Senators Urge VA to Rethink Recoupment Policy Change

Earlier this week I wrote that the Department of Veterans Affairs may soon change their debt collecting practices in a way that could cause harm to veterans.  Read ‘Policy May Hurt Vets’ for more details.

On April 19, Senators Jon Tester (D-MT) and Mark Begich (D-AK) sent a letter,  similar to the one sent by the National Association of College and University Business Officers. In their letter Senators Tester and Begich “strongly urged” Secretary Shinseki to reconsider the plan to return to the debt recoupment policy, which they belive would likely cause hardship for many veterans and force colleges to become debt collectors for the VA.

The letter also states that while the Senators understand the need to collect veteran’s debts, they don’t agree with the VA’s plan for doing so. “Withholding tuition benefits to recoup these debts would place veterans at undue risk or financial hardship and jeopardize their ability to gain the skills and education they need to compete in an increasingly competitive job market.”

As stated in the original article, Veterans should be aware of this proposal because the indebtedness process can cause delays in future benefit payments, block class enrollments, and result in insufficient benefits to cover the cost of their educations. In addition, the financial impact could force veterans to consider dropping out entirely.

Click here to view the Senators letter to Secretary Shinseki.

About the Author

Terry Howell
Before becoming the Managing Editor for, Terry served 20 years in the U.S. Coast Guard as an Aviation Electrician’s Mate and aircrewman. In his final role in the Coast Guard, Terry served as a Career Development Advisor, where he provided career, finance, education, and benefits counseling to servicemembers and their families. Since retiring from the Coast Guard, Terry has authored the book, The Military Advantage, managed the content for TurboTap, the DoD's online transition program and VAforVets, the VA's transition assistance website. Terry earned both his Bachelor's and MBA at Corban University using Military Tuition Assistance and his GI Bill benefits to help cover the cost.
  • chris

    question? if you owe money shouldn’t you pay it back first. Does this not make since anymore. If i owe the bank money and dont pay it back i am sure i will not get a lone from them till the money owed is paid. Or did i miss something here?

    EM2 Brown

    • Chris

      Yeah, you missed learning something in English class because your sentence skills are horrible. Furthermore you must have never dealt with the VA like I have. When the post 9/11 push was going on they were backed up processing existing MGIB claims. I waited 6 months to get a payment. I received no interest or anything for this inconvenience. Next time you want to voice your opinion on so
      Etching you know nothing about I urge you to enlist for 4 years and live off 15,000 a year if your lucky, maybe that will give you some clarity.

    • notadebtcollector

      The point of the article is that suspending benefits with the intent of collecting in the short term impacts the long term viability of the veteran. If the VA waits until the student is on his or her feet with a job, they are in a better position to repay.
      The analogy of a bank doesn’t hold up. Banks take on loans as part of a risk neutral portfolio, some high, some low, some medium risk. In any case they have right to whatever you agreed to, and took a certain risk that you may or may not pay them back. The bank’s collection powers are limited.
      The VA programs are an entitlement. The VA doesn’t make a profit by risk classifying us and balancing this risk. The VA is mandated to provide services to veterans in order to help them transition or survive outside the structure of the military. The fact is that as an entitlement to potentially struggling individuals, the VA may never get its money back. It should make sure that the veteran will be viable in the long term before collecting debts.

      • gabasinger

        Very well said! Thank you!

    • Cindy

      What happens when the VA owes the veteran money – the college changed the number of credits I was taking via a schedule change but did not inform the VA – a class was swapped for a different time period – anyway, since this is the post 9/11 GI Bill the veteran was kept out of the loop until – a notice of indebtedness was received. Since I work in a position that requires a good credit rating, I paid the debt out of pocket – and guess what – so did the University – they paid it six months later – I have submitted proof of their payment along with my credit card charge – the university did send it to the wrong address – so,here it is two and a half years later and I am still waiting for my $300 plus. Wonder if I can get interest on it?

    • majohnson83

      Ok Chris. Veterans have served this country and the amount of suffering and pain many go through in the process should not be disregarded or forgotten. Many veterans have psychological and physical issues especially when returning form war and their adjustment takes time. Debts do occur and this is the daily life for many. Sometimes the money and education that veterans are receiving for the VA is what is moving them forward. Its interesting how some senators make the laws, decide to go to war but the fact is they will never understand what it means to fight for this country. (Tax the rich and pay their debts for them!)

    • You are an idiot you finish school then pay back after you graduate just like financial aid. Think before you write

    • TransonicMan

      You missed your spelling lessons. I still got your point.

    • Tom

      Hello Neandethal. Please learn how to spell before posting. Maybe you should take a loan and learn how to do so.

      • Randy

        Ok, Tom, but your Neanderthal is missing an “r”. Why are we all casting stones at each other instead of concentrating on fixing our problems?

    • Tired of stupid people!

      If you would got a education first you be able spell LOAN!

      • Travis

        Your post is also filled with grammatical errors fool. Glass houses.

        • Mike

          And, you posted a sentence fragment. LOL

      • Rattlerjake

        would got? You must have graduated from Obummer school!


      I guess the government is getting even lazier…now they want the schools to hound veterans for collection when we deserve the right to attempt to transition into society….when are they going to actually do some real work instead of instigating others with administrative crap…..get a real job! N for those NEC non- war fighters that talk the talk, but don’t walk the walk stay in in your lane, and know your role n enjoy ports n whatever els it is you POG’s do…. Tired of explaining myself to personnel that complain about Doing their part in sections that don’t see combat…come on really explain that to a double amuputee, a widow, wife-less husband, or better yet an only child parent gone…..”proud to have served” getting my AA IN BILOGY THOS YEAR TOO…..for those that need more credentials….I’m out!

      • Vincent

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    • sala

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      • BIll

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        • Patrick

          You English Majors who are giving people crap for their miss spellings and grammer **** me off…i hope I have some errors, cause I’m not perfect….It is people like you who miss the point of the and focus on the political correctnesss….in my opinion one of the major factors degrading America’s moral foundation….I’m a combat vet. who.’s mission was not a humanitarian one…..and all of y’all political righteous ***** can die or ranger the **** up America… lack of better words to discribe my feelings is probably cause I was killing people why you where getting *** raped by your dorm roommate.

        • Patrick

          You English Majors who are giving people crap for their miss spellings and grammer **** me off…i hope I have some errors, cause I’m not perfect….It is people like you who miss the point of the and focus on the political correctnesss….in my opinion one of the major factors degrading America’s moral foundation….I’m a combat vet. who.’s mission was not a humanitarian one…..and all of y’all political righteous ***** can die or ranger the **** up America… lack of better words to discribe my feelings is probably cause I was killing people why you where getting *** raped by your dorm roommate.

        • Patrick

          You English Majors who are giving people crap for their miss spellings and grammer **** me off…i hope I have some errors, cause I’m not perfect….It is people like you who miss the point of the and focus on the political correctnesss….in my opinion one of the major factors degrading America’s moral foundation….I’m a combat vet. who.’s mission was not a humanitarian one…..and all of y’all political righteous ***** can die or ranger the **** up America… lack of better words to discribe my feelings is probably cause I was killing people why you where getting *** raped by your dorm roommate.

        • Patrick

          You English Majors who are giving people crap for their miss spellings and grammer **** me off…i hope I have some errors, cause I’m not perfect….It is people like you who miss the point of the and focus on the political correctnesss….in my opinion one of the major factors degrading America’s moral foundation….I’m a combat vet. who.’s mission was not a humanitarian one…..and all of y’all political righteous ******** die or ranger the ****** America… lack of better words to discribe my feelings is probably cause I was killing people why you where getting assraped by your dorm roommate.

    • Bailey USAF 93 – 97

      Glad things are so black and white for you Chris but I am paying a debt that was created in 1984 and was not informed by the VA until 2010. This is a Bachelors and a Masters later. Yes I feel that it is my responsibility but where is the VA’s part in this. They are slow and don’t care if your circumstances have changed. I am trying to feed myself and my family and the VA could care less. The appeal went in in April of 2010. I am still waiting. I have told them that I don’t care if they keep what they have already collected. Fair is Fair. In my opinion the VA in specific the medical centers are screwing the vets around.

    • TAT

      lone…..”loan”…..LOL….but I do agree with you!

    • wdr

      I’m a veteran – I’m also a believer in accountability which is also a core military value. Therefore, I see no reason that anyone including a vet should get a pass from not owning up to their debt responsibility. Vets have a choice to take the benefits and or loans but that does not give them a pass on accountability for not paying off their loans or debts.

      • Dick

        Loyalty duty respect selfless service honor integrity personal courage

        Accountability not an army value…..

      • USMC

        People Owe the VA because the system is flawed and they overpay everyone. Please read the comment by prior USMC. It will explain everything.

      • GIdisappointed

        No one is saying that Vet’s should not be accountable for the debts owed. What everyone is saying is that just like any school loans, financial aid, etc. There should be a grace time, and/or if the Vet is still enrolled in classes, they should not have to start paying back until they are no longer enrolled. I myself happen to be paying pack some money I owe to the VA GIBill, they are just taking a small payment every month from my BAH. It is almost paid back. The fact that the VA changed the promise made to me when I signed on the dotted line and joined the Army, meaning the rules of how I got paid by the GIBill is just as unfair. Like changing how many credits I have to take to get full BAH, getting rid of break pay, etc. In my mind, this was unfair in it’s self! I have a learning disability, and I am not able to take the amount of credits required with out it effecting my grades, did they take this in for account, of course not. Some of us are wounded Vet’s and are having a real hard time finding work with 4 out of 5 Vet’s out of work, we need this to pay our bills during the down time that we have no control over taking. Break pay should be a choice of the Vet to take or not take. On top of everything the VA is doing to us Vet’s, they are proving they do not have our best interest in account. I am not sure what they do have in account.

