TriWest Loses TRICARE West Contract

Update: TriWest Intends to Protest DoD’s Decision.

In April of 2011, the TRICARE Management Activity announced that due to a protest filed by UnitedHealth Military & Veterans Services they had chosen reevaluated their decision to award the TRICARE West Region contract to TriWest Healthcare Alliance Corp. and allow the original 2009 competitors to submit new proposals.

On March 16, TMA officials announced that the TMA procurement team had chosen a different “best value selection.” Essentially voiding the TRICARE West Region contract with Triwest and awarding it to UnitedHealth Military & Veterans Services.  According to DoD the instant obligation on the award is $10,000,000 and the total potential contract value is estimated at $20,462,202,594.

Note: The TRICARE West Region includes Alaska, Arizona, California, Colorado, Hawaii, Idaho, Iowa, Kansas, Minnesota, Missouri, Montana, Nebraska, Nevada, New Mexico, North Dakota, Oregon, South Dakota, Utah, western Texas, Washington and Wyoming.

As to be expected, TriWest was unhappy about the news that the multi-million dollar contract had been taken from them.  TriWest’s President and CEO, David J. McIntyre Jr. , wrote, “We are extremely disappointed that the Department of Defense chose to reverse their decision. For the past 16 years, we have worked tirelessly and with the highest levels of respect to meet the healthcare needs of West Region military families who have very much become our family,” said.

McIntyre said that TriWest will ensure that military families in the West Region will continue to receive the “exemplary customer service they have become accustomed to over the last several years.” Adding that, “TriWest will continue to deliver on the promise of TRICARE throughout this challenging transition period.”

Obviously, the change in contractors is due to cost reduction or level of service – likely both. Based on this, it can be assumed that the new contractor plans to make some significant changes which may directly affect TRICARE beneficiaries in some way.

For the many who have become accustomed to having the level service in the West Region over the last 16 years, the question is, what are the changes? and how will they affect the current level of service?

Stay tuned, we will continue to keep our readers updated as more information becomes available.

About the Author

Terry Howell
Before becoming the Managing Editor for, Terry served 20 years in the U.S. Coast Guard as an Aviation Electrician’s Mate and aircrewman. In his final role in the Coast Guard, Terry served as a Career Development Advisor, where he provided career, finance, education, and benefits counseling to servicemembers and their families. Since retiring from the Coast Guard, Terry has authored the book, The Military Advantage, managed the content for TurboTap, the DoD's online transition program and VAforVets, the VA's transition assistance website. Terry earned both his Bachelor's and MBA at Corban University using Military Tuition Assistance and his GI Bill benefits to help cover the cost.
  • Simon Says

    Funny how TriWest underbid United Healthcare by 200 million dollars and lost and how TriWest has had the contract for 16 years, what as beneficiarys are we supposed to do?

    • Realist

      Wait for the hope and change we were promised:-)

    • According to Consumer Reports magazine, United Healthcare is the worst health insurance company as far as customer complaints. Bend over vets, Uncle Sam is behind you again

      • MCPO Ski, Ret

        I’m tired of bending over. Ever since I retired some 18 years ago my benefits have been taken away slowly, or they can stay as long as I pay for them. I doesn’t matter to the government that I spent 30 years in their Canoe Club. Veterans, especially retired military, seem to be the easiest target that the government can find. Heaven forbid we should start tightening the belt by denying benefits of any kind to illegal immigrants.

  • Mark Wynn

    The “Tricare Management Activity” had better make this seamless … or we should collectively get on them. I hope or some news entity demands to see the documentation behind this decision.

  • Gary

    We as veterans, deserve the care that we were promised, and now we have to deal with a whole new system. what is the outcome of this going to be.

  • soaringeagle

    When are they going to leave things alone that aren’t broken. Triwest did an outstanding job.

  • Seadad46

    I smell a rat in the wood pile, bend over grab your cheeks and get ready for Obamacare!!!!

    • Pat Larsen

      So true!!!!!

    • MSgt B

      Grow up!

      • Maj.M

        You grow up and put your reality cap on. Obama has nothing but distain for the Armed Forces and do will his health care lackies.

  • jim1cav

    I wonder what lobbyist and group of lawyers got to them. Triwest has been doing a good job. Sometimes it seems that there ust be a change just for the sake of change. Wonder why they didn’t wait until contract negotiation time.

    • Simon Says

      TriWest won the contract in 2009, United filed soft protests after the S region was re awarded to Humana Military, they filed a hard protest in 2011, 2 years AFTER TriWest won the contract, the DOD made TriWests winning bid from 2009 null and void, forcing them to rebid for something they had already won. TriWest even UNDER BID United by at least 200 million dollars the 2nd time around….

      • Realist

        Time to flood your congressman mail box and get this decision reversed!

      • Faustino Lopez Jr.

        That was the product of great salesmanship or a great relationship.

      • Bob

        Sure, and the list of formula drugs got longer so patients had to pay higher co-pays under Triwest.

        • Kat

          TriWest has nothing to do with pharmacy copays, and in fact – none of the TRICARE contractors do (including the pharmacy contractor, Express Scripts). The Department of Defense and Congress set copays and all benefits, the contractors just administer them.

  • Dan

    Interestingly enough, this is the second time Triwest has won the contract only to have it yanked out from under them. Back when there were 9 providers and not 3 as it is now, Triwest bid on and won the contract they had already been servicing. A short while later, Triwest was informed that the government had decided to discard the already won contract. Triwest had to rebid to win the expanded contract.____So, when the contracts come up for bid once again, Triwest wins the contract but because of illegal inside information used in one of the OTHER regions, the government decides Triwest, although uninvolved in the dispute or illegal activity, must once again fight the giants to try to win the ALREADY won contract.____Unfortunately, Goliath won and David lost this time. I’m left wondering, who would better serve the amazing people who put their lives on the line for our freedom everyday, a giant uncaring corporation, or a small company formed for the express purpose of serving those who stand up for our freedom?____I think a grave disservice has been performed here. Triwest DESERVED that contract that they had ALREADY won. And our soldiers deserve the BEST care, not the cheapest. A VERY sad day…………….

  • Jim

    If you follow the political trail, it really doesn’t matter who is in charge. The nation has blown its reserve funds and credit ratings on trying to police the world with our troops. Everything is being directed towards cheaper, poorer quality, and larger corporation programs that can absorb our needs at less cost. It just feels that the nation not only turned to the troops to fight the battles and give their lives but to also reduce their benefits and/or service rewards so the nation can catch up again. Woe to any politician that starts talking about taking it from fat cats. For those of us who are getting older and beginning to look to medicare they are cutting back on that also. I don’t want to talk politics but if we vote in a change of administration it will get even worse for all military, ie; active, retired, disabled or whatever status one may be in. As another here said, bend over folks and spread it wide cause it’s coming.

    • john

      Not to talk politics either BUT…I don’t get the point Jim, the current administration expanded the wars and is cutting back on our benefits while doing so. As part of the Defense Bill for 2012, they put in place allowances for the military to be used for police actions while hauling Americans off to prison as suspected terrorists and without representation. I guess the word “suspected” has changed definitions.
      Like you I am long in the tooth, served my 22 years in the Army, and have seen incompetence at high levels throughout many administrations.
      One thing I do know is I don’t feel good about inept politicians and their appointees along with the high ranking military puppets under them, making decisions on who is a threat to our country and who is not, based on incompetent intelligence.
      Our Intelligence community is more than broken.
      A complete change is needed, but for sure the current administration scares the heck out of me.

  • Dave Thompson

    I have worked as an HBA While on active duty for over twenty 26 years, TriWest gave the basic contract support, one thing to remember is they seemed to get harder to work with every time their contract was renewed, and made more mistakes which in the end cost the service members more out of pocket $$.
    We had the same problems with other contracts because many of the same people moveded over to the new contractor, we should pray for the best and give the new contractor a chance!

  • john

    The Obama administration’s proposed defense budget calls for military families and retirees to pay sharply more for their healthcare, while leaving unionized civilian defense workers’ benefits untouched. The proposal is causing a major rift within the Pentagon, according to U.S. officials. Several congressional aides suggested the move is designed to increase the enrollment in Obamacare’s state-run insurance exchanges.

    The disparity in treatment between civilian and uniformed personnel is causing a backlash within the military that could undermine recruitment and retention.

    The proposed increases in health care payments by service members, which must be approved by Congress, are part of the Pentagon’s $487 billion cut in spending. It seeks to save $1.8 billion from the Tricare medical system in the fiscal 2013 budget, and $12.9 billion by 2017.

    Many in Congress are opposing the proposed changes, which would require the passage of new legislation before being put in place.

    “We shouldn’t ask our military to pay our bills when we aren’t willing to impose a similar hardship on the rest of the population,” Rep. Howard “Buck” McKeon, chairman of the House Armed Services Committee and a Republican from California, said in a statement to the Washington Free Beacon. “We can’t keep asking those who have given so much to give that much more.”

    Administration officials told Congress that one goal of the increased fees is to force military retirees to reduce their involvement in Tricare and eventually opt out of the program in favor of alternatives established by the 2010 Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, aka Obamacare.

    “When they talked to us, they did mention the option of healthcare exchanges under Obamacare. So it’s in their mind,” said a congressional aide involved in the issue.

    Military personnel from several of the armed services voiced their opposition to a means-tested tier system for Tricare, prompting Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Gen. Martin Dempsey to issue a statement Feb. 21.

    Dempsey said the military is making tough choices in cutting defense spending. In addition to the $487 billion over 10 years, the Pentagon is facing automatic cuts that could push the total reductions to $1 trillion.

    “I want those of you who serve and who have served to know that we’ve heard your concerns, in particular your concern about the tiered enrollment fee structure for Tricare in retirement,” Dempsey said. “You have our commitment that we will continue to review our health care system to make it as responsive, as affordable, and as equitable as possible.”

  • john

    More on above
    Under the new plan, the Pentagon would get the bulk of its savings by targeting under-65 and Medicare-eligible military retirees through a tiered increase in annual Tricare premiums that will be based on yearly retirement pay.

    Significantly, the plan calls for increases between 30 percent to 78 percent in Tricare annual premiums for the first year. After that, the plan will impose five-year increases ranging from 94 percent to 345 percent—more than 3 times current levels.

    According to congressional assessments, a retired Army colonel with a family currently paying $460 a year for health care will pay $2,048.

    The new plan hits active duty personnel by increasing co-payments for pharmaceuticals and eliminating incentives for using generic drugs.

    The changes are worrying some in the Pentagon who fear it will severely impact efforts to recruit and maintain a high-quality all-volunteer military force. Such benefits have been a key tool for recruiting qualified people and keeping them in uniform.

    “Would you stay with a car insurance company that raised your premiums by 345 percent in five years? Probably not,” said the congressional aide. “Would anybody accept their taxes being raised 345 percent in five years? Probably not.”

    A second congressional aide said the administration’s approach to the cuts shows a double standard that hurts the military.

    “We all recognize that we are in a time of austerity,” this aide said. “But defense has made up to this point 50 percent of deficit reduction cuts that we agreed to, but is only 20 percent of the budget.”

    The administration is asking troops to get by without the equipment and force levels needed for global missions. “And now they are going to them again and asking them to pay more for their health care when you’ve held the civilian workforce at DoD and across the federal government virtually harmless in all of these cuts. And it just doesn’t seem fair,” the second aide said.

    Spokesmen for the Defense Department and the Joint Chiefs of Staff did not respond to requests for comment on the Tricare increases.

    The massive increases beginning next year appear timed to avoid upsetting military voters in a presidential election year, critics of the plan say.

