Top 10 Fiscal Cliff FAQs (UPDATED)

On September 20, 2012 the Military Advantage Blog featured a live Q&A event with the Chairman of the House Veterans Affairs Committee and the House Armed Services Committee on the topic of sequestration (A.K.A Fiscal Cliff).

The following is a collection of the 10 most common questions our members asked (in no particular order):

1. The WH sequestration report says that “military personnel accounts” will be exempt from any sequestration cuts. Does this cover all personnel related programs like tuition assistance, housing, and family support programs?

ANSWER: Military Pay (including PCS and Subsistence) is exempt under the President’s sequestration exemption. Programs such as TRICARE, tuition assistance and family support programs are not exempt and do fall under sequestration.


2. There has been quite a bit of back and forth about the VA’s exemption from sequestration. Do you foresee any administrative cuts that could affect veterans’ benefits claims processing.

ANSWER: After a year of prodding we finally received some clarity from the Administration last week. All VA programs are exempt, to include administrative expenses.


3. How will sequestration impact veterans disability and health care the next ten years?

ANSWER: There will be no impact on VA health care in terms of cuts to its appropriation, although with sequestration affecting TRICARE for many of our retirees there is some concern that the VA system could be overwhelmed from those who would turn to VA for care. The bottom line is that there could be unforeseen effects from a DoD sequester.


4. Has Congress received any information about how tuition assistance may be affected by sequestration, or budget trimming in general?

ANSWER: We have not received a program breakdown of how sequestration will be applied from the Department of Defense. The reductions we received just show a 9.4% reduction for all operation and maintenance (O&M) funds.


5. What has been done to avoid sequestration?

ANSWER: The House has passed 5 bills to stop sequestration of DoD, including H Con Res. 112: Official House Republican Budget for FY2013; H.R. 5652: Sequester Replacement Reconciliation Act of 2012; H.R. 6365: National Security and Job Protection Act of 2012; H.R. 5872: Sequestration Transparency Act (now law).

[Editors Note] Bill(s) Status as follows:

  • H Con Res. 112 Official House Republican Budget for FY2013 – Status: Motion to proceed to consideration of measure rejected in Senate by Yea-Nay Vote. 41 – 58.
  • H.R. 5652 Sequester Replacement Reconciliation Act of 2012 – Status: Read the second time. Placed on Senate Legislative Calendar under General Orders.
  • H.R. 6365: National Security and Job Protection Act of 2012 – Status: Status: Received in the Senate and Read twice and referred to the Committee on the Budget.
  • H.R. 5872: Sequestration Transparency Act – Status: Became Public Law No: 112-155.

6. If sequestration happens, how soon will these cuts happen? On Jan. 2, or will it take time to actually implement them? Do you know what the timeline looks like?

ANSWER: The law provides a timeline to OMB to allocate the reductions under sequestration, which begins January 2. Our concern is the strategic implications of how these reductions would be applied.


7.  Since it appears the sequestration will not directly impact veterans programs. What is the next big issue veterans should be concerned about?

ANSWER: Some veterans programs still may be affected by sequester, and I am working to ensure veterans aren’t impacted. As for issues facing our veterans right now, my top concerns are the growing disability claims backlog, VA’s mental health care crisis, and opportunities for veterans to find employment.


8. If sequestration takes affect Jan 2 do you think the private sector will see the mass job loss as some large defense contractor are forecasting?

ANSWER: Yes. Reductions in contracts have already begun to take place due to the specter of impending sequestration. Just the other day Boeing announced the layoff of almost 600 employees.


9. How do you see sequestration affecting the National Guard?

ANSWER: All services and service components will be reduced by the same percentage, excluding military pay. The reduction to the guard and reserve will mirror the reductions to the active force, regardless of strategy.


10. What can vets and servicemembers do to help head off the Fiscal Cliff?

ANSWER: Contacting your representative and senator would be the best option to express your concerns about sequestration. Engaging in a dialogue, like you are doing today, is very important and I appreciate hearing your concerns. Thank you for staying engaged on this issue and please visit the House Armed Services Committee website for more specific facts and information on sequestration.

Let your elected officials know how you feel about the Fiscal Cliff.

To learn more about the pending budget issues and sequestration, you can contact the House Armed Services Committee and the House Committee on Veterans’ Affairs anytime. To contact the House Committee on Veterans’ Affairs, please click here. To “like” the Committee on Facebook, click here, or “follow” them on Twitter to keep up with the latest news for veterans.

To contact the Armed Services Committee, please click here. You can also “like” them on Facebook or get the latest updates via Twitter.

View a Replay of the Live Sequestration Q&A Blog.

About the Author

Terry Howell
Before becoming the Managing Editor for, Terry served 20 years in the U.S. Coast Guard as an Aviation Electrician’s Mate and aircrewman. In his final role in the Coast Guard, Terry served as a Career Development Advisor, where he provided career, finance, education, and benefits counseling to servicemembers and their families. Since retiring from the Coast Guard, Terry has authored the book, The Military Advantage, managed the content for TurboTap, the DoD's online transition program and VAforVets, the VA's transition assistance website. Terry earned both his Bachelor's and MBA at Corban University using Military Tuition Assistance and his GI Bill benefits to help cover the cost.
  • guest

    Mr Howell,

    You provided the following Q&A information in your article above:

    QUESTION: What has been done to avoid sequestration?
    ANSWER: The House has passed 5 bills to stop sequestration of DoD, including H Con Res. 112: Official House Republican Budget for FY2013; H.R. 5652: Sequester Replacement Reconciliation Act of 2012; H.R. 6365: National Security and Job Protection Act of 2012; H.R. 5872: Sequestration Transparency Act (now law).

    For the sake of full disclosure, could you kindly enlighten us as to what became of those pieces of legislation passed by the House and in which Committee(s) in fact they are still under consideration, or, where they were killed.

    • tdhowell

      – H Con Res. 112 Official House Republican Budget for FY2013 – Status: Motion to proceed to consideration of measure rejected in Senate by Yea-Nay Vote. 41 – 58.
      – H.R. 5652 Sequester Replacement Reconciliation Act of 2012 – Status: Read the second time. Placed on Senate Legislative Calendar under General Orders.
      – H.R. 6365: National Security and Job Protection Act of 2012 – Status: Status: Received in the Senate and Read twice and referred to the Committee on the Budget.
      – H.R. 5872: Sequestration Transparency Act – Status: Became Public Law No: 112-155.

      • Guest

        Which means the Sante led by Sen Reid has let us down.

        • Tom


    • jerry

      Read the article thoroughly and you will understand it.

    • Randy Gondek

      Ive heard that Gov. Romney, and Paul Ryan want to cut V.A disability pay, or to keep it at the present levels without having a yearly c.o.l.a adjustment….Is this true…If President Obama is reelected will he do the same…thank you…

  • Anthony

    The Republicans in the house killed the Veterans Jobs Corps Act S.3457 on Sep 20, 2012.

    • charlie

      why are veterans still supporting republican that are against veteran trying to better themself? Wake up veterans and help those that help us.

    • BC in Cleveland

      This bill exceeded the spending cap of the Veterans Affairs Committee – a clear violation of the Budget Control Act. In addition, Republicans want any type of veterans job corps bill to include ALL vets, not just post 9/11 vets. Don’t all of our vets deserve this sort of benefit? If we are going to do something like this, let’s do it right.

    • Fred Setser

      Did they? How?

      • j12678

        By voting against it. The question is why? Because the President was for it. So lets screw vets so we can get at the president. Follow what the Republican party has done since this president took office. The number one thing was making sure Obama was a one term president…

  • Mike Hoare

    As a former DoD federal employee, people have to understand the amount of waste that occurs when you bring in Beltway contractors. Many of these companies have retired admirals/generals as figure heads who love to go to the pentagon to play the good old boy game and get contracs for stuff that might not be need, but are on someone’s wish list. With the economy in the shape it is, DoD has to cut their spending on wishlist and start getting real. When is the last time long guns were upgraded to reflect today’s needs? Same for protective armor.. Instead they invest in the F22 which still has problems. DoD needs to look in the mirror and let’s quit buying boon-doggles

    • American VET

      Mr.Mike Hoare,
      You are a Former “Angry” Federal Employee.
      For Starters – I was a Former Federal Employee – 12 Yrs in “The Building” – 30 Yrs Active Service – 67-97 and now enjoy being a “Worker” as “O” would call us. I can assure You that Defense Contractors can and will “Out Perform” a DAC any day in a given week. I am one!!! Any US citizen w/Family Unemployed is NOT a Good Deed. GOD Bless Our Troops and GOD Continue to Bless America.
      American VET

      • CWalters

        American Vet – as a retired military (27 years) and an additional 16 years in a DoD contracting role, I can personally attest that we were cheaper and provided more support than our civil service breathern who left work at 1630/1700 and arrived for work at 0800/0830. Our average day was 10-11 hours. We did not receive overitime pay but worked those hours because the job needed to be done. A large number of civil service employees work only minimal hours for who knows what reason.

