2012 Veterans Day Discounts and Freebies

Each year businesses honor Veterans and Servicemembers by offering Veterans Day discounts on goods, services, and dining. Keep in mind that most businesses require some proof of military service, this includes a VA Universal Access Card, Military I.D., DD-214 (Discharge Papers), Veterans Service Organization Card (VSO’s include groups like the VFW, DAV, AmVets, MOAA, FRA, and the American Legion), or in some cases a picture of the veteran in uniform. Note: Not all franchise chineseviagra-fromchina locations participate in their national chain’s Veterans Day programs, be sure contact your nearest establishment to be sure they are participating. The following is a short list of 2012 Veteran and military discounts, Buy One Get One (BOGO) offerings, and this year’s offerings even include some honest-to-goodness free meals: [Visit the Military.com Veteran’s Day Discount page for a complete up-to-date list of Veteran’s Day discounts and freebies.] 2012 Veterans Day Offerings: Applebees – All Veterans and active duty military eat free from a limited menu at Applebee’s canadianpharmacy-norxdrugs on Veterans Day (Nov. 11). BJ’s Restaurant and Brewhouse – On Monday, November 12, 2012 BJ’s Restaurant & Brewhouse will offer veterans and servicemembers will be able to get a free lunch entree or a one-topping mini or individual pizza. Click here to find a location near you. Chili’s – Veterans and active duty dine for free from a special limited seven-item menu from 11am – 5pm on Veterans Day. Lone Star Steakhouse – Military members and veterans will be offered a free appetizer (does not include the Taste of Texas Sampler) on Monday, Nov. 12, 2012. Be sure to call ahead to verify local participation. McCormick & Schmick’s Seafood Restaurants – On Sunday November 11, participating McCormick & Schmick’s Seafood Restaurants offer a complimentary entree to vets from genericcialisonline-rxnow.com a special menu on a space available basis, online reservations are highly recommended. Be sure to contact your local McCormick & Schmick’s to ensure they are participating. Sizzler Steak House – Veterans and servicemembers can get a free lunch on Monday Nov. 12, 2012 until 4:00pm. The limited menu includes 3 entrees – 6 oz. Steak, Malibu Chicken, or a Half Dozen Fried Shrimp. Click here to check if your local restaurant is offering the Veterans Day freebie. Home Depot – Offers a 10 percent discount to all Veterans during Veterans Day, Memorial Day and Independence Day. Home Depot offers the 10 percent discount year round to for active duty and retirees. Lowe’s – All Veterans receive the 10-percent discount on Veteran’s Day, Memorial Day and the Fourth of July. The offer is available in stores only and is limited to in-stock and special-order purchases of up to $5,000. Be sure to visit the Military.com Veterans Day Center for a complete list of discounts and freebies. Year-Round Veterans Discounts: Foot Locker – Veterans, Servicemembers (Active, Guard, and Reserve), and their immediate families with a Foot Locker Veterans Advantage Card receive a 20 percent discount every day of the year. That offer is good both online and at any store location, including Foot Locker, Lady Foot Locker, Kids Foot Locker, Footaction and Champs Sports — even on sale items. Home Depot – Offers a 10 percent discount (up to a $500 maximum) to all active military, reserve, retired or disabled Veterans and their family members with a valid military ID. All other Veterans qualify for a 10 percent discount during Veterans Day, Memorial Day and Independence Day. http://www.military.com/discounts/deal-details/1387227 Lowe’s – Lowe’s offers a year-round 10 percent discount offer for all active duty, National Guard and Reserve, retirees and disabled Servicemembers and their immediate families. All other Veterans receive the 10-percent discount on Veteran’s Day, Memorial Day and the Fourth of viagra glaucoma July. The discount is available on in-stock and special-order generic cialis online pharmacy purchases of up to $5,000. The offer can’t be used on sales at Lowes.com, on previous sales or on sales of services or gift cards. You must present a valid military I.D. card to receive the discount.

About the Author

Terry Howell
Before becoming the Managing Editor for Military.com, Terry served 20 years in the U.S. Coast Guard as an Aviation Electrician’s Mate and aircrewman. In his final role in the Coast Guard, Terry served as a Career Development Advisor, where he provided career, finance, education, and benefits counseling to servicemembers and their families. Since retiring from the Coast Guard, Terry has authored the book, The Military Advantage, managed the content for TurboTap, the DoD's online transition program and VAforVets, the VA's transition assistance website. Terry earned both his Bachelor's and MBA at Corban University using Military Tuition Assistance and his GI Bill benefits to help cover the cost.
  • Major Dad

    I shop at Lowe’s for that reason and it does save me allot of money each year.

    • rey

      Lowes offer 10% year round also.

  • Nancy Jones

    Home Depot does it all year round. On everything.

    • R.A.

      Sorry, I think that’s for only active duty and retiree’s , not all veterans…

      • Mel

        I have shopped HD in manny states and as a Veteran have always gotten a 10% discount on everything.

        • Pam

          Active duty, reserves, National Guard AND VA service connected ID cards get you discount at Home Depot.

      • TomP

        R.A.: These are the ID’s that will get you a 10% military discount at Home Depot:

        Active Duty/Reservist Military ID card with a picture (white background)

        A retired Military ID card with a picture (blue background) Includes civilians who retired from a Military Base.

        Active Military and Retired Military ID card for spouse/dependants (tan background)

        Retired Military Id Reservist with picture (red/pink) background for Retired Reservist and Reservist Dependent.

        VA Card (Department of Veterans Affairs) – MUST have the words SERVICE CONNECTED under picture.

        There are some reasonable restrictions, but almost all sales will qualify.

    • will

      they do not offer to veterans :( only active and reservist.

      • vperl

        Sir, you are wrong… Vets get the discount year around

      • Mel

        Will tthat is not correct, take your DDD214 with you and the will give a 10% discount

      • TomP

        See my reply to R.A. above.

    • Charlie

      I’m a Vet (Vietnam), but not retired military. Lowes & HD both always honor my VA card for a 10% discount.

    • Austin

      Home Depot does NOT offer a year round discount for active duty OR for veterans as corporate policy. It is store discretion (I worked at Home Depot, so I know from experience as my store did NOT give military, whether active or veteran, discounts). Lowe’s, however, does give the discount, year round, to vets and active duty.

      • Yes they do, you do have to show some pruff you were in the Military .

      • TomP

        You are wrong, Austin, it is a corporate policy and is not discretionary from store to store. I’m a current Home Depot employee and checked with the corporate headquarters before I posted this. Below is what I got from two emails on the subject:

        Active Duty/Reservist Military ID card with a picture (white background)

        A retired Military ID card with a picture (blue background) Includes civilians who retired from a Military Base.

        Active Military and Retired Military ID card for spouse/dependants (tan background)

        Retired Military Id Reservist with picture (red/pink) background for Retired Reservist and Reservist Dependent.

        VA Card (Department of Veterans Affairs) – MUST have the words SERVICE CONNECTED under picture.

        In a later email from the company, the person stated quite unequivocably “All the stores should be following the company wide policy provided in the previous email.”

        • oef vet

          Home Depot in Southington, CT does not offer the discount. Regardless of policy.

      • Lucy Canals

        In OR, Home Depot does honor the 10% for retirees and those with an ID Card, that is why I only shop there as well. I think it is extremely gracious and admirable that they honor their service members this way………because most places don’t acknowledge the service military personnel have performed

      • mike

        I go there all the time and get 10% off. All I use is a old id

    • tom


      Home Depot gives the 10% discount all year round only to the veterans that have a service connected disability. Lowes gives the 10% discount to any veteran all year round.

    • justavet

      For Home Depot it depends on the store. Before being awarded 100% disability the store in Lebanon, NH gave the discount to any vet. When I moved to PA, the local stores said that only active duty, retirees and totally disabled received it year around. So, I guess it depends on the local management and how close they are to Lowes, which always honors a vet request. Best bet, if it is not Veterans Day, is to ask any cashier before purchasing.

      • TomP

        Justavet: Not true. This is a corporate policy and is not variable from store to store. I’m a Home Depot employee and I checked this out with corporate before I posted this. Here are the facts:

        We offer a Year Round 10% Military Discount to military personnel and their immediate family members (mother, father, brother, sister, child) who present the following valid military ID?s:

        Active Duty/Reservist Military ID card with a picture (white background)

        A retired Military ID card with a picture (blue background) Includes civilians who retired from a Military Base.

        Active Military and Retired Military ID card for spouse/dependants (tan background)

        Retired Military Id Reservist with picture (red/pink) background for Retired Reservist and Reservist Dependent.

        VA Card (Department of Veterans Affairs) – MUST have the words SERVICE CONNECTED under picture.

        In a later email from the company, the person stated quite unequivocably “All the stores should be following the company wide policy provided in the previous email.”

    • Will

      Sorry Nancy. It is store by store policy. I just returned from a trip to Ohio and was told they don’t give vets a discount.

      • TomP

        Will: You were told wrong. I’m a Home Depot employee and checked this out with corporate before posting it:

        We offer a Year Round 10% Military Discount to military personnel and their immediate family members (mother, father, brother, sister, child) who present the following valid military ID?s:

        Active Duty/Reservist Military ID card with a picture (white background)

        A retired Military ID card with a picture (blue background) Includes civilians who retired from a Military Base.

        Active Military and Retired Military ID card for spouse/dependants (tan background)

        Retired Military Id Reservist with picture (red/pink) background for Retired Reservist and Reservist Dependent.

        VA Card (Department of Veterans Affairs) – MUST have the words SERVICE CONNECTED under picture.

        In a later email from the company, the person stated quite unequivocably “All the stores should be following the company wide policy provided in the previous email.”

    • storekeeper

      I was iinformed in person by the store manager this applies only if you are retired or on active duty. This also applies to Lowes

  • paige

    subway in buffalo is giving free 6 inches I believe

    • vperl

      All Subways , for several years offer free sandwich

    • pamela

      Las Vegas Too

      • gia

        Certain home depot stores have stopped giving the discount. I get the discount at my local store here in Delaware but one of the nearby pa stores no longer honors the discount.
        Lowes has never been a problem and our local store will honor with a spouse I.d. as well

        • Jess

          I’ve had issues here in Maine with the cashiers at Lowes not knowing about the discount or saying they no longer do give the discount everyday and having to request a manager.

      • gia

        Certain home depot stores have stopped giving the discount. I get the discount at my local store here in Delaware but one of the nearby pa stores no longer honors the discount.
        Lowes has never been a problem and our local store will honor with a spouse I.d. as well

        • oef vet

          Southington, CT HD does not offer the 10% military anymore. Lose’s does.

          • Mike M

            Home Depots and Lowes in San Diego county all offer retirees and active duty 10% off everyday. All one has to do is show an ID card.

  • wifeoal

    Useful information. Wait until my husband shows his discharge papers
    dated in the l940″s.

    • efair14

      My husband was discharged in 1963, and we were married in 1964.

      • JoeBob

        I have 6 toes.

  • tumblwede

    Texas Roadhouse doesn’t open ’til 4 in Las Cruces NM and Logan, UT……..

  • bev

    thanks to Lowes…….we also save

  • Rosalie Merkle

    Nice to see that Veterans and active Military are recognized. I constantly clip coupons and send them overseas because so many Military families are on food stamps!

    • Pat

      Are you aware our overseas Military can used coupons that are up to six months Expired?

      • E

        Yes. That is why, if you know someone serving overseas you should send them your expired coupons. It is incredibly helpful for those service members and their families.

    • D. Smith

      europe doesn’t issue food stamps to american families. we are only able to use wic. they pass out bundles of coupons through ACS since we can’t be issued stamps. however they take them up to 6 months past expiration date.

  • Thanks to all who honor veterans!

  • Joe

    Good to see some places still doing honoring those servicemen and women. Hardly anybody does military discounts anymore. : (

    • Candice

      I agree. I have gone into stores, asked if they had one and got responses where it felt like I was crazy for even asking. I don’t expect them everywhere I go but come on now.

  • Tori

    We never eat at Applebees or Chilli’s, but, I think we will be giving them our business more often now!

    • paul w

      People who wish to go to chilis applebees and such i highly suggest arriving extremely early to put your name in i have went to these establishments before as an active duty member and waited over 3 hrs for the free meal. That is total not all at once mind you. Still unless you have great patiance like myself please arrive early so your wait can be cut down. The food they offer is good and i nor none of my former army buds have had a any problem with their service on veterens day.

      • vperl

        Sir, bad luck on your timing, never waited more than five minutes.
        Picking the busiest times is silly

  • Maria

    Lowe’s offers a year-round 10 per­cent dis­count offer for all active duty, National Guard and Reserve, retirees and dis­abled Ser­vice­mem­bers and their imme­di­ate fam­i­lies. All other Vet­er­ans receive the 10-percent dis­count on Veteran’s Day, Memo­r­ial Day and the Fourth of July. The dis­count is avail­able on in-stock and special-order pur­chases of up to $5,000. The offer can’t be used on sales at Lowes​.com, on pre­vi­ous sales or on sales of ser­vices or gift cards. You must present a valid mil­i­tary I.D. card to receive the dis­count.

    • Lowes gives 10% discount all year round as does Home Depot..but you must have proper military or VA ID card.

    • Tony Nelson

      I purchased a new clothes dryer from the Lowes of Newberry, SC about 2 months ago and asked if I could get the 10% military retiree discount and I was told that they only did that on certain dates of the year (about 3 or 4 times). I had my retired military ID card with me. If this is Lowes policy then they need to advertise it more and ensure all their stores know about the discount.

  • Charlie

    For those in need of any fitness clothing or accessories, Under Armor offers a 10% discount year round to military vets with proof of service in any of their retail locations….,

  • Ernie

    Check out Mountain Monkeys Leather on facebook, it has military specific items at reasonable prices and free shipping. Send an email for pricing! I am a disabled veteran that runs this business, I specialize in paratrooper and special ops items!

  • Jillian

    Buffalo Wild Wings does 25% discount for military year-round, also check out Armed Forces Vacation Club for sweet discounts on vacations

  • israel

    Footlocker gives 20 % discount. I buy my kids school shoes there and I alway get treated right there. This makes me feel good of what I do and I know that when I deploy my family is being supported back at home. Thanks footlocker.



  • kevin

    I worked at a place about ten years ago that locked us out on Martin Luther King day. When we complained about this the owner (oscar robertson…. the big O his basketball name) offered to pay us for MLK day if we worked with no overtime on Veterans day) Even the black folks that worked there knew that wasn’t fair.
    about 5 or 6 months later the factory shut down. Maybe if he had thought more of his employees who were vets he would still be in business.

  • Cindy

    Bealls Dept store give 15% year round.

  • L.T.

    Bass Pro Shops gives a 10% discound year round.

  • twoirishgirls

    Eddie Bauer and Aeropastole offer 10%, Ecko offers 15%, Bass offers 10.00 off 50.00 purchase, I believe Reebok offers 10% as well. Ben and Jerry’s offers discount

  • Wayne

    Why was’nt this done during the Seventies,when the Vietnam Vets like myself returned from that wretched conflict?

    • Robert Weeks

      We still haven’t been officially recognized by own government for being there.

      • proud army wife & mother

        I feel so blessed that my husbands 22 years of service was all after all the harsh lessons learned by the citezens of this country for their appauling treatment of our vietnam veterans. I just had this discussion wth my mother this evening trying to gain some insight on what people were thinking at that time and to no avail. I believe we have done a much better job in retrospect in honoring the services members of the past. Thank you for your service and take advantage of all that’s being offerred nowdays.

    • lilvet

      I guess people learned from their mistakes. Take advantage of it now. Thanks for serving.

    • frank

      I served in the Navy from 1967 to 1971… all we got back then was dirty looks or nasty comments. How we got blamed for that crappy war I’ll never know…

      • John

        Try pulling a tour as a medic with an army grunt unit in 1970 and 40 years later getting a copy of your DD214 asking why my Combat Medics Badge wasn’t on there. and being told YOU HAD TO BE THERE TO GET THAT. Shows the dates of VN service on my DD214. Got the same looks, spit at and comments you spoke of like “baby killer” They wonder why we are so depressed. Give your country all you have to give just to get kicked in the teeth with this by a pencil pusher in Washington who more than likely has never been out of the country. He called me to tell me he was assigned to help me. Said it was MY RESPONSIBILITY TO I PROVE I WAS WITH A COMBAT UNIT. If I didn’t with draw my request it would be denied. I didn’t, it was. Thank you for serving now go away!!! Hey I made it back alive in 1 piece that what really matters I guess

    • Tim

      Amen Brother!

    • JLB

      Wayne, precisely because we did not get it is why it is being done now. I have found a lot of current vets that when you go to appreciate their service they ask you if you have served and when, when you reply that your time was VN, they immediately give you thanks. And tell me that we were the real heroes of the Armed forces. WE served and we suffered for serving!!!!__JLB__US Army 1967 – 1979__L:ife Member, VFW post 10249__

    • navy mike

      Because nobody gave a crap about us

    • Mike

      Because there was no Home Depot or Lowe’s then! Actually WWII and Korean Vets didn’t get these benefits either. Be happy that they’re available now.

    • mike

      I agree 100%. WW II, Korean War, and you and myself from the Vietnam War are given NO credit like the ones today are given.

      • chris

        well then dont take advantage of any of the discounts being offered today jerk

      • proud army wife & mother

        The c’credit’ nowadays is given to Veterans…ALL ofthem. So even though it took Americans being jerks to get this kind of treatment today, it IS available to you now…take advantage of it rather than being bitter it didn’t come soone..although I agree it should have!

    • wizard

      Your still a Veteran……be happy that you can do it now.

    • HLC

      If you really care tell the Republicans to pas the damn jobs bill!!!!!!!!!!!

      • Still serving

        HLC, you are a moron for connecting one to the other. I have served over 20 yrs but can plainly see another jobs bill is not what this country needs. Go tell your union boss you tried to do you brainwashing for the day.

      • mike j

        Harry Reid has been stonewalling a vote in the Senate since Obama asked Congress to pass it. It’s not only the Republicans’ fault.

      • patriot

        what are you thiinking? Stimulus bail outs by Obama have deepened the debt we already owe. How can the so called Jobs bill help anything? Get the facts. Reality is upon us. Open your eyes. We are already in a mess. Let’s not fool ourselves by thinking this man is on Our (America’s) Side.

      • ChuckL

        HLC, Read the bill. It has nothing to do with jobs. Like most of the bills recently, it has been given a catchy name for promotion.

        I suggest that if you are serious about jobs, you demand that the Progressives posing as Democrats terminate the job killing regulations and the massive spending on agencies that are not authorized by the Constitution.

    • guest

      Because people like you didn’t think of doing something like that probably due to the real conflicts going on in the world to worry about you selfish prick

    • Dabluzzz

      I feel ya!!

  • Jacqueline

    Some locations of McDonald’s and Sonic also offer 10% year round, just ask when paying.

  • pberthoty

    Applebees and Golden Corral have been doing this for years. GC usually does it on the Monday following Veterans Day.

  • Bud

    Sun Country Airlines offers 1 free checked bag to Military.

  • chucky

    Menards no longer gives a veteran’s discount. They feel that it is discriminating against everybody else.

    • navy mike

      then to hell with menards

    • Marine Todd

      lame excuse

  • Gunny Bob

    Grandslam at all Washington,DC area DENNYS

    • Gy Bob

      Friday 11/11/2011

  • m109howitzer

    Home depot does offer the 10% all the time to service disabled. I was also told that they are only honoring it because Lowes was the first to do it. I salute all my brothers and sisters on our day.

  • Austin

    The Home Depot does NOT offer a military discount, year round, as corporate policy (like Lowes). It is store discretion. I know this from experience as I worked at a Home Depot that did not give military discounts, whether active or vet.

    • bud

      I am a disabled veteran. I have been in 3 home depot stores this month from Albuquerque to south texas. All have give me 10% discount when i show my card.

    • Don P

      Offers a 10 per­cent dis­count (up to a $500 max­i­mum) to all active mil­i­tary, reserve, retired or dis­abled Vet­er­ans and their fam­ily mem­bers with a valid mil­i­tary ID.
      This is the Corporate policy for Home Depot. Veterans get the discount on the 4 Holidays. Check with your local store again before you say something that isn’t so.

    • Tony Nelson

      When I purchased a new dryer 2 months ago I was informed by the Lowes Store in Newberry, SC that they only offer discounts about four times a year for military retirees.

    • Hawaii

      Home Depot and Lowe’s in Hawaii both give 10% discount to military ID card holder’s (Active, Reserve, NG and Retiree) year round.

    • Rob

      I have been getting the discount at Lowes for years and recently (’bout three years ago) both of the Home-Depot stores here in the Waco area started giving it. I didn’t know about O’rielly’s and Auto Zone.

    • Joe Kuhl

      I am sorry to inform you Home Depot gives 10% off all year for retirees it is possible they started in the last two years

    • Beth

      I have been using my 10% off in Home Depot for years now- even used it today with some coupons for cleaning supplies and saved a bunch :-) They all have 10% off all the time- sometimes they try to tell u that it can’t be combined with another discount, especially on big ticket items- but then you need to ask for a superior and they will give it to you. Lowe’s is less of a pain about it, and always thanks you for your service, no haggling required.

  • Doug

    Applebee’s in Danbury, CT has been offering this for a while. The selection is great and the owner was there to acknowledge your service and thanks from him and the restaurant etc. I’ve been back there a number of times during the year. I think that any business that does this deserves our appreciation, business and good word to others.

  • TomUSAFRet

    Those Hugo canes that Sam’s Club gives out are really nice. I got one last year.

    • chefvj

      I too received the Hugo cane. Very sturdy, lightweight, height adjustment and collapsible. I loaned it to my stepmother, who ia all of 5′ tall and I am 6’4 . she adjusted it for herself, folded it up, put in the plastic bag. stuck it her purse and went to vegas. She absolutely loved it.

  • Roger

    Michaels doesnt give military discounts, but they give teachers a discount.

  • mike

    Now Lowes offers us, Viet Nam era vets, only a 10% discount of 3 Holidays, while reserves can get it on ANY day. Most times, the reserves never have to serve in War times where as the Viet Nam vets already paid their dues. This is not to downplay the reservists as God Bless them too and thank them for serving but what are we, “Chopped Liver?”

    • I get it any day and I am a Viet Nam era vet! Also at Home Depot any day…

    • Slide


    • Look all this complaing ,is bull. I am a Viet Nam Vet I have no problem getting Discounts anywhere! I ware my Army Veteran I am very please with what I get. none of these places have to give us anything they do it because they want to , and the are thankful for the freedom to live in America. Hell I was Please just to have Wal-Mart Employees thank me for my Service.

    • Dave

      I am a “nam” vet and I show my VA ID at Lowe’s and they give me the 10% discount all the time,maybe the Low’s personnel do not know the difference in military id.

    • JDekan

      AMEN Brother…to answer your question…chopped liver

    • Uthred2

      Hey Mike, _Who do you think has been sholdering a lot of the load in the forever war (OIF, Afghanistan)? National Guard and reserves !!!!! Quit your bellyaching. We got shit on so these guys and gals wouldn’t. _

    • Ray

      When you say Viet Nam “ERA” is that your way of saying you were in during the conflict but never went to Nam. Quit trying to equal yourself to the Vets that actually went there. It’s great that you served and I thank you for it but don’t ride the coat tails of others. ERA doesn’t mean squat!

      • Will

        Wrong Ray!! There were many who served during Vietnam but were assigned outside VN. I was in a direct support role from another SE Asia country, got shot at, and saved a lot of butts from getting killed on the ground in VN.

      • SugarMagnolia

        Ray: Why do I feel if you had the choice you wouldn’t go to combat. There is no room in uniform for elitism. Honorable is Honorable. You are no better than anybody else. Your attitude is embarrasing..

      • Imjin Scout

        Ray, “Viet Nam Era” is the description used by VA for anyone who was served during that time, no matter where thay were stationed. I spent 18 months on the Korean DMZ where there was a war going on. We patrolled the DMZ and set up ambushes and had hunter-killer patrols about every day, and were involved in many firefights. We were paid the same combat pay and I went to the Advanced Combat Training Academy, which was equivalent to Ranger school. How much action were the Administrative and Finance people in Viet Nam involved in? In the future, you may want to do a little research before embarassing yourself by makibg ridiculous statements.

    • mike

      I am in the Army National Guard and I get a discount just by asking. By the way I work full time for the Guard and work with people who have been deployed more times than most active duty soldiers. The reserve components have done more in the last ten years to prove their worth than you think. I would like to think my year in Iraq meant something too.

    • VERN

      I always get 10% at lowes I don’t understand what you are saying ? If you are saying that a viet nam vet will not get a discount except on 3 holidays? I am not a era vet I more than paid my dues and it neaver stopes or goes away Lets put it this way A VET IS A VET IF HE OR SHE WAS LUCKY ENOUGHT TO NOT HAVE SEEN COMBAT( GOD LOVE EM ) THEY DO NOT HAVE TO LIVE WITH WHAT WE DO IF LOWES CAN NOT HANDEL THAT f— UM gO TO HD

    • Kim

      Hey Mike,
      You are 100% correct, I totally agree with you. I’m a service-connected disabled veteran (Persian Gulf) and there’s a huge difference between active duty and reservists responsibilities. I was in the reserves for four years after my EOS and one weekend a month, we mostly just hung out on that weekend and got to travel to wonderful location outside of the U.S. once a year (AT). It is rare that a reservist ever sees the ocean, the field, or is actually in the air. It’s just an easy way to get a few hundred dollars extra a month!!

      • Stacey

        I wonder were you have been for the last decade. I know many reservist who have served 2 or more combat tours in Iraq and Afganistan. My husband served in Desert Storm and two tours in Iraq. He has always been a reservist. He has a combat related injury. You might has seen your reserve obligation as a few hundred dollars but I can assure you that the rest of us reservist do not.

      • Rob

        My Air Guard Unit has supported every major conflict since 1989 and many smaller ones. The Guard supplies over 25% of the total airlift with a significant less amount of aircraft. If you were more involved you would see that the responsibilities are the same only we do it for way less money

      • adam

        Kim you have to remember how long were conflicts prior to 911? One tour of afgan is longer and way more dangerous then all of desert storm was. So when you were a reservist a few years later the role of the reserve had drastically changed as opposed to now when it has been on going fighting for 10 years so the reserve and guard have had to help out wether they intended to when they choose reserve or not

      • Kathy

        Must have been a looooongg time ago before that huge change in the early ’90s. Since then Reservists have been deployed for years at a time in theater on every front. I can only speak for the Coast Guard though. I used to hate dealing with those lazy Reservists; now they earn their pay and my respect!
        USCG CPO

      • bob

        Ur a moron and a liar, u must not be infantry

    • Ken

      I show my ID card from the VA that shows that I,m a disabilied vet and I always get 10% off.

    • Steven Allen

      Mike OK I am a Retired Reservist spent 9 years active duty Navy and 13 in the Reserves. Was in during the first persian Gulf War in 1990 I get tired of all the active duty people saying how reservist don’t do anything. I Retired with an Honorable discharge and I have to wait until I am 60 before I get any benefits while the Active duty person gets 1/2 of his pay and benefits as soon as he or she retires. I was activated while in the reserves for a year and the unit I retired from has been activated 3 times already so don’t give me any of that we never see any action junk. Your service is no more important any other veteran who served combat or not!!!!!!

      • Steve why are you complaining about not being able to collect retiree benefits until you are 60? You knew the rules when you jettisoned after 9 years, whereas the rest of remained on deployments for months and months at a time through the remainder of our careers. I served fro nearly 21 years and I can tell you that 21 is a whole world of difference from 9. I could do 9 standing on my head. So what exactly would you expect for 1/2 a career? In any case this discussion is about vet and retiree “freebies” (God I hate that word, because we earned it).

        • STEVE ALLEN

          Brian; I am just saying you get benifits now. I retired when I was 42 when I retired from the reserves I have to wait 18 years and if I dont make it until age 60 I DONT GET A DARN THING. YOUR SERVICE IS NO MORE IMPORTANT THEN MINE. ALL YOU ACTIVE DUTY PEOPLE GET EVERYTHING I HAVE TO WAIT UNTIL 60 YEARS OLD. I THINK THAT IS UNFAIR YOU DOPE

    • M2HB

      Never look a gift horse in the mouth.

    • mike

      That says it all viet nam is the only war that put the era astric on it .It like saying that we did nothing to contribute.The government needs to remove
      it,they will not because most of congress wishes that they do nnot have to
      admit it happened,they prefer to keep stealing from the American people.

    • sfm4042

      As a VietNam I never had any problem getting the 10% discount any day of the week and they always say thank you for your service.This Lowes is located on six mile cypress in Fort Myers, Florida, so see they do,dont run your mouth without knowing what you are talking about before you ruin a good thing for everyone!

    • Robert50

      My Lowes and Home depot give me my 10% miltiary didcounts all year round here in Southern California… I either just show my VA card, or my Government ID card…
      At Lowes this summer I bought a $3000.00 enclosed trailer and I saved $299.00 because of my 10% military discount…
      Thank you Lowes employees!!!!

    • Richard

      I don’t know where you live but here in Jacksonville NC Lowe’s will always give a 10%discount with proper ID. The kicker is you have to ask for it like most other businesses. Mishawaka IN does the same thing.

    • mike j

      I am in the Reserves and I have been deployed twice. While my tours may not have been Viet Nam, it’s not a walk in the park either. Don’t point the finger at the Reserves and National Guard and cry woe is me. You only cause division amongst veterans. Instead, send Home Depot and Lowes an email if you feel that their policy needs to be adjusted to service Viet Nam vets better.

      • Steven Allen

        Amen Brother

    • Rae

      Lowe’s in Phoenix, AZ offers 10% daily.

    • L McKown

      what are you talking about – I get 10% off at Lowes every day as retired military

    • Wayne Wheeler

      Read it again Mike – Lowe’s offers ALL Vets a 10% diacount any day of the year, not just on 3 holidays. I spent 4 years in the US Navy from 1960 to 1964. I present my VA ID at checkout and receive a 10% discount every time I shop. Thank you Lowe’s!!!

      • Let’s not confuse Vet IDs and Vets. Not all Vets have an ID, most Vets with IDs have them because they are being treated medically through the VA, which although they may not all be rated with a disability Lowes and Home Depot considers that sufficient proof as “disabled Vets”. I can guarantee you that if you go to a Lowe’s or Home Depot without some sort of Vet ID you aren’t getting the discount. At least here in the Philadelphia area.

    • Viet Nam Vet Wife

      Our Lowes gives 10% discount to my Viet Nam era veteran husband year round. Just ask for it at the register! They do this year round. Of course, this doesn’t apply to items on sale. :)

    • John

      Please tell me you are joking. I personnaly took offense as I am a National Guardsmen currently downrange in Afghanistan on my second tour in 3 years. Some of my guys with me are on their 5th combat deployment. I don’t really know what reservists you are reffering to that do not deploy to “War times”.

      Just a little FYI – 3 out of the 5 recent casualties here were National Guardsmen. I got it – you are frustrated about a discount, but you need to get your facts straight before bringing up the National Guard/Reservists roles over the last 10 years of conflict. Even better would be to quit comparing your service to other branches/components. We are all fighting to defend our country together.

      • Debra

        I would give you two thumbs up if this forum allowed it., Well said! I was an activated Reservist in 03 and I flew medical missions picking up our injured soldiers to include all services,

    • Charles

      If I,recall there were several thousand reservists killed during the ww 11 war when they landed at Iwo Jima 4th Marines

    • doug

      U dumb or what almost every reserve componet was activated in the past 10 years, know what u r talking about before running ur ignorant mouth

    • crisco

      Mike, I’m sure you didn’t mean any harm, but you should read Sean’s posting, that puts it ALL in perspective. Also as someone suggested, you have to ASK for the discount in order to get it whenever you shop at Loews. These people owe us NOTHING, we VOLUNTEERED to serve and protect and the fact that some of them want to say thank you is awesome! Any of us that EXPECT it are truly pitiful.

    • bang bang

      mike,if you have a VA card,you get 10% everyday but i do not think they carry chopped liver!