    Additionally, the critics said leaving civilian workers’ benefits unchanged while hitting the military reflect the administration’s effort to court labor unions, as government unions are the only segment of organized labor that has increased in recent years.

    As part of the increased healthcare costs, the Pentagon also will impose an annual fee for a program called Tricare for Life, a new program that all military retirees automatically must join at age 65. Currently, to enroll in Tricare for Life, retirees pay the equivalent of a monthly Medicare premium.

    Under the proposed Pentagon plan, retirees will be hit with an additional annual enrollment fee on top of the monthly premium.

    Congressional aides said that despite unanimous support among the military chiefs for the current healthcare changes, some senior officials in the Pentagon are opposing the reforms, in particular the tiered system of healthcare.

  • john

    and more
    It doesn’t matter what the benefit is, whether it’s commissary, PX, or healthcare, or whatever … under the rationale that if you raise your hand and sign up to serve, you earn a base set of benefits, and it should have nothing to do with your rank when you served, and how much you’re making when you retire,” the first aide said.

    Military service organizations are opposing the healthcare changes and say the Pentagon is “means-testing” benefits for service personnel as if they were a social program, and not something earned with 20 or more years of military service.

    Retired Navy Capt. Kathryn M. Beasley, of the Military Officers Association of America, said the Military Coalition, 32 military service and veterans groups with an estimated 5 million members, is fighting the proposed healthcare increases, specifically the use of mean-testing for cost increases.

    “We think it’s absolutely wrong,” Beasley told the Free Beacon. “This is a breach of faith” for both the active duty and retiree communities.

    Congressional hearings are set for next month.

    The Veterans of Foreign Wars on Feb. 23 called on all military personnel and the veterans’ community to block the healthcare increases.

    “There is no military personnel issue more sacrosanct than pay and benefits,” said Richard L. DeNoyer, head of the 2 million-member VFW. “Any proposal that negatively impacts any quality of life program must be defeated, and that’s why the VFW is asking everyone to join the fight and send a united voice to Congress.”

    Senior Air Force leaders are expected to be asked about the health care cost increases during a House Armed Services Committee hearing scheduled for Tuesday.

    Congress must pass all the proposed changes into law, as last year’s defense authorization bill preemptively limited how much the Pentagon could increase some Tricare fees, while other fees already were limited in law.

    Tricare for Life, Tricare Prime, and Tricare Standard increases must be approved, as well as some of the pharmacy fee increases, congressional aides said.

    Current law limits Tricare fee increases to cost of living increases in retirement pay.

    • dustime8

      Looks like the return to pot-luck healhtcare.

    • Cdr_Rogers

      Don’t hold your breath on the current law – kiss it good bye – how else is Obamacare going to get funded?

  • After doing a basic google search and discovering the amount of insurance fraud fines United Health has recently faced I’m not so sure they were the right choice here.
    California seeks to fine UnitedHealth up to $9.9 billion | Reuters
    Georgia regulators fine UnitedHealthcare, subsidiaries $750000 …
    UnitedHealthcare subsidiaries to pay $800K in fines …
    UnitedHealthcare to pay $250K fine in Ohio – FierceHealthcare
    EverythingHealth: United Health hit with $3.5 million fine
    Health insurer accused of overcharging millions – United Health …
    Colorado insurance regulators fine United Healthcare $457000 …

    • Art

      I also GOOGLED “United Health” and after four pages of google returns on the subject I did the same with Triwest….did not see anything after first page that would indicate anything other than they were far superior to United as a health care provider. And all this after underbidding by $200 Million!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I wonder if anyone in the Washington circle of power has done the same search. But I guess it is not about the truth. George Washington must be turning over in his grave seeing what has become of his country. Mad enough to spit fire!! 25 1/2 yr Navy Vet (ret).

      • valcour

        Ex Military too…..Had to deal with Triwest for quite a few years until eligible for TFL…..It was one of the most frustrating experiences I had every had. Denials, denials, denials are mostly what I recall and how my Doctors said they would not jump through the hoops that Triwest wanted them to. I was stressed because of this company, more often than not, as I have multiple long standing medical issues. I could not be happier, even though I no longer had to bother with the company for some time now.

        I read years ago on the Triwest site, how the founder bragged about serving as an aide to Senator McCain, an Arizona resident….Triwest is based (or was at the time) in Arizona, when the company was started and was awarded the contract.

      • valcour

        Had to break this into smaller segments..

        Also, didn’t I read recently where Triwest bilked tons of money from Tricare? This needs to be checked out and verified, so I will look again. One needs to look at the whole picture, rather than just bashing the new contractor.
        As an aside, I also found it strange that Triwest chose the name it did. Many people thought that when they dealt with Triwest, they were actually dealing with “Tricare.” I was one of them in the beginning and I felt as though I was treated like a piece of dirt. I expect that there are many bad apples among the companies who contract with the government. I am still pleased to see a change, however. New brooms and all, ya know? I am still concerned for the many troops and ex troops out here in the West area. I hope they all get the respect they deserve from the new contractor.

      • Art

        When I did the google search on United it just kept going page after page with complaints….when Triwest was googled the complaint returns were way far less than triwest…That Says Something….I personally have never had any complaints about Triwest.. Major heart surgery (5way bypass), rotator cuff, bone infection on finger…meds…no complaints…all paid in timely manner…

    • Rbowlin

      Membership, billing and claims processing will be sub-contracted out to BCBS of South Carolina. They are a world class. There will be no loss of service to the military active or retired. BCBSSC has one of the biggest, best and most efficient data processing centers in the country. Because of this they can process a laim faster and cheaper than anybody. Have no fear, you are still in good hands.

      • kbryant7315

        Where did you get this information about BCBS of SC?

  • HooahP5

    Peeyewww! I smell a rat as well…. United Healths’ CEO has strong working ties to the UK Health System management and United Health is the Medicare Supplement underwriter for AARP itself a backer of the unread Patient Affordable Care Act crammed down our throats. It would be interesting to view United Health’s lobbying and political contributions payouts.

  • Dan

    I wonder how many people know the truth behind the $10,000,000 fine imposed on Triwest for fraud. Triwest, on their own initiative, contacted health service providers (doctors) who were not part of the Tricare provider network, negotiating discounts on behalf of the patients and the military. Since this wasn’t a contracted service, there weren’t strict guidelines and processes in place; after all, this was something Triwest was doing for FREE in an attempt to provide the best possible service to our nations servicemen and their families.

    Unfortunately, since these arrangements were all unique, one of a kind interactions, there were times when followup was not what it would have been if these were contracted, well understood transactions. So, in a VERY small percentage of these cases, the discount arrangement was misplaced and the providers were paid the full amount of the bill they submitted instead of the discounted rate. None of that overage EVER went into Triwest coffers.

    So, the final result here? As the old saying goes, NO GOOD DEED GOES UNPUNISHED. It appears Triwest lost their contract in an attempt to go above and beyond their contracted obligation in their zeal to serve our nation’s finest to the best of their ability.

  • pointluck

    Here’s a letter that I sent to my Congressman and Senators – As a recently retired Veteran, who served over 28 years in the Navy, I am astonished and deeply concerned about the announcement this past Friday that the DoD has overturned its original award for the TRICARE West Region, originally awarded to TriWest Healthcare Alliance, and has now awarded it to United Healthcare. According the this article, – TriWest’s bid was $200 million dollars BELOW United’s. This is completely and utterly ridiculous. With the increasing fiscal pressures on our national budget, in particular, the DoD, why in the world would we pay a penny more, not to mention $200 million dollars, to another company (who has no experience with TRICARE members or coverage), when TriWest is already doing the most outstanding job in taking care of our military members, families, and Veterans, and has been now for over 14 years! Meanwhile, the Federal Government/DoD is asking us Veterans to pay even higher increases for our TRICARE coverage!

  • pointluck

    I strongly urge you to do whatever it takes to reverse this most recent decision, and allow TriWest to continue to provide the outstanding service that they are known for. And save us all at least $200 million dollars that could be applied to our severely restrained Military budget. Write your Congressional representatives and tell them this same message!

  • Sam

    Hmmm, wonder who got their palms greased for that reversal? Just another attempt to do away with the vest answere to the problem of “free health care” thqat would be had. Dang vets get the shaft, likterally, all teh time.

    • Cdr_Rogers

      All the incumbents are in on this game – time to vote them ALL out.

  • Joe

    I am a retired Reservist who just turned 65. I had United Health care insurance thru my civilian employer and can say from experience that I was extremely dissatisfied with them as a provider. THey are famous for denying coverage and put the burden on the covered member by requiring them to dispute their decision and reply in writing with proof why they should pay claims. I was looking forward to my Retirement benefits to change problems with insurance to the better. Our leaders in Government and the Military are once again not serving the people. This change from Tri-West to United Health Care is a very bad move for “We The People”. Somebody is making a bundle on this deal under the table.

    • pointluck

      Joe – Write your Senators and Congressman, like I did! Just go to their website and you can contact them via email! You can use what I said in my earlier post as an example. Obviously the decision was political and not in the best interest of us Beneficiaries or the general public who are taxpayers. If enough of our Senators and Congressman hear from us, they should do their jobs and do whatever it takes to reverse the Defense Departments decision to take the contract away from TriWest (who won it the first go around), and save the taxpayers $200 million in the process, … all the while allowing TriWest to do the awesome job that they have been doing for over 15 years!

  • dustime8

    The return to pot-luck healthcare.

  • Karen

    And it doesn’t matter what anyone posts on here, they’re gonna do what they’re gonna do! We do not matter anymore! The retirees have already done their time and are now disposable!

    • Heather

      I have read with interest all of these comments and it is totally disheartening to think that the voice of the Consumer is no longer important. While I have never had the experience with United health I have had the opportunity to see first hand how effectively TRIWEST has served our members of both Active Duty and Retired Military personnel. I hope there is some form of appeal for TRIWEST so they can possibly continue with their tremendous support.

    • RetYN

      Why should we matter, we were just a means to an end.

    • Dale

      I often feel the same way. I pay for TRICARE Prime but am considering dropping to standard and paying for my employer’s insurance.

  • Dan

    GO UNITED!!!! Good things to come for all Tricare West beneficiaries. Kinda like Allstate, you are in Good Hands!!

  • Cdr_Rogers

    Our government we supported doing it to us!!!! Time to vote the *******s out and let them realize what is it like to WORK for a living. Notice they didn’t give us a date or if you are in the middle of a treatment do you have to reapply again???? Typical government putting it to the taxpayer.

  • Joe

    So who do we vote for ( or against ) on this one? And who do we need to send emails to in order to rectify this going south decision!!!

  • Mendi

    Here we go with Obama Health Care!! IT is called United but one company at a time is falling to United watch out it will soon be
    Obama United Health Care..

  • Carol

    I currently have a primary insurance provider and Tricare sStandard secondary. This last time where I usually paid 0 $ for medication after both insurances were processed. I filled the same prescription and had to pay $14.00 for what was normally the 0 amount, no explaination and both insurances were processed.
    The same thing has happened to others I have spoken to also.
    Hope not a preview of how insurance is going to process our claims.

  • Claire

    I have been extremely unhappy with Triwest. They have been denying claims on ridiculous grounds, claims for the same services that had previously been paid. They have required resubmissions as many as three times before finally paying a valid claim. Finally, their web site is appalling–they should be ashamed of the poor performance and service.
    I don’t know if United will be better or worse–but I certainly am not going to bat for Triwest.

