Are Servicemembers Over Compensated?

Growth in military pay has exceeded civilian wages over the last ten years, but does that mean they are overpaid? According to the Congressional Budget Office, growth in military compensation has exceeded private-sector wages by more than 25 percent over the last ten years. In addition, a Dayton Daily News article posted on sites the following military pay and compensation costs:

This data has some “budget hawks” asking if we are paying our servicemembers too much, especially with the threat of $500 billion in “fiscal cliff” triggered defense cuts. In fact, the CBO suggests that the DoD could save money by reducing the rate of basic pay raises along with asking servicemembers and retirees to pay more for their Tricare benefits and to contribute to their retirement. The article points out that “military advocates say many servicemembers have sacrificed with multiple deployments to war zones in Iraq and Afghanistan, spend lengthy time away from their families and are entitled to more compensation for the risks they face to protect the nation.” Col. Steve Strobridge (USAF, Ret), the director of the government relations at the Military Officers Association of America, told the Dayton Daily News,

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“If anything, the hardships of military service are worse now.”Adding, “People tend to forget what it takes to serve a [military] career.” But, it is not just a matter of fairness. Col. Strobridge went on to explain that military pay restrictions are “counterproductive,” pointing out that when military pay was restricted in the past, retention dropped significantly. The question is, do the people asking if the military is over compensated really understand the long hours, operation tempo, hazardous duty, personal sacrifice and hardship many of our servicemembers and their families endure, especially in a time of war? Let your elected officials know how you feel about limiting the rate of military pay growth. Read the full article on

About the Author

Terry Howell
Before becoming the Managing Editor for, Terry served 20 years in the U.S. Coast Guard as an Aviation Electrician’s Mate and aircrewman. In his final role in the Coast Guard, Terry served as a Career Development Advisor, where he provided career, finance, education, and benefits counseling to servicemembers and their families. Since retiring from the Coast Guard, Terry has authored the book, The Military Advantage, managed the content for TurboTap, the DoD's online transition program and VAforVets, the VA's transition assistance website. Terry earned both his Bachelor's and MBA at Corban University using Military Tuition Assistance and his GI Bill benefits to help cover the cost.
  • LordRussell

    It’s ludicrous to start hitting the wallets of the service members. It’s bad enough when I got out that none of us can get true credit (translation) of our service abilities into civilian equivalencies – in several cases, there is no equivalent – we actually did more. I digress, military pay never really meets the minimum interest rate/COL, so to dip into earnings seems to beg for mutiny. Even if it is in a form of pulling the funds from health care or other form of insurance still needed for protecting an active duty family.

    Paying military families is almost akin to being like the general public paying for art (music, paintings, movies). Everybody loves the energy effort & heart you put into the work & the benefits your hard work provides – up until they have to pay an honest price for it. Then they want to p!ss & moan about the cost.

    Frankly, I’m tired of these sick little twisted games of reverse (sly)chology our society has turned to. We all KNOW the correct things to do & behavior to proceed by. Stop acting like 3 year olds with our hands in a cookie jar & making up the excuse that we weren’t told some obscure 5th level Johnny Cocrain excuse to let us out of the guilt of our sin.

    100K riders can’t be wrong & if it smells wrong chances are it’s wrong. Fix it back to right & cut the clap trap. Enough with the class pendulum swinging to extremes.

    • How insane is this world becoming? Military pay is lagging behind the private sector if anything! Come on people, we are putting our lives and our families at risk when serving. Why is it that no one complains about how much Justin Beiber and the entertainment, and sports industry are getting paid! Wake up people!

      • Glenn

        This article is about GROWTH in military pay. It is true that in the past 10 years military pay has grown more than civilian pay. What the article leaves out is that military pay started lower than civilian pay and despite all the growth it is still lower than civilian pay.

        • Cali

          Great point Glen!


            Here, here glen I agree with u 100% the military pay was way below the civilian pay

          • Jean

            If you want to complain about military pay,I think you should look at theHouse and Senate pay first. They dont pay for healthcare and have alot better than the military. also they dont pay into retirement and they get full pay not half pay when they leave office no matter if it is one term or more they serve. So I think they should start in the government pay first.

          • Jean,

            LMAO, not true, just not true at all.

            Source: Retirement Benefits for Members of Congress


          • KenP


            Stop spewing Urban Myth

            Congress DOES NOT get free medical. They MAY if they wish participate in the same Health plan every other Federal employee does.

            And, again like every other Federal employee, their retirement is through FERS (the Federal Employees Retirement System). The ammount they receive is based on length of service and high three, and they may not start withdraw it until they turn 62 They also DO pay into Social Security and have since 1984


    • E.coronado

      If you strongly disagree that military personnel are indeed underpaid. . .you should write a letter and make your voice be heard. Commenting on this article will not get your opinion/concern/point across. No one important, I think, read these blogs. Even if they did, it wouldn’t impact them as much as receiving a letter from 400,000,000 people.

      • Will

        I loathe the uneducated that think soldiers are paid too well. I must point out incorrectness either way. I am for term limits on all elected officials, and their pay should never exceed the median income for U.S. citizens. However, their is a myth about congress getting retirement at full pay after 1 term etc… I am recently retired and now work as a DA Civilian. As I researched my retirement options, I discovered that what I had believed for years was untrue; both houses of congress are paid like and retire like DA Civilians. They contribute to their retirement just like I do (helluva lot bigger paycheck, just pointing that out). So, continue to bash them for the miriad of mistakes they make? Yep! But, bash with accurate information

      • Dave’s Guker

        OK. How about trading jobs for 3, 4, or even five months??? Try the Marines or Army if you prefer. Half that time down range.
        Hopefully you’ll engage in a fire fight. Then let us know what you think of our military heroes the greatest fighting force in the world. Over paid ???
        I am retired military and proud of it. I have been engaged in firefights. Have a nice day in your office

    • Frank Howe

      Are you Crazy? They don’t get paid enough! It the congressmen who are getting paid to much!

    • CPT M

      Were are the cuts to Congessional and Executive paychecks?

      • They have already happened for both Congress the Executive paychecks and all Federal workers!

    • Bob Levy

      May have increased by 25% but is still behind civilian counterparts. Just shows how poorly we’ve been compensated in the past. And you can’t extrapolate the cost of Military healthcare across 1.whatever million military members because that system is required for National security. The cost of doing business.

    • CPT Brian
      • Doug

        A person working at McDonalds can afford a luxury car if they have nothing to spend the money on for a year

  • Greg Dougherty

    The Enlisted Ranks are still terribly under paid. First of all, you cannot make comparisons between civilians and military pay. Are civilians laying their life on the line for their country? Are civilians seperated from their families for extended periods of time every 18 months? There are many more examples. Fact is, more benefits should be awarded to those who serve 20 years or more.

    • USAFRet

      Let’s look at in real numbers. The military is on duty 24/7, which comes out to 8,760 hours per year. Now, using Federal guidelines of all over 40 hours per week is 1.5 time, we come out with (8760 – 2080)*1.5= 10020+ 2080=12100. Now 12,100hours times Federal minimum wage$7.25 comes out to $87,725. I’d say our guys are working for less than minimum wage.

      • digitalone

        I’m retired and that equation is just plain ridiculous. No one works 24/7. Even when I deployed for 6 months at a time and worked everyday I never worked 24/7. I do believe that the enlisted force is underpaid for the amount of work they do compared to the officer core. Sorry, having a degree doesn’t quantify your role as a leader. If that was the case what, my Masters degree should have paid out something while I served in the enlisted core.

        • Samuel

          I do agree for the most part (enlisted force should get more money, as they do most of the work and just having a degree does not make you a leader). However, officers should get paid more than enlisted because of the increased supervision and responsibilities.

          • Mike

            In the past I may agree, but there are many enlisted personnel that are more educated and have more responsibilities than some officers.

          • Maj Payne

            Not true Mike. I served 22 years in the AF, 10 enlisted and 12 as an “O”, and while it’s true that our enlisted force is more educated than ever, your statement is ludicrous. The amount of responsibility a typical Squadron Commander has dwarfs what 99% of enlisted will ever experience. If you want to earn more as a military member get a degree and go to OTS. If you don’t you’ll have no one to blame but yourself.

          • Deb

            I completely agree Maj.!!! My husband served 8 enlisted and has now been an officer for 12. A degree doesn’t make you a brilliant manager, but the experience of the many management jobs the military offers their O’s (building blocks) does. My husband more than earns his paycheck!! As an E, he never came home worrying about work once his shift was over, but as an O, many of nights/weekends have been spent on the phone & at work dealing with “management” issues.

          • Travelerusa

            How many civilians have to be ready 24/7 ie.. meaning work way to much overtime with no double pay like most civilian jobs. How many civilian jobs miss all major holidays. How many civilian jobs know the pain of a lose co worker engaging the enemy. How much is to much? The Bottom line is Yes. The military is paid more and in no way can you compare it to a civilian job. Those budgeteers that sit behind the desk need to come out to the front line or try spending a year away from your new born child to get some perspective on what it truly is to sacrifice and serve your country.,Cut the missions, cut the equipment, reduce the rotation to countries who don’t pay us before you attack military pay and healthcare benefits. Where is the mighty six sigma to reduce all the government waist you so top brass and politicians have been bragging about?

          • James

            I wasn’t there when my son was born, also lost him in Viet Nam, But most of what you say is B.S.

          • James

            What you doing in the Army, seems you would be taking advantages of being a civilian?

          • AECP1964

            I was enlisted for 10 years before being commissioned. The most responsibility I had as an NCO was Shop Chief for ten aircraft electricians when I was a SSgt. As a captain in Viet Nam, I was the senior maintenance officer in a squadron of about 1,000 troops. Same person, just more responsibility.

        • CWO Retired

          If you served as an enlisted soldier with a Masters Degree you probably didn’t learn anything while getting that masters degree or you are just not officer caliber. This comes from someone that served 24 years on bothe sides, 10 years as enlisted and 14 as an officer.

          • hwm

            Hey CWO Retired- who the **** do you think you are? Just because an Enlisted person earned their Master’s and remained enlisted doesn’t mean they “didn’t learn anything” or they weren’t “officer caliber”. It’s a personal choice that they did so. I, too, disagree with the argument that enlisted should be paid more because they’re “more educated” today – become an officer then. You’re general statement, however, shows your arrogance. With an attitude like that I can tell you were not respected as a leader. Thank you for retiring – we don’t need you anymore.

            PS – proof read your postings (“bothe”). Yep, you is edukated.

          • Maj Payne

            You’re both right. I too served on both sides of the fence (10 as an “E” and 12 as a “O”) and although I’m proud of my enlisted time, I chose to improve my career. IMHO, any officer who would encourage an enlisted troop to get a Master’s degree and remain enlisted is not doing their job as a mentor. Bottom line, I think all the CWO was saying is that you’re working for less than you are worth.

          • Top

            However, we (the military) are operating on an antiquated view as far as officers and enlisted. Many enlisted soldiers have degrees. I agree (for the most part) that officers have more responsibility. However, I work for a Captain with less than half the time in the Army than me. Who do you think he goes to when he doesn’t know which end is up? Who is his senior enlisted advisor? Me… Who is standing next to him getting their a$$ chewed when one of our troops messes up. Who also gets charged for equipment if it is lost? Me…
            So, the problem is, the pay scale for Senior Enlisted soldiers is WAY off. When I make E-9, I can work in an S-3 shop, I can be a BN CSM, BDE CSM, DIV CSM, Post CSM… I will get paid the same no matter what. Even though as officers move from BN level (LTC) to BDE level (COL) and higher (GEN and up) they get paid more, why don’t we pay those CSM’s with 25 years (and more) of service more? Are you to tell me that their level of responsibility is the same as an SGM (E-9) who
            works in a S-3 or is an instructor at some school house?

          • Top

            I think not… So i believe that is part of the problem.
            Like I said before, I chose to stay enlisted because I love what I do. My choice. I can live with it. However, don’t think that because we are enlisted, we are all idiots. I know plenty of officers who get paid a lot more than me who would barely cut it as an E-4…

          • Top

            I had to split my comment in 3 because it was too long, so hopefully those of you without a degree can decipher it…

          • Top

            I am an Active Duty First Sergeant (E-8) in the Army. I have a Bachelor’s Degree in Applied Mathematics from SUNY. I am by no means an idiot. My IQ is high enough for me to qualify as a member of MENSA and is probably higher than most officers that I work for.
            I have been in the Army for 14 years. One of my soldiers asked me the other day why I never became an officer. I CHOSE to stay enlisted because I LOVE what I do. I love mentoring soldiers. I think that we NEED enlisted soldiers like me, who can set an example for the younger enlisted. I care about those that work for me. I do not want to sit behind a desk all day. I love to get out there and train. I love getting dirty with the troops.

        • j12345

          No one worked 24/7, they were on call 24/7…

        • Die free

          U must be joking. U actually believe the military does not work 24/7. U heard of the term normal duty hours. Well lets say u r a mechanic and a vehicle breaks down. It’s a one of a kind and is needed. Guess what u get the call at 1 min till the end of your normal duty hours. Guess what u have to go and fix that vehicle. There is no “I will get it tomorrow or not me. ” u forget that when u sign that dotted line u give up the right to say “No”. U can but then u r kicked out of the military. And u stay and finish the job. It may take 2 mins or 20 hrs. U do the job. Some ppl think of the job they had as a 9-5. That is not the case. U work for as long and as often as is needed to finish the mission.

        • 67 Cam

          What is an enlisted “core” Mr Masters degree?

          • fasthoggen

            AI served in the surfacen navy as a snipe and I worked a many 36 hours.
            As a machinist if it broke. I had to fix it or make the part.o

        • Thomas

          actually…when deployed you are on duty 24/7 and subject to whatever it is that is needed of you any time of day…you should know better

        • Basur

          You are obviously in the USAF. Here’s a news flash for you before Christmas last year I worked over 45 days straight often from 0400 to 2200 in the US ARMY. This has happened so many times to both my husband and I. Yah the hours we work mostly borders on insanity and is not even safe. Last time I was deployed (for over a year) two of my Mechanics were fighting over a flashlight. They were physically fighting because the were so tired they weren’t thinking straight and finely one said. Give me the French Fries instead of flashlight and then they started to laugh deliriously. It sounds so funny but it isn’t at all when you see what fatigue does to you. You can become paranoid and some of my soldiers are so tired at times they could walk out in front of a truck and not even know it. With your whiny little pansy six month deployment! Don’t speak for all the military. Maybe they should pay you less and us more. So where do you get off speaking for those of us that do work 24/7?

          • AFGrunt

            News flash for you…I was USAF and worked over 24 hours many times (no, not 24/7), but the job hadto be done, just like the mechanics in your shop. And many of us in the Air Force were shot at, too.

        • RETCPO


      • paul

        That’s why its a volunteer service. I spent 21 years serving my country and never complained when I was away or sent to hotspots all over the world. To complain about something after signing up for it is ludicrous .

        • Idmtmedic

          Paul I’m happy your happy with your benefits and career in the service. Write congress and tell them you are gratefully for the cuts. You and Charles Bryant can draft a letter together telling congress that you didn’t earn your benefits and want to DONATE your retirement to the country because you didn’t earn that either.

        • Mike

          To have the clowns take away things we were promised when we signed up is also ludicrous. And when CEO’s and such that drive their companies into the ground stop making millions in bonuses, then they can talk about the money paid to the military.

        • paul,

          Yelp, you make sense to me.

          • Idmtmedic

            Glad you could make an appearance…lmao u found a new buddy

        • j12345

          Sorry Paul your wrong, some benifits are earned, and once earned should be grandfathered into any system.

      • Dory

        That’s a fact!!!

        • jAMES


    • James

      That’s an overstated remark, when you drive a car you are in about as much danger

    • army mom


    • Steven J Mason

      Over paid! In 1984-1986 I was tasked to augment the Air Traffic Controllers at En-Route Center at Albuquerque NM. The first year I qualified as a Full performance level controller on all six sectors of the southwest specialty “RADAR/NON-Radar” my GS 14/Gm 15 civilian co-workers were making on average of 108,000.00 per year as opposed to my E-6 Tech Sgt pay of 35,000. Over paid my a@#!!!!!

    • Gary Chambers

      Congress will go after the service man rather than going after government employees that are getting a much higher rate of pay and benifits than the private sector. They will not cut the pencil pushers pay but will go after the men and women that protect them. The first thing the military will do is make it almost impossable to advance in rank to keep the rate of payroll down.

      • Robert

        Civilian pay has been frozen for 3 years now…FYI.

    • Allen

      I agree that the military enlisted men are underpaid. If there is another police action, why not let the politicians in Washington, D.C., go over and fight.

    • Anderson

      Yes Greg Dougherty you are exactly right on the point on the under paid Enlisted Ranks. And the Seperated from the families always gets over looked and of course there is always the Soldiers who don’t live to return home which seems also to be over looked by the people who think the Military is paid to much and you could go on with much more to compare what the Military that the Civilians never do, all the times the Families have to give up and go with out. Besides is there a reason the people who complain don’t serve in the Military since it is pay way more than the Civilian is making? Thank You Greg Dougherty.

  • otmcsw

    don’t know about that, but congress is sure overpaid.

  • Sheridan

    I’m gonna have to say that Congress and many Officers are paid too much, but that’s just the way it is – isn’t it? Another group of people who are paid too much is welfare recipients – I’m talking about the “professional” ones here. You know the ones who keep squirting out babies that their Mothers turn around and care for and receive the extra entitlement? Think that’ will ever stop?

  • Ralph Moerschbacher

    The service members arevastly overpaid and have lost the meaning of service to our country. I brought home $44.00 every two weeks in 1969, Yes times were different, but serving our nation should not be a business. A volunteer military is just that and requires sacarifice. We pay for multiple tours instead of giving many more people a chance to serve. The military is an entity under civilian rule and those serving should not be making more than their civilian counterparts. Ralph Moerschbacher, Captain, USAF Retired Vietnam Veteran

    • Tony

      I make $90k to manage a 40 person service, parts, and warehouse operation. pretty closely equivelent to what I did as an E-7 in the army. I don’t recall making close to that before I retired from the Army in 2005.
      My mechanics make $58K/year before any overtime. I haven’t seen any Army Specialists pulling down that much lately.

    • Idmtmedic

      Ohhhh boy are you delusional. Keep a close watch on what happens to enlistments and retention over the next couple of years and you will get it. Not to mention retirement. No way in hell anyone will serve for a 401k payable at 60 without medical benefits comparable to civilian or even better, the SAME as civilian if under 65 if that little gem is passed. Working age military retirees will be forced to take employers health insurance. Not to mention the increases coming for Tricare for life.

      • idmedic,

        You’ve been saying that for years, but evidently those joining the service are not listening to you. LMAO

        DOD Announces Recruiting and Retention Numbers for Fiscal 2012

        The Department of Defense announced today recruiting and retention statistics for the active and reserve components for fiscal 2012.

        Active Component.

        Recruiting. All four active services met or exceeded their numerical accession goals for fiscal 2012.

        Army – 60,490 accessions, with a goal of 58,000; 104 percent
        Navy – 36,329 accessions, with a goal of 36,275; 100 percent
        Marine Corps – 30,514 accessions, with a goal of 30,500; 100 percent
        Air Force – 29,037 accessions, with a goal of 29,037; 100 percent

        Retention. The Army, Navy, Marine Corps, and Air Force all exhibited strong retention through fiscal 2012.

        • Idmtmedic

          Lmao……..the cuts haven’t started yet DA. Post em next year.

          • Idmtmedic

            Btw, you think the recruiters are informing them of the proposed changes? Heeeeeeeellllll no. And let’s check on that repeal after the last time we had big cuts Charles. Why? They couldn’t retain people. As I have said before you have trouble with enlistments you lower the standards. HEY, wait a minute when did you join? Lmao

          • idmedic,

            Cutting the budget and what that means to the military is out there for all to see, it doesn’t take a recruiter informing anyone. LMAO

            Hell, it’s in the media everyday all day.

          • Idmtmedic

            No Charles it is not in the media everyday. That’s the problem.

          • idmedic,

            Okkkkkkkkkkkk, now we have once again moved the ‘goal posts’, talking about the media. Dang, pick a subject and stick to it. Hello

          • Idmtmedic

            Your the idiot that brought up the media. You forget what you post?

          • idmedic,

            Just thought I would update you on the 2013 Numbers! Your welcome!

            DOD Announces Recruiting and Retention Numbers for Fiscal 2013, Through October 2012

            The Department of Defense announced today recruiting and retention statistics for the active and reserve components for fiscal 2013, through October.

            Active Component.


            All four active services met or exceeded their numerical accession goals for fiscal 2013, through October.

          • idmedic,

            What does cuts have to do with it, we’re talking about enlistments and retention?????

          • Idmtmedic

            If you can’t connect the two, then I guess there is no discussion.

          • Idmtmedic

            What happened to 2005 stats?

        • David Pendergrass

          Chuck, you are aware that our country has been in a recession for the past four years, are you not? And that the real unemployment figures are in the double digits? Is it just possible that there are a number of military personnel see coming in/re-enlisting as the only viable option for their families right now? Just saying….

          • David Penergrass, Part 1

            Yes, I’ve heard about the recession. Aso, the positive date I posted for 2012 goes back as far as 2006, see below.

            Note: There are many factors that effect enlistment and reenlistment other than a recession.

            DoD Announces Recruiting and Retention Numbers for FY 2006

            The Department of Defense announced today its recruiting and retention statistics for the active and Reserve components for fiscal 2006.

            Active Duty Recruiting Fiscal 2006. All services have met or exceeded their recruiting goals for fiscal 2006.

            Accessions / Goal / Percent

            Army 80,635 80,000 101%
            Navy 36,679 36,656 100%
            Marine Corps 32,337 32,301 100%
            Air Force 30,889 30,750 100%


            As for the real unemployment figures, the same way those are figured are used by both Democrats and Republicans. I gotta just laugh that everytime this comes up, each party decides they need to refigure it in order to make the other party look bad.

          • David Penergrass, Part 2

            Yes, at this time it may or may not be a viable option to enlist, reenlist, or get out, but then again, I could go back 20 years and say the say the same thing every year moving forward.

            Either way, when the DOD needs new recruits and/or reenlistments they do what they need to do to keep the balance, as they have done in all the years past.

          • Idmtmedic

            Yes as in, no high school diploma, criminal record is ok….lmao and the beat goes on…….New idea is let illegal aliens serve in the armed forces to get legalized. Why not, it’s not like the rich serve.

          • idmedic,

            This is all old information with exception to the LIE about illegal aliens.

          • Idmtmedic

            No lie, check it out Charles. Do a little googling….with your reputable sources.

          • idmedic,

            This is your LIE, I am not going hunting for something that isn’t there. Hello

            If you think Illegal Aliens are aloud to serve in our military, so be it. Your just wrong though.

          • Idmtmedic

            It’s a proposal Charles. You know kinda like how to fill the void? Who wouldn’t jump at that? Military is good at that, but of course it comes with certain restrictions I’m sure. Say for instance, CON-gress may change the rules at their discretion for greater need or the countries sake…lmao. Your familiar with that aren’t you? If THEY spend too much money then the rules change and WE suffer. Wonder what their deal will be?

          • idmedic,

            US Military Enlistment Standards



          • Idmtmedic

            Dream act???????

          • Idmtmedic

            No reply on the DREAM ACT?

          • Idmtmedic

            Charles any response to the DREAM ACT????? Seem to be ahhhmmm quiet lmao.

          • idmedic,

            No, nothing has changed. Like thousands of Bills, The Dream Act since first introduced on 1 Aug. 2001 has yet to pass.

            And, even if it did pass, illegal aliens still can not join the military no matter what you say.

    • Mark Nevins

      You obviously didn’t serve 20 years and had a family to provide for during your time in service. Thanks for your service, but for those who volunteer today, the norm is 3+ overseas combat deployments in a time when a higher percentage of Servicemembers are married and have families than ever before.

    • William Putnam

      Hey Ralph. When was the last time a civilian got to get shot at or blown up doing their job? Your reply shows me two things . You are just another air force REMF. AN only an officer would have made this kind of statement

      • Peter

        Hi William. I have not seen anybody post the expression”REMF” in a long time but I do know what it means. I second your comment

    • David

      The more I think about your post and how you have insulted EVERY service member by implying we don’t serve makes me sick. I would love to punch you in the mouth for every hardship my family has endured while I was serving our country in Afghanistan, you jack ***.

      • LMAO.

        • Idmtmedic

          That goes for me too however I’m hoping to get a different chin.

    • SFC, Jose Martinez

      Sir, with all respect, I’ve sat at tables with people who said the same things. In ‘MY Day’ blah blah blah. Trying to sell their service time as more of a sacrifice than those made today by our Armed Forces. It’s obvious they don’t know.. I tuned them out as old and out of touch. Jose Martinez, E-7, Retired Vietnam Veteran.

    • MikeD

      I don’t know one person in the military, with the exception of pilots and generals, and some doctors, that make more than their civilian counterparts after their bonuses. As an E7 with allowances I make $51K/year. A good friend with similar education and experience, from the same career field just seperated after 14 years and is making $93K/year. That’s a $42K/year difference, and the disparity is for the most part across the board. I don’t know the last time you took your high and might self onto a base and actually spoke with families and the younger troops, but maybe you should get out there and actually see for yourself instead of living on whatever perch a retired O-3 sits on, must be pretty low to the ground though.

      • Robert

        Yes, with allowances you make $51K a year (Although as an E-7 Im sure it is higher than that). I just checked DFAS and you must not have much time in or you live in a BAH area that pays very little.

        But, for the sake of argument, let’s compare you and your friend. I gave you $1000.00 for BAH and $282.00 for BAS just to be safe. That means, you only get taxed on around $35,616.00 per month. I calculated that at 25% of income for Soc Sec, FICA, Fed Tax…etc. Which means you have deductions of around $742.00 per month which brings your base pay down to $26,712.00 per year /12 month equates to $2226.00 per month. Now add back in your tax free BAH & BAS of $1282.00 and you are sitting at $3508.00 per month/2 weeks which rbing your bi-weekly pay to $1754.00.

        Now, your civilian friend. He grosses 93K a year and is taxed on 100% of that income monthly. Let’s also put him at the 25% rate (although it likely much higher). That leaves him with $69,750.00 per year. Now he has to pay for healthcare and retirement. To get the same retirement you have he needs to put in 6% of his income to get 50% back at retirement (1% for agency and 5% for supplement). That leaves $65,565.00 per year. Healthcare is going to cost around $131.00 a payday for 26 pay periods. Let’s deduct another $3406.00 per year. That leaves $62,159.00 per year. Keep in mind this is big low balling for that salary. Anyway, $62,159.00 / 12 months then divided by 2 weeks leaves a net bring home of $2,589.00.

        The difference of $42,000 a year is dwindled down to him bringing home only $20,000 more than you per annum. Also, I would venture to guess you make more than $51K a year. I made more than that as an E-6 with 10 years in back in 2007. Im just saying.

        • Rob

          Good analysis but does the civilian friend making 93k a year risk his life or have to leave his family for extended peiods of time?
          Just saying….

          • If the E7 goes on combat tours, he is compensated by further tax forgiveness as well as combat pay. Anyone who leaves their family is supplemented by yet another special pay called family sep.

          • garrett

            he was entirley too generous with his calculations my NET income every 2 weeks as an E-5 was 2100. And its the military if someone told you that going to war wasnt part of the job description you have been dooped. sorry little johnny that just graduated from high school isnt going to make more than his dad by simply scooping mash potatoes at the chow hall without having to make sacrifices. keep in mind most people who join the military are completley trained by the military

        • Bill Rhoades

          How about if we factor in the loss of equity of their home (or the loss of equity due to the fact that they have to sell in a buyers’ market). What price do you put on the high rate of divorce because it takes a special person to follow a military career through the separations and high-risk deployments. The entire problem is due to a bunch of idiots who have had silver spoons in their mouth their entire life supported by people with enough time on their hands to crunch insignificant numbers. Toss in the a$$holes that want to brag about THEIR sacrifices (like a retired AF O-3 on this board) and you have the perfect storm of educated idiots.

          • Bill,

            You do realize that our Military is All-Volunteer?????

          • Idmtmedic

            What job isn’t?

          • If the servicemember purchased wisely, they should rent it. Military areas are far and away the best rental locations.
            The high rate of divorce is likely due in part to the high rate of early marriage.

          • Idmtmedic

            Your opinions are just BS. Likely? Should rent it? What a load of crap.

    • jmcalli

      Ralph Moerschbacher, I disagree with both your facts and your opinions. I received E-5 pay in 1970 and it was considerably more than $88 a month. If you were an E1 in the Air Force in 1969 you received $123.30 a month, plus $60 BAQ. If you were in an air crew you received an incentive allowance on top of that. As a retired O-3, you probably NEVER received a paycheck as low as $44 during your entire career. In 1969 an O-3 received $561 a month, plus $48 BAQ, plus flight pay.

      • Elmo Labador

        In 1969 an E-1 base was $115.00, an E-5 was $254.00/month…..
        Then you payed tax on it….not much was left. I was in the USMC from 1969-1975 and left as an E-6….My TOTAL pay for 6 years was $27,000,
        which included a $10,000 re-enlistment bonus.

        • jmcalli

          Ralph Moerschbacher said he was a retired officer in the Air Force and wants us to believe he got paid $88 a month in 1969. If we are to believe that, he started out as an E-1 in 1969, not as a commissioned officer. In any case, he surely didn’t stay an E-1 very long and was most likely in basic training where he couldn’t spend the money anyway. As a newly minted O-1 he would have received $386.40 a month. Pay checks aside, comparing the economy in 1969 to the economy of today is a non sequitur. A gallon of gas in 1969 was 35 cents and the unemployment rate was 3.7%. Times have change dramatically and you can’t tell someone in the military today that they are over paid based on what you “scraped by” with in 1969 if indeed you were “suffering” (I wasn’t). As a single E-5 sailor in 1970 I was doing pretty well. That’s my second point (which got cut off when I tried to post it).

    • RetiredProud

      If you are a retired captain, you are one ignorant individual. First off, those of us who are enlisted and did make it a career, we also made a lot of sacrifices that you apparently didn’t make. You cannot compare a military job to a civilian job other than police and fireman. They started paying the military more quite awhile back in order to catch up to be comparable to civilian jobs. Our retirement pay is based on only tour base pay which makes for a lot lower retirement than my friend who retired from the fire department at over $100,000. My brother who was in Vietnam with me died in his early 60s as a result of service in Vietnam. My nephew died at age 23 in 2007 in Iraq. I could go on but you obviously wouldn’t understand where I am coming from.

    • TANGO 5

      If you went to Vietnam…Now I KNOW WHY WE LOST!


      • TANGO 5,

        If you think we lost the Conflict in Nam, then you were never there, or greatly misinformed.

        Note: The US was out of there when the North overran South Viet Nam.

        • Idmtmedic

          Charles about that time you were in logistics right?

          • idmedic,

            Click on my name, and it will take you to that answer. I’ve told you this at least 12 time. You’ve logged on and have read my DD Form 214/215 8 of the 12 times.

            Please, go ahead, click on my name again, and check that last question you asked. While you are there, add your records to the site.

          • Idmtmedic

            Lmao….yup I read it. Still not impressed. That was a rhetorical question. The answer is yes I was in supply.

          • Idmedic,

            At least I served.

          • Idmtmedic

            Guess what ALOT of men and women served. ALOT of them have died. Dead. Killed. They served right? You supply the bags?

          • idmedic,

            No, the Government supplied them.

            LMAO Big Time.

          • Idmtmedic

            So you weren’t in supply?? Government supply and I’m not laughing. Nor is anyone else in regards to dead soldiers.

          • idmedic,

            Yes, I earned a secondary MOS (76Y) when I was an E-4 on Special Duty from the Pathfinder Platoon.

            And this has what to do with being over compensated.

    • David

      I can’t believe you are a retired Veteran. You probably lied about that too. I guess you have forgotten the long hours and duty days you stood when you were a junior officer. How about shift the focus to reducing benefits of other elected officials? It’s embarrassing you are not looking out for your own. There’s a street named after you… it’s called one way.

    • d1islander

      Politicians Are “Public Servants” not “Kings”, “Lords” or “Barons”!! They should work for for FREE and only be provided Room, Board, Meals, ObamaCare (Like Everyone Else) & Military Personnel as Staff & Serve Only For Two Years! This should be done through either a Government Service DRAFT or Volunteer Service Program!! Problem of Corruption Solved!!

      • I have to agree. Even when I first enlisted before the huge ramp up in pay, people were only superficially there to “serve”. Mostly it’s for college money. The way it is now, it’s far more lucrative to stay in and retire than to get out, waste the VAs money on a useless college education, then struggle to find a job until the measly retirement social security and whatever shitty 401k youve invested in pays out…

        • Idmtmedic

          Charles wants your number. By the way dying isn’t a great 401k. Useless education? Lmao. The new proposals want to change retirement to a 401k. I’m sure YOU would be all over that right?

    • Fred Kelley

      Cpt Ralph! Don’t you think that their lives are worth more than we can ever pay them? I am also retired from the armed forces! Maybe it’s the difference between which armed service that was served in and how you served?! I for one feel that we as retirees can help by paying more taxes and not taxing our soldiers, sailors and airmen in this time of war! How about you? Please don’t think that our armed forces members don’t know about sacrifice. Right now, their are more living amputees as a result of this conflict then there were in all of the previous wars combined. Think about that for a minute, please! Our armed forces deserve all the pay and benefits we can give them as a country! Let’s start thinking about how we can stop this conflict and the very great expense it is costing instead of how much we are paying the men and women who are losing life, limb and quality in this very unnecessary conflict. Also, think about why we have to send our armed forces to protect USGS survey teams in Afghanistan! Yes, we are doing that! Why?? I feel we are planning to use the mineral resources in that country to our countries advantage! What do you think?

    • rtdickson43

      Last time I looked Ralph, when I retired, the civilian counterparts were making alot more than I was.

    • Lobo VNVMC

      Yes, when I started in the USAF as an Avionics Tech I was making $98 per month. When I retired as an E7, I was making $30-$40K per year, that’s $2500-$3300 per month for those without a calculator. The disparity was dependent on if I was TDY and in the combat zone (Vietnam). I made E8 and when I retired I had a line number for E9, I elected to retire as an E7 so I could use my GI Bill (they were cutting it off before I would have had enough time in rank to retire as an E9 and they wouldn’t let me extend to keep E8.
      So I finished my degree (Electrical Engineer/Computer Engineer) and went to work in the semi-conductor industry fixing the production machines. That’s a mechanic in simple terms basically what I was in the USAF. My wages were $100K+ per year plus benefits (401K, company retirement, medical, and dental).
      Ralph, if you call $30K as a supervisor being over paid then I would not want to work for any company that you work for. Looking at the pay scale for just the E7 pay at 18 years they are making $4280 per month, that’s $51360 per year. I don’t think $51K per year is over pay for a supervisor.
      My civilian counterpart was making $65K per year. He was my assistant. So when the military is paid the equivalent of the civilians doing the same job then maybe the idea of the military contributing to their retirement may float.
      Other than maybe police what job can you compare to a soldier or Marine in combat? Not even the cops get shot at every day. Don’t even tell me that combat pay makes up for it.

      • No servicemember gets shot at everyday either, to be fair. At least not for long…

        • Idmtmedic

          To be fair, once is enough. Unless you have ninja skills and know where those bullets are going? For the ones without those skills I guess it’s called oh we’ll sucks to be dead huh?

    • Ralph Moerschbacher,

      Military Pay Tables – 1949 to 2012

    • robyn

      You have no clue, hey ass, these are all volunteers, when you were in we had a clear mission and enemy, and there was a draft. People were forced. wow, capt, you never had to survive on what an e-1 makes. Get a grip you dolt.

    • 23yrs.Retired

      EVERY BODY,listen,think about what you say,We all served and it was for H ONOR,COUNTRY,DUTY,remember.We didn’t go there to be shot at ,We never really wanted to go to war,(Get Real)and to leave it to those civilian rule bureucratic stake eating snakes is an insult to us and our beloved armed forces.We who served with honor deserve all,I mean all we are entitiled to and what we have been denied,thank you.

    • Todd

      Ralph your an out of touch sorry ass who needs to get his facts correct before he puts them online! Don’t care if your opinion is that service members get over paid, you have the right to that opinion. The reason we pay for multiple tours in lieu of “letting” more people have the chance to serve is because it takes about a year to train a service member how to do their job, several years to develop a junior leader and 10-20 years to develop a senior leader. The methods we used during your time failed! Putting inexperienced people in charge didn’t work! If you want a professional military (which is what the public deserves) it comes at a cost. Next, you DA, I made far less than my civilian counterparts, period, always the case, can’t argue the fact! For example as a retired E-9, with 20 years in the “company”, a college education and in charge of 600 people I made about 71k with BAQ and BAS. Now take my civilian counterpart who does the same thing and he/she makes well over 200k. And another thing, lets use your model, we can all serve for only 4 years than get out to give others the chance to serve, but civilians would have to quit their job to give us the chance to serve in the private sector, and you get to be the first to quit his job to make room for a service member coming off his third year long tour.

      • Idmtmedic

        Hellllllllll yes!!!!!!

    • greg

      Jack Ass…

    • Don Varnadore

      don’t see your dumb ass giving back your retirement. Since your so selfless.

      SFC retired Vietnam vet 1st special forces 5th group (recondo)

    • Henry

      This USAF Captain is full of S,H,I.T, I was a Sargeant E-5 in 1966, and was making $444.00 a month with a wife and two kids and I was bringing home more then $44.00 every two weeks. I still have the papers to prove it also. The people in Congress who want to reduce the troops pay, more then likely have never served in the military, and have never been in a fire fight in “Combat” as I and my brother Marines, and Army and Navy brothers have been. If you ask me, they are not being paid enough.

    • JustTheFacts

      You, sir, are a moron.

    • SPW

      Mr. Moerschbacher,

      First, thank you for YOUR service; anyone who puts on the uniform–whether volunteer or “voluntold” to do so–makes many significant sacrifices that should be honored and respected. Again, thank you.

      I must respectfully disagree with your comment however. You are correct in that a volunteer military “requires sacrifice.” Those who choose to defend our country and freedom sacrfice via the many separations from family, the extended duties that are not compensated by overtime pay or bonuses, and most importantly by placing themselves in harm’s way to protect our freedoms that many take for granted. Asking these brave men and women to sacrifice even more by accepting less pay is reprehensible. (continued in next post…)

    • SPW

      (continued from previous post…)

      Please remember sir, many of our military professionals could leave the service and get paid much more in the civilian sector–they CHOOSE to stay because they believe in service to their country–in a way, they are ALREADY sacrificing by accepting less pay! Ask the young enlisted Soldier, Airman, Sailor or Marine who is struggling to provide for his or her family (even with assistance like food stamps and WIC) to deploy for six months or a year; ask him or her to accept the risk of military service in a time of war; ask him or her to pay the ultimate sacrifice; but how dare you trivialize any of those sacrifices by suggesting they aren’t worthy of the average pay they receive now! Shame on you as you relax under the blanket of protection they provide!

      Finally, the military is NOT “an entity under civilian rule,” as you put it. The military’s Commander in Chief is a civilian, yes; however, the military “answers” to one thing and one thing only–the Constitution of the United States.

    • ggomez

      All of you who say that Military members get paid to much, must have served in different times or have no appreciation for the service Military men and women provide for your country’s freedom. I am I a military wife of a about to retiree 24 yr service member and what we as a family have to got through no normal family suffers. Out of the 10 yrs of marriage, we have been together only 5, all the special moments my kids don’t have a father to be around for them, always being away form family, and so many other sacrifices our families have to make to have our spouses be part of our military!
      So, Thank you for your service!
      Thank you for doing a job not anyone can do or would want to do.
      No money can compensate that!
      Instead of looking at our military as making to much, how about you look at all the Governors and Senator that only have to do one term and have full retirement benefits! Is that fair?

    • BE Albacarys

      It’s sad that even Veterans are jumping in on the “too much pay bandwagon” (Capt. Moerschbacher, USAF retired.) Service to Country has no price, but families still have to survive, mortgages have to be paid, children need an education. During Viet Nam , troops could usually count on just one deployment. I’ve been deployed 3 times as a reservist alone. It’s ludicrous that Captain Moerschbacher would even use that $44.00 figure as a fair comparison to an economy 43 years past. Today gas is $4.00 a gallon, my mortgage is $1,800.00 per month, milk is over $3.00 a gallon. While I’m on deployment yes, I’m fed at the DFAC, berthing is free, no bills at all. But what about my family stateside??? And as a reservist, we don’t live on a military installation so we’re on our own. As a drilling reservist with 24 years in including 4 years active duty in the Army and 2 years with the Navy, I am extremely proud of my service to my Country, never once considering the financial gains or liquidity as a result of Serving. As I stated before, Service to Country is priceless!
      Petty Officer First Class EO1(SCW/PJ) Albacarys
      US Navy Seabees

    • MTVet

      i’m a ret. tech sgt and retired in 1987 my retirement pay is a whole wopping 19,600 per yr now u tell me how over paid we are you jerk!!! this is for ralph moresmacker sry

      • vets from the past have certainly been screwed, but i think the overpay thing is directed at the current situation.

        • Idmtmedic

          No shi#. The CURRENT situation is that CON-gress spends too much money on everything else but the veterans are now being asked, FORCED to pay for their credit BS. We did our job. Time for some retirement changes in CON-gress!!!!!

    • ken

      $44 every 2 weeks in ’69??? Your so full of chit on that point alone, the rest of your post becomes irrelevant because I know that it’s a work of ignorance and fiction. As an E-1 in ’63 my basic pay was $81.50 per month and an E-1 in ’69 received $123.30 basic pay per month. As a USAF Captain, I can understand why you believe that the military is a 9-5 job with evenings and week-ends off, thus equating the military pay to your underpaid civilian counterpart. I’m sure that a USAF, “non-flight captain receives greater compensation than his or her Stewardess, gate attendant or baggage handler. Unfortunately, that’s not true for the rest of the military service members. As a member of the Navy, I would have been happy to draw the same wages as my Merchant Marine counterpart and receive the same union protected benefits but that would have been unacceptable to taxpayers (especially if wages were hourly with attendant overtime provisions). BTW, standard shipboard underway working hours for most sailors is 16 hrs/day. In order to maintain a quality military, demanding that your “volunteers” sacrifice more than their civilian counterparts is just flat out stupid.

    • Ron Whiteman

      Ralph, you’ve got to be kidding. I was a Marine NCO back then with 21 months in-country…I extended because combat pay was nearly equal to base pay. We were grossly underpaid. Garbage men made six times what we did and mailmen made three times what we did, so you can’t say we were paid fairly. Even officers 0-7 and above were making $50K. Sacrifice is inherent in serving so don’t put our current military in a box marked “Greedy,” ’cause they aren’t. As for the CBO study, yeah, troops may have seen an increase in their pay as regards the private sector but that’s because the private sector has seen the biggest drop in income since the Great Depression thanks to Big Business taking over the government, being allowed to destroy our unions, and shipping jobs overseas. Don’t dump on our troops! I have to ask, were you one of the guys in the rear with the beer and the gear or did you actually serve in a grunt outfit? Your remarks make me wonder. Maybe you’re like our great Prez Bush, a true patriot! Semper Fi…that means ALWAYS faithful, if you didn’t know.

    • Johnny

      You must have been what we refer to as a chitbag and getting into trouble all the time with the whole reduction in rank and forfeiture of pay or maybe you were a sick call ranger or perhaps a profile rider makes me sick when people say back when and in my day well this isnt back when or in your day so shut up and and cry somewhere else

    • GISteve

      I’ll save ink – You sir, are a dumb ass!

    • guest

      Wasn’t that when the DRAFT was still in effect

    • USMC_E8H

      I did my 20 and I can tell you that at no time did I do it for the money. If your in the military today for the money then you need to get out. To many are trying to make a living in the military and it is not a great place to do that. Family life sucks. It is not to be mean or even about the savings. (It does not matter how much money they could save as they would just spend it on something else)

      The honor to serve should not be tarnished by money.
      I will always look back on my years in the service as the good days. My compensation will continue even without the money.

      Keep safe and have have a merry Christmas.

      • Idmtmedic

        Good then send your retirement check back. Not about the money, right? Why are you collecting it then? God and country? JA.

        • idmedic,

          If he has to send his check back, then shouldn’t you have to leave the Country. I mean damn, everyone that has something to say that you disagree with you jump all over them. Give it a brake idmedic.

          • Idmtmedic

            Speaking of which……you think soldiers are overpaid? To include YOU? Your collecting two government checks and rest assured, your burden of excess funds will soon be relieved.

    • ron

      Your a fat and happy captain ,I was in vietnam and I didn’t volunteer and I got screwed. so screw the volunteer stuff and no one join the military and see where we end up. Capt you are a IDIOT!!!!!

    • David Pendergrass

      Ralph, were you dropped on your head when you were young? Over the last ten years soldiers/Marines, etc did multiple tours because they were needed. We didn’t have 600,000 active duty soldiers or 300,000 Marines. So you think that we who served any time in the last 30 years aren’t making sacrifices? We take more risks, greater commitments, sacrifice more financially, emotionally, and mentally but according to you, we should be paid less than our “civilian counterparts”? And just who would our civilian counterparts be? Who is our equivalent in the civilian world? Wrong Ralph.

    • Ron

      Exactly what did you do while in the Air Force? Anyone who has served in any other branch of our nation’s armed forces know full good and well that you guys had the cushy jobs. I was in Nam during Tet. Just try and tell me I was overpaid. I can’t believe you made the statements you just posted here.

      “The service members are vastly overpaid and have lost the meaning of service to our country.”

      You’ve got to be kidding me. The young soldiers I know coming back from Iraq and Afghanistan know full good and well about service to our country. How dare you issue such and insult to our service members.

    • roger.johnson

      You are a FOOL Moerschbacher. For one in 1969, the military was mostly a conscript service. (That means they where drafted) They really didn’t have much of a choice. The military of today is far advanced and we need the best and brightest we can get. You don’t get those without offering at least a decent living. So don’t try to sale me some bull about it should be done “voluntarily”.

      I am a retired SFC. I made $70,000 a year before taxes. I will admit that is pretty good money for a kid with only a high school degree. But here’s the thing. I was given the opportunity and I took advantage of it, And believe me, I earned it! Before we start taking money from those who actually go and EARN it, why don’t we put it ALL out on the table . How much $ goes to people who don’t have any desire to work? Who just keep popping out kids so they can get more money and live in government housing for free? What did they do to earn that? Why are we giving so much $ to illegal aliens and their children? What did they do to earn it? Why do we send BILLIONS overseas when we are so broke we have to keep printing money?! Why do our elected representatives get better benefits after 4 years than me after 20?? Do they not “volunteer”?!
      Let’s be real. This country is run by people who are only concerned with making themselves rich. There are no true patriots in D.C.