        Why on active duty as a senior officer, I had 14 civil servants who worked for me. The hours I noted above applies to that experience. It was like pulling teeth to get them to work longer and only for specific high priority tasks.

      • Yuggib

        Oh Hell, Am Vet, the best DAC isn’t smart enough to pour pee out of a boot , with the instructions printed on the sole, nor worth the powder to blow it (him or her) away. My GRANDDAUGHTER can outperform a DAC, on one of her bad days. Let’s not give in to boasting when in concerns an entity I spent the last (supervisory) part of my career trying to get rid of.
        SSG, USA, Ret. Yuggib

  • fred wyman

    Enlets ask the seneter text right here! lets ask both the senate and congres and the pesident and vic president to take a sizeable cut iin pay along with cutting alot of the perks

    • guest

      peanuts mt friend

    • Yuggib

      If all 536 of them elected to not receive their pay, it wouldn’t amount to a percentage point in the National Debt., about $250 million in my guestamit. I know, if they gave it to you or me, we would be rich beyond our fondest dreams, but it ain’t spit in that bucket.

      • Yuggib,

        Your right, wouldn’t mean chit.

        I’m not sure, but everything I hear about reducing the debt, is countered with the not in my back yard comment.

      • XVET/Civil Servent

        Then let the rest of them that have served a term or two and are recieving their retirement pays and not paying for health benefits for the rest of their lives. It is ridiculous the way congressional pay raises and they vacation because Washington DC is too hot and muggy in the summer months. BS! That was the case before air conditioning. Give me a f—– break. Now we pay for them to return to their homes and we take 2 jobs to even get by paycheck to paycheck. Cut off all retirement pay from House and Senate. Serve your damn country. Give them 30 day vacation a year. Why are we flying politicians into war zones putting more pressure on the active duty troops in the area. How fricken illiterate are you people. Do some research

        • XVET/Civil Servent, Part 1

          LMAO, surely you really aren’t or used to be a Civil Servant, or you would know they (Congressman) are under the same Health Care and Retirement Plans as you are.


          Retirement Benefits for Members of Congress


          Retirement Benefits for Members of Congress

        • XVET/Civil Servent, Part 2

          As for the pay raises, the get them when you get them, like you, they have yet to get a pay raise since 2009.

          Comgressmen return home, because that is where their job starts, at home, they don’t work for the Federal Government.

          XVET/Civil Servent, please, I’m not illiterate, (SERVANT) spelling.

    • Richard

      Asking for “congress and both President and Vice President to take a sizeable cut in pay”. Is exactly what Obama wants to do by raising taxes on those rich bastards. However, why is it that everyone wants tax cuts? We as a nation cannot afford more tax cuts, especially to the rich/congress.

  • blueyes1

    The Presidents JOB is to provide leadership, Congress is responsible for getting things done. We have seen Neither

    • Jose

      Can you do better? We think, NOT!!!!

      • Equorial de Costa Rica
        • Equorial de Costa Rica, Part 1

          “We are 15 days away from military troops not receiving Spousal Allowances, BAQ,”

          It’s called Basic Allowance for Quarters (BAQ) now, and has nothing to do with ones spousal. The soldiers gets this money if he is allowed to live off Post/Base.

          “TriCare has already become a joke (even for 100% Disabled Vets, their spouses are paying more for medications than “illegal immigrants’.”

          The VA not Tricare takes care of Disabled Vets. As far as spouses paying more for meds than illegal immigrants that can’t be true, because illegal’s can’t get meds, unless like everyone in America which can visit the hospital only in an emergency.

          “Do I think I could do a better job running this country? HELLLLLLL YES! It would start by “cleaning house” (all of DC) and rebooting America.”

          To be able to clean house, you would have to change the Constitution making you Dictator.

          • Idmtmedic

            Unless, like everyone in America they can go to an emergency room only in the case of an emergency??? Ahhh yes tell us again what an emergency is? Let me ask you Charles, are they going to make an appointment with their PCM? What happens with Obama care and illegals? Who pays for that? You seem to not include the cost of illegals in your budget savings as compared to retired veterans which PAY into it at a nicely reduced cost. Now compare that scenario with an illegal which pays what again?

          • Idmtmedic

            Your next post should tell us how much THEY are paying for medical care. Let’s talk about how much THEY pay in regards to retired military veterans and Tricare. Describe the earned verses deserved? Or how the hospitals collect those fees. Links and research would be interesting on this one. Let me make a prediction……YOU won’t have one. While your looking, describe the sacrifice they have given this country for such care and who pays for it.

          • Idmtmedic


        • Equorial de Costa Rica, Part 2

          “Lastly, if you are a veteran you are on a list of ppl that are considered to be “possible terrorists” because you have military training, and thus pose a threat to the safety of the citizens of the USA.”

          Crazy talk.

    • James

      I’m starting to see/think that everyone knew what had to be done and they ALL put it into the Sequester bill… While telling everyone that they wouldn’t be responsible for the absolutely necessary cuts that the sequester provided. It was a way to escape responsibility for the hardship that was the only way out of the trouble caused by over spending for years and years. Eh, just a thought

  • Troubleshooter

    Does our government truly understand what will happen if VA Disability and Medical Benefits Programs are cut? It would be disastrous and catastrophic for ALL politicians. Government would end.

  • Jim

    Get rid of Obama & everything will get better pretty quickly!

    • Gunner j

      WTF, he has tried it’s th e GOP that muddles any good action for us.

      • Bob

        Wrong the house has tried to pass many bill, both for vets and jobs. The Senate keeps stopping them form passing. Read the article above.

    • Shirley

      Get Real. Pleae get your facts straight, the President is doing a great job cleaning up the mess the previous president left. The country is now on its way to recovery and now you want to change the players so others can take the credit. No way!

    • Tara

      no things will not get better, slim Jim.

    • Tara

      no things will not get better, jim. You need to learn how to read.

    • Tara

      No Jim, things will not get better, jim. You need to learn how to read.

  • steve

    Excellent post jim & 100& correct,they the Teaparty have been a Disease for this great country.

  • Angie

    the part the House Republicans did not like in the Veterans Jobs Corps Act S.3457 besides the fact that it was limited to employing able bodied men in a civilian Veteran Job Corp with limited job opportunities was all these additions which had nothing to do with veterans:


    Calendar No. 476

    112th CONGRESS

    2d Session

    S. 3457

    A BILL

    To require the Secretary of Veterans Affairs to establish a veterans jobs corps, and for other purposes.

    July 31, 2012

    Read the second time and placed on the calendar

    • guest


  • Tomas

    Hooyah! The R’s are responsible for the entire mess this nation is in!!

    • Alan g

      Steven, you don’t know what you are talking about. The tea party are the first ones to defend the military. A majority of them are former and retired military,as am I. So take your idiotic claims to media matters where they would love to spin things.

    • dlpiazza

      Obama started the sequestration, and even the press secretary admitted it, so you need to do more research.

      • dipiazza,

        Correct, same thing I heard, but then again, everyone seemed to agree at the time. I’m so tired of hearing about, I say let it happen.

        • Idmtmedic

          Let me guess, it doesn’t affect you and writing your reps is a lost cause so why bother.

          • idmedic,

            Please explain to me how it effects you and post what you sent to your reps. Maybe I’ve missed something when I said the Sequestration doesn’t affect me. Please help me with me complaint to my reps.

  • Guest

    Dont forget its the republicans that usually secure DoD funding. Its the dems that want to pit one issue against the other. Obama is holding your money hostage and dividing this country. He wants to give that funding to the unions and hire teachers.

  • Guest

    Otherwise known as redestribution in one form.

  • Guest

    The jobs bill is an unnecessary overlap of ehat is already in place. MA already has job assistance and a veteran liason in their career places that are dedicated to vets only. It is unnecessary money spent and a ploy in an election year.

  • SoaringEagle

    Sequestration will not impact retired military 65 and over as far as their pay. their TFL and Medicare not be impacted either. if you are 64 and younger your tricare may take a hit and that is all.

    • C Walters

      I suspect you are wrong concerning TRICARE and TFL. MOAA says differently based on their interface with Congressional and Senatorial leaders. The Administration, especially the SECDEF is pushing hard to increase fees for TRICARE and establish large fee for TFL and large deductable that would essentially destroy the program. SECDEF used a cost growth argument; however, MOAA uncovered that there was a $700M cost savings over the past few years in TRICARE program. The SECDEF essentially lied to Congress and got caught. This only slowed him down a bit. The SECDEF is still after TRICARE and TFL – sequestratrion is his way to nullify both programs if he can. Congress has proven totally inept and need to be voted out of office (fired as we would be fired if we were that incompetent). I will voting against anyone still in office – how about you folks?