    • denny

      yes i agree with you . I can”t get them to work with medicare at all

    • CJC

      I had heart surgery in 2006 and hernia repair in 2007. All went very well with Tricare. I had several heart failures in 2011 and I’m still arguing over claims with Triwest. How di these guys fall apart?? I too have sent the same claims in multiple times as well as having services that were denied and paid at other times for the identical items.

    • valcour


    • George K

      I have had some of the same problems

    • Shawn Proctor

      I’ve only had one instance where a claim was denied but other claims for the same day weren’t. I’m not exactly sure what happened but I did find out that DEERS and TriWest were not on the same page. DEERS had my wife as ineligible for 2 months (weird) and this just so happened to be when the service (she had an aneurysm) was performed. TriWest covered almost everything except one bill of almost $4k and another for $800. But with a bit of phone call time to DEERS, AFPC, and TriWest I got it fixed. Sometimes you just have to do the leg work for them.

    • Buzz

      Not disputing your claims, but my wife has had a hell of a lot of serious medical care (damn near constant), both surgical and otherwise, over the years…and not one single claim has ever been denied. Sorry to hear of your experience with TriWest, but I just had to tell how opposite our experience has been with them.

  • Mark Lehrer

    If what Joe said in the previous comment is accurate, all retirees are going to be in for reduced and more expensive health care coverage under United Health Care. Thank you, Mr. Obama! Someone in high places, on the side of the military, should investigate how and why the change from Tri-West Health Care Alliance took place. I just turned 65 myself and am very concerned.

    • Steve P

      Obama???? You need to do some research! It’s more like Senator John McCain and friends.

      • Carp

        It’s both of them! Obama care & pissed off McCain that didn’t get the votes he wanted to win the last election.

        • Mary

          I think you need to look at all of the Congress, Senate and President before you blame an individual because it does take all of them to vote for the changes.

          • ETC(SS) ret.

            Record change out in the Nov 2010 elections because the all Democrat gov (House, Senate, Pres.) were ruining everything. That is when Obama started having problems and calling the republicans the ‘party of no’. Because they are trying to stop him from destroying everything. Unemployment was not their concern the first two years, the healthcare take over was. Right the 2010 elections when they got the ‘shellacking’ did they start talking about jobs. Many experts (not the gov experts either), not me, say that the recession recovery should not have taken this long. All the regulations, the lack of ANY Senate (dem majority) activity, uncertainty in passing/changing laws, on and on is causing the slow recovery. And THAT recovery is from the American people’s perseverance, not anything that Obama or his cronies have done.

  • Maggie

    United Healthcare. The Feds couldn’t find a better way to go could they? So much for good medical care. Better start putting your pennies away. Let’s see how many doctors stay with the retires after this move. Not many I’ll wager.

  • Maggie

    Noting the last sentence in the article. Level of care with United? I’m afraid you are in the dark. The bottom line with United is the almighty dollar and to h@@l with the patients. They have always been that way and always will be that way. They have a long way to go to prove otherwise to me.

    • Gene

      There are a lot of negative comments here about United Health Care. Especially since they are the protesting bidder from the previous award, its interesting they are the new winner. Did TMA cave?

  • Larry Rajchel

    You can thank our turncoat senator from Arizona for any negative changes in retiree health care coverage. He has been pushing for making cuts in our health care for some time. He once supported us, now it appears that he has forgotten that he once served in the military. Obama and his thug cronies are probably dancing in the street over this one. I served in an Air Force uniform for 41 years and the original contract was for free dental and medical for life upon retirement. Our own government is much like all the others, corrupt…

    • Bonanza Bob

      Right on Larry. I made a post on FB last Oct regarding our “former” shipmate Sen John McCain. As far as I’m concerned now, he is Havy Deserter John McCain. I cannot bring myself to use the word “traitor” because of his POW time in Nam. He is, however, now a Navy Deserter. It was his letter to the White House initially recommending and suggesting these changes to Tricare, including imposng a $200 annual fee for Tricare for Life. Well, screw John McCain and it’ not “The Honorable: Sen John McCain any longer.

      • marine72

        Everyone, when McCain moves Congress, Executive Branch (including all retired Presidents, VPs, Senators, Representatives, ……), and all other double dippers over to TFL, then he will have my grudging acceptance and commitment to supporting our country through obomo’s “shared sacrifice.

    • Gene

      Do you feel like you’re the Pied Piper and the powers that be (TMA, etc) are the city council of Hamelin? They make promises to get unpleasant work done, then for convenience break their promise?

    • Guest

      McCain now has his senate retirement and health care. He could care less about veterans or retirees.

    • abargerlvn

      I am a registered nurse and manage a home health office. I can tell you that I work with United Health Care on almost a daily basis. I have never worked with a more inept and incompetent group of people in my life and 1/2 of them can’t even speak English well enough to answer the phone! I am overjoyed when I have to call them and am only transferred 4 times over a 1/2 hour period just to find the correct group of people I need to contact. If this represents what the rest of their “contract” is going to offer, they can keep it.

      • Keith

        Lord, help us.

      • marine72

        So what do they speak, Indian, Lithuanian, Russian, Chinese (?), …….?

        • abargerlvn

          Gibberish is all I can figure out. If you have ever seen the Capital One commercial on how the caller keeps getting transferred, that is a well oiled machine next to United Health Care. There have been days that they have almost made me want to jump with my staff trying to save me! But I can also tell you that they have received such a bad reputation, that they no longer advertise their “Secure Horizon” medicare advantage, it has been absorb to United Health Care to try and offset the unknowing…

  • Dave

    Man are you guys hating Obama that much. Wake up! he took on a lot and yea messed up some, but he has helped more then anyone else. Stop your attacks, look at what he completed. Wake up befor the “other guys get in” Thank him for trying, thank him for what he took on, sure its easy to scream about the broken system, but he gave us hope, he did make change. He is fighting for us, stop your belly acking and help him get er done!

    • Jesse

      What has he done that has helped the American people?

    • Carp

      you forgot to mention what he did for the better? What has he taken on that the other 40 some presidents didn’t have to take on? Sorry I can’t pay bills with HOPE!

    • Bob

      Go back to school. You should never have dropped out.

    • Jim

      You have got to be kidding. Obama; you need the wake up call. Let’s look at his lastest stunt; 1.5 Billion to Egypt to fight Isreal, yet we owe trillions out. Why? Because they are a Muslim country? Dave you really need to wake up! The Clinton and Obama team have done nothing to help the country, just they own agenda’s.

    • grumpdog

      DUDE, What You Smokin? I want some. The Bro has got to go. If the country wasn’t in such dire sttraights your comments would be funny. Just let him get re-elected and you will see a ruined nation in no time. GOD save us from the Daves of the world.

      • T Lady

        Yes, grumpdog YES!

    • deedub

      Obama’s change is the problem. The guy is crippling this country, and will only be worse if re-elected because then has nothing to fear and will turbo charge his intent to dismantle America. He is not fighting for me or anyone I know, he is only concerned about converting America to a Marxist, socialist system centrally controlled the all powerful politicians in D.C. God help us all.

    • 05harleydave

      Can’t believe you think obama has “helped more than anyone else”; I have looked at what he completed. Highest unemployment ever, largest national debt ever, bailouts that have totally failed and added to our debt. I’m gonna help him get er done….vote his azz right out of office

    • GSCM Retired

      King BO gave you hope? That’s what’s the matter with all his worshipers… They all want somebody to GIVE them something! A waste of skin occupies a great office. He has successfully made me a DINO.

    • SFCJimbo

      Dave- BO and his administration have screwed up and ruined everything they have attempted. Look at Stimulus, C4C, housing credits, et al.
      The boy is an idiot who only looks forward to his next vacation.

    • bailey 2006

      Dave, agree with you 100%. They soon forget that this country was in trouble long before Pres Obama. Their were numerous articles written in the late 90’s and throughout about what would happen if we continue spending the way we were and it was only a matter of time before the SHTF. That is was not Pres Obama that lied to congress and the UN re WMD. That is was not Pres Obama that sent our military to invade a foreigh country that had nothing to do with 911. Pres Obama has had to content with a congress that is run by money ( Koch brothers and people like them) and they put profit ahead of anything to include the American people. Congress has been anything but bipartisim and you can thank the TEA party (Koch owned) for that. And if you thinking about voting him out of office think about how many times the present R-candidates have put their foot in their months, just about everytime they open their mouths. With one of them at the helm we would be right back at war and congress would be lining up to kiss the Kock brother ass. Do not sell our president short, if he can get through four years of BS I believe he will accomplish much, much more.

      • s.g.

        Yeah we’ve been in trouble and O man has made it worse not better. I can’t wait to get rid of him and all like him…policy wise

    • emeade

      He screwed the people in Illinois and he screwed the United States into an almost Socialist commune that is what you expected as sheep.

    • George K

      Dave has been drinking the cool aid, forgive him for not understanding the principles of a Republic, he may not have the resoures and abilities to understand what Freedon is, He needs God in his soul and an education about what obummmma repersents a way of destruction to this Nation. Even when he is out of office, we will keep going after him until he’s in prison. Dave is just one of the mice following him over the cliff. We still have American other then mice left in this great country. It will be by vote or empeachment, or death to a nation.

  • Sue

    I’m terribly disappointed and scared. I was so relieved when I no longer had to deal with UHC and have been very happy with TRIWEST. This is a huge error in judgement on the part of DOD.

  • Michael Plum

    Obama Care! “Lets us know when you are shovel ready”

  • Sandra

    I have paid medical,dental, rxs and vision claims since 1987 here in California. United Healthcare has always been known for large claims backlog, poor customer service, delay in approving referrals and constanly asking for medical records and reports to delay paying claims. They always have hugh layoffs 1 or 2 times a year. This change really makes me nervous. Triwest has always been helpful when I call them. Sorry to see them go.

  • JerryB


  • Mary

    I think that we need to ask why our medical coverage is on the edge of being down sized when we have a President that has put this country already into 6 trillon plus dollars of debt. I for one would like to know where the money is going because I really have not seen anyone get the help that we as the people were told we would get. I really think it is time for a new President, Senate and Congress so that they all know that we the people mean business.

    • ETC(SS) ret

      Veterans healthcare will be pushed to Medicare, there is just stepping stones. This is the result of Obamacare and getting as many people on it as quickly as possible.

  • guest

    Why is everyone slamming Obama, he was handed this mess from the prior administration, it’s funny how fast people forget. I’m not happy about the change, but5 it’s not Obama’s fault. Look to the Republicans and thank them for this mess!!

    • ken

      Give me a break! you really believe that trash! What a Dupe.

    • Tom

      You are one of those unfortunate, pitiful individuals that are under the illusion that your messiah has done and can do no wrong. The very ideals and principles that any airmen, soldier, sailor or marine has ever fought and died for are under fire. If people in this country don’t wake up and do it soon, they will all have died in vain. This country has been almost irreparebly damaged by this administation in the last 3 1/2 years. I dread to think what will happen if they get another four.

      • Patti

        Obama is responsible for our current problems in the USA. Its time his administration, the media and the people who voted him in OWN up to the mistakes they made in voted him into our office. This is the worst time in 30 years that our military has gone down in RESPECT, all due to the President who is not American. All of our other presidents have been American and stood by their Military, and most of all never apologized for us!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • Atheist1

        Ahh yes the mindless drone of the Republican party. Your ignorance is embracing. Sure the current President has done some wrong–to ignore that is foolish. But to blindly follow the republicans and democrats is un-American. It take more then 4 years to see the fruits of ones actions. Any one who has served for more then 6 years in the military can tell you how long it takes to see the results of “change”. To claim that the past 3 1/2 years some how out weight the 8 years of Bush is truly in denial. Please sir go back to quoting Fox news without doing any research.

