TRICARE Enrollment Fee Increases for FY2013


The fiscal year 2013 TRICARE Prime enrollment fees for uniformed service retirees and their families go into effect Oct. 1, 2012. The Prime enrollment fees for 2013 are $269.28 for retirees, and $538.56 for retirees and their family members.

Survivors of active duty deceased sponsors and uniformed services medically retired service members and their dependents are exempt from annual fee increases. Their enrollment fee is frozen at the rate in effect when they were classified and enrolled in TRICARE Prime. Their fee remains frozen as long as there is no break in their TRICARE Prime enrollment.

As always, active duty service members and their families have access to TRICARE Prime with no enrollment fee.

The 2013 fees are based on the cost of living adjustment retirees received in 2012. The adjustment was applied to the $260 (individual) and $520 (family) 2012 Prime enrollment fees. Because of this, most retirees who were enrolled in Prime prior to Oct. 1, 2011, will see a more significant increase since their enrollment fee remained at the 2011-levels of $230 and $460 per year.

Beneficiaries can opt to pay their enrollment fee monthly, quarterly or annually. Before deciding to pay annually, beneficiaries should keep in mind that in most cases enrollment fees are non-refundable, and Congressional changes to fees in the 2013 budget could occur.  For this reason, it’s recommended that beneficiaries pay their enrollment fee monthly or quarterly. To learn more about TRICARE Prime enrollment fees, please visit

About the Author

Terry Howell
Before becoming the Managing Editor for, Terry served 20 years in the U.S. Coast Guard as an Aviation Electrician’s Mate and aircrewman. In his final role in the Coast Guard, Terry served as a Career Development Advisor, where he provided career, finance, education, and benefits counseling to servicemembers and their families. Since retiring from the Coast Guard, Terry has authored the book, The Military Advantage, managed the content for TurboTap, the DoD's online transition program and VAforVets, the VA's transition assistance website. Terry earned both his Bachelor's and MBA at Corban University using Military Tuition Assistance and his GI Bill benefits to help cover the cost.
  • R. Keefe

    Thank You very much for the reduction in retirement PAY.

    I guess the statement “Your COLA will HELP prevent loss of buying power from price increases” Is No Longer is relevant. This looks like a 17.08% increase to me. MUCH larger than than the NO COLA year increases and the last how many years?

    Now I can afford that DIET I should be on because I will have less money to spend on those unnecessary treats.

    Again THANK YOU for the reduction in pay and benifits. I will be looking forward to the next round of RETIREE PAY reducing acts your wonderful minds can create. Thank you for your service, OH WAIT! Most of you did not serve in the military so you do not understand the lost family time, 24/7 job requirements WITHOUT OVERTIME PAY, (same pay, same benifits, nothing extra except longer hours away from family, oh and some of us lost family because of those requirements.) that reduced my hourly pay to less that most servers get paid before TIPS.

    • P. WHITE

      I entered the Navy in 1967 with Medical for life if I stayes 20 or more years. Retired in 1990. TriCare Prime cost me 115 quarterly for Spouce and Myself……..115 QUARTERLY, NOT FREE…..But here is the kicker, Spouce and I turned 65 recently and now draw Social Security (Paid into many long years). In order to keep Tricare even as a secondary, we were required to take Medicare Part B………at a quarterly cost of $600.00…A jump of $485.00 quarterly…..Something not adding up as was told when enlisting back in 1967, PLUS now that we are in the “GOLDEN YEARS” we have even more we must pay to keep what benifits we were asured of we would have in the retirement years….. SAD to say the least !

    • AME 1 (AW) retired

      So let me get this straight, you’re basing the increase on 2012 COLA increase? Meaning you’re essentially taking BACK what you gave while costs of living are still increasing? Nice. Way to thank your countries defenders.

  • C. Gerard

    The article says the increase is based on the COLA we received in 2012. We have not received a COLA in two years. Something does not add up here.

  • A. Farrar

    I jolined the Navy in 1966 and did a total of 23 years of service, if I had known then what I no now about how, about the lies that our goverment puts out about the Military take care of there own after retirement, I would have said hell no I am not going to give you 23 years of my life away from my family, Vet-Nam, and military service like P.WHITE said screwing up my golden years I would have said kiss my A@@!

    • retiree

      So in 1967 when CHAMPUS came around, you didn’t notice?

      If you want free healthcare, it’s still available in exactly the same fashion as it was in 1966 – space-available at the MTFs.

      Timeline for Military Health Care:
      – Space-A treatment at MTFs (free)

      CHAMPUS (1967)
      – Space-A treatment at MTFs (Free)
      – CHAMPUS (no premium, copay and deductible)

      TriCare (1994)
      – Space-A treatment at MTFs (Free)
      – Tricare Standard (no premium, copay and deductible)
      – Tricare Extra (similar to standard, some lower rates, as I understand it)
      – Tricare Prime (premium, extremely reduced copay in many cases, no deductible).

      Some pages of reference:

      And as has been pointed out, even with this increase, our healthcare costs (if you’re on Prime) is 1/10 that of the civilian side (to include Congress). Some of them pay as much as $1500-$2000/MONTH – not $540/year.

      • BMCCWOLT

        Apparently, many military retirees, like many other Amerians, don’t want to be bothered with facts. I consider that amount cheap compared to what my co-workers pay for their BCBS of North Carolina. About 200/400 a month. Everybody wants it for free, and don’t even talk about an increase. That is the best example of why this nation is in debt. This analogy can be used for every government program there is. 28 year military veteran retired.

        • BMCCWOLT,

          Yep, I’ve been retired since 1995, and find the cost of Tricare the most inexpensive health care plan I have ever found.

      • Butlerl

        Understand your point, but their cost can with their position. Our cost can with putting our lives on the line for our Country. They can quit their jobs at anytime, we can’t! We both signed a contact. if they break theirs, they can move on. If we break our (military member), we go to jail! But I see your point, NOT THE SAME!!!

        • retiree

          Care to provide a contract that shows free healthcare for life? Mine does not. We are getting exactly what we were promised. It appears many here did not pay attention for over 20 years to the real world. CHAMPUS and TriCare have never been free -that’s for the last 45 years they have not been free. Prior to that, the only healthcare the military provided to retirees was space-a in MTFs. And that’s still available.

    • Davenfely

      AMEN to that! The government is great at breaking promises.

    • A. Farrar,

      Speaking for myself, I am more than satisfied with my retirement benefits.

    • J. Bailey

      You’re right about that! I did just shy of 25, enlisting in ’79. They didn’t really screw with retirements until I was about half way to my minimal goal of 20. That’s when you could kind of see what was to possibly come. Now, because half of the country is a bunch of morons, you have had people like obama and reid in charge. They hate veterans and are trying to tear the country down economically.

      • J. Bailey,

        “You’re right about that! I did just shy of 25, enlisting in ’79. They didn’t really screw with retirements until I was about half way to my minimal goal of 20. That’s when you could kind of see what was to possibly come.”

        What changes?

        “Now, because half of the country is a bunch of morons, you have had people like obama and reid in charge. They hate veterans and are trying to tear the country down economically.”

        LMAO, so what has Democrats or Republicans done to show you they hate veterans? Please be specific.

      • retiree

        In 1979, retirees had a choice of space-A in MTFS (Free) or CHAMPUS (not free). Your entire career, no retiree got free CHAMPUS. Nor did they get free TriCare when that came into being in 1995. You’re complaining that something that has never been free amazingly isn’t free.

    • jay

      My thoughts exactly, I put 21 in the Army, and like the rest, used like a tube of tooth paste and cast aside. watching as the boobs in the white house slowly take away our hard earned benefits, vote accordingly in November and constantly write your elected officials, at least the ones you believe will listen.

    • 6888

      A Farrar I totally agree! USN with a few stops in Vietnam 68-88

    • p. stanton

      My pay was $76 a month until I started getting combat pay. Medical sounds like a good deal, but I consider prior payments as more than Making up the difference. I also think there should be some consideration to honor the contracts commitment and promises.

    • Richie V

      Totally agree. Lets not forget how those GM Union boys were told the same thing about pension & healthcare. Union leaders told Obama he has to honor that…so he did. Had to hook up his Union pals and cut from us to make ends meet. Yeah…gotta love the Unions for all they do. Just ask Hostess!

  • USN6888

    No worry, The Fed has our backs. However, they have to get the funds to take care of illegals, trains and bridges to no where, Solyndra ,top shelf wild parties, cover the cost of PAC’s and much more. The new trend is an at risk Military member on the cheap.

  • gene’o

    If they REALLY want save some BIG bucks. THEN REPEAL THE FORMER SPOUCE ACT!!!!! That has hurt and bankrupt more shipmates than anything else! Unless the former spouce can prove beyound a shadow of a doubt tha the really contributed and not hurt or ingored or other nasty things. I have no ideal how to pay this increase for me and my duaghter since the ex is stealing 46.2% for the duration. was 22 years 10 cruises 7 years at sea two wars 12 years overseas worth it. I’m beginning to have my doubts, but as long as I can get my meds on base for free I should be happy some of my meds are in excess of $400.00 a pop without insurance.

  • jmland

    To put this in perspective, while I will be paying $500 +/- a quarter for health insurance, my sister’s (civilian) family will be paying $1500/ MONTH for substantially less coverage (and higher deductibles and lower yearly limits) for her family.

    • retiree

      Actually, you’ll be paying $538.46/YEAR, so it’s an even better advantage.

      • Debbie

        I totally understand TRICARE is way cheaper than many (if not all) civilian insurance, but that’s not the point. Military members were PROMISED in their contracts, free healthcare for life. Yes, I know that’s an expensive benefit, but that is also a very attractive benefit to the military member and one that no doubt helped recruiters meet their quotas.

        • retiredhelopilot

          I retired last year after 20 years and don’t remember any promises of free health care for life. That’s absurd. Maybe this was a Vietnam-era benefit but it’s never going to happen now. Health care simply costs too much and if DoD offers free care for life it will never be able to afford anything else (guns, ships, airplanes, active duty pay, etc. — the stuff that will actually defend the country). TRICARE is still a great deal so please get over it. Ask your civilian buddies what they pay for insurance and you’ll feel lucky.

          • Doc USN

            I enlisted in 1967. and medical care was touted as a recrutment benifit, and yes I know it is a good deal. many things have changed over the years.

          • retiredhelopilot,

            The ‘free health care for life’ was and is a myth that’s been argued about for years. This case was settled back “on 2 June 2003, when the Supreme Court ended the debate – and the ruling was there was no promise.”


        • Debbie,

          “Military members were PROMISED in their contracts, free healthcare for life.”

          This is just not true, and is just a MYTH. “on 2 June 2003, the Supreme Court ended the debate – and the ruling was there was no promise.”

    • juan

      Well, I am sure glad it only went up this small amount. It certainly could have been a lot worst. Anybody who believed the government would provide retirees free health care for life, was living on another planet. Under the current economic conditions, it is truly amazing that the government isn’t making more drastic changes. But, I expect we will be hit much harder in the not to distant future. When the shit hits the giant fan, it gets spread out over a long distance.

    • P. Siegel

      And your point is???????

  • retiree

    The actual increase – ($538.46-520)/520 – works out to 3.55%. Since you get paid retirement monthly, and this is an annual cost, you still made money, not a reduction. Remember COLA is NOT a pay raise, it’s a cost of living adjustment, and CPI-W (what it’s based on) includes medical.

    • AF Ret

      Thank you for drinking the cool-aid. It is a 17% increase. But that is not the point. Once the government starts to increase the cost of something you better expect it to continue. Look down the road and you will see that retirement pay will not cover you premium and out of pocket expenses.

    • USN Ret 2001

      It’s 17% for those of us who were paying $460 a year. So they take another $6.54 a month for medical; and how much is Dental going to go up this year? And why is the dental premium so high when they actually cover so little?

    • Wade Chanrock

      So what about the years we did not get cola and how convenient to omit the fact that free health care was promised and then changed. Do some math on that to justify your statements. One thing was promised and another was delivered. That is a breach of contract and your fancy smancy numbers can not explain this away.

  • snidely731

    Just another rug jerked out from under the feet of retirees by the politicians we elected. As far as I am concerned, the retirement medical benefits that I EARNED and ALREADY PAID FOR through my sacrifce while I served on active duty and as a reservist (over 26 years total) are part of a contract that I signed when I enlisted and re-enlisted over the years. I held up my end of the log and performed my duties as directed/when directed. During those periods of enlistment I sacrificed my family life and the military service ultimately cost me my marriage as well. I HAVE ALREADY PAID MY DUES, and I deeply

  • snidely 731

    continued….by snidely731
    resent being lied to and having the terms of the enlistment contract unilaterally changed by a bunch of gutless, non-serving, liberal (in the majority), political puppets in congress. As far as I am concerned the actions of the politicians, bureaucrats and their various appointees and minions are nothing more than TREASON. No matter what the costs are for insurance in the private sector, no matter what other expenses and obligations our government may have incurred or developed, it is WRONG to change the terms of the contracts for services (services already performed by me and countless other military retirees) that included medical benefits for life at a specific, identified, cost at the time of our various retirements. The fact that we have not received COLAs for the past several years just adds salt to the wounds. This increase in fees is wrong, the people who agreed to it and those who will implement it are nothing more than thieves. At a minimum they deserve to lose their jobs.

    • snidely,

      No where in our ENLISTMENT CONTRACT’s were we promised “FREE HEALTH CARE FOR LIFE”.

      • James L.

        I beg to differ! I joined in 1978, and free healthcare for life WAS promised.

        • James L.

          I joined in 1969, and “free health care for life” wasn’t in my Contract or anyone else’s that ever joined or was drafted into the service. That’s a myth and the case was lost 2003 when the Supreme Court refused to hear the appeal.

          James, back in 1978 we were under CHAMPUS which started in (1967). The only free care has always been and is still the same to this day, is if there is ‘space avalibility’ at a Military Hospital.

  • fccbob

    I’m having a hard time screaming bloody murder about this since it’s still about 1/6th the cost of taking worse insurance through my employer.

    Anyone who did 20 years and didn’t figure out the government can change the terms when they wish didn’t pay attention during those 20 years.

    • Wade

      And you are sticking your head in the sand and refusing to stand up to tyranny which is pretty much what is going on in America…around us

      • 30+yrs

        Didn’t pay attention huh Wade?

      • Wade,

        Ok, so my $19.17 bucks per month is going to jump by $3.28 per month or from $230.00 to $269.28 yearly. Surely your life didn’t begin and end with military service. I mean, what happen to your career after the military?

        • michelle

          The real problem is that you and most people here take the route of comparing our health care to civilian health care. What happened prior to and following military service is irrelevant. What happened during military service is what is relevant. Benefits are based on the services provided, not what may or may not have happened in the following years.

          • retiree

            And these benefits are based on service provided. CHAMPUS and TriCare have NEVER been free.

            NDAA 2012

            “Title VII – Health Care Provisions
            Subtitle A – Improvements to Health Benefits
            Section 701 –
            Expresses the sense of Congress that: (1) career military personnel and their families endure unique and extraordinary demands and make extraordinary sacrifices over the course of a 20-30 year career, and (2) those decades of sacrifice constitute a significant pre-paid premium for health care during a career member’s retirement that is over and above what the member pays with money. Limits, beginning with FY2012, the increase in the annual DOD patient enrollment fees to the percentage by which retired pay is increased.”

            This is in line with NDAA 2012 – let’s keep reminding them of that. HASC and SASC have voted to turn down the latest proposed increase, let’s ensure Congress sticks with NDAA 2012.

          • michelle,

            LMAO, having served as long as I did, I surely don’t need to be counselled on how I should feel about this.

    • P. Siegel

      Yeah, I know things can change. That does not make it right. When I served (1977 – 2000), the military was not paid very well. I felt the promise of free lifetime medical care if I stayed for 20 years was fair compensation for the low pay. That promise was broken. The military is paid much better now and I can see the point in charging more for recent retirees. fccbob – you need to look at the big picture before rolling over on an issue this important.

      • slatsol sarge

        Sure, and if this keeps up, an enlistee or officer will be asked to provide his or her own weapon, donate their vehicles, maybe even provide their own uniforms. So you folks who think we retirees are getting a good deal compared to civilians? Myself, I can’t tell you how many times I used my POV for government work. Oh yes, mileage could get reimbursement! But take the uniform allowances, did they cover the costs of all the items items needed to maintain that “military bearing” ? Just one of many items we paid for out of pocket, and we are told by some and the President to stop whining about increases in our medical care? Closing, maybe we should cut back on our visits to the doctor too, or as some big wigs have suggested that we use the system too much!

      • retiree

        Your entire time in, retirees were under CHAMPUS or TriCare, same as your dependents. You didn’t notice?

      • P. Siegel,

        CHAMPUS was in play in (1967) and in 1994 that was replaced by Tricare. Why would you think you would be getting free health care for life, when everyone before you and after you were paying for theirs?

  • don

    Soon China will be running TRICARE. Or are they already? What ever happenrd to the politicians that cared about its military peopple?

    • don,

      I’be been paying $19.17 per month since I retired in 1995. Speaking for myself, I have no problem with a $3.27 monthly raise and feel lucky I don’t have to pay what Civilians have to pay.

    • Ski

      We do not have any, all we get is lip service

  • Barbara

    Does this mean that it’s the end of Tricare for life. An annuit

    • Barbara,

      NO, there was no mention of any cost for Tricare for Life.

  • RICH

    its high time these lowly SOBS politicians start paying for their medical services , and then lets see if they will keep raising the levels. No these cowardly pukes will SAY THEY ARE ENTILTED THO FREE MEDICAL CARE.BS. VOTE THEM ALL OUT. I HOPE THEY ALL HAVE A STROKE. FREE SPEECH.

  • Robert

    OK – let me get this straight. I was paying $460 a year for coverage. Now it is going to cost me $538.56. That is a 14.6% increase in premimums. they stated “The 2013 fees are based on the cost of living adjustment retirees received in 2012.” Over the past 2 years – we DID NOT receive a 14.6% increase in cost of living. This is a farse, and should make everyone mad.

  • John

    Why is my dependant not covered till 26 yrs of age? I thought that was part of the Affordable Health Care Act.

    • John,

      Your dependent is covered till 26 years of age, but the Affordable Health Care Act has nothing to do with Tricare.


      • Rod

        Correction, your dependent is covered until age 23 and if you want coverage after age 23 they you have the option to buy in/pay premium (premium depends on option) in the Tricare Young Adult Program which will provide coverage till age 26 only.

  • Steady Eddie

    Amen to whoever said (let the politicians pay for their health insurance) then we won’t have to worry about all of these increases. Besides, they didn’t earn free health care! We (the veterans) of this country did, and have yet to see them!

  • USCG RET ’95

    Retired it’s 460 not 520 for 17%

  • BYost

    I agree with the comments regarding Tricare vs. the civilian equivalents. Even with the increase, we’re still paying far less for health care. The real problem is the rising cost of health care and a health care industry that is only interested in it’s own bottom line. Instead of repealing the Affordable Health Care Act, we veterans should lobby to improve the existing law. That’s the only way we’ll ever fix this and bring health care costs under control. We can’t continue to pay for the uninsured in an environment where costs are spiraling out of control.

    • 1byrd

      Good lord, finally an intelligent comment. Thank you – it’s refreshing after reading the whining “me first” rabble….

  • rjp59

    Where are these people from?
    For retired family coverage:
    Was $460/yr
    $538.56/yr – New Premium
    $460.00/yr – Old Premium
    $78.00/yr – Difference

    • rjp59


      So, that’s only:


      It could be MUCH worse…

  • james

    I think this is bull shit finally give our cola back after not giving us any for three years then make our health insurance go up this is not fair i think if you serverd twenty years are more in any branch of service you should not have to pay anything for health are dental insurance and we should not be taxed by the federal government since we put our life on the line to protect this idoits who make these increases

  • msmith133

    this is bull… i don’t get a cost of living increase… like other people who live in a low income town. does this mean i don’t have to pay the increase in fee???? not likely

    • msmith133,

      “Cost of Living Increase for Military Retirees AnnouncedIf you retired before 2011, you can expect a 3.6 percent Cost of Living Adjustment (COLA) in 2012, unless you received a Career Status Bonus (CSB). The adjustment for CSB recipients is 2.6 percent.

      Look for the increase in your Dec. 30 payment.

      Those who retired from the military in 2011 might receive a partial COLA. We’ll post an update here when we know more.”