      • Guest

        ” Throw Them All Out” — title of a recent book describing the numerous perks and abuses of Congress, and how they use their positions to enrich themselves at the expense of us taxpayers.
        Agree with Walters 110% — vote out the incumbent, elect someone new, regardless of political party.
        And another item — push for Constitutional amendment for Congressional term limits — reduce the corruption, waste and pandering to banksters and other special interests. The longer the politicians stay in office, the more serious is their corruption (excluding the 10-20% who stay honest).

      • SoaringEagle

        Ithink you should read the entire article “As I See It”. What I stated is true about 65 and over.

    • Evelyn McMullen

      I understand we retired/family will be forced to use the mail-order pharmacy for prescriptions whether we want to or not. And co-pays for ALL our drugs have already gone up and are projected to be raised and raised and raised. This affects our TFL, you are wrong!

      • Evelyn McMullen,

        Explained to me what has already happened has to do with what hasn’t happened yet.

        • Idmtmedic

          Called deductive reasoning, or for you, cause and effect.

  • Stephen

    If anyone was paying attention back in Jan2012, taxes were raised. But only on all the retired military pay. I believe it was about 3.5%. Really they raised taxes twice when they rounded down the Federal payments to the nearest dollar.

    • Retiree2005

      You are truly clueless!! That is totally untrue, please get a clue before spouting off BS as fact!! President Obama changed the tax break from a payroll tax reduction to a reduction in Social Security taxes! Since Pensions don’t pay Social Security deductions there was no reduction to make. This affected ALL Pensions not just retired military pay! There really is a world out there besides yours, try familiarizing yourself with true reality!

  • Jsmith

    Interesting. Both sides are obstinate — one that taxes must not be raised and one that they must, but you blame only one side. For whom are YOU in the tank?

  • MarieArnold

    The House (Rep controlled) has passed several bills to stop these cuts. The Senate (Demo controlled) has refused to consider and vote on any of them.

    • james clark

      The Faciest Republicans fillabustered every bill the Democrats proposed. Matter of fact; Republican Senator Toomy from Pa. helped write the Veterans jobs bill that was fillabustered 9/20/2012, then he voted against it because it would have helped Obama.

      • canhall

        funny though, the socialist democrats wouldn’t even vote for bho’s budget. everyone forgets HE GOT ZERO VOTES ON HIS BUDGET. not even the dems would vote for it, not one!

  • buljos

    No nation can tax itself into prosperity. Period. Raising income taxes on those who pay no income taxes isn’t the answer. Raising revenue while controlling spending is the objective. Collecting any income taxes at all from those who don’t pay any income tax whatsoever is part of the answer. Taxes depress the activity being taxed, so enough already from those who don’t pay income taxes yet rally for a Robin Hood government.

    • j12678

      Buljos the first sentence in you statement says it all. You have no idea what your talking about. Why do you think we became the most powerfull nation in the world after WWII. We taxed the hell out of everyone making large amounts of money. Some were paying as hi as 94% in taxes. Those that pay no income tax are usually the ones that don’t make that much money, (like elderly, students, enlisted military, and the poor) but pay every other tax we pay. Fair taxes is one of the reasons we all have equal opportunities, otherwise the rich would have everything. Saudy Arabia is a perfect example of the rich getting to keep everything…

      • etcm

        I cannot pass this – probably 3/4 of the industrialized world’s manufacturing based was destroyed in WWII and you think taxation lead to our unmolested, supercharged factories cranking out prosperity? Cause and effect, logical thought processes, and economics were obviously not your strong suits.

  • retsam369

    You were obviously in the girl scouts and not a part of the military establishment! The only thing you know about is lemonade, as in bho’s brand of lemons. If you really understood what the Tea Party was and stood for, you would kiss the ground they walked upon!
    From a retired 27 yr. SFC

    • j12678

      If you kiss the ground anybody walks on, your seriously brainwashed. So far all Tea Party Republican politicians have been nut jobs. The Tea Party may have some good ideas, but you need to understand the people your putting in office don’t give a dam about you and your ideas. Unless of course all you care about is giving the rich everything, getting rid of a program that everyone like like Social Security and Medicare, you know what never mind, you people are so blind its not worth the argument…

  • Joe

    The Tea Partiers seem to be the only ones trying to keep fiscal sanity. The fact is we need more working taxpayers, not more taxes from the existing taxpayers. Obama spent the first two years of his presidency trying to create a legacy in the way of Obamacare, creating $6trillion in new debt and buying the next election in the way of food stamps and additional unemployment compenstation rather than work on the job situation. If you disagree, you are probably part of the problem with America—wanting a free lunch and no responsiblity…

    • C Walters

      Disagree – the tea partiers only made this mess worse by refusing to compromise with members of their own party and the Dems. The Congress is completely stalemated and hasn’t made progress on any budget in the last 18 months. They all need to be voted out since they have failed to THE PEOPLE’s business.

      Why is it nobody has addressed closing the tax loopholes used by Romney, Pelosi, Feinstein, and many other multi-millionaire Senators and Congressmen? They ARE the so-called rich who are only getting richer. I rarely agree with Obama, but this time I do. Eliminate the loopholes in the tax codes for those making over $1M. The coffers in Federal Revenue will rise substantially. Not enough to solve the problem but would be a healthy dose of revenue. The so-called Rich are rich because they do not infuse their money to create jobs. If that were the case, there would be plenty of jobs today. Where are they?

      • James

        You do realize Romney is the one pushing for closing tax loopholes right?

    • j12678

      Joe you must have a ribbon for all the answers. Just not the right ones. What you call fiscal sanity a smart person calls doing what needs to be done. Your right we need more jobs.. But why are you not complainings to your Republican leaders and ask them to explaing why they block everything that comes before them. Obamacare trys to keep sanity in the medical system, but idiots like you preffer to keep giving all your money to for profit insurance companies. And this unemployment was caused by President Bush. But of course you know there is no work, but you would preffer children to suffer rather than give them food stamps. As you can I disagree with you not because im part of the problem but someone who will call you on your bad case of stupid…

      • Joe

        Obama couldn’t pass anything in his first two years when he had both the Senate and the House on his side. That’s because he pushed for bad ideas. The people rose up (as any good liberal should appreciate) when they didn’t like what they saw. They turned out to be Tea Partiers and now the liberal whah whah cry babies are upset because they aren’t getting their way. There are more effective ways to implement affordable healthcare legislation than to force the people into a system that would end up costing many factors more than what Obama said it would. I call government-run systems insane. You are simply trying to make a case for an inept president who can’t lead and remains obstinantly arrogant, standing fast on stripping America of the freedoms that make people successful.

    • Hian

      Wrong Joe Glow, Teaparty drink too much and don’t make sense at all.

    • Hian

      Wrong Joe Glow, Tea Party drink too much and don’t make sense at all.

  • Gatorbait

    Can’t we get a referendum on the Nov. 6th ballot to abolish Congress and start over. They are doing such a disservice to this country, it is unbelievable!

    • chrisb

      We can send incumbent elected officials back home by voting next month. The two major political parties have gravely failed America and the tax payer. Thanx.

      • rcgoode

        It would take one voting cycle to vote ‘incumbents’ out of the House of Representatives and three cycles for the Senate then they all will be gone. Well worth it to show them all the appreciation that we have for a good job done in accomplishing absolutely nothing.

  • Tom Key

    A great idea is to elect the candidate for Congress who actually “represents” you/us. Take back Our Government. To paraphrase Reagan, “The GOP is not the solution; the GOP is the problem.”

    • Steve

      Reagan’s quote was”:The government is not the solution; the government is the problem.” Not the GOP

  • Ken

    Thank goodness the Democrats have been so helpful in implementing spending cuts or we would really be at a stalemate. Both parties are to blame. You can’t defend either one. The Democrats have bought votes with money we haven’t had. George Bush’s administration spent like the Democrats. Neither party has addressed Social Security. Obama wants to pay for Obama Care by reducing Medicaid payments to those rich doctors–who may just end refusing to see new patients, or may just get out of the medical field altogether.

    • j12678

      Ken I desagree with you. In most cases both parties are fault, but not in this case. This president has bent over backwards trying to find middle ground with the Republicans. Go back and look at the record since 2008. They stopped everything that Obama put farward even programs that the Republican Party started. What ever he was for, they were against. The only thing that the Republicans have done is stop the president from getting anything done, so they can come back and say he did nothing. This is wrong…

  • SSG Retired

    The States needs to maintain control over the reps that are sent to Washington so the people could have the ability to recall them for non performance instead of waisting lots of money and time just to create more multi millionairs!

