DoD Plan Will Force 171,000 Off TRICARE Prime

According to a recent article by Tom Philpott, Defense officials are expected to soon announce that military retirees and their dependents that live more than 40 miles from a military treatment facility or BRAC (base closure) site will lose access to TRICARE Prime as early as next April. This move could force as many as 171,000 retirees to shift to TRICARE Standard, which would mean an increase in out-of-pocket costs – especially those

with special needs dependents or other chronic health issues. It is important to note that active duty members and their families won’t be impacted. However, military retirees and their families are not the only ones to be hit by the move. In his article, Philpott points out that some drilling Guard and reserve members enrolled in TRICARE Reserve could also see increases in health costs. These changes have been in the works for some time. In fact, the new TRICARE support contracts were originally drafted in 2007 (during the Bush administration). These contracts were designed to reduce the cost of providing health care to military retirees by constricting Prime service areas. Philpott reports that “Congress is not expected to block this long-standing plan to tighten access to Prime if the intent is to hold down costs. Doing so likely would require lawmakers to find equivalent budget savings elsewhere.” Many may find it disturbing that Defense officials delayed announcing this TRICARE change until after the election out of concern that it could be used by politicians. The first round of Prime service changes is “tentatively” planned to go into effect in the TRICARE West region on April 1. The North and South regions will see the plan implemented by October 1, 2013. Read the full ‘Military Update’ article on to learn how this change will likely impact retirees and reservists. Let your elected officials know how you feel about this issue.

About the Author

Terry Howell
Before becoming the Managing Editor for, Terry served 20 years in the U.S. Coast Guard as an Aviation Electrician’s Mate and aircrewman. In his final role in the Coast Guard, Terry served as a Career Development Advisor, where he provided career, finance, education, and benefits counseling to servicemembers and their families. Since retiring from the Coast Guard, Terry has authored the book, The Military Advantage, managed the content for TurboTap, the DoD's online transition program and VAforVets, the VA's transition assistance website. Terry earned both his Bachelor's and MBA at Corban University using Military Tuition Assistance and his GI Bill benefits to help cover the cost.
  • Old Chief

    Right! Stick it to the retirees,again!!

    • Brenda

      So true & you can bet that Congress nor the President will give up any of their coverage or pay more!!!!!!!

    • gene

      well it’s good thing they didn’t bring out before the election otherwise the president would have lost.

      • Susan Bruno

        Read the article…this is left over from the Bush days and is not Obama care!

        • Idmtmedic

          Susan left over isn’t 5 years later. Regardless, it is what it is, now what are YOU going to do about it? Write former President Bush? Last I checked he nor any of his appointees are in office. Either you accept it or are going to try and do something about it. Which is it?

        • Ron

          It may have started during the Bush years, but our sitting president can fight to keep it from going into effect if he gave a damn about us vets.

    • Betty B

      So you our elected officials have done it again. None of you know the meaning of the truth. Democrats or republicans all you care about is proving you are better than a “black” president. What about us. To serve your country! What for. We the men and women did our best

  • Idmtmedic

    We have so many holes in our backs already, what’s one more? It’s perfect timing right before Veterans day!!!!

  • Mark Wynn

    Everyday more deceptions and hidden taxes/fees/costs are revealed … that were surpressed by the administration for re-election purposes. For those of you who voted for four more years … remember, you asked for this.

    • Young and Broken Vet

      try reading the complete article….. this was started during the BUSH Republicans era. Don’t get me wrong, they are all shysters who should have all their benefits eliminated before going after the VETS who protect their offices. This is just one more rape of every person who has served or supported thos of us who have served and given our health and lives to ensure we get molested by nearly every member of the house or senate who has ever held those positions.

    • Dj

      If you didn’t read the article this was initiated during the Bush Years and being implemented by the Republican congress

    • Richard

      I guess you skipped over the part that said this was planned in the Bush years so if Romney had won Obama supporters could say the same thing.

    • Chu

      We always seem to blame the sitting president. These changes have been in the works far earlier than Obama being president.

    • line

      No bush did this 2007 don’t blame the democrats. Get your facts together

  • Idmtmedic

    Waiting for a comment from the career blogger about veterans forced off Tricare prime? Wonder how many “think tanks” were influential on this cost saving venture. Mmmmm wonder what will happen to those veterans that can’t afford three thousand as a cap. Maybe when the Tricare for life get’s more expensive it will sink in but I doubt it.

    • IraqVet

      Those think tanks are composed of six figure retired general officers and civilians with outstanding benefits.

  • mike

    does tricare satisfy the health tax or do you need a separate policy

    • mike,

      Health Care Overhaul and TRICARE
      Posted on November 10, 2009

      Question: Would health care overhaul efforts eliminate TRICARE health coverage for members of the military and military retirees?

      Answer: No. This claim in a chain e-mail is false. Neither Congress nor President Obama has proposed legislation to that effect.

      • Idmtmedic

        Guess Tricare Prime isn’t going to get cut for those vets then. Not losing anything right Charles? Nothing’s being cut, we have only gained benefits.

        • Idmtmedic,

          Should you choose to read the whole article, you would have known that they are still on Tricare. Let me give you an example, should I choose not to pay for Tricare Prime, then I would/can sign up for Tricare Standard.

          So, as you see they still have Tricare.

          • Idmtmedic

            Now that’s a novel idea. Read the whole article? I never thought of that. Ok first off your WRONG again. So if I take your logic then my military provider will separate from the service and set up his practice so that I could keep him as my doctor. Since I would be on Tricare Standard. I get that right. Nothing is being cut and my out of pocket expenses are no big deal. Each visit a co-pay and more for pharmacy. What’s not to love about that? However you are right it IS Tricare. Just love how you spin everything. But don’t fret, your Tricare for life is safe………lol.

          • Idmtmedic,

            You’ve gone off the deep in with your attempt at comparing Tricare with The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA).

            “Neither the passage of the PPACA or the recent Supreme Court ruling upholding the PPACA had a direct impact on the TRICARE benefit, or TRICARE’s commitment to provide the best possible health care to its more than 9.7 million beneficiaries.”

          • Idmtmedic,

            When the President said you can keep your own Doctor, he wasn’ t speaking about those of us that were or still on active duty.

            You know this, I know this, so why keep on with re ridiculous argument.

          • Idmtmedic

            Now answer the question. Tricare Prime and not losing anything? That is what the article is about right. No choice about losing your provider if you live 40 miles away from a military facility. Not PPACA….TRICARE PRIME.

          • Idmtmedic,

            Ask yourself, has that soldier lost Tricare????? The answer is no. No one has lost anything, and when it comes down to it, we are lucky that we have TRICARE at all.

          • Idmtmedic

            Mmmmmm, that is another BS we are not “lucky”. We earned it. We are not civilians and not subject to the whims of congress ignoring 20 years of military service. Legal crap as usual. Tricare was set up for military personnel………Tricare Prime, Tricare Standard and Tricare for life. Now ask yourself Charles, if and when the CAP is policy, your position will remain the same?

          • Idmtmedic,

            We are governed by civilians, but go on and ignore that.

            LMMFAO, don’t care about CAP, I will leave the worrying to you.

          • Idmtmedic

            Your now a civilian…….nobody to lead you now Charles? Lost? Lmao……….just waiting for congress are ya? When you get tired of watching congressional as#es from behing and get your nads back, try becoming a leader again, if you ever were. Proactive is much better than reactive, but your neither.

          • Idmtmedic

            You didn’t answer the question Charles. Do you LOSE your provider and GAIN bills or in your empty head, GAIN a new Provider and GAIN bills lmao.

          • Idmtmedic,

            No, you still have Tricare.

          • Iddmtmedic,

            Correct, he still has Tricare.

  • Anyone who didn’t think stuff like this was coming under the current administration is a fool!I can’t wait to see how badly our military gets scrapped in 2013 and watch all those career soldiers and sailors who have been in 10-15 years get the boot. Leaving us with much less experienced service members carrying the ranks

    • Mark Wynn

      The administration seems to want to turn military service into something it is not — just another job and temporary career move. Hence, the push to make military health care like a civilian system, make the 20-year retirement just another 401K setup, etc. The question is, why would a person who enters military service stick around … during times when the civilian sector is paying more for easier jobs that do not place them in harm’s way, do not require long deployments away from home and family, etc.? Even for those people who relish hardships and danger, private sector jobs pay 4 to 5 times as much for equivilent positions. This is one way to cut our military … by making it unacceptable.

      • Idmtmedic

        Well said Mark. Common sense is not part of the equation.

  • D Williams

    Don’t like the right fool you, I’ve got Tricare Prime



    • Brenda

      Thank you for your service to our country. My husband had 38 yrs. of AF/Air Nat. Guard & drew a pension for 9 mo. He NEVER used his Tricare or any of his SS. I thank God every day that he did serve & that I do have that coverage. I do not know how I would live were it not for my Medicare (which I WORKED & PAID for) and my Tricare For Life (wish my husband WORKED & PAID for through his service)!!!!

  • Zmanusmc

    America voted for screwing the veteran.

  • Casper

    Hmmm, “Thank you for you service” to our faces, while they stab us in the backs. I have Tricare Prime, as do some of my friends. This is what WILL happen to us – and others – within 18 – 24 months, we will lose our home, be on food stamps, qualify for cash assistance from our state, and have to move in with our children. AND, the cost we scrapped together to pay for the year of Tricare Prime, well, that is NOT going to be returned either. OR, we can move to within 40 miles of a facility – we are currently about 150 to the nearest. And no, I did NOT vote for this.

  • A. Steele

    I’m not making political comment, but the article states that this was planned during the Bush administration, not Obama: These changes have been in the works for some time. In fact, the new TRICARE support contracts were originally drafted in 2007 (during the Bush administration). These contracts were designed to reduce the cost of providing health care to military retirees by constricting Prime service areas.

    • FreeRay

      Planning and “Framing” a Law are two separate things. If Planned, then it would have been voted-on by Congress during the Bush Budgets. Framing the providers simply means that unless newer/better providers aren’t found, then it’s status quo.
      When OBAMA becamme the President, he was given the power to accept/reject any Budget under his Administration. The Administration under Obama has FAILED to allow for or provide any type of Federal Budget as required by the Constitution. New Budgets can and do either support or defeat the PROPOSALS/FRAMING of ANY budgetary item not voted into Law under prior Administrations.
      Obama and his Democrats have had nearly 4 years, two of which were with the control of both Houses, to either accept, edit, or reject any and all “Proposals/Framings” etc of the Bush Admin, however, they have not. but merely accept them, provide no leadership, and just want to “blame Bush” for it all.

      • Carl Rodz

        I love how you easily say “Bush Budgets.”. Are those the same Budgets that didn’t include paying for the 2 wars?

      • H-dude

        Well, his (Obama) only budget attempt failed miserably. His response was it was too hard. Yes, Bush did propose the Tricare Prime changes in regard to location. But it was just that, a proposal. Bush had the foresight to also say that Medicare and Social Security would be on the brink of failure soon, if policies were not changed. Wait and see what happens next…I also suspect that eventually all military retirees will be forced to moved to Tricare Standard or face the great social medicine program called Obamacare…that is the medical program of England and Canada which is filled with ineptitude and government control. But over half of the country wants it that way. Go sheep.

  • catt

    Oh well all you die hard Obama fans are getting what you deserve a good screwing and more to come.

    • Sue

      Again please get educated!!! This has been in the works since “W” maybe a few at the top can buy a new jet ! To fly to their off shore Accounts.

      • david

        why dont you just say his name you moran. educate yourself! thats WHISKEY in military terms.

  • Tom Zelinski Ret.

    My Wife campaigned for Sen. McCaskill (who, as many of you know is a Defender of the Military. A fax will be going out ASAP as well as American Legion, VFW, AMVETS and whomever else I influence. To include 3 former Ambassadors that I know personally… Stay tuned.

    Honor with Valor,

    Tom Zelinski USAF Ret.

    • IraqVet

      McCaskill? Good luck with that.

    • Rich

      Interesting take on McCaskill. What I hear is that she runs down to Springfield and other downhome districts and talks like she believes in 2nd Amendment and other conservative beliefs – that is great until she gets to DC and puts on her liberal hat! Beliefs seem to change?

  • M.C. ALtman

    I do not get this. Even if you live within 40 miles of a MTF you are still not authorized care. (Example) Say I lived within 40 miles of Eisenhower Medical Center in Augusta, Georgia. I would not be allowed to access the facility as a retiree. So, why the change? What’s going on?

    • Cynthia

      Pay Attention!!! They are not talking about care at a MTF. They are talking about retirees who are on Tri-Care Prime and are forced to go to civilian doctors and pay a co-pay even though my husband served for 22 years. Being forced to Tri-Care Standard would be devastating for us. That’s what’s going on!

      • George Kramer

        I understand that and I suspect Mr. Altman also understands that. His question is the same as mine: Since treatment is not provided at a military facility anyway, why would living more than 40 miles away from one make any difference?

  • W

    The sad part is that half of the miliary in the Hampton Roads area of Virginia voted for more of the same garbage from Washington. Our culture has been shifting to an entitlement society with all of the unions and welfare programs. Obama has successfully convinced people to engage in class warfare and not to think logically about our economy and the future of our country.

    • klsgrem

      While our entitlements keep getting cut.
      That free healthcare for life seems like it never was.

    • Sue

      This has been in the works with since George W. read the whole article Why do people want to blame those who had nothing to do with the mess. Remember 2 wars and those at the top got a tax break!!! Switch up your news and get educated:)

      • Mike

        Your not in the military. Get off our boards

      • IraqVet

        Would you like some cheese with that whine. Whether it was in the works when Christ was a corporal means nothing if your lord and saviour Owebam can’t fix it.

      • Robert Law

        Sue: It is obvious you like BHO and his Socialist agenda. I am married to a British citizen and am fully knowledgeable of socialist medicine. It doesn’t work! Where is the MOAA? The military PACs need to get aggressively involved in this issue and quickly. God help us disabled vets and the USA over the next 4 years!

        As a disabled vet and a recent liver transplant recipient, this is just another lie from the POTUS. Obamacare is an abomination!

    • Larry Tupper

      Really? Maybe you should look into the history of Unions and how they came about. Do you see any children working in sweat factories in the US. No. That’s because of unions. How about health care, OSHA safety standard, maybe vacation or pay for overtime. That’s all because of Unions. I’m a retired navy guy and it’s taken me 15 years at the same company to get the save vacation I had on day one in the Navy. I’m management but respect Unions because all they have done to protect the American Workder. i’ve done my homework and know the history. It’s there in books. Read it. Entitlement Society? I only want what I’ve paid into and was promised.

      • IraqVet

        Isn’t ACORN great? Real Americans they are…

    • W,

      So what does this have to do with “DoD Plan Will Force 171,000 Off TRICARE Prime”.

  • sandra dorsey

    Do like everyone Ive talked too is/has..Get on welfare, disability (mental) stamps. Seems to be the only way to make it anymore..UNLESS one is already rich like the twits running this country and have been for centuries. I keep saying..We NEED someone who has always been poor running things..because they understand the concept of money..and understand BUDGET

  • lloyd d cole

    Pres. Obama did not win any states with photo I.D. laws. In 20 Philly precincts
    Gov. Romney did not receive even one vote. What are the odds of that?

    • russ

      He won Florida.

    • AWAC

      It’s called voter tampering,all the dead people voted for Obama too.

  • Mark

    Unreal…..did 22 years with the intent of serving my country and enjoying the rewards of that service, if I was alive to do so.

  • RMH

    So for everyone here who is posting the “blame Obama” for this all I can say is that your ignorance must be bliss. Read the full article which details how this was initiated under President Bush and has been in the works since 2007. We are retired and we count on tricare prime to be there for us and yes this is a slap in the face. So tell congress and tell the senate not to let this happen but please stop blaming the guy who didn’t do this to us. Blame George Bush since this all started when he was our president.

    • blh

      could be. but have you seen your buddy say anything about getting involved in doing this? what another perfect opportunity for him to blame president bush for something else. guess he must have just missed this one.

    • ajb

      Yes it says it was part of Bush’s plan, but Obama has had 4 years to make changes if he disagreed with it.. And waiting until after the election to make this known is just chicken Sh!t.

    • JCW

      Blame George Bush, Didn’t he leave office on or about 22 January 2009?

      • Mel


        Stupid remark

      • Banshee 55

        Don’t forget President George Bush caused the death of the Dinosaurs; he is also responsible for the last Ice Age. I think he also caused the fall of the Roman Empire. If we are going to pile onto President Bush, we should try to make it believable! Or do as the Democrats do throw anything they can think of against the wall, and see what sticks!

    • McKeithan Smith

      I am glad that you are an INFORMED individual. Oftentimes, people make irrational statements because of misinformation or are just plain ignorant. Some individuals would rather play the blame game and use derogatory and irresponsible remarks to hide their own inadequacies. Our country would be better served if each citizen would avail themselves to a measure of civility and leave the petty bantering to the the the fringe and uninformed few. The citizenry is is much more the better without these negative and divisive persons. God bless America as we all pray for the leaders of this great country so that they will make the right decisions for the betterment of citizens regardless of personal and political beliefs.

      Mac Smith,
      El Paso, TX

    • VegasSmitty

      Obama is the current POTUS, he’s in the big chair and its happening on his watch, it is his fault!

    • arnottt

      It was a democratically controlled Congress in 2007. Do you remember Nancy Pelosi? We seriously need to go after the golden parachute healthcare of the House of Representatives, and also abolish their pensions.

    • janice

      Lets play ” blame Bush” again. Where is the proof that “this was in the works in 2007” Oh, you read it.? yea I read the birth certificate too. The USA has been in a downward spirial since oboma and his cohorts took over the government. Oh that’s right Bush left a mess. oboma doesn’t need to sell out to China. He doesn’t need to destroy our Military. He has said he is going to dismantal the Military. Slowly but surely he is. My husband fought in the Korean war and Vietnam. He was promised Health Care for himself and his dependants. I’m glad he doesn’t know whats happening now. You people put your life on the line for our country and this is the thanks you get from your commander in chief. BS. By the way, how many of you voted. Was it everybody? I love my Country and I never thought I would live to see it’s funeral. Ignorance, can you own it?

      • Steve

        Janice, I’m sorry but you need to wake up a little bit. It is undoubtly true that Bush initiated this. The point is as ajb and VegasSmitty and to some extent arnottt point out Obama is the POTUS now and after 2008. Those of us who voted for Obama in 08 did so on the idea that he would change a lot of policies that Bush had started. He did not and did not get my vote this time. Neither did Romney, though for this he would probably have been the guy to vote for.

      • Not a jarhead

        Did you finish high school or were you a dropout too. You are a very igornant person. Bush is the blame for alot of problems. Started two wars got over 6000 americans killed, for what, WMD’s where were they after we invaded Iraq? The country was ready to go into a depression until Obama stopped the free fall. The economy is on target to grow 3% if the Republicans don’t screw it up. I sometimes wish McCain would of got elected…………….you all would of blame Bill Clinton for all woes. I say F.$%^ Y#@!

    • 4 More Years

      In regards to your previous remark; I get so sick and tired of ass holes “like you”; always playing the race card. Your stupidity; undermines your common sense. So get your head out of the horses’ ass!

      • Rodney

        You will see how bad it’s going to get. Race won’t have nothing to do with it. We are all getting screwed.

    • R.B.

      It wasn’t Obama care it was just the Dems who took power in the legislature in 2006. Look at the financial problems that have risen from that 2006 power change. Obama is just now leading the charge.
      Blame it on Bush is a statement of ignorance it not knowing or learning what is happening to our country.

    • Klinn

      Perhaps the democratic congress (or whoever) presented the idea of this during Bush’s administration, that’s not the point, the point is it is being initiated NOW! I am sure Obama will be thrilled to save a little money to use to pay for his socialist Obamacare! I sure hope all of you who voted for him are proud of yourselves!!! And I pray all who fought to keep this country free will be in God’s hands because He is the one we need to trust in now.

    • served 40

      Live in the real world, will you please? How did Bush have a hand in Obamacare? The tax incentives that Bush DID do, Obama is eliminating them. Frankly, you need to hear this: “A country deserves the leader it gets”. I didn’t vote for Obama, because I couldn’t be so selfish. You see, I EXPECTED him to be re-elected when he won in 2008! He’s gonna make me a multi-millionaire. I understand this regime. And I’m getting rich because of it. So, my venom displayed is because so many retirees DON’T UNDERSTAND how to prosper while Obama tears down this great country and makes us so vulnerable to whomever wants to harm us. Good luck, you’ll need it.

      • Idmtmedic

        You investing in “green energy” lmao

      • Chu

        Some complain that the country is being “torn down”. Uh, YEAH. I wasn’t a marine but even I know you take what they give you, you tear it down and you build it up. Stronger and better. People that wish to go back forget that what they wanted to go back to was destroyed. Those who understand this first will prosper. Those who fail to change will become extinct.

    • David

      Sorry…all of you who blame a president are full of nothing upstairs. Only Congress can make and pass laws. Period. BTW, if you want to blame Congress and feel good about blaming either a republican or a democrat congress…look to see what party was in charge. During the end of the Bush administration, the Democrats were in charge. In 2007, Nancy Pelosi and her gang spent more money than any other Speaker in the first year of office. That is power. So stop blaming presidents, they have nothing to do with budgets (they only propose them) or laws. Only Congress has that power under the Constitution. If you aren’t happy, blame Congress!

      • Guest

        Except Obama…you forgot he went around congress’ approval to initiate a no fly zone to kill kadafi…which was one of the biggest mistakes he ever made…if he can’t get through something he makes an executive order…i.e. the dream act just before the election. Obama is power hungry. He doesn’t care one bit about anyone who voted for him. His only desire is to make the United States get down on her knees and give her wealth and riches away to other nations she has “hurt”. If you don’t believe me just watch and see…the first move is to put all of the small business owners out of business…Congress had lots of power before Obama…remember he said..if i can’t get it through congress I will go around!….I’m not happy and I will blame the unions and obama.

    • Carla

      This is somnething htat has to be approved by hte SITTING PRESIDENT each year, and Obama care caused a LARGER cut than planned!

    • fubar

      Who cares what part did it! It is the government and that’s how they treat us after 20 + years. You can argue who it came from but honestly when you cant get health care will it matter. The 1 percent just got bent over and told to take it and be happy. Doesn’t matter who intiated it their all in it so basically I am disqusted.

    • concerned vet

      it started under bush admin, but if you do your homework, oflama initiatied it in a proposed plan to the president when he was governor, another great plan by the democrats

      • Guest

        You probably need to do your own homework-Congress is responsible for budgetary decisions, the president only signs or vetoes the bill. attempting to say that it was President Bush that started this is disingenuous. It, however, fair to say that our current president is supportive of this in that the Sen. Obama supported it. The author of this blog really led the conversation astray and folks like you just perpetuate the false discussion

        • JS Smith

          Agree completely.
          I am a retiree, one of the last to still be seen on base prior to them taking no more, and still work on base as a civil servant. I live 45 miles from the base to get more affordable quality housing. This can get me dropped? Tired of so many promises broken. Will encourage my kids to seek other opportunities. This will only get worse. Will write Senators, congressman…

          • Idmtmedic

            JS, Also find a retiree organization that fights for our benefits. Be active regardless of what Charles Bryant says.

    • faye58

      So what if it was Bush’s fault, Obama needs to manup as well as our current Defense people & take responsibilty. When you take over as head of a company, the buck no longer goes to the past people but to the current. If you can’t do the job, get out of the way and let someone who is qualified & cares about the military do their job. Oops ! Sorry, we have another 4 yrs of suppression of information, don’t you just love this transparency?!?

    • Milomet

      Maybe it was started by Bush but Obama won’t do anything to stop it. He is cutting defense budget and also removing 171k so they can buy his Obamacare.

    • RJO 37 yr Vet

      Sure keep blaming President George Bush because Obama will never
      take the blame for anything he is responsible for. TRICARE may have
      come up in 2007 BUT President Bush never put it through and would
      have vetoed it. Obama didn’t waste a minute after being elected before
      he put it through.

    • JS Smith

      But Bush did not hide it these past four years nor after decision was settled upon, the current Pres did that

    • Rmk

      So I guess you are showing your ignorance when you state “tell congress and tell the senate” since the Senate is part of Congress, read the United States Constitution some time.

    • Go navy

      The Congress and Senate was under Democratic control from Jan 2007-2011…Bush was a ‘lame duck’ So WHO’S ignorant?

    • RBlake

      May as well, liberals blame President Bush for everything to give Resident Obama an escape plan. I served and loathe Obama.



    • dustndwind

      Blame Bush??? Just how far back are you willing to go to cover for this administration, what about taking it back to Abe?

    • SFC Williamson (Ret)

      @RMH though might have started before Obama, but has he has stated he has the pen to sign bills!!

    • Candyce

      You speak the truth and get thumbs down clicks. That in itself is a disgrace and those people that did that just want to keep blaming Obama for everything.

      • Vicky

        Oh really, maybe because this coudl’ve been avoided, heck, he passed health care, if he had been worried about Military one bit, he would’ve done something about it at the same time, but he is taking one trillion from the budget instead. Don’t think Bush foresaw how bad the economy would be made in the next four years thanks to barack, or how anyone could go this far against the Military. Why did Defense want to hold this until after elections? Panetta is the enemy within in the Military.

    • Vicky

      Oh people, please, we already know that barack wouldn’t lift his finger to do anything good for the Military. Panetta has fooled so many people, they call him trustworthy, he has been a promoter of downsizing the Military since before the clinton days. I have no doubt he is part of a bigger cover up than we think on the CIA, the leftists plan is to discredit the Military and CIA. It’s working perfectly. And, for you that want to continue this admin, shame on you. They all did this to us, barack is taking one trillion from the troops, has tied the hands of our troops behind their backs, spiked the ball on osama and then 3 months later 23 Seals from Team six were killed. So open your eyes fools, this is going to be one of the small things we will be worrying about when it all comes out.

    • Dave G.

      It doesn’t matter that it was George Bush or George Washington who started it. It is up to Obama to stop it. I still blame O’bama for all our problems. It might be different if he spent a day in the military. How can he be Commander and Chief without any military background. And is he really an American by birth?

    • Ed Kimbley

      Yes lets blame Goerge for every thing……. In our great country we have we have a saying (When in charge be in charge) ! Alot of of us forget that Obama is our Commander in Chief and he could stop this if he wanted too?

    • J. LO

      Who cares WHO initiated this? The bottom line is you’re all American’s and fought for it. Stop whining and start standing up against tyranny being portrayed in our own back yards.
      And if you can’t stop blaming someone, at least start holding the guy in charge responsible. It’s what he asked for, so by the grace of God I give it to him.

    • BOH8R

      Cry me a river… what if he didn’t initiate this? He still has done nothing good in four years.

    • Maddog

      “F” you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • LoseFoxNews

    Did none of you read the part of the story that stated this was drafted under former President Bush? The election is over and it sounds from the article that this was going to happen regardless of who won, it was only the announcement that was delayed, not the decision.

    • Chris

      It was under a dem house who drafted it you moron.

    • FCS

      I know, it’s BUSH’S FAULT!!!! How laughable. You, Obama and the Dems, that’s all you can do is blame Bush for everything from shrinking Vet benefits 4 YEARS after he’s left office, to the economy and global warming…give me a break and switch on your brain.

    • david

      share your wealth you idiot. you liberals really have a mental disorder. tell me. what is your definition of a liberal democrat?

  • deadly-veritas

    Always told my troops: you can love your service, caress, cherish it; however, it will never kiss you back. Once again, “A grateful nation remembers.”

  • CStaf

    I doesn’t matter who started this, we know that The Dems are not going to stop it and along with all the other tax hikes we are going to get hit. Not millionaires either like he claimed during the debates, but all those making 250K and over.

  • FreeRay

    Just how are the Democrats and Obama planning on blaming the mess the Nation is in on the “Prior Administration” after he is Inaugurated in Jan, 2013? He, Obama< was the “Last Administration.

    • Mac Barker

      Obama hasn’t blamed anybody yet. Why is everyone (or most) think he is going to?

  • Allen

    Well coma victim……neurologically back to age 2……so basically born again……I am scruuuud!

  • Bill Jones,

    I have yet to vote for President Obama, but he did win this election. As far as him hating military personnel and his wife hating America is a bunch of bullchit.

  • Irvin Deskins

    If you voted for Obama you are grtting what you deserve

    • Carl Rodz

      Some political fanatics just can’t read. What does Obama have to do with this? Read the article where it clearly says :

      These changes have been in the works for some time. In fact, the new TRICARE support contracts were originally drafted in 2007 (during the Bush administration).

      • IraqVet

        Clearly you missed the news that Owebama just got another four years as community organizer in chief…he should have been aware of this issue and the impact it was going to have. If he has the nads to provide millions of illegal aliens with health care, then as he should be able to do something about Tri-care.

  • FlaRich

    It is embarrassing how many of you are blaming President Obama when the article clearly states, “the new TRICARE support contracts were originally drafted in 2007 (during the Bush administration).”

    Please leave your clue free environment, contact your representatives and ask them to re-bid the contracts – but put the blame where it lies.

    • Skeets Thomas

      F OBAMA

    • Chris

      Hey FlaRich,

      In 2007 it was a Democratic House that came up with the idea.

      Khe Sanh Tanker

      • rosie

        It was not vetoed by Bush. In 2007 our Country worked as a team in the decision making and were not stagnating our Country with ridiculous ways to outsmart each other. Like it or not Obama didn’t cause this so don’t blame him. If our servants would work together we could make lots of changes but NO they have to have it “My way or the Highway”.

    • rosie

      It is nice to see that you read the entire article. Maybe Obama haters are illiterate not just ignorant.

    • IraqVet

      The blame lies with the same idiots that voted for Bush and Owebama.

    • janice

      Let’s play the “blame Bush” game. Please! I am so tired of this s–t. If this was developed in 2007 would you explain what it has to do with an election that takes place in 2012 ? Thats 5 months ago. If this was a contract. Where’s the clause that says wait 5 months. I hope this contract is more authentic than someones birth certificate. It really doesn’t matter who is to blame because you’ve been had and you don’t even know it.

    • Albert Thomas

      Yeah but he didn’t do s$@& to stop it did he

    • john white

      I agree, it is embrassing to blame Pesident Obama however, I think he is in the best position to reverse the curse. Put a stop to what amounts to Vet abuse. We give all and in return get little or nothing.

    • CWalters

      FlaRich: Wake up! Obama is the lead for cutting all of our benefits. Who do you think Gates and Panetta work for? Santa Claus? No, they work for Obama. Severe cuts in TriCare in the form of significant retiree increases have been in the past DOD 3 budgets that OBAMA sent to Congress. Fortunately Congress ignored them but with Sequestration coming up, I doubt that we will win that political battle. People keep re-electing the same incompetent people to Congress regardless of how bad they do their jobs.

