Shift in VA Recoupment Policy May Hurt Vets

According to an article by the American Council on Education, the Department of Veterans Affairs may soon change their debt collecting practices in a way that could cause harm to veterans.

Currently, the VA only collects debts from veterans for housing and other payments that go directly to the veteran (like book stipends, and monthly Montgomery GI Bill benefits). Any Post-9/11 GI Bill debts for tuition and fees, which are normally paid directly by the schools, are currently being offset.

However, the VA is considering changing the policy, making veterans responsible to repay any tuition and fee related debts no matter who directly received the original payments.

ACE reports that the higher education association community—led by the National Association of College and University Business Officers—has asked VA to reconsider the shift in policy. In a letter to the Secretary of Veterans Affairs, General Shinseki, NACUBO President, John Walda, wrote that the policy would potentially violate “the faith and intent of the enrollment certification process.” Most colleges and universities allow veterans to register and attend classes while waiting for the tuition and fee payment to arrive from VA.  This policy change could force schools to rethink that practice if they can no longer count on the VA benefits. 

Walda also said that VA’s history of poor communications with schools and students will likely “exacerbate” the problem.

Veterans should be aware of this proposal because the indebtedness process can cause delays in future benefit payments, block class enrollments, and result in insufficient benefits to cover the cost of their educations. In addition, the financial impact could force veterans to consider dropping out entirely. Walda writes that if a veteran withdraws as a result of this policy, he or she, will also incur debt from the school.

You can read the ACE report and the original letter sent by the National Association of College and University Business Officers on the American Council on Education website.

Source: American Council on Education

About the Author

Terry Howell
Before becoming the Managing Editor for, Terry served 20 years in the U.S. Coast Guard as an Aviation Electrician’s Mate and aircrewman. In his final role in the Coast Guard, Terry served as a Career Development Advisor, where he provided career, finance, education, and benefits counseling to servicemembers and their families. Since retiring from the Coast Guard, Terry has authored the book, The Military Advantage, managed the content for TurboTap, the DoD's online transition program and VAforVets, the VA's transition assistance website. Terry earned both his Bachelor's and MBA at Corban University using Military Tuition Assistance and his GI Bill benefits to help cover the cost.
  • figures

    wierd vets are gonna get the shaft again

    • Matt H.

      Why only the weird ones?

  • Thomas

    Once again the American Universities are just looking for $$$$. I have two kids in college and this is a consistent fight. The colleges charge for everything, transportation is charged to the student if they utilize it or not. Colleges and University Professor and Dean Salaries along with the Athletic Directors and Coaches are way out of site!! With this ecomomy I can’t believe that Colleges are still raising their Tuition rates.. This is something the Gov’t should look into, instead of our Health Care..

    • americanssg

      google how much american universities donated to obama or top donators to obama

    • mary

      Gov’t does not care. State colleges are funded by gov’t (taxpayer) Only Private colleges do not get taxpayer funding. However, these State colleges are telling students they are a private college. Most only allow admittance of alimni or staff’s and friend’s kids in. They are raising tuition to hike it out of reach– like Vietnam—kids went to college to get out of draft.Those who could not aford to go to college got drafted. UofF I know is considered a “private” college. It is so Liberal it squeaks!

    • sonofobama

      Ur all idots…its not the president who is implementing this policy change…he has the final say so to pass it or not! As a veteran & Obama supporter, he’s not perfect but has done well on behalf of vets….cant say the say for bush or clinton relating to VETERANS EDUCATION!!

  • tom

    Thank you Obama remember this folks when it comes time to vote!, Shinseki can only do this with the ok from obama. So how do you all like that change now?.

    • mary

      I will keep my freedom I will keep my dignity—they can keep the changd.

  • 3rdGroupDad

    The VA> should be purged from the top down. Too many non-vet’s running the show. I had worked for the VA. some years ago and was told “You Vet’s think people owe you a living”! After inviting the individual outside from behind his desk to clarify his statement which he refused to do, I told him to stick the job. In orientation we were told by the human services person. “You can always tell the Viet Nam Vet. they all have a chip and an attitude. So you see the VA. in general is actually anti-vet. PURGE THEM ALL!!!

