Spotlight Resource: The PTSD Coach Mobile App

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When used in conjunction with professional medical treatment, PTSD Coach provides you dependable resources you can trust. If you have, or think you might have PTSD, this app is for you. Family and friends can also learn from this app.

PTSD Coach was created by the VA’s National Center for PTSD and the DoD’s National Center for Telehealth and Technology.

The PTSD Coach app can help you learn about and manage symptoms that commonly occur after trauma. Features include:

  • Reliable information on PTSD and treatments that work.
  • Tools for screening and tracking your symptoms.
  • Convenient, easy-to-use skills to help you handle stress symptoms.
  • Direct links to support and help.
  • Always with you when you need it.

Note: As effective and helpful as the PTSD Coach is, it is not intended to replace professional evaluation and professional care.

Visit the Department of Veterans Affairs to learn more and download the PTSD Coach Mobile App.

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Terry Howell
Before becoming the Managing Editor for, Terry served 20 years in the U.S. Coast Guard as an Aviation Electrician’s Mate and aircrewman. In his final role in the Coast Guard, Terry served as a Career Development Advisor, where he provided career, finance, education, and benefits counseling to servicemembers and their families. Since retiring from the Coast Guard, Terry has authored the book, The Military Advantage, managed the content for TurboTap, the DoD's online transition program and VAforVets, the VA's transition assistance website. Terry earned both his Bachelor's and MBA at Corban University using Military Tuition Assistance and his GI Bill benefits to help cover the cost.
  • Bee

    I know of a person trying to get benefits that aren’t viable. Just doesn’t want to work.
    Hiding and lying about PTSD.

    What should I do ?

    • Bobert

      i would Call the VA The number is on line at You may be able to find a link for the IG Inspector General.

    • alv

      if you know for a fact that this individual is lying, cheeting or what ever it should be documented in some way to prove it or you could find yourself in a very messy lawsuit.

    • Morgan

      If a person isn’t in a wheelchair others often think they are faking it.

      Just how do you know this person is trying to get benefits and doesn’t want to work.

      I think you ought to mind your own business before you cause trouble for other people, especially someone who is ill.

    • Ed – USAF Vet

      How qualified do you think you are diagnosing PTSD? I would guess not very. Let me ask you this, if a person you knew exhibited an illness or symptoms of an illness and was a veteran, would you be so involved to try and get them the help they need?

    • Reanna

      Rarely does a Veteran lye about PTSD it real effects Family Friends that person life’

    • psych Nurse

      Stay out of the person’s business. Maybe he/she doesn’t want to work because of symptoms of depression/PTSD that they are trying to hide from you. So far you have accurately described someone with PTSD/depression.

    • Gordie

      I Got PTSD Vietnam 69 – 71 Inf Nobody wants To Help Have Bad Nightmares Have 9mm With Me All The Time

      • Gordie

        Have 3 Disks Pinching Nerves In Back Took 2 1/2 Mos To Get MRI No Word What VA Going To Do To Help Me Going On 5 Mos Now STILL IN PAIN

  • William

    What if some one is lying and wants to cheat. When their are others that deserve benefits?

    • weturnipseedsr


  • Stephen Zenes

    I heard tht the VA is doing away PTSD payments for Viet Nam Vets and they will be deducting our disabilityfrom our payments. IS this true? Also the SSA will give all viet nam vets $300 more in their SS benefits. All they have to do is show the local SSA their DD-214. They will not automaticallygive it to you. You must ask for it.

    • SSG Todd Parsons

      Does that rule apply to Iraq, Afganistan vets too ?

    • juan acfalle

      is it true that the SSA is giving Viet Nam veteran $300.00 for vietnam disability personnel I am a Vietnam Veteran recieving 80% disability also drawing SSN since 2012 but never mention that I am a vietnam veteran what do I need to do to recieve this pension if I am entitle please advise me on the procedures to recieve this entitlement and provide any pertinent information or document to solidify my claim. Thanks in advance for information provided my email adress is

    • weturnipseedsr

      STILL! THE P.T.S.D. Should Not Be Denied Others! It Is Not All About COMBAT TRAUMA!

  • SSG Todd Parsons D.