    • Huey

      They offer you a 10% everyday you need your ID card or DD Form 214 to get it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • jim

      i have to agree with you 100%, if we as viet nam vets received half of what they claim was available i wouldn’t be out of work for the past 2 years, i respect all who have served but we have been pushed by the wayside for many years


    • I am a retired NCO, a Vietnam Vet and a supporter of the guard and reserve our local Guard unit is being deployed for a 5th time overseas get past your anger and appreciate the sponsor’s as for me Thank You to all who are participating. Sarge

    • Bob

      More reservists are serving in combat then the active duty in these wars. The active duty stays on there nice bases state sides while the part time military leaves there families and goes into harms way. Yes thanks to those who served before us we are treated better so Thank You. BUT you better back off ripping on reservists……….

    • S votano

      how dare you!! My husband was a Viet Nam vet AND retired from the reserves, serving in the Persian Gulf also!! Any form of military should deserve the small gift of 10%


      Hi Mike I go to Lowes in new england ,MA ,NH, ME, VT and I always get a 10% discount I show my VA disabled card and I have never had a problem with Lowes or Home Depot any time of yr I hope this info help Thankyou for your service Godbless and welcome Home
      ——-FRENCHY 7- 67–8- 68 240TH AHC NAM

    • Steve

      No, but you should have stayed in for over 20 years…..
      Thanks for serving, Steve

    • At least LOWE’S offers SOMETHING!!! In case anyone needs to be enlightened, … Lowe;s is, BY FAR, BETTER than Home Depot! Their Associates/Sales persons and Customer Service outshines their main competitor!

    • Gayle G

      did you read it? it says ‘all active duty, National Guard and Reserve, retirees and dis­abled Ser­vice­mem­bers and their imme­di­ate fam­i­lies.’ NOTHING about Viet Nam era vets. retirees and disable Service members are the only ones except active duty.

    • Army Wife

      FYI – my husband is an Army Reservists in PSYOPS and he has been called to active duty for war 3 times now and serves in combat situations. He has a family with 3 sons that he has had to leave each time. So, get your facts straight – Reservists are being called on now more than ever to leave their families and serve in Iraq and Afganistan. 3 times, 36 months of full time active duty in a war zone – he deserves a measly 10% discount.

    • captn_comet

      belive or not just because i did not serve in veit nam i am still a vet .so if you think just because you were in country makes you more of a vet then me you can kiss my………….

  • Kate Braxton

    My husband served 20 years and retired complely disabled. I stood by his side for all this time yet I am not allowed to participate in his honor. I gave the service 20 years of my life also.

    • jsj

      My husband, the dependent, has no problem with either Home Depot or Lowe’s. Both honor his dependent id.

    • Charlie

      Looking a gift horse in the mouth, eh? You share in an honor every month – a pension and disability check! I appreciate your husband’s sacrafice, but companies don’t have to offer anything. And I’d understand if they stopped making offers because of ungrateful individuals.

    • roselynn

      Know how you feel. The family serves also but no one ever thinks about that….

      • Kelly

        I don’t necessarily agree with your statement. The family members are not physically in the combat zone, they don’t have to possibly shoot someone, see somone get killed right in front of them, endure nightly rocket attacks, etc. Yes, they do have to deal with the emotional toll it may put on the military member but that is not the same thing as actually going through that stuff or actually putting your life on the line. Also, there are tons of benefits given for dependents like extra housing allowance, dislocation allowance, support programs, free tickets, TV shows giving away new homes, etc., that aren’t provided to an average everday civilian family. I spent 23 years single in the military and my mother and friends were my support system yet they don’t recieve any special benefits for it and I don’t believe they should because they weren’t the one’s in the combat zones putting their actual life on the line. I think you should be extremely grateful for all the benefits you already get and stop expecting/demanding more just because your married a soldier.

    • AJAB

      What, do you not have an ID card?

      If you are the wife of a 20 year retired service member wether he is alive or passed you are still an ID carrying dependant.

      Unless you have remarried.

      • Sheila

        I concur…she needs to go get her ID card. My father served in Vietnam and my Mom dosen’t want to take the time for herself to go get her ID card, so she misses out on discounts.

    • Linda Peacher

      I really hate it when these dependents think that should be honored and get what the military member receives. YOU DIDN’T DO WHAT THEY DO TO SERVE! It’s a rough life, I know, as a single parent and 20 year Navy vet. Try doing what I did! Quit whining!

      • Military Spouse

        The hell we don’t serve. We take on all of the homefront responsibilities, and get to worry just as much about our spouses lives, and what they are doing when they are gone. You are whining yourself, crying single parent. When your service member is deployed….spouses get to be single parents. It’s a rough life to choose for love, and very honorable. Just as honorable as laying your life on the line, we get to worry about the ones we love and take care of everything in their absence. Service is service, I feel I have proudly served my country as a military spouse.

        • kelly

          I just had to respond to your post as it blows my mind that you could actually post “that it is a rough life to choose love and very honorable just as much as laying you life on the line” as that tell me you really have no clue what you spouse endures being an actual military member. You didn’t marry that person as some great sacrafice for this county. I think it great that you get additional support, benefits, perks for going above and beyond for their family because your spouse is in the military, honestly it would be nice if everyone who went above and beyond for their family did, but to demand it or to expect equal credit/reward for what the soldier actual has to go through is offensive to this 23 year, military veteran.

        • JAE

          You would be in the same boat if your husband worked as a civilian contractor. Many women whose husbands are away for long periods have to be single parents. this badge of courage is not yours mam. Honor your vows, ” for better or worse” and be proud of your husband. Stop trying to steal his honor. Motherhood has its own honor. Stop whining. you don’t deserve this benefit. Incidentally, I am a retired female vet.

        • Jae

          You served your husband and your children which is what you vowed to do when you married him. Service is his honor, not yours. Pipe down. Vets have sacrificed enough. They don’t need their spouses piling on just because they can’t share in benefits afforded those who actually served.

        • A veteran

          The hell if you do serve!!! Okay, so you worry about your husband….congratulations! It is not the same as the one who may lose their life. Okay, so you took care of the homefront when the vet was away, guess what…you still were not serving your country, you were taking care of your family. You serve your family, which is what you should do! Did you take an oath? You could have walked away, but we can’t until the contract is up, and sometimes not then! You are not a vet so GET OVER IT!!!!!

      • Rich Haas

        Linda God Bless you and your family sacrafice, and your Husband for his service. Also thank you for your comments to Kate B. the whiner. Some people get confussed between active service to our country and love, support and devotion to their family. Don’t get me wrong I understand the family sacrafice and role as a dependent being a son of a lifer who served 32 yrs, lost my Mother due to inadiquate medical service over seas, older brother’s life all but runed due to same 6 mos.later I served 5 1/2 yrs, my youngest son 3yrs 101st during first year of Iraq war, and my oldest son in for 14 yrs now and present in Iraq and like many others this is not his first time. Therefore just to let Kate B. and the ones who aren’t afraid to give the whining opinion yet sign it military spouse stop bitching and be happy and proud of those that did service, who lived through more of a hell than three screeming children, whith two needing changing and all needing feeding. Belive it or not there are spouses who have their others not in nor ever been in the military who have the same lives suck it up and thank your spouse not only for his committment to this great country, but also your sour grapes.

      • shirley

        i am the widow of a 100% disabled service member, we do not receive all those benefits that we are entitled to. The only financial benefits that I receive it DIC $1,154. per month, that I am grateful for, but my husband gave his life for this, what is your life worth per month, and the SBP annuity that we paid every month thinking that I would be secure if something happened to him, is NOT paid to us because the gov cannot afford to pay it. They call it the WIDOW TAX. So why are we taxed so much? We paid for this every month and then when we need it–it is not paid. Sure glad my auto insurance is not like our gov.

        • veteran widow

          I’m sorry for your lost, but you must asked yourself…if he had not served would he still be alive??? We all die, but because he was a 100% disabled veteran you receive a monthly benefit to ASSIST you with your living. I don’t know any retirement plan that “takes care of you”. DIC benefits grants you all the benefits of the disabled veteran and that is a lot because you did not adorn a uniform. Be thankful, enjoy your benefits, and stop looking for a handout from the gov’t! I lost my career husband and do not receive any benefits from the VA because he committed suicide and I can’t prove it was service related. My husband served honorably and I cherish everyday we had together. I am proud of my husband for serving and I will NOT dishonor him for greed.

    • Craig Turney

      Kate, if you have an ID card, most places will give you the discount/meal. My wife uses her card on Vet’s day to eat at Applebees.

    • Ray

      What did you give that most wives don’t?

      • Sheila

        You have no idea Ray! Before judging other’s, try walking in their shoes first!

      • shirley

        my husband

    • Vickie McKay

      My husband served 20 years and my son served 8 years. I served as a mother and wife and just thankful they came home in one piece. If anything, I hope the retailers will extend these discounts to the Gold Star mothers. They truly sacrificed along with their loved one(s) that died allowing me to continue living in freedom. Thank you to all you great veterans out there and our active duty still serving. Thank you to the families that keep on keeping on whether loved ones are on the battlefield or back at the home front. God bless each and every one of you!

      • Rich Haas

        Vickie God Bless you for your comments and I believe you hit it spot on about the love ones of Gold Star families and in my heart I feel any retailer would proudly give them this benefit in behalf of their love one who gave their all for this Nation. I also feel some would give it year round. Thanks again

      • Sheila

        I think instead of complaining on here, these women need to write to Lowe’s and Home Depot and BE NICE and likely, they’ll modify their policy!

    • John McDonnell

      GOD BLESS YOU for YOUR SERVICE Kate! As a disabled vet . . . I salute you!
      THANK YOU and THANK your husband for his SERVICE to our country!!!!

    • wizard

      I was married to someone in the military before I joined. I didn’t expect Veteran benefits when I was a dependent. A Veteran is a person that served active duty in the military. If you wanted Veteran benefits….then you should have joined. There have been many families….like myself…..where both husband and wife are active duty at the same time. Just because you were a spouse doesn’t entitle you to the same benefits that I earned being active duty. You think it’s hard being a wife to a military person. Think of the sacrifice that families make when both are active duty.

      • dolphin

        I agree with you wizard–my husband and i both are active duty, and i have watched so many that are dual military have to endure everything and yet some people dont get what being both active dual military is like–its worse than being mil to civilian. My friends are mil to civilian and they ask us all the time how we do it since they can barely do it…and it just goes to show that it is harder as both military because we never really see eachother in our jobs, and yet are still loving, living, and fighting for both our country and relationship.

      • Rich Haas

        wizard thank you for your comments and both for your service

    • Ken Pannell

      Kate I am a veteran of 22 years and am in total agreement with you. Wives sacrifice tremenously. Most of them follow us from station to station, creating homes wherever they happened to land, care for our children when we are often off in some foreign land or training ground, stretch their budget to fit within our payscales, etc.,. God Bless You all and maybe and hopefully soon, you all will receive the recognition you deserve

      • Ray

        I am a veteran of 23 years and while my wife was supportive of me she claims no CREDIT for my service. It’s great that you stood by your spouses side but that’s what you vowed to on your wedding day. Military spouses may have to move more often but don’t sacrifice as much as a police officers or firefighters spouse. Those spouses never know on a daily basis if their spouse will come home. I love and respect my wife for what she has done and she will be the first to tell you she is not the one who was placed in harms way. The VETERAN was, which is why they call it VETERANS DAY not spouses day.

        • Rich Haas

          Ray thank you for your comments and service, and please thank your wife for her way of thinking and God Bless you both

      • single parent vet

        Ken, a person who serves in the reserves or guard who does not get activated to active duty is not considered a veteran and do not get any benefits, but you think a spouse should……I think you are confusing family loyality with serving your country. I was a single parent in the military and living in different places, most overseas, was exactly what I wanted for me and my family. I knew what I was signing up for and my daughters enjoyed the experiences! It was wonderful, not a horrible chore. Many military families opt to stay in one place so there are choices, or better yet, they could left the military life style if it wasn’t what they wanted.

    • Steven

      Oh fucking cry me a river one day out of the year and and of course yall women are never happy. Its your job as his spouse and wife to do everything you did.

    • ChuckL

      This may be late, but I just found out about your service. For those who don’t know, Kate’s service was as hard or even harder than most of ours. She not only served, but she also had a constant worry about her loved ones and what would happen. It did, She is still serving.

      Thank you Kate. we need more like you.

    • Marine

      i bet he provide for you each and every day of that twenty yrs…………you dont deserve a fucking thing

    • TomP

      If you have a qualifiying ID card then you are eligible also. See below for what I just posted in a reply to another person about the year-round military discount.

      Okay, I checked with Home Depot and the official company policy is that if a person making the purchase is a qualified purchaser making a qualified purchase, then they should be given the 10% military discount. Here are two direct quotes from the Home Depot corporate representative I was communicating with:

      “We offer a Year Round 10% Military Discount to military personnel and their immediate family members (mother, father, brother, sister, child) who present the following valid military ID?s:

      Active Duty/Reservist Military ID card with a picture (white background)

      A retired Military ID card with a picture (blue background) Includes civilians who retired from a Military Base.

      Active Military and Retired Military ID card for spouse/dependants (tan background)

      Retired Military Id Reservist with picture (red/pink) background for Retired Reservist and Reservist Dependent.

      VA Card (Department of Veterans Affairs) – MUST have the words SERVICE CONNECTED under picture.”

      In a later email from the company, the person stated quite unequivocably “All the stores should be following the company wide policy provided in the previous email.”

    • Jen

      Thank You Charlie!!!!!

    • edree

      If he is retired and you are a dependant, you have a government ID. That has worked for my wife everywhere.

    • desert

      You are absolutely right! My wife was by my side while I served the majority of my hitch and both my children were born in Navy Hospitals….seems to me my whole family is Navy!!

      • wizard

        But only you signed on the dotted line and became government property. You wife could have joined too. My husband and I both were in the military and had kids. If she had wanted to be recognized as a Veteran then she should have joined. Trust me…..she didn’t sacrifice no where near what my Dual Parent Military Family did. And there are plenty out there. She is a spouse/dependent……you should acknowledge all that she did….she signed papers with you….not the government.

      • sailor

        She being by your side is being your spouse….not a sailor. What ship was she attached too??? I was a female sailor and a parent and I know what being a sailor is and it is NOT being a spouse/child of a sailor. We had children in military hospitals for serving, which was a large savings. I am the veteran and my family is extremely proud of me. When I was active duty, my family was recognize for their support from every command I was attached to, but they still did not put on the uniform!

    • Bob

      No you didn’t. You married a military guy period.You gave him 20 years of your life. This is Veterans Day. When they come up with a day to honor wives, so be it. This day is only about the men & women who signed the dotted line to serve their country!

    • wizard

      Yep, you gave 20 years of your life to it to him. Not the Military. You are a wife, spouse, mother, provider, supporter, dependent…..but you are not a VETERAN!!! If you wanted to be acknowledged as a Veteran….then you should have joined the Military. Both myself and my husband were active duty at the same time. We are both Veterans. You could have done the same. This is Veterans Day….not Military Spouse or Military Dependent Day.

  • Shelby

    Food Lion stores will also be giving active and retired a 10% discount on Friday.

  • Slide

    Why is it that most Vietnam Vets think that they are the only ones who ever fought a war? Am I the only one who doesn’t? I honor Vets of ALL wars instead of whining about ours.

    • Dave M

      You are wrong! Viet Nam Vets don’t think they are the only ones who have fought a war, we are the only ones who were spat upon for doing so!

      • Linda

        You damn right Dave. I had two brothers in Nam who fought in Nam and to many friends. They were treated like crap when they flew home. I remember only to well.

      • Dutch

        You betcha, Dave!!! When I returned from Phan Rang AB, RVN in March 1972, I was treated like dirt. Everybody hated us. I for one am glad to see veterans FINALLY getting the respect that WE deserve but never asked for.

    • Richard Smith

      I agree that all vets deserve the honors, but soldiers fromother wars didn’t return to people cursing, spitting and treating you like a criminal. As a disabled Vietnam Vet I can tell you it wasn’y the same as returing from Korea, or one of the World Wars. I can also tell you that even the VA did not treat Vetnam Vets the same as other wars. They rated Vietnam Vets disabilities lower than in any other War, including the Middle East conflict. This is true because I received information through the “Freedom of Information Act”. I compared ratings for other Wars to my rating for similar injuries. Also Higher ranking Officiers also were rated higher than enlisted men.. So yes Vietnam Vets do feel a little different. We are not whinners, but people like you can never understand what we went through on our return. Unfortunately we were not treated well by the media, by the average citizenand especially by our government.

    • Daniel

      I worked in a Texas welfare office for 15 years after serving in the Air Force for 25. You wouldn’t believe the number of “vets” that claimed to have served in Viet Nam, demanding assistance as repayment for that war tour. In many cases, simple math revealed they weren’t even old enough to have served in the military during that time.

      • packersfan

        i agree daniel. i worked in Customer ID, and many would come in and say that they were even wifes back then but that they didnt want the card until now or the ones that would come in and say that they were vets but then showed after calculations that they werent around or were too young to serve when it was going on. My favorite will always be the ones that were married, got divorced, remarried, but didnt want to lose their benefits so they kept the info as being non-married and then tried to come back in and get a card but when asked for the ID they showed the marriage name…..the way some people can be.

    • Rosalee Adams

      I don’t believe Vietnam vets think they are somehow unique but rather noteworthy that while other wars were acceptable, it was not so for Vietnam
      At least most of America can now differentiate between the warrior and the war. During Vietnam, they did not seem capable of doing that.
      With our involvement in Iraq and Afghanistan I had deep concerns about
      a similar thing happening, but it has not.
      I still remember what it was like when I was in the San Francisco bay area and wore my uniform off base. The comments were often such that I do not wish to repeat them here. Later when I was at the Pentagon it was often an obstacle course to get through the main entrance. There is a HUGE difference now thankfully.

    • Len

      I think you need to re-read the post. The comment was about the treatment of returning VietNam vets in the 60’s and 70’s. During that period we were spit on, cussed at, accused of being “baby killers”, and other hateful acts. You are apparently too young to remember those times of our humiliation and shunning.

      • Jim

        They were trying times indeed, Len. It’s No wonder so many of us turned to self medication.

    • Recon101

      I’ve had family serve in Vietnam and I have served 3 times in Iraq and Desert Storm. Those who served in Vietnam did not get the same welcome and appreciation that we did. I could not believe the welcome we got coming back. It was like a parade at the airport every time I came back. I would have heartache if what I did was greeted openly by a slap in the face or a spit on my uniform. It’s never too late to show them the appreciation they deserve but decades afterward is a wrong that never should have happened. To all who served before…..thanks for leading the way.

    • Grunt

      that war was just a hoax,never happened…haha

      • cynthia

        obviously you were either not born or are an idiot.

    • Tony

      It was so bad when I was coming home from Camp Pendleton USMC that I took off my uniform at the airport and put my civies on. I was a proud Marine but the insults and name calling was terrible. Only someone not from the Vietnam era would make a stupid remark like that.

      • Slide

        Son I have the credentials!

      • Rich Haas

        Tony I understand your anger but try to remember from the first war to todays they were for honor and country by where a group or brother and sister Americians stood shoulder to shoulder for the cause of freedom for not only this nation but all thoses who would stand with us. Some day the different groups of this world will stop getting in a pissing contest, and united we will stand strong. GOD BLESS AMERICA, PLEASE GIVE US THE STRENGTH TO LEAD THE WAY!

    • janet

      Thank you very much my husband served in Korea. He came home to the VFW telling him that he did not serve in a war. IT WAS A POLICE ACTION… the guns still had ammo in them. We also honor all vets.

    • vern

      yA KNOW YA MIGHT BE RIGHT A vet is a vet and a brother or a sister. They may not have walked in my shoes I may not have walked in theirs.

      But damit we both walked GOD SAVE AMERICA FORM YOU KNOW WHOOOOOO BHO

    • kit o

      We just had the traveling wall here in town and my husband had the Military Vet. Motorcycle Club & Vietnam Motorcycle Club along with Legion & VFW riders. Nearly 500 showed up to escort the wall in (all different ages too!) Later we escorted a bus full and van full of Vets from the home/rehab in Tampa to come and join the bikers. These Vets were from the WW2 – Korea-Vietnam-and Desert Storm wars. It was such a pleasure to visit with these warriors – one of whom was a Baton Prisoner of war vet. What a survivor. We had them eat with us and they also got to have a glass of beer. Most of them were in wheel chairs and were pushed around by the MC club vets. I believe the Vietnam vets don’t believe that they are the only war vets, but are truley the vets that were scorned and spit on when they returned home.

    • Slide

      Whine, Whine, Whine!!

      • bob

        Hey Slide
        I remember you, your the one that spit on my uniform over forty years ago!

    • Kim

      Your right too, Slide, it does seem that the Vietnam Vets do go on and on about what they don’t get vs. what Vets of other wars receive. A United States Military Veteran is just that, and as far as treatment, service, special little 10% discounts, or whatever it be; we are all one. We should honor vets of all wars!! And as far as that fact goes, we should also honor Vets who served during Peacetime, as we all enlist, knowing there is always a potential for wartime, so I say, Hats off to every single VETERAN!!

      • Dave

        Your so right Kim, in addition to your statement I joined the army when I was 17, the army didnt send me to veitnam because of my age, After i was 18 i tried 3 times to go to vietnam but was turned down, what hurts me deeply is the vietnam vets will shun me, and tell me im not a vietnam vet , which is true, but i trained for 3 years and tried with all my power to go….I wished with all my heart I could have gone with my fellow soldiers……………but?

    • brilon

      Always dangerous … and mostly not true … when you use a broad brush. I think that “most Vietnam vets” is too broad brush and not true. This perspective comes from a Vietnam vet and a retired sergeant major. People asked to go to war by civilians who pick wars, badly, do not get to pick their wars.

    • don

      Your whinning now. It is obvious that you don’t know what your talking about!!!How many discounts are the Chinese giving you. God bless all vets and the companies that give .
      Thank you

    • 25th infantry vet

      No, we are not the only ones who have fought for our country, but we are the only ones who were spat upon and called baby killers. When I left the service at Oakland, Ca I was advised not to wear my uniform, how is that for the LOVE we received.

    • Maj. Jordan

      Stop being a whining bitch. You didn’t come back from Vietnam wounded disabled and no one would hire you or look you in the eyes. We fought for whining bitches like you. Another unappreciated American. Thank God your no longer on duty. Your an ass but happy Veterand Day anyway.
      Major USMC

    • cynthia

      the viet nam vet has gotten lost in the shuffle of the current conflicts we have had. I am a viet nam vet and know that the concentration as of late has shifted to the returning vets. i don’t begrudge them any acknowledgement, but ALL vets should be honored ALL the time.

    • SugarMagnolia

      You obviously have no clue what the experiences of Viet Nam Vets felt. Today our brother and sister GI’s come home as a unit to cheering and applause. We came home one at a time to a very hostile reception. I remember on the flight home I changed into civies because I didn’t know what to expect when I got off the plane and I sure didn’t want to find out. When I got to baggage claim and got my seabag I was asked by a stranger “Are you in the service?” I said “No”, which was actually true as I had my HD so I was inactive. For 39 years I still feel disgusted about that incident. I am very happy that todays GI’s come home to the reception they deserve. It’s just too bad that it had to take one of the most tragic days in our history for Americans to “Snap out of it!” I don’t know if I can think “Better late than never” but it definately is progress. Better to embrace the present, rather then let the past eat away at us like cancer. Bitterness takes WAY too much work.

    • CadamsVet

      Vietnam veterans fought a conflict — not a certificated war that’s the difference– check history— continue to support all veterans programs we appreciate all Americans that’s what we fought for .
      Thank You

      • womanvet

        Kid, if there are bullets flying in your direction, it makes not difference if you call it a war, police action, conflict, etc. It’s still war! Let’s not fight amongst ourselves. Veterans are veterans, regardless.

      • 101st Airborne

        If you would take the time to check there has not been a declared war since World War II. So to say that Vietnam vets did not fight in a “war” is insanity. Desert Storm, all of the Iraqi and Afganistan “war” is not declared so you are going to say they did not fight in a war? Get real and your head out of the sand. Our military are still fighting and dying whether it is a declared war or a “conflict”. It was people like you that cussed us, spit on us, called us baby killers and thew burning bags of excrement at us. Do we feel bitter? Yes! And have every reason to feel so.

    • Jorge Lopez

      could be we were the only child killers and got spit on instead of the receptions and bands and all kind of nice things the ones who come back now receive.( and I am one who greets them and thanks them for a job well done) and I got spit in the face and insulted too.

    • ron

      I am not a Vietnam veteran; however, Vietnam veterans are the only US veteran that were treated badly when they returned home. Alot of Vietnam vets lost their lives and are mentally and physically handicapped as the result of a war that many did not voluteer to serve in. I am a 13 year Air Force captain and I feel that I am more than qualified to speak onthis subject. As the result of the aforementioned many Vietnam vets are rightly bitter and hurt behind the way this country treated them when they returned home.

    • CSM

      You were wellcomed home Viet Vets were spit upon. When I came home from Viet Nam I had to change into civilian clothing in the airport bath room so I would not get hasseled. The one thing I remember the most was a buck sergeant with a silver star and and 2 purple hearts changing out of his uniform, it still sadens my heart today. You had to fight on one front while we had two fronts there and at home. I have since served in Desert Storm, and Bosnia. I to honor all vets of all wars but I still hurt from Viet Nam, why do you think when one Viet Nam vets meets the other and says “welcome home”. All soldiers vets should be honored not just thosed in wars,.

    • Rich Haas

      Slide I understand your way of thinking, But remember this they are the only ones who fought for their country, most drafted and came home to a nation who turned their backs to them, not all but alot. I was at the airport when a group of men just came back from nam and a young long haired man and woman passed by and spit on one the middle age soldier just turned and watched them walk away head hung looking sad. I walked over and started cussing the young couple standing up for the soldier. He came over grabing me by the shoulder asking me to stop and calm down. Once I did he said you don’t understand I was fighting for Americians right and freedom to fell the way they want to. Me still mad and not understanding what he said I yelled they don’t have the right to discrace you by spitting on you with that the young man said you’re right man and said they were sorry for spitting but still didn’t agree with the war, that’s when it hit me I then knew what he ment. I respect all Vets no matter when they served, GOD BLESS THEM ONE AND ALL!

    • Ray

      vietnam viets unlike us have been given the shaft by the people and the government. they deserve more credit then we do, I am proud to know a few vietnam vets as a vet I am proud of this country unlike the liberals who try to ruin the country and treated the vietnam viets like dirt

    • MGUNS

      I don’t know who you are but, let me clarify something…Vietnam was never declared a war, just like Korea wasn’t. We didn’t come home to any kind of band playing or people cheering or for that matter a handshake for fighting for our country. What we did come home to was demonstrations calling us baby killers and flag burning. What you came home to and still do, is people calling you a hero and thanking you for fighting for our country. We didn’t have a wounded warrior program or a program for the Vets who did return and weren’t well physically or mentally, but, because of our so called whinning we were able to secure the benefits that you enjoy today. I served my country for 30 years in the Marine Corps and served in Vietnam from 67-69 as a grunt. I didn’t want to be known as a hero, just a Marine that served his country honorably. By the way the average number of days of fighting in Vietnam was 244 days a year compared to approximately 40 in WWII. Oh yeah by the way, over 50,000 of us never came home. We don’t want your pity. Semper fi!

    • Bill

      I am a viet nam vet. and I have never heard of any viet nam vet thinking that we are the only ones that fought a war. You might of heard a few but thats not all viet nam vets there are thousands and I dont think thousands say what you are saying. I to respect all men and women now serving and have served. We are all brothers and sisters. I am a United states Marine untill I die and no one is going to put me down with words. Semper-Fi hoorah!!!

    • Wayne

      During the course of the Vietnam War there were almost 2 million soldiers sent there. Do you mean “Most Vietnam Vets” of those 2 million, dishonor
      Vets from other wars????? I beg to differ with you. The Majority “most” honor Vets from all wars. I know we wern’t welcomed back with parades in the streets but that is no excuse to claim that “most” Viet Vets think only of themselves and the war they fought. Vets are all equal, no matter what war they fought.

    • Janet D.

      All Vietnam Vets do not think that they are the only ones who ever fought a war. As a matter of fact, I am a Vietnam Vet, and I know better. Are you a vet? Have you ever fought in a war? If so, you wouldn’t be asking that question. Perhaps what you should be asking is “Why were Vietnam Vets the only vets dispised and spit upon?” “Why were they blamed for the war when all they did was answer the call of duty?” Come on, get your information right

    • Fred

      I returned on my 20th birthday Dec 7, 1966 from Vietnam. We were told not to were our uniform on our way home. I missed the plane to LAX from San Diego and drove to LAX with two others. As we walked into the airport we were called baby killers, sussed at ans spit upon. The icing on the cake was that the attendant at the check in counter said that he had put me on the stand by list and that the kids in college was going before me. Well I had a full fair ticket and I said no that he would have to give the boot to one of the college kids and that I was getting on the plane. His boss heard what this kid said and taped him on the shoulder and told him that he was fired. I and three other military people got on the plane for Houston. I was proud to wear my uniform and never gave it second thought about standing up for my rights. That has been 45 years now, it is still fresh in my mind. I praise all VETS but we have never been welcomed home. We did not get the thanks for what we did.

      • Jim Z

        Welcome Home, Fred. I did mine in Berlin ‘On The Wall’ 287th MP 72-74

  • Bob Fujoco

    Why is it that Home Depot will not give a 100% disbaled veteran a 10% discount on an item that already has a 10% discout on it. This mean that there is NO discount for a disabled veteran.

    • Bill C.

      I am a 100% disabled Vet & have been given the 10% discount year round just by showing my ID…..

      • Jim

        I get the discount as well, but if you buy more than one item (say 4 items) and you only need to use some of them or need to return an item which you purchased, you have to return ALL items on the receipt in order to get your refund.

        • TomP

          That is _no_t true, you need only return what you have not used. If you do not have a receipt, then you will be given a store credit for what you return. Even if you don’t have a receipt, if you purchased it with a credit card and have that card with you, they can look up the item using that info (if it’s within 90 days) and process your return that way. Plus, if you buy something and forget to get your 10% discount, you just need to take your receipt back to the store and your military ID and explain that you forgot to get your discount and they can take care of you. Go to the Special Services Desk. They will take your receipt, process all the items on the receipt as returns then re-enter the items, take the discount and total it. The net result is the 10% discount. I’ve done it a number of times. But be smart about it and try not to do that during busy times as it is a time consuming process if there are many items. Also, try and do it within 90 days of the original purchase date. If the person tells you they can’t do it, ask to see a manager as it’s easily done. I’m a Home Depot employee and I know these statements are factual.

  • will

    Home Depot leaves the discount to local management discretion, My local store stopped the discount due to not enough profits. Our local VA and Vet groups no don’t go there anymore, so who’s losing more money now ?????

    • TomP

      I don’t believe that is true. I believe that the discount is a corporate policy not a local one. I’ll check and get a reference on that and post what I find out here (hopefully I can remember to do that!). Tom

    • Erin

      I lived near Jacksonville, FL for six years. There are many military bases in that area and non of the Home Depots offered a discount any day of the year. I even knew active duty members that worked there as a second job. They were the ones that confirmed they couldnt do anything at all for the military. It is a nice “thank you” that shouldnt be looked at as earned or deserved. Just something to appreciate when it is offered. However, many businesses offered a discount in that area because of the amount of sericemembers and verterans in the area. There were chains I visited that did not have it posted, you just had to ask. And those same chains, if visited in Indiana, did not offer that discount. So I understand the regional aspect. This same discount is usually offered to Police, Firefighters, and EMS personnel. This all coming from an EMT and former Navy Spouse.

      • dg13

        I am a VN VET living in Jacksonville, FL and recently bought a front door from Home Depot and did not know of the 10% discount. The sales clerc noticed my Army hat and gave me the 10% discount.

    • George P.

      You need to send a message to Home Depot, use their web site. My Home Depot said they didn’t give the discount anymore so I sent an email to the customer service and they notified me that the store did give a discount and contacted the store, the store manager called me. It is a corporate policy, not a local store policy.

    • Rich Haas

      Will That’s the way to do it , you don’t need to protest cry and whine if you don’t like the way a company does business then spread the word to stop going there and go where you feel the love.

    • TomP

      Okay, I checked with Home Depot and the official company policy is that if a person making the purchase is a qualified purchaser making a qualified purchase, then they should be given the 10% military discount. Here are two direct quotes from the Home Depot corporate representative I was communicating with:

      “We offer a Year Round 10% Military Discount to military personnel and their immediate family members (mother, father, brother, sister, child) who present the following valid military ID?s:

      Active Duty/Reservist Military ID card with a picture (white background)

      A retired Military ID card with a picture (blue background) Includes civilians who retired from a Military Base.