    • militarywife21

      that;s horrible! yeah they have a “chip” on their shoulder cuz they got screwed! i knew a guy who had so many things wrog with him caused by the war and they would not cover anything saying it was preexsisting. funny thing though, he was 18 when he joined, got green light on everything for health. When he requested medical files he got major run around. Then he ran into someone who truly tried to help him and he did get those files, funny thing thought 1/2 the file was missing. So if they want to refer to that as a “chip” then I guess he’s got a darn good reason for that so called “chip” on his shoulders.

    • C. Mike connors

      I love certain doctors who have just received their ” shingles “.
      Academia is wonderful..does not compensate for life and especially in hostile places. What do I know I am 60 forced to see in some cases 28 year old ” doctors”. What has been worthwhile since WW 2 ? Cannot get a true GSA on how many $$$’s are being squandered on non Americans. NKP pass the sealed crates. FAC / Air America. God bless MacVSog – 5th.

  • BenA

    Tom… Your a retard in the worst of sense! People like you always have to find some ONE to blame… Dems or Reps… you hardliners are all the same. Most politicians have their own agenda to get $$$ in their pockets.. So to say that all this is solely Obama’s fault and no OTHER President before him is ridiculous.

    • Lee

      In regards to the above college education article, did the WWII vet risk his life any more than today’s vet? Or any vet inbetween? NO. But that vet could go to Harvard, all expenses paid. Explain that one to me?

      • I am a vet, a student, and a VA workstudy that has worked in the VA benefit office for over a year now… I am using the GI Bill and I’ll tell you this it isn’t all expenses paid Lee. You can only go to an public university, the VA will only cover in state tution (so you better hope you are a resident), and there is a cap to everything. I have new people that come into my office telling me that they were told that their college would be paid for when in fact it wont. Also the VA has Vocational Rehabilitation for disabled veterans of a rating of 20% or higher and I have Vets in here of all ages, from all different time periods. Don’t get me wrong as a vet on education benefits I am grateful to be receiving what I am getting but the VA is shrinking benefits more and more every year and one day it wont be worth going through the trouble of the all paperwork.

        • Jerry

          20% or higher for voc rehab? That’s news to me. I was always told 30%. But, if you work in the benny office, you’d know better than I would. Is that true? 20%? Shoot me an e-mail at keikospals at aol dot com if you have the scoop.

          • mary

            Hi. Just a word to the wise—no VA employee is going to advise a vet. I suggest you seek a county/state VET REP or VFW Rep. Any VA in the title is a joke. The VA Reps are for the VA not VET.

  • David

    Politicians who never served in the military seem to think that they can take
    away veterans benefits and get away with it. Remember that next time you

    • ThearleL

      Something I always watch as a disabled Vet. Plus, those of us who need our disabilities updated are afraid to do so because we’d lose what little we have. That’s been with every President since Nam ended.

    • mary

      You should watch the Fox News report on “Is the voting process a fraud?”
      I believe every word of it. I think there is so much fraud. It is the politicians vs the voter. Now they have the “machine” (computer) to make honest voting impossible. Anyone who thinks the vote is the way is delusional.

  • Edwardjoie

    Don’t these people that write these rediculous rules & regulations read the newspapers to see that the economy sucks, , Un-employment lines are growing longer,, there is no work to be found anywhere,, the soldiers were extending their service because of this,, and now they are shrinking the number of soldiers (again–the economy).. What are they supposed to do if they take the education needed away. Again,, common sense for the politicians..

    • Walter

      They are not taking the education away. They are changing the way they collect over payments to vets. This has nothing to do with the economy.

  • John Trent

    Shinseki. isnt he a work of art. A retired four star, and he sticks it to veterans,what a joke he is. He’s also closing VA hospitals in many states. Now wounded vets will have to drive even farther to get care.