    Look you must be diagnosed with PTSD to get any benefits. From there the VA will treat troops for it and look at records on how they are effected by PTSD, Further cheater will be found out I’m sure of it.

  • Isabella

    I know mililtary that other military told him get by advanced the military retirement while you are in combat like this you don’t pay tax, that is true or he going have to return the mony for taxes?

  • Linda

    There is a manual available at named How to Take Care of Your Veteran. It’s well worth a read as it tackles this subject.

    • MajorDad

      I did some light research on the author after seeing the soldier on the cover photo reversed. I tried to find some subtle symbolism to indicate that it was done for a reason other than a proof mistake, but could find none. Even now as a sixty-five year old former infantry NCO decorated for heroism three times in RVN combat I still fight old ghosts that were suppressed through the years. Hidden behind a subsequent commissioned officer career in the Reserve that went through Desert Storm I finally retired as a field grade officer. I didn’t recognize my PTSD (30% rated) as being debilitating. Without being debilitating I didn’t acknowledge. By not acknowledging it I refused to accept it. As I keep breathing I’ll keep working and praying that His will be done. Amen.


    Interesting PTSD study going on here, if you know any combat vets with an identical twin!

  • armyzoff

    What if you don’t have a cell phone?

    • alvino gillette

      get one they are free

  • Ralph Salewsky

    who are these people asking about CHEATERS ? YOU GUYS SOUNDS LIKE A BUNCH OF KINDERGARTEN ! how did you know if there are cheaters? obviously these are the cheaters themselves? what kind of vets are you?

    • Fred

      these ptsd warriors, (warriors?) stress? how can you be such warriors?
      I believe it’s borders on fraud. (not all, but most) trying to get taxpayers to support them for the rest of their lives. ( What would General Patton have thought?)

      US Army retired, Veteran of WW2 and Korea.

  • gil black


  • sgt Chisolm

    I am a v-v, and I was exposed to the herbicides sprayed in the bamboo jungle of Vietnam. Tried to receive treatment in the last state i lived in for. The doctors that was assigned to the case did not know what he was suppose to look for, so for 40 yrs I have had this lump on my body in my private area and rashes between my thigh. haven’t been able to produce any off-spring. I am waiting to see what they will do about it now that I have applied. I know that I was affected, I slept in it..
    hat they will do about it now that I have applied. I know that I was affected, I slept in it.

    • George

      You need to get in contact with the AMVETS in your area. You can do a google search and take it from there. They will be able to help you with all of the paper work.


    • Debbie

      File with the DAV. They fight hard for the Veterans and do not give up and you should not either! The VA Reps do not answer questions unless you think of them. Anybody that went in country to Vietnam was sprayed with Agent Orange. Keep all paper work and make yourself copies. Start yourself a File to put ALL of your paper work in. Have you had dermatology look at the bumps , rashes etc… if it turns out to be a soft carcinoma you can file for that too. Agent Orange does NOT leave your body it lies in your fat cells in your body. My husband was in country and has rashes where you described on his head at times and his legs. He also now has no hair down the middle of his legs due to it falling out! I have seen the blood on the sheets and no medication works on it – it only eases the pain.He also developed a soft carcinoma inside his lip and had to have it cut outand plastic surgery had to fix his lip. I can tell you how my own body reacts, panicked, tense, constipated and angry. God Bless you guys! Please do not give up. Dig up all the paper work you can find when you were over there. Good Luck!

  • Gregory Forbes

    looking for where to get dental work done as a veteran

    • alvino gillette

      as a 100% disabled vet I was referred to a civilian dentist that took care of everything I needed. has to get a non=availibality paperwork from the va in Johnson city tn, first but everything went well

    • Starlett

      I am 100% disabled and unemployable and I get care through my VA Medical center.

    • matt

      if not a high % for EM work any VA will see you,,just go to ER

  • Buddy

    U people do not seem to realize, we vets did not ask to go to Nam and a few of these f our peopleother places! We joined to serve our COUNTRY and our PEOPLE’s FREEDOM! Then we are SENT to THESE PLACES to protect, BUT we are not really protecting our people or country, but fighting someone else’s CIVIL WAR, we had ours and most of those places have been fighting–FIGHTING for MANY long YEARS for whatever?????Then we stickour nose into someone else business–for what to get more of our people killed for nothing AND I do mean NOTHING???? I have been in I guess every country in the world(serving) including and I thik every STATE in our US of A!!!I have really seen so things and a lot wondered why we were involved????BUT,,,That big word B U T , what is the answer—WHO WAS GETTING SOMETHING OUT OF OUR INTERFERIENCE??????????????????????