      • Bea

        I am a disabled veteran from the Gulf War Era. Loan forgiveness is available for anyone that is disabled & unable to work. I recently was $40,000 in debt for two degrees. Thank God they forgave them. So, veterans need to check into this program. Knowledge is power!!

      • I am a disabled veteran from the Gulf War Era. Loan forgiveness is available for anyone that is disabled & unable to work. I recently was $40,000 in debt for two degrees. Thank God! They forgave them. So, veterans need to check into this program. Knowledge is power!!

    • Nathan

      Yes you did miss something….. How to spell.

    • priorUSMC

      The VA takes forever to stop payments. For example, I was collecting 30% after active service. I decided I wanted to continue serving in the reserves. I still got that check each month even though 2 days a month I was “Active”. So at the end of the year, they tally it all up and send me a letter saying “We will withhold future payments until we have recoupped what we overpaid you.

      • USMC

        So, I did not get my next one and a half checks from the VA. Now, I would rather tell them to keep 7% a month to compensate for my reserve training (2 out of 30 days). I do not rely on that check which is not very much anyways, so it is not a big deal to me. Say I go to an active duty school for a month. I call and say “hey I’m going to be active for the next month, stop paying me”,

        • USMC

          They say “ok I’m going to file a claim for you, someone will contact you in 1 to 3 weeks.” I get a letter in the mail two months later after I get back from the month of active duty which says “we have received your claim and due to the massive amounts of veterans claims we have to deal with at this time, it will take some tiem for us to get to you on this matter.” So I keep getting paid. By the time anyone contacts me from the VA for me to request them to stop paying me, they’ve already overpaid me over a thousand dollars.

          • USMC

            This is throughout say 8 months for example say it was 1400 bucks. If they say “Hey we want our $1,400 dollars back right now”, I will not be able to pay that. They know this. Apparently it has happened hundreds of times and it is the systems fault so their way of fixing it is withholding payments until the debt has been recoupped.

            I am totally about being responsible for your self. That is what America is all about. But this circumstance is not the fault of the veteran. If I could call each month and say “hey this is my next drill date, please take it out of my next check.” and someone immediately put it in a computer and said “no problem”, I would never owe them anything.

            Sorry this was so long but I wanted you to understand because you have a strong point, but you do not know anything about this system and its flaws and why people owe the VA in the first place.

          • usmc_eod

            USMC, I feel your pain in dealing with the VA. When I was active duty, I also had the same monetary problems with DFAS as well. Hopefully, they will design and implement a system that’s much more organized and streamlined. Until then, we will have to monitor and calculate every cent that the VA does or doesn’t give us. Just when you think that you’ve escaped the big green weenie upon EASing, you turn around and there’s another one staring you in the face. Semper Fi, brother.

    • GunnyC

      Thank You. I am glad that someone else here agrees with the way it should be. If they owe and are not responsible enough and respect the Corps values of honor courage and commitment then why give them more for not doing the proper thing in to the first place. You are only making the big picture worse by continuing to support and honor those who do not live up to their end of the deal. I bet if the VA owed them or they didn’t receive the benefits that the VA is trying to get from them that they would be the first to remind the VA to pay them first. All part of this Me Me Me Generation! Give and don’t give back. If the shoe fits wear it and if this doesn’t apply to you then thank you for your service.

      • TrmnlLCpl

        Hey Gunny,

        You’re a dumb ***. Now that we’ve got that out of the way…

        The VA makes mistakes that makes us VETERANS owe them money. Sure, they can ask us for it, it might take some time, but the way they’re trying to go about it NOW is WRONG!

        About that whole “ME ME ME generation” ******** you just said, I have contact the VA about my disability claim countless amounts of times. The VA is supposedly too backed up to get to my file and discuss my claim with me. I have been waiting for over a year for my claim to get a rating. Do you know how hard it is for me to find a mother ******* job in a recession, when I have physical and psychological problems?

        Look man, stick to the USMC “walk the line” ******** and stay out of the thinking man’s territory.

        I bet you’re one of those guys picking people out that don’t have their proper shave on their OFF TIME. YES, I said “OFF TIME”! Or NJPing an under age Marine that isn’t causing trouble but is drinking. Or demanding people to give you the proper greeting of the day.

        Go smoke some weed man, I think it’ll do wonders for you.

    • Walter

      I think that every one should pay back the gi loans. I paid my loan off when i went to learn to drive a tracktor trailer. This was in the 1970’s

    • psf

      I totally agree if a veteran drops or fails a course he or she is not elegible for the money so he or she should have to pay it back before getting anymore.

    • Rattlerjake

      Funny how everyone is correcting him on the word loan but none of you intellectuals caught the misspelling of since (sense).

    • Lonny

      Hey Chris. “Notadebtcollector” answered quite well. It’s your responsibility to know and understand the complexities of money and how money works. Simplicity is of the average thinker. Higher education is not in your best interest my fellow comrade.

    • dammit freddy

      loan , retard

    • TGS

      EM2, spell check, punctuation and grammar are (or should be in this case) your friends. There is a difference between “lone” and “loan”.

    • Regina,

      I agree with you, the world is changing where people want something for nothing. The debts needs to be paid back.


      You’re another DUMB MOTHER FUCKER.

      The VA owes a shit ton of Vets $$$. Are we putting a lien on their buildings and desks? No. Instead I have to fight for over a year to attempt to get what I need and still not get a response.

      Some Vets are now going to have to get LOANS now to payback some miscalculated error that the VA made.

      To answer your question, YES, you definitely missed something called Common Sense and maybe some critical thinking skills.

    • Frank

      Maybe we should look at creditworthiness? It is a matter that if someone is badly in arrears on loans, maybe they shouldn’t get a new one? Of course, sometimes (not every stinking time) common sense should intervene and circumstances should play a part. Some folks legitimently need help while many others will scam any program for their own ends…

      Then lets look at those folks WHO ARE BEING RESPONSIBLE and do make payments in a timely manner (Those folks who aren’t in arrears.) and DESERVE more faith to further their skill sets via education or whatever. Also, lets be more active in the trade schools. Not everyone is cutout to be a college grad. Heck there are many people who hate school (Maybe we can revamp schools and get rid of teachers who aren’t inspiring their students?), so maybe we should look not only into trade schools, but also apprenticeships?????

    • helpless joe

      My issue with this situation is that i have hospital bills that i haven’t been able to pay back. Also all of these hospital bills occurred while i was attending college under the VA. But they would not help me because they said they had facilities available. So, they wouldn’t help me when i needed them and now they want to take the money i need to pay bills with to pay off something they could have helped me with?? Thank God for America?

  • Sgt Jmack

    Chris, I understand exactly what you are saying. However, I believe that if these Veterans were allowed to go to school, then get a job, then have their wages garnered, it would be a better solution. Yes, we all are supposed to pay out debt, and the Federal government can not be waved due to a bankruptcy, so therefore there needs to be a better solution.
    It is not the job of the colleges/schools to go after the collections, but it is the job of the VA…

    • jes

      You need to get off the socialism gig. Pay your debts as you go. Don’t go to school and be in debt for the rest of your life after you get out, that is socialism, hell, why have any money to start with? Just give it to the gov’t!!!
      Margaret Thatcher said it best … socialism stops when the socialists run out of other people’s money. That is why we are in debt upwards of $5 trillion dollars now.
      The ones owing probably the most are school hopping and/or professional students.

      • John Good

        Guy! You are GROSSLY misinformed.

  • afterburner1277

    Well this really sucks a mooses butt! And if someone can explain to me how in the hell I can incurr debts when i use my Post 9-11 GI bill benefits that PAYS ME TO GO TO SCHOOL AND PAYS THE SCHOOLS THE CORRECT AMOUNT WHY WILL I HAVE MY WAGES GARNISHED??? To pay back WHAT, I am befuddled

    • itcouldhappen

      You will end up with a debt if they overpay you. I have had them figure my payment rate wrong before and then recoup that overpayment. Or you might fail a class or withdraw to avoid failing. If you realize after add/drop is over that you are going to do very poorly in a course and withdraw that could result in a debt since you cant add a course back in its place.

      • Mark

        Well really, why should the va pay you to fail classes. If you’re going to withdraw then the va should not have to pay for that.

    • bull7734

      when school ends, say at the beggining of the month, GI bill money stops, until school starts back again, this is between semesters, nearly a months pay, GI bill used to pay as long as you were not out of school longer than 30 days (I think, maybe 60), so now to fill that gap of paying bills and surviving your choices are to get a job or loan

  • HM1_FMF

    All the VA will accomplish by doing this is that instead of being treated as respected Veterans and Students, we will be categorized as potential debtors and denied admission. Further, IF admitted, we will have to have a secondary, verified form of financial aid or ability to pay. Some Vets cannot do this or they would not be in school in the first place. I agree that a debt is a debt and should be repaid, but the Veteran should also have a right to finance it like a student loan. The VA is attempting to villianize Vets, ALL OF THEM, instead of representing them in an honorable manner, like they served! As a HRM Major, a garnishment could cost the veteran the job they are applying and the VA could not garnish anyway. The VA should consider a new leader who is there to represent veterans, not villianize them!! Just my opinion.

  • jacquesdaspy

    The VA has it’s own guidelines for collection and any and all will accomodate the process if necessary. The VA routinely deducts approx $100 a month for medications frim my SS “check.” The excessive medication perscriptions are VA policy. You are also charged copay for medications required as a result of a screwup by the VA doctors or staff? Go Figger, the VA’s way?

    • muxsbirdman

      Go Figger is right. VA took $448 out of my check for a WV comp claim that was nine yrs old. Made some calls to Beckley VA with no explanation but they didn’t mind taking food from my families table. I’m a survior but it sure shouldn’t be that way!!