      • jube

        well put

    • jube

      yes signing on was our decision and we knew what we were getting into. however, there were also things that were offered that we took into consideration at that time. But was it fair that the country is in debt (from everybody) but militray families didn’t get paid (while some are deployed) to offfset that? You’re telling me if you went to work and your employer said ” nation’s broke so without any warning, you are not getting paid” you wouldn’t complain?

      • jube

        Or if an employer offred you a $50,000 sign on bonus cause your job was extremely hazardous, and then after you started working found out you don’t that bonus for a few years and then it’s taxed so high you only actually get $10,000? You’re telling me if your employer did that to you, you wouldn’t complain?

        • jube

          Or perhaps everything went according to plan, you’re a responsible person making your living, barely, but getting by (without complaining) and after 5,6,7,yrs you get told by the government your pay is gonna get cut to an amount you CAN’T live off of to again bail out the economy. You’re telling me that if you had your house in order and then after 10 years with your compnay they cut your pay (not in relation to your work or capabilities) to the point you may or may not afford your basic living needs such as rent,food, gas, etc…you would not complain?

          • jube

            Any normal human being would find any of these situations un acceptable. We don’t complain just to complain. There is always a reason behind it. Bottom line though, very few other employers expect you to put your life on the line. That is always worth more pay for a cop, firefighter, military etc. We all do the things others didn’t/couldn’t/wouldn’t to keep us all safe and none of these professions should ever have to apply for WIC to feed their family.

          • jube

            it’s not about being filthy rich or even making as much as our counterparts. I think that if your going to put your life on the line, you’re entilted to and have earned the right to be able to have a decent place to live with all of your utilities, clothes, food, savings, college etc. I don’t think that is a rediculous reeqest or makes any body greedy to have the ability to support their family. So stop calling troops supporting their family (on a lot less than Cpt pay) greedy for wanting an average life (while defending it with theirs), and go after the politicians and CEOs who got paid millions/billions in bonuses to screw over this whole country!!!!

    • disabled vet

      So you think today’s military is overpaid like the Poor Kid. I was in 1962 & made $65.00 a month, I was so wealthy! I guess the military should not get paid at all right? From what AF service members have told me the basic training is only 6 weeks even today. You don’t have weapons training either, no KP, no survival training. What’s the point of the AF? All the other branches fly & do more, If you don’t like that question, & feel insalted, I know you Air Farce guys had to do something to earn a pay check besides flying & all Air Farce people aren’t pilots, Maybe the Air Farce really is overpaid, because they don’t really work. All the other branches work hard & give up much, they should be compensated so that they don’t have to applly foor Food Stamps. .

    • bilbo

      I wanted to serve and retire but I am a weedsmoker and gay. now that rules are changing, i’m going to join! The uniforms are cute

      • Idmtmedic

        Lmao, welcome to the military Life. Well except for the weed smoking. Stick around that may change also.

    • JAMES

      Mr Ralph, please remember that these men and women have done a lot more tours than back when you served, my father did 3 tours of viet nam which was rare back then, and he volunteered for them, now units are going over 4 or 5+ times, a lot of my friends are retired viet nam vets, and we live in a area next to Ft Lewis that has so many vets and many brigades or units that have multiple deployments in Iraq or Afghanistan, and they still think these young men and women should be compensated for what they do protecting our freedoms as you once did.

    • John

      Wow its amazing a military person would say that, if you ever were Military. From your comment you might be one of those PX heroes.

    • Robin

      So, you’re saying that the military member should not get paid because we volunteered? We should just lay down our lives and STFU because you feel slated? My civilian counterpart makes 3 times what I make so stop talking and do your research. By the way, the Airforce has paid a lot for you and your training Captain. I am not discrediting your service to our country but have you ever heard of inflation? I’m sure that degree you have has gotten you somewhere. When I enlisted my pay was 800 dollars a month. Please tell me that my hours and my sacrifices are deemed less than that. As a former servicemember you should be ashamed of yourself.

    • Guest

      The Army I was in in 1969 paid once a month. I cleared $69.00 a month. Along with that came the constant threat of a 75% mortality rate in my MOS.

    • Brian

      I’m a WO1 and I barely make too much to qualify for free lunch at my child’s elementary school. So you tell me if we get paid too much.

    • Steve Goldstein

      I am a combat Veteran of Viet Nam, 69-70, and I was a PLT Leader, 1/10 CAV, Army, EM volunter, and made Captain, before completing my commitment. I do not understand how you can ever say or believe what you said. Service to our Country, does not mean living on food stamps, as many EM did, and still do. Every man in the Army is a potential Infantryman. Even though I was a CAV Officer, I still performed, duties as an Infantry man. What price do you put on the “Benefit” of putting one’s life on the line, and over 50,000 did. What compensation should POWs get? My base pay was $5,000 plus a year. Combat pay, add $50 a month. If I had retired after completing 20 years as a Captain, something is definitely wrong. If you want to have a different pay for a diffenent MOS, well those of us who served with our boots on the ground, or close to it,ie choppers, no amout of compensation is enough. By the way, those that “Paid the ultimate price of war”, why aren’t their survivors paid adequate compensation for their loss, for the rest of their lives? I could go on and on, but threre is a limitation in this forum.

    • Dan L

      I was there too… These young men and women desire every bit of what they are getting AND MORE…

    • 1SG B.

      Whatever Ralph. You have no idea on the optempo of us today. We run circles around your ever lovin have pity for me ass from Vietnam. Now, don’t get me wrong. Thx for your service then. But the whining of all of you then Soldiers when the pay was low and agreed was not enough is as old as those who play the race card constantly. Below a SSG married with 15 years is below poverty level. We should be pain at least 25% more than we are, get much harder on standards and then we would keep only the best. So blah blah to your opinion on our pay as a 1SG currently serving with 15 years in.

    • Natasha Grace

      We need to get this out to the world.. No one in Media will tell the story.. They say what Obama wants them to say.. LIES. Maybe if everyone has to serve they wouldnt feel this way.. Lets see Obama do 6 months …

    • Walter Stewart

      Oh Ya us Military Retirees are getting filthy rich on what we make on retirement. I would just love to see the civilian counterparts do what a military person has to do day in and day out. Crowl through mudd and have someone firing at you day in and day out. There is no comparasion from military life to civilian life. They are not the same and for someone to make the assumption that both should get payed the same are the biggest joke of all times.

    • Senior Chief

      Good morning Captain Ralph M You sai you were only bring hoe $44.00 every two weeks as an O3 (Captain) The pay of an O3 in in 1963 was $440.00 amonth. (Basic pay not including allowances). I was an E8 (Senior Chief} and my pay with 19 years with the 1963 pay scale would have been $415.00 a month. I do not have a copy of the the 1969 pay scale but it was higher. I agree the pay is low and the hours are long but please do not stretch the truth with how much you brought home every two weeks.
      Roger Schulrud MMCS USN (ret)

    • WTF

      Ralph, get to the VA clinic psyc department ASAP!

    • papaduke

      What an idiot.


      AMEN, so says a Vietnam vet with purple hearet

    • jimbe

      I have no problem with the military making the money they do now but they should not get to retire until 67 like the rest of us.

    • c benge

      I resent and doubt your veracity, I was serving in 1969 as an E-5, I was bringing home more that $44.00 every 2 weeks, and that was much less than a Capt. earned. An O-3 under 2 years earned a base pay of $561 per month (not counting subsistance & housing allowance, combat pay, etc.)
      In fact during my 4 tours in Vietnam my combat pay & jump status was more than that. For nearly two generations, no American has been obligated to join up, and few do. Less than 0.5 percent of the population serves in the armed forces. Even fewer of the privileged and powerful shoulder arms. In 1975, 70 percent of members of Congress had some military service; today, just 20 percent do, and only a handful of their children are in uniform.

    • SAM

      Question: Why isn’t any of the FinacialI Icomes ever reported or displayed for all of the U.S Taxpayers to see? Lived Clarksville,Tn years as a civilalion. Myself a Vietnam vet 64 68 Volenteered, 4 yrs to day.Gross Salary . Less then $5,000 Now swept under carpet. Most at Ft Campbell were alot of reject and didn’y want to stay in after orders to IraQ. They Caught well over-paid to get sign on and not drafted.They wasted there money when they came home and got drunk and had homes foreclosed on.Venteered, but wanted out! After getting big checks and benefits Had hot mail and showers and cell phone in war zones?? was treated like dirt in Clarksville,TN when I applied for a job and etc. There was alot of friendly fire. Didn’t trust his men under him. It seemed ike it was every man for himself. They bought motorcycles, faran up and down the Main streets and the Police looked the other way due to them being EX- Ft Camphell. My wife and I fear for our lives at night in Clarksville,TN .Everything in area is falsely reported!!! Not even the Chamer of Commerce will lie to get People to come in.What I made gross in one yr, they next make more now in a month!! Yes If they Volentered then why the HIGH wages and Benefits.. Trying to bribe people to join.Military needs to go back to a draft!!! They Volenteered. Put them on the front lines without hot showers, hot foot, not cellphones and computers. Nothing like helping the enend making a soldier soft with showers and hot food on and in a war zone!lDon’t Volenteer if it is about the money and benefits!But securing our country boarders from all

  • steve

    the enlisted ranks are way too low, I served in the 80’s and had to get welfare to make ends meet. It is still the same today. If they are getting so much money how come I see them still using EBT cards to pay for food.

    • bearbird

      Shortly before I got out of service in 2002, there was a report released that stated statistically, that 56% of our Military (all branches) fell under the threshold and could technically qualify for food-stamps, and in some cases, even welfare.

  • David

    They are looking at our pay before entitlement and endowment programs? They are looking at our pay before we look at politicians salaries? They are looking at our pay before looking countless contractors and DoD civilians making gross salaries off the government? Yeah that sounds about right. Seems like now days the military values (army values in my case) are nothing more than a way to brain wash you into behaving and believing in a system and government who only cares about votes and power, and do not live the same service values that are expected of our military members.

    • David

      Ralph, you are so out of touch. If only you knew what are civilian counterparts are getting paid doing the same jobs as us overseas!!! They are on average being paid 3-4 times the pay of our enlisted. Get the facts before you jump on the band wagon and say we should just be happy to serve. Oh and by the way everything in this country is business. Been that way for a long time, wake up.

      • Idmtmedic

        Well said David!!!!

  • Drew

    CBO conveniently uses the last 10 years in their analysis of how military pay has grown. Prior to the last 12 years, military pay had lost significant ground to civilian sector pay increases. During the last 12 years, the larger pay raises have been required to close that gap.

  • Richard

    Ok, lets look at how much congress get paid compared to what a soldier who put his life on the line get paid. How much time do the soldiers get off a year and lets see how much time congress get off. Congress don’t work holidays or weekends or nights. Do congress get up and put there bodies through what we had to put our bodies. Do they do miles off road marches which tears the knees up, do they have to subject there bodies to all type of weather and when they go to the doctors to have that broken down body work on what care do they get.

  • richard

    Pretty much all they do is sit on there fat butts, go home to there big expenisve house, get someone to drive them around and look at there fat bank accounts and then tell use that we are are not worth the little money we get. Get real. Half of them has never put the uniform on let alone know what it mean to serve this country, but they want to take away what we earn. If there is anyone in Congress reading this, what price do you put on missing limbs, torn up knees, back so bad that pain pills don’t work, confine to a wheel chair,or a bed for life. As for as me, I think you have’nt done enough for the military. Only know how to fatten your owe wallets.

    • Bill Thompson

      “Half of them have never been in uniform” !? You’re very generous in your estimation.
      1% of the POPULATION have served in served in uniform so where do you think their % numbers fit into it ?..

  • Bill

    Well, we go again. Less than one percent of our citizens serve in our military, yet, our military force cannot be afforded. Oh! “Thank You for your service,” but don’t ask us to support you, or to consider the associated hardships involved in military service. Let me suggest, if our military is too expensive, then trim it back to a level that is considered sustainable. Then ask the world and our citizens if they feel safe or confident the US can help keep the peace. Another approach to keep from paying military persons a lot, bring back the draft and see what you have.. Like I said, less than one percent serve, but we can’t afford to support them. What if nobody volunteered to serve? What if nobody was available to deploy to fight wars. I would say to congress, go ahead and gut the military but don’t ask us to give back when called upon. Instead of reducing pay and benefits for military members and veterans, they should, in fact be increased.

    • Peter

      Amen Bill. You are right on the money. If they take away tricare prime(affordable medical care) and push us all into obama care, you can kiss your volunteer force goodbye.

    • Ralph

      What a bunch of idiots at the CBO. They have got to be the dumbest people in America. I think we should cut the pay for the House and Senate and they should all be on Obama Care.

  • Richard Reda

    I will tell you one thing anybody that would think of doing that got to be the biggest ass hole in the would. SEMPER FI

  • jbfrombremerton

    0-6 and above are way overpaid (Congress and the higher GS people as well) both on active duty and especially once they are retired. The pay for E-6 and below is criminally low. How can the troops live? I remember years ago (late 70’s-early 80’s) USMC had terrible financial trouble with E-4 and below being married. A brilliant general tried to restrict marriage of young Marines until they made E-5 because pay at that paygrade was finally barely enough for a family to get by. The general was fired and retired. The problem was not addressed.

    • Jim Brown

      I would agree that Congress members are overpaid but not GS Civilians, O-6, officers, and enlisted members of the military. I have served 26 years as an enlisted member and now work as an GS. I’m not overpaid especially for the work I do and being in harms way many times during my career. Suggest pointing the finger back at Congress and not military members or individuals still serving our nation as civilians. If our nation wants a strong military then they must take care of our military members and civilians.

    • Dmacker

      Much like in government and the private sector the top gets all the booty.

  • Matt M.

    The question that should be asked is not so much as if our service members are over compensated but are the people whom are asking this question are over compensated for asking such an ignorant question!
    Our all volunteer force is being asked to do what many in America do not want to do……….the dirty work of fighting for freedom so that they don’t have to. How do you put a price tag on that?

  • casey

    Are U nutts who else is keeping our freedom, these kids are dying to keep us free thinks what would happen if they didn’t

  • podsubaka

    If men and women are willing to go into the face of danger to protect the rights of the citizens of this country, they should be paid as much as necessary to make life easier for them and their families.

  • rhansen

    I’m a civilian and quite frankly, I am appalled that this question is even asked!
    Those that serve do so for many different reasons but all have a desire to serve. However, there are limits to what a person can sacrifice now matter how much they wish to serve their nation. We as civilians are always screaming that Police, Firemen and Teachers should make more. Well, at the top of that list should ALWAYS be our military men and women. Just my humble opinion.

  • MikeD

    If they are even going to think about dipping into future raises, bonuses, and health insurance, they need to start with cutting Field Grade Officer pay and bonuses, especially that moronic pilot bonus in the Air Force when very few Airlines are actually hiring pilots. It’s stupid. But that should happen only after Congress takes a swift and deep pay cut and congressional retirement gets reformed so you have to serve more than one term in office to get it for life. It’s ludacris for them to even think about cutting our benefits before delving into their own.

    • Blondie

      Mike D. Perhaps you should educate yourself on what is going on in the airline industry before you post. The airlines are having massive numbers forced into manditory retirement in the next 5 years. They will be hiring like mad. I know a half a dozen pilots who wanted to volunteer to get out in this years RIF and they were all told no because there is a pilot shortage in the Air Force and they are panicked about losing more pilots in the next 5 years. Trust me, the pilot bonuses are needed and are expected to increase. Why stay in the Air Force if you can get a higher paying job with the airlines? Check your facts please before you post and get people upset.

      • Tom

        Blondie, maybe you should get your facts correct. While yes there are pilot shortages, it isn’t because of the airline industry. You can not just get out of an F-15 and fly a 737. They have to go through the same schools everyone else does and have qualify as well. Aircrew are getting $100K bonuses to re-up another 6 years. Now multiply that by the 400+ F-15 fighter pilots and tell me that money can’t be better used somewhere else?

    • Chris

      Really Mike! Way to split the force by isolating 1 group. I agree with blondie, think before you speak on a retention issue you clearly know nothing about. Watch as pilots leave when the airlines start the hiring campaign.

  • Laurie

    Anyone that thinks the troops are overpaid is insane. The military budget is overinflated, but it is not because of the troops pay.

  • USAF, Ret; 2

    Thank you USAFRet , I am also Ret AF and I can’t believe anyone would even ask that question. If you really want to know if service members are making too much money, ask yourself this question; How much money does a Basket Ball player or a Football player make? and these people are playing games. The Military is not play people. these people put their lives on the line everyday to protect us from terror, foreign and domestic and they don’t make anywhere near what these Athletes are paid for playing games. When you hear about a solders that just got killed or a ship that got blown up by terrorist, or a plane that got shot down, ask yourself if they make enough money for what they do.

  • jellis00

    If Congressmen/women and GS employees were making the same sacrifices as military personnel, then Yes I would say the military personnel are relatively overpaid. But the Congress/GS aren’t making ANY sacrifices, so quit whining about the cost of military benefits or else get rid of the volunteer service and reinstate the draft…because without the pay/benefits you won’t have any volunteers and will have to have the draft to fight the many conflicts Congress and the President get us into.

  • Ron

    Sooo Lets ask our reps in DC to take a pay cut, and start paying into their retirement, let’s ask them to pay more for their health care!
    Would they even consider taking a pay cut,
    They have not even been able to pass a budge in the past 3 years,
    All they want to do is cut military spending and incrase welfare for those who are not willing to even try to get a job,

  • George

    The Non-Political Military suffers from the old adage:
    “You get the Government you deserve”.

    That may be true for civilians but the Military gets the short end every time !

    Congressional pay and Allowances should have to be voted on by being on the ballot during a General Election. “WE THE PEOPLE” should be in charge…. Unfortunately “the inmates are running the asylum”.

    My son-in-law makes four times more than a Soldier, Sailor, Airman or Marine in combat now that he has left Government and became a Contractor doing the same job.

    If anything the “Troops” should be better paid than they are.

    I am still dealing with my monthly payments for my Free Medical Care promised over 26 years.

  • Denise

    Excuse me but I think Congress and our US Representatives should start looking into their own payraises, health benefits and retirement(after serving only 4 yrs!), and other perks. Talk about “overpaid. Please, our men and women who are in harms way deserve their compensation or bonuses. Lets stop looking to cut the military pension and have our elected representatives take a long look at their own first.

    • SFC YJ

      Some of our elected officials just have gotten to comfortable, we need start naming names and get those guys out of office or better yet they can put on an uniform and go off to war. It’s extremely easy to call the shots sitting behind a desk in a warm/air conditioned office!

  • usnavy

    Im a usnavy retire and if i had to do it all over knowing what i know now i woul tell you too shove it up your ass big time!

  • wife

    I have been an RN for the past 11 years and during that whole time I have been married to an Officer (did I mention that part of that time I was working part time and still making more than him!). My husband is a Major and I currently working for the VA. I have never been to a combat zone where they work 24 hours a day the whole time they are gone…I work for the VA and get better benefits than my husband and better pay with far less risk..hmm…did I mention my husband is an if he makes less than me…the enlisted make far less…please remember that our military that sacrifices so much have families and bills…seriously…our government workers are the ones that need a pay cut!

    • SFC YJ


    • Liberty49

      I think Sen. Dick Durbin must have been referring to this study when he said our troops were paid too much. Most members of Congress have NEVER served in the military. They get fat salaries, never risk their lives and their families don’t have to endure endless separations. I think it is time for the military to speak up and insist members of Congress get paid ONLY while they are serving in office, get NO retirement, get SS like the rest of us and have TERM LIMITS. Perhaps another requirement for office would be prior military service, too. And, oh yes, they should have to use Obamacare like the rest of us–no more passing laws for us and exempting themselves from those same laws.

    • Mac McAlister

      I agree these people don’t have a clue. I even wonder if any these people
      have ever served in the military. Give them a four year hitch and then see
      what they have to say.

  • Steve

    Ralph, what’s clear is you don’t know Jack about the value of pay today. I serve with folks that have served in trying times and done far more than you folks did in Vietnam with far less. They are far more professional than you want to give them credit for and DESERVE to make 25% more than their civilian counterparts. Congress should cut their own pay before touching any civil servants or the military — look to paying less for contractors first!

  • Bill

    I agree with one of comment that mention about Congress take a pay cut, pay for their healthcare, and pay into their retirement. They will vote themselves a pay raise and at the sametime they we not raise military, retirees, or social security benefits to the people that really needs the money.

    • Roy

      Mr. Bill , you are correct. They should try living in a tent, being away from home, moving all the time. To top that off, they get a big allowance to fly anywhere want to go. Add all their pay together and how much they get.

  • Idmtmedic

    Charles Bryant is a great mentor for this guy. Just waiting for a post from him stating how we are overpaid and that nothing is being cut from our benefits. He loves Congress and thinks there should be no comparison to congress. He says all vets are whiners because we want our benefits promised. Keep an eye out for his posts.

  • CEK

    Hey let us go back to draft that will help bring down the cost of military. Certain ranks can be keep at low wage scale to force the up or out mentality.
    Plenty of in-ranks inspection and 180 day rotating deployments to ie Korea, Europe, Far East will help thin out the ranks.
    If we could get raters to write cause for relief Evals during Deployments and Training Exercises to clean out the dead wood that would help. Just think how we can save the CBO all that money !!!’
    Dreamland we have made the Army bloated that can not do it’s mission to take hold and occupy land!!!

    • William Coughlin

      Let’s stop bitching here, there’s a link here where you can respond to all your elected officials, I agree with most of the posts here but just bitching among ourselves won’t let us be heard. Hit the link to your elected officials and let your voice be heard.

  • JohnH

    Let me see… I stayed in the military for 20 years and earned the following benefits:
    Free health care, oops!!! sorry, my error… there is no such thing.
    Free dental care, again, sorry there is no such benefit
    The pursuit of higher education under the G.I. bill… again, Graham Rudman act took that away to save money.
    Now they want to add insult to injury and increase tricare fees on retirees to lessen the burden on their budget.
    They closed loads of active duty bases world wide to save money. Question: What did you do with the savings the BRAC created? What did you do with the savings from the Graham Rudman act that ransacked the G.I. Bill and took away the earned education benefits of Vietnam Era Veterans?
    Above is just a sample of what’s in store for our current `heros’ when they retire or `ets’. And don’t believe that this is the end of it, this is just the beginning, I’m just waiting for the hammer to fall and hear that they intend to reduce my retirement benefit even more than it has in the last 20 years just to hear that they have given themselves pay raises behind closed doors.

    • Idmtmedic

      Got that right!!!!!! They are open to any and all ideas at this pont. Soon enough our cost for increased fees will take all of our retirement. Of course we can just use our retirement to pay for the civilian healthcare we are going to be forced to take one way or another. Either under 65 working age retirees forced to take employers health insurance or we are forced off Tricare prime outside the 40 mile limit. Last but not least Obamacare will be our next step because employers will not provide insurance and just pay the fine if the company is small enough. Got love CON-gress

  • woods

    PLS tell me if my husband makes to much money the why does my family live to pay check to pay check and Why could we not buy gifts for our 3 children for christmas this and had to ask for help…Why do I have to limit the bills and let a few go past due if my husband makes to much money…You guys showed really ask the service members what they have and don’t have before you go doing stuff like this b/c I would gladly show you my bank account info to prove that we don’t make to much we actually make we to less for this shit my husband has dealt with and is still dealing with

  • Ponce

    You have no idea what in the world you are talking about. I am a guardsmen and am getting ready for my third deployment, and I take a pay cut from my civilian job to deploy and I am in law enforcement so you know I don’t make that much to begin with. while I am deployed my wife works extra overtime to help make up the difference and you are full of it about $88 a month the base pay for an E-1 with less than 4 months service was $115.20 a month and you can check it on DFAS!!

  • Mike

    I served 22 years in the Army. When I joined, I was promised free medical and dental care FOR LIFE if I completed 20 or more years of service. I fulfilled my obligation and now our scum-bag Congress wants to change the terms of our contract? If I could have seen into the future, I would have told that recruiter to shove it “where the sun don’t shine”. Our government has NO HONOR!

  • Chris

    I think it should be mandatory that all those running for office in our government have at least served four years active duty. They think our military pay is too much? I dare for any of them to do what’s being asked of our service members. It’s actually the military’s fault. How many time have we had to make sure everything looked good when and idiot, sorry congressman visits. Stop giving them the red carpet treatment, throw some gear on them and have them do what we do for an hour or two, without kissing their butts!

  • Texasguy

    YOU FIRST MISTER !!!!!! YOU MISTER CONGRESSMAN AND SENATOR…YOU BRing YOUR pay in line with the rest of the nation. YOU PAY for your HEALTH care. YOU STOP YOUR big annual pay raises! YOU VEST in your retirement~ like every other civil servant! YOU put your system in line with the rest of the nation and stop your “IM BETTER THAN YOU” attitude for every single benefit you derive from Your plush cushy job with FREE everything and FREE flights home for your DOG!!!

    Put twenty years in before YOU get a dime for your service!!. IF you serve one term get nothing ..just like we do…YOU serve YOUR country as a patriotic citizen for four years and then go back to your civilian job. AND GET NO BENEFITS OR LIFE TIME RETIREMENT WITH ANNUAL COLA AT ALL.

    YOU FAT CATS HAVE YOU NERVE OF EVEN SUGGESTING THAT THE MILITARY TAKE A PAY CUT!! Lower grade enlisted are starving when they are separated from their families as it is !! ALL of them qualify for
    FOOD STAMPS!! YOU suffer though PTSD …AND try to get your LIFE and family back together and functioning as it should After long deployment and stressed out from combat conditions. YOU learn to walk again with NO LEGS!! BLOWN off by an IED!
    YOU say “THANK YOU FOR YOUR SERVICE” What a joke !

  • Gary

    Look at presidential, congressional retirement aside from secret service. The government needs to look at their wages before they starting cutting the guys who defend our constitution!

  • A.P. Minadeo

    Now let’s see, most all politicians make far more than any combat troop, yet they don’t , usually, get shot at. More often than not, they act contrary to what their constituants want, yet seem to get re-elected. If they only serve one term, they still get in excess of $125,000.00 a year for the rest of their life, plus medical coverage that is exempt from obamacare. Guess who voted for those bennies!

  • Frank Jasinski

    To U.S. Government when I join they promise me dental, medical and 36 dollars every two weeks and since than I had to pay for medical and dental and now have them wanting to cut my retirement they promise. Lets put this way the pay cut starts on the top with the president and than works it way down, including retirement, so you all start and we will monitor that and see how you all like it. Thanks and let me know Frank J

  • wa5ghr

    When you forgo family life to live in places that want kill you have to eat sand or be in an inhostible place no they are not being over paid. The people in congress should have to spend 2 to 3 years doing jobs that the troops have to do routinely and forgo their pay that they are undersirving. Our government is the ones that start world problems with the learders of the un, whom compells the problems. No solider likes war but they must follow orders of which they do not like and see no sence in them.

  • P304X4

    My wife and I were married in ’72 she got pregnant and had comlications and had to get out of the service. That left us with just my E-4pay plus $55 a mo. jump pay. We ate many meals of generic noodles topped with generic butter. A real treat every week or so was the store brand mystery meat paddies with rodk hard bread coating. Guess we were living to lavishly buying those meat paddies.

  • US Army Retired

    What is a life worth to those scum bags in congress! This is would happens when the country is run by those that haven’t served!!! They don’t know the true meaning of honor or sacrifice. Perhaps the congress should review the pathetic job they do for their large pay checks

    • joe

      It is obama you should be mad at. He is creating the need for cuts in spending.

  • map

    When will the insanity of our “elected officials” stop, first they want to protect the top 2% richest people from paying their fair share of taxes, then they want to shut down health clinics where the uninsured get care, now they want to lower an already low base pay for honorable people who are willing to give their lives for their country by serving in the military. This can only be classified as nuts…

  • Joe

    Cut the politicians pay and benefits by 3/4 and send them into a combat zone for 7-12 months then let them say that the military and retirees over paid and receive to much.

  • MSG Retried

    All I can say is the officers and congress should take Cuts and Be taxed at the highest level like 40%. This way you can come down to our level and see what its like. Your a bunch of cry baby lawyers making money and yourselves big by this stupid crap, you all piss me off with your greed!

  • TnkgdImout

    Agree with the gentleman that posted let’s start at the top. Wish all I had to do was one or two rotations to get 100% plus perks! Why do we keep re-electing these guys?

  • Jim Brown

    Here we go again spitting in the face of those who volunteer to serve and lay down their lives to protect our nation and our American way of life. If the military costs so much (1%) of the U.S. population just do away with our military and let Congress defend America. Oh, that’s right more than half have never served and don’t have to worry about living pay check to pay check. We need to stop Congress from getting paid raises and retirements. Maybe our nation will have to start drafting individuals to serve during wars, deployments, and in harsh conditions. The first individuals drafted must be members of Congress sons and daughters! Some members of Congress should wake up and put on a uniform for a few years and get deployed to a war zone. Then tell us military members are over paid. I just can’t believe after many military members have been wounded and have been killed in action a Congress member would actually have the nerve to say such a thing. Shame on that Congress member and others who think that serving our nation should come cheaper especially when the price has already been paid in blood since our nation became free. Be careful what you ask for because you just might get it and not like the results.

    God Bless Our Troops!

    Jim Brown, SMSgt(Ret), USAF

    • CMC

      VERY Well said, Sir!

  • Ed Orr

    I wonder how many members of this CBO are Veterans, or have even served one day in military? These fatcat people are the ones who are over-paid and should lose 50% of their pay first.

  • Jimmy

    how about just force cuts instead? I’d be on board to get the hell out

  • Proud Military Wife

    If military members make too much money, why are a vast majority of enlisted members eligible for food stamps, WIC and other forms of government assistance? These men and women spend days, months and even YEARS away from their families and friends missing holidays, birthdays and anniversaries. They FIGHT for our freedom and to uphold our constitution! Some of them even give the ultimate sacrifice! People complain that these honorable and brave men and women are paid too much?!? My husband has spent 9 years in the Air Force and has done 5 TOURS OF DUTY IN THE MIDDLE EAST!! He’s been away from me 5 years of our 9.5 year marriage fighting for the rights of ignorant people to claim he makes too much. How can you place a number on the things my husband misses in our children’s lives? Our babies only take first steps once! It breaks my heart that people care so little for those who sacrifice the most for their country.

  • Andy Indelicato

    Congress wants to cut out pay raises for our troops,when is the next congressional pay raise? The problem in our country is the american public does not get involved enough with what is going on,Congress has got to be revamped four year terms no lifetime benifits for a four year term…..

  • Steve

    Out of all the sacrifice, long hours, hardship, exercises, and deployments we do and there talking we’re over paid? I was on welfare when I first joined cause I didn’t make enough and I enlisted for a second term. But I am getting out in less them two years witch put me at 11 years. Im not going to lose sleep over this cause i, and I know several others do too, get treated like crap and like where nobody amongst our ranks. I’m a E-5 and been for a over four years. It’s hard to make rank in the air force and I’m tired of know the only pay raise I can get it by testing to the next rank instead of getting a ,”good job! Here’s a pay raise!”. I’m done with the military. Had some fun but this isn’t worth it. Thanks to everyone for military support. They need it.

  • Jeremy

    Of course our pay went up more than the private sector over the last 10 years. That’s because 10 years ago we were so far behind the private sector that they had to give targeted pay raises (and substantially higher overall pay raises) to bring us up to our civilian counterparts.

    This is such a freakin’ roller coaster it’s ridiculous. They’re gonna start screwin’ with our pay and then retention is gonna be shot ’cause no one is gonna wanna stay in and get paid ridiculously low wages. Then they’ll start giving huge bonuses to come in and increase our pay again, then 10, maybe 15 years from now, they’ll say we’re getting paid too much and wanna cut our pay again.

    Someone slap everyone in the CBO for even coming up with this report.

  • C. Mike

    Unfortunately, I will likely be in the minority when I say that I agree that we are somewhat overpaid. I am a lowly E-5. However, I will say – our pay does not need to be cut – we just don’t need an inflating pay increase that continues to improve OVER the national inflation rate. It should just flat-line for the next four years. That would even-out our costs significantly.

    Remember folks, governments pay money/debts on an ACCRUAL basis not a cash basis, as most human-beings do. So government “math” is a rather funny thing.

    When you tally our benefits, we are paid rather well, and unfortunately do to much of the fat and gristle sitting in our army still (and I am not necessarily speaking of Obese Soldiers)… I speak of Soldiers who simply do not perform at all, we have an over-strength Army.

    Now, there are plenty of ways we could fix spending with the military — one of the best – for four years, stop the inflating match rate of Soldier pay increase. Two, stop paying contractors ludicrous amounts of money for jobs on which they do not ever deliver, especially not in a timely fashion, and then sue those who fail to meet their contract specifications. Finally, make congress pay their own taxes. Next, FIX the technology and equipment we have — instead of “researching” a bunch of new uniforms every couple of years just to get some retiring General officer some cash in his platinum years.

  • C. Mike

    Unfortunately, I will likely be in the minority when I say that I agree that we are somewhat overpaid. I am a lowly E-5. However, I will say – our pay does not need to be cut – we just don’t need an inflating pay increase that continues to improve OVER the national inflation rate. It should just flat-line for the next four years. That would even-out our costs significantly.

    • C. Mike

      Remember folks, governments pay money/debts on an ACCRUAL basis not a cash basis, as most human-beings do. So government “math” is a rather funny thing.

      When you tally our benefits, we are paid rather well, and unfortunately do to much of the fat and gristle sitting in our army still (and I am not necessarily speaking of Obese Soldiers)… I speak of Soldiers who simply do not perform at all, we have an over-strength Army.

      • C. Mike

        Now, there are plenty of ways we could fix spending with the military — one of the best – for four years, stop the inflating match rate of Soldier pay increase. Two, stop paying contractors ludicrous amounts of money for jobs on which they do not ever deliver, especially not in a timely fashion, and then sue those who fail to meet their contract specifications. Finally, make congress pay their own taxes. Next, FIX the technology and equipment we have — instead of “researching” a bunch of new uniforms every couple of years just to get some retiring General officer some cash in his platinum years.

  • AZ Jerry

    The comparison seems flawed. First; the civilian pay is hourly based whereas the military is salary based. If the troops were to be time clock based and compensated according to civil service rules the real compensation due would show they are underpaid. Hazardous duty pay would be greater and family separation allowances more.
    how many service members only work 2080 hours a year (that’s the number of hours for 40 hours a week)?

  • britman1

    This is a joke right

  • blon918

    It is pretty sickening when an E-4 qualifies for the “WIC Program” on his HUGE salary – For Congress to even think of lowering the base pay for our Military is absurd! How about lowering their pay, ALL of the people in Congress including the President budget -maybe lowering his funding for the many trips to Hawaii.

  • Gary Jackson

    I’ve only read a few of the comments in this blog but I don’t need to read further…all of the postings from either those currently serving or those who have retired are the same…those people in Congress who are suggesting a cut to military pay and benefits, and those who support it, are plain and simple out of their freaking minds. These Congressmen apparently have no idea how the typical military family must sacrifice and rely heavily on their pay and benefits…especially the younger enlisted. It’s a miracle we have dedicated and professionals in those ranks as it is. A pay cut will no doubt threaten recruiting in the future. Congress, please look into this matter a little deeper and do the honorable thing…don’t mess with success…find another way.

  • Angie

    When cuts are talked about, why does it always seem to come to our Military’s pay?! What needs to happen is the politicians and the president need to take a pay cut so that the men and women of our Military who actually risk their lives can get paid what they deserve.

  • Justin

    As someone who served active duty for 7 years, continues to serve in the reserves, and am a DOD civilian employee working on the same aircraft I always have, I can tell you now that we as working employees are nor overpaid. As many have noted, O-6 and above and higher GS positions, probably so. Congress is most definately overpaid and over compensated for their terms and lack of leadership.

    As a “salary” earner in active duty, I did not have several rights as our civilian counter parts. I don’t have a union. I don’t have a right to quit. I don’t have a right to say “no thanks” to serving a deployment, leaving my wife and kids behind. And if I did, I’d probably lose a stripe, pay, freedoms (through confinement), and/or jail time. Will my “underpaid” civilian counterparts face the same repercussions? Do they constantly work 12-16 hour shifts, rotating hours due to mission requirements? Do they work 26 days straight to launch aircraft? What our active duty service members endure cannot be compared to any civilian job. Most of these comparisons look at service member with no rights or say so vs. hourly workers who can quit at the drop of a dime. Don’t tell me that military members are overpaid.

    As a DOD employee, I gross more income than when I was in uniform. After taxes, I make a bit less (a congressional/presidential decision, not armed services). Although my gross pay is more, I am paid for the extra hours is work as a service member, I don’t have to swap shifts, and I am protected by the union. The men and women in uniform should be the last concern to our budget deficit. Start looking at:
    Individuals receiving “free gvmt” handouts over prolonged periods of time
    Obamacare (future)
    The dozens of made up gvmt agencies
    Overpaid civilian employees
    Non productive gvmt civilian employees
    Non-essential DOD civilian employees

  • Tengi

    Our elected officials need a reality check! Encourage everyone you know to use the forms and let our voices be heard loud and clear!!!

  • CM

    I read the actual CBO report till I got so mad. The report is intentional points out facts that help their agenda, and leaving out the rest of the story. Also mentioned troops only pay 1/5th of what civilians pay for health care, suggests raising premiums and co-pays to “deter” working age retirees from using tricare. Also mentions troops got about 82% increase in BAH, no mention of what housing costs went up or how far it was behind prior. And reference troops getting “subsidized” home loans, only guessing they’re talking about VA Loans which are guaranteed not subsidized and they charge funding fees. Totally one sides report and complete BS

  • NotBuyingIt02

    Gee, I’m terribly sorry if this friggin RETIREE is costing you too friggin much. I’m sorry I’ve earned a right knee cap screwed together with YOUR friggin screws. I’m sorry I have YOUR plate holding my right arm/wrist together. I sincerely apologize for keeping YOUR hardware for these many decades. I sincerely apologize for having YOUR Neurosurgeon fix my back damaged from jumping out of YOUR fixed wing and rotary wing aircraft all those years. Above all, I sincerely apologize for surviving to achieve my 20 year retirement and then living this long after my 20 year retirement. I’ll have to work on that so YOU won’t have to spend too friggin much money on my sorry upkeep.

  • Marine1994

    Before anybody judges me I want to let you know my resume. I was in active duty Marine Corps from May 2001 to May 2006. I made sergeant in three years. I was honorably discharged in May 2006 as a sergeant. I have an outstanding Marine Corps record. I completed my bachelors while I was in and now I am half way done with my Masters.__I believe our enlisted men are not being paid enough and our officers are being paid too much. I am greatly disappointed in our officer corps. With the recent events of an Army general and a Marine Corps general getting in trouble is greatly disturbing to me. If these men were enlisted men they would have been NJP’d, busted down a rank or two with half a month pay taken away for two months or worse. When I was in I saw a Captain get a D.U.I. and a Corporal get a D.U.I. The captain was able to keep driving and he became a Major a year later. The corporal was NJP’d, lost rank and a half a month pay taken away for two months and his driving privledges were revoked. Officers that are at this rank are supposed to be our best and brightest. They should know better be professional and lead by example.

  • Erin

    I have to wonder if those public sector statistics are based on hourly wages and 40 hour work weeks! Can’t speak for everyone else but my husband puts in anywhere from 50-70 hours weekly not even including duty weekends, deployments, trainings etc. They should divide the hours actually worked by the pay received for a more accurate “overpayment” percentage!

    • Idmtmedic

      Erin, spot on!!!!! Let’s just clock in and out like the rest. Then we could get a REAL version of hours. Plenty of technology for it and be very interested to see the overtime hours and how that figures into the equation.

    • kazuya

      When I was in the navy and deployed we worked 14 hour days, 7 days a week and no days off until we pulled into port, which we did about once every 6 to 8 weeks. Even when we ported we only got maybe half the days off. The deployments now can be 8 to 9 months long.

    • Armynse

      The military is a 24/7 continuum. That being said if you average the pay for nights , weekends, holidays, deployments and sleeping in trenches well we don’t even make minimum wage. Go ahead,raise the min wage and pay the military hourly. At minimum wage for 24/7 you owe us big time!
      How about congress, the senate and all elected officials put on the uniform, and go into the line of fire, leave their family, sleep in the sand and get paid what we get paid. Yes I like that oh and let them have Tricare while we get their pay and health care. The military will fix the budget, the cut entitlements, and balance the budget no problem. We will even run the white house!

    • xbubblehead

      I agree. People in the private sector get paid for the hours that they work. The military gets poorly paid no matter how many hours they work. I am retired from the military. I work in a jail with the best people that society has to offer. These scumbags, crackheads, and tweekers can’t wait to get out of jail so that they can restart their SSI (from social security). I have asked many of them do you need SSI? They always reply, “No, but I can get it”. I guarantee that your politicians would rather cut military pay than to take away SSI from crackheads and tweekers.

  • Dana

    Let’s ask the question is congress over paid? And what have they done for our Country? And would those guys want to switch places at any point in time with a soldier? War, moving every 3 years, school changes for our kids, real estate losses, many deployments from families, PTSD, loss of limbs, loss of life.

    • Rich

      You’ve nailed it Dana. I think our politicians are paid way too much based on what they do and what they were elected to do. They should be paid based on the sction they take to servbe the people not their individual personal agendas. Additionally, they sould not vote in their own pay raises. Let the people of America do so, again, based on performance of the job they were elected to do, WORK FOR THE AMERICAN PEOPLE.
      We should also let the peop[le vote onm decreasing wages for pour so-called political”LEADERS.” Ganraunteed, 90% of them wpould noty trade places with any member of out armed forces below tyhe rank of Captain.

    • jim

      yes congress is over pay alot, Cut there pay & term limits i got no use for Congress They hurt american people & country with there ( Party line crap )

    • kazuya

      Moving every 3 years is being conservative by some accounts. I got to move once every year for four years near my last enlistment.

    • Dennis Drake

      I was paid $99 mo in Boot Camp and in Viet Nam E-3 w/Combat Pay $327 Mo USMC Now as Vet . Va Pay $2,769 per month. 100% Disability Inflation ?

  • NotBuyingIt02

    I found out after a few years active duty, that I qualified for welfare stamps…. My daughter married a soldier and seems she qualifies for WIC….. So, exactly how is the boy making way too much ????? and still qualify for WIC ?????? Who in the h e l l taught the CBO to count to five ???? Boy, obviously can’t spell WIC either.

  • Dan

    Remember we all have a vote, if we voted together instead of along party lines we could make changes. WE allow career politicians. Maybe term limits, no retirement or changes to it.

    • C. Mike


    • kazuya miyashita

      The politicians need to look at their own pay before they start cutting ours. I served for 20 years to get my retirement benefits. I do believe to get retirements in congress, all you have to do is serve one term……

  • Mike

    They can cut our pay and benefits when they cut Congressman and senators benefits as well. They do not even have to do 20 years to get a pension. If they vote our benefits down, then we need to vote all of them out next time.

  • Spectra13

    Congressional incompetence and NOT the military has got use in the budget deficit we are in today. I have yet to hear ANY congressional member talk about taking a cut in their pay, or pay for their health care to reduce the deficit. The time has come for congress to take full responsibility for their own actions and stop harassing the military by comparing apple and oranges by their committee appointed friends.

  • Retired75th

    In 1971 I had an E7 in my platoon, married with 4 kids and drawing assistance. Things ain’t changed much in 40 yrs plus. All you geniuses who voted for Obama are to thank for 20% across the board cuts. Cuts in benefits as well. Afterall Obama knows what the heck are you going to do? Strike ?



  • Bob

    Who is this dummy that thinks the military is getting paid to much? I wonder if he has ever had a uniform on or spent 2,3, 4, or 5 tours in Iraq/ Afgahanistan? When he and all our elected officials agree to a big pay cut and receive the same benefits the military get then maybe we can discuss who is getting paid to much. T he military seems to be the only organization that is mentioned when it is time to make cuts. I enjoyed my 26 years in but doubt I would do it again

  • Retired75th

    One more thing. I retired after 22 yrs. got a FED job and worked until 2008, than forced into retirement when a RIF hit. Since my FED retirement was more than my military pension, I had to chose my FED pension. Can only keep one. It is called double dipping otherwise. No can do. So after 22 yrs, I get nothing from the army. My FED health care is twice as good as tricare. Walmart usually beats the com and px, if there was one near me. I wish I knew than what I know now and I would have made other choices when I was 18.

  • Louis

    Funny. How about this? Before they go to work(I meant for all the civilians), they do PT for an hour and do PT test every 3 months. Drug test them every 2 months and then do it randomly in between those months. If they are some what overweight and doesn’t make the tape(body fat percentage), give them a month to lose weight, shed those fats and if they don’t make it…Kick their asses out! Fire them. Then every 2/3 months (Like we do in the field) Make them stay at work 24 hours a day for atleast a month, do all the training they need. Make them shower, eat and sleep in that building(wherever they work). That last suggestion may sound stupid, but that’s how we do it! So, if you think that our SALARY(yes, we don’t get paid hourly.) is too big compare to civilian, think again and stop bitching about your pay. This country needs to make all our citizens serve atleast 2-3 years in their life time.

  • Dick B.

    There are a number of compensation issues I don’t agree with, but here’s just a few, off the top of my head. The vast majority of those in uniform will never hear a shot fired in anger but will still retire in just 20 years with full benefits. No one wants to see 50 year olds charging an enemy machine gun position. But those safely behind the lines and stateside can still do their job up to 60. Maybe we need something like 30 years to retire, but take off years for each deployment to a combat zone down to 20 years. I would agree Officers are very well paid. After leaving active duty, I spent some years in the Reserves. I had a good civilian job which would make up the difference in salaries. But when I did my 2 weeks annual training, i discovered my military pay was actually higher. Fortunately, my civilian boss didn’t insist on a refund. As far as frequent moves, you knew that when you signed up, so don’t come crying.

    • tiger56

      Dick B, you are a disaster to us military and it is best you not
      say anyting as evidently you know nothing about the hardships
      when in the military and no money is enough for that.

