DFAS Offers Medical Disability Retirement Calculator

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If you are considering medically retiring and have questions about your combined post military income after medical retirement, you should check out the DFAS Medical Retired Disability Income Estimator.

This personalized estimator allows you to enter your own information to approximate your total monthly compensation from Veterans Affairs (VA), Retired Pay, and Combat Related Special Compensation (CRSC). There is also a PowerPoint presentation available to learn how your total monthly compensation is computed, along with helpful links to other sites for information. The helpful calculator has up to date VA compensation benefits rates.

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  • Anom

    It seems out dated as it deducts your VA disability even if you are above 50% which has changed for many retirees.

    • john

      Where did you get your info? I checked with my service and I am told that CRSC has nothing to do with the VA except you need to get the VA rating. I would like to know the right answer.

  • tdhowell

    I beleive it deducts it and adds back as CRSC.

  • john cooper

    is it illegal to claim spouse and dependent if you are getting a divorce and he is not paying his child support?

    • mckay

      you can claim either married or single. with dependents or without dependents. proof of these will need to be provided. but if its untrue, he/she will be foreced to repay.

    • Dan G

      No it is NOT illegal to claim a spouse or dependent as long as still legally married. “Are” getting a divorce means you are still legally married. The total amount of medical retirement pay DOES NOT change if you have a spouse or dependent…. the only thing that changes if you do have them is who pays you, with dependents, the military branch pays you more, but then the VA payment drops exactly the difference. But you make less in the end with dependents because you have to pay more tax because you get more money from branch vs VA(which is not taxable)

  • jen

    is this computation your VA rating included? I am 80% disabled and was just given an increase from The Physical Disability Review Board from my discharge in 2003 and I was curious to calculate my back pay. This is making me think that I will get a smaller amount than I already receive. If someone has been through this process could you please give me some guidance!

    • AmyD

      Don’t quote me on this..Im still waiting for my findings. My brother was med seped from the Navy, he is 100% and receives 2800$ a month after all taxes..80% shouldn’t be too much lower but that’s about all I know so far. Hope this puts at least some ease to your mind.

    • tom

      that will tell you your pay. $1500 with out children and what not. say you were making 1000 a month and it increases to 2000 take your new monthly amount and subtract what you have been getting.. example 2000 – 1000 = 1000 x 10 because it goes back to 2003 (10 years) and you would be getting back paid $10,000.00 but if it decreases than your pay just goes down monthly. hoped that helped its tough figuring this crap out

  • Anthony

    I can’t see the calculator and I would like to know what I am entitled to. I have already received 60 percent from the va. Any ideas?

    • mckay

      Once the PEB finds you unfit. the VA whill start a “new” claims process that overrides and claim to disability that you may currently be drawing, once they decide on a rating for you, the Army side will match it, ex. 60%disability, 60% Army retirment. thet percentage will be based off you “high-3” meaning the average of your 3 highest yearly saleries.

  • mckay

    VA Comp and Army dis. retirement are seperate. though you can not draw the full entitled of both, you should recieve the CRSC to make up for the difference. Army dis retirement will match the VA rating at the time of discharge but will not change with you va rating.

  • major luckett

    Im getting medical retired not regular retirement, do my ex wife still get a percentage of my medical retirement.I have been in for 25 years went thru a medical board and was medical retired.

    • mckay

      depends on how long you were married to her

    • JCunn

      No, in your case the medical retirement pay is not counted as a income. I looked the information up and found that out for myself.

      • lisa

        where did you find that information

    • Joe

      Since you have over 20 years of service, you will get your military retirement pension pay, which will be higher than army medical disability pay. You are medically retired, but you get your retirement pension amount because that amount is higher than the army’s medical retirement pay, you can not get both. By law you get the highest amount of the two, which is retirement pension amount.

  • Eddie

    Can I receive retirement pay and VA disability pay at the same time? I cant see the calculator thing either, the page is blank. I am trying to figure out what I would get. I have 90% disability rating from VA and 50% military DoD. I was in the Marine corp and got medically retired after 3yr 9mo. I got approved for CRSC at 90% also. I am currently only receiving VA pay. Can I get my retirement pay while Im receiving VA pay and CRSC? My CRSC isn’t very much (about $150/mo) since my LOS was 3 years 9 months. I am retired under chapter 61, which is why i can get CRSC even though I dont have the full 20 years. Anybody have any answers or know where I can find help? It would be greatly appreciated> also, would retirement back pay? Thanks.