    • grouchyroan

      most people don’t realize how many medications are prescribed to veterans that get thrown out. while going through ptsd treatment my meds were changed every 6 weeks to try and find a way to help me. after a year and a half i was worse off than when i started and had a large cardboard box full of unused meds, most considered narcotics. i quit the meds and threw the unused ones out. i can only guess what the medications must have cost the government, but no one offered to return my co payments. i’m sure any vet knows the system is flawed, but the vet should not suffer because of it.

  • CTR SN Ret.´73

    A. The VA sends 2008 bills for meds to wrong address
    B. VA Debt Mangmt Cent. tells Treasury to offset disability pay – Adds fee $?
    C. Treasury adds $27 to bill, tells Def. Finance & Acct Serv to offset (take) pay
    D. VA never notified me; DMC never notified me; Treasury ditto & adds $27
    E. DFAS sends letter – offsets pay within 45 days. No time for pay plan.
    F Malnutrition gets worse… Thank U for your service! VA, Treas., DFAS

  • the one

    With me I had the advancement that come when the post 9/11 gi bill went into effect which is fine. I owe that however recently I started a school. The school certified me for future classes that I didn’t take yet. I withdrew from the school because of there practices and they just sucked. Then I recieved a letter from the VA after 2 months saying I owed over 1000 dollars for an overpayment. I checked all corners when I withdrew as well such as Vonapp change, withdrawal from the school, and spoke with the VA when I did withdrawal. None the less I have to repay this debt which is accurate but this issue should have never come around in the first place.

  • B. Daley

    Honestly I think they should do it the way the UK does it. Yes debt sucks as you all previously stated but has to be paid back. In the UK, students go to college and don’t have to worry about paying the debt off until they are fully employed and their wages are only garnished based upon how much they earn. The more they earn is the more they have to pay back but at least it allows them to get the necessary skills they need as well as find employment and then they pay it back based upon their income until it’s fully paid off. This basically solves 2 problems (the individual learns a skill and debt gets paid back) and would allow students who can’t even attend a college the chance to get some sort of a specialized skill.

    • I would agree but if you have financial aid that’s similar to the UK we pay back once we graduate which if you get sick or have to withdrawal or any other issues sure pay it back but there is a payment plan you can get on with the VA so therefore pay it all back when you can after you graduate or talk to them about a payment plan if you need one

    • tombalita1

      Great idea. Normally I would disagree with UK type Socialist ideas. This sounds like a winner. Everything we’ve tried up to this point hasn’t worked or made many happy.

  • USAFVet

    but yet our elected representatives children DO NOT have to pay back any student debt — as they have been exempted. How by their LOVING mommys and daddys when they add such things to Bills that we the paying public know little about. Now they want to collect from our veterans who have lost time, health, and continue to suffer in many ways after serving and during. Give me a break – we should all revolt and meet in DC.

    • Sooooooooo true!

    • john

      when was the last time one of their kids were in the service?????????????????????

  • David

    The VA view on collecting Special Separation Pay sucks. I got out when the only stipulation I signed for taking the money is if I went back on activity duty, Reserve or National guard duty would they collect any funds back. Congress changed the law which should have grandfathered me in but yet they are taking 100% of my pay at a 60% rating. Now that really hurts me in this down turned economy. If they want to take the funds then they should pay me back pay for disability from the date of seperation.

    • eddie crosby

      i got seperation pay i dont have to pay it back why do you?

    • Millie

      AMEN. Quick to take; hard as all hell to pay out. It is not like the majority of us go into the military (about 1% percent). Yet, they knowingly place us in situation and then get a case of WHAT ARE TALKING ABOUT. I have loss so much respect for the military (retired 20+ active-reserves-deployment).

    • wayne

      When the law was changed DFAS was supposed to be able to only take 40% instead of the 90% that was authorized before. It’s not the VA. It’s the Defense Finance and Accounting Service. They are totally not in tune with service members and their situations. Check with them, get with your Veteran Service Officer in your county. Don’t let ’em push you around. Good luck!!

  • Les

    Veterans who are entitled to grants or loans should not be hassled until they are through with their courses, have an agreeable repayment plan, and only then after they are gainfully employed so they can get on their feet. If the VA feels compelled to search for immediate funds then perhaps they should present a Bill to Congress asking to change the TAX CODE and collect some of the Hundreds of Millions from CORPORATIONS & the
    Filthy Rich !

  • Edgardo J. Alicea

    What about if you pay state or federal tax all your working life,plus served honorable in the arme forces,plus many veteran are in deep debt.the only institution avaible for then are the VA.why dont reduce the VA executive salary , benefict or cola,The VA shuold give more respect either change the way the give the information so dont sound like treat,they send a leter treat me i idont pay some medication they will send my name to some collecting agency,so isay with all my respect to the VAperssonnel who treat veterans,Read My Leap i give a…..and more repect to any veterans for any era.

  • Dances

    What about the fact you have a time limit on using the GI Bill. If I have debt and takes me years to pay back, do I then just lose my benefits? Define debt, everyone has some form of debt. I am just about to finish my MA, are people grandfathered to avoid this policy? Can we stop it?

  • grouchyroan

    how does one collect a debt from the government, i’ve had money taken out of my income tax return and i am a 70 year old legally blind vet. i got the letter saying i owed the debt and while i was trying to deal with the finance office and all the paper work to show i didn’t owe it they took it out of my return. only a small amount but it still hurt. government doesn’t seem to worry much about never paying back what they owe but are always spending money to collect money from citizens. and you people that say your debts should be paid, have any of you ever missed a meal, did a real days work, been shot at , or never know if you will ever see your family again, be careful of running you mouth, it might be you in the future.

  • oifvet

    i am a disabled veteran. from a basic training injury in 1981, that was buried for 20 yrs. comp and pension review said i had not been employable since that accident, even though i worked and served in the reserves and active duty for 22 yrs. someone explain how you can be unemployable and the VA rate that at 10%. there may be some debts that need repaid, but the government needs to pay those they owe as well

  • john

    thevets over paid me they gave me a pension and disability payments i had to pay back 4800.00 dollars this caused me a very bad hardship are they going to give me that money back ????? its not my fault that theyfucked up but than again thats normal for them to fuck with us nam vets

    • Will

      Dont worry brother. It doesn’t matter the war you fought in, they screw us all. I was in OEF, they are screwing me out of 3200.00 because they were giving me school money when I wasn’t even in school, and I told them I wasn’t.

  • what support

    Sometimes like my case, the alleged dept is a fabrication. In 2002 midland funding inc, somehow obtained a list of 8000 reservists who were activated and deployed. They than filed suit against them (yes while deployed) in states across the nation. They got summary judgments and then set and did nothing. Around 2005, the statute of limitations for the soldiers to file an appeal had long passed. The company then moved to have garnishments of wages. this is when the soldiers first became aware of the “debt”. A class action was filed and the lawyers who were on the soldiers side got $5 million and the soldiers got $15 and the “debts” despite the argument by 35 state district attorneys who pleaded to the court to now allow the settlement, are still due. awesome for use soldiers like me that was never process served (the process server signed an affidavit that he stapled it to my door) unfortunately the court said the fact that no one was living in the house while i was deployed does not make the process serving invalid.

  • HarGon63

    if you actually owe the money, you should pay the debt. not sure why this is an issue.

  • Medicalboy1977

    The whole congress is full of it. Maybe we should vote them out office. I see no use of having so many of them. It’s not like they do anything good. It’s not right. regardless of who the President might be it’s this Congress that puts such toll on us.

    • phil

      finally, somebody gets the right view, neither left nor right…get rid of them all, get veterans in there who care about this country….start the fight to get vets elected to all levels of government…

    • Tone

      the opposite of con-gress is pro-gress

  • what supporg

    midland continued. forgot to mention that midland, never showed the court that any of the 8000 people owed money. they simply signed an affidavit that the “promise the court that they reviewed the evidence and it existed” the appeals court found that the affidavit was signed by people who had no legal training and had never even looked at anything other than a list of deployed military people. yet our legal system let the “debt” stand.

  • nlnaudio3

    Or or…wait for it….Since we have a 3 of months to use the benefits, why not simply reduce a month or two of a comparison of the amount you owe. If you had 24mo left and had to dropout or something a month later using 1mo of it. Instead of reducing it to 23mo reduce it to 22mo. This saves hardship on the veteran and saves the VA from extra hassle and wasting money on postage.

    I also don’t like the system they have now, if you incur a debt, you pay it back but you don’t get that amount of months credited back to you. Which is a real rip off that should change.

    They also don’t make debt calls which is good and bad. They only mail you, but VA systems don’t talk to each other, if you update your contact info with one dept it doesn’t replicate to the others, you gotta call each separate place to have your info updated. Therefore they can be sending the letter somewhere else. They should at least do like a txt msg and email as well.

    • nlnaudio3

      meant to say “Since we have a # of months…..”

  • Pete C.

    Our society looks at debt as something to be expected. If we can’t afford this, charge it, if we can’t afford that, charge it. If we can’t afford this, here fill out this loan application. With our “instant gratification” society, these freeloaders are now whining about tactics to try to recoup OBLIGATIONS of money lent to them. This is absurd. If you borrow any money, whether it be via loan, charge, or any other means, you sign a promise saying you will pay it back.

    Stop whining and do it!! I’m tired of being responsible with my money and being taxed so others who aren’t can get taken care of.

    And yes, I’m a vet as well. I was taught honor and a sense of duty to do what is right. If that meant tighten up my belt and do without for a period of time, that’s what I did.

    • David

      Way to go Pete. Someone should consider stepping up and doing the right thing.