      Active Military and Retired Military ID card for spouse/dependants (tan background)

      Retired Military Id Reservist with picture (red/pink) background for Retired Reservist and Reservist Dependent.

      VA Card (Department of Veterans Affairs) – MUST have the words SERVICE CONNECTED under picture.”

      In a later email from the company, the person stated quite unequivocably “All the stores should be following the company wide policy provided in the previous email.”

  • Ken Robinson

    It would be nice if all vets were given an id card (even us who didn’t retire from the military) rather than needing to use their discharge papers to prove their vet status.

    • Leo

      check with your county clerk, here in cape may county nj we are issued a photo ID free, just need DL & DD214, only takes a few minutes.

    • Tim

      Ken, you can get a picture ID from the VA that will get you the discounts. My dad just got his and uses it all the time.

    • Narf

      Just bring your DD 214, most honor that.


    • Craig

      Ken, as a Vet, you should have a VA id card. if you don’t, go to your local VA, or VA hospital and get one. you are due at least some VA medical care. You won’t get as comprehensive care that disabled or Purple Heart vets get, but you will get some. My son in law is a vet, non combat, post Vietnam era. He gets some care through the VA. he had a hernia operation free.

    • Jim Evitt

      All you have to do is go to the VA clinic and get you I D card with your
      picture on it.

    • Go to the VA! They will give you a veterans card!

    • Don Cook

      Not very tough to make a run to your local Staples or some other Office suppy station to have a wallet size DD-214 that shows everything youdid during your in service time??? One who did spend twenty!

    • you should have a ID from the VA if you are going there for medical and such

    • Capt G

      Ask your state legislative person to submit a bill to the state to have a “V” put on all driver’s licenses for veterans. Once you have that, all you need do is show your driver’s license. This idea originated in Florida, I believe, and now about seven other states are asking for this legislation.

    • Cajun_photog

      if you have a VA ID card that works as well…Also you can have your DD214 file with your county office and they will give you a copy…that way if you lose your original…You have a backup.

    • everyone

      shut up

    • fRENCHY

      Hi Ken
      You can go to any active Milatary base and bring your dd214 and all documents etc and apply for an ID you will have no problem and it can be used for all PX, COMMASARY’S ETC Call a base and ask what is the procedturen before you go

    • SGT Walker

      The VA gives ID cards. Go to your nearest VA office and they can tell you how to get one. I didnt retire but I have a VA id. I served in Iraq but was only in for 7 years….

  • Jason

    I have always received my Discounts at Home Depot, Lowes, O’Reilly’s Auto Parts, and AutoZone! You just have to ask, or speak to a manager……. JBird Semper Fi

  • Steve

    Those of us that can afford to need to take a vet that cannot afford a nice meal out to dinner.


  • paulwsc

    I have been to Home Depot stores in three states and all I have had to do was to ask at the cashier if they still offer the 10% discount and I have received it. I have never been told there were any restrictions either. I show my retired ID card and they take off 10%. Remember shipmates, the stores don’t owe us anything. They are in business to make a profit to pay their employees who may just be veterans like you and me. The best you can do is talk good of the store that does give you a discount. They can stop it at any time.

  • Kevbo333

    Wow, keep on cutting the veteran’s especially since us retiree’s are no longer valuable to you since all we do is draw retirement and put a strain on the budget. Forget what we did to get the retirement. Oh by the way don’t dream to cut the raises or salary/retirement of congress or senate persons. What a bunch of short sighted, selfish, uncaring, forgetfull, bunch of pricks. Damn you all that support taking our benefits that were once promised to us. Benedict Arnolds.

    • davide

      WOW. Talk about a JERK! Sounds like you have issues buddy.

  • Brian Wrinkle

    I nearly always ask every establishment if they have a veteran’s discount. The worse they can do is say no . . . .

  • sherman boyd

    Viet Nam era vets you can thank the new’s durning Viet Nam and the protester’s in the 1960-1970’s,the new’s media cause a lot of problems for our military.God Bless all Vet’s

  • Richard

    I have gotten my 10% at Lowe’s and Home Depot year round and it sure does help on those projects my wife keeps thinking up ;0). Also, have done the Applebee’s free meal and really was nice. A long wait thanks to the many vets and their families but it was worth it and Mgr came by to check on us. Also did the McCormick & Schmicks and it was a super meal. Thank you all vets and all you folks that give this thank you reward.

  • LuAnn

    Our local Hardees offers a 10% discount on your order. Also our Dennys offers a discount. It does vary lol from 10% to 50% on the total bill depending on who the manager is at the time. We like to tip the waiters & waitresses a regular tip then also give them the discount the restuarant has given us. Just sharing the good fortune :)

    Springfield, IL.

  • tom

    If you are a vet and live in Florida, you can take your DD214 and your driver’s license to the Driver’s License office and they will give you a driver’s license with a V on it to indicate you are a veteran.

    • R. Gentzler

      Oh, Thank you for the information. I will do this when I renew my license next August.

  • TripWire

    Boycott Home Depot!!!!!!
    If they don’t want our business, we will be happy to go to Lowe’s.

    • TomP

      Here are the facts about the year-round Home Depot 10% military discount. Please note that it is corporate policy and all stores are covered by it. It is not a discretionary decision that the store can make. I am a Home Depot employee and checked with corporate to make sure that what I’m posting is correct.

      We offer a Year Round 10% Military Discount to military personnel and their immediate family members (mother, father, brother, sister, child) who present the following valid military ID?s:

      Active Duty/Reservist Military ID card with a picture (white background)

      A retired Military ID card with a picture (blue background) Includes civilians who retired from a Military Base.

      Active Military and Retired Military ID card for spouse/dependants (tan background)

      Retired Military Id Reservist with picture (red/pink) background for Retired Reservist and Reservist Dependent.

      VA Card (Department of Veterans Affairs) – MUST have the words SERVICE CONNECTED under picture.

      In a later email from the company, the person stated quite unequivocably “All the stores should be following the company wide policy provided in the previous email.”

  • Catalina

    Why aren’t surviving spouses included in these “freebies”? We also went through the time along with our husbands, some of who died because of a service connected injury.

    • wizard

      DUH!!! Because it’s Veterans Day. You’re not a Veteran….

  • John R.

    I’m a Vietnam era Vet and just ask why do all vets keep losing benifits , we need to ask this question to some vets in the US sen. and congress,I think some of them forgot, let us as vets never forget!!! thanks to all who remember us

    • Ken

      I remember my brothers. Some times more than I want to. We can not forget. July 16, 1969 to Sept. 20, 1970.

  • wizard

    I can’t believe how so many people are complaining about how discounts aren’t offered to dependents and how these offers weren’t available years ago. Good grief!!!! I’m very happy that there are companies willing to give me anything for free or at a discount because I served my country. These companies don’t have to do anything. This is a gift….not a right. Be thankful….instead of complaining. I’ve dined at Chili’s and Applebee’s on Veterans Day. I always make sure to send their corporate headquarters an email thanking them for my free meal. I always make sure to leave a good tip for my server. My server might not be serving my country….but my server is taking time to acknowledge me as a Veteran. Please don’t make these companies feel that we are ungrateful for something that they are giving us and don’t forget to tell them “Thank You”. Don’t complain about why the whole family isn’t included or the amount of time you have to wait to get seated…..that’s just plain rude and embarrassing to your fellow Veterans. These companies are thanking us for a job well done and we should appreciate it. I make sure to do business at the participating companies throughout the year….not just Veterans Day. It’s my way of supporting those that support the Military. Just say “THANK YOU” with and smile:)

    • Lone Wolf

      Right On, you said what a lot of us guys feel. Thank you Wizard for the great reply. Enjoy your meal!

    • Capt G

      Amen. HelpForVeterans.com issues Military Service Cards to use for discounts for veterans, and they always give the message you just did. They have over 1,000 members.

    • sunshine

      Amen to all you said. I personally think that the restaurants,etc that offer anything at all for the Veteran’s is a very thoughtful act. Like you said, they dont have to do anything at all. So, the next time you are sitting and enjoying a complimentary meal…just think, you could be paying for the whole ticket. Or even better, thank your Vets for the opportunity to have the freedom to go out and have a nice dinner.

  • Jan

    I would like to see disabled vets to be included in some of these offers that are not inclusive. Thanks to all of the vendors.

    • Chris

      You are included….. just show your VA ID card and you will receive the same benefits.

    • TomP

      Jan: I’m trying to clear up Home Depot’s year-round 10% military discount policy so I checked this out with corporate before I posted it. Here is the info I got from 2 emails I received when I asked for clarification:

      We offer a Year Round 10% Military Discount to military personnel and their immediate family members (mother, father, brother, sister, child) who present the following valid military ID?s:

      Active Duty/Reservist Military ID card with a picture (white background)

      A retired Military ID card with a picture (blue background) Includes civilians who retired from a Military Base.

      Active Military and Retired Military ID card for spouse/dependants (tan background)

      Retired Military Id Reservist with picture (red/pink) background for Retired Reservist and Reservist Dependent.

      VA Card (Department of Veterans Affairs) – MUST have the words SERVICE CONNECTED under picture.

      In a later email from the company, the person stated quite unequivocably “All the stores should be following the company wide policy provided in the previous email.”

    • wizard

      DUH!!! You ARE included. Disabled Veteran…..the word VETERAN is there….just in case you’re wondering….that is what you are…….go and get yourself some FREE food Friday:)

    • We are included.!!! Go get yours.! Semper-Fi

  • JRG

    Yes, as is usual in America, someone tries to final show some appreciation for those that served, and everyone one else thinks they should get a freebie too. If you think a corporation’s policy is unfair then by all means take your business elsewhere if it is advantageous to you. After all that is the freedom we served and/or fought for. Sorry to all the spouses, parents, and offsprings of veterans – you didn’t earn the title of “VETERAN”.

  • Ken

    Our local K-Mart gives a 10% discount everyday to veterans and family members with military ID’s as long as payment is by cash, check, debit card, or Sears credit card!

  • Guest

    If you ever have the chance to discreetly buy a military lunch and can afford to do so, do so. From experience it feels great!

    • Rucksack

      Yes! I do it, and it sure brightens their day and mine.

    • proud army wife & mother

      I really appreciated reading your comment encouraging people to descreetly buy a service member lunch. This was done for us once when my uniformed husband, our daughter and I were out for lunch at johnny carrinos. When we asked for our check our server walked off to get it then returned and said ‘your bill has been taken care of by a grateful American’ when we asked who it was so we could thank them he said they asked to remain annonymous. My husband and I looked a eachother in amazement and both began to well up with tears…what a wonderful gesture. My teen daughter learned a lot that day, not only about her step dad’s honorable service but also about the kindness and pride of Americans. It was a wonderful experience and a memory we will always treasure. We have paid it forward twice when we had the opportunity to do so and that was just as wonderful. Thank you for sharing that thought!!

    • noturusualsquid

      Proud army wife and mother is correct, I serve my country because I love my country and don’t expect anything in return. As a matter of fact I can’t even ask for the Military Discount, but when someone pays for my lunch and looks at their daughters and tells them to thank me. Well It is just overwhelming, and even if I am having a horrible day. I am satisfied to know that people still care and appreciate my service

  • wizard

    I can’t believe how so many people are complaining about how discounts aren’t offered to dependents and how these offers weren’t available years ago. Good grief!!!! I’m very happy that there are companies willing to give me anything for free or at a discount because I served my country. These companies don’t have to do anything. This is a gift….not a right. Be thankful….instead of complaining. I’ve dined at Chili’s and Applebee’s on Veterans Day. I always make sure to send their corporate headquarters an email thanking them for my free meal. I always make sure to leave a good tip for my server. My server might not be serving my country….but my server is taking time to acknowledge me as a Veteran. Please don’t make these companies feel that we are ungrateful for something that they are giving us and don’t forget to tell them “Thank You”. Don’t complain about why the whole family isn’t included or the amount of time you have to wait to get seated…..that’s just plain rude and embarrassing to your fellow Veterans. These companies are thanking us for a job well done and we should appreciate it. I make sure to do business at the participating companies throughout the year….not just Veterans Day. It’s my way of supporting those that support the Military. Just say “THANK YOU” with and smile:)

    • Cecilia

      Well said, I agree with 100 percent Thank you for serving, and standing up for those who, are negative. Bless you and all who have and are serving.

    • Joe

      As a retired VET I totally agree with you Wizard.

      Thank you vendors for your support.

    • Frank

      I could not have said it any better. It doesn’t take but a second to smile and say THANK YOU.

    • Cajun_photog

      An excellent point Mr. Wizard….Very well said.

    • sfm4042

      That was a great reply,people shoild not kick a gift horse in the mouth.Once a crybaby always a crybaby

  • Jack

    Bass Pro also gives a 10% discount.

  • Dave

    My wife and I were in sears and they do not offer a military discount at all. at least in the Wasilla Alaska store.

    • E Nelson

      I’ll bet Sarah Palin gets a discount!

    • We’ve asked at our local Sears store (Gurnee, IL), which is close to where my husband is stationed at Great Lakes Naval Station, and Sears does not offer a military discount at all. We’ve had individual employees give us a “one-off” at their discretion, but I also know from one of them they can get in trouble for that.

    • Tom

      Sears has special discounts on big-ticket items and some other things (not everything) for American Legion members. You have to contact the store to arrange for the discount.

  • Charles V

    I own 2 Pizza Inn’s in Abilene Tx. Pizza Inn chain-wide is giving a free buffet to ALL active duty and veterans all day long Veteran’s day! I am ex-Navy my oldest son is in the air force. I am proud to give back. If you could please add Pizza Inn to the restaurants giving discounts.

    • vicki

      Mr. Charles V.,
      I want to thank you for your generous offer. I am active duty Navy and proud of all who have and continue to service in all brachs. I don’t live in or near TX but I think it is a wonderful think you are doing. God bless you and your family and Happy Veteran’s Day to you and you son.

  • Oh yes, we give 10% discount all year long to vets and active duty.

  • Barberakb

    Thanks to all the companies participating!

  • carol

    My husband served in Viet Nam active duty the 6 day war plus Desert Storm for over 9 months guess what he was a reservist. He served for Over 20 years so do NOT say reservists and thier families did not put in thier time !!!!

  • Bill

    I spent my time in vietnam. And hid it from everyone that I could. I felt that I was a failure to my country and myself. When I came home from Desert Storm, at the airport there were WWII, Korean, and Vetnam Veterans that greeted us. I was one of the last to leave the plane Because I was crying and remembering all my friends that did not make it home from Vietnam. All were Heros that got off the plane, and I feel that all veterans are heros not certain ones. And as for as the whinning that the Vietnam era Veterans did, all veterans should be thankful that they did because helped in aquiring the benefits that you get. I finally accepted the fact that I was a veteran approx. eight (8) years ago and was something to be proud of. I’m proud that I faught for My America and I still get chills on hearing patrotic songs.

    I know I rambled a lot.

    • Mark

      You have nothing to be ashamed of Bill. Our citizens treated our returning Vietnam Veterans Shamefully and it is THEY who should be ashamed. I for one am sorry that you had to hide your past. You and your brethren deserved more and I hope you can finally feel vindicated.

  • Fed Up

    Target and Wal-Mart NEVER give veterans a break and it’s one of the main reasons I dont shop at either store.

  • Rick E.

    My deepest thanks to all who are participating in this very generous program for vets and active duty service members. I feel a little bit guilty because the service I provided my country was something I did without reservation and only because I love my country so much. I will however take advantage of some of these offers. I am proud to be a veteran of the United States Marine Corps with 13 years of service. Thank you very much for your generosity.



    • SugarMagnolia

      God bless you and your husband Joanne Gratitude goes alot further than griping. Let’s all take some time to remember those that gave all.

  • Kevin

    Mike’s Car wash is giving vets a free carwash on veteran’s day.
    cut from email I received from them;

    Veterans and U.S. Military Members Wash FREE at Any Mike’s Carwash on Veteran’s Day.
    The public can also donate to DAV on the same day to help disabled veterans.

    Mike’s Carwash is honoring those who have protected our country and fought for our freedoms with a free car wash on Veteran’s Day, Friday, November 11. In addition, donation buckets will be at each location to raise money for Disabled American Veterans (DAV), a national organization that is headquartered in Cincinnati and serves close to 50,000 disabled veterans in Indiana and Ohio. All of Mike’s 39 locations will participate from opening to closing. No military identification will be necessary.

    “We all owe a great deal to our current and former military members for their sacrifice on our behalf,” said Bill Dahm, CEO of Mike’s. “We also want to help veterans who have been disabled by fighting for our freedom. We want to encourage our customers to be generous to DAV.”


  • Jim

    If you belong to any Veterans Org. show that card. It gets the discount for you too. I’ve used my Legion card many times if they question you.

  • Gary Murray Vietnam

    To everyone who posted a comment. God Bless America. This is my country, right or wrong, my country. I served in Vietnam in the Marines. Because of me, the ones before me and the ones after me, both men and women, in uniform, active, reserve or guard, you and we all have the right to say what we want. That’s why we fought regardless of what you think. Stop bickering, band together, thank each other and make this a better America. Who cares if one type of veteran gets more of a diacount than the others, we are all being recognized for our sacrifice. Accept it and go on. It may not be equal but it is certainly fair. Thank you to all of the organizations offering us something. God Bless You, God Bless America and Semper Fi. May God bring our Marines, Sailors, Soldiers and Airmen/women home safe and soon.

  • D Linhorst

    Quit bitchin and be thankful an supportive to companies that do offer veterans a little extra. Heros are not freeloaders.

  • Chief Jim

    A gift is a gift. My humble thanks to all the businesses who honor vets and active duty folks. Shame on those who think they deserve any gift. Be grateful for the appreciation shown to us. My eternal gratitude to all of my fellow vets for the time they gladly served in the defense of our wonderful country.

  • Doug

    yep, just set the copy machine to shrink that DD214 and you have a bill fold sized card to carry around…works great!

  • Jack Joyner

    I am very appreciative of any business, who honors our veterans, and provides veterans discounts, no matter how small or large. Every little bit helps, as I see it. Over the years, I haven’t taken advantage of the free meals with such establishments as golden corrall, applebee’s, etc. I am a disabled veteran, myself, however, it’s much more gratifying to me to allow another veteran, along with their spouse, my spot in line, or my table, so they can enjoy a delicious meal, in their honor. I am very humble, and I appreciate the folks who thank me for my service, Many of my fellow veterans, from past wars, or present wars, this is in many ways, their night out on the town, and for them, it is well deserved.

  • tom as im called

    at 81 im still military. i dont complain or take advantage as a disable vet, i served my country and im proud of it. i appreciate it when people thank me for my service. i take advantage of the 10% discount at lowes and home depot the year around,. all business that give freebees to military is to be commended,


    • Rucksack

      I’m with you, Tom. I am 46 and a permanently disabled/unemployable Vet. I have no regrets serving. I use Lowes and Home Depot’s 10% discount. I appreciate those companies who offer military discounts…they voluntarily do it. My wife is also a Vet, and she appreciates the small perk once in a while. We don’t expect it, but it is a nice gesture.
      Tom, Welcome Home and Thank You for your Service.

  • SugarMagnolia

    If you expect anything other than the occasional “Thank you for your service”, then I feel the motive for your service is questionable. I served and was proud and honored to do so. Viet Nam was difficult to feel good about. My reward for my service is knowing that I did my part. Nothing other is owed except maybe the “Thanks” every now and then. And just because you don’t hear it doesn’t mean they don’t feel it. Some don’t express themselves a well as others. Our humility has always been the hallmark of our honor. Lets keep our eyes on the prize. One day we will die, but service to our country will never. For that,active,reserve,vet,retired,USA,USMC,USN,USAF,USCG we are eternally worthy of Semper Fi !!!!

    • Bert

      Well said brother (sister)!

  • Sean

    Did I miss something? What do we as service members (retired and active) deserve? Nothing! We all served unconditionally. If someone or a company steps forth and says thank you either verbally or through a gift or discount, we need to say ‘thank you, it was a great privilege to serve’. Remember also to drop a note or email to the local manager or corporate office as well to say thank you for thinking about your unconditional commitment. At the least, a handshake on your way out of the establishment will do. Remember your core values!

    • Rucksack

      Good for you, Sean! You are absolutely correct in saying what you did and how you said it. Thanks for your service.

    • rich

      cant argue with thanking sponsors but you sure got your signals crossed on this unconditional crap. in the late 60’s we didnt have a choice. we got sucked up in a political pile of shit called a draft. yep, I was yanked away from my “freedom” and forced to take part in an embarrassment called viet nam. i sit here answering you disabled as a result of my unconditional serving. just thought you ought to know how things really were.

      • Debra

        I don’t think Sean was downplaying anything concerning Vietnam Vets, so stop taking it that way. You did serve unconditionaly when called upon by your country. Yes, you did get sucked up in a pile of pooh called the draft, but you admirably served your country. And then you Vietnam Vets were treated like crap when you got home. Absolutely breaks my heart! I was born in ’64 so I remember a little about that war. Please accept my humble thanks for your service.

    • Vic


    • Pablo

      Good, I am with you, they do not have to give away anything, we all served and it does not matter the Branch and type of service, I do not like cry Babie’s.

    • Bobby Wilson

      I agree with you. But I was drafted. So were thousands of others. We did what we were told. No one asked for our opinion. We did what we were told. We were as welcomed home. the same as everyone else. We raised our familys ,worked at our jobs and some of us prayed. Now we are getting old. The V.A. helps. But if someone says thank you, I tear up, For the friends that that never heard a thank you. So, Thanke you to everyone that has said ( Thank You to a Vet. )
      Bobby Wilson

    • bob

      U must not be infantry

    • crisco

      Sean you are RIGHT ON!! I also have to agree with Rich and Bobby who didn’t volunteer but were drafted. So for ALL of the Rich’s and Bobby’s including my brother who was drafted, I don’t think Sean’s comment was directed at you! God bless you ALL!

    • Sarge

      Amen! I served unconditionally and I appreciate your comments, Sean!

    • Debra

      Well said! And,yes, it was an HONOR to serve our country.

  • Don

    Unlike the country we returned to in the 60s and 70s from Vietnam, today’s GIs are returning to a country that appreciates their efforts. I would like to say a resounding THANK YOU to any company that wishes to recognize all of our and our families’ service to our Country no matter how large or small. God Bless America.

  • HLC

    If you really care tell the Republicans to pass the damn jobs bill!!!!!!!!!!!
    2 s’s oops

  • So any one of you do anything to servce the vets? You need to go to your local VA Center and see what kind of volunteers they need and quit bitching. NoOne wants to hear it! :D

  • AG3Wayne

    Bubbles Car Wash in Houston gives free car washes to ALL Veterans. No DD214 or ID required. They take you on your word. I only wash my truck once a year!

  • J.D.

    Veterans around the world are prearing for our special day. On November 11, 2011 vetreans will be honored for their sacrifices. I believe the honor of serving our country is enough. I served for 16 years until a spinal injury ended my career. I get the “Thank You’s” from people yet what I am most proud of is knowing I did my part to sustain the freedoms we as Americans enjoy on a daily basis. Believe me when I say that we are truly blessed compared to other parts of the world that I have been deployed to. So when you see a veteran thank them for their sacrifices and remember them when they are gone.

  • mark

    live in west va and lowes, home depot give a 10% all the time w/ valid military id. you have to ask for it

  • tom

    I think it is a good idea to frequent these businesses year round in appreciation for their thinking of veterans. Whenever possible, I use them

  • Coastie

    Mike. Shut up. Appreciate what you do get and quit complaining. Live your “ex Nam days” humbly. I can’t stand people like you. — an ACTIVE DUTY soldier

    • Tim

      Your a really Ass hole.

    • crisco

      @Coastie: Aren’t you being a little harsh on Mike? I HEAR you and agree that if people want to thank the Vets, it’s an awesome gesture and NONE of us should expect it since we volunteered to serve and protect! I don’t think Mike meant any harm, I think he was just clueless that he has to ASK in order to receeive the discount. He sure knows now! I hope he and everybody else read Sean’s comment, he hit the nail on the head!

  • bob

    Mike u are a complete moron, just about every reserve componet of every branch has been activated to go oversees in thr last ten years, get ur facts straight before saying such ignorance, there is even a florida national guard unit that deployed to iraq with special forces, before the official war even srarted, and now they wear the special forces insignia on their left shoulder

  • R. Arceneaux

    Thank you Lowes and Home Depot for thinking about the United States military.
    I myself am a 25 yr member with active duty and guard service. I am an active DIY
    and spend a ton of money at both these stores. Used to be the cashier could
    authorize the 10% discount, but now a supervisor has to OK it. I understand some
    of the cashiers were doing the discounts for their friends, so therefore the supervisor has to ok all sales. I know this has to be a pain for them, I am sorry some people make it bad for the rest.

  • Mac

    Rural King also has been giving a 10% discount

    • robert

      realy inever knew that thanks 4 the tip

  • Baron 66

    this moronic comment must have been made by someone other than a draftee, and WAS PROBABLY WAS A REMF, if in fact he was ever in Nam!!
    Probably a LIFER and Nixon schill.

    • ret.Navy

      U must be an Obumer socialist of the lowest order eat sh-t & die U crud

    • Gil

      Hey Baron as a Vietnam Vet Kennedy/Johnson/ and Robert McNamara fabricated that war get your History straight.

    • Sfc. Perry M. Grant

      I certainly agree with your comments any prson who has sered this country at any time deserve to be reconize for there serve.

  • Jeremy

    Both Advance Auto and Autozone have given me a 10% discount at various times and locations, by simply asking if they give a military discount, never even asked for any type of proof. And for the younger crowd Hot Topic’s gives 10% as well but usually require your id.

  • Sarge

    My Thanks to all of the sponsors mentioned that are providing these great discounts for us! Although, I don’t feel like I deserve it, because I served unconditionally and asking for NO Rewards for my service to MY Country! Once again, Thank You and God Bless!

  • Ken

    Mike, Kimmie, I am a reservist and have done two combat tours in Iraq. I have multiple combat decorations and lost several reservist friends there. Calling yourself a Viet Nam era vet tells me YOU are the one who never saw a day of combat. Even so you get do get the discount even if you are a whining sniveler.

    • vn vet

      hey Ken,
      Big deal, the PX is full of medals. You sound like the RI CVMA motorcycle assoc. They all wear a patch that say,s combat vet and most of them never even saw real combat. And a lot of them are NG,s. So don’t paint yourself as being Audi Murphey untill you know the facts as I do.
      VN Vet

      • DS/OIF/OEF/OND Vet

        It’s audie murphy, not audi.. its a person not a car… thanks for playing.

        • vn vet

          so i put the e in Murphy and not in Audie,BFD

      • RI4GIs

        VN VET hear exactly what your saying about the Combat Veterans Motorcycle Association. A lot of these pogues like to parade around like the Sons of Anarchy with a big skull on their back claiming their all combat veterans. 4/5 or 80% of them never seen combat, war veterans YES, combat veterans, no! I should know, I was one oif them and was a clerk in Kuwait but yet wear a skull on my back claiming I’m a combat veteran. Go figure!

        • vn vet

          hey ri4gi’s,
          That’s nothing. The state rep. in the rhode island combat vets motorcycle assoc. chapter 9-1 was a motorpool mechanic and never left the wire. He say’s it’s cool to wear the skull patch even though he never earned it.

    • mike

      Ken, Lol ok, take out the era. I DID serve in Nam and also lost many buddies there. I was hoping some reservist would not take offense to my comment. Up until the last several conflicts, reservists did NOT have to serve but the last 20 years or so they DID have to serve and I pray for them and are thankful for them. My point was reservists who MAY not serve was given more respect from Lowes than actual combat veterans. It was directed at Lowes and not you or other reservists.

    • bert

      First and foremost thank you for your service. Next we all signed up to serve our country. it does not matter in which capacity we served and as to what one should get for that service over another. I am a veteran of both Viet Nam and the fisrt Persian Gulf War and i hold no grudge against anyone that did not serve in the aor. Just remember those that did not make it to the aor were there to get your back if necessary.

    • Sherry

      Bite me………. My husband is a vietman vet….. And 40 years later I found out he was in Cambodia.. He was artilary they moved their camp every three days and slept in fox holes with rats and snakes not to mention the enemy !!

    • Rick Bossard

      Obveisly Mike you are not a happy Soldier, I was in Viet Nam before you were born and you have no idea what we went through ! We had none of the Firearms you have today. I lost good Buddies over there also ! We hav a saying ( IF YOU DIDINT GO YOU WOULDINT KNOW ) So you have no idea what we had to go through, Sorry you are so mad at the world, All Soldiers should stick together, I do not run down any other Soldiers, I also have many Medals but do not brag about them !

    • RICK

      Viet Nam vets saw just as much combat as you said you did we also lost as many friends as you say you did iff you truly served as you say you would understand that we did as much as you i doubt you ever served__

    • L.J


    • Susan Schwinn

      Just remember one thing…I’m a Vietnam Era veteran and a woman. I was not permitted to serve in a combat zone. So does that make me less of a veteran?

      • kim

        Susan, as a fellow woman in military, I am glad to hear you address this comment! I think the comment made was rude-You are not less of a veteran! You are a proudly served veteran.

    • Steve

      Mike I feel sorry for you that you think only vets who were in combat deserve any recognition. I served for over 32 years during the cold war and desert storm and would have gone if my unit was called up. I have seen fellow workers Bosses and others get mad and angry because I could not work when called to support the men and women who were called to go over seas and I have been told by many Vets not to volunteer to go to a War. However I did a lot more than alot of other people who never even thought of serving thier country. If a person wants to thank me for the service I performed I will thank them but I also always remember that alot of Vets gave alot more than I did..

    • Joe

      I am a Viet Nam and proud of it and I lost many friend during this time. The one thing that i remember most of all is the way Americans treated the GI’s and sailors during this time. We were called baby killers, lots of adults not all looked at me as I was the low life, kids spit and flipped me off. I was called an idiot and stupid, but I am happy that today’s vets are given extra rewards as discounts and free meals. We are all vets whether ones see combat or not. WE ALL SERVED AND FOUGHT FOR THE FREEDOMS OF OUT COUNTRY.

    • Peg

      How can you say that someone saying they are a Viet Nam era vet tells you they never say a day of combat???? That’s crazy!! My husband served in Vietnam and was in combat almost every day!! Where do you get this??

      • Ken L.

        I don’t understand why all this hostility about who served when and where. Most vets had no choice in where they were sent. We’re all American Veterans, no service to this great country should be criticized. As to Peg’s question, normally ERA is used by those that that didn’t serve in Vietnam.

    • RI4GIs

      With all those combat decorations and $2.09 at Dunkin Donuts, you can get a small coffee. . Give me a break hero and tell your stories to someone who cares. You know what a reservist was when I was a GI? A legal draft dodger and nothing more.

    • Pete

      I belong to Vietnam Vets of America and Our code is ” To Never let another Generation of American Soldiers to be Treated Badly “. We are the Reason You are Welcomed at Air Ports across this nation. Instead of bashing anyone Remember ” We are Brothers Forever ” Prayers for those syill in Harms Way.

    • Very improper, Ken. Semper-Fi anyway.!

    • bob

      Quit your complaining, I Did two tour in Nam, I also did a tour Desert storm.. Do you thing that if a person does not see combat, he or she is not tramatised in some way. “Think again my friend” YOU are not anyone special just because you saw combat, and lost friends.
      This freebie is not about us that went to combat, It is about serving our country, We all did our part, We are all brothers in arms
      By the way Mike Thank you for your service

  • whm

    All Home Depots and Lowes in Buffalo, NY area offer 10% off to any vet or active duty person. You have to ask for it and show some proper ID. I use my American Legion Card and it is honored.

  • eillib1

    Beefolks (beefolks.com) offers FREE shipping to APO addresses year round. They sell honey, honeysticks, lipbalm, handcream (one of the best you can find), soap, hard candy with honey centers, beeswax candles.


    To all who have served no matter what branch or what war or conflict you were involved in Thank You for your service I am a retired Navy Chief from 1964 to 1986 Viet Nam vet so just be thankful that you had the privilege to serve this great country and if you are offered a discount or a free meal just say thank you and be greatful for what you have and what was given to you.