    • Mark

      ok, good argument. Bush never saw this cabinet allowing for our healthcare rates to increase up the the amount of COLA each year either. THAT is Obama’s fault, telling us we need to pay our share of the deficit HE created and allowed. So now we get screwed twice over. And where are we gonna go? They made us promises, and it should be grandfathered in, not retroactive to every current retiree.

    • Rod

      Ok…maybe it was drafted during the Bush administration, but why doesn’t our Kenyan president put a stop to it?


      Nice try but you and the author of this article are delusional to blame a draft from 5 years ago on Bush. Had the changes gone into effect in 2009 and 2010, you’d probably have a case. By blaming Bush, you’re letting Obama off the hook for not deep-sixing the “draft” and securing a suitable contract. Obama would have been fighting for his “you can keep the plan that you’re on”. And speaking of campaign promises, it’s laughable that the author writes, “Many may find it disturbing that De fense officials delayed announcing this TRICARE change until after the election out of concern that it could be used by politicians.” Thinking people know that this failure to disclose the information was used by a politician – Obama – who is no friend of the military.

    • Rod

      You suck!!!

  • JMKA

    It is a proven fact that the senate is compromised of many known criminals Yet they can serve 1 cushy term and walk away with the BEST healthcare and benefits known to man, for LIFE!!! plus a HUGE pension.

    My hat is off to all of the service men and women who has sacrificed SO MUCH in order to keep the USA free. Thank you so much for your service.

    This cut in healthcare benefit is an atrocity.

  • Lee

    I bet the bantight elected afficials in Washington, including the Whitehouse won’t loose a penny, more likely they will vote themselves a pay raise of taking from those who paid a great price for our freedoms.

  • Tom


  • Agdoc

    WOW, way to break your promise to these people and violate your contract with them, DoD!! Stay classy. Just one more example of how the current administration views the military as a necessary evil, good mainly for PR and photo ops, gives lip service to supporting our troops, then screws us six ways from Sunday at every opportunity. Budget cuts? Manpower drawdowns? Salary freezes? Changes in retirement benefits and health care? Why not? What a fraud. And Congress applauds. Scumbags.

  • Skeets Thomas

    Totally agres

  • usafweapons462

    Okay, I’m with Tricare Prime and reside within 40 miles of Tinker AFB. Upon retirement I attempted to go with the base MTF. I was told there’s no space and to find a doc in the local area, which I did. If I understand this article correctly, I’ll be spared, correct?

    I’m sickened with the DC folk chipping away at our earned benefits. All in the hoax of balancing a budget and reducing the deficit. Any savings will somehow make it into the pockets of career government freeloader. I now discourage my children from even thinking about military service.

  • Lance

    As I recall: 1. Active Duty = Great Health Care. 2.Retired Military under 65 = Tricare Prime 2nd class military citizen with no dental and fair military health care. VA = FAHGETTABOUT IT unless you have a major disability. 3. Retired Military sixty-five and up = 3rd class military citizen with no dental and fair military health care with Tricare for Life backing up Medicare. Is the over sixty-five crowd going to affected by this 40 mile rule?

  • RCMassey

    Eventually those of us who live within a 40 mile radius of a MTF will be forced out of Prime as well. I honored my contract with the US government; I gave 25.5 yrs of my life. This makes me sick to my stomach; not all of us retired military personal are able to make big bucks with another job after retirement…..

  • Valerie

    Well knowing that things have been changing quickly with health care…I took out Blue Cross for my husband and I through my employer. I only keep 1 or 2 regular docs at the MTF. Reason was being retired, even with Tricare Prime, we usually had to wait weeks for an appointment and sometimes got referred out to facilities 50-60 miles away. When you have a heart problem, you can’t wait 6 weeks to see a cardiologist. I plan to keep this as long as I work and will pass it all on to Medicare (if its around) when necessary.

  • afairhope

    This is one of the dumbest statements I have ever read.

  • budlight

    Yes sir, we’ll step on the land mine one more time for the good of the country. Please remember, when the second foot is gone, you’ll have to do your job and cut spending somewhere else, like the give aways overseas,

  • A. Rael

    It sickens me to hear that OUR government continues to live off the backs of the veterans who sacrificed everything so we can have a country to speak about. Why dont our members of congress give up their benefits for the benefit of the country and leave veterans alone. We served our country honorably and were promised health care upon retirement. Our benefits are well earned.

  • Michael Morgan

    How do Soldiers take care if issues? not by blaming Obama. He is not the one to blame. If the retired soldiers will come together, we will over come. I will keep this issue in my prayers.

  • FCS

    Stand-by, this is only the beginning…”death by a thousand cuts”. If anyone thinks this is a one-off deal, shrinking benefits to Vets and military retirees, you are kidding yourself…it’s only just begun. HAPPY VETERANS DAY! As the President said yesterday in his speech, he’s behind us a thousand miles.

  • guest

    Yes, you can blame Obama. He is the current President and had four years to change this and since he is big on Health Care for every one this should have been a priority.

  • DJ Sanders

    Seems like that by saying it was drafted during the Bush administration puts the blame there and not the current admin. Just think who was in charge when this was drafted. Dems ran the house and senate and Bush was apposed to it. Get real, we were promished free medical care for the rest of our lifes for giving so much to protect the freedoms of America. We pledged to protect the Constitution from foriegn and domestic interferrance.
    It is time to place the blame where it belongs and that is with congress and all the liberals that believe in taking back all the promises from those who serve. It doesn’t matter if they are dems or repubs they fail to honour the promises made. They feel it is more important to give away food stamps, free phones and birth control for those who want to have fun and not working for those things that are nice to have but not a nessesity.

    • S Mayo

      Well said, DJ. This really burns me up. Wonder what this does to those of us on Tricare for Life?

    • CI Gaeta

      It is on Obama’s watch and he or his lackies didn’t stop it.
      It’s happening now not durings Bush’s watch.

  • IraqVet

    You can thank Owebama and all those useful idiots that voted for him thinking they were going to get free health care…but wait, things get uglier as the cost of everything continues to rise on the backs of the middle class and the working poor.
    Oh! I almost forgot to give a special shout out to Chief inJustice Roberts and his reinterpretation of constitutional support of this unAffordable Health Scare act.

  • Retired Vet

    I read the article and I do not blame Obama or Bush, I blame the “Fat Lazy Jerks ” in Washington, who decide they need a pay raise and retirement funds and care nothing about the people who put them in office. They only care about how much money they can get from the corporate lobbyist. They will never do anything for the people until congress is changed back to the founding fathers vision of citizen legislators who are there for the people not the money they can make while there.

    • Urnmaker

      You are so right. It is the butts that run our country that have got us into this mess. I am a Vietnam era vet. Our government did the samething to the Blue Water Navy guys. Agent Orange and being presumptive exposure to it. The Bush administration took all medical and compensation from these sailors and Marines. In 1991. They are now dieing of the same cancers and diebetes as the boots in country are dieing from. Again our government has sold us down the river. They need as you say to get back to what our government was 100 years ago. For the people.

  • Pat

    Do I feel confident because I have Tricare for Life? NO!! Not fair cuts for young retirees and I am scared of the changes that just might show up for me. I do read where this was started under Bush but BO has had 4 years and if he felt anything at all for military he could do something!.

  • Black9

    You are the moron, he explained in detail, but you lack understanding, a proposal is just that, It is not policy, I never in my life seen a previous President blamed for the things the one in office failed to address, yet this is the new Amercia, no one is accountable.

  • Sandy

    This is the another way to F___ the Military and there families. You fight to save his butt ( BHO) and this is how he repays you.

  • IraqVet

    Owebama is every bit to blame. Prayers? Haven’t you heard, Owebama and Reverand Wright don’t go to church or answer prayers because religion is the opiate of the masses.

    • Randy

      Wasn’t it Rev, Wright that said “Not God Bless American, but God Damn America”?

  • Rod

    Why did I serve 24 years? I did it for love of country. Now I am being bent over. What in the hell is this country coming to? Even if this was started under the Bush administration, Obama could easily stop it. But, he won’t. He could care less about us.

  • Retired Vet

    Before long, all of the promised benefits will dissipate. Our elected officials have failed on every level, and have failed the individuals that have fought to protect their rights and freedoms. This is a said day for all veterans and those who are currently serviing, our country is no longer our country.

  • Krampz

    Does this include medically retired as well?

    • Retired Vet

      Retired is retired in their eyes.

    • TheBigAmerican

      Are you on Prime? If so, did you have the audacity to live somewhere other than right next to a military base?

  • Storm Vet


    • Rich

      What, and have this disturb the election

    • vena

      to how was this keep quiet before the election please this is nothing to the stuff was known already but he is the president anyway.

  • Rod

    I almost puked when I read this. I have never, ever, been so disgusted at our government as I am at this moment. I am PISSED!!!!! Stop the dumbass spending and let us retirees alone. You guys are ruthless and unpatriotic. If I had my way, you would all be out of office and we would start all over. You get free medical and now you want to take mine away. How dare you!!!!

  • craig savage

    This is a bunch of bull shit and if the government can afford to give food stamps, welfare and unemployment out to no good for nothings then why the hell can’t they take care of the retired vets. Oh I guess if we were all a bunch of illegals or pot heads or liberals who want to set on their ass all day and do nothing to help anyone we would deserve something but as we just defended this country for over 20 years, we just deserve to roll over and die

    • Lacy Croft Jr.

      Spot on. What a disservice to those who risked their lives and to the families who supported the soldier and went without a husband/wife and/or parent while the soldier was deployed. Congressional representatives only look out for themselves! This makes me sick!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (Oh, wait. if I get sick ti will cost me more)

  • Jack Robinson

    Is there a difference between TRICARE PRIME AND TRICARE FOR LIFE?

    • RCMassey

      Yes. TRICARE for life kicks in at age 65; as it stands today, at no cost to the individual.

      • Guest

        Except you have to have Medicare in order to get Tri-Care and pay for Medicare out of your pocket, like everyone else.

    • Steve

      Yes. TRICARE Prime is a Health Insurance that covers health care cost (within certain limits) while TRICARE-for-life is a supplemental insurance similar to those offered by AARP. It pays healthcare cost (within certain limits) after Medicare pays. It also provides drug coverage so that the military retiree does not need to purchase Medicare Part D.

  • Ward

    It is a sad day that a veteran who has spent 22+ years fighting to keep his home land free, because he believed it is the right thing to do to protect his country. But his country has once again let him down because of money and politics. Unfortunately a lot of the politics do not have to worry about their medical; once they serve two years they receive a nice check and free medical for the rest of their life along with their families, this includes our current and past presidents.

    • Lacy Croft

      Capitol Hill only looks out for those actually on Capitol Hill.

    • kitty nettie

      this is so terribly disappointing. We’ve already been told we have to have standard so for some us it’s already happened!

      still believe our congress, pres., etc. should have to live with what they expect the rest of us to.

  • Master P

    This is just another example of why we need to have Veterans serve as our Congress men and women. I love how they put the blame on the Bush administration and held out until after the election. If the the Obama administration wanted to stop it, they could, but they won’t because all we will ever get from him is rhetoric!



  • John

    Enter BOHICAtext right here!

  • Rich

    The dems did control both houses of Congress starting in 2007, so the blame does not lie with Bush – necessarily. I do not know his position on this; however, I expect he would have not been in agreement with the cuts. The problem is we are a house divided. There are those (the majority in the Services) that know how to sacrifice and realize the importance of personal responsibility. There are many in the country that are now dependent on the government – since the politiicians have found they can bribe votes by using the money of those that are being bribed. That is the group that needs to have benefits cut. You may have seen in the last week that the govt spends $60,000 per year per welfare family. Most of those on welfare are living better than those that have spent many years in the service of their country and may be disabled or in difficult circumstances.

  • jOHN


  • Sabrobmom

    Switching toTricare Standard is not that bad. My family has it and we are happy with it. We have a wider choice of doctors and we don’t need prior authorizations to see a specialist if we need to. Granted it’s a bit more expensive but we like the flexibilitty.

  • stadalberts

    The Democrats were in FACT in charge of both houses. Bush DID NOT approve of this.
    Same thing with this election lies, lies, lies! The Democrats, along with Obummer, will drive a stake through the heart of our once great country!

  • Kelly

    Write the president and your congressman.. They give you the link above!!!

    Yes this is a bunch of crap!!! They need to leave our insurance alone!!!! We did not serve in the military for over 23 years to get screwed over on our insurance! Our leaders need to take a look at their pay, insurance, and benefits before they take more of ours. The way I look at it, we at least have earned what we get from the government and we don’t just take it!!! If they feel we can afford all of the increases and everything else, they need to up our pay!!!

  • L Inda Lariosa

    How in the world can anyone justify doing this to the men and woman who served in the military to PROTECT AMERICA. Have people in upper positions become so gready and just not care about our military. You would stoop this low and discussting to take anything away from from our MILITARY PERSONAL AND FAMILIES. If so then you need to give your names so we as Americans can vote you out of your nice soft comfee job of hurt those who some gave their lives and some will never be the same families and now some single solders. We want someone who cares, and it is clear YOU DON’T. please forgive me for any words that i may have misspeled. I just get very upset when they mess with the Military,senior citizens or anyone who is disabled regardless of their age,

    • Hugh

      If you are a young person considering the military as a career, one work of warning – DON’T JOINT. You will be screwed within a few years.

  • J.R.

    I’m not surprised! Despite all the Veteran’s Day speeches, the politicians want to lower the DoD budget by putting the burden on retirees. When I went in, and for a couple of re-enlistments afterward, military retirees were offered free medical care for life in exchange for service under less desirable conditions and poorer pay when compared to the business world. I was a mid-level NCO before my pay grew enough that I was no longer eligible for welfare. Since then, Washington has kept whittling away at our retirement. Already, Tri-Care fees punish those of us that retired before the big pay raises of the 90s: by basing the fees as a flat rate for pay grade, older retirees are paying a 30 to 40 percent higher portion of their retired pay than younger retirees of the same grade! Maybe the way that enlisted members can get the government to honor its commitments is to follow the example of the police, firefighters, teachers, and every other government employee – collective bargaining seems to be the only option available!

  • Stephen Dexter

    Sure is a lot of complaining. I have been retired for over 21 years now and the first major increase in my TRICARE expenses were about two years ago when the tab for generic prescription drugs went from $3 to $5. Over the years I received regular cost of living increases in my retirement pay and now in Social Security annuity.

    • Mark

      ok…. NOT. Tricare can now increase EACH year UP TO the COLA amount. Being you’re on SocSec you are a senior, and maybe … well, if it can raise it the amount of COLA, it means you take a COLA pay cut from your retirement each year (since they take it for healthcare, you don’t have it in your check, so your dollar is devalued that amount, as it buys less). Keep in mind we were promised free healthcare, which it isn’t, and we EARNED the entitlement. Now they are raising it as they deem fit, to help pay for the deficit THEY created, not us. Sorry Stephen, you’re a fool. Watch what you defend my friend, or you might lose control of it. Politicians only care for the military that they can use them as pawns.

      • PhilDru

        Mark… Correct! “War is a Racket” by two time Medal of Honor recipient Smedley D. Butler, USMC should be mandatory reading by all young officers and NCOs .It contains this key summary:
        “War is a racket. It always has been. It is possibly the oldest, easily the most profitable, surely the most vicious. It is the only one international in scope. It is the only one in which the profits are reckoned in dollars and the losses in lives. A racket is best described, I believe, as something that is not what it seems to the majority of the people. Only a small ‘inside’ group knows what it is about. It is conducted for the benefit of the very few, at the expense of the very many. Out of war a few people make huge fortunes.”

      • Mark,

        No, not up to the COLA amount. For instance, we just recieved a 1.7% raise in COLA. This means that Tricare will go up 1.7%. 1.7% for me turned out to be $3.27 per month raise in Tricare. As for the free health care for life MYTH, it is just that, a MYTH. That court case was lost in 2003 when the Supreme Count turned down the case.

        • Julie

          Yea, Mark…$3.27 a month adds up to your Cola raise..add it up!

          • Julie,

            The amount of COLA is based on your pay. We all don’t get the same pay, so the COLA we get won’t be the same amount of dollars. My COLA added up to be $81.00 per month. My Tricare only went up by $3.27.

    • Stephen Dexter,

      Yep, you are correct. Since Tricare started in (1994) there has only been 1 raise. For me, (an individual), it went from $19.17 to $22.44. That is only a $3.27 raise over a 19 years period of time.

      Dang, you won’t hear me compaining.

      • Idmtmedic

        That’s special Charles now comment on the article and all the liars, whiners, and complainers as you put it.

      • Julie

        Bet you’ll be complaining when they do this every year, and you get NO COLA raise anymore, as it will go to your health premium..Definately NOT Fair!

        • Julie,

          You might be right, if they used your math, but they don’t, so for me, if they continue to raise my Tricare by the same percentage I recieve in COLA, I will alway be ahead.

    • david Selig

      I agree no increases in premiums is not agrueable…..but being kicked over to Standard….Do the math man…..This could drain your entire retirement, savings…and cut into your monthly expenses tremendously depending on your health. I served 24 yrs. Vietnam, Desert Shiels Desert Storm…..and got serious health issues that id it werent for Tricare Prime. I’d be homeless. Tricare Prime has been very good to me and to lose that benefit is just sad….What’s even more sad is you fail to see that.

  • Retired after 20

    When I was drafted back in 1965 it was said the government take care of its own, but thats not so we went to wars in the defense of our country now we are expecting those promise that was made to us to be upheld. Free medical for life but not so its call a Breach of Contract. Since Obama been in office he have been blamed for everything that happen during George Bush time in office. Its been four years and he is still being blames wake up people you know why he is being blamed for everything.

  • Luis R. de Briel

    Well, Well….Again we are THE PAWNS OF OUR ELECTED OFFICIALS, past, present….and possibly future. They all promise everything and anything to get in high government and make policy . Then… it starts to happen. back door meetings, covering each others backs and making decisions about what happens to US the Service Men and Women that served our country and were injured not only physically but mentally. If they VOTE for bills that suppress our well being during and after we have served ( Am a disabled VN Vet) , we should insist that they collectively be taken out of office. We deserve and demand better than this. If you send us to WAR expect and do something about the results. We have shown that we will go forward and fight for what is right in other parts of the world. Why can’t our elected officials step up and do what is right for us and our families. A little ribbon with a medal attached does not take care of the problem. Do it RIGHT OR GET OUT ! ! ! !

  • Schandler

    This whole plan need s to go back to Congress. Who signed off for this to happen needs to be publicied to the Vets around the globe. Bringing it out now after the election is trying to place blame on the current administration. Well they can go back and fix it . Our Congressman should be the ones to blame. both House and Senate.

  • Klinn

    I’m frightened for this country and what it has become. We had placed our trust in a government that not only stood tall but kept it’s promises to those who served it. Now we are being told that they can no longer be trusted. That those promises to take care of our medical needs when we retired have now been broken. Added on to the value of our homes being deflated; high cost of gasoline, how much more of a burden are we going to have to live with? Many of us who have been retired for a while but are not yet eligible for Medicare wonder will that be next? Will we be given a pill or asked to drink the red Koolaid? God help us all and God help the United States of America.

    • Soldiers Wife

      It is very very sad!!! I hope Congress reaps what they sow. Can’t they see the decline in America or they just don’t care because it doesn’t affect them.

    • RCMassey

      I agree with you 100%

  • Steve

    I don’t think the last paragraph is correct when it says, ” the first round will go into effect in the West APR 1, 2013 ; North and South OCT 1, 2013. I think the first change to the Tricare Prime Service Areas in the North Region happened in APR 2010 when Healthnet became the contractor. I didn’t realize it till some time later when I received a new “Primary Care Manager ” card for a doctor 40 miles from me and my affiliated local hospital. No explanation, no warning, it just showed up in the mail. I retired in 2007 and had a local doctor 8 miles from me under Tricare Prime, who BTW still shows in their database as a “Prime Remote” provider for Active personnel. I had been going to this doctor under Champus and Tricare for 10 plus years. I mailed letters, sent new applications, called trying to get it fixed. Finally, about a month ago someone at Healthnet finally took the time to explain it me. “Some” Prime Service Areas had changed when Healthnet took over based on “Concentration of retirees.” They also had “GrandFathered” handling payments under Prime to old PCM’s for a year. Bottom line: In the last 2 years my home ( which is 120 miles from Scott AFB and 220 miles from Great Lakes Naval station is “No Longer in a Prime Svc Area) 30 miles down the road is, but not where I live. It appears they planned to wipe that away also.

  • R.B.

    I find that your article attempts to blame the Bush administration but it was infact the Democrat control legislature that wrote and approved these changes. If the true facts were known the elections may have looked different.

  • Albert Thomas

    Why did I waste my 25 years serving when I would have got better benefits from Burger King

  • Mark

    those same contracts never saw the current price increases. So first the rate hikes – which by law can go up as much as our COLA each year, which means we take a retirement pay cut the same amount AS COLA each year – talk about getting screwed over twice, and now, since they keep closing bases, we have to go standard and pay more there too?
    We defended this country and gave them the right to do exactly what they are doing – shafting us, again.

  • Rob

    How can they raise our cost and not change the program that congress gets. They pay nothing for better coverage!

    • Rob,

      Not true, not true at all.

      • Idmtmedic

        Welcome back Charles, get to blogging. I’m veeeeery interested to hear you state how all of these veterans are liars, whiners and complainers. I will be waiting.

    • Chas48043

      I don’t know where you get your information but it is flawed. Congress is part of FEHB and pays far more in one month than we do for a year.

      • Chas48043,

        Yep, you go that right. Here are the facts posted earlier by “retiree”

  • Cathy Wiles

    Boy oh boy! Talk about 2 faced. Years of sacrifice for broken promises. And those who think this debaucle belongs to one political party need to get smart. I wish I could say on the next election if you’re in you’re out. They are all lining their own pockets on the backs of the servicemen who guarantee their right to seek political office. Maybe they should go where we’ve been under the conditions we went. And stay longer…..

    • CWalters

      Cathy: You are absolutely correct. Regardless of who is in the White House, Congress or Senate, the military are prime budget reducing areas. They use our blood in war and when the war is over, we are discarded. The Military Officers Association of America (MOAA) and other Service groups have been doing battle on a regular basis to get the medical care in retirement that we were promised when most of us enlisted or were commissioned. It took years to get where we are now and I fully expect that we will lose at least half of the gains within the next 12 months!

      This is only the tip of the iceberg!

      • cwiles

        I’m heartbroken over the financial strain that this will put on those veterans who most need this medical insurance. I have contacted my congressmen and President Obama. Regardless, God bless America!

  • SgtMajRet

    I honestly don’t care WHO approved, discussed or authorized this. The fact is, the FEDERAL GOVERNMENT, as a whole, is letting us down, again. When I enlisted, during the Vietnam War,I signed a contract with the United States Government, promising me and other Vets, that if we stayed long enough to retire, we would be “taken care of” with medical benefits, Commissary and Exchange privileges, and others benefits that have long since been withdrawn from us. Well, I guess they are “taking care of us”. They are letting us all die off because we can (and will) no longer afford medical care for service connected illnesses and disabilities. Thanks for nothing……………

    • Jim Ralston

      This is another case of individuals that don’t care about military families getting a pat on the pack for abusing retirees. I also enlisted during the Vietnam War and was told I would have free health care for life. Another lie I guess. Too bad that these individuals only care about trying to make themselves look good at others expense. If I am confortable driving more than 40 miles how is that skin off their backs? I go to the base to do commissary shopping as well. Now I will be able to go to the base but not to the hospital. I guess if I have a heart attack on base they will make my wife drive me back 50 miles to another hospital. What a joke! This means Veterans Day is just another reminder how quickly they forget about us.

    • american

      Thank You for your service. If you would have came aross the Reo Grande and acrooss the desert taking a day or two you would get food education medical for free the POTUS loves you and hates the military, I have personnaly seen how he treats people off the camera

    • kelly kafir

      What is soylent green? (IT’S YOU!!!) Thanks for your service SUCKER!!! How about another punch in the gonads? (I am a retiree and live near JBLM BUT I won’t go there… takes to long to get an appointment!!) But I am just as pissed as everyone else who did their 20 and is now getting the rug pulled out from under them AGAIN (the GI Bill changes was the first).

      Sorry, I just don’t trust this government. I’m ready to alter or abolish!!

  • Lamar

    It seems to me like the DoD and the Veterans Administration as well, are Militaty personnel and Veterans worse enemy. I am a Vietnam Vet myself and the VA have not been easy to deal with. Some of us put it all on the line for our country, and no one seem to care about us. I don’t know who is to blame, “BUT I DO KNOW IT’S NOT RIGHT”, and nobody cares.

  • j lock

    it was dems in house and senate DURING Bush Adm. That is how they blame Bush

  • american

    socialize med or should I say Obamacare, does it realy matter the us will fall in a year or two anyways too many free loaders we all fought for the freedom of this country for a bunch of thiefs and lazzy people that get it all for free

  • CiCi

    Oh yes, let’s once more blame blame President Bush for the machinations of the pre 2007 liberal elitist houses of Congress. You are so right to be angry,Mr Savage. It’s a lifeboat mentality of Cogressmen and politicians first,then welfare and illegals next, with the servicemen left on the sinking ship bailing with a cup!

  • James

    Tri Care is what they gave us when we asked about medical upon retirement after 20+ years of service. Seems that was just to appease us untill the time to take it away.We vetearns are always the first ones to start on when it’s crunch time to cut the budget. All upper white House senators,Congressmen Get full pay after one term in office,Free medical, pay no Social security and vote themselves Raises. And they say they work for the people. Can you believe the Gall of those Swell heads.Seems to me we are kinda STUPID to let 535 people rule the whole United States

    • FloridaTom

      Do a little research on Congressional pay and retirement. This was one of my pet peeves also until I chose to blog on it. I did due dilligence with regard to the subject and found out what the true facts were. I am not a fan of our Congressional critters at all, but this is an ignorant way to rant at them. It is a myth. You can be excused once for not knowing the facts. Use your computer and a search engine and find the facts. If you fail to do that, and continue to spread the myth / lie, then you are not only ignorant, but stupid as well. Ignorance is correctable. Stupid is forever.

    • Glover

      Hey James don’t forget all their children go to college for free while we struggle to pay for our children’s education. It is a three ring circus people! It takes us acting out and speaking up, that is if you care about your military service members as well as our retirees, The Guard and reserve members enrolled in TRI-CARE PRIME we could all see increases in health costs. So what we should be talking about is how to start a petition against this legislation and contact your congress person and the Senate Reps. to do something about this!!! Because it is totally wrong to take a needed benefit from us and our older Veterans and families that need Prime care.

  • Eric

    It was drafted by congress but not passed until the obamacare was executed. So lets get the facts straight and who was in congress democrates.Plus, the design of the obama care was to force all people into the Government program of obama care. That is why we are seeing it now and not 6 years ago.,..

  • John

    Tell B.O. how you feel about this?.He has the pin!!!!


    And Bin Laden was taken out largely because of Bush’s policies. But when Obama rushed to the microphones to crow, I don’t recall B
    ush getting the credit.

  • Midge

    I agree with all the comments stating the government is letting down all the servicemen and women. I would also like to know what happened to the contract enlistees signed and were told that they would have the health benefits, commissary and exchange benefits for life. Nothing was ever said about having to pay for everything after retirement. I can understand today’s youth who do not want to enlist because they see how the government treats the service personnel.

  • Charles Pierce

    The democrats are still trying to blame Bush for the state of the country, but when our retiree benifits were first taken away was during the CLINTON administration. Again the country has shown why there is no reason to make the military a career because once you have finished your service the government discards you like so much trash. The country has shown me again that it NO LONGER DESERVES TO BE DEFENDED.

  • Mr. D

    This only affects those out of the 40 mile radius of a Military Treatment Facility right?

    • RCMassey

      You can bet in the near future that those of us living inside the 40 mile radius will be booted out of Prime as well….they are not done, it is going to get worse!!!

    • USAF Reservist

      The thousands of USAF retirees that live around BAFB have swamped the base hospital. It is obvious that the government wants to restrict the use of off base specialists due to costs. You can rest assured that TriCare Prime retirees will be changed over to Standard that live within 40 miles of the MTF within the near future. This is where you need to know the difference between PPO and HMO.

  • Served 40

    Get ready retirees. Obamacare will make you wish you didn’t believe that serving your country would get you ANY benefits (medical, dental, etc). Under Obama’s regime ONLY the moochers will get benefits. You who served your country get the SHAFT! Get used to it. Its just the beginning!

  • Jose


    I blame both and I also blame the congress- But it really doesn’t matter who you blame or who you don’t. What does matter is that you contact congress and tell them how you feel about this. Do it, and do it now!

  • Ret, SFC

    This all a bunch Crap, you do your time and you get payed back by taking benefits away from us and our families, WHY? Who ever the clever politician that came up this should be the one who shoukld suffer, Have of this people don’t even know what a GATE on a military post looks like and what goes on ,on the inside. Thanks for nothing Im pro Army and I tell a lot of guys to go ahead join the Army but if this how we are going to get treat it the hell with this.

    • retired10yrs

      The real reason for getting elected into any office anywhere, is to benefit that individual!!!!! Thats how I have been seeing it.

  • Rodney

    I know I didn’t vote for Obama. So all the retired military have to move close to a military installation. Or get the shaft.

  • spirit12

    everybody blaming obama for everything that goes wrong but when it was george bush doing it nobody said anything he is the president of the united states not of haweaii or illinois change is hard for people to accept especially racists get over it he help veterans more then all the other presidents he won get used to it

  • Alecia Woodin

    STOP THE PARTY FIGHTING!! It is time for us to stand and fight together. This was started by Mr. Bush and going to be allowed by Mr. Obama, so it doesnt matter. They want us to fight like that, they want to keep us divided. It
    is important to take a stand on this, this will not be the last cut and WE ALL KNOW IT! They start with retirees and then move to VA. We must hit the streets and get this to every media outlet. Facebook it to everyone you know. If this doesn’t effect you, good for you but help me, my husband and our children. They gave up their lives for 24 years of my husbands service, they deserve the promises made too.

  • buck

    they need to raise our cost so that the the bums and freeloaders can get their care, the 47%……………..what a crock!!
    this country is going down, they keep taking away from all the retirees who earned their Social securty and their medicare and now they are attacking
    the retired military community, why don’t the government cut welfare, food stamps, free money programs that these bums never payed into to support
    this sucks

    • Rich

      Oh, and don’t forget our big 1.7% COLA we’re supposed to get.