  • Luckeylaredo

    What if they gave a war and nobody came? They keep taking away all the vets benefits no one will join. They should make a law, if you want to be a Senator or Congressman and or President, you had to be in the military

    • retiree

      That would require a Constitutional Amendment, as that document spells out the criteria for Congressmen (Senators and Representatives) and the President. Feel free to propose it and work towards it. Section V of the Constitution spells out the two allowed methods.

  • militarywife21

    what debt are they talking about, i read the letter I still dont get it! if you have money through the VA for School, how do you inccur debt?!

    • mart

      I suggest VETs talk with their county/state VETReps–not VA Reps. Better yet I would talk to a VFW rep. VFW is best source. Any title with VA in front is a JOKE!! The Reps at VA hospitals are tha definition of useless. Good luck.

    • matt

      Sometimes you get overpayment and dont even realize it. Like what happened to me for example, I was in an infantry division in the National Guard. My unit was activated for combat duty several times. I went to school after ETS and was payed the GI Bill. I was told that since I was federally activated I got the same benifits as active duty personal. Turns out guard can only us GI Bill when serving active duty plus time served overseas (how they expect a Guardsman to go to college when he is constantly getting deployed is beyond me.) Nobody told me I was not supposed to be getting my GI bill Three years later they said they made a mistake and that I had to pay back what they gave me for my GI Bill since I ETS. So for the last two years they have offset my tax refund. I enlisted in the army national guard as an infantry man, did tours, never got an enlistment bonus, and not they attack me when I try to get an education. I gave em years and they gave me a bill for it. To put it in perspective, a person does a couple year stint in the airforce, stay stateside, sit in a office and they get 10 years to take advantage of the GI infantryman in the national guard gets activated, serves combat in some of the most dangerous places in the world, and gets jack.

      • Guest

        I would not go branch bashing son. You obviously do not understand each branch’s commitments to the bigger picture. Each branch has its role and each contributes to the enemy getting his oportunity to die for his country.

  • Parker,

    Why in the HE– can’t you people remember, when its time to vote, that these people running anything to do with the military only need the vets to keep their sorry ass’s safe and when they don’t need them any longer it’s crap on the vets. Remember only a veteran knows what its like to have served,all others just know how safe they have it, thanks to the VETERAN.

  • BushyRed

    Being part Native American from 2 tribes, and being a Veteran as well. All I can say is the American government has NEVER kept its treaty obligations to Native Americans. It NEVER keeps its obligations to Veterans either. They change like the wind. I will send this article to my congressman, who will probably yawn, and then send back a letter asking me to vote for him. Just as smoke signals vanish in the wind, so will my vote.

    • Jeff Isenhart

      AAAAMMEEn Brother! They have never kept an obligation,treaty or with their veterans! They have an occupy wall street movement, i remember a few years back Native americans marched hundreds of mile to D.C. and occupied the BIA offices. They found bearucratic opulence in those buildingd while people on the Rez went hungry and without. We need a Veteran organized and led occupy the Veterans Administration. Indians woke upo the BIA maybe it”s time we(veterans) woke up the V.A. buarucratic jackals!!!!

  • militarywife21

    I’m having problems comprehending the true issue here. I understand that my husband has a certain amount alloted to him through the gi bill for school and rent while going to school. Are they saying we have to pay this money back if we utalize these funds? Please forgive my naievety, I’m freaking here because this was our fallback when he leaves the military. Can someone help me understand what is going on. The article is not detailed enough for me or maybe i’m too busy with the kids and trying to read this at the same time that it’s not making sense.

    • mary

      I suggest you & husband talk to a VFW rep.or county/state VET rep. No VA rep is going to help.

