, I served. So, I was born in the US and I served, so I’d guess you’d say I earned my entitlement, such as it was. I don’t seem to remember being coddled as today’s soldiers are in comparison to what Vietnam veterans received. Yes, I’m bitter about Vietnam. I’m bitter because so many soldiers were left to rot for forty years on the sidewalks of America. We didn’t have any special programs to help re-adjust or re-train. The way to college was not paved with gold and you were lucky if you didn’t get spit upon. That’s all another story. We were responsible for ourselves then and today I think we are still responsible.

        • MOEMAN

          come on man, let it go!!!

          • top dog

            Well now MOEMAN, he was challenged, I think he responded appropriately.

        • Nam67

          We all got our heads scrambled from that place. I,m proud to say we fought for our benefits for a lot of years to try and make it a little better for those returning from the sand pit.I just hope the current returning vets don’t give up the fight and remember they still have a fight on their hands. I am damned proud of every medal
          I earned and I am extreamly of our fighting men of todays wars. I also earned my benefits. USMC PhuBai / Hue ’67

        • Bob

          Well said.

    • wintersoldier

      Stop sucking up to those who deny service and sacrifice…entitlement by birth ??? You are truly blind as a bat.

      • Bandido6

        I too served in Vietnam, recon and Infantry. I got my Bronze Stars and Purple Heart and yes I earned my disability benefits after years of fighting an adversarial VA for them, but just because you are bitter about Vietnam is no reason to demean today’s soldiers. You did 2.5 years..I know guys that have had 6 to 9 deployments to Iraq and Afghanistan because they are volunteers and there are no draftees to take up the slack. Any of today’s soldiers will bluntly tell you that they could not do what they do today if it hadn’t been for Vietnam vets…they give us thanks for letting them stand on our shoulders. You sound just like the WWII vets who turned their backs on us because we didn’t fight in a “real” war…thus the VVA slogan, “Never again will one generation of veterans abandon another”. And that is exactly what your attitude is!

    • Jim

      @David, gas is lower here than other countries? How about 12 cents a gallon fit in your remark? The cost of gas in Argentina and other oil producing countries. As for your statement concerning low food cost, you must not do the shopping in your household. Any person receiving a pension of any type, (retired or disabled) from our government due to military service is in no way shape or form an entitlement. It was earned by length of service or in harms way. You appear to have the same mindset of those that consider Social Security as an entitlement. Those that harber this opinion must be ignorant of the fact that we paid into Social Security our entire working lives. I agree with other parts of your comment, but had to challenge some of it.

    • Larry

      Well 4 more years of this president we will all be out in the street, I don’ t know how family live on low wages can stay alive. I hope Romney gets to be our next president. It can’t be worst what it is now

    • Paula Willaimson

      I agree David! USN Retired/LN1(SW/AW), Paula Williamson

    • Kim

      OMG with comments like yours David it is no wonder our Country is in the state it is. A Service Member who give his/her entire life in service to this Country is NOT ENTITLED THEY EARNED IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • David

      I find I still need to clarify some of the things I said earlier. I don’t begrudge today’s soldiers (or Marines); however, we have an all volunteer army today. When we eliminated the draft, we eliminated something from the core of the American way of life. Until roughly the age of 25, the brain continues to develop. As it was in the past and most likely always will be, it is the natural inclination of young men to want to prove themselves to be men. One way to do that is to join the military. And, there is a rather large portion of the population that wants to do that, and, for many reasons, that portion comes from the less educated and financially well-off part of the population. You know, the part that Romney identified as the “welfare” class. My point is very clear: the well-to-do class doesn’t send its young to war, they send them to the best colleges because they can afford it. Even during Vietnam when we had a draft we saw the same phenomena. It is the less educated, poorer classes that pay the true cost of war through death, mutilation and PTSD. Although Vietnam veterans got a rotten deal, so too are today’s soldiers. However, the rather generous benefits they receive today I believe should be reserved for the men and woman that serve in combat zones. I support them just as much as any VFW or VVAW member does. However, let’s put our thinking caps on and understand what is going on and no just throw out a bunch of meaningless slogans. Politicians always believe that the solution is to throw money at it and then the people will shut up. So, Congress has thrown a lot of money at today’s vets, while the rest of us never really got compensated for the lies, the deaths and the destruction we faced. If some real effort were put into creating fair and balanced programs, I think all of us would do better. But, to bring all of this back to COLA, it is what it is. It is a simple, calculated adjustment that is linked to inflation, period. COLA isn’t a benefit, it’s just an adjustment. We have to look at legitimate ways to increase our benefits, if they are due. In the mean time, I’d like to see the draft again because it is the democratic way for America to fight and it shares in the pain of war. I’m very opposed to using a less desirable element of our society to fight the wars of the very few. We don’t need a warrior class, we need all Americans to be equal and to share in the potential for wealth which I believe this country can once again offer.

  • LTC Daniel George

    Does anyone have the telephone number of the BMW dealer in my area?
    With this raise, I am ready to buy a lug nut!.

    • Harold

      Well Colonel, you do have that BMW to put that lug-nut on.

    • MSG Fred

      you better think again. inflation?????

    • Ashbel Pastor-Ramos

      That was cool

    • bob

      Sure do! Call either: 1-800-4-26-2765 or 1-866-727-3933 thats 1-800-I-AM-BROK or 1-866-SCR-EWED!

    • bob

      Sorry LTC! I have to recend that last comment. Those numbers are only for enlisted and below field grade officer retirees.

      Comparing, say yourself, to for instance an E-6 retiring in 1995:

      O-5 AD Base: $5,193.50 x 6 (50%) = $31,161.00 yr vs.
      E-5 AD Base: $1,534.10 x 6 (50%) = $9,204.60 yr.

      Add to that annual COLA’s vs. inflation and the number you need to call is:

      1-800-468-6463 or 1-866-793-3338, That’s 1-800-GOT-MINE or 1-866-SWE-EEET.

  • ken

    guess the congress and senate get 35% increase for their service in salary and we get a whopping increase in ours. Guess the economy only affects them. WE MUST HAVE TO MUCH.–A DISGRACE!!!

  • catmanterry

    Did congress get their yearly $4000.00
    Raise ???

    • colt38

      Of course they did. And they pay nothing for health care either. That puts a freshman congressman at abou150,000 per year.

      • Mike

        ANd they get their pay for life, as well as health care. 3 years in Congress is an amazing annuity builder!

    • CHUCK


      • CJS

        Chuck, I am not sure the definition of middle class pertains to us any more. There appears to be two classes of people, the rich (which includes all politicians) and the poor which includes everyone else. The definition of middle class does not necessarily factor in just wages. The main factor is OUTGOING money which is much more than the INCOME. That factor puts most of us in the POOR class. And we haven’t even factored in the workforce that makes minimum wage that is less than some on welfare.

  • chato

    you know people !! i have always known that if you pray alot!!! you might get a chance at a pardon? there are alot of clowns out there that seem to think that they have read the bible and that there ways are the truth? but you what i have also always known that numbers ! do not lie? people do! and generosity comes from the heart!!!! well guess what ? this 1.7% will let you know which end of the generosity as well which side there heart is in? right?huuuurahhhh!!! god bless the king! and kiss your ass ! and make the girls cry! you know what ? they do not know how to put tens pounds of shit in a one pound bag without the smell?

    • fred

      what the h ola are you talking about bozo

  • I’m grateful & thankful for this raise to God be the glory.

  • Clifton

    Congress should be removed. I bet you they got their raise.

  • Clifton

    We have to much focus on the president selection. We need to focus on Congress! Let get them out of there.

    • Guest

      Where else do you get paid big bucks for doing nothing? Paid vacations, then come back to work, I mean come back to Congress and still get paid to do nothing. Congress, great place to hang out and get paid big bucks

  • DOC Coulter

    It seems that every rhing is messed up. When they changed prescriptions from Walgreens to CVS and to the new provider, they went to the highest bidder which I
    thought was against all Gov regulations. Same with Tricare new provided, highest bidder. Some one is getting money back in thier pocket.

    • Bob

      Are you related to Anne Coulter?

      • Spectre238

        Were you born mentally impaired or do you drink the Obama/Pelosi/Reid Kool-Aid?

    • Jane Horton-Leasman

      AARP…as they are the UnitedHealthcare bunch who were the main creators of Obamacare. They are the ones who put all those phoney white coat “Doctors” out there with Obama…CVS is the highest priced pharmacy in the Country.

  • jeremiah

    yes Congress get there big pay raise while veterans and senior citizens get the end of the stick as always

  • colt38

    What a huge gift from Congress, 1.7 per cent, and my taxes will go up 10 per cent. Gas will go up, groceries up, energy costs up and I will be belly up with another loss.

    • ADCS W.Thompson

      Considering we military retired received NO COLA increase but an increase in taxation in 2009/2010 on our military retired pay ,I suppose we should be grateful for small mercies of 1.7% increase (taxable of course ! ) Congress award increases to themselves at random and definitely in single digits.
      Not only is it time for Obama’s government to be relegated to the political wilderness for life,,but it is becoming time for a second American Revolution if the USA is to survive..
      “We have met the enemy and it is us !”

      • ADCS W.Thompson

        Make that “NOT” in single digits”

  • Toomer02

    Thank you God for another day and helping me to be the best that I can be. I give alot and I receive my blessing from you everyday.

    Thank you.

    • Napoleon Brown

      Amen! Put your trust in no man! Ttrust in God and not in this world system.

      • 22yrVet

        Amen again! That’s what happens when you put your trust in man and the things of this world. You are disappointed ever time. Put your trust in God and God only. It’s refreshing to see at least someone knows who’s really in charge!

    • SGI, USMC

      Thank you for your recognition that the only source of our blessings is God. “Render unto Ceasar that which is Ceasar’s, and render unto God that which is God’s”. May the Lord bless you and keep you. I needed your words today and God put them right in front of me.

      • DV Vet

        I use to feel just as some of you but I found out that you only get out of life what you put in to it. And you have to be thankful for the blessing. That you receive without complaining because God not going to give you no m III really than what you need but know we always think we need more than we get and what we got was not enough so not cause us to be ungrateful so God just keep on giving you them small blessing until you understand. The goodness. of a small blessing so when you get the big blessing you can handle it and you will understand how appreciate Gods giving because everything we get comes from God and it is God who deside how much we with l get no matter. Were comes from are who gives it because God is in control of everything, so all just be thankful we are receiving some, and let you faith be in God. Because we are all truly been blessed by God.

  • cowboytriker

    Well, I guess 1.7% is better than nothing. Of course, the 1.7% will probably be just enough to put everyone in a higher tax bracket.

  • Jay

    Nosense complaining, nobodies listening anyway.

  • Buddy in Va

    If the goverment would control costs, Maybe we could make it on 1.7 “But look at tricare increase,look at medicare increase Did they use the same calculator as uncle sam??? Whos getting the short end??? WHO YOU GOING TO VOTE FOR???

  • Ground Pounder

    I am terrible at math. How much does that equate to for someone receiving 1000 dollars? Is it 17 dollars?

    • luism46

      Yes you are about right, just do not forget that TRICARE raised their prices last month and if your ex is taking part of your retirement, do not forget to take that out plus taxes, so maybe you will get $5.00 after everyone get their cut.

    • t.c.


  • MGySgt, USMC, Ret

    I believe Congress should be held accountable for their actions just as all America jobs. If you don’t do your job or can’t make a decision, you should be fired. Our Congress take too long to make decision which effect us and to me that’s unsat. Fighting based on political parties is our downfall and will continue until we make a change in decision timelines for Congress. Ret Marine 30 yrs

    • Les Cottrell ICT Ks

      I was an E-5 Air Force, Honorable Discharged and service connected disabled and I have said for many many years that those running our country are no better than anyone else and they should be interviewed by a panel of ordinary citizens after they apply for the job and if they are picked for an interview, then if they are the #1 pick out of all the interviewee’s then HIRE THEM FOR THAT POST. Then every six months they should get an appraisal after they prove themselves for a 6 month probationary period. Don’t cut the mustard, FIRED, then interview the next in line and so on and so on. No retirement pay for any of them until 20 years service at only 67% and after 30 years then full retirement. Make all politicians in Washington D.C. have to get their medical and dental the same way we working stiffs have to do and IF WE HAVE TO LIVE UNDER OBUMMERCARE, THEN SURE AS HELL THEY SHOULD HAVE TO DO THE SAME. NO MORE SETTING THEMSELVES UP ON A HIGHER PLANE THAN THE REST OF AMERICA’S PEOPLE. I could go on and on about this 2 Party Dictatorship, but I’ll get down off my soap box now. lescot@sbcglobal.net Sure am glad to read Ur post and know that there are many other like minded great American’s out there. Thanks so much for Ur sacrifice and Ur service to our beloved country Master Gunnery Sgt. God Bless U man. Les

  • larry

    So much for percentages. Never has Military pay been close to inflation. What our bureaucrats don’t realize is that a little taken here there etc. Effects us all in a big way. Have we ever realized that almost all politicians are well to do or rich? And keep in mind the Senate hasn’t given the United States a budget for a long time.

  • Chopper Guy


  • Jason

    Congress and the House should all take rduction in pay and give it to all active and retire military personnel. We deserve more sincwe we all fought for their freedom. Also, since I was a tax person we should have a flat tax and everyone pays and if that happens, we need less IRS agents and we would have a surplus. I would like a 13% tax bracket if I made a couple of million dollars like some person I know. Congress also voted down the military job education bill recen tly. What a disgrace for the military.

    • AM1 (AW/SW) Retired.

      That person paying 13% is on money that he already payed over 35% percent for. You just don’t understand anything about capital gains tax. If that person were asked by the regular citizens he would give back his entire federal salary.



  • Woody

    1.7 per cent is an insult. Tax is going to take that so we still isn’t getting a raise. Everything is going up and our COLA is still below the cost of living. The military medical (TRICARE) and dental (Delta Dental) has increase and also the co pay for your prescriptions has increased so until our COLA is at least a 4 per cent increase we are still behind. We as retirees have served our country but now we are not being taken care of by our country.

  • ijm c.

    we need to fire all,congress,sennet house.and put a limit of 8 years for all but that will never happen.

    • Bob

      We certainly have the right and the power to “fire” any elected official. It’s just a matter of voting them out.
      In my opinion, There’s some good that comes with multiple terms. I do think the retirement requirement for people in Congress should be more in line with the military retirement.

    • Dwight

      We don’t need to fire all these people, only a 60 percent of them. Also our gov’t needs to place a pre-qualification requirement on all Congressmen or women, all Senators. This requirement must stand firm and require all members to have served in the military service of no less then 5 years or served on active duty with a unit that seen combat action in Vietnam, Iraq, Afghanistan or Korea. Our need for civilians working on military post or serving in Washington is taking away from our troops whom can perform all the functions of these civilians and get paid less to do it or there won’t be a need to any unions.

    • ijm c.,

      If the voters wanted that, then they would vote them out of office.



  • Daryl

    I would like to know how many years does a congressman or a senator had to do in order to get a pension( I think it use to be 2yrs). I had to do 20 in the military to get 50%. Someone please advise.

    • Chris

      After just one term (basically, as long as your elected) they can retire with FULL pay and benefits for LIFE.

    • Bob

      You should have become a Congreeman or Senator



  • Annette

    5Do they know what COLA means? Well it stands for Cost Of Living Adjustment/Allowance…(not sure of the last part of that acronym as while in service “allowance” is often used and when retired it probably means “adjustment”. Regardless, the first three words are key, The cost of living and this raise/adjustment is supposed to equalize what retirees pensions and disability benefits are from year to year, so that they are not, at some point left with a meager pension,especially when disabled that will not keep up with the cost of living. The current cost of living is 4 to 5 times what this 1.7% is and making matters worse, retirees are already behind since they did not receive ANY COLA in the past couple of years. It’s a disgrace and another slight to those who put in over 22 years, or fought for this country for a meager salary with promises of free health care and a pension and disability if it was applicable. Now they want to charge for the free healthcare, the pension and disability is being constantly shortchanged or you have to fight to prove you are 100% disabled, while the VA loses files, retests you for the same things, because they lost the files, even when you fall walking across the room with a cane (in your 40s), provide not dental, even though they screwed up your mouth while in service, and now you are suffering, and can’t pay the thousands for competent dental care, nor do they provide adequate vision care. The last time my husband went to get glasses, he had his eyes checked, and he waited 6 weeks for new (horrible looking) glasses to come in, only to realize they were children’s frames he could not wear. He ended up having to bring his prescription to the eyeglass store on the same base (they must do great business, since the USAF
    provides terrible looking glasses even if you can get them in the right size. We don’t need anything fancy, but they could not make anything uglier if they tried. And then there is the horrible treatment at the VA, incompetence, misdiagnosis, refusal to listen the the patient, psychiatrists who don’t say a word during an appointment and just write prescriptions, pharmacies that make horrible mistakes and when you call they say “the wife is usually the one who STOLE the medication” there is no way we made a mistake…an on and on. This is the reality of how our disabled veterans are being treated and it’s no surprise to me that Congress voted to give them a below the cost of living raise, while they got their own raise more consistent with the cost of living. They take care of themselves and don’t give a damn about the sacrifices made by our troops and the promised made to them and the moral obligation this country has to make good on those promises…these are not hand outs, they are part of a contract made with these troops long ago. Suppose we just decide to cut BO’s pension in half and decide he has to go to the VA for any of his medical care (the same level of care our vets get) and if he dies, Michell and the kids get nada.

    • Dave

      Dammmmmn , tell us how you really feel , but really , your blessing was that you were in the USAF , thats one step above Boyscouts

      • Nam67

        They served instead running to Canada, they get credit for that whether any one likes it or not.


      • Annette

        That’s a pretty snotty reply, given that my husband was in Saudi, two tours in Korea, two tours in Germany, several postings in the US, including one of the most miserable small islands off of Alaska, and finally Andrews AFB, where he was a first responder at the Pentagon on 9/11. If he didn’t do his job many others would not have been able to do their jobs. He taught anti-terrorism and marksmanship courses to the troops and made sure through budgets and spending that our troops had what they needed…always. At least through the first Gulf War. All the while, dealing with mounting disabilities, including kidney cancer, where he lost a kidney, part of a rib and an adrenal gland and was back on the job in a matter of a few weeks. He was first there and last to leave and because of all his deployments, and his nearness to retirement and his numerous disabilities thanks to the AF, they couldn’t deploy him again. Yet, on 9/11, he was right there at the Pentagon…you have no idea what ever anniversary of that day does to him. And by the way the USAF concluded the first Gulf War in record time. I have friends in all branches, retired, disabled and active duty. One Marine I know was just medically retired after two tours in Iraq and one in Afghanistan. He is a purple heart recipient and a Bronze Star recipient, however, unlike my husband, he was still able to come home and take up another career and work with other vets. My husband worked for years with other veterans of all ages, many of them disabled, helping them in any way that he could, and was the first State Commander for our state for the AMVETS organization. He cares deeply for all branches and all who have served, your comment is an insult to anyone doing their part in the military, Shame on you. I can either guess that you never served or you serve in a branch that thinks it’s better than everyone else…way to support your fellow military, A**H***

        • Annette

          Oh wait, “Dave” you did sign USMC to your letter, sorry but the Marines I know have a whole lot more respect for the other branches of the military than you seem to. An perhaps you should stay on topic instead of showing your feelings of inadequacy.

        • RJ

          Don’t give these s–t h–ds a second thought. They’re the types that would never be able to make it in the military world. These types are bullies that only have courage to hide behind the anonymity of a computer. They probably hit women and beat on little children because they don’t have the courage to do what your husband did Be very proud of him

      • Bob

        I know of a lot of good men who are here today due to the USAF. I don’t think bashing an branch of the Armed Forces is appropriate.

      • Terry

        Dave shut up! Were you there? I was in the AF and I was there in security police. I worked base perimeter straight nights. If you were there and in the Army or Marines, I will admit most of you did more and too alot more of you got kille or injured, however 1000s of you did not get killed because of the AF, so please think before you speak.

    • Annette,

      COLA is not based on how each of thinks it should be figured. It is based on a formula set forth years ago. See Sourch below.

      “How is a COLA calculated?

      The Social Security Act specifies a formula for determining each COLA. According to the formula, COLAs are based on increases in the Consumer Price Index for Urban Wage Earners and Clerical Workers (CPI-W). CPI-Ws are calculated on a monthly basis by the Bureau of Labor Statistics.”


      • Annette

        Yes, agreed, but it does have some relevance to the cost of living over all. And I don’t believe that in times like these that anyone should be receiving out of line windfalls, but after a couple of years of no COLA increase, I believe that COLA increases, especially for disabled vets should be more in line with the cost of living raises that other gov. workers are getting, primarily congress and staffers, etc., I’m talking about fairness, that’s all.

        • Annette,

          The COLA is figured the way it is figured. Being disabled, white, black, on SSI, retired civilian, retired military, a Civil Servant, a Congressmen, the President has nothing at all to do with it. COLA isn’t supposed to be a pay raise, only a cost of living. Your comparisons have nothing to do with COLA.

  • Flores

    Inflation is the U.S. was 15.6% so far in FY12; 9.8% in FY11. So, why does the CPI say 1.7% this year? Who’s not telling the truth. We need to go kick some a…..!!!! Until we can the current regime and replace it with a Pro-Military candidate, we will never catch up and will only fall further behind until they take our benefit away for good!! That’s what they really want.

    • bob

      Currently (and for some years now) congress uses different formulas to
      calculate THEIR pay raise, raises for WELFARE & other SOCIAL PROGRAMS, and COLA for AD RETIREES.