    • Banshee 55

      I agree 100% I paid in advance for every thing I recieve. The free loaders stand with their hand out, and say the man owes it two me.

  • Idmtmedic

    Charles Bryant, a career blogger on here thinks that we veterans are all whiners, liars and complainers on here and states that nothing is being cut from our benefits. Mmmmmm.

  • buck

    Enter texit right here!i
    i wonder how many congressional benefuts

  • buck

    Enter text right here!oops

    i wonder how many congressional benefits are getting cut, hell, they have the best medical and retiree program in the country and only after 4yrs


    The second smarmy remark by the author of this article explaining that the change wasn’t announced prior to the election “out of concern that it could be used by politicians”. Well, HELLO! It was used by a poltician – Obama suppressed the announcement (and suppressed is an action verb). He also used deception by omission and suppressed critical information from the public which would have shown him to be a failed leader and exposed his disfunctional administration:

    An act of war went unanswered when a U.S. drone was attack on Nov 1st – not revealed until days after the election.

    The Patraeus scandal which was discovered in the summer, but Obama claims he was only informed about it last Thursday (was probably out on the golf course). And where are the adultery charges on Reservist LTC Paula Broadwell?

    The Benghazi fiasco. Lies and cover-ups like we’ve never seen before. And notice that Hillary is not available because this time she’s going to Australia, Patraeus is out of the way, John Brennan, Susan Rice, Napolitano, et al – no where to be found.


      sorry – dysfunctional.

    • Big Boy Sammy

      Intresting that you blame the President for everything. The Tea Party has been the most vocal about cutting expenses. But no problems with them. And what about adultery charges against the general? He was on active duty when they occurred. I do not think the LTC was. So no court martial for adultery as if there have been any recently. And Benghazi, well the Africa Command boss was relieved and that is where the request went. But besides all that on health care, move closer to a military base and you can get your care. It is pretty good. Obama has a mandate and suck it up. He is our President and not a bad leader. He wore his big boy panties and got most of the terrorists and us out of Iraq. Now let’s get out of Afganistan. He can do it!

      • Milomet

        Good President ? Can’t wait until Gen. Petaeus testifies and learn that the White House knew about the Libya attack. He lied to the American people. Unemployment is now the new Normal, 14 companies are going to be laying off hundreds of people because they can’t afford the Health Insurance. Papa Johns franchise owner can’t expand now because of having more than 50 employees. It is hurting business just so the illegals can get their free health care. Middle class people will pay higher taxes so the Illegals and lazy people can get free healthcare.

        • NOUTOPN

          Here’s another deception by suppression that was just announced this week…
          Food stamp usage went up 421,000 in Jul & Aug; 1.4 Million more on food stamps since the year before; 15.1Million more than Jan 09; currently over 47.1 Million on food stamps.

        • Rich

          That’s the truth. A freakin politician is always in it for themselves.

    • tmaca

      What a right ring jerk. In the first place, it doesn’t look like the White House had anyhting to do with this. It is a change that occured, with a delayed effective date, under BUSH. Being approved and written in stone that far back, it’s REALLY unlikely anyone outside DoD ever even heard about it recently. It isn’t a change, it’s something that was done years back but just didn’t hit the real world until now. Just like the economy, which HAS gotten steadily better in the past couple years, Obama haters aren’t happy blaming him for things he does that they don’t like, they want to blame him for things their right wing friends did. Like Obama care? Originally proposed byt Newt Gingrich, particularly what is claimed to be the “bad” part, where people are forced to be insured, originally implemented, by Romney, in Massachussets. Wake up and smell the coffee. The election proves that the majority of Americans are still smart enough to recognize lies as what they are no matter who repeats them no matter how many times.

    • Aal

      This is not Present Obama,s doing, read the article, this sh–t was done under the bush administration. Read first and get the facts then bitch along with the rest of us. We are all in this together so point the finger in the right direction

  • RCMassey

    I thought about doing the same!!!

  • Ray Hampton

    With all the cutbacks there are fewer and fewer MTF’s and not all of them will support the retires. What are we to when we have a fixed income.

  • Lindy

    Wonder how many illegals will have their free health care stopped or payment requested by the good US Gov that has no money to care for its vets?
    My bet is NONE. Can’t loose these new voters when amnesty is declared,as the Alamo and its defending Americans is long forgotten to current Federal leaders.

  • John

    How come we would have to live within 40 mises of a military base

  • PhilDru

    It’s time to let the respective Retirement Councils know of our disappointment. for the Army. As the Army Echos May-Aug 12 issue stated: “The willingness with which our young people are likely to serve in any war, no matter how justified, shall be directly proportional to how they percieve the veterans of earlier wars were treated and appreciated by their nation.” President George Washington. Medical after service is one of the top ones.

  • Mag

    Tricare is losing its contract to UnitedHealth Care in the spring of 2013. I’m wondering if this plan will still be enforced?

  • wtchdg22

    there were several things kep from us by the obama administration before election because he knew it may make him lose it. however, all of you that think he is the best, here is what you get AFTER the election. he could stop it if he wanted to. just yesterday he said he had our backs, the he supported us, that our nation owed us respect and help. hmmmm, wonder what nation he was referring to?

  • Alecia Woodin

    Thank you!! I have contacted my Senators already and contacted several local news agencies. This is appalling. This affects my family and it is very hard to get care under Prime to begin with…there is one Doctor locally that takes it. I knew we would be first. My husband is covered by VA also but that means going 1.5 hours too. I am still serving in the Reserves so it is so personal a hit. My husband is a combat Vet and served 24 years and this is what we get. We have to stay together and keep them from dividing us.

    • Idmtmedic

      Very well said Alecia. If EVERYONE contacted their representative or became involved in a retired organization, it would make a huge difference. Thank you and your husband for your service

  • Anna Vittum

    The government didn’t care how far we lived from a military base when we enlisted! My situation is that I retired from the Army reserves when I was 37. I have to wait 23 years to get my first medical and retirement benefit. The way I see it I am spending 43 years waiting for my military benefits that were so touted when I signed up to actually get ZERO medical benefit. By the time you pay medicare and Tricare premiums I might as well not even use Tricare and just take a medicare supplement. The cost to me will be most likely be less and doctors more convenient. So far I have not found one doctor that accepts Tricare in my rural location..

    • mark

      recently retired Anna?

  • robert

    scandal’, bengazi, and other pertinent info.

  • That’s 40-miles as the crow flies. Drive it, and it could be 50-60 miles. Why should I have to drive over an hour for Primary care? What happened to the local doctor?

  • Joe Simmons

    I was informed last week by letter that we were not covered for TRICARE PRIME effective date of 10/01/12 due to new contract and no doctors within 100 miles who had not signed a contract with TRICARE. And yes we are now on Standard!!!! Hope we have no major problems. I did contact my Representative, go no where just a phone number to call, answered by a paid talking head. at the Rep’s office.

  • Klinn

    Ok, I posted my frustration, and now I took advantage of the opportunity to let the elected officials know how I feel, please all of you on here do the same. We need to flood the emails and let them know how unfair this is. The link above will take you to the place to post and it goes to the President, Senator, Rep for your respective states and to Leon Panetta (will he be there to see it I wonder?)

  • rjf

    Wa Wa Wa So many people want to state what they are owed because of how much they deserve. Need to blame some one because they deserve so much. Yes, we need to contact our elected officials and let them know how we feel. Beyond that we need to stop feeling sorry for ourselves. We (retired military) have it so much better than the average American. Find something constructive! Our Free Country Voted for and elected Obama now as a United people we need to try to support him. – We elected him.

    • Stephanie DeFelice

      I have a son who gave 24 years to our country and is a disabled vet. I’m very upset they want to reduce their health care benefits. He fought in Desert Storm, Iraq and Afghanastan and this is what our government does for them. Shame on our country. Keep sending billions overseas to make their lives better and not our own.

      • Stephanie DeFelice,

        Just what are “they” doing to cut your son’s health care benefits?????

        • Rod

          Can you read?

      • Rod

        And now the “A-holes want to make us pay for Tricare Standard and Extra. Face it, our government sucks!!!! Bail out a crappy company that goes bankrupt after receiving 50 mil, that’s ok. To make it up they take away from those who have made this country free. Christ!!!! They have no shame.

        • Rod,

          Tricare Standard and Extra have zero enrollment fee’s nor monthly or annual fees.

          • SMT


          • Idmtmedic

            Lmfao, is that the same as FREE medical care for retirees, or is it “lifetime medical care” doesn’. say free. Of course the rest of America has lifetime medical care as well. Just not free. Right? If I said you get lifetime car payments, what does that mean to you? Well daaaaaaaaam lifetime sounds good. So that pacer you got just turned into a Ferrari.

    • SSG Hampe

      You are a freeken mooooron I served and was deployed 5 times, we stay for the benefits, promised benefits, By the way I did not vote for him and as an american I do not have to support him. My benefits were promised well before OBAMA. The taker is in the white house his name is Obama. So before you run your mouth, think about that vet that was wounded and needs this as he or she gets older. Hang on America were in for a bumpy ride.

      • Rayber5901

        Read the article again. This plan was made when George BUSH was the POTUS. Not Obama. You are just another hater and can’t stand him in office or you can’t read.
        I get so friggin tired of ignorant or stupid people blaming everything on Obama.
        If you want to be helpful find out who it effects. I’d like to know. Is there rate cut off, disability cut offs, Age, rank,,, help us out here. I’ve been away from the information for many many years. I got one month of my GI bill for education and it was terminated. Time ran out. I wasn’t happy with that either. How will this effect those of us on SS or about to go on SS??? Be helpful not hate full.

        • Idmtmedic

          Ohhh so I guess you should then be tired of everyone blaming Bush? This isn’t your info lounge it’s about cuts to benefits. Write or call your representatives… you even know their names? Got a nice little link to all of them. Try it out.

          • Looking to kick retirees out of TRICARE Prime, Sen. McCain told the 12-member Joint Select Committee on Debt Reduction, that restricting working-age retirees and their families from participating in TRICARE Prime would help them avoid spending cuts that would directly impact readiness.

            Read more:

        • tennrazor2

          I sure didn’t vot for him. You elected him, not me. If he didn’t think it was wrong, why did they hide this until after they election. Why didn’t it come out about the attack by Iran, until after the election, why have they delayed talking about libia until after they election> It is simple our potus is a crook and a thief.

          • CPTSnook

            Why don’t you know how to spell the word Libya or the word vote? What atttack in Iran? Are you talking about Benghazi which is a city in Libya not Iran? Take some geography and watch the news. Lastly POTUS is capitalized as it is an acyromym and an official title that stands for President of the United States. Go back to school.

          • MAJ Sears

            CPT Snook. The soldier has a point. You need to “stand down”. If you were so smart you would listen to those who have valid points and then maybe, just maybe, you would get lucky and not get a OER from a MAJ like me!!!!

          • MAJ Sears,

            So President Obama was reelected because of what?????

          • cmblake6

            Because of fraud and electronic tampering. Pretty obvious.

          • Idmtmedic

            CPT I believe he was referring to the attack on our drone over international waters by two Iranian jets.

          • Idmtmedic,

            Or maybe not.

          • Idmtmedic

            Take yer Meds……more of them.

          • elbedog

            THAT IS FOR DAMN SURE….. 4 people died in Libya and this clown tried to cover it to protect his job…. Remember , POTUS is suppose to work for us… HA ! HA ! The above is true, how easy it is to forget, democratic congress in place before Clarabell got in office and all this stuff was easy to push thru. Oh yea, 5 % of your cell phone bill, FEDERAL UNIVERSAL SERVICE CHARGE, provides FREE OBAMA phones to the inner city folks

          • elbedog,

            The Obama Phone?
            Posted on October 29, 2009 , Updated on Nov. 5, 2009

            Question: Has the Obama administration started a program to use “taxpayer money” to give free cell phones to welfare recipients?

            Answer: No. Low-income households have been eligible for discounted telephone service for more than a decade. But the program is funded by telecom companies, not by taxes, and the president has nothing to do with it.


          • Idmtmedic
          • idmtmedic,

            The Obama Phone?
            Posted on October 29, 2009 , Updated on Nov. 5, 2009

            Question: Has the Obama administration started a program to use “taxpayer money” to give free cell phones to welfare recipients?

            Answer: No. Low-income households have been eligible for discounted telephone service for more than a decade. But the program is funded by telecom companies, not by taxes, and the president has nothing to do with it.


          • idmedic,

            If you had read what you posted, it explains it. Your eagerness to prove me wrong shows in that link you posted. Should I cut and paste the information about the phone companys paying into a fund which pays for the poor to get a phone and get minutes.

          • Idmtmedic

            Sure post it Charles. Don’t forget the part about where the companies charge EVERYONE extra fees on their phone bills to pay into that fund. A Government run program.

          • Idmtmedic,

            Looky here, the phone company’s pay for this and that is all there is to it. Where they get the money from is not from anyone being taxed by the Government.

          • Idmtmedic

            As usual you don’t get it. The government requires these companies to pay into the fund. The company then charges US to cover the fund. Fees vs taxes are semantics. We pay for it.

          • Idmedic,

            I know all that, because I am the one that told you. These phone are not obama phones paid for by the government, as posted.

            This was debunked back 2009, and I am debunking it again in 2012.

            Since you can’t follow the discussion, stay out of it.

          • Idmtmedic

            I follow just fine, and you have debunked nothing. The program exists and is not paid for by the companies but by US. Sorry to burst your so called facts bubble again.

          • zack

            For your information everyone that has a landline or cell phone pays a monthly fee for this free cell phone use. It pays to be poor

          • Zack,

            Do you qualify for a free government cell phone and minutes?

            “But did you know you the government has authorized phone companies to provide free cell phones and service to tens of millions Americans at no charge?”


        • Steve

          Rayber5901…Many of us do blame Obama….he has been commander-in-chief for the last 4 years. He may have inherited a bad economy but he made it much worse and he’s not done. Because of people like you that voted for him we’ve got a very rough road ahead and you are not immune. It is going to affect everyone!

        • SSG HAMPE

          Ok maybe Bush talked about it BUT OBAMA INACTED IT NOT BUSH, STOP the blame game on Bush it’s Obamas Baby! So all you Bush Bashers get the hell over it!

        • Hal

          Although Bush was the POTUS, budgets are done by the House and Senate, which at that time was in Democratic control.

        • Rod

          Yeah, perhaps Bush was in office when the proposal was made, but it was a Democratic Congress, a**hole. And, yes…Obama is a piss poor president and he does not support the military as a Commander in Chief should. Wake up, jerk!!!

        • Rod

          You are a moron.

        • Rod

          Kiss my ass!!

        • you can thank john McCain actually

      • rjf

        I agree that anyone that was disabled mentally or physically by war should be helped completely for the rest of their lives but the majority who have no military related injuries, like my self who served 27 years have a very good and better than the average American. If the only reason you signed up was for the benefits, YOU are the MOOOOOOOOORON.

        • Idmtmedic

          Speaking of morons, how are you rj? You and Charles should write speeches together and start your own retiree group. Soooo I’m guessing your ok with this article as well?

        • SSG HAMPE

          Benefits Include: Medical, Retirement Pay (thats Next) Life insurance & Education (They are aready taking away). This is why you stay and just like any LIB you have to Bash while fellow vets will now be out these benefits, So when they take yours don’t Bitch…… If you truley served Active duty for 27 years you to would be NO SHOULD PISSED!

        • rjf,


        • mickey

          I just cannot believe you would made this comment.I guess I’m proud to be a MOOOOOOOOORON.We the military retirees should stand together not fight like the people who we elected to office that are messing us up.They are not cutting their insurance and they also can afford any change because most of our elected official are rich.

      • SSG Hampe,

        So just what were you promised in your Enlistment Contract, that President Obama is taking away.

        • Idmtmedic

          Here we go. How but you address the article Charles. Or how all of these vets are liars, whiners and complainers? Remember? You don’t believe any of them.. Our benefits are only going up and nothing is being cut. Care to make a comment about the article?

          • idmtmedic,

            So just what were you promised in your Enlistment Contract, that President Obama is taking away.

          • idmtmedic,

            So just what were you promised in your Enlistment Contract, that President Obama is taking away.

        • DWW

          Charles, since you don’t seem to need any benefits why don’t you donate your retirement pay to the Wounded Warrior Project?

          • DWW,

            SEEM, just what was it I said to make you think that????? I think the real problem here, is that I seem to be one of the few that has recieved everything and more that was promised in the US Code.

            But, don’t let this satisfied camper stop you from complaining.

          • Idmtmedic

            Career blogger, not camper. Waiiiiit a minute, camper works also.

          • idmtmedic,

            People like you are a wonder to me. I’m retired and have explained why I’m satisfied with what I was promised, and you just continually whine and cry about not getting enough. Yet, you continually post about me in an attempt to place me in the bad guy crowd.

          • Idmtmedic

            You’ve done that yourself. Not getting enough? Your arguments are crap and always have been. Fighting to not get benefits CUT is not asking for more. You deny that anything is happening to our benefits.

          • idmtmedic,

            I’ve got all my benefits. You’re greedy and just want more and more and more. One day you’re going to wake up and find you only have your pension left.

            Anyway, I don’t have an argument, because I have nothing to argue about. I have everything I was promised and more.

          • Idmtmedic

            Love your outlook. So the veterans that are fighting to keep what we have, NOT MORE are going to lose everything except the pension because we are fighting for it??? While you sit on your as# and do nothing and it won’t happen? Amazing you don’t include YOURSELF in losing everything but your pension.

          • idmtmedic,

            I’ve got all my benefits. You’re greedy and just want more and more and more. One day you’re going to wake up and find you only have your pension left.

            Anyway, I don’t have an argument, because I have nothing to argue about. I have everything I was promised and more.

          • Idmtmedic

            Ok just had to post again on this one since it’s now NEW lmao. Tell us what “more” is.

    • Idmtmedic

      Rjf, you family with Charles Bryant?……. I got yer waaa…..and it’s a size nine. What you gonna write your congressman for? Thank you? If you agree with it then fine. Write them and tell them you agree with the cuts. And that your fellow servicemen and women are whiners, liars and complainers. Feel free to give up your medical because you didn’t earn it and want to send them 500 more a month because your so patriotic. Lmao.

      • idmtmedic,

        Dang, you just can’t get over those of us that are satisfied with our retirement, can you.

        • Idmtmedic

          Yea I have met 3 maybe 4 of you. Desk jobs bring that guilt up in people. Still doing a great job for the government Charles. Your changing everyone’s mind.

          • idmtmedic,

            I don’t have to change anyones mind, the Laws support me.

          • Idmtmedic

            The laws supported OJ and Casey Anthony also.

          • IDmtmedic,

            Neither one was on Tricare.

          • Idmtmedic

            Well you have finally gotten me to agree with you.

          • idmtmedic,

            Dang, you just can’t get over those of us that are satisfied with our retirement, can you?????

        • RETIREE


          • RETIREE,

            Not sure which of my posts you are replying too, but since I have retired in 1995, I have yet to see any of my benefits taken from me.

            You say the pensions you are recieving are not enough to pay for the benefits you are losing. I’m not losing any benefits, so I really don’t know what you’re talking about.

      • wouldn’t do any good to write congress when it was a congressional vet that did this to us
        Looking to kick retirees out of TRICARE Prime, Sen. McCain told the 12-member Joint Select Committee on Debt Reduction, that restricting working-age retirees and their families from participating in TRICARE Prime would help them avoid spending cuts that would directly impact readiness.

        Read more:

    • Jean

      No, WE didn’t elect him.. only those who voted for him elected him. However, no matter who would have won, the outcome was in God’s Hands. Therefore, WE all need to seek God for our needs and work to the best of our ability to do what we can to make our country greater than it has ever been.

    • david

      are you stupid you communist liberal. who are you to say that we have it you have a clue what your socialist obama is doing.

    • jbb

      I didn’t elect him. You suffer his decisions. I don;t like it as a retiree…..

    • High Speed NCO

      You have no right to denigrate the position other retirees feel a need to support because officials now want to reduce the benefits that were promised to them. Most soldiers that did more than just mark time during their career, weighed the pros and cons each time they were faced with the decision to re-enlist. Every benefit that is allowed erode is a slap in the face to those that worked hard during their career. Hopefully in the future those career fields in which members were allowed to merely wear the uniform and put in 40 hours a weekwill not provide advancement past E-5 nor allow someone to serve 20 years in. Maybe then benefits will mean something to everyone who retires. Don’t dare tell real Americans to support an inept and disgracefully deceptive CINC such as Obama. He was only re-elected because the makers finally outnumber the takers, and ethnicity and gender were put before common sense and the best interest of the nation.

    • Idmtmedic

      David no need for the racism, we have enough issues with military benefits and THAT talk will help nobody.

    • Wayne

      rjt – “We (retired military) have it so much better than the average American.” You must be a Retired High Ranking Officer to say that. All my relatives that worked on the outside and now are retired are three times better off then me.

      • rjf

        I started as a private!

        • elbedog

          You didn’t get far… did yea ! You stay in the military because you couldn’t get a decent job on the outside…. and by your thoughts, I know why…. When it comes to elections, you go for the best person and not blind party loyality…. I guess you love the idea of POTUS having beer summits and covering up his mistakes and not having the balls to be a REAL MAN….

      • Wayne,

        So Wayne, who twisted your arm and forced you into The All Volunteer Military, and then forced you to Reenlist each and everytime?????

        • Idmtmedic

          Well Charles I’m sure you didn’t stay for the retirement or medical benefits. Your just a patriot that would do it for free. Lmao. How bout this article huh? All of these vets are liars, whiners and complainers according to you. Why not post that as a new discussion? That way everyone will know how you feel.

          • idmtmedic,

            Why do you think “All of these vets are liars, whiners and complainers”?????

          • Idmtmedic

            How’s the Meds and alcohol working for you? You have to clock in and out?

          • idmtmedic,

            Why do you think “All of these vets are liars, whiners and complainers”?????

          • budkid

            typical, democrat, taking things out of context.

        • maybe it wasn’t a twisting of the arm but the promise of certain rights and benefits that would give our family’s a better way of life

    • whysoserious

      Mostly Black Americans? the last time I checked that there were equally amount of (white americans) on welfare as well as blacks. You people act as if you do no wrong and think you are entitled to everything that the government has to offer. I’m glad imbeciles like you are not in no way involved with decisions that are made in our country.

      • top

        Bull CRAP!

        I just checked and:

        population 80% white and 13% black.

        welfare 65% white 33% black

        this is a .8 to 2.5 Ration or 300% more BLACKS ON WELFARE BY PERCENTAGE OF POPULATION!

        These are 2012 figures from the White House (BUM data)

    • Matador527

      If we have it “so much better than the average American”, maybe it’s because so many of “the average American”s are content at having spent their adult lives sitting on their butts collecting entitlements like their “free health care”, their food stamps, their “Obama-phones”, sub-prime loans that almost sank the country’s economy, and all their other freebies. It certainly WASN’T “Our Free Country” that elected The Hero Of Benghazi to another term…it was the mind-dead parasites that only care about receiving continued free handouts from the REAL Americans…the ones who work to PAY their way, serve the country, and who have too much sense of honor, patriotism, and intelligence to EVER support the corrupt, lying, and traitorous leader of the Democrat (read: SOCIALIST) party.

      • rjf

        You are my Hero

    • joe

      WE????? You must have a Democrat turd in your pocket

    • Voix Velour

      Bolderdash! Owed? Feeling sorry for ourselves? No. We feel sorry for the men and women sacrificed by this most corrupt administration of history, their loss of blood, limbs, lives and impacts on their families. BTW, your “claim to fame?” THE US ARMY GEN PETRACEOUS THINGY?

      Who woulda thoughta a “highly regarded” General of the US Army would be involved with a bimbo, “code name” of “Skylark?” His judgement in other matters? Minimal qualifications of officers of all of the branches of service of The Armed Forces of The United States duty, honor, country? As a cadet at West Point, he “wooed” the daughter of the Superintendant and repaid her love and loyalty throughout 38 yrs and so many deployments plus her personal commitment to families of The Armed Forces by a “romp” with the caliber of “call girl,” now having devastated his so-called legacy?


      It isn’t the fact of receiving an entitlement, this was promised you idiot! Wait until the Defense Department needs to cut more costs and slices your retirement in half.
      Shut up if you have no idea what something earned vs something given for free

    • Vinnie

      What do you mean, “We elected him”, you must have a mouse in your pocket, cause it will be a cold day in @#$% before I would vote for him…
      No, I don’t feel sorry for myself, but I do feel sorry for the people that did vote for him. Yes, it is a free country, so far that is, and you can vote for who ever you want, but sooner or later you will realize that you may have made a mistake, then what?????

    • Sgt. L

      This free country is paid for by our vet’s blood. rjf you ungrateful sack of filth. What did YOU do for our country?

    • Chm

      If you don’t like veterans and don’t support what they have been promised then stop making veterans.

    • Steve

      EXCUSE ME…first I don’t believe you are actually a retired military component. AND maybe YOU voted for Obama but many of us DID NOT!!!!

    • jonhu

      This seems to be another example of pitting the “Red” against the “Blue”. The “Red” areas are predominately more than 40 miles from the population centers of the US, and the majority of bases are located within 40 miles of the population centers. What an irony. Guess even a veteran must live in the “Blue” areas in order to have a “level playing field”.

    • Chief

      The following is a quote from a real president:
      “The President is merely the most important among a large number of public servants. He should be supported or opposed exactly to the degree which is warranted by his good conduct or bad conduct, his efficiency or inefficiency in rendering loyal, able, and disinterested service to the Nation as a whole. Therefore it is absolutely necessary that there should be full liberty to tell the truth about his acts, and this means that it is exactly necessary to blame him when he does wrong as to praise him when he does right. Any other attitude in an American citizen is both base and servile. To announce that there must be no criticism of the President, or that we are to stand by the President, right or wrong, is not only unpatriotic and servile, but is morally treasonable to the American public. Nothing but the truth should be spoken about him or any one else. But it is even more important to tell the truth, pleasant or unpleasant, about him than about any one else.”

      “Theodore Roosevelt in the Kansas City Star”, 149
      May 7, 1918

    • Chief

      “We elected him.” Do you have a mouse in your pocket? I didn’t elect him, some brain dead voter did or he was elected through voter fraud. We are not subjects and Obama is not a dictator. It is our right to question government. I pray Obama does the right thing, but so far he hasn’t.

    • Deb

      I did not elect him either time. VOted against him both times. The stupid idiots elected him. And now, retired military have to suffer too. I did not vote for Busch either so do not say I did. Also, why doesn’t the politicians take a cut in THEIR MEDICAL FOR LIFE when they did not even serve a day most of the time and where do you get it that we are so much better off then other people. Give me a break. Medical is the most important thing to a retired family so come off your high horse and stop saying everyone is better off because that is not true for everyone.

    • alb

      You may have, but I sure as heck didn’t vote for him!

    • mel

      I gave 31 years to protect the rights of those who want to criticize me for demanding what was promised when I signed up. Now that we have served, our benifits are being taken away, when we need it most. So yes we have a right to say something about it.

    • 2ducks

      Sprak for yourself I didn’t vote for him to me I do believe our burracats in office have forgotten about our 1st Amendment within the next four years there is no telling what else we, as Ret. Military could loose. I take it that you believe it is ok for Congress to be able to vote themselves a raise but hold us from getting 2% if they can? Plus they get the best Medical money can buy at our expence. Then look at their nice fat retirement and they only need to serve one term. I know I have never been able to vote myself a raise and have the best of everything, maybe you have.

      • 2ducks,

        Actually, us retired military folks have it much, much, much better than those in the House and the Senate.


        Congressional Pensions

        Congressional Pensions

        Retirement Benefits for Members of Congress

        • gainsayer

          yea…must explain why so many more of us are millionaires.

          1) promises were made

          2) to entice folks to accept greater risks

          and your response is irrelevant in a context of cuts.

          • Idmtmedic

            Careful, Mr Charles is a devout congressional supporter akin to an athletic supporter. He believes we deserve to pay more and has YET to respond to this article with “facts” as he loves to say. Apparently he has decided to lay low and research and research that we have not lost anything and our benefits have only gone up. So far no facts, and more BS. For that we are blessed.

          • gainsayer,

            If you’re unhappy, then why don’t you stop whining and run for Congress.

        • wow I know I enjoyed spending my $175000.00 paycheck while I was in the army.

          • Gains Wayne,

            I presume after your first enlistment, you got out and got that job that thought you were worth $175000.00.

          • Idmtmedic

            I’m guessing you got out for the same reason? The pay must have sucked. Why would anybody get out because the pay was so damn good…….?

    • active

      You voted for him! Not we! I hope your military life goes well and you are NEVER faced with a war related injury or illness. Good luck to you!

    • CWO4-747

      Maybe we should amend the constitution.

      Anybody running for president must have served a minimum of three years ACTIVE DUTY, or NG/Reserve with a minimum 6 month deployment into combat.

    • dustndwind

      Support him? Well no. let him and HIS adminstration audit where the stimulus money went, down to the very least person that recieved. We did not serve to make it better, easy for elected officals to have more money to spend as they see fit, do they seperate themselves from the rest of America?

    • Vicjy

      BS. You obviously voted for the man and now want to make us believe we are whining because what we actually earned we are being denied? Have it better than the average American? Many have lost their lives and their limbs, do they have it better? Many are now divorced because of the hardships of MIlitary life, their kids have grown without parents. This free Country you talk about wouldn’t be one. You want to find excuses about voting for barack, there aren’t any. You want to feel better because you voted for barack, that rush won’t last long. 50% voted for barack and that’s disputable since there was so much fraud. Imagine, 59 precincts in Philly with zero votes for Romney? Bus loads of non English speaking people brought to vote in swing states. Fool. Don’t tell me I should just shut up and be abused, I’ve paid for health care, illegals haven’t and they will benefit from my sacrifices. I can’t stand fools like yourself. Doubt you even served.

      • rjf

        You are my hero! I did not vote for him but the people of the US elected him.

        • budkid

          no, the people of the US didn’t vote for him, the electoral college did way before all votes were counted.

      • Vicjy,

        Do you realize that our military is for volunteers only?????

        • Idmtmedic

          Go ahead Charles, call Vic a liar, whiner, complainer as you have the rest of the vets. Are you going to comment to the CUTS for Tricare Prime? Stay with the topic Charles.

          • Idmtemedic,

            No one is cutting Tricare.

          • Idmtmedic

            Care to revise? I know I know, cutting Tricare prime for those that live too far is not a cut, it’s a gain for those that live too far away to find another provider. Standard is FREE lmao.

    • Tony

      We need to support the Constitution. We should never support any elected official who does not support the Constitution.