    • NANCY

      Okay, I am in an online school, and each semester they charge $750. But you don’t get paid your tuition until AFTER your class starts ( in fact you have to wait until the end of the month, verify your enrollment and then wait some more until they direct deposit the money).
      The college puts collecting your tuition on hold until you have had a chance to collect some money – with which to pay.
      ** If this goes into effect, and you owe money to a DIFFERENT school, the PRIOR school can GARNISH your tuition assistance before you get it.
      Now, if you are like me and you pay your debts as they are owed, then you don’t go into default and you don’t get garnished.
      ****!! But how is the new college supposed to know the difference between you and some slimeball who doesn’t pay their bills (or can’t)? ANSWER – they won’t know the difference and now they might make us pay in advance.

      • vw2show

        Nancy you are correct, but this is not what the policy change address. Read my reply below or read the suggested policy change.

  • Farmer

    Well, it truly is the beginning of the end of this country. I’ve heard many talk about it but didn’t believe it. Everyone is against everyone. No one trying to give to no one, only taking. As far as this being solely Obama’s fault, is ignorance on the person’s behalf who made that comment. We are veterans, and those generations coming behind us are going to see just how we are treated and will not want to face the same fate. That means no one new individual is going to want to “pledge their alligence.” Then who will fight and who will be protected and who will earn what income from where? We will all live in porverty and be under the control of another country. The “should of, would of, could ofs” will be too late to contemplate at that time. Those who are in a position to make change happen, have a duty to make it better, not worse. Maybe the American people should start requesting the impeachment of certain elected officials and request an out-of-the-ordinary, for lack of a better phrase, election to replace these leaders with more compitent and less power hungry officials. Then, you all can be the ones standing in the unemployment lines. America can do this as we as a nation hold the right to do so. Stop messing with our benefits, bottom line.

    • mary

      The people in this county are just as dumb and greedy as the politicians. If it were not for Vets no one working at the VA, the Regional offices, or Panetta would have a job. Why don’t Vets and AD refuse to go and die to protect oil and Muslims. Let them fight their own wars. We do not need to be obligated to Afghanistan one more day. Especially with that idiot in power. Now we have to kiss his camel and pay him for it. That idiot Obummer has obligated us to those camel jocks for 10 more years at his becon call and we pay him for the 10 years to boot. What in hell is wrong with this picture? Now there is rumor that we???? send troops to Syria??? you got to be BSing me! I do not blame anyone for having serious damage feelings about this gov’t pushing us around like this. Look at what is going on here. Tooo much crap for one country to have their people esp soldiers to carry on their backs. By the way Obummer is not the one who should get credit for giving his honorable ok to kill BinLaden Whose crap is that?

  • Ray the Man

    I will protest if this ever happens maybe it’s time we Vets make the change this country needs. The youth are distracted by their technology and take their freedoms lightly. I am surviving off my GI Bill with a family of 4. I swore an oath to protect this country from all enemies foreign and domestic.

    • Dawn

      Wow, I guess GI bill has gone up a lot. When I got out in the 90’s we only got $300 a month. I believe it slowly went up to $400 a month by the time I graduated, but that barely paid tuition and books.

      • Matt H

        Then you obviously have no idea how the new one works. Tuition is paid directly to the institution (the school), and the student receives a monthly stipend at a rate equal to that of an E-5’s BAH rate for the zip code of the institution.

    • Guest

      I would like to emphasise the domestic part of the oath!

  • tom

    Since i have served, we vets keep getting screwed, damn now I worked over 14 years on active duty to pay for my education when i got out now I am going have to pay back my GI Bill thanks America, screw us vets even harder now, No one knows the pain we put up and defended our country and how much pride we have in doing this for our country, and when we leave active duty how difficult it is to find work moreless now go to school if we have to pay our GI Bills back after we served to get them

  • Valerie

    VA benefits are only one part of the financial formula. Work study as many hours as allowed adds in & a part time job on campus & forget the spouse not working at least part time. Raising kids, a luxury. If you already have kid/s get a trusted social network. Life is hard work and not for the weak. Get help any way you can. The VA can be beneficial but you have to do research and work it at.