    • Mike

      While I agree with your point, should the government turn the VA, whose sole purpose is to help veterans, into a debt collector? Will this new policy change apply to civilian students or just to veterans? If it applies only to veterans, who will ensure that the civilians pay back their student loans? There has to be an “equal enforcement under the law”. You do get that right?

    • Bailey USAF 73 – 77

      Ok that feeling is valid but I think I will wait until the economy crushes and you loose you job and your benefits.
      Then tell me this again because when you have to decide about feeding your kids and your unemployment runs out and you still make too much for in unemployment to get social services which you demeanes youself to ask for I will hear your cry too. Take heart and be secure in what you have because there are a good number of people who are suffering and hustleing and grabbing hold to whatever they can do honestlly to survive. You sound like a person who has. Come walk in my shoes. Have a Masters. Can’t find work.

  • Ryan McMullen

    I a Marine am now responsible for a debt of over 26 thousand dollars. While in school i went though a divorce and my grades had slipped as a result. So yes i didn’t qualify for that semester which would have been fine i would have paid my own way til i made them up. Unfortunately, the VA told me that i had qualified. I was completely clueless that in 5 years they that I didn’t qualify for that and the next 2 (making up GPA) semesters and now i owe them. How is this legal? You can’t give money to someone and say its ok, then turn around and ask them to pay up. Its absolutely wrong. Since that time i have an Associates (almost three) and was going to go for the Bachelors then Masters. What do I do? Just try and take it stride? Twenty-six thousand dollars that in noway ill be able to pay.

    • CHUCK


    • ex_lib_loon

      I managed to get 60 dollars in the hole to the VA for meds and was catching back up to zero balance. I collect Social Security Disability. They simply attached the money I owed . Bad month. Cut expenses and it was nonfun.
      Go into debt, pay up.

    • Jaymie Lisk

      Sad part is they will take your income taxes to repay your debt. That happen to my husband and I both this past year for medical expenses that should have been paid by VA since the injuries were service connected. It’s bs what they can do. On top of the VA taking that money the military took an extra grand that supossidly was owed to them. IDK how or why considering we never got extra pay. Sorry to hear about your situation. The VA does offer a waiver if you apply soon enough whihc could wipe out that debt. Good luck!

  • Will

    Its hard enough too get the VA to even process a school claim in a timely manner. Now they want to screw us even harder by taking all our benefits until they get their money. We scarifice our lives so we can get out and get screwed by these greedy chumps. If you have a debt you should pay it back, Im not arguing that. It should be done in a way that Vets can keep going to school, and recieve a enough money to live while in school. I say this is yet another way to screw over those who have given enough. Washington gets to run up a 15 Trillion dollar debt, but I cant sensibly pay back a 5,000 dollar debt over time. Typical government bull$hit

  • Cheryl Kleemann

    I am a widow who loss her Husband to ALS after giving our country, your country 30 yeras of service to the Navy…Theft is a understatment for the The SBP/DIC offset rule. I agree with everything that was said above..When is Congress going to stand up and put their “Big” pants on and fight for the right of the Widows of the arm services who loss thier spouses!!!! When is someone going to listen. I do not believe that people understand what SBP is…It was not “FREE” to us that signed up for the plan to PROTECT OUR FAMILIES in case something happen. Would WE except IF someone told US you have 2 insurance plan that you paid for over the years, you sposue dies and they come back and say that you can only use 1 of them because the other offsets the other plan!!!!! I think OUR answer would be NO so why do we except this and WHY is there NO ONE that will fight for US!!!!!!!



  • Will

    I say we all get together on the Hill and show these corrupt criminals what we had to do to get the benefits they are trying to take.

    • elmo941

      count me in.already got the guns and ammo.just waiting for the shit to hit the fan.

  • American Mother

    So let me get this straight… We have millions of illegals who are draining our system for billions of dollars each day, but no one will do a dam thing about it. Nor will they put a policy in place as New Jersy did and limit the amount of money you can receive for children of people on assistance so you cant make it abusiness to use babies. But what they will do is send our brave citizens, young men and women to war or god knows where else and then beat them up for protectin my freedom. This is an outrage and discusts me to my core! What is happening to this country?

    • Vincent

      illegals actually do pay taxes, believe it or not.. every time they buy something..they are paying sales tax.

      • American mother

        Are you aware of the estimates earnings tax we do not see from them? It’s in the billions. What they do in may cases is send a large potion of thier tax free earnings back to their countries. It’s not circulated in the us to fund their medical needs, which incidentally bankrupt hospitals . Nor do those lost tax dollars off set the cost of ESL in our public schools. I hear you point but . It’s really not about them per say, but about the warped sense of reality and perception the USGovernment has. Indeed they will cause hardship to American citizen military befor addressing large scale issues….just not right!

        • Debra

          Say it with your votes!

      • dlwintermia

        I realize that; however, it’s one of the lowest sales taxes in the Western World and it doesn’t even come close to balancing out the Billions spent on welfare moms who pump one baby out after the next just to not only up their welfare check, but stretch it out for 30 years. We have a very legit illegal immigration problem in the US that at our pace will probably never be worked out. Borders are borders are borders. We not only have a right to protect our borders, but we need to do it now. All of the arguments don’t convince me that illegal aliens have rights to benefits in our country. Specifically, Mexican immigration has been tolerated for decades and decades because the Mexican government does a poor, poor job of taking care of their citizens. It’s a socially stratified country where the rich have it all and the poor have nothing. And, the crime situation has now made Mexico the most violent country in the world, ahead of Iraq and Afghanistan! That’s a UN statistic by the way, I didn’t make it up. My point is why in the world would we want the violence in Mexico brought into the US on the backs of the illegal immigrants?

        • Brother Steve

          Ok so I drove a semi truck across this wonderful country of mine for 13 years, here is what I don’t understand, drive west from New Mexico to Arizona and you enter a weigh station in Arizona. At the weigh station they want to see your bill of lading to determine where the load originated from. If it was from a state that is known to harbor fire ants they have you pull your truck over for a visual inspection for fire ants. So now you continue west and you enter California,here they pull you over and check for fruit flies. Now my question, we can keep fire ants, and fruit flies out of states, but for some reason we cant keep the illegals out. Do we really have our priorities in order?

      • oh really so do i but i also pay taxes on my wages.why?because i dont get paid under the table

      • Debra

        So what? Any foreigner on vacation here can do that.

    • af22retired

      agree with you 100%

    • Debra

      Express yourself! VOTE!

    • tombalita1

      It will keep happening unless you vote to change it it November. Romney 2012! Our only hope for REAL Hope & Change.

      • Fed up

        You have no idea what are you taking about. Never heard of inheritance from republican George W.
        I serve from Nixon to George W. and hated the letter from the guy.

    • Fed up

      many had a rich relatives and its ok to do the wrong that is killing the American dream for so many who cant even afford a dime to spend and as every penny now count to make ends meet. Illegal has it better than all Vet. As one of my neighbors, they buy new cars every year,not showing they are married, collect welfare checks,free medical for all their kids and they even go to private school for free. Thanks to all republican who is so mad if they pay taxes. they are not suppose to according to Bush W who help them pay less taxes and the rest pay almost 35+ percent on their income. the rest of the rich, only 15% and find loop hole to write off the remaining income.

  • Bill

    My current school has sent incorrect information regarding my tuition and fee charges to the VA for the past two semester, resulting in refund checks sent to me for overpayment.

    I called the VA and told the school, and am smart enough not to spend it. But that being said, when I spoke to a VA rep, their response was “It looks like you will be in debt to us eventually, but as of right now the payments processed to your school are ‘legitimate’ and you have not incurred debt. When the VA audits the school, next month or in five years, they will ask for the money back.”

    Now, I can hold on to the money, but why couldn’t this issue have been resolved WHEN I TOLD THEM ABOUT IT. I can’t speak for everyone, but didn’t the military instill a sense of priority and attention in you? It did for me, and dealing with issues in a prompt and effective manner is part of my demeanor. I do not want to hold on to $7,000 in over payments for the next five years just to dance a bureaucratic tango with the VA when they finally decide they want it back.

    • Vincent

      walk into the VA and give them the money.

      • SFC DOKKEN

        Won’t work. They will lose it and you will still owe it. Been there, done that!!
        I’d invest it.

    • Ryan

      Just stick the 7g’s in a high yield savings vehicle and use their money to make a lil extra.

      • Debra

        That’ll get you in trouble. You are not legally allowed to keep money earned at the governments expense. Just like those mileage clubs, not sure of the last couple of changes but we were supposed to turn credit from airlines in with our travel docs.

        • Army Mike

          The govt stopped attempting to collect individual FF miles years ago because per the airline, they belong to the individual who the ticket is made out to and actually travels, not the purchaser … part of this resulted in private owned companies tried to copy the feds and take miles away from employees who traveled for work.

          I have earned over 500,000 FF miles while in the Army and now working for the Dept of Defense – they legally belong to the individual who travels. Part of these reasoning is also the actualized value of FF miles are in some cases less than .004 cents each.

    • FED QS

      Contact the VA Inspector General of this. They shouldn’t be telling you things like this. If you don’t do this, then you will loose in the end.

    • Debra

      It’s a matter of credits and debits and which accounts the money came from, and which one should it have been and blah blah blah. I worked finance for 32 years and you are best off putting it in a trust account you cannot touch until the debt appears. Then, forget about it.
      While in Iraq I found out they had been sending my disability payments to an old account. When they put it on my CREDIT REPORT is when I learned of it. I called. Gave them the account info to show the money was there, and sent the money back immediately, of course. They took it OFF my credit report,….eventually.
      Even when a reservist is mobilized and writes to her/his debtors, with a copy of orders, they still must follow up to make sure the changes are made. As I learned, even when I was in Iraq and not home to recieve their notices they proceeded with action. I even received an AWOL notice from my parent unit while there! Then there was the time the IRS informed me I had not paid taxes is 2 years. I was ACTIVE DUTY for God sake’s.
      Anyone knowing anything about military life knows to keep EVERYTHING.