      Amazingly, the one for AD & retirees does NOT include gas or certain
      groceries, but other formulas DO!

      e-mail your POTUS and the rest of YOUR elected officials, every D**N
      day, and tell them to change this!!! I do!

    • bob

      Currently (and for some years now) congress uses different formulas to
      calculate THEIR pay raise, raises for WELFARE & other SOCIAL PROGRAMS, and COLA for AD RETIREES.

      Amazingly, the one for AD & retirees does NOT include gas, insurance, or certain groceries, but other formulas DO!

      e-mail your POTUS and the rest of YOUR elected officials, every D**N
      day, and tell them to change this!!! I do!

  • MSG Cano

    It is with Grace of our Lord at least is something ;`)

  • guest

    thank u bill,: well said, i am also a vet nam 67 68 100% but i only get what my ret. wood have been,i am proud to have served, you would think the gov would bend over back wards to support the kids who serve, in and out of war, after all the politations start the wars, the youth in this country, has to fighi them. paul from, ny, up state.

  • james

    Congrees and the house have given themselves 4 riases in 10 years all more than 10,000 dollars I THINK THEY MAKE AROUND 200,000.

    • bob

      10/19/2010; FOXNEWS reported: …

      In a down economy, a good benefits package can be hard to find.

      But on Capitol Hill, a 401(k) and health plan are just the beginning. … — they’ll tap into a mountain of perks that most Fortune 500 companies couldn’t begin to rival.

      A little-known benefit drew some attention Wednesday after it was reported that the family of the late West Virginia Sen. Robert Byrd will be paid his $193,000 salary next year. That’s just the tip of the benefits iceberg that comes with being a venerable member of Congress.

      For those entering any of the 535 seats in Congress next year, here’s a glance at the world of juicy perks coming their way:

      Fun Money: The base salary for a member of Congress is $174,000.

      Read more: http://www.foxnews.com/politics/2010/09/29/benefi

    • bob

      But all members enjoy access to a separate piggy bank known as their “allowance.” This funding generally goes toward maintaining their offices and building up a legislative entourage. In the House, representatives are allowed to spend more than $900,000 on salaries for up to 18 permanent employees. They get about a quarter-million dollars more for office expenses, including travel, and additional funding for a well-known congressional perk known as “franking.” Franking is the term for the mass constituent mail sent out by members of Congress and paid for courtesy of the taxpayer.

    • bob

      Senators enjoy the same privilege but get a much bigger allowance for their office expenses. According to a Congressional Research Service report, the average allocation for fiscal 2010 was more than $3.3 million. Personnel money varies depending on how big of a state a senator represents — a senator from New York is going to get more than a senator from Montana. But for starters, each senator is given a $500,000 budget to hire up to three legislative assistants.

    • bob

      Nice Digs: A seat in Congress comes with office space — lots of it. Not only do members move into an office on Capitol Hill, they maintain space in their home districts and states too. For senators, this benefit has a pretty high cap – up to 8,200 square feet. The CRS report said there is “no restriction” on the number of offices they can open in federal buildings in their home states. Plus senators get to shop at the equivalent of Congress’ IKEA — furniture supplied through the Architect of the Capitol. Every senator gets $40,000 — and potentially more — for furniture in their home-state offices.

      Read more: http://www.foxnews.com/politics/2010/09/29/benefi

    • bob

      Bonus Tax Deduction: Members of Congress can deduct up to $3,000 for expenses while outside their home districts or states.

      Insurance/Retirement: All members of Congress can sign up for the same health plan and life insurance policy available to other federal workers. But there’s more. In an age when the 401(k) often becomes a substitute for a pension, representatives and senators enjoy access to both. First, members of Congress can sign up for a 401(k)-style “Thrift Savings Plan,” a tax-deferred investment in which members’ contributions are matched up to 5 percent.

      Read more: http://www.foxnews.com/politics/2010/09/29/benefi

    • bob

      Then there’s Social Security. Then there’s the pension plan. The pension
      payments and eligibility vary — in a nutshell, members are eligible for an immediate, full pension at age 62 if they’ve served five years or more; they’re eligible at age 50 if they’ve served 20 years; and they’re eligible at any time after they’ve served 25 years. The annual amount of the pension depends on a lawmaker’s salary and the number of years he or she served — typically the amount is considerably less than a lawmaker’s outgoing salary.

    • bob

      Down Time: Perhaps there’s no such thing as down time for a member of
      Congress, what with the constant shuttling back and forth between
      Washington and their districts, media appearances and constituent
      meetings. But the work week lately has been relatively sparse. The
      Senate has averaged about three working days on Capitol Hill – three-and-a-half if you count Monday nights. Plus there are several breaks, which Congress calls “work periods,” penciled in the calendar throughout the year. This year, members of Congress returned to their districts for a Presidents Day break, a spring break, a Memorial Day break, an Independence Day break and a summer break. Congress is about to adjourn again until early November so members can campaign. Of
      course, that’s good old-fashioned time off for senators not up for re-election this year.

    • bob

      And that was in 2010 for 2011-2012. I don’t know about 2013, but …

      Anyway, here’s some real, true history for ya:

      •During the Constitutional Convention, Benjamin Franklin considered proposing that elected government officials not be paid for their service. Other Founding Fathers, however, decided otherwise.

      •From 1789 to 1855, members of Congress received only a per diem (daily payment) of $6.00 while in session, except for a period from December 1815 to March 1817, when they received $1,500 a year. Members began receiving an annual salary in 1855, when they were paid $3,000 per year.

      Leaders of the House and Senate are paid a higher salary than rank-and-file members. Senate Leadership; Majority Party Leader – $193,400
      Minority Party Leader – $193,400

      House Leadership; Speaker of the House – $223,500, Majority Leader – $193,400, Minority Leader – $193,400 . A cost-of-living-adjustment (COLA) increase takes effect annually unless Congress votes to not accept it.

      • Jim Darby

        If the original formua used to calculate the House had remained in place, we would now have over 5,000 members of the House, but someone looked around and found no more seats on the floor, and the formula was changed, so even if Puerto Rico or DC gets statehood we will still have 435. As it stands now, the rural areas are actually over-represented compared to the urban areas, because the flexibility that State Legislators have in adjusting the districts every 10 years. The number of people actually within each district is allowed to vary so that regions, and their special interests, are considered

  • ft020283

    Bill, Romney is not in office yet and you are already blaming him. He is not responsible for the 1.7% so get with the times. The president has a lot of goodies coming our way should he be re-elected hoever by then, it will be too late, so think twice before you blame.

  • kelly kafire

    I’m thankful for anything I get. The only thing that I think that they really “owe” me for is the medical care for the service connected issues. Everything else is extra in my eyes.

  • Ce’ine

    The cost of living should go up at least equal to the average cost of living for the country. You are right, we were promised dental and medical for life when I went in during Vietnam nam but as usual the government does not truly give a damn. We are not the 1% we are members and a very small amount of the 99% that served, fought, died and for what? We had the draft, and so had no choice. Our health care and dental was small compensation we still. Felt comfortable with. That and cost of living increases. Now we were true believers at that time. Then we found out the truth. We are all expendable until they want to go to war and still we are expendable. I think they just want us to just die and go away.

    • Bob

      I think you, probably, had a choice. You could have volunteered for any branch of service during that period. You were playing the odds and lost, now, you’re griping about it.

    • Ce’ine,

      It’s funnier than hell to me, how anyone that ever served in the Military for any amount of time, always falls back on the Government to blame because of where they are in life. Most never retired from service and spent the most of their time working in the civilian sector, yet always blames the Government for where they are in life.


  • Dave

    I agree with all of you that think the 112th congress is worth a pay raise with the 10% approval rateing that they have. The so called TEA PARTY is the reason the Republican party forgot how to do they job . But if I could choose where my COLA could go , I’d give it to a family that was liveing in thier car , because they had lost thier home . Many things are wrong and ONLY Jesus has the answer .

    • E..H.

      You have said a mouth full !!!!! Many people don’t even understand what you have said , because they have no idea who Jesus is . I commend you for expressing that you have.

  • gv1996

    I’d like to know the bailed out CEO bonuses and pay raises they receive via our elite congress and their power over the masses

  • Tired Vet

    If we had service agencies, DAV, VFW, AL etc, that would quit kissing up to the politicians maybe we would get more.

    When these people running for office talk about helping vets and about how much they care about our servicemen and women then these service agencies should go public and make these people hold to their promises.

    • bob

      I don’t just “want more”, I only want what would be fair and just in a just society! If you truly want change, understand that:

      For some time now, congress uses different formulas to calculate THEIR pay raise, raises for WELFARE & other SOCIAL PROGRAMS, and COLA for AD RETIREES. The one for AD & retirees does NOT include gas or certain groceries, but other formulas DO!

      e-mail your POTUS and the rest of YOUR elected officials, every D**N
      day, and tell them to change this!!! I do!

  • Tony R

    I think that they use to call them birth control glasses!

  • tiger56

    As a vietnam vet who serve 3tours there and 22yrs in the military,
    these cola raises are a slap in the face to us. No matter what anyone
    says the government is dictating what we should get not the situation
    of what really is going on. Congress gets thousands more and we get
    a couple of bucks more. Am I pissed off , Yes,. and I have the right to
    be because I earned my pay by serving, so no one is doing me any
    favor by paying me, and I do not abuse the system as My medical
    records are less than 30pages thick from the time I entered the
    service until I left and is still like that. Being in the infantry and
    being in war makes one earn the few dollars they get when retired.
    It is our right not no damn privilege.

  • John L

    The Cost of Living calculation has been juggled and changed for the worse over the years. The calculation leaves out fuel, gas and certain foods. Since the politicians decide that providing “aid” to our foreign neighbors is more important than the American people, we subsidize the waste and fraud rampant in the aid program.

    • bob

      Part 5: The truth is: (1) Foreign-aid is only a tiny percentage of our annual expendatures.

      BUT! I agree that we should elliminate it – completely! Until we get control in this country of all poverty, ignorance, illness, homelessness, etc. at home, our GOVERNMENT has no business nor RIGHT to give OUR TAXES to other nations. No matter how good the intentions! That is the function of CHARITABLE GIVING, and NOT a function of GOVERNMENT. “WE THE PEOPLE”, need to let congress know this, in no uncertain terms, loudly, & repeatedly, until this changes!!

      e-mail your POTUS and the rest of YOUR elected officials, every D**N day, and tell them this!!! I do!

      • Jim Darby

        Foreign aid is how we influence the policies and practices of other countries. We don’t give aid to Cuba, and they had leased their waters in the gulf for oil drilling. When they have another BP-like spill, it will contaminate the entire East Coast. Not in our best interests. Our biggest ‘foreign aid client’ is Isreal, and this is why we get blamed for their conduct in the mid-east. We have already funded their bomb, but have no control over its use, so if or when they use it we will get the blame. With the Isreal lobby, we have no real contol over our foreign policy. I think that Isreal should exist, but not to the extent that it is the tail wagging the dog. Balance is best.

    • bob

      part 6:

      e-mail your POTUS and the rest of YOUR elected officials, every D**N day, and tell them this!!! I do!

      And while you’re at it, perhaps you could tell them to STOP: (2) exempting themselves from laws they pass that affect us, retroactively, (3) demand term-limits, (4) demand they elliminate their retirement completely, (4) demand they outlaw lobbiests, (5) demand they outlaw super-pacs, (6) demand they get their greedy, fat, corrupt noses out of about 10,000 other programs and funded items, that constitutionally are the responsibility of the individual States, and that as they do that, they (7) reduce the size of the federal government and take carre of the things they’re constitutionally responsible for!

      Then, eveerything else will fall into place, and America will be America again!

    • John L.

      Historical Background and Development of Social Security


  • J Bronson

    Msgt retired 27 years , Vote .


    Wait, isn’t this 1.7% going to be absorbed by ‘adjusting’ TRICARE rates again at some point for those of us ‘working age’ retirees? What’s the point in even discussing the ‘raise’ if we’ll really never see it… If I’m wrong, please let me know because there has been so much published about the TRICARE (or TRYTOCARE as we call it), maybe I’m confused…

  • Bob

    I have read all of these comments and replies and have concluded that most of the military retirees either didn’t plan for retirement at all or miscalculated grossly. I voluntarily served in 1963-1967. I was exposed to Agent Orange and receive Disability Compensation. I am enrolled in the VA health program. I must be one of the very few that appreciates what I receive for serving my country.

    • Bob,

      I planned, and I am 100% satisfied with what have. Everything promised in the Law, I have recieved, plus Military Benefits keep going up, not down.

    • Pamela Dixon

      Amen Brother, I appreciate everything my husband and I get, my husband served is 100% service connected disabled and without his pension we would not be able to live. I think the problem with this world, People have forgot how to be Thank-ful for what they have and has forgotten to thank-God.

    • Joe Navy

      You do realize that military retirement pay is off-set by any VA payment. You receive money for your disability (as you should), but guys like me have our retirement checks off-set by our military retirement. So we kinda pay for our own disability. We don’t receive the additional… Just sayin’

      • Joe Navy,

        Huh, as I understand it, you disability benefit is the taxes you don’t have to pay on that offset. Has it not always been this way?????

    • jbear

      Bob, you spent just 3 years serving your country (thank you for you time) and others have spent over 10 times that. How do you think you’d feel if you were them?

    • Jane Horton-Leasman

      We have Doctors leaving our So. Az. VA Health Care System (Hospital and Clinics)…start praying for someone who cares about the Military…or we will be in a world of hurt…soon.

    • Richard parker

      I agree, I am 180 percent Vietnam vet, also getting my ss too, so I have nothing to complain about, I really wish this never happened but I am very grateful just being alive. I raised 2 daughters both went to college am I am still being evaluated again for my kidneys, yeah it always dribbles down as I get older, 56 now in a wheelchair most of my life since service, but I tell ya..I would do it again in a heart beat! I have always recieved my cola, as well as my clothing allowance since the 70’s. I am making good money, but the cost of being handicapped is unreal..most have no clue as how much it cost me each month for supplies..it’s mor than soe people me in a month..I think the cola should represent hat additional cost to use vets, the va could not help me, they made me worse, so I chose the private sector and doing ok now.

    • Bob

      Bob, it is not that we do not appreciate what we are getting i.e. treatment by the VA staff, medical care, disability compensation and so on. You must be in the minority that is treated like a an adult human that when you have something to say they (VA staff) listen to you and treat what you have going on. I left VA because I got tied of seeing a different doctor/intern because they rotated out. This created some bad experiences. I got tired of seeing these inexperienced interns/doctors that were there just for a pay check and found me a civilian doctor. Oh, did I elevate my concerns, yes and there too I found that the staff is supported right or wrong. Been retired 19 years, with 60% CSDC, for 23 years of deployments, getting busted up and just like a football player playing hurt, I continued the mission, secure the objective. I have things going on that they cannot figure out. Now days soldiers are getting 80 to 100 % disability the never seen a field problem after basic training. Sorry for the vent, but why can’t the VA be standard accross the board? Shinsecki is not the right person for the job.

    • tiger56

      Bob, I see why you are so happy, served 5yrs and getting a pension.
      I served 3yrs in Vietnam and 22yrs in the military total. So I got what
      I deserved as far as retired pay goes. For the sacrifices I made and
      my wife made and my children made while I was in, the government
      is way behind in compensating them for their sacrifices. So it’s not
      that we do not plan for retirement, its that the government has reduced
      many veteran programs, is behind in paying like the civilian sector
      gets paid and does not work for the vets like the vets worked for them.

      • tiger56,

        “So it’s not that we do not plan for retirement, its that the government has reduced many veteran programs, is behind in paying like the civilian sector gets paid and does not work for the vets like the vets worked for them.”

        Exactly what is it you feel the Government owes you or has taken away from you?????

    • Ryv

      I agree Bob.

      My time in the USAF was less than a full term but I snapped in SERE training and it brought problems later in my career by way of awakening schizotypol type behavior (later disagnosed with paranoid schizophrenia), resulting in my service being a liability and receiving a medical discharge. This was in 2006, since then I have held a number of jobs but met the same conclusion with all my employers, that of being a liability to my work and the people/objects around me.

      After a few years of trying to keep jobs, I was rated again and was deemed a risk to hold a normal job and have been on my rating since then. I am however attending college to learn Japanese so that I might be able to secure a job that I might be able to handle on more lenient terms, and maybe not rely on my rating.

      Point is, I am highly, beyond what vocabulary I could produce, appreciative to this country and its people who allot me the ability to survive on my own.

      They could cut my pay, raise it, whatever, I am at the mercy of the people who make it possible and am nothing but grateful.

  • SMC(SW) Riggins

    Althoough I thank the Lord for everything I am given and take nothing for granted since I helped to preserve the freedoms we have come to enjoy in our great country during my career, it would seem that this new COLA is in keeping with the comments that our President mentioned during last nights debate, and that is like comparing it to “Bayonnets and Horses” in a time when it needs to be much more to help support our families both active and retired and not be so tight fisted with us who need finances, and can’t draw on the generosity of food stamps, welfare, and social services like the others who are less fortunate under his social programs, and also be generous with our money towards other countries who receive billions in aide from us. Just my thoughts.

  • lfbarnes

    This is not the first time we did not receive a cola. When Regan was president we did not receive a cost of living adjustment for 6 of his 8 years. guess it could be worse. still love the free medical care HA.

    • ifbarnes,

      Not so. COLA began in 1975 and the only years we didn’t recieve it was January 2010 and 2011.

      Source: http://www.ssa.gov/cola/automatic-cola.htm

      • Automatic Cost-Of-Living Adjustments

        July 1975 — 8.0%
        July 1976 — 6.4%
        July 1977 — 5.9%
        July 1978 — 6.5%
        July 1979 — 9.9%
        July 1980 — 14.3%
        July 1981 — 11.2%
        July 1982 — 7.4%
        January 1984 — 3.5%
        January 1985 — 3.5%
        January 1986 — 3.1%
        January 1987 — 1.3%
        January 1988 — 4.2%
        January 1989 — 4.0%
        January 1990 — 4.7%
        January 1991 — 5.4%
        January 1995 — 2.8%
        January 1996 — 2.6%
        January 1997 — 2.9%
        January 1998 — 2.1%
        January 1999 — 1.3%
        January 2000 — 2.5%(1)
        January 2001 — 3.5%
        January 2002 — 2.6%
        January 2003 — 1.4%
        January 2004 — 2.1%
        January 2005 — 2.7%
        January 2006 — 4.1%
        January 2007 — 3.3%
        January 2008 — 2.3%
        January 2009 — 5.8%
        January 2010 — 0.0%
        January 2011 — 0.0%
        January 2012 — 3.6%
        January 2013 — 1.7%
        January 1992 — 3.7%
        January 1993 — 3.0%
        January 1994 — 2.6%


    • bob

      I don’t know where you’re getting you’re stats from, but I just checked the pay charts, and AD got a pay-raise every year from 1979 through 1988. I compaired an E-6’s pay (for oranges-to-oranges) for those years and the overall increase for 10 years (base pay only) was from $640.20 to $1014.30 or $374.10.

      To my knowledge, retirees got the same % raise as AD for those years. Please correct me if I’m wrong – but I don’t think so. Let’s see your figures!

      Or are you just trying to Republican-Bash?

  • Mr. FRM

    I’m ok with the cola is better that NOTHING, we all wish it was more specially those drowning in debt buying stuff they can’t pay and all those credit cards. Manage you money better try to stay debt free and you will see a difference in your life and your love ones. Stop waiting every year for November to come to see how much we are going to get. FACT: not enough and you will always B!^&# about it no matter what the amount we get. SO MAN UP and take charge because that is what we were trained to do.

  • Dawn

    I am so glad to live in this great land choice above all the lands on the face of the earth. I am so grateful for the freedoms I enjoy. Twenty years in the military was worth all I could give as wife to a military man. I think we need to give thanks everyday for the god given blessings, and do everything we can within our power to keep it a free nation. I am so happy each month to see that check deposited in my account. My husband died in Dec last year and I
    thank God he was so wise, and that we were given a plan, to see if anything should happen to him I would have an income. Not much, but I am so glad for that.
    Just a few thoughts this am. I am happy with my increase.

    • Jennie

      Yes, especially when I have to pay a Premium on my husband hard earn Retirement Check to only get 55% OF HIS RETIREMENT CHECK WHEN HE DIES??? Yea ok????

      • Jennie,

        If it isn’t enough, then buy more insurance.

      • Evelyn McMullen

        I’ve been making infor10 yrs on the budget my husband set up for me before he died. Just a matter of self-control in my opinion.

  • Norma J. Evans

    I am a widow of 10 years to a man who gave 44 years of his life to the Army and National Guard, went to Viet Nam, the week after I buried him, we were sent a letter telling my family that he had Agent Orange, he died of Melonama. But the good news is we had SBP, so I make alot more money than most widows that only get Social security, and I have excellent benefits, I use the Navy Base here in JAX to get prescriptions, and express scripts for the prescriptions the base does not have. I feel so lucky, thanks be to God he had been in and we had the SBP, he was only 70 when he died here in Florida.

    • Guest

      Thank you for your husbands service. It does not mean a lot now that he is gone but there are some of us who appreciate his sacrifice

  • Yuggib

    Don’t care what is given for an “Adjustment” but do wish that private vendors (Like the TRICARE Retirees Dental Plan) would. by law, be prohibited from raising res more than the COLA adjustment. Their “little” increases in fees suck when one is on fixed income, especially during those years that we get no COLA increase, but our rates rise any how.