  • leonardclark
  • Once again the government is expediting ways to devour the men and women that have fought bravely for this country! Shame on the puppets that never step up to serve, but allotted the right to make decision on veterans affairs.

  • chvietvet

    From my own experiences, statistics, and reports from the Government Accountability Office (available online), I have come to the conclusion that veterans since the Vietnam War have been subjected to a campaign of mass murder so that the government can save the money it owes us for benefits and use it for things more of interest to our civil servants and congressmen. Reading up a little on the methods used by Stalin, Mao, and others to kill millions of people who stood in the way of their ambitions reveals that the treatment of veterans in the United States seems to be modelled on methods of mass murder used by the Communists. Veterans have been subject to extreme employment discrimination, leading to homelessness and death from cold and malnutrition, as well as debilitating psychological problems associated with a life in poverty amid an affluent society. Between 1931 and 1933, Stalin deprived people in agricultural sections of The Ukraine of the chance to grow their own food, and in this way, he killed at least seven million of them. Keeping veterans without a means of support can also be fatal. In my own case, the federal government and the governments of three states have spent well over a million dollars on legal costs just to make sure I never had an employment opportunity in the United States. I escaped destruction by working in foreign countries for foreign and international employers. The government also killed off many veterans by withholding treatment for diseases caused by Agent Orange and other toxic chemicals, more recently, spent uranium. It does not pay for dental care of many veterans, leaving them to die of tooth abscesses. I am trying to get the Department of Justice to investigate this matter and prosecute those responsible for the mass murder that I am sure an investigation would substantiate. This crime is not subject to a statutory limitation, and it certainly warrants the death penalty. An extremely large number of Vietnam veterans have not reached the average life expectency of an American, and from the percentage of veterans who have not, it would be a simple matter to calculate statistically almost exactly how many veterans have been murdered through the actions against them by the government they served.


    My Messiah is the one and true!!! I’ve served for 20 years and my Commander and Chief gave me orders and I follow. Stop being a bigoted idiot. The problem is all the fat cats in DC that don’t like the fact that our country is in dire straits because of piss poor spending and pocket lining WAY BEFORE President Obama took office. Cowboy up and stop whining and for God’s sake stop bandwagoning all this leftist BS!!

  • glross

    Let me get this straight, vets that have suffered and protected our homeland through multiple deployments, blown up, shot, and limbs being taken away get the opportunity to live a “semi normal” life, but have to pay back what they have earned. Then this putts makes 6 figures a year, multiple days off and gets to retire with full benefits after 2 days in service. Shinseki, dont even give this a second thought. You wore the uniform at one time and even though you made money with the idiotic berets that the Army used to wear, at least use some common sense. Dont give in, Quit playing F(*& politics with the Armed Forces and Veterans that saved your butt and protect us 365 days a year.

    • Miked

      No one in the government retires with full benefits after two days in service. Everyone in the government falls under the same retirement plan, as that changed years ago. Now what I think they are talking about above is when the school is paid, but then for some reason the classes are canceled either by you or the school. The VA wants their money back and the schools are very slow to respond, so they want the veteran to help retrieve those funds. Veterans, as I understand it, have not helped enough so if they put the burden on the veteran…they’re going to help.

    • Linda

      I totally agree with you. I am a 100% disabled vet and was looking forward to being retrained in something new I would be able to do now with my condition. Then this comes up and now I don’t know if I will be able to go to school. It’s not right at all. We fought through thick and thin, and lost several fellow soldiers and friends just to get treated like this. It’s just not right.

  • Megan

    The VA is already doing this. I know because I have experienced it first hand. I enrolled in school at the end of 2009 after I retired and didn’t receive a BAH payment until almost 6 months later. The school I was going to was not certifying classes correctly and every time they sent in a correction, it triggered a debt in the VA’s system. My BAH was being withheld to repay debts that had never actually been paid to the school. After 2 semesters, I was forced to drop out and I had to fight with both the VA and the school to get it straightened out. The school blamed VA and VA blamed the school. Neither wanted to admit they were wrong. It took almost a year to get it straightened out before I was able to re-enroll and finish my degree but I am still having lingering issues. I was depending on that money to help support my family while I went to school. It obviously didn’t work out that way, but lesson learned. I haven’t exhausted all of my benefits but I will be much more vigilant the next time around.