    • Litabell

      when they ask for the money back, go online and google ‘ how to request a waiver from the VA’, and write it just like the site tells you. Also request a local hearing if given that option. They may ask how much can you pay back–put down the minimum. Put the 7k in a good savings and let it ride.

    • William

      Put the money in a ROTH IRA. Collect the interest and pay it back if they ever ask for it. Things that make you say Hummmmm.

    • psf

      I agree they should have taken the money and posted your account I had a similar incident happen with DFAS a few years ago I paid the money back and received a dun letter 2 years later took a while to clear up but I did not feel right keeping money I did not deserve.

    • steven

      @ bill I have said that along time ago I have been hit hard from them they will audit and catch you at a time when you will need all the money you make and ask you for it, oh I mean auto withdrawl or take your tax return when you need it the most as a letter will follow stating you owe it because irs will be involved inless this bill passes?.Its in your hands I’d say bill,now ,I have learned to tape every conversation I have had on the phone and I would either take a trip to washington send registerd mail to my reps,let the media know! it is in your court I would make such a ruckis and make the va look bad.I would also keep writting about what your situation is! request signuture alway tell them what that person said keep doing it till they audit and hit you with the good news you owe. then I would submit thoses to a lawyer. Is this a check , if it is they don’t last too long, but if they sent you it they have to prove you cashed it don’t they. all I can say is I’m WITH YOU ever since I retired I never trusted the government I question everything and everyone keep good records!

    • Cedric Flounory

      I agree with you Bill. When I try to get my problems right with my school, they tend to be better with the audit system in place with the refunds. When I have problems with the reporting, I try to stay on top of it, so I keepthem on their toes and do the right corrections on my benefits, so I have no debt to pay back. If the VA would upgrade their system, this process could work 100 times better and get the benefits processed faster than the standard 4 to 6 weeks they tell you over the phone.

    • howard

      It will be worse than just wanting their money back. There will be fines and interest to be paid that make the original debt look like peanuts.

    • Mike

      Take advantage of it. Put the overpayment in a savings account to earn a little interest until VA asks for it back.Maybe you could gain a few bucks.

  • I once incurred a debt with the VA while receiving GI Bill benefits and it was a nightmare. I was unable to complete some college classes due to a death in the family. I spoke with the VA education department about my options prior to dropping the classes, and was under the impression that I had received academic forgiveness due to the extenuating circumstances. So I dropped the classes and handled my family business. It turns out that my conversation with the VA’s education department didn’t fully disclose the VA’s debt policy and my academic forgiveness took the better part of a year to resolve. During that time I had no income and seeking full time employment wasn’t an option because I had no idea how long it would take to resolve the issue, one week, one month, six months? No one was able to give me a timeline and I had no way of knowing it would take nine months. I still enrolled for the next semester so it wasn’t like I was sitting on my ass doing nothing the whole time, but I climbed into debt, borrowing money to survive. I’m still paying the interest for the loans I had to take out. I understand that VA debt for circumstances like this can take time, but I expect the VA to continue paying GI Bill benefits wile the case is under review. The end result is all the same to the VA, they still paid me back pay when it was all over and I was finally “forgiven.”

  • Vexed Vet

    What say we fire these PFCs and get all vets in office.

    Then we could make an amendment to the US Constitrution that only people who have worked for a living, owned a business or served in the military could hold office above the rank of dog catcher!

    • Morris

      I agree! Actually it is our fault because those of us that are qualified to run for office, don’t run for office. I understand the DC political battlefield is very risky, but it is not as bad as the war zones we served in.

  • Richard Tannous

    Va only does what congress mandates, sniveling doesn,t not solve problems,know the system and work with it.

    • use spell check asshole!!

    • Nathan Lukens

      ****, congress? Really. The thought that our vets are going to be misrepresented by a group of non veterans should be unconstitutional it’s self. If you think for a moment I want the retards in D.C. “looking out for me” is a gross misrepersentation power. **** congress! Those chicken **** mother ******* can send the poor to war but not pay for their education! Also unwilling to send there own children! The reason the USA is lacking it’s pep is because people just “go with it”.

  • grouchyroan

    i’m glad to see the responses to the posts like chris, but i think all of you that are answering him are assuming he has good sense. a lot of the comments such as his come from the morons who have no other life than to play games and annoy people. most likely he lives at home, has never had a friend, let alone a girlfriend, and someone else pays for housing and food. probably also believes “if you don’t break the law you don’t have anything to be afraid of”.

  • William 1


    • Torry

      This country is based on free speech..but when you are serving in the military you are to respect the office and whoever sits in that seat..I served under 2 presidents and although I didnt agree with the policies I respected the office because I was a soldier and pround of it….So yeah they should have kicked him he can blog all he wants..RESPECT THE OFFICE

    • the that dscharged him must have been a muslem simpathicer ill tell now i dnt like i thank he a crappy president he should be impeached imperisend along with he he wife whos ug ? the a thaing called freedom of speached

  • JOE

    All this is why I wouldnt use the VA if they paid me back !

  • iam retierd vet it my opion that some va employ are only interest in one thing pading there own pockets disabled at that

  • Jennifer Woodard


    • Louie Martinez

      I was told I would most likely get a grant and also get a VA discount for my schooling. So I went to school for almost a year. Then I was told that I would have to pay back around 13.000 dollars out of my own pocket and the VA discount was 5% above that. I am disabled and don’t know how I am going to pay that much back.. It’s going to be a long hard road. I don’t think someone should be lured into a deal like this legally but they sure got me. My grant never got approved but they sure did not tell me.. I had to find out on my own, then drop out because I can’t pay no more out of my own pocket>>>>

  • mary

    I am sick of all the people who blame Obama for all the woes in the country. Our government has blamed him for things the republicans did before hegot into office….If you don’t think things are going right, get off your bottoms and help to improve it…..

    • craig

      are you kidding obama cut billions in education money, and wants to give billions to ejypt to rebuield mousques. his admin wants to take the word God out of everything. pretty soon you’ll be saying In Ala we trust. wake up

  • Jennifer Woodard

    GROUCHYROAN, YOU LACK the common sense. I think its patheric how you feel satisfied in YOUR IMMATURITY and degrade people’s OPINIONS much like a 15 year old! Get over yourself, ARE YOU A VETERAN? What have you done for this country? Not to say Richard is, idk nor do you. But I do know what its like for my husband who IS a Veteran and has been in more IEDs than I care to think about and watched fellow soldiers/brothers KIA. My man’s not even 30 yet, and he can hardly walk bc of injuries due to intense training. He can’t sleep for insomnia just like any others in his unit. Get your head out your ass and get some friends yourself. Learn something

  • Vernon D. Martin

    I would like to see VA start taking from Medicare and Tricare instead cheating the retired Vets

    • bournehall

      Retired? Most of the veterans treated at the VA never retired from the military. The vast majority did one tour and got out.

    • Patricia G. Cather

      I am a retired vet and they do take payment from my tricare.

      • steven

        I am to and they have tamperd with tricare so much I can’t find doctors within 100 miles of my home they will not take it tricare has changed alot of things

  • William

    In the last year I have had to depend on the V.A for medical care. I pay co-pays,and wait seemingly long periods for appointments. While the system is not perfect. I am thankful for the Caring and Professional persons at the VA Clinic who have helped me. I now volunteer. helping to, hopefully make it better You can too…be part of the solution. So i sugest you QYBSTFU and try to make a difference..



  • Vietnam VET

    Things must have changed since I went to school. I was given the money for school and a little for room & board. It was called the GI BILL! All I needed to do was get the passing grades and all was forgotten! Since when does a GI BILL require a Ex-GI to pay it back? This GI-Bill must have been written by Tax Dodging Rich Republicans!

    • PSF

      A Vet does not have to pay it back unless he or she fails or drops a course and than they should pay it back. I also believe he or she should not get any additional money until it is paid back.

    • psf

      If a veteran fails or drops a course he or she should have to pay back the housing money before taking another course the veteran agreed to this when he or she signed up for the course.

    • Kevin

      Sounds like you’re making assumptions without knowing what is really going on. Just like an IGNORANT DEMOCRAT!

    • Rattlerjake

      This does not pertain to the GI Bill, it pertains to those with more than 30 percent disability that apply for VA educational benefits. This is the rout I went because the GI Bill only provided three years of school but the VA provided four.

      • Rattlerjake

        OOPs, dropped an e in route.

    • tombalita1

      No, it was written by never enough taxes Democrats.

    • Chief

      Everything has to be political with some people.

    • Glen Hill

      Wow! Wonder if the basis for this is not the Spend and Tax democrats…remember the folks running the VA and other organizations were in all probability appointed by President Obama…all the health and education programs for Vets are fair game right now…It really appears the vets are gonna get hosed again.

    • Dawn

      No It Is when The Va over pays someone. which they do like to do for some odd reason. They have done it to me twice.

  • carl

    lots of problems was inherited bt obama he didnt cause them go bk look at what president started all this mess

    • psf

      A vet should have to pay back the money if he or she drops or fails a course. He or she knew this up front. Obama did not make part of the mess but he did not make it any better either.

    • tombalita1

      I can guess your answer, but it was more likely Bill Clinton.


    I have never seen so many whiney VET’s. If you are overpaid pay it back. I was over paid on the GI BILL in the early 70’s. Did I spend the money … Ya I was 20 years old…. But I knew I owed it and it was the right thing to do… I love my country and all VETs I returned to the service and spent 25 years in the NAVY. The job today is harder then ever but let me tell you the VA does a great job for the Sailors, Soilders, Airmen & Marines that need there help.

