Update: Walgreens and TRICARE Still Splitsville

Last month I reported that Express Scripts had reached and agreement with Walgreens to resume their status as a network pharmacy provider. I also reported that Tricare had not made a decision on whether to resume their relationship with Walgreens. Well, it appears they have made their decision. The following short statement was found on the Tricare website.

Express Scripts has determined it will maintain the same robust retail pharmacy network of more than 57,000 pharmacies available to TRICARE beneficiaries. Walgreens left the TRICARE retail pharmacy network when their contract with Express Scripts expired on December 31, 2011. On July 19, 2012, Express Scripts and Walgreens announced a new network agreement for Walgreens participation in one of Express Scripts networks. However, in line with TRICARE Management Activity’s commitment to the efficient management of the TRICARE Pharmacy benefit, Walgreens will remain designated as a non-network pharmacy provider for TRICARE beneficiaries.

Read the full article at www.tricare.mil/Walgreens/.

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Terry Howell
Before becoming the Managing Editor for Military.com, Terry served 20 years in the U.S. Coast Guard as an Aviation Electrician’s Mate and aircrewman. In his final role in the Coast Guard, Terry served as a Career Development Advisor, where he provided career, finance, education, and benefits counseling to servicemembers and their families. Since retiring from the Coast Guard, Terry has authored the book, The Military Advantage, managed the content for TurboTap, the DoD's online transition program and VAforVets, the VA's transition assistance website. Terry earned both his Bachelor's and MBA at Corban University using Military Tuition Assistance and his GI Bill benefits to help cover the cost.
  • chief usn ret

    That is just great. Walgreen’s is the only 24 hour pharmacy in town. If you get out of the ER or your mediquick clinic late. Forget it. Better get a few free samples, cause you have to wait until the next day to get your script filled.

    • I faced the same thing here in Wichita KS. I made a trip to the ER, got to my normal pharmacy which was already closed. Walgreens is the only 24 hr pharmacy in town, much to my disbelief they told me I could pay full price for the mess or go without. Thanks Tricare for thinking about the end user, the Soldier, Sailor, Airman or Marines,,,,,

      COL B.

  • ATCS Ret

    Tricare could care less about us.

    • Shea

      Tricare didn’t drop Walgreens because they didn’t care about the military. They dropped them because Walgreens was wanting to charge them double the money for scripts. Say they were getting a $3.00 script, Walgreens was trying to charge them $6.00. That is why they no longer have a partnership. People please get your facts straight before you start judging TriCare. They are the best insurance out there.

      • JAK

        So as ACTS somewhat stated, are we ‘military’ folk not worth $6.00. Is there not enough in the Federal budget for us to be worth $3 extra dollars?

        • dan

          I guess not. We have a very large deficeit.

      • Indy

        TRICARE is paying less than Medicare pays for patients. It’s not the best out there. It’s the only choice we have.

    • Dulcenegrital

      I agree ! They real are sorry ! And provide poor customer service , the military needs to find a provider that cares ,

  • EMC USN (ret)

    This is really disgusting! I left Walgreen’s under protest and just when I think I can get back to a reliable, accessable pharmacy Tri-Careless pulls this. Tri-care Management certainly doesn’t seem to CARE about the retirees, Reservists and AcDu that make up their clientele. I, like a lot of other retirees, do not live within close proximity to a military establishment with medical facilities so I am held hostage to the “efficient management” of my medical needs by Administrators whose only concern is for the bottom line. Thanks again Tri-Care. EMC USN (ret)

    • Tbone

      Be glad your TriCare and NOT Obama Care…

      • oh boy

        That was a stupid statement.

    • SSgt Marine Retired

      We don’t live close to a military base either, but are thankful to be able to drive there every three months to receive hundreds of dollars of meds that would cost us a fortune anywhere else….AND IT IS FREE! How fortunate that we are.