    • jonny5

      I was told CRSC only back pays to January of this year, but everything I read says january 2008. Anybody know which is correct? Does anyone currently get CRSC and if so, how far did they back pay?

      • JohnnyBH

        I was told by the Marine Corps agent AT CRSC, that it will go back for me to July 2008. I was medically discharged at 110% rating (drawing 100%). I was medically retired on July 31, 1969.

        I’ve been trying to figure what my CRSC pay will be and everything is confusing. I was in for 2 years 9 months before being discharged (Nov ’66-July ’69). Does anyone have a clue where to start with the calculations? Thanks.

  • christine

    cant see the calculator either i think that they need to update the page so people can get the information that they need.

  • bill

    for those of you not seeing the calculator try looking at it with Internet explorer I ran into the same problem using a Mac

  • Marvin Smith

    My wife died and my disability retired pay was reduced now that I have remarried will it return to the way it was before or do I have to apply for it.

  • dont worry about it

    How about you make one that works for all comuputers – jerkoffs.

    • Offered help

      Try using Google Chrome. It worked for me.

  • SFC Battistini Fco

    I was medical retired after 18 years. i get my retirement pay check until I start receiving my VA disability and then they took away my Military retirement, I hear that the congress is going to sing to return that benefit to us again. If someone have any information about it?

    • Jay

      I think that only applies to you if you served over 20. have you heard anything different?

      • you are getting your retirement still its just paid by the VA through dfas . in order to get both pays you have to do 20 or more .

    • duke

      What % did the army and va gave you.

  • Well the caluclator is wrong . If you are being seperated from the military for medical reasons the military has to use the VA rating for your pay for retirement. not both. so basically if the VA rates you at 50 percent the military has to accept that rating.

    • Former Navy

      That is incorrect, there are two different percentages. I got a 90% from the VA and 30% from the DoD. The two finding do not coincide. :)

      • no it is correct the military is required to get rated by the VA . you only get your unfit rated for unfit ratings for DOD . which doesnt affect pay . dod rating is only to determine if you get the retirement benefits if you are over 30 percent.

      • you VA pay will be your retirement since it is more. dod rating is unfit rating the VA rating is what you will get paid.

  • Chief Serna

    I found a free iphone app that calculates VA disability called My VA Benefits. https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/my-va-benefits/id

  • Bluefin Jor

    The percentage you get paid is whatever one pays you the most.. But, if you are over 70% you get paid both

    • Michael

      That is incorrect as well. The only way you can collect both VA and DOD is if you complete 20+ years and get CRDP(Taxed), or you have combat related disabilities and collect CRSC(Not Taxed).

  • Arlie Griffis

    Here’s a question that maybe someone can answer for me… I was put in for a medical retirement, but it was denied within 3 days of being submitted because they said I had unknown neurological problems, then deemed fit for duty and was normally retired.. After being seen by the VA, they later diagnosed the unknown neurological problems as TBI, can I go back and refile for medical retirement since they misdiagnosed me and get this their mistake corrected….

    • Dan

      Absolutely, but it will take time and patience on your part. You will need to gather all the documentation for the initial request along with the denial. Gather the new records stating the TBI then contact the DOD IG team and make a report as well file a congressional. It will take time but it can be fixed.

    • Joe

      You said that you were normally retired, I am assuming that you are receiving your military pension pay, if you are then your military pension pay will be higher than a medical retirement pay, which would be in your case due to TBI. What you need to do is file a VA claim, to claim the diagnosis of TBILISI, good luck

  • Sean

    If you get medical discharge does your family still get benefits. I have 11 years of service and looking at 70% disability ( all but one is service connected and PTSD level 3 or 4, however the kicker is my son is an enrolled in the EFMP and is a category 5. Please not sure what to do or what options I have.

    • Lonnie

      Yes they do. As long as you have 30% military rating (not VA) you keep id cards and medical benefits. (you will have to pay for the medical, I think I pay 179 every three months.)

  • jdeveau915

    Hello all,

    I am a NG soldier with 14 years and I am receiving 70% VA comp. I am beginning a med board and do not want to get screwed.

    I receive 20% for a back injury that was from active duty in 1991 then aggravated on a deployment in 2003 as a NG activated soldier. I also receive 50% for PTSD from my second deployment as an NG soldier in 2006.

    I have heard about CRDP and CRSC , VA vs Separation pay, severance package and would like to know going in what to expect and ensure that I receive.

  • fred

    So I did the math for the CRSC after inputting 50%x70%x80%x90%x90= 0.2268 -100%=0 what am I doing wrong anyone have any idea what I’m doing wrong here other then I can’t add lol