    • Jim Ralston

      I served during Vietnam and the first Iraq war. WA WA WA, seems like you don’t respect us. I didn’t vote for Obama so don’t blame me. We vets are not feeling sorry for ourselves, we’re just upset because of the lies that have been told. I believed my recruiter. My class president went to Canada to avoid serving, now he is a millionaire, and was pardoned by Carter with no consequence for his cowardice. I enlisted during Vietnam. So who is feeling sorry. I am proud that I served. I just don’t want our elected officials to forget that when our country needed us to lay our lives on the line we did.
      Some of us don’t have generous pensions like the military does with all the pay raises since we got out. Some of us have to count the pennies. The co-pays will hurt. I enjoy going to the base, it brings back good memories. I don’t mind driving over 40 miles. I hope I don’t have to move just to keep Tricare Prime.

      • rjf

        I agree with you 100 % sir.

        • Idmtmedic

          Are you bipolar or something?

    • USARetired

      @ rjf. You sir, are an idiot. When I initially enlisted many years ago, one of the BENEFITS that were promised as an INCENTIVE to stay 20 years was FREE healthcare after retirement! That is obviously no longer the case and is continuously being whittled away even more by higher PAYMENTS! Regardless of which president it is/was that suggests or enacts the erosion of retiree BENEFITS that are received in exchange for giving the military 20 years of my life, its wrong. BTW. I didn’t vote for Obama.

    • BOH8R

      “WE” did not elect him…The welfare druggies and idiots elected him. So get it straight.

      • rjf

        You re my hero!

        • obamanation

          rjf is a “troll” so stop wasting your time with it. Probably one of those acorn/occupy, welfare, foodstamp, obamacare never served in the military troll. It has no job so it stirs the pot here waiting for the next liberal orders to “occupy” some other space.

    • Sepster

      Mr rjf. U really know how to piss off retired veterans. How dare you say owed!?!?! No veteran is owed anything, we all earned our benefits. And the article is about changes in Tricare. What pisses me of is, where I want to live is my business, not tricare or the government. Not you tell I have to live within 40 miles of an MTF to get Tricare prime, a service I pay for?!?!?! Damn right I’m gonna write my congressman. Again no veteran is owed anything, it has been EARNED!!! Would you say a widowed is owed money for her husband killed in combat, no Mr rjf that money was EARNED by the servicemember giving their all. I find it hard to believe that you are in fact a veteran stating you words. But I will say this God bless you and all veterans.

      • rjf

        I agree with you 100 % And we need to change things, Not just vent like so many are doing.

        • diesel

          rjf why don’t you and Charles meet with us on a million veteran march on D.C. We will even let you sit at the front of the bus!

          • Idmtmedic

            They would be on their own short bus diesel!!! By the way, thank you for your sacrifice and service.

          • diesel,

            Not me, I’m going to be selling you all snacks and water.

          • Idmtmedic

            You got your short bus ready with snacks and water?

    • J. Collins

      Wait a minute. We earned our healty care. Those who did not chose not to. They are the ones are now complaining about health care. Now, this President wants to take what we earned to give it to those who chose to not earn it. We live in a capitalistic society. If you want something, you must earn it!

    • Jane Horton-Leasman

      You elected him…and that is not all inclusive of the military retiree’s, dependents and former military in general. And YES, it is a “political” item…but then BHO told everyone in 2008 he wanted to get rid of Medicare Advantage, and they gave the TriCare contract to the highest bidder…of course it is politics…they (AARP, United Healthcare) created Obamacare. The joy you feelin electing him, will vanish within the next two years.

    • r knight

      so true !

    • Olga

      All I can say is, there were promises made and these promises need to be kept. What bothers me most is that it was drafted in 2007 and we are now finding out about it? Why was it kept a secret….well, the answer to that is we would have fought tooth and nail to have it taken out, more time to fight it, now we are in a time crunch……I am writing my congressman now….So, not right!!

    • B Carroll

      We (Military retired) do have it much better than the average American but did the average American have to move every 2yrs, did they not see their childs first steps. No complaints we asked for it. It was our way we elected to serve our Country. On the same hand our Country made A lot of promises that they having second thoughts about. God bless the USA. I would do it all over

    • John

      Blow it out your ass! We the retirees earned the benefits that we have! Let the @@#$$#@# government cut cost somewhere else! I am tire dof hearing how well we have it compared to others! Others arent sitting on a #$#%$ ship in the middle of the ocean for 6-9 months or in a $%$%#$% Desert away from home! I don’t know about you, but I EARNED my benefits!!!!!!!!

    • U.S. Veteran

      You with your “Wa Wa Wa” comment are a freaking idiot. If you think for one second that you elected Obama, you are wrong. Your vote only counts
      in the populas whereas your other elected officials were the ones with
      thier electoral votes that got him voted in. “We” did not elect him. You may have voted for him but I did not. And if you think for one second that losing
      your Tricare Prime doesn’t matter just wait until it hits your savings account
      and saps it dry. Unless you never had it to begin with you don’t know what
      it’s going to be like to lose it.

    • Hayhurst

      We, do you have a mouse in your pocket. I didn’t vote for him and I don’t have to support him.

    • top turner

      Not a chance MORON. When I was a contrated ‘BULLET CATCHER’ for 20 plus years of my life, I though about the benefits that I had earned. Those that stayed here, ran to Canada, got deferred, etc… did not go through what those of us that served did. So we carry scars, wounds still not healed and “A Greatful Nation” shoves it up our butts?

      NO, shut the hell up. We need to stand up for us! Many of us have went through HELL for this nation and in HER defense! Too many sit here and bad mouth us and HAVE NO IDEA what we went through! Providing for our BASIC needs is not an OPTION IT IS A REQUIREMENT THAT WAS PART OF OUR SERVICE CONTRACT!!

      • actually a fellow vet shoved it up our butt but then he did the same to his first wife after she was disfigured so what can we expect
        Looking to kick retirees out of TRICARE Prime, Sen. McCain told the 12-member Joint Select Committee on Debt Reduction, that restricting working-age retirees and their families from participating in TRICARE Prime would help them avoid spending cuts that would directly impact readiness.

        Read more:

    • slannen

      any commitment is a promise. If you want to change the rules for future commitments, go ahead but stand behind the ones you made. You don’t see our leaders having to bear the broken promises. They would not consider taking the same healt care they are asking us to assume. Its a matter of the pigs and the farm animals. (Read Animal Farm if you don’t understand)

      • Looking to kick retirees out of TRICARE Prime, Sen. McCain told the 12-member Joint Select Committee on Debt Reduction, that restricting working-age retirees and their families from participating in TRICARE Prime would help them avoid spending cuts that would directly impact readiness.

        Read more:

    • C. Steward

      YOU might have elected him. I sure DIDN’T!!

    • Troy

      Full medical coverage, including my tricare prime, is part of the contractual agreement that I had with the United States to recieve upon my retirement. Tricare Prime is hands down the best part of my retiremetn benefits. Not my retainer pay (retirement pay) that is having 50% taken away from me from yet another wonderful (pun intended) peice of legislation that gives it to my ex-wife that cheated on me; a whole different story for a differnt day. I did earn it under my contract. I racall at one point in my career where I was making $0.97 per hour and was under the federal poverty level until I made E-6. My retainer pay and medical is what my real earnings were for my service to my country.

    • Sandy

      Seriously! Wow – I DID earn what little benefits we have left after serving almost 27 years in the military so I don’t know where you get off – we are not average American’s and we do deserve it. I really have to stop here because I can’t say what I’d really like to say to you.

    • JAR

      I beg to differ with you. WE DID NOT ELECT HIM. You elected him. Not all of us out here in fly over country voted for him so it would be a good idea if you started to speak for yourself, don’t drag all of us into the mess that you have made.

      • somebody had to have voted for john McCain our great patriot looking out for his fellow vets
        Looking to kick retirees out of TRICARE Prime, Sen. McCain told the 12-member Joint Select Committee on Debt Reduction, that restricting working-age retirees and their families from participating in TRICARE Prime would help them avoid spending cuts that would directly impact readiness.

        Read more:

    • Barbara

      NO I DID NO VOTE FOR THAT PERSON. The people that you are talking about DO WANT IT ALL GIVEN TO THEM. And they are not a RETIRED MILITARY PERSON . So they voted for all the obama bucks they can get.

      • Looking to kick retirees out of TRICARE Prime, Sen. McCain told the 12-member Joint Select Committee on Debt Reduction, that restricting working-age retirees and their families from participating in TRICARE Prime would help them avoid spending cuts that would directly impact readiness.

        Read more:

    • ray

      do you have a mouse in your pocket?

    • Rod

      Blow it out your ass!

    • diesel

      I was paralyzed serving this country. I started life on “Sand Hill” in the Infantry as a Private and worked my way up to a Major. What the hell did you do to serve this country? How many deployments did you do? Just because you wore are uniform dosn’t make you a soldier! Those of us that serve have earned the right to the health care that we were promised. This has nothing to do with Obama. It has to do with people such as your self who do not no what it means to have truely served your country and have it turn it’s back on you. People like yourself are destroying our country and selling out true soldiers. We need to meet so that you can look me in the eye and tell me Wa Wa Wa. Let me know when and where. Support those who have sacrificed so that you can vote and enjoy your freedoms!

      • Idmtmedic

        Charles Bryant would be a perfect houseguest. Maybe he would set up a meeting with you since he is the “expert” on military contracts and healthcare. Maybe he could tell you how lucky you are and that anything you receive is a blessing. He says he got his benefits for what HE did and not what others did. He earned them. So you get what you earned diesel? Charles apparently has the napolian complex and wants to feel relevant after retirement. So he has taken up with a career blogging and isn’t working but feels as though vets are whiners and no promise were made? He backs the supreme court and by extension backs burning the American flag.

    • lifer

      and for voting for him you’ll get what you deserve

    • EM Line

      I voted, Therefore have a right to BITCH, and it sure as hell wasn’t for obama.

      • hopefully you didn’t vote for McCain lol
        Looking to kick retirees out of TRICARE Prime, Sen. McCain told the 12-member Joint Select Committee on Debt Reduction, that restricting working-age retirees and their families from participating in TRICARE Prime would help them avoid spending cuts that would directly impact readiness.

        Read more:

    • KIM

      I DID NOT vote him in…some other idoits DID

    • Henry

      Not me but just wait til he gets going.

    • bassettlvr15

      you really should shut up rjf until you know what you are talking about. What an idiot. We were promised in 1979 that if we served 20 years our committment to the USA, we would receive free health benefits for life. F-N liers. Been paying for almost 14 years and now they are going to take away Prime from me because I don’t live where they think I should? Kiss my arse. Glad you are able to harass veterans with your beliefs after all they protected you. pig poop

    • JPS

      What’s this “WE” crap. you voted for him, not I.

    • Namvet

      You voted for him,so you have no right to complain. I didn’t, and now I have to suffer too.

    • james

      you may have elected him, I sure didn’t, I put my life on the line for this country and was promised I would be taken care of, Yet Obama take aways those things promised to me and gives them to someone who can work but does not because Obama promised to give what I earned to them if they voted for him, RJF STFU.

    • Melinda

      Everyone has a right to their own feelings.. No matter who is President, I feel All Military past, present and future do deserve pension, medical and all the above for any and all sacrifices they have made For us! Where would we be without them? Thank you Vets! Not something to take for granted.. Enough bashing.

    • anne

      i didn’t elect that NON American

    • Heather

      You’re right, I agree with you. Way too much complaining and not enough “lets work together to fix this”. Until then, we are positioned to fail.

    • Mel Keith

      No we did not but you obviously did!!! Now let us see what other benefits him and the others are screwing up next.

    • J Ramey

      OR, we could CONTINUE to be patriots and do what we can to minimize the damage the TRAITOR Obama is wreaking on this country. “WE” didn’t elect him, and I’m not convinced that: A) he was even eligible to run, and/or B) that he won the election without committing massive voter fraud. In answer to your “Wa Wa Wa” remark, actually, we are OWED something. It was in the contract the government made with each of us. Vets are not in the same position as the average American (who really isn’t owed anything) because our services were bought and PAID for up front.

      • Looking to kick retirees out of TRICARE Prime, Sen. McCain told the 12-member Joint Select Committee on Debt Reduction, that restricting working-age retirees and their families from participating in TRICARE Prime would help them avoid spending cuts that would directly impact readiness.

        Read more:

    • Freddie

      President Obama wasn’t in the House when this change went on the cutting block… President Bush was and we elected him.

    • Jill Ryan

      What irks me is that it’s been swept under the rug since the Bush bunch. it’s not fair. We should be grandfathered into whatever we choose in a certain amount of time. Second verse, same as the first! Just
      Like after Vietnam Nam– they promised everything but started pulling it all back.
      Wonder how Congress would feel if it happened to them?!?

      • Looking to kick retirees out of TRICARE Prime, Sen. McCain told the 12-member Joint Select Committee on Debt Reduction, that restricting working-age retirees and their families from participating in TRICARE Prime would help them avoid spending cuts that would directly impact readiness.

        Read more:

    • doubting_thomas

      That was a rambling, incoherent self absorbed pack of politically motivated lies.

    • Renee Still Day

      That’s easy for YOU to say, but what about my elderly mother? The widow of a retiree? What are you going to tell HER? She’s got macular degeneration, can no longer drive, has lost hearing in one ear and has severe arthritis. TELL ME! What about HER?

    • So, your reply to everyone is to stop whining about the government taking away our benefits, and whine to the very same people that feel self-entitled enough to vote themselves pay raises and a paycheck regardless of government shutdowns, and who are the ones taking away our benefits? Were you always an idiot, or did you just wake up as one? Whining to the same government people that are taking away our benefits in the first place isn’t going to solve anything, especially when they are busy making sure they will never be on Obamacare or have to worry about health insurance. Every Veteran out there served their time and earned their benefits, so unless you are one, you have no right to talk.

    • The Hell we do!! Not gonna happen pal!!!

    • Kevin

      use the we very careful I did not elect him and I do not support him. he has violated the constitution time and time again. support and defend the constitution……. ring a bell?

  • stuart

    I know it is going to be difficult for many with program tri care prime being dissolved. For those over 65 there is tri care for life which is a good program. In some areas of the country there are many doctors who don’t accept tri care at all. It is now difficult to get many doctors to accept Medicare which is part of the program tri care for life. The military tri care for life is the secondary payee and Medicare is first so in many areas this will be difficult also. I am on a special program which is payed for by DoD. It is called the US Family Health plan and I think that it will be phased out eventually. It pays 100 percent of all coverages. Just for info, senators and congressman have a selection of medical providers that they can choose from but it is not free. It is about the same as the FS schedule. Also, a previous commentor indicated they get free retirement as well but they pay social security and pay into a retirement program which requires a minimum of 20 years. The info is available..just Google congressional retirement. The next few years will be difficult for many of us. We can always go to the VA but I didn’t retire from the military to do that. Keep the letters going to your senators and congressmen.

    • jerry

      if you are retired from the military and do not have a military related injury you are not authorized VA care.

      • Guest

        You are wrong. Any military person can go to a va facility all they have to do is sign up. It isn’t free they pay a co pay, but it is available for all military personnel who has been in the service who has served with good conduct.

        • Idmtmedic

          Thanks Charles

      • stuart

        The VA handbook discusses this on page 41. via bills tricare for your medical costs. So, if your area does not accept tricare, go to the nearest VA facility

  • Bob

    OK. Here we go again. The government wants to make some cuts so we (the retirees) are the ones that will bare the brunt of the cuts. We take cuts, what the hell has congress and the president giving up. NOTHING! they occupy a seat up at malfunction junction for a term and they get a retirement for the rest of their life. We have to spend 20+ years or loose a limb (hell of a trade off) to draw anything for the rest of our lives. When I entered the Army years ago, I was told that if I complete 20+ years of honorable service to retire me or my family would not have to worry about our medical for the rest of our lives. Hey whats next? Congress, you give something up! We are tired of carring all of you. Congress is the only organization that I have ever seen that could get away doing their jobs (going on vacation and totally ignoring a suspense on a bill or action. They should be held to the same standard as everyone else. Play only after the work has been completed. We need all new blood in congress. ALL of them need to go home.

  • Jim

    I think this administration is trying their level best to dismantle this country and the military. This oxi-moron this country calls a president, is the most anti-military, pro-big governmet. It just makes my blood boil, when I think this country puts this clown back in the white house, after all the crap that he has done. He only knows how to do the blaqme game. He doesn’t accept responsibilty for anything. And when so called Christians can vote for him including so called Ministers of the gospel with his stance on abortion and same sex marriage is beyond me.

  • SlyT

    My husband has served his country for 24 years like so many others and deserve the best of the best. When my husband first joined the Army his medical & dental would be free for him and his family for life…what happened to those papers that were signed many years ago…It makes me wonder what else will be covered up befroe this is all over!!! This move of living 40 miles outside of a MFT is crazy…If they are going to make any changes it should be for the people who live within 40 miles of a MFT…we pay for this insurance plan and some of us are veyr fortunate not to have any medical issues and never use the plan so what happens to the money. These soliders deserve to be treated well for giving their lives for our Freedom!! Wake up America!!!

    • DAE


    • dustndwind

      I live about 20 miles of MFT center that are not accepting new patients, forces me to go 80 miles, too me this this act is in reverse also, did not the signers of this fail to comprehend or even read?

    • Vicky

      Feel your pain, when my Husband went in he was promised free health care and dental, our rates have gone up, we use standard already but the doctors taking Tricare are fewer and they aren’t the best. Those that can’t see what this Govt. is doing to our Military could care less about the sacrifices Military families make, they would rather support politicians that steal our money, have the best medical and salaries they don’t deserve. It will be too late when people actually realize what they’ve done.

    • JMad

      My husband and I too did over 20 years as well. There is so much deception going on but we do know what to believe and that is in our god and anyone that frowns upon that and our constitution needs to go. We need not to forget where we are from Born and Raised in America.

    • david selig

      Yo are absolutely correct. This announcement is perceived as ass backwards. The current policy for TC Prime is if you live more than 30 miles you are eligible…now they’re saying is you live more than 40 miles you are ineligible…..Who ever wrote this bill has gotta be mentally disabled. This has been the one statement that had been haunting me….More than 40 you’re out….less than 40 you’re in. C’Mon Man . Contact your Congressman…..Oh yeah….good luck. He could give a rats ass about our demise. A 24 yr Vet USAF. And yeah…very sick. Desert Storm

  • Supersonic Dave

    Just don’t forget that America is still the greatest land on the planet. Don’t lose faith in this great country. Write your “elected” reps each and every month or more often if necessary, and tell them exactly what you think.
    Yes, I am appalled at the many devious developments that BHO and his minions have used to be reelected by those desiring a handout.
    Say your prayers and treat others kindly.

  • GTW

    I recommend that the current administration commit to giving up all use of military medical support and go on the economy to support further leveraging of funds.

    • Idmtmedic

      Helllllll yes. NO more use of military facilities or military personnel on their private clinic on the hill.

  • ladynpurpl

    Did you go in the Military for the benefits and the retirement? I know some that do. They could really care less about the fiber of this country. They USE the military instead of letting the military use them to protect this country. These men can’t make it on the outside. They have to have someone giving them directions and orders all their lives or they can’t pee. I lived with one who was a colonel. I finally “got it” but it took 38 years and I left because he had to make his own decisions when he retired and couldn’t do it and yes he is an Obama man. Now he is living with a “old” Jewish Princess who orders him around. Colin Powell is another one. When he retired he had his wife making all of his decisions. All they know how to say is “Yes Sir” or “Yes Ma’m” Obama had about five high ranking officers endorsing him and Romney had over 500 Doesn’t that tell you something. Re-enlistment is going to drop off drastically because of Obama’s re-election because young guys are fearful as are their wives and families. So no…………..I have grandsons in the military and I won’t get over it!


      Get the hell out of here. I promise you, EVEN DURING JFK tenure, if you told every man or woman that they had to serve their country WITHOUT any benefits (i.e. BASIC PAY, BAH, BAS, etc.) they would look at you laugh and go find a job else where. I am tired of people who act like they joined, or are in now and they are JUST “Serving Their Country”. They want something out of it too, whether it be education, healthcare, stability, they want SOMETHING. Nobody does ANYTHING for nothing.

      • ladynpurpl

        You misunderstood me. Please forgive me. I think military deserve everything they are promised and more What I was saying is there are those men who go in and serve “soft desk jobs” never really thinking it is a patriotic job but something to do, They never face combat situations or they become officers doing things to climb the ranks that can’t even be called anything but social and politics. My ex was like that. I am very pro military. I hanf my flag out every day in honor of our military. I have a grandson who was in Afgainistan and received a purple heart. He will never be the same. I am so sorry you misunderstood me because I never meant to make you mad or hurt your feelings. Please forgive me.

  • John Himot

    Ya blame Bush how many years has it been now? 2009 and 2010’it was all democrats and they did nothing but give us the unpopular Obama care. 4 years ago Obama won his first term , thank God this next one will be his last. 4 years that makes everything his with no one else to.blame. By the way I served for love of country and if I have to give up some things for our service men still serving I will do so . JFK wrote “It is not what your Country can do for you, but what you can do for your country”. Wise words from a wise leader.

    • Idmtmedic

      That’s a very noble thought, however, when you give and they SPEND more than what was given which includes SSI, where will it stop? See any congressional salaries cut, retired pensions for millionaires in congress, subsidized in a large part by taxpayers cut?

    • John

      Bush signed the bill. He didn’t have to. Don’t blame it on Obama. Loser

  • John

    blah blah blah, blah blah blah. Loser, get over it. The majority of Americans spoke.

    • ladynpurpl

      I can’t help it if the majority of Americans who voted are free loading idiots like you! That is what is so scary! You all like a man with a no layalties to our country. How much more of a loser can you get. You all are lemmings just like the people who followed Hitler!

  • Whysoserious

    I have to say it yet again…Get Over It!!!! and let’s focus more on what we can do to get our country back in economic surplus

    • ladynpurpl

      By the way I lose my Tri Care Prime because I live further than 40 miles so don’t tell me to get over it, loser. Maybe I can get Obamacare and be put to sleep like a dog because I am too expensive to help with regular medical care Who in the hell are you to tell anyone to get over something when you don’t know their circumstances. .

  • bill

    I live about 65 from Patrick AFB, but only 20 miles from the closed Navy Orlando Training Center. So which BRAC are they talking about since the Orlando closed around 2000 and there were a number of BRACs. It probably won’t make any difference because they probably will eliminate all Tri Care Prime shortly after.

    When they go after budget cuts for that soon to be $16 trillion deficit, not only will it be tricare, but our retirement pay.

    • Idmtmedic

      I agree, only a matter of time.

  • Butch

    I for one would never recommend that a young man or women even serve in the military. There is a saying ( God and the soldier we alike adore. In times of danger, not before. The danger past and all conflict righted, God is forgotten, the soldier slighted. ) How true it is. Now they want to balance the budget on the backs of retirees. I for one think retirees should tell the young people what they have to look forward to if they enlist or make a career of the service.

  • Rich

    Not fair to those already retired because their retirement budgets include the lower cost of TRICARE Prime. This forces them to either move to within 40 miles of a military treatment facility or to accept TRICARE Standard – both increased costs not part of the retirement plans they made.

  • Patty

    It might interest you to know and understand that the cuts they are speakihg about for Tricare Prime were initiated by George W. Bush, NOT Barack Obama. And, had the Republicans, urged by Paul Ryan and John Boehner not decided to block everything that President Obama tried to accomplish within 2 hours of him being elected the first time, perhaps we wouldnt be so far in debt to China. And if you are truly Christian and have read your bible then you know in Revelations it states that “before the end of time the Yellow Race will rule the world.” Perhaps you should get your facts straight before you run your clearly Racist mouth. And, whether you like him or not he is the President of the United States of America and is due your respect. PS: I am a Republican!

    • ladynpurpl

      I would like to know where you interpret me as a racist? I am pro Israel. The “yellow” race has nothing to do with what I am talking about. A Godless nation communist China who we are indebted to does. In the first two years, In case you have forgotten Obama had the majority in the house and the senate so the Republicans couldn’t do anything ayway. The Dems had all of the power. The President accomplished everything he wanted REMEMBER? You couldn’t possibly be a Republican or you would have remember that. I respect the office but not this man. Any man who attends a church for 20 years who preaches God Damn America has not earned my respect. Any man who is married to a first lady who calls our flag that damn flag does not have my respect. He goes against everything the Bible teaches from pro-life to the sanctity of marriage to pro Israel. God reigns above the the President when it comes to abiding to laws. God reigns over EVERYTHING including the USA.

  • John

    I’ve been receiving a nice retirement check for the last 25 years and expect to hang around another 25. Don’t really mind paying a bit more copay before my wife turns 65 in a couple more years. What’s the big deal?

    • Idmtmedic

      John….lmao. Yea no big deal. Just send yours back. Ok… needs it, not just the veterans. So for all of the happy veterans maybe you could start sending that EXTRA money back that we didn’t earn to the government. Makes sense to me. If you don’t need it or feel you earned it then propose a bill to congress for returning that money……….what?……. Not going to happen? Big surprise.

      • Tracy McPhee

        The big deal is WE need it. I am chronically ill. This was nothing I *asked* for…it’s just the way it is…and I’m not complaining about it…I work very hard to keep a positive attitude in a body that has pain 24/7.
        Tricare Prime has been our saving grace. We can’t afford higher co-pays on doctors OR medications. It has taken us a long time to get me to specialized physicians that actually are making a difference with my health. Now what? We don’t live out of our means…in fact we have downsized to a quarter of what our lifestyle was two years ago…Again not complaining…Just doing what we have to do. But where this may be no big deal to YOU. You are fortunate. It absolutely is critical to us. I’m truly truly afraid where we will be when we are forced to take Tricare Standard or an outside healthcare insurance at our retired ages. :-(

  • JWY

    DoD has been looking hard at Tricare for a number of years, due to the cost growth of Tricare. 2001 to 2012 there has been over a 300 percent growth in cost of the program. As Congress and the White House (no matter the political affiliation) continue to cut Defense funding, DoD will continue to tap Tricare. So, this “new” initiative shouldn’t be a surprise to anyone.

    The Pentagon purposely held off announcing this new Tricare initiative until AFTER 6 November (the date of our recent presidential election), which also isn’t surprising.

    Here’s the source (22 Oct 12):

    Now, why would they do that? And at whos bequest? It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure it out.

    • Idmtmedic

      Tricare had a surplus two years in a row……they wanted to use the extra money for other programs. Now what happened to that argument?

      • JWY

        No argument about Tricare having a surplus. Again, “As Congress and the White House (no matter the political affiliation) continue to cut Defense funding, DoD will continue to tap Tricare.” Surplus or not!

        It’s obvious you haven’t dealt much with budgeting and spending of Federal funds. Here’s a quick, crash course. When there is a surplus of funds, said funds are moved to support shortfalls in other programs. So, let’s take a closer look at how it works, specifically, with the “surplus” you feel the need to discuss.

        Defense officials had projected large increases in Tricare costs in the fiscal year 2012 (FY12). In the first six months of the fiscal year (FY12), private sector health costs decreased. The rate was 0.6 percent for active duty and private sector care costs for retirees, their families and survivors fell 2.7 percent. This left a Tricare surplus of $708 million. DoD reprogrammed the $708 million into other accounts to cover higher than expected fuel prices, the unscheduled deployment of a second aircraft carrier to the Middle East, and higher transportation costs tied to Pakistan’s closure of the main land route for U.S. supplies into Afghanistan.

        This funding isn’t treated like a personal saving account, where one sits on their surplus for a rainy day.

        This shouldn’t be a surprise to anyone.

        • Idmtmedic

          Jw I know how it works. My point is that the fee increases sought have NO basis for them if a program has met it’s obligation.

  • Cross Ret

    If we can have a million man march ! Why can’t we have a 2 million man march on DC.
    If we don’t stand up for our rights we will have to settle for anything they throw at us.

  • Idmtmedic

    Charles where did you go???????? No more blogging about whining retirees or liars? It’s your blogging career. Enlighten all of us on this article. Had plenty to say last night. If you need a refresher check the first few posts.

  • Rey

    Does this surprise you? We all saw this coming with Obama care. They have to take from those that have served and gave their all to this country so those who have done nothing but take from this country can take more.

    • Eagles111

      This plan has been in effect since 2007… The Bush administrations plan.. NOTHING to do with Obamacare

      • Idmtmedic

        So what happened in 5 years? Not possible to change it?

  • boilertech

    Grandfather this BS into law. Are you kidding me! Here we go.,distributing the wealth already. Cut the benefits {our entitlements} to enable the freeloaders in the inner cities and the illegal aliens to receive free entitlements.

    • Eagles111

      This plan has been in effect since 2007.. You guessed it the Bush Administrations plan!!

      • Idmtmedic

        What did you do the last 5 years? Apparently Obama is as surprised as the rest of us. Lmao. So your saying he didn’t know, endorse, or have ANYTHING to do with this? Damn, what does he do all day?

    • American Me

      Maybe you should re-read and comprehend the article. This was proposal drafted in 2007. Maybe you’ve been in the stacks breathing in too much soot, BT.

  • wawa320

    I bet there’s no restrictions,limitations,rules or regulations placed on illegals,exchange students,and everyone coming from other countries,when it comes to their health needs

  • LC Murtha

    Some people want to see this as another reason to slam the President but would Romney have done anything different? Tri Care has just gotten too expensive and with the massive budget shortfall a lot of people are going to take a financial hit.

    • Idmtmedic

      LC congress taking a hit?

    • Voix Velour

      Well .. US News and World Reports that 2.5 Million Federal Employees are more likely to die on the job than be fired or laid off; 25% of them are at earnings of $100K/yr and up. There are no consequences of performance. By comparison and contrast with personnel of THE ARMED FORCES whose blood, limbs and lives are on the line? You forget that your president famously advanced the notion that an “all volunteer” force should provide for their own health care? You do not sound like an officer buddy!

    • Rob

      Too expensive? Then explain last years $708 million dollar surplus in the military health care program? You know, the one the DOD shifted to pay for other things because they refused to put it back and use it to continue current benefits? So we are taking a cut, when there was obviously enough cost savings in the program that there was nearly a $1 billion dollar surplus last year. Yeah, we are definately too expensive.

    • Vickey

      Massive budget shortfall, you mean the one trillion that barack is taking from the troops? Is that wha you are referring to? Tricare has gotten too expensive? Our troops deserve the best, they shouldn’t even be paying for their health care at all, politicians get the best and they only get raises, they don’t get cuts like the troops do. We will all take a financial hit financially and medically, the doctors that take medicare and Tricare sux.