  • Jose


    I don’t like you to compare President Obama for Osama Bin Laden. President Obama is a normal citizen and Osama is a terrorist. If you think President Obama is a terrorist messing up our economy and our benefit infrastructure you got to think where did all this came from? during President Bush’s administration, he was the one who sent more troops overseas and increased the oil prices making our economic structure to fall. President Obama is trying to fix what Mr. Bush left unfixed. I served 3 deployments overseas, I was found at risk to be blown up or get injured, and I don’t think the Govt gives a damn about you and me and other proud veterans. We deserve to get our G.I. bill benefits and other services, we earned that privilege and we need to voice our opinion to Congress not to make any changes to our education program, neither to have us incur any re-payments back to them. They are the ones who made these policies and now they can’t afford it, really! We need to stop winning about it and we need congress to hear our voice as proud Veterans. I hope you understand.

    • Jim

      I am so sick and tired of all the Obama supporters and Obama of blaming Bush and saying he inherited the problems that is all the Democrat BS, what everyone fails to mention is that the deficit was decreasing every year that Bush was in office because of his Govt cutbacks and policies, but when the Democrats took over Congress in 2007, they began stonewalling and defeating every cut that Bush wanted to make to reduce Government spending, to include every thing he sent to Congress in 2008 and who was one of the head defeatists, Obama, along with Pelosi and Reid, they even sat on policy until Obama got in office so he could sign it to push it through, Obama has also created more debt for this country than the last 10 presidents combined it is all public access, but no one wants to research it and see the truth.

      • Rod

        @Jim, I see the truth brother! I am reading and agreeing, because I know what you are talking about. Not everyone sees it though.

    • Jim

      Everyone wants to call anyone who criticizes Obama a racist, well the truth be known, he was only elected because of racism, most people only voted for him because he was black, not because of his politics or his abilities, but because of his race, most African-Americans and Hispanic-Americans came out in force, more than twice the amount of the 4 previous elections, 2 of which included Clinton, to vote, and many openly admitted that they only voted for Obama to be a part of history, that is putting the best man in office that is straight up racism in reverse, but I will probably be called racist for this post, but Obama has torn this country down from within.

      • Rod

        He was elected not because he is black, but because he could run as a white person because his mother is white American.The majority of Hispanics vote Democratic because of the Socialist agenda. African Americans jumped on the bandwagon because they thought Obama was one of them. Now they know he is for nobody but himself, just like any African leader from the Congo.

    • Jim

      He promised change, and all we have gotten is triple deficit, higher unemployments rates than since the 80’s and more benefit cuts for the military and it vets than anytime in American history, but it is all Bush’s fault, that is the leftists BS and racist crap that keeps getting spewed, you all keep supporting this idiot and the country will be under Martial Law before his next term is up, or we will be victim to another major terrorist attack because he has made us so weak.

      Everything I have stated and claimed can be looked up and verified, just take to time to do it, before you attempt to call me a racist, I am from a multi-racial family and I have 3 bi-racial kids, I dont care what your color is, if you only get a job that you cant handle, and you take credit for everyone else’s work, you are proving you only got the job becuase of your race, which is reverse racism, it needs to end in November before we implode as a country.

    • Rod

      @Jose, can’t you see you are contradicting yourself? Your post makes no sense. You are defending the very people you are accusing. Sit down and take two bottles of aspirin and call me in the morning. Chill Brother!

  • Matt H.

    So many spelling and grammar errors. This must be a forum for vets! Haha… joking aside, I’m using my Post 9/11 GI Bill and receiving my monthly “BAH” payments. I don’t understand how I could possibly incur debt this way.