  • Mike L

    I spent 20yrs in the AF. When I joined, I was told if I retired, I would receive free healthcare for my wife and I for the rest of my life…FREE. Then comes TRICARE or as I call it TRITOFINDCARE. I went in the Military in 1984 and they have been screwing me since I got out. My pension is going to be nil if they keep this crap up. What really embarrasses me is the Generals that are kissing this administrations @SS and saying “we need to increase” Sure they say that, the are liberal embarrassments also. I used to promote joining the military, now I tell kids to go to school and steer away from it unless they want screwed their entire life. If the do join, I tell them to use the military because they are using them.

    • Pathfinder

      Me too, Mike I am being robbed. Why can congress violate its obligation ? Paying even 1 cent for our “free” healthcare is theft. This nation needs to STOP treating its veterans like used kleenex.

  • Wade Charnock

    Those who are attempting to justify what happen by comparing our expenses to civilian forget that civilian pay is a lot higher than retiree pay. Our incomes our fixed, civilians may make as much as they wish. It doesn’t add up and the bottom line is we have less disposable income and we have no means to fight for ourselves when our representatives do not care. Obama Care does effect this as everyone is paying more and this is because they are spreading the wealth around to cover illegal immigrants and other folks who do not work except to work the government…us…for more money. This is deplorable when what they are rally doing is swiping the Cola increase to pay for our medical. I have an idea, why not require Senators and US Representatives to go under Tricare? This is a great idea and they have to pay all the amounts we do and go to Military Va Center’s for treatment. Once they see what they are producing…they will be more sensitive to their decisions. Government representatives are not under Obama Care or Va…they have their own plushy healthcare paid for by American People…how ridiculous is that? Hypocrites…

    • prc

      Just because you retired does not mean you cannot get civilian job and make the big bucks. I was 42 when I retired after 22 years and I went out and got a new career – looking forward to retiring for the second and last time in two years. BTW, I wish your statement “civilians may make as much as they wish” was true, I would have opted for 10 times the pay I am getting!

  • dgd

    Sorry guys but I really don’t mine paying the 44.88 monthly for this, if you had some of the other insureance that I have seen here in Oklahoma, person that works for himself and buys insureance for his family is paying 1200 a month with a high co-pay. I don’t see how they are making it. Yea we were told about free heath care when we was in but you know as good as I do, if you can see our government lips moving they are not telling the truth, they spend everything that we have and then more. For what they have done we have to suffer, we as military people have alway taken is the rear and we alway will.

  • Mike Thompson

    Congress needs to change the Tricare fee’s to Pre tax, just like the Civilian population!!

    Gmike 69

  • Milt

    Obama’s FY2013 Budget Cuts Military Health Care Funding By $12.9 Billion Over The Next Five Years. “In the next fiscal year, the military has outlined a $1.8 billion cut as part of a projected $48.7 billion health care budget covering 9.6 million people. The cuts would total $12.9 billion over five years. To offset the loss, retirees would pay higher enrollment fees based on how much they earn through their military pensions. Retirees and active-duty family members would pay more for pharmacy copayments, too.” (Barrie Barber, “Military Retirees Could See Increase In Health Insurance Costs,” Dayton Daily News , 3/30/12)
    Does Obama really have our interest at heart, I think not!
    Let America be America again, Vote Romney 2012!

    • top dog

      What is this man, you got this on a loop or something man???

  • Milt

    “He’s been instructed to fully remove ‘God, guns and guts’ from America and Americans, to neuter our military, bankrupt our country, and force everyone into dependency through a well-planned economic disaster that was crafted long before he stepped foot into the Oval Office. Vote the Blamer/Complainer/Campaigner-in-Chief out of office, on November 6th 2012!

  • Pete

    It was to my understanding that the TRICARE fees was not going up next year and I guess as usual someone slipped something in the back door to play mind games with us again. I kind of agree with some of the comments as everything else is going up and a modest increase is fine but I still have issues of the govt saying no increase then bang we get an increase. What’s the deal?

  • top dog

    I don’t mind paying a few extra dollars for Tri-Care Prime, (I’am too young for Tri-Care for life), even at these new rates, I would still pay a h-ll of a lot less than my civilian counterparts. Some of you guys are the same ones screaming about how the Government is giving out “food stamps” and such, and giving out free this and free that, You have gone so far as calling the U.S. a, what was that again?, “a welfare state” I think it was. Now that the Government is asking for a few bucks for Tri-Care, you whine because it’s not free, I find that hilarious. You want it both ways, but it don’t work like that. I guess it hadn’t occured to you that, the same people you say are getting “free stuff”….pay taxes too, just like you do….ain’t that something?

    • Stephen

      I totally disagree!! It is a welfare state and anyone who turns the blind eye to ever increasing roles of welfare recipients is in fact blind!
      While some do pay a “share” (fair or not is another issue) there is a big difference between someone collecting benefits while trying to find work on the coach cushion, someone out pounding the payment for a job, and a military veteran who served his or her country so those that don’t – don’t have too!

    • Stephen

      A little increase is such a misnomer term for anyone to use – one leads to two which leads to three then four. Even though NOW we don’t pay as much as any private citizen the damn has now sprung the preverbial leak!! Military benefts for retired people will now become an easier target for cut becaseu not one law maker (except the anoointed one maybe) has any desire to piss off his constituants by increasing fees for active duty folks. Its suicude for a politician – except Obama who depends building devides and making everyone thing “they are the problem – not hm, his administration or the policies!
      The root to all of this is a need to cut spending in the military – while increasing “free” money reciepient roles. If the policies change and government gets out of the way – jobs may increase which increases the tax base which decreases dependancy which leaves more money to support the government machine!

      • Stephen,

        Give me a break, since it’s inception in 1994, Tricare has never, ever raised its fee!

    • Ray Mathis

      Top Dog , you are an idiot and obviously an office type when you were in the military and never had a risk. It’s not about the money (for some) but the principle. A lot of us retired before tricare after serving a full career. We were told each time re-enlisted that one of our benefits would be free health care for life to include spouses. Now we are paying? Your civilian counterparts did not make the commitment to this country that we did so don’t try to compare what they pay to private insurance companies to us being charged for something we arealdy paid for.

      • Ray Mathis,

        What is it about people that just don’t understand that Congress never, ever promised you “FREE HEALTH CARE FOR LIFE”. I guess you think if you keep saying it, “FREE HEALTH CARE FOR LIFE” is going to magically happen. LOL

        • Hawaii Duffer

          When I enlisted in the USAF in 1961, the recruitment literature, an official USAF (US Government) document was given to me for review by a US Goverment official (USAF Recruiter). The document clearly stated that retirement benefits for 20 or more years of honorable service included free medical, exchange and commissary benefits for myself and age eligible dependents. The idea that official government documents and bonefide government officials have no legal binding is laughable. If that theory was upheld by the Supreme Court something stinks in DC.

    • AF Ret

      Top Dog… You are comparing Tricare to Food Stamps and Welfare? I don’t know about you but I actually worked my 21 years in the Air Force. Most of the people on government assistance wave to me while I am heading to work as they are sitting on their porch sipping on a cool one and smoking hopefully something legal.

    • AF Ret

      Top Dog… You are comparing Tricare to Food Stamps and Welfare? I don’t know about you but I actually worked my 21 years in the Air Force.

    • AF Ret

      You are comparing Tricare to Food Stamps and Welfare? I don’t know about you but I actually worked my 21 years in the Air Force.

    • Fordownr

      Top Dog,

      Get a life. I don’t know what you did during your time be I for one bust my hump for 24 Years and have a broken body to show for it. Medical coverage was/is an incentive for us who made it to 20+ years. It is most definately EARNED. We payed froward with the best years of our life and our health, yet the govt keeps wanting us to keep paying … Horse puckey!

    • 1SG

      I would be interested in knowing if you were in the military or just a family member. Military personnel go through so much more than a person receiving their “entitlements” but if you were a military member you would know all of that already!

    • purplefred

      Well when I joined the US Navy, they said I would have Free Medical, Commissary, & NX for LIFE, if I retired with 20 or more years of service. They closed the Naval hospital, closed the Commissary, & closed the NX (unless I want to drive 80 miles) NO Military Hospital is available unless I drive to Bethesda. MD. I did 23 yrs. but now I have to pay for Tri-Care for Life.
      Our Congress doesn’t pay as much for their health care, as I do for Tri-Care.
      I’m only asking for what I was promised!

    • N L

      Top Dog you must be an OFFICER !!!!!! Shame on you for talking like that to your fellow Service members who have sacrificed for us all. My son has been to Iraq twice and afgan twice and been in the field away from his family for almost as long as being over-seas and I feel like he along with all that have signed but given up so much for this Country are ENTITLED to some good from this Country !!!!!! An Angry Mother

    • scooby1951

      Your civilian counter parts didn’t tramp around in a Southeast Asian jungle and come home with a bullet in their back! I ‘ll be the first inline to try and help someone in need, but don’t you dare tell me, and others like me, that we don’t deserve what we were promised. You say that they pay taxes too, as if paying taxes, somehow puts them on equal footing. Did they serve their country as I did? Did they shed their blood like I did? If they are able bodied and able to work, they shouldn’t have to rely on the government to subsidize there lifestyle. I’d give back everything the government provides me, if I could get out of this damned chair and go to work everyday! Instead of your heart bleeding for those who have a choice, bleed a little for those of us who’s choice was taken from us by serving this ungrateful country!

  • sara ogan

    oh stop your whining & complains, what good does it do any of us? they never listen to us. they promos until they get into office & then the lower the boom on all of us. we never know what hit us until it hit’s. this money we will pay out is not as bad as some of the ins other’s have to pay out and some people does not even have any inc. we must be thankful for what we have. because our Government will do what ever they want to to but they will never cut their check’s or raise their inc lol

  • Bill

    This is the way OUR government treats the people who were and willing
    to give their lives for the country. Only one way to rid ourselves of the people
    who made these laws. VOTE THE CORRUPT BASTARDS OUT. Both
    parties are at fault. NEVER VOTE FOR AN INCUMBENT.

  • SSG Kinsler (Ret)

    This payment is an annual payment, have you seen the monthly payment the civilian side has to pay? Much more than $500 a month. So why are you unhappy?

  • MickMc

    You can vote Obama out of office. You can vote ALL incumbents out of office. You can replace every elected official in your state, your county and your community, and it won’t do a bit of good – it won’t bring about any change in business-as-usual until you change the heart of the VOTERS! The number of eligible voters who are on the government dole is approaching 50%. Unless and until We the People accept our responsibility to regain control of our nation and put people in office who will do the People’s work there will continue to be corruption and further decimation of our country. When the populace on government “assistance” becomes the majority it’s all over, friends. If Obama, Princess Pelosi, Whorehouse Harry, Barney, et al could be removed in the wink of an eye, it would make no difference. We might feel better for a while but then we’d realize that the puppet-masters are still at work and that nothing has really changed.

  • POWW1

    I worked for a company that handled Medicare part “D” and in some cases part A and B, we have it pretty good I must say. I retired and have enjoyed this medical coverage. When I retired my child was 3.5 years old and after I retired I had another child, they have been covered all these years. My husband died of cancer, his total bill during treatment equaled to about 300. This increase stings a little bit but, I am grateful that I don’t have to get civilian insurance. I have been unemployed for five of the 14 years of my retirement, thank God for low premiums and copays, I wish they did it for dental, and then we could afford dental insurance too. I am not going to complain because we need to keep up with the economy; some providers may not want to treat us because the government pays so little. I live about 56 miles from the nearest military treatment facility, I’d never go to the doctor and my kids would think the emergency room doctors were their primary care physicians. The Republicans don’t want to pay the proper taxes so they have to get the money from somewhere.

  • Ray

    They vote for us to pay more while they pay absolutely nothing. Sounds like wannabe dictators to me. Obama said he didn’t understand why we shouldn’t pay for our healthcare, well folks here you are. For those that re-enlisted under the understanding that healthcare was going to be there for the entire time of retirement, what fools we were. Now wait for the next hammer to drop as they once again vote for some perk for them and take something away from the retiree. This is not whinning folks, this is how the dictators work and weave their evil webs……. Enjoy

    • retiree

      President Obama NEVER said retirees or veterans should pay for their own healthcare. That is a myth. He proposed, for those with insurance, billing their private insurance for VA care. That proposal died a quick death. But it never included a requirement they get insurance, or that they pay anything if they did not have insurance.

      And by law, TriCare meets PPACA requirements.

    • retired462

      Retirees have a choice – VOTE ‘EM ALL OUT, and get everyone you know to do the same!

      • retiree

        Pay attention to who you vote in. “None of the Above” is not an option.

    • retiree

      Also, Congress pays for their healthcare, a minimum of $157 every two weeks.

    • Ray,

      “THEY” pay much more then we do. Don’t be conned by those silly emails.

      As for the Obama+Health Care comment, that was debunked back in May of 2009.


  • pward, msgt,

    Here we go again – what we were promised and what we get is the same we received in the military – the big wiener – write or email your congress or senator
    it will not do much but they can get the picture.. Soon we can vote so vote out the
    people who are doing this (president, congress, senators) we might get some who will help honor the government promises to it vets when every they serviced.

  • jay

    This is an outrage, another decrease in income, meanwhile, waste and fraud goes rampart for the welfare state, we help buy weapons that kill people all over the world, and the rich get richer. The chickens will continue to come home to roust, prepare for more to come.

  • LFD

    Make changes to anyone currently active duty or entering the military and I say ok, But to have members who were enticed to stay in those difficult 20 years then back pedal, I have a problem. For all those who say civilian pay more for health care, well civilians did NOT pay more, you don’t seem to care about the SACRIFICE part all members AND their families contribute. 12-16 hours a day 7 days a week hours, no extra salary, no extra vacation time..short term separations, long term separations .yeah right civilian and military workers are the same. Our society morale’s continue to decline as those who have no idea what a service member and families deal with try to justify this deceit and have no comment or opinion on our so called elected reps getting full retirement and full health care (regardless of their own individual wealth) for serving a measly 7 years.

  • Lisa G

    Many pay more than that each month for health insurance, so complaining is counterproductive.

    • Ray Mathis

      Not so! Complaining is exactly what we need to do. However it needs to be to our congressman. Who cares what “many do” we are military and retired military not desk jockies. I retired in ’93 before tricare existed after having been promised free health care for myself and my wife for life. Every time I reupped during my 24 years this was on my mind. Now with a stroke of the pen I am paying for something I already paid for. Breech of promise if you ask me.

  • Shawn

    I read an article on an AMMO website I belong to. It stated that Congress had deducted $500 Million from the TRICARE budget (Used to pay for retiree/family) medical needs. This money was still in the budget because the TRICARE system had been effectively managed. According to this article this same financial re-location of funds was done again, and both times the funds were utilized for other departments (DoD being one). Now my question is if this is true, then why are my fees going up, while others in other departments spent all their money and were just given more. I understand even with the increase we pay drastically less than our civilian counterparts, but my civilian counterparts didn’t not having people trying to end their lives with their 9-5 job. I guess it comes down to this don’t tell me that my low cost health Care is bankrupting the system when you (Congress/President) are taking money away that was allocated to TRICARE. Makes no sense.

  • Hobo haha

    It is time to take this country back and get rid of all in Washinton. Washington is not for the PEOPLE, They are only looking out for thier best INTREST.

    • Will

      I would like to pose this question…..from whom are we taking this country back from? Don’t get caught up in the hype….The system has always been the same, just now we are more knowledgeable. The system still works for the average American, we have just got to do our own research, thinking, and vote accordingly. Don’t get caught up in all of the madness from the conservative talk shows, nor the liberal ones. Listen to both equally, and realise somewhere in the middle lies the truth. Don’t vote merely on one issue, such as abortion or taxes, think outside of the box and realize that you should vote for the individual that has the interest of you, your family (yes, even the ones that aren’t as blessed), and most of all the country’s interest at heart.

    • jimbo

      You have the opportunity to “take your country back” every time you vote…..stop the violent, bs, teabagg rhetoric.

  • Stephen

    I totally disagree!! It is a welfare state and anyone who turns the blind eye to ever increasing roles of welfare recipients is in fact blind!
    While some do pay a “share” (fair or not is another issue) there is a big difference between someone collecting benefits while trying to find work on the coach cushion, someone out pounding the payment for a job, and a military veteran who served his or her country so those that don’t – don’t have too

    • Will

      Would highly recommend you define recipients of this “so called” welfare state….are we talking about the many people who lost their jobs due to corporate greed and corruption and mismanagement; or are we talking about the big banks, corporations, and extremely wealthy that utilize and manipulate the current laws and law makers into doing their bidding? Fully agree with your comment about an individual that through their own laziness and pettiness refuse to get a job, but even I would bet you a month’s pay check that all of those individuals combined don’t add up to the amount of money we give big oil. These corporations are sitting on billions of dollars and refuse to hire the average American, and some even scoff at hiring the ones that unselfishly put their lives on the line and afford them the opportunity to make those big profits. I say….PAY IT FORWARD! to those that help you to gain your wealth. I’m not one for cliches but this one truly applies…..”FREEDOM IS NOT FREE!”; and those that sit upon their high horse and look down upon us are fooling themselves.

      • j123

        Well Said, Will…

    • Don

      I agree this administration doesn’t seem to care about promises that were made to vetrans when they jion the armed forces. Many of them have never faced this countries enemies on the battle field or at least those our commander and chief felt were a threat to our way of life. I served 22 years and my father 24 1/2 we along with all veterans earned medical benifits and for many of us our retirements. I hate seeing all our service to some really doesn’t mean a thing. I for one thank God I am an American, doesn’t seem like there’s that many of us any more. I pray that God leads the voters of this great country in making the best choice for our next commander and chief. I for one am by no means wealthy, but I do not fault those Americans that are. Our country was born a capitalist nation and there is nothing wong with being sucessful. To many freebies going to those that won’t get an education, learn a trade or try to inprove them selves. These people welcome a socilist state, not me. God bless what’s left of America.

      • j123

        I agree with you that Obama’s view on military retirement differs from those of us that served, I also agree that if someone gets rich they in most cases earned it. But Don you have to understand you can’t just keep giving the rich all these tax cuts. That money has to come back into our economy in larger taxes. Government programs are never going to go away. The defit is not going to go away without an influx of taxes. The rich have been getting richer over the years while the rest of us are getting poorer. Thats is because of the the lower tax rates for the rich. Look at the history starting after WWII. Tax rates were very high for the rich, they still got richer, but our economy was the best in the world, in fact we became the most powerful nation in the world. This republican party is ruining this country for the purpose of the top 1%. This increase in tricare by the way was passed by the republican house not Obama. Just saying…

  • Stephen

    A little increase is such a misnomer term for anyone to use – one leads to two which leads to three then four. Even though NOW we don’t pay as much as any private citizen the damn has now sprung the preverbial leak!! Military benefts for retired people will now become an easier target for cut becaseu not one law maker (except the anoointed one maybe) has any desire to piss off his constituants by increasing fees for active duty folks. Its suicude for a politician – except Obama who depends building devides and making everyone thing “they are the problem – not hm, his administration or the policies!
    The root to all of this is a need to cut spending in the military – while increasing “free” money reciepient roles. If the policies change and government gets out of the way – jobs may increase which increases the tax base which decreases dependancy which leaves more money to support the government machine!

  • Resendez

    It is a bad deal all around. I went in to the Military with the understanding that we had “Free” medical for life. So what happened? Why are we now paying and it just keeps getting worse?

    • STJoy

      I seem to remember this went all the way to the Supreme Court. And if I recall correctly, the ruling went something like, “Yes, recruiters promised free healthcare for life, but since they weren’t AUTHORIZED by the gov’t to offer it (in other words they lied) the gov’t doesn’t have to honor the promise.”

      • retiree

        Pretty much. By the Constitution, ONLY Congress can authorize free healthcare for life. They did not. The Courts were very sympathetic to the WWII and Korean veterans in the suit, but cannot override the constitution.

        Whether recruiters lied or not I don’t know. No recruiter ever promised me free healthcare for life.

  • Hawaii Duffer

    There are very few civilian jobs that compare to the military. To compare retirement benefits earned by each is nonsense!

  • FGM

    Remember, November will soon be upon us. We must completely change out both houses of congress as well as the marxist at the white house. So, don’t just sit here and complain. Get out and help register your neighbors, friends, fellow church members. Volunteer to drive all to the voting booth. Vote and lets change the course our country is now on. We must get involved. We never won a single battle by sitting back and talking about it. So get off your behind and get involved.