        • Jim

          …and here we have an un-abashed liberal who’s primary goal is the subjigation of the people to meet the needs of the elitist cowards who have no concept of individuality. As for your premise regarding the last 3 1/2 years, how is it that numb-nuts can dig a hole twice as fast, twice as deep as Bush and still claim its all Bush’s fault. If you dig a hole claiming all the while you are attempting to fill the hole from your predecessor, the hole you dig should not be twice as deep as your predecessor’s. Oh wait…I apologize for bringing facts into the conversation. I forgot how intolerant liberals are with facts.

        • Realist

          Fruits? It didn’t take him 6 years to have openly fruity troops!

    • marine72

      Right!!!!!! So as a guest, does that mean you are a Media Matters stooge or more directly employed from the sub-basement of the WH?

    • Bill

      When President Bush left office, I was under no threat to purchase health insurance or face a tax simply for breathing. TriCare was under no threat to lose the contract for military health care and the benefits my family has utilized over the last 16 years still pales in comparison to the “Cadillac” health care plans afforded to members of Congress. This is Socialism, pure and simple. If the free market doesn’t produce the results this Regime is looking for, they simply take over and proclaim the results they want.

    • Richard

      You need to wake up from your dreamworld and educate yourself with the facts all around you. Try Google it will give you more information than the liberal media.

    • Jo Ellioty

      I agree with you. Yes Obama was handed this mess. Maybe we should go under a system like Medicare. They at least pay their claims. Let’s just fine tune that system and let the military go under it. If you are a recipient of both Medicare and Tricare these are both gov programs.

    • dewdo

      My God, not another “Bush did it” idiot!!!!!!

    • John

      Are you serious? Barack HUSSAN Obama has screw this GREAT country of ours In 3 years more than all the presidents combined. Why? Because of the people that control him, Who do you think makes all the decisions? MONEY
      is power, Does the name George Soros ring a bell? Check him out you might learn something
      JK US Army Retired

    • richard l. hill


    • Marion

      Why don’t you Obama ass kisser’s get off this crap. The previous Administration had nothing to do with this Contract, excep[t of course the Dept of Defense. Blaming somebody else is always easey, fixing the problem doesn’t always work either. Obama would like to see all of us Military , Active Duty and Retired, just disappear.

    • Guest1

      Right, Obama crammed the obamacare down everyone’s throat, and think healthcare is costly now, wait until it’s Free!!


      Keep on sucking up Obama’s koolaid, guest. It is idiots like you who have got us in the mess we are in. Mindless zombies like yourself are the reason he is where he is.

    • Don

      I see you are drinking Obama-Aid the drink of the progressives. You either do not use TRICARE or you lack an understanding of his goal to strip ALL military and veterans of healthcare and move us into Obammy-care.

      And NO its NOT Bush’s fault, Obama has been there almost 4 years and its HIS FAULT!!!

    • Rick

      How was he handed this mess? We did not have a thing calld Bush Care. He hates the military, most liberals do. And by the way, stop blaming Bush, it has been almost 4 years now and that is all you can do is blame Bush? Seems to me that if you had a real leader in your party, that you would not have to blame anyone.

    • SFCJimbo

      @ guest- He’s more Koool-Aid! Drink up and listen to this- your boy has been in the seat for 3 years. EVERYTHING is his fault now. If he can’t handle it, he should step down.

    • HRN in AZ

      I retired in 1999 and DOD was complaining about the cost of TRICARE and Military Medicine years before that. I don’t believe Bush was Pres at that time! So get off the “Blame Bush” mantra! This mess has been handed down from Pres to Pres starting with “Slick Willy”.

  • Tom

    I would urge any young individual contemplating a career in the military to think long and hard about that. Every 4 years for 20 years it was the same old story. “Sign here. Free medical and dental if you stay for 20”. Yeah, right. You haven’t seen or heard lies until you’ve seen and heard them from the government of this country toward it’s military personnel.

  • Dpetersen54

    I hope that uhc can provide better service than Triwest. They have used every delay tactic known to exist.

  • Dragonfry70

    Higher premiums? Less care? I would expect one or the other, but BOTH?

  • Crooks, Beware

    Capt. Beasley,Please answer me this. Since we were all promised FREE healthcare for life many years ago, why haven’t these Veteran’s Organizations filed a class action suit against good ole Uncle Sam for breech of contract. It seems to me, the Supreme Court should approve the suit hands down. And yes, I have noticed my co-pay being increased the last 3 or 4 months. And to Joe. Vote for anyone running for the first time. Maybe, just maybe these crooks will get the message. HA, HA

  • Bruce

    who was the President when the contract was awarded in 2009 to triwest.

  • this is bad

    People this has NOTHING to do with President Obama. This same thing happened with Tricare South years ago, when they opened bids to for profit companies. It was ugly, providers dropped out and United Health Care is not even in the ball park as far as TRIWEST. This is not a good thing and has been going on long before Mr Obama was even running for President. Stop your right wing whining and get some facts.

  • Saltire

    “Obviously, the change in contractors is due to cost reduction or level of service – likely both.”

    This is the key statement. How will the changes affect veterans, retirees, and active duty families?

  • gar

    Dealing with United Healthcare is a nightmare. I know I had it for my Medicare advantage plan. If you have problems you are screwed. Their staff have no idea what one person does. You will go round and round with them.

  • gar

    I bet United Health care donates plenty to Obama. Also I see this as the begining of the end of military care. I bet we will all be under Obama care soon.

    • marine72

      Roger that!

  • Robert

    When it comes to health care, service, reliability, patient care are more important than cost, expecially to the retired military who were promised to be ttreated better than the American Indians by their government. If the TMA officials have been asked by their Government to cut costs, maybe they ought to direct the attentention of the govenment toward diverting all the money spent foolishly on super-paks and used that money for wiser purposes.

  • Patti

    I have never seen so many changes made to the Military active and retired since the Obama administration came on board. Not one change has been to the benefit of our millitary and their families. Please remember we have to take care of our own since our President is not, vote him out on the next election.

    • annie

      quit slamming the president for everything that’s wrong in your life

  • Richard

    Once again, the ‘low fruit’ gets picked off first, i.e.,military retirees. The only and I mean ONLY way to possibly prevent this catastrophe from completely
    destroying TFL, is to write and write and write your heart out to every known
    member of Congress and let them know your story. Don’t expect someone
    on a white horse to come to the rescue. It’s not going to happen. Appathy will
    get you nothing—only a high price premium and low rate care.

  • Keith

    McCain, you suck. Please retire ASAP and find one of those 7 homes to live out your days.

    • marine72

      I agree wholeheartedly. At first I was going to make a comment about him being a Woop masquerading as a Midshipman; but, that would be such a put down for Army. I am afraid he left the best part of him in Hanoi.

  • Ken Hollenbeck

    When I made up my mind to stay in for 20 years or more the FREE medical was one of the reasons I stayed. Then After I did my part they changed the contract. Now they what to do it to me again!!!!! I really think if our Reps in congress had to put up with this it would not be happening!!!!!!!!!!! I could not change or break my contract but Uncle Sam can at will. It is just Wrong!!!!!!!!

  • r tanner

    Another example that politicans don’t care about the military or the retires. They get free medical for life. Military and retirees are getting the shaft. Tricare West has done a great job in my opinion. United Healthcare is nothing but trouble. I had them once. I was never so happy when I got awayfrom them.

  • Marvis Hood Jr

    Why puy
    t theblame on President Obama. This crap started when the Brac came about. Weneed another Cranston in congress. Get rid of the clowns that are there now. You haven’t heard of any of them making sacifices for this country. Twenty years in the Army and look what I am getting with all of the other retires (screwed) we need to vote them out.

  • steve

    I find it interesting that UnitedHealth can bid $200 million more and win the contract. TMA is headed by the Under Sec’y of Defense for personnel issues and is an Obama appointee. UnitiedHealth is involved in every aspect of healthcare now that they have a military contract. This was their last piece. I would bet that this is all part of an Obamacare plan to reward companies that support him. Unfortunately for all of us, this administration does not know the value of the dollar and continues to write checks that it can’t cash.

  • Richard

    Anybody mad enough to stand up for our Constitution yet.

    • SFCJimbo

      What does this have to do with the Constitution?

  • Pat

    do you thimk anyone will read this?

    • Realist

      None that has the power and maturity to change this crime!

    • REEDSR

      I DID!

  • Susan

    I have been very happy with Triwest, they pay claims in a timely manner and provide good customer service, we all know who offers the lowest bid gets the contract, but the patients suffer with cuts in services they provide, what a shame 16 years of giving good service and now out.

  • Robert Merkel

    Not only should B.O. be voted out, he never should have been voted in, and same goes for the CONGRESS and SENATE, not only they don’t work together they sure as hell don’t work for “WE THE PEOPLE”. Please, everyone, lets clean up OUR house. I’m retired A.F. with 2 tours in Viet Nam and have been with TriW. since it started and never had a problem, nor do I know anybody who has. This country is going down the tubes with the Gov’s help. We could all be speaking Chinese in the years to come. Wake up everybody!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Dannynam2tours

      President Obama was not in government 16 years ago, this is not Obamacare, always putting the blame on the President!

      • Paul

        Yes dummy, he runs our government or is suppose to.

  • miller


    COL Miller, US Army, Ret

    • Nancy


      • Mr T

        Drinking too much kool-aid, be careful for what you ask for. None of us are in that 1percent group.

    • Bill

      Be very careful about what you wish for COL Miller. The grass isn’t always greener on the other side of the fence

      • Paul

        I would bet on the other side of the fence in replacing this president. This side is not green at all, dispite all the manure that has been spread. The only green on this side comes off the government printing press.

  • Benjamin

    will united health be the same as tricare, do we pay united health now?

    • Realist

      Only if they are the same ones covering congress and senate!

  • DeeDeeW

    I am disappointed by the loss of Triwest. The customer service has always be excellent. I worked in medical practices and now as a beneficiary. What next?

  • Lorraine

    I am sick of the military getting a bum deal when it comes to health care. Why do we have to take cuts and pay more for less service when congress gets the best health care plus numeous perks for doing lousy jobs. I don’t care whose fault it is I say just work together and fix it!

  • Disappointed

    Wow, the Corperate Flunkies in Washington are screwing us again. Right now the only thing keeping a roof over my families head is my retirement and now you want me to give up more.

    Question: Who’s pocket is all they money they save going into.

    dose not matter who you vote for. they will promise you the moon to get elected and once elected, they turn around, drop there pants and show you the moon they promised.

    i have and idea for a new flag. a gold dollar sign on a blue field, with red and green stripes. the Dollar signs on the blue field represent the Corperations that run our Government (blue field). The green stripes is the money they make and the red stripes is the blood we spill so they can get richer.

    if you want to fix the budget, look at the pensions our Corperate Funkies in Washington receive. They have it better then the military retiree have and they
    only have to serve one term and get paid for life. but that never comes up in
    buget cuts. WHAT A COUNTRY

  • James

    As always the cuts come from those who give themost. And congress or the DOD does not care.EntAs er text right here!

    • Realist

      I hope the new contractor is covering the congress, senate and POTUS**LOL**Ha ha ha ha!.