  • jbrown

    Spoken like a true demoCRAP! YOu ***hole!

    • Jae Wa

      NO Janie Brown, you are only not nice here and you not say good thing here. We not like you either.

  • Greyfoxrun

    I read “blame the GOP”, or “recall our representatives”….. The House has sent Bills to the Senate where that “leader” from Nevada shelves them. He won’t even talk to the GOP. Solution…..follow Mitt’s statement from the debate…”Is it so important that you would borrow money from China to pay for it”. If the answer is yes…..keep it. If the answer is no get rid of it. Then when all is said and done if more $$$$ are required tax the 47% that pay no income tax at a fair and reasonible rate. Once done if more $$ are required find more things to cut. Shelve income tax and go to a National Sales tax where everybody pays

    • usmc323nova

      The 47% are not taxed because their income threshold is so low to begin wtih. Many of these 47% are retired military. The top 1% pay very low taxes and have more loop holes than you can shake a stick at. The answer is to stop cutting taxes for the rich and implement a flat tax of 14% across the board with NO deductions. Not only does this help eliminate fraud, it gets everyone to pay their pro rata share of their taxes, and it eliminates the need for a blotted IRS system which then scales down the size of government. The facts are there, Corporations and the Rich have been making a ton of money in this supposed downward economy with non of that going backt to creating jobs.

      • Pvt2Maj

        Okay, Mr. Facts, exactly where do you get your facts? The IRS accounting data shows that the top 10 percent of income earners paid 71 percent of all federal income taxes in 2009 though they earned 43 percent of all income. The bottom 50 percent paid 2 percent of income taxes but earned 13 percent of total income. About half of tax filers paid no federal income tax at all. Those are FACTS!

        • alexislj1

          Apples and oranges my friend.
          A flat tax is the only way to ensure that everyone pays their fair share. By the way, are you basing the income on earned income or income no matter how they got it.
          You would be surprised at just how many military people pay no taxes. I know I qualified for earned income all the way up to E5.


      Do you really believe that 47% of America does not pay taxes..that is a benefit only reserved for the rich, like Mitt.


        Prove that point wrong… 47% (+/-5%) do not pay federal taxes… Case and point… I was deployed so much that my total earning for that given yr was about $18k, when I filed taxes I was actually given EIC which meant that I not only did not pay any taxes for that year but I was given a “refund”… basically got money back that I never put in… ON the other hand, the “rich” payed income taxes far exceeding my total income for the year and they are being told that they are not doing their “fair share” how does one figure? How much of THIER money are YOU entitled to? Flat or Fair tax would fix this whole problem…Stealing from fellow countrymen is not the answer.

        • Pvt2Maj

          Thank you Sir. You seem to be one of the few people posting that are intelligent enough to form an opinion based on facts and not some liberal rhetoric.

      • Yuggib

        I don’t know how to prove anything about anybody but me. I’m a disabled, medically retired E-6, drawing $1380 VA, $874 CRSC (that portion of my retirement that is designated as disability compensation based on a 30% permanent disability rating by the Army) and $955 from Social Security in Early Retirement Benefits. My wife is disabled and receives $871 in SS Disabled worker benefit, and $210.94 from long term disability insurance. Our monthly income is $4290.94 per month, and the only part taxable is the long term disability payment. The last time I filed a 1040, the IRS sent it back saying they would gladly compute the EIC if I (and my wife) would just pretty please sign these papers. Another small amount added to our coffers. I no longer file income tax papers because of this. So, I am one of the 47% There are, more than likely, plenty more just like me.

  • Michael

    What blanket have you been hiding under you idiot. There won’t be another half century in this country if the Democrats keep printing money and borrowing from China, the good ole USA will be bankrupt. Take you blinders off, giving goverment more money to spend is not the answer. They waste every dime and all they can borrow from China too.


    In the end… you can take ALL of the money from the people you deem as “rich” (pick whatever threshold you want $250k+ $1M+ your call) … you can still not cover the amount being spent annually from the Federal government. Do the math… Then after you take it all… where will you get the next payment for the following yrs bills?

    • j12678

      Haha, dude take an economics class. And even if you were correct, then we should just let the rich keep everything so the rest of us, including you, pay all the bills. The argument of fair taxes is simple and just. Any other argument is just silly…

      • TonyM

        Since 2000, the US has run up over $13 Trillion in debt. Sine 1 January 2009, the cumulative debt is over $5 Trillion.
        The Social Security Trust Fund is full of IOUs that total over $4 Trillion.
        As a lifer who did 21 years with 5 years in French Indochina, I paid my dues but today I see the need to shrink the size of the federal budget.
        DoD has to be part of the shrinking. We do not need 13 Aircraft Carrier task Forces when only two nations have ONE aircraft carrier. We do not need the F-35, SLAMRAAM, JLENS, etc. in order to protect the US.
        The US cannot continue to be the policeman of world and let the European Union, Korea and Japan defenses be dependent on the US money and manpower.

        • CL USAF retired

          Hey do you know anything about the F35? Well, let me see, it is being manufactured here in the US an SOLD to foreign allies, so let’s see you think R&D should stop an put MORE PEOPLE out of work!! Seriously, you people don’t get it, WE NEED TO PRODUCE THINGS TO SELL, TO HAVE AN ECONOMY!! Idiots!

      • Michael

        What an absurdly stupid argument. Define what one’s “fair share” is. I get tired of seeing and hearing this “fair share” argument from kool-aid drinkers spouting liberal talking points.

  • jerry butler


  • guest

    Mr. Webber, obviously you are misinformed. Spending money we don’t have seems to be the only strategy Democrats can accept. I would be glad to go back to Clinton budget…oh yeah that would mean cuts to spending. I am aware the war on terror was not in the budget, but you could at least depend on Bush to have our soldiers’ back. This president doesn’t have a clue.

  • cloudshe

    go ahead, foolishly believe all the excuses. if obama was any kind of leader we might have some decent solutions to our job and deficit problems. but NOOOOO, only whining and blame from the WH. you obamabots blamed all the previous crap on Bush, but Now you want to blame Congress???? pathetic.

    • Sci man

      Correct! Your shallow argument is wanting specifics, not name calling, et al. It’s quite complex, but suffice to say we are all going down together if our “team leader” is the whing waffler. sci man

    • Ben Dover


  • rts

    If EVERYONE depended on Social Security for their retirement benefits – something tells me it would be fixed in no time.



    • Bob

      That’s a crock of crap! You’d better start learning how to plant potatoes cause you anin’t gonna buy them at the grocery store. They’ll cost too much!

      The Govt’s broke and it’s been broke for a long, long time thanks much to Woodrow Wilson and FDR and their socialist and communist buddies. Every politician since his time has been on the same economic bandwagon and now we’re all going to have to suffer!

  • Michael

    I see you drank deep of the kool-aid. Obama had a Dem majority in both houses of Congress for his first two years in office. Why didn’t they pass a budget? If anyone is rooting for failure it’s the dems who are trying to insistute their socialist agenda.

    • Have a shot of that Kool-Aid yourself!!!! You right-wingers keep singing that song, but everyone knows you need a 60-vote majority to pass anything of significance in the Senate. Dumb rule! But the Reps used it well in blocking everything with their ‘Do nothing-Just say No!’ strategy.
      You can bet if the Mitt-ster gets in, things won’t change. Afterall, paybacks are ****, right? Toss ’em all out!

      • Michael

        Bad assumption on your part that I’m some “right winger.” Liberals usually make that mistake. Fact is everything Obama wanted to pass, he passed. Look at the health care debacle! he was able to pass that and SURPRISE!!!!! He didn’t need the 60 vote super majority to do it. Yet he and his lapdog Harry Reid refuse to pass a budget. Now the Reps in the House have propposed budget after budget, yet Reid won’t allow a single one to come to a vote on the Senate floor. Ever asked yourself why? So who is the ‘do nothing-just say no’ party?

      • Sfk

        I am absolutely NOT a right winger, but I think the president has really made a mess of the country; along with his democrat partners in congress. Never have I seen such a weak leader in such a high position of power.

        • Karri

          Sfk, you gave yourself away when you said “democrat partners.:”

          A few decades ago, Republicans did a poll and found out that people liked the term “democratic,” so, to take away a perceived advantage from the Democratic Party, they chose to use the gramattically incorrect term “democrat party.”

          Anyone who has passed third grade grammer knows that you need an adjective to modify a noun; you do not use a noun to modify a noun. “Democrat” is a noun and “democratic” is an adjective.

          There are only two reasons to use the term “democrat partners.” One is that you do not understand basic grammer and the other is that you have fallen for the right wing propaganda.