    • BMC ret

      You obviously don’t deal with the VA. They owe me $4945.00 since last August. After calling for 52 days I finially got through. In Feb I received a letter telling me they will answer my question in 6 to 9 months. They started my dental bridge 3 months ago, the temp has fallin out 5 times, currently have nothing. Perminent sent back and missing. The system is broken not the employees.

    • Dawnbigmac3

      My problem That i have had was i was taken online college course before the gave a cola for these course (2 YRS ago) I recieved a check in which i did not believe i was due. So I called the Va. they told me it was my cola then 4 to 5 months later i received a letter saying i did not rate it. so i had to pay over $4,000 wouldn’t that piss you off. Because it surely did me.

    • dammit freddy

      you really need to learn to spell. your ignorance is showing

      • Relevance

        Look in the mirror; punctuation isn’t your strong suite-

    • MAHTO49

      It seems to me, you have no compassion for your fellow veterans. I have been to one of the few V.A. run psychiatric hospitals in the nation and they pride them-selves in the number of men and women they send trough their programs annually.

    • steven

      I don’t owe school loans but I am 60% diabled vietnam and gulfwar, I am recieving va compinsation and its not extra its just tax free so everyone civian and military we are not getting over the government. I have been following my va payment and it has some what disappeared and now its csrp and taxable I called va and they gave me some story of why then I plan out told them it really looks like you don’t have enough money to pay everyone so your stealing from paul to pay mary and he was truth fully he said mr? it sort of looks that way. You will never get over on them those pay clerks are sharp and down the line they will catch the error, and corret there books, but they send you a letter and there is no way to make a plan they basiclly state in there letter the 1st we will withdrawl I do see it as there fault it is 95% of the @gsec usn I don’t see alot of whiney vets just concerned military memebers trying to make arrangements to pay.

  • Ervin Bach

    I have been going to the V.A. Hospital in Long Beach Ca., since 1972. I haven”t been treated bad or over payed, or any-thing that I hear on these posted. There are many Veteran Rep”s that will be happy to help some people out that may have trouble with organizing their life. I have learned to speak up and be honest with those guy”s, and they allways have pointed me in the right direction for a happy and prosperous life.

  • michael

    I served 2 years in Massachusetts National Guard and then 4years in the Army in Germany. I was discharged in 1983.After 6years of service. I did not even know about the VA until 2005. That is over 20 years of not knowing I had medical benefits. I still pay a co payment for the VA . It is not perfect but it is better than any other health care system. We should help our fellow VET and not argue over what is right and wrong.

  • Retired Air Force

    Our Mighty VA system has screwed my credit. went to a school for business management which was a joke, didn’t teach me any more information that I didn’t already learn in my twenty year Air Force career. Paying top dollar to attend class in a falling apart hotel rooms, truly BS. When I quite attending this college, they didn’t tell the VA. As soon as I found out about the bill I paid it off. Found out last year the VA put a scar on my credit. Is this Thank You for twenty years of military service? To my fellow service members, seems like every time the government wants more money they go after those who commit to serve and protect. You folks are totally correct, when they leave the illegal immigrants alone and come after the men and women in the armed forces, that is a crime. A call out to all of my brothers and sisters in the armed forces use your vote wisely. God Bless



    • Lew

      No – it isn’t a democracy and it was never intended to be, according to our Constitution. It is a REPUBLIC.

    • Brother Steve

      And to the Republic for which it stands one nation under……..

  • Mike

    If you can’t manage tution payment, maybe you are in the wrong environment. Pay back the funds. I agree, you fail to pay – then you stop going to school. Pay up.

  • Lew

    Veteran debts at schools are most often caused by dropping out of or not attending classes. If someone doesn’t go to class, why should the rest of us pay for it through our tax dollars? Shouldn’t the debt be withheld from tuition payments if the veteran doesn’t make arrangements to repay the debt? It isn’t ethical to keep paying tuition for someone who doesn’t finish the classes that the government paid for. I’m a veteran, a benefit recipient, and a former college official. I believe that we as veterans should take personal responsibility for our own actions and not rest on the shoulders of other citizens.

    • Sean

      I think the attendance aspect of this is correct. But, the few are always going to spoil the bunch.

  • Lew

    Does anyone else find it interesting that Congress creates the law requiring a federal agency to collect debts using specific methods, but also seeks to stop a federal agency from following the laws that it passed? It sounds like a political stump speech to gain attention to me. It is just in time for an election year.

  • joe

    The VA wants to get all they can. Look at what they do to those that receive disability benefits. They take it out of your retirement so money wise you do no get any more (most cases less) than those without a disability.
    As it happen to me and probably a lot more others.
    No real big surprise there

  • sean

    As I have been taught this capitalism thing is not working for us. so what are we as tax payers going to do? Take less money from the people? We have had enough taken from us, and people like me who are working for a degree shouldnt have to suffer one bit. There are billions of dollars going elsewhere. All i ask is dont take it from someone who has sacrifised four years of their life to serve for its country and not enjoy the 36 months that are alotted. It’s about time to get repaid!

  • All they have to do is flag thier S.S.# KEEP thier TAX refunds till paid !!

  • Laramie Long

    I’m a 2 time combat veteran of OIF (03) and Afghanistan (2010). I hear all of this talk about why it’s so important for the VA to get the debt owed to them by veterans. I owe a debt and I don’t mind paying it back, but what bothers me is how they get it back. I don’t mind a payment plan, but if they are considering taking my entire disability check until the debt is payed off, then I have a major problem with that. Before I went to Iraq in Feb ’03, I had 28 hours left in college to get my degree. I still haven’t complete my degree b/c of severe PTSD. I’ve had severe medical withdrawals since ’03. I was suppose to be non deployable and was deployed to Afghanistan in Jan 2010. I was injured while in Afghanistan and I wasn’t able to return to my civilian job. So now you’re telling me the VA showed get what’s due to them when I can’t get what’s due to me?

    • Robert M.

      Hello Mr. Long, My name is Robert McGlasson and I am a vet rep at a large vocational school, I am not witing to solicit any services but if you need a hand navigating the VA system please let me know.I have quite a bit of experience inthese matters and I am always happy to help.

    • abldo

      Great Points Laramie, I am a 4 timer (Desert Storm, Cold, OEF, OIF) and agree with the payment plan idea. I would be in trouble if the VA took everything from me, it is what pays the rest of the bills…….

  • Laramie Long

    I’ve done everything but die for my country, but I’m catching hell for my sacrifice’s and it’s sad that many ppl really don’t care and only think about what they think is right. When you’ve walked in my shoes and you’ve knocked on deaths door, then you can talk.

  • Hank

    I am a disabled vet that is not quite 100% disabled, you should see what kind of trash I have been through. I am not complaining that much though, I put in 11 years and got out due to PTSD problems. Oh yeah I hear you, but do not point any fingers at us unless you have been there yourself. I did not get my va educational benefits due to no help at the time. I am just happy that they are there for me now. This is election year, I urge all of you to “GET OUT AND VOTE” this year and get rid of bad politicians.

    • Robert M

      Hello Hank, My name is Robert McGlasson and I am a vet rep at a large vocational school, I am not witing to solicit any services but if you need a hand navigating the VA system please let me know.I have quite a bit of experience inthese matters and I am always happy to help.

    • abldo

      I agree with you Hank, I did 27 yr in the Navy and am 80%, but if they took that away for a debt, I would be in big trouble financially, because I cannot work due to COPD and PTSD. A payment plan would be the way to go for anyone, even the iRS does that much! I have been waiting over 15 months for my 100% to be approved by the VA, but I am not complaining, there are others worse off than me. Get out and VOTE this November, get rid of the trash in DC and clean house of all the drift wood……

    • robert pronovost

      Vote that is the one thing that pseaks volumes to me. If you are not voteing you are part of the problem, not the solution. Likewise you should become fully engaged with the facts.
      I have read some of the posts, and within them are many valid staements. I feel the second best point is about complication, simple is unheard of in government. Hear is a fine example of some local government law in MA.. A town passed a bill whitch embodied a tax hike that wasn’t verbally anounced in public forum. My point is we Americans often let our own lack of action cause our own grief.

      • MSG A

        First of all if you want to talk about the President at least learn how to spell or at least use spell check. I am a vet as well with 90%. If it was not for the former President you would not have PTSD or COPD. If I remember correctly it has always been an Republican that sent troops to war. What did you really fight for freedom or someone else pride. With your conditions and mine are we really free? Are the soldiers whom lost thier lives really free. Last time I check all the people wanting the war had no family members to serve their country or should I say or country. It is not about whom in office. Jesus is in total control. LOOK TO HIM AND NOT MAN. No, if you are wondering I am not a Democrat. If it was not for the President you have now the Veterans would not have so many new benefits. You may want to read the new federal benefits publication. So much for respecting your Commanding Chief no matter whom it may be. Maybe you need to see what party in congress made the decision of suggestion to pass this law you may be suprise. I know I was. Oh, it was not the president.

        • kevin

          first of all its not always a republican that sends us to war, did you forget about clinton and somlia. The current adminstration isnt doing jack, all they want to do is raise our Tricare so they may force us out………I could go on and on but I wont, but get your facts straight
          God bless

      • MSG A

        By the way the President sign the bill for you to have the Post 911 or did you forget. He even made it available for reservist and guard members. I pray on judgement day you all will be delivered from the hate and hurt in your hearts. All Presidents have good and bad things that they do and so do we no one is perfect if they were, Why did Jesus die on the cross for our sins.

        • kevin

          oh by the way sorry about your pstd and copd……….I have the same,
          but you werent forced to joing the military you volunteered.