    • Yuggib,

      Good point, but ones retirement pay is based solely on what you did or didn’t do to get said amount of retirement pay. As I understand it, retirement pay is meant to suppliment what you saved toward your own retirement and never meant to be a living wage.

    • jbear

      I AGREE!!!

  • Jennie

    I find it intereting that I am paying 10 Times more for Food, Homeowners, Property Taxes… and yet, I get no COLA this coming year!!! Great Job Obama!! How about a new man in office who gives a SH** about the Military and what we have SACRIFICED so EVERYONE IN THIS FINE COUNTRY CAN SLEEP PEACEFULLY AT NIGHT!!!!

    • Jennie,

      Huh, 2013 COLA is 1.7%. What do you mean no COLA?????

    • Patrick

      and you think Romney gives a crap about soldiers? what are you smoking? all he cares about is making sure pay more in taxes than he does..

    • John Tidyman

      Yeah, he gives a SH**. So much that he spent the Vietnam War in Paris,
      France. The only uniform in his family’s house is worn by his maids.

  • jbear

    How many welfare programs went up many time that percentage and how many more people who have never done anything are on a welfare program now (since obama)? A whole bunch is the answer!

    • E.H

      How many we’re forced to get on welfare ? No jobs ! What are they suppose to do ? Go sell drugs or start robbing people !!!!!!! I hope and pray that you have a job or some type of income .

      • bob

        Part 4 (kind-of): True, their are not as many opportunities for ANYONE in the US today except the rich and richer (as there was 20 – 40 years ago, when the economy was booming). But to a great extent, that is OUR fault! We embraced the “Material Girl” concept; replaced faith, good works, honesty, integrity, loyalty, work-ethics, etc… in this country with an all consuming mantra that screams: GET ALL YOU CAN, ANY WAY YOU CAN, AND SCREW EVERYBODY YOU HAVE TO TO DO IT! and we’ve reflected that in our movies, our music, our politics, and our justice system these last 40+ years.

        I’ll just bet that most young people today get a chuckle out of movies like: “it’s a wonderfull life”, or “Mr Smith goes to Washington”. How naive … how corney … how unrealistic. Yes, in most of society today, the idea of statesmanship in politics, or truly doing something for others (except in rethoric, or campaign speeches), don’t get much fanfare or coverage, and folks who think otherwise arr considered fools.

    • bob

      Part 1: Unfortunate Truths: Being a drug addict (in treatment) pays better in most states than the average enlisted retirement for 20 years of sevice. And since some individuals in the US can’t figure out it’s not in the water, or WANT to be on the dole, it pays WAY BETTER to have several illegitmate off-spring. and this has, and will continue to get worse, so long as our government continues to REWARD BAD LIFE CHOICES, AND BAD BEHAVIOR, and fails in any way to hold these people in some way responsible for their actions choices.”!

    • bob

      Part 2: Further, we now (as opposed to after WWII) live in a society where no credit is given to retirees for their service by most people or businesses. Actually, we’re penalized, often discriminated against, or scoffed at, for having been “dumb enough” to miss the opportunity boat after high school. I have never found ANY employer since my retirement in 1994, who (1) understood just how excellent our training experience was, or how it could benifit their business. (2) Or if they did, didn’t hire you because they were afraid you’ld get their job. (3) Or offered you a lousey wage, since “you already have that nice retirement check”.

    • bob

      Part 3: Yes, some of that has recently been addressed, and is changing, FOR THIS GENERATION of veterans, but it’s often way too late for the retirees fo past decades. But, politicans realize that individuals within BOTH groups have that same one vote each, and their are more of them, than of us! So, we’ll keep getting the “high-hard-one

    • John Smith

      It was the same why with the last two guys. Because lady that had all of those kids, has to paid more for baby sitting than them that were making per hour.

    • jbear,

      That’s true, but caused by the economy. If Romney is elected and sworn in on 20 January, those number will still be the same.

    • sosickofr

      Here we go again. How & why does President Obama get blamed for everything? It’s funny how certain people forget what president was in office when the economy went under. Can the President pass a bill along? What about the republican Congress? Republicans don’t care about the people who are working for them, so do you think they’re gonna care about you & your check. Be honest with yourself & stop looking at the outer person.

      • Jim Darby

        I think that many people have the Pres confused with the deity. They have never read and understood the Constitution to see the duties and limitations on power of all 3 branches. Specifically, they don’t understand the ex post facto clause of Art. I. Romney is trying to claim that he would be the deity if elected, Without a cooperative Congress he will have no chance to fulfill his promises. It takes 60 votes to even bring a law to a vote in the Senate, and it takes a quarum to vote on anything in the House. No party will come close to having either. Here we go again.

  • viperdoc

    That’s an extra $50 in my kids college fund. My entire VA check is deposited in every month.

    • Jane Horton-Leasman

      This is Obama…living high and giving us the middle finger…gotta take care of all the future Solyndra’s, et al

  • Fredricb1963

    after being robbed by the redux, you also get robbed on future colas…redux was made known as a bonus(bullshittt!!!), you get $30,000-tax-$300x12x20, based on e-6 retire 2008….this results to lossing at least $70,000. spread word that the government also practices fraud/scam.

  • patrick giles

    I was in Vietnam in1969,in 1968 while building the base for the 9th inf at Dong Tam the USA put over 6000 gal. of agent orange on the ground then built the base.In 2011 I went for a blood test found out I have C.L.L. leukemia.Even though I blame the government from 1962 through the 1990s Under the current President he put a General in charge that has watched our backs.In most cases the V.A. has up graded, still problems but What would we do if Congress cut benefits back to the late 80s People are still fighting for a rating keep up the fight.Finally the President has no control over Col’s and Congress only gets a pension after serving at least 5 years and it is pro rated unless you reach full retirement.Just like GOV.pensions or defined private pensions, prior to the 1980s it was 10 years to qualify.Look up the facts,don’t just believe what you hear as the truth.Sgt. Pat giles 9th inf. 1969.

    • Rick Johnson

      I was in the 9th Inf in Dong Tam in 1968 and didn’t know about the agent orange on the ground there but did know about it in the field. Are there any articles about the Army doing this that I can look up?

      • patrick giles

        look up areas the US sprayed A.O.in Vietnam,what I found was a break down of areas in country when and where it was put down.The map also listed what areas of in country. It said exactly how much on the base and that the killing fields outside were sprayed by helo. and by trucks.I will do some back ground on the computer,when I was going for my rating I did a lot of research because of the CLL, my face book page is cuzinhund facebook me with a message and Ill be able to contact you P.G. 9th inf.

      • patrick giles

        look at my answer if you didn’t get it on reply. PG 9th Inf

        • Idmtmedic

          My father flew C-130s in Nam and sprayed agent orange. I’m sure the areas sprayed are well documented. Freedom of information act should get you some info on any and all areas sprayed

      • patrick giles

        go to ask.com,put in area of vietnan agent orange sprayed.go down to View missions in vietnan by date and location.follow info on 6/10/1968 the mission 3756 put down 6000 gal.This will get you to other info. PG9th Inf 1969.

  • Patrick

    Ok, I agree completely on how screwed up this COLA or lack there of is and yes when I retire in April after 25 yrs of service Ill start getting screwed with all of you! That being said… There are allot of misconceptions out there about so called “Promissed” benefits for life. Obviously not many poeple have truthfully read the regulations governing medical benefits beyond your service time. There was NEVER a promis in anyones contract of free medical for life weather you got out due to an injury on medical retirement or disability or were lucky enough to last 20 yrs and retire. What is writtin into law is the medical care for all service related injuries which ofcourse is any medical problem incurred while in service. naturally over the years the VA evolved and for the most part they now treat any issues you have as long as you qualify for VA care. Its always been known that VA care is not that good, (though this war has improved it) which is why the the services have always offered service member the choice to enroll ourselves into tricare (champus ect..) and pay premiums for said service.

    • Patrick

      I have the greatest respect for anyone who choses to serve this country and fight Its wars and yes I wish that somewhere in writing the words ” Free Healthcare for Life” was written but it never was nor will it ever. I really hate when I read comments of broken prommises of said health care because its never been true and I dont know where poeple have gotten this bogus wide spread lie.

      • MOEMAN

        From the republicans they are good at it

    • Patrick,

      Yep, but people think if they keep saying it, it will come true. LMAO

    • army

      well I retired in 2001 and never had the pay raise you have acquired in my 22 years of service. So think about the ones that came before you. We don”t get anything near what u have in benefits.

    • Voix Velour

      Wull Patrick. Who is to question those we might think of “as our own.”
      None. Certainly not those under label “Democratic,” and long having filled their coffers with UNION DUES to ELECT THEIR OFFICE HOLDERS, locally, statewide and federal. 2.5 Million Federal Employees, more likely to die on the job than be fired or laid off, and on to the largesses of unfunded pensions + benefits. All billed to TAXPAYERS.

      And then the COST OF LIVING ALLOWANCES. No word in print or broadcast as to Gov Romney vs Obama, given blood, limbs and lives of our Armed Forces, Obama without leadership “from stem to stern,”
      was this computation not recently changed to incomprehensible factors in this computation? It was titled “Chain” or something like that!

    • Bob

      Part 1:

      First Patrick, let me congratulate you on, & thank you for your almost 25 years of service (~1988 – 2013). That’s quite an accomplishment.

      You’re technically correct! Neither our contracts nor the 10 USC guarante lifetime healthcare for a mil. career. But, back in the 1960’s, & 70’s, (much like today) I’d venture that not many recruits nor re-enlistees actually read these documents!

      The 10 USC did authorize free healthcare for retirees & dependents based on “available space”. And for most retirees & dependents, this was happily provided at military MTF’s.

      Also, during this period (as before 1960), this was used as one of the MAJOR recruiting tools, in spoken & written recruitng presentations & pamplets by virtually EVERY recruiter & retention NCO Officer. It was a vigerous & sucessful tool which only became more important once we wnt to an all volunteer force!

    • bob

      Part 2:

      This was before Prez. Clinton forced “The Hillary Healthcare Plan” (TRICARE) on our military, & turned the greatest healthcare delivery system in the civilized world into another HMO which puts billions of additional dollars in the pockets of greedy insurance companies, & fuels the unchallenged, & ever skyrocketing “cost” of healthcare.

      Of course, soon after TRICARE was implemented, most of the “available space” disappeared in about 5 years! Money Rules!

      I saw the before – durng – & after, & know this to be true. It appears that you & most now on AD missed how it was before, & may not understand what has been lost!

    • bob

      Part 3:

      As to COLA’s. since you’re still on AD, you missed 2 of the last 3 years where military retirees got NOTHING, $0.00, NADA! Additionallly, military AD pay (& BONUSES SPECIAL PAYS ETC…) have seen some historic raises in the last decade which have put your pay (reportedly) ABOVE your civilian counterparts for the first time (to my knowledge) in the history of this country. So, your retirement check will be pretty-dang sweet in 2013 and beyond, compared to the fairly paltry retirement of someone of the same Grade who retired in the 70’s, 80’s, and even early 90’s receive; Especially a poor Enlisted person!

      All this having been said, again, you are TECHNICALLY correct. But in the SPIRIT & PRACTICE of the previous system, our government, our elected officials HAVE, WITHOUT DOUBT, & WITHOUT CONSCIENCE BROKEN FAITH WITH THOSE OF US WHO SERVED BEFORE.

    • bob

      Part 4:

      And finally, those same stuffed political shirts disgust me when they open their overpayed and often corrupt mouths and speak about “their service”, and how our healthcare premiums are so much less expensive than our civilian counterparts! Please have them explain exactly which “civilian counterparts” they are referring to?

      So, I suggest you check the history before making statements like the one you posted on this blog! Those of us who came before you would appreciate it.

      • Idmtmedic

        Bob, well fn said. Erosion of benefits is a big concern. Be careful because our moderator and chief Charles, says it’s not on topic. Lmao he says the government is and has given us everything promised. Trust our government. They are looking out for us. What a load of …….. They deny those sacrifices given before those of us that haved served and the very reason we have what we have now. Apparently we got our present benefits because congress decided it was a good idea? Our retiree organizations are fighting to keep what we have and they deny or ignore that. It’s just magic. No fight, no complaints. “I’m just happy that I served and don’t complain because I have gotten everything promised” congress makes the rules and laws and can change them at will. Trust your government to spend your money wisely. Lmao. SSI? We did pay for that right? We did pay for our retirement right? They receive taxpayer funded retirement with millions in the bank and get automatic raises every year unless they vote it down. “We have it better than congress” lmao lmao lmao.

      • Bob,

        All civilian counterparts. Do you have any idea what a plan like Tricare would cost you if you were not retired?????

    • Marty

      COLA is the same as the increase of social security if congress passes enabling legislation. AS for VA care it is better or at least on the same level as civilian doctors care. yo were right to state that if you have service related medical problems incurred on active duty you mat qualify for VA service-connected disability benefits but the regulation also states that if you retire or complete your service and that injury or illness is aggravated or gotten worse you can submit an upgrade for this medical problem. Medical documentation must be included with your application form VA form 526B.

    • Dave

      Maybe your contract never said it but mine did. I enlisted in 1968 and retired in 1994.

  • Art Bailey

    I just wonder what percent Congress voted for themselves??

    • Ryv

      Congress gets 5% every year automatically unless they vote against it.

      • Ryv,

        “Congress gets 5% every year automatically unless they vote against it.”

        Not sure where you people get this silly information from. I am sure you have a link you could post that proves that bit of information.

        • Idmtmedic

          Charles are you arguing the 5% or the automatic part. I will provide as many links as you can read regarding automatic raises if you like.

          • idmtmedic,

            Don’t worry about it, not sure you would understand.

          • idmtmedic,

            Don’t worry about it, not sure you would understand.

          • Idmtmedic

            I understand just fine if you can read?

          • RJ

            Hey Charles folks like idmt would vote for more debt higher prices and less Spending power of the dollar just for the privilege of voting for his pied piper. Think about it these people cannot think for themselves they NEED to be taken care of by the government They just don’t realize that a government big enough to give you every thing you want is also big enough to take it away and somewhere down the line they will. Then we’ll be Greece

          • Idmtmedic

            Hey DA, I wouldn’t vote for this OBOMA nation in a million years. I have a fn job unlike Charles and probably you. This sorry ……congress is no better with AUTOMATIC raises every year. Sure they have voted it down for several years. Now pull your head outta your ……… The government will pull everything from our retirement period. Increased fees and decreased access and it’s only the beginning. You and Charles can share a bunk in his trailer and take turns cooking since somebody is sucking off the government tit. I expect what I was promised, which is a retirement check, better yet, reduced pay for reduced service DA. If you don’t then feel free to send yours back

          • idmtmedic,

            LMAO, I’m retired, why would I have a job????? See your still whining about Congress and everyone else that makes more then you. Why don’t you just run for Congress if you want their benefits.

            LMAO, so when is this going to happen that the Government is going to take my retirement and Tricare away. I keep hearing you, but none of what you’re saying has come true.

            LMAO again, I don’t live in a Trailer, I rent a trailer. I am a Landlord, HELLO.

            PS: You do realize that this thread is about COLA, you know?????

          • Idmtmedic

            Then you don’t rent a trailer….lmao. Your a slum lord. Sorry landlord…….oops. Might want to check those terms.
            Did I miss something? You cash a GOVERNMENT check?

          • RJ,

            You got that right. Not sure what it is, but many Vets feel our Government owes us everything they command of it, not realizing money just don’t grow on trees.

          • Idmtmedic

            Really Charles? Apparently your cashing that check just like the rest of us. Why not give it back. We did earn it right?

          • Idmtmedic

            Charles you got a link for cashing a government check? You do that right?

    • bob

      Art, again check your history! Congress no longer votes to give themselves a pay raise! They changed that law in 1987 or 1988. The democrats insisted this was causing the voters to focus too much on their pay, and was costing members re-elections.

      So, since then, Congress gets an automatic pay raise every year based on a formula (not the same crappy formula they use for the military) UNLESS THEY VOTE AGAINST IT! Guess how many times they’ve done that !!!!

  • Van 100% disabled

    Whoooopi,between VA disability and Social Security disability,I’ll get a whoping $42.60 a month increase.Thats not even a lousy tank of gas. I understand the the law makers we have in Washington,D.C. gave themselves a whole hell of a lot more…….figures.

    • Jim Butler

      I have coffee with a couple of 100% vets almost everyday. If you are as healthy as they are, you should go out and get a job. There are so many guys saying that they are disabled when they are not, and aggravate the VA until they are granted 100% by some Pakistani Dr. just saying

    • Stew

      The country is broke, I’m surprised they are giving any increases. I’ll take what they are giving and be grateful that I receive a cost of living increase on my pension after 21 years of service and only being 39 years old.

      • Robert

        Hey jim sounds like you don,t have a clue, 4 and half million dollar vacations, tuesday and wednsday parties at the white house, gsa partying down wake up jim

  • BKSanders

    Since 2008, exactly 4 years ago, I have the receipts to prove that my car insurance, house insurance, gas, and groceries have exactly doubled . Since that time my additional income extra for that 4 years has been about 30.00 a month. That covers a partial tank of gas once.
    The house I bought with my lifetime savings has gone down so much that if I sell it, I won’t be able to afford to buy another one near my kids where I need to move because of my health. How do they think that 1.7 covers all the inflation
    of these past 4 years? Congress should have too manage on the same increases we get and pay the same medical care increases and other inflated
    charges. We need a new administration that cares about the people of the US and what is happening to our Country.

    • BKSanders,

      Seems you have no idea how COLA is figured.

    • QUEST

      To keep up with the cost of living would take a war a real war here in The United States


    It just means that the government can give more money to Pakistan and Somalia that they can use to kill our boys with, And it is OUR money.

  • Wes

    Reading thru all these responses the majority make me laugh. I served my 20 because I wanted to. I didn’t join or retire thinking I would sit back and have the government support me. I retired used my skills and found a great paying job. I owe nothing, called responsibility. Whatever I receive in COLA is great by me because I don’t sit back and whine about what the politicians did or didn’t do for me. What makes you feel you are “owed” anything? Seems this country has become the land of whiners. Nobody twisted your arm and made you stay? Want more money-pay more taxes or better yet get a job

    • Sergeant

      Wes, we are all so proud of you but a lot of us are paying a price for our service because of the wear and tear of combat and training demands. Not only should we be compensated but compensated adequately. I take it you were back in the rear with the rest of the girls. Keep your nails polished trooper.

    • beenthere

      Wes. Where does your anger come from. Didn’t get that promotion that you wanted?!

      • Wes

        11b. Don’t think that is back with the girls. Not angry at all. I just find it amusing that most get a pretty decent retirement after 20 years and find room to complain. Msg at 20 and retired so no I wasnt worried about any missed promotions. Nope not giving my check back. Gets deposited like clockwork for my real retirement years. Maybe then I’ll join the rest of you and sit back and whine about not getting enough free pay raises

        • Wes,

          I’m with ya. To top it off, I never had to pay anything into my retirement. I surely can’t complain.

      • Wes

        11b. Don’t think that is back with the girls. Not angry at all. I just find it amusing that most get a pretty decent retirement after 20 years and find room to complain. Msg at 20 and retired so no I wasnt worried about any missed promotions. Nope not giving my check back. Gets deposited like clockwork for my real retirement years. Maybe then I’ll join the rest of you and sit back and whine about not getting enough free pay raises

    • Gilmore

      Roger that!!! It was a priviledge decision to serve this country…my choice. While others may want to suck from the hind tit of the Institutional Federal Government, I took care of myself and am proud of it!

      • Idmtmedic

        Good then the both of you can give back your retirement because that’s not why you signed up. Lmao. Yea like that will happen.

        • idmtmedic,

          Why do you continue looking for a fight????? Please, knock it off and stick to the subject.

  • Thomas Stevens

    Would someone tell me WHY we need most of these idiots in Washington
    anyway.Pay the patriots of this country a decent wage and limit their terms to
    4 years am positive we’d have plenty of people ready to serve their country
    just for the honor of doing so Semper Fi

    • ken

      Why do elected officials in Washington draw full pay for part time work?

      • ken,

        When I served in the Military, I wasn’t paid by the hour either.

    • Thomas Stevens,

      Those in Washington are already at our mercy which is seen through our VOTE.

  • Alison

    Well, I’m glad to be getting something, but it sure doesn’t match the inflation rate. Do you know that the Consumer Price Index (used to determine the inflation rate & thus our COLA) DOES NOT include fuel and groceries? This is twisted logic and I can’t believe we let them get away with it. We deserve what we get if we are so apathetic.

    • Jim Darby

      The Consumer Price Index was developed in 1966, so that SS, VA monetary beneftis along with military retirement would keep up with inflation. In my opinion ( am not an attorney), if you were entitled to benefits (see Law.com for definition of right or rights) at this time, until they started the ‘adjustment for volitile things like fuel and food’ in the 1970’s you and I should be getting the maximum benefit after we qualified. That means the whole increase in the CPI. What we hear in the Ryan plan is that the current beneficiaries and those within 10 years of retirement, would retain all Medicare benefits, but those who retire later would get the ‘voucher’ (reduced benefits). In the Prop 8 case, the 9th Cir agreed with the lower court that once a right has been granted, that it cannot be repealed even by a popular vote. If that holds up in the Supreme Court this session, everyone who is currently eligible for an ‘entitlement’ will have to be ‘grandfathered’ in.

    • Tony

      Thanks God we are alive and healthy. God bless you all

    • Alison,

      COLA started in 1975.