          • Steve

            That’s really your comeback argument? I guess you sure told him… Good job

          • Steve,


  • swab jockey

    Looks and sounds to me like these forums are getting taken over by a whole bunch of liberals bent on demonizing the conservatives (republicans). Any one else out there notice all the left-wing blasting? Just how long do you believe the Fed can keep the printing presses rolling out those $100s before the old
    well runs dry? The liberals believe it’s forever and any cuts are “tea party” and other evilist’s faults.

    • LTC J. Curtis, USAF

      They don’t print bills anymore stupid, they borrow from China

    • Phyllis Cobb

      You speak of liberals demonizing conservatives and taking over. Have you forgotten or do you just choose to ignore the fact that while President Obama was involved in his first inauguration, the House Republicans were gathered making a plan to obstruct him in whatever way they could. They have done that while demanding stupid things, like him showing his birth certificate, over and over, making racially derogatory statements, making fun of his wife; they have tried to destroy the Affordable Care Act although the Supreme Court has declared it the law of the land. They have refused to give him credit for any growth of the economy, etc., etc., yet you blame the liberals for blasting! If it were not so serious, it would be funny, but it is vicious, while being ludicrous!

  • Tim T.

    I think we need to place the blame on both sides of the aisle and the white house. People elected to represent the people have their own agendas without regard for the electorial public. The problem is that this starts with cuts to the government programs and will end with the trickle down effect to the entire economy. You think the recession of 2008-2009 was bad. You haven’t seen anything yet. This will be a major depression.

    • CL USAF retired

      Absolutely, putting the most educated engineers out of work first since defense will be slashed! We need a whole lot of new people on both sides closer to the middle ground an not at polar opposites!

    • Karri

      I totally agree, Tkm. If we cut too much, we will destroy the economy. It has happened in the past and it is happening in other courntries right now. We cannot cut our way out of deficits, but we can cut ourselves out of recovery.

  • disgusted

    You don’t know what you are talking about Jason. The “commander in chief” is destroying our country and has increased the country’s debt by 5 trillion dollars. Obama wouldn’t know how to lead if it hit him in the face, if he knew how, he would have done it. Instead he has blamed the Republicans and Bush for everything that has gone wrong in the last 4 years. Obama had total control of the house and senate for the first two years of his presidency, can you tell me what he did except force Obamacare down our throats, apologize to our enemies, vacation at our expense and play golf.

  • “Sapper 6”

    Who controls the Senate? Oh yes that would be the Dems. Who killed H Con Res. 112 Official House Republican Budget for FY2013 – Status: Motion to proceed to consideration of measure rejected in Senate by Yea-Nay Vote. 41 – 58.
    You may be proud of your Commander and Chief, but he has failed as a leader, regardless of your perceieved obstructionism. It is either success or failure of the mission. Failures, regardless of reasons, are not acceptable and commanders get replaced.

  • Jed

    How anyone with a military back ground can support this president and demonize congress is beyond me. For the first two years of the Administration the Dems controlled Everything and crammed all their ideas down America’s throat. They even bent the congressional rules to pass the health law. When the 2010 election gave back some balance to the government the Liberals immediately started complaining about the congress as being obstructionist. The mess we are in has come about because the house tried to rein in the spending and agreed to the sequestration deal as a way forward to get some sanity in the spending, but they have been thwarted at every turn by the WH and the Senate. Face the facts, the Senate has NOT put up a budget in three years and the WH proposed budget is so over the top that it was rejected by the entire congress. There is no question that politics has caused this mess, but it has come from both sides of Congress and the WH. Step back and look at the historical facts and stop spouting Left and Right gibberish!

    • LTC J. Curtis, USAF

      You are too dumb to be in the Military

      • CL retired USAF

        If your a LTC in the AF, your behavior in this forum tells me your either a liar or retired an bitter, get a grip an say something that actually has some meaning or shut up. Obviously need that ego boost since you put your rank on your post, pathetic!

  • victor


    I served 24 years so we could maintain our FREEDOM, not have idiots meet in a room to come out with nothing. Sequestration only happened because idiots from both sides of the isle could not put aside their own agendas, yet that being said….the President…that would be Obamma…never interjected his presense or his voice directly to the process. He left it to the idiots so he could have a fall back option. LEADERSHIP would have sat with both parties in that room and hashed out a solution.

  • Patrick Harris

    Teabagger is a derrogatory term describing a predeliction for a certain marital act (look up it). The TEA Party stands for Taxed Enough Already Party, nothing else!

    • Karri

      Actually, Teabaggers is how the Tea Party described themselves — until they found out what the term meant.

      • Steve

        Much better comeback than the grammar police one…

  • MTPocket

    Jason, Rather than point fingers, name call, and misrepresent, you might take a look at reality. This whole mess is the fruit of a “Take No Prisoners, Break the Country before Copromise!” mentality that seems to have become part of the mindset of virtually every member of the House and Senate. The only truly bipartisan vote I can recall from the 111th and 112rh Congresses was the 99-0 defeat of the President’s budget in the Senate.

  • Rodger Parsons

    Jason – wake up and stop drinking the koolaid. Your CINC is a communist. Read his books, look at his background, consider his mentors, and then look at yourself in a mirror. The guy is an imposter and a hoax. My dog is more qualified to be President and CINC than Obumbo.

  • theobserver

    Well, I guess someone has to adore the omnipotent messiah, don’t we? Might as well be you.

  • Deb

    Again, we need to STOP ALL the arguing! The military retirees deserve what was promised to them. They served their time and now we should honor the promise to them of FREE medical care for life! If the active duty would pay just $100 per family per year! (ALL branches of the miltary), There would be no need to raise enrollment fees on Tricare. In fact, there would not be a need for any tricare fees at all.

    • Deb,

      The “free medical care for life” is and was a MYTH. That case was lost in 2003 when the Supreme Court turned down the appeal.

      Now, you claim there is no need to raise enrollment fees on Tricare! I disagree, and think fees should go up annually, because the cost of Health Care goes up.

      • Dan Pratt


        I think the major issue with this “MYTH” is that people do not realize that our retirement benefits can be voted on and changed at any time they deem it necessary. This is wrong. If they want to change it and reduce budgets leave the ones that have already paid their dues alone and let us active duty folks fight for our benefits to come. Congress should let us vote on their pay and benefits. I bet then they would see exactly what happens when the rug gets yanked out from under them.

        • Dan Pratt,

          Although the voting on benefits is true, no one voted to take anything away, only to add to what I already have. Before signing up for Tricare I used use the Military Hospitals for free based on space availability, which I can still do if I want to cancel my Tricare.

          As for someone already paying their dues is just a feeling some have. I never read anything that said those before me have paid some sort of dues.

          As far as me voting for Congresses Pay and Benefits makes no since. As per the Constitution, running the military is part of the job of Congress. Anyway, there is no rug that has been pulled out from under me. I have what I had when I retired, and that hasn’t changed other then benefits have gone up and never, ever down.

          • Hopeful

            Well, let me just say you have been fortunate and don’t bet on it staying that way. I was a senior researcher and wrote parts of a report to Congress that doesn’t call for it to stay the same. Further, if we AD and retirees don’t become more fiscally aware, conservative, and realistic, we are all going to lose plenty of benefits we were led to believe we would have during retirement. A simple beginning would be for people to either pick up their meds at the base pharmacy, or get their continuing meds via mail order. getting them at the local pharmacy might seem convenient and preferable because ‘we can’ – but it is the most expensive to the gov’t and is going to cost us all in the longterm if it isn’t curtailed. I can’t go more into detail as I’m still AD and would like to stay that way. Just don’t get the idea it’s all okay.

          • Hopeful,

            “we are all going to lose plenty of benefits we were led to believe we would have during retirement.”

            Please list those benefits.

          • Brenda

            I would bet that your benefits will go down with the Fiscal Cliff. Either you will have to pay more for services, especially medications or even doctor visits. Or maybe even have to pay for Tricare For Life if you have that. I can see that coming in the near future. And why should we not vote on Pay and Benefits for Congress? We elected them & should have a say in what they are paid since they always vote for a raise for themselves every year, even though many are taking a hit on their pay & benefits. And remember that Congress can vote tomorrow to pull your benefits!

          • Brenda,

            “I would bet that your benefits will go down with the Fiscal Cliff. Either you will have to pay more for services, especially medications or even doctor visits. Or maybe even have to pay for Tricare For Life if you have that. I can see that coming in the near future.”

            I keep hearing what you’re saying, and am satisfied with my benefits.

            “And why should we not vote on Pay and Benefits for Congress? We elected them & should have a say in what they are paid since they always vote for a raise for themselves every year, even though many are taking a hit on their pay & benefits. And remember that Congress can vote tomorrow to pull your benefits!”