  • F. Rydzik

    No one should disparage the service of a veteran of America’s armed services, especially another veteran! No matter where or in what capacity you served your service is deserving of honor and thanks. During WW2 and after a popular notion regarding the mechanics and staff who serviced fighting aircraft and their crews was “They also serve who watch and wait.” (for their return). For everyone who wears or wore a uniform. Thank you for your service!

  • noturusualsquid

    Wow, for the most part I am proud of these comments. But there are some that are just looking for a protest, I know you have already won the battle of getting prayers out of school and saying the pledge in school. Find somewhere else to bicker and moan. I have been in the Navy for 13 years now and I am grateful everyday for my community and my country. All you Vietnam and Vietnam era Vets, I want you to know I wouldn’t have such a great country to support if it wasn’t for you. Thank You, WWI, WWII, Korea, and Vietnam Vets for setting the pace for me to charge on with. Since we are also having a D&*^ measuring contest. There for the USS Cole, Two Tours in Iraq, Drove Convoys, 5 roadside bombs and 15 firefights.

  • Mike Dalka

    I’m a ‘civilian’ who just stopped by here to say thanks, ladies and gentlemen of the US Armed Forces. I get it, and frankly, I don’t care to try to explain it to those who don’t. “Greater love has no one than this, that he lay down his life for his friends.” – John 15:13 NIV

    This is YOUR day, the majority of us appreciate you all very much – let the protesters go unheard. They have the minds of sheep, who lack the resolve to be free.

  • Jack

    I also get the 10% discount at Sutherlands Lumber

  • Nancy

    Just so you all know…Lowes and Home depot always give a 10%…no matter what day it is, just make sure to ask!

    • JOHN


    • RAY


    • ray kruzick

      Home Depot used to give year round discounts but not anymore. Only on veterans holidays now. Lowes does however still give discounts year round the last time I was in there.

  • daniel2370

    daniel2370–I want to thank all the men and women who served. It does not matter if you served in combat or not, YOU SERVED. As a Vietnam Veteran who served with the 101st Abn 69-70, I am a Proud American. I want to thank all the companies who honor our service year round or just on Memorial Day, 4th of July, and Veterans Day. At one time this was not available and now the list is growing. Keep it up. God Vless everyone in the US.

  • david

    i’m a vietnam veteran..i love our country..i’a also proud of all the men and women serving our armed forces..it doesn’t matter when you served..all veterans deserve to be respected..if someone says thank you say your welcome..like my grandfather always said if you can’t say something good about someone just keep your mouth shut..its nice that places thank of the veterans..we all have served our country proudly

  • C.W.

    Hello Everyone! I love you all; side-bar (we are veterans, not civilians, stop splitting hairs; be thankful for the day and keep it moving).
    Take a break on the 11th, smoke em if you got em, then pick it up and keep it moving! Killer-EOD: 1979, completed 23 years and a wake-up…

  • Greg

    I just now went to Staples and had my 214 re-sized to fit in my wallet..The copying and lamination was $1.50. I should have done it long ago..Just last week I bought a new washer form Lowes..I could have saved an extera 10%…
    Live and learn..

    Thanks to all who served….



  • Jim

    I am a Vietnam vet from Tet and I proudly display my ribbons in the form of a decal on the rear window of my car. I have to tell all the whiners that even though saving a little money is nice once in a while, thats not why I served. The most meaningfull recognition I have ever received has been people coming up to me and just saying “thank you for your service”. It took many years and a horrible attack on our homeland to get any recognition at all. God bless our country, it needs it.

    • Eddie

      Thank you very much for your service! I was one of the lucky ones that served during the Vietnam era but I never served in Vietnam. Thanks again to you and many veterans like you that served in Vietnam. May God bless you!

    • Rich Haas

      Hey Jim please let me be one of many Thank you for your service and God Bless You!

  • smiley

    If NOT for the Viet Nam Vet the now vets would not be getting treatment before being discharged I have had many at the VA hospital shake my hand and think me for being treated the way I was and fighting for the viet nam vets rights for equal treatment for with out the Viet Nam vets todays vets would be going thru 42 years of fighting for benifits just like us instead of getting them as soon as they are discharged.

  • jorge lopez

    make sure to ask at anna’s linen too for their 10% discount

  • one of them

    One main difference I see between Viet Nam vets and the current vets is that we were drafted. We did not do it for the money, or future benefits.

  • don

    why doesn’t someone come up with a plan to stop all the unearned benefits the members of Congress enjoy specail insurance, put them on medicare. Special retirement put them on social security and make them pay their fair share. They are the freeloaders and a__holes who cause this country to be sliding backwards as much as the president. Term limits 2 terms for the senate and 6, 2 year terms for the house.

  • Colkjack

    Thanks for Service in all combat situations no matter when or where.
    My Father served in WWII and I served in Vietnam, European Theater,
    and a lot of small places since then. So I think all Vets deserve the most respect and honor we can provide for them. May God and all
    Military personnel consider the “Band of Brotherhood” to include any and all who gave service and physical health to support our cause.

  • Tiffany Moore

    Pottery Barn and West Elm also offer a 10% miliatary discount year round.

  • mike j

    You may be saying that now, but that is not what you said in the first post. You essentially accused Reservists and Guardsmen of stealing your discount. And regardless of what it was like 20 years ago, we are in the present. And presently, Reserves and Guard have just as high, if not higher, op tempo than active duty. You are just focusing your frustrations at the wrong people. Look at the problem, not other people that have something you want. That’s childish.

  • I am a Vietnam Veteran 1968-1969 101st Airborne Div . I would like to thank All VETERANS. for there service, and Thank ALL who support us. After all this is our country, and Somebody has to defend it . Without Our VETERANS, WHERE WOULD WE BE TODAY????. REALLY THINK ABOUT THAT.

    • Tony Payne

      I am also a Viet Nam Veteran 1968-1969 and also with the 101st Airborne Division, and I would also like to thank you for your words , and also to thank all other for their service, also your last words, where would be today. Are you a member of the 101st assoc..?

  • rfs

    i am a vietnam vet had 2 tours???and i thank all vets….we deserve it….



  • Johnny Shotwell

    In the Viet Nam era there were few if any reservists! Now the majority of our Military is reservists! I too am a Viet Nam era vet, was scheduled to go to Pleque(sp) but had a family emergency and did not have enough time left to go! Thans God as the life of a C47 over North Viet Nam was not very long
    Johnny Shotwell USAF 65-69

  • Johnny Shotwell

    Lowes will give the veteran the 10% sometimes depending on who is at the regester.

  • James Frost

    I am an Army vet who would like to say thanks to all for your service.We did our job and some are still doing it for our great country today.We are Americans and should show great support for each other and for those who are risking their lives today.Be thankful for what you have and help those who might need a hand.

  • Leroy McKinney

    I am a Vietnam Vet. that can remember being spit on when I walked through the airport upon returning to the good old USA. Thank all the Veterans who servered proudly to defend the USA.

  • RI4GIs

    When I was a young whipper snapper we didn’t cry about discounts, we joined the Marines, went to war and shot some japs or we joined the Army went to war and shot some krauts. The only discount we worried about was on a piece of tail. Thats the way it was and we liked it. Places like Lousy Lowes and Home Desparation ruined this country by putting the small hardware store, the ones who knew their sh_t, out of business. You guys cry about discounts all you want, while your driving your jap cars but your the ones being used and abused. Was Vietnam even a war? Time to get over the past boys and look into the future.

  • L. Ray

    Thank to all the businessess that is providing a complementary food dish for the veterans.

  • L. Ray

    I thank GOD for being here number one and those who have supported us to see the Viet Nam vets become a part of America Veterans Celebration. To all Veterans !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Have a happy and enjoyous Veterans Day……………………………..Viet Nam 68-69

  • .My father was an outstanding Marine for 21 years of his life, and two of my brothers were marines as well. My husband was in the Army as a paratrooper in the 82nd Airborne Division, and our son served our country as a rescue swimmer in the United States Navy. I have always been so very proud of all servicemen and women serving our country. If you think we have it bad now, try living a good and safe life without all of our servicemen!! They choose to put their own lives on the line to protect our country and our freedom, that so many people just take for granted. I think its absolutely horrible that we have homeless and jobless veterans. They deserve so much from all of us!! There is no excuse for this. Hopefully, the First Lady and our vice presidents wife can really make a difference in the lives of all these men and women. Being a dependent daughter of a marine, a dependent wife of a paratrooper, and a mom of a navy rescue swimmer, I know how much all these families have to deal with.

    • May God keep your’s safe & returned to you with out Damage. My prayers are with you.!!

    • alline

      Why is the Viet Nam Veterans still getting bad things said about them. They was never welcome home until Dave Rever. welcome Viet Nam Veterans home. My Husband was spit on was not thanked, a lot of thing happen to all the Viet Nam Vets again. I thank all of our Veterans for all you have done you laid down your life for me all of us. I love my freedom. Also my Brother die from Viet Nam. My Brother had Agent Orange. a lot of other things I could let you all know what would it matter I guess you don’t care. My husband has agent Orange and in a wheel chair. I could go on and on but why. I Love all Veterans for everything you have done and still doing Thanks again and welcome home. Lord Bless you all and the family’s of Veterans. I feel all veterans family are to be thanks too we gave up a lot to. Thanks Alline

  • C. Woods

    I personally see no reason to argue about what war or combat action any veteran did or did not see. The fact of the matter is that all veterans gave there time to protect this nation and it’s people. Anyone who served in the military and was honorably discharged is a veteran. Whether they saw combat or not, are disabled or not, they all deserve the gratitude and respect of the American people. The discounts that these vendors are providing are a great way of them saying thanks. I feel that there should be only one requirement to receive a “Veterans discount,” and that would be proof that the individual is a veteran or active military (reserves and guard included).

    • D Tap

      I agree with you my brother, we all gave our time to protect this country.
      Have a good Veteran’s Day.

    • Ron P

      Very well said., enjoy Veterans Day everyone.

      Ron P.

  • Chata D.

    Outback Steakhouse is a joke!!!! Am I the only one who thinks so? If this is the best they can do to honor all Veterans, me a being Gulf War Vet myself, then they can keep their “blooming onion” and soft drink. Denny’s restaurant used to do something for us Vets but, no more. We should boycott them too.

    • Nelson

      I appreciate all the offers.

    • Tom S

      Are you proud that ou have served your country to make this a better place for all others?If so, then stop complaining about what you are not getting. I did not serve my country to get something from businesses for free. I am proud to have served my country and you should be too.

    • wizard

      I think that YOU’RE an ungrateful joke:( It’s FREE!!! If you can’t appreciate the offer then don’t go to Outback…..they’ll be plenty of other Veterans standing in line that will appreciate the fact that Outback is taking the opportunity to say “Thank You” to Veterans that served by offering a FREE appetizer and drink. Maybe your bad attitude is why Denny’s doesn’t offer anything anymore. You probably didn’t take the time to say “Thank You”. You probably complained that they didn’t offer an all you can eat buffet for you and your entire family. In my book….you’re the joke!!!

    • bill clay

      they dont have to do anything,iam just glad they are doing sumthing,when i joined in 1969[vietnam vet] 2 tours,i didnt expect anything free from anybody..

    • Roy R.

      I am about to enjoy my joke free onion and coke because it’s FREE! :) Pout away and get your nothing by boycotting.

    • Tom B

      You are owed nohing. If someone wants to give it to you and you accept it, say thank you, if not keep walking. This is an example of our entitlement generation, military or not, we think everyone owes us something, when in fact your not owed a dam thing.

    • AT1 Pitbull

      You bitch over them not GIVING you enough?!

      I’m glad I didn’t serve with you, ’cause I’d have had to bitch slap you’re ass regularly, you ungrateful idiot.

      Outback doesn’t HAVE to do ANYTHING to honor us, and when they do YOU bitch about it not being enough.

      You are in deep need of an attitude adjustment. I think a code red is in order.

  • (continued from message above.) Our husbands are gone for a long time. We are like single parents holding down the fort so to speak. Having to be both mom and dad. We as military moms have a lot of responsibilities, and make many sacrifices for our families. I always loved military life. Just like everything else, there are good and bad points. I think our servicemen and women should be the first to get jobs when trying to adjust to cilvilian life. They should be able to get whatever they need. They deserve to live the rest of their lives happy and knowing that the world will always be appreciative of their service and sacrifice. I love all military personnell. I honor and respect all of them. I am always the gung ho person in the crowd and will continue to be as long as I live!

  • wizard

    Just received an email from Olive Garden. They are offering all Military Active Duty & Veterans a FREE entree on Veterans Day.

  • Tina

    To ALL of us Veterans, Happy Veterans Day. And remember those soldiers that didn’t make it home. That gave their lives. As a fellow Veteran already stated please tell the Vendors “thank you” when you leave for their generousity.
    Fellow Female Veteran in MI

    • D Tap

      Happy Veteran’s Day to you and Thank you for your service.

      From a Vet.

  • wizard

    OMG!!!! I can’t believe all of these arguments about who is and isn’t a Veteran. This article is about companies recognizing Veterans for the service that we gave for our country. Obviously, too many people don’t know what a Veteran is. These companies are recognizing Viet Nam Veterans, WWI Veterans, Iraq Veterans, Disabled Veterans, Active Duty Reservists….etc. If you were sworn into ANY branch of the Military and signed a Military contract….then you are entitled to the gifts/free meals that are offered on Veterans Day. If you are a dependent….you are not a Veteran…..just look at your ID card….at the top it says “Dependent”. This is Veteran’s Day….not Military Spouse/Dependent Day. All this bickering about Viet Nam vs Iraq or whatever is crazy. We all signed up to do the same job….serve/protect our country. Some of us were drafted….others volunteered. Some of us served during wartime….some of us didn’t. Those that entered during peace time never knew when or if they would be called to active duty. However, we all wanted to serve/protect our country. We are all Veterans and we are all part of the Military family that these companies are wanting to recognize. So what if it’s “just an onion and drink”. It’s FREE!!! It’s their way of saying “Thank You”. Be grateful that these companies are treating us with discounts/meals. They don’t have to. Reminds me of the kids on Halloween…..but I wanted Snickers. You’re all acting like ungrateful 3 year olds…..but you’re all old enough to know better. I can guarantee there are many Veterans, like myself, who are embarrassed by these ungrateful comments and all this arguing about I got shot 12 times and you didn’t bickering. GROW UP!!! And please be sure to tell these businesses “THANK YOU!!!” with a smile. Otherwise, there may be a day when no one wants to do anything for all you whiners out there.

    • Richard C,

      Very well said!

    • Ann Arbor Veteran

      Well said.

    • Wisard- Correct Call I’m a Marine & I totally agree with your post, Thank you for your service regaurdless of what time you served.! Thank you from the bottom of my Heart.! Semper-Fi.!

    • bill

      If you think they are treating you bad now try walking through San Fransisco airport and being spit on or called a baby killer

      • Evelyn

        Don’t have to think about it… Been there, had it done. PTSD to the max!

    • bob

      Wizard, very well said,

    • Jim L.


    • drphone


      Outstanding letter you are right on!!

      Thank you

    • Proud Navy Veteran

      This could not have been said better, THANK YOU, and thanks to those businesses that do recognize military service, past and present!!

    • john

      yes you are right, why do people try to be so hard on somthing thats free this is america we are and always will be proud to be an american.so all of you complaining get in line. im happy.

    • JOE


    • Montego

      Excellent. Thank you wizard, for this comment.

    • Kris10

      Thank you for your well thought out comments! It is just like being a cancer survivor, the minute you are diagnosed, you are a survivor. So, the minute you signed a contract, you are an armed forces veteran, anywhere, anytime! Thanks to all who served in whatever fight in whereever country. Air Force 1993-1998

    • Terry, USAF, 73-77

      Thank you Wizard from me. And an extra special Thank you from all those who served who didn’t make it home alive or has not made it home at all.

    • JessicaB

      Hua!! Very well said Wizard. I am with you and being sick and tired of this constant fight of whose better than who!

    • Amen Wizard, and thank you. My thoughts exactly

    • john

      its very nice that the places listed above, but you left out the korean war veterans. i am a korean war vet and i was there for two years.it seems that the usa foegot all about us, wake up america we are war veterans also. im not looking for something for free, im looking for someone to say thank you for serving our country.

      • wizard

        Sorry, I didn’t intend to list every war ever fought….that is why I wrote “etc”. You are not forgotten. Thank you for your service:)

      • Linda Collins

        Thank You & God bless you !!

    • John

      Thank you WIZARD as they say, ” you hit the nail on the head” very well writen and explains it to a T!!!. A 24 year retired veteran.
      Oh by the way thank you for serving.

    • Linda Collins

      First of all, like any other veteran, I say THANK YOU! I’m sorry you think some of the Vietnam, Korean, & older veterans are ungrateful or jealous of recent veterans. Their lives were very different than these Middle Eastern wars. I can only comment that a lot of the Vietnam veterans were even afraid to come home, thanks to JANE FONDA or should I say Hanoi Jane. Because of her Lies, many of our servicemen & women were shot at, & some killed, while getting off their planes. They were cursed, spit on, called women & baby killers, & more. Some felt ashamed, some felt betrayed, & some of them went crazy. I know because I used to send care packages to my brother. I was living thru it. I hope Jane Fonda rots in Hell! Evidently you were not one of them. I think they & the older vets were not appreciated like you younger ones. For that I am grateful!! I think alot of them have held alot of it inside! If some of them want to vent a little, well let them..Evidently Americans have learned from that!! Happy Veterans’ Day & THANK YOU ALL for your service & patriotism, still !!! Linda Collins-daughter,sister, & wife of a Veteran

      • Evelyn

        I am a Vietnam veteran all the way thru Desert Storm Veteran and other things inbetween… I know the feelings of the public from Vietnam to the way we were treated after Desert Storm. Instead of whining here in this forum… go get help from the excellent Mental Health facilities at the Denver VAMC. I have PTSD, 100% service-connected disabled veteran (other disabilities) and I’m retired from the Air Force AND I volunteered to serve my country. I chose to serve and I accept my disabilities… So what does that have to do with these nice businesses that are THANKING ALL OF US??? Enjoy the freebies. Take the counseling sessions to the mental health clinic. This is a place to say thanks to the businesses that are recognizing ALL OF US!!!! And a THANK YOU for your service to each other.

    • Ken

      Well said!

      –a Navy vet

    • Evelyn J. Sprehe

      Thank you for telling it like it is! Thank the businesses for the freebies… Think of all the businesses doing NOTHING!!! I’ll take a free coffee or whatever… Even just a “Thank You for your service” is nice to hear! Sure beats the protesters during Vietnam… (which I’m a veteran from Nam thru Desert Storm). I volunteered… the draft was over and they didn’t draft women anyway… which I am. Proud to have served my country… that’s the bottom line.

    • ricardo vinueza

      well said. I agree with you.
      Retired Vet 26 years USArmy
      MSG Vinueza

    • Dee

      Amen Wizard. I couldn’t agree more, thank you for your service and for clearing up something ” VETERANS” should already know.

    • Keith smith

      Wow i could had not said it any better. I also signed up during peace time but i was a combat tanker i could have gone to war anytime and i knew that when i signed up. I am so sick of being treated like a second rate veteran!

  • G.A.

    I’m a vietnam era vet (female) i never saw combat but i did my job to protect our country. women weren’t allowed in combat then, but we did our shrare by doing our jobs whatever they were. i was a aircraft maintenance specialist jet engines 1 & 2. also, when i was active duty, the vietnam war was still going on. quit your whining and be thankful you get something free no matter what or how little it is. it’s the thought behind it thant counts! g. a.

  • Rotwild

    Vets can go to Friendly’s Restaurants and PURCHASE a meal. If they are accompanied by a child,the child eats free. What an insult . I’m a 20 AF Vet,77 years old. I’d have to recruit a kid to go with me. What a joke.

    • Bob

      I’ll go with you my brother so quite yer bitchin.

    • AT1 Pitbull

      I can think of a good old Chief Master Sergeant who would just love to give you the attitude adjustment you so richly need.

      they don’t HAVE to give you anything! And when they do something to HONOR you, all you can do is kvetch (bitch gets censored).

      YOU are the joke.

    • dreamstar

      Thanks for the info, with that said I will never go to a Friendly’s again. To have an offer like that is an insult to all the brave men and women who served or who are serving this great nation.

  • kristy

    “I remember when growing up & over the years it was enough just to be thankful to share a smile, a hot dog cook out & the US flag posted outside the house” For those of us who have served in or out of the War zone should smile from the heart and celebrate we live in this free country and how fortunate we are to of experienced the military and the benefits earned. Lets all be grateful for what is offered to us on this special day! God Bless our Veterans! Kristy

  • A. Perez

    Happy veterans day and happy birthday marines!!!!!! Semper fi!! 0311 3/1 kilo co.
    OEF/OIF 2000/2005

    • C. Brewer LCPL

      Happy Birthday Marines 236th/Semper FI/ God Bless All Veterans.

  • Late Ace

    I’m just going to say one thing. I’m a vet and I thank God for all you other vets, but I cannot tell you how pissed off I am that us first Gulf War Vets keep getting shoved back in line behind the vets who have been more recent to the fight. We all deserve what we signed up for–the benefits that are supposed to offset some of the sacrifices belong to each and every one of us. But why is it that the politicians and the VA keep giving all priority to the most recent vets? I also got hit with the homebuyers’ incentive, too. I bought in 2008. All those who bought in 2009 or later don’t have to repay their incentives, but those who bought in 2008 do. Somehow doesn’t seem fair, but hey what is?

  • Kim

    I personally believe, as a USAF recently retired individual, that businesses should extend their discounts to military with proof of duty. Papers, id…etc

    I choose to use Home Depot over Lowes since they discount all year.

    All veterans need to start supporting business who support our service.

    We need to stop complaining and do something about it. After all, we served to protect civilians who cant or wont serve their country.

    So support and shop businesses that offer discounts to military. We have a choice to exercise our priviledges. This can and will impact businesses large and small near bases -then things might change.

    • Jan

      Here, we use Lowe’s because they support all year, and Home Depot doesn’t.

    • Audrey

      My husband and I are both Air Force veterans and for awhile Lowe’s in our town in Pennsylvania was giving a 10% discount when I showed my DD214. One day during a large purchase, the cashier rudely informed me in front of other customers that they would no longer give the discount to me with just my papers and she scribbled some mark on the bottom as if to say I’d been warned. I walked out that day feeling embarrassed as if I’d done something wrong. Home Depot here only gives it to us on certain holidays which I appreciate, but at a Home Depot in Michigan, when they saw my husband’s veterans hat, automatically gave him a discount without even asking for proof and when it wasn’t one of those qualifying holidays. So, I guess it’s up to the individual stores on whether or not they follow company policy. I just want to thank those businesses and those persons who are willing to offer what they do without putting us through alot or embarrassing us.

      • I live in the mid state NY area I have always had much better luck with Home Depot I get my discount just by my NAVY SSBN 634 or 619 hat which I spent 7 years in. In NY hudson valley and Ulster county you can get a veteran discount card at the social security places . I got mine and last week I went in LOWES and had my hat on no discount was told no longer given .Pulled out card showed it to front end manager she told girl all veterans get 10% off all the time to 5k bucks.I even got a extra 10% for my trouble. Call the head office you will get a refund.

      • Drem

        If the cashier scribbled (wrote) on your 214 you should have contacted the Store Manager right then, District Mgr on up the chain. No one, absolutely no one has the right to write your your official discharge papers!

        Just my two cents (since I only show my VA service connected ID Card) if I was using my 214 and she had even attempted to take it there would have been a problem. IF she had been quick enough to mark on it she would have drawn back a few broken fingers!

      • Cindy

        Audrey, I hope you were able to mention the way you were treated to the manager. It not only was poor customer service, but an ungrateful person for the service both you & your husband provided to our country.

    • JOHN

      Lowes dose give discount to military all year around. You just have to ask.

    • mary

      wake up lowes have the same discount

      • gisteve

        Lowe’s provides a 10% discount to all active duty and retiree’s AND their family members 365 days a year up to $5000 dollars. Home Depot offers the same but only up to $500 dollars. Maybe you should wake up.

    • Jerry

      For your information Lowes also discounts all year round for active duty and also retired. I shop at both plkaces, but usually go to the one with the lowest price for the item I am shopping for…..Both Lowes & Home Depot are good to the military.

    • Randy

      It must depend where one lives… Our Lowe’s offers the discount all year long, but Home Depot only offers the discount on select holidays.

    • Gaby

      Just to let you know, Lowes also gives the discount all year long. I am a military widow and I am building a house. This is quite a saving for me.

    • gisteve

      Go to boycottthehomedepot.com to see where your money goes.

    • disabled Viet Vet

      Are you aware of Home Depot’s support of gay activities/organizations? Lowes is a better choice to spend your money. Bouycot home depot!

    • Lowes does give discounts all year long to us retirees. Just have to tell them and show your ID.

  • Kanji

    To all veterans of all services:
    Let’s be grateful for the establishments that recognize us and offer food, drinks, services, and discounts. No need for greed by stating the monetary equivalent of the gifts, no matter how large or trivial they seem to you We need and stop and think about our comrades in arms who are hospitalized, permanently injured, homeless, those who are no longer with us, their families and loved ones who gave their all and will not be joining us this Veterans Day.
    Thank the establishments by patronizing them throughout the year and let them know that you appreciate their recognition of your sacrifices and your devotion to God and Country.

  • linda

    Those of you that knock the Viet Nam Vets need to go see the Viet Nam Memorial wall to see how they DID contribute. I am appalled and embarrassed by you. Don’t you dare call yourselves Americans

  • Ross Hendley

    I am a fellow veteran from North Carolina. I am very proud to be an American that served my country with honor. My uncle was shot down over Germany in World War II and his body was never found. I lost my 17 year old cousin in Viet Nam and his fellow Marine brother became an alcoholic because his brother wanted to be like him. Some of us have given more than others for our country, but as Americans, we will always be proud to give anything for our country. Thanks for any contribution in the name of American Veterans.

  • Sergio

    LOWES also has a year round 10% discount for Vets and Active Duty! I use it all the time.

    • 82nd Airborne Vet

      Our Lowes 10% year round is only available to disabled vets. I wish there was a Home Depot around here.

  • Barb

    My Husband was in WWII, in Nagasaki and Hiroshima, on a ship when the bomb dropped, and went in and walked on that hot ground. Now 84 yrs old and suffering from Dementia, Thyroid problems, and many more, he is also shoved to the back of the line. The VA calls it non service connected. what a joke.

    • Joyce

      Hi Barb,
      My dad is 88 years old and served on the USS Saratogo CV3, he is now 100% disabled after appealing to the VA. He has PTSS (Post Traumatic Stress Syndrom) which was covered under the WWII act, not today of course, but your husband has a right to appeal after suffering with the same symptons my dad has. Please feel free to email me as I am an advocate for the Vets, especially these men who served in a horific element that changed our world today.

      • Barb

        Thank you Joyce. How can i get your email.

    • Bryan

      IF and when I see him at the end of a line he can sure take my place in line! I have great respect for those that have served before me and to this day. I consider any VET’s condition more urgent than my needs. Always and forever, together we are few! And it shouldn’t be a joke!

      • jbwhse

        God Bless you Bryan

  • Gean A

    The flag of the United States is one of the nation’s most widely recognized symbols. Throughout the world, wherever it flies, it is used in public discourse to refer to the United States, not only as a nation and set of policies, but also as a set of ideals.

    At the foundation of these ideals is the powerful proclamation…“here stands free men.” It is in this ideal that our founding fathers, drafted and delivered a break up note to the British Monarchy claiming their own sovereignty…claiming their independence:

    On November 11, we will pause and honor some of those brave Americans. Men and women, who when their Nation asked “Who will we send…who will go for us”…bravely exclaimed… “Here I am…send me!”

    See next comment (continuation)

  • Gean A

    During a volunteer event at a veterans home, I noticed something as the vets played a game of Bingo. On every bingo card…located in its center is a gift…a Free Space. Don’t have to do anything to get it…it’s there…it’s yours. It made me think of their sacrifice and service. Because of this sacrifice and service…I, we…all of us that call ourselves “American” have a “free spaces” in game of life:

    Freedom of religion, Freedom of speech, Freedom to Bear Arms, Freedom from unreasonable search, Freedom to pursue life and liberty…

    As we celebrate this Veterans Day. I ask you to join America in saying thank you to our veterans. Get involved on that day…display your flags, blow your horns, show off your patriotism, find a parade…let those that are watching and wish to do us harm know that while we may be divided on some issues…when it comes to the sovereignty of our nation against evil…they will find us in only one unmistakable mindset…and that’s TOGETHER!

    God Bless you…God Bless your family…and may God forever bless the United States of America!

    Gean David Alston (www.yourwindownow.com)

  • DLBrown

    I’m EMBARRASSED to be a VET after reading some of the posts on here. Combat/No Combat, WW I, WW II, Korea, Viet Nam, Gulf War, Iraq War and Afghanistan … I’ve been under the impression that a VET is someone that SERVED our country in the MILITARY and NOT by branch, combat, no combat, MOS, active duty, reserve or guard. All of you that are arguing are DISCREDITING ALL VETS and DISRESPECTING our FALLEN!!!

    • willlo

      You are correct. We all served together.

    • Casey

      DL Brown… WELL said brother. I could not have said it better. Imagine bickering over a stupid discount and taking it to the depths that some of you are only proving to me that the ones that shout the loudest are usually the ones who either never served in any branch and/or never took the time to actually use your ID’s to find out.
      A Veteran is someone who made a contract with this country to defend her even up to and including their very lives. PERIOD. If you did not take that oath…just go away.!

    • Drem

      Even those us peace time Vets have not served in combat we still signed that blank check. I will add to my fellow Vets that served in combat, Thank You!

    • BILL


    • GCraiger

      My pride in being a Vet comes from within. It matters not what others feel, think, or say. Aholes are always at the ready to spout their bull shee it.

  • We are proud of our veterans who have served our country. Our business has served the military for almost 70 years, and we continue to offer our thanks for your dedication and service.

    Visit our stores and ask for our 50% discount for Veterans and their families.

    We salute you,
    –Your Friends at the Vision Center at Meijer

  • Nicholas Ackerson, VSO

    I work with Veterans of all eras and it kills me when I read selfish bull from one Veteran of a specific recognized era about another.
    We are all equal in that we served.
    If you want to feel disenfranchised, that is your choice and badge of ignorance.

    One of the most difficult thing to deal with is a Veteran or family of a Veteran from a conflict or action that is not recognized who needs help.

    Our men and women hold the line all over the world every day and many never receive recognition for their war or era.

    They guard embassies, work as gate guards, and M.P.’s or shore patrol.
    They are the Canaries in the mine shaft who are quickly forgotten because they are so few.
    Ask any China Marine.
    They were fighting the Korean War’s communists well before WWII ended and well before the Korean War began.

    We are all very fortunate and should not take what we have for granted.

  • Nicholas Ackerson, VSO

    I work with Veterans of all eras and it kills me when I read selfish bull from one Veteran of a specific recognized era about another.
    We are all equal in that we served.
    If you want to feel disenfranchised, that is your choice and badge of ignorance.

    One of the most difficult thing to deal with is a Veteran or family of a Veteran from a conflict or action that is not recognized who needs help.

    Our men and women hold the line all over the world every day and many never receive recognition for their war or era.

    They guard embassies, work as gate guards, and M.P.’s or shore patrol.
    They are the Canaries in the mine shaft who are quickly forgotten because they are so few.
    Ask any China Marine.
    They were fighting the Korean War’s communists well before WWII ended and well before the Korean War began.

    We are all very fortunate and should not take what we have for granted.

  • Im a fellow veteran that served in the USAF during peace time, Im not saying i wish i was in a war but Im glad I served never the less. I want to thank all my fellow vets and active duty members for their service.

    • Biker3

      I’m trying to figure out what time we were at “peace” After Korea we went into the Cold War and lived with the threat of some bozo pushing the Button and turning my family, neighbors and I into cinders, with no notice.. I served during that time and proudly ensured that we had the technology and warning to keep us safe and alive..

    • john

      i want to say thank you even though you did not see war. i have and proud that we had people here that would protect or country while we were away from home. thank you for serving to

  • RMac

    This vet is going to my local Applebees and will find a civilian nurse or teacher that I will donate my free meal to while I pay for my own. Or the higher priced of the two.

    As a retired disabled vet I get great socialized medical care, a fantastic retirement, discounts from everyone and endless thanks for doing the greatest job in the world.