    • tom

      reserves, that is all i heard

    • Andy

      Dick, I will agree with Tiger. it is hard enough to stay in for 20 years these days. you honestly thing people can do 30? as far as not hearing a bullet shot does not mean we are not fighting this fight. there are some who carry a gun and then there are some who must order, ship, and issue those guns. then there are people who are ordering the bullets that go into that gun. do you honestly think that the individual shooting that gun needs to focus on ordering those items or should they focus on someone who is doing that while they are out hunting these enemies? Maybe you should go live thousands of miles away from your family for 18 months at a time. lets see how your children will handle that. or maybe your wife? lets not even talk about the stress it will cause in your life. but your right knowing that your wife is taken care of medically and finantialy is to much to ask while your our in the middle of a hostile zone not knowing if you will survive the 18 months to see your family again regardless of if your shooting a gun or ordering the supplies or cooking the food, or refueling the planes or helicopters. no matter what job your doing you are apart of a team even if your making sure the files are in the correct order because if your not doing the maintenance the propper way your plane gets grounded and the troops that are carrying them guns have no air support to protect them from the enemy force that they cant see behind them. Get a clue! i see the ” some years” you served didnt teach you anything. maybe thats why your not still serving?

      • j12345

        So true. Lets not forget that anyone in military uniform is on call 24/7. I don’t care what your job is, you can be called to do something else at a moments notice, and if the troops are low on manpower you don’t get a vote, your going. As far as they know what they’re signing up for, seriously??? an 18 year old, seriously??? I guarantee that the vast majority of people joining the military have no clue what their signing up for, so enough with that nonsence about they knew what they were signing up for… You know it’s amazing, you hear about Walmart employee’s all the time, oh yea sorry I forgot, Walmart is a war zone around the hollidays.

    • Jonathan B

      As far as pay goes, I think middle ranking enlisted and officers and above are well-paid, and perhaps that can come down a bit, or at least not rise as fast. When first put on a uniform in 1975, I think pay lagged the civilian sector, but in 34 years serving, I do think this was addressed.

      However, I would not change the retirement to 30 years. The service does not need too many colonels and sergeants major, so how are all the good people going to get to 30 years?

      From my perspective, the hardships we endure in uniform are why we get the benefits, both in retirement, medical, special pay, commissaries, etc. When I joined, I was promised life-time medical, not TriCare.

      Lower cost-of-living raises to help, OK. I can accept that. But don’t screw with the benefits we have already earned.

      • j12345

        Hello Jonatan B, I went in in 80, well said…

    • Navy EM1

      **** B. I’m so glad you had an easy career…I know about the moves…but not the four deployments I would do in just the first five years ….or how about the past year at a ship yard in MS after the Navy moved my family to VA??? Again I’m glad your career was easy and your only hardship was the moves

  • Rebecca

    I like to see someone do what we do. I like to see ordanary people due what the military and families do. Enough said.

  • Richard Bennison

    For a former Senator who commented about the government being irresponsible with money, this SOB president doesn’t seem to worry about taking care of himself and the congressional folks. The first budget cuts are always military related. Clinton hated the military, didn’t have stones enough to join up, and ruined the military image of the U.S. when half of our fleet went into mothballs. We have seen a constant degradation of the military services ever since. During the Reagan era, we had the pleasure of being respected worldwide, because that man loved this country dearly and commanded the respect of many world leaders. With our manufacturers now kissing China’s butt, we have become, in my opinion, a much weaker entity and are being laughed at by many countries who will take foreign aid, and laugh even harder at us for being so stupid. The wars of the past 10 years have ruined our budget process and helped to bleed the once richest nation in the world down to a subservient level. It’s crying shame that Washington can think they are paying all the people in the military too much, especially those who are in harms way. We need smarter people in Washington who are not GREEDY like the current “leaders?” God bless America !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • warrior4usa

    A man wearing a helmet and defending a nation should be paid at least as much as a man wearing a helmet and defending a football

  • William Varnador

    Let all these politicians go fight there wars instead of sitting on there fat asses,making all the money they make to make all the wrong choices.People we all are to blame.We kept all the same people in congress that have been there for ever.

  • tnscdetnwi

    The reason we have posted 25 % gains over the private sector is prior to 10 years ago, military pay was grossly low, as compared to private sector wages. We saw across the board pay raises in order to bring the military members closer to the civilian counterparts who were doing similar jobs. To say the military makes to much is crazy. I’m an Air Force Wife of over 19 years and I’ve seen my husband work 70+ hours in a week, all shifts, weekends, and holidays and the pay always remains the same. Those raises given years ago were to create a balance between the military and private sector. If we aren’t attracting our best and brightest, then what do we have?

  • haneyr

    You’re darn right the military is overpaid. Who do they think they are wanting to get paid over $174,000 plus perks and benefits?

    Oh, wait. That’s the salary of a congressman on their first day of duty to their government and it’s people. But they deserve it right?

  • Wlverines

    Whenever the system is in some financial trouble the first thing our elected officials do is try to balance the budget by reducing military pay and benifits. What we don’t hear is that they, and their staff still receive the yearly increases though. I would like to see these jerks work on a flight deck for 14 hours straight getting planes ready to launch and recover. After which they have to work again, with maintenance, to get the next launch ready. All total 18+ hrs. Does any body get overtime after 8 hrs and doubletime after 12 and so forth. How about working holidays. If our troops were paid an hourly wage like the locals do the gov’t would go broke.

  • Giancarlo

    This is absolutely ridiculous, paid to much. Explain to me this then how is it that a civilian makes 3-5 times more money than someone in the military when we are sacrificing our life and now they want to take away what little we have? If you ask me you should get rid on all the contractors on base and start training certain military personals to do what they do it would cut back tremendously on costs for the military and provide our military personals with better and more technical training.

  • CSM (Ret)

    Maybe all the staff of the “CBO” and the rest of our elected officials should experience just one 12 month deployment!!! It would be one significant emotional event and surely have an impact on their decision making process for ever.

  • Bob M

    It just never seises to amaze me how members of congress always seem to come back to “lets take away from the military”, yet they always seem to give themselves these unbelievable pay increases and lets not forget they get full benefits after their term ends. Our troops and veterans earn and have earned everything they get and should not be considered for a minute to have to give up anything more. For goodness sakes, you folks up at congress leave these folks alone, you want to find ways to make cuts, start with yourselves. After all, are you supposed to be for the people.

  • Raiderborn

    Wondering who the hell is at the front of the CBO. Whom ever this is you can guarantee that they have never been in the military and have yet to compare what the private sector is truley getting paid for a job similar to what we do. I know civilians that are making 3X as much as I do. Also know that the same thing goes for my brothers still in the infantry with no civilian doing what they do. They must be comparing infantry to guard pay, electronics to fix it shops, This is why we need to have electoral votes for the military population!

    • IraqVet04

      Good point, who are these nameless, feckless shadowy “experts”…Though I suspect there may be some retired general admin officers in the bunch.

  • Oldarmy

    The highest paid civil servants in my town are the cops. Traffic details, etc. GI’s serve the equivalent of traffic details every day and get nothing extra. How much has executive compensation grown in the past ten years ? It all makes me very angry. What if the GIs just decided to stay home some day. Let the corp execs and Congress fight the the next war.

    • IraqVet04

      Most in CON-gress would become over night bed wetters…Can you imagine putting Dirty Reid or Chuckles Schumer in charge of troops, or Porklosi in charge of supply…I wouldn’t even give them latrine duty.

  • Woody

    When will the congressional folks take a pay cut? They continue to stick it to the poor folks that gave 20 + years of their lives to the military.

    • IraqVet04

      Because their voting electorate is smart enough to reelct them but too stupid to hold them accountable.

      • Idmtmedic

        Got that right!!!!

    • p k

      this world is all one sided, it’s all about me and how much can I get. they will pay in the end times. they know no suffering.
      sad , all because of greed.

  • Koni

    My Boyfreind has spent 27 yrs As a SEAL. His rank is 06 now. My question is why cant over 20 year service people get 100% of thier retirement like congress people do after 1 term. If his pay at over 10 k a month active is too much then who will risk thier lives cheaper to keep my freedom?

    • IraqVet04

      Because CON-gress is special…and when you are special you don’t have to play fair or by the same rules, and if you are writing the rules you get to exempt yourself. “All animals are equal, but some are more equal than others” (Animal Farm)

    • Soldier

      Congress does NOT get 100% after one term. Look it up. An O6 at 30 gets 75% of base pay, which is pretty good, actually. Good on him for serving! :-)

    • John Ulstrom

      I tried to run for Congress this year so I looked up a lot of stuff. Congress has the same retirement as all civil servants. No one gets 100% of their pay. It is based on years of service and they must serve at least 5 years to receive a retirement. A Senator can receive a pension after one term (because their terms are six years). but again it is based on their years of service. They also select health care plans from the same companies as regular civil servants.I agree with you that not many Congress persons and Senators are veterans and I think that should be a requirement. I am retired Civil Service and Navy Reserve. I didn’t make it to Congress.

  • Navy EM1

    I got a solution….pay me by the hour. I’ll clock in when I get to work and clock out when I leave……deployments are 8 months and quite frequent for Amphibs…….better get a bigger budget

    • Colonel

      Another great point.
      Lets see the Gov’t employees get matching TSP upto I think 5%! How much would the Gov’t save if they did away with this as most of the Fortune 500 companies have done? What is the price to be away from home and fighting another human being? What is the price to first hand see people die, to kill another perosn? Moving every few years? Being away from your family? Willing to die or become injuried for life? Why not cut out every Congressperosns “Pork barrel” projects that are mostly BS and just so they can get re-elected, what would the cost savings be than? Why not cut the number of Generals which has increased greatly in the last 6 years? Why does the CBO simply inlcude enlisted, NCOs, and junior officers on thier panelof “Experts” to assist in cutitng costs?

    • p kinder

      ask these stupid people, if they would lay their life on the line for their friends, anyone with commom sence know thart you couldn;t pay them enougjht, so why would we say that our military people are over paid. this world is getting more dumber everyday, there is no connom sence in people, the people needs love and support, that will do more good and fine people more happier if they knew someone cared.

    • chuck barto

      the clock starts when you get to work and it does not stop until the time you get back. that is 24/7/365 (or however many days it is). that should hold you over until the next depolyment, maybe.

      • chuck

        that was a slip of my algebra, I meant deployment.

    • mischvus

      Sorry my fat finger hit the thumbs down …was not my intension & it won’t let me change it

  • Buster

    I swore I would never say this but with the budget as it is, it may be better to “compromise” on some issues. I always felt that we were short-changed when it came to the private sector comparison but now we are 25% above private sector. I always maintained we should be equal, no more no less.
    We only highlight ourselves for the liberals and the Democrats on defense spending.

    • Soldier

      We are *not* 25% above private sector. The *rate of growth* is 25% faster than private sector the past ten years. We would only be 25% above private sector if we were at parity ten years ago.

      Also, I wonder how the government, non-DoD pay raises have done in that same decade. Just sayin’…..

    • Kenneth

      Is that 25% above the civilian sector? Or has it just risen 25% higher than where it was 10 years ago. I’m sure the civilian market is not “required” to work 12 on 12 off for 6 to 9 months at a time. I know the military pay is calculated based upon an 8 hour day. How many military members have worked steady 8 hour (only) days over the last 10 years?

    • Idmtmedic

      Buster there is no compromise. THEY decide and our only option is to write our reps. It’s called the shaft and the more military that write or join organizations for the military then the more of an earful they will get.

  • Luis T Puig

    As a civilian, you are (with perhaps a very very very few exceptions) not often in constant danger like it is for many of the military occupations, so the comparison between civilian and military pays based on jobs is null.

    I tell you what, let have EVERYONE serve for at least 4 years so they get a clue what is like, THEN have this discussion!

  • Jeff P

    The problem with the CBO and the Congress is that they are staffed with highly paid professionals who have not spent one hour in the military and don’t understand how we operate.
    I bet there are now less than 10% of those in Congress who have spent time in any military branch. As noted before, they don’t understand 12 hr watches in the pouring rain, 6-12 month deployments, crawling through crap in the middle of the night whether it is a mission or exercise… Tell Congress if they reduce their pay, we may think about reducing ours..
    You wanted a volunteer military; well you need to pay them as professionals that they are…Nuff Said!

    • Tom K-Ret MSGT

      Has anyone looked at what an O-7 and above get as a pay raise annually? Up to 10-15 %…Why? Let the top brass cut their pay not the lower end.

  • jerry butler

    i wish i got 100% of my bacic pay in retriement pay. i and my fellow service member only get 50% of our bacic pay for retriement pay.

  • Mike

    It’s always cut the military benefits and pay!! They go after TriCare too but this past year Tricare wanted to move something like 700 mil to use for something else. Why the hell do they need more money? The first cuts should be made to our Congressional idiots who are over paid for what little work they do if they do any. As for the CBO I totally agree put them all on a 12 month deployment and see if that changes their thought processes on cutting military pay and benefits. It’s to bad that all of the soldiers killed in Iraq and Afghanistan can’t hear this ridiculous idea!!!

  • C. Page

    How do you compare a Monday through Friday, 8 to 5 job with a military member who is working or on call and standing duty 24/7? How can you even think about cutting from the military? How about cutting from the top down? I gladly served 25 years and would have continued if not due to injuries suffered throughout my career. Injuries that I and many other military members work through. We show up on time in pain or not. We do our job, whether we like it or not. We serve proudly and honorably. Now why is it we want to take from the military but keep giving to the rest? Does Congress, the Senate or any other tax payed employee contribute the same? I think not. Start from the top and perform your cuts.

  • Guest

    Note that the increase is in GROWTH, not that military gets better pay. Military pay is much lower than civilian pay, so it should be growing to catch up. This “fiscal cliff” should not affect already paid-for benefits. The health benefits are deferred compensation to balance out the low pay, long hours, separation from family, and oftentimes danger of being in the service.
    The bulk of the spending is probably in maintaining so many bases, and development and production of weapons and weapons systems. Not saying we don’t need these, just maybe not so much.

  • jeff

    as far as sevicemen and retirees and disabled vets go no we are underpaid how dare you even think that why dont you in washington take a pay cut you are way over paid or has greed replaced common sense

  • Dave Cash

    My guess is that these ideas came from some “Joe College” liberal intellectual overpaid moron who never fought a shipboard fire, stood a midwatch on Christmas Eve, and surely never dodged a bullet from someone who was supposed to be on our side. Military enlisted earn EVERY NICKEL they get! You want to cut something? Cut foreign aid…and welfare!

  • Mikki

    Just curious… Whose civilian salary are they comparing an SF soldiers salary to??? Hmmmm…. Even IF they had a civilian salary to compare it to… SF ends up with the short end of the stick! NO civilian would do what SF does, for the amount of money they do it for!

    • Dory

      Damn straight!!!

  • kScott

    Let the Congress, House, CBO, and the Civilans who complain about the
    ” benafits”that Military personal receive work 24/7, weekends and Holidays with the same no OT or Holiday Pay. Have to show up and get permission to go to the MD, follow the same rules and miss birthdays, Holidays, and other special family events. Being sent away from their family and friends for unknown amount of time. Then they can talk about the Military being over paid.

  • alex

    How bout we cut the pay of the people who “study” the numbers

  • Chief

    Who in their right mind would ask such a question?

  • Dan A

    I often wonder how many congressmen and women every stood guard in 12 degree weather for four hours straight? Ever marched 25 miles with a 50 lb rucksack? Ever got a call at 3:00am in the morning only to tell your wife and kids you had to leave and did not know where you were going, or even when you would be back? Ever stand on a parade field for three hours at parade rest in the heat of the summer? Ever split a tv dinner with your spouse because thats all you had to eat? Ever hear taps played at a military funeral for your best friend who died in defense of your freedom? Ever get hate mail addressed “TO ANY SOLDIER” while serving in a war? Ever have your utilities turned off in the winter because you just didn’t have the money to pay? These are things that soldiers deal with on a daily basis and you ask are they paid to much? How dare you, we were promised our benifits and we earned them. I spent 21 years in the military and received a bronze star from the first Gulf War. Want to save money then start with your salaries first!

    • Ed G.

      We are in complete agreement with Dan A. 28 years in the military with a retirement of just getting by. Congress men/women need to think about retiring with half their current pay, like the rest of us.

      • get.real

        Well said and so true

    • HM1 Michael J

      Well Said. The Military IS PAID TOO MUCH ……… if there was a draft and congresspersons children were at the front of the line. As the wealthy Congressmen have legislated their children out of service, higher pay is justified for those volunteer soldiers who project the power of the chickenhawks.

  • Chief

    Congress is way over paid.

  • Cindi J

    My son is Army and has been in for 11 years, planning to make a life long career of it. He has been deployed into a active war zone (Iraq) 4 times. Now a Drill Sgt., he has ungodly hours and stress.

    Our military personnel are the only Americans that basically when sworn in “write a blank check payable to The United States of America forand amount of “up to and including their LIFE” . How many private citizens are willing to do that??


    • milford bizzell

      Have any of these people that want to cut our pay ever went 30 days without a bath. are set up waiting for the next member to be shot. Way from there family for years at the time. You can’t pay us enough for what we do.Send Holidays away from your family and friends. Get wounded and suffer from PTSD and wait for years to get help if you get it then. Its a shame they want to take our pay away. Shame on them

  • Big Stew

    If when we don’t have a budget and we send the “non essential” government workers home and we can’t tell the difference. I say there is a good starting point for some budget cuts. Leave the Military alone.. Few other government employees put the hours in or endure the risk of Military service.
    MCPO (ret) 30 yrs.



  • Stan Claycomb SGMRet

    Servicemen and women do not work an 8 hour day. I am retired, while on active Duty, I worked as a Drill Sgt for three years…………..let me think we started at 5AM and got down when……………..when we put the soliders to bed, so on a good day that was around 16 hrs. No over time pay every. Yeah I know hard life training our troops………….lots of down time. This is just one of many jobs in the Army that requires more than just showing up for 8 hours.

    AND THEY say that we are OVER PAID!!! Maybe they should check again.

    • James Olson

      Seen few that put in 40 hours a week, lots of leave, R&R, PX, haircuts on duty, take half day off, calling it 10%. food service all contracted, excess housing allowances, TDY pay is mostly excessive, time to take famly to sick call, baby leave for bonding. what else? on and on. rental car on reserve training, hotel in many cases. just off top of my head.

  • jocheath

    How much is it worth to have someone protect your cushy jobs on capital Hill? Maybe a better solution would be for the politicians to live with the same medical, retirement, etc… they give to the Ametican Public as well as our Armed Forces Personnel.

  • bigmom

    I can not believe that the GOP is trying to cut what little pay vets and actives are getting. How quickly we for get 9/11.

  • M.G. Hubbard

    It is public knowledge that civilian government employees are paid 8% higher wages than than local employes alll over the country.. I say lets cut their pay & benifits and allowances by 5% and cut all members of Congress and the Presidents pay and benifits by 5% to reduce to COST of OPERATATING THE US GOVERMERNT AND REDUCING THE US DEFICITED. WHY PICK ON THE MILITARY?
    The civilians live a normal life.

    • EUCT

      it is not the civilian government employees that want to take away your pay. so why punish them? talk to your congressman about it. remember, military folks get on average of $20,000 in benefits that no cilivilian will every see unless they pay for it.

      • Jay

        And they shouldn’t see the same benefits as the brave men and women allowing you to sit at home in a safe environment. You are at home working they are risking their lives for you! They deserve better benefits than you do!

        • EUCT

          not all of them. don’t know any MPF folks that work much over 40 hrs a week and deploy anywhere dangerous at all. been to djibuti and Al Udeid…we civilians put in way more hours than most of the AF military there…except Services and CE….they busted their a$$es!

  • B. Sox

    Perhaps someone should ask the bean counters if they would be willing to spend 2 years out of 4 in a war zone getting shot at for the current military wage?


    • James

      You have no idea what a war zone is.

  • CPO 22 yrs

    Here we go again!! A budget crisis and hit the military for cuts and ask to pay for medical that was , when I enlisted over 40 years ago was an entitlement – not to have to pay for. We are on duty for 20+ years to earn that entitlement. How about congress – pass their own raise every year way above any other, get medical and retirement after only 4 – 6 years – for life – what do they pay for that!! Congress, et al – quite bickering, cut your pay and allowances and get on with it!!!!

  • Mondo

    My ex-wife (who has been remarried for 22 years) still gets 41% of my retired pay, I guess congress wants the rest. Thanks for nothing!

    • JohnL2

      Sorry, you must have had a lousey lawyer!!!

  • JohnL2

    TO ANY who think servicemembers are paid too much, I have a suggestion.
    1- Put your life on the line daily!
    2- Have very long periods totally away from family!
    3- Suffer wounds!
    4- Watch friends die!
    5- Train mentally and physically so you can get the job done right the first time
    (for one chance may be all you’ll get)!
    6- Wear the uniform of a Unityed States servicemember!
    7- Have something you are willing to give your life to defend!
    Once you’ve done ALL these things and more, THEN, and ONLY THEN can you question whether US servicemembers are paid too much…..OR NOT ENOUGH!!!

    • James

      It’s so bad, why not get you one of those great civilian jobs.
      The mission for the Army is not to be home every night.

      • JohnL2

        It is NOT a matter of “every night”, thanks! It IS a matter of being half a world away for 12 to 15 MONTHS!! The “civilian jobs” you refer to are available because the US military provides the umbrella of freedom all legal American citizens live under! Freedom is NOT free, except to all those who have never worn the uniform!!

  • Joe

    If any ones pay should be cut it is our senators and congress members. They receive full pay for serving one term the rest of their lives and have a much better medical plan then we as retirees get for 20 plus years.

    • Song

      Amen to that!!! They’re the ones that are way overpaid, not our servicemen and women!!

  • steven

    are these idoits insane. When I was an E3 and my wife was an E2 we qualified for WIC due to our income. and they think we are over paid??? look at the assholes that PLAY a game and make millions of dollars!!! and people wonder why I do not support professional sports!!! bunch of overpaid uneducated retards who get paid to grab each other. take that money and put it to GOOD use!!!

    • EUCT

      quallifying for it and actually needing it are two different things.


    How can anyone say the military is paid too much. That’s ridiculous. Its politicians like senators who still get their full salary after retiring. I’m also sure they continue to get healthcare benefits. SERIOUSLY come on America. You want to cut the wages of the very people who fight for your right to have free speech!!!! Insane. If Congress wants to cut government spending why don’t they ever look at themselves. I find it extremely offensives to attack the very people who fight to protect you!!!! Its time shit rolled uphill. and we start cutting politicians out of the safety net they keep themselves in. Get real. !!!

    • Chiefx

      I agree that there is a lack of understanding about military life. (Ret. CMsgt 30 Yrs. USAF) (BTW: They do not necessarily get 100% of pay at retirement – but darn good deal anyway.)

  • Ernie

    Interesting that Congress is looking at the pay of our current military members saying that they are paid 25% more than their civilian counter parts. Well these rich politicians don’t want to put their kids in harms way, so to keep the all volunteer service they have raised the pay. During WWII many members of the Officier Corps were Graduates of Yale and Princton. Many Congress should do a study to find out how many Yale and Princton Graduates are in uniform today..

    Now as a retired LCDR from the Naval reserves, I signed up for medicare and have Tri-care for life. I waited until the age of 60 to collect my benefits. Now Congress is looking to cut payments to providers by 30% and tri-care is also under fire.

    CBO if you cut the pay of our military then re-instute the DRAFT for everyone.


    • Del Bryan

      You ask our young men go into battle, die, some don;’t come home at all and others come home with half of a body. This is while the so-called elective people in Washington sit back and live like kings. Its our money they live on and I feel the old stiff necks should get out of offfice and get some young blood in their place. Stop taking our SSI, which is “OUR MONEY” and work for the people. God Bless American.

  • goldendaddie

    I’m curious to know exactly who is considered to be the “civilian counterparts” that the Military Services are being compared to. (possibly firemen/women, police?) I’d also like the politicians to break down their salaries/benefits into an hourly wage, and compare it against a military service member’s pay/benefits (also broken down into an hourly wage), and then see where the SERIOUS budget cuts could be made without sacrificing those who already sacrifice in abundance. And that’s not even starting on the topic of comparing retirement benefits.

    But I know the reality of that fantasy.

    • Don

      During my 20 years , I deployed on several 12 month tours. I was an independent duty medic. During those deplyments, I worked 24 hours a day, seven days a week, for a year at a time. Who else works such hours?
      Also, When not deplloyed, I worked 12 and 16 hour shifts. Overtime pay?
      Give me a break.

  • Bob Cochran USA Ret.

    WOW, congress should try and live on 1,200 a month for awhile and see how our young soldiers live.

  • Ron Whaley

    Paid too much? WOW! What civilian job requires them to put their ass on the line and possible die like the Military? WHO? I know lets cut the Congressional pay by 30% and stop these whopping pay raises they give themselves WOW! Paid too much? HELL NO they are not paid enough and why should the retirees pay more for something promised them for free if they gave 20+ years of their lives for? WHY? Leave these people alone and start cutting spending on the Congressmen/women and Senators that are WAY OVER PAID considering the jobs they have been doing.
    And YES I’m a disabled Veteran Service Connected (Non-Combat Injury) and I sure as hell can’t afford a pay cut.

    • Jim

      30% is too low Ron, think bigger! 70%

  • Glenn Heald

    one way to fix congress is for all of us to run for those offices and change it from the inside. Thats not realistic but the b*******s in office now need a heads up, they can be replaced. and I for one would be willing to change the law that lets them make so much money over our backs. One year of your infated salery Mr bean counter and you better invest it cause thats all you”ll get.
    if we go over the cliff. Congress should be the first ones that never ever get paid again. They want to serve prove it by not accepting any benifits or salary


    They are underpaid if anything.

  • Paul Bushay

    It’s about time they started paying the military a decent wage! When I started Boot Cam, on 1 July 1971 I made $134 a month! When I got out as an E5 over 10 on 5 Nov. 1981 I was making $1004!

  • 2nd Class PO

    Maybe they should fire all of those weapons and shipbuilding contractors that get overpaid for designs that fail to do what they are supposed to do. This has always been a sore to look at, how much the civilian sector cries about the military getting paid more which is NOT true. How naive civilians think we have it better. Little do they know the emotional and stressful torment our airmen, soldiers, marines and sailors go through on deployment or just being so far away from home.

    • rk2010

      I’d give you more thumbs up…but it only allows one per person…

  • 2nd Class PO

    A civilian can go see a loved one that is dying and attend the funeral without question, a military member has to request special permission to just make a phone call at times (if the ship is deployed), further more if the ship can not support them leaving, guess what? They are stuck on the ship, end of story, same goes for anyone else in the service if they are on mission.

    Besides what I’ve stated already, I have also lost fellow sailors to accidents aboard the ship and shoreside. I’ve watched some just fall from heart failure, hitting the deck and motionless, besides witnessing such an event you and everyone else that served with them live with the fact they are gone and never coming back.
    So go on ahead civilian sector, keep crying because the only thing your hurting is yourselves, the only thing your attempting to destroy is your own freedom. It makes me sick that I and many others have sacrificed years of service just to ensure you can go eat donuts at Krispy Kreme without being blown up by some terrorist or some foreign hostile entity and instead of thanking us for our service, our sacrifice, you try to take from us, everything.

  • Prior Service SSG

    Let those pencil pushers go out and dodge bullets for a while and see if our service members are overpaid.

  • Allen Menges,

    The more I read from the I D 10 Ts on the hill, the more I know for a fact, they never served. Comparing 40 hour wage workers against a 168 hour work week, which by the way is the whole week. How many of those 40 hour work week poorly paid fellas ever wrote a blank check to Uncle Sam, for any amount up to and including his life. It is easy to run your mouth about the wages of another, while not wearing the boots that go along with it. Also when is the wizard going to enlist???? By the way I did my 27 years, 30+ years in combat. That is 21, 900 hours in th line of fire. How much do the contracting mercenaries make oh great math wizard??

    • Allen Menges

      My post whic states 30p+ years should be months. Wasn’t a clerk

      A. Menges


    I entered the Army in 1969, got out and joined the Navy 1972. I remember my first
    payday was something like 70 dollars. All throughout the 20 plus years I like many others was fed this line of bullshit about how we will be compensated when we retire for all the years. I watched people make so much more than I did in the civilian world all along being told how it will be made up to you when you retire.
    Well the money you get for all the shit you have had to put up with wasn’t worth it. Then when you retire and apply for all the injuries and wounds occurred is like getting blood out of a rock. Whoever at the CBO that thought up that overpaid nonsense has probably not served a minute of their time in the military. With Obama as President I have no doubt that they will revamp the whole pay thing to the worse.

  • Bob

    Shown below are the current annual salaries for the top elected and appointed US government officials, along with the annual salaries for these officials in 2000 or 2001._ _Executive Branch__President of the United States_ 2012: $400,000_ 2000: $200,000__ Note: The president’s salary was increased from $200,000 to $400,000 in 2001. The president’s current salary of $400,000 includes a $50,000 expense allowance.__Also See: Presidential Pay, Compensation and Benefits__Vice President of the United States_ 2012: $230,700_ 2000: $181,400__Cabinet Department Secretaries_ 2012: $199,700_ 2001: $161,200__Legislative Branch – US Congress__Rank-and-File Senators and Representatives_ 2012: $174,000_ 2000: $141,300_Speaker of the House_ 2012: $223,500_ 2000: $181,400__House and Senate Majority and Minority Leaders_ 2012: $193,400_ 2000: $156,900_Judicial Branch__Chief Justice of the United States_ 2012: $223,500_ 2000: $181,400__Associate Justices of the Supreme Court_ 2012: $213,900_ 2000: $173,600__US Courts of Appeals Judges_ 2012: $184,500_ 2000: $149,900__Federal District Judges_ 2012: $174,000_ 2000: $141,300__And everyone gets Excellence Healthcare and Benefits in top of that.__Now tell me where the Cuts need to be made at.

  • Jodi
    Part of this article on same topic: For example, an Army corporal would earn regular military compensation of $50,860 after four to six years of service. That total includes $27,200 in basic pay; a nationwide average housing allowance of $14,280, although the actual amount paid varies depending on where the soldier lives; and tax-free allowances or benefits that amount to $4,660.
    That equals out to $5.89 an hour!!! That is what you call overpaid??

  • Gigi

    Let’s start first by budgeting at the top of the food chain..senator’s & congressman/woman salaries. I don’t have faith in any of the elected oifficials, to include the President. Neither have the interest of the servicemember. Until we as servicemembers start making our votes count when the elections come around..we will always be faced with the possibilities of our income being threatened!

  • HM1 Michael J

    Another point I haven’t seen yet is that many servicemembers are living in a stressful environment 24 hrs / day. Vietnam was somewhat like that, you knew you weren’t safe when the chow line spacing grew long to prevent a machine gun from taking out more than one or two. The Wire Innee’s in todays war are still subject to blue on green violence. I’d have stress ulcers in a week if I were living under those conditions.

  • Retired

    I did the simple math. On a simple 9 mos dep. a CPO, which is middle management would make less than min wage. Depending on the years of service, and sea pay, a CPO makes $7.50 hr. So in comparison, a Taco Bell worker starts at $8.00 in Ca. So where is it in the US the “they” compared salary and said the military makes too much. The only individuals on a 9 mos deployment that make more than min wage, is possibly the COB and command cadre. And its not much more than min wage. I would hate to have the responsibility for not only a multi million dollar boat, but is people as well, and be told I’m being paid to much at $10-18 an hour. I’m retired now, and just waiting to hear that my retirement check that wont even cover my house payment is too much for my 22 years of service I did. But a politician who does 10 years, can live comfortably for the rest of their life, and never put themselves in harms way, nor spent days, let alone months away from family.

  • Richard Bartel

    There is also a widespread overbilling by DoD Civilians in Afghanistan, now the subject of an Investigation by the DCIS and US Office of the Special Counsel (, pursuant to whistleblower complaints.

  • james priddy usn ret

    i served in the military for love of country. these politicians say they serve for love of their country. since we both are doing it for love of country why can’t they serve for the same pay and benefits, live in military housing( i remember signing papers that said i would live in sub-standard conditions), held to the ucmj, randomly drug tested, and held to a standard that your job, your country, comes before your family and yourself. they ask of us what they are not willing to give and now they are asking for more. why do they even get a salary when they are lining their pockets with the money the lobbyist are giving them for their votes. i believe in god,country, and family. they believe in themselves, their party, and the american citizens (when they are in front of a camera)

  • Becky Maximo

    Let those in government who think the military is overpaid give just 30 days of their time to the military over in Afghanistan…..just 30 days! Then ask them what they think….I KNOW their tune would be different. Every Government Employee, especially those in the White House, should take a cut in pay and benefits if the Military is forced to do so as we are all “Government Employees” working for the People of the United States of America…..Everyone! If there are those government employees that work for the people of the U.S. just as the military does who thinks “government” is overpaid, start with their paychecks and benefits. It is so easy for you little fat porkers to sit up there on the Hill and make judgemental calls about an area in the government you are clueless on. I do not know of too many soldiers who are going to take this being stuffed down their throats, so be warned Government! We soldiers are not dumb, stupid people, and we will take some kind of action (non-physical, of course) to combat this.

  • Wil Gilbert

    The people who think the military is over compensated never dodged a bullet, spent a night in mud or served a 6 month deployment in some foreign land or hostile climate. Let the pampered politicians roll out of DC and spend some time away from their families and in the sands of the middle east and then answer that question.

  • Guest

    The article does not say that military people are paid more than civilians. It says that the pay is getting raised 25% faster, as well it should.

  • Steve R

    “The question is, do the people asking if the military is over compensated really understand the long hours, operation tempo, hazardous duty, personal sacrifice and hardship many of our servicemembers and their families endure, especially in a time of war?”
    No, evidently they don’t. And no, most likely none of them have served, so they have no idea what it’s like. I think a great first place for the government to cut salaries and benefits is congress. You know, lead from the front.

  • Lawrence Ekdahl,

    I spent 21 years in the US Air Force. I never mad more tha 10000 per year and that was in my last 2 years as a MSGT. That said, I never went hungry, the air force took care of all my housing, my medical and even paid a monthly perk toward my grocery expenses. I didn’t complain then and I don’t complain now. I and my buddies knew we were by civilian standards under paid. but we also knew we were serving our country as best we could and were happy to do it . I wish you guys would stop belly aching.

    • JCunningham

      Belly aching? Hmmm…now let’s think about the soldiers that live in the barracks that sometimes work super late. I use to miss the dfac because they would make up last minute things for us to do. We “belly-ached” enough for them to realize that we don’t get that “monthly perk” like our ncoes or battle buddies with dependents. Please keep in consideration that just because someone is lower enlisted that they are single with no worries. I had battle buddies in their 40’s, with kids, and households they were maintaining while serving.

      This article is talking about powers threatening to take away benefits. How dare you fix those fingers to type such stupidness! You always get that High & Mighty One that uses their current situation as the standard as if everyone’s situation matches that. NOT EVERYONE GETS PAID LIKE YOU DO! NOT EVERYONE IS THE SAME RANK WITH THE SAME PERKS YOU SPEAK OF. My bad for signing up to “serve our country as best we could” and thinking servicemembers aren’t paid enough. This is a forum that allows people to voice their opinions. Don’t like it? Click the ‘X’ in the right corner. It’s red. Can’t miss it. -waves-

    • Idmtmedic

      Lawrence, would you complain if your retirement was taken away? Your medical? Well let’s just peruse the myriad of proposed changes. 401k for active troops, no Tricare Prime for retirees outside of 40 mile limit, increased fees for Tricare, pharmacy, under 65 working age retirees forced to take employers health insurance, increased Tricare for life fees. If I wanted civilian benefits I wouldn’t have done 20 years. It was an honor to serve for twenty years, however I didn’t do it to be treated as a civilian that didn’t risk life and limb and have an agreement that my sacrifices would be reduced because CON-gress has spent the money in the piggy bank, the savings account, the IRA, saved the auto industry, the banking industry, the illegal alien tax returns, foreign aid, and professional welfare recipients, SSI and as of yet, has not sacrificed anything! Unless you say not voting for a pay raise is a cut as Charles Bryant likes to say, then WTH is CON-gress sacrificing besides US again? So Lawrence, if your retirement and health care are affected no belly aching.

  • G T Major USAF Ret

    You got to be kidding, reduce the pay? How many civilian jobs are 7/24? Dodging led slugs or taking a walk in the sky. Would they put up with a **** up back for what I get? No they would own the company. Come on lets get real! The military is the elite just likes the knights of old. The only difference is the knights were treated with more respect, pay and food that the civilians and had a better position in life because they put their life on the line for the civilians. Well D**N IT WE DO TO. Get off our back and quit trying to balance the budget with our stipends.

    • Samoyed60

      I ask: How many military jobs are 24/7 getting shot at? Not many. For every combat soldier thare are 10 support people. Let’s not make believe that every soldier had a job offer of 1 million/yr and turned it down to join the military. You joined because it was the best choice for YOU and most of you have NOT been in combat or under fire. I support a decrease in military pay for all except those in combat or injured. The rest should stop whining and quit. See how life is is the private sector where pay cuts are the norm.

  • Guest

    If you are making $10 an hour and you get a 25% increase in pay, you will be making $12.50 an hour. If a civilian is making $20 an hour and ONLY gets a 20% increase in pay, he will be making $24 an hour. His increase % is less, but he’ll be getting more of an increase than you.

    That’s what they’re saying, that the military is getting a bigger percentage of increase than the civilians. So what? Read the article again. It does not say that military get more pay than civilians, and it doesn’t even tell how it’s figured.

  • Kevin

    you people are morons for even asking the question. look at athletes’ salaries!!! Maybe you should pose the question to them first cause last time I checked they dont have to worry about bullets or mortar rounds. My answer is HELL NO. they should be getting paid a LOT more.

  • Mischvus

    What, they make too much money, because in recent years there were small increases in pay for the military?
    They are looking for excuses to cut military spending…. at the detriment of our troops. And by increasing the costs for care, it further reduces the little compensation our troops receive. It’s not enough that some of our troops and their families are on food stamps??? They put their lives on the line for all of US they deserve to be treated better and compensated for their time. Which by the way, isn’t 9 to 5, Monday – Friday.

    I think it’s time that our Government Employees …Congress, Senators, etc.. are give the same compensation as our Military and the same medical and retirement benefits!!

    1. Basic pay for an O-7 to O-10 is limited by Level II of the Executive Schedule which is $14,975.10. Basic pay for O-6 and below is limited by Level V of the Executive Schedule which is $12,141.60.

    2. While serving as Chairman, Joint Chief of Staff/Vice Chairman, Joint Chief of Staff, Chief of Navy Operations, Commandant of the Marine Corps, Army/Air Force Chief of Staff, Commander of a unified or specified combatant command, basic pay is $20,263.50. (See note 1 above).

    3. Applicable to O-1 to O-3 with at least 4 years and 1 day of active duty or more than 1460 points as a warrant and/or enlisted member. See Department of Defense Financial Management Regulations for more detailed explanation on who is eligible for this special basic pay rate.

    4. For the Master Chief Petty Officer of the Navy, Chief Master Sergeant of the AF, Sergeant Major of the Army or Marine Corps or Senior Enlisted Advisor of the JCS, basic pay is $7,489.80. Combat Zone Tax Exclusion for O-1 and above is based on this basic pay rate plus Hostile Fire Pay/Imminent Danger Pay which is $225.00.

    5. Applicable to E-1 with 4 months or more of active duty. Basic pay for an E-1 with less than 4 months of active duty is $1,357.20.

    6. Basic pay rate for Academy Cadets/Midshipmen and ROTC members/applicants is $974.40.


  • STT-185 Lighty

    Average annual salary of a member of the U.S. Congress/Senate, $158,103.
    Average annual pay raise of a member of the U.S. Congress/Senate, $3,400.

    Average annual salary of an E-5 with 5 years of service, $32,484.
    This years annual pay raise for the military, 1.7%.

    What a load of bull this is. I hope Panetta doesn’t let cuts of service member’s pay go un-challanged.

    “Members of Congress have the only job in the country whose occupants can set their own salary without regard to performance, profit, or economic climate,”
    -Tom Schatz

    • AECP1964

      An E-5 over 4 gets base pay of $2,487 a month, BAH of $1,041 at Hill AFB, UT, if married, and BAS of $348.44. That totals over $46,500 a year. A single E-5 living off base makes about $44,300 a year. Besides the steady pay, there are some other benefits to think about. I became a full-blown supervisor at age 23 with less than 5 years of service. I could never have done that in a civilian job.

  • EUCT

    if anyone (military) really thinks they are underpaid, then I dare them to get out now. I never lived paycheck to paycheck with a wife and a kid as an e-4…but now I do. I sacrifice more as a civilian than i did military. i deploy more and go TDY more as a civilian than as military and the money isn’t all that and I am not tax free! i pull more hours than I did as military. and don’t say get a better job…the job market sucks…folks are joining the military to survive becuase the civilian world is rough. at least if I died on the job in the Air Force, my family would be taken care of for the rest of their lives….not with my civilian job.
    Honestly, the only way to make it fair is to get the military off Salary and go to hourly pay…i guarantee that they will recruit more to save on overtime pay! OR……..take away all the bennies the military gets and put that money in their pockets….let the military folks be responsible how the money is spent….not everyone cares about free education y’know!

  • soupercool

    The question should be; are congressmen paid too much!

    • William clark

      Yes thy are thy sould be the first to take a cut in pay to show the country thy have as thy ask us to do.

  • military wife

    I am so appalled by the idea that anyone would have the nerve to say our service members are being overpaid. They sacrifice so much; their time, freedom, family, health, and LIFE among so many other things. They can never be compensated enough. Civilians have no idea how rough military life is like. Until they go and serve overseas in war zones and get their legs blown off they need to shut their unappreciative mouths.

  • Cali

    I am a prior-enlisted officer (6 years prior and 2 as an officer so far) and I can honestly say that my pay as enlisted was fair. U was diligent with my finances and never lacked income. However, I wasn’t making a lot of money to afford a smaller pay raise per year. I mean, the democrats already cut raises when compared to republicans so to cut it more would be a bad idea. It used to be over 3% growth and now it’s 1.9% or so. Lastly, cutting basic pay growth would not even save a significant amount of money. They are looking for cuts in the wrong place!

    • Jay

      Just an FYI, the reports that came out today said it was Boehner and the Republicans who proposed revamping the pay increases. These increases are based around the CPI which Boehner proposed a new formula for today with an estimated savings of $200 Billion. Side note, his proposal included tax cuts for the wealthy. So while we are on here defending how much our military hero’s deserve a decent pay check, our so-called Republican friends are attempting to cut military pay and allow for a lower tax rate for rich politicians.

  • Don {ret} USN

    Go to the memorials we have in Washington DC, the Arizona memorial, Normandy and in front of these memorials and sing God Bless America, and after that, invite the families of those servicemen who have died and find outhow much they made each month…and tell them they were paid too much to save their a– – es.


    Now that we have verified (by our election) that our current desired form of government is what the country wants let’s just unionize the military. Nothing could be simpler – the military (each service or subordinate command) could negotiate a contract for such things and pay & benefits, working hours, overtime pay, and be able to elect to NOT participate in hazardous operations if they are not part of the contract. The military possibly could be able to strike (meaning NOT work) depending on the terms of the contract and thus leave national defense as the responsibility or our elective officials. The negotiated contracts would provide a basis for accurately forecasting each annual budget for military expenses (except where our elected officials decide to participate in an UPLANNED military activity). Obligations for such items as military retirement programs, VA benefits, Military death benefits, etc., would be defined as part of the contract process and not are able to be modified in future years. Therefore we would have a strong military establishment, with willing participants, who are similar to our police and fire departments across the US.

    • walt

      Love it Chief!

  • usvet64

    It is an outrage to always compare military and civilian pay! Where is President Obama in all these outcry of “budget hawks” in congress. Before the election, our Commander-In-Chief was always showing concern about our troops’ benefits and well-being.

    • walt

      Obama will take another vacation! He is going to reduce the military by 20,000 real soon,2500 just left the Navy this year! Wants to cut 60,000 troops total!

  • usvet64

    If any one in government is overcompensated, it is congress itself! Each time, there is a budget crunch, the military is always the first or one of the first to be targeted. This clearly shows how out of touch these people in congress are concerning our military men and women who have been fighting wars for more than 10 continuous years pushing them to the limits. Thousands of our troops have made the ultimate sacrifice and tens of thousands more returned from the wars with horrific disabilities and maimed for life, not even to mention their shattered family lives. Our senators and representatives in congress and other high ranking officials should set the example and start cutting down their pay and perks, and declare a “FREEZE” on their overly generous pay raises on the backs of the struggling masses of underpaid workers and members of the armed services. Those who think the military is overpaid should be sent on deployment overseas and embeded with the troops so they can properly and accurately see for themselves how “overpaid” our troops are..

  • MC, PHC(AW) USN Ret.

    It is really amazing to me the BS they come up with…Lets start with Gietner and have pay his back taxes first! Then lets have the politicians get the same medical we get and the same retirement we get, and the same pay increases that our armed forces have to endure with. And they still get to sleep in their own bed…See their family every night that they aren’t in bed with someone else…(no not all…But….) they don’t have to worry about getting blown off the flight deck of a carrier or shot at….be on EBT (food stamps) forced to live in high cost areas, yes they get a COLA, but that don’t nearly cover it… And all the BHA, BAS or special pays DO NOT GET ADDED TO THEIR RETIREMENT…only their BASE PAY! Be forewarned there is another election coming up….go ahead…cut my pay…

  • Walt

    Remeber when you size up military to civilian pay, first the military is a 24/7,365/366 a year job! No overtime pay, and medical and dental aren’t that great!

  • Rotorhead

    Nothing ever changes. The REMF’s still have their heads up their backsides. If my father and uncle (5 wars between the two of them) weren’t already buried at Arlington, crap like this would have killed them. Maybe if those guys in D.C. had spent a tour humping a pack in the An Lao Valley or the Hindu Kush they’d have a different attitude. Or maybe what they need is have all of them take a trip over to Arlington and tell the 250,000+ that are buried there, that they were overpaid.

  • EUCT

    i remember my first paycheck…was like $400-something…in basic…what did I spend it on? what the military told me to…nothing else…i had no rent, no loans, no credit cards. my first base..same thing and I had enough saved to pay for my first car in cash…granted, it was used and it only cost $1400 but i paid cash for it. by the time I left my base i had well over $10,000 saved…not cuz I tried, but i had no real bills like civilians do. no, i was never over paid. in fact I was doing better than my parents who were in debt up to their ears. now, of course if we had this discussion if I was still in i would of course fight for my pay and exaggerate my hours and the “need” for WIC . all the while living in an apartment that the AF was paying for and all the utilities that the AF was paying for and getting my free education and health benefits, COLA, BAS et cetera. if I could get back in I would but they won’t let folks with disabilities back in. no matter hard hard i worked or where I was, at least I knew we were all cared for. I signed that blank check to my country…i volunteered it.

    • Norm

      Ok, I remember my first pay check $72.00 a month. beat that, It went up in the late 60’s or early 70’s can’t quite remember, but the reason it went up to around $300,00 a month was no one was staying in. And what is tragic is this from WW2 the basic pay for a Private E-1 maybe only doubled in the 25 years it took to finally start compensating the military.