  • Phillip Branham

    I hold a VA Disability of 80%, and it’s hard to hold a job due to my right knee injury where I split my upper tibia, and PTSD. Can I file for IU?

    • John Boyd

      It is my experience that, if you have a 70% or greater disability, you can turn around and file for unemployability disability. That will usually bring you up to 100%.
      The best people to help are in the DAV – I am a Nam Vet now 100% with PTSD. The DAV reps are the ones who helped me.
      God Bless

  • Lonnie Harris

    I was wondering, I have PTSD and suffering from depression. I’m at 30%, so my question is; is this right as far as percentage

    • Cynthia

      The rating is determined by how the PTSD and depression is affecting the quality of your life and ability to work, I have seen persons ranging with ratings from 10% to 100%.. The doctor who evaluated you sent in their report and the rating decision was made from that. If you do not agree with it or think it should be higher fill out an appeal and send in information from your psychiatrist and therapist. You could hire someone like the VFW to help you fill out the paperwork.

    • Debbie

      If you have proof and can get your wife(if you have one) or family, friends etc… to write letters telling the TRUTH about your PTSD you can file that it has gotten worse. Now, what you need to know is you may not like what they have to say about you. If so, do not read the letters! Plus, file with the DAV, and not the VA Reps., the DAV will answer questions. Where the VA will not answer a question unless you think of it. Get what I am saying. The DAV fights hard for the veterans, and God Bless them for it. That’s my advice, and Good Luck!

  • LeRoy Lemon

    You want u, the vets to see VA Doctors, When? It takes overa year to get an appointment.

  • fargobill

    Georgetown Behavioral Institute is where I just spent 6 inpatient days when there was no bed space at the VA. There IS adequate Rx for Vets in the pvt sector. The problem for the VA is another scandal 1) Improperly diagnosed vets 2) improperly rated vets. Stand up to acquire private sector health the VA has had its day in court and lost.

  • Ronald Brothers

    My Name is ron I have ptsd got in in nam came home and tried the self help thing then I went to the va in hampton got looked at told that I have high blood pressure hip c no clage in my left knee the doctor didn,t like the way my hart sound. after spending helf a year there I ws sent home with a non service connect check shortly after I got home the doctor that was seeing me left the va
    also the doctor that was helping me file for ptsd.
    noone at the hampton va hospt has re assign me any doctor, you could say I,m one of those that they,ve let fall thru the cracks.

    • Brother of James

      Ayahuasca. It is like taking your shit out into the jungle and getting rid of it. All of the trauma of combat seems to subside and you feel yourself breathing a fresh breath of air.