    It is time we veterans do a little pay back ourselves to all those people who every bit as essential and vital to keeping America as free as we seem to think we are.

  • Ron

    Never forget the origins of Armistice Day (Veterans Day or Rememberance Day). The purpose is to to remember and honor all those men and women who sacrificed so much for their country(s). Be proud of your service but humble in spirit. After visiting dozens of small towns in France over the past few years, we realized that each town has a monument honoring those who fell during WW 1. So many boys died during those years that many believe France has never recovered. Be minful of all those who sacrificed so much, including families of the fallen.

  • James C. O’Brien

    I was in the U S Navy and served aboard a ship that was assigned to go to Cuba in late 1962, during and after the infamous “Cuban Missle Crisis”. By the grace of God and the ability of our President to negotiate, a war that could have destroyed our planet, did not happen. Unlike so many young men of the time that ran across the boarders to avoid the draft, I was proud to serve my country and even more proud to become a veteran of the finest military force in the world. The Military Forces of the UInited States of America, regardless of branch!!!

  • Rick

    Happy Vet Day to all the fine women and men who risk there life for us, you all are strong and Brave as a 21 year vet from the Cuban Missle Crisis in 1962, to Vietnam Sept 65- 66 Big Red One, and Vietnam 1972-73 McV adviser. If I could I’d huge everyone of you and thank you for allof your brave action’s your all true Amercan’s , and for those of you who could have served but chose not, injoy what the brave women and men did for your freedom

  • Military Retiree

    I want to thank All veterans, past and present for everything you do and have done for this country. I salute you!

  • rick

    Looks like I need a English Class, sorry

  • I recall as a girl watching as Vietnam vets were spat upon, reviled and treated poorly at every turn. As an Army Brat, it made me angry.

    During the same period, there was a contest at my junior high to design a poster to encourage hiring vets. I won. I was proud of my accomplishment. Then I discovered I was the ONLY entrant. My pride turned to shame for my peers for not caring.

    I enlisted after high school & served as an Army medic in Germany toward the end of the Vietnam war. I’m a Vietnam-era vet, NOT a Vietnam vet (a distinction that matters as I served in safety, far from any combat zone — I’ll not compare my service to the real heroes who gave so much more in combat).

    Fast forward to the 21st century. Now we are seeing more & more being done for our vets & active duty personnel. It’s great to see & hope to see more & more being done by even more businesses & groups: not because I’m also a vet, but because it is so wonderful (& about time) to hear Americans take a moment to say “thank you for your service” — especially for all our brave heroes who saw real combat.

    I salute you all — and I thank those who are giving back to you all in whatever ways possible. And yes… Thank YOU for YOUR service!

    Happy Veterans Day!

  • sherri woods

    I want to say THANK YOU to ALL of the Veterans out there for our freedom. GOD BLESS YOU ALL.

    • Jim

      Thank You, USN 1971-75, Viet Nam 1972-73.

  • aundre kendal

    yeh what about jobs when we come home and we have to go throu the stress of making sure we find a job to just feed our family we dont need freebies we need jobs jobs jobs

    • Veteran

      Perhaps you would learn to spell correctly, someone might take you serious enough to offer you a job, job, job.

    • Dave

      I know when I got out of the Navy back in the V-Nam days I went to an interview and was hired on the spot and given full credit (4 years) on the pay scale (it was even a union shop) for my military service. You might want to check to make sure you are qualified for the job you are looking for, look the part and present a flawless resume, cover letter and follow-up thank you.

  • Phyllis Z.

    My Mother and Dad fought in the “COLD WAR” from 1945-until Vietnam. They kept the war from getting “Hot”, from people getting shot, blown to smithereens with bombs flying. She worked in S.A.C. and they quickly, quietly went in, struck hard and fast, before anybody knew they were even there. Nobody “leaked” any SECRETS out. Everything they did was a covert operation. Incidentally for all you James Bond Fans out there, Ian Fleming wrote about James Bond fighting during that era. Gives you something to think about doesn’t it?

    Talk about being “Pushed to the BACK of the BUS. ” One national agency doesn’t even recognize that she even SERVED in the Military. I tease Mother all the time, that she “fought a COLD or fought in the cold. ” She’s a good trooper, though, she takes my kidding with ease. There are those of us unlike President Bush, who know the meaning of the “KEEP SECRET for 50 years or more” and we keep our mouths SHUT! Not telling our trade secrets for the WHOLE WORLD to HEAR!! Did you know there are more SPIES NOW in this country than there were in WWII?? And we had President Bush running off at the mouth telling some of most important/sacred secrets. Believe it; it happened. Now that’s SCARY.

  • Bruno

    thanks to the sacrifice from my fellow veterans, others may never know what we go through every day after completing our tours…stay strong!

    • Vic

      I want to thank ALL veterans also like Bruno. I retired from the army 1 Jan. 1987 after 24 1/2 years service and don’t regret any of the time I served. It is too bad we don’t have enough young men or women to want to serve and not just for a job because of the economy. I have noticed over the years since I retired, that there is one era that is not spoken of very much except for those of us that were in that era. The service I’m speaking of is the “Cold War”. I look at it a a joke to call it Cold” after there were many service men that were killed in some of those places, ie; the DMZ in Korea, to include a few miles south of the DMZ, the border areas in Germany in which we had border patrols shot at also and sometimes killed, and I’m sure there are other locations that I am not aware of also. I did 3 tours in Korea as a Tanker in tank battalions or CAV units, beginning Jan. 1963 and during each tour, the North Koreans showed their asses and came across or in some way or other killed and or wounded some of our troops. Most and I mean most of the action never hit the news media in the states and no American civilian knew of some families’ loss. Anyway, I want to thank all of my brothers and sisters in arms for doing their part, both living and dead, and my prayers go out to all, and especially the families Vic in N.C.

  • rey andalis

    olive garden restaurant in cedar park, texas are offering free lunch or dinner on veterans day 2011!

  • Michael

    Krispy Kreme! One doughnut … LMAO! Kiss my arse! That amounts to about 3 cents! Did that put you out did it?? Give me a break!

    • desert

      How does it feel to be completely “ungrateful”?? Considering millions of vets…wouldn’t even YOU consider that to be a huge amount of donuts?

    • wizard

      Then don’t go there to get a FREE doughnut. You’re too ungrateful. You would probably complain at the counter and embarrass your fellow Veterans. Don’t go…..it’s your choice….that’s why we all signed up so that you would have that choice not to go. I appreciate anything that any of these businesses are doing/giving. It’s their way of saying “Thank You”. It’s not an obligation….they don’t have to do anything for us.

      • Roni

        I am a Veteran and personally, I appreciate the FREEDOM that I have to choose to do what ever I wish to do. If you Michael can’t see the forest because of the trees then go live in another country… I will be in line at my local Krispy Kreme and you had better not be the butthole in front of me complaining!!!

    • Patrick

      Come on!!! Why don’t you stay the Hell home. Obviously you didn’t learn any Honor or Integrity in Our Nation’s Armed Services. Don’t you feel like the “arse” you’re asking people to kiss?! Ungrateful. And quick using Irish cuss words to get your “point” across because you just insulted Ireland too. Sincerely, Patrick O’Casey

    • Mhmm

      They should give free doughnuts to cops…..but that might put them out of business =/ oh well.

    • Sherry

      Where can you get a donut for 3 cents? Not in my neighborhood!

    • Tim

      Krispy Kreme can send my donut along with all vets stateside to the troops in harms way. I,m insulted,not pleased with this cheesy marketing ploy. Let them send a few thousand overseas and that might wipe the egg off thier face. I,m NEVER going to eat another one of thier products!

      • Alix

        That’s healthier for you anyway.

    • Michele

      You served our country proudly. And that I thank you for. But honestly, you weren’t over there fighting for one doughnut. Veterans Day is a day of remembrance and thanks to every single soldier alive or dead. As in all gifts ever given, it is the thought that counts, that is the true gift. So be thankful for that and go enjoy a doughnut and say thanks for thinking of me I appreciate it.

    • sparky

      I,ll go to the nearest soup kitchen if I want a lousy donut! Krispy as the man said,insults us vets,useing the 1 donut to just promote thier stuff here. A simple “thank you” would have seemed more sincere than thier cheap “self promotion.

    • Peter Bohlmann

      Michael, Michael, Michael. It’s obvious to me that you weren’t one of us returning from overseas in the 70’s. I personally appreciate the “gesture”, not the darn donut. We received no gestures, no positive recognition coming home. I’m not complaining about what happened all those years ago. Rather, I am filled with gratitude for the respect veterans receive today. Michael – are you a happy person?

    • NAVY AM2 (AW/SW)


    • C.B.K

      What did u give?

    • Kevin M.

      Although I completely understand where you are coming from, I think that it is mostly for the older vets who seem to gather there for a cup of coffee and/or a doughnut….

  • Dolores

    I was raised with patriotic pride, my father a disabled vet (WWII USS Saratoga). I volunteered in 67 served USAF as a medic a Viet Nam Era female Vet, proud to serve the returning injured vets, and I lost my only sibling in Viet Nam (my younger brother). While I live with my parents gone I can say that they were proud of my brother and my service to this country 3rd generation mexican americans during a time it wasn’t cool. I am thrilled that the nation has come together to support OUR troops. God Bless each and every Vet. Happy Veterans Day.

  • James Yeiter

    I served from 1970 to 1976 in 1971 after returning home from over seas there was about 6 of us that got in to a cab and asked where we have been and we told him. He stated we were the baby killres it makes me feel bad to even be a vet.

    • Mike Hahn

      If you feel bad for being a Vet because of what some jerk said, then you are part of the problem. I served 2 years in Nam and when returning to the Nation’s Capital area I never received any negative remarks from any jerks. Served 66,67,68.

      • vikki

        it is not what some jerk said. he was just voicing the opionion of most of the civilian nation we live in. i too, with no gun am considered a baby killer and a whore that took a mans desk job and i joined during the draft. my life is a mess because of the lies of the government and their lack of truth and protection of the women that thought they joined to serve their nation and not service the men. abuse reported resulted in attacks by groups of men. criminals, most of those in war zones had no idea what was going on state side.

    • edree

      In your service and your life you have shaken off FAR more significant things than the oppinion of the piss-ants to which you refer. Do it to them as well, They are lower than whale crap, and that’s at the bottom of the ocean. Do not empower them. Thank you for your service and be PROUD of it.

  • Spartan17

    Yet another slap in the face for Viet Nam veterans who didn’t dare even wear the uniform of the country they served upon their return. We were treated like crap and now, 40 years later it’s so ‘fashiionable’ to be a veteran the country is full of fakes.
    to the recent veterans, welcome home. It looks like we made a difference inhow vets are treated.

    • john

      i thank you for your time in service, i to am a vet of desert shield/storm i feel your pain but soildier stand up and be proud, thank you again for saving or country.

    • paul phipps

      you are so right. when I came back from vietnam I had my jaw broken because I was in uniform in alameda ca. so much for vietman vets

    • Jerry Harber

      Soldier up! We didn’t do it for the pat on the back. I was drafted, but am still proud of my service.
      Thanks to all of you that served because you wanted to-we’re proud of you!
      U.S. Army ’67 to ’69

    • Phyllis

      I understand your feeling this way, I worked for the Marine Corps, as a civilian, during VietNam. My brother is a VN veteran and he received the same ignorant treatment when he returned. He served THREE tours in VN, he is disabled and has had a hellva time getting even 60% disability. Bladder cancer, rash on his neck from Agent Orange, nightmares, flashbacks,, etc. Bad.. My sincere thanks to ALL Viet Nam Vets and all Vets. I worked 10 years for MC and 22 years for the Army. I love my VETS and all active military. My daughter currently works for the Army as a civilian (20 years so far), She loves her soldiers and Vets also. Thanks to all of you.

    • Gonzalez

      Thank you!, because of your service, we the younger generation of veterans can be recognized and we don’t have to hide. To the contrary,like my dad, that to hide about his military service time,because nobody did cared that he served his country so we all can have the freedom we enjoy now. War/Veteran Dessert Storm/Dessert Shield. Tsgt.Gonzalez

    • mvacdude

      i volunteered for service in ’79 when i was 17 and enlisted for 6 years because i was pissed at the way Nam veterans were treated and because i considered being in the US military the greatest job and highest honor in the world! i watched nam on tv and decided i would do my part for my brothers in spirit. i took great pride, and still do, at being a true 1%’er (not like the ‘biker posers’)! i would’ve died for my brothers then and still would gladly do it today. i did not serve in active combat (through no fault of my own) but still count myself as a proud veteran! i was medically retired after 5 years because of a line of duty accident and wept like a baby when they stamped unfit for duty on my final orders! i understand your bitterness but will not let you or any combat veteran rob me of my pride and inttense honor of being a disabled retired veteran! i would gladly serve in a combat unit today (old and crippled) if i was allowed! i would volunteer again and not have to be drafted! so, soldier up and quit your crying and know you have my support and appreciation for your service! i love my state and my country, but i love my spirit brothers and sisters more! lets take pride in being the true 1%’ers in America and support and hold our “bond” high! thank you all vets!!! thank you all supporters and well wishers! semper fi!

      • Zoomie

        Like my peer above – thank you from the current generation of veterans. Though young, we can appreciate those who came before. You have changed the way a nation thinks about it’s soldiers/airmen/seamen/marines. Even during an unpopular war, the public is able to separate the people from the events – a direct result of your sacrifice and ctizenship following your return.

        Thank you.

    • Louis Beam

      After two tours in Nam as a door gunner on a UH1D Co.A, 25th. Avn Bn. 25th. Inf. Div. when I arrived at Oakland Army Terminal I was told to take my uniform off and not wear it off base. They were throwing shit and chicken blood on uniformed soldiers off base. Now understand Spartan has a right to be pissed. Truthfully, any of you so treated would feel the same bitterness. It is 40 years too late to remove the bitter gall of that time. BUT, I am glad, and I bet Spartan is glad, that you young men do not get the same treatment. Also, it is nice NOW to be respected for my service. But don’t tell me to “soldier up” to chicken shitt throwers who yell “baby killer” at you as you disembark from the plane from Nam. To me “soldiering up” would consist of shooting the bastards who did it. Welcome home Spartan…and all the rest of you.

    • Ann,

      Get over it, as a spouse of a 25 yr veteran, be glad you live in the United States and go out and do something nice for someone, instead of everyone expected to give you something. There are consequences for all our choices.

    • Chris

      This isn’t a slap in your face, it’s your legacy. Try to let go of this bitterness you have and realize that this is what you created. Yes you were treated like crap and that’s terrible, but it’s because of what you went through that America learned not to treat its troops that way. Companies aren’t doing things to honor more recent veterans to spite you, they’re doing it to honor you.

    • Old SGM

      I’m a Vietman Vet and I am proud to be one!
      I am very pleased to see today’s Vets getting the honors we did not receive, Just because we were treated badly has not impact on how I feel about today’s military being honored. We can’t change history, move on without resenting someone who has earned and received recognition, grow-up!

    • guesst

      grow up and get over yourself

    • Terry

      Quit worrying about it. There are alot of sad days in history but we don’t need to dwell on it. Pick yourself up and go to work doing something creative, Damn It !

    • Robert Milburn, RET

      spartan17 there is a big difference between the military then and now! During Viet Nam we had the draft, which brought the “cinflict” closer to “home.” I enlisted in the reserves in 1968 (junior in high school) and went active duty Army in 1969 (after graduating) so I would have some sort of say in what I did on duty. During my 22 1/2 yrs active duty I watched the military transition from the draft to an all vol force. No war/conflict is or will be popular with anybody.
      Thank you and all veterans past and present for your service to our country! And to all future veterans my thoughts and prayers are with you.

    • Tommye Hughes

      Yeah but we did what our country called us to do! As a fellow Viet-Nam vet I am thankful to be appreciated today forgetting the way we were treated 1966-1972. One forgives those who know no better way. None of us like the way we were treated back then but it’s time to get over it!

    • KOBIE babatu


    • Monica

      You are right. I do not remember much about the Viet Nam war b/c I was a child. I do remember noticing/seeing how the vets were overlooked and ignored. To think about it is heart breaking. True that today’s soldiers return to cheers and maybe a bit more help yet some have lost their homes and like before, no employment. What angers me most is when a soldier returns to the U.S. and is accosted or even killed by the worthless citizens he sacrificed his life for. I salute all veterans and active duty for your service. I too am a veteran (female) who served during “peace time”. Oct’79- Nov’83.

  • desert

    I would like to see someone like Chili’s or Golden Corral at least to honor the wives…give them a meal on veterans day…THEY EARNED IT! I am not talking about entitlement here….I am saying , you are honoring the vet..but completely discount the contribution of the wife…..terrible! Due to other commitments, I have not participated at any of these establishments for 6 or 7 years now…this year I am free to do so, but not sure if I will…..seems to be a put down to my wife……..

    • wizard

      If you want your wife to be honored on Veterans Day then she should have joined the Military so that she would be called a Veteran. My husband and I both were in the Military at the same time. She could have done the same. She didn’t earn nothing. She’s a Dependent….not a Veteran. She’s a Military Spouse. This is NOT Dependents Day or Military Spouse Day. This is a holiday to recognize Veterans. All wives have a commitment to their husbands…..it’s the husbands responsibility to make their wives feel special. Everyone knows that when you sign that paper you belong and are government property. She didn’t. She took an oath to you and you gave her a ring…..she’s yours….not the military’s. If you want her to feel special take her out to eat on your $$$$. But don’t try to make someone else pay for it. That’s YOUR responsibility as an appreciative husband. Show her some love without being cheap.

  • edree

    I have worn one national uniform or another since 1956 and still were my last one for appropriate ceremonial purposes. I have ALWAYS worn it proudly, regardless of political climate, and defied anyone to disrespect it. I refuse to allow the low-lifes who have NO conceprt of service to their country and only take from it. Thank you all for your service.

  • wizard

    This is to all those spouses/dependents that were married to Military Members who think that they should be acknowledged on Veterans Day. You are NOT a Veteran. A Veteran is someone who signed a contract and took an oath with the government to protect our country. A spouse/dependent is just that. You signed a contract and took an oath to your husband/wife. It is your spouses obligation and responsibility to acknowledge all your hard work and sacrifices that you made while they were in the Military….not the responsibility of someone else. If spouses wanted to be a Veteran they could have. I did. Both myself and my husband were Active Duty Military. Now that’s a sacrifice. I took 2 oaths. One to my husband and one to our country. Don’t even attempt to call yourself a Veteran, demand any of the benefits, or expect to be acknowledged on Veterans Day if you didn’t sign a contract with the government to be in the Military. There already is a holiday in place for spouses/dependents to be acknowledged. It is called an Anniversary. This is where your partner who you agreed and signed a contract by marrying and taking the ring…….is supposed to acknowledge all that you did to support them being in the Military. That is your day to celebrate and be thanked by those that you served…..your spouse. No one tries to tap in on your day of celebration with your spouse…..so don’t try to tap into our day of celebration as Veterans.

  • Dale

    This is the attitude of people today, I want more GIVEN to me, companies that offer these items do so as a gift and are shown contempt by so many people. It wouldn’t suprise me if they all stopped. You people need jobs, it is not their fault, vote out the people in government that are running this country down. In these tough times its amazing to find anyone willing to give and even one donut to a lot of people amounts up. Grow up and stop feeling sorry for yourself.

    • steve

      the republician party has given way to much to these companys over the last decade, we owe no patentence to these anal openings…… they not only should be give special to vets, but they should be paying the dod budgets…… the USN navy s function is to keep the sea lane open for trade,and commerse which profits only the corporation like these rapist!
      you sir needs to stop watching fox propaganda channel and take a close look at whats happen to this country over the last 30 years…..

    • Larry

      Wha in the hell are you trying to say? It is probably the most non-sensical reply to an article that I have ever read. I would suggest that you stay from a keyboard for the rest of your lifet I am, as a veteran appreciative of the companies for offering these benefits.

    • Gus

      You sir, and I use the term very loosely, obviously have never served in the military. You have no understanding of what people in the military have given of their lives and of their families lives to protect and preserve our freedom. What have you personally done to help others? Have you served in the Armed Forces or merely benefitted from all the sacrifices of those who seved and are serving today? You are the perfect example of an “armchair quarterback”- quick to criticize but never gets into the action-just content to watch and reap the benefits.

  • cassandra

    I am a veteran and i appreciate these business’s doing this! They are by no means obligated but do it out of the goodness of their heart! I don’t care if it is one doughnut or a drink, it is all special! It cost’s them money to run a business in today’s economy! We decided to take an oath and serve, it is not anyones else’s responsiblilty to keep us up, but it is however very much apprecitated by this vet!!! GOD bless you all and AMERICA!! : )

  • gene

    Points well taken. It’s up to these managements to give out these discounts to Vets and their spouses but just be glad that some do. Most Vets that leave families behind because of death failed to educate their families of what to do when this situation arises. Spouses just don’t know where to go for assistance. So if you are aware, let them know how to do it…Now for those that are striking the dependents that are behind while the service member deploys understand one thing. Mental stress is harder to take than physical stress any time. You war vets know that for a fact. Husbands, wives and family members are all in this together and suffer the same. You butt heads that like to criticise need to get your heads out of the gutter. Yes, I’m a vet of several compaigns, retired and still working to support our warriors as a gov employee. Instead of criticising one another, why don’t you start assisting instead because whatever the government or these management does will affect all of us regardless if you served or not.


    I served and retired from the Air Force and while stationed in various places I had some good times with members of all the branches of the military including the reservists and guard. So lets not bicker among ourselves as many of you would do it again I know I would. Each and everyone of us made sacrifices that no one will understand the intensity of that commitment until they have served. .
    Now on another note Military spouses and dependents or not Veterans but lets not overlook there sacrifices. I know I served many a years away from them and this was not something that came easy. They knew of our commitment and proudly never stood in our way as we all had one common goal. I can never thank them enough for allowing me to serve our great country.
    I recomend that each and everyone of you Thank the fine establishments for offering whatever discounts that they can. You have serve and they are honoring you for your service.
    I myself honor each and everyone of you to include all family members for what you gave to our country. Be Proud and always hold your head up high!

  • pete

    thanks to the many companies providingfreeitems to,us

    retirees, USAF

  • Michael Pesuit

    while reading military Times I see all these life insurance deal for Vet for up the age 50 and most cases 60 years old. What are we old vet to do “Up and die when we turn 60. It is time to stop age discremention on older vet so that they can get a resonable rate especially with service connect conditions. When I was in Vietnam I was worth anly $10,000. Not very much for a life.

    • wizard

      And what does this have to do with getting a free meal or discounts on Veterans Day????

  • Sgt. Correa

    As a US Army veteran I am grateful that some companies want to offer a nice thank you, at least one day a year. We do not expect it but we do greatly appreciate it. I want to thank all veterans from every branch of the service for defending our American rights, every day of the year. I will continue to pray for all the men and women that are currently serving in every branch and for their families. God Bless The USA ~ God Bless Our Troops.

  • R. Gentzler

    I am a very Proud Army Veteran, a Widow of a 20 year Army Veteran, the daughter of both Army Veteran parents, and the sister of a Coast Guard Veteran. I would like to thank all of the Military Active and Veteran who served and are still serving. I take every opportunity to Thank a Veteran for his or her service no matter where I am or what I am doing. I also would like to thank the various establishments for offering their services to all Active Duty and Veterans on November 11, 2011.

    • Richard

      Thank you


      • R. Gentzler

        Thank you Richard for your Service. I truly appreicate all you have done to keep our country safe and free. Please enjoy your Veteran’s Day and stay safe.

  • Steve

    I served in the Army National Guard for 36 years and did my time in the desert. I am very grateful for any company to think enough of us veretans to honor us on Veterans day. I don’t beg for anything but some of these freebies are really nice. I just went with my Mother to Lowe’s where I saved her over $150.00 with my ID card. That ain’t chicken feed and she really appreciates it and deserves it because she was one of the ones who prayed for me every day when I was overseas in harms way.

    • silberma

      I am the child of a WWII holocaust survivor. My dad was liberated by troops & tanks crashing through nazi concentration camp gates in 1945. I want to thank every soldier, sailor, marine, airman, coast guard and homeland vet who has ever served in our Military – past, present and future. Your service, sacrafice and valor are beyond words. May you be blessed with good health, long life, respect and appreciation! We love you.

    • MCThompson

      Hi Steve – my folks are both gone now but I remember saying them some money with my VA card id at Lowe’s, very surprised really because the id card was under my license I pulled out to show for my check, and the cashier said-“You’re a Veteran?” and I said “Yes, member of the DAV”. She then said “Thank you for your Service- Lowe’s gives disabled veterans 10% off on purchases.” – I was very happy- then my dad joked and said – does that mean we get 20% then- because I was a WWII vet! LOL .

  • Bob

    I think the biggest freebee I get a kick out of is the simple words “thank you for your service” when I use my ID for check verification or at the Airport…I still get choked up because I didnt to anything anyone of my other fellow vets wouldnt do. We volunteered to server our country and continue our public service in retirement or separation.

    • wizard

      So TRUE!!!!

    • Dan Retired USAF

      Me too Bob…And I enjoy thanking those fellow Vets past and current..And I Thank Those who Thank me for my service and Merchants who honor Vets.

      Retired USAF 63-83

    • MrJosua

      Perfectly stated Bob

  • Phyllis

    My daughter and I ate an early lunch at IHOP one recent day close to Ft Belvoir, Va where she works. Two soldiers in uniform came in as we were leaving. We got in the car and she started looking in her purse, I knew what she was going to do. I took $10 out of my purse, she took $20 out of her purse. She went back into the restaurant and looked for the soldiers. She walked over to their table, laid the 30.00 on the table, thanked them and said have a nice lunch. They said they could not accept the money, she said “what money” and walked away. We both love you guys and gals in uniform.

    • R. Gentzler

      Wow!!!! Reading this has brought tears to my eyes! Thank you!

  • dedchrlycong

    small slurpee from seven eleven? is that a misprint?

    • wizard

      No, it’s not a misprint. It’s Seven Eleven’s way of saying “Thank You”. It’s FREE for Veterans. Instead of questioning it…..just go get one and make sure to say “Thank You” with a smile:)

    • Bob

      If you don’t the “free” Slurpee, then pay for it, you arrogant a–.

  • SGT-nyc

    I servd frm 66-69 servd 1 tour in VN, its really nice for companies to give a little for those who servd. Im not working and I dont have to work but l feel that im still able to work. l apply for jobs for which l have exprnce and they tell me that lm not good enough to work for them. Thats what l get for serving military time for this country…

    • Bob

      Be assured, it’s not because you served in the military or in Vietnam. Look within.

  • Shilrey A. Ritchie

    I cant believe that it has come to this end. After I served in USAF for 23 years and finally received my pension and was able to go partime as a nurse, I may have my benefits reduced so much I will have to go back to work. This is also a travesty because i have a service connected disability that precludes me from working as a nurse fulltime. Therefore I can not get benefits from an employer. My father also served and my son is currently 16 years in. We where promised and we deserve better treatment. I am really disgusted. but I intend on speaking out in every way I can. GOD Bless America.

  • Hobert Monk

    I served my country for 23 years, and I am thankful for all the merchants that recognize veterans, regardless of how big or how small. At least they are showing respect to the veteran. Thank you merchants one and all for the giving that you are doing. Thanks!!!!!

  • Tim

    I appreciate my brother and sister veterans who are grateful to see the nice gestures and freebies from these companies. For the rest that are cry babies, grow up. I imagine you to be the shit head sibling that cries “they got more ice cream!” Pathetic and embarrassing.

  • DON


  • ron

    Wat do you expect. 7-11 is owned by Citgo, which is owned by the Venezuelan government. Does the name Cesar Chavez strike a familiar note? Obviously this is a grave insult,

  • SGT.Z

    I served proudly in the U.S.ARMY for 27 yrs.combined active and reserve,As a U.S. Veteran to all veteran’s I Thank You,for your service and sacrifice and been away from family,I also thank the company’s that give free meals to all active duty members and veterans,Have a good Veterans Day on11-11-11

  • Harold L. Hoose Jr

    Happy Veterans Day to who all have served our country, and to all the business Thank You very much. I also served 23 years in the U.S Navy and also disabled Vet too.

  • retire soldier

    thank you to all the merchants and people who say thank you for serving when they see my cap with my service unit insignia on it , I am proud to have been given the privilege to have served you and my country. Again thank you

  • Hank Davis

    I deeply appreciate all those businesses who offer something to those who served. I lost many dear comrades in the VN war and know that they were in the “some gave all” category. I deeply respect any and all who served our country and I am proud to stand with them. HFD

  • tbird…

    I surely do highly appreciate all the wonderful companies that want to help the NOW U. S. active, retired, disabled, and past military service member on this coming Veterans day, and also those who also offer special discounts thru-out the year also too.

  • David L Morales

    God Bless America, One nation Under God, Thank You For Your Service, and Freedom Isn’t Free says it all !!! I was raised in a Orphanage lived in the streets of Chicago, I joined the Army in Sept.1962 , I didn’t finished High School, my life changed. With the help of the Military I got my GED, I’ve been to 4 colleges on Scholarships, Finished Graduate School at Univ. of Georgia “83”, My wife has Masters in Nursing, Daughter Masters in Education. Im thankful to God and Military service. David L.Morales,MSW,SFC RET

  • Mike K.


  • Jamie

    Olive Garden has also posted on their website that they will be giving a free meal to soldiers.
    Denny’s has also stated they will be giving soldiers a Grand Slam Breakfast on Veteran’s Day

  • Robertson USNR

    myself & 4 brothers served in vietnam without a scratch (thanks to God & mom’s prayers). I get emotional to hear “Taps” or visit unmarked soldier cemetary. I salute every veteran of all services for keeping our freedom. Thanks to any business for their gesture of appreciation.

    • Proud Vet

      Amen brother.God Bless.

  • Jdar

    Auto Zone and O’Reilly’s claim to give a military discount, but, only on some things. Either they do or they don’t. Make up their mind. Nothing but corporation posers.
    No more money from this vet.

  • mvacdude

    i volunteered for service in ’79 when i was 17 and enlisted for 6 years because i was pissed at the way Nam veterans were treated and because i considered being in the US military the greatest job and highest honor in the world! i watched nam on tv and decided i would do my part for my brothers in spirit. i took great pride, and still do, at being a true 1%’er (not like the ‘biker posers’)! i would’ve died for my brothers then and still would gladly do it today. i did not serve in active combat (through no fault of my own) but still count myself as a proud veteran! i was medically retired after 5 years because of a line of duty accident and wept like a baby when they stamped unfit for duty on my final orders! i understand your bitterness but will not let you or any combat veteran rob me of my pride and inttense honor of being a disabled retired veteran! i would gladly serve in a combat unit today (old and crippled) if i was allowed! i would volunteer again and not have to be drafted! so, soldier up and quit your crying and know you have my support and appreciation for your service! i love my state and my country, but i love my spirit brothers and sisters more! lets take pride in being the true 1%’ers in America and support and hold our “bond” high! thank you all vets!!! thank you all supporters and well wishers! semper fi!

    • R. Gentzler

      When you re-inlist I will be there next to you! Thank you for your Service. I also have great pride in my non-combat enlistment and it took all I could muster not to reinlist on September 11th. Age was against me then as it is now. But I will willingly go should the need arise. I enlisted in 1981.

  • Rick

    What ever happened to “I just served!” I look for no fanfair. I was extremely proud to have been in the military for 24 years. When Veteran’s Day approaches. I don’t look to see what restaurants will be serving free or special meals to active duty/veterans. I visit a Veteran’s Cemetary and look at those who are not with us and remember those days I spent in the Navy. Some of us made it, some did not. Some are here, many are not. The jesture of a free meal or a special meal for all active duty/veterans is nice but that’s not what Veteran’s Day is all about. Veteran’s should learn what Veteran’s Day is really all about.

    • Steve

      What would YOU recomend these establishment offer/do/contribute? You should honor/celebrate VD in YOUR way and let others do it their way. Thanks to those that try!!!!!!! You can’t please everyone!! Those establishment WILL be overcrowded on VD. Hmmmmmmmmm!