  • Anyone But Obama

    People need to wake up in this country. Congress is making $170,000 PLUS a year and doing nothing for it. They have huge expense accounts and staffs. They have a couple of months a year OFF for breaks, vacations. Any laws they make are usually to take more freedoms from the people who pay them, the voters. We are losing America. Go back and read Animal Farm people. George Orwell has hit it right on the button.

  • Edward kapka

    When I was in the army I was getting $78.00 a month.If congress wants to cut the pay of the govenment empployees ,they are the that they should start with.They do NOTHING useful to help people.

  • Elwood3255

    It would be good to reduce the parasites living on the government dole. The military is too big and too costly. There is more incompetence and laziness than ever before. It is time to cut that behemoth back to a manageable just in case size. But it certainly does not need to be the size it is right now and it is time we pulled our nose out of other nations affairs as it is bankrupting us. It makes no sense to borrow money from China and then lend it or give it to some other country.

  • ember62

    The root cause for “Budget Hawks” setting their sights on military compensation is that our military consists of less 1% of our population and is comprised of 100% volunteers. The other 99% pay lip service to our sacrifices but few comprehend or appreciate the requirements and demands placed upon our servicemen. The problem is that the other 99% does not have any “skin in the game” in terms having sons or daughters serving in harm’s way. After WWII there was little or no opposition to the GI Bill or increased VA benefits because every segment of society had a father, son, uncle, cousin or daughter who wore the uniform, there was sense of shared sacrifice.
    Today the sacrifice is limited to our volunteers, who are the best trained, motivated and educated force that our nation has ever fielded, however the sacrifice is limited to just 1% of our nations families.
    We need to re-instate a limited ZERO EXEMPTION draft to ensure that every segment of society has the opportunity to share in our nations sacrifices. With every segment of our society represented in our military I suspect the “Budget Hawks” would seek other prey.

  • Joe 7/17 Air Cav

    It is a sad thing in deed. Nothing ever changes, the war is over, screw the GI. Don’t tax the rich who profited the most from the sale of weapons and equipment – God Forbid. Make it up on the backs of those who served. I love this country, but we have some of the most screwed up politicians on the planet. May their sons and daughters all get drafted in the next war.

  • Mischvus

    Maybe we should all start by changing Congress’s pay and benefits


  • Tom

    Our civilian colleagues when they work over 40 hour in a week are paid overtime. While I was in the military I cannot recall a week that I didn’t put in a least a ten hour day. In combat we are expected to perform 24/7. I can recall getting only 4 hours of sleep a lot of days and working the remaining 20. Our politicians work a lot less that we do and have better health and pension benefits. Perhaps it is time for them to trim the fat by looking in their own house and not to the defenders of our freedom.

    • Jay

      Well said sir, also if they want to cut some spending. How about the war? Jeez I am a freakin genius. You won’t have to worry about ammo, fuel, armor, extra pay for being deployed, and so forth. Fuel being the biggest because of all that transporting.

  • Chas

    I think we can all agree without any reservations that our congressmen are very much over paid for the little work done to benefit our country the past four years. The indicator is their low approval of 10 -13 %. Their pay, medical and plush retirement needs an overhall with cuts for so little work. During my 23 years military career much of our promised benefits were cut or lost. Many of our brothers and sisters payed the great price and others stood ready to give ultimate price as well. During many of those years we were treated as second class citizens. We have never been over paid. Contact your elected official to voice our out cry to this crazy idea that military (active and retirees) are paid to much.

  • Guest


    I wonder what the CZARS are being paid to circumvent our Congress. I heard there were 125 of them. I bet that they are not being paid by the President out of his own pocket. They do not have Congretional oversight and do not ansewer to the Congress. The number may be wrong but I hope you get the point. Why do we have them and still pay Congress to do nothing. Couldn’t we save money by getting rid of the CZARS and letting our Congress do their own jobs.

    • Gary Chambers

      The czars are getting the billions in unaccounted stimulas money. Obama is spreading the wealth to his shadow government. How much is TSA employees getting in pay and benifits? When a military man is in a combat zone he or she works twenty four hours a day to stay alive.

  • Leo Gerald Johnson

    How in The World can The C.B.O. put a wage statement okn a person’s Life.The C.B.O should start looking at the wages that Our Yo0Yo’s in the Government who are making Million’s of Sollars more than those who are putting their lives on tha line everyday for those Yo-Yo’s.I rember when I first joined the Navy I made 42 Follars a monthe I had to make ends meetand I did.These Yo0Yo’s couldn’t even make ends meet with the thousands of dollars they were making a monthe in Washington Thet coulkn’t do it then and thet can’t do it “Now”.The Question should be”Are We Paying Our Troops Enough” and The Answer is “Hell No We’re Not Paying Them Enough”.

  • Courtney

    If you take the total of my husbands take home pay, divide it by the 4 weeks in the month, and take that number and divide by the average of his 50 hours per week worked…he makes a little over 8/hr and of course even less when if you were to include weeks of field time or 24 hour CQ and staff duty shifts. By all means, PLEASE pay my husband less. We have so much money we have no idea what to do with it all.

  • Robert Davidson

    It’s Corps. Do you really believe what you wrote?

  • David Ballato

    This only illustrates the dire, unlivable wages that civilians are now receiving from the unscrupulously greedy corporations. It is not a matter of our servicemen and women being “overpaid”. I guess congress deems it to be unfair that there could be an escape from the current financial slavery imposed upon us by these nonstop greed machines which are now considered “corporate citizens”.

  • Gary L

    Well Folks things never change, I served in the Army from 1961 to 1981 and in that time I remember being told told to tighten up my belt cause no pay raises was going to happen. And yet our congress gives themselves pay raises. It was implied that I would have medical and dental benefits when I retired what a joke that was. The wheel just keeps going round and round.

  • SGM(R) Ermer

    All military serviice members are asked to sacrifice during their time of service. It may be seperation of family on unaccompanied assignments; combat, or sea duty. We have always volunteered to do what ever it takes to accomplish the mission up to include giving of ones lfe if need be. I served for thiry years in the Army. I served in Viet Nam, Bosnia Hertzcovinia and many other overseas tours. We were promised alot, alot has already been lost. In factPresident Obama stated. “The military has sacrificed alot. They will have to sacrifice agan. Meaning the loss of more benefits in the future.

    • BeBe

      Thank you for you faithful service to our country. I have tremendous respect for you and the men in my own family who have given so much for their country. I was steamed at the jerk who accused them of being mercenaries. My dad was not a mercenary at Pearl Harbor. I wish I could be face to face with that idiot and make them eat their words. My dad was the kindest man imaginable.

  • Mischvus

    I found this interesting, Children of congress members do not have to pay back their college student loans. How nice!

    In addition, the staffers of Congress family members are exempt from having to pay back student loans. This will get national attention if other news networks will broadcast it.

    35 States have filed a lawsuit against the Federal Government.

    Governors of 35 states have filed suit against the Federal Government for imposing unlawful burdens upon them. It only takes 38 (of the 50) States to convene a Constitutional Convention.

    This will take less than thirty seconds to read. If you agree, please pass it on.

    This is an idea that we should address.

    For too long, we’ve been too complacent about the workings of Congress. Many citizens have no idea members of Congress can retire with the same pay even after only ONE term! They specifically exempted themselves from many of the laws they have passed (such as being exempt from any fear of prosecution for sexual harassment) while ordinary citizens must live under those laws. The latest is to exempt themselves from the Health-care Reform… in all its forms. We should not have an elite that’s above the law! I truly don’t care if they are Democrat, Republican, Independent or whatever. This self-serving must stop!

    If each person who receives this will forward it to 20 people, in three days, most people in The United States of America will have the message. This is one proposal that really should be passed around.

    Proposed 28th Amendment to the United States Constitution: “Congress shall make no law that applies to the citizens of the United States that does not apply equally to the Senators and/or Representatives; and, Congress shall make no law that applies to the Senators and/or Representatives that does not apply equally to the citizens of the United States .”

    • Elmo Labador

      mbers elected since 1984 are covered by the Federal Employees’ Retirement System (FERS). Those elected prior to 1984 were covered by the Civil Service Retirement System (CSRS). In 1984 all members were given the option of remaining with CSRS or switching to FERS.

      As it is for all other federal employees, congressional retirement is funded through taxes and the participants’ contributions. Members of Congress under FERS contribute 1.3 percent of their salary into the FERS retirement plan and pay 6.2 percent of their salary in Social Security taxes.

      Members of Congress are not eligible for a pension until they reach the age of 50, but only if they’ve completed 20 years of service. Members are eligible at any age after completing 25 years of service or after they reach the age of 62. Please also note that Members of Congress have to serve at least 5 years to even receive a pension.

      The amount of a congressperson’s pension depends on the years of service and the average of the highest 3 years of his or her salary. The years of service x1% of average salary gives the yearly pension benifit, just LIKE ALL FEDERAL EMPLOYEES….They get nothing special..

  • Guest

    Housing Alowance in the thousands, per month, and BAQ, Separate Rates, Cola, Flight Pay , Jump Pay, Submarine pay,and on and on, all are TAX FREE Except Base Pay, I say Tax it all make the military pay one third of health care and pay into there retirement.

    • Trish

      BTW my BAH is 980…jussayin

    • Navy FC2


      Let’s do an analysis here. San Diego CA BAH for Single E-5 with no Dependents is $1,835. BAH is supposed to cover Rent & Utilities. Now again examine the price of apartments in San Diego. If you’re willing to drive close to an hour WITH NO TRAFFIC you can find a place for around $1,250 in rent. If you want somewhere relatively close to base, you’re looking closer to $1,700 a month in rent.

      Another analysis, I receive $275 a month in BAS (Food Allowance). The average American household spends approximately $100 per week in groceries. That equals to approximately $400 per month. Groceries > Food Allowance.

      COLA = Cost of Living Allowance (only received if you live in expensive areas like Hawaii or Washington DC).

      Flight Pay, Jump Pay, Submarine Pay are all special duty pays that are received for doing duties that are EVEN MORE ARDUOUS than normal military obligations. How would you like to go in a cylinder with a bunch of other people in a cramped, confined space for months at a time not seeing the light of day and surviving on RECYCLED AIR. Not only that but submariners have to share their bed with at least one other person since those things aren’t large enough for everyone to have their own…

      In case you have not been in the military, members do make contributions to their retirement. It’s a program called the Thrift Savings Plan. You set up how much percent of your paycheck goes into it every month. When you get out you have the option of cashing out or rolling over to a standard IRA.

      • Elmo Labador

        TSP is not your retirement plan,, you get retirement pay if you never put a dime into TSP….Also, civilians have to pay for housing and food also, my boss does not give me an extra check to cover living expenses…..You are out of touch with reality….Get ready for cuts, the country is broke and if you are not ready to tighten the belt come on out to civilian world and try to make a living…..

        • rtdickson43

          I am in the civilian world Elmo. I make quite a bit more money than I did when I retired from the Navy and still find it tough at times to make ends meet. There is no way active duty enlisted make enough in base pay to support a family. The Government knows this thus the reason for BAQ/BAS & VHA and it still keeps them just above the poverty level. You are the one out of touch. If you are upset about the employer paying housing–join the military and share in the extreeme wealth the military is enjoying and you too can have your boss pay for housing!!!

          • EUCT

            totally disagree. my current pay is 1/3 more than my base pay when military and yet I can barely make ends meet….when i was military (E-4) I was stocking away between $200 and $400 away per month into savings.

        • Guest


          Come on into the military and try to make a living. Be ready to do at least three persons work. Cuts are being made inside the military.

          • Idmtmedic

            He did for a whole 6 yrs……now he’s an expert.

        • TRD

          Just curious, what do you do in the civilian world? ” Also, civilians have to pay for housing and food also, my boss does not give me an extra check to cover living expenses…..You are out of touch with reality” I have a couple of questions about your statement. 1.How often do you move? 2. Do you work 8 hours a day? (see next post for more)

          • TRD

            3. Do you ever work a day extra without pay for example come in on Sat our Sun or spend 1 night every 6 days at your job (in the military we call that Duty)? 4. Your boss does he require you to make life or death situations or put you in harms way? 5. have you ever been shot at or shot at anyone? 6. When you drive to and from work do have to worry about being blown up (IED’s really put a damper on our commute) 7. Have you ever had someone take their last breath in your arms?
            Your boss does not give you extra money for housing. Once again how often do you move. We get BAH and it changes depending on location because the housing market is different each place we go. For example lets just say you lived in Louisiana and you moved becasue of your job to California you would get a raise becasue the cost of living is significantly higher there.
            Right now we have a volunteer military what happens when there are no volunteers? I’m grateful we have that choice. I would never disrespect someones career or opinion especially if I have never walked in their shoes. I look foward to your response.

          • EUCT

            as for me I am IT….i am on call 24/7, work all kinds of shifts. and becuase i am not mobile I don’t get paid for moving about about. Those that are mobile get all the bennies for their “suffering”. When I was military I looked forward to PCSing. in my 10 years in I was at 4 bases. PSCing is not a burden…it is a 2 year vacation to someplace I would otherwise never afford to visit. but then again, I grew up poor so I learned to appreciate what I got instead of be selfish and ask for more. I left the AF, paid for my first new car with cash and got a job that I thought would be better cuz of the base pay being higher…never did I realize all the bennies I had till I got out. military folks live financially better than 70% of the country. (actually probably higher now) but they deserve it. no, they are not Overpaid but shame on the person that tries to cry being underpaid.

          • EUCT,

            Thanks for posting the truth.

        • GISteve

          Stop your ****ing whining bitch. I can tell you checked the Obama box last November. Good luck with keeping the job you have. You have no clue about Military life or pay. If you want to impress me, strap on the uniform and serve.

          • EUCT

            this arguement is old…..if military life was so bad…why do 80% that get out before retirement try to either get back in or join the guard/reserves? becuase unless you are getting paid 60Gs a year as a cilvilian, the quality of life will be less than when in.

          • EUCT,

            Yep, I never meet anyone that didn’t wish they had stayed in and retireed.

        • Larry

          You get a retirement “IF” you put 20 yrs in. Let us say, go away for a month or two and possibly not have a phone to talk to your family. Then see how you feel. Or How about get in your vehicle start drving up the road and BAM. You’re blasted all over the road from an IED. No more kids, wife, family gatherings, etc. Have fun with that. or go to pick up your buddy that is scattered over the area of 5 football fields. Yea have a nice day! live with that the rest of your life.

    • F. C. Haenel

      You obviously never served in the military! I served 22 years. The pay was mostly crap back in the dark ages. Retirement is not guaranteed! One must serve the entire 20 or more years. Any less time than that and you get nothing. Good old Uncle Sam paid way below what was normal when I served and even when I retired. The Air Force constantly reminded me that my compensation included retirement benefits and free health care, if I should make it till 20 years. Seems like the congress is reneging on this.

    • retired ssg

      never served did you

    • PAUL

      Hey you the Guest 18 hours ago,You are a dangerous person to our ARMED FORCES ,You need to keep your comments to yourself.We don’t need your input. signed (Ret.) 23YRS.

    • Bryan

      You Obviously have not a damn clue peiod.

    • Robert

      What an ass hole

    • Robyn

      WOW, he supported Romney and Scott Walker

    • rich w

      Well, I wasn’t qualified and never drew Flight Pay, Jump Pay, or Submarine Pay; but I earned demolition pay and proficiency pay and as I recall they were included in taxable income, at least in the 1960s.

    • Anonymous

      Here is an interesting fact.
      A person serves in the military for 20 years and receives 50% base pay for retirement.
      A congress member serves one term and receives 100% compensation for life.
      As for health care, retirement and pay. Those are the only reason that some people join the military. Yes, it is nice to have good old American pride, but to sign up to put your life on the line for others is a lot to take in. It makes the choice easier to know the loved ones you are leaving behind have a roof over their head, food in their mouths and healthcare all without worry. This is really the only advantage to joining the military with a cost. When you join the military a lot of those “Natural” rights that americans take for granted are stripped w/o question. Civilian cloths are a privilege that is earned. Being able to drive your own car a privilege that is earned. Hell even getting your own damn place is earned. I am saying this not as a complaint but to state a reality. I honor those that stay in for 20 years because that is a large chunk of anyones life right in their prime that they are donating for Americas freedom. You take away all of the reasons that make that worth while and eventually you will not have anyone who will volunteer. Now you will be left with no training a gun in your hand and someone saying you better start shooting because here they come and its you or them kid. The reason that we have what we do is strictly due to the presence our armed forces present. Without this presence we might as well be a third world country. I encourage anyone who thinks the military is overpaid to imagine what it would be like if they sat on the front line while the military went home and they had to defend the freedom they love so much alone.

    • FC1(SW) McGinn (ret)

      If it says PAY it is taxed. If it is an ALLOWANCE it is tax free.

    • Soon to Retire SFC

      You definitely could not have served in the military with that stupid ass opinion. The sacrifices that we men and women in uniform make cannot be put into a dollar figure, and let’s not forget that last 10-11 years we have been at war, how much does a huma life cost. Tax the rich MF that don’t put their life on the line for their country and leave the military alone, becaue without the military, you wouldn’t be allowed to write the crap you wrote. You must be a coward, because you didn’t even put you name on that bullshit you wrote.

    • John

      This is incorrect. All income is taxed unless the member is serving in a hostile fire environment. It is obvious to me that you have never said good by to your family as you leave for a year long deployment to a combat zone, worked 18 hour days non-stop for months,seen shipmates killed before your very eyes, encountered horiffic fires, experienced a collision at sea and on it goes. You and others like you are clueless sand crabs.

    • GI Steve

      I say you Enlist, put on the uniform, and serve my country – then repost after one year if you make it that long. Otherwise, shut your fucking mint hole!

    • Kathy

      Have you ever served in the military. Unless you have you have no right to say anything. I raised my kids mostly by myself while my husband was off protecting your rights to say anything. I believe that if you are in the Senate or Congress you should have to serve in the military for at least 3 yrs. Then they would see if the miltary is paid to much. We all paying taxes just like everyone else.

    • Larry

      How about you sign the line like the rest of us and give the US Government/Military a blank check that may get cashed for their life, so you can write and complain saying that the Military service members get paid too much. Now unless you do that, you have no right to say we are making too much money. And not to mention days, weeks, months and years that they spend away from their families. It’s people like you that don’t appreciate the Freedoms they the Military provides for the US population.

  • Support our troops

    How about we cut congress’s pay and make them pay more for their benefits and retirement? Perhaps that would do away with the national debt altogether!

    Congress members (and those who are anti-military) need to go over to Afghanistan. They need to experience life over there with very few home life luxuries, leave their families for long periods of time, miss holidays/anniversaries/birthdays/even the birth of you children. Then, they need to see what war is like. Perhaps get wounded and even die themselves.

    I bet after those experiences, they would think twice before touching service members pay, benefits and retirement even in the slightest. Not only that, but it would be a reality check of the sacrifices military members go through.

    Freedom is not free, military members give up many of their freedoms so civilians can be free. You can not compare civilian careers to the military. People will try but it will always be apples and oranges.

    • bernard.



      Amen…let Congress take a pay cut. How about making Congress serve at least 20 years before they get a pension.

    • mogul264

      Perhaps we should INSIST that Congressional Representatives and Senators be put into the shoes of our front-line grunts WITH the grunts’ pay for a representative tour, say 60 days! The troops who were replaced could draw the Congressional pay as ‘compensation’ for the disruption! With no one in Congress for that time frame, we probably would be better off, since they would NOT be passing any more bills during this time, thus saving the taxpayers some money! Also, since Congress has NOT passed a budget for the past THREE YEARS, this lapse in activity would not be noticed, anyway! Plus, they could always blame it on G.W.Bush! (Probably would, anyway!)

      In any case, Congress could then make a proper decision on military pay, and decide just what kind of soldier they could hire for less, and would they even WANT such a person to act as military! They MIGHT wind up with the likes of what we must contend with from the TSA!

  • dave

    You will never get a straight answer out of anyone. The financial crisis that is consuming the US will eventually hit those retirement checks and regular pay. It can be looked upon as a country we are going to have to do drastic things to keep part of what we have. I can see a dramatic cut in pay and retirement benefits. Tricare will be no more. No more pay increases and in some cases decreases. Yes , to mandatory 25 year retirements. Yes to more scrutiny on medical compensation. You can look at the total picture. If we do not start someplace there may not be any benefits at all, no medical, no dental and no retirement paycheck. So even if you do 25 years, there is no retirement. Medically, I have known one soldier to receive 100% compensation and early out because she always felt cold. Another, 100% compensation for a broken back and then a marathon two months later. There are those who well deserve to be compensated and others who could be listed as insurance fraud in the civilian world. Maybe it is time we relook our service and examine the whole rank structure. Maybe it is time to adopt a more British system where someone can be a private their whole military career or an officer who should have never been promoted higher than 2LT. I have seen and worked with a LTC who could not operate a computer much less his email and NCOs who you hoped did not drive on public roads. Then we can look at the higher ranks, where generals (who we could probably lose quite a few of the good ole’ boys and their network) who retire well into the six figure salaries. Who feel entitled for their time and service even when convicted of embezzling, improper use or mismanagement of project funds. In the civilian world we throw them in jail. In the service we allow them to retire. What this truly affects are those who truly serve their country faithfully, honestly, and with true dedication. Those who put themselves in harm’s way to defend our country and protect our way of life. Maybe it is time for a restructuring of the service to make those accountable for actions, thus you do something wrong, you have your TSP to fall back on, but your other retirement is gone. No more, that retirement is for those who had to live with choices made for them because some contract was so poorly managed and the equipment that was delivered ended up causing someone to suffer or die. It is time the service cleans up it’s act and become a responsible for their actions. Then raise and such will not be out of the question.

  • Lee Carranza

    You know who is REALLY overpaid? The sharks on Wall street that crashed our Nation’s economy and gave themselves million dollar bonuses at the end of the year. The CEOs and other corporate bums that can crash a whole company and walk away scott free because of the fine print in their contracts (aka the golden parachute). And don’t forget the big 3 in Detroit who have tanked the American auto industry and flew to DC in private jets no less to beg for money and claim they’re broke with all bail out moneys given by the wonderful American tax payer. And by the way, service members pay taxes too. Well here’s an idea from the past with a new twist; “No Taxation without Adequate Representation.”
    You’re CAN’T have my tax dollars unless you represent me adequately!
    SFC Lee Carranza
    US Army.
    Yeah…….I said it!

    • Mrs.M

      Well said. Even the suggestion of saving bucks on our troops makes me sick. Wall street and Congress types roll in heaps of our tax dollars, also nauseating and unlike the military, do little to earn it.
      When the sign “food stamps accepted here” are no longer needed on base commissary doors, then maybe the pay scales are adequate. IMO troops are not paid nearly enough.
      An Army mom.

      • Mrs. M,

        Anyone in the Military still recieving ‘food stamps’ should be barred from reenlisting because they are abusing the system.

    • CoVet

      Watch Freakeconomics and Who stole the American Dream. They say what you siad.

    • James


  • Navy Chief

    Really? I guess being a Seabee in Iraq and Afghanistan doesnt count? Over payed? Losing at least 50K on each deployment ( x4 now) ya Im a reserveist I really dont see the overpay thing. Except in your case, where being the drive thru manager at Wendeys appiles.

    • NavyVet ’12

      Yes, there are the boots on ground Sailors can’t forget about ya’ll!

    • Navy Chief,


    • BeBe

      Those people are ignorant. They don’t know what they are talking about. My son was deployed three times while these jerks were at home smoking dope and whoring around.

  • Career Navy

    I have been in the Navy almost 19 years – enlisted when I was 17, did college at sea/nights/weekends, got my degree then went to OCS at my 8 year point. When I joined I was promised military and retirement benefits for life if I stayed for 20. Now as I get close to that mark….. after deployments at sea, one-year deployment to Iraq leaving my wife and one-month old behind… Now they want to change their end of the deal. I am not complaining about the deployments/etc. because it is a Volunteer force and I chose to join. I am just upset that they want to change their promises now – I feel like they are not living up to their end of the bargain and if I knew that would be the case I would not have stayed. I have a strong dedication and pride for our great nation – and I come from a family that has had a lot of members in the military. We all wrote a check up to, and including, our life for our country. I feel very lucky that we have not had to make that ultimate sacrifice – but that doesn’t mean any one of us – to include my entire extended military family – wouldn’t give our lives for our nation. I am just disappointed that promises are so easy to break with little or no accountability, and so many people don’t appreciate the sacrifices we make. It also makes me sad to know that so many of our ‘overpaid’ military members that are eligible for foodstamps and WIC. As a ‘way overpaid’ officer, I have to admit my pay is descent – but it is no where near what civilian counterparts in my specialty field make. But I will never forget the first part of my military career….it was hard to make ends meet, living paycheck to paycheck, always feeling behind. Someone above truly sparked my memory – it was a real treat to have enough extra to splurge and treat myself to ‘store-brand’ food. Please take care of our troops.

    • Viet_Vet

      the sad part of all this is my son, who put in 15 years in the AF, recently was put out on medical and came back exactly one week later at the same base doing the same job for the on-site contractor makeing twice as much as he was as an E-6….now though i applaud his ability to get the job, therein lies the problem…its not the active military thats overpaid…its the contractors world wide who are eating up the budget…..he is doing the eaxact same job they said he could no longer do… much for military inteligence.

    • Elmo Labador

      I do not believe your retirement will change. When the Feds changed the civilian retirement system in 1985 (Cutting the retirement pay by 60%) it only applied to new hires….I am sure it will be the same for you guys, it will be clearly written into the enlistment packages for new servicemen. Thank you for your service…But don’t let these posts get you down, the vast majority do not know what they are talking about….I was a 6year Marine and have worked in the VA for 21 years so I do know a little about both sides.

      • Idmtmedic

        Speaking of somebody who doesn’t know what they are talking about. Blah blah blah. Your an idiot and a 6 yr serviceman who couldn’t handle twenty,


      I agree 100% pay check to pay check is very hard and I hate to admit it I have assistance to feed my family. Without it we would not be able to eat by the time you pay the bills there is not money left over my husband is a E-3 and I a E-4 and there is never enough money to make ends meet. Now they want to cut our pay. That is not fair at all and breaking the promises that they made to us we agreed to enlist.

  • NavyVet ’12

    I’m a recent Navy veteran and while the Marines and Soldiers are rolling around in dirt in the desert heat I know as a Sailor what its like standing watch on top of an aircraft carrier freezing my nuts off looking out for my ship and her shipmates while they sleep at night. The Navy is not meant to be on the ground, our mission is at sea for things like air support that you people need when things get out of hand. I give a lot of credit to Marines and Soldiers for going to the fight face to face, but don’t discredit my branch or any other to make yourself seem better than the rest of us. Every branch has its part in war so please speak for yourself and the branch you chose to join. You know nothing about what I had to go through. You need to wake up! Congress and the President are not in control. Its the United Nations NATO and global bankers who run the show. Do some research.

    • NavyVet ‘ 12,

      “You need to wake up! Congress and the President are not in control. Its the United Nations NATO and global bankers who run the show. Do some research.”

      Until you went overboard and posted that crazy stuff about the NATO and bankers I was listening.

    • Sfwife

      I Agree all branches make sacrifices… We all need to stick together and understand this problem hurts all if us…

    • BeBe

      Hi, Thank-you for being faithful enough to serve this country that doesn’t deserve it. This whole thing is something started by the Obama generation to funnel more money down that rat hole he calls stimulus. That greedy bunch is stealing this country blind. He is grasping at more money so he and his cronies can wallow in luxury while our brave Army and Marines wallow in the dirt.

      • ExMil

        BeBe you’re an idiot! I am sure this is not the first time you’ve heard this!

    • NavyVet’03

      Thank you for your service. I am a Retired Navy Vet also. Sailors may not all roll around in dirt, but standing those watches on the ships in the cold, rain or heat is no joke. The Navy’s job is at SEA. What about the Seabees? What about the USS Cole? Cut military pay, I think not. As stated by NavyVet’12, do your research then you would not make statements that you know nothing about. If anyone’s pay should be cut, that should be Congress. They are making decisions about military pay, etc and most have no idea about the sacrifices that are made by the military. We do what we do, so that our country can sleep at night and not worry about a war going on in their backyard.

  • LT. Ranney, USret

    I’ve always considered my brothers and sisters in uniform to be family. I’m embarrassed by your ignorance .

  • Michael

    This question comes one up when the CBO wants to find more money. The Congress of these United States need cut their pay raises; insert themselves in the Obamacare since it will be a good thing for the rest of us. The Congress of these United States need to stop the money flow (billions) to Afghanistan, UN disciples and Obama zombies.

  • Viet_Vet

    you never have served have you? at anything. you must be a republican.

    • Christina

      I am a republican and served. My husband is a republican and is still serving. Don’t bring political divisiveness into something this important.

      • BeBe

        I only wish politics had nothing to do with the pressure to cut military benefits. My husband, father and oldest son also served. From what I see our beloved president Mr Obama will do virtually anything to get more money.

    • Jackie

      I’m a republican and served 26 years. What that’s got to do with anything?

    • AFGrunt

      I served wo years and am a Democrat, my wife served over 10 years and is a Republican. We are both patriots. Leave your political party at home.

      • AFGrunt

        Sorry, I served 20 years, but I still can’t type worth a damn!

  • Dave

    Retired as an E-6? Wow an over achiever. As a retired 25 year E-8 Marine I’ll say you know nothing of you brother services. You want to see a dirty sailor, go on the boat and do what he/she does. 12 on 12 off seven days a week, stand watches and drill, drill and drill some more. I did three cruises as a aviation ordnance marine. We did not have to stand those watches or drill. I don’t know when or how those sailors got sleep but somehow they made things work.

  • Chris

    While I thank you for your years of service, I find your beliefs to be very sad. Negating the importance of other branches of service is ignorant. I am sure there are many ground pounders who have been very thankful to see air support, many wounded soldiers would die with out air rescue crews going into the battle behind the lines bringing the injured out to safety. I am very grateful for the sacrifices made by all of those serving in armed forces.
    I am sure as a former Air Force Sgt who served only 7 years between times of war my opinion means nothing to you.
    As far as the base article asking if service members are over paid ?
    it disgusts me to no end that the Way over compensated elected members of congress, and appointed members of the ridiculous presidential staff would even suggest that those who serve to protect our nation are over paid.
    If they want pay cuts to be a form of trying to end the economic tailspin our country has fallen into, start with their own pay.

  • Guest

    In case you haven’t noticed, the Draft IS STILL IN EFFECT! You register for it when you’re 18. If you haven’t then you’re in violation of FEDERAL LAW! Unless of course you are female, at which point you are EXEMPT.

    I serve in the Navy proudly and have for the last 5 years. If it were all about the money I could get out of the Navy and use the job training I have received in less than a year. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics someone doing the same job that I do now (Electronics Repair & Engineering) makes a median income (National average) of $94,000 per year. Compare that to my $42,000 a year as an E-5 (including all of my allowances). Not including allowances I’m looking at around $28,000 a year in pay. The allowances that we receive are to augment the additional costs incurred with being stationed in places that are more expensive than the national average (yes I know that not all of them are for this purpose).

    • Guest,

      NO, the draft is not in effect. LMAO

      • Minfxbg

        All males once they turn 18 are required to register for Selective Service. The “draft” isn’t in effect, but given 11 years of constant warfare, it should have been. Every person should be paying “their fair share” and military service should be both balanced and distributed.

  • Trish

    Hello ignorant. Nice to meet you, my name is, underpaid, overworked, mother, wife, sister, soldier, 3 time combat vet. I am not a mercenary but you are right there is no patriotism left in this and people like you are why. Tell you what, educate yourself, do the work I do on the pay I get and then come talk to me. Ignorant, ingnorant, ignorant.

    • SFC Rae Carnicelli

      You GO GIRL!

    • junkmailjk

      Now that’s what I’m talking about.

  • michael long

    This may have had some truth in the past but the Air Force is now going out routinely with the Army so I would suggest you get your facts together before making these kinds of comments. My last two deployments as an AF member had me deployed with the Army doing exactly the same type of training they were doing.

  • Trish

    I say…check your facts ignorant. I am not even going anymore into this, you are wrong. Educate yourself. By the way I think you meant “their.”

    • EUCT

      OMG….more spelling police….these are the folks that have no point that look for something to make one. the fact that you took the time to correct spelling means you have nothing else better to do. I like his idea. they when the person tries to qualify for unneeded WIC it will finally start showing up how much they actually earn.

  • Christina

    Lets just go back to the revolutionary war times and have everyone fight like you are saying all modern wars are fought. Lets take all surface to air missiles out of the equation, take pilots who drop the only fighting force by your account out of the equation, oh an also take the ships to send all the high tech fighting machinery away as well. Modern wars are won not by brawn alone but also by knowledge and many resources from all branches. I come from a USN home, served in the USAF, and am married to a USAF SNCO. Growing up, I saw my father 3 months a year, sporadically, and currently I live in a country where Americans are hated so I believe what you are saying is ignorant and for you to say you served and support this, I question you as a VET!

  • Trish

    Seriously, if I have to read one more IGNORANT and UNEDUCATED comment by some person who THINKS they know what they are talking about…I am going to break this computer screen. Whatever you THINK you know about the military and our pay…EVERYthing I have read is wrong. If you aren’t willing to sign up and live like this…SHUT UP, because SINCERELY you DO NOT know what you are talking about. AGREED on everyone saying HELLO you want to look at Servicemember pay, how about ALL the other GOV agencies etc…GET REAL.

    • Navy FC2


      I agree with some of what you say, but would have said it a different way.

      Furthermore, I firmly believe that if they want to cut military spending that they don’t need to look at pay and benefits. They need to RE-EVALUATE the Military’s Supply system. When it costs almost $500 to get a bolt that I could get at Home Depot for less than $5, there’s something horribly wrong. These companies that have military contracts are setting themselves up with long-term contracts and ripping us off. This is further complicated by companies that enter into these contracts with the military going out of business. We then have to seek out a company that has a contract with the military (can’t deviate from this) and then get a price quote based on specifications to only receive some ridiculous price and act like it’s normal.

    • aSlouchyDirtbag

      I Agree with the pogues on this one, NOT! Oh, yes, of course, exactly what we need to do now is DECREASE our service members’ already meager pay. Hey people, I have another great idea! Let’s pay our marines, soldiers, sailors and airmen even LESS than the minimum wage they are receiving now! Oh, yeah, and while we’re at it , let’s cut all of their benefits too. Do some of these asses even realize the hours we put in?! The only ones who are making a decent wage are the very senior folks. If you divide the money out by time’s hours worked, it barely even equals MINIMUM WAGE. Word to the wise: Hey think-tank “geniuses”, please focus your “budget cuts” elsewhere. Lowering the average service members pay at this point will only serve to weaken this country. … to be continued.

      P.S.: I knew this was going to happen. Don’t blame us in about 10-20 years when we are at the mercy of some foreign government, both literally and figuratively.

    • CoVet

      I agree with you. It’s time to get real. I’ve spent most of my life in the military. first as an Army Brat, then as a service-member and then as a dependent. I’ve watched soldiers applying and receiving FOODSTAMPS so their family can eat. I’ve watched as soldiers and their families lived in slums because of the wages they were paid. My Mom & Dad could only survive because she worked (something rare when I was growing up). There is something very wrong with this picture. Why are our politicians whose biggest threat is a paper cut getting paid many times what most of their constituents make and certainly more then the average soldier makes? This doesn’t include all that they get paid for side deals, speaking engagements (and some are charging fees to speak with the people that voted them in!). I never complained about what I made as a soldier. I had the stupid idea that if I was disabled that my country would take care of me and if I died my family would be cared for. Everybody seems to make money except the soldier, the working poor and the common folk. I’ve worked all my life (from the time I was 11) Now my health is failing because I was exposed to toxic Chemicals by Monsanto and my governemtn without my knowledge. I only found out a few months ago that while in basic training I was poisoned and my government doesn’t feel they have an obligation to notify anyone about their exposure. It’s only once we’ve wasted money on the courts does the government step up and try to compensate the people they have injured. There are 2 sides to every story and maybe you think it’s OK that people who put their lives on the line many times get paid less then a kid who asks “do you want fries with that?” Although my Dad was proud when I joined up he also told me to make sure and use my GI bill to get an education because he said our country never appreciates their military and they certainly never pay them what they are worth.

    • Becky Maximo


      Exactly who are you referring to? I have read quite a few comments that actually were factual.

      Please understand that what is “Uneducated” and “Ignorant” to you is not necessarily the same for others. This is a comment forum and if you want to cite certain comments as being as you said above, then do so, but do not be so arrogant as to tell everyone they are “Ignorant and Uneducated.” Instead, do as you were trained to do, “Educate and Teach.”
      Have a nice day.

  • Everett Patten

    SSGT, you ever seen the SEABEES! My fricken uniform was covered from head to toe on a daily basis in Al Qaim and in Kandahar! Stop the inter-service CRAP and be part of the fricken team! We are all in the fight together!
    AS a Chief in the US Navy I made sure that my seabees understood that its one fight regardless, Im sure you flew your on a few AF planes in country as I did and i’m sure some of your gear arrived in country via the US Fricken Navy!

  • Smoov

    As a 24 year Air Force member I can say to you that you are 0% correct with your comments. I’ve stood side by side in the mud, on the ground with all branches of service. So please take your short sighted comments, put on a uniform and come out and serve side by side with me and see if anything you’re saying is true. After you serve a deployment or 6 to Afghanistan then you are allowed to comment smartly.

  • L-Man

    Of course not. And I doubt 40billion goes out to 1.4million

  • Sailor

    This article really bothers me. How on Earth can a military member make as much as their civilian counterparts? Do civilians stand duty? Get called in to cover the civilians that call out and do not get paid overtime, because we signed on the dotted line? And work holidays, because it costs more to pay a GS to work the holidays? Then leave your family for months, and move without proper compensation? We can barely afford to live in a home that is suitable, or put our children in good schools. Now tell me this Congress, you want to take away from those who defend your freedom? Think long and hard about taking from the military. Take a long hard look at these individuals, who have to stay in shape, put their bodies through rigorous training to defend this country. Then their knees go out, ending up with replacements down the road, spinal injuries, and do not forget all of those wounded warriors. I see them go by me every day, men and women with missing limbs, and you want to take away from them?

  • Al

    For one, the equipment that we make is old and that’s why the cost for building is so much, the resource to make it is going up, they wonder what to do, start recycling you bone heads. Start with the equipment for long term solutions, cutting into the individual is short term and will return to the numbers of right now and plus some more when you want to plus up manning because you have less personal. Haven’t you figure it out that cutting people is short term and not long term to get the effect you want bone head. I’m starting to believe that the people in charge only look at the numbers now and not project for long term. It’s only operational and not tactical or strategic value. These failed business rules do not apply to the military and matter of fact it doesn’t work in the business rule. If everybody took a pay cut, how are we going pay for your junk(that’s everybody in America). One thing bone head, stop weeing on people’s back yard, peeing in somebody pool will cause a war. You need everybody to work and to pay their tax to get rid of this debt. Not four dollars and not documented workers that the money is mail to another country to be untaxed. This bring up a subject like Hooster, one of the reason that the business went up is because the Management wasn’t spending on infrastructure and not the unions. I’m planning on writing to my Congressmen.

  • Nora Sheffield

    as a disabled veteran, and one of those previously overpaid service members, it amazes me how quick everyone is to judge the military and insist they are overpaid. I was in during Desert Storm and I can tell you that dividing my pay (all of it) by the number of hours I was working per day, did not add up anywhere near what the civilian sector was making. I don’t think the civilian world realizes, we didn’t have a 9-5 job, We were working 12,14,18 hrs a day. We couldn’t just clock out and go home. This is also true even when there is no war. If there is a job to be done and there is a deadline, you stayed and got it done. You didn’t just clock out and go home. Tax cuts don’t need to come from our service men and women. They need to come from Congress. They get retitement even if they only serve 4 yrs, a lot of it. When did they get so select that they could give themself pay raises, serve 4 yrs and draw a mega retirement, and a host of other things. They don’t pay into Social Security. They wouldn’t know how to live on that. No one in America should get to retire after 4 yrs and draw retirement.

    • lee

      It all comes under the old saying covering risk vs rewards. Unlike that 9 to 5 job we put in longer hours gladly, without a comp time basis. But in combat our risks were even higher, without comp time again.,because we were not on a 9 to 5 job. And some of us did not come back on our own.That 9 to 5 casuality rate is no where near ours, but they are trying to say that we are OVER PAID.? Considering the risk vs reward factor, I think that we are still UNDER PAID>

  • Rod Miller

    Congress may be over paid, but not our military. They are serving this country, not making a living off of it. They deserve much better than this crap.

  • Tony G

    The politicians are counting on those in uniform continuing to serve based on their patriotism. Those that are overpaid are the politicians that either serve a term or two and get benefits for the rest of their life. Let us not forget those career politicians that stay forever and do nothing for the citizens they are supposed to represent. I find it ridiculous that a few individuals actually think that there are sailors, airmen, and coast guard members not forward deployed in the dirt. There are several joint commands consisting of all branches of the service. It really ticks me off that our benefits are continuously being eroded, we served and honored our commitments, now our government owes us the same.

  • Reese

    Why do you keep voting these fools back in office. It seems the people that is proposing and speaking loud about pay raises is the same people that everyone continues to vote in office. Write your congressmen/women and see what their take on this is. Then post their response, would be interesting study.

    • aSlouchyDirtbag

      What the hell is the CBO (Congressional Budget Office?) anyways. It sounds like a dang disgusting McDonald’s hamburger.

    • Paul Lantz

      If our millatry is over compasated then what about congress?

  • aSlouchyDirtbag

    Hey cowardly guest, that is a very bright insight, but also a very broad stereotype! Have you ever heard of Coast Guard LEDET Teams, Navy Seabees or EOD, or Divers, or Expeditionary Security Teams, or SWCC teams… or… um, River Battalion; Have you ever heard or Air Force TAC-P, or Forward Air Control, or HALO, or any other number of specialized military teams? Sir, it seems like you are ignorant to me. Why don’t you put down that cheeto’s bag and learn a little something more about our armed forced before you make a comment like that. Dang dude, it’s people like you that are killing this country. Have a nice day.

  • Jim


  • ortho1

    As an Air Force member for over 23 years, and as I currently serve my second tour in Iraq and Afghanistan, I find your remarks disparaging and quite frankly, naive. As an orthopedic trauma surgeon (who makes about 1/3 the salary that I would make in the civilian sector), I would venture to say that I have seen the horrors of war more in the past 6 months than you did your entire career. So why don’t you come in to my operating room, and I’ll show you my uniform, bloodied by the sacrifices of our fallen comrades…or you can just shut your trap. Either is fine with me.

  • zebra-1

    I wrote several responses, but, thinking about it, this comment does’nt merit a response.

  • CoVet

    I find it laughable that a bunch of over paid “servants of the people” have the balls to even ASK that question. Let’s CUT their pay and benefits and take OUR government BACK. both the Democrats and Republicans have forgotten who they work for. I voted for 3rd party candidates because their platforms stood for something other then greed. I didn’t vote for the Libertarian Presidential Candidate because he was a Republican. I’m sick of politicians telling everyone else THEY must tighten their belts while the politicians just keep enlarging THEIRS!!!! I’ve watched our VAMC staff working without enough doctors, nurses, and other staff. I see peeling paint in patients rooms while the “public” area has undergone 4 revamps. I see vets wondering how they are going to pay their co-pay for needed meds and others doing without. I’ve seen the VA stop pain medications for most veterans unless they have cancer. Just who paid with THEIR blood for this great nation….soldiers and vets or politicians? Unless Americans wake up and start voting and holding elected officials accountable we will continue to see American citizens rights and lives degraded.

  • AFCE

    The branches of service all have different functions. Not even all Marines and Soldiers have direct combat roles. Wars cannot be fought by simply waging ground combat. Undoubtedly infantry postions are at the tip of the spear, as are all operational jobs. However, without proper support functions ground troops would not last long. As an Air Force Enginner that has been deployed to Afghanistan in order to support Army infantry missions, I can assure you there are plenty of hot, dirty, and sweaty days for officer and enlisted alike. The Army, in fact, requests Air Force Engineers because of the skills we bring to fight. If you have never seen an Airman or Sailor in a dirty uniform, perhaps I can introduce you to some Air Force EOD troops who have not only spent months living in the dirt with Soldiers and Marines, but who have also saved their lives. As an NCO, retired or AD, I encourage you to consider the content of what you write. The military should take care of all its Soldiers, Sailors, Airmen and Marines equally.


    My father served in WW2 and Korea, I am a marine from Nam, my oldest son is serving his second term in Afghanistan . We all have very little possessions and alot of terrible memories. The people who are overpaid never serve nor do their children. They continue to take without even a chance of giving back. Try to tell the parents and children of our dead PATRIOTS they are not worth that meager salary HIPPIE!

  • fa1thy

    Corporate profits are at a 60 year high. CEO compensation (the top 1% of income earners) has increased 240% since 1979. Median wages for civilians has remained stagnant at best; some sectors have even seen wage reductions. If military members have seen a 25% pay increase in the past decade, they should be pissed that it’s so low. People who work for a living, including military personnel, are losing their purchasing power as money continues to flow towards the richest people in the country. We need fair wages for the work we do and those who choose to serve their country deserve fair wages plus generous benefits. A fair system of taxation would help as well. We shouldn’t give corporate tax breaks to oil companies or companies that outsource jobs, nor should we tax investment income at a lower rate than wages. Military pay isn’t too high, it’s too low.

    • CoVet

      GREAT POST! Couldn’t agree more.

    • CoVet

      Check out the Fair Tax. It’s time we over hauled our tax system and cut out the loopholes and other things that make it easy to cheat.

    • edc

      What the country really needs is a cut in COGRESSIONAL pay and benefits. They are the ones putting us in the mess were in and have never taken a real cut in anything except work hours. Most are worthless parasites that getter fatter with the more blood they draw , just like ticks.

    • George Wilson

      in fact it is way too low. If you figure in your pay rate divided by 24 hours a day, as in a war zone were getting away very cheap. And then combine that with the way the government treats wounded vets it’s a total discrace. I’m not sure what an E1 or E2 gets paid anymore so much has changed since i got out but it can’t come out to much more than $.75 – $1.00 an hour. Lets get a congressman to work for that and to spice it up a bit lets have someone throw a shot his way a couple of times a day just to keep it interesting .If it were me no more reups retention way down and there you go back to the draft. Thank you all who have served and who continue to serve.All gave some some gave all. and congress never gave anything but want to take away . Good country America. Still the best there is i salute you all good job. Amen and I continur to pray for you all.