    • Donna Prickett

      Remember the last election??? We the people voted Republican. The Electoral vote is what put the Jacka## in office

      • Chief P

        Actually, “We the People” voted President Obama in in a landslide. That was when McCain went the crazy route and picked Palin. Regardless, we (Vets) continue to get a sweet deal compared to non vets. It doesn’t change the fact though that we were promised health for free for life. It doesn’t make a difference which political party wins, health care costs will continue to go through the roof. If you think it has to do with any president, you are a fool and would do the country a big favor if you would eschew voting this time around (or ever again until you get informed).

    • tmac

      Marxist in the White House? I guess Bush was a Saint.

    • appledinky

      Yea……lets get a multi millionaire who has never worked a day in his life or served a day for his community or the military into office……..things will change IMMEDIATELY and I just saw 3 apes and 2 pigs fly over my house.

      • charles sevilla

        This used to be a country where people (poor or not) could make it to the top of their dreams. Free Enterprise, the hardest working person Could be a millionaire or more by 99% perspiration/ 1% inspiration. Many of these came out of World War II, Korea, and Vietnam! Should most people be Poor? It is not ” God helps those who help themselves!”, It is because God has blessed and opened doors ,
        for all that love and obey Him. The rain falls on all of us, good or bad. We are all Americans first, if we choose to attack people who have money then ‘Soloman’ should have been hanged, by some of today’s thinking. Remember, ” In God We Trust.”, divided we fall, together we stand.
        Retired USA, Combat Medic.

        that obey Him in their success

      • afret

        Hmmm, now I know the reason you call yourself appledinky.

  • Retired USAF MSgt

    you have to just love our government officials. for those of you who served this country to provide the beloved freedoms that so many people take for granted we are going to bend you over, after all, you guys and gals should be used to “assuming the position” after all those years of being in the military. and to show you how much we appreciate you, we’re going to give health care to a particular group of people for free, and guess what, they’re going to have better coverage than what you are going to receive even if you do pay for what we told you that you were going to get free for life.
    all politicians are corrupt, regardless the party affiliation. they will sescure their position by promising the most free stuff to those who are willing to vote for them. nothing is for free people. this once great nation will someday come to realize that once their freedoms have been taken away.

  • PNS

    Anyone who complains about this small increase in cost, for what we get , on any level, really is a dork……….OK. Come up with a better word.

    • afret

      Obviously because you are a cretin you miss the point.

    • wlbond008

      As a democrat you have never worked side-by-side with a civilian doing the EXACT same job for $459 A MONTH while the civilian got $16.25 an HOUR. O, yes I had the UMCJ, 20 plus hour days, assignments to the far end of the Earth and to leave my family behind for months while my civilian friend got “Comp Time”. I put up with it all BECAUSE I was PROMISSED(something no demoncrat has any idea about the meaning of that word) free medical care for life, regular pay raises and the other benefits of retired military life. Why don’t you and your dogs-it eating family go back to the rock you slithered out from under and burn in the 7th level. Be assured that you and your scum kind will be in our curses for all of time.

      • GiveAwayJimmie

        everytime you moved you made out like a raped ape—you just think you have made a sacrifice—you dork.

        • Sally


        • Gunny Tom

          I moved a lot and at no time did my reinbercments equal my expences.

      • retiree

        1. You are aware EVERY administration has proposed Tricare increases?

        2. You are aware that this increase was voted into place by the current House of Representatives, which has a majority Republican?

        3. No, you were not promised, despite what you might think. Only Congress can promise money from the Treasury, and they did not. Case ended June 2003 when the Supreme Court turned down hearing the case.

        4. Next time, try to have your facts straight before you spend time insulting people.

      • Florida

        NO one forced you, your choice..stop whining and be had choices

      • kjacsa

        Suggestion; use the TRICARE bennifit to get a sedative prescription or maybe a little mental health check……Just saying.

    • Sally

      Have you used Tricare? It’s the same as Mediade!! The worst doctors and prescription meds!! You may as well use a Witch Doctor!!

      • Florid

        WEll you have a choice to OPT OUT>>BYE,dont be so ungrateful..many people would jump at the opportunity to have your benefit

      • Sally,

        This is just plain untrue.

    • Ruth B.


      • vkaym

        I was going to comment, but wlbond008 said what I felt. Kudos to you, I couldn’t have said it better myself, thank you. I would like to express my thanks to Hillary for the added hardship she has put us through by starting this.

    • prc

      PNS, you are right, first there was never any free medical for life contract or statement. I am retired 23 years now and am working on my second career. I pay over $1200 a month for medical (HMO, dental, and eye care) and the cost is subsidized by my company, for my wife and myself. I am 61 now and will retire at age 63 and my wife will be 58 at that time. I am looking forward to age 65 for both of us when we can go on Medicare and TFL, my costs are going to go way down! I went in 1968 and retired in 1991, I got everything I was told I would for retirement. It has been nice getting that check every month for the past 21 years. I can go to the base for care and any other services they have if I like. We go to the commissary about every 6 weeks and save at least 30% over the grocery stores here in Ct. DOD and the Government have not lied to me or screwed me. In fact I am very glad I will be able to side step the Obama social medical program that will tell you, “sorry at your age you are not eligible for that life saving operation, it is for younger people”, or tell my wife she does not need and will not be able to get her female breast and pelvic exams every year, that is a waste of money. That is the same policy in Great Britain and they have 10x the number of cancer related deaths in females under the age of 75. Socialized medicine and the government telling me what care I am approved to receive based on age; is not what I need!

      • J123

        prc with all due respect im tired of reading stupid republican propaganda statements like yours. You keep spreading the death panel nonsense. Insuranse companies have been telling people for years that they will not pay for their healthcare for one reason or another. There are death panels out there, their called insurance companies. Obama care may not be that good, but you cant blame Obama for that. Try blaming your republican buddies who dont give a damm about the american people. All they give a damm about is the rich and yes that includes the insurance companies, which by the way are there to make a profit. You seriusly think that a for profit company cares about you…

      • prc,

        I’m basically where you are now, satisfied with what was promised to me when I retired from service in 1995. I’ve recieved everything promised, use the Commissary, PX and the Post Hospital.

    • Florida

      Although i do not agree with your name calling, the increase is not that significant regardless of the promises..The main problem is the rising cost of health care, the many that elected to drink, smoke and gain weight then later in life they beging to be sicker than most, that is why the friend pays 650.00 a moth with a 2500 deductible..Now that is a shock..the minimal raise is ok with me, and to others that do not agree…stop smoking, drinking, visit t your DR on a regular basis and pay attention advice..better yet spend your nickels and dimes wisely

      • Republican1964

        That is ridiculous. Waite until you or a loved one has a major health issue; don’t whine then. The benefits are slowing dwindling away so wake up. Pennies make dollars….

        • Republican1964,

          “The benefits are slowing dwindling away so wake up.”

          LMAO Big Time. Every new Topic/Article about this stuff that gets posted, someone always says the same chit. Since I’ve been retired in 1995, I’ve only seen my benefits go up.

          • paul

            I agree with you Charles, I retired in 1996 and I am getting get medical care for a great premium, plus my retirement income and me va disability pension of 80 percent, we live great!

    • Critter_Gitter

      Some people just seem to feel so entitled…isn’t that what breeds socialism? If you vote democrap you will get more entitlements from Joe The Plummer and every other hardworking person in America. If you want more WORK!!!

    • Dr Charles Cook

      I guess you have a different definition of “free medical care for life”. At least that is what my contract said.

      • retiree

        Care to provide said contract? Mine certainly does NOT say that.

      • Dr. Charles Cook,

        Enlistment Contracts have never listed anything about “free medical care for life”, and by chance if it was hand written in, it wouldn’t be a valid Contract, because only Congress could have given us that.

    • Republican1964

      That is ridiculous. Waite until you or a loved one has a major health issue; don’t whine then. The benefits are slowing dwindling away so wake up. Pennies make dollars….

    • LTC MSC

      I could come up with a better word but your will suffice! Amen brother!


    The real problem here is not the few bucks increase. It is the fact all of us years ago, myself in 1969, were told there would never be any cost for ourselves or our families. We as retirees and veterans should not have to pay for our country lying to us.

    • Suzanne

      Thank you, thank you, thank you Master Chief for saying that! As a widow of an E8 CPO who had retired, I can remember that is exactly what he used to say. We all have every right to be angry about it. You are so right.

    • retiree

      In 1969, retirees were under CHAMPUS, which was not free. You still have the option of space-a at MTFs, the only free care the military has EVER provided.

  • BILL

    Before I take cover…17% family coverage increase is miniscule for the coverage I and my wife get. Thank god I’m getting good coverage at an affordable premium. Those of you that have never worked private sector and paid for your health insurance – check it out. it isn’t so rosy when you see tohse premiums.

  • Mike Sanders

    Everyone in Washington can kiss my ass! Nothing but losers who know nothing but taking care of themselves. If it weren’t for the forces we have now and all the veterans, there would be NO United States. Take your tricare increase and put it where the sun don’t shine, politicians.

  • Joe E.

    Unlike our civilian counterparts whose insurance premiums generally go up, many times a lot, annually, Tricare premiums stayed the same for many years. Our increase is a pittance. The real issue is whether the government is paying less for our care and if good doctors will care for us as a result. I know of a very Republican heart surgeon who you would expect to be very supportive of the military refuse to take Tricare patients because he wouldn’t make enough money. This was several years ago before Obamacare became law. If Tricare and Medicare money to doctors is reduced because of the new law this is truly unfair to the military and the elderly.

    No personnel program for the military or civilian safety net program should be cut. The top tax rate is 38% of what it was in the 1950s when a Republican, Dwight Eisenhower was president. Obama is right. Those making over $250,000 could and should pay more taxes. Since a high percentage of the wealthy don’t actually serve they should be willing to pay for those who do. Perhaps if the children of the wealthy and politicians willingly joined the military there might be some understanding of what real sacrifice means.

    • sandra

      Oh please – republican or democrat – it really doesn’t matter. Until all politicians are willing to live by the same standards they expect our military to live by then they are all the same. Just because he/she has a “D” or “R” after their name makes no difference – your attempting to portray one party as better than another is laughable. And by the way, how’s obama’s solyndra friends Steve Westley and Matt Rogers fit into that 99%>? Or George Soros? Cry me a river.

      • Joe E.

        No effort to make Democrats to appear pure and none to excuse well-known congressional Democratic corruption over the decades. Should we discuss congressional Republican corruption as well? How about the no-bid contract awarded to Haliburton to provide services to our military in Iraq, a company with whom Vice President Cheney had been affiliated? If corruption can be proven involving Solyndra it should be investigated as well. Please address the specifics in my comments.

  • Tony

    The point of the matter was when alot of us enlisted we were told we would have free medical care for life! I understand things change and yes even though they promised to do this because of the budget we are now required to pay for a health Insurance premium at a lower cost than our civilian counter parts but excuse me I don’t remember a civilian out in a combat zone to fight in a war with me or fellow soldiers! How about since people in congress make 3 times the avg income they pay the cost of military health care or before we have to pay one cent they cut there pay check by two thirds! Oh that’s right it’s not about anyone but the politicians lining there pocket with tax money! I almost forgot with all the .S. that has been going on!

    • retiree

      1. Civilians ARE in the war zones – I’ve not only worked with them, I’ve had them under my direction.

      2. There never was a promise – and case lost June 2003.

      3. Congress pays for their healthcare under FEHBP -a minimum of $157 every 2 weeks (most pay much more).

  • Gary

    Lied to again. When i enlisted i was told that my medical would be taken care of when i retired. Gave my life fo 20 years and get slapped in the face.

    • Guest

      EXACTLY! We gave 26 years and were promised FREE medical care for life. Now they are just going to nickel and dime us each year. So nice to find out you’ve been lied to and Obama says he cares about veterans. What a joke!

  • Randy

    I’m not concerned about the money, just the idea that military benefits – which are different from welfare because they are earned – are cut without much thought or concern from our political leaders.

  • Joe( retired USAF)

    Who else will once again bail out the country. Yes, the military veteran who gave so much is being asked to give one more time. Has anyone of you ever checked to see what your civilian friends are paying for health insurance? I understand what we were promised but “he who gives it may take it back”! Don’t complain to loud becasue they might take more. Let’s be happy we have what we have. Yes, every member of the House and Senate need to thrown out and we put people in office who care about the people..

  • DHM

    Recently, the White House and Pentagon have been telling the military TRICARE fees must increase due to skyrocketing costs. But it was just discovered that the Department of Defense issued a major request to reprogram $708 million from the Defense Health Program. These funds are labeled as “under-executed” TRICARE funds and are “available because of a significant downward spike in the private sector care cost growth rates” and “are excess to Defense Health Program requirements and can be used for higher priority items with no impact to the program.”

    TRICARE Prime enrollment fees are set to increase by 17% for most enrollees on October 1, 2012. How can President Obama and Pentagon leadership honestly say that this increase is necessary when they are raiding our TRICARE accounts to pay for other programs and initiatives?

    If this is so why the increase????

    • Ben

      I don’t know where you get the 17% increase. My math [ (169-260)/260 ] works out to 3.5%. I agree that moving money out of Tricare seems weird, but that doesn’t impact that folks got a cost of living adjustment last year so the rates soiuld go up.

      • Ben

        should be (269-260)/260

  • SCPO Stan M. Farak

    Promises made….promises broken. Thank you congress!! what a bunch of lying A**holes. My wife and I both served 20 plus years. Yeh, I don’t trusr my government anymore. Maybe it’s time for a “bonus march” type of gathering on the mall.

  • lupelib1

    I am so tired of hearing from people who do not know what they are talking about. I belong to the Tea Party and I am a retiree and I served 36 years. First, the TP is one of the Military’s biggest supporters, second, now that I receive Medicare if it weren’t for the Tri Care I would be out on the streets because Medicare pays very little compare to my secondary Tricare. I pay for Medicare every month now as it comes out of my SS check. So I have been paying for Medicare most of my life. Now they want to raise my TriCare, too? It isn’t my fault this Marxist President and socialistically controlled senate is irresponsible. I did not elect them. So what if the private sector pay more for medical. Nothing stopped most of them from joining the volunteer military. They chose an alternative that they are not happy with now. So get a grip! PS: If it matters or not I happen to be a 68 year old female.

    • retiree

      You’re on Tricare for life. This has nothing to do with Tricare for Life. That was protected by the HASC and SASC votes.

      Oh, and please go and get a copy of “The Communist Manifesto” from your local library. Read it. Then please point out specific policies of this administration that you feel are marxist.

    • Brenda

      Amen! My husband served 38 yrs. in the Air Force/Air Nat. Guard, drew his check for 9 mo. before he died. Yes, I pay for Medicare (have throughout my years of working also) & get the TriCare secondary. I feel that every politician, including the President, should have to have served at least one tour of duty & then see how their attitudes would change! I thank you for your service for my freedom.

    • Vince

      So you think the President did this, how about Congress all the elected people who by the way get FREE medical care and DON’T get and bill or co-pays we served 20 to 30 years to get what we have and its getting taken away little by little, congerss only has to serve 4 years and they get it for life FREE, so before you place blame on the president take a look who voted for the people who respent you and I and see who voted to Increase the Tri care increase, i bet you you would be suprised it may be a whole lot of TP people

    • Cher

      I agree with you and I am a 64 year old woman. I don’t know about the rest of you but while serving active duty military my pay was so low my family qualified for food stamps!! I feel that living on such a low income while moving every 18 months – 2 years as well as being separated as a family we EARNED our retiree promises. We are not asking for anything to be given to us. We should AT THE LEAST get the same benefits as our political (servants?).

    • Justhefacts

      I thought the TP was for smaller/less government? You want reduced taxes and smaller/less government then the cuts have to come from somewhere. Interesting how many want smaller government for the other guy, but when it comes to cutting their piece of the pie all of the sudden they are being betrayed and everyone else is a Marxist. Its government waste when its the other guys program!! Grow up….

    • lshaft

      You’ve been drinking too much of that tea!

  • Ret. CWO

    I joined the US Army in May 1971 and was also told that free health care was mine for the asking once I completed 20 years of service. Well Not only did I honorably serve for 23 plus years but rose from the enlisted ranks to that of a Chief Warrant Officer III. It is atrocious the way our retired benefits are being eaten away. We DID NOT Cause the fiscal problems of Washington. We stood our ground, met and honorably served our commitments only to have more and more of our EARNED BENEFITS whittled away. When will this end? Does it take a million VET March in Washington DC for Congress, The Senate and the White-house to realize we mean business. Does the White-house,Congress or the Senate have plans to CUT BACK HEALTH SERVICES and increase their Healthcare cost? WE PAY THEM TO MEET OUR NEEDS AND REPRESENT US. If our current Politicians CANNOT GET THIS THUR THEIR GREEDY HEADS, then it is time for them to put on a uniform and go defend this Great Nation I call AMERICA. WE AS VETERANS HAVE EARNED THE RIGHT TO HEALTHCARE – NO MATTER THE COST.
    To the members of Congress, The Senate and the White-house get this RIGHT. As Veterans we have a VOTE larger than yours, and were NOT afraid to use it for what we were promised and expect.

    • retiree

      In 1971, military retirees had a choice of free healthcare space-A at MTFs, or paying through CHAMPUS. CHAMPUS was not free then. It’s successor, TriCare, has never been free. The case was lost in the Supreme Court in June 2003. If you read the ruling by the appeals court, they very much sympathize, but, unfortunately, no promise was ever made by the one party that could promise – Congress. End of story.

      You managed to go to CWO3 without ever once checking on what retirees were getting? Did your dependents not ever use CHAMPUS, and pay the deductible?

      BTW – Congress includes the Senate. And they have not had a payraise since 2009. They pay for their healthcare the same as federal civil servants, and when FEHBP goes up, their healthcare costs go up.

      • Brenda

        how many of them served 20 or more years in the military? And all service personnel were promised free healthcare for life. Yes, there has always been a charge for Tricare Prime and it has always been very affordable. But most people who retire after 20 yrs. should have some appreciation shown them for serving our country, putting their lives on the line, leaving their families, etc. Yes, they chose to do that. But, Congress should have the same insurance-AFTER 20 years!!!! They retire with the much better insurance (maybe at a cost, but better!) & don’t put their lives on the line for freedom.

        • retiree

          You want to improve their insurance? Right now they pay at least $157 every 2 weeks for health insurance.

          And no, you were NOT promised free healthcare for life.

          Feel free to use the only free healthcare retirees have EVER had – space-A at MTFs. It’s still available.

          • Ben Dover

            Oh, those poor under paid Congressmen/women!

          • retiree

            You want their pay, run for Congress. You want their benefits, prepare to lose a lot of money (their retirement is FERS, their healthcare is FEHBP).

          • cporet22

            When exactly did you retire? And from which service? I have often read your comments and have as yet read what service, how many years served and during what time frame. WW II, Korea, Viet Nam, the first Gulf war or anytime in between?

          • retiree

            As I have said, I served in both Iraq and Afghanistan.

      • Bill

        Congress hasn’t done anything to deserve the pay their getting mucy less a raise.

    • ssg kw

      it is a republican controlled legislature that put this in place remember, and as soon as you turn 65 its fee forever

    • Roland

      I think you have it very well in context, unfortunately, the government doesn’t care about being honest and living up to old contracts. They NEVER cut their benefits but don’t think twice about cutting the very people that protect this great country. Makes me sick.

    • lshaft

      Can you cite any document you signed or name any person in a position of responsibility who told you free healthcare was yours for life. I came in in 1966 and retired 1988, and no one ever presented me with a document guaranteeing me health care for life following retirement. A Lot of Latrine-House lawyers told me I was entitled to free health care, but they were Latrine-House lawyers. Wake up and act like an officer!

    • Upset Vet

      Congress nor the Senate care about the promises made to us as long as we as tax payers and veterans are paying for their insuraance for the rest of their lives. Most of them have never served in the arm services let alone in a war zone. Therefore, theydo not know nor seem to care about those of us who did serve and those who are serving this great country of ours.

  • Fred Dameron

    Back in 96 several of us Knuckle Dragging Mechanics were told by the Chief to “Shut Up these people knew what they were doing.” We had commented that TriCare was unsustainable with out a COLA Adjustment. We, through AFSA, have fought like Hell to keep the Pentagon from getting the catch up COLA. This is the one thing that Congress has gotten right. Both Bush and Obama have backed the Pentagons plan for catch up COLA. SO kudos to Congress for keeping the Pentagon from fixing their 14 year old mistake at our expense.