    • Jessie Howell

      As stated above, Pres Bush is the one responsible for this (new) wave of cuts to me and the rest of the vets who served honorably and faithfully for what ever time they served. We fulfilled our contract, now its time for the government to step up and do the right thing. Please do not hold your breath. It is up to congress now, they have he inside track. so they can approve, or approve the cuts. So take a look at the make up of congress and make an educated guess which path will be chosen.
      I served my time with two tours to Vietnam with a total of 20 years + and am 80% disabled, I have earned the right co comment in this forum.
      GO ARMY, NAVY, MARINES, and any other group covered by this cut. Even if you are not a retired Military person you should post here if permitted, or let your congressman know how you feel.

      • Keith

        Jessie, how about the Air Force???????

    • Frank

      As said in my recent comments, nothing is being saved here. This ‘savings’ is going directly towards obamacare.

    • wawa320

      LC- Is the Obama Adm. going to cut out all those billions and billions of our tax money that is sent to places like Pakistan,Afghanistan etc etc etc etc ??? And how can you question Romney when he doesn’t hold the office?

    • Terry

      Yes, Romney would have “killed” ObamaCare on day one. And with that action, most of these other problems (like messing with TriCare) would likely go away.

  • Lindy

    President Proclaims November as Military Family Month


    President Barack Obama has signed a proclamation designating this month as Military Family Month.
    Here is the text of the president’s proclamation:
    With every step we take on American soil, we tread on ground made safer for us through the invaluable sacrifices of our service members and their families. During Military Family Month, we celebrate the exceptional service, strength, and sacrifice of our military families, whose commitment to our Nation goes above and beyond the call of duty.
    Just as our troops embody the courage and character that make America’s military the finest in the world, their family members embody the resilience and generosity that make our communities strong. They serve with heroism in their homes and neighborhoods while they are without the comfort of having loved ones nearby. Day after day, week after week, spouses resolutely accomplish the work of two parents, sons and daughters diligently keep up with homework and activities, and parents and grandparents patiently wait for news of their child and grandchild’s safe return. To these families, and to those whose service members never come home, we bear a debt that can never be fully repaid.
    As Americans, we are at our best when we honor and uphold our obligations to one another and to those who have given so much to our country. Earlier this year, First Lady Michelle Obama and Dr. Jill Biden challenged all Americans to serve those who sacrifice in our name with the Joining Forces initiative. Joining Forces strives to enlist support for our men and women in uniform and our veterans not only when they are away at war, but at every stage of their lives. My Administration is dedicated to doing more for our military families by enhancing learning opportunities for our military children, championing our military spouses as they advance their careers and education, and providing better mental health counseling to heal the wounds left in war’s wake.
    Our service members swore an oath to protect and defend, and with each step we take on this land we cherish, we remember our steadfast promise to protect the well-being of the family members they hold dear. Every act of kindness we can offer helps cultivate a culture of support for our military families, and I encourage each American to make a difference in the lives of these patriots.
    Now, therefore, I, Barack Obama, President of the United States of America, by virtue of the authority vested in me by the Constitution and the laws of the United States, do hereby proclaim November 2011 as Military Family Month. I call on all Americans to honor military families through private actions and public service for the tremendous contributions they make in the support of our service members and our Nation.
    In witness whereof, I have hereunto set my hand this first day of November, in the year of our Lord two thousand eleven, and of the Independence of the United States of America the two hundred and thirty-sixth.
    Sound Off…What do you think?
    LIAR!!! LIAR!!! LIAR!!!

    • Idmtmedic

      What a joke….is he passing the donation plate?

  • R, Bradley

    Let’s keep one thing in mind! Disabled soldier’s like myself did not create this economic mess our nation now faces. Those who were appointed to lead this nation are to blame for this economic diaster not the soldier who put their life on the line. This decision is going to strongly affect my family as well as our family budget. Thanks Obama for nothing!

    • Idmtmedic

      R…………hell YES!!!!!!!!!!!! Love how it is now our fault the economy is in debt.

  • Henry

    Hopefully everyone allow their frustration and hate lead to their elected officials being notified. I just thank God that I have a decent Medical plan! I live within 10 miles from Andrews Air Force Base, and I use Tricare Prime, but with John Hopkins so I don’t mind paying a little more to get the best of care when I need it. Without my 21 years in the military, I would be paying a lot more in medical costs!

  • Just sayn

    All government officials need to get on ObamaCare to include Congress.

  • cuffdogg

    I do not understand why everyone is blaming Obama when we all know that he is just a figure head for everyone to place blame on. Its he behind the scene characters that are actually running the show not Obama people. I think all the intellect people already know that. It take the house of Representative and Congress to approve a bill.

    The writers of the Constitution gave the president the right to veto legislation although that veto can be overridden by the vote of two-thirds of the House and Senate (Article 1, Section 7).

    So lets not get confused people as to who is actually in charge…Blame them not the President..

    • Idmtmedic

      Good god man……lol….well it sounds nice and all but ahhhmmm. Ok not even sure how to respond to your statement. You did graduate from high school?

    • Voix Velour

      Duh? Where do you think the “buck” stops. Perhaps you did not proof read your contribution because it suggests you are brain dead!

    • Steve

      cuffdog…..Are you awake????

    • Chief

      Obama is the problem.

    • Retired E5 Spencer

      Very much so that many people always blame the one that is office for things done by the ones that were in office many years before the last guy.
      If you an everyone were to step back an read whom call for the changes an what year an month before jumping an saying things that they are most likely wrong.
      They would see the reel picture!
      Our country was founded on making changes even if someone else want some thing we didn’t. It’s never a done deal thing’s can be changed if we stand together an are counted so that the change are made.
      Even the word on OBOMA CARE there are others that are very much a part of this INSURANCE not just him. even BUSH is apart of this bill an many others Both Side of both Houses put together this bill they all had a hand in it. Medda Care, Medda Cade They all gov. Insurance that our Taxes pay for an are required by law for use to pay for so Where are we really at. Just because there no near by Base why would Tri-Care Prime be dropped any Ways it is to work with Doctors off base regardless of a Base with in 40 Miles or not. an Tri-Care for Life Is suppose to be the same. a Regional office is all’s that’s needed to make it work as it does now. So be part of the making changes by making it better an lets make things work for use. start reading more about the men an women of the past an see the whole picture so that we can make those changes to fit for today. That those that didn’t see the picture at that time.
      Lets be the leaders that most of use were schooled for!

    • Deb

      What are you crazy. It is him. He held this off for us until after he was re-elected. No retired military member or their family would have voted him back into office if they saw this first. So, yes, I feel this is another one of his lying tactics. This should not be happening to military members again. Why don’t these big whigs cut their medical FOR LIFE no less which costs us tons of money a year because everyone of them that has served-does not matter how many years-gets medical for life. WHy does the military member that served 20 or more years of their life have to take the brunt of every budget cut. It is ridiculous. Cut their medical and pay for ours. I am tired of this crap of cutting our benefits. WE need to stand up and fight against this injustice big time.

  • Idmtmedic

    Charles you asleep at the wheel again? Come play with the real VETERANS. Awfully quiet. You too busy writing your congressman?

  • Geri Scott

    Where did you get the idea that the Obamas were anti-American? Mrs. Obama has been fighting for veteran’s rights since day one of 1st term.

  • SFC (ret) M Sorg

    If one were to read this article thoroughly, one would find it clearly stated that these restrictions were already being planned during Bush’s second term. But, I guess a lot of far right veterans have to take more cheap shots at Obama. Par for the course.

    • Idmtmedic

      So write former president Bush???? Lotta stuff planned way back then. Now is now. Now wtf are you saying? If former president Bush had plans to invade Iran then why haven’t we done it? 5 years ago genius. Take credit for it.

    • Klinn

      The congress passed the bill in 2007 (the Democratic run congress) but they did not send it on to the President because they knew he would not sign it. They have been waiting for the perfect opportunity…… a lameduck President who doesn’t need worry about not being elected for his 2nd term so Voile’ … here we are!!!

    • Rob

      As stated in the article, it was part of a draft version in 2007, not the official version. Do some research, since apparently the person who wrote this article didn’t. This was finalized after Bush left office.

    • Rod

      Just because it may have been started under Bush doesn’t mean that Obama can’t put a halt to it. This whole thing is just sickening. I am beginning to agree with someone’s comment about how it is time for a revolution. Don’t let them get away with this without a fight.

    • Nottingham72

      I just think that if our Legislatures and including our President want or choose to make changes that hurt or financially impact Military families and including Veterans, they should do that much and more to welfare recipients. Remember, when the government almost shut down, it was the military on the chopping block, but nobody on welfare.

    • Bootstrap

      You read the article thoroughly.

      It was drafted as an option during G. W. Bush’s administration, NOT PLANNED. I was only discussed as an option. Many options are discussed and drafted during many administrations. What matters is what is put forward as a policy.

      It was not put forward as an actual policy change until Obama’s SECOND term. And then, only after the campaign was over. This is all Obama’s. Don’t try to pin this on Busch. It’s all yours, you socialist Democrats!

  • widows wife

    Does this mean Tricare for Life?

  • TRDelgado

    More people follow what affects our benefits than anything else.

    During the Nixon – Ford administrations were the drawdown from Vietnam; lose extra people any possible way; RIF/weight/appearance, etc. to get to where the new budgets would let you operate.

    The Carter administration was trying to balance budgets with an eye on equipment modernization

  • TRDelgado

    Early in the Reagan administration was the over exaggerated desire for military equipment that could reduce personnel costs. A SECDEF (approx. 1982) then wrote a 20-year plan for DOD that called for reducing all support for families [medical – overseas schools] (you “were not issued” a spouse) from DOD budgets. To look where civilian companies could do a soldiers job in the rear, replace a $600 a month soldier cook with a $15,000 a month contract cook (no they did not get that, the company contracted did, they may have been lucky to get $3,500 a month). Bases received orders to look at housing to determine if unit modifications were possible so that you would pay the utility bills not DOD, and you would pay for medical for your family (except when you were overseas, local medical care costs). Saw a great amount of money spent on military hardware (Abrams tanks, Bradley, improved squad weapons, new aircraft – all needed) some improvement in pay, supplement for housing as required. Changes in the percentage amount of retirement pay people got at 20 years.

  • TRDelgado

    In the first Bush administration was the use of all that hardware in Desert Shield / Storm, no need for reserves. On pull out from the desert was the reduction in forces again, equipment modernization, and the slow incrementing of the 1982 DOD plan across the board.

    Shortly after I retied, was the need for retirees to pay for their medical plan; it was to TRICARE first, now contracted to companies who are paid from law mandated deductions from my retirement pay. I spoke with one of my uncles (age 77) who worked for cash; he did not have all of these 401K’s or IRAs to put money into to take the place of Social Security, now his wife is still working so that they can survive.

  • TRDelgado

    That the completion of that 1982 plan should occur during the term of the last Republican Vice President should surprise no one, since he wrote it and his companies have gotten some benefit from it.

    Complain all you want, we get the type of care from people we elect who say they want to cut federal government costs, but you are that cost.

  • sandra

    My problem is not that, as a country, we have to tighten our belts, and EVERYONE is going to feel it. My problem is that the military seems to always be the FIRST on the list to take the hit. Food stamps, disability, fraud in social programs etc. Can we address these before hacking benefits of the honest, upright people with integrity that served their country? Our country is going the direction it is because we reward the stupid/lazy and punish the hard working/successful/people who sacrifice.

    • Rory

      You are right, I’m with you.

    • JMad


    • Kisha

      AMEN!! Exactly my words today!

  • JWer

    A president serves only 4 years with a maximum of 8 years if re-elected. Congressmen and House Reps. serve for their lifetime since people are prone to allow them to continue without term limits. Those “lifers” are the ones that fill their pockets with stolen cash and care less about military benefits but rather throw money at the masses that will vote for them to continue to illegally profit. Your Tax Dollars keek buying Amrica’s Demise! . . . Isn’t about time we place more thought during the election of our Congress and House “citizens”?

    • JMad

      People are oblivious of what’s going on. Can’t wait for those that get raises next year too bad won’t see it. They will see that Significant Tax increase though.

  • SFC Retired

    I think I have a solution to reducing the federal budget and the deficit.__How about if congressional saleries and benefits were aligned with those of the military? President would receive a 4 star general salary. The senate would be the equivalent of the officer grades and start at a lieutenant salary with longevity raises for re-election and topping out at a 3 star salary. Congress would be the equivalent of the enlisted grades and start at a private E-1 salary with longevity raises for re-election and topping out at a E-9 salary. Benefits would be the same as the military

  • SFC Retired

    i.e., health and dental coverage, housing allowance, air transportation, and all of the other military benefits. Retirement benefits would also be aligned with military retirement benefits and begin only after 20 years of congressional service with the exception of the President who is limited to two terms. The president would receive a 50% salary benefit for serving one term and 75% salary benefit if re-elected and serves two terms.

    Cabinet posts, federal judges, and other similar tier federal jobs could be aligned with the Warrant Officer salaries.

    Congressional people would be held to the same standards as military people – Duty, Honor, Country! Lobbyists would be eliminated because congressional people would not be allowed to receive ‘gifts’ of any type, same standard as the military.

    • JMad

      Just like us working for our country, they are representing us in our country We protect them, they look out for us. Where did that go?

  • SFC Retired

    Just imagine how much more efficiently legislation could be considered and enacted without all the special interest groups and lobbyists involved with their influence of money and special treatment of congressional people.

    Now, how many ‘patriots’ are there who will desire to serve their country for 20+ years without the fear of ever seeing front line, life threatening service, looking forward to being ‘taken care of’ with the same respect and consideration for their future lifetime benefits?

    My bet is there would be far fewer ‘patriots’ pursuing a career in politics!

    Yeah, I know – I’m just dreaming. My alarm clock just went off and I need to check my bank account to see if I still have money left to live through the remainder of the month on my retiree pay. I sure hope I don’t get sick or have some difficult health problem because I don’t think I have extra money for my deductible and cost share. I should have gone into politics instead of the military so I could have 100% free medical benefits! Hind sight truly is 20-20!

  • retired

    yea yea yea…….the crying will never stop. i quit voting because of all the lying and cheating that goes on in washington d.c. the politiction only worry about themselfs and the money they take in from bribs. the funny thing that gets me is the this country will owned by china when the government defaults on they’re 700 billion dollar loan. why do you think they are going raise the taxes that we can not afford to pay. people are going to die, and that is our kids are involved in wars over seas. they are being killed, due to be involved in everybody else business. think about this, before long, i say our money will not be worth the ink that is printed on the paper. oh well, life is a b—–

    • CWO4-747

      Quit voting??
      If you’re not part of the solution, you are part of the problem.

    • Chuck

      Seeing how you “GAVE UP VOTING” you need to drink a big can of “SHUT THE FU*K UP” you gave up your right to say anything when you gave up trying to make things right.

  • MMC

    rjf obviously you voted for him!!!

  • BB Stacker

    WORDS MEAN THINGS! When I joined the recruiter was spouting medical and dental for your entire life at no cost (I hesitate to use the word free in this paraphrase) . Well, we are far from that! As a 29 year retired veteran, I don’t even take dental because it isn’t cost effective to do so. Contact my elected official? Really!? Support the president? I think not. Not only are my medical costs going up, so are my taxes which the President said would not happen. WORDS MEAN THINGS! He’s lied time and time again and everyone gives him a pass on it.

    • Jim Christian

      I retired in 1976 and was told when I joined the Navy, that retirement would bring “free” health care for life. I was suppressed when “Champus” came into play and we started to p[ay for medical care which went against the information given when enlisting. Then came TriCare and TriCare Prime. The cost went up even more.

      My monthly retirement is $900 a month and for the most part is tax free due to VietNam.

      What promises are being made today to our men and women which will be taken away in the future. We had a contract with the government which we had to respect. Why does the government not respect the contracts they made with us.

    • Edward Kimbley

      I could not say this any better, but we all complain now a week after the electon. We had our chance to remove the curret President and wer didnt so now we will have to live with these reductions that are coming our way for sure. OBAMA CARE HOOAH

    • Charele

      You taxes are going up? You are right, words mean things, so explain how your taxes are going up…if the Bush tax cuts expire and the Congress takes no action, then yes, they will go back to the Clinton era rates. That’s not the Presidents plan, he wants those rates to go up for those making $1M. That’s what he said. Get your facts right before you call someone a liar. Most folks saw more take home pay during the past four years due to
      the temporary (it is and was always described as TEMPORARY) reduction in Social Security payroll taxes that also expires at the end of the year. I understand that hardly anyone (Republicans and Dems) in Washington is pushing to extend it. So again I ask you to explain your statement that the President lied time and again.

      • Keith

        The Prez deliberately held this until after the election. He is Commander in Chief, he is responsible for info go out.

      • DisgustedInAmerica

        You are def an Obama lover and you will feel the wrath sooner or later.

    • Denise

      Don’t blame the President, he not the only one who has a say so. Blameing him for every wrong thing is like me saying that everything that goes wrong on your street, in your house or with your family is all your fault. Compromises I don’t always agree with, but what has the retiree’s been doing when it comes to getting out there and letting them know you’re still here and you deserve better besides talk. My husband faithfully did his time and for us wives who stayed because of that man, where does it leave us. I read continually how they are looking for volunteers (AARP) to voice your needs, but we women can only take what they give us and pray God help us with the rest. Stop complaining, see the whole picture, pray and be about doing something.

      • DisgustedInAmerica

        What makes you think these people didn’t DO SOMETHING?

    • An old Seabee

      What business is it to the dept of defense how far I have to go for medical??? The 171,000 stated above seem to me to be grossly deflated.. In the commonwealth of Va. it is nearly impossible to find a Tricare Prime provider and with the exception of the coastal area there are no military bases. It seems to me that in Virginia alone there will be more than 171,000 people affected. This appears to be a means to force us off Tricare and onto the dreaded OBAMACARE FIASCO. So, STICK IT TO THE RETIREES…..WE DON,T NEED THEM ANYMORE!

      • Charles

        Look, I am a retiree also, 10 years. Still working too. Had a choice at work, their plan – would cost me about $4,000 a year or take Tricare Standard (Prime not avail where I live) – MAX out of pocket per year is $3000 for the family. I chose Tricare and have never looked back. Most years my out of pocket is less than $500 a year. Wife had cancer last year, so we hit the cap, $3,000. Do the math, 10 X $4K ($40,000) vs 9 X $500 ($4,500) + $3,000, total of $7,500. What does it cost to enroll in Prime per year??? Tricare Standard has been pretty good! I’m a DAV and Legion member, and lobby our state legislators to keep their promises. But comments above are off the mark folks. If you think this is Obama’s fault you are way out of touch.

        • Idmtmedic

          Charles, your problem is military sacrifices. Don’t give a rats as# about what your employer offered you. There is NO comparison to what the military does and civilian….NONE. Now what are you going to do when your employer decides Obamacare is too expensive for him/ her and has to cut to part time? You lose your medical and in the near future you will be required to take your employers health insurance over Tricare because you are “working age” then what?

  • Maureen

    I remember when the military tried to convince us to move from standard to prime, we would save so much money and time. That was many years ago and I never swtiched bc of broken promises before. But there are more consquences to this switch. Tricare is tied to medicare. Drs are refusing to take on any more medicaid patients which include Tricare Standard patients. Also if you don’t already have tricare suppliement insurance, good luck getting it if you have anything wrong with you. I never think they look far enough into future implications when they make these decisions. It always come down to making a quick money saving idea, but it Always work out that it costs a lot more than the old system in the long run.

  • Chip

    Obama sucks all over the spectrum. Complaining about him here won’t change anything. The guy is a flat out liar and the US is chock full of morons willing to turn a blind eye and vote for him.

  • Jim Ralston

    I served during Vietnam and the first Iraq war. WA WA WA, seems like you don’t respect us. I didn’t vote for Obama so don’t blame me. We vets are not feeling sorry for ourselves, we’re just upset because of the lies that have been told. I believed my recruiter. My class president went to Canada to avoid serving, now he is a millionaire, and was pardoned by Carter with no consequence for his cowardice. I enlisted during Vietnam. So who is feeling sorry. I am proud that I served. I just don’t want our elected officials to forget that when our country needed us to lay our lives on the line we did.
    Some of us don’t have generous pensions like the military does with all the pay raises since we got out. Some of us have to count the pennies. The co-pays will hurt. I enjoy going to the base, it brings back good memories. I don’t mind driving over 40 miles. I hope I don’t have to move just to keep Tricare Prime.

    • Concerned

      Active Duty members are getting paid better than ever, and in most cases better than what’s paid in the civilian job force. Don’t forget they only pay taxes on their base pay and benefits are thrown in as non taxable. So, take an E-7 with his base pay and benefits with a few years behind his belt, and he’s probabley making over $70,000 a year. When are retirees going to demand that Active Duty members dependents start paying a CO-Pay for their medical services. This would take some burden off of the military retirees always having to foot the bill.

      • Kisha

        Active Duty members are getting paid more than what they would have back then but we do not make near as much as they should. When someone has an OFFICE job and makes more than my husband who is a specialist and has been in for 6 years that is NOT a lot of money. He barely brings home 34,000 a year! To volunteer to give his life up he deserves more so I am sorry you feel that way! I am saddened by this and I can’t believe they are doing this to our Vets because they deserve MORE! Back in time it was so much harder but don’t try and hurt the active duty soldiers now what good does that make you as a person to say basically that we make to much? Those in the white house should be the ones giving up benefits they make 100 times more than anyone and I bet they don’t have to pay a dime for anything! Its all handed to them!

  • Dave

    What is a military treatment facility? The stupid article doesn’t explain this. Is it a base or a VA facility or what?

    • S.W.

      A MTF is any on base clinic/hospital. If it was a VA facility then it would have stated such. They are two entirely different entities.

    • Keith

      Military base hospital and/or clinic.

  • Ret Vanderhoof

    Wake up people! Pretty soon it won’t matter what kind of Tri-Care you have when ObamaCare kicks in. If you are not fit and able you will be forgotten. If you are sick and infirmed you will be a lost cause and cost them money so they will consider you a nonentity. You will not qualify for anything. Don’t you people see, whatever president is in the White House, it won’t matter…they don’t want anyone who is sick to exist, only the healthy and fit will matter. It’s government, and when government is in your business, only the government benefits, not the people.

  • Dee

    WE voted the person in office. Really? Half of the country voted the person in. Then there is the congress and the Senate to fight, the rich people that get insurance free, FREE. Let them pay for it. Then there is medical portion of insurance in auto insurance also going up now. Regardless of whole was in office when this started. A contract or promise if you wish is a promise.
    A person making 8.00 an hour nowadays at a job forking anywhere from 32 to 40 hours a week in some industries in Nevada just received their new benefits packages. What the new healthcare will cost them? A deduction of $1.00 an hour and $90.00 bi-weekly. Obama healthcare. Which trickled to now the care military is getting and being charged for.
    Does this sounds fair? No. Contact your voted in officials? Are you kidding? You get a stupid email response thank you letter like someone cares.
    The people say whatever it takes to get voted in and them do what they want to do after they are in Washington always have and always will.
    Research history and see how the pattern works.
    Same thng happened with space program. Here we used to be the Number one powerhouse country in the world. Now NUMBER 7.
    Tax the rich like everyone else. Make the vote popular not electoral. Change the constitution. Oh that’s right too many afraid to change that.

    Bottom line Change the insurance industry and put common sense people in charge. That would be too simple.

  • Mike

    To whom it my concern, after reading the blogs and adjusting as to how our economy is going. I have realized that we are all just pawns, expendable pawns and have no voice. Regardless of who is in office, regardless of race, this once great nation called America has now fallen victim to it’s own demise. This is what was created in Washington and believe it or not we have allowed it. We need a revolution… We need to take America back. Our children and our children’s children have NO FUTURE!!!!!!! This is sad and disheartening…..

  • Ken

    It is Senator John McCaine pushing this!

  • cbennett62

    I’m not sure if you who blame the President Obama for this did not read the lines in the article the said this started back in 2007 under President Bush. Let it go!!! The issue here is the Government whether led by a Democrat or a Republican really does not live up to it’s promises to those who served. What infuriates me is watching them recite in speeches how they all (Politicians) can never repay us for our invaluable service then turn around and support bills and laws that stab us in the back. All Politicians (Republicans & Democrats) are hypocrites. Wake up and understand this country does not have your back!

  • Chris

    As the article say’s this started during the Bush administration not the Obama administration. Place the blame where it belongs.

  • LTC

    If you did not read the entire article and do your homework, this mess was in the works back in 2007. How is this an Obama issue? No I’m not in favor of forcing those who sacrificed their bodies and soul for this country only to be treated like this. This are politicians (Republicans and Democrats) living the dream and making us suffer.

  • Frank

    The ‘savings’ will not be saved. It goes directly to obamacare and that is a fact.

    • J. Collins

      Well, of course. How else do you expect this president to pay for his $1+ trillion health scheme. His MO is to take from those who have earned their health care to provide it to those who have not earned it. Everyone has the chance to earn Tricare. Those who did not have only themselves to blame and therefore should not get health care at the expense of those who earned it.

  • Carol Smock

    This decision was made under George W. Bush. Pay attention, folks. This was not done by our current president or congress. Thanks for another blow to our benefits, George.
    The fact that it was done in secret is an insult as well.

    • jkl

      Yes, this decision was made under Bush. So Bush will be blamed. What we need to remember, however, is that on January 3rd, 2007 was the day the Democrats took over the Senate and the Congress. Budgets do not come from the White House. They come from Congress and the party that controls Congress and the Democrat Party has been in control before Obama took office. The democrats are the one who put this in place – not Bush.

    • Jane Horton-Leasman

      Carol, you can’t keep blaming Bush…he had nothing to do with Obamacare…blame the first two years of BHO’s Presidency and the full Democrat Congress, House and Senate. Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid, Chris Dodd and HHS did this to you at the command of BHO!

    • Jack

      Yes I sure George stayed up late at night working on cutting our benifits. Look at the administrators of the program not the President.

    • Gary

      It was under George Bush that the “tricare for life” program was set up in the first place. So don’t blame George Bush for cutting anything.

  • apache wife

    I just spoke with Tricare and they said this is in Congress…. so the DRAFT that was put out there from a “think tank” in 2007 will be enacted on by the Obama administration. Call your Congressman and Senators to try to stop this!

  • Nol Perreira

    Perhps, if we required, by law, that every retirement and medical program provide no less bnefits that Congress wards itself, we would get some rational approaches to taxes and benefits?

    • Jack

      Reverse that. Congress should get no more health care than they afford Veterans. No special services, quicker appointments, waived costs. They claim to serve the country, let them reap the same “benefits” as those who have already done so.

  • dick

    Looks like Congress continues to s—- us every way and every day.

  • Jeff

    We must fight this with everything we have. I’m 58 now. Retired in 1994. I was laid off from my civilian job and depend on Tricare Prime as my only healthcare. If they do this It could cause me to go bankrupt if I or my wife has a severe illness. Why do they always have to mess with the old people first?

    • U.S. A. F. Reserves

      Why can’t the U.S. Government grandfather the people that are already in TriCare Prime whenever they enact the new rules? I’m 61 years old with a spouse and three kids. I’m fixing to get into SS within a couple of months. At least let me have my TriCare Prime until I get to Medi-Care. I was caught up in BRAC and given full military retirement benefits after 15 years service. I was one of thousands given this sweet deal to take early retirement with benefits.

    • Sharon

      I agree completely. At least, with the fines for not having insurance, when we get sent to jail for not paying them, we’ll get free health care there.

    • Charles

      I must be missing something, I have Tricare Standard. No choice, I live so far away from any military instalation. Its been very good. Never had a problem finding a provider, almost all the Doctors in the area accept it. . My wife had cancer last year, and while it was’t “fully” covered, there is a max out of pocket of $3,000 for the family per year! And no upfront enrollment fees. It’s been great. So help me understant how this change is going to bankrupt you?

      • SFC Williamson (Ret)

        Charles, no prob if you or your wife works, what if you actually are retired and they want 3000 from you??

        • Charles

          If you are retired and over the age of 65, then you have Tricare for Life. You do have to be enrolled in Medicare Part B, I think (check this yourself) it’s about $100/per month. Then, no out of pocket expenses as Medicare pays first followed by Tricare, so again NO out of pocked expenses for care. Recommend you talk with an expert on this – seems you are misinformed.

          Now since you are under 65, and not working, as I said the MOST you pay out of pocket is $3,000 – that’s IF you have a major illness. I am guessing you are not disabled (no mention of using the VA hospital). Chances are you won’t get close to that. But if you do, that should not put you into bankruptcy. You have to take responsibility for your own finances – if necessary get a part time job!

          • Charles,

            Is SFC Williamson (Ret) 65 years of age?????

        • SFC Willamson (Ret),

          You do realize that you don’t pay the $3,000.00 up front. I have Tricare Prime, and we have the same $3,000.00 catastrophic cap per fiscal year.

    • Jeff,

      I understand your predicament, but it isn’t DOD’s fault you lost your civilian job.

  • jkl

    Notice that this article says “the new TRICARE support contracts were originally drafted in 2007 (during the Bush administration).” So Bush will be blamed. What we need to remember, however, is that on January 3rd, 2007 was the day the Democrats took over the Senate and the Congress. Budgets do not come from the White House. They come from Congress and the party that controls Congress and the Democrat Party has been in control before Obama took office. So don’t let anyone tell you it’s Bush’s fault.

    • JL09

      Finally, someone who sees the big picture and understands the timing of the whole situation. You are exactly right. As you state, the last 2 years of the Bush administration, Democrats controlled both the Congress and Senate. And just because a bill was drafted during President Bush’s time in office does not mean he would have allowed it to pass. This is finally going to vote and will most likely pass because Pres Obama needs to find cuts in other areas to fund Obamacare, which goes into effect this coming year.

    • Not a jarhead

      get real it’s you republicans that F all the decent people. Quit drinking your bath water

    • Guest

      The Bush administration DOD drafted it, not Congress.

    • mike

      What the h>?< does Bush have to due with now you idiot. Stop and think for yourself, read and do not listen OR watch CNN, FOX, and MSNBC use your head. Get over it and support your Vets

      • SFC Williamson (Ret)

        Hey Mike, they blocked it for years, but now Obama says he has the pen ready, dumbass!!!!

  • JBJ

    It is a shame that our elected officials are not held to the same standard as service men and women are held “HONORABLE SERVICE”! Our elected officials need to take care of this country and its legal citizens like they are sworn in to. I am a 21 year U.S. Army retiree living in a area that the closest and only benefit i have is tricare prime. My family and i would have to travel 4 hours to the closest military base to use in of our other benefits. All of us know that have served that there is a lot of wasteful government spending and civilian programs that are abused. It would be nice if our government would go after those who fraud the government and not those that have honorable served. I am currently working a full time job in local government as a police officer and still struggling some. My family and i do not over spend or are reckless in our finances. We, like a lot of other retirees are doing our best by staying employed and being responsible citizens. Congress and the Senate do what is right for those who have Honorable Served and remember the oath you took. I pray for this country that the law makers will be fair and equal in their decisions. There are to many “Special Interest Groups,” that occupy their attention……that’s a shame that the valuable time with those groups are taken away from the average citizen.