      • Trica

        If your retired you have a choice to cancel Tricare, and pay higher prices. I love tricare. But we don’t have to use lots of drugs unless we are sick. My husband is retired and we choose tricare because of the affordable coverage for families. Like I said you can decline it. They don’t force you to keep it : /

      • Tricia

        If your retired you have a choice to cancel Tricare, and pay higher prices. I love tricare. But we don’t have to use lots of drugs unless we are sick. My husband is retired and we choose tricare because of the affordable coverage for families. Like I said you can decline it. They don’t force you to keep it : /

      • Tricia

        If your retired you have a choice to cancel Tricare, and pay higher prices. I love tricare. But we don’t have to use lots of drugs unless we are sick. My husband is retired and we choose tricare because of the affordable coverage for families. Like I said you can decline it. They don’t force you to keep it.

    • Steven

      My girlfriend uses CVS pharmacy and if you have the right numbers, I think there are three different ones, then CVS will handle it. Just trying to help.

  • RRamirez

    This is very sad Walgreen’s is the best in our area and I was hoping we would be able to rely on good judgment to get them back as a provider.

  • BOB


    • Steve

      Easy Bob…. Do a little research and life will get better !!!

  • malabarrob

    guess everyone forgot that walgreens chose not to meet tricare prices. thanks tricare for keeping the prices down. walgreens has lost my business since they chose not to renew. now i spend money on extra drug store items at cvs.

    • Irene Covington

      I believe you better check that out. My Walgreens said they were squeezed out.

  • Tom

    If you don’t like Tricare, go buy your own private insurance policy… And please learn that all capitals do not impress…

    • Gator


  • Fighting mad

    Businesses disagree all the time. There was an effort on both sides to come to an amicable agreement. And they did or we thought. Is Walgreens being punished? Please tell me that TriCare is not being small-minded and forgetting about the consumer. Perhaps we need to become our own activists and contact our elected representatives.

  • loveo12

    try rite aid drugs or target drugs for med’s

  • Gary

    TRICARE stinks. We have no 24 hour pharmacies if you need one. We left Walgreens in protest. The other pharmacies in our small town, which are accepted by TRICARE, are terrible. TRICARE has no idea what it is like to try and get medical care and medications in a small country town. Express-Scripts can’t even fill our prescriptions because of their being unable keep medications on-hand.

    • Steve

      Really? Most pharmacies are open between 9a.m and 7p.m…… are you telling me you can’t find time in a 10 hour day to go fill a prescription??? I live in a small country town and our local pharmacies are “GREAT”! I’ve yet to find a town, small or large, that doesn’t have at least one Wal-Mart within 20 miles!!! As far as Express-Script’s is concerned… I have found none better!! It sounds to me like you are a bitter old fart and just want something to bitch about !! As far as your comment regarding Tricare…. You are way off base!!! They are second to “NONE”!! Get a life and get over it !!

      • guest

        Steve, sometimes people need Rxs filled during the middle of the night. A pharmacy open only 10 hours per day does not cut it. I live in a major city with a 24 hour Walgreens just a mile away, and my wife and I have had to have RXs filled in the middle of the night on a couple of occasions. Your resorting to namecalling is totally uncalled for.

        • jaynice
  • Karen

    I quit using our Walgreens when I went 4 times to pick up a prescription they called me to tell me was ready and when I got there they did not have it ready. It also posted on the marquee prescriptions ready in 15 minutes. NOT!

  • Murph

    Why am I not surprised that some civilian in DC is trying to get even with Walgreens at our expense. Col. USAF Retired

  • Lorna Brown

    I have to agree with Tom, if you don’t like Tricare, go buy private insurance and see how much that will cost you and see if you can get free drugs from them.
    Because believe me when I say I don’t care where I have to go to get my drugs when I don’t have to pay anything for them. Infact I am much better off using the mail order serivce.

  • P.M. Oxford

    First, thanks for TRICARE!

    But, the service and competence of our local Walmart Pharmacy is awful! In addition, we have no 24 hour pharmacy. Please consider the needs of the retirees and rethink this decision.

  • Nick 1sg USA (Ret)

    Unfortunately the medical care we were promised when we joined is not what we are getting today. Politicians and others who are more interested in power and money have watered it down to meet their own selfish needs. In fact Senator John McCain continues to make recommendations and vote for legislation that further reduces benefits for both active and retired military. The bottom line is that we soldier on as we always have. Remember we’re still the best that America has to offer and far and away the best in the world!