            “Regarding Congressional pay – please remember their responsibilities are set by the Constitution. Want to change it? See Article V of the Constitution.”—retiree

            Fell free to explain to me just how you are going to vote on Pay and Benefits for Congress?????

      • anon

        right deb. Patriotism is dead – every man, woman and child will go it alone and morale in the force will reflect this. Do as the President said and learn a new language.

    • Dee

      Active duty families already pay for tricare! Also, we no longer have coverage for glasses, our dental coverage decreased and company’s went through the roof. National guard reserve just got tricare handed to them even when they’re not active…so active duty families had benefits cut. I’m sick to death of hearing “active duty should pay”…that’s bs! I already move around the country at a whim, don’t have my husband home and am away from family. It’s what I signed up for. But I didn’t sign up to have to support everyone else too. Blame your elected officials, not active,duty

      • Pooty

        To clarify your comment: National Guard/Reserve just got Tricare handed to them even when they ‘re not active. You fell to mention that the Nationalk Guard/Reserve pay the full amount of their coverage under Tricare. The government doesn’t contibute one cent to their covergae under Tricare.

    • Deb,

      If it only worked that way, then we all would have “FREE MEDICAL CARE FOR LIFE”. As you know, it doesn’t work that way. This CAUSE for this Free Care, is done and over with and ended the year 2003. This arguing as you are stating, is several people posting on a blog. What gives you the write to post about it, yet call me and others posting about it ‘ARGUING’?????

      Since you feel the recruiters promise is equal this free stuff, will then, go and collect. You people living in the past that continue to bring this case up are going know where. You all just need to get over yourself, and realize that if you have Tricare, fees are going up.

      Just remember, at the end of the day, check your ‘RETIREE ACCOUNT STATEMENT” which shows you that Tricare did go up, and how much the deducted from your account.

    • David Luikart

      Get a life. Why should Active Duty take a $100 per year pay reduction just so we retirees have to pay less. They still risk their lives every day to preserve the freedoms we fought for in the past. I don’t like paying more but would willingly pay twice as much so the AD protectors do not have to pay anything. You must have forgotten what it was like to be on active duty. Get a part time job to pay your share if necessary. Ret. Marine S/Sgt

  • Deb

    Also many don’t know that once a civil service employee reaches step 10 on the payscale they don’t get anymore raises. Many have NOT had a raise because of this in 10+years so the only increase in pay these employees receive (WAS) the COLA every January. How many non-federal employees would agree to working under these terms. Many federal employees are spouses of retired military. When the military retirees pay was frozen for 3 years, plus federal pay is frozen, that’s double whammy for those families. In the meantime the cost of gas, electricity, and heating for their homes, and food, and college tuition for their kids has continued to rise.

    • Deb,

      “When the military retirees pay was frozen for 3 years”

      I retired in 1995, and my retirement pay has never been frozen. Is this something that happened before that. I’m 62 years old at this time, and I’ve never, ever heard anything about military retirement pay being frozen.

      Just saying.

    • Evelyn McMullen

      My son works in the civilian sector. He hasn’t had a raise in 10 yrs but says he feels lucky to have a job at all.

      • Idmtmedic

        10 years and no pay raise? Now that is hilarious. He bus tables?

  • Jones

    When I joined in 1970, I was promised free medical care for life if I completed 20 years and retired. Ask me how that’s working out for me… Another broken promise.

    • Bob Rasch

      I was told the same thing when I enlisted in 1958.

    • Addie

      I’m pretty much in the same boat as you are. I am on Tricare for Life, Medicare and low cost and free meds. I’m usually pretty healthy. This President will take everything from us, then I will be on the dole.
      I gave 25 yrs and all we get are broken promises. My daughters & son-in-laws also gave their time. What about our wounded Vets, he will kick them to the curb too. Yet, he says he cares about the military. What a joke!!

      • Karri

        Actually, Obama has increased funding for the VA; his predecessor actaully cut funding. He has publically stated he does not want this. Panetta has presented cuts that are based on actual DoD needs, as opposed to pork that contractors are asking Congress to cover. Yes, we can cut funding in DoD without hurting the people who make our military so great.

        • Jim

          What the hell are you reading? Why don’t you do your homework before you spew crap you know nothing about. Actually funding for VA operations (healthcare) was decreased 3.4% in FY12. This is the third year in a row that funding (O&M) has been decreased. Yes, there’s considerable funds that are taken from the VA and given to foreign countries for other reasons, but nothing having to do with Veterans.

          • Jim,

            I did my homework and it tells me the budget went from $124,383.5 in 2011 to $125,304.3 in 2012.


            Veterans Affairs: Historical Budget Authority, FY1940-FY2012


          • Idmtmedic

            As usual I am certain your BS facts are leaving something out. Mmmmm how much time I have to refute your continuous crap?

          • idmedic,

            As long as it take’s you to cut & paste the link and press search. LOL

    • Jones,

      It isn’t working out for you, because there was no promise, only a MYTH. You all need to get over this and move on.

      • Brenda

        It is NOT a MYTH-my husband was retired after 38 years in the Air Force/Air Nat. Guard, took many extra trips to increase his point base at retirement, drew his retirement for 9 mo. before he passed away. He was PROMISED free medical care for life!!!!!! Did you retire from the military? If not, you know not what you talk about!

        • Brenda,

          Recruiters can’t promise free health care as the Supreme Court stated.

          Just click on my name too see if I served.

          • Idmtmedic

            Supply guy, it’s ok. Just because you served doesn’t mean your not FOS!!!!! Get an fn job. Have enough time to research facts on blogs yet YOUR costing the taxpayers how much? If you can type then maybe you could contribute to society? Perhaps a research job for CON-gress? I know many 62 y/o folks working. What’s your excuse? You talk about being happy with your “expected” benefits but have yet to name them. That’s because you don’t know what they are. Lmfao BIG TIME. Charles, define your benefits according to the US code which you state CLEARLY defines it.

          • idmedic,

            You seem to be in your own little world, none of it being the subject.

          • Idmtmedic

            Another NON answer. Charles anytime your ready. Benefits, and or retirement? Public knowledge…no secret..lmao. Tell us what CON-gress and the “code” gives YOU?

          • Idmtmedic

            Still waiting!!!!!! Charles tell us what our benefits are? Don’t give me check with our local reps. WHAT ARE THEY CHARLES?

          • Idmtmedic

            Still waiting!!!!

    • mac

      We got added on to medicare and now Obamacare took much of medicare..yeah good deal!

      • Karri

        Actually, Obama did not cut Medicare. He cut the overpayments to for-profit insurance Part C providers. Ryan’s plan would cut services to the people who depend on Medicare. Look it up.

        • Karri,

          I looked it up, and found your statement to be untrue.

          • Idmtmedic


          • idmedic,

            Is your google broken!


        • Brenda

          and I suppose the $716 Billion cut under Obamacare is not going to affect Medicare. What do you think will happen when the Doctors and hospitals are cut way back? They will stop taking Medicare & then those of us who paid all of our lives into Medicare & still pay for it, will be up a creek without a paddle when we cannot find a doctor. And if you get sick & have to go to the hospital, you will either have to pay more out of pocket or go further away from home, just so someone else can sit on a couch at home & draw their welfare check or an illegal can go get care because Obamacare will not affect them-they can’t be fined if they are illegal & can’t get insurance, so we continue to pay for them!

          • Idmtmedic

            He doesn’t care. Nor will he ever care. He is RETIRED lmao. Two not one but TWO government checks and isn’t working. Now go figure why he is not complaining?

          • idmedic,

            I get a retirement check from the Military and a check from Social Security for which I paid into and started drawing at age 62. Prior to the drawing of my check from Social Security I retired from my civilian job I had after I got out of the service.

            Please explain to me why you are mad at me, and explain what effects this has on the subject of “Top 10 Fiscal Cliff FAQs (UPDATED)”.

          • Idmtmedic

            Charles aka DA, YOUR status is nothing more than sucking the government tit on more than one occasion. On top of that you retired as you say from a civilian job. Military is earned? Even if it was supply, but you did serve. Early SS? With a civilian retirement as you say? Union? I can tell you this, as a veteran your opinions on retirement and benefits are shi# as well as your outlook on CON-gress and ANYBODY else that get’s government money. YOU twice over.

          • Idmtmedic

            And he complains about FREE money lmao. You pay into military retirement? SS is in the red and your civilian retirement? You pay for that too?

    • JayAayW

      Well I joined in 1977 and no you were not promised free medical care for life when you retired but if you enroll in TRICARE Prime you pay about $40 a month and it is almost free. And to all those below, I looked into it and you were also mistaken but the president hasn’t taken another from Medicare just savings in what they pay the providers and catch all those that commit fraud. You better read more about Obamacare, you are getting far more and not losing a thing!! And if you read above, Vets health care will not be affected, just people going to the VA when they should be using TRICARE. I can tell you all seem to be watching way to much FOX News and not thinking for your self. The right dosn’t always tell the truth, or they skew the truth to the point you wouldn’t recognize it as truth. I sure hope Obama gets re-elected so the middle class won’t have to pay for the high end tax cuts he is proposing, trickle down economics is proven not to work, thanks to each of the last few Republican presidents. If you don’t learn history you are bound to repeat it!!