      Source: http://www.ssa.gov/cola/automatic-cola.htm

      “The Story of COLAs

      “Most people are aware that there are annual increases in Social Security benefits to offset the corrosive effects of inflation on fixed incomes. These increases, now known as Cost of Living Allowances (COLAs), are such an accepted feature of the program that it is difficult to imagine a time when there were no COLAs. But in fact, when Ida May Fuller received her first $22.54 benefit payment in January of 1940, this would be the same amount she would receive each month for the next 10 years. For Ida May Fuller, and the millions of other Social Security beneficiaries like her, the amount of that first benefit check was the amount they could expect to receive for life. It was not until the 1950 Amendments that Congress first legislated an increase in benefits. Current beneficiaries had their payments recomputed and Ida May Fuller, for example, saw her monthly check increase from $22.54 to $41.30.”

      For the rest of the story: http://www.ssa.gov/history/briefhistory3.html#col

  • Mark Sterling

    I am for making new laws to make it a felony for CEO and Congress to earn anything unless their taking care of the folks that work for them. Where I work, the CEO laid off 300 people took a 3 million dollar bonus and gave himself a 18% pay raise. It is time to stop this madness!

    • Mark Sterling,

      Whoooooo, I best not tick you off, or you might want to cap my pay.

  • Russell

    Hey…at least Welfare got a 3.7% pay raise right. X-(

  • Idmtmedic

    Indexing, Charles indexing

  • Brew

    We served our country a lot of us fought for this country, we watched as our buddies died and after all of this we keep getting screwed, when obama took office we didn’t get a cost of living raise and then this year we get 1.7% and congress has voted them selves 2 raises and these people who are on welfare who has never worked and doesn’t plan on it gets 3.7%, this is bullsh*t !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • USAF(ret)

      So I suppose we won’t be voting Democrat? I KNOW I sure won’t!!!

    • Brew,

      “We served our country a lot of us fought for this country, we watched as our buddies died and after all of this we keep getting screwed,”

      I volunteered, served my country, when to Nam, got piay for what I did, got out of service after 3 years, and was never screwed. 1976 got hungry, I VOLUNTEERED the second time, went to Gulf War 1, got paid for what I did, retired in 1995 as a First Sergeant, recieved all retirement benefits that were promised, never, ever, screwed the second time arount either.

      Please explain who screwed you and what did they screw you out of?????

      “congress has voted them selves 2 raises”

      The truth, is that Congress hasn’t recieved a pay raise since 2009. Matter of fact, Federal Workers pay is still frozen also.

      • Retired Pork Chop

        @charles bryant

        I agree with you…for some reason most VETS appear to be looking for a handout. I’m happy to get what they give me. IF VETS planned for the future you should be better off than the majority of Americans. You have a montly income check. You may still have educational benefits available. I know…that takes some thinking and work to get the stipend.

        @ all other NON-OBAMA supporters

        You heard it here first…if Romney wins he is going to blame Obama for why he can’t do what he has NOT said what he is going to do. A five point plan or a 9-9-9 plan…neither will not work. So, I recommend you stop being used by politicians to vote for the wrong reason.

        The Country is better off than four years ago and getting better. I work in the banking industry and know this as a matter of fact. However, too many Honey Boo-Boo’s are out there talking. Nuff said.

  • rtojoe

    Why do some people blog their political and economic opinions without checking the Snopes site and other fact check websites first. The COLA is under control of a law passed by the Congress and not the POTUS. Gas prices are not regulated by the POTUS, but by the worldwide market demand and geo political issues ie; wars, civil unrest, infrastructure damage to refineries, weather etc. Some people do not think for themselves anymore., but are motivated and become manipulated by what ever a political pundit or media outlet spouts untruths that they like to hear.

    • padgetster

      I beg to differ.
      Since our POTUS has the ability to effect world-wide oil prices, either by exerting pressure on certain un-named Arab state to produce more oil, or by opening up federal controlled lands for oil exploration, that has an immediate effect on the spot price of oil.
      So since we’ve got a POTUS who likes windmills over oil, and who-knows-what-other-pie-in-the-sky energy provider, we’re going to be stuck with paying upwards of $80 to $110 dollars per bbl of crude oil for the foreseeable future.
      On the other hand, if that other guy gets elected, and opens up lands for oil exploration, along with approving that certain pipe-line, I would expect the price of crude oil to drop considerably.
      So yes, the POTUS does have a direct effect on the world-wide price of crude oil, and if you don’t believe this to be true, then ask yourself why when Bushy was in office gas at the pump was half of what it is now.

    • Bob Garza

      This president is the liar in chief and his adminstrations has lied to us so much, Just common sense I know Cost of Living has gone up so much in the last year. Gas prices has gone up and down, Food cost has gone up year after year since he took office. I am retired USAF and use the commisary to purchased our groceries. Every food items has went up drastically in last year. One good example is the price of fresh strawberries were $1.99 a pound, today they were $3.49 a pound.

      • moeman

        who gives a rats ass about strawberries. get a life

        • Cord

          You are so right moeman! Say it again. I needed to hear that!

  • desertvibes

    1.7% is not much in this economy, but seriously do you think that if the Commander-in-Chief (regardless of who he is) wanted to give a larger increase to the people who have kept this country safe, could he? or would the house and the senate block it? The President doesn’t have a carte’ blanc to move bills when the house majority says “Ney!!!!”

    • desertvibes,

      “1.7% is not much in this economy, but seriously do you think that if the Commander-in-Chief (regardless of who he is) wanted to give a larger increase to the people who have kept this country safe, could he?”

      Although I don’t have a crystal ball, I can pretty much guarantee that Congress is not going to come up with a new law that changes how COLA is figured so people get more monies, nor can I see any President signing such a Law. Face it, we as a Country have to keep spending monies we just don’t have.

    • E.H.

      I support you 100 percent …….

      • Cord

        It appears to me that your comment is the “dumb” one. You have watched too much tewlevision as well. The problem here is that you haven’t watched TV where you got the whole story. You haven’t seen both sides either, perhaps if you had, you would know that Mark’s comment has some very strong validity.

  • johnny g

    these clowns in congress are nothing but parasites , most of them have never even been in the military much less combat. Wow can we imagine the clowns humping hills around san onofre , or just anywhere. What a country .


    • johnny g,

      Not sure about calling them parasites, but most everyone I know of has a choice of where they want to go in life. I would also add, that most of those that have served, have never been in Congress either.


    1.7% is not much, but look at it this way. when i retired in 1981 i already had job lined up in real estate, 1982 was not a good year in that field. after 6 mos, my wife said why not apply for a job in the computer insdustry. i had been a j jet aircraft

    mechanic for 20 years. pc’s were just coming out, i got a job with a small local

    co. repairing mini frame computers and stand alone word processors. i stuck with that field for 25 years. my air force retirement along with my wife’s extra money was palced in a 401k. TRICARE helped along with my wife’s co ins.



  • Ed Camacho

    Tricare rates anyway takes the 1.7% for the retires before they see it in place.
    So why worry about the COLA.

  • mdurlak

    Oh if you believe this is the worst only a 1.7% pay raise, this is just the beginning of POTUS garbage to come. Has anybody read The Economist magazine recently? Nice article about how several countries are going to the Chinese Yuan as the reserve currency of choice. The US Dollar has held that position as long as I’ve been alive. I’m retired Air Force, reitred in 1996. If you think prices are climbing now hold your hat the Obama Debt is going to effect you in ways you can not understand. One fella said he has tracked the prices of strawberries at the commissary, have any of you looked at the weight contents of the boxes, can, packages, etc…they’ve been hiding inflation by redefining the contents. You’re paying the same for less. You just haven’t noticed it. This president is a loser, his campaign slogan is “FORWARD” forward to what, $20 plus trillion in debt. The government is printing money, making our money worhtless. Ask yourself why people are buying gold? If you can answer the questions I’ve outlined and still vote for Obama, god bless America, we’ll need it you’re just to blind to see it.

    • mdurlak,

      Don’t get me wrong, but your post could apply to most any President.

      • mdurlak

        Our other presidents have not created $10 trillion in debt over 8 years!

        • mdurlak,

          If you go back in history and check, you will find that under most every President the debt has gone up. Should Romney get elected, the debt will also go up and blame will be all his.

          Congress holds the purse strings.

    • bob

      If “The Annointed One”, our POTUS, the “Vaccationer-In-Charge”, “Mr 36 Holes”, get re-elected … I’m investing in a copy of the Rossetta-Stone program. I’ll need to brush-up on my Manderin & Cantonese since they’ll soon own the USA, and rule the world!

      • Not a jarhead

        get real…………your boy
        Bush screwed the country with two wars and cutting taxes. Deal with it you voted for that clown. If your boy Romney gets in expect your retirement cut. He doensn’t believe you deserve it since its paid by the tax payers.;

        • Jim Darby

          I am one, but you got it. 2 years ago Scott Tipton (R-CO) campaigned on cutting retirement and VA benefits to balance the budget. He was also probably the only member of the House to vote for changing the retirement and compensation benefits. Our VA pensions will go on, but because of budget cuts they have reduced our access to care. No more walk-ins to even see a nurse. I requested an urgent eye care appointment (cataracts) in June, and I will see the eye doc in about 2 weeks. So much for urgent. Even TEA party members don’t like this.

    • bob

      As much as I share your apparent disdain for our current POTUS, our “Vacationer-In-Chief”, “Mr 36 Holes”, it’s actually equally important to get rid of “Her Highness, Princess” – Polosi, “Chairman Mio-Tsi” – Reed, and a few others currently in power on Capitol Hill, who have made it impossible for congress to accomplish much of anything for the last 4 years.

      Then, once we’ve cleaned house – we need to demand they reform it. Being a Representative or Senator was never meant to be (by our founding fathers) a career with a fat retirement benifits, but rather a “calling” to publis service. Yes, I said “public service”, not the current “self-service” our system has evolved into!

      Force:Congressional term-limits, greatly reduced or elliminated retirement for elected officials. Forcing elected officials to realize that public service is a priviledge, and a responsibility, and that they are not US royalty!

      Obama was right about one thing: we DO need some fundamental change! And changing that (above) would be a good start!

      • Jim Darby

        bob: several years ago CO adopted term limits. This ‘dumbed down’ the legislature, and many other elected offices. This left the career State employees to actually run govt. Because of their relatively low pay, CO is now on the list of potentially the most corrutable states. 30 years ago I went through the data base for County Property records, and found many files which did not contain the right info to make an assessment for tax purposes. Prior appraisers had probably been bribed not to record some taxable features – like number of bedrooms. That is corruption at the ground level.

        • Idmtmedic

          Jim so then you can mirror image that on the future military. “dumb down” the benefits will get you short term military enlistees and no middle leaders or future retirees. No reason to put up with the BS. get your training get out and go to school.

    • Ron

      I agree with you. What I don’t understand is why people can’t see what is going on. He has lied so much that he believe it himself

    • margie

      I surely hope you are not living off of your VA because If you think you are doing bad with Obama, I am going to laugh at all of you if Mitt wins!

      • Jim Darby

        margie: I am one of the 47%, and the prices of rice and beans are increasing. The WWII C rations are looking better all the time. They didn’t have an expiration date either.

        • moeman

          Love the lima beans and ham…

    • Lori

      This is from Bush Honey! This president has tried so hard to fix the damage that ass left behind. Congress has created a deadlock and made so many mistakes and tied this mans hands! Look at the Big picture. Look outside the box honey and hopefully your colorblind!

    • Wprld peace

      Your blind where do you think the debt came from the mess Bush left us in The president put in place a plan to stop the hardship that we as a country were going into. and to make things worse he outline that things were going to get worse before it got better check your facts, eat more strawberries you need them it helps repair brain cells.

  • Frank

    after all the men and women who served there country fdor 20 or more yrs this is all they get? come on , show some appreciation for them

  • top

    Any Vet that would vote for the current adminstration must be suffering from “shell shock”

    • Cord

      Any Vet who doesn’t vote for the present administeration is definitely suffering from Romnesia. Have you forgotten how bad things were four years ago? Oh, I’m sorry! Romnesia!

    • jkh

      If you are a vet, you are part of the 47% that Romney cares nothing about.

      • jkh,

        Maybe you feel that way, but surely you don’t really feel that Romney feels that way. I mean, heck, if I even though he meant that just a little bit, I woundn’t be voting for him.

        • Idmtmedic

          Again, what topic are you addressing according to this article?

    • Cat

      ..NOT! It really is an EMBARRASSMENT to MY vet, hearing the sick comments like this..

      As I said to Phil, PLEASE LEAVE MY COUNTRY! You have NO clue about the Constitution or anything else that keeps this country going!

    • Rbg

      I have gotten more in the last three years then in the past twenty years.

  • Mike Grant

    People I’ll take what I got if you think this guy Romney cares are even knows anything about the military you must be asleep at the wheel. We did not have a deficit until the Republicans took Office does anyone remember the 4 Trillion in surplus that was the Clinton legacy????

    • Eric Galant

      Mike, think again about Clinton’s legacy. There was no surplus under Clinton. He just did not spend it all. When Clinton took office there was a 4.2 trillon debt. When Clinton left office there was a 5.7 trillion debt.

    • KennyG

      With a Republican Congress? Yes, I remember the surplus and thank Congress for it, not Clinton.

    • Williams, Larry E.

      Dear Scholar,
      Just how many years of Military Service did the current occupant of 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, Washington, DC have? You know, that occupant who suggested early on that Disabled American Veterans pay for their own service connected disabilities because they were not required to serve; they volunteered for service. Look beyond the color of the skin, look at the democrat party platform, abortions, homosexuality, open homosexuality in our Armed Forces (isn’t that a wonderful idea, suggested by lady gaga; and authority on Military matters). I could go on and on, however I feel as though it will only fall upon deaf ears.

      A United States Army Retired Sergeant Major with 30 years of Military Service

      • moeman

        How profound

      • moeman

        You forgot to put 30 years of non-combat duty……

        • Bill T

          And yours (if any) Moeman?

      • Michael112000

        I all can say to your rant is stop watching nothing but Fox News!!

    • jim

      Clinton did a great job in not giving the money away to everone that did not want to work. So it helped alot to stay even the way he got it. Now its going to take some one like romney to stop it. Its not going to be easy and we ALL will have to help not just the one with the money. Yes im not one of the ones with money I live on $18,000.00 a year. It ok ill give more but use it to stop the dete and not give to others.

    • Michele

      President Obama plans to continue to make big cuts in the military. Romney has said he disagrees with that. Yes, we have an overwhelming deficit that absolutely needs to be reined in, however, our country and more pointedely, our military, don’t deserve to be weakened because the government has overspent trillions of dollars. Our men and women deserve the support of the American people to be able to perform safely and with the best means available to them. Cuts in the military will only serve to lessen our ability to maintain a strong, sustainable force when called on.

    • John

      Because Reagan policy were finally taking place!!

    • Jim Davis

      Good Lord, i’d ask if you were serious but truth is you simply have lost your compass.

    • George Rebman

      CLearly you have drank the cool aid. That surplus was inspite of Clinton, it was a direct result of the Republican Congress led by Newt Ginridge. I think you need a history lesson along with the rest of the liberal media. This current President is a failure in his own right, not only with his international dealings but what he and his dem. controled congress did during his first two years. By the way what is his excuse for not sending a budget to Congress that even his own party will vote for?

    • Sam Thomas

      Man is your history screwed up!

    • bob

      Again, with respect you don’t know your history. We’ve had national debt since the revolutionary war, and Clinton had plenty! He did, balance the budget for a couple years (so he had no deficit for those years), and much of that was due to policies & programs that Bush-I had implemented. But basically he gutted our military budgets (and stockpiles), amoung many other neglects to do it. But though he takes complete credit for the surplus, it actually came about for the most part because of a WORLD-WIDE boom in stocks and world-wide tide of profits in the late 80’s. Much of these proved to be false “baloon” profits which came back to haunt us in later years.

    • steve

      Clinton, did awaway with reforms in 98 which allowed the market crash

    • P. Logan

      Thanks Mike, I was beginning to think that we think this debt was created by our current president. Why is it so hard us to remember where this mess started. Romney is not the answer, he is a repeat of past failed policies and he can’t even tell us any specifics on what he plans to change. I don’t trust him with the military (past, present or future) or anything else.

    • webslave

      Thank you Sir for reminding the voters who put this country on bread and water for the last 12 years. By the way, I am not a Democrat.

    • mmmnb

      the presidents budget office say Obama’s plan will add 1 trillion a year for the next 4 years through 2016, his budget office not the CBO, says this , my word!! we are talking about 22.3 trillion

    • Paul V

      True, Clinton created a surplus at our pockets expense! He increase the country’s federal income tax so high and if you don’t know high it is, find out, research it and learn the truth! Because of that clinton created more poverty then and up to now. Oh! by the way he also turned the oval office into a whorehouse, ask Monica Lowinski. We’ll he denied about it but under pressure of investigation and millions of tax payers money later he admit it. In short he lied to all of us. Yep! that’s clinton’s Legacy alright.

    • Don

      Get your head out of your butt. Before you make stupid remarks like this one you need to educate yourself. It’s people like you that should not be allowed to vote. Obama has added more debt to this nation than all of the previous presidents. The Dems are buying votes by giving welfare and disability benefits to the people who suck the system dry. Wake up idiot.

    • don

      u must be a young man..in 70 we got zip actice duty . the only president to adjust my pay was reagan..all you boys that r in now dont no what no pay is like..seen many e-7 standing in the free food lines at the housing unit in san diegi ca…aka murphy canyon..all of u r overpaid and worthlessely untalented

    • USN CPO Retired

      The so called 4 trillion dollar surplus was partly in fact because, Your buddy the dope from Hope(Arkansas) made a under the rug deal with the SSA and left them an IOU, which never got paid back. Oh look where that system is right now.
      Secondly he reduced the military by almost 50% shortly after which we were attacked. and 1 more issue during his administration he had the opportunity to take out Osama Bin Laden who had been on the US radar since 1992, he had a 2 hour window to launch a cruise missile and kill him then, he chose to play golf instead and not take the calls form the Defense secretary.
      To me that borders on treason but is definitely Dereliction of Duty, and oh we would not have had a 911 if he had done his job then.

    • Coleman

      MIKIE Ole Boy—–YOU have the DEBT and Surplus mixed up—There is a very big difference!! Clinton saved a few hundred million while in due to a GOP congress but the national debt was over 4 trillion and grew under Clinton to nearly 6 trillion—-WHERE did you get a 4 trillion surplus—the government didn’t even take in that much so you have your wires crossed somewhere or are completely uninformed!!

    • bob

      i was in the military during Clinton legacy, i see the surplus and watch the active military that could fight battles on many fronts with out the add of reverses and national guard help, how we have a active duty reverses which once was other back force we no longer have a back force to help. they are the force of the future under the republican party which is a same. Clinton done so much to make a small active duty force to safe a buck. The third world country’s we add and give money to don’t give a damn about us just are money. I think congress, the house and the Obama should take pay cuts until they get the country back on track, and maybe we could get some real work out of them.

      • Rich

        I started my service under Bill Clinton and let me tell you it was the worst eight years we had to endure. It will be forever known as the “Do more with less era”. We saw some of the smallest pay increases ever under him, we saw our benefits eroded and no we may not have had to lean on the National Guard because I was deployed over and over and over doing more with less. Just like most liberals who have no love of our military, he would rather cut defense and from those who serve and give to those who refuse to work. Clinton took what was a booming economy under Reagan (which took eight long years to recover from Carter) and in just eight years killed it. Now look at what the current placehold wants to do: take away retirement and make more like the “private sector” 401k….liberals top priority is ALWAYS to screw those that serve. You are a fool to believe otherwise.

    • spouse

      wake up Mike, the ONE there now has never been in the military or had a real job. At least Romney worked from the ground up just like we do, but he took himself further and earned the money he has made for him and his family, it wasn’t just given to him. At least he knows how to build not tare down. That is what this county started out as, build. Get rid of the Unions, they did what was needed at the time but have out done themselves. I am from Detroit and know very well. I was in the union and know how they work and for whom they work for. The people are the ones that should make this country work. They don’t they think the government will do it for them. Where are we?????

    • Roberto

      You are one uninformed dumocrat.

    • Jim

      The so called Surplus that the Clinton Amin. keeps talking about,
      along with the Dem’s. I believe it was $4 Billion that was turned over
      to the Bush Admin., was in fact your Social Security money, the Bush
      Admin. took the $4 Billion and put it in the Social Security account
      where it belong. Social Security monies are outside the federal
      budget.. Slick Willie, scam the country again. Don’t believe me, check
      it out. I am a Dem myself!!!.


    • fayette

      How much surplus did the US have when Clinton left office? http://wiki.answers.com/Q/How_much_surplus_did_th
      The Myth of the Clinton Surplus http://www.craigsteiner.us/articles/16

    • john

      u moron….Yea, clinton was too busy screwing interns in the oral office and bombing empty buildings….bush had to clean up his mess of being easy on terorrists. Bush had to fund 2 wars, which cost money, I am sure lefty loons like u would of rather spent that money on crack mothers and their brood. AND most importantly, bothe houses of congress were rupublican, which holds the nations purse strings, and forced ol slcik willy to pass welfare reform and control the spending..if clinton had his way the expansion of social programs would of ruled, you know, like his crime reduction package of :midnight basketball.”

    • MTB

      You are an idiot!

  • Richard Holcomb

    I retired in 94 and there are a lot of things we were promised when i joined in 62 that we have lost over the years , medical being one of them.