  • Axman

    Used Walgreens for Tricare for years without a problem. Was put out when Walgreens was no longer part of the deal. Switched to the pharmacy at the local Safeway store. Great service, professional pharmacist and close proximity to home. Not sure what the politics were and don’t care. Everything in DC is a joke.

  • GCSC

    I love Walgreens. The Walmart in my town is so crowded you have to stand in long lines at the prescription counter. The CVS is incompetent. I went to CVS and dropped off my prescription and told the pharmacy tech I would be shopping in the store and would check back in 15 minutes. I shopped for 30 minutes and went back to get my prescription (a narcotic pain killer) and she accused me of already picking it up. She grabbed the log and asked who Travis Davis?? was and I said I did not know. After much going back and forth, I heard her on the phone calling this guy to ask if he had just picked up a prescription. He replied “Yes”. They gave him MY prescription. The pharmacist realized what happened and waived my $3.10 charge but not once did the one who was accusing me apologize to me. I can’t stand CVS in my town. Walgreens was the only competent pharmacy around and now they are gone. It’s a shame but I agree with the earlier post…the cost is right!

  • charyl

    I HATE tri-care and would gladly find another company if tri-care wasn’t forced onto us. Think about it WE DO PAY for it, its not free we just don’t see the money added and then removed from our LES. I live 45 minutes from base, and all I’ve got is Wallgreens and Smiths. Smiths closes at 7pm! On a ER trip I had to pay $200 out of pocket for my child’s pain meds and tri- care didn’t give a hoot. I was told I should have waited! Tell that to a six year old doubled up in pain and vomiting.

  • GSP

    As everyone else is saying – I have no 24 hour pharmacy within 50 miles. I have no idea where we will go if we need meds on a saturday night at 2am… And Wally World – their pharmacy has the wackiest hours. Hate it…

  • Tricia

    Just be thankful u have insurance. You could be paying civilian prices for your health care, which is outrageous. We have had both and prefer to pay tricare prices for medical care. We wouldn’t trade tricare for a pharmacy that chooses not to back our military. I have never liked walgreens. They have horrible customer service exapecially when you say tricare is your insurance. They are never friendly. Look on the bright side at least you have cheaper insurance cost.

  • Charles Peebles

    I have Other Health Insurance (OHI) , which make OHI the first provider. Most of my meds are mail order from MEDCO, which is now the same as Express Scripts. they refuse to process claims for CO-Pays directly to Express Scripts like retail pharmacies do. I still have to go through the bureaucratic process of filing a TriCare claim with Express Scripts. Utterly ridiculous since Express Scripts is causing itself more more work..

  • c scag

    Tricare works for me. and it is a life saver. Walgreen decided to end the agreement not tricare. I will never step foot in a walgreens again.

    • koj

      How can all these negative people be so sure that it was Walgreen’s fault that their Contract was not renewed? From what I read at the time, it was Express Scripts that refused to renew the Contract for the same price as the Contract had been for the previous 3 years. And everyone knows that med prices have certainly gone up, along with employee costs & Utilities. The same cost as the previous 3 years seems reasonable to me. kj

    • Armywife

      It wasn’t Walgreens or TriCare it was Express Script. Seems they are trying to monopolize by pushing us to use their mail services or only pharmacies that will pay the extra profit to them. Walgreens offered to lower prices to match any other pharmacy and if they came out ahead at the quarterly review then they would give reinbursment. Walgreens offered to keep TriCare(active duty, ret, vet) beneficiaries at lowest cost, but because that did not include the rest of Express Scripts customagree middle ground wouldn’t be reached, even though WG would still provided equal cost to those customers of ES that were not DOD. For those that are stuck with CVS or walmart this is a horrible situation. CVS/Longs never seems to know what the right hand from left is doing and well Walmart lol they are just walmart. TriCare wasn’t a participant in negotiations, but Tricare is an Awsome provider, just wish they would lose Express Scripts. Sheesh sorry so long.

    • Linda C

      I agree with you, Walgreen’s are the ones who decided to leave Tricare. Their commercial said they provided prescriptions to returning military members during World War II, so why aren’t they supporting the military family now? They should pull their advertisement or not mention the military at all because it doesn’t support us now.