  • Sage

    can someone please explain the difference (if there is any) between Tricare Prime and Tricare for Life? We have Tricare for LIfe and have never had to pay any fees at all. TFL picks up what Medicare does not pay. We have been very blessed to have TFL. I hope that this Tricare Prime is a different Tricare program – so that we don’t have any “enrollment fees”. Someone, please help clarify this for us. Thanks

    • retiree

      TriCare Prime is for those under age 65. Tricare for Life is for those over 65. TriCare for Life has never had a premium.

      • Dell

        Tricare for life is the secondary payor, Medicare is the first payer ( you need to have part A ( no annual payment) and for Part B ( $100.00 a month payment).
        Be careful when receiving civilian services, make sure they know that Medicare is primary. The Tricare wesite say’s TFL will be the first payor for services covered by TriCare, but I’ve yet to see that happen.

    • Beth McGurk

      Tricare Prime is what you pay to have the same benefits and health care access as Active Duty…It is the highest medical benefit under Active Duty. If you prefer this you remain on Prime until you reach age 65 and get Medicare….then you go on Tricare for Life…no monthy fees, YET…Medicare is first payer,,,must have Medicare A and B…Tricare for LIfe is your second payer….It works well.

    • John

      Since you are receiving TFL, there is no difference between Prime & Standard.
      Such terms cease to exist once you receive TFL.


    • SCPORet

      You must have been on civilian type health insurance prior to being enrolled to Tricare for Life because it seems that you have no knowledge about Tricare Prime. You actually pay hidden fees if you’re onTFL because Medicare automatically garnish about $100.00 a month from your SS benefits which is five times than the premium for Tricare Prime so TFL is actually not a FREEBIE!!!

    • Galasso

      If you have TRiCare for life they immediately pull up your last tax returns and require you to pay for Medicare Part B. They have a sliding scale that determines what you must pay based on your previous year’s income. Your spouse has to pay an identical amount even if she didn’t have any income. It’s all about taking from those who served and have an after life and paying for the bottom of the food chain who have no intention of paying anything.

  • Vince

    i am looking for any veterans who served to go to Washingtion and show them we will not stand for them taking away what we were promised, like our Health care, we need numbers there must be over 1 million Vets our there who are tired of being used to save money that we had no control over, Congress don’t worry about a increase, they get it for FREE

    • retiree

      1. There was no promise, so we can’t demand what we were “promised” if we weren’t promised it.

      2. Congress pays for their healthcare (FEHBP – same as civil servants). They pay a minimum of $157 every two weeks.

      This is in accordance with the NDAA 2012, which passed both the House (Republican controlled) and the Senate (Democrat controlled).

  • Marguerita jackson

    If Obama were a Marxist, you would not have to pay for your Health Care, Mr. Tea Party member…Unfortunately, Mr. Obama has not been able to materialize HIS idea of National Health Care, thanks to the Republican opposition! What in the world makes the Tea Party the biggest supporter of the Millitairy? If you were better informed, you would know, that even Michelle Obama is very active in the militairy community!
    Thank you for having served this country, though, just as my husband did for 22 years!

    • Tom Duffy

      Just another stupid Obama backer.

      • j123

        You must be pretty rich to support Willard, since all he cares about is tax cuts for the rich leaving the rest of us to make up the difference. Before you call someone stupit look in the mirror…

      • De W

        Yep and Mitt would have done wonders for this country. The man that has more money overseas then any one person. Money he took from hard working people. Get real moron!

        • De W,

          Give me you financial history, because I want to tell you what to do and not do with your money.

    • cporet22

      You should get informed. Obama care will make all forms of medical care more expensive and the care you receive may be less satisfactory than what you are getting now.

      • j123

        Yea like insurance companies are going to stop raising their rates. You sound like Fox news…

      • retiree

        And your proof of this is what? CBO says different. According to CBO scoring, PPACA will reduce costs (not as much as I’d like, but at least some). And since the care under PPACA is the same as what you now get (TriCare has been declared by law as meeting PPACA requirements), hwo does something that is identical to current care be seen as less than current care?

      • De W

        try getting medical insurance right now if you have an existing medical issue. Most insurance companies won’t touch you and those that will want your first born, right arm and all your money for shit coverage! Learn what is happening in this country before shooting your mouth off about nothing you know about.

    • virgil

      If he and michelle are so active in the military, why doesn’t he put his hand over his heart when the pledge of allegiance is being played, I do have pic’s of him not doing that, standing beside miss hillary, which was doing it. He doesn’t display the flag at his functions, he is about unamerician as a person can be. and yes I am retired military and i am glad that i did not have to have him comander-in-chief when i was in service. he is a disgrace and actually he should be tar and feathered and run out of the country. He has done nothing but turn this country in to a third world country.

    • virgil

      He has more respect for other countries than our own. The only reasons he ain’t got things done isn’t because of republican, or the tea party’s it is because just about all of the things he has tried to shove down the peoples throat is a bunch of BS, spending more money than any other president EVER, so jump upon your soapbox and don’t call him a marxist, he would be better called a dictator, communist, illegal or just plain crook. After all he tries to run the country like all the chicago politics, crooked as hell. he actually needs to resign, if i did the kind of job that he has as president in the civilian world, i would be fired…And yes i can back up all my statements with pic’s documents, etc

    • SF SGM (ret)

      What does your statement even mean? Thank God & anyone involved in stopping his attempts at government controlling more.

    • SF SGM (ret)

      What about when the President said;
      “Look, it’s an all volunteer force,” Obama complained. “Nobody made these guys go to war. They had to have known and accepted the risks. Now they whine about bearing the costs of their choice? It doesn’t compute.” “I thought these were people who were proud to sacrifice for their country, “Obama continued.”I wasn’t asking for blood, just money. With the country facing the worst financial crisis in its history, I’d have thought that the patriotic thing to do would be to try to help reduce the nation’s deficit. I guess I underestimated the selfishness of some of my fellow Americans.” ????

      • SF SGM (ret),

        Don’t believe everything you read, that was debunked back in 2009.

        Would Obama Have Soldiers Pay for Own War Injuries?
        Posted on May 12, 2009 , Updated on Sept. 25, 2009

        Q: Did Obama accuse veterans of “selfishness” and whining? Would he have forced them to “pay for their war injuries”?

        A: This chain e-mail contains fabricated quotes and misrepresents a budget idea that the White House scrapped. The quotes were intended as satire.

        • HATE BO

          That’s a bunch of BS it was actually on tape and I seen it when he said those words. Nice try. May A/F1 crash and burn with him and his haggard ass wife the only ones not to make it out.

          • HATE BO,

            “That’s a bunch of BS it was actually on tape and I seen it when he said those words.”

            No, not on tape at all. The quotes were satire, not real, made up, never happen, false, etc.

    • SF SGM (ret)

      I consider myself a patriotic American after serving 30 years in Army Special Operations and the statement above along with many things Obama has made is an insult to the American people & at times a direct attack on Service members. Maybe you should actually understand what people say, do or mean to be better informed. I actually agree with the President on several things, one is a womans right to chose but the biggest thing is “It is time for a change”. God bless the U.S.A. because we protect any “lesser informed” persons right to run thier mouth. (Had to break up the reply as it was too long)

      • SF SGM (ret),

        Don’t believe everything you read, that was debunked back in 2009.

        Would Obama Have Soldiers Pay for Own War Injuries?
        Posted on May 12, 2009 , Updated on Sept. 25, 2009

        Question: Did Obama accuse veterans of “selfishness” and whining? Would he have forced them to “pay for their war injuries”?

        Answer: This chain e-mail contains fabricated quotes and misrepresents a budget idea that the White House scrapped. The quotes were intended as satire.

    • Mike

      Obama’s idea of National Health Care is called Socialism and look how well that has worked out for most of Europe.

      • retiree

        1. PPACA has no government provided healthcare (except for Medicare and Medicaid, which predate PPACA).

        2. Actually, the various universal healthcare solutions in Europe have worked out fairly well. Their average for healthcare costs is around 8% of GDP (vice our 17% of GDP), and by all objective measures, their healthcare outcomes are better than ours.

        3. The two most cost-effective healthcare systems in the US are VA Medical and MTFs. Both of which are paid for by the government, run by the government, and owned by the government.

        • Idmtmedic

          Paid for by the government? They have their own bank account now? Since when does the government make any money? Besides printing it that is.

          • retiree

            As opposed to paid for by the employers and employees. I strongly suggest you start doing some reading on healthcare systems around the world. You’d be amazed at how well they do, and how cheaply. America spends more on healthcare than almost any other industrialized country, and gets worse benefits for that cost.

            And yes, your MTF and VA are paid for by the Government – please check the Government budget. As is the majority of the cost of healthcare under TriCare. If you don’t like it, feel free to turn all of these down, and pay for your own care.

          • IdmtMedic

            Are you on Meds? Where do you think the government gets it’s money? Why not check north for how well government healthcare works.

          • retiree

            Feel free to leave TriCare – it’s paid for by the Government. You can pay for all your healthcare anytime you want.

          • retiree 2

            I did.

          • Idmtmedic

            My suggestion to you would be check out a war memorial and see how much we have paid already.

          • retiree

            I’m very aware of those who have lost their lives. So is Congress. It does not change FACTS.

            Of course, I realize you want us to go under FERS and FEHBP, collect only 34% of our base pay after 20 years, pay 1.6% of our base pay for that privilege, and have healthcare via FEHBP, which means a minimum of $157 every two weeks (for HMO, member only).

        • horsecrap

          People who are tied to statistics are often ignorant. Systems such as the VA are difficult to sue for malpractice and the doctors who work there are exempt from such actions.

        • HATE BO

          Are you on crack? Lets see that’s why Canadians and people in other parts of the world are coming here for Med treatment. Ok so you really think people in Europe are happy with their HC? You must be doing Obama math.

          • retiree

            You really have no clue, do you? While we have top-flight medicine for the top care (mayo clinic, etc), for the average person our medical care is among the worst in the developed world (as measured objectively), for which we pay more.

            I will repeat, though – the only socialized medicine in this country is in three systems – the military, the VA, and the BIA. And the military admits the miltiary system (MTFs) is more cost-effective than TriCare. None of these are changed by PPACA.

    • Michael

      It is not about politics or personalities, it is about an employment contract.

      • retiree

        Please provide a contract that shows free healthcare for life.

        This battle is lost – because CONGRESS never made said promise.

        US Constitution, Article I, Section 9:
        “No Money shall be drawn from the Treasury, but in Consequence of Appropriations made by Law”

    • Russ in Hawaii

      If Obama were a Marxist, you wouldn’t retire until age 60, and your retire- ment pay would be $100 a month.
      Republicans had absolutely no input into Obamacare. All the Dems voted for it and all the Reps against it and the bill passed without change.

      • retiree

        Republicans had a lot of input into PPACA. It is based on the Massachusetts plan, often called Romneycare, for the Governor at the time (Presidential Candidate Mitt Romney), who sponsored it. The design of PPACA was first suggested in the early 1990’s by the Heritage Foundation, with a mandatory requirement for everyone to purchase insurance as a way to reduce costs. In addition, they were free during the debates and crafting to offer suggestions, which, in fact, resulted in the removal of the Public Payer option. However, they apparently decided that, rather than allow President Obama to have a win, they would vote against a program they themselves had proposed and implemented.

    • fua

      Clearly you’re a moron since you don’t even know how to spell military.

    • absolutely true.

    • Shawn

      Obviously you haven’t a clue what a Marxist is.

    • 1993 till present

      Unbelievable you can’t see how much damage this administration has has done to our economy. Granted Clinton started this ball rolling and Bush focused on terrorism issues at hand leaving this administration to address it’s own party’s folley. The men and women I serve with have done everything asked and now we have our spouses furloughed, TA cut and insurance raised.

    • dex

      what a bunch of bull u need to see how this country has gone done. Hes one lie after another. health care was fine before he screwed it up and yes he is going to change our retirement benefits because the military con[roses 40 percent of the over all budget now he wants to cut programs to retirees, ones who have kept this country free as well as the active and have given u your freedoms. maybe u need to be better informed.

  • Sarin

    The Obama’s Defense Department is a shame agency. I won’t let my daughter or son server under his leadership. People are on welfare getting free benefits, why should the military retirees have to pay more from their pockets. I’m not a retiree, however, I feel sympathy for men and women who retire from the military services. God Bless the USA.

    • retiree

      You realize this increase is from NDAA 2012 – the law passed by the House (controlled by the Republicans) and the Senate (controlled by the Democrats) last year?

    • j123

      Exacly what god are you refering to? I aggree with you about the military, but you assume that just because there are some people who should not be on welfare that no one should be ont it. Show me in the bible were Jesus says don’t help the poor, or the neady.

      • Sarin

        j123, the God said help the poors, but the poors in this country are lazy.
        The God does not create welfare, tax payers do. Free hand out made people lazy. If you want more welfare for the poors, you must be a Democratic crowny.

        • Tonny

          Bull pucky!!!!! sure there is some free loaders but even in Christ’s time there were some but they were taken care of and I bet there were a lot of people saying the same as you. Let them starve or let them go to the fields and pick up what has fallen on the ground. I sort of hope that some day you will feel the pinch. I Thank God I have the means that so many does not. I have felt the pinch as I am also a father that had children that some times went with out food untell the next money came in.

    • John T

      What is happening with the Defense Department was happening when Mr. Bush was in office. With Mr. Clinton also.The problem we face now will never change, as long as we sit around and do nothing. Our only weapon is the ballot. Untill we vote the ***holes out of office, nothing will change. With an attitude like yours, I don’t think I would want to serve with your Son or Daughter. I retired from the USAF after 23 years and 6 months and I pay every month for medical

  • Gave 20

    My fellow veterans: the word ” BETRAYAL” has visited many of you during combat encounters on the ground and in the air, day-to-day we often witnessed it’s use to defer responsibility and blame. We spent the best years of our lives holding our beliefs in freedom and defending it whenever and wherever needed. We now have become the primary whipping post for ” political slaughter” of America by elected officials. Never thought we would deteriorate to this level of BETRAYAL !

  • Audrey

    One thing to do is vote them all out and make those we vote in listen to us and pass laws that reduce their benefits while and after serving in office.

  • Diana

    Which political party was ultimately responsible for making this change…democrats, republicans, or both? I am not that saavy about politics as many of you are. Your response would help; as my vote will depend on what kind of information I receive.
    A verbal commitment is still a contract which was made to us over 20 years ago, while my husband served. If the government goes back on their promise to us who served, imagine what will happen to those who are now serving who do their 20 years of service.
    Will someone please respond to my two questions? Thanks!
    A PROUD USAF military dependent wife
    and mother of a son who served in IRAQ as an Army Infantry Soldier

    • retiree

      NDAA 2012 was passed by both the House (Republican majority) and the Senate (Democratic majority).

      And no, in Equity (which is what the US is under), a verbal commitment is NOT a promise. Per the Constitution, only CONGRESS can make a promise committing money to be spent – and they did not.

      US Constitution, Article I, Section 9:
      “No Money shall be drawn from the Treasury, but in Consequence of Appropriations made by Law”

      • retiree

        Correction to self – the US Government is under Law, not Equity.

  • Tom McCoy

    Thanks for your service…….The rest of us are suffering too. That’s what we’ve been yelling about. Your house of representatives is of the opinion that only the rich shouldn’t suffer from the Bush screwups.

  • Bonnie Haag

    TriCare Prime fees for retirees are $538.56 a YEAR, which breaks down to less than $50.00 a month. Compare what we pay to some of your non-military friends and family and you’ll realize how good we have it. I will pay the increase gladly, and be thankful to have TriCare Prime.

    • boz

      Yeah, keyword is “some”. LOL

    • Florida

      I agree with your thoughts.. im glad to have medicare

    • Critter_Gitter

      I agree…it is far better for me to pay this nominal fee. My co-workers pay out in one month in fees that I pay out in a year! I am blessed and will continue in tricare prime.

    • MomGrandma


    • Robert Craig III

      Apparently you are not paying attention to all the other increases and lost benefits since the Health Care Initiative has taken effect. The overall goal of the Bill is to have the same insurance offered to everyone at the same price.
      Eventually you will have very little benefits and pay more than the average private health insurance package and receive less than you receive now.
      You really need to keep up with the changes that are taking place with the TriCare program.
      Between Tricare and Medicare I have fewer benefits and fewer medications are covered than before all the screaming and shouting about the Health Care Initiative. My cost of living has not increased as much as what is claimed for all the changes.
      Maybe you can explain why TriCare is cutting benefits and rising prices to yourself but, I am on a non-military related disability and can’t afford the increase in fees and decreased benefits.

    • Robert Craig III

      When I was able to work I could afford insurance with no co-pay and had no co-pay on most prescriptions.
      When my company laid me off due to a work related injury that turned out to be permanent I signed up for TriCare and was grateful for it at the time. Now I find myself in a position of having to make a decision between feeding my family of seeing a doctor. I can no longer afford dental coverage so when I anyone in the family has a problem with their teeth we have to save the money until we can afford to visit the dentist..
      Granted TriCare originally was a wonderful plan but since the Health Care Initiative it has turned into a scam to steal what little benefits I once have.

  • JJMurray

    To those of you who say “this is a good deal” or “the increase isn’t that much”, let me compare TriCare Prime to what a relative of mine in NY gets for free. She can get an eye exam and new glasses every year. I can get an eye exam every two years and nothing towards glasses. She can get new dentures every two years. Our dental program doesn’t pay anything towards dentures. She can get a free ride to a scheduled doctors appointment. If I brought that up do you think they’d send the duty driver for me? This relative has been on government assistance for over 30 years now. She gets a check every month, gets food stamps, gets housing assistance, and of course free medical care (oh yeah, she complained about a $10 co pay for one medication the other day) all of which almost equals my retirement pay, especially once I pay for TriCare Prime.
    So, when you say it’s “fair” for us to see an increase in the cost of our “free medical care for life that we were promised, remember that she thinks it’s fair that she doesn’t pay for anything and lives off of the taxes they take out of your retirement pay.

    • Florida

      Why dont you join her, and mooch off the hard working people and get everything for free…your relative should have learned the following,, WORk<HONESTY and PRIDE!!

    • Ray

      What is wrong with you people? This is whats wrong with our country right now. Everybody wants the government to take care of them. We all should be governing our own lives. Our government has much bigger global issues they need to concentrate on. No one ever told you that freedom was free!

    • former military

      JJ, if you don’t like your insurance you can always go out on the economy and buy “better” health insurance. When you find out the price of that “better” insurance maybe you’ll have second thoughts about what you already have and the price that you pay for what you DO have. To compare what your relative gets one would have to know the true reason why she is on a government program.

  • Florida

    To all the complainers about the minimal raise in premium…YOU have a choice.. dont pay and get private insurance, better yet stop chain smoking, guzzling beer and eating cheeseburgers and concentrate on bettering your health, and life becomes more meaningful.. not being attached to an oxygen tank, taking insulin shots is too short change your habits and hopefully the health will improve..find out what private health ins cost and then make a choice.. I spent 23 yrs in the military ..would do it was my choice, and i recd an education,, M.ed.. medical benefits and other benies..the cost of the raise is minimal…grow up ..the mantra of some us has become..GIVE ME< GIVE ME, rather than thank you for what i HAVE.

    • Former Military

      Great points FL! I couldn’t have said it better myself.

    • Lancer

      Excellent Post! Too many whiners..

    • Robert Craig III

      Your logic has a serious problem, I can’t afford to drink (guzzle), I rarely go out for a burger without cheese (I can’t afford to), and I feel like I should be compensated a little better for my service since our wonderful Government can sit behind desk and not worry about the condition of the equipment or getting shot at like many of us did.
      While the E-7’s sat around and pointed out the things I did wrong they never stood up for me when gangs of drunk crew members came back from the beach and either tried to piss on me, kick me in the head, jump on me in my sleep or scream their self into exhaustion before they would finally crash.
      I did my job and tried to fix several years of poor mechanical practices and tried to keep my subordinates in line and teach them how to be responsible for their actions. What I received was an invitation from the Clinton Administration was to get out or risk loosing my retirement benefits because I was unable to make advancement in my rate. I followed the order of my Commander in Chief and tried to provide the tax payer with what they expected for their tax dollar.
      I was accused of several things and told I was not a good leader but was always the one my superiors turned to when things went wrong of someone couldn’t figure out a piece of equipment.
      When I was injured in a non-military industrial accident I didn’t run and scream I was going to sue the company for the mistake of one idiot on drugs and I didn’t try to blame the military for service connected disabilities I had a right to file for until they became life threatening.
      Now I am old and getting fat from the lack of physical exercise, suffer pain on a 24X7 basis, and have to watch my benefits I took advantage of dwindle away because of some political expediency or convenience. And you have the nerve to lump individuals like myself into a category of slackards and toxic social waste preying off the government while our Government continues to take away from the retirees and active duty while they do everything in their power to preserve their comforts at the expense of the taxpayers.
      I spent more than Twenty years in the service and did my best and never had a bad word to say about the military or my Commander in Chief but, the changes in TriCare benefits are not in step with the cost of living adjustments Congress has provided us. Between Medicare and Tricare I now have fewer benefits and have to pay more out of the pocket expenses, a lot more than the cost of living adjustments compensated me for. And to think while our benefits are going down and the co-pays and prescription co-pays are going up so are teh executives compensation for the executives operating TriCare and MediCare.
      I’m sorry my mantra is not GIVE ME < GIVE ME it is STOP TAKING FROM ME I CAN’TGIVE ANYMORE.