    • Dick Boaman

      They never promised,us,a,rose garden!!!

      • Donald

        I retired in 1970. My reply, “is oh yes they did’. I joined the Army in 1949 and at that time we were told that if we made it to 20 years the goverment would,” take care of us”. Medical being one of them. It seems like every time I turn around they are taking something else from us.
        God Bless America and God help us if we continue as we are doing now.

        • roneco

          Donald, the government will “take care of you”. You just have to stand in line a little longer.

        • Donald,

          Do veterans have a right to free health care for life?

          “I do mind paying more than $460.00 per year,” one reader commented on such a story in January. “I was promised FREE medical and DENTAL for me and my family, for life. So to me any increase is a continuation of the break of a promise that was already broken.”

          Clearly, these folks feel betrayed, so The Rumor Doctor set out to see if there is any truth to this belief that troops and veterans are entitled to free health care for life.

          “The short answer is no,” said Peter Graves, a spokesman for the assistant defense secretary for health affairs. “Health care benefits for military members, retirees, and their families are, and have always been, as provided by law, and the law has never promised free health care for life.”


  • Maybe we should go back to the way it was before 1975.

  • Dave D

    If any servicemember, active or retired, actually believes that POTUS has fond feelings for the military is asleep at the switch. He never has and his actions reflect that, i.e. his response to Romney during the last debate in which he (POTUS) drew a very inaccurate analogy between the Navy of 1916 and the use of bayonets or horses. We’d better wake up and do the right thing on election day…vote for Romney!

    • CHUCK


    • bob

      Don’t forget how he honored “corpse-man” Bushard in a speech about 14 times! I was wondering while he spoke, exactly what a “corpse-man” does in the military. I guess the POTUS figured he walks around pickin’ up corpses and taking them to the morgue or something! What a MAROON!

      • Idmtmedic

        We need more horses.lmao

    • E.H.

      You vote that crazy nut Romney!!!!!!

  • army

    hmm its not the President who has control or should I say commander in chief all of the issues are decided by congress. Don’t they always vote for there salaries while we sit back.

    • bob


      again check your history! Congress no longer votes to give themselves a pay raise! They changed that law in 1987 or 1988. The democrats insisted this was causing the voters to focus too much on their pay, and was costing members re-elections.

      So, since then, Congress gets an automatic pay raise every year based on a formula (not the same crappy formula they use for the military) UNLESS THEY VOTE AGAINST IT! Guess how many times they’ve done that !!!!


    The Fourth Lowest COLA ever and the other two lower years were all during the Obama Administration. I retired in ’96, live in NY and my only benefits are my pension and the Comissary. Wait for Sequestration to hit the comissary.
    That will go too.

  • J. Bateman

    The people in Washington. Namely the congress, and Obama are all convinced they can keep us quiet about this.
    They probably are convinced we…ALL OF US, won’t say anything because we FEAR them, and how they take advantage of US, and our Families. While they Lie, and make false promises to help our fellow Vets…now in the thousands with PTSD, and brain injuries.
    Mister and Mrs. Obama once said..They love our Military. But what they were talking about was Obama’s New Uniformed…Black Panthers.

    • Cord

      Sir,do you ever read at all, or watch any TV other than Fox News, or listen to any radio other than Rush Linbaugh, or talk to anyone other than thoes who think as you? Perhaps you should try something new, you know, in the line of the media that you choose or the circle of friends to whom you listen. Then and only then would you realize that what you said about the PROTUS and First Lady was completely out of line. Please stop disrespecting ourPresident, unless you have something that you can call factual rather than pure conjesture! Your comments do nothing to help our situation; they just make matters worst and completely out of line.

      • Cord,

        Not a fan of our President, but I do agree with what you have said.

    • E.H.

      You must belong to the Black Panthers also!!!!!

      • Cord

        Black Panthers? No, but comments from people like you and action from people with your mind set is what created the Black Panthers. Listening to your slanderous remarks about The President and knowing what you habor behind such comments could make me seek a membership. But then, I realize that there are only a few like you, just you Are you a member of some hate group?.

  • Erica

    Ok so I have to say this and most of you will not agree with me but I think it’s hopeful.. We retired in aug 2012 and as such will be getting a 0.2 % raise until 2014… Which is horrible but as far as the va goes we got 70% determination in less than 2 months… I have to say while active duty I was miserable now it seems we have been treated the best we have ever been, but the medical care is a joke we have to pay to use a mtf which doesn’t put in scrips or referrals… I think if you pay you should be able to use your own doctor… And of course no jobs…

    • R J.

      Well Erica if your Dr. accepts Tricare you can see a private Dr. but if he doesn’t then you can use the VA clinic’s. I retired after 21 and half years am now on medicare and with that and Tricare I don’t pay the Dr.’s office anything and they can refer you anywhere. If your disable you are elgiable for Soc Sec and medicare after 6 months. Just hang in there and pe patient and things will improve with a President in the White House and not the commmie soclist that sits there now.

      • Idmtmedic

        Rj get yer shi# straight. Mr Charles is of the opinion that we don’t deserve what we get and isn’t willing to fight for it. So either bunk up with him or rent from him in his old trailer without a job. Now who is sucking off the government tit?

  • Minnesotagopher

    I would like to make two short points….#1) Erica, when you get the 70% VA determination it will amount to a given dollar figure. Lets say your 70% equates to a monthly VA check of $1400. The same month that the VA check arrives in your mail, the Military branch (mine was Navy) that send you retirement pay will extract exactly $1400 from your retired pay. You get no increase in you monthly income!!!
    #2) Folks, you can rant about the POTUS caring about you or not, but it is Congress that determines whether you should get the COLA or not. POTUS has no say in it.

    • FMF Master Chief

      your wrong about the deuction. Any over 50% is a separate, non-taxed check. Look it up. it’s called concurrent receipt.

      • P. Logan

        No, both of you are correct. It varies based on what retirement package was in effect when you retired. My brother retired with 30% and his disability was taken from his retirement check which is taxed, and his disability percentage is tax free. I retired and I get two separate checks, a taxed retirement check, and a 90% disability check.

    • Native Texan

      My Dear Minnesotagopher, In my reply to your #2 statement I agree with your statement. However, it is the leadership of POTUS who sets the agenda for the country and if the ecomomy is doing bady because of his decisions then the country suffers and subsequently the size of any COLA for a given year.

    • jkh

      Not true…all retirees rated at 50% or more disability gets concurrent receipt payments which means that their disability pay from the VA is in addition to their full military retired pay…no offset. Erica call DFAS to get the real benefit amount.

    • Woody

      We have been screwed again! It is time to rise up and take this country back. You can bet the idiots in government will get more than their fair share.
      If I was a young person today, I would not consider the military as a career.

  • Big Bird

    1.7/ don’t the bean counters ever buy groceries or gasoline?

  • Pete

    Your mother

    • Cord

      It must have been his mother. I don’t think he needs to worry about any of his money supporting the First Lady. I believe when one sees or believes something that most everyone else sees differently, then that one person who sees otherwise is either a fool or wrong. He may be both.

      • tjh

        Actually Cord you need to get you head out of the sand. What the man said is fact.

  • moeman

    1.7% pay raise, what do I want that for , I can’t even spend what I have now

    • Michael852

      I was thinking the same thing!!!

  • steve

    what ever happened to concurrent pay like all other federal government retirees get except military. my disability check should separate from my retirement check and there’s are why?????

    • Marty

      If you are a retiree with a VA approved 50% to 90% service-connected disability the crdp off-set is almost nil. 1 jan 2014 for retirees who fall in the 50 to 90% category there will be no off-set for crdp.I suggest that you read up on the legislation that approved this benefit before you make any commenents regarding Concurrent retirement disability pay (CRDP) for military retirees.

      • drasil52

        It works a little bit differently with CRSC though.

  • Roger

    You can bet congress won’t get a chicken feed 1.7% COLA .

  • carroll MDV

    I agree that this COLA is too small. Why don’t the govt just offer us a cash out deal…… They are just giving our money away to other countries anyway.

  • Riverrat

    It’s official…my monthly COLA increase is NOT enough to cover the cost of a large two topping pizza and a beer at my local pizzaria……Bet the crooks in Congress will be giving themselves a lot more than 1.7% once the elections are over.

  • kirk griswold

    Anything is better than nothing. I never planned on getting rich when I signed up to “serve”. It’s enough to buy a little cheese for your wine. YNCS Griswold, USN, retired.

  • jerry

    The only thing we can do is vote the present congressout and this is the year to do it, get on face book or any other means and and vote the free loaders OUT.

    • SFC Pettway/DAV

      I agree!!! While everyone wants to look at the presidential election, NO ONE EVER talks about the darn congress or the senate. These are the ones that write and make the stupid laws. Why is this county ALWAYS so focused on the wrong things? They need debates for the congress and senate people, The country should be watching those, All they watch is the spin put on the comercialism of the add campaign for the different ones…Thoughts ? SFC Pettway DAV

    • Cord

      Now, that is what I’m talking about!

  • C D Clemens Jr

    Somebody hasn,t been to the grocery store latlely’ What a crock.

    • ken

      Very true. Prices in the cvommissary go up andf down at least twice a month. You buy a container of hot chocolate the first of the month and it is almost $5.00, but a couple of weeks later it will be just over $3.00.

  • Sue

    We are in such Debt because two wars were put on a credit card, while the very wealthy got a tax break. They they very wealth don’t serve in the military, rarely ! Lets stop spinning this the very wealthy are getting wealthier! This gap is not the American way. Think about your tax bracket then think about the fareness of 15% on 2 million in income.

    • Sue,

      I also only paid 15% on my investment income.

  • robsarge

    Ahhh, of course…Tricare Prime jumped their price on October 1st….oh well, it’ll at least buy me a “Happy Meal” or two! Really surprised on how low it is, especially on an election year! Vote ’em OUT!

    • bob

      I wrote to my rep. & senator & prez. many times last year screaming & begging for them not to change the TRICARE premiums. I knew then, and said so, and am only more convienced now that “once congress gets their hands on, and starts “adjusting” the TRICARE premiums, it won’t be long before they’re exactly the same as civilian healthcare premiums.

      I was a “assured” by my elected officials that this would not happen, and that TRICARE fees would (1) could only happen annually, (2) would never be more than our COLA %, (3) and were not a target; cause they intended “to keep faith with those who’ve served”.

      Well, suprise – suprise! ; they lied !- again !- what else is new? They just jumped the TRICARE fee by well over 1.7%, and they’re now saying it may go up AGAIN – THIS YEAR.

      Sometimes I hate it when I’m right.

      • bob,

        Your the second person that has said Tricare may go up again this year. This is the first raise in premiums since 1994, and based on my figuring is what they said it would be, 1.7%. Also, this raise is for 2013 beginning this Month. Do you have a link to the information that says they are going to raise Tricare again?????

        • Lea

          It was in a military.com article recently I believe. I read it and thought the same thing – raise again in Dec or Jan

          • Lea,

            In my case, I believe someone has misread something, and I can pretty much say a second raise isn’t going to happen. For something like that to happen, there has to be some sort of legislation that has to pass through the House, Senate, voted on and signed into Law.

            This is just another one of those stupid rumors without teeth.

  • Wildcat

    The lives you and I now live are basically what we prepared ourselves for. Those of us who have learned to live and conserve in this current economy will accept what they have and make it somehow work. We are all spoiled due to easier times in past years which offered good benefits. The current financial status of our country will require many program cuts to reduce our deficit spending. Be prepared for some lean years in the government paycheck. Take what Uncle Sam can afford to allow in a COLA,etc. and be happy with what you recieve.

    • Wildcat,

      I can agree with that.

    • Dan

      Wow and I can remember $97.00 a MONTH pay

      • Ron

        Me too, and that was taxed

  • John Mayfield

    1.7 does that come with a revolver and gun?

  • RCB

    what happend to the 3.6 % cost of living increase for retirees that was announced we would get in the third quarted, volume 56, no. 3, july-september 2012 of SEMPER FIDELIS ? guess somebody got some bum scoop huh ?????

    • RCB,

      We got that in January of 2012.


    • Jim Darby

      That was an estimate at the time, just as was the estimate that the economy would grow at a 1.5% rate for this year. The (still) estimate of the growth rate is now down to 1.3% because of the drought. The actual base period for determining the COLA is only Sept., and something changed between June and Sept. With monthly estimates before the base period, to a certain extent a few big players can manipulate it downward. If Wal Mart has a big sale on something that is counted in the CPI in Sept. it can change the COLA.

      • Jim Darby,

        We got 3.6% in January of 2012, that wasn’t an estimate.

        • Jim Darby

          The 3.6% we got last Jan was not an estimate – it was the actual difference between CPI in 9/11 and 9/10, which, in turn was an estimate. The 1.7% that we will get in 1/13, is the difference between the CPI in 9/11 to 9/12. The problem is that if the govt does not change the ‘market basket’ to reflect actual things that are paid for, such as food and fuel, the estimate of the CPI will get further from reality. The reason why health care costs have been increasing faster than the CPI, is because the gadgets cost more and so does medical education, and replacing out of date facilities, like the Den VA.

  • delbudah@yahoo.com

    well people the rep borrowed the money from china remember and was going to give it all to wallstreet, obama took back half of it and spent on the people, i dont get what yall are understanding, are yall brain dead

  • DEE0243


    • Jim Darby

      Dee: Until after Korea the US never really had much in terms of a standing land force, and most of the services relied on the state, and the draft. I think those were good ideas. A standing military is a tool that can be used instead of a foreign policy, and with no draft the kids of the wealthy are not bothered with suffering casualties. As required in the USMC (57-61), I drove a truck, served mess duty and guard duty – all of the things that contractors do or did, and while following orders I was in the wrong place at the wrong time, and am now a VA 100%er. I am now a victim of the budget cuts and tax cuts for the wealthy. I don’t like that.

  • james laguana

    yes this administration want us to pay for our wounds and also we are all terrorist according to DHS because of our training to survive in intense combat.We fight for this country and this is the crap this administration is giving us.Our injuries they do not see for they control the war and we end up getting blamed for losing a war like the Vietnam war.Congress can vote themselves the raises they can because we can not control it, wait another four years and its too late their pension are much greater for that one time in office.If they pass away the wife or husband get the full 100% then if they die the kids inherit the remaining sum, we need to put a stop to this kind of runaway death pension.

    • Jim Darby

      James: I don’t envy their pensions, but I wish that they would make ours and our medical care the same as theirs. Sarah Palin was right about the ‘death pannels’ – they are the members of congress who never served a day. We are ‘entitled’ but they have rights.

  • bluebayou

    Commisary now run by civilian not a military position any more. Prices going sky high even more since the change. So wrong to take that position away from a military member and give it to a civilian.

    • Jim Darby

      This seems to show the great benefit of privatization. Last time I went to Warren AFB most food, when the over-ride and the tipping of the carryout person were actually higher than they were off base. The cigs at Buckley were actually higher than at the local smoke shop. In Iraq there were more contractors than troops, and I heard that some of them were still there. Halliburton must really need the money more than the troops do.

  • Butch

    the middle person has always payed the bills & never given the credit. the goverment operates off us. i am tired of carrying the load of all the people the goverment pays to do nothing. they can clean roads or cut grass. or do any type work the country needs. we pay them let them work any type jobs for the goverment or state check rather than stay home & do nothing.

  • Edward

    America is still the best country in the world. There are many problems and many complaints but if we don’t work together stay united as one nation we will fall flat our face. There is and have been no president that could solve all the problems once they are in office. Many have made promises with good intentions but congress and the individual states refused to help make the promises a reality. Once a 20 year contract is signed, no president can legally change it and must operate according to it or the whole nation will suffer even when it is obvious it was not a good contract. Many of the trillions of dollars now owed is because contracts were cancelled and penalties were charged. This is the one of many reasons for our debt. Could anyone explain why the greatest, most powerful and richest country in the world ever need to borrow from or owe money to lesser countries???? If all the private companies that have moved out of America were still here, there would be no job problems and our economy would be the greatest ever. As human beings and as a nation, we have allowed our greed to outweigh our need and therefore are continuously doing things ungodly and living in a state of division. We must always remember, a house divided cannot stand.

    • Dave

      This president and his administration seems to operate “out of the box” e.g. outside of rule the law. First time in U.S. history bond holders received no return of their money when lesser interests (unions) received the benefit during GM’s “bailout”. The Justice Department intimidates and sues States over issues that go against their personnel preferences (forget about Sates rights) but fail to prosecute those that break federal laws. A Justice Department that sells large quantities of weapons to foreign drug cartels that are used to murder boarder agents. An administration that changes the definition of work to fundamentally try to change the law passed by Congress in regards to eligibility for welfare. Congress (Reid and Pelosi) passing the health care law by circumventing the joint conference committee process (the Senate did not vote on it but administratively “agreed” with the House). A Senate that has not passed a budget in over four years. A Senate that fails to offer any vote on any spending bill that the House has sent it so that a joint conference committee can agree on a bill to be passed by both houses, but continues to operate the government via “continuing resolutions”. An administration that stands idly by while our consulate is attacked and an ambassador and three other brave Americans defend it and die in the process. GREED is GOOD (see the John Stossel special 10 days ago). An administration constantly telling us that the “rich” are not paying their “fair” share (A house divided?). [Who is “rich”? – the person who has more than you? What is “fair”? What you think it is or what Putan thinks it is?] If government would just apply some common sense and get out of micro management we WILL be the greatest ever!

  • Retired E7

    Obama’s fiscal irresponsibility on top of years of the expense, financial and human, trying to give democracy to people who are not willing to earn it. Add all this to a Congress that is totally out of touch with it’s constituents and spends with no thought for the consequences to the present and especially future generations, all spells a formula for disaster. We are offered nothing from either party and are left to pick the lesser of two evils. I won’t vote for the current President but I’m afraid Romney won’t cut the programs that need cut and won’t weed out dead wood and corruption in others. On another not since why are drunks and druggies on Social Security. Hell every service man has probably had at least the alcohol disease and we had to cure ourselves, let them do the same. To me its should only be for those who paid into it, just like Medicare. Unless of course Congress wants to put those who didn’t on their Platinum health care program and pay for it out of their pockets, like that would ever happen. I think we should put Congress and the President on our military health care program. I’ll bet we’d never see and increase…… Oh, and tag our COLA to their pay raises.

    • Retired E-7,

      You do realize that the retired military has the best health care plan there is.

      • Idmtmedic

        I absolutely agree with you and that’s because we earned it! Now it isn’t. Mark my words, the enlistments will decline, the quality of servicemen will suffer, and The young men and women will not see the opportunities of service to our country when they treat it as a comparable civilian job with the same benefits. No chance in hell.

        • idmtmedic,

          “I absolutely agree with you and that’s because we earned it!”

          “Earned it” is nothing but a feeling.Now, if you said this about my 20 year plus retirement check, I would agree.

          “Now it isn’t.”

          What isn’t what?????

          “Mark my words, the enlistments will decline, the quality of servicemen will suffer, and The young men and women will not see the opportunities of service to our country when they treat it as a comparable civilian job with the same benefits.”

          Yep, this was a prediction why back when Project VOLAR kicked in. To this day along with many other instances when the same thing has been said and has yet to happen.

          I remember guys like you making the same claims when they repealed Don’t Ask Don’t Tell. Well, guess what, like all other claims, it still has yet to happen.

      • Brenden

        This is not true I am 100% because of the VA by screwing up 3 different surgeries. I lost a six figure plus job because of the VA so do not say it is a great system. And I know of hundreds of such situations

        • Breden,

          Your VA Health Care seems to be free for you I presume. You’re not forced to use the VA. If you think paying a monthly fee is better, then pay the monthly fee, and drop the VA.

    • grim reaper

      We are doomed as a country if he is reelected. we will go the way of Greece and too bad all the free loaders can’t see that their gravy train handouts will be gone..then of course they will riot because that is the culture we’ve created…it’s a scary place but too bad americans on learn what they see on TV….obama is laughing at those “dependent” on him too bad they are toooooo blind to see

      • Tony

        Stop watching foxnews and maybe you will learn something.

      • Geri

        Seriously Grim Reaper? You must watch Fox News. Why not use one of your own opinions and not the opinion of someone else. Are you saying that every single, unfortunate soul out there is a freeloader? I am retired military, and unfortunately, I needed food stamps for 6 months once. I am retired Navy and am a certified Texas teacher. I have NEVER worked as a teacher because of the damn teacher layoff fiasco. I am now a 52 -year-old a correctional officer…still putting my life on the line. P.S. I am a woman, a single-mother and NOT a free loader because I once needed food stamps to FEED my child. You should be ashamed.

  • Old Sarge

    We need another Mendel Rivers

  • Jim Darby

    Tricare is not the only place where the COLA will be absorbed into another program. The payment for Medicare part B will also absorb the COLA, the plan for Medicare to reduce the cost of health care has been to reduce the compensation to providers. This has not been done for several years because many of the providers would no longer take Medicare patients. This is what the voucher system is supposed to do – reduce payments to providers. This will not work, and people will again turn to the ER for routine care, and if they cannot pay, the Fed. Govt will get the bill – it just comes out of a different pocket.

  • John

    The mental capacity required to think in any form other than a dichotomy seems to be the problem; to engage in the “R v D” debate,(whether on a Presidential, national, or state level) is to be the embodiment of a tool.
    Wanna stop it?
    Vote for a third party candidate.