  • ruben

    i thoght i was the only one having problem with some issue im trying to resolved with the VA. Im taking online classes with AIU, started this passed January, i was doing ok. ’til i received a letter from the VA stated that i owed them a debt of 2,479.00. And the VA said they are trying to switch to chapter 33 (post 9/11) from chapter 30 (mongomery G.I ) . And this switching over of chapters VA said it created a debt. and im in the processed of appealing this, if any veterans out there went thru this same issue, i just needed an advice

  • Leonard Otto

    What else is new save a new generation of veterans and thoughts with promises before an election. Hardships? Well, in my era the VA made it that in effect I paid a bad debt of a minor amount with a bad debt by their accounting that fouled things up so I had to drop out to the street twice and the third and forth time around although admitted they said time had expired. But the is no free speech, that is one cannot sue as a veteran since the civil war times- it seems the whole debt collection education policy is aimed to make that the case for a whole generation of debt ridden civilian students. Guess we always have to fight for them also.

    L. Edgar Otto AF14871466

    • Matt H.

      I don’t understand. Did you use some sort of online translator?

  • Once again, the VA is trying to make it harder for I and the rest of the vets who were promised a college education as a reward for putting our collective asses on the line!!

    • jbravo

      dumb comment

  • vw2show

    Ladies and Gentlemen,
    They are saying if an individual (military member) do not pass or complete a class he/she will have to repay the money back. Right now they only pursue the housing and book money. The change would be putting a halt to all benefits until payment for School fees/payments, books, and housing is paid in full. So, it both of your children are attending school at the same time. One kid gets a F in a class. VA will stop benefits for both children until the VA payments are paid in full.

  • Obvious from these posts there are many vets who NEED to go to college and take a class in critical thinking. The primary cause of our country’s current problems is the burden from Iraq and Afghanistan…and who is responsible for that? Anyway, on the subject, I dropped a course that I used my GI Bill for and guess what? They recouped that money out of my next semester’s request. I think recoupment is a joke, period: they take $100 a month for 12 months, then you have to wait another 12 months to start using it. With the amount of money they are bringing in on those “pay reductions,” the actual government contribution to your GI Bill is negligible. Then we have the folks who lose their money because they don’t serve the full three years or get a discharge that is other than honorable, and I lost over a year of my benefits because my 10 years expired. So…there is plenty of money in the fund not to need to recoup. Maybe you should be upset about that.

  • This is just a preview of more to come. Now that this war is drawing to an end things will tighten up big time. Most of the population wont care anyways. I wont be surprised at all when they cut BAH and say that you have to have at least a 3.0 to keep benefits. Really. College is a rip off for the money you pay to go and with no real guarantee that you will even be able to get a job after you are stuck with student debts for the next 20 years.

  • Veterans have already paid the price. When we have tried relentlessly to receive our benefits, services, and medical care it has taken years to have services rendered in a timely manner. I needed surgery for three years plus, in severe pain and because of delayed surgery it damaged my liver. Millions of Veterans over the years have had to deal with excessive delayed amount of time for medical care causing harm. It caused inflammation, enlargement, and sickness. Too many times us Veterans have been harmed by blockages of services. When we seek out any correction of our benefits we deal with gross injustices, intentional delays, & sabotage causing the Veterans to become worse.

  • georgie boy 54

    It is a shame we always have to get ripped off because people in government wait until things get out of hand and we pay the price.Now if a war started then they start their sweet talk about how much they need us and how much they care.


    Shinseki is a village idiot, that was evident when he tried to replace the Abrahms with the Striker and the whole beret change, which may have also lead to alot of Soldiers going bald, lol. But seriously, for him to be closing he VA hospitals is a crying especially with him being a wounded veteran all, with part of his foot amputated. He should be able to tell you first hand, the pain Soldiers feel from the sacrifices made, but yet, he chooses to turn a deaf ear and a blind eye to our concerns. He’s a perfect example of why we need better programs for Vets, because if they existed around the time he needed them, he wouldn’t be such the moron he is now, just saying.


      A Crying Shame