  • Les Steptoe Sr

    Bottom Line…, we the people are responsible for this mess. Either get engage and help to change things or be quiet and follow. The choices are yours… and while you’re at it, make sure you stay informed about the issues and teach yourself or get help, to discern fact from fiction. Believe me, not all that you hear, see and read may represent the whole truth… so be careful …. Enjoy your day….. Les

  • H. Lara

    I just finished watching the movie (documentary) titled “Inside Job” why the 2008 crises happened. Anyway, this is one more indication of how the normal people get used again (not using the words I really want to use). Just like Robert Merkel commented, WAKE UP EVERYBODY!!! I will happen again and again and again.

  • L. Muller

    My guess is customer service will be non-existent with United…My wife has worked in medical field for 20 yrs and has had numerous BAD experiences with them in getting necessary medical treatment for her patients….You know,,,, we really need to clean house in DC starting this year -! My retirement dollars are getting smaller and smaller, meanwhile we have overpaid inefficient “employees” in DC that have forgotten us…

    • kbryant7315

      I too work in the medical field and have had nothing but BAD experiences working with United Healthcare–in every interaction I have ever had. They take pride in “not paying claims”! This is probably the worse news ever that the Tricare West region could get. Triwest in the last few years has really gotten their act together! I would rather pay more out of pocket & keep Triwest! Oddly enough–United Healthcare took the State of Nebraska’s insurance plan (BCBS) away from them too this year. Hmmmm–there are going to be a lot of disappointed/angry people in the midwest soon. Just remember–you get what you pay for– it may save $, but guaranteed you will NOT be happy with this carrier! Once again……this is the big “thank you for your service” the military seems to get over & over again.

      • Maggie

        That’s why I made my statement very early on about United. I remember when they were Partners and we had to literally beg for oxygen for our patients with O2 sats below 89 at room air. Again I say they’re bottom line is the almighty dollar.

    • ChrisG

      Obama Cares!!!

    • Margo

      You got that right and lets start with the White House and get the damn Democrats out of Washington. All the cuts are aimed at the Military Retirees and the Seniors. But I heard that is Obama’s plan. Get rid of the elderly!

  • G-Man

    I will be interested to see what the changes will be. I have been at odds recently with Triwest. I submitted paperwork for a waiver so I could continue to be seen on base. Two weeks after having received the approval notice I received another notice telling me my doctor had been changed to one out in town since it was too far for me to drive to base (it’s about 21 miles). Of course to protest it further they told me I would have to go to the nearest Tricare office which is, you guessed it, at the hospital on base.

  • Tom

    I have had two heart surgeries for atrial fibirllation in the last two years. All the claims the doctors submitted to my primary insurance, then to TriWest have all been paid, and fast. Whenever I have called TriWest for a question or direction, I have always had a polite, professional on the other end of the line. Of course, we all don’t have the same experiences, mine with TriWest have been good. On the other hand, working with the Boise, ID VA is another story….

    • Christy

      I agree- we were in process of moving duty stations and switch regions when I got the news I had colorectal cancer. Tricare/ Triwest got everything going ASAP for me so I could get to Barnes Jewish for surgery. All referrers were submitted and approved promptly. I had excellent care at Barnes and didn’t pay a dime. I am worried about the change. If it’s not broken don’t fix it!

  • Joe Ripp

    This is not surprising the Obama administration has told congress one of the reasons they are raising premiums for tricare is to push us off it onto Obamcare. They could give a s$%t less about the fact that it a earned benefit. also I have to wonder if maybe some donations to the Obama reelection campaign might have something to do with changing horses in mid stream!

  • Lola

    If I am correct this is another name for United Healthcare, which many businesses are going to. I know the state of Nebraska employees are being switched to United Healthcare from BCBS of Nebraska as a cost saving measure. Having worked in the medical field for the past 15 years United Healthcare is a pain in the a@@. They don’t want to pay, and charges need to refiled again and again. It’s to bad that Triwest lost it’s contract. We have regular Tricare and wiiling pay our fees out of pocket for the coverage we receive. We all need to deal with this at election time and vote these people out of office. As you all know they have the greatest insurance that we buy for them.

    • Marion

      Lola, I once had an HMO with United Health Care in St. Louis, Missouri. You are right about the Pain in the A_s part. My wife was being prepped for a major back operation in one of the Cape Giradeau, MO Hospitals. Just before the operation, United Health Care called and said they would not pay for the Operation. When I called them to find out what the hell was going on, I was told that the person that called was en-experienced and the Operation was covered. My wife had the operation but had to undergo a second prep. which was extremely hard for her and caused her delayed recovery time. Hopefully this “IS NOT” the same United Health Care HMO that was forced on me by GTE Insurance.

  • Paul

    ?I have been with the tric West system for many years and have always had great customer service and medical care. The doctors have been paid on time. I dread this new change. Especially since non of the changes were announced.

    • kbryant7315

      I agree Paul! They have kept this pretty “hush hush” haven’t they?—that is NEVER a good sign!

    • valcour

      A pending change was announced a long time ago, when the contracts were again awarded…..Humana complained and it was taken under advisement to reconsider…..I am glad that you had good service and medical care. Some of us did not and we do not forget……….I, personally, am thrilled, even though I now come under TFL. I truly believe that you will still have the great customer service and medical care you have gotten use to…..Like I said in one of my previous posts, “a new broom, etc.” Hope it all works out well for you. I am so glad to see “Triwest” leave…….They were horrible to me, a wife of a veteran of 22 years.

  • This is great news TriCare West sucked their service was horrible hopefully we will see a change in the late payment policy

    • Paul

      You are nuts. Tricare west has been great for my wife an I. No delayed payments, and great customer service.

      Brian, are you writing on behalf of the government for them to save face or did you really have a problem? What specific problems did you have?

      Good luck to all of us with this new company. Many bad reports already surfacing about their poor record of medical service and customer service.

      I think our costs are going up and service is going down..

      I wrote to my president, the secretary of defense and each person representing us from Arizona. Everyone should write about this sham.

      • Sheryl

        hats off to you! thanks for writting. I will too. In alaska. I think your right, this is just a result of the falling dollar.

    • Realist

      Another Hope N Changer! Triwest did just fine! “hopefully we will see a change” I got your change, Kaching! Kaching!

    • Aimee

      You had better brace yourself as you have complaints about Tricare….oh just wait until Obamacare goes into effect! I hope you are not old as the committess will decide what to do with you and also if you sell your house be prepared to pay a percentage to the Feds. You had better read the law as it was signed, you would be shocked! Unlike Nancy Pelosi I read it!

    • Laura R.

      I’ve gotten nothing but the most excellent service from TriWest. I’m sorry to see this happening, especially now that I just began a counseling approach to personal health care with them.

  • Albert Colburn

    It sure is interesting that when the political people in congress need the military because they couldn’t solve a problem,but when it comes time to pay up for those services they find one way or another to slide out of the obligation they incurred. November vote your wallet because Obama is treating us like welfare people.
    Besides if they don’t treat the diseases that occur with aging we will die off sooner than the average population and that will reduce the costs of our earned health care

  • freightdog

    Don’t know a thing about United, but for me it can’t be worse than Triwest. I live overseas, so I must pay and request Triwest reimburse. They simply WILL NOT PAY! Resubmission after resubmission for every claim. They keep asking for the same information, hoping I’ll just give up. I’ve needlessly paid thousands of dollars. I’m really glad to see Triwest go away.

  • Russ Burress

    This was NOT President Obama. This was DOD bureacrats and the REPUBLICAN-led Congress to reduce the Budget Deficit CAUSED by President Bush that led to this. READ the facts!

    • DOD bureacrats who serve their master Obama (George Soroes). All that the DOD is in all of this is another tool that has been used and abused by the Obama administration. Also, only one house of Congress is led by the Republican party the other is controlled by the Democrats as is the presidency – kind of hard for one house of Congress to overule the other house and the president to – don’t you think?

    • Anonymous

      Since the prez took over he has just about doubled the national debt. He has gotten us involved in other countries disputes. He is getting ready to take away out Medicare/Medicaid and increase the amount we have to pay for medical insurance. $500 billion will be taken out of medicare to fund the obamacare health program. There are millions of over 62 people that will be without sufficient health care available to them. This will mean that the government can tell you what you can and can’t do medically. Have you ever looked up the definition of Socialism? You might want to try it. The way things are going now and will continue to go if he is reelected will be straight towards socialism. If that’s the way you would like to live, that’s your choice, but America is supposed to be the land of the free, not the land of socialism. This country will turn into another USSR. I happen to enjoy my freedom and am a retired military veteran with almost 25 years service. I didn’t stay in that long to see this country turn socialist and I know that many, if not all, my fellow retired and active duty brothers and sisters will agree. Wake up and smell the roses. Don’t drink Obama’s fatal kool-aid !!!!!!

      • ChrisG

        Anonymous, you obviously haven’t seen Paul Ryan’s (Rep) budget proposal (which all Rep are in favor) where his plan turns Medicare/Medicaid into a voucher program. You will then be given a voucher to take with you when you retire and go to our open competitive health insurance market and see which one will give you the best bang for your voucher. Good luck with that plan.

    • Peggy Kanstroom

      Amen to that. What do you people think when the Congress and Senate have the worst approval rating in 60 years. Obama isn’t Moses, he is doing the best he can in the face of a “do nothing House and Senate. Blame the Repugnants for not doing their job and thank Obama for keeping trying to do his best for this country.

      • George K

        Good thing you are not in church, if your were, the Lord’s Book could tell you to shut your mouth…..Your lips show what color the kool aid is, and your words show the smallness of your brain. If you knew anything about politics, you would know that Harry S. Truman’s democrat party was OK but sense then the progressives have taken over the party. you need to find salvation from God and General knowledge and a job in that order. get real liberal and get your hand out of the government free stuff, we have to pay for it.

    • larry

      Tri west sucks and while Ubited Health Care may be no better, idiots like you should stop blaming Republicans every time things don’t go your way. The house had nothing to do with this, the review and changes were a mandate from the Senate and your boy Harry Reid

      • ChrisG

        Larry, actually the Government Accounting Office (GAO) which is governed by strick regulations enforce a contractual bidding every five years and the Triwest that has served our country for the past sixteen years came up for its third term review. If you think Triwest sucks just give over our military healthcare system to an unproven company (United Health Care) which has more providers and paitents jumping ship then the Titanic disaster!!!

    • we usmc Ret

      Here Here

    • Bob S.

      Sorry Russ Burress ……….. Yes Republicans want to save us from what the Demos has done…. spend spend spend as if we have a endless amount of funds. What ever party your in we should STOP all of this spending restore how we were before Obama and his socialist friends came into office.

      • ChrisG

        Bob is your head that far up your underside that you forgot that your boy georgew caused all this economic mess. President Clinton had a government surplus when he handed over the reigns to the doom and gloom repugnants. But don’t worry President Obama is slowly getting our house back in order. Obama Cares!!!!

        • Nel

          Really Chris, really……the only thing this president is doing and is very good at it is dividing this country. He has not done anything to join the house, he loves to criticize just like a typical man who thinks his way is always the best way. He has not showed that he is willing to work across the isle. I’m not surprice coz he learned from the best politician from Chicago, he is concern about one thing, to promote his own social agenda of making this country a welfare state. Well, I do not believe in free stuff, I like to work hard for what I have and too proud to beg. That is just the way I was raised, I came here as an immigrant with nothing and work hard for everything I got. People who support welfare are lazy and not willing to work, there are lots of opportunities in this country as long as one is willing to look for it and work for it. This president is creating an environment of government dependency instead of creating opportunities. Anyone who believe that he really cares is either insane or on drugs.

    • Margo

      I still don’t understand how this can be the fault of Bush.