    • johhny

      little better than binders, bayonets, and big bird..too bad Dems are all alike..oh yeah, contraceptives, I hope women see how condescending he is when he thinks women only care about that. when they can’t feed the kids or offer them a future..so far, food stamps don’t pay for college and by that time, we’ll be broke and working for China and Russia. oh how they are laughing too

  • Jerry

    It’s like everything else that has been happening within the government, soldiers are forgotten by the bureaucrats that never served a day in uniform!!!

  • mark

    you since this president took office no matter what he has tried to do from the out set the republicans said they would makeit so that he failed
    however the congress and senate can vote themselves a pay raise in 24hrs at 100% but when it comes to anything and i mean anything else it takes all 137 days that they actually work
    now as far as romney running for office and helping anyone well he loves to out source jobs to china i.e. bain captial /just sent 170 jobs from freeport ill
    so who the worse of two evils
    i think if you take all congress and make them pay for health insurance and make them work long hours for the same pay as regular folks things would change in hurry all politicians got it made

    • johnny

      so we can see how dumb your remarks are, except the congress pay raise…you watch too much television..need to read a bit ore on both the candidates, you might be surprised
      obviously you’ve seen the Dems commercials which you are quoting…

      • Spearhead7

        Better to have the devil you know than the devil you don’t know….. America is on the road to recovery, things are happening and it’s quite positive. Since when do we as Americans depend on a president to determine our fate and prosperity? Get behind this president, get motivated and rise up like Americans always have in the past. Only communist countries worry about who their presidents going to be; not a free society like America. That’s why we have a balance of power style government. It’s simple, get with the program and create your own legacy and your own path instead of looking at polls, listing to CNN, Fox etc…….

    • mark,

      “i think if you take all congress and make them pay for health insurance”

      They do pay for their Health Insurance, all the Federal Employees do.

  • Jim Mc Ginnis

    Our president is using Air Force 1 to fly all over the country politicting.
    How much does it cost us, the tax payers. AF 1 costs a lot of money to operate and maintain, not to mention the security costs.

    • Jim Mc Ginnis,

      “How much does it cost us”

      Basically the same as it did for all those Presidents before him.

    • Gregory Conerly

      Jim, every president is authorized to Air Force 1 to fly over the country during various things so get over it.

    • Odell

      All Presidents do this when they are politicting while they r in office. There is no difference .

    • Dan

      $179.00 per hour is what the News reported if you can believe that and they said the Dem Party is paying for the cost. He heeeee

      • Dan

        OPS $179,000.00 per hour Sorry

      • Dan,

        That is correct, when either party does somethings not related to business, the President or party may get a bill for what is owed. I recall a story about this when Bush was in office, and things they too were billed for.

    • MSG Manning (Ret)

      Sir, lets be real, every U.S. President have used AF 1in the same manner. Why do you harbor such hate and distainment? Do you sleep at night or does the evil spirits keep you awake? God has the final say so in all cases.

    • Kevin M.

      I think you need to educate yourself regarding how funds are determined to be political expenses vs presidential for any sitting president up for re-election and who pays as such. This is nothing new…or maybe only to you?

    • Geri

      Jim, every sitting President, in modern history, has used Air force one for their respective campaigns. After all, he is the President of the United States. Seems to me that the leader of the free world might need some protection which he has EARNED and DESERVES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

    • Kjones

      He is The President
      CMon Man

    • armando soto

      Hey Pal all Presidents use air force 1 for most of there travels that is included in the budget.

    • DeHa

      ALL presidents use Air Force One for travel…FOR THEIR SAFETY!! As a reminder…there are SICK individuals all there who would attempt to assassinate the leader of our country.

  • ophelia

    My husband was a veteran, he passed on 2004. I received my frist payment on 2005, and got a rise on 2006 but after that I didn’t never received a rise until January of 20012. Now the people from St. Paul MN. they won’t want to pay me what is legally mine or all those back rises. My question is were can I go and get help.

    • ophelia,

      So your saying from 2007 thru 2013 you have not had COLA added to your check you recieve from the Government????? I’m guessing this is your SBP check!

      If what I’ve said is true, let me suggest you not do what that one person has suggested, but insteady call 1-800-321-1080 and most likely they can fix the problem while you’re on the phone.

      Going to some Veterans Organization, calling your Congressman and/or going to the Media isn’t going to help. Each and every one of those places first question to you, will be, “have you called the SBP office and told them you’re not recieving your COLA?”

    • Katherine

      Ophella we did not have a raise until 2012 so you are not being treated bad. I to get . DIC. payment my husband passed in 1974. HE Was on active duty at the time. Sorry for your loss we never forget but time will get easier.

  • JOE

    hi i have been going to the VA boston campus for 38yrs and am finding that if you are having a issues don,t bother going to your congressman because i was put out with the trash. so what i am saying is don,t expect much from them ,it is all about self-interest or his or her friends. to summary this is that if their are not enough calls don,t bother because i was told you are the only one complatimg about the va pham. so i cannot help you. SO OUT OF TOUCH!!!!

  • Cord

    I think it is time that we realize that as far as politics goes, we are part of the 47%, like it or not. Right now, there is someone in the White House who has not totally dismissed us. So, all the hate on the POTUS is not going to change a thing. Best respect him. If Romney makes it, we’ll have to respect him as well. But keep in mind that he has already labored people such as our patriotic selves as members of the social entitlement programs.. That’s right, we are just like all the people you call drunks and druggies and lazy. We are the Big Birds of burden to Paul Ryan and Mitt Romney. In the mean time, what can and should we do about VA, the commisary, Cola, and the benefits that we are not getting. We can continue to put down each other’s presidential preference, but doesit help our situation? We should be working together, rather than trying to cast blame as many of us have done through out this blog. Wouldn’t it be better if we just supported one another? Throw around some worth while ideas for ourselves to try and make a difference.

    • Idmtmedic

      Working together is being part of a retired military organization. If you aren’t then it’s hard to complain. Strength in numbers and personal experience is the best way to get your voice heard. Write your congressman at the VERY least. Writing on here is a good start but you must keep up with your reps who are fighting for US and those that served before us.

    • don

      I agree, we should be throw ideals around to come up with solutions and stop point ing finers at the other one, that never get us anywhere. the POTUS is not to blame for the mess we’re in, Congress and all of our other elected officals have a hand in this and everybody need to strecth their arms across the ailse and pull together to work for the good of all people. Instead of trying to one up the other, work together. U can more flies with honey than vinegar, I’m just saying can’t we just all get along

    • Yossarian 52

      Oh my Lord!! No one serving in the military was included in the 47% comment Gov. Romney made at his private fund raising meeting. If you are still at this date do not understand to what he was referring, you are just too stupid to be allowed the vote!

      • moeman

        does this mean that you belong to the 53%?, how about a loan!

    • Patricia

      Thank you, your comment has been well noted with me, and I must say you are right on the money.

  • Idmtmedic

    Ophelia start with your veterans organization rep. If they can’t help then your congressman. If that doesn’t work contact your local media outlet. Be amazed at how much attention that get’s you.

  • WSK

    I highly disagree that Obama hasn’t been a good President. The notion that Romney will do so much more to grow our economy and put people back to work remains a very difficult task regardless who wins the election. Romney has always been rich and doesn’t have a clue about being poor. I find him arrogant, rude, and not Presidential. During the debates he was disrespectfull to the office of the President of the United States. He is anti gay and doesn’t believe in freedom of choice for women. I find Obama to be honest, patroic and truely is trying his best for our Country. If Congress would support Obama then gas prices would be lower, cost of living would be lower and more people would be working. I fully support Obama and think he needs another 4 years to straighten the mess BUSH left him. In closing, our military deserve all the funding necessary to do the job and keep them safe. Finally never forget our veterans for what would our Country be without them. Obama has done a lot for our veterans and we should never forget it and throw our support behind him. God bless our troops and God bless America.

    • joe mamma

      you’re full of the owebama kool aid!!!

      • Old soldier

        you been smoking dope!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • dsabo

      Jim, Your comment encapulated everything I believe in as well….My largest problem with Romney is he has lived a very privilaged life…well-educated in private schools and never has struggled with money. He has had everything that most Americans have not or are striving to achieve. This is why he will never be presidential because he cannot relate to the average American. He doesn’t understand how people are struggling with financial problems and unemployment…..very insightful comment Jim

      • Patriot

        Do you think that O cares about you…open your eyes

    • Bill

      What are you smoking bro? Obama was the one who was rude. Obama wasn’t “left” with a mess, he campaigned for it. And, has made it worse. God forbid that incompetent jerk get back in.

      • larry

        He was the escaped goat for the bush admin. Here where i live theres more work than you can use.Thanks to Obama. hey man why do u hate get out of ur self and why drag religion into politics! (GOD FORBID)you must be a republican.

        • Ret AF MSgt

          Well we can see from your use of English, spelling and verbage, you are a demoncrat! It is ‘scape goat’, not escaped goat. More work than you can use? What does that mean? Taking umbrage to an old saying like ‘God forbid’ shows your ignorance. Clearly an Osama Obama voter. Most of us who feel he is a betrayal of all we and America stand for do not ‘hate’ him because of his color, we can’t stand him because he is a traitor. Fools like you will vote the socialist, racist liar back in because you are to stupid to see the truth.

    • WSK

      I totally agree with you and think your comments are right on target. This jerk Romney is trouble for our Country. Yes he does have experience with running his own companys but to entrust him with the responsiblity to lead our Nation is a dangerous decision. I see him only pissing off other countries and would be a total failure if elected. His comment regarding none of his 5 sons serving in our military was they did missionary work which was for his morman religion. This man is the wrong person for the job and God help us if he is elected. He’s for the rich and to hell with the middle class, gays and women.

    • johnny

      Romney don’ have the slightest clue about running this country. He just wants to be the first mormmon or (moran)to be elected. He thinks he can run this country like a business well i have some great news(Not).The economy is lookin alot better than it was when i first retired from the military. I believe that running for the presidency requires at least 4years of military service,
      and congress we should give them 4years terms until they get re-elected if.
      that way they wont get in trouble or get the country in trouble beacause that way they will be pressured and they will be under the spotlight. 4 Year Term For All Congress!! Lets all vote for that!!

      • johnny,

        So you want to change the Constitution?????

        • Ret AF MSgt

          Charles, don’t be too hard on Johnny. He is clearly ignorant and a liberal loon. And he would not know what the constitution was if you rolled it up and beat him with it, he can’t read. All he can do is regurgitate the crap hes been fed with his Kool Aid!

      • Obiden

        That’s funny.
        You say Romney don’t have a clue.
        Obama knew even less when he was elected.

        You say Romney just wants to be the first mormon elected.
        Obama wanted to be the first black.

        I agree…. Four year term limits for ALL…. NO RE-ELECTIONS

    • David

      obama is a putz. should have never been elected. he spun the election, just like he is trying to now.

    • Yossarian 52

      The quality of thought and grammar in the replies to the very misguided WSK make me hope that there are very few actual military veterans on this site. The men and women whom with I served (for the most part) had pride in themselves, their country and the service. They did not have their hands out grasping for the government tit for their existence. The men and women whom with I served also did a little research before they expressed opinions in writting. Military.com surely needs to do something to rid this site of all these ridiculous obamabots and their lunacy

    • Brian G

      Open your eyes. No budget pass in 3 years, Obamacare, Lybia, failed economy,. over 4 trillions dollars debt in less than for years, bailouts, Solindra. No pay raises, cost of gas trippled , cost of food and living up and the beat goes on. He could have gone on “The View” but not see it fit to talk to the Heads of State. Guess Whoopy is more important than the United Nations meeting. Embassador is killed, but he flyes to Las Vagas. Does not attend the security breifs, he should, maybe he might learn something. You got the names mixed up. It should have read, “It find Obama arrogant, rude, and not Presidential. During the debates he was disrespectfull to the office of the President of the United States.

    • Retired Dude

      your head is in a sand bag!!

    • db cooper

      just keep drinking the kool aid ,wsk, and everything will be all right . . . you’ll see.

    • Will

      What country have you been living in, and what military are you retired from?

  • Richard Sistrunk

    An old wounded Warrior from the Viet-Nam era, disgusted by the current administration, and not very proud of the ones in between! If we continue to be sheep and continue being herded by the POTUS that we keep placing in the Commander-in-Chief position we deserve what we get! We need a Service Member in the White House! Get rid of the Professional Bureacrats and elect a man with testicals or at least someone with brains! You now have a chance to get the one with brains! Otherwise how did he get his wealth! He didn’t steal it from political shenigans! Wake Up Vets, Vote to improve our COUNTRY! Patch our Constitution! It is getting more raggedy daily! Wounded in the 1st Cav Ia-Drang 3/30/66

    • bigron

      Half the people in Congress never served in the service. We do need someone in there that has been in one of the services. 1 Air Cav 68 & 69

      • John D

        It should be law that you can not run for the office of President of the United States unless you serv at least 2 years ACTIVE DUTY in the military. Then they would have a different outlook on sending us into war and our medical and financial retirement. USMC 65-70 and
        US Army Infantry 82-98 Retired

  • george

    I absolutely agree with you and I sadly think our country is on its way too
    becoming a third world power.

  • Mrs. A-F

    Amen to that.

  • Joseph Carroll

    Fact…. Neither Obama nor Romney served in the military and neither has any family in the military.

    Fact…. Both candidates are wealthy. Both candidates are lawyers; Obama had a practice while Romney ran a business.

    Fact… Benghazi happened and two brave Navy Seals sacraficed their lives in defense for our Ambasador.

    Fact… Government employees haven’t seen a pay raise in 4 years.

    Fact…. $16 Trillion…. disgraceful!

    Fact…. America still gives Billions of dollars to countries like Pakistan, even when they hide our worst enemies (Bin Laden).

    Fact… Obama doesn’t attend his National Security Briefings.

    Fact… Obama constantly blames others for his mistakes. Benghazi happened under Obama’s watch.

    I firmly believe that our nation cannot stand another 4 more years of this train wreck of a President.

    • Carroll,

      Lets try and keep this on Topic. What you’ve posted has nothing to do with “2013 Retiree and Veteran COLA Announced”.


    • mandi

      Either or the presidency doesnt have to do with any of this. We served with honor remember. The president is just an escape goat for the white house. Congress is the one we have to change. We need to get rid of all those old farts and get new elected young politicians to serve only 4yrs until re-elected. Have them serve with minimum salaries just like the military.
      we need to close all loop holes starting in the white house. remember we are the ones (the people)who can get this boneheads out of office. We have to rise and start showing some business.

      • Yossarian 52

        As the elected “leader” of the nation, the person in the office of president has everything to do with retiree pay. The president has the “bully pulpit” and sets the direction and tone of policy for our government. The president works WITH congress to accomplish many things or in the current case NOT accomplish anything. Don’t be an ageist young mandi, as many of us old farts still have a thing or two on the ball! If you were to reccommend us to only elect congress critters (and presidents) who have served honorably on active duty – then you might have something there. Lastly, the phrase you are looking for is “SCAPE goat” which in any case does not apply as the president is the leader of (colloquially) the white house or more acurately the executive branch. But yes, please, let’s vote out the current white house occupant as well as as many of the others up for election as possible.

    • Team Obama

      FACT….Benghazi happened true enough. What president trying to run the country can focus on SECURITY at every embassy throughout the world?


      • Brian G.

        Listen to yourself. Excuses, excuses, just like the Whitehouse and all the other misguided ones that make up, I guess, your team “Team Obama”

      • Team Obama,


        Hindsight is great, isn’t it!

        • Idmtmedic

          Let’s keep your replies to the topic please.
          Thank you

    • tom

      Fact…Romney is not your GREAT WHITE HOPE!

      • Brian G

        I detect a bit of race in that remark. But I guess for some of us, the race card is always something to fall back on.

    • Patricia Hudson

      Here are a few facts for you. First Bush started a war and killed many people, and destroyed a country and then paid his friends and family billions in government contracts to rebuild a country that was hiding a man who killed thousands of our innocent citizens. Fact or Ben didn’t escape his just due under Obama as he did under the Bush administration. Fact the president inherited a recession from the former president and a wrecked economy, and that we cannot return to. Your people have had a history of getting in office and destroying our economy, and then allowing the democrats in office for one term and then blamming them for the damage that your guys have spent eight years doing creating.

      • SFC Williamson (Ret)

        Bush didn’t start the War, he proposed it, it went to a Congressional vote and BOTH Democrats and Republicans voted to go to War, let’s get the facts straight!!!

    • webslave

      Where were you during the Republican resign of Congress and White House. They did this country in and should be all voted out. Take away their life long pension and benefits. By the way, since you are Facts checking person, How many congress persons served in the military. They are living like kings and queens compare to the military folks who defended their freedom.

  • MSG Manning (Ret)

    Your comments are shameful and evil in nature. You are part of the problem not the First Lady

  • 2warVet

    I watched 2 debates and a town hall meeting. I’m not a fan of either one. But we are going to have one of them. I understand that we want change and so do I. But our curent president at least understands everything already. it takes 4 years to get anything done with congress that is really the ones that let us get things done anyway. I have still not heard 1 explaination on how Romney is supposed to do his great promises.

    • 2warVet,

      You make a point, but I don’t think it is point enough to elect the same guy again.

      As to the question how Romeny is supposed to do his great promises. You might want to go to his site and read it.

      • moeman

        CharlesBryant, you and Yossarian are starting to get on my nerves….

      • Idmtmedic

        ?????? Cola?

    • Larry

      I agree with 2warVet commits

    • webslave

      Romney is a salesman. Being a business person who screwed a lot of folks out of their jobs and pocket the money, should tell you what his plans are for this country. you think that things are bad now, wait until Romney gets his hands on the rudder. That man will make our lives into a third world status.

      • webslave,

        I’ve heard the same chit during every election, the old “wait and see what I’m telling you will happen” outlook. Each party basically makes the same claims and points their fingers at the other party.

        LMAO, it’s always someone else’s fault.

        • Idmtmedic

          Yes Cola is an interesting topic.

  • E7 Retired

    I totally agree with you ! It is more about his color then anything else in this race! No one wants to come out and say it, but people are smart enough to see the writing on the wall. The President cares about ALL people, regardless of color, faith, etc,. He is afforded the same rights as all the presidents before him, yet he is critizied for exercising those rights. He is the most disrespected President EVER!! If you don’t like the man, fine, however, respect the position, as respect was given to all before him and the first lady.

    • Geri

      Thank you!

  • N. Camarda

    Why are the more elderly military retirees being required to pay more,frequently a great deal more for their Survivors Annuity Program, than younger ones? Anyone who retired prior to Oct.1, 1978, has paid into the annuity fund, longer than the 30 years required for cessation of payments, and is far more likely to be over the 70 years of age mandated as the only additional requirement for termination of all further ayments by Public Law 105-261.
    I fear that by introducing the totally irrelevent date of Oct. 1, ’08 into the equation, Congress simply sought to establish a basis, however implausible, whereby it can divert annuity funds to other uses, a la The Social Security “Trust” Fund. There’s an oxymoron for you

    • N. Camarda,

      I’m not sure, and I couldn’t find the answer in the article either.

  • Leon

    Let me tell you fellow Vets this . Any President that let four of our service people die while doing their duty, need to be thrown out of office. Futher more on his historic Apoligy tour he apoligized for all the soldiers that gave their lives and killed their people while defending our great country.

    • Kevin M.

      Jamie must have passed the pipe to you…

  • Jamey

    How can you not expect that Romney will be fairer to the Military. He did not include the military in his comments about the 47%. The media slanted his comment (as stated by the news organization that aired his comment). Obama only recognizes the Military to promote his agenda. Anyone that would sit and watch Benghazi Murders and do NOTHING and then lie that he did something, is still trying to pass blame. HE DID NOTHING but have a civilian arrested for something he tried to blame for the MURDERS by TERRORISTs. I would gladly take my chances with a man that does things without HYPE or for notoriety. Obama does not like the Military, retirees or people that are on S.S. Remember, to some, the Military does not pay any taxes, they get groceries and housing free. Wake up.

    • Kevin M.

      Lay of the crack…it’s affecting your thought process.

    • Leon

      whay rock did you crawl out from under ,free housing and groceries?

    • Lee

      Free housing and groceries? I’m not sure where you get your information but you have been grossly misinformed. I served for 20 years (You’re welcome) and I NEVER received free groceries nor housing. I think the next time you decide to comment on something you should first educate yourself to prevent you from making yourself look as stupid as you did in the above comment.

    • webslave@verizon.net

      I beg your pardon! Military do not pay taxes! Housing and groceries free! WHAT PLANET ARE YOU FROM. Get your facts straight. You can do better than a Romney Wimp. I will not trust that guy in the battlefield with me. Maybe you need to go and get your self a real job by putting the uniform on and defend the freedom you enjoy.

  • Kevin M

    I suppose anything short of a nun’s habit is considered “hooker” cloths to you? I feel sorry for the women in your like…and I’m giving you the benefit of the doubt assuming you do have a woman or partner in your life.

  • Cisa 93

    Facts: Six trillion dollars..that’s with a “T” in 44 months. Democrats had control of the presidency and COngress from 2009 to 2001. No budget, by-passing the Constitution on matters such as illegal immigration, and policies that have left the economy in worse shape. Mormon or not, this is about what we’re facing as a nation and not about COLAs. Many of us didn’t get COLAs for 3 years, but we saved, took on menial jobs, whatever we had to do to survive! The US cannot afford another 4 years of Obama. There has to be cut backs all the way around. Military service or not, these are the candidates that we have…choose wisely and use logic..not the “feel good” button! America is quickly going down because of ongoing policies by both parties. We need to choose other than Obama. God bless him and send him on his way! Now, we hold the Republicans feet to the fire!!