  • Leon

    No decision will make everyone happy. I’m glad I have Tricare and so far I haven’t had any problems except some screw ups at Walgreens prior to them losing the contract. If Walgreens didn’t want to play ball, that was their decision but it sure did make life difficult for many people. Fortunately, we live about 30 minutes from Luke AFB in Phoenix. We love Luke and wouldn’t leave the area because of their great medical care and pharmacy. We are very glad Luke will be around for another 25 years!

  • Ret chief

    I have rarely seen a Walgreens when there wasn’t a CVS right across the street. CVS is in the Tricare network. Probably not going to make any difference by the time Obama finishes with us

    • Ret Navy wife

      Often it is the only pharmacy in town. You must live in a city. A 20 mile drive to pick up a needed Rx can be very difficult when you are really sick.

    • volvo756

      I agree seems like we have both on almost ever corner here. Not sure what the President has to do with Walgreens cancelling the contract.

  • Dennis

    Sure seems to be a lot of cry babies out there. Life is tough and people fortunate enough to have tricare or the military to insure them should be happy. Some don’t have insurance and for others it is a big expense to the monthly budget. It ain’t like Walgreens is the only store in town.

    • J. Delaney

      To ghose that have no thoughts other than themselves. … Walgreens have great locations and more important Handicap parking. Once a van is able to discharge a wheelchait the access doors are easy to negotiate. Where we are now relegated the handicapped parking is 600 feet from the door. The doors are swing and cause huge consternation. Once inside one must negotiate narrow isles to a counter that is NOT accessable to the patient. So, big mouth, cry babies like you need to spend a few weeks ( not even a life time ) in a wheelchair and see how loud YOU cry.

    • Valincia

      I agree wholeheartedly with you!

  • sunny

    It’s a money decision. Over 50% of TRICARE total expenses go for meds. There hasn’t been all that much clamoring about the loss of Walgreen as a provider of meds. TRICARE assumes that beneficiaries have found another outlet or, best of all, have switched to mail order. Mail order is, by a big margin, the cheapest way to provide meds.

    Therefore, don’t plan on Walgreen getting approved again ……… unless, of course, a politician gets involved.

    • Jim

      My expearance with Walgreens has always been positive with the best service in the market.Two yrs ago,I was very sick and was unable to walk the 100 yards to the store to pick-up my meds.The pharmacy staff delivered my Meds to my door.I find CVS a cold service Pharmacy that really doesn’t care if I use their service or not.The CVS Store is 4 Miles away.And difficult for me to drive with Neuropthy of both feet.I pray for the day I can go back to Walgreens.

  • Harvey Jones

    Express Scripts is the slowest pharmacy around and the hassle is horrendous. They make decisions that only your doctor is supposed to make and then it takes all kinds of red tape to even get what they want to send you. I have been with Walgreens since 1953 and have found them to be fantastic to work with. They kept me advised on the Express Scripts dealings all along, but why did Tricare even talk to them again if they were going to back out of any deal worked out? Take a look everyone, the government is Express Scripts and they’re buying out all the other pharmacy networks, one at a time. Medco just went. We’re in for a big downfall if the government doesn’t change in November.

  • Pappy

    I have and will miss Wagreens. I was forced to move to CVS for my icidentail meds. The CVS in Franklin TN are run down, crowded and have poor customer service. I do use Express Scritp fro my montly meds but am no happy about this lastest developement.

    • Forest

      Krogers is available also. The one’s in Clarksville are quite friendly and courteous

  • MDBrooks

    I guess I’m fortunate as my wife and I are able to afford to keep my ins after I retired from the USPS, so Tricare is our secondary. I don’t know who was at fault in the dispute, but I do have less trust in what the government position is. We have used Walgreens as long as I can remember and they have always been good to us. They always looked to see which ins paid more towards our prescriptions and advised us accordingly. So we have stuck with them.

  • Vern Spohn

    I had used Walgreens as a Tricare provider for many years with impeccable service. Prompt, accurate and friendly. Upon termination of the Walgreens-Express Scripts contract I switched to CVS. What a disaster. In the 6 months I was with CVS they NEVER got my prescription billing correct and also made errors in the prescription itself. I finally had to switch to Fry’s who gives adequate service, but not nearly as good as Walgreens. I guess egos on both sides will prevent the consumer from getting the best product.