  • Larry S. 1949

    Cut Congressmen/women pay for what they do in office. They waste money on things we do not need or paid too much for things we do need. Congressmen/women spent very little time doing the people business in Washington D.C. or they do nothing when they are there.Why do they come to come to congress broke,but leave rich ? Cut the Congressmen/women pay and benefit for doing nothing.


    • rdrnr1963

      Amen!!! They want to start cutting pay, start with the people who make these stupid decisions….the politicians!! I wonder how they’d like their pay to be cut.

  • Steve Stallard

    Politicians are the people who are paid way too much. Of coarse it is the politicians who want to take away from our troops.

  • guest

    Well MR.E-6 if you really are…i guess you never heard the word River Rat in Vietnam…or Corpsman in every combat theater or SeaBees under fire building bridges and roads or Submmariners spending monts in a tube on patrol…Or Flight Deck Personel Dodging plans as rated as one of the most dangerous places to be on the planet…an many more…as for the Air Force…ill let an airman speak to that…Ex Navy lowely E-4 combat wounded,disabled Vietnam Vet.

  • MS84

    You are right, there is no more patriotism. Thats why a highly educated individual like me left the opportunity for a 6 figure job to come to work in the military for less than $40,000. Thats why instead of driving my nice fancy car to my nice fancy office everyday I chose to serve 9 months to a year at a time in hell holes in God forsaken countries you’ve never and will never see. Thats also why i havent seen my family for the last 3 years, thanksgivings, christmases, birthdays, graduations. Its all for the money…hahaha….I hope your ignorance does no represent our overall population, otherwise what the F*** am I here fighting for! IDIOT!

    • Donna

      There isn’t anymore patriotism!!!! NOT IN OUR CONGRESS, SENATE AND POTUS that is!!!!, it’s not required apparently! What a shame as THEIR health benefits, pay raises, retirement plans are the best in all the world for them and they will keep them as they continue to put American soldiers in harms way, cut our health and retirement benefits and look down their noses at the people who serve their country to guarrentee freedom for all Americans, illegals, and foreign countries whether they deserve it or not.

  • Anne

    I lost a nephew (a Marine) a few years ago in Afghanistan leaving a wife and three small children behind. I wonder if they feel he made too much money for his sacrifice for people like you to keep your freedom. My son is a very proud Marine since July 2012. Before he joined the Marines he was making more money working at McDonalds. Right now he cannot afford to purchase a car because he does not make enough money to make the payments, maintain insurance on the vehicle, and maintain the vehicle. He has to keep enough money to replace his uniforms that were issued during boot camp. If he wants to come home on leave he has to purchase his own travel ticket. Right now at Camp Geiger he gets up at 0400 and is in the field the entire week, sleeping on the ground, wet, cold and with very little sleep or food. This is being done to prepare him for what he will face once he is deployed. Once deployed, he will be in the same danger as my late nephew to protect your freedom.

    • CoVet

      Totally agree. We couldn’t pay our soldiers what they are worth. I’m just an old veteran but I see the price these kids pay all the time at the VA.

  • jay

    Paid too much?? Tell that to the countless number of troops whose families have to go on foodstamps and WIC to help defray the high cost of living these fat cats are unscathed by. Cut their pay and benefits until they unscrew this situation they’ve gotten us into! Then we’ll see how quickly they work to fix it!!!

  • Guest

    Whoever wrote this you’re a complete ignoramus and you haven’t got the first clue what you’re talking about! My career spanned 22 years in the USAF Security Forces. I’ve spent many hours in my career digging defensive fighting positions, I’ve also seen my share of combat. In addition, the nature of my job put my life at risk protecting base personnel everyday. What about USAF Para-Rescue? And Forward Air controllers? Do you have any idea how many of our ground troops owe their lives to air power? I saw this first hand in Panama with the Specter gunship. I can’t believe you would marginalize the job that our maintainers do on the flight-line just because they aren’t firing a weapon at the enemy. The fact that you couldn’t retire any higher than an E-6 says it all.

  • morgan

    if you want to reduce spending on trips and vacations from the top down
    from what I heard he has spent more then any leaders put together in
    this world we live in. Plus what they get in retirement. sums like for llife. speaker of the house 240000 for life thism goes on and on, and then make them live by the laws they write

  • Sgt

    You need a little help. all service members work and get dirty. maybe you need to work in every branch of service then talk after you have done a little work yourself instead of being one sided. The reason we have other branches is to full fill our missions. God bless all the troops that serve and don’t have and attitude like you.

  • CoVet

    All who serve, contribute and although I was ARMY (I’m married to a Navy Veteran), I believe that the Navy, Air Force, Coastguard and Marines are not only equals but my brothers and sisters in arms. Every service member is valuable and none are overpaid. I’ve seen lots of Airforce, Navy and Coast Guards who gave their LIVES for this country. My Dad (an E8 when he retired after 30) used to say there were no unimportant parts of our military (except 2nd Lts! LOL) . Go to the lists of our dead and see if all of them are Army or Marines? Remember All give some and some give all. That’s the reason we have the different branches of Service. I notice you didn’t even leave a name.

  • CoVet

    I’ve never heard a sillier statement in my life. Just what do you think your arms and legs are worth? I see these new veterans at the VAMC when I go for appointments and they are patriotic and have given up much to serve. I’ve never know a mercenary to work for the wages our soldiers are paid. You need to do some research before you make such a statement.

  • Becky Maximo


    Now, this is an Uneducated and Ignorant Remark.

  • rob

    Are you people for real. Go ahead and cut the military pay an see what happens. As a retiree I make just enough to keep a roof over my head and food on my table. Let Congress cut their pay for a change and see how many of them stay in. Our servicemembers are out there 7 days a week 365 days a year keeping us all safe. And don’t get me started about our cost of living adjustments pay. Thats a joke.

  • STS3/SS Easterday

    The ONLY way that Military pay has outpaced civilian is they are using Walmart and fast food resaurants as a base line. Both of which are reducing our wage/hour earnings by only allowing part time workers and only allowing less than 25 hours per week. Most civilians in these positions have to work two jobs to survive.

    What the government should be doing is opening bases back up, building more ships, expanding not contracting, Obama says he can create jobs this is a way to do that, it would create jobs for military personnel, civil service employees and civilian contractors.

    Men/Women in uniform not only risk their lives but also sacrifice a great deal to be in uniform. This very fact should be why they are paid more, also after the government spends the money to train and outfit service personnel and they become proficient at their skills having pay be competitive is a way to keep these people in uniform so we arent constantly rotating people in/out of training and allowing for proficiency to be on the waning side of excellence.

  • Herbert Levinson

    This guy doesn’t know what he’s talking about. In Veit Nam the river boat patrols were maned by Navy crews who took many casualties. And how about Navy corpmen serving with the army and marines. The Coast Guard coxsins bring landing craft into invasion beaches, while these 1% sit in a plush wallstreet office sipping martinis and sexually harrassing the women working for them? They should reinstitute the draft just for millionaires, and put them o the front lines just to give them a taste of the wars they start for profit. former USN.

  • Ranger

    You Sir are an idiot!

    • SFC Carnicelli


  • Nicky

    You’re an idiot. The only time military income is tax-free is during deployment. The reason “half” of the monthly “income” is tax-free is because half is to cover housing. Most military lives on their post, which means the ENTIRE housing allowance goes to the contracted company that maintains military housing. And unless the wife popped out a bunch of babies or the soldier is a high rank, it’s typically pretty crummy housing for the price; but most of the time there’s nowhere better or nowhere else to live. The only military actually reaping financial benefit are the high-ranking and the officers. And that’s a small percentage of the military. Most of the military consists of low-ranks, living paycheck to paycheck like everyone else, except YOU GET TO GO HOME TO YOUR LOVED ONES EVERY NIGHT! You get paid overtime for anything past 8hrs in most states, or 40hrs a week in others, whereas a soldier’s day begins typically at 0630AM and doesn’t end until at least 0430PM, and that’s only if you’re really lucky. You can take a sick day. You don’t lose vacation days for any vacation time that falls on a weekend or federal holiday. You don’t have to get permission to travel outside of a 250 mile radius. You don’t have to provide a death certificate if you miss work to attend a loved one’s funeral. YOU DON’T HAVE TO GET PERMISSION TO BE AT YOUR MOTHER OR FATHER’S DEATH BEAD. YOU DON’T HAVE TO FIND OUT THAT YOUR WIFE’S BEEN DIAGNOSED WITH CANCER WHILE YOU’RE SIX THOUSAND MILES AWAY AND BE TOLD THAT YOU CAN’T GO HOME TO BE WITH HER BECAUSE SHE ISN’T “TECHNICALLY” DYING! AND MOST IMPORTANTLY, YOU CAN WALK AWAY FROM YOUR JOB!!! Wanna know how to cut military spending? Stop building fancy buildings and sending profiled soldiers to training when it’s completely inapplicable to them. The Army tried to send my husband to the unit’s upcoming deployment’s training…he starts processing out in a few weeks! That would have been approximately $18,000 of military spending wasted!

    • Nicky

      Ps- the idiot is the guy that thinks military is composed of mercenaries and that prisoners would be a solution. They’re not in there because they made good choices and followed orders, so yeah, let’s just go ahead a GIVE them guns.




  • Kim F

    This brings up an issue that has been bothering me for a while: First of all, the first few years no one in the military makes too much money (especially enlisted). My husband had been “in” for about 5 years when I started working (after school and vocational college) and I immediately made more money than him.
    After a few promotions and 8-10 years in service, pay finally gets much better – Then, yes, I think the military pays very well, considering enlisted who usually only have a GED or High School Diploma can easily bring in $5000 – $6500 (incl BAH and BAS) which someone who works at Walmart can only dream off.

    HOWEVER: When at War and risking their lives they barely make more money, AND IT REALLY UPSETS ME WHEN PEOPLE ALWAYS ASSUME THAT WHILE HE”S DEPLOYED WE MAKE “BANK”!!! – we don’t!!
    (And if you are a wife like me, you need a lot of extra cash, because I keep the packages coming. Every week something will be on the way overseas.)

    As you can tell, this really drives me nuts! Yes, pay in combat zone is tax free (up to a certain point) – something everyone gets, no matter what country or if civilian or military. That is just how it is.
    But special pay (Hazard duty pay and Hostile Fire/Imminent Danger Pay is a JOKE!! My husband is currently on his second Afghanistan tour and he makes $325 A MONTH in special pay.!!!!!

    So, take that! Now, don’t make the huge mistake and compare it to other Armies – you might get very upset! If you don’t want to get upset, quit reading now. lol
    German Army for instance gets 110 Euro PER DAY (!!!) special pay in Afghanistan!! And their country doesn’t even call it a “war”, plus their missions are not as dangerous and most of the soldiers aren’t allowed to leave the bases. So, PER MONTH (let’s say December) a German Soldier receives 3,410 Euros in special pay, depending on how the current exchange rate is, that could be between $4,460 – $5,600 special pay per month for German Soldiers vs $325 per month for our American “Heroes”!!!
    And then you’re telling me my husband makes too much?! The government should be ashamed for how they pay the troops that are willing to give the ultimate sacrifice!

    • Chris

      God Bless you and your Husband. While I was in the Corps we made pennies as well. The MIlitary serves to protect then when they are done with thier tour of duty the Government and the People of America just toss us out as usless pieces of junk.
      Payed to much my BUTT.

    • Kim F

      Sorry, I wanted to write can easily bring in $4000 – $5500 (incl BAH and BAS)
      a month :)

    • Vern

      WOW $300.00 is what I was making back in the 60s and that is for everything, housing etc. Its will get to the point that no one will go into the military if Washington keeps doing the junk they are doing. I use to talk to young man and tell them that Military was the way to go but today I don’t because the way Washington is treating our troops. Ms God Bless you and your husband and I will be praying for you and the family.

    • Brock

      Was a Vietnam Vet combat infantryman and hardly ever saw base camp.
      I was wounded and survived Tet Offensive. Our combat pay was an extra $45.00 a month. Was proud to seve my Country and would do it all over again.
      Just a grunt!!

  • rdrnr1963

    Seriously? There are a lot of people from different branches out in the dust bowls doing their part. I’m not sure what school of thought you were educated in my friend, but if you think the military is over paid for what they are asked to do….sacrifice their time….money….relationships….and in many cases their lives, I don’t think they’re paid enough….and that is coming from this retired U.S. Army NCO E-7. The Air Force, the Navy…both have special ops units that are ALL OVER that part of the world…probably doing more than you and I ever have, and I was in during the days of fun stuff going on down in Central and South America. Do you feel you’ve earned your retirement? Well guess what….those benefits are likely to be cut in some form or fashion in the future. Is that ok with you?

  • MichMan48880

    If any government workers are paid to much it is the bastards that sit in Washington who do a part time job, retire with more than they were ever worth and can’t pass a budget. These are the fools that need their pay cut, ie. Boehner, Pelosi, Reid, Obama, McConnel and all the other worthless pieces of crap that we call politicians, These fools don’t lay their lives on the line, but our military does. Get you thinking together. The best thing we can do is disband congress and start all over again.

    • Vern

      I being saying that for a long time, Get rid of the mess in Washington and start over.

  • Wayno

    Guest is a jerk by virtue of making only E-6 after 20 years. Loser!
    His words are also reminiscent of a poser…one who wants to be part of something bigger than oneself, but who has no knowledge of how it all works. — AF MSgt (ret.) (26 years.)

  • george Wilson

    I guess you wlked to war. In everythig military and the private sector there are support personell logistics people ,doctors mechanics truck drivers supply people of every discription they all serve maybe not in ditch’s or the bush but they get you there they feed you while you are there they cloth you they arm you run bases or camps to house you on occasion.some fly aircraft to Bomb the enimy to keep you safe. so unless you are currently in a fox hole naked unarmed and starving and tired from walking twelve thousand milesjust to get there,i don’t see any reason to bitch. I’m a former Air force C130 crew chief who served during the cold war . i guess you really hate me. we all serve . Branch doesn’t matter job title doesn’t matter . One well ballanced machine acomplishing a unified goal . thank you to all who serve. Come home safe . All gave some some gave all.

  • Glenda

    You have got to be kidding!


    You need to learn about what your sister services do! I have been in the Coast Guard for 27 years (both active and reserve) and seen many of my shipmates sent into harms way. Not just the everyday exposure to crazed drug runners and others willing to run over our small boats to get their loads ashore (BMC Terrell Horne killed in the line of duty off the coast of California on Sunday Dec 2, 2012) but many who have been assigned to patrol boats in the Persian Gulf for the last 10 years or assigned to US Naval vessels around the world like DC3 Nathan Brunkenthal who was killed along with two Navy personnel on April 24, 2004, when the vessel they were attempting to stop and board exploded. And yes, there are even Coast Guardsmen serving in Afghanistan.

    When we all volunteered to join the military, we essentially entered into a contract with the American people agreeing to protect them in return for a certain amount of pay and benefits. Now that we have performed our part of the bargain, they shouldn’t back out of theirs. If anything, military pay and benefits need to be increased for all personnel to compensate for the extra sacrifices we have made over the past ten years. The problem we have is that the people setting our compensation have never served and don’t have a complete understanding of what it is we do every day of the year.

  • Greg Wilosn

    It takes more than groundpounders to win a war . Who do you thibnk reduces enemy ground attacks before Army and marines go in . You said it Air Force and navy. What does AIR force mean to you? It takes more than groundpounders to win a war. Who do you think flys the troops to the batlefield ? The USAF

  • Cal

    Troll. Don’t you have anything better to do? Is it time for your welfare check?

  • SSG B

    Since you know so much, I think you should do a tour on the front lines. THe US Military full of mercs, not patriots??? Are you kidding?? I could make TRIPLE what I make as a soldier in my field as a contractor (‘mercinary’), yet stay in the uniform due to my principles and patriotism. Every male in my lineage has served this country, we are proud patriots and we are not the minority. Get a life and try to only open your mouth when you have a clue what you are talking about.

  • Cal

    Bush league troll. Don’t you have something better to do? Is your welfare check late, or what?

  • chief789

    time to cut federal spending. lets lower the pay of our lawmakers and put that toward the military spending. then cut that money and puff, we are on target for military debt…

  • wintersoldier

    Most of us asked for it and now we are getting it..nothing left to do but suck it up and do some more planning….Thank you for your service is not the bandaid that is needed…of course, I’m and old guy now and am just waiting my turn for the old dirt nap……. the politicos and my fellow citizens aren’t listening, let alone caring, same old stuff, different day.

  • Tom

    The key statement is the comparison of the rising military pay as a trend in the last 10 years. The author failed to mention that the pay raises 10 years ago began for two reasons: First, to make up the pay gap that existed due to lack of raises in the 1990s; and then because we were at war and it was easier to pass through Congress.

  • USAF SMSgt. Ret.

    The main reason there is all this talk about military compensation is because Congress is being held to the fire for many years of wasteful spending, and the military’s large budget is burning a hole in their collective pockets.
    If there was integrity in that body, they would cut waste, special favors, and pork-barrel earmarks from all the budgets, including defense. Maybe the Congressional Budget Office should publish a list of all the boondoggle that has been put into the defense budget, sometimes over the protests of military leadership.
    As far as the comments about other services, it seems clear that you know very little about the integrated military mission, having seen nothing but your small piece of it. You might also want to consider using punctuation and grammar; otherwise you risk coming off as an uneducated, ignorant boob.

  • john

    My son in law is career Army having been to Iraq 3 times to protect America. He did not back down he did not run away and cry about having to sleep in the back of an open truck, have funerals for his friends twice a week, eat meals out of a box, stay out on patrol in the heat and cold for days and when he was in camp try to sleep with some crazies firing rockets into his connex box (which by the way was his home) he did this so the nut cases would not come here and kill Americans and to show the terrorist of the world Americans will not give up.
    All the soldiers ask is decent pay for their service, it has been this way since WWI.
    If you want pay cuts how about Congress and the Senate where these fools get hundreds of thousands in retirement for the rest of their useless lives for what? Tangling up the government process and infighting about the slightest issue to make their existence seem important.

    • TRE, a Vietnam Vet

      you hit the nail on the proverbial head. It’s about time Congress did some sacrificing of their own. Oh, you know what, how about their dependents not paying back their student loans or the retirements their surviving spouses continue to receive after the Congressperson dies. Really, what have they done for us? Reminds me of the ancient Roman Senate.

    • Russ B.

      I am totally in favor of just about everything John has stated even though I was US Navy. I was in the Korean Conflict so it was nothing todays conflicts at all. Remember this, it is no fun to get shot at and hit when you are aboard a Naval Vessel and patrolling off the coast. Granted, we had our own sack (bed) to sleep in off watch, we had a warm meal and war zone pay which wasn’t much then.
      John hit the right subject when he started talkin about the Congressmen and women and the Senators. All they have to do is serve one term and they get full pay for retirement, like $200,000 per year, for life. Does that make any sense compared to the military?

    • Paul

      Amen & Amen Bro John. You HIT that last point OUT OF THE PARK!! Thank you for your insight.

    • Stingray

      Don’t forget that they VOTE THEMSELVES PAY RAISES! No other workers, no matter in what field, military or civilian, are able to do that!
      And just WHO ARE THEY? Lawyers and doctors that have made the money needed to get themselves the media attention to become known as advocates for this or that and get elected to the gravy train!
      Then once elected, how many have you heard of that haven’t become multimillionaires?

    • CWO Retired

      Yep they get a bunch of money and they also get FREE MEDIACL for life, as does the President and Vice President. Yet they want to cut TriCare Prime. Give me a break

  • Linn USMC Ret

    We the service members serve Our Country not ourselves. When have those in DC gone into combat areas? If they have the services members or body guards have surrounded them and given them protections. The big bucks are in DC and the big CEO. They don’t worry about making a a salary because they have profit … they took their items to other countries to manufacture but bring it back here and want us to buy. They don’t care even if there is basically slave labor so long as they make a profit.

    What is your life worth? I’m sure it isn’t even something you have thought of but the service member has and has given theirs up freely for our country.

    • Stingray

      Linn, profit is what creates jobs. True, not all CEO’s are looking to create jobs here at home in America, but you can lay the blame for that right at the feet of our ‘leaders’ with all of the regulations, fees, penalties, liabilities, and taxation they have saddled them with, basically forcing most to seek other labor sources in order to stay in business. Take a look at what those regulations and the labor unions did to Hostess! Remove the profit, and you remove the jobs. That’s Capitalism, like it or not, but that’s what made America the most powerful nation in the world.

  • CWO, Army, ret

    Look at our wounded who have a lifetime for recovery , with the suffering the undergo and then tell me that the military is paid too much! Shame, shame, that it’s even considered by those gutless ones who choose not serve.

  • Vern

    I don’t know how you made NCO E-6 it was not from using your head. If we did not have all these other service’s then how in the world would the others get to war etc? How would we be able to get food water etc? Should I say any more? Yes one more, Thanks for the Air Force for dropping those bombs in Nam when we were there. Now SGT, I notice you did not say what was your MOS was , but maybe you need to try and fine one that has to do with fighting a war and needs all these other Military services.

  • James

    You’re joking right? I’m also a NCO E-6, and I’m in the Navy. I’ll guarantee you that I’ve put in more hours, and gotten dirtier and greasier as a Seabee than you would think possible. Additionally, I’ve spent 13 months at home since my first MOB to Iraq in 2006. If you’re ignorant of all the factors, sometimes it is truly better to keep your mouth shut than to open it and remove all doubt for everyone to hear.

  • Rick S.

    Your grammar, spelling, and punctuation highlight exactly why you retired as an E-6 and not an E-7 or higher. It also explains why you probably couldn’t get into the Air Force, Navy or Coast Guard.

    As a career mid-level NCO you should really stick with what you know (which apparently isn’t much) and quit commenting on the other services that you have no clue about.

  • MSgt Ret BEC

    I am a retired US Air Force MSgt E-7 and a Vietnam veteran. I got a lot of dirty uniforms rolling in mud at Danang air base in my service to my country. You must have had a desk job and just come out of the service. Why don’t you vent your frustration where it belongs on all of the politicians in our nations capitol who can serve 2 years in a suit and have full pay and benefits for the remainder of their lives. They make at least $15000.00 an month and are currently so lame they cannot come to terms and an agreement to make life in our country more liveable. We will soon fall off of the cliff and it seems not one single politician gives a damm. They are the ones who are everpaid.

  • James

    Ridiculous…..and stupid!

  • Sempervivum Fi

    What an insult to refer to out men and women in uniform as mercenaries! I proudly served my country as a U S Marine Corps infantry officer. I did it for my love of country and to protect our freedom. And so did those I served with in the Corps. Because of today’s pay talented men and women are no longer forced out of service to their country because of financial needs. God bless the United States military.

  • 20yr_member

    I have always thought that a system where for each period of honorable service (say 4 years to start) a member can earn 10% of future lifetime earnings tax free. For eight years it goes to 20% and so on or can establish a cap at 50%. This would reduce the need for higher pay as the incentive is reduced taxes on future earnings. It would also make it a more competive volunteer force as the smart people would be looking to make a career for the long term benefits. Write your elected officials to support this effort. The small percentage of people who serve in the military won’t break the IRS. (not that they aren’t already broke).

  • Robert

    Well, as a 12 year active duty veteran (served 1996-2008) I was making significantly more than I am now as a federal correctional officer. I have been stabbed by an inmate (2009), had 3 co-workers assaulted and stabbed and one killed since I began working this crappy job 5 years ago.

    I was a TSgt (E-6) when I got out of the military. I deployed to 5 times to OIF/OEF and multiple other operations out of AFSOC in Hurlburt Field and I was stationed in Korea (96) and Kadena (2006-2008). My paychecks were around 1900.00 a payday (after taxes) at that point including BAH and BAS. My first paycheck as a GS-6 Federal Correctional Officer was $988.00 after taxes. My gross salary was $38,600.00 a year. Yes, you get OT (IF you can get it) and yes you get shift differential. However, the deductions are insane. Also, you pretty much need a Bachelors Degree if you intend on getting promoted in the civilian sector. Otherwise, it’s just not going to happen. The educational requirements are pretty much standard for most jobs above GS-7.

    First off, you get taxed on 100% of your income (not just basic pay). Also, your retirement is not free. You must pay 1% of your total pay into the system JUST for your agency retirement which only equates to 34% after 20 years of service (military gets 50%). Keep in mind that is ONLY for law enforcement. If you are NON-Law Enforcement, you only get 1% per year of service and cannot retire until age 57 MINIMUM. Lastly, healthcare is not free. For basic coverage I pay $262.00 per month for self and family. Standard plans costs $360.00 per month.

    I currently make $45,992.00 per year. My paychecks after taxes are $1410.00 every two weeks ($2820.00 per month) and I put NO money into my TSP. I have to pay for all my bills with that INCLUDING mortgage. It quite simply sucks.

    I was WAY better off financially in the military. If I include taxes, healthcare and retirement deductions, I would need to be at around $75,000 a year (GS-12) to bring home what I did in the military.

    I am certainly not saying that military makes too much. But, the civlian sector does NOT make more than the military by a long, long shot. That is 100% pure fact. I have worked both for long enough.

    • Imincharge

      Stop crying and go back , the fact of the matter is you didn’t do your 20 . So don’t complain!!

      • john D

        your sound like a whimp——-go back in, but this time—go Army combat arms ! if they will take you—-otherwise I suggest that you just do your ”8” hours a day and go home and count your blseeings—-and let ”us” protect you————RECON!!!!!!!!

        • guest

          john d is not good.

        • Robert

          Wow, Im impressed. Look, I served, my whole family has served since WWI. You really want to break down the branches of military to feed your manhood?

          I remember guys like you. Im not sure how much time you have in. But, I’d bet my next miniscule paycheck that I deployed more than you, in more hostile areas than you and in greater lengths than you did.

          My record shows all it needs to. My total deployments exceed 12 on my career.

          For those that want to do elementary comparisons and measure *****…take a look at AFSOC and Combat Controllers. As AFSOC I served directly next to Army and Marines Special Forces. So, you beating your chest impresses me none. Have nice day.

          Does the reality that those who served arent being served after their service bother you?

          • Josh

            Air Force deployments are no longer than 3 months. I was always sick of listening to you babies cry about being there for three months when I had been in theater for 18 months already.

          • Megan

            That is absolutely not true. Almost all AF deployments are now no shorter than 6 months. I realize the 18 months is terrible, but get your facts right.

          • Mom

            If you served with army and marine special forces how the hell did you let an inmate stab you?

    • Guest

      Even though, everything that you are saying is true, Let me ask you, when is the last time you deploy for 12 months from your current job? Those people that deploy and are not as stable as you are in that job as correction officer, and those civilians that deploy are making in the vicinity of 10k a month tax free, therefore, do a comparison that way. I choose to stay at home and do not deploy anymore, therefore, i am paying the consequences for that. We forget that freedom is not free, it comes from Service members blood, tears, and possible theirs lives. And if you were way better financially why you did not stay in, let me guess you did not want to deploy anymore, well that is your choice, but do not complain about the military pay been too much.

      • Robert

        Actually, I did want to stay in. I had 12 years served and a line number for E-7. But, my ex-wife went bat **** crazy and was admitted to a mental hospital and my three sons were suddenly dropped in my lap while I was stationed at Kadena AB (aged 3, 5 and 7 years old).

        My family is beyond distant. None of us live near each other and we simply arent close. It was unsustainable and my humanitarian was denied. So, I was discharged. Simple as that. I made a choice…my sons or the military. I chose my sons and regret none of it.

        My point was, as I said, Im not saying military makes too much. Im saying the civlian sector is not paid nearly as much as the military sector.

        Hey imincharge, you sound like a real ****** bag. Thanks for throwing out unnecessary insults. Real professional.

    • Mike

      Well I was making 6 figures when I came back into the military I came back to serve not to make money as long as my bills are met thats all I ask. You want to boohoo about what you make get a better job they are out there. Military makes to much no they don’t but they do make enough to have a good lif if they are wise on how they spend.

    • CWO Retired

      Hey here’s a clue for you, get more education and you get more money.

    • Josh

      All I have to say to you Robert is if you’re so unhappy making what you are in the prison system you should go get a differant job. You complain about needing a college degree to move up in they system. The military offered to pay for your schooling. You should have taken advantage of of the opportunities you had. I have been in for eight years all active. I have been deployed for for just about half of that time. I have taken advantage of my school benefits and received my degree so I don’t have to worry about it when I get out. Before I went active I was in a GS-05 position. That was less money than your making. I went and got a new job just as you should if you want to make more money. Complainging online isn’t going to do anyting for you.

    • AirForceRet

      I made my 20. got out and as a programmer I made TWICE what I made in the military, I worked over time and got pay, in the military I DID NOT, when I travel I got hotel, car and my meals, in the military I got my room with a room mate, a car if I travel with more than one and no meals excep for my paid allowence, my insurance entered in the package in the military it MUST be provided since you don’t know when you going to get shot.
      In the military I got awaken by beeper at 2 AM and HAD TO GO IN, if I got call as a civilian I told them where to go.

    • Robert,

      Thanks for posting what many people just don’t understand.

  • DeniseLK

    Only a moron would suggest such a thing! On active duty, I didn’t make enough for the job I did! Do these people realize what a day in the life of an active duty soldier is? If they did, they would not even question the salary these people are paid. I would like to see some of these politicians survive a week in one of the Armed Forces!

  • cwo

    Job for job, the mi;litary does get paid more than a civilian does. Without the draft and using an all volunteer army, that’s what happened. Now, for those FEW that actually earn combat pay, THEY are underpaid for the risk they are forced to take.

    • Minfxbg

      What you have failed to include, cwo, are enlistment standards are higher fr new recruits than in the civil sector, to advancement to the next higher grade is far more stringent than the majority of private corporations , furthermore ll the Services mandate that in order o be promoted, that every member must remain current in their MOS/AFSC with continuing education and training.
      If one is going to compare pay scales, then they need to be evaluated against the same standards and conditions.

      • Robert

        Advancement to higher grades is not more stringent. In fact, it is a cut throat system in the civilian sector. You dont test out or get step promotions. You compete with others and seniority and affirmative action normally dictates who gets promoted. Thats the bottomline.

  • Bob Baker

    This is a nice FLUFFY article. These people don’t realize the military is on a 24 hour basis( the worst I ever did was 22 hr on & 2 hr off for 2 weeks aboard a resupply ship). Back then, Congress gave themselves pay raises tied with the military pay raise. It takes (at best) 18 yrs 6 mo to retire with 50% base pay for the military’ but Congress gets their retirement for at the least 2 yrs.

    How about finding out how many on this panel served in the military and when if they did. I’ll bet not many; if any.

    CPT Bob Baker
    US Army (Ret)
    prior enlisted active Navy & enlisted Army reserve

    • Elmo Labador

      No, they don’t get a retirement for 2 years of service,,,, They are on the same retirement system as civilian federal workers, FERS….. My God, you guys are into ferry-tales….It is very easy to find out what the retirement is for congress…..Believe me, NO ONE gets a retirement like the military….

      • Idmtmedic

        How’s your retirement ELMO?

  • rhkennerly

    No, military compensation is the cost of citizens paying substitutes to avoid military service themselves.

    OTOH, our generous compensation also what allows our civilian minders to waste military resources in poorly thought out interventions.

  • ChiefBull

    Well perhaps Mr. 12 year man wanna’be. But then if “we were paid too much” why did you do the foolish thing against your own self interest and get out. Sounds like you were Napoleon at the gates of Moscow and all your ‘heroics’ with your “crappy”prisonguard job getting stabbed and all. I mean I’ve only been electrocuted twice and spen eight hour on an O/R table at Great Lakes NTC earn my “over paid” status, along with 36 years of bad food, 25 of which were at sea and two combat tours in VietNam. What were you E-4 couldn’t hack it? I’ll bet you were some armor plated desk commando attached to staff in the Guards. Talk about bunch that are overpaid. The rate of pay, dollar for dollar of “Regular” and A/D forces is far behind civilian counterparts and any acccrued retirement benefits only get them even an in no ways makes up for lost wealth opportunities.

    • Robert

      Did you read what I posted or did you just start insulting? Is anyone reading the posts? Does the reality of the pay numbers bother you or what?

      It clearly states I served 12 years active duty, overseas, OIF/OEF. I also served in Operation Anaconda. What didnt you understand?

      Oh, so let me guess, once you arent serving anymore…you are an outcast right? Didnt know that!! I thought respect was given to all who served. Perhaps I have been out too long to see respect and professionalism go out the window.

      The point of referencing getting stabbed is that civilian jobs have hostilities too. Not everyone sits behind a desk.

  • Rick S.

    Ignorant POS… Do us all a favor and STFU. You have absolutely no clue what we do or the sacrifices we make on a daily basis so you can come on here and post the nonsense you post.

    The fact that you come on here as “guest” tells me that you are a coward who is too scared to put on a uniform (other than Wal Mart Greeter) and join us in a combat zone for a year or more at a time.

    You haven’t earned the right to have an opinion on ANYTHING having to do with the military. So crawl back into your hole and leave this conversation to the adults who have served.

  • Mike White

    In response to Robert, get a life. I’ve never heard anyone complain the way you do. Be thankful you have a job, a roof over your head, healthcare… You have so much to be thankful for and all you do is whine and complain. If your job is so bad quit and go back into the service. By the way why did you leave after 12 yrs?

  • Timothy Kirkbride

    My son is a Air Force Pararescue and he has done his fair share of rolling in the dirt and mud and desert heat over the past ten years and four tours of duty in Iraq and Afghanistan. Your broad brush assumptions are a diservice to him and many others who put their lives on the line.

  • Guest

    I am retired Navy and this is a crock. Obviously you had your eyes closed is why you did not see the other branches getting dirty. And furthermore, have you not heard of IAD? This takes Navy from ships and puts them where you (Army) can not fill leadership positions. I will end this before i get really pissed off at your stupid comments.

  • rhkennerly

    little rough on the coasties, aren’t you? If I were a young man looking for an adventurous life of service, I’d join the coast guard: search & rescue, drug interdiction, port security.

    I’d certainly not recommend the Army right now, just for promotion reasons. The fighting is just about over for this generation of soldiers. Those who didn’t get bloodied are going to be severely handicapped in the Army without a CIB.

  • Retired 1SG

    With all the information the we have available to us, let us look at Amendment 27 of the US Constitution, were congress states that no one but no one can vote against them receiving a pay raise, and yes they keep 100% of their pay even after only 1 term, they need to cut their pay as they supposed to be there for the people, NOT!!!, they are there to make money from the government and now they want to cut Military pay. I am Retired and barely making it, My son is on the way for his second tour to Afghanistan.
    For the idiot that says that we are mercenaries, well maybe he is referring for those civilian contractors that are making over 10K a month oh and tax free.

    • Elmo Labador

      Congressmen are under the same retirement system as federal civilian employees. It is called FERS. You have to contribuite %1.7 of your salary and have 5 years service to collect a pension. A one-term congressmen would not be elegable for any pension, a one-term Senator with 6 years would get approximately $17,187 per year at age 62….No money until age 62, much different that military who start drawing at the date they retire….At least tell the truth about things that are easily checked….It makes me wonder what other bull-crap you are slinging.

      • Idmtmedic

        Hey DA go back to your VA job. Last I checked this article applies to military and retirees, which you are neither anymore.

      • Alan

        I looked up FERS. Elmo is right. Not only that, but it is capped at 80%. Lots of people on this board are claiming 100% of pay. It actually seems like a pretty normal pension plan (as compared to businesses who have or had one) to me.

        That being said, most corporations have axed their pension plans because they’re too expensive to maintain. So, maybe they should move to only a 401k style retirement plan like the rest of us.

    • Alan

      That is a gross misstatement of the 27th Amendment. All is says is their pay cannot be changed (UP OR DOWN) between sets of terms. A law can be passed that cuts their pay… it just wouldn’t take effect until the next set of terms start.

  • Stingray

    You obviously never saw Navy personnel in a dirty uniform because YOU were never there! Try finding a Seabee or SEAL in a clean uniform, and they’re probably at a fellow member’s funeral! As a SWC CovOps veteran, I never saw a clean uniform until I left the service in 1965. By the way, my pay was a whole $592 MONTHLY back then, for serving 24/7/365, no liberty, no leaves! Someone had to do the job in Guantanamo during the missile crisis, and I was it!

  • hetchie

    all military members sacrifice their lives so we all are treated equal, but for you to say that the army and marines are the ones getting dirty and the rest do little for ground combat. Dont get me wrong, i’m retired navy and i believe the army and marines could not get Bin Liden so they had to call in the navy to get the job done. So stick that in your pipe and smoke it,

  • Sue Harrelson

    My husband is retired after over 20 years of service. When he was active duty he made so little money that we barely survived. He earned his retirement and free medical and it would be immoral to change things now.

    • Roger

      Thanks for your husbands Service. I as well did 21 years in the Navy and The only thing I really disagree with you is the Free Medical is not Free. We still pay the Tricare Portion all the deductibles, co pays for Dr visits and medication. How free can this be? and to top it off try and live off just retirement pay. Lost my job 2 years ago and no more unemployment and no job. But can’t get food assistance because my retirement pay puts me over the limit and they want us to pay more. NOT/

  • hetchie

    MILITARY is way under paid, we worked 20 hours aday at sea, so if we are over paid then let add up ciilivian pay for the military. so we would get time and half over 8hrs a day, time and half for Saturday and double time for sunday and triple time for holidays. figure it out we are under paid by far since we are on deployments for 6-9 months at a time, 2-3 months here and there, we are never home.

    • GONAVY

      There seems to be a few forgotten items. I served in the US Navy on multiple deployments. When we were in port my team only worked a few hours. Muster at 7AM and gone for the day by 10AM. We usually did not work 20 hours days at sea. This is because the rate of accidents increases dramatically over 8 hours. We normally worked either 6 or 8 hour shifts per day, which are 12 to 16 hour days. On an 8 hour day shift is was 16 hours one day and 8 the next day. As a civilian I put in anywhere between 10-12 hours with no over time since I am a salary employee.
      I agree the military serve personnel are under paid. However, not all of the serve members are under paid. With advancement, special pay, and other benefits the pay is fair. If the CBO wants to look at anything then review the retirement packages. They can look at the retirement packages Senators and Congress. The military retirement is also good, basically based upon final base pay and 20 years or more of service. It is well deserved, but better than the average 401K. Please never forget the sacrifice is great.

      • hetchie

        you are correct the sacrifice is great, I was a HT, all engineering was working those hours except in ports which wasn’t very often. Thanks for your service GONAVY. I done 5 deployments. Would do it all over it if i had a chance to.

  • mikewv

    other then law enforcement no one in the private sector is in the line of fire fighting terrorist and hoping the come home to there families. if congress wants to save some money them stop paying contractor that go over budget. it cost over 400 billion dollars a year for them. you have a contract I thought that ment you bid you go over thats your problem. I think congress is overpaid for the most part doing nothing but finger point at each other dayin and dayout. Its getting the time when they should all be repalced. I think it was Ben Franklin who siad a revolt every 50 years is a good thing. I am not saying thats the answer but cleaning house might be. A nation wide petions to set term limits on these Ahole would be a good start. and one last thing if the military is over paid them why is it they qualify for food stamps and other aid while serving?

  • earcpc3

    Enough already!!!!!!!
    Diabetes Melitus Type II from Agent Orange.
    Chronic Beryllium disease from working on USMC aircraft.
    Needs of the many outway the needs of the few!! President Eisenhower 1947.
    Gout, arthritis, high blood pressure.
    Contaminated water table at Camp Lejeune. Toulene,trychorethane, benzene, perchlorethane. When is the sacrifice enough and the pay acceptable to the non serving civilians.

  • James Tobin

    I spent 22 years in the Air Force. During that time I spent 18 months in Vietnam as a Forward Air Controller. In the field with a ROK Able team hunting the VC and NVA, calling in Air Strikes and getting out before we got into a fire fight. Many Air Force personnel spend time in combat situations. I retired as an E8 and spent my last 4 years teaching Combat and Jungle survival schools to members of Combat Communications Squadrons and 4 Navy Seals.

  • David

    Why is Congress pay to much? Set around on they butt doing crosswords.


    Well mister Army E-6 i guess you think that your combat engineers helped with gettin you ashore on D-DAY or got the air field in Korea in 13 days you are not the only ones who get dirty shot at rocketed you say the Navy needs to have a pay cut chances are mister E-6 if it wasnt for us the U.S NAVY SEABEES you wouldnt have nothing. CAN DO .They want pay cuts let the sorry f—s in washington take a pay cut

  • D Lynch

    NOW HEAR THIS!! If you really want to cut 50% out of the budget and not reduce the military pay and medical etc., allow a federal agency to pay another federal agency. Right now it isn’t done so as to keep all federal budgets poofed to the max. I have Medicare but medicare can’t pay the Veterans Administration for my care…WHY?? If all federal agencies could pay other federal agencies, that would reduce the budget by 50%. There are a lot of federal agencies doing business with other federal agencies. This should have been changed years ago. Until this happens, the congress is not serious about reducing the budget or paying down the National Debt!! Start a draft also as a lot of High School grads can’t get a job and this would help them decide better as to what they would want to do in the future!

    • Denise Modigliani

      From your mouth to God’s ears…this is so very true…! In fact, I think that government agencies, and anyone holding a political position should take a pay cut long before any service person…considering its the things they do, think, and feel that keep the military in such bad shape and most of them, nor their children, have ever served in any Armed Forces…which I think should be manditory…! All civiians can get medicare to suppliment the cost of medical care, why not the military??? I will let my local politicians know how I feel and will talk to friends and family members about this…! This is so very sad for American Armed Forces…!

  • mark marquez

    I remember as an E6 in California, we had to go to the dollar store and goodwill to buy our things, and shopped in grocery stores where the migrant workers shopped because that was all we can afford. We had to rob our savings just to pay for rent. The closest active base was 2 hours away (Edwards), so we could not utilize their services. It sucked. To boot, I had a master’s degree, and it was totally useless as long as I was in the service.

  • will

    I m a Paratrooper and I guess the Navy EOD Teams werent doing anything when they prevented more IED’s than you can count fingers and toes from taking lives. I guess the Air Force didnt do anything but provide superior air support in very tight situations to include the primary communicator on the ground. Guess the Marines didnt do very much by conducting joint operations with us to show us the AO. Guess the Gaurd and Reservist didnt do much for use either by providing us with the type of secure housing, bunkers and other structures needed to facilitate our mission. So to the SSG retired thanks for your service but please exit the building never to return because it is obvious that you have no idea of what you are talking. Therefore I will write your comment or response off as irrelevant.

  • Ralph Deyo

    With that statement I can see why you retired as an E6. Get your S*** together G.I.

    SCPO USN(Ret)
    Cam Rhan Bay
    Ton Son Nhut

  • ChiefBull

    Besides who the crap are you? We do “pay” into our retirement it’s called Social Security,and G/D congress saw to it that they don’t. And, as for Navy medical post A/D retirement well they took that one away from us when we got lumped into MediCare with Mr.12 year, civilian scumbags, “Correctional Oficers”, career civil servants and druggies. As for Navy and no boots on the ground crap in the “stans” and Iraq you don’t know your history.EODs,CBs, ESWS with weapons MOSs. But then most phonies don’t know thei history anyway. You must be a “veteran for Kerry”.

  • Retired A.F. Wife

    I as a military wife can tell you the pay is better after years.Time away from your family which can never be gotten back. They spend 3,6, a year at a time living in foreign country to keep you the complainer safe and free. They stay in constant danger the entire time they are serving . We stayed mostly broke & barely getting by. It is not a joy ride. Unless you served you’ll never understand how hard it is to have to live for 6 months away from your family. I personally don’t think the pay is enough. Now 22 years later there trying to raise or take away our medical insurance the reason we stayed in for . Take care of the people who have been protecting this Great Country.

  • woebegong

    Let the average citizen go through, what a career military guy goes through as far as wars, moving and sacrifices to his family, and then seriously consider this statement.
    It is funny, but each time, our poor political leadership gets into a bind, stories like this and the looming TRICARE PRIME debacle, always seem like easy targets to cut spending with. Eventually, all of the broken promises the politicians have made to the military guys will catch up to them. When the U.S. can’t meet it obligations, as defined by these same politicians, watch the changes take place once again.
    That they even have a place to legislate their moronic rules changes, is the direct result of the guys in uniform, sacrificing so much to give them that. Recruitment is up right now, because these same morons have spent this country into a death roll and ruined the economy so badly, that civilian jobs are becoming harder and harder to get.
    That so many people follow blind rats and have no idea what these clowns are doing to our country, makes me feel worried for our countries future.

  • Wayne

    The only place the military needs to cut pay for is the brass. Let’s see, can some one explain why a five star general should receive $200,000/year in retirement along with all his other perks. That my friends is ridiculous.

    • cmkawacs

      The last time we had a five star general was World War II.

  • jjjones

    Personally, I believe that the military is underpaid and then some.
    If congress and the Washington elitist (not that I think they are elite, but they seem to) really want to save money, they need to look no further than the perks and raises they get every day. Manage to get elected, work in Washington for only a couple of years, and get paid for the rest of their lives. Seems there need to be some rule changes in Washington, not hurt the ones that are out there protecting our freedom.

  • JAT

    “growth in military compensation has exceeded private-sector wages by more than 25 percent over the last ten years”. DUH! It’s because military pay was so far behind civilian sector pay that congress voted to raise our pay until it was commensurate with civilian wages. It’s just another congressional ploy for numbers to say what they want. Why not go back 20 years or 30 years, I bet you find “growth in military compensation” on par with the civilian sector. Congress has to vote on everything they want to spend money on except their pay raises which are automatic unless they vote not to get a raise. When is that vote going to take place? I have served the country in uniform for more than 28 years. Cummulatively, 8 of those years were spent away from my family. I have moved my household and kids 12 times. 7 of those 12 to places most people would never think of moving to. My son cried when we pulled into 29 Palms. Do I get paid too much – I think not

  • 01FXD

    I have no respect for ANY veteran who denigrates the other services.

    Each has a mission in its role of defending and protecting our country. We are the few citizens who sign on the line and volunteer to give our life for our country. EVERY branch of the forces does it.

  • widow of Military

    you are a complete idiot!

  • wendy

    All branches do duty protecting the US, so making claims that some don’t work as hard as others is ignorant. My husband is a Coastie and that small branch has less people in it than the NYPD, has old gear and ships, is pulled thin, and still somehow manages to protect the homeland. That aside, he VOLUNTEERED with many others in the USCG to go overseas for the war and was on the front lines and fought in the sand alongside marines. Don’t be so quick to judge that you don’t fully understand.