  • Patrick

    Until Veterans raise their thinking above political parties, we will be divided and conquered just as we were taught and trained to do to the enemy. No matter who win the blame game the injury to us all will occur. Heck blame them all then stand together to fight back.

    If we act as fools we will loose all of our benefits no matter who is in Congress or the Whitehouse. I don’t care if your are a Dem. Rep. or Ind. if you are for the Vet.

    • Idmtmedic

      Charle bryant says we aren’t losing anything

  • Amy

    I am so thankful that my husband and I are eligible for VA instead of Tricare! Even with the wrinkles …

    • Jane Horton-Leasman

      I too am thankful for our So. Az. VA Healthcare System…however, they are finding it difficult to find Dr.’s, keep them and provide the services of even a year ago.

  • wawa320

    I’m a caregiver for my husband who served over 25 year (vietnam,army and navy) and also worked for DOD 17 yr’s. When he retired in 09 all he wanted was a boat to do a little fishing.That is not the case,thanks to agent orange he’s confined to the house,a wheelchair,NO driving and worst of all “it’s” progressive with NO cure.We’ve been in need of a wheelchair ramp and bathroom (for his needs) to make things a little easier.I’ve put off asking the VA for these things.Didn’t want to bother them with spending money in a already suffering economy.To those who say the retiree’s and veterans have it made,come and spend a day with us.Sad part there’s alot worse off than us.I’m just tired of politics putting on a “show” with the veterans then they want take away what was paid for with blood,sweat, tears and loss of life. Thank You to all our Veterans

    • Idmtmedic

      Thank you and your husband for your service!!! Well said.

    • Sue

      Sweetie, my dad, a vet who served in WWII with Patton REFUSED care of any kind from the VA even though he was permanently diabled! All that did was hurt us economically and finanacially and the real suffering came after my dad passed and my mother, who was the primary care giver up to dad’s passing, had to pick up the pieces of our lives. Get the benefots you need NOW and do not wait until they are gone. There is honor in your husbands service! He kept us able to be a country, we need to honor his years of service and sacrifice by making his retirement more comfortable and accessible! Get the ramp, get the handicapped vehicle. Have your bathroom remodeled so it is accessible. Let the VA help fund this for you and put Americns to work for you this time!

      • wawa320

        Sue-My Daddy was also a WWII vet.I also think I’m putting off these things because it goes along with my husbands final stages.I haven’t thought about the fact it would give people jobs.I’m sorta one track mind these days.Thanks so much for the pep talk ! I won’t feel so bad about asking for help now.

  • Not a jarhead

    Vote Republican and this is what you get. Have you all forgot about Reagan in 1985 when he reduce the military Pension to 40% and it was Clinton who rescinded it. I guess not. You should be happy with this especially all you knuckleheads who listen to Rush Limslob! He has said get over it, your not entitled to pensions and free healthcare. So all you republicans should return your military pension to the gov’t if you truely are republicans. And if your boy Romney got elected, You might have nothing after on term with him. And, John McCain had said previously, that working age military retirees should not have tri care benifits since their able to enter the work force. Real nice especially someone like him has gotten all the perks from his military service plus from the VA.

    • Banshee 55

      I retired 1n 1980 and the reduction did not happen.So I guess you don’t have your facts straight.

  • Not a jarhead

    and your in the know…………I bet your a high school drop out. Keep thinking Romney would of been President. If he had been elected he would of out source the military to China. The country is Lucky to have Obama as commander and chief. He is better at than the Bushes and Reagan combined. He gets results.

  • Mark

    Here we go….blaming Obama.

  • Disenfranchised


    • Kailua

      27 years in the air force and no promised met for health care for life!!

      • ChieWillie

        I was my Squadron’s (VP-40) Command Career Counselor during the mid 70s and the official word that I had to deliver to the troops was that after 20 years service, retirement meant free medical and dental for the service member and spouse (and dependent children-under 18 years of age) for LIFE !!! This was the word… was the law….A lot of young people shipped over to start their careers on this promise. Kailue, after 27 years in the USAF you WERE told this, and you were expected to pass it on to your subordinants. Looks like you slept throught all those discussions. My son, a retired Master Sargeant in the USAF got all the same info that YOU should have gotten….He retired 5 years ago.

  • Carol Smock

    Further reading on this indicates that the move came from DOD and the Pentagon, not from Congress or the President.

  • top dog

    “These changes have been in the works for some time. In fact, the new TRICARE support contracts were originally drafted in 2007 (during the Bush administration). These contracts were designed to reduce the cost of providing health care to military retirees by constricting Prime service areas.”____________________________________________________________If Congress really wanted to stop this, they can. But seeing as how one of their own(Sen McCain) proposed the idea, they won’t stop it……Again, the teabaggers get caught in a lie. Good Bye Allen West.

  • Shiela Carlson

    As stated it was not Obama but Bush. Read before you comment.

  • kenneyC

    Let the Elected official start off by cutting there health plan and reducing there salary so that they can feel the way others are feeling. There is aid and attendance with the VA , where you can get paid while caring for your love one. There is a program that is available that offer assistance to you to adapt your home for your husband that include ramps, bath remodel to accommodate your husband wheelchair, open the doors to 36″ for the wheelchair access, and other things. If you get a chance to talk to a veteran service officer they will assist you in that area. I wish you and your husband the best in the days and years to come, may the Lord be with you all.

  • Kailua

    So sad our country has come to this! So sad…..

  • R Leischer

    Why Don’t ALL of OUR congressmen@women to include senators, TAKE A DAM CUT IN Pay!!!!!!!!!! Like the rest of us had to do to keep our Jobs.We cant GIVE ourselfs a PAY RAISE! Whos Bright idea to let them get there hands in the COOKIE JAR..THERE RAISES should be LEFT to us Voters.Lets find a way to Repel BULLSHIT LAW. NEED ANOTHER PROXMIRE!!!!,Best DIGGING SENATOR this country ever had in the 20th Century.Nobody on deck YET that Matches him, God rest his soul One Pissed off AF Retiree from WISCONSIN I BLEW MY HORNNNNNN Anyone ELSE?????????

    • Santana, USN, Ret

      These assss first cuts is to the military. As soon as something goes wrong they think the military grows hands and can do a million things at once. I agree with you they need to make cuts at home, cook their own dam food and pick out their own dam clothing. They get a million dollars a yr each for their expenditures, at lease, for all their bullshit. They can cut that shit and start doing for themselves. Asssssss

  • cecs

    It really does not matter who proposed this cut in benifits. It is not keeping faith with those who served and sacrificed for their country. If you don’t care about those who will find their benifit reduced you have other issues.

    cecs (scw) USN Ret.

  • willeymac

    My father served in the U.S. Navy for over twenty years; many of his healthcare issues were caused and related to his service. In the 1980s he was promised free healthcare for he and his family for life if he served over twenty years. He kept his end of the bargain, and now with my parents’ health deteriorating, they want to give them insurance like the rest of the civilian country. I believe that military veterans who were promised healthcare for they and their families for life need to sue the US government for their benefits. It is time the that elected officials stop treading on the people who have defended their offices, and make them uphold their end of the contract.

  • JohnT

    When the military first mentioned outsourcing of it’s medical care,
    “As a cost saving measure… ” I knew this would happen. Those at the Pentagon knew too, but they also knew that it would be a cash cow for their retirement if they went to work for, or lobbied for these fat cat health insurance companies. Now it has come to pass. They whine about the high costs and just keep passing them on, instead of looking at ways to reduce the costs and continue to deny the truth: That we were all better off under the previous military run medical system. Write your Congressman and demand a return to the more cost effective military medical system. As we speak, beds are empty and what about the VA? I spent over 20 years in the military, but can’t go to a VA Clinic?

  • Armyof2

    WAKE UP PEOPLE!!!! Soon all Retiree’s will lose their Tricare Prime. I don’t understand how some Retiree’s will keep their Tricare Prime because I know for a fact at Fort Stewart in Georgia, the military hospital only see’s active duty. Most Retirees are seen off post and they use their Tricare Prime. Why is it only the ones that are not close to a military hospital lose their Tricare Prime? It comes to the same darn thing Retiree’s using Tricare Prime off post. What makes me mad is how do they expect limited income Retiree’s to pay deductibles and cost shares compared to small copays their use to. We need to complain to our President and Congressmen to stop this Bill.


    I can not believe some of the comments that is being made, about Tricare, I have Tricare for Life and have had it for years and it does work. I am also a 22 year retiree with disabilities and am using the VA instead of Tricare. I have very little trouble with the VA. I am just puzzled with the comments that all.

    • Santana,USN, RET

      Not everyone gets Tricare for Life. You obviously are not paying if you are using the VA. The people above are using TRicare prime and are paying for them and their families. They are correct in every word they are saying. Congress has every meal fed to them. They are taken care hand and foot and guess what its our tax money and our sweat that is taking care of them and ever Sailor and vet before and after us. Most of them never served a day an can’t even tell the difference between services. They are not worry because their pay is protect no matter what, VET pay is not. Congress should not get benefits unless they do 20 and they should get 30 days a yr vacations just like we do. They do way less than we ever do and get way more.

    • RPB

      You must not being the VA I use I 100% total for a combat injury and the VA has made it clear to me they would rather have me dead than alive!

  • vetswife

    This issue doesn’t concern many in DC, because they don’t have a clue what it means or what you give up to serve your country, but to those that served and those left behind this means a lot. My husband didn’t serve nearly 22 years to have what was promised him when he enlisted, free medical and dental until he died if he served 20 plus years. When he reached 10 years in we considered a job in the real world, but decided to stay in for the medical for our son, who we knew was going to need several more surgeries. That is the only reason we stayed in for another 12 years. Why else would we choose to live at poverty level (without collecting welfare), when he could have went on the outside and earned a real living? I don’t understand how you feel that if you are able bodied after retirement you don’t deserve the medical and dental you were promised. I don’t see anyone who gets Medicaid who are able bodied denied service. If you take it away from the people who actually earned it, by serving our country, then you can’t give free medical to the non-working, non-citizens, and able to work people.

  • vetswife

    While you’re at it, you should consider making it mandatory for Congressman and Senators to serve 20 plus years in order to get medical, dental and a pension. I bet that we could come up with a lot of extra cash if we didn’t have to keep paying useless one term senators and congressman pensions for the rest of their lives. I don’t see anyone in the house or senate taking pay cuts or cutting their medical benefits. I think we should start there before we take from our Veteran’s and their families. Do the Congressman and Senators really need such large staffs? In 2000 there were approximately 11,692 personal staff, 2,492 committee staff, 274 leadership staff, 5,034 institutional staff, 3,500 GAO employees, 747 CRS employees, and 232 CBO employees. I can’t imagine how much their staff sizes have grown since 2000, but can you imagine if they were forced to only have one secretary in DC and one in their home state or district how much money the American tax payer could save? Then you wouldn’t need to steal medical benefits from the ones that earned it

  • Tom

    Thanks a lot you morans for voting him back in office

  • ZBig O

    I read a lot of the comments here So far all I have seen is the blame game. So if you want to blame someone it’s us We have allowed this to happen . I mean no disrespect to anyone. We sit back and don,t say anything until it affects us individually then we raise hell and complain. Very few of the politicians have ever served and have no ideal what’s is like. We need to be more pro active and know what our elected officials are doing.

  • MBB/US Army Retired

    I am also retiree from the army, 21 years, I was just informed that
    Iam no longer authorize tricare standard, that I can not get medical outside except military hospital,that looks like benefit are eroding.

  • Santana, USN, Ret

    I think for the most part we are all saying the same thing “The house” making all the rules you suck. Pull your head out of your ass. We gave 110% we are not asking for anything that wasn’t promise to us. It’s time for you to give stop taking.

  • Joe SSG ret

    If you knew that we have 48 million people who is coming every day for breakfast , lunch, and dinner, they never worked a day in their life and for sure
    they never get sent to them a W2 form before the 15th of february. those people never served in the military, yet they have free housing or just $2.00 a
    month rent. otherwise they receive everything needed in life to include luxury

    • Sharon

      It’s gonna be a helluva lot more when they start sending all those retirees and their families to jail for not having insurance.

  • SFC Mike Brown (Ret)

    It just sickens me… So many people receiving so much in “government assistance”… So much money money going overseas… And where do we find place to “cut”? Retired, Medicare, Social Security…. Like I said, it just sickens me.

  • killer4495

    We earned and was promised our benefits tricare is really all we have left and they are trying to screw us out of it!!!! Here is a website that you can sign a partition that will be sent to Obama: or go to

  • msgt john lese

    get stuffed

  • Richard

    Folks we are surely in a time of life When as predicted many many years ago ,Someone we have never met will come out of no where and become a leader that will bring us right to the point of a one world government but will fail. He will trick even the most educated. I can’t believe all these statements from military people indorsing the give away of what we have fought and died for for so long.I am in my later years so I don’t care for myself as I have given my best to protect the up coming generations. It is all yours now and I think you deserve what is coming.We will see who does all the crying then.

  • nbd1

    As a former recruiter, one of the basic comments to possible enlistees was that “the government will always take care of you.” We were taught this at the recruiters schools. Yet, every time I personally interviewed anyone, whether it was for active duty, reserve duty or even the academies, I remembered what and how the vets were treated after WWII, Korea, Vietnam by the “government.” I never used that phrase because what happens in “war times” is not the same as “peace time.” With the Reductions in forces, bases, facilities – remember 03s, 04s, E7s, 8, 9s being busted back to E3 and E6s – if not just flat discharged. It is the exact, same story repeated again and again. Wake up ladies and gentlemen, when we are needed we can have everything – welcome to “peace time” in the 21st century – It is not pretty but it is repetitious. And we – who are still alive – and our dependents pay the price of peace. Ernie D E8, 33 yrs.


    Everyone really just needs to hold onto their *****. If the US falls off the fiscal cliff, you’re going to do more than pay more for your military health care.
    Waaaay up at the top of this thread, someone said it’s NOT Obamacare. Hello? Where the frack are all the BILLIONS going to come from to PAY for Obamacare?????
    It really just comes down to BOTH parties’ refusal to negotiate. They are clearly fighting just for the sake of it.
    I don’t support Obama, because I believe he’s a socialist, but the Republicans’ refusal to get the rich to carry more of the load is just as onerous..

  • killer4495

    Please sign my partition on (congress trying to take our Tricare away)

    • Idmtmedic

      Killer do it one more step and call the media outlets so your message is spread to a wider audience. Your petition is a great idea and thank you for being proactive!!!!!!

    • Ret USAF

      everyone please go to this link and sign

  • killer4495

    BROKEN PROMISES began when the “free medical for life” (which was paid for by family separations, hardships, war etc) was taken away from military members. THis was more than a “verbal” agreement – some folks still have the promise in writing.
    Then there was TRICARE FOR LIFE FREE – ya right! Tricare isn’t free – AND – once a retiree hits age 65, he or she is dumped onto the MEDICARE system and must pay for Medicare Part B in order to continue receiving TRICARE. Suddenly that “free” medical for live is VERY EXPENSIVE even without a TriCare rate increase!
    AND if the military retiree’s spouse is not yet 65, the spouse’s TriCAre medical must be paid for in addition to the sponsor’s more expensive Medicare rate.
    Confused? Ya…it IS confusing….and bottom line EXPENSIVE paying for that broken promise!
    Hard to imagine veterans groups & retriee groups actually endorsing increases in paying for what was promised to them for life free….but….then again, the leaders of these groups are probably much like Congress dudes and Senators – they can afford to be members in these groups…the real live majority of military retirees find that the premiums for their FREE medical for life have become too pricey for their Retirement pay to handle.
    Hmmm….do we eat this month? Nope – gotta pay the premiums for our free medical.
    ANd what about DENTAL???hello—that’s a joke! Retiree dental insurance is VERY pricey (ya, dental and vision were part of that free-for-life promise)…and with the $$ cap on service, you’ll run out of coverage before you get dentures.
    No teeth – no health.
    IF WE REALLY WANT TO SAVE $$’s – we need to re-open military hospitals and train the military to take care of the military!!!
    As soon as military and retirees were dumped onto the civilian medical system – Go to and sign my partition concerning the congress trying to take away tricare benefits for 176,000 retirees

    • honeycone

      totally agree where, you have my signature

  • Neal Perry

    I contacted the tricare South orders today, and was told that they have not heard anything about this. This was first suggested in 2007, because the military was ordered to cut cost by 10% and had to come up with ways to do it. Whether or not it will be resurrected again, I guess remains to be seen.
    My personal feeling, and it is just my own one, is that trhis will never happen.

    • Idmtmedic

      Neal, you think because the person you talked to doesn’t know about it it won’t happen? Clearly it states in the article about when certain regions will see the effects.

      • RCMassey

        There was an article in the Army Times about the changes; I was reading this on facebook about a week (give or take) before the election that these changes were coming down the pike. I read another article, for the life of me cannot remember where; any how, it stated they were keeping the information low key till after the election. The article went on to say that the South Region (Humana), had made the entire area Prime and however changes were taking place and that some people were already getting notices from their Primary Care Providers of these changes. Don’t quote me, I want to say after I read the article in Army Times I did a search here on and found the article. I agree with Idmtmedic, you could talk to five different people and get five different answers from Tricare South. I was just on Humana’s website last week and the terminology has changed to “Prime designated regions”, based on what I have read, there is no mistaken, we are going to loose our Tricare Prime and you can bet those living within 40 mile radius of MTF will eventually loose Prime as well….it is just a matter of time. I pray God will see to my needs and for all of us affected by this; and yes, I too, am pissed about this change. I gave 25.5 yrs, my husband 24 (his is Reserve time), so when he reaches 60, hell, he will probably get a certificate saying “thank you” and that will be all!!!!

        • SFC Williamson (Ret)

          I’ve read all these articles to with nothing confirmed from DOD, the articles kept saying they were waiting untill after the election!!

          • RCMassey

            That is what I have read as well. I think today I will dig a little deeper, see if I can find something that speaks of the 2007 contract changes. I am not surprised by all this; seems to me they keep us in the dark until they drop the crap on our heads.

          • RCMassey

            You are right; I read Tom Philpott’s article dtd 8 November and it stated that the TRICARE Regions are waiting on Defense to give the go on restricting the Prime service areas. Excerpt from his article follows:

            “Contracts for every region are now settled. Health Net Federal Services has been running the North Region under the new contract since April 2011. Humana Military Healthcare Services has operated the South Region under the new contract since April this year. But all Prime service areas have been maintained with contract modifications, awaiting final word from Defense that Prime area restrictions are to be implemented.”

            I imagine after the go is given letters will be sent out to all of us effected by the PSA restrictions.

            Sad….I am truly disgusted with what is going on with all this.

      • Denise

        We are already seeing effects, turning retirees away from audiology at Ft Sam for months….

    • Denise

      We have to remember that the congress in 2007 was Democratic, it might have been drawn during the Bush presidency, but it was not Bush who drew this up nor accepted it….there is a reason why it was not passed and I am sure it had something to do with Republicans and their love for the military….now your screwed

  • Senior

    Make sure to write your newly elected representatives…..Although this was presented in 2007, our elected officials never would allow it to be implemented until now. One question, what if you move to an area within the 40 miles radius of a MTF. Does your prime get reinstated? Does anyone know? I have been planning a move to Vegas and Nellis AFB is a MTF..

    • Idmtmedic

      Good question.

    • Sharon

      As it stand now, if you get dropped from Prime, you have to wait a year to get it reinstated. And they drag that out as long as possible by losing paperwork, mistyping payment information, and anything else they can do to delay you being insured. Heck, they cancelled my daughter’s insurance because THEY never contacted her to set up the auto drafts, after many calls to verify they would send the bill to her. Hard to make a payment when no one will let you know where to send it or how much you should pay.

  • Mary

    It’s terribleto change retirees from prime to standard. They have worked hard for the country and are probably on a fixed income. Drop entitlements to those who have done nothing for our country but take, take, take.

    • Rod

      God bless you, Mary..

  • JST

    Another sad American event. ObamaCare equals no more physicians. Service to our Country means no more benefits (of any kind). Back to the the Wild West Days…every man for his own.

    War Widow

    • SFC Williamson (Ret)

      No way Obama said if you like your health care you can keep it!!!

    • JST,

      I’ll bet ya, that if we called it RomneyCare all the physicians would reappear! LMMFAO

  • Shane

    So, who is going to start the class action suit against the government, or certain officials therein, for breach of contract? Every veteran that was promised “free medical and dental for life, for themselves, their spouse, and their children up to age 18” will make a huge suit.

    Tricare Prime healthcare is no gleaming beacon of light and hope, but for those on it, it’s all they can afford.

    I want government officials, right up to the president, to have the same health care as veterans do. The same costs, the same waits to see a specialist, the same problems finding a doctor that isn’t over an hour away.

    • Paul

      I agree with you that we need to look at the breach of contract avenue. What is so different about paying for prime care coverage to less then burden in an emergency then having supplemental insurance on your medicare?

    • joe

      I have fought the VA since 1974 for my disability, I make too mcuh money to get coverage? 55k a year and thats too much money. Love to be part of that suit…

    • Shane,

      That case has already been lost.

  • Edward M. Massey

    Everyone, needs to stop trying to find out “Who Shot John” and focus on how we can get this nonsense defeated.

  • Frank

    Please note that this plan was concocted by Our Democrat Senators and Democrat House members. They took over Congress in 2006 and over rode any President Bush veto.

    • HTCS joe brock

      the republicans have always taken care of the military. The democrats have always screwed the military. Check out our history. Look at reagan then look at clinton. Look at both bush’s then look at obama. Simple.

  • Brian

    I want to answer two questions posted by Mr D and Senior: If you live within the 40 mile Prime Service area of a military installation with an MTF, nothing changes in terms of the availability of Prime.

    Comment for Pereirra: If we mandated a law that our benefits be no different than what Congress gets itself, we would be in a world of hurt. Our TRICARE benefit is far far more generous with much less out of pocket costs. Be careful what you wish for.

    Comment for Frank. You are wrong. The Bush Administration actually proposed even steeper changes in benefits in 2005. And they were in charge when the contract changes were first developed. Doesnt matter which political party is in power, however. The mismatch between government and beneficiary out of pocket costs continues to grow (with govt paying more) The fact is this — our military retiree out of pocket costs (and active duty family out of pocket costs) have been virtually unchanged since 1994. Not even adjusted for inflation. We have a great deal. If we can be honest for a second, and if we really care about the deficit instead of whining about Bush or Obama, we have to realize that we all have to give a little. The only ones I dont want to see a penny come from is the severely wounded and their families who have had their lives upended forever. We can all handle TRICARE Standard (a better benefit today than it was in 1994 when first introduced), or some modest changes in fees and copays. Let’s grow up.

    • Jim Ralston

      How can you speak for all of us and say we can all afford Tricare Standard. I have been out of work and looking for three years. Do you know all of us?My retirement is modest, and not much to brag about. Why should I pay more because I live more than 40 miles from base? When I enlisted I was promised free health care for life. This was an incentive to get me to forego larger pay in the civilian career path. Of course I served before all of the great pay raises. I enlisted in 1971 during the Vietnam War. The pay was ridculously low, but I loved the military and their promise that this was a family that took care of their members for life. Not so much now apparently.

      • Jim Ralston,

        So kowning that pay was ridculously low, you Enlisted anyway, and continued to Reenlist until you retired. So, for twenty plus years you never spoke to anyone that retired before you or those still on Active Duty that the Free Health Care for LIfe was no more than a MYTH?????

        • Idmtmedic

          Charles, I will tell you why. The same reason you stayed in. The benefits and the retirement. Ohhh wait I forgot you did it for god and country.

          • Idmtmedic,

            LMAO, your answer to my question to Jim Ralston doesn’t make any sense. Hello

          • Idmtmedic

            Maybe mix your Meds with alcohol……ohhh wait your doing that already.

          • Idmtmedic,

            LMAO, your answer to my question to Jim Ralston doesn’t make any sense. Hello

    • HTCS Joe Brock

      You are an idiot!!!!! The military has and will continue to be the whipping post for this government. When I joined in 1963 I was promised health care for life. Until President reagan became president an E-7 married with children could draw food stamps. We are still not on an equal playing level with the civilian sector. I am a retired E-8. This country has screwed around with my retirement since I retired in 1988. Idiots like you who don’t consider the present situation on all military personnel and their families make me want to go PTSD. Wake up. The military will be back to pre-reagan status with idiots like you making comments like that.

      • HTCS, Joe Brock

        “The military has and will continue to be the whipping post for this government.”


        It isn’t the military’s fault that you and your spouse can’t control having babies. I mean, why in the world would anyone join the service so they could go on food stamps?????k, why didn’t you get out of the service so you could earn more monies to feed you children?????

        I too am a retired E-8, having enlisted in 1969, and know one screwed around with my retirement. What’s this about the military not understanding the present situation with you and your family situation????? My question to you, is why you complain about something that you continued to Reenlist in. Heck, you are the cone that joined the military, not your family.

        • Idmtmedic

          This coming from another veteran? Either you didn’t have children or your wife divorced you for a reason and I can see why. The military is not a put your life on hold profession. If a soldier wants a LIFE with children stop fn degrading that. Every coment I read from your DA makes me wonder how the hell you made E8.

          • Idmtmedic,

            Click on my name, and your question of how the hell I made E-8 will be answered. All you must be able to do, is read.


          • Idmtmedic

            Like I said, how the hell YOU made E-8 is a mystery.

          • idmtmedic,

            I worned you that you had to be able to read. LMAO

    • RCMassey

      I will bet my last bottom penny (don’t have dollars), that eventually those of us who do live within the 40 mile radius of a MTF will be forced off of TRICARE Prime as well. Doctor shortages, priority will be given to active duty personal…you do the math. In addition to cost.

      • Monie

        I agree with you 100%. I’m sure it will happen. We have to pay for health care but illegals don’t.

        • Monie,

          Anyone can walk into any Emergency Ward and be treated, and that goes for people that are vacationing here in America.

          • Idmtmedic

            Brilliant, and who pays for that?

          • Idmtmedic,

            You asked that before, and “retiree” explained that too you and gave you the link to the US Code so you could read it for yourself. You might want to start taking notes. LOL

          • Idmtmedic

            You and “retiree” still engaged? Haven’t seen him leading you lately. He ingcognito?

          • SFC Williamson (Ret)

            Charles, you walk your ass into an Emergency room and try to get free care, if your dumbass owns a house and you default on your bill you stupid ass, they will put a lien against your home or anything you own!!!! You ass illegals don’t have said things!!

          • SFC Williamson (Ret),

            I have already done that back in the early 70’s, and no one took my house, put a lien on anything and I didn’t have to promise my wife to anyone.

          • Idmtmedic

            PCN shot?

      • RCMassey,

        You could be right, because when Conflicts brake out that opens up a lot of room on many of the Bases/Posts and they then allow more things that they will do for us retirees.

    • Robert


      As veterans, we shouldn’t have to pay anything for our medical coverage. When I joined the service me and my family were guarenteed free medical and dental coverage for life. We all know that has been chiseled down and the powers that be continue to try and take more and more of our benefits away. I don’t want the coverage Congress gets or anybody elses coverage for that matter. I want what I was promised. The current saying is “we all need to do our part”. Sir, I have already given a little. I served my country honorably for over 20 years. My part is done. It is time our elected officials did their part. Stop Congressional retirement benefits after only serving one term. Lower Senatorial and Congressional salaries across the board and force true public servants to surface. These are just a few examples. Any one by itself will not lower the deficet but it will help.

      • Robert,

        You know this free for life health care was a MYTH. It went as high as the Supreme Court and they refused to see it. What is it about us Military Guys, that just keep this MYTH alive.

        Look, we don’t have it and we aren’t going to get it all for free.

        • SFC Williamson (Ret)

          Hey Robert, we did have it at one time, myself as a dependant was seen on Post many times to include health and dental then I joined and retired and watched it all disapear!!

          • SFC Williamson (Ret),

            Still the same, it is called “space available”.

          • Idmtmedic

            No it’s called “no space available”

          • Idmtmedic,

            I must be special, because I have Tricare Prime and seen at a Military hospital.

          • Idmtmedic

            Ok let’s see, you served in Vietnam and have to be at least 65 and your on Tricare Prime? Your not working, get SSI, and a military pension but you pay Prime enrollment fees?

          • Idmtmedic,

            I see you don’t have the ability to read DD Form 214/215.

          • Idmtmedic

            Tricare Prime Charles?

          • idmtmedic,

            I see you don’t have the ability to read DD Form 214/215. Lets see if I repost this again if it will help.

          • Idmtmedic

            Tricare Prime???

          • Idmtmedic,

            How can I continue going to a military hospital or clinic?

            The best way is to join TRICARE Prime and request a primary care manager at a military hospital or clinic. If so assigned, you will be guaranteed access to your primary care manager at that facility for one year. If not enrolled, you may still be seen on a space-available basis, but that space will be used increasingly for TRICARE Prime patients, who have priority over non-enrolled members. You can obtain an enrollment form by contacting a TRICARE Service Center.

          • Idmtmedic

            Charles what does the heading on the article say? Guaranteed you will have access to provider for one year? 171,000 get that deal?

          • Idmtmedic,

            All depends on the Enrollment Policy each Post/Base Hospital has.


          • Idmtmedic

            No it doesn’t the policy has just been changed to 40 miles. You did read the article right?

          • Idmtmedic,

            I know what article said, and it does not apply to me. HELLO

          • Idmtmedic

            Yep all about you again.

          • lddmtned,

            Yep, always will be, I don’t owe you anything.

    • Brian,

      What you’ve posted is basically true, but people don’t want to hear, see or read obout the truth. I think the way to clear things up about Congressional Pensions and Health Care is once someone posts something that just isn’t true, then they lose their Military Pension and Health Care and immediately placed under the same system their Congressmen is under.

      I think once this happened, then those that think they’re smarter than a 5th grader would be able to research the facts much better.

      Lisa Spann,

      Congressional Pensions
      Posted on December 26, 2007

      Q: Does a United States senator receive his full pay upon retiring?

      A: No. A member of Congress can’t receive more than 80 percent of his or her final salary upon retirement, and the average is much less.

      Retirement Benefits for Members of Congress…

      Health Care for Members of Congress?
      Posted on August 25, 2009 , Updated on August 6, 2012

      Q: What type of health insurance do members of Congress receive? Is it a single-payer, government-run system?

      A: Members of Congress are covered by private insurance under the same system that covers all federal workers.