  • Pat Schaefer

    I, too, have been forced to leave a 24 hour pharmacy available at a local Walgreen’s. I now use a less efficient and less available CVS pharmacy across the street from the Walgreen’s. . I wish that Express Scripts, or Tricare Management Activity (whatever that is) would explain how and why Walgreen’s is not worthy of continued network participation. I would also like to know what inside information led to the large number of new CVS stores the year before giving Walgreen’s the boot.

    • Nadine

      If I am correct, it was Walgreen’s that made changes that no longer were in line with Tricare. I believe the problem was they wanted more money than Tricare was willing to pay; thus they were dropped. Don’t blame Tricare for this

  • Sam

    This sucks. Walgreens is the only pharmacy I can get my monthly injections from. Thank God I have other coverage that pays for the majority of it.

  • azelea

    I hate Express Scripts. Even though we have been in the catastrophic category everYyear about late Dec or early January (Active duty standard), Express Script continues to charge co-pays on a random basis over the rest of the year. Mostly they don’ but suddenly in July they say we have to do a copay, then again no copay. Erc. This last week, I went to CVS and tried to fill a prescription. Express Scripts denied it. I paid slightly over 80 dollars for it and now am filing a claim. Why? It was a medication for a true medical condition prescribed by a physician. I had the same type of medication filled about a year and a half ago for the same condition. It isn’t even a questionable condition- it has been well known for centuries. I will be contacting my congressman about the inefficiencies of Express Scripts. I will never change to them for mail order since they are so entirely incompetent.

  • HeywoodJ

    Again, the lowest bidder prevails. The CVS we use is not as good as the Walgreen’s directly across the street, we haven’t encountered problems .. yet. Better start embracing obummer care now, this that you see & experiance is the future of our healthcare. or he simply can be elected out and no more obummer care.

    • Art

      It’s not the “lowest bidder” but refusal to accept what the government will pay. Walgreens saw TRICARE as another Cash Cow, like Medicare, but that isn’t the way it happened. Walgreens is more concerned with bonuses for the management than with the health of the military family and retirees.

    • P. Williams

      What does Obamacare have to do with Tricare and Walgreens?

      • J Sheldon

        Obamacare is the future of the health care, you think that you’re limited right now, wait until doctors refuse to take Medicare because they don’t want accept the meager pay that the govt is offering for their services. You’re going to see less and less providers to treat the same amount of people, hurry up and wait. You’ll be lucky if you get to see a specialist. Look at Canada, if you have a problem that requires a specialist, you’ll wait months and months just to get an appointment.

    • Reality

      Your an idiot! Stop hateing the President and deal with the issue at hand. they left walgreens to better take care of military, look into the facts and stop pointing your finger……..

  • John McLaughlin

    I have problems with Express Scripts when I file for reimbursent, as the are my secondary provider. It takes three or four long calls to get things straight or almost straight. On the same statement, they will refund my co pays from my primary, and then suddenly show nothing due on other meds. This is all on the same statement. Again, after what I feel is beating a dead horse, they submit my claim again and eventualy I get most of what is due me. The last two claims woud have shorted me $500, if I didn’t stand my ground and insist they screwed up.

    • Art

      More often than not it is an error in the codes you or your provider use to file your claim. Insurance has certain codes that they use and they balk at any “non standard” codes. Next time you call them, be nice and ask which codes you must use to prevent the problem from recurring.

  • D. Drudge

    I am Retired, Army, have been using express Scripts for long term meds, had to switch to CVS, and we have three (3) in my hometown and they all suck , usually have to order Prescriptios ordered by family Doctor, poor customer service, please reconsider Walgreens, as getting required meds was no problem, and service was excellent

    • Art

      You misread, it is Walgreens who isn’t onboard. They want more money. You can still fill your prescriptions at Walgreens, you’ll just have to pay more. They put the bonuses for their management above the needs of the military families and retirees. Don’t want to deal with CVS then try Wal-Mart or just use Express Scripts. There are also a lot of small (Mom and Pop) pharmacies that also take TRICARE. As for service, I have never undergone the problems I had with Walgreens concerning truly generic drugs. They had an idiot pharmacist who couldn’t read the PDR and damned near killed me. I don’t miss Walgreens. Besides that, CVS has a “customer care” program where you get money off at the register AND extra coupons.