    Retired U.S. Army NCO E-6, you are Apparently Confused and sheltered. You need to understand that no ONE service is above the other. I’m a retired U.S. Navy Senior Chief and have worked with USMC, USAF, USCG, and USA for 29 years. It takes all of us to contribute to ONE MISSION, ONE FIGHT! YOU need to research and learn about all of us before you make your false statement. WE ALL HAVE MADE A SACRIFICE AND ESPECIALLY OUR VETERANS THAT HAVE DIED AND SERVED BEFORE YOU WERE BORN TO DEFEND FREEDOM AND DEMOCRACY IN OUR COUNTRY AND AROUND THE WORLD. You need to feel sorry for yourself for making your statement which is a slap in the face for all VETERANS PAST, PRESENT, AND FUTURE.

  • Leroy Driffill

    Lets see how much does congress put on a human life? I live in San Antonio, Texas and being retired I go to Brooks Army Medical Center and I see the sacrafices our brothers have made, maybe our leaders should take a look at what we as the military are willing to give up to defend this country. We don’t have a gun pointed at our back to enlist, for some it would take that to sign that contract, we all are willing to lay down our life for our country, how do you put a price on that. Looking at that I believe we are under paid, I would look at getting rid of the governments bogus funding and leave my brothers alone.

  • Candice

    This must be the most ignorant comment I have ever read!

  • blackhawk_eeyore

    The military truly has a large role to play in the daily lives of our nation as well as other countries throughout the world. We take pride in what we do and I’m sure many of us would do it for far less, but when we retire and get out only to be stomped on and shunned by the general public as well as our political leaders we must cry out for the sacrifices that we have made and they have not.

    The military is making more than ever it is true, but it is still a far cry from what people can make a living with in the civilian world. Many people in the early nineties and eighties had to utilize food stamps while serving in the military. Those days are gone, but would be reinstated if we cut the expenditures to our military. The military members still scrape by and still spend more time abroad than most civilian jobs. The jobs that require such time commitments and travel usually pay much higher due to those requirements of the job.

    Do not take the simple route of making the military pay for their service more than any other. If anything make the system more efficient and justified, by making the military more visual again and streamlining the systems in place for military healthcare so that it is not such a waste of money at this time.

  • MSgt Mac

    When the Congressional budget people and elected officials take a pay cut, pay for medical and pay into a retirement fund then they can talk about cutting military pay and benefits. Our goverment needs to be recycled. They have become too self-serving.

    • Elmo Labador

      Actually, the elected officials can and will talk about your pay and benifits….That is the way it works, the military is under civilian authority…..And you will say ” Yes Sir” when they decide….You can always leave the military and COMPETE with the rest of the world…..But you won’t do that because you really know…deep down…that you are overpayed and retirement is really sweet….

      • jomo soto

        Elmo…you don’t have a clue, even if you were prior military.

      • me05

        So elmo your an idiot. Military gets paid crap to do very hard jobs and work very long hours. Work well over 40 hrs a week but don’t get overtime pay, don’t get night time differential pay. If military is overpaid then why are there so many on wic and food stamps. That stuff goes off your pay so that means military is paid crap to be able to qualify for this stuff. You need to get your facts straight before you open your idiot mouth.

      • Em C.

        Yes, my husband that has put 16 years into the military and has gone on 5 deployments and getting ready to go another year long one, goes into work for 13 hours days is grossly overpaid. That’s why we qualify for reduced lunches and free breakfasts for our kids at the school. Only overpaid people qualify for these programs! Elmo, you need to get your facts straight before posting ignorant remarks.

  • JOHN B


  • CWO Retired

    Wow, E-6 retired, guess they didn’t have Navy Seals or Air Force Air Rescue back in your day. Before you make statement that not only sound rediculous and stupid, chech your information.

  • Guest

    Too much pay? What about all the Holidays our members are gone for but do not get extra pay like the civilian sector, or the 24 hour watches? Take in to consideration every three years we have to get up and move, which isn’t fully covered by the military and we have to figure out where that extra money is going to come out of. Our members work hard for their pay, how about all those who say military makes too much switches places, make them wake up at 5am to do PT, then go work a 16 hour shift , come home to eat then go right to bed because they have to do it all over again the next day. Make them miss almost every holiday, special occasion, birthdays, births of their children to be defending the country or to be on an under way to protect the president when he decides to go and visit countries. How about you cut spending there on those trips that cost us millions? Unless you have walked in our shoes, don’t you dare say we make too much…. because when families have to go to food pantries to make it by, take hand outs at holiday time because they can’t give their kids a half way decent Christmas while the other parent is away putting their life on the line….you dont know what we go through and never will….stop making assumptions and cut spending somewhere else that wouldnt affect your freedom.

  • cmkawacs

    Step up on soapbox:

    Let’s start with General Officer pay and work down:

    Our 4-Stars are paid a maximum (basic pay) $234,804 plus any BAH/BAS. The USAF Chief of Staff employs 330,000 personnel, has an inventory of 5600 aircraft, 400-500 ICBM’s, 33+ satellites, 2200 cruise missiles, keeps secrets based on national security, and the toughest part of his/her job is to send condolences on behalf of the USAF to the families for the sacrifice(s) of Airmen at war. His/her counterpart, a CEO at GM makes $7.7 million dollars, has approximately 220,000 employees, moves jobs across the pond to increase profits, keeps secrets based on the other competitor, and received a bailout because of greed.

    We’ll skip the ranks in between and get right to the “meat” of our military personnel, the junior enlisted:

    Our junior enlisted personnel (E1-E5) receive on average $27,483 ($3.13 per hour based on being on call and deployed) and that number is on the high side because there are many E1’s to E4’s that make less–. They are the core of the mission. They are deployed on average 240 days per year, away from family and friends and many of their spouses are at home with his/her children, in base housing, and on government assistance or frequently receiving Air Force Aid. They turn wrenches on automobiles, fly in aircraft, crew chief aircraft, cook, etc. Let’s talk about the crew chief. He/she is responsible for the lives on the aircraft, safety of the aircraft/lives on the ground (other maintainers) and at times, the aircraft is in excess of $250 million dollars, sometimes exceeding $900 million dollars. His/her counterpart, a maintainer on an American Airlines aircraft starting pay is roughly $58,000 (Based on 40-hour weeks, makes $28.00 per hour), responsible to the aircraft and lives, works a 10-14 hour shift, has holidays off, goes right home to family 99% of the time, and never deploys.

    Next, to draw a comparison and attention to another issue, I am using a CATO Institute February 2012 analysis of Federal workers and their “counterparts” in the civilian sector: In 2000, a Federal workers average pay was $53,000 and the counterpart was $38,000, in 2010, the average pay was $83,000 and the counterpart was $52,000. Sidebar–the 2011 bonuses paid out to Federal workers was $109 million, for what? I cannot see any reason as to why a Federal employee should receive a bonus–no friendly fire in the office cubicles?

    For the most part, military members don’t sit there every day drawing comparisons between their pay and their civilian counterpart’s pay, they sit there knowing that the product they produce whether paper or metal, affects those in the heat of the battle, either kills our enemies and/or brings our personnel back inside the wire safely. It saddens me though that the majority of those CBO personnel never laced up a boot and would dare to draw a comparison of the sacrifices of military personnel with those on the “outside.” There isn’t a comparison as you see above. I say, redraw your conclusions, study a bit more–one other way to save money is to stop the amount of manhours, toner trees, electricity used on dumb and bogus studies such as the one below. How about not trying to redirect attention on federal pay versus military pay–ask the 10’s of thousands of military families if they could use a 1-2% raise. Enough already, leave the ones that provide that umbrella of freedom pay and healthcare alone, I think they more than deserve what they get now and any pay raise in the future.

    Off Soapbox.

    • Wayne

      Back to the question: Should retired general make that much? Or even better, should we have a draft and rotate men and women every four year. I don’t think the military was set up to “retire” from. My father and uncle both served in Korea and Vietnam, paid their dues for four years, got out and went back to work. What is wrong with that?

      • cmkawacs

        Not sure where you’re heading with your comment. What is wrong with retiring from the military? My Grandfather served for 5 years in the Army during WWII, came back home and became a productive member of society. My Father retired after 23 years in the Air Force with Vietnam under his belt along with my Uncle with 24 years and Vietnam, I served 8 years. My wife is going to retire, more than likely as O-6 or above. My family has contributed over 130+ years to the military… not one of them is bitching about retiring from such. The military requires continuity–not 4 year stints via draft/conscripts. cmk out.

    • breechblock6

      Outstanding comment. I could not agree more. Those pencil pushers don’t have a clue.

  • Doug

    Sorry folks, but I retired 11 years ago, and I was making about HALF of what I would have on the “outside”! After 15 years of service as an E6, we had our second child and were eligible for FOOD STAMPS and WIC! At least the commissary took the food stamps (didn’t have to suffer the humiliation off base) to get good food for our kids. Funny how the military is the primary target for liberals and RINOs. I never heard of congress asking to pay part of their retirement, or for part of their medical care! All I hear is charge more for TRICARE, take their money for retirement, make them pay, pay them less, send them away longer and more often! What do THEY give? How much do they get in their insider trading deals? How much from the lobbyists? What do they give back?

    Of course, they are FREE TO DO IT, because the military PROVIDES that FREEDOM!

    Thanks for your service to those that served, thanks for nothing to those that always hate on the military and our families that sacrifice so much!

  • 6th_gen_vet

    One thing many civilians do not know is that ALL military take an oath that they will give their lives if asked. So, even if your job is to drive fuel from one CONUS base to another, you can be asked to die. And that fuel may allow a tank or jet to be there to protect or even prevent many deaths. If one part of the military machine fails, the whole thing can fail! The “boots on the ground” need to arrive there and be supplied, maintained, fed, healed, paid, and then returned, with honor, when they make the ultimate sacrifice.

  • SPP

    If pay for military personnel outpaces the civilian sector it’s reasonable to ask this question because “going into service” used to mean doing more for less in a great cause. BUT, until the skids are put on Federal Employee salaries and benefits first, it’s going nowhere. Active duty members have certainly born the weight of back to back or mulitple wars in the last decade…wait until they find out how they’re treated extra dollars soldiers, sailors and marines…if you feel unappreciated now, just wait until retirement to see much your service was valued.

  • Tired

    The Cretins that think that servicemembers are overpaid are the same ones that have never served themselves. The contract I signed in 1976 has not been honored as it is. Looking back on it all, I would not have served again knowing what I know of America today. One never knows what he may come to despise, but when it is his own country and many of the useless people in it, he gets despondent and regretful for having wasted all of his professional life serving Cretins.

  • T_206

    You’re one sick hypocrite ~ ALL branches of the service get dirty. Who do you think sets up the air fields, provides security for aircraft? Not the Army or Marines – Air Force does. Working 12 hr shifts in the desert/jungle heat, monsoons, typhoons, freezing weather… I’ve been there, done that. 20 yr AF vet, law enforcement. I remember being deployed to Thailand in the early 70’s to re-open an airfield and base.. The first week there was nothing but filling sand bags, digging sentry outlook posts, keeping the Red Horse teams secure and safe… You must have been a back-office weeny never seeing a battle field or been deployed to a war zone. Cut all branches of pay except Army and Marines… I’ll bet you enjoy the annual pay raises though………………. my thoughts

  • Charlie Jackson

    The soldiers in any combat arms position are never , ever overpaid.If you are carry a machine gun, forward of a base, you deserve every dollar on that pay scale and more. They should be able to retire earlier than the NAVY or AirForce chillin in the rear. The NAVY and Airforce can be overpaid if they are not in harms way. Thats not to say that the special operations portion of both are ever overpaid and do a fine job for America. The military in the rear with the gear, could be swapped out with civilian personel (gs) for less cost to the military.

  • Dennis

    I think possibly all of you have missed the point. The only item our Federal budget is under obligation to pay for is our defense per our Constitution. Paying a man or a woman ‘too much’ to stand on the business end of a weapon I am not sure is possible. The cost for our liberty and our freedom from those who would (and are) taking us into socialism and communism is higher than a paycheck can muster. Let us review with a keen eye the amount of money our representatives in Congress, our Executive Branch staff as well as our Judicial branch of government are spending and what they are spending OUR money on – curtail that conflagration by 75% or more and we will have no trouble providing a defense for our freedoms. I say pay a soldier what he is worth and since his life is worth more than any paycheck – limit not what he is paid, but limit those who pay him.

    • MeghanF

      What a beautiful response! I wish I could “like” your post 100 times over : )

  • Ray W

    “Budget hawks”. That’s funny. They’re budget buzzards. A bunch of vultures. We don’t pay our military anywhere near enough. Our military is America’s finest and I thank you. Anybody that thinks we pay them too much, I have two words for you. You know what they are.

  • Simon

    Dear Folks at the CBO.
    I have only one suggestion for the thankless and disrespectful attitude
    that you display now that the waters are somewhat calm. My suggestion is that you read the posted comments, carefully and meditate on it thoroughly before you proceed.
    Why? Because mistakes of this magnitude will come back to BITE.

  • Mike Read, USMC(Ret)

    I wished these idiot congressmen, women would place themselves in our shoes in combat for jut one day! If you want to talk about overpay? Let’s talk about what congress and the senate does! Nothing but exhibit greed and corruption. How many ex-servicemen are in congress? There will be soon. This dumb-ass has got to be one of the most stupid people on earth. When did they ever put their lives on the line for anything. My son was in Afghanistan not long ago I was in Vietnam in 1966 and wounded multiple times. I can’t walk because of a bullet in the head and I’ll trade my pay for his anytime. Mike Read, USMC(Ret)

  • Steve Paramore

    Why don’t you friggin’ “budget hawks” strap on a pair of combat boots, fatigues, snatch up a rifle, and go get your ass shot off for the budget deal you offer our Nations’ heroes. Bigot, “take the easy way out” spineless pricks !!

  • shooshanre

    There is no job in the civilian sector that has the requirements of those in the military. None! If the members of of our government who are responsible for making these decisions had actually spent time in the military and were unlucky enough to get deployed and into combat, they would have a different outlook on compensation. It isn’t the soldier who is over paid. The officer corps that writes the regulations and proposes the pay rates is the group that is over compensated and whose retirement is far greater than an enlisted soldiers. That where the cuts should be made, if any. Just because the members of our Congress cannot restrain themselves from spending the money from any new revenue stream on some useless programs or providing themselves with more benefits is not a reason to dump the problems resulting from their lack of restraint on the backs of the soldier.

  • William R. Rodis

    I am retired from the U.S. Army and it is absolutely shameful to see those who never served, and even some who have (such as Senator McCain), advocating that this Nation dishonor its commitment to its veterans. Too many in Congress proclaim their support for our military, but only use it for cheap political photo opportunities. The fact is that benefits were promised to our veterans, and to now take them away is an absolutely shameful breach of trust. When folks wave flags and proclaim their support for our troops, hopefully they mean something more than a hollow, symbolic gesture. Let Congress cut its own health care benefits; leave alone those of us who served this Nation and relied on its promised health care benefits.

    • Doug

      Thank you! I can still hear the recruiters and commercials…. Free health care for life, etc etc….. now what? We accepted the low pay, long hours, holidays in a hole, separation from our families, and now, the lure was a lie?
      Thanks for your service William, I can relate!

    • Allen

      We get 2 1/2% per year towards retirement. 20 years = 50%. The congressman for 100% for serving 6 years or more. Is this fair.

  • Ray Fisher

    Check out what England and Australia pay their troops.
    It’s more than what we pay.
    As far as the guy who wants to cut the pay for Air Force, Navy and Coast Guard
    Because they are not in direct combat. Who does he think ran swift boats and PBR’s in Vietnam or flew F-4’s and B-52’s over North Vietnam.
    Even Coast Guard boats interdicted boats running contraband up and down
    The coast .
    I was an REMF in Vietnam in my 2 tours there, but the NVA still rained rockets
    Down on us. should I have been paid less than the grunts?

  • Richard Bennison

    You must be an Obama sympathizer !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You don’t sound smart enough to not believe the BS you wrote.

  • Ashleigh

    Your a guest first off… so your comment means nothing because you dont have the balls to stand behind it. My husband is in the USN, no, most of the sailors dont get off of their ships, HOWEVER! they have no where to run when their ship is targeted and shot at, 95% of the crew is stuck under the water level and left to depend on its officers to tell them how to save their own lives. If a bomb goes off on the sand, how many get hurt? If a bomb goes off on a ship and sinks hundreds die. Every department of the military has extream risks, if you have ever seen or heard of the horror stories when a fire breaks out on a ship then you would know. Last time I looked there are plenty of ground troops in each military, you are an ignorant waste or air who lacks the balls to stand behind his empty remarks.

  • Lovay

    When I see an accountant out slogging in the mud or spending a year or more away from their family, then I will believe the military is paid too much. What they need to look at is all of the high wages paid to the Defense Contractors. Billions of dollars are wasted or lost due to fraud and mismanagement. The military members are the ones that stand between all enemies “foreign and domestic”. You ask so much and in return pay so little. Think before you go after the wages of the military.

  • iprazhm

    They are paid too little. Our country has a skewed view of what heroism is.

  • azman1979

    For those that think we are paying our service men and women too much, they should spend some time in the military under the same circumstances our men and women are and being shot at daily and THEN answer the question as to whether they are being paid too much. I think that they may change their minds. If they do not then they are certifiable and should be put away. The military earns every cent they make,

    The congressmen and women ARE being paid too much but do you see anyone talking about that. HECK NO. That is a sacred cow. We can get along without the congress but NOT the military. To make matters worse they can vote themselves pay raises and do in congress and do they do anything to stop that. NO, they are only in congress to make more money for themselves and their cronies.

    • Charles

      Yiu said it , lets make them serve in the military before they can serve in congress

  • Jerry

    The Congressional Budget Office budget needs cutting, then send them to war….Need to balance the budget cut the government by 50% and stop giving our money away to foriegn countries…. Give us the decision to give it away. Too DAMN simple huh?

  • Larry

    Your are truely pathetic in your thinking. You have to be one of those who did not serve this country and believe we all owe you something. Look around and either get on board or please do all of us a favor and move out of the country.

  • Bob Mason

    It is nice to comment here and talk with others who feel the same but don’t forget to write your elected officials. It is very easy above to just click on the let your elected officials know and type them your message. We need to let these clowns running our government know we have had enough of them sticking all the woes of the economy on the people who are out working to make things better. I am so sick of seeing lazy, malingering fools laughing at us working while they sit home on their fat ass and watch Maury or Judge Joe Brown to see if any of their friends or relatives on there. Take all of these non-working fools and put them to work on community projects and make them take drug tests like we have to before getting pay. Stop picking on those who have done their duty and cut out those with their hands held out for all the government freebies. Reward accomplishment and give incentive to those who aspire to be better and don’t reward the slugs who’s only goal is to see how many government programs they can quality for.

  • Patrick

    Since the military draft was ended in 1973, military pay and benefit compensation had lagged behind the civilian sector for almost three (3) decades. It was only in the last decade that military pay and benefit compensation was adequately addressed in order to meet the growing recruitment and retention demands of the All Volunteer Force structure to meet the many unique challenges in a post 9-11 decade. The last decade was a ‘catch up’ period of compensation for servicemembers for the previous three (3) decades of lagging compensation. The CBO’s deliberate misleading report on military pay compensation smacks of the kind of political partisanship that reeks of the sewage spewing out of Washinton these days.

    • Wayne

      Patrick, well said!

  • jackie

    All the people in Washington and all around that think servicemen and women are over paid are completely insane. It’s ashame that our government wants to take all they can from the military instead of taking it from their own pocket. Appears that they will cut anything except their pay,retirement,health benefits etc. I dont think they know how much stress and hardship is put on family”s, children etc. And if you served in the military and are on the side of taking away from the military you’re just as dumb and self centered as they are. Get your head out of your butt n try to start running this country as it should be, Go back to basics and use the Bible as a guide it would help our government out extremely. The American Bible.

  • MeghanF

    Putting the subject of compensation completely aside, the military is a lifestyle full of sacrifice and honor, required of all members of a military family, and one that requires an unwavering pride and loyalty to our great nation. It is absolutely shameful that the benefits promised to servicemembers upon enlistment are being threatened by the same politicians that commend the strength of our military during election periods. I love our country and everything our Founding Fathers envisioned for our future as a nation, but I can only pray for the corrupt individuals who now dictate our liberties.

  • Bill

    Lets get real. The reason for the raise in military pay was when the draft was ended they had to raise the pay to get volunteers to enlist to maintain the number of people serving. Now they want to reduce the costs by taking money and benefit away from retirees who served faithfully for 20+ years. If reductions are made the enlistments and retention rates will drop considerably.
    Of course we probably wont need them anyway since President Obama will be going around apologing to other countrys leaders thinking we wont need a military. Get real without a military the country will suffer.

  • jim

    To the men and women who serve, you desrve more than can be possibly paid. I don’t think we sat around and worry about our pay. But, doing our job to best of our ability. At the same time we want to know our families are going to be able to live a decent life. Mr. President and Mr. and Mrs. Congress persons pull your heads out of your back sides and look around and see the men and women who serve 24-7. They deserve more than can you offer. It is a diegrace to talk of renigging on what was /is promised.

  • Guest

    How about this: Reduce base pay by 10% across the board, but then double the combat pay. May or may not save money, but it would make the congress and president think twice about making more combat commitments

  • Steven Kowalk

    I was in the military for 25 years. Until congress or any elected official makes less than the military, they are wrong to cut pay. Congress wont do its job, but gets to keep all money and benefits. If a military person did this, they would be court marshalled. Talk about whose calling the kettle black.
    These people calling the shots dont have a clue what our military does or is all about, even John McCain.




  • dissatisfiedcustomer

    Obviously anyone wanting to cut pay and/or benefits never served.

  • Ron Gray

    How many members of congress and Members of gov’t have made the sacrifice?
    next time you need someone to go in harms way instead of yourselves or your son and daughters remember we’re over paid.

    • Ron Gray,

      Didn’t you have the same option running for Congress as all Americans have?????

  • Jack

    During my 20 years in the US military I never had a 40 hour work week. In fact I made $0.27/hour on one tour with only half of one holiday meal with my family.
    That wasn’t in a war zone either…want to talk about benefits? Each retired person has paid for TRICARE for 30 years AFTER retirement…what’s the rule for fed workers??? Get your head out people.

  • flatwoodsflyer

    What the hell is this, if you want to cut some paychecks, how about the do nothing congress and the senate, our military people risk thier lives every day, while the congress and the senate sit on thier ass`s and do nothing, but try to screw the middle class , now they want to screw with the military, who the hell brought this idea up, if they screwed with thier pay you would hear them screaming , crying , blowing snot across our great land, who the hell ever you are you better get this notion out of you`re head’ I just can`t believe someone would even think of this, my, my ,my

  • AirForceRet

    Funny that when the TRUTH is written we can’t posted.

  • Bubba

    Let me ask you this question. Are we paying our Government Representatives to much? Can they pay more into THEIR retirement and actually pay for THEIR health benefits. C’mon, we all know that Congress votes for their pay raises, and who isn’t going to vote for their raise????

    • StompK

      News to Bubba, you are a govt representative.

    • Doug Ingram

      Congress has not taken a pay raise in 5 years, civilian gov workers have had a 3 year pay freeze that will probably be extended for several more years. This country is BROKE. If the military is as patriotic as it claims it will accept lower pay. We probably need the draft and low pay to encourage people to stay 2-3 years then get out. This will reduce the multiple tours that seem to be so distructive to vets, lower the cost to the nation and encourage the people to get more involved in the decisions to go to war. This is how we finally left Viet Nam, and I suspect we will leave the Middle East to the Musulims to do as they please.

    • Terri

      Do you realize that the congress do not vote for their pay raises, which are 10 percent of what they get. They simply have to not vote against them. Since we are talking compensation, their widows get 100 percent of their full pay without paying for any spousal benefits. My husbands must pay so that if something happens to him, I will still get 50 percent of his retirement. Now, lets talk about the lifetime medical that we were promised. It should not be changed. We pay for Tricare Prime so we can enjoy the medical my husband faught for.

  • Bill Ousley

    We can talk about this ’til the cows come home…………..but the do-nothing congress is only after making one thing survive. That being THEMSELVES!! First, they’re overpaid, they keep the same pay forever after leaving office, they’re paid for extensive uneccessary travels and now they want to ax the military. What a bunch of scum-bag!!!!!!

  • Sherri

    When Congress cuts their pay and reduces their benefits and have to pay into their retirements, then they can talk about making the sam changes to military pay. Most of the men and women in office have NOT served one day in the military or been shot at or indanger of being killed on a daily basis. So they should look at where the cuts should really come from.
    America is becoming a dictatorship, all the freedoms we have fought for are being taken away, one by one. We should just shut down the military and let the Congress take over. We will all be dead or in prison in no time.
    God Bless America!

  • Rosalee

    I might be interested when the waste that is known as congress cuts back.
    But better yet, why not send the civilians next time if they would be cheaper???

    • StompK

      If you send in the civilians, who will pay taxes to cover your military pay?

      • Terri

        The military also pay taxes. So, guess they would pay the civilians.

      • RCMassey

        Soldiers, Sailors, Marines, Airmen/women, Coast Guard and yes Retirees all pay taxes. I believe those that are deployed may be exempted; and I am sure someone on this post can address that issue as I have been retired for over six years now. You need to do a little research before you make a statement such as this….

    • Elmo Labador

      All military people were civilians prio to training….We should not have a professional ( Mercenaries) military.

  • Guest2

    I think you are confused. While people may enter the military for different reasons, and yes some of those reasons include making money. But who doesn’t consider income when making a career choice? Why should the solider, marine, airman or sailor be belittled for considering the income factor? Also, the mercenaries of which you speak now reside in the elected government. When was the last time an elected official did anything for anyone that did not include a pay back for themselves? You’ll notice when there are talks of reducing defense spending, the target is not the defense contractors who spend millions and never met deadlines. The target is always pay and benefits for the people. Reduce the force size, ask veterans to pay more.. When government asked Chicago teachers to pay more, they went on strike, when Hostess asked their employees to pay more, they went on strike. The people in military cannot go on strike, despite the talk of reducing their benefits or freezing their pay, they all show up for work the next day and continue to perform their jobs. This report says nothing more than the GROWTH of military pay has exceeded the growth of civilian pay. Considering military pay was at least 25% BELOW civilian pay to begin with, it is no wonder that the GROWTH of the pay increases has been bigger. It is just more of the same political garbage and word play done by people in positions of power who really do nothing more than vote themselves pay raises and exceptions from the rules the rest of us have to follow. It is just so sad that so many people continue to fall for it.

  • Pappy

    Before asking a service member to pay for their healthcare and retirement, every member of congress should be giving up every fringe benefit and retirement perk that they enjoy now.
    There is a big difference here. Service members must perform or they are let go. Congress is an oxymoron for performance. Better yet, when have they ever accomplished anything without wasting enormous amounts of time and resources? Not in my lifetime! The only thing you can depend on them for is to cash their checks and to break session for vacations and breaks on time!

    • Pappy,

      “There is a big difference here. Service members must perform or they are let go.

      And if Congressmen don’t perform, they are voted out of office.

      • Terri

        Or into the white house.

  • Lisa

    I served for 27 years and mosy of it I was a single mom paying more for daycare than rent. My children have sacrificed more in thier life than most of the people saying the Military makes to much. I have a good job and I am one of the lucky ones than have been blessed after serving thier country. This guy complianing about not making enough and saying he needs an education to move up must not know about the benifits for vets. Post 911 GI Bill will get this guy the education he needs. Why isn’t he using it?

  • Retired CMSgt.

    Since our government is willing to give to illegal immigrants and to those in America on welfare, but could actually work; it is a disgrace for any Verteran to ever be homeless or in need of anything. They have offered (and given) the ultimate sacrifice for our country and we should be ashamed for trying to diminish their benefits or salaries. Congress should relinquish their outrageous pensions and retirement packages for our Verterans!

  • StompK

    If there weren’t people working in the civilian world, the military would exist. Get off your high horses guys. You work FOR the civilians.
    Desert Storm Vet.

    • Stompk,

      Yelp, most people haven’t ever read our own Constitution.

  • Lee Carranza

    You know who is REALLY overpaid? The sharks on Wall street that crashed our Nation’s economy and gave themselves million dollar bonuses at the end of the year. The CEOs and other corporate bums that can crash a whole company and walk away scott free because of the fine print in their contracts (aka the golden parachute). And don’t forget the big 3 in Detroit who have tanked the American auto industry and flew to DC in private jets no less to beg for money and claim they’re broke with all bail out moneys given by the wonderful American tax payer. And by the way, service members pay taxes too. Well here’s an idea from the past with a new twist

  • William Alford

    Are service members paid too much, not at all. I have yet to see a person, other than a law enforcer or fireman, put their life on the line in a combat zone so as to protect the freedoms enjoyed by all who live in the United States of America. Military persons deserve every cent they are paid, infact, the sheer nature of their work demands more!

  • jchavez3628

    As a disabled Army vet, I find it very insulting that the government is assuming that the military is being over paid, why doesn’t congress/senate go and do what we have done to protect this country,. we’re the ones who put our lives on the line so that they can sit on their asses and do absolutely nothing but screw everyone else in the country who isn’t rich enough to not have to work ever, by giving the rich tax breaks and increasing the cost of living but not giving a monetary raise to be able to survive.

    Edit: I also find it insulting that the government will think that by lowering the military pay or by making them pay for their medical etc. that will fix the problems that the government made when they decided to screw the national debt. Remember the government was responsible for the national debt not the men and women who fight for the country



  • Candace

    this has to be a joke, right? I know many service men and women who pick up second jobs just to pay the rent. My family and many others live paycheck to paycheck and not because of irresponsible spending, but because that’s just the way it is. Our service members have given enough. Not to mention their families. My husband was deployed for our daughter’s birth, as well as her first birthday. There is no amount of money that could make that okay and we will never get those precious days back. These men and women lay down their lives and pay the ultimate price to serve this country, many end up permanently wounded and we have some veterans that are completely homeless. Why is that? Oh yeah, for the people who are wondering if they got paid too much while they were alive! There are certainly cuts that need to be made if this country is going to thrive, but there are already too many cuts laying in Arlington, VA. Don’t make our troops and their families suffer more than they already do. Get down on our level and see what it’s like.

  • Navy Retired

    That is the most ignorant, irresponsible comment that was ever posted.
    You are obviously clueless about the military and what our servicemembers are subjected to on a daily basis.
    Why don’t you strap on a uniform and spend six months in the Kandahar valley so you can appreciate the sacrifice on a first hand basis. Then come back and continue your pointless rant from a different perspective.

  • George Fox

    Who knows, maybe sometime in the future, the majority of the enlisted force will have had enough of Congress and our President wanting to cut their pay and PROMISED EARNED BENEFITS will chose not reenlist. This nation is in serious trouble and the President and the Democratic Senate are taking us down a road to self destruction. Military spending is not the problem, all the spending on the freeloaders is a large part of problem, along with all the other crap they waste money on. The Army retired E-6 who think the Air Force, Navy, and Coast Guard should not get pay raises as they do not get their uniforms dirty must have never been anywhere or learned much in the military. I wonder who he thinks maintains and flies the aircraft that comes to the aid of the Army and Marines when an air strike is called for. All enlisted personnel in the Air Force, Navy & Coast Guard are in support of all military combat actions as well as in the defense of the waters surrounding our country and our homeland.

  • bob72076

    I know how the DOD could save billions of dollars, deactivate the Congrssional Wing at Joint base Andrews. There is no reason why a senator or representative can’t fly commerical. The only one who needs their own plane is the president.

    • RCMassey

      And, any travel via government aircraft should be for official duty, not to take a vacation or sight see!!!


    I don’t know any service member ever working 40 hour work week or 2040 hour per year and getting paid overtime. Family separation,

  • sal

    Are they freaking kidding me?? Do they have any idea how many servicemembers actually have to use foodstamps because they don’t make enough to pay bills (particularly those who have to wait in line for housing)?? If you ask me, I think we’re paying too much for these congressional budget inquiries. And on top of that, we’re paying way too much to these so-called congress people who keep reneging on the promise to our military whose lives are constantly on call and on the line. Fire Congress is what should be done!!!

    • Charlesw

      What we need is for the states to change the rules on running for congress,, 1. MUST serve 2yrs in the ACTIVE military. 2. Use Social Security as their retirement. If each state did this we would not have the boondoggle we have now.

  • Diappointed

    Our Government in action. This is what they need to do.
    1. Congress cuts there pay and benefits since they have the best pension
    plan on the planet. One term, full pay and benefits for life.
    2. Cut foreign aid. its about time they take care of themselves. Stop wasting
    money on buying allies.
    3. Cut they over half trillion dollars a year (tax free) on taking care of illegals.
    Either make them citizens so they can pay taxes or deport them and close
    the borders.
    4. Make Coorperate American bail this country out since they along with
    Washington caused the problems to begin with.
    5. Make Coorperate America pay heavy fines until they bring back jobs they
    out sourced to Mexico, China, Thailand, India and various other countries
    around the world.
    6. Get read of OBAMACARE
    7. Stop buying oil from other countries, drill here. Keep the money here.

    • RJMeade

      Ican generally concure with most of these comments, but the funding issues can not be clearly defined. I do agree the govenmntal offies that review military wages should come under the same rules as the military has.

    • Elmo Labador

      Congress has the same pension that civilian gov workers have. It is called FERS, and it is not near what a military pension is. I retire with 21 years with a pension of $500 after I pay my health care premiums. ALSO, I start collecting my pension at age 55 or older, not at age 38 like many military people. If the military wants a congression pension I don’t think they will be very happy with it.

  • Arthur maynard

    I was in Vietnam in 69,you be the judge? I was a E-3 and I made 80 dollars a month! I received 65 dollars more a month when I was in combat! that brought me up too 145 dollars a month? USMC,Jar-Head!

    • Dwight

      A-Men brother. I was there during 68-69.

  • StompK

    All you pro military stooges had better start showing the civilians in this forum a little respect. They are your bosses. Have you forgot who you work for?
    Desert Storm Vet USN VQ2


    You are a bonified idiot. We who volunteer to serve dont want these retards in the military.

  • veteran

    No Terry Howell (author of article) the question is, is Congress over compensated? Yes Terry, they are!!

    • Dwight

      Congress will always be overpaid. Its deemed that a newly elected official
      to Congress only has to serve 6 years in order to collect benefits for the rest of his/her life including medical care. Now the active duty military man/woman have to pay for their dependents medical care, true, but it continues long after their retirement and it continues to go up. Congressmen/women don’t have to worry about their medical going up, cause they constantly get pay increases that they vote on. The Military don’t have that option, they just have to wait for it.

  • Coronado

    If military personnel is overpaid, then why are they in the position of needing Food Stamps? Why would any congress person even think to take away anything from an active duty or retired military. Veterans signed a blank check giving their lives for this country and yet congress feels they need to give the rest & get nothing back. This is uncontionable! Why can’t Congress make a sacrafice? Why can’t they give up their exclusive protected retirement pkg that only they get and pay into the Social Security plan like all other Americans. Our military & veterans should not have to make any more sacrafices while the nations wealthy gives up nothing at the expense of the average American. Not ethically or morally right.

    • Terri

      If congress were to take only social security and not their special pay, then I believe that they would fix the broke system and stop stealing from us.


    This would be a relatively simple fix. Have these CBO people and congress spend 30 days in the field living out of an 80lb rucksack and carrying a full combat load. Then have them go on a 10K foot patrol and shoot at them every now and then and tell they can’t return fire until being told by higher to return fire.
    Or have them in an aid-station trying to save soldiers with lost limbs, blown off faces, etc…
    Also have the CBO and congress visit Walter Reed before going any of their numerous recesses.
    Soldiers take a hit on pay, every government( including the POTUS) worker takes the same hit.

  • Jose e.

    When I met the ex-president of the UNITED STATE OF AMERICA, In Puerto Rico Mr. Bill Clinton, favoring and campaining for, President OBAMA, for reelection, I met whit his wife, the Secretary of Defense,Mrs. Hilari Clinton, I asked her; I hope that if and when she get elected, not to foreget the Vetrans of Puerto-Rico that needed so much help with the provblems like; Health Care, and rightfulness of geting Compesated on there cases for pension, compasation and took take a look at the life of Homeless Veterans. Now that sombody said lets CUT the benefits of OUR people, why don’t you take Billions of Dollars from your bugeth for war, abd helping others Countrys, ( WE THE ONES THAT ARE HELPING TO OTHERS COUNTRIES) Now we are going to be resposible for monies that we also fought for it.

  • SKI

    When I read comments I don’t like to see people using derogatory words but I have to say, you are truly an idiot. What service are you serving in? I know there are soldiers that are in for the college funds and others who are in because the economy is tough. For you to say that the military is nearly all mercenaries tells me that if you have ever even served than you must be one of the mercenaries you speak of. I have been around the military since 1985 and I can tell you that those I served with around the world are patriotic and they love their country. They are willing to lay down their life in the defense of our country not for money but as a sense of duty or loyalty.
    And what good would it do to put a “gang-banger” in the military? What, give them 4 years of weapons training and tactics? Pull your head out of your fourth point of contact and think or at least listen to those smarter than you. It is people like you who got us into the situation we are in now.

  • aaronford411

    this is by far the biggest bunch of crap ive heard of in all my years of living. you ask a person to sacrifice life and limb and realize oh were paying you too much money. This article cannot be serious nor the people that created it.

  • subdriver

    “Just send the gang bangers to the infantry” . . . your ignorance is astounding, but I suppose it’s to be expected. You have demonstrated you haven’t a clue about what our military people do, nor how much training and dedication to the job is required. Perhaps you should educate yourself before commenting on such important things.

  • ThoseWhoServe

    Feel free to reinstate a draft with no exemptions. All will serve for two years.

  • Underpaid Veteran

    So here’s the email I jsut sent to our ‘representatives, via the link at the bottom of the article –… :

    “Are we paying our Government Representatives to much? Can they pay more into THEIR retirement and actually pay for THEIR health benefits?

    “Forgive me, this is about the Military, not Congresspersons. If you have never been in the military, I suggest you sign up immediately for a mere one year stint, before you decide you should constrict military personnel’s ability to pay for housing and food. We are not cannon fodder.

    “Your reactions to this issue, and your votes, will be noted.

    Thank you for your time.”

    A watered down version of what exploded out of my mouth when I read this sh*t.

    What they are doing is shock doctrine. Loot, land and labor. Set people against each other, and scalp them while they’re distracted. Just like the ‘fiscal cliff’, which does NOT exist.

    Tearing us apart so they can pocket the proceeds. D*mn them.

  • John

    Join yourself. The first time you get shot at you’ll sh*t yourself. Then you’ll say I don’t get paid enough for this. Your not a patriot, you’er an idiot.

  • Alan Dooley

    Next time we decide to go to war somewhere that doesn’t matter, why not send the whole damned staff from the Congressional Budget Office? Then they can suck up all the benefits, and just think of the savings from not having to recruit!

  • J W Potter

    You need to learn English, spelling and punctuation so that people can understand what you mean and take you seriously. As written, I totally disagree with you. You have given no thought to the discipline required, past draft results or the education required to be in the military now.

  • wm hewitt

    Everyone, from cry-babies to angry ., young selfish pups, take a short research break: Mark a particular unit as typical; put the whole muster roster on time cards; at the emd of a test period, pay the group time and one-half for all work over 40 wekly hours, extra pay for hazardess duty, double pay for holidays, and comp time for hours worked over minimum. Ask: how does the test payroll compare to the present standard? What percentage of troop increase will be needed to fill the jobs of those filling in for those on holiday?

  • Robert

    Jerk, ignorant jerk. Better yet, an uniformed jerk.

  • Military Math

    The lead CPO statement comments on the “growth rate” not the amount paid. The entire argument from Bush era forward was that the military was paid less than their civilian counterparts… then it was decided that the military pay should catch-up. Hello!! That is why the “growth rate” is more. This is an absurd conclusion from an obvious observation. If CONGRESS decided to make military pay on par with civilian pay, it is only a matter of fact that the growth rate would then, necessarily, be more (else it would not ever catch-up in the first place!!). Lovely.

  • jrfsenior

    No matter what the question or comment is, someone no, everyone has something to say about it and what they believe they know. I spent 12 years before medical retirement. In that, I lost a family, spent 5 tours in a war situation and was threatened a number of time about lowering my rate and pay grade. first, if you have never been under the “gun” please shut up! if you have then I bet you’ll believe the same as I do. The boys are sworn in the same way as all of the times before. they don’t get enough pay, their family suffer with shelter, and food situations. If you consider reducing the military pay let them consider resigning. if you believe that they don’t do enough then you need an attitude adjustment. that is “a day in the zone and on a mission” make your decisions after that event.
    The men who run our government sometimes makes me sick to hear some of the suggestions that they have for the military men and women. To read something like this article tells me that since the military is volunteer they should all just quit for a week or two until the people with the power to pay get the jest of what is really going on out there!


  • Alan

    I know my opinion won’t be worth much. I spent 5 years in the Navy, mostly at a cushy desk job, quite honestly, but I knew many sailors that were on the ground in Iraq in Afghanistan, and others who may not have been “in the sh!t” but still sacrificed a lot. I have the utmost respect for those guys. I probably made more than I deserved (maybe not at the beginning, but at least towards the end of my job), and I know there are a some like me who have never seen true combat. So, why not cut base pay a little, but up the combat pay? I don’t have the numbers to do the math, but there should be a level at which the government could save a couple billion, but not actually cut anything from those serving in war zones who deserve every single penny they’re getting. I don’t think TRICARE should be cut, either, at least not from the standpoint of the servicemembers. I think we should be pushing Humana to lower their rates a little instead. Why is no one pushing on the insurance companies, why do the citizens and/or soldiers have to sacrifice instead? The insurance companies make plenty of money!

  • ArmyWife

    It scares me to think there might be more people in this country that think the way you do. This month my husband will have served 18 years in the Army, 2 more years and he retires. We were apart for an entire year while he served in Korea, 14 month in Iraq and 12 months in Afghanistan. He has suffered from PTSD, nightmares almost every night, any loud noise made him jump…my husband came home a different man. After lots of counseling and group sessions, I now have back the man I married. He now works with wounded soldiers and has decided to do the same when he retires. People like you think the military get paid too much..really? We have to live in post housing ( isn’t saying much ) which takes all his BAH.
    For you to sit there and say such hurtful things about our soldiers and to even compare them to mercenaries is unforgivable, you need to be drafted, sent to Fort Leonardwood for 6 weeks of training, then sent to Afghanistan for 9-12 months and then see if you still have the same attitude you do now. I think you would be typing something totally different

  • Alan

    Makes me wonder, how does the 80/20 clause in Obamacare work for TRICARE? If Humana makes more than 20%, where does that money go? Maybe the percent of their business that is Tricare should be returned to the government. (Anyone note that they’re getting almost 45 cents for every dollar our servicemen and women are making? I think that’s outrageous!) Of course, when Obama tries to pressure insurance to lower their rates it’s “unrealistic” and “will cost the people more money.” If we can’t take it from the insurance companies pockets, then who is going to pay for it? The people! So what sense does that make?

  • Alan

    I agree that government is wasteful and needs to make some cuts. Maybe congress should take a pay cut, but that would be more symbolic than effective – its a drop in the bucket of the budget. Maybe their perks could be cut, would probably save more. At the same time, cuts alone won’t do it, taxes do have to be raised, but it should be temporary and real progress should be made in the meantime. This isn’t just an Obama thing, both sides of the aisle need to get off their proverbial butts and do their job. He’s made mistakes, but the repubs were so dead set against letting him get anything accomplished, thinking that would get them reelected. Anyone ever heard of compromise? Maybe a half-way between the Bush tax cuts and Obama’s plan – would at least help some and maybe end the deadlock.

  • jrfsenior

    Take any politician out to sea on any one of the Destroyers or cruisers and put them to task for one week and he/she will change their “dumb senseless voting mind”
    As long as they sit in a nice place, no shots being fired, taking a 15 minute break every hour, having coffee and donuts whenever they please and making a 6 figure income, they will never understand or become compassionate enough to see that the strongest men & women and their families suffers the most, poor, poor, poor.

  • C C Huffman

    One question: Has anyone o the group that duing the survey ever in the military . Change thar to two questions: How much are they gettig paid to make decisopns that affect the military.

  • Gunny Dave

    I retired in 2001, and with a family I certainly cant live on that. I still have to work 2 jobs to make ends meet. Thank the good Lord I’m able, even with my disability. Like several who commented before, HOW ABOUT CUTTING THE PAY AND BENIFITS OF OUR POLITICAL LEADAERS!!!. They get their FULL pay for life after just 1 term. How about they get nothing without at least 20 years service. How ironic they have to vote on our pay but we the people dont get to vote on their pay, they give themselves a pay raise when ever they want. Hey Mr President, talk about social injustice, I bet you wont even talk about it…

  • william

    during my military career of 21 years. I don’t believe I ever worked a 40 hour week. 60 to 80 hours more like it.

  • USAF Vet

    Absolutely not!! Military service members should be among the highest paid group of personnel in the country. I am appalled that this is even a subject of investigation or comment. Many military families have had to have government assistance (i.e. food stamps, etc) to take adequate care of their families, while they are continuously sacrificing for our country! Not ok! Insisting on high quality personnel as much as possible, to serve, would be better to focus on.

  • VietnamVet

    How many in Congress or the GAO would put their lives on the line for our country . We have very few people in Congress today, who has served in the military, compared to the end of WW2. I have three sons, two active duty and one reserve who are serving. Many times, one of my sons has been in harms way. He deserves every penny, much more than those in Congress who have NEVER served

    • VietnamVet,

      I too am a Nam Vet, but I support the Constitution and what it says it takes to be a Senator or Congressman.


      at least 30 years old.

      a U.S. citizen for at least nine years at the time of election to the Senate.

      a resident of the state one is elected to represent in the Senate.



      at least 25 years of age.

      a citizen of the United States for at least seven years prior to election.

      a resident of the state he or she is chosen to represent.

  • Elmo Labador

    Government workers HAVE taken a hit….The military has had COLAs the past two years, Gov workers have not……

  • Gunny Dave,

    Are you suggesting that you thought prior to retiring that you and family were going to be able to live on half your base pay?????

    “They get their FULL pay for life after just 1 term.”

    LMAO, this is not true.

    Source: Retirement Benefits for Members of Congress…

  • the old chief

    The CBO”s offices should be moved to a FOB in Afghanistan let them do their reports from there, let them get shot at for a while and see if they think wages are too high then

  • very disappointed

    they wouldn’t last a day in real combat, I am sure, and could hardly become effective, quality leaders and protectors. And military personnel don’t get paid even a fraction of what their sacrifice to your country is worth. Many military families have had to have “food stamps” to get their families by, while they are sacrificing their own freedom for yours.

  • M-technik-3

    Are these elected officials doing drugs? Honestly I think they are paid too much for how little they go to the office and resolve issues that effect our country. Vs Porkbarrel spending or talking away Constitutional rights


    Exceeded civilan wages? What is that compared against? The average Police Officer retires with an annual salary of $58,563 dollars after 20 years. Source: NY Times 12/13/2011. For the most part these officers are home every night and a very small percentage have had to draw their weapon in the line of duty.