      And I fear for the demise of our Constitution because the present administration wants to change it and what right do they have to change our Law of the Land to suit their own purpose. This administration will destroy our country if left unchecked. Can’t others see what the Liberals are under-handedly doing? I don’t trust Obama and I don’t feel he has been a loyal citizen from the beginning.

  • Realist

    Don’t just sit around and whine about it.. If you really feel strongly that this is unjustly wrong, then it is your duty to call your congressman now!!

  • John

    It has already been noted that this current administration wants to phase “out” Tricare and phase “in” the Affordable Healthcare Act (Obamacare). This week as the Supreme Court Justices hear arguments on the Constitutionality of this Healthcare act, I can only hope that the court rules against it. Phasing in the Healthcare act through the military brings about a foundation for universal/national healthcare that will be a infringement upon our freedom. This type of Progessivism has been in works for decades and had a major impact when Roosevelt signed the deal for “social” Secuity. Then came Medicare. But by far, this Healthcare act signed by President Obama, is the greatest, and possibly the last, step toward a socialistic Government. If this happens, our Constitution could and most likely would or will be in jeopardy of radical changes to suit the agenda of the Government. This Progressive movement needs to stop. And it begins with getting rid of this new healthcare Act. I pray that the Supreme court makes the right decision and defends our freedom by ruling against it.

    J.M. USNR

    • W.E. USMC Retired

      Yea and just what the hell is wrong with that? Health care for all legal citizens.
      We already pay with our tax’s for anyone who has no health care but those of you with your heads in the sand just can’t wrap around the fact the only people who do not benefit from Obama care are the insurance companies who continually overcharge and over deny benefits.

    • Submariner1953

      << our Constitution could and most likely would or will be in jeopardy of radical changes to suit the agenda of the Government. >>

      Strange that all the recent bills to amend the Constitution have been introduced by Republican.

    • Steve

      The conservatists do not have a plan to replace “ObamaCare”. Something needs to be done about health car, at least President Obama and the progressives are trying, all the tea baggers and lock step republicans say is NO. They do not have any ideas whatsoever.

    • ChrisG

      John, the Supreme Court is deciding on whether or not a portion of the Affordable Healthcare Act is constititional. That portion is whether or not the government can mandate that all individuals have to have healthcare insurance. Kind of like our government mandates you have to have car insurance or you get fined. But I am sure you will be the first in line at the lawyers office wanting to sue the pants off the uninsured motorist, along with collecting your Social Security benefits, Medicaid, Medicare, unemployment check, your military retirement check because all of those are social programs. P.S. Stop watching football because that is a socialist game as all of its revenues are evenly distributed amongst all teams.

  • sailndayz

    Read the history of United Healthcare. Both the Feds and multiple State’s AG’s have sued and prosecuted United Healthcare for Fraud and wrongfully denying and or delaying claims. I have no idea how they could have won the competition unless the deal was fixed by our Dear Leader. Time to write your Congressman and Senator and call for an investigation. After United Healthcare bought PacificCare in Calif. the were so horrible on delaying and denying claims, that even Jerry Brown as AG opened an investigation. Doctors and hospitals stopped accepting it. This will be a disaster!

    • Laura R.

      I agree it will be a disaster. But our “dear leader” cannot “fix” a deal without the approval of the senate and house. So please keep in mind – it’s ALL our “dear leaders”!

  • K G USAF ret

    MINNETONKA, Minn.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–UnitedHealth Group (NYSE:UNH) announced today that its UnitedHealth Military & Veterans Services has been awarded the Department of Defense’s TRICARE Managed Care Support South Region contract to provide health care services for active duty and retired military service members and their families. UnitedHealth Military & Veterans Services is a new UnitedHealth Group business dedicated to providing the nation’s military, veterans, and their families with high-quality, affordable health care.

    UnitedHealth Military & Veterans Services will be the Managed Care Support contractor serving approximately three million TRICARE beneficiaries in Alabama, Arkansas, Florida, Georgia, Kentucky (Fort Campbell area), Louisiana, Mississippi, Oklahoma, South Carolina, Tennessee, and portions of Texas. The contract includes a transition period and five one-year option periods for health care operations. The first year of operations is anticipated to begin April 1, 2010.
    Ask someone in these areas if it’s working…

    • S. T. Joyner, Jr.

      The contract for the south region was given back to Humana (better Network provider Discounts than the mess UnitedHealth Military & Veterans Services). The south contract is just moving along fine Humana has been administrating the South Region contract since Jun 2004.

  • Rick

    Just like Obama care prices will go up and access to medical care will go down. Oh sure in the beginning it will be cheaper, but in the long run expect to pay a lot more for your health care, you will be waiting in long lines and just like Canada, you will wait for months to receive specialized care. Another liberal idea that will end up costing us more that what we get in return. You have one good option VOTE. Let’s stop this mess at the voting booth. TriWest/TriCare took good care of my family my entire military career. Write your congressional represenitive and tell them this is wrong.

    • T. L.

      Welcome to the real world….my health insurance has increased 40% since Tricare has been instituted for the military and yours has remained the same pr…..and thats because I pay for mine yours and those that dont pay anything. Its time to change the healthcare system for ALL Americans. What we need is a single payer government run system like that of Tiwan or Switzerland. Truth is both parties are afraid to do anything about it. I have to give Obama credit for doing the RIght THING on the issue of healthcare ..not the political thing.

      • S.G.

        If you look closely at those single payer systems, they run the govt broke. If you wnt to be a socialist move to one of those countries.

      • ChrisG

        T.L. a person of wisdom!!

    • Dario

      Can we please stop with the talking point BS about Canada. If you were provided health care in the United States, like they are in Canada, for a 90 day test period, most Americans would not want to switch back.. Maybe you like paying a heath care company, who take’s their 30 to 35 % profit off the top before you and your health care needs are addressed, I DO NOT.
      Before Tricare I could make appointments in my local MTF to be seen in various clinics. When Tricare came in I had to join Tricare in order to pay a quarterly or yearly fee to do the same thing. With the exception of the VA and Medicare, all the rest are FOR PROFIT! Profit comes with high premiums and low pay outs, In other words denial of benifits.

  • Givemejusticemadison

    this is one hell of a blunt bunch of stupidity that comes again from Congress and McCain led Sob’s why doesn’ t everyone ask for their immediate removal from office. Let’s all build Guillitines and have them resting everywhere!

  • Kelly

    PLEASE RETHINK your decision. WE WANT TRICARE back!!!!! Tricare has worked very well for many years. WHY change it now?!

  • George Mayl

    What as terrible disservice to we retirees. I was with UnithedhHealth while emp[loyed with Lucent Tech. They will deny claims until they are sued, Dr.’s and Hospitals hate them along with patients. This needs to be investigated. TriWest has done a wonderful job thus far and to have the rug pulled out from underneath them and us is uncalled for.

  • Pat Rowen

    This is obviously above our paygrade and also obvious that something is politically motivating this unreasonable change of horses in the middle of the stream, time will tell and hopefully our families will not suffer too much.

  • Lew

    It doesn’t matter which company gets the contract; if it’s the lowest bidder we get the lowest quality service. I retired in 1992 after 23 years on active duty. When I entered the military the promise was that my health care would be fully paid for while on active duty and after retirement. When I used Tricare for the first time as a retiree in 1992, I felt betrayed, duped, insulted and shocked to learn that Tricare would not pay until after my civilian health insurance paid and sometimes wouldn’t pay at all. We were losing healthcare benefits even before I retired and will continue to lose them if we continue to misdirect our anger and outrage. (Continued)

  • Lew

    Presidents Obama and Bush should not enter this discussion at all. Presidents don’t and can’t make these changes without Congress. Instead of blaming current and other recent presidents, let’s use our social media networks resources to unite as one group, and voice our concerns and outrage over the “continued” loss of benefits.
    Stop venting on the wrong blogs. Join one of the organizations that speak out for many active, retired, and former military members to attempt to keep that which was promised.
    Now I’m sure some of you spend your days waiting to write something negative or belittle comments others make. Write something constructive or “Go quietly into … the night”.
    Thank you.

  • Pete Barone

    one more reason to vote against Obama.

  • Tombarb2012

    Isn’t it just like the Federal Government to go from a trusted contractor like TriWest and start doing business with a known leader in health care fraud! TriWest has been a Godsend to my family, with good and timely service. So, what went on under the table to get DOD to “reconsider” TriWest’s contract? We military beneficiaries will end up geting shoddy service, just wait and see. I hope TriWest does protest DOD’s irrational and unexplainable actions. Call me up – I’ll testify!

  • Bill

    If you know a dog is going to bite you when you pet it then just don’t pet it. To put it another way, If it isn’t broke don’t fix it. I have never understood why government has to change something that doesn’t need changing. They try to fix something that is working great, and it usually turns out to be a mess that didn’t have to be there if they would just leave a successful program alone.

    • Tom

      That DoD operative rule is best described as ” If it ain’t broke, then break it.”

    • ChrisG

      You can thank the Government Accounting Office (GAO) that regulates these types of contracts.


    This is absolutely awful. United Healthcare if one of the worst. I sure hope Obama is proud of himself. Hopefully he’ll be gone in November!!!!What a mess he has us in. Am I happy about this…..I AM NOT, DEFINITELY NOT!!!! UNITED HEALTH CARE STINKS!!!!!!!

    • C.C.

      What does Obama have to do with it??!! TRICARE are the ones who proceeded with this action. I have no idea about United Healthcare, but I do know I have had to fight Triwest/Tricare every inch of the way for treatment on pre-exisiting conditions I have had previously approved care. I had to appeal a surgery (one I had had twice before) three times before I finally got it approved; and with no additional documentation except for a handwritten letter! How ridiculous!!!!!

  • glenn

    Triwest gives you the run around just like all the other health insurance providers.They use every excuse in the book to avoid paying for a claim. Glad to see them go,its about time.

    • ChrisG

      Be careful for what you ask for…..

    • Buzz

      Absolute BS!!! The level of service my wife and I have received from TriWest is the best we have received from any HMO EVER! I suppose it’s possible you had a bad experience with them, but you’re the first I have heard say anything but great things about TriWest, and I’m in constant contact with several hundred veterans! I’ll wait and see what UnitedHealth Military & Veterans Services brings, but I fully expect it to be a disaster that’s going to hit us veterans hard in quality of health care AND the wallet! Once again the government that has promised veterans comprehensive health care since WWII (Congress, to be exact, if you research it) has reneged on this promise. It’s not any particular political party…it’s been going on way too long for that. It’s just an American tradition to take from those who give the most…easy targets who usually just accept the hand we are dealt by those we protect. Shame on you, Washington DC!!!

    • Nel

      As long as you follow the process that they have in place for claiming, you should not get any run around. The only time they would question a claim that one is trying to process is that if individuals did not follow the prodedure when using a medical facility away from their normal doctors. Get familiar with the process and you’ll get your claim with no problem. I never had any problems with reimburstment but I know people who have because they did not follow procedures.

      • Colon

        And.. procedure when you are in the hospital? Get a Ph.D. in Runaround? Never! I have no time for TriWest classes, procedures, manuals, books, bureaucratic mess! When I’m hurt, in an automobile accident, I don’t want a runaround. I want assistance and competent assistance. Not the fools I had been dealing with! I’m glad to see them go! It is about time these high paid administrators go. When the doctor’s lose their ability to refer to whomever their M.D. profession believes a person should be referred to… that’s when a system like Tri-Care has to go! The doctor’s make the call, as they have the education, and know what they are doing when making a referral. Tri-Care should NOT have that right to infringe upon the physicians decisions. Can’t wait until they leave! MAJ Colon

        • Guest

          Welcome to HELL! I have colon cancer, MAJ Colon, I’ve had wonderful care paid for by Tricare and never had any problems. Now it has metastasized to my liver; I was referred to a liver surgeon specialist and this new company won’t pay for it because he’s not on their list and I can’t find any surgeon on their list except an ortho surgeon. Alot of good that is going to do me!!