      • Drudge

        Have tried Wally world, and they are almost as bad, we spend winters in TX, try and deal with an influx of over 300,000 people then, you also mis read I said I use express scripts or long term meds, thanks for your input, who doesn’t”t want more money in today’s world

    • ulla

      i never had a better pharmacy then walgreens.That shows us that we retirees dont count anymore.I switched pharmacy twice already and now have to drive to walmart and have a walgreens on the corner.Walmart sucks and the others too.Shame on you guys.Get back to walgreens

  • Dulcenegrital

    I went to the Walgreen in Mesa Az , to ask questions regrading Tricare and the clerk was so rude , that they don’t have to worry, I will never go back to any Walgreen i. Why do we military have Togo through so many changes to get what belongs to us ……………

  • Old crew dog

    I must be the odd man out. I have never had any trouble with TRICARE either at my local pharmacy or through mail order unless the prescribing physician made an error. Currently we use express scripts with no issues at all. My wife is diabetic & her insulin and other meds she receives (in the mail) on a continuing basis are always on track. As others have posted, go buy private health insurance in you think TRICARE is so bad. My neighbor pays about $1200 per MONTH to cover his family. I am retired with 29 yrs service. I view my military healthcare as an earned benefit, not an entitlement. Is TRICARE perfect? No, but it’s a helluva lot better than some folks have.

  • Nanci

    I never cared for Walgreens…they always hassled me. No problems at my CVS. We mostly use mail order Express Scripts as it saves us over 66% on the cost of prescriptions.

  • William Shultz

    It don’t mean nuttin’ Walgreen’s outfoxed themselves by holding out for more money….I’m happy that DOD is not going to re-approve them as a provider.. Tricare/Express Scripts works great for me. I live in small town Texas and when Walgreen’s went down I switched my meds to a small local drugstore and have excellent service. I really like the mail order aspect of Express Scripts. They take care of things with no problems for me. I only get local drugs when it is for a one time “Need It Now” type thing like an antibiotic or something like that….But this is my story. Other folks have other stories.

  • J. Doucette

    They need to let CVS go!

    • Art

      And then where will the service families go?
      CVS has agreed to take the price TRICARE agrees to, as have a number of other pharmacies. CVS provides a cross-country store so we (retirees) and the families of current service personnel can continue to use the same group from coast to coast.
      TRICARE didn’t let Walgreen go, Walgreen wanted more money. They wanted TRICARE to be as big a CASH COW as Medicare is, but it is better managed, so far.

      • Diana

        Art, do you work for CVS???? All I see you doing on here is relentless defending CVS and bashing Walgreen’s, attacking the personal experiences of others while offering none of your own. I, too, have had HORRIBLE experiences with CVS!!! TERRIBLY inefficient, in EVERY state I’ve ever used them. WILL NOT fill a prescription while I wait, make me wait a MINIMUM of three hours PERIOD. Walgreen’s would ALWAYS fill a prescription while I waited if I needed it, Walgreen’s had express pay, CVS offers no such thing, I never had to sign a log sheet EVER to get a prescription at Walgreen’s, every Walgreen’s I ever used in four states from east coast to west had better more accessible hours, and it’s BS that I had to abandon 15 years of medical history on file with Walgreen’s to move to CVS, not to mention that Walgreen’s had every prescription I EVER needed IN STOCK and CVS has had to special order my SAME RX for MONTHS IN A ROW. When you know I come in every month for the same thing, why do I always have to special order it??? Oh yeah, and why did Walgreen’s have no problem filling the exact same medicines 2-3 days prior to the 30 day mark for 15 years, but CVS can’t???? Don’t tell me it has anything to do with Tricare because I was using Tricare at both places!!! CVS SUCKS!!!!