    • Tsgt (Ret)Hamilton

      I served for 20 years and my father for 35 and we don’t expect or feel entitled to free meals and discounts on Veterans Day. What we do, is allow these establishments to say “thank you”. Unfortunately too many of our comrades are not here to be thanked…so by honoring those of us who are still here with a free meal or a discount, they are honoring all of those who went before us. Visiting a veterans cemetery and remembering your old Navy days is “your” way of spending V-Day and that’s a nice way to do it…but don’t try to be “holier than thou” because other Veterans want to accept a free meal as part of their own Veteran’s Day celebration.

    • MSG Ricardo Vinueza

      Rick this Rick, I think we all know what is Veteran’s Day is all about, I’m sure people think and pray about the dead heroes, and the ones that are still alive serving and soon to be deployed, I don’t think it is nothing wrong that some businesses honor and appreciate the vet’s that are still alive with a nice meal or an small gift of appreciation, it is just caring
      Retired MSG Vet 26 years USArmy
      Thank u .

  • Cap’n Tooth

    My thanks to all Veterans, I enlisted during the Korean Conflict for a four year term, stayed 35 years before retiring. It wasn’t all fun and games but it was satisfying to know I made a difference. Thank you America, I love you.

  • Morgan

    Its not that Vietnam Vets complain, but they were not treated like the are Today
    Having served over thirty years active duty & tour tours in Vietnam I was
    ashamed the way the young Vets were treated, by the population, your only
    welcome was from your family , I was older then most, but therer was no VFW-American Legion, shaking their hands or helping their family out. Thats why Veitnam Vets are making sure its not going tio happen again.

    • whocares

      yes most vietnam vets complain and my husband has been called a baby killer and all kinds of name and yes in 2011 this still happens ..hes not always treated with respect ….


        yes it still goes on today. i know because it has happened to me on more then 1 occasion. when i came home the vfw told me not to join because they did not want losers in their club.i am now in the american legion as service officer. to make sure that todays soldier does not come home to that again.i just wish that people will let us come home. im still not home after all these years.

      • Kathy

        Your husband is no more of a baby killer than anyone else. You tell him for me that I am darn proud of him. I served 26 years in the Air Force after Viet Nam and I will proudly shake his hand if I ever meet him. It is the ignorance of those who sat at a desk instead of REALLY doing a job that put THEIR life on the line. To me, these people are nothing but lily livered COWARDS who did nothing.

    • I totally agree. I too served during Vietnam and back then when you got out of service you dared not let an employer know you were a vet. No veterans preference on jobs, but the no job was the result, or you were treated like scum.

      • Kathy

        If you read what I wrote above, you will see how I and many others feel.

    • Kathy

      You are so right about the treatment. I am a 26 year veteran from the Air Force and I am ashamed of how the military men and women are treated today. Not once, other than my own 2 daughters and son-in-law, did anyone thank me for the service I gave to this country. Apparently you have to serve in order to know what appreciation is. I have only seen prior military applaud the efforts of current military. A few people support the military with posters but do they actually say, “Thank You”?

  • W.Emilius

    I still feel the bitterness that came with my homecoming from Viet Nam in 1970. I’am very happy that todays military is given the respect they deserve. We all need to recognize that it is a different time in a much different world Eliminating the DRAFT while popular with many has resulted in the large numbers of family people and folks in there mid 40’s now serving and in turn creates a whole new expanded obligation for military families by the Gov’t. DRAFT or no DRAFT, either way Freedom Is Never Free, as for all the offered discounts, it’s a positive gesture, but not the reason any of us served. God Bless to ALL Military past and present and may we Never Forget Those We Have Lost. .

  • stimpson med/ret.

    Wow … Why cant we just all realize that if it was not for the sacrafices of these brave men and women of this great country . Even if they did not serve during a time of war they served to keep us safe. And ready to defend at a moments notice. We are all Veterans. I love this great country and am proud to be called an American Veteran. Thank You past and present Veterans. Lets enjoy our day.

  • Jerry

    Viet-nam Vets were treated like crap…. when i came back in 1967 they call us baby killer through eggs at us call us every name in the book. Vets today are treated with RESPECT and they shoud be. welcome home you did you job and do it DAM good.

  • Pauline

    Thank all of you who are thanking our Veterans.

  • marcia

    This is in response to Wizard! I totally agree with you!!!! These establishments do not have to do what they do on Veterans Day so how about just “thank you”! I was in the Army for 4 years–stayed in the United States and because I didn’t go overseas or wasn’t in a war people look at me funny when I say I am a veteran. The bottom line is I wore the uniform and I would have gone wherever I was told to go–I was ready–I still wore the uniform which makes me a veteran! I also was a military wife for 23 years and very proud–people need to stop the bickering!

    • jerryfla

      Marcia, Thanks for your service, and your role as an Army wife. And yes, no matter where the Army sends you, your uniform says it all. You stepped up. Many others didn’t.

    • Bill Morris

      God Bless you for your Service to your Country.

    • Patick

      Marcia, I spent 20 years in the Army and consider you just as much of a veteran as I. You are also a hero as are all who served. Thank you for your service!

    • Jody

      Marcia, I was in the service for 4 years as well. I served in Desert Storm, but was pregnant and therefore shipped back to Germany where I manned the clinic that my Company left. I have gotten the same kind of responses, almost like I wasn’t a Veteran because I do no actual “fighting” but I feel proud of myself none the less. Thank you for doing what time you did, you are special.

    • 2nd ACR

      Be glad you are not in Australia there you are not considered a veteran or get any benefits unless you were in combat.. however in the state you wear the uniform your a vet and there are benifits with it…. so those that complain about things like not getting discounts because of some reason should like you say stop bickering it could be worse for some…… I will admit I do look at military personel differently if they have not been deployed as I was … it is a different type of brotherhood than if you did not delpoy….

    • 82nd Airborne Vet

      Thank you Marcia. I agree with you. I served 3 years active and 5 years inactive ready reserve. I was a military spouse for 9 years. I never deployed either, but being in the 82nd Airborne division, I was always ready. I was ready to go to Honduras, but didn’t since I was pregnant at that time. I got out right before Panama and Desert Storm. But I am a veteran and proud of my service, just as you are and should be.

  • cigarles36

    My son, my grandson and I all servered with pride and honor. The gesture by the numerous commercial sources is a fine tribute. However, we are Veterans EVERYDAY not just Veterans Day. To Wizard, Home Depot and Lowe’s extends the discount to immediate family members with an authorized Military ID Card.

  • Josef


  • P. LORD

    After u enter the military you don’t get to decide where your duty station will be,
    and you don’t get to decide whether there will be a conflict somewhere in the
    world that the U.S. will enter. You do your duty, and you go where they send u!
    Some of the most dangerous times to have served was during the “ColdWar”,
    and that was called “peacetime”. VietNam vets say the war started in 1957, our government says 1961. Who do u believe? Ask the family of a lost vet.

    • Kathy

      We all know the government lies. I know for a fact that it started in 1957. My late husband was 19 years old when we married and he was in the Air Force and the Viet Nam war had already been going on for some 5 years by then. You stand proud, just as I do each and every time I see a vet or someone in uniform, because I, too, served and I did it with pride for 26 years. I don’t get the thanks either but I sleep darn good at night knowing I did SOMETHING for our country and it was more than most people I know have done.

    • Raymond Langford

      As a member of the 3rd Bn, 5th Mar. on Nov 11, 1860 we sent to Viet Nam. The first time the navy went anywere on a Sunday, But we did not go in to Vietnam.
      Retired USMC Ray

    • buddha12

      Actually, I think if you check into the records, you will find that there were around 250 “advisers” in French Indochina (Viet Nam) at the end of 1956. Since it was never a declared war, the government can say what it wants.

  • Joe Ward

    Happy USMC Birthday

    Semper Fi

  • Jim

    I am honored to have served our countery in The United States Marine Core from March 1951 to March 1954. 12 months in Korea.(51-52). This was a Police Action not a WAR! Over 38 thousand KIA. I was combat wounded twice.
    Korea has not changed since I was there. IS WAR WORTH ALL THESE LIVES?

    • RET-USN

      How does a real Marine not know how to spell CORPS? Just sayin…..

  • B Schmitz

    As a retired Marine, I just want to say thank you to all our veterans, familes and God bless America. We are still ONE NATION UNDER GOD!!!!!! “Semper Fi”.

  • Daughter USMC

    My father served in Viet Nam and I am beyond saddened and angry at how they were treated upon arrival home. He is my hero and I am thankful for him and the hundreds of thousands of men and women who served during that terrible time.

    • James

      It is a shame at how these men and women were treated compared to the ones today. I feel the same way you do and yes I am a veteran of today. My dad was a WWII vet. I will never forget the Soldiers of past and the ones today I was home from Iraq on leave at an airport. When we came through people were clapping and saluting, but I just couldn’t stop thinking,why didn’t the Viet Nam Vets get this.We all go where we are told we don’t choose. As we were walking down another hallway I seen a couple of guys that I was sure Nam Vets by what they said and dressed and I told them I’m sorry and thanks for your sacrifices. Then I saluted them and we had a good handshake before I got onto my next plane home. Your dad is a hero to us all and should have received such a welcome as the Soldiers today.

    • MSgt ret, USAF

      Welcome Home Marine…………….Welcome Home!

  • stellarchief

    When someone knows that I was a vet, be it non-Vet friend, distant family, my response to their statement of “Thanks for serving” is simply and most times with a choked up knot in my throat. “It was my Honor to serve our Country”. You need not say more. Remind people that it is an HONOR to serve your country, not necessarily the politicians pushing their BS, but it was for your Country and Freedom. Best to you all

  • stellarchief

    My son is serving in S. Korea. For those that think they didn’t make a difference to Korea, you did. N. Korea didn’t change. They still starve and freeze their people. Look at a satellite map of N and S Korea at night. Notice where the lights go out. No electricity shortly after you cross the DMZ. There are people living up there still. S. Korea is lit up well. You made a difference for a people. We need to take our money going to other countries and start fixing our system and getting rid of our Prostiticians in our government.

  • John

    I retired from the Marine Corps Aug 1991. I was going home from bootcamp and a woman came up and spat at me and called me a baby killer. I had never realized how badly Viet Nam vets were treated until that day. It does my heart good to see that our troops today are getting treated with respect and appreciation.Most of the time I wear my Marine Corps ball cap (cover). When I wear it, I wear it proudly.
    I want to wish all my Marine Corps brothers and sisters a happy 236th birthday. Semper Fi

  • Anonomus

    Having been the son of a Korean War? Vet, Served 20years in the Air Force, married to an AF Vet and the father of an Irag and Afghan Vet. We don’t feel we are owed anything, we served did what we had to do and returned to civilian life. We served in places where some of the people loved that we were there and others would demonstrate and burn our Flag as we watched without provacation and other times had to do what we had to do to protect ourselves and others. It is a kind gesture that those who feel than can offer us something because they can no matter how big or small it is appreciated. I would like to thank all of you, those who served and didn’t serve, that show or don’t show appreciation for what we endured, But know we did what we did for this great nation, for our families and friends and the future of generation to continue to enjoy life as we knew it, know it and dream of. Thank you all from one small pawn in this wonderful land in which we live.

  • P. DeChirico

    I served over 40 yrs inthe USMC. Not sorry. I wish all my brothers and sisters HAPPY BIRTHDAY 236th. We should never forget our troops and support them in ant way you can. I belong to group called OPERATION SHOEBOX NJ we mail packages to all our troops in harms way (web opershbxnj.org) non profit . The troops deserve our support.
    Semper Fi

  • Marie R

    My husband is an Air Force vet, having served in the early 70’s. It always chokes me up to see Americans honor our vets at airports, at ballgames and wherever else they are identified and applauded. We all need to remember what they are, and were, willing to give their lives for…the freedoms that we enjoy, and hope to contiinue to enjoy, in our country. Glod Bless our military, and God Bless America

  • Fred Bravo

    I served 20 yrs in the USAF and very proud I did! I am thankful and proud of our military and law enforcer today for keeping our country safe. I am also happy to see that American people today are finally showing appreciation to all men and women who are serving our country protecting our FREEDOM! GOD BLESS USA!

  • Pitts

    To SGT-nyc – I too was a vn vet 1 tour 68-69 . I’m sorry you get that response from potential employers. I,m also happy tou don’t need to work at this stage of your life, however, I don’t believe that treatment has anything to do with your proud service to this country. You should remain proud of your service even though it seemed to go unappreciated by those who didn’t serve.

  • Fred Bravo

    My appreciation to all companies who are offering free and discount to all veterans and active military. No matter how big or small the offer, what counted the most is the thought of appreciation which the old veterans never had BEFORE!

  • Troy White

    WELL, Lowes simply doesn’t discriminate whether you active, disabled, veteran, reservist, whatever. Home Depot DOES! This is why I don’s shop at Home Depot even though I am a disabled veteran I feel all of us need to stick together. WE ALL SERVED THIS PATHETIC COUNTRY and WE ALL SHOULD GET A DISCOUNT without being discriminated against. Just because I got hurt doesn’t make me any different than the guy that didn’t…

    • Paul Ayotte

      Troy, I am sorry you feel Our Country is “PATHETIC”. If you speak to the manager of Home Depot and show your VA ID Card, you will get the 10% discount. Yet with the sorry attitude you carry, I will stick together with you no matter what. I am 100% service connected with 30 plus years in before they had to retire me. I was too broken down from all my injuries, yet I am alive and attempt to keep an upbeat attitude. Count your blessings and be grateful for all you do have. I am so dissapointed a Veteran feels the United States of America is pathetic. Freedom and Democracy are not without flaws, yet it is the BEST COUNTRY I have EVER been in, and I have been in plenty, usually exiting an aircraft and hoping the Air Force has us over the correct country. Adjust your attitude and Life will get better for you.
      Top sends…

    • wizard

      Don’t like our country….you are FREE to leave:)

  • bob

    I was a Medic winter 1944 / 45 clean up battle of the Bulge Lot of snow &
    wounded solders whitch we cared for.

  • usmc wife

    its really great that places do this but as for the “free meal” places it is a total rip-off. my huby the active duty member gets the free meal but i still have to pay full price. it just gets under my skin a bit– he is gone for days, weeks, and a year(s) at a time and those of us who really are left behind get squat for our role in standing with our spouses. beacuse i am married to an active duty i move on average every 2 years, our kids have been in more school systems then grades, they miss their dad on daily and important events, and live in consant limbo of housing. all i really can say is that Denny’s is the true hero and best place for military families to eat, year around, and we gladly drive the 48 miles just to eat a good meal that i do not have to cook and clean up afterwards. sorry if i sound ungrateful but not everything is as great as the public makes it sound. proud USMC wife of 14 years.

    • wizard

      Yeah, you are ungrateful. You don’t have to go out to eat with him. He can go by himself and it is totally FREE!!! You are NOT a Veteran. These businesses are offering these freebies as a way to say “Thank You” to our Veterans. You are a Military Dependent…..look at your ID card….that’s what is says. You chose to be married to someone in the military. You took an oath to him….not to our country. Let your husband honor you by treating you to a night out…..he’s the one that you took an oath with when you married him. If you had wanted to be a Veteran….you could have joined too. My husband and myself both served active duty. You could have done the same. You are a Military wife, a dependent. It is NOT the same thing as Active Duty Military. Be glad that these companies are saying “Thank You” to your husband and giving him some freebies. Your husband is the one that is supposed to say “Thank You” for the sacrifices that you made when he was active duty. By the way, you already have a holiday for being a good spouse….it’s called a Wedding Anniversary. I don’t come to your house on your Wedding Anniversary demanding I be given gifts….so, don’t demand gifts for yourself on our Veteran’s Day!

      • Ducky11

        WELL SAID!!! As much as I value my wife, and all the sacrifices she has mad while I have been away running convoys 3 tours in Iraq; I do completely agree with “wizard”. I do believe that military spouses are the silent ranks of the armed forces. A spouse who is willing to stand by their husband/wife while they are away fighting and putting their life on the line for our country is a very strong and selfless person, but their life is not in danger; they did vowe to defend this country against all enemies, foreign and domestic, they are not the ones who answered the nation’s call and who are willing to lay down their life for the freedoms we all love and so often take for granted.

        • Ducky11

          Corrections… “sacrifices she has made”
          “they didn’t vowe to defend…”

      • Ducky11

        If a free meal is your biggest complaint, if a free meal is truly what you need to feel appreciated as a military wife, then you really need to rethink your priorities in life. How about you consider the fact that you are fulfilling the vowe that you took on your wedding day to your husband; the role God set forth for you as a submissive wife… Well, if it will make you feel better; if it will make you feel more appreciated as a military spouse, please feel free to come over to my house and I will give you a free meal.

    • wizard

      About 5 years ago when my son turned 11 I had a birthday party for him. I invited 20 of his closest friends to come. Everyone RSVP and I knew how much I could afford to spend. One of my son’s friends brought along his uninvited 3 year old sister. I had no idea she would be there….didn’t invite her….and didn’t know she was coming to the party until she showed up. At the end of the party I had huge trick or treat pumpkins full of prizes/candy (my son’s birthday is 5 days before Halloween). I had 20 of these to give out. Made sure each one had identical treats/toys to avoid any drama. Well, sure enough, the little girl threw herself on the floor screaming and crying. Too young to know why she had been left out. I didn’t even attempt to explain that I had no idea she would be there….she wasn’t invited. So, I did what most parents would do…..offered my son $50.00 to give his pumpkin to the little girl and offered to go to the store to replace what he gave her later that day. I didn’t I want have his party ruined by someone throwing a tantrum over not getting what everyone else did. You sound like this little girl. Expecting to receive something that’s not offered to you. Expecting to show up at a place offering FREE food for Veterans. Not understanding that this is not your party and no one is offering you free food. You can accompany a Veteran that has been invited for a FREE meal….but you must pay for yours. You are an uninvited guest for the FREE meal. Only Veterans were invited for the FREE meal. I know it’s difficult to explain to young 3 year old. However, you are old enough and should know better. Quit trying to ruin our party. Do you really think that businesses will continue to offer these “perks” for our Veterans if no one can appreciate the “gifts”? Do you think they really want to read this and see spouse whining, crying, sniveling, and feeling sorry for themselves? Spouse that think hey deserve a gift on Veterans Day….even though they’re not a Veteran. Demanding to be on the Veteran’s gift list. In these trying times. I’m surprised (and of course appreciative) that any of these businesses are using extra money/resources to provide and acknowledge us at all. Quit crying over nothing before they all change their mind about taking the time to honor the Veterans. Quit Crying At Our Party!!! Act like an adult instead of the 3 year girl at my sons party.

    • bry

      join yourself if u want a discount & divorce him if you don’t like your situation.

    • guest

      I agree with you that the spouse should be thanked too, for the spouse holds down the home front, also as the spouse of a disabled vet, no one ever thanks me for the care I give to the veteran. However, I do feel that the Veterans should have their own day. How about a day to thank spouses of veterans or spouses of disabled veterans. I do thank each and every one of you Veterans for your commitment to our country and the sacrafices you made so that we can still be free. Thank you.

    • Michele

      Wow! you spend the gas money to drive 48 miles for a free meal at Denny’s. There’s clearly something wrong with you.

      And, I agree with all the others. These freebies are for the veterans not for spouses.

    • USMC Vet

      Stop bitching.

    • Bear

      Please quit your whining.

  • CTM

    I am a retired veteran in a wheelchair from a non active duty related accident. My wife and I had the opportunity to eat at PF Changs the other day and after the meal, the manager came over, shook my hand and compted the meal. Needless to say, I was very appreciative of this support by this establishment and it’s management. I am proud to have served and don’t regret a minute of it. I just
    wish more places treated military personnel and veterans better.

  • Jack Boyle

    Every chance I get I thank any military person, active ir retired for allowingme to enjoy my retirement. I also thank the military for allowingme to serve for twenty two years. If it was not for them Iwould have been dead or in jail,VConsiderungh here I came from and the conditions I lived in.

  • Doctor4

    Having served in both the Korean and Vietnam war, as a combat medic., I have two comments. As we said in RVN,”Keep The Faith Baby (KTFB) and GOD BLESS AMERICA.

  • Bill Morris

    Thank you for thanking us for our service But I would rather you do something , God Bless.To serve is a Honor To Survive is a Blessing . But we shall never forget. Bill Morris

  • To all my veteran friends, there are restaurants participating in honoring you all, tomorrow. Please be sure to take advantage of your freebies and discounts!

  • harry halford

    the lady above that was marine wife drove to dennys,i don’t think un-grateful just stating,a fact.how about half for her.i side with,the lady 22 years in navy machnist mate-sea going rate-i was gone more than at home,home was in good hands.wife of a sailor-me.my opinion of course.for all you wives-i salute you for sticking it out. harry halford scpo-22.5 years retired.combat vet.

  • Ronald Holcomb

    All these freebees are nice and i thank all the businesses for there part, but as a veteran it pains me to see all these government, state and local city employees getting a day off from work (paid) on veterans day, and are not veterans, while many veterans like myself still have to get up and punch a time card and work on a day set aside for them.

    • Cindy

      Ronald, thank you so much for sharing this perspective. I agree that all veterans should receive Veterans Day off as a paid holiday. & thank you also for your service to our country.

  • Anymouse USMC

    To USMC Wife. Thank you for all you do for us. My wife never got treated well and it was hell for her. So I know that there is a burden larger than your own that you carry when we are gone. from the bottom of my heart Thank You Ma’am.

    Now what is this about free stuff I hear It’s to bad the majority of what is given is the low cost doesn’t hurt profits menu. Let’s all say Corporate write off.
    To: Spartan17 things haven’t changed people say they care because they don’t want to look bad that’s all very few people care about what we do or have done. It’s a sad fact you should see the way I get treated when most people find out I’m a vet. But if I had to do it all over again I would in a heart beat.

    Semper Fidelis

    As for my name that shows up top it’s not spelled wrong. you’ll get it if you are a Marine

  • WO1 Holladay

    As an active duty soldier and combat veteran I have to say thank you very much to all of the organizations who are showing support on this day. I am proud serve and do not need the thanks because it is my chosen profession and I do get paid, of course no soldier will ever turn down a free (or cheap) meal.

    I would like all of my fellow service members to stop asking for people to be grateful. This day is not for the people of America to remember us, it is more a day for us to remember our fallen brothers and sisters who will not be here to accept a discount on a steak dinner.

    May I kindly remind you that one of the core values of a soldier is selfless service? Please do not tarnish the memories of my fallen comrades by complaining about how hard you have it and do not cheapen the day we have set aside to honor them by being greedy.

    • Hooah!

      You seem to have Memorial Day and Veterans Day confused.

      From a grateful Combat Vet (seen more than some less than others!)

    • Richard, Capt Ret

      WO1 Holliday….. VERY well Said. This day is a very somber day to those of us you served and even more so for those of us that has seen combat. To ALL of my fallen Comrads, THANK YOU…!!!!! Thank you for giving the ultimate sacrafice that helped the rest to come home……..

  • USMC Retired

    I can’t wait to get a free doughnut provided they participate…

  • Anymouse USMC

    I just went thru the list of freebies and all I have to say Is since yous are limiting me and telling me what you think I deserve to have off of your menu can I go and take away some of your freedoms and tell you that’s all I think you deserve.

    • wizard

      Shame on you for being ungrateful!! These companies don’t have to offer any of their items for free. It’s their way of saying “Thank You for Serving Our Country”. I appreciate the offers. If you don’t like the offers you have fought for your right to refuse the offers. But you haven’t earned the right to be an embarrassment to your fellow Veterans with you horrible attitude.

      • G Raap

        Totally agree with you wizard. I was at Applebees last year and enjoyed the “Limited menu” Thanks to all who remember us. I am a Vietnam vet. When we came home they spit at us.

    • Serve

      It’s not about freebies. We don’t look for handouts. Serving is the honor.

    • Army Mom

      I note anger here. My solution, I eat the free meal and buy my son the vet whatever he wants from the rest of the menu! Works for me! God bless you – most of us civvies really do appreciate everything you have done. By the way I took off on my own (no pay) just so I could honor my son and all of you I will see today while we are out.

      • beckerdee

        Great idea and the right way of thinking. I’m proud of that. That’s a wonderful attitude. thank you

    • gisteve

      You are an embarrassment to your beloved corps and the entire veteran community by serving your ungrateful remarks. The offerings are a kind gesture that should make you proud to be a veteran. They don’t have to offer anything – but they do. You have dishonored yourself with your lude comments. Happy Veterans Day and thank you for your service.

    • Bill

      Get a life.
      I did 20 years USMC. Got nothong but grief after Nom. Today I gets thanks for my service. I appreciate business that offer anything, and go to them over those who don’t.

    • Tray

      this is really a shame that you think you deserve free things for serving, is that the reason you joined if so you joined for the wrong reasons. It is a pleasure just to be thanked in words but when someone does something for us is nice no matter if it is a donut or meal. It was a honor for me to serve!

      I served 4 years active duty in the Navy and than married it for 16 years. I joined because I wanted too and not to get anything FREE out of it but to protect my country. I have many family members – great great grandfather in the civil war, 2 uncles in WW II, 1 uncle MIA in Korea war and father spent time in the Navy.

      Get over it and you don’t deserve it with your attitude.

    • Mobiwan Canobere

      I beleive this imposter is a troll and NOT a Marine!

      • Tray

        I hope you are right and that a Veteran is really acting like this!

    • Old ‘Devil Dog’

      I’m a retired USMC/USAF Viet Nam vet, and you “sir”, are an arrogant idiot. ‘Nuff said!

    • C.B.K

      How about you open your own spot then you can tell us what you think we deserve

      • beckerdee

        I agree with others you don’t deserve anything. How dare you think that these companies owe you something. People forget companies are owned by other people who depend on an income and profit from their businesses. I think whatever was done in any way small or large was wonderful. We were honored and again say thank you to all who served us and to all who served.

    • Monica

      It’s all about profit for the businesses. At the end of the year those businesses will write off their “giveaways” and be credited for it.

      • wizard

        You really think it’s all about profit? I can guarantee you one thing….if there was such a huge credit for companies doing this…..would you think that the largest big box retailer in the country would have done something? If there’s nothing to lose and only financial gain…..wouldn’t every business offer these services/free meals? You make me want to puke by discrediting everything that these companies did. They didn’t have to do nothing…..like a lot of companies did….and there will be a day when no one will offer anything. Will you be happy then? Everyone getting treated fairly….no one gets anything. Bet your glass isn’t the only thing that’s always 1/2 empty.

      • swe13

        You are an idiot, obviously you know nothing about taxes or accounting. They lose money by offering free meals… No you don’t get “credited” for giveaways. They can write off the cost of the meals against their “profit” for the year. So maybe they save 20 cents on the dollar. The other 80 cents comes straight out the owners(or shareholders) pockets.
        How about this… you can give me $10,000 and write off your “giveaway” and get credited for it. See how well it works out for you.
        The companies get some goodwill and veteran’s get a free meal.

    • mary


    • mary

      Ingrate. You missed the whole point of the giveway. One should be thankful for any gift (freebies) received. The more one is thankful for, the more God will give them to be thankful for. If one is ungrateful they will be unpleasant to be around, expecting everything they receive to be BIG gifts and apparently EXPECTING people to give to them all the time.

    • IF YOU ARE A TRUE VETERAN YOU MISS THE MARK COMPLETELY. I don’t think that you are a combat vet anyway. When we raised our right hand and said that we would defend the freedom of the United States Of America and went to Boot Camp, there was no freebe list at the induction center. We swore that we would defend this country UNCONDITIONALLY. You ungrateful Idiot. You should have been a Vietnam Veteran and then you would know how much it means to get a thank you let alone a meal from our civilian community. It is Shitheads like you that ruin if for us that appreciate whatever the people of this country do give us. I don’t think that you are a true veteran (maybe a Bum on Welfare with his hand out. The public doesn’t owe us anything) I did it because I gave my word that I would and as an AMERICAN COMBAT VET I AM GRATEFUL FOR THE APPRECIATION OF THE PATRIOTIC AMERICANS AND THE TRUE MEANING OF VETERANS DAY. Take a good look at your ungrateful note and if you are a veteran you should be ashamed of yourself.

    • retiree

      Strange, looking through the Constitution (you know, that document we all swore to uphold and defend), I see nothing requiring ANY business to offer ANY support for veterans. Those listed have CHOSEN to offer products / services BECAUSE they support us. They could easily chose to do NOTHING.

      Bottom line -be grateful you get anything from them, and if you and others complain about the free gifts they’re providing, they may decide that if you’re that ungrateful, they’ll offer NOTHING – and make more money.

      Of course, sometimes if you ask politely, and indicate your gratitude for what they do offer, they may provide something else, or expand the menu next year. However, that is THEIR choice, not ours.

  • Larry Yuba city

    I was proud to serve over 20 years in the Air Force. I am glad to see that our country has taken a turn to honor and support our veterans and active duty members, for there sacafices. I work for a large goverment agency that in the past has given a pin to there veterens but in recent years for some carriers there was no acknowledgement at all, or very little as today all that was said was we want to thank our veterans without naming them as in the past or anything else.

  • Ray

    Thanks to all who served and remember the fallen. I appreciate all who offer us “something” its good to know you appreciate our sacrifice. I shop at Lowes and damm skipy I’ll take the 10%, its something and I thank you. I think my employer is doing something for us? if so, thank you.
    Proud to have served and wore the uniform. I salute my fellow shipmates out there.
    Ray C
    SK1, USN, Ret

  • wizard

    I don’t know if USMC Retired is being sarcastic or not. But I can tell you one thing I’m looking forward to tomorrow. I plan to enjoy my day as a Veteran and wear my USN jersey, sweats, and hat. I’m gonna fly my USN flag on my flagpole in front of my house. I’m going to get into my car with my USN bumper stickers I got from the local recruiter and drive to Denny’s for some FREE breakfast. Later, I’ll stop at Krispy Kreme and get me a FREE donut to go with my FREE slurpee from Seven Eleven. This sugar rush will give me my energy to get my shopping done. Stop at Sam’s and pick me up one of those FREE canes (I’m on the VA hip replacement list). Stop at Lowe’s or Home Depot to get me some new lightbulbs for the kitchen at a 10% discount. Stop at Footlocker and get me a new pair of comfy shoes at a 20% discount. Dollar General always has good stuff at good prices….I’ll have to see what new stock they have….since I’ll get an additional 10% off. Lunch time is Texas Road house…..yummmm. When my family arrives home after work/school we’re going to go out to eat mine and my husbands (he’s a Veteran too) Olive Garden FREE meal. Later in the evening we will attend a high school football game at Dallas Stadium where I will proudly wear my USN football jersey that I got at the VA. By this time I figure that we have saved about $50.00 in FREE food alone. And there’s still 2 days of FREEbies!! I’ve never eaten at McCormicks and Schmicks Seafood…their website has a Dallas location….might have to try that out on Sunday:) And of course, Monday night is Golden Coral Night where myself and husband will dine for FREE. Tuesday I will spend the day emailing the corporate offices of all the places that I went to thank them for my FREE/Discounted items/meals. I wish I had time to visit all of these places. We usually can’t afford to dine out like this…..so this will be fun:) I think it’s amazing how many businesses are participating in this. To all of you Veteran’s that don’t think this is a good deal….I’ll think about you Monday while eating my FREE Denny’s breakfast and my FREE donut, drinking my FREE slurpee, lunching at Texas Roadhouse for FREE, and dining at Olive Garden….yep, FREE again:) By Sunday & Monday I’ll forget about all you whiners. I’ll just remember all of the businesses that didn’t forget the Veterans and showed their appreciation by giving us gifts of their services/discounts. Thanks ahead of time to all the businesses that I’ll be feasting/shopping at!!! And a special heartfelt “Thank You” to all my fellow Veterans. Happy Veterans Day!!!!

    • Tray


      You are too funny, thank you for making my day… From one Veteran to another – thank you! It is not the big things in life that mean the most rather the little things.


    • D.Fain Ret.USAF

      .. From one Veteran to another – thank you! It is not the big things in life that mean the most rather the little things.Thanks to all for the free items,I did not serve 20 years to recive something free it was to in sure fredom for all in our country.

      Read more: https://militaryadvantage.military.com/2011/11/vet

    • Maria

      Very well said!!!!! As a Veteran myself I thank you for those words!! God bless

    • USAF

      From a USAF vet to you…THANK YOU! Very well stated and not over-the-top.

    • Tray

      Thank you Wizard!

  • Richard

    So, basically, you are another ungrateful simpleton. As noted by many, these organizations do not have to participate. I put 20+ years in the Marine Corps and don’t feel anyone owes me anything. It was my choice to serve.