      Health Benefits for Members of Congress

      • Idmtmedic

        Speaking of 5th graders, why is it that salaries do not figure into this equation? Be careful what you wish for? First off, most are already millionaires, lawyers and get many more perks than you could spit at. If you would compare cost of medical and salary then do it. You don’t. People die in the military, unless a congressman trips on a step, there is no comparison. So STFU about how bad we would have it under their insurance unless you want to compare deaths verses salaries.

        • idmtmedic,

          “Speaking of 5th graders, why is it that salaries do not figure into this equation?”

          Because how much you make has nothing to do with it. All you have to be to get this insurance, is work as the Government.

          “First off, most are already millionaires, lawyers and get many more perks than you could spit at.”

          You wrong, big time. Most FEDERAL WORKERS are not Millionaires, Lawers nor do they get perks.

          “People die in the military”

          No chit sherlock, and people die in all jobs, and joining the military is for volunteers, hello.

          • Idmtmedic

            Your links were about congress not federal workers. So are they or not millionaires, lawyers?

          • idmtmedic,

            LMAO, they are Federal Workers also. You lucky that I’m not a Doctor and charging you for all this info.

          • Idmtmedic

            So why isn’t congress on a tiered system that requires their salaries be included with what they pay? If TRICARE has officers pay more than enlisted, which is crap, why isn’t that option included for Federal Workers?

          • Idmedic,

            WHAT, you were just chewing someone out for comparing civilians civilians to military, now your right back at it yourself.


          • Idmtmedic

            Government workers Charles. If Congress get’s subsidized TAXPAYER funded retirements then they are not civilians. And your right, no comparison to military and civilian EVER.

  • killer4495

    “For their service and sacrifice, warm words of thanks from a grateful nation are more than warranted, but they aren’t nearly enough. We also owe our veterans the care they were promised and the benefits that they have earned. We have a sacred trust with those who wear the uniform of the United States of America. It’s a commitment that begins at enlistment, and it must never end. But we know that for too long, we’ve fallen short of meeting that commitment. Too many wounded warriors go without the care that they need. Too many veterans don’t receive the support that they’ve earned. Too many who once wore our nation’s uniform now sleep in our nation’s streets.”

    Reality is 171K Military Retirees May Soon Lose TRICARE Prime
    Week of November 12, 2012
    Defense officials are expected to announce that military retirees and their dependents that live more than 40 miles from a military treatment facility or BRAC (base closure) site will lose access to TRICARE Prime as early as next April. This move could force as many as 171,000 retirees to shift to TRICARE Standard, which would mean an increase in out-of-pocket costs–especially those with special needs dependents or other chronic health issues. The first round of Prime service changes is “tentatively” planned to go into effect in the West region on April 1. The North and South regions will see the plan implemented by October 1, 2013.
    Sign my partition on under veterans and families

    • HTCS joe brock

      When is the pres. going to start charging congress co-pays etc. as we do? Why dose he not change congresses retirement program to were the have a retirement dependent on their time in office rather than a full retirement with just one term? Why does he allow them full medical for life with just one term? Four years does not warrant these benefits.

  • William Nabors

    Come out of the golden dome and visit the veteran hospital and homes to see those that have give their life to this country and them go vote your heart and tell the world how you really feel about those of us and our families who come home mangled and disfigured for life and can’t work to support our family for the rest of our life, they have to take care of us.
    AVCM Retired

  • Dan

    Perhaps it’s time for another veterans march on the capitol. It has worked in the past and the media loves them. We might also draw attention to the inequities of concurent receipt for disabled veterans.
    Say when and I’ll be there.

    • Dan,

      Please, don’t call me to march, I’m very happy with my Military Retirement Check and Tricare.

      • Idmtmedic

        As if you would. This is about a solidarity VETERANS march. Your in the short political bus not the march. Lmao. Your sitting with the politicians.

        • idmtmedic,

          It’s your beef, you do your own marching. I’ll wave at you while sitting on my couch.

          • Idmtmedic

            How’s the couch working for you?

    • Rod

      Yes, you are right. The media does love it when us veterans march on the capitol for a just cause. I would have to save up a bit, being a poor retiree, but I would make the journey to DC to show my support for all of us who are in the gunsights of our elected officials. I just cannot get over how they have the balls to even consider this measure. It is sick. It is disgusting. How in the hell can they even sleep at night?

  • Luke

    I knew there was a reason i didnt stay in for retirement. Vets get screwed over. Oh and Brian, Veterans should be the last people to get their benefits taken away. Why get rid of some of the foreign aid or take away the aid from the garbage of society

    • Luke,

      LMAO, so you had a crystal ball back then?????

  • James

    Having a Veteran’s march won’t amount to squat. Heck, the Occupy movement had marches in dozens of cities all over the country with a huge veteran turnout amongst millions of people from all walks of life. The only thing that the marchers got were beat downs and tear gas from police officers and federal agents.

    The only thing that vets can do is just accept this cut in services like the rest of the country is doing. Us vets are just seen by the people in charge as freeloaders looking for handouts. Times are a changing and we don’t have the special status that we used to. I’m expecting a lot more painful cuts in the next few years so get ready since we ain’t seen nothing yet.

  • Danny Lee

    Does this planned action affect Tri-Care for life, and, if so, in what manner?

  • Rod

    Obama is a liar….plain an simple.

    • EM Line

      WATCH what obama does, not what he says. Then you will see the true picture! Every time he opens his mouth he lies!

  • Daddio10

    Well by the way, they are planning to cut your retirement to half of what it is now. You will be Eligible for Your Full Retirement at age 65. Those who are retiring in 2013 and later can collect their retirement benifets at age 60. Just wait and see. They will take a little at a time until military retirees have nothing. So the question is, was it really a benefit to stay in for 20 to 30 years. I could have done 3 years and been wounded in combat and collect better benefits than a retiree.

    • Goose

      This is not correct. Those currently serving will be grandfathered and be able to collect retirement pay the next month after they retire. Your so-called plan above has not been approved.

      • Idmtmedic

        Goose only those that have over 10 years will be grandfathered. What do you think the others will do? Get out is what they will do. No reason to stay. If you treat soldiers like civilians then that is what you will get.

  • VaDoc

    How can the government disenfranchise military retirees who have served their country a minimum of 20 years, not to mention their families, when thousands upon thousands of veterans recieve free health care every day from the VA for health conditions that had NOTHING to do with their military service and very many of whom served less than 2 years? I should know because I have worked for the VA for 10 yrs after I retired after 28 yrs of service in the Air Force!

  • Dorothy Mack

    This is bull shiggity

  • EM Line

    Let’s see the “UPPER” government take a cut… Do 20 years to get your retirement & cut your retirement in half, pay for your own medical. How DARE you dictate where we retire! Force us, for medical coverage, to live in a high cost area, away from our chosen place to retire. Isn’t 20 plus years away from hometown & family enough, you now have to force us to live near a military base away from them still just to get the medical coverage promised when we signed up to serve? I challenge each of you to live 1 year as an E4, E5 or E6 away from childhood friends & family. Live on the pay and do the job for just 1 year. You couldn’t do it! You don’t have the strength, stamina, or honesty to survive.

  • EM Line

    WATCH what obama does, not what he says. Then you will see the true picture! Every time he opens his mouth he lies!

  • Idmtmedic

    Interesting analogy doc. It is strange that a veteran is treated differently and costs are relative. I can tell you I have treated many local populations in foreign countries with armed escorts with no costs to them yet we now require 20 year vets to pay and nothing for veterans with less than 20 for VA care? Regardless it’s taxpayer money. A veteran with less than twenty can’t be seen at a military facility and a veteran with 20 years can’t be seen at the VA.. That is a problem. What are your thoughts.

  • Don Farley

    Whats new! How do you think Obama will pay for his Obama care? He talks about protecting the middle class but guess what! Another Obama lie! Those who voted for Obama have rocks for brains and blind as a bat! Little by little he will take all the benefits from the vets. Look out middle class(if there is one)you are next!

  • SFC Williamson (Ret)

    This can’t be true, the Liar in Chief said if we like our health care we can keep it!!!!

    • SFC Williamson (Ret),

      I belive this to be true, but I also believe that the President can’t control whether that Doctor goes out of business or whether that company you work for continues to pay for any of you Health Care or not.

      There is one looney toon on here that called the President a liar because his Primary Care Managment (PCM) was being changed by Tricare and he said he didn’t want to change Doctors.

      • Idmtmedic

        Mmmmmmmm wow, let’s rewind and recap what the POTUS told us about OBUMMERCARE!!! If you have insurance you can keep it, if you have a doctor you can keep him/her.?????? It’s “affordable healthcare” lmao. Affordable to the people who don’t pay for it is what he meant. Now let’s compare THAT scenario to military healthcare. No comparison?????? Mmmmm charge everyone a little, then raise it year after year but throw in INDEXING. Decrease military hospitals so no more “Space A”. Implement a mileage restriction unless you get a waiver??????? WTF. NEED A WAIVER TO JOIN THE SERVICE?

    • Julia

      I like that “LIAR IN CHIEF”
      USN (RET)

    • Scott

      Did you read the article? I’m pretty sure the article says this is something from 2007 and never mentions this as result from the Affordable Care Act.

  • Steve Barbour

    Who out there believes anything that the Democrats say? Democrats are liars and cheaters and will tell you what you want to hear in order for them to get their agenda passed. Democrats want to use you, then they throw you under the bus.
    If you all might have listened to conservative talk radio this could have been avoided.

  • Steve Barbour

    The recruiter has no control over Congress, Congress are they one that will have our health care, all they have to do is serve two terms and they get 174,000. a year for life not to mention Tri-care prime as we knew it.

    • Charles

      Friend, you really need to get your facts right. Members of Congress do NOT get $174,000 a year in retirement after serving two terms. Not sure what your source is but you are wrong. A real quick serach would provide you with multiple sources that spell out what they get. Basically they have the same pension plan as all other federal employees. Under FERS they contribute 1.3% of their salary, in addition they pay (like most Americans) 6.2% into Social Security. There are so many half truths and outright mistruths (I won’t say lie – I still belive most folks are honest and just don’t known) on this blog, it’s driving me cazy… had to speak up. And by the way, unless they are fomer military (still a few in Congress – but getting less and less every year) they do not get Tri-Care…

      • Charles,

        Like you, I can’t believe the average person still believes this crap about Congress, and like you, I continually to debunk it.

    • Steve Barbour,

      I can’t believe people people still to this day believe that crap. I’ve put together a few links with SOURCES that tells the real truth about Congress.

      Congressional Pensions
      Posted on December 26, 2007

      Q: Does a United States senator receive his full pay upon retiring?

      A: No. A member of Congress can’t receive more than 80 percent of his or her final salary upon retirement, and the average is much less.

      Retirement Benefits for Members of Congress…

      Health Care for Members of Congress?
      Posted on August 25, 2009 , Updated on August 6, 2012

      Q: What type of health insurance do members of Congress receive? Is it a single-payer, government-run system?

      A: Members of Congress are covered by private insurance under the same system that covers all federal workers.

      Health Benefits for Members of Congress

  • tby

    reply to rjf

    this we did not vote for Obama

  • LMS

    I tried posting this before but it did not appear. Who made the 40 mile radius rule? Is this not DISCRIMINATING? If this rule should apply, shouldn’t it apply to all? I believe I live 43 miles from the nearest base. I am a widow of someone who served 23 years (6 active duty and the rest Reserves). I am at a point in my life where I live off my husband’s social security and honestly don’t think I can stretch it any further. I am grateful for the Tricare benefits I currently have and say a prayer in thanks for my husband putting in all those years to obtain these benefits. Wouldn’t this be considered Indian Giving. I believe once you earned these benefits, they should not be taken away from you. Perhaps they can change the rules for those serving in the future.



    • John

      you may be within 40 miles….I am sure it is strait line distance…not driving distance…

    • RCMassey

      I am in no way a subject matter expert on TRICARE, (I wanted to say that up front). I would recommend you call TRICARE Service Center for your area and ask about living outside of the 40 mile radius.

      I think I read some where that you can sign a wavier; that you are willing to travel the distance to seek medical care, and at no cost to the government (TRICARE).

      I hope this is helpful to you. Many of us live off of a fixed income and loosing our medical is certainly going to affect our lives. And, I think the dependents are the ones most affected. Medical retired veterans are most likely seeking care at a VA, while their dependents are on TRICARE. An average family of a spouse, 2 children, and buying insurance from the “civilian world”, people are looking at very large amount of money that most likely they do not have….robbing Peter to pay Paul. I pray that no one will be put into this situation.

    • Suzie

      Suzie I wholeheartedly agree with the idea that there should be no 40 mile radius rule.

      You are so right in saying that. The rule should apply to everyone,not just the retirees and dependents in the 40 mile radius. I’m sure there would be alot more complaints if that were the case. And no we do not take our benefits forgranted . But our loved ones did what was asked without a second thought.These benefits were promised. No one who served our country should be treated like they are begging for something that is expected to be taken care of. The healthcare of active duty,retirees, and their dependents. To LMS I’m ashamed that our country has come to this. Your husband served his time thinking that his dependents wouldn’t have to worry about healthcare as I’m sure that was a part of the deal with Uncle Sam. Seems to me our concerns are not being addressed. We have called our congressman and others to voice the fact that this is not acceptable treatment of military retirees.Is there anything else that can be done? And please don’t tell me I’m whining,if it’s affordable healthcare for all do retirees and their dependents not count? Because I know that I can’t afford $300 plus per day hospital stays. Don’t anticipate going in the hospital,but you never know. If there is any hope we must demand better treatment of our military retirees and dependents.


  • Rod

    This country seems to take care of everyone (Socialism) but those who served in it’s military. WTF?

  • Paul

    It dosent make sense to me what does the miles have to do with any of this if we will travel for prime?

  • Susan

    It is time to contact all of our congressment. To sit around and just complain won’t change anything. Get your pens out, your keyboards ready and send your comments to your congressman and senator. If they don’t listen, kick them out. .

  • WWright

    I just wish I could get a kiss along with this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  • Chief091600

    It’s amazing how people that never fought for our country always wants to cut the benefits that we deserve. They never served and they always want to cut the military first. We are to be a force to be reckon with just like back in Pearl Harbor when they awoke a sleeping giant the greatest country on earth the USA.

    • Randy

      Didn’t McCain fight?

  • John

    This 40 mile distance …is it strait line distance ofr driving distance ?

    • BILL

      John I contacted Healthnet Federal Services that manages the Northern Region and the young lady I spoke with had heard rumors about the 40 mile rule but didn’t have any concrete information. When I asked about whether in her opinion would this be straight line or driving distance she told me that they would use their on hand system that you use to find a doctor or military medical facility. I checked into their locator system and they are using driving distance. If this holds true then I am screwed because I am within the 40 miles under the straight line but over 40 miles driving. It’s insane that at this stage in our life we have to worry about this but here it is. I also contacted my representatives office but have heard nothing back suggest you also contact your senator/representative. Good luck to us all.

    • joel

      John, recently I was asked if I wanted to stay on Prime because our driving distance was 30 miles to Madigan. I knew that was wrong because I drove it every day for 15 years. I was AD and GS at Madigan. When I inquired I found out the distance TRICARE was using was from my home to Fort Lewis Front Gate and not the Madigan gate (open 24 hs everyday). By going in the Madigan Gate it was 24 miles to the front of the hospital..Conclusion: Diving distance and on the route that they decide!

    • Ron

      Which ever way will screw the most vets

  • Rod

    I don’t even get an answer to the e-mails I have sent to my Representative or Senators. Typical.

    • Idmtmedic

      You will Rod, takes their AIDES awhile to send your form letter with attached pictures of flags and soldiers, but it’s good you wrote them. Keep it up. Next join a retiree organization. NAUS is a good one.

    • wayne

      I get a boiler plate response in Cali.

  • 30 Yr Retiree

    Need to ensure your out-of-pocket maximum cap remains $3,000 and is not increased to $7,500. This will create the need for retirees to purchase a supplemental plan with a high quarterly premium. DOD will look to eventually blend TRICARE into OBAMACARE.

    • 30 Yr Retiree,

      What do you mean we have to ensure the cap doesn’t go to $7,500.00?????

  • Rod

    For everyone of my elected officials who go along with this proposal, I will not vote for them again and I will campaign for a more veteran friendly candidate. Why in the hell can’t our elected officials do as they should and vote on measures the way the people who elected them prefer? Are they above what the people want? Vote the A@@holes out. They are doing nothing but a disservice to ALL military personnel, active, veterans, retirees. Put a boot up their ass!!!


    give to those who gave nothing take from those who srtive to stay afloat by giving even more the ones that look to the govt for their very existance what they fail to realise or maybe they do abd dont care is when we run out of miney so does the govt then what all you takers who gave nothing

  • BILL

    I am 6 miles outside the 40 mile window. I guess I will be forced to sell my home and move at least 7 miles closer to the base. I am 58 years old and ashamed of this whole pile of crap. I am so tired of constantly writing Congress to try and get them to do what I believe is right

  • BILL

    QUESTION? Is this 40 mile distance as the crow flys or driving distance?

    • John… I just read an article dated oct 2012 that the fourty mile distance is is radius from the military installation….not driving time…….also if there is a tricare prime provider within 100 miles you acan stay on prime….see article at above web address….

  • Randy

    It DOES impact Active Duty Family Members (ADFMs)!!! The only ones who will not be affected will be those Sponsors (and their families) who are on orders to a Remote location (i.e. recruiting). If the ADFMs live in certain areas, their prime will be taken away as well. And depending on where you live, you will most likely be able to drive up to 100 miles to remain in Prime. You won’t have to move you home (Bill).

    Source: I WORK FOR TRICARE!!!!!!!

    • Rod

      At this point, I don’t think I would admit to working for Tricare. Just kidding. It’s not your fault our DOD is full of jerks.

    • BILL

      Randy, I am confused. Does this article not say that you will lose your Tricare Prime if you live outside the 40 miles and after I spoke with a Healthnet Federal Services Rep today it is most probable that if approved they will use their systems locator service which uses travel miles not straight point to point distance. Help me understand please.

    • Idmtmedic

      Charles Bryant can explain it to you. He says you aren’t losing anything. You still have Tricare.

    • John

      will retirees also be able to stay on tricare prime and travel up to 100 miles ??

  • ARMY

    Interesting how retiree premiums are increasing and retiree benefits are decreasing. Thought the increase in fees based on cola was a plus to secure tricare. I dont expect the government to give retirees anything however I would expect it to follow through with its commitments to retirees as they followed through with their commitment for the government.

  • Reality

    Maybe we should return the government to the salaries prior to bush since his tax cuts also need to be removed. The most recent salary increase, to $400,000/year from $200,000/year, took effect when George W. Bush became President. The President also receives a $50,000 non-taxable expense account. Also when a person makes this much in retirrement from the people I beleive it should be the only income they are allowed. When the president retires on top of benefits he presentlly gets about $179,000a year in retirement. He doesnt need TRICARE or any other government official that retires with lavish retiement accounts.

    • Reality,

      LMMFAO, this is a first for me. So now we are comparing ourselfs with what a retired president pulls in!

  • Rod

    November 19, 2012

    Dear Rod:

    Thank you for sharing your thoughts with me. I have heard from many military families concerned about TRICARE, and I appreciate your perspective.

    Over the past 3 years, I have worked to address the growing cost of health care by implementing efficiencies in Government spending that will improve TRICARE and ensure military families have access to high-quality medical care. These efficiencies include the creation of virtual lifetime electronic health records that will follow service members from military to civilian life. Additionally, through the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act, military hospitals received funding for much-needed facility improvements.

    Under the Affordable Care Act, all features of TRICARE remain in place. The law does not affect health insurance coverage received through TRICARE in any way, and the Department of Defense maintains exclusive authority over providing the highest quality care to our service members, retirees, and their families. In fact, many of the key reforms put in place by the Affordable Care Act are already common practice in TRICARE—including coverage for people with pre-existing conditions, access to preventive care services with no cost sharing, and no annual or lifetime caps on coverage. The Affordable Care Act also makes clear that those who are covered by TRICARE will meet the law’s minimum coverage provision.

    One benefit addressed by the Affordable Care Act, but not already in place under TRICARE, was allowing young adults up to age 26 to remain on their families’ health plans. As of January 2011, the Department of Defense now offers similar benefits to young adults with a parent enrolled in TRICARE through the TRICARE Young Adult program.

    TRICARE will continue to provide affordable care to over nine million service members and their families. When Americans answer the call of duty and serve in our Armed Forces, a sacred trust is forged. From day one of their enlistment through retirement, the United States must always support those who serve and have served in uniform. These men and women risked their lives to protect our freedoms, and we must do all in our power to provide them with the benefits they have earned, including comprehensive health care. For more information or assistance with TRICARE, please visit

    Thank you, again, for writing.


    Barack Obama

    This Week at the White House

    President Obama: There’s Only One Way to Solve These Challenges—Together
    So Who Were Those 14 People Standing Behind the President?
    Weekly Address: Working Together to Extend the Middle Class Tax Cuts
    West Wing Week 11/16/12: “That’s Who We Are”
    Photo of the Day
    Stay Connected

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    What in the hell does this mean?

    • Idmtmedic

      Means we are fkd. Did you get the pics with soldiers and flags????

  • D fuson

    I understand a reasonable increase in Tricare Prime rates but to cut Prime completely for military retirees outside the 40 mile radius is just disgraceful! Perhaps if the draft has to be reinstated so that all U. S. citizens get a chance at the way the government keeps their promises to veterans and their families, change might really come about!

    • bwagner


    • Ranja

      They had just increased Tricare Prime some month ago.

  • dave

    This is the stupid thing yet, lets see tricare DOES NOT travel pay so why does a 40 miles radius have anything to do with PRIME. Now on the other hand the VETERANS ADMINISTRATION (VA) DOES pay travel to veterans to come to there VA appointments. So what else can they screw up – dam republicans.

    • BILL

      Dave I was with you until you blamed Republicans. Both parties have screwed up our economy leading up to politicians looking at our benefits as one way of saving money in order to waste it somewhere else. Granted Sen. McCain was one of the first to offer to take away Tricare Prime.

    • Brie

      Republicans? You are mis-informed. How will the president pay for all his cronies on food stamps? He has to take from those who worked for it (retirees) and give it to those who didn’t. If you are a retiree you spent your life fighting against communism, why now did you turn?

      • Aileen

        Food stamps have nothing to do with this. This idea according to the article was created in 2007 in any case.

    • Charles Plancon

      Hi Dave, I really do feel for ” us ” I am not on tri-care, I am however a single dad with 2 teens on 100% service connected disability, I definately am concerned about what will our ” eventual demise be like as well ? Soldiers, past ,present, and future will of course be left with nothing, and eventually….wait for it….they won’t have any soldiers, then what ? our country is broken, almost can’t be fixed ( may already be too late ) we have been lied to so many times, why would we think soldiers should be any different ? Charles Plancon

    • Robert


      TRICARE does actually offer travel reimbursement for retirees. To qualify, you must have your PCM issue you a letter (orders) that authorize you (and if required, a Non-Medical Attendee – spouse) to travel to a medical appointment. You will be reimbursed for the gas used (not the mileage as in active duty), hotel expenses (at the government rate) and meals for both.

      This is a secret of the government, but it is available. Just have to go online and search for TRICARE – RETIREE TRAVEL and it will come up.

    • Delores

      This is the fault of both parties, but especially obama. He wants all military retirees to be forced into obamacare (otherwise known as, “The Affordable Care Act). I call in the unaffordable care act, because you will pay triple what you would under tricare prime or standard.

  • BILL

    So effectively the DOD will financially force most Military Retirees to live within 40 miles of a military installation.

  • jerry

    What does that do for Tri-Care for life?

    • Franklin

      I spoke to a Humana TRICARE CSR and was told that TICARE for Life is not affected by any of this




    • Richard,

      This is the Health Care Benefits the Politicans come under. I’m guessing you didn’t know that if you put them under Tricare, that is giving them more of what they have for much, much, much less.

      Federal Employees Health Benefits Program

  • Major John Davis

    Mr. Obama,

    You once again did not address the issue, you just skirted the issue and did not address the the proposed plan to force military retirees off of TRICARE! In your answer you mention: TRICARE will continue to provide affordable care to over nine million service members and their families. When Americans answer the call of duty and serve in our Armed Forces, a sacred trust is forged.

    What is affordable? TRICARE Standard is not affordable for a chronic issue for me or my family members! I answered the call for duty for over 24 years and I HAVE NO SACRED TRUST IN OUR GOVERNMENT as demonstrated by the many promises broken by the politicians! We will give all for illegal immigrants and take away from our most distinguised Veterans!

    • Rod

      Why should he address the issue when he doesn’t even care?

    • Sam

      The point is he wants EVERYONE on his Obamacare!!!! That way he and his “buddies” and/or “puppeteers” can control first this country and then the world. The puppeteers chose this man specifically for his ego and the ease in which they can control him. Don’t believe for a minute it can’t or will never happen in our USA!!!

  • DisabledVet

    When I was working for poverty wages, and 80 hours a week, no weekends off for 6-8 months at a time. The one thing I told myself was one day it will be worth it I will have a small retirement and medical for my wife and I. I can NOW see it all going away because some BEAN COUNTER has figured out they can screw the retired VET.

    • Idmtmedic

      Charles Bryant says it wasn’t legal? So guess we should just sit on our a##es and do nothing while our non-legal benefits disappear like he does. Apparently he was a legal scholar while he served but didn’t impart his wisdom to the rest of the service while he was in. So I have concluded he has no morals and only stands on his legal degree.

  • cali_co

    Surplus in TRICARE and they still screw the veterans

    • cali_co,

      “Unless fees are raised, CBO projects that military health care costs will jump from $51 billion in 2013 to $77 billion (in 2013 dollars) by 2017.”

      Just because they had a surplus for a couple of years doesn’t mean the CBO is lying.

      • cali_co

        Have you read what they wanted to do with the surplus?

        • cali_co,

          Yes I have, and transfering unused monies from one account to another is common in the services. Do you know how they come to the conclusion of how much monies they need for each fund? Basically it is nothing but an estimate. Just because their estimate was over what the actual cost was, doesn’t in any way disprove the rising cost of Health Care for the DOD.

          • cali_co

            Transfering for something that is not health care is wrong.
            Cost increases are mainly due to increased volume of war related trauma. That means veterans paid already dearly. Raising Tricare fees or pushing veterans out is utterly wrong.

          • cali_co,

            Note: War related trauma is taken care of for free by the VA, not Tricare. Please don’t confuse the two.

            Speaking for myself, since I signed up for Tricare and since the inception of Tricare in 1994 my monthly cost has never gone up even though the over all cost of Health Care has gone up. So, in my case raising my monthly fee by $3.27 for a total of $22.44 per month doesn’t affect my finances at all.

            I can jump up and down and stomp my feet, but in my case, it will not help at all, it’s a done deal.

          • cali_co

            60% of the Tricare costs (free to active duty) is generated by active duty, so yes, any treatment on active duty is part of the Tricare budget. Retirees paid for it by making less (years ago before the GI bill transfers to spouses etc, huge retention bonuses etc….The 1.7% COLA raise is way more for a retired O-6 than for a retired E-7 for example). Glad it doesn’t affect you. It still is plain wrong to use 700 mil for something other than the intended cause.

  • Ranja

    No slander on my part here. But it is sad that my US soldier husband died for now broken promises. And, people will think twice to jopin the military under the current conditions, and cuts on their health care. Big cuts, because Tricare Standard is by no means affordable for chronically ill people like me. It`s more like a death sentence to me. And to many other Veterans and their families too.A family is the back bone of a good soldier. Now we just get left by the road side. Is this health care cut on the military(present and past ) a democrat or republican non masterpiece???

    • Ranja,

      “No slander on my part here. But it is sad that my US soldier husband died for now broken promises.”

      If I understand you correctly, you’re saying your husband because he didn’t get free health care for life!

      “And, people will think twice to jopin the military under the current conditions, and cuts on their health care.”

      Hummm, so people aren’t going to join the service now with free health care, because should they decide to stay in for 20 years, they are going to remember what is going on now and not even bother signing up.

      Question, just where are they going to get a better deal on Health Insurance than what the Military has on active duty and/or retired?

      “Big cuts, because Tricare Standard is by no means affordable for chronically ill people like me.”

      I don’t know what your financial situation is, but since when does the Government owe you free health care

      • Ranja Johnson

        Since the government promised it in writing to my late SF.MI husband, and his widow(ME).I am also 100% disbaled. My financial situation is dire A disabled widow of a 20 plus year SF sildier does not deserve the promised health care(which patient paid for too?) THINK AGAIN. You don`t intimitate me at all. You reply is a naive, and simple one. Good health to you,and your money!!!

      • Idmtmedic

        Ahhhh yes a true veteran. Such a wonderful addition to our retired ranks. What a joke. Please please don’t ever use your military ID in public. Your a disgrace to veterans!!!!

    • Jen

      Is Tricare Standard for widowed dependents different than dependents of active duty? We have a $1000 annual catastrophic cap. It’s paid out over time as copays and deductibles. Unless you have a huge monthly medical bill (my family does) you shouldn’t have to come up with much out of pocket at a time. Even then, $1000 is the most we’ll pay and we don’t pay anything else the rest of the year.

  • Rod

    I received a letter from one of my Senators, Dan Coats regarding the loss of Tricare Prime. In his letter, he writes that those of us living more than 40 miles from a MTF will lose Tricare Prime and have to switch to either Tricare Standard or Tricare Extra. Then, it continues with something I find interesting and confusing. He writes, “However, beneficiaries who lose access to Prime coverage may choose to stay in Prime if they live within 100 miles of an available primary care manager by signing an access waiver. What the hell does this mean?

  • Jay

    Interesting thought, “Defense Officials”…but no common sense. The 40 mile line is arbitrary. While your’e at it, why not make commissaries off limits to those living beyond 40 miles? Heck, maybe you should’nt even pay the honorably retired with the audacity to live beyond 40 miles of a military treatment facility! If someone lives 50 or even 100 miles from a MTF and is willing to personally absorb the cost of travelling to one, why discriminate? This is a very arbitrary way to ration benefits unevenly…and when the price tag is still too high, I suppose you’ll reduce the circle another 10 miles…and then another….and so on until Prime becomes a nothing sandwich.

    • Idmtmedic

      It’s called a shi$ sandwich. Your valuable until your not. Retired being not. Any and all means to cut retiree benefits are legal to include cutting everything. Retirement, YUP, medical YUP. Dental/vision already happened. Wake up and write your representatives.