  • Len

    As a former pharmacy tech, I can tell you that CVS is the most inefficient pharmacy in the entire world. And talk about rude, I have watched them fill a half dozen phoned in prescriptions for people who aren’t there yet while ignoring another half dozen customers that are standing at their counter. And don’t even bother to ask a question of the pharmacist. If they will even take time to talk to you their answers are rushed and leave me with no confidence that they know what they are talking about. It’s more like they are just trying to get rid of me. Wlagreens has always acting professionally and efficiently. I wish Tricare would reconsider. It’s not always best to go with the low bidder.

    • Art

      It’s not up to TRICARE, it’s Walgreens’ GREED that is the problem–they want more money. They hoped TRICARE would be a CASH COW but it is not, and with Obamacare starting to loom over the horizon, they are unwilling to get into an agreement where they might not ensure bonuses for upper management, who has been put above the health of the families of the brave men and women who serve in the military.

  • Chuck Rushing

    I am 84 and had been using Walgreens because they have a drive through. No other pharmacy in Santa Barbara has one. I am disabled. Try to get back tgo Walgreen s.

  • bZPHU

    CVS does suck. I tried them once for a 90 day med that TriCare charges $25.00 for.. Good ole CVS charged me $75.00. As they say it is only $25.00 for each 30 day supply. Back to Express on line. BEWARE of CVS.

  • t fab.

    Walgreens worked for me also, but switched to Walmart Pharmacy with no hassels.

  • Becky

    I have missed Walgreens. I travel alot and I can get my Scripts anywhere with no hassels with Walgreens. I switched to Krogers and they are rude and have messed up two simple prescriptions I get more than I can tell you. They also give me a hard time everytime I go to get my Thyroid filled. You would think it were a narcodic! I have had to do without while they get it right because I can not fill it one day early! Go figure. I can not do mail order because our mail is not reliable! And the Post office looks through my magazines for several days before delivering them, sends my mail to another address…it is a joke. WHY would I trust them with my RXs?

  • Retired

    Once again, it comes down to politics and big business, not the people that are supposed to be served. NEVER had conflict with Walgreen’s and personnel were the best. Had to go Kroger as my only other available local option and right off the bat nothing was acceptable. Everything they said was a direct contradiction of what is supposedly policy with Tricare/Express-Scripts. For once, someone think of the customer and bring Walgreen’s back – PLEASE!!!

  • Dare, Retired AF

    In Waah State Walgreens is head and shoulders above Rite Aid drug stores, that “won” the contract, and box stores with dispensaries for meds. This is a case of Express Scripts money grabbing, rather than providing the servie that they signed a contract to provide.

    We need a new contractor if Express Scripts does business like Waah, DC politicians.

  • Valerie

    I hated when Walgreens left and Express Scripts had us going to other sources. Walgreens was spot on with service and caring with customers. They often went above and beyond required service. They came to the rescue once when my husband was out of town and had forgotten his medicine behind. They were able to cover his meds for a 4 day period so he could take his heart meds. We want Walgreens BACK!!

  • Bob

    BRING WALGREEN’S BACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The Walgreens that is located only 1 mile from my home is the best. No one could ask for a more professional staff. Now I have to drive 8 miles one way just to be greated byy a staff that could give 3 shits less if I get my scrips or even if they are the right scrip. I am retired military and here we go again, the retiree gets SCREWED again. THe young people that are considering entering the armed forces today I tell them to consider all things…I give them a run down on the medical treatment, getting scrips filled and the overall treatment retirees (3rd class citizen) get in different facilities on the installation. When I try to get my meds online I wind up going to the pharamcy and fighting with those clowns. It is a big joke at Ft Knox.

  • Peter P.

    Let me just echo the sentiments of many of my peers on this. BRING BACK WALGREENS into the system. My family and I , too, were much more satisfied when we were dealing with them. PLEASE LISTEN TO US – THE PEOPLE YOU ARE SUPPOSED TO BE SERVING!!!

  • MEO

    I love Tricare for Life and mail-order pharmacy. My experience with CVS was bad!! Walgreens was always good and I hope they come back !!

    • r gant

      AMEN. Walgreens rocks!

    • Pastorjuanita

      Me also! Please!


    Bring back Walgreens!!! Out here in BFE it is either Walgreens or Wally World. Need I say more?