  • george Wilson

    Dear elected official looking to lower military pay because you believe it to be much too high. I respectfully ask you to vote against this ludircist act. not only to vote against it but vote for an increase. especially for those deployed to war zones. they should at the very least be at ease that there families are ok ,provided for and not scrambling for programs such as food stamps family members of our deployed men and woman must always be able to walk around in public with there heads held high. If you choose not to follow my wishes I will have no choice but to vote you out of office and to change the penstion and benefits That all polititions enjoy . Please keep in mind you work for me. I know that this may not seem like much of a threat but just imagine if 150 million people feel the same way and show up to vote next time!

  • fred

    Dear elected official,

    why don’t you all take a pay cut once…end of story…now leave our Military along!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • 1991retiredarmyvet

    Unless you have worn the boots you can’t say a thing. After twenty some years active duty I retired figuring I would have an easy time getting a job.(Just after Desert Storm I). I thought because of all the support the military had during that time would help in my search. I ended up making $6.50 an hour and a long fight with the VA to get treatment and a disability. How many weekends and holidays a service member puts in in a twenty year time? How many over 8 hour days does he work? It takes certain kind of people to serve and take all the crap that comes with it. Anyone who does any amount of time deserves everything he can get and more. We have too many back chair commanders out there who think they know what it takes to run a military that works.

  • Retired Career Vet

    If you look at the people in the military who are currently deployed “in a combat location”, I think you will find that most of them are in the National Guard and Reserve. These are not full time soldiers , they are “private-sector” employees who have been called to active duty not by their personal choice, and therefore sacrifice more than the CBO “really overpaid bigwigs” who sent them where they are. I think the question should read “How much do you value your “FREEDOM – SAFETY – LIFE.”

  • kit

    Why not cut the $$$$$$ to the many foriegn countries that hate us and support terroist who want to kill us. GIVE OUR MILITARY AND VETERANS MORE – NOT LESS!!!!!!!

  • wvmike

    The answer is very simple, if we want to protect our right and families we need to run for officer and take these poeple out of officer. we need to support eachother in this. we know leadership unlike the people running our country now. They have lost the way and only worried about there friends and familie not the American people. ITS STARTS TODAY take back our government

  • Charles Ivey

    If you are 5′ 10″ or shorter you are not tall enough to buy your Jeans (Tax Free)
    at the BX or PX! They only stock 30″ inseam lengths now as with evey benefit
    It’s here today and completely gone tomorrow! When do the wages go up so
    they can compensate us for what we can no longer buy? The Military can’t cover their own Ars anymore and they want to cut wages? Can’t Buy Pants Either? Complain to The Xchange –
    So, I guess it isn’t just a question of pay? I guess it’s a question of support?
    We can’t even buy our clothes at the BX or PX anymore and they want to cut
    our pay too? Tax free purchases that are supposed to be a Military Benefit?
    The Xchange bases all buying and stock on past sales but have not sold
    anything shorter since the X stores started out a couple of years ago.
    Another Clue – Ready To Wear not Ready to Cut Off and Wear!
    They will have to allow you to wear Cut-Offs now! Regulation or Not! You
    can’t get it at the BX! This is what your Military is coming to!
    Continued next post –

  • Brass Tacks

    Okay, here is an idea. Someone tell me what you think. Similar to fire, emergency medical, trash disposal, mental health care and other services which are designed to maintain the peace and provide human welfare, the US Military is experiencing pay cuts and greater difficulty with raises and bonuses. I think the reason for this is that these social services are not considered big business. They do nothing to actively persue making money therefore they on average make simple salaries as service workers(please do not be offended I have one of these jobs now).
    However, I see one glaring problem. The US Military is responsible for providing military presence which is a bargaining chip when negotiating foreign policy and turning up the heat on people that America wants to make money from. So the US Military forces are not a social welfare organization. I think the government is seeing too much serve and protect and has not quite enough recognition for how much we need military forces to help implement our foreign policy to maneuver our way into economic power.

  • Brass Tacks

    I strongly suggest that the American people get a clue about how much we need our military personnel to not only keep our borders safe but to scare the shit out of other countries to buckle to our power and negotiate to keep us afloat. Military members are in big business even though so many mistake it for a service job. Do not be fooled.
    I suppose there is probably a more eloquent way to say all of this. Brass Tacks, Military does not keep peace as much as it maneuvers other countries into positions which financially benefit us.
    Get with the program Congress, House and President, I know what is up.

  • artie22

    Its been 37 years since I retired, my last tour was as a recruiter.This was the time that they announcred we would be going to an all volenteer army.if more money wasnt offered to start.I dont think they would have reached the goal, that was set for for the volunteer force. The Draft should be reintroduced .not only to save money,but also to let our young people realize that they have an obigation to serve our country.My advice to the soldier today is stickit out and make it to your job well and dont give any reason for the army to get rid of you beforeyou put in your 20 god bless and remember
    ‘ CAN DO”

    • sul


      You’ll get no arguement from me on this one.

    • Navy FC2


      First and foremost, thank you for your service to this country. I find so few people actually say that to our veterans anymore. I know my saying it probably doesn’t count for much since I’m serving myself.

      I agree that we need to fully begin utilizing the draft again, but the big whigs seem to think that the Armed Forces are overmanned and overpaid. Why would they implement something that would increase the size of the Armed Forces, thus increasing the amount of tax dollars going to the Military budget? That’s my only question I have.

  • Lawrence O Wilson

    The only reason that America can argue about military pay is because so many of Americas military has died, buried in foreign lands, so that Americans can argue about their pay. Has any of the people claiming that the military is paid to much severed any time protecting America by being a member of its military? I ask, all who complain about military pay, which one of the will give up a leg for a metal steam, suffer cancer, (Agent Orange), for your country?
    The American people have said that American Military is a MUST. Then it should be the law that EVERY American, male and female, be required to spend two years of their life serving in the American Military! No exceptions.

  • Retired-20+

    How about this: I will trade saleries with those elected officials, any day of the week. The quickest wat to save Money: Cut the number of people spending it and those PAID to tell us how to save it.

  • SGT. OC

    Lets do the same thing Walmart employees did just walk off and put the burden on congress to protect this country and lets see how they do. Having lost the use of my left arm due to an injury a suffered while serving in the Army.

    • Bob Johnson

      Only problem with this is, it is illegal
      l for military to strike.

  • SSgt USAF

    Go ahead, lower our pay. You’ll see how fast the numbers will drop. Probably if this happens, America will no longer have a military force to defend it. Our pay is very important, additionally, most of us make less than 30K a year. But, that is the reason why I’m seeking an higher education, to ensure a better future for my love ones and me.

  • ChiefBull

    Don’t ‘work for’ any civilian scumbag; I was not in a service industry to keep any sandcrab happy or “wellserved” . Civilians are not mentioned anywhere in the oath of enlistment. I’m not a ‘…pro military stooge…’ I’m a retired military professional [1200lb steam qualified Engineeering Officeer of the Watch Underway and twice Distinguished Fleet Rifleman] and still carry a DOD Id card which means I am still subject to UCMJ should the poobahs of smart in the Pentagon decide there is something they want to fry my ass for from the past. I’m a cancer survivor from VietNam AgentOrange. As far as I’m concerned all civilians can line up take numbers and kiss my blue and gold Navy ass if they want to talk to me after they’ve put in a request chit. What I’ve honorably earned for retirement can in no ways pay me back for what they cut out of me to save my life.

  • Karla

    If I’ve said it once, I’ve said it at least a million times over the course of my 20 year career. If we cut the wages and AUTOMATIC yearly raises of all the people at the top, military personnel (vet, active, reserve, whatever) wouldn’t have to go through this crap everytime somebody (who has never served, and whose family members will never serve) gets the idea that we should not get a respectable rate of pay for protecting their arse while they sit back and relax. Give me a break please. I also agree with the poster about cutting the money to hater foreign countries.

  • rita

    No the ground troops should get pay not the top people

  • Navy FC2

    This is the sort of attitude that people have towards people CURRENTLY ON ACTIVE DUTY? I have been on Active Duty since Jan 2008. I just re-enlisted until Dec 2017! As a Fire Controlman in the Navy, I deal with maintaining the weapons systems that support the boots on the ground. You need gunfire support because you’re pinned down by tanks, you call me. You need a missile strike on a building with a high priority target and the AF can’t do it for some reason, I’m the guy on the other end of the Satcom. Not only am I responsible for offensive weapons but defensive ones as well. It is my job to make sure the systems are working so that if we do get attacked that my shipmates don’t die from us getting hit.

    Have I been through as much as a person in the Army, Marine Corps, or one of the many Air Force that have boots on the ground in Iraq or Afghanistan, no. But don’t discredit what I’ve been through simply because of that. I do deployments where I’m away from my family for prolonged periods of time just like you (if you actually do or did serve). I highly doubt that you’ve served though, as I have yet to see a single person on Active Duty that is not a part of the TEAM.

    Toward Charles Bryant,

    The draft is still in effect. Is it being utilized? No. All it would take is Congress to take action on that to bring it back to utilization. Yes I realize that is asking a lot of them, but it can be done. If pay is cut, retention will fall as it has in the past when cuts have been taken by Active Duty members. If retention falls too low, they will HAVE to reactivate it. Especially if we take Armed Conflict in Iran like so many politicians seem to support now. Being on Active Duty, I will deploy where I’m told when I’m told. Does that mean I have to agree with the politicians? No. So long as I do what I’m told, I have the right to hold my own opinion. Does the fact that I don’t support Armed Conflict with Iran mean I won’t support the mission? No. Because if I don’t then there’s a strong possibility that some of my shipmates or even guys with boots on the ground that need my support could die. I couldn’t live with myself if that happened.

    • Navy FC2, Part 1

      No, the Draft is not in effect.



      Here is a brief overview of what would occur if the United States returned to a draft:


      A crisis occurs which requires more troops than the volunteer military can supply. Congress passes and the President signs legislation which starts a draft.

      2. THE LOTTERY

      A lottery based on birthdays determines the order in which registered men are called up by Selective Service. The first to be called, in a sequence determined by the lottery, will be men whose 20th birthday falls during that year, followed, if needed, by those aged 21, 22, 23, 24 and 25. 18-year-olds and those turning 19 would probably not be drafted.


      The Agency activates and orders its State Directors and Reserve Forces Officers to report for duty. See also Agency Structure.

    • Navy FC2, Part 2


      Registrants with low lottery numbers are ordered to report for a physical, mental, and moral evaluation at a Military Entrance Processing Station to determine whether they are fit for military service. Once he is notified of the results of the evaluation, a registrant will be given 10 days to file a claim for exemption, postponement, or deferment. See also Classifications.


      Local and Appeal Boards will process registrant claims. Those who pass the military evaluation will receive induction orders. An inductee will have 10 days to report to a local Military Entrance Processing Station for induction.


      According to current plans, Selective Service must deliver the first inductees to the military within 193 days from the onset of a crisis.


  • GKT

    As a veteran, I served this country with honor and pride. Are you kidding me! Reality check! We can bail out big corporations and banks but the Men and Women who put their lives on the line for this country….deserve far more than what they get. Don’t forget we pay taxes just like civilians in the private sector. Why don’t someone examine the pay of our elected officials. They are well taken care of….pay and medical benefits. They want to take away our benefits in pay and medical and retirement. Is there anyone standing up or fighting for the military anymore? What are we fighting for?

    • artie22

      this is artie 22 when I turned 65the army took away tricare and told us we would have go with medicare only. I bought a suppliment from the assoc of air force retired.about a year later they came out with tricare for life which picks up what medicare doesnt take care of. this came about by retired organizations fighting to get tricare reenstated. dont look to get help from politicians or the civilian populace aside from your family and some friend.Join one of the military retired the retired officers—-or NCO this means all veterans its called helping your fellow soldiers.goodluck god bless. “CAN DO”

  • sul

    OK those folks who think our service people are paid too much, line up in a field I will take one shot at each of them, than ask them again, I’m gamblig the no answers, will exceed the paid too much voters. Very simple solution.

    It is very easy for somebody who is safe and sound in their arm chair can say any service person is paid too much until they are in the line of fire. The the answer changes.

  • Ed

    WTBFH! When I enlisted, even a basic, undesignated rate in the Navy, got an enlistment bonus. Now, it’s only “critically needed” jobs that get an enlistment bonus or “pay incentive.” It used to be that was one of the things to help encourage young people to go in, especially if they wanted to use it for something like money towards a car, paying some debts, etc. Now, the big deal is “get a guaranteed paycheck, twice a month!”

    Maybe, if one looks at how much these greedy CEOs make, which is millions per year, and realize that minimum wage hasn’t kept up with inflation, whereas the military has tried to do so, then that would explain the figures.

    If you want to know where to cut costs, ask some of the following, just to start:
    – Why did the DOD NEED to spend $11BILLION, on just *1 warship?*
    – Why is there a “super jet” that costs $10 – $30 MILLION PER FLIGHT?
    – Summer 2010, nearly $9 BILLION was unaccountable in an audit, and has anyone heard what happened to that?

    Maybe, if there’s such a financial crisis, we should look at The Federal Reserve. From 2007 – 2010, $16TRILLION was given in bank bailouts, including BILLIONS to Scotland, France, Belgium, Japan, and other parts of the UK. Billions give to *foreign banks* sounds like that would be a problem for those in the US.

    JP Morgan blew $2BILLION. How many other banks have been irresponsible, and how many more, untold dollars, have been stolen from Americans?

  • kate

    Isn’t that $40 million in health care costs for active service members double reported since much of the health care is delivered by other active duty Drs and nurses already included in salaries?

    • Elmo Labador

      That was 40 Billion son…..

      • Alan

        And that’s $40 Billion paid to insurance and drug companies… it doesn’t count the care military members receive from eachother.

  • ChiefBull

    The issue here “is not” overpay. The issue here is ‘overstaffed’. Across the entire spectrum of the Armed Forces we are supporting far too many ‘Flags’. at no time since WWII have the been as many Flag and General Staff officers and Force NCOs and at no time since WWII has the over presence of civilian outsourcing been so evident in the in house structuing, and maintenance of Armed Foces opeations. It is a gauantee that Flag Staff, General Officer and senior GS civilian involvement in DOD will not be cut; accessions will, Carrier Battle Groups will and heavy maneuver divisions will, but not the bloate at the top.

  • dennyneff

    Yep, the Congressional Budget Office thinks service members are paid too much. I don’t understand how they can compare a checkout clerk at Lowe’s, who goes home every night and gets a 30 minute to 1 hour lunch break somehow equal to the pay of a soldier sitting in a sand hole with Taliban shooting at him. They are comparing a UPS delivery driver to that of driver of a Humvee who is transporting ammunition to that other soldier who is risking some extremists setting off road side bombs trying to kill him or her. I dare say that service members are not compensated enough. they are separated from family and friends months at a time, sent on repeated deployments bearing the stress everyday of people trying to kill them. Their pay is too high… Really? You have got to be kidding me !!

  • jproctor67

    May I suggest all of those doing these survey about how over paid the Armed Forces are, let them go to Afgan. and do their survey over there while they are dodging bullets, car and roadside bombs and the supposedly friendly killing our troops. During my career I only had one assignment and that was as a Technical Instructor in a Field Training Detachment that I worked anything close to normal 8 Hr. days. Most of my time was in Southeast Asia and Korea and there were never anything close to an 8 Hr. day or 40 Hr. week, there were times we would work over a week before we got a day off. I also spent time on Alert Duty where we were locked inside the gates for several days at a time so for those that want to complain they need to Walk a Mile in Our Shoes once and then tell us we were getting over paid. As a young married troop my monthly pay was $161.50 and I was part of The Lyin’ R&R Boys 47% that didn’t pay any taxes. Yes today’s Armed Forces do get paid more than I did, but from my experience they are earning every penny of it and they should be being paid more, they are spending more time in combat than they do at home, and the combat isn’t anything like you see in the movies.

  • MainBattery

    I can not believe that after all the military has done in the last ten years and all the sacrifices made by each member someone would actually have the ignorance to state such a thing. I definite savings would be for congress to not take anymore pay raises until the budget is balanced! It is all too easy for someone to pass judgement on something they know nothing about or fear. I ask them to take this to a populous vote among all Americans and see what the consensus is from that poll.

  • SE, SGM, USA, Ret

    I can’t believe what I’m reading!!How can the government deal with the financial problems of hugh corporations…help them out with millions of dollars..and yet want to cut the pay of the service member fighting for his/her country! What kind of thinking is this? The president…congress…et al should be ashamed of themselves for even thinking of trying to fix the budget from the hides of service members! Shame, shame, shame on you! Try taking the soldier’s place sometime….see how fast your thinking will change!!

  • RM1 Retired

    For those that say the Military is overpaid, I would suggest spending a month
    with the troops in the combat zones and those that are in training to go to the
    combat zones. There is seldom a normal 8 hr day in the military, especially,
    when you are in a COMBAT ZONE. Remember this is a VOLUNTEER MILITARY now and I don’t see the complainers VOLUNTEERING to take their place. I served 24 years in the US NAVY and every time we were in a COMBAT ZONE, we were at BATTLE STATIONS until we rotated out.

  • Darrell

    The military could save some money if they would move us around so often. They pay moving exspences and other fees but I am a recruiter and doing well were I was working right outside of Fort Knox. I am AGr and told that I would be staying there for along time because the National Guard stays for 20 yrs and it is hard to compete for bodies when they have been there so long. I liked were I was and doing very well but then the army moved me and my wife stayed back because of personel problems.
    If we want to stay were we are why can’t we when we are doing well? I understand that if I want promoted then I would have to move but if not let us stay!!!! A ton of money is being spent to move us around! It would help recruiting more than any one thing that they do. It takes a good yr to get use to new area and meeting teachers and guidance counselors that help recruiting.

  • SFC Retired

    How about all civilian government employees be cut in pay. Make those same civilian government employees ineligible for overtime. Make them stay til the job is done! Same for congressional folks, less pay as they are suppose to be servants of the people, make them stay til the job is done and not run off for vacations, personal time etc until the job is done. Make all civilian employees and elected officials adhere to the same conditions and pay as the military, and then let’s talk. Idiots!

  • sailor64

    “Summer 2010, nearly $9 BILLION was unaccountable” check the pockets of BO and his Illinois buddies! Why is nobody talking about cutting salaries and benefits for the lazy cry babies in congress!!! Congress is filled with un-patriotic, lazy, selfish and un gratefu fools! The media is also in the same category. They are not reporting the truth so they are also to blame!

  • dimmery

    if you was in vietnam in 1966 ! you wood not do this to vet and because it was hell i wish all the govment had to be over ther whit us . then you would know how it how it was then you would not ask . how about your pay to be cut 25% how would you like that

  • Bill LaRock

    My reaction to the news letter is our Political Leaders Talk the Talk but never seem to Walk the Walk. I too feel if the Draft was re-instated that our country would be better off. Shame on our Representatives, they are more concerned about their own career than the people they represent. I never see them sacrificing for our financial crisis. I have been retired from the Air Force for nearly 24 yrs, and the promises that were offered me rarely come to light. My only advise is for those serving, watch your back and Thank You for your sacrifice.

  • John Dykes,MSgt ret

    If the people, we elected, on the hill cut some of their benefits, such as Office expense, staff expenses, free gym membership, Seven (7) course meals at the dining facility. Government travel expense, this is just a few of the free-bees they recieve at our expense. Let them start with cuts, before they cut the military.

  • Elmo Labador

    Actually, a fair number of Congressmen (90) and Senators (25) have served in the military.. Many of them also have children and grandchildren that serve…….

  • Larry

    As a retired veteran, I am proud to have served my country. The Congressional Budget Office must be made up of mostly people that have never served. Let’s look at this logically.
    The military person is deployed months on end, has bombs and bullets thrown at them. They live in tents, sleep whenever and where ever they can, eat MRE’s, very seldom get a day off, they work 24/7/365, and make a 5 figure salary. Some get to come home to see their family, and might only be home a few months and they are sent right back for another year. Others come home in a coffin with an American Flag draped over it, because they gave all to defend this great nation.
    Now let’s look at the President and Congress. They work 8 to 10 hours a day, make a 6 figure salary to come up with new ways to wastefully spend hard working taxpayer’s money (and they always want more), they have to dodge harsh words that are sometimes thrown at them . At the end of their day, they go home to their families and have supper with them and talk about the hard day they had at work. Then they get to tuck their children into bed and they get to sleep in a nice warm bed.
    So, who do you thing is overpaid? Who do you think is under paid and over worked?

  • Jeffero

    There is no such thing as an overpaid soldier.

    • SFCJimbo
  • Southshorex

    How can some non military person sitting in a plush office, with staff(servants)
    decide what pay is correct for the troops? Are they being shot at? Are they sent away from the family for months on end? My pay as a Warrant was so much less than a pilot in the private sector it was sad. How oftern does a member of Congress get shot at?

  • bankbum

    Are you frickin shiznitzin me? How about we reduce or eliminate some of the unreported trillions funded to the CIA (which really stands for Capitalism’s Invisible Army) and other covert operators and then we wouldn’t need to even be think about jumping off the fiscal cliff. If it wasn’t for all the bullshiznitz these goons get us into, we wouldn’t need a military the size it is and the budget to match! Hey CBO…how about getting off your rumps and keeping track of the untold trillions that are unaccounted for prior to 9/11, then if is still a problem you and the rest of congress, and civil service employees can commit your kids to war and take a pay cut… maybe then it would seem more reasonable to the rest of us. For what the soldiers do, and the veterans have done… they are grossly underpaid and compensated. Make it fair or STFU!!

  • Bill McKinley

    Why don’t the Congressional Budget Office look at the congressional salaries and retirement package? It seems to me that would be a good place to start saving money.


    What needs to be cut is CONGRESS There should be 2 terms and out. No RETIREMENT HEALTH CARE and All the other BEENIES they get They should do it for LOVE OF COUNTRY as they want every one in the service to do. Not a bad idea to have every one serve in the service at least one 3 yr term BEFORE they can get in CONGRESS. I mean active not reserve. Also what first year pvt makes what a first year Congressman or Senator makes not counting all the perks.Well short of 120 K difference. And they can’t even compromise. They just wait till the day is done go home and say how hard a day they had. Just a bunch of RICH ASS HOLES

  • tommietb kirkland


  • clarence baker

    Why don’t they (politicians) take a look at the budget it takes to pay all the ex-presidents, congressmem an women, thats been out of office since forever (carter), all the foreign aide to buy friends,who then turn around an shoot your butt, an do some cutting their pay an leave the military pay alone, You politicians aren’t grtting your butt shot off, your kids aren’t coming home in a casket an a flag,while your kids are out partying. seems to me you people need to spread your legs an get your head out of your butt.ploiticians are the biggest waste of goverment entitlements,think about it

  • zippi

    I retired in 2008 with almost 30 years of service. I had numerous deployment and fought in the last couple of wars the US was involved in. The military is not paid enough for sure. The people trying to cut benefits of the military members need to take a walk in their shoes for a couple of days. Being in harms way is no fun and being away from your family for months and years at a time is no fun. Me and my wife both served and during the Gulf War were both deployed to Saudi Arabia for 6 months while our newborn baby was being taken care of by her sister. There is not enough money to pay for that lost time. My wife left the military a year later to take care of our daughter. She gave up her commission in the USAF to be a mom. I stayed in another 20 years after we were married and now they want to change the deal and go back on their promises. That is just dirty. The congress needs to take a look at their salary first. I spent the last 15 years of service deployed about 50% of the time. I am not complaining but simply stating what was done for the service to my country. I would do it again and again to keep freedom alive in the USA. I

    If changes need to be made the people who have already served should be exempt from the changes.

    Take care of our own has always been a promise the military has told it members.

    Members serves without question. The pay should be equal to the commitment these men and women have for their country. This is what makes the USA such a great country. We will fight for what we know is right.

    Keep the military strong. For the members serving now. Thank You.



  • butch

    Great comments, but why do we keep voting the same people in office?

    • Alan

      butch, some areas of the country are “stuck” on certain reps they like, even if the rest of the country hates them. Even in areas where this isn’t the case, the other party (regardless of which one) rarely puts up a candidate who is actually any better… and most of the 3rd party candidates are simply crazy.

      So, no one feels they have a real choice… it seems you can’t win primaries unless you’re crazy enough for the hardcore people in your party, and moderates only make a difference in the final elections – where its already too late and it’s a matter of picking who’s the least crazy.

  • Susie

    oh boy! I never respond to comments but Ralph’s comment made me see RED. And it was the first comment so it wasn’t easy to ignore. I have served 6 years in the Army Guard and now 23 years active duty air force and plan to retire in 6 more years. Yes, I am a volunteer but have been on countless deployments and training TDYs and endured numerous separations. Now, I am on a non-vol unaccompanied assignment overseas for two years without my two young daughters and husband. Seriously? Getting overpaid? For being on duty 24/7 and working at the hospital where you don’t get weekends and holidays because the ER has to be open and manned at all times. We are making do with what we have because we must maintain two households now. Had to buy a car over here because it was easier than dealing with shipping my car that was paid off. So it’s costing us for me to be here and away from family. We will survive the two years but I don’t know how you can say we are overpaid for all that we do and sacrifice? Being away from my family is the biggest sacrifice. My daughters and I will never get that time back again.

    • Bill

      We all know and acknowledge the problems of military serving unaccompanied tours of duty, and than no money can suffice for missing time with our children. But to say you “had to buy a car” because “it was easier than dealing with shipping my car that was paid off” seems trivial since the government ships automobiles at no cost to active duty personnel. At least the gov’t did when I served.

  • J.R. Bowers

    I really think that military servicemembers are being underpaid for the service that they do for our country. I am a an Air force vet (over 21 years) and I feel that I earned my retirement. But, I feel that Congress should have to serve at least 20 years in Congress to get their retirement. Now they get 100% for what 2 or 4 years. Servicemembers only get 50% for 20 years. Congressmen should get the same (50%) for 20 years. Think of the money saved!

  • Pamela Jones

    If there are military pay cuts how about starting with the general officers. It is true that we (soldiers) are paid more in the last ten years but we also pay out more. I have medical and dental co-pays for my spouse and son. Changes should be made to the Congressional pay scale. How about ending the life long secret service personnel for ex-presidents who are rich anyway and can afford to hire their own security personnel. I agree there should be two terma and out for all congress and gov’t in general. There are less and less benefits for our families who in way serve also their country thru us. My spouse is a veteran his benefits will be cut by the time he retires. What happened to the promise of being taen care of for the rest of my life and being buried even that has been cut to only a headstone. Congress wants to cut military everything how about cutting some of their benefits to match the soldiers, since they are rich anyway why do they need a pay check?

  • retire ssg

    congress should have the same pay and benfits as the military no more no less 20 years or more before they get retirement

  • d1islander

    So, let me see the IDIOTS in the Whitehouse & The Halls of Congress & The Senate whom do not risk life or limb for their country and receive outrageous pay and benefits, give themselves raises, have not passed a Balanced Budget in years and refuse to work together to reduce the out of control spending on government social programs should not sacrifice for the country by giving up their excessive pay and benefits…, but Our Military Personnel whom risks their lives daily, their families requiring assistance to simply live, individuals whom come home from battle without limbs, minds traumatized by their experiences in combat, these same individuals whom do not receive the kind of benefits that those PIGS in Washington DC do without honor or integrity!!

  • Susie

    Ridiculous! I am in debt up to my eyeballs since my daughter married a military man. I send them “care packages” to sustain their and my granddaughter’s emotional stability. My packages to them help keep them connected to family. The sacrifices that my son-in-law has made for this country and even those that my daughter and granddaughter have had to make in order to give her husband a somewhat “normal” family life are sometimes too much to bear. Even when my son-in-law gets out he is “supposed” to receive Tricare Benefits, but his wife and daughter will not. And now they want to cut back on his benefits too? I guess all those deployments meant nothing. Unbelievable.

  • GEORGE knight

    Over Paid, Give me my legs back.

  • Roy

    As a military reitree I have sentiments about this issue, but when emotions are factored out it’s a market question. That is, how much must the US Government compensate people to serve in a volunteer military? That’s a difficult question to answer, and one that would require earnest and thorough analysis followed by prudent action — not likely something politicians are capable of doing, and not one of the more pressing issues facing the US Government at this critical time.

  • d1islander

    To all the IDIOT’S whom have never served in the Military.., “Shut The Hell Up”!!

    Apparently, “Stupid Simply Cannot Be Fixed”!!

    SSG, 12 years of Service “Served Proudly”!!

  • rtdickson43

    The question of overpaying needs to be focused in another direction. We need to look at our Federal elected officials pay. If any reduction in pay rate are to be made it needs to be leadership by example.

  • Retired 1999

    Now, Now , fellow vets , don’t worry its the same thing you are getting or have gotten in the past . ( screwed) . And just think about it, someone voted for this ( NOT ME) . Let’s see 4 dead Americans and so on and on and on. Now who do you think really cares about your ass being the low life we seem to be. With all the pride in my country and my fellow vets I say these things. I did serve for a paycheck, retirement, and heath benefits. I was a white trash,redneck from NC who could not keep a job for more than two months. I enlisted Aug of 1979 in the USAF, and served for 20 years. Notice, I said served my country, not had a job. I was given a new life of standards and regulation to live my life by, and expectation that could not be question or understood at times. Serving in combat is always going to induce stress beyond human stress levels. Combat induces self preservation that you must forget all else in life except your fellow vet. A MILITARY CAREER BEGINS WITH STRESS AND END WITH STRESS OF THE UNKNOWN WHEN STARTING A NEW LIFE AFTER THE MILITARY. After 20 years of service I retired in 1999 from the USAF with $1086.00 a month, my total Pay was $36831.00 (E-6) and my base pay was $2172.00 a month = FOR 12 MONTHS $ 24064.00. NOT TO GOOD FOR TWENTY YEARS OF SACRIFICE THAT IN NO WAY CAN BE EXPLAIN. Am I complaining, Hell no!!!! would not trade it for the world. I am ten times the man I would have been had I not join the military. But hears the deal, never say someone doesn’t deserve something that they have a right too. Pay is a right for doing the task that must be performed under any and all cost . Even if it means giving ones life to get that job done. But pay is not the driving force that will make a military member perform at all cost. Pride is the factor that promotes hard work. That is what I got from twenty years of military service, my retirement check is what I am entitle too for performing and for giving my all to my country. Now with that said, we need good people and we need to provide for these people and there families. We have enough waste when it comes to the US welfare system. Young military troops having to get food stamps to get food because of low pay is down right wrong. If you want to cut, start from the top (REMEMBER TOP 1% SHOULD GIVE MORE) WITH THOSE IN THE MILITARY WHO MAKE THE BIG BUCKS. LET THEM PAY FIRST!!! ha ha AND SEE HOW IT FEELS. Give em hell troops you have got my support!!!!!

    • Rjb

      Cut the pay of those assholes in Congress, most of them are grossly overpaid. When they get votedd out, no more wages, period. I realize some of them are retired Military, BUT, they are getting a triple layer of frosting on their cake.

      You notice they cover their ass before they worry about anything for the Military. Kerry comes to mind here.

      • Retired 1999

        Kerry , what a joke

    • Norteño

      You said it loud and clear! I didn’t spend 20 but i admire greatly all who have served most at a considerable lower pay than their civilian counterparts with a hell of a lot more stress for not only themselves but their families as well.
      1950’s draftee.

    • Idmtmedic

      Well said retired 1999!!!!!!!!!

  • Alohasunshine50

    I can’t understand why some seems to think we are so well off. All the 22 yrs my husband put in for his country? I feel as though he is put out to pasture. What he has earned, now they want to take it away. All the sacrifices being away from his family means nothing? The break-ups it has cost alot of marriages. Many Military men & women who had given their lives for their country. One has the nerve to say Military troops are making too much money. To those who think we as Military are making too much money, you all go and fight a war. Where would our country be without the Military & the strong & patient dependants? I’m proud that my husband served 22 years in the Military. Please give us the respect and deserving pay for keeping our country safe!!!!! I feel Congress should have their share of cutting in their pay. ” The Rich get Richer & the Poor hard workers get Poorer.”

  • mel

    Civilian sector isn’t paid enough that the problem. okay

  • Dick457

    If our “Budget Hawks” on Washington are serious about cutting the cost of defending our nation let’s look at some other options before cutting the pay of our troops. First, let’s ask our Presidents and congress to have a plan before the get our country involved in seemingly endless adventures in places like Iraq and Afghanistan, wasting thousands of lives and trillions of dollars. Second, let’s take a look at the billions of dollars spent on contractor services. Were they really necessary and did we get what we paid for. It seems that outfits like Halliburton and others may have used their political connections to line their pockets. Third, the staffing, spending, and procurement systems at the DoD and Pentagon are notorious for their cronyism, nepotism, influence peddling, and political pork. Fourth, let’s see how efficiently we are operating our facilities and bases. As a member of the Army Reserve for 30 years, I saw countless examples on every base I was on, of waste, inefficiency, and poor management that would not be tolerated in the private sector. If we seriously believe that our military pay is the problem then let’s bring back the draft. We can get unlimited numbers of soldiers and pay them a less than minimum wage and if they complain, write up an Article 15 and take part of the little they have. That will solve the problem!

  • ldonnell

    go over to afganistan and ask any pvt if he’s overpaid.a congressman leaves office set for life and never gets his shoes dirty.whoever suggested cutting military pay should be tar and fethered!

  • JCunningham

    The fact that this was even posed as an issue is sickening. OVERPAID? Someone please punch me in MY FACE because this can’t be real! We all know the ones who are overpaid (contractors with the funkiest attitudes that get upset when they have to ACTUALLY WORK and politicians). I wonder what it has to take for them to realize constant deployments, missing out on important milestones, etc. that servicemembers aren’t paid ENOUGH. I use to rumors that we weren’t going to get paid because of the stinkin’ budget but I bet those working at the PX and post dining areas are getting paid. CUT THE CRAP!

    We can write essays about who gets paid more but we the people, what are we doing about it? Is there some way we can raise the issue until our voices are heard? Petitions, pickets, letters?! -__________-

    • Idmtmedic

      JC waiting for my “form letter” again…lol. Lots a flags, pictures of vets…..etc etc. fourth time I have written and for some strange reason they are all eerily familiar. But, I voiced my opinion and will continue to do so. I encourage all vets do the same. Bottom of article. Do it!!!!

  • Alohasunshine50

    Instead of picking on the Military. Why don’t we save money by stopping Foreign aid to countries that hate our guts.” Biting the hands that feeds them ” Why can’t we take care of our own people instead of taking our rights away & cutting our benefits but, to enable illegal immigrants of rights & benefits.The day will come when the Good Lord will say ” Let me start over”


    I have been in the military for 5 years now and have been under paid the entire time. I have 4 amazing children that have not had their mommy there for birthdays, first steps, and school functions. You ask them mommy is always broke and always gone yes I made the choice to serve my country and proud of it however I feel service members regardless of rank or branch we are all under paid for the things we give up to be in the uniform. There are people that serve and sit behind a desk the entire time and never get dirty, wet, cold, hungry, or have to sleep on a ruck sack and pock way more money than we ever see. They are not shot at or crawling in the mud under a truck to fix it and much more why are they treated so much better than we are when we are doing the grunt work. I have had a messed up knee for 2 years now, hurt on duty and never saw a dime. Overwhelmed in debt and who is here to back me no one thats who…………..

  • Sgt-Bob

    From the 2012 Enlisted Pay Chart

    E-4 base pay with over six years makes $2,363 a month, which is the maximum an E-4 can make.

    2363*12 = $28,356 a year divide this by 52 and you get $545.31 a week
    divide this by 7 and you get $77.90 a day, divide this by 24 and you get $3.25 per hour. No overtime….

    Need I say more?

    • Bob

      and just to play the devils advocate, if you divide the $77.90 by an 8 hour day, that equals $9.73/hr. Same question, “need I say more?”….regardless how you slice it, military compensation is unfair. I served 27 years and can’t remember the last time I ever worked an 8 hr day.

  • Militay wife

    That must be someone’s butt talking, their head should have better sense than that !! Maybe some of our Congressmen should give up some of their perks and try living on military pay for awhile…..

  • sean

    The unfortunate part is that you are expressing your opinion via ignorance. You chose to be in the branch that you were in, as we all did. You can’t talk about another branch of service and how they do nothing if you have never experienced it. That my friend is like complaining about the government and never voting. As a currently serving E-6 I can tell you that some of us do not get much sleep with having to work a 12 hour shift and in your off hours standing a 4-6 hour watch and then get up the next day and do it all over again. I am thankful for all the branches of service because together we stand against one common enemy and together we sacrifice for the freedoms that this country wallows in. With that being said, lets continue keeping the fight in their backyard together and not bring it to our own and fight amongst our own “family”

    • Idmtmedic

      Well said except Charles Bryant was “adopted” I think. Or abducted, either one fits.

  • F15 Eagle Keeper

    Better yet, lets ask this question. Are congreesman over Compensated ?
    I don’t think they put themselves in harms way, now do they ?

    • Anonymous

      Here is an interesting fact.
      A person serves in the military for 20 years and receives 50% base pay for retirement.
      A congress member serves one term and receives 100% compensation for life.
      As for health care, retirement and pay. Those are the only reason that some people join the military. Yes, it is nice to have good old American pride, but to sign up to put your life on the line for others is a lot to take in. It makes the choice easier to know the loved ones you are leaving behind have a roof over their head, food in their mouths and healthcare all without worry. This is really the only advantage to joining the military with a cost. When you join the military a lot of those “Natural” rights that americans take for granted are stripped w/o question. Civilian cloths are a privilege that is earned. Being able to drive your own car a privilege that is earned. Hell even getting your own damn place is earned. I am saying this not as a complaint but to state a reality. I honor those that stay in for 20 years because that is a large chunk of anyones life right in their prime that they are donating for Americas freedom. You take away all of the reasons that make that worth while and eventually you will not have anyone who will volunteer. Now you will be left with no training a gun in your hand and someone saying you better start shooting because here they come and its you or them kid. The reason that we have what we do is strictly due to the presence our armed forces present. Without this presence we might as well be a third world country. I encourage anyone who thinks the military is overpaid to imagine what it would be like if they sat on the front line while the military went home and they had to defend the freedom they love so much alone.

      Read more:

  • darryl mcpheron

    What is wrong with the goverment they promised to take care of a man or woman that served there country for 20 or more years.Now they want to take away what we have and leave there benifits in place.Treat everyone the same from the president and below.
    Those in office don’t have to leave their families and children to go and defend this country.I did for 21yrs. and don’t regret one day of my service.Proud to serve.

    • Retired CMSGT USAF

      Show me one well paid executive / businessman/athelete/etc. that will willingly change places with any person in the service ( and especially in a “hot” zone ) and I will shake his hand and give him/her a big hug.
      I have retired after 39yrs with the USAF and would willingly put the uniform
      on again if I could. I agree with McPhersons statement 100%. I served in Korea (1951) and after that in Germany / Italy / and few more places iin
      the world.

  • Anonymous

    Here is an interesting fact.
    A person serves in the military for 20 years and receives 50% base pay for retirement.
    A congress member serves one term and receives 100% compensation for life.
    As for health care, retirement and pay. Those are the only reason that some people join the military. Yes, it is nice to have good old American pride, but to sign up to put your life on the line for others is a lot to take in. It makes the choice easier to know the loved ones you are leaving behind have a roof over their head, food in their mouths and healthcare all without worry. This is really the only advantage to joining the military with a cost. When you join the military a lot of those “Natural” rights that americans take for granted are stripped w/o question. Civilian cloths are a privilege that is earned. Being able to drive your own car a privilege that is earned. Hell even getting your own damn place is earned. I am saying this not as a complaint but to state a reality. I honor those that stay in for 20 years because that is a large chunk of anyones life right in their prime that they are donating for Americas freedom. You take away all of the reasons that make that worth while and eventually you will not have anyone who will volunteer. Now you will be left with no training a gun in your hand and someone saying you better start shooting because here they come and its you or them kid. The reason that we have what we do is strictly due to the presence our armed forces present. Without this presence we might as well be a third world country. I encourage anyone who thinks the military is overpaid to imagine what it would be like if they sat on the front line while the military went home and they had to defend the freedom they love so much alone.

    • Anonymous,

      “A congress member serves one term and receives 100% compensation for life.”

      Not true now, and has never been true.

      Source: Retirement Benefits for Members of Congress…

      • Anonymous

        Page 4 of your source states that
        “Retirement with immediate full pension at the age of 62 with at least 5
        years of service.”

        “Retirement with a deferred full pension at the age of 62 to former members of Congress with at least 5 years of service.

        My point is still valid. 5 years of service 100% from the age of 62+ or 20 years of service and 50% of base pay from whatever age that may be.

        • Anonymous,

          This is what you posted “A congress member serves one term and receives 100% compensation for life.”

          This just isn’t true, no matter how you post it.

        • Don G.

          Obviously you didn’t read the referenced URL. Please go to… page 10 where the formula for calcualting goverment pensions under CSRS is given. No governement employee receives 100% of their pre-retirement income after retirement. The annuity is base on the number of years of service times a multiplier. In fact the document states: “Members who do not meet this five-year requirement—for instance, one-term members in the U.S. House of Representatives—are not entitled to an annuity under CSRS or FERS.” So, get a grip. Do your homework and stop spreading lies.

          • Idmtmedic

            So it’s two terms? Lmao

          • idmedic,

            I depends on whether you’re talking about a House or a Senate member. Here, read this again.


          • Idmtmedic

            Charles you don’t get it. I don’t give a f@, regardless if it’s one or two. The separation is absurd. If we are expected to do our duty then CON-gress should be accountable for promises and have rules…….regarding us especially. So if there are no “legal” benefits that can’t be changed then what is a contract?

          • idmedic,

            “Charles you don’t get it. I don’t give a f@, regardless if it’s one or two. The separation is absurd.”

            What does this have to do with anything. Ok, you don’t care, fine then stop asking about it then.

            “If we are expected to do our duty then CON-gress should be accountable for promises and have rules…….regarding us especially.”

            There are legal benefits, but like any and all laws in every country in the WORLD, they are subject to change.

            “So if there are no “legal” benefits that can’t be changed then what is a contract?”

            What, you’re asking me to explain this to you, and you claim you have spent over 20 years in the service and have retireed?????

          • Don G.,

            Exactly, I get so tired of trying to explain this on each and every blog 10 or 12 times a day. I don’t know what it is, but people just want to believe the bullchit so bad, they don’t want to hear the truth.

            It’s a wonder any of those in the House or Senate ever read and respond to what most of these people on here are saying.

    • Anonymous

      Ok well I am sure that any military member out there that served 5 years or greater would love to have 100% base pay at 62 years of age. Instead they get nothing until they reach 20 years of service and then and only then is it 50%
      Also congress can get full at around the age of 50 depending on house or senate with 30 years in. This is actually very comparable to what a service member can also achieve. The difference is that for every year after 20 military members get 2.5% more per year with a maximum of 75%. this means that if they joined right at 18 complete 30 years they are now 48 and receive 75%. take that same individual joining in his mid 20’s with the same 30 years of service now he right there his his congress member who now gets 100% to the military members 75% and the congress member comes out way ahead yet again.

      • Anonymous

        And to be all honest I am not here to bash the senate or congress. It just seems like every time they get together military funding goes down. This leads to less people in the military, less incentives to keep current military members in, and less funding for missions to maintain our presence in desired locations. Without all of this the very same people who took it away would be at risk of losing the freedoms they cherish. Having to go to two drive throughs in the morning because McDonalds has the McGriddle but they like Starbucks coffee would no longer be an issue if we lost our military due to all incentives for joining being taken away. With the society today you say you can just force americans to join the military sure, but what are you going to do when you tell them to run and they look at you with that dumb face and don’t do shit because there parents never beat them due to strict child abuse laws. The draft today would be completely useless in my opinion we would lose the first war that came our way. I don’t just feel that the military should make more. I am just saying that the military has taken a large beating when it comes to funds and if congress does much more pretty soon they may not have a military at all. I have always said the the military has paid me enough to live a middle class lifestyle without any real debt if I choose to live that way granted I did not have a lot of debt when I joined. I do not complain about the money I make nor do I feel any military member should. I would however like my raises to keep up with the economy so that my income always feels the same. I don’t feel that anyone really “Needs over 6 figures as an income”. Most middle class make around 80k combined income and live decent lives. That is why I bring up that congress only serving little time and making so much on the back end. They don’t “Need” to make that much after only 5 years regardless of the age. And they certainly don’t need to make more than 80k regardless of the position.

      • Idmtmedic

        Your forgetting that a Congressman has already got an established career and for the most part lawyers and millionaires. So let’s level the playing field and risk verses education. Granted they “have to be elected”. Now they also have to be re-elected for the benefits. First off, why would a public servant be a millionaire? Second, why is it acceptable? Third if they did it for the retirement, what are they doing with their millions? Power, prestige, connections, insider trading, the list goes on. Charles says if you want to change it run for congress… In a sense he is right, but It’s not that simple.

      • Anonymous,

        “Ok well I am sure that any military member out there that served 5 years or greater would love to have 100% base pay at 62 years of age.”

        Again, this is not true, not true at all. Someone that served at least 5 years doesn’t get 100 of what they earned when they turn 62 years of age.

        No, there is no full. They can only recieve up to 80%.

        You need to read the entire link.…

    • Guest

      I couldn’t have said it any better, probably not as well. Being a service member for 20 or more years requires a lot of tongue biting for a person with a mind of their own, if you can maintain a positive appearing facial expression, and a can/will do attitude while feeling that there is a more logical manner in which to accomplish the mission, you will be promoted, if not, you will fall by the wayside. Most military folks earn a lot less than are receiving, and, 20 years service to receive retirement pay as opposed to one term of service for civilian (Government) for retirement, somehow, is not in balance.

  • Edward

    Congress not getting shot at let them take a pay cut they just set on their a__
    and say they don’t want to tax the rich but they have no problem considering to take money from our protectors! Why don’t we just put a bill on the ballet to cut their dam pay!!!!!!

  • Female Veteran

    People get out of the service to get the CIVILIAN contract job doing the same thing but with 40 hour weeks, no BS, and 3 times the pay! The reality is that the Paul Ryan’s that tout this cut the troops pay things will be front of the line getting their yearly raise, free haircuts, free shoe shines, FREE checking and savings and oh yeah don’t forget those THOUSANDS of dollars in bounced checks that we the people cover for those poor poor congressional representatives. Interestingly enough there was NEVER pay for Representatives in the constitution it was supposed to be a SERVICE to the country. See they need 6 figure salaries, and living expenses to aid them in getting those lovely million dollar homes for the parties with lobbyist. Heck those poor representatives should get hazard pay for the threat of paper cuts… When the congress eliminates their pay and perks then they look at the pay of their buddies with the contracts for things service members actually end up doing the majority of. For those that came in here playing troll games seriously go do that on the congress page .. oh wait yeah they would hunt your ass down and the piece would not be found. Just remember you have the right to run your idiot mouth because of the men and women you are insulting. For my brothers and sisters don’t feed the trolls and they will die.