      • Brenda

        what about the fact that they want to triple what is paid for name brand meds under the mailorder prescription program-from $9 for 3 mo. to $26 for 3 mo.? It’s fine if there is a generic for the medicine you take, but if there is not, you are stuck! I have always used the mail order since I went on Tricare and try to save money where I can. I do appreciate having the prescription coverage, but now that I am on Medicare & Tricare For Life & on a fixed income, I cannot afford much more.

      • Idmtmedic

        Lmfao…… check out the cost of affordable healthcare. Updated version.

    • A kibler

      Life’s a B**ch, my fellow soldier. Get used to the mortal truth,as ALL (promises)are NOT mortal. I, too, am retired with 27 yrs yet I didn’t live on a promise.If you we’re so vein to think the gov’t would take care of you if you volentered in its service ,I got a bridge to sell,,,interested?// With just a little self-relience and good job planning you should have laid some of your pay aside to use in your future.It’s no different in having FAITH in the promise of an ” Life everlasting” Or that An absentee Boss is going to comfort you eternally or wisk you,aft this life, to a place of eternal bliss. As they say on ESPN, “comon on man.”

      • A kibler,

        Yep, you’re one of a view that realize just because we served, the government doesn’t owe us everything and more just because we raised our hand.

        • Idmtmedic

          Then define them genius. Your getting two checks from the government and a civilian retirement. Your a good source…lmao. Get a JOB.

      • Idmtmedic

        Ass kibler, apparently your EXPECTED benefits match what you’re expectations were. I never said it was meant to be a living wage or expected to get rich. Now YOU define what your service for 20 yrs gets you? Tell us all and be specific. No BS. Let’s go fellow retiree. You and spineless can compare notes.

    • Jon

      Do you deduct for all the civilians you killed?

    • sdexnorva

      Lots of folks SAY they were PROMISED free healthcare for life but it is not in the fine print.

      Recruiters say lots of things that cannot be backed in public law. You should have guess all that by now.

    • Bob

      How is it working out for you?

    • Norm

      Hum, My Professor of Military told my ROTC class the same thing in 1964! The politicians do what they think they can get away with. Slight of hand all the time for weapons systems as well as our benifits.

  • Lawrence Ekdahl,

    If the current government is re-elected you won’t have to worry. Hyper inflation will mak all of our paychecks , military and civilian worthless

  • Bob

    Put the senate & congress on social security & see
    how soon it would be saved.

    • Bob,

      Social Security starts for them when it starts for the rest of us.

  • Marty Donley

    The loss of TRICARE would be significant for veterans, especially those over 65 for whom Social Security Medicare, Part B is their insurer. Many doctors do not accept Medicare at present, unless you have secondary coverage. When I show TRICARE as my secondary, there usually is not a problem. As a retiree with a VA disability, I am on a fixed income. I have not checked; but, will now the cost of Medigap coverage. I served 28 years and to have the government change oars in mid stream is a breech of trust, if not a breech of contract.

    • Marty Donley,

      So, it’s up to the Government to make up the difference in everything because you are a Veteran?????

      I mean what do you fall back on when your City and County taxes go up, or you Federal Taxes, or Home Insurance, Car Payment, Car Insurance, Cable TV, Phone, Electricity, Water, food, etc.?????

      Just remember, what monies one gets in retirement was never meant to be a living wage. Individuals are responsible for retirement futures, not DOD or the Feds.

  • Don L

    Yet another reason to replace the current administration and the leadership (or lack of) in the Senate.

  • Frank

    I am a retired AF SNCO, who spent 30 years in Military Medicine. Just have to correct one thing about the Free Healthcare for life. What you recruiter promised you was a little misleading. What the law states is “Free healthcare for life on a space available basis” i.e. within the Medical Treatmetn facility. CHAMPUS came in to play to provide an alternate means of care…and insurance if you will. In the early 1990s as bases closed, missions realigned, this also affected MMTFs. Less hospitals, less providers and there fore less “space available” The PRIMARY mission of the AD MTF is to keep the active duty force fit, healthy and mission ready. Anyone beyond that (AFFM, Retirees, Ret FM) is seen if again, space and capacity are avialalbe. I appreciate my healthcare benefit and understand there is a shared sacrifice for retirees. The important thing is that the AD troops are taken care of

    • Frank,

      Correction: US Code never used the word “FREE”.

      I wish everyone else could understand the Health Care Issue, but this isn’t going to happen. Seems that every single topic that comes up here gets the old “FREE HEALTH CARE FOR LIFE” post after post after post.

    • Evelyn McMullen

      Just a comment about military hospital. Here in Montgomery AL we have Maxwell-Gunter AFB. About 3-4 yrs ago a perfectly good base hospital was torn down and a HUGE building built which is ONLY outpatient. All in-patient, ER and anything else is sent to local hospitals. One can still get prescriptions at this facility but they’ve made it very difficult for retired families, necessitating two or more trips for the same prescription.

    • Leader of strength

      Hey a** wipe leave the recruiters alone. Don’t go there unless you waked in their shoes. Thank you for your service!

  • Goldminer77,

    Huh, US Code didn’t say FREE, because some recruiter told you it was free???? So if the recruiter didn’t say free, then the US Code would have used the word free?????

    Sorry, but you just don’t get it. There was never a Law that gave you free health care for life. There was never a Law that paid for free health care for life. Our highest court in the land the “Supreme Court”, has basically said there wasn’t a promise of Free Health Care For LIfe made by those that can make those promises.

    If you want this damn free health care for life, then find that person that told you that lie, and make him pay for it.

    • Shawn

      Excuse me but why are you being such an ass? I don’t care what the law said…recruiters promised it and the recruiting literature of the day promised it. If the recruiting brochure was fraud, then fine, let’s sue for fraud and use the damages to pay for healthcare for life.

      The ability to which a nation is able to recruit people into its military is directly related to how they treated and kept promises with previous generations. The promise was made, it is the right thing to do and that promise must be kept.

      AND, especially, it must be kept, AHEAD of all the handouts for the piles of crap that sleep in all day, do drugs, and race each other to the mailbox. They must be cut and cut hard BEFORE Veterans are asked or forced to give anything back.

      The Supreme Court can stick it in their ass! Oh, by the way, if you lose Tricare, guess what? You’re mandated to fall under Obummercare. Wonder if this is part of the plan? It is time for a revolution!

      • Shawn,

        “recruiters promised it and the recruiting literature of the day promised it.”

        LMAO, this has been explain about 1 million and one times on Now ask yourself, “Shawn, how is that Free Health Care For Life” working out for you.”

        Shawn, the recruiting brochures were explain back in 2003 when you and yours lost your case. Go ahead, sue for fraud, and then have your own Lawyer tell you the case was lost in 2003.

        Your statement about “nation is able to recruit people” is nothing but a rerun which you should give credit to the one who said it.

        Oh, don’t worry about me and Tricare. I’ve got it and not going to lose it. What you need to do, is worry about keeping the free health for life MYTH around.

        • Karri

          After reading several of your comments, CharlesBryant, it seems to me that you have no respect for the miliary members, their families or the sacrifices we have made for this country. If that is the case, why are you on a site that deals with military issues?

          There are a lot of people in this country that claim they “support the military” when, in reality, all they support are the wars and the profits that are syphoned off to private contractors. You don’t use people up and throw them away — and that is the ideology I am hearing from you, Charles. If that is not how you feel, I suggest you reread your comments and figure out a better way to express them.

          • Karri,

            Karri, I’m no longer in the service, and don’t do Counseling statements anymore. Feel free to post your argument, disagreement, etc., against what I have posted. If I have posted anything that is false, untrue etc., please make your argument for or against what I’ve posted.

      • Shawn,

        Here is the date on recruitment, as you see, the Services aren’t having any problems recruit people.

        2006 Recruiting Data

        2007 Recruiting Data

        2008 Recruiting Data

        2009 Recruiting Data

        2010 Recruiting Data

        2011 Recruiting Data

        2012 Recruiting Data… through August

      • Informed

        Frank, and all you guys who don’t believe it was promised “:free for life should check out the “Blue Jackets Manual-1956”. It is spelled out in there in simple language anyone can understand. Yes, it was promised in that Navy Manual, “Free for life”, period not based on space available.

        • Informed,

          Although you may or may not be correct about that being in this Manual but in the end (2013) it is still meaningless.