  • Glenn Landrum

    I am simply and sincerely thankful for those businesses that do offer those of us who have served discounts on products (it doensn’t matter how much the discount is). They are under no obligation, nor should they be, to offer discounts to anyone, even those who have served the nation. Therefore, when a business does offer us a discount, I truly look at it as their way of saying, “Thank You for your service.” I am reading a lot of posts of service members/veterans expecting a discount for businesses. Friends, this ougth not to be: this is our expected handout mentality that is so prevalent in our society today. I enlisted at a time when the draft was still in effect, yet I volunteered to serve: no one twisted my arm and made me do it and those who were compelled to serve through the draft are few and far between anymore. I and my family sacrificed a great deal, but I was also dealt with very well. I don’t expect a handout, a discount, or a favor, but it is very nice when someone does say, “Thanks for your service, have one on me!”

    • Richard, Capt Ret.

      Very Well Said Glenn, I also served in Nam. And not once in all the years of service or since did I EVER expect discounts at any place of business. in our time, it was a given that you had served. ALL young men served. And most draftee’s remained in service. To ALL those that think you DESERVE something, you don’t. And to ALL of those that give Vet’s a break, no matter how much or how little, We thank you……

  • Nate-Dawg 1954,Navy

    I volunteered to serve during the vietnam war and was willing to die for this country that I truly love.what u all give to us is truly apprreciated in all kind of ways.Me and my family thank God for all you do for all of us veterans,past and present.Again,thank you all.

  • Erin

    What about people like the doctors that are making breakthroughs in HIV/AIDS treatments? They’re not only doing something incredible for this country, they’re doing something incredible for the world. If everyone that did something amazing for someone else got discounts all the time, discounts wouldn’t mean anything. The reason that everyone has the day off is because it’s a national holiday and it’s only a national holiday because vets do deserve to be recognized. You need to get off that high horse of yours and be glad for the support and recognition that you get as a vet.

  • Richard, Capt Ret

    Tony…. You chose to serve, you were under NO obligation. And NO business is obligated to give you what you think is a earned compensation. If a Business chooses to give something to VEt’s no matter how big or small, it is THEIR choice to do so as a way of saying thank you. So put your hands BACK into your own pockets. Earn your way through life like the rest of us. Accept what ever may be offered humbly and move on.

  • RUSS M

    RUSS M BT3

  • Michael

    Thank you all who offer discounts or free meals. In this economy, every bit helps.

  • a. steve

    Wow how sad. To cheapen a holiday to remember those who gave their life so you could sit here and be selfish. I am a Military wife, sure it is nice when we do receive a discount, but it is never expected. Get over yourself!

  • Toni

    Thank you to all veterans past and present who give/ gave their service to our country selflessly so America can sleep better at night knowing our veterans are there to protect us all. God Bless You All……

  • April

    my husband doesn’t want to do any free meals anywhere, because of the lines…

    • gisteve

      Then so be it. I’ll bet he stood in numerous lines when he served our country. Huh? What does he expect? And you? It apprears that you had to send this because he didn’t want to stand in line to use the computer either!

    • BSD55

      The places that are all day shouldn’t have much of a line. We just went to the Coffee House and there wasn’t many people in there. The give a nice meal from the breakfast menu.

    • C.B.K

      Thats fantastic news!!! More for us :P

    • wizard

      If he’s a true Veteran…..He should be used to the phrase “Hurry Up & Wait”.

  • Charles Landen

    Thanks to all of the businesses that offer to us veterans the discount and remember us for our services. We truly appreciate what is offered–small or big. USAF-Retired-

  • Charlene

    Being a female vietnam veteran nurse and to all of my comrads, active, fallen or retired: It is my HONOR and PRIVILEDGE to have served our country and to have stood strong beside you! .and to all of our American families; thank you all for entrusting us for our freedoms. May God Bless you all!

    • N, Trimborn

      Thank you for being there for us. You nurses were all angels!

      N. Trimborn
      1st Inf Div

  • marine1967

    For those that “expect” a discount and even made fun of some of the offers, is that why you served your country? To get a discount? Come on, ease up. I think it is awesome that we are offered these discounts at all. It shouldn;t be expected. That is not why I served. USMC 1967-1969

    • Yoho

      When I was drafted in 1971. Fun, Travel, and Adventure was all the Army promised. Nothing was said about discounts.


  • Mike

    Wow Tony, I don’t usually post to these but I just had to for this one. I am a Veteran with 19 years of service that I chose to serve. I am greatful that people recognize our sacrifices because serving is not an easy job, however, it is a choice. Be proud Tony, but don’t be selfish. This type of attitude not only makes you look bad, but it reflects on the rest of us in uniform as well. Luckily, most people are smart enough to distinguish between the two. Be greatful and humble Tony, it will get you much more respect. Have a great day!

  • Disabled Vet USPS

    I’m a vet and thank GOD we are still around to say and do the things we can, this is a free country thanks to those who served. Some people I work with at the USPS who never served think we don’t deserve the rights we have as vets!!! As for the places that are giving free meals and discounts to vets THANK YOU we do appreciate the things you offer us, it shows that you do appreciate what we have done to protect your freedom!!

  • Don Waricka

    My wife and I are both 100% disabled vets because of our service. It is our honor to protect our families and our way of life. We believe n the constitution and the freedoms contained therein. It is imperative to us that our children have the same freedoms, if your children are also covered by our efforts, so be it. Our children’s freedom is the thanks we strive for, as for the rest ot it, I’m embarrassed to be singled out for any reason.

  • Ezra

    To all of my fellow men in arms. Thank you for the sacrifice that you gave, and that only we truley understand. Enjoy the benifits and the well deserved recognition. My thoughts, and heart go out to you. Love of Country and Honor. Ezra

  • Chalres Steward

    Lowe’s discount is all years as is Home Depot and many time the deals at Lowe’s are even better than Home Depot. I usually choose Lowe’s even though Home Deopt is closer. The folks at Lowe’s here in El Paso seems much nicer and are always ready and willing to help. Home Depot makes me feel like I am bothering them when I ask them something. This may only apply to El Paso.

  • As a disabled vet from the Korea era, I want to honor all veterans and active duty members of our armed services and your families. I want to also honor and thank all the merchants who are treating all of us with honor and respect. We understand you do not have to do this and extend our appreciation for what you do, especially in this economy.. I also ask that you disregard the negative comments and assure all of you that we appreciate your contributions to our active duty and veterans.
    U. S. Army (ret)

  • Grunt

    Vets,today is our day…feel proud what you have done for what your country asked of you.
    We are the true Americans and don’t let anyone say different,we are a elite group which is misunderstood by most.
    Have the best day of your lives today and many more bros

  • Carla

    I appreciate the companies for the discounts they give. Lowes says they offer disabled Vets and their immediate family a 10% discount, but when my husband, my immediate family, tries to get the discount the clerk has to call management, and they tell him that they’ll give him the discount for the day, but the next time I have to be there with my card. Anyone else experience this?

    • Kimmers

      We live in upstate NY and we alwats go to Home Depot and have never once had a issue geting out discount. We show our military ID and they take the 10% off. Also there is NO disclaimer on sale items!! So even if it is on sale you get 10% off….. That is the only issue I have heard of one of my friends getting.

  • petey

    How can I show I.D.proof of being a vet. when I got off active duty my I.D. card had to be returned

    • Anne


    • Sara


    • Peter Bohlmann

      Go to the closest VA Hospital and request an I.D. card. It takes about 5 minutes.

    • donziman

      ever here of dd-214

    • eat me


    • SHARON

      you should have a DD214.

    • Tray


      You can show your dd214 or go to the VA and get a card.


    • Boz

      Show them a copy of your DD 214

    • Rich

      You can use your DD214 Form are any reward you have, you don’t need your ID card

    • Capt Kirk

      Take your DD-214 to any VA rep, hospital or military base and you can have a Vets card made. Looks like a drivers license and you have proof with you at all times of your service, for days like today. There are also places that give military discounts year round. Just show the card. Bless all my Brothers and Sisters this and every day.



    • Terry

      DD FORM 214 You sure your a VET ?

    • Tommye Hughes

      VA ID card opens many doors

    • C.B.K

      No wonder you got “out” if you cant figure out this simple “I cant do it” problem.

  • Mike

    As a former active duty marine from the 70`s i would like to thank our comunitys and merchants for you continued support .

  • Gregory

    To ALL Veterans: If you haven’t already done so, Join the VA ASAP. When ever I visit HD or Lowe’s, I show my card & get the 10% discount. There are also many benefits for joining such as yearly physicals, prescription plans, eye exams & glasses, flu shots, etc. All at little or no cost! We’ve all earned it, so use it. And to my brothers in arms, THANKS! You were there when you were needed and never backed down. ( VietNam vet.)

  • usaf Vet

    Thank you to those business for what they are offering. More inportant is a BIG THANK YOU to the families of of those who have and that are serving our country ,

  • Army Mom

    Thank you veterans does not seem enough! God bless you all. I will enjoy this day as well as I get to take my favorite vet (my son) out to lunch along with his lovely girlfriend and enjoy the company!

  • SBentley

    Truly, all this hoopla isn’t necessary. Thanks though. If you really want to help Veterans, CONTACT YOUR LOCAL CONGRESSMEN AND ELECTED OFFICIALS AND raise hell about how they are targeting DISABLED VETERANS AND RETIREE MEDICAL CARE to help pay for their own irresponsible spending!! Its such a slap in the face and I am not seeing anyone do anything about it!

  • Evon

    Many of my family are veterans including my husband whom is a disabled vet. I cherish and welcome them always in my heart and my soul each and every day. Thank you all Veterans for what you do or have done for me and my family and the nation as a whole

  • Bill

    I appreciate any business that offers some special today. If a national chain offers something that only costs them a penny it could result in very large amount if all the veterans took advantage of the offer. I for one always feel a bit awkward when someone thanks me for having served. I didn’t do it to be thanked and my service alone made no real impact. The joint effort of all the military in turn did and does make a difference.

    Thank you Krispy Kreme and all the other businesses for simply recognizing the sacrifice of the many who gave all and the willingness of others to give if necessary, their very lives. Your gift is appreciated. The thought behind it speaks volumes.

  • BSD55

    I think it is great what the bussiness’ are doing for VETS. I think all of them should offer something, after all if the VETS wasn’t willing to risk their lives for our country the bussiness’ wouldn’t be doing as well. I also think that they should give the spouses at least half price meals because they went through a lot to support the troops. Even the ones that wasn’t married at the time has to deal with ptsd symtoms now.

  • fieldartillery

    Lowe’s offers 10% discount all the time for active and retired military and their immediate family with a military ID card. Our Lowe’s accepts my wife’s dependent ID card just as they do mine. You might want to stay away from Home Depot as they have some corporate policies that are pretty bad. For information go to American Family Association website and check out the information and pictures. You may decide to avoid them.

    • gisteve

      Amen brother. I stopped going to home depot when i learned what they stand for and who they represent. Go to boycottthehomedepot.com and also, find a station in your local area that reports from American Family Association. God bless America.

      • Hdemployee

        It is Home Depot’s policy to match Lowes so the discounts will be the same. Both companies have had their bottom lines hurt through abuse. You should all be grateful. Non military personnel also help their country and in times of war but they do not get any discounts.

  • Why complain about the amount we as Veterans may or may not receive. I served 6 yrs and now I get just about free health care, and I do believe it’s better than civilian health care. I’m grateful and privileged to have had the honor to serve. I really believe most of us old Vets don’t expect anything for our service, we just hope America stays free and it stops the down trend we are in at this time. GOD BLESS AMERICA! Thanks to all that appreciate our service.

    • benny duvall

      amen to that fellow vet!

  • Proud Marine Wife

    ** First part of comment that was too long** First off, I would like to THANK all of the businesses that are offering some type of special offer to the military service members. My husband has been a Marine for 19 plus years. I am ashamed of all the complainers that are leaving comments on this site (or anywhere on the web for that matter). Our family will enjoy the day by visiting these fine establishments to thank them for their gratitude. First, we will lunch at Chilis. Then we will get my husband the glasses he wants at the Sports Authority. I’m not done looking at the specials yet; however, we will be going to Texas Roadhouse for dinner and possibly be stopping at some other businesses for their specials in-between.

  • proudmarinewife!

    for Applebee’s does anyone know if they do take out, and accept a wife’s dependent card? My husband is USMC retired, and unfortunately he is working on Veteran’s day, and does not get home until late.

    • Edward Bresnahan

      Call your local restaurant to be sure, but the one I work for will honor the free offer on “Car-side To-Go” with proof of service for each meal taken home. The Veteran’s Day Menu includes a 7 ounce sirloin, Bacon cheeseburger, three cheese chicken penne pasta, Oriental chicken salad, double-crunch shrimp platter, or chicken tenders platter. They are all the full meals, with sides, and no other purchase is necessary. Again, check with your local franchise, but MY boss even let’s us give you most of the add-ons for free (mushrooms on your steak, onion rings on your burger, etc…) We just want everyone to enjoy themselves and know how much they are respected and appreciated for their service!

    • C.B.K

      Can you say S.O.L

  • BSD55

    Food Lion is giving Vets 10% off today.

  • Proud Marine Wife

    Just a ‘Heads Up’, call your local establishment and check if they are participating in these specials. The 2 restaurants in my town are; however, they have very special limited hours. I am adjusting my schedule so my family can partake and thank these places for recognizing veterans.


    Air Force Vet and glad to have served….I appreciate just the friendly words of “thank you”.

    • JACQUE




    • Tray

      USN 82 – 87 Yokuska Japan, Coronado CA

  • Lori

    It would be nice if they extended the discount to widows and children under the age of 18 of those that served. I’m certain they could use the break even more than those that are still with us. Especially this Holiday season.

    • Mary

      If they are widows and children they should still have their ID cards so they can us them in most places.

    • shane

      No,, I dont think so. If the service member had their stuff togerther you have recieved all they wanted to give you.

    • disabled Viet Vet

      Great idea Lori!

    • wizard

      It’s Veterans Day. This is an offer for Veterans. This is something that these businesses don’t have to offer. It’s something that is quite expensive. These companies can’t afford to provide all the wives, mothers, brothers, sisters, cousins, nieces, nephews, grandparents, fathers….the list could go on forever. Everyone is related to a Veteran in some type of manner and has had a direct impact on their lives as a result. However, it is the VeteranS who took an oath to protect and defend our country. If everyone keeps complaining about how they feel they are entitled to reap benefits for a position they never held…..and keep complaining…..I’m sure that these perks will come to an immediate halt. Why can’t you just be grateful that these companies are saying “Thank You” to the Veteran you were related to? Really??? What do you want? People to ignore and play like Veterans Day doesn’t exist? That’s what it will come down to. Then what? Will that really make you happy and satisfied….that everyone gets the same thing? NOTHING!!!



  • BSD55

    McDonalds is giving free coffee any size to everyone through 11/13

  • BuilderBob

    I served from 63-69 with 2 tours in Nam then stayed reserves until I went active duty as a See Bee from 80-94. Would change nothing, as I joined for the love of my country and flag. All the freebees and discounts are nice, but the best I ever had was at a meeting with my township board and they all stood up and thanked me and the rest of the people as I was leaving did the the same. This was a first for me and felt great, as this was not the greeting I got after Nam. This is all I will ever need. We have so much living here and it is taken for granted. Think we have it bad, go overseas and take a good look. Think of how bad it was as this country was being founded, and the home front battles that were going on. People joined together, and won the battles. We need to do the same today, and not just sit back and complain. Please stand up and be heard and help make changes by taking part in your local government and help make a difference. Help keep God in our country and be there for the returning Vets. This would make a Vet feel it was worth it.

    • Julie P

      Builder Bob I saluate you for you Service!

  • Cathy

    I just recently reviewed all the “freebies” provided for veterans, and military over the entire weekend, and through out the weekend and including Monday too at military.com. I am very impressed with all the businesses that are participating for Veterans Day. I haven’t heard anythng about fireworks such as the 4 th. of July, or when we salute our military, and presidents day etc. My concern when I read all these sponsored ,”freebies!” Why, don’t they also discount the fuel, gasoline for eveyone, and then we all would be able to get around “cheaper,” and faster to all these places, and enjoy the holiday together. Also, I think this would be a great national “Tip” Day> Then once again we all count, and can support bringing our troops home! What incentives if any do all these businesses receive that allows them to be able donate so much?

    • Eric

      Gimme, gimme, gimme….Unbelievable!

    • Joan of Ark

      How does a company taking a loss for the “common good” you are referring to (thus reducing their tax burden and inadvertently increasing the national debt) help? These businesses do not receive any incentive to give other than to do what they feel is right – acknowledge the veteran with some type of consideration. You are saying EVERYONE deserves this type of consideration for what reason? I am concerned about your objectives….

  • tom little

    Knott’s berry farm is admitting a vet and one companion in for free, plus you can bring up to six more for $17.00 each. The wife and I took our great niece and nephew and had a blast. The offer ends on thanksgiving day.

    • George Z.

      take your DD-214

      • tom little

        I still have my old pink ID card that you get when you are discharged after 40 yrs. it’s in pretty sad shape but it worked just fine.

  • scott

    I am proud to have served in the Navy during the cold war. Proud to be American. God Bless America, and all those who serve, and served laying down their lives to protect the freedom so many take for granted.

    In these trying times in America remember to vote, and give credit to those 99% trying to change things for us regular Joe’s and Jane’s struggling to get by day to day while the 1% get fatter and happy. And let us eat cake…well we can’t afford the dough!!!

  • God Bless America from my heart to your heart to this great country of ours. we will never forget Thank you for your service to our country .Gof Bless U S A

  • ed russell

    i served my country,i was pround,until i came home.i came home to baby killer,dope head and spit in my face.now you want to honor me? no thanks.

    • Kathy

      Are you a Vietnam Veteran? If so, that was a slap in the face to our returning Veterans!! The country was so proud of our World War II Veterans, and seem to go over the top in appreciation for our modern day war heros, but seem to forget the Vietnam and Korean era soldiers. The way I look at it, all are heros and all need the respect they deserve.

    • beckerdee

      I’m sorry that you came home to a spit in the face from some. It would not have been from me. Please do not count all Americans. I for one appreciate the sacrifices made my veterans and their families. Rather you want it or not I do honor you today

    • Kipp COoper

      GET OVER IT. The world changes all the time and learn from the mistakes we made years ago. You are just mad because you not in today wars. Grow up and get conseling.

  • Beckerdee

    I just wanted to say thank you for all the participants no matter what you offered. It was so nice to be honored in any way whatsoever. Olive Garden did a terrific job with the food ,service and a 10.00 off coupon for the next visit. I was proud to be on the arm of a veteran. Thank you for caring and giving some type of honor. You didn’t have to but the Veterans had to. Thanks

  • Barbie

    Thank you to all the current servicemen and women who give it their all everyday for “OUR” freedom! Thank you to past veterans also,because of your sacrifices we are free today.Also a heartfelt THANK YOU to all the families of all the brave men and women who have devoted themselves in the name of freedom… to this…Our United States of America…the greatest country on earth! God Bless You All!

  • Brian McNamara

    Thanks to Applebees for the free meal!! V/R LCDR McNamara, MSC, USN, (Retired)

  • Shirley

    Personally, I am grateful for all those who offered a free MEAL to VETS, I served my country proudly, got hurt, & will be paying for it the rest of my life..Freedom of Choice, I chose NOT to drive all the way to Krispy Creme just for ONE doughnut, but I’m sure those who lives close to Krispy Creme, would love a FREE doughnut.. so for those that want to go get the doughnut, you have the FREEDOM to do so, & for those of us that choose NOT to go get the doughnut, we have the FREEDOM to do so… that’s what this country is ALL about, serving to KEEP our COUNTRY FREE so that EVERYONE may have the FREEDOM of CHOICE…. so people don’t come down so hard on Micheak, He too have FREEDOM of choice..although he served our country; some choose to go, others choose not to..nothing’s WRONG about either of those choices.. it’s the American way…thank God for the FREEDOM, to chose! May God bless ALL of us..

    • Mary

      Right on brother.

  • Kevin M

    I am a 24-year retired veteran of the U.S. Air Force and just wanted to say thanks to all participating businesses for honoring those of us who served and are currently serving…no matter how large or small of a gesture. I want to especially thank Cheeseburger In Paradise in Newport News, VA. My wife and I have gone there for the last two years on Veterans Day and I have enjoyed an excellent meal. Anything on their menu excluding drinks and it goes on all day so no lines at all. Thanks….

  • Trudy

    I am proud to be a veteran and it seems to me that a lot of people seem really flaky when they are saying “thank you” but they mean well. I appreciate the discounts and especially at Lowes and Home Depot who give this 10 percent discount every day no matter how small the purchase. Lowes will also honor their own coupons plus the veterans discount. Since this is a regular discount from these companies I think this shows a REAL appreciation of American veterans. Most people don’t realize that even if you didn’t come back from a war with visible disabilities or if you are still serving, just being in the military and being on call 24/7 and being told what to do no matter how it affects you or your family, this is SO MUCH STRESS on an individual. I’m not complaining here but it is usually very difficult to go through this day after day, year after year. So all the discounts and hats off to our comrads are well deserved and appreciated. Thank you to Lowes and Home Depot for putting your money where your mouth is and standing up in your own way for America’s freedoms.

  • John Snyder USN

    uh, Krispy Kreme will give anyone a free donut when the red neon donut light is on. Just ask. Or at least that was once the company policy when they were expanding in the marketplace. As a vet I’ve never felt compelled to use my status as way to get free stuff. And who carries around a DD-214 anyway? Tho once i was able to tell a sea story to tour the USS NEW JERSEY on a discounted admission.
    I appreciate all the companies who offer something to vets as a reminder to those who continue to benefit from our service.

    And thank you brothers and sisters for your service.

  • dan

    thanks to applebees they were the first to do this and it embarrased the others

  • Frank

    As a retired Marine, I am embarrased by all these freebies. I feel like it is just another marketing campaign.
    We should place more emphasis on those who gave the ultimate sacrifce.

  • Bill

    If you don’t make a reservation with McCormick and Schmick about 2 or 3 days in advance, you may as well forget about that.



  • gary

    JR Cigars offers a 10% discount to all servicemen and veterans inside their retail store.

  • Marsha

    Thank to The olive Garden for the full meal plus a $10 gift card on my next visit
    (Brooklyn, NY)

  • my husband and i both serverd, my hubby was usnavy, myself us marines…we are both disabled and income limited…..so we enjoy the freebies….we ate at applebees last year and we had a great meal….this year we went to dennys for breakfast, subway for lunch and applebees for dinner on veterans day, we plan on golden corral tonight for dinner…we already take advantage of lowes and home depot for home supplies…..they have all saved us so much money…..thank all businesses for these saving….doesnt matter how much each one saves us all is appreciated………thank you very much




  • Veterans Advantage

    Thanks to Foot Locker for honoring those who serve by recognizing Veterans Advantage VetRewards Card members every day of the year! Did you see our signs outside their stores, and on their website Home Page during the Veterans Day weekend, too? Foot Locker is a proud supporter of the Veterans Advantage network of leading U.S. companies that offer Veterans Advantage member savings every day – Continental Airlines (and United Airlines in 2012), Amtrak, Greyhound, Wendy’s, Dell, Apple Computer, Target.com, HBO and most recently Verizon Wireless (more than $125 in savings for smart phone users). There are $800 of bonus benefits, too!

  • Kevin

    GameFly has a military appreciation program that allows all military members (past and present) and their families a FREE 15 day membership.

  • Bob Kipper

    Home Depot – San Marcos, CA: they are not accepting Veterans discounts. As a Vietnam veteran I have been going to Home Depot in Encintas and Escondido, and they have recognized me and even thanked me on a number of occassions for my service and honord the 10% discount. However, not true with San Marcos. Very sad and if that is how Home Depot, San Marcos treats the veterans, I think it is only fair to tell others to stay away from Home Depot, San Marcos, CA.

  • peter zvalaren

    i am a 66 year old viet nam veteran wounded and 30%disability, i go to lowes wont give veterans discount no photo id?goverment doesnt give photo id for old veterans . viet nam still getting screwed.

    • Guest

      DD214 and a drivers license will usually work.

    • Bob

      If you are 30% S/C disabled, you should be enrolled in VA healthcare anmd have a VA ID card

    • Seamaster

      Good Day!
      If you are a resident of the Commonwealth of Virginia you can get a Veterans Identification Card from DMV. All you need is proof of service such as DD-214. Here is the link for more information:

    • Tim

      If you have a disability or retired military you get a Photo ID from the VA.

    • jim

      Lowes and Home depot ave always given 10% with showing VA card

      • wayne

        HEADS UP!!! NOT done at Home Depot in Maine (Topsham and Lewistown for sure). Lowe’s in these areas do though!!

        • Beachforce

          Home Depot will give 10% with VA Card but the VA card must say “SERVICE CONNECTED” on the front of the card.

          • val

            Mine said no too, but I reminded them they price match and since Lowes does it they have to as well. Even my husband takes my old VA card and gets it now. You just can’t take no for an answer. I get it at a lot of places that price match because of the items sold where it is offered year around. I even get it at Walmart when I buy yarn because I was told Michaels gives it and when I tried to use it they knew nothing about it so I asked for the mgr and sais my CO gave me a list of vendors that offer it and they were on it. His response was who am I to deny a veteran a discount so since then I get it there and anywhere that sells what they do. Just don’t give up on the first no. No one wants to have customers say they won’t honor a veteran or military member. Its not good for business.


        • chuck

          Remind them of the corporate policy!! If need be, send a letter to headquarters. They’ll come around.

          • Ol’ Sarge

            I’m 20 year retired Air Force, and I’ve been turned away at Home Depot too. It seems like it all depends on who you deal with in the store. Sure, I could contact corporate and complain, but it’s a lot easier to just go to Lowe’s. I have never had a problem getting 10% at Lowe’s in any location.

    • twig

      if you have a va medical card that should be proff of service.

    • Ernest

      Go to VA clinic and they will give you an ID, I am a Vietnam vet and 67 years old and I have one

    • Richard Burns

      Peter, go to the Veterans hospital in Detroit and they will give you picture ID

    • Black9

      Show them your VA Veterns universalacess ID card, i

    • jim

      Just show your VA card at Lowes, I get my 10% off all the time. Home depot does not give us shit though!

      • chuck

        Yes they do. It’s coorporate policy, not up to individual store.

      • val

        remind them of price matching policy, even my hubby uses my card and gets it and they said no at first too.

    • Alan

      Peter,if you show acopy of your DD 214,Lowes will give you 10% discount all year.ardvietvet

    • Coneal

      You do have a VA ID which has a photo ID……………….if not you should go to your nearest VA Hospital and get one!!

    • dominique

      they should w/a va card..

    • Earle

      You should have VA ID card with your 30% disability?

    • go.army1168

      Use your VA card!!

    • jacob

      VA id works i am 60% rated and use it all the time
      If you have a lowes card and spend over (i think) 299 you can get the discount and interest free for 6 months. I have used both to remodel 2 bathrooms and a backyard

    • Washtub

      do you have a DD214 or certificate of service? I was discharged in 65 and have mine. I got my DD214 in processing our property we purchased from Veterans Association. Check there and see if they are still doing that … I am from about the same period but 5 yrs older than you. Thanks for your service to our country and a part of the brotherhood that made our country and the sacrifices made by each of us. Hope this helps you out some.

    • Steve

      Peter – Not true – The VA issues a photo ID to all disabled vets registered with them. I am a VN vet and t
      his ID has been accepted by all seven or eight Lowes I have shopped at over the years.

    • MSgt Don

      The VA will give you a photo ID card. Go to any vetrans medical facillity. You will need your dd 214. Also, always ask for a vetran discount Most of the time, You will be given a discount. I know MCDonalds will give you 10% off, just for asking.

    • matt

      Vietnam veterans are usually the ones screwing themselves because they are usually not squared away. You have to show proof of military service somehow, they are not just going to take your word for it. If there are services out there that you are not taking advantage of it is probably your won fault. Do some homework. If you want a VA card you have to go to the VA, if you want a DD214 you have to either find yours or get a new one. The government is not screwing Vietnam vets. Every complaint that I have heard coming from a Vietnam vet is something that is usually fixable if they paid a little more attention and tried taking care of themselves.

      • Patrick Buckles

        Vietnam veterans are usually the ones screwing themselves because they are usually not squared away.

        A BS response for sure!! How many Viet Nam vets do you know to show such disrespect? Are you a veteran? Most veterans would not disrespect another in the manner that you do. Yes, I am a veteran, no, I’m not a Viet Nam Vet.

        • Andy williams

          Patrick Buckles right on

        • Patrick Buckles,

          LMAO, so the fault goes to Lowes and Home Depot?????

      • matt,

        You are absolutely correct. These freebees have been around for years, and if us Vets have yet to figure out what you need for this or that, that’s on you.

    • gatorfanr1

      if you have a va card they will. Have used mine numereous times. 67 —30% too

    • mark green nam 69-72

      Any Vet that has any kind of rating gets a ID card, just go to any VA clinic, they will have you fill out the paperwork, take your picture and you will get a ID card in the mail, and It will say service connected at the bottom

    • sgt MG

      I kept my old military ID from the late 1970s and I show Home Depot that I was prior service Marine Corps! IT IS” NEVER QUESTIONED” !! The Eagle globe and anchor speaks for its self ! Semper Fi ! And most of the time they thank me for my service to our counrty! AS I do for the ones that are serving now ! Home Depot is the only building supply store that gets my buisness ! OOOHHRRAA !! Old Corps !!

    • TByrd

      All you have to do is go to the VA and get a Veterans card. They should take that as proof, if not then this issue needs to be taken up to your local store manager. BTW thanks for your service.

    • Howard Dressler

      Sir, The VA issues a photo ID. This shoudl work.

    • Donna

      Your VA card can be used at some stores

    • butch195010

      I am at the same age and have no problems . As a lot have said go to VA and get proof. It sounds to me he wants somepne else to get it for him. Get off your rear and help yourself, you are the only one who can do it. Just because we got the shaft before you can change it now.

    • halojim

      Use your Department of Veterans Affairs photo ID card. I was getting a discount before I got my disability rating.

      • Christi

        The corporate policies restrict the discount to persons with a valid MILITARY ID OR DISABLED Veterans only. If you were getting a discount prior to having the ID that states “Service Connected” below the picture, then you were getting it from poorly trained staff that were costing their employers money.

    • Emil

      Take the advice the others have already given you and you will be qualified to participate in all the discounts that are being given this Veterans Day, and throughout the year.

    • Luis Roldan

      Peter, the VA provides all veterans, free of charge, with a picture ID.

    • tom

      not true. check with your veterans counselor

    • Gary

      Go to VA and apply for a medical ID, Due to your 30%disability you should have no problem. That card will have your picture and info
      Good luck / Gary

    • trish

      If you are30 percent you can get a VA ID card

    • Christi

      If you have enrolled for your healthcare benefits and have been issued a Veteran’s Healthcare ID card that shows the phrase “service connected” below your picture, Lowe’s DOES give a 10% discount. If they won’t give it to you, ask to speak to the manager of the store. It is a CORPORATE POLICY.

    • Lumpbo

      If you are getting services at a local VA you can use your VA identification card and you can use a copy of your DD-214. I have used both of these items at lowes.

    • Military Wife

      If you are disabled, you should have a VA card. Most places will accept this as proof of military service

    • Glen

      Try to get a card from your local VA Hospital

    • Mike N

      Your wrong on that Peter Go to your local VA Medical facility and get a photo ID with “service Connected” on it below your photo Both Home Depot and Lowes honor the Veterans Discount 365 days a year with this ID Godd Luck M Nott

    • Gary

      I bought a new home and ghave gotten a 10% discount everytime I go to Lowes. You say you have a 30% disabillity, show them your VA card.



    • Don Christianson

      The VA should supply a photo ID with your VA number etc.if you are registered with them, which you should be.

    • jack

      lowe’s deal is for active duty or retired vets only, all of whom have a picture id.

    • Bryan Bredhold

      Sir, thank you for your service. I was told they would honor the 10% discount. From a retired USN Chief.

    • SGT. K

      Hey my friend, show them your DD214 and a picture ID . What I do is wear a baseball cap showing you are a vet and 9 times out of ten they will give you the discount without asking for an ID. If you need a new copy of your DD214 you must request a new one in your own handwriting with your payroll signature to St Louis, Mo. You can get the address online or contact your local vet. rep to assist you. Good luck and stay safe.