      • retiree

        If you’re on Medicare you have Tricare for Life, and this change does not affect you.

        • SCPORet

          You’re right , the increase in fees doesn’t affect you if you’re on Medicare but you have to pay a lot more than the increase in Tricare Prime because Medicare automatically garnish around $100.00 per month from your SS which amount to $1200.00 per year. Actually, Tricare for Life is not a good health program when you reach 65 years old, you pay five times than the amount for Tricare Prime.

        • Stephanie

          I thought this was true, however was recently disabled and got Medicare. Thing is Medicare started at the going rate of $99, then went up the following year to $110, and again this year to $159…..they say I now have TriCare std and now my Medicare is based on my husband’s income so now its $159/Mo. All in a 3 year period. So, I don’t think these type of changes are standard practices. There’s a whole lot more of changes coming …..this is just an example of such. When I asked for explanations, they said it is what it is. Any suggestions?

    • Steve Spurbeck

      That is the great thing about America, we all have choices, I respect your opinion, but diffiently don’t agree with it. Thank you for serving . Perhaps you should spend some of your energy focused on the politicians who receive far better benefits than those that served, without half the sacrifice.

      Steve Spurbeck
      Retired MSG U.S.Army

    • Monty

      I think you should have your head examined again. Not everyone may be as bless as you are!!

    • skip

      Unfortunately yours is a very narrow-minded opinion indeed! I am not complaining about raises in TRICARE fees but many who are, are not chain smoking beer guzzlers living exclusively on cheeseburgers. They are not attached to O2 tanks but some such as myself take insulin shots because we are either Type 1 diabetics or have genetic issues that made us diabetics. I am not obese, I eat healthy and always have, and I go to the gym regularly. I am a Type 1 diabetic, a disease which is an autoimmune disease and is not related to obesity. Please become better informed and refrain from foisting upon us your narrow-minded views and your ‘stoopidity’!

    • Florida1

      Most Veterans don’t mind paying a slight increase for our Tricare, but get real. I entered the military in 1980 and as an enlisted troop we didn’t make a whole lot of money supporting our Country and we were told that we would have free, I said free Medical and Dental coverage for life to include our families. Of course our Government went back on their word as we don’t have free dental and we have to pay for TRICARE PRIME. The politians who works so hard to take away what we deserve vote themselves in a healthy raise each year and aren’t subject to Obama Care!

    • Fed up American

      how will you feel if Obama gets his choice and raises our premiums 7 fold? At least I worked over 20 years to get this medical plan and retirement. Why don’t you talk about benefits for people that do nothing with their lives and simply want a hand out. How about doing some research and find out how much money our government gives away to people who do not have the desire to work hard. Consider the following areas:

      -Section 8 housing
      -Earned income credit
      -Food stamps

      Many of the long-term members of public assistance do not even have a high school diploma. When is society going to recognize that not everyone is equal and not everyone’s work is equivalent. There is not reason why someone who receives government assistance should be living in a 3200 sqft house! I see this routinely in my job.

      I have no problem helping people during rough times, but 20 years is not rough times, but rather a lazy SOB who is a drain on our society. Make everyone earn what they get. If they are on government assistance, then restrict them from having additional children and make them donate some of their time at government agencies.

    • Florida,

      I agree whole heartedly.

  • TiredofCrying

    I’ve got an idea – why don’t all of you renounce your citizenships and move to some other country that is going to give you everything you need. That will solve the problem and you will not have to pay the increase.

    That will sure show them government folk who’s taking everything away from you that you EARNED!

    By the way, when was the last time that TRICARE fees went up again? How much has the cost of healthcare gone up since the last time TRICARE went up?

    When the government goes bankrupt and you get nothing for a retirement, how will that small increase in healthcare insurance look then….

    Ask Not what your country can do for you… I seem to remember those words from sometime in history.

    • Steph York

      Some of these retirees are living on a fixed income you inconsiderate moron! Dont bother to say the cost of living allowance also increases yearly, hove you checked the price of gas lately? “Them government folk”..that is a great use of the english language, maybe you should move, then your broken english will fit in! “Ask not what your country can do for you, but what you can do for your country”.. retirees have already done their part.


      don’t know when or even IF your served —- BUT I was promised health care FREE FOR LIFE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! for my 20+years of “volunteer” service!!!!
      If our GOVERNMENT would STOP giving MY MONEY to those the HAVEN”T Earned IT—- things might just be a WHOLE LOT DIFFERENT, such as ILLEGAL ALLIENS, Congress & Senate members(some of who work 4 years and get paid FOR LIFE)???? not to mention all the “unfortunate” members of our communities that REFUSE to WORK & are “REWARDED” for every ADDITIONAL CHILD THEY BRING INTO THIS WORLD??????
      IF they would PLUG all those LEAKS—- just HEALTH CARE FOR LIFE of ALL Honarabley Discharged Veterans might be ONE PROMISE KEPT~~~~ ’nuff said!!!!

      • retiree

        I was going to correct you, but there’s so much false in your posting, it’s clear you don’t care about the truth.

    • Fred

      Hey Buddy, do your homework and find out why the U.S. Government cannot go bankrupt. It just can’t happen if you read up on it.

    • MomGrandma

      I think our men and women in uniform would gladly accept the healthcare ‘the people on the hill’ have. In comparison, who works harder, longer hours?

    • SGM (Ret) Mc

      What 99% of you don’t understand, is this is a prelude to the Pentagon’s agenda to removing you from Tricare Prime and forcing you onto Tricare Standard which for many folks is cost prohibitive. Veterans, You have the RIGHT to Complain, You have the Right to Vote those out of office that do not support your interests. Over a 20+ year Career you Earned your Benefits, they are not given to you for nothing, many of you paid for them with many years of back breaking work, extended deployments under conditions that would make any Civilian cry and run away. Anyone that belittles you or your opinion for your disappointment for the current situation, is a fake, a fraud, a liar, and more than likely a Civilian with No Military experience. Shame on them for venting their Stupidity here in this forum.

  • voodkokk

    What is the enrollment increase for? I never enrolled in TRICARE Prime and not sure why someone would unless they are constantly at sick call. The Government promised me healthcare for my family and I for the rest of my life if I retired. So far they have lived up to their side of the deal. All of you that accept concessions is what is destroying military health benefits for retirees.


    Just wait till obama dumps Tricare and forces everyone into obamacare and then see what the costs will be. Note the article says you still don’t know the actuall cost and congress can do whatever it wants. Congress’ promises mean nothing to you The are empty statement m,eant to pander for votes. They only pertain to the party and the party faithful and of course, rich. A congressman’s motto is party before people. In the people’s case, the military is the most expendable.

    • Don

      YOU are a Jerk by comparing this to Obama Care. Obama Care is to help all people who cannot afford care, including low, mid class and some rich persons. These people MAY loose EVERYTHING they worked for in life, because of an illness. For years PRE- existing conditions allowed insurance companies charged extra for these and make thousands; if not millions of dollars in insurance cost and then they refused to pay for medical treatments. YOU must know that the total INCREASE cost of medical cost is directed towards the INSURANCE companies and pharmaceutical companies and that THEY arbitrary raise the the prices of HEALTH insurance. NOW! shut your mouth and get REAL and agree that Obama Care is the right thing to do.

      • steve Spurbeck

        You need to educated yourself before you go shooting off. Guess who is paying for Obama Cre. we will. 87% will be paid for by people making 200,000 or less. How do you feel about that?

        • retiree

          Care to cite our source?

          I’ll point out that PPACA is providing health care through employers and private insurance – NOT the federal government. The ONLY piece that is paid for by the federal government is the expansion of Medicaid, which many states are choosing to turn down (thus reducing the cost of PPACA overall)

    • retiree

      Since TriCare is, by law, meeting the standards of the PPACA, I doubt it would be dumped for the reasons you say.

  • Bill

    It is an honor to serve my country for the past 40 years. The problems we face or many and times are tuff. When times are tuff, the tuff, keeps on fighting for freedom. We should also vote for the folks that will get things done and not those who are stubborn and not willing to comprimise for a better solution. Being a hard line anything results in nothing being accomplished. Former Presidents Reagan and Clinton knew that and comprimised for the best solutions at the time. Instead of looking at unemployment percentages, they should be looking at employment percentages of Americans who are actually in the workforce.

  • Mel

    I am fne with the increase because you can not beat the and cost in the civilian world. Trust me!

  • HUCK

    This a bunch of BS and we all know it. I an for VOTING all of them out of office. Let’s put Veterans back in office. I like TWO and you are out. Then back to work like the rest of the USA people. Let’s go to work for the good of the USA now or we will lose it. Go Vets. Get out and vote for the good of our country/ Change is what we do ourselfs not DC runing our good old USA.

  • MomGrandma

    Well, isn’t that just ducky. This is the year hubby is forced to retire and here comes another hit to the wallet.

    • SGM (Ret) Mc

      What 99% of you don’t understand, is this is a prelude to the Pentagon’s agenda to removing you from Tricare Prime and forcing you onto Tricare Standard which for many folks is cost prohibitive. Veterans, You have the RIGHT to Complain, You have the Right to Vote those out of office that do not support your interests. Over a 20+ year Career you Earned your Benefits, they are not given to you for nothing, many of you paid for them with many years of back breaking work, extended deployments under conditions that would make any Civilian cry and run away. Anyone that belittles you or your opinion for your disappointment for the current situation, is a fake, a fraud, a liar, and more than likely a Civilian with No Military experience. Shame on them for venting their Stupidity here in this forum.

  • JJV

    When I was drafted, I was promised free medical & dental for life, for me & my family. Why don’t they take away or raise bennifits to senators & congressmen. Oh, and by the way, let them pay into & receive Social Security, instead of working one term and getting all the perks, bennifits and retirement for just one term. I can’t even get a VA appointment or meds, or reimbursed for the appointsments they finally setup after years of trying to get one.

    • retiree

      1. Senators and Representatives pay into Social Security. Have since 1984.

      2. They need a minimum of 5 years to qualify for retirement (2 House terms). For that, they can collect 8.5% of the average of the top 3 years base pay at age 62. And for that they have paid 1.6% of thier salary every year.

      3. For medical, they pay a minimum of $157 every two weeks (most pay considerably more).

      4. Finally, they have not had a pay raise since 2009.

      • Ernesto Sanchez

        Good for you! You been keeping up with the news, Now tell me? What was the pay raise in 2009? Was it a 30.00 dollar raise, or a 2000.00 dollar raise? What did the military retiree get as a raise, after spending time in the mud patties, months in war situations, and twenty some years in the military?
        Five years behind a desk and home all the time, out of harms way, out of the cold, and heat, and a warm bed every night does not account for much in my book.
        I am also a retiree veteran 26 years service, and do not like what this government has been doing, spending and pocketing the peoples money and trying to screwing us for more, while they keep on living in a nice warm bed.

        • retiree

          Want the pay of Congress -run for Congress.

      • Chuck

        Where did you get these statistics??? I think you are wrong. A couple of retired congressmen live near here (Lawton, OK) and the rent they pay on their houses is $2200 for the Senator and almost as much for the Congresman. They have numerous parties, have fancy cars, boats and can afford Mercedes Sport vehicles for their kids!!!! I believe they do pretty well on their retirement. I am a retired E8 and I have a 2007 Ford F150 and a 1994 Ford Taurus.

    • Joe

      What you were promised is a ponzi scheme. Sorry, but they are designed to collapse.

      • Guest

        Joe, if you really, really, believe that retirement pay and medical benefits
        are ponzi schemes, you are a very sick puppy.

  • Sally

    Happy Happy to pay increase.
    Tri-Care Prime is Great Insurance!
    Life is to short to complain.
    Tired of people being miserable and critical about our country.
    If you want changes GET INVOLVED join your political party and run for an office in your community.
    Actions speak louder than words.
    If your not part of the solution then you remain part of the problem.
    Again…… GET INVOLVED!!!!!!


  • Disgusting

    It is distressing to know that so many vets are willing to accept whatever the VA and congress comes up with. Thank God for all of us that will stand and speak up for our rights and benefits. There will not be any benefits left soon, if you‘ll continue to go along with everything that’s proposed. The Health care we are supposed to get from the VA is a joke. Why should we have to drive hours to get a MRI or any specialty services? This is just one point. I say to all my fellow vets “stop bowing down, stand up and fight for yours and the next generations benefits.”

    • Disgusting,

      Jesus Christ, how much more do you want? Just because you worked for the Government for a few years, doesn’t mean they owe you everything for the rest of your life.

      • Mrs. C

        You are offensive to me and countless others. A nations promise is a promise. I doubt you have any idea what service to others really means. Best you go get out of your skivvies and step away from the keyboard.

      • Idmtmedic

        Interesting reply, now check out Charles comment regarding the next article about crippling Tricare costs. I mean Jesus Christ why are we paying more Charles?

    • Patti

      It doen’t seem to make a difference. What are we supposed to do? Who are we supposed to trust? Because of the way our government is set up, our Commander in Chief can’t even help us; and I’m sorry for those who disagree, I believe he has been trying. We have a Congress and a Senate. That’s the problem.

  • retlog

    That’s not alot to pay for the care we receive, But I do oppose all the wasteful spending that takes place within our Gov”t (GSA just for one reference)

  • Lisa

    I haven’t read every single comment so I may have missed an observation but just my two cents…my husband is USMC retired after 28 years, a mix of active and retired years but retired in reservist status so he (obviously) doesn’t start drawing benefits for several years as he is only 47 now. Until he is eligible for retirement benefits, we must pay full civilian rates and even before he retired, we were literally FORCED off Tricare Reserve Select as I am eligible for health insurance as a federal civilian employee. The premiums are VERY high for a good policy. There was a time that the govt. provided insurances for our family but this has been dwindling quickly over the last 3-4 years. It’s quite a shame.

    • Lisa

      (oops!) *active and reserve years


    “ask not what your country can do for you!” Words to enlist by like 9/11. I spent 30 years of my life “Defending Freedom” . Two Wars, 6 years of family separation
    and a lot of promises never fulfilled. Let this be a lesson for future generations most particularly those who are RIF’ed this go around. All politicians lie! The government is not here to help or support you. Let the volunteer be aware and beware. As for those who roll with this and all future increases to your benefits, shame on you. Stand up demand the benefits promised.

    • kjacsa

      Max, point to one person or more importantly one contract that you signed that promised you complete and full free healthcare for the rest of your life. Now look at your civilian counterparts who have been good law abiding, tax paying and in some cases uniformed service veterans, What are they paying for full coverage healthcare or what kind of service shortages (VA) are they putting up with. We retiree’s have it good, admit it and pay the extra $4.50 or go try to find something better.

      • Michael in CT

        Awesome reply! I just got back from OEF, they gave me 6 months free tricare and then I pay the 200 /month premium for family, a very good deal. Getting insurance in retirement for 500/month or less( and its pretty good considering) is a deal and he should stop crying he isnt getting more. “Everyone knows what they are entitled to, but nobody knows who is entitled to pay for it”-The late Louis Rukyser

    • DMAC

      Max: I think you’re trying to make a mountain out of a mole hill. I’m with you KJ. Whether we like it or not costs continue to rise, and this is a small price to pay. The cost of everything rises over time. I’m a retired Vietnam Vet and I was also made the same promises, but I understand the need to cover rising costs. Retirees don’t complain when they get cost of living raises to their retirement checks, so an additional few bucks for healthcare seems very reasonable.

  • COL Howerton

    I certainly try not to be ethnocentric in what I think, say and do. However, all of these enrollment fees would be unnecessary were we to stop ANY sort of payments (social security, WIC and what have you) to illegal aliens who’ve done nothing to earn them.

    • steve

      ILLEGALS, and LAZY Americans, are the ONLY REASONS we will see increased Fees in our “FREE” MEDICAL CARE

    • Elvin Orlando

      I’m with you on this…If our country stops all the benefits to the illegal, and I say it again ILEGAL Immigrants we will not get a raise in our premium. Most of the Illegal families here in our country, come; have a bunch of children to get free money from our government. Who pay for that, we pay for them every year…I have had my identity stolen twice by immigrant / illegal alien, they have file taxes under my name and have had the tax return paid to them. Same goes to those who live on welfare, wic and other government benefits, when they can work and get pay for the job they may do. If we all come with an agreement, the SERVICE MEMBERS should not have to pay anything on premium or other benefits we may have, nor for VA Benefits, we are the lowest paid in the federal government and the congress objects every time we supposed to have a pay raise. Without the military there will be no democracy, and the rich people will have nothing…

      • retiree

        Please turn off Fox News. the majority of the illegal aliens come here to work. If you want to stop them from coming here, we need to throw some of their employers in jail and stop hiring them. Be prepared for food and other prices to increase when we start having to pay minimum wage to workers.

        Those who collect federal benefits are doing so illegally. If you identify any, please report to the government.

        • SJW

          So when is Fox News the only one to be turned off. You won’t get anything from any of the news channels that is the truth if it’s coming from the administration – Democrates or Republicans. I really don’t care why ILLEGALS are here – the point is they are ILLEGALS and need to be sent back – the law is the law and it would be nice if everyone followed the laws we have right now. Our country is broke because of the reckless government (that was elected!), crooks, greed, all the money sent to foreign nations and ILLEGALS who are allowed to stay and feed off the taxpayers. Anyone who breaks the law needs to be held accountable. It’s just says a lot that we have elected officials that have broken the law and nothing is being done about that either. By the way, I’m a retired veteran also.

          • retiree

            1. Illegals do NOT feed off taxpayers – they are not eligible for federal benefits.

            2. President Obama’s administration is deporting record numbers of illegal aliens. However, the largest drop is caused by our recession, which removed the job incentive for many. Without jobs, they have headed back home.

            3. As I have said, if you truly want to eliminate the illegal alien problem, you need to remove the incentive. That means stop the employers from hiring them – and not by “fining” them a small amount and letting them go back to hiring. Send some employers to jail for breaking the law.

            4. Assuming they all go home, those jobs will now cost much more – which means be prepared to pay closer to the world average of your income for food. Personally I don’t have a problem with that, but I figured I’d give you the warning.

            5. the total cost of the State Department (including USAID) is roughly equal to what DoD spends in health care each year. 49% of the “money we ship to other countries” ends up getting spent here in the US. So prepare for that drop in spending as well.

          • FUI

            Retiree – Take off your Obama-Goggles – try watching some news programs and 20/20 about Mexicans ripping off Social Security.

    • dennis

      Sorrry,but if you checked it out,the vast,vast ,vast number of illegals do not ever apply for Gov.benifits.

      • Wayne

        Are you living under a rock? School cost the tax payers, hospitals cost the tax payers, auto insurance cost individuals and the cost of living were their is large amount of illegal is down people cannot sell their homes.

        • retiree

          Please turn off Fox News. Illegal aliens are NOT eligible for federal benefits. Their cost to the healthcare system is under 1% (and it would be even less if they could get health insurance -as instead we pay the most expensive way possible through the emergency room). No clue what you mean about auto insurance – that’s a private cost. And in case you didn’t notice, housing prices tanked all over this country, thanks to the bubble created by the greed of banks and individuals.

    • retiree

      All such payments are illegal. IF you know of any illegal alien getting SS, WIC, etc for a non-US Citizen, please report it.

    • COL Howerton,

      I’ll have to disagree, in that there is no budget for illegal aliens.