    • As for my VA Education I was told I had none. Then 2 weeks prior to my completion of College at U of Houston I was called into the financial office and informed I could apply for benefits. I ask if it would cover my past bills I would be glad to; but, as it was I was graduating in 20 days so I was advised it was too late to file for benefits.
      Frank Bowers, FIC, 100% DAV,
      Austin, TX

      • CJ179

        I’m having somewhat the same problem. I applied to the VA to see if I still had some of my GI Bill left to go to school. They sent me a letter saying I had 18 months left. I signed up for school and have compiled debt in excess of $12k with the school. Then the VA sends me a letter that they screwed up my benefits and that I don’t have anything left so the debt they told me they’d take care of is now mine. If I’d been told up front I didn’t have anything left, I wouldn’t have gone back. So they told me to incur a debt they’d pay for, until it actually came time to pay it and they left me hanging. I’m working on the debt forgiveness issue, but I’m not optimistic. So it’s now my problem the VA screwed up…

    • Mike

      We have been trying to get rid of bad politicians for years, hasn’t happened yet.If we get rid of all of them,more will be born to take their places. It” up to the people to encourage our”for the people” to do the right thing .Voting is one tool,e-mailing and letters,petitions,whatever it takes for the people to get politicians to be the voice for the people.

  • frank palmasani

    have if ya owe…pay

    • r p

      If you owe and are jammed up apply for a debt waiver. you aren’t gauranteed approval, but I have recieved one due to medical problems.

  • chrissy

    If we don’t want this to happen we should lobby with a VFW or some organization like that. It isn’t so much what exactly is said, but who is saying it… I think the recoup done in this method will adversely impact veterans and their families. This is not to say I think there should be a free ride, but a common sense approach to recouping funds. When these vets were in the military, the military worked with them so there was not a financially adverse impact to their daily lives, why is this not possible now that they are not in the military? There is a need for education and if right now they cannot pay for it, let them finish their schooling so they can pay it in the future… common sense is worth more than instant gratification.

  • D Ballard USN-Ret

    First, the government needs to uncomplicate their budget. The state in which I live lost $528M two years ago and recently found it. After cutting education and other beneficial programs to the bone, they found money lost in the state budget. I’m saying the government doesn’t know what they have in terms of funding because of over complication and simplifying the system, in itself, would be complicated, so they take the easy way out, collect more money to place in a complicated system. Simplifying the budget is a better way of doing business. All of these scare articles are, are smoke screens,

  • jose

    we don’t need the enemy to kill us. We will kill ourselves with self inflicting wounds. Its not the illegal immigrants look around there are plenty of whites, brown, blacks, yellows that are all on food stamps. Just milking the system. They are going to vote for whoever is going to continue it.

    • dave

      Thats right…if they let you milk it (and they do) why not?
      I will take every penny…and then some!

    • You blooming illiterate idiot. What is so bad about the illegals are 1) they come and use benefits our citizens have paid for. 2) They have kids with their illegal brood mares at about 10 kids per woman who all get massive benefits, such as free delivery at clinics, free Medicaid, free medicine, free school and most of all a s/s # to draw food stamps. 3) their little one seem to think they have won the lottery and the girls start at the 16th birthday having kids for us to take care of and fee for a life time. I could go on for 5 hours or so but you are too ignorant to be able to comprehend the facts, Last year alone the GAO announced they were costing us over 130 billion annually.a
      Frank Bowers, FIC, 100% DAV, Austin, TX

      • TRMNL LCPL

        You’re another DUMB MOTHER FUCKER.

        There is no illegal or legal… You want to talk about Illegal? You’re illegal, unless you’re native american (if so, I apologize for my first remark), if you’re not native american then you are just as illegal as every other “American”.

        How do you think America was made?

        Who says they have 10 kids each? I know “illegals” whom have 0 kids; NONE! You racist Texas prick. All you think about is a budget, but not the health and protection of other HUMAN BEINGS! Take your mind out of the gutter mother fucker.

        My name is Ralph from WHO GIVES A FUCK! With a rating of 0 because of so many “legal” govt employees that don’t give fuck! Maybe if we handed the Govt work to “illegals” then shit might get done around here.

        • JS Steele

          You have some serious issues dude.

          • TrmnlLCpl

            I just get ****** when ever I read about more govt ******* over Vets BS. Then, to read a comment written by some dumb *** who makes up bull **** statistcs about people.

          • KeepINIT RL

            Well statistically speaking, there is a 50% chance that your right… Statistics like this…. Cant we all just get along folks…If your on a blog on, chances are we are all on the same team here people…

  • Russell

    The VA has not been paying me correctly for years and all the income I have is from my disability payments, because of the VA’s inability to run their own opporation I have had to go to court twice for an eviction notice, the second time I was actually evicted. I have had to move out of the country because I can no longer afford to live in my country that I served to protect for 22 years. The VA takes money that does not belong to them very quickly and when theyadmit that they should not have taken the money it takes them forever to return it. Every year it seems that the VA comes up with a new excuse to take money they know they should not take, the classic example is “oh are records indicate that you were getting paid disability payments while still on active duty, we are going to recoup that money” Only to find out that they had made a mistake, but this after you have gone to court and been evicted and they still have not returned the money they owe me.

  • Russell

    I am sorry “not!” If some of the readers out there consider this being a “whiney vet” but it is how the VA does business, it it time to let CNN bring this to the forefront of the American public. Because once it is made public the VA will have no place to hide and no excuse for the way they do things!

  • Lance

    My message to all the civilians that think that veterans are whining! You have no clue what all veterans go through especially war veterans! the little money tat they give you for educational, mortgage and school benefits is admirable but for your time, pain & suffering, mental anguish and just time (time away from your family, loved ones & friends)a thee is no competition that will ever match that!!! Furthermore there is no amount of valued compensation that can pay for time lost in your life-time lost can never be brought back. Finally, the government should give all veterans that serve more than three years active duty and two years reserve time a lump sum compensation that is fair and equitable. I salute all veterans from past to present especially those that serve in our wars!!!

    • Bensky

      Give it up. The money was for education, not pain and suffering. It’s not free, and until it is for something else …. pay it back. Unless of course you are saying that when these soldiers signed up, they were tricked and now they should be recompensed by abrogating their responsibilities. Sorry, no logic here.

      • Elaine

        Rips the Military Budget as he gives politicians a raise;
        Cancels Military Retirement;
        Changes the Rule of Military Combat Pay;
        Ships shell casings of ammunition to China.
        Announces to the world about the cut in Nukes;
        Saudi(s) black mail him for more $$;
        Orders the Military to lie about Afghanistan;
        Flags are flown at half staff when a hero dies — allows the American Flag at half mast for a black singer;
        Decides NOT to give a Purple Heart to the survivors of the Ft. Hood Shooting calling it “work place violence”;
        Fraudulent Affirmative Action Picked for Head Drill Sergeant;
        Slashes 1,200 National Guard to 300 along the borders for Terrorists to enter;
        Despite his approving of Sodomy and Bestiality — Military Restores Ban;
        Disrespects Seal families;
        Veterans’ Cemetery must ban “GOD and Jesus from Military graves.”
        Violates the rights of Military Chaplains.
        Lies about bin Laden’s death…won’t show pictures or video of Islamic burial at sea….lies about helicopter crash
        No seals were Injured during Bin Laden raid…however, those who knew died (can’t remember the exact number)
        Repeals DADT….
        Wanted injured military to pay for their own medical expenses because they had volunteered to fight in the military…..
        (12/28) Breaks Promise to Military and keeps Troops in Afghanistan until 2014
        (01/12) Obama quietly signed the NDAA, the National Defense Authorization Act, which nullifies the Bill of Rights and declares America to be a “battleground” in which all American citizens can be arrested, imprisoned, tortured and even killed with no due process.
        (2/09) Obama Guts Military and gives Bureaucrats a Raise
        (2/10) Denies Hero(s) Purple Hearts — calling Ft. Hood Shootings as Work Place Violence
        (2/14) Military Chaplains charged with sedition/Treason for teaching against sin
        (2/16) Military to Fake Belly, Breast to better understand how females in the Military feel;
        (2/25) Our Military burned Koran and Obama apologized causing the deaths of two Officers who were unarmed were shot in the back of the head in a secured location.
        2/26 Obama doesn’t stand with Military as NATO tries to prosecute the Military men who burned Koran;
        (2/26) Military Refuses to take orders from him;
        (2/26) Takes healthcare away from Military;
        Triples co-pay on their insurance.
        (2/27) Obama mocks Military by burning a Bible
        (2/27) Military now responsible for their own health care (even when they come back from the Middle East without a limb, etc.)
        Under the Radar, he sends troops to 4 African countries
        Changes Rules of Engagement
        Forcing Troops to Lie about the Progress in Afghanistan
        Obama threatens Chaplains: “You can’t preach against me in chapel.”

        (3/4/12) Obama threatens Chaplains: “You can’t preach against me in chapel.”
        (right after this) Chaplains cannot preach against sin
        3/27/2012 — Tax “our” Military to give to HIS New Military
        4/25/2012 — 900,000 disabled vets wait for care . 65% sit on a desk for more than 125 days with 16% being brought to resolution are done so in error

    • Elaine

      Lance I totally agree with you.

      @ Bensky…you obviously have never served your country. IF you have had any one close to you that has, you would NOT hold the opinion you do.
      Obama took a huge chunk out of the Military Budget to GIVE to his own Private Army that he spoke of (The New Black Panther Party.) Remember? He said they would be a “Civilian Army” and as well funded as OUR Military.
      Obama is doing everything he can to make our Military weak.