    • Brent

      Go get your new picture I.D at the VA …it is free of charge and I have used it for years for all this free stuff…hope this helps…thank you for your service.

    • Tom

      I just show my VA card… no problem at all.

    • Kelvin J

      A real Hero get with a VA rep and get it done. Any Vet that can fight a war with 1 hand tied behind his back should be honored everyday. Thanks for your service a Storm Vet.

    • Larry Wright


    • joe

      DD 214 and VA health ID CARD. If not, and you live near Seattle, Wa. find me and I will help you.

    • Ray

      Does your state have informaton on the drivers license that shows veterans status? Many do. Do you receive any VA care, if so that is a photo id. Vietnam Veteran, Class of 1968.

    • tom

      Hi Peter if your 30% disable you have a VA ID card and that works well at any of those place listed above. I hope that info helps. Old Master Chief .



    • Larry Fowler

      If you’re at 30%, Pete, you need a VA card to obtain medical services. Just go to your local VA clinic, they’ll take your picture and issue you a card. I’m a Viet vet and have had one for years…

    • Jerry Gurke

      I too am a Viet Nam vet. I didn’t go because of what I could get, & I don’t ask for, or want anything to be handed to me. My only expectation is respect.

    • Frank

      Yep, all military vets get screwed again….Thanks Home Depot and Lowes

      • Frank,

        You have to be kidding. Do you think just because your a Vet that the world owes you something!

        • Chuck Weber

          Are you serious? If so, that makes you a first class jerk.

          • Chuck,

            Please don’t tell me you agree that Home Depot and Lowes are screwing us Vets if they don’t give us 10% off on our purchases!

    • runtgrunt

      if you are drawing 30% you should have a VA card and it does have your picture on it.Think it’s about time for you to visit your county service Officer and request a hearing for an increase in your sc entitlements

    • Chuck Weber

      If you have a 30% disability and are signed up to be treated by the VA, the VA will issue an ID card with your picture on it. You could also produce your letter from the VA verifying 30% disability and match it to your drivers license. I get those discounts all the time using these methods.

    • pete

      just show your VA card-it will say service connected on it—

    • richard

      walmart owns 51% of lowes stock

    • Ken M.

      Whether you are disabled or not, register with the VA and you will be given a VA Photo ID Card. Problem solved!

    • Jose

      Can get ID at any Military Base with your 30% or a VA Hospital.

      • Felix Mejia

        Military bases will provide an ID to a Veteran only if the request is accompanied by a Statement from VA Regional Office citing the Veteran is in receipt of 100% benefits (Compensation). Won’t work for less than 100% Service Connection. Felix Mejia, San Diego

    • Paulie

      if you show your VA card and you are service connected they should give you the discount if not ask to speak to a manager

    • Tim Hartnett

      If you are 30%, then why haven’t you went to the VA and applied for your VA ID card. Every veteran can register at the VA,. and if you’re 30%, you’ll also get VA medical care, frr glasses per year, pharmacy, etc… Take your DD214 and whatever shows you are 30%…

    • Sue Harris

      The new VA ID cards have pictures now. If you can, go get a new one from your local VA. Stop at the info booth and they’ll help you. Or else you can stop at the DAV office for help.

  • Raymundo M Gavina

    A Veteran must always include the Spouse in my opinion in any military occasion.God Bless the USA, it’s allies and to all

    • Bob

      You can include your spouse, but it’s not free or discounted if he/she is not a veteran

  • montezuma cantu sr

    What matters is that you are a vet, some same they are, and they are way to young to have served when I did, but they are homeless so to me they can take my meal its fine, cause I can buy mine, I see no problem with that. Dont
    have to lie about being a vet, just get in line and keep quite dont bother any

  • paul



    G R O W U P!!!

    PS. There are a lot of local businesses including local food providers who also provide us with a freebie, just ask around.

    PPS. Some places also work with the DAV (Disabled American Veterans), most of the time it is held on a different day than Veterans Day.

    SERVED MY 6!

  • The Home Depot will apply only the best discount available but will not stack. Free eats for Veteran!!Roofers In Fife

  • Old soldier Bob

    As a retired professional soldier, I appreciate the kind thoughts of individuals and actions of all the businesses. My only concern is that during WWII everyone chipped in, civilians paid a heavy burden in taxes and rationing. Children purchased war stamps in school, parents bought war bonds. Scrap was collected in barrels provided on street corners. It was an all out effort. Today only the soldier and his/her family pays the price. Not one dime was collected for two wars. This is disrespecting the professional serviceman. Because we have a volunteer service, wars should not be considered part of a peacetime budget. If you can fight, you can pay. Maybe we wouldn’t jump in so fast if the administration said each family will pay a share for the total war bill at the end of each year. It’s running one billion per day for our present war.
    Best wishes to all veterans. Old soldier Bob

  • Sixshooter67r

    If you think that you are entitled to anything on Veterans day because you served your country, enough so that when somebody says ” Thank You” in such a way that they GIVE you something and you argue the fact they are limiting what they offer for free, you are forgetting the values of selfless service and honestly deserve nothing. To all of my fellow Veterans out there that do deserve it, don’t hesitate to take it. Happy Veterans Day 2012 in advance.

    • John


    • guest

      You are BSOLUTELY Right!

  • Carmen

    What they have offiered for free is free. I never complain and I appreciate the once a year meal. Just remember my daughter always saying to her older brother “You Get What You Get and You Don’t Throw a Fit!”

  • armychick

    I am so grateful to these businesses who offer freebies and discounts for veterans. It is wonderful that so many people take the time to remember those who served our country. I was stationed in Europe as a young soldier and I saw how other countries treat their military members and veterans. Because many nations in Europe require their citizens to perform military service, the soldiers and veterans are not as honored as American troops are. Of course we don’t serve our country hoping for any glory or special treatment but it really makes me emotional every Veterans’ Day when people and businesses honor service members and veterans.

  • tmpols

    If you don’t have a DoD photo ID, go online and get your DD-214 printed out and take that with youalong with your state ID should work. Thank you for your service (USN CPO Ret)

  • Liz

    I just want to add that Payless Shoe Source provides a 10% military discount year-round.

  • Jim

    I really appreciate the discount and patronize the ones who ofer it. Was in Viet Nam and received NO positive reaction from anyone when I returned from nam.

    • Ron

      Hey Jim,


    • Idmtmedic

      Jim I second that. Thank you bud.

    • June

      On behalf of my students and myself, thank you for your duty and service to this great country of ours. We appreciate you and what you did and your sacrifice and lessons learned have not gone unnoticed by future generations .
      Stand proud, we are proud of you.

    • Terri

      Thanks Jim for your service. I’m sorry for the way so many people acted back then. I’m proud of all those that served in Viet Nam & wish I could thank each one personally. Stand tall and be proud of yourself! God Bless you.

    • Greg

      Jim, When I’m thanked for my service I think of your generation. Thank you, and be proud of what you and others did. From one service member to another, Thank you.

    • Jim W.

      I am also a Vietnam vet and understand how you feel. On the positive side, the North Carolina USO co-sponsored a welcome home event on March 31, 2012 that honored us Vietnam vets. It was held at the Charlotte Motorspeedway with an estimated attendance of 60,000. It did a lot to heal some of the wounds and was certainly appreciated.

    • Vet’s Wife

      Jim, this might be many years past due for you, but I am saying it now…THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR YOUR SERVICE AND SACRIFICE for our country!! You ARE appreciated!!! Another vet’s wife!

    • Gabriel

      Jim, I know that when we joined none of us did if for the recognition, but I want you to know that I thank you for all that you did and gave. Being a Veteran of the current war, I owe you a great deal of thanks. It’s unfortunate of what you had to return home to, but because of your experiences, you have ensured that history did not repeat itself when we return.

      Thank you Jim <Salute>

  • djan

    To all my brothers from VVN……WELCOME HOME….. SCREW THE DISCOUNT….just be welcomed home !~!~~~!~!~!~!

  • Rich

    The Amazon offer is NOT free. They want $$ for it.

  • Ann Pritchard

    Husband was Vietnam Veteran who enjoyed the Golden Corral free meal. He left this earth February 2009, every Veterans Day I miss him more. Thank you Golden Corral for still remembering our veterans.

  • Idmtmedic

    Regardless of our differences, Charles and Retiree I would buy you lunch. Of course you get the tip…;) Deal?

  • DMc

    Ocean State Job Lot is offering 30% off everything until 03 Nov to honor those that served and their families. A great deal on already inexpensive prices.

  • Jeanne

    I lost my husband in November of 2007 he has left a large void but was so proud he served for 28 years thank you for remembering their service in some small way. Happy Veterns Day to all that served!

  • Jeff

    Ninety-Nine restaurants in Massachusetts will also give all veterans a 10%discount on meals


      But the 182nd EN CO (SAPPERS) will miss that offer do to currently being deployed. Thanks for the offer we will not be home till late NOV.

  • sgt MG

    Also being a Prior Service Marine “Not A Former Marine” (No Such Thing As Former Marine) Once A Marine Always One) I sent a package to Iraq from Swanson Vitimins Company and they sent the package to Iraq at no Shipping Charge to me ! Thats what they did !!!!. It must have cost them plenty to send that package half way around the world to my buddy in the service !!!! Thank you !!!

  • Matador527

    I LOVE to participate in the offers made by Appleby’s and Golden Corral, not just because I’m cheap and wish to take advantage of a free meal (not being a Democrat entitlement parasite), but because it’s wonderful to get together with a bunch of guys (and lady vets) of different eras and conflicts, especially those wonderful ol’ WW11 guys, who still get around pretty well, thank you!
    Hopefully, this year will include the additional reason to celebrate a new, REAL AMERICAN Commander-In_Chief!

    • derrick

      Matador, you people just dont get it,about not beena Democrat entitlement parasite you are worst buddy, actually you are a bum and a Republican-tea party racist bastard who still thinks that America is still base on the whiter shade of pale.

      • Scooter

        Derrick…learn to spell! Racism comes in many forms, like voting for someone based on the color of their skin rather than for the content of their argument. Not all Republicans are racist, just as not all Democrats are! Racism is a character flaw, not a party affiliation!

        • Dave

          I didn’t see you take on El Matador for calling Dems entitlement parasites. F*** you guys! Is that the “argument” for voting Republican you refer to?

    • CCSSGT

      Thanks to mr. Obama the military was used how it’s supposed to be and actually went after & killed Ben Laden! The enemy! The rich Repubs use our U.S. Military as mercinaries so they Personally can steal other Countries Oil ect…

      • Barney

        Too bad mr. Obama refused to use the military to SAVE the Ambassador and those who died with him, just sat and watched it happen, then off to Las Vegas for more campaigning! Then LIE about it being protesters to the You Tube Video!

    • VetNurse

      YOU RACIST B******! Veteran’s Day has nothing to do with your views on YOUR president…if he were of another race (which in part he happens to be) and did the same good, would you still have negative things to say?

      • 21+ year Vet

        Dear VetNurse,
        Although you are correct when you said that Veteran’s Day has nothing to do with personal views of the president, CCSSGT did not say anything racist. Actually, he or she paid the presidenat a compliment. MAybe you should read their post again. Take care.

        • Alex

          VetNurse was referring to matador.

    • 21+ year Vet

      I would like to Thank all of the participating business for their generosity on this most honored day. Now, that being said, to the individual that made to the, “REAL AMERICAN Commander-In Chief!” remark, I KNOW you KNOW the republican candidate NEVER served a day in his life, so how is he a Real …….Chief? Please do not take this as being disrespectful, but you should check your facts before you speak. Have a nice and safe holiday.

    • Ron

      You got that right with respect to a “REAL AMERICAN Commander-in-Chief”.

    • zrie014

      We already one. He is bring our soldiers home.

      • buckshot

        Want to know why the military is not home…..has to do with the economy…..war ends to many people will be put out of work….military comes home lots of men/women get out more looking for jobs…see!!!

    • SMSGT Ret

      You needed to tell them BEFORE you ordered a meal that you are a vet! They will give you a menu just for vets with about five options to pick from. I do lunch at Applebe’s and dinner at Texas Longhorn every year. It is the one chance I get every year to sup with fellow vets. And I normally try to stear clear of politics, just like when I was in the military. You should try it!

    • Jim

      Apparently Derrick thinks that anybody who doesn’t vote for Obama is automatically a racist. Maybe it is because he has not respected this country.

    • Wild Bill

      You may have just single-handedly tarnished the name of everyone who serves or has served in the military. Not until now have I ever thought that a veteran’s card should ever be revoked but with that type of ideology, you shouldn’t be allowed to tell anyone that you have served. and to all who are reading this, who are not veterans, this is not the typical ideology of one who has fought for his country.

    • Donna

      Hopefully, we CAN celebrate a new Commander-in-Chief this Veterans Day. God Bless America!!

    • questionable

      There was no world war eleven, that crazy…

    • NotAfraid

      Well, the Commander-In-Chief is American. I hope those wonderful WWII guys aren’t African Americans cause they would see you still are harboring the same ill will you did when they helped this country wage a successful campaign. You racist white people will have a lot to answer for when you kick the bucket. Let’s stop being naive because just take a look at the way the country voted. The South still running around singing Dixie and hollering about their heritage as an excuse to display their flag. So yes this election was not about white and black but poor and rich. If it is not about race explain how poor miners in Tennessee can call themselves Rep.

    • Navysailor

      Way to be a Veteran and respect our Commander in Chief, as a veteran I’m ashamed to know you are a veteran too, I served under Bush and didn’t agree with anything he did, but I respected my chain of command, a veteran is something you should not call yourself

    • william

      Fuck you

    • *TY

      Thank You Almighty for our REAL AMERICAN CIC, President OBAMA, not some liar, racist bigot who only likes folks making $250,000 or more or 47% of the USA. Think Logically if people didn’t vote for President Obama and they weren’t making $250,000 yr it was a race war not political race. Being a disabled female veteran myself I see there are smarter folks in OH than people give credit. I am proud because I’m born and raised in OH.

    • Mallory

      You shouldn’t get anything free, you’re not grown up enough to see the difference between parasites and differences of opinion

    • Jim

      Please ..Your not honoring a Vet when you bring politics in to it. Us vets gave you the right to vote the way you want



    • Pamela Conley

      I totally agree! I am a Air Force Disabled Veteran of 15 year service. I work with the Mental Health Center here in Billings MT as a Case Manager. I was able to take a Vet on my case load to Golden Coral for 5 years until he died in a tragic housing fire in 2011. Now I have a new, lady veteran on my case load whom I just adore! She and I will be attending Golden Coral’s meal tomorrow. It will be our first of many years I hope. Being with the other veterans is a blessing. I love them all!

    • SFC Fred Gregory

      Just got back from Afghanistan and I am a Democrat. Not every Democrat is a entitlement parasite but there are a lot of ignorant redneck vets who stereotype all Democrats.

  • Mike

    Emil, I assume that you meant “write” instead of “right”. I think that matador was wrong in politicizing the post, but I want a new leader for our country just as much as he does. Not all Democrats are free-loaders or bad people, and neither are Republicans racist. Obama has just been a poor leader for this wonderful country, and must be replaced before we are a totally socialist country. Being a career Marine and a Vietnam Vet, I do hope to accept Golden Corrall and Appleby’s offer of a free meal, not because I “need” the free meal, but like any Vietnam Vet, I appreciate an offer of “thanks for your service”, which we surely didn’t get when we came home from that conflict. //Semper Fi to all you Jarheads, and may God continue to bless the USA !!!.

  • Duane C. Knutson

    Why must we bring politics into a story about supporting and giving back to veterans? Please, grow up!

    • Mary Wolfe

      When you have worked in a VA Hospital; especially, during certain wars. Then you know there is a difference in appreciation for the vet, and again the wounded, or severally wounded. (The deceased) When you collect money at the dollar store that is an insult to our nation for not taking care of them with due right. When you have one day that appreciates all veterans, and someone doesnot see the due good in that then politics is an excuse. Growing-up is an appreciation not a hand-out!

  • william teague

    iI never have a problem with Lowes 10% at any time, I just show my dd214 and discharge and no questions asked. billybob37@att.net

  • Ray Mead

    Last year I went to Appleby’s on Veterans’ Day. I showed them my retired ID when they brought me my check. The waitress took it and when she returned she charged me for my meal. I simply paid it and left. I won’t be going back there this year. I accept that it’s a courtesy, not an entitlement, and as such they are free to extend or deny it to those they wish. They don’t need to offer it to me again, I won’t be patronizing them. Oh by the way, I’m a pre-hero era vet; Viet Nam and five years in Korea.

    • Military Wife

      you have to tell them before you order. They have a specific menu for free.

    • Paul F.

      I’ve always recieved great service from them on Veterans day. You shouldn’t fault the chain for the confusion of a single waitress. They do have a select menu for veterans to choose from before hand.

    • Keith Turner

      Well Ray, you’re wrong. 100% wrong. You are not a pre-hero era vet. Maybe to our president and a lot of today’s population. But not to me and my family. I served in the Marine Corps (83-88) and my 12 year old girl knows all about our retired/ active and formet military. You are a hero for standing up. God bless.

    • RDO

      Ray, I agree with your inferred evaluation of the word hero..At one time that word was used for a select few who really earned and were respected for outstanding accomplishments in their performance of duty; that was when it was dediated continual active duty force. Today the word has slipped from outstanding military service to that of if you are assigned to a combat area and you return from that area you’re a hero..could it be that many of the prior active force rolls are now being filled by reserve and national guard units that had never been tasked before? Heaven forbid that their family separation might be for 3/6/ or 9 months from their families. Wonder how well our heroes would have faired in Viet Nam and/or Korea? Trust me, I am not knocking the service rendered by our reserve/guard units but let’s not take what has always been expected from prior active duty military veterans to a higher level other than mission/assignment completed; retired 25 active duty.

      • Jeff

        RDO – I just have to say you are an ass hat. Not sure what you mean by dedicated continual service when talking about Vietnam. Vietnam was 1 year tours just as they are for Iraq and Afghanistan. Yes some did multiple tour just as some do today. I have served both Active duty from 1979 to 1985 and also as a guard member from 2001 to 2010. I personally know national guard members who have done several tours in both Iraq and Afghanistan and several members who simply transfered to the incoming units and stayed in country for 2 or 3 years. Maybe you didn’t know this but there were National Guard units deployed to Vietnam. Approximately 23,000 Army and Air guard were called up for service in Vietnam. You really should keep your mouth shut to things you know nothing about. It makes you look ignorant. Thank you for your service and yes you are a hero to many people for having served but your still a jerk.

    • donna

      we ate at Appleby’s here in Durham last year for lunch. Just showed my DD214- which I can not find this year.

      • Tkatt

        Hey Donna, they accept VA cards that get issued when you use the VA health system. If you are not using your medical benefits, you should.

    • bruce nevils

      Don’t let one incident turn you away. She obviously had things mixedup. Consider how busy the business was at the time. You caould have gotten your money back and an apology but you let that slide. If any manager of any establishment read this they would encourage their staff not to make the same mistake. Give Applebees one more chance, you may like the results.

    • luv2babruinsfan

      Yes I agree with “military wife” in that, you have to tell Appleby’s before you order you are or have served in the military. Show them either your DD214 or current VA card and they will give you a special menu just for veterans. Gotta say this, it was AWESOME! They didn’t skimp on the amount and the food was delicious. For them and any of the corporations like Subway sandwiches, Chili’s, Sizzler and the rest of those that give to us what we gave to our country is just wonderful, honorable. Ray, I’m a Viet Nam vet and I thank you for serving from the bottom of my heart, I love my country so much. Thank you to all the restaurants, waiters and waitresses that make us feel so wanted and appreciated. God Bless America.

    • Female Vet

      A manager should have been called over since it is all Applebee’s that are taking part in the Veterans Day meal. Additionally, the retiree ID should not have been taken from you, especially since many of them has SSANs on the. You should be checking to see if someone has taken your information and used it illegally.

    • Redskin1

      There’s nothing “Pre-hero about you. You’re all HERO!

    • Doug Simmons

      You should have nicely asked for the manager. my friend Fred and I have been taking advantage of Applebee’s generous offer for several years, and sometimes we have to wait 20 minutes, but that’s no different on a Friday or Saturday night. We both enjoy that time talking to other vets. The meals have always been delicious, the wait staff courteous and once we show them our DD-214, we have never had a problem with a check.

  • Bill

    Maybe its just a local thing at my Kansas City, Kansas LOWE’S, but as I was pricing an item because I was waiting for 11.11.2012 to buy it, the manager said there was no need to wait because they offer the 10% discount to VETERANS every day now!

    • Soon 2b Retired

      Hey Bill, what I’ve noticed at all the Lowe’s that I’ve patroned is that they have all acknowledged our sacrifice and showed their support by offering the 10%. Now granted that’s only been in 6 states I think they kind of put it out there, so we defenders of freedom know that Lowe’s is the place to go.

  • Tom

    I’m a 20 year Vet and really appreciate all the establishments that offer free meals and discounts and maybe I do deserve something for serving but I would serve all over again even if no one offered anything.

    • Roy

      I would too. I would give anything to just suit up again for just one day at a base to relive my wonderful Air Force experiences. I give back now in part by trying to refer/recruit QUALITY prospects for the Air Force.

    • Kay R.

      If I was 30 years younger and a hundered pounds lighter I would do it all over again too! It is hard for me to believe I have been out for 29 years. Things might have been different if I had not been put out on a medical for my feet being screwed up by combat boots. At least my boys can say “Yes my Mom wears combat boot and damn proud of it”!

      • Henri

        Got you beat–I’ve been out for 40+ years and boy do I miss my buddies, and frankly even the Vietnam duty. But life goes on even with PTSD.

  • ddog3

    Marie, I believe you miss the point. Matador is not a dissapointment he has earned the right to speak his mind as you did.

  • All,

    Veterans Identification Card

    The Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) provides eligible Veterans a Veterans Identification Card (VIC) for use at VA Medical Facilities. The VIC protects the privacy of Veterans’ sensitive information, as it no longer displays the Social Security Number or Date of Birth on the front of the card. The VIC will only display the Veteran’s name, picture, and special eligibility indicators – Service Connected, Purple Heart and Former POW, if applicable, on the front of the card. Only Veterans who are eligible for VA medical benefits will receive the card.


  • All,

    Home Depot/Lowe’s Military and Veterans Discounts


    Home Depot and Lowes 10% Military Discount Available Everyday


    Veterans and Active Military: We Thank You For Your Service

    “If you ever have difficulty getting your discount, or if you have questions about the discount programs, please call The Home Depot’s Customer Service line at 1-800-HOME-DEPOT (1-800-466-3337), or leave a message on our Customer Service page.”


  • George Knight Sr

    I Neven knew Lowe’s or Home depot gave discounts, but oneday I went to both to purchase some items, I was wearing a vet military cap, the cashier asks if I had a Military ID Card, I showed it to her and told me, they give Militay personnel and retirees 10% discouints, today I asks everywhere I go if they give military discounts, you would be surprized just how many businesses give military discounts. Thanks Lowe’s and Home Depot and all other

  • Clayton Colpitts

    I am a DAV 50% 25 year service At Krogers Murfreesboro Tn My purches was 3 dollars short, The casher took 3 dollars from her purse, said everthing is OK. Applebees, Lows, Home Depot, Waffle House. I ware the “Bronze Star” on my cap and shop whare my friends are. __Thank You,,, a Combat Vet,, Clayt

  • Larry Dahlka

    no one ever mentions that Ace /Aco who sells most of the same stuff as Lowe’s and Home depot gives vets 15% at least the one on Michigan in Dearborn does
    Larry Dahlka

  • Gil

    LOWES would not give me a discount Even though I am a retired Navy Vietnam war Vet, Home Depot respected me every day,,,,

    • Bob Carothers

      My Lowes store gives 105 discount 365 days a year! Rockingham NC.
      I am also a Vietnam vet 66/67 1st Cav

    • Bonnie

      Hey Gil,
      How are you? What state do you live in because all year I get a discount from Lowes and Home Depot snubs me. I get the 10% from Lowes all year round, but on VA day last year All I got from HD is attitude.

      • George

        I have shopped at HD in many different states and never had a problem, they always give me my discount. HD even gives my sister a discount when she shows them her husbands veteran card.

    • George

      I am a retired Navy vet and Lowes give me a discount everytime, I just show them my ID. Works in NE, AR & CA.

      • Angela

        Works in Iowa as well, never have a problem and they use the discount for me as well, the spouse :-)

    • Dee S.

      As long as you have your military I.D. (retired, etc) they will give you 10% off all year. Keep in mind, you can’t use any other coupons with this…it’s either/or.

    • Denna

      Lowe’s always gives us the discount when we show our military id

    • Redskin1

      Ironically, Home Depot wouldn’t give me a discount but, I get it all the time at Lowes.

    • matt

      that sucks im sorry to here that, here in jax fl Lowes gives 10% YEAR ROUND

  • Terry Reagan

    good to see the stores give discounts to vetarans .i am a100% dav.the way the economy is I will take what i can ,I fought with the real forrest gump,in nam Terry Reagan

  • Rocky

    Golden Corral usually has a FREE meal for the Vet on Veterans Day. Check your local establishment for more info

  • JoAnn

    Express clothing offers military discount, House of Pancakes (ihop), Starbucks

    • Bowman

      Does anyone know if Starbucks will give a discount on Veterans Day?

  • Robert

    Nike outlet stores offer a 10% discount with VA ID.

  • Bigmo

    I to am a Navy veteran 20 years of faithful service and i always go to Golden Corral on Veterans day sometimes the lines are long but it is worth the wait. Because being in the military that was our motto hurry up and wait. So quit complaining and stand in line for some good grub on that day. God bless.

  • Aviator Electrician

    I love Verteran’s day For one it is my birthday. So even if they don’t offer something special they will usually do it for my b-day. Also, I am a Veteran, still in service. So I get those specials offers on top of it all.

  • Jane

    You have BJ’s Brewery listed as Monday, November 11th…
    Which is it? Monday, November 12th or Sunday, November 11th

    McCormick & Schmicks is listed as Sunday, November 13th…
    Which is it? Sunday, November 11th or Tuesday, November 13th.


  • Joe

    McCormick & Schmick’s is offering their offer on Sunday, November 11, 2012. Can you please update this in your writing?

  • Matt

    McCormick & Schmick’s is honoring vets on Sunday, November 11th!

    Someone from military.com needs to correct the information on their website.

  • poetslady

    Lowes gives a discount not only on Veterans Day, but everyday. Just show your ID card and ask for your Military Discount. Many companies will give a discount simply by asking if you give a military discount…i.e., Freddies Ice Cream (Hamburgers) since Freddy (the owner) served in the military. For this reason I always shop at Lowes first. I always ask which hotels will honor military.

    • Militarymomandspouse

      Actually, I worked for Lowe’s (in management) and they are only supposed to give military discount to active duty and retired military everyday IF they have military ID. They are not supposed to take DD-214’s or give the discount to any other veterans except on Veteran’s day and Memorial day. That is the official policy (and that changes with the wind). However, you will find some employee’s in some locations, that will give it to all veterans, everyday. That should be the policy they use company wide in my opinion.

  • kathy

    When we go to the Tanger Outlet stores in Rehoboth Beach, DE I always ask if they give a military discount. A lot of them do. Under Armour always gives a military discount!

  • evertalk

    Hi Terry – another freebie –

    Evertalk is providing free memorial and tribute pages with their app on Facebook this Veterans Day.

    Any Veterans or enlisted servicemen or women can create a moving tribute page or memorial site using Evertalk at: https://apps.facebook.com/evertalk


    Russ Hearl
    CEO & Founder

    • Charlie

      Monday we went to Texas Roadhouse but when we got there they told us their offer was only good from 11-2. So we called Applebee’s and they said their offer was good all day. When I walked in they asked if I was there for the veterans meal and provided me with the special menu. They have always treated me well. This year Veterans day fell on Sunday the 11th but many places either extended or had offers also on Monday.

  • Veterans, active US military and their families, and the families of those who gave their lives for this country are eligible for free tickets donated by Brown Paper Tickets, and by sports teams and venues producing concerts, classes and even the Super Bowl, by registering here: http://www.vettix.org/signup.php

  • 63Hotelvetgirl

    As a young, injured female veteran I am very thankful to these businesses. I work two jobs, a full time preschool teacher and a c.n.a., i’m in nursing school as well. My days are very LONG, these establishments could give me a free sprite and I would be excited, I remember swearing in, it wasn’t because i was excited about getting a free meal at chili’s, when i was medically separated it was the biggest and most heartbreaking thing I have ever encountered,so thank you for those who selflessly serve and those who give. these chains do not have to give anything for free, but they do. We should be thankful, I have seen more humility and graciousness from the 4 year olds i teach everyday than some of the people who comment here.

  • mark

    I’m just finding out about the discount. I bought a new water heater at Lowe’s a few days ago and was informed by the cashier that vets ( I’m 50% disabled) get a 10% discount. I wish I would have known about this earlier. I also went to Home Depot the next day and got the same discount. Good for us and them!

    • thirty four vet


  • Josh

    Last year I went to Golden Coral and there was 2 Army boots fresh out of basic. they were in their uniform and the people at the register asked if they had been anywhere they simply replied, no. but they gave them their entire meal for free for “thanking them for what they do”. i on the other hand was in civilian clothes and had just got out of the marine corps and had done tours in iraq and overseas and didn’t give me any kind of discounts. it was kind of upsetting but i didn’t say anything

    • Brooks

      Present your ID or a DD214 and eat for free. They can’t tell by reading your mind!

    • Brian

      hey I herd if you just bitch about it and don’t fix the actual problem, things get better

    • Alexander

      Did you show them your ID card Marine?

    • Rober t

      thats just what a marine will do it will come full circle marine just be patient Semper Fi
      RLhowe USMC O351

    • Rogelio Villa

      Wa wa wa waaaaaa ! Oh please Marine Im an Army Combat Vet Infantry hoooaahhh and i did not sign up and fight to get a free meal. Suck it up Marine and pay for your own damn meal. too many kids join for the freebies and education ,,,,, I JOINED FOR MY COUNTRY , MY FAMILY AND BECAUSE I LOVE THE INFANTRY !

    • Tim Brabley

      Quit your whining and stop acting thirsty ! Despicable and unbecoming of a servicemember. Act accordingly and have some pride Marine.

  • Tammy

    I would like to say Thank You to all the veterans and their families for the sacrifice you made for our country. My husband served 2 tours in Iraq. It was like putting your life on hold and then never being the same again. I think you all deserve so much more than you get. You are all ultimate heros. Words cannot express my gratitude.

    • Danny

      Thank You for taking Note!! :)

  • amnslkr

    Denny’s is also offering free all-you-can-eat pancakes from 6am – 2pm on the 12th. Go get some breakfast!

  • TexasPatriot2

    Lowes has an official policy. Home Depot “officially” only does it on the major Veteran type holidays — by their policy. However, nearly all Home Depots give the discount on demand with ID, I haven’t been turned away once (yet).

  • Former soldier

    You know after scanning through the first page of this post, I’m saddened by what I’ve read. It seems nobody ANYWHERE can just stay on topic… What’s clear is that “Matador527” started the infighting with his blanket (and inflammatory) comment about Democrats but it could have easily been the other way around. “Derrick” – your “racist” conclusions back to Matador seem unwarranted… My assumption is that most, if not all of the people here are United States Military Active Duty members, Reservists, Retirees or Veterans. You should all remember who you are, where you came from, what you achieved and sacrificed. Also remember your forefathers – of all races, creeds and nationalities who spilled blood to preserve the very freedoms you enjoy here in this thread. Freedom demands responsibility and that includes respect for fellow man regardless of his political affiliation, race, creed or gender. Ignore that responsibility and you will help to unravel the very fabric of what you and those who marched before you fought and died for. Think for yourselves, and take a broader/higher view of things rather than make blanket assumptions. There’s more to people than two sides of any isle or coin. THINK! Leave the infighting for the CNN posts and amongst those who have never tasted the salt from their brow while wearing the uniform.

  • Gunner

    Stop looking for rewards and freebies. A real soldier would serve without expecting to be thanked at every corner. Afghan Army Infantry Combat Vet Hoooah

    • RICH K


    • Pete

      I was in Nam, know one gave Me Shit!! Be Thankful that these place are willing to HELP!!