  • RJ842cc

    I agree with the negative comments. Promises broken, but thats to be expected. We serve, fight, endure hardships, shed our blood and in some cases give the ultimate sacrifice. Yet we are just tools for the politicials to use to do their dirty work. It’s all about $$$ folks. Take benefits away from those who have served and give it to those who don’t want to. And I thought we had “Comrades in Arms” watching over us, instead I guess we just have Comrades? I have Standard and don’t need Prime, but many others do need Prime. I guess this is just another way to pay for Obama-care?

    • Aileen L.

      The article says this plan was written up in 2007 before Obama.

  • Carlton

    I do not know how they can take care of retirees at a MTF when they can not take care of the active duty. I went to a MTF and they had to farm me out to a Civilian Doctor because they could not take any more Appt. . Not bad I thought untill I saw 3 Active Military before me at the civilian doctors Office. I changed to a civilian doctor that week. I thought it would help out the MTF. NOW WHAT?

  • paul rogers

    It seems to me we have a congress/house that can’t legislate and a executive branch that has secret meetings to found out ways to balance the budget but not change the way business is done. Sounds more like a dictatorship rather than democracy. The fact that this transition was hidden for over five years clearly shows what type of government we have. I wouldn’t be surprise if the politician dumped on DOD to develop a concept since our government is so inept. I doubt we can do anything and who would you declare your dis- satisfaction? As always the veterans/soldiers has no other recourse but to suck it up like we normally do. It is a shame and a sham!!!

  • marie essert

    my husband did thirty years in the navy. we have tri=care for life. how are we effected. thank you

    • Franklin

      I have asked the same question. Researching and will get back to you.

  • Patriot in Georgia

    I’m trying to determine if I’m living on the Planet of the Apes and ruled by the Masters of the Universe? I don’t recognize it from the time I joined the military in 1956 and left it in 1998! They’ve closed bases, ended programs and stolen all my promised benefits. Somehow, I don’t think it’s OUR country anymore. They steal our benefits, redistribute the taxes and when they see we’re really bankrupt they’ll steal our savings, IRA’s and any accumulated wealth. Is this the socialist way? Communist way? Muslim way? Or a dictatorship? We better protect our homes, families and guns. That’s all we have left!

    • Rod

      Obama is taking us down the road to hell. We had better get used to it for the next few years. I would not be surprised if one day I no longer even receive a military retirement check. It will have been redistributed. Socialism blows!!

  • thegunnerswife

    “One nation under God, with liberty and justice for all………….,” well we can throw that out the bus window! I know we are a nation of political spenders, just look at all the pork that is tied into every bill before one will pass, but to throw our nations veterans under bus, then back over them is unconstitutional!
    My husband served in the USMC for over 28 years, from enlisted to officer. Now 70% disabled and rising, we are faced with being forced out of TriCare Prime.
    No longer able to work, I pay the bills each month and I know what’s left. We are the aging children of the Baby Boomer generation. With TriCare Standard, looking at $523 a day for hospitalization, plus a possible 20% of all other costs, one would think we’d be eligible for Medicare or early SS, but no, they’ve risen those ages and limits as well.
    No commissary near by, a piddly little COL increase, all the while caring for our children, grandchildren and our parents at the same time because they can’t afford health insurance and day care. Our parents don’t meet the requirements of medicaid, and social security turned out not to be what was originally promised to them. My father can’t even afford to pay for all of his medications every month with his SS check and we have to take up the slack.
    Look out everyone, if you thought we were in a recession before, the dust bowl and depression are being laid out on a silver platter right before our very eyes.
    Capitol Hill releases only what they want the public to know, if we really knew everything that was going on, we’d commit treason, as our forefathers did by developing a new Constitution of which all the people in this great nation could live as promised.
    There may even be room for a civil suit based on that very piece of paper. Any lawyers out there that want to check this one out???

    If we don’t stand up as nation of one, we fall as a nation of none.

    PS and BTW, TriCare didn’t even spend all of the money they were allotted last year and they want to take more $$$ out of our pockets……………please!

    The cuts should start with our nations leaders who will continue to make as much in retirement and have all the security they desire, while our military that truly served this nation without question will continue to see their benefits cut down to the eligibility food stamps and HUD housing!

    • Paul

      Well said and feel for you.
      Are you ready for OBAMA CARE???? Gotta save money somewhere to pay for the poor — We will all be poor in the next couple years — Buy seeds for a garden while they are still legal :( Get rid of all the laws, people or politicians caught fibbing on the tube go to jail 9could you imagine) dust off the constitution and let’s start over. Toooo much regulation, 800+ new laws in Calif this year alone, out of control, could go on for hours. So this is what the doorway to a great depression looks like.

  • Bernie

    Well, we now see what our elected officials are really all about. I too would understand and accept an increase in Tri-Prime rates, but this to me sounds like an official government sell-out. It hurts when a relationship turns sour, but when your government turns around and rips out your souls,,,,,,,,unbelievable. I quit smoking a while ago, but you wouldn’t know it. I still have alot of smoke leaving my mouth and nose from all of it that was blown up my backside by our politicians. But in the grand scheme of things, I guess we all deserve it. We keep electing these same boneheads into office every year. Hopefully I can hit the lottery soon, cause I just may pay the taxes on it and move out of country. Guess my 20 yrs. in the Marines doesn’t make me, or and other retired military part of the special people that this country use to recognize.

  • Franklin

    Provisions in the plan allow Prime beneficiaries who see a physician outside the 40-mile service area to stay in Prime if they live within 100 miles of an available primary care manager and sign a waiver saying they don’t mind the longer drive.

    • Franklin

      Additional Comments from Franklin: This is an exact paragraph taken from a Military Times article Dated Jan. 10, 2013.

    • Rod

      I called Tricare and was told that I would end up out of the 40 mile service area. However, I am still eligible for Prime. Nothing seems, at this time, to be changing for me. I just don’t get it.

  • Linda Monte

    I would like to see a map that shows the radius on the mileage in each area. It is hard enough to use a base hospital that is located away from your local area. What is going to happen if we get sick and we are not with in the mileage set up by this change. Example: Live near Eglin AFB, Fl., where I retired; I get sick in Little Rock and want to use the MTF there. Are they going to treat me or tell me to go off base and see a doctor at my own expense?

    • Linda Monte,

      If an emergency, you seek out the closest hospital/med center. Remember, if Tricare is to pick up the TAB later, it better have been an emergency.

      If not an emergency, then like what you did in the past, you pick up the phone or computer and make an appointment. As far as Little Rock goes, if you’ve signed up to use a different MTF, then I suspect they will not see you unless it is an emergency or your traveling on vacation.

      Of course if you ask 3 different people or MTF’s you most likely will get 3 different answers.

      • Idmtmedic

        Lmao. Charles you KNOW what an emergency is? Tell us. I am very curious to know. Now remember the ones approving it or not are not medically trained. You get that right? Kinda of like a non-logistics person deciding what the procedures should be besides the ones who know it. Looking at The SOP will give you procedures but won’t give you a trained, experienced perspective. Managed care is a joke.

        • idmedic, Part 1

          Yes idmedic I KNOW what an emergency is! How do I know???? Tricare has sent out several fliers explaining just that question.

          TriWest explains differences in urgent, emergency care
          by Jenna Holtz

          TriWest Healthcare Alliance

          6/26/2007 – PHOENIX — The first priority when someone is injured or sick is to seek help. Knowing what type of help is needed can help TriCare beneficiaries avoid unnecessary expenses.

          What is Urgent Care?

          An urgent condition is an illness or injury that won’t cause further disability or death if it is not treated immediately but requires professional attention to prevent it from developing into a greater threat.

          Urgent care centers should be used only if a primary care manager is not available, such as after-hours care. Regardless, beneficiaries must still obtain an authorization for urgent care. Otherwise, they will be billed under TriCare Prime’s point-of-service option, which includes additional cost shares and a deductible.

          Some examples of urgent-care situations include:

          Minor lacerations
          Urinary tract infections
          Migraine headaches
          Rising fever

          Beneficiaries may appeal the payment of a claim under the point-of-service option if they believe the care was an emergency.

        • idmedic, Part 1

          I found another source of information for you.

          What to Do in Case of an Emergency

          TRICARE defines an emergency as a medical, maternity, or psychiatric condition that would lead a “prudent layperson” (someone with average knowledge of health and medicine) to believe that a serious medical condition exists, that the absence of medical attention would result in a threat to the patient’s life, limb, or eyesight, that the patient requires immediate medical treatment, or that the patient has painful symptoms requiring immediate attention to relieve suffering. If you require emergency care, call 911 or go to the nearest emergency room. If you are admitted, you may need to obtain authorization from Humana Military.

        • idmedic, Part 2

          Urgent care is for an illness or injury that would not result in further disability or death if not treated immediately, but does require professional attention within 24 hours. You would require urgent care for conditions such as a sprain, sore throat, or rising temperature that have the potential to develop into an emergency if treatment is delayed longer than 24 hours. Urgent care is not the same as emergency care and you can schedule a “same day” urgent care appointment with a network or non-network provider without a referral. Some services may require prior authorization.

        • idmedic,

          Save Cash: Know Emergency and Urgent Care

          When sickness or injury strikes, service members and their families may save money by knowing the difference between emergency and urgent care.

          Understanding when something constitutes an emergency, or what to do if you need urgent care after-hours, could help you avoid longer waits and out-of-pocket costs.

          • Idmtmedic

            Guess if it’s that easy the doctors should just be treating patients over the phone” lmao. If everyone just had the list that managed care uses then it would be a no brainer. They are only looking at a list of complaints and have no medical training. So if a guy falls on a football while playing and complains of belly pain it’s an emergency? Or no? That on the list? Well let me answer for you Charles. Yes. If this patient didn’t come to our ER he would have been dead within an hour. He had mono a week prior and had an enlarged spleen from it. When he fell on the ball his spleen ruptured and he was bleeding out internally. I wonder if managed care would have made him an appt? The legal repercussions due to managed care mistakes?

          • idmedic,

            You need to whine to Tricare, not me.

          • Idmtmedic

            Speaking of whining, not sure they would treat you for that. Is that on the list? Lmao

          • idmedic,

            Why don’t you just thank me for the info, and move on instead of trying to pick a fight?????

  • Jen

    I can’t imagine how this will save any money. Standard allows you to see any provider without a referral. The additional out of pocket is no more than $1000 per year for each family. The bills will be higher because the providers don’t have to have an agreement with tricare but tricare will still have to pay anything over the $1000 catastrophic cap. I realize not everyone wants to pay out of pocket, but being a parent of a special needs child, $1000 a year to be able to see the appropriate specialists and choose our doctors is absolutely worth it.

    • asever1

      Um, not sure what you are reading, but the catastrophic cap is $3,000. Also, you always had the ability to go on TriCare Standard at any time if it was a better fit for your family. You could have chosen your specialists all along, but the rest of us who are on fixed incomes (ie..retirement) will no longer be able to use the MTF as our primary care. Once again we are losing a benefit that was promised to us over 30 years ago!

      • Jen

        My dependents are currently on tricare standard and the cap is $1000 per year per family. We are active duty. It may be different for retirees.

      • asever1,

        Your catastrophic cap varies depending on the sponsor’s military status:

        ● Active duty families: $1,000 per family, per fiscal year

        ● National Guard and Reserve families: $1,000 per family, per fiscal year

        ● Retired families (and all others): $3,000 per family, per fiscal year

    • Jen,

      Sorry, but this just isn’t true.

      • Jen

        I’m not sure what part you disagree with. My dependents are currently on standard.

        • Jen,

          Sorry, I thought you were speaking from a retiree’s point of view.

          Your catastrophic cap varies depending on the sponsor’s military status:

          ● Active duty families: $1,000 per family, per fiscal year

          ● National Guard and Reserve families: $1,000 per family, per fiscal year

          ● Retired families (and all others): $3,000 per family, per fiscal year

          • Jen

            No worries. I wasn’t aware of the price difference. My main point was that I don’t understand how this will save money. With people using providers out of the network, they don’t have the price agreements. After the cap, tricare could end up paying a great deal more.

          • Obama is bad

            No no no. Just my co pays for my quarterly doctor visits are going up over 600%. From 12 bucks a visit to over $60. That is every 90 days and specialists? Also, my total annual co-pays will be $3000 (the cap) since I have heart failure and see specialists a few times a year for extensive tests. It was about $300 a year before. That is an overall increase of 1000% Yup a thousand percent hike. Now do you understand?

          • Jen

            Honestly, no. People will meet the cap sooner and the program will save some money from the people that weren’t meeting the cap before. However, if tricare has to pay full price, people will meet the cap much quicker and tricare will be stuck with the full bill after that. In your case, tricare will save a small amount, but it’s small potatoes when you consider people with hundreds of thousands of dollars each year that tricare will now have to pay full price for. Don’t misunderstand me. I don’t think it’s a good idea by any means. I just think that they have an agenda other than the cost savings they are touting.

          • they do they are hoping that a lot of the retirees will qiot Tricare due to this and if nopt there are already talks with McCain as of other measures to assure we all want to quit
            Looking to kick retirees out of TRICARE Prime, Sen. McCain told the 12-member Joint Select Committee on Debt Reduction, that restricting working-age retirees and their families from participating in TRICARE Prime would help them avoid spending cuts that would directly impact readiness.

            Read more:

          • Angie

            Straight out of the Tricare Standard Handbook: p. 6 and 7
            Tricare Standard–non-authorized nor participating providers can charge up to 15% more than Tricare Allowable charges and you will have to pay the 25% of the Tricare allowable charge PLUS the 15% the doctor can charge over that. Hmm…That actually totals up to 40% of the doctor bill. Plus the 15% overcharge is not part of the annual catastrophic cap….Page 45–Catastrophic Cap
            The TRR (Retirees) catastrophic cap is $3,000 per family, per FY. The catastrophic cap is the maximum amount you will pay for health care each FY, except as noted below. The cap applies to all TRICARE-covered services—annual deductibles, outpatient and inpatient cost-shares, and pharmacy copayments based on TRICARE-allowable charges. Monthly premiums, payments above the TRICARE- allowable charge, and payments for non-covered services are not credited toward the catastrophic cap.

          • Looking to kick retirees out of TRICARE Prime, Sen. McCain told the 12-member Joint Select Committee on Debt Reduction, that restricting working-age retirees and their families from participating in TRICARE Prime would help them avoid spending cuts that would directly impact readiness.

            Read more:

    • Jen,

      It will save monies, because when the average person like us retirees have to pay some, it tends to make us think if we really need to see a Doctor for that hangnail.

      There are several things that have caused the cost to sky rocket, and one of them being Tricare For Life (TFL). “this group represents the highest per capita cost; in 2007, more than half of DoD health-care expenditures went to Tricare for Life beneficiaries.”

      • yeah typical repubs thinking if the old bastards would just die instead of hanging around then we wouldn’t need tricare for life, social security, medicare, etc etc. other than salaries, benefits, healthcare, and other plusses for ancient do nothings like mitch McConnell no one else over the age of 150 don’t deserve anything no matter how hard they actually work and whether they have actually added to our society

        • Idmtmedic

          Gains don’t worry his paper cuts from war may get infected and have to deal with the real side of things.

    • Obama is bad

      $3000 for retirees plus some providers that accept PRIME do not accept STANDARD. And I cannot see any provider without a referral. They have to be in the network and I still need a referral for specialty service. PLUS co pays are higher a LOT higher that with PRIME. Like the article said, out of pocket costs will go up. That is fact. I see a doc every 90 days. I used to cost me $12 for the co pay. Now it will be over $60. 600% increase in my copay. If I see a specialist? I pay up to $3000 each year. So, you are wrong.

      • Jen

        I’m not sure where you think I’m wrong. I stated the facts for Tricare Standard for active duty. I stated that it may be different for retirees. I’m looking for information, same as you. I’ve never met a doctor that wouldn’t accept standard as the doctor’s compensation isn’t capped. I’ve met plenty of doctors that won’t accept standard because they can only charge previously agreed on amounts. Copays are higher for Tricare Standard, but for active duty there is a $1000 annual cap. My total out of pocket for the year for my entire family no matter what specialists they see is $1000. I meet that cap pretty quickly every year so an adjustment in copays wouldn’t affect me like it would some. You said you pay up to $3000 each year, is that amount going up or just the amount you pay for each visit?

    • Frank

      Under TRICARE Standard, retirees in need of care must pay 25 percent of allowable charges themselves. They also pay an annual decuctible of $150 for an individual or $300 per family. Total out-of-pocket cost, however, cannot exceed a $3000 per family castastrophic cap.

    • according to the other article mccains thinking process is that if Tricare prime is not available a lot of vets will drop out of Tricare altogether and he is even talking about raising the co-share to $3000 to further his agenda
      Looking to kick retirees out of TRICARE Prime, Sen. McCain told the 12-member Joint Select Committee on Debt Reduction, that restricting working-age retirees and their families from participating in TRICARE Prime would help them avoid spending cuts that would directly impact readiness.

      Read more:

  • Thom

    This fighting about blame is useless. A profound man once said, “there is only one party in DC and we are not invited.” Read that a few times and think about it.

    • Obama is bad

      Yes yes yes,. They are all to blame not just Obama or the Democrats. All of ’em allowed this to happen.

  • Gina

    Obama and all elected officials opted out of obamacare. Illegals and muslims are also exempt. So basically it will be hard working American’s that get the shaft once again. The ones of us whom have worked our asses off for a good healthcare plan, are forced onto obamacare and get f/ up the ass w/ sandpaper and no kiss. I AM PISSED OFF!!!!!

    • Rod


    • Gina,

      That is false info. Please don’t believe all those “read and pass along” emails that are passed around the internet.


    • quillerm

      Your elected officials need to pay for all those Obamacare Waivers for Unions, Illegals and others who sent money to his Campaign. What better group than Veterans.

      • quillerm,

        There is zero correlation between Obama Care and Tricare.

    • Dan

      I vote for the politicians to have the same health care options and retirement options that we have. However, I think it would be a long time for that to ever happen since they are approving the rules!!!!!!!

  • Connie

    for those who apparently don’t know, these changes were passed under Dubya’s reign not Obama’s

    • Rod

      I don’t see our socialist leader overturning this injustice.

      • Tim

        Roger that! Let the Great One distinguish Himself by allowing military retirees to keep their TRICARE Prime.

    • Rod

      Come on. Just how long can Hussein Obama continue to blame Bush for his mistakes? The man needs to step up and take responsibility for what is going on NOW in his administration.

      • wells

        it was passed during Bushe’s presidency yes, but it was the democratic congress who passed it. As with most of the things the dems want to blame Bush for. They think we’re too stupid to remember who ran congress in those years, and evidently they are right, as Bush is still getting the blame that belongs to them.

        • yep bush had a republican congress the same one that forced the postal service to prefund retirement for 75 years which is the reason the postal service showed a loss this quarter instead of a $600 mil profit. also the reason for over 80% of their losses since the recession began. yep as a retiree who is about to lose his Tricare prime thanks top john McCain and a postal worker fighting to keep his job due to republican meddling in a profitable operation until they stuck their fingers into the piggy bank under GW maybe you should research since I am living the aftermath of that congress

    • Obama is bad

      Who cares who passed it. Our Congress and President NOW could stop it but they do not. I blame Obama and the current congress, yes Republicans also, for this. They are at the helm now. Can’t blame Bush for this one. Bush is history son. Gone, kaput, nodda, ADIOSED amigo, years ago.

      • Obama is bad,

        You sound as thou everyone woke up one morning and just found this out. Does anyone know why they (Congress) will not stop this?????

    • Tim

      Hey Connie…I don’t give a rats ass who passed them…it’s wrong. Oh, BTW…read the friggin article again. They weren’t passed by the Bush administration…plans were drafted. You don’t have any idea what was in those drafts either so quit playing the damn blame game. My God, quick drinking the G-Damn koolaid and start thinking for yourself for a change! I’ll use your words…Apparently, YOU don;t know!

    • Tony

      Wrong you are!! Clinton started this, and bush kept it from happening Obama let it through for the sake of his obamacare crap. This is what the democrats are doing!!

      • Looking to kick retirees out of TRICARE Prime, Sen. McCain told the 12-member Joint Select Committee on Debt Reduction, that restricting working-age retirees and their families from participating in TRICARE Prime would help them avoid spending cuts that would directly impact readiness.

        Read more:

      • Don

        Wrong this was decided by contracting during the Bush administration based on the budget passed at the time. Military officers have been pushing this for years and the Clinton and first Bush administration stopped it. Bush on the way out allowed it to go into contract. Now only congress can stop it. The president can only sign off on the bill.

  • Lonnie

    So if I get forced out of Tricare Prime, does that mean I do not have to pay the annual fee for Prime?

    • Lonnie,

      Right, if you don’t have Tricare Prime, then you don’t have to pay the annual fee for Prime!

    • Obama is bad

      Yes, no annual fee BUT your copays will go up. Mine went up 300%. My total annual bill will go from $300 to the cap $3000. That is a 1000% increase in healthcare costs for my family. I have a heart problem. If you have to see specialists, STANDARD is much more expensive than PRIME. Sad. They screwed the retired troops AGAIN.

  • American Patriot

    What a rotten reward for dedicating half my life to the service to my country, I say mine because I earned the right – how many of these bean counters can say that. That is why it is so easy to throw vets out with the waste water. Mr. Bean counter, the next time you want to rattle the sword go fight your own battles! You will not do it with anymore with my blood line unless you start the draft!

    • Old Salt

      Time to cut Congressional benefits, and the ability to retire at 100% of pay for only a year of service…this is not just unethical, but criminal made legal by these lawyers-bandits out of control and unaccountable to anyone but themselves.

      • Old Salt,

        Congressmen can’t retire after 1 year and get 100% of pay. Matter of fact, if they worked for 100 years they still couldn’t retire with 100% of there pay.

        In short, it take’s a Congressmen 5 years in federal service to vest, anything under 5 years gets him no where. After that five years, he can’t start collecting until he become 62 years old. Here are some info worth reading:


        Retirement Benefits for Members of Congress

        Katelin P. Isaacs
        Analyst in Income Security
        November 30, 2012…

        Health Benefits for Members of Congress

        Ada S. Cornell
        Information Research Specialist
        May 3, 2012

  • Tom

    I am retired Air Force and I can not afford Tricare Standard. I will be without medical care as of Oct 1. I had to put Prime on a credit card and pay over time. The hole Dr. bill will break me. 25% will cause me to sell my home. So, I will go without until I pass away.

    • Tom,

      Not trying to be a smart arse, but Tricare Standard is free.

      • Alecia

        It is not free, who told you that? Way higher out of pocket!

      • Idmtmedic

        Free? Is that similar to signing up for your VAVB? It’s free to join but costs much more for speaker fees? Similar to YOU GOING TO AN ER and didn’t pay for it? It’s free………well only if you don’t pay for it.

    • Dan

      Hello Tom, I am retired Coast Guard and I just got off the phone with Humana who administers Tricare south. I agree that the situation sucks but it appears that you may be missing one item that might help you. Pharmacy benefits do not change. Use your same in-network doctor and your out of pocket copay changes from 25% to 20% of the approved Dr charges. The amount of approved expense is supposed to be the same for prime as Standard. Instead of $67 premium 4 times per year plus $12.00 co pay, you will have $150 ded up front plus 20% per visit co pay. The out of pocket cost for one is the same as a family, $3,000 per year. The Dr does not get more $$ under prime vs Standard; it is the same. Just you pay more per visit vs premiums. If you have a lot of visits, the 20% could be greater than the premiums you used to pay. At the 20% copay level, that is now called Tricare Extra vs the “Standard” with a 25% copay amount. If you have fewer visits per year (not likely as we age!) then your total cost would be less out of pocket. This is not the best but is better than I thought it would be. Max out of pocket cost is still $3000 /r.

      • ravengotu

        Dan thanks for trying to help but wooo you missed the boat. Tricare standard will cost all MORE. If I pay 12.00 now how will 20% be cheaper. You must be working for the gov’t to get numbers like this.No cherry’s no whip creme. They screwed us. But hey they still have the best beneis our money buy’s



    Senator Bill Nelson
    Landmark Two
    225 East Robinson Street, Suite 410
    Orlando, FL 32801

    Dear Senator :
    My wife and I are both retired military Vets. There is a severe issue with “TRICARE” coverage I need to make you aware of and that your office really needs to take the “bull by the horn” and educate doctors and hospitals in your area. The issue is the severe “lack of doctors” under contract with TRICARE (formerly CHAMPUS) in this area, and throughout Florida. With 1/5 of all VETS living in Florida, and ¼ of them living right in Sumter County and throughout Central Florida, it is not tolerable that TRICARE has so very few regular physicians let alone specialists under contract.

    WHY? Because doctors and hospitals are totally uneducated in the fact that TRICARE pays exactly the SAME as MEDICARE rates, but for some reason (I have questioned many doctors) they all think TRICARE Prime, Standard and Extra pay less than Medicare. Not true! In fact the paperwork physicians have to fill out to become a network provider and to be reimbursed is even less than that for Medicare. So why when nearly 90% of all doctors in Orange, Lake, and Sumter County are doctors accepting Medicare, but NOT Tricare? It is because they do not know better, and have no interest in finding out about it. Therefore, this is YOUR duty as Congressman to represent your VET constituents in the very best manner possible—and that means getting your staff out beating the bushes, holding seminars (inviting physicians) to join Tricare and sign up to be network providers—just as they are for MEDICARE. It is your job and responsibility to better serve your veteran voters and to ensure they have adequate medical care which they do not have and have not had in this area for some time.
    FACTS: (according to the Tricare site searches portal and calling Humana-Military South
    1.There are only 2 GYNs for female Vets in the zip code 32162 region (absolutely appalling)!
    2.There is only 1 orthopedic specialist and surgeon located 45 miles away for this area.
    3.There are only 2 Rheumatologists for this entire area.
    4.There is only 1 General Practice Physician in all of Lady Lake accepting Tricare Prime.
    5.The closest hospital on Tricare is Waterman (38 miles away) instead of the “the Villages” hospital only 5 miles away! SEE THE PROBLEM?

    This is not the case in Orlando, or Miami, or Jacksonville, but it is in other less populated areas simply because doctors and hospitals do not know the rates are the same as Medicare and do not know how to get enrolled. Please do something about this horrible medical care situation. I would like to hear from you directly as to what you are going to have your staff do to resolve this VET-TRICARE issue.

    Robert Knauer

    • Robert Knauer,

      Damn good letter, the best I have seen so far. Wish all Veterans with a complaint could actually write like this and give them the evidence of the complaint at the same time.

      High Five to ya.

      • Idmtmedic

        Funny, how many letters have you seen on these blogs? 3? Unless of course your privy to the other thousands sent to CON-gress I’m very certain your FOS. Unless of course you have a link or government web site?

    • ja-9

      The medical community is fully aware of the re-imburstments of tri-care. That is why they do not want to become providers for tri-care BECAUSE it pays as poorly as medicare AND medicaid. Being a military dependent and member of the medical community I know this information first hand. Good luck to you.

    • ravengotu

      Our care up here in the gator land is/or was pretty good. Soon going to be like a welfare patient and treated like scum. God I thank America for letting me serve her 21 years of my youth all to get nothing.Then modern day military cry. Go cry a river in a river.

    • doubting_thomas

      Maybe the docs arent getting PAID?

  • Beth

    how will monies already spent on co pays and premiums paid for tricare prime be transfered toTricare standard? will that amount be put toward the detuctable and cap? or will families just be “out” that and be forced to start from scratch on deductable?

    • Beth,

      I’m sure yoiu will get any money back due you. Let me suggest that you give Tricare a call and ask them.

  • Guest

    Thank your so called POW hero, Senator John McCain, a strong proponent of cutting Tri Care Prime benefits. He said the savings would help to keep our military strong by diverting those funds to military readiness. Now that is what I call a traitor of US military retirees.

    • Delores

      John McCain is a RINO (Republican in name only). He needs to go, just like all the other RINO’s and democrats.

    • sjtn51

      Tricare Standare strikes again i’m not 65 yet so i went to get my eyes checked, well Tricare did not pay. If I were on Prime it would have.

      • Retired service members, their families, and others: Eye examinations are not covered
      after reaching age 6

  • ravengotu

    Really do not understand. Got my letter and we live 30 miles outside of Gainesville florida. Then it says 171k is that all that is left of retiree’s in America. America is going down faster then a submarine. Now i will pay more out of my pay in which I get nothing. Then people cry why poor people are on food stamps and such.

  • Tim229

    My wife and I are both 23 year retired vets and have lost our Tricare Prime because of where we live? Our health care costs for ourselves and our children will now triple. Thanks. Guess one of us should not have ducked that day – we would be worth more dead.

    • Idmtmedic

      Well said Tim. Better to be below poverty line and not serve your country and get the benefits. Perhaps become an addict and then you can get benefits or disability ? Maybe a convicted felon to learn a trade or an education. Ahhh social equality is wonderful.

      • Cheryl Tillman

        Well said also we are in the same boat. I just feel the gov. is taking everything away. I wish those people they call our congress men and whoever else is there in Washington DC would get there benefits took away from them. I’m just sick of the whole thing. Just give us our Tri-Care Prime back.

  • Paulette

    What is crazy for us is we do indeed live outside of the 40 mile radius but we live in the middle of 7 towns – all around us and within a 5-20 mile radius of us that will be keeping Prime. Hmmm….something wrong with this picture.

  • armyzoff

    Time for DOD to kick tricare to the curb and seek better heath care company or create their own that remembers it was the Veterans and Retirees who kept freedom free.

  • thornnnn

    I just wish congress would go after the 1% as much as they go after the helpless retired veterans. Funny thing is the 1% could pay for everyone’s health care.. and still be filthy rich. It’s pretty clear who our govt serves.. and i don’t think that is the 90% who cant afford to bribe them.

    • Delores

      Quit buying the liberal talking points when it comes to the 1%ers. I don’t believe in socialism or class warfare and this is what this 1% or 99% bull. We need the wealthy to hire more individuals for their businesses. Obama and Congress could have easily found the money to keep Tricare costs low for the military retirees, but obama was more interested in helping other democrats, including himself, get elected, and by helping more illegal aliens stay in America and drain the American citizen’s taxes which could have been used for America’s own citizens.

  • Cheryl Tillman

    I hope someone sees and answer this question. I just don’t understand why they took tricare prime away from us in the Northwest Arkansas area there are no Dr. close to us to go to. We are at least 70 miles away from one. You know you are not helping the veterans very well. I’m very sad that you have done this to us. I thought when we sign on that dotted line nothing would change. I just feel like the Gov. is taking everything away from us. I can bet the congress and everyone eles didn’t get anything cut from them. The Gov. really saddens me.
    I really think the Veterans should come first in anything. My husband is a veteran of 24 years.

  • sjtn51

    well Tricare Standard strikes again, you know it does not even pay for eye exams