  • Rick James

    You are so right!! way to go.

  • Enrique Diaz

    I see many of us complaining about cuts in military pay, no one is listening. I retired from the US Marine Corps 24 years ago and have seen our benefits dwindling away, promises being broken, after twenty year or more of serving our military keeps on getting screwed.

    I’ve seen good men that gave their all injured and walking the streets, and our government turns a blind eye. They serve one term and can retire with a hefty retirement pay and full medical benefits.

    The men and women who have serve to keep their miserable asses are the same ones that are screwed by them. I use to be proud of this country, but now I feel shame, shame that a bunch of non-military, non-hacking, non-experienced, con-men are running this country. I wonder what would happen if the military just quit? That won’t happen, because those who serve and have served have something in us that they don’t have: courage, honor, integrity, and loyalty. Something they don’t understand, so with that, I would like to say to you all who are serving and have served thank you.

    Over compensated indeed.

    I sign my name:
    Enrique Diaz Sr
    Gysgt Retired

    • Enrique Diaz,

      “They serve one term and can retire with a hefty retirement pay and full medical benefits.”

      Not true now, or has never been true.

      Source: Retirement Benefits for Members of Congress…

      • Anonymous

        Page 4 of your source states that :

        “Retirement with immediate full pension at the age of 62 with at least 5 years of service.”

        “Retirement with a deferred full pension at the age of 62 to former members of Congress with at least 5 years of service.

        5 years of service 100% from the age of 62+ or 20 years of service and 50% of base pay from whatever age that may be.

        • Yeah, at the age of 62, but that is not what was said.

          Congressional Pensions
          Posted on December 26, 2007

          Question: Does a United States senator receive his full pay upon retiring?

          Answer: No. A member of Congress can’t receive more than 80 percent of his or her final salary upon retirement, and the average is much less.

          • Idmtmedic

            Your posting a question not related to his answer. Your fact check BS wasn’t what he posted. Answer his post if you want to correct something. Semantics again Charles.

          • Idmedic,

            No, I post the original lie that was sent around the internet that has many of us retiree’s posting these lies. Hello

          • Idmtmedic

            And he posted from your source.

          • Idmedic,

            You don’t have to post something directly from the source to have it originate from the source. Would you also like the source from Ok, here you go.


          • None

            Believe me when I say there 50 % would be a heck of a lot more then a gunnery sgt in the military and they only work a few months a year

    • Idmtmedic

      Gysgt, use those thoughts and contact the reps listed at the bottom of the article. I agree and I am more than disgusted. Share it with our kings and queens on the court of CON-gress.

      • idmedic,

        “Gysgt, use those thoughts and contact the reps listed at the bottom of the article. I agree and I am more than disgusted. Share it with our kings and queens on the court of CON-gress.”

        That stuff about Congress is not true now, or has never been true. I surely don’t see a need to share with Congress false information that only makes us retiree’s look and sound stupid.

        Source: Retirement Benefits for Members of Congress…

        • Idmtmedic

          Speaking of stupid, you disregarded every other point he made DA. you love stats, check out dead and wounded stats.

          • idmedic,

            No, the true points have nothing to do with what I don’t think he should be sending our leaders. Surely you didn’t want me to list each of his points with my blessings beside those with I approve of, did you?????

            Boy, your just not happy with anything anyone says unless your aloud to edit what they say are you!!!!!

          • Idmtmedic

            Approve of????…… Lmao. Aren’t you trying to edit? I would think an educated congressman would be able to correct any incorrect information sent to them. But of course they don’t answer them. Form letters are much quicker. Hell that’s why they get so much money, so their aides can answer them. You have missed your calling Charles. Why aren’t you a vet rep? Oh I forgot, your mission is to career blog regarding retiree facts but have no issue with CON-gress facts? Yea ok. Still waiting to see you post your LEGAL benefits.

    • Jay

      leave our troops and vets like myself alone and cut congressional members pay and make them pay some of their medical benefits. also get rid of all their buddies in the defense contracting business. I could not agree with you more my friend

  • advforops

    When the Senate and H/Rs start ducking bullets and mortars, When they start paying their way and getting the same trash care we get (VA). Right now the true and only enemy to the U.S. Military, is the useless Washington trash that want to cut and slash our hardware and now what the troops make. You people that never put it on the line are always doing this to us. Instead of the U.S Military quiting they should turn and burn Washington D. C to the ground. Here is a thought for you stop giving our enemies money and anyone else that does not stand with us.

    Campbell, (advforops) U.S.M.C Ret 0311, 0321, 8654, 0369.

  • BE Albacarys

    It’s sad that even Veterans are jumping in on the “too much pay bandwagon” (Capt. Moerschbacher, USAF retired.) Service to Country has no price, but families still have to survive, mortgages have to be paid, children need an education. During Viet Nam , troops could usually count on just one deployment. I’ve been deployed 3 times as a reservist alone. It’s ludicrous that Captain Moerschbacher would even use that $44.00 figure as a fair comparison to an economy 43 years past. Today gas is $4.00a gallon, my mortgage is $1,800.00 per month, milk is over $3.00 a gallon. While I’m on deployment yes, I’m fed at the DFAC, berthing is free, no bills at all. But what about my family stateside??? And as a reservist, we don’t live on a military installation so we’re on our own. As a drilling reservist with 24 years in including 4 years active duty in the Army and 2 years with the Navy, I am extremely proudof my service to my Country, never once considering the financial gains or liquidity as a result of Serving. As I stated before, Service to Country is priceless!
    Petty Officer First Class EO1(SCW/PJ) Albacarys
    US Navy Seabees

  • Tom Picarella

    There seems to be an uneven concern for the pay of those in the public sector and those in the private sector. Without more specifics, the issue may not be addressed adequately. However, some benchmarks for measurement could be the pay of those in the private sector in entertainment, sports, finance, corporate management, and other million dollar and above occupations, as related to other private sector jobs in the low and middle incomes. Another benchmark for measurement could be the pay of those in the elected public sector relative to civil and military service members.

    Some of those who represent us, are set financially after very short service. Those at the top of the food chain, needed to leave a bit more for the rest; before they start reducing what little there is left for the low and middle income earners, especially those in the military.

  • divemstr25

    All these cuts from a bunch of bleeding heart representatives that have never served their country in hostile areas outside of the downtown DC traffic. Like many retired veterans I have had to seek employment outside of the US to make ends meet because the meeger 50% I get isnt enough to pay for gas these days and now they want me to make contributuions to something I cant receive unless I fly back to the US? Get a grip and cut the congressional salaries and the retirement salaries of these demoted 4 star generals who have disgraced their country, themselves and their soldiers.

    • Ron Whiteman

      Dave, I don’t know your politics but ask yourself, who are the bleeding heart representatives who’ve never served? I know one party which has less than 5% of its membership who’ve ever served, much less in combat, but I suspect it’s the other party you’re talking about. Which party wants to reduce ‘entitlements’ like Social Security, Medicare, eliminate unions, outsource American industry, and get us into wars – all while voting against benefits for returning veterans and voting for reducing VA benefits? It’s not the Democrats, so think about what you said.

  • SFCJimbo

    Oh…right. Here we go with the tired old, “the troops aren’t paid enough” argument. When I entered active duty, I was paid $365 per month, and received BAQ and Sep Rats for my family. You know what? We did well.

    In fact, during my entire career, I never really worried about money issues, that is until the Clintons came into office. They decided that the commissary/PX system should not undercut the local off-base merchants by more than 5%. In short, we were then screwed. No more low prices on post. That is the big shaft.

    Another issue that I have is that active duty military should not be required to pay taxes on their military pay. That simple action would give a raise in take home pay without increasing the budget.

    Troops aren’t paid enough? BS. They should just manage their funds better.

    • SFCJimbo,

      I can go along with that.

    • SFCJimbo
    • GISteve

      You sound bitter SFC Jimbo! I am a retired MSG and my son serves now also. Military personnel are definitely not paid enough considering the hardships, and long hours, coupled by family members moving all over the world when orders are issued. You must have been a reserve cook at Fort Wonderful!

  • Was There

    Overcompensated? Really? What you hear as you say that is reality sliding under your grasp. You’ll not ever be able to “fully” compensate for what our service members go through. How about just being fair?
    What would your civilian employer have to pay to send you into a dirt-filled, nasty and life altering workplace several continents away for months at a time? What if that was the possibility every day you went to work?
    If you want some comparison, check what’s paid to some of the mercenaries we now hire and what their total package of benefits looks like.
    Yeah, I know everyone is not on the line and I know that money isn’t the prime motivator for them to be there, but let’s do right by them and the rest falls into place.

  • Jer

    I find the thought that cutting the pay from the individuals who are voluntarily putting their life on the line for their country, as well as asking the families who sacrifice all are the ones on the chopping block. As an active duty Air Force personnel, I have missed countless holidays, births of children, Anniversaries and spent half of the years in away from famliy literally getting shot at and putting it all on the line to serve my country. It is somewhat telling how our nation is headed when we just take, take, take from those who are willing to give all. We are descending to socialism; the very idea of stealing from those who have or will work toward to give to those who refuse and will only take proves this. Instead of cutting the Medicare/Medicaid bugdet that is the vast majority and has accrued over 1 Trillion in debt per term in the last 4 year and will over the next 4 years, we are taking from those who sacrifice and their families; and thats what they do…sacrifice!!! It is a sad day when the the leaders of a country forsake those who would and have given all for that very same country.


    • WillGarnerII

      JER, you were doing well until you started attacking President Obama!

      You fail to mention that when President Obama took office the debt was $11 trillion plus dollars because of the former President Bush leading our nation into two wars! I might mention the illegal war and occupation of Iraq. When all said and done these two wars will have cost $4 trillion dollars plus.

      The country was in 3/4 of the way off the cliff and in financial ruins!! It has taken $4 trillion plus in new spending to jump start the economy. Recovery has been slow but I remind you that it took eight years of (Bush) reckless spending that got us here. I will not go into the the status “health and welfare) of our military and veterans!

      The U.S. Military is nothing more than a private police force for the wealthy and affluent! when the President and Congress state that we are taking these military actions because of our (National Interest) it only means protect the financial interest of the corporations, banks and business owners. sad but true…

      I served twenty one years in the United States Marine Corps through Vietnam and Desert Storm. When I entered the Marine Corps my base pay was $200 per month. And each time we were no longer needed to protect their interest then came the over compensated, force reductions and lack of veterans health care. But I will admit under President Obama the healthcare has improve tremendously. I met the President and I put this question to him “what are your plans for “veterans healthcare” and on a handshake he said “we are going too fix it! ”

  • poor kid

    Yeah it’s high. A cashier at a grocery store probably only makes $1000 a month, and they don’t get the housing, food, and medical benefits like servicemembers do. Not to mention people working in fast food restaurants, and janitors.

    • richard

      You’re an idiot. Do these civilian jobs require 24/7 duty or sacrifice months or years of service without seeing their family.

      • richard,

        You may be correct, and let me add, that both of them there jobs takes someone to volunteer for them. What gets me, is to volunteer for any job and stay their long enough to retire from the job, then spend the rest of your life telling everyone how you got screwed.


        • jube

          But Charles, either person could have chosen to do the other job. Just because someone has put in 13 yrs and decides to stick to the job to get the retirement they’ve earned and not start all over at another company doesn’t mean it was all peachy. Im sure anyone who retired as a cashier can still tell bad stories as much as good. and I’m sure there are even cashier’s who retired and complain they got screwed on their retirement or a promotion, etc.

          • jube,

            The reason doesn’t really matter. I stand by what I originally posted.

        • Idmtmedic

          Well Charles you seem to be leaving out a little bit of information. Is anybody FORCED to work at any job? Slavery is not part of the equation. How many other jobs do they get to change the contract after you signed? Why is it a contract if the agreement can change by one party only? OUR retirement is not safe either. Apparently your “expected” benefits are only legal if congress says so, regardless of what you expect.

          • idmedic,

            As I’ve already posted for your reading.


            I understand that many laws, regulations, and military customs will govern my conduct and require me to do things under this agreement that a civilian does not have to do. I also understand that various laws, some of which are listed in this agreement, directly affect this enlistment/reenlistment agreement. Some examples of how existing laws may affect this agreement are explained in paragraphs 10 and 11. I understand that I cannot change these laws but that Congress may change these laws, or pass new laws, at any time that may affect this agreement, and that I will be subject to those laws and any changes they make to this agreement. I further understand that:”


            “b. Laws and regulations that govern military personnel may change without notice to me. Such changes may affect my status, pay, allowances, benefits, and responsibilities as a member of the Armed Forces REGARDLESS of the provisions of this enlistment/reenlistment document.”

          • Idmtmedic

            Great then you won’t complain when our retirement is on the chopping block. ;)

          • idmedic,

            Nothing I have is on the chopping block. I retireed with everything I thought I would, and more.

          • Idmtmedic

            And those were????

          • idmedic,

            None of your business, please go bother someone else.

          • Idmtmedic

            Lmfao…….yea I thought so. Can’t quantify it, it just is because you say so

          • idmedic,

            As I’ve already posted for your reading.


            I understand that many laws, regulations, and military customs will govern my conduct and require me to do things under this agreement that a civilian does not have to do. I also understand that various laws, some of which are listed in this agreement, directly affect this enlistment/reenlistment agreement. Some examples of how existing laws may affect this agreement are explained in paragraphs 10 and 11. I understand that I cannot change these laws but that Congress may change these laws, or pass new laws, at any time that may affect this agreement, and that I will be subject to those laws and any changes they make to this agreement. I further understand that:”


            “b. Laws and regulations that govern military personnel may change without notice to me. Such changes may affect my status, pay, allowances, benefits, and responsibilities as a member of the Armed Forces REGARDLESS of the provisions of this enlistment/reenlistment document.”

          • Idmtmedic

            Charles you have already posted many times that you have gotten what you are “legally” entitled to. You constantly refer to the supreme court decision. Now tell us what your talking about. Expected or legally entitled to? What is the problem? It should be easy. #1…………… #2………….,. Fill it in genius. You knew when you signed right? Then tell us all.

          • idmedic,

            I and ‘retiree’ have posted the Title 10, U.S. Code for you many-a-time’s. Also, since you don’t understand this, please check with the city you live in for a Veterans help center.

          • Idmtmedic

            So that’s you saying you don’t have an FN clue….lmao

    • Buddy Wallace

      Well if you think that the Military is over compensated and the benefits are all that. I recommend that everyone run down and join the 1% that have taken the steps to serve their country!!! So MR Poor Kid Why haven’t you joined??? The individuals that chose to work at a grocery store making what you guess ti be 1000 dollars a month or at a fast food restaurant have chosen to occupy those jobs.

      I worked at a McDonnell’s when I was a teenager. I had a paper rout, I work I bailed straw, hay and alfalfa in the summer months. The I chose to join the Army and my take home pay was 350 a month!!! That was after taxes. SO if you think it is high and easy money please run down and join…. If you qualify to join the Military. it is easier to to get into the college of your choice that it is to join the Military!!!

    • disabled vet


    • rvdoctor

      I guess they should join up and get that HIGH pay, too. I did in 1972. $88.00 a month. Wow!! BIG money!! Spent 21 years in the service and didn’t see over 15k a year. And I will do it again so you can have the freedom to bitch about it. Have a nice day.

      • rvdoctor,

        The monthly pay in 1972 for an E-1 under 2 years was $288.00. Damn, I didn’t realize the taxes were that high back then.

    • Robin

      A cashier at a grocery store makes more than a private. Stop talking

  • James

    I remember any type of pay that ends in “pay” is taxable pay. Base pay, Hazardous duty pay, Sub pay, Sea pay…. all of these are taxed.

  • Dual Army

    Any American citizen who says that the U.S. military is overpaid needs to recheck the figures. My husband and I are both Sergeants in the Army, and collectively we bring home $4,500 a month after taxes- not including BAH because we live on post, so all of that money is recouped by the Army for our house. We have three children and a dog, and enough money left over each month to put $50 into each child’s college savings, and $25 into our own retirement savings. We’re incredibly frugal with our money, thank you very much for the people who stated service members need to manage money better! However, my family all lives in Iowa and his family all lives in New York. In order to see them, we have to travel. Our deployments overlapped, and we went nearly two years without seeing each other. My husband just came home in March, and is leaving again next fall. This is considerable notice since last time we got 2 weeks notice before he left! I would like to hear of any civilian job that requires these sacrifices of their employees- not to mention that my husband works 14 hours EVERY DAY, and out of every month, we spend at least a week apart due to field time or schools. For instance, last week he was in the field, this week he is in APG, Maryland for a school, we’ll have a quick two week Christmas break, and then I will attend a school for three weeks in January. Tell me again how we’re overpaid for what we do? We’re both combat medics, and spent 5 of his 9 month deployment without phone calls or Internet communication, I could send him letters, but he couldn’t send any out to me because they were resupplied by air drops! Tell me again how our pay is unfair? If you take into consideration that we are ALWAYS on call, ALWAYS have to be ready, our pay comes down to $3.52 an hour for an E-5. Yeah, that’s way more than civilians. Come on people!

    • Idmtmedic

      Dual army, your probably around the cut off date for this 401k proposal for active duty. Share your thoughts about what your plans will be if they change the retirement as well as any other service members you have heard speak about it as well as medical benefits.

    • USMC_E8H

      Sorry but your figures do not add up either. You are not taking account all your benefit’s with your pay. The story points to being over compensated in comparison to a civilian. Since you may of never worked anywhere else I can understand this. Most people that would have a job in the civilian work force only get 2 weeks paid off for vacation. They would have to contribute to their own retirement both 401 k and SS taxes. They pay into their health, dental, and vision care. I have to agree with this story that many in the military are being over compensated. You came straight out of High School and they trained you for an occupation and continue your training. There is no I mean no cilvilian job that will do that.

      What I have to say though if you think that you could do better as a civilian then go for it (We all do not have union jobs and more people are on call 24/7 than you think and do not get paid for it). You may find out that your $3.52 was a good thing. I know you will always look back to these days as the good old days. Have a happy and save Christmas.

      • Mark Stevens US Army

        But as a civilian, you will never be expected to give up your life to complete your mission, if your employer asked you to. Ultimately, you become expendable and the mission is everything. The worst a civilian employer will do is remove you from their employment. Service members deserve every penny they get. After all, they just wrote blank checks with their lives for our government.

        • USMC_E8H

          I did my 20 and never did I expect to get rich serving my country. To many are in the military trying to make a living (working for the government and not serving their country). If your in the Army for the money then you might want to rethink your career choice. I bet that not many of the troops get up every day saying that if they just pay me $25.00 more a week that risking my life would be worth it.
          No most of them do it for other reasons I know I did.
          If your talking about the money. If they cut their pay in half the government would piss it away on some cash cow. I just don’t want people to think that they are in the military for the money.

          • Idmtmedic

            So let me guess, your NOT getting retirement? If you are then please send it back to the government because apparently we are too expensive. Now IF you retired you didn’t do it for the money but for love of country? I get your post right?

        • FmrAF-CrntCon

          I’ve heard this blank check.. The ‘they deserve everything they get; They’re your benefits, you’ve earned them.’ Well those sound good, but they are not dependent on anything. If service members made twice as much, wouldn’t they still deserve every penny in your eyes.. if they made four times as much, what then? If each service member got a million dollar signing bonus, would they deserve it for their blank check? To be more realistic then, should lower enlisted be in the top 30% of earners in the country? This Sgt above just stated that she barely gets by on the equivalent of over 85K. (55k take home after taxes, 10k medical (conservative with 3 kids) 18K rent/mortgate (based on avg bah). Not to mention free base services. So what is the right amount?

    • E.R. Doc

      my 34 year old M.I. son-in-law (Army Captain) makes more than I do when you consider his benefits. I have to pay for my own medical malpractice and “tail”, – for the office and utilities (phone,heat, water, gas, lights, rent) for the equiptment, and my continuing education which is required to keep the license I pay for – for my employees and their benefits including their continuing education, plan my own benefits and retirement, take a pay cut in order to participate in several of the insurance company plans (yes- they all TELL YOU what they’re willing to pay, and am on-call 24/7 at the hospital. I go in at 6am, rounding at 7-730 with hospital residents, TEACHING THEM AS WE ROUND because they are residents

    • E.R. Doc

      Split message: (they are studying at the university – I do not work for the university because I work not teach for a living) and then “practice medicine” from 9-5 – (my patients hope I start on time -where it never ends at 5) – look through countless e-mails, and my wife “tries to plan” dinner for 7:30 although I may not make that. She has been awoken many nights by the hospital when the on-call doc needs help so I have to go in although it isn’t my turn because they are swamped and patients are waiting. (multiple gun shots or a motor vehicle accident, or whatever) My wife can’t call me when I’m working as I’m usually with a patient – so she makes decisions like a single parent does but for us all. We have not had a vacation in 4 years, I even missed my sister’s wedding. We celebrate holidays on whatever day possible – never the actual one for 15 years or so. GET OFF YOUR PITY-POT !!!

      • jube

        And this is all true. But were you ever not paid because someone else needed the money? Did the hospital ever threaten to take half of your pay? I suspect not. But if so, and everything is equivelent…you had/have the option to quit . To all those who say get out if you don’t like it, they forget some people still have 5 yrs left on theire contract. There is no option to quit

        • jube,

          “And this is all true. But were you ever not paid because someone else needed the money?”

          Jube, have you ever not been paid because someone else needed the money?????

          “Did the hospital ever threaten to take half of your pay? ”

          Jube, has the military ever threatened to take half of your pay?????

          “I suspect not. But if so, and everything is equivelent…you had/have the option to quit .”

          Jube, I suspect not for you either. As for the “had/have the option to quit,” you had the option to not ENLIST and the option to not REENLIST.

          “To all those who say get out if you don’t like it, they forget some people still have 5 yrs left on theire contract. There is no option to quit.”

          Ohhhhhhhhhh, so now it is someone else fault you can’t just get out because you decided to ENLIST for 6 years?????


    • E.R. Doc

      Split Message: If you think it’s so bad, then quit and be a civilian where you can get fired on a whim for no reason,live on unemployment (about $200/week) or search endlessly for a job that has few or no benefits like health care for yourself not to mention your dependants and plan/pay for your own retirement. I’m a father to 2 military who enlisted to serve – and wouldn’t have it any other way. I see both sides, and am extremely proud of MY non griping soldiers.

      • E.R. Doc,

        I know exactly where you’re coming from. Click on my name, and that will take you to a pic of my Sister, Me, Mother, Older Brother and younger at my Retired LTC Fathers funeral. All of us but 1 brother retired from the service. I can say this, we know how good we have it no matter who says different.

        • Idmtmedic

          Yes well your point is still crap. My sister, brother and I all served as did my father. The fact benefits are being cut won’t change because your or my family served.

          • idmedic,

            Never said anything like that now, did I!


          • Idmtmedic

            That “is” our argument is it not? I SAY DIFFERENT. What you expected is not what I expected.

          • idmedic,

            This is what I posted:

            “E.R. Doc,

            I know exactly where you’re coming from. Click on my name, and that will take you to a pic of my Sister, Me, Mother, Older Brother and younger at my Retired LTC Fathers funeral. All of us but 1 brother retired from the service. I can say this, we know how good we have it no matter who says different.”

            As I see it, there is no argument in that post. Now move along, and go pester someone else please.

          • Idmtmedic

            Ohhhh no Charles, you posted the fact your entire family served and so did mine. What was your point? That you got everything you expected? Well your post had nothing to do with a DOC that has never served yet you decided to portray that your family has done more than anyone else? BS. Your family served UNTIL retirement for a reason. If not for a pension then guess what…………

          • idmedic,

            LMAO big time.

          • Idmtmedic

            Ok……your post was related how?

      • Idmtmedic

        Split message- lmao. Unless I missed the part about YOU wearing the uniform, what is your point? I also missed any information regarding your salary. Just for arguments sake, let’s say you want to play “soldier” Doc for ONLY 1 week. Find a boy scout uniform so you can look official, and put up a tent in your yard with a cot. Go to the nearest Army/Navy store and buy yourself some MRE’s. You will also need a wooden rifle and a radio that you get to sleep with. You can’t talk or email your wife and kids. Shower?? Mmm no you can’t go in the house. Wash your boy scout uniform? Use your fake helmet or a bucket. Well where are you going to use the bathroom? If your lucky you could put up a portable but for you, dig a hole.
        Now go to work with no days off. If you do that for a WHOLE week, you get juuuuuust a hint.

        • idmedic,

          Damn, what did the E.R. Doc do to you. Let me suggest, that you take a break from these blogs and cool down.

          • Idmtmedic

            Somebody posting about military life that has never done it should not post about what is or isn’t going on unless they have eaten a bit of sand with their MRE. No cool down needed. No problem here.

          • idmedic,

            LMAO, you post about Senators, House members and Civil Servants all the time, and you have never served in any of those positions. You need to practice what you preach.

            Note: And, you have no idea as to whether the E.R. Doc served in the Military or not.

            I suggest you come down off your pedestal and stop thinking you have all the answers.

          • Idmtmedic

            Ahhhh yes Charles, well let me give you the connection to CON-gress and the military. TAXPAYERS. That ER Doc has no FN clue about what happens in the military and whined about HIS job….lmao. Missed his sisters wedding? Couldn’t make it to dinner on time?

          • idmedic,

            If you haven’t served as a E.R. Doc, you shouldn’t be talking about what you know nothing about. Now move along please, nothing for you here.

          • Idmtmedic

            Charles, half of my career has been in ER. Speaking of moving along

      • Idmtmedic

        Split message- My son is also serving and YOU have no clue what military goes through unless you have done it. I’m sorry your so damn busy with emails and stuff. It is ironic with all your busyness that you found time to blog on a military message board about griping….lmao. When your sons get their retirement at 60 and are PAYING for their medical care then come back on here. Maybe keep the boy scout uniform as a reminder.

    • Ken

      Very well said, I was short time Navy very long ago. Thank you both for your service.

    • Malcolm

      First of all a small percentage of the armed forces sees combat. It takes a lot of other servicemembers to support the ones in combat. Second if you are single with no dependents and only a high school education you are doing way better than you could on the outside. I mean yeah if you’re a businessman and go getter etc you could make more, but that’s not reality for the most of people. Who told you to get married and have kids? If you can’t afford it why did you do it? I make $1000 a month minimum wage. I pay $500 a month for rent, $30 a week for gas, lets say $30 a week for food but its way more. $100 for water electricity. $100 car note. $100 a month for insurance. $200 left over. I think all these military people who complain about pay bring it on themselves by getting married and having dependents. BAH, etc. You can live on the fucking ship or in barracks and eat in the mess hall.

    • WDD

      Very few people live on post anymore. Most housing is becoming privatized. Most people buy a house and let their tax free entitlement pay for it. I had a friend, E-5, married to an E-5. Between their base salaries, housing, and food allowances, they were pushing 90k a year. Not many 25 year olds with only a high school diploma can do that. Especially, M-F, 8a-4p., 2 hours a day for physical fitness, four day weekends during holidays, week off during Christmas or New Years, free sick time, plus a 6 hour local areas that doesn’t require leave for travel. Uniforms paid for. Boots and gear paid for. Free medical. The salary looks low on paper since 1/3 of the check (entitlements) are not considered part of the pay and not taxes. So sure, 2 E-5’s living in a 300K home can get on food stamps. They won’t show the fact they are driving 50K cars either. Look at the big picture!

  • ibsteve2u

    I’m not going to say anybody is paid “too much”, but I probably would have paid the Army to get to wear that Kevlar helmet instead of a steel pot.

  • treason1948

    Misguided, the problem with your assessment is that in 1969 you could travel anywhere is an United States by plane for $10, and you remember the chip books that helped us through the month. In 1969 gasoline was how much $.25 a gallon with $10 and you bring up a lot of food you going to a grocery store nowadays with $100 or $200 and you bring out very little. Gasoline cost how much today. there was times when the military could get on a civilian airline I stand by and fly for $10 or less. So please must offer yet the real facts.

  • William Gaxiola

    Misguided, the probably errors you forget cost of living is much much cheaper than it is today. Gasoline back then was anywhere some a dollar and less a gallon, Brad was much cheaper groceries in general is much cheaper back in 1969 than it is today. Your room or how used to could travel on the Sabine airplane $10 and in some cases you could fly first-class for $10 I know I’ve done it. Your complainant or even suggesting that these individuals who are the military and for the most part had been in combat seen combat several times in their enlistment, do you realize that police officers here in the state of , California highway patrolman make starting pay hundred thousand dollars a year and that’s without overtime many police officers in the cities make starting hundred thousand dollars example Los Angeles, San Francisco San Jose Modesto these are just some examples of what they make. These individuals do not face combat every day I’m not saying the job is not important without them there is chaos here in United States they are needed it is important to have our police officers but if you go to place American men and women in harm’s way and they should be paid accordingly. And if you been in combat like you suggest then you know that you not getting paid that much more and you faced danger 365 days a year

  • William M Gaxiola

    Misguided, yes I remember those good old times in 1969 Union the pay line by the time you get to the end of the line you be lucky to have $40 after they take a savings bond out, after you contribute to certain orphanages you had very little left in your pocket. Then Congress came along in the 1970s and gave us a very large pay increase. I remember a family station at Fort Ord California whose son committed suicide because he felt he was a burden to his family, while the father was stationed in South Korea since very little money home. Our families living in tents of photo and California because I didn’t have housing for the lower ranks things got better in the military and the only thing I can say I hope that our troops will never have to face some of the hardships that many of us endured while we were serving in the military in the 60s.

  • james m

    The military doesn’t get paid enough. As a disabled vet I look at what active duty military is paid and feel sorry for them. They put their lives on the line every day, and yes I know they knew that when they signed the dotted line. Look at what they go through, look at what they make, it’s pathetic compared to someone in the civilian world doing the same job. Pay them what they’re worth, and leave their insurance alone, they’ve earned it too.

  • Kurt

    How about making our elected representatives take a pay cut instead of our military? Or maybe they should give up some of their perks such as free airfare, free insurance and I believe some representatives get health insurance for life once they have served a term in office.

  • Frank

    I was paid 78.00 per month in 1960, and this was pretty much the type of salaries we received for years and years. Now, are we supposed to loose what we struggled to earn after retirement?

  • Whatnow
  • keith youmans

    WELL, if they think that a soldier is OVERPAYED what would it be called for those in the Washington political arena???

  • Edwards

    where would the USA be without the military,,A nation that forgets its defenders will soon be forgotten itself! 7th cav,I served!!

  • Dan

    What? You have got to be kidding! They lay their lives on the line everyday and you think that they are overpaid? How about those scumbag politicians in Washington District of Corruption? They can’t make a decision to save their lives, they have not done one thing for the country, they have no BALLS and they give themselves raises when ever they feel like it – get an over abundant health care program-only have to serve one term and are set for life and you think our SERVICEMEN & WOMEN are overpaid? Maybe we all should pay more attention to what is going on in our own country with our so called “Public Servants”!

    • Douglas

      Dan, just a quick note on the raises that the members of the Senate and House get; they do not need any longer to vote themselves a raise because they got an Amendment to the Constitution passed, which no one paid any attention to, in which they now automatically get a raise every year.

  • urbabe47

    Seriously!? Most of the civilians working with my husband right now say his is vastly underpaid for the work he does. So much so, that he is considering getting out before retirement. He is an FC1 (E-6) in the Navy. He is the LINK expert on the ship, which is a big deal. Everyone comes to him when there is a problem with it, They are getting an upgrade right now and they had a problem with the equipment. The civilian guru came in and could not find the problem. My husband came in and found it. He even taught the civilian something about the system. He gets paid the same as every other E-6 with 13 years in no matter what work they do. Every job in the military requires variable skills and expertise. You can not lump every rate and rank together. Some jobs would make a whole hell of a lot more in the civilian world.

    • urbabe47

      Not to mention, my husband has spent 48 hours of the past 72 hours onboard. He is going to have worked about 96 hours by the end of the week. He will not be getting overtime for that.

    • Big_Al

      It’s called “doing his job”. I’m a UT1 in the Navy, and as an LPO, I routinely deal with scheduling, training, employing, counseling, evals, etc., for 40 – 45 subordinates. What middle management deals with that many, gets shot at, mortared (Seabees, or combat engineers), has to deal with duty that ups the work hours to around 85 hrs / week, deploys and DOES NOT get sea pay that the fleet does, and makes 42k per year? If he has such heartache with not being compensated enough, then yes, get out by all means, and go work for Ratheon or something, making 5 times as much. But why should he get paid to be the LINK expert for the rest of his career, when he won’t work on it on shore duty, or even at his next command?

  • Derringer

    Stupid question first of all. They were vastly underpaid and now they make a few gains and your country has the balls to ask such a question. You’ve got to be kidding me………

  • Barbara Werner

    I served 28 years in the military and retired in 2008. I did a tour in Iraq in 2003. I am suppose to scarfice for that is what soldiers do. It is a voluntary military and if you are selected for multiple tours to serve in a combat zone than that is what you do. We are not underpaid but special pay needs to be looked at and some liminated. But what really needs to be taken away is BAQ with dependents. There is not a job in the private sector that gives you extra pay because you are married or have children. As a single person in the military I cost the government less. Those that are in the service now and think the pay is not good…then hang up your boots. See how tough it is out there in the civilian world. If you are in a car accident, or if you have a disease and can’t work for awhile or if you break your leg from playing vollyball your military pay is not cut short. Your pay check continues as well as your benefits. You don’t get that in the civilian world. No one owes me anything for serving my country…not even a thank you. It was what I signed up for. To wear proudly the uniform of the United States Army!

  • Richard Justis Vet.

    I won’t dispute if Service members are, or aren’t, overpaid. But I do have a question for Capt. Ralph Moerschbacher. You stated that as a Capt. you brought home $44.00 every two weeks. When on active duty, A.F., with over two pay, E-3, 1962, I cleared $ 54.00 every two weeks. Are you sure about your figures ?

  • Lyn Dibble

    If the Military is paid to much, then maybe Congress should check their payroll

  • john

    I think all of you complaining about your pay are pathetic. Signing on was your decision, not forced on you. Decent pay plus free money for housing and food, when civilians in the real world struggle to find jobs. Man up and finish your service, stop complaining, and join the real world where you dont have guaranteed pay when youre out.

    • richard

      This obviously from a guy who has never served.

      • richard,

        I agree with him. To spend time in any job be it pumping gas or working at Walmart for enough years to retiree from it, and then after you retiree you spend the rest of your days telling everyone how bad you had it is just plan silly to me. Matter of fact, it sure doesn’t speak well for the one complaining.

        Too me, it is like me buy a pair of shoes 1 size smaller then I need, wearing them for life, and then after twenty or so years take them off and start comlaining about the shoe store that sold you the shoes.

        • Idmtmedic

          Jeeeeezuz, I cannot argue with an idiot. It’s like a one legged person in an ass kicking contest. Charles, your analogy is BS as usual. The shoes you bought didn’t change, only the warranty. If you bought them and it came with a contract then your safe. Unless of course the government wrote it. If you bought those shoes at 20% interest it’s legal, but if you bought it from the government @ 0% who do you think will come out on top? Give you a hint…………………
          Kinda like Vegas, the house always wins.

          • idmedic,

            Life’s a bitch, and things are what they are.


            I understand that many laws, regulations, and military customs will govern my conduct and require me to do things under this agreement that a civilian does not have to do. I also understand that various laws, some of which are listed in this agreement, directly affect this enlistment/reenlistment agreement. Some examples of how existing laws may affect this agreement are explained in paragraphs 10 and 11. I understand that I cannot change these laws but that Congress may change these laws, or pass new laws, at any time that may affect this agreement, and that I will be subject to those laws and any changes they make to this agreement. I further understand that:”


            “b. Laws and regulations that govern military personnel may change without notice to me. Such changes may affect my status, pay, allowances, benefits, and responsibilities as a member of the Armed Forces REGARDLESS of the provisions of this enlistment/reenlistment document.”

          • Idmtmedic

            No your a bitc#######’and ammhgggt. Ok your benefits are what??!?? Lmao. Ummmm ahh I dunno my benefits are what they tell me? Says it right here..”……black and white, apparently Charles has gotten a clear understanding of our benefits but can’t share them. I’m sorry I meant “his” benefits? Which he can’t share either.

          • idmedic,

            See this advertisement on the right side of this page inbetween Recent Posts and Recent Comments.

            The Military Advantage, 2012: The Guide to Military and Veteran’s Benefits [Paperback]


    • Mike

      If we did not join, there would be less jobs out there for the “real world” ppl. We have to make a living somehow, and since the economy is in the toilet, like it has been, we enlisted because there are no jobs. Besides, if you knew anything about the money we get for housing, it goes all to housing…not just to pay rent, but to the utilities, and maintenance. If you add up all of our entitlements, and pay, it would be less than a person working at mcdonalds or home depot. So before you keep running your mouth about something that you dont understand, I suggest that you research stuff before you put your words out there. Pathetic you say….try living in our boots for 3 yrs, then you would have the right to say anything.

    • cap21

      you probably never served in the military or you wouldn’t be so cavalier in your statement. why don’t you join up and see how it is to face an enemy who wants to kill you

    • colcbp

      OK Puke, you run down to your local ACTIVE DUTY USMC Recruiter and sign up. Only requires HS Diploma and no jail time. Guarantee exciting overseas work opportunities without family. We’ll even provide free meals, housing and no thanks from civilians you left behind. Hell, I even remember during Vietnam being called a baby killer by my sister. Look forward to that too.

    • Robin

      Free money for housing and food…are you serious? I pay healthcare, I pay dental and I pay taxes so lazy people and the unfortunately unemployed people who want to work can at least get government assistance. Don’t be jealous John. You had a choice to serve and since you didn’t chose to serve then pipe down.

  • Freddy

    The Reserve and National Guards are probably under-payed given the amount of time they give with no compensation. There is a huge “entitlement” mentality for many Active Duty service members and they can’t imagine paying for some of their benefits like prescription drugs.

    • Jube

      I agree. All branches are underpaid, but the Reserve/Guard have it even worse than the active duty counterparts. We are required to g to the same basic/tech school, wear the same uniform, complete the same training, and are expected to keep up with active duty. Howewver, we pay $197 for Tricare when active gets it for free. We pay for Rx when active gets it free, we do not get BAH/BAS so we pay for ourselves, and since we’re civilians most of the month we may or may not be making the same base pay. I personally as an E-4 made $200 each weekend. After the $197 I paid to tricare, my SGLI, TSP, taxes and the $60 in gas each way, I actually ended up paying the AF to serve! But I chose to stay in because I loved it.

      • Jube,

        So get the heck out.

        • Idmtmedic

          Charles apparently your family stayed for 20 plus years for some benefit???? Legal pension????? Medical?????? Just what were you “expecting”

          • idmedic,

            Don’t worry about why I stayed, as it has nothing to do with what I’ve posted.

          • Idmtmedic

            I’ll tell you why…… expected SOMETHING. If you loved it so much why didn’t you do 30? For free?

          • idmedic,

            Now, now, get back to the subject, which isn’t me.


          • Idmtmedic

            It is you and every other veteran. As much as you try and distance yourself from other retired vets it’s the same. Your special I guess……lmao. Unless it affects “YOU” your not interested. Like I said before. Grow some balls and fight for the VETERANS OF ALL WARS. Not just your little bubble.

          • idmedic,

            There are many Veterans that feel the same way I do, as you’ve seen on these blogs. I fight for what I believe in, not what others want me too. Your just ticked off that you can’t change my mind. LMAO

          • Idmtmedic

            Well I first want to know what your benefits are that you expected or are legally entitled too? So answer it?

          • idmedic,

            Try reading Title 10 of the U.S. Code. Not only myself, but ‘retiree’ has posted this with link for you many times. You need to get yourself a clerk to file all this knowledge we continually pass along to you.

            Sometimes I feel like you owe me a paycheck. Hello


          • Idmtmedic

            I’m thinking the only thing your entitled too as a 3H enema. Lmfao. If you consider your BS as knowledge then your right. Your a geeenius!!!!!!

  • Gunner Guzz

    Freedom comes with a price. If you never served in the Military then STFU. We were their to provide you the freedom that you have today. It’s sad to see this country going down the tube with the bleeding heart liberals giving in to every cry baby who thinks that they deserve more. (Illegal immigrants and so on). Bring back all the jobs that were sent overseas. In 10 years maybe sooner this country will have a rich against poor CIVIL WAR.

    • Dr. Bob

      I think that’s a short-sighted and incorrect view. The problem is not that we are paid too much, but rather that there are WAY too many officers from O-4 up, and way too many NCOs from E-7 up. Reduce that overage, and reduce the gap between enlisted and officer pay, and you have something.

      Also, never forget that we are paid by the taxpayers, the overwhelming majority of whom have never served – but who also greatly appreciate our service.

  • Bob

    Whoever states the military is over paid is extremely under intelligence or one of our elected officials trying to line his pocket. At state side civilians that worked with got paid like a E8 and the responsibility of an E2. American civilians working remote areas overseas made an unbelievable amount plus tax exemption, plus medical and so forth. They could work 4 to 6 years like this and retire in comfort and be in little to no danger. Yes I had a chance to be one of them, regrets yes and no but mostly no. I served for over 20 years not for the pay or benefits, However I was looking forward to the benefits. People That make the statement that the military is over paid just reinforces what I have learned about our government. They only show respect to the military if there is something in it for them. Like hand out a medal to a service member 20 to 40 years after the fact when it won’t help the member or family. You will noticed this around election time, and my favorite is when they state we do not do enough for our military member than turn around and find ways to take what we do have away. If you trust or believe in our top elected officials than you are dumber than I am.

    • Bob,

      “American civilians working remote areas overseas made an unbelievable amount plus tax exemption, plus medical and so forth. They could work 4 to 6 years like this and retire in comfort and be in little to no danger.”

      LMAO, Bob, please surely you don’t believe this.

      • Idmtmedic

        Charles, Charles,…….100gs isn’t too bad for a years work huh? Security isn’t free especially if your non military. Are you contesting the pay?

        • idmedic,

          “American civilians working remote areas overseas made an unbelievable amount plus tax exemption, plus medical and so forth. They could work 4 to 6 years like this and retire in comfort and be in little to no danger.”

          LMAO, idmedic, please surely you don’t believe this.

  • Joseph Diggs Sr

    If it turns out that Veterans are “overly compensated” then America should not get involved in “Conflicts” around the World. In my opinion then the need for “Compensations” would just go away.

  • jusme101

    Are Troops Paid Too Much? Well, when they qualify for WIC, that may answer your question.

    • jusme101,

      Something tells me, that if everyone in the service magically woke up to 5 kids today, most all of them would meet the qualifications for recieving WIC. I don’t think it is the responsibility of the employer to keep up with the size of your familily and then pay you accordingly.

      • Jube

        your base pay is based off your rank, BAH (housing) pays for your rent/mortgage since the military can’t house everyone for free on base, and BAS (food) is to pay for the solider. Your pay has nothing to do with how many kids you have. There are plenty of military members who have no kids or 1-2 and don’t qualify for WIC because they “make too much” but still don’t make enough to get by. Plus the DoD isn’t your normal employer. It requires a lot more of you and your family therefore has more of a responisibilty to that family. or example: It can’t force a member to move and not take into consideration the cost for the rest of the family to move as well.

  • Retired Marine

    What a worthless report from the congressional budget office; sounds like someone is trying to justify cutting the military pay, so they can continue the “Bread and Circuses” for the non working.

    Interesting to see people who never served, chiming in on this article. If you never served, stay off topics like this. Your input is baseless, and you have no idea what you are talking about. Somehow, people think they know what our pay is worth, because they are told from the media or a classroom – where the instructor simply switched sides of a desk.

    • Retired Marine,

      People on this site talk about Congressmen all the time, yet they have never served as a Congressman. Either way, I have no way of knowing who served or who hasn’t.

      • Idmtmedic

        Do congressman get a check from taxpayers? You do realize that is where our check comes from? I talk about it because it is related. Apparently your too stupid to understand that.

        • idmedic,

          “Do congressman get a check from taxpayers? You do realize that is where our check comes from? I talk about it because it is related. Apparently your too stupid to understand that.”

          None of the above matters, you can’t have your cake and eat it too. If you claim everyone that talks about the military has to have served in the military, then if you’re going to talk about Congressmen you have to have been a Congressman. That’s the way it is, check the rule book. Remember medic, what is good for goose, is good for the gander. Hello

          LMAO Big Time

          • Idmtmedic

            No I don’t Charles they work for US. Remember? We don’t work for them anymore. You can keep your BS opinions AND share them as well as anybody else can do on this blog. It smells really bad in here anytime you post I can tell you that. If anybody would like to respond to my answers to posts they may do so at anytime. Especially you because I wear a gas mask for your crap opinions. Need better filters though, as your wearing mine out. Soooo you feel soldiers are paid to much for dying? Ohhh yes I forgot they would be dead regardless if they got double pay you say? Well Charles they would also be SACRIFICING their life if they got paid HALF. what was your point again? They are dead and did I miss the respect somewhere in your post? I forgot, you said they did what they did and you did what you did in other posts. I’m willing to bet my retirement when your end comes there will be NONE of your soldiers to pay respects.

    • soaringeagle

      Now they are massing our troops to possibe go into Syria because of the gas threat. How many civilians put their lives on the daily and would be willing to go into Syria? NONE. How about John McCain lead the charge to go in since that is what he is fighting for instead of fighting for to maintain our TriCare benefits. Tom Coburn needs to go along with him. Semper Fi

    • Robin

      Retired Marine, you are the only one of inteligence here.

  • LHS

    The dimwits who say the military are paid too much should take a look at what the Soldier may receive for his or her service. Visit a military hospital or a Warrior Transition Unit (WTU) to see how our troops have paid back their exorbitant salaries: Missing arms, legs, or eyes have been given in exchange for their great salaries, anf those are the ones who lived. Some of them will never recover their normal capabilities. How many of our civilian stay at homes can say that?
    I am a military veteran and a military widow

  • Jube

    Yes! Thank you…It happens to a lot of families. A few here and there, they may be in a tight spot or irresposible, but to have as many different families all strugglling the same way, that excuse goes out the window. These are good people who do what they are supposed to and are struggling to provide the BASICs for their family

  • Kevin

    I can clearly see that the reporters that are posting these questions and comments don’t have a clue from where some of the numbers come from. Pay raises have been increasing in percentages over the last 15 years…Mainly because military pay was so far under the private sector that it takes many years to even get close to the priv