  • Homer Simpson

    Well, most of the pros for fee increases probably did not serve. Lucky for them. They are not the ones who suffer from ptsd they aquirred from watching their buddy have his face shredded by shrapnel from a IED. Or walked under a smoke cloud from a plume of oil and now are on oxygen 99% of the time as their lungs rot from the inside ever so slowly. They are not the ones who gave it their all to stop their unit from getting over run….no, these creeps sat on a chair at home watching someone die thousands pf miles away while they guzzled beer and smoking cigeretts driving up healthcare costs as their bodies got fat and their livers rotted away. Or, they did serve and are too stupid to wake up. Tri-care and VA benefits are yours. Do not let those who suck the life from the country either living in political office or living off of food stamps take your hard earned benefits

  • Moesizlack

    Well, most of the pros for fee increases probably did not serve. Lucky for them. They are not the ones who suffer from ptsd they aquirred from watching their buddy have his face shredded by shrapnel from a IED. Or walked under a smoke cloud from a plume of oil and now are on oxygen 99% of the time as their lungs rot from the inside ever so slowly. They are not the ones who gave it their all to stop their unit from getting over run….no, these creeps sat on a chair at home watching someone die thousands pf miles away while they guzzled beer and smoking cigeretts driving up healthcare costs as their bodies got fat and their livers rotted away. Or, they did serve and are too stupid to wake up. Tri-care and VA benefits are yours. Do not let those who suck the life from the country either living in political office or living off of food stamps take your hard earned benefits

  • 1SG USA Retired

    For those of us that were told upon retirement and the several re-enlistments prior to retirement that we would receive free medical and dental for life (plus other benefits), it is an embarrasmennt for us to receive anything less. Those of you that accept this but don’t stand up and voice your opinions about senators and others that get better compensation than veterans should be ashamed of yourself and the sacrafices you and your family made over the years. Without the military defending this country we are no better than any thrid world country out there. Veterans deserve better representation from our goverment and it’s leaders.

    • kjacsa

      I don’t know what you are talking about! I was never told nor promised free anything for life. More importantly I never signed any type of contract stating such a promise. __Now look at your civilian counterparts who have been good law abiding, tax paying and in some cases uniformed service veterans, What are they paying for full coverage healthcare or what kind of service shortages (VA) are they putting up with. We retiree’s have it good, admit it and pay the extra $4.50 or go try to find something better. ____

    • George

      When I retired in 1993 I was told that the VA would take care of me. When I got married I had to get Tricare for my wife so she would be covered for medical.It is a shame that service members have to pay the price for things that they fought to kept . It seems that we fought for nothing and continue to have things taken from us. It seems that promises are not kept like we were told. SSGT. retired US Army

    • MSG Morgan

      Yes I heard that. I was expecting all the free stuff they promised. Expected it because of the poor to non existent medical care I got on active duty. Such as asprin for a broken foot.

  • Edward E Vincent Jr

    In reply to reply to Lisa who’s husband has active/ reserve time. He is eleiglbe for VA medical now!! Just go to the nearest VA clinic and put in an application. Take his DD214 with you. They will send a letter back in a few weeks and then you just go make an appointment to see a Dr.

    • Charles

      Not true. If you make too much money they still won’t let you in. You still have co pays for The Doctor and RX’s.

  • Robert Peckham

    The Defense Dept (FED Govt) is in breach of contract.
    My contract stated that if I served 20 Yr active duty I would receive free Medical for myself and my dependents. I pay for Medicare and tricare.

    • danny prince

      robert.i do the same. there is only the wife and i though,so its not bad as others….but still wrong.

    • retiree

      Care to look at your contract again? The US Courts found no one with such a contract. At most were promises of “healthcare for life” (note the missing word) in recruiting literature. And Congress never authorized it, so no promise could be made.

  • Edward E Vincent Jr

    It is a sad state of affairs that when folks get out or retire from the military the out process briefings lack the info needed to get in the VA system. The folks that gave my briefs told us zip as far as claims info went. Over the last 22 years I have a good understanding and help other vets get the benifits they deserve. Look up your state VA rep or go to the VFW, American Legion, DAV and talk to their VSO reps.

  • Kenneth R. Berry

    We the people must be selective as whom we vote into office, not just the president, but, most importantly our senators and congressional leaders. Then and only then will we perhaps have a say so and perhaps they will listen.

    Thank-you very much,

    Have a great Day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • JohnBbroke

      Couldn’t agree with you more. I read all these comments regarding a variety of subject and fine most have done their homework, but their are far to many expressing he, she, they said.

      Still can not figure out how Bachman and Harris with voted in.

  • R.Hans

    I am reaching 65 years old in december. Will have to start paying $100 plus for medicare, god knows what else for suplement,plus tricare for life. I have to go on medicare!!!!!!!!!!!!! What happened to medical for the rest of my life????? I will be losing more of my SS and Navy retirement money then. Where’s the justice in this, not only for me, but for all retirees. I agree, take away from congressmen and senators, see how they like it. We all know that won’t happen!!!

  • Milhealth (Karen)

    So, have any of you read that Congress or the Administration will be paying more for their healthcare premiums? ………. didn’t think so.

    IMHO, the ONLY entitled people in our society are veterans and service members who actually sacrifice/sacrficed and work/worked for their benefits.There isn’t enough money or benefits that could ever repay our debt of gratitude!

    Proud Army Mom!

    • retiree

      Actually, they probably will. I fully expect FEHBP (their health plan) to go up, just like it has every year in the past. This is only the 2nd year that TriCare has gone up, and thanks to NDAA 2012, it is limited to our COLA rate. Their healthcare increases are NOT limited.

  • Colette Binkley

    The United States Supreme Court has ruled that our Tricare for Life Benefits were implied by recruiters but never in writing or approved by Congress therefore they do not have to follow it. But Congress did pass a bill that those of us that served prior to 1975 I believe don’t hold me to that date, will still have tricare for life hence the New Tricare Prime was instituted.

    • Bob

      What most people don’t understand that, while there are no premiums for “Tricare for Life” benefits, you have to pay medicare (Part B) premiums in order to qualify for TFL. (Talk about a bait-and-switch!). And the medicare premiums are much more that the retiree Tricare premiums! The whole thing is DISGUSTING!

      • Valerie

        Tricare for Life is billed at the same rate as single Tricare prime and we are required to pay for both Tricare for Life as well as Medicare even if a totally service connected disabled veteran who gets all care covered by the VA (which bills Tricare and Medicare until I catch it and remind them they are not allowed to bill for service connected illnesses, idiots)

      • Mary Kay

        According to an article in Military Officer, April 2012 there will be a fee for Tricare for Life starting FY 2013. It’s prorated according to our retired pay. For example retired pay $0-$22,589 in 2013 it will be $35 in 2014 $75, 2015 $115, 2016 $150 and 2017 $158. For pay $22,590-$45,178 it will be $75, $150, $225, $300 and $317 for the years. Then for $45,179 and above it’s $115, $225, $335, $450 and $475. All of this is per family member for year. Plus you’ll still have to pay Meicare par B fees.

        • retiree

          That was a proposal,and it was NOT per family member, for TriCare. TriCare for Life would have a yearly fee of $200. Both proposals were shot down in both the SASC and HASC and are dead.

    • retiree

      No, Tricare was instituted in 1995. The Supreme Court turned down the Appeals Court in 2003. And there is no “1975” dividing line. Anyone over 65 is on Tricare for Life or space-A at MTFs, those under 65 have the choices of TriCare Prime, TriCare Extra, TriCare Standard, or space-A at MTFs.

      • Valerie

        If under 65 and totally disabled we are required to purchase Tricare for Life in order to maintain Prime and are required to purchase Medicare even though we are happy with Tricare Prime ~ very frustrating and then to top that off take away our retirement dollar for dollar to pay for disability pay for service connected disability

        We lose about $30,000 per year due to the stupidity of the systems

        • retiree

          There is no way those programs cost $30K/year. If you are truly 100% disabled for service-connected disabilities, you need to go direct to the VA.

          And again, TriCare for Life has no cost.

          A useful link:

  • Joe Massey

    I’m in full agreement with these comments and have lived through all of the changes, cutting our retirement benefits…..100% in agreement about the benefits going to illegals….BUT, moreover the fact that politicians serve one term and are set for life (with no cuts in benefits?) I almost feel as though the country would be better off if we just deleted Senator, Congressmen and we couldn’t be any worse off if we deleted our do nothing president.

  • COL (Ret) Jenkins

    Truly a disappointment. However, disappointment is routine if any level of government is involved. Expecting the Government to honor commitments to anyone other than to respective members of political parties is an exercise in futility. I have written numerous times to ALL my Congressional leadership expressing concern for such rate hike proposals, but, like I inferred, they will take care of themselves–only.

  • Ok9403

    Again, here goes the raise in retirement pay to offset tricare. After 24 years of service, it’s said to see I’m still paying for earned benefits. Again, a slap in the face by this GOP do-nothing congress, they must be replaced and put in someone who has not signed the Norquest pledge, as even Romney has did, if elected expect to see a lot more cuts to our retirement and benefit, yet reps get full benefits and make millions off of lobbyists, we need to all unite and change as they do work for us, not the opposite way around, all people should vote for our benefit cuts and the reps raises too.

    • Connie Harold

      Obama had the Democratic controlled House and a Democratic controlled Senate for two years and did nothing for the military. Don’t put your trust in Obama, he’ll sell you down the street. We Must Have A New President!! WE can’t afford another 4 years OF THIS!! He is takiing us and America in the wrong Direction. Please learn what’s happening to us because of President Obama. He is cutting our defense budget by billlions!!

    • Ken

      You’re right, but I don’t think the Democrats will be any different. considering our earned and promised medical and dental benefits were “stolen” by a pair of Democrats, then SecDef William Perry, and his boss, Bill Clinton.

  • Joe

    Free benefits for life, the promise was a ponzi scheme.

  • Hobo haha

    They know how to slip us the FID, one way or another

  • jsub1960

    Meanwhile, give 800,000 illegals amnesty (I know, it’s not called amnesty, but it might as well be), force everyone to pay for socialized healthcare, pour tax money into failed businesses, add to record debts and spending caps, throw more tax money to foreign countries, pay your kickbacks, and fly AF1 all over the country for a re-election campaign….almost makes my 22 years of AD seem worthwhile!

    • steve Spurbeck

      NIce, I couldn’t of said it better my friend

    • retiree

      Socialized healthcare? Since the insurance is paid for companies and individuals to private insurance companies, I have no idea what you’re on.

      However, the rest of your screed is equally well researched – not.

  • Steven Spurbeck

    What an embarassment and every member of Ciongress should hang their heads low. Expecially ,are so called Commmander in Chief, who has never put a uniform on in his life. Senator McCain As long as I am breathing I will do everything in my power to tell everyone how much of a coward you really are for selling out on Ameicans and cutting the budget in health care for those that proudly served. Mr Obama, I voted for you and made a mistake, trust me the next time my vote will not go for you, as I truly beleive you are a coward as well..

    • Ernesto Sanchez,

      What does it matter what a Congressmen gets paid? If you’re unhappy, then I suggest you run for Congress.

      • steve Spurbeck

        It matters because they are making decisions about something that I worked hard for 22 years 6 months and 8 days. They are making decison that effect me and other service members and not them. Two standards my frined that is why it matters,. If they were receieving the same benefits than I wouldn’t commnet. Do you have any other comments?

        • retiree

          Don’t like it, move elsewhere. That’s been the way it is since 1789, when we put the Constitution in place giving them that authority.

          Oh, and their retirement and medical benefits are worse than ours. They are under FERS and FEHBP, same as the federal civil service.

  • pward

    We all need to stop complaining and then doing – If everyone wrote and sent and e-mail the there senator or congressman, President, ETC…..Maybe it would help (but dont count on it) I have sent at least 3 emails got a couple of replies but no help – this fall we can vote –use your vote —

  • sfc healy retired

    The damn country is broke…we cant just spend and print more moula….in the end…we will lose all our benefits……because of graf and corruption

  • Lbighands

    Is that $520.00 a year or a month, because I have BCBS and it’s 490 a month and I’m 100% PT but I work to support my family. In my place of employment I see veterans bitching about this and that but half of them don’t make there doctors appointment or follow the treatment plans laid out by their provider. we almost have to seperate the older vet from the younger vets because of the frequent arguing over who suffered more and who had it the hardest! war is war weather it’s in the sand or on a beach. SO SHUT UP AND PAY THE SMALL FEE YOU CAN EVEN PAY MONTHLY 43.33 a month thats less than a carton of cig’s (50-70 dollars)

  • Bob Davies USN RET

    I am 79 yrs old and a 2 war combat veteran. I am so ashamed of how our country has been managed this last 5/6 yrs. I really don’t know what to believe. Our senators and congressman only think of them self’s and not Mr and Mrs America. The only way we can our government back is to vote out cowards money suckers in Washington. Lets go to work, pull up your selves and boot straps and kick some butt. I might be old but I am a very proud American. I know we can do it.

  • flacoface

    The final analysis is that this country changed from watching each other’s backs into everyone for themselves. If you are disillusioned by elected officials, just know that most of them will tell you that they got to their position by hard work (please try not to laugh). They will say that we didn’t try hard enough.

    This just make me want to go to the PX and purchase a bottle of Military Special…I won’t be able to afford the good stuff anymore.-

  • ghilie

    Do any of you complainers have any idea what people pay for health insurance in the real world? Back in the nineties (the nineties, people) I shelled out over $200 per month for insurance. These days, it is more like $500 per month. If you don’t want to pay for Tricare Prime, then don’t. You’ll get bumped to Tricare Standard, which is FREE for active duty retirees. As for me, I will pay 1/12 of what most people pay and thank God for it every time I use it.

    • navywayne

      Apples and oranges! The people that are paying for healthcare at 500 a month did not serve in anything and you are implying that we loafed around for twenty years and did nothing so we show be glad we are not paying what loafers and non career or retirement plan people have to pay for not being smart enough to have had a career in something that paid their health plan.
      You are way off like alot of liberals that think the illegals should get free stuff for being hyena’s sneaking over the horizon and dragging off the US workers taxes and safety net programs for the LEGAL workers in this country. The military and retired military that actually paid into the programs and worked hard for these benefits should just lay there like a lion sun bathing and allow the hyena’s(illegals, lazy career welfare/occupy clowns, and politicians) to drag off their benefits and pensions. Time for the lions to get the jungle in order by first getting rid of the hyena politicians that are stealing our stuff to give to the other hyenas. November will tell if the lions will allow the hyenas to come and steal the last meat or we smack them back and run them off!

      • ghilie

        Go sell your Fox News Talking Points to someone who is buying. Liberalism and illegal aliens are irrelevant. We are discussing Tricare fees, and ones you don’t have to pay, at that. However, I am glad to see that Rupert Murdoch knows how to win hearts and minds. Perhaps we should have hired him for the Iraq war.

        Do you think the military is some noble warrior class? We all volunteered for our own reasons. And hey, the army I remember was liberally sprinkled with people who hazed each other and delighted in being an @$$ to their fellow soldier. Top used to love to play mind games with us. We were all angry, all the time, if we weren’t defeated first. And the re-enlistment guys would tell us how we would never have a good job on the outside so we might as well re-enlist. Every decent NCO I knew left as soon as their contracts expired.

        The only ones I think should have totally free heath care are the ones who were drafted. If that’s you, consider my portion of this argument ceded.

        • vieteravet

          Stop whinning and go back to MSNBC. We all got hazed and when we gained rank we hazed back. It made us tough, not like the wussy rules they have today. Some of us voluteered during Viet Nam and retired after Desert Storm, yeah we were a warrior class!

        • RNB

          “Do you think the military is some noble warrior class?” Are you kidding? Of course we are a warrior class! We condition, we train, we deploy, and we engage in battle as trained professional warriors. I embrace the concept of a warrior class – while serving under conditions that take us into combat.

          That said, I do believe that under the current administration that our benefits could be at risk. I say that cautiosly as I personally have not yet seen any benefits taken away. In regards to this specific issue I worry that medical benefits for retirees could be adversely impacted if the intent is for everyone, including retirees, to have to obtain medical insurance through ObamaCare.

          My solution will be at the ballot box.

        • Bob

          ghille – You seem to be all for having promises made to those of us who did comlete our required time to retire broken and trampled on. We did complete our 20 plus years of service. We did pay for our benefits, through sacrifice, blood and sweat. Where were you when your children were born? Were you at the hospital with your wife? In the area? In the same state? Or were you in another country, or on a ship some where, not knowing when, or if, you wouuld ever see them? (like many of us were)
          Ever been shot at while sipping you latte at Starbucks? How about while sipping a cup of day old swill passed off as coffee while sitting on a rock outside a canvas fly tent?
          I do not begrudge you getting out. Heck, you probably did some SSGT or SFC a favor. I do not begrudge UNion workers getting what they contracted for. Why do you begrudge Retirees getting what they were promised? Why are you so anti-Military, yet visit a MIlitary website? Are you an MSNBC plant?

        • Bob

          ghille – Ffurther, so you did not have fun in the military, okay so be it. You got hazed and couldn’t handle it. (ever been in a college fraternity?) Your SGT didn’t understand you or care how you felt. I feel sorry for you. I guess the job was bigger than you then. Now, pull up your big boy panties and move on.
          Also, funny you should go after Fox News. Do you prefer all the news fit to make up on NBC, CBS, ABC, MSNBC or CNN? Did Fox plagiarize documents in the wrong font to go after a President? Did they offer doctored video to a trial to ensure conviction, which may cause a mistrial? Did they use doctored 911 tapes to inflame a situation already too volatile? Did they Google a name to blame the Tea Party for creating a murderer? Too bad, then they could have been considered “main stream” in your coffee house.

      • navywayne,

        “The military and retired military that actually paid into the programs and worked hard for these benefits should just lay there like a lion sun bathing and allow the hyena’s(illegals, lazy career welfare/occupy clowns, and politicians) to drag off their benefits and pensions.”

        When it actually comes down to paying into our pension and health care system, those retired from the Military are the only group of people that I know of that has never paid into their retirement or health care system.

        As I have posted before, no one is taking away our benefits or pensions. Since I retired in 1995, my pension has only gone up, and my health care benefits have only been added too. Matter of fact, I don’t know of one dang thing that has ever been taken away from me.

        • whill

          Thank you Charles, I retired in Aug 1991, E-8 and I started work for the
          State of Florida, and my co-workers were paying 200.00 monthly for health insurance and happy for it, and did not pay into a retirement fund because the State paid it for us, and let me tell you I enjoyed it but now we are paying in 1/3rd of our salary for retirement and after retirement it cost 1,240.00 per month to keep, and all that after not getting a pay raise in 6 years, and I look at all those people the served their country through war and peace and went to work for state Gov and are getting the shalt, so I think we are dam lucky


        • Kevin

          “those retired from the Military are the only group of people that I know of that has never paid into their retirement or health care system”

          That is because military retirement is not classified by the military as a pension. The IRS considers it a pension, but the military classified it as deferred compensation when I was in. What ever it is, as a 23 yr retiree, I am happy to get it and the reduced medical care, both in availability and price.

        • Idmtmedic

          For those that are not around to NOT pay I would disagree. How much more would you like them to pay?

          • retiree

            Please provide an LES showing deductions from your paycheck for your retirement.

            For those who were killed on Active Duty, their survivor benefits (to include TriCare) are not affected by this – read the article.

      • JDR

        The major problem with your response is that you are assuming the people who pay for healthcare at $500 a month did not serve in anything. You seem to have forgotten all your brothers and sisters who served alongside you who did not make the military a career of 20 years or more. May be another aples to oranges comment…but please stop assuming folks who don’t qualify for the Tricare retiree health insurance have never served.

        • whill

          Well Said JDR.

        • Idmtmedic

          Don’t you think that is a problem? The retirement system is based for those that do 20 years for a certain outcome. Now compare, which a few don’t see a correlation to the congress plan. If the proposal is to base military retirement on a system that is similar to congress as far as time served and a percentage of that after you reach a certain age then why in the hell would anyone serve? Yes I know god and country. Well money talks and congress makes the laws and the money. The retirement for congress was to entice young up and comers for service to our country. How many 18 y/o are serving in congress? How many congressman have ever served? How many millionaires are in congress? FACT, congressman already have an established career, and a retirement plan is absurd on it’s face. We pay for it. We also pay for our own retirement after twenty years in the military. It’s called taxes which we pay for. The difference? Memorial Day! Put a price on your family member. If ANY congress member can put a dollar figure on their loved one then I would love to see it. Nickel and dime the retirees and active duty will get you exactly what you deserve. A fast exit back to your private practice law firm and insider trading profits. I’m sure it would be a big economic disaster for you. Would love to see a former congressman on the 3 hots and a cot.

          • retiree

            ?? Are you responding to the same story? No one has suggested a change in retirement in this story, it’s about the increase in TriCare fee. The person you are responding to is pointing out that many of those who are not retired DID serve in the military (only 18% of those who serve make retirement).