    • Leon

      And to add to that the presidents number one job is to protect we the people and he failed.

  • phil,

    Lets try and keep this on Topic. What you’ve posted has nothing to do with “2013 Retiree and Veteran COLA Announced”.

  • Ken

    They have cut my Tricare For Life so now I pay for my own medical out of pocket here in the Philippines with my family. They still make me pay $100 a month for Medicare Part B which is no good here and now Obama says he wants to reduce the cost of living amounts.
    I wonder what benefits I will have in 4 years. I lose every month on the exchange rate too.
    Thanks for lett me rant a little.
    I had a kidney with cancer removed in 2008 and they paid. Almost the same operation in 2009 only they left the kidney in and took out a big cyst. I got to pay $3000 for that one. They paid about $500. Welcome to the New US Benefits program.

  • Storm Vet

    Dosen’t matter who started it, the President and Congress there now
    can stop it!!!

  • Sadie

    First of all Phil, please work on your spelling. The second thing you need to do is gather your facts. You are entitled to your opinion, but to spead this type of mess is really sad a pitiful. I feel so very sorry for you! As for the Hispanics voting for the PRESIDENT, they are obviously aware of the fact that Romney stated several times “I don’t care about the 47% of the people that I know will vote for him”. From the contents of your statement above, it is extremely pitiful that you are NOT aware of the fact that you are included in the 47% that was referenced, and the 47% of the people the PRESIDENT is attempting to make it possible for all to receive an education. Your comments are solely racially motivated and very few people will support your view. You are so uninformed and pitiful.

    • Mark

      Spelling police suck when they don’t practice what they preach. The 47% that Romney referred to was the people who will vote Obama no mater what. He can’t spend the time and effort on those folks because it would be a waste of time. To turn that around and say he dsen’t “care” about that 47% is pure bullshit. People like you deserve what you get.

  • andy

    Get a life more white people voted for him than when bush ran

    • AMEN to that! One race can not do it alone :)

  • Cat

    Phil, first off, learn to spell

    PLEASE LEAVE MY COUNTRY! You are a sick little man who has NOT A CLUE about anything!!!!

  • LNG

    Stop crying about this one. It all started 11 years ago. Everybody sure have short memories

  • alfredo rodriguez

    No moron. The last “3 Years” our President, without “The Tea Party”, has been cleaning “up all the crap” left from the previous 8 years.

  • infigere

    This is not a political discharge but rather a reply to comments left under the “2013 Cola” thread…
    I’ved had the displeasure of reading many of the aspersions caste. A shame the worst of them are uttered out of the mouths of either the truly benighted, ignorant, or retarded. I speak of the presumptious ones who feel compelled to righteously berate those of us whom “fail” to shadow their behaviorally ‘perfectioned’ lifestyle and choices without the plausibility that just maybe other imparting variables other than their seemless own made for a different equation thus different outcome.
    It finally came to me that a Colonel’s comment that “life is @ choices–those made; not made,” was too simply stated. In man’s society “choice” is premised by perceived leverage…who holds it between parties–real or not irrelevant.
    And complicated by the superfluities of those variables and their quantum pairings.
    So the next time some presenting narcissist feels drawn to caste aspersions unto the lesser, please do refrain from assumptive deduction and induction of thought and presumptuous leaps of circumstance. Sagacious minds thank you.

    • gmg2

      WOW some really big words, do even you know what you were trying to say?

    • Rob

      You can put your dictionary away now knuckleknob…llook it up!

    • imrgt

      You are masterful at “ineffective” communication. Get it?

    • Brian Carlson

      I do not think you have any idea what you are talking about. You would be the narcissist more so than anyone else posting on here.

    • Geri

      Use synonyms much? Give me a break.

    • bilbo

      Wow u smert! Good graces…..peckerwood, were impressed

    • Jimmy

      It will take a month to decipher that gibberish…I’ll pass

  • SAM

    My husband is a disabled Vietnam Veteran who helped fought for this country, and I can’t and want complain about the 1.7 raise. Veterans didn’t get a COL raise in 2 years, so be thankful for something. As for Phil, ignorance is bliss in his case.

    • bigron

      OK but Congress still get more then 1.7% every year and full bennys for themselves, why are the
      vets always on the short end of the stick? Also a Disable Vietnam VET.

  • Tazz

    I here Romney used to be a skin head and racist so stop the BS…!

  • NoMoreMrNiceGuy

    Balls are weak. You know if you ever get kick in them.

  • Bob

    When people cry, I ask who did you vote for??

    • Don

      It’s the same game every year. When it comes to looking where the politicians can cut expenses, the military is always on the top of the list. I for one am sick and tired of all the deadbeats in society continually getting unreasonable benefits while our guys die for their right to suck the teat of government gone bad. I am ready to forego additional increases in benefits as long as the deadbeats do likewise.

    • jerry

      neither they both sucked like allways. america sucks ballz. I became handicapped for life serving in the usmc durring the war on scarry things. did i make a difference? hell no.. i would take it back in a second and let those fictional terrorists have their way with your kids anus

    • linda

      I didn’t vote for obama

    • Bob,

      Presidents don’t have anything to do with COLA.


      • Idmtmedic

        Apparently the president can’t control anything according to you…lmao. Yea just a figurehead……no influence, no decisions. Guess that job is worthless for benefits or entitlements for anybody. Amazing you reach the highest office and have no control. Wake up from your military training in LOGISTICS and get an FN clue how the REAL world works DA. It’s not military standards or black and white decisions. It’s power, influence, money, and power, influence and money!. Your rich ……..Lmfao. How bout you stop telling everybody how good you have it while getting two government checks and civilian retirement with no JOB!!!!!!

    • Lonnie Royal

      Exactly and right on. Let those morons who voted for a non-military President and further didn’t consider the consequences of what would happen. 1.7% is an insult. I agree with the other commentor. A balance budget would do more good than the $19 I got.

  • Mark Taylor

    No I don’t want to pay more on my Tricare benefits nor do I want my pay cola’s stopped. Its always the military who gets screwed when things go bad. private sector most of the time has it good. But as usual they look to the military for the money. enough is enough.

  • Geri

    What are you? Some kind of racist ignoramus? He is Christian. Why do you say he is Muslim? Why do you say he is a communist? He is implementing another social program. On August 14, 1935, the Social Security Act established a system of old-age benefits for workers, benefits for victims of industrial accidents, unemployment insurance, aid for dependent mothers and children, the blind, and the physically handicapped.
    The New Deal was the title President Franklin D. Roosevelt gave to a sequence of programs and promises he initiated between 1933 and 1938 with the goal of giving reform to the people and economy of the United States during the Great Depression. This is a “Social” program, for the benefit of the American people. Do you think Roosevelt was a communist? President Johnson implemented Medicare in 1965. It is a “Social” program. Do you think he was a communist? Did you know that they were or are Democrats? Would you be pissed off if Social Security or Medicare was taken away from you? You do not know what you are talking about. If you want to state facts, state facts. By the way, what difference would it make if he was a Muslim? Are you assuming all Muslims are terrorists? Or, do you just hate him because he is half WHITE and half BLACK, and has an Arabic sounding name? You must be an older person because you mentioned Jane Fonda. She was not a traitor, she was just a very young woman expressing a naive opinion. …and to keep this on subject, the 1.7 percent pay raise won’t even fill my gas tank. :)

  • Geri

    After reading several comments, it occurred to me that all of the Obama-haters, who have commented on this blog, seem to be suffering from paranoid schizophrenia. I had to say it.

    • Eric

      I consider myself a “obama Hater”. I hate his spending, and the position he lets the US play in the world. I am not a paranoid schizophrenic, just concerned about our country. That being said, I would take a freeze on my pay gladly, if it helped put the economy back on track. But I think other “entitlement spending” should be hit too. Like the wage senators, representatives receive for life after serving, the list goes on. But hopefully both sides can figure this out

  • William M Gaxiola

    I’m also a Vietnam veteran I have served 20 years and I’m also disabled must make it clear, do to the outrageous spending and the corruption in the civil sector and I say for the most part the civilian sector is because of the housing market which created this dilemma in our economy. The 1.7 cost-of-living increase actually for this year and next year maybe the government should put a freeze on the cost of living what it is today. When the economy gets better and I hope it will because there’s many a people who are unemployed. I know many of you will disagree but I hope that I will not receive nasty emails.

  • Geri

    Why don’t you tell us how you really feel? You seem very upset, but you have not explained what PRESIDENT OBAMA has done that is so incredibly wrong. Obviously, a majority of the American people believe in him because he was reelected. You sound angry and bitter. Expand your paradigm…..it is a wonderful endeavor.

  • DMJ


  • YES

    I don’t have a problem with President Obama. I’m a retired 23 year Navy Veteran. He was elected and that’s what makes our country great.

  • CW5

    yup… $100 pay raise, $125 raise in tricare fees.

  • richard


    I just created a petition entitled Bank Of America: Cancel the Foreclosure on Veteran Richard Barwick.

    I’m trying to collect 100 signatures, and I could really use your help.

    To read more about what I’m trying to do and to sign my petition, click here: http://www.change.org/petitions/bank-of-america-c

    It’ll just take a minute!

    Once you’re done, please ask your Veteran friends to sign the petition as well. Grassroots movements succeed because people like you are willing to spread the word!


  • mike

    You have a bad memory! All Democrats and even some Republicans complained about President Bush’s golfing and the use of AF1!!!!
    Democrats called him a Nazi, and hundreds of other petty and self revealing personal attacks during his administration. Oh, yea, Obama knows alot about the military…I seem to remember, he is the “ONE” who killed Bin Ladin. Also, he is the first President to deny COLA to Social Security recipiants and retirees since the inception of COLA. Who paid for Michelle Obama’s European Trip with 30 of her friends and 25 or her maids – of course she used AF1…who paid for that??

  • Frank B

    Is that sorta like God Peeing on my back telling me its raining . 1.7% ..Im sure every politician is geting a good laugh and a much bigger raise and going on Tax payer vacation , Sick Govt..getting sicker every year …

  • Jay

    It’s math folks. Gas prices where I am have gone down $1.25 a gallon since summer, but the general perception is that they keep climbing. The fight should be over medical and dental benefits promised, not retired pay raises that, thank goodness, rise with the arithmetic of inflation–unlike most private pensions.

    • Idmtmedic

      Jay, rising and then paying are BS. Any raises are eaten up by increased fees. More fees than raises.

    • Linda

      I don’t know where you live but here on Staten Island in NY I pay $3.90 a gallon for gas. I wonder if Obama could live on a $20.00 pay increase as I will be doing as a widow with 3 children. Maybe if the US Navy would’ve treated my husband for the hypertension he was diagnosed with at enlistment and retirement 20yrs later he’d still be alive to help take care of our family. Food, utility, water and everything else has gone up in cost dramatically. I lost my husbands’ SBP pension after fighting for 1 year for
      DIC and having to prove how he was untreated by the genius corpsmen in the navy. You sound like an idiot Jay.

  • charles

    2013 veterans pay scale

  • J I Parker

    Remember what G W Bush Jr said, He has a mandate and he is going to spend it and spend it he did pluse much more.

    • True American

      idiot. Bush not a jr. Also he saved our country, but appears only so that the commie loser now in charge can screw it over out of spite in payback for the injustice thinks he suffered in his life. a case of affirmative action gone terribly wrong.

  • Fuasshole

    Fuck you ! Why don’t you live within your means asshole


    I would be glad to forgo this years COLA in exchange for a balanced budget admendment.

    • Bill T

      How about the White House “fat cats” taking up the slack ? Don’t hold your breath !

  • ray hudson

    veterans with ptsd from combat should recived a purple heart,they are also wounded mentaly ..so whers our purple heart? can you feel me.ray u.s.m.c

    • BUTCH


  • Dave S

    What’s the Deal, congress get’s $1900 per month for 2013 Social Security get’s an average of $21 and the Vet’s get $47 per month.
    Something’s WRONG!!

    • Idmtmedic

      Nothing wrong..it’s called CON-gress. Why would they cut their own benefits but TELL Veterans it’s our duty to get cuts. Nobody understands it yet we are the ones to get CUTS. Increased fees, proposed changes to medical insurance yet nothing for CON-gress. Ohh wait, no raises…..lmao. How about We cut free medical care on the hill? Served by …..yes the military.

      • idmedic,

        Free medical care????? You and I both know that they pay for their health care just like all the other federal employee’s.


        • Idmtmedic

          Lmao…….yea they pay……..yeahhhh.

          • idmedic,

            Yep, and they pay for that, unlike you did when you served. You spend way to much time worrying about what others make. Like everyone else, you decided and chose what job you wanted to do, and then chose what job you wanted to retire in.

            You are where you are today because of the decisions you and you alone made. Get over your mistakes in life, and turn yourself around. Whining about all others that made better choices than yourself will get you nowhere, nowhere at all.

            Don’t get me wrong, but spending enough time in the service to retire, and then getting out and start crying, whining, and just plain putting down the service is just wrong.

          • Idmtmedic

            Lmao, Charles I’m very happy with my decisions and who the hell is putting down service? Mistakes???? YOUR one of the biggest the military has EVER made. Somebody that doesn’t defend the entitlements of vets after they retire is the epitome of selfish and not a true veteran.CON-gress is fair game as is anybody else getting taxpayer salary. If you don’t want to complain then don’t. I am and will continue to speak my mind regardless of what your useless opinion is. Your a waste as a veteran and I wouldn’t give you a drop of water if you needed it. You have forgotten your fellow veterans that actually SACRIFICED besides your calloused fingers from desk work and cauliflower ear from the phone. “They paid for it, now you eat it!!!!”

          • Spouse

            Agree! Thank You!

    • Dave S,

      LMAO, so Congress is getting a $1,900.00 per month COLA raise for 2013????? Just where is it that you are recieveing you info from?????

      • Idmtmedic

        Your a disgrace for veterans. DISGRACE.

    • Lonnie G. Royal

      I agree. The inequity is a slap in the face of every veteran. We are supposed to say thank you when they pay politicians 80% or higher on their raises. They already have millions while the rest of us struggle. It is a shame and the President should consider this move as inappropriate and inequitable. I don’t know anyone who has worked hard all their lives or retired from the military who can honestly say they are grateful for this ridiculous concept. 1.7% is a joke, Mr. President!!

    • Spouse

      The only real thing congress knows what to do is give themselves a raise so they can sit on their Butts and pretend they are doing something good for the people that put them there but are actually doing what THEY want to do not the people. They think more money makes them think more. The Military families need more money JUST to survive. It was pretty bad that when we were active duty we could receive food stamps because we were receiving such a low Military Pay. We did not take it because we do not think it was right. Families are divided for a year at a time and family left behind have to carry everything on their own. Kids are brought up knowing one or the other parent. They know of both but one left behind stands with them more. Out of the Federal pay the Military are paid the less and work the most. CONGRESS, join the Military and try living on what you pay them.

  • mcalleyboy

    This really helps me, sure seems like it’s been a while and the way they keep talking about entitlements I have started trying to find some way to make money overseas, man there’ s no jobs here so I am real thankful for any pay raise. I see how the REDUX doesn’t work and I know of at least 3 shipmates that took that bum deal even after I tried to talk them out of it, what an easy way out of the military but what a huge cut in retirement pay and benefits, thankful always that I was able to finished the twenty years.

  • Retired US ArmyVet

    I served my country honorably for 32 yrs 6 mos and 9 days, I am 75 years old and I figure that I deserve every dollar that I am receiving and maybe more. I do not think that our elected members of Congress are qualified to dictate what I am entitled to unless they have also worn a uniform and served in the Armed Forces of this Great Country.

    • Cherie Savell

      I did 20 myself and agree utmost we would mush better with some good aod fashion Reagonomics

    • suzanne van gorder

      I concur. My question is shouldn’t congress,sen.abd House take a cut in pay instead of people who have risked their lives,limbs,head inj/changed their lives forever for our great country?

      • suzanne van gorder,

        This article is about us receiving a 1.7% raise. I don’t see what Congress taking a pay cut has to do with us receiving more money! So where is the link?????

        • Idmtmedic

          WE don’t need more money, THEY need less money. That is the link. When they cut retirement benefits on a vested scale then game on. The object of this administration is to share the wealth right? Well where is the beef? Their retirement should be correlated with a tier system that takes into account how much they make. If WE the taxpayers are subsidizing it then guess what is good for us is good for them?

          • idmedic,

            What in the world are you talking about????? This article is about “President Obama signing the bill setting the 2013 Cost-of-Living-Adjustment at 1.7%, which will provide a slight boost in veteran compensation, military retirement, Social Security, and several other pension and annuity programs.”

            Nothing about this news should an argument.

    • Will

      thanks for your service, i did 20 in USMC, and like you don’t need or want any recognition…i got plenty of it from the young Marines in my charge and the satisfaction i got from helping them every chance i got….anybody that serves ; whether 3 yrs or 33 gets my respect….and those that didn’t serve in military but were still good Americans by helping each other and being good stewards of citizenship deserve recognition as well….the military is not for everybody and i’m sure you had to deal with this fact in your many yrs of service….best wishes and thanks again for your service

  • Clint

    Wow, 1.7%…And thanks to the highly flawed Spousal Protection Act, written by the commie Feminist Patricia Schroeder, our ex-wives get half of it. I have written, called, faxed and demanded a change to this pile of garbage, but not one response from our brave leaders in congress. I still want to know WHY they get it for LIFE; why they get OUR COLA’s; why it doesn’t apply to every employee of the government. Our government is a waste.

    • Carla

      No wonder you are divorced!

  • Phil Guthrie

    VA’s math is as bad as their service. 1.7% of my former $ 622 a month comes to 632.57 which by their rules would round off down to $632, but I just received $631 so they are shorting us again!

  • Annie McDonald

    What precentage did Polosey, Raid and Sent & congress give?

    • Spouse

      Enough to fill their pockets

  • bradley i germain

    I can’t wait for my cola that’s what i live on but i still have to get a part time job to make ends meat so in the near future are we going to get cola or not .

    • Sheryl

      I agree with all of you, and the problem about maybe not receiving pay goes back to the 70’s, when we were stationed at Fort Jackson and our guys had to stand n line to get paid. Our elected officials get paid too much and don’t have to pay insurance. Most of them have not served and are not concerned with the plight of Military Retirees. We need to vote them all out and start with a new crew making less and making more intelligent decisions about our lives

    • SFC Retired

      I never thought, and was never promised that my military retirement would carry me through. I work fulltime – as do most peolpe -even though I am retited -so what?

  • bradley i germain
  • Marlene

    We all can keep bantering back and forth forever but never solve the problem, open your eyes, read what is left of our constitution then put your brain where your mouth is, a constitution OF BY AND FOR THE PEOPLE, That is what we should discuss not blame or success of one man or the other elected by a lot of money, uninformed people and people who have no desire to become informed. The problem is ours, created by us because we let the government take charge, don’t forget they work for us, we pay their ridiculous expenses, retirement and whatever else they want.
    All of your comments are just that, comments, but how many really get involved with solving the problems facing us, very few. I have been in countries where there was no choice, I have seen how desperate, frightened and helpless the people were, there is no way to explaine their plight we have nothing to compare, but once seen one never forgets. Everyone should read Marx and the work of our Lord, then take a good look at Our country today. There is an answer, but few care to become involved.





    • Joel-B

      May God bless you Michelle, and you’re husband also… You ARE RIGHT ON THE MARK !!!! By the way, I have 30 years of military service to this once great country, including 2 years in Vietnam, and I feel that you’re comments should be HEADLINED IN EVERY NEWSPAPER IN THE U.S.!!!!! The DRAFT DODGING ELITE, CURRENT RUNNING THIS COUNTRY, DON’T HAVE A CLUE, NOR DO THEY CARE ABOUT THOSE MILITARY CURRENTLY IN HARMS WAY, AND U.S. VETERANS ARE THE FARTHEST THING FROM THEIR SMALL, SELF-CENTERED MINDS !!!! Keep up the GOOD FIGHT Michelle, and maybe, just maybe, the GOOD LORD will make our leaders understand that we enabled them to get where they are and that to forget U.S. will be the mistake that will send them back to where they came from !!! Again, God Bless…

  • Will

    thanks to all for their service, i did 20 in USMC, and like you don’t need or want any recognition…i got plenty of it from the young Marines in my charge and the satisfaction i got from helping them every chance i got….anybody that serves ; whether 3 yrs or 33 gets my respect….and those that didn’t serve in military but were still good Americans by helping each other and being good stewards of citizenship deserve recognition as well….the military is not for everybody and i’m sure any prior military had to deal with this fact in your yrs of service, seems to me that on personnel matters i spent 90% of my time dealing with the 10% that probably should not have joined….best wishes to all and thanks again for your service, whether in military or not



  • Retired AF Wife

    To Whom It May Concern:
    I am appalled that our Senators and Congressmen leave office with 6 figure salaries for life (after only sometimes as short a time as 1 year) and our military, who protect us all and in many cases give their lives to protect this country, get so very little (and definitely nowhere close to 6 figures) after serving 25-30+ years to protect this country and all the people in Washington. My husband retired from the Air Force as a LTC. after serving this country 29 years and gets less than $50,000.00/year. That is a disgrace considering what Pelosi, Reid, Behner, etc. will get when they leave office and they basically don’t do anything. We haven’t had a balanced budget in years and Pelosi spent millions of dollars on her private Air Force jet until they took it away from her. And how long has our Senate and Congress been able to vote themselves raises when the rest of us don’t get raises. They work for us, we sent them to Washington, and they should not be able to give themselves raises when the rest of us don’t get the same.