          We have had our day in court, and we lost the U.S. Supreme Courst case back in 2003 (10 years) ago.

          Even though, I would still like to read that page. If you would, copy that page and post it on my website. You can find my website by just clicking on my name.


  • Lamenting

    Charles Bryant, you are a political hack. If a promise made by a recruiter or otherwise is broken, it is a violation of trust. Period. The point you are making is essentially if you were lied to, then it’s your fault. Is this the logic you support in political positions too? Just because the supreme court shot the case down, doesn’t mean a trust wasn’t broken. The elected officials cant get anything done except ensuring they themselves get paid. Shame on them. And shame on you for supporting them. Do you really believe Mitt? Do you actually believe anything that etch o sketch says? Well, then you are deserving of the result. Sadly, we all suffer together.

  • Lamenting

    Charles Bryant, you are a political hack. If a promise made by a recruiter or otherwise is broken, it is a violation of trust. Period. The point you are making is essentially if you were lied to, then it’s your fault. Is this the logic you support in political positions too? Just because the supreme court shot the case down, doesn’t mean a trust wasn’t broken.
    The elected officials cant get anything done except ensuring they themselves get paid. Shame on them. And shame on you for supporting them.
    Do you really believe Mitt? Do you actually believe anything that etch o sketch says? Well, then you are deserving of the result. Sadly, we all suffer together.

    • Lamenting,

      So, I guess your point is, is that you disagree with what I’ve posted. Fine, that broken and violation of trust by a recruiter is worthless. No, the point I’ve been trying to make isn’t that it is your fault, it’s that everyone knows what happened, there is no free health care for life, get over it and move one.

      Note: What does this have to do with Mitt????? Right, nothing.

      • Lamenting

        If moving on is your point, then to that I say no. Let’s look at the possibility of making it a reality. Nothing is free. But I wouldnt call twenty plus years of service nothing. Men and women have paid there dues. Why not look forward and try to reward our fighting force with more for blood sweat and tears.
        You actually think people who serve our country arent paying their dues? You are sick. I have no response to this kind of ignorance. Except to say it explains your generally rude attitude.
        As far as the Mitt comment. Perhaps you aren’t a political hack for the GOP. But, you sure sound like one. You feel the tricare costs should go up with the cost of health care? How about eliminating it altogether? Let people who earn 10 times the wage of a soldier pay as the cost increases, not a veteran. I’m not for handouts. But, I do believe paying dues isn’t just a feeling as you say. I believe it’s a matter of fact. Many in my family have paid them, and I’m still paying mine.

        • Lamenting,

          In my book I’m happy with the retirement promises I signed up for and are receiving at this time. As for wanting more and more, it is evident to me, that Free Health Care for Life isn’t going to happen, or it would have already happen way back in 2003 when we didn’t quit have the budget problem we now how.

          Those of us that have served and are serving now have no dues to pay. I served my country, and got paid for doing so, just like everyone else. The only thing I am owed is spelled out in the US Code, to which I am receiving. I say that if anyone wants more then what they are getting, then get the hell out of the Military and go somewhere else and get it.

          Hack, GOP, Hello, this topic isn’t about any of that, its about “Sequestration”.

          Yes, I do think the COST of TRICARE should go up as to what has already been stated, which is Tricare fees go up the same percentage as our COLA. If you wish it eliminated altogether, then send that message to Congress. Sorry, just because you served in the Military doesn’t equate to “Free Health Care For Life”, just because you feel it should be that way.

  • Soaring eagle

    Military Retirees that are 65 and over will not be affected. We will still have Medicare and TFL and our pay.

  • richard


    I just created a petition entitled Bank Of America: Cancel the Foreclosure on Veteran Richard Barwick.

    I’m trying to collect 100 signatures, and I could really use your help.

    To read more about what I’m trying to do and to sign my petition, click here:

    It’ll just take a minute!

    Once you’re done, please ask your Veteran friends to sign the petition as well. Grassroots movements succeed because people like you are willing to spread the word!


  • MSGT Don Wroth

    When I enlisted in 1954 all I was promised was that if I stayed 20 years I would get 1/2 of my base pay for life. I think some you should go back and see what you get now and what you were getting when yo retired. My base pay was around $800.00. My retirement now is over $1500.00. I wasn’t promised that so I pray every day for being so lucky.

    • MSGT Don Wroth,

      You got that right. COLA didn’t start till 1975, and we should all be thankfull that we have that adding to our retirement pay.

  • B. Dearing

    I think you are mistaken, Jason. The Republican House passed many bills to try to head this off, but Harry Reid either vetoed them or wouldn’t bring them up to the table to even be discussed. So instead of blaming republicans, take a look at what the dems are doing, too. It’s a two way street.

  • Toby

    @Jim,oh and let the liberal policies and this POS resident continue to destroy this country???? The sorry ass had control of the senate and house from 2008-2010,,say you can save that liberal horse shit!!!!!

  • One big problem: The President originated this idea from the White House. He will have to live with his chosen consequences unless his administration decides to take our national looming and crippling banckrupcy seriously.

  • Larry Clinton

    Are you people kidding me that it is only the Republicans? The President has not offered a budget in over 4 years. He is telling Congress to fix the problem without offering any suggestions. Wake up people.

  • elizabeth rogers

    The 113th House has not pass a bill to stop or address the sequestration.

    • elizabeth rogers,

      Not sure about how you feel, but I hope the Sequestration goes as planned.

  • Jay

    your an idiot. I would love to move to a state which stands up for its citizens constitutional rights. How about you move to Mexico with all your liberal buddies and the 40 million illegal’s in this country so you can drown yourselves in poverty.

  • Vince

    That’s ridiculous. Perhaps you should actually do some research and not listen to the liberal’s sound bytes. Wait… Sorry – I think that’s all they have.

  • Steve

    How will the sequestration affect recruiting (I mean in terms of numbers of new soldiers/airman, etc.)? Will there be fewer recruits accepted?

    • Dee

      Im am no professional but I am currently working on joining the Air Force and my recruiter told me that his commander was asked to stop recruiting. Its getting bad =(

    • Steve,

      DOD Announces Recruiting and Retention Numbers for Fiscal 2013, Through January 2013

      The Department of Defense announced today recruiting and retention statistics for the active and reserve components for fiscal 2013, through January.

      Active Component.

      Recruiting. All four active services met or exceeded their numerical accession goals for fiscal 2013, through October.

      Army – 20,273 accessions, with a goal of 20,175; 100 percent

      Navy – 10,990 accessions, with a goal of 10,990; 100 percent

      Marine Corps – 9,244 accessions, with a goal of 9,230; 100 percent

      Air Force – 9,589 accessions, with a goal of 9,589; 100 percent

  • Kelly DL

    Im a mom of 2 soldiers both signed a 6by2 contract with the military Wanting to serve their country and both wanting to continue their education were pulled in more so because they were offered their tuition to be paid in full. This sequester has my daughter now scrambling to look for scholarships and grants at the last minute to pay for studies. Its not fair that these contracts can be reneged on by our government but if they would decide to just up and quit being a soldier tomorrow they would face all sorts of charges for breaking their contract. Please advise Am I missing something? Can the government just stop paying for tuition they already promised to pay for? And how soon are these sequesters taking place? She is into her second semester with a 3.75 GPA and has no intention on quitting school while our government figures it all out

    • tpro

      I totally understand where you are coming from but it seems that a contract with any group anymore has no meaning. In my state, in one town, they went in and cut all the retirements in half. So people who were retired and receiving about 22000 our now receiving 11000. What irks me the most is that a judge ruled on this and his retirement is over 150k per year. Where does it stop. Our we heading to a situation where there are going to be riots like in Greece. I hope not because it will not be a pretty sight. I also blame some people who are reliant on government and not themselves as the stats are showing that 70% of the people who are retiring have less than 40000 in accumulated wealth. Are we going to return to the 30’s when 90% of retirees were in poverty.

  • trish

    Why are illegal immigrants receiving tuition assistance but our very own military members are not? How is this right?

    • Phyllis Cobb

      I want to know the answer to Trish’s question, too!

      • Phyllis Cobb,

        DOD has nothing to do with what States do with there monies.

    • Aaron

      Because those two are not the same thing. Some STATES give illegals tuition and the FEDs are cutting the tuition. Not the same money pot.

  • Carla

    We have five children one with a disability, my husband was just bumped down to 38,000 a year, with a 1,000 a month loss in income for the next 6 months. That’s a real fact.

    • Suzette

      I have five children and my husband and I have been living on extended unemployment and food stamps for nearly four years. We all make decisions in life – and if you choose to work for the government which can be cut at any moment in time and I feel sad for for your bad decision. Unlike you – we are both non governmental and non union workers. I am happy for you that you only lost 1000 a month. We lost everything.