    • CARL k, CRIPE

      I have been using Tricare for Life w/out a hitch (16 yeares). I think that one should read the Ticare Handbook it ensure that they understand what Tricare will not pay for. I am glad that I have Medicare along with Tricare for Life because I can be covered in Thailand (BangKOK). I pay and then submit a claim. Or I can catch a quick flight to the Navy base in Singapore or if not to serious to Korea, Japan, etc. So thanks for memories and Tricare.
      CC, SMSgt, Retired USAF

      • CARL k, CRIPE

        tO MY COMMENT – i should add that Medicare can’t be used overseas. But, TRICARE for Life, not Prime (for retirees) can be used.

    • JBerger

      We have gotten nothing but the best in healthcare from Triwest, so I don’t know where you get your info from. Have never had an autho denied or a claim denied. Maybe it’s your Dr’s???

  • kbryant7315

    This was brought up by someone on this blog which may help us out a little:
    BCBS of South Carolina will be providing customer service & processing of claims for United Health Military.

  • Ray

    The government’s decision in awarding the TRICARE West Region contract is the result of a flawed and unfair process. Among the key mistakes, we believe that:

    •The government failed to conduct a sufficient and reasonable evaluation of UnitedHealth Group’s proposal, the risks that it poses to military health care, and United’s extensive track record of problems with consumers, providers, beneficiaries and government enforcement agencies.
    •TriWest’s price was significantly lower than UnitedHealth Group’s price.
    •Due to significant disruption, it will cost the government and taxpayers hundreds of millions of dollars simply to change contractors.
    •The government disregarded hundreds of millions of dollars in healthcare cost savings through discounts guaranteed by TriWest.

  • Ray

    •UnitedHealth Group has no experience providing military health care. TriWest has been providing excellence in military health care for 16 years.
    •The government failed to adequately analyze the areas where transition risk might negatively impact beneficiaries and providers, and how to sufficiently avoid the negative past history of transitions from one TRICARE contractor to the next.”

    Read more here:

  • Jim Sorensen

    what happens to TRICARE FOR LIFE NOW !!! ??? Will United Health Honnor this ????. Any one know???

    • George K

      We’re in the dark like you!

      • Thomas

        TRICARE for Life is a totally separate program and is not impacted by this contract in any way. Medicare is primary under TRICARE for Life, so you just need to see a provider who accepts Medicare.

        • Jim

          This is partially correct – TRICARE for Life is secondary to Medicare for over 65 retirees but OBAMACARE is going to significantly increase our out-of-pocket expenses and very possibly could limit services provided. You think the Dems were yelling that the Republicans wanted to “kill grandma?” Just wait. ObamaCare is going to do EXACTLY THAT.

          • Dario

            Obama care will increase my out of pocket expenses, and COULD limit my services ? Sounds like you really don’t know, which means you haven’t read any of the available information on “Obama Care”. Stop being a low information person, then you won’t be so scared of everything because you’ll have the knowledge. Knowledge sets you free. Let’s Learn

    • ChrisG

      Yes United Healthcare has to honor it as it is in the Tricare contract.

  • Disappointed

    If you want a good example of how our goverment(corperate flunkies) waste money, rent the movie “The Pentagon Wars”. It’s a funny movie but it is also
    sad becasue it is based on a true story. 17 years and 14 billion dollars to
    build the Bradley tank. This is business as usual in Washington.

    There was a report in the news about how Government Contractors were being overpaid billions of dollars. There were 70 contractors in the report at that time and I have heard nothing else on the matter since. The poor investigator was probably sent to an outpost in Antartica.

    What happened to the investigation into corruption in Washington. Heard very
    little on the outcome of that. When the Government says they are investigating anything in government that is like Al Capone Investigating himself for tax fraud.

    So it makes sence that they would go with a contract that is $200 million dollars more. WHAT A COUNTRY.

  • Gary Van Maanen

    I am about to enter Tri-Care for Life Now What I simply do not have any money and pray I will get the coverage I was promised, no lies PLEASE


  • Stew

    Hopefully the new contractor will have better control over my personal information. TriWest has lost it 3 times during those 16 years.

  • Emil (S.F.C. Ret.)

    Change is something we all have to embrace. Our elected officials a lot of times don’t use common sence. Other times they are presured by big businesses, and end up doing what they want, rather than caring about us GI’s.
    Now that it is going to cost us more out of pocket and posibly less coverage, we have to wait and see what happens. Our Government is broke. Where is the extra money coming from, our pockets and benifits? The only solution is to get on your representive’s backs about this injustis. Hopefully they will listen.

  • A. Brown

    Can everybody just calm down and get all the facts first. If this move was to benefit our service members and give us better service, then let’s see what happens. Until we find out what te changes will be, don’t jump to conclusions. If United Health can give better service with less waste and frustration. then this might be a good thing. Remember you can’t make a well informed decision without all the facts.

  • Lazarus439

    I moved to Nevada from Arkansas several years ago. When I left Arkansas, TriCare was next to worthless because the contractor had low-balled its reimbursements that doctors dropped out – lots of doctors. I had to change primary care doc three times in four years because of drop out.

    When I arrived in Nevada, I very happy to find that nearly all doctors and providers participate in TriCare and they do to this day. However, DoD didn’t award the contract to the new outfit just for grins. If DoD can’t run TriCare into the ground from the front, as they are trying to do, it will do so via the back door. It’s already done so in the southeast.

  • Curtis Larson

    Get off the Political BUS!!!! this has nothing to do with the past administration. Republican, liberal or Democrat… It has to do with the fleecing of Veterans rights and benefits. The Government for all the years of my life has promised FREE Medical to those that served honorably for 20 years or more. They have reneged and this is one more example of how far in the toilet we veterans that have given and served are being treated.. What is next, another increase in taxes on our retired pay….

    • JBerger

      Exactly!! Husband was told the same thing. Free Medical for life, and 32 years later, pay, pay and more pay!! Ridiculous!! Again I say Thank You For Your Service!! Yeah Right!!

  • Ed

    Well I’m scared that my wife who has been sick for most of our marriage I can only say thank god for try care I will miss them and if there is a change for the worst the government is the blame good by trimester you will be missed . Government never let a good thing last.

  • Richard

    I hear and understand what is being said about claims still have to honored by
    United Health Military & Veterans Services per the contract. In the past, claims for my medical care have been paid 80% by my employers insurance progrm and 20% by Tri-West. I live in Wyoming and I have not had any claims paid by United Health Military & Veterans Services since Jan 1. My physicians no longer file claims to UnitedHealth Military & Veterans Services. I was told to submit the claims myself and I have had them rejected, so I’m really confused on the issue.

    • Dustie

      The contract change does not appear to take affect until 4/1/2013. All of your claims should still be processed by TriWest, not United Health Military and Veterans Servicies. I am a Tricare beneficiary, and I work in the health care insurance field. We have not had any problems with Tricare paying claims, personally or professionaly. Ask your provider to give you claim forms (already filled out) to submit with a copy of your explaination of benefits from your primary insurance.
      Your provider of services should be helping you through this transition, as well as the insurances. It is not fair they are throwing you to the wolves when you have no control over who is the administrator for our claims. You may want to complain about your provider while you are sorting the claims out. Good luck!

  • E. Gamm

    The whole problem is, no one in congress had read the proposal, nor had any idea what was in it. They were told to pass it, and read it later. So far both parties are in the dark. There are some good points, but the bad points out number the good. If this law is knocked down, both parties have to work together to make it right. The way they are butting heads, I doubt this will happen. Keep in mind our country is broke. The president has raised our debt by over 10 trillion. If this is passed, our debt will go much-much higher. If you have missed the news about the true debt, then you wouldn’t know that our debt is really 145 trilion and growing.


    Tricare Solution – Here is the solution. This solution is for the 534 representatives/senators (534-100). Here is my simple solution – Let the Bush/Obama’s tax cuts expire!

    Rather than cutting 27 percent of the Tricare budget simply use those tax cuts to cover the 27 percent! Now I say it should be simple because it was so when GWB gave the boys a tax cut. Should be bipartisan since it helps my comrades active and retired and great for those incumbants hoping for being re elected to a real cushy job with great HEALTH care benies! CC, SMSgt, Retired USAF.

  • SFC Hawkins`

    As an Army retiree, I have had absolutely no problems concerning customer service or claims. In fact, rather then describe my experience with TriWest (Tricare) as “problem free”, I will describ every interaction with TriWest as “outstanding”. I’ve contacted Senator Patty Murray concerning the loss of the military healthcare contract by TriWest to the shoddy (and even MORE expensive) United Health. I encourage everyone affected to research United Health’s background and history, it’s pretty scary. That company has a history of “seriously” major legal issues. This is definately NOT a “let’s wait and see what happens FIRST” situation! The military and retiree community, if United Health wins over TriWest’s protest, will need to prepare to seriously suffer!!

  • John ustas

    we have been using Tricare for Life since its inception. We have been totally satisfied with the claims, I have had NO problems with the current contract, it makes me very nervous to get involved with any United health care contract. i have siblings and many many friends that have united Health and have to pay many fees, co pays and % of procedures, something we do not have to worry about with Tricare for Life, Medications are also no problems with Express Scripts. We are retired and have fixed income like all the other military retirees and where is this additional money to come from. cola’s have been frozen in the past and don’t keep up with cost of living when we do get them, Medicare has also been frozen. I have written to our senator Kay Baily Hutchinson, i suggest you all do, we need to fight for what was promised. My husband served 32 yrs, he earned these benifits.


      If you are using TRICARE FOR LIFE, you will not be involved with United at all……Medicare is your primary payer and if there is a balance Medicare sends it to Tricare. Nothing to worry about.

    • JBerger

      My husband also had 32 years of Military Service, yet we cannot retire on what they give us as retiree’s. Cost of living increase just went out the window with the new yearly fee’s we have to pay. My husband was promised free healthcare for life, which also went out the window. Tricare has been a great source of healthcare for us as well. We are hearing horror stories regarding what United Healthcare is going to do to us all. They want us to just die so they have to pay nothing to keep us alive. We are all in serious trouble, and there is nothing we can do about it. Thank You For Your Service, Yeah Right!! Thank You DOD!!!!! Just Great!!

  • TomKat2006

    I am very happy with Triwest and I do not like the way the DOD just makes changes without considering those who served and are serving. My motto is “The bitterness of poor quality lingers long after the cheap price is forgotten”. Stick with what works and TriWest works!!!!!

  • Melissa

    We are still in a very tough economy, and I’m sure it will still be many years before we fully recover. The best thing that the President, bureaucrats, and all politicians can do is to set an example for all of us.

    I say the budget cuts should come from these overpaid people who have gotten us into this mess. Let’s all call for salary reform in our government!,

  • David Weible

    ITS SIMPLE……..TriWest works. My wife and I have had alot of claims and never a problem.. DON’T TRY FIXING WHAT WORKS

  • Chandra Carey

    United is a horrible insurance company!!! We have spent nearly 4 years trying to get them to pay for my Husbands emergency Gall Bladder removal along with other bills. They stated his his Gall Bladder was a preexisting condition so they didn’t have to pay when finding being rushed to the Hosp w Pancreatitis due to Gall Stones is not something you can help nor generally know about in advance. We had already been with them for a year at that point. He was hospitalized for a week, we were stuck with a nearly $20k bill of which they paid NOTHING! The MO state Insurance Commissioner can’t even touch them or do anything with our proof due to the way the Company is owned, as we were told. What was the point in paying nearly $300/mo when they were paying nothing for us!?? Plus, for a Pregnancy since we’ve met all our caps, TriWest is paying 100% when United paid next to nothing for any of it! TriWest is better Insurance, hands down! Everyone I know that’s had United was NOT. satisfied in any way with their services. We do not want to have to deal with that Co ever again! UNITED ISN’T EVEN A TOP 100 PROVIDER!