  • Jwil6

    I agree that we should being back Walgreen – I feel that Tricare just don’t care about their vets. They think that we are OK with mail order but forgot that most of us like to interact with a human.

  • William Boots

    I vote the military discontinue its contract with Tricare!!!!!

    • James

      I agree that we should investigate if there is more going on with Tricare and Express Scripts that they do not want us to used Walgreens. Walgreens provide the Best CS then the other providers. What is Really Going ON Here!!!! We should have a say in this matter.

    • Betty

      I agree. I have been having trouble for 3 weeks trying to get meds. They sent the meds which were lost for a week, found and delivered to me in an opened package. There is no safety seal so needless to say they are worthless. Now getting them replaced is a nightmare. I would prefer to get them locally. Our military men and women earned us this right. I believe we are suppose to be a free country with the right to choose our own pharmacy.

  • Toni Graham

    I had a Rx for Cipro–it took me going back THREE DAYS in a row before RiteAid could fill the Rx. I had to take it for a medical procedure and went to RiteAid in advance to avoid being late. I have never had any issues with Walgreen’s. Isn’t it time Tricare to the users into consideration?

    • James

      Yes we should tried to have Tricare put Walgreen back into the theor system. They provide the best service and you can review your file online and even interact with them.

  • Sam

    Seems odd that tri-care would use express scripts to manage these transaction, yet favor some of ES partners over one in particular. Doesn’t seem to follow normal process of government outsourcing? I definitely could be wrong.

    • James

      Something just don’t seen right here. Why would Tricare optout of Walgreen excellent service and customer support. “Things that make you go HUMMMMMM”

    • Christy

      Express Scripts is owned by CVS

      • Sam

        Was that a serious statement? ES owned by CVS?

      • Jwil

        Something is not right !!!

  • yennek

    Due to always late approperatons bills, My military pharmacy has to go to 30 day max supply on prescriions instead of 90 days for long term medications. This means the pharmacy must fill a prescription 12 times instead of four times each year if continued. We are told that military pharmacies are the most economical way of filling a prescription but the individual military pharmacies don’t want you because you are a drain on their budget. They do everything to fource you to use Express Scripts. Here’s the problem. No one in his right mind would fill prescriptions on a 30 day max copay when they can get a 90 day max at Express Scripts for the same price. Now the powers that be have decided to raise the copays at the local pharmacies to force you to E.S.
    When you have a problem needing an immediate medicine such as an antibiotic, you can’t wait the 15 days to get it from E.S. You have to use the locals. There is talk now of raising the locals to $25 or more. This is a scam.
    My long term prescriptions will always go to E.S. There is no justification for charging such a high co pay for an immediately needed prescripton. The idiots are hard at work in Washington.

  • Phillip

    While we have long been Walgreen customers I have found Rite-Aid to be very receptive to Tri-Care and e-press script vets. I will not return to Walgreens since they were very rude when I went to get a script filled and presented my military I.D.
    * Walgreens current ad campaign touts Mr. Walgreen a providing vets with scripts when he founded the company They are misleading us now by not accepting express scripts from Tri-Care

  • Jerry

    I am waiting to go back to Walgreens because CVS is totally out of touch with customer service. They knew this was coming when express scripts went away from walgreens but they never got themmselves prepared. Please bring Walgreens back.

  • EGB

    This stupid and uncaring move by Tricare leaves our entire area with zero 24 hour pharmacies. I guess when you are supposed to ask to get admitted to the hospital until morning so you can get drugs there? Agree that mail pharmacy is cheaper and they do a good job, unless you need a RX filled after regular hours. No, they did not think about that, did they…..

    • EGB,

      Don’t get me wrong, but instead of blaming Tricare, why not ask yourself how did you run out of drugs in the first place?????

  • Jwilson

    It all about the money and not about the individual – Seen like they could care less.

    • Irene Covington

      My walgreens says we can use them .

      • James

        You can but if you are on Tricare For Life (TCFL) or active duty Express Script will not authorized your payment.

  • Dennis Spain

    I agree, the military needs to immediately sever ties with Walgreens. It’s unheard for a corporation not to support our men and women of the armed forces.