  • leroy

    In 1978-79, the USAF said I had anexity nuroousis, I retired in 1982, while on terminal leave I went to the VA @ started my VA experience. Most of those VA experience was good to very good. The VA was concerned, caring, informative, and basically a good doctor experience. Until I got to VA Manila, Phil, in 2003. I started putting in claims for all that was wrong with me. My claim for drug addition, was changed (by the) VA to PTSD. That visit with the C@P exam doctor went bad. I have changed a lot since I was in the AF, now I don’t even try to listen to young college grad males, because of all the shit I was forced to do (by young college grad males) in the air force. The PTSD exam doctor hardly asked me any questions – just took my award letter for my DFC @ started working his key board. So funny because when the B-52’s finally came up north, @ bombed the railroad yard to dirt and pieces of things. The MIG’s that use to come up and look us in the Gulf of Tonkin (I have 185 combat missions, flying in an orbit due east of Hanio, due west of Hanan Is., due south of main land communist red-china) played with the B-52’s over downtown Hanio. It was kind of like a vacation. The best that I can estimate is that something like more then 50 Mig’s got close to us @ got shoot down by the Navy carrier F-4’s that was our bar cap. They (F-4’s) where really great. At one time 1970-2, the skies above down town Hanio where so hard to get through, the fighter-bombers dropped bombs on the Russian (antiaircraft @ SAM sites that the Russians had put alond side of schools, hospitals @ church) that where controlled by relayed instructions over our UHF radios could not be interrupted, when we had the link up between the radar site that could paint downtown Hanio @ the fighter-bombers, had to be held up, we could not turn our aircraft possibly blanking our antennas, @ had to stay straight @ level, we always flew at stall 10 knots to keep our fuel usage as low as possible to give us the longest possible ON station time.
    By Gods roll of the dice on one day/ time when we told the pilot not to turn, my aircraft was heading due north. we crossed the 30 mile buffer zone, @ then crossed the coast line of red communist china, @ then we started hearing the Mig aircraft warnings. Lots of times before we where just a provider of the relay, but NOW it was us that had then problem. About 50 KM inside red china the 2 F-4’s shoot down the 2 Migs, The F-4s needed to get back to the carrier because they had been in full afterburner to get to us (THEM) in time, we had not got a weapons release message yet, and we flew on, about 100 KM inside red china we finally relayed the weapons release message @ then we told the pilot he could then. @ we straight @ level at 30,000 some odd feet as slow as we could fly we departed red china. I VA never asked me about what happened to me.
    My 100% PTSD @ Un-employability award letter had in it the words: substance abuse – ALCOHOL – incompetent – my miss use my own money. Over 2 years now I have been suffering in a fudicary program. My next visit to VA Manila is again to see the C@P exam doctor, but as usual the VA hasn’t bothered to tell me about what will the doctor been asking. I think that I have my appeal papers together, my local mental health doctor in Nov-Dec 2012 wrote to the VA saying that I am competent, @ in my last visit early Aug this year I gave the fudicary people a newer version of my monthly budget. The beat that I can think now is that all I need to do is just do like an appeal. With the doctor? Oh in case you have not figured it out the USAF, VA, US government think that if you don’t want to rule the world, have all the money @ just want to set back @ enjoy some grass @ beer, that YOU HAVE A MENTAL ILLNESS. I have been to another abuse clinic @ have attempted many ways to get the VA Manila regional office out of my money, hope that I will find out someday what it is that I am incompetent about, @ how the hell can I miss use my money. More then 2 years now of asking ay @ all VA people about that only resulted in total silence.

  • Dale

    In Central Texas a Mrs Perez sent emails out to department heads stating, “Do NOT give these Veteran’s PTSD because it is a higher payout, give them adjustment disorder instead. She was gone the next day but she probably got a raise in Austin. Don’t try and gwe PTSD in Txas, the VA acts like it is their money

  • S. Bell

    Just a thought. After Vietnam, the average disability claims were 2-3 per vet. Currently the number of claims per person is about 15-16 per person. I was drafted , served in Vietnam as a combat infantryman with the First Air Cavalry in 1966. Wounded and it took me about 30 years to get more than 10% for the 3 claims I filed. Just saying with so many claiming to be injured and filling so many claims we will run of money for benefits.

    • Guadalupe Montelongo

      Just a reply, and foretell my own experience: I developed PTSD when I have turn 10 years due to an auto accident with my father back 11/05/1955 & I went untreated all through my teens, when I reached my 18th years I enlisted at the Selective service about 3 months later I was called to the physical exam & I passed both the knowledge tests, there after I was drafted with the Marines Corps Training camp after 2 months of training as a maintenance mechanic & weapon inspector as well copter engine & rotor mechanic after that I noticed feeling uneasy & worry most of the time, by the third month they were showing us films of the ongoing battle front going into my 91st day I had a severe night mare, jumped from my bunk screaming like crazy the military personnel came & put in strong jacket & took me in but they could not find no problem then 2 nights after it happened again but this time they brought in Psychiatrists to diagnose the problem & diagnosed me with pre-existing PTSD & called it chronic for which the put me on Valium 10 mg. 30 mgs. daily, on the 98th day I suffered a head & neck injury while working on a tank I was Honorably discharged with a 4th F liable until the age of 35 years But I kept receiving the medication & placed on type A Mechanic training & medical out patient treatment until I moved to the State of Washington where I started to have problems with psychiatrist & medical doctors that did not recognize my problem, now I am asking for much needed help. Lupus K of unit 15th: Rank 4 of 15.