    • caos sinclair

      CALL TRI CARE THEY APPEALED IT AND IT IS AGAINST THE US GOVERNMENT TAKING AWAY OUR MILITARY MEDICAL AND FOR ACTIVE AND RETIRES CALL TRY CARE IT IS IN THE COURT OF APPEALS THEY THOUGHT THEY WOULD SNEAK IT THROUGH AND START United IN 2013 THE Rats and they will give you the site ,, they must and will win this put the pressure on call a base near you speak to Tri care I have slandered and ask them for the website my PT told me about it today ,,

  • JMT

    wow this is crazy

    • Diana

      I have a congressional complaint in because TRI-West refused to pay for a assessment bill $190 at a physical therapy office outside the military base. I’m active duty and have been in the service 29 years with two wars under my belt. I’m upset because of the incompetent treatment, and rude treatment, after getting orders to go TDY 90 days to work in the Fort Carson hospital as a provider, THEN, they refusing me treatment after an automobile accident that was not my fault – I have the police record. It’s despicable that they gave me the runaround for one month and then when i finally went to the Falcon Physical Therapy for an assessment of my neck and back injury, they refuse to pay the $190 bill, even with a doctor’s note referring me there! Tri-West sucks! They say, “You belong to Madigan, and therefore you have no coverage over her at Fort Carson. Sorry ma’am, so sorry, and sorry and sorry.” But no medical treatment for whip lash! There were NO APPOINTMENTS at the hospital – where I work by the way for 90 days – and so I could NOT get into their PT clinic. I finally had to make friends with the fellow provider, another Major, to work on my neck and back after his scheduled day of patients – twice a week. It had absolutely NOTHING to do with TRI West that I got treatment. I would NEVER had gotten treatment for this neck and back injury if I did not work at the hospital and if I waited for Triwest. They called me two times from Madigan to set up appointments for me in the MADIGAN PT CLINIC! I was TDY at Fort Carson. How in the world can I get treatment at Madigan when I’m stationed at Fort Carson! Oh… I can’t, because my account is at Madigan and therefor I can’t get treatment at Fort Carson, because I’m TDY! It’s hog wash! The lowest level of medical care and treatment I have ever had in my 48 years of life. I had better treatment at the VA Clinics when I was in the Army Reserves. I’m active duty now, but, am seriously considering purchasing a health care plan – because I know I’m NOT COVERED by the United States Army Health Care Coverage System! What a shame! An Active Duty Officer, can’t get medical treatment, and only does by circumventing the system TRI-WEST that’s in place. I’m indignant to the point where I filed a congressional. Someone come and do SOMETHING!
      MAJ Colon

  • Mary K

    United Health Care service is shoddy at best. Just look at their performance and fines. Any savings will come from refused claims or unresponsive claims service. Triwest has been an excellent provider for our family for many years as has been Express Scripts. Also, they underbid United. Whose pockets are being lined? We are on a fixed income and also not accustomed to filling out confusing claims forms. We do not have the resources either monetary or mental to revert to an old-fashioned program that doctors won’t even bill and the average citizen doesn’t have the knowledge to prepare claim forms. Once again we have been screwed by our fearless but stupid leader. Actually, this may go beyond stupid. Something is rotten in Denmark. USAF, 23 years.

  • Col Bill

    Echoing most comments above, I have always had great service from TriWest and am quite disappointed and nervous that the contract has been awarded to United Health Care. The latter must have contributed to you know who’s campaign.

  • JBerger

    All I can say is what My husband has heard, and that is we are in “Deep Doggie Doodoo,” with United Healthcare!!

  • kenneth kibilko

    I’m tired of bending over. Ever since I retired some 28years ago my benefits have been taken away slowly, or they can stay as long as I pay for them. I doesn’t matter to the government that I spent 22 years in U.S.Marine Corps A couple tours in Vietnam blown up and shot. Just take our benifits we earned and promised. Heaven forbid we should start tightening the belt by denying benefits of any kind to illegal immigrants.

  • MDS

    I’m actually glad we are getting away from the current crappy company. UnitedHealth Group is one of the largest health care provider/insurance companies in the world with a customer satisfaction rate much hire than the current piece of crap we have to deal with Triwest. I’ve been trying to get an authorization for 2 months….Triwest tells me to call my doctor and my doctor’s hospital has provided me a copy of what they’ve sent to Triwest three different occasions…one when I was standing right with the lady at the fax machine…Triwest’s claim….”we never received the referral.” I can’t even get logged in…submit problem, webmaster tells me to call, so I do, and get told they don’t see a problem with their system, but I still keep getting error codes that I send them, and no one in their IT can tell me what they mean or how to fix the problem.

    No wonder they lost the contract; hate to see people get layed off, especially in this economy, but maybe they should have taken customer service a little more seriously.

    • Steve Ardis

      You are obviously upset with the current system for some reason. I had a problem at first when they were in their infancy, but today, they’re tough to beat. If you’re having a problem, ask for a Case Manager and they will pave the way to satifaction. I learned of the case manager and Love Having Her in the chain.

      Then, Cheer up and see what they’re doing for you. If you have utopian expectionations with an insurance prorgram of any kind, do a reality check or change companies and try some other system. You’ll be back before you know it.

  • Faye

    I have been using the TRIWEST and I never encounter any problems with them, they have good customer service and I am happy to their service. However the transition to the United Healthcare scares me to death. I am reading everyone comments in here, it seems the new healthcare provider have so much problem in the past.

    For whatever reason the UnitedHealtcare got the bid I don’t have no clue, for sure they bid lowest than the TRIWEST have, but the point is like other veterans ssai Don’t fix or change the woking system if theres no wrong with it.

  • James Walker

    I want to go on record as one who has experienced impeccable service with TriWest! They have been courteous and ALWAYS patiently explaining the fine details for my understanding and inevitable satisfaction. I am very concerned with the present leadership at DOD and I am suspicious that this is nothing more than hacking away at present services and benefits. Time will tell if United Health Care is just a method to DOD’s madness. I have a feeling we are all going to lose with this change.

    • retiredexecdir

      Mr Walker, I completely agree with you. Do you have any ideas as to who to really complain to at the DoD? The service from United Healthcare is the worst I have ever experiences in my 40+ years as a public agency health insurance executive. Any info you might have would be appreciated. Thank you.

  • Don Harris

    Got the United healthcar .. notice 3-6, and “must have “new form” by 3-11.
    Spent 28 min on hold, then one ring and line went dead.
    What a start. How much worse??? will it get???
    Seems a change like this should take a 6 mo. time period at least.

    With 2.9 million vets, to serve??

    Don Harris

    • r. potts

      I’m with you!! Just got mail today, 9 March, started to fill form out and realized $$$ are coming out of Social Security not our bank. Tried to call customer services but had closed up for the weekend. What a P—poor start.

  • LT_Cuddles

    Well isnt this interesting Tri West lost contract and look and see who one of Obama’s major contributors were to his Campaign… This is so typical as you will see by reading the article United health group is listed as UnitedHealth spent at least $2.5 million New names show up on list of top Obama donation bundlers.

    • Deb

      Really … just like all right wing idiots you see conspiracies at every turn, you think they don’t ALL contribute to both sides? Grow the hell up!

  • AngryUSAFWife

    Since the changeover on April 1, my experience with United has been a NIGHTMARE. My pain specialist put in a referral back on April 3 and it has STILL NOT been processed. He put in another one as urgent, which we were told could take up to 72 hours a week ago and it has STILL NOT been processed. The people we have talked to have been extremely rude and do not care in the slightest, simply saying that “it should be in tomorrow”…..we’ve been told that for over a week now. I am disgusted.

    • greg

      Uh! My daughter broke her hand in Thursday and it’s Tuesday and the authorization still haven’t been made for her to get a cast. Same thing, urgent referral. I am livid, disgusted, repulsed.

  • ArmyWife

    We are new to TriWest and I can tell you that there are better insurances out there. I am going back to work just because I would like to get a different issurance than my husband’s TriWest. My daughter has a congenital defect and needs to see a pediatric urologist. When I relayed this to our new ped. doc on post she informed me that the insurance would likely not cover for her to see a ped. urologist. Really? She had a ureteral implantation after almost dying from septecimia at 9 months. Really? Not going to cover that? After pointing out the surgery and hospitalizations on her records the Fort Bliss docs have referred me to a urologist that no longer accepts TriWest. So now I have to fight with them to get an out-of-network coverage for this same doctor. I am open to driving long distances but the reps on the phone do not want to help me. It’s a good thing I don’t have a teaching position yet because I wouldn’t have the time to devote to calling here there and everywhere to get coverage for my child.

  • Stella

    At five months pregnant I was dropped by my practice for prenatal care because apparently the doctors stopped taking Tricare. I have been dealing with a NIGHTMARE since then! Paying and repaying to keep getting switched to different civilian doctors. What a mess!!! I also had an emergency surgery where Tricare had my birthday wrong which caused claims not to go through and go into collections. I hope United is better.

  • Kaye B

    We have always had wonderful service with TriWest including some serious surgeries, one of which was a repair to our daughter’s heart.. I have had to see a specialist and needed reauthorization-their office said United has been taking inordinately long to authorize approvals and they’ve had to cancel several appts. So while I have no direct experience with them yet what I’m hearing isn’t all that great.

  • Retired Air Force

    No problem with tri-west until they lost the contract. Prescriptions approved over the last year are now disapproved. Had a constant fight for every test and treatment for my spouse’s breast cancer. Good riddance. Justice Department might want to review how much money they kept due to claims denial after they lost the contract. I don’t know if United will be any better, but tri-west true colors are showing clear and bright.

  • retiredexecdir

    Dealing with UnitedHealthcare is the worst of the worst. Neither customer service nor the claims dept can give you an accurate answer because it does not appear that they actually know what they are reading on their screens so they make up an answer. And this enjoyable experience was reached after being on hold twice for over 30 minutes!!! TriWest was always prompt, courteous and accurate in their administrative services. Does anyone know who we could reach in the DoD to make a real complaint about the current vendor?

  • Mlo

    I am disappointed in the decision to change from triwest to united health care. Triwest provided superior service and it is now impossible to obtain anything similar from united health care. I am having trouble finding a phone number to call to get questions answered about our insurance.

  • Phil Locke

    TO: All Veterans and Active Duty Military Personnel, Senior Citizens
    FROM:l (Reno, NV)

    I hope no one forgets (Including the AARP full membership) the $950 BILLION DOLLAR CRIMINAL FINE UNITED HEALTH CARE was required to pay a US District Court 4 years ago, in order to avoid criminal prosecution for massive contract fraud, breach of contract, mis-representation, bait and switch, etc. Does anyone remember the definition of “racketeering”? I always wondered what and where that AARP annual membership dues was used for. If your shopping for medi-gap supplemental Insurance, consider Kaiser Permanente Senior Advantage Medicare Individual policy coverage. Much smoother ride without all the United Healthcare hassels, sanctimonius hypocrisy, hidden agendas and the fraud!!