  • Geoff

    What is not made clear in this peice is that the “debt” being refered to is money vets have accepted from the VA usally for college or vocational training. The vet then quits school or flunks out requiring him/her to repay the govt. The money is supposed to be recouped or payed down deductions of future benefit payments before more benefits can be recieved. Even a vet is not enttiled to be a deadbeat. All or at least most of us are gratefull to our veterans for thier service and glad that they are eleigble for these entitlements but even they have to have some accountability

  • Paul

    I really think that some of you folks are missing the point, if you are drawing VA educational money and you don’t go to school or at least make a C average then why are you still drawing VA money for school that your not attending or a grade point average that they ask you for. As a vet that has used some of my GI bill for education I fully understand thier reasoning–if your not honoring the contract then pay back the money they paid you.

    • Bensky

      Finally, a voice of reason. Too many sucking the system dry.

      • John Brown

        Well, if that is the case. You had better go after the Vietnam veterans who came back and spent their education money on pot. And yes, this did happen…

        • dvp

          I will have know my father was a Vietnam veteran, ret USAF died of the effects of agent orange. However he used his va education awhile he was live to obtain his GED and AA degree. He honorably serviced his country and died of orange agent in 1992. Still his widow, my mother, who struggle with my father’s deteriorating health, never received any recognition nor compensation for the fact his death was Agent Orange related. So I appreciate you rethink your statement

          • Rhonda Clapp

            dyp, I am the widow of a veteran of the Vietnam War too. He never used his VA benefits saying the US had done enough for him by sending him to that hell hole. He died Aug. 7th 2010 due to exposure to agent orange. Unlike your mother, he and I did receive 100% disability and I now receive a widow’s pension and am going to college finishing a degree i’d begun in my late 20’s on my own GI Bill . As an honor student I don’t fall into the category that Paul was complaining about, but i really see many young students that just don’t give a damn. I don’t know what’s going on with this money, I was told it was an entitlement. If they should make me repay anything, yes it’d hurt. It does not make sense to me that as history has shown, veterans benefits are one of the first things that get cut in financial crisis. rhonda

          • Kris

            My father, also a Vietnam veteran and bronze star recipient died of the effects of agent orange and never saw a penny from government and even if they would have offered he still wouldn’t have taken it. He didn’t have the G.I. Bill but, I did and I used it. If you earn it and use it responsibly, you should be rewarded. If you don’t use it responsibly you should pay it back.

  • Bill Johnson

    Having worked in a Schools veterans center the Last two years, most of the time I see the VA going after money, is because the VA awarded too much money in the first place. I have seen them put these young veterans though hell. When they do try to resolve the problem, they cannot even get though to the people collecting the money. The VA is a massive bearing inefficient bureaucracy, that somehow doe not care about veteran. I know of one person that went to work for them who spent 25 hours out the workweek just doing paperwork, some of it done on a PC using MS_DOS as an operating system. If they really want to save money, how about creating a more efficient system. As a former systems analyst for a large software company, I can say without uncertainty, that the VA is screwed up.

  • MSG A

    First of all if you want to talk about the President at least learn how to spell or at least use spell check. I am a vet as well with 90%. If it was not for the former President you would not have PTSD or COPD. If I remember correctly it has always been an Republican that sent troops to war. What did you really fight for freedom or someone else pride. With your conditions and mine are we really free? Are the soldiers whom lost their lives really free. Last time I check all the people wanting the war had no family members to serve their country or should I say or country. It is not about whom in office. Jesus is in total control. LOOK TO HIM AND NOT MAN. No, if you are wondering I am not a Democrat. If it was not for the President you have now the Veterans would not have so many new benefits. You may want to read the new federal benefits publication. So much for respecting your Commanding Chief no matter whom it may be. Maybe you need to see what party in congress made the decision of suggestion to pass this law you may be surprise. I know I was. Oh, it was not the president.

    • Poochie

      Who sent us to Vietnam?… Kennedy, a democrat…who got us out of it?….Nixon, a republican…so sir it was not always a republican who got us into the wars. Go back and check history and see for yourself who was in office each time we engaged in war and who was there when we finally got out….you will be surprised and educated!

    • SGM A

      Sorry to inform that you do not remember correctly! WWI Democrat.
      WWII Democrat, Korean War Democrat, Veitnam War Democrat.
      There was no draft, you were a volunteer. I volunteered for Veitnan.
      Still serving proudly. A Disabled Veteran with no regrets!
      I would bring your attendtion to the Impact of DOD- proposed FY2013 TRICACE Feees on Military Families.(Recommended by DOD in the President’s Budget) Just a few facts for you.

    • Dale Patterson

      US troops were sent to Nam by Pres. Johnson (D), troops were sent to Korea by Pres. Truman (D), and troops fought W W ll during the administration of Pres. Roosevelt (D).

    • Mike

      My wife can’t spell well,but she is not unintelegent,as you implied. Grammatical errors happen to all of us,just proofread your own blog. I have a son with bipolar disorder. He completed 1 yr of college,then had to drop out ,change meds, and try to have a good point is that some G.I’s want to go to college and succed in this ever increasing high tech world. We hope that all accomplish their goals,but some obstacles are too great to overcome.If a G.I. tries hard,but just can’t keep up due to PTSD or other condition due to military service,they would have a tougher time paying back the student loans or gov assisted tuition. I agree that G.I. bill should not be abused or milked,so let’s focus on preventing fraud. If the G.I. fails to make the grade due to service connected disability,they should have a chance to enroll in a trade or vocational training program that is a Marketable skill.Any money owed by the student who dropped out of college during the first semester of college should be exempt from repayment. To the congressmen who are looking to” trim the fat” from the nation’s budget should look at where the IRS is bleeding cash to those who don’t deserve it. yes,I graduated from IU after serving 12 yrs USAF.I worked for 15 yrs, then lost my job. I am now overqualified for most job postings.I have submitted approx 60 resumes in the last 18 mo. If our government got tough(import taxes) on US companies manufacturing overseas,we may just get some jobs back.i

  • MSG A

    By the way the President sign the bill for you to have the Post 911 or did you forget. And the President made sure that Veterans could get good jobs by giving companies rewards for hiring vets. He even made it available for reservist and guard members. I pray on judgement day you all will be delivered from the hate and hurt in your hearts. All Presidents have good and bad things that they do and so do we no one is perfect if they were, Why did Jesus die on the cross for our sins.

  • concerned veteran

    why do you have to come in on this discussion with your poor attempt at recruiting veterans to borrow money that when its repaid will most likely end up supporting terrorists or terrorist movements.
    I am not against veterans getting education assistance but I feel that it should come from america nd not some foreign organization

  • My question (as a war time Viet Vet with TBI and Chronic PTSD) is how is one to sign a legitimate contract when one’s mind is not right?

  • tcgirl

    some vets need the education since they can’t spell properly. The VA surely needs to be revamped and improvements made. My husband is 100% from a TBI and has big concerns over the treatment he recieves and no one to turn to for help. I guess us vets have to care for ourselves and should keep up the networks.

    • ARose

      I thought the patient advocate is there when a person needs someone to turn to for help? I don’t know exactly. I’ve never had a discussion with one.

  • ibsteve2u

    The VA should indeed leave those school payments alone. The grip a veteran has upon “societal norms” after ETS is often initially tenuous, at best; consequently a veteran should face nothing but encouragement as they take their initial faltering steps upon the path of “civilian life”. Disrupt their journey upon that path, and they may never get back onto it. The veteran who is suddenly barred from making the transition into a productive civilian life may in fact add that disruption to the grievance list that a veteran often accumulates as they run up against the barely hidden bias that results from their service making others feel less…courageous…given their lack of equal service. To willfully expand that grievance list by delaying the veteran’s return to civilian life is just wrong given the additional disadvantage a veteran faces in that others in their age group are already years ahead of them in learning the techniques of climbing the slimy ladder of Corporate America – a fact which places the veteran at a distinct disadvantage as the veteran typically must struggle to understand why that slime is even necessary after leaving a world where they did what had to be done and where reward was based upon their ability to accomplish the mission – and “networking” skills be damned. Frustrating – even enraging – the veteran by placing roadblocks on their transitional path isn’t going to improve their “networking” skills.

  • Mike

    Have documentation of any/all communications with VA to prove that you tried to resolve problem,so the VA can’t come back on you for late fees/penalties/interest.

    • Mike also

      This is true, Mike. I got foreclosed on a house due to my wife at the time not making the mortgage payments. Then the mortgage people wouldn’t work with me and the VA foreclosed (or whomever). 30 years later, on 50 per cent compensation they tell me I have two months to come up with 7,165.65 because of “overpayment of benefits” on my VA loan. It blows my mind they sell a property for less money than the VA loan was. Fortunately, I am able to repay the loan amount but it seems like the VA could have been a bit more proactive in telling me about this debt 30 years ago. lol. Seriously, its not the best way to collect a debt, VA!!!!!

    • Doc

      please record all VA correspondence, they are using threats to make collections.

  • Karen

    I don’t understand, as a 20 year Veteran myself. If you owe money, you should absolutely be accountable and responsible for repaying the money. If you are still in school, then there needs to be a deferrment period. But after that, then pay up. Why should you be given more funds down the road if you are not current on a repayment plan? As Veterans we have the intestinal fortitude to be held accountable. Just Do It!

    • U.S.

      stop talking about what needs to happen and act we the people didn’t you fight for that

  • cj bass

    i am a vet who was granted benefits how everthe VAcreated false debts for me. no bull. set me 54,000 into debt, formoney i neverrecieved to begin with and then wheni asked for an audit to straighten it out and i asked fo r see what documents they created the debt with, the VA refused to hand them over, then did an audit and added another 34,000 tothe debt claimingi was paid the pensionand owed it back to them, this happened 5 times after the initial debt, over 200,000 has been recovered in benefits and my non service connected case was closed and i am still in debt 36,000
    for money i never got