    Retired Military Wife

    • Retired AF Wife,

      “I am appalled that our Senators and Congressmen leave office with 6 figure salaries for life (after only sometimes as short a time as 1 year)”

      Sorry, but there is no truth in what you have posted. Anything less than 5 years gets them nothing in retirement. After 5 years, they can’t start drawing anything unlil they reach age 62.


      “As of October 1, 2011, 495 retired Members of Congress were receiving federal pensions based fully or in part on their congressional service. Of this number, 280 had retired under CSRS and were receiving an average annual pension of $70,620. A total of 215 Members had retired with service under FERS and were receiving an average annual pension of $39,576 in 2011.

      The average age of retired Members of Congress receiving retirement annuities in 2011 was 78 for those who had retired under CSRS and 70 for those who had retired under FERS.”


      • Dan

        Charles, don’t bother… people are stupid and generally can’t be “taught” anything new.

        Retired AF Wife, the REAL appalling thing in what you say is that your husband gets $50k, for sitting behind a desk for 25 out of 30 years while others did all the labor, yet he draws the largest check. Take the money and be happy with what he gets, your argument holds no water.

        • Dan,

          I don’t know what is wrong with a lot of people now days, in that they will believe the most stupid of things sent them in an email.

        • Obama is bad

          I retired from the Air Force after 24 years. And I was rarely behind a desk. I was in bunkers in Afghanistan while rockets dropped on us. Comparing military service with congressional service is like apples and door knobs. Our heroes earned and should get that $50K. Behind a desk? Get s clue son. Even officers are in the field.

          • Obama is bad,

            I’m glad you served your country, but like all of us, you chose what profession you wanted to retire at, and you are correct, me comparing myself to a congressman is just plain silly.

    • Pepe

      Ms Retired Military Wife, I am sorry to read that your husband retired with about 50,000 a year, probably his standard of life was higher that many soldiers who retired with less than half of what your husband retired with and still they have to go to work every day after they retired and maybe until they die. Your husband probably made the mistake of staying in the service, he could run for office and have a better retirement. Let’s not blame the people in congress or in higher positions, it is not their fault. We are the culprits because we put them there and still we keep them in those positions.

    • randy henshaw

      I agree with you whole heartedly. I am a retired Navy vet who served 20 yrs and gets only about 1300.00 a year.

      • Ann

        Randy, you get the same as my husband gets. We could live really nice on the $50,000 a year that Retired Military Wife says her husband gets.

      • Sam

        You are full of crap dude. 1300 per year? I retired as an E6, tech Sgt or in Navy speak, PO 1. An E6 takes home about $1300 per month…I retired in 1988 so I’ve been drawing a while. My uncle retired before me by a few years and is drawing a lot more than that… This whole thing boils down to jealousy. So, an LTC retires with 50K per year…He put in time in school and probably bypassed a good job as a civilian to take a crappy job as a O1 and progress from there…I would have entered as an officer but couldn’t afford collage and had a draft notice in hand…I dodged the draft by joining the USAF. Leave the lady alone because you don’t know what your are talking about squid boy.

      • Obama is bad

        20 years and only $1300 a year? Uhhhh, naw. Something is fishy here. If a troop retired as an E5 (low for retirement) after 20, that retiree would receive about $25K. So, you lying or mistaken dude. I know. I am a retiree after 24 years E9. I get almost $40K

    • jerry baldridgei

      yes i totally agree with you i am retired marine with over 27 years and can see no end in sight thank you and the colonel for your service if mr bryant comments are correct i apologize but not being from missouri you gonna have to show me

      • jerry baldridgei,

        I posted the link to the information so everyone could go there and read it for yourself.

    • Carl

      Let me add to the debate as to the little increase received in the COLA did you not notice it was taken back in the increased cost of Medicare premiums and now the increase in co-pay for medicines add it up the COLA is gone with these increase and everyone who is a retiree should be offended by it.

      • Carl,

        No of those things are linked to each other in any way.

    • Don Bowersox

      check what the Marine Corps Staff NCO’s get after 25-30 yrs in the Corps–who have spent much more time in the “front lines” -than your husband—dodging mortars and AK rounds

    • datagod

      Oops. Type-o there. His name is spelled B-o-n-e-r–a nickname I’m guessing he got from his hardon for screwing Americans. Speaking of which, there’s a reason he cries when talking about the American Dream. It’s because he knows you have to be asleep to believe it, and the rest aren’t listening.

    • retired E-7

      I agree . Senate and congress should have all pay and benefits determined and funded by the states they are supposed to represent. Then maybe we would actually get some accountability from them . I dont see this happening but it would be nice to see what would happen. retired army nco

  • Jordan

    why can’t (retired) or former military get started trying toget our voted officals to look at their o0wn way of guarding the country.Let’s look around and find how many of these clowns are lawyers and how started out as honest hard working people.I think that you will find that more than 60% are lawyers and the other 40% are only in the office to become millionairs in a very short time .

  • Navy retiree

    Our system of government was not designed to reward people elected to serve in the legislative branch! Military service comes with a 24/7 obligation, lengthy tours overseas, and putting your life at risk. How does that compare to sitting in Washington debating laws we probably don’t need anyway! If we cannot eliminate their retirement benefits completely, we should make sure they get no more than we do!!!

  • Mustang 63

    I retired in 3rd quarter of 2012 and end up with just .2% pay increase due to the twisted logic that I already received a portion of the increase because of my time on active duty in 2012. How’s that?!! That increase was for 2012 and was used in that year, not for 2013 during which the cost of living will have increased! They are basically almost skipping a year of increase in COLA for those of us who retired past the first quarter of 2012! And this is a COLA with the cost of food and fuel excluded from the calculation (who really needs food and fuel anyway, right? Those are luxury items). Any way they can skim from military retirees… And yes, our Congress has become filled with elitist hypocrites, socialists, self-servers, melodramatic stage-actors, and illogical idealogues (and there’s a lot of overlap in those).

    • Fallon

      Well here’s another one for you, For fiscal 2014 and beyond, the new law directs that copays increase annually by the same percentage as retiree cost-of-living adjustments. In years when a COLA increase would total less than a dollar, it will be delayed a year and combined with the next adjustment so increases will always be $1 or more.

      The way things are going I don’t know if I’ll ever be able to retire…….

  • cowboycoleman

    I learned early after my retirement that working would be part of my life until I simply could not work anymore. Why would I expect this administration to do anything that would put military retirement–part of a contract that all retirees fulfilled completely and honorably and expect that the government should do likewise–above other priorities in government spending? This progressive administration wouldn’t know an honorable priority from a hole in the ground.

    • Jay B

      You should delete the term progressive administration and insert “Republican/Tea Party administration”. What is not realized is that the Republican party is really doesn’t care about the well being of our military personnel thay are only the development and acquisition of newer weapons systems that ensures military suppliers will prosper for the long term. On the other hand the Democratic party’s objective is to look out for the overall social well being of military personnel and obtain critical and proven weapons systems thru R&D. I prefer the latter.

  • Joseph Diggs Sr

    In 1950-1971 some 20yrs. after i “Volunteered for the (US> Army) i have been “Truly” taken care of by the US>Goverment i am “Disabled” and is being Compensated both Financially/Medically. In other words i dont have any complaints which brings me to the point of this Comment. It is most apparent that there are :”Veterans” who enough can never be enough,so i feel like “GREED” and seeking something for “Nothing” has taken over we live in the “Greatest” country in the World,so i ask the question where is the “LOYALTY”?????

    • Joseph Diggs Sr,

      Thanks for this post.

    • Idmtmedic

      Joseph, I believe you are genuine. Now are you a part of any organization that is active in veterans affairs? Are you aware of the service members that have NOT been taken care of? What is the nature of your disability? Thank you for your service but remember that your situation is not universal. Loyalty is for your country AND your fellow Veterans that either sacrificed their lives or fought alongside you for a common purpose. Freedom and the right for others to have that. Give all of us the nature of your sacrifice and how that compares to others that feel “less than” taken care of?

    • navymomva

      I am so glad that they have taken care of you so well and feel very sorry that you think the rest of us so greedy!! I will pass this on to my husband who has
      spent so much time away from home that he almost missed our children
      growing up. And shall make sure that my children read so that they can
      understand why they were without their father for most of their life. I felt
      that we were working for a goal that would take care of us in the same
      manner that we cared for our country – didn’t know we were being greedy!

      • navymomva,

        In no way at all did Joseph Diggs Sr say that all Veterans but him are greedy, not even close. If you read what he posted slowly, it is easy to understand that he is talking about some Veterans, and not ALL Veterans. Also, there was no mention of Veteran wifes.

  • Ret Vet

    25 years ago we had Ronald Reagan, Johnny Cash and Bob Hope. Now we have Obama, no cash and no hope. Nuff said.

    • Jay B

      President Ronald Reagan had a great smile, a good sense of humor, a huge political following and a steadfast demeanor. However, his pro big business mind set contributed immensely to the demise of the middle class resulting in our present dismal economic state. Given that he had overwhelming public support that resulted in a temporary economic boom. In other words he energized our expectations and the good times were nice for a short period. If we would get past prejudices and support president Obama we will experience a more cohesive society for all to prosper for generations to come. Mr. Bob hope was a great comedian but Johnny Cash was nothing but a guy with good voice and a problematic life!

      • Idmtmedic

        Ohhh yes socialism is good. Let’s hold hands and agree that we all should have a government that tells us what is fair. We all should GIVE more so we have harmony. More to everyone……cohesive? Really want you to read a bit of history. Without citizens demonstrations we would still have slavery, British rule and speak German.. Now YOU want us to give up freedom of speech, right or wrong because Obama has the answers? Damn I sure wish I had thought of that.. Prejudices????? Lmao. Ok so entertainers have what to do with this discussion?

        • retired E-6

          Since when is Obama a socialist? Read up on your economics before you spout off such crap.

          • retired E-6,

            Althought I’m not a fan of President Obama, I do know he isn’t a socialist.

      • YNCS(Ret)

        Sorry, but you are way out of touch. I ABSOLUTELY agree with Ret Vet. Obama is doing us NO favors.

        • Ben Dover

          Under President Reagan the debt limit was raised 18 times, so yeah I guess he was good for something.

    • Mary

      Bravo Nicely said.

    • Will

      So true. We really need another Ronald Reagan!

    • Carl

      Come on people let’s not blame this lame game of our COLA and retirement pay on our current President the blame is not his and lay with our incompetent partisan congressmen.They don’t really care about the citizens of this country only about themselves. I give Obama credit for how he has tried to help the middle class and the lower class while others in power positions has only sought to help themselves.

  • D.T.


  • sultan

    What most people don’t know is that congress years ago seeing the constant uproar over their compensation, did what any congressman would do….voted themselves automatic pay raises, thus removing the problem of voter backlash.
    This type of action extends to benefits (medical, travel etc.) The only overhaul this country needs is in Washington D.C. And a sweeping one at that.



  • Bill

    Lets get the Senators and congressmans have their kids volunteer for the military and see if they can live on the income……

    • Retired

      Better yet, lets tie their benefits to military benefits. This includes pay, allowances and health care. They have always been quick to reduce or stagnate our benefits while voting in new pay raises and benefits for themselves. Just like when they made military retirement pay a division of property in divorce cases but exempted their pay for this same law.

  • steven kline

    That was interesting that retirees were given a 1.6& increase in pay. Thank you. Wait I forgot we also recieved a 2% increase in Social security. I thought we were not getting a tax increase. I did not see President Obama let everyone know that 77% of TAX PAYING CITIZENS were going to have there taxes incresed.

  • Retired

    REPLACE THEM ALL. Start the campaign now. Instead of “get out the vote”, lets “Vote out the incumbents”.

  • JKMainer

    Mike , How long will you libs blame Bush for all the worlds problems? Obama and the butt heads in DC and the voters are to blame for the mess we are in NOW!!!!

    • retired E-6

      Don’t forget the banking industry. Wasn’t it them loaning billions to people who were never going to make good on mortgage debt, that started the sub prime ball rolling?

      Seems to predate Obama by a fair bit as well … seem to recall Dubya didn’t do much to regulate banking, but then he was only in office to keep the wealthiest 2% wealthy.

  • jerry baldridge

    yeah they say obama approval rating is dropping i wonder if those idiots that voted for him are seeing that he is doing exactly what he said he would do i guess if a man has his finger on the trigger and pointed at your head you wait till the hammer falls before you consider he wont shoot you get what you asked for

  • ChuckI

    Frankly what has frosted my backside is the redefinition of the CPI, removing Fuel and Food from the equation so the rate of inflation appears to be lower. Using the old system the increases over the last 3 years has been between 6 and 8 percent. It will get worse folks as the country slowly recovers from the second recession that is coming. Many of us remember during the Nixon, Ford, Carter and early Regan administrations when inflation was in the double figures. It is coming again and soo.

  • Don Bowersox

    We (retirees) get a 1.7% pay raise–then our copay is increased–THANK YOU VERY MUCH (sarcasm)

    • Obama is bad

      Plus 171000 of us lost Prime and forced to take Standard or nothing.

  • Retired Navy wife

    I am the spouse of a deceased retired member of the Navy. I don’t receive raises, as I no longer receive his retired paychecks. This was an election we made when he retired. As I see it, the government is still at it. They are slowly removing the benefits these heroic men and women were promised upon enlistment. We are forced to pay for Medicare in order to receive Tricare for Life. Thus, we are paying more than five times what we were for medical and it will go up every year should there be an increase to Medicare and retired pay. A big ripoff supported by our elected officials. It is my conclusion that our elected officials are there to improve themselves and not the people who put them there. We definitely need that clean sweep of Washington D.C.

    To you “junior” senators and congreemen, if you are not corrupt upon entering office, you will be by the time you leave. You will not be able to get anything accomplished otherwise.

    • JD White

      You state that you and he made the decision not to elect survival benefits at the time of his retirement. I am surmising that you made that decision so that you would have more money in his retirement check. This was your joint decision and not a fault of the Navy. You have no reason to blame the govt for your decision. He could have chosen to leave you 55% of his monthly check if he and you had wanted it that way. I am retired from the Army and my wife and I made the decision to reduce my monthly check (at a cost of 360.00 a month) in order to leave my wife the 55%maximum that is allowable. So, don’t blame the Navy for your choice.

      • JD White,


      • CMag

        Evidently you didn’t read what she wrote. It was an election they made when her husband retired. They knew what they were doing and she only explained it so some would have no comment, she just voiced her opinion.

        • no brainer

          Some people just don’t read well or were the ones who voted these bozo’s in.

    • Retired Navy wife,

      Hum, do you mean your and your husband turned down the Survivor Benefits Plan (SBP)????? When you turned this down, what did you all do instead of signing up for SBP?????

      As far as the Government still being at it by slowly by removing benefits promised at enlistment. Well, the only thing I was “promised” if this is even the correct word to use, was retirement pay and the GI Bill. That, is considered an Entitlement, Health Care was never an “Entitlement”, an “Inalienable Right” nor part of the guaranteed “Retirement Package”.

  • Obama is bad

    171,000 of us military retirees and spouses of deceased retirees lost our TRI CARE Prime this year. We live more than 40 miles from a base so they changed us to TRI CARE Standard, a higher cost healthcare protection. Obama, Democrats, and even many Republicans allow this to happen. I understand not getting a raise in these time but to actually charge us more for healthcare? Sad. We have the best troops in the world and they will see this crap and think, If it happens to our older retirees, it could happen to me”.

    • mostafa

      my dad worked for american military. but he couldn’t complete his job for his va disability. almost 2 years before he reclaimed that he could pay more then what they paying him. after he claim they stop his payment and reprocessed his paper work. so few month before they said they could paid back his money total 24 month payment + will continue his running payment probably from march or may/ 2013 . just few days ago our president Mr.Obama give a new bill where showed VA annual 8% cut. but my worried do u guys think for this reason my dad disability payment can be delay ?? plzz guys somebody give me some idea abt this matter

    • Mike Angelo

      United Health Care took over TriWest. Here in Minnesota we went to our Congressmen to get the ball going for this change. It is a slow process, and you need to do the same, otherwise you will have slower lines, and limited specialty care.


    my dad worked for american military. but he couldn’t complete his job for his va disability. almost 2 years before he reclaimed that he could pay more then what they paying him. after he claim they stop his payment and reprocessed his paper work. so few month before they said they could paid back his money total 24 month payment + will continue his running payment probably from march or may/ 2013 . just few days ago our president Mr.Obama give a new bill where showed VA annual 8% cut. but my worried do u guys think for this reason my dad disability payment can be delay ?? plz guys somebody give me some idea abt this matter

  • Wake up America

    Well what the answer, we all complain and know what the problems are, we need 6 year term limit for all congress. That way both parties have less time to sale this great country to international corporate lobbiest, write loop holes in the trade law so corporate America does not have to pay their fair share of federal taxes, steal out of social security trust fund and rob the veteran and senior their COLA just to mention a few item and o yes give their self automatic annual pay raise that along tell us the quality of both parties.

  • justin

    Dr. Ben Carson tell’s it like it is!



    • John Doe

      The first wife unless she sign those rights away at MPF the day he retires

  • joeh

    i ama navy reserve retiree, i served my time of 24 yrs before they told me i could not go on any longer. i then retired and recieved no retirement cerimony. i tried everything to get one. well so much for retirement any more. it starts down below the ranks and works its way up. for increses it starts up and goes down. by the time you get to the lower ranks you get nothing. some things will nebver change. maybe one day someone will do something right in the governement and when it trickles down it will have the same outcome

  • military spouse

    congress should not get medical free for life.the military guys deserve this,they are uprooted from their family sometimes every three years.all the people do in washington is live on our taxes,and forget who put them there.they all are crooks.

    military wife,my husband spent 26 years in the air force and had to get a job when he retired,could not live decent on his retired pay.

    • military spouse, Part 1

      Congress getting Free Medical Care for Like was a bullchit email going around back around 2009. Here are the facts:


      Health Care for Members of Congress?
      Posted on August 25, 2009 | Updated on August 6, 2012

      Question: What type of health insurance do members of Congress receive? Is it a single-payer, government-run system?

      Answer: Members of Congress are covered by private insurance under the same system that covers all federal workers.


      Reference too your husband not being able to live on his retirement pay. Everyone I know that retired knew what they were going to get in a retirement check before they retired. I’m sure you both knew this.

    • militaryspouse, Part 2

      Note: Retirement checks were never meant to be equal to what he was making when he was Active, surely not meant to be lived off of. Retirement checks are meant to supplement what you and your spouse save on your own, same as the Social Security check, not meant lived off of, only to supplement what the individual but away/invested.

      Yes, those that work for the Federal Government are paid with the taxes collected, just the same as what you spouse is getting now, paid too him with Federal Tax monies.

  • latrall

    For the pass two COLA increase I have not seen an increase on my check. Can anyone tell me why I didn’t receive increase?

  • mscarmen

    I am a veteran myself and I agree with so many of the comments here. I think its pathetic that so many that never served get these 6 figure incomes that they do not have to fight years and years to receive. They do not have to show above and beyond what is wrong with them, nor do they have to have anything wrong to be paid for life. We were awarded a small raise but how many other veterans out there have been told by their pcp at the VA that they need to go else where if they need certain medicines???? I know that my PCP at the VA told me to keep my civilian DR if I wanted to be treated with any medicine besides ibuprophen. I can’t count how many times I have been told that, or how many times I have had to seriously fight the VA to continue to give me patches that cost $150 a box per month if they do not provide them. That is just to help with some of the pain that comes from a tear in my spinal cord but hey I got that extra 1.7% I should be jumping for joy. That means I got a raise but lets add up how much I am spending to see the civilian DR and how much I am spending on the medicine out of pocket. Then lets talk about how many of us are a 100% P&T and our families are not eligible for Tricare they are only eligible for ChampVA. That means my children are not eligible for any Dental whatsoever or any eye care plan. I pay out of pocket to take them to the dentist for all their checkups and I pay full cost for eye tests and glasses. Seriously???? So that little bit of a raise is being paid out and then some just to treat my medical issues and that of my family. I make that point because while I was active duty my family had everything covered that was needed and now that I am no longer useful, and I am beginning to feel more worthless by the day, my family is only awarded insurance that covers 75% i have to pay the deductible, copays and my 25%. It would be nice to put any veterans shoes on one of these 6 figure income earners and show them what a real reality check feels like when you are sick all the time and you spend your days fighting or stressed. I think we need to flip the way the pay is disbursed and give them our checks and let us have theirs.

  • the 100%+ totally-unemployable nam vet 1st bn 9th marines delta co jan68-69 nand their families have been living in poverty while congress lives like royality for life all the war vets need to get together and force the nation/gov the same as congress gets we did the dieing/bleeding/suffering for life congress didn’t congress givsr gillions to other nations vets are like paper plates once your through with them in the garbage they go with the other scraps get cheated on our travel pay have to scrape by from mounth to mounth its a crime of the worst kind

  • GW Thomas

    Will you people please wake up and smell the coffee. It has nothing to do with Presidents Bush(es), Regan Or Obama. Look at what is going on in this country and the world Geo-politically. I agree Congressional personnel are overpaid, but on the other hand we Vet’s knew what we signed up for. Disability pay is laughably, no it is criminal. But it is what it is. For all you racist it’s not POTUS. look at what is going on and make up your own minds, do not let the Media make decisions for you. READ. Cogitate !!!!