            And no, 18 year olds do NOT serve in Congress. Because the Constitution specified the minimum age to be a member of the House of Representatives is 25.

            FACT – they pay for their retirement and their healthcare, unlike active duty. They are under FERS and FEHBP, same as the federal civil servants.

            FACT – if we the people do not enable Congressmen (Representatives and Senators) to make a decent living while serving, it is guaranteed the only people who will serve are the millionaires you complain about.

            FACT – Congress sets it’s own Compensation. We told them to do that in 1789, when the states ratified the Constitution.

          • Idmtmedic

            So what does deferred compensation mean to you? Yes I know what the article is about and for those that didn’t complete 20 yrs then the “proposed” changes to retirement may keep them in? No it won’t but I did twenty so it’s my uninformed opinion. Define decent living? Lmao. My next post will be an average retirement for an average congressman. Your right 25 is the age and an 18 y/o is responsible enough to load and KILL or die but not serve in the house. I know propose an amendment.

          • retiree

            The article is about TriCare for retirees, and the 3.6% increase in rates come Oct 2012. Not about the retirement part of our benefits.

            If you want 18 year olds to serve in Congress, Article V of the Constitution spells out how to do it.

          • Idmtmedic

            The medical is part of the RETIREMENT part of our benefits. Adding and taking in the same sentence is BS. Part of this whole argument is because Tricare hasn’t had an increase in many years and of course healthcare cost go up. Why is it that congress is safe from inflation for retirement? 3/4 to 1/3 of health care AND life insurance for congress are SUBSIDIZED by taxpayers.

          • retiree

            The Medical is separate from retirement pay. It is budgeted spearately.

            Nor is Congress any more immune to inflation than us – their FERS increases with the same COLA as us, and their FEHBP is NOT protected (our TriCare standard is limited to the rate of COLA increase). Their cost is identical to that of the Federal Civil Service.

            If you wish to pay the full cost of your health insurance, feel free to do so. TriCare is well more subsidized than ours.

            For those who don’t follow, IDMTMedic advocates we get the same benefits as Congress. That means a 34% retirement after 20 years, payable at age 50. That means a minimum of $157 every two weeks for health care (that’s for HMO, member only). That means paying cash while serving on active duty for our retirement (1.6% of base pay every paycheck).

          • Idmtmedic

            I’m guessing your stance on future “think tank” proposals are ok with you? Now that the increased fees for Tricare for life AND working age retirees are in the discussion?. Something that affects your pocket book is discussed and you suddenly get mute. Charles is now gonna get the shaft like the rest of us before 65rs. No more safe zones. He get’s to feel it too lmao. Well soon enough that is.

      • madeline paleski

        right on navywayne health care for life was the contract service members signed when they pledged to protect and defend our country. The pay is low the risks are high the whole family endures many long separations.

        • madeline paleskik,

          No, HEALTH CARE is not mentioned in past contracts or in any contracts today. Matter of fact, nether is our RETIREMENT PAY.


          the more we say it, maybe, just maybe it will come true.

    • stewart

      The point here is that it was promised that it was free when I signed the bottom line. I understand that it is cheap, but it just isn’t what was promised.

      • stewart,

        I understand what you’re saying, but the Supreme Court has already decided that the promise was never made by those that can actually promise ‘free health care for life’. Too continue to hang onto this myth, does nothing for our cause of keeping our premiums low.

        • Idmtmedic

          So right Charles, now enjoy the effects of Tricare for life costs. Your retirement check just paid for your health care. Well unless you have something serious then it will cost you more. Of course it’s only a proposal by an influential think tank but no worries. We are sooooo lucky as vets?

      • retiree
    • Jon F. Scott

      Tricare standard is not free it is pay as you go. It is like saying a movie ticket is free because I did not pay for it in advance. You pay for the ticket when you go to the theater. The same with standard the costs are up front in the higher up front deductible until that is met the cost is all yours then then you still have higher out of pocket expense for its use.

    • JSoto

      some of us (retirees) don’t have a choice. If we don’t live near a military medical facility, we’re stuck with STANDARD!

    • camp follower

      whoa there! Everybody grab your cofee -real world now- cost is not average 500 unless you are buying a Cadillac plan Tricare Prime is our HMO plan and the President wants to raise the Tricare program costs to you – so you will select Obama Care when it starts .
      ricare standard is not free, an old 80/20 plan – pick your poison carefully because there is a master plan going on for health care and not just ours.

      Who knows what increases are coming down the pike.These changes deserve a response- call, email, go to meetings and vote on this election. The country is broke, only one thing can be done to change the way the US spends money and thus has to cut our benfits- the pie is olnly so big, and this means you must act in this election. Voting is your chance to be as brave as when you served your contry. Men and women have died for our right to vote- where do you want your country to be- Greece or the leader of the world.

      • retiree

        TriCare, by LAW, meets teh standards of PPACA. PPACA is NOT an insurance plan – you are free to choose various private insurance plans. It is NOT a government insurance plan.

    • campfollower

      whoa there- 500 dollars will get you a cadiallac plan if you are working, uniquely the same for non caddillac plan cobre( a fed plan)
      Tricare prime = an HMO plan
      Tricare Standard = is the old 80/20 plan with added costs – certainly not FREE
      God has nothing to do with this process- 3 divisions of goverment does. And as of Obama Care none of those 3 divisions of goverment have to use Obama Care due to they are special, Just all of us and ( alert) the increasing costs for Tricare Prime are meant to move all of us to Obama Care by 2014. Costs will go up and mark my typing it will have Obama Care seem cheap by 2014. So thats how they close out all Tricare.
      Call, email and vote. The pie is only so big, goverment is set to cut the military by end of year and a voice needs to be heard. Men and women have died for us to live and vote.

      • retiree

        The “3 divisions of government” (I’m assuming you mean Executive, Legislative, and Judicial) have to use PPACA – specifically the civil servant side (to include Congress) use FEHBP, which will have to meet PPACA standards. The Military part of the Executive Branch (US – we’re part of the Government), has TriCare, which has been defined by law as meeting PPACA.

        Oh, and by NDAA 2012, TriCare increases CANNOT exceed the percentage increase in COLA. As CharlesBryant posted elsewhere, FEHBP rates are going up even more than ours.

    • Kronic

      Thanks for the lecture. Totally un-enlightening.

    • Jimmy

      20+ years of my life defending you RIGHT to say stupit things like that is what I paid for my “promised FREE health care”

      • ghilie

        Hey guess what? I’m retired too. I guess I defended your right to say stupid shit as well.

    • Bob Bain

      The cost increase is not the problem here. When I enlisted, and when I was a Recruiter, one of the biggest “selling points” for a creer in the Military was the benefits. Now, we are just one more group whose backs are being used to balance the budget. Try raising the out-of-pocket expense for any benefit to any Union worker, especially the reitrees, and hear the outcry. Yes, our cost is below what others pay, but our careers, for the most part, were more demanding.

      • Bob Bain,

        “When I enlisted, and when I was a Recruiter, one of the biggest “selling points” for a creer in the Military was the benefits.”

        This may be true, but those that stay in the service to retire is only 17% to 18%, and let me just add, the promise of “free health care for life” was never a promise our Government made.

    • D.T>

      we are on tricare prime, lower premiums but MD is over 1.25 hrs away. Hospital is also that far. Moving soon and this will go to 1.6 hrs away! DOD cancelled the contracts for MD/hospital coverage closer to our area. Military hospital is 2.5 hrs away. cannot use the base 45′ away as not enough MD’s for retirees. Make too much money for VA, 34 yrs service and NO VA benefits!!

    • carolyn

      with respect, I do, I worked in hospitals and with sick people all my career. I appreciate that I can see the best doctors even at a cost. MY concern is if the military retired are always the ones that get the increases, how are we to pay for it in long run… we will be reduced to poor citizens of our own country, seeking emergency care , because we can afford no other… limited incomes of the wounded, or long retired can only strecth do far.

      • dummy

        you obviously haven’t had to go to VA medical with anything seriously wrong; ii you would have they would have hauled you to a civilian hospital and left you there with no financial help. If you would have had a stroke or heart attack……..the VA hospitals that I’ve seen have no emergency room service after hours. That’s not the kind of “free” medical they told me I would have had when they tried to get me to re-up.

    • John

      I with you brother. I will gladly pay 43 bucks a month for my entire family! After my daughters 325K ICU stay for a month it was $365 out of pocket. My triple bypass at 140K cost me $85 out of pocket. My mail order meds ar emostly generic and I pay $0 thats right ZERO for them. Sure I would love it if it could be totally free but these rates beat anything civilians pay and I am not going rock that boat.

      • dummy

        so………..they just lied to you a little bit! In Norway every citizen’s healthcare is paid !
        Sure wish I would have known that and was smart enough to go there before joining our military and defended chaney’s life.

    • RLTW

      Don’t forget; people in the “real world” didn’t owe their boss 24/7. They didn’t go on 12-18 month deployments every 3 years away from their families. They were paid more than their military counterparts. Comparing the military with the outside on a point by point basis is ludicrus.

    • Ron

      were these people in the real world deployed every 2 or 3 yrs, family separations, in a war zone,etc etc, shot at and humiliated?? we deserve no less than the free health care we were promised, if we enlisted or were drafted, soes’nt matter

    • Marge

      I hate to be the one to tell you this, but my father and my husband were promised free health care for life as part of their agreement to join the military and be paid less than half of what a civilian was paid to do the same job for over 28 years of their lives… So, yes, I have a problem with being expected to pay increased fees for insurance and now finding out that our copays for prescriptions just doubled also… If they wanted to pay my family the same as a civilian worker for all of these years of working to protect this country, then that would have been fine, but they did not… If they want to go back and pay the men retro also that would be okay… not so, they made empty promises that they feel no obligation to keep… and if any of you have checked… when you turn 65 and have to take tricare for life… you will then pay 4 times as much for your insurance since medicare will take $100 or more each month and if you add that up for the 12 months at $1200+ per person, you will get $2400 which is at least 4 times as much as the $530 per year you now pay…and you have no choice in the matter… So get ready to be taken again when you get older… I know my father thought that his family would be taken care of which is the reason he signed up trusting his government to do what they promised… as did my husband… what a shame to find out that our military thinks so little of those who gave so much… good luck everyone! And get ready to bend over even more!

  • Mike

    Should not all Federal employee’s health care be raised as well, that are not, or have not been, or never will be in the military. As far as I know the military is federal. It is my understanding that when a civilian federal employee retires and receives disability payments it is not taken out of there actual retirement, and is separate. So Federal civilian retiree’s get there full retirement, and then they get there percentage of disability above there retirement. So why not give us disabled vets the same thing. I have been going to the same Naval hospital for 20yrs, and the quality has hit rock bottom,
    Last time I went a nurse practitioner told me I have not seen you before so I do not know what to do for you. That was the last time I have been to the doctor. They seem to be using more nurse practitioners instead of doctors now. So quality goes done and price goes up, that’s typical of our government.

    • retiree

      Since FEHBP (the federal health insurance for federal civil servants, to include Congress) has gone up every year (unlike TriCare), and is not limited in the amount it can increase (unlike TriCare), not only do I expect it to go up, I expect it to go up more than 3.6%.

      And no, they do NOT receive separate disability, unlike our case where we can get concurrent receipt for over 50% disability. They can either receive disability retirement or regular retirement.

      • vieteravet

        Yeah, but we get nothing for a 40% disability, I don’t even get a tax break.

      • retiree,

        Let me just add.

        “OPM Announces 2012 Federal Employees Health Benefits Program Premium Rates

        Washington, DC – The U.S. Office of Personnel Management (OPM) announced today that the average premium for the 8 million people enrolled in the Federal Employees Health Benefits program (FEHBP) will increase by 3.8 percent for non-postal employees and all annuitants in 2012, which is approximately half of last year’s increase of 7.3 percent.”

  • SFC K.L. (Retired)

    Where is the respect and gratitude for serving OUR country faithfully. Unemployment is at it’s highest, tens of thousand of economic workers have lost jobs, not to mention how many family members have lost there homes due to financial crisis in the Global Melt Down. U.S. Soldier’s volunteer to place there lives on the line. Why you ask? (To Protect and Defend)!!! Being a Soldier is the most Honorable of positions and ranks at the most dangerous of jobs in the World. You are the Commander and Chief, we Soldier’s are your personnel, defending you by lawful order. Family. Commitment. Values. Honor. Integrity. Beliefs. Loyalty. Selfless Service. Courage.

  • Stephanie,

    “I encourage all of you to vote this upcoming November and let your voices be heard. I also think we should figure out a way to ensure that all of our elected officials get to share in the type of healthcare system they leave us AND even more importantly, that all of them have termed limits in office.”

    We have a better healthcare system than they do. How would you like to be paying these rates?

    • Steph

      Hi Charles,

      My wish is that they would leave the best healthcare system in place alone, however that doesn’t seem likely unless we start pushing back…..and that begins with all of us getting mad as ” ell” and not taking it anymore. We can rally too……get votes out, invite people who need rides to the voting booths. This administartion is bent on dividing our country apart and we need to stand tall and remind him why our men and women in uniform serve… be the United States of America!

  • redprincess

    I have no problem with the increase if, get all illegals off all government programs and out of the country, put congress on same benefit plan the military gets, make welfare a hand up program not a hand out.

  • R Guillory

    Again we need to remind our congress / senate that they serve at our pleasure not theirs and anyone congress/senate that doesnt play into the We the people but the we the Rich and remind me of the Old Roman senate of crooks and crimmnals. We need to have a pledge from all congress/senate that there will term limits and no more Fancy retirement package they didnt earn and i said it did earn for acting like a complete idiot.

  • Don

    I tellyou, the United States Government beginning with this so called President is continously ripping all of us retirees off. I served honorably for 25 years and four months. I was promised FREE medical care for me and my family for life when I enlisted in the USAF in 1962. I happened – congress and Bill Clinton renigged on this promise. In 1996, congress and Bill Clinton initiated a Tricare program. making us pay for medical that was suppose to be free as promised. Now vote the $%%& out of ofice – whether Demo Idiots and Republicans. We retirees deserve better treating. What next reduce our retirement pay.

    • Don,

      “I tellyou, the United States Government beginning with this so called President is continously ripping all of us retirees off.”

      Maybe you, no one is ripping me off. Since my retirement, my benefits have only grown.

    • retiree

      Timeline for Military Health Care:
      – Space-A treatment at MTFs (free)

      CHAMPUS (1967)
      – Space-A treatment at MTFs (Free)
      – CHAMPUS (no premium, copay and deductible)

      TriCare (1994)
      – Space-A treatment at MTFs (Free)
      – Tricare Standard (no premium, copay and deductible)
      – Tricare Extra (similar to standard, some lower rates, as I understand it)
      – Tricare Prime (premium, extremely reduced copay in many cases, no deductible).

      Some pages of reference:

      So at the time you joined, the only healthcare available to military retirees was space-A at MTFs. In 1967, and option (OPTION) to allow them to get civilian care, co-payed (it was NOT FREE) by the military and member was created (CHAMPUS). In 1995, this was expanded with additional options (CHAMPUS became TriCare standard, and TriCare Extra and TriCare Prime were created), again co-funded. During this whole time, the only free service was still available – space-A at MTFs.

      For me, I see expanded options. And something had to be done, as TriCare had not had a premium increase since creation. However, since TriCare costs, like the civilian care it is tied to, continued to go up. So, in 2012, Congress authorized increases, and capped any future increases at the rate of COLA. This passed both the House (Republican majority) and the Senate (Democratic majority).

      Our care is still considerably cheaper than what federal civil servants and Congress pay. However, if you don’t like the option of TriCare, you’re free to return to what was available in 1962, and wait in line at the local military hospital.

  • Ron Kent

    I love it! Cause America is falling apart at its core. In every article or news of almost anything our lawmakers have been doing does not have approval of the majority of the People, only the corporations, and the media. It is self evident that the entire Federal, most State, and over half of local governments have miserably failed in nearly everything. Keep up the good work Congress.

  • Bobby

    I read these comment from time to time, someone can fall off a building, and it become President Obama fault. No never talk about the sorry member of
    congress, that is so out touch with the peoples of american. And when you
    get ready to blame someone, take a good look at youself and you who to blame. Pick up a Bible sometime and let God, tell you who will be the man
    for President not the Devil. And most of get the Hate out of your heart if you have one.

    • pmielke

      Hey Bobby….I was just reading through the comments and yours is the first one to mention “the President” soooooo maybe you should stop applying the same comment to every situation. kinda makes you look ……well……

      • vieteravet

        Doesn’t he know, everything is Bush’s fault – that’s what Obama keeps telling us.

    • Mike

      Sorry members include Walters, Jackson, sharp ton, frank and the list goes on. They need church more than most. When your the man you gotta take the good with the bad

  • mark donaldson

    Yeah, screw the service man again Obama….This way Hiliary has more money to give away to other countries…

  • jaydav

    Yeah! Less money for me and my family & more money for others! Anyone who thinks the military does not deserve low heath cost premiums needs to walk in our shoes for 20 – 30 years! I am sickened.

  • Howard Mosse

    I understand we are saving more money on health insurance than the civilian sector, but to give us a cost of livinng raise every year and then take it back in the form of higher premiums for Prime is ridiculous. We were promised “free medical for life when I joined the Air Force in 1969. Whateverr happened to that?

    • Coho 1938

      I was promised free medical care in 1958! I didn’t care at that time I do now!

    • Howard Mosse,

      Trying to compare each of those issues is applies to oranges, one has nothing to do with the other.

      As too the “free medical for life”, that was settle back in 2003 and too continue to bring it up doesn’t add anything to our cause of keeping our tricare fees down.

    • retiree

      CHAMPUS started in 1967, and cost money. The entire time you served, CHAMPUS was not free. Neither is it’s successor, TriCare. Why would you expect something that has not been free for 45 years to suddenly become free? And if it was not free when you joined, what made you believe it would be free when you retired?

  • Mike, 1SG(USA)Ret.

    For those of you who don’t think this increase is nothing big, let’s look at what will continue to happen. Increase upon increase on those who faithfully served our county. Some of you can afford this new policy, some can not. Like Obama-Yo-Mama says, “Let’s spread the wealth aroung.” And as he also said, “I can’t understand why the military gets paid at all, it’s all volunteer.”
    Yes, you can support an increase and you can also support a socialist government. No Big Deal, right!

    • lsasadoorian

      When did Pres. Obama say that about paying the military? That sounds like another load of crap perpetrated by bozos who hate him and will do most anything to block anything he tries. If you can’t be the least bit truthful, then stay away. You way too nasty and stupid to participate in meaningful discussions.

      • FUI

        Isassdoorian. Your love for Obama is obvious. Since he has taken office he has done nothing to improve the United States or stop any conflicts around the world (oh, he did move all our troops for Iraq to Afghanistan). Obama has also managed to send billions of dollars to Africa, increase National Debt to the point we will never be able to pay China back, gave us ObamaCare and has legalized illegal-immagration without the Congress/Senate or a vote by us to change the Constitution. Additionally he is a Naturalized Citizen, not native born (if I need a birth certificate I could get it in a day, but it takes Obama a year to fake one). He has not even deserved to be called our President, that is why people call him just Obama.

    • sailor12

      RIGHT. Quit wining $7.75 a month there are people who are retired who have to pay $775.00 a month. Nothing in this world is free. You talk about Obama, but if he had not bailed out the car companies you might not have a JOB now.

  • Scott Hardcastle

    To the entire active duty and retired, we all have said the oath to defend this country against foreign and domestic enemies. We have domestic enemies on the hill. It is time to uphold that oath.

    • retiree

      You swore to uphold and defend the Constitution. The 2012 NDAA (which allows increases in TriCare fees up to the rate of COLA) was legally instituted, being passed by both the House (majority Republican) and the Senate (majority Democrat), under the authority of Congress (Article I, Section 9 – “No Money shall be drawn from the Treasury, but in Consequence of Appropriations made by Law”). Just because you may not like it does NOT mean it is treason.

      And remember, TriCare (and CHAMPUS before that) have NEVER been free – for 45 years. The only free care retirees have EVER had is space-A in MTFs, which is still available.

    • crimprof

      Agree that we have enemies on the hill; but, I do hope that everyone can easily see that it is not Republican or Democrat —–it is BOTH. The Republicans vote in block form in the House; the Democrats vote in block form in the Senate. The only result is Gridlock. My biggest question is why in the world there is not more Republican support for NOT extending the tax cuts for the 1% of the Nation. 99 percent of voters should be voting to take away these tax cuts. Does anyone really believe that they have used their tax cuts to produce more jobs — check out the unemployment rate.

  • Pres SFC Ret.

    Yeah, when I entered the military in 1968, and again in 1973, we were all promised that our medical and dental would be free for life if we made it our career. What happened? We let them take it away from us without a fight.

  • johnson


  • William Everett

    How does this service work for veterans and their family members who do not live near a military post and must use their own insurance policies?

    • retiree

      Are you retired or just a veteran? For a retiree, TriCare is a standard health insurance system, with choices of doctors. For Veterans, please contact the VA to determine how they care for your service-related injuries. All states have VA facilities. In some cases they have also contracted with local hospitals and care providers to provide healthcare under the VA auspices.

  • Discouraged in TN

    I think most people who have commented here are missing the point. While our “free” medical care for life may not have been in writing, it was still promised to us and was a huge selling point to keep soldiers in the Army (I was a recruiter and a reenlistment NCO). We sacrifice not only our lives when we made a career out of the military, we also sacrificed the opportunity to earn much more money in the civilian sector. I chose to dedicate the best years of my life to the Army because I love this country. Now I expect to get the same benefits that those before me got. How will we maintain a strong military if the soldiers today see how the government is treating the retirees? I’m just saying…..

    • Discouraged in TN,

      The point being missed, is that Congress, the only persons that can make that promise never passed a Law giving us “Free Health Care For Life”.

      It has been over 9 years since this case ended with the Supreme Court stating there was no promise.


  • Charlote Anthony

    what happens to tri care west in Apr 2013 when it changes to the new stuff how do retirees pay and what will be the cost.

    AMEC(AW) Anthony RET

    • campfollower

      dont know where my message went- pulled off site?
      Tricare price will exceed cost of Obama care in 2014 and we will all be moved to obama care and tricare will be disolved

      • campfollower,

        Tricare has nothing to do with Obama Care.

        • camp follower

          Amazingly it does. Here is how the story goes. Before Tricare existed there was that other plan, Tricare consolidated all beneficiaries in to the new DOD Tricare plan and we all had to get re- registerd to Tricare. Additionally, obama care and Tricare are both goverment legislation to provide a service( health care) funded by US Tax dollars and I dont know how you get to be more the same as that.
          With a quick flash of the pen- we all become a new entity. Hey, if the goverment is going to merge all private insurance into a one payor system- how do you miss the one payor system reference.
          It is the same! I wish it wasn’t, but it is time for all of us to understand what the plan is.

          • camp follower,

            Don’t know where your getting your info from, but you’re the only one that seems to know anything about it.

          • retiree

            That other program was CHAMPUS. TriCare did NOT Consolidate, it added options

            Timeline for Military Health Care:
            – Space-A treatment at MTFs (free)

            CHAMPUS (1967)
            – Space-A treatment at MTFs (Free)
            – CHAMPUS (no premium, copay and deductible)

            TriCare (1994)
            – Space-A treatment at MTFs (Free)
            – Tricare Standard (no premium, copay and deductible)
            – Tricare Extra (similar to standard, some lower rates, as I understand it)
            – Tricare Prime (premium, extremely reduced copay in many cases, no deductible).

            Some pages of reference:


            TriCare has been defined by law as meeting PPACA –

            NDAA 2012

            “Title VII – Health Care Provisions
            Subtitle A – Improvements to Health Benefits
            Section 701 –
            Expresses the sense of Congress that: (1) career military personnel and their families endure unique and extraordinary demands and make extraordinary sacrifices over the course of a 20-30 year career, and (2) those decades of sacrifice constitute a significant pre-paid premium for health care during a career member’s retirement that is over and above what the member pays with money. Limits, beginning with FY2012, the increase in the annual DOD patient enrollment fees to the percentage by which retired pay is increased.”

            Please either stop posting this, or provide rererences that we can check out.

    • camp follower

      your answer as far as I know is TriWest ( private company) lost the contract with Tricare (DOD) and United Health Care received the contract. Costs for next year are unknown.

      • retiree

        Costs for next year for us are known – that’s what this article is about.

  • camp follower

    Ticare Standard had no fee as of last year, but it is a 80/20- you pay 20% of bill except for costs that are deemed out of standard and you pay those- mostly not much but can be some more
    Tricare prime – the hmo is limiting your costs but restricts where you can go
    so I figure age and medical History to determine what is best buy. Tricare prime does give you the least out of pocket each year but also restricts who you go to . Dependent variables would be do you have secondary insurance , the likely hood that you will use benefits and how much can you pay if you get catastrophic illness

    They should teach a class in this- prime costs going up but still could be best of choices if resources are limited

    • dependent

      For Tricare Standard, Retirees and their dependents pay 25% of allowable costs AFTER meeting a deductible of 150 per person each year.

      • retiree

        The rates depend on if the doctor is in or out of the TriCare networks.

        • Idmtmedic

          AND dwindling! You have less doctors accepting Tricare which means a CUT in benefits. Sure it doesn’t show up in the budget because it isn’t supposed to.

          • retiree

            Feel free to go on FEHBP, pay a minimum of $157 every two weeeks.

            So far I have had no problems finding doctors.

  • Robert

    There is no other country in the world that would givith and take it away. Aliens from other countries get health care free, but the veterans pay. Go to another country and survive in there health care sysytem and you get butkisss. That’s where we are at alien s in another country.

    • retiree

      Illegal aliens are not entitled to federal benefits.
      Everyone must be taken care of in an emergency room (even poor veterans who can’t pay).

      In many other countries you will find excellent treatment without cost – as they have universal healthcare.

    • DWB USN Ret.

      I really don’t care about other countries, I care about this one. I didn’t take an oath for another country, only this one. obama goes against the Constitution continually. When he can’t get Congress to do what he wants, he goes around them with executive orders, or having the EPA, TSA, DOJ, or enact regulations to side-step the Congress. Then, when the Congressional Oversight Committee tries to investigate the F&F scandal he prevents the documents from being released that will prove who is responsible. As anyonewho has ever been in the military can tell you, THE CO IS ULTIMATELY RESPONSIBLE FOR HIS COMMANDS ACTIONS. That makes him responsible. If he didn’t know about it, it’s incompetence, if he did it makes him guiltily of breaking at least one US law concerning letting them “walk ” into Mexico without the Mexican Govt knowing.

  • spojaw

    enrollment fee? Is that a fee, penalty or a tax?

    • retiree

      It’s the same fee that TriCare Prime has had since 1995 (and was unchanged in amount until 2012). It’s called a Premium, found in most health insurance plans.

  • harry moore

    i joined the marines in jan 1954 and from then til retirement was always
    told we know you are not making a lot of money but if stay in and retire you
    get free medical for the rest of your life. yeah right. if going to change it
    should not have effected people already retired or those with at least 12 years
    active duty. jan 54 pay was $78 a month.

  • Tsgt Brown

    What about our glorious congressmen and senators who just serve a couple of terms and are rewarded with free medical care and god knows what else they have voted for their selves.

  • Eric

    I was promised this for free when I enlisted. Along with dental and prescriptions. Oops congress took that away!!

    • Eric,

      Congress can’t take that away since they never granted us FREE HEALTH CARE FOR LIFE in the first place.

  • Hal Kelly

    If all retired military, were to be put on medi-cade, it would be better than we are getting now. We could get our teeth fixed and hearing aids and anything else that we need. Its really a shame, that the promise had to be broken. We all know what we were promised. The people that have contributed nothing to this great country seem to get all the benefits. thanks

    • Hal Kelly,

      So your saying each State needs to take care of its Veterans? As too the promise of free health care for life, according to the Supreme Court, those that can make that promise, never, ever made that promise to start with.

  • Retired

    We are taking about TRICARE and not politics, neither Romney nor Obama was even in the office when all this was created and sold to the volunteer force. You are correct this payment is very minimal compare to the civilian heatlh care but they did not serve. If you have a little bit self respect then you would know that we are being use to help eased the massive deficit that was accrued due to the unrestricted spending by the government.

    • Retired,

      “If you have a little bit self respect then you would know that we are being use to help eased the massive deficit that was accrued due to the unrestricted spending by the government.”

      Your statement might have made sense if it could have been proven that DOD hasn’t anything to do with the deficit.

  • Abel

    I am a recently retired reservist, who gave 35 years of combined service of active duty and reservist to my country and was deployed OIF III. Before being placed in the the Retired Reserve control group(with just two years to go before turning 60), I was paying for me and my spouse close to $200.00 a month for tricare select. Now that I am in the retired reserve control group, I have to pay $419.00 a month just for me only, if family it would be over $1000.00 Go figure…Why are the reservists who serve the same country and take the same oath to defend and have probably in the last 10 years been deployed just as much as the Active Duty, to either Iraq or Afganistan, why is there a seperation on Tricare??? Is this new premium coming up also going to effect the retired reserve as well. God I hope not…Why are we treated separately, we wear the same Uniform and the tag says US Army, not reservist or active duty.

    • Abel,

      Surely your not asking what is the difference between someone in the Reserves and someone on Active Duty!

      • Abel

        Charles, to me there is no difference. With the exception that a reservist has two jobs. Civilian, and then reserve duty. Which at one time it used to be just one weekend a month, but now you almost put in a 40 work week to accomplish what we could not in a weekend. Do you feel there is a difference between Active, and Reservist? Please enlighten me.

        • Abel,

          “Do you feel there is a difference between Active, and Reservist? Please enlighten me.”

          The difference in being Active Duty and a Reservist is not an opinion or feeling.

          Active Duty is a full time job:

          Active Air Force
          Active Navy
          Active Marine Corps
          Active Coast Guard

          Reserves and Guard are part-time jobs:

          Army Reserves
          Army National Guard
          Air Force Reserves
          Air National Guard
          Navy Reserves
          Marine Corps Reserves
          Coast Guard Reserves


    • retiree

      I’m not happy with Reserve Select (not on it, but I’m aware of the program). The original Congressional intent was good – to enable reservists to have many of the same benefits as the Active Duty, and in the case of Retired Reserve, the same as retirees. These were and are a big improvement over the original reserve heatlhcare benefits (nothing, unless on duty). However, I believe the military could have worked harder to keep the costs closer to what the retirees pay. They were also handicapped by Congress setting a requirement that members pay the full costs (there is no government payment on it – see,15202,231182,00… I know ROA for one has been working to get that changed, but again the problem is the same as that of backdating the early retirement benefit – the cost to the budget. They can bail out the banks, but not fund this.

  • Ernest

    Tricare prime saved me thousands. I had a 95% heart blockage the covered everything except the room deductible. 80K+.

    • carolyn

      yes they are great in time of crisis, but we have like the SS only a limited amt of monie to draw from.. 47.00 may not seem like much for one person to handle, but when you must do it on a limited amount , it only gets harder.. this money is fixed that I get every month..

  • Donald Morris

    Morris (1SG Retired) We need to over haul our entire Government and start back standing on the principles of God and Country. We used to be the most feared but repsected Country on the planet. Now we are a jike and our Military is headed in the same direction. We used to have the most discipline Armed force in the world and because of a few we changed the standards of how we even conduct the very core of what make our Army great, Basic training. I to came into the military in the 80’s and thought i was promise all of the free medical care that i was told was free. It is a shame the way our men and woman are being treated for the sacrifice they are making on a daily nasis for our country freedom. They would rather pay a Basketball, Football or Baseball player more money and better benefits than an American Soldier. They got the cart before the Horse and it shouldn’t be. You can’t put a price on a soldier and he or she would probably tell you i’ll do it for free because it is my job, send me i’ll go. If we don’t start treating our Soldiers, Past , Present and Future our Military will diminished. God Bless

    • Donald Morris,

      “I to came into the military in the 80’s and thought i was promise all of the free medical care that i was told was free.”

      I understand your concerns and will presume what you’re talking about is ‘free health care for life”, but, I am surprised that you didn’t understand that in the 1980’s we fell under CHAMPUS and then in 1994 we fell under Tricare.

  • horsecrap

    Be very careful of criticizing your so-called “complainers”. We are on a track of being on par with the dope smoking hippies who hardly if ever worked a day in their life. If we just let things evolve ALL citizens will be under this same healthcare horseshit irregardless of contributions to country or society. Doom for the country will result because…why try.

  • Rosko

    Bitch, Bitch, Bitch,,,,,,,I cannot insult YOUR CIC, he is an insult

    • Brotherinarms

      After reading all these post and serving active duty the last 19 years of my life , I come to one thing that I would of been happy to do and that would be to pay an additional $100-$200 a month out of my under paid monthly direct deposit to cover my fellow retired service members for there portion of medical in hopes that when I retire mine would be covered by those in service after me. I want to thank all of you for your service to this country and for still keeping things real.

      Semper- Fi

  • Vaj

    Don’t confuse Tricare PRIME with Tricare FOR LIFE – these are two different programs. For an explanation, visit:

  • carolyn

    I am an ex wife, I do retain the medical benefit, however, I must pay out of my measly 500.00 a mon allotment my ex ( allowed ) me to have for the prime services, supplement and any medications. Following a nervous breakdown after dealing with the ex and military, I found myself in need of specialize doctors from now on. I developed a heart condition warranting montioring, and special doctors, psychiatrists are not cheap, and drugs well you all know the prices. My beef is any more increases wont hurt him , but it will really hurt me.. so if your husband is divorcing you, make sure he must pay for any outside medical expenses as long as he is obligated to pay your entitlement..we should be allowed to eat, dress and have shelter too.. That doesnt happen even now… Dont let them cut anything..

    • 20 yrs of service

      How pathetic is that. Why should he pay for everything, you are divorced. Be glad he (allowed) you to get the 500 a month. Most of the times, the guy gets taken to the cleaners.

    • gestrella

      I am a military wife but I do not understand why an ex – wife feel entitled to something your ex-husband worked for. I don’t believe you should depend on anyone or anything especially when you get divorced and re-married. I know a few who gets portion of the ex-husband’s military retirement pay even when they re-marry. I just do not think it is fair for the military husbands. Don’t get upset, this is just my personal opinion.

    • Ret AF

      You are disgusting!!! As a 23 year retired military member with a spouse who also retired from the military, you leeches actually expect to receive something after a divorce? It wasn’t you who had to go on remote tours, fight wars, etc. If you were unhappy, you could leave but in doing so, understand that your financial responsibility is your own, not your exs’. How pathetic you are.

      • Paul P

        She probably caused the divorce by the sound of her. She needs to learn self control.

    • Jonifg

      Be thankful for what you are getting. Why should he have to pay you for anything. Nervous breakdown, specialized doctors, medications – sounds like your a nutcase ( no wonder you are divorced). The military did not cause you a nervous breakdown – did you report to duty every day like your husband – no. You probably sat at home eating ice cream and cookies while he worked! I hate it when ex’s think they are so entitled…… I am a female retiree and I have seen so many wives takes my fellow servicemen to the cleaners in the divorce- get a job – get off your lazy ass – and take care of yourself!

  • Ron

    THis is just a waste of time, member of congress will ask what we want, but when the rubber meets the road, they do what they want, and don’t consider what we say.

    Having served for 20 years why now do I have to worry about losing what I have earned, why do my fellow retirees have to go through not having the care we all deserve for rhe service we gave to our country. And what about the men and woman who are coming home form the war in the middle east, I guess in a few years there benefits will be cut to fund some other project or balance teh budget. America what is going on!!!!

  • John

    It is about time you knuckheads stop hanging on the apron strings of those that struggled before you. I was active when the average take home pay was less than $200 and had to feed my family. Things changed significantly in the late 70s and the 80s and we won our battle for appropriate compensation. The one thing we have in the military is less risk in losing that in the short term. The economy can change things overnight for civilians while we continue to be paid. It takes much longer to effect a change for us. I remember Champus, do any of you? Talk about a program that sucked. I will live in the back of my pickup before I let my TriCare Prime payments lapse. Take a breath and look compare apples to apples and see what you are getting before going on some crazy rant. I have read and reviewed every contract I signed in my 30 years of active duty and cannot find anything that promised my family or myself free lifelong medical care. I agree with resonable price controls but some of you act as if this is an absolute benefit – you must realize, it is not.

    • George Singleton

      The absolute career retiree, be they active duty or a full reserve career with pension does have entitlement to 100% medical and dental care. Sometimes to get the 100% you have to drive to the nearest base for medical or dental care, which requires you to call ahead and schedule a date and time of day ahead. It is inappropriate and rude for some know it alls on this site to state otherwise. They should become silent instead of blatherning away to demean earned military healthcare benefits. A retired Colonel, USAF.

    • RLTW

      If you do some research you will find that a retired O-6 and 3000 other retirees filed a class action suit in 1996 with those contracts in hand. The suit went through the court system for 10 years & in 2006 the Supreme Court decided that hte military did not have the right to make such promises. So much for taking care of those that defend your freedom.

    • art

      I agree with everything you’ve stated. As with many re-up recruiters I was told we would have free healthcare for life. Didn’t care much at the time and didn’t check it out. If you have a primary care doc at a military facility the care is essentially free. Probably won’t be cery good but it doesn’t cost anything, same with presriptions.

  • John

    Most of you recruits served between the mid 70s and the early 2000s. The most action you may have seen (special warfare excluded) is some Iraqis throwing thier weapons at you while they surrendered or loading truck during base closures. Please stop making it sound like you are some rock hardened battle tested veteran. I read separation and 214s all day – Oh Look – 10% percent hearing loss and a broken finger during PRT – you qualify for 20% disability now – yeah!!

  • Joe

    I am not truly complaining just reminding you that when I entered the service in 1956,that I was promised free health care for life for myself and wife if I put in 30 years of service.I did my part of the contract.It’s not much but it still itn’t free!

    • Marge

      I agree with you totally and just posted this to a person complaining about us voicing distaste with the increases… after finding out that we now have increased prescription co pays also, I am livid… and to top it all of, if you read what I wrote, we will pay more on tricare for life than we are now…what a benefit! my father and husband were both career military so I have seen it all happen… good luck to you in your future years, may we both see a day when the military person is finally appreciated for what they have done for this country… I thank you for your service since the government seems to have forgotten all you have done…

      what I posted:
      I hate to be the one to tell you this, but my father and my husband were promised free health care for life as part of their agreement to join the military and be paid less than half of what a civilian was paid to do the same job for over 28 years of their lives… So, yes, I have a problem with being expected to pay increased fees for insurance and now finding out that our copays for prescriptions just doubled also… If they wanted to pay my family the same as a civilian worker for all of these years of working to protect this country, then that would have been fine, but they did not… If they want to go back and pay the men retro also that would be okay… not so, they made empty promises that they feel no obligation to keep… and if any of you have checked… when you turn 65 and have to take tricare for life… you will then pay 4 times as much for your insurance since medicare will take $100 or more each month and if you add that up for the 12 months at $1200+ per person, you will get $2400 which is at least 4 times as much as the $530 per year you now pay…and you have no choice in the matter… So get ready to be taken again when you get older… I know my father thought that his family would be taken care of which is the reason he signed up trusting his government to do what they promised… as did my husband… what a shame to find out that our military thinks so little of those who gave so much… good luck everyone! And get ready to bend over even more!

      • Marge,

        “and to top it all of, if you read what I wrote, we will pay more on tricare for life than we are now…what a benefit!”

        There is no fee for Tricare for Life (TFL).

        “when you turn 65 and have to take tricare for life…”

        This is not true.

  • Debbie

    My Tricare Prime Enrollment Fee increase for 2013 will be 1.13% while my 2013 Military Retirement Cola will be 1.7%. Calculated together will result in an increase of .04% in my Military Retirement pay. That is an increase equals about 4 dollars a month. The estimated inflation rate beginning in 2013 will be about 2%. Calculating the inflation rate with my monthly $4.00 increase will equal 64 cents a month. Wow, I end up making $7.68 more a year. This is the thanks I get for 24 years of military service!!!!!

    • Debbie,

      I’m not going to check your figures, but we should feel lucky, in that before there were an automatic COLA almost every year, prior to enactment (1975), increases in Social Security benefits had to be enacted by Congress on an ad hoc basis.

      Think about it, we could go back to the old method.

    • Bill

      My Tricare prime is going from $436 to $538 per month ($102.00). My retirement take home will now be less with only a 1.7% increase. Added to that (and I have two medical insurances) I am now paying more for prescriptions than I did in the past thanks to Obamacare. Addtionally, my other health care insurance premium was increased by the vendor and the company I’m working for is paying less into it monthly. Is this what congress really invisioned? I also served 24 years.

  • De W

    I had to laugh when I heard on CNN that house members are more afraid of what will happen to their career, if they vote against any gun reform then they are of us the people that voted them there. What happen to run by